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-.I ,I or XX W' Q A 7 W "-:Rv -5, , 4 'Q .0 Z 2 -- In Z D C41 Ca . O u . x . f-,ff R f -fl ,ff 5 21,9 O S ig IL Ie Ii 4 W 1 I 3 'f 14 LQ ev K, A wh THE 1969 OO ER MEDIC Published by the Student Council THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BARRY ESRIG and A. R. SPA1.D1NG III, Co-Editors My 4 , 1 - if ,Nm W Q ' -fi 1 , -If fx ' f W-f,+m-wwf 31- 3 ' xy, E W ' Kmfffl' A-.k'HN J , 3 V 1 FX, 51i RQ':Eg:4 .Q Z 331 M 1 Q... - 2 W -1 , ,V gf? . Tir 2-5 42:ff1?M4i' 3751-X4 54' ' v mm V 'A U' ' 'F H-S -:Q ' 'fi . Q -Num., '5 2 r '-V, - .5 :AQ L1 , L - ' '- - ibn' 32 'f A,f7f 3 ' 3 if 1. . ff-,, 1 lg.: 4 46' La! f lit ' -34-13 'iii 5 , .213-xi I ,Sp f 2. -3 -f .. L , ,L ali'-me ' "lug, ' UQ. N ' 'ka my L r ' ' 1 ' . 5 . if, .v.51Em-yE:'.,fv:.Qi?3i59'fi- 1 A ' azfi' inqqzfsr. - 2' , , A 'Q I A .X f . , 'W Q, V, ', 4 1 WZ 6 V, 5 if ggi, I 1 ... V ' 1 Lg .N Q A 2 vs A J IH , N F K N 3 x b A 7 1 F: - dr .Q mag, f 8 , f Kim .1 " www-- 'M' L 1 L W .W fi YJ X , k ' 1 rl fa 'I ff if I'-av Y ai -. - 9 fgm 4 2 4' " J 1 High M 5 Q ,. ,gl , , ,, vw - ff -mf W' ' i . H my " iw , ,f ' 'fi 2 "' 'xx W' ' f 2 ,wiv-f' ' ' ., 'ff W , .,. r 5' Hn 'K "A " KN . Npfyifg fl - -., X ,fag I ,iw Y j., 5. ,w Jr . . - 1 ' , fr Wh , xx if 4 J' H ,fi , . '4-1 1'- ,, ,- -c. . Q A 2 ,. V 2 P.,-'rn .Q u' Y . V ' 1 .. Q, , V ,A 1 I . Z A V - W If 1 13 x. 7. 'H -N 'A J, A .A M, . 1-2 P' ,f " 1 f ' ' - '. N , 'J' f' ' M X5 V S I. I 'fa M' Y Ei x 'LJ g . 5 , Y kia A .1 n I , V If Z -1 f" fu ' ' "- .of 1 T K 7-Q ,F .19 1 .. I H sl V, Lrg X' 5 r i V , ' 1,11 3 . -'L 2 3 " s' ,1 ' , ' V K 4, , 1 , ' - Q J? I ' :Ai ,, l .qxgr 5 3 ' !kv2f ! , ' ' 'PP-. QL E " -- 1, 1 z -f' -Q .M , 5 f . I ,J . L.,-Y Y . gi 9-sv 551' is X ,Ly 1...-in Editorial As the years go by and our memories grow, we will look back upon this time spent in our training for the all important role we will play in the years to come. With the increasing responsi- bility that is placed upon us and the increasing burdens our position will hold, we will remember these days. We will envision how we were inundated by the vast amount of knowledge that there was to learn and master, how valuable a good nights sleep was, and how we tried to look professional when we were introduced to a patient for the first time as Doctor. With this in mind we have set forth in an attempt to capture what the University of Oklahoma Medical Center means to us, the , students. ln days and years to come we may reminisce about the time spent here, our classmates, teachers, and patients whom we have met and integrated with, many of whom we may never see again. Yet we know that these people will ever be imprinted in our memory. For each of us these years will mean different things and have different significance. It is our hope that this yearbook will be a source of fond remembrances and pride. BARRY ESRIG and LANCE SPALDING Co-Editors Bartlett Initiates QOKIE' Program Bringing Oklahoma college graduates back A former state senator, Bartlett also has to the state by providing them with jobs is one been active in civic work and the oil business. goal of a program initiated by Governor Dew- He has served as a director of the Tulsa Coun- ey Bartlett this year. The new "OKlE" pro- ty Chapter of the American Red Cross and as gram which stands for "Oklahoma, Key to In- a director of two independent oilmen's associa- telligence and Enterprise," is designed to in- tions. As Oklahoma's nineteenth governor, crease pride in the state by stressing the pro- Bartlett is the second Republican to hold the gress made in Oklahoma since statehood. top office in the Sooner State. Republican Governor Dewey Bartlett formulated his OKIE plan to foster pride in Oklahoma and rejuvenate the state's economy. dditional Building Fund btained As chancellor, Dr. lil. Dunlap is the chief administrative ollicer of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Members ol the Oklahoma Regents lol Higher Education are Fxall English, John .l, Vater .lr., Cioodnin Broaddus Jr., Mrs. In l965 the State Regents for Higher Edu- cation recommended to the legislature a lO- year building program to satisfy the needs ol' higher education in a period from I965 to l975. ln the tirst phase of the program, which began in 1965, OU has gained the En- gineering Center, Rupel J. Jones Theatre and Dale Hall. Money for the second phase of the program has been allocated with a large por- tion of the 5599 million going to OU and ap- proximately S26 million going to the Medical Center for improvements and construction there. A state regents' recommendation for up- grading admission requirements for state unis versities went into effect in June l968. To be admitted to OU or OSU, high school seniors must now finish in the upper half, rather than upper two-thirds, of their graduating classes. Another significant action by the state re- gents in the last year included approval of a program for a doctor of philosophy degree in information and computer science at OU. .levtcll Ditinars, Clyde Wheeler. Dr, l-QI. Dunlap, llnnalgl 5. Ken- nedy, William T. Pavne, Ci. lillis Gable and .lohn Clcek. -WY 4 . E 3 . .V ,. .. . .5-, Q . H75 + ,f Y , . , , if Eg lit . iv 1 X i ----...,,- i'wsluzs:i.,.' Attending a meeting of the University of Oklahoma Regents were Quintin Little, Mrs. Barbara James. John M. Houehin, Reu- ben Sparks, Jack Santee, Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon, Mrs. Frank L. Davies Jr., Huston Huffman, Iloraee Calvert, Emil Kraettli. Re ents Approve Salar Increase Viewing the campus from the ninth floor of the new Edward Everett Dale Hall are Emil Kraettli and regent Jack Santee. The University of Oklahoma Board of Rc- gents, complying with a resolution from the State Regents for Higher Education, voted sal- ary increases for many faculty and staff mem- bers for the 1968-69 year. According to Presi- dent Hollomon, these increases averaged Sl,- OOO and were dispensed on the basis of the individual's contribution to the university. Also by action of the regents, a number of new positions were created and funds were in- creased for critical areas in research and the library system. As the December meeting the regents heard Hollomon state his views on freedom and or- der in the university. Serving as president of the OU regents was Quintin Little, Ardmore. Vice president was John Houchin, Bartlesville. Other members of the board are Reuben K. Sparks, Woodward, Horace K. Calvert, Okla- homa City, Mrs. Frank L. Davies Jr., Enidg Huston Huffman, Oklahoma City, and Jack Santee, Tulsa. Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon, inaugurated in October as the president of OU. brought to campus the concept of thc university community. Hollomon Becomes OU President In the first inauguration ceremony held at OU in 42 years, Dr. J. Herbert Hollomon be- came the eighth president of the university on October lS, 1968. Events held in conjunction with the ceremony included an academic pro- cession to the South Oval for the inauguration, an inaugural celebration concert by the Uni- versity Symphony Orchestra and a major pro- duction by the School of Drama with a guest director and a guest star. With the intention of defining the future goals and purposes of the university, Hollomon initiated an extensive research program during his first year at OU as president-designate. Findings of the various committees involved in the program were compiled and released at the time of the inauguration. In addition to conferring with students, faculty, alumni and state citizens, Hollomon spent the academic year before he assumed his duties as president in visiting other colleges and universities across the country. He did this in an effort to acquant himself with the problems of higher education. JAMES L. DENNIS, M.D. tflklahoma. 19401 Vice-President in Charge of Medical Center Affairs. and Director and Dean of the Medical Center. Dean Dennis Heads Medical Center An outstanding administrator, Dr. James L. Dennis, in his fourth year as Dean and Director of the Medical Center, received the additional title of Univer- sity of Oklahoma Vice President for Medical Center Affairs last spring. In addi- tion, Dr. Dennis is a professor of Pediatrics. Having received his M.D. from the University of Oklahoma School of Medi- cine in 1940, Dr. Dennis returned to assume the position as Director and Dean in l964. He previously held appointments as Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Arkansas Medical Center. He currently is chairman of the section on pediatrics of the American Medical Asso- ciation and on the specialty editorial board of POSfgl'Ildlflllf6 Xvleditine and GP. Dr. Dennis has directed the various programs for growth and remodeling of the Medical Center toward the modern community center approach. Associate Dean EDWARD N. BRANDT. JR.. M.D.. Ph.D. Associate Dean of the School of Medicine Associate Director of the Medical Center Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Director of Computer Operations Associate Pofessor of Research Medicine B.S., Oklahoma I954g M.S.. Oklahoma State 19553 M.D., Oklahoma 19605 Ph.D. 1963 PHILIP EDWARD SMITH, SCD. Associate Dean in Charge of Student Affairs Associate Dean of the Graduate College Profssor of Parasitology in Preventive Medicine and Puhlic Health B.Ed., Southern Illinois University. 1940 M.S., University of Illinois. 1942 Sc.D., Johns Hopkins, 1949 ROBERT MONTGOMERY BIRD. MD, Associate Dean of Planning and Development Professor of Medicine and of Physiology B.S.. University of Virginia, 1937 M.D., University of Virginia, I937 2 es 1 s fm? so 8 . I at ts?-:sw feifsa ,MM 'vi' MARK REUBEN EVERIi'I'T. Ph.D. Dean Emeritus Regents Professor of Medical Sciences Consulting Professor of Biochemistry B.S., Bucknell, l920 Ph.D., Harvard, l924 Sc.D., Bucknell fHonoraryj, 1948 If i I To I SAMUEL NEWTON STONE. M.D. Associate Dean of Clinical Instruction Clinical Professor of Surgery B.S., Oklahoma, 1929 I-3.A., Oklahoma. l93ll M.D., Pcnnsylvztriizi, l93Z M.S.. Minnesota. l938 DAVID CLINTON MOCK, JR., M.D. Assistant Dean in Charge of Student Affairs Associate Proessor of Medicine B.A., Southern California, I944 M.D., Hahnemann, 1948 Dr. Brandt Assumes Deans Post Dr. Edward N. Brandt, Jr., assumed the position of Associate Dean of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and Associate Director of the Medical Center on July 1, 1969 following the resignation of Dr. Joseph M. White. Dr. White resigned to accept an appointment as Vice President for Academic af- fairs and Dean of Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine with an M.D. in 1960 and a Ph.D. in Biostatistics in 1963, Dr. Brandt joined the faculty in 1961 as an Instructor. He was instrumental in devel- oping the Medical Research Computer Center and Biostatistical Unit in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Prior to being appoint- ed Associate Dean of the School of Medicine, he served as Assistant to the Vice President for Medical Center Affairs. Dr. Brandtis current assignment involves represent- ing Dr. Dennis, Office as Director and Coordinator of fiscal affairs and central administrative services. He also serves as Professor of Medical Biomathematics, Associate Professor of Research Medicine, and Di- rector of the the Computer Operations Unit and the Biostatistical Unit. In addition, Dr. Brandt has done considerable work in the field of computer education as applied to medical areas. A Plan For The Future Plans for the University of Oklahoma Med- ical Center have been considered for many years. Last year all the paperwork and theo- rizing were beginning to take form with the ground breaking of the basic sciences build- ing. The huge Medical Center Complex will involve the Mercy, Veterans Administration, Presbyterian, University - Childrens, and a Psychiatric hospital. Plans also include five health professions schools. four clinics. city. county and state health departments, and four research branches. Projected plans estimate completion of the project by 1973, with oper- ations beginning in 1969. The purpose of the Complex is to meet the increasing demands for trained personnel in the health professions, a need that Oklahoma must, and will meet. This model of the proposed Medical Center Complex represents the hard work and effort that has already gone into its conception. and the chores still ahead before its completion. l. i- 13' i Q Q69 A N '!"'N.. IIANNINC COWMITTEF I Vernon Scott, Stewart Woll. llcnry Mayfield. Not pictured: liclnard N. lirantlt, W, W. CI nt ffhairrnanj William C'ainpht-Il, Schonstaetlt. Planning and Completion Inherent in the Planning Committee are exacting ideas for the future that will aid Oklahoma and elevate the al- ready high standards of the University of Oklahoma Medical Center. Last October, Medical Center faculty and personnel saw ground broken for the four million dollar Basic Sciences Education Building which embodies the latest concept in design for medical education, multi- disciplinary laboratories. With the passage of the revenue bonds. the plans for two 20 story student apartment tow- ers at the Medical Center came closer to completion. Other plans include an Oklahoma Health Center with the Medical Center as the nucleus. Planning continues at all times. with high ideals as the keynote. and a bright future in store for the Medical Center. we ,ow , ew- 'i p' + i 5 X S elim X ik? Y' 'ref--'ai wf Mm ., Y f 4' A Y .e.r,,1f.f 1-neg:-M , nil Az.-fi lin-A :L-Q 'ii Dr. Dale Groom, Planning Director, re views a map of Regional Medical pro grams planned or in progress. ., af ? " -' ral' ' 'E 'K ? .ease ,M v J K M 'ef mr . , ,A ' .e-NW ' my k AN -ws.. ,, .Q ' ww an 'Nl ,w ,, ,gay .f Q A if ,f i rkqaywk K V A N1Aix.,2 . , l ag I f., v , In PM N- rw? astra, lhe Family Medicine Cllinic opened its doors this year to serve the public. A planning program dream that came true. The new recovery room aids immeasurably in proper patient eare. The University Hospitals' new Emergency Room is now operational, From the new mitting desk. patients are channeled into one of three new and modern treatment rooms. -fwme-mQ:.p.4 .-,- ff- ---ff,-www A- ,Kiww+mwem:w:s:w:--.,,,...f Q We is it mm it Q wie Mix fi MWA, -2 bQQ 92g5 3 we itll' M a he we Hgagzs 5 X www s we K A. W. no lfarly progress of the new Basie Sciences Building. It will he completed and ready for classes in August of 1969. Q n- 'l - Wm gt Q t S, s, 5 2 KATE' 'W e . f 1, tw' wht 'Tbfnm H The New Coronary Care Unit of the University Hospital provides the latest in the management of patients with acute Heart Disease. Medical Center Progress This year has seen many Mhappeningsv oc- cur at the Medical Center. The Medical School's facilities have been improved and are in the process of being expanded. New lab- oratories have been completed, the Universi- ty's emergency room has been expanded to handle any situation, ground has been broken for the new basic sciences building, and the Coronary Care Unit offers all the modern ad- vances in the care of patients with cardiac diseases. And with all this, the surface has hardly been scratched, with many improve- ments yet to come. The future holds dreams that will make the University of Oklahoma Medical Center a leader in the health sciences, So when you look around, remember that this is only the beginning. Oklahoma Medical John Rogers, Tulsa attorney and president of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation for fifteen years. is one of OkIahoma's best known leaders in promoting expanded fa- cilities for higher education. particularly in medicine. Research Foundation The Oklahoma Medical Research Founda- tion is an independent, privately financed, non- proht corporation engaged in basic and clini- cal research as well as functioning as a coop- erative educational institution with the Uni- versity of Oklahoma School of Medicine. The Foundation is an integral part of the Medical Center, though it has separate man- agement, financing and functions. By charter, and by practice, the Foundation has two basic objectives: to conduct a research program and to offer a training in the medical sciences. The training begins at the high school junior level and extends through the graduate field and the post-doctoral level where men and women from around the world participate in training projects under fellowship and grant arrangements. The idea for the Foundation originated from a group of Oklahoma physicians and pro- gressive laymen. Chartered in August, 1946. the Foundation is led by governing boards consisting of Sl business, professional, and civic leaders from every section of the state. Assets of the Foundationls physical plant are valued in excess of three million dollars. lt houses 75 laboratory units, two animal care facilities, a 20-bed hospital. and modern out-patient clinic. The staff numbers 300. A Prescription For Progress Over half of its current budget of two mil- lion, 400 thousand dollars is provided through the generosity of state citizens in the form of memorial contributions, outright gifts, income producing property, wills, endowments, trusts, and allocations from United Funds from a doz- en Oklahoma cities. The Oklahoma Medical Research Founda- tion, through its research program and educa- tional functions, is truly an expression of the desire of the people of Oklahoma to share in the worthy objective of obtaining relief from suffering through new knowledge in medicine. Shirley Goff tstandingj, supervisor of the Foun:1ation's hematology, x-ray, and plasmapheresis laboratory, is shown with assistants Dorie Seikel and Margo Parker. Dr. Reagan Bradford, assistant head of the car- diovascular section, supervises studies in his laboratory. 'Technicians are Karen Kostka and Chuck Clayton. Dr. Paul T. Condit, head of the cancer section. visits one of his younger patients in the Foun- dation's study hospital. Dr. Jordan Tang, neurosciences section, super- vises his research program and the training of Rebecca Foster, candidate for Ph.D. Dr. Richard Bottomley and Dr. Mark Kollmorgen, members of the cancer section, shown working with live human cancer cells. wiif. 1 , am 7 ya. :xii I-1 W., 1, 'Q 'W , .wif f-5 4 F, wif .r , f 1, Kg .Mme . Aff, I ,g,.,,y' af-'H ' , ', ,:,f,w1A Kg , K Wm mm A KK -f f+ef,.,,f,,fv Q, k "-M JLLY,'Y'99"L, .f . M, .ff , 1 Y' .W , - ,W ,f., ,, ' Q N QL 2? F Q9 K :fa Y V ' K - 4,54-N fi x- v R , W "V L, W ' -. H , qf, 'wg , ww., - X KK ,K , M .,m,g, . KK yn-imw,,,m . W ' , ww .. .3 , " ' . MWACY W , 3 .W xg 33? ,wma,iK?!K K - -4 QKK ,z M., ' M KW, K MMM A Q U ,MF K ' "lf Y ., Q 4:1 K A , . ' . ' 'QA .B , fn , 91' ' .. f 4 . P - . 'sn K N fs V 'I 4 , ' A ' , ' M ,W 5 -A-, , , A . A . I - Q f -'iq Y 4. . N""-mw,..,w Y -, Q 1 -I ,KX M Nj, K ,aim ' ,.- ffm I Q, Q. ' Fm, 2 'K 7' Q N V 1 ff by .1 I ,. ,D ' ' 'f , , Q P V- f 1 Y , , , ' , as ,, . ,e KK ,K - - .. KK A is KK,KK,iK,,' - ' n" 'ge-2304, I .V K f ,td ' M. f Q Q - V ...mwj x,,,,w ,, Y X 'M 5 1 "' ' Yf F gg Q f iiifk 'M X new ,H LK in S' Q , K- . M+fs1gfS,K, 4 1 iff' IK ,, Quiz.. , . K H? ,. ,MY 2:1-A W 'Y K L,,.L F .,,, ,, ,, 1m1b9Qwif'fTjff5i- 1 ,, 'fa' .0 yy?f'xi'i f slimy ,Ww- ,yw new gf KX ,W ,f,. Q., we , K W in ,-,,f'. , V, W.,-k I 'A WW MW., N , M- . ' . ,M fm-,W ,, I .,. K K ,dk A K, , AK , ,KK , F W, ,, .W , th ,M 'I 1 k jk, W f 'V ,J ,W,w,,fw ,,,fW ' ,,.,.M.,w ,dp 1 Mx ga!" W L'-k 2 K ww K ,W W A ,QQ KN Un K - Kiwi Q39 M KK .fm W WK , F J uw. ,L .,K W, ,, JW HP ' .. fe , - ' g-as " 5 A ' M, . SY, ,-'EM df. 2-w,g.,, if A A ,A ,Q 1-Q1?'2grSX uw KK Ke K, ,, V Kr K 'y L ...L qv? J' , -5 4 3' 1 H Ziff ' Q L - sf.. . A x ,, K 6 UM- , .2 33 2 S W W X f - fimiig , H 4, . Qi , if X is -5 , L AK. K H K' A .2-. , 3 gm 3 f rag! vw X- gk J K 4 -K . yf v , Q N 1 ,',. . .4 - -fs-...,-Q. if ,. ' ffm- ujfw gfgjf k, K 'I' ,Q W, .33 V, . K , L' ' f. ,, K . , wgwggg.. f-fi' 9 Qui ' K xx 4 w x ,aff Dr. Wilbur. A.lVl.A. Presi- dent. addresses the crowd at the opening of the Wakita Health Center. Governor and Mrs. Bartlett. Dr. Points. Lynn Thornhill. and Dean Dennis lead the delegation at the opening of the new Wakita Center. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ol-' THE lffACUl.TY CURRICUV l.UM COMMITTEE, Dr. W. O. Smith, Dr. .lzimes A. Merrill, Dr. Eugene D. Jacobson, Dr. Gorden Dcckcrl. Curriculum nder Review Beginning five years ago the Curriculum Committee agreed that there was a need to review and evaluate the entire curriculum of the Medical School. This process increased in proportions last year with the decision to implement a new curriculum for all four years of Medi- cal School in the Fall of 1969. The responsibility for defining in detail the new curriculum was given to the Executive Committee and six study committees. Five of the study committees are composed of faculty members and one medical student. The sixth study committee con- sists of all of the medical students assigned to the other live committees. In addition, each class of medical stu- dents has a curriculum committee whose purpose is to evaluate the curriculum of their particular year. The present goal of the Curriculum Committee ac- tivities is to place our Medical School at the forefront of contemporary medical education. The Student Curriculum Committee is working as an integral part of the University Curriculum Committee to give the faculty a representative student viewpoint of the current academic curriculum and what the student opinion might be to proposed changes. Sug- gestions by the students are greeted with en- thusiasm and considered in detail. In association with the Student Curriculum Committee. each class has a committee to evaluate the teaching methods and courses taught to them during the past year. These evaluations are correlated and submitted for consideration along with recommendations in an attempt to further express student opinion in a meaningful and constructive way. Wynn Mabry. Dr. Ahcll and Don hal discuss proposed curriculum changes. 'NIUDI-INT CURRICUIUM COlNlMl'l'llilg: Don Ralilial, Hob Nlcfaflrcc. DeVK'ayiic Andrexxs, Casey Iiuetl. Not pictured, .lames Morrison. Distinguished Guests Visit Medical Center DR. C. H. CARLSON Head of the Division of Pediatric Neurology University of Washington School of Medicine One oi only a few Pediatric neurologists in the country. DR. PHILLIP BARD Professor I-Qmeritus .lohns Hopkins Medical School Authority on Central Nervous system physiology ., , ,, . ..Y. , -L i,,A i,f...v,mm-Q-110-ser. K i DR, ROBERT Rl. HUEBNER DR. KENNETH M. BRINKHOUS National Cancer Institute Researcher Pmfcssklr 5.56215 ef D-CPL 'ff Pflllfology Authority on Viral Carcinogenesis I Umvffmfly of .Nmlh Cdmlfllfl- One ol the nations leading Hemophilia researchers Hi 4' rf DR. Al,l"RiiD GO'l"l'SL'HAl K Cilycoprotcin Authority from Max-Planck Instituto for Virus Rcscurch University of Tubingcn. Wcst Germany Rll ix BIRIR www: tml Hgtti ut th lim ti D Hutnui R tl Dunttl folic L AlhllS Dunmt k E DR, AVERILI. LFIHOW Chuirmttn of Department ot' Pathology DR- PEIER S- WOOD University of C'1tlifurni1t :tt Los Angclcx Senior Research I-iiochctnist lntcrntttionztl Authority on Pulmonary Dixcatxcx Institute of Metabolic Research, Ouklztndt Catlifurnizt n,,,,... , Paramedical Personnel We are indeed indebted to the quiet, cfli- cient, unsung work that is provided by the paramedical branches of the health profes- sions. These branches provide the physician with yet another tool with which he may solve the problems that patients present to him. Diagnosis is verified by the Medical Tech- niciansg recovery is quickened by the soft hands and ready smile of the Physical Thera- pistsg confidence is restored by the reassurance and dedication of the nursesg continuing re- search into fields in which knowledge is scarce is provided by the graduates. With the aid of the paramedical branches, the welfare of the patient can be guaranteed. Edie Mitchell does hcr shurc in the blood bunk. i',, if s t V.-,.. .0 A lk Mm? . 9, ill ws.. .lon Gartman observes one of many pulmonary function tests in the new Pulmonary Disease Laboratoies at the Medical Center. Patient charts are scrutinized by the nurses so that thc patients condition is known at all times and thc bcst care can be instituted. .tam 'OW R i a o 4114" Students Lendel W, Porter, George .l. Meehlen. Charles V. Caldwell 84 Daniel Duffy praetiee elmetl chest eardiae rnamsage and artificial rempiration. Inhalation Therap INSTRUCTORS: Frederic B. Hertenstein. Har- old Cleveland. .lohn W. Hubbard. William E. Rainey. ffm Charles Caldwell 84 Dan Duffy administer intermittent positive pressure breathing. 27 , 4 in Student Housing Program THF AD-HOC HOUSING COM- MITTEE--lcfl to right: McKinley Brown, Glen Whitbeck, Raymond Crews, Glen llulmer, William ll. Strickland. Suzanne Marler, Marty Arnold, Flilahclli lfischcr, Gordon Dcckert, .lumes Rice. Mr. William H. Strickland. Di- rector of Student Housing. and Mrs. Suzanne Marler. assistant director. ure understandably ex- citcd at the rapidly moving plans for student housing. The housing oflice at the University of Okla- home Medical Center maintains a listing of over 200 housing facilities available through private owners in the immediate area. The students are invited to call on the Housing Office for any services or information, even other than housing problems, which might come up. There is a special room reserved for students equipped with conference table, tele- phone. comfortable chairs. notepads and pen- cils. With the passage of the bond issue. plans are being formulated for the rapid construction of the new student housing facility which will offer the student housing at a nominal fee. An- ticipated occupancy is by Fall, l97O. ,'?' 1. ,- 'if gl 'R Artists conception of the two new 20 story housing apartment buildings to be completed within the near future, e""'f Di. Bhlllltlllll and MS iii Leon Gregstoi Group discussions the .Iunior Year. and intlivitluii l wnrk 'ire the hallmark of . is 1 reassure ll patient in the Gyn-Ob clinic. Medicine: A Regimen O Long Hours Medicine is a regimen of long hours and hard work. but certainly not without it's re- wards. We are ever mindful of our goals as We struggle to survive the trauma inflicted upon us by the huge quantity of material there is to assimilate during the course of our studies. Yet it is only through this process of learning. that must continue for our lifetime. that we are able to call ourselves physicians. And for this effort we shall see comfort and smiles on the faces of others. advance medical science to limits that were previously only dreamed about, and fulfill the inner need that has motivated us for these many years. Lzitc night study session proves helpful to Bill Stetler. 'liony Lochr, and Bruce Collicr. Dr. Brownlee helps MS iv's build ll foundation in orthopcdics. 1' 30 S-.i Wg YQ Wi ft J 3 l A concern forthe patient us ti human being is leitrnetl its well as proper cure ,NW Michucl Krueger. the first kidney trunsplzxnt patient ut OUMC' is Consultations ure frequent in the monitoring room of the coronary Cure unit. A test situzitiun caps hours uf hard won visited by his parents. sister. and brother at the Veleruns Adm. Hospital. Dr. Heater and Ray Brady. MS iii. check on the progress of ai cardiac patient. f1Ul1CCI1ll'1lliUl'l is the key Word in Microbiology laboratory, to build a sound background. The goal of each medical student is exemplified in the Hippucraltic Outh. .. x iff ' I Q ' - - .Q l 51 vii sw Teri we 55 i 4 J spew gf 32gipi1L1LT1'L1iLf5 S ,,...,......w- .M-3: C -lkwi-fi? . 4 . . , awww- 'Y ff H i Y ifkf Se 'iihacnf' ffffviffii' "L AM" A " 'X N' ' -pg pfrsqxr ': Y 5 5 E , 3 -Y 2-.ff-f. .,,,z,. Surgery demonslrules hand in hand cooperuliran between xurgeon. and aneslhesiologist. ""'N. Q N ....,,,,, 1 if 1 , W ,W 55 ' S3 Schnemer runx an hematocrit teal in the Gyn-Oh luh. ,Je When problems. or interesting cases arise, even the hulls offer an envrronmenl cundusive to lcznrn- ing. Long hours und extreme concentration in the operating room. Recuperzlting after Z1 long hurd night of Nlllily. X , A Casey True!! applies his medical knowledge interviewing 21 patient. and skill while ig .llh 2 i 5 1 Q 1 A Q v' eg M. FACULTY: l'And Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly techef' Geoffrey Chaucer l l34O - l40OJ The Canterbury Tales, "Prologue" i M ll asm. W ,4 Distinguished Faculty The faculty at the University of Okla- homa Medical Center is one that is a source of pride to all of us. It is dillicult to determine which members of the faculty are more outstanding than the others. As in previous years, we are attempting to give a sample of some of the distinguished members of the faculty. We feel that these members do not stand, alone in their con- tributions but are a representative cross- section of an outstanding staff. It is our hope that precedent will be set, and each year more and more of the deserving fac- ulty will be recognized in the yearbook. It is our way not only of showing respect for them, but a way of showing our appre- ciation for the entire staff. Dr. James A. Merrill, Chairman of the Department of GYN-OB, a leader in the field of Gynecology and Ob- stetrics. Dr. Leonard P. Eliel. Director of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and authority on the parathyroid gland. .AL OLOSY Dr. M. Jack Keyl. distinguished Renal physiologist, and member of NIH Fellowship Grant Committee. Dr. G. Rainey Williams. Prominent und diverse Cardiovasctllur surgeon. E 3 X t "AQ 0 .i Dr. Creed Abell, outstanding researehist in the Held of neoplastic diseases. Dr, Robert H. Bayley, International authority on Electro- "fr czirdiogrzxphy. and Hrst Medical Center faculty member to Dr. Don l-l. O'Donoghue, Nationally known orthopedic be named George Lynn Cross Research Professor. surgeon. Dr. Harris Riley Jr.. Noted Pediatric reseurchist in Leukemic diseases Students Honor Faculty EUGENE D. JACOBSON, M.D. Aesculapean Award for Pre-clinical years TOMAS RUBIO, M.D. Aesculapean Award for Clinical years Each year the students of the University of Oklahoma Medical School, in conjunction with the Student Council, select two profes- sors, one from the clinical years and the other from the preclinical years, to receive the Aes- culapean award for devotion to teaching. Dr. Eugene D. Jacobson was selected by vote of the second year class for the pre-clinical years citation, and Dr. Tomas Rubio was chosen by the fourth year class. They were honored, along with the entire faculty, by the precedent setting student-faculty dinner dance sponsored by the Student Council. Dr. Jacobson is a graduate of the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and joined the staff in 1966 from the University of Cal- ifornia School of Medicine at Los Angeles. As chairman of the department of Physiology, Dr. Jacobson also accepted the award for the department of Physiology in recognition of ex- ceptional teaching. Dr. Rubio, a native of Spain, joined the stalf of Childrens Memorial Hospital as a re- search fellow in 1964 and was an instructor and chief pediatrics resident at the time of his selection. He has since been promoted to as- sistant professor. We feel that it is by recognition of outstand- ing professors that we show our respect and admiration for the entire faculty and stall. l'he faculty steps lively as the beat speeds up. l 'fg v"'g bmi if Feast at the first annual Aesculapian banquet honoring the faculty. 'MZ Many, including Steve Samuelson, still prefer the slow dances. Anatom The department of Anatomy is designed to give the student a sound understanding of the human body in gross structure. microscopic appearance. and embryonic development. X- ray anatomy is included to give the student a conception of what the organ he is studying appears like on film. which is essential to clin- ical practice. Advanced courses are offered to the interested student as an elective and re- search program, dealing with the many facets of anatomy. Advanced students may work as lab instructors in the basic courses to aid other students. Wll.l.lAM .l. FELTS, Ph.D.. Chairman A.B.. Michigan 1948 A.M. 1951 Ph.D. l95Z rs- L ,,, ,,,. V x. "rm....t, Qbrkv 5 Dr. Felts demonstrates the technique of dissection to MSi's Ted Moore and John Earl. SEATED: Kenneth M. Richter, Ernest Lachman, William J. STANDING: Robert Coulson, Alex Roberts, Ted McClure John l-'elts, Lawrence Gumbrcck, John Lhotka, Kenneth Faulkner, Allison, Lonnie Russel, Frank Chan, Anesthesiolog JAMES A. CUTTER. M.D.. Chairman M.D. Washington University, 1951 SEATED: Bertram E. Sears, James A. Cutter, Alice F. Gumbill, 1, G. Hamburger. STANDING: Charles A. Carmack, Mele M. Yurdakul, Juan F. Correa, .laime T. Tapuz. Anesthesiology exposes the student to the scientific principles and clinical administration ol' anesthesia. The anatomy, physiology and pharmacology involved in the anesthetic state are studied, along with the presentation of theoretical considerations and practical appli- cations of respiratory and circulatory emer- gencies. Diagnostic and thearpeutic aspects o pain, respiratory disease and inhalation thera- py are included. Elective clerkships are pre- sented for both third and fourth year students. R The Art of Anesthesia. delicately administered. l Z3 PEL. f !g,,.,- .- SEATED: Wender. Mary Carpenter, L. Ciereszo, B. C. John- C. Abell, J. Rodney Seely, R. Coleman, D, Hodgins. TOP ROW son, R. Bradford, P. McCay. SECOND ROW: Raul Carubelli. Richard Bottomley, R. Delaney, W. Friedberg, E. Smith. 'I Brig, J. Tang, L. Unger, John Sokatch, Albert Chandler, Fay Sheppard, Jerry Mayes, B. Rabinovitch, Paul Condit. J. Anglin. Biochemistr The Department of Biochemistry introduces the Hrst-year student to the chemistry of life processes. The student is thus made aware that an intimate and continuing knowledge of the integrated chemical systems making up the dynamic state called life is a prerequisite for further training in the basic medical sciences and clinical disciplines. and that this know- ledve may serve as a base for the successful D practice of medicine. Dr. Jerry Mayes explains the sefadex column to the bio- chemistry Fellowship Winners. I f 1 Q. or 1. B, CONNOR JOHNSON. Ph.D.. Chairman B.A. McMaster College. 1933 MA. McMaster College. I93-l Ph.D. Wisconsin. I9-10 SITTING: Thomas E. Stokinger, Connie Andruss, Kim Winston, Sharon Davis, Leslie Lehr. Marjorie Duffy, Mary McKelvey, Rosemary Whyte, Ellen Oakes. SECOND ROW: Delores Barker, Janice l.ll7il, G. G. Gallagher, .lan Cline, Lanette Snowder Ruetta Baker, Emma Woods, Marilyn French, DeI.ois Chambers, Fay Donalson, Helen Walcher, Marylin Counihan. THIRD ROW: Stuart Ritterman. George Bryan, Robert Carpenter. Floyd Eman- uel. James Schmaelzle, William Cooper, Walter Cullinan, James Andrews, Donald Counihan. John Keys. Communication Disorders llll lil JOHN W. KEYS. Ph.D.. Chairman BA. Western State Teachers College. 1932 MA. Iowa. 1939 Ph.D. Northwestern University. l945 The Speech and Hearing Center. offers a widely varied clinical program for adults and children with speech and hearing disorders. Interdisciplinary staf- Iings. by various professional representatives, are in audiology. cleft palate. language disorders. and cere- bral palsy. This provides a rich training opportunity for the students in the various specialties. and in addi- tion. the highest type diagnostic service available for the patient. The Department of Communication Disorders, as- sumes the responsibility for the academic training of the graduate students in the areas of Speech Pathology and Teaching of The Deaf. David Palm, Doctoral Student in Audiology. monitors the test controls in the audiology laboratory. Mtg, .ggxi . X ig Continuing Education This department coordinates educational activities for practicing physicians and other health profession- als. lt is also concerned with the development of the capacity for self-education in medical students. in- terns. and residents. Together with the Oklahoma State Medical Association and the Oklahoma Region- al Medical Program. the department sponsors other activities including a weekly television program on the statewide education network, a series of 'lregionalv short courses conducted in all geographic areas of the State. and projects designed to improve library and medical information services for practicing health professionals. Dr. Kelly M. West, Dr. Dale Groom, Mr. Neal Hardin, and Mr. lrwin H. Brown discusses plans for the next series of educational T.V, programs. KELLY M. WEST. M.D.. Chairman M.D, Oklahoma University. 1948 Kelly M. West, Dale Groom, Robert G. Tompkins, Neal Hardin Dermatology Ani MARK A. EVERETT, M.D.. Chairman B.A. Oklahoma. I9-17 M.D. Oklahoma, 1951 SEATED: Hervey Forester, O'Tar Norwood, Phyllis Jones, L. A. The undergraduate program in Dermatology is de- signed to provide an understanding of patho-physio- logic processes of the skin in both systemic and cu- taneous disease. Required "core', knowledge is presented through integrated lecture-demonstrations during the second and third years. Elective courses in the third and fourth years are ot two types. The shorter ones give students a broad introduction to clinical diagnosis and therapy, while the longer courses permit an individualized investi- gation in depth of specilic physiological, biochemical or histo-pathological problems while the student pur- sues in breadth the study of clinical dermatology. 2 A potentially cancerous nevus is examined before removal in the Dermatology Clinic. Keeran, Vincent Barranco, Herman Solomon, John Currie, Ronald Owens, W, G. McCreight. STANDING: J. Anglin, Robert Morg- Gilchrist. an, Fred Last, Julian Swann, Robert Olsen, Mark Everett, Michael ,yrs SEATED: R, M. Smith, James A. Merrill. W. M. Crosby, STANDIN rw- J G: Walter Shaffer, M. J. Scrwer, J. L. Mathis, Guy W. Fuller. G necology-Obstetrics The teaching program is designed to give each student a thorough knowledge of the basic principles and abnormalities of human reproduction, gynecologic endocrinology, and diseases of the female reproductive tract. The courses proceed from the basic science aspects of human reproduction to clinical application of this information. The theoretical and prac- tical experience is designed to give students a fundamental knowledge of gynecologic diag- nosis, indications for surgery, recognition of obstetric abnormalities, techniques of normal delivery, and the, immediate care of the new- born. Auscultation of the fetal heartbeat reassures the expectant mother that all is proceeding well. ' ze figs Q t 1 Q Ee r l Q it 4 . E 1 22 i ? X an swift A ' .afzalif f" r:,ii12zf:5.: 3'ff":--':"fs.f2Ff'R5g 2 fi M 35 . 35 f . , at , N E 4 , .. ., X za .ts : 4 t. ' lg , x T .f:. l .ii 152: ,M ,ryq ' - T 1 'semi .. - ftf mi .. , - - .ft ' . S.. .. . ' - . r ' . e.ra 7 , JAMES A. MERRILL. M.D.. Chairman B.A. California. 1945 M.D. California. I9-48 -.osx-n-gui.. annual.. 35 . 5 5 . l if S, 47 SEATED: Kelly M. West, Sylvia Bottomley, John Colmore, W. ley. SECOND ROW STANDING: Walter M. Whitcomb, Carl O. Smith, James F. Hammarsten, Hilli Sevelcius, Leonard G. Gunn. FIRST ROW STANDING: Yasushi lshie, Shafer, George V. Rohrer, Paul Houk, Opel Zscheesche, H. Lynn, Carman Bloedow, Michael Whalen, Adrian A opoulos, Richard A. Marshall, Mervin L. Clark, Richard Eliel, C. William Thomas Kyriak- Bottom- Smith, Jack Welsh, Carryl Wiggens, Gunner Sevelius, Loyal Con- rad, John W. Drake, Anders Norberg, Rex Baggett, Thomas Whittsett, Clarence Guenter, David C. Mock, Pat McKee, John Thompson, Robert Lindeman, R. Leroy Carpenter, Medicine it JAMES F. HAMMARSTEN, M.D., Chairman B.S. Minnesota, I943 M.B. Minnesota. 1944 M.D. Minnesota. 1944 The curriculum of the Department of Medi- cine is aimed at helping the student learn how to analyze a clinical problem and establish the goals of therapy. The teaching program is a four-year course carried out through close in- structor-student-patient contact. A wide variety of elective courses are avail- able to the students during the last two years. Some of these allow for intensive experience in medical specialties. Others provide opportu- nities for individual research. A cardiac patient is carefully scrutinized in the Medicine Clinic. -vu, , Microbiology Departmental aims include both teaching and research, with a proper balance between the two. The teaching program, including both lecture and lab, emphasizes microbial ecology, normal human microbial Hora, host- parasite relationships, and principles of im- munology and allergy. The microbial basis of laboratory diagnosis, epidemiology, and pre- vention and treatment of disease are stressed with the intention of providing a firm basis for medical investigation. Dr. Patnode uses calipers to check the tuberculin reaction on a rabbit. BOTTOM ROW: Frances Felton, L. Vernon Scott, J. Rhode. SECOND ROW: Florene C, Kelly, Robert Patnode, Harold L. VERNON SCOTT, Sc.D., Chairman B.A. Phillips University. I9-10 M.S. Oklahoma University. I9-47 Sc.D. John Hopkins, 1959 Muchmore. THIRD ROW: Glenn Bulmer, Richard John R. Sokatch. TOP ROW: W. R. Schmieding. 1 M. Hyde Jr g,.,. , V , nitkr 1 ,L 5 V ' E :"o Xl L ,W I .. M :-:l T , ff ':'r W , ,V . "f , W' 2714111 1 .iw i i r 3 .1 s Q-.wi ii : 2 i .- t 3 1 El iw' RALPH DRUCKMAN, M.D., Chairman B.S. McGill University, 1946 M.D. C. M. McGill University, 1948 SEATED: Richard Carpenter, , ...ia . , " Q. fa iii Q.. .7 Harry Wilkens, Fay .rf eurology Newly formed at the University of Okla- homa, the Department of Neurology has as its aim the provision of first class neurology for both the Medical Center and the State. Pa- tient care, the primary objective, has as its corollaries both teaching and investigation. Teaching will be carried out at all levels, Med- ical Student, Resident, and Post-Graduate, and investigation will he conducted in both basic science and clinical areas. vs... Mrs. Cameron monitors the Electroencephalogram during a neurologic evaluation. Meyers. STANDING: Tom Parker, Jorg Lagos, Ralph Druckman, Dick Dotter. my-mv .-.rn -wi an mu an un. Ii FIRST ROW: Charles A. Royer, Robert l. Trent, Tullos O. Robert F. Campbell. W. H. Garnier, Donald W. Marsh. FOURTH Coston, James P. Luton. James B. Wise. SECOND ROW: J. R. ROW: Tom Lindsay, Ed Purcell, Hugo M. Nue, Ben Cree Tin Henke, James B. Mills, C. W. McClure, Richard A. Clay. THIRD Randolph M. Lindblad, John Cone, David B, Brinker I-IFTH ROW: Robert G. Small. Thomas E. Acers, Robert P. Shaver. ROW: lf. R. Applegate, .lay Johnston, phthalmology The teaching program, beginning with physical diagnosis in the sophomore year, strives to ground the medical student firmly in the methods of ophthalmic examination. Utilizing lectures, electives, and small group conferences, the department teaches about diseases of the eye and emphasis on the rela- tionship to systemic disease. The surgical ap- proach to eye maladies is also presented. A complete eye examination is given this patient to determine the necessity for glasses. 'l'Ul.l.OS O. COSTON. lVl.D.. Chairman BA. Texas University, 1926 M.D. Johns Hopkins. 1930 J. R. Stacy, David R. Brown, Wayne B. Lockwood, S, I-ulton SECOND ROW STANDING-Left to Right: James Amspacher. Tompkins, Edwin Maier, Lee Tracy, Don H. O'Donoghuc, Edwin Willima Miller. SEATED: Gael R. Prank. Rice, Stephen Tkach, James Bell, Robert Holt, .lack Spencer. rthopedics 2 2, DON I H. O'DONOGHUE. M.D.. Chairman B.S. Iowa. 1923 M.D. Iowa. I926 Sc.D. Morningside. Iowa. 1944 In cooperation with the Department of Surgery, the department of Orthopedics pro- vides instruction to medical students in gen- eral orthopedic survery and musculoSkeletal trauma. A three or four year, resident level training program includes general ortho- pedics, children's Orthopedics, orthopedic specialties, and an equivalent of six-months of basic science. The department staffs in-patient and out-patient departments as well as diag- nostic clinics. A last minute check of her cast reassures the patient that time will heal, with medical help. torhinolar ngology The department of Otorhinolaryngology concerns itself with the instruction of diseases of the ear, nose, and larnyx and the treatment thereof. The purpose of the teaching program is to coordinate the efforts of the academic physician interested in research, and the clini- cal person interested in diagnosis and treat- 4 .47 Uh' ment. The Medical Center is indeed fortunate it . t 5' to have individuals who are a combination of both these characteristics. it sw JAMES B. SNOW, M.D.. Chairman BS. Oklahoma University. 