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■ ■ : -.H-? SOObER Copyright 1921 BY ALLEN C. DUNCAN AND LAWRENCE R. HACV ED IN DE BARR, M. S., Ph. D. the 1921 Sooner is affeciionatelT [ dedicated. Si%.ce leaving his native state of Michigan, uearl: thirt:p ears a o, he has heen a determining factor in the growth and progress of the UniV sitip of Oklahoma. i As head of the Chemistry department his accu- rac-g in the laboratory and his persistence of a master in research have hrou ht him much re- noxOn; as Vice President of the University his handling of the administrative affairs coming -Within his scops has heen both tim9l;p and expe- dient. Not onlp has he exerted his influence for the expansion of the UniVersit;g but he has been called upon b-g government officials to solve problems as state chemist since 1908 and is also a nation al authority on many phases of his Work. In the classroom, on the campus, or in his fra- ternal activities throughout the state, " Daddg DeBarr " is respected and esteemed. J S a chronoloip of our activities, a storp of what We have done, a picture of our organizations and our schools, a ipear of our UniVersitip in hook-- form. We present the 1921 Sooner. I IVithin these pa§es. We have sought to show college life as it exists at Ok- lahoma, influenced as it is h;p the Sooner Spirit, that indefinable rest- less feeling which has prompted our forefathers in building up this reat state-j y V.L. PROGRESS OF THE UNIVERSITY 1 Ik- time was when the maturity- of a university xas consideretl to be a matter not of a few years but of a century. The unprecedented success of the University of Oklahoma during the past few years proves that it is not absolutely essential that a great institution of learning should measure its existence by centuries or even bv scores of years. The University of Oklahoma has just completed the first quarter century of its existence. Like many of the older institutions it suf- fered many difficulties in the beginning, when both political and denominational forces held sway over the institution, making its future doubtful, to say nothing of progress. As a result of these unfortunate circumstances financial support was a thing not to be expected, confidence in the institution was rapidly vanishing, and its standing in the educational world was little more than a bit of sarcasm. Such was the beginning of a great university. Oklahoma, the melting pot of civilization, was destined to ha e a university of which its citizens might justly be proud. Factionalism was eliminated, we hope forever, and today, the University of Okla- homa has a standing among the educational institutions of the North, the South, the East, and the West, that is unquestioned, and its students and graduates are admitted without loss of credits to those institutions which have for years prided themselves In being " the best " . During the past eight years the average yearly increase in students has been four hundred and forty. This is an evidence of the confi- dence of the people of the state in their own state university. The professional schools now hold, without exception, the highest rating among the National Associations, and the l ' ni ersity of Oklahoma, w ith less than ten years of real existence and progress, has laid a foundation upon which future dexelopment can be nothing but success. LAW Through musty vulunus. o ' er old events mid arguments, and on to understanding here we find the student barrister, seeking nitli nneo nproniising purpose the ansicer to his perplexing queries. CHEMISTRY A monument to science, to the tneaning of things, and to those icho say all things are explicable, this building faces the rising sun and secrets of the ages are here revealed by those who seek the Sphinx beyond the portal. ADMINISTRATION touch of majesty, of venerable ivisdom, here invites the quest for understanding. We know what tasks have found their place ivithin these ivy tnantled walls, what guiding aid of kind administration. LIBRARY The first to greet us as ive enter Soonerland , its icealth of ic ell-thumbed volumes has caused us to return at hours ivhen tivinkling lights shone o ' er the campus and the. buildings toivered mountain-like against a velvet sky. :T-J " l ■•.v-a ' ■ ' Hhen our footsteps luaiider heif beneath the leafy eoloniiade ivhich sifts the heedless light of summer into tiny drops, our paee groics slower and u ' e pause to drink the eool- ness of the semi-tivilight, and enjoy the eomfort of relaxation. SPOONHOLDER What sunny afternoon has found this venerable old mark unvisitedf O ' erhung by sturdy campus elms, the Spoonholder has a place in Sooner affections, a treasured mem- ory of those zvho have gone before. EDUCATION Its grey ivalls once were filled ivith quiet, and students in its hush drowsed over vol- umes of accumulated knoivledge. Noii: it is the busy scene of preparation for the art of serving man and revealing to him the interpretation of recorded wisdom. ENGINEERING Atune to nature ' s methods and well versed in all the ivays her servants may well aid him, here ice find the lord of iihirritiff engines and his allies, his feudal tou ' er high o ' er the velvet green beneath him. :-JwaajW T «:a»g .T.giaa»Biiwir- " 3 ■D 71 •a n ■0 ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL FIRST BOW: DeUiirr. Johnson, Bnclnmiin, Turlov, Viin VIeiM. SECOND ROW: Uittinger, Long, Felgur, HolmI.erK, Monnet. Edwin DeBarr . . J. S. Buchanan . . A. H. Van Vleet . J. H. Felgar . . . Fredrik Holm berg J. C. Monnet . . Roy Gittinger . . LeRoy Long . . . l. a. turley . . . D. B. R. Johnson . W. W. Phelan . . MEMBERS . Vice-President of the University . Dean of Arts and Sciences . Dean of Graduate School . Dean of Engineering Dean of Fine Arts Dean of Law Dean of Undergraduates Dean of Medicine Assistant Dean of Medicine Dean of Pharmacy Dean of Education ■a ■3 FIRST ROW: Bowman, Roberts, Kraettli, Muldrow. SECOND ROW: Hayes, Marland, Diamond, Rogers. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Samuel W. Hayes Hal L. Muldrow Emil R. Kraettli C. C. Roberts . G. L. Bowman H. H. Rogers . H. L. Muldrow E. W. Marland S. W. Hayes . H. H. Diamond MEMBERS Oklahoma City Kingfisher Tulsa Norman Ponca City Oklahoma City Holdenville Term Expires 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 b b b b b b b V ;OgrjERj 3 b b b b b b 71 " D 13 H D TJ " 0 H ' U " D 1] H 71 D D D 71 7! 7J 71 D 71 TJ D STUDENT COUNCIL Floyd Stalev OFFICERS Fi.o-iD Stalev . . President Dave McKowx ice- President Florence IMoxxei ■ . . . . . Secretary Earl McGixxis Treasurer MEMBERS Will Cri ce . . . . Senior Arts and Sciences Neal Sillivax . Junior Arts and Sciences Frank Watsox . Sophomore Arts and Sciences Phil Hlackwelde R Freshman Arts and Sciences Elaixe Hargis . President Women ' s Council Robert Hell . . President Oratorical Council Erl Deacox . . President Athletic Council Joseph Braxdt . Editor Oklahoma Daily Jesse Loxg . . Law School Representative Roy Taylor . . Medic Representative Kerr McQlowx Engineer Representative DoROTH ■ Arnold Fine Arts Representative Flo ' s n Gra- ' . . Pliannic Representative dm n CI :T ' Vt C a u u cr cr or IT c cr c D " IT c cr cr w u a u u u u c G cr c cr cr pppp 20 b b b b b b b OONERJa b b b b b b b " D T3 H D Tl 7) H 7} D D H a D H D -d D H Tl H U Tl STUDENT COUNCIL 3@ 1 FIRST ROW: Hargis, Watson, McCinnis. AriKild. SECOND ROW: Monnet. Grav. Sullivan. Blackwelder. THIRD ROW: Cvuce. McKown, Tavlor. Bell. FOURTH ROW: Deacon. Long. McQuown. Brandt. cr tr cr IT c 0 " c jr ir cr IT F cr c- GT IT U cr (7 cr u n cr u C " ET C " C " p p p ra I m " D Tl D " 0 1] U H D D 1] TI " D 1] D " 3 D ■a WOMEN ' S COUNCIL $ ® a ff © idO e 00 gi FIRST ROW: Hargis, Crain. Umphress. Uioney. Pearson, Smith. SECOND ROW: Berg. Schaefer, Browning. Westmoreland. Orton, Bake THIRD ROW: Westfall. Cameron. Stewart. Lawton. Lamar. Patterson. FOCRTH ROW: Hague. Dotv. Kirtle.v. . rni.lcl, .Tuhns. Washington. OFFICERS President ice- President Secretary . F ' l.AINE H.ARGIS Louise Orton Bessie B. Brow.viko MEMBERS LuciLE Westf.all Berxice B.aker M.ARiON Washington ' Imogene Pearson- Elizabeth Cameron Leone Crain ALabel Looney Johanna Schaefer Dora Dotv Helen Berg Margaret HonnRGER WiLMA Lamar DoROThH ' Arnold X ' ivian Stewart Jennie Simms Catherine Patterson Llcv Kirtlev I LA Westmoreland Myrtle Umphress (iLAins Hagie Patt - (iREEN I ' ansv Rentfrow Li c - Lawton L■ BEL Smith Bessie Johns c GT cr C7 ET IT C cr cr c u c c u c c cr cr cr u u u u u n cr 17 cr cr cr cr 3 P p p p k u u ■D " a " D ■D T) T) D 71 H H T» " L ■a B 7] u 73 D 7) 71 7) 7) 71 -0 71 71 71 J U t3. ORATORICAL COUNCIL FIRST KdW: Cnii-e. Leske, C ' olev, Logan, Smith, Mmint, Lnoiiev. Bell. Grimes. S]-:( ' l)XIi ROW: William.s. Schaefer, Woodford, Guthrie, Wnntland. . tkinson, Clay. Coffe.v. Sheppard. TlllKl) ROW: Whiteford. Pruet. Berj. Arm.stroiig, Whitehurst. Squyres. Stewart, Turner. Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Butler. Stevenson, Staley, Dickason. Brown, Crowl. Burford, llonnet, Montgomery. OFFICERS Robert Bell President Dorothy Whiteford .... ' ice-Pre,sideiit Ev.A Vhitehlrst Secretary ScoTT Squares Treasurer REPRESENTATI ' ES VILLl.A: I Atkinsox (iLY Browx F.ay Shefi ' .ard Johx Butler Cass Phillips Dove Montgomery P.AUL Campbell Will Cruce Gladys Dickason Mark Grimes Freemax Burford Fraxces Clay Joseph C. Looxey Walter Morgax Joaxxa Schaefer Claude Moxxet John Coffey Lela Smith CoxRAD Mount Garrett Logan Christixe Earl Pruet Dorixe Guthrie Dorothy Stevexson Leslie Salter Carrie Wantland Pauline Crowl Floyd St.aley Betty Coley Im.a Armstrong V.AN Winter Stewart Helen Berg Lary Jo Turner AxGus Woodford Lola Leske u (T cr c u cr c n rr " F=» p p fa b b b b b b ia J ' OOf PsQ b b b b b b b D T) " D Tl H " D T) D H " D ■D T] TJ H D D 1] U D T) " D " D H D -3 1} tl D ■3 13 P.Try, FiiwliT. l.ivly. .l..liiist. Ti. ALL-SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pali, X. Johnstox President John- Perry Vice-President Marcelle Lively Secretary Mary Jo Fowler Treasurer ( ' ;iin.v, n, l.iiTiL ' . Kiill. IIu-MM. ALL-H NIOR CLASS OFFICERS Wendell Long . John Hocan Kathryn Kl ll . Klizabeth Cameron President ' ice- President Secretary Treasurer c GT (j 17 GT V cr 0 " (T U cr cr IT D " IT cr cr c cr cr u u u (J ET n cr cr nnom JELB r .. J b b b b b b lvTOONERJa b b b b la b b U T3 11 II H H ■0 4 -aSi M g Brnwn. Hayes. Warren. Mills. ALL-SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS KiRBY Warrex President Guy Brown Vice-President Catherine Hayes Secretary Harry Mills Treasurer Hendrk ' ks, Weir, Crour ALL-FRESH L N CLASS OFFICERS Hal Crouch Earl Hendricks Anna Mabel Weir President ' ice-President Secretary-Treasurer CI Cj CI 3j H cr c IT c cr c cr IT C " cr cr tr cr C " cr IT n cr c cr f:i R n H -3 ■D D D D 7) D TI TJ H TJ H H 73 D H " D " 0 71 7) 7) 71 7) TI 71 7) c c « G U U u c V IT cr (T IF C7 d (T H D " C cr cr cr cr c cr cr 17 C x U a c cr c iappp ia j OC r Lt p o 13 a D ■a D ■D 7J " a D ■D T) 71 Tl D T) il D -D D iJ ■0 7J D OWL AND TRIANGLE FIRST ROW: HiiVKis, Priiutv, Fiiwier. SECOXl) ROW: ( ' o|ichiiul. Barirtt. Knisht. AVomeii ' s Senior Honorarv Fraternity FACULTY I.ARIE MaUK MEMBERS Myrtle Barrett Mary Jo Fowler Axx KXIGHT CaROLIXE CoI ' ELAXI) Elaine Harcis Dorothy Prolty q q " " " - SfaS c u tr IT IT cr u u c d cr D " IT IT c c u u c c u u u n cr c cr f rtn b b b b b b bJN qgHEf b b b b la b b PE-ET D d 9 ' Edgar Micaciiam FIRST ROW: Darrough, Merrill. Hilles. Duncan. SECOXD ROW: Ferrell. Henry. Neal, Campbell. THIRD ROW: Cantrell, Monnet. Johnston. Brandt. Men ' s Senior Honorary Society FACULTY WlLLARD CAMl ' Rni.I, V. E. MONNETT Enoch Ferrf.ll Maurice Merrill Claude Moxxet Joseph Brandt John Cantrei.i. MEMBERS Dewey Neal Forrest Darrough Allen Duncan Robert Henr ' David Hilles P. i L Johnston qqgi ' i IT u c u c c d cr n " tr cr cr cr u d cr cr D " cr GT c cr c cr SELEJ3L jb¥ TJb b b b b b Jv C ON B T) ■D Tl 71 " 3 i] il 7) 71 H H D 71 71 7) 7) 71 71 71 7) " 3 71 H 71 71 7) 71 73 73 bbb GRADUATE The first graduate degree was conferred in 1000 upon Ross Hume. The next year, Paul White received his AI. A. degree. At that time there was no (traduate School, and of course, no graduate facult . 1 hese de- grees were conferred by the general faculty. In lOO the Graduate School was organized with a dean and a faculty. The faculty consists of the professors of the Schools and Colleges that offer graduate work. Previous to 1900 the work had been under the supervision of .i committee from the general faculty. In 1911 five re- ceived the Master ' s degree. There is a constantly increasing demand by the high schools of the State for teachers holding advanced de- A. H. Van- Vleet grees. This has made it necessary to provide special opportunities for teachers to secure such degrees without sacrificing their positions in doing so. This demand has been very successfully met through the summer sessions and through correspondence coinses. It is possible for a student to secure the Master ' s degree by completing the work of three summer sessions in residence and in addition, eight semester hours through correspondence courses. The enrollment at the present time exceeds that of any previous semester. As the University grows older and the facilities for advanced work become better there will be an accelerating demand for graduate work. The University will be in position to meet this demand as it occurs. £LCLELH £l2-!ii S fell S£ ELB u ■D U ■D GRADUATE CLASS OFFICERS Wright, Cruwde A. C Wright Mary Crowder President Secretary-Treasurer Graduate Mary Wiimam Crowder Sulphur Springs, Texas Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary- Treasurer (Graduate Class A. C. Wright Norman Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Pick and Hammer; President Grad- uate Class Lois Isabel Chillis Frederick Entre Nous; V. W. C. A. DoLLiE Radler Norman Chi Upsilon ; Pick and Hammer; De Barr Club; Y. W. C. A. Claude Barber Norman Kappa Delta Pi ; Phi Delta Kappa T. D. D. QuAiD Tishomingo Kappa Delta Pi S. D. Burton Norman Pick and Hammer; Assistant Coach in Athletics Dennis F. Scanlan Norman Rav F. Schoolfield Norman Acacia; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Pick and Hammer cr IT IT U - b b b b b b b N OOHEP g b b b b Li b b U " D H •u 71 ■D D D 71 H T) H D 7) T] T) H " D D 71 7J 7) 7) 71 71 Graduate Jexme Lessencer Oklahoma City Achoth; Phi Ueta Kappa; V. N ' . C. A. Jii.iA E. Steele Xi Delta; De Harr Club; Phi- lologian Grace E. Rav A Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Sigma Phi; Delta P i Kappa; Zetale- thean ; Las Dd; Americas; Edi- tor Vnivirsity of Oklahoma Maf azinc ; Editor Oklahoma ir,;kly. A. I,. JovES Coll- man Phi (rainina Delia C. H. DwiGiir . . . V. M. C. A. Tahinet Frederick Unoo Eiiik Phi Delln Chi; Apothecnrian Makcarei Hari.ow Achoth Francis Mli.kv Oklahoma Cily Sigma Alpha 1- psilon ; Pick and Hammer; Kiit-Neks if c GT U U U V c c (T IT C C C DT F C cr c- cr u u u u u cr n cr cr cr g c nci lit HJSLE. b b b b b b blv OOHERJa b b " D ■a li " 0 n u ■fl D ■D ■a •3 eljP 1 he organization of the College of Arts and Sciences dates irom the beginning of the University in 1892. It is the center of the University of Oklahoma out of which the professional schools have grown and around which they are grouped. A large part of the instruction is foundational for the best work of the professional schools, which show a growing tendency to require one or more years of general college training for admission. The Medical School and the School of Eiducation now require two years of college work, and the School of Law one year. The College of Arts and Sciences affords many of its students an opportunity to test themselves in various J. b. Buchanan fields of scholastic endeavor pending the time when they shall discover the dominant interests of their lives. It also presents subjects and groups of subjects directly related to the student ' s chosen life of professional endeavor. For this purpose there are within the College of Arts and Sciences organized the schools of Journalism, Public and Private Business, Social Service and until recently the Schools of Education and Home Economics. For the past year 1919—20, of the thirty-nine hundred and fourteen students en- rolled in the University, twenty-one hundred and fifty-six or fifty-five percent of the total enrollment was in the College of Arts and Sciences. This ear 1920-21 the total enrollment will be much greater. There are about one hundred members of the faculty on the staff of instructors. 7 " he number graduated from the College for the past year was over two hundred. GT U U tr u IT ARTS AND SCIENCES u c or u IT cr cr u u cr u cr IT cr u u C " C " bbbbbbbJ J OOmPs bb b b b 13 -d D U H " D T] H D TJ T) H D 13 TI H U 7J " D " 0 " D I) U " 3 U XI T) ■3 7) JOURnALI5M. ©The School of Journalism, completing its eighth year of existence, is now more efficiently organized than at any other time in its history. Evidence of this is seen in its meeting the requirements for admission to the Associ- ation of American Schools and Departments of Journal- ism, for which only eleven journalistic institutions in the United States are able to qualify, llie growth of the school in 1920-21 has come about through the occupancy of larger quarters, the enlarge- ment of its facultN ' , additions to its courses of instruction and an expansion of its statewide activities. The School of Journalism was in practically a home- less state until last September when it began its year ' s work in the basement of Science Hall, where a large num- ber of classrooms and offices are available. The school still lacks one of the essentials to its growth Herbert .j j development, for the University print shop, with which the school is directly concerned in many of its activities, is still housed in the Engineering Building, halfway across the campus from Science Hall. L ntil it is possible to provide a building in which both the printing plant and the journalism quarters can be accommodated, much of the work of a mechanical and administrative nature can be carried on oidy under a serious handicap. This year, the number of full time instructors in journalism has been increased to four. This change allowed a rearrangement of courses and administrative activities and the addition of several kinds of work that materially enlarge the scope and in- crease the efficiency of the school. The expansion of work in advertising and the addition of courses in printing, pub- lishing and newspaper administration constitute the principal advances made this ear. Ad ertismg uistruction is now given on a scale as extensive as that of any .school of journalism in the country, and the courses in newspaper management are conceded by journalistic educators to be a step in advance of what most schools of journalism offer. During the year the school has put added emphasis upon its work in relation to the publishing interests of the state. Individually prepared news stories on every phase of university work and student activity have gone out even to the smallest and most remote newspaper in the state. A weekly publication of professional news aiid com- ment of interest to Oklahoma newspaper men, known as " Sooner State Press " , has been regularly published. The school has kept in close touch with the Oklahoma Press Association and has assisted materially at times in making the program of that organization an effective one. Thus in the opportunities it offers to students and in the aid it gives to the publish- ing interests of the State the School of Journalism has made definite progress during the year. Much still remains to be done, but a record of accomplishment is a stimulus to enili-avor, aiul the prospects for a greater future are indeed bright. cr IT C " c u G- C C d U ET C C7 C " cr cr cr cr cr IT n cr cr cr QQrnn P PP fa TTZL b b b b b b b V!92!:! ' bbbbbb B H D " a " 3 ■D ■0 D T) H 71 il ■fl TJ D H T) D U " D " D 7) Tl " D 7} 73 H 71 7) Ull[ ?lilVATEBUJin[J) The purpose of the School of Public and Private Bi.isi- ness is to train students for the most important profes- sions and vocations in business, both public and private. At present we have 171 students enrolled in the school who are candidates for a degree, and 18 who are special students not candidates for a degree. In addition to these students who are enrolled in the School there are at least 150 others who are taking courses offered by it. About 85 percent of the students of the School are pre- paring themselves to take up work in the private business field, such as mercantile business, banking, insurance, real estate, accountancy, and foreign trade. The others ex- pect to become public officials or employees either of the A. B. . dams state or national government in the capacity of legisla- tors, administrators, investigators, statisticians, or government representatives. This year has been a year of great growth for the School of Public and Private Business, as the number of its students has almost doubled over those of last year. The important immediate problem before the School is to get a sufficient number of instructors to handle the growing enrollment and to teach the additional specialized courses which it is intended that the School shall offer. It is planned for the School to secure three additional instructors for next year, and we shall endeavor to get the very best teachers available for this work, provided we are able to get the appropri- ation. The School is sorely in need of classroom space and library facilities. It is now- evident that the legislature of 1921 will not see fit to appropriate money for a build- ing so badly needed by the School, but it is hoped that we shall be able to get sufficient minimum space on the third Hoor of the Administration Building to take cart of our growth, at least until the next legislature convenes. There is a fine spirit existing within the School of Business, both among the faculty and the students. This spirit and enthusiasm is a large factor in building up and widening the scope of the School. Business organizations, and individual business men of the state are also taking great interest in the work which the School is doing, and our students upon their graduation are having little difficulty in securing good posi- tions in the business world. J c c cr or cr cr cr IT cr cr cr C " G " C " cr n u cr IT cicinci pppf L3 L3 BTJ ?iQi5r i riajT ' " KX JOCIALJERVICL The Department of Sociology is designed to serve two pinposes. First, to teach every student, no matter what occupation he is preparing to take up, how to fulfill his duties as a member of society, and under what conditions and stand- ards he may realize for himself a rational and rounded culture, and, at the same time, promote the well-being of society. The most important part of education is knowing how to li e ; not how to earn mone ; and the primary aim of sociology is to teach every student this most important part of education. Second, to give to students, who desire to take up social work as a career, the special knowledge and practical training necessary for such a career. In order to qualify students for social work there has been organized in the Depart- ment of Sociology a School of Social Service which prepares students for such occupa- tions as research and teaching. Red Cross workers, community workers, charity w ork- ers, medical social service, Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. secretaries, etc. Many graduates of the University of Oklahoma have gone into social ser ice work, and are extending the influence of the university all around the world. They arc found in the great cities of New York, Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington ; in the over-seas countries of Germany, India, Persia, and in South America. The Department of Sociology has five members on its teaching staff, to wit: Jerome Dowd, Director of the School of Social Service; Gilbert H. Smith, Assistant Profes- sor of Sociology; Ivan G. Wright, Assistant Professor of Sociology and ' ocational Director; Maurice Neuberg, Assistant Instructor in Sociology; Novella Gould, Super- visor of Field Work. CT= nci PPPP f 1 b b b b b b b OONERJa b b b b bb b I) " " " " ' ' ' " ' " ' ' •D PHI BETA KAPPA Ci Tl Scholastic Fraternity U U rr Tl Founded at William anc Mary 1776 ■0 Alpha ot Oklahoma Chapter Established 1920 T) FACULTY Louis Allen- R. T House Joseph Benton- Victor Kulp George BOKE Hugh Gray Lieber (7 73 Theodore Brewer Ella ALansfield ROSETTA BrIEGEL BaRTOM Jean Marie ALauk (T " D Strattox D. Brooks Edgar Meacham IT 71 John Cheadle JuLiEN C. Monnet U Homer L. Dodge Lawrence N. Morgan cr " 0 J. H. Felgar J. F. Paxton cr Tl Rov Gittixger Grace E. Ray S. R. Hadsell Lewis S. Salter IT ■D RoscoE E. Harper S. M. Salyer H. H. Herbert A. C. Scott ET H Victor A. Hoersch Otto V. Walter ET cr ■D Helen L. Holtzschui; (]l Y. VILLIAMS STUDENTS cr Tl Enoch Ferrel Claude Monnet c D Jennie Lessenger Leslie Salter J. C. LOONEY Nathan Scarritt u D Maurice H. Merril Wendell Long u i) Florence Monnet Elaine Hargis Gladys Dickinson Inez Hollingsworth c TuLLY NeTTLETON Myrtle Barrett G " Louise Orton Helen Berg Laura Leske Joseph Brandt c I? Robert Henry Paul Campbell David McKown Forrest Darrough IT T) Felix Bodovitz Bryce Greenshields tr ■0 Dorothy Prouty DociA Hansen Ann Knight Emily Hoover c ■D Orpha Roberts Lloyd Swearingen GiRDIE MlNNER Dewey Neal cr ro aaj uVt pppp " D ■D 7) ■a ■D T) H " 0 TJ T3 H U U H H D H " 0 Tl " D ■D Tl TJ " D f y Senior Arts and Sciences t - " ' MAii H ' " " " ' ' ' ■ ' ' " ' ' H ' Hg|k 4 H Ruf-Neks; Picl. nnd Mammer; k ■ ' l ' :: K?f KfK Sooner Staff; Iiiterfraternity WI P Council m K ' l Mahv Mattisov .... Okla ioma City A. Kappa Alpha I ' heta J i 1 CiiA- LES B. Ames, Jk. . . Ohlalioma City 1) Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Battle Axe; Jazz Hounds IHf k ' " ' - ' " ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' W ■ Pi Beta Phi ; Y. V. C. A. ; Phi- lologian; Oratorical Council ■ . v Rov Conner llaskrtt Forum ; V. M. C. A. Myrtle Barklev Hohart si !3 ' ' fell Ji ' Oikonomia ; Meletanian; V. V T Vi Igr, , .«. M c. A.; DeBarr Club k |F J b «ivv C. Chambers Tishominyo .:t Mt B ' inet ; Entre Nous .iA " " A Riiii Pwis .... Fori ll ' ort i, Tr. ,u l M,« = %ifc Alpha tiamma Odta; Y. W. C. . " V. ; I ' .ntre Nou , A. ;. C. Bierf.r, Jr Gut irii if::- . _ ,• Kappa Sigma ; Quo ailis; Ruf Neks; Athcnaean; Interfrat«rni- tv Council KNinur Oktohnma City Kappa .Mpha rheta ; Owl and j -i ■ Y t IrianRle; WcMUen ' s Pan-llellfn ' ' • ir Council; President . W. C, J IT C tr 0 " Gf c cr cr cr cr cr c- cr u u u cr IT q cr cr cr cr T) •D ■D 13 ■a i) ■D " D H H " D Tl " D T) " O ■0 " D H I? ■D Tl TS T) T? T) T) 7) HTSTrTFUBTa-- _ Senior Arts and Sciences Jessie E. Acree O. H. Hanson Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma Kappa Kappa Ciamma; Zeta- lethean; DcBarr Club; Women ' s (ilce Cluh; V. V. C. A. Cabi- net; Women ' s Council ; Women ' s Athletic Association ROLFE EnGLEMAN i ( Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Ciamma Epsilon ; Sigma Delta Chi; Pick and Hammer; Associ- ate Editor Oktalwma Daily, ' 20- ' 21 Nell Hayxes Ncwkh Arthur M. Meyer Ti-nu. Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Pick and Hammer; W M. C. A. Cab- inet Lela Blanchard . Y. ' . c. A. Joseph A. Brandt Delta Sigma Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Pe-et; Blue Pencil; Editor Oklahoma Daily ' 20- ' 21 ; Rhodes Scholar 1921 (Oklahoma) Fern Houston Netrkirk Kappa Delta Pi; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Bessie Belle Browning . . . . Di Women ' s Council; Entre Nous; Y. W. C. A. QQCici G " cr c u tr c IT cr G- c w c 0 " in u ' J ij cr cr p p p n b b b b b b bXj ' OONERja b b b b b b b T3 T) -3 71 TI ■D 13 H U ■D U H TI H TJ H H H " D H D T) H i) TI 13 T) TJ 73 Senior Arts and Sciences Dixie Jones llmryrtla Delta C;ainma; . W. C. A. Warner V. ewbv . . . Oklalinma Cily Sigma Nu; Kappa laii Pi; Pirk and Hammer GoLDiE Dell Cooksev Ci-ary Eiitre Nous; V. W. f. A. George Stevens Gulhrie Beta Theta Pi; Pick and Hammer Helen Scmaeier .... Mniinlain I ' ii-w Alpha Gamma Delta; Delta Psi Kappa; Oikonnmia ; Wo men ' s Athletic Association; Kiowa County Cluh; V. W. C. A. Boone Jones Oktalioma Cily Beta Theta Pi ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Pick and Hammer; Y. M. C. A. Dolly Ritchey MaJill Women ' s Athletic Association; Y. . C. A. John Jameson Lfxington Alpha Kappa Psi ; Websterian; Bnsiness Opportunity Club Orpha Roberts . Sorman Blue Pencil ; Philnlogian ; Kntre Nous ; Y. W. C. A. Pauline Crowl . . tf ' ebb Cily. Missouri Chi Omega ; Oratorical Council ; Meletanian; ■. W. C. A. c cr rr IT c IT IT u u c u XT c cr c C " cr c Ij Ci cr c cr £L£LELEL FPP 4 " o b b b b b b!)vrOOH£j |3 b b b b b b b ■a ■D 13 U " D " D H ■D ■Q " D " D U 13 " D 1] D D H " 3 ■3 TJ U " 3 auSLELELEL Senior Arts and Sciences Noel Evavs l uz o Pick and Hammer Madeline Colbert IrJmon Kappa Kappa tJamma Joe M. Patterson- Ihu o Pick and Haminti Ima Armstroxc Duncan Xi Delta; Oikoiiomia ; Mcleta- nian; Y. V. C. A. Elbert O. Davis IJa President Pontotoc Coiintv Club; Red Red Rose; Forum; ' V. M. C. A. Lillie Lawson " Musko itt- Omicron Pi ; V. W. C. A. Cabi- net; Zetalethean Harold Pool ll ' ooJ ' u.-artl Kappa Tau Pi; Student Chris- tian Fellowship League; Pick and Hammer. Mrs. Esther Yakish Furrow . . Xmman C. Lee Furrow orman Neita E. Crane Clinton Achoth c cr c u cr IT rr C " GT C " c cr or v IT cr cr 0 " cr c cr c Cj cr Cj c c cr G " FPFPlti b b b b b b bi vTOONEP t b b b b b b b 3 ? 13 TI " 3 13 D D H 71 H " 0 H D 71 H D 7) H " 0 D il U " 3 ■3 -Q U 71 7) 7} Senior Arts and Sciences David E. Sapulpa Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha Tan; Chi Chi Chi; MvMic Kcvs; Pe-et; Blue Pencil; Red Red Rose; Ka Nun Ta Klage; Business Opportunity Club; lazz Hounds; Men ' s CJlee Club ' 16, ' 18, ' 19; Quartette ' 18, ' 19; Sooner Staff ' 20; President Freshman Class ' 16; Director Junior Burlesiiue ' 21 Annette Jacobson . Rosis:i-U, S ' l-v: Mexico Kappa Kappa Gamma; Entre Nous; Y. W. C. A. Lawrence E. Haskei.i Inadarko Phi Delta Theta; ' arsity Foot- ball; Captain-elect ' 21 ' arsitv Football PansV Rentfkow Pond Creek Xi Delta; Business Opportunity Club; V. V. C. A. Merle Little Pureell Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Mystic Keys; Jazz Hounds Cleg Smith Dailiarl. Texas Philologian; Entre Nous; V. V. C. A. Rodger Denison Uobart Kappa Alpha; Pick and Ham- mer; Kiowa Countv Club Inez Hoi.LiNCSWORTii ll ' oodiiarJ Blue Pencil ; Woodward Cuuntv Club OiiN c;. Beli i:tk City Acacia; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Pick and Hammer Kaie Brodnax Me.llesler Alpha I ' hi c c ' gig ' tappra XI ■3 -0 71 ■D " 0 1 Is " 0 D " D H " D " D U " D ■a 7) B -D ■D H " D ■D H to to to to l3 l3 i3 Js ' OCrv .«.f Senior Arts and Sciences Harold Hoots .... U ' in field, Ka isas Delta Tail Delta; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Riif-Neks; Pick and Hammer Vivi.w Watts Bethell Pryor . ' Mpha Phi; Pierian; Y. V. C. A. Dewey Neai Chiekasha Phi Delta Theta ; Sigma Delta Chi; Pe-et; Checkmate; Publi- cation Board L. ' i tan McClaiv Padfii FORXEST DARROLGH HuffO Sigma Nu ; Pe-et ; Mystic Keys ; Ruf-Neks; Secretary Athletic Council; Varsity Tennis ' 18, ' 19, ' 20; Letzeiser Medal; Student Council ' 19 Christine Williams Xormari Alpha Phi ; Women ' s Pan-Hel- lenic Council ; Pierian ; Women ' s Glee Cluh; Y. W. C. A. Abner Jordak flUffO Phi Kappa Psi ; Ruf-Neks E. Joy Shixn Norman John- O. Galloway . . . Oklalioma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Interfatcrnity Council Willie C. Bell Elk City Achoth ; Pick and Hammer ncicici u cr cr Si cr cr c sr cr u cr cr u IT c- tr cr c C " 0 " n u u cr cr p p p p 1} T) " 3 " U " D 1] il H 7) H D 71 H D 1] TI " D U T) ■D 7) D ■3 D D TI " 3 D bbbbbbbj vTOONEPJa b b b b b b b Senior Arts and Sciences Horace Taylor F.l Rrno I Bl l H I HH Kappa Sigma Leove Crain F.Jmond Chi Omega ; ' omeii ' s Council ; V. V. C. A. Frank M. Rentfrovv .... Pond Creek Acacia; Pick and Hammer; Entre Nous; Track ' 20 fi r T Henry WoorrEN Chit kasha V " Sigma Alpha Epsiloii; Sooner t Staff ' 19-20; Student Council X. A. ' 19-20 Ruby CJwinn IrJmore J - M ' ' Kappa Delta Pi; Entre Nous; Y. W. C. A. Roy D. Jones (.nirman Phi Ciamma Delta; Sigma (i ' ' Ciamma Epsiloii; Chi Chi Chi Pali, Moody Shazinee Phi Delta Chi; Chemistry Club; Engineers ' Club Cora Harding Custer Cily Women ' s .Athletic .Association; Warren L. Felton Sorman Phi Delta Theta ; Pick and llam- mer; Athenaean Fei.ix A. Booovnz IrJmorf c cr c cr cr IT IT cr c GT C " c c u cr c c- tr c C7 C " cr cr 0 " 17 n Cj c EI cr CXCKrx cx iJ r g l a T:! D D ■D ■a 11 " D 73 -0 7) " 0 H n " D H U ID " D T3 ■D TI D " D ■Q U " 3 b b b b b b b OONE b b b b La b b Senior Arts and Sciences William V. Cox Carmnt Sigma Nil; Mystic Keys; Jazz Hounds; Varsity Baseball; Var- sity Basket Ball; Captain Var- sity Basket Ball ' 21; Alfalfa County Club Fred M. Bullard Norman Sigma Gamma Epsiion ; Pick and Hammer; Band Lucy Griffith . . I ' icksburg, Mississippi Delta Gamma; Women ' s Glee Club; Pierian; Y. W. C. A.; Las Dos Americas JoHS W. Clinkscales I ' iriila Sigma Chi; Interf raternity Council; Battle Axe; Jazz Hounds; Business Opportunitv Club Joe S. Smith Duttcan Pick and Hammer; Entre Nous Marie Mulvey Yukon Kappa Kappa Gamma; Eudel- phian R. B. LooFBOURROW .... Braver Cily Sigma Chi; Ruf-Neks; Pick and Hammer O. B. Mahaffie Hobart Alpha Chi Sigma Carrie Copeland Miami Kappa Kappa Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi ; Owl and Triangle E. M. DeWeese Hiif o Sigma Delta Chi; Business Man- ager Daily; Choctaw Countv Cluh dcinci cr c fj J 0 " cr cr G- C " IT ST IT C (7 iT C " c u c u J r r j " CI p p p ra b b b b b b blJ " O0 IERJ b b b b ia b b D H 71 Tl -D 13 H D T) 7) U 7} H 7) 73 i] 7) 7) 71 73 7) 71 7) 71 7) 7) 71 71 73 Senior Arts and Sciences OwiGHT Rnss Madill Kappa Sigma; Sigma Oamma Epsilon; Pick and Hammer; ' arsity Football LeOSARD W. SCIIAEFER llva Phi Ciamma Delta; Klackstoiie Bar; Congress Har;uf,t Cocke Intlers Pi Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Philologian ; V. W. C. A. R. H. Goodrich Norman Sigma Nu Hem.ev Blvdv . . . Sufoiihuri . Kansas Acacia ; Business Opportunitv Cliih; c;nb ' s Cluh LuciM.E Tavi.or S iav:ni-e Kappa Alpha Theta David D. Morris Sorman Sigma Nu ; Phi Alpha Tau ; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds; Battle Axe ; Manager Junior Burles(]ue ; Monnet Bar; Assistant Yell Leadei Morris Bai.k C.hickasha Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Menorah Society Lois HoRXE Cliickaslia Kappa Alpha Theta John ' an Dali Barllafille Kappa Sigma; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Ruf-Neks; Pick and Hammer a u u u GT V u c c IT c cr cr u IT IT tr cr cr cr G " cr cr cr c c cr g c c g ri v:trf n 46 H ■D ■D ■D ■D 13 U H H TJ ■fl ■0 71 " D 73 " D TJ D " D 1] T) -3 H D U ■3 73 b b b b b b b vro NERjSnrE Senior Arts and Sciences Caswei.I- Proctor Kormaii Ila Jones Ifaiirika Delta Gamma; Eiidelphian (io ' DOv A. Dickson Davis Pick and Hammer; Business Op- p(irtunit Club :-i Frances Ci.Av Manc um Theta Sigma Phi; Blue Pencil; L ' Eudelphian LA Ruth Erwin Pt " il I ' altiy Entre Nous; V. V. C. A. Ben- K. Parks Ifrallinford Delta Sigma Delta; Band; ' ar- I j ¥ ■ w sity Tennis k " jf W Lucv KiRTLEV Bartlt-svillr Pi Beta Phi; Women ' s Council; V. V. C. A.; Pick and Hammer Gaurd Marvin- Uarllisville Kappa Sigma; Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Pick and Hammer; Varsity Track ' 18- ' 19 Elisabeth Bedford .... Oklalioma Cily Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s B Pan-Hellenic Council ; Women ' s F Glee Club Walter Fears Eufaula Kappa Alpha; Checkmate; Bat- tle Axe; Jazz Hounds; ' arsitv Baseball ' 17 bbbbb qqgiq cr G " £7 cr cr c c 0 " IT c cr cr u D " c C7 C " C " C7 cr u cr ff ' cr IT Ci cr cr cr 0 " p p P fa TI ■D 7} T) Tl D U D T) D H H ■D il D D D T) " 0 ■D H 13 tola to U la La OONERja b b ts La La ETa Senior Arts and Sciences Ai.LSN C. Duncan . . . Okla ' wma City Kappa Alpha; ( " hi Chi Chi; Checkmate; Fe-el; Blue Pencil; _„ ,, . _ Editor 1921 Sooner; President ' i . ' - y . T " " ! Junior Class ■19-20; Pick and Jl M a H Hammer . H R ■ H . -C i B Helen Berg Oklahoma C.ily w . 1 Ciamma Phi Beta ; Women ' s • ' ■ ' l H Council ; Women ' s Glee Club V. W. C. A. Cabinet ; Philologian Mariin O. Lee . . EniJ F?!f 1 Alpha Chi Sigma » 9 " Hc!.E Personett oriiian «„aSi Ch; " psilon; Pick and Hammer k i S I ' rank Gali.owav .... Oklalioma Cil. ' " - _, Marc eli.e Lively Duiaiil " " ; ■ Kappa Kappa (iamnia ,| r tJioKCE L. Fo. : „;,) A . W . Mavme Jenkins TuIhi Jt . 4f Helta Delta Delta; Theta SIkuki P 1 Phi; Sooner Staff 1921 ' ! llo Ki) - KiKK . . . Mnunlain I ' im- --%. ' ' S )ii ' rA Delia Chi; Red Red Rose Anna Ckonan X.-ukiik I ' i Hita I ' l.i; Delia Psi Kappa; Women ' s ; tlilelic .Association q ' H «n q q asgT V ftgfigJlSg, G cr cr u cr cr IT cr c c c cr c cr c c C7 C " C " C cr u cr [T Ij c: u cr cr cr PPPPTb ' fd y h r d 7] H " 1 L3 LiJ Senior Arts and Sciences Mathille Bjerrecaard .... Okmulycf X. R. Brasted Okla wma City Sigma Xu; CJob ' s Club; Business Opportunity Cluh Myrtle Umphress Clarcmore Omicron Pi; DeBarr Club; Oik- onomia ; Y. W. C. A. CoLWELL C. Chastaik ' .... Cliiikaska Sigma Nu; Pick and Hammer; Grady County Club Bess U. Mills Oklahoma City Chi I ' psilon ; Pick and Hammer; Las Dos Americas Raymond Wiiorton " Ddavjare Carolyk Seitz ■ Billinffs Delta Psi Kappa ; Y. W. C. A. Dlvall McClure Norman Sigma Delta Psi; Pick and Ham- mer; Chemistry Club Ruth McKeex . . Bentonvillr, Arkansas DeBarr Club; Y. W. C. A. John B. Blaxchard Purer Beta Theta Pi ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Ruf-Neks c w cr c cr G " w 0 " cr d C " u n u c cr tr SLELajELEL b b b b b b b J UC fjERJa b b I D 71 71 71 7] 7J T) il D 71 T) H U -0 D 7) i) 7] •D ■n 73 Senior Arts and Sciences OONAI.D Dloiev Hlches . . Sigma u P,rry Jans Snow . . Entre Nous llr) v i;n B. Becki.ev Phi Helta ( " h: , Chemistrv Club Engineers ' Club C r i-Ketii Stewart Mant um Alpha Phi; Pierian; Las Dos Americas; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation William Earl McCJinms . . . McLoud Acacia ; Treasurer Student Coun- cil ; Business Opportunity Club; ' ebsterian ; Jazz Hounds ; American Legion NLXRCARET MosELEV Dun Alpha Chi Omega; Entre Nous; Y. W. C. A. R. E. McCoLLUM . . Erlantier, Ktnlucky Las Dos Americas Mai Ki E Watsos Mc.ltfsler Alpha (iamma Delta; Blue Pen- cil; Eudelphian; Pittsburg Coun- ty Club; V. W. C. A. M. 1r tsc Smith Noble Howard W. Potts F.dmond Phi Delta Kappa; Forum; Red Red Rose; Entre Nous C| ' u cr c c u w u IT U D cr cr d cr cr J3LELE - » pp U b U b b b b s OONERJa b b b b b b b 7 7) " D " IS ■a IS " D " D u 13 Senior Arts and Sciences L. Srov RlELY .... Corydon, Indiana Beta Theta Pi; Sooner Staff; Business Opportunity Club; Pick and Hammer Haksiettf. Johnson . . . Oklalmma City Charles Ioving . Caltaraui us. A ' cw York Delta Tau Delta; Pick and Hammer Mrs. Leonora H. Ward Friik Kappa Delta Pi; Las Dos Amer- icas; Y. W. C. A.; President Beckham County Club Frank; Ci.eckler Hartshorne Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Red Red Rose; Entre Nous ; Business Opportunity Club Frederika Fitch Norman Delta Gamma; Chi Upsilon; Pick and Hammer; Pierian ; Bus- iness Opportunity Club Floyd Malott Medford Delta Sigma Delta; Pick and Hammer; Las Dos Americas Cora Dyer Irdmorc Kappa Kappa Gamma R. V. ScoviL Norman Phi Alpha Tau; Jazz Hounds Llxile Carson Norman Achoth ; Chi Ipsilon ; V. V. C. A. i. i T G U C V C " T r r r r r r r r r r ri JQJBl} ' pppp bbbJ UUiNtK TTETi Senior Arts and Sciences " Tpi Rl in Cii.iDFWELL Ill-Una Alpha Gamma Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Delta Psi Kappa; Y. V. C. A. Cabinet ; Eudelphian Clarence Sale Sormatt Alpha Tau Omega; Pick and Hammer; Las Dos Americas; Websterian ; Grady County Club FLEr Dolthit F.dmond Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. Stanley Bryant Frederick Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Mu Alpha; Phi Alpha Tau; Ruf N ' eks; Men ' s Glee Club; Quar- tette; Y. M. C. A. Secretary Marion Prater Oklahoma City Xi Delta; Philologian; Business Opportunity Club; V. W. C. A. Dave R. McKown Oklahoma City Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Gatnma Epsilon; Student Coun- cil ; President Y. M. C. A. ; Rut " Neks; Sooner Staff; Athenaean LVCILE COWLES Mc. Hester Pi Beta Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily Staff Russell Smith Norman Pick and Hammer DoRiNE CKthrie Norman Chi I ' psilon; Delta Psi Kappa; Zetalethean ; V. C. A. ; Pick and Hammer; Oratorical Council Rlssei.i. Dozier Pond Creek Phi Gamma Delta; Business Op- portunity Club; Jazz Hounds; Sooner Staff IT cr cr IT IT C " D " cr cr u u cr cr cr ■a " 3 T3 T) 7J ■D 7) H H " D TI U TJ ■D U " D 7) u 13 Senior Arts and Sciences Dixie Young Ma ujum Xi Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Greer County Club Thomas M. Beaird Xorman Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Alpha Tau; Phi Delta Kappa; Web- sterian Helen- B. Trent Okmulgee Kappa Alpha Thcta TnonuRN Tacgart Gulhrie Beta Theta Pi; Pick and Ham- mer Beauton Kooken ' Norman Finis B. Selby . . • Fort irorth, Texas Acacia; Pick and Hammer; Bus- iness Opportunity Club; Athen- aean Fay Sheppard Sorman Y. W. C. A. ; Philologian ; De Barr Club CONHAD C. Mount Rristoiu Alpha Kappa Psi ; Delta Sigma Rho; Blue Pencil; Business Op- portunity Club; Oratorical Coun- cil ; Varsity Debate; Websterian Lois G. Blanton N»rman Delta Delta Delta ; Y. V. C. A. pb b bb bb b ri3 b b la J o L n LKsp tout U LZJ D H 71 Tl " D 13 •a 7) 7J U ■0 71 71 H 71 71 71 71 7} 7) 71 71 71 71 71 H 71 71 Senior Arts and Sciences H. McBridf Oklalioma City Sij ma Nil ; Varsity Basket Ball Wfkdsa E. Rives .... Oklahoma City Ciainma Phi Beta ; Women ' s Ath- letic .Association; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Edcar C. Pierce Billings .Alpha Kappa Psi ; Business Op- pcirtvinity Club Marian W ' ASHiNmnv .... IloUlf .Alpha Gamma Delta; Women ' s Council ; Oelta Psi Kappa ; Women ' s .Athletic Association; Y. W. C. A. Carney O. Dean Carney Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Delta Chi; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Con- gress Car. ' ie CoKNEi.isoN Xotman Oikonomia; Y. W. C. A. Fred H. Ward Pauls I ' alliy Phi Ciamma Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Pe-et; Ruf-Neks; Webster- ian ; Las Dos Americas; Busi- ness Opportunity Club; Oratori- cal Council; Interfrateriiity Council DoRoriiv Proi lA .... Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Iheta; Y. W. C. A.; Owl aiul Iriaiigle Thomas B. Leahy (Unclassified) . Paiilius ka Kappa Alpha; Chi Chi Chi cr ir I IT cr cr IT c c u IT c cr cr cr cr cr u cr IT U tr cr cr u cr n nnci ppp vm ■■ 13 u b b b b b OONEPv TTET Junior Arts and Sciences Ruth Jones Norman Xi Delta TULLY A. Nettletox T) ■D 71 ■3 i3 D ■D TJ U il " 0 TI Tl H H ■0 T] " D H D -a D il 7J 13 aULEiaLEL Oklahoma City Delta Sigma Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Blue Pencil; Daily Staff; Letzeiser Medal ; Mvstic Ke s iNA Boone Punctl Pi Beta Phi; V. V. C. A.; Women ' s Athletic Association Milton Futoranskv . . . Oklalioma Cily Sigma Alpha Mu; Menorah So- cietv ; Business Opportuntiv Club; Chemistry Club Eloise Sandlin hiimor Pi Beta Phi ; Y. W. C. A. Clay Hlches Iluijo Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kathryn " Klll .... Oklahoma Cily Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; Sooner Staff; Zetalethean; Ora- torical Council ; Women ' s Pan- Hellenic Council John K. Montgomery .... Sorman Kappa Tan Pi; Religious Secre- tarv Y. M. C. A. Cora Snouffer D,;r Crnk Ted Colbert Tishomimjo Beta Theta Pi; Battle Axe; Jazz Hounds cr c u u [T IT C U C C " cr c u G " IT IT cr IT C " cr c cr H cr cr u cr cr ' pr= f=J 13 ■a T3 U ■a n u ■D u n T) Tl " D ■D 71 TI ■D " D H " D 71 ■a Junior Arts and Sciences Hni-EX Dlttox Oklahoma City Pi Zeta Kappa; V. W. C. A. Cabinet (Jeoroe Abbott Sorman Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi XoE Webb Sormah Las Dos Americas; V. V. C. A. Tom A ' . Garrett IlolJcmille Jessie K. Doyle Mangum Entre Nous; Women ' s Athletic Association Eari, I " . Miller . . . Olatnn. K,ntu(ky Stella CJaree SobU Y. V. C. A.; Entre Nous; Stu- dent Fellowship League Don- Brlnskili Laiiion Las Dos Americas; Business Op- portunity Cluli Palline White S iallud ' Evnpi.i. Long .... Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi ; President Junior Class; Sooner Staff; Business Opportunity Club; Financial Secretary V. M. C. A. ifej ajEJELE- V C " u u tr IT c- u c u cr 0 " u c cr c c [j IT I tr cr n §- L U 13 i J % Wi Junior Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Camerox .... Mclh-sti-r Alpha Phi; Blue Pencil; Wom- en ' s Council; V. V. C. . . Treasurer Junior Class W. Dnw Hamm Muskoijrc Beta Theta Pi ; Mystic Keys ; Pick and Hammer; Varsity Foot- ball C rnERiNE Patterson " .... Musko ci ' Pi Beta Phi T. J. WooDMANSEE CJiiiohie Sigma Nu ; Jazz Hounds; Mys- tic Keys Beity Coi.ev ririila Delta Gamma; Zetalethean ; V. W. C. A. Daniel M. Delaney SaUisaw Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Mu Alpha ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Band ; Orchestra Marolerite Jones h ' orman Carl S. Shoults Mushoijce Beta Theta Pi ; Pick and Ham- mer; Business Opportunity Club; Entre Nous Ruth E. Moore Puncll Kappa Alpha Theta; Orchestra; Y. W. C. A. Charles R. Hoyle . . Bouldi-r. C.oloraAo -American Legion ; Pick and Hammer ■ETi b31 " Ci 2i b 2 " Q ci q rtSjVt ' lHlft%CS=»pppp 13 i3 13 tj (3 { Ayjim y fii ri .ITUP ■D ■D ■3 ■a 73 7) ■D TI H " D U " D H H TJ " D ? ii H ■a 7) 7) ■a Junior Arts and Sciences Earl M. Siii.lev .... Bcnion, Illinois Pi Kappa Alpha L.MRA Leske Kl Rttio Xi Delta: Oikonomia; Meletanian Elisha Paschal Acacia Oklalwma City Lola Leske El Rnio Xi Delta; Meletanian Katherine CiiBSOS, Muskoyie Pi Beta Phi W. A. Watkins . . . Gold,-n, Colorado Sigma Alpha F.psilim Russell C. Conklinc A ' Siiima Chi ; Sigma Gamma Ep- silnii ; V. M. C. A. ' klma Vk v Oklnlioma Cily Delta Delta Delta; DeKaiT Chib ; . V. C. A. W. K. Raow ■ ( ' , Missouri Fonini I K Hi IK Ilollis cr Cj 17 GT c IT H 0 " IT cr cr cr u cr ' 7 £7 cr C " cr c cr c u c n c cr oncici p p p p i Yj- b b La b b b VoOfSE b b ETaTaTETE 1} " D U " B " D ■D D ■D U H " D H " D D H H " D " D D " D IS li D D ■0 U D " 3 aLsLSLELEL Junior Arts and Sciences John- C. Hocav P ' i " ' - Kappa Sigma; Ruf Neks; Pick and Hammer; Track ' 20; Vice- President Junior Class Florence Rohrbauch Norman Y. W. C. A. C. H. Doi.PH Ihuryrtta Kappa Sigma ; Blue Pencil ; Con- gress; Sooner Staff; ' arsity Wrestling Annazem. Monroe . . . Dallas, Texas Alpha Phi; DeBarr CUih ; V. V. C. A.; Philologian Robert E. Lee Ilollis Phi Kappa Psi ; Ruf Neks; Bus- iness Opportunity Club Carrie Bruce Coali atr Alpha Phi H. E. LiLLiBRiDGE C.handhr Pick and Hammer; President Lincoln County Club Maloe Herron I ' inila Delta Ciamma Menter Ci. Baker Lookrha Rosa Bllmer Wilcox .... If ' ooJiuaiJ Achoth; Entre Nous; V. W. C. A. cr Cj rr c c GT U ff cr C " IT IT C cr GT cr C7 G " U C " IT fj d C " C p p p fJ n -Ary 71 ■a TJ TJ U U H i " 2 H 71 7] " D 71 73 7) 7] H 7) 7J 73 7} J b b b b b4 X ONERj3 b b T B b Junior Arts and Sciences OwEX A. WiNSOR FreJtriik ,- Delta Sigma Delta; Pick and ?W Hammer Alice Herkov I ' inita Delta CJamma; Las Dos Americas Mn.o O. Remund l! ' , ' atln-rford CATiiERixE Serviss Uva ' 1 " 1 Gamma Phi Beta ; Philologian ; Entre Nous; V. V. C. A. ■ John C. Reed Carn,-gte KT . H Red Red Rose; Websterian; Bus- Rr i H iness Opportunity Club; Caddo H V Countv Club W _ Melba Dial Eldorado Achoth Z- B Reuben- E. Brittain . . . Oklahoma City s F J H ' ' -.afi.- Pick and Hammer ■ ' " S!B Ila Westmoreland Bradford. Arkansas Fhilologian ; Women ' s Council; " 1 . W. C. A. I.OREN E. Pkver .... Oklalioma City Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Chi Chi Chi; .Mystic Keys; Ruf Neks Ik KlSS k PiuEV Whitenton- Iliiiryi-tta -i HW Acacia; Pick and Hammer y .,_ flL ' 0 " DT cr c T 01 c u u c u IT JELELELELEt J R n ra -fraT IL L3 j S O l laJv UUr i TJ ■0 " 0 •D 13 71 13 Junior Arts and Sciences O. V. Mui.DROW Nonnan Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Del- ta; Business Opportunity Cluh; Jazz Hounds; Checkmate; Men ' s Glee Cluh ' 19, ' 20 Ruth Johnson Bartlcs-ville Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A. Floyd Haynes ida Phi Delta Theta; Battle Axe; Men ' s Glee Club; Orchestra Florence Monnet Norman Kappa Alpha Theta; Delta Psi Kappa; V. V. C. A. Cabinet; Zetalethean ; Blue Pencil; Sec- retary Student Council; Wom- en ' s Pan - Hellenic Council ; Women ' s Athletic Association EuCKNE Weirich . . Il ' liitf City, Kansas Acacia; Pep Manager; Jazz Hounds; Pick and Hammer; Gobs ' Club Scott P. Squyres J ' ia7i Oratorical Council; Congress; Gobs ' Club; Band Minnie T. Baker Sorman Delta Psi Kappa ; Y. W. C. A. ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Women ' s Glee Club; Orchestra; Las Dos Americas Jamf;s B. Runyan . Carlsbad, New Mexico Kappa Alpha Gladys Fay Gilbert Delta Gamma Oklahoma City Edward Mullins Norman Websterian i! K« 3»;Vv P PP tn T«£U b b b b b b b Jv ' OOHERJa b b b b ta la T) " D 7) " 3 ■D H 13 " 3 H U i Junior Arts and Sciences y. i:tER R. McCleilw . . . Blackixell Sigma Nu; Pick and Hammer Dorothy Meyers . . Grcin I ' allt-y. Illinois Xi Delta; Meletanian ; V. V. C. A. Dewey Roulwd If ' ilson Forum ; Business Opportunity Club; Pick and Hammer Imoctne Pearson ' Sand Sprintts Achoth; Women ' s Council; De Barr Club; Y. W. C. A. DoRKANCE D. Roderick Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Mu Al- pha; Phi Alpha Tau ; Sigma Delta Chi; Men ' s Glee Club; Jazz Hounds; Mystic Keys; In- terfraternity Council ; Student Council ; Publication Board Wii.MA Lamar Kappa Alpha Theta ; ' i ' . V. C. A.; Sooner Staff W ' li.i.iAM Harvev . . .Irmslrong, Missouri Alpha Tau Omega J. Kenneth Keenan .... Tahliriuah Sigma Alpha F.psilon ; Pick and Hammer; Jazz Hounds .Ari.ine Johnson .... Kappa Alpha Iheta Hon Lewis Kimjston cr Ci jf r.1 b b b b b b v ' OONERJa bbbbbbblS ' SJ I! «- ' Junior Arts and Sciences Clayton N. Smith Paii iusta Beta Theta Pi ; Jazz Hnuiids Hoi5- KT Ingram .... Oklahoma City Sigma Chi; Ruf Neks CIladvs Jackson DuranI V. W. C. A.; Bryan County Club rr-. -- Olin D. Bell . Sigma Chi Frances Burckhalter I ' inita Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Daily Staff; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council Kl h RiK Rone, Jr F.Ik C ' tly Phi Kappa Psi ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; Mystic Keys Harold L. McKeen . Bentom ' ille, Arkansas Sigma Alpha Epsilon Carol Daube IrJinor Kappa Kappa Gamma Rector E. Duncan Okiu-ne Acacia; Business Opportunity Club Nolan F. Browning Il ' ynona Phi Delta Theta; Jazz Hounds; Orchestra; Band; Men ' s Glee Club; Sooner Quartette; Con- gress 1C1 CT J tj IT C 0 " GT C " U T J J 01 F pppp 13 l3 t3 l3 b b b OOHEP ia b b Junior Arts and Sciences Pini. White Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta ; Varsitv Foot- ball; Varsity Basket Ball ' 20; arsity Track ' 20 Lois Poole Amber Chi Omega Walter W. Rogers Tulsa Beta Theta Pi; Chi Chi Chi; Jazz Hounds Mary Sle Robertson " . . Oklahoma City Alpha Chi Omega; Meletanian; V. W. C. A. Andrew Erwtn Kortnan Pick and Hammer; V. M. C. A. ; American Legion CiiXRi.ES R. YoLNC, Jr. . . Oklahoma Cily Kappa Alpha Vivian Stewart McAlester Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Wom- en ' s Council ; Philologian ; Pitts- burg County Club Frank Overman If ' tllston Delta Sigma Delta; Las Dos Americas; Pick and Hammer Hmtie L e McAtee Clinton Theta Sigma Phi; Blue Pencil; Maiiazine Staff; V. M C. A.; Custer County Club M. II. W ' dODFN . . . dallalin, Missouri Kappa Alpha u CI bi ncinmcT yi J3J5J? " CTJ Junior Arts and Sciences Carl Jacksox Sorman |j Kappa Alpha iJ " Lucv Lawton " Ira a iu , g Women ' s Council ; Custer Ciiuntv •J ' Club H _l James Knox PonJ Cnik li Phi Gamma Delta ; Chi Chi Chi ; raPhi Alpha Tau ; Congress; Mvstic Kcvs; Business Opportu- nity Club " Tl Dorothy Stevexson Sallisaii; „_ Chi Omega; Delta Psi Kappa; J Women ' s Athletic Association; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Oikono- Tt mia; Pierian U Glenn- Patchett liiitt i i Pi Kappa Alpha; Business Op- iJ portunity Club u Carrie B. Wantlaxd Puriill Ciamma Phi Beta ; Women ' s Ath- r j letic Association; Y. W. C. A.; U Zetalcthean Tl Rov D. Norton- C.hiikaslia O Phi Delta Theta ; Pick anil li Hammer u »■ ' Ardena Leer Rorky c ' , Sherwood Lahmav Tulsa „ Delta Sigma Delta " D U Sam May Oklahoma City T Sigma Alpha Mu; Pick and " Hammer; Menorah Society cr c c rr J c qg gi U y 17 H S " u 1 G 0 " u cr IT cr cr 65 PPPP Junior Arts and Sciences PfiN All) M. OwvERS . . . Oklahoma City Acacia; Phi Mii Alpha; Men ' s ;ice Club; American Legion . R. (rii.tiRRT WmsESWT .... Diintan Phi Delta Theta ; Pick and Ham- iTier; Stephens County Cluh ; arsity Basket Ball Pearl White Okta ' ioma City Delta Delta Delta Wai.ier I.. Barnes Guthrie Business Opp iituriit Cluh Samlei. Cameron Woodson . . Henryetta Phi Ciamma Delta ; Pick and Hammer; Business Opportunitv Cluh Mildred Boreck l.-ffrrson Chi Tpsilon; Pick and llanimer; DeBarr Cluh; V. W. C. A. Kenneth B. Moore Uar,more Sigma .-Mpha Epsilon; Ruf Xeks; Pick and Hammer I ' iiek a Herrin Il,nry,-tta Delta C;amma; Blue Pencil; Oikonomia; DeBarr Club; Pier- ian; (Ikinulgee County Cluh; Y. W. C. . . loE Lawton lra aho Pick and Hammer; President Custer County Club I ' KKi) ,|. CiRiMiiii Clio Sl rings Phi Camilla Delta; Pick and llamnu-r; Busiiu-ss Opportunity Club; Varsitv I ' rack ' U., ' i;, ' 20 u c IT C U IT C " cr (T u IT C cr cr cr cr G " cr cr u u u p p p ra 13 t3 La 7) ■a 7) ■D D H D I TJ ] ■0 13 U TJ 7) ■a — Tl D 7) T) I! ■0 13 J unior Arts and Sciences ' iL A Hni.[.. D Kappa Kappa C ' .amma; Wom- en ' -. Pan-Hellenic Council W ' AKREN Ryder Beta Theta Pi ; Business Oppor- tunitv Cliih EULA FULLERTON ' . . . Gamma Plii Beta Lawrence R. Hagv Oklalioma City Phi Delta Theta; Chi Chi Chi; Mystic Keys; Business Manager 1921 Sooner; Jazz Hounds; Junior Burlesque Committee Genevieve Dunakin . . C.lianuir, Kansas Gamma Phi Beta George N. Haddad Rfijgs Athenaean; Business Opportu- nity Club Ina McBee Duncan Chi Omega; Meletanian; Y. V. C. A. Chester S. Humphrey Norman Phi Kappa Alpha; Congress; Men ' s fJlee CUih; Gobs ' Club; Business Opportunity Club; V. M. C. A. Ruth Mover Gatfe Nelson Stephenson Oklahoma City Websterian ; Business Opportu- nity Club I ' " " " " ' ' gh Wifivy p ppra n H ■D D 7} " D ■D H TJ U ■D T) U TJ D 7) 7] Tl ■a ■D XJ •D " D Junior Arts and Sciences C AMi ' REi.i. LeFlore Aloka Kappa Alpha; Interfraternity Council; Jazz Hounds (Lead Hound) ; Chairman Interfrater- nity Dance Committee J. y. Collier Dillon Phi CJamma Delta; Sooner Staff; Treasurer Y. M. C. A. I.EONA RoBixsov Vinita Alpha Gamma Delta; Wom- en ' s Pan-Hellenic Council; Bus- iness Opportunity Cluh; Y. V. C. A.; Eudelphian V. Otis Ridings .... Oklalioma City Delta Sigma Delta ; Business Op- portunity- Club; Forum MOZELI.E LaSCLEY Alpha Phi Pryor BR ' i Grikfix Snyder Delta Sigma Delta; Sigma Delta Psi ; Pick and Hammer; Las Dos Americas; Varsitv Track •19, ' 20, ' 21 LoL ISE Orion Princeton, Missouri Kappa Alpha Theta ; Delta Psi Kappa ; ' ice-President Women ' s Council ; Blue Pencil ; Zetale- thean ; Y. W. C. A. ; Women ' s Athletic Association J. K. Horner Ilva Oratorical Council ; Publication Board; Varsity Debate; Presi- dent Congress .Mai he Cal CjIBSON Blair Delta Psi Kappa ; Pi Zeta Kap- pa ; President Women ' s Athletic Association; Y. W. C. A. IsiiioR I ' ravis Milstein .... Coalgale Sigma Alpha Mu ; Varsity De- bate; Congress; President Meno- rah Society; Coal County Club; Business Opportunity Club ' nnnci ci5ii2i fegf a af J=J2 u c GT cr cr ir cr c cr c cr cr D " IT c cr cr cr cr cr cr c; c Cj cr cr cr cr cr is b b b b b b bi vrOONEPvla b b b b La b b 73 T) " a " D H il D D 71 H TJ H Tl 13 U TJ T) H T) ■D U 7) T} D U ■a Junior Arts and Sciences Neai. a. Sullivan- Xrv:kirk Sigma Chi; Chi Chi Chi; Bat- tle Axe; Jazz Hounds; Inter- fraternity Council ; Student Council ; Athenaean Rose Wilkon ' SOv Sapulfa Delta Delta Delta Leo F. Cailev I ' inila Kappa Sigma; Craig County Club Clyde Thompson- linita Pi Beta Phi W. G. Talbot Eldorado Sigma Chi; Ruf Neks; ' arsity Baseball Josephine Mitchell Pryor Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mayes County Club Ralph H. Records Norman Acacia; Phi Delta Kappa; Entre Nous; Forum Nadine Runyan Norman Delta Psi Kappa; Zetalethean; Y. W. C. A. Hunter Winsette Muskoi ,-e Beta Theta Pi ; Business Oppor- tunity Club; Gobs ' Club; Pick and Hammer; Muskogee County Club c GT U U C C [T C U C ! q q q q R ' ' CT ET U ET cr C " G " D " CT p pp rafr Junior Arts and Sciences Raimond L. Davis Guthrie Beta Thcta Pi ; Orchestra Frank Smith Waijoncr Kappa Kappa Gamma Robert Greer Oklalioma Cily Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bellah Maxwell Dean- .... Carney V. V. C. . . George M. Tyler Idahel Phi Delta Theta ; Varsity Foot- ball ; Varsity Basket Ball Kaiiierine Mehi Oktalioma City Zetalethean .M. J. Carpenter Norman Rl ' Tii Williams .... Oklahoma City Alpha Chi OmeKa; V. V. C. . ' V. ; Eudelphian Herschel a. Graham H ' ichila. Kansas Phi Delta Theta; Phi Mu Alpha; Baiul ; Orchestra Gladys DickAson Okemah Eudelphian; Oratorical Council; V. V. C. A. u C cr C IT cr u IT c cr cr DT IT c rr cr cr C7 cr cr cr 0 " u u c cr cr ' apgpa u H " D 71 H " D 15 li " D " D H D D U H U D D T) TJ -3 D U •D 7} qqqci Sophomore Arts and Sciences Helen Cakk Ilinryrttn Kappa Alpha Theta Claude E. Singleton- Trmph- Katherine M. Pe k Gullirir Kappa Kappa (Jamma Dean H. Ouncan Forr an Pi Kappa Alpha; Mystic Keys; Congress Elsie Fave Dougherty . . Oklalioma City Pi Zeta Kappa ; Y. W. C. A. Eugene F. Barney C.ustir Blue Pencil ; Christian Fellow- ship League; Custer County Cluh; American Legion; Y. M. C. A. Bernice Mee Oklalioma City Kappa Alpha Theta D. Beeson Sayre A. Dove Montgomery .... Paniliuska Chi Omega; Delta Psi Kappa; Philologian; Y. W. C. A. Fred S. Lee Pryor Congress t J 13 i- liS L3 O 13 L3«i ' w jt roi |3 O l3 IsL " D 71 ■a ■D 7) H D 7J U H D ■n T3 D ■D TJ •0 Tl " D ■D Tl U 71 7) 71 ■0 71 73 Sophomore Arts and Sciences Joe J. Jones Enid Phi Delta Theta ; Battle Axe: Men ' s C;iee Club HELtv Ki c liiinnt ' r Helta Psi Kappa; Blue Pencil; Wnmen ' s Athletic Association Howard H. Allev FriJ,rick Al pha Tau Omega Bet, I Eleanor Ash RUnkii-ell Chi Omega; Delta Psi Kappa; Pierian; Las Dos Americas; Women ' s Athletic Association; ■. V. C. A. J. KiRBV Warren- .... Ohlalioma City Phi Delta Theta; Blue Pencil; Congress ; President Sophomore Class K TiiERiNE Frve Sallisaix Kappa Alpha Theta ; Y. W. C. . . Henry Sorman Sigma Chi; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. BdNNiK 1I RT Tulsa . lpha C anima Delta Ci iKiORD Cnt ' RCH Carmen Joanna Sciiaeier .... Oklahoma City Delta C.amma ; Women ' s Coun- cil ; Pierian; V. W. C. A. Junior Cabinet 0 " ir c cr cr u IT IT cr G " T J cn c ci_a£LEi p ppf ts sbbb bbb vrOONER bbbbbLabb " D ■D ■D D T) T) H " D U D 13 D Tl 7) H T 7) D D -3 D Tl 71 D Sophomore Arts and Sciences Lois J. Smith Cli ' ukaslia Delta Delta Delta ; V. V. C. A. ; Entre Nous Edward S. Bowles Perry Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Mu Alpha; Orchestra; Las Dos Americas Ottalie Terrill Norman Xi Delta ; Entre Nous Frank L. Watson Mclh-slrr Alpha Tau Omega ; Congress ; Pittsburg County Club; " The Tempest " Vera Larsh Norman Y. W. C. A. ; Women ' s Athletic Association William L Cocke .... Council Hill American Legion ; Varsitv Basket Ball Hazel Milner C.hallanooga Y. W. C. A.; DeBarr Club John W. Bell Council Hill Zaida McKenzie Shaiunee Kappa Kappa Gamma ■William H. Bavliff Clierokee c GT U C XI cr GT c c IT XT U GT C " C " cr c cr u u IT 17 C " cr cr IT p p p ra 1 n u 1] " 0 n u ■D H H " B H TI Tl Tl H Tl " B H ■a n n Tl vi ' ■-■-J ;.- Sophomore Arts and Sciences Hakkv W. Mii.i.s Tulsa Phi Kappa Psi ; Battle Axe; Las Dos Americas; Pick and Ham- mer; Treasurer Sophomore Class Helen- nuvAcxv Purcll Alpha Gamma Delta; Entre Nous ; Y. V. C. A. R. M. KoRS Mountain Vii-v: Phi Delta Theta ; Business Op- portunity Chill ; Kiowa Countv C ' ub EsTHMER Skivner Talof a Harold K. Thomason . . . Pauls I ' alli-y Delta Sigma Delta; M stic Keys; Forum; Pick and Ham- mer; Captain R. O. " i " . C. Mary Jo Turner Uasliintjlon Chi Omega; Melctanian; Y. W. C. . MiNNis A. Mansur Elk City Aden A Dution Oklahoma City Pi Zeta Kappa Harry C. Doerner . . Carl hag i Missouri Business Opportunity Club DoRorii I ' lioMPSON . . . Okla wma I ' .ily Cannna Phi Heta ; Philologian; V. W. C. A. j H n- tr cr c cr IT Cj [T cr rr u cr 13 gia f3 if ' i H ■D 13 " D U " D " D " D ■D 1] U ■D TJ TJ Sophomore Arts and Sciences Dale H. Johnston " F. ii,! Beta Thcta Pi; Jazz Houmls Vevi Smith Oiri-m- Xi Delta; Y. V. C. A.; Philo- logian L. Hltton Bellah, Jr Ilollis Kappa Sigma; Pick and Ham- mer; Daily Staff ' 21; Business Opportunity Club Malrine Dill Xorman Delta Gamma ; V. V. C. A. Colbert H. Marshall Duranl Kappa Sigma Etta Murray Maiiilou Delta Psi Kappa ; Las Dos Americas ; Y. W. C. A. V. J. Thompson, Jr. . . Oklahoma Cily Phi Gamma Delta Eloise Wilson Jlominy Blue Pencil; Las Dos Americas; Y. W C. A. Powell Boyd Sapulpa Winnie Bonham Kcota aLELELELEL p p p p b b b b b b b jwroONER. V3 13 -i ; 5=3 L3 O S 13 ■D 71 H ■D ■D D " D ■D U " D ■fl -D i) T] ■n " 0 H D D ■a n ■3 ■D D H " D 13 Sophomore Arts and Sciences Frances Bii.klev .... Oklahoma City Kappa . lpha Theta Clark B. Wvsonc . Oklahoma City Jeanvette Barxes .... Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta U c Joiiv R. Blnn- IrJmorf Q " Kappa Sigma; . thcnaean; Pick and Hammer 1 1 IRENR March F.I Kappa Alpha Theta; Eiitre Li Nous; Pierian; Y. V. C. .-K. Frank Renkrovv Rillitujs I r)is PKESsrv InaJarko Kappa . lpha Theta; V. W. C. . .; Entre Nous; Zetalethean Henry Hinkie Xorman GT u llA ' -l, I ' lI ' lMT Manilla Alpha (iamma Oilta; V. V. C. . .; F.udelphian Minor Hikreit dulhrie Eiitre Nous; Business Opportu- nity Club ' 1 ngcici cTfvvt.Ji£jgSr C " cr er EJ2JE bbbj J QOMEP jlaTta 43 :»!! •a T] " D D Sophomore Arts and Sciences Blanche Samuei.son Calumet Walter P. Harper Il ' aurika Pi Kappa Alpha; Gobs ' Club; Business Opportunity Club Miriam Evans Tulsa Xi Delta; Philologian; Y. W. C. A. ; Orchestra Jack Foose Jl ' atomja Phi Mu Alpha Faith Way Haskell Cecil W. Fleer Henryetta Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Virginia Cottrei.l Milhurn Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Meletanian Harvey A. Andruss Randletl Las Dos Americas ; Pick and Hammer; Business Opportuniv Club Eva Mvers S iaii-nee Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Eu- delphian Vernon T. Siddeth Norman Men ' s Glee Club; Gobs ' Club; Business Opportunity Club; Y. M. C. A. nnnci i tr IT c cr cr cr G- cr GT c c cr c c: D " U H d C d cr cr p p p ra j ' oot EPs, en i iFi 13 " D ■a ■a ■3 7} TJ TJ 71 U H ■0 U ■D D D TI T) ■fl TJ D 7] D -3 71 7) 71 7J 7) Sophomore Arts and Sciences H R ' )i,r) II. Ilrmiam .... Muldro ' ■• — Acacia I Ei.iz nEiii Oriver Mounds Camma Phi Beta; Y. W. C. .A.; XT Eiitre Nous; Philologiaii M XT Wii.i.MM B. Tho.mpson " Snyder Pi Kappa . " Mpha CI M. K(j- RET Johnston . . Oklahoma City t— Alpha Phi; V. V. C. . . - G Lesier Greenberg Tulsa (J Sigma Alpha Mu; Business Op- portiinity Club; Menorah So- U ciet ; Pick and Hammer; Or- chestra Jj £7 OoNAi.D Brvnhant .... Oklahoma City Phi Mu Alpha; Band i u Tlavita Stephens Pav-huska J IIekberi (1. C.alumrt " Acacia; . merican Legion I. !j Hkilvsi-: W ' kicii [ linila " u Helta (lamma; Zetalethean; Herman I. Ouen Okiinah .— !J ll m cic nci P P P fa v =r Sophomore Arts and Sciences Hariiv Baighmav Poiiiii city Kappa Sigma; Pick and Ham- mer; Business Opportmiity C ' liih Louise Jackson ' iXnrman (jamma Phi Heta ; Pierian; V. W. C. A. RoREUT E. Dovvmnt; Tulsa Beta Theta Pi; Jazz Hounds; Mystic Keys Iris Leadamax llcavetu-r Xi Delta; Entre Nous; V. V. C. A. Ri ' SSEi.i, F. KoNiiAM Rocky Athenaean A. V. Jones Okemali Florenxe Makoske McLoUii Eudeiphiau AvE«T M. Gober lf ' ooihiai i Athenaean Lillian Ortox . . . Piinn-ton, Missouri Kappa Alpha Theta; Zetaleth- ean ; V. V. C. A. BvRON G. Rogers Cliecolali Forum 13 " 0 ■D I D ■a n ■D 7) H " D D T) 7) ■0 H H " 0 " 3 73 " D iLsLELEUEL PPPPTg . " BlaTi b b b l J OC Sophomore Arts and Sciences Charles N. Fraxkliv . Denver, Colorado Sigma Chi; Battle Axe; Business Opportunity Club Edgar W. Clark . F.nn H FuLKERSov If ' ilburlon Oratorical Council; Phil(ilof;ian ; V. V. C. A. Raymond Gill Hugo Ir H. Steiv Clierokee Mystic Keys; Pick and Hammer I ' . R. HOEKFR DriftiiooJ Athcnaean; Business Opportu- nity Cluh; Alfalfa Couniv Club Marieiia Wallace Coalijate Achoth ; Entre N ' ous OotiM.As F.MMoys I ' .l Reno Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Mystic Ke s; Business Opportunit ' Club F. R. Kklso El Reno Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' . li KKI c;H) W ' lMFltRLV llaiierman, Xeiv Mexieo Alpha lau Omega; Sigma Helta Chi; Dtnlv Staff; Business Op- porlunilv ( ' lull tn u " C " cr cr -T G " cr ff u or u cr cr p ' pp p IS i bbbbbbbi vTO id. TJ H IS y D H r Sophomore Arts and Sciences ]n t Craic litu Sigma Nil; Bonmer Fontliall ; Pontotoc C(iiint Club Elizabeth Fowili.e . . . Oktahoma CAly Achoth ; Women ' s Cilec Chih; Entre Nous; V. V. C. A. Clifkord Peterson ' .... Fiiuthiy. Ohio Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Chi Sigma Pace Houston- .... Flores-villf. Tixas Sigma Alpha F.psilon Marjorie ' RiGin rinila Delta (lamma; Zetalethean; y. . c. A. Beri- Johnson ' Tulsa Sigma Chi; Athenaean ; Busi- ness Opportunity Club J. H. nimiu! Sooner Staff; Oratorical Council; Websterian; Rogers County Club Frances Tredwav Hominy Kappa Kappa (5amma ; V. V. C. A. Mollis Daxvers .... Oklahoma Cily Phi Mu Alpha; Band Howard Nor ion C.h ' u kasha Phi Delta Theta W ' n w Si Ml 1 o 1 ' " - ir ; c IT cr c cr G " DT ET 0 " IT cr c cr cr c cr n cr cr o sr ci m ctf A . - ff- t P PjE bbbb bb OONERja b b b b b I 1) 7) D H ■3 i L li I X X L T li " D X I " 0 XJ u 73 XI Sophomore Arts and Sciences Joseph A. Sheltov Li-xiiu lon Congress; Kiowa County Club (Ik.wt Si ' Tulsa I ' hi Kappa Psi ; Athenaean; I ' ick and Hammer; Business Op- poilunily Club; CJobs ' Club El i iR E lI RCis Paixhuska Chi Omega; Orrhestra; Philo- - ' -■ losian; V. V. C. A. • ' Jamrs M. HAMii.t. . . . Oklahoma City Pi Kappa Alpha; Las Dos Amer- icas; Pick and Hammer; V. M. ) C. A. u W. Kent Jameson Ilarllm ' ille r Pi Kappa Alpha -■4 Ha ei. McKen ie . . . Oklahoma City R. O. Foster Coalt ale Phi Delta Theta ; Daily Staff; Congress; Coal County Club cr R v C. Bui.Li ' S Ihilnt,: Texas Gobs ' Club rr Ei.siE W ' aoe lirislov: ' 4 WiI.I.IAM N. llADDAD lifljgS Athenaean ' . ' J M b b b b b b bl y ONERJa b b b b b b b ■a U 7J U H 7} " 0 73 Sophomore Arts and Sciences Travis R. Cash lloltis Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Mystic Keys; Entre Nous; Business Op- portunity Cluh; SooxER Staff; Student Council KiTTV Shanklis- .... Oklahoma City Alpha Phi OlFIE R. Penick lltus Business Opportunity Club C. B. Steveks . . Los .Ini flfs. California Sigma Chi Mary I. Heckler Il ' aukomis Alpha Phi ; Y. W. C. A. Mui R. Y ROBIN ' SON lltUS Cole F. Foster Loiu- ll ' olf Business Opportunity Club; Kiowa County Club ViRCi.NMA D. Prentiss Fairvieiv Achoth; Eudelphian Ralph A. Johnston Okemah Pick and Hammer; Okfuskee County Cluh C. Guv Brown Grandficid Pi Kappa Alpha; Oratorical Council; Congress; Business Op- portunity Club; Vice-President Sophomore Class 1 Sophomore Arts and Sciences William V. Poiter irdmore Beta Theta Pi Marclerite Mattison- . . Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Tlieta Homer ' . Crawiokd . . ll ' iiifiiLi, Kansas Kappa SiK ' na DoROiiiv Livingston Muskoijf Alpha Phi; i;!uc Pencil; V. W. C. A. Cecil Price Mtl.ouU Pi Kappa Alpha; Oratorical Council; Congress; Business Op- portunity Club; Red Red Rose LORENE McQlown Walters Alpha Oamina Delta; V. W. C. A.; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion Russell 11. Clark . Phi Delta Theta Ll ' CH.e Parker . . . Dc ' ixry Davis CiLHERi II. Bono Duiuan Kappa . lplia; Mvstic Ke s Ernest McCi ' BBINs Perry Sigma Nu b b b b b b b4 O0MERJa b b b b b b b cr cr ir rr C " G " u u cr 0 " G " c G " cr c- u c c c li IT U cr cr cr D " CI q cici ctf A 84 P P P P b b b b b b b vTOONEPv Sophomore Arts and Sciences Catherine Maves Miiskoijri- Alpha Phi; . W. C. A. MOKGAN F.DDLEMAV - I ij tllOli- Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha laii; Battle Axe E. S. Kerrigan Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta Helen J. Radley . . . Il ' nifnlj. Kansas G. H. Gaxgloff Inadaiho Phi Omega; Caddo Cnuntv Chili Kathkvn Ittner .... Oklahoma Cily Pi Beta Phi; Pick and Hammer; ■Y. V. C. A. Gw NNE E. Felton !larlli-si ' illi ' Phi Delta Theto George Graham Okcmali Phi Kappa Psi ; Pick and Ham- mer; Las Dos Americas Robbie Everidge Hiu o Forrest H. Hale Cherokee U la i3L3 La l3 La Tl " 3 ■D " D -3 7J " D 1] " D H H Tl H H " D Tl T) T) D Tl Tl T) Tl Tl Tl Tl TJ u U CT C H 3r or u T ' J J IT H IT T J U P P P fa b b b b b b b v O ERJa b b b b b b b D ID TJ 11 ■D TI D U ■D " D H " D 13 U TJ ■D ■D D 71 ' H H ■D Sophomore Arts and Sciences JOHV S. ROBINSOV . Kappa Alpha ' KK y.XCOBS . . Alpha Phi Coalgate Aii.EN Kramer Tulsa Kappa Alpha Hazei.i.e Crawford . . U ' infield, Kansas Keweth Randall . . . Oklahoma City Phi Delta Theta ; Mystic Keys; Pick and Hammer; Jazz Hounds Klri;e l Kelly . . . Alpha Chi Omega Harold Liciir . . . Phi Delta Theta Di: Hl ' LI liartlrsvillc Kappa Alpha; Mystic Keys; U ' ashinKtciri Ccninty Club 1R Ki Til Ciary W Delta; Meletaiiiaii; ' . W. C. A. loilS SlIltlDS . . . 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Tr.xas Kappa Sigma; Mystic Keys; Varsitv Football; Athletic Coun- cil bbbbb £La£La c GT u u c (T 0 " c T cr IT c cr cr C " u c c c: u n n (7 C " u cr cr P= ' P ' Pia b b b b b b bilvTOOHEPv b b b b b b H T t. H Ti t X Sophomore Arts and Sciences Merwyn Crostox Sapulpa Beta Theta Pi Inez Lacev InaJarko Delta Gamma; Theta Siffma Phi; V. V. C. A. P. F. Jelsma . . . Blue Pencil Edna Blanciiard . Anniece Mol ' ssa Krebs Bess J. McCall Cantitjie Alpma Gamma Delta; V. W. C. A. ; Eudelphiaii John Pilkard . . . . Pi Kappa Alpha Loi HE La Force linila Alpha Gamma Delta; V. W. C. A. 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C. A. M. D. KiRic . orrnaii Alpha Tau Omega g c nci c u u cr cr c cr cr cr d c cr G " IT cr cr cr cr cr cr D " Ij ET U cr cr d p p p ra b b b b b b blj;O0HERJ3 b b b b la b b 73 D " D 71 ■D ■D H 11 71 " D H TI H ■D 71 7) 73 " D TJ T) 73 71 TI •3 71 7) i) 7) 73 Slsuelelel jL-nso Trie . . . Kappa SiK ' na Pryor Sophomore Arts and Sciences d Tamks Bi ri.esov iXorman . c c c r, v Brassos- . .li!niqu,rqiir, Si-v: Mexico Alpha Phi; Las Dns Americas m u . 0 " t)cAv CJettle Davis Congress c IT cr cr Muskogee [| cr u c- Hew Birch n rtlisville Women ' s Athletic Association ; OeBarr Club; Philologian ; V. U ' . C. A. l.F.n Nicholson Mildred Fin lev IIamei. Oonahoe Sigma Chi Frances M. Dei, any orman Women ' s Athletic Association; ' Y. W. C. A. U Jerome Svllivan IrJmore Helta Sigma Helta; Kattle Axe; Congress; I. as Hos Americas c c cr cr " d ? D t) T) U ' ; TJ T) I ' " t! T) " 0 D 7) i] H ■a 13 b b b b b b b l Jam Sophomore Arts and Sciences Roger H. Pi.ummer . . . Broki-n .Irrow Congress Ruth Spurlock llanmnii l Achoth ; Las Dos Americas ; ' ' . A ' . C. A. Carl Leathwood Norman Business Opportunity Cluli; « r ■ Beckham County Club Opal Corbix Sights Clinlon Entre Nous; Business Opportu- nity Club; Custer County Club W. Ralph Allex Gulhrir ' • ' " ' Sigma Chi; Battle Axe; Pick and Hammer Lucille Kendall Stront C.ily DeBarr Club; Women ' s Athletic Association ; V. V. C. A. Karl Hogan- Prynr Frances Walter Pawner Las Dos Americas Charles Z. Cunningham Tulsa Phi Gamma Delta; Business Op- portunity Club , »w- Grace Coker Mcnin ' ain I u-iv Kiowa County Club ; V. W. C. A. u-tjP u u n c c u IT C " G " cr u D " IT C " cr C " C7 C7 c cr D " Cj x cr aUEULEI. 93 P P J D D ■D H " D D T) D ■D " 0 U D ■n h f3 bbbbbbbj vTOOHEMa b b b b b b b Sophomore Arts and Sciences ■ B lAMi.s n. Maglire Sorman Kappa Alpha M • Himl Maroaret Tooley Purcell » B l ' elt ' ' ' amma; V. W. C. A. V ' JlB ' ' • LniLE Kingston 4| J Business Oppiirtuiiitv Club Io E Pledger Sorman O. n. Cavsos " . . Lockeshurg, Irkansas Band ; Business Opportunity Club Margaret Bradbury . . . Mountain I ' ii ' u; Alpha Chi Omega; Blue Pencil; V Pholologian ; Kiowa County H V . H J. II. Van Zan-t Oklahoma City Iers Lampert lirinkman Carleton E. Merriit . Oululli. Minnrsota Sigma Chi; Jazz IIcmjiuIs . k LiiB ■ ' - Keskro tfaaanrr c cr IT C F IT 0- IT ■■ ' I ■ jl cr b b b b b b la J ' OOhE bbbbbbblS •a ■a " D b Sophomore Arts and Sciences GussiE Lee Sullivan ' Irdmore Gamma Phi Beta ; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council ; Y. V. C. A.; Carter County Club LuciLE Thompson Marv Ellen Delaplaxe .... Norman Harold Lundstrom Sliattuck Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Orches- tra; Business Opportunity Club Doris Hull Ilfavenr Xi Delta; Meletanian ; Le Flore County Club; Y. W. C. A. Rav O. Hendrix Norman Orchestra; Band Mabel Herrington Norman Gamma Phi Beta ; Y. W. C. A. ; Eudelphian Daniel F. Stouch Ciary Olive Ba.xter Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta Sibyl Williams Snydc Chi Omega ; Y. W. C. A. ; Phi- lologain J J en b b b b b b bJ OOHERja b b b b ia b b U T) ■0 H H " D D " D y ■D H TI " B ■Q " D D 1] TJ " D D 7! -3 H u ■a c cr c u cr c cr ET G " cr C " u u u u cr cr u cr ' nnnci •d " D T) 11 ■D T] TI " D " D " 0 H " 0 H D " D D ■D Tl T) " D Tl TJ " 3 71 U T) 71 7) i3 b b b b b b J OONER Freshman Arts and Sciences Walter M. Browv Crandjiitd Pick and Hammer; Business Op- portunity Cluh H t ' Ruth E. Roark A orman W V. V. C. A. i George M. Hohl Sand Springs Ar Hannah Moscovitz . Hoi Sprinqs. .Irkansas p. Reginald L. Norris Sapulpa t,. Albrev May Floyd Tulsa r R. P. Bates Tulsa Delta Sigma Delta J ,, LoL Hendrl Hoharl Women ' s Athletic Association; . r " " Y. W. C. A. Rolla W. Thomas Sayn ' H| i Madeline ' ihtney ... . . C.armni V. X. C. A. Cloys E. McMlllin . . . Mam n-slir Doris Vance Tulsa Delta Delta Delta ; Y. W. C. A. ; PhiloloEian 3 b b b GT m cr C7 J J G n IT u a SLELaJELEL 97 PPPP JTFSqJX bbbbbbbl Freshman Arts and Sciences M KV Ei.r.A n.wis Clan-more Delta Helta Helta; Philologian ; •. V. C. A. lAMES 11. TAcnART Gullirie Beta Theta Pi ISARRI. SiMMOVS Hai.i. Sulphur C ' .ERAi.DivF. Suits Gulliri,- V. V. C. A. llriH nn Bre Bos ' ham Amanda Seran- PaAfn Omicron Pi; Las Dos Americas; Okfuskee County Club WiLEV C. May Hominy 1. 11,1, IAN Florence Howle .... Jlalli-rs Xi Delta; Y. W. C. A. Jo I ' ORD JACOBSOV . Roswell, A ' cii ' [|■. ■|lO Kappa Sigma; Battle-Axe; Boomer Football MaiIHI, l.EAUV . Pi Beta Phi ( ' i,M)E . . Stuart .... a i cinnci ci (J c cr c cr c rr cr c- cr c cr u c c- cr D " U U n u p p p ni g Pa i iuslia 98 Cp 12 13 L3 LS la La 1:1 W ; :t.!r j3 l3 l3 La l3 la jj L3 ISy i Freshman Arts and Sciences Pav!. Crowi Mr.llrslir Phi Delta Ihcta Nellie Beavers Norman Foster M. Hoover .... Mounla ' ni I ' imv Band Dorothea Fraxkliv . Delta Delta Delta Frank Faog Inadarko Maybelle Ditzler Sorman Delta Delta Delta; Entre Nous; Y. V. C. A. Ben SETT Cole MannforJ ISABELLE ThOMASON Women ' s . ' thletic .Association; Y. W. C. A. C. Latlmer Baker Tulsa Phi Delta Theia ; Men ' s Glee Club; Battle Axe Mae Clair Carroli Fairfax Delta Delta Delta; Y. V. C. A. H. Lee Swindler . . Pi Kappa . ' lplin Lore N A Crait Hydro ( lamina Phi Beta nLELELELa iLfi cr cr C " C " tr c cr 0 " IT C " cr GT u XT n " cr cr cr u u cr IT [j cr r— ; F 1. cr IT cr u Miiskoi re b b b b b b b vTOOHEPvia b b b b La b b ■D H -3 " 3 -u T) TJ TI H D U " D 1] U TJ T? ■D T) TJ -D " D D jtf Freshman Arts and Sciences CiRACE James Il ' as iiiit lon Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Las Dos Americas Bernard J. Rothbaum .... Ilartshonu- Sigma Alpha Mu ; Congress; Menorah Society ; Business Op- portunity Club ; Pittsburg County Club; Boomer Football Ma ' exe Schaefer .... Oklahoma Cily Delta Gamma ; Zetalethean ; V. V. C. A. John C. Duscav Fort an Pi Kappa Alpha Allie G.wle Williams .... Snyder Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A. Sam Goldberg Hartsliomr Sigma Alpha Mu ; Menorah So- ciety; Business Opportunity Club; Pittsburg County Club; Boomer Football Idabelle George Xorman JOHX A. Cheadle iXonrniti Men ' s Glee Club; Entre Nous Helen Ladd lirisloi William David Bucher .... Wilson Athenaean Rosalie Mitchell C wctaiu D. Orville Vocle Snyih-r !i CI n D I U Freshman Arts and Sciences JA BSB I A I,. Blsh Tonkaiia Leora Hltchisok Barllesiille Chi Omega ; Y. W. C. A. (J " 0, B GoRDOx C. Harston ' . . . Okla ioma City _i2r ' Phi Mil Alpha; Men ' s Glee Club iH B (jl.ADVS KOHLHORST Jfnks . tfm_ V Don- L. Hays Pav:huska Business Opportunity Club Pearl Ari.eine Harrer .... Scminolr R _ --I " iniEdBHV F. William Haecler .ur ' uh, S ii-ilzfr!aiiJ . _ Entre Nous r yi L- Margaret ' ilson- U ' ellston % - Bf Women ' s Athletic Association W K Han A C. Ryan Maramec " l W Band; Orchestra; Business Op- " . dlfe portunitv Club i. Ruby Collins Sulphur jy ' r Preston C. Clarke Morris c y 13 7J ■a 7] u " 0 n ID S ' V Freshman Arts and Sciences Ernest Lvkixs Irdmorc Beta Theta Pi; Band; Athenaean Margaret Aler Tulsa Gamma Phi Beta ; V. W. C. A. ; Eudelphiaii Hugh A. Putman . Cliillicollic, Missouri Phi Kappa Psi ; Battle-Axe Rl-TH Barn ' ett Hitchcock Alpha Gamma Delta ; V. W. C. A. CariJoll McCullough Tulsa Beta Theta Pi lo Rea U ' ellston Women ' s Athletic Association GnRDn - Carr Pauls Tallry Kappa Alpha Adei.vv a. ' an ' Court .... F.ufaula David Milstein: Coalgate Sigma Alpha Mu ; Menorah So- ciety ; Band Grace Winn Nonvala Paul N. Lindsev Pauls Valley Kappa Sigma; Athenaean Julia Louise Kelley Madill Entre Nous; Philologian; Chris- tian Fellowship League; Y. W. C. A. 1 13 ■D ■D H " D -Q TI ■D ■0 U 7] D U TI D 71 T] U I] 73 71 U 7J 71 73 ■0 71 H bbbb b v QOHEP. b b bbbbb Freshman Arts and Sciences Piiii, Bi.AC ' KvvELDER Xormati . V tB ' J ' «i«S l m Beta Xheta Pi; Battle-Axe; Boomer Foothall; Student Coun- cil ■■ •} Mildred Bland .... Il ' orlliain. Texas jr -- - -i Chi Omega ; V. V. C. A. ; Wom- , i. B Li ' 1 " Athletic Association " ' . BvRON ' Haves .... Okiahoma City J% .0 - .. Kappa Alpha ' %P 4 H , P I. VE ' A Stealev .... Oklahoma City y -Alpha Chi Omega; Eudelphian; 1 C. M. Baker 11,- voka H _ E Irene M. Le Ckone Jlilena Wilson McUuire Muskogee Lela Kendall Strong City ' ' ' lisL . P Y. V. C. A.; DeBarr Club; » HW - K Women ' s -Athletic .Association — T. Walter Hooker Muikoqee ' ' m l-icv £. Bell Inadarko JI, -Almer Monronev .... Oktalioma City Phi tJamma Oelta ; Boomer Toot- ' ■f iX " Iris Deck T.niA cr cr cr cr IT c cr cr c cr c D " C " c cr cr cr C7 G " C c fj n cr cr a " c cr nnnci - f " i y TJPfJ Q " d II 11 -a -3 -u D 7) 7) ■D H U U TJ " D U 7J ■D ■fl " D 7) 7) 7) 71 7J 73 75 7J b b b b b b a £O0nE? b b b b ia b la Freshman Arts and Sciences Joiiv Moore Pomssrl Pauline McKinnev Oki-mah B fe )l Gamma Phi Beta; Y. V. C. A. t ■ Stanton Thaicher . . . Oklahoma Cily Haiti J Phi Delta Theta Caro F. Clak Oklalioma City Delta Delta Delta; V. V. C. A.; Entre Nous; Zetalethean . 3 W. H. McKenzie No-zvata i tit Kappa Alpha % Jit ' - _ Edith Whitehurst . . . Oklahoma Cily ' ' iSd|V Mike O. Mulvev Yukon ■ V Sigma Chi Ina Brvav Norman Floyd Green Sallisaw Mary Porter Tulsa Delta Delta Delta; V. V. C. A. ; -— cy Frank W. Jordan . . C.oryjon. Indiana v, Clayton E. Grandfield . Ifithila, Kansas • « ;J Y. M. C. A.; Pick and Hammer; Qncici p p p p I JTTG is L7 U U3 IS? r n " 0 13 " 3 NER. la 13 B « Freshman Arts and Sciences ' Margaret Kelly Paixnee Delta Delta Delta ' Olexx Cole Sapul ' a Phi Gamma Delta : Chrisiine Landes LnKlori Delta Delta Delta ; V. W. C. A. ; ' j Las Dos Americas . 1 ' - J Edgar Frank Harbison " . . Oklalioma City Sigma Alpha Fpsilon ; Battle-Axe - ' , 1 Esther Eakin Tulsa — j. ' t Delta Delta Delta; Y. V. C. A.; Philologian Fred Paul Mitchell .... Comanche CT Eva Briscoe Hollis 3 Henry W. Harris . . . Oklahoma City 1RGINIA White lltus Women ' s Athletic Association Charles . . Dai rert Carmi ic Edna White " ' " i Women ' s Athletic Assocation Robert 17reexe Sufitl a to n D i] H D b ■n ■D u u u t3 u u ij,| OON ERta to b l Freshman Arts and Sciences Will Miller .... Corsuana, Texas V MHL ' ' ' -. B I H. LLiE Hlghes . AVw MarliiiS ' villf, II ' . In. m jj F Clifford C. Fui.tok o rt L B K Kappa Alpha ' - - H| Olive Oobom Norman ml T S. G. Weber Uartles ' -ciUe f 1 Kappa Sigma P LoRESA Sickles Muskogee H F James J. Roop Tulsa jm ' yw m ' " Sigma Nu; Boomer Football flP IA « 1 Florence Quiw Norman Chi Omega; Meletanian; Y. A ' . C. A. Forest L. Strattov Delaiiare ' . - i J Rltii Spracue Laivlou K r » K V. W.C.A. f W. E. Parrv Sulphur " Sigma Nu Treva Soderstrom Paii mska Pi Beta Phi u1 TTI 1} 7) T) 71 7) " 3 7] Tl D " D " D U " D H D TJ " D D D 7) il ■a ■D 7) Tl 7) U b b b b b b b x OONE b b b b b b b Freshman Arts and Sciences Margaret Brovvmnc Geary Alpha Gamma Delta ; Orchestra ; V. W. C. A. I Herman B. Stinsox U ' attfrs _ Lloyd Harlix Fa ' irland yS F f f i AiBERTA Gltiirie N orman t. 1 Cecil L. Maxev T,-iums, ' h 1 Callie Frances Rii ev Helena k I Alpha Gamma Delta; V. V. P i W -s- tmrttttw Paul R. Shead Norman 1 J Kappa Alpha r Emily Cobb O ccnc --_- t Alpha Gamma Delta; V. W. k ' J Ai.iREi) Hocker ' R ' - " o m " - PIHH ' mI Sij ma Alpha F.psilon " lil M H Hfkmce North Carl on A7 vffc-l B Clyde Hlsey U.tumka ' H MiRREi. Rogers Copan CI n CI C I cT v P Ji " l U3J? 108 c cr u GT IT C " cr cr c c d c cr IT IT cr cr n- cr u u u u cr G K7 c cr w b b b b b vTOONEPJD 13 u o b b b b (S T3 7) " D ? ■D il 7) U TI H " 0 H -D H D H ■0 H D " D D B " 3 H D Tl Tl D Freshman Arts and Sciences W. W. Morse Black rll Sigma Nu Robert N. Chase Edith Nelms Xorman Y. V. C. A. Irwin J. Vogel Vinita Pick and Hammer ZOE Rea irdlsloii Women ' s Athletic Association Warren Powers Ilobart Lillian- Doolev Ilobarl V. W. C. A.; Women ' s Athletic Association Clal ' S H. Atkison Frciiriik Mildred Holland Norman Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A. Rov E. Johnson Oklalioma Cily Inez Rogers Laixton Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. Alvvvn K. Fleming Oklalioma Cily qgnq u cr GT E7 IT C H U IT C C C D " F cr c cr cr cr u cr IT cr IT cr cr cr cr d p p p ra mww b b b b b vTOONEPvB b b b b b b L3 T) 7) TI " 3 " D D U ■3 71 U " 0 71 7) 7) 7) 71 7) 71 7) 7) H 71 71 71 7) 71 71 71 71 Freshman Arts and Sciences Joseph Thompson " . . . Ft. Il ' orlli, Texas Sigma Nu ; Forum T. Rlssf.ii Weeks trJmore Phi Mu Alpha; Men ' s CJIee Tlub Lesta iRr;iMA Berry Pav:nee Pi Beta Phi P. B. Flqla Imarillo. Texas Boomer Football Mrs. R. B. Lnv Sparks ( " rEORCE F. FORNEV Sigma Nu Ruth Hocan " Tullle K. M. Chase . . . Kappa Alpha Oklahoma City Marie Trieves Marietta Alpha CJamina Delta Malrke I.. Robinson ' . Sigma Alpha Mu Rosalie C ' asteel Hominy Marvin . Slits Guthrie u GT IT C7 C " IT IT Xx U (T U d C DT IT IT cr cr cr cr cr IT cr IT cr cr cr cr £1B » " in »vc agr W aA a 3 PPPra " D T3 D D T] H H " D H " D D H H ■D U D ■D U B T) u ■D D Freshman Arts and Sciences Jackson- M. Si.oan ' Muskof ee Phi (lamina Delta; Band Bertha Bl.novi H ' rltimka Rnv A. MAiiAfTEV . . . Oklahoma City ' H Phi (Jamma Delta Mary Elizabeth Simpson ' .... Eufaula „ Delta Delta Delta; Entrc Nous; ' V. w. r. . . l ' ' Robert McNeely Teciunseli Todd It ' agorii ' r Pi Beta Phi ; Y. V. C. A. John Beach ICarnrr Forum Fae Fender Hfavetu-r Xi Delta; Meletanian Rupert Sims Cliickasha Phi Delta Theta ; Boomer Foot- ball Ruth Oklahoma City Alpha Phi Walter B. Shuttee El Reno Phi Delta Theta; Battle Axe Richard . rcue Tulsa Sigma Nu; Forum alat: C C C cr c IT IT or cr C " C " IT u cr c cr c- cr c cr iri cr IT cr c G " cr g c g g P P P 13 D i 1 i u " D -3 7) TI IS b b b b b b b4v O0NER lab b E La Li la « Freshman Arts and Sciences ' ' « ? Blrton D. H amii.tov Enid Phi Delta Theta 1 1 I B Lottie Nei.l Scruggs Ilollis ' " Alpha Phi Harold S. Pa ' n.liuska , Sigma Alpha Mii; Mcnorah So- Elizabeth Palmolr Muskogee Delta Delta Delta; Entre Nous; Y. W. C. A. E. G. Bewley Oklahoma City ■ Eli ai!etii Rlmpel . . . Oklahoma Cily Kp • wj, tI i . V Women ' s Athletic Association; P ' W I.ICILLE M. Allen Dnnnr ' uihl William Ro Owen Trm ile i Mali Cage loiiN W ' oodvvortii .... Oklahoma Cily Eiiire N ' oiis . L. -, y. .Akiiur W. Di nn .... U ' at anu ka . , - Pick anil I laininer cr cr tr IT GT C GT cr c C G- cr cr cr cr cr cr cr D " U KT cr cr u d ' nnnm T) ■D ' a ■D " D " 0 U TJ D H D 1! 13 H TJ " D U 13 P bbbbbbb vTOONEPv Freshman Arts and Sciences Geokce W. Seiboi.d, Jr. . . . Mushnijii ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon Malcolm E. Rosser, Jr. . . . Muskoi n- Kappa Sigma; Battle Axe; Athenaean Helev Falken ' Berg Midfnrd Delta Gamma L. E. Lamb Clinioti Beta Theta Pi; Boomer Football RovcE Calkins Rartlrsflllr Kappa Sigma; Men ' s Glee Club RiLLA Fayette Winx . . . Dallas. Trxas CJamma Phi Beta; Philnlogian ; DeBarr Club James M. Thompson ' . . . Pauls I ' nlhy Kappa Sigma; Boomer Football Harvel Eugene White . . . ll ' ynni-iLooJ Phi Gamma Delta; Boomer Football LoREiTA Bell Mi.Ili-strr Chi Omega; Meletanian; V. W. C. A. Bernard L. Hughes Sapulpa Phi Gamma Dtlta William Halbert Yukon Pi Kappa Alpha WiLMA Floyd I ' inila Chi Omega; V. W. C. A. in ibibis c or ST J c cici ctf W J HJSLEJHJR T) 71 L T T 1 ■0 7] " D 13 " u H TJ 73 T) Tl " D " D H TJ ■3 13 ■0 " 0 " D 3 b b la " ' ' R b b b Ls L2 u u gp CT Freshman Arts and Sciences jT Margaret L. Moore Purcell Kappa Alpha Tlieta ; ' . W. ( ' . A. lloLSTOs E. HiLi CIi ' k kasha Kappa Alpha: Bimrner Football C. A. Warren . . Safulpa Phi Ciamma Delta Kessie Malove SiEPHEs Sanger Yukon 7 in Brvce E. Foster Chickaslia Laura Schmuck Ranijir, Trxas tr cr CT CT llunur Q " c ClAKA OZNtENT PuVCt ' ll f Wdriien ' s Athletic Association; Eiitrc Nous ji (j Ai.KRED Llbovitz IrJmore Band; Orchestra; Menorah So- ciety I.ov EI.I. C ' hanev Ci.ALDE C. HiiKFMAN- . 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King Duncan Kappa Alpha James Ledbetier P ' lry Phi Kappa Psi ; Band La V ' adis Lvkins Irdmore Kappa Kappa damnia Jack Foster Coalt air Phi Delta Theta ; Congress Jack C. Gilchrist Clinton Phi Gamma Delta qqiq c cr u u n cr IT H IT J IT JT 0 " T T 5 " 7 j " U ' J 5 " J J T 7 j " m p p p la Id b U ia b b b JN OON ERb ip la la la u n 7) u Freshman Arts and Sciences noROiMi .... Oklahoma C. ' tly Omicron Pi; F.iitrc Nous; V. W. C. . . En I.ioov Tulsa Beta Thetn Pi ; B.ittle . xc E RL Hendricks .... Oklahoma City SiRma Nii; Battle . xe ; Vice- President Freshman Class; Cap- tain Boomer Football RpfiiNA C,oi F Tulsa V. V. C. A. ■omen ' s Athletic Association ; Entre Nous ll Riiii) Freeman Pauls lathy Kappa . Ipha Eric H. Jones Oklahoma Cily Bertha Brown Frcdiritk Womens Glee Cluli ; V. W. C. A. Fci, ION Mlrrav Coalt air Jesse F. CJordon Randlrtt Leoi.kne Morrow .... Oklahoma Cily . chnth; . W. ( ' . A.; Women ' s .Xthletii- .Association John E. Poisrv Yukon I ' hi (lannna Helta J. A. 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Chk;i:in Shamrock Phi Ome«a tP ■-6 ' ■. ' - ' 4 cr u J ET S " II u cr C " c D " U EI !j cr cr c £UELELa P P P 13 b b b b b b b OONER B b b b b b b b 13 " D II 71 7) " 3 T) T) TI " 0 " D H " 0 ■fl " D D TJ ■D U D 7) T) D -a H T) D 7) T) 73 Freshman Arts and Sciences Dorothy Bettes Mi.llrslrr Alpha C ' ramma Delta Wii.i.iAM F. Gilmer . . . Ohhihoma City Sigma Nu; Battle Axe; Boomer Football RuBV Thompson ' Duiant Kappa Kappa Gamma ; W. C. A. Viola Wright Yukon Alpha Gamma Delta; V. V. C. A. Horace McCrackex Nnii-ata Beta Thcta Pi Mildred Hughes Iliu n Y. W. C. A. ; Las Dos Americas ; Women ' s Athletic Association Jack Radford S iuKun- Sigma Nu Evelyn Greenan CoaU att- Raymond Board Okimali Sigma Nu; Okfuskee County Club; Boomer Football Ruth Garner Laivtnn Alpha Chi Omega; V. W. C. A.; Eudelphian. Owen Murray Coah ali- Lucille Griffin IrJmorf Pi Beta Phi nqcici C GT U cr cr IT IT cr u cr cr c c cr IT C " c cr tr u u u u ij 17 (T cr cr cr PPPPW. o o L3 liUTFETaJ v ' OOHER. fiTE o la u L La la IS 7) " D ■a " a ■D ■D H D " D ■fl i] ■0 H T) 7) 1] " 3 " D U " D 7) 7) i) 7) ■3 D T} •a 7) Freshman Arts and Sciences C IT C Frances Letsov fn; ' , Kappa Alpha Theta J CI c;0Rjn Deets Oklahoma C.ily Phi Delta Theta Elizabeth Fears Eufaula .y Kappa Kappa (lamina Tre or D. Moss Eriik Adelaide Paxton .V( Kappa Alpha Theta; Entre N ' oiis ; Orchestra; Zetalethean ; V. ' . C. A. Lairence O. Todd Tulsa Frances Blackmer Iloharl Delta Gamma ; V. V. C. A. Marguerite Giezentaxxer . . Drumr ' iglit Entre Nous; . W. C. A. Ci.Eos Fnvvi.sTON Safult a Phi Omega Iacii.e Shei.ton Tulsa Nash Redwine Mt.i Alpha Fail Omega; Pick and llannner; Pittsburg Coiint (. " Uih lU I UdOKFR c c c g ' cr XT cr cr c 1 C " cr G " U H [T c C " cr p p p fa-fe b b b b b b bly ' O0 fERj bbbbiabbtS 13 71 Tl ■D 13 T) 7) D H 7) H H H -D D H " D 7) 7) 7) 7) 7) 7) 7) 7) 7) Freshman Arts and Sciences Marjorie Louise CUiymon . . . Ilitiryilta Gamma Phi Beta; Philologiaii ; Y. V. C. A. Viola ABBOrr Norman Alpha Chi Omega ; Y. V. C. A. Roger K. Koltek Ko ' xata Pi Kappa Alpha Bessie Mave Chitwood . . . U ' llumka Alpha Chi Omega; Meletanian; Y. W. C. A. Merle F. Gunev .... Buffalo. Kansas Sigma Alpha Epsilon Elizabeth Head McAlisIrr Kappa Kappa Gamma Paul Heffner Chlckaslia Phi Gamma Delta Flora Walker Sorman Hugh Cosw.w Enid Sigma Chi Jewel Douchertv Muskor rc Gamma Phi ]?eta Marvin- C. Walker . . . Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Isabel Duffy Korman Pi Beta Phi cr cr Cj cr cr cr c cr cr cr U cr c cr c- 17 C " u cr c cr cr c cr ClQClci p p p ra bbbb " D " D ■a ■D D T) D ■D H " D T] D 1] T] TJ " D H " D D 7) D -d TJ D D ■D H ETSTE J ONERJa bbbbLabbjQ i [Lnnii ' iRciN Kappa Alpha Theta ; V. V. C. A. Jamrs E. En ' sf.v Boomer Football; Beckham Coiintv Club RoRERT Easterlixg Il ' iiiiiika Forum S R ii Oelaplase . I1(1 V R[) F. llnokEK . . . Si ma Alplia Fp ilon MAr.coLM Cameron- Beta Theta Pi Freshman Arts and Sciences J c cr Fred R. Rogers Pa huska Sigma Alpha Epsilon jj I. ERA B. McCi.Ais- Paden •• James Austiv, Jr B,ntnn. Illinois p Pi Kappa Alpha c I.ANE POE Tiilsa Phi Ciamma Delta c Xorman J cr IT Stetla Cash Xorman U u Thomas M. CiOdfrey Clnroki ' e Sigma Nil cr d Norman u IT Muskoijce !