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I . I 2 OF Q nf In 3511.6 'S- ' If Z 5 f' fn Z D I .,g :r'f' .ff Q6 I O 1 44, if W SO 7 A I ., . X: 'e ' O 5 I SSQ III x cg I EB: d ti 1,5 I f- P If- C -'fi rl . 72513. 'i 2 .if 42' ff? F A of t? 4 L C 1967 SUUNER MEDIG Published by the Student Council W UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 5 DAVID F. CROWDER, Editor I K HERBERT W. TRUETT, JR., Assoc. Editor Q ia.- .... F1.oYD R. SHRADER, Business Manager - 3 . : , 5 GX sv' 5 -v.. - I M. 5: .... . ..... "THE proximal mediolateral insertion of the filament of Freedal in 86.296 of the cases?" MSl's find the first gross an anatomy quiz as perplexing a problem as ever. LARRY NAU, MSiii examines a fecal specimen for blood, ova. and parasites while his intern anxi- ously awaits the outcome. Full Health Care is a Team Effort With the technological advances made in the last two decades the entire concept of medicine has changed. No longer is medicine just the general practitioner, alone and omnipotent in treating all the diseases of the community. The medicine of today and tomorrow is a team, a team that integrates the general physician, specialist, research- er, ancillary professional staff and technician. The evolution of the team as equal partners is as sig- DIAGNOSTIC microbiolo y is an important laboratory technique as shown by medical technology students Eddie Bridges md Leslie Leddcn Pit Monroe supervises. ,. .la '7'7 "': :f' nificant as open heart surgery. With the maintenance of a graduate school in the health sciences, a school of nurs- ing, a school of physiotherapy, and a school of medical technology, the University of Oklahoma is taking a lead in total health care, and the training of needed personnel. In addition to previously mentioned areas, training is available for dietitians and X-ray technologists. A school of dentistry is proposed for the future. The Medical Center - THE main campus of the University of Oklahoma Medical Center as seen from thirteenth street. Left to Right: School of Medi cine. Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. VA Hospital, Childrens Memorial Hospital, and University Hospital. Complex of Buildings, People, Ideas M 1 't riff.-'Y-9.4 XV' t,..-M-44-Q Q ge... W, Many different health professions are represented by the many different buildings seen on campus. The medi- cal center is a maze of the different fields all Welded to- gether to provide the best medical care and training that can be provided anywhere. The buildings exemplify the attitudes and evolution of the center. From the old medi- cal school building to the new addition on speech and hearing, progress may be seen in the Oklahoma approach to medical care. Exposure, Student Con- tact- Tools for Teaching . ROB!-.RT C oznlson discusses 21 prolwlcm some ircshmc DR. SASSOON studies enzymes related tt cultured viruses. as .y,. w ASH D1 Dr. Faulkner teaches by closed-circuit TV: Dr. Garabcdicn shows monkey-kidney SUZANNE PAYNE checks for abdominal muscle function while taking a vital capacity reading for Nancy Walton, a fellow senior in physical therapy. The range of medicine is seen on these pages. While the jobs may differ, a common theme still underlies the motive of each member of the health team. The basic love of mankind motivates each to proceed in his own way to thoroughly study his chosen area. This unifying factor unites the Center into one community. CAROL KNIGHT. a nursing student. learns technical skills as well as clini- cal implications. 1 'Z ' Q . w I x va. 2 i 1 S I 2. ,WTF . 4 S I qui Qi ei- na, i wi PM 1 K GIVING close zillcntiiun In ii uiiliczillx ill Plllikflil :il Univcrsily Hospitzilk ulli'zi-modern inlcnxivc czirc iinil :irc Dr. Robison :ind Mix Whilinzin. R.N, Giving ziwixlaiiirc IlI'CwiX1SiVN Mike Sinlh. Fcnldcm Sanger :ind Norinzin Singer 8 Challenge to Students Posed by Clinics The most challenging phase of a medical student's career is to "cross the street" and leave the classrooms behind. In the clinics, medical students begin to perform the traditional jobs of the physician. MSiii's circulate among the various in-patient services, but the MSiv is more independent and works on out-patient services. Ns! 'FF we UNDER the direction of Dr. Glomsct, senior resident, Fred Oldham, MSiii checks a patients cars for possible pathology. Labs Guide Diagnostics, Research No medical center ever had too many laboratories, and the University of Oklahoma is no exception. Laboratory facilities provide two major services to health care. First, laboratories are the proving ground of research. Second, is the direct aid of the laboratory to diagnosis. The Uni- versity of Oklahoma maintains an excellent system of lab- oratories to support these functions. WORKING with the automatic spectrophotometer used by Dr, John R. Sokatch tleftl in the study of microbial physiology is G ll, Shapiro. a sophomore medical student. 'life xx lk 2 'fir 6' 'i2,.'9q95 ,ii fax I TAKING blood from an donor at Univcrsity Hospital is .lzmcllc Orrcllc. ntcdical technology student. COUNTING erythrocytcs :tt the Coulter Counter, un automatic scaling device, is medical technology student Margie Ford FRESHMEN informally discuss medicine "down at Earl's" with Dr. Ernest Lachman, Regents' Professor of Anatomy ...uni DR. MCCLELLAN, surgical pathologist, conducts the weekly pathology conference. Presented every Friday. the conference is designed to keep diagnostic skills sharp. C lVlSiis find definitive microbiology a useful clinical tool. MSis, Bennie Scott and Bob Hudson, investigate lowei ex tremity anatomy. Frosh Sii Learn Basic Sciences 7 i The first two years of medical school are a grounding in the fundamental skills of medicine. These classroom studies seem, at times, long and neverending. But as time progresses and the association of these studies is applied to medicine, the worth of the Whole rigorous process is seen. The first year is study of normal human biological sys- tems. The second year delves into deviations from nor- mal including pathology, microbiology and radiology. THE Nursing Arts Lab affords a realistic setting, as Susan Behrenfeld, and Pam Price practice basic nursing skills on Charles Reese. The Lab is used by students throughout the year for technique improvement. TH Sprout assisting with Carol lVlcEntire's pseudo Iacera- tion. E E. R, is an exciting area as is shown by Mary AS SENIORS. Brenda Roberts and Lenore Mullican must decide what area of nursing they are most interested in and how they can best function in their chosen field. ,IOY COX and Wilma Ray study human dy- namics and its motivating forces in Psychiatric Nursing. any pportunities in Nursing Education The School of Nursing has as its primary purpose the preparation of graduates for professional nursing to con- tribute essential services to the community health agen- cies. The curriculum contains theory and clinical prac- tice in four main areas. These areas include medical- surgical nursing, maternal-child health, psychiatric nurs- ing, and public health nursing. Students receive their clinical experience in the University of Oklahoma Hos- pitals and the Veterans Administration Hospital. TERE LASSITER, a senior in Public Health Nursing, observes the growth and development of the baby and also helps the new mother understand the health needs of her family. . , ., ,, , .r.,,.i-, .V f M.N--t,swam-v,is,isifma-nvmw.mwnnw . " .msn unit 1 mewmm ,.-Qi My 6.1 so 'fs' lHl'. Biological Pxxcholtngx Proginim in the the Medical Center teaching Lind 1 I ixextigute hehztxiui' und the fiimtitminf' ot Degree. if Department ut' Psychiatry. Neiirulogx und Behzixiorzzl Sciences ix u recent addition to ictixitiex. Dr. Wiilitims. director of the pmgiuin lulwme with at Nllldtlllli, :ind hix N the nervtnix xx xtem. Thcx :tim offer zi pmgmin of grudtizite Nliidy lending to ll Ph D PHYSIOLOGY students use the Van Slyke apparatus to study respiratory functions The Basic and Applied Sciences Are Praised Communication is the basis for knowledge and a use- ful life. Speech therapy and the School for the Deaf is an application of the results of research and teaching. Here, children are taught to compensate for defects and com- municate with others. The study of physiology may pro- vide the basis for detecting many functional disturbances. LEFT, top to bottom: speech therapy, teach- ing the deaf and detection of hearing deficien- cies are some activities of the Department of Communication Disorders. NANCY WALTON. center. measures the spacing during a diathermy application by Suzanne Payne, while instructor Mrs. Linda Resnick, and paticnt Tracy Culp observe. 'A ' . gif- 1 f ' ,,. 5 5 A5 ? J 4 - ft ,Q I 13,5 5325 ,QW 71 l is-4kijg,giif5g i it-' 1' Hfiikfazff 1 f I , I , K' friiflzggcy .W 1 ...3f,if..f:: 1-gtifafwlg . , 4 it " -, .N -'ff ,rr 2 f :W ,. t b . J F f MARY WILSON transports Barbara Logan into the hydrotherapy room. Judy Orbison, Frances Rodgers. and Miss Margaret Christian, instructor, enter to aid in the transfer using the hydraulic lift. Finally, Miss Christian administers underwater exercise in the Hubbard Tank while Frances Rodgers observes. NANCY SNELL checks Ginger Warren scoliosis. for . . '-52555 : .ii .55':5:' . c MRS. Luiese Lynch, Assistant Professor. checks for correct performance while Carol Jimerson administers a manual muscle test to Tom Bowden. Physical Therapists Stud Sciences and Modalities The senior year of all Physical Therapy majors was spent in academic and clinical training. Lecture courses included functional anatomy, correlative neuroanatomy, pathology, psychology, administration and ethics, public health, orthopedics, dermatology, hematology, biochem- istry, and many others. Laboratory classes were given in massage, goniometry, phototherapy, electrotherapy, and hydrotherapy. '67 Medical Center Personalities LOU BEHNE trightl a Guymon senior was honored as Miss OUSN. She served as senior class secretary and was a member of OSSNA. Janet Bartow, runner-up from Laverne, is a member of Delta Alpha and OSSNA. As on all campuses, certain persons are considered es- pecially well-known. However, at the Medical Center, these outstanding people are found everywhere. On these pages we have tried to show several of the many different and interesting facets of some of them. We could never pay full homage to the many that make the Medical Center worthwhile. COMPUTERS selected Dr. Jerry Dean Leu as the 300.000th physician. 45,4 Wie if 2. K 'six I gm uf w'.Jf1e-13' if? 