1953 M.D. Harvard. l956 In otorhinolaryngology clinic, a patient's ears are checked thoroughly. STANDING-BACK ROW: Ralph R. Markland, Donald R. Res- Fumiro Suga, Tsunehiko Nakashima, James B. Snow .Ir let l ler. Dick M. Lowry, .lack V. D. Hough, W. David Stuart, Ethan Emenhiser, Daniel H. Slemmons. A. Walker, Jr. SEATED,-FRONT ROW: L. Chester McHenry, Pathology Pathology is that branch of medicine that concerns itself with the essential nature of diseases, especially of the structural and func- tional changes in tissues and organs of the body which cause or are caused by disease. The Department of Pathology attempts to temper rote memory with the presentation of disease as a logical progression of events bas- ed upon facts resulting from investigative work. Internationally known pathologist, Dr. Leibow. visits with Dr. Greenlield. Dr. Dee, and Dr. Coalson. suhiro Akashi, Florence Bunnerjee, Jacque Coalson, James Ro- sacker, A. Laurence Dee, Leonard R. Miller, Paul Kimmelstiel, Clarke Stout. M. Lyle Peter. "3.l"m""VW"'i- FIRST ROVV: J. D. Smith, J. R. Scely, Harris D. Riley, Jr., Nel- son K. Ordway. SECOND ROW: R. Lee Austin, M.D., Jorge C. Lagos, W. M. Thompson, Jr., A. W. Pierce, Jr. THIRD ROW: J. Rainer Poley. A. C. Tahcrnia, Donald B. Halverstadt, E. Ide Smith. FOLRTH ROW: LeRoy C. Mims, John Saunders, Pax ton Howard, Jr., Daniel M. Lane. FIFTH ROW: James E. Wcnfl Thomas Rubio, Marshall Schectcr. A. W. Nunnery. Carol Saund ers. Pediatric Pediatrics is the branch of medicine which treats the child and its development. Care of the diseases of children and their treatments are instituted. The students learn that chil- dren are special, with very unique and dillicult problems, to which the pediatrician must adapt himself. He must also adapt to the children themselves and develop a logical and compassionate solution to their maladies. He must use guile, skill. and knowledge to do so. Pediatrics patients are sometimes ditlicult. but the rewards are numerous. . . '34,- I 7 72, 1. ,LJ 'XX' I . - . www. ,gf Y Q HARRIS D. RILEY. JR.. M.D.. Chairman B.A. Vanderbilt. I945 M.D. Vanderbilt. i948 .. 55 t 5 1 SEATED. left to right: .liro Nakano, Joanne l. Moore. ll. Y. T. john l'. Colniore, William B. Stavinohzt. Nlarion deV, Cottctt. Yang. lsao Vlixxa. STANDING, left to right: Andres Norrhy. hrxin Ci. Ertlos, Alvin Nl. Rcxlin, lfu Sung Chiang. Pharmacolog Pharmacology is the science which deals with the study of drugs in all its aspects The teaching program attempts to correlate all previous knowledge to which the student has MARION DF vmux Corrotst. Phu. cmat-mttn , I , B.S, College of Charleston. I948 NLS. South Carolina. l95l Php. South Cttmiimt. 1953 N been exposed. Pharmacology instructors co- ordinate physiology, morphology, function. and biochemistry in discussing pharmaceuti- cals and their actions. The subtle use of drugs is an important therapeutic tool for the phy- sician and the Department of Pharmacology helps develop this skill. Dr. Moore explains her experimental apparatus to MS ii .lack Metcalf. Q. ,yy we ' " nf K .., xt r SF Q . . ,g H-- ai' at if 'iir 1 wig 3 t 56 Vvlqg V M ..... Xa I is t in-. Physiology The Department of Physiology has the re- sponsibility of imparting to each medical stu- dent a thorough knowledge of the normal bodily functions in disease. Electives are of- fered which give the medical student a chance to participate on individual research problems with members of the staff. The Department also carries out a full pro- gram of research. Through this the depart- ment is able to fulfill its dual role of keeping the student informed of recent advances while contributing significantly to that expanding body of scientific knowledge in physiology. Dr M. Jack Keyl explains the polygraph to Bob Ornitz. SEATED, left to right: Stewart Wolf, Robert Edelbcrg, Allan J. Stanley, Linda Shanbour, Eugene D. Jacobson, Roger E. Thies, M. Jack Kcyl, Lerner B, Hinshaw. STANDING, left to right: James I . Mio. EUGENE D. .l.-XCOBSON. NLD.. Chairman BA. Wesleyani l9il Nl.D. University of Vermont. l955 VV. Woods. A. Kurt Weiss. Gerhard A. Brecher, P. F. IIIUPIL Richard Bell, Carlton E. Mclton. Psychiatry And Behavioral Sciences LOUIS J. WEST. M.D.. Chairman B.S. Minnesota. 1946 lVl.B. Minnesota. 1948 M.D. Minnesota. 1949 SEATED, left to right: Gordon Deckert, Stephen Fishkin, Kath- ryn West, Vivian Reno, Ellen Oakes, Katherin Hudson, Mabelle Collins, Eugene Pumpian-Mindlin. FIRST ROW STANDING: George Guthrey, David E, Kemp, Oscar A. Parsons, Robert Edel- herg, Frank Holloway, Ethan Pollack, Neil Kimerer, Richard The emphasis of this department is to give the future physician the knowledge and skills which he must have to deal with the broad problem of mental health and to meet the problems of his patients. In the first two years, the understanding of human behavior and the basic art of effective human relationships are covered, in addition to the psycho-physiological mechanisms of emotion. Third and fourth years are involved with work in clinical psychiatric problems. .1 ....i.a A psychiatric experiment is carried out in the sensory Isolation tank. Sternlof Harold Binder W R Hood Joseph Ruffin John Poftrch SECOND ROW STANDING Anthonv Schuham Robert Wien eclte Chirles A Smith Herbert J1ns7en L J West Joseph Su Povl W. Toussieng William Trousdale Boyd K. Lester age, Edward G. Kuekes, Hayden Donahue, Charles E. Smith, r 4 1 - FIRST ROW: Sam Halpern, Ernest Lachman, Teresa Stacy, Eu- gene A. Durso, G. Victor Rohrer, J. William Raulink, Glenn Gordon, Joe Bob Harbison, David Eakin. SECOND ROW: Edward J. DePersio, Carl W. Smith, Carl R. Bogardus, Sidney P. Traub, Lawrence Fahey, Roy Mason, James R. I-ludson, Leon- ard E. Swischuk, J. Paul Remer. THIRD ROW: George Lucas, Lanny Brent, James Haller, Vernon Ficken, John Junker, Gail Adams, Mike Platt, Frederick Brandon, Cranfill Wisdom. Radiology The aim of the Department of Radiology is to equip the student to utilize the tool of irradiation in both diagnosis and therapy. A thorough coverage of the possible harmful biological effect is also included in the four year course of study so that the student may understand the possibility of radiation injury. During the third and fourth years the student at- tends daily x-ray conferences held in conjunction with the several clinical departments. Electives in Radiology are designed to give the student insight into the role of Radiology in daily medical practice. William Raulink uses a heart model for X-Ray demonstration to technicians. . , , Y V . I 4.3 Na.. SIDNEY P. TRAUB. M.D., Chairman lVl.D. Toronto. 1948 FlRST ROW: ttopb, left to right: Harris J. Moreland, John J. Stamatis, James Sandin, Robert J. Weedn, Stanley A. Skaer, Rich- ard V. Smith, James Lewis Johnson. SECOND ROW: Elmer L. Treat, William V. Conran, John T. Craig, Wilfred S. Gauthier, Fritz M. Johnson, Vander Michael Barkett, John E. McAllister. THlRD ROW: Jay L. Richardson, Kemper C. Lain, Ronald J. North, William J. Bird, Joseph F. Leonard, Dan Stough, Ronald Donaldson. FOURTH ROW: Linda M. Johnson, Joseph W. Hayhurst, Guy O. Danielson, Donald H. Garrett, Jerome M. Dill- 3 Z ing, Michael E. Reif, Paul F. Park, Charles L. Neal. FIFTH ROW: Robert G. Fisher, Edwin lde Smith, Lazar J. Greenfield, G. Rainey Williams, John A. Schilling, William E. Price, Edward R. Munncll, Louis J. Bernard, Frank G. Gatchell. SIXTH ROW thottomjz R. M. Taliaferre, Col. Reed, William R. Hanna, Wil- liam C. McCurdy, Robert T. Nichols, Billy H. Stout, Joe T. Hartzog, Richard J. Allgood, William D. Hawley, Dale R. Hughes, C. C. Young, Henry J. Pearce. Surgery JOHN A. SCHILLING, M.D., Chairman B.A. Dartmouth. 1937 M.D. Harvard. 1941 The departmental goal is to teach the discipline and content of surgery to all medical students. Beginning in the second year the emphasis is on the basic principles of surgery and surgical technique. The third year is devoted to in-patient care of surgical pa- tients. This consists of seminars, rounds, interdepart- mental conferences, and pathology conferences. The fourth year is devoted to the out-patient diag- nosis and the disposition of patients, and is completely integrated with the Department of Medicine in order to aid in total evaluation of the patient. Skill and precision in the operating room. .1 IQ. f Preventive Medicine And Public Health Preventive Medicine and Public Health is that branch of medicine which deals with the relationship of man to disease and disease to man. It deals with the whole person and his surrounding environment and the interaction of these relationships and the disease process. It is the purpose of this Department to make the prospective physician aware of manis re- action to his disease and integrate this with the treatment. Drs. Ivey 81 Gutierrez examine an immunoelectrophoresis plate. I-'IRST ROW: Robert Ketner, Joe Rogers, Vivian Smith, Michael Ivey, Charlotte Leach, Guy Rice, John Bruhn, Melody Marshall, Edward Brandt, William Schottstaedt, Thomas Lynn. SECOND ROW: Yezid Gutierriz, Catherine McCarty, Venus Gomez, John Bruce, Robert Duncan, Harry Hoy, Paul Costiloe, Paul Ander- W. W. SCHOTTESTAEDT. M.D.. Chairman B.A. California. 1938 M.D. California. i948 son, K. W. Navin, Charles Cameron, Carl Nau, C. M. Bloss, Forrest R. Brown, LeRoy Carpenter, Robert Dille. THIRD ROW: Gilbert Castro, Roy Deal, George Taylor, Raymond Mill, Charles Lawrence, Ronald Coleman, Wilson Steen, Thomas McGowan, William Powell, W. I. Hartman, Thomas Points, Robert Bowers. I wma .... cf ef sf- -'-- ------r . . .t.,.,:.,.., .I Urology . X. , W WILLIAM S. PARRY. M.D.. Chairman M.D. Rochester. 1947 f I if Urology is that Held of medicine which con- cerns itself with the urinary tract in both the male and female, and with the genital organs of the male. The close association between the instructor and the student seen in this De- partment permits the students an opportunity to test both his skill and knowledge in the treatment of the various disorders encountered in this field of medicine. Dr. Halverstadt 84 Dr. Matter check the functioning of the renal dialysis unit. SFATED-BOTTOM ROW: James R. Geyer, William L. Parry, H. Cooper, Gus A. de Quevedo, Barney J. Limes, Donald B. B G Smith, Joe E. Collins. STANDING: Mike B. Smith, Frank Halverstadt, Cary L. Leverett, Ronald S. Barlow. -.-3 4433. aff' I t ' I FIRST ROW: Crystil Jeck, Instructor: Ben I. Heller, M.D., Pro- fessor antl Headg Dr, Frances Felton, Assoc. Prof.: Kendall .lun- gery, Instructor and Dr. Patrick Pinto, Asst. Prof. BACK ROW: , Carol McCoy, Instructor: Mariana Hall, Instructor: A. F. Hut- ton, Asst. Prof.: Sandra Heatherley: and Clarence Bayless, ln- W SII'lIClUI'. Laborator Medicine The purpose of the course is the teaching. understanding, and utilization of clinical lab- oratory tests in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. It is responsible for the administra- tion of The School of Medical Technology. and the teaching of laboratory medicine to medical students and house staff. It correlates the knowledge learned in pathology, physiolo- gy, biochemistry, microbiology, and pharma- cology to help achieve its goal. Dr. Patrick V. C. Pinto. Director of the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory scrutinizes the analysis chart. os X I BEN I. HELLER. IVl.D.. Chairman Chief ot' Stafl of University Hospital-M.I'J. Minnesota. I9-42 Practical Experience Perhaps, it is our basic orientation toward people and patients that underlies our positive response to the preceptorship. During this phase of his training, the senior medical stu- dent spends one quarter of his year with some practicing physician in one of the outlying towns of Oklahoma. This office experience in a general practice situation is as unique and valuable to the medical student as is his hos- pital training. It is also probably the high point, in terms of enthusiasm, of his entire medical school career. In addition, it is doub- ly valuable because it exposes the medical stu- dent to the type of practice most of us will be engaged in after we graduate. Through his preceptor, the medical student is exposed to office medicine rather than Uni- versity Hospital complex type medicine. It is TOP ROW: E. L. Buford, Guymong R. A. Conley, Watonga: Glen Cosby, Miami: C. S. Cunningham, Poteau: Walter H. Dersch, Jr., Shattuck. BOTTOM ROW: J, William Finch, Hobartg J. A. Offered By Preceptors through his preceptor that the medical student sees the intense patient-physician relationship that is so seldom seen in the University Hos- pital. and considered so vital by the town prac- titioner. And finally, it is through his precep- tor that the medical student observes the type of life and stresses he is most likely to experi- ence when he completes his training. The types of facilities and the auxilliary personnel available to the town physician dif- fer vastly from those observed and used daily on the campus. The highly skilled and trained technicians and sophisticated equipment are in the office or examining room. So the student learns to appreciate the stresses imposed upon the "front line troopsi' of medicine. Perhaps these are some of the reasons we anticipate and appreciate our preceptorship so much. Graham, Pauls Valley: B. F. Green, Stilwell: R. Fred Harper, Pawhuskag C. K. Holland, McAlister. sr Qi TOP ROW: E. C. Lindley, Duncung Royce McDougal, Holclenf etta: K. E. Whinery, Sayre: Claude Williams, Okeeneg Loyd S ville: Malcolm Mollison, Altus: O. ll. Patterson, Supulpug John Williams, Wetumku. R. Reid, Nowutu. BOTTOM ROW: Curlton li Smith, Henry- Dr. Green. Slillwell preceptor, supervises MS ix' Joe Kzxrkowslds intuhulion of ll surgical puticnt, x 4' HISTORY AND TRENDS IN NURSING: Elizabeth Radcliffe, Barbara Holtzclaw, Jess Nunley, Martha Stockwell School MISS HELEN E. PATTERSON, Dean, School of Nursing B.A. East Central State College, 1936 M.A. Columbia University Teachers College, 1948 R.N. Oklahoma School of Nursing, 1941 ursing The School of Nursing, as an integral unit of the University. accepts the University's responsibility in providing higher educational opportunities to students of the State of Oklahoma. The School of Nursing has as its primary purpose the preparation of graduates for professional nursing to contribute essential services to the community health agencies. The completion of the work for the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing usually requires four aca- demic years and one summer session. Two years are spent on the Norman campus in general education courses and two years and one summer session are spent on the Medical Center campus in upper division nursing major courses. Students receive their clinical experience in the Hospitals of the University of Okla- homa, Veterans Administration Hospitals, Mercy Hospital, Oklahoma City County Health Department and Visiting Nurse Association, and Cleveland Coun- ty Health Department, as well as many other commu- nity agencies which are utilized for observational purposes. The Program is accredited by the Oklahoma Board of Nurse Registration and Nursing Education and the National League for Nursing. The School is an agency member of the council of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs of the National League for Nursing. DIiI'ARTMENT OF PUBLIC IIEALTII: Nadine Nelson, Assisi. I'i'oI'., Aidzi Iiailiitmy, Assisi. I'mI',, Iindu Dznnirl, Assist. I'mI. DEPARTMENT UF PSYCHIATRY: Richard VVuwro. Assist Prof., Cuml Crgiwfoid. Instructor, Enimu Puller, Assisi. Prof. DEPARTMENT OI-A MEDICAL SURGICAL NURSING-SEATED: 'L 1 I s Q 0 DEPARTMENT OF MATERNAI. AND CHILD NURSING ,less Nunlcy, Instructor, Bernal Ilulllen, Assist. Prof., und Ilcud. SEATED: Marie Mink, Assist. Prof und Hczid, Martha Prime STANDING: I'I'lITICINII1lI'I, Insli'ucIui'. Bzirhlirgn Ilnllfclim. Insii'ucInr, zlux. Assisl. I'i'oI'. STANDING: Belly Ciorrcll, Assisi. I'mf. J udy SIOCIQLIIKI, Instructor. C Xi , 55 T T . ,,,,,,, . Ti x i ,vis t ff cc.. D ,aw-Q-1 , ,Q::f,,f A 1 ' s SIYATISD: Mzii'gar'cI Rodbey, instructor. Thelma Pedersen. Pro- Christian, Assistant Professor. STANDINCE: Karen Mask, In lessor and Director ol' the School ol' Physical Therapy, Margaret strtictor, l.uise l.ynch. Assistant Professor. School Physical Therap The School of Physical Therapy may be one ol the hardest places to find in Children's Me- morial Hospital, but it is by far one of the most popular places the patients of the hos- pital visit. The school teaches the students the techniques necessary to improve or restore an individual's functional capacities. Focusing on the neuromusculoskeletal, pulmonary. and cardiovascular systems, the physical ther- apist learns evaluation of a patient, selection and application of the proper therapeutic techniques, and the best functional relation- MISS THELMA PFDERSEN Director. School of Physical Therapy l-LA. lltah State University. 1933 lVl.A. Stanford University, I9-19 ships of the involved systems. A major portion of the tlierapist's eight- hour day is involved in labs. Sometimes they llip a coin, sometimes they draw straws, and sometimes they actually argue over who gets the first turn to play "patient" and receive the therapy treatments that must be practiced. Among the courses of study are intense ana- tomy courses, pathology, neurology. ortho- pedics, electrotherapy. psychology, test and measurement procedures, rehabilitation pro- grams. and therapeutic exercise programs. Sharon Dance and Linda Fchols Demonstrate hon muscle tone and strength is rebuilt. il' Q - gif! if Qi? 4 vm ,, ug., ,TF X5 A., , lx K' Q 4 wvfwwuf 3 V -zwexi f .J ,. gr STUDENTS: "If you want to get out of medicine the full- est enjoyment, be students all your lives." David Reisman C1867-19245 Alpha mega Alpha Members Elected WILLIAM W. O'NEILL STEPHEN C. COHEN I.I-OYD J. DAVIS President lst Vice-President Znd Vice-President Each year three outstanding medical stu- dents are chosen from the third year class to serve as ollicers of Alpha Omega Alpha, the National Honor Medical Society, the choice of members is essentially limited by three cri- teria: lj High scholastic achievement fused with 25 Open-mindedness, individuality, orig- inality and promise of intellectual growth. 33 In the broadest sense, moral character involv- ing unselfishness, reliability. honesty and ap- preciation of obligation. The chapter was established on May l, i953 and currently Dr. Richard A. Marshall, Associate Professor of Medicine is serving as the faculty counselor. Top Seniors Receive Awards GABRIEL A. SHAPIRO STEPHEN C. COHEN The Coyne H. Campbell Award consists of a cash prize and a certificate, and is given to the current Senior medical student 'fin recog- nition of outstanding scholarship, intellectual promise, and creative ability" during his junior year. The award winner for 1968-1969 is Gabriel A. Shapiro. The Pfizer Laboratories Medical Scholarship is a cash prize given to a Senior medical stu- dent for outstanding scholarship during the previous three years of medical school. The scholarship recipient for i968-1969 is Stephen C. Cohen. THOMAS J. HANSON STEPHEN A. SAMUELSON David J. Confer-recipient of four awards: LeRoy Long Award for highest average in Gross Anatomyg the Harry Wil- kens Prize for highest scholastic record in Neuroanatomyg the Allan J. Stanley Re- search Prize for best research project in Physiology and the Dr. Tom Lowry Award for highest scholastic average during the freshman year. Galen B. Toews-the Alexander D. Ever- eff Award for excellence and interest in Biochemistry. BARRY C. ESRIG Students Receive Honors Thomas J. Hanson-The Mark R. Everett Award presented to the current Junior medical student in recognition of scholar- ship and ability during his sophomore year. Stephen A. Samuelson-the Roche Award presented to the current Junior student who best exemplifies the ideals of the mod- ern American physician. It recognizes scholarship, character, personality and seriousness of purpose. DAVID J. CONFER GALEN B. TOEWS Barry C. Esrig-The Allan J. Stanley Re- search Prize for best research project in the Medical Physiology course. Hugh E. Eddy-The Florene C. Kelly Prize in Microbiology for outstanding aca- demic achievement and interest in Medical Microbiology. Gordon L. Phillips-The Allan J. Stanley Award in Physiology for the best essay in the Medical Physiology course. NATHAN R. GRANTHAM GEORGE H. THOMPSON HUGH E. EDDY GORDON L. PHILLIPS Nathan R. Grantham-Medical Student Research Fellowship in Physiology. George H. Thompson-Medical Student Research Fellowship in Physiology. William W. OlNeill-The Warren T. May- field Memorial Award for excellence in the preparation for a career in medicine. WILLIAM W. O'NElLL JAMES C. THOMPSON LARRY D. UNDERWOOD Students Receive Fellowships James S. Thompson-Medical Student Re- search Fellowship in Medicine. Larry D. Underwood-Medical Student Research Fellowship in Physiology. Lawrence A. Jacobs-Medical Student Research Fellowship in Medicine. DAVID D. MILLER JAMES R. MCCURDY LAWRENCE A. JACOBS David D. Miller-Medical Student Re- search Fellowship in Medicine. James R. McCurdy--Medical Student Re- search Fellowship in Pharmacology. Jack E. Metcalf-Medical Student Re- search Fellowship in Biochemistry. Larry E. Smith-Medical Student Research Fellowship in Microbiology. STEVEN B. COKER JOHN K. HAMILTON JACK E. METCALF LARRY E. SMITH Steven B. Coker-Medical Student Re Search Fellowship in Pediatrics. John K. Hamilton-Medical Student Re search Fellowship in Biochemistry. Alanson R. Spalding III-Medical Student Research Fellowship in Biochemistry ALANSON R. SPALDING Ill HAROLD H. HASTON TOMMY L. HEWETT Harold H. I-Iaston-Medical Student Re- search Fellowship in Biochemistry. Tommy L. I-Iewett-Medical Student Re- search Fellowship in Biochemistry. Robert D. Ornitz-Medical Student Re- search Fellowship in Physiology. ROBERT D. ORN ITL Y' EARL W. MABRY WILLIAM D. MCMAINS Earl W. Mabry-Medical Student Re- search Fellowship in Biochemistry. William D. McMains-Medical Student Research Fellowship in Biochemistry. Freshman Receive Scholarships William W. Cook III-Oklahoma State Medical Association Scholarship. Haskell L. Head-Oklahoma State Medi- cal Association Scholarship. ?-.. . , QA., WILLIAM W. COOK Ill HASKELL L. HEAD David N. Kahn-Oklahoma State Medical Association Scholarship. Michael E. Karasek-Oklahoma State Medical Association Scholarship. 'fx K I. DAVID N. KAHN MICHAEL E. KARASEK Georgenc M. Schmeckpeper-Oklahoma State Medical Association Scholarship. GEORGENE M. SCHMECKPEPER wr-A ...J N. JOHN W. MCREYNOLDS CHARLES H. MORGAN Duane A. Burroughs-Oklahoma Allergy Clinic-Ray M. Balyeat, M.D. Memorial Scholarship. JERRY S. MORGAN John W. McReynolds-Oklahoma City Clinic Scholarship. Charles H. Morgan-Oklahoma City Clin- ic Scholarship. DUANE A. BURROUGHS Jerry S. Morgan-Avalon Foundation Scholarship. D. ROBERT MCCAFFREE LEIDON SWEET JESSE LAWLESS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Senior Looking Ahead To Internships After breezing effortlessly through the Freshman year, rambling recklessly through the Sophomore year while nursing our dccubiti and breaking the trivia bar- rier. treading undaunted through the Junior year and its sea of patients. the l969 Seniors were ready for their well deserved respite. Medicine clinics proved to be the referring clinic for the Psychiatry Department, and Pediatrics was an ad- venture into the bizarre micromcdical world of envi- ronmental and hereditary triumphs. Surgery clinic gave the Senior the opportunity to gain some valuable practical experience in the emergency room, while si .ws K ,QQ A good Elm and a cup of coffee. who could ask for more. Psychiatry clinic was an uncomfortable trip into Nev- er-Never Land. Obstetrics offered each Senior the thrill of bringing a new addition into the world and the excitement of delivery. both in the delivery suite and on the way to it. The preceptorship was an unforget- table opportunity to see medicine as it is in the real 0: -T EJ 5.5221 GF-09' : :J 2.92 5:22 '10 55502. ":s 2? 259 fs...,"1 1'1:-. ' : Q2-E, C-,-s mls- Q7--. oN'O if-I 'f""'-1 REQ LCL1 255' 3203 3,55 cfm 2:3 :gs ans. 1111 rising SGOT's. t'-- si , 'lllli We-4. L A 3, -iz. - ft That's right. lady, Dr. Hainmersten ix a chest man, hut what he means is lung.s,' 'T She definitely qualifies :ls thc girl on which lll must like to do ll clmed chest czmlizuc riizxssugcll An MS iii indulging in the privileges of un MS iv? H535 flllli M! Ill hs, M ' Sf' Z Au F ' , 'Q' e K M fm .Ill 1 M ,ill 1, M S '-'L'-v"" .dw Q S l XM "Happy Hour". MS iv style. Hiding from the pu amd uhcllcd hy Nurse Dania. M 2: 3 ' ' 'wr --an , l N 3 I 7 Q A"Nx, Cuiiipailzxlwilitv text? licms-:lided l l , Class of 1969 James T. Arnold, Tulsa, B.A, '65, Kenyon College: John T. Baldwin, Bfirllresville, B.A. '65, OSU: Billy O. Barclay, Cushing, BS. '65, OU: Dennis W. Berry, Oklahoma Cily, BS. '65, OU: Sfephen M. Blum, Brooklyn, N.Y. B,S. '65, Lono lslnrd U.: Margarel' E. Bonnell, Miiskoiieli- BA. '65, U, ol Arkuimv., Douglas W Branf, Sliqlor, B.5. '65, Norlheaslrzrn Sialeg Lyle W. Brooks, Sulphur, B.A. '65, Abilene Chrisliari: Phillip Brown, Tulsa, B.S. '65, OU: James W. Browning, Oklfihoma Cily, B.S. '65, OSU: Philip C. Bryan, Del Cify, B.S. '63 Oklahoma Chris- iaht David Til-Chiu Chan, Kowloon l-loiufq Kwfg, China. Dennis W. Coffman, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '65, CSC: Sfephen Cohen, Brooklyn, NY., B.S. '65, U ol Mi- ami: Cary W. Couch, Jones, B.S. '65 OSU: David A. Cowden, Oklahorrui Ci'y B.S. '65, OU: David F. Crowder, Ponca Cily B,S. '66, OU: Waller Dandridge, Okllliomi Cilf, BA. 65, OU. Bruce A. Darrow, Okliihomri Cily, B.A, '65, Phillips, U.: Lloyd J. Davis, Chickiisha, BA. '65, Rice: An- lhony T Denaro, New York Cily. BS. '60, Cily Collei-e of N.Y.' Quinlan M. Dilmore, Oklihornai Cih: Glenn P. Dosscr, l 1 .s.' +C" BS. '65, OU: Mi- chael J. Dwyer, li. .fi Cfil, B5. 'AL OSU. Norris William Dyer, Oklahoma Cily, Bid. '59, Tulsa Us Charles C. Freeman, Oklihomli City: John B. Freidenberger, L-. Junlfi, Colorido BA. '6l Phillips. U.: Joseph N. Freund, Lfiwlfiia, B.S. '63, OSU' Dan C. Galloway, Abilene lei-xv., BA. '65, l-lardiw Simmfuri-.' William P. Gideon, Perm, B,S. OSU. Carl C, Gill, Oklnhoma Cily. B.A. '65, Weslmin- slei' Rayburne W. Goen, lulsli, B.S. '65, OU: Jonalhan A. Gold, Bloomfield, Conn., B.A. '63, Boslon U.: Lawrence C. Green, Liwlon, B.S. '64, OBU: Richard D. Green, Norman, B.S, '65, OU? Jerry Gregory, lliiiri, BA, '65, OCU, Kennelh W. Hagood, Albuquerque, NM., BS. '65, U oi NM: Newl L. Hardgrave, l-lenryella, B.S. '63, OSU' Michael R. Harkey, Oklahoma Cily: Gary C. Hassmann, A.riChorfwqe, Kenfucky, B,S. '65, OSU: William M. Henderson, l-lomifiy, BS. '65, OU' Richard C. l'lul"l, Oklahoma Cily, BS. '64, Soulh- wesierri Slnle. Lawrence A. Jacobs, Tulsa B.A. '64, U ol Pennx Joseph L, Karkowski, Oklahoma Cily, B.5. '64, U ol l-lousfon: Lawrence L. Kay, Vinifn BS. '65 OSU' Larry K. Killebrew, Oklahoma City, B.A. '65, OU' William J. Kruse, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '65 CSC: Isaac J, Lawless, Wlilonrin, B.S. '65, CSC: Yong Ming Lee, Silvu, Siiwwnk, B,A. '65 OCU, Seniors John E. Lewis, Purcell, BS. '63, Easl Cenlral Sralei Billy H. Lipe, Oklahoma Cily: Joe L. Lowry, Blan- chard, BS. 65 OU: Thomas W. Lucas, Oklahoma Cily BS. '66 OSU: Donald R. McCa'FFree, Slill- wafer, B.5. '65, OSU: James R. Mccurdy, Oklaf homa Ciry, BNA. '65, OU. W. David Mclnnis, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '65, Wesl- minslerz John E. Madewell, Midwesl Clryz Michael W. Marko, Ol"ahoma Cily, B.S. '64, OU' Dennis R. Mask, Midx-.esl Cily, BS, '64, CSC: Roberf S. Mausel, Faves' l-lills, NY, BA. '64, Adelphi Uni- versily' Dan E. Miller, Lawlon, B.S. '58, OSU, David D. Miller, Grandlield, Oklahoma: Dick A. Morgan, Boron Cily, BS. '65, Belhany Nazarene? Roberr C. Newberry, Senlinel, BS. '65, Soulhwesl- err Slale' Sfeven W. Newell, Enid: Hans Pefer Norberg, lwsfa BA. '63, l-layerlordg William W. O'NeiIl, Ofalnoma Cfry. Linda S. Orr, Rooseyelf, Oklahoma, B.S. '65, OU: Roloeri H. Phillips, Slillwaler, B.S. '65, Soulhwesl- ern Slam' Georgia R, Prenfice, Oklahoma Cily B.S. '62, CSC' Jose A. Rosell, Oklahoma Cily B.S. '59, U. oi l-lwana: Anfhony G, Salem, Drumriqhl, BA, '65 OU' Joe G. Salvage, Oklahoma Cily. Gabriel A. Shapiro lGaryl, Tulsa, B.A. '65, lu- lane: Arvin D. Sheri, Weaiheriord, B.S. '65, Soalh- wesrern Slafe' Floyd R. Shroader, Claremore BS. '65 CSC' Terrill Simmons, Tonka-wa, B.S. '65, OU: Richard C. Slagle, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '62, OU: William C. Slick, Fares' Cily, Pa., B.S, '57, U ol Scranton Jay Sleven Smifh, Oklahoma Clry: James LeRoy Sfaiger, Burlinglon, Oklahoma, B.S. '65, Norlh- weslern Srale: Keifh B. Siouf, El Reno, B.S. '65, OSU: William R. Swan, Pryor. Oklahoma: Roberf L. Sweet Tewhoma, BA. '65, Baylor: Poly Tan, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Max E. Taxfer, Oklahoma Civ, BS. 64, CSC: Jerry Bob Troy, lvlcfkleslor, B.S. '62, Norfheasrern Slale' Herberi W, Truefi, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '65, OU: John D. Voiles, l-looker, Oklahoma. B.A. '65 OU' Kennelh F. Wainner, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '65, OCU' S+ephen J. Wallach, Brooklyn, N.Y., BS. '65, Brooklw' Colleqe. Vicfor O. Wafers, Skiarook Oklahoma: James F, Wighr, Enid BS. 65, Sl. Edwards: Verne L. Willi+s, Oklahonna Cil. BS. '65, Sou'hweS'ern Slale: Ron- ald E. Wrighl, Oklahoma Cily BA. '65, OU? Ralph M. Yeakley, Oklahoma Cl'y, B.S. '57, U ol Texas' Marlin D. Yoseloff, Long Beach, Calil., Pharm. D, 55, U o5 Calilorria' Dorolhy W. Young, Oklahoma Cid lv1.Mus7C '59, Yae. THOMAS A. DODSON JAMES L. MORRIS NATHAN E. BRADLEY President Vice-President Sec.-Treas. Juniors Meet Demands O The Clinics lt is a massive task to change onself from student, cloistered in lectures and textbooks, to practitioner, facing the ill patient armed with skill and knowledge. Yet that is exactly the metamorphosis required dur- ing the junior year. After two years of lectures, lab work, and only a brief taste of patient care, we sud- denly lind ourselves an integral part of the University Hospital. It's a frightening yet inevitably rewarding challenge in our medical education. The year is broken into 4 ten-week rotations in Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics-gyn-ob, and elective. As clinical clerks we have three responsibilities in As soon as we master the scope, let's look at some slides. each rotation. First, we must learn the disease pro- cesses and its clinical manifestations. Drawing on the knowledge gained in the past 2 years, textbooks, lit- erature, and a p.atient's symptoms and course, we as- similate and correlate the aspects of his disease. Second, we work closely with the house staff to learn to write orders, choose lab tests, and assist in special procedures for the diagnosis or treatment of a disease. We are thus charged with care of the patient. Third, we learn ,... learn through doing and asking . . . learn through our inevitable mistakes . . . and learn through caring. Surgery texts become more entertaining each year. t over right. right over Icft - and get that finger out!! V MS iii morning rounds. Three people run the hematocrit: one rcztds and two pump, 'K Al Pretty httppy crew. for ,luniutx I . W , A ., s -1 Q s X 5 t, 33 if I A - Tl At, kr, F f Q Q 1 3' 3 Class of 19 O An+hony Alvarado, Oklahoma Cily: Lloyd T. An- derson, Sapulpa, B.S. '66, OU: M. DeWayne An- drews, Oklahoma Ciiy, BS. 66, Baylor: Sinclair W. Armsirong Jr., Vian, Oklahoma: Alan E. Aycock, Lawlon, B.A. '66, OCU: Dorofhy Barber, Fl. Worlh, Tex., MA, '63, Fordham Jackie J. Beller, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, OSU: Michael M. Blue, Alva, B.S. '66, Norihwesiern Slale: Richard J. Boaisman, Edmond, B.S. and D.V,M. '64, OSU: David R. Boyd, Norman, BA. '66, OU: G. Bryanf Boyd, Tulsa: Naihan E. Brad- ley, Goodwell, Okla.. B.S. '66, Panhandle ASM. Raymond E. Brady, Tulsa, BA. '66, OU: Virginia A. Bush, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66. CSC: Clifford K. Callaway, Berhany: Jay P. Cannon, Wirr, Okla., BA. '59, OU and B.S. '65, Soufhwesrern Sfare: Alfredo Carlaya, Miami, Fla.: David Clark, Del Cily, BA. '63, Washingion U. Siephen J. Cook, Shawnee: P. Dale Cosgrove, McAlesler, B.S. '66, OSU: Marilyn J. Crouch, Berhany, B.S. '66, Belhany, Nazarene: Frank P. Crowe, Beihany, B: H. Wayne Currey, Grand Junc- lion, Colorado, BA. '65, Colorado Slaie: Daniel R. Davis, Gadag, lndia, B.A. '66, Belhany Nazarene. Ralph Day, Hanover, New Hampshire, BS. '62, U. oi N.l-l.: Jimmy D. Dixon, Seminole, B.S. '66, OU. Thomas A. Dodson, Oklahoma Clly: Hugh E. Eddy, Oklahoma Cily, B.S, '6l, Oregon Siaie and B.S. '66, U. of Oregon: William L. Fesler, Elgin, B.S. '64 OBU and M.S. '66, OU: James E. Freed, Okla- homa Ciry, BS. '66, Oklahoma Chrisiian. Harry D. Galoob, Healdlon, B.S. '66, OU: Everefle N. Gibbens, Oklahoma Ciiy: James M. Gilbert Berhany, B..A. '66, Beihany Nazarene: Roy Nafhan Granfham, Jr., Gage, BA. '66, Phillips U.: Law- rence J. Gregg, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '66, OU. J. Leon Gregslon, Oklahoma Cily: Thomas J. Han- son, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, OU: Lynn H. Harri- son, Jr., Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '66, Yale: Phillips R. Harwell, Oklahoma Cily: Sfevphen W. Haskew, Branson, Mo. Jael E. Holloway, Midwesl Ciiy, B.S. '66, OU: Rob- ERT S. Hood, Norman, BA. '66, OU: Carl T. Hook, Weaiheriord, B.S. '66, Soulhweslern Slale: Paul A. Howard, Oklahoma Ciry, .S. '66, OSU: Thomas R. Howard, Claremore, B.S. '65, U. ol: Tulsa. Roberi E. Hudson, Muskogee, B.S. '66, Wesimln- srer: Fred M. Hursi, Jr., Ponca Cily, BA. '66, OU: Norman K. lmes, Jr., Del Cily, BS. '66, OU: Herberl' L. Ingham, Jr., Ponca Ciiy, B.S. '66, OU: Earl F. Johnson, Oklahoma Cify, B.S. '66, CSC. James M, Johnsfon, Edmond, B.S. '66, CSC, Garry Wayne Kelly, Belhany, B.S. '66, CSC, James B. Kin- ney, Jr., lnglewood, Calif., B.S. '65, OCC, Donald H. Laasch, Oklahoma Cily, B.A. '66, Lewis College, Anlhony Lenz, Laverne, B.S. '64, Souihwesrern Siafe, Guy D. Leveaux, Norman, B.A. '66, Yale. Mary Ella Logan, Oklahoma Cilv, B.A. '66, OCU: Wallace B. Love, Tulsa, B.S. '66, OU, Richard Marfin, Prvor, B.S. '67, OSU, Millon A. Meinhardf, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, OU, Myron K. Meinhardr, Oklahoma Cily, BS. '66, OU, Siephen C. Mills, Slillwaler, B.S. '66, OSU. Harry C. Moore, Oklahoma Cilv, B.S. '6l, Soulii- wesfern Slale, James L, Morris, Oklahoma Cilv, B.A. '66, Slanlord: Evere'H M. Murphy, Tulsa. B.S. 66, OSU, Muhammad S. Musrafa, Ramallah, Jord- an, B.S. '65, Texas Wesleyan, Charles A. Ogle, Broken Arrow, Carl L. Osborn, Oklahoma Cily. Neal A. PickeH, Jr., Elk Cily, B.S. '66, Soufhweslern Sfafe, Larry M. Prafer, Tulsa, B.A. '66, OU, Jerry E. Rhodes, Oklahoma Cilvg Ray E. Rhodes, Jr., Purcell, B.S. '66, OU, David L. Richardson, Tulsa, B.S. '66, Norlheaslern Slaleg Darvin R. Rifchie, Pueblo, Colorado, B.A. '66, Colorado U. Mark C. Riffenhouse, Oklahoma Cify, B.A. '66, OSU- Terrance A. Robinson, Ml. Clemens, Mich., B.S. '66, Adrian College, Sfephen Rodgers, Forl Worlh, Texas, John Sacra, Pauls Valle, Sfephen A. Samuelson, Tulsa, B.A. '65, Washinglon U, Michael A. Sarfin, Oklahoma Cily. Lee E. Schoeffler, Broken Arrow, B.S. '66, Norih- easlern Srale, Bennie B. SCOH, Wolfe Ciiy, Texas, B.S. '66, Easl Texas Srale, R. Douglas Shaw, Okla- homa Cify, B.S. '67, OU, Gene R. Smilh, Jr., Alva, B.S. '66, U. of l-louslon, Gerald A. Snider, Tulsa, BS, '65, U. ol Tulsa, Darrell L. Speed, Oklahoma ony, 5.5. '64, ou. William H. Sfipe, Tulsa, B.A. '66, Yale, Richard E. Sfone, Oklahoma Cily, 8.5. '66, OU, Mike S+ra++on, Srillwafer, B.S. '66, OSU, Neal K. Sufhers, Arnelh B.S. '66, OSU, Perry T. Taaca, Oklahoma Cifvi George H. Thompson, Oklahoma Cily, B,S. '66, CSC. Larry D. Underwood, Moore, Richard Wallralh, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, Easl Cenlral Sfale, Sam- uel A. Wheeler, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '66, OSU: Timolhy K. Wilken, Tyrone, Robefi' D. Williams, Forl Cobb, B.A. '66, OU, Terry Jeff Williams, Cordell, B.S. '66, Oklahoma Chrislian. Junior DON RAHHAL WYNN MABRY MARY ANN WIGHT President Vice-President Secretary ophomores Complete Basic Sciences With just a brief respite from the trauma and tri- umphs of our first year. the title of MS ii was solemn- ly stamped upon us by the sagacious registrar. We stormed the bastions of the second year with an Esprit de Corps developed under the combat conditions of the first. Ms ii's are shrewd and cunning animals, The ac- quired judgment and acumen of past experience alert- ed us that a fifteen pound pathology text was an evil omen. Yet by the end of our first battery of exams, our paranoid tendencies were dissipated and we got down to th: business of preparing ourselves for the day that we must recognize and integrate data pre- Hey guys, grade iv eye grounds!! sented to us by a distressed patient. Trudging to class with Robbins and perhaps a stadium cushion, the dis-eased patient took on morphological and physiological proportions. Pharmacology filled a dc- sire to do something positive for the patient. Physical diagnosis and clinical courses introduced us to the University Hospital. In the spring, reams of notes were hastily reviewed as National Boards loomed on the horizon. Perhaps only the thought of facing real problems in thc third year kept us going during those hard days, and the feeling of accomplishment .after- wards will always be a unique experience for each of us. You mean all that came from my hair? Some of Dr. Bulmers most interesting "Microbiology" slidex ure xtudietl in great detuil. The muin objective in uuseultation of the heurt ix Q The ability to enjoy 21 lecture is a skill to be learned. ls this line on the gruph for reul. or is it just another fudge fuetoril t g 1 em X r . sm' K i 87 Class of 19 1 Edward A. Abernelhy, Enid. BS. '67 OU' H. Wil- liam Allred Jr., Tulsa, B.S. '67, Novheasrern Stale, Alfredo R. AnfoneHi, Wichila Falls Tek, BS. '67, lvlidweslern U, Larry D. Balzer, Hooker, BS, '67, Panhandle Slaie, David W, Bank, Enid, B.S, '67, Norfhwesrern Slale, Clislo D. Beafy, Scof' APB, lll,, B.S, '67 OSU. Charles F. Belhea, Jr., Barrlesville, 5.6. 67, OU' Philip C. Bird, Oklahoma Ciry B.S. :7 OU: John W. Blaschke, Oklalroma Cily, H. Chris Brown, Tulsa, Ronald L, Brown, Ponca Cily, BS, 67, OSU7 Mark Allan Capeharl, Tulsa. James E. Carley, Tulsa, BA. '67, Weslrninsleit Roberl G. Cafes, Aloka, BS. '67, OU' James A. Chapman, Oklahoma Cily, James R, Clallin, Wa- kila: Janice Elaine Clark, Tulsa, BS. '67 U of Tulsa: Thomas H. Coe, Oklahoma Cid BS, '67, CSC. Sfephen B. Coker, Midwesi Cily, Bruce W. Collier, Enid, Terry L. Collins, San Anlorio, Tax: David J. Confer, Oklahoma Cily, B.S, '67, OU' John H. Cook, Muskogee. BS, '66, OSU: John V. Coon, Henryella. Larry R. Demas, Oklahoma Ciry, Michael G. Dem- ing, Colorado Springs. Colo.: Jean Ann Dorsey, Alva, James L. Dunagin, Oklahoma Cilv- Sam L. Earnesl, Slillwaler, Ronald B. Easley, Oklahoma Ciry, BS. '64, OBU, MS, '66, OU PhD. 68 OU, R. Richar.d Edde, Oklahoma Cily, ES, 67 CSC? Barry C. Esrig, Loni: Beach, N.Y. BA. 67 Syra- cuse: Joe G. Eagan, Porca City, ES. 67, OU? Sue Ann Fankhouser, Oklahoma Cin BS, 60 and MS. '65, Kansas Slale, Yvonne Fine, Oklahoma Cily, BS. '57, OSU' Andrew W. Fisher, Barlles- ville, B.A. '67, U ol Kansas. Pafrick D. Filzgerald, Oklahoma Cily BA, '67, OU: Roberl A. Framplon, Spanish Fork, Urah3 Bruce D. Fried, Hollis, BS. 67, OBU, John K. Ghan, Okla- homa Cily, Amnon Gimpelevilz, Jerusalem, Israel, William J. Graham, Oklahoma City. Bobby Eugene G-ulhery, Broken Bow- J. Kenf Ham- il+on, Oklahoma Cily, Bfx, '67, Bafor- William D. Hamilfon, Wilburlon, Roy Eugene Hardman, San Anlonio. Tex., B.S. '65, Trinily U, James A. Hassel, Ponca Ciiy, BA. '67, OSU, Harold H. Hasfon, Del Ciw, BS, '67, OU' Conrad A. Henry, Slilwell, BS, '67, Norlheaslern Sla+e. Tommy L. Hewefl, Elmoie Cily, BS, 67 Easl Cen- lral, John Richard Higgins, Alva ES, '67 Norlh- wesler' Slare: Richard Olen Hubbard, Oklahoma Cily, BS, '66, CSC, Phillip Leonard lsham, Okla- homa Cily, BS. '67, CSC, Don Richard Ishmael, Oklahoma Cily, BA. '67, OCU, Donald Lee James, Norman, B.S. '65, OU: Sleven Dee Jimerson, El Reno, BA. '67, OU. John B. Kamp, Oklahoma Cily: Anlhony Dwain Keys, Velma, B.S. '67, OU: Roberf C. King, Del Cily: Roberi W. King, Oklahoma Cily: Ron Mich- ael Kreger, Tonkawa: Buddy Lynn LeCrone, Ring- wood, B.S. '67, CSC. Miichell W. Levenlhal, Brooklyn, N.Y., B.S, '67, Long lsland U: Anihony E. Loehr, Miami: John walier Long, Beaver, Pa., B.S. '66, U oi Pillsburgh: Kevin David Lowe, Albuquerque, N.M.: Earl Win- fers Mabry, Enid, BA. '67, Darlmouih: Michael Bailey McCariy, Oklahoma Ciiy, B.S. '67, OU. Charles Kim McClean, Porlsmoulh, Nl-l., B.S. '67, OU: Phillip Lee McCown, Oklahoma Ciiy: Ricky Lynn McElreaih, Midwesl Cily: Michael David Mc- Gehee, Shawnee, BA. '66, Drew U: Kennefh Allan McGinnis, Clovis, N.M,, B.S. '67, Easlern N.M. U: Dalion B. Mclnnis, Oklahoma Ciiy, BA. '67, Wesl- minsier. William D. McMains, Oklahoma Cily, BA, '67, OCU: Joe Mendoza, Chanule, Kansas: Jack E. Meicall, l-lollis: James P. Meicalf, Allus: Danny Minor, Wichila, Kansas, BS. '64, Oklahoma Chris- fian College: William N. Morris, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. '67, CSC. John M. Morrison, Oklahoma Cily: Palrick Louis Mullens, Tulsa: Roberi David Ornih, Mamaroneck, N.Y,, B.S. '65, U ol Wisconsin: Marvin Dale Pey- ion, Cushing, B.S. '67, OSU: Gordon Leigh Phil- lips, Geary, BA. '67, OU: Pal Pugh, Moore, BA. 60, Vanderbill. Don K. Rahhal, Clinlon, BA. '64 and M.S. '67, OU: Palmer Ryburn Ramey, Lawlon: Linda Kay Reed. Duncan, BS. '67, OSU: David Augusiine Ronk, Lawlon: John Andrew Roye, Sligler, B.S. '67, Norlheaslern Slale: Sian Simon Shrago, Sioux Cily, iowa. Kennefh Roger Shryock, Enid, BA. '67, Phillips U: Earl Edgar Srnifh, Tulsa: James Marlin Smilh, Mid- Wesl Cily, BA. '66 and MA, '67, OU: Larry Ev- ereH Smiih, Alva, BS. '67, Norihweslern Slale: Alanson Reed Spalding, Oklahoma Cily, BA. 67, Vanderbill: William R. Sieiler, Oklahoma Cily. Clinion Riley Sirong, El Reno: William Ashley Tal- bol, Fl. Worih, Texas. BA. '67, OU: Addison E. Thurman, Enid, B.S. '65, Soulhweslern Slale and M.S. '67, Tulane: Marlin A. Tippie, Barilesville, E.S. '67, OSU: Galen Bruce Toews, Kremlin, BA. '67, Tabor College: Richard Trauiman, Oklahoma Cilv B.S. '64, OSU. Timofhy A. Walker, Oklahoma Ciiy: David Wil- liam Walsh, Oklahoma Ciiy, BA. '67, OCU: John Ronald Waison, Oklahoma Ci+y, BS, '64, Lanqs- ron U3 Mary Anne Wighi, Enid, BA, '67, Our Lady ol 'rhe Lake College: Sidney Dalfon Williams, Sfillwaler: Keiih Oliver Wilson, Pond Creek, B.S. 65, OU: Damaris Sue Young, Oklahoma Ciiy. Sophomore DAVID CASPER JAMES DRAKE President Vice-President PEGGY WISDOM Secretary-Treasurer Freshmen Begin Long Ordeal A venerable silver-haired gentleman informed us of the privilege of dissecting the human body . . . and we began. The following months found us unravelling the mystery of homo sapien-his origins, his structure, and perhaps even his raisen d'etre. We observed the human embryo, the tissues and organs, and the central nervous system. We toiled along the neural highways but never could lind the road signs for disturbances in affect. primary gain, or repressed feelings. We managed to overcome morphology and progressed on to function. The "Creed" of the Biochemistry Depart- ment was absolute diligence to molecular biology, in- The ambient rectal temperature of the English Sparrow , , . termediate metabolism, and bile acids. lt was a con- stant source of wonder to us that alligators could not exidize side chains and that electrons could dance along an enzyme chain. As spring came, so did physiology. delicately scented from Los Angeles. The transducer and bright- ly colored marbles romping down a slide were a com- mon phenomenon. While the renal lectures were wat- ered down, excellent class scores on the National Board linal were a tribute to a progressive medical education. Fall will come . . . and we will continue. X For those who haven't guessed, this is called . . his Mun con1pzn'ed with the chimpA and losing? To see. I0 touch. to lcurn!!!! And ynu complain than j'UlI'l'l' got Z1 hcuduchc!! If I xxx v. N ll" I xtill durfl understand' L . A.,. ..7-... , ,N ,KA I , ..,-, wrt 'X Q Ki 9I Class of 1972 Thomas A, Avery, Barllesville: Diane Bear, Pills- burgh, Pa, B.S. '68, San dieoo Sfale: Rober? Harlin Beasley, Jr., Carneoie: Rick D, Beller, Ada: Ron- ald James Bergman, Bay Cily, Mich., M.S. Ohio Slafe: Carole M. Berliner, Camden N,J. Thomas Roy Bryanf, Okmuloee: John Alfred Bullen, Dallas, Tex.: Duane A. Burroughs, Alva, BS. 68 Norlhweslern: Donald E. Cagle, Lawlon: David Gary Casper, Del Cifyt John Coe, Tulsa, BA. '68 Kansas U. William Wesley Cook lll, Norman, BS. '63, OU? George Benfon Cooper, Okmulgee, BA, '68, OU: William Lewis Corporan, Oklahoma Cily, HA. 67, Phillips U' Paul Harvey Davis, Kolar. lndia, AB, '68, Belhany Nazarene Coll: Marsha Delaney, Ok- lahoma Cily, BA, '68, OCUQ Harold Wayne Diers, Sheboygan, Wis. William Howard Downham, Jr., Shawnee, B.S. '63, Cenlral Slale: James Edwin Drake, Okmulqee: Paul L. Dudley, Claremore, B.S. '67, OU: Terry Lance Due, Duncan, BA. '68, OU: John Kei+h Earl, Tul- sa, B.S. '68, OU: Ronald Louis Ercolani, Allus. Royice Berl Everefl, Erick, B.S. '68, OBU: Ralph B. Fillmore, Oklahoma Cifyg Jerry Dale Firsi, Tulsa, BS. '68, OU: Michael Frank, Oklahoma Ciry, M.S, '68, OU: Roberi Gerner, Badlesvilie BA. '68, U, ol Kansas: Larry Gene Goss, Lawlor Williams Grifiifhs, Missoula, Montana, MS. 67, OSU: Richard Hugo Grimm, Jr., Pauls Valley BA. '68, OU: Kafhryn Hale, Beqgs: David Hamblin, Okla, lDel Cilyl: William Cornelius Hamillon, Jr., Ponca Cily: James E. Hanlon, Muskogee. Joseph Sfeven Hargis, Tulsa, 5.5, '68 OU: Haskell Head, Slioler, 3.5. '68, Norrheaslern Slale: James Henderson, Ponca Cify, BS. '68, OU: James Ed- ward Henrich, Oklahoma Cily, BS. '68, OSU: ROSS Hensley, Wealherlord, 5.5. '68, Soulhweslern: Don Richard Hess, Billinqs, 5.5. '67, Cenlral Slale. Don Duvall Howe, Ponca Cily, BA. '68, Wesl- minsler: Paul Hull, Tulsa: Jerry HyaH', Edmond? Roberi Kern Jackson, Oklahoma Ci+y: David N. Kahn, Oklahoma Cily, B.S. l68, OU, Zev Kahn, Ok- lahoma Cily. Michael Karasek, Bavlesville: John M. Kessinger, Oklahoma Cily: EvereH Kno++, Mani-lord, BS, 64 OSU: James Andrew Lewis, Tulsa, BS. '68, OU: Don Allen Mace, Edmond: Gerry Lee Maddoux, Mayfield, M.S. '68, Soulhweslern Stare: David Paul Malsenbaugh, Oklahoma Cily. Richard Paul Mayeux, Oklahoma Cily, 8.A. '68, OSU: James William McLeod, Ardmore: John William McReynolds, Oklahoma Cily, 8.A. '68, Norlh Texas Slafe: Paul Richard Meyer, Oklahoma Cily: Roberl Wa+son Miles, Anadarko' Larry Carl Minnick, Tulsa, 8.5. '68, OSU, George Waller Moore, Enid 8.A. '68, Phillips U' Michael Ted Moore, Midwesl Cily: Charles H. Manqum, 8.5. '68, Soulhweslern Sfale: Jerry Sfeve Morgan, Red Oak: Roberl Oliver Morlon, Duncan- Linda Lee Nassif, Tulsa, 8.8. '68, Tulsa U, Roberl Dan Oliver, Oklahoma Cilv 8.5. '68, Cen- lral Slale: Peyfon Edward Osborne, Oklahoma Cilv: Ronald Phillip Painfon, Alva, 8.S., Norfh- weslern Srale: Kay Linda Parkhurs+, Phillipines, 8.5. '68, Arkansas U: Dale Gene Park, Tulsa, 8.5. '68, OSU: Larry Leander Palchell, Pauls Valley, 8.A. '68, DePauw U. Philip Perryman, Jr., Tulsa, 8.S. '68, Tulsa U: Nalh- an M. Pollack, Tulsa, 8.A, '65. 