■■ IT llinryrlla p- c £LELELEL ppppm 13 ■a " D T3 D D ■D 7) H T) " a " D D H TI " D H D 7) Tl -3 7) t) D ;j 7) cn Freshman Arts and Sciences Jack Durkee It ' iintka Phi Gamma Delta; Battle Axe Thelma Thompson; Tulsa Alpha Phi CURIIS Day Oklahnma City Sigma Alpha Epsilnn Dorothy Ware tSarllis illr Chi Omega Gerald Cromack Xozvalii Earl Chesher . . . Phi Kappa Psi Lucille Snapp Norman Pi Zeta Kappa ViMO - Chm.ders .... Houston, Texas Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fred J. Frederick If ' ' nota Boomer Football Anna Belle Williams .... Clanmon- Delta Delta Delta R. R. WiNMNCHAM . .... El Rrno Phi CJamma Delta R. U. McCuRTAiK . . . . DuianI Sigma Chi ajELELEL ppp PTm l) D •d 7) ■D D " 0 H H T) 13 73 TJ T) U 7) ■D Tl H ■3 13 D H U D m b b b b b b b OONERJa b b b b b b b WqqciqcpgVt Freshman Arts and Sciences Jeik Prater Uktalioma City Alpha Tau Omega on u CI ;eorce I,E ' A ' . . . Phi Ciamma l ' )elt;i Ol.iVE MctilvvEV Pond Cnik J c . . El Reno | " •j CARdi.vN KuLi. Oklalwma City J Chi Omcea; V. V. C. A.; Zet- — alethean ; Women ' s ' ars ity De- --- hate - cr Pali. W. Hansen- . . . Alpha Tau Omega r,rJ.n ScoriiE Elizabeth Davis . . Fort Toivson Oei.hert SvvAlLS cr C ianJIer f Bertha Maple Norman u CiEORGE McKowN .... Oklahoma City XJt ' .■ lpha Tau Omega P " " Beiivh McKekzie J M.s D. (5r t . . . . lpha Tau Omega Norman cr Dewey Tl u Brown larliJ,-. Missouri Ciamina Phi Beta; PeBarr Cluh; V. V. C. A. 0 " JSLBJBJBJn -d -a ■D D T) 7) D D " a TJ D H D D ■a U -d D i) -3 13 o b b b b b b4 ' O0HERj3 b b b b b b b Freshman Arts and Sciences i HBH BBi«iciifi » s«„«i...»=iv;, .- ».J Clarence W. Cowav Okrmah Boomer Football LoLiSE Wii.KON-soNT Safiul ia » ' • ' ' B " Delta Delta Delta ; V. W. C. A. _jn, M.M.L ' Oi.M Shead iXori ' iaii Kappa Alpha OiEKA Oi.iPHANT ormati Xi Delta HF i m rm Ed Strouvelle Tulsa Kappa Alpha Mildred McReynolds Manf um fll k Greer County Club I h a Todd Dowxixc Iloka % Hb ' ' k Jj) , + •- Las Dos Americas v D r Y V Jennings Bacon Davidson _i t- 1 -i Pauline Si.over Norman " T HF ' " Fred (!ul rir HB r i. Sigma Alpha Epsilnn r , , fl — - ■ r- BvRON S. Griffith Ic iille c G " c C " cr u cr cr cr cr cr cr tr u cr cr IT cr c cr SiLelelelel P P P 13 b b b b b b b3 OONER. (abbbbbbb 1} 7) " D TI 1] U li H ■B ■Q H " 0 71 U 7) 71 73 7) 71 7} 7) 71 U 7J 71 7) 71 71 71 71 Freshman Arts and Sciences Pall (Ixosshart Tulsa A Sigma Chi ; President Tulsa rr County Club U Edward M. Catros ' Poma Lily Sigma Chi; Battle Axe U Lola B. Stanto: h.l ,st,r J Alpha Gamma Delta c X. y. Alms Hcnton, Illinois T ■J " Pi Kappa Alpha John- C. Harrington- . . Oklahoma Cily j or Phi Delta Iheta J Rlbv Lisle . . Moore cr G " T. S. Cox Tulsa " T Sigma Chi ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. T ' iOLA Havnes llriiryitia ij " Chi Omega; Women ' s Athletic- c- Association ; V. W. C. A. u ' ervon E. Cook Gulhrir n Beta Theta Pi N ' era C.rihtn Pi Beta Phi Eiitre Nous; Or- chestra ; ■. W. C. A. IE K. lOllNSlOX 1|AK E lllNKLE • ' Ji " y . . . i oniian a cn cicicici f t ra ij yj tst b. La b La la ' JIl O " Ja b b b b ITEII T) 71 " U " D D Tl D 7J D H " 0 H D D 71 D " 0 H " D D 71 7) 7) 71 7) 7) 7J 7) Freshman Arts and Sciences Reginald Greex .... Oklahoma Cily Varsitv Debate Thomas Rowe Xorman V. M. C. A. Wii.i. J. Snoddv Stratfoiii Phi C " i.Tmma Delta; Pick ami Hammer; Boomer Footliall Ansa Mabel Weir A ' ( Delta Delta Delta; Entre Nous; V. W. C. A. ; Secretary-Treas- urer Freshman Class Edcar Martin Beta Theta Pi; Jazz Hounds; Boomer Football Glenn Pendercraft llollis Phi Kappa Psi ; Boomer Football Lucille Blanciiard . Gamma Phi Beta R. SlXNDARD El Rnio Phi CJamma Delta J. E. Mills Phi Gamma Delta; Washiusto Countv Club Louise Blanton Morman Delta Delta Delta ; V. V. C. A. Geouge Koch Phi Gamma Delta Oklaliiima Cily Clyde M. Cantreli llimyilla Phi CSamma Delta; Pick and Hammer cr cr cr C " cr 0 " c c c u cr cr c cr cr G c u (T tr j i c c n in in »v J £bgT ieSg P yp 13 b b b b b b OOfjERfi b b b b b b ' -Iral H ■a D ■D 1] H U u ■D H : " a Freshman Arts and Sciences Philip Collins . Sigma Chi BiKDr w ' AN Camp Pi Beta Phi ll ' ooJsloik, I ' irmont Oklahoma City CrEn;!GE S. Turner Alpha Tail Omega; Foruii Krehs W. II. Clement Okla wma City Cecile Miller Orchestra; Y. W. C. A. W ' AMEK M. Morgan " M Alpha Tau Omega; Forum; Boomer Football Harry L. McConnell . . . . Fr Kappa Alpha; Jazz Hounds; Battle Axe CJeorgie Bukditt .... Cliburm-. Tixas Delta Psi Kappa ; Women ' s Ath- letic Association ; V. W. C. A. Claude Leslie Dean Cln-totah Forum Claude L. Forrester .... Mi Alpha Tau Omega; Forum, Bus iucss Opportunity CIul NeI.I.MA FlIOMPSON ' I.ON .X. Horman . . Boomer Footlall u rr IT c u r d (T U IT IT C " C " zr u G " c IT cr ET U cr cr C " CLELELH ci ifVid S fe Saf LaHJiE b b b b b b bJvrQOMEPvfi b b b b B H 7} T) T) D TJ T] U T) H U H T] 13 " D H T) D i) D -3 D ■D FINE ARTS The School of F " ine Arts in the University of Okhi- homa holds a rather unique position as compared with schools of similar nature in other state universities. In most universities the various professional schools were organized and put on a solid footing before much thought was given to the fine arts. In several state uni- versity towns, private fine arts schools were organized and affiliated with the university. In this arrangement, the tendency has been to overlook the theory and history of the fine arts and over-emphasize the applied side. In the early days of the University of Oklahoma when it was decided to organize the various colleges and schools, the School of Fine Arts was also organized and Fredrik Holmberg had " an even start " with all the others. Credit for work done in Fine Arts was accepted by other schools in the University and the School of Fine Arts was quick to schedule literary courses given in the College of Arts and Sci- ences as part of the required work for graduation. This cooperation has been of e.xceptional benefit to the School of Fine Arts and we hope not detrimental to the College of Arts and Sciences. The growth of the School of Fine Arts has been equal to that in other branches of educational endeavor in the University and the main part of the worry of its facult is how to take care of the increasing number of students that are sure to come next year and the next and the next. We must have more space, more pianos, and more teachers. Thirty-three teachers are now devoting all their time to teaching in the School of Fine Arts and fourteen teachers in the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education are giving courses required for a degree. One of the missions of the School of Fine Arts is to spread the " gospel " of music, art and expression throughout the state. Organizations such as the Orchestra, ( lee Clubs, Band, concert companies and individual artists are making many successful trips and give several home concerts and entertainments annually. qcicici PPPP -H b b bbbja WwncR.lab b b b b b b ' T I i t I H Ti 1 Ti H T X ' i U: X I ii TJ " D X X u ■a 13 Senior Fine Arts EsTEi.LE Collier Sparks Delta (Jamma; Delta Psi Kap- pa ; ' nme ' s Athletic Assicia- tinn ; . W. C. A. M.MDE ( ' . McC.LIRE From A Joiixsov Sorman Kappa Alpha Theta ; V. V. C. A. Marcaret Falcoseb C iiyitiiif Jlamia Sn ' edeker Sorman Pi Zcta Kappa; Women ' s Glee Chih; Zetalethean Irene TiinMA Cit-ary Xi Delta ; V. V. C. A. Mirl . i White LaiLioii DnRoiin Arxoi.i) Kappa Kapp:i Gamma; Sooner Staff ; Philoliician ; Student Coiin- lil; Women ' s Council; Y. W. C. A. Ki r.v Rav CiiNNru v Delia IM Kappa; Women ' s C.lee Cliih Km. en Ti rvev . . w. c. A. SLSLELEm _El5f5ii S fe3 S :9 cr cr V T a U 0- c cr IT cr cr tr C7 G " U cr u u IT fj U cr cr Fori U ' orlli. Tixas Okliilwma Cily llaslt,ll b b b b b b bJv ' OONER.ia b b b b b b ■D " d U 71 ■D " D " 0 " D ■D " 0 H " 0 ■a " D H TJ •n " D :d D il 7) 71 H ,Q Senior Fine Arts Joseph H. Benton iXormun Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta Kap- pa; Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Tau Pi; Kappa Dtlta Pi; Phi Delta Kappa ; Las Oos Americas ; En- tre Nous; Sooner Quartette; Men ' s Glee Cluh Sue Thornton ' Kormari Alpha Gamma Delta Doris York Gorman Orchestra ; Y. W. C .A. RouTH Johnson- Matujum Y. W. C. A. Palt.ine Butts El Rrno Delta Gamma ; Women ' s CJlee Club; Y. W. C. A. Mary C. Gray Eilmotni Y. W. C. A. MARCUERrrE Pendleton .... h ' orman Pi Beta Phi; Delta Psi Kappa; Orchestra Haise Smith U ' a ionrr Kappa Kappa tiamma m r €ai p p p faife {:: Rsla U l3 la 13 b B " 0 H ■a ■a " D " 0 ■p rn t U •a ■a D ■fl D ■D H TJ ■a ■a ■a a ■a a jy HEPv fcbbbbbbb Junior Fine Arts iMOOT . . . I OS .-Inf eles. California Phi Delta Tlieta ; Varsitv Foot- Ball Women ' s Ciicc Cluh; Pierian . V. C. A. Jessie IIamiliov Okmuliji- Pi Beta Phi. V. V. C. A. Bonnie t " iii.i:s oniian CJamina Phi Beta; V. V. C. A. Lavei.i.e Tkadeu 7 Helta Helta Helta; Women ' ; c;iee rUih Marcei.i.e HARi.ivt; Pi Beta Phi MM ri.E Bra ii 11 Ciamma Phi Beta; Orchestra . W. C. A.; Eiiilelphian Annie Cakroli. Simpson Pi Beta Phi Ida c;iom:iA W ' isi Ciullirir Kappa Kappa (Jariima; BUie Peiuil ; . V. C. A. annaii Hams Wato, Texas Helta Camma; V. W. C. A. 1 c cr c u s cr n cr cr IT u 0 " (T U D " C U cr IT u u u cr c u u cr c cr ppff p I) -d 7} 1] " d D 7) D il " 0 H T) 7) H ■a D ■Q D 7) il T) 7) 7) 7) 7) 71 7) L3 13 U U LsJ u iu ii. L) 4a L. Junior Fine Arts RuiiVE R. ( " .1ST Alpha Chi Omega; Zetalethean; V. W. C. A. Ada R. Mii.LKR Delta Psi Kappa; Pi Zeta Kap- pa ; Orchestra ; V. W. C. A. ; Women ' s Glee Club ; Women ' s Athletic Association Hei.ene P. rciiEi,i Pauls I ' tillry Pi Beta Phi; Philologian ; Or- chestra; Y. W. C. A. Eleanor Baii.ev Muskoi cc Rltii E. Neai Clrvfland Gamma Phi Keta ; Women ' s Glee Club; Y. W. C. A.; Phi- lologian Florence Moore lllit kiL- -ll Alpha Chi Omega; Philologian; Y. W. C. A. Adelene Johnson Enid Kappa Kappa Gamma RUBV Ingram (Special) . Oklahoma Cily Kappa Alpha Theta C GT lj cr cr V IT H cr cr Q- 0 " a cr c cr c IT C7 cr c cr n cr cr C " ir cr cr fa 7) ■a T] " D T3 Tl " D ■Q U " D ■Q D 13 H U D H " D 7) T) U •a Tl Tl Tl Tl Tl Ta b b b b b b4 v O0HgR |a b b b b la b b Sophomore Fine Arts Erda Ovvf.x i nrman " j?; ' • - H H Las Dos Americas: Womeii ' t Athletic Association CJenevieve Douglass Muskogee Pi Beta Phi ; Women ' s Clee Club; V. W. C. A. Margaret Craddock M l.oud Kappa Kappa (Janinia; V. W. C. A.; PliiloloRian I.n.i.iAN r.MST Uia Alpha Phi; V. W. C " . A. Jr Ai.TA MEAtiiAM Ctinlon " " Pi Beta Phi; Entrc N ' luis; V. V. Slbert Tlrrvfii.i Snrman _ ; . Pi Kappa Alpha; C ' oriKres Barmuli Xonrian V. V. C. A. ' W Helen Berrv Norman _ Pi Beta Phi ; . V. C A. S B C;LAD-is Hague ( ' .Inrnhi-i ' 0- M ' H Delta Delta Delta; Philologian; ■H ' 1 Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council; ' M " H Women ' s Ciiutu ' il k t B CatiieriM ' : BENEOicr Ilaskill P lk Alpha Chi Onu-Ka; Meletanian; . ■jr I 1 Kntre Nous; V. W. C. A. V C " c c IT C " cr c DT c cr tr C7 cr rr y u cr cr cr c cr nnnci PPPP t36 b b b b b b Lj J OOJiE bbbbbbb Sophomore Fine Arts Sue Thompson- Pauls Vallry Pi Beta Phi ; V. V. C. A. Irene Johnson • ' n-Ji-nik Women ' s Cllee Cluh; Pliiloln- gian; V. . C. A. Laurence Peicrs . . Band ; Orchestra Marjorie Calhoun Pura ' ll Kappa Alpha Theta ; Y. W. C. A. Merle Campbell 7) T) " a ■a ■D D D 71 D H 7} U TJ . 13 H H D TI U 7) H D 7) H il " 3 T3 al£LEm£L Giary Nellie Clark lio ' isf C.ily Y. W. C. A. WiLLLVM Cunningham ll ' aloiu a Olga Burnett A ' oniuiii Kappa Alpha Theta Vala Sole Carmen Alpha Chi Omega; Eudelphian; Y. V. C. A. G. D. ' Ae Sweetland Norman Woman ' s Athletic Association cr c cr rr c 0 " tr u cr Xx IT cr cr cr C " cr c c IT cr IT C7 c cr cr p p p ra b b b b b b b - JK rOONER b b b b b 1 Sophomore Fine Arts Makia Stapi.eton .... Oklahoma City Delta (Samina Wii.i iA Bills Wullirs Achoth : . V. C. A. ; President Cotton CoiMity Club; Eudelphian Ferguson " .... Mounlain Park Pi Zcta Kappa; V. V. C. A. Marion Drauchov Norman Alpha Gamma Delta; Kudel- phian ; Orchestra Pali.ine Brockmeier 7 nt(i .Achoth XvLA Pendleton Norman Pi Beta Phi Doris Beavers liinjamin, Texas Kappa Kappa tiamma Mildred Sapp Jo liii, Missouri Alpha Chi Omega ; Y. -. C. A. ; Entre Nous Helen Allen ; " R,no Alpha Chi OmeKa; N ' . W. C. A.; Zctalethean; Woman ' s Pan- Hellenic Council tiLADVs Scott Marlmv CIekhlde Misener I ' l Ririo -Alpha Chi Oniega ; t)rchestra; Y. V. C. A. Zlma Weir Il ' allrrs Alpha Canuna Delta; V. W. C. A.; Kuilelphlan u cr cr rr c c GT c c cr cr c c c cr cr cr cr c u cr u cr cr cr cr PPFP " a ■D D H 7) TJ T) H D H " D D D T) D D Tl D 7) 71 H ■0 D " 3 7} o b U L3 lFt3 L3 J v y OtiEPy, o 13 a t. Sophomore Fine Arts Lillian- Hamilton- Maiu um Delta Delta Delta Mercedes Sloss Xorman Pi Zeta Kappa; Pierian; ' . ' . C. A. Lvcv Fenn Sorman Pi Zeta Kappa; V. V. C. A. Ivan Lehrer Xnrmari Phi Delta Theta ; Phi Mu Al- pha; Band; Men ' s Glee Club Russell A. Webber Bartli-svillc Phi Mu Alpha; Orchestra; Band Maude Wilkinson Saputpa Alpha Chi Omega; Meletanian; Y. W. C. A. Elizabeth Halbert Sorman Alpha Chi Onnega Marv Neal Guthrli ' Alpha Chi Omega; Zetalethean ; Y. W. C. A. Gladys Carman Bristoic Pi Zeta Kappa ; Women ' s Glee Club; Entre Nous; Women ' s Athletic Association C. C. Bush, Jr Praf ui- Eleanor Day l.nii:ton Alpha Chi Omega Gladys Rhodes Grove Alpha Gamma Delta; Eudel- phian ; Y. W. C. A. m " " " " cr u cr cr c IT cr cr tr u (T 0 " u XT C " cr c- cr c cr c D " (j U cr c cr ppp ' b b b b b b b qONERJa b b b b Lj b b -z " a " D 1] Tl 7) 7) H 71 71 T) H i] H ■D 71 D 7) 7) 7) 7) 7} 7) ■0 71 71 7) Freshman Fine Arts f7 CT Jasuf. KiMn.M.i. . Alpha Phi Forrest Sl m.ivan- Lehigh T Gamma Phi Beta ; V. W. C. A. •» u Mrs. Bess Shower Carnegie T Alpha Gamma Delta; Women ' s Glee Club; Entre Nous; Eudel- phiaii; V. W. C. A. Nellie Barnes Okeene Women ' s Glee C ' lul) El.LA Brazil Ifetumka tiamma Phi Beta ; Women s tJlee Cluh; Eudelphian; V. W. C. A. Opal Wilson Purtcll CJamma Phi Bcia ; Zetalethcan; V. . C. A. Carrie Barrett Htus Alpha Gamma Uelta; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Eudel- phian ; V. W. C. A. Madge Beard Haskell Alpha Chi Omega ; omen s Cilee Clnh; V. W. C. A. Davle Hexslev Uaskill Alpha Chi Omega ; omen s Cilee Club; Meletanian; V. W. C. A. Eli ahetii Mnn ett Alpha Chi Omega; Eudelphian; V. W. C. A. I.ixii.E Coicii U ' lSlvitle Women ' s Glee Club; . W. C. A. ' mi;i L Keri.hv tmiJaiko Uelta Ciamma; V. W. C. A. c IT cr d cr D " IT IT £7 cr or £7 cr cr cr IT cr cr u cr c cr cr Raiii ir, Texas T3 71 " a U H TJ ■D U " 0 D H ■D ■D D H 71 73 t5 b b L3 b b la J ' OOt EPK [a b b b La b la b Freshman Fine Arts Lois Marguerite Shirley . . Challanoof a Women ' s C ' .lee dull ; Y. X. C. A. SlC,. " BJ -? ' Mabel Atwood Lialut - fl B Omicron Pi; Eiitre Nous; V. V. 1 B Katherine Joss Ilaskrll BT H BkJ Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Glee Club; Y. W. C. A. __ Rlbv Ruth Vincent Muskoijc Eloise Vaughan . . . Lebanon, Tcnmssie ■!» Gamma Phi Beta ; Las Dos Americas; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation ; Y. W. C. A. Willie Belle Humfhrev . . . . Norman BPSk CI VIRGINIA DiAi Eldorado V V Achoth V Mariox Tollev Oklahoma City Delta Delta Delta; Philologian ; B| Women ' s Debate Team ; V. W. ) MiLDKED Irene Hale Lindsay H V Helen E. Morris McAlrstcr Altha Vincent Tuskahoma e, ' ■ ' ■■ ' 1 Virgil James Keever Norman BS r ' Women ' s Athletic Association; ' " Y. W. C. A. nnnci cr C IT cr c cr cr c DT J cr cr cr cr cr cr cr u n u u cr cr cr cr p p p p " 3 71 TI " 3 7] D U ■D U H ■0 H T) 13 ■D 7J " D Tl D ■D U 71 -D D ■0 D 7J D ;} b b b La b b b v OC HERja b b b b la b Freshman Fine Arts " U m B H N ' ei.i. Nelcomr - ' 1 V. V. C. A. C iv - H l I.Eii. LiPE Siranton. hkansas W ' ■• i " K k I.riLiSA Caswell Muskoffce A ' StPi H Kappa Kappa Gamiiia k H Iekkv Mae Crais Hyniiraood ,1F Elizabeth Nadine Beesok .... IJahel Omicron Pi; Zetalethean; V. W. C. A. X ' HHK I Jennie Goodson BlackKell s H » 3 Rosalind Hollow Tulsa B r J Kappa Kappa Gamma Nancve Doolev Iloharl ■yT q V. V. C. A.; Women ' s Athletic - HB 3 Association ' ' K ' . F ! Oewev Henderson Il ' allers . . Men ' s Glee Club Mi fl • B 5 noROTHV OeFreese Ok miili ff .AttL J Ik .-. j Pi Beta Phi; Entre Nous; Wom- Mi iL Glee Club , j ' oNNEiTE Meyers .... Oklahoma C.tty F jga I . lpha Chi Omega; Eudelphian; J-4 1 V. W. C. A. ' -(ri i . ■; Mal RiNE Wilson Iidmor ' ' Kappa Kappa Ganuna IT C 0 " tr r c rr cr cr C " G- cr u IT c cr cr cr u u u c G " C7 El U 17 cr tr «nnnci P P P fa ■0 D 1? •a " D " 3 i] H ■D " D TJ H D " D " D H T} Tl T) 1Q U 7) 7) U " 3 7) D D " D l3 b U U 1j blaJv ' OC Freshman Fine Arts Stella J. cnnsn . . Rosivi-U, A ' cii ' Mi: i o Kappa Kappa Cjamma Fave Avekii Hrvan Pnliaii Gladys J. Treese Cusliuuj SvBU. Clover F.itid Pi Beta Phi Alice Kennedy Cochran . . . Sormait VlRGINLV TiCHE 1 1 iiuirssiy Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Glee Club Joyce Rives Oklahoma City Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W. C. A. Gladys Van Vacter Norman Pierian Alberta Son Norman Josephine Meibercen Enid Kappa Alpha Theta Marion Billingsley Muskoycc Pi Beta Phi; Philologian; V. W. C. A. Grace Snow Kinyfislur Alpha Chi Omega; Y. V. C. A. dlatTBTaT cr IT cr cr IT IT cr IT c c c u cr G " ir tr cr qq ' Tn P P P fa b b b b b b b ' " ' " " " =Rj3 bbbbLabug b ■a ■a " D ■B " B H i n TI H n Ti TI H 11: H " 3 Freshman Fine Arts Sle H. HA1I.EV Kappa Kappa Ciamma A OSTERHAIS .... Alpha Gamma Delta OnROlHV Kirk Snrman Kappa . ' lpha Theta K.MHRvx Washington ' HoUicmillc .Alpha (Samma Delta ; V. V. C. A. Nannie Jackson S or man (lainma Phi Hcta : Pierian £L£LELE1 ci? vv g 2 £ i I J Mar-aret Prver .... Oklahoma City ki Delta Gamma T ' J IT Mar Maguire orman i.T " Pi Beta Phi ; V. V. C. A. Agnes Blerckltx Prat ur ti I.VNDONE Goodwin SlralforJ j- " -Alpha Phi; Pierian; V. W. C. A. c Margaret High Cushinij f " Alpha Gamma Delta; Philolo- ' " giaii; Payne County Cliih 1 I. NN RiGGS Clarrmon- U tn Pi Kappa .-Mplia; Men ' s Cilee TT Chill U m ' iiMA Weaver Dcvol - Women ' s Allilelir Association U u cr E-EJ5J5JW ■D U " D H " 0 D U 73 T) Tl D " 0 bbbb bbb Freshman Fine Arts WiLDA P. Ormi IN Cainiy lr Alpha Chi Omega Marion- Robison Ohtalinina C.ily Kappa Alpha I ' heta XiLA Stephens FJi in Alpha Chi OnieKa ; ' nmcirs Glee Club; V. V. C. A.; Philo- logian Roberta Keith hi; lin. Missouri Alpha Chi Omega Alice Allred Boynlon Delta Gamma; ' . ' . C. A. ZOE Louise Mari.ow BUu klnini Kappa Kappa Gamma Louise Finch F.l Reno Kappa Alpha Theta Pauline Garner . l.niKi liiuili. California Kappa Alpha Theta Marv Wright ornuui Kappa Alpha Fheta Frances Ratlh k Ilt-nnrssry Alpha Chi Omega; Zetalalhean; V. W. C. A. Clairenda Hauck .... Ohlalioma Cily Roxey Fitch orman Delta Gamma; V. V. C. . 1 ' a G " T r T J C C7 C " 17 CT D " (j ET G- H cr rr npgcictfJVU S caa Sappp b b b b b " £ UfitRJa b b b 1} ■D ■0 ■D U " D 7J ■D " 0 ■a Freshman Fine Arts Leoi.a Cooper . Sorman Ck.nce N ' evii.i.e . .lllus F.r.izxBETH SiXMPrF . . . Oklahoma City Orchestra H ARRiETTE I.ouiSE Hardiv . Oklahoma City Kappa Alpha Theta Jl AMTA M. Marios ' Sorman . V. C. A. Anna Morrison Norman Aliamae Brittox .... Oklahoma City Women ' s Glee Club Etmei. McKen ie Wilson Kathleen IIai.ey ( rnclassified) Oklahoma Cily ' i Delta; Moletanian ; V. V. C. A. tJERM.DiNE Martin (I ' liclassified) UWatherford, Texas Delta Gamma ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Y. W. C. A. y irl rn ft 0 Atf 0 T IK 1 13 U D 13 U 13 ISqy OONEPvJ abbbbbbb ■D cr TJ UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA n •a isSBIl ■a K SSBBHIF ' ■ ' ' 1 tr ■D ■3 Mi IT TJ " 0 a| B39 J- " 0 r __ w l ■teJIw 1 Wlilmmi mi, r . ■ - ' JSISa K K J IT Fredrik Holmberg, Director ■a MEMBERS G " h Ffrj Violin I tola Cello cr . (l; Paul Carpenter O. J. Lehrer Franz Klschan b Marguerite Pendleton Milton Cohen Samuel Weidman G Edward Bowles Elizabeth Stumpff Gertrude Misener D " Marion Draughon Donald Bran ham S. A. McReynolds In Russell Webber Double Bass French Horn U D Albert Lubovitz Waldo Ports Clifford LAPLE U Vera Griffin John Weidman William Ritzhaupt 73 Mark Stanford Cornets Trombone u cr Lester Maris Roger Fenn Arthur Fenn Second Jlolin L. A. Meyers C. B. Baker WiLLARD Darrow Cecil Goodrich Clarinets rr Paul Fuller David Milstein Faye Scrutchfield u WiLLA B. Brodie Della Staley Helen Patch ell fjl Doris York Oboe Dana Rvan R. O. Hendricks Charles Milner Flute ■ Lucy Tandy Ada Miller El gene Catlett Ti Grace Draper Bassoon Piano J Joyce Rives J. AL Thirixger RlTH AIoore r. ' " L. D. Peters Drums Lester Greenberg Clare Villiams bbbbbbbj vTOOlSER. MISS GERTRUDE : IISENER Miss Misener was chosen by the band as sponsor tor the year 1920-21. She is a Sophomore in the School of Fine Arts and a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Her home is in El Reno. UTaTaTaTaTaTE C C cr cr cr c tr u IT cr cr IT IT IT C " C7 C " cr d C " cr IT 17 cr cr qqqqqAjv IfeseSqi f: f p-fe b b b b b b bJ J O0NEP.( b b b b L b b T3 " D " D " 3 " D D H TJ " 3 T] H " 0 H T3 7) H U 7) U D 7) H u ■D T) " D T3 H b UNIVERSITY BAND Oscar J. Lehrer Director Scott Squyres President G. C. Maple Secretary JoHX Cole Business Manager MEMBERS Cornets Truiiibones Baritones Phil McNeill Arthur Fenx Bex K. Parks Ralph Meyers Ralph Baber Arvel Vright Samuel Morris R. H. McClrtaix Herbert Hoover Edvvix Sumax Joseph Masox J. F. eixzierl Scott Squyres C. A. Daubert IsiDOR MiLSTEIX H. C. White Snxapliones C. M. Goodrich Russell Webber D. C. SwAiLS (Ucrinets William Moore M. W. Hefley Fa- - Scrutchfield Fred Bullard H. C. Fritchie Charles Milxer W illiam Thomas A. J. Lyxx D. C. Ryax Doaxe Tollesox Lester Maris E. B. Henry Mellophones W. W. Barkley William Ritzhaupt R. F. Pearsox Snrre Drum (i. C. Maple Jack Sloax Clare Williams W. W. Ports F. L. Gillam W. P. DiETZ Bass Drum Flute Granville Tierxev Tubas W. A. Axdersox JOHX W. Cole Cymbals Doxald Braxham Pireolo Kloster Powell Ralph Gexxer Alfred Lubovitz G " or IT cr GT IT £7 cr d cr IT U qgnq p p ff O l3 is L3 U U. J ' ' i jlPs p 13 la b WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB :7l r r TOP ROW: Hilli. MIDDLE ROW: Rudel DeFreese. . ' -•milh. BOTTOM ROW: Barn M.ll.r. Slirdekfl-. Fonville, Neal. Pullen. Berg. Miilo.v, Brown. Butts, Douglas, Foster, Wall. . Porter. Britton, Williams. Dunn ' kin, Griffith, Dougherty, Couch. Baird, K. Brazil. Ste .Toliii.son. Hyden, Schmuck. Cox. Cai LlCILLE COI CH Mabel Foster LlCV (jRlFITTH Lucille Parker Helen Berg Katherixe Joss Ada Miller RiTH Neal I ' li.a Hra .il L ' oR ' iNXE Wall HeLENE ( ioRl) IN Norma jo Dm (;iii:rm ' Herbert AVall, Director MEMBERS First Soprano Bess Shower Bertha Brown Genevieve Dl nakin Scroiiil Soprmio Marv Porter Laura Schmuck JUANITA SnEDEKER First Alio RaMOXA ' II1STLER ( !exe ie e Doi class Christixe ' illi axis ScCJIIll JIttI MixNii: Bakir Tlssii: Ri nii.L Nellie Barnes LADGE Beard Davle Hexslev (iLADVS Cox Lavelle Trader Dorothn ' DeFreese Irene Johnson Rl 1! CONNEWAV I ' ll Alii TH FoXAIl.LE M R Hart (ii.AD ' ss Carman Eva Malov £L£L£LEL R - gfegf V ftgga G " C DT IT C cr cr u u u cr u n u d c r PPff i yi-. 13 13 b b b b ia OOt b b 1:2 l a uT5 " ■a u " D ■D " D H U 71 D D ■a H " 0 ■n 7) ■D 7) Tl 71 7) 7) 71 73 7) MEN ' S GLEE CLUB TOP ROW: Braugh. Kiipiike, Daiivei-s, Dean, Worn MIDDLE ROW; Hill, Rjggs. Beeson, Childers, BeiiK BOTTOM ROW: Havnes, Weeks, Jones, Andrews, Rode G. F. W. Schmidt Director Ivan Lehrer Accompanist :members First Tenor Baritone Joseph Bextox Dorrance Roderick GoRDOx Harstox Latimer Baker Ulrich Beesox Samuel Arnold JoHX Perry John Cheadle Harry Childers ernon Suddeth Rovce Calkins Second Tenor Donald Braugh Bass Forest Deax Stanley Bryant Lynn Riggs Francis Chilson Walter Schneider Clyde Andrews GwYNNE Hill Joe Jones Chester Henderson Bo- D Koepke AVlLLIA?,! StOUTZ a c cr GT C IT H JT tr c cr c u XT u tr c u cr cr cr c cr cr u cr cr cr gggq p ' pp ' p ' b b b b b b Li j wrOONEP b b b b b La b b 13 13 ■D " 3 ■3 " D T) U D " 0 H TI U " 0 H U U " D T) ■D " 0 ■D " D T) H " D U SOONER QUARTET Cjordox Harston Forest Deax Donald Braugii Stanley Hrvaxt , First Tenor Second Tenor Baritone Bass c cr c c rr cr IT cr cr IT £LELBLJEl £l2:i2i S fe IS3LEJ2JE ET cr cr cr C7 cr G " c cr [I u c cr cr cr TaTB 13 L3 o Ls Lsi j QON ERJa b b b b b b b 1 D 7J 7) " 0 ■fl D H T] T] " 0 U 71 H -3 13 D ■0 ■a T3 U ENGINEERING The first work in the College of Eiigiiieering at the Lniversit) ' of Oklahoma was begun in the year 1904 with Prof. Charles Majors in charge. Prof. C. M. [ansky came to the College in 1905 and was the first head of the School of Applied Sciences as it was then called. Beginnings of Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil t ngineering were taught. In 1909 Prof. J. H. Felgar ivas elected as Dean of the School of Applied Science and it became the College of Engineering. Up to this time ;he University had only one faculty overseeing all the ivork in every department. Then the University was organized into separate schools and colleges «ith separate faculties each taking care of its own curricula and regu- J. H. Felgar ' ations. From having only three departments at the start. Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil, the College has grown until it includes schools giving degrees in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering, and Engineering Geology, and has additional departments to take care of its work which includes Drawing, Shop and Mechanics. In the beginning the Engineering departments were housed in different rooms about the University, the Shops, Drawing and Electrical Engineering laboratories being housed in temporary buildings. A permanent Shop building was built in 1909 in which arrangement was made to house the offices and recitation rooms as well as the laboratories and shops of the College of Engineering. On account of the growth of the College from time to time additions have been built which have taken care of the different departments in a temporary way. There is no opportunity for further en- largement of the building and on account of its crowded condition every effort is being made to get an appropriation for a new Engineering building. The faculty now numbers forty-six, fourteen of which devote all of their time to Engineering subjects. The curricula supply our present need fairh ' satisfactorih . The departments of the university which are called upon to give courses are, Mathematics, Chem- istry, Physics, Economics, and Geology, which in addition to the techiu ' cal subjects of drawing, shop mechanics, civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engi- neering complete the curricula. . qgi i PPFP b b b b b b ia sfOO {3 Senior Engineering A. M. Llovd Tuha Sigma Tau ; Sigma Gamma Epsi- loii ; St. Pat ' s Board Brvce V. Creenshields I ' iKas Sigma Tau ; Alpha Chi Sigma ; St. Pat ' s Board; Athenaean Bo D F. KoEPKE Tulsa Phi Delta Chi; Engineers ' Club; Pick and Hammer; Chemistry Club; Tulsa County Club Lldwig Schmidt Sapulfa Acacia; Phi Delta Chi; Engin- eers ' Club; Chemistry Club I ' iRADV S. Wan ' n Albany Kappa Tau Pi ; Sigma Tau ; A. I. E. E.; Engineers ' Club; Chris- tian Fellowship League Harold W. Shaner Il ' ilson Alpha Chi Sigma MvRAi, C. Ross Imory, Mississipft Sigma Tau; A. I.E. E. ; Engin- eers ' Club Lov E. H0R Ishcr Delta Sigma Delta; .Mpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Tau; Eiigiiieers ' Club; Chemistry Club; Student Council ; St .Pat ' s Board Wai.uo W. Pokis InaJuiko Acacia; Phi Mu Alpha; Sigma (lamma Epsilon ; Band ; Orches- Be t;. IlLME RHJ2. fi-GTijv ONER.b b b b b b b b D T) H 71 71 " D D H D 71 7) 71 71 71 71 7] 71 71 71 71 7) 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 Senior Engineering Roland Horton Oklahoma City Engineers ' Club Mlkrav R. W ' omble Sorman Sigma Tau ; Engineers ' Cluh; Men ' s Glee Club V. Cari, Brown " Ilobarl Sigina (Jamma Epsilon; Engin- eers ' Club; Pick and Hammer George O. Ranes Laivton A. I. E. E. O. C. NoNWEii.ER Muskogee A. I. E. E.; Engineers ' Club Bailie Vinson El Reno Sigina Alpha Epsilon; Chi Chi Chi; Mvstic Kevs; Engineers ' Club; Jazz Hounds; A. S. M. E. E. B. Ferrell Norman Phi Delta Theta; Phi Beta Kap- pa; Sigma Tau; Pe-et; Engin- eers ' Club ; A. I. E. E. . Earl Simpson Norman Pick and Hainmcr; Engineers ' Club CLiFi-ORD Maple Norman Phi Mu Alpha; Gob ' s Club; Pick and Hammer; Engineers ' Club; Band; Orchestra; Cross Coinitry; ' arsity Track Lewie Salwaechter Carmen A. I. E. E. u cr cr cr c cr c 0 " cr (Ti u IT qgn i P P P 13 T) " 3 ■D H Tl TI H " 0 H T) T) T] 7] " D H 7) D TI U 7) H Tl Tl T) T) b b b b b b b O OOHE b b b b La b b Senior Engineering G.ary Engineer ' s Cliih; Pick ami Ham- mer J. H. Baxter lUirli Kappa Sigma ; A. S. M. E. ; En- gineers ' Club RoRERT W. He rv Drlaz an Phi Kappa Psi ; Sigma Tan; Alpha Chi Sigma; Pe- ' t ; Ruf Neks; Engineers ' CUili ; Hliie Pencil; Athenacan T. C. Thompson liarllrs-vill,- Pick and Hammer; En ' ,;ineers CUih W ' lI.l.lS A. Roi.EKE Oklahtnna (.ily Phi Omega; Engineers ' (luh; A. 1. E. E. Erl E. Deacon Oklahoma City Acacia ; Checkmate ; Engineers ' Club; President Athletic Associ- ation; Varsitv Football Donald Braigh . . (Iraiii ir. II ' as iiri loi: Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Mu Alpha; Sigma CJamma Epsilon; Band; Men ' s C.lee Club; Pick and Hammer Kerr McQuown Il ' atlm Delta Sigma Delta ; Sigma Delta Psi; Congress; Student Council; A. 1. E. E. ; Engineers ' Club CIlV MlTCIIEl.I, Kappa Tau Pi; Alpha Chi Sig ma; Engineers ' Club ' nanci S iCid l mQi PPPra mi 1} ■D ■D U 71 D H ■a D D " U ■a " D 7] -3 T) " D 13 1} sbbb b b b XO I ERja b b b ta L3 ii Junior Engineering ik - - O. A. Pe di-eto Tutalii Kappa Tail Pi; A. I. K. E.; ■ ' ■■•.|j. ' Engineers ' Club V Homer L. Keeg.w S iaivni-r - H H B ife Phi Kappa Psl ; Pick ami Ihnn- ner ; Engineers ' C liil " ); Congress - ' jr k J. Riiv Barci. w Tnnknii:a A. I. E. E.; Engineers ' Cliili Fred Cobb M,rU,sl,r " Track ' 19; Croj-s Countrv ' 19, ' 20 A T. V. Scott UoilkUy Engineers ' Club; A. I. E. E. L % £5 Fred:!1CK Boasen ' Gutlir ' ti- B - JT A. I. E. E. : Gerald T. Ciouix ' Sili-rr Cily. fv; M i: iio Sigma Chi; Engineers ' Club Carl E. Reistle, Jr. . . . Ohtahoma City Sf WT Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Tau B k Leland H. Hartkord . . Ohiahoma City Sigma Nu; Jazz Hounds; En- t— ' W y gineers ' Club; Sooner Staff m ' m f ' George Townsend Sliw n Sigma Nu C " Ci c c n c IT IT U IT C " U U U C cr cr cr c cr c tr cr cr u n n m ctfjv ' p p p p bbbbb 7) H D 13 U U 11 D H U T] D D 1] D D U 75 ETGl vT OONEPv bbbbbbb Junior Engineering •j y ' B Rlsseii. H. Dickev Duncan f H Engineers ' Club; Pick and Ham- " mer; V. M. C. A. Cabinet; Stephens Countv Club -, - W r ' S ' - I- JOHvsios Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha William C. Hesdersos hnox-z-illr. Trnnessee Acacia; Phi Delta Chi; En- , _Kv , gineers ' Club 1. M. Sheltox Ta ja j . Phi Kappa Psi ; Ruf Neks; En- B T r j gineers ' Club Lansing Scranion Il ' ilhurlon Band; A. S. M. E. ■ ' i Orris McOonald BarllcsvUte Kappa Tau Pi ; M. C. A. ' iR(;iL A. Pendleton Fr, i, ' ri(k Sigma Tau; Engineers ' Club; A. I. E. E. ; Varsity Track ' 20 » 3; ■ i " William N. Stahl Pt-rry Sigma Nu .1. Pail Cranh Clinton SJ " , Engineers ' Club; Congress r g| t ' ] Jesse E. Swaze Gorman Acacia; Kappa I ' au Pi; Engin- W- » ' eers ' Club; A. I. E. E. ; V. M. GT cr c 17 GT IT IT C C (T C cr c rr IT i XJ " I. H " D H 13 b b b b b4 O0HE b b Junior Engineering Clarel B. Mapes Norman V Jfcf; ' Sigma Tau; Las Dos Americas; M : ' ' Engineers ' Club; Captain R. O. 1 K ' James E. Humphrey Clarrmnr Engineers ' Club; A. I. E. E. ,-• . " . , C. R. Boyle M ami urn Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rut Neks; . L Engineers ' Club; A. S. M. E. wl J. E. Arnold .... Fort Worth, Texas Kappa Alpha; Varsitv Wiestling -JU ' JM ' Leo Cade Shawn Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Engin- eers ' Club . ' W Joe L. Wells Drumriijlit A. L E. E. ; Engineers ' Club c Chas. E. Waite Oklahoma City WM 4- Sigma Nu ; Engineers ' Club; luiSHa g ' V ' arsity Basket Ball I AV R. L. Philips Pauls Valley Phi Gamma Delta; Ruf Neks Holmes C. Wheeler Marloiu Phi Gamma Delta; Chi Chi Chi; Hk W " V Y. M. c. A. 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I.ov . . . Kappa Alpha Charles P. Greex MoulnnJ Acacia; Phi Alpha Tan; En- gineers ' Club Harold (Jardiner diary Mariov W. Heklev . . . . . . Norman Band ; V. M. C. A. W ' li.i.iAM E. Clwcv . . . . Barllisville Phi Omega Charles R. Bebiii cto . . . . Cushtng Payne Countv CInh (JRWVILLE TlERVEV . . . . . Miiskoijee Phi Mil Alpha; Batt e Axe; Harul; Engineers ' Cluh Rrnv 1.. Mel SI IRE . . . . . . . diary I. W ' lMKll) KdLEKE . . . Oklahoma (.ity Phi Omega cr c IT U GT V C C IT C C cr or IT IT cr cr u G " c: IT U H n c rr cr cr PPP 1 b b b b la v wC NERJa b b b b b b b 13 ■D 71 H " D i) H D H H i] " D H D D H H D H U 7) T] D H Tl 7) D D Freshman Engineering S. J. IVERSON ' I ' lli ' ui Sigma Nil RnGEi V. Harris Ohlii joma City Robert Lee McLo: cn " It ' ii tilci Falls. T(Xo Edward McKinn ' ey Coahjati ' Engineers ' Club; Coal ' ountv Club Billy Couch Luther Leo J. JoBE Muskogee Ted Hodges Frederick Engineers ' Club Curtis Rogers Wilson Leonard W. Hadi. " ;v . Ohla ioma Cily Pi Kappa Alpha c cr (T 17 tr c IT F (7 IT cr c u c cr cr ciQcin ' PPfa b b b b b b bl OOHER b b b b b b b D 71 Tl " 3 D D U " 0 D Tl D T3 D H 7) H " D 7) 71 7) 7) TI 7) 7) 7J 7) WVIS - TAPPAN SCREWlrK)LT5,NUTS.GEAPS, SfNIoe EE ' s VAK ' lYV«ny[NGIN[[K ' WAITER - PA6E JUNIORS IN M.E. d C C U cr IT n cr IT c c cr u XT c cr c cr cr c Cj Ki d C C or c qgig P PP 13 b b b b b b bls OOHERJa b b b b b b b H " 3 ■D i] Tl D T) H H " 0 H H 1] " U 7) H D D -u H 7) 71 i) T) 7) H SIGMA TAT 9 $ FIRST ROW: Ross. Reistle, Henrv. McDonald, Wann. SECOND ROW: Tappan. Mapes, Hiu-kahv. Brausli. Hartford. THIEU ROW: Ferrell, Llovd, Horn. Pendleton, Womble. Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded at University of Nebraska 1904 Oklahoma 1916 J. H. J. C. Davis Enoch Ferrel LoY Horn Earl B.artholomew Lel.4nd H.artford Clarel Mapes FACULTY ' O. W. Walters L. C. LiCHTV MEMBERS 1921 D. B. Morrison Robert Henry Abe Lloyd 1922 ' . A. Pendleton Carl Reistle Donald Braugh Fred Huckaby F. C. Tappan Tom Sorey (jRADY Wann Myral Ross Orris McDonald Howard Putty ;Mlrray R. Womble cjjELHJEL PPP u D 7) " 3 H D " U i) D T) " 0 il TJ Tl -D D 1] T] T) 7] H 71 7] 7) U b b b b b b b4j£02 E b b b b b b b AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS ' 0 3 S D a ' FIRST ROW: Kencll, Reid, Keller, Wann, Wells. Muiisoii. SECOND ROW: Humphrev. Boasen. Femi. Hucknbv. Nonweiler, Swaze THIRD ROW: Seifert, McColgin, Riiss. Tolleson, Moore. Salwaeehter. FOURTH ROW: Scott. O. A. Pendleton. Rous.-h. M.Quown. V . . Pendleton Snvder (Student Branch) OFFICERS IVI. C. Ross . . Archie W. ll.ace Virgil Pendleton Fred HicKAin- . F " . C. T.APPAN L. E. S.M.W.AECHTER G. O. R.ANES J. D. Perrv IV I. C. Ross G. S. Waxn J. L. Wells M. G. Gilbert F. F. HUCKARV O. A. Pendleton V. A. Pendleton J. R. Barclay Cecil Berry Rlssell Cooper T. W. Scott Adrian Mun.son NATIONAL MEMBERS E. R. P.age STUDENT MEMBERS Frank M.artin Wesley Seifert Jesse Swaze James Himphreys Fred Boasex Arthur Fenx T. M. Floyd Archie Wallace (J. W. McColgin Kerr McQlown Oscar Nonweiler RoHERT CioRHAM W. H. Clanton E. B. Ferrei.l Chairman ' ice-Chairman Secretary Treasurer (). W. W.vlters E. H. Reid Cecil Roi sh H. B. 1?RIGH. .M Mark Sandfort (i. D. Henderson John R. E. Kelley V. P. Moore 15. F. Thompson S. A. Sn di:r R. v.. ' l HORNTON N. C. By. rs C. Rogers DoANE Toi.LE.SON V. E. Tin is J2J3JHJ ■■. • L3 iaJ - UT-iLw-- ' J3 V3 U 13 Ul AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 11 H D TJ H TJ Tl D Tl 1] Tl Tl Tl T) T) 1] T) T) Tl T) Tl Tl D D FIRST ROW: Vi nson, Reid, Murchison, Baxter. Schneklcr. SECOND ROW: Townsend, Cade. Palmer, Hartford. THIRD ROW: Greenshields, Boyle. Xeal. Hume, Seriuucm. (Student Branch) OFFICERS President Lel. xd H.artford Vice-President L.ansikg Scr.axton Secretary-Treasurer JOHX B.axter FACULTY G. B. Helmricii L. C. LICHT : IEMBERS 1921 JoHX B. XTER Bex J. Hume 1922 l.axsixg scr.axtox George Towxsexd 1923 Walter J. Schxeider Lester Leo Cade Ch.arles Reid pLO ' iD Xe.AI, 1924 Fred Mlrchlsox J. H. Brvce Greexshields Lel.axd Hartford Ch.arles Bovle T L. S.-RLY Bah.ii; ' ixsox K. RL Bartholomew [of ] I()RR0 V JoHx R. Reid H.ARRV ChII.DERS R " MOXD Moore ncinci EJ2L rr u cr cr c c cr cr cr c cr cr cr cr u u u u c u cr ii H D Tl U H H D D T] 7] H D D H -3 D D b b b b b b bls OOHERJa b b b b b b b ENGINEERS CLUB An organization composed of all students in the College of Engineering. OFFICERS Enoch Ferrhli. . Gradv Waxx . Lelaxd Hartford . President ' ice- President Secretarv-Treasu rer c c ri q cT A c i r agr V P P P ra b b b b b b b J OOHERj a b b b b b b b ST. PATS BOARD (Jri ' ensliii-lds. Reistln. Wi MKAIRERS A. M. Wallace G. H. Wanx . . William Johxsox . B. W. Greexshields A. M. Llovd . Carl Reistle E. B. Bartholomew , Chairman I ' .k ' ctrical Engineering Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Geological Engineering Chemical Engineering Junior Representative qqn»n P P P fa J l3 t3 L3 i3i ■3 " 3 ■D ■D TJ TJ " 0 H " 0 U TI D H H •D Tl D T) Tl D -3 13 D " D ■D H £LJELELELse£iii a fei «£5=L IT U c c u IT IT C " cr IT C " cr cr u u u G C cr cr cr p pp fa - bbbbbb 13 T) ■D " 0 U " D H ■a D T] U D 7) T) 13 " D L LAW The law school as organized in August, 1909. The then Board of Regents, together with a committee from the State Bar Association, selected a Dean and authorized him to effect the organization, employ faculty, and recom- mend the purchase of suitable books and equipment. The difficulty was to find a room. In view of the fact that only the foundation had been laid for the Administration e K ° H Building, and that there were only two buildings for the • K -- B use of the entire university, namely the old library build- ing and the old science hall, the County Commissioners offered the use of the Court House for the law school, but it was deemed inadvisable to accept it. Finally, by crowding cases of specimens more closely together, a J. C. MoKNET space was cleared in the room on the second floor of the old science building, known at that time as the geological museum. Around this space were erected wooden book shelves, and a few law books were immediately purchased. This space constituted the recitation room and the law library for a year and only first year work was offered. The next year both second and third year work was offered ; the faculty was increased from two to three and the school moved into the basement of the old library, which had been vacated by the preparatory school which was dis- continued just at that time. The faculty was increased to five and the same location was retained until the fall of 1913 when the school moved into the yet incomplete new law building. The new law building was formally dedicated March 4, 1914, Profes- sor Wambaugh of Harvard delivering the dedicatory address. Attendance the first year numbered fifty-seven ; during the current year it passed the two hundred and fifty mark. The library, the first year, was merely nominal ; the library at the present time represents perhaps thirty-five to forty thousand dollars in value, more than half of hich has been secured without expense to the state under an exchange plan adopted by the legislature some years ago, by which surplus state publications are traded for needed books. Admission requirements have been raised from a four year high school course to a requirement calling for one year of college work, and commencing next fall sophomore standing in the university will be necessary. Commencing in the fall of 1923 junior standing will be required. The school has therefore taken rank with the leading state university law schools of America. mnciciV p p p ra b b b b bb rrr- UF D ■D Tl -D T) D D TJ " D U 7} 71 TJ D " D 1] D ■fl T) 7) 71 7J 7) 7} 7J T) 71 H SENIOR LAW OFFICERS Kramer, Gibbs, Oden. Q. D. (jiubs . Phii, Kramer Waldo Odex President Vice-President Secretarv-1 reasurer m V c 0 " or c cr c rr IT c cr u c cr u u u cr c c rr nnnci p p p la ■a TJ TJ " 0 i] D U ■D 7] " D D U " D D iJ ■D 7) b b b b b b b:KrO0NEP. Senior Law W ' Al.DO Oden Imilv, .likanscis Phi Alpha Delta; Kappa Tau Pi; Congress; Secretary V. M. C. A.; Secretarv-Trcasurer Senior Law Class FI.OVD E. Stalev C innlci i Kappa SiK ' iia; Helta Sigma Rho; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Phi Delta Phi ; Checkmate ; Oratori- cal Council ; President Student Association; Publication Board; Business Opportunity Club; ' ar- sity Debate Eugene N. Catlett U ' ,li-lka Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha Del- ta; Mystic Keys; Ruf Neks; Athenaean ; Orchestra; Okfuskee Countv Club; Wilson Bar; ' ice- President Junior Class ' 20 Joe Lewis 0!dalinma Cily Sigma Alpha Mu; Menornh So- ciety Angeles S. Arabiran . . Pliilij l ine Islands Monnet Bar; Cheadle Bar; Con- gress Joe T. Dickerson I ' .dmotui Phi Delta Theta ; Battle Axe J. Dawson Houk Isabrlla Chester Armstrong Xi-ivhirk Sigma Chi; Phi Alpha Delta Q. D. GiBBS Ilniryrlla Beta Theta Pi: Phi Delta Phi; Sooner Staff; Ruf Neks; Athen- aean ; Y. M. C. A. AiDEN E. Allen Ilarlshnnu- Phi Delta Phi; Cheadle Bar; Congress; Pittsburg Countv Club nqcici b b b b b b li £O0t; E b b b b La b b B 13 ■D Ti 71 D H D ■D T) H " 0 1] U H D D " 0 D -D ■D ■D -u " D " 3 Law Eugene Iordw Phi Kappa Pm : Plii Oflta Phi; Ruf Neks Thomas Casey Rosston Acacia; Phi Alpha Delta; Sooner Statf; Ruf Neks; Inter- fratcniitv Council RoBKRT Simons Enid Phi Helta Theta; Phi Delta Phi; Chi Chi Chi; Rut Xeks Iked E. La Rle Clinton Henderson Don Emerv . . . . A ' Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Check- mate; Retl Red Rose Rex Bei.isi.e . . . . Phi Alpha Delta Harold D. Larsh .Irlisia, Xfu; Mixico Alpha Delta; Congress; Gobs ' Club; Orchestra ' 19- ' 20; Band ' 19-20 AN Winter Siewart Oklahoma Cily Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Oratori- cal Council; Athenaean; Inter- trateriiilv Council c;erai.d S. I ' EniiE Piiry Phi Delta Phi; Phi Delta Kap- pa; Kappa Delta Pi; Congress; Ruf Neks; Monnet Bar; Presi- dent Noble Count Club ; Sooner Staff Wll.l.lAM l. Cl.INE Ml- Phi Kappa Psi; t ' hi Alpha Delta; Alhcnaean c c u u rr V ir c c I T 0 " U o " T X G " 01 J d a U IT d b p P P fa b b b b b b b L OONERJa bbbbbbbIS T) " D 73 ■D H " B ■3 ■0 H " 0 " a D u Li ' Senior Law Frank Ogilvie .... ' or If ' orl i, Texas Kappa . ' lpha; Plii Alpha Delta; Varsity Football ; SnONER Staff T. R. I.EAHV Pmdiiisha Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Chi Chi Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Interfra- ternity Council ; Jazz Hoiiiuls Stanley Catletf Phi Kappa Psi ; Phi Alpha Del- ta ; Sigma Delta Psi ; Athenaeaii ; Jazz Hounds; Sooner Staff ' 20; " Y. M. C. a.; Student Council ' 16-17, ' IS- ' ig Ada.m C. Seitz liillin, s Kappa Sigina; Phi -Alpha Delta; Varsity Baseball ' 20 Thomas Norman E. D. Hollev Sliiilr Sigma Alpha Epsilon C B. Fl ' I.ton Olhihnma City Kappa Alpha; Chi Chi Chi; Phi . ' Vlpha Delta P}in, Kramer Tiils, Kappa Alpha; Phi . " Alpha Delta ' era Neel Tciiimsi-h Achoth ; ' . V. C. A. John E. Curran Beta Theta Pi; Phi Delta Phi Athneaean ; Wilson Bar n q n CI ctfavt.ji£jgg r V?iiC n cr d c- IT c c u cr c (T C " DT IT C " cr u IT u cr c cr cr u c c J J 01 ejSLBJHjg ■D 7) " 3 ■3 -u " U 7) 7J TI H D H " D D T] " D D H ■D 7} 71 TJ 7) 71 7J 71 7J 7) J U L l3jw u JUNIOR LAW OFFICERS la ia L3 u Li .M.-KiH ' , KviM-est, W(. h1s. Raymond Everest Clarence McRae Agatha Woods President ice-Presiileiit SecietaiA -Treasurer ciQcim cr u u cr c IT IT cr cr cr G " u IT C c- cr C " cr C " c: IT cr d cr u cr cr p p p ra bbbbbbb J OONEPv (abbbbbbb Junior Law Clarence M. McRae Tuha Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; Ruf Neks; Vice-President Junior La v Class I.ALRESCE JnVES .i Delta Sigma Delta ; Phi Alpha Delta; Ruf Xeks; Congress; Cheaclle Bar Devvev LfSTER Cli ' ukaslia Acacia; Phi Alpha Delta; Al- pha Kappa Psi ; Sifjma Delta Psi ; Varsity Football Captain ' 20; Varsitv Wrestling Louis Abernahiv ll ' iih ' ila Falls. Trxas Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha Del- ta ; Mystic Keys Rav M. Smiifi Xonnan Pi Kappa Alpha; Wehsterian Charles B. Din v C.luiolah Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Delta Phi; Ruf Neks; Athenaean; Cheadic Bar Welcome Piersov Xoiiala Congress; Foster Bar; Nowata County Club Jniiv C. PowELl Sorman Phi Alpha Delta; Cheadle Bar; Athenaean M ALr iCE Mekrii I nrman Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Pe-et; Business ()pportui ity Club; ' ebsterian ; Student Council ' 19-20 Joseph C. I.oonev Ki Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Delta Phi; Oratorical Council ; Athenaean cr c c c IT c u IT C d G " U D " IT IT c- cr C " cr c cr n u IT tj [T C tr JELSLE p p p ra b b b b b 13 uj OONERja b b b b la b b ii ■3 ■D 73 T) ■D U U H TJ H " D H H H ■a TI 7) ■D D 7J D D Junior Law " IRGIL Willis .... Ilciirisnn. hkaiisus Alpha Tail Omega; Plii .Alpha Delta; Cheadle Bar; roii ;rcss Ac. TH. ' 00DS Xormati Secretary- IreaMirer luiiicir Law Class Joe V. Curtis Sullismi- Sigma Nu; Chi Chi Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Battle Axe; Rut Neks John F. Butler Sfiiro Delta Siema Rho; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Alpha Tau ; Cheadle Bar; ' arsit.v Debate ' 20-21; Oratorical Council ; President Athenaean Leon Hirsh Oklalioma City Athenaean Robert Milton Cohex .... Muskocji-e Sigma Alpha Mn ; Alpha Chi Sigma; Cheadle Bar; Menorah Society ; Orchestra Tom M. Holl. xd Inadarko Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Delta; Congress; Mvstic Kevs; Ruf Neks; Sooner Staff; Pres- ident County Union Vern. C. Akin ll ' ulouiia Treasurer V. M. C. . . Presi- dent Blaine County Club Roy R. C. rver .... Giffonl. .hkansas R. H. Brett Aidmorc Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Ruf Neks; Congress; Cheadle Bar Cl. ude Monnet Norman Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho; Pe-et ; Phi Delta Phi; Varsity Tennis; Varsity Debate; Athenaean; Or- atorical Council; Cheadle Bar; Letzeiser Medal ; V. M. C. A. Cabinet sinnci ETaTb La L FRESHMAN LAW OFFICERS l,..i:,iii, Si irritt, lliill. Nathax ScARRin President Garrett Logax . . . . Vice-President Jllia Hall Secretary JoHV Hodges .... . . Treasurer cr u c ET IT IT cr cr c or c u IT ET C " cr cr C " cr d c IT U Xx (j d C cr nmnci i BM, p p p ra la bbb " 3vrO0MEPv D D 7) H " D 73 H D 7) H U D H T) 1] H " 0 T3 7} 7) 71 7) 7) 71 7) H 7J 7) Freshman Law Aaron Herrv Cushiii, Julia Halt Purl!, .hkansus Alpha Camnia Helta; V. W. C. A. William ' . Crixe . . . 