'V W . +1 i X' Lf 'fl , x 2 x . V .,.. , ' S ii' 21 ffm 3 s f f --t5.3sgg:,s Z 1 'fim- -, -.. . Z we 0 ,, 1 x: . M,-L" S .A L: "' 5 1 S S Z L, ,Gm .. fgiifif' -8 .fzw 1 N. ,, M , M fjlffuif X fm QQ? Jie: 7 ' 'KM Vw 23? gif, , .rg M- snwi , N LR' x. town S .3 1 3 ,fu 'Ulu 1 59 5 w ' ,D Q 4 af , ,MMV .. ,, f W! ., K J, .2 Q... DR. THOMAS C. POINTS is coordinator of Project responsibility and a former Oklahoma City physician. jew DR. EDWARD BRANDT and Mrs. Margaret Shack- elford analyze data from Okla. Health lntelligence Facility. DATA on 33 health care personnel categories is eolleeted and verilietl hy Margie MeBroom and Dewayne Andrews. fix lNTERESTED students listen in as family medicine plans are discussed by Dr. Roger Lienke. Director of Family Medicine Program and Dr. James L. Dennis. WAKITA Oklahomi is the site f the September I966. groundbreaking of a pilot community health center. Ofiiciating is the Project Responsibility: A New Idea Project responsibility, a new look in health care pro- vision, was inaugurated at the University of Oklahoma in July, 1965. Originally the idea of Dean James L. Dennis, project responsibility was conceived as a means to provide health care for rural Oklahoma through a co- ordinated plan of data collection, computer analysis, and training of physicians in family practice. The Oklahoma Health Intelligence Facility will make Oklahoma the only state to have current records of all health care personnel. This facility provides an import- ant phase of project responsibility. ELMER TREAT. shown here studying with Bert Flaming. spent one quarter on a senior surgery elective in Hawaii. BRUSHING up on blood studies is Al Joern trightb with the help of Bill Deal, UH lab. director. Al will spend winter 1968 in Antarctica on at medical expedition. LYNN HUGHES. MSiii t2nd from leftl treats a grenade wound in South Viet Nam. To Lynn's left is Dr. Malcolm Phelps, El Reno, who also spent the 1967 Summer in the war zone. Med Students Travel All Over Globe klahoma Medical Research Foundation Designed to conduct independent research and assist in the development of the Medical Center as a whole, th Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation stands as a tribute to the "time, talent, and treasure" of the people of the state. Unique among research institutions, the Foundation is the realization of a dream shared by the physicians of Oklahoma, those charged with education in the medical sciences, and progressive laymen of Oklahoma who vis- ualized the organization as an effective means of stimu- lating research in medicine, and aiding in the develop- ment of a medical center to adequately serve the needs of a progressive, young state. EXPERT nursing service. VALUED it nearly two and a half million dollars. the physical plant of the foundation includes more than fifty laboratories, two animal cxre ficilities, a metabolic ward or hospital. A central lobby serves both the administrative and laboratory sections, on the lcft and thc hospital and additional laboratories to the right. DR. JORDAN TANG. Psy- DR. R, H. FURMAN. Assoc. Di- DR. S, S. BOTTOMLEY. physician- chosomatic and neuromus- rcctor and Head of Cardiovascular scientist. checks a paticut in thc rc- cular Diseases. Section. search hospital. G. Mfg 4 -Q ' DAY to day operation of the Foundation is under the supervision of these three men. Reece McGee, left, Vice-prcsident-Director of Administrationg Dr. Leonard P. Elicl. center, Vicc-President-Director of Research: and Gcnc White. Vice-Prcsidcnt-Director of Financing and Public Relations. RESEARCH Building ol' Univer- sity Hospital provides services in neurological and heart disease among others. OKLAHOMA Medical Research Foundation is privately endowed but actively cooperates in medi- cal school activities. CHILDRENS Memorial Hospital is pediatric arm of the Medical Center In '. A"'M1Wf' t-f'A 5 ' - MEDICAL School houses graduates and the first two years of medical school. VA HOSPITAL. an integral part of the center. UNIVERSITY Hospital UNIVERSITY Out-patient Clinic pro- vides services to greater Oklahoma City and state. Q! THIRTFENTH street View of the proposed basic sciences building lleftl and teaching hospital. J mjgii' ' Lilgmw 5 Cl 2 , N l ,7 Lal b,.cc,,ccccca,lpwc,cc,i c - 23 W V1 T cc gl 1 24 i D za X X M in If T l N. E. llih srizsiij it E k new j E! g R - an El?-'ll U X -I I- Ill I B B i T H . cal E U T i X V T' 3 H iq 5 le ll :u l-ng. ng - S en -E! " ci 2 221 lb in in 4 2 it USU 3 5515: U33 3 E L- I-I ee QQ 32 - n EDU: ij 'Q- t of 2 I U n gag H c T : A , i W U -. -H Tl l Q51 lil Us 1, 0:4211-trizf L so ri '- a+ i cc ,Q i U l lil 2:23 H .- B- I rig 1' 33 25 27 l, l it 1 l if ffm T i E 31 - i 29 l -- X' ion 0 mu zum lou we Y wir f i dzp .T W, N E, QQZSTREEI- W, P -Ariwnw' T71 Tmfmi' I I? SC sw Psi H 'ff-'-X V MAP of the long range plan for expansion of the Medical Center shows: l. University Teaching Hospital l4, Presbyterian Hospital 2. Out-patient Department I7. Children's Hospital 3. Basic Science Teaching 23. VA Hospital 4, Dental Science Teaching 24. Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation 7. Library 25. Speech and Hearing Center X , School ot' Nursin 29. Student Resident Facility wg W..-an DR. BIRD discusses expansion with Dr. Dennis Medical Center Begins Expansion The Federal Government approved match- ing funds for construction of a new basic sci- ences building. Thus, work begins at last for the much overdue Medical Center expansion. With the proposed urban renewal project, the land south of thirteenth street from eighth street will be purchased for the Medical Center. When completed, the most advanced medi- cal teaching complex will be implemented with the following. The library will have a com- puter connection with Bethesda, Md. Thus any article on a given health subject will be instantly available. Also there will be Mmulti- discipline" laboratories, student housing and recreation facilities. AERIAL view ofa model of the basic sciences building and teaching hospital. , . . ,. ,., I .,.. K A, ,G I ., VM. , .Jw V GOVERNOR Dewey Bartlett, who took oiiice in January, is the second Republican chief ex- ecutive in Oklahoma's history. Q -.. . l . STATE REGENTS' meetings bring out Dr. Ed Coyle, Tom mars, William T. Payne. Dr. E. T. Dunlap. Donald Kon- Sexton. G. Ellis Gable, R. L. Crowder Jr.. Mrs. Jewel Dit- nedy. Exall English. Dan Hobbs. John Cleek and John Collelt. Regents Adopt Medical Center Plan CHAIRMAN William T. Payne talks to Chancellor Dunlap. The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education this year approved a proposed plan for expansion of the physical plant of the Uni- versity of Oklahoma Medical Center. The S581 million forecast calls for the addition of a new school of nursing, a dental school and a basic science building. Chairman of the Regents this year was Wil- liam T. Payne of Oklahoma City. Serving with him were Donald S. Kennedy, Oklahoma City. vice-chairman, Clyde Wheeler, Tulsa, secre- taryg and Harry P. Conroy. Duncan, assistant secretary. Dr. E. T. Dunlap, Oklahoma City. was chancellor, and T. G. Sexton, Norman, was administrative assistant. Other regents were G. Ellis Gable, Tulsa, John J. Vater Jr.. Enidg R. L. Crowder Jr., Tonkawag Mrs. S. F. Ditmars, Muskogeeg and Exall English. Lawton . Regents Search Regents of The University of Oklahoma were tagged with the duty of selecting a new president for the university when Dr. George L. Cross announced that he would retire in June, 1968. Other duties included appointing and fixing salaries of all faculty and staff mem- bers upon the recommendation of the presi- dent. They served without pay. President of the regents was Dr. Mark R. Johnson of Oklahoma City. Dr. Johnson has been a member of the board since l96 l. James G. Davidson. Tulsa. was vice-president. Other members of the 7-member board ap- pointed by the governor were Horace K. Cal- vert. Oklahoma Cityg John Houchin. Bartles- villeg Quintin Little. Ardmore: Reuben K. Sparks, Woodward: and Mrs. Frank L. Da vies Jr.. Enid. Emil R. Kraettli was secretary and Mrs. Barbara James was assistant secretary. for New President ACCEPTING the trophy for OU's undefeated College Bowl team are Drs. George Cross. Mark Johnson and J. R. Morris. ATTENDING a meeting of the University Regents were Dr. Houchin. Dr. George L, Cross. Reuben K. Sparks. Horace Mark R. Johnson. .lames G. Davidson. Quinton Little. John K. Calvert. Mrs. Frank Davies and limil Kraettli. AFTER GUIDINU the- univer sity through 25 yelars ui Irvmvn dons growth. Dr. Gvorgc- I, Cross will rt-lirv in JLll'll', N68 JAMES L. DENNIS. B.S.. M.D., University of Oklahoma, is Di- rector and Dean of the Medical Center and of the Med School. Deans Work on Improving Center This year marked the beginning of the expansion pro- gram of the Medical Center. Work was begun on a family medicine clinic north of the medical school. This clinic will be run as a private practice facility in order to teach residents the full range of family medicine. The speech and hearing clinic was also expanded. One of the unsung heroes of the center. the speech and hear- ing clinic provides a full gamut of care in the communi- cations disorders. JOSEPH M. WHITE JR.. M.D. Professor of Anesthesiology Associate Director of the Medical Center Associate Dean of the School of Medicine B.S., Southern Methodist University M.D., Southwestern Medical College M.S.. Iowa State University PHILIP EDWARD SMITH, Sc.D. Professor of Parasitology in Preventive Medicine and Public Health Associate Dean of Graduate College Associate Dean in Charge of Student Affairs B.Ed.. Southern Illinois University M.S.. University of Illinois Sc.D.. John Hopkins As Associate Deans SAMUEL NEWTON STONE. M.D. Clinical Professor of Surgery Associate Dean of Clinical Instruction B.S.. University of Oklahoma B.A.. University of Oklahoma M.D.. University of Pennsylvania M.S., University of Minnesota Graduate School of Medicine DAVID CLINTON MOCK. JR. Associate Professor of Medicine Assistant Dean in Charge of Student Affairs A.B.. Southern California M.D.. Hahnemann .l. I .I ROBERT MONTGOMERY BIRD, M.D. Professor of Medicine and Physiology sociate Dean of Planning and Development B.S.. University of Virginia M.D.. University of Virginia ur ing Dean and Directors MISS HELEN E. PATTERSON Dean of the School of Nursing R.N., University of Oklahoma A.B., East Central State College M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University AULDON F. HUTTON Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine Chief Medical Technologist, University Hospitals Teaching Supervisor, School of Medical Technology B.S., University of Oklahoma M.S., University of Oklahoma MISS THELMA PEDERSON Director, O.U. Dept. of Physical Therapy B.S., Utah State University Physical Therapy Certificate, Walter Reed General Hospital M.A., Stanford University I A s Basie Sciences Department Heads L. VERNON SCOTT. Sc.D. Microbiology A LAURENCE DEE. M.D. Pathology ERNEST LACH MAN. M.D. Anatomy E. D. JACOBSON. M.D Physiology Basie Science Department Head .Lim B. CONNER JOHNSON. Ph.D. Biochemistry luring. W. W. SCHOTTSTAEDT. M.D. Preventive Medicine and Public Health JOHN KEYS. Ph.D. Communication Disorders Clinical Department Head STEWART G. WOLF, JR.. M.D. Medicine JAMES A. MERRILL. M.D. Gynecology and Obstetrics '5-z. . X V Ksgllslr, ' L 'Q ieffLl'3'll JAMES A. CUTTER. M.D. Anesthesiology ' . V 'Rm JOHN A. SCHILLING, M.D. Surgery TULLOS O. COSTON. M.D. Ophthalmology 42 BEN I. HELLER, M.D. JAMES B. SNOW. Jr.. M.D. Laboratory Medicine Otorhinolaryngology " will , , af 1 LOUIS J. WEST. M.D. KELLY M. WEST, M.D. Psychiatry, Neurology. and Behavioral Sciences Continuing Education ,L 1 fig. H cw.