8oslon U: James Lewis Pool, Tulsa, 8.5. '68, Tulsa U: William Lloyd Power, McAlesler' lra Priluck, Massachusells, A.8. '68, Indiana U: Sandra Ramer, Oklahoma Cilv 8.18, '68, OU. Richard Redman, Gulhrie, 8.5. '67, OU: Edd Rhoades, Jr., Chickasha: Georgene Schmeckpeper, Oak Park, lllirois, M.A. '5i, lllinois U: Glenn Wil- liam Schoewhals, Shafluck: Richard Schuhmacher, Alva, A.8. '68 OU: Alan R, Seay, Elk Cily, Henry Thomas Se+hney, Tulsa, 8.A. '68, Wesl- minsler: Fred George Silva, Il, Oklahoma Cify, 8.5. '68, OU: Douglas Carier Smifh, Tulsa, 8.5. '68, Belhany Nazarene: Bruce Clifion Sfanfon, Mc- Aleslerg Larry Robert S+einer, Wearherlord, 8.8. '68, OSU: Mchael Jon Sullivan, l-larrah. Carol Ann Talaclci, Hunfinqlon Valley, Pa., 8.8. '68, U ol Penn: Cary Allen Tames, New York, 8.5. '68, Lonq Island U: Roberi Kin Wai Tang, Hong Kong: Charles Thomason, Slillwaler: Roberl Thompson, Allus: John Tiplon, Marella, Karen Sue Vore, Guvmon, 8.5. '68, Norlhwesfern Slale: Joseph B. Walcher, Il, Oklahoma Cly: Roger Dale Walker, Claremore, 8.8. '68, OU: Ronald Lewis Wall, Lawlon: Daniel Glywn Walfers, Okla- homa Cily, 8.5. '68, OU: Rodney Wayne Webb, Webbers Falls, 8.5. '68, O8U. Michael Louis Weber, Okeene: James Roberf Wendelken, Miami, 8.5. '68, Univ. oi Tulsa: Paul Roberl Whilwam, Sarila Pe. lNl.M., 8.8. '68, lNlor+h- wes'ern Slafe' Charles Viclor Williams, ll, Tulsa E.A. '68, OU: Peggy Wisdom, Alva, 8.5. '68 Nor'rhwes'ern Smale: Willard M. Woods, Jr., Okla- homa Cily: John J. Zavoshy, Caliiornia. 8.A. '68, Slanislaus Slare. Freshmen The Graduate College, Medical Center The University of Oklahoma graduate College. Medical Center. has as its primary goal the education of its students in the bio-medical sciences. The Center offers programs leading to the degrees of Master of Public Health. Master of Science. Doctor of Public Health and Doctor of Philosophy. Any student who is admitted to the Graduate College may take a variety ot courses whether he is seeking a degree or not. The graduate program in the Medical Center is under the general supervision ofthe Dean of the Grad- uate College who is located on the Norman campus. but is administered by the Associate Dean-Graduate College on the Medical Center campus. The past year has seen the establishment of the University of Oklahoma School of Health at the Medi- cal Center. and this added six new departments offer- ing graduate degree programs. The new school will aid in the amelioration of an acute shortage of health manpower for work in community health services in the State and in the region. Dr. John Allison and Joe Penny have an informal skull session. That little nubbin on the right works the thingamahoh on the left. and the whatchaeallit appears on the screen, 'sf' .fi 4 f 2 . gg.-. gfzf Q Y 'wr j tl' ,5-vim-kv, Kimi at work. a common sight. ' 0 5: t'f 11 womztnk rule in llfc to N11 et iw Nnw add the. vcrmuuth cltrefullyi if Q ififffl QW . A get - R K Vhc instructur uf the future. perhztpx more interesting and more fun. Now that Mickey Mouse Club is '4 0 , ,Q -1. Ylnfill' over, what do you wunt to watch? If iw? 0 . D. Candidates Karen Alcins, Eiosfar-Epidern: Muhammad Ali, Eirr. cheni-,rrw Tarilc l. Alieboori, Lab Pmclice: John B. Amadio, Hllh. Adm.: Marlene Appley, Anaromu Cornelius Askew, Biosraf-Epidern: Josephine Ban- neriee, Palholooy: Alman J. Barker, Hllh. Adm Wesley S. Beaver, Biol. Psy.: Charles S. Benson, Human Ecology' John C. Bess, Comm. Disorders' Owen Blaclc, Biochemislrw Roberi C. Bowers, PM and PH' Allen E. Boysen, Comm. Disorders' Max D. Bozarlh, Comm. Diso'ders' William F. Brandy, Comm. Disorders. James D. Brockmeier, Biol. Psy.: Dale L. Campbeli, Biochemislry: Lynn D. Carr, Human Ecolo ff George B. Carroll, Environ. Hllh.: Frank Chan. Anaiomy' Ching-Shyong Chen, Biochemislry: David C. Cheung, Biochemisiry: Naolci Chiba, Biochemf isrrf. Alec C. Chou, Ph-,fsioiooyq James P. Cosliloe, Bioslfil-Epidem' Joe Dan Couller, Biol. Ps.: Pamela Ann Craiger, Comm. Disorders: Jeplha W. Dalfson, l-lllh. Adm.: Randolph E. Deal, Comm. Disorders: Dale C. Delano, Environ. Hlrh: John M Dennis, Comm. Disorders, Roberi F. Devlin, Microloiolooy: John W. Drake, Biochemislry: Kimilro Dugan, Anatomy: Norman E. Dyer, Environ. l-ll'h.: Carole M. Eliason, Hllh. Adm.: Fereshleh Farhi, Microbiolouv' Slan Ferguson, Bio- s-if-Epiderm' Philip R. Fine, Environ. Hllh. William W. Finley, Biol. Psy.: Earl D. Follr, Bioswr- Epidem.: John A. Fosler, Physiology: M. Rebecca Fosler, Biochemislrv: Reginald H. Franlx, Enviro Hlrh.: James M. Gilliam, Biochemislry: Siephen J. Girsch, Biochemisiry: Pe+er Gluslcer, Biol. Psy. Maury G. Gollob, Human Ecoloqy: Venus B. Go- mez, Sioslaf-Epidern: Franlr S. Goflr, Biosfal-Eo- dem: Calherine L. Gregg, Biochemislry: Alan S. Grubb, Hamer Ecolooy: Dale S. Gurunaniappa. Bios'a+-Epidernx Yezid Gu+ierrez, Lab. Pracrice' Wayne R. Hanson, Cornrn. Disorders. William G. Harless, Biostar-Epidem.: Frances C. Hari, Hllh. Adm.: Pafriclc J. Hari, Human Ecolo- riyg Marilyn D. Henry, Physiology: Elizabe+h B. Hensler, l-lllh. Adm.: Lawrence W. Hinclr, Lab. Prfadice' Joan A. Holloway, Biol. Psy.: Sfewarl Hoover, Environ. Hllln. Charles N. Howard, Biochemisrry: Henry H. Huang, Piochemislry' Philip C. Hughes, Biol. Psvy George W. lngels, PM and PH' Lewis H. Irving, PM ard PH' Charles L. Jaclcson, Hlrh. Adm.: Vic- lor L. Jaclrson, Human Ecolorqy: Palricia Jamison. l-lllh. Adm. Cynlhia L. Janes, Biol. Psy.: John W. Jansen. Comm. Disorders: Alberl T. Joern, Biol. Psy.: Leslie D. Johnson, Biochemfslry' Ben M. Jones, Biol. Ps.: Kennefh O. Jones, Comm. Disorders: John H. Kalb- fleisch, Eioslar-Eoidemx Lawrence W. Kealing, Comm. Disordeis, Future Acadenue Leaders Edward K. Lai, Biochemis+ryt James E. Lanlcford, Comm, Disorders' Michael B. Laslcowslii, Physioloriy: Sis+er Lourdes Leal, Comm, Disorders: Richard W. Leu, Microbioloqy: Ching Lung Liu, Lab. Pmcliceg Mary Ann Lively, Comm. Disorders: Dean D. Loclc- wood, Comm. Disorders. Charles A. Lovig, Biochemisrry: Larry Magnuson, lrlllh. Adm.: Chi C. Mao, Physiology: Melody J. Marshall, l-lumen Ecology: Roberi' C. Marshall, Comm. Disorders: Vincen+ Marshall, Microbiology: William R. Mafhews, PM and PH: Theodore D. McClure, Analomy. Waller J. McConafhy, Biochemisiry: Franlc McDon- ald, Comm. Disorders: Marlr T. McDowall, Comm. Disorders: Vifilliam A. Meissner, Comm. Disorders: Franklin J. Milianli. Comm. Disorders: Waller M. Moore, PM and PH: Ahmad S. Nasir, Environ. Hllhg Viola M. Neill, Microbiology. Mavis L. Niclcels, Biochemisiry: John E. Norion, Microbiology: Glenda J. Ochsner, Comm. Disord- ers: Pefer A. O'Mara, Biol. Psy.: James D. Orlen, Human Ecolooy' David Eldon Palm, Comm. Dis- orders: Donald E. Parlcer, Biosiiif-Epidem.: George Parlihursi, Eiochemi-Jr, James Parlchursl, Biochemisiry: Roberl' G. Paul, Comm. Disorders: Olen T, Pederson, Comm. Dis- orders' Joe Penny, Arafomy' Roberf J. Person. Biol. Psy.: Arlhur V. Prancan, Physioloqy: Herberi G. Richelc, l-lumfiii Ecoloflxfi Howell W. Rogers, Microbiolooy. James A. Rosalcer, Parhology: Roberf L. Russell, Comm. Disorders: Joseph Salamy, Biol. Psy.: Frank E. Sansone, Comm. Disorders: J. Edward Schneider, Biochemisrry: Marfha J. Scifres, Comm. Disorders. Francisco M. Serrano, Bioslai-Epidem.: Fawzi B. Shaya, Pail-iolooy. C. Dene Simpson, Biol. Psy.: John K. Snodgrass. Human Ecolooy: Sondra M. Snow, Comm, Disord ers' Michael S. Snyder, Pharmacology: Lura A. Solomon, Physioloqy: Anfal E. Solyom, Biochem- isiryi Raymond D. Sfewarf, Bioslfii-Epidemg War- ren W. Sfinson, Aimlomy David W. Siroman, Biochemisfry: Jaclr R. Taclrer, Microbiology: Yu-Lin Tai, Biochemisiry: Richard E. Talbofl, Comm. Disorders: Billy K. S. Tam, Bio- chemislry: Eugene Tan, Biochemisiry: Ralph E. Tarier, Biol. Psy.: John Todd. l-llrh. Adm. Rolaerl' Todd, Eiiyirori, i-Il+h.: Kuei K. Tsai, Bio- chemisiryg Su-Hsin Tung, Physiology: George M. Vallcocich, Biochemislry: A. Hale Vandermer, En- viron. Hlih.: Donald R. Vardiman, Biol. Psy.: Chi- sun Wang, Biochemisrry: Charles C. Weddle, Bic- Cliomislrg.. Reber? L. While, Ariafomy: Roberf Whiiiehead. Comm. Disorders: M. Elizabelh Wiebe, l-lumar Eiicloiy: Wolfgang Wober, Biochemisfry: Nancy Wu, Biochemislry: Aniece Yunice, Environ. l-lllli.: Waller J. Zefuslcy, Biochemisiry. Masters Candidates Norman Adams, Paiholoqy: Warren C. Aldridge, Hllh. Adm.: Marilyn L. Anihony, Comm. Disord- ers: Julia N. Arnold, Unclassified: Donna L. Bahler, Comm, Disorders' Onah K. Bayless, Hllh, Adm.: Elizabefh K. Binford, Comm. Disorders. Karen L, Black, Hlrh. Adm.: Ruben L. Bley, Bio- chemisiry: Phyllis M. Brodie, Unclassilied: Janice A. Buckner, Microbiology: Kay L. Burris, Microbiol- oqy' Jack Cearley, Environ. Hlrhg Linda K. Cole, Comm. Disorders. Roberi' D. Coleman, Environ, Hlih.: James E. Compfon, Hlrh. Adm.: Roberi' S. Conrad, Micro.: Sharran Cowan, Comm. Disorders: Sharon E. Coz- zens, Unclassiiied: Sherry A. Crews, Comm. Dis- orders: Richard H, Crook, Microloioloqy. Olivia L. Davis, Comm. Disorders: Peggy L. Deck- erl, Physiology: Alberl' E. Dorr, Bioslal-Epidem: Arnold T. Duke, Hllh, Adm.: Michele S. Dunn, Comm, Disorders: Thompson Eddy, Hllh, Adm.: Phoebe Fagan, Biosrar-Epidem, John D. Ferguson, Lab, Pracrice: Vernon J. Ficken, Environ. Hlfh.: Larry A. Fowler, Hlfh. Adm.: David O, Galloway, Lab, Pracrice: Lynda B. Geron, Comm. Disorders: Suzanne Greenwood, Comm. Dis- orders' Carolyn J. Hall, Comm. Disorders. Clyde G. Hamer, l-lllh, Adm.: Bennie A. Hargrave, Hlrh, Adm.: Rosemary K. Harkins, Analomy: Pa- 'rricia A. Hawkins, Microbioloqy: Sandra S. Healh- erly, Lab. Pracfice: Nancy J. Hedges, Unclassified: Jane K. Henson, Unclassified. Barbara S. Henfhorn, Human Ecology: Herschel L. Hobson, Environ. Hlih.: Jack H. Hoskins, Hlrh. Adm.: Charles E, Huffman, Environ, Hllh.: Mary H. Jennings, Unclassified: David E. Jusius, Lab. Prac- lice: Shirley J. Kay, Comm. Disorders, Charles E. Kei+hley, Unclassified: Bernhard J. F. Kramer, Environ. Hlrh.: Timofhy R, Kramer, Micro- biology: David N. Lankford, Environ. l-lllh.: Donald V. Lassiier, Environ. Hlrh.: Cafherine V. Lewis. Comm, Disorders: Min-Shu Louis Lin, Palholoqy. An Investment I The Future Douglas M. Livingston, Environ. Hlth.: Clyde A. Lynn, PM and PH: Mary E. MacNab, Comm. Dis- orders' Zenaida D. Magdamo, Unclassitied: Ron- ald F. Maly, Environ. Hlth.: Jimmy Martin, Anato- my: Ronald R. Maxwell, Microbiology. Evelyn L. Maxwell, PM and PH: Claire l. Mays, Unclassitied: Harold W. Meyers, Comm. Disord- ers: Gloria A. Moeller, Comm. Disorders: John A. Mohr, Microbiology: Patrick W. Monroe, Micro- biology: Judy A. Moore, Comm. Disorders. Norma J. Morehead, Comm, Disorders: Ralph O. Morgan, Hlth. Adm.: Jimmy L. Newby, Comm. Disorders: Erma J. Newman, Hlth. Adm.: William Nisimblat, Hlth. Adm: Jacque L. Noll, Comm. Disorders: Robert E. Nordquist, Pathology. Matthew M. Pastore, Comm. Disorders: Polly S. Patrick, Comm. Disorders: Billie K. Payne, Comm. Disorders: James T. Price, Microbiology: Helen C. Purdue, Comm. Disorders: Lynda J. Rabuclc, Comm. Disorders: Anna M. Ramey, Comm. Disorders, Janet Riddle, Nursing: B. Glenn Robinson, Lab. Practice: Jean L. Rogers, Unclassitied: Lonnie D. Russell, Anatomy: Leonard C. Ryan, Biochemistry: Lucille Samartin, Comm. Disorders: Tommy J. Sanders, Hlth. Adm. Margaret E. Seiler, Unclassitied: Kathleen A. Shaft, Unclassitied: Barbara E, Shipley, Comm. Disorders: James W. Smith, Hlth. Adm.: Judie M. Smith. Comm, Disorders: Charles R. Steves, Unclassitied: Carol L. Temple, Comm. Disorders. Eldred W. Testut, Comm. Disorders: William A. Turner, Environ. Hlth.: Myrna Valentine, Hlth Adm.: Charlene P. Vavricelc, Unclassitied: June C. Vittes, Hlth. Adm.: Rebecca M. Wallcer, Human Ecology, R. Elizabeth Wallace, Comm. Disorders. Robert A. Warner, Hlth. Adm.: Douglas A. West, Comm, Disorders: Dorothy D. Whitcomb, Comm. Disorders: Ronald E. Whorton, Hlth. Adm.: Caro- lyn J. Windham, Unclassitied: lva S. Winn, Hlth Adm.: Doris E. Young, Comm, Disorders. NURSING SCHODI. CDUNCII.-SIiA'I'IiD: Dena Tcis, linda Crotty, Betty Ifischer. Kathy Smith, Nancy Ilunt, Alma Jansing, Patricia Silk, Barbara Conway. STANDING: llcrmoinc Traccncll, Karen Carstenscn. Licnic D'lloosteIoct'c. ursing School Council 8: Delta Alpha The Nursing Council, the executive body for the school of nursing. is composed of the student body officers, class presidents, Delta Alpha and OSSNA representatives, and fac- ulty advisors. The main functions of the council are to improve student-faculty relations and to pro- vide social and recreational activities for the student body. The annual Christmas Party. where Miss OUSN is crowed, is the highlight event of the year. Miss OUSN is chosen from the class able to raise the most money from their adopted financial projects. Delta Alpha is the honor society of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma School of Nursing. The purposes and aims of this society include: 1.5 recognition of scholastic achievement of superior quality 2.5 recognition of the development of lead- ership qualities 3.5 the fostering of high professional stand- ards 4.5 the encouragement of creative work, and 5.5 strengthening the commitment of indi- viduals tothe ideals and purposes of the profession of nursing. DELTA ALPHA-SEATED: Hermoinc Tracewcll, Linda Crotty, Betty Pitts, Karen Carstcnscn, Lee Pennington. STANDING: Sister Gurdak, Cornelia Chaney, Michelle Sykes, Dena Teis, Nancy Hunt, Karen Gerliards, Alma Jansing, .lintmie Cash, Ann Rush. Senior ursing Gfficers I-Iva Zcllcr, Sec., Gcnic Ullosslclzxcre, President, Ingred Hogue. Vice-Pros.. Mary Ju Whaley, Trcusurcr Junior ursing fficers Sharon Slricklcr, Red Cross Rep., Ann Rush, Sec-Tres: Valerie Fox, Vice Presidentg Bonnie Mitchell, Lump Slutlg Hlifuhclh lfishcr, Prcsiclcnl Senior ursing Students Having completed 4 years of requirements the sen- iors eagerly await the attainment of a BSN. The sched- ule consists of 2 years of general education courses and 2 ye.ars of clinical practice which includes funda- mentals of nursing, medical-surgical, obstetrics-pedi- atrics, psychiatric and public health nursing. The graduate is prepared to assume her professional posi- tion on the health team or to enter graduate school. There was a tremendous Esprit de Corps exhibited by the seniors this year. Despite the hustle and bustle, each Senior nursing student was able to contribute not only to the class but to the school. lt is hoped that this enthusiasm for our class, school, and profession will never fade, and that others may feel as positive about this as we do. We are looking forward to graduation this year with quiet excitement, and will remember the days spent here with pride. The nursing station, an area in which these students will spend many more hours. Rebecca Ann Bain, Ambler, Pa., V2-E, ISA Rep. to OU Womans Res. Coun., Pres., Robertson House. Woman's Dorm., OSSNA: Mary Jane Millstead Black, Olcla. City, OSSNA: Karen Lee Carstensen, Athens, Ga., "The Lamp" ed., AA, Laisson Comm., OSSNA, Alumni Fund SchoI.: Cornelia Watkins Chaney, IRNI Tulsa, ANA, All-3. AA. Quota Club Schol.: Barbara Faye Conway, Enid, OSSNA, SC, Univ. Lite Comm., OSSNA Stud. Nurse ot the Yr., OSSNA Nat. Vot. Del., OSSNA Recruit. Chm., OSSNA Dist. I Pres., Outstanding Younq Womori in Amer. tor IQ67. School ot Nurs. Yrbk. ed., Merit Schol., Dean's HR: Kathy Jo Cornwell, Midwest City, OSSNA, Deans HR. Linda Ann Crotty, Henryetta, OSSNA, OSSNA Nom. Chm., AA Pres., SC, KKV, Deans HR: Susan Gay Cunningham, Commerce: Genie Marie D'- Hoostelaere, Ormond Beach, Fla., OSSNA, Sen. Class Pres., Dean's HR, Nur, Club, Rec. Seci Georgia Ann Dial, Burlington, OSSNA: Carolyn Diane Dowdy, Midland. Tex.: Sen, Class Fin. Chm., Jr. Class Sec., OU Fencinq Club, OSSNA, ISA Rep.: Lynda Kay Farr, Tuttle, OSSNA. Sister M. Amata Gurdak iRNI Blackwell, AA: Vel- ma Dee Hermanslci, Breckinridqe, OSSNA, Zonta Club Schol.: Ingrid Ellen Hogue, Olrla. City, OSS- NA. Sen. Class V-P, Sen. Class Miss OUSN candi- date: Iris Kay Meadows Landis, Olcla. City, OSS- NA, Jr. Class Pres.: Carol Janice Levine, Olcla. City: Carl Peter PeriIIa, Geary, OSSNA, OSSNA Dist. I Nom. Chm. Diane Virginia Phipps, Okla. City: Betty Jane Pitts, Shattuck, OSSNA, -5-A, Tassels, Dean's HR, Alumni Schol.: Diane Smith, Owasso, OSSNA: Kathleen Ann Smith, Tulsa, OSSNA, KU, Stud. Body Soc. Chrn., Sr. Class Soc. Chm.: Linda Ruth Spann, Tul sa, OSSNA, Deans HR, Michelle Elaine Sylces IRNI Hooker, AA: Claudia Sue Hughes Tindall, Olala. City: Hermione Holly Tracewell, Olcmulqee, OSSNA, llfbli, AA, Stud. Body Pres., Dean's HR: Mary Jo Whaley, Okla. City, OSSNA: Eva Ruth Zeller, Chattanooga. M. Paula Barber Bailey, Midwest City, Virvinia R. Bain, Bartlesvilleq Joyce Elaine Bierig, Qkeenei Nancy Carrol Brooks, Tulsag Kathryn DeLea Burg- iorf, Shattuckg Jimmie Kaye Cash, Broken Arrow? Donna Marie Cox, Tulsa. Ernestine Eva Evans, Oklahoma Cityg Elizabeth Dean Fischer, Overland, Mo.: Judith Ann Floyd, Mooreg Joan Carol Forimeyer, Caldwell, Kansas? Valerie Elizabeth Fox, Short Hill, N.J.: Linda Jean Freeman, Tulsa: Jane Ann Frifch, Norman, Karen Kay Gerhards, Guthrie, Gail Ann Giffert, Norman: Carolyn Elizabeth Gooden, Tulsa: Mary Hall, Phoenix, Arizona: Janei Ruth Hoagland, VVichita, Kansas: Nancy Caroline Hunt, Blackwellg Omega B. Jaggers, Ardmore. Alma Frances Jansing, Norman: Jim Edward Kasll, Norman: Helen Irene Kerbowg Patty Laurell Kisfler, Hfisririos, Minn.: Linda Marie Knechf, Enid: Martha M. Laiendress, Midwest Cilyg Elgin Leonard. Penelope Sue Lucas, Lawton: Judith Ann McBee, Vinifaf Vicki L. McEwen, Oklahoma Cityg Sally Elaine Mills, Midwest City: Bonnie Jean Milchell, Cherokee' Pamela Lee Newman, Guymon. Nola Max Oliphanf, Noble: Ellen Elizabeth Parese, Norman: Carolyn June Rasp, Enid: Michael Row- le-H, Willon, Conn.: Ruih Ann Rush, Enidg Jeanie Ruth Ryba, Minco, Patricia Louise Silk, Park Hill, Sandy Ann Sisemore, Midwest City: Carolyn M. Spradlin, Eva: Sharon Susan Sfrickler, Moorelandq Karen Lynn Tackeff, Flu Sill: Dena Regina Teis, Tulsa. TLC demonstrated by Junior Nurses .- Junior ursing Students 'Variety is the spice of life' aptly describes this year's Junior class-the largest in the school's history. From the gentle art of ballet to the explosive skill of Karate the nursing students display their unique talents. Enthusiasm is the key word in describing the class. After the hard laborous days, the girls still found time to bake goodies so that a bake sale could be held to finance a Halloween party for the patients at Childrens Hospital. Thanksgiving means remembering those in need by distributing groceries to one or two families. By far the most rewarding experience that this Jun- ior class shares is that of furthering self by helping thc sick. Team effort and spirit combine to make this class a most outstanding one. Perhaps the unified feeling that-"there for the grace of God go l"-lingers in the hearts of all directing the energies of those involved. hysieal Therap Student This is the class of 1969. which speaks for itself. We are from the east and the south and as far north as Tulsa. Our main theme, as was stated so well by one of our instructors, is "Let me out of here". It is thought that this idea may be present also in the faculty, though their goal is to make us competent therapists. We spend approximately seven to eight hours a day in class and When not in class we can be found up- stairs at Charlie's. Before we are able to treat the pa- tients. we must practice with each other in lab. This explains why some of us have sun burns. broken legs and sore muscles. We realize the importance ot' hard work and practice. and we know that these will help to make us competent physical therapists. it .... s I i Mr. Doyle Bare. executive director of the Arthritis Founda- tion. visits with physical therapists. ss TOP ROW: Sheila Baebel, Cheryl Baker, Sharon Dance, Thelma Dakil, Linda Echols. SECOND ROW: Dana Glasscock, Ann Ingram, Pat lnman, Linda Jackson, Maretha Kerezman. THIRD ROW: Myra Klingenburg, Larry McCarty, Vicki Mullen. Wayne Munyon, Thurman Pitchlynn. BOT- TOM ROW: Marcos Romero, Cynthia Sanders, Dick Venier, Fabian Wambsgans, Ken Whitson. OFFICERS: l.arry McCarty, president and Kc-n Whitson, Cynthia Landers, Dana Glasscock, student publication editors. OI-'l-ICERS--SEAT!iD: Barbara Recd, Sec.-Treus.: Edie Mitchell, Pres.: .lane Crain, Vice-Pres. STAND- ING: Nancy Cummings, Project Chairan: Arlene Gibson. Editor. ,ofa K f ' s F Medical Technology Students H. .' ,,... A G-W . 4 Ni l TOP ROW: Elton Abbott, Jr., Diana Alexander, Jane Craine. SECOND ROW: Catherine Culver, Regina Fillmore, Arlene Gibson. THIRD ROW: Sandra Henderson, Kathleen Maddox, Edith Mitchell. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Moore, Shirley Poe, Barbara Rceb, Lydia Smith. Armed with the red patch of student on the left sleeve and syringe and needle in hand, we fifteen began learning the technique of veni- puncture for which medical technologists are renowned. We soon discovered that the micro- biology laboratory at the Veterans Administra- tion Hospital also olfered a sub-course in po- litical science, and after learning the true meaning of incompatibility while training in the blood bank, we all decided to be very care- ful in selecting a mate. Registry exams are on the horizon, and with our successful completion of these, our red arm patch will be replaced by the long awaited blue one. Medical Technology Students learn to use the Coulter Count- er with ehiciency and accuracy, u N ,, t ' I SEATED: Zeniada Magdamo, Mary Jennings, Jane Henson, Nancy Hedges. STANDING: Sharon Cozzens, Charlene Craig, Joslin Arnold, Carolyn Wendham, Marilou Brodie, Kathlene Shaff, Margaret Sealer. The Dietetic Interns The Dietetic Internship at the Medical Cen- ter is the only hospital internship of its kind in this state. It provides one year of practical appli- cations of principles about foods, arts and sciences that were learned in undergraduate school. The program olfers experience in these general areas of dietetics: Administration, Teaching, Therapeutics and Research. It also offers graduate courses which are a part of the proposed Master's Degree Program to be im- plemented in 1970. Mrs. Barley. Steve Samuelson. and Dr. Campbell hold high level discussions concerning a patients dietetic needs. At the end of this school year, in August. graduates from the School of Dietetics will be registered by the American Dietetic Associa- tion and will be eligible to become a Register- ed Dietitian CR.D.j. Renewed registration re- quires current membership in the American Dietetic Association and continuing education in Dietetics and related arts and sciences. The 12 Dietetic Interns this year represent I0 states and the Philippine Islands. 1 -fx Hospital food. to be served with a touch of glamour by Jane Henson and Zeniada Magdamo. ?qW..4.. ,i -29s"9nAyJ . WS' '31 , ACT!VlTlES: "People . . . should not weary during daytime and they should not allow their minds to become angry." Huang Ti fThe Yellow Emperorl 12697-2597 B.C.l sf. rp, gre, , f 1969 SOO Each year a small group of students is given the task of creating a yearbook that is representative of all phases of Medical Center activity. We have enlarg- ed the yearbook this year to accomodate the expand- ing and ever-changing Medical Center. We have tried to tie the accomplishments of the past with the pl.ans for the future. We have attempted to picture the crea- tivity of the administration, the scholarly warmth of the faculty, and the efferveseence of the students. A special emphasis has been placed on the future plans of the University Medical Center. We are proud of our heritage and look ahead to the unfolding of the ideas and innovations that will make this Medical Center one of the most well equipped, modern and knowledgeable centers in the Midwest. The administration has been instrumental in over- seeing the events of the present. Without its guiding hand, we would not have attained the excellend stand- ards we have oday. The administration has also cre- ated a plan for the future that if fulfilled, will make this Medical Center second to none. In this regard, we have tried to represent the adminisration in both formal and informal pictures, depicting their dedica- tion and efficiency. A ,. V in ,Es gg f In fi f V. V f t , LANCE SPALDING. Co-Editor ER EDIC I BARRY C. ESRIG, Co-Editor We are grateful to the faculty for the example they set, and the knowledge and guidance they provide. The faculty is represented in the yearbook in the teaching situation usually in association with students, a constant interaction. This fine teaching center would not be what it is without the ever present figure of the student. The student occupies a central position in the organization of this yearbook. We have used the student to bridge the gap between our past and our present, our ad- ministration and our faculty, our teaching and our learning. We have attempted to unite all parts of the Medical Center and depict this union in words, ideas and pic- tures. We would like to extend our thanks to Dr. Smith, Mr. Strickland, Sue Marler, and the staff of the student affairs and graduate college ofiices, who have added greatly in the preparation of this yearbook. 1969 SOONER MEDIC STAI-'l-'Z AI Dorr, Graduate School: Dcna Teis, Junior Nursing Studcnts: Barbara Conway, Senior Nurxing Students: Arlcnc Gibson, Medical Technology Studcntsg Cynthia Sanders, and Dana Glasxcock, Physical Therapy Students. lhe happy group who gave their time and effort to hclp. Nlcflcan, Don James, Richard Hubbard. Bah Ornitz. NUT SEATED: Mike Deming, Joan Esrig, Carole Ornit7, Jan Clark, PICTUREDZ Ray Brady, Linda Rccd, Boh McCafTrcc. .lon Don Rahhal. STANDING: Bill Allred. Steve Jimmcrson. Kim Blaschkc, Richard Eddc. edical School STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: Leldon Sweet, President: Lugene Thurman, Treasurer: Hugh Eddy, Secretary. STUDENT COUNCIL-SEATED: David Miller, Don James, Hugh Eddy, Leldon Sweet, Bill Cook, Mike Frank, Pete Dosser, David Casper, STANDING: Eugene Thurman, Bob McCal'Iree, S tudent Council The Medical School Student Council is the oliicial body designated to represent all medi- cal students. The council is composed of the four class presidents, two representatives from each class. a faculty advisor, and the president of the council chosen from the student body at-large. The major function of the student council is to serve as a vehicle for student-faculty com- munication and thereby to promote coopera- tion and understanding between students and faculty. The council also supervises and sets guide-lines for student conduct, and it coordi- nates and sponsors extra-curricular and social activities. For the past several years the student coun- cil has sponsored student-faculty smokers, a Christmas dance, the Gridiron, and the intra- mural athletic program. In addition, for the presentation of the Aesculapian Awards for teaching excellence, last year's council initiat- ed a dinner-dance which promises to be the so- cial highlight of the academic year. .lim Gilbert, Dr. Snow lliuculty Advisorj, Don Rahhal, Tom Dodson. lI0 vis Q7 j! l SAlVlA's EXECUTIVE BOARD: Richard Edde. Sue Fankhouser. James Hassell. Joe Fagan. Jan Clark. Clinton Strong. Student American This year was an industrious year for the Student American Medical Association. The school year began with an orientation program and a smoker for the freshmen which gave the upper- classmen their first look at the new class. Later. in October. SAMA co-sponsored the SAMA- OSAMA banquet with the State Medical Association. Everyone had a wonderful time. especially at the dance that followed the banquet. This year. for the lirst time at OU. SAMA became actively involved in a community health program. The work consisted of volunteer help in screening clinic situations sponsored by the University of Oklahoma Family Medicine Clinic and the Community Action Program. The state Medical Association has been a tremen- dous help to us this year. They helped us organize and effect the summer job program for freshmen and sophomores and they have invited any interested SAMA members to sit in on their committee meetinQs. SAMA also undertook the task of evaluating the in- ternships Hlled bv last year's graduates. This was a big success and the evaluations were well received by this vear's senior class. The SAMA Film Series was a partial success this year and it is hoped that with better films and produc- tion. next vear's lilm series will be even better, In short. SAMA had a very successful year. Medical Association SAMA OFFICERS: Sue Fankhouser, Secretary-Treasurer: Joe Fagan, President: James Hassel, Vice-President. SEATED: Dena Teis, Alma Jansing, Ruth Ann Rush, Karen Ger- hards, Patricia Selk. STANDING: Barbara Conway, Betty Pitts, Karen Carstensen, Carl Perella, Betty Fischer, Jimmie Cash. Valerie Fox. SS A and O.U. Student urse Ass, To aid in the preparation of the student as a future professional nurse is the main func- tion of the Oklahoma State Nurses, Associa- tion, a constituent of the National Student Nurses, Association. The students of the School of Nursing are members of District I of the state organization. The organization also tries to stimulate an interest in and an understanding of the current problems affecting the nursing profession not only in the state but nationwide. BOTTOM ROW: Merry M. Glaser, Cyndi Lepley, Rosemary Hassler, .lan Coltharp. SECOND ROW: Marsha L. Pool, Peggy E, Young, Karla V. Firestone, Deborah S. Anderson, Connie S. OSSNA District 7 is composed of student nurses on the OU campus, The association alt- tempts to promote interest in professional nursing among the freshman and sophomore students on campus. Oflicers include: Cyndi Lepley, Presidentg Rosemary Hassler, lst Vice- pres.g Merry Glasser, Corresponding Sec.: Jan Hart, Recording Sec.. Charlotte Pannell. Treasurerg Sarah Kasper, Reporterg Jan Colt- liarp, Red Cross Rep. Capping in the spring is the highlight of the year. Clark. TOP ROW: Suzanne M. Toole, Carol L. Belcher. Ada Conn, Betsy Gabriel, Jan Hart, Anne Bachle. 5 . 5v Qi 'X Q t K I w Q, i B.S.U.-KNEELING: Larry Baller, Royice Everett, Allan Henry, Larry Demas. SITTING: Helen Bruner, Valerie Fox, Ann Rush, Pal Selk, Michel Rouletl, Linda Freeman, Damaris Young, Cheryl llewett, Jo Schmeckpeper. STANDING: Nick Chiba, Ed Schnei- der, Tony Keys, Bill Hamilton, James lewis, Bruce Fried, Bob Frampton, Jim Carley, Sandy Abernathy, Pat Pugh, Charles Keith- ley, Don James. Baptist Student Union and WASAMA The Baptist Student Union is a non-denom- inational organization that is supported by Baptists. It is composed of Medical and Graduate students, nurses, and paramedical personnel. Meetings are held each Monday and Thursday, at which time the members eat lunch and listen to guest speakers. These meetings afford a special time, set apart from the daily routine, to enjoy Fellowship. In ad- dition, each year the BSU's across the country send summer missionaries to various parts of the World. Members of WASAMA CWoman's Auxilia- ry To The Student American Medical Asso- ciationl meet each month in the home of an Oklahoma City physician to hear programs de- signed to help prepare them for their roles as doctors' wives. Programs this year ranged from a skit on telephone techniques to a joint meeting with SAMA on suicidal tendencies in the medical profession. Other activities in- cluded an ice cream social for new members, a rummage sale and a spring party for husbands. WASAMA OI-FICERS-SEATEDZ Donna Laasch, .Icanne Jacobs, Nancy Sacra. STANDING: Marti Coe, Sandy Coker. 4 'X ' SAMA Banquet speaker, Dr. John Tysell, delivers his keynote address. WASAMA offers busy medical students' wives the opportunity to hear interesting speakers and to share, "You w0uldn't believe it-but-"Y I don't care who you are behind those glasses. tuke them off and l'll . .. Ace Thurman, concentrating and contemplating the why and wherefor of at little white ball. The "everybody scatter and l'll try to hit one of you" play. I - M if .. History of Medicine Society meeting called to order. The most consistzint inconsistunt team in the league. Everyone does his "thing" at the SAMA dance. lI5 l "We may be small, but we sure are slow." I 0 Student Faculty Smoker - a Cup of beer and we've solved all the World problems. Service with a smile. Q 5 . The bridge for lunch bunch. R. Lloyd White, Richard Martin, Dr. R. Palmer Howard, ifaculty sponsorj and Wallace Love preside over the meeting of the History of Medicine Society. Hurry up and start the count lm gettinv dizzy Q BE. E Dr. T. M. Aaberg Dr. lil. I. Abbott C. W. Abell, Ph.D Dr. T. E. Acers G. D. Adams, Ph.D. Dr. W. W. Addington IS. R. Addis, B.S. Dr. M. Akashi Dr. R. H. Akin P. A. Alaupovie, Ph.D. Dr. D. D. Albers W. M. Aldridge, Ph.D. ,B E. Allison, Ph.D. r. J. C. Amspacher D. W. Anderson, Ph.D Dr. H. M. Anderson Dr. L. G. Anderson Dr. R. L. Anderson B H. Anglin, Ph. D. r. R. D. Anspaugh Dr. M. M. Appleon Dr. W. Aronson Dr. R. L. Austin Dr. H. T. Avey, Jr. Dr. B. W. Aycock Dr. R. T. Bagett Dr. J. W. Bahr E. Bailey, B.S. Dr. J. B. Ballina Dr. M. S. Barker Dr D. Barnes Dr. D. Barnett Dr A. Barney Dr. P. Barranco Dr. G. N. Barry S. Barry, Ph.D. Dr. . F. Vander Barkett M. H. Baxt, D.D.S. Mr. D. J. Baxter C. F. Ba less, B.S. Dr. R. Bayley Dr. L. R. Beam Dr. B. H. Beard Dr. J. C. Beavers D. E. Bee, Ph.D. Dr. J. M. Behrman . H. Bell 457150 UUUU 7 7 7 7 t",fjm'e,1:g'r'3- DPW CD :EL Es' 22 ? Dr. . C. Benton Dr. . E. Berger Dr. L. Berkenbile Dr. . J. Bernard D. J. Bertoch, Ph.D. Dr. H.Sl. Binder Dr. . Binkley Dr. . M. Bird Dr. D. W. Bishop Dr. C. J. Blair Dr. W. G. Blanchard Dr. . A. Blaschke Dr. . T. Bledsoe Dr. . T. Block Dr. C. E. Bloedow Dr. A. Blue Dr. . K. Boatman Dr. D. W. Bobek Dr. C. D. Bodine Dr. C. R. Bogardus Dr. K. E. Bohan Dr. J. L. Boland,Jr. Dr. G. W. Boles Dr. C. P. Bondurant L. Boone, B.S. Dr. R. H. Bottomley Dr. S. S. Bottomley H. S. Boyd, Ph.D. Dr S. Boyle Dr. 1. S. Bozalis Dr. F. Braden Dr K :GF . D. . Braden Dr. R. H. Bradford Dr. V. A. Bradford Dr. E. . Brandt, Jr. m-np N Dr. L. Brawner Dr. . A. Breeher, Ph.D. Dr. . L. Bressie Dr. . M. Bricker V. Brigden, M.S.W. T. Briggs, Ph.D. Dr. A. J. Brink Dr. . A. Brown Dr. N. Brown Dr . H. B. Brown Dr . R. Brown se... accuse 777777 FFFFPF weeks WW W W aging: ' L: J. G. Bruhn, Ph.D. G. A. Bryan, Ph.D. Dr. H W. Buchner G. S. Bulmer, Ph.D. Dr. A. H. Bungardt Dr. J. B. Endres-Burdette Dr. R. M. Burke U55 rr? FFF' avg wi 5 5? T25 ': 2 W U 7 5' F N s: fa :r- N 2 P. Butler, B.S. DI. W. J. Buvinger Dr. M. F. Buxton Dr. E. T. Bynum .F Ur. W. . Bynum Dr. L. F. Cailey Dr. M. Campbell Dr .l- R . . E. Campbell Ur. J. M. Carey R B Dr. . . Carl Dr. J. H. Carney Dr C A M. Dr . . . Carmaek F. Carpenter, Ph.D. . R. E. Carpenter Dr. R. L. Carpenter Dr. J. R. Carroll Dr. D. R. Carter R. A. '-R755 ' 777 FFF C :QQ 5'-S5 Wal ss 'U O C . Orgy Carubelli, Ph.D. W. Cathey J. Caviness B. Champlin . Chandler, Ph.D. . E. Chanes U UCC F' 7 7 7 Q?'5"wr-psvzrvve E-QE? 5 ZF--e -T' V .I S. Ciereszko, Clark, Ph.D. Dr. M. L. Clark Dr. R. A. Clay Dr. T. Clemens, Jr. Dr. W. C. Click C. S. Clifton, Ph.D. Dr. J. H. Clymer J. J. Coalson, Ph.D. Dr. R. E. Coalson C. Dr Dr A. Colley, M.S. . C. M. Colley . F. W. C ' Dr oggms . C. G. Coin Dr. J. G. Coldwell R. L. Coleman, Ph.D. Dr. W. O. Coleman Dr W. . . E. Collins Ilgr. J. H. Coley r . S. Collins E. Collins, Ph.D. Dr. W. R. Collins Dr. P. Colmore Dr. , . R. Colvert Dr Dr . P. T. Condit . L.L. Conrad Dr. E. E. Cooke W. Dr Dr A. Cooper, Ph.D. .w. rt. c ,J . . C.. R. cffiiiius ' Dr. J. F. Correa B P. Costeloe, M.S. r M. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr R. . T. O. Coston de V. Cotton, Ph.D. . D. Counihan, Ph.D. . H. W. Coussons . R. T. Coussons . I. A. Cox . R. Craig . VV. J. Craig . S. T. Crawford D. Crews, L.L.B. . WV. M. Crosb Dr. W. F. Crittendon Dr y Dr W. Dr Dr Dr . M. I. Crosthwait L. Cullinan, Ph.D. . E. R. Cunningham . YV. A. Cunningham . V. D. Cushing Dr. J. A. Cutter Dr. S. E. Dakil Dr . H. A. Daniels Dr. J. R. Danstrom G. H. Daron, Ph.D. Dr. F. E. Darrow Dr. P. R. David Dr. K. D. Davis Dr. C. B. Dawson Dr. G. H. Deckert Dr A. L. Dee R. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr .Delaney, Ph.D. . C. E. Delhotal . L. A. Dennis . A. DeQuevedo . H. L. Deupree . J. W. DeVore Dr. J. P. Dewar, Jr. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr . YV. P. Dickinson . WV. Dietzel . J. T. Dilget Dil . J. R. A le . G. R. Dixon . H. C. Dodson, Jr. . R. VV. Donaghe Dr. H.H. Donahue Dr. J. J. Donnell Dr Dr . C. K. Doran . H. E. Doudna J. F. Drake, D.D.S. Dr. J. W. Drake Dr. A. R. Drescher K. T. M. Dubowski, Ph.D. E. W. Dudley, D.D.S. The Faeulfy M. R. Duffy. Ph.D. Dr. R. B. Dunkelberg Dr. J. H. Dunn Dr. C. R. Earnest Dr. W. E. Eastland Dr. B. G. Eaton L. M. Eddy, M.L.S. R. Edelberg, Ph.D. C. Edge, B.S. Dr. R. H. Edwards Dr. B. S. Eichel Dr. L. P. Eliel Dr. A. F. Elliott Dr. R. S. Ellis B. W. Emanuel, Ph.D. r . L. K. Emenhiser Dr. E. G. Erdos Dr. P. D. Erwin Dr B. Eskridfe, Jr. Dr. B. Eskri ge lll Dr G. Evans W. Evans, M.S. . M. A. Everett M. R. Everett, D.Sc. tHonoraryJ Dr. E. E. Fair N. B. Farley, Ed.D. Dr. E. M. Farris Dr. E. P. Farris K.K. Faulkner, Ph.D. F. G. Felton, Ph.D. Dr. W. L. Felton W. J. L. Felts, Ph.D. Dr. E. G. Ferguson V. J. Ficken, B.S. S. J. Fishbeck, Ph.D. r of-9 W. Dr . R.G. Fisher, Ph.D. Dr. YV. P. Fite Dr. H. F. Flanigin Dr. M.A. Flesher Br. W. N. Flesher r UUUUCJU T' T' 7' Z' P 7 . wocrrgeggpgge ffrdzew-:E '11 tn ' : EE 5: sf isa E Q E 2 E 9? Dr. R. Frank Dr. . S. Frank Dr. C. Freed Dr. . L. Freede Dr. . W. Freeman Dr. . L. Frew, Jr. Dr. Friedberg Dr. W. Fuller Dr. D. Funnell Dr. W. Funnell D5 . H. Furman Dr. J. J. Gable,Jr. Dr. T. S. Gaffor , Jr. Dr. A. F. Gambill Dr. W. H. Garnier Dr. G. H. Garrison Dr. F. G. Gatchell Dr. D. J. Geigerman W. Gentry, M.S.W. Dr. E. M. George Dr. M. C. Gephardt Dr. R. Geyer Dr. . W. Geyer Dr. L. W. Ghormley Dr. H. L. Gibbons A. C. Gideon M.S.W. Dr. J. B. Gilleran Dr. D. C. Gilliland Dr. A. J. Glass Dr. M. B. Glissman P. W. Goaz, D.D.S. M. L. Godbey, M.A. Dr. B. R. Goetzinger Dr. A. Goie Dr. J. E. Goldberg Dr. E. Goldfain JB.GdmmhhPhD. V. Gomez, M.S. R. E. Gonce, D.D.S. Dr. R. Q. Goodwin Dr. H. R. Gravelle Dr. C. S. Graybill B. A. Green, Ph.D. Dr. C. E. Green W. Green, Ph. D. Dr. . J. Greenfield Dr. A. E. Greer E. G. Greer, D.D.S. Dr. P. F. Grice M. J. Grilin, Ph.D. Dr. VV. M. Gross Dr. C. A. Guenter L. G. Gumbreck, Ph.D. Dr . C. G. Gunn, Jr. Dr. G. H. Guthrey Dr. T. J. Guthrie Dr. R. F. Hain Dr. C. H. Hall M. G. Hall P. Haller, B.S. . G. D. Hallum Dr. S. E. Halpern Dr. D. B. Halverstadt Dr. I. G. Hamburger J. Dr Dr. J. F. Hammarsten Ur. H. E. Hampton Dr. J. W. Hampton N. H. Hardin, lNl.A. R. C. Hardy, M.l3.A. Dr. R. D. Harris Dr. R. E. Harrison Dr. VV. S. Harrison Dr. J. Harroz Dr. W. N. Harsha Dr. W. K. Hartford Dr. C. M. Harvey Dr. D. Harvey Dr. . R. Hassler Ur. G. C. Hassler Dr. B. A. Hayes Dr. WV. D. Heath L. B. Heck, M.S. Dr. A. A. Hellams Dr. B. I. Heller Dr. VV. S. Hendren Dr. J. R. Henke Dr. T. H. Henley Dr. J. Hensley Dr. J. T. Herbelin Dr. R. E. Herndon Dr. J. D. Herrmann Dr. C. Hicks Dr. D. Hidy Dr. . G. Hightower Dr. . Hill Dr. Hinshaw 4312: :-I . use 777 HPF? D797 :Eg E52 0 I D. S. Hodgins, Ph.D. Ph.D. Dr. L. M. Hoke F. A. Holloway, Jr., D. D. Holmes, M. S. Dr . P. Holt Dr. . L. Honick Dr. Honick Dr, L. Honska Dr. R. Hood Dr VV. Hood Dr. . Horowitz Dr V. D. Hough Dr C. Houk Dr. . Howard Dr. . Howard Dr. . . Howard Dr. P. Howard W. Y. Huang, Ph.D. Dr. W. K. Huber K. K. Hudson, M.S. Dr. VV. L. Hughes Dr. L. M. Hummer Dr. J. WV. Huneke A. F. Hutton, M.S. R. M. Hyde, Ph.D. Dr. G. L. Hyroop Dr. P. F. Iampietro Dr. J. D. lngle Dr. Y. Ishii Dr. W. K. Ishmael M. H. Ivey, Ph.D. Dr. M. F. Jacobs Dr. E. D. Jacobson Dr. J. M. James Dr. H. H. Janszen C. E. Jeck, B.A. Dr. E. VV. Jenkins Dr. G. H. Jennings Dr. H. Jeter Dr. l, P. lobe Dr. W. Joel B. Connor Johnson, P Dr. M. R. Johnson Dr. T. L. Johnson Br. H. Jolwnston r. . ones, , r. c al esyW9v+.-4-wegfte :EF ' .. , ones, M.S. . P. E. Jones V. Jones, M.L.S. J. P. Jordan, Ph.D. K. K. Jungery, B.S. Dr. R. W. Kahn Dr. . M. Kalbfleisch M. Dr h.D Dr. H. Kalmon, Jr. Dr . I. Kassanoff Dr. J. E. Kauth Dr. C. Kavan Dr. H. J. Kearns, Jr. Dr. H. B. Keith Dr. D. F. Keller F. C. Kell , Ph.D. R. O. Kelly, Jr., B.A. Dr. J. W. Kelso . B. F. Keltz . S. M. Kemler Dr Dr D. E. Kemp, B.A. Dr. G. R. Kennedy Dr. A. K. Kent Dr. B. M. Kent H. Kent, L.R.C.P. Dr. R. E. Ken on Dr. E. S. Kerekes B. J. Kersey, M.L.S. Dr. L. R. Keso M. J. Keyl, Ph.D. Dr. J. W. Keys Dr. H. Kimball Dr . B. Kimerer Dr. Kimmelstiel Dr W. King Dr. C. Knox, Jr. :asia M.G. Kollmorgen, Ph.D. Dr. D. I. Kraft Dr. A. H. Krause Dr. H. M. Kravitz Dr. C. Krieger, Jr. R. S. Krug, Ph.D. D. E. Kuhn, M.P.H. Dr. J. F. Kuhn E. G. Kurkes, Ph.D. A. C. Kurtz, Ph.D. Dr. A. T. Kutkam Dr. Y. G. Kutkam Dr. A. A. Kyriacopauloe Dr. D. Kynacopaulos Dr. l. Lachman Dr. J. C. Lagos Dr. E. S. Lain Dr. D. M. Lane Dr. W. Langston E. G. Larsen, Ph.D. Dr.'M. 