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Beach Morris Phi Gamma Delta; Battle Axe; Foster Bar Natiiax S. Scarritt ...... Norman Phi Delta Theta ; Phi Beta Kap- pa; Monnet Bar; Athenaean; President Freshman Law Class; Captain R. O. T. C. Jim Reimiardt Duncan Knip Bar Bere D. Paine Miami Phi Kappa Psi ; Athenaean ; Kulp Bar; Ottawa County Club W. M. Tavi.or Ciis iini Forum ; Boke Bar l) x]» Parsons UosKetl r cr 17 17 cr IT 17 D- 0 " (7 C (T (7 U IT E7 cr C7 cr cr C " (7 C " cr u cr 17 cr u c P P p ra ■D " u " D ■3 D 7) 7) " 0 H " D TI " D D T) D U " D 7) H H -3 7) T) TI " D 7) H b b b b b b b, v O0NER. Freshman Law R. G. Stevens Lcxiiujton Psi Cpsilon; Ruf Neks; Monnet Bar; Gobs ' Club L. H. Cates ■ ' ' " Delta Sigma Delta J. M. M. Robertson- Punctl F _ Congress; Blackstoiie Bar " 7 George R. Taylor Cashing J Gob ' s Club; Boke Bar Harrv Wofford .... Sliainroik. Tcf:as yc » Freeman Burford Tulsa Wt 1 Phi Delta Theta; Phi Alpha Delta; Oratorical Council; Fo- rum; Monnet Bar; Lieutenant .. . R. O. T. C. P ■ ■ A Moody R. Tidvvell, Jr Miami Kappa Sigma Leslie Guinn Hennessey B k V. J. Waite Broken Bow Monnet Bar; Athenaean ; Amer- ican Legion George W. Miller Potua City tS Kappa Sigma; Monnet Bar; Phi T 9 Alpha Delta |P» x " i Luke W. Wilco.v Enid k " iv Acacia; Cheadle Bar At Jesse Pullen Davis 13 La t3 13 c u tr c w ir IT u cr cr u IT C " C7 cr tr C7 C " u cr D " U cr cr cr cr cr g ' n m 13 p p ra Freshman Law Angls M. ' oodford Enid Beta Theta Pi ; Delta Sigma Rho; ' arsit.v Debate ' 18, ' 19, ' 20, ' 21 ; Oratorical Council EiCENE Chastain LtiKlon Delia Sigma Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; MonnetBar; Congress Mil ES Ci. TOI.RERT . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon llohart b b b b b b b vTOONEP b b b b La b b a U U U C C IT GT IT IT C D " C U tr c cr cr c u u u cr 17 cr n cr Kari. B. W ' acvfr .... Monrll. Missnuri Sigma .Alpha Epsilon V. J. CiiESiiER Norman Phi Kappa Psi Mil ION B. Comanche .Acacia ; Phi Alpha Delta ; .Athen- aean ; Blackstone Bar; Interfra- ternitv Council; Goh ' s Cliih; V. M. C. A. CiEnRCE M. Sherman .... Tahlcquah Sigma Alpha Mu ; Forum; Black- stone Bar ; Menorah Society Paul X. John ' STOX Sliam:nee Kappa Sigma; Pe-et; Alpha Kappa Psi; Varsity Football ' 18, ' 19, ' 20; President .All-Senior Class; V. M. C. A. Cabinet Robert J. Bei.i MiAlester Phi Delta Theta; Chi Chi Chi; Phi .Alpha Delta; Student Coun- cil ; Interfratcrnity Council ; President Oratorical Council ; Mystic Keys; Blue Pencil; Blackstone Bar; Pittsburg Coun- ty Club; President Congress; SooxER Staff ' 20; President Dem- ocratic Club Ci.AinE .A. FERfiisos . . . Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi; .Athenaean ; Kulp Bar l.dWEi I P. V ' eai.e . . Brickinridt e, Texas Delta Sigma Delta; Monnet Bar; .Athenaean JOHN II. Camrei.i Tulsa Sigma .Alpha Kpsilon; Phi -Al- pha Tau ; Pc-et ; Battle Axe ; Monnet Bar; Boomer Football ' 16; President All-Freshman Class ' 16; Class Football ' 19. ' 20; Chairman Senior Social Committee w ■0 H " D D ■n 1 ■a :j b b b b b bl OOISERJa bbbbbbbB Freshman Law Harrv W. Mei.ton Miiiii iuti Greer County riuh; Kulp Knr R. W. Wallace A. «-«« Phi Ciamma Oelta ; Battle Axe JniiN ' Russell Wiiitnev . Ohlalmma City Blackstone Bar Jess W. Hoke Stillwater Kappa Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Phi Delta Phi; Sooner Staff; University Magazine Staff; Pavne Countv Club Earl E. James Oklalintna City Phi Delta Phi; Kulp Bar; Athenaean Robert O. Masov Ouapaii ' Blackstone Bar; Gob ' s Club; American Legion ; Congress Georce D. Davis . c u u u u V c cr c cr JT U IT U cr IT cr G " U u cr El IT cr cr 0 " ' nmcici P P P fa bbb b bbb b b bbbb b PHI DELTA PHI niisr ]in V M.iselev. furi;ii.. Pni.t. Km. t v SKCONI) ROW: Thompson. Duffv. Vriu; Siiu " TllIKD KdW: Stalev. Everest, DMrrnugh, Willi rdlRTH ROW: Norman. Cantrell. Allen. .I,.i,: •ill. Tebbe. .James. Lint. Mnnnet. Huggins. ■ett. Loone.v. .Johnston. Honorary Legal I ' raternity Founded at Uni ersit - of Michigan 1869 Oklahoma 1911 DeAX J. C. MONNET ' lCTOR H. KULP AiDEx Allen Q. D. Curbs Ger.ald Terbe A. G. AViNDH.A.M j0.seph looxev r.av.moxd kverest Cl.aide Moxxet Robert K.ARL Prl ET JoHX HoDGFS ToHX MoSELE - P.Al L JOHX.STOX .1. E. Ixgersoll Jess Hoke FACULTY George H. Boke MEMBERS 1921 Thomas Normax johx currax Eugexe Jordax Erxest Thomas Van W. Stewart 1922 Charles Duffy A. H. Hlggixs Robert Siaioxs F. C. CoXRAD 1923 Nathax Scarritt (karrett L()G. x Forrest Darrolgh C. M. Johx B. Cheadle Roscoe E. Harper Dox Emery Floyd Staley Lee Welch Paul Suttox (iRover Jacobsex Rutherford Brett ALaurice Merrill Johx Thoah ' sox Dox Wilbaxks WlLLLVM CrUCE John Cantrell Conrad Mount Harley Ivy Earl James 77 IT C C (T tr c cr c- or u cr u cr n [1 cr c u cr nnnm FPF 13 13 U H ■0 ;d " 0 " D " 0 H " D " n " D ■D H T) " D H " D T) -0 TJ rg 13 PHI ALPHA DELTA FIRST ROW: Butler. McR;ie. .Ti nes, Fiillim. Ui ' lislc. Kiiniuv. Odeii, Cliiie, Conway. SECOND ROW: Ca.sev. Stout. ArmstroiiE, Chapi ell. Ogilvie. hauteret. Luster, Leahy, Seitz. THIRD ROW: Chastain, Muldrow, Abernath.v, Miller. Selby. Willis. Salter, Bailey. Bell. FOURTH ROW: Curtis. Holland, Powell, E. Catlett. Long. S. Catlett. Morri.s. Burford. Ratliljun. Professional Legal Fraternity Founded at Kent College of Law 1897 Oklahoma 1916 C. L. Armstrong Rex Belisle Tho?ilas C. ' VSEY St. xlev Catlett WiLLi.AM Clixe L. Aberxath ' i ' Joe Curtis Tom Hollaxd Dewey Lister Robert Bell Warrex Bailey Freemax Burford Eugexe Chastaix Luke Wilcox ' Pledge MEMBERS 1921 (jILbert Fultox Philip Kramer Hermax Lauteret Rogers Leahy 1922 Clarence McRae joHx Powell Preston Rathbux Leslie Salter 1923 Jesse Long Miltox Selby Raymoxd Stout Pail Simms Fraxk Ogil ie Adam Seitz Eugene Catlett Waldo Odex John Conway JoHX Butler Thomas Rible ' irgil Willis Earl Browx David Morris HoLLE • Anderson ' Dax Mitchell ALai RICE Robixsox ' (Ieorgi: Mii,i.i:r 01 CI !i 0 " iJ u c cr c- IT C7 u cr u u B n d cr cr cr bbbbbbb J OOfjEP 6bbbbbbb " d " D " 3 ■a T) 7} Tl U " D D H " 0 H -D D T] T) D H D TJ 11 i) " D " D Tl H ■a M ox NET BAR i f t. f, If % t f t TOP ROW: ir.iiris. I.ciaan, Dairoush. Wiiite. Sciinitt. Croiuh. MIDDI.K ROW: M.miit. Burford. Ciintrell. Wooilldrd. Miller, ( Mit.-h,- BOTTOM ROW: Chapijell. Stevens. Veiile. Tiilw.ll. Aiuliews. Bodovitz. Chast; OFFICERS Felix Bodovitz (jarri;tt Logax Chief Justice . . " Clerk CHEADLE BAR % % f f % If, J Ml II HI TOI- ROW: l ' .. vell. I ' .uiper. Ccim-iid, Wheatle.v. LiiiiK, I.uoiie.v. MIDDl.K ROW: Duftv, Willinms. .lueolweii, Chendle, Been, Moniiet, .Ion BOTTOM HOW: I, .hen, Kverest. Howard, Willis, Merrill. Huller. OI ' FICKRS JKssi: Long Cn. Ri.i " .s I) I rv Chii ' t Justice Clerk c cr c 17 cr c IT cr cr cr C " C " cr cr cr cr cr IT cr GT c cr IT U JT Ci cr cr nncid p P P fa b b b b b b b J s OgfjE bbbbbbbE 7) H ■0 73 " D " D U " 0 H 73 13 H ■D U " D -D 1} — ( li: Ti U T) TJ " D 13 KULP BAR Tor ROW: Ivv. .lames, Hndges. Mellon, Siiinll. II. .rK!,... BOTTOM ROW: Berry, Darrah, McNeil, Kiilp, Il.irtdii. Tr; OFFICERS Donald Darrah . Willi. .M 1 " . lor Chief Justice . . Clerk BLACKSTONE BAR % M TOP ROW: Cook, .Sherman, Rol insoii, Harper, Whitnev, AnderMin, Tavl.. BOTTOM ROW: Bell, Rutherford, King, Mills. Mason. (iaWe. Sehnefer. OFFICERS Holi.v Axdersox Mil.w King Chief Justice . . Clerk qcimci C cr c c n c IT cr c or c d c DT C c IT cr cr c cr D " IT U cr ET cr pppp is iLS n •D ■D D " D T3 D H " D T] -0 H 73 TJ H D -0 " D ■D 71 " D D 9 V IT C P ncinm iJ cr IT n i c " u cr nriptn 1 b b b b b b b b J% O0 IERJ b b b b b b b u D H u " 3 " 0 " 0 " D " D " 0 TJ " D " 0 X) " 3 " 0 p fAi?ArAcy I he profession of Pharmacy as it is now recognized has w ithin its scope more responsibilities and possibilities than most of the other professions. The pharmacist is respon- sible to the public for the purity of his drugs and the careful compounding of prescriptions. He stands between the chance errors of the physician and the harm that this error might do the patient. ' A continual advance is being made in the educational k V_ W ' requirements of the pharmacist and today the successful . b HjtaW ' druggist must have a good education of a professional W nature along with the business education that is necessary ■■t in any successful business. Pharmacy which was one of the leading professions during the Rennaissance is again D. B. R. Johnson coming to its own and today the druggist is one of the leading business men in every community. The druggist has an opportunity to improve the sanitary conditions of a community by studying its needs and suggesting the proper remedies needed through some unique system of advertising that will appeal to the people. He has an opportunity to develop a taste for good literature and music, to lead the boys into good clean athletics by the class of goods that he sells, for the simple reason that he is made a confidant by the majority of his customers. Now because of the influential position held by the druggist in every community it behooves us to search for the best and brightest boys and girls in this state to supply our drug-stores with well trained and competent help. The training of the students to meet the above condition is our ideal. By making this our ideal the school has developed rapidly and is now the largest school of Pharmacy in the southwest and one of the three largest in the United States. The State Board of Pharmacy working with the Oklahoma Pharmaceutical Associ- ation are trying to convince the State Legislators that a building costing $250 000 is not only needed but is rightly due the profession of Pharmacy in Oklahoma. Should they be successful, we hope to be able to state to you in the near future that we are the largest and best equipped School of Pharmacy in the United States. gunnel U cr c cr ff cr IT 0 " c- cr 0 " cr c u C " IT cr cr c cr cr cr p p p ra b b b b b b bls OOHERJa b b b b b b b D ■a 71 U " D -D D ■D ■D " D H D H " D D U TJ D 71 T) 7) 71 U 7) 71 71 7J 7) 71 SENIOR PHARMIC OFFICERS Kendall, Frogge. Harold O. Frogge . Katie Kendall President Secretar -Treasurer g qnci C U C U cr IT c IT (7 cr c GT cr u c cr cr cr c cr cr c cr IT u cr c cr cr p pg fa 71 Tl 7) T] D ■0 71 H 7) 71 71 7) 7) 7J 71 71 7) 7) 7) 71 71 71 7) 71 71 71 bbbbbbbj J OOmP bbbbbbbb Senior Pharmacy Rav Crism.w Liunnnl Phi Delta Chi; Baiui Cecil Butler CrisrrnI Pi Kappa Alpha " jPl Katie Kendall Slroiii C.ily i i Lambda Kappa Sigma ; Apoth- ecarians; DeBarr Cluh; ' . ' . Errol E. Tucker Nasli Apothecarians ft Clyde B. Tinkle Maud Apothecarians Ernest O. Reeder Hennessey _|| f s James A. Strickland Claremore Pi Kappa Alpha George Hazel Norman Phi Delta Chi _ J Richard L. Morton llennepi Phi Delta Chi; Apothecarians Robert N. Ross Carter jF i Phi Delta Chi ; Apothecarians ; Beckham Countv Club f .A 3LELELHLEL cr cr c V IT C U cr .r (T cr C " 0 " IT cr IT cr c c cr cr IT u cr u C " p p p ff yf U Lalala 7) ■D " 3 " D H " 0 7) " D U " D U •0 " D ■D TJ D T] T) T) D 7) " 3 D ■0 TI D j-r 13 (3 la La b ls u ui Senior Pharmacy Pun.ip C. AsHBV Ifa onoa Apothecariaii ; Cioh ' -. C ' liib; Band Earl E. C rv PiiJmonl Acacia; Phi Delta Chi; Apoth- ecarians ' iOLET Fei.kner Porter Lambda Kappa Sigma; Apoth- ecarians; V. V. C. A. Floyd Gray Oklahoma Cily Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Chi; Student Council Carl W. Wickmav Flitcher Apothccarians Marion E. Sheets Tonkav:a JosHLA Davis Carter Elise Foxvii.le Houston, Texas Chi Omega; Lambda Kappa Sigma ; Apothecarians Sam Arxoi.o CorJell Phi Delta Chi; Apothecarians; Men ' s C.lee Club Bruce Edwards Imes Apothecarians; Gobs ' Club nqcici cr u cr ir cr (7 cr u I cr c cr cr u u cr c cr cr u KT n cr cr ff cr PPFPM 1 b b b b iajJ OuiiL is b D 71 ■D ■3 " 3 T) H D H H " D -D -D 7) H -n ■D H ? H i) 7) H 7) D 7J U Senior Pharmacy Rov H. Bow H ' elumka Apothecarians Jacksox L. Pledger Norman Phi Delta Chi; Apothecarians George E. McGinty l.ovfll ' ay e Proctor If ' ooJivarJ Apothecarians; Gob ' s Club; Woodward County Club Perry H. Hettel . . . Corning, Arkansas Acacia; Phi Mu Alpha O. Harold Frogce .... Sand Springs Phi Delta Chi; Apothecarians; President Senior Pharinics William M. Thomas .... WoodiLard Phi Mu Alpha; Apothecarians; Band Victor Frank Wasielewski .... Tulsa Pi Kappa Alpha; Apothecarians La Verne D. Haffner Wagoner Gobs ' Club; Apothecarians Ernest South Mill Creek b b b b b b la yfOOHE b b b b b b b 71 7] -0 T] D 7) 7J TI il " 0 H -D D i] 7) 71 71 7) 7) 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 Senior Pharmacy Chester Warrex . . Pi Kappa Alpha loirx M. V. TSON ' Temple Phi Delta Chi; Apothecarian ; Band LiciLi.E Cooke Carter Forrest C. Rhoton Guymon Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Chi; Apothecarian ; ' arsitv Basket Ball N. Cranfill Thomas StiyUr Acacia; Apothecarian; Gobs ' Club Jam is S. Downing . Phi Delta Chi . . . Xorman Finis R. Pope Mani w- Acacia; Apothecarian; (5reer Countv Club John- M. Morrow Carmen Apothecarians Oscar S. Blrrow Okmulijee Phi Delta (Mii ; Okmulgee County Club; Apothecarians IT U C C V C cr cr c c Hickman Stone Spiro IT Acacia; Apothecarian IT IT cr u u u u cr IT cr cr n c c cr P PP 13 b b b b b b {n J O0tiEP b 3 b b b b b b B D ■3 " 3 " 3 ■D D D " D H D H Tl D Tl T) TJ ■D D -a T) T) TJ T) Senior Pharmacy Walter L. Shirley Tn i Beta Theta Pi ; Apothecarian ; Boomer Football; Sooner Staff Hugh D. Southwick Garber Apothecarian Roy Cain (Junior) Temple LoYD Harris (Junior) .... Manyum Phi Delta Chi Ralph A. Beecle (Junior) . . . Norman Phi Gamma Delta; Apothecarian Gretchen Gorman- (Sophomore) Oklahoma City Apothecarian Robert D. Quinn (Sophomore) . Guymon Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Chi; Var- sity Basket Ball Leslie A. WickmAn (Sophomore) . Fletrlicr Apothecarian Harvey Goi.dfeder (Sophomore) . . Hugo Menorah Society O. E. Birden (Sophomore) . . . Cache Apothecarian cr GT (T c rr c IT cr IT cr cr c cr XT r cr cr cr cr cr cr Cj cr I nciciin PPff pa bbbb b O0NER 6bbbbbbb I) T) 7) " 3 H ■D T) H D 7) H H D H H i] -3 D TI 7) ■D TI H -3 71 D ■0 71 7) FRESH.MAX PHAR.MIC OFFICERS Wade Cooley AIarguerite Walker President Secretarv-Treasurer nnnci P P P ra « i L.y ' l3 L. 7) ■D " 3 ■a " D i) T) U TJ " 0 H D U D H ■a " D H T) 7) 7] H -a TI 7J 7) Freshman Pharmacy Alex Leslie Inllrrs Effie Mae Maver II ' UIoil ' Waue H. Coolev Antlers LAUiA Lancdon Elmore C.ily Glover W. Ri es Gnv ' Pearl Corbett Norman Y. W. C. A.; Apothecarlan Harve E. Kinder Xash Marv F.. DeWitt r.ast lirajy. I ' ennsyl-c.mia Lambda Kappa Si ma ; " . . C. A.; Apnthecarian Earle }L zel Norman Phi nelta Chi LiLLiE Allex Norman Lambda Kappa Sigma Harry rAuciiEV Paii-nee Pal ' L Halil ' M Chkkasha Phi Delta Theta ncinci JE£. c cr rr GT c c D " F c cr GT cr C " cr cr c; 0 " n cr [J cr cr D 13 T) 71 -3 T) H U -0 D U D H D H 7] T) H D T) 7] D 7) 71 7) 7) 71 Tl 7} b b b b b b b OOHERJa b b b b La b b Freshman Pharmacy H S. Klostav Powell Sorman r Bit ' erle Nokthcltt Lixitujlon " Apothecariaiis; V. W. C. A. MW - ' " " " J ' - f OTTER Fori Cobh i Leslie C. Hartzell Imorila Kr ' ? ' ' • " ' , JC p H SiiEHMAN W. Wilson- hnks I W . i H Lawrence R. Harr lI ' onJ ' u.arA John Sewell Perry L , 1 J. S. Fretwell lintryilta ■ H K. P. I ' lioMPsov Mani iim Aputliecarians ; Clreer Count ' -V H Club P - ■E- H William 1 ' . I ' iiompsox lilak, ' - Gob ' null ■ y I llAit: Kennkhi W ' iihe .... Sii iilpa • - - ! Assistant Veil Leader . I ' Coyne Campbell Davidson %m ] c GT IT U C IT IT cr u tr c rr c cr IT c C " u u G " c IT 17 Xx d cr cr b b b b b b b4j£OONERj3 b b b b b J} » Freshman Pharmacy " D U EvE ' iETT H. Noi.TF. Curtis hh h «c ' , i ' lSSK? ' - C. p. Coats Inadarh, . a . i J Orvii.I-e T- Allen- Yrivrd T lj i Hv Carl Klick (.luroki,- U ' - Tl Edith Chapman- I.aiitnn Bfil " • ' % A ' -u, _ Lambda Kappa Sigma ; Women ' s f ' T B L.A ' J Athletic Association L M B Bi H F M ■_ Burke R. Owen Tnnpli- ■fc r 8 u " « 1 Emme-tt Boyle nadarkn F . ,- Phi Delta Theta " n U D. F. McLemore Mtiis " LE ' tRNE Walters Uia nu. tf- Verne E. Lyon . . . GooAman. Missoiui iflP ,-t ' •K TJ Paul F. Pearson Illits B «« m Phi Delta Chi; Band; Apothe- Ijfc J carians; Tackson Count Cliih , .j Harry Denison IJah,i i- - " Apothecarians ; Boomer Football . , wu i c cr c cr tr cr IT cr cr c c c tr DT c cr tr cr tr cr !ri cr IT u tr c cr Selelelel p p p ra U 12 LS L3 L3 13 |U ■a T) " 0 n B TI U " D ■D U ■D U TI T) TI T) T) T) T) T) TI T) TI TI 73 T) Freshman Pharmacy " u u M R.:iERiiE Walker Inllrrs U Lambda Kappa Sigma c cr . . . . Fairvwvj u IT CuAPLES Boone lirinkman Greer County Club; Aptithtcariaiis Siimi.EV Taylor IIOMf? Al.LEX LvLL M. Couch Har,iell Bailey. 1V)M W LKEK cicinci cnsJ J Se f u Ok ' ahoma City |rT IT rr . . . . Helena u cr . . A ' onnan cr .... Guthrie u en Mulberry. .Irkiinsas ' ' T u cr cr cr cr Ja p p p la L3 La U L3 13 " D ■a n H H u ■a ■a u D u ■D H TJ " D " 3 TJ " 0 LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA FIRST ROW: Kendall, Fonville. .lohnson. Allen. SECOND ROW: DeWitt, C ' liapmiin, Felkner. Wiilke Woman ' s Honorary Pharmaceutical Fraternity Founded at University of Oklahoma 1920 MEMBERS Honorary Mrs. D. H. R. Johnson 1921 Katie Kendall Elise P ' onville Violet Felkxer 1922 Edith Chapman Lillie Allen Mary DeWitt Marguerite Walker cr IT sr n 0 " cr c c cr n " ET C " C7 C " cr c D " tj [T cr cr cr cr nn nm ctfov SSJE-ELI Bi b b b b b b bl OOfjERJa b b b b b b b 7} T) " D Tl ■a T} D 71 H H T) Tl Tl D T) D T) D Tl T) T) T) T) TJ APOTHECARIAN CLUB Composed of All Members of the School of Pharmacy OFFICERS Earl Cary President Oscar Burrow Vice-President Gretchen Gorman Secretary Elise Fonville Treasurer flgn ' innn ' gliSfi V Mg c c u u tr V w cr c c c cr c IT IT ir cr cr C " u u u c 17 U U U C cr p pp n b b b b b b b:Krq2NE b b b b b b b 7) ■a u D B I ' . L ID ' H 7 °0 71 73 gggq cr cr IT c IT V C " c IT 0 " C " cr c c cr c- 0 " cr cr u u u u u u cr cr c PPFP " 3 " D U H 7J ■3 " 0 i] ■0 13 " D " D 73 D Tl T) " D U I! ■a 13 " D ■a u u c V IT cr cr c u c c u ..- 3J=J3JE bbbbb lvTOOMEPv bbbbbbbb " D " 3 " D T3 U " 0 H 13 I ' H " B 13 T) ■D U 13 " 3 il H ■a " D H h MEDICINE J he past year has w itnessed some remarkably satisfac- tory developments in connection with the work of the School of Medicine. The most significant happening — in fact, an epoch-making happening — was the advance- ment of the school to " A " Grade by the Council on .Medical Education. This was the goal toward hich we had been straining our efforts for a long time. From an educational and ethical point of view, we have complied with all the requirements of a school of the first class. However, in order to keep pace with the progress of medical education, and in order to render the service that the school should give to the medical profes- sion and the people of the State, it is necessary that our housing facilities be quickly improved so that we may At the moment that this is written an effort is being made to secure a sufficient appropriation for the construction of a medical building at Oklahoma City on the fifteen-acre campus set apart by the Legislature as a home for the medical department. If it materializes the result will be, in my judgment, highly satisfactory in every respect. It will make it possible to ha e all the medical students under one roof, and they will breathe an atmosphere of medicine from the very time they enter the medical school. Through the hospital we are caring for a vast number of sick people too poor to pay a doctor bill, and who come to us from various parts of the state. Calculated upon a money basis only, $80,000 would be a very conservative estimate of the value of service which the members of the Faculty render every year without pay of any material kind. It is the ambition of the School of Medicine to keep its work upon a high plane so that it will be at least on a par with the other departments of the University, and second to no medical school in the country ; to send well-trained nurses and doctors out over the state — men and women who will carry with them not only technical knowl- edge, but wisdom as well ; to make the School of Medicine and associated hospital the center of medical progress in this state — the center to which all the doctors of the state and all the people who are interested in health advancement are welcome. LeRoy Long have adequate quarters. cr d c c cr rr n IT cr c c cr u cr IT cr cr cr u cr cr cr C7 cr cr n cr cr ct n t n n p p p fj BUIb b b b b 02NERj3 b b b b b b b D 71 T3 U U H TI D " D ■a D ■D D TJ •D 7J D D 7J D 7} SENIOR .MEDIC OFFICERS JosKi ' ii ] I. (]i;()Rr,i: |c)HX R. Riui) . rifsuk-nt Secit ' tar -TreasLirer £LEI£LEl si £i : l f S a£ cr f7 Ci 17 cr IT c c c IT c cr cr c IT IT cr cr C " u cr u cr D " U cr u cr cr cr cr 13 pp ra b b b b b b b!} vTOOMER. (abbbbbbblS " d T) 7) " 3 ■D 13 il m 71 1] H U H D D H •n D H 7) 71 H 7) 71 7) 7) 7) Senior Medicine Ei.Lls Moore Ohlulinma City Acacia; Alpha Kappa Kappa J. B. ESKRIDGE, Jr Il ' ittl iirforil Kappa Sigma; Flii Beta Pi Lassie Wiggins Philologiaii ; Secretary Senid Medic Class JOHV " . NCE Bl.AlR . . . Alpha Kappa Kappa Ostit r Joseph Mathews George Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kap- pa; President Senior Medic C lass Alpha McAdams Bes H. Coolev Fori irorl i. T..xw Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Pi; Riif Neks; Sooner Staff Ci.AiiuE B. NoRRis Piiliau Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Pi Jacob Raymond Hinshavv . . . h Alpha Kappa Kappa; (heck- mate; ' icc-President Senior Medic Class qR«=iq c GT c u cr IT rr cr cr cr C " cr cr DT IT ir cr cr cr C7 cr G " cr D " Cj GT cr cr cr cr cr fep p p fat ■a •a ■D D D TJ D H " D H D H H H D il ■D D H D D ■a J v CWrttK 13 l3 l3 La La ta b iJfc l £r Senior Medicine Charles L. Browv . . Phi Beta Pi . O ' ary Thomas .Iohn B ki! . . . OhUihoma City Alpha Kappa Kappa Emmeit O. Makiiv Rifti-y Alpha Kappa Kappa; Red Red Rose Setii R. Medley .... Okialioma ' .ily Alpha Kappa Kappa John R. Reid Slair Phi Beta Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Red Red Rose; Treasurer Senior Medic Class; Jackson County Club J. F. Sargent Ohlahnma City Alpha Kappa Kappa B. R. HuxTER Oklalinma City Kappa Slfinia ; Phi Beta Pi TlllODOKE (i. WAII.S . SiRina Nu; Phi Beta Pi; Pe-et; Checliinate ; Mystic Keys ; Stu- dent Council ; Red Red Rose c rr V u G " c c IT ET cr c C7 c- cr u c C " cr c Ij ET li C cr cr or T7i 21(i L- 3Db3 Ll J OQntyi b b b b c n n D ■D 1] D TJ 71 U 7) H H B 7] D 7) 7] 7) 7) 7) D 7) 7) 7) 7) 7J JUNIOR MEDIC OFFICERS Sullivan, Rulile Clarence B. Sllliwax . Clyde Ruble . President Secretai -Treasurer gi f LQ n n b b b b b b bl OOHERja b b b b b b b i) T) TJ Tl Tl " D H " D " D H D 7] " D 7) 1] Tl " D 1] D H U 7) 7) 7) 7) 71 73 Junior Medicine RiCH RD Sol TAR Oklahoma City Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Pi; Sigma Delta Psi Pastor R. Sapixoso . . Phili ine Islands Jessr Fields Diviry Sigma Nu; ' ire-Presi leMt Junior ■J Medic Class I.Fn ARn A. Myers Jet Phi Beta Pi Alsh Sandex .... Ilanlnnloixn. loiia Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta Pi (;eor ;e Clvoe Ruble Ifat cnrr Sigma Alpha Epsiloii ; Phi Beta Pi; Riif Neks; Secretan - Treas- liier Junior Medir Cla s 1.. 1.. KLostERsnER Perry Phi Clanuna Delta; Phi Beta Pi; Phi Mu Alpha; ]: r, Hounds c cr cr cr cr cr cr c GT c cr c D " IT c cr c- cr cr cr cr cr Cj IT (7 cr cr cr nnnci p p ff n b b b b b b bls O0 IERJ b b b b b b b T) " D 1} H H D T) T) 1] D H T) 7] T) T) H " D 7) 71 7) 7) 7) 71 U 71 7) Junior Medicine Rali ' H McGili. Balisvi lr. .Irtiiiisas Phi Gamma Delta ; Phi Beta Pi ; Chi Chi Chi; Mystic Kevs; Jazz Hmmds Charlfs y. Young Ilniiu-ssiy Acacia ; Phi Beta Pi ; Sooner Medical Association N. P. Ei.EV . . Norman Phi Beta Pi H. Wvand U ' ooiiixaiJ Phi (iamma Delta; Phi Beta Pi; Phi Mu Alpha; Pe-et; Tazz Hounds; Men ' s Glee Cliili; " Sec- ond Letzeiser Medal 1919 Clakence Sullivan ' Colony Phi Beta Pi; President Junior Medic Class Price M. Walker If ' iuo. Tixtis Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa Marvin D. Henley Blucjarkct Kappa Sigma; Alpha Chi Sig- ma; Phi Beta Pi; Pe-et cr cr cr c c « gi u C C IT C cr cr cr u c G " c 17 ET cr cr cr u P ' PPia fr " bbbj v QOHER. 13 ■D T3 D U H H " 0 7] T) H Tl " D U •d U ■3 " D T3 ia 13 la La La l3 Is yyj tr SOPHOMORE MEDIC OFFICERS McNeill, Peny, BroiKiugh. JoHX Perry Presidfiit Phil McNeill Vice-President Wayne Broxalgh . . . Secretary-Treasurer g.ciP n n cr ' sy nJ:S ii aP _!n IT 17 17 C (7 (7 C7 C C U u cr u 17 c p f= i3 b i3 L3 (3 iJ |j ' Tv ' O0lj l»f »j3 l3 i3 t T) ■D ■a " D T) T) D TJ 73 H " 3 H D D H " 0 D H D TI H " D " 3 " 0 Sophomore Medicine David B. Stltsm.w . Shn-vr ' orl, l.ou ' uiuna Sij;ma Nu ; Phi Beta Pi George L. Boreckv . . . Okla ioma City Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Sooner Medical As ocia- tion ; Orchestra Charles E. White Muskoiic,- Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa William F. Llnsfokd Potiau Acacia; Alpha Kappa Kappa; LeFlore County Club LaRue Moore irdmorc Phi Beta Pi; Athcnaean ; Sooner Medical Association ; Carter County Club W. Banks Fuller Marlow M. T. Means Claremore Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Sooner Medical Asso- ciation John " C. Perry Tulsa Acacia; Phi Beta Pi; Men ' s Glee Club; President Sophomore Medics; Vice-President All-Sen- ior Class John F. Burton Laii ton Sigma Nu ; Alpha Chi Sigma; Chi Chi Chi; Checkmate; Inter- fraternitv Council ; Student Council Barclay E. Dozier Pond Creek Acacia ; Sooner Medical Associa- tion ; President Grant County Club ii C C cr tr cr F IT tr G " cr ff u c C " cr tr u c c cr cr CI CI ct M JE. bbbbbbb vTOOHEPviabbbbLabb T) D " D Tl -3 i) D TJ H H D H D D T] H H D Tl D -3 D T) T) D 7) aLsLaH Sophomore Medicine F. M. LlVCENFELTER Phi Beta Pi Oklahoma City Stark M. Casper Kansas City, Missouri Alpha Kappa Kappa G. Earl CJarside Slririijloix.n Alpha Kappa Kapjia Pmi.iF M. McNeill lllus Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Pi; Band; Orchestra; Jackson Coun- ty Club; Vice-President Sopho- more Medicine Class Siir M Lall Saiujor City India Wayne Bronalgh Hugo Kappa Alpha; Phi Beta Pi Jldah Lee Oklahoma City Sigma Alpha Mu VlRClL G. Presson . Pof ' lur llliiff. Missouri Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Beta Pi c c 17 C cr IT c IT cr IT u c c u tr c cr cr cr £7 cr u c 17 tl [7 C7 C cr cr tr P P P 13 b b b b b b blJ ' OOfjERJa bbbblabblS T) 71 D -3 D H D TJ H H D H D H 7) H 7) 7) 71 7) 7) 7J Sophomore Medicine j. Sims Norman .... Trenlon. Texas Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa KlRHAXD P.VRKS IT itlllinforj Phi Beta Pi Wii. ' .iAM E. Eastland . . Oklahoma City Phi Kappa Psi ; Phi Beta Pi Paul Mote af ' ul ' a Fhi Delta Theta ; .Alpha Kappa Kappa; Sooner Staff J. E. Kanatser S iaivnef Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Pi; Sooner Medical Association Paul H. Power . . . Goldl nvaile, Texas Phi Beta Pi Osc R White Shawnee Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Pi R. Vahlberg . . . Oklahoma City Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kap- pa ; Varsity Track ; Cross Coun- tiy Merl C. Clift Blackwell Sigma Nu ; Varsity Track IT cr cr IT IT cr cr c c c u IT c IT cr IT u u u cr 17 cr cr u c rappn bJ UJI bJ h J " ETaJ ' OC-f Tt»rv u ujTaTa " FRESHMAN MEDIC OFFICERS Doty, Crick, Shulu L. E. Crick President Cooper Shi ler ' ice-President Dora Dotv Secretary-Treasurer .1 IT cr cr tr u cr cr (j cr c cr u k U L3 U L ■D " a ■D 7} " a " D " D 13 ■D ■D H " D ■D ■0 U " 3 U u ■3 7] Freshman Medicine Henkv Morrison Norman SiKina Chi ; Phi Beta Pi H. P. KUCrimmon Xonii ' tn Phi Beta Pi L. E. Crick Marslinll. Missouri Alpha Kappa Kappa Jesse (Joi.dkeder Ilur o Menorah Society Kewetii Jennings M ir oii- Phi Beta Pi Roy Taylor Diiranl Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Kap- pa; Ruf Neks; Student Cciuncil Dora Doty Roi rrs. Arkansas Delta Gamma; Pierian; Wom- en ' s Council ; V. W. C. A. Cab- inet; Secretary-Treasurer Fresh- man Medic Class; DeBarr Club O. C. Armstrong ross . " Mpha Kappa Kappa E.MERY Ai.LiNG orman . Ipha Kappa Kappa Charles Lindrero . . . Oak Pari; Itlhiois O. C. Standiker Etl; City Jerome Ale.vander Irdmorr Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Kappa Kappa Cooper Shiler Durani Sigma Chi ; Alpha Kappa Kap- pa ; Ruf Neks; Vice-President Freshman Medic Class ciVW ' ' b b b b b b " OOHER. (bbbbbbb .-ll ■3 " 3 ■D 13 H D TJ " D H " 0 U D U ■a U n " D T) TI TJ ■0 TJ •a 5tl£! Freshman Medicine S i r! Adams Pryor Congresv m;;n, F. nninME,nv . . Oklahoma C.ily . M. r. A. I ' Jldi.rv a. Wood Iila ki;.,ll Sigma Xii; Plii lieta Pi Lewis B. CoRnriTT Sorman Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa I.Mi.E C;. Xeai Iila,kK,-ll Siffina Nil ; Phi Beta Pi : Phi Alpha Tan; Ja H(lund R.w E. BuLi.ARD Snrman Leo C. Murray Manilntt Alpha Kappa Kappa SiiAisn ' Ai.DERAs . . . P iili ftpitir Islands Stamei Cai.i.aiiav It ' Uhurlon Phi Delta Theta ; Phi Beta Pi; ' arsity Track ' !S- ' 20; Riif Neks lUi;ii n. Sinrs orman Alpha Kappa Kappa Fi.O ' A A. Wright Snrman (IMRIFS P. Pxrvmore Dunian I nils II. Ki)Misso ( ' .nmi:ay S rin s. Kansas Phi Kappa Psi ; Phi Beta Pi; Blue Pencil; Rvif Neks; Varsity Wrestling ' 20 c c cr c cr cr ir C " cr XT G " u cr C " C " u c u cr 17 ■J ppppffe b b b b b L OOMER. Bbbbbbbb 13 1 1 " i H ■0 T " L 7) It 1 D U " D ■3 7J U " D ■a ■a ir-SJUifLlKfTHlJ t fs - UNBERGATURmGER. ' 4. J ♦.♦ DOTY BULURP SllVlflO VALDERAS a Ci lj cr cr c sr ST U or C " IT U U C " cr ij " or u 3 " u G " 0 " 1 u cr gcinci P P ff pa ti PHI BETA PI 0 " Professional Medical Eraternit c 1 " oundeii at L tii ersity of Pittsburg Oklahoma 1012 Members 6 ?20 Number of Chapters .■»2 rr FACULTY cr LeRov Long (lAvi-REE Ellison L. A. Ti rley 0 " A. W. White M. Roland A. A. Will R. E. LOOKEY W. Langstox L. J. Moorman IT H. C. Todd Lea Riely C. H. TA ■LOR c A. D. ' ouxG Horace Reed R. AL Howard A. C. HlRSCHIIKI.D D. W. (jRIFFITH 1 CK (]able c Tom Bo- d Lester Murdock E. E. Lain C " J. S. H-ARxroRi) Charles Rerr V. K. West O. B. Hays u MEMBERS IT cr GT C. L. Brown- 1921 B. H. COOLEY j. U. ESKRIDGE ie. R. H INTER C. B. Norris j. R. Reid T. G. Wails IT 1922 u N. P. Eley M. D. Hexley L. KlOSTERXHER u R. McGiLL Leonard M-iERS Cl. renci: Si lli -. n u R. G. SOUTAR CHAIU.ES ' OING Hesler ' ■s. N•D Clyde Ruri.k Al STIN S ANDEN u Dave Stuts.mav 1023 Kirk Parks ' lRGII, PrESSON Phil McNeill ■ NE Hrox.mgh ' ll.l.lAM Eastland n John- PERR • Oscar Vhite L Ri i: Moore n j. I ' .. K. natser 1 024 cr Al ji wives 111 KM N McCrIM.MON I)i l)l.l: VooD 11. r. Morrison W. ( ). .Armstrong I.Aii.i: Neal c JOHN IloMISSON .• gni: W m.ker SlXNI.IA ' C. 1.I,. HAN C " ctfow iggj ba J p. p p EJr Xlk y JK s 3 b b b b b b b j A C INCKJ abbbbbb — ■E 1 D c D Ci H z 71 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA u ■a c " D Professional Medical Fraternity z T) Founded at Dartnioiith College 1889 Oklahoma 1920 IT T) Membf ■s 8027 Number of Chapters 42 tr C7 " D FACULTY T3 M. J. Stone J. Z. Gaston . Wells A. L. Blesh F. J. Bolend E. P. Allen U A. B. Chase C. E. Clymer R. G. Bolend (7 13 W. A. Fowler L. M. Sackett J. E. Heatley E. F. Davis J. W. MoRLEDGE U IT U MEMBERS IT 71 1921 C i] Thomas Barr ji.HN Blair Seth Medley C " Jacob Hinshaw Emmet ALartin Joseph George 71 John F. Sargent Ellis Moore C 7) 1922 Price ] Lars VALKER 0 " 17 7) 1923 c 7) Ernest ' ahlberg William Ll nsford Mi:l in Means George Boreckv Sims Norman Stark Casper cr 7] 7) 7) Earl Garsides C. J. Alexander Pall Mote Charles E. White 1924 Orville Armstrong James Thompson Emery c cr 71 Leo Murray Lawrence Northcltt Roy Taylor u 7] Cooper Shiler High Stites Lloyd Crick Stanley AVildman Kj 7) ricilge cr 71 c 7) C " 7J " Sfl c 3L n CI CI CI CT? ii fegiwvie Saf pp FP Irni vr A x U 13 L3 7} " d •d 7) " 3 ■D 73 H 7) 7J 7J H 7} 71 71 7) Is C3 13 13 La ; Lj 71 7) 7) 7} U 7J D FIRST HOW: Mcuire, Lunsford, Means, Tiivlur, White. SKCOXI) KOW: Corbett. Alexander, Armstrong, Norman, Casper, Walke THIKI) KOW: Sargent. Northeutt, Mote. Stites, FOURTH ROW: Murray. Criek, Shuler, Ailing, Vahlherg, Martin. FIFTH KOW: Blair, Barb, George, Oarside, Boreekv. tr cr ij cr cr u IT rr cr (T C " cr IT rr cr u tr u C " c Ij cr cr c c G " q q q q q - gJS V ltg .Lt C " I ' SA Asm.EY Ai.viA B. Canary C.usli-r City C Gladys Fn.v Senior Nursing c C7 C V Rebecca King Hynntwood It President Student Council of a Nurses ' Training School GT IT C C C U c £7 CT C C C C CT c cr tr u cr c 0 " c Clarice Robertson Mamie Reynolds Peak:. Hi nscomb . . Shainnre Dallmrt. Texas Slaylon. l(xas CJoLOLV IIermanstokfer .... dishing Student Council of Nurses I ' rainin); School nanci Ml!!J P P ff fa 1 b b b b ta J UUriiLKB l3 jj la la la b bp Bi.AN ' CHE Cook 13 " D ■D D il 7) " D H H tl -D D D 7) H H H D H H 7) 71 i) H SLelelelei Senior Nursing Oklalioma City Ci.EO Brittain . . V,-Ai-raishui, . Maiytand Anna Lou Parsons (Intermediate) Coaltjatc Student Council of Nurses ' Train- ing School MArriE King (Intcnnediate) Oklahoma City President Intermediate Nurses ' Class Bl ' RNACE Adams (Intermediate) Lonr Wolf Violet Bichel (Intermediate) Oklalioma Cily Ei.berta Caesar (Intentiediate) . Snyder S £2: l Ii Qi . " ■PPia g mcin b b b b b b bilx OOHER. U 1 3 1- O LIJ " 3 T) 71 " 3 " d 13 " D " 0 H TJ H U D 1] D ■D ■Q D 7) 7) T) ■D 71 D 7) 7J qqgiq la p p fa b b b b b b bls OONERJa b b b b La u is 7} T) 71 " 3 -t) 73 D D H D H 7) 71 7] 7) H 71 7) 71 D D 71 71 7) 7) ? 71 7J D toi An-ttinAMrj ' FRIDAY fiirac tit jsor r - mmwmnwwnm ' i ' tir i x nrj Or .xtii.i c cr c GT IT IT C C (T fi tr C U F C £7 cr C7 C7 C C cr c cr cr cr cr c cr nnnm p p p ra 236 1 H ■D ■D •0 H " 0 U -Q D H H D ■Q D Tl D 71 " 3 H D ■D D PlIF.LAS The School of Educition is located in the Education Building. It was first organized as a subordinate school in the College of Arts and Sciences in 1909. In Septem- ber, 1920, it was established as a separate school. Its general purpose is to provide the professional training necessary for teachers. Its specific aims are: first, in co- operation with the College of Arts and Sciences to pre- |iare teachers thoroughly in two or more academic sub- jects and give them the professional training necessary to make their teaching effective; second, to prepare teachers of education and psychology for normal schools and col- leges; and third, to present such courses in theory, his- tory, and administration of education as will b;. valuable to principals, superintendents, and other edLicational ad- ministrative officers. The faculty of the School of Education consists of the President of the University, the Dean of the School of Education, one professor, one associate professor and si. assistant professors ; three supervisors for the practice school and the instructors in other departments of the College of Arts and Sciences in the University who give teachers ' courses. The School of Education includes work in the following departments offering gen- eral and professional training for teachers: Psychology, History of Education, School Administration, Principles and Practice of Teaching, Art, Industrial Education, Home Economics, Bacteriology, Botany, Chemistry, English, Geology, Government, Greek, History, Latin, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Physiology, Sociology, and Zoology. The Jimior and Senior High School occupies the first floor of the Education Build- ing. On the second floor there are six class rooms and the administrative offices of the School of tlducation. The third floor contains a large assembly room, the psycholog- ical laboratory and recitation room. The School of Education maintains a department of educational investigation and experimentation known as the Department of Measurement, Efficiency and Standardi- zation. Assistance is given in conducting local surveys of the schools of the State. A psychological clinic has also been established to provide diagnosis of educationally and mentally unusual children and for the training of expert examiners and teachers of such children. The School of Education also maintains a department of religious education whose object is to train leaders and workers in the church and church schools. A bureau of vocational guidance is also maintained. " I EDUCATIONc il IT cr cr cr IHJELSl b b b b b b bi s pOHE? b b b b b b b T) ■D T] TI " D H D 7) D H D H Tl D D TJ Tl 7) 7) Tl Tl T) Tl Tl T) Tl T) Senior Education IIriene Cordov Edmond Alpha CJamma Delta; Women ' s lilee Cluh: Eudelphiaii li) Hoi.i Zcta Tail Alpha n. J. MOMCAL Norman Elaine Harris Pav;huska Chi Omega : Women ' s Pan-Hel- lenic; Student Council; V. W. C. A. Cabinet; Owl and Trian- gle ; Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion ; President Women ' s Coun- cil ; Philologian Nell Perkinsov S ' orman Delta Psi Kappa ; Y. W. C. A. ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; I.ns Dos Americas Edith Cralle Norman Chi Omega ; Delta Psi Kappa ; Women ' s Athletic Association ; Y. W. C. A. Phi Delta Kappa; Oratorical Council ; Forum Maide I.ourv Norman . W. C. A. Cei ' ii. Moore Kt-ota Alpha Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; V. W. C. A.; Philologian I iRiLji R. Heesox Chiikaslia Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi ; Men ' s CJIee Club ; Websterian ncinci GT IT C cr c IT c u IT U cr c cr c tr cr u u c cr Ij cr IT cr c rr (T cr B JB " 0 ■D y 7) li H D D 1] ■D " B " D T) " D -D Tl ■3 y 1 b b b b ; u uncPv Senior Education LotasE Cook Clmntali H Delta Delta Delta; Kappa Delta vQ Pi; Philologian ' ' f Kathrvn Lee Laxcston . If ' ii illii. Katisiis J Alpha Chi OrneRa; V. V. C. A.; Meletanian Kh«ti,E Barrett Illiis Alpha C ainma Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Eudelphian; V. V. C. A.; Entre Nous; Las Dos Amer- icas; 0«1 and Triangle Dorothy Barth lirokm .hroii: Delta Gamma ; Las Dos Ameri- cas; Y. W. C. A. Stei.i.a Schoggen Norman F. F. Gaither nil km y President Murrav Countv Club Nadin ' e Bryan- Norman h - DociA Hansen Il ' all, ' - Delta Delta Delta; V. W. C. A.; Entre Nous; Philologian Ruby Nethery Xormaii " V 3 Wm Jessie Glenn Bullock Arlisia, Ni-i;: M,xiio Zeta Tau Alpha L3L3 L t:3 cr 0 " cr cr C JT GT c c c (7 cr cr IT cr c- 0 " C " C " C " cr IT cr cr n cr c cr ncinci r nn " 3 " 0 H ■D " 0 13 D TJ " D U " D U ■0 H U H " 0 ■a " D ■D Tl TJ ■a 71 T) D " 3 7) Senior Education Makv Jo Foui.rr Tis wmiiit o Delta Gamma; Owl and Trian- gle; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Wom- en ' s Pan-Hellenic Council ; Treasurer Senior Cl ass; Pierian W ' hiiomema Maisch Xiiikirk Entre Nous; Las Dos Americas; y. w. c. A. F.i.l ABETii Keller Li-xhii lon Delta Oamma ; Zetalaethean ; V. V. C. A. Helen Ross Oklahoma City Pi Beta Phi ; V. W. C. A. MAKIO.V tiRANT ; Rino Alpha Gamma Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Y. V. C. A.; Eudcl- phian ; Las Dos Americas NL R ,ARRT E. ' OODS If ' ilcli . W. C. A. K A Willi KHLKST Irdinore CJamma Phi Beta; Oratorical Council; Eiulelphian; Carter County Cluh; V. W. C. A. W ' li.iiF McKi E Maniiiiin (irrir CoiintN Cluh BlK E llERKlN EdmoiiA Kappa Delta I ' i ; I ' orum noK ' iiin W ' liriEioKi) . . . Oklalwma C.ily Delta (iamnia; Oratorical Coun- cil ; Las Dos Americas ; Kappa I elta Pi; Zctalcthean; Women ' s Pan-IIelleMic Council cr c cr u XT c rr cr cr u u ■ 17 IT 17 17 U cr g « g g» P P P fa u ■D " D ■D " D D T) " 0 D " D H T) Tl TJ T) 71 " D ■a D " D " 0 TJ b b b b b b b,| jy»grjERj 3 b b b b b b b Senior Education Irene Avibrister Norman i -.r . ' -o r; i Pi Keta Phi ; " . W. C. A. Mks. Beui.ah Wilkins .... litiukwitl - . t Kappa Delta Pi l " OROTHV Wai.ier Tonkaim C5aninia Phi Beta ; Entre Nous ; . f Philologian Stella Sanders Oklahoma City Entre Nous ; Las Dos Americas ' ' Cora McClain Bombarger . . . Sapuipa 9 , % Paul N. Campbell . Hiijtjinson, Arkansas S " 1 Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Rho; ' ' • Phi Delta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi ; Athenaean ; Oratorical Coun- cil ; Varsitv Debate ta ' ' .A Louise Hale Norman ■ • Blue Pencil; Kappa Delia Pi; Bessie Johns Kosoma •Jt ' Anoa Browning (Junior) .... Geary a a| H Alpha Gamma Delta; Y. W. C. A. H " Margaret Stevenson (Junior) . . Sallisa w Jf , Chi Omega; Pierian; Las Dos • 4 Americas ' ggggq c c u u c u c c IT c cr ff G " cr G " ST or ar 17 G " G " G " (7 U IT U iT J J G " gppfatr b b b b b b b QC?HER b b b b La b b Junior Education Besse Roselrs Noble Ceara Eichhorv Sorman Oiknnnmia Louise Vin - S ' oijiata Kappa Delta Pi; Philologian; Entre Nous ; V. V. C. A. Cordelia Stavui.ev Okiina i Kappa Kappa Gamma; V. W. C. A. Ellen- M. Bowles Perry Alpha Chi Omega; Emlelphian; Y. W. C. A. Olson I.. Anderson Carney Delta Sigma Delta; Blue Pencil; Las Dos Americas; Business Op- portunity Club; Websterian ; Gob ' s Club Ll ' cile W ' estfall Ch ' ukasha Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Council ; Zetalethean ; Sociology Club; Cirady County Club Norma jo nou ;nERrv .... Muskogee Gamma Phi Beta; Women ' s Glee Club; Philologian Jessie Burkolchs Sapulpa Kuilelphian; Las Dos Americas Marv Lol ' P. tteson Purcell Pi Beta Phi c GT CT C GT IT IT cr C IT C (7 C 0 " c c c IT (7 U (i C 17 (j CT (7 C C " CT 242 b b b b b b b vTOOHERJa b b b b La b b D T) ■D 7) D " D D H T) 71 71 71 71 71 7J D 7] 71 7) 7] D 7) 71 7) 71 7) 7) 71 7) 7] Junior Education Lillian- Neelv Okmulf n- Chi Omega; Zetalcthean; V. V. C. A. Genevieve Crosby H ' l-atlin foi l Alpha Gamma Delta : Y. W. C. A.; Women ' s Athletic Associ- ation Marve Dorrv Yltknll Alpha (Jamma Delta; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Council ; V. W. C. A.; Pierian LlLLiAV Massie . . Fayetti " vilte. .Irkansas Chi Omega; Y. W. C. A.; Zetalethean S. T. Booth LrFlnrr Bermce English . EdmoiiJ Alpha Phi Neva Carman liristoiv Y. W. C. A.; Entre Nous; Creek County Club Helen Stewart Mrdfnrd Kappa Alpha Theta Ethel Eaton iraukninis Chi Omega ; Women ' s Athletic Association; ■. W. C. A.; Phi- lologian Vivian Hemphili U ' clumka Alpha Chi Omega ; Y. W. C. A. ; Eudelphian nnnm C GT Ij IT IT cr u GT c cr G " D " IT c cr cr IT C7 C " c cr c d cr u u cr b b b b b b b j J OONEPs fe b b b b b b b D " D •a " D ■D H " 0 TI ■fl 71 U H U 7] U TJ ■D U " D ■D 7) D -D 71 7) 7) 71 7) KAPPA DELTA PI FIRST R(I V: H.. " st. ii, CioU. Iii-,.s.m. li;ini ' tt. MVI)!)!., Grant. Crowdi ' r. SKl ' DND ROW: Whitefuifl. (Jiiiiiii. Il.-ilc I ' cikins.m. Winn, Campliei:. Benion. ■I ' ll Mill R(I V: .M.-Kiiini-v, r..,ki . Kni.iv. WilUhis. Ilerrin. IJarber, Wanl. Honorary Kiiucatioiial Fraternity Founded at University of Illinois 1 511 Oklahoma 1913 Stratton D. Brooks A. C. Scott G. H. Smith D. B. R. Joiixsox Cl.ALDE HaRIIKR T. D. D. Ot Aii M RTLK HaRRMTT Harrikt Cocki; Riin ' (avinn Hi:i i.AH Wii.Kixs lilRNRY HrRRIX Neli.ik Pi:rki s()x Lkoxora W ' ari) FACULTY W. W. T. C. Pierce Fdith Parr - GRADUATE M R Crowder MEMBERS 1921 Joseph I extox DoX E.MERV Emii. ' S ' H()() er Ci ' Cii, Moore l.oi isi; Cook. l.oi ISI-: H. i.!-: Lot isi: W ' lxx H. E. Cln ' xixgh ' ! i C. A. S. Dwight LiLA Phelax Earl Sci.lexger Gerald ' Feuke Mixxii; Ri:ai) P.M ' I. C.X.MI ' UEI.I. M.VRIOX Gr.vxt Ferx Hoi stox Ulrich Bi:i:sox Willie McKixxi: - j. C. Powell DoROTin ' iiiteiord c cr u u cr V c cr c C " C " G " cr rr cr C " C " cr cr cr cr u u cr u c cr cr nmnci p p ff fa b b b b b b bii OgNEgJ a b b b b b b b ■D " D T) 71 -3 •d Tl ■D ■D H H D Tl D D ■D U T) U D ■D H D -3 TI t) T) " 3 D PHI DELTA KAPPA FIRST ROW : R nK, Hciisoii, Plipliin, Camplii SErOXI) ROW: Qii.iiil. Heiiird, Telibe, THIRD ROW: IlMili.r. P.itts. C.ifFev. Beiitnn. Honorai - Kducational Fraternity Founded at University of Indiana 1906 Oklahoma 1921 Stratton D. Rrooks James Powell Thomas Beaird Arny Potts Ralph Records Herman Price FACULTY Joseph Bextox V. W. Phelax MEMBERS 1921 L LRICH HeESOX JOHX CjODFREV Howard Potts 1922 H. E. Clxxixgham T. D. D. Ql AID Claude Barber Pall Campbell Gerald Tebbe JoHX Coi tlre cLaBji 3S££id 3 £SSL Pappfa l3 la la La la 13 la b b b b b b b4x OONERj3 bbbbbbbg 7) ■a ■3 ■D tJ H " 3 Li H 1 Hi ■0: H. TI 1 ncioa ca5 b b b b b b b3 %rqgHEgj 3 b b b b b b b fill CHASERS «nnnci C U U u rr cr IT (F c c C " DT D " c tr cr C " £7 cr u u u cr n a cr cr P P P la SOONER BEAUTIES In the annual Beaut ' Contest held at the University, Miss Margaret Bradbury vas chosen as the 1921 Sooner Beauty. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omega, and lives in Mountain View, Oklahoma. Miss Florence Hills, of Enid, Oklahoma, xas selected as Second Queen. The class of 1924 elected Miss Edna Stuard to preside as Queen in their annual Freshman Friday stunts. Miss Stuard lives in Waurika, Oklahoma, and is a member of Delta Delta Delta. By popular vote of the students of the uni- versity the title of Queen of the May Fete was bestowed upon Miss Dorothy Arnold, of Fort Worth, Te.xas. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Miss Iris Leadaman, Xi Delta, of Heaven- er, Oklahoma, holds the title of Engineers ' Queen, by right of selection at the St. Pat ' s celebration, held by the students of the Engi- neering school. . . ' Jf ■MWMihiWiMi Ji ui«i»Mi imm i ' ' Tx» ' w»wiii mytx mifi ' w.iiii,i. ■ ' R ' v-V -U ' t -Vjtjit ' ■- ' ' - ' ' " ' ■ ' ' ' " " " ;» ' . ■ ' n ' ■ •■ .is J 13 o ;i: JS 1 L " 0 b " D 1] i PRESS c c c c cr c cr 0- cr c c ir 0 " IT Ci c cr cr u ncinci cT ' V j]i ' PPfa .C3 ii U L3 i-i I) H n 7) D T) D D D ■a 73 H T) H H D ■D D " D " D PUBLICATION BOARD MEMBERS H. H. Herbert . Dewey Neal . J. Keene Horner DoRRANCE Roderick Floyd Staley Chairman Senior IMcnibcr Member at Large Junior Member Ex-ofRcio Member u u u u i V jr cr c cr c cr c IT cr cr cr cr C " cr cr c; G " |j IT d cr cr cr m a-ELEL ,««-«•%. afi8aj!Sfa» p p p p 3 b b b b b blv ' Q0NER6 b b b b b b b Alles ' C. Duncan Editor Lawrence R. Hacy Business Manager nq cT vwr af ' pppp 359 la U U L3 U U L3 o La L •a ■a D n u " 0 n ■0 n ■a ■0 n T3 u D 7) TI -a °0 SOONER STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Allen C. Duncan- Editor Max W. Minton ] . . „,. ,,, T ... Associate Editors Wendell Long | Jenkins Assistant Editor Vinson Lackey Art Editor Jess Hoke Associate Art Editor L. S. RiELV . . I L- I I rjv „ „ .... Kodak hditors Frank Deming | Chancey Dolph Athletic Editor Kathryn Kull . . . Student Activity Editor Tom Holland .... Organization Editor Wilma Lamar Sorority Editor J. V. Collier Military Editor Gerald Tebre Graduate School Leland H.artford . . . College of Engineering Tom Casey School of Law Paul Mote . ) c u i At i • _ „ .... School ot Medicine Ben Cooley | Walter Shirle - .... School of Pharmacy Travis Cash . . . College of Arts and Sciences Dorothy Arnold .... School of Fine Arts Lillian Massie .... School of Education Joseph H. Buckles .... Feature F.ditor Dave McKo n Religious Editor BUSINESS STAFF Lawrence R. Hagy Russell W. Dozier Frank Ogilvie . Q. D. (jibbs . Manager Assistant Business Manager Circulation Manager Advertising Manager F ' reeman V. Buri ' ORD Assistant Ad crtisiiig Manager Li 1£LH U U C G- C F C C cr IT cr DT cr c cr cr w u cr u cr n Ij GT U C " [T D " C " J5_EL2J5jf u u o b bbbl vTOOfj •D 13 T) 71 " D H H D H H T) Tl -0 7) -u 7) ■0 73 " D D i) 7) 71 7) H 71 7) 7) T OKLAHOMA DAILY ( Qk V - EDITORIAL STAFF Joseph A. Brandt Editor TuLLY A. Nettletox . . . [Managing Editor RoLFE Engleman .... Associate Editor R. O. Foster Assistant Editor HuTTOX Bei.lah Sport Editor Lucile Cowles Voman ' s Editor Frances Blrckhalter . . . Society Editor BUSINESS STAFF Ennis .M. DiAVeese . . . Business Manager Harrington VIMHERL • Assistant Business Manager W. E. McGlNNis Bookkeeper c cr cr cr IT cr c c G " d u IT IT cr cr cr cr c Cj [T U C c «= nci Jo p p p p T) TJ 7) ■a " a " D T) T) D 71 D H U u u D D 7) T) U T) D H D " D 7) 7) D 71 7) 7} k3 U U U U U U3 v UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA MAGAZINE FIRST ROW: Clovd. Rav, Buckles. SECOND ROW: McAtee, Engleman. Hoke EDITORIAL STAFF Grace E. Rav Editor Hattie Mae McAtee . . . Associate Editor RoLFE Engleman .... Associate Editor Richard CLO ' iT) Alumni Editor J. H. Buckles Feature Editor Jess Hoke Staff Artist Edith Mahier ... . . .Art Editor BUSINESS STAFF Russell Monroe .... Business Manager c c IT F IT (T IT C C ff IT IT IT cr CT IT CT C " U CT IT U CT CT C c cr d .-1 ctf »v ■D 1] Tl 7) 7J " D H ■D 71 H D il 71 7) 71 7) 7) 7J 71 7) I) 71 7! D 1- I, u u SIGMA DELTA CHI FIRST ROW: Bellali. Van Kirk, Np:i1, Abbott. SEl ' O.VD ROW: Debinev. Wimbirlv. DeWeese. Br;inill THIRD ROW: Ruderick, Eiieleman ' . Dean, Professional Journalistic Frateriiit ' founded at DePaiiw- L ' niversitv I ' O ' l Oklahoma 1013 FACULTY T. H. Brevv(;r VALTER S, Cami ' uhi.i. I " . D. Meacham WiLLARD H. Campbell C. F. Giard Lawrence N. Morgan H. H, Herhert GRADUATE Pail R. Eldridge MEMBERS 1921 ExNis AL DeWeese Rolee Exglemax 1922 Tl lia a. Nettletox Joseph A. IJraxdt Carxe ' O. Deax ( H ' ORGl; C. AlUiOTT Daxii:l I). Dklaxi: nEWE H. Neal How Ri) R. ' v Kirk Hi ttox Hici. I. ah Dorraxce D. Roderick Hvrrixgtox Wi.mberlv ' u cr tr IT c d c IT IT IT £7 c- 0 " C7 C G " cr u n n cr cr G " cr PPPf M l J U 1 ' STaTi Q D ■D H D D " D ■fl H ■D U H D I] U H H T) 7) 7] T) -a D T) 15 THETA SIGMA PHI Honorary Woman ' s Journalistic Fraternity Founded at Seattle, Washington, 1909 Installed at Oklahoma 1914 faculty- Marie Ialk GRADUATE Grace Rav MEMRERS 1921 Frances Clav Llcile Cowles Carolixe Copelaxd Ruth Gi.idewell Mavme Jexkixs 1922 Kathrvx Kull Dorothy- Ar istroxg IXEZ LACE-i ' 1923 H ATTiE Mae McAtee -icn!SA v e ! m £S3LE uii cr c IT cr cr cr u IT c cr cr u u u u cr IT 17 IT U cr c c u li 13 H il 5 H H 71 D U " 0 " 0 ODUPLEiy BotcKer J ' oonerJjetr AnMe Deep in February- cr IT ir tr cr cr u d u F c cr cr cr c cr cr 17 Cj El (7 C [7 cr BJEJSJBJB. I) 7) H Tl D TJ H H D H T) il -Q THE STAGE li II tr IT cr Qcinm ctf- - SfaSt C " cr tr c cr C " cr cr cr Ki (7 cr c tr P P lat r IJ - I- i I n " a 1] 71 T) H " 3 H " 0 D 1] " D " D 1] D 7) il H 7) 7) 7) Tl 7J 7) " TaTl 1 DRAMATICS AT OKLAHOMA Dramatics in the university received a great impetus with the organ- ization of the Drama League. The object of the Norman center of the league, in the words of its constitution, is " to stimulate public interest in drama, to support such plays as may be deemed worthy, to disseminate information concerning the drama and its literature and to encourage the production of com- munity plays. " A stage in Recital Hall was equipped and groups for the production of one act plays were organized. These plays, which are written by contestants for prizes offered by the league for the best play, are di- rected by Miss Veroqua Petty, instructor in expression. The interest in dramatics, which has increased ten fold, is evidenced by the addition, to the department, of classes in pantomime and dramatic training. The dramatic training class staged some very successful scenes such as, " The Florist Shop " by Winifred Hawkridge, " The Twelve Pound Lock " , and " Rosalind " by Barrie, besides scenes from other plays. Phi Alpha Tau, an honorary professional dramatic fraternity, has been active in furthering dramatic work. It presented, under the direc- tion of Miss Ruth Southwick, Shakespeare ' s " The Tempest " , with commendable success. A dramatic club was organized with twenty-one members. It is peti- tioning Phi Mu Gamma, a national oratorical professional sorority, and expects to obtain its charter in a short time. The department of Public Speaking staged " A Pair of Sixes " , a farce comedy in three acts, under the direction of Miss eroqua i ' etty, dramatic coach. The dark side of life with all of its obstacles and disappointments was painted in the giddy yellow and red hues of frivolity in the Junior Burlesque which was presented by fifty students, under the auspices of the Junior class. It held up to public ic ' the powers tluit be ,uul proniineiU campus figures, laughii ' g at tlieir pet hobbies and ridiculing their activities. P P K i 13 T) D Tl " D 1} Tl D Tl Tl Tl Tl Tl Tl Tl T) Tl Tl Tl D T) H Tl Tl Tl Tl T) 13 ia U 13 U l3 LaJ uulMCk%i3 L3 PHI ALPHA TAU FIRST ROW: Roderick, Scoyil, Eddlemaii. Beaird. Xeiil, Moi-rii SECOND ROW: Cantrell. Chilson, Bryant. Lacker, Watson, (ii THIRD ROW: Butler, Knox, Riggs, Powell, Hilles, Grant. Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Founded at Emerson College of Oratory 1902 Oklahoma 1915 FACULTY Lawrence N. ] Jesse Rader Joshua Lee GRADUATE Vinson Lackey Roy Scovil David Hilles Laile Neal Morgan Eddleman Charles Green Powell Boitj g| gj Ctfo MEMBERS 1921 John Cantrell Stanley Bryant 1922 Dorrance Roderick John Butler 1923 James Grant Paul Williams Fredrir Hol.mherg S. R. Hadsell David Morris Thomas Beaird James Knox Frank Watson Lynn Riggs Francis Chilson y i1 cr IT IT IT cr cr C " cr c cr u cr [i u cr cr cr JtLEJEJH bbbbbbbJvTC La La l3 La D " D D " 0 D D 7) H i] ■0 H 1] U U 71 7) 71 7) 7) il H 7) 71 7) 7) 7) 71 " THE TEMPEST " By William Shakespeare Presented by Phi Alpha Tau Fraternity Driiinatis Ptrsontic Alonso, King of Naples Sebastian, his brother Prospero, the right Duke of Milan Antonio, his brother, usurping Duke of Milan Ferdinand, son of Alonso Gonzalo, an honest old counsellor . Adrian Francisco Trinculo, a court jester Stephano, a drunken butler Caliban, a savage and deformed slave Lords attending Alonso and Antonio Frank L. V. tsox Powell Boyd Roy Scovil Thomas Beaird Charles P. Green- James D. Grant ( Francis Chilson L NX RiGGS Dorrance Roderick James Knox John Cantrell Miranda, daughter to Prospero .... Sue Thompson Ariel, an airy spirit . . ... Mary Mattison Juno I I Dorothy Prouty Ceres Spirits . Georgia West Iris I I Marcelle Darling Spirits, Shapes, Elfins " A PAIR OF SIXES " By Edward Peple Presented by the Department of Expression Cost George H. Xettleton I „ . ( RoY W. ScOYIL ry n T u - Busniess partners 1 . Hoggs Johns ( I Gordon BiERER Kronie, their bookkeeper Charles P. Green Miss Sally Parker, their stenographer . . Louise Jackson Thos. J. Vaiiderholt, their salesman . . . J. K. Horner Mr. Applegate Reginald Careen Office Boy Elizabeth Halbert Shipping Clerk Subert Turbyfill Mrs. (R ' orgc B. Nettleton ...... Rosalind Hollow Miss Florence Cole Ruby Ingram Coddles, English maid Dorothy Arnold ci_cjL jr|L5 W ' f f b U b b b b OC H Klab b bb b b ia ■a t T X T: i2 T3 " 0 PLATFORM cr cr c cr tr cr IT c cr u U C " 0 " c cr C " C " cr u c 17 n cr cr cr cr TCtL T=TTn p p p ra o 13 u laUTSTTaJ fi ji U3 ; JosHLA Lee The growth of interest in the held of forensics is indeed apparent. The Student Council taking notice of this feeling increased the apportionment of funds for the Oratorical Council, enabling the University to revive debating for women as was the practice a few j ' ears back. The university this year renewed its triangular debate with Kansas and Colorado, formed a new triangular with Arkansas and Texas, and entered three orators in the various contests, state, conference and national. The average number of men trying out in the oratorical contests has increased from four to nine. The new League of Literary Societies has added igor to forensic activities. Only one year of trial for this new system of correlated club-work has proved its merit. New life was infused into the societies when they held the preliminary varsity tryouts, this interest was heightened by the intersociety debates, and still greater enthusiasm awakened by the intersociety contests in oratory, reading, voice, piano, and violin. The medals, shields, prizes and loving cups offered this year by the Oratorical Council have had no little part in stimulating interest in these activities. IVfany de- baters and orators have been developed and much talent discovered, which increases Oklahoma ' s chances for a victorious debate vear in 1922. JTh ff c cr cr cr r IT c IT IT C " C c IT ET IT cr cr IT c G " C " c cr u (7 cr 0 " cr cr nm n CI cr J Shf T ff aa p p p p m is i3 La l:s DELTA SIGMA RHO ii w L ■a 13 u -0 13 B ' lRST ROW: SECOND ROW ■i ' HIRl) ROW: Butlpr, Woodford, Loo : Stiiley. Stewart, Moi PruH, Mount, ( impl lift. H onoraiy Forensic Fraternity Found ' d at University of Ch Oklahoma 1908 FACULTY Joshua Lee :mkmbers 1921 cago 1906 Conrad Mount Angus AVijodtord Floyd Stalev Paul Campbell Leslie Salter 1922 Van W. Stewart Mark Grimes Earl Pruet John Bltler Joseph Looney Claude Monnet ij cr cr cr u cr cr cr c cr cr cr cr cr cr cr cr cr cr cr 0 " cr cr (7 rr cr cr n TI ■D ■D " D T) ■D " D ■fl H " 0 ■n D T) 1] T] " D H " D 1] U 71 H 7J H ■D COLORADO-KAXSAS-OKLAHO.MA TRIANGULAR DEBATE Question: Resolved. That a pailiameiitary form of government should be adopted in the United States. Afjinnntive A egativ e Against Kansas at Norman March 31 Against Colorado at Roulder April 1 Reginald Green ISIDOR MlLSTElX AXGLS ' ()()DFORD John Bltler Conrad Mount pLO-iD Stalev u c or c cr cr tr IT IT cr c- rr cr c c cr G " U Xx Gl f ne rara : i b b b b b b b lKTQgNEffJ a b b b b 13 X} H ■n n " D T " D U ■0 H ■a 1] n 71 •D Tl D " D ■a 13 y Cl TEXAS-ARKAXSAS-OKLAHO.MA TRTAXGILAR DEBATE u G " C IT C 0 " IT C " cr cr cr Question : Resolved, That the several states should establish courts of industrial li relations similar to that of Kansas. | C7 IT C " cr c cr IT Cj u c u cr cr Affirmative Against Arkansas at Norman April 13 Claude Monxet j. k. horxer Kegative Against Texas at Austin A|iril 13 William Haddad j. c. looxey nanci •TffO " P P P ra -Jalab ■3 " D U 7} TJ 71 H •D H D D ■D D ■0 13 D -a ■3 ■D D " 0 TJ OKLAHOMA COLLEGE FOR WO.MEX-OKLAHOAL DUAL DEBATE Question : Resolved, That Congress should pass a law making strikes on railroads illegal. Affinnative Against O. C. V. at Chickasha April 1 1 Carol x Kull Mariox ' J )i.Li£v Bernice Baker MISSOURI ' ALLEY CONTEST OLD LINE ORATORICAL CONTEST Thomas M. Heaird Awieck Moissa Oklahoma University will be repre- Anniixe Moussa will represent the Uni- sented by ' I ' honias M. Beaird. " Lvnili ersity ot Oklahoma. The subject of his Law " is the siibj-et ot his oration. oration is " Tlu ' .Anu-rieani ation of the Alien " . ..-•j ' cr cr u cr IT cr cr IT u r ' J m Jaa p p p ra 3 b b b b b b blsTOOHERja b b b b ia b b INTER-SOCIETY FINE ARTS CONTEST ■3 ■a n D ? ■D n ■3 ■a " 0 D n ■a ■D 1] T) " 3 71 D U D D ■a Oratory Reginald Green- Congress ' oice Ruth Ne. l Philologian Piano Marion Tolle- - Philologian Reading SUBERT TURBYFII.I, Congress Violin Russell Webber Websterian qqcici r rff O U L) ti J uunL U IS 13 L " D Tl 71 " D " D T) U " D " 0 U " 0 H U D U TI " D H D " D H U TJ " D D INTER-SOCIETY DEBATES r This team, representing Athenacan Debating Society, successfully eliminated all contenders in the men ' s inter- society debates. The question was as follows : " Resolved, That a parliamentary form of government should be adopted in the United States. " .-?i X ' I lux- girls, representing Philologian Literary Society, (jn tlie women ' s inter-society debate. The question was: " Resolved, That Congress should pass a law making strikes on railroads illegal. " cr tr cr u cr V c c u c c cr cr DT fi " cr cr u u d c 17 (j IT H C d cr n cr f= t- 4i ' ■a u 7} T3 " D D U D " 3 " D RELIGION u u u cr cr c: cr d cr tr cr g ' ctV 3 P f3 L . .iPv b l3 la 13 La It Y. M. C. A. CABINET FIRST ROW: Chambers, Long, Wheeler, McDonald, Wann. SKCOND ROW: Dwight, Montgomery, Mever. McKown. Fleer. Gihbs. THIRD ROW: Bryant, Oden, Collier, Johnston, Dicken. OFFICERS Dave McKowx President Orris McDonald ' icc- President Waldo Oden Secretary James Collier Treasurer ] IEMBERS OF CABINET Arthur Meyer Chairman Bible Study Committee Grady Wanx Chairman Deputations Committee Russell Dickex .... Chairman Membership Committee Holmes Wheeler .... Chairman Poster Committee Guy Chambers Chairman Newspaper Publicity Cecil Fleer Chairman Boy Scouts Committee C. H. Dwicht Chairman Mission Study Committee Q. D. GiHBS Chairman Social Committee Paul X. Johnston . . Chairman Practical Service Committee W. W. Phelan .... Chairman Advi.sory Board STUDENT SECRETARIES John Montgomery . . . Religious Secretary Wendell Long . Social and Financ ial Secretary Stanley Bryant . . . Employment Secretary cr c 17 tr g c nci IT C £7 cr IT C " cr C " cr IT cr IT n c cr c pppp la U bi u l3 la 13 la la l3 La 1 7) D 71 -3 t) T) D ? U U D H T) H D Tl T) Tl H D Tl H 71 D cr C cr cr cr c IT n c IT c cr cr cr IT c cr cr cr cr u cr IT cr cr u u cianzL 3S£iid l imsk£S3L p p p ra I i OONEPvlaTETS H " 0 Tl " D D " D 7J " D " 0 H " D ■fl D H H D Tl D 7) H D Y.W.C. A. CABINET Of® FIRST ROW: Houston, Momiet, Robinson. Gai-ee. Stevens SECOND ROW: Hargis. Lawson. Mnlov. Fowler. THIRD ROW: Glidewell. Berg, Holbrook, Knight, Dutton. OFFICERS Helen Ruth Holbrook . General Secretary Ann Knight President Elaine Hargis Vice-President Helen Dutton Secretary Leor. Robixson Treasurer COM HTTEES Eva Maloy Social Florence Moxxet Membership Dorothy Stevenson Finance Helen Berg Social Service Helen Dutton .... Vorld Fellowship Ruth Glidewell I ' ublicity Fern Houston Jiible Study Lillian L.awson . . . High School — Norman Stella Garee . . . Hij li School — University Mary Jo Fowler Programme cr TT u C C G " C " C C U D " C cr c cr u cr u cr u u cr cr li d cicinn rtSA x. :: P P P 13 1 Ul u t )= D H f ' y " D 1] -0 TI D U D 7) 1] TJ T) 1) D il 7) -a£ - 5fW tr c cr GT cr cr XT XT cr cr 17 u C " IT cr u cr a8 t£5 pppp bbbbb roONEPv 6 bbbbbi 7) " 3 H 7) H H U D H T) D D T) D TI 7) T) D D -3 D H ? 7} KAPPA TAU PI FIEST ROW: Pendleton, Mitchell, Oden, Swaze. SECOND ROW: Poole, Sullenger, Montgomery, Smith, Benton. THIRD ROW: Newbv, McDonald, Mever, Wann. Honorary Religious Fraternity Founded at Universit ' of Oklahoma 19IS FACULTY (Gilbert H. Smith I( .si:i ' h Rtxtox T. Earl Sii.lenger MK.MHFRS 1021 John Moxtgomerv H.ardld Poole Arthur Meyer Grady Wann Warner Newby (Iiy Mitchell Waldo Oden 1922 Jesse Swaze Orix I ' endleton Orris McDonald W ' ikhu.iv Hartness c cr c cr cr IT cr c IT u c d d: IT c cr cr u cr cr cr u n n u a c nmcici p p p ra 3 L3 Q •d 7) 7} TI " D D H TJ 7) D U 7) 71 H 71 7) TI 7) 7] H 7) 71 71 71 71 H 71 ■a PI ZETA KAPPA FIKS ' I ' ROW: Rt-dHv. Daufflicvty. Kellcy, Ferguson, SinipsuK SKCOXI) ROW: SIoss, ri-Mveii, Kiiriios. Feiin, A. Dutton. Kurrttki ' THIRD ROW; Jliller, Ciirmiin, Suiilip, Ciihson, Dutton. Woman ' s Honorary Religious Fraternity Founded at University of Oklahoma 1920 MEMBERS 1921 1922 JCAXITA SnEDEKER Helen Dutton Mattie Cal Gibson ' Harriette Reder Gladys Caralan Faye Dougherty Mlriel Craven JuLLA Kelley 1923 1924 Lucile Snapp Ada Miller Anna Mae Si.mpson Esther McRuer Thelma Fergi son Lucy Fenn Aden a Dutton Wilma Karnes Mercedes Si.oss £La c cr cr V c tr cr IT c c c u F c cr cr IT u cr C " cr u n cr cr cr u cr SfejSJSLEJH dvTOOMER. " E-Li D 71 7) 7] 7) D 71 7) 71 7) 71 7) 71 H 71 71 H 7) H X) 7) H 7) 71 7) D cr cr u rr c c cr IT GT c G " c u IT c c GT IT 17 C cr c c (J IT (J u cr cr qq ' iq v ifar 1 U k 1 71 L H D H H D D H Tl ■3 7) D ■0 TJ ID MILITARY IT U cr tr C IT cr cr cr cr cr IT D " IT C7 cr tr u u u c IT U U d cr nnci ■a n 7) " D " 0 u n ■fl " D 13 13 D T) D 7) " 0 " D ■D D D ■D 1 CARL A. BAEHR Major Field Artillery U. S. A. U u c V ir cr cr or c cr cr cr IT IT cr cr cr C7 C " cr cr cr ET u c cr cr c c g i f f ri y ? " 3 " 3 H D 71 D H " 0 ■fl U U Tl T) Tl D ■D H il " 3 D D H R. T. Guthrie Captain Field Artillery U. S. A. B. S. Nebraska University, 1913. Service in France Division. Awarded Croix de Guerre, with palm. ( jE()ffre - CJalwe ' First Lieutenant Cavalry U. S. A. cr u u GT C W cr tr c cr c rr cr IT IT c- ET C7 C 0 " rrf CtnClCI Cl iW ppp " D H ■a ■3 73 T) D ■D " 0 H " 0 H D D TJ 7) U T) 7) " 3 TI ■3 ■D 7) D TI Carlton E. Merritt -Major 1st Battalion Infantry O. U. R. O. T. C. Esther Parry Axdersox Battalion Sponsor J. ' . Collier 2m(1 Lieutenant F. A., U. S. R. Major 1st Battalion O. U. R. O. T. C. Marjoril Calhoun Battalion Sponsor c GT U U C C C " cr c IT c 0 " c cr IT cr c cr 0 " C " c c c: D " U cr u d cr cr ctf V --n. jiSSaf pppp T) 71 " D D D D " 0 " D H " 0 Tl Tl D D T) ■0 1] 7) ■D -3 U 7) TJ U ■3 b_b b b b b b jOOyERJa b b b b Li b b R. O. T. C. STAFF Collier. Mi ' Viitt, Kuhii. Chilscni. V.iii J. V. Collier Major 1st Battalion O. U., R. O. T. C, F. A. S. S. Kahx Capt. O. U., R. O., T. C. Adj. 1st Lieut. J. H. ' . xZant Inf. Adj. Sgt. Major W. N. Haddad Corp. R. H. Morgan Clerk llnililMil. Sli.4liiii. MciiKaii, Skinni ' r. Carlton E. Merritt Major 1st Battalion O. U. R. O. T. C. Inf. 1st Lieut. F. A. Chilson Supply Officer Sgt. Major H. N. Thorn Supply Sgt. Shelton Corp. F. H. Skinner Clerk c c ncin .-js PPr O u b l3 IdT-r: - . j Kja l3 Ir TT ! D H H 13 T) H ■0 H D H 7] Tl H 71 U ■3 TI D U 13 C ' O.MPAXY A Capt. Howard Gladys Hague «» »- f c c li c 0 " IT C C cr rr cr IT cr cr u u u u c 0 " m pLaJEULEL cr cr p ' pp ' pj " 0 ■D U D " D U D U U 1] 7] T) T) 73 ■D D 71 H 7) 71 7) 71 71 H COMPANY B Capt. Mapes Fay Hraxsox CI CI mci ct!S :ij CI u b G " j " m r u " P ' PPP ' COMPANY C nnci rtSjVt. JEJE. iji j fr jp u b i3 La L if •a ■a " 3 T) D 71 " D H D H ■0 T) H TI D ■fl T) " D 71 H 7) 7? D 73 75 cr IT n c cr c u u IT cr cr u C " c cr 17 (7 Ki CJ C G " cr -- I pppp l3 t 71 7! " D T) H D D H U T) H -D H H •a 7) n 7) 7) 71 71 7) 7) 7) H 7J H 71 BATTERY A Capt. Paton CATHERIXn loss Of u . u c c c c cr IT c c c n IT c cr cr 0 " u cr cr cr IT cr IT cr u cr giELELa JiJSLHJH I .3 L3, " d ■D 71 7) ■D D U TJ TJ H H D " 0 -0 D •n 73 " D ■D T) " D ■a 71 7) 7) 7) BATTERY B Capt. CjAXGLOFF Martha Fixi.ev GT cr GT B " c c (T C C C U XT C cr cr C " u G u c D " Ij IT U U ' nmnin p p p ra w ' »?». ' .■ ' ■-. r-» tj H Q m 7i " D -a -d 71 H D H H il " 0 H H H H D H H D il il t) T} ■a 13 £LELELEL PPP 3 b b b b b jouONERJa b ' " " b u J9J u ■D " a Tl T) T) D i] " 0 71 T) D U H 7) 7) ■D H ■D U D D ■D D. H. C. CLUB Honorary Military Club (Petitioning Scabbard and Blade) Oklahoma I ' Ul MEMBERS Major Carl A. Baehr CADETS Major J. V. Coi.i.ii:r Captain S. S. Kaux Captaix Fri,i.i:R CaI ' TAIX . S. StARRITT Captain C. H. Mapks Cai ' Taix ' Tiiomasox MaJOR C. 1 " . Ali RRITT C M ' T MX 11. A. PaTOX J,n;L TI XAXT ' |XS()R oas it u u cr IT c cr cr GT c cr cr c IT IT cr cr cr 17 cr c c u IT U cr u tr u p p p p yfOOU , -9 " D T) D H D H H T) H T) D U TI D T) D il H -a H T) D " D ■D PISTOL TEAM Major J. . Collier Top Sgt. C. J. Roush Corp. Lee Martin Capt. H. a. Patox Corp. McAlpine Top Sgt. E. J. Joss ScT. G. D. Hexdersox RIFLE kanc;e I u ET Q- U cr cr cr cr c c d (T cr n " n " c cr cr C " cr cr Cj cr cr tr cr IT g « « g» FPPP " D " D " 3 H ■D D T) D 7) H i] D H D T) TJ U D U T) Tl U -3 ■0 ■D 7) T J Lj Ir 13 13 13 la l3 La We$T POINT STUFP FIRING SQUAD TT CKPTAIN 6urHRie I f1 STiwDiNO Army " TARfif T pRACTiCt Mounted Drui, «; i cr cr tr C cr rr cr tr IT EJ5J2J? i. cr IT b b b b bJ s QOHERjj a ubbbbb 7) 71 ■D 7) i3 H 7} 7J 71 71 7J 71 71 a 7) 7] 7) 71 7) 7} 71 7J 7) 71 13 TJ ATHLETIC COl NCTL FIRST ROW: Musuk-v. Uariough, Marsh. SECOND ROW: McQuown, Dodge. Johnston. Rfave.s, Harper. OFFICERS Paul Johnston Howard Marsh President Secretary FACULTY MEMBERS J. H. Felgar John Alley J. W. Sturgis Homer Dodge S. W. Reaves John Moseley RoscoE E. Harper STUDENT MEMBERS Forrest Darrough Erl Deacon Kerr McQuovvn rSUlelelh. p ppia " UTj OO. M l Ui l-J 13 7) ■D " 3 D D " D " 0 U U H " 0 7] 7} " D " D " a " D ■D 71 71 7J 71 D 7) 71 7) Ben G. Owen Grover C. Jacobsen, former Uni- versity of Iowa athlete, is now Soon- er football line coach, assistant basket ball coach, and track coach. He is Bennie Owen ' s first line coach, and is largely responsible for the power- ful squad of forwards that ran amuck in the- ' alli ' ' this year. He as ail all-Western tackle in 1914, .■uid jn some selections an all-state in lOlS and 1016. He was athletic dircctdi ' (it the 22d infantry durinfi the wiiild war. Ren G. Owen, director of ath- letics, came to the university in 1905 when the total enrollment was less than halt the size of the present freshman In fifteen years ( wen has produced three all-victo- lious football elevens, two all-victo- ]ious basketh.all quintettes, and suc- ceeded in introducing the Univer- sity of Oklahoma into the Missouri nlle - conference in the winter of 1020. It was a fitting tribute to his senilis to produce the champion foot- ball team in the first year of the university ' s participation in the Mis- souri ' allev conference. CiKOVER C. J. COBSE cr c c rr c cr cr c u c c u c cr c w u cr u c D " 17 U a c cr g c gin P P P fa Tal 1 ll D 7J Sam D. Burton Edgar D. Meacham, freshman football coach, had the difficult task of getting freshmen football war- riors in such shape as to give the varsity enough opposition to develop them. " Meach " , as he is called in Soonerland, is a graduate of the uni- versity. He was a guard on Bennie Owen ' s first all-victorious football team in 1911 and tackle in 1912 and 1913. He was also a track man in 1913 and 1914. After receiving his A. B. in 1914, he was appointed as- sistant professor in mathematics ami assistant football coach. " Sam " is a eteran lineman of Bennie Owen ' s w lio made letters on the Sooner team in 1910 and 1912. Returning to school to complete his geology work Owen was fortunate to secure him to help . ' ssistant Freshman Coach Edgar D. Meach- am with the man - freshman teams. Much of the success of the varsity this ear is due to the fact that the freshmen were able to give them hard workoLits each evening on the practice field. To Meacham and Burton must go the credit for devel- oping the first ear men to such a degree. „.,;?■• g1c ' nocAR n. Meacham !3 JHJ=LI u G " 0 " - u U C " C " C " c- u C " u u cr u G " cr i b La b L i •a ■a n u TS " D ■n ■3 " n u ■a ■3 u n ■a ■a ■a ■a a d ■H G " CT cr IT rr (T cr cr ti c (7 D " C " ST 0- ' j: cr cr ht P P P ra m iO h b b b b I — --«S » , k 13 " t T T T T T 7 1 ' NERBTTBTS L. La ta FOOT DALL - FIRST ROW: Davis. Marsh, Hamm. White, Morrison. SECOND ROW: Meacham, Svvatek. -Johnston, Ross. McKinle THIRD ROW: Edmondson. Cullen, Deacon, Haskell. Sm( ot. FOURTH ROW: Hill. Luster. Tvler. Ogilvie. m£LELELEL ' J J r- J J 5 " cr 0 " G " tr IT T U u u T 7 r en FPFP FOOTBALL Sr. LNL RY i ■ Championship of the Missouri Valley conference in its first year as a member is the record achieved by Director Ben G. Owen ' s Sooner football team in 1920. It was a fitting climax to fifteen years of faithful service of Director ( wen. And it was espe- - " f cially fitting that the season was not marred by a single defeat. f " ™! The victory marks the conclusion of Oklahoma ' s period as a provincial football ; factor, and its entrance into the enlarged area of intersectional football. The cry that ) led the first teams out in 1892 for their haphazard coaching was different from the one sounded by Owen in 1905 when he assumed charge of Sooner athletics. Before ' , Owen, the Sooner schedule included any high school or small college that had an open ' , i date ; with the coming of Owen, came the entrance into the Southwestern conference, | and the formation of powerful elevens. Then came the entrance into the Missouri Valley, and the entry was an auspicious one. The opening of the season served to frighten many Sooners, for Central State Nor- mal School of Edmond held the Sooners to a 16 to 7 score on B oyd Field, October 9. • The game served the Sooners well, for it kept down over-confidence, the besetting sin of university teams. Hill was the star of the backfield, Swatek was excellent at inter- ference, and Captain Dewey Luster at end played a stellar game. (lordon Bristow, a • ' former Sooner, played the star game for the normal team. ' } The annual Boomer-Sooner game, October 16, furnished an intermission between { practice and the opening of the Missouri Valley. The score, Sooners 35, Boomers 7, indicated the way in which the varsity line had been strengthened. The Hill-Swatek- Davis-Morrison combination showed up brilliantiv in the backfield. " . . . . - The Valley season opened October 23 at St. Louis against the Washington Univer- T sity Pikers, and the Sooners wrestled on a muddy field a 24 to 14 victory that made i them a factor in the championship fight. Davis counted the first score in the game J I when, after see-sawing back and forth on the muddy field, Sooners worked the ball down near the Washington goal line. Da is dropped back, and place-kicked for three points. Washington followed with a touchdown. Quarter ended, Washington 7, J Sooners 3. Pikers near the end of the half scored again, and the half ended. Wash- - " ington 14, Sooners 3. In the second half, White was substituted for Swatek, Tyler for Luster, and these changes strengthened the line, w orji from the tussle. W hite was the star of the afternoon. Morrison made a touchdown, tolloweil soon by Smoot, . and the third quarter ended, Sooners 17, Washington 14. Johnston intercepted a - Piker pass, White made a loi-g end run, and passed to r ler, who made the final 71 touchdown for the Sooners. Accompaiu ' ed by almost 100 Sooners, including ja , , Hoiuuls and baiul, the team iJ could not help but defeat the University of Mi.ssouri Tigers on Rollins Field, Colum- bia, October 30, b ' a score of 28 to 7. Tlie reception accorded the Sooners by the Missourians was handsome, and serxed to (.cTnent the ,ilrend cordial feeling between the two schools. Morrison in the first qu.irrer tarried the hall .ktoss tlie line, after Haskell had completed .-i pass from White, and ran to tlu ' one-N.ird line. The i ' igers ' fought haiil to (] cifonie the lead, and Lewis and the Lincoln hit the Oklahoma line hard, hut could not dent it. The halt ended with the sccjre urnh.inged. ' hite punted si t yarcL to l ' ;iikw ciod who w a dow ncil h Mcl irde on the fifteen-yard line. Ruth kickeil to fift - ard line. White pasx-d to Haskell, who ad anced to the tw i ' nf - ;ird line ,ind then around right end tor a touchdown. Lewis, at the q q q ' -i Bgr pppIctI J b b b b b _ f_n a I! T) " a ■0 " D H T) Tl " 0 H — Tl I " y ? Tl ' D D H Tl Tl T) T} OONERr bbb l:. " opening of the last quarter, ran eighty- i e yards, w liicli as instrumental in tiie Mis- souri score. Swatek scored the third touchdown, and in the last few minutes of play, Johnston intercepted a pass and made the last score of the game. The result of the IVIis.souri game placed the Sooners as runner-up for the title of the Valley. The largest crowd to ever assemble on Boyd Field greeted the Universit of Kansas Jayhawkers here on Homecoming Day, November 6, w hen the Kansas machine went down in a 21 to 9 defeat. Approximately ten thousand persons witnessed the game, including Governor J. B. A. Robertson. Jayhawkers, backed by rooting organiza- tions, paraded the field with banners, " We Own the V alley " . Sooner Ruf Neks, in the last quarter, carried the same baiuier in triumph. Kansas made the first .score in the opening quarter. They again .scored in the second quarter on a safety. The Sooners then opened their scoring machine, and scored as the result of judicious pass- ing. In the third quarter a long pass to Marsh who made a superhuman effort to get it, placed the ball on the three-yard line, and Hill smashed through for the second Oklahoma touchdown. In the last period. White intercepted a Kansas pass on the Jayhawker twelve- ard line. White gained two ards on the next play, Swatek then took the ball to the Kansas one-yard, line, and on the next play, White shot off tackle for the last touchdown. Davis kicked goal. Sooners played true to form in their annual game with the Oklahoma Aggies at Stillwater, November 13, the score being Sooners 36, Aggies 0. The forward pass was used generously by both teams, Sooners completing six in twenty attempts for a total of eighty-nine yards. The Aggies were successful in six out of twenty-one tried, but these netted only forty-five yards. Kansas State Agricultural College of Manhattan, Kansas, defeated the Sooner as- pirations for an all-victorious season, for they held the Oklahomans to a 7-7 tie on Boyd Field, November 20. Sooners played good football at all times, but they lacked the " punch " necessary to put the ball across. Three times they were within the two- yard line. Several tiines when punting would have aided, a high wind served to pre- vent this plan of attack. The Aggies scored first, just before the end of the first quarter. It was the second touchdown the Aggies had made during the season against a Valley team. By a series of well planned line bucks, Sooners were able to score, and from then on, it was a struggle to break the tie. Thanksgiving saw the Sooners away from Norman, facing the Drake Bulldogs at Des Moines, November 25. This game clinched the championship, for Drake was out- pla5 ' ed, 44 to 7. THE RECORD October 0, at Norman Oklahoma 16 October 16, at Norman Oklahoma 35 October 23, at St. Louis Oklahoma 24 October 30, at Columbia Oklahoma 28 November 6, at Norman Oklahoma 21 November 13, at Stillwater Oklahoma 36 November 20, at Norman Oklahoina 7 November 25, at Des Moines Oklahoma 44 Total Points Oklahoma 211, Opponents 58 Central Normal Boomers Washington Missouri Kansas Aggies Kansas Aggies Drake if c c u cr c IT cr or u Gl U HI 1 O CI CI CI ra pfa .; tj»! L j Vs » »»r-. b b la L3 La bt ij T) -a " D " D 7) TJ " D " 3 TJ " 0 U ■D 73 Dewey W. Luster, inJ " Snorter " , aggressive, a fighter at all times, led the team to the Missouri Val- ley championship in its first year of participation. Though light, he makes up for it by fight and speed. Injuries kept him out of several parts of games. He was chosen by Coaches Allen of Kansas, and Banks of Drake, for the first Missouri Valley team. C. E. Mc- Bride of the Kansas City Star, gave him honorable mention. " Aggressive, possessing unusual de- fensive ability, fighting from the start of the game. " — Daily Oklalioman. l.WVKENCE E. H.ASKELL ■Jap " , veteran end, has proved his worth as a gridster, and his all around good ([ualities as well as his popularity by winning the choice of his teammates as 1921 football captain. He is un- canny in snatching impossible passes from the air. Coach Miller of Mis- souri, the Kansas City Journal, and several other sport writers placed him on the first all-valley team. He was on the third team of the Kansas City Star. " Jap is a speedy end, he gets down on punts in a flash, and when he hurls his 165 pounds into a tackle, the safety advances no further. " — St. Louis Globf. u c IT cr u u c u c c cr T) " D " a T3 T) TJ TJ TI " 0 U ■D H TJ TJ ■a TI T) TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TJ TI TI U Erl E. Deacon, GuurA " Deke " , dean of Sooner athletes, is one of a very few men to wear four football " O ' s " . He was three times all- state guard, once all-southwestern, Mis- souri ' alley honor roll, and selected tiy the Ouliny Maijazinr as one of the seven best guards in the United States for 1919. He vas badl_ handicapped by an oil field injury to his knee, but still rallied at the cry of " Oklahoma fights " . " The stands (in the Kansas Aggie game) came to their feet in respect for the gameness of Deacon. " — Kansas City Star. William McKinley, GuarJ " Big Bill " made the first . " Mi-Mis- souri team, and in addition was one of the three football athletes of the Mis- souri ' alle ' conference to recei ' e hon- orable mention from Walter Camp in his ail-American selections. Tall and rangy, he can stop a backfield man from almost any position. His reach is both unusual and useful " Big Bill McKinley, Sooner guard, can walk on more enem} ' gridders and tear open a bigger hole in their line than is needed for a covered wagon. " — Daily Okla iornan. SOONERS 24; PIKERS 14 u C7 C g CI ciciiq 19 D ■n 1} T] 7) D H ■D " D " 0 T) ■0 7J 7) il 7) Paul X. Johnston, Taiklr " Potts " Johnston was the only Sooner forward to make the second all-Mis- souri Valley team. He has a habit of intercepting the passes thrown by the opposition. Much of the success of the line was due to the big, powerful " Pott " county athlete. " Johnston ' s specialty is grabbing shotgun passes over center and tearing up the interference of the opposition. " — Daily Oklaliomaii. Ari-O R. U.wis, Quarterback " Skivy " was the most versatile man cm the 1920 Sooner football squad. (Juarterback, halfback, fullback, relia- ble kicker, true passer, and good re- ceiver are seldom found combined in one man. He was chosen by Coach Miller of Missouri for his first all- Missouri Valley team for the quarter- back position. " Davis is the most versatile man on the 1920 Sooner squad. " — Daily Okla- lioman. ET C IT C C IT C (7 C IT cr IT cr c cr u u cr cr Ij Cj ET d cr c (T «nnntn p p P fa b b b I " ETaTaTJT U H U D H Harry F. Hill, Halfback " Dutch " was picked for the first all- Valley team because of his steady and dependable playing. Broad shouldered, deep chested, built like an underslung speedster, defensive forwards hesitated to tackle him. " Hill, the Oklahoma back, makes the all- ' alley team because of his steady and reliable play, bordering always on the brilliant. He was as steady as the old family eight-day clock. " — Kansas City Star. ' W. Dow Hamm, Crnli-r Dow was given honorable mention for the all-Missouri ' alley team for 1920. He has played in every Sooner football game since the all-victorious S. A. T. C. eleven of 1918. A sure tackier, breaks up many passes by play- ing the roving center. He is the ful- crum of the greatest line that Oklahoma ever had. " He uses the spiral pass and has not made a wobbly pass this year — not even in the Washington University mud bath. " — Daily Oklahoman. u C CT IT IT cr c c C " U kr i. » -- .. wT OONER. B b b L 71 ■a ■D !i ■D 13 " 0 ■a ■a ■a -a D TJ TJ 13 J. Howard Marsh, End " Tarzan " Marsh, strong and rangy, fast and quick to follow the ball, is one of the best ends in the country. His defensive work is throwing opposing runners for losses, blocking punts and in covering his end, as well as his spectacular work on offense won him his position as all-Missouri Valley end on the first team. " His offensive and defensive work received recognition from Grover and McBride, who have quite a say in the Valley selections " . — Daily Oklahoman. Pmi. W ' miF., Halfback " Phil " received country-wide recog- nition through the Newspaper Enter- prise Association as an all-American and all-Western selection. He was also chosen for the second all-Missouri Val- ley team. He broke up every play at- tempted in his sector, which is the more noteworthy as he has no use of one arm, because it is so easily dislocated, carrying it strapped at his side during a game. " The big half is one of the most ' difticult men on Owen ' s squad to tackle, a good ground gainer and a powerful defense man. " — Daily Oklahoman. f JAMIAWKS HAI.I ' KKFORF. OIR COAL _ c c u c d DT IT C U U U U u cr c cr IT Cf c cr cr ciqcici p p p " 3 " 3 tl D D D U D H ■D ■3 D 1] Rov E. SwATEK, Fullback " Sol " is an interference runner of uncanny ability and a fieady defense man, analyzing plays before they start. McBridc of the Kansas City Star, picked him for all-Valley fullback. This year, his third in the Sooner back- field, he proved as valuable at half as at full. " Swatek, the Oklahoma fullback, is an ideal player in that position. " — Kansas City Star. c;. Myron Tyler, End " Little Tub " filled the difficult posi- tion of utility man. At times he was an end, otherwise he was a halfback. In either position he played hard, con- sistent football. " Tyler is a sure pass grabber, a hard tackier, and equal to two men in tear- ing enemy interference. " — Daily Okla- lioman. SWATEK HURDLES OVER ct Q mm rts v .-- " " rf . u cr c ET cr u c- C C U C " u U u c cr cr c u JELELH 13 l3 l3 L3 U TSTaTbii U 7) D 71 " D 1] il T) U T) H U H U H H 7) 7) tl 7) 7) 7) 7) H 71 73 ' an F,I)Mo [)SO . Cuard " Ciiis " had his chance when Deacon ' s injured knee forced him out. The youngest regular lineman, in point of service, weighing 204 pounds, he puts it all into the game. He makes a stone wall, combined with Smoot and Hamm. Coach Rider of Washington Univer- sity, selected him for the first all-Val- ley team. " He puts every ounce of his 204 pounds into fight, and the opposition finds him a very tough proposition to run a play through. " — Daily Oklalio- man. Rov Smoot, Taiklr " Soup ' " was placed on the second team by the Newspaper Enterprise As- sociation ' s ail-American and all-West- ern selections. He was placed on the first all-Missouri Valley team by the Kansas City Star. Smoot is as fast getting his 215 pounds down the field under punts as are his ends. " In tackle-around interference, he spills opponents and aids in opening holes for the back field men. " — Daily Oklahoman. l cW u U 17 cr IT IT C U IT C " (7 d cr F IT cr cr nncici u T) " 0 H " D H il T) " D " 0 H D H Tl D H •3 D D -0 7) 71 H -3 7J D " 0- Clarence E. Morrison, Fulthack " Ram " is the find of the 1920 team. His nickname, " Ram " , is indeed fitting. He runs at full back and when a yard is needed he always produces. He played a large part in the Sooner vic- tory over the Missouri Tigers at Co- lumbia. He is ahvays alert, fast and a sure tackier. " His defensive work gives promise of much future usefulness to the Soon- crs. " — St. Louis Globe. Frank A. Ocii.vie, Ouarlnhm k " Poncho " has played on Texas col- lege team and army elevens to gain the experience that enabled him to take the helm on two occasions when the Sooners were behind, and bring them out ahead. A teatn general of the first water, he is uncanny at using the proper play. He has few equals at forward passing, and can run with the ball as well. " Ogilvie — a veritable pep iiistiller and a whirlwind field marshal. " — Daily Oklalwman. KLf)CKlNC, lIurSiONS PUNT u u cr c c c 0 " IT c c c cr cr IT cr cr IT 17 c cr cr 4 t i q n CI ct A vjiS .tfSiW 4fH. 3 p p P fat r :?. UONEPvF ■a " a D D Tl 7) 7) n D H U H 1] T] " D H 7) 7) 71 T) " 3 D D 7J D Ronald J. Cl ' LI.ex, Guard " Fat " had to substitute for McKin- ley, who made the all-Valley team, and Edmondson, who was almost the equal of McKinley. As these two played in .every game, Cullen had very little chance to show his real worth. He is a sophomore so will be back for more in September. " Cullen is a young heavy guard who has been unable to shine because of the wealth of guard material on the Sooner team. " — Des Moines Rcyislir. OwiGHT Ross, Tuiktc " Punv " , a tackle of really unusual ability, had to be a substitute for the " super tackles " Johnston and Smoot. He is a natural football player, but had no high school experience. Ross had little chance to get in the game, but those in which he participated showed him to be worthy of a regular place on any other team in the Valley. " Ross is large, aggressive, and fast. " — St. Louis Posl-Dispaldi. nil. I. .XRoiNn — .wn . tKt)ss cirirt 1 La La Is GT IT cr c c cr 0 " c U U C U F IT cr cr cr U u u c IT cr IT cr cr cr tr u UUf% b b b ? 