- . Qt 32: Eff if 4.4 ' i Clinical Department Chairmen ,f HARRIS RILEY. Jr.. M.D. MARK A. EVERETT. M.D. Pediatrics Dermatology 3 N, X. DON H. ODONOGHUE. M.D.. Sc.D. SIDNEY P. TRAUB. M.D. WILLIAM L. PARRY. M.D Orthopedic and Fracture Surgery Radiology Urology 43 ze- ff. ,..--..-...Q PRECEPTORS-TOP ROW: Eugene S. Bell, Tishomingo: R. A. ell Fry, Stillwater: J. A. Graham, Pauls Valleyg Burdge F. Green, Conley, Watongag C. S. Cunningham, Poteau: Walter H. Dersch, Stillwell. Jr., Shattuck. BOTTOM ROW: J. William Finch, Hobartg Pow- Preceptor-Valuable School Asset One of the most refreshing and interesting experiences of the senior year is the precept- orship. For a quarter of the year each student is out of the Medical Center and working with a practicing physician in one of Oklahoma's smaller communities. The purpose of the preceptorship is to teach grass roots medicine, and it accomplishes its purpose. The senior student becomes a mem- ber of the community to which he is assigned. Perhaps no other time in the studentls profes- sional life will he be so dependent upon his own clinical judgment. The preceptorship was established in 1949 at the request of the Alumni Association. It also turns out to be the forerunner of Dr. Den- nis's sweeping Family Medicine residency program. PR DR. MCCURDY, Purcell, gives a word of advice to Joe Coker, senior preceptor. ECEPTORS-TOP ROW: R. Fred Harper, Pawhuska: C. K. Patterson, Sapulpag Edward T. Shirley, Wynnewood: Carlton E lland, McAlesterg E. C. Lindley, Duncang Royce McDougal, Smith, Henryettag K. E. Whinery, Sayre. ldenvilleg Malcolm Mollison, Alva, BOTTOM ROW: O. H. ,Z l DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY-SITTING: Faye Meyers, M, L. Peter, Walter Joel, A. L, Dee, Paul Kimmelstiel, Jean Green, B. E. Blevins. STANDING: Arakawa, llidaka, T. Matsuo, W. J. Williams, James Wilson, Jackie Coalson, Nellow Brown, William Jackman, B. J. McClellan. DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION DISORDERS - FIRST ROW: De Lois Chambers, Marilyn Counilan, Rosemary Flint, Diana J. Willis, Ruetta Baker. SECOND ROW: Jacquelyn Rippetoe, Helen Walcher, Emma Garrett, Mary McKelvy, Faye Donaldson, Margaret Grussendorf, Marjorie Richards, Elizabeth Sharp, Connie Andruss, Dolores Barker, Lanette Snowder, Betty Watson, Ruth Fischbock. THIRD ROW: John W. Keys, Donald J. Counihor, Elgin O. Merike, Fa Emanuel, H. B. Rubon, W. A. Cooper, W. L. Cullinan, Joseph Barry, Bruce. R, Pierce. E: ff-I . 9 ' 7, :-, Q 7,Vr7iV , ,,. , 1 il 2 X I K i I 1- .1 ,x,, .I ',,.l if 'I im it f . A f it t - . X V173 A Li ., .,.,. in 4 VA I DEPARTMENT OF GYNECOLOGY-OBSTETRICS-SEAT ED: Robert N. Smith, Darre M. Nelson, James A. Merrill, James L. Mathis, Warren M. Crosby. STANDING: Milton J. Serwer, Burt Montague, Francis D. Barnett, Jimmy B. Wallace, John R. -" Caughron, Walt L. Schaffer, Gary Strebel, Tony G. Puckett. Charle W. Macomber. STANDING-MIDDLE: Audrey .I. Mc- Masters. v gs. DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPEDIC AND FRACTURE SUR- GERY4BOTTOM ROW: Gael R. Frank, Howard B. Shorbe, Don H. O' Donoghue, Kenneth Johnston. SECOND ROW: John R. Stacy, James P, Bell, William A. Miller, Lionel Lobo. THIRD ROW: Julian C. Monnet, Lowell N, Templer, LeRoi B. Gardner. Jr., Joe B. Jarman, Richard Howland. FOURTH ROW: A. R, Mueller, Russell D. Harris, Charles R. Rontree, Marvin K. Mar- go, Edwin Rice. FIFTH ROW: Grady Jeter, William L, Wald- rop. William N. Harsha, James C. Amspacher, Kenneth Ellis. SIXTH ROW: David Flesher, David R. Brown, Ralph E. Payne, Jr., John Florence, David Gordin. SEVENTH ROW: Edwin R. Maier, Travis White, Joseph F. Messenbaugh, Joseph D. Mc- Govern. TOP ROW: Jack D. Spencer, Stephen Tkach. Ful- ton Tompkins, Lee W. Bennett. STANDING AT LEFT: Frank Maldonado, William Johnson. 47 DEPARTMENT OF CONTINUING EDUCATION-Irwin H. Brown, Kelly M West, DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGYfBOTTOM ROW:. James S LeDerer Praneis F Bartone Barney J Llmes Richard Thomp Boyle, Lucien C. Kavan, Meredith M. Appleton, William L Pir son James R Geyer John T Boaz Bobby CJ Smith Gus A ry Jim M. Taylor, Robert H. Akin. TOP ROW: S. D. Barnes DeQuenedo I-red Schacht. Jess E. Miller, Paul Donut, Jerry Blankenship Fred DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY-FRONT ROW: Er nest Lachman, Kenneth M, Richter, John E. Allison Garmon H. Daron. STANDING: Kenneth K. Faulk ner, Laurence G, Gumbreck, Robert E. Coalson, Theo dore D. McClure. DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY-BOTTOM ROW: Mabelle Jr., Joseph B. Rufhn, David E. Kemp. TOP ROW: Arnold M. S. Collins, Elizabeth M. Tackwell, Alma C. Gideon, Mary N. Mordkoif, Harold L. Williams, Oscar A. Parsons, Charles A. Ad- Hall. SECOND ROW: Gordon H. Deckert, Eugene Pumpian- sett, Ronald S. Krug, Robert, Edelberg, Jay T. Shurley, John P. Mindlin, Andre M. Weitzenhoffer, Thomas S. Ray, Arthur Vega, Wells, Donald J. Bertoch, Robert M. Wienecke. K DEPARTMENT OF BIOPSYCHOLOGY-SEATED: Andre M. Weitzen- hoifer. H. I.. Williams, Garmon H. Duron. STANDING: Robert Edelberg, Vladimir Pishkin. T l DEPARTMENT OF SURGERYfBOT- TOM ROW: John A. Schilling, G. Rainey Williams. TOP ROW: William E, Price, Thomas G. Daniel. DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY-STANDING: John A. Sokatch, Robert A. Patnode, Richard M. Hyde. SITTING: William R, Schmieding, L. Vernon Scott, G. A. Garabedian. gf ',-5:35, " ff. V, 5, S , s X' 'if 4 MVK has DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS-BOTTOM ROW: James B. Snow, Jerome D. Shaffer, Harold W, Buchner, Bertha Levy, Lil- lian Hoke, Theresa B. Hacldy, P. Noi, Joseph D. Smith, SEC- OND ROW: Samuel Sepkowitz, Herbert V. L. Sapper. THIRD ROW: Thomas Thurston, Paul David Riley, Ellidee D, Thomas, Cosmelito Cagas, Robert L. Harris, Victor R. Alvarez, George H. H, Nicholson, Lawrence A. Garrison. FOURTH ROW: Ben Chitwood, James E. Mays, Jr., Webb M. Thompson, Jr,, Delmar L. Gheen, Jr., Arthur W. Nunnery. TOP ROW: Alexander W. Pierce, Jr., M. E, Flux. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOL- OGY. Ervin G. Erdos, Joanne l. Moore, Jiro Nakano. Q... - i ,. .M DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGY-SITTING: James A. Cutter, Yildez G. Kutkam, lrvin G. Hamburger, Dr, Tapuz, STANDING: Charles A. Carmack, Dr. Correa. eww ' 5 f , , , emfzlv . I DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC Margaret F. Shackelford, Thomas N. Lynn. TOP ROW: Edward HEALTH-BOTTOM ROW: Rudolf G. Wanner, Vivian S. Smith, N, Brandt, Wilson D. Steen, Philip E. Smith, Carl A. Nau. Thom- William W. Schottstaedt, Clinton M. Miller Ill. SECOND ROW: as C. Points, Guy V. Rice, James P. Costiloe, Michael H. Ivey. I I 'I I 'ff' 54 like DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGYSBOTTOM ROW: B. Mills, William Heath, Coy McClure, Welborn W. Sanger, William Click, Carl R. Smith, Rosser Cole, Joe Block, James P, William H. Carnier, William S. Muenzler, Gerald Nixon. TOP Luton. SECOND ROW: George R. Cornelius, David W. Bishop, ROW: James R. Reed, Robert W. King, Stanton L. Witter, Jo- William A, Cunningham, Charles A. Royer, Tom L. Johnson, Ed- seph R. Henke, Donald W. Marsh, Robert A. Nozik, James win N. Robertson, Jr., Everett L. Wiggins. THIRD ROW: James Reed, James Little. . -. f-w..w',.wi -' A f "" " H is " -- - ' - - - ' '- . ...ft..,. ... ,,,, V MM . K K . ..,: q.:,.,..- L,.' . .,., .... Egg, f jfe ,-S..q1IfN?k"' ffm' Vila. -r fzmz 'HE-?2,y"Eg ",f'.-QE. v-. -.f -jc' I ' 1' ' , . . . . . -' f59+2H1"S-:- NL? 'J-9 ' 7 " ff' '. V 1--PSV 'f','lJHWff'f"zifI' 2 'M - 'F P ., . . .W.,,, . Q jmgiwu 275' 1'Er3F':ii"'Q- 1- 7-A AW' 51" . .. .- .V .. 1 . . . A. .M .. ... .t 'Q . in 1 . . . . . . .. 7 " .gl V - .. . W W.. . .5-:HQ ag -:M -- N ., W . L31 91,5 ff fi. . img 1' Q-J U ,fr , 1- 5 W ff ,Q . A 1 W' :wet tfffz'-ffWi ' t. 42 t r 'M . 'J ' ' ' ' H '7':5'7 J-'- R ' f A Lm' VVL. . . JV V V ,I ,PA I 3 " . lf- . L', f ' gf -in 1 "lEs, ai, . "' - P s V B 9 ., 2 -' Aifiii' M - . - 4 . ,, ,,, 7 ? Y 1 gm .., l ,. W . , Q 1 ' . . ..'.f- ' ,y i , i . g A 2 .,.- . . .. . : 1,1 t A i T W Xp J. . i DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGY-BOTTOM ROW: J. Jones, Thomas E. Nix, Jr., Robert L. Olson. TOP ROW: Ken- Hill Anglin, Jr., Murk A. Everett, Robert J. Morgan, Phyllis E. drick Doran, Michael Bergeon, E. A. Hankins, Dennis Weigand. DEPT. OF OTORHlNOl.ARYNGOLOGYfFlRST ROW: Walk! et. F. Sugar, W. David Stuart. FOURTH ROW: R. J. Burkett, er, McHenry, Snow, Hough. SECOND ROW: Watson, Mark- H. J. Seda, Don Resler, Dick Lowry. TOP ROW: Jack Preston, lttnd, Emcnhiser. Rogers. THIRD ROW: S. R. Shauer. B. Eich- Charles Melnsteln, John Glomset. 52 E DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY-SEATED: B. Connors J. Rodney Seely, Ronald Coleman, Kurt M. Dubowski, John So- Johnson, Mary Carpenter, Robert Delaney, Leon Unger, Albert katch, Alton Kurtz, Wallace Friedberg, Peter Alalupovia, Nor- Chandler. STANDING: Martin Griiin, Linda Parsons, Bottom- ton McDuffee. ley, Faye Sheppard, Raul Carubelli, Paul McCay, Jordan Tang, 4 i DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY-FIRST ROW: A. Kurt Eugene D. Jacobson. SECOND ROW: C. E. Melton, Robert Weiss, Darren B. Nelson, Allan J. Stanley, Lerner B. Hinshaw, Edelberg, M. Jack Keyl. at -M. MA'l'ERNALiCHlLD HEALTH: Carolyn Hardesty, instructor: Marie Mink, assistant professor: Betty Gorrell, assistant professor. sistant professor: Richard Wawro, assistant professor. ursing Faculty Serves Students W1 HISTORY OF NURSING: Ada Hawkins, professor: Cordinator Pharmacology: Charles Bradley: Nutrition: Betty Radcliffe, us- of Graduate Nurse Program: Frances Hart, assistant professor: sistant professor. PSYCHIATRIC: Nancy Mayes, instructor: Martha Stockwell, as- fi? ,s ,Q M Bl A E li f X S5 xx... S 'ix f A -ino- SCHOOL OF MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY STAFF-FRONT ROW: Dana Hooper, Sue Hoy, Wanda Neugebauer, lrene Nie- ROW: Bill Deal, Vernon less, Auldon Hutton. MEDICAL-SURGICAL: Shir- ley Dooling, assistant professor: Herbert Nishikawa. assistant professor: Susan Dewey, assist- ant professor, Verna Holtzen, assistant professor. PUBLIC HEALTH: Jess Celia Nunley, instructor: Bernice Hop kins, assistant professor: Mary Nell Cole. assistant professor. Ficken, Willard Dallas, Clarence Bay- i l vel, Crystal Ejeik, Kendell Jungery, Bobbie Davis. SECOND l gs' I 4 '.