'l'. Lategola Dr. L. O. Laughlin C. H. Lawrence, Ph.D. Dr. R. C. Lawson D. Lee, Ph.D. S. D. Lee, M.A. Dr. M. Leibovitz W. B. Lemmon, Ph.D. Dr. D. Lensgraf Dr. . Leonard UF F Dr. B. K. Lester Dr. B. M. Levy Dr. E. Lewis Dr. . B. Lhevine Dr. J. F. Lhotka Dr. R. I. Lienke :U 7 anzwewgw Dr. . Limes Dr. S. Linares Dr. . B. Lincoln Dr. Lindsey Dr. . Lindsey Dr. . H. Lindsey . M. Lingenfelter r. . C. Lisle Dr. J.H. Little Dr. J.S. Little Dr. R. D. Lindeman Dr. M. R. Lipsich M. Liverman, B.S. Dr. W. B. Lockwood Dr. W. R. Loney Dr. L. Long III Dr. L. D. Long Dr. L. Lowbeer Dr. R. Lowell Dr. . C. Lowrey Dr. D. M. Lowrey Dr. W. A. Loy Dr. E. N. Lubin Dr. J. L. Luke DrHJ. P. Luton L. . Lynch, B.S. Dr. T. N. Lynn, Jr. R. C. Lvtle. LL.B. Dr. E. D. McBride Dr. C. S. MeCammon C. M. McCarty, M.S. P. B. McCav, Ph.D. Dr. B. J. McClellan Dr. C. W. McClure T. D. McClure, M.S. Dr. W. T. McCollum C. T. McCoy, B.S. J.F. McCoy. Ph.D. Dr. W. G. McCreight Dr. G. W. McCullough Dr. E. A. McCune Dr. G. F. McDonald Dr. R. E. McDowell Dr. F. H. McGregor Dr. L. C. McHenry Dr. P. A. McKee Dr. 4. M. McKenzie Dr. R. A. McLaughlin Dr. J. C. MacDonald Dr. C. W. Macomber Dr. H. F. Mavruire Dr. E. R. Maier Dr. H. VV. Mankin Dr. M. K. Margo Markinkovich, Ph.D. . L. D. Markland Dr. R. R. Markland Dr. D. W. Marsh Dr. M. J. Marshall Dr. R. A. Marshall Dr. H. Martin Dr. J. L. Martin Dr. I. B Maesev Dr. VV. H. Massion Dr. L. Mathis Dr. . S. Matthews Dr. D. F. Mauritson J. S. Mayes, Ph.D. Dr. R. H. Mayes Dr. J. E. Mays, Jr. Dr. E. B. Meador, Jr. D. Dr Dr. C. E. Melton, Jr. Dr. C. S. Meinstein E. O. Mencke, M.A. Dr. R. D. Mercer Dr. D. O. Merrifield Dr. A. Merrill Dr. J. F. Messenbaugh Il. Ur. J. I". Messenbaugh Ur. R. P. Messlngei T Ur. . H. Miley Dr. J. E. Miller Dr. W. A. Miller Dr. L. C. Mims Dr. E. P. Mindlin Ur. U. B. Minor Dr. D. L. Mishler Dr. I. Miwa Dr. D. C. Mock, Jr. Dr. J. A. Mohr Dr. J. C. Mounet Ur. J. F. Montroy Dr. F.. L. Moore F. I. Moore, M.S. J. I. Moore, Ph.D. Dr. S. T. Moore Ur. J. F. Moonnan Dr. W. B. Moran, Jr. Dr. R. Morgan Ur. J. W. Mortcdge Dr. K. T. Mosley Dr. H. G. Muchmore Dr. W. S. Muenzler Ur. B. E. Mulvey Dr. E. R. Munnell Dr. R. L. Murdoch Dr. S. N. Mussallam Dr. E. R. Musick Dr. F. K. Myers Dr. W. S. Myers Dr. J. Nakano CF Namm, Ph.D. D. Dr. . A. Nau Dr x9 P. Naughton Dr. . W. Navm Dr . J. H. Neal Jr. Dr. R. w. Neal Dr. R. L. Neel Dr. D. E. Newman E. J. Newman, B.S. Dr. B. H. Nicholson Dr. A. H. Nicol Dr. L. I. Nienhuis Dr. T. A. Nix, Jr. Dr. S. A. Norrby Dr. O. Norwood Dr. A. Nunncry R. E. Oakes, M.S. Dr. C. F. Ubermann Dr. D. H. O'Donogiue P. VV. Ogilvie, Ph. . V. N. Olds, R. N. Dr . M. O'Leary Dr. . L. Olson Dr. K. Ordway Dr. R. Orr Dr. J. Outlaw Ur. N. Owens, Jr. Dr. . A. Owens Dr. G.M.A. Palmieri H. J. Parker, Ph.D. Dr. I. T. Parker Dr. J. M. Parker Dr. P. Parrish Dr. R. C. Parrish Dr. W. L. Parry O. A. Parsons, Ph.D. Dr. W. R. Paschal Dr. L. M. Pascucci aszae Dr. J. T. Proctor Dr. M. P. Prosser Dr. F. W. Pruitt C. Puckett Dr. T. C. Puckett Dr. W. S. Pugsley Dr. M. E. Puntenney Dr. J. E. Pyeatte B. Rabinovitch, Ph.D. E. Radcliffe, M.S. Dr. L. E. Rader, Jr. Dr. L. J. Rahhal C. V. Ramana B WV. Rauliwk, R.T. r. J. D. Razook Dr. J. W. Records Dr. C. H. Reece Dr. J. R. Reed Dr. F. J. Reichmann G. W. Reid fconsultantJ Dr. W. H. Reilf Dr. H. P. Reinhardt, Jr. Dr. W. B. Renfrow V. I. Reno, M.A. Dr. D. R. Resler L. C. Resnick, B. S. A. M. Revzin, Ph.D. Dr. C. L. Reynolds, Jr. G. E. Reynolds, Jr., D.D.S. Dr. D. F. Rhinehardt Dr. F.. R. Rhoades Dr. P. Rhoads Dr. . E. Rhodes Dr. C. V. Rice B L. Rice, Jr.. M.A. r. J.VV.Richardson, Jr Dr. R. H. Richardson K. M. Richter, Ph.D. Dr. J. A. Rieger H. A. Riesenberg, M.A., R.N. Dr. I. L. Rizgall Dr. . R. Riggall Dr. . R. Rigual Dr. . Riley, Jr. llr. R. A. Rix. Jr. Dr. C. P. Robbins Dr. D. Robertson Dr. E. N. Robertson, Jr. Dr. C. W. Robinson, Jr. Dr. J. H. Robinson Dr. C. Robison, Jr. Dr. C. D. Rogers Dr. K. A. Rogers, Jr. Dr. W. G. Rogers Dr. C. V. Rohrer Dr. R. L. Rose Dr. C. R. Rountree Dr. C. A. Royer Dr. T. Rubio L. A. Rucker, M.L.S. gr. W. W. Rucks, Jr. r . B. Rullin Dr. . ll. Rllllm Dr. G. T. Russell Dr. S. Russman Dr. B. J. Rutledge Dr. M. Salmeron Dr. . W. Sanger Dr. M. R. Saniar Dr H. . H. V. L. Sapper F. Sassoon, Ph.D. Dr. C. Saunders Dr. A. Saunders Dr. V. L. Savage Dr. M. D. Schechter R. A. Patnode, Ph.D. C. J. Patten, M.S.IV. Dr. C. D. Patterson Dr. R. E. Payne Dr. R. W. Payne Dr. O. W. Pearson T. Pedersen, M.A. Dr. J. N. Penrod Dr. C. Perryman Dr. F. B. Pesse Dr. C. Pesse U T' 73 RFQ 'U n 3 fs Dr. . Phillips sf Dr. C. L Pickard Dr. . Pickett W Dr. . 53' . Pierce, Jr. Dr. . R. Pierce M U T' O . Pierce Dr. J. A. Schilling Dr. A. Schmidt Dr. H. H. Schmidt W.R. Schmieding Ph.D . R. A. scimeidef . S. E. Schnitz Dr Dr Dr. M. F. Schottstaedt Dr. W. W. Schottstaedt C. E. Schow, D.D.S. Dr. W. H. Schultz I.. V. Scott, Sc.D. Dr. B. E. Sears Dr. D. T. Seidel Dr The FacuHy Dr. K. W. Shons Dr. M. B. Shook Dr. H. B. Shorhe Dr. T. Shurley Dr. C. W. Simcoe Dr W. H. Simon I. ine, M. A. Ur. H. F. Singleton Dr. V. V. Sisney Dr. VV. D. Skelton Dr. W. F. Slagle Dr. D. H. Slemmons . Small . Smiley S F920 coco T' F' Z" F' PDC? c':2?'?'fT'1 ' cn 555s E45-55' L 7' Dr. R. Dr. R. Dr. B. Smith Dr. C. Smith Dr. D. Smith E. C. Smith, Ph.D. Dr. E. I. Smith ,I. C. Smith, D.D.S. Dr. J. R. Smith Dr. J. D. Smith P. A. Smith, M.L.S. Dr. P. F Smith Dr. R. A. Smith Dr. R. N. Smith V. S. Smith Ph.D. Dr. w. o. Smith Dr. H. Smotherman Dr. W. T. Snoddy C. C. Snow, M.S. Dr. J. B. Snow Dr. B. Snow, Jr. Dr. . D. Snyder J. R. Sokatch, Ph.D. Dr. E. E. Soule Igr. H.IKegh Sowell r. . . ann Dr. C. Sliaarks Dr. L. E. Speed Dr. J. D. Spencer Dr. A. N. Springall Dr. J. R. Stacy A. J. Stanley, Ph.D. Dr. L. Starry Dr. A. . Start W. B. Stavinoha, Ph.D. Dr. C. T. Steen D. Steen, Ph.D. . D. L. Stehr R. E. Sternlof, Ph.D. Dr. R. D. Steward F. W. Stewart, D.M.D. J: K. Stinson, B.S. . Stokinger, Ph.D. Dr. S. N. Stone Dr A. Stout Dr Dr Dr W. Dr U r U mnwpgrrg . C. Stout, Jr. . . Stream . D. Stuart Dr. A. Studebaker . Sukman Dr. . K. Su Dr. Suga, Ph.D. Dr. R. Sullivan Dr. . W. Swann Dr. . E. Swischuk E. M. Tackwell, M.A. Dr. R. M. Talalferro M. S. L. Tam M.L.S. nr. J. 1. N. Tang Dr. T. Tapuz Dr. . C. Taylor R. C. Terrill, M. A. R. E. Thies Ph.D. Dr. E. D. Thomas Dr. C. T. Thompson Dr. J. B. Thompson . J. B. Thompson . W. M. Thompson, rw? Dr Dr Dr. YV. B. Thompson Dr. L. D. Threlkeld Dr. T. W. Thurston Dr. A. C. Tipton, Jr. Dr. S. Tkach Dr. C. A. Tollett J. E. Tompkins, Ph.D. Dr. R. C. Tompkins Dr. S. F. Tompkins Dr. P. W. Toussieng Dr. J. L. 'Townsend C. YV. Tracy P. V. C. Pinto, Ph.D. B. C. Pippin. D.D.S. V. Pishkin, Ph.D. Dr. B. Pitts, Jr. Dr. . E. Plowman Dr . C. Points Dr. Pollack Dr. . R. Pollock Dr O. Pollock Dr S. Porter Dr Porter Dr. F. Poussaint 3.91.4 UUU 'FF aan? wen 53? R219 2: Dr.'W. E. Price UUUUUUU4U USU .rF?rrr?'r1rrh fff?v'f?F"rsm::?izgr1s'Yf+ ..w. FpEQUQO2F'??FT "' -r u : mv: ua' -r cn ma-ua rrggrl? n nog 2 is as E11 52 2 E.: ro 0 X-tr' :mn F3 -seal :.q 3 -fa I0 I 3 E Q' 93 . Shaver Dr R F. Sheppard, M.S. Dr. R. C. Shifrin Dr. E. E. Shircliff, Jr. T. K. Shires, Ph.D. Dr. C. E. Shissler Dr. S. P. Traub Jr Dr. T. R. Treece Dr. R. I. Trent WV. VV. Trousdale. M.A. K. M. Tucker, D.D.S. Dr. H. H. Turner L. Unger, Ph.D. Dr. B. M. Van Horn A. Vega, Jr. M.A. UUUU T' FFF EFFHP 5?-we E224 S155 'SEE 2-s U F' 3 5 n. W' n 2 Dr. E. A. Walker, Jr. Dr. J. R. Walker Dr. R. W. Ward S. F. Wardlaw, B.S. M. R. Warner, B.S. Dr. O. A. Watson Dr. R. E. Wehrs Dr. D. A. lVeigand A. K. Weiss, Ph.D. A. M. Weitzenholfer, Ph.D. Dr. M. H. VVelch J. P. Wells, M.S. Dr. L. L. Wells S. L. Wells. M.S. Dr. J. D. Welsh S. H. Wcnder, Ph.D. Dr.FJ. E. VVenzl, M.D. N. 1. Werthessen, Ph.D. Dr Dr . K. L. West . K. M. West Dr. L. J. West Dr. M. H. Whalen P. Wheeler, D.D.S. Dr H. Whitcomb Dr. R. White s :Jesu F T' T' FOF2-49 3?r 22 2 35 TE: QI Dr. W. Wiggins Dr. L. Wiggins Dr. . Wilkins Dr. R. Williams H. L. Williams, Ph.D. Dr. J. S. Williams Dr. W. J. Williams Dr. S. Wilner Dr. C. H. Wilson Ur. R. G. Wilson Dr. C. L. Winn Dr. B. Wise Dr. . E. Witcher Dr. R. E. Witt 50502 Dr. B. Witten Dr. L. Witter Dr. G. Wolf, Jr. J. W. Woods, Ph.D. Dr. N. W. Woodward Dr. D. E. Woodwon D D r. W. E. Woolridge r. B. R. Worsham L. W i ht, Pl .D. nr rig, 1 . L. . Wright Dr. P. J. Wri ht Dr. J. A. Wnflf gr. H. R. Yandell . Y. Yan Ph.D. Dr. D. A. Yeager Dr. T. Yoshino Dr. C. C. Young Rr. C. J. Young . T. Youngers. M.Ed. Dr. M. M. Yurdakul M. C. Zahasky, B.S. L. N.Zimmerman, M.S.W D r. O. M. Zschiesche School Of Nursing Faculty B. Allen, M.S.N. A. Bahrawv, Asst. Prof., P-H N.' C. D. Crawford, B.S. L. L. Daniel, B.S.N. S. L. Dooling, M.S. B. J. Gorrell, M.S. F. C. Hart, M.A. A. Hawkins, R.N. E. I. Hoelfner. M.S. B. Holtzclaw, M.S.N. V. L. Holtzen. M.S. M. C. Mink. R.N. N. Nelson. M.N. H. A. Nishikawa, M.S.N. J. Nunley, M.S,N. H. Patterson, R.N. M. H. Primeaux, M.S. E. Radcliffe, Asst. Prof. of Nutrition J. Stockard, Maternal- Child N. M. L. Stockwell. M.N. R. L. YVawro, M.S. Preczplors and Associate Preccplor: SAYRE Dr K ALTUS Dr. M. Mollison Dr. I. H. Abernathy Dr. E. J. Allgood Dr. I. Holman Dr. VV. Holt Dr. J. P. Irby Dr. C. Rav Dr. R. S. Shrigley Wa vne Starkev, M.D. Dr. C. L. Tefertiller Dr. L. Templer Dr. J. Walker BEAVER Dr. E. L. Calhoun Dr. K. Craig Dr. W. Harvey Dr. J. W. Marks DUNCAN Dr. E. C. Lindley Dr. Cvregston Dr. . H. indley Dr. D. C. Ryan CUYMON F. L. Buford, M.D. Robert Cozine, M.D. B. L. Dietrich, M.D. W. Oxle M.D. HENRYETXFA Dr. C. E. Smith Dr. D. Tutt HOBART Dr. W. Finch Dr. W. Bernell Dr. Bridwell Dr. H. Howard Dr. W. Mahone Dr Dr ass: S. Phelan F. Shriner F Dr. B. Tolbert HOLDENVILLE Dr. R. McDougal Dr. D. H. Cramblett Dr. l. R. Danel Dr. A. S. Johnson Dr. T. Molfett Dr. T. A. Trow Dr. J. Young McALESTER Dr. C. K. Holland Dr. B. H. Brown Dr. G. M. Brown . W. G. Blanchard . L. M. Milton Dr Dr Dr. S. L. Norman Richard L. Pentecost, M.D. Dr. R. Rumph Dr. H. Schaff Dr. E. H. Shuller Dr. T. Shuller Dr. F. D. Switzer Dr. H. C. Wheeler NOWATA Dr. J. R. Reid Dr. O. L. Crigshy OKEENE Dr. C. Williams Dr. B. D. Dotter Dr. H. D. Logan PAULS VALLEY Dr. J. A. Graham Dr. H. Lindsey Dr. . H. Lindsey Dr. R. H. Monroe Dr. R. E. Spence PAWHUSKA Dr. R. F. Harper Dr. R. W. Daugherty Dr. R. W. Loy Dr. W. Loy Dr. W. T. Manning Dr. .l. R. Priest POTEAU Dr. C. S. Cunningham Dr. K. Alexander Dr. R. VV. Lowery Dr. J. Powell Dr. R. L. Winters PURCELL Dr. W. C. McCurdy Dr. W. J. Long Dr. J. C. Rollins Dr. VV. T. Stone SAPULPA Dr. O. H. Patterson Dr. M. S. Bartlett Dr. C. Cebetsberger Dr. P. Joseph Dr. R. G. White Dr. C. C. Zumwalt . . E. Whinery Dr. P. Devanney Dr. VV. Featherston Dr. YV. Leebron gr. T. J. McGrath I' . H. K. Speed Dr. L. Thornbrough SHA UCK 'IT Dr. W. H. Dersch, Jr Dr. R. H. Burgtorl ig. T. Dancer, M.D. r. H. B. Keith Dr. M. H. Newman Dr. J. J. Smith STILWELL Dr. B. F. Green Dr. W. Z. Cook Dr. R. Currie WATONGA Dr. R. A. Conley Dr. A. K. Cox Dr. V. O. Curtin Dr. F. T. Perry VVETUMKA M. S. Saydjari, M.D. L. C. VVilhams, SLD The following friends, members ot the faculty, and alumni of the University of Oklahoma, School of Medicine, proudly iake this opportunity to offer their con- gratulations to the members of the graduating class upon the successful comple- WU-LIAM E' EAST1-AND' M' D' 1 CHARLES E. DELHOTAL. M. D. X-Ray and Radium Skin Diseases Q LARRY L. BIEHLER, M.D. Room 502 Physicians ci Surgeons Bldg. 1211 N. Shmtel Oklahoma City 2610 N.W. Expressway Oklahoma City 1 , IOHNNY A. BLUE. PHYLLIS E. IONES, M.D. M-D-1 ALLERGY GROUP 1 o"rAR T.NoRwooD. M.D. Fellow American Academy of Allergy Dermatology L., Skin Mqljgnqncjes 1.iTl1O1Ci.ISf2Zi'2f.l1.ii1le? 2131? iiif.rCi1Z'SS.. 1 403 Physicians G Surgeons Bldg- Phones: Office CE 6-1446 - Res. GA 7-7728 1211 N- Shmfel Ok1Clh01'I'-CI GUY IOSEPH W. KELSO IOSEPH W. FUNNELL IAMES D. FUNNELL Gynecology, Obstetrics and Sterility 1211 N. Shartel Ave Phone CE 5-9471 Oklahoma City, Okla. ROBERT HOYLAND SMILEY. M.D.. F.A.C.S. Certified by American Board Of Surgery and American Board of Thoracic Surgery Special Attention to Thoracic and Vascular Surgery Off. Phone V1 8-2668 Res. Phone W1 2-6174 3141 N. VV. Expressway W Oklahoma City, Okla. 73112 ALLEN E. GREER, M.D. IOHN M. CAREY, M.D. -- NAZIH ZUHDI. M.D. Certified American Board Surgery Certified American Board Thoracic Surger F. REDDING HOOD, M. D., F. A. C. P. Specializing in Cardiology and Y 1 - Practice limited to Thoracic and Cardiovascular I Electrocctrdlogrorphy Surgery COpen Heart, Vascular, Pulmonary, Esophageall Bronchoscopy Esophagoscopy Osler Annex Walker Suite 900 Physicians 6- Surgeons Bldg. Oklahoma Ci Phone CE 5-2346 1211 N. Shartel - Oklahoma City 7 CE 5-3377 H ty MCBRIDE CLINIC OLLIE MCBRIDE. M.D. STEARLEY P. HARRISON, M.D. CARL D. OSBORN. M.D. 1214 E. 5th St. Ada, Oklahoma I. SAMUEL BINKLEY, M.D.. F.A.c.s. Surgery Limited to Cancer and Allied Diseases Phone WI 6-2445 5700 NW. Grand Boulevard Doctors Medical Bldg. OKLAHOMA CITY HARRY A. DANIELS M. D., F. A. C. P. Internal lN1cilicine :ind Diagnosis Special Attention to Gastro Intestinal and Cardiac Diseases O'DONOGHUE ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC Orthopedic Surgery and Fractures 217 Pasteur Medical Bldg. Oklahoma City 610 NL VV. 9th Street Oklahoma City Don H. O'Donoghue, M.D. Gael R. Frank, M.D. OKLAHOMA ALLERGY CLINIC Pasteur Medical Building P. O. Box 26827 Oklahoma City 711 Northwest lOth C'Entra1 2-5501 Oklahoma 73126 GEORGE S. BOZAL1S, M.D. - VERNON D. CUSHING, M.D. - GEORGE L. WINN, M.D. ROBERT S. ELLIS, M.D. - LYLE W. BURROUGHS, M.D. - LEWIS R. BEAM, M.D. DWIGHT MITCHELL, IR., Administrator tion of their formal education. lt is with pride that We Welcome you to the med- ical profession-may you strive to uphold its traditions and to continue our never-ending efforts to increase and enhance its present high standards. R. P. MESSINGER, M.D. INTERNAL MEDICINE JAMES P- LUTON- M- D- IA5-3518 801 N.W. 23rd Street Oklahoma City, Okla. 430 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City LEROY LONG CLINIC Surgery LeRoy D. Long, M.D. LeRoy Long, M.D. 548 Pasteur Bldg. llll N. Lee Oklahoma City 73103 F. M. LINGENFELTER, M.D., F.A.C.S. ALVIN R. IACKSON, M. D. 2512 S. Harvey Oklahoma City R. STACY, M.D.. F.A.C.S. D' l A ' B ' Surqery and Surgical Diseases of the ip omate merican oard Orthopedic Surgery Orthopedic and Fracture Surgeon Thyroid Gland CE 5-6315 - 415 N.W. 12th 105 Osler Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Qklghomq City' Qkiqhomq DRS. ESKRIDGE :S ESKRIDGE I. B. ESKRIDGE. IR.. M. D. I. B. ESKRIDGE. III, M. D. Obstetrics and Gynecology Physicians 6. Surgeons Bldg. 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City W. A. SHOWMAN. M. D. Dermatology, Radium, Grenz and X-Ray Treatment Medical Center 850 Utica Square Rl 7-7521 Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. TULLOS O. COSTON. M. D. THOMAS E. ACERS, M.D. Pasteur Medical Bldg. Oklahoma City MOORMAN P. PROSSER. M. D. Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry 437 Pasteur Bldg. Phone CE 2-9895 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA IOHN FLORENCE. M.D.. F. Af'c.s. Diplomate American Board of Orthopedic Surgery Orthopedic Surgery, Fractures, lndustrial Injuries Physicians 6. Surgeons Bldg. 1211 N. Shartel H Okla. City - CE 2-9222 STERLING T. CRAWFORD, M.D. Gynecology and Obstetrics Suite 505 Doctors Medical Bldg. 5700 N. W. Grand Blvd. W1 3-8451 Oklahoma City RAY L. MURDOCH, M.D.. F.A.C.S. Surgery and Diseases of the Colon and Rectum Room 1011 100 Park Ave. Bldg. CE 2-3722 C12 9-2706 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma GEORGE H. GARRISON M. D., F. A. A. P. Pediatrics Pasteur Bldq. Oklahoma City DOCTORS CONTINUED WILLIAM A. MILLER, M.D. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City DOCTORS BROWN, PAYNE AND MONNET 454 Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Oklahoma IOHN T. BOAZ III, M.D. BARNEY I. LIMES. M.D. Practice Limited to Urology 1211 N. Shartel e- Oklahoma City L. H. CHARNEY. M. D., F. A. C. P Diagnosis and Internal Medicine 528 N.W. 12 Suite 9512 Oklahoma City IOHN R. DANSTROM, M.D. DAVID C. LOWRY, M.D. HAVEN W. MANKIN, M.D. IOYCE EISENBRAUN, M.D. IOI-IN D. BUSH, M.D. DAVID ROGERS, M.D. RADIATION DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY 254 Pasteur Bldg. 8-G Physicians and Surgeons Bldg. OKLAHOMA CITY 3, OKLA. GILBERT L. HYROOP, M.D., F.A.C.S. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery CHARLES A. ROYER, M.D. Disease and Surgery of the Eye Certified by Am. Board of Ophthalmology Certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery CE 64651 2 9 N W 1 430 NW' 12th - 1 1 . a ker ., VI 2-3131 Oklahoma city 3, Okla. Oklahoma C1111 31 Okla- 1 HUGH IETER M. D.. F. A. C. P., A. S. C. P. L. L STARRYI M. D. American Board of Internal Medicine Diagnosis and Internal Medicine Clinical Pathology . osler Building Phone CEntral 2-3274 Osler Bldg' Oklahoma CIW OKLAHOMA CITY 1 MEDICAL ARTS LABORATORY WILLIAM T. SNODDY, M.D. ROBERT C. MACKAY, M.D. REX KEN YON, M.D THEODORE W. VIOLETT, M.D. IACK M. STEPHENSON, M.D. RAYMOND F. HAIN, M.D PAUL E. KALDAHL, M.D. DANIEL E KELLER, M.D. PERRY LAMBERT, M.D OKLAHOMA CITY PRACTICE LIMITED TO ANESTHESIOLOGY IOHN H. CARNEY. M.D. DONALD D. LENSGRAF, M.D. H. K. soWELL, MD. DAVID I. CHESLER, M.D, ROBERT D. MERCER, M.D. LEWIS c. TAYLOR, M.D. H. E. DOUDNA, M.D. WM. E. RENEROW, M.D. 1. ROBERT WALKER, M.D B. R. GOETZINGER, MD. DAN E. WOODSON, M.D. 620 N. W. NINTI-I STREET OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73102 DOCTORS CONTINUED Ifxt1V3iSQi3EE,C?ElSgE'15IWg3' ATHOL L. FREW. IR.. D.D.s., M.D. Practice Limited to Urology Certified American Board of Oral Surgery Physicians ci Surgeons Building Tel' CE 6-1631 1211 North Shartel Phone CE 2-1333 CARDIOVASCULAR CLINIC WILLIAM BEST THOMPSON, M.D. GALEN P. ROBBINS, M.D. WM. S. MYERS, M.D. WILLIAM R- BULLOCK. MD- Practice Limited to Cardiology and Diseases ot the Circulation 331 Pasteur Bldg. A CE 2-9225 - okifmomg city, Oklahoma . .Y - - ef fe .-.Y W.. . GEORGE H. KIMBALL, M.D. 1 HENRY H. TURNER, M. D.. F. A. C. P. F A C S F I C S Cert. American Board of Internal Medicine Diagnosis and Internal Medicine Cert. American Board of Plastic Surqerv Specializing in Neuro-Endocrine Disorders Pasteur Building - Oklahoma City, Okla. Osler Mgdjcgl Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, 01416. 1 r rg .ggggmggmggg Meredith Appleton I- HUHWSU Dunn M.D., F.I.C.S. M.D.. F.A.C.S. Charles L. Reynolds. Ir. MD., F.A.C.S. Practice Limited to Urology 3113 NW Expressway Oklahoma City Phone 843-5761 DRS. AKIN AND KAVAN Practice Limited to Urology ROBERT H. AKIN, M.D., F.A.C.S. LUCIEN C. KAVAN, M.D., F.A.C.S. 610 N. W. Ninth WENDELL M. LONG, M.D. Oklahoma City, Okla. RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATES IAMES T. BOGGS, M.D. LINDBERGH 1. RAHHAL, M.D. GEORGE BEN CARTER, M.D. ROBERT SUKMAN, M.D. RICHARD B. PRICE, M.D. IOHN R. OWEN, M.D. WAYNE H. SCHULTZ, M.D. ROBERT W. GEYER, M.D. X-Ray, Diagnosis and Therapy-isotopes-Cobalt Therapy Diplomates American Board oi Radiology Medical Tower Bldg. Doctors Medical Building Physicians 61 Surgeons Bldg. VI 8-3711 WI 6-9923 1211 N. Shartel Baptist Memorial Hospital Deaconess Hospital CE 5-2583 WI 6-6411 W1 6-5581 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Graduate 01 The niversity lli Oklahoma chool 01 edicine The SOONER MEDIC is proud 'ro lisi in alphabetical order the names and pres- ent location of all graduates of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine whose address are known. The information includes graduates from the classes of i909 through 1968. Abbott, Mary I., M.D., '57 1034 North Flood Norman, Okla. Abelard, Jose P., M.D., '30 Box 128 Canton, Okla. Abernethy, J. H., M.D., '39 309 N. Hudson Altus, Okla. Abrams, Gary W., '68 Univ. of Oregon Med. Sch. Hosp. Portland, Oregon 97201 Abshere, Lynn W., M.D., '56 119 East 6th Street Clovis, New Mexico Acers, Thomas E., M.D., '59 201 Pasteur Bldg. Ok-lahoma City, Oklahoma Adair, John R., M.D., '54 111 Stanley Ardmore, Okla. Adams, Geo. E. M., M.D., '43 1145 So. Utica--507 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Adams, Jerome M., M.D., '53 Burkburnett, Texas Adams, Capt. M.W., Jr., M.D., '59 lst Cav. Div. Air Mobile Ft Benning, Georgia Adams, Robert M., M.D., '66 USPHS Hospital Staten Island, New York 10304 Adams, Walter B., M.D., '11 100 Sth St. Wichita Falls, Texas Adelman, Prank L., M.D., 43 330 So. 5th Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Afinowicz, John R., M.D., '64 52 Chestnut St Boston, Mass. 02103 Altrend, Thomas R., M.D., '66 Univ. of Arkansas Hospital Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 Akin, Robert, M.D., '28 610 N. VV. 9th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Alami, Samih Y.. M.D., '65 Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, Texas 75246 Albright, John D., M.D., '62 K of ATC ASSGP-A K of ATC ATSGP-A Aldredge, Wm. Max, M.D., '41 3500 State St. Bartlcsville, Oklahoma 73503 Alexander, B. R., M.D., '54 41315th Ave. North St. Petersburg. Fla. Alexander, Everett T., M.D., '20 1200 VV. Main Denison, Texas 75820 Alexander, J. L., M.D., '43 40 Med. Arts Center Savannah 5, Georgia Alexander, John R., M.D., '61 2021 S. Lewis ' Tulsa, Oklahoma Alexander, Richard K.,M.D.,'59 501 Dewey Poteau, Oklahoma Alexander, R. L., Jr., M.D., '61 1515 Lafayette St. Louis, Mo. Alexander, Col. S. H., M.D., '28 1500 Hillcrest Dr. Arroyo Grande, Calif. Alexander, Thomas C., M.D., '63 1400 E. 9th Okmulgee, Okla. 74447 l24 Allen, George T., M.D., '32 Veterans Admin, Hosp. Muskogee, Okla. Allen, R. E., M.D., '53 1312 W. Park Orange, Texas Allen. Ray P., M.D., '60 1.821 N. Coolidge Ave. Altadena, Calif. 91001 Allen, Russell F., M.D., '63 2801 N.W. Expressway Oklahoma City, Okla. Allensworth, E. W., M.D., '61 122 W. Delaware Vinita, Okla. Allgood, Edward A., M.D., '45 Snyder, Okla. Allgood, E. J., M.D., '30 935 East Elm Altus, Okla. Allgood, John M., M.D., '28 217 E. Commerce Altus, Okla. Allgood, Richard J., M.D., '64 OU Med. Ctr. - Surgery Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Allin, Stephen C., M.D., '66 4829 West 62nd Mission. Kansas 66205 Allison, Robert Lee, M.D., '53 3155 Stagg -- Suite 221 Beaumont, Texas 77701 Allred, Robert L., M.D., '63 U. S. Public Health Serv. Detroit, Michigan Alston, William C., Jr., M.D., '37 Doctors Bldg.. 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Ambrister, J. W., M.D., '43 210 South Ryan Street Lake Charles, Louisiana Amdall, Maj. Robt. A., M.D., '53 106 Linda Dr. Biloxi, Miss. Amsden, Thomas W., Jr., '68 Univ. of Minn. Hosp. Minneapolis, Minn. 55455 Amspacher, Jas. C., M.D., '43 525 N. VV. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Amspacher, Wm. I-I., M.D., '36 216 Sweetbrier Road Greenville, S, Carolina Anderson, H. M., M.D., '42 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Anderson, Lanny G., M.D., '61 Dept. of Surg. Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Anderson. Paul S., M.D., '35 Co. State Hospital Mayview, Pa. Anderson, Ralph D., M.D., '42 365 N. Newport Blvd. Newport Beach, Calif. Anderson, Roy W., M.D., '39 116 S. College Cordell, Okla. Anderson, Thos. P., M D.. '43 Hitchcock Memorial Hosp. Hanover, N. H. Anderson, Victor G., M.D., '67 1302 S. Knoxville Tulsa, Okla. 74112 Anderson, Wm. D.. M.D., '31 P. O. Box 689 Claremore, Okla. Andreskowski, W. T.. M.D., '19 1319 VV. 3rd Elk City, Oklahoma Angelopoulos, A. P., D.D.S. School of Dentistry University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. 55455 Angerer, Alden Lee, M.D., '46 990 Pacific Street San Luis Obispo, Calif. Angus, Donald A., M.D., 614 C St. Lawton, Okla. Angus, Haney, M.D. 614 C Street Lawton, Okla. 73501 Angus, Howard A., M.D., '38 614 C Street Lawton, Okla.. Annadown, Paul V., M.D. Sulphur, Okla. 73086 Anthis, Emma J., M.D., '33 Box 278 Healdton, Okla. Anthony, Bobby D., M.D., '66 5419 VVest VVolf St. Phoenix, Arizona 85031 Appleton, M. M., M.D., '34 3193 N. W. Expressway Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Archer, Homer V., M.D., '43 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Ok-la. Armstrong, W. 0., M.D., '24 '33 Baggett, Rex T., M.D., '62 2812 N.W. 67th Oklahoma City, Okla. Bagley, Preston A., '68 Mercy Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Bagwell, K. K., M.D., '57 1024 North Flood Norman, Okla. Bahr, W. Julien, M.D., '55 921 N.E. 13 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Bail, Carolyn A., M.D., '47 435 North Bedford Dr. Beverly Hills, Calif. Bailey, A. Stanley, M.D., '55 4401 N.W. 60 Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Bailey, Byron J., M.D., '59 4806 Denver St. Galveston, Texas 77550 Bailey, Byron Louis, M.D., '4 317 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Bailey, Carl H., M.D., '33 General Delivery Davenport, Oklahoma 74026 Barber, F. C., M.D., '50 2801 Race St. Ft. Worth, Texas Barber, G. S., M.D. 10911 Aladdin Dr. Dallas 29, Texas 75229 Bare, Lawrence E., M.D., '62 Box 256 Granby, Colorado 80446 Barger, John B., M.D., '31 Boston Navy Shipyard Boston, Mass. Barker, Clyde Jas., M.D., '35 1313 North 2 Street Phoenix, Arizona Barker, Marcus S., M.D., '48 912 Northwest 57th Oklahoma City, Okla. Barker, Robt. D., M.D., '43 2021 North Central Phoenix, Arizona 'I 9 Barkett, N. P. V., M.D., 39 348 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Barkett, Vander M., M.D., '65 University Hospitals 1603 Aioma Bai1ey,'nona1d.c.. M.D., 'es Oklahomfl CNY- 01913, 73104 Ponca City, Okla. St. lfizsntigist Hgzpital fziltgilfurg. Barlow, Rgnahi, '62 A n ld R. be tc. Jr. m.n. '65 'C 1 ii' arms ' OU Med-.CU-" F0 ogy 1' 0 '22'f,9 Qwj 58511 ' Bailey, Harry K., M.D., .68 0kl21.C1ty',Okl3. 73104 Okla. City, Okla. 73112 3100 30th N.W. names, Harry E., M.D., '35 Arndt Jerome H MD ,68 Oak Harbor, VVash. 08277 VA Ilgspitpil ,3106 Coronado l Baines, Roy Dixie, Jr., M.D., '59 Muskogee' Okie- 74401 Irving, Texas 75060 Arrendell, C. W., Jr., M.D., '45 3921 Beresford ltd. Charlotte, N. C, 28211 Atrendell, E. H.. M.D., '43 115 Patton Drive Ponca City, Okla. Arthurs, Donald D., '68 216 E. 4th Cherryvale, Kan. 67 335 Arthurs, Melvin R., M.D., '54 Box 185 Pawnee, Okla 74058 Ashley, Robert E., M.D., '55 6465 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Askins, John R., M.D., '50 P. O. Box 1087 Dumas, Texas Astle, John N., M.D., '66 St. Anthony Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Atherton. Chas. V.. M.D., '32 V 7224 Park St. St. Petersburg, Fla. 33707 Athey, Clanton R., Jr., M.D., '53 Box 3S Eagle, Colorado S1031 Atkin, John D., M.D., '61 Box 70 Yates Center, Kansas Auriemma, P. R., M.D., '28 300 East Rosecrans Compton, Calif. Austin, F. I-I., Jr.. M.D., '46 Box 5128 Lawton, Okla. 73501 Austin, John D., M.D., 47 P. 0. Box 266 Pleasanton, Texas Avey, H. Thompson, Jr., M.D. 3015 NIV. 59 Street Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Aycock. Byron W., M.D., '40 1002 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Martin Army Hospital Ft. Benning, Georgia 31905 Baird, Cecil D., M.D., '27 202 N. Plum Eureka, Kansas Baker, Charles E., M.D., '51 Box 3008 Enid, Okla. 73701 Baker, Loren V., M.D., '25 222VVest Third Elk City, Okla. Baker, Pete H., M.D. '64 Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas, Texas Baker, Wilbur K., II, M.D., Univ, Missouri Hosp. Columbia, Mo. Baker, Wm. L., M.D., '60 Central State Hospital Norman, Oklahoma Bakken. R. L., M.D., '49 200 College Street Battle Creek, Mich. Ballard. Jack D.. M.D.. '43 14315 Ambaum Blvd. Seattle, Washington Ballard, Noble L., M.D., '64 343 N. Mi-les Hereford, Tex. 79045 Ballard, Ray I-I., M.D., '39 14045 Des Moines WVay Seattle. Vilashington Ballinger, Thos. I.. M.D., '53 3309 N.E. 28th Ft VVorth, Texas 76111 Baltazar, A. C., M.D., '27 40 Jones Avenue Cebu City, Philippine Islands Baltazar. B. M., M.D., '27 40 Jones Avenue Cebu City. Philippine Islands Balyeat, Hal D., M.D.. '66 Kansas Com. AFB Bedford, Mass. 01731 '60 Barbee, Richard P., M.D., '57 100 Utica Sn. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Barnes, Lynn C., Jr., M.D., '52 SVV Div. Fed. Aviation AG Ft. VVorth, Texas Barnes, Robt. N., M.D., '54 Veterans Adm. Ctr. Temple, Texas Barnes, Shelby D., M.D., '54 400 NE 60 Oklahoma City, Okla. Barnett, D. A., M.D., '52 3105 El Camino Drive Temple, Texas Barney, Donald C., M.D., '58 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Barney, Jack A., M.D., '56 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Barnhill, John W., M.D., Dept. Urology Cincinnatti Gen. Hosp. Cincinnatti, Ohio Barno, Alex, M.D., '44 6804 Cheyenne Trail Minneapolis, Minn. Barrett, Paul A., M.D., 7330 N.W. 23 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bartheld, Floyd T., M.D. Medical Arts Building McAlester, Okla. 74501 Barton, Clyde W., M.D., '58 1764 S. Xanthus Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Bash, V. C., Jr., M.D., '51 S845 Long Point Houston 24, Texas Bassett. C. M.. M.D., '30 1030 E. Cherry Cushing, Okla. Bast, Lowell E., M.D., '60 1501 W. 10 Amarillo, Texas Baugh, Harold T.. M.D., '30 Meeker. Okla. Baxter, Earl D., M.D., '60 U. S. Naval Hospital Chelsea, Massachusetts '59 '63 The Oklahoma tate Medzcal 601 N. ssocza tzon Nl ll M MQW with S' M Qt f Names WM ww W 133 5111 1 6.5, gtwffes W sg pggw muses. W I MWU WY 1 11550 Founded s Xty tour years aao hy the amalaamatlon ot the mealcal socletles ot Oklahoma and lhollan Terrltorles the Clclahoma State Mecllcal Assoctattoh ts olechcatea to the ad vahcemeht ot the art and sclehce of meoltcme Memhershlp ln thts voluntary protesstohal soclety attoras a physlclan the op portumty of Sharma m the collectlve actlvtttes of Oklahoma Medlclhe and places upon htm the respons1b1l1t1es ot mam tammq htgh protesstonal standards and uphololma the herttaae ot an oraamzattoh prtmartly mottvateol by tts smcere mterest tn the publlc health and Welfare W. EXPRESSWAY P. O. Box 18696 OKLAHOMA CITY C C C Axe' EXSNE 2 F x EH : ,X ,:5:55.,,. ..:.:. .MH V l...,w,.,,QQ wt itll: ,, :Smeg .affix , .n ....,..., Q 6 51-g lvmtfm A fm eww w ef Mit N - 2-2. 2 5 ft-1' ---- 2 Q Wg O T M A I T M A W1 f 'Sm W ' """ 1 xxlxx Q J li We . ------1 --------- - mv .- MMWWM Y 1 lit W' ...- , 'fs' ww 1 if ,flgigwog '55'fm1., .....-.-.- Q I n 5 ,H , l .... f 6 x W X -1-Quee g sa 4 . , 1 - I Baxter, V. C., M.D., '39 1309 Harbor View Galveston, Texas Bayless, James M., M.D., '47 10327 Hale Ave. Riverside, Calif. 92505 Baylor, R. A., Jr., M.D., '62 VA Hospital Muskogee, Oklahoma Bealmear, Kent D.. M.D., '63 Naval Hospital Corpus Christi, Texas Beasley, G. L., Jr., M.D., '53 409 Fowler Drive Duncan, Okla. Beaty, C. S., M.D., '35 2211 Callahan Muskogee. Okla. Beavers, Jas. C., M.D., '55 1'2lSfE'111' Bldg. Oklalioma City. Oklahoma Beck, Charles E., M.D., '52 Illinois Dept. Mental Health Springfield, Illinois 61832 Beck, L. D., M.D., '35 1626 North Central l,llO01l1X, Arizona Becker, P. W., M.D., '46 l11'awer349 Moore, Okla. Becker, L.H., M.D. 22312. Blackwell Blat-kwt-ll,Ok1a.7-1631 Becklotf, G. L., M.D., '61 Assoc. Dir. Squibb Inst. Medical Research New ljrtinsxvick, N..1ersey Beckloff, George N., M.D., '62 Box 310 S1.I'2ll,l'tll'Cl, Okla. 73472 Bedner, Gerald, M.D., '40 1211 N. Shartel fflillllllllllil City, Okla. Beiderwell, P. L., M.D., '38 2703 M St. BQ11l'l'111L',1qklllSl1S 66935 Bell, Bruce C., M.D., '63 5514 S. XVE'!4lt'l'l1 Okla. City, Okla. 73109 Bell, Eugene S., M.D., '52 Tishoiiiiiigo, Okla. Bell, Howard B., M.D., '51 3155 Stagg Dr. livllllllltilll, Texas 77701 Bell, James P., M.D., '52 605 N.X't.10V Oklulionia City, Okla. Bell, Joseph P., M.D., '43 2835 VV. 29th Topeka, Kansas 66614 Bell, Michael E., '68 Sacred Heart Hospital Spokane, Wash. 0:1204 Bell, Orville E., M.D., '36 224 ltose Street llocky Mount, N. C. Bell, Robert F., M.D., '61 30th Field llospital Augslrtirg, Germany A l'O New York, N.Y. Beller, Cleve, M.D., '43 Box 3718 Tulsa, Okla. 74152 Belter, Lester F., M.D., '46 Richmond Memorial Hosp. ltichmond, Va. Belter, Louis C., M.D., '56 324 E. Broadway Fairview, Okla. Bender, Herman R., M.D., '41 Cottage San Road Silver City, New Mexico 88061 Bennett, Wayne, M.D., '53 2001 Fourth Avenue San Diego, California Benson, C. L., M.D. 200 E. Main Cherokee, Okla. 73728 Benward, J. H., M.D., '39 4155 VV. Bosch Rd. Portland 1, Oregon Berger, E. Stanley, M.D., '44 1111 North Lee Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Berger, Martin, M.D., '47 1225 N. Kings Rd. Los Angeles 46, Calif. Bergman, D. R., M.D., '62 Charity Hosp. La. New Orleans, La. 126 Berkenbile, Glen L., M.D., '46 301 S. 36th Muskogee, Okla. 74401 Bernamonti, D. Jr., M.D., '55 132 NlIltlS0l'17l'. Muskogee, Uislahoinzt 74401 Bernard, C. R., M.D., '25 Kalkaska, Mich. Bernell, Wm., M.D., '42 First Natl. Bldg. Hobart, Oklahoma Beriler, James E., '68 Marion County General Hosp Blair, Clifford J., M.D., '39 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Blanchard, Wnl. G., M.D., '55 McAlester Clinic McA1ester, Okla. Blakenship, Jerry B., M.D., '62 1814 Ramona Enid, Okla. 73701 Blaschke, John A., M.D., '50 605 N.VV. 10 Oklahoma City, Okla. lndianapolis, Indiana 46207 . Bledso' 5,96 Thomagtf MLB" ,59 nernharat, K. I., M.D., 62 715 North College Cordell, Okla. Chiokasha Clinic Chickasha, Okla. 73018 Blende, 0. J., M.D., '35 2633 VV. Bethany Home Rd. Bernhardjs, Samuel, C., M.D., '60 phogmixy 'Ariz' 5808 S. Penn Bond, Ira 'I'., M.D., '27 Battiest, Oklahoma Bond, William Ia., M.D., '47 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Bonham, R. P., M.D., '26 Box 66286 Houston, Texas Boon, Clifton U., M.D., '32 12 Fox St. Aurora, Ill. Booth, Geo. R., Jr., M.D., '44 W'ilburton, Okla. Boren, Paul G., M.D.. '62 4630 La Rue Dallas, Texas Borrell, Gary K., '68 St. Anthony Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73102 ' 1' v v , , "' , B1 , . . . Okla. l.,1ty, Okl 1 15110 endegogogntxzhilg D , 146 Barron, Robt- Kenneth, M.D., ,59 Bernhairdt, Wm. G., M.D., '53 Chel,Uk'0C Okla. G19 S, Canyon 408 Country C1u11C1rc1e Oklahoma City 10, Okla. Berry, J. Curtis, M.D., '37 Peters and Eufaula Norman, Okla. Berry, Jas. E., M.D., '59 800 Crestview Dr. Sherman, Texas 75090 Berry, s. E., M.D., '50 253 Mira Street Long Beach 3, Calif. Bethel, Shelba J., M.D., '65 St. Anthony llospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73102 Betson, Johnnie R., Jr. M.D., '55 351 Hospital Road Newport, California 92660 Beumer, D. C., M.D., '43 9006 MacArthur lilvd. Oakland 5. Calif. Bias, Herbert I., Jr., '68 Virginia Mason llosp Seattle, VVash. 98101 Bickford, C. U., M.D., '48 2405 lion Aire Victoria, Texas Bida, J. P., M.D., '48 703 VV. llanol A1111 Arlington, Texas 76010 Bieber, Charles P., M.D.,A'66 Stanford Palo Alto Hospital Palo Alto, California 94304 Bieber, Marcia A. M., M.D., '66 13841 lioliletla Los Altos llills, Calif. 94022 Biehler, Larry L., M.D., '62 2610 NXV1Cxprcss1vay Okla. City. Okla. Billingsly. James G., M.D., '55 4209 No. Mason Tacoma, VVZlSl1lllg1OI1 98407 Bilsky, Nathan, M.D., '24 4511 Forest l'ark St. Louis 8, Missouri Binkley, Frank C., M.D., '39 635 E. Union Pasadena, Calif. Bird, Billy J., M.D., '57 Child Guid. Clinic Bldg. 0402 Kessler, Mississippi 39354 Bird, Robert M., M.D. University Hospitals Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Bird, William, J.I'., M.D., '67 Okla. Univ. Medical Center Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Birge, Jackson P., M.D., '31 212 Univ.-53 Des Moines, Iowa 50214 Bishop. David W., M.D., '58 University Hospital 800 NJC. 13111 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Bissell, Robt. G., M.D., '59 309 Park Avenue Pryor, Oklahoma. Blackburn, Robt. N., M.D., '61 Box 134 Joseph, Oregon Blacketter, D. E., M.D., '52 508 South Madden Ave. Shamrock, Texas Blackwelder, Stephen E., M.D., '46 875 Summer Ave. Syracuse, N.Y. 13210 Blair, Charles V., M.D., '65 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73103 Blevins, Billy E., M.D., '60 Box 3008, 330 S. 5th Nampa, Idaho Bosworth, W. C., M.D., '60 ,- ' .. - Box K-30 1 Lmd' Ohm' '3701 Stevens Pts., wis. 54481 7 mel' ns' Jagiisf Mm" 55 Bottomley, Richard H., M.D., 'sa San Rafael, California 94901 Blevins, W. E., M.D., '51 720 N. Brown Vinita. Ok-lahoma Bliss, Bryce 0., M.D., '57 5206 S. Harvard, Apt. 1,3210 Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Bloom, Nathan N.,M .D., '16 Med. College of Va. lliclimontl, Va. lfniv. Hosp. 800 N.lQ. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bottomley, Robt. G., M.D., '62 3316 Goodger Dr. Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Bottomly, Sylvia, M.D., '58 l'niv. Hosp. S00 N.E. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bowers, Robt. Carl, M.D., '50 UC Ale-Ll. Ctr. 1'Al Okl:1.City, 010121. 721104 Blass, Glande M., Jr., M.D., '37 B0wie.Car1 W.. M.D., '46 018 NJC. 11: Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Blue, Johnny A., M.D., '34 430 N. W. 12 Oklahomat City, Oklahoma Boatman, K. R., M.D., '52 5700 NAV. tlrantl Blvd. Ulilillltblllll City, Oklahoma Boatright, L. C., M.D., '31 Cravt-ns lllclg. Oklalioiiia City, Okla. Boaz, John T., III, M.D., '60 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City 73103 Bobek, D. W., M.D., '55 422 Warren Prof. Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Bocox, Gordon A., M.D., '66 111-t. Cntr. KMAG Al'O San Francisco, Calif. 96208 Bodine, Charles D., M.D., '43 3141 NAV. Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Boggs, Harold E., Jr., M.D., '64 2217 E. 54th Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Boggs, James T., M.D., '46 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Bohlman, Curtis C.. M.D., '65 521 IC. l.og:111 Guthrie, Okla. 73044 Bolene, John P., M.D., '55 Stillwater Municipal Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074 Bolene. Robert V.. M.D., '48 1215 E. Kartford Ponca City, Okla. 74601 Bolene, Wm. D., M.D., '58 1510 VV. 9th Stillwater, Okla. 74074 Boles, Gerald W.. M.D., '57 St. Anthony Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Boles, R. D., M.D., '53 2020 Central Dodge City, Kansas Bolin, Evelyn R., M.D., '35 5 38 1 Burlingame Buena Park, Calif. Bollman, Charles S., M.D., '66 Tripler General Hospital Honolulu, Hawaii Bolton. Houck E., M.D., 650 King Rd. Royersford, Pa. Bond, Eugene C., M.D., '48 900 Pacific Ave. Everett, Washington Box 276 Stratford, Okla. 74872 Bowie, James D., M.D., '67 U.S. Naval Hospital Chelsea, Mass. 02150 Bowlan, Walter L., M.D., '61 1432 W. Britton Road Oklahoma City, Okla. Boyd, Wayne J., M.D., '50 1209 Brookside Parkway Bartlesville, Oklahoma Boyer, Harold L., M.D., '41 2044 E. Charleston has Vegas, Nevada Boyle, James S., M.D., '48 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Bozalls, George S., M.D., '35 Box 26827 Okla. City, Okla. 73126 Bozalis, John R.. M.D., '65 llL'll1'y Ford Hospital IM-troit, Micliigz11148202 Braden, Barbara F., M.D., '57 Univ. Hospitals Oklalioma City, Okla. Braden, Donald K., '57 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Bradfleld, E. 0., M.D., '36 2509 Linwood Temple, Texas 76501 Bradford, A. Calvin. M.D., '55 2118 S. Cliff Dr. Ft. Smith, Ark. 72903 Bradford, Reagan H., M.D., '61 Okla. Med. Res. Inst. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bradford, Vance A., M.D., '38 4200 Douglass Okla. City, Okla. 73109 Bradley, Frank L., M.D., '36 Eastern Okla. Sanatorium Talihina, Okla. Bradley, H. C., M.D., '17 1009 Cravens Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Brady, J. H., M.D., '36 2119 Hyde VVay Visalia, Calif. Brake, Chas. M., M.D., '51 3610 N.VV. 46 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bramanti, Henry R.. M.D.. '66 OU Med. Ctr. - Gyn"Ob Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Brandt, E. N., Jr., M.D., '60 Co. Dir. Computer Ctr. O. U. Medical School S01 N.E. 13 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Brashear, Eddie A., M.D., '58 5200 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Brashear, James D., M.D., '65 Indian Hospitarl A1buque1'que,New Mex. S7106 Brauchl, J. Tony, M.D., '55 9617 Linden Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66207 1 Brauer, S. H., M.D., '26 1112 Verges Norfolk 19, Nebraska Brawner, D. L., M.D., '47 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Brazil, Clark W., '68 Univ of Kan. Med. Ctr. Kansas City, Kanass 66103 Bressie, Jerry L., M.D., '58 5313 Aspen Dr. Okla. City, Okla. 73118 Brett, Dale E., M.D., '58 12720 Leavenworth Rd. Omaha, Nebraska 68514 Brewer, A. M., M.D., '27 621 N. W. 10th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Brewer, David L., M.D., '66 918 Lambeth Circle Durham, N. Carolina 27705 Brewer, Col. K. A., M.D., '30 7623 Flag Lake St. San Diego, Calif. Bricker, Earl M., Jr., M.D., '53 1211 N.S1l2L1'lt'1 Okla. City, 011121.73103 Bridges, Delta. W., M.D., '63 3IcAlester Clinic 1N1CA1ester, Okla. 74501 Bridges, Robert G., M.D., '58 2368 Sol. lioss San Angelo, Texas 76901 Bridwell, Malcolm E., M.D., '64 101 S. Broadway Hobart, Okla. 73651 Brightwell, Lt. Col. R. J., '41 801 Peel Street Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 Brill, Melvyn L., M.D., '61 351 Utica Sq. llletl. Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Brixey, A. M., Jr., M.D., '43 120 Scott Street Joliet, Illinois Brock, Bill L., M.D., '54 307 New York Arlington, Texas Brooks, Harold L., M.D., '63 5617 Belmont Dallas, Texas Brooks, J. T., M.D., '45 13749 W ootlvock San P'9l'll1lllt1O, Calif. Brooks, Q. T., M.D., '53 No. 4 Cumberland lllace Richardson, Texas 75080 Broome. Robt. 0., M.D., '58 5720 HMC Apt. 1 Houston 25, Texas Browder, Sue E., M.D., '45 321 East 42nd St. New York 17, N. Y. Brown, A. M., Jr., M.D., '45 Box 388 Perry, Okla. Brown, Bruce H., M.D., '47 McAleste1' Clinic 620 S. 3 McA1esler, Okla. Brown, Bryon B., M.D., '25 Davis, Okla. Brown, C. Alton, M.D., '43 1211 N.Sll111'lt'l Ok1a.Cily,Okl:1. 73103 Brown, Chas. R., M.D., '57 2106 Harrison Great Bend, Kans. 67530 Brown, Claude H. B., M.D., '53 921 NAV. 14 Ardmore, Okla. Brown, David R., M.D., '49 1111 North Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, David W., M.D., 64 St. Luke Hospital Kansas City, Missouri ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL wlcl-HTA, KANSAS Provldmg l'l6dl'l'h servlces for Ihe Mndwes+ smce I889 Conhnumg Pos+graduaI'e Medical Educahon smce I899 lnI'ernsl'nps Resldencles 22 pOSl'l'IOI'IS offered all major specuallles Anesllweslology Palhology Rolallng 9 General Pracluce Radlology Slralglwl Surgery Urology Surge y Slralglwl Medicine Orllwopedlcs lnlernal Medlclne Full malnlenance Including generous slrpend and aparlmenl on lwos pnlal premises I 2 3 bedrooms 860 beds for comprehensive cllnucal experlence Oufpahenl facllrlues In mayor cluscrplunes 80 000 pahenls 30 000 annual admlssrons For addlhonal lnformahon and appllcahon wrlI'e Io Deparlmenl of Medlcal Educaluon Sl Francis Hospllal 929 N S+ Francs Avenue Wlclwula Kansas 6 ZI4 ,k . . . . - I ,, .. M - M I - l.' Brown, Porest R., M.D., '36 3400 N. Eastern Oklahoma. City, Okla. Brown, Geo. M., Jr., M.D., '43 McAlester Clinic McAlester, Okla. Brown, Horace Jacquelin, V M.D., '59 Box 2006 USAF Hosp. Sheppard AFB, Texas 76311 Brown, Irwin H., M.D., '45 Univ. of Okla. Sch. of Med. 801 N. 141. 13th Oklahoma, City, Okla. Brown, John H., M.D., '54 2001 .lohn Street Pasadena, Texas Brown, Leonard H., M.D., '45 YVa1'ren Prof. Bldg. Tulsa, Okla Brown, Mary L. M., M.D., '64 V. A Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Burgtorf, R. Ii., M.D., '45 Shattuck, Oklahoma Burks, A. L., M.D., '39 Suite 2100, 450 Sutter St. San Francisco 8, Calif. Burleson, M. N., M.D., '61 1008 N. McKinley Seminole, Okla. 74868 Burleson, Ned, M.D., '31 P. O. Box 739 Prague, Okla. Burr, Donald C., M.D., '62 Brooke Army Hosp. San Antonio. Texas Burr, John C., Capt., M.D., '57 1717 High Denver, Colorado 80218 Burris, Otis P., M.D. 301 E. Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, VVash. Burroughs, Lyle W., M.D. Box 26827 Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Brown, Nemo' M.D., ,45 Burtis, Buffinglton B., M.D., '64 501 N. W. 12th - 4472 ' Stl eet Oklahoma City, Okla. Glanger San Diego, Calif. 92107 Brown, spencer H., MIDI, ,40 Burton, Leonard E., M.D. '54 200 Oakwood Fayei tex ille, Ark. 9217 oaimtine 1-td. ' Downey, Calif. Caldwell, Delmar R., M.D., 202 So. 4th Richmond, Texas 77469 Cales, John O., M.D., '42 826 E. 61 Chicago, Illinois 60621 Calhoon, E. L., M.D., '51 206 E. 7th Beaver, Okla. 73932 Calhoun, H. W., M.D., '58 250 Utica Sq. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Calkins, Robert S., M.D., '47 9067 Magnolia Riverside, Calif. Camp, Carl D., M.D., '62 Mooreland, Oklahoma Camp, Roy E., M.D., '66 404 E. Cecil VVaynoka, Okla. 73860 Campbell, J. P., M.D., '28 1410 Pruitt Fo1't VVorth, Texas Campbell, J. R., M.D., '35 1342 Medical Dental Bldg. Seattle, Wfashington Campbell, John G., M.D., '66 700 N.VV. 44 Okla. City, Okla. 73118 '61 Campbell M.A. T. M.D. '50 :Bi-oWn.Sl?encl?r1-r..,.rr..M.n..'6'1Bm"0"' vaud A' IH M-D' '68 ' ,Y ' ' MMU' Hogpilu 1 5fi00l1N. Maxwell Dr. Unix. of California Hospital . ,fy ' i 2. C il 101113 City, Okla Los Angeles, California 90024 Okm' QM" Uma' '510 3 . Y Campbell, Phillip J., M.D., '50 Brown, Thomas G., M.D., y29 Busboom, Robt. G., M.D. '46 ' 1104 W ashington Amarillo, Tex. 79102 Browne, Henry S., M.D. 2129 E. 60th Place Tulsa, Okla. 741.08 Brownlee, L. G. A., M.D., '12 22 Park Dr, Apt. 14 Bel Harbour, Florida Brownson, Richard J., M.D. '64 University Florida Hospital Gainesville, Florida Brundage, B. T., M.D., '36 Box 12 Thomas, Okla. Brunn, Stanley P., M.D., '65 135 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, New York 11218 Mag-nous at 13th st' Wfaynesboro, Virginia Bush, John D., M.D., '60 1211 N.Sharte1 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bush, Jordan M., M.D., '39 207 Community Building Ponca City, Okla. Bussan, Reita M.. M-D.. '49 1678 Meadowlane Dr. S.E. North Canton 20. Ohio Buswell, A. W., M.D., '52 Div. Surgeon lst Air Div. Ft. Hood. Texas 76545 Butcher, J. M., M.D., '36 786 S. Orange Ave. Sarasota, Florida Mercy Hospital Okla. City, Okla. Campbell. Robt. E., M.D., '54 900 N.VV. 10 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Campbell, Stephen B., M.D '68 Univ. of Okla. VA Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Campbell, W. J., M.D., 39 Carter, Merle Dean, M.D., '59 Waynoka, Oklahoma Carter, Thomas M., M.D., '66 1014 N. 2nd Tonkawa, Okla. 74653 Cartmell, Larry W., M.D., '64 Baptist Memoria-1 Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Cartwright, Lyle B., M.D., '65 2368 B Tranis Look Holloman AFB, New Mexico Case, Robert G., M.D., '66 26 Nordell St, MOQ MCAF Jacksonville, N. C. 28540 Casey, Earle A., M.D., '35 1337 Bancroft Ave. San Leandro, Calif. Casey, James, M.D., '54 1100 N.W. 2nd Andrews, Texas 79714 Casey, Robert E., M.D., '45 1000 W. Lavesta 11103 Orange, California Casey, Robert L., M.D., '63 2828 Nancy St Columbus, Georgia 31906 Cash, G. S., M.D., '40 801 Taraval St. San Francisco 16, Calif. Cason, Peter L., M.D., '60 AO 3047113 3922 USAF Hosp. SAC APO 30 New York. New York Casper, P. D., M.D., '46 Box 9146 Oklahoma City, Okla. Cassidy, Robert J., M.D., '55 Box 694 Okla City, Okla. 73101 Cassidy. John M., M.D., '31 5606 Vveslev St 2209 W 7 Greenville, Texas Amarillo, Texas Casteel, Cgzsslienlipe, M.D., '59 out 18 Cantrell, nBn3?37.g., M.D., 'aa Kansas City, Kansas Healdton, Okla. Capehart. J. D.. M.D.. '46 1145 S. Utica, Suite 504 Physicians Building Tulsa, Okla. Castle. E. A., M.D., '53 Clinic Drive Madisonville, Ky. Castronovo, Jos., M.D., '29 Cheatham, Wm. M., M.D., '67 814 Stanley Ardmore, Okla. 73401 Cheatwood, Wm. R., M.D., '37 Box 430 Duncan, Okla. Chesnut, Dan E., M.D., '63 2800 Hefner Rd. Okla. City, Okla. 73120 Chestnut, John Kent, M.D., '59 7029 Kathor Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 Childers, Stanley G., M.D., '45 3003 Cravenridge Dr Atlanta 19, Georgia Childredd, M. A., M.D., Goldthwaite, Texas Choice, Robert W., M.D., 7153 VV. 58th Drive Glendale, Arizona 85301 Christiansen., John, M.D., '67 516 N. Park St. Shawnee, Okla. 74801 Christensen, M. D., M.D., '52 Kiowa, Kansas Citron, Ralph, M.D., '64 2209 W. 7 Amarillo, Texas Clabaugh, West A., M.D., '64 Iowa University Hospital Iowa City, Iowa '45 '38 Claflin, Dale Gene, M.D., '64 835 Tac Hosp. McConnell AFB, Kansas 67221 Clark, B. P., M.D., '34 Hamburg St. Sch. 8: Hospital Hamburg, Pa. 19526 Clark, Prank W., M.D., '51 3rd and C. N. XV. Ardmore, Okla. Clark, Ralph 0., M.D., '37 301 S. VV. 23 Oklahoma City, Okla. Clark, Ronald D., M.D., '61 Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Clarkson, A. M., M.D., '26 Box 986 Idabel. Oklahoma 74745 Bruton, Bob L., M.D., '65 23211 XVaco Durant, Okla. 74701 Bryan, Richard S., M.D., '50 200 ls :t St. SVV Rochester, Minn. 55901 Buchanan, F. R., M.D., '42 500 S. University Little llock, Ark. Buckholts, W. H., M.D., '29 PO Box 8735 Dallas, Texas 75216 Buell, A. L., M.D., '39 Buell Myers Snow Cl. 220 S. Morton Okmulgee, Okla. Bunington, P. C., M.D., '35 502 S. Crawford Norman, Okla. Bunington, G-. W., M.D., '50 Ball State University Muncie, Indiana Buford, E. L., M.D., '41 Guymon, Okla. Buford, Robert L., '68 Univ. of Okla. VA Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Bugg, Robert, M.D. Midland, Texas Bullard, R. E., M.D., '24 V. A. Hospital XVaco. Texas Buller, Ralph L., M.D., '56 579 Broadway Hydro, Oklahoma Bunch, A. I-I., M.D., '50 206 North Fourth St. Seminole, Oklahoma Bungardt, A. H., M.D., '39 Rm. 610 Drs. Bldg. 2021 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Burgert, E. 0., M.D., '47 2109 Lynwood Dr. Rochester, Minnesota Burgess, Eugene P., M.D., 55 512 VV. Silver Meadow Del City, Okla. 73110 l28 Butcher, Orby L., Jr., M.D. '55 X a. Hosp. Orth. Surg. Dept. Dallas, Texas 75216 Butler, Dale R., M.D., '65 U. S. Navy School Aero Space Pensacola. Florida 32511 Butler, Gerald R., M.D., '68 Hermann Hosp. Houston, Texas 77025 Butler, Harrison G., M.D. Kansas City Gen. Hosp. Kansas City, Mo. 64108 Buttram.-Harold E.. M.D. '58 1521 w. isth ' Portales, New Mexico 88130 Butts, Donald T., M.D., '63 OU Med. Ctr. - Pharmacology Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Buxton. M. Thos., Jr., M.D. '47 1111 North Lee 1 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bynum, Chester I-.. M.D., '57 804 Navajho Farmington, N. M. Bynum, Lincoln J., M.D., '67 Duke Univ. Med. Ctr. Durham, N. C. Bynum, Turner E., M.D., '64 825 N,E. 13 OMRF Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Bynum, W. R., M.D., '51 Pryor, Oklahoma Byrd, Wallace, M.D. 102 Queen Avenue Coalgate, Okla. 74538 Cagle. Ronald E., M.D., '58 2207 N.VV. 40 Street Lawton, Oklahoma Cailey. Leo P., M.D., '25 Rt. 1, Box 211 Oklahoma City, Okla. Cain, James H., M.D., '42 1222 Broadway Alexandria, Minnesota 56308 Caldwell, Avalo V.. M.D., '50 3107 Gore Boulevard Lawton, Okla. Capehart, M. P., M.D., '44 1635 E. 15th Tulsa, Okla. Capehart, Robert J. M.D '65 St. Johns Hospital U, Tulsa. Okla 74104 Capehart. S. A., M.D., '48 928 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. Carey, Lt. Col.. Philip C. '53 Der. R. KMAG Koi-eel APO San Francisco, Calif, 96218 Carl, R. Barton, M.D., '55 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Carlile. Wm. P., M.D., '61 1145 S. Utica Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Carlton, Theodore, M.D., '46 521 Mandana Oakland, Calif. Carmack. Chas. A., M.D., 117 Allenhurst Oklahoma City, Okla. Carney, Andre B., M.D. 915 S. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla. 74119 Carnev. John H.. M.D., '56 620 N.VV. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla Carroll, James Robt., M.D McAlester Clinic McAlester, Oklahoma Carson, Harold Bryan, M.D Union Point, Georgia '36 '55 Carson. John M.. M.D.. 1500 North Kickapoo Shawnee, Oklahoma Carter, Claude B., M.D., '32 831 Stratford Pismo Beach, California 93449 Carter, Donald R., M.D., '60 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City. Okla. Carter, H. Gray, M.D., '43 712 N. VVashington Dallas 10, Texas 41 Clarke Rd. Banington, Rhode Island 02806 Cathey, Charles W.. M.D., '53 3008 Regency Court Oklahoma City 20. Okla. Caughron, John R., M.D., '60 4300 N.VV. 43rd Oklahoma City, Okla. Cawley, P. P., M.D., '44 Box 517 Hooker, Oklahoma Cawley, J. J., M.D., '38 1921 18th St. Bakersfield, Calif. 93301 Cawley, Leo P., M.D., '52 Wesley Hospital VVichita, Kansas Chamberlin, Cecil R., M.D., '55 Menninger Clinic Topeka, Kansas Chambers, Claude S., M.D. 202 NV. Oak Seminole, Okla, 74868 Chambers. Clint E.. M.D. '59 Toinan Air Station , Formosa Chambless, Wm. S.. M.D., '59 Rt. 2 Box 71C Plano, Texas 75074 Champlin, Paul B., M.D. 427 E. Cherokee Enid, Okla. 73701 Chandler, H. Norman. M D '46 .,'s9 10405 E.N.VV.Hi' 7 7' ghvvay Dallas, Texas 75238 Chaney. Louis H., M.D. '28 .,'49 528 N, w. 12 ' Oklahoma City 2. Okla. Chapman, Prank D., M.D., '61 Box 750 Bristow, Okla. 74010 Chapman, P. B., M.D.. '46 8332 Huntington Dr. San Gabriel, Calif. Chatfield, Robert B., M.D. '62 1333 S.W. 77th Place Okla. City, Okla. 73159 Chaves, Enrinue C.. M.D., '62 Coco Salo Hosp. Dr. 5007 Cristobal, Canal Zone 00101 Clary, Richard A., M.D., '43 415 N.VV.11th Okla. City, Okla 73103 Classen, Jeannine A., M.D. '!4 404 w. Hiiiwood D1-ive' Nashville, Tenn. 37205 Classen, Kenneth L., M.D., 'EL 404 WV. Hillwood Drive Nashville, Tenn. 37205 Clay, Richard A., M.D. 415 N.VV. 11 Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Cleaver, Wm. R., 1v1.n., 'ss 2709 N.w. 56 okia. City, okm. 73112 Clemans, D. C., M.D., '52 1419 Maylane Bartlesville, Okla. 74003 Clemens, Ted, Jr., M.D., '52 Wesley Hosp. Foundation 300 N.VV. 12 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Clements, D. G., M.D. '47 Doctors' Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Clevinger, Alva B., M.D., '64 Riverside Hospital Newport News, Virginia Click, W. C., M.D., '49 OU Med. Ctr. - Orphth, Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Clift, Merl, M.D., '23 118 South 1 Street Blackwell, Okla. Clifton, Curtis N., M.D., '55 3408 East Pine Tulsa, Okla. Clifton, Jerry T., M.D., '56 Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Clingan, Prank A., M.D., '56 1145 S. lftica Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Clinger, J. M.. Jr., M.D.. '49 400 E. Randolph Apt. 273 Chicago, 111. 60601 Clinton, Fred S., M.D. 230 E. Woodward Blvd. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Clopton, Jas. W., M.D., '45 301 VV. Bastanchury Fullerton, California K wee, we unycmn company, Mwama:ou,M1mgan Close, John I-I., M.D., '62 4604 N.W. 31st Pl. Oklahoma City, Okla.. Cloud, Robt. S., M.D., '20 5765 Nena Way Salt Lake City, Utah 84107 Cloud, Robt. S., M.D., '59 50 Medical Drive Salt Lake City, l'tah 84112 Clough, Chas. A., M.D., '59 Kansas Med. Center Kansas City, Kansas Clymer, John H., M.D., '44 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Coale, Thomas W., M.D., '67 Waynoka Clinic VVaynoka, Okla. 73860 Coates, John A., M.D., '55 6465 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. 71435 Coates, R. Reginald, M.D., '37 603 Okla. Natl. Hank Bldg. Chic-kasha, Okla. Coats, Jack L., M.D., '57 2014 llutton Road Farmington, N. M. Cobb, William B., M.D., '66 504 XV. Jackson Purcell, Ukla 73080 Cochran, B. H., M.D., '51 722 South Air Depot Midwest City, Okla. Cochrane, Capt. Chas. R., M.D., '47 Letterman Hosp., Box 235 San Francisco, Calif 94129 Coe, William H., M.D., '49 Box 119 Santa. Barbara, Calif. Coffey, Clinton M., M.D., '58 6160 S. Yale Tulsa, Oklahoma Coggins, Parris W., M.D., '47 1100 N, Dewey Oklahoma City, Okla. cohen, s., M.D., '46 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Cohen, S. Lewis, M.D., '43 800 North First Ave. Phoenix, Arizona Cohenour, Steven S., M.D., '67 St. Anthony Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Coil, J. G., M.D., '46 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Coin, C. G., M.D., '51 601 N.W. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla. Coin, J. W., Jr., M.D., '51 Providence Hospita-1 Anchorage, Alaska Coker, Charles F., M.D., '65 2712 Yvindsor Blvd. Okla. City, Okla. 73127 Coker, John K., M.D., 1921 18th PO 1582 Bakersfield, Calif. Coldwell, Jas. G., M.D., '55 6160 S. Yale Tulsa, Oklahoma '34 Cole, Joe C., M.D., '66 U.S. Naval Submarine Base New London, Conn. 06320 Cole, 0. W., M.D., '30 2572 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, Calif. Cole, Rosser R., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Cole, Royce M., M.D., '63 Psychiatry Dept. Univ. of Wash. Hosp. Seattle, Washington Coleman, Wm. 0., M.D., '47 Suite E Clinic Bldg. 3434 N.W. 56th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Collins, Col. Glenn J., M.D., '35 OTSG Dept. Army MN Bldg. Washington, DC. 20315 Collins, Donald D., M.D., '59 316 S.E. 14 Pryor, Oklahoma Collins, G. S., Jr., M.D., '48 1714 S. Midwest Blvd. Midwest City, Okla. I30 Collins, J. E., M.D., '48 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Collins, Jeffrey T., M.D., '67 US Public Health Indian Hosp. Santa Fe, New Mexico Collins, Mabelle B., M.D., '46 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Collins, W. R., M.D., '53 3705 VV. Broadway Muskogee, Okla. 74401 Colvard. Billy N.. M.D., '65 4223 St. Clair Studio City, Calif. 91604 Calvert, Jas. R., M.D., '41 1319 Classen Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Colwick, J. T., Jr., M.D., '52 215 N.16th St. Durant, Okla. Colyar, A. B., M.D., '41 3400 N. liastern Okla. City, Okla. 73111 Combs, Leon D., M.D., '44 16 West Midland Shawnee, Okla. Compton, A. Paul, M.D., '57 601 E. 19th Ave. Denver, Colorado Cone, John A., M.D., '64 3500 Glenoaks Okla. City, Okla. 73110 Cone, J. Donald, Jr., M.D. 318 Alleghaney St. Odessa, Texas Conley, Richard A.. M.D., '59 The VVatonga Clinic XVatonga, Oklahoma Conn, J. Harold, M.D., '43 3938 Resthrook Pl. .lac-kson, Miss. Connally, Jack D., '68 Mercy Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Connell. M. A., M.D., '32 1741 En:-ino Grants, New Mexico 87020 Conner, H. McD., Jr., M.D., '52 437 Pasteur Bldg. Okla. City, Okla. Conners, T. P., M.D., '37 Tonasket, NVashington 98855 Connor, E. E., M.D., '26 4626 VVeber Road Corpus Christi, Texas 78411 Conrad, Betty L., M.D., '44 602 S. Cheyenne Tulsa, Okla. Conrad, L. L., M.D., '43 V. A. Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Cook, C. E., Jr., M.D., '42 V. A. Hospital Muskogee, Oklahoma Cook, Edward T., M.D., '38 508 VV. Broadway Anadarko, Okla. Cook, Jerry A., M.D., '65 U. S. Aero Medical Institute Pensacola. F-lorida 32508 Cook, William P., M.D., '67 U.S. Naval Hospital Bethesda,Maryland 20014 Cooke, Everette E., M.D., '43 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Cooley, Percy P., M.D., '23 110 S. Lewis St. Monroe, Washington Cooper, Prank H., M.D., '58 2701 Walnut Rd. Norman, Okla, 73069 Cooper, Kenneth H., M.D., '56 131134368842 Lakeland AFB, Texas 78241 Copeland, E. L., M.D., '44 2157 N.VV, 9 Avenue Gainsville, Florida Coppedge, Orville, M.D., '33 Box 698 Bethany, Oklahoma Corbin, D. E., M.D., '29 326 Mesa VVay La Jolla, California Cordonnler, B. J., M.D., '32 1800 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Cordum, Myron A., M.D., '62 4551 Windsor Mall Oklahoma City, Okla. Corley, Bert N., M.D., '62 420 S. VVheeler Sallisaw, Okla. 74955 Cornelison, Raymond L., '68 Ben Taub VA Hosp Houston, Texas 77025 Cornelius, Geo. R., M.D., '57 900 N. NV, 10 Street Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Cornelson, Earnest E., M.D. 4000 Bacon Rd. N.E. YVashington, D.C. Cosby, Glenn, M.D., '43 Miami Clinic, 30 B. SAV. Miami, Okla. Coston, R. M., M.D., '29 1715 VVellington 1-td. Birmingham, Ala. 35209 Cotner, Jerry Bob, M.D., '52 Box 53 Huntington, Ark. Cotner, Joseph, M.D., '66 5469 Cobb Dr. Dayton, Ohio 45431 Cotner, Norman A., M.D., '58 Box 370 Grove, Oklahoma Cotten, Daisy G., M.D., '37 6220 N.W. 10 Oklahoma City 7, Okla. Cotteral, John R., M.D., '29 303 N. 10th Henryetta, Okla. Cotton, Bert I-I., Jr., M.D., '57 111 Congress Street Pasadena, Calif. Couch, Jim C., M.D., '62 Cordell, Okla. Courtright, Anna C., M.D., '51 1925 E, Orman Ave. Pueblo, Colorado Courtright, C. L., M.D., '51 1925 E. Orman Ave. Pueblo, Coldratlo Coussons, R. Timothy, M.D., '63 OU Med. Ctr. - Medicine Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Covey, James H., M.D., '64 HDQTHS Com. 58th St. 8 First Ave. Bl'ooklyn, N.Y. 11250 Cowan, Judith R. Dept. of Psychiatry TU New Orleans, La Cowling, Robt. E., M.D., '35 215 E. 13th St. A da, Okla. Cox, A. K., M.D., '32 XVatong,a Clinic VVatonga, Okla. Cox, Walter M., M.D., '53 515 NAV. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Coye, Elizabeth I., M.D., '43 2244 N.VV. 56th Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Coyle, John J., M.D., '43 525 N. VV. 11th Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Coyner, W. R., M.D., '47 Box 31 Edmond, Oklahoma 73034 Coyner, W. W., M.D., '63 Box 398 Heaildton, Okla. Crabtree, Jas. A., M.D., '57 915 Sherwood Road San Marino, California Craft, Phil D., M.D., '65 4970 Reed Road Shawnee Mission, Kan. 66200 Craig, John T., Jr., M.D. Cramer, Ronald I., M.D., '65 2124 E. Harlow Okla. City, Okla. 73127 Crane, Dorothy P. B., M.D., '44 238 West 10 Street Dallas, Texas Crane, Frances S., M.D. 100 VV. Cedar St. XVilburton, Okla. 74578 Cravens, Clem, M.D., '50 DeWitt State Hosp. Auburn, California Crawford, Capt. J. W., M.D., '63 OU Med. Ctr. - Anesthesia Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Crawford, Perry P., M.D., '30 2010 South Utica Tulsa, Okla. Crawford, Sterling T., M.D., '42 5700 N.W. Grand 1-ilvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Crittendon, W. P., M.D., '54 1014 North Flood Norman, Oklahoma Crockett, I-I. G., M.D., '34 266 South Harvard lllvd Los Aligcles, Calil' 90004 Crockett, Wm. A., M.D., '61 3300 N. Carseway Metairie, Louisiana 70001 Croom, William S., M.D., '43 3801 19th Suite 114 Lubbock, Texas 79410 Cross, David A., '68 Naval llospital Pensacola, Fla. 32512 Crosthwait. M. J., M.D., '55 V 7221 East Reno Oklahoma City. Okla. Crowell, Bill B., M.D., '64 202 Tolas New Mexico 88002 Crump, James L., M.D., '55 3844 Convention Street Baton Rouge, Louisiana Culmer, A. E., Jr., M.D., 40 27112 S. 3rd Grand Forks, N.lJ, 58201 Culp, William C., M.D., '67 Coast Guard Base Yorktown, Virginia Culwell, Don W., M.D., '62 153 Fairview l'onc-a City, Okla. 74601 Culwell, W. B., M.D., '38 800 South Main Mount Airy, Maryland Cunningham, C. B., M.D., '35 Box 212 Clinton, Okla. Cunningham, C. D., M.D., '38 1718 Chiekasha Ardmore, Okla. 73401 Cunningham, C. S., M.D., '45 Poteau, Okla. Cunningham, Gene C., Jr. M.D., '67 Okla. Univ. Medical Center Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Curtiss, W. P., M.D., '46 22631 Mack Avenue St. Clair Shores, Mich. Cushman, Harry R., M.D., '35 1898 Meridan San Jose, Calif. 95125 Datfer, Ernest R., M.D., '62 2608 S. W, 69 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Daily, Raymond E., M.D., '32 l'. O. Box 85 Bixhv. Okla. Dakil, L. N., M.D., '36 Med. Arts. Building McA1ester, Okla. 74501 Dakil, Samuel E., M.D., '50 McAlester Clinic McAlester, Okla. 74501 Dandridge, Wm. S., M.D., '35 1601 West Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. Danel, Joe R., M.D., '61 P. H. S. Hospital Holdenville, Okla. Daniel, Thomas G., M.D., '58 228 Cannon Dr. Travis AFB, Calif. 94535 Daniels, Robert W. Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Danielson, A. D., M.D., '32 lilo South Broadway Herington, Kansas 67449 Danielson, Guy D., '68 Univ. of Okla. VA Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Darden, P. M., M.D., '42 1907 E. Southmere Pasadena, Texas Dardis, W. T., Jr., M.D., '45 830 West Aoriendo Ave. Pueblo, Colorado Darrough, Forrest M., M.D., '63 lfniv. Vvash. Hosp. Psy. Deppt Seattle, VVash. 98105 :Dax-rough, J. B., M.D., '33 A244 S. Scraper Yvlllltht, Oklahoma Darrough, J. W., M.D., '30 1431 Grand Everett, Washington Daugherty, Rex W., M.D., '54 401 Commerce Bldg. Pawhuska, Oklahoma Davenport, H. S., M.D., '52 318 East Elm Gainesville, Texas Davidson, H. D., M.D., '62 St. Francis Hosp. Rad Clinton, Okla. 73601 Davidson, W. N.. Jr., M.D., '51 6065 Cedarwood Lane Dayton, Ohio 45430 Davie, E. N., M.D., '40 David Hosp. and Clinic Milford, Utah Davie, Victor V., M.D., '43 501 Main Cunningham, Glenn R., M.D., '66 Akron' Colorado 80720 3022 Chapel Hill Road, A-74 Durham, North Carolina 27707 Cunningham, I-I. A., M.D., '34 1730 Olive Ave. Santa Barhara, Calif. Cunningham. J. H.. M.D., '50 201 Texas Blvd. Dalhart, Texas Cunningham, W. A., M.D., '58 517 NVV. 39 Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Currie, John M., M.D., '63 OU Med. Ctr. - Dermatology Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Okla. Univ. Medical Center Curry, Morris S., Jr., M.D., '66 Okla.. City, Okla 73104 Craig, Kenneth B.. M.D., '58 McGreW, Clinic Beaver, Oklahoma Craig, Nancy, M.D., '49 525 NAV. 11 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Craig, William J.. M.D.. '51 525 Northwest 11th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Cramer, Ralph Jr., M.D., '64 5208 Byron Ave. Okla. City, Okla. 73112 St. Anthony Hospital Ok-lahoma City, Oklahoma Curry, Roy Lee, M.D., '31 P. O. Box 837 Clovis, New Mexico Curtess, R.L., Jr., M.D., '49 3707 Gaston Dallas 10, Texas Curtin, Virginia. M.D., '36 XVatonga, Okla. Curtis, S. J., M.D., '28 891 S. Race St. Denver 9, Colorado Davies, William S., M.D., '66 1908 Santa Clara No. 2 Austin, Texas 78757 Davis, Elaine M.N., M.D., '62 .330 S. 5th Enid, Okla. 73701 Davis, G. C., M.D., '46 100 Phillips Dr. Forest Park Ga. Davis, G. P., M.D., '16 Kanapolis, Kansas Davis, G. H., M.D., '51 Pace Chambers Clinic Seminole, Okla. Davis, George M., M.D., '39 MC USN U.S. Naval Hospital Bethseda, Maryland Davis, John B., M.D., '35 1440 Ramello Long Beach, Calif. Davis, Randall E., M.D., '51 10615 Ardmore Drive Spokane, Washington Davis, Robert G., M.D., '59 702 Camillo Sierra Madre, Calif. 91024 Davis, Robt. S., Jr., M.D., '54 Sulphur, Okla. Davis, Samuel M., M.D., '56 2111 1'1-11'1111-11111111111g' 1'11i1-11z1s11:1. 11111z11111l111L 7311115 Davis, W. 0., M.D., '43 11111 111. 111'11Z111XX'2ly 1'11s11i11g. 1l1i11l. Davison, C. O., M.D., '15 1 11111111111 1'11111'L 1'11t1::l1111111l1si1-, N1-W Y1.1t'I1 Day, John C.. M.D., 59 111511 lfxtlls .X1'11,111:1s1. 11'Y1l11'qIl11S,111111111 Dean, Charles E., M.D., '61 1'i111-i1111:1ti 111-11. 1111511 1'i111'i1111:11i.1111i11 Dean, Robert YV., M.D., '55 21111S.11'i11s11111 'I'111s:1.11111:1 Dean, W. P., M.D., '26 7125 X 111-tt1'1l .1111l.111x1I1. Deardorff. Max A., M.D., '59 11iI11'1'1-st .111-11.1'1111t01' '1'11Is:1.11111:1. Dehart, Ollie W., M.D., '61 122 1Y1'st I1111:111':1t'1- Viilitzt,1111111111-11121 DeJarnette, J. F., Jr., M.D., '48 ,115 1'.11u1f1x11111l l11'1x'11 111111.11111,11111:1 Delhotal, C. E., Jr., M.D., '47 211111 X 11' 1-Ix111'1-sswity' 11111:1l1-1111.11'i11,11111:'1. Demas, Rose P., M.D., '46 .1 - . . . 1..1111.1111'I1lx11, I.:1x1t1111,t1111:1. Demeuies, E. A., Jr., M.D., '38 1111111115-t 11i11s1211:'111 1111111115 111'1-g'1111 Dennehy, Timothy H., M.D., '60 2111111'111':12411111111.111'1111'1'l1 1'1-11t111'- I1t1s:1.11111:1.11111 Denny, L. A., M.D., '53 111111N 11111't Av.-. 1',1X11111t1-,1g1l1t. Dennis, James L., M.D., '40 111 A11-11. N-11, N111 3.12.12 11111:11111111:t 1'111' 111'l'1l11'1111'1 . 1 1 . Dennis. R. P., M.D., '45 11111211111'1- Blvd. 1.2I1X'111Il, 011151. Denny, R.. C., M.D., '52 1211 N.S11z11'tv1 11111:1.1'ity,11111z1.7311121 Denny, Wm. P., M.D., '53 l'11iv, .X1'l1. 111411. S1:1111111 V..X. 1111s11itz11 1.itt11- 11111-11, 1Xl'Ii2lIlSilS Denyer, Hillard E., M.D., '41 11111 li. 2 11:11't11-s1i1l1g, 011111. Deputy, Ross, M.D., '35 111 S. 5111 St. 1'Ii11t1111, 011121, Dersch, Walter I-I., Jr., M.D., '45 N1-10111111 1'1i11i1' 51lZl111l1'1i, 1111111. Deshane, Preston W., Jr. M.D., '61 31111-1-1331 I.1111l1111'11, 'l'1-X215 751413 Desmuke, L. D., M.D., '61 Y111111:4st11x1'11 llusp. .XSs111'. Y111z11,:st11w11, 1111111 Deupree, Harry L., M.D., '36 1':1st11111' 1111111111132 11111:11111111z11'i15'.11111L1. Devanney, P. J., M.D., '31 111 X1111l1 1St1'1,-111 5:1511-. 11111:1111111111 Devine, J. C., M.D., '53 115 S1lll241'1 11z1y 111'. 11111 S111'i11::s. .X1'11 7111111 Devore, J. K., M.D., '47 1211 N. 11111151111 11111:11111111:1 1'1tY.111i1Ll, Devore, J. W., M.D., '45 1211 X, 11111151111 11I1I:11111111:1 1'115,1,1111Z1. Diacon, James L., M.D., '52 121 liztst 1.1111111111 X11-11111211111 111'111s:'1s Dickerson, Jas. L., M.D., '54 1111 .Xs11111111,'1yc. 31111111111-. 1'11lif1'11'11if1 Dickerson. Wm. J., M.D., '55 lloss Gen. Hospital 1111ss,1'111it'. 1141137 Dickey, Robert A., M.D., '67 l,1Ii12l. 1f11iy. 3.1EC11L'211l11'Il11,'l' 011111. City, 011121. 7211114 Dickinson, W. P., M.D., '48 1111 E1 11'it't1111nt11 NAV. .1I'11llll11'k1, 011111. 1a1.,.. ....1 Dickson, James R., M.D., '55 111111I51'1l1ll11l11111111'1'1'1'11 111 1 1111-1 1l1t11111111l111 11 Dieker, William E., M.D., '67 St .I11l111's Hospital '11I11Si1,L1111i1.T-111111 Dietrich, B. L., IVLD., '53 1"1 1' 1" .. .. .1 11115 1ll111l. 11111z1l111111z1 Dilling, Jerome M., Jr., '68 11ll1Y.111'1I1i12l. VA 1111s11. 011111. 1'ity, 011111. 7311111 Dillinghani, C. I-I., M.D., '45 1.11x'1-1:11'e 1f1ii1i1' .X1111l1l111'l'111Ik', A. M. Dillinan, Robt. E., M.D.. '46 11111-1111's 11111Q,'.. 21 1.11w1s '1'111sz1, 011171. Dillman, T. E., M.D., '46 I1111wI'I. 11111-1',2'1'1.-1,111 111111. X I1I11'1l1lX 141: NX:1sl1. Diment, Dean H., M.D., '60 .,'. -- . 111,,1b.X1...1!1b1. 11111:11111111:1 1'i1y. 011111. Dinkler, Fred, M.D., '47 11:111I11A1's1.i1'111'11 111-s .XI11111es, 1111121 .,11i11t11 Disiere, John E., M.D., '63 St. .Xll11l11llY111151111111 1111I:11111111:11Tity.11111z1. Dix, Robert A., M.D., '67 lZ:111tist 511-111111'in1.1111s111t:11 1111l:1. 1'11y. 011111. 721112 Dixon, Gerald R., M D., '58 11111 NAV. Eximresswzty 1'itx' 111'1't 7"11" 011121. ,, 1.. .1 - Dixon, Janies L., M.D., '40 2111 X1'.1.11111Ax'1e11t11- 1.1-111. 1,'z11if111'11i:1 Dixon, R. W., M.D., '44 14-131 XXvE'S1.YV11111I 111'i1'1- A1i1lWest1.'ity. 011111. 7Z1111Y Dodson,G-eo:-ge E., M.D., '40 55 E. N111'111 Mz111is1111x'ill1e, 1f1'Il1l11'1ij' Dodson, H. C., Jr., M.D., '41 1211 N 81111111-1 111112l.111tY,l111I1l.7111113 Dolenz, Bernard J., M.D., '57 111111i1Y. M:1g'11111i:1 l"111'1, 1VO1'tl1. '111'X1lS 7111111 Dolph, C. H., M.D., '26 l'.1'1.11v1x 1251 .1:ilX101YIl, T1-xzts Dombuk, Stanley J., M.D., '67 St.. ,Xll1.110I1j' H11s11it:1l 1,1I11ii.C11Y,1111I1l.7111112 Donaghe, Roy W., M.D., '47 11.114 N. 191111111 N111'111z111,0111:11111111:1721111151 Donald. Jack W.. MD.. '54 1". 11. 1'111x 41111 Dotter, Billy Dale, M.D., '59 .11c1'1'y 1111s11it:11 f1Ii12l1111IllZl 1'ity. 011l:1 Dotter, Richard G., M.D., '59 University llospitztls O1i12l1lC1l1lLL C11j',1.11i12l1l11Il111 Doty, Roy J., M.D., '40 111111 S1'1111i1- 111' Adu, 1111lz1. 71N-111 Doudna, H. E., M.D. 11211 N.W. 111.11 11l1l:1.1fity,11l11:1.7111112 Dougan, A. F., M.D., '36 1800 S. Y:111 111111111 Euicl, 011111. Dougherty. R. J., Jr., M.D., '47 212 N.W. lx L111121. 1'ity. 011111. Dougherty, V. P., M.D., '24 4111 N.1'I,111t11St. 0l1ln1111111z1 1'i1x'. 1111l:1 Dougherty. Wxzi. H., M D.. '54 Suite 1. l'1:1z:1 I'1'11t'. lildg. 1'1z11'tl1Js1'i111-. 11l11111111111:1 S"'1"""'- 1"11"- Douglas, Herschel L., M.D., 'so Donaldson, Ronald J., M.D., '63 A HHN N111 , 111' ,Xl1-11,1'tr,- Nt-111-1,911-gf.-1-1 1.11V111g:t1111, New A11-X11-11 11111:1.1"ity,11111:1. 75111111 Donat, Paul E., M.D., '62 221111 NAV, 77 011111, 1'ity. 011111. 73117111 Doner, Richard E., M.D., '63 311,-1'1'y 1-111s11it:11 11111:11111111z1 1'11y.11111:1. Donica, Thomas M., M.D., '64 111' 511-11.1.'t1'.--Vsy:-11i:111'y 1'1i121.l..11j.11111.I.1.11111 Donnell, John J., M.D., '43 1211 N.f4112ll'11'1 11111:1.1'ity.11111:1.7Z1l11I1 Dooley, Robert T., M.D. 4 11Iz1St 1111111111 1.11. ht. IIILU1, AI11111. .1N1111 Doran, Charles K., M.D.. '63 1'1111li1' 111-111111 S1-rv. S2111 F1'1'1111"isw11. 1':1lit'. Dorr, Clyde H., III, M.D., 1211 N. 51111111-1 011121, City, 11111:1. 7211113 '61 Douthit, Thos. E., Jr., M.D., 54 511111111-1'11 1111111181 A1issi1111.X1'1121111 SIl11F1'l1l11'1S1'11, 1'11li1'111'11i:1 Dowdell. Roy W.. M.D.. '63 1is1'11 NSY. 2111111 lixp, 111et11z111y. 011111. 73111111 Dowdy, G. S., Jr., M.D., '53 2111 11e1'111z11111 l'1'11t'. 111112, 1-l1.111st1111 25. '1'1-x:1s Dowdy, Kemp H., M.D., '40 4511 S11111'1'SI. S1111 l1'1'z1111-is1'11 N, 1':11i1'. Dowling, W. J., M.D., '46 12211 N. 11211111-1' 1111111. 1'ity, 011111. 73111131 Downing, G. G., M.D. 61.131.1111'1-11111111-X'1t1'1I 1.f11X'1.t1ll.1.11i1Zl.Ti151,11 Downing, J. J., M.D., '46 171'1N Y111'11t11w11 S1111 511111-11, t':11i1'. A Community Service CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES 51 MEDICAL 2 'JE 311136 ,pl OJ .b CJ 75 S E 414 H and Educational Institution HIGH QUALITY MEDICAL CARE INTERNSHIP RESIDENCIES EXTENSIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY VISITING PROFESSORS HILLCREST MEDICAL CENTER 11111311 ON we PARK 1111511 OKLAHOMA 74104 PHONE 5114 1351 131 Drake, Dale W., M.D., '48 6201 Little Schaefer Evansville, Ind. Drake, J. S., M.D., '42 122 W. Hadley Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001 Draughon, Clyde Wm., M.D., '54 Box 158 Polson, Montana Drennan, S. L., M.D., '41 3550 West Sth St. Los Angeles 5, Calif. Drewry, Robert Hill, M.D., '59 Medical Arts Bldg. 1930 Ferris Lawton, Oklahoma Duckett, Jim G., M.D., '55 5700 N.VV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Dudley, P. W., M.D., '58 Enid State Hosp. Enid, Oklahoma Duer, Joe L., M.D., '32 Box 888 VVoodward, Oklahoma Duewall, R. H., M.D., '38 4630 Fleur Drive Des Moines, Iowa Duff, Brig. Gen Fratis L., '39 4211 Lostridge Dr Austin, Texas 78731 Duff, Thomas, Jr., M.D. 512 YV. Harding Stockton, California 95204 Duffy, Francis M., M.D. 211 W. Maple Enid, Okla. 73701 Duffy, Joseph, M.D., '64 1001 N.W. Hill Okla. City, Okla. 73118 Duffy, Mary, M.D., '53 605 N. VV. 10 Oklahoma City, Okla. Dugger, James A., M.D., '46 324 24th Ave. 4:5202 San Francisco, Calif. 94121 Dulany, Richard B., M.D., '60 Parkland Memorial Hosp. Dallas, Texas Duncan, Cloyce L., M.D., '46 Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Inst. 1st and Parnassus Ave. San Francisco, Calif. Duncan, K. D., M.D., '55 Box 7492 Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Duncan, R. W., M.D., '36 106 W S. Rusk Ave. Denison, Texas Dunlap. Harold, M.D., '55 CXO Earl Dunlap Haskell, Oklahoma Dunn, John S., M.D., '49 576 E Street Santa Rosa, Calif. Dunnington, Glenn W., M.D., '66 Tripler Gen. Hospital Honolulu, Hawaii Dunningtcn, Lt. Col. W. G., M.D. '34 Madigan Gen. Ilosp. Tacoma, Washington 98431 Dunton, Loren A., M.D., '45 329 VVest New York Ave. Deland, Florida Duplessis, Gorst H., '68 Presbyterian Med. Ct1'. San Francisco, Calif. 94115 Duran, R. J., M.D., '47 1275 Olentangy Riv. Rd. Columbus 8, Ohio Dycus, David S., MD, '61 Dycus Clinic Moore, Okla Dycus, Don L., M.D., '57 Dycus Clinic Moore, Oklahoma 73060 Dyer, James W., M.D., '59 Sheppard USAF Hosp. Wicliita Falls, Texas Eades, D. W., M.D., '30 7602 South Broadway St. Louis 11, Mo. Eads, C. H., M.D., '33 1145 S. Utica 135513 Tulsa, Okla. Eakin, David V., M.D.. '65 Tusloy 47 USAFE APO New York, New York 09289 I32 Earl, Gene M.., M.D., '66 3105 Del Mar Rd. Okla. City, Okla. '66 Earls, Jim H., M.D., '62 OU Med. Ctr. - Psychiatry Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Earnest, Carl R., M.D., '60 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Earp, Ancel, Jr., M.D., '47 1007 Nable Fairbanks, Alaska East, John P., M.D., '37 652 XV. 20 Merced, Calif. East, William R., M.D., '61 6042 Windy Hill Drive San Antonio, Texas 78242 Eastland, Wm. E., M.D., '23 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Eaton, Bobby G., M.D., '60 300 N.VV. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. naaington, A. B., M.D., '53 2570 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Edge, Jodie L., M.D., '55 A C H Clinic and Hosp. Shawnee, Okla. Edwards, Martin D., M.D., '45 710 N.E.13th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Edwards, Rheba L., M.D, '38 Central State Hosp. Norman, Okla. 73069 Edwards, William L., M.D., '64 1216 N. 12 Duncan, Okla 73533 Egan, James Wm., M.D., '56 Boston City Hospital Boston, Mass. Egelston, James R., M.D., '55 10246 Midway Dallas, Texas 75229 Eggenberg, D. M., Jr., M.D., '55 103 N. 3rd Davis, Okla. Elam, Gary W., M.D., '67 Okla. Univ. Medical Center Okla. City, Okla. 73401 Elder, John F., M.D. 600 W. Kentucky Pampa, Texas Eley, Julia S., M.D., '67 705 Coggin Ave. Brownwood, Tevas 76801 Elkin, W. Paul, M.D., '35 224 Med. Arts Bldg. Charleston, NV. Virginia Elkins, M. G., M.D., '38 Rt. 3, Box 124 Muskogee, Okla. Elkins. Ronald C., M D., '62 1547 E. Monument Baltimore, Maryland 21205 Elkouri, H. D., M.D., '54 Petroleum Bldg. Chickasha, Oklahoma Ellifrit, Wm. 0., M.D., '59 1804 Blackard Lane Ponca City, Okla. Elliott. Arthur F., M.D., '45 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Elliott. Chas. C., M.D.. '62 St. John's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Elliott, J. H., M-D., '52 Department of Ophthalmology Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tenn. Ellis, Edwin F., M.D., '67 Childrenls Medical Ctr Dallas, Texas 75219 Ellis, John W., '68 St. Anthony Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Ellis, Leonard, M.D.. '42 4101 N. MacArthur Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Ellis, R. A., M.D., '45 103 North 10th Duncan. Okla. Ellis, Robert R., M.D., '57 765 College St. Los Angeles, Calif. 90065 Ellzey, R. F., M.D.. '54 22 Sugar Shack Dr. Austin, Texas Emenhiser, Lee K., M.D., '31 1200 N. NValker Okla. City, Okla 73107 Endres, Robert K., M.D., '48 6730 S. Birmingham Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 Engles, C. F., M.D., '51 2416 S. Harvey Oklahoma City, Okla. Engles, Estelle, M D., '54 325 NVaco Street Durant. Okla. 74701 Engles, Loretta G., M.D., '51 2416 S. Harvey Okla. City, Okla. Engles, L. L., M.D., '48 Engles Clinic Durant, Okla. Engles, Phyllis MP., '68 Methodist Hosp. Dallas, Texas 75208 Engles, Raymond L., lVI.D., '40 4020 S. Ivanhoe Lane Englewood, Colo. 80110 Engles, Robert E., M.D., '54 325 XVaco St. Durant, Okla. Ennis, John H., M.D., '54 6520 E. Reno Midwest City, Okla. Enos, J. P., M.D., '50 331 Main Yukon, Okla. Ensey, J. E., M.D., '28 310 Preston Road Royal Med. Center Dallas, Texas Epley, V. C., M-D., '42 229 S. Michigan Prairie du Chien, iVis. Erwin. C. J. R., M D., '51 14680 N. VVisconsin Ave. Elm Grove, iVisconsin Erwin, C. P., M.D., '51 14680 N. VVisconsin Ave. Elm Grove, XVisconsin Erwin, P. D.. M.D., '46 5300 N Meredian Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Eskridge, J. B., Jr., M.D., '21 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Eskridge, Jas. B., III, M.D., '45 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Esparza, Edward, M.D., '59 2600 NAV. Expressway Oklahoma City, Okla. Evans, A. M., M.D., '30 P. O. Box 624 Perry, Okla. Evans, Arthur G.. M.D., '58 Kaniksu Clinic Priest River, Idaho Evans, Gary G., M.D., '63 St, .lohn's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Evans, John P., M.D., '63 OU Med. Ctr. - Orth. Surgery Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Evans, Kenneth L.. M.D., '67 John Peter Smith Hosp. Ft. NVorth, Texas 76104 Evans. I-eo R-. M-D.. '27 Central City, Kentucky Evans, Winfield W.. M.D. St. Anthony I-Iosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Evatt, Bruce L., M.D., '64 2120 BlackVFort Dr. N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30329 Everett, Mark Allen, M.D., '51 528 N.VV. 12 Oklahoma City. Okla. Everett, Mark R., M.D. 801 N.E. 13th Okla. City, Okla 73101 Ewing. W. F.. Jr.. M.D., '53 1625 E. 36th Place Tulsa, Okla. Fair, E. Edwin, M.D., '41 405 Community Bldg. Ponca City, Okla. Fair, Thos. Hooker. M.D., '47 6160 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. Falkenstein., R. D., M.D. 600 VV. Kentucky Pampa. Texas Farr, Louise Hinkead, M.D., Farnam, Larry M., Jr. 6200 Cadieux Rd. Detroit, Mich. 48224 Farr, Charles H., M.D., '61 1024 N. Flood Norman, Okla. '43 Box 16526 Okla. City, Okla. 73116 '41 . Farris, E. M., M.D., Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Farris, Emil P., M.D., 150 528 N. VV. 12 SL. Oklahoma City, Okla. Feigley, Chas. A.. M D., '50 3737 North Blvd. Baton Rouge. La. Felactu, James, M.D,, '62 4923 Americona Drive Ammandale, Virginia 22003 Felts, George R., M.D., '32 2220 Mountain Blvd. Oakland, Calif. 94611 rex-ainana, A. c., M.D., '38 114 Stratford Dr. Peoria, Ill. Ferguson, E. G., M.D., '29 Medical Arts Building Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Ferguson, E. B., Jr., M.D., '59 Orlando. Florida Ferrell, Donald P., M.D., '63 2730 S. Chautauqua Ave. Norman, Okla 73069 '31 Fina, Anton, M.D., Atoka, Okla. 74525 Finch, J. William, M.D., '31 1.01 S. Broadway Hobart, Okla. 73651 Findlay. John R., M.D., '52 17202 15 N.VV. Seattle 77. WaSh. Finn, Thomas C., M.D., '53 4200 S. Douglas Ave. Okla. City, Okla. 73109 Finney, Jackie L., '68 VValter Reed Gen. Hosp. VVashington, D.C. 98105 First. Safetv R.. M.D.. '43 757 Utica SQ Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma Fisher. Harry E.. M D., '52 2671 Comanche Dr. Salt Lake City, Utah Fisher, Robert D., M.D., '64 Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Fitz. Rudolph G., M.D., '20 Fairbanks, Alaska D.. '61 Baptist Memorial Hosp. Memphis, Tenn. Fitzgerald, D. T., Jr., M Flaming, George B., M.D., '67 St. Anthony Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Flanigin, H. F.. Jr.. M.D., '43 1145 S. Utica Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Flesher. David A.. M.D., '62 211 Blessing Ft. Benning, Georgia 31905 Flock, E. R., M.D., '51 621 E. Vifashita YVeatherford, Okla. '41 Flood, William, M.D., 360 Oak Grove Road Concord, Calif. Florence, John, M.D., '43 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Florence, Robt. W., M.D., '41 212 S. Jay Street Tacoma 5, VVash. Floyd. John H.. M.D., '53 2209 7th Ave. Scotsbluff, Neb. 69361, Fluhr. William F., M.D., '43 6144 S Kings Rd. Los Angeles, California Flynn, Samuel F.. M.D., '55 RT 3 Box 123A Okla. City, Okla. 73115 Foerster, David W.. M.D., '58 1212 N. Vifalker Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Foerster, Hervey A., M.D., '27 1212 N. VValker Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Folsom, Charles,T., M.D., '65 1'. O. Box 2005 Laredo, Texas 78041 Ford, Frederick R., M.D., '44 2232 Carleton Berkeley, California Ford, Harry C., M.D., '33 Miami Clinic Miami, Okla. Forester, Virgil Ray, M.D., '44 Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Forrest, William Jr., M.D., '55 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Ok-lahoma Fortmann, Theo. H., M.D., '65 Box 486 Okarche, Okla. 73762 Foster, Claude F., Jr., M.D., '48 408 S.VV. 26th Oklahoma City, Okla. Foster, Lloyd G., M.D., '34 Reserve, New Mexico Fox, Fred, M.D., '30 605 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Fox, '.l.'Wi1ah A., M.D.,4'65 OU Med. Ctr. - Psychiatry Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Fox, Wm. Wade, M.D., '26 225 North Peters Norman, Okla. Fraley, Thomas H., Jr. M.D., '59 1111 N. Lee Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Franken, Edmond A., Jr. M.D., '61 7041 Northmoor University City, Missouri 63130 Frankel, Jerome J., M.D., '54 1036 Lake Shore Blvd. Evanston, illinois 60202 Franklin, M. A., M.D., '59 San Francisco Hosp. San Francisco, Calif. Franz, Robt. G., M.D., '59 Box MM Cristobal, Canal Zone Franz, Roger A., M.D., '61 Gorgas Hospital Canal Zone Freede, Chas. L., M.D., '45 Doctor's Medical Bldg. 5700 NAV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Freede, Henry J., M.D., '42 430 N. XV, 13th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Freeman, Chas. W., M.D., '41 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Freeman, Coy, M.D., '67 11436 Scliuykill Hd. Rockville, Maryland Freeny, Patrick C., '68 Univ. of CalYif..IIosp. Los Angeles, Calif. 90024 French, Johnny B., M.D., '66 9th and Texas Artesia, N.M 88210 Frey, Joseph B., M.D.. '66 Robert B. Green Mem. Hosp. San Antonio, Texas Frichot, Bert C., III, M.D., '66 Presbyterian Hospital Okla. City, Okla Fried, David. M.D., '40 Box 72 Hollis, Oklahoma Friedman, Daniel, M.D., '47 401 VV. Merrick Road Bay Shore, N. Y. Friersonm S. E., M.D., '54 447 N.VV. 47th St. Okla. City, Okla. 73118 Frieze, Harold W., M.D., '54 Box 367 Broken Arrow. Okla 74012 Fry, F. Polk, Jr.. M.D., '34 1409 N.12th St. Frederick, Okla. Fry, Powell E., M.D., '34 822 S. VValnut St. Stillwater, Oklahoma Fryer, Samuel 11... M.D., '33 400 N.E. 13 Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Eugate, Edward M.. M D., '47 206 NVestgate Med. Tower Muskegon, Michigan Fuhring, Shirley A., M.D., '32 S01 East Chapel St. Santa Maria, California Fuller, Alen M.. M.D., '61 6160 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. Fuller, Guy W., M.D., '55 2601 N.VV. Expressway Okla. Oklahoma City, Fuller, H. Griftln, M.D., '49 6330 Alvarade San Diego 20, Road Calif. Fulton, Warren C., M.D., '55 Box 1275 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Funnel, James D., M.D., '60 1211 N. Shartell Oklahoma City, Okla. Funnell, Joseph W., M.D., '49 1211 N. Shartel 73103 Okla. City, Okla. Fuquay, Maurice C., M.D., '52 250 Utica Square Med Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114 Gable, T. P., M.D., '43 2911 Adams Ave. San Diego 16, Calif. Gaddis, I-I. W., M.D., '36 329 N. Morningside Corpus Christi, Tex. G-afford, Tom S., Jr., M.D., '47 Box 700 Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401 Galbraith, Hugh M., M.D. 500 VV. Montgomery Ave. Rockville, Maryland 20850 Gallagher, C. A.,M.D., '37 610 N. XV. 0th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Gallaher, Clinton, M.D. Amer. Nat'l Bank Bldg Shawnee, Okla. 74801 Gallaher, Paul C., M.D. 424 N. Broadway Shawnee, Okla. 74801 Gambill, Alice I'.G., M.D., '49 S00 N.E, 13 Okla City, Okla. 73104 Gardiner, I-I. G., M.D., '35 TNVA lnc., Box 21-111 Kennedy SPCTH, Fla. 32815 Gardner, E. L., M.D., '35 431 Med. Ctr. Bldg. Eugene, Ore. Gardner, John H., M.D., '59 Box S40 Shawnee, Okla. 74801 Gafrlin, J. B., M.D., '45 250 N. Hillcrest Inglewood, Calif. Garet, Ronald, M.D.. '48 C. O. Christian Med. College Ludihana U. P. India Garls, John A., M.D., '63 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City. Okla. Garner, James I-I., '62 39 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City, Kansas 66103 Garnier, William I-I., M.D., '35 V 815 Pine Stillwater, Okla. 74074 Garrett, Donald I-I., '68 Vniv, of Okla. VA Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Garrett, Tom H., M.D., '65 Route Jil Newcastle, Okla. 730 65 Garrison, D. A., M.D., '40 402 Medical Dental Bldg. Bremerton, VVash, Garrison, Geo. G.. M.D., '56 Pasteur Bldg. C51i12'l.Clly,lliiill. 73116 Garside, G. E.. M.D., '23 5225 N. Ashland Chicago 40, Ill. Garst, Ronald J., M.D. Christian Med. College lludihana Vp, Intl. Gaspar, Harold E., M.D., '55 12027 Higla Meadow Dallas 154. Texas Gaspar, Harvey L., M.D., '61 VVarren Prof. liltlg, Tulsa, Okla. Gastineau, C. F., M.D., '43 200 First St. S.W. Rochester, Minn. Gastieneau, Lt. Col. R.M., M.D., 'so K 215 Iienington Dr. Chapel Hill, N, Car. 27514 Gatchell, Frank 0. 301 NAV, 12th St. Okla. City, Okla. Gathers, G. B., Jr., M.D., '50 S14 S. VValnut Stillwater, Okla, Gatti, Robert R., '55 1212 Clinic Dr. Tyler, Texas 75701 Gebetsberger, Chas., M.D., '57 1013 li. Cleveland Sapulpa. Oklahoma Gedosh, Edgar A., M.D., '60 1414 Stonewood Towson, Maryland 21212 Gee, 0. J., M.D. 416 Med Arts Bldg. Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Geigerman, D. J., M.D., '44 1411 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City 6, Okla. Gelnar, Charles M.. M.D., '66 Mercy Hospital Okla. City, Okla. Gentry, Raymond C.. MD., '32 Plaza Professional Bldg. Bartlesville, Okla. George, J. M., M.D., '21 407 Mercer Quanah, Tex. Gephardt, M. C., M.D., '43 211 S. 36th Muskogee, Okla. Gerard. R. G., M.D., '43 500 S. Miritrk Ave. Denison, Tex. Geurklnk, John W., M.D., '66 Mi-Alester, Okla Geurkink, Nathan A., M.D., '59 2553 Derbyshire Cleveland, Ohio 44106 Glbbens, M. E., M.D., '38 V A Hospital Denver, Colorado 80220 Gibbens, William P., '68 Sacred Heart Hosp. Spokane, 1Vash. 00204 Gibson, Charles R.. M.D., '55 Chickasha Clinic Chic-kasha, Oklahoma. Gibson, Donna F., M.D., '66 2800 N.VV. 31st Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Gibson, Eldon V., M.D., '65 NVilIiam i'il'2ll1l1l0I1tliE?1lCI'2L1 Hospital El Paso, Texas 79020 Gibson, Robert B.. M.D., '15 Gibson Clinic, 215 N. 3rd Ponca City, Okla. Giddens, Jimmy D. Parkland Memorial llosp. Dallas, Tex. 75235 Giesen, A. P., M.D., '25 707 Randolph St. Radford, Va. Gilbert, John B., M.D., 111 Patton Dr. Ponca City, Okla. Gilchrist, Ronald W., M.D., '60 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Gilliam, Mary A. Hosp. of St. Raphael New Haven, Conn 06511 Gilliland, Donald C., M.D., '60 5728 NAV. S6 Okla. City, Okla. 73132 Gilliland, J. D., M.D., '32 519 S. E. E St. Herington, Kane. Gilliland, L. N., Jr., M.D., '40 424 Summit Ft. XVorth, Tex. '43 Gllson, Mayo D., M.D., '67 5304 Ct. Turf Road Virginia Heat-h, Va. Gingles, Brig. Gen. C. I-I., '36 Letterman Gen. Hosp. San Francisco, Calif. 04129 Gist, Joel K., M.D., '64 Davis Mountain AFB Hospital Tucson, Arizona 85707 Glasgow, Jack G., M.D., '42 4101 N. MacArthur Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Glasser, Martin E., M.D., '67 San Francisco Gen. Hosp. San Francisco, Calif. 94110 Glaze, M. A., M.D., '51 Box 151 Norman, Okla. Glenn, J. C., M.D., '50 Univ. of Colo. Med. Center 4200 9th St. Denver 20, Colorado Glomset, John L., Jr., M.D. 4200 S Douglas Okla. City, Okla. Glomset, J. L., Jr., M.D., '63 3540 N.W 24 Okla. City, Okla. 73107 Godfrey, James T.,Jr., M.D., '40 Cherokee, Iowa Godfrey, Kenneth E., M.D., '50 2701 VVest 15 Topeka, Kansas Goerke, L. S., M.D., '36 UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles 24, Calif. Goetzlnger, Billy R., M.D., '56 2525 Lancaster Lane Oklahoma City, Okla. Goldberg, Jed Edwin, M.D., '48 212 Utica Sq. Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. Goldfeder, J., M.D., '24 3519 Keaton Tyler, Tex. Gonzalez, I Ernest l'niv. of Calif. Med. Center San Francisco, Calif. Gonzales. J. S.. M.D., '27 Box 217 Nogales, Ariz, St, D 601 NW9th STREETXOKLAHOMA CITY 73102 ESTABLISHED I 1898 BY THE THIRD ORDER OF THE SISTERS OF STI FRANCIS St. Anthony Hospital is a 531-bed, private hos- pital with 70 bassinets and growing. A 120-bed Mental Health Center, now under construction, is scheduled for completion in March 1970. It is ac- credited by the Joint Commission on Accredita- tion, the American Hospital Association, the Na- tional League of Nursing, Inc., and is approved by the Council on Medical Education and Hospitals of . the American Medical Asso- ciation. INTERNSHIPS: Fourteen ro- tating medicine internships offer experience in - many effici- ently organized clinics, including: medicine, general care, s gynecology, pediatrics, anesthesia, orthopedics, dia- betes, dermatology and emergency room. The 12- month rotating internship provides well-balanced basic and clinical training with both charity and private patients. Yearly admissions average 23,000, emergency patients average more than 21,000, out- patient visits average more than 21 ,900. RESIDENCIES: St. Anthony Hospital is approved for four years post-graduate work in general sur- gery, three years in internal medicine, four years in pathology, three years in obstetrics-gynecology, two years in pediatrics, three years in radiology. The University of Oklahoma School of Medicine rotates its orthopedic, opthalmologic surgery and neuzo-surgery residents through St. Anthony Hos- pita . ADMINISTRATOR: Charles S. Cummings , 3 plastic'Chesnvascularand DIR. OF MED. EDJ Joe M. Parker, M.D. Q Yneufg Surgefyl Obgtetfics and , ' ' . E. william Allen, M.D. 2 i . tw I st, ,, XM. v S71 ANTHONY HOSPITAL OF TOMORROW V Gooch, Lloyd D., M.D., '63 330 S. 5th Enid, Okla. 73701 Goodman, C. Leroy, M.D., '64 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Oklahoma Goodman, G. L., M.D., '27 451 Blain St. Yukon, Okla. Goodman, H. T., M.D., '36 400 llose Disp. Bldg. Terre Haute, Ind. Goodwin, Thomas G., M.D., '60 5805 Hemlock, Apt. M101 Gary, Indiana 46403 Grimn, John E., M.D., '58 521 N. Fifth DeQueen, Arkansas Griffin, John E., M.D., '58 607 Cindy Ln. Knoxville, Iowa 50138 Grigsby, 0. L., M.D., '45 105 W. Cherokee Nowata, Okla. Grimes, Ira R., M.D., '54 1841 N. Calhoun Liberal, Kansas 67901 Grimes, Wilfred A., M.D., '50 2136 Yale Houston, Tex. Gorby, Maj. Gen. A. L., M.D., '25 Grisham, Philip L., M.D., '62 Box 19 Santa Rosa Beach. Florida Gordon, Glenn W., M.D., '58 2008 N.W. 45th Okla. City, Okla. Gordon, J. M., M.D., '27 1400 Bixby Ardmore, Oklahoma 73401 Gordon, Wm. T., Jr., M.D., '58 Herman Prof. Bldg. Houston, Texas Goree, Charles S.. Jr., M.D., '65 5930 E. 31st St. Tulsa, Okla Gorena, Adam L., Jr., M.D., '61 7330 N.W. 23rd Bethany, Oklahoma 73008 Gormley, James O., M.D., '66 26th Welborn Dallas, Texas 75719 Gorrell, B. F., M.D., '45 1145 S. Utica Suite 511 Tulsa, Okla. Gosnell, Charles R., M.D., '67 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa,Ok1a. 74104 Gow, Elizabeth, M.D., '36 Ardmore, Okla. 73401 Grady, C. W., M.D., '18 Rt. 7, Box 62A Roanoke, Va. Graham, Hugh C., M.D. 326 Utica Sq., Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Graham, J. A., M.D. 415 VV. Guy Pauls Valley, Okla. 73075 Graham, Larry G., M.D., '67 St. John's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Graham, Rex M., M.D., '42 30 B. S. XV. Miami, Okla. Gray, Barbara J., M.D., '42 North Easton, Mass. Gray, Floyd, M.D., '53 416 N.VV. 40th St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Grayblll, C. S., M.D., '43 3811 Gore Lawton, Okla. Grayson, Arthur. M.D., '56 1711 Via El Prado Redondo Beach, Calif. Green, Gregory A.. M.D., '58 6465 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. 74135 2909 Finchley Lane Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Grisham, R. S. C., M.D., '58 Price Tower Bartlesville, Okla. 74003 Gross, F. W., M.D., '37 110 Church St. High Point, N. Carolina 27260 Grosshart, Paul, M.D. 2203 East 24th Tuisa, Okla. 74114 Groves, Fred B., M.D., '56 1848 Reserve Rd. Greeley, Colorado Groves. Hassell E., M.D., '48 3317 S. Robinson Okla. City, Okla. 73109 Guenther, Bernard E., M.D., '55 Box 14 Collinsville, Oklahoma Guffy, J. L., M.D., '33 South Side Square Hillsboro, Tex. Guild, C. H., Jr., M.D., '44 3325 E. Frank Phillips Bartlesville, Okla. 74003 Gullatt, E. M.. M.D., '32 Sugg Clinic Ada, Okla. Gunn, Charles M., '68 Mercy Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Gunn, Marvin R., M.D., '54 2142 Edgehill Salina, Kansas 67401 Gunning, Robin R., M.D., '67 4409 N. Barnes Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Gunter, C. D.. MD., '48 Med Ctr.. l'. O. Box 191 Siloam Springs, Ark. Gunter, Jack P., M.D., '63 University Hospital Little Rock, Arkansas Guss. Louis, M.D., '41 59 Sachem St. Norwich, Conn. Guthrey. Geo. H., M.D., '44 3141 NVV Expressway Okla, City, Okla. 73112 Guthrie. J. A.. M.D., '17 400 S. Jefferson Neosho, Missouri 64850 Gwartney, W G., M.D.. '50 2570 South Harvard Tulsa, Oklahoma Gwin, Edward, M.D., '66 Qtrs. 645513 USAF Hale, A. E., M.D., '50 Idabel, Oklahoma 74745 Hale, A. E., M.D., '45 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Hale, Chas H., M.D., '61 MSTS Lant Area 58 Street, First Ave. Brooklyn 50, New York Hale, Forrest, M.D., '25 112 VV. Main Cherokee, Okla. Hale, William J., M.D., '63 Public Health Service New Orleans, La. Hall, Jerry D., M.D., '56 839 S. Hillside Wichita, Kans. Hall, R. L., M.D. 1605 Lahoma Apt. B1 Enid, Okla. 73701 Hall, R. M., M.D., '38 558 Columbine St. Denver, Colo. Hall, Ronald R., M.D., '64 508 Browning Ct. Mill Valley, Calif.. 94991 Hall, William E., '55 3144 S. VVinston Tulsa, Okla. 74145 Hallendorf, L. C., M.D., '42 44 Camelia Drive Hillsborough, California Halliord, J. D., M.D., '52 720 Univ. Ave. Las Vegas, N.M. 87701 Hallum, Glenn D., M.D., '60 601 N.W. 9th, Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Ham, Charles L.. M.D., '60 U.S. Naval Hosp. Bethesda, Maryland, 20014 Hamburger, Irvin G., M.D., '54 6313 N,VV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hamby, Wallace B., M.D., 2020 E. 93rd Cleveland 6, Ohio Hamilton. James. M.D., '35 536 Highland Ave. Greensburg, Pa. Hamilton. Mary W., M.D., '27 536 Highland Ave. Greenburg, Pa. 15601 '28 Hammond, James H., M.D., '37 4714 S. Trask, Apt-17 Tampa, Fla. 33614 Hampton. H. E., Jr., M.D., '48 6715 N. May Oklahoma City, Okla. Hampton, James W., M.D., '56 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Hampton, J B., Jr., M.D.. '44 10330 S.W. Crestwood Court Beverton, Oregon Hamra, Henry M., M.D., '37 100 S. McGee Berger, Texas 79006 Hamra, Sam T.. M.D., '63 Harif, J. R., M.D., '18 Box 18123 Cleveland, Ohio 46118 Hargrove, F. T., M.D., '34 Lakeview, Ark. 72642 Harmon, Thomas F., M.D., '35 913 S. 6th St. Springfield, Illinois Harms, Edwin M.. M.D., '34 609 N. Broadway VVichita, Kansas Harms, F. L., M.D., '39 Box 187 American Falls, Ida. Harzns, Harold H., M.D., '41 Green Clinic Ruston, La. Harper, Jack S., M.D., '62 143 Tahoe Drive Carson City, Nevada 89701 Hathaway, Paul W., M.D., '64 1111 Stillwater Ave. Kensington, Maryland 20795 Haunschild, Charles D. M.D., '61 9226 Mai-line Houston, Texas 77025 Hawes, Chas. R., M.D., '46 Childrens Hospital 19th Ave at Downing Denver 5. Colo. Hawley, William D., M.D., '64 Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hayes, Harrison F., M.D., '61 2045 Franklin St. Denver, Colo. S0205 Hayes, Robert H., M.D., '60 Atoka, Okla. Hayhurst, Joseph W., '68 . . Univ. of Okla. VA Hosp. Hamer' R'2f,'f'1,j1ef,f?,d' mn" '56 okia. city. okm. 73104 Pawhuska, Oklahoma Haynle, Weldon K., M.D., '33 Box 519 Harrel. Don G., M.D.. '36 220 VV. Oakenwauld Dallas, Texas Harris, Clyde E., M.D., '43 2419 N. NVa1ker Oklahoma City, Okla. Harris, Gary W., '68 Marion Cnty. Gen. Hosp. Indianapolis, lnd. 46207 Harris, Henry W.. M.D., '27 1200 N. Vvalker Oklahoma City, Okla. Harris, Irene F. A.. M.D., '39 104 Severn Rd. Norfolk, Va. Harris, J. A.. M.D., '53 Box 989 Dimmit, Texas 79027 Harris, Richard L., M.D., '45 2733 Britton Road Oklahoma City, Okla. Harris, Thomas D., '68 St. Anthony Hosp Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Harrison. G. H.. M.D., '50 4926 E 21st Tulsa, Oklahoma Harrison, Lynn H.. M.D., '40 2850 N. XV, 231-d St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Harrison. Dr. Richard E., '56 3102 Harvard Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Harrison, Wm. S.. M.D., '53 Chickasha Clinic Chickasha, Okla. Harroz, Joseph, M.D., '56 5300 N. Meridian Okla. City, Okla. 73122 Hart, Dillis L., M.D., '64 St. Francis Hospital Wichita, Kansas Hart, George A., M.D. 102 S. Hollyhrook Dr. Chillicothe, 111.61523 Hart, James H., '68 Mercy Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73103 University Hospital H . tf d W. K. M-D., '40 Oklahoma City. Okla. Hancock. A. R., M.D., '19 ar or . . 201 Pasteur Bldg, Oklahoma City. Okla. Green. James n., M.D., '57 Academy, Colorado G, d Bef 721, Hartzog. Jqe 'Q'-. M-D-. '64 3102 S. Harvard Haas, Stephen S., M.D., '65 3 ewa er' exas 20D6 Bgw- 4801 Tulsa, Okla. George VVashington University Hanks. Norman Nu M.D., .63 Okla, City, Okla. Green, James L., Jr., M.D., '47 620 E. Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. Green, Paul A., M.D., '46 Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. Green. Phillip E., M.D., '56 4741 Twilight Dr. Topeka, Kansas Greenberger, Edward D., M.D. Med. Arts Bldg. MrAlester, Okla. 74501 Greer, Allen E., M.D., '42 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Gregg, Damon Donald, M.D., '59 Spearman, Tex. Gregory. David M.. M.D., '65 1221 N.VV. 104 Okla. City, Okla. 73114 Gregston, Jack L., M.D., '45 7 N. 11 Duncan, Okla. I34 Hospital VVashington, D. C Haberleln. C. R., M.D., '41 1100 6th St. Traverse City, Mich. Hacknev. John L.. M D., '61 1804 Kings Road Edmond, Oklahoma Haddad. Geo. N., Jr.. M.D., '57 2350 Mesa Verte Dr. Costa Mesa, California Haddock. Jim L., Jr.. M.D., '32 231 E. Gray St. Norman, Okla. Hahn, Charles R., M.D., '64 Good Samaritan Hospital Phoenix, Arizona Hake, 0. J., M.D., '49 Box 1241 Erick, Okla. 73645 Haldeman, J C., M.D., '37 Hosp. Review Plan Counc. 3 East 54th Street New York, N.Y. 10022 Scott White Mem. Hosp. Temple, Texas Hanna,Wil1iam R., M.D., '64 Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hansen, Thomas L.. M.D., '66 6800 N. Grove Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Haralson, P. H., M.D.. '51 2750 Duniven Ci1'cle Amarillo, Tex. Hardberger, R. E., M.D., '67 O.U. Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Harbison, Joe B., M.D., '67 Okla. Univ. Med. Ctr. Rad. Okla. City, Okla. Hardman, Thos. J., M.D., '34 1980 Utica Sq. Tulsa, Okla. Hardy, Homer D., Jr., M.D., '49 1323 E. 50 Tulsa, Okla. Harvey, Meldrum J., M.D., '64 4853 E. Hysboro Fresno, Calif. 93726 Harvey, W. G., Jr., M.D., '53 P. O. Box 460 Beaver, Okla. Haslam, G. E., Jr.. M.D., '62 1916 S. Utica Tulsa. Okla. Hassler, F. R.. Sr.. M.D., '37 3400 N. Eastern Okla. City, Okla. 73111 Hassler, F. R., Jr., M.D., '55 Nat'1. INS. Mem. Health Bethesda, Maryland 20014 Hassler, Grace C., M.D., '35 2620 NWV. Expressway Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hatchett, John G.. M.D., '66 U.S. Naval Hosp. Corpus Christi, Texas Hathaway, H. S., M.D.. '54 4901 S. Lafayette Lane Englewood, Colorado Durant, Okla. Hays, Carolyn A., M.D., '47 Pennsylvania Hospital 44th and Market Streets Philadelliliizi, Pa. Hays, Gary G., M.D. 310 S. Sth Street Clinton, Oklahoma 73601 Hays. Marvin B.. M.D., '45 2612 Harrison Ave. Eureka, Calif. Hays, P. L., M.D., '14 638 S. Thompson Vinita, Okla. 74301 Head, Philip W., M.D., '64 105 XV. Main Carnegie. Oklahoma Hefner, James R.. M.D., '63 1727 Osage Bartlesville, Okla. 74003 Heinrrlchs. Wm. L.. M.D., '58 4815 N.E. 44 Seatle, VVzish. 98105 Hellams. Alfred A., MD., '38 1617 Randall ltd. Okla. City, Okla. 73105 Helvxe, Henry E., M.D., '60 USPHS Hosp. Staten Island. N. Y. Hemphill, Robert L., M.D., '66 XV-esley Hospital VVichita, Kansas Hemphill, W. J., M.D., '47 Eugene Medical Center Eugene, Ore. Hendren. Scott. Jr., M.D., '41 2909 S. Harvey Oklahoma City, Okla. Henke. J. R.. M.D., '37 Box 430 Guthrie, Okla. 73044 Henley. B. G.. M.D., '48 3811 Gore Lawton, Okla. Henley, M. D.. M.D., '22 2204 E. 27th St. Tulsa, Okla. Henley, Thos. H., M.D., '50 525 NAV. llth Oklahoma City, Okla. Henry, James G., M.D.. '65 cfo Capt. .I.G. Henry Kile AFB, Utah 84401 Henry, Mary M., M.D., '26 1414 St. Cloud Rd. San Antonio, Tex. 78228 Henry, R. C.. M.D., '40 404 N. 12th Richmond 19, Virginia Hensley. Jess, M.D., '59 Baptist Hosp. Pathology Okla. City, Okla. 73103 He11S1ey. Manuel, M.D., '65 Manicopa City Geiieiwrl Hospital Plioenix..-Xi'izoii:1 S5009 Renton, R. H.. M.D., '51 Box 357 Rush Springs, Okla. Herbelin. Joseph T., M.D., '51 3601 N.VV. 47 Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Herndon. Elwood, M.D.. '55 2907 Lakeside Circle Oklahoma City, Okla. Herndon, Robt. E., M.D., '48 2222 Iowa Chickasha, Okla. Herod, P. P., H.D. Box 432 El Reno, Okla. 73076 Herrick, Robt. S., M.D., '60 729 E. Main Farmington, New Mexico Herrmann, Jess D., M.D., '31 Box 135 Mt.1'ine, Arkansas 71056 Heskett, Delbert L., '68 Y Brooke General Hosp. San Antonio, Texas 78235 Hester, Jeane P., M.D., '67 O.U. Med. Ctr, Oklahoma City, Okla. Hetherington, L. P., M.D. 304 First Nat'l Bldg, Miami. Okla. 74354 Hewett, Horace E., NLD., '57 804 Navajo Farmington, N. Mex. Hewitt, Perry E.. M.D., '37 201 S. 36th Street Muskogee. Okla. Hicks. C. A.. M.D. Box 319 Holdenville, Okla- 74848 Hicks, Fred IB., M.D. Rt. 3, Box 272 Okla. City. Okla. 73101 Hicks, M. C., Jr., NLD., '49 300 N. XV. 12 Oklahoma City, Okla. Highland, J. E., M.D., '39 Miami Clinic Miami, Okla. Hightower, H. G.. M.D., '48 012 NAV. 57 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Hilbig, A. I... m.:o., 'ao A Box 1282 Liberal, Kansas 67001 Hilderbrand, H. E., M.D., '43 Meridian. Texas 76065 Hill, Alfred D., Jr., M.D., '66 Presbyterian Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla Hill, James A., lIl!.D., '63 Carnegie Med. Ctr. Carnegie, Oklahoma Hill, Jesse K., llI.D., '50 S228 Fairway Dr. N.E. Seattle, NVZISII. Hill, John IM., Jr., M.D., '58 1145 S l'tit"l Tulsa. Oklahoma 74104 Hill, Larry W., BLD., '64 Vniversity of Rochester Medical Center ltouhester, New York Hill, Riley A.. M.D., '54 4001 S. Penn Okla. City, Okla. 73110 Hill, Ronald J., NLD., '67 4411A N. Shallowforfl lid. Chamalee, Georgia Hlllis, Robert Ray, M.D., '51 3811 Gore Lawton, Okla. 73501 Hinkle, A. B., M.D., '51 515 College Alva, Okla. Hinkle, Royce A., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Hinshaw, Jacob R.. M.D., '21 1'. O. Box S32 Norman, Okla. 73069 Hinshaw, J. Raymond. M.D., Prof. of Surg. Univ. of llorhester Sch. Med. llovliester, New York Hinson, Bruce R., M.D. 33530 S. 5th 1?nid,Okla. 73701 Hirose, Prank M., M.D., '51 Atomic liomh Cas. Comm. Mfilll-' Navy 055 Co. FPO San lfranc-isvo, Calif. Hirschfeld, Herman, M.D., '35 133 li. 58th St. New York. N. Y. Hladky, Prank, M.D., '46 1020 liast 12 Tulsa, Oklahoma Hobgood, R. G., MJD., '45 1127 NYilshire Blvd. Los Angsles, Calif. 00017 Hodge, James C., M.D., '48 1017 South Catalina Redondo Beach, Calif. Hodge, Tommy G., M.D., '60 St. .lohns Hospital Tulsa. Okla. Hodges. T. 0.. M.D., '50 VA Center Holloway, H. C., MJD., '58 U.S. Component SEATO Medical Research Lab Hood, Wm. E.. Jr., M.D., '55 5700 N.XV.t1rand Blvd. Oklahoma City Okla. APO Sith Fl'flI1t'lSt'0, C?tllfOI'I11Z't Hooker, Capt- Johnhnq M-D-, 955 Holman, Major D. C., NLD., '49 2216 H211'D6I' 1119 Topeka St. Pasadena, Calif. Holman, J. H.. M.D., '51 1101 E. Pecan Altus, Okla. Holsted, Carroll E., M.D., '66 Hampton, Va. 23368 U.S. Pub. Health Serv. Hospital Hodgson. C. M.. M.D., '27 214 S. 7th Kingfisher, Okla. Hoffman. Robert C., M.D., '65 OU Med. Ctr. - Urology Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Hoffmiester, William, M.D., '58 Route .1i1,BOX 968 Martland. Florida 33751 Hogue, Robert J., Jr., M.D., '61 322 E. Oklahoma Guthrie. Oklahoma Hohl, James F., M.D., '44 100 E. 13th St. Ada, Ok1a.74820 Hoke, Lillian M., M.D., '49 6100 N. Drexel Oklahoma City, Okla. Hoke, Robert, M.D.. '58 FS Navy School DSD '46 XVashington, D.C Holden, Sally, M.D., '67 Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Texas 75231 Holland, Chas D., NLD., '54 115 S. Broken Arrow, Okla. Holley, Capt. Paul S., M.D., '54 3751 Porfeet XVheat Ridge, Colo. Hollingsworth, F. W., NLD., '44 1049 S. Ellison lil 1-ieno, Okla. Hollingsworth, R. S., M.D., '37 1221 E. State. Suite 109 Rockford, Ill. Ft. Defiance, Arizona, 86504 Holt. 0. U., M.D., '52 3 Memorial Drive Claremore, Okla. Holt, Robert P. M.D., '43 301 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Holtz, H. E., M.D., '34 17 Medical Arts Sq. Austin 5, Tex. Honaker, J. D., M.D., '33 Frederick Clinic Frederick, Okla. Honaker, Richard E., BLD., '64 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Honea, Robert A., BLD. Rt. 1, Box 361 Muskogee, Okla. Honea, T. J., M.D., '60 4700 Denison Muskogee, Oklahoma Honick, G. L., M.D., '53 1211N.Shartel 1St Okla.C1ty.Okla. 73103 Honska, Walter L., M.D. '54 2224 XVest Sherwood Stillwater, Okla. Hood, F. Redding, M.D., '30 Osler Annex 1220 N. XValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Hood, John W., M.D., '57 301 NAV. 12 Okla. City, Okla. Pasadena, Tex. Hooper, Robert G. Maricopa County Gen. Hosp. Phoenix, Ariz, S5009 Hoot, M. P., M.D., '34 521 Evans Street Greeenville, N. Carolina 27834 Hoover, Richard D., M.D., 5312 Broadway VVest 1'alm Beach, Fla. Hope, Sherman A., M.D., '57 1214 E. VVarren Brownfield. Texas 79316 Hopkins, G. A., M.D., '47 005 t'u'lIeg'1-' AVS. Ft. XVorth, Texas 76104 Hopps, Howard C., M.D., '37 Armed Fort-os Inst. l'ath. VVashington. D 11.20013 Horn, John E., M.D., '41 1620 VV. Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. Horne, Lt. E. G., M.D., '63 USS Nersus AS 17 FPO San l"rant'isco, Calif Horne, Malcolm, M.D., '46 1025 NNY. 15th Ardmore. Okla. Horton. J. C., M.D., '52 P.O. Box S19 Frederityk. Okla. Hott, Sabert A.. Jr., M.D. Ilingleton Hosp. Melrose. St-otland Houck, Harold W. M.D., '55 000 liast Hartford Ponca City. Okla. Hough, Jack V., M.D., '43 3400 NAV. 56th Okla. City. Okla. 73112 Houk, Harold W., NLD., '55 Professional Building 00015 Hartford l'ont'a. City, Oklahoma 74601 '45 l T Il MID-CONTINENT SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY and ' MERKEL X-RAY COMPANY p For the finest and most complete service! Two Iocaiions 'ro serve 'rhe Doc'I'ors, Hospiials , and Laboraiories of Oklahoma T l In Oklahoma City al' 225 N.W. 9'I'h S+ree+ i MERKEL X-RAY COMPANY 1 Telephone CE 2-3277 MID-CONTINENT SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY Telephone CE 2-46lI In Tulsa ai' I640 E. I51'h S+ree+ T MERKEL X-RAY COMPANY , Telephone 585-573I , MID-CONTINENT SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY I Telephone LU 2-8169 JUST DIAL ANY OF THE ABOVE NUMBERS, YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID. l35 Houk, Paul Cullison, MD., '59 800 N. E. 13th Okla. City, Okla. 73104 House, Rex C., M.D., '33 2455 Morgan Ave. Corpus Christi, Texas Houtman, Daniel J., '68 Univ of Okla. VA Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Howard, Prank H., M.D., '56 11 Cherokee Blvd. Shawnee, Okla. 74801 Howard, H. H., M.D., '42 1930 Ferris Lawton, Okla. Howard, Jack B., M.D., '64 Good Samaritan Hospital Phoenix, Arizona Howard, R. Palmer, M.D. 825 N.E. 13th St. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Howard, Robert Bruce M.D., '36 1111 N. Lee Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Howard, Robert M., M.D. 815 N.W. 15th St. Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Howard, T D., M.D., '48 4 S. E. Ave. A Idabel, Okla. Howard, Van H., M.D., '55 Hobart Clinic Hobart, Okla. Hrdlzlcka, Larry J.. M.D., '62 U. S. Public Health Service Baltimore, Maryland Hubbard, Floyd T., M.D., '57 Henryetta Hospital Henryetta, Okla. Hubbard, William A., '68 Univ. Hospital Little Rock, Ark. 72201 Hubbard, Wm. E., M.D., '41 1501 N. E. 11th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hubbell, Miriam, M.D., '35 14222 Foothill Blvd. Sylman, California Huckins, Maurice, Jr., M.D., '43 Depot St. Westford, Mass. Hudson, P. A., M.D. 617 S. Quincy Enid, Okla. 73701 Hudson, F. G., M.D., '50 655 Sutter Street San Francisco, Calif. Hudson, Col., Kenneth D. Nisbit, Texas Hudson, W. F., M.D., '55 N VV. Med. Center Buffalo, Okla. Huff, Thomas J., Jr., M.D., '42 512 W. Harding Stockton, Calif. Huggins, James R., M.D., '33 525 N.W. 11th Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Hughes, Dale R., M.D., '62 Dept. Surg. VA Hosp. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hughes, Lynn A., '68 Mercy Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Hughes, J. Patrick, M.D., '66 2620 N.W. Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Hughes, Qulllen M., M.D., '60 901 East Broadway Altus, Oklahoma Hughes, Richard L., M.D., '54 2620 N.W. Expressway Suite D Oklahoma City, Okla. Hughes, William L., M.D., '57 301 N.W. 12 Street Oklahoma City 13, Okla. Hull, I. W., M.D., '54 1406 Bluebovnet Borger, Texas 79007 Hull, W. M.. M.D., '32 2036 Brightwaters Blvd. St. Petersburg, Florida Hullender, Martin R..M D., '65 3804 N. VV. 58th Oklahoma City, Okla. 73112 I36 Hulsey, George H., M.D., '64 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hummer, Lloyd M., M.D., '57 138 N. Roosevelt VVichita, Kansas Hunter, Buel Ray, M.D., '21 Box 188 Coweta, Oklahoma Hunter, Robert E., M.D., '62 1513 S. W. 70 St. Oklahoma City, Okla.. Hurd, Eric R.. M.D., '62 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Husband, Wm. G., Jr., M.D., '47 104 Sunset Cr. Elk City, Okla. Jacob, John B., M.D., '48 1916 Franklin Oakland 6, Calif. Jacobs, Luster I., M.D., '53 Eufaula, Okla. Jacobs, Minard P., M.D. 1111 N. Lee Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Jacobs, Raymond G., M.D. 310 S. 5th St. Enid, Okla. 73701 James, Prank M., M.D., '47 3301 Cogdal Dr. Enid, Okla. 73701 Jarman. Joe B., M.D., '61 3318 Cogdal Enid, Okla. 73701 Jay, George R., MD., '62 H-use-I., John M., MID., v58 OLT Medical Ctr, Orthosurgery 523 E. Franklin Box 627 Weatherford, Okla. Husen, Luverne A., M.D., '63 US Public Health Serv. Hosp VVinnebago, Nebraska Huskins, J. D., M.D., '38 304 S. Maxwell Siloam Springs, Ark. Hutts, M. Price, M.D., '65 USPHS Fort VVorth, Texas 76119 Hyde, Homer C., M.D., '66 Presbyterian Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hyer, J. V., M.D., '26 Garber, Okla. Hyroop, G. L., M.D., '27 1219 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Ihrig, H. K., M.D., '50 2010 S. Utica Tulsa, Okla. Inbody, Donald R., M.D. 62 Waller Ave. VVhite Plains, N.Y. Ingels, Geo. W., M.D., '61 Methodist Hospital Dallas, Texas Ingle, John, M.D., '43 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Ingram, M. E., M.D., '52 215 Brown Borger, Tex. Ingram, Marshall H., M.D., '58 Masonic Temple Bldg. Hinton, Oka. Irby. J. P., M.D., '28 409 E. Commerce Altus, Okla. Irvine, G. S.. M D., '32 1337 Bancroft Ave. San Leandro. Calif. Irwin, W. H., MD., '37 Leeds, Ala. Isaacks, H. E., M.D., '30 1415 Pennsylvania Ave. Ft. Worth 4, Tex. Ishler, George H., M.D., '59 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Ishmael. Wm. K., M.D., '35 600 N.VV. 11 Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Ison, Lee A., M.D., '62 3432 Glen Oaks Okla. City, Okla. 73110 Ivy, Wallis S., M.D. 611 N. 12th St. Duncan, Okla. 73533 Jack, Samuel C., M.D., '55 38th and Gore Lawton, Okla. Jackler, Ira M., '68 Lenox Hill Hosp. New York, N.Y Jackman, William M., M.D., '67 U.S. Naval Hosp. St. Albans, N.Y. 11425 Jackson, Alvin R., M.D., '30 2512 S. Harvey Oklahoma City 9, Okla. Jackson. Jimmie K.. M D., '65 604 Oak St. Graham, Texas 76046 Jackson, Paul P., M.D., '42 925 W. Georgia St. Columbia, Canada Okla. City, Okla. 43104 Jayne, Elta H., M.D., '57 603 Locust Corona, Calif. 91720 Jeffress, Bennie, M.D., '30 4867 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, California Jeffrey, Ransy L., M.D., '66 Griffis AFB, New York 13440 Jelsma, Franklin, M.D., '25 1169 Eastern Pkwy. Louisville 17, Ky. Jenkins, Henry B., M.D., '29 Chandler, Okla. Jenkins, P. A., M.D., '34 40 North Apt. Stillwater, Okla. 74074 Jennings, Brig. Gen. A. L., M.D. '29 3738 N. Oakland St. Arlington, Virginia 22207 Jennings, G. H., M.D., '52 1100 N. Dewey Oklahoma City, Okla. Jennings, John D., M D.. '54 1604 Country Club Rd. Duncan, Oklahoma Jeter, Grady L., M.D., '62 U. of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Jeter, w. P., Jr., M.D., '53 4801 S. VVestern Oklahoma City, Okla. Jimerson, Gordon K., M.D., '64 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa. Oklahoma Jobe, Charles L., Jr., M.D., '61 2133 E, Berkeley Springtield, Mo. 60584 Jobe. J. P., M.D., '51 203 S Macomb El Reno, Okla. Jobe, V. R., M.D., '33 1213 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Jobe, Virgil R., Jr., M.D., '60 Univ. of Calif Med. School Los Angeles, Calif. 90024 Jobe, William L., M.D., '64 Dept. of Radiology Cincinnati General Hospital Cincinnati, Ohio Johnson, Alpha L., M.D., '26 113 S. Evans El Reno, Okla. Johnson. Chas. L.. Jr.. M.D., '43 421 S. Cherokee Bartlesville, Okla. Johnson, Donald E., M.D., '54 Luke AFB, Arizona 85301 Johnson, Doanld P.. M D., '65 SDV of Aviation Med. Brooks AFB. Texas 87235 Johnson, Doyle E., M.D., '59 1101 East Broadway Enid, Oklahoma Johnson, Edgar A., M.D. 103 E. Jackson St. Hugo, Okla. 74743 Johnson, Erzma. C., M.D., '34 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Johnson, Henry M., M.D., '40 6800 Brockton Ave. Riverside, California 92506 Johnson, Howard R., M.D., '64 318 Centre Hereford, Tex. 79045 Johnson, J. W., Jr., M.D., '54 North Oklahoma Shawnee, Okla. 74801 Johnson, James L., M-D.. '66 Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Okla. City, Okla. Johnson, L. G., M.D., '35 5506 Tayvney Amarillo, Texas 79106 Johnson, Linda M., '68 Univ. of Okla. VA Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Johnson, Mark R., M.D., '46 1219 Classen Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Johnson, Max E., M.D., '39 1421 Napoleon Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Johnson, Raymond L., M.D., '31 Box A Havasu Lake, Calif. 92363 Johnson, R. Ray, M.D., '44 1707 Leonard Rd. Grants Pass, Ore. Johnson, Richard IB., M.D., '57 Kahn, Robert W., M.D., '39 354 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Kalbileisch, F. D., M.D., '56 1930 Ferris Lawton, Okla. Kalbfleisch, John M., M.D., '57 Dept. of Medicine University of Okla. Med. Center Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Kaldahl, P. E., M.D., '60 1301 Sterling Oklahoma City, Okla. Kaplan, Sidney, M.D., '44 Western State School . Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Karnes, Wm. E., M.D., '55 Section Neuro Mayo Cl. Rochester, Minnesota Karns, Donald C., M.D., '60 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Katz, M.D., M.D., '41 108 New London Turnpike Norwich, Conn. 06360 6820 Brad Bwdy Kaufman, Christian E., M.D., '67 Dallas, Texas 75240 Johnson, Ray M., M.D., '65 U. S. Navuil Hospital Chelsea, Mass. 02150 Johnson, Roger G., M.D., '54 Box 550 Frederick, Okla. 73542 Johnson, William M., M.D., '60 Bainbridge Naval Base Baltimore, Md. Johnson, William T., Jr. M.D., '54 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Johnston, Jay C., M.D., '66 Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Okla. City, Okla. Johnston, L. A. S., M.D., '36 711 Bullitt Holdenville, Okla. Jones, Edward P., M.D. 512 NV. Line St. Bishop, Calif. 93514 Jones, Jake, Jr., M.D., '54 Ach Clinic Group 14 E. 9th Shawnee, Okla. Jones, James S., M.D., '64 1403 Asper Duncan, Okla. 73533 Jones, Jerry C., M.D., '63 13518 25th N.E. Seattle, VVashington Jones, Johnny H., Jr., M.D., O.U. Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Jones, Lawrence, M.D. 1090 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, Calif. Jones, 0. W., Jr., M.D., '57 Franklin Hospital San Francisco, California 94114 Jones, Phyllis E., M.D., '40 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Jones, R. A., M.D., '42 539 Cool Air Dallas, Texas 75218 Jones, R. B.. M.D.. '51 General Delivery Mollalla, Ore. '67 Jones, S. Tisdel, M,D., '52 Cordell, Okla. Jones, William I., M.D., '60 Stroud, Okla. Jones, Wilton N., M.D., '51 2808 35th Snyder, Tex. Jordan, Michael L., M.D., '64 USAF Hosp. Andrews AFB VVashington D. C. 20331 Joseph, P. G.. M D., '40 17 S. Poplar Sapulpa, Okla. Joyce, Frank T., M.D., '36 144 S. Dexter St. Denver 22, Colo. Junker. John A., M.D., '66 2910 X, VValnut Okla. City, Okla. 73105 Kabs, Capt. Tracy, M.D., '57 8025 Westval Ft. WVorth. Texas 76116 USPHS Hospital Staten Island, NY. Kavel, Carolyn D., M.D., '66 Queens Hospital Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Kay, Felix Ross, M.D., '59 6520 E, Reno Del City, Okla. 73110 Kay, James R., M.D., '59 8033 N.W. 31 Bethany, Okla. 73008 Kearns, Harry J., M.D., '57 601 N.VV. 9th Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Heeran, Michael G., M.D., '63 OU Med. Ctr. - Dermatalogy Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Keith, Howard B., M.D., '57 Newman Clinic Shattuck, Oklahoma Keller, J. P., M.D., '51 411 Fowler Dr. Duncan, Okla. Keller, W. F., M.D., '31 3017 Finchley Lane Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Kelley, Chas. D., M.D., '62 1120 E. Hill Escondido, Ca-lifornia Kelly, Keith. M.D., '48 1553 Carnation NVay Upland, Calif. Kelley, Mark A., M.D., '67 Hillcrest Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Kemmerly, Paul C., M.D., '58 1278 E. Crestwood Memphis, Tennessee 38117 Kendall, Robt. L., M.D., '40 730 E. Sth Erick, Okla. Kendall, Tommy E., M.D., '62 39th Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City, Kansas 66102 Kendall, Warren W., '68 St. Anthony Hosp Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Kennedy, Billy Don, M.D., '58 5609 Seward Center Sacramento, Calif. 95819 Kennedy, Delmar D., M.D., '64 Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Kennedy. J. D., M.D., '47 8932 Reseda Blvd. Northridge, Calif. Kennedy. J. J., M.D., '42 Box 287 ' Edmond, Okla. Kennedy, J. R.. M.D., '41 2131 N. Tejon Colorado Springs, Colo. Kennedy. Louis J.. M.D., '36 2131 N. Tejon Colorado Springs, Colo. Kennedy. M. R., M.D., '39 475 E. 3rd Coquille, Ore. Kennedy. Willard C.. M.D., '57 1352 S. Knight Park Ridge, Illinois 60068 Kent, C. T., Jr., M.D., '51 840 N. Alvernon VVay Tucson, Arizona Kuhn, John F., NLD , '31 Kenyon, R.. E., M.D., '51 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Keown, John T., Jr., M.D., '50 Pender, Nebr. Kernek, Clyde, M.D., '37 3223 XValnut Drive Corvallis, Ore. Kernek, Paul, M.D., '39 Kernek Clinic Holdenville, Oklahoma Kerr W , alter C. H., M D., '33 3625 wesreiiff Rh. Ft. VVorth, Tex. Kersten, R. M., M.D., '49 3055 D St. San Bernardino, Calif. Key, Charles R., M.D., '59 AHCC-VSMC Air Station San Franz-isco,1'zrlif. 96664 Klenzle, John A., M.D., '58 Box 265 Shawnee, Oklzt. 74801 Kiester 7, Kenneth D , M D '59 2::14 N. rg. 53111 sweet" Ft. Ilauderdale, Florida 33316 Kilgore, Wm. R., M.D., '62 Box 1456 Taos, New Mexico Klritball, Gale R., MD , '51 116 W. Britton lad. Oklahoma City, Okla. Kimball, G-eo. H., M.D., '26 Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Kimball, Ireland W., M.D. 5621 Valley Hd. NAV. Kansas City, Missouri 64151 Klmerer, Neil B., M.D. 2600 N,VV. Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Kincy, Kenneth M King, Jerry Edd, M.D., '59 VA Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma King, R. W., M.D., '50 900 NI W 10 1. . th Oklahoma City, Okla Kung, Richard Don, H.D.,.'59 Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. King, Roy D., M.D., '65 HAIR Box 209 " .7A LSAF Hosp. Keesle ' ' ' t A14 B, Miss. 39534 Klngery, Phillip N., M.D., '66 Med. 8: Surgical Clinic Mangum, Okla 735'4 . D Kinnan, L. r., M.D., '42 Box 193 Caldwell, Kans. Kinney, Roger L., M.D., '66 635 S. Main St. Sapulpa, Okla. 74066 Kirkha ., . ., '60 77 Livingston Avenue Edison, New Jersey 08837 m, Wm. R M D Kirkland, Charles P. M ' , .D., 63 USAF Hosp. AFSC Eglin AFB, Florida. 32542 Kitabch.l,Abba.s E., M.D., '65 Veterans Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla 73104 Klebanolf, M., M.D., '43 717 Encino Place N. E. Suite 5 Albuquerque, N. Mex. Klein, E. P., M.D., '51 1102 S. Utica Tulsa, Okla . Klein, Irving, M.D., '59 La Mesa Med. Ctr. Suite E10 7000 Culter Knight, C. B., M.D., '35 211 NV. 2nd St. VVewoka, Okla. Knight W , . E., M.D., '43 1500 Dodson Ave Ft. Smith, Ark.. Knoplach, W. -K., Jr., lI!.D ' ., 52 Lniv, of Minn. Hospital Minneapolis Nl' ' " Kreger, J. R., M.D., '42 200115 E, Grand Tonkawa, Okla. Kuhn. Frederick A., M.D., '66 611 Aubee Manchester, Missouri 63011 Lane, Kenneth S., M.D., '50 Box 3772 Grand Central Station New York, New York Lane, Marie T., M.D., '49 9407 North Francis Oklahoma City, Okla ,l innesota 55455 Knotts, F. L., M.D., '38 1700 WVaterman San Bernardino, Calif. Koehn, K. L., M.D., '61 4141 N. Clarendon Ave. Chicago 13, Illinois Koehn, Laura Jane, M.D., '6 RFD Vifestville, Okla. 74965 0 Koger, Edward L., M.D. '60 Southern Memorial Hosp. Ardmore, Okla. 73401 Kopta, Joseph A., M.D., '62 Naval Air Facility El Centro, California 92243 Korner, Harold, M.D., '49 965 Fletcher Waterloo, Iowa Kouri, Paul, M.D., '45 3625 Century Lynnwood, Calif. Kourl, Philip, M.D., '47 1120 NVest La Palma Anaheim, Calif. Kouri. Sammy K., MD., '57 3333 E. Central 11419 VVichita, Kansas 67206 Kramer . ., 1721 East 33 Place , Robert L., M D '56 Pasteur Bldg. I Oklahoma City, Okla. Kunkel, James Albert, ll 2020 E. 93 Cleveland 6, Ohio Lacroix, J. A., Jr., M.D., '50 E. Jackson 30S Hugo, Okla. Ladd, George K., M.D., '60 915 Honor Heights Muskogee, Okla. Lafon, Col. William F. M.D., '37 363 Toc Hospital a 29152 Lagan, Henry D., M.D., '64 Okeene Clinic Okeene, Oklahoma. Lain, Everett S., M.D., '66 9720 Stacy Court Okla. City, Okla. 73132 shew AFB, sf Carolin Lain, Kemper C., M.D., '66 Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Okla. City, Okla. Lair, Burke, M.D., '53 18035 Sth N. VV. Seattle. VVash. Laird, Paul Craig, M.D., '47 122 S. .Jennings .D., '5 Lang, Frederick L., M.D.., '57 USPH Serv. Hospital Staten lsland, N. Y. 9 Langford, 0rv'llle, M.D. Dewey, Okla. 74029 Langston, Wann, M.D., '16 1214 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Lapo, Charles K., M.D., '67 Kern County Gen. Hosp. Bakersfield, Calif. 93305 Lashley, Floyd J., Jr., M.D., '60 223 S. Broadway XValters, Oklahoma Latorra, Mary A. Drew 1531 Eudora St. Denver, Colo. 80220 Lattimore, F. C., M.D., '32 9th and Tyro Kingfisher, Okla. Latto, Jo Ellen, M.D., '59 St. Luke's Hospital San Francisco, Calif. Laughlin, Lycurgus 0., M.D., '59 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73104 La.V0n, Rosalia A., M.D., '64 312 N. l'niv. lilvd oi man, Okla. 13069 Tulsa Okla lrving, 'l'exas75060 - - , . outs, o. , ,DU 143 A"'uflU9ffl"e- N' M- Krasnow, Robert' W., '68 Lambe1rit6R1?i'?12rtr1i':l':gI'D" 66 Lawton, Sherman B., '68 levntral State Hospital Klepper, C. A., M.D., '63 Naval Hovspital H Groton, Conn. 06340 St. Anthony Hospital Norman, om... 73069 Childrens Mem. Center St- Albans. Ni. 11425 Lambiotte Benjamin, okia. City. Okla. 73102 lKing, Col. Everett G., M.D., '33 Dallas- Texas Krause, Jas. K.. M.D., '58 mlb' ,57 ' Lay, Stephen A., '68 119 Horshoe Landing Klopfensteln, Keith, M.D., '56 10611 Endicot Route 31 Highland Gen. Hosp. Hampton, Virginia 23369 Oklahoma City, Okla. Houston, Texas 77035 Oakdale, Pennsylvania 15071 Oakland, Calif. 94606 mf' moszsrefzz-.s..:.-tar- 'ff'-u:.:t,1"ara'-' Wrmfrt Sa' 'f---M-D-- Midwest City, Oklai. 73110 Ashvi-lle, North Carolina Oaklandlfl, Calif. Oltla.ITllt1',Pgl?llilt'73103 Roldhleyscteshlllllznn. I I I ll 0D6llIC 81 AllllI'IlIS CCHIEI' 1 MCBRIDE CLINIC, Inc. 600 N.W. 11th Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - 232-0341 DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPEDICS DEPARTMENT OF ARTHRITIS 'Howard B. Shorbe, M.D., F.A.C.S. 'William K. Ishmael, M.D., F.A.C.P. , 'Russell D. Harris, M.D., I-'.A.C.s. John A- Blaschke, M.D. ' 'Marvin K. Margo, M.D., F.A.C.s. ""'P""'P '- Wflghit MD- ,qames P. Bell, M.D. Mary L. Duffy Honlck, M.D. ,Ste hen Tkach M D Claude M. Bloss, Jr., M.D. K E H J h ' 'MD DEPARTMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL and mme' - 0 nstonr - - INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE Robert R. Dugan, M.D. SENIOR CONSULTANT DIRECTOR OF LABORATORIES 'Earl D. McBride, M.D., F.A.C.S. i"J. N. Owens, Jr., M.D., F.C.A.P., F.A.C.P. 'Specialty Board Diplomate "Military Leave MANAGEMENT SERVICES I. Lamont Baxter, M.A., J.D., C.P.A. Controller I37 Layton, 0. E., M.D., '37 P. O. llox 121 Collinsville, Okla. Layton, R. G., M.D., '39 1307 Highland Clarkston, VVashington 99403 Leap, Paul H., M.D., '60 1625 Indian Drive Enid, Okla. 73701 Leatherman, D. D., M.D., '58 400 E, Cecil VVaynoka, Okla. 73860 Leathers, Hollis R., M.D., '64 223 N. Third Muskogee, Oklahoma Ledbetter, Edgar 0., M.D. 1210 Coydon Irving, Texas 75060 Lee, Daniel Webster, M.D., '55 1325 N.E. 34th Okla. City. Okla. 73111 Lee, Judah K., M.D., '23 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa 3, Okla. Lee, Robert K., M.D., '65 Base Disp. 2578 A BSQCAC Ellington AFB, Texas 77030 Lee Robert Rex, M.D., '55 1443 S. Twinlake Dr. VVichita, Kansas Legako, Ronald D.. M.D., '66 XVilford Hall USAF Hospital Lackland AFB, Texas Lehew, Elton, M.D., '30 324 East Oklahoma Guthrie, Okla. 73044 Lehew, Elton W., Jr. Greenwich Hosp. Greenwich, Conn, 06830 Lehew, J. Leslie, Jr., M.D., '27 19th and XVarner Guthrie, Okla. Lehew, John L., III, M.D., '55 19th and XVarner Guthrie, Okla. Lembke, Robt. L., M.D., '50 C. H. Occup. Med. Dept. Continental Oil Co. Ponca City, Okla. Lemon. Cecil W.. M D., '31 1308 North Third Durant, Oklahoma Lemmons, Joyce J., M.D., '66 OU Med. Ctr. - Pathology Ok1a.C1ty.Okla. 73104 Lenaburg, H. H., M.D., '60 201 East Lincoln Mangum. Oklahoma Leneve. Robert T., M.D., '46 Hugoton, Kans. Leney, F. L., M.D., '27 2620 NAV. Expressway Oklahoma City, Okla. Leonard, Chas- E.. M.D., '32 528 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Leonard. E. L., M.D., '52 Box 100 Wagoner, Okla. 74467 Leonard, Joe C., M.D., '66 Chanute AFB Rantaul, Illinois 61866 Leonard, Joseph E., M.D., '67 O.U. Med. Ctr. Ok1a.City.Okla. 73104 Lerblance, W. P., Jr.. M.D., '45 Twin Cities Clinic Hartshorne, Okla. Leslie, S. B.. Jr., M.D., '42 7301 Bellrosf: Albuquerque, New Mex. 87110 Lester, Boyd K., M.D.. '54 University Hospital 800 N.E. 13th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Lester. E. F.. Jr., M.D., '41 515 N. W. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Lester. J. K.. M.D., '52 1518 Main St. North Little Rock, Ark. Lester, Patrick D., M.D.. '65 lf. S. Public Hospital Norfolk. Virginia Leu, Jerry D., M.D.. '66 Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Okla. City, Okla. Levalley, Steve A., M.D., '63 Denver General Hosp. Denver, Colo. I38 Leverett, Cary L., M.D., '63 U.S. Navy Hospital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lewis, Bllle, M.D., '59 739 Mott Found Bldg. Flint, Mich. Lewis, Charles L., M.D., '66 Univ. of Colo. Med. Ctr. Denver, Colorado Lewis, R. W., M.D., '32 Lewis Clinic Highway 7 Sulphur, Okla. Lewis, Terry M., '68 St. Anthony Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Lewis, Vivian Moon, M.D., 59 Hurley Hospital Flint, Mich. Lewis, Wilbert F., M D., '39 605 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Lewis, Wilbur C., M.D., '55 Casilla 1171 Asuncio, l':traquay Ley, E. B., M.D., '38 517 Colorado Ave. Pueblo, Colo. Lehvine, D. B., M.D., '45 2716 E. 26 Pl. Tulsa, Oklahoma Limes, Barney J., M.D., '55 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Lincoln, R. B., M.D., '46 437 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Lindberg, C. 0. Sr., M.D. '24 Route 1 Siren, VVisconsin Linde, Leonard M., M.D., '56 Lowe Clinic Mobridge, South Dakota Lindeman, Geo. M., M.D., '50 Route 1 Colorado Springs, Colorado Lindley, ILC., M.D. Duncan, Okla. 73533 Lindsay, J. H., M.D., '50 115 Preston Forest Vil Dallas, Texas Lindstrom, Wm. Carl, M.D., '34 S35 Utica Square Aled. Center Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Lingenfelter, F. M.. M.D., '23 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Lingenfelter, P. B., M.D., '33 800 Frisco Ave. Clinton, Okla. Lipe, Clark C., M.D., '66 Baptist Memorial Hospital Okla. City, Okla. Lisle, A. C., Jr., M.D., '43 1211 North Shartvl Okla. City. Okla. 73103 Little. A. C.. M.D., '31 Minco, Okla. Little. James H., M.D., '62 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Little, J. R., M.D., '29 3413 Treadwell Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Lively. Claude E., M.D., '34 Medical Arts Bldg. McAlester, Okla. Lively, G. A.. M.D., '53 936 E. Seminary Dr. Whiteslioro, Tex. Livingston, D. E., M.D., '57 1211 North Nliarlel Okla. City. Okla. 73103 Livingston Robe ' , rt B.. M.D., 67 Parkland Memorial Hosp. Dallas, Texas 75235 Llewellyn, T. S., 3rd, M.D., '61 100 Utica Sq. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Locke, Stanley J.. M.D., '67 St. Joseplrs Hosp. Denver, Colorado S0218 Lockwood, G. W.. MD., '48 650 Longs Peak Dr. Boulder, Colo. Long, :Fredrick L., M.D., '57 Med. Ctr. Fed. Prisoners Springfield, Missouri 65802 Long. P. M.. M.D.. '51 Great Falls Clinic Great Falls. Mont. Long, James D., M.D., '59 923 N. E. 16 St. Oklahoma City. Okla. Long, Larry L., M.D., '63 U.S. Naval Amphib. Base San Diego, California 92155 Long, Leonard, M.D., '32 300 Blvd. N.E. Atlanta, Ga. Long, Leroy D., M.D. Pasteur Building Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Long, Loyd Lee, Jr.. M.D., '46 921 14 N. VV. Ardmore, Okla. Long, Lyda L., M.D., '64 National Defense Med. Center Taipeh, Taiwan Long, Ray H., M.D., '30 1515 East 265 Street lduclid. Ohio 44117 Long, Warren D., M.D., '63 Vanderbilt Hospital Nashville, Tennessee 37203 Long, W. G., M.D., '52 200 North Third Purcell, Okla. 73030 Lorenz, Max P., M.D., 62 CXO Beacham Mem. Hosp. Magnolia, Miss. Loucks, J. E., M.D., '47 Los Alamos Med. Center Los Alamos, N. Mex. Loughridge, Billy P., M.D., '61 6465 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. Lowe, Alvin, M.D., '51 1425 S. Grand Ave. Sedalice, Mo. Lowe, Kenneth G., M.D., '55 Box 549 Poteau, Okla. Lowell, James R., M.D., '53 1214 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Lowenthal, P. J., M.D., '38 3812 48th St. N. W. XVashington 16, D. C. Lowery. Larry Lee, M.D., '56 Med. Arts Bldg. Guymon, Okla. Lowrey, Robert W.. M.D., '36 P. O. Box 350 Poteau, Okla. Lowry, David C., M.D., '46 lloom GS 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City. Okla 73103 Lowry, Dick M., M.D., '45 900 NAV. 10th Oklahoma City, Okla. Loy, R. L., Jr.. M.D., '47 212 YVest Euhanks Oklahoma City, Okla. Lov, R. W.. M.D.. '49 Seventh at Leaky Pawhuska, Okla. Loy, William A.. M.D.. '37 Loy McDonald Clinic Pawhuska, Okla. Lucas, Boyd Vance, M.D. '42 Lynn, Thomas N., Jr., '56 S00 N. E. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Lyon, James B., Jr., M.D., '56 Parkland Hospital Dallas, Tex. Lyons, M. R., M.D., '40 4315 East 51st Tulsa, Okla. 74135 MacDonald, Joseph C., M.D. Utica Sq. Med. Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Mackey, Dan M., M.D., '63 346 Carpenter Dr.. N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30328 Mackler, David L., M.D., '57 2340 Sutter 41201 San Francisco, Calif. MacLeod, Sherburne, M.D., '33 S43 N. Broadway VVichita 5, Kans. Macrory, Paul D., M.D., '43 7300 N.VV. 23rd Bethany, Okla. 73008 Madeira, Jan T., M.D., '66 305 Holly Hill Road Enterprise, Alabama 36330 Markland, Ralph R., M.D., '56 Pasteur Bldg., Room 436 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Marks, John W., M.D., '54 Box 460 Beaver, Okla. Marks, M. IM., M.D., '28 Suite 18, Dr. Bldg. East 751 East 63 St. Kansas City 10, Missouri Marsh, Charles E., M.D., '54 4621 Indian Creek Rd. Topeka, Kansas 66617 Marsh, Donald W., M.D., '58 Box EE Norman, Okla. 73070 Marsh, John H., M.D., '63 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Marshall, R. A., M.D., '55 Univ. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Martin, C. A., M.D., '63 University Hospital Columbia, Mo. Martin, Chas. E., MD '48 . ., maaeiey H. Randall m.n. '34 BOX 71 1727 Sonoma Blvd. , Perry, Okla. Vallejo, Calif. Magnuson, Larry W., M.D., '65 5207 Beverly Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Maguire, Bernard J., M.D. 6160 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. 74135 MaGulre, Philip J., M.D., '60 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mahan, Maj. P. L., M.D., '53 USAF Hosp. USAFE Box 658 APO New York 09220 Mahone, M. Wilson, M.D., '39 Box 553 Hobart, Okla. Malmbourg. Chas. L., M.D., '58 7047 Freemont Dallas, Texas 75231 Martin, Emmett 0., M.D., '21 1005 S. XVilson Cushing, Okla. Martin, Fred R., M.D., '57 2617 East 21st Tulsa, Oklahoma Martin. 1-I. C., M.D., '29 509 Cameron Bldg. Oklahoma City 6, Okla. Martin, J. W., M.D., '30 1023 E. Cherry St. Cushing, Okla. Martin, James D.. M.D., '39 Box 868 Cushing, Okla. Marvel, James E., '68 Brooke Gen. Hosp. San Antonio, Texas 78234 Marx, Ralph L., M.D., '32 ' .TB H ' 1 Maldonado, Wilford n., m.:o. 'sa San AMONG St - Oslma 1215 111. Michigan Ave., Lansing, Michigan 43902 Males, James L., M.D., '66 Duke Hospital Durham, North Carolina Manfort, John J., M.D., '32 1155 S. Maxwell Dr. Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 Mann, Lawrence E., M.D., '54 S11 Bonham St. Paris, Tex. Mannerberg, F. D., M.D., '59 921 N W. 14 Ardmore. Oklahoma Manning. David T.. M.D., '66 S900 N. Xvestern Okla. City, Okla. 73114 Manning, W. T., M.D., '50 401 Commerce Bldg. Pawhuska, Okla. San Antonio, Tex. Massad, Paul E., M.D., '64 3301 North State Okla. City, Okla. 73122 Massad, W. W., M.D., 50 2412 Robin Rd. Ponca City, Okla. 74601 Massey, John B., M.D., '54 630 NE. 63 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Masters, H. A., M.D., '34 Thompson Bldg. Tahlequah, Okla. Masters, Harold A., M.D., '56 5300 N. Meridian Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Masters, Paul L., M.D., '53 4527 S. E. 29th St. Del City, Okla. . Masterson, Maude M., M-D-, H36 fl 1 a :s. . . '61 . um. 420, Drs. Bldg. ' Maxis e d'-menu ' MD' 2021 S. Lewis Tulsa. Okla. Lucas, James R.. M.D.. '66 Alaska Native Hospital Anchorage, Alaska 99501 Lumpkin. Capt. Lee. M.D., '53 yvilford Hall Lackland AFB, Texas Lung, John A., M.D., '64 79 6 Scranton Aurora, Colorado Luton. James P.. M.D., '33 205 Lister Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Lykins. R. W.. M.D., '46 2944 Lexington Rd. Louisville, Ky. Lynch, Bob E., M.D., '67 O.U. Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Lynn, Bernard A., M.D., '56 Price Tower Bartlesville, Oklahoma Lynn. Clyde A.. M.D., '58 1417 Brookhaven Norman, Okla. 73069 Lynn, Doss Owen, M.D., '37 Fairmont Hosp. San Leandro, Calif. 94577 Bev U. S. Public Health Serv. Hosp. 210 State Street New Orleans, Louisiana ManSu'r, H. D., Jr., M.D., '39 1400 8th VVichita Falls, Tex. Mansur, Laurence R., '68 Good Samaritan Hosp. Phoenix, Ariz 85002 Mantooth. James E.. M.D., '66 V 2833 NE. 107th Seattle, WVashington 98125 Marder. Leon, M.D., '49 400 N. Oakhurst Drive erly Hills, California 902 Margo, Elias, M.D. 605 N.VV. 10th St. Okla. City, Okla. 73103 10 Margo. M. K., M.D., '48 605 N. W. 10th Oklahoma City, Okla. Maril, J. J., M.D., '36 100 Park Avenue Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Maril, W. D., M.D., '40 311 Medical Arts Bldg. Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Markert, Geo. 0., M.D., '60 604 N. Second Ave. Stroud. Oklahoma Box 26606 Okla. City, Okla. 73126 Mathews, Chas. R., M.D., '45 82 Southern Parkway Rochester 18, N. Y. Mathias, C. M., M.D., '29 14250 North St. Tulard, Calif. Matter, Billy Joe, M.D., '59 Medicine Serv. VA Hosp. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Matthews, N. S., M.D., '37 1319 Classen Dr. Oklahoma City, Okla. Matthews. Rex R.. M.D.. '65 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla 73102 Matthey. W. A., M.D., '50 801 Pershing Dr. Lawton, Okla. Mauldln, H. P.. M.D., '53 4901 S. Penn Oklahoma City, Okla. Maupin. Col. Clinton S. M.D., '34 2905 Mason' Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 Maxey, Clarence 0., M.D., '66 U. S. Naval Hospital St. Albans, New York May, June C., M.D., '61 U. of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Mayes, Robert II., M.D., '40 1401 Bois D. Arc Duncan, Okla. 73533 Mayfield, Imogene. M.D., '33 4520 Belfast Place Dallas, Tex. Mayneld, R. C., M.D., '50 216 E. Eufaula Norman, Okla. McA1lster, John E., M.D., '61 1300 Foreman Circ-le Norman, Okla. 73069 McA1ister, L. S., M.D. 713 Barnes Bldg. Muskogee, Okla. 74401 McAne1ly, George C., Jr., '68 Kansas City Gen, Hosp. Kansas City, Mo. 64108 McArthur, C. E., M.D., '38 1934 E. 4th Ave. Olympia, VVash. McArthur. Lloyd G.. M.D., '57 207 C. N.VV. Ardmore, Okla. 73401 McBride, David L., M.D., '56 2529 NSY. 50 Oklahoma City, Okla. McBride, Ollie, M.D., '37 P. O. Box 1110 Ada, Okla. McCabe, Jack M., BLD., '53 Student Health Service Univ. New Mexico Albuquerque, N. M. McCabe, W. R., M.D., '53 llniv. Hospital Boston, Mass. 02118 McCann, W. E., M.D., '48 1006 Lennox Drive Olathe, Kans. McCants, Ralph S., MJD., '50 372715. 4Sth Tulsa, Okla. McCa'rley, T. H., H.D. 502 E. Seneca McAlester, Okla. 74501 McCarver, Chas. L., M.D., '62 Kimbrough USAH Ft. Meade, Maryland McCa.rver, Robt. R., M.D., '54 6530 N, 61 St, Scottsdale, Arizona McCauley, D. W., M.D., '43 Veu-rans Hospital Mtislsogce. Okla. 74401 McCauley, Joe W., M.D., '55 Medical Arts Bldg. McAlester, Okla. McClain, Mack I., NLD., '62 McConnell, A. B.. NLD., '15 Burlington, Kans. lVIcCormick, J. E., M.D., '39 636 Church St. Evanston, Ill. McCoy, Ronald, M.D., '47 Box 457 Coldwater, Kans. McCreight, Wm. G., M.D., '40 525 N. W. llth Oklahoma City, Okla. McCullough, G. W., M.D., '54 1030 North Flood Norman, Oklahoma McCune, Edward A., M.D., '40 221 T liast Court McFarland, J. R., M.D., '53 3500 State Street Bartlesville, Okla. McG-eary, William C., H.D., '49 Madison, Ga. McGee, Harry D., M.D., '44 1448 East Ctr. Pocatello, Idaho McGahee, Chas. L., M.D., '31 Med. Prof. Building San Antonio, Tex. McGill, Ralph A., NLD., '22 210 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. McGinnis, Delbert I-I., M.D., '57 2420 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. E'li'l' Uklillmlm' McGlamery, Muriel E.. M.D., '66 2304 Bellview Terrace OMR' Cm' Ohm' 70112 uccuray. Robe. E.. m.n., '46 McClay, Robert B., Jr., M.D., '62 500 S. Ga,-field Okla. Univ. Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 McC1eery, Jas. M., M.D., '52 1004 Seymour St. Pasadena, Texas McClellan, C. W., MJD., '41 1426 N. Hancock Colorado Springs, Colo. McClellan. J. T., NLD., '42 1221 S. Broadway Lexington, Ky. McClure. Coye W.. NLD., '40 415 N. W. 11th Oklahoma City 2, Okla. McClure. Hubert L., M.D., '60 S07 S.E 38th St. Lawton, Okla. 73501 McClure. Joy L., M.D., '29 516 Sutter St. San Francisco, Calif. McCo11oug'h, B. L., NLD., '58 1'.O. Box 456 Seagraves, Texas 79359 McCollum, E. B., M.D., '32 20867 Mach Detroit, Michigan 48236 McCollum, W. T., M.D., '40 437 N. VV, 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Denver, Colo. McCurdy, William C., M.D. 228 North XVest 54th Okla. City. Okla. 73112 McCurdy, W. C., Jr., NLD. 200 N. 3rd Purcell, Okla. 73083 McDaniel, William J., '68 St. Franc-is Hosp. Tulsa, Okla. 74135 McDonald. Glen W., M.D., '34 Chief Diabetes Arthritis Section Div. USPHS, Nvashington 25, D C. McDaniel, James W., NLD., '56 212 Meadowdale Chickasha, Okla. 73018 McDonna1d, Geo. F., MJD., '52 6100 N. Drexel Oklahoma. City, Okla. MCDOug'3.1, Royce C., MD., '55 711 N. Bullitt Holdenville, Okla. Mclllwee, Mary L., NLD., '50 5000 Cornell Chicago 15, Illinois McFadden, C. A., M.D., '29 -325 Hickory St. Abilene, Tex. Temple Vniversity Hospital Philadelphia,1'enn.19140 McGovern. J. L., NLD., '52 124 E. Lincoln Wellington, Kaus. McGovern, Joseph. D., Jr. M.D., '53 1018 N. Flood Norman, Okla. 73069 McGrath. Thomas J., NLD., '27 Sayre, Okla. McGraw, W. L., M.D., '44 V. A. Hospital Muskogee, Okla. McGregor, F. H., NLD., '50 5700 N, XV, Grand Boulevard Okla. City. Okla. 73112 McG-rew, E. A., M.D. Beaver, Okla. 73932 McGuire, William E., '68 USAF Hosp, Keesler Keesler, AFB, Miss. 30534 MlcHa.rd., Donald E.. NLD., '65 S15 N.E. 15 Okla. City, Okla. 73104 McHenry, L. Chester, M.D. Okla. City Clinic Okla. City, Okla. 73103 McHenry, L. C., Jr., H.D., '55 333 Cedar St. New London, Connecticut Mclnnis, D. B., M.D., '45 4515 So. Penn. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mclnnis, J. T., NLD., '37 4515 So. Penn. Oklahoma City, Okla. McIntyre, John A. NLD., '43 1800 S. Van Buren Building A Enid, Okla. McIntyre, R. V., M.D., '51 Kingfisher, Okla. McKean, Joseph D., Jr., 1151 N. Young Okla. City, Okla. 73107 McKee, Patrick A.. M.D., 715 N.l'I, 18th Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Mclterracher. R. D.. M.D., '55 828 El Paso Village Derby. Kansas Mckinne, Richard A., M.D., 1411 E. Eighth Okmulgee, Oklahoma '62 64 McKinney, Milam F.. M.D., '30 1721 NNY. 42 Oklahoma City, Okla. McKinney, William J., NLD., '66 2111 1-Eastern Lane New Orleans, La. 70114 McLauchlin, Robt. A., NLD., '48 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 McLaughlin, J. R., Jr., M.D., '43 4400 Blvd. Okla. City, Okla McLaughlin, John D., '68 St. Lukes Hosp. Denver, Colo. S0203 McLaury, Ralph L., M.D., '67 200 V2 Ave. Pont-a City, Okla McMaster, Audrey J., M.D., '64 S3flI'1astlDrive Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Hcllillan, J. M., NLD., '33 105 S. Scraper Vinita, Okla. Congratulations, Graduates, Students ancl Faculty! I 969 St. Jol1n's Hospital TULSA, OKLAHOMA. I923 South Utica Avenue Phone Rlversicle 3-33ll I39 McMullen, Thomas, M.D., '43 230 W. Ridgemont Rd. Peoria, lllinois Meiring, Nicolas L.. M.D., 326 N.W. 19th Okla. City, Okla. 73103 McMurray, Dorothy G., M.D., '45 Melton, A. S., M.D. 129 Hillside Dr. Shelby, N. Car. McMurry, James F., Jr., M.D. Okemah, Okla. 74859 Mench, R. M., M.D., '40 1215 li. Grant H F '6? H it I Corvallis, Ore. enry orc osp a g Detroit, Michigan, 48202 Mengelv Elgsffrnfgnm-D'v '39 I D Q 4' Mcpherroni Wm- G-1 M-D" '42 hlllSliOg'0t', okm. 74401 924 E, Sanger Hobbs, New Mexico McPike, L. H., M.D., '35 607 Frisco Bldg. Joplin, Mo. McQuown, A. L., M.D., '41 Lady of the Lake Sanit. Baton Rouge, La. Mcspadden, P. F., M.D., '44 333 XVest 20 Houston, Tex. Mead, William W., M.D., '37 6722 Holm Ave. Los Angeles, California 90056 Meador, Capt. Geo. E., M.D., '40 4395 Ampudia San Diego, Calif. Means, R. B., M.D., '47 1202 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Mearies. C. H., Jr., M.D., '52 304 Rodman Circle Muskogee, Okla. 74401 Medcalf, W. L., M.D., '57 421 Monroe N.VV. Ardmore, Okla. 73401 Medlock, Thomas R., M.D., '65 Cincinnati General Hospital Cincinnati. Ohio 45229 Meece, Leo, M.D., '60 P. O. Box 641 Laverne, Oklahoma Meinders, Don W. M.D., '65 104 Highland iid. Pauls Valley, Okla. 73075 Meinhardt, Kenneth, M.D., '57 3270 Benton Santa Clara, Calif. Menefee, Alan D., '68 Baptist Memorial Hosp. Okla. t'ity, Okla. 73112 Mercer, J. Wendell, M.D., '25 427 E. Cherokee Enid, Okla. Mercer, R. D., M.D., '51 620 N.W. 9th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Merkley, G. E., Jr., M.D., '52 Box 488 Boise City, Okla. Merrell, Webber W., M.D., '42 Box 608 Guthrie, Okla. 73044 Merrifield. V. C., M.D., '45 111 Patton Dr. Ponca City, Okla. Merritt, Lawrence S., M.D., '61 1014 N. Flood Norman, Oklahoma Merritt, Iva S., M.D. 650 W. Lindsay Rd. Norman, Okla. 73069 Messenbangh, Jos. F., M.D., '33 Pasteur Bldg Oklahoma City, Okla. Messenbaugh, Jos. F., M.D., '5 525 NAV. 11 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Messinger, Robt. P., M.D., '38 801 NWV 23rd Oklahoma City, Okla. Metcalf, Danny J., M.D., '66 107 N.VV. 14 Okla. City, Okla. 73103 '65 Metcalf, Robert P., M.D., '64 liox 748 1010 N. 61 Hollis, Okla. 73550 Meyer, ita ri... M D.. '49 1078 Meadow Lane Drive N. Canton, Ohio 447051 Meyers, Wm. A., M.D., '27 7104 E. Virgin Tulsa, Okla. Michael, Harvey R., M.D., '62 S3 N.VV. 49th Del City, Okla. Michaelson, Leon, M.D., '38 30 N. San Mateo Drive San Mateo, California Michener, Frank R., M.D., '60 tiroat1'izlins .xtedit-al Center Lawton, Okla. Milam, Robert C., M.D., '46 llillorest Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Mlleham, Jack C., M.D., '46 Box 39 Chandler, Okla. 74834 Miles, John B., M.D., '27 702 VV. Central Anadarko, Okla. Miller, Bonnie G., M.D., '59 Okemah, Okla. Miller, C. E., M.D., '38 224 Birdrey Dr. Sarasota, Fla. Miller, Duane C., M.D., '60 746 Altas Oakes Dr. Los Altos, Ca'lil'ornia Miller, Elnora G., M.D., '46 OSF Hospital Clinic' Stillwater, Okla. 74074 Miller, Floyd F., M.D., '58 3730 East 43 Place 'I'ulsa 35, Oklahoma Miller, George L., M.D., '64 St. Johns Hospital 'l'ulsa, Oklahoma Miller, Griffith C., M.D., '61 117 S. Air Depot Okla. City, Olvlu. 73110 Miller, James V., M.D., '62 130 C. St. N.VV. Ardmore, Okla Miller, Kenneth R., M.D., '67 Griffiss AFB Home N.Y. Miller, Noel E., M.D., '59 Okemali, Okla. Miller, Raymond, M.D., '45 110 N. Grant Okmulgee, Okla. Miller, Robert J., M.D., '47 l'. O. llox 1119 Los Alamos, N. Mex. Miller, Ross H., M.D., '46 Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. Miller, William A., M.D., '40 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Miller, W. R., M.D., '42 633 E. 11th Eugene, Oregon 97401 Mills, Richard C., M.D., '28 105 lNOl'lll Iludsou Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Mills, V. 0., M.D., '38 Dalles Clinic The Dalles, Ore. 97058 Milton, James E.. M.D., '65 l' O. llox 481 ll2ll'l'2lll,f1lil2l. Milton, Leroy M., M.D., '59 Shepard AFB NVichita Falls, Texas Mings, Harold H., M.D., '57 1500 Dodson Aye. Mitchell, Donald D.. M D., '65 2625 N.W. 31 Okla City, Okla. 73112 Mitchell, Russell C., M.D., '67 Adair Apts. 357 Norman, Okla. 73069 Moffeit, Thomas L., M.D., '66 P k S Clinic Holdenyille, Okla. 74848 Mogab, J. H., M.D., '43 1'. O. Box 7 55 El Reno, Okla 723036 Mohler, Eldon C., M.D. 1215 E. Hartford Ponca City, Okla. 74601 Mohr, John A., M.D., '64 St. Joseph Hosp VVichita, Kansas Moline, Lester L., M.D., '54 Hollis Clinic Hollis, Oklahoma Mollison, Malcolm, M.D., '46 1101 E. Pecan Altus, Okla. Monk, Ruthann, '68 Childrens Hosp. Med. Ctr. Oakland, Calif. 594609 Monnet, Julien Chas., M.D., '56 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Monroe, Hugh H., M.D. Pauls Valley, Okla. 73075 Montague, Burt C.. M.D., '65 1104 N.VV 39111 Oklalioma City, Okla. 73118 Ft. Smith, Ark. 72903 Montgomery. Hazel In M.D., 141 Minnig, D. I., M.D., '38 640 VV, Market St. Akron, Ohio 44320 Minor, Dwane B., M.D., '54 2227 E. 21st St. Tulsa, Okla. 3724 N. Versaille VVest, Texas '52 Moody, H. Carter, M.D., 3141 NIV. Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Moor, H. D., M.D., '53 Mitchell, Bob Gunter, M.D., '56 Box 25848 Sallisaw, Okla. Mitchell, Dan, Jr., M.D., '58 2611 Raymond Pl. Billings, Montana Okla. City, Okla. 73125 Moorad, Nicholas E., '68 Hillcrest Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. 74104 WCWT? W W N w Y K1 T l VEAZEY DRUG CO. MID-WEST SURGICAL SUPPLY C0. 1906 1969 Of OKLAHOMA 10 Conveniently Located Stores Medical 5 Surgical SUPPHGS 5 Equipment ' Henry Byler Clint lenninqs 0 Howey Vorse 0 Bob Billington ' We are proud of our 63 years of dependable Roger Cqstelberry g Ed Coney service to the Medical Profession. It has always . I been our Policy to compound each prescription 1420 N' Robinson Oklahoma City Exactly as Prescribed. I Phone CE 6,4381 l MELTON CO.. INC. 49 YEARS IN OKLAHOMA I Your ABCO Dealer Medical Equipment cmd Hospital Supplies lim Reynolds lim Prott Kenneth Volh , City Telephone Orders North ci. West TDEHD LESS DO.. Milburn W. E. Hughes 1. B. Dixon USC' U' city scum .md East okzqzwma city, ont.. Ch H-ffikeg t Tracy Silvester Gordon Holland loe Snider E2If11iZ?neZ?OVgr?.tZgry , Laboratory Soles North :S East South CS West Phone CE 5-7481 - 20 West Main - P. O. BOX 1145 - Oklahoma City. Okla. l40 Moore, Ben H., M.D., '53 300 Homer Ave. Palo Alto, Calif. Moore, C. W., M.D., '27 Box 471 Stillwater, Okla. Moore, Ellis, M.D., '21 100 Park Avenue Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Moore, Gary M., '68 Baptist Mem. Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Moore, George C., M.D., '62 Ardmore, Okla, 73401 Moore, Guy, M.D. Deputy Information Officer Div. Gen. Med. Science Bldg. 16, Rm. 202 National Inst. of Health Bethesda 14, Md. Moore, J. M., M.D., '52 Pine at Guy St. Pauls Valley, Okla. Moore, James D., M.D., '61 S25 College Dear Lodge, Montana 59722 Moore, Larue, M.D., '23 471 Colon Ave. San Francisco 12, Calif. Moore, Mildred F., M.D., '61 231 Prince St, Los Gatos, Calif. 95030 Moore, Robert, M.D., '53 814 N. Elm Hoisington, Kans. Moore, Samuel T., M.D., '38 5700 N.VV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Moore, Thom, M.D., '54 61 North Cassingham Bexley. Ohio Moore, Capt. Tom D., M.D., '54 61 N. Cassingham Columbus, Ohio 43209 Moore, Walter M., M.D., '45 State Health Dept. Okla. City, Okla. Moore, William M., M.D., '55 6160 South Yale Tulsa, Okla. Moore, Wm. R., M.D., '53 5510 S. VVestern Oklahoma City, Okla. Moose, Robert R., M.D., '53 Box 376 Caddo, Oka. 747254 Moran, Willard B., M.D., '61 7747 Kingston Chicago, lll. 60649 Morgan, C. C., M.D., '46 2010 S. Utica Tulsa, Okla. Morgan, Charles T., M.D., '56 220 N. Muskogee Tahlequah, Okla. 744 64 Morgan, Francis 2077 Jackson, Apt. 301 San Francisco, Calif. Morgan, James D., M.D., '61 China Lake Station Hospital China Lake. California Morgan, J. J., M.D., '54 1912 Ave. K-14 XVest Lancaster, California 93534 Morgan. Louis S.. Jr., M.D., '48 8030 li. Kellogg XVichita, Kansas 67207 Morgan, N. L., M.D., '50 210 North Main Haysville, Kansas Morgan, Omar J.. M.D., '62 Professional Building Tahlequah, Oklahoma Morgan, Philip E., M.D., '51 2121 Cedar Hill Rd. Jefferson City, Mo 65101 Morgan. Robert F., M.D., '53 Blackwell Med. Center Blackwell, Okla. Morgan. Robert J.. M.D., '44 216 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Morgan, Royce H.. M.D., '54 501 T. St. Anchorage, Alaska Morgan, Troy O., Jr., M.D., '56 203 E. Clay Albany, Missouri 64402 Morgan, W. L., M.D., '53 2406 Coriuan lload Longview, NYashington 086232 Morgan, William R., M.D., '58 3001 Arizona Ave Yuma Arizona S5364 Mwrris, Richard E., M.D., CXO Parkland Mem. Hosp. Dallas, Texas Morris, Richard L., M.D., '66 Fort Sam Houston, Texas Morris. William, M.D., '37 3840 VVoodruff Long Beach 8, Calif. Morris, William T., M.D., '60 Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Morrison, J. Scott, M.D., '62 U. Kansas Med. Center Kansas City, Kan. Morrison, J. W., M.D., '44 2850 N. XV. 23rd Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Morrone, Mildred I., M.D., Eight Oaklawn Terrace VVesterly, R. I. Morrow. Jerry F.. M.D., '63 Upstate Univ. N Y. Med. Ctr. l'syt'hiatry Dept. Syracuse, New York '63 '37 Mosely, R. R., M.D., '18 Route :il Atwater, Ohio 44201 Mosher, D. D., M.D., '26 First Ntl. Bank Bldg. Seminole, Okla. Mosley, Wiley H., M.D., '59 .lohns Hopkins Hosp. Baltimore, lXIaryla,nd Moss, C. B., M.D., '49 2601 45 St. Lubbock, Tex. Mote, W. R., M.D., '27 2 rx West Broadway Ardmore. Okla. 73401 Mote, Wesley R., M.D., '58 Industrial Med Office Tinker AFB, Okla Motley, Ray I'.. M-D-. '59 .l ones County Comm. Hospital La urel, Mississippi 39440 Mount. I-I. F., M.D., '46 3233 East 31st Tulsa, Okla. Moyer, Herman J., M.D., 55 1101 N. Lakeside Derby, Kansas Mraz, Gerald L., M.D., '41 110 VV. Esealones San Clemente, Calif. 02672 Muchmore, H. G.. M.D., '46 S00 N. E. 13th Okla. City, Okla. 732101 Morse, Ja,n1es O., M.D., '53 Mllenzler, William S-1 M.D., '60 1442 Princeton Dr. N.H. Albuc1uert1ue, NAT. S7106 430 N.VV. 12th Okla. City. Okla. 73103 no-ner, n. A., M.D., '13 Mulholland, J. Andrew, M.D., '64 2421 Sheliield Dr. Kalamazoo, Mich. Morton, Donald G.. M.D., '53 VA Hospital Bath. N.Y. 14810 Morton, R. W., MD., '40 P. O. Box 338 Sulphur, Okla. Moseley. Jack E., MD., '53 1120 S. Clifton VVichita, Kans. St. .lohns Hospital Tulsa. Oklahoma Mullican, Mary A., M.D., '66 643 Coombs Creek Dallas, Texas 75211 Mullins, Wm. B., M.D., '57 2308 VV. 8 Amarillo, Tex. Mulmed, Earl I., M.D.. '37 323 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Mulvey, Bert E., M.D., '30 1814 Guiltlford Lane Okla. City, Okla. 73120 Murdock, I-I. D., M.D. 1244 S. Owasso Tulsa, Okla. Murdock, Raymond L., M.D. 100 Park Ave. Bldg. Okla City, Okla. 73102 Murphree, Jas. W., M.D., '47 520 North 14th Ponca City, Okla. Murphy, E. Grant, M.D., '45 1825 Chelsea Circle Flint 3, Mich. Murphy, R. W., M.D., '49 1001 15 N. XV. Ardmore, Okla. Murphy, Thomas M., '68 St, Anthony Hosp Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Murphy, Weldon 0., M.D., '35 2300 W, 7 Avenue Amarillo, Texas Murray. E. Cotter, M.D., 2817 S. Harvey Oklahoma City, Okla. Murray, Ella X. H., M.D., '49 30116 Broadway Edmond, Okla. Musick, Elmer R., M.D. 242 Pasteur Bldg. Okla City, 011121.73103 Myers, Leo A., M.D., '67 John Peter Smith Hosp. Ft.1Vorth. Texas 76104 Myers, Lynn Leroy, M.D., '59 Medicine Dept.. lfniv. Hosp. Oklaliomu City, Okla. '30 Nau, Larry M., '68 St. Anthony Hosp. y Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Naughton, John P., M.D., '65 18523 XV. Polk Cl1if'agfx, Illinois 60612 Nave, Paul L., M.D., '65 Mound Park Hospital St. l'6lGl'SlJlll",1,'. lflorida 3131701 i up - my VN l 1501 N. E. Eleventh Street Oklahoma City, Okla. i i 5 l 1 1 ':Qsf.'v'-i?"4,T"1' ...M-f' X Q- K fifty lg ul 6 . ' f fff ffc it Q," wfiifi ...-. . W. ,Q 'V 4 V " liiv i N . ,,.,, srrr 'sfsfctt 4 . , i l GENERAL HCSPITAL IOHN R. HUBBARD, M.D. WM. E. HUBBARD. M.D. , I4I Nave, Richard R., M.D., '58 10211 Blue Ridge Ct. Anchorage, Ky. 40223 Naylor, Bruce A., M.D., '64 Naval Ship lard San Francisco, Calif, 96610 Neal, Billy J., M.D., '63 9010 Lindak Drive Bethesda, Maryland 20014 Neal, Charles L., '68 Univ, of Okla. VA Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Neal, J. H., Jr., M.D., '43 3233 East 31st Tulsa, Oklahoma Neal, J. R., M.D., '14 1225 A Romulas Dr. Glendale, Calif. Neal, Victor R., M.D., '57 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Needham, C. P., M.D., '24 323 S. Broadway Ada, Okla. Neel, Roy L., M.D., '38 3916 Starwood Dr. Route 4 Oklahoma City 21, Okla.. Neely. John G. H., M.D., '65 2302 Southgate Houston, Texas 77025 Neely, Maj. Samuel E., M.D., '48 Medical Service School Gunter AF B, Alabama Neese, Thomas C., M.D., '65 2929 W. Cavalier Phoenix, Arizona Neff, Everett B., M.D., '36 V. A. Hospital Sepalveda, Calif. Neilson, Harriet K. W., M.D., '42 44410 N. 10 West Lancaster, Calif. Nelson. A. G., M.D., '52 2820 Parklawn Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Nelson, Iron H., M.D., '40 5342 E. 20th Tulsa, Okla. 74112 Nelson, James M., M.D., '34 VA 49 4 San Francisco, Ca-lif. 94103 Nelson, Richard A., M.D., '66 USNAD McAlester, Okla. 74510 Nesh, Harry, M.D., '16 164 Hart St. Brookly n, N. Y. Neugebauer, M. Henith, M.D. Fairview, Okla. 73737 Neumann, David A., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73102 Neuman, Milton A., M.D., '30 Okarche, Okla. New, William N., M.D., '34 3310 Fairmont Dallas, Texas 75201 Newlin, P. P., M.D., '21 2117 N. Broadway Shawnee, Okla. 74301 Newman, M. Haskell, M.D. Shattuck, Okla. 73858 Newport, Norsula M., M.D., '35 Burgas Hospital Balboa, Canal Zone Newton, Norris Lynn, M.D., '56 Baltimore, llld. Nicholas, Hugh B., M D., '48 316 S, Sheridan Rd. Tulsa, Okla. 74112 Nichols, R.. E.. M D., '30 500 First Sl. XVoorllaml. Calif. Nicholson, Jas. L.. M.D., '31 l'Illison lnfirmary Norman, Okla. Nicklas. Thos. O., M.D., '62 183 VV. Park Durango, Colorado 81301 Nickols. Chas., Jr., M.D., '55 1800 Melrose Dr. Norman, Okla. Nida, Jerry R., M.D., '60 8970 YV. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, Colorado 80213 Niebruegge, Byron A.. M.D., '63 1236 Osgood Rd. Colorado Springs, Colo 80915 I42 Nisbet, Alfred A., M.D., '38 Rt. 3, Box 221 San Antonio, Texas 73212 Noblet, Lt. Wm. C., M.D., '66 Box 85 Spiro, Okla. 74959 Norman, Ernest, M.D., '63 509 E. Chestnut St. Hollis, Oklahoma Norris, P. L., M.D., '36 Beulaville, N. Car. North, Ronald J., M.D., '67 317 N.W. 82 Okla. City, Okla. 73114 Northrip, Ray U., M.D., '38 100 E. 13th Ada, Okla. 74820 Nolrthrup, R. A., M.D., '48 1307 S. Main Tulsa, Okla. Nuernberger, L. G., M.D., '55 Univ. Florida Health Center Gainsville, ,Florida 32003 Nunnery, A. W., M.D., '53 Univ. Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oakes, R. J., M.D., '42 3021 Dana St. Berkeley, Calif. Obar, Paul R., M.D., '57 Veterans Hospital Tucson, Arizona Obermiller, R. G.. M.D., '32 Western State Hospital Ft. Supply, Okla. 73341 Obert, Paul M., M.D., '47 Citizens Mem. Hosp., Victoria Oria County Victoria, Texas Odonoghue, Don H., M.D. Pasteur Building Okla. City, Okla. 73103 ogg, K. G., M.D., '48 6801 N.W. 39th Expressway Bethany, Okla. Oglesbee, C. L., M.D., '37 2601 W'est Broadway Muskogee, Okla. 74401 Oglesbee, John R., '68 Baptist Memorial Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73112 Oglesby. Helen I. T. W. M.D., '50 3555 Jackson St., Apt. i,l:4 San Francisco, California 13708 Oldham, Winnifred B., '68 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73103 0'Leary, Chas. M.. M.D., '34 549 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Oleary, Daniel W., M.D. 549 Pasteur Bldg. Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Olmsted. L. W., M.D., '51 3045 Keswick Road Cleveland 20, Ohio Olson, Donald H., M.D., '43 P. O. Box 626 Vinita, Okla. Olson, Frances P.. M.D., '40 Box 612 Fergus Falls, Minnesota Olson, P. W.. M.D., '48 5510 South 1Vestern Oklahoma City, Okla. 0'Nea1, John T., M.D., '64 1435 N. W. 35th Okla. City. Okla. 73109 Onper, M.. M.D., '44 5211 S. Pennsylvania Oklahoma City, Okla. Orr. H. Stokes, M.D., '42 2140 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Orr, Ronald, M.D., '62 Chickasha Clinic Chickasha, Okla. 73018 Orwland. Herbert. M.D., '64 St. Joseph's Hosp. Wichita, Kansas 67218 0'Shea, J. G., Jr.. M.D., '48 Box 5321 Jetmore, Kans. Ottis. P. J., M.D., '45 Okarche, Okla. Overbey, C. B., M D.. '41 Kalamazoo State Hospital Kalamazoo. Mich. Overstreet, R. J., M.D., '53 1833 Lincoln Park West Chicago. lllinois 00614 Owen, H. Leo, M.D., '50 3500 State Bartles.il1c, Okla. 74003 Owen, John R., M.D., '58 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Owens, Col. Cannon A., M.D., '37 1701 N. Kent - Apt. 1106 Arlington, Va. 22209 Ownby, R., Jr., M.D., '49 4009 Park Ave. Richmond, Va. Oxley, W. N., M.D., '44 Guymon, Okla. Padberg, Elder D., M.D., '40 1201 B East 5th Ada, Okla. Page, Crockett H., M.D., '61 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Detroit, Michigan Paramore, C. P., M.D., '24 125 W. Midland Shawnee, Okla. Paris, David, M.D., '41 377 East Gilbert St. San Bernardino, Calif. Park, Pleiz R., M.D. 212 Utica Sq. Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Park, Paul P., '68 Univ. of Okla. VA Hosp, Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104 Park, Riley W., Jr., M.D., '57 1110 Harvard 204 Seattle 1, Washington Parker, David D., M.D., '66 Aerospace Med. Inst. NAS Pensecola, Florida 32512 Parker, Ira Tom, Jr., M.D., '58 6507 Lenox Avenue Oklahoma City. Okla. 73116 Parker, J. W., M.D., '46 Barton. Fla. Parker, Wm. Lee, M.D., '56 3401 Patterson Amarillo, Tex. Parkhurst, Y. E., M.D., '48 Box 1285 Norman, Okla. 73069 Parks, Garland L., M.D., '67 832 Stahl Dr Midwest City, Okla Parks, H. G., M.D., '23 4301 Atlantic Long Beach, Calif. Parks, Stephen, M.D., '52 702 Wiallace Sikeston. Missouri 03801 Parrish, J. W., M.D., '53 Parrish Cl. 400 Timmons Seminole, Okla. Parrish, John M., Jr., M.D. 522 NNV. 13th Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Parrish, Pamela P., M.D., '44 Medicine Dept., Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Parrish. R. Gibson, M.D., '44 620 N.VV. Sith Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Parrish, S. L., M.D., '43 1611 First St. Bakersfield, California 93304 Parrish, W. E., M.D., '43 Box 718 Big Sandy, Texas Parsons. Bernie, M.D., '61 606 N. College Alhany, Missouri Parsons, Earl, M.D., '67 Methodist Hosp. Dallas Dallas, Texas 75208 Parsons, 0. L., M.D., '33 605 Gore Boulevard Lawton, Okla. 73501 Paschal, Wm. R., M.D., '45 3141 N.VV. Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Patrick, Alvin W., M.D., '60 Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Patten, W. R., M.D., '52 1123 XVest Brook Norman, Okla. Patterson, A. M., M.D., '29 Box 70 Mineral Wells, Tex. Patterson, J. L., Jr., M.D., '47 Murray Clinic 9 West Granite Butte, Mont. Patterson, James L., M.D., '47 1541 North 13th Duncan, Okla. 73533 Patterson, Oliver H., M.D., '55 1013 East Cleveland Sapulpa, Okla. Patton, Capt. M. J., M.D., '63 Base Hospital VVurtsmith AFB, Mich. Patty, Randel A., M.D., '67 223 Fairchild San Antonio, Texas 78236 Patzkowsky, L. W., M.D., '50 606 S. 9 Kiowa, Kaus. Paul, Roger R., M.D., '30 109 Utica Sq. Medical Center Tulsa., Okla. Paul, Roger R., M.D., '39 404 Warren Prof. Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Paul, Thomas 0., M.D., '39 1715 9th Ave. South Birmingham. Ala. Paul, W. G., M.D., '39 P. O. Box 595 Butler, Alabama Paulus, D. D., M.D., '55 1404 Kenilworth Road Oklahoma City, Okla. 73120 Pavlu, Robert R., M.D., '65 St Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Payne, Chas. L., M.D., '63 E A. Conway Mem. Hosp. Monroe, La. Payne, Donald E., M.D., '52 305 W. Rusk Tyler, Texas Payne, D. W., M.D., '42 321 Sunset Avenue Asbury Park, N. J. Payne, Ralph E., Jr., M.D., '56 111 1 North Lee Okla. City, Okla 73103 Payne, Richard W., M.D., '43 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Payte, James T., M.D. 107 N. Cibolo San Antonio, Texas Payton, H. W., M.D., '45 Jeffersonville, Ohio Peacher, K. L., M.D., '48 Cfo Canadian Valley Clinic R. R. 1, El Reno, Okla. Pearce, Henry J., M.D., '64 OU Med. Ctr. - Surgery Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Pearson, D. B., Jr., M.D., '41 1745 Timbergrove Dallas 8, Texas Peffly, Elmer D., M.D.. '53 Chetopa, Kansas 67336 Pelofsky, Stanley, M.D., '66 Univ.of Okla. Hospitals Okla. City, Okla. Pendergraft, L. 0., M.D., '64 Presbyterian Hospital Okla. City, Okla 73103 Pendergrass, Clayton. M.D., '53 P. O. Box 248 Clovis, California Pennington, Dennis G--. M D., '65 University Hospitals Oklahoma City. Okla. 73104 Penrod. John N.. M.D., '56 38th and Gore Lawton, Okla. 73501 Percefull, S. C., M.D., '45 3535 S. Lafayette Denver, Colorado Perry, Pred J., M.D., '36 611 Philtower Building Tulsa, Okla. 74103 Perry, Fred T., M.D., '33 Watonga, Okla. Perry, Hugh, Jr., M.D.. '58 107 Utica So. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Perry, John C., M.D., '23 2812 S, Columbia Place Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Perry, John M., Jr., M.D., '46 Marshall Mem. Hosp. Madill, Oklahoma Perryman, R. G., M.D., '46 Box 3718 Tulsa, Okla. 74152 Perryman, Wm. T., M.D., '67 Georgetown Univ. Hosp. VVashington, D.C. Peter, Maurice L., M.D., '33 2625 NW. 19th Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Peter, Maurice L., Jr., M.D., '57 3717 NJV. 57 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Peters, James C., M.D., '44 915 S. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla. Peterson, Robert P., M.D., Scott White Clinic Temple, Texas Petrie, R. B., M.D., '53 2809 N. W. 31 Oklahoma City, Okla.. Pettett, Jack, M.D., '67 Okla. Univ. Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Pettigrove. John R., M.D., '67 Ben Taub Gen. Va. Hosp Houston, Texas 77025 Petty, James S., M.D., '35 105 N. Ash Guthrie, Oklahoma Pfeifer, Donald R., M.D., '59 5651 E. 41st Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Pfllndt, R. T., M.D., '45 1901 N. Campbell Tucson, Ariz. Pfundt, T. R., M.D., '44 Children Memorial Hospital Omaha, Nebraska Phelan, Ralph S., M.D., '39 Box 553 Hobart, Okla. Phelps, J. 'r., mn., '19 P. o Box 757 El Reno, okm. 73036 Phelps, Willis P., M.D., '63 2731 S. 0th E. Ave. Tulsa, Okla. 74129 Phillips, Donald M., M.D., '57 4917 E. 105 S. Tulsa, Okla. 74128 Phipps. John, M.D., '44 7942 Cleahenth Houston, Tex. Pickard, John C., M.D., '26 1211 North Shartel Okla. City. Okla. 73103 Pickhardt. Woodrow L. M.D., '37 Madigan Gen. Hosp. Ft. Lewis, Wash. Pierce, Gerald G., M.D., '56 420 East 72 St. New York, N. Y. Pierson, Dwight D.. M.D., '32 412 Lovett Bldg. Mangum, Okla. Pigford, R. C.. M.D. 2427 E. 26th. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 '57 Pingleton, Wm. R.. M.D., '67 2529 Manchester Dr. Okla. City, Okla. 73120 Pinkerton, C.B., M.D., '53 Hollis Clinic Hollis, Oklahoma Pirtle. John K.. M.D., '65 5113 N. Hudson Okla. City, Okla. 73120 Pitts. H. Craig, M.D., '62 10408 Lydon Road Okla. City, Okla. 73120 Pitts, James B., Jr., M.D., '46 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla 73103 Plank. Charles. R., M.D., '65 Burnett Hospital Cooperstown, N.Y. 13336 Plummer, Kenneth G., M.D., '61 615 S Missouri Ave. Clearwater. Florida 33516 Plummer, T. 0.. M.D., '35 Nye Bldg. Montrose. Colo. Poarch, John E., M.D., '64 OU Medical Center Okla. City. Okla. 73104 Pogolod, S. H., M.D., '23 269 N. Ist Ave. Manville, N. J. Pointer, Edwin L., M.D., '56 Sallisaw, Okla. Points, Thomas C., M.D., '41 Dept. Prev. Med Pub-lic Health OU School Medicine Ok'lahoma City, Okla.. Pollard, J. E., M.D., '43 110 E. Routt Pueblo. Colo. Popkess, P. G., M.D., '43 Preston Royal SH Vill. Dallas, Tex. Poplin, Lenard A., M.D., '62 Medical Clinic Broken Arrow, Okla. 74012 Porter, Marilyn G., M.D., '56 Dept. of Pediatrics Children's Mem. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Porter, W. H., M.D., '51 4405 S.E. 28th Oklahoma City, Okla. Potts, Kent H., M.D., '65 Kansas City General Hospital Kansas City, Missouri P011l1del'S, Carroll M-, M.D. 2510 N.VV. Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Powell, Jack D., M.D., '61 Poteau Med. Center Poteau. Oklahoma Powell, P. T., M.D., '41 Community Bldg. Ponca City, Okla. Powell. T. O., M.D.. '53 7080 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif. 90028 Power, R. E., M.D., '53 16 Meadowood. Drive Larkspur, Calif. 04039 Poznanski, Jean P., M.D., '49 454 Hawthorne Birmingham, Mich. Prather, Charles E., M.D., '64 1600 Dursadero Radiatn San Francisco, Calif. 94111 Pratt, '.l'. W., M.D., '38 1511 Denver Muskogee, Okla. Preston, Russell M., M.D., '55 Box 41 Fay, Oklahoma Preston, William J., M.D., '63 216 Utica Sq. Med. Ctr. 'l'ulsa, Okla. 74104 Price, Charles H., M.D., '63 30 G. SW Miami, Okla.. 74354 Price, Joel S., M.D., '28 1220 North W'alker Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Price, Neel Jack, M.D., '42 2946 Sleepy Hollow Rd. Falls Church, Virginia 22044 Price, R. B., M.D., '51 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Price, R. D., M.D., '46 1233 Nix Professional Bldg. San Antonio, Tex. Price, Terrill E., Jr., M.D., '61 APO 96235 San Franz-isco, Calif. Price. Wm. E., Jr., M.D., '46 305 Med Arts Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. Prier, Wm., M.D., '43 10660 VVhite Oak Suite D. Granada Hills, California Priest, James R., M.D., '64 USAF 3168004 McC'lelland AFB Sacramento, California Prosser, M. P., M.D., '35 1111 North Lee Okla. City. Okla. 732103 Pryor, Ira J., '68 St. Anthony Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Puckett, Tony G., M.D., '62 1 Cherokee Shawnee, Okla. 74801 Pngsley, Wm. S., M.D., '45 ZZ v1 NAV. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Puls, Jerry L., M.D., '61 8810 Grandview Overland Park, Kansas Punsalang, Jose Vitug, M.D. St. Laxors, Hosp. Lab Manila, Philippine Islands Purcell, John I-I., '68 Univ. of Okla. Presbyterian Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Purviance, Carlton, M.D., '30 607 Carolina Vallejo, California Pyeatte, Jesse E., M.D., '55 6160 South Yale Tulsa, Oklahoma Pyeatte, Joella, M.D., '54 2997 E. 56th St. Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Qulnni ggobexrt J., II., M.D., '66 0 i'. Vermont Okla. City, Okla. 73107 Rabon, Nancy Ann, M.D., '59 Evelyn Hills Shop. Ctr. Fayetteville, Ark. Rader, L. E., Jr., M.D., '59 321 Pasteur Bldg Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Ragan, Tillman A., M.D., '32 619 VV. Boyd.. Norman, Okla. Rahe, Gary W., M.D., '65 Veterans Hospital Oklahoma City. Okla 73104 Rahhal, L. J., M.D., '53 3141 Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Rainer, Jeanne E., M.D., '41 438 NIV. 17th Oklahoma City, Okla. Raines, M. M., M.D., '37 127 Upham Petaluma., Calif. Raines, Richard D., M.D., '35 5015 SAV. Humphrey Blvd. Portland, Oregon Raizer, K. H., M.D. 275 Central Park New York, N.Y, 12024 Ramey, Helen J. Toma M.D., '60 1200 Mosswood Irving, Texas 75060 Randall, Donald Lee, M.D., '59 Pawnee Indian Hospital Pawnee, Okla. Randels. G. R., M.D., '52 2820 Parklawn Okla. City, Okla. 73110 nanson, noun. r., M.D., '47 Box 2367 Lafayette, La. 70506 Ratlilf, Hansel L., M.D., '62 1112 South Fourth St. Pawnee, Oklahoma Raub. R. R., M.D., '46 Bluefield Sanitarium Blueiield, W. Va. Ray, C. Cody. M.D.. '50 c!oAlvaredo Hospital Alvaredo, Texas Ray, R. G.. M.D.. '33 3015 E. 15th St. Tulsa 10, Okla. Ray, Robert R., M.D., '49 103 XVa'lnut St. Natick, Massachusetts Rayburn, Charles R., '25 5501 J.F. Kennedy Boulevard Little llock, Ark. 7211 -1 Razook, Jerry D., M.D., '62 lfniv. Okla Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Rector, Wm. L., Jr., M.D., '43 1518 10 XVichita Falls, Tex. Reddin, Robt. L., M.D., '55 1421 Chopola Street Suite 7 B Santa Barbara, Calif. Bedlng, A. C., M.D., '35 514 W. 9th Stillwater, Okla. Reding. Anthonv C., M-D., '65 OU Medical Center Oklahoma City. Okla. 73104 Redmond, Robt. P., M.D., '47 1219 Classen Oklahoma City, Okla.. Reed. A. J.. M.D., '65 V 10900 liedhud Lane Okla. City, Okla. 73120 Reed, Bert T., M.D., '63 403 Fort Boise, ldaho S3702 Reed, James R., M.D., '27 553 Pasteur Med. Bldg. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Reed, James S., M.D., '62 650 Royal Avenue Medford, Oregon 97208 Reed, Jim L., M.D., '65 Indian Hospital A'llmquei'qtie, New Mexico 87106 Reed. K. A., M.D., '33 2957 Atlas Ave. Napa, Calif. Reed, Roddie L., '68 St. Lukes Children Hosp. Ilouston, Texas 77025 Reeves, Walter P., M.D., '48 S014 Vvoodgate Court Baltimore 7, Md. Relchelt. Edward G.. M.D., '64 009 Dalworth Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 Reichenberger. J.. M.D., '63 Box 307 Alva, Okla. 73717 Reid, Creighton. M.D., '45 Essin Clinic Sherman, Tex. Reid. Donald A., M.D., '62 6738 S. 67 East Ave. Tulsa, Okla. 74133 Reid, John Robt.. Jr., M.D., '55 Nowata, Ok-lahoma A 2601 Spencer Hood 427-2441 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73084 A STAFF , Harold l. Binder, M.D. Robt. I. Outlaw, M.D. lorries A. Cox, M.D. Moorrnon P. Prosser, M.D. A. A. Helloms, M.D. loseph A. Rieqer, M.D. , Chos. E. Leonard, M.D. l-lorolcl Cf. Sleeper, M.D. Chos. F. Obermcrnn, M.D. Chos. E. Smith, M.D. IACK BARTHOLD Hospital Administrator 1 I43 Reid, William R., M.D., '55 6465 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Reiif. Maxine H.. M.D., '41 2505 N. W. 42nd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Reiff, William R., M.D., '41 3015 N.VV. 59th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Reigel, David G., M.D., '61 King County Hospital Seattle. VVashington Reimer, J. Paul, M.D., '57 OU Med, Ctr. - Radiology Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Reinschmiedt, E. R., M.D., '56 1217 Knox Clinton, Okla. Reiss, Mex-rel D., M.D., '55 496 Stratford Elmhurst, Ill. Reiter, Arthur W., M.D., '49 210 VV. Orang X Grove Arcadia. Calif. 01006 Rempel, John H., M.D., '62 17th R Chew Street Allentown, I'a. 18103 Rempel, Paul H., M.D., '34 2003 Laboma Dr. Enid, Okla. Renfrow, W. IB., M.D., '50 620 N. XV. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla. Renfrow. W. F., M.D., '26 1407 Memorial Prof. BG Houston, Tex. Resler, Donald R., M.D., '60 301 NAV. 12th Okla. City. Okla 73103 Reynolds, B. J., M.D., '49 316 South Midwest iloulcxai Midwest City. Okla. 73101 Reynolds, C. L., M.D. 3113 NAV. Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Reynolds, F. A., M.D., '62 Philadelphia Dept. Health 500 S. Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. Reynolds, Joe B.. M.D., '62 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Rhea, Thomas E., M.D. 19 N.E. lst 1dabel,Okla. 74745 Rhinehart, Don F., M.D., 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Rhoades, Everett R.. M.D. 1803 Dorchester Dr. Okla. City, Okla. Rhoades, Ivan E., M.D., '49 1 61 5 Elniwod VVichita, Kansas 67218 Ricchettie, Warren F., M.D., 60 '58 Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Rice, Samuel T . M D., '65 4715 NValford XVarrensx'ilIe. Ohio Richard, Kenneth N., M.D., '66 45 W. 9th St. Casper, VVyoming Richard, Robt. M.. M.D., '61 Los Angeles County Hospital Los Angeles. California Richard Warren E., M.D., '40 Mary Lansing Mem. Hosp. Hastings. Nebraska Richardson, D. L.. M.D., '47 S34 Front St. Needles, California 02363 Richardson. J. F., M.D., '58 Rt, 4 Enid, Okla. 73701 Richardson, S. M., M.D., '56 'cl Los Angeles Co. Hosp. Los Angeles. Cal if. Rickey, Erma J. Rt. 2 Belmoncl. Iowa 50421 Rickey, Orville L., Jr., M.D., '58 6904 N. Reed Drive Okla. City, Okla. 73116 Ricks, James R., Jr., M.D., '38 Vifatonga Clinic VVatonga, Okla. 73772 Ricks, James R., III, M.D., '67 VVatonga Clinic VVatonga, Okla Ridgeway. Elmer, Jr., M.D., '40 3601 N. May Oklahoma City 12, Okla. Rieger. Joseph A.. M.D., '32 303 East Hughbert Norman, Oklahoma Rigual, J. R., M.D., '50 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Rikkers, John K., '68 Highland Gen. Hosp. Oakland, Calif. 94609 Riley, Lee H., Jr.. M.D., Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Md. Ringrose, R. 1'., M.D., '12 1'.O. Box 10 Guthrie, Okla. 73044 Ringrose, Robt. E., M.D., '63 Navy 3002 Box 14 FPO San Francisco, Calif. Rinn, Coville A., M.D., '57 Santa Rosa Hospital San Antonio, Tex. Rippy, 0. M.. M.D., '39 1603 XVest Ninth Street Stillwater, Okla. Riser, Clarence A., M.D., '67 Hillcrest Med. Ctr. WVoodward, Okla. 73801 '57 Risser, Philip C., M.D. Olympic Health District Portangeles, VVash. 98362 Ritan, John L., M.D., '57 100 Utica. Square Med, Center Tulsn, Okla. 74114 Ritchey, Chas. L. Jr., M.D., 59 1544 B Street Ritter, Norton R., M.D. Grants Clinic Grants, New Mexico 87020 Robards, Victor, Jr., M.D., '61 550 Doctors Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Robberson, M. E., M.D., '34 Nvynnewood, Hospital Wfynnewood Okla. Robbins, Judy C., M.D., '67 OUMC Anesthesia Dept. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Roberson, Arvin C., M.D., '54 1000 London Dr. Anadarko, Okla. Roberts, Charles J., M.D. 617 Quincy Enid, Okla. 73701 Roberts, C. R., M.D., '56 1101 E. Broadway Enid, Okla. Roberts, Kenneth N., M.D., '40 145 VV. 9th St. Casper, Wyoming Roberts, Marvin T., M.D., '54 414 Bancroft Aye. San Leandro. California Roberts, Paul E., M.D., '60 Sheppard Pratt Hosp. Towson, Maryland Roberts, Robt. E., M.D., '26 1610 XV. 9th Ave. Stillwater, Okla. Robinson, John I-I.. M.D., '25 301 N. VV. 12th Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Robinson, Lillian, M.D. 617 S. Quincy Enid, Okla. 73701 Robinson, M. E., M.D., '43 Wynnewood, Okla. Robinson, Malcom G., '68 Cleveland Clinic Hospital Cleveland, Ohio 44106 Robinson, Roscoe R., M.D., '5 Duke Univ, Med. Ctr. Durham, NAT, 27706 Robison, C., Jr., M.D., '48 346 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Robison. Elmo J., M.D. 740 S,VV. 52 Okla. City, Okla. Rocco, Albert F., M.D., '48 17 Alaplet-rest Drive Greeneville. Rhode ls. 02823 Rock, Robert L.. M.D., '58 1300 Applegate Austin, Texas 78700 Rockett. L. S.. M.D., '43 XVailuka Sugar Co., Box 103 XVailuka Maui, Hawaii Rockwell, Don A., M.D., '63 Langley Porter Neuro San Francisco, California Rockwood, C. A., Jr., M.D., '5 1 613 Serenade Robertson, Joseph K.. M.D., 66 725 N. Vassan VVichita, Kansas 6720 S Robinson, C. W., M.D., '57 301 N.VV. 12th Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Robinson. E. M.. M.D., '43 Broadway Tower Enid, Okla. 73701 Robinson, Elmo, Jr., M.D., '67 St. Anthony Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Robinson. F. P., M.D., '14 Pond Creek, Okla. San Antonio. Texas 78216 Rogers, David G., M.D., '62 1111 N, Lee Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Rogers, Galen A.. M.D., '33 900 7th St. Clarkston, VVash. Rogers, Gloria D., M.D., '61 XVesley Hospital Oklalioma City. Okla. Rogers. K. A., Jr.. M.D., '61 3434 NNY. 56th Okla.l"ity.UI.lz1. 73112 4 Hayward, California A .Q '3' This Book is Bound in a I i I Durand Cover o DURAND 5 MANUFACTURING 6' Il WESTERN OAKS PROFESSIONAL TOWER 0 7300 N.W.23RD I BETHANY,OKI.A. 73008 CO. dowme MQW SU M600 939 W. 35'I'I1 Street Chicago 9, IIIinois Y 'T Congratulations Class of 1969 5401 N. Portland ' WI 6-5581 ' Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 5, A I44 Rogers, Wm. Gerald, M.D., '30 17I1S1111ll' Bldg. 111i111l111111:1 1'1l3'. 11111:1. Rohrer, Geo. V., M.D., '58 5121115 li. 1'111'1l111111 11.1.5 11k1:1. 1'11y, 11klz1. 721111 Rollins, J. G., M.D., '50 1111K 271 1'1t1'1'1-11,111i1:1. 7I111N11 Rollins. James H., M.D., '44 3122121 11I:1st31 '1'uls11, 11lil11. Rollins, Lois R., M.D., '65 S1,.Xll11l1Il15 11-.s1111.1 '11i11111l11l111 1'11N', 111i1:1. 7211112 Rollow, J. A., III, M.D., '43 l 171113 XV1-st 1je11t1'111 Bentr111v1111.-, Ark. Rorie, J. E., M.D., '45 1111X 1-11111 '1'1-x111'k1111:1, '1'11x:1s 7511111 Rosales, G. 0., M.D., '26 17 1'1111g:11111111n St. 11111:111g11s. 1'1111111111ll11 Islands Rose, David Dean, M.D., '59 wI1I11'1-1's11i11p: 11l'111' A1'1l111111'1-,111t111.7311111 Ross, George T., M.D., '35 1101 111. l11'1111dw115 1':l1111, 011111. Ross, Hope A., M.D., '35 11111 112. 111'11:111w:15' 11I1111l.11111:1. 7217111 Roth, W.,'M.D., '32 .11-'s1.'11'1. N11X11j1111':111s1:11s. X1l111Y111111111111N1l14 Royer, Charles A., M.D. 1Z11IN.1Y.1211l 111i121.l'11Y.111i1Z1. 7311111 Roys, Harvey C., M.D., '43 122731011. 11111111111 Bldg, Seattle, XV:1s11. Roys, R. D., M.D., '39 121111 311-dit-111 111-111111 1.111lg. Se11t.tl1:, XY11F1l. Royse, Robert D., IVLD., '58 111' M1-11.1't1'..X1111stl11-slat l11i12l.1'113,111i121.7f1111-1 Royster, R. L., M.D., '30 11. 111, 1,:11x -169 1'u1'1.-1111. 111t1a. Rubin, Herschel J., M.D. 1111118 1ft11':1 '1'111S11.K11i111. 71111-1 Rucks, William R.. Jr., M.D. 31,11 N. 12111 111i1:1.1'1ty,111i111.7f111131 Rude, Joe C.. M.D., 'SO 1'11x 3123 1.2-1 Austin C11,'111'XL1S Runkle, R. Layton, M.D., '63 1ii11g1'1111111y 1111s11i1:11 S1-:1t111-, W11s11111g'11111 Runser, Richad H., M.D., '59 .1111-s1111es111111p:y1112111 B1:11'y 111111g1e111-1111ss1-1tH11s11. 1'1111111-1't1111'11. N1-W Y111'11 Rupn. Robert R., M.D., '56 21-1 E, 111'11111lw115' 8:11111 Sll1'11lL2S, 111i1:1. Russell. David S., M.D., '63 1011 S1-111-1-11151: 1'I11111,111q1:11111111:1 1211111'g'111Y:1s11i11g't11111'111v 1111s Rothenberger, M. L., M.D., '61 Russell, Rlichad Lee M.D., '49 1.5. ,Xt 1111 1l11s111111'1 1-'nrt 11111111, '1'11X:1s Rountree, Charles R.. M.D. 1 N111 111':1 1i11st11111' 111c1:1.1'111,1111111.7311211 Rowland, Robt. H., M.D., '41 11011 N. 11ig:11lz11111 A11-. S11111'111:111, Texas 1 .Z211S.11111111h1, II:11'1'1sl1111',2', 1'1-1111sylx':1111:1 Russell, Thomas R., M D., '65 '1'1"'1 1'1'1-stxittw I11'1x11 111i1:1. 1'1t5, 111i11l. 7111115 Rutherford. V. M., M.D., '32 i12N 111. A1-11111011 A11111V1'SI 1'1ty, 011111. Rutledge, A. H., M.D., '44 1'. O. l111x 17111 Ft. 1VO1'11l, Tex. Rutledge, B. J., M.D., '48 1211 N111'111 S11111't1-1 11111l'11X 111111 7"111" 11. ':... .1 Ryan, H. Grady, M.D., '47 111-1'k 1:!t111It'111'1l 11111110 I.11111s:1y, 1J1i1il. Ryan, Warren A., M.D., '31 1'. 11, 1111X1 '1'111111111s,1111-111.7C1111151 Saddoris, M. L., M.D., '27 1'11-ve-1:11111, 014111. Sadzloris, Mary L., M D., '65 521111 S. 11111'v:11'11 '1'111s:1. l1111:1. 7-1135 Sadler, Paul E., M.D., '52 217 lixtst Y11's'i11111 1'111-1-111x..11-iz1-1111M11111 Salamy. Joseph. M.D., '44 115011 1't11':1 '11ll1S21, 111tl11. Salkeld. P. L., M.D., '41 40-1 X11-1'1'1-1' 121111111111, lex. Samara, Esber N.. '68 1'11ix'. 11t'11k111. YA l111s11. 111t1:1. 1'1l3', l11i111, 7211114 Sanchez, Francisco T., M.D., '66 XN:1sl1111ut1111.11.1. Sanden, A. O., M.D., '22 -1NN1iK1111':111-S Sl. N1-w1'11y:'1111:1,1'11111',1111251 Sanders, Harold R.. M.D., '43 151s XY, N111 Stil1w11te1', 1111111. 711171 Sanders, Ron R., M.D., 60 St. .lohus 1111s111t:11 '1'111S2l, 11klz1. Sandford, Ildiko M., M.D., '65 127 K1-115111 1f111S1112'111ll, 1':111I', 1147111 11, Sandlin, D. Clifford, M.D., '41 2-1514 lYj21121Xt'1'ilS l1'1'1esn11, Valif. Sandlin, Michale E., '68 M1-1'1'5' 1111s1111:11 U11111. Vity, 111i111. 731112 Sandlin, R. E., M.D., '43 1fl1l111'11111'1 1's .1x1111'1- S'11"1111"'1 1"1111'111'111'1 '11f1"O Sands, A. Jay, M.D., '42 51111 S1111t11 Nlitlwvst Blvd. .11i1lw11s1 1'1ty, 011151, Sanford. R. K., Ivlt D., '41 1'1-1'1'yt1111, THX. Sanger, Fenton M., M.D., '67 N:11111 Ait' St:1t11111 Hosp. .X1111111j, 1.11. Sanger, Welborn W., M.D., '31 1':1ste111' Bldg. 11kl:1l111m11 1'T1t1.', 011111. Sapper, H. V. L., Jr.. M.D., '44 57111'1N,1V.f11':11111 l111'11. fJ1i1211l111ll2l 1'1ty, 014111. Satterfield, J. B. L.. M.D., '54 1111YY1-515111 11:'is111w,11111:1.7111111 Savage, William L., M.D., '57 5711l1N.1Y.l11'2l1111 11111:1. 1'1ty, 1111111. 7311 1 2 Saviers, Boyd M.. M.D., '47 2111115.15111 1"111'1 S1111111. .X1111:111s:1s Sawyer. W. C.. Jr.. M.D., '51 2111111 1.1111 N1-ss S:111 F111111-1s1'11, 1':111f. Saylor, Chas. R., M.D., '63 6144 112. 11:11'1'y XY11-111111. 1i:111s:1s Saylor, Robert M., M.D., '29 1121 315 Sl. XY11111lw111'1l.11111:11111111r1 Scates, Julius L., M.D., '60 111112 1.111-11st Alvzt. 1111111. Schaff, Hartzell, M.D., '42 111ll1':I1'1.11111'1'1 Pkwy. 5114111-st1'1'. 1111111 Schloesser, H. L., M.D., '51 111111 131111115 '1'11111e1111, 1f1Il1S. Schloesser, P., M.D., '49 1f1111 1j111l111s '1'1111e1i11, Kzttts. Schmidt, Helen H., M.D., '48 1L111111- 2, 1111x "' 11I11:11111111:1 1'11y, 1.1. 11k111. Schnoebelen, Rene, M.D., '40 M17 Ii. 11 1ii11s113y, 1i:111s, Scholz. Harley J.. M.D., '65 1111iN.1'1.1S1Sl. 1":1111'1'l11'1S1',111'1'g'11I1 11752x Schoolar, Earl J., Jr., M.D..'64 111111111'1'1111'S1111I1l111181111111 l1'111't XV111't11, '1'1-x11s Schulnacher. John P., M.D., '66 Z1!12N N. XY. 311111, .X111. 217 111t1:111'i15',11k111.7C1l12 Schultz, Norman J.. M.D., '55 l-11-x 31712, 111111 17111111 llosp. AXI'11 Nl1l1 Y ' ' ' ' ' .1-xx 111111, S. '1. Schurter, L. L., M.D., '46 5113 N, 1Y1111111'11'1'1P 12:11'1'1-1'. X, 1':11'1111t11'1 Scivally, K. R., M.D., '62 St, .X1111111llfV 1111s111t11l f11i1Il11l1Ill1L 1'11y, 014111. Scoggin, Eddie B., M.D., '62 N111'111s11l1e A11'11. 1't1'. 1111g:1111s11, 1.11. 711427 Scott, Don I., M.D., '64 S11111:1 1'1111':1 1111s11it111 S:111 .111s11, 1'11111'111'11i11 Scott, Nathan E., M.D., '54 1f1ll1'I1S1S11'1'1'I S11111"1'11l't1'1S1'11,1'1l111'. Sandford, John L., M.D., '60 Schacht, Frederick W., M.D., '65 Scott, Richard D., M.D., '62 VA Hosp 1111111 l1111111111111t St. 2122 811.111 1-I..X1'1'111111 111 11111111 111111 N11 lx '1'111 '11 111'1'11l11I1l'l 11111:1l111111:11'1ly,1111l51l1111 1 X U, 1 ..,!. s.. 1. 1 .... -... .. W ":' E, ..,,,.,.,,.,,.,. .,.,.,.,.,...,,.,..,... 1 .111 ... MQ 11 , if 31 ..,.,.,., 1 1 -... .-1-1-1-:-:-- - "" 3111 .... 1 A m 'zzzzzz zzz 1 1? V V14 ---: q ' ... .QQQQiQQiQfQ.Z ....,,,.. S1 1. 1 :-' "'1" "' f THE WAY YOU 1-N 145 Searcy, Robert A., M.D., '65 OU Medical Center Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104 Seba, C. R., M.D., '38 1925 N. W. 23rd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sebastian, J., M.D., '36 4 East Washington Lexington, Va. Sedotal, Royce L., '68 Hermann Hospital Houston, Texas 77-25 Seelig, D. A., M.D., '53 916 Manvil Chandler, Okla. 74834 Seeman, R. Dean, M.D., '58 271 Canyon Highlands Oroville, Calif. 95965 Sehested, H. C., M.D.,'31 1550 W llasedale Fort Worth, Texas 76104 Seibold, G. J., M.D., '34 1310 9th St. Wichita Falls, Tex. Selby, David M., M.D., '61 Parkview Med. Bldg Enid, Okla. 73701 Selders, Raymond E., M.D., '66 1601 S. Shepherd Dr. Houston, Texas Self, Jane, M.D., '61 351 Utica Sq. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Sellars, Joellen L., M.D., '59 General Delivery Oxnard, California 93033 Senter, J. R., M.D., '52 4910 Interregional Austin, Tex. Serwer, Milton J., M.D. 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Seward, Charles W., '67 4643 VVoodland Blvd. Okla. City, Okla. 73105 Sexton, Jack M., M.D., '55 Ray Hospital Ray, Arizona Shackelford, P. 0., M.D., '44 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Shadid, Edward A., M.D., '60 1620 Norwood Place Okla. City, Okla. 73120 Shadid, Ernest G., M.D., '55 113 btatc lirix t- Norman, Okla. 73069 Shadid, Fred V., M.D., '40 3113 'l hornritlge Okla. City, Okla. 73120 Shadid, Naebeal L.. M.D., '67 St. Anthony Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Shaeffer, James T., M.D., '66 Myrtle Beach AFB Wlyrtle Beach, Carolina 29577 Shaffer, Ward L., D.D.S. 333 N.W, 5th Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Shane, John M., M.D., '67 Vandenberg AFB Lompos, Calif Shane, Ramon A., M.D., '62 2032 S. Cedarbrook Springfield, Mo. 65804 Shanks, Edwin P., M.D., '46 1800 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Sharpe, J. H., M.D., '47 1229 Mesa Verde Farmington, N. Mex. Shaver, Robert P., M.D., '61 504 N.XV.15th Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Shaver, Sylvester R., M.D., '37 430 N. VV. 12 Oklahoma City, Okla. Shaw, Charles J., M.D., '61 1930 North llroaflxvay Moore, Okla. 73060 Shaw, C. M., Jr., M.D., '45 1518 Tenth Wichita Falls, Tex. Shaw, D. B., M.D., '26 Pueblo Clinic Pueblo, Colo, Shaw, Robert W., M.D.. '67 Brooke General Hosp. Ft. Sam Houston, Texas I46 Shearer, Joe M., M.D., '42 4455 Harlan 1Vheatridge, Colo. Sheets, Marion E., M.D., '28 310 S. 5th Enid, Okla. Sheets, Ronald R., M.D., '64 St. Francis Hospital Wichita, Kansas Sheehan, Ella E., M.D., '49 4717 VVillow Bellaire, Tex. Sheifel, D. J., M.D., '53 Kern Gen. Hosp. Bakersfield, Calif. Shellenberger, C. G., M.D., '45 2501 Cedar Ridge Rd. W'aco, Tex. Shelton, B. Wright, M.D. Miami, Okla. 74354 Shepherd, Gary L., M.D., '65 Okla. Univ. Ctr Psychiatry Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Shepherd, Virgil J., M.D., '58 5844 Sloan San Antonio, Texas 78228 Sherman, David G., M.D., '67 Ben Taub Gen. Va. Hosp. Houston, Texas 77025 Sherman, Judith M., M.D., '67 Ben Taub General Va. Hosp. Houston, Texas 77025 Sherrod, Dale B., M.D., '61 Denver General Hosp. Sixth Ave. and Cherokee Denver, Colorado Sheven, Ralph 0., M.D. 1616 E. 19th Cheyenne, Wyoming Shlbley, George J., M.D., '57 832 Green ltidge St. Scranton, Pa. Shideler, A. M., M.D., '50 VA llospital . Muskogee, Okla. 74401 Shields, Clarence, M.D., '63 4616 N, W. 58th Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Shields, H. B., Jr., M.D., '37 1305 Broadway Tower Enid, Okla. Shields, Stan H., '68 Univ. of Okla. VA Hosp Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Shiflet, Albert A., M.D. 843 N. Broadway VVichita, Kansas 67214 Shipp, Jesse O., M.D., '33 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Shippey, Wm. L., M.D., '27 612 S. 24th Ft, Smith, Arkansas Shirley, Edward T.. M.D., '34 XVynnewood, Okla. Shorbe, Howard B., M.D. 605 NW. 10th Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Shore, Robt. Lee. M.D., '49 916 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Short, L.D., M.D., '51 1316 Berkshire 1.Vay Anadarko, Okla. 73005 Shrago, Gary G., M.D., '67 San Francisco Gen. Hosp. San Francisco, Calif. 94110 Shriner. R. F.. Jr., M D., '44 323 V, S. Main Hobart, Okla. Shryock, L. F.. M.D., 330 S. 5th Enid, Okla. 73701 Shuller, Thurman, M.D., '40 McAlester Clinic l1lcAlester, Okla. Shupe, Henry W., M.D., Pioneer Bldg. Chewiston, Fla. Shuttee, Robt. D., M.D., '44 409 E, Cherokee Enid, Okla. 73701 '40 '49 Siddons, Ivan D., M.D., 3701 .l Street Sacramento, Calif '57 Siebs, John Armin, M.D., '47 2470 l'iont-cr l'ike l'1ugene,Orcg.fon 94701 Simcoe, Charles W., M.D., '59 3233 East 31st Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Simmering, Jas. V., M.D., '55 1300 Mcllce Drive Norman, Oklahoma Simmons, Chas. E., M.D., '54 Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium Rockville, Maryland Simon, Floyd, M.D., '43 Box 850 Clinton, Okla. Simon, Ralph, M.D., '44 Box 850 Clinton, Okla. Simon, Robert B., M.D., '57 5710 Teller St. Arvada, Colo. Simon, Williani H., M.D., '54 409 E. Cherokee Enid, Okla. 73701 Singer, Norman P., M.D., '67 2641 Wilshire Okla. City, Okla. 73116 Singleton, Harry F., M.D., '46 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Singleton, Randall P., '68 Parkland Memorial Hosp. Dallas, Texas 75235 Skaer, Stanley A., M.D., '65 OU Medical Center Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104 Sheehan, Lt. Col. R. A., M.D., '49 2009 llndson Denver, Coloraulo S0207 Slagle. Gene Watts, M.D., '47 940 Margaret Pl. East Shreveport, La. Sledge, Claire, M.D., '48 525 Blaidvelle Rd. Paducah, Ky. 42002 Slight, John R., M.D., '61 2219 Wellesley Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. 90064 Sloan, Tom L., M.D., '66 Charity Hospital - Tulane Univ. Division New Orleans, Louisiana Smalley, Tim H., M.D., '64 OU Med. Ctr. - Medicine Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Smilev. Robert II., M.D., '56 3141 N. W. Iixpressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Smith. A. B., M.D., '32 408 S. Main St. Box 469 Stillwater, Okla. Smith, Bobby G., M.D., '55 'Veterans Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104 Smith, Bradley E., M.D., '57 ljniv. Miami llerl. School Coral Gables, Florida 33146 Smith. Byron F., M.D., '45 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, Carl Roy, M.D., 59 ., . . . . 0001411 lid Midwest City, Okla. 73110 Smith, Carl W., Jr.. M.D., '53 Route 4, Box 377 VV. Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith. Carlton E.. M.D., '34 512 W. Division Henryetta, Okla. Smith, Chas. E., Jr.. M.D., '54 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, David A., M.D., '62 Naval Air Dispenser Facility El Centro, California 92243 Smith, Delbert G.. M.D., '29 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, Earl E.. Jr., M.D., '54 1323 E. 50 Tulsa, Okla. Smith, Edward E.. M-D., '59 OU Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Smith, Francis E.. M.D., '50 1006 1Valnut, R. R. 1 Norman, Okla. Smith. Gene R., M.D., '57 Farmington, New Mexico Smith, Gladys C., M.D., '47 525 North Sixth Muskogee, Okla 74401 Smith, Haskell T., M.D., '34 1606 W. 9th Ave. Stillwater, Okla. Smith, Henry C., M.D. 1930 Ferris Lawton, Okla. 73501 Smith, Henry P., M.D., '61 5647 E. 41 Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Smith, Jackson A., M.D., '61 Tinley Park State Hosp. Tinley Park, Ill. Smith, James R., M.D., '44 901 South Lake Ft. VVorth, Tex. Smith, Jaroud B., M.D., '38 317 Juana San Leandro, Calif. Smith, John Darrell, M.D., '51 Box 909 Hugoton, Kansas Smith, Maj. John H., M.D., '56 6130 S. Hudson 1'l. Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Smith, John Irving, M.D., '61 12612 W. Virginia Ave. Denver, Colorado 80228 Smith, John R., M.D., '57 Dept. of Psychiatry Univ. Hospital Okla. City, Okla. Smith, Michael B., M.D., '67 Okla. Univ. Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Smith, Morris W.. M.D., '28 421 E. 13 Guymon, Okla. Smith. Newton C., M.D., '45 323 N. Summit Arkansas City, Kans. Smith, Paul F., M.D., '41 P. O. Box 126 Dos Palos, Calif. Smith, Paul G., M.D., '51 Meninger Foundation Topeka, Kansas Smith, Philip B., M.D., '51 Lewis Cass Building Lansing. Michigan 48913 Smith, Philip J., M.D., '37 Med. Louviers Dupont Co. Newark, Delaware Smith, R. Earle, M.D., '13 1353 Butterworth Grand Rapids, Mich. Smith, Ralph A., M.D. 344 Pasteur Bldg. Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Smith, Raymond O.. M.D., '32 Y. A. Hospital Fayetteville, Ark. Smith, Raymond O.. M.D., '63 McConnell AFB VVichita. Kansas Smith, Richard V., M.D., '66 3512 NVillow Springs Drive Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Srnith, Robert Cecil, M.D., '56 22815 North Second S. Muskogee, Oklahoma Smith. Rohert M.. M.D., '61 2712 Gui-lford Lane Oklahoma. City, Oklahoma Smith, Rupard G., MD., '38 910 Lundvall Rockford, Ill. Smith. Ruric N.. M.D. 3127 S. Rockford Dr. Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Smith, Thomas J., M.D., '59 47 Glenmere Little Rock, Arkansas Smith, Verne A., Jr., '68 VVes'ey Medical Center YVichita, Kansas 67214 Smith. Virgil D., M.D., '34 1386 E. Cleveland Clearwater, Fla. Smith. Wendell L., M D., '33 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa. Okla. Smith, Willard H. M. . ' , D , 40 Box 608 Guth1'ie.Okla.73044 Smith, William D., M.D., '67 Box 246 Nowata, Okla. 74048 Smith Wm H., M.D., '47 4 East Choctaw Lindsay, Okla. Smith, William 0., Jr., M.D., '57 USAF Hospital, Box 97 APO San Francisco California 96323 Smith, William 0, M.D., '25 2123 E. 59th Pl. Tulsa, Oklahoma Smith, Wm. Richard, M.D., '63 Health Unit Atomic Eng Commission Vvashington, D.C. Smithpeter, R. L., M.D., '63 Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Santa Barbara, Calif. Smithson, Carl B., M.D., '33 309 Eastman Bldg. Boise, Idaho Smithson, John R., M.D., '55 Dewey, Okla. Sneed, Norma L., M.D., '60 410 NVest Gentry Ave. Checotah, Oklahoma Snider, James R., M.D. 5814 S. Cliff Dr. Ft. Smith, Arkansas 72901 Snoddy, J. L., M.D., '49 254 Pasteur Bldg. 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Snoddy, Wm. T., M.D., '44 1211 North Shartel Okla. City. Okla. 73103 Snow, James B., M.D. 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Snyder, James H., M.D., '43 2413 N. VV. 38th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sackler, Capt. D. L., M.D., '56 3720 Kenwood Dr. Beaumont Texas 77706 Soma, Yone, MD., '20 102 S. Rosillo St. San Antonio, Tex. Sorensen, Eric J., M.D., '64 Univ. of Virginia Hospitals Charlottesville, Virginia Soutar, Richard G., M.D. 330 Cutter VVay Sacramento, Calif. 95818 Sonter, John Ellis, M.D., '19 Box 942 Guthrie, Okla. 73044 Souda., Robert M., M.D., '60 Parkland Memorial Hosp. Dallas. Tex. Southworth, J. L., M.D., '38 109 Blount Prof. Bldg. Knoxville 2, Tenn. Sowell, Harlan H., M.D., '43 620 N. W. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla. Spann, Joe Louis, M.D., '48 201 Physicians Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Spann, Logan A., M D., '34 203 Braniff Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Speakman, W. F., M.D., '45 2507 Amherst VVichita Falls, Tex. Speed, H. K., Sr., M.D. Sayre, Okla. 73662 Speed, Col. H. K., Jr., M.D., '38 N 602 North 4th 1 Sayre, Okla. 73662 1 Speed, Henry K., nr, M.D., '62 1 OU Med. Ctr. - Medicine Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Spence, Ray E., M.D., '46 413 tx est Guy Pauls Valley. Okla. 73075 Spence, Wayman R., M.D., '60 CO Federal Coor. Inst. Lompoe, Calif. Spencer, David A., M.D., '64 4144 W. 59th St. 1 Shawnee Mission, Kan. 66205 Spencer, Jack D., M.D., 54 l 1211 North Sliartel Okla. City. Okla. 73103 Spink, Catherine S., '53 Central State Hosp. Norman, Okla. 73069 Sprehe, Daniel J., M.D., '57 21109 Bay to Bay lloulevard Tampa, Florida 33600 'Spring'er, II. C., M.D., '31 1622 7th Avenue Bessemer, Ala. Stabler, Larry G., M.D. Mervy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla Stacey, N. R., Jr., M.D., '62 Denver 414-neral Hospital Denver. Colorado, 80204 Stacv, Teresa M., NLD., '65 Guthrie .loh Corps Guthrie, Okla 73044 Stafford, Jos. W., NLD., '54 427 liast Cliurokee Enid. tlklaliotna 73701 Stafford, Wilnza C., M.D., '33 1753 VVest Congress t'hioag'o, Ill. Stamatis, John J., M.D., '67 Okla. Univ. Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Standbrou, Gregory E., M.D. 220 lfldgemere Ct. Okla. City, Okla. 73118 Standifer, John J., NLD., '53 -112 Oak St. Kingman, Arizona 86401 Standifer, 0. C., M.D., '24 S05 XVest Avenue East Elk City, Okla. Stanley, Lt. T. M., M.D., '63 U.S. Naval Dispensary Navy Department XVashington, D.C. Stark, Jodie A., NLD., '58 3701 S. Granite Tulsa, Okiahoma Stark, Walter J., M.D., '67 Johns Hopkins Hosp. Baltimore, Md. 21205 Starkey, Wayne A., M.D., Box 150 Altus, Okla. Starry, Leo J., M.D. 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Stauber, Robt. A., M.D., '56 llanclolph AFB, Texas Steelman, G. M., M.D., '45 1.124 Lake-ridge Drive Stillwater, Okla. 74074 Steen, Carl T., M.D., '14 606 Morningside Dr. Norman, Okla. Stehr, Danny L., M.D., '62 Chickasha Clinic Chit-kasha, Oklahoma 73107 Steffen, H. Leland, M.D., '54 Med. Arts Clinic 427 E. Cherokee Enid, Okla. Stephanou, Nicholas J., M.D., '65 . . 2538 N. XV. 13th Oklahoma t'ity, Okila 73107 Stephenson, I. P., BLD., '29 408 4th Street Alva, Oklahoma 73711 Stephenson, J. M., Jr., M.D., '57 1211 N Shartel Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Stephenson. Phi1'ip L., M.D., '58 1518 10th St. Sliephartl AFB, Texas 76301 Stephenson, Stephen V., '68 St. Joseph Hospital Denver, Colorado H0218 '34 Stevenson, Carl R., M.D., '66 2700 N. XV. 6-itll Okla. City, Okla. 73116 Steward, Rodney D., M.D., '10 610 Doctors Mt-tlioal lluilding Okla. City. Okla. 721112 Stewart, Joe A., M.D., '49 104 South Union St. Sumuierx ille, Georgia Stewart, W. E., ZM.D., '12 2130 S. Center. Terre Haute, Ind Stice, Richard B., M.D., '67 21 Holyoke Cane W'i1ling-boro, N.J. 08046 Stickle, Arthur W., M.D., '43 318 Northland Med Building Jennings, Missouri 63136 Stobaugh, R. E., M.D., '60 5008 Riverview Blvd. Rradton, Florida Stockard, Rex E., M.D., '65 Veterans llospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104 Stockton, Robert L., NLD., '60 1405 Sprindale WVat-o, Texas 76710 Stockton, Wm. Jas., NLD., '56 1800 ll Street NNV XVashiugton. ll. C. 20009 Stokes, E. Malcolm, M.D. 2021 S. Lewis Tulsa 4, Okla. 74104 Stokes, Lowell L., M.D., 36 3233 E. 31 Tulsa, Ok-lahorna. Stokes, Martin L., '68 St. Anthony Hosp. Okla. City, Okla 73102 Stone, S. N., Jr., M.D. 1111 N. Lee Okla City, Okla. 73103 Stone, William T., M.D., '54 f2UtlX1i1'lll'l'lll1'f1 Purvell. Oklahoma 73030 Stonecipher, I-I. K., M.D., '63 Methodist Hospital Dallas, Texas Starts, Daniel R., M.D., '56 Box 3713 Tulsa. Okla. 74152 Storts, Richard Alvin ILD., '59 4512 Girard Muskogee, Oklahoma Story, '.I.'hos. McNeil, BLD., '59 305 East Broadway Sandsprings,Ok1a. 74063 Stough, Daniel F., M.D., '27 Main St. Geary, Okla. Stough, Daniel R., M.D., '64 OL' Medical Venter Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Stough, Thomas R., '68 Merry Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Stout, Billy H., MJD., '64 OL7 Medical Venter Okla. tiity, Okla. 73104 Stout, Harold, M.D., '60 Waurika, Okla. Stout, Hugh A., M.D., '37 1211 North Sliartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Stover, Wm. H. R., NLD., '45 Box 98 Pulaski, New York Stowers, Aubrey E., M.D. Sentinel, Okla. 73664 Strahan, R. W., M.D., '63 Denver General Hosp. Denver, Colo. Strashun, Aileen P., M.D., '37 3302 Cloverdale St. Houston, Tex. Strange, Jimmy Ray, NLD., '59 3663 Nast 40 Place Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135 Stream, Lawrence, M.D., 1411 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla.. Stream, M. A. M., MJD., '50 6200 Post Oak Road Oklahoma City, Okla. Strebel. Gary F., M.D., '65 313 Fairt-hild San Antonio, Texas 73236 Strickland, Luther J., IILD., '61 2900 Movkingluirfl Lane Okla. City. Okla. 73110 '49 Strickland, M. J. B., NLD., '45 Mayo Foundation Rochester, Minnesota Strode, J. W., NLD., '44 Pfizer Laboratories 630 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn 6, N. Y. Strong, C. Riley, M.D., '43 203 S. McComb El Reno, Okla. Strong, Joe P., M.D., '46 2217 E. Madison Colorado Springs, Colo Stroup, C. K., NLD., '26 2002 E. Court Flint, Mich. Stuard, Chas. G., Jr., M.D., '37 217 Utica Sq. Tulsa, Okla. Stuemky, John H., M.D., '67 OVMC Pediatric- Dept. Oklahoma t'ity, Okla. 73104 Stullman, Walter S., M.D., '64 Syracuse Medical Center Syracuse, New York Sturgell, Joseph C., M.D. 18723 43rd Ave. Bothel, VVashington 08011 Sturgeon, I-I. Violet, M.D., '33 616 Okmulgee- Norman, Okla. 711069 Suddeth, Com. H. C., M.D., '42 Fort Douglas Salt Lake City, Utah Sukman, Robert, M.D.. '40 37141 N. XV. Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Sullivan, C. B., M.D., '22 Carnegie, Okla. Sullivan, Dan T., M.D., '62 115 S, lst Broken Arro xv, Oklahoma Sullivan, Don D., NLD., '64 St. .Iohn's Hospital Tulsa, Oklahoma , Congratulations to the Class of 1969 Baptist Memorial Hospital i 1 5800 N. W. Grand Blvd. WI 6-6411 OKLAHOMA CITY I47 Sullivan, Jerry W., M.D. 1500 N. Kickapoo Shawnee, Okla. 74801 Sullivan, Mark S.. M.D., '66 6109 Brookline Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Sullivan, Robt. R., M.D., '55 2524 Osborne Norman. Oklahoma Sullivan, S. G., M.D., '35 419 Oak Lane Baltimore 2, Md. Sunqulst, G. V., M.D., '45 S11 Elizabeth St. Ft. Collins, Colo. Swan, J. J., M.D., '39 Oklahoma Natl. Bank Bldg Chickasha, Okla. Swanda, D. E., M.D., '48 1157 VV. Puente Brea, Calif. 92621 Swanson, Homer S., M.D., '36 1938 Peachtree lid. NE Atlanta, Ga. 30309 Switzer, P. C., M.D., '36 McAlester Clinic McAlester, Okla. Swyden, Robt. G., M.D., '56 9920 Casanes Street Downey, California Sykes, Walter P., M.D., '49 3430 Fannin Beaumont, Texas 77701 Tackett, Orville H.. M.D., '36 Reynolds Army Hospital Ft. Sill, Okla. Taliaferro. Ellen H., M.D., '66 11679 Montana Los Angeles, Calif. 90049 Tallant. G. A., M.D., '36 Frederick. Okla. Talley. C. N., M.D., '23 Marlow, Okla. Talley. Evans E., M.D., '34 1800 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Talley. John E., M.D., '57 2021 VVebster San Francisco, California 94115 Templeer, Lowell N., M.D., '61 108 S. Mockingbird Altus, Okla. 73521 Tenney, Richard P., M.D., 3233 East 31st Tulsa, Oklahoma Terrell, Marvin S., M.D., '42 Fairfax Clinic Fairfax, Oklahoma Theimer, L. N., Jr., M.D., 3709 Cedar Elm Wichita Falls, Tex. Thlessen, Harold D., M.D., 44 E. 15 Edmond, Okla. 73034 Thomas, D. B., M.D.. '50 555 Utica Sq. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma Thomas, E. C., M.D., '14 501 Caligula Coral Gables, Florida 33146 Thomas, G. T., M.D., '48 4630 Way Cross Houston 35, Texas Thompson, B. D., M.D., '26 710 Chronicle Building Houston 2, Tex. Thompson. L. E., Jr., M.D., '52 2514 Morgan Corpus Christi, Texas 78405 Thompson. Margaret J., '68 Mt. Zion Hospital San Francisco, Calif. 94115 Thompson, W. J., Jr., M.D., '29 3120 N.VV. 19th Oklahoma City, Okla, Thompson, Willard, M.D., '44 535 N. Dearborn Chicago, Ill. Thompson, Wayman J., M.D., '29 1733 19th Street N. XY. Rochester, Minn. Thompson, Wm. B.. M.D., '43 331 Pasteur Bldg. Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Thornbrough, Leaford, M.D., '65 501 1Vest Ben ton Sayre, Okla. 73662 '59 '51 '61 Thornton, L. P.. M.D., '48 Talle Th ' y, omas E., M.D., 64 Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester, New York Tate, Harry B., M.D., '63 Univ Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Tate, Robert V., M.D., '64 41305 McDowell Kermit. California 92343 Tatlow, B. W.. Jr., M.D., '45 3562 Moore Los Angeles 66, Calif. Tatom. John H.. M.D., '58 623 Pine Blvd. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Taylor. B. B., M.D.. '52 291 Taniarisk Dr. VValnut Creek, Calif. 04593 Taylor, Charles D., '68 St. Anthony Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Taylor. C. P., Jr., M.D., '47 1201 B East 5 Ada, Okla. Taylor. H. W., Jr., M.D., '51 Cuba City, XVis. Taylor, James R., M.D., '62 1110 Cherokee Bartlesville. Okla. 74003 Taylor. John R., M.D., '34 9th at Bowman Kingfisher, Okla. Taylor. Larry R.. M.D., '62 VA Hospital Albuquerque, N.M Taylor. Lewis C., M.D., '38 620 N. VV. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla. Taylor, Robert A., M.D., '64 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Taylor, T. W., M.D., '53 3601 E. 51 Tulsa, Okla. Tefertiller, C. L., M.D., '42 Henry Bldg. Altus, Okla. I48 1201 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Thorp, Edward. M.. M.D., '42 601 E. Broadway Cushing, Okla. Threlkeld. L. Duncan. M.D., '40 3141 N. VV. Expressway Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Throne. B. E., M.D., '50 1535 S. Lewis Tulsa, Oklahoma Thurston,Thomas W., M.D., '57 1034 N. Flood Norman. Okla. Tichenor. E. L.. M.D., '33 27 1 3 Panorama Drive Bakersfield, Calif. Tidwell. R. A.. M.D., '37 1301 Spring Street Seattle 22, VVash. Tllllnghast, Jon D.. M.D., '65 1128 Church Street Galveston, Texas 77750 Tlsdal. J. H.. M.D., '45 814 Frisco Clinton, Okla. Tisdal, Victor C., Jr., '68 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Tisdal, Wm. Chas.. M D., '33 709 Frisco Clinton, Okla. Todd, James F., M.D., '65 1408 Shuttle El Reno. Okla. 73036 Todd, John B., M.D., '29 3875 VVilshire Place Los Angeles 5, Calif. Tolbert. Jack B., M.D., '43 First Natl. Bldg. Mountain View, Okla. Tomlin, Clyde E., M.D., '45 3100 Santa Clara Street Albuquerque, New Mex. S7106 Tong. Mark, M.D., '66 Rochester General Hospital Rochester, New York Townsend, Cary W., M.D. 629 N.E. 16 Okla. City, Okla Townsend, Horace D., M.D., '59 4656 Lacy Avenue Suitland, Md. 20023 Townsley, H. C., M.D., '62 Huey P. Long Hosp. Pineville, Louisiana Tozer, Howard G., M.D., 45 728 Elmhurst Place Pueblo, Colorado Tracy, G. W., M.D., '38 1524 WV. Okmulgee Ave. Muskogee, Okla. Trammell, John R., M.D., '59 Shartel Med. Center 5101 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Trapp, I. B., M.D., '29 Box 447 Port Gibson, Miss. 39150 Traska, Henry C., M.D., '43 430 N. W. 12th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Traverse. C. A., M.D., '33 515 College Ave. Alva, Okla. Traweek, A. C., Jr.. M.D., '30 Matador, Tex. Treat. Elmer L.. M.D., '67 OU Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Trent. David Lee, M.D., '64 10792 Livingston Denver, Colorado S0229 Troop, Robert C., M.D., '55 Pharm. Dept. University of Tennessee Memphis. Tenn. Trotter. Lanny P.. M.D., '62 4324 N.1V.18th Oklahoma City, Okla. Trow, T. A.. M.D., '42 711 N. Bullitt Holdenville, Okla. 74848 Tubb, Daniel W., M.D., '67 2305 NVV 25 Okla. City, Okla. 73107 Tuck, Carl L., '68 Good Samaritan Hosp. Portland, Oregon 97210 Tucker. Richard P.. M D.. '65 1120 VV. Stadium Apt. 22 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103 Tulllns. Philip G., M.D., '42 320 Northwest 39 Okla. City. Okla 73119 Tupper, Walter R.. M.D., '36 540 N. Central Ave. Glendale, Calif. Turley, Jan T.. M.D., '66 405 Cory Victorville, Calif. 92392 ulurnbow. Wm. R.. M.D., '35 3015 E. 15th Tulsa, Okla. Turner, Edwin C., M.D., '43 14301 Ambaum Blvd. Seattle 66, VVash. Turner, Henrv H.. M.D. 1200 N. YValker Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Turner. James S.. M.D.. '63 Thomas, Okla 73669 Ttltt. Donald L., M.D., '65 511VVest Division Henryetta. Okla. 74437 Tuttle, H. D.. M.D., '51 Box 487 VVagoner, Okla. 74467 Tyler, John M.. M.D., '55 733 N. Park Shawnee, Okla. Underwood. David J., M.D. 201 Utica Sq. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Ungerman, A. H., M.D., '34 2021 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Vahlbersz, E. R.. M.D.. '23 2447 E. Chevy Chase Glendale. Calif. Valder, D. C., M.D., '51 17 Sunset Drive, Route 4 Corvallis. Oregon Valcleras, Simon L.. M.D., '24 411 Arenas St. Sarnpaloc, Manilla Valllon, Robert D., M.D., '64 4505 N, Portland Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Vammen, A. N., M.D., '44 321 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Van Buren, Wm. E., M.D., '61 United States Naval Hospital Portsmouth. Virginia 23708 Van Deventer, L. R., M.D., '47 1702 Seventh St. 1Yichita Falls, Tex. Van Horn, Bruce M., M.D., '65 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73103 Vanlandlngham, I-I. W., M.D., '34 1221 E. State St. Rockford, Ill. Vann, Paul N., M.D., '57 1310 Cherry Lawton, Okla. Vaughn, Thos. N.. M.D., '57 1019 Miller Davis, California Veatch, Everett P., M.D., '26 61 7 Tatar Pasadena, Texas 77502 Velrs, Chas. R.. M.D., '52 Box 668 Ferndale, VVash. Vesley, Don Ray. M.D.. '59 LSV Med. School of Psychiatry New Orleans. Louisiana 70112 Vlers. Wayne A., M.D., '56 3720 Vifashington St, Louis, Missouri 73108 Vinson, Harold A., M.D., '35 4242 S. Oswego Tulsa 35. Okla. Vineyard, V . Lee. M.D., '54 Pennington Hills Plaza Bartlesville. Okla. Vint. William A., M.D., '52 1004 Seymour St. Pasadena, Texas 77502 Vlolett. T. W., M.D., '56 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Vogel, Thomas E.. M.D., '65 St, Anthony Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Vogt, Milton W.. M.D., '56 123 XV. 2nd St. Konawa, Okla. Vogt. Wm. L., M.D., '36 Mdr. No. 9 Penn Ave. Ext. Delaware, Ohio Vorse, Hal B., '68 l'niv. of Okla. Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Wade, Donald E.. M.D., '60 U. S. Army Hosp. Ft. McPherson Atlanta, Ga. Wade. Glen P., M.D., '44 202 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Wadsworth, R. M.. M.D.. '42 105 Utica Square Med Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Wagner, John C., M.D., '19 S20 N. -ith Ponca City. Okla 74601 Wagner, Taylor D., M.D., '63 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wagnon, Marlon C., M.D., 60 4335 S. E. 15th Oklahoma City, Okla. Waldrop. Wm. L.. M.D., '42 812 N.VV. 10th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Walker. A. A.. M.D., '24 Ligon Bldg. Wewoka, Okla. Walker, E. A., Jr., M.D., '43 301 N. XV. 12th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Walker, G., M.D. Chase Manhattan Bank New York. N.Y. 10015 Walker. J. D., M.D., '22 530 1Vest 20 Houston 4, Tex. Walker, J. Robert, M.D., '43 620 N. VV. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla.. Walker, P. M., M.D., '22 501 2225 Bellefontaine Houston, Tex. Walker, R. H., M.D., '32 Box 97 McAlester, Okla. 74501 Walker, Roscoe, M.D., '15 5353 E. Yale Denver, Colorado 80222 Walker, Thos. A., M.D., '56 602 West Zenith Temple. Texas 76501 Wall, Henry L., M.D., '53 Med. Center, Suite A Artesia, N. Mex. Wall, James S., M.D., '66 1425 1Vestbrook Terrace Norman, Okla. 73069 Wall, L. A., M.D., '51 4320 VVornall Rd. Kansas City 12, Mo. Wallace, Jimmy B.. M.D.. '64 OU Med. Ctr. - Gyn!Oh Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Wallace, William W., M.D., '67 Ben Taub Gen. Va. Hosp. Houston, Texas 77025 Walraven. James E.. M.D., '65 132 VVest Main Norman, Okla. 73069 Waltennire, James A., M.D. lf. S. Naval Hospital Oakland. California Walter, Janne B., M.D., '65 510 Coventry Rd. Decahur, Ga. 30030 Walters, Philip G.. M.D., '57 2115 Sherwood Hall Lane Alexandria. Virginia 22306 Walters, Roland A., III, '68 St. Anthony Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73102 Ward, Benjamin W., M.D. 1916 S. Utica Tulsa. Okla. 74104 Waren, James R., M.D., '67 La. Cnty. Harbor Gen. Hosp. Torrance, Calif. 90509 Warren, Darrell R.. M.D., '60 6433 E. Floyd Denver, Colorado 80213 Warren, E. W., M.D., '38 2176 Lambert Dr. Pasadena, Calif. Warren, Ray E.. M.D., '66 Box 494 xYI10fl1VHl'Il,lililil. 73801 Washburn. Philip E., M.D., '66 635 Main Sapulpa, Okla. 74066 Waterbury. C. R.. M.D., '45 Central State Hospital Norman, Okla. Waters, Plovd L.. M.D., '34 105 E. Duke Hugo, Okla. Waters, P. C.. M-D., '44 207 S. 26th Ave. Yakima, 1Vash. Waters. W. A., M.D.. '47 4926 E. 21st St. Tulsa 14, Okla. Watkins, W. L., M.D., '57 2649 Frontier Dr. Chamblee, Georgia Watson, I. N., M.D.. '35 906 Fredericksburg San Antonio 5, Tex. Watson, C. Alton. M.D., '23 1211 North Shartel Okla. City. Okla. 73103 Watson, P. T.. M.D., '33 S09 S. Gartield Alhambra., Calif. Weaber. George I-I.. M.D.. '66 Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas. Texas 75235 Weaver, William N., M.D. 1601 WV. Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. 74401 Engraving Y Southwestern Engraving Co. Tulsa, kla E, I E it 'V 13 Ei 5I:If'5.5I'iF -,., ', " 1 A ' fi lil.-, ' ' f f gi' 'I-,3,3I',3I:i-Ijij-.-.1 21 g A '5f jQ2gf"51 ' .,,. E. 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' ' ' ' SIQ Q One thing certain about the home of tomorrow is that it 0G85E works hard to g'Ye. you the best po5.5'b'e e'ect"C sislv ss will be even more electric. Electricity is the energy of prog- ggmlifltmiagvg2dhLit2g'v'ng' at the same mme' to make :M ress. lt has played a big part in turning yesterday into a ' better today and you know it will have an even bigger role in turning today into an even better tomorrow. E 3,6 It is significant that today the U. S. A. is by far the most electrified nation in the world-and we enjoy the highest standard of living. While the price of almost everything else ELECTRIC SERVICE Q? Webb. Dale I., M.D., '64 435 E. 70th St., A-25 New York, New York 13210 Webb. Floyd E., Jr.. M.D., '57 . 604 E. 23rd T1shomingo,Okla. 73460 Webb, James A., M.D., '53 Dodge City Med Ctr. Dodge City, Kansas Webb, Joan L., M.D., '59 University of Missouri Med. Center Psychiatry Columbia, Missouri Weber, F. W.. M.D.. '51 417 Country Club Terr. Okla. City, Okla. 73110 Weber, Roxie A., M.D. 705 Blakely Stillwater, Okla. 74074 Weber, Wayne R., '68 General Rose Mem. Hosp. Denver, Colorado 80220 Weeden. Robert J.. M.D., '67 OU Med. Ctr. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Weedn, Joseph D., M.D., '54 Weedn Hospital Duncan, Okla. Weeks, Bertrand A., M.D., '41 Box 288 RR 1 Hsiku Maui, Hawaii Weidner, Larry W.. M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Okla. City, Okla. weigana. n. A., M.D., '63 932 NE 16 okm. City, Okla. 73104 Weisbard. Marvin. M.D., '65 3009 Burnet Avenue Cincinatti. Ohio-15210 Weisiger. Ross W., M.D., '30 10046 Briar Rose Drive Houston, Texas 77042 Welborn, 0. M.. M.D., '46 1401 East Fifth Street Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Wells, Eva Austin. M.D., '10 9720 Stacy Circle Okla. City, Okla. 75132 Wenger, T. R., M.D., '49 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Werner, Dean F., M.D., '48 2025 Swift North Kansas City, Missouri West, David P., M.D., '65 622 North Boulevard Edmond. Okla. 73034 West, Kelly M., M.D., '48 921 NE 13 Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Westbrook, B. R., Jr., M.D., '46 3500 State Street Bartlesville, Oklahoma Whalen, M. I-I., M.D., '62 S00 Norheast lilth Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Wheaton, William. M.D., '50 733 3rd St. McFarland, Calif. Wheeler, Homer C., M.D., '38 McAlester Clinic Bldg. MeAlester. Okla. Wheeler, J. L., Jr., M.D., '52 Boise City, Okla. Wheeler. P. R.. M.D., '56 3001 N. Porter Xvichita, Kans. Whitcomb, W. A.. M.D., '53 VA Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Whinery, Kenneth E., M.D. '55 106 S. 4th st. ' Sayre, Okla. White, Arthur E., M.D., '32 4900 N. 37th Arlington 7. Va. l50 Wilkins, Clifton N., M.D.. '35 White, Elizabeth H., M.D., '67 OU Bled. Ctr. Okla. City. Okla. 73104 White, Eric M., M.D., '36 455 Utica Square Med. Center Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114 White, James E., M.D., '54 65 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. 74135 White, J. I-I., M.D., '34 2221 17th Avenue Greeley, Colorado S0631 White. John V., M.D., '58 Rt. 1 Box 1000 Georgetown, Del. 10947 White, L. M., M.D., '48 515 NVV 11th Okla. City, Okla. 73104 White, M. S., M.D. 1501 E. Sth Newton, Kansas 67114 White, Nelson P., M.D., '63 2000 North Memorial Tulsa. Oklahoma White, Oscar R., M.D. 609 N.W. 41st Okla. City, Okla. 73118 Wlxite, Ronald H., M.D., '63 St, Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma White. Travis E., M.D., '62 U. of VVest Virginia Hosps. Morgantown, W. Va. White, Wayne F., M.D., '57 S27 Hawthorne Terrace Manitowoc, VVisc'onsiri Whiteneck. R. A.. M.D., '43 1111 Hill Crest Dr. 1Voodward, Okla. Whltener, Betty Lou, M.D., '59 5120 S. Norfolk. Apt. 229 Tulsa, Oklahoma Whitlock, Bovd D.. M.D., '62 1201 SVV Rinkley Okla. City, Okla. 73109 Whitsett. Thomas L.. M-D., '62 963 Scott Circle Decatur, Ga. 30033 Whittington, Kenneth, '68 Mercy Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Whittlesey. W. A., M.D., '63 3455 NVV 43 Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Wickham. M. M., M.D., '26 210 VV. Morgan Tahlequah, Okla. 74464 Wlenecke, Robt. M., M.D., '56 2520 NIV. 56 St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wiggins, Il. L., M.D., '54 921 Northeast 13 Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Wiggins. Howell E., M.D., '36 2850 6th Ave. San Diego, Calif. Wilbanks, C. E.. Jr., M.D., '50 1605 E. Sahara Las Vegas, Nev. 89105 Wilber, Gertrude R., M.D. '37 3936 Amboy Rd. ' Staten 1sland,N.Y. 10308 Wildman, Mrs. Stanley, M.D., '26 1203 Tedford Way Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilkerson. B. J., M.D., '30 15517 Manna Hoarl Houston. Texas 77040 Wilkerson, D. C., Jr., M.D. '59 25 East XVashington Y Chicago. Illinois 60602 Wilkerson, John M., M.D., '32 Cristobal, Canal Zone 1801 Lavaca, Apt. Q29-D Austin, Texas 78701 Wilkins, Harold D., M.D., '59 1603 N. Tucson Blvd Tucson, Arizona Wilkins, Harry, M.D., '27 525 NW 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Willhote, David R., M.D., '63 11th Air Assault Div Ft. Benning, Georgia Williams, A. McA., M.D., '21 116 N, Bell Shawnee, Okla. Williams, C. E., M.D. VVoodward, Okla. 73801 Williams, C. H. Jr., M.D., '50 Box 278 Okeene. Okla. Williams, C. R., Sr., M.D., '40 Okeene, Okla. Williams, Curtis S., M.D., '67 Madigan Gen. Hosp. Tacoma, VVash. 98431 Williams, Guy H., M.D., '34 1320 Parkland Circfle Aubuquerque, N. Mex. Williams, James G., M.D., '64 Elk City Memorial Hospital Elk City, Oklahoma Williams. Jas. S., M.D., '58 Price Tower Bartlesville, Oklahoma Williams. Jon T.. M.D., '50 2740 Va.n Dorn Lincoln, Nebr. Williams, Judy D., M.D., '64 Bernalillo County Hosp. Albuquerque, New Mexico Williams, L. C., M.D., '20 1200 N, VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Williams, R. A.. M.D., '38 20 North Tracy Bozeman, Mont. Williams. R. G.. M D.. '53 5618 So. Evanston Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Williams, T. S.. M.D., '38 3113 S. Sheridan Road Tulsa, Okla. Williamson, Paul. M.D., '46 Box 3103 Bellaire, Texas Willis. Jon T.. M D., '65 431 XVest 2nd St. Johns, Kansas Wilson, Charles R., M.D., '37 121 1 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Wilson, Don A., M.D., '67 2800 Arlington Dr. Okla. City, Okla. 73132 Wilson, Douglas E., M.D., '47 38th bk Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. 73501 Wilson, Gary W., '68 Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, Michigan 48202 Wilson, James W., M.D., '58 7433 E1 Monte Prairie Vill., Kan. 66203 Wilson, L. M., Jr., M.D., '58 210 Chula Vista El Dorado, Ark. 71720 Wilson, R E., M.D., '50 4301 E. Eastman Denver, Colo. Wilson, R. H., M.D., '40 University of North Dakota Grandfork, North D. 58202 Winn, Donald A.. M.D., '57 330 East 33rd New York, New York 1001 6 Winn, George L.. M.D., '43 Box 26827 Okla. City, Okla. 73126 Wintertinger, J. R., M.D., '45 800 5th Ave. Ft. Worth 4, Tex. Winters, Richard L., M.D., 206 Orville Ave. Poteau, Okla. Wisdom, C. R., M.D., '55 Box 7127 Montgomery, Ala. 36107 Wltcher, J. Il., M.D., '43 112 N. Beverly Amarillo, Tex. Witt, R E., M.D., '41 Vet. Adm. Hospital Muskogee, Okla. Wlttels, Ellllson H., '68 Cincinnati General Hosp. Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 Wltten, H. B., M.D., '36 Rt. 3, Box 239 Norman, Okla. Witter, Stanton L., M.D., '61 3620 N.VV. 71st Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wolever, L. A., M.D., '50 128 E. VVood Drumright, Okla. Wolfe, Ted W., M.D., '61 464 Tactical Hosp. Pope AFB, North Carolina Wolff, Eugene G., M.D., '34 2010 South Utica Tulsa, Oklahoma Wolff, John Powers, M.D., '27 1220 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Womack, Capt. G. J., M.D., '52 USAF MC, Camp Landa New Braunfels, Texas Wood, Dorothy A., M.D., '63 Queens Hosp Honolulu, Hawaii Wood, John A., '68 lfniv. of Okla. VA Hosp. Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Vloodruff, Wm. E.. MD., '58 1404 IC. Kirk llugo, Okla. 74743 Woods, F. M.. M.D., '35 550 Bricknell Ave. Miami 32, Fla. Woods, Lewis E., M.D., '26 505 Petroleum Bldg. Chickasha, Okla. Woodson, Earl M., M.D. Poteau, Okla. 74953 Woodson. Fred E., M D., '31 2570 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Woodson, Orville M., M D., '33 645 Tulsa Norman, Okla. 73069 Wootan, Geo A., M.D., '63 US Naval Sec. Guard Act. Winter Harbor, Maine Woodward, I-Iarold J., M.D., '67 6012 N. Villa Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Word, E. P., M.D., '41 345 S. Laurene Ave. Box 1719 Quesnel, British Columbia Word, H. L., M.D., '36 10681 VVest 1-liver Road Osseo. Minnesota 55369 Work, Lee B., M.D. 421 E. Second Bartlesville. Okla. 74003 Worhnan, M R., M.D., '61 Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. Wo'rley. James A.. M.D., '60 Mercy Hosp Okla. City, Okla Worley, Robert E.. M.D., '66 U.S. Naval Hosp. Orlando, Fla. '53 Worthen, F. L., M.D., '58 1201 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Wright, Phillip J., M.D., '61 600 Northwest llth Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Wuerlllen, Robert ID., M.D., '64 Palo Alto-Stanford Hosp. Ctr. Palo Alto, Cadif. Wyand, H. H., M.D., '22 2475 E. 22 Cleveland, Ohio 44115 Wyatt, David E., M.D., '67 l7S1'llS Hosp. Kotzebue, Alaska Wyatt, Willie G., '68 Naval Hospital Portsmouth, Va. 23708 Wynn, N P., M.D., '42 P. O. Box 429 Edmond, Okla. Yarbro, J. L., M.D., '48 120 Northgate Plaza Seattle, VVashington Yates, Donald L., M.D., '58 221 S. Center Terre Haute, Ind. 47301 Yates, Loren K., M.D., '57 Rock Valley, lowa 51247 Yeakel, Il. L., Jr., M.D., '43 2901 lied ltiver Austin, Tex. Yeakley, Robert A., M.D., '60 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Yeary, Edwin. C., M.D., '39 1215 E. Hartford Ponca City, Okla. Yeary, G. H., M.D., '29 Newkirk, Okla. York, J. F., M.D. llladill, Okla. 73446 Young, B. o., M.D., '47 Sycamore Ave, Box 695 Olive View, Calif. Young, Clarence C., M.D., '63 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Young, C. Jack, M.D., '47 Clinic Bldg. 3434 N.VV. 56th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Young, David I-I., MD., '66 1109 Clifton lid. Jacksonville, N.l'. 28540 Young, E. W., Jr., M.D., '47 618 South VVilliams El Reno, Oklahoma Young, James W., M.D Wesley Hospital Wichita, Kansas ., '64 Young, Larry L., M.D. 1608A Dolloy lid Columbia, S.C. 29204 , '63 Youngblood, B. J., M.D., '54 1802 W. Wall Midland. Texas Zelgz'le'r, Joel, M.D., 417 Mitchell St Box 389 Clovis, N. Mex. '34 Zelgler, Paul, M.D., Box 730 Petaluma, Calif. '34 Zimmerman, K. D., M.D., '55 934 Crestline Wichita, Kansas Zumwalt, Gerald C., M.D., '56 1013 East Cleveland Sapulpa, Oklahoma Zumwalt, R. B., M.D., '33 108 E. Washington Tecumseh. Okla. 71,3 1969 Sauna lweclic Printed and Bound by THE CLIO PRESS Yearbook Division of the ECONOMY ADVERTISING CO. I COMPLIMENTS OF t PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL OKLAHOMA CITY . ,izh ::i" I 1'::: WM. H. ATKINSON Petroleum Geologist A.::5:: W 2501 Liberty' Bunk Bldg. CE 2-8194 l E -V---:f-, 112 Oklahoma City -FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST CO. l EXPRESS BANK-4'rI1 81 N. Robinson i PARK AVENUE 8 HARVEY ' OKLAHOMA CITY ' CE 2-SUIT ' MEMBER FDIC Ee E E , A, Y . A O. K. STAMP 61 SEAL CO. Rubber Stamps. Seals and Badges l Plastic Name Tags - Desk Signs i GEORGE CT--A-YMOREI Owner 6200 E. 4Is+ S+ree+ Tulsa 404 W- Main 235-7853 P. o. Box i590 Rl vefsade 3438: Oklahoma City , ILL lollololb W I , to N- LEO MAXWELL CO., INC. WESTERN PAPER COMPANY i D. nb Everything For the Primer l Wholesale Appliance 1str1 utors Zenith - Fedders 200 NE. 34th IA 4-1515 Oklahoma City l 530 S. Broadway CE 6-4351 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. Advertising Index A Atkinson, Wm. H. ........ . . . 151 B Baptist Memorial Hospital . . . . . . 147 Brown's College Corner .... . . . 152 C Coyne Campbell Hospital . . . . . . 143 D Deaconess Hospital ....... . . . 144 Durand Mfg. Co. ........ .. . 144 E Economy Advertising ......... , . . 151 F Fidelity National Bank 8: Trust .... . . . 151 H Hillcrest Medical Center .... . . . 131 Hubbard Hospital ........... . . . 141 Ben V. Hunter Funeral Home . . . . . 152 I Tom lsbill Photography ..... . . . 144 L Leo Maxwell Co., Inc. .... 151 M Medical Book Exchange .... . . . 152 Melton Co., Inc. ............ . . . 140 Mid-Continent Surgical Supply ............ 135 BEN V HUNTER FUNERAL HOME 2427 S Harvey ME 43309 , Home of Golden Dew Dcury Products SHOPPERS CHOICE' Oklahoma City CE 2 4261 Norman IE 6 0266 Shawnee E1 Reno l Mid-West Surgical Supply Co. . . . . . . Porter H. Morgan ........... . . . O OK. Stamp 8: Seal ................ .. . Oklahoma Gas 8: Electric Company . . . . . . Oklahoma Natural Gas Company .... . . . Oklahoma State Medical Assln . .. . . . Orthopedic 8z Arthritis Center . . . . . . P Presbyterian Hospital ...... . . . R Hollis Russell Bookseller . . . . . . S Saint Anthony Hospital .... . . . St. Francis Hospital .... . . . Saint John's Hospital ...... . . . . Seismograph Service Corp. . . . . . . Southwestern Engraving .... . . . T Townleyls Dairy .......... . . . U Upjohn Co, .... ...... . . . V Veazey Drug Co. ,....... .. . W Western Paper Co. ..................... . BROWN S College Corner HOLLIS RUSSELL BOOKSELLER Book for Discriminating Readers Angel Classical Recordings 6459 Avonda Dr Oklahoma Clty Phone 848 2697 MEDICAL BOOK EXCHANGE 732 Culbertson Drive lAckson 8 0076 PORTER H MORGAN Cr dit Adiustrnent Co 3Ol2 N Walker 84426 Oklahoma City A 7 i l or as M, iio, I -2 l ' le . ' 1 , ,nr , Y, , Y ,,,, K I ,aura ,H W , ,, ,, 2 l . JA 2 i

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