1 7 1 1 T T T " i T 7 1 ' 7 I? w fln.v DA ET DALL FIRST ROW: Bonebnike. Waite. McBride SECOND ROW: Tvler, Cox. THIRD ROW: Quiiin, Cm-ke, Rhciter.. ' J rr J IT C C IT H 0 " 0 " u IT IT cr GT IT cr cr cr IT cr KT E fappfJTC William ' . Cox, Forward Captain of the second Mis- souri Valley team to represent the I ' niversity of Oklahoma on the basket ball court, Cox played a splendid offensive game at forward. His steady, aggressive work was a large factor in the team ' s playing. His third cruise as a varsity man was marked by con- sistent and vigorous action at all times during the gam " . Charles Edwin- U ' ahe, Cnirr " Ed " was the mainstay of the team for he was always able to start the ball in the right direction from the jump off. He got the tip on e ' er ' center he played against, in- cluding Williams, the Uni- versity of Missouri ' s all- ' al- ley center for 1920. Waite was the high point scorer tor the Sooner team, and was the choice of seven coaches for center on the second all-. Iis- souri ' allev team BASKETBALL SCMMARY t;. Myron Tyler, Guard and Forviard " Little Tub " started the season at guard, but later proved to be the find of the season at forward. He was on the ball all the time and no guard in the conference seemed able to hold him. His floorwork was vonderful and his guarding as good as has been seen here in a long time. ;S c cr cr cr G " G " u Although the varsit ' basketball quintet was unable to annex the Missouri X ' alley conference title, the showing under the circumstances was very creditable. I ' luler the leadership of Captain William Co. , about twenty candidates turned out for fall prac- tice. Captain Cox, Waite, and Tyler were the veterans back from last year. The of Leo Waite, Hugh McDermott, and Albert Briscoe hurt the team and filling their places was the problem that confronted Coach Owen when he took charge of the sipiad after the end of the football season. .McHride and Honebrake at guards, Rhoten, Cocke, and (Juinn at forwards, were the final selection of Bennie tor the acant posi- nncici .,1 T J J " G " " 0 ■a -0 u 7) d ID D " 0 (£ Howard Bonebrake, Gaani Bonebrake stems to have been fitted by nature for the position of guard, for his height and long arms were always mixed in the opposi- tion ' s plays. His defensive work was a feature of the season, and he was one of the fastest men on the team. Harold McBride, Guard " Micky " at guard was one of the steadiest men on the team. Not a flashy player, McBride nevertheless was a hard man for anv forward to get past, and he carried the ball down the floor for Oklahoma time and again when his teammates were blocked from the ball. William M. Cocke. GutV ' ii and For ' iird Cocke worked at both guard and forward. He played a clean, hard game, and always for the team, feeding many of his chances to his teammates. He shoots well, and with the confidence gained this year will certainly be heard from next season. tions and his judginent proved apt, for the team won four of the eight games on the home court and four of ten games on their trip. At the end of the season the 1921 basket ball squad was recognized as one of the fastest and smoothest working outfits that ever wore Oklahoma uniforms. Playing the strongest schedule a Red and White quintet ever undertook, taking on the best teams in the Missouri ' alley, the Sooners hung up an excellent record. Ihe Oklahoma Aggies came to Norman for the first games of the season. The Aggies lost the first game January 7, 42 to 10; the next day they were humbled to the score of 54 to 15. The first two-game invasion of Kansas resulted in a double loss to the Kansas Aggies, scores, 29 to 17 ; 23 to 9. A slump in the form displayed against the Oklahoma Aggies and a higher brand of basketball w ere mainh ' responsible for the two defeats. cr cr c cr I? u ' J u u 01 ■D ■a ■D T) U ■D TI " 0 U Tl " D ■D TJ H D ■a " 0 T) H ■3 7) D TJ 71 Forrest Rhote.v, Forico Rhoten is fast, a good floor worker, making a good running mate for Cox. He exhibited a wealth of natural ability in basket ball, and at times was one of the most brilliant shots on the team. RiiHERT n. Qlinn, ForiL-arJ Quinn was an understudy in the forward- ing game. The slight-built, speedy little for- ward played like a veteran whenever he broke into the lineup, and no one except perhaps Waite, equalled his ability to ring baskets when they were needed. On January 21 and 22, the Oklahoma fans were given an opportunity of seeing one of the greatest basket ball teams in the history of basket ball in the United States against the Sooners. The University of Missouri team, by their record, had without a doubt one of the greatest teams of an age. The score of the first game was Missouri 47, Oklahoma 24; the second, Missouri 34, Oklahoma 19. The annual trip found the Sooner five playing Creighton University at Omaha, January 29. Creighton always had a good basket ball team, and this year was no exception. Oklahoma lost to the score of 27 to 16. Following their setback at the hands of Creighton, Coach Owen and his athletes went to Lincoln, where they hooked up the fast Nebraska team in a brace of contests on January 31 and February 1. Nebraska took both games, the first one 34 to 20; and the second 32 to 22. By moving on to Des Moines and taking on the Drake Hulldogs, the Soone rs seemed to break the jinx that was following them for they took the first game by the very close score of 35 to 32. Hard luck overtook them the second game and they lost by the score of 33 to 16. These defeats seemed to spur up the Reel and W ' hite athletes for they took two games in a row from Cjrinnell. They were two gruelling games and the Sooners were forced to extend themselves to the limit each time to win h the narrow margins of 25 to 22, and 23 to 20. Some of the largest crowds ever seen in the R. O. T. C. armory turned out Febru- ary 11 and 12, to see Washington University of St. Louis lose two games. Scores, Oklahoma 44, Washington 23; Oklahoma 44, Washington 27. The Oklahoma five made a flying trip up to Stillwater, Februar IS. The Aggies were again o er helmet! by the score of 46 to 15. The basket ball season was brought to a close by the Kansas Jayhawkers coming down and taking two games just when Oklahoma needed them to get in the desired first division. The Sooners led at the end of the first half in the first game, but as Waite was sent to the showers soon after, the Jayhawkers were able to slowly cut down the lead and finally won 33 to 30. The .second and last game of the season was one of the fastest ever seen on the local court. Kansas nosed out bv a score of 37 to 32. oi tr tr u c G " cr u IT cr C " cr cr cr [T cr |g n n n g cTfMVcJiagg J3a£ P P P BTFi t uniCKvfci i3 la la la T t ' ■Q TJ " U T 1 T 1 T T ■D T TRACK R » FIRST ROW: Ilosaii, riiidkton. Griffith, Laskev, White, Hufbauer. Salwaechter. Snuta SECOXU ROW; Miuviii. Griffin, Vahlliers. Rentfrnw, I ' .oyle. Callahan, McClure, Cobb. qq|g q ti cr c ST C IT C C cr cr u sr IT cr iT T .iT ■!7 u 17 C cr u cr G " IT pppp blab b m PORSEV A. Bovi.E Anadarko Poll- J ' ault and IIit i Jump Boyle tied for first in the pole vault at the Missouri Valley conference meet at Ames. Ernest Vaulberc Oklahoma City Distance Runner Vahlberg took the half mile at the K. C. A. C. meet in 2 minutes 6 sec- onds. He was a consistent winner all year and is captain-elect for the 1921 season. TRACK SUMM- RY The track team of the University of Oklahoma for the season of 1920 had to labor under a great disadvantage. The step forward that the university made in athletic circles by entering the Missouri Valley conference caused strict eligibility rules to be enforced and seriously hampered the work of Coach R. G. Soutar. Nevertheless Soutar went ahead with the few remaining men he had, and the phrase " Oklahoma fights " was justified by the spirit of the track men. The first event of the season was the Kansas City Athletic Club Indoor meet, held at Kansas City, March 13. This was the first K. C. A. C. meet that Oklahoma luul entered since 1915. Cobb took first in the 1000-yard run in 2 minutes, 29 seconds. Vahlberg won the half mile in 2 minutes, 6 seconds. Clift took third in the quarter. The relay team, composed of Griffin, Laskey, McClure, and Griffith, lost to Kansas. The second meet in which the Sooners engaged was the Drake University relay games held at Des Moines, April 24. This was real big league track, and while Okla- fe = P raj XI c IT cr 0 " IT c d cr u IT c cr cr u u c GT c cr cr u cr cr bbbbbL. •ritK. krf •«■ u h « h u " D ■a " a " D D Tl u 7) il ■0 " U H 7} ■a u 71 ■D " D 7) ti 7J Fred Cobb McAlester Mil,- and 1000 Yard Cobb made a sensational finish in the K. C. A. C. indoor meet when he pushed b ' Hayes of Missouri, who had led him almost to the tape. CiiRisTi.w S.m.waechifr Carmen Half Mill- and Oiiarlcr Sahvaechter could be depended upon for points when they were needed. He won the half and quarter in the dual meet with the Oklahoma Aggies. homa failed to place, the showing was gratifying. The Sooner two-mile relay team ran the course in 8 minutes, 21 seconds. This was better than the winning time of the year before. The relay team was made up of Fred Cobb, Christian Sahvaechter, Ernest Vahlberg, and Frank Taylor. The Oklahoma Aggies came over from Stillwater for a dual meet. May 5. The meet was so close that the final event, the relay, decided it, in favor of the Sooners. Score Sooners 63 1-3, Aggies 53 2-3. Dickerson of A. and M. took a gruelling two- mile race from Vahlberg and made a new record of 10 minutes, 9% seconds. White of Oklahoma made a new record of 128 feet., 9 inches, in the discus throw. High point men of the meet were: Hufbauer, of Oklahoma, 11 2-3; Sahvaechter, of Okla- homa, 111 4; Bessire, of A. and M., 11. The Missouri Valley Conference meet was held at Ames, May 30. Sahvaechter, Laskey, Vahlberg, Griffin, McClure, White, Boyle, Hufbauer, and Cobb made the trip. Boyle tied for first in the pole vault, Sahvaechter took third in the half mile run in the very good time of 1 minute, 56 seconds. White took third in the discus throw with a heave of 127 feet. Cobb ran the mile in 4 minutes, 31 seconds, but the time was so fast that he got only fourth place. £UEL cr c u cr cr IT cr c cr cr u IT C " cr cr u u cr cr cr cr cr u cr cr J PPF Bin N " Grtivfiv Snyder Dasliis Griffin led the famous Scholtz of Missouri to the tape in the Drake Re- lay games. He is developing into a consistent ten-second man. Phil Wiuie Oklahoma City Discus White vet a new mark of 128 feet 9 inches for the discus throw in the dual meet with the Oklahoma . ' ggies at Norman. u Track, gymnasium teams, and incidentally the university as a whole, received a set- back as a result of the resignation of Richard G. Soutar, professor of physical educa- tion, during the spring of 1920. He had been connected with the university since 1914. Grover C. Jacobsen, who coached the all-victorious football team of 1919 for Oklahoma City high school, was engaged as track coach and assistant football coach. ( (ilil; Kt . IN . I ML Mll.l, UELEt g G " ■a 71 " D T) ■0 7) ■D TI ■D ■n U D D H T) -Q " D U 71 7) 71 7J 71 71 ■D J Stanley Cai.lahav Wilbuilon Hi( li Jump Callahan tied for first in the high jump in the meet vith the Aggies. He is an almost sure point v.inner vhen able to compete. Harold C. Hli bauer Newkirk Hir i Jump anil Poir Vault Hiifbaucr vas the high point man in the dual meet with the Oklahoma Ag- gies, with 11 2-3 points. cr 0 " cr c c IT tr i IT C cr cr IT cr c - 5fV. y ■ETETSTaT " D TJ 13 71 " D H D U " D H Tl ■n " D ■D H H 71 7) 71 ■D 7J H HojAJi Pi-oAd-jiimpinr 1 2 7 fracA meet With Ohlohoma C7qqies- ,»jvrt of IwotmlcRe ce A-Uv xcilerlJHw 440 .. -cjfK [7 C r rr c cr 0 " d cr cr c IT C " c c cr c c ti cr (i c c u JHJ5 II D ■D T) Tl 71 7) ■0 ■0 7] 7) 7) 7) 7J 7) 71 7) 7) 7] 71 71 71 71 71 73 73 SITB m MM tJSB dM DA EL DALL FIRST ROW: Gentry, Diivis, Little, Cnx, Owen. SbX ' OND ROW: Siilter, Kirchner, Brisi-oe, Tallmtt, .loseph. q CI CI ctf jWr I C7 C HI P p p ra p Id unci cnfS Vi-JiSfe 3P pp BASEBALL Sr LNL RY I " ' The baseball score book of the University of Oklahoma for the season of 1920 shows 1 a total of eight games lost, five won, and one tied. While from a casual glance at this, one would think perhaps a mediocre brand of baseball was played, the facts are that the majority of games lost, were lost by very close scores. One or two runs decided most of them. A little more ability to hit in the pinches, and Oklahoma would have more than passed the half way mark in games won. The season opened March 26, with the Chilocco Indians. As usual, the Indians appeared with a very strong team. The first game was lost 7-1, but coming back strong the next day, the Sooners, led by Briscoe who punched out a single and a double, took the second game, 3—0. The next visitors were the Kansas Aggies, April 9, 10. Bosworth. the left bander from Oklahoma City, pitched the first. Aggie hits coupled with Oklahoma errors are Tl the reasons for the Oklahoma 7-1 defeat. Davis held the Aggies to a thirteen inning (J " tie, the second day. It was a gruelling pitchers ' battle between he and the Aggie m U flinger, McGrath. Score K. S. A. C. 3, Oklahoma 3. " " Tl The Nebraska Cornhuskers were next entertained on Boyd Field, April 21, 22. Q " The first game was won 7-2, with Davis pitching. Not only did Davis pitch a nice _, L _ game but he hit for four bases and the first Sooner score. John Pickett, of Nebraska, M I— I who later went to the Major Leagues, pitched winning baseball but Husker niisplays fT I behind him lost the game. He fanned sixteen and allowed only seven hits to Davis ' eleven. The visitors slumped in the second game and lost 10-1. Briscoe pitched this b game and allowed only four hits. He had a wonderful change of pace and fast- mmm ■■ breaking cur e. " 71 The string of losses started with the in asion of the Kansas Aggie, University of |j Kansas, and University of Missouri camps. May 3, facing the Kansas Aggie star _. U pitcher, McGrath, the Sooners were defeated 6-2. Davis pitched this, and the next ■Jl day Briscoe took up the task, but lost 3-2 in a hard fought game. | Leaving Manhattan, the University of Kansas was encountered at Lawrence, May 5. O On a grass grown infield, the Sooners were credited with fourteen errors and a lost U mm game, 11-3. Davis and Dolph were the pitchers in this game. The next day, the rj " Sooners were rained out and journeyed to Columbia, Mis.souri. The Missouri Tigers TJ took the first game, 1-0, on May 7. It was a pitchers ' battle between Briscoe and tl McLane of Missouri. The second game was plaxcil in the morning of IVLiy 8, and U was also lost 1-0. Davis pitched this game and had hard luck, as Oklahoma had three U men on the bases in the eighth inning ith no one out, but the w inning hit could not fT be delivered. May 14, the team went to Stillwater ami lost one game. 3-1, ith the Oklahoma Aggies. It was a cold, chilh da . but Davis pitched shutout ball, and with proper support would have won. Rain prexented the second game. fT The season closed with a (hjuhle win from the Oklahoma Aggies, May IS, 19. The games were played at Norman, to large crowds. Briscoe pitching the opener, allowed U only three hits, and won easily 3-1. ( n the next d.i , Davis, not to he outdone, also allowed onl ' three hits, and won 13-2. cr c cr n -a ■D ll D n D H D H T) D U " 0 H H THE SEA SO N March 26, at Norman. Sooners 1, Chilocco 7 - March 27, at Norman. Sooners . , Chilocco u April 9. at Norman. Sooners 1, K. S. A. C. 7 cr April 10. at Norman. Sooners 3, K. S. A. C. 3 (thirteen innings) April 21, at Norman. Sooners 7, Nebraska -) IT IT April -yj at Norman. Sooners 10, Nebraska 1 May 3, at ] Ianhattan. Sooners 2 K. S. A. C 6 May 4, at Manhattan. Sooners 2_ K. S. A. C 3 cr : Iay 5. at Lawrence. Sooners 3, Kansas 11 May 7, at Columbia. Sooners 0, Missouri 1 May 8, at Columbia. Sooners 0, Missouri 1 IT : Iay 14. at Stillwater. Sooners 1, Aggies 3 : Iay IS, at Norman. Sooners 3, Aggies 1 May 19, at Norman. Sooners 13, Aggies 2 Total : Sooners 49 ; Opponents 48 u tr cr cr cr cr u C " cr cr cr c n (T 0 " cim crs U-.. b b b b b vTOONE b b b b La b izi H H " D 11 " 3 T) Tl D 71 H D H H D i] 7) " D H 7) 7) 71 71 7) 71 7) 71 71 7} Albert H. Briscoe S witslo i. Pill in- anJ Ca ' laiii Briscoe was elected captain of the team after it was seen that Captain- elect Hardv would not he hack in school. " Brick " made an ideal captain. He led the team in hatting and his speed on the hases accounted for runs when they were needed. He was good enough to get a place with Dallas in the Texas league after school was over. J.R. C,i- iR . Cm, ill- " Dick " , a vi-itraTi of the large glove and mask, was one of the hcst catchers ever seen in an Oklahoma uniform. He did not make a single error in throwing the entire season. His ahility to hit in pinches when hits counted, made him a very valuahle man. t A- = c; Ki. wn I ' Ai.noTT, Third Rase " Olie " , as a fielding third haseman, has few superiors. Third is aptly called the " hot " corner, but Talbott takes them easily and always gets his man at first. His ability as a baseball player and popularity with his team- mates is attested to by the fact that thev elected him captain for the season of 1921. Ari.d n.wis, I ' ildiir. OuljicUln- " Skivy " is the most versatile of Bcn- nie Owen ' s athletes. On the football field he is a |uarterback or a fullback, on the baseball team he pitches or plays field. The most of the pitching burden was carried by Davis, and he bore it well. . little more hitting ability by the Oklahoma team and he would have been one of the leading pitchers of the Missouri alley, as he lost several games b one run. c IT IT CT ET r c c CT IT C C cr u cr c cr C " 0 " cr cr cr cr IT U IT (j C cr ppp ' •N r iS U t3 u 13 UGHE Tl TI " D i) T) D T) " 0 H " 0 n D H T) T) TI " D 7) 11 D -3 ■a H t .f « 1 William V. Cox, Ulilily Utility man and pinch hitter is a difficult and thankless position to fill. " Bill " Cox filled it, though, and filled it to the satisfaction of Bennie Owen, for Cox made his baseball letter. Cox is a clever fielder and made few errors during the season. He is also basket ball captain for 1921. C. Adam Seitz S iorlslo -, Rifiht firlJ " Goober " , a sturdy, hard hitting lit- tle fielder and shortstop, made his first baseball letter with the 1920 team. He is a sure fielder, and his batting was improving as the season closed. Seitz is an earnest, hard worker, and of the kind that make winners Clifford Joseph, Srcotui Base " Daddy " became a clean, fast fielder as the season progressed. His batting e e also began to improve. He fitiished the season third in the batting column, just a little behind the second man. Bryan Kirchner, Left Field " Kirch " is the " Babe " Ruth of the Oklahoma team. His terrific smashes usually went for extra bases. He hit one at Manhattan, Kansas, that took an earthen embankment to stop. He played the sun field at N ' ormaii and played almost errorless ball. t. ?aVt ' J2. tr w tr u tr wxru j i D 7) " 3 " 3 1} U 71 H ■D TI D H D 71 7) H 7) 7) 71 71 7) 7) 7) 7) 7J 7) ■ ' , 4 Leslie Salter, Center Field Salter is a rare combination of stu- dent and athlete. He made his Phi Beta Kappa key alone from all the ath- letes of the University in his line. His instinct in judging fly balls made him a dangerous man to the opposition. He is a ball player who could be depended upon to do the right thing at the right time. Byrok S. LinxE, First Base Little made the first base after lots of competition. He was far from lit- tle, but this was an advantage, as his reach enabled him to gather in bad throws from the infielders. The trip the team made seemed to help his bat- ting eye, for he hit over .400 on the trip and finished the season one point be- hind the leader, Briscoe. JOSEPH GETS H. CK It) SI ((iMi r.Asr - A. l l. cr cr cr 17 cr IT IT C IT IT C cr cr DT XT c cr cr cr u u cr cr IF Ij cr u d cr cicicici )3 fTJ la P P ra erts sj uui ' xiLrHi: i3 la la L3 lUJI bbbbbb 1920 TENNIS SUMMARY c cr a c u 17 cr V Nineteen victories to only five defeats was the remarkable record | made by Forrest Darrough and Claude Monnet, youthful Sooner tennis stars, in their ten-day tour of the middle west. Of seven colleges played, only Washington University, at St. Louis, defeated | the Oklahomans, and Chicago University was the only team to get an even break. The Sooners played at Chicago two days, w inning || three and losing three matches. Following is a record of their tour: May 3 — Oklahoma defeated Kansas 3-0; Darrough defeated Johnson 6-0, 7-5 ; Monnet defeated Reilly 6-2, 6-3 ; ]Monnet and Q " Darrough defeated Johnson and Fleeson 10-12, -1—6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4. May 4 — Oklahoma defeated Drake 3-0; Monnet defeated Conklin Ll 6-0, 6-2; Darrough defeated Mahaffie 6-1, 6-1 ; Monnet and Dar- •-■ rough defeated Conklin and Mahaffie 6-2, 6-2. May 5 — Oklahoma defeated Wisconsin 3-0 ; Darrough defeated £| Taylor 5-7, 6-4, 6-4; Monnet defeated Brody 6-0, 6-3 ; Darrough and Monnet defeated Fanning and Gotfredson 7-5, 6-3. May 6 — Oklahoma tied Chicago 3-3 ; Vorhies defeated Monnet Q " 6-2, 5-7, 6-3 ; Pike defeated Darrough 6-2, 6-3 ; Monnet and Dar- rough defeated Pike and Vorhies 10-12, 6-4, 7-5; Monnet defeated Jameson 7-5, 6-3 ; Darrough defeated Seigle 5-7, 6-3, 7-5 ; Jameson and Seigle defeated Monnet and Darrough 6-1, 6-2. May 8 — Oklahoma defeated Northwestern 3-0; Darrough de- (j feated Goldham 7-5, 6-4; Monnet defeated Groves 6-2, 6-2; Dar- rough and Monnet defeated Goldham and Groves 6-1, 6-4. May 10 — Washington University (St. Louis) defeated Oklahoma 2-1 ; Rrown defeated Monnet 6-0, 6-1 ; Hasse defeated Darrough 6-1, 6-2; Monnet and Darrough defeated Meningis and Satterfield • 7-5, 6-1. U May 11 — Oklahoma defeated Arkansas 3-0; Darrough ilefeated Smith 6-4, 6-2; Monnet defeated ALiibee 6-1, 6-3; Darrough and ll Monnet defeated Smith and AL ' iibee 6-1, 6-2, 6-1. cr cr J5JH. cr cr cr C7 cr cr ji l3 Lilsjus.: ' J Is l3 L U ■D ■a ■a ■D T3 D ■D 71 ■0 H " D U ■Q T) H U H 5 til ■D H " D 13 73 Tennis, like all other sports at the Uni erslt has returned to a better than |ire- ar status. The phenomenal record made b Forrest Darrough and Claude Monnet on their tour of the middle west did much to put Oklahoma on the tennis map. The appointment of Ben Parks as tennis manager puts tennis in the hands of a competent manager as well as a star net man. Teamed with his brother, Kirtland, he won the doubles championship of the university. Ben Parks also von the singles championship. George J. O ' Connell, a freshman, looks very promising for future varsity material. Parks, in promoting the s|iort, has arranged for this, a schedule such as has never been equalled at Oklahoma, either with respect to the nature of the competition or the number of matches to be played. The extensive plans for the year are merited through the interest in tennis shown by the student body. In no other year have there been so many out for the varsity or was the universal interest in the an- nual fall tournament ever so keen as it was last fall. FALL PRACTICE ON THE COURTS RR ' H i cr cr c tr c IT cr fj U C " c cr cr w u u u cr IT Cj Ll cr cr cr 4i ■3 L. 1 r% 13 l3 ta la b D H ■D urtrt " pARROUOkf tfCWJKELl. SfRVlNCr i .or cr 7 G b IT 0 " cr cr iJap ra p p pft f b b b b b b in J OO] b b b b b b ■ U H H Z T3 WDTLUG Wrestling is still in its infancy at the University of Oklahoma for this was but the second year in the history of the university that a team has represented the Crimson and Cream in the ancient mat sport. The wrestlers were under the charge of Assistant Coach Grover C. Jacobsen after the football season closed, but as track practice drew on " Jake " was unable to direct the men and Dewey " Snorter " Luster, last year ' s captain, took charge of the grapplers. The team had to work under a big disadvantage in that they had no adequate place to work out. At the first of the year they were compelled to use a small side room in the gymnasium, but as the women had to have the room several days a week, the mat was moved over to a small room in the carpenter shop. This room was lined with steel lockers and was so small that the men were in constant danger of injury, either from the lockers or the brick wall. However, they persevered and the record of the Sooners this year is outstanding and noteworthy. When first call was i.ssued for wrestling, a large number of men reported. Anderson, Wails, Dolph, Cooper, and Armor were from last year ' s team but there was not a letter man in the squad. But two matches had been held last year and no one had qualified for a letter. Luster really did work wonders with the team, as most of the men he had to work with were new at the game. Injuries kept Cooper, Dolph, and Wails off the mat a great part of the time. The student body appreciated the efforts of " Snorter " and the squad for the R. O. T. C. armory was full of rooters at both of the matches held in Norman. Four matches were held this year. The Sooners met the Oklahoma Aggies in the first match at Norman, January 15. The score was Oklahoma Aggies 39, Oklahoma 7. The second meet was held at Stillwater with the same school, score Aggies 39, Oklahoma H. On their way back from the Southwestern Conference meet at Still- water, the Texas Aggies won from the Sooners 39 to 7. Oklahoma was compelled to forfeit in the 125 and 175-pound classes on account of injuries. The last meet of the season was held at Des Moines with Ames for the benefit of the Hoover Relief Fund. The Ames team is considered one of the best in the United States, and while Oklahoma lost 45 to 5, our team received warm praise from the sport writers of the Des Moines papers because of the showing against the more experienced men. The outlook for next season is bright as all of the members of this year ' s team will be back for anothe r season. Time is necessary to build up a wrestling team, and the coaches are satisfied with the showing that Oklahoma has made in her two years of participation. u cr cr cr cr IT C " cr cr cr cr cr cr c: 0 " u cr cr cr u cr M-ELSLSLEL pppp 13 b H u " D u ■D L. P. Andrrson " Bustem " , as he is kiinwii on the mat, is a sturdy, «cll cievelnped and natural wrestler. His all around work on the bars in the gymnasium has de- veloped for him an excellent ph ' si(]ue and great strength. He won his letter in the second Oklahoma .XKyie match. E. J. Svinr] " Gene " was a newcomer to the mat game this year, but he showed all the signs of a real wrestler before the sea- son ended. Me wrestled in the Ames match with boils on his neck and arms. His season ' s record is excellent, con- sidering the fact that he alwavs wres- tled in a uelght above his natural class. J. E. Arnold " Jimmie " made his first appearance at practice only two days before the first Oklahoma .Aggie match. With so little experience he made an excellent sliowing. I ' nder the training of Luster he improved so much that in the Texas Aggie match he disposed of his man easily, winning two falls. V. I.. AUMOK " liill " is a whirlwind on the mat. He is always in good shape, and forces the pace. His opponent must be in fine shape to go the 21 minutes. He won his letter in the first match of the year, with the Oklahonian .Aggies. G cr u tr u c c cr G " C " a u tr c u u w u G " D " U ET cr 0 " cr pninm i ' J. " v. v«- — - f l ' U 13 U l3 ijB ia T5 " D " 3 " D T) T) " D il " 0 U Tl ■D H U ■D la la la Lab 1} 13 c. H. noi.pii " Pirate " seems to be the original vic- tim of hard liicli. Swollen ears, torn ribs, twisted knees, dislocated thumbs, have all taken their turn in keeping him off the mat. He was a member of last year ' s team and will he hack fur one more ear. F. M. ConpF.R " Coop " , the 175 pounder and heavy weight, is another one of the hard luck victims. Both his knees have been thrown out at different times during the year. In the second Oklahoma Ag- gie match his knee gave way in the first minute. Handicapped as he was and suffering pain, he went ahead with the match. He is developed to a ge- gree seldom seen in a college wrestler. E. D. Wails " Fat " , the smiling fighter of the team, is always on the offensive. He is a veteran of last year and has steadily improved. He made Briscoe, the Okla- homa Aggie " Scissors King " , stand on his feet the entire time. Injuries to his teeth kept him out part of the time. KANSAS WINNING THE CROSS-COUNTRY, NOVEMBER 6th m£LEL PPP 3+1 Junior Stanley Callahax IIaroid Hukbauer Stanley Catlett Kerr McQuown tt Jmalali: . " . b b La i l B " D SIGMA DELTA PSI h S S ! I i j ! i S 1 i U FIHST RdW: (iriffiu. Mi-Qiiowii. ( ilhihiiii. Il SEC ' OXI) ROW: McChin-. C:itli-tt. LuM.T. (H;ih:ini. ■D C " ■D cr " Honorary Athletic Fraternity " | Founded at I ' niversity of Indiana 1912 J " Oklahoma 1916 H C " U HONORARY MEMBERS U ■ Strattos- D. Brooks Bek G. Owens p " T] MEMBERS " Dewey I.usier Bryan- Grifiin Tames McClure " 3 U Hersciiei. (jraham Harry Revelle |J " 3 cr Tl IT u ■D T3 Tl TJ TJ T] DELTA PSI KAPPA Tl r% i Ff 1 € • TJ Bf £ if( r i I i 1 •. Tl T] 9 f j •M f%W s KIRST ROW: Cralle. Craven, SKCOXI) ROW: Murrav, Kin, THIRD ROW: K.iker. Burditt Baker, Gibson, Lilliiil , Ciinnewav, Riinyan, . (iuthrie. Ray, Monn Orloi iiuft ' , t, Ash . Li i)iiev. Chapman, Louise Orton, Stevenson. Montgomer,v, TJ Women ' s Honorary Athletic Fraternity Founc ed at Indianapolis, ndiai a TJ Oklahoma 1918 TJ FACULTY I.MA James Tl GRADUATE TJ Gr. ce Ray MEMBERS TJ Etta Murray 1921 Ruby Conneway TJ Edith Cralle DoRiNE Guthrie Emily Hoover TJ Minnie Baker 1922 Matiie Cal Gibson TJ Florence Monket Louise Orton Nadise Runyan EvALYN Scott Dorothy Stephenson TJ Dove Montgomery 1923 Dorothy Arnote TJ Bernice Baker Beth Ash Willie Chapman Muriel Craven ■0 Helen King Ella Huff Mabel Looney Lillian Orton 1924 Georgia Burditt ET U tr IT IT IT U U G " cr U c G " cr cr cr cr c c cr u .-.J u cr cr c ajELB ■D " D H " 3 ■D D H TJ TJ ■0 H " D ■fl ■a 1] T] " 0 u D ■D " 0 TI ■a ■3 U TOP ROW Iii;.lMiii, Mil-. .« (1, r.i ' . ,iMi, 1 1 " iimm, I) (i . I ' ;m SECOND ROW: Mouif, L aii. ' , A. lir. ' tt, ' 111 l :ill. Tlmnipson. THIRll ROW: Chapman. H.ilhiiut. Ralhbi n. .McR Callalian. Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Pner, :. Catlett. Slleltii . Heiirv Williai FIFTH ROW ' : Bliuichard, Tebbe. Edmissoi , Phillip Francis Mulkev Gerald Tebbe Razzie Stephens Cordon Bierer Joii Van Dali. John Blanciiard Eugene Catlett Forrest Darrough James Frazier Q. n. Cinns Lee CioFK Robert Henry Eugene Jordan ncinci OFFICERS Francis Mulkev C iii-f i-k Gerald Tebbe Ink Squirlcr John Van Dall Keeper oj llie Coin Gordon Bierer Royal Piiuee MEMBERS Robert Loofburrow Stanley Bryant Robert Simons Max W. Minton Kenneth Moore Fom Casey Preston R.xthbun John Uogan Hobart Ingram Earl Pruet Fom Holland Robert Lee CiArland Talbot Mose Harris Stanley C.m.i.aiian Rutherford Brett Merle Chapman Robert Williams Dave McKown John Thompson Clarence McRae Leslie Salter Raymond Everest Norris Hopping Joe Curtis Abner Jordan Loren Prver Reuben Phillips John Edmisson Leo Cade Cooper Siiuler John Shei.ton C. R. Boyi.k Harold Hoois Lawrence Jones Hovt Lewis Kov Taylor Charles Hi fit c c cr cr c: c ti KT cr cr cr cr p p p fa ' o b b b b b!] v OONEPv Gbbbbbbb 7) ■D TI 71 " D TI D D TI i! TI Tl TI -0 Tl Tl TI Tl H T) Tl TI TI Tl TI TI TI JAZZ HOUNDS f 44 f t f f f T; I ' TOP ROW; BioH McGi-iiw, Rogei MIDDLE ROW: ng. .lohnstim, lli-rritt. ( Eddlenian, Muldrnw. Loi wning. McCnnnell, Dune Li illy. S ly. Wmirtn I.i ' aliv. Hag.v, McGiiinis . I ' liehe. Dojier, Hickey ■, Kddi-rick. I.ittlp. Ames OFFICERS Campbell LeFlore L.i-aJ,-r Walter Rogers liusiness Manager Chester Young Sfcrelary-Treasurcr MEMBERS Campbell LeFlore Harry Revelle Nolax Browsing Walter Rogers Adam Seitz Tom Leahy Chester Young Eugene Weirich Homer Crawford Walter Fears Lloyd Noble Dale Johnston David Hilles Harry McConnell Russell Dozier Dorrance Roderick William Cox T. J. Woodmansee David Morris Morgan Eddleman Charles Ames Blair Thorpe Meredith Hickey Wendell Long Robert Downing Merle Little Kenneth Keenan Allen Duncan Armour Guy Neal Sullivan Rogers Leahy John Ci.inkscales Kenneth Randall LeRoy LeFlore Lawrence Hagy Lelaxd Hartford Fisher Muldro w Pat Sheets Cecil Hutchinson Bailie Vinson Joe Brandt Carlton Merriit Stanley- Catlett Roy Scovil Earl McGinnis Marcellus Priebe Tully Nettleton Joe McGraw Ralph Courtney William Cruce ciae ppp ■D ■D " D " D 1 1 7 k ' t 1 H U T T " i " l I ( ■a ■0 J b b J O0HER.|3 b b b b 1 ij )OiNS )s Kcie Cmf W ■• ' i ;- 4lii. ' fiSBMSKA P ICJ(-IS6S I K INSA S AO«IFS AT iOQ VIH J-, iVMi c O r eLoem M4l , o- t.. ajEL M»AT )vHt. r 8£ c PPf il c- cr cr u u c ET U cr G " b b UIjIj b bls O0 fER 73 H -d " U 7) T) H T) 7J D 7) H D D 7] 7) 71 D 7) 71 i) 71 7) D TJ ■0 FRATERNITIES OEiav b b b b b b b v NOONERJa b b b b La b b -d ■D -D H D ■D " D 7] 7) U T) i) H D TI 7) 7) H D 7) 71 7) " 0 7J 7) IXTER-FRATERXITV COUNCIL JOHX Cl.IXKSCAI.ES . Van Winter Stewart President Secretar - Treasurer MKMRF.RS Kfipp i .-l plia Ai.i,i;n ' Di NT ax C mi ' iu:li. LeFi.ore Kappa Sii ma 1 ' aUL X. JOHXSTOX (icRDON HlERE R Bita Thctn Ft Max W. Mixtox Dow H mm Sii iaa . ; Jack Hlrtox Rogers Leah ' JOHX CMXKSCAI.nS Da id Morris Sir ina Alpha Epsilon Sii ina C.lii JoUX (lAI.I.OW A ' Neai. Si r.i.iVAX ' ;; ' (laiiiina Delta ' ax Wmxter Stewart DoRRAxti: Rodiirick Berr- - Cottox Thomas CA.SK ■ rin Drlla Tlula Jn RoMicRP Ueij, Mil. ton SEi.m ' m nLEI5L i3_5 rrr f wmr j . iwJa p p p ra-Ssi v OONER. (abbbbui t U D ■a " D H ■D ■0 7) € l @ 4 " w 4 FIRST ROW: Minton. Burton. Bierer. .Tohiistmi. SECOND ROW: Rnderiok. Gallowiiy. Leiihy. Stewarl. Mn THIRD ROW: Ciisev. Clinksi-ales. Sullivan, liell. KOL ' RTH ROW:, Selliy, Cotton. LeI- ' li.n-. Dniu-an. tsS o o c c c.» W a«ST V T DaaJa3 U 3 u u cr G " U C C C tr cr cr cr u ET cr ,G " C7 cr c c c IT cr [T d cr cr cr cr p pp f= " 0 " D ■D 7) " U D D U T) H D H 71 H H ■D H D D il H -a T) •a 7) bbbbbbbj J OOHEP (abbbbbbb gZJ KAPPA ALPHA (southern) Founded at Washington and Lee I ' niversity, 1865 Oklahoma 1905 Members, 16,000 Number of Chapters, 51 W. S. Campbell Rodger Denisok Allen Duncan Gilbert Fulton Thomas Leahy Carl Jackson James Arnold M. H. Wooden Carroll Sidwell Gilbert Bond CJeorge Haker Gordon Carr Clifford Fulton Harold Freeman BvRON Haves Houston Hill FACULTY Pall S. Carpenter GRADUATE Vinson Lackey MEMBERS 1921 Wayne Bronaugh William McCurdv Walter Fears 1922 Harry Hill Allen Kramer Campbell LeFlore Paul Smith Roy Swatek 192S Welbourne Bronaugh Raymond Stout Harrv McConnell 1924 Fred King Devere McConnell Alfred McClain Russell McElrov Wilbur McKenzie Roscoe E. Harper Frank Ogilvie Blair Thorpe Philip Kramer Reed Young Alexander McKinnon Bryan Runyan John Robinson Dean Hull James Maguire ' Edward Strouvelle Marvin Walker Mai.coi.m Shead Paul Shead ♦Sam Lov Jess McBee nnnci 3 i£ P 3 E u GT C C C C C U C C U w c cr cr c c: IT (j IT (7 U C cr u ■ ' PiLi ' " ETis T3 7) ■D TI ■D T u U " C " 0 7] " 0 H ■c T3 ■D ID -Q U FIRST ROW; Leahv. Kirrrnr.n. SuMt.k, Si,l«rll, V Irii, ( ' , Kult..M, SECOND ROW: H. V. Ilill. Mml:iiiv.-., o ilv,,, i, M •. l SIi,;h1. M Sh,;i,l. THIRD ROW: C:irr, W. } ' .r..ii;nii;li. I ' . Kr;uii.r. liak.v, W. Bliiriaut:li, l..ij. FOCKTH ROW: Riiliinsuii. I ' l-iiis, .M.Cunlv, ■|li,.r|i. ' , A. Kramer. Jiicksoii. Sin.uvi ' llt-. FIFTH ROW: H. M Ciiniii-ll. II.iMst.iii Hill. 1 . M.-Connell. Mc-Klro.v, LeKlm-e. (i. Fullon. SIXTH ROW: SI. ml. Ruiiv:iii. Sniilli. Walk.-r. McClnin. Arnold. McKenzif. SEVENTH ROW: Hull. King, llavs. Lai-kev. Hoiul. Duncan. u u J c cr 0 " c c c cr nr w c cr n " 0- u c u u u u IT cr u p ' p ' pp 1 bbb b bbb 2r KAPPA SIGMA 71 " D " D ■D Tl T) -0 U D H D " D D TJ ■a ■D T) " 0 " D 13 Founded at riiiversity of irt;ini Oklahoma 1906 Members, 18,595 Number of Chapters, 85 Elmer Kanatser Paul X. Johnston- DwiGHT Ross A. Gordon C. Bierer Henry Potterf Horace Taylor Jons ' AN Hall Rutherford Brett J. K. Berry Howard Marsh John Thompson Harry Baugmman George Miller Charles Anderson VlLLL M BrUNTON Homer Crawford C. A. Milner Colbert Marshall Paul I.indsey RoYCE Calkins FACULTY Allen K. Manchester MEMBERS 19 21 Floyd Gray B. R. Hunter J. B. Eskridce C. B. Norris Guard Mar in 1922 John Hocan Barton Moore John Bunn Dean Widener Adam Seitz 1923 Ralph Courtney Roy SErrz Charles Horsley HUTTON Bellah Karl Hogan Jess Hoke 1924 James M. Thompson Malcolm Rosser Floyd Staley Joe Eskridge Oscar White Paul Campbell John Baxter Phil McNeh.l Homer McLaughlin Ermond McLaughlin Chancey Dolph Paul Williams Leo Cailev NLxuRicE McLaughlin ' Branson Pavis ' Howard Richards •JuDsox Urie Moody Tidwell Clyde Andrews Smkrwkll Wkher ■R. n. Rk m •Jack Boyd g c g»gi cr cr IT cr 0 " cr c cr c u IT ,j " cr cr tr c cr (j u cr cr Slrf p p p ! ' in FIRST POW: Marsh, Staley. John Thompson, Boyd, Hoke, Campbell. SECOND ROW: Eskridge, Marshall, Davis, J. M. Thompson, Gray, Johnston. THIRD ROW: McNeill, Van Dall, Lindsey, Brett, Crawford, A. Seitz. FOURTH ROW: Ross, Dolph. Bellah, Miller. Marvin. Brunton. Ream. FIFTH ROW: K. Hogan, Baughman, Bunn, Baxter, Urie, Kanatser. SIXTH ROW: Richards, Morris, Bierer, Calkins. Hunter. J. Hogan. SEVENTH ROW: R. Seitz, Taylor, Cailev, Weber, White, Rosser, n CT J J IT ijg__c 5A ' 13 D BETA THETA PI u a-- WTJj ■D HHHnB w F c T3 ET i) U IT H Founded at Miami UniverMty, 1839 Oklahoma 1907 C " H Members, 25,121 Number of Chapters, 81 G " U FACrLTV cr U XT J. S. BUCHANAV L. B. Nice S. R. Hadsei.l L. C. LiCHTY L. A. RiELY J. H. Felcar J. C. Davis A. C. Scott John Bass F. G. Tappan U GRADUATE cr U Max. V. Minton cr 1] MEMBERS cr U John B. Blanchard 1921 L. Stoy Riely Fhoburn Tagcart cr Tl QUESNEY D. GiBBS John E. Curran George D. Stevens u Angus M. Woodford David E. Hilles Boone Jones D 1922 cr 7) O. F. MULDROW V. Dow Hamm P. M. Rathbln u Ted Colbert Raymond Davis C. Jerome Alexander H Carl Shoults Clayton N. Smith Hunter Winseite u Waiper V. Rogers D 1923 u 7) William W. Potter Ronald Cullen f. Meredith Hickey u Dale H. Johnston Robert E. Downing Walter L. Shirley U Merwyn Croston Morgan V. Eddleman C. Edgar White Warren Ryder u U 192 (7 TJ James Blciianan Warres Bailey ' red Mirchison C " James W. Hayes Ernest Lykins [AMES TACGART 7J Carol B. McCui.louch Horace McCracken Marshall Ringsdorf IT Pun, E. Br.ACKVvELDER I.EAi.oN Lamb Ierbert Parrish D •Plcil K " G " T) ft cr a .q,, " ! nci ct vt v gd faaraopia M (a b b la b b ta J oUNERJa b b b b L m H n ■0 H U " 0 ■3 H P tS S f S i FIRST ROW: Colbert, Minton, Riely, Eddleman, Bailey, Hilles. SECOND ROW: Smith, Winsette. Johnston, Murchison, Gibbs, Davis. THIRD ROW: ShirleVj Downing, Lvkins, Hickey. Rathhiin. Rogers. F(U RTII ROW: Curran, Muldrow, Parrish, Shoults, Hayes, Stevens. FIFTH ROW: Buchanan, Ringsdorf, Woodford, McCullough, Potter, White, SIXTH ROW: Cullen, Alexander, Croston, Blanchard, Rvder, Blackwelder. SEVEXTH ROW: Hamm, T. Taggart, .lones, J. Taggart, Mc-Crai-ken, Lamb. i n q n in n ' j a£TagSgT egfflJa p p p f3 IT T r T J " U cr cr c cr n c c (T 0 " 43 bb(H J i ttP SIGMA NU l j i i i 1 P 1 ;Z 4; |l PgJ| ■ ' ;. J 1 r Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1S69 Oklahoma 1909 Members, 15,210 Number of Chapters, 79 Joseph F. Paxton Russell R. Brasted Warner W. Newby John F. Burton COLWELL C. ChASTAIN Rav Goodrich Leland Hartford George Townsend William Stahl Walter McClellan Ernest McCubbins T. E. Son W. W. Morse ♦George Francis W. F. Gilmer W. E. Parry- Ben G. Owen MEMBERS 1921 Harold McBride David Morris J. W. Curtis Forrest M. Darrough Ernest V ' ahlberg 1922 Dudley A. ' ooD Laile Neal Charles E. Waite 1923 Lester Palmer John Craig 1924 Raymond Board •Earl Hendricks George Forney Tom (Iodirey RiiiiARi) Argue William Cox Merl Cliit David Stutsman Don Hughes F. C. Rhoton John Lydick Thomas Woodmansee Robert Quinn Ralph McElroy G. S. Irwin Jack RAOhORO J. J. Roop ♦Joseph Thompson •S. J. Iverson (;i.RN ClI M ' IM-l L DT W H C " GT IT G CT U CT u n y !l - t 5 tPv i ■D T3 ■0 13 FIRST ROW: Curlis. Xewbv, Hcndviiks. Irwin, Chastain, Quinn. SECOND ROW: Townsend. Gilmer, Francis, Hartford, Board, Stahl. THIRD ROW: Hughes, Thompson, Waite, Craig, Vahlberg, Neal, FOURTH ROW: Roop, Morse, Argue, Croodrich, Chappell, Morris. FIFTH ROW: Parrv, Darrough, Wood, Clift, McCubbins, Palmer. SIXTH ROW: McClellaii, Radford, Woodmansee, Stutsman, Cox, Fonie.v. SEVENTH ROW: Iverson, Burton, Brasted, Godfre.v, McBride. u cr c cr cr J u i 1 " cr cr qqqqcT - Ss£ =ljelbm i U 1 k j-a TJ ■a I u ID U " 0 H ■a " 0 u D D " D " D " 3 " 3 D N SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON B m " d, W k: mt- m " : r- Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 Oklahoma 1909 Members, 22,420 Number of Chapters, 82 FACULTY John Moseley Francis Mulkey Elcar Holley Paul Sutton John Galloway Arlo Davis Claude Monnet George Abbott Raymond Boyle Miles Tolbert Pace Houston Travis Cash Bill Reilly Earl Wagner Frank Mosby Frank Harbison Henry Hunt Am RED HOCKER Wai.ier Hooker GRADUATE MEMBERS 1921 John Cantrell Rogers Leahy Bailie Vinson Kenneth Moore 1922 Clay Hughes William Watkins Kenneth Keenan Leo Cade LoREN Pryer 1923 Emerson Kelso Douglas Emmons 1924 •Leo Brunt WiNTON Childress Fred Rogers George Seibold Fred F.ben Hart Harold Hufbauer Henry Wootten Merle Little Charles Ames Agnevv Walker Wendell Long Robert Greer Dan Delaney Harold McKeen Forrest Conklin Van Edmondson •M. F. Gundy •Curtis Day •Fay Scrutchfield Byron Van Camp Kd Johnson Howard Hooker •Sam Taylor a U U G " [T PF - t T1 FIRST ROW: Rogers. Bovlc. Van Camp. Mulkey. Abbott. Holley. SECOND ROW: H. H. Hooker. Emmons, Reilly, Edmondson. Gunby. Mosby. Childress. THIRD ROW: Vinjion. McKeen. Wagner. Houston. Tolliert. Day. FOURTH ROW: Cantrell, Ki-iMiaii. Caili ' . Seibold, Ames. Harbison. FIFTH ROW: Moore, Kelso. Ihiiil, ll,,lni,iii. H.,.ker, Cash. SIXTH ROW: Little, Hoixbe--, I.ool ' , s.riit.hiirld. W. Hocker. Leahy. Greer. SEVENTH ROW: Prver, E. ,Iohiisoii, Dilanev, Cilloway, Wooten. Monnet, w tr 0 " GT C C cr IT cr cr cr J cr IT U cr cr cr u c l3S SIGMA CHI Founded at Iiami I ' niversity Oklahoma 1912 Members, 16,878 V. E. MOS ' NETT Number of Chapters, 71 J. V. Clixkscales J. R. Frazier R. H. CONKI-l C W. H. Ingram A. C. Shuler W. H. CONKI.IVC n. J- OONAIIOE C. N. Franklin- E. M. Catron H. C. Conway »E. G. Ferguson MEMBERS 1921 L. C. LeFlore R. B. LOOFBOURROW A. D. McCuRLEY 1922 N. A. Sullivan W. C. Talbott R. N. Taylor 1923 B. E. Johnson " A. D. Lewis J. R. McGraw Ralph Allen 192 4 M. (). MULVEY p. S. Nagi.e Theo. H. Brewer n. B. Morrison C. L. Armstrong J. Conway G. T. GouiN H. C. Morrison C. E. Merritt C. P. Collins C. E. Stevens •T. S . Cox •R. H. McCuRTAIN •Paul Grosshart u 0 " c c C " DT IT (T CT IT U C " C " C " c IT C (I C cr .. • fl ' Wi b b la ra ■D TI TI X " D H H li T) 13 Ti T) ■a It,- ! 1 rS SD .32A Hi. FIRST ROW: Talbott, H. Conkling, Franklin, Clinkscales. McGraw. SECOND ROW; Uonahoe, tirosshart, Catron, ,F. F. Conway, Stevens THIRD ROW: McCtirtain, Sullivan, .Tohn.son, R. Conkling, Collins. FOT ' RTH ROW: Ingram, Armstrong, Merritt, Taylor. Ferguson. FIFTH ROW: Gouin, Shuler, Lewis, Mulvev, H. Morrison. SIXTH ROW: Loofbourrow, Allen. H, Conwa.v. Co. . Naglc. IT C c- c IT rr cr c c G J IT yajB PHI GAMMA DELTA Founded at Washington and Lee, 18+8 Oklahoma 1917 ;,270 Number of Chapters, 62 Josh Lee Ben " Cooley Russell IDozier Ralph Beegle Arthur Gilbert Fred Grhkith Clarence McRae R. R. Vi m cham Edward Bowles ClURLES CUNN1SGIL M John Egan Lane Poe R0BLEY Standard JACKSOX Sloak George LeVax Ralph Wallace Mike Monroney }L RVEi. White FACULTY Homer L. Dodge MEMBERS 1921 F. S. Cleckler Rov Jones Van W. Stewart ' ; 2 2 R. L. Phillips Cubbace Wheeler W. A. Fleming 1923 Lester Fouts Armor Guv Cecil Hutciiins 19 2 4 Wll.l.lAM FhOMPSON John Pobrv Jack CjIlchrist Will Sxoddy Clyde Cantrpll Rov Manavey Sanford M. Saly ' er A. L. Jones Leonard Scil eier Cameron Woodsov Dorrance Roderick James Knox J. . Collier NL RCELI.US Priebe Lloyd Beach Edwin Kerrigan Paul Heffner ' George Koch •Jack Durkee Hal Crouch •Glenn Cole Clarence Warren Bernard Hughes ♦J. E. Mills IT C C n u CT IT C7 CT D " C7 CT C " c; IT u Xx F q» -i b -r 3 P P P P If rD " l d ft «F W 5Sr 5 4 ® ii» is FIRST ROW: Hutchins. Snoddv, Mahaffey. McRae, Standard. LeVan, Poe. SECOND ROW: Heffnpr. Cunningham, Hughes, A. L, .Jones, Wallace. Sloan. THIRD ROW: Beach, Egan. R, D. .Jones. Winningham. Warren. Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Mills. Koch. Phillips. Ward. Stewart. Collier. FIFTH ROW: Roderick. Bowles. Knox, Schaefer. Gilchrist. Cole. Dohry. SIXTH ROW: Crouch. While. Cantrell. Coolev. Oilbert. Monroney. Kerrigan. SEVENTH ROW: Guv. Dnrkee, Woodson. Wheeler, CIcckler. Griffith, Prielie IT IT IT cr IT ST : ' J rKJ_ P -3 J OOllERj y b b b b b b b k n PHI DELTA THETA c T) cr •z N W) ' HS ASklv. rf it ' )i . jA i V ii- c H V p ET D jT cr D w wSi 1 IT T) HK |m| ' iv " ' 1|— ■ ' c E " ' - s H d i] Founded at Miami University, 01 lahoma 1918 18+8 d D Members, 25,175 Number of Chapters, 85 (T H FACULTV IT Locis A. TURLEY T. F. Pierce GRADrATE Nathan A. Scarritt i] MEMBERS cr D 19 21 cr " D Paul Mote Warren Fei.ton Robert Simons r Dewey Neal Enoch Ferrell Robert Bell T) Lawrence Haskei.l 19 22 Joe Dickerson u D Nolan Browning Lawrence Hagy Roy Smoot c Stanley Callahan Floyd Haynes Myron Tyler D Berry Cotton Tom Holland Gilbert Whisenant cr D Raymond Foster Roy Norton Phil White cr Herschel Graham Paul Hallum H GWYNNE FeLTON 1923 Maurice Kobs Kenneth Randai.l IT ■a John Adams Howard Norton JoiiN Shields cr Clarence Bower Harold Light KiRBv Warren 7) Joe J. Jones Parker Proutv •Clarence Morrison IT d Latimer Baker 192-1- Gordon Deets Ivan Lehrer " 0 •Emmet Boyle Bert Ludlow Rupert Sims cr Walter Shutter Stanton Thatcher John Harrington 75 Paul Crowl •Burton Hamilton •Rowan Taliaferro d d d b Freeman Bi ' riord •Pledge ♦Jack Foster 4 cirtSiVv fa S PP ..1 ub b bb UJ UVii r ,un3 y ■D ■a D Tl 7) H ■c 7) D 7) S S ), 4 tsij ir iii G " IT c- tr C " cr u c 17 FIRST ROW: Whisenant. Tyler. Searritt. Havnes, Harrineton, Graham SECOND ROW: W. Felton, Hallum, Simons. J. Foster. Shuttee. Hamilton THIRD ROW: Jones. Dickerson, Baker. Kobs. Randall Burford FOURTH ROW: S. H. Norton. Browning, Bell, Neal. Warren R D Norto FIFTH ROW: Hagy. Ferrell. White, Mote. Haskell, Smoot. SIXTH ROW: Clark, Deets, Growl, Boyle. Callahan, Thatcher, Light. SEVEXTH ROW: G. Felton. Holland, Proutv, Sims, Cotton, R. O. Foster. iSTsnsij 13 ■D ■a " D n TJ -D H " D H H " 0 U " D 11 D U D 13 •D -0 13 " 0 H TJ ACACIA Founded at University of Michigan, 190+ Oklahoma 1920 Members, 5,000 Edwix DeBarr Cecil Langiord Olin G. Bell Craxfill Thomas LuDWic Schmidt Leslie Salter Waldo Ports Finis Pope Erl Deacon Thomas Casey Eugene Weirich Jesse Swaze Herbert Keller ' ' Ralph H. Records Charles F. Cameron Franklin Frev Byron Griiiith Number of Chapters, 26 FACULTY D. B. R. Johnson GRADUATE Lloyd E. Svvearincen MEMBERS 1921 Earl Cary Henly Blndy Earl McGinnis L. H. Stone Frank Rentirow Carl Alexander 1922 " Elisha Paschal Milton Sei.ry " W. Carol Henderson Dewey Whitenton 1923 G. S. Sanders 1924 •LoYD Cates Albert Placmann H. E. Cunningham Gilbert H. Smith Ray F. Schoolfield Perry Hettel William Lunsford John C. Perry Barclay Dozier Finis Selby Luke Wilcox Rector Duncan Jesse Long Dewey Luster Raymond Everest Donald Danvers •Harold Turnham Charles CiReex •Donald L. Placmann cr c cr 17 c IT IT c c c d c cr D " IT c cr cr cr u u u cr IT Cj cr d cr cr cr cr ncicici ' cfj gaPPra 13 ■0 H ■fl ■D I D H D FIRST ROW: Deacon, Everest. Ilemlerson. Turiiliiiin, (iiirtith, 1). I,. I ' lagman. SECOND ROW: Ports. Whitenton. Long. Bell, Pope, Rentliow, THIRD ROW: Stone, Records, Wilcox. Luster, Schmidt, Swaze. FOURTH ROW: Casev. Duncan, Lunsford, F. B. Selby, Bund.v, A. D. Flagman. FIFTH ROW: Carv, Thomas, Cameron, Keller. McGinnis. Ilettel. SIXTH ROW: Frev, Dozier, Weirich, Cates, M. B. Selb.v, Danvers. SEVENTH ROW: Schoolfield, Perry. Paschal, Salter, tireeii. CT in n CT in v ji£fa g ?ag T u C " :ir IT w c c c cr cr -3 " ET C " ST cr cr cr u cr cr u cr C " iFEl SIG.MA ALPHA MU u ■a " D 13 18 7) H ■3 Founded at College of City of New York, 1909 Oklahoma 1920 Members, 4,850 Number of Chapters, 30 GRADCATE Morris Balk MEMBERS 1921 Joseph Lewis 1922 Jldah Lee Robert Miltox Cohen IsiDOR Travis Milstein Samuel Mav 1923 Miltox Futoransky Lester Greexberg 19 2 4 »S. S. Kah George M. Sherman- Samuel Goldberg Robert O. Stekoll Maurice Robixson Bebn ' ard Rothbaum Harold Keller David Mii.steix •Pledge or cr c u IT cr cr C " C " cr u cr tr rr g cr cr - l n: n " D H " 3 T) H U " D U 71 •0 " n ■a " D 13 " D U 7) T) U -D Tl " 0 ■0 7J 7) FIRST KI) V: l.ewiv. i;,,!,!!,.!-. H;ilk, Sf:rONIl ROW: K.ll.r, I, Milsi.iii. hMt..r:iii k , Mm THIRD ROW: R.ithl.iium. Rcil.insoii, (iieeiil.eiK. Sh,- FOURTH ROW: C.lieii. Knhn. HtfkM. I.n ' . cr cr u cr V IT n Cj IT u i ir cr cr u cr u cr u n cr d c cr cr c g g gi J F TJTJ r n n " D 13 TI ■D ■D " D U D U " a D Tl H " D ■a " D " D " 0 TJ •3 ■a ■D U ■3 13 PI KAPPA ALPHA Founded at rniversity of X ' irgiiiia, Oklahoma 1920 Members, 11,000 V. F. Wasielewski James Strickland Melvin Means Glenn Patchett Georce Johnson John C. Pickard Dennis M. Jones W. K. Jameson Walter Haiu-er Newto Alvis John Duncan ♦Leonard Hadlev •Pledge Number of Chapters, 51 MEMBERS 1921 O. H. Hanson T. M. Beaird Cecil O. Butler 1922 Rov Smith Earl Stillev 1923 Dean Duncan MvRON Groseclose Subert Turbyfill James Hamill C. P. Price 1924 •Roger Kolter H. L. Swindler Chester Warren George L. Borecky Joseph H. Benton Chester S. Hlmphrey C. A. Peterson •John Wilkinson W. B. Thompson Ross Rutherkord C. Giv Brown R. Lynn Riogs •James Aistin •W ' M MAM llM.RERT u rr U ' cr u cr c u IT u cr cr C " cr c U cr cr cr cr cr jj ?= ' PPRF - UfNtPs fU TI u " D 71 ■n TI ■0 FIRST ROW: KdIipi-, .Tamesnn. .Tohnston, Ki)rpc kv. Thompson, Smith. SECOND BOW: Stillev, Piokard, Swinrth.r. RuthiTfi i(i, Beaird. Warren. THIRD ROW: Austin, Patchptt. ll.ans. 1I:iI1.,mi, Il:inscin. Alvis. FOrRTH ROW: J. Duncan. Harper. II nmiilir. ys, Wilkinson. D. Dunean, Iladley. FIFTH ROW: Wasielewski. Jones. Bn.wn. I ' m-... Stri.kland. Hamill. SIXTH ROW: Butler. Riggs. Peterson. Turlj.vlill. Oroseelose. Benton. T r ■.- n T cr or C " c 7 T ■i r r J " cr v PHI KAPPA PSI ■ -4 «M ' ' lt • ' ' i mL y IJnKJNS S jj »««i l $ft i H ™ " " w mi mil 1-1 Founded at Washington and Jefferson College, 1852 Oklahoma 1920 Members, 17,247 Number of Chapters, +7 MEMBERS Staxlev Catlett Elgene Catlett Robert W. Henry K. R. Rone Robert E. Lee George B. Graham Paul Walters Homer Keecan (jLen ' n Pendercraft James Ledbetter 192i William Eastland EvGENE Jordan 1922 Louis Corbett John Edmisson Louis Abernathy 1923 Cieorge Shelton Harry Mills 1924 Claude Fergusom Charles Davis Bert Paine William Cline Abner Jordan William Cruce John Shelton Earl Pruet Grant Spangler •W. D. Renfro William Chesher High Putman Earl Chesher S£LELEL 32JE-ELE cr C d cr c IT u IT cr c cr IT cr cr D- cr C " c c c cr n d cr u cr u X b b b b b LtJ OONERJab b la b U b S S0 FIRST ROW; Abernathy. Cruce, Henry. Mills, Putmaii. SECOND ROW; E. Jordun. J. Shelton. Davis, A. .lordan Cline THIRD ROW- Piuet, Povne. Ferguson. E. Chesher. Pendergraft. FOIRTH ROW: G. Shelton. Rone. S. Catlett. Keegan, W. Chesher FIFTH ROW; E. Catlett, Corbett. Eastland. Walters. Renfro. SIXTH ROW: Graham. Lee. Spangler. Ledbetter. Edmisson. ciqnci ' ' Jff p L3 I PHI MU ALPHA cr Honorary Musical Fraternity Founded at New England Conservatory of Music, 1896 Oklahoma 1912 Changed to National Social Fraternity 1921 Members, 1680 Number of Chapters, 18 FACULTY FrEDRIK Hoi.MBERG C. F. CJiard Paul Carpenter Franz Kuschan William Schmidt Oscar Lehrer Louis S. Salter Patricio Gimeno Willard Darrow Joseph Benton MEMBERS 1921 Joshua Lee Clifford Maple 1922 William Thomas Carl Finch William Ritzhaupt 1923 Arvil Wright Donald Branham Mollis Danvers Arthur Fenn John Foose James Fresholir Edward Held Paul Leonhard »Harold Lundstrom Lester Maris 19 2-1- RisSEi.L WtnnER Wm.i.iam Bakkley John Cole Paul Fuller CJORDON HARSTON Edmond Henry •Joe Mason CIranvil Tierney Russell Weeks Clare Williams HONORARY Samuel Weideman Stanley Bryant Perry Hetile Waldo Ports Donald Braugh Donald Danvers Daniel Delaney Dorrance Roderick Edward Bowles Frank IIerschei. (;rail m Ivan Lehrer Charles Mii.ner William Moore FaY ' SCRUTCIIFlnl.D Clyde Andrews c IT C C t. G U IT cr cr cr ir ■ C " cr c u cr u cr qqiq p pp fa - - =i( — J ■D ■a ■a " D T3 D 7) " D D ■0 U " 0 D U U D H d H -a D D T) " 3 ■D FIRST ROW: He!.!. I nlr.rd. Srnil.lili.ld. .M..urr, I.uii.l SECOND KOW: l ' ,.r|s, I ' liirl,. l- ' r.sliMiir. K..,iii. L.-lir.T. THIRD ROW: D.him-v, Biiinluiin. H. l),invpi , Brausli, Hi " ! FOURTH ROW: Brvant, Bowles. Maple. Gillani. D. Dalivers. FIFTH ROW: Williams, Ritzhaupt. Thomas. Webber. Kettle. SIXTH ROW: Roderick, Tierney, Fuller, Henr.v, Benton. cr u cr XT IT cr cr cr G c u u c u cr cr £L£LELEL iga£a?ppppi l3 l3 13 la ia la Jc i rj LRp la La la La La la PHI DELTA CHI Professional Chemistry and Pharmacy Founded at I ' niversity of Michigan, 1S86 Oklahoma 1913 Changed to National Social Fraternity 1921 Memliers, 42S5 Civ V. Williams Otto Walters Boyd F. Koepke Gus F. Stahlhut Paul B. Moody Oscar S. Blrrow Earl Carv Trester S.Harris William C. Hexdersov Palil Pearson ' •Sylvester Fretwell Forrest C. Rhoten Earl Hazel Niinilier of Chapters, 25 FACULTY Fred R. Hood Lee V. Hull MEMBERS 1921 James S. Downing Robert N. Ross Floyd Gray Howard D. Beckley ' Samuel Arnold Herbert Guthrie 19 22 J0HX Rossiter Burl Hendrix John Watson 1923 LiovD Harris Robert O. Quinn Boyd Kooken Lloyd E. Swearincex Glenn- C. Van Horn Ludwic Schmidt Ray H. Crisman Richard Morton Jackson L. Pledger Harold O. Frocge •Johnson B. Clark Verne Lyons Onis Hazel Everett P. Thomas •Sherman Wilson C;. T. Donceel IT U U U cr V D " C cr IT c c cr rr cr IT cr cr 0 " cr £7 u cr ET Ci c cr c nnnci P P P f3 I? X- 1 7) H " 0 H T) D D H D il U 7] 1} ■D D " a FIRST ROW: Pearson. Arnold. L. Harris. Crisman. Moody, SECOND ROW: Carv. Hood. Schmidt. Stahlhut. E. Hazel. THIRD ROW: Ross. Burrow. Koepke. Beckle.v. Rhoten. FOIRTH ROW: Swearingen, Henderson, Hendri. . Morton. FIFTH ROW: Frogge. Fretwell. T. Harris, Pledger. L.vons. SIXTH ROW: Watson. Gra.v, Van Horn. O. Hazel. Quinn. cincnn G C cr u ET cr IT rr c tr c c cr cr F c cr cr cr C7 cr cr cr IT cr cr cr cr cr cr cr r= rinn L3 us U t3 L3 H " D ALPHA TAU OMEGA c ■a • ' ' ' - J M •u m - p t , c " D M ' 1V T ' w JpRiWI wW 1 mmM « im —.1 ' " " ■ mn T) ■K. .: VflV -i ! ..: ' - — IT -im " D C " U cr U Founded at ' irginia Military ] nstitute, 1865 (T Oklahoma 1921 Tl Members, 16,500 Number of Chapters, 75 u ■D C " D MEMBERS C " U 1921 cr TJ Stanley Bryant David McKown Clarence Sale cr Lee Goff ViRoii. Presson H. . Doughty D 1922 u " a Donald Brauch Virgil Willis u ■D 19 23 cr " D Howard Allen William Palmer Frank Watson c Francis Chilson J. L. ROBERrSON Frank Gillam ■D Rolfe Encleman Verlin Thompson William Moore cr Darwin Kirk Lowell Turner Harrington Wimberly D 1924 u 7) jAMF.s Grant CiEORGE McKoWN ( George Turner cr TI Claude Forresteh Walter Moroan Nasii Redwine n Paul Hansen J BKF Pkaier D c D cr ;i cr 13 •IMfduu tr T) " SfW u i nncicicnV 52 bgf iiSSAl rajappp B u u " d H " D TI " D 13 TJ 71 TJ H " 0 U T) T) U 13 ID U I TJ 73 FIRST ROW: Thompson, Kirk. Hansen,, Prater. SECdNl) ROW: Chilson, (Juff, Redwine, Grant. THIUI) KiiW: Palmer, Presson, Forrester, Watson, Sale. FOI UIII RllW: L. S. Turner. D. Mt-Kown, Doughty. Robertson. Willi! FIFlll ROW: 6. MeKown. Gillam. Braugh. «. Turner. SIXTH ROW: Brvant. Moore. Wimberly, Morgan, Allen. cr G " cr cr cr cr ir ET C " c G " cr cr cr n p n n ct5iVc £igii1»yi b b b b b b b v O0NER.(3 b b b b b b b T) T) 71 T) " D T) H 7) T) H U -D D D H D TI 7) 7) 71 D 7) 7} 7) 7) 71 H DELTA SIGMA DELTA Joseph Brandt Kerr McQuown ' TULLY NeTTLETON Sherwood Lahmax Frank Demixg Owen Wixsor Petitioning Delta Tau Delta Oklahoma 1919 MEMBERS 19 21 Herman Lautaret Olson Anderson 1922 Eugene Chastain Frank Overman Bryan Griffin 1923 Jerome Sullivan Harold Thomasox I.ov Horn Ben Parks Charles Duffi ' Lawrence Jones Otis Ridings •Glex Grimes •Lowell Veale Robert Bates •Pledge o o «n m o iVtJiShgT W teaaraa P P P 13 " I H U D D H Tl " k D D TI H H 7) ? 71 D •a D U FIRST ROW: Sullivan. Ridings. Anderson, MeQuown. I.auteret. SECOND ROW: Veale. Parks. Lahman. Brandt. THIRD ROW: Griffin, Winsor. Deming, Melott. FOURTH ROW: Chastain, Overman. Bates, Nettleton. FIFTH ROW: Tliomason, Duffv. Jones. Horn. Grimes. Is o CI Cld C| Ctf f p p LJ;;: ,,.! " uni;r i3 13 Ta " TJ " D m n ■D D 7J U TI H " 0 H TI Tl U TJ " D 71 D ■D TJ " 3 " D D T) " 3 73 m ' cr cr cr cr cr cr c u XT c cr cr cr u u c IT U IT cr p -a ■a ■D u I? 7 " i T T Tl TI D U D 7: 13 SORORITIES c c IT c IT or u cr cr C " cr c cr cr D " U C U n n cr 1C1 CTfSA p P p la tj i ' l3 La La l3 la. " D " 0 ■D TJ " D H " D 71 D H U H ■D ■Q D D Tl T) ■3 7) T) D ■a WOMEN ' S PAN-HELLEXIC COl XCIL Elisabeth Bedford . Jessica Owens . Frances Bi rckhaltir . President Secretary Treasurer MKMBKRS Kappa Jlplia Thcta Ann Knight Florence Monnet Delta Delia Delia Elisabeth Bedford (jladvs Hagle Pi Beta Phi Jessica Owens Catherine Patterson Kappa Kappa Gain inn WiLNA Holland Frances Hi rckhalter Alpha Chi Omega Helen Allen Blanche Meyers Alpha Phi Christine Williams Catherine Ha es Delta (laiiiiiia Mary Jo Fowler D()Roth Whiteford Gaiiiina Phi Beta Norma Jo Dolcherty (iLssik Lee Slllivan Alpha Ciatii iia Delta I,i;o Robinson Mar i: Dobry (Aii Oiiuya Katmryn Kl ' ll Elaine Hargis cinom C cr c XI V E " cr cr cr c cr c u n " c cr cr cr cr c (7 C " XI GT d cr c cr c PPF 384 FIRST ROW: Hargis, Burckhalter, Robinson. Knight. SECOND ROW: Williams. Dobry. Owens, Patterson. THIRD ROW: Meyers, Hayes, Kull, Fowler. FOURTH ROW: Bedford, Doughert.v, Monnet, Allen. FIFTH ROW: Whiteford, Hague. Holland, Sullivan. n GT ET D " U u G " a! U .a£il B ■D KAPPA ALI ' HA ' I ' HETA f Li ■0 jK, u " 3 W tr " D WE ' il r " . -u ■Mt H w. U Tl Bmkw r y PV wKI B H C ■D ■■HBBn»_i i Ib h c ■D B HH IT " 0 C " U Founded at DePauw I ' tiiveristy, 1S70 Oklahoma 1909 c- TI Members, 9 3 50 Number of Chapters, +5 cr Tl MoLLiE Peterson- FACULTY Ella Mansfield Geneva Baluncer XT 7) MEMBERS C " Tl 1921 cr cr TJ Mary Matiisox Axx KxiGHT Lois Horne " D Froma Johnson- Dorothy Prouty Ruth Moore Helen Trent cr Tl 1922 cr D Florence MONNE r Helen Stewart Wilma Lamar cr 7) Katherine Frve Louise Orton Arline Johnson Lucille Taylor C " 7] 192J C " Tl Makglierite Mati-ison- Jeaxette Barnes Dorothy Fultz iJ Lillian Orton Hazel Wright Burnett T) Mary Wright Helen Carr Marjorie Calhoun cr Bernice Mee Frances Bui.kley Irene March 73 T3 192-f u Frances Letson Dorothy Kirk " Margaret Moore u Tl •Pauline Garner Judith irgin Josephine Meibercen cr Lois Pressly RunY Ingram Isabelle DeBarr TJ Adelaide Paxton Marian Robisox ' Louise Finch " Louise Hardin cr D Pledge cr 7} f|. cr i. citicncicifS vv as i£Bfifia£%LJUS. hjeJe OOHEPwlabbbb 1 ' L D ■a 7) D ■a " 3 1? ' ' i-a s® FIRST ROW: Finch. P. Johnson, Prouty, Frye. Kirk, Calhinm. SECOND ROW: R. Moore, Carr, Trent. Burnett, Ingnini. THIRD ROW: Hardin, M. Wright, Meihergen. Stewart, Mary Matti FOl ' RTH ROW: DeBarr, Paxton, A. .Tohnson, Louise Orton, Lamar FIFTH ROW: Mansfield. March, Mee. Monnet, Taylor, tiarner. SIXTH ROW: Virgin. Knight. Pressly, Bulkley, Rnhison. SEVENTH ROW: Letson, Marguerite Mattison. H. Wright, M. Moor Orton Home Ci u u rr c jr nr 0 " IT C " cr cr u IT cr c- u u u u u 0 " Cj IT cr cr d cr cr c qci ' n f f n 6 O b b b b " d T) -a " D ■D ■D " D " 0 H " D H ■Q TJ ■a Tl T) Tl T) T) •a DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston I ' niversitv 1S88 Members, 8200 Elisabeth Bedford DociA Hansen JUANITA Weist Lavelle Trader Gladys Hague Louise Rathman Mae Claire Simpson Mildred Holland Christine Landes Dorothea Franklin Esther Eakin Rose Russell Louise Wilkonson Oklahoma 1909 1921 Louise Cook 1922 Rose Wilkonson ' elma Wray 1923 Frederica Dewey 1921- I.oltse Blanton Mary Porter Marion Tolley Caro Clark Margaret Kelley Edna Stuard Anna Mabel Weir Number of Chapters, 61 Mayme Jenkins Lois Blanton Pearl White Lois Smith Isabella Grant Lii.LL N Hamilton Mary Ella Davis Mary Elizabeth Simpson Luctle Parkinson Maybelle Elizabeth Palmour Doris Vance Annabei.le Williams cr IT c cr C D " IT 0 " 0 " c cr cr 0 " IT C " cr or IT C " cr c IT u lfaaH£J2ja|| r Of EP. 7 . - TaTa ■a ■a i fi; u " 0 " D D -3 b FIRST KOW: l;.,liunl, I ' lcliriMur i nr.ill. Whirr, Kelley. Vance. SKCOXD R() V: |).•w.• . liMthiniiii, Simpson. Lois Blanton. THIRD ROW: Wrav. L. Wilkonsuri. Puilei. K. Wilkonson. Davis. Wcir. FOURTH ROW: Williams, Smilh. Cooke, Russell, Louise Blanton, Trader. FIFTH ROW: Tollcv, Grant, Holland, Stuard, Jenkins, Landis. SIXTH ROW: Hague, Franklin, Hansen, Ditzler, Enkin, Clark. s 1 p p p p PI BETA PHI Founded at Muiiiiimitli C ' ullcgc 1S67 Oklahoma 1910 Members, 11,100 Ruth Asher lucile cowles Lucy Kirtley Mary Lou Pattesox Clyde Thompson ' Jessie Hamh.ton Eloise Sandlim Alta Meaciiam Ei-iNOR Barron WiNiiRED West Sue Thompson Marjorie Walcott Dorothy DeFreese LvciiXE Griffith Mattie Mui.drow •Mary Cromwell •Lorraine Housel Birdean Van Camp Ruth Southwick Number of Chapters, 60 FACULTY Vivian Brencle MEMBERS 1921 Helen Ross Irene Ambrister Anna Cronan Cora Leahy 1922 Marcelle Darling Nell Burns Katherine Gibson Ina BnoNE 1923 Edna Ackley Kathryn Ittner Kathryn Nash Genevieve Douglass Helen Berry Marjorie Truskett 1924 Lesta Berry ' •Treva Soderstrom Mabel Foster ■•Sybil Clover ' OOR ' - ' TIIY SyNNOIT Juanita Wrkiiii U c IT C cr IT ET Harriet Cocke C Frances Lewis U Marguerite Pendleton cr Jessica Owens cr Catherine Patterson U Annie Carroll Simpson Ruth Johnson u Helens Patchell u cr Lucille Armstrong Thelma Todd Ayi.een Morris Xyla Pendleton [j u Vera Griffin C " " Mabel Leahy Mary C. Maguire •Margaret Roach cr Marian Billingsley IsABELLE Duffy u Helena Collins cr ct n n n cr PPF FIRST ROW: Ittiier. liillingsley. Owens. C. Le:ih . AcHf . Wist. u C " ra ;KCO •l) ROW: Mi.ldr.iw. Maguire. Ar-nstrong, Anliri ter. Sandlin. I ' ali-hell. Darling. a— THIRD ROW: S. Thompson. Pronan. Meacham. Barron. Johnson. Foster. Ijl FOURTH ROW: Hiiri.v Writ-ht Coeke. Patterson. X. Pendleton, Hamilton. " n FIFTH ROW: Ch.v. r l.ii.-, n V (iriffin, Waloott. Asher. Cromwell. m SIXTH ROW ' : Tru I . hi . ,. Todd. Gibson. C. Thompson, Duffv. H. Berrv. LI SEVENTH ROW: Siui, , . i l.,ahv. Boone, Cowles, Van Camp, Roach. " — I EIGHTH ROW: Kinl. .. I.. (.jiDiih. Soderstroni. L. Berrv. M. Pendleton. Douglass Ross •_ J Ci - jVc ] . D ill 13 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 5 U IT 73 r M . U ■a k j ' -J s i ' i . , n 1 y j THHBjpi • yj IT ■yniHiE yiB D 1 BS| ' vHh|M H ■D 1 f j ' -- " -ii u " D " li K G " 73 C " H Founded at Monmouth College 1870 G " ■D Oklahoma 191+ Members, 10,17+ Number of Chapters, 44 C 71 FACULTY C " " D Stella Ostenberg D " " D MEMBERS 19 21 IT 7] Marcelle Lively Haise Smith Madaline Colbert C " 73 Cora Dyer Eva Maloy Annette Jacobson CT Caroline Copeland Marie Mulvey Dorothy Arnold 7) Grace Ford 0- 7] ' IVL Stewart 1922 WiLNA Holland Georgia West C7 Adeline Johnson Frank Smith Josephine Mitcheli C 73 Cordelia Standley Carol Daube Frances Birckhalter CT Frances Trfdway 1923 Margaret Craddock Doris Beavers 73 Marie Champlik Zaida McKenzie Katiierine Crew C 73 1924 Cj 73 Rosalind Hollow ' Stella Jacorson Ruby Thompson u Sue Hailey Eli abeih Head Elizabeth Fears tl Malirine Wilson Katiierine Peak ' Louisa Caswell c La ' adis I.ykins Ethland Moore Zoe Mari.ow 73 •Pledge c 73 u H CT - % al " agg :ir:ii:i Pja y p yj WWrttoiT ' La U 13 La I D H D H H 7) 1] T] D -Q Tl D Tl D 7) t) H FIRST ROW: F. Smith. Wilson. Lvkins, A. Jacobson. Johnson, D.ver. SECOND ROW: Mitchell, Colbert. Morlow. Holland. S. .Taeobson. THIRD ROW: Fears. Stewart. Caswell, Head, Daube. H. Smith. FOURTH ROW: West, Ford, Beavers, Copeland. Malo.v. Standle.v. FIFTH ROW: Hailev, McKenzie, Hollow, Tredwa,v. Lively. SIXTH ROW: Craddock, Mulvey, Thompson, Peak, Arnold, Burckhalter, u ET IT cr c c u (7 IT IT IT cr cr C " cr u a u c u u u c c c cr c 132 t t r= ALPHA CHI OMEGA 71 I ' lli Founded at DePauw Univer Oklahoma 1916 Members, 4270 Number of Chapters, 27 ViviAx Hemphill Eli.en- GeRTRLDE MlSENER Catherine Benedict Marv Neal BURCENIA KeLLEV Blanche Meyers Maude Wilkinson X ' owETTE Meyers ' IRCINIA TiGHE Dayle Hensley Katherine Joss Ruth Garner FACULTY Grace Brown MEMBERS 19 21 Carmen Hampton Kathryn Lancston 19 22 RuRv Gist 19 2 3 . L. SOI.F Margaret Bradisvry Mildred Sapp Helen Allen Vera McCord 19 2 4 Florence Moore Grace Snow Wilda Griffith Madge Beard NiLA Stevens RoBERTA Keith Margaret Moseley Ri TH Williams Llcile Wesitall Bess McCi.ellav Eleanor Day Winfield Scott Mary RoBEursox Elizabeth Hai.bert Frances Ratlifk Elizabeth Moffeit •Viola Abbott LaVerna Stealey Besmi: M i: I ' mrwoOD IT cr IT IT cr c IT c c c rr c cr cr cr C7 C " c c d cr d cr c C J K r. -Tl v- v ■a ■a ■D ' U TJ " D n n n D D H " D ■a u D " D H 13 b b b b b blJ ' OONERJa b b b b ia b Li ' ' .l: ' ] ALPHA PHI Founded at Syracuse I ' niversity 1872 Oklahoma 1917 Members, 3519 Number of Chapters, 22 MEMBERS 1921 Cecil Moore Kate Broadnax Christine Williams Caro Beth Steu rt 1922 Vivian Bethell Elizabeth Cameron- MOZELLE LanCLEY Bernice English Lillian- Faust Carrie Bruce 1923 AxNAZELL Monroe Vera Jacobs Catherine Hayes Dorothy Livingston Kitty Shaxklin Mary Heckler Margaret Johnston Mary Hart 1924 Fave Branson Janice Kimball Rutii Gai.lman Jane CIoodwin LoiTiE Scruggs CoRRiNNE Wall •Thelma Thompson GT U U c cr c rr c IT C " (T c IT c cr w u c C " cr u u IT tj n cr ncinci ppp •Yp u o b b b b ia sfOOtjEK u u J 13 7) ■3 " 3 ■D ■D -u D U ■Q H •D U D T» Tl D •d 71 ■a ■D " a FIRST ROW: Langlev. Hayes, Branson. Scruggs, Gallman. SECOND ROW: Williams, Heckler, Faust, Shanklin, Kimball. THIRD ROW: English, Livingston, Bruce, Jacobs, Goodwin. FOURTH ROW: Cameron, Bethell, Stewart, Hart, Thompson. FIFTH ROW: Wall, Broadnax, Johnston, Monroe, Moore. c u c- rr u G " c c u F C " c- cr tr cr cr u cr u u n XT c cr ;S=EJSLEJH TJTTk. . i) ff •d 71 DELTA GAMMA c u u ' §f¥ - - ' ? u ' -4 c -3 V 1] Arl E- nnl M IT il u jJwMW Mi I C D E Bfc - ' nn W tr ■ JHHHHIHHk- c Members, 5555 Avis Gwikx Founded at Oxford Institute 1S74 Oklahoma 1918 Number of Chapters, 30 FACULTY Marie Malk u c c IT H GRADUATE F Altha Leah Bass MEMBERS C cr il Dorothy Bartii Mary Jo Fowler Lucy Griffith 1921 Estelle Collier Ila Jones Elizabeth Keller Margaret Tooley Dorothy Whiteford Dixie Jones Frederika FncH c cr cr D 19 32 c Gladys Gilbert Betty Coley Van N AH Davis Nadixe Lambert Dora Dot - Inez Lacev Alice IIerron I ' llERZA Herrin Malde Herron cr c Joanna Schaeffer Jessie Kellogg Maria Staim.eiov 192 J Gladys IIutciiins Delyse Wright Mairinf- Dill Pauline Butts Mae Kerley Mar.iorie Wright IT Cj IT d cr cr Esther Parry Anderson Anna Louise Smock Helen Falkenberg 19 2- Ma ' ene Sc]L EIIER ' IKG1MA KeRI.EY Alice Allred RoxEY Fitch Gi:u Lni i-: M uri M Ri: RE] I ' kver Frances Black mer D (T T) 3fW c Si nqnci cr J i Vn a£ FP p rafra )ur " HTT ■a -a " D 13 13 1 D ■a 13 ■D 13 U 1} il ■a FIRST ROW: F. Fiuli. (■.il. ' v. I). WiiLrlit. M. S,-hiicff,-r, Smck. A.iderson. SECOND ROW: Davis,. IIuti ' liiH,, VI im,!, liaitli. A. Ilcrriin, Alh-fd. THIRD ROW: Butts. Keller, I ;i nin 1, I ' l-, i r I In-i-iii. Lucev. FOIRTII ROW: I. Jones. D " ii I : ■ ! i ; M II, iron. Gilbert. R. Fitch. FIFTH ROW: .1. Seh.ieflfer. K. i , 1 T . Blackmer. D. Jones. SIXTH ROW: Collier. M.-irlin. Ii.i:. i. .l. i..u. Jl. Wright. c u c cr IT cr IT IT u c c DT cr cr cr IT cr cr or d |j u n c cr cr qq«ngi p pp ra w .. J b b b in sTOONEP GlD h GAMMA PHI BETA Founded at Syracuse T ' liiversity 187+ Oklahoma 1918 Members, 3830 Number of Chapters, 2+ Della Brunstetter Marion Wakn Helen ' Berc Ruth Neai. MvRTiE Brazil Dorothy Thompson Elizabeth Driver Opal Wilson RiLi.A Fayette Winn Jean Brown ♦Eloise Vaughn Joyce Rives •Pledge FACULTY Edith Mahier MEMBERS 1921 Werdna Rives Eula Fullerton Catherine Serviss 1922 Bonnie Giles Carrie Wantland 1923 Marie Tackett Louise Jackson Olive Baxter 192 Pauline McKinney Jewel Douoiiertv Marjorie Guymon Ella Brazil •Helen Wicker Stella Jo Lemaster Eva Wiiitehurst Dorothy ' alters Genevieve Dunakin Norma Jo Dougherty GissiE Lee Sullivan Mahei. Hkrrington Margaret Aler L0RRENA CrAJT Nann Jackson Lucille Blanchard •Forrest Sullivan cr G " cr 17 cr cr cr c rr cr c cr cr cr IT D " cr c cr cr c cr cr cr Ci cr cr cr CL£LELS££ : S ;aa£BJ3 ddS d ■a I P (I S f i @ S 9 d 9 3 FIRST ROW: X. Dcuigherty, Dunakin, X. Jackson, Hullivan, McKimiey. SECOXD ROW: !• ' . Sullivan. Vaughn. Berg. Craft. .T. Rivt-s. berviss. THIRD ROW: Aler. Giles. Wicker. Walters, Blanchard. FOURTH ROW- Brown, Wilson, Wantland. Ba. ler, Thompson, Driver. FIFTH ROW: W. Rives, Whitehurst. E. Brazil. Herringtun. M. Brazil. SIXTH ROW: L. Jackson, J. Dougherty, Winn, Fullerton, Gujmon, Neal. ia££ n ALPHA GAMMA DELTA P ■a U " D " D H " 3 U D 7) U ■D TI " D ■D Tl •a ■0 H " 3 f 4k« JL I » r ySl.,... I ' liimded at Syracuse T ' niversity Oklahoma 1919 Members, 2000 Helene GokDOK Helen Schaefer Ruth Davis Leona Robinson " Hazel Tippit Gladve Rhodes ZuMA Weir Helen Dunacav •Emily Cobb Callie F. Riley •Lola Stanton •Rlth Barnett •Ann Osterhaus Number of Chapters, 20 MEMBERS 19 21 Maurine Watson Ruth Glidewell Sue Thornton My ' rtle Barrett 1922 Marye Dobry Genevieve Crosby 19 2 3 Bonnie Hart Lottie La Force Marion Drauchon 1924 Sue Washington Margaret Browning •Julia Hall N ' loi.A Wright Marian Washington Marian Grant Fleta Douthit •Vanda Browning Willa B. Brooie Bess Shower •LORENE McQuOWN Bess McCall Margaret High Marie Trieves Dorothy Bettes •Inez Rogers •Carrie Barrett c I u IT m —I c ,_«! HJP £JcRj3 b b b b la L " d FIRST ROW: Shower, Tippit, Stanton, M. Washington. LaForce, MoQiH.wii SECOND ROW: MrC ' all. Douthit, Draughon, V. Browning, High, Triews. W.i ht. THIRD ROW: C. Barrett. Robinson, Schaefer, Hall, Cobb, Dunagan. FOl ' RTH ROW: Rogers. Barnett, Thornton. Watson. M. Barrett. Gordon. Riley. FIFTH ROW: Osterhaus. Dobrv. Crosby. Dayi.s. Weir. Grant. SIXTH ROW: Glidewell, M. Browning. Rhodes. S. Washington, Brodie, Bettes. Hart. ci«nnci i l u U or u cr cr cr cr G " I n jppp CHI OMEGA 1 ■fl ■0 Founded at Arkansas Univer sity 1895 Oklahoma 1919 " n Members, 5000 Number of Chapters, 46 " D MEMBERS 1] 1921 n Elaine Hargis Edith Cralle Mary Lee Monnett »Elise Fonville Leone Crain Palline Crowl u 192 2 D Margaret Stevenson Kathryn- Kli.l Dorothy Stevenjom n Lillian- Massie ' Lois Poole ♦In A McBee Ethel Eaton Lillian- Neely Dove Montgomery T) 192S D Virginia Cottrell Eva Myers Sybil Williams Mary Jo Turner ivienne Hargis Dorothy Monnett ? Beth Ash TJ 192-f ■3 Carolyn- Kull •Mildred Bland Llcille Lawrence Viola Haynes WiLMA Floyd •Dorothy Ware TI Loretta Bell CiRAce James Leora Hutchinson ' Florence Quixn •Allie Gayle Williams 73 " D U U ..— .. u cr IT cr IT IT u ET a] ■J rr cr cr D " cr u u u u u n c c cr 1} 71 ■D ■D U T I It. V. w NEB.6bbbbH-. T FIRST ROW: Floyd, La e, Cottrell, Bland. D. Stevenson. SECOND ROW: M. Stevenson, Neely. Hutchinson. V. Hargis THIRD ROW: E. Hargis, Crain, Myers. .Jones. Williams, FOURTH ROW: Cralle. Fonville, Bell, Crowl. Ware, Haynei FIFTH ROW: S, Williams. Massie, K. Kull, McBee, Eaton. SIXTH ROW; C. Kull, Ash, Poole, Montgomery, Quinn. cr u C " C 0 " or u 0 " cr u tr cr cr (7 IT cr cr fiULsuajELssiSir f LEJELJHJS L ■D 7} " D " 0 H D U D " D U U ■a ■Q " D ■D " D U " D TI I! •D " D D ■D ACHOTH Members, 1026 Founded at Nebraska rniversity 1910 Oklahoma 1921 Number of Chapters, li Vera Moore Neita Crane Margaret Harlow RnsA Wilcox Melba Dl l U ' li.LA Bills •Marv Eta Wallace " Virginia Dial FACULTY MEMBERS 19 21 WiLLA Bell LuciLE Carsov 1922 ' era Neel 1923 El,IZAnETlI FON ' VILI.E ' iRGiMA Prentiss 1924 I.icii.i.E Couch I.eolene Morrow Elsie Carter Jennie Lessexcer Imogene Pearson ' Ruth Spurlock Marie Swearincen ' Pailine Krockmeier Merle Priddy •ROWENA HlTCHINSOX inaocirtyAa Jsyg G " cr IT 0 " 0 " c G " ET C cr cr u cr c cr cr u u cr cr cr cr raPPfa H 71 H D 71 I:. a J ' IRST ROW: Wilcox, Spurlock, Carson, Lessenger. SECOND ROW: . Wallace. Crane, Hrockuieit THIRD ROW: V. Dial. Hutchinson. Fonville. Pears FOURTH ROW: Priddy, Bills, Xeel, M. Dial. FIFTH ROW: Harlow, Prentiss, Couch, Bell. q Rq cr G " p p p ra 2 " D ■D " D ■a D 7) U TJ U " D H D H 71 U ■a H " 0 7) 71 7) 7J 7) 7) 7) 7) 73 7) XI DELTA Makv Virginia Savvver Pavsv Rentfrow Rose Leske Kathleek Haley Dorothy Myers Alma Williams Lalra Leske Iris Leadaman ' etitioning Alpha Xi Delta Oklahoma 1919 GRADUATE IYER Jllia Steele MEMBERS 1921 Ima Armstrong Marian Prater MoDONNA Fitzgerald Irene Thoma Dixie Young 1922 Ruth Jones Mildred Boreck Jane Evans 19 2 3 ViviA Smith Ottalie Terrii.l I.OLA Leske ViRNA Ruth Doris Hli.l Marian Evans 192i Jewel Eley Lillian IIowle •Alice Karney c c g g tr IT r c c 0 " GT c c cr DT IT C " cr cr cr cr cr c GT IT (i C cr d p p p ra Tini T ' ' a a L3 ' 2 1} n n " D 1] H D 7) H H T) H D T) 1} TI " D -Q " D 71 " D GT C7 U C C IT cr cr FIRST ROW: Ruth, .7. Evans, Lola Leske imstn,n.- r v gS°„52 Steele, Thomk, Wm.ams. ' .Im e H fi ' " ' ' " " " ■ THIRD ROW: Eley, Bobeck, Sawyer, Rentfrow H- lev ■fl 71 D D " 0 ■a rr cr ncicici u C7 cr cr cr c c n d n cr cr p p 13 la ■a ■a " D u 73 n ■0 ■a D n ■a u HONORARY cr IT cr cr cr u cr u qqqgi ff p p ff U U k 13 T) " D H " a 7) 71 Tl H D Tl D D I] 71 ■D ■a " D 7) 7) TI ■D 7) T) ■0 " D ID ALPHA KAPPA PSI FIRST ROW: Staley. Long. Merrill, Bodowitz. Cleckler. .lohii SECOND ROW; Cruce. Brett. Luster, Hoke, HiUe.s. THIRD ROW:, Pierce, Mount. Cooke, Jameson. Grin Honorary Commercial Fraternity Founded at New York t ' niversity 1905 Oklahoma 1915 A. B. Adams Edmund Berric. n ' Felix Bodovitz David Wii.i.iAM Cruce Garrett Logak Wendem, Lono Mai ' rice Merrill FACULTY T. B. Rons MEMBERS 1921 Conrad Mouvt Paul Johnston EottAR Pierce 1922 Dewey Luster J. Ray Cable Jerome Dowd J. Cass Phillips Paul Cooke Frank Cleckler Floyd Stalev RuTiiERiORn Brett Mark (Crimes 11 cr c c rr IT IT c 0 " IT c cr c c IT c cr c- cr u cr cr cr c u IT 17 cr 3LELELEL aJBB " ' -1 n 7) D 71 7) SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON L 71 7) 7) 71 7) 71 7) 71 71 71 71 il ris . vi4 i;i.f S09 FIRST ROW: Irving, OvermiUl. Newby, H. .I..11 SECOND ROW: nughes. Ports, Wright. Ktigit THIRD ROW: Ross, Schoollield, Pratt, Llovd, FOURTH ROW: Van Dall, Evans, R. D. Jones ■s. (;:ill.. viiv, D. ' iii.v.ii, Smitli. nan, Bt-ll, C ' onl ling, Hoots, Braugh. Marvin, Blanchard, Bullard, Hogan. , Wheeler, McKown, Meyer, Brown, Burton. C. E. Decker J. B. Umpleby A. C. Wright S. D. Burton Waldo Ports Russell Conkling A. M. Lloyd Harold Hoots Arthur Meyer BooN ' E Jones N0EL EVAXS Donald Brauch HoLMES Wheeler Honorary Geological Fraternity Founded at I ' niversity of Kansas 1915 Oklahoma 1916 FACULTY A. J. Willl- ms F. W. Padgett GRADUATE Olin ' Bell Ray Quiett MEMBERS 1921 Fred Bullard John Galloway Rolfe Englemak David McKown Carl Brown A. R. Denison JOE S. Smith Charles Irving 1922 Earnest Word Joh C. Hogan d2iii Si u- V. E. Monnett F. G. Rockwell Virgil Cottingham Ray Schoolheld Guard Marvin John Van Dall DwiGHT Ross Roy Jones John Blanchard ' Don Hughes Warner Newby Ernest Pratt Fraxk Overman : =L£ U u ET IT C " cr IT u cr cr c; c cr cr cr cr cr cr u ALPHA CHI SIGMA H " D T] TJ ■D TJ H 73 H U T] 13 H D H " D ■D 71 U ■D ■D ■3 " 0 " 3 H 7) FIRST ROW: Rone. Shaner, Thornton. Lee. Arnold, Hansen. . ' KCONI) ROW: Greenshields. Mitchell, .loss. Fresnsley. Peterson. B;ilk. THIRD ROW: Reistle. Wilson, Horn. Henr.v. Thorne. Mahaffie. Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded at Tniversity of Vi con in 190+ Oklahoma 1919 Edwin DeBarr Fred W. Padgett Morris Balk O. H. Hansen LoY Horn Guy Mitchell Martin D. Lee Howard Putty KiAH Rone Marion Arnold E. RNEST Joss Horace Wilson MEMBERS 1921 19 22 19 2 3 Guv V. Williams Cecil Langford Brvce Greenshields Robert Henry O. B. Mahaffie Dempsie Morrison Harold Shaner Carl Reistle C. A. Peterson Lewis Frenslev H. V. Thornton H. W. Thorne I I cr 17 u cr c cr u IT c c cr D " IT c rr cr cr u u d cr IT Gi d cr cr cr C5 A t feg EftfiSf J La Li CHI CHI CFII ■D 7) " D ■0 7] TJ U " 0 H ■D ■D ■0 ■a D ■D H H ■0 H TJ FIRST ROW: Curtis, Prver, Simons. Bierer, Sullivan, Morris. Fulton. SECOND ROW: T. Leiih.v, .Junes, Knox. Rogers. Wheeler. R. Leah.v. Hil u w c- ST ir c IT GT IRD ROW: Hiig.v. Vinson, Minton, Burton. .Tohnston. Bell. Duneiin. cr Honorary Junior-Senior Fraternity C " Founded at University of Missouri 1904 cr Oklahoma 1917 C " cr MEMBERS c Allen Duncan Holmes Wheeler Gilbert Fulton James Knox cr Thomas Leahy Robert Bell Paul Johnston Robert Simons H Gordon Bierer Lawrence H. g David Hilles Loren Prver n Ma.x Minton Bailie Vinson Walter Rogers Rogers Leahy u LeRov LeFlore Joe Curtis u Neal Sullivan Jack Burton Roy Jones David Morris cr n cr ,— n ti d fe iSd? FPF JB M 1} •Q ■D -d H 7) TJ " 0 u K Hi D ■D " D D " a ■D U ■a ' D " 0 " D Tl 13 u CHECKMATE MEMBERS Jack Burton F.RL Deacon Fisher Muldrow Don Emery Allen Duncan Dewey Neal Floyd Staley ' illard Campbell cr tr 0 " cr c u u IT IT cr cr C " D " C " cr cr IT cr cr cr cr cr cr cr ■ »Vt BLUE PENCIL " 3 re D ■D " 0 FIK T ROW: Biadbuiv, King. Brasted, Barney, Jelsma. SECOND ROW: White, Robertson, Wilson, Montgomery. THIRD ROW: Cameron, Clav, Monnet, Orton. Brandt. Honorary Literary Fraternity Organized at Oklahoma 1920 Professor S. R. H.adsell Joseph Braxdt Frances Clav Miriam White Elizabeth Cameron ' Florence Monnet Louise Orton Olson Anderson Eugene Barney MEMBERS Professor J. P. Blickenderfer Margaret Bradbury Helene Brasted Peter Jelsma Helen King Ben Minner Dove Montgomery Wallace Robertson Eloise Wilson g g gici ii. IT PPP " D Tl 7) " D )] U TJ ■D H " D TJ " D Tl " D Tl T) T] T) Tl Tl D Tl T) Tl D Tl Tl CHI UPSILOX -iF. ' ONl Rl.lW- Filrh, l; k, R.i.l Woman ' s Honorary Geological Fraternity Founded at University of Oklahoma 1920 Lucii-E Carson Frederika Fitch DoRiNE Guthrie HONORARY JUANITA RAMSEV GRADUATF MEMBERS 1921 Helen Personeit DoLi.iE Bess U. Mills Mildred Bobeck rr u c nnnn C " cr cr cr u cr cr D " U C d cr cr I=-T= T3T3TJT5 « 7) 7} ■a ■D ■0 B 7J Li T " a n u TI T) T3 D T) H D 7) TJ ■0 ■D 7J H v N ERfa b b b b la l3 la OIKONOMIA FIRST ROW: I.eske, Umphress, Cornelison. DiHiird. SECOND ROW: Barklev, Armstrong, Herrin, Ek-hhorn, I ' eurs THIRD ROW: Stevenson, Schaeffer. Orton, Kent. Washinston Honorary Home Economics Fraternity Founded at University of Oklahoma 1920 MEMBERS HONORARY Avis Gwinn ViD. Harris Ima Armstrong Carrie Cornelison Mrs. W. L. Dillard Naomi Leach Myrtle Umphress Clara Eichhorn Laura Leske Imogene Pearson Vera Idol Moore 1922 Elsie Carter Frances Starin Mvrtle Barkley Winnie Cole Modonna Fitzcekald Helen Schaeffer Marian Washington Therza Herrin Louise Orton Dorothy Stephenson Mrs. Cordelia Kent qq«Ti P P P fa ua i:. ««»r% MYSTIC KEYS S ' 3 S S fr S Vi FIRST RllW IiM.,;ili " . ' , Miirsli SECONll KIIW: l ' ,,,ivl.s. Ali.ri THIRD ROW: Hull. Shcltim. ( FOURTH ROW: SlHin. ThomiK i:inin .ns, Hutchinsim. Ivwiii. Quinn. 11 In, .M.iiiti, Edmi.iulsoii. Kirk, Duiu-iiii. Greer, iiv. Diiwnilig, Grimes. Randall. : n. Hii-kev. Bond. Gillani, Groseclose. Cash. Honorary Sophomore Society MEMBERS Charles Anderson Louis Aberkathy Edwin Bowles Gilbert Bond Travis Cash Robert Downing Dean Duncan Glenn Irwin Douglas Emmons Armour Guy Glenn Grimes Myron Groseclose Frank Gh.lam Meredith Hickey Dean Hull M. D. Kirk Howard Marsh Harold N. gle Kenneth Randall Ira Stein George Sheltov Harold Thomason Robert Greer Van Edmondson Robert Hutchinson Daniel Donahoe Carlton Merritt Richard Quinn ncinm cr u rr 0 " cr c c T I cr c C " GT tr cr cr G " cr cr c Cj cr IT cr cr p p IJ ra UTJ TJTTla ■a ■a n u TJ ■D ■D " D ■D T) TJ 7) 7! BATTLE AXE FIRST ROW: Gilmer, Shiittee, McClain, Hocker. Struuvelle, Hliu ' kwelde SECOND ROW: Tiernev, Davis. Riggs, Croucli, Swindler, Baker, Putm THIRD ROW: Jacobson, Hendricks, Harbisiin, Wallace, Rosser, Ligoll Honorarv Freshman Society Alfred McClaix Ed Strouvelle Malcolm Rosser Jo Ford Jacobsos " Phil Blackwelder Ed Lioox Earl Hexdricks WiLLLAM Gilmer Frank Harbisox Alfred Hocker Hal Crolch Ralph Wallace Walter Shuttee Latimer Baker Lvxx Rices Lee Swixdler Hugh Putmax Charles Davis GrAXVILLE TlERXEY WiLLETT HaIGHT n u ■7 c IT c cr c cr c E XT IT cr cr 17 u cr c cr u n n cr cr cr la J p ra D. D. M. C u cr r tr u IT c c ' nci 5 i; rj J r r [l [i d cr u cr EilfC p p p p Ui -a ■D 73 H ■D TJ " D H U H H D T] H U " D H Tl ■0 13 13 I CLUBS cr cr cr ir cr c cr n " IT cr cr w u cr u cr u c n cr d cr gid ►IjCit um PICK AND HAMMER " 3 " 0 H u ■fl D 7) U TJ D ■a n TJ ■3 ■D H " 0 P OFFICERS Fred M. Bui.i.ard PiisiJ,nt E. B. Word . I ' id-PrcsiJint DoLLiE Sioilary-Tirasurer £i 3 p p p fa lU BUSINESS OPPURTl ' NITY CLl " L u n n n D ■a ■D u u ■3 n p •feai w .53 a " is 1 Composed of all Students in the School of Public and Private Business OFFICERS Eari. McGixnis Pnsident Roy Scovil t ' kc-PresiJiint Guv Brown- . Vice-President Wendell Long ... . . Secretary-Treasurer jciciiWv PPF u ■a ■a " 3 T3 U " D ■0 ■a " n ■0 u n -3 u n D " D ■D D TI ■a T? TJ ■D ■a 13 ENTRE NOUS OFFICERS Guy Chambers Pnstiicul Stella Sanders I " ui-Pnsui nl Louise Jacksox Si-crrlury Noi.A Jane Snow Tnasunr FACULTV R. T. House Mme. Marie Francois Lucile Dora Louis Allen Mme. M. Parg.vient Gladys Rexshaw Brunsteter Eugenia Kaufman MEMBERS Carrie Barrett Minor Durrett Amos Lewis Jane Snow Maud Barton Ruth Erwin Marie Maisch Cleo Smith Inez Beaver Dorothy Fullerton Minnis Mansur Joe Smith Joseph Benton Marguerite Giezen- Irene March Irving Smith Powell Boyd tanner R. F. Oliphant Fay Sweetland Neva Carman Helene Gordon Clara Ozment Otialie Terrill Guv Chambers Lola Hendrix Adelaide Paxton I.i.ovd Turman John Cheadle Hester Hood Margaret Peterson Dewey Waldex Joe Clark Louise Jackson Howard Potts Dorothy Walters Nellie Clark Nannie Jackson Orpha Roberts Marion Wann John Couture Mrs. Virgil Keever Elizabeth Rumpel c;race Winn ' AXXAII Davis Arlis Lanham Stella Saxders Jomx Woodworth Claud Deax Iris Leadamax Catherixe Serviss ' Wray NAxci ' E Doolev Fraxces Letson Bess Showers Anna Mabel Weir Elizabeth Simpson ILJ cr 4 IT C cr C " ci G G " cr cr cr P P P P t LAS DOS AMERICAS y " D D H D " D D i] T) H Tl H D Tl ■D il T) 7) 7} ;i H 13 Stiulrlltv taki (.1 Work ill Spanish OFFICERS Trester Harris Vrcs ' ulciil Frank Overman I ' ii i-PnsiJi rii Margaret Peterson Sctnlaiy Fave Branson Tnauirrr _ «»jTr ri m ctf p p p fa 13 12 L3 IZL XU. O 13 L3 L:. 71 H " 3 D H " 0 TJ " D H 1} H D TI 71 " D U " 0 7) 7) 7) 7) 7) 7] 71 7J 13 H EUDELPHIAX LITERARY SOCIETY TOP ROW: M. Brazil, E. Brnzil. Aler, Bowles. Robinson, Glidewell. Draughon. ; MIDDI E ROW: Dickinson, McKinney, Whitehurst, Williams, Stealev, Bills. Wt BOTTOM ROW: McCord, Solt, Crane, Shower, Rhodes, Clav. OFFICERS E A W ' hitehurst President Gladys Dickason Vice-President Frances Clay ... Treasurer Jessie Crane Secretary MEMBERS Myrtle Brazil Eva Whitehurst Blanche Meyers Ella Brazil Willa Bills Vera McCord Margaret Aler Zlma Weir Pauline McKinnev Ellen Bowles Vala Sole Laverna Stealev Ruth Glidewell Bess Shower Elizabeth Driver Lois Robinson Frances Clay Jessie Crane Marion Dralchos (Gladys Rhodes Gladys Oickason ii IT C C cr cr c tr 0 " cr d c cr u IT c cr c- u cr cr cr IT Cj cr cr cr cr cr ppfpjf yp o o y D D " a n u H " D H T) " D TI -3 D D D CONGRESS LITERARY SOCIETY t t i f,t % f t TOP ROW: Allen, Horner. M Woodford. MIDDLE ROW: Milstein, Dup.v BOTTOM ROW: Mason, McQii.. Brown. Wile Parsons. Gettle. Plummer. : rice. Bell, Duncan, Squyre OFFICERS J. K. Horner Ptrsuirnt C. P. Price nir-Pn-sidrnt R. O. M.ASOX Secretary F. S. Lee Treasurer AiDEN Allen Robert Bell Rutherford Brett Guy Browx Ernest Brown Fr.ancis Chilson Frantz Harold Cooksev Paul Cullen Dean Duncan George Dupy Raymond Foster Jack Foster O. K. Gettle Reginald Green Tom Holl. nd MEMBERS J. K. Horner Chester Humphrey H. D. Larsh Fred Lee Kerr McQuown R. O. Mason C. M. Mills Isidor Milstein D. N Mitchell Anniece Moussa R. F. Oliph. nt W. D. Pierson C. P. Price F.. rl Pruet Lee Robertson M. the v Robertson Bernard Rothbavm Joe Shelton Scott Squyres Floyd Staley Ernest Thomas Kirby Warren Frank Watson ' ARLICK West John Wilkinson Virgil Willis G. C. Wilson Angus Woodford James Buchanan A. C. Jordan Ivan Lehrer Subert Turbyfill Harvey Wilcox cLELHia H£J2. bbbbb PIERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY TOP ROW: Stevens, Williams. N. Jackson, Sloss, T. Smith. Brasted. MIDDLK ROW: E. Rumpel, H. Rumpel, R. Moore. Griffith, Hogan. BOTTOM ROW: Schoolfield, M. Moore. Holland. Mover, I,. Smith. OFFICERS Christine Willi. ms PrrsiJent Louise J. ckson lice-President Caro-Beth Stew. rt Secretary Gl. dys Co. Treasurer MEMBERS Louise Jackson Nannie Jackson Dorothy Stevenson Lela Smith Joanna Schaefer Vivian Bethel Caro-Beth Stewart Helen Rumpel Elizabeth Rumpel Beth Ash c;ladvs Van Vecter Lucile Blanchard Mercedes Sloss Lucy Griffith Gladys Cox Christine Ruth Moore Margaret Moore Jane Goodwin ' nTAN Wood Mildred Holland Roberta Schoolfield Helene Brasted Thelma Smith Ruth Moyer Alma Stevens Ruth Hocan Frances Blackmer c GT (T 17 U IT C IT C GT U Cj C IT C C C cr cr cr cr d c; c (j n cr cr cr ncinn ' = " = " ' 3 D l3 L3L3 a u la La la 1 " J ■D H T) 7) " 0 U " D H H 7] ■D 1] D 71 7) 7) 71 71 71 71 7) 7) 71 71 7) WEBSTERIAN LITERARY SOCIETY TOP ROW: Mount, K MIDDLE ROW: Atkii BOTTOM ROW: Merr hner, Beaird. Biiird, Ciithcart, Phillips, Buckles, n, Beeson. Mullins, Stephenson, Cook. Reid. Haider. Hampton. Barney. Buttram. OFFICERS W. F. H.AMPTON President Wallace Robertson Vice-President J. H. Buckles Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Thomas M. Beaird William H. Baird William Atkinson Edward Mullins Eugene Barney Frank Cathcart Ulrich Beeson Maurice Merrill A. D. Harder Clarence Buttram Cass Phillips J. H. Buckles Nelson Stephenson Winifred Hampton J. C. Reed Bryan Kirchner Paul S. Cooke C. C. Mount ' n CI l:l ivvOSbST W fla c c C " c C " GT 0 " C C CI C U XT IT cr cr tr u u c cr IT cr IT 17 c d C " liT LJ VJ h:2 Hi ; Li L3 J ' OU, tt. ' : -. i ' ■2 ZETALETHEAN LITERARY SOCIETY u TOP ROW: Mo MIDDI.K ROW: BOTTOM ROW: net, AVantlaiid. Xeely. Xciil. Colev, Whiteford. (iist, Ratliff. Allen. Keller. Westfall. D. Wright. Schaefer, M. Wright. C. KuU, Stewart, Sapp. Ruii.van, K. Kiill, OFFICERS Louise Ortox Prisuimi DORIXE Guthrie Vicr-Prcsulinl Dorothy Whiteford Sicnlary EvALYX Scott Triiisunr MEMBERS Florexce Moxxet Ruby Gist M. rjorie Wright Carrie B. Wantlaxd Frances Ratliff Carolyn Kull LiLLiAx Neely Helex Allex Helen Stewart Mary Neal Elizabeth Keller Mildred Sapp Betty Coley Lucile We.stfall Nadine Runyan Dorothy Whiteford Ma ' ene Schaefer K. thryn Kull Dellyse Wright c c cici IT IT C C CT U U cr c: (j cr d c C " C " P ' P ' ra ATHExNAEAN LITERARY ' SOCIETY n in u -a 13 ■D ■a •I ' OP ROW: JiillK ' s, (ioln-r, Wilite, Si-iivritl. Weiii .ierl, I.ooiiev. HuckiT. illDDl.E ROW: Gililjs, Ciimphell, Powell, Been, W. Hiiddnd, Logan, Hull. ' liOTTOJI ROW: Hoefer. Vonle. Uarliili, U. Haddiid, Atlierton, Bodovit?., Hi OlFICERS Paul Campbell Pns ' uiini F. B. Selby ria-PnsiJiiil Will Cruce . Siirclary Garrett Logax Tnasunr MEMBERS A. M. GOBER ( . RRETT LOCAN ' JOHN WkINZIERL N. TH. SCARRITT JOHN ' BUTLER WlLLLXM BuCKER J. C. LooNEY Lowell ' eale Otho Been Q. D. (JiBBS CJeorge Haddad T. R. Hoefer Paul Campbell Fell Bodovitz Donald Dakrah John Powell Otis James Ray Atiierton William Haddad W. J. Waite Leon Hirsii u c - E u cr c cr c u d cr cr c u n u cr n cr 41 CI 1 ■ ' I I PHILOLOGIAX LITERARY SOCIETY I T U D " D U Tl " D ■fl " D ■a 71 TJ " 3 ■D tl U 7S D TOP ROW: e; 1. Servi !,. liMg, Koln Its. Wiilteis. Cook. High. MIDDLE ROW: Prater, Steele. John on, Putihell. Guvmon, Di BOTTOM ROW: GriswoUl. Bilker, Hn rgis. Hodovitz. Montgomei OrFK ' ERS IIele.s Berg Pi,siJi-nl F.W Sheppakd riii-PiiiiJiiil Dove Montgomery Si-in-lary Edith Fulkersov Tnasunr Edith Fulkersov Julia Kellev Bernice B.vker M.VRJORIE CiUVMON Selm. Bodo tt Irene Johnson Orpha Roberts Fleta Griswoi.d Margaret High Helen Patcheli. MEMBERS Dove Montgo.vierv ' i te ne Hargis Helen Berg Fay Sheppard Marjoree Walcott Harriet Cocke Louise Cook Mary Porter Marion Tolled Ci.EO Smiih Il.A est. iorelani) Miriam Evans Julia Steele Marion Prater Sallie Marvin Dorothy Walters CvriiERiNE Serviss Elizabeth Driver Rii.LA Winn Ri 1 H Neai. u U ET IT cr CT [T 17 C C G IT U ET d cr cr cr u PPPF iGTSria 13 L3JS-? w t ificPvp l3 la ta La f FORCM LITERARY SOClPnV 1 F li H 13 H T) T) U H " 0 11 D c) ■D T} D ■D rds, Bfi.i ' li. ( ' ! G. Tiiylor, Ridin,- OIFITERS Ralph Records Pn-suicnt E. O. Davis .... riir-Pnsidnii C. L. DeAx Senrltiry-Tircisiiin- MEMBERS Holly Anderson " I.. A. Horion J. C. Rvan J. O. Beach Milan Kino Dfuev Rowland V. W. BuRFORD .Arlis Lanha.m Donald Schooler A. J. Campbell W. M. Morgan C ' .eorce Sherman John Coffey William Racax Oscar Stekoll Hal Crouch James Reinhardt CJeorce Taylor E. O. D. vis Ralph H. Records Gforoe Turner C. L. Dean Otis Ridings XA ' iiliam Taylor Robert Easterling Byron Rogers R. N. Williams Claud Forrester Collins Gable cinnci u ii ' in ij C c u c- w u c u C " IT U cr cr tr u or cr j p P i .MPXETAXIAX L1T?:RARY SOCIETY TOP ROW: Cio MIDDLE ROW: BOTTOM ROW: •l. Mcvers, LcaUaman. McBp Quiiiii. Griffin. Ahliott. Tun Henslev. BpU, James. OFFICERS Pauline Ckowi PrisidrnI 1m. Armstrong lia-Prrshli nl M Ri Jo Turner Srinlary Lni.A Leske Tiiiisurir MEMBERS Pauline Crowl Florence Quinn Catherine Hexedict Iris Lucile Griffix Lorreta Bell Ina McBee Viola Abbott Grace James Mary S. RniiERisov Mary Jo Turner Dayi.e IIexsley ' iRN Ri 111 lloRoiiiY Meyers t1 Q- C " C " C C " cr u G " c cr u u [i d cr EI cr - Sfag? bbbb NER ETa I3i3 L3 L ■2 ■3 13 H 75 " D " 0 H " D 71 71 H H •Q 7) H 7) D 7] D 7) 7J 75 il 75 73 7) - MENORAH SOCIETY I « i J 4J. f " t fxf r TOP ROW: I). Milstein. I. Milstein. Greenberg, Goldberg. Rothbaum, Lubovitii, MIDDLE ROW: Sherman, Stekoll, Fagin, Bloom. Zinder. Lewis, Pogoloff, Ma BOTTOM ROW: Robinson, Cohen, Berry, Kahn, Byers. Fntorunsky. OFFICERS IsiDOR Milstein ' Piisidnit Jesse Goldfeder I ' icr-Presitinit Leah Zinder Snniiiry S. H. Pogoloff Treasurer MEMBERS Morris B. lk Jesse Goldfeder D.wid Milstein Jerome Byers Lester Greenberg L T. Milstein Aaron Berry Leon Hirsh Hannah Moscovitz Bertha Bloom Sadie Hvden Maurice Pearlstein N. A. Court S. S. Kahn S. H. Pogoloff R. M. Cohen IL S. Keller M. L. Robinson Herman Fagin J. K. Lee B. J. Rothbaum Milton Futoransky J. S. Lewis G. M. Sherman S. E. Goldberg Alfred Lubovitz R. O. Stekoll Harvey Goldfeder Samuel May Leah Zinder G1 C 0- IT u 0 " u IT H cr cr 17 cr c cr D " U Xx U C c- cr c qg ' g ' appia u t u o " 3 H -0 ■a U 7J H H ■Q Tl " a 13 H Tl T ■D D " D GRANT COUNTY CLUB TOl- ROW: Mi-Givnev. Lvnii, C. Stagsers, Swnz.-. .M.-I..11. .lohnscii. Sti-Wiirt. MIDDLE ROW: Falkeiiljerg. Uladvs Smith. Xaiuli-t, H. (fiivloid, B. Dozier. Duvull. R. Dc, HOTTOM ROW: X. Staggers. Meece, Mi-.Miillin. (iiiriicll Smith, Knox. T. Ga.vlnrd. STEPHENS COUNTY CLl ' B aL3-ELELEL 3 i u IT cr .1 J r ppp 1! iTJTJ " d TI -d D H D " D D D T) U T) " D H " 0 7) Tl TI ■D X) TJ TJ ALFALFA COUXTY CLIB TOP ROW: I). I ' ,T.-.v. Hceffr. S;,hv;„,.r. (io.lfr.-y. I.. I ' .ruw.i. K„i-nev, H. lin.wn. Clmn-h. Ski.lii MIDDLK KOW: .!( ,• Mi.irciw, Klick, H.nknwiii. K. I ' t-ii-v. F. I ' l-riv, Whilii.-v Hjvliff Ihik- BOTTOM KOW: V, .Kliii!nisee. Wilhird B(iv,-f. .Ir.liii Mnm.w. C.x. Ren... M.Ti-.-r Wiilliic-i ' Hovoe ROGER MILLS COl ' NTY CLUB G tr c IT C " CT IT C d C U cr cr cr C " C " C " C " u c IT Cj ET d C cr qq«i P P ff fa ;j U l ua U -0 n ■0 ■D T) H T) ■D H U D ■fl " D T) U 13 ■D H D 7) D D 71 H T) U 7) BLAINE COUNTY CLl ' B %JJ t COTTON COl ' NTY CLl ' B TOP ROW: Cnin, l!i.r MHls;i ' M. OwiMi,-, Bowi-u. Crowlpv, (i..rdnn. MIDDLE ROW: Henderson, Piiddv. Weir. Howie. Bills, L. McQu BOTTOM ROW: Andruss. K. McQuown, Boothe, McGee, Cannon. gUic La u u u u u IT IT GT cr GT C cr cr u XT IT El cr P P P fa " D ■D ■D ■a 71 ■D 13 H U " D T) H U H U T) D TJ " D U D 7) Tl TI ■D U " 0 " 0 7J D ■a IraLSLELELEL J ' OC. CUSTER COUNTY CLUB i « t TOP ROW: Kaufman, OlivM- Campbell. Crane. Barney. L. Lowton. HOTTOM ROW: Darrah. Opal Campl.ell. .liie l.awtiin. Ora Campbell. Lamb. GREER COUNTY CLUB i I t M I ■ " ' ' t f; I I U w u cr cr IT IT IT IT cr tr cr cr cr IT Ij U U cr u cr naPUra t) ■D " 0 ■D H T) 12 -D H D 13 D D H H D 7) ■D " 3 JACKSOX COUNTY CLUB TOP ROW: Wliili ' . IVni.k. K.-id. l dii.-k. Jk ' Xeill. Pfiirs MIDDI.K ROW: T:illmll, White, Dial, Hiilt. Dial, Miiiiel BOTTOM ROW: Barrett, Kurch, Bonier, Mcl- Reamer, Willieit, KINGFISHER COUNTY CLU TOP ROW: J. RatlifF. V. Ratliif. Snow. Tighe. Snyde MIDDLE: McDowell. BOTTOM ROW: Xngle. Cooper, Gwinn. IT C " cr cr u IT IT cr cr tr u c u cr U u c c cr cr cr nmnn la p p ff bbbb u a u3vrO0NEPv(a b b b b u: ;i Tl 71 TI 7) D il D T) il D H H H D ■D H D T) D -D -D 9 ■0 7J McIXTOSH COrXTY CLIB TOP ROW: Mills. F. Stiilev. Durtv, Km-. I)i-i,ii. BOTTOM ROW: Van Couil. Liiiihiiin. 1). St;il...v. R.iki ' Is. SimliMin. Bi- JOFINSON COl ' XTY CLUB c u cr cr IT IT cr cr c c c u IT c cr cr cr cr ir c 17 Ij cr n c c cr c P p p ra " d ■D H u I] T) H " 0 TI H D U H H H D D D D 7) 7) H H D i) Tl ■a ■D ()kfiskp:e corxTV cub TOr ROW: McKinnev, Cash, Dickiiis( MIDDI.f: ROW: L. McCIain, Jones. C BOTTOM ROW: Owen, Thomson, He n, Heflev. Y. M.-flnin. Dwan, .Johnson, Jlartin. idrix. c cr cr V c c c IT d cr c 17 IT IT C " cr (7 Qcicici c IT 17 ajE-ELEua oon. la 13 La Ls I ' VOCATIONAL BOARD 8TIDEXTS ■a " D " D 71 D H U Tl ■Q " D 7} 13 18 •D 11 D TJ " D H " D T The following: Chester Armstrong James Avervt Charles Baber Menter Baker Lloyd Beach Chester Bender William Brunton John Bumgarner M. J. Carpenter Roy Carver Robert Cofkey ' Thomas Conn ally Francis Cooper William Cruce Joseph Clrran Daniel Delanev Ben Drummond I.. Featherston Carl Foster Tom CJarrett Carl CSotcher Leslie Guinn ' Merle Gunby Jambs Ham ill Fal ' l Helfner Cr. Henderson G. Higginbotham Ernest Hill William Howell Charles Hoyle Frank Hurt Tared Ingersoll Kenneth Jennings Reginald Kolter ' iNsoN Lackey Owtd Lane Dean Lemaster Donald Hughes Jesse Long Harold McBride Erle McCiiNiY E. C. McReynolds Earl Miller Francis Mllkey Luther Muse Mortimer Muse Malcolm Oakes Waldo Oden C. Peterson John Philpin Frank Poorman John Powell Paul Power Herman Price Jess Pui.len Arthur Rickey Harr Roseni n m. P RK Ruark m. rutheriord Leslie Salter A. Schlechter John Scott Albert Smith Iennings Smiih Kenneth Stewart Elize Stinson Paul Teas Robert Tucker Archie Wallace 1(1E U ' ALTON Bert Weidner Luke Wilcox Stanley Wii.dman ' iRGiL Willis Andrew Wrii;ht Who arc attcndinE the I ' niversity of Oklahoma throiij;h the F tioM, take this opportunity to express their appreciation of tlie Cniversitv nnd the Cnited States (;o ernnient. ilcral H.iard :ul anta,ues t )l N ' ocatlonal F.ilma- Ieiuleil them h the Si, ii, t: I ' he Committee c T P r US ' IT i IT IT cr cr IT C7 cr cr cr D " 17 H cr cr cr s p p p fa U l 3 b 13 !. " " 3 1! " 0 73 D T] ■D U 7) ■D 7) U ■3 TJ H PUN. SNORT, AND PERISE.MEXT Such a combination as the above is to be taken liter- ally for, by the bones of Ben Franklin, it intruded itself into our notice much after the manner of the accumula- tion that we have prepared for your helpless objection or violent approval, in the following pages. That is, we hope it w ill be helpless for we have tried to compile our jabs and jingles as impartially as our truthful mission would allow. And so we pass it on, the most representati e shots from the barrage of the student activities ; in any case we welcome those that have made this section possible. Thh I- ' eatlre F.ditors. BSISL PFP U -j TJ Cr ■n CT ■D . T) U 13 U " 0 ■D ' ' Burbrook ' ' cr IT " 0 c " 3 A ze Cap for G " Toting Men cr cr ■a E " D $3.65 cr n With Tax cr TJ C7 Ti cr 1] ■D Gordon Koppel u cr T) 1005-1007 Walnut c D Kansas City, iVIo. r D CLOTHES ORIGINATORS _ 1 71 n 1} S ' U ■D I» n nci crV vL l ?5a P P ra J2Je |13 H " D U T) H " D " 0 u ■D " d t Kuppenheimer | Good Clothes I i Fashion Park | T hese Clothes famed for their | Style — (Qualities that ive are % happy to guarantee. % This is a " Right Store; " Right Goods; Right Prices; % Right Service. If you get anything that ' s wrong bring | it back. We ' ll make it right. You ' re always right. | % GRAND and •rTxrttJi OKLAHOMA ROBINSON mM WW CITY % A Burst of Buttermilk I dreamed last night That I had flunked in Math, And when I came to class today I found I had. I wish that 1 could control Mv dreams. A Captive Thought A cloud in drifting Is like a wisp Of smoking chififon That caught in passing From coals that dropped From out my pipe. And that ' s the truth. o o g ci ct»iVt. ;g i«S yff fcPa fa p a B la b b b b b b b Jv O0N£Pv fml The Largest Apparel Store in the State Where Style is a component part of Value. Main and Harvey Streets OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. " BLUE LAWS " He leered at me across his empty glass. I scarce could hear his hiccoughed words for din Of babbling womankind. The unshaved chin Was stained with brown tobacco juice. His mass Of hair was matted ami uncombed. The grass L ' pon his coat told uhere his bed had been The night before. And as he talked of sin. With bleary eyes he ' d watch all those who ' d pass. " I think it is a shame, " he loudly cried, " That cops should take (hiccough) our beer away And sa ' ou must stay home on Sunilay night. " (He wiped a dripping " Alas, " he sighed, ■ ' If more of men were just like me I ' d lay Ten dollars that we ' d run this country right. " c- cr c tr cr IT c d c D " IT ET tr c- u u u u cr D " Cj U U cr IT cr «n p n CT i A cj agST Wgla FPPP B ? ■D " D U " D " D H " D " D H H H " D •D ■D 71 D ■a 13 b b b b b GrS v OOMCRJa b b b b ia b ©rug Co, A Completely Departmentized Drug Store Whitman ' s Chocolates KODAKS and Supplies OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. GEO. L. STILES the 1898 O. U. Student " put Boomer Sooner " in theO.U yell leabing jFlorigt incc 1899 We Give Special Care to O. U. Flower Orders Utiles; jFloral Companj) OKLAHOMA CITY Students of Oklahoma University, We are always glad to accommodate you TheHucklns Hotel Oklahoma City Fort Worth Wichita Falls Texarkana Jasper Sipes Co. ' ■FURNITURE SPECIALISTS " Tubular Steel Desf s Kewaunee Laboratory Equipment Church and Theatre Furniture Large Stock lway)s on hand OKLAHOMA CITY ■•SINCE I889- ' il CI Q ei CI rtSAa gSf 5T Qp, Jata PPPP ■D " D b b b b b b blw ' OONERja b b b b ta b b W HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE DEAD T) By R. U. A. Spook, P. Q. D., C. O. D. Cl U Upon the vital subject of the day, the art of communicating with the all-knowing J " I dead, many profound dissertations have been written but they have been almost with- ,«| cut exception treatises on the theories of spiritualism. There has long been a pressing • U need for a practical work on the matter for the use of those seeking to discover who is a) alienating the affections of their best girls, what the styles are going to be six months -- hence, and how to avoid flunking in the finals. ■ ' | " n The author after carefully studying the experiences related in " The Spirit Powers j j of the Deceased and Their Relation to the Living " , the latest and best work of Dr. J U Rutherford Brett, B. V. D., a noted authority on such matters, has compounded a set J f of definite and serviceable instructions for obtaining information from the spirits which " JT ' roam the universe. U Many of the ancients, notably Saul, relied upon witches to supply them with this ; forbidden knowledge, but we in this day and age of wood alcohol, prefer home brew ' , _ methods. U The modern experts seem to attain the most perfect results when using the follow- ing: Anoint the jaws with Sloan ' s liniment (a prescription made by Dr. Jackso n Sloan for this purpose), rubbing it in well until they become soft and pliant. Then ' tl assume an angelic expression and pronounce the following words in a purring or ; ' j wheedling voice, " Katzenjammerbjillwkki slavodskiatookk kerflopswerwaski. " These U are the generally recognized passwords into the spirit kingdom and if one enunciates J T them distinctly a spectre should immediately step from a clothes closet, saying, " Lowly . " mortal, what wouldst thou? I have compassion on thee in thy blindness. " U The poor mortal, if he be not yet paralyzed with fright, should say in a resolute J —i voice, " Are you Napoleon ' s grandfather? " After receiving the customary answer of — " Yes " , he should exclaim, " Aha! I knew it when first I heard your voice and that " 3 you were an old friend of the family as my father has so often said, " and it will then j rahe possible to obtain the desired information. j— • In case there should be no spectre in the clothes closet, the appearance of one may be ' greatly expedited, according to Dr. C. Armor Guy, Q. E. D., a well known disciple of psychic research, by administering internally a compound of corn whiskey, shinola, and the above mentioned liniment. Tl Among these authorities on psycho-analysis there is a great diversity of opinion on the efficacy of the ouija board but all agree that, if the parties operating it sit breathless y and motionless, with mind riveted, nay, double riveted on the question at hand, for a jj ■ " I period varying from one and one-half to fourteen hours, very fair results will ensue. » Even then, before certainty can be obtained, a competent orthographist .should be em- ployed to untangle ouija ' s somewhat confused spelling. ] Those who have not the patience to operate and carry out these systems successfully but who are still determined to gain their desired end, must not lose hope. There « still remains one resource, in truth the very acid test of spiritualism, and we feel safe C in positively guaranteeing that it will in every case satisfy any who, though the deadly enemies of the belief, are lively in its investigation. We maintain that a pint of car- Ll bolic acid, taken internally, will produce such results as to astonish the most unthinking and uninitiated skeptics. If any of the readers find that this simple recipe fails to admit them to the spirit kingdom we will gladly refund the price of this pamphlet. CI in g Cl rtVVtJiagSTC VSTtffftl rsa ra p p ta-ffe y U3 b b b b b b vroaNER.|3 b b b b L 13 U ■a ■D 13 " 0 " D " 3 " D H D H TJ " D U ■a D T3 " D " D TI EST. 1898 Men ' s Outfitters fL LEWlMSO Vi§ J OKLAHOMA CITY iisio Our New Home is Located at 304-306 West Main Street Three Floors Devoted to Outer Apparel Our Policy : New Low Price Level CT cr u u cr c w cr £r G " G " cr c cr cr ir C " cr c cr cr u cr c IT cr cr cr g Q n g M f 2QssT f ' yi SD p p p faf g 2 to t3 BEATING BACK, or A Desperate Try For Reinstation He had no chance, he knew that he had no haiice. He marveled that she had even coked at him again after that fateful night w hen the handsome villain had stepped off the ten o ' clock car and into his little world. The villain was a good-looker, there could be no doubt about that. Even his room-mate admitted that and, when one ' s room-mate ad- mits such a debatable point, there can no long- er be anv reasonable room for doubt. He ooked just like the collar advertisements in the street cars, only the street car youths didn ' t have such lovely little mustaches adorning their superior maxillaries. Now our hero wore the customary Val- ace Reid haircut, Francis X. eyebrows and Tokio cuffs, but beside the villain he resem- bled the sculptor with a broken arm, he cut no figure. Have ou ever established a gab fest on the terrace with the girl, opened the cutout on the old line of mush and felt sure that it was going strong, only to ha e some stiff with more nerve than tact, push his bulk so far into the game that he eclipsed the moon and cut you off in the midst of the most fetching part, just as you were about to make a touchdown? If you have, you know about how our hero felt. It was the lip-patch that did the work but our hero was no quitter. So, having de- cided to close the flood gates on the ripple that the latest pebble had created along Fraternity Row, he proceeded to allow one to accumulate below his Hellenic nostrils like unto none that had been seen along the by-ways of Soonerville since Bennie first beat Texas. The unshaven lip had originated in the land of the longhorn and Sam Houston, our hero believed. So, having such a satisfactor y precedent as provider for his morale, he went over the top. The first step in the education of this chosen object of his heart was of the well known football variety, eleven on each side. With this as a nucleus, there followed in rapid succession the Charlie Chaplin sprout, the cowboy tooth shade, the 49er ' s ash sifter, and the Bernard Shaw special. Having obtained such splendid working mate- rial, our hero might well have rested on his laurels but, not so. He had, all this time, kept the uncultivated portions of his map under the strict supervision of the fuzz scraper, and even now, when the post-graduate course of his pride and jox was about to commence, he failed not to remain vigilant. Besides being upholstered in brass, the villain was a fast worker and his rapid strides during our hero ' s retirement as a farmer had not gone imnoticed by the latter. " Fa- miliarit ' is the mother of jilt, " was our hero ' s motto. He had adopted it from experi- ence and firmly believed that the hypnotic influence of the villain ' s mustache must cer- tainlv lia e begiui to wane by now. I Ciiiiliiiuicl nil l nijr -fSS) u u tr u w u or tI H G " ' nncir i P P ra " D " D " u U 13 la n D U " D " D 1] H ■D " D T) 71 73 McCALLS NORMAN ' S GREATEST STORE ice: Nothing That Costs So Little Will Save So Much It is an economic fact tliat a few cents extra a week for ice will save many dollars a mouth in foods. It saves the wasting of good foods which spoil from one meal to another if not kept cold — keeps them tasty and delicious. ( xofcs the Butter, the Efifis, the Mill:; preserves the Mctitx, Ve;lttahhs, Melons Olid Fruits (111(1 Ircps them from spuiliiiij Nothing is so Essential to Health Spoiled foods are a constant source of sickness — tlie cause of run down bodies — a constant menace to health. Iced drinks kee[i the liody temperatures low and ward off ill effects of excessive heat. Plenty of [lure ire iiuoii.s inll lept foods, sound bodies, small drufi mid dm-tur hills — It means economy. Norman Milling Grain Company cuncici cf-J P£! f U u tr cr cr cr cr u IT U D " W cr C " cr ■ ' -? u cr D " (j IT cr cr n cr C " PFP 13 La t3 l3 L3 l3 OMER. bbbbbbbb ■a ■D ij 71 H ■fl H U U H T) H H D D ■D H U •D TI TJ " 0 Tl 13 $f J Oklahoma Railway Company The relations between the University of Oklahoma and this Company for the year 1920-21 have been very satisfactory — The Oklahoma Railway Company is proud of the growth of the University. We take more than ordinary pleasure in advertising the fadt that this great in itution is reached by the Interurban Lines— J. M. NOLL Agent Norman Phone 370 w -«-i i- M 13 f3 3 bb Oklahoma Railway Company Hourly service between Norman and all points north, ea and we . La car leaves Norman 12:32 midnight — Close connections with all eam lines at Oklahoma City, Guthrie and El Reno — No Smoke, No Du ; Plenty of Heat in Winter; Plenty of Air in Summer. A. E. MORRIS General Passenger Jlgent 207 Terminal Bldg. Oklahoma City -t ' ■I -I -! T- ' - r T llfCf-r PPP c G " G " GT IT T T T 7 r u cr GT Cj cr IT cr (Continued from page 454) Besides such a person as the villain usually carries but one set of orations and when the visible supply has been exhausted is as a printing press bereft of its ink. He makes no impression ; so reasoned our hero and the future took on a rosier hue. The night for the great test came. Our hero had chosen his time with Napoleonic cunning. The date had been generously, yea freely, given and the stage was set for the final act of the little drama. Our hero was a Knockout. His boyish figure radiated conscious power and mastership. Then to crown the romance of his personality with the final touch of manly patience and forgi eness was the product of his genius and art, created while the villain danced. Soft and silky was that mustache, and small wonder it was too that the feminine factors of Fraternity Row had all run out and hailed him master ev ' en before its cre- ation was quite complete. It is much the same, you know, with the work of a brush artist, and our hero might have been considered a knight of the brush also, though no creation of camel ' s hair could quite compare with our hero ' s masterpiece. As has been said, he was a knockout and the villain faded into oblivion like a co-ed ' s complexion in a rainstorm. The girl felt flattered indeed to again receive the atten- tions, and candy, of her once scorned Lochinvar. All the fellows came running to our hero, begging for the recipe or formula for the wonderful lip decoration that he had perfected. He finally had it patented and the royalty from a moving picture corporation that bought the copyright pays our hero ' s way through college now. Verily the ways of the young man, in conflict with his kind, are sometimes strange. THE SOONER I CONFECTIONERY Headquarters for College Men and Women when they are " Up-Town ' ' NORMAN, OKLA. tr u c c c c IT c cr cr tr cr cr G " cr IT cr cr r u cr ;..:,.:..:..•..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..;..;. .J, ,}.}. . . .J, .J..;..:. 4. .•..:..:..:..;..:..:. :.. . .:..:. .} qqciCT ctf vt ' gaPPP 1 _2 ' L3 U U 1 " D T] H D 7J " 0 H T) H U 7] ■0 U D ■Q " D 71 H ■0 U 7) D " D D Sooner Sport Service Jack Bowers and C. E. (Al) Alberty have followed Sooner Sports continuously throughout the 1920-21 ath- letic seasons in the Oklnhoiim Dnily. And, at the same time, Jack and Al have been clean- ing, altering, repairing and pressing Sooners ' clothes, as the Bowers establishment has been doing continuously since 1912. During 1921-22 Jack and Al will continue the Sooner Sport Service in the Oklahoma Daily, and will continue cleaning and pressing for Sooners. Jack powers Cleaning Company 415 Soutli Webster .lust Call 3-0-5 lis West Main Phone 2-S-l ■When i oii come to O. U., veafl Bowe 5 all Sooners have done, as .Sooners Sooner Sports in the Oklahoma Daily each day ' doing now. and as you, as a Sooner, will do. V c tr IT c cr u c- 0 " cr u u u u n d 0 " rr cr h r CI ctf w jgir ,- b b b b b b b qONEPJa b b b b b b b FINNISH LOVE SONG Pink pajamas Writhe and twist in the wind. Like pink cheese, they are, without frills Or (what is still more exciting) Like a rope dancer Without skirts And the benefit of a doubt. I have loved you, pink pajamas. When first you came to me (In the Christmas box Sent by Aunt Adeline from South McKeesport) I thought you too fine. Too indescribably feminine. To shield such as I from the wintry wind And the bites of pop-eyed mosquitoes. But I wronged you, pajamas. And my heart is contorted with agony. It runs out weeping into the streets. n ememoer h When you are here eat Walnut Taffy. When you are away send back for it. Mail orders given prompt at- tention. Green Frog Confedionery Norman, Okla. Like a black tom-cat on the trail of a hot tamale. Thinking on many things : Of the prestige you brought me — - And the fame; Of the night you lured me to the Teepee formal Without a dress suit And how I danced out on the floor Clad only in your billowy folds, O palpi- tating pink things ! Tomorrow I go to the seven hells. There will be plenty of lamentation, I shall bite my wrist, I shall kick over the alarm clock And sleep through seventeen classes For you will be gone. It ill be better, perhaps: Love such as ours is a very trying thing. S ERRY ' S Mens Furnishings Ladies ' Ready ' to -Wear NORMAN, OKLA. 1 17 cr V IT C C cr c u XT £7 c- 0 " 17 cr cr D " |j Ii C C " U cr nnnn p P p fa b b b b b b b v OONERJa b b b tal G " " n I ■a I T) I D I 71 • rpjHOl OGRAPH is one of the most important of all the many t IUBI factors which enter in the publication of the Sooxer. It Tl t makes possible this large collection of pictures which will recall f memories of vour college days. TJ I TJ t Tl T But it must be high-grade photography Y — the kind that has made the reputation of U 4 the Truby Studio — for photography is the |l basis of the process by which illustrations U in the Sooxer are made. u I 71 |; ou " ill have opportunities to add to your collection of pictures jj « of college life by having your own Kodak. You may take your own % pictures and then send the films to us for developing and printing. 7j % " 0 I U i And you may want an especially interest- ,_ iiig picture enlarged and framed. All of U this " ' do with the same high-grade quality X ot work that has built up the reputation of U T o ' T Studio. 7) I 71 I 5 I Truby Studio, Norman 7) I ■n 73 I l3 l3 lata (a l3 13 H H D U ' d i) I I FURNITURE | of the Highest Grade I RUGS I -5f 4r -!f 4e- of Many Designs of Different Qualities Hoosier % SHADES Kitchen Cabinets are the Best I.M.JACKSON I Norman NYAL DRUG STORE Phonographs Records Candies Parker Fountain Pens REED FOSTER -x--x-x--x--X " X -x- -x--x- -j;- -x- -» -x- -x- GT c rr V IT rr cr or c c c D " IT c cr cr IT C " C7 cr cr c tj IT cr u c cr IT c c g g ' p p IJ ra J bUH t 7) " D 71 71 7) D tl ■g I J. E. HALBERT, Prop. I 7J I Best Drinks Best Service n TJ I Adjoining the Campus H I NORMAN, Oklahoma Tl J THE VARSITY I FOUNTAIN I NORMAN, Oklahoma IT Tl c ■a I ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW AT I c I I CAMPUS i c i THEATRE 1 cr U I % C " " 3 I " HOME OF PARAMOUNT PICTURES " | d 7J I Best Pictures Good Music rj " 0 I C " i.. Your Patronage is Solicited and Appreciated % u r rr c bbb b bbb N OOHEP iab b b b Li b b She: " Am I the first girl that you ever kissed? " He: " No, dear; I ' ve been on two Arbuckle trips. " " You ' ll Find It At Roach ' s " 7| ' Get Acquainted With Our Hospitality | Drugs, Soda Lunch Toilet Goods Kodaks Cigars The Soda Fountain with the Silver Service Huyler ' s, Hoefler ' s and Chocolate Shop Candies ROACH, The Druggist 110 West Main St., OKLAHOMA CITY, OLKA. Foster Floral Co. Oklahoma City Careful Attention Given Mail Orders •1: Say It With Flowers G IT C C rr IT C " cr cr cr tr C " D " IT C " 17 cr IT D- cr c cr u c u n c IT cicinci r t t i b tal , : b =k " kIai)oma ' s! I ontrer tore " PRESENTS ITS 44 HONOR ROLL " In calling over the names of the standard and dependable lines of merchandise which are featured by this store, it reminds one of an " honor roll " of the internationally advertised brands that carry world-wide prestige. Stripped of details, we mention only a few of the representative lines which we feature — Hirsh - Wickwif-e Clothes Gossard Corsets Congoleiim Hartman?! Trunks Taylor Tri nks Manhattan Shirts Arrow Shirts and Collars Cheney Silks Joseph Millinery Garside Shoes — and scores of other equally famous household ai n •; It is such lines as the above which have caused the Scott- Halliburton Co. to be known throughout the length and breadth of the state as " Oklahoma ' s Wonder Store. " Scott-Halliburton Co. OKLAHOMA CITY o-n Iht livtly lads Hirsh -Wickwire ; ' " ' ' . Young Men ' s Suits $25 and up Cluthiiig 3rd rtoor J J jT Gl d r fu ;ir IT cr u IT cr IT cr cr cr !j ncimci p p p p (r F P n n I I I L I s uuncv U liTa .JlSI ar ♦• ♦♦{► •♦♦♦• ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦•J " ; i To be Correct Select an Orange H offom The beauty of this ring is enhanced beyond possibility of comparison, with the diamond setting. ♦ The Orange Blossom decorated en- gagement ring is accepted everywhere »;. as the last word and continues to grow in favor. It can be matched later by ]j| an Orange Blossom Wedding Ring in .;• Gold, Platinum or Platinum Overlay. The prices are moderate. ♦;. HARTWELL JEWELRY CO. | • X OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. | »}« » « i » » « »}i » « » y « » « mJh$m{» « » « ijf » « J p f p- f f ' " ' l t RUCKER ' S The Home of Standard Merchandise Ladii ' s ' Roady-to-Wear Palim-r Suits and Coats .Inlian Kokenge Pine Footwear For iii,„ i,h , 1,1, „r Coll. ' Kiai], David .Vdler and S tylephis Clothes llaii:in Son Sliocs Stokk Piuixe 47 ' Office Phone 43 NORMAN, OKLAHOMA Big Time Vaudeville and Road Attractions OKLAHOMA CITY You Marry Her % A fid we will furnish you ■with the life- time furniture Meyer Meyer Furniture and Undertaking J. ♦ ;. « ♦•j. •;• •$. •{. •J {•• . - t . .J. . • • •{••;• ; 4 « cr u a ■«::e fefr5r -!ieac y ' fejiEjEJH: ■0 " 0 ■a D u " D 73 1] TJ D ■Q " D ■D " a TJ 1} — next time youVe in the Varsity Shop glance at labels in girls ' coats thrown over back of the chairs — they tell us, 3 out of 5 sa y " Al Rosenthal ' s " — no wonder! Our Shops special- ize in trig togs for missy types Sample our Shopping Service ORDER BY MAIL PETTEE ' S 3 YEARS OF SERVICE THE MOST INTERESTING STORE IN OKLAHOMA HOWDY, FELLOWS! Do You Know that All Games are Won with D. M. Sporting Goods? We can outfit yovu- teams complete witli Uniforms. Basket Ball Out- fits, Baseball, Track Teams, Tennis Courts and Accessories. We are in a position to outfit your teams complete with every modern equip- ment. If you use our equipment there is no reason why you should not beat all comers. All Big Colleges Use D. M. Sporting Goods IT cr IT G " C " cr cr u IT IT c- GT C " C " G " C " cr c cr cr d • ■D Dear little gal, Come be my pal, Let ' s trip the light fantastic. We ' ll whirl about And gladh ' shout, We ' ll wax enthusiastic. Then when we stroll Beyond the knoll, Out in the moonlight ' s whiteness. I ' ll hold you tight And kiss you light. All in a summer ' s nightness. Rounder: " I see the Piffle girls have new shades on their windows. " Moreso: " Ah, no more screen dramas ! " GET IT AT BARBOUR ' S Many Years of Service in Looking After the Wants of Sooner Students Barbour Sons, Drugs 104 E. MAIN PHONE 35 TWELVE EXPERT BARBERS COUNT EM -TWELVE TWO SHOPS - ON THE CAMPUS AND ONE " up TOWN ' -THE CITY BARBER SHOP. COBBLE 8c GRAY, Proprietors cr or c 0- cr IT y cr cr c u u n cr cr n n n CI ctfS ' V -J fagf aapppra b b b b b b bly ' QONEffJa b b b b i if if ' M ' if ' i ' ' M ' irir riri- -i-i- ' ir ' i 4 - ' ' i -i ' CLOTHES for the Young Man of today and tomorrow Young men students of dress as well as academic subjects qualify to a higher or lesser degree according to their knoivledge and good judg- ment. The ones who choose Stein Bloch or Society Brand clothes for dress are the ones who qualify to a high degree. BA rrM MYER 22 Years of Reliability ' ' ..t. ■ ■;■ ■M ' » ♦♦♦♦♦♦ i ♦ »» » ■ »4. » . ■. X♦ ».;. , .4„; ♦♦;.. c or c c cr c IT cr 0 " IT c !i J J i r 7 T 7 r r ? J 1 T tr c cr 13 " D TI ■D " D T3 " D D TJ ■D U U U T8 ■D ■D " 0 T) 7) Ca ia JJ lj b b b J uun cRSTa ia la la ia b U Wife (to Prof.) : " Do i,ou remember the (la s when you used to take me to the student council dances ? " He: " Yes. Some daze! " ' Twas bananas caused my fall, Caused my wailings, cries and all ; But not the pain caused by my slip — I had a bottle on my hip. CREAGER ' S i | George Orenbaun STUDIO Jf ine . . . NORMAN OKLAHOMA HARDWARE FURNITURE Laun Dryette and Blue Bird Electric Washers PHONE 491 NORMAN, OKLAHOMA r Clerk (at " arsity Shop) : " That fellow who just went out stole a fountain pen. " , Second Clerk: " Well, we won ' t lose anything. I just sold him a book. " (j IT C U cr c cr First Art Stude: " Jim draws well, doesn ' t he? " " Second Stude: " I ' ll say he does! Every time I have a straight he draws a full house. " G Gl r " u cr ET ET U C j ;e;eee;e:e: :T:r;T;--:-:-:T:eie!eieieie ) i cacK: i OK)K) i c«o i O ! O i o i Q ! o i o i CK i CKX)KX « J ' PPPP " d ■D ■a D •u D " 3 H H " 0 ■Q D D U U " D Tl T) ■D 13 ■a D :-= tiii . ,j Photo Plays De Luxe The Loafers Paradise A Book of Rules - Broken then or now A Cherry -coke, a bit of cake - and thou Sitting beside me in the Teepee Oh! Teepee were paradise now! Everything that the Student Wishes or Desires THE TEEPEE Q n n cta : " ETTb U J i. mi ■ ' » ' ' ' ' " ' b.f ' s p l3 |3 u TJ D ■a I] " D 71 TI H " 0 T] D -D U H " D U 73 ■D " 0 " D T) H TJ H THE LARGEST MAN IN THE R. O. T. C— " CO. A " STRATTON ± 1 S S s THE SOONER SHOP Opposite the Campus Books, Art and Student Supplies Athletic Goods FOUNTAIN CIGARS CANDY -x- JSL32 C GT C IT cr IT rr cr IT c cr c cr ET c c cr IT cr cr D " 1 U cr u 472 b b b b b SOONER, bbbbbbbb ■a 7} ■D 73 H D 7) 7) H 7) 71 71 7) Mar im Mark that up-and-doing look, that ap- pearance of a man who has got his stride in life! Yes, good clothes do help — more than you can figure in dollars and cents. And to be well dressed costs so little now- a-days — when NEWBILLS clothes, with their fine fabrics, their correct lines, their good tailoring, may be had at Thirty-five to Seventy-five Dollars. NEWBILLS 130 WEST MAIN .32 R fa b b b b b b b vTOOHEPvIa b b b b L 7) H ■a " D D U 7) " D U H U H " 0 D H T3 T) U ■D D " 0 TJ " 3 " D H MARYAN BRINGS THE " TOWN PRIDE " UP TO TRACK MEET CLYDE PICKARD REAL ESTATE AND LOANS PHONE 22 NORMAN. OKLAHOMA u i U G " 0 " cr cr rr ST cr cr ' iJ c cr u ocicinia iW JjtftftaJSa P P P ? ? D 71 H D 13 H H ■0 " C D H ■D ' a X) TJ TJ H 13 b b b b b b b J . OONER. ♦ ♦ ■ " ♦♦♦• •H " H t " ♦ H " •!• ' • •H ♦ ' ♦♦ ♦ • 4 " • • •H " • ♦•:-5•• •♦•J " ♦♦ " M• • I NOLAN ! I MARTIN I Hardware Sporting Goods R. D. LINDSAY Brugsi Carey, Lombard, Young Co. 4 ? Lumber and Building Material Carey ' s Blue Ribbon Roofing ' i Paints and Varnishes J For Sale at All ♦ .J. Oklahoma Yards ♦ We are glad to have had the opportunity of being tailors to the students of the University of Oklahoma. We appreciate the patronage they have given us, and we believe that they, in turn, ap- preciate the service we ' ve given them. UNIVERSITY TAILOR SHOP jM} j. H$, M{, e4, Mj. ,j. , Mi. »;Mj , .}i 1 ■}■ .{. .{► . ► • M ' 4 ' 4 ' ' ' t ' ■ ♦ 4 ♦ -1 g c IT c u GT c t t t w— I t t fT- I Norman. Okla. | I NORMAN, Okla. | W hi GT cr u C " (7 cr cr n cr (7 cr n n n n T " ? lT im-ft?f -t p p p ra 7) 71 71 " 3 i) T) 11 " D H " 0 H •a 1] D U T) 7} tl D 7) U TI T) TJ Tl b b b b b b b.| J0ljERj3 b b b b b b OH-H DEATH, WHERE IS THY STING? Oh, dear to me are windy days, The pranks the naughty zephyr plays, And pretty views that he reveals — Amid the blushes and the squeals That girlish voices can ' t repress While holding down that wayward dress. And when we ' re walking on the street, W e find our bliss is quite complete. No masterpiece by Raphael Could please our optic half so well. And then at List in sweet repose We dream of flimsy, brown silk hose. UNIVERSITY men who enjoy a quiet hour of Carom or Pocket Billiards, purely for the recreation and pleasure of the game, are respectfully invited to visit our EMPIRE BILLIARD PARLOR PATTERSON HOFFMAN, Owxers Oklahoma City, Oklaiioma ' K (v Vt ' T JK i fcfct ri fcS fvjS P 47fi " 3 II " 3 -d i) H D Tl 71 U i) H H 13 D Tl T) 13 D 7) D " D H D ■0 Tl D What Stratford Styles Mean to College Fellows IT ' S as natural for College men to want stylish clothes as it is for them to strive for supremacy in athletics, studies or social affairs. The con- fidence created by wearing good clothes goes a long way toward making college men leaders, wherever they may be. BECAUSE Stratford clothes are designed spe- cially for College men, by makers who are in touch with their desires, they ' re the choice of young men from Harvard and Yale across the continent to Leland Stanford. YOU ' LL find them helpful in business or the professions too. They stamp you as unmis- takably correct in dress, and overcome the handicap so many young fellows face in making their start in commercial life. THIS store is headquarters for these favorite clothes, and we ' re ready now with the smart- est styles for the new season. You ought to at least see them, before you invest any money in new clothes. Formerly Madansky OKLAHO L ' CITY TULSA BARTLESVILLE „jm5m5»5m{».5 . ..;.. ». ' . -.:-.:. . ..j. . ..:. . • " j.:. .:. 4. .:. . . - - C n 0 " IT c n C " cr c c nin JS2JEJ2LHJE. b b b b b b rOOMEPsg b b b b b b b T3 7) T) " 3 7) D D T) H ■a TI ■0 7) D TI 1} H T) 7) 7) iJ 7) 71 7) 7J A TEA-HOUND (Editor ' s Note: Among Freshman Themes this bit of delightful liter- ature came to our attention and we passed it on for the edification of students who may wish to become proficient in the art of tea-hounding. Personal!) ' , we didn ' t know what one was.) A Tea-hound is a partially edu- uses such expressive adjectives as cated youngster that conies to college " zis " and " zat " , without which it for the purpose of preventing the con- would be utterly impossible to de- summation of papa ' s wishes. His scribe it. chemical formula is Ks and he reacts He is a lawyer when pleading with strongly with either a strong mixture " deah ol ' dad " for mazuma, a geolo- of I: or F. gist when discussing the contour sur- He is a strange animal. Some co- faces, a fine arts student with the eds call him a bear and mandolin, a journalist when some a little dear. When it comes to tracing the Welsh rabbit to its lair he is a whale. He compli- ments the ladies on their family trees, a limb at a time, and in a conflict with house-mothers he always has the strong backing of the curb. He is usually found in company with another spe- cies of college zoology, the lounge-lizard, and these two form a strong combi- nation — especially when all perfumed up for a night ' s hunt along the byways of the village. The Tea-hound is an inventive genius. He is responsible for that heavenly creation, the " toddle " , and penning a missive to the girl back home, and a pro- hibitionist from necessity. He is an institution like the arches or a bill collec- tor and the reciprocant of much admiration from many students, usually Freshmen who attack their studies as he does, from be- hind. No eulogy would do him justice, not e en his own parlor jests, and so we leave him, balanced gracc- fulh on a sorority step, his cigarette at a jaunty angle, his coal black hair (from choice) slicked back behind his audi- tory appendages, spinning his " line " to the latest pleilge. Oh, tea! Vhere is thv kick? m JEJ= cr GT n u t V IT cr c u 0 " cr IT IT c C7 cr tr u cr cr c: 17 cr IT en c u tr ii -Ttr 7) ■D -Q " 3 D il D 7) TI H " D H D 7) H H D U " D D U 71 D U ■a a b Is Lj !e eeieee!e!$:e!0H«!«ie:9:ej«}Sie:$:e!SB$! K E. W. CRALLE Electrical Supplies Evervtliiug iu the way of ELECTEICAL SUPPLIES for the oqiiipmeut of your room or home. The First National Bank NORMAN, OKLA. Phone 64 I Capital and Surplus I I I 1 20 W. Main St. I I NORMAN, OKLAHOMA i I i i !9 :eK)K!e:e!SKS9:s!e?e:9K ?efe 5 K5K 00 000-; $170,000.00 Headquarfers for Students 000000000i 0000000000000000A DANCE? I I JAS. D. MAGUIRE Let us supply you with your Pro- grams. We specialize in Dance Pro- grams, Open House Favors, and Invitations. Also anything in Com- mercial Printing. SERVICE i- Peerless Printing Company | Printers and Embossers PHONE i8. " I Oier Berry ' s i 3-EL Everything in Hardware ESTABLISHED 1899 NORMAN, OKLA. K !S K ;e ;$!6{6isie;e!e!S}9i P P P la ■T-r TTB 1 u ■u " 0 u ■0 " D H D H " D 13 D " D D ■a T) ■D " 0 TJ 7) ? T) D TJ (jov ' t Prof: " Give an example of a sinking fund. " Small ' oice : " Chemistry deposits. " Corn : " How can you afford to smoke so much ? " Silk: " I use hot checks. " " Where ' s Nell? " " Oh, she and Joe went out to a prize fight. " " A prize fight! " " es. An interfraternity basket ball tournament. " Bee: " Do you think dances are good for one? " ' oe: " No, but they ' re good for two. " 4f .X- .3f 4{..j{..3{..55..55..5 .5{..X- SAVOY CAFE Downstairs Colcord Building, OKLAHOMA CITY W nre Dining is Made a Pleas ure ASK ANYBODY Merchants Lunch and Table d ' Hote Dinner Served Every Day Dancing Every Evening 6 to 8 Saturday Until 11:00 P. M. MUSIC DANCING SERVICE GT a cr -x--x--x- -x- -x- -x--x- -x- £LELELELE1 2 Sejsjh-E-e: W L ia Li: v W a l3 I. tn An Oklahoma Institution Dedicated to Service IP l_J adhering strictly to the fixed principles - - which were laid down with the founding of this store; by selling only merchandise which we may back with our reputation, this store has become well known throughout a great state as an institution tliorough y dependable. KERR MAIL ORDER SERVICE IS PROMPT, EFFICIENT, EXACTING AND SPLENDIDLY SATISFACTORY U i " - U i Kerr Dry Goods Company Main at Harvey Oklahoma City L3 Ls ia Is la J v- ' (iklD b l3 La L3 la 13 T) ■D " 0 " D ■D U " 0 ■B i Biu Smiles ' 0 V ' Z . ' sooNrR ' wcEicr ■D I! " C X ' X n D " D " B ' " B 9 T X X X X X T b b b b b b b J OONEPv b la la b b b b b H: I Greer ' s Grocery | I BEST I I GROCERIES I I Norman, Oklahoma | Muldrow Kidd Rea Estate and Insurance Phone 50 Norman, Okla. -X " X- -;i-X " X- -X " )«- -x- 4f West Side Bakery | | THE CLEMENT BREAD, PIES CAKES Norman Oklahoma % MORTGAGE CO. I F.IRU UOliTGAGES First National Bank Bldg. % •OR rAX : : OKLAHOMA -X- -X- -X-» -X-X- -X " X JfarmersJ iSational iianfe NORMAN OKLA. -X-5{- -5{- -X-X- -» I J. A. McINTIRE I Livery and Jitney PHONES 565 - 481 NORMAN OKLA. :i: MINTEER HARDWARE COMPANY Agents for the Round Oak Furnace We Install as Well as Sell Them XORMAX, OKLA. i( ■ ;.5 » » . ;».j. . ;» . » . ..;..j. .;. , ,.}. . o u JL3 La (3 La L3 ■D H ■a D D TI ■D " 0 U " 0 H ■D h l3 blatabu SONNET It had a fascination for the boys And sister ' s beau. To get the album down We always thought was ' mong the rarest joys We youngsters had ; to see the funny frown That father wore, a different father there, The uniform and braid, the rigid pose We never saw save w hen with conscious care We looked it o ' er, its wonders to disclose. The fashions change and now no more we see The plush backed books that seemed a fairy-land, For now, an album resting on my knee, I hold another picture in my hand. And, while I muse o ' er absent faces dear, Perhaps she keeps a photo of me near. J. H. B. Phones, Rest Rooms and Checkiny Stations and other Conveniences are yours to enjoy uhen in the city iRABiUIGH-KllOWN D.6.C0. INCORPORATED 213-215-217-219 MAIN ST. OKLAHOMA CITY. OKL A. " SHOPPING BY MATT. " Our Personal Service Shopping Department will proniptl and carefulh ' select your goods for you and see that you secure the very best offerings available. Ve pay the shipping charges regardless of distance. ' When you i are ordering merchandise or samples, address Mail Order lOcp.utment, i[i Rorabaugh-Brown. The Rorahau h-Brown D. G. Go. KJKieie OKLAHOMA CITV u C u V IT C 0 " IT C " CT C IT (7 G " 17 u tj to Ij to 13 la y OOfj ERJa b b b b La La u Us | OW the Success Family? The father of Success is Work ; The mother of Success is Ambition ; The oldest son is Common Sense ; Some of the other boys are Perse- verance, Honesty, Thoroughness, Foresight, Enthusiasm, and Cooper- ation. The oldest daughter is Character; Some of her sisters are Cheerfuhiess, Loyalty, Courtesy, Care, Economy, Sincerity, and Harmony. The baby is Opportunity. Get well acquainted with the " old man " and you will be able to get along pretty well with all the rest of the family. Peace and plenty rest upon the great pillar of Com- vioii Sense and this pillar is set in the solid cement foundation of harmony and unified effort — not in the quicksand of dissension and distrust. OKLAHOMA GAS ELECTRIC CO. 120 West Main Street Nor.max, OKLAHONfA Frank Carder, Manager C " c IT cr c c cr cr c cr cr cr G- cr u C " cr IT ET [i cr cr cr 1 q -i gfegftff S y af u TJ D H D ■D •0 IS ■a 1) I? 13 J " IT 17 CT (J CT IT (7 cr n cr a " cr aiajua. PPF c " 3 " D t) D TJ D U D H H H 1} H T) -Q 7) 7) i) U -3 13 T) iJ " D ■a ARROW SHIRTS AND COLLARS ED. V. PRICE — TAILOR MADE CLOTHES BEACON SHOES Everything for the College Man or Woman at HINSHAW ' S NORMAN OKLAHOMA Cordial Welcome and Courteous Treatment Extended to All Students ALL FLORAL DECORATIONS GIVEN SPECIAL ATTENTION A. W. TOBERMAN N. E. TOBERMAN FURNISHINGS AND NOTIONS CLOTHING AND SHOES F J CASH STORE UP-TO-DATE- AND -ONE DAY AHEAD .S-ELELEL£t2 ■ " - ' wv.- ppp I3 lal- T !4 U J» vvv ! V % J J J J % v v » » » » » v J 5 v% V V V V • ». ;«j .j.. ; «»j j j j» . j».5»«I " 5 " 0 7) FRANK BROTHERS I 5th Ave. Boot Shop, New York | t Distinctive Shoes for College Men | EDWARDS - H ALDEM AN I DETROIT I FRATERNITY JEWELRY | Leather Goods College Novelties | HAVE YOU SEEN THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, LAW BUILDING, DE- BARR HALL, FINE ARTS BUILDING, GEOLOGY BUILDING, AND ENGINEERING BUILDING AT THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA? THESE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE FINE | STRUCTURES OF THE SOUTHWEST BUILT THE HOLMBOE CO. 424 AVKRT SKCOM) ST. OKLAHOMA CITY ' NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION: THREE NEW OKLAHOMA CITY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS, METHODIST GIRLS ' DORMI- I lOR ' , NORMAN, OKLA., AND OTHERS. G " C " cr c u XT cr cr C " c cr u u u n n n cr cr [♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•{•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■{•♦♦♦♦♦♦•S •£•♦♦•}• PPPP • i l ' U 7 j: u b B Tb ■3 IHE i) 7) 71 VARSITY SHOP H e Have Everything The Student Wants 1 cr cr c IT cr u H 1} H u 7) Books Pennants Stationery Jewelry Athletic Goods , and ' Candy Tobacco Magazines Fountain Pens Toilet Articles c IT IT F £7] H D = n Have You Seen Our Haberdashery? cr f— " D 1 " 3 i Ties, Hose, Shirts, Underwear Collars and Everything c r ■a 1 11 Better Values, Better Service for You is Our Aim U cr " 0 77? y us FIRST! cr u cr c E v ii asf ti SSo ppp !13 GO . GOING GONE When the show is extra good and clever, When they play your favorite, soft and low, It ' s then you ' d like to hold her hand forever, And, golly, don ' t you hate to rise and go? Vhen with coke and dance and girl you ' re feeling Like John D. with a billion by the toe. And the Teepee is a-shakin ' to the ceiling. At quitting time, say, don ' t you hate to go? When the cards are running mean as Satan, When the guys have hauled in all your dough, When you think your luck has changed by waitin ' Oh, daddy, don ' t you hate to quit and go? When it ' s been just ten days since you met her. But you ' ve gone kind of nutty, dontcherknow. And she says every time she likes you better. Say, listen. Buddy, what time c rj you go? zmei SMITH BOOK STORE Everything for the Student NORMAN OKLAHOMA PICKARD BROTHERS Agents for Parts Fordson Tractors Accessories Repairing I r u Xx XT G " cr cr u u u C7 IT I I NORMAN I n CI ci CI rtSiVv;iaggf: gV ltfyj - -=a3 13 p ra p l j[ L3 L3 L3 L3 " D 71 ■D " D D ? H 71 7] 71 7) 71 71 7) 7] 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 71 ■a f s For- Desirable Homes in i or around Norman, see McDANlEL MATHEWS 3f -X-X- -55- -K " H I Liggett ' s and Huyler ' s Real Estate and INSURANCE Phone 23 101 E. Main St. NORMAN, OKLA. •5fr -» Candies I Kodaks and Supplies | % Conklin ' s % Fountain Pens S 3! I PIONEER! I DRUG CO. I Th Rexall % He Store % $ -55- -K- 4r -» The OKLAHOMA SCHOOL EQUIPMENT COMPANY OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. Exclusive Agents for The A. H. ANDREWS Celebrated Line of School Furniture EVERYTHING NEEDED IN SCHOOLS C c u cr c c c cr cr c c: [7 17 Ki (j C d cr 4f fr if | yr , in ci ctf vv: aBar «g 3 P P P ff fcj 13 L3 L3 b l3 la J J ' OOnLP;. Lt l3 b ia La La Li " D ■a ■a ■D u " 0 u n D ■a 7] ■D T) 13 " 0 TJ ■3 ■D T) T) H ■a SECURITY STATE BANK NORMAN. OKLA. Capital $50,000.00 Surplus 22,000.00 OFFICERS C. H. BESSENT, President WM. MORGAN, JR., Vice President STRATTOX D. BROOKS, V. Pres. R. W. HUTTO, Cashier DENVER RUNYAN, Ass ' T Cash. WHITE MOUNTAIN ICE CREAM CO. Sherbets Ice Cream Brick Ice Cream PHONE 558 Prompt Service NORMAN OKLA. SOONER SHOE SHOP J. D. BOWEN, Prop. NOKMAN . OKLA. ror.YG PEOPLE— Life Insurance is one of the big- gest professions. Call upon me to explain its great possibilities. H. L. MITLDROW, State Manager Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Co, Phone 586 Norman, Okla. Pathe, Fox, Hockinson Features THE LIBERTY THEATRE Direction of JOSH BILLINGS Feature, Comedy, News, Serial, on each program Fox, Pathe, Universal Serials NORMAN, OKLA. T iaagSHai SQj j jH. u Is l3 la La J y ' 0 jr i. ' i ' y 13 ■a ■D TI H H 71 D H D H D D H TJ U Tl H 71 2[l|p ilntu rjsitij of ©klalioma Tuition Free to Sesidenls of Ollalioma Comprises the following colleges and schools: The Graduate School The College of Arts and Sciences, including The School of Journalism The School of Public and Private Business The School of Social Service The School of Education The College of Engineering, including The School of Chemical Engineering The School of Civil Engineering The School of Electrical Engineering The School of Geological Engineering The School of Mechanical Engineering The School of Manual Training The School of Fine Arts The School of Law The School of Medicine, including The Training School for Nurses The School of Pharmacy Summer Session, June 4 to August 2, 1921 Fall Term opens September 15, 1921 Send for catalog and other information to EMIL R. KKAETTLI, Secret.ujy University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma C U U GT C F C U IT C d cr u cr cr IT u u ELB, b b b b b b b OOHERJa b b b b Tl TI 71 ■3 D T) D 71 H H 7) H H H T] D " D H D U Clasfs; insi Class; Eingsi, ilebalg, Ctc. FINE DIAMOND MOUNTINGS MADE TO ORDER REPAIR WORK Made in Oklahoma THAT IS OUR SLOGAN SECOND TO NONE IN THE COUNTRY We are not new at this business, having 39 years ' experience, 12 years in Oklahoma City Direct from the Manufacturer to ou Send for Our Catalogue We cordially invite you to visit our factory LETZEISER CO. Manufncturing J en tiers USy. W. SECOxn Street OKLAHOMA CITY Mention this Book a cr c c cr cr c rr cr cr c (7 c DT IT C " c c cr c C7 C " C " u r ' J b b b b b bl ' OC?NER6 b b b b ta b b SUPREMACY For the past fifteen years the Educa- tional Department of the Bureau of Engraving, Inc., has been collecting a vast fund of information from the ex- periences of hundreds of editors and managers of Annuals. This data covering organization, financ- ing, advertising, construction, selling and original features has been systematically- tabulated and forms the subject matter for our series of reference books. These are furnished free to those securing " Bureau " co-operation in the making of engravings for their books. Begin where others have left off. Profit by their experience and assure success for your Annual. BUREAU OF ENGRAVING, INC. 500 SOUTH FOURTH STREET MINNEAPOLIS 13 ■D H •a ■a ■D " D D 73 •0 " D ■0 D U f I ? 0 M ' i l3 L3 La la b More than a Business ? ?INSTITUTIQ i To enthusiastically give that serv- ice which will at all times deserve to win the confidence, respect and friendship of those whom we serve. This creed zealously believed in and earnestly followed by every employe for more than twenty years has made this company a national institution well and favorably known to men in every line of business endeavor. Companp IOWA CITY, IOWA M£mMm i i ' f ' M :: ' - '

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