-t at Q, , .V 3 . V A ,,,, ,V '62 5 5?x45'cN"" L ' vsgigaax Q 1 7 K , it - X if 1 , r f A I in .. L M i ,. ,V ' V i Af- C. :V , ' ' ' N Ji 7 . . W e 9 3323. .L rft- - , " Q' ' f V. , Wife L 3, ' " J 3,1 Y? Q S ml 5 ,Q . W., W .... . Q i n ttts 1 , 374-'11 L 3:3 lf C C , ' l 'E , i . .. -1- -K. , ' - V. " K 4 4. t L We ' f ' fs. i ...Fm M Q 'ttt M DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLOGY-BOTTOM ROW: Sidney P. Traub, Gail D, Adams, Carl R, Bogardus, Jr., Seymour H. Levitt, C. L. DeLany. SECOND ROW: G. H. Ladd, Charles H, Lawrence, G. S. Kang, C. E. Prather, L. E. Swischuk. TOP ROW: G. Maheshwari, J. Wills, R. G. Dickson, J. K. Chesnul, R. G. Wilson, J. T. Forsythe, G. G. Evans, A. Songseng. Medical Center Faculty 1, ,. X, X E fi Ar f wi, 1 r . ' s, . A , DEPARTMENT OF LABORATORY MEDICINE-BOTTOM ROW: Kurt M. Dubowski, Ben l. Heller, Francis G. Felton. TOP ROW: Auldon F. Hutton, Carol T. McCoy, Clarence F- Bayless. Students Vote Aesculapian ward The Aesculapian Awards are chosen by the students who name the instructor they felt most outstanding in the teaching field. The criteria are not Hxed but left up to the student's own concept of what good instruction is. Chosen by the sophomore class as the most outstanding professor was Marion deVeauX Cotton. Dr. Cotton received his B.S. from the University of Charleston in 1948. Three years later he completed his Masters at the Univer- sity of South Carolina, an in 1952 received his Ph.D. In addition to being Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology and well known researcher, he serves on the National Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Alexander W. Pierce, Jr. was chosen by the seniors as the most popular clinical profes- sor. Dr. Pierce received his B.A. in 1952 and his M.D. in 1956, both from Vanderbilt Uni- versity. At the Medical Center Dr. Pierce pur- sues his study of pediatrics and serves as Di- rector of the Pediatric Out-Patient Clinics. DR. MARION deVAUX COTTON Professor of Pharmacology DR. ALEXANDER W. PIERCE. lr. Assistant Professor of Pediatrics HONORED STUDENTS - Rayburne W. Goen, Jr, Leroy Long Prizeg Gabriel A. Shapiro, Harry Wilkins Prize: Gary W. Harris, Peter E. Russo Prizeg Lloyd John Davis, Alexander D. Everett Award, Dr. Tom Lowry Awardg Alan Duane Menefee, Augustine S. and Natalie G. Lopez Award: Robert W. Daniels, Mark R. Everett Award, Roche Awardg Robert B. Livingston, Coyne H. Campbell Award. School Honors Student Excellence The Medical Center grants many awards and prizes to students who have excelled in some phase of their medical studies. The LeRoy Long Prize is presented to the freshman student who achieves the highest grade average in gross anatomy. This year's prize went to Rayburne W. Goen, Jr. Gary W. Harris received the Peter E. Russo Prize for the highest scholastic attainment in radiologic anatomy. The Harry Wilkins Prize for the highest grade average in neuroanatomy went to Ga- briel A. Shapiro. The Alexander D. Everett Award, for "ex- cellence and interest in Biochemistry" went to Lloyd John Davis. Lloyd also won the Dr. Tom Lowry Award which is given to the freshman with the highest grade average. Robert W. Daniels received the Mark R. Everett and Roche Awards. The Mark R. Ev- erett Award is given to a junior medical stu- dent who shows outstanding promise during his sophomore year. The Roche Award is given to the junior medical student who best exemplifies the ideals of the modern American physician. Receiving the Coyne H. Campbell Award for 'loutstanding scholarship, intellectual abil- ity, and creative ability" displayed during the junior year was Robert B. Livingston. ERMA JEAN MAUCH, MSiv, received the Alice Crocker Lloyd Fellowship of National Alpha Lamb- da Delta. a national award given on a competitive basis. vit 'X ' 2 fiiiikili I i V via-'22 L Q ll If 11 .. 1 fi ,-eSQ?ifi?igiifI11,S:viii - 1: ,- u:,,xw..: : Y ,erm-:fit --fA- :.,1h f A -wafwigmsws fw,ff,-fe , , -.aa-.":,z:a f..-115: w-fiffssiiivt-525' ,git THE SHERMAN Laboratories Medical Libraries went to Ralph M, Yeakley and John E. Lewis. FRESHMEN receiving a Sherman Laboratories Medical Library were Alfredo Cartaya and Hugh Eddy. Freshmen Earn Variety of wards A wide variety of awards are available to the incoming freshman. Most are cash schol- arships presented by an interested individual, medical association or company. The Avalon Foundation presented scholar- ships to Michael M. Blue, Virginia A. Bush, Clifford K. Calloway, Frank P. Crowe, Daniel R. Davis, Everette N. Gibbens, Rodney O. Sawtell, and James S. Thompson. The Mark R. Everett Scholarship was awarded to Marilyn J. Crouch. Recipients of the Oklahoma City Clinic Scholarships were Richard E. Martin and James L. Morris. The Oklahoma State Medical Association presented scholarships to Jackie J. Beller, John M. Burford, Preston D. Cosgrove, Margaret B. Cox, and Hebert L. Ingham. Alfredo Cartaya and Hugh E. Eddy receiv- ed Sherman Laboratories Medical Libraries. I.,-.... AVALON Foundation Scholarships went to: Mich- ael Blue, Daniel Davis. Frank Crowe, Clifford Cal- laway, Virginia Bush. James Thomson. RECIPIENTS of the Okla- homa State Medical Assn. Scholarships were LL to RJ: Larry Ingham, Margaret Cox, John Burford, Jackie Beller. and Preston Cos- grove. OKLA. City Clinic Scholar- ships went to Richard E. Martin and James L. Mor- ris. Marilyn J. Crouch won thc Mark R. Everett Schol- arship. The Seekers of Wisdom IN addition to slight left ventricular hypertrophy the patient DR. DOSSER eagerly purveys the literature for pearls of is left handed, smokes a pipe, likes classical music, and , . . professional wisdom. "DAMN, it was Earlln exclaim Doctors Ingham and Hurst. 5. Q f it Z r-as -:E , . .. Y' COME now, Dr. Hubbard, that's no way to draw blood. 7 l 3. THE C. G. Gunn Award for Athetoid Motion went to Chuck lSwivel Hipsj Freeman. THE intern l'd most like to do a rectal on is. . . 63 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: John W. Ellis, Social Chairmang Robert G. Hooper, Secretary-Treasurerg Kenneth Whittington Presidentg Warren Kendall, Vice-President. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Bill Smith, Presidentg David Wyatt, Vice- Presidentg Erma Jean Mauch, Secre- tary-Treasurer: Bill Perryman, So- cial Chairman. 'R gm edioal School Class ffioers SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Tom Lu- cas. Secretaary-Treasurer: Joe Karkowski. Vice President: Stanley Jones. President. pi t mu, I ml FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Tom Dodson. Secretary-Trcatsurcr: Jackie Boller. President: Ray Brady. Vice-President. Class of 196 ANDERSON, VICTOR GARY, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Tulsa, Okla, BIRD, WILLIAM FRANKLIN, B.A., Stanford U, '55, B.S., U of Okla, '59, Law- ton, Okla. BOWIE, JAMES DWIGHT, B.A., U of Okla., '63, Okla. City, Okla., BROWN, SPENCER HENTON, JR., B.A., U of Arkansas, '63, Fayette- ville, Arkansas, BYNUM, LINCOLN JAMES, A.B., Harvard U, '63, Okla. City, Okla. CHEATHAM, WILLIAM MARSHALL, B.A., U of Okla., '64, Ardmore, Okla., CHRISTIANSEN, JOHNNY RAYMOND, B.A., U of Okla., '60, B.S., U of Okla., '63, Ulysses, Kansas, CLAFLIN, DALE GENE, Wakita, Okla., COALE, THOMAS WARREN, B.S., Central State College, '64, Oke- mah., COHENOUR, STEVEN SCOTT, Tulsa, Okla. COKER, JOE EDWARD, Okla. City, Okla., COOK, WILLIAM FLOYD, JR., B.S., Central State College, '64, Okla. City, Okla., CRAIG, JOHN THOMAS, JR., A.B., Phillips U, '60, Enid, Okla., CULP, WILLIAM COMBS, McAIester, Okla., CUNNINGHAM, GENE CLARK, JR., B.S., U of Okla., '64, Okla. City, Okla. DICKEY, ROBERT ALLAN, B.A., Westminster Coll., '63, Okla. City, Okla., DIEKER, WILLIAM EUGENE, B.S., Okla. State U, '64, Pryor, Okla., DIX, ROBERT, A.B., Phillips U, '57, Enid, Okla., DOMBEK, STANLEY JOSEPH, B.S., Northeast- ern State Coll, '63, Henryetta, Okla., ELAM, GARY WAYNE, B.S., Okla. State U, '63, Tulsa, Okla. ELLIS, EDWIN FRENCH, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Muskogee, Okla., EVANS, KENNETH LEON, B.S., Okla. State U, '64, Marietta, Okla,, FLAM- ING, GEORGE BERT, B.S., U of Okla., '63, Cloud Chief, Okla., FREEMAN, COY, B.S., Okla. State U, '64, McAIester, Okla., GILSON, MAYO DEAN, B.A,, Okla. City U, '64, Okla. City, Okla. GLASSER, MARTIN EVAN, B.S., Okla. State U, '64, Okla. City, Okla., GOSNELL, CHARLES RAY, Tahlequah, Okla., GRAHAM, LARRY GILL, B.S., Northeastern State Coll., '63, Tahle- quah, Okla., HAM, CHARLES LINDELL, Tulsa, Okla., HAHBISON, JOE BOB, Tulsa, Okla. HARDBERGER, R. E., JR., Beaver, Okla., HES- TER, JEANE PORTER, B.A., Okla. Coll. for Women, '51, Chickasha, Okla., HILL, RONALD JOSEPH, Clinton, Okla,, HOLDEN, SALLY, B.A., Texas Christian U, '62, Fort Worth, Texas, JACK- MAN, WILLIAM MARTINEAU, B.A., U of Okla, '62, Norman, Okla. JONES, JOHNNY H., JR., B.S., U of Okla., '64, Shawnee, Okla., KAUFMAN, CHRISTIAN ED- GAR, JR., B.S., U of Mass, '62, Greenfield, Mass, KELLEY, MARK ALAN, B.A., Okla. State U, '63, Houston, Texas, LAPO, CHESTER HOW- ARD, Concordia, Kansas, LEONARD, JOSEPH EDWARD, Rush Springs, Okla. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT BOYD, B.A., U of Okla., '63, Okla. City, Okla., LOCKE, STANLEY JACK, B.A., U of Okla., '57, Ardmore, Okla., LYNCH, BOB EDWIN, B.S. U of Tulsa, '63, Tulsa, Okla., MAUCH, ERMA JEAN, Sapulpa, Okla., MCCLOY, ROBERT BURT, B.A., West- minster Coll, '63, Okla. City, Okla, MCKEAN, JOSEPH DEWEY, JR., B.S., Central State Coll, '64, Okla. City, Okla., MCLAURY, RALPH LEON, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Ponca City, Okla., MILLER, KENNETH RICHARD, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Hartshorne, Okla., MITCHELL, RUSSELL CURNETT, Milburn, Okla., MYERS, LEO ALAN, B.S., Northwestern State Coll, '56, Jet, Okla. NORTH, RONALD JOHANN, B.A., Phillips U, '64, Enid, Okla., PARKS, GARLAND LEON, Tipton, Okla., PARSONS, EARL HOWARD, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Lawton, Okla., PATTY, RANDEL ANDREW, B.S., East Central State Coll, '63, Ada, Okla., PATZKOWSKY, JUDY ROBBINS, Muskogee, Okla. Senior Look Forward to Interning PERRYMAN, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR., B.S., Northeastern State Coll, '58, Tahlequah, Okla., PETTETT, JACKIE, Caddo, Okla., PETTI- GROVE, JOHN ROBERT, B,S., U of Okla., '64, Bartlesville, Okla., PINGLETON, WILLIAM WARREN, Haileyville, Okla., RICKS, JAMES RALPH, B.S., Southwestern State Coll, '63, Okla. City, Okla. RISER, CLARENCE ALFRED, B.S., Okla. State U, '64, Henryetta, Okla., ROBISON, ELMO J., JR., Hugo, Okla., SANGER, FENTON MON- RONEY, B.A., U of Okla., '62, Okla City, Okla: SEWARD, CHARLES WENDELL, Okla. City, Okla., SHADID, NAEBEL L., B.S., Central State Coll, '63, Okla. City, Okla. SHANE, JOHN MARDER, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Tulsa, Okla., SHAW, ROBERT WAYNE, B.S., Kansas State Coll of Pittsbur, '62, Miami, Okla., SHERMAN, DAVID GORDON, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Lexington, Okla., SHERMAN, JUDITH MY- ERS, B.S., U of Tulsa, '63, Tulsa, Okla., SHRAGO, GARY GEORGE, B.A., U of Okla., '63, Sioux City, Iowa. SINGER, NORMAN PAUL, B.A., Brandeis U, '62, Okla. City, Okla., SMITH, MICHAEL BUR- WELL, B.A., Yale U, '63, Tulsa, Okla., SMITH, WILLIAM DALE, B.S., Okla. State U, '63, No- wata, Okla., STAMATIS, JOHN JAMES, B.A., Westminster Coll, '63, Okla. City, Okla., STARK, WALTER JACKSON, JR., Okla. City, Okla. STICE, RICHARD BEIL, B.S., Okla. State U, '61, Odessa, Texas, STUEMKY, JOHN HOWARD, B.A., U of Okla., '63, Newkirk, Okla., TREAT, ELMER LAWRENCE, B.A., Okla State U, '60, Noble, Okla., WALLACE, WILLIAM WILSON, JR., BA., Westminster Coll, '63, Ardmore, Okla.1 WAREN, JAMES ROBERT, B.A,, Central State Coll, '62, B.S., Central State Coll, '64, Kingfisher, Okla. WEEDN, ROBERT JAMES, B.A., U of Okla., '63, Duncan, Okla., WHITE, ELIZABETH HELEN, Denver, Colo., WILLIAMS, CURTIS SCOTT, B.S., Okla State U, '64, Stillwater, Okla., WIL- SON, DON ALLEN, Blackwell, Okla., WOOD- WARD, HAROLD JACKSON, Fairview, Okla: WYATT, DAVID EMIL, B.A. U of Okla, '63: Sapulpa, Okla. i 7 ABRAMS, GARY WAYNE, Purcell, Okla., BAG- LEY, PRESTON ALBERT, Midwest City, Okla., BARBER, DOROTHY G., B.A., Southern Meth- odist U, '49, M.A., Texas Christian U, '51, Ft. Worth, Texas, BELL, MICHAEL EDWARD, B.S., Central State Coll, .64, Edmond, Okla., BERRY, JACK LEE, Cushing, Okla. BIAS, HERBERT ISAAC, JR., B.S., Okla. State U, '63, Shidler, Okla., BORRELL, GARY KENT, Okla. City, Okla., BRAZIL, CLARK WESLEY, Sentinel, Okla., BURTON, VAUD ALONZO, B.A., Okla. City, U, '62, Ardmore, Okla., BUTLER, HARRISON GORDON, III, Tulsa, Okla. CAMPBELL, STEPHEN BILL, Tulsa, Okla., CONNALLY, JACK DENNIS, B.S., Okla. State U, '60, M.S., U of Washington, '61, Stratford, Okla., CORNELISON, RAYMOND LOUIS, JR., Okla. City, Okla., DANIELS, ROBERT WESLEY, B.S., U of Okla., '61, Okla. City, Okla., DILL- ING, JEROME MARTIN, JR., Fletcher, Okla. duPLESSIS, GORST HUBBALL, B.A., Okla. City, U, '64, Pretoria, South Africa, ENGEL, MARY ANN, Ada, Okla., ENGLES, PHYLLIS P., B.S., Southeastern State Coll, '65, Durant, Okla., FIN- NEY, JACKIE LARENCE, B.S., Okla. State U, '64, Webbers Fall, Okla., FREENY, PATRICK CLINTON, A.B., Davidson College, '64, Okla. City, Okla. GARRETT, DONALD HUGH, B.A., U of Okla., '63, Okla. City, Okla., GIBBENS, WILLIAM PAXTON, B.S., U of Okla,, '64, Okla. City, Okla., GIDDENS, JIMMY DONALD, Wakita, Okla., GREEN, LAWRENCE CHARLES, Lawton, Okla., GUNN, CHARLES MORRIS, B.S., Southwestern State Coll, '63, Cordell, Okla. HARRIS, GRAY WALTER, B.S., Northwestem State Coll, '63, Dacoma, Okla., HARRIS, THOM- AS DANTON, Okla. City, Okla., HART, JAMES HARLAN, B.S., Southwestern State Coll, '63, McTeamsboro, Illinois, MAYHURST, JOSEPH WARNER, B.S., U of Okla., '62, Blanchard, Okla., HESKETT, DELBERT LEON, B.A., Okla. State U, '62, Crescent, Okla. Juniors End First l1n1cal Year HOOPER, ROBERT GEORGE, Okla. City, Okla., HOUTMAN, DANIEL JAY, B.S., U of Tulsa, '64, Tulsa, Okla., HUBBARD, WILLIAM ANDREW, B.S., U of Okla, '64, Okla. City, Okla., HUGHES, LYNN ALLEN, B.A., Okla. Baptist U, '61, B.D., Southwestern Baptist Seminary, '64, Columbus, Ohio, JACKLER, IRA MICHAEL, B.S., Long Island U, '64, Valley Stream, New York. JOHNSON, LINDA MAE, B.A., Okla. Coll for Women, '64, Chickasha, Okla., KENDALL, WAR- REN WERTH, B.A., Westminster College, '62, Tulsa, Okla., KRASNOW, ROBERT WILLIAM, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Norman, Okla., LaMONTE, SAMUEL JON, B.A., U of Okla., '64, Okla. City, Okla., LAWTON, SHERMAN BRUCE, Norman, Okla, Class of 1968 LAY, STEPHEN ALDEN, Tulsa, Okla., LE- HEW, ELTON WILMOT, JR., B.A., Yale Univ., '63, Guthrie, Okla., LEWIS, TERRY MACK, B.S., Northwestern State Coll, '64, Lamont, Okla., MANSUR, LAURENCE RAY, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Tulsa, Okla., MARVEL, JAMES EBBERT, Ft. Sill, Okla. MATTHEWS, SIDNEY RAY, B.S., Northwestern State College of Louisiana, '64, Wilson, Okla., Mc- DANIEL, WILLIAM JAMES, B.S., Okla. State U, '64, Haskell, Okla., MCGUIRE, WILLIAM ED- WIN, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Talihina, Okla., Mc- LAUGHLIN, JOHN DOUGLAS, AB., Bethany Nazarene College, '64, Parma, Ohio, MENEFEE, ALAN DUANE, Ada, Okla. MONK, RUTHANN, Norman, Okla., MOORAD, NICHOLAS EID, Marjoyoun, Lebanon, MOORE, GARY MEDFORD, B.A., Okla., City U, '64, Wellston, Okla., MURPHY, THOMAS MEAD, B.A., Westminster College, '64, Ponca City, Okla., NAU, LARRY MELVIN, B.S,, U of Texas, '63, Austin, Texas. NEAL, CHARLES LAWRENCE, Tulsa, Okla., NEUMANN, DAVID ANTHONY, Okarche, Okla., OGLESBEE, JOHN ROBERT, B.S., East Central State College, '61, Muskogee, Okla,, OLD- HAM, WINNIFRED BERT, B.S,, Okla. State U, '59, Sacramento, Calif., PARK, PAUL FRAN- CIS, B.A., Phillips U, '64, Tulsa, Okla. PRYOR, IRA JOE, Olustee, Okla., REED, ROD- DIE LeROY, Okla. City, Okla., RIKKERS, JOHN KENNETH, B.A., U of Minn, '62, Greenfield, Missouri, ROBINSON, MALCOLM G., B.S., Tu. lane U, '64, Okla. City, Okla., ROSELL, JOSE A,, B.S., U of Havana, '58, Havana, Cuba. SAMARA, ESBER NABEEH, Okla. City, Okla., SANDLIN, MICHAEL ETHAN, McAlester, Ok- la., SEDOTAL, ROYCE LEON, B.S., Lamar Col- lege of Technology, '57, Port Arthur, Texas, SHIELDS, STANLEY KENT, Tulsa, Okla., SIN- GLETON, RANDALL PARIS, Tulsa, Okla. SLIGHT, SARA BARNHART, B.S., Central State Coll, '64, Okla, City, Okla., SMITH, VERNE ALEXANDER, JR., B.S., Okla. State U, '64, Tul- sa, Okla., STEPHENSON, STEPHEN VERL, B.S., U of Okla., '64, Chickasha, Okla., STOKES, MARTIN LUTHER, B.S., East Central State Coll, '62, Ada, Okla., TAYLOR, CHARLES DeWITT, B.A, Central State Coll, Okla. City, Okla. THOMPSON, MARGARET JUNE, B.A., Okla. City U, '64, Hobbs, New Mexico, TISDAL, VIC- TOR CLIFFORD, III, B.S., Texas AXLM Univ, '64, Elk City, Okla., TUCK, CARL, Tulsa, Okla., WALTERS, ROLAND A., III, Okla. City, Okla., WILSON, GARY WAINE, Lawton, Okla. WHITTINGTON, KENNETH WILLIAMS, B,S., Texas Tech College, '56, Amarillo, Texas, WIT- TELS, ELLISON HAROLD, B.A., U of Okla, '64, Okla. City, Okla,, WEBER, WAYNE RAY- MOND, B.A., Augustana Coll '64, Sioux Falls, S. Dakota, B.S., U of S. Dakota, '66, Lesterville, South Dakota, WOOD, JOHN ALVIN, Minco, Okla., WYATT, WILLIE GLEN, B.A., Okla. State U, '64, Dill City, Okla, I VIII I K I Class of 1969 ARMSTRONG, SINCLAIR WALKER, JR., Vian, Okla., ARNOLD, JAMES TAPLEY, B,A., Ken- yon College, '65, Tulsa, Okla., BALDWIN, JOHN TIMOTHY, B.A., OSU, '65, Bartlesville, Okla, BARCLAY, BILLY ORAL, B.S., OSU, '65, Cush- ing, Okla., BERRY, DENNIS WAYNE, Okla. City, Okla., BLUM, STEPHEN MICHAEL, B.S., Long Is, U, '65, Brooklyn, N.Y. BONNELL, MARGARET ELIZABETH, B.A., U of Ark,, '65, Muskogee, Ok1a.,BRANT, DOUG- LAS WAYNE, B.S., Northeastern State Coll., '65, Stigler, Okla., BROOKS, LYLE WESLEY, B.A., Abilene Christian College, '63, Sulphur, Okla., BROWN, PHILLIP PENDLETON, Tulsa, Okla., BROWNING, JAMES WILLIAM, B.S., OSU, '65, Okla. City, Okla., BRYAN, PHILIP CLAY, B.S., Okla. Christian C., '63, Clinton, Okla,, CHAN, DAVID TIT-CHIU, Hong Kong, China. COFFMAN, DENNIS WAYNE, B.S., Central State College, '65, Okla. City, Okla., COHEN, STEPHEN CARL, B,S., U of Miami, '65, Brook- lyn, N.Y., COUCH, CARY WILLIAM, B.S., OSU, '65, Jones, Okla., COWDEN, DAVID ANTHONY, B.S., U of Okla., '65, Okla. City, Okla., CROW- DER, DAVID FRANK, B.S., U of Okla., '66, Ponca City, Okla. DANDRIDGE, WALTER CURTIS, JR., Pauls Valley, Okla., DARROW, BRUCE ALVIN, B.A., Phillips U, '65, Okla. City, Okla., DAVIS, LLOYD JOHN, B.A., Rice U, '65, Chickasha, Okla., DENARO, ANTHONY THOMAS, B.S., City College of N.Y., '60, Bronx, N.Y., DIT- MORE, QUINTON MICHAEL, Grove, Okla., DOSSER, GLENN PETE, Lawton, Okla. DWYER, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Ponca City, Okla., DYER, NORRIS WILLIAM, B., Mus. Ed., U of Tulsa, '59, Tulsa, Okla., FREEMAN, CHARLES CHURCHILL, Okla. City, Okla., FRIEDEN- BERGER, JOHN BUSCH, B.A., Phillips U, '61, LaJunta, Colorado, FREUND, JOSEPH NOR- MAN, B.A., OSU, '63, Lawton, Okla., GALLO- WAY, DAN CROSS, B.A., Hardin-Simmons U, '65, Abilene, Texas. GIDEON, WILLIAM PATRICK, B.S., OSU, '65, Perry, Okla., GILL, CARL CARTER, B.A., West- minster College, '65, Okla. City, Okla., GOEN, RAYBURNE WYNDHAM, JR., B.S., U of Okla., '64, Tulsa, Okla., GOLD, JONATHAN ALAN, B. A., Boston U, '63, Bloomlield, Conn., GREEN, RICHARD DEWAR, Norman, Okla., GREGORY, JERRY GLEN, B.A., OCU, '65, Enid, Okla. HAGOOD, KENNETH WENDELL, B.A., U of N.M., '65, Albuquerque, N.M., HARDGRAVE, NEWT LEWIS, B.S., OSU, '63, Henryetta, Okla., HARKEY, MICHAEL ROWE, Midwest City, Okla., HASSMAN, GARY CHARLES, B.S., OSU, '65, Anchorage, Kentucky, HENDERSON, WILLIAM MONROE, B.A., U of Okla., '65 Mus- kogee, Okla., HOWARD, THOMAS RICHARD, JR., B.S., U of Tulsa, '65, Claremore, Okla. HUFF, RICHARD CLAUDE, B.S., SWSC, '64, Geary, Okla., JACOBS, LAWRENCE ARTHUR, A.B., U of Penn., '64, Tulsa, Okla., JOERN, AL- BERT TERRY, Lawton, Okla., JONES, STAN- LEY CHARLES, B.A., Texas Tech College, '65, Plainview, Texas, KARKOWSKI, JOSEPH LEE, B.S., U of Houston, '60, Houston, Texas, KAY, LAWRENCE LEON, Vinita, Okla. KILLEBREW, LAWRENCE KING, Okla. City, Okla., KINNEY, JAMES BEDFORD, JR., B.S., Okla. Christian College, '65, San Angelo, Texas, KRUSE, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Okla. City, Okla., LAWLESS, ISAAC JESSE, B.S., CSC, '65, Wa- tonga, Okla., LEE, YONG MING, B.A., OCU, '65, Sibu, Sarawak, LEWIS, JOHN EDGAR, B.S., ECSC, '63, Martha, Okla. LIPE, BILL H., Okla. City, Okla., LOWRY, JOE LEE, B.S., U. of Okla., '65, Blanchard, Okla., LUCAS, THOMAS WILLIAM, Okla. City, Okla., MCCAFFREE, DONALD ROBERT, B.S., OSU, '65, Stillwater, Okla., MCCURDY, JAMES RICH- ARD, Purcell, Okla., MCINNIS, WILLIAM DA- VID, B.A., Westminster C., '65, Okla City, Okla., MADEWELL, JOHN EDWARD, Midwest City, Okla. MARKO, MICHAEL WALTER, B.S., U. of Okla., '64, Okla. City, Okla., MASK, DENNIS RAY, B. S., CSC, '64, Midwest City, Okla., MAUSEL, ROBERT SOL, B.S., Adelphi U., '64, Forest Hills, N. Y., MILLER, DAVID DOUGLAS, Grand- field, Okla., MINOR, DANNY LEE, B.S., oCC, '64, Wichita, Kansas, MORGAN, DICK ALLEN, B.S., Bethany Nazarene C., '65, Ponca City, Okla. MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD SULEIMAN, B.A., Texas Wesleyan C., '65, Ft. Worth Texas, NEW- BERRY, ROBERT CARROLL, B.S., SWSC, '65, Sentinel, Okla., NEWELL, STEVEN WALDO, Enid, Okla., NORBERG, HANS PETER, B.A., Haverford, C., '63, Tulsa, Okla., O'NEILL, WIL- LIAM WADE, Okla. City, Okla., ORR, LINDA SUE, Roosevelt, Okla., OSBORN, CARL LAR- RY, Ada, Okla. PHILLIPS, ROBERT HASKELL, B.E., SWSC, '65, Stillwater, Okla., PRENTICE, GEORGIA RAE, B.S., CSC, '62, Okla. City, Okla., SALEM, ANTHONY GEORGE, B.A., U. of Okla., '65, Drumright, Okla., SAVAGE, JOE GREER, Okla. City, Okla., SHACKFORD, JOHN STARLING, B.S., Duke U., '64, Okla. City, Okla., SHAPIRO, GABRIEL AVRUM, B.A., Tulane U., '65, Tul- sa, Okla., SHORT, ARVIN DALE, B.S., SWSC, '65, Weatherford, Okla. SHRADER, FLOYD RAY, B.S., CSC, '65, Okla. City, Okla., SIMMONS, TERRILL HUGH, B.S., U. of Okla., '65, Tonkawa, Okla., SLAGLE, RICHARD CORBIN, B.S., U. of Okla., '62, Okla. City, Okla., SLICK, WILLIAM CLIFFORD, B. S., U, of Calif., Okla. City, Okla., SMITH, JAY STEVEN, Okla. City, Okla., STAIGER, JAMES LEROY, B.S., NWSC, '64, Burlington, Okla. STOUT, KEITH BERNARD, B.S., OSU, '65, E1- Reno, Okla., SWAN, WILLIAM RUSSELL, Pry- or, Okla., SWEET, ROBERT LELDON, B.A., Baylor U., '65, Texhoma, Okla., TAN, POLY, PHNOMPENH, Cambodia, TAXTER, MAX E., Garnett, Kansas, TROY, JERRY BOB, B.S., NESC, '61, McAlester, Okla. ophomores TRUETT, HERBERT WINTERS, JR., B.S. U of Okla. '66, Montgomery, Alabama, VOILES, JOHN DAVID, B.A., U. of Okla. '65 Hooker, Okla., WAINNER, KENNETH FRED, JR., B.A., OCU, '65, Okla. City, Oklahoma, WALLACH, STE- PHEN, JOSEPH, B.S., Brooklyn College of Phar- Macy, '65, Brooklyn, N. Y., WATERS, VICTOR OWEN, Skiatook, Okla., WHITE, ROBERT LLOYD, II, B.S., U. of Tulsa, Tulsa Oklahoma. WIGHT, JAMES FRANCIS, Enid, Okla., WIL- LITS, VERNE LEROY, JR., B.S., SWSC, '65, Fairview, Okla., WRIGHT, RONALD EUGENE, Okla. City, Okla., YEAKLEY, RALPH MCLYNN, B.S., U. of Texas, '57, Dallas, Texas, YOSELOFF, MARLIN DAVID, Pharm. D., U. of Calif., '65, Long Beach, Calif., YOUNG, DOROTHY, Okla. City, Okla. ALVARADO, ANTHONY, Okla. City, Okla., AN- DERSON, LLOYD TILLMAN, B.S., U. of Ok- la., '66, Sapulpa, Okla., ANDREWS, MITCHELL DeWAYNE, B.S., Baylor U., '66, Okla. City, Okla., AYCOCK, ALAN EVERETT, B.A., OCU, '65, Lawton, Okla., BECK, SHERRI LYNN, B.A., OCU, '66, Okla. City, Okla., BELLER, JACKIE JUAN, B.S., OSU, '67, Midwest City, Okla. BLUE, MICHAEL M., B.S., NWSC, '66, Alva, Okla., BOATSMAN, RICHARD J., D.V.M., OSU, '64, Edmond, Okla., BOYD, DAVID ROBINSON, B.A., U. of Okla., '66, Norman, Okla., BOYD, GEORGE BRYANT, Tulsa, Okla., BRADLEY, NATHAN EDWARD, B.S., Panhandle A 8: M, '66, Goodwell, Okla., BRADY, RAYMOND ED- WARD, B.A., U. of Okla., '66, Tulsa, Okla. BROWN, HAYDEN CHRIS, Tulsa, Okla., BUR- FORD, JOHN MICHAEL, B.A., U. of Okla., '66, Lindsay, Okla., BURNETT, VIRGIL CHRIS, B. S., OSU, '66, Marietta, Okla., BUSH, VIRGINIA ANN, B.S., CSC, '66, Okla. City, Okla., CALLA- WAY, CLIFFORD K., Bethany, Okla., CAN- NON, JAY PAUL, B.A., U. of Okla., '59, B.S., SWSC, '66, Wirt, Okla. CARTAYA, ALFREDO, Miami, Florida, COOK, STEPHEN JAY, Shawnee, Okla., COSGROVE, PRESTON DALE, B.S., OSU, '67, McAlester, Okla., COX, MARGARET ANN BUFORD, B. S., U .of Ark., '66, Checotah, Okla., CROUCH, MARILYN JUNE, B.S., Bethany Nazarene Col- lege, '67, Bethany, Okla., CROWE, FRANK PAT- RICK, Bray, Ireland. CURREY, H. WAYNE, B.A., Colo. State C., '65, Collbran, Colo., DAVIS, DANIEL ROY, A,B., Bethany Nazarene College, '66, Gadag, India, DIX- SON, JIMMY DON, Seminole, Okla., DODSON, THOMAS ANTHONY, Okla. City, Okla., DUG- GER, JOHN WALTER, Anadarko, Okla., EAS- LEY, RONALD BYRON, B.S., OBU, '64, M.S., U. of Okla., '66, Okla. City, Okla., EDDY, HUGH EUGENE, B.S., Oregon State U., '61, Eugene, Oregon. FESLER, WILLIAM LEROY, M.S., U. of Okla., '66, Midwest City, Okla., FREED, JAMES ED- WIN, B.S., OCC, '66, Okla. City, Okla., GA- LOOB, HARRY DAVID, B.A., U. of Okla., '66, Okla. City, Okla., GIBBENS, EVERETTE, Okla. City, Okla., GILBERT, JAMES MELVIN, B.A., Bethany Nazarene C., '66, Bethany, Okla., GIL- LAM, JANET, Bartlesville, Okla., GRANTHAM, ROY NATHAN, JR., B.A., Phillips U., '66, Gage, Okla. Freshman Year Reall Rough Road GREGG, LAWRENCE J., B.S., U. of Okla., '67, Durant, Okla., GREGSTON, JACK LEON, Okla. City, Okla., HANSON, THOMAS JAMES, B.S., U. of Okla., '66, Okla City, Okla., HARRISON, LYNN HENRY, JR., B.A., Yale U., '66, Okla. City, Okla., HARWELL, PHILLIP RAY, Del City, Okla., HASKEW, STEPHEN WALTER, Branson, Missouri. HOLLOWAY, JOEL ELLIS, B.S., U. of Okla., '66, Davis, Okla., HOLT, CHARLES JUDSON, B.S., U. of Okla., '66, Okla City, Okla., HOOD, ROBERT SIDNEY, B.A., U. of Okla., '65, Nor- man, Okla., HOOK, CARL TRUMAN, Weather- ford, Okla., HOWARD, PAUL ANTHONY, Okla. City, Okla., HUDSON, ROBERT ETCHISON, B.A., Westminster C., '66, Muskogee, Okla. Class Of 19 0 HURST, FRED MILTON, JR., B.S., U. of Okla., '67, Ponca City, Okla., INGHAM, HERBERT LAIRD, JR., Ponca City, Okla., IMES, NORMAN KERR, JR., B.S., U. of Okla., '67, Midwest City, Okla., JOHNSON, EARL, Okla. City, Okla., JOHNSON, JAMES MILTON, Edmond, Okla., KELLY, GARRY WAYNE, Bethany, Okla. LAASCH, DONALD HENRY, B.A., Lewis Col- lege, '66, Lemont, Illinois, LENZ, ANTHONY LOUIS, B.S., SWSC, '64, Laverne, Okla., LE- VEAUX, GUY DAVID, B.A., Yale U., '66, Nor- man, Okla., LOGAN, MARY ELLA, B.A., OCU, '66, Okla. City, Okla., LOVE, WALLACE BOND, B.S., U. of Okla., '66, Tulsa, Okla., MARTIN, RICHARD EUGENE, Pryor, Okla. MEINHARDT, MILTON ALLEN, Okla. City, Okla., MEINHARDT, MYRON KEITH, Okla. City, Okla., MENDOZA, JOE, Okla. City, Okla., MILLS, STEPHEN CURRIE, B.S., OSU, '66, Stillwater, Okla., MOORE, HARRY CLINTON, B.S., SWSC, '61, Bethany, Okla., MORRIS, JAMES LAROY, A.B., Stanford U., '66, Okla. City, Okla. MORRONE, JEANETTE LOUISE, Westerly, Rhode Island, MURPHY, EVERETT M., III, Tulsa, Okla., OGLE, CHARLES ALLEN, Bro- ken Arrow, Okla., PICKETT, NEAL ANTHONY, JR., B.S., SWSC, '66, Elk City, Okla., PRATER, LARRY MICHAEL, B.A., U. of Okla., '66, Tul- sa, Okla., RHODES, JERRY LEE, Hugo, Okla. RHODES, RAY FREDERICK, JR., Okla. City, Okla., RICHARDSON, DAVID, B.S., NESC, '66, Tulsa, Okla., RITCHIE, DARVIN RAYMOND, A.A., S. Colo. State C., '63, B.A., Colorado U., '66, Pueblo, Colorado, RITTENHOUSE, MARK CHARLES, B.A., OSU, '66, Okla. City, Okla., ROARK, ERNEST DELL, III, Frederick, Okla., ROBINSON, TERRANCE ANDREW, B.S., Ad- rian College, '66, Mt. Clemens, Michigan. RODGERS, STEPHEN QUARLES, Bartlesville, Okla., SACRA, JOHN CARL, Pauls Valley, Okla., SAMUELSON, STEPHEN ALAN, B.A., Washf U., '65, Okla. City, Okla., SARTIN, MICHAEL ALLEN, Okla. City, Okla., SCHOEFFLER, LEE EARL, B.S., NESC, '66, Broken Arrow, Okla., SCOTT, BENNIE BENCH, B.S., East Texas State U., '66, Wolfe City, Texas. SHAW, RAY DOUGLAS, Okla. City, Okla., SMITH, GENE REUBEN, JR., B.S., U. of Hous- ton, '66, Alva Okla., SNIDER, GERALD AL- BERT, B.S., U. of Tulsa, '65, Tulsa, Okla., SPEED, DARRELL LOUIE, B.S., U. of Okla., '64, Okla. City, Okla., STIPE, WILLIAM HAR- OLD, B.A., Yale U., '66, Tulsa, Okla., STONE, RICHARD EMMANUEL, B.S., U .of Okla., '65, Okla. City, Okla. STRATTON, MICHAEL LYNN, Stillwater, Okla., SUTHERS, NEAL KENT, B.S., OSU, '66, Arnett, Okla., TAACA, PERRY THOMAS, Okla. City, Okla., THOMPSON, GEORGE HARMAN, B.S., OSU, ,seg Okla. city, Okla., THOMPSON, JAMES STEVENS, B.A., CSC, '66, Okla. city, Okla., TRAUTMAN, RICHARD PHILIP, B.S., OSU, '64, Okla. city, Okla. UNDERWOOD, LARRY DON, Moore, Okla., WATSON, JOHN RONALD, B.S., Langston U., '64, Okla. City, Okla., WHEELER, SAMUEL ARTHUR, B.S., OSU, '66, Ponca City, Okla., WILKEN, TIMOTHY KAY, Tyrone, Okla., WIL- LIAMS, TERRY JEFF, B.S., OCC, '66, Cordell, Okla., WILLIAMS, ROBERT DEE, B.A., Okla. U., '66, Ft. Cobb, Okla. Wm 74 STANDING: .lim Gilliam, Lynn Henry, Don James, Walter EI- Warren Stinson, Dandy Fletcher, SEATED: Sister Lourdes, lis, Cindy Janes, Kathleen Lowery, Hale Vandermer, Larry Knipp, Lewis Irving, Mary Cook, Lura Solomon, Dean Philip Smith, Graduate Student Council LEWIS IRVING. Graduate Student Council President. The University of Oklahoma Graduate Col- lege offers training at the Medical Center lead- ing to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Degree programs are offered in the fields of: Anatomy, Biochemis- try, Biological Psychology, Communication Disorders, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharma- cology, Physiology, and Preventive Medicine- Public Health. Graduate courses are also avail- able to Dietetic Interns and post-doctoral fel- lows from the clinical departments. From these programs come not only future teachers and researchers, but also new know- ledge upon which the future of medicine de- pends. . ff i 4 ff Z, E ? Q , ayzi, tg fy , ,I . , I , nw - 3 V . J t gigs 44, ' . 3 il! Y "ii Y , f ' i .Tilt-751'-26.15 Yi 'Q' ' ,fvf KIMIKO DUGAN cuts sections with the ultramicrotome. RALPH DAY uses the electron microscope as at research tool, MOVlES are a medium for teaching and research in our biological psychology programs and in psychiatry. 75 P .D. Candidates AsKEW, GORNELIUS, JR., PM-PH, ALJE- BOORI, TARIK I., PM-PH, ALTSHULER, HAR- OLD L., Uooi, ANGELELLI, ROGER M., Dis- orders, BEAVER, WESLEY S., Biol. Psy. BELL, RICHARD D., Physio, BESS, JOHN C., Comm Disorders, BLACK, OWEN, JR., Biochem, BOWERS, ROBERT C., PM-PH, BOYSEN, AL- LEN E., Comm Disorders. BOZARTH, MAX D., Comm Disorders, BU- CHANAN, JOAN A., Biol Psy, BURKES, JO- ANNE E., Biol Psy., COOK, MARY R., Biol Psy, CRAIGER, PAMELA A., Comm Disorders. DAY, RALPH W., Anat, DEVLIN, ROBERT F., Micro, DRAKE, JOHN W., Biochem, DUGAN, KIMIKO H., Anat, ELLIS, WALTER L., Micro. FARHI, EERESHTEH, Micro, FINLEY, WIL- LIAM W., Biol Psy., FOLK, EARL D., PM-PH, FORSYTH, GEORGE W., Biochem, FOSTER, JOHN A., Physio. FRANK, REGINALD H., JR., PM-PH, GIL- LIAM, JAMES M., Biochem, GRIFFITH, JACK D., PM-PH, GUNTER, BOBBY J. PM-PH, HANSON, WAYNE R., Comm Disorders. HARDEN, ROBERT S., PM-PH, HINCK, LAW- RENCE W., PM-PH, HUANG, HENRY HSIEN- Ll, Biochem, HUANG, WEI YONG, Biochem, HUTSON, HENRY P., PM-PH. IRVING, LEWIS H., PM-PH, JANES, CYNTHIA L., Biol Psy, JANSEN, JOHN W., Comm. Dis- orders, JUSTUS, DAVID E., PM-PH, KEATING, LAWRENCE W., Comm Disorders. LAI, EDWARD K., Biochem, LANKFORD, JAMES E., Comm Disorders, LEAL SISTER MARY of Lourdes, Comm Disorders, LEE DI- ANA MAN-T, Biochem, LEU, RICHARD W., Micro. LICHTI, EDGAR L., PM-PH, LOCKWOOD, DEAN D., Comm Disorders, MALONE, JAMES C., Comm Disorders, MARSHALL, ROBERT C., Comm Disorders, MAZALESKI, STANLEY M., PM-PH, MCBROOM, MARVIN J., Physio. MCCLURE, THEODORE D., Anatl MCCONA- THY, WALTER J., Biochemg McDONAI.D, FRANK D., Comm Disorders, MENDENHALI., CHARLES L., M.D., Biochem, NEILL, VIOLA M., Micro: NORTON, JOHN E., Micro. . Ds Approach Final raduation OCHSNER, GLENDA J., Comm Disorders, OL- SON, ANITA C., Biochem, PARKER, Donald E., PM'PH, PATRICK, DANIEL R., JR., PM-PH: PAUL, ROBERT G., Comm. Disorders. PENDERSON, OLEN T., Comm Disorders, POY- ER, JOE L., Biochem, RACKLEY, DANA, Comm Disorders, RUSSEL, ROBERT L., Comm Disor- ders: SALAMY, JOE G., Biol Psy. SANSONE, FRANK E., JR., Comm Disorders: SCHOW, CHARLES H., PM-PH, SIMPSON, CLAY E., PM-PH: SMITH, CHARLES G., PM- PHQ SOWELL, WENDELL L., PM-PH. STEVENSON, BILL L., PM-PH, STINSON, WARREN W., Anatg STOKINGER, THOMAS E., Comm Disorders, STROMAN, DAVID W., Bio- chem: SUPLER, MARY V., Comm Disorders. TALBOTT, RICHARD E., Comm Disorders: THOMPSON, ROBERT C., Comm Disorders: TSANG, JOSEPH C., Biochem: CHOI, HAING UG, Biochem: VANDERMER, AUGUST H., PM- PH. VARDIMAN, DONALD R., Biol Psy, WEAVER, ROSS M., Comm Disorders: WEBER, RALPH N., Physio, WHORTON, ELBERT B., PM-PH: WOLFGANG, WOBER. Biochem: ZACHMAN. THOMAS A.. Comm Disorders. , 77 Masters Representing Te 78 OLSON, LEE ANN, Comm Disorders, BLACK- STOCK, REBECCA, Micro, BRANDY, WILLIAM T., Comm Disorders, BROWN, CARLTON L. Comm Disorders, CACY, GWENDOLYN L., Comm Disorders. CALWELL, JANICE I., UncI.: CHAN, FRANK, Anat: COKER, VIRGINIA L., Comm Disorders, CONCEPTION, FATIMA N., Uncl, CONN, BAR- BARA R., Comm Disorders. DEAL, RANDOLPH E., Comm Disorders, DE- CESARE, MARY JO, Comm Disorders, DEVLIN, DORIS R., PM-PH, DILLING, VIRGINIA S., Comm Disorders: DUNSMORE, CAROLINE E., Comm Disorders. ELKINS, DONNA M., Comm Disorders, ELKINS, KENNETH L., Micro: EMPIE, KATHRYN E., Comm Disorders: FAIRBANKS, LELAND L., PM-PH: FERGUSON, STAN W., Micro. FICKEN, ROLAND P., Phys, FLETCHER, EM- MA D., Comm Disorders, FOX, RUTH ELLEN, Uncl, FRANCO, SOFIA M., Uncl: FROETER, SHEILA T., Comm Disorders. n Fields GETTINGER, SARAH S., Comm Disorders, GRIESEL, ELMA L., PM-PH, HARRIS, DAVID J., Path, HATTLER, KARL W., Comm Disorders, HEDDEN, CONSTANCE A., Uncl, HENDER- SON, DOLORES L., Comm Disorders. HENRY, LYNN P., Phys, HUTZEL, ROBERTA LEE, Uncl: JAMES, DONALD L., Anat: JOHN- SON, ANITA M., Uncl, KAY, CAROLYN L., Uncll KING, MARY J., PM-PH. Masters Candidates KNIPP, LARRY H., Micro: KOLASH, CAROL L., Uncl: KRUEGER, KATHLEEN M., Comm Disorders, LASKOWSKI, MICHAEL B., Phys, LEMME, MARGARET L. Comm Disorders. LEONARD, SANDRA R., PM-PH, LINARES, MANUEL S., PM-PH, LIVELY, MARY A., Comm Disorders: LOWERY, KATHLEEN A., Uncl, MAGNUSON, LARRY W., PM-PH. MARSHALL, VINCENT D., Micro: MAY, JOHN M., Comm Disorders, MCENTAFFER, JAMES W., PM-PH, MINNICK, JACKLYN I., Comm Disorders, MONROE, PATRICK W., Micro. MOORE, SUSAN B., Comm Disorders: MULLI- CAN, KENNETH R., Micro: NUNN, WILL A., Comm Disorders: OLSEN, JAMES B., Comm Dis- orders: OLSON, DONALD C., PM-PH. PARMENTER, BARBARA B., Comm Disorders, PARMENTER, ROBERT B., Comm Disorders, PENNY, JOE E., Anal, PIERSON, SUSAN E., Uncl: RACKLEY, TORREY G., Comm Disor- ders. RAMEY, ANNA M., Comm Disorders: RICE, JO ELLEN, Micro: SCHMAELZLE, JAMES G., Comm Disorders, SHADAKSHARAPPA, KAMBI, Phys: SMITH, MONA S., Comm Disorders. SMITH, VERNON S., Phys: SOLOMON, LURA A., Phys: SOLYOM, ANTAL E. Unclz SYPE, PEGGY, Comm Disorders: SYPE. SUSAN, Comm Disorders. TACKER, JACK R., Micro: TAM, BILLY K., Biochem: THEILIG, SHARON P., Comm Dis- orders: THUR, SHARON L., Comm Disorders: WOODS, GWENDOLYN C., Comm Disorders. THE editors and assistant editors for the Physical Therapy Slaughter. and Roberta Bumgardner. Grover also served as School newspaper, the Cherokee Chatter, assemble the first class president. Not pictured is Nancy Walton, who edited issue. They are: Karen Wynn, Grover Smallwood, Cynthia the spring issue of the newspaper. MED. TECH. OFFICERS: Les- lie Ledden, Yearbook Editor and Student Council Representativeg Tawnie Bear, Sec'y Treasurerg Kim Williams, Vice-Presidentg Margie Ford, President ursing School ffieers Lead JUNIOR OFFICERS include: Jeri Hayes, President: erg Pam Price. Co-Treasurerg Kathy Roberts, Social Chairman: and Carolyn Hardesty, Sponsor. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Marcia McMurry, vice presi- sponsorg Mary Ellen Dietrick. treasurerg Lou Behne, secre- dentg Jan Garrison, social chairman: Mrs. Nancy Mayes. taryg Marilyn Hamilton, president. Elaine Johnson, Secretaryg Elizabeth Bell, Co-Treasur- ursing Senior KATHY ROBERTS offers entertainment to a pediatric patient, as Barbara Welk and Cheryl Geer observe. Q- 1 , , 3 4 CATHIE BALENTINE, Nowata, DA President: CLAUDIA BARNES, Hitchcock, DA: LOU BEH- NE, Guymon, Senior Class Secretary, Miss OUSN, OSSNA: JUDY BELL, Okla. City, DA, Student Body Social Chairman, Student Council, JOY COX, Sweetwater, Student Body Treasurer, Stu- dent Council, OSSNA: MARY ELLEN DIET- RICK, Turpin, Senior Class Treasurer, OSSNA. JAN GARRISON. O'Fallon, Ill., DA, Senior Class Social Chairman: MARILYN HAMILTON, Sa- pulpa, Senior Class President, Student Body Presi- dent, Student Council, OSSNA: KAY HINDMAN, Beaver, OSSNA: MARY KATHRYN HOUCK, Norman, DA Parliamentarian, OSSNA: CAROL KIGHT, Texhoma, OSSNA, MARY KING, Hook- er, DA Secretary, Annual Co-Editor, Student Coun- cil, Rep to NSNA Convention, OSSNA. 'IERE LASSITER, Tulsa: MARCIA MCMURRY, Guymon, Senior Class Vice President, Nominee for Student,Nurse of the Year, OSSNA: LENORE MULLICAN, Norman, OSSNA, BSU: WILMA RAY, Fort Gibson, OSSNA, BRENDA ROB- ERTS, Tulsa, Student-Faculty Liaison Committee, Student Council, OSSNA: BARBARA SAUN- DERS, Duncan, Student-Faculty Liaison Commit- tee, Lamp Co-editor, Student Council, OSSNA. NANCY SINGLETON, Tulsa, DA Treasurer, Stu- dent Body Standards Chairman, Student Council, Dad's Day Outstanding Senior Award, OSSNA: JOAN SCHROEDER, Stillwater, DA Vice-Presi- dent, OSSNA: JANICE SNEED, Okla City: CAR- OL STRICKLER, Mooreland: KAREN WIL- LIAMS, Keyes, OSSNA Rep., OSSNA District I Corresponding Secretary, Student Council, Rep. to NSNA Convention: SALLY WOODWARD, Okla, City, Bachelor Graduate Nursing Students: JEAN BAYLIES, Norman: GWENDOLYN BUCHANAN, Midwest City: JANICE BABCOCK, Bethany, KAY COWAN, Moore: VICKIE HOLLOWAY, Midwest City. EDITH JOHNSON, Bethany, JANICE KEKAH- BAH, Okla City: ROSEMARY WOOD, Okla. Cityg MYRTLE TUCKER, Okla City: KATH- LEEN MILBY, Norman. I ELAINE BALKAN, Okla City, CAROL BAR- RETT, Tampa Florida, JANET BARTOW, La- verne, SUSAN BEHRENFELD, Tulsa: ELIZA- BETH BELL, Norman. CHLOE COOK, Tulsa: JAN DUNN, Lone Wolf: CHERYL GEER, Okla. City, MARSHA GILLOG- LY, Ponca City, JUDY GULLOTTA, Adair. CAROLE HARDCASTLE, Okla City, JERI HAYES, Oologah, LINDA MCCRACKEN, Okla. City, CAROL MCENTIRE, Comanche, BETTY MCGEE, Checotah. PAM PRICE, Lawton, CHUCK REESE, Lawton: KATHY ROBERTS, Ada: MARY BETH SPROUL, Okeene, ANNE STEWART, Okla, City. MELINDA STITT, Clovis, New Mexico: ANNE STONER, Tulsa, KAREN TAYLER, Norman, JUDY THOMAS, Denver, Colo, LINDA WALLS, Bartlesville, BARBARA WALK, Okla. City. ursing Juniors CHARLES REESE. First Vice-President of OSSNA. is eagerly awaiting a sum- mer in Laos working with the Tom Dooley Founda- tion. fy' SENIOR PHYSICAL THERAPY STUDENTS include: TOP ROW: Tom Bowden, Norman: Roberta Bumgardner, Chickashag Tracy Culp, McAlester: Carol Atwood Jimerson, El Reno, Bar- bara Logan, Alton, Illinois: Judy Orbison, Tulsa: Suzanne Far- ris Payne, Oklahoma City: Frances Rodgers, Norman. BOTTOM Therap Student , Fri? , , if ROW: Cynthia Pruitt Slaughter, Oklahoma City: Grover Small- wood, Chickashag Nancy Snell, Oklahma City, Nancy Walton, Shattuck: Virginia Warren, Woodward: Mary Louise Wilson, El- dorado, Arkansas: and Karen Wynn, Norman. PHYSICAL Therapy students seem to ind time to keep themselves in good physical shape hy building pyramids in the dorms. ' gk . , ffxf . -Q, . . arg, i. I 'S V, if at I 5 1 I' J 1 ,V . K 1 7, ,AVV ' xr. if Eiv 2 . ' I we CLASS OF 1966, TOP ROW: Karen Adams, Judith Barnett, Nelda Dela Cruz, Terry J, Holman, Ethel L. Kaslerke, Marilyn Knipp, Noal D. May, BOTTOM ROW: Carol Ann Moore, Ann Medical Techs The School of Medical Technology trains individuals to perform the laboratory proce- dures necessary to laboratory medicine. The technologist is a clinician in the fullest sense. Technologists are the people upon whom the physician places his trust for accurate labora- tory findings. Newell, Virginia Pellegrini, Silvia Valdivieo. Lorraine Woolridge, Martha C. Ziemer, Lois C. Herbst. Trained to Serve Technologists receive training in hematol- ogy, certain phases of clinical pathology, mi- crobiology, and immunology. They also learn biochemical tests and other lab specialties. The University of Oklahoma is proud of the professional stalT and laboratory facilities with which it trains its personnel. CLASS OF 1967, TOP ROW: Tawnie Bear, Eddie Bridges, Margie Ford, Leslie Ledden, Jim Marshall, Patty McClennan, Gary Moore, Janelle Orrelle. BOTTOM ROW: Mamie Ratlilf, Kelly Schenk, .uv .luanelle Stiles, Cheng Chen Sug Patricia Williams, Kim Williams, Sharon Wing. An important part of the treat- ment and recovery of patients is de- pendent on their nutritional state. Menu planning, food procurement, preparation, serving of nutritious meals and teaching of abnormal and normal nutritions to patients or members of the health team is the responsibility of the Department of Dietetics. Dietitions are members of a pro- fessional organization, The Ameri- can Dietetic Association. The pre- requisites for membership include a degree in recognized areas, and the successful completion of an intern- ship. The Dietetic Internship at the Medical Center is the only hospital internship in the state. MRS. DODDS and interns Conn'e Heddon and Kay Lowery prepare sal- ads with "eye appeal" for the patient food trays. Health Team's Future Dieticians .I 5 ,..,.,,,,., ,gs M, . 5 5' QV g, X , .. .i.z . . ,S t ,fit K ,Tk y xx M K ,ft x 'tis te tiil sssset f is T C 1 'Ak' I ig 64,4 b. 7 ,L. ..:, m:fgt,,.,rz . f V1 .t,,. . - 4 A' KW N , KX DIETETIC INTERNS-TOP ROW: Susan Pierson, Connie Hed- ROW: Janice Caldwell, Ruth Fox, Carolyn Kay, Anita John- den, Kay Lowery, Roberta Hutzel, Carol Kolash. BOTTOM son, Ma Fatima Concepcion. edical School Student Council The Student Council is the sounding Board of the medical student. And with the growth of the Medical Center, so grows the functions of the Council. This year with an expanded yearbook and revised Gridiron, the Council faced a budget almost doubling the last year cost. ln addition the Council is responsible for the intramural program, provides the Aescu- lapian Awards, and places magazines and Ping-Pong equipment for the student lounge. This year the Council with the help of the Commission for the Blind placed vending ma- chines in the student lounge. The Council was also instrumental in starting a search for ade- quate student health insurance. L. A. MYERS President FRONT ROW: William D. Smith, Stephen B. Campbell, Fred B. OND ROW: Robert L, Sweet, Jackie L. Beller Stanley C Jones Oldham, Dr. Philip E. Smith, Dean of Student Affairs. SEC- Kenneth W. Whittington, Donald R. McCaffree DAVID F. CROWDER. MSii HERBERT W. TRUETT lr.. MSii FLOYD R. SHRADER. MSii Editor Associate Editor Business Manager ASSISTANT EDITORS OF THE ASSOCIATED SCI-IOOLS: Therapy. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Walton, School of Physical TOP ROW: Warren Stinson, Ralph Day, Graduate School: Lin- Therapy: Mary King, Susan Behrenfeld, School of Nursing: Les- da Orr, School of Medicine: Karen Wynn, School of Physical lie Ledden, School of Medical Technology. 88 MUCH needed staff help was provided by CL to RJ Jim Dixson, MSig Joe Lowry, MSiig Larry Ingham, MSig and Steve Wallach. MSii. ' 7 SOO ER EDIC Doubles Size In keeping with the rest of the medical cen- ter, Dr. Dennis authorized significant expan- sion of the Sooner Medic. This year there are about twice the number of pages of text over previous years. We were especially happy to be able to open with the thirty-two page intro- ductory section. It is the hope of the staif that the Medic will continue to grow and not just become a static, stagnating publication. The Medic can only be as good as the student in- terest producing it. The 1967 Sooner Medic also became a true medical center publication. All degree schools were represented and shared equally in the making of this year's edition. It was also the first year that all pictures were professionally taken. The staff would like to think Dr. Dennis, Dr. Smith, and the many others who directly aid- ed the creation of this edition. "I KNOW it would increase circulation, but l don't think Dean Smith or Al Kavanaugh would let us put a fold-out in the Medic," Dave Crowder seems to say to Floyd Shrader. AOA Boosts M ROBERT B. LIVINGSTON WALTER J. STARK edical Excellence Sir Alexander Fleming gave the first annual Alpha Omega Alpha address in 1954 on be- half of the yearling Oklahoma chapter. Quiet, impressive and dignified, Sir Alexander set a standard of excellence for the achievement of local AOA members. They have become lead- ers in clinic, academic and private medicine. Other members have been elected following postgraduate achievements. Since 1902, the national honor medical so- ciety has recognized scholastic and profession- al excellence. One-sixth of a class is chosen from students of the top twenty-five per cent who show qualities of leadership. Advised by Dr. G. Rainey Williams, the lo- cal chapter actively sponsors open lectures by renowned contributors to medical science. Speakers have included Taussig, Wintrobe, Castle, Comroe, Wangensteen, Gyorgy, Bean, Varco, Stead, DeBakey, Ebert, and Shields Warren . irony..-,Q BOTTOM ROW: Janet Barton, Helen Bruner, Bettye McGee, Jan Assal, Mary Ann Smith, Dianne J. Willis, Judy McGlamery. SECOND ROW: Cheng-Gen Su, David Miller, Richard Martin, Ken Mullican, Ron Easley, Stan Ferguson, Bill Fesler, Nabth Baptist St The Baptist Student Union provides a link between the student and his church and brings the importance of Christianity to medical cen- ter life. The local Union was founded fifteen years ago and first held meetings in the apartment t t t l s Assal, Linda Walls, Priscilla Rigby. THIRD ROW: Don James, Pat Miller, Sharon Ferguson, Ramona James, .loan Easley, Ellen Forester, Lenore Mullican, Mary Anderson. udent Union of two medical students. Now it has its own building at 737 N. E. 13 Street. Medical Center students and student nurses from St. Anthony, Mercy and Presbyterian hospitals comprise the membership, with sin- cere attention to spiritual needs. Christian Medical Society Christian Medical Society is a non-denomi- national, professional organization of physici- ans, dentists, medical and dental students. They share the clear recognition of the neces- FIRST ROW: Dr. A. Kurt Weiss, Sponsorg Dr. C. Jack Young, Graduate Chapter President: Bill Barclay, Vice-Pres.: Larry Gra- ham, Presidentg Bill Feslerg Dr. Robert C. Bowers. SECOND ROW: Mrs. A. K. Weiss, Mrs. C. .lack Youngg Mrs. Hugh Ed- sity for satisfying rnan's spiritual, as well as his physical needs. Officers include C. Jack Young, M.D., graduate chapter president, and Bill Barclay, Vice-President. dyg Mrs. Kenneth Whittington, Sylvia Meifordg Mrs. Bill Barclay: Mrs. Bill Feslerg Mrs. Larry Graham. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Whiteg William P. Gideong John A. Woodg Hugh E. Eddy, Larry Prater. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Bell, social chairman, Marilyn Hamilton, presidentg Linda McCracken, vice-presidentg Karen Williams, OSSNA representativeg Susan Behrenfeld and Mary King, annual co-editors. TOP ROW: Joy Cox, treasurerg Diane Barnes, Bar- bara Saunders and Chuck Reece, representatives to student-fac- ulty liaison committee. Student Council Directs Activities The Nursing Student Council plans and di- rects activities of the Student Body to help promote good student relationship. A Get- Acquainted Party was held at the first of the year. In the fall, some students enjoyed play- ing football. A Christmas Caroling Party with the sophomores from Norman as guests was also sponsored by the student body. The an- nual Christmas dance was held at the Tivoli Inn with the Hodads providing the music. Miss Martha Stockwell was hostess to many social dinners for the students and faculty members. Delta lpha Honors Top Students The members of Delta Alpha must obtain a high scholastic achievement, show qualities of leadership, and have personal qualifica- tions. The main project this year was working to meet the qualifications for national aihlia- tion with the Sigma Theta Tau Society. Pro- jects to benefit the school and community were also carried out. Sponsoring a student-faculty tea and maintaining a library in the nursing school were a few of the projects. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Single- ton, treasurerg Claudia Barnesg Joan Schroeder, vice-presidentg Judy Bellg Cathie Balentine, president, and Lonnie Irby. TOP ROW: Mary King, secretaryg Janet Bartowg Carol McEntireg Kay Coweng Mary Kathryn Houck, parliamentariang Elaine Balkang and Jan Dunn. BOTTOM ROW: Arlene Southeland, Jan Dunn, l.inda Walls, Janet Bartow, Joy Cox, Brenda Roberts, Lenore Mullican, Wilma Ray, Kathy Roberts, Barbara Walk, Jeri Hayes. TOP ROW: Mary Kathryn Houck , Marcia McMurry, Karen Williams, Thelma Harrison, Ann Stewart, Chuck Reece, Susan Behrenfeld, Cheryl Geer, Pam Price, Marilyn Hamilton, Nancy Singleton. Student urses Attend Convention The main project of the Oklahoma State Student Nurses Association was the recruit- ment of minority groups into professional nurs- ing. Marcia McMurry was the candidate for Outstanding Student Nurse of the Year from OU. Karen Williams served as correspond- Student urses The Nursing Club on the OU campus car- ried out many activities to promote interest in nursing. The freshman and sophomore stu- dents will complete their first two years of study on the Norman campus before studying BOTTOM ROW: Linda Crotty, Corresponding Secretary: Bennie Simmons, Second Vice President: Betty Pitts, Reporter: Catherine Walsh, President: Vicki Dobbins, First Vice President: Mary Milstead, Red Cross Representative: Diane Dowdy, Treasurer: Genie D'Hoostelaere, Recording Secretary. SECOND ROW: Car- olyn Snyder, Shirley Wagenseller, Sherry Seaboit, Freshman Re- presentative: Karen Huif, Social Chairman: Vicki Lou McEwen, Peggy Ann Arens, Carol Gaye Winters, Shelly Lynn Stubbs, Honey Vertreese. THIRD ROW: Jimmie McKelvey, Sally Mills, ing secretary of District One. Chuck Reece was elected as first vice-president of the state association. Chuck Reece, Diane Barnes, Mel- inda Stitt, Jeri Hayes and Linda McCracken were among the delegates from Oklahoma at- tending the National Convention. Club n Campus at the School of Nursing in Oklahoma City. Their programs were designed to cover the various different areas of the nursing profes- sion. The main event in the spring was the capping ceremony for the sophomores. Judy Beach, Dorothy Buchanan, Beckey Marable, Donna Gayle Crane, Linda Echtenkamp, Frances Scheuing, Susan Tomlin. FOURTH ROW: Pat Goodrich, Kathy Cornwell, Kris Olson, Rebecca Bain, Janet Humphreys, Delea Buretore, Lynn Keane, Gladys Pittman, Patricia Ward, Carolyn York. TOP ROW: Don- na Steffens, Mary Barnes, Marilyn Hess, Mary Jo Whaley, Con- nie Peninger, Sheila Miller, Sandra Sisemore, Anita Kay Lewis, Beverly Acker, Paula Barber, lda Nowlin. SAMA OmCCTS -- Left to Right: Joseph L. Karkovvski, Vice- Daniel, President, David Lee Richardson, Freshman Class Presidentg Stanley C. Jones, Secretary-Treasurer, William Mc- Representative. SAM , WASAMA Aid Center The Student American Medical Association with its Wivels Auxiliary is a fundamental aid to the Medical Center. SAMA promotes faculty-student rapport through its periodic smokers. SAMA also holds an open house to Welcome new students, and provides speakers on various subjects. SAMA and WASAMA are based on strong, ideological principles: -To advance the profession of medicine. -To contribute to the welfare and edu- cation of medical students, interns, residents and wives. -To familiarize its members with the ideals and purposes of organized med- icine. --To prepare its members to meet the social, ethical and moral obligations of the practice of medicine. WILLIAM MCDANIEL, MSiii President WASAMA Oihcers - FRONT ROW: Mrs. George Garrison, Sponsor, Deanna Patty, Presi- dent, Maribeth Berry, First Vice- Pres., Carole Pryor, Second Vice- Pres., Lana Galloway, Secretary, Jeanne Jacobs, Treasurer, Mrs. Galen Robbins, Sponsor, Second Row: Michaele Gold, Mailing Chairman, Novelyne Daniels, Smith, Reporter, Phyllis istic Chairman. National Legislation, Pam man, Financial Chairman, Who's Who, Annice Ellis, Perry- Gerre Brant, Altru- WASAMA members hear a Lecture on "How to be a Physicians wife." 1111 illivmnriam The Medical Center of the University of Oklahoma mourns the passing of two of its students. This small memoriam is only a token of our affection for these two friends. Jean- ette Louise Morrone, Msi, was born August 19, 1945 and died January 12, 1967. Her parents are Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Morrone of Westerly, Rhode Island. Joseph Wilkes Ander- son, III, MSiv, a resident of Muskogee, Okla- homa, was born December 30, 1940 and passed away on April 15, 1967. Joe is sur- vived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Anderson, Jr. Dr. M. I. Abbott Dr. T. E. Acers G. D. Adams, Ph.D. Dr. T. Adams Dr. W. W. Addington B. R. Addis, B.S. Dr. C. A. Adsctt Dr. R. H. Akin P. A. Alaupovic, Ph.D. Dr. D. D. Albers Dr. W. R. Albers J. E. Allison, Ph.D. Dr. V. R. Alvarez Dr. J. C. Amspacher Dr. H. M. Anderson . L. G. Anderson . R. L. Anderson Dr Dr A. P. Angelopoulos, D.D.S. J. H. Anglin, Ph.D. Dr. R. D. Anspaugh Dr. M. M. Appleon Dr. H. T. Avey, Jr. I. R. Assenzo, Ph.D. Dr. B. W. Aycock Dr. J. VV. Bahr Dr. J. B. Ballina Dr. C. N. Barry Dr. F. F. Bartone Dr. M. S. Barker Dr. N. F. Vander Barkett M. H. Baxt, D.D.S. C. F. Ba 'less, B.S. Dr. R. Bayley Dr. L. R. Beam Dr. J. R. Beaty Dr. J. C. Beavers Dr. J. M. Behrman Dr. J. P. Bell Dr. H. A. Bennett Dr. H. G. Bennett. lr. C. S. Benson, M.S.W. Dr. P. C. Benton Dr. S. E. Berger Dr. L. J. Bernard D. Bertech, Ph.D. Dr. H. J. Binder Dr. S. Binkley Dr. R. M. Bird Dr. D. W. Bishop Dr . Blair D r wfpnn r. . . Bloedow D M. Bloss, Jr. Dr. A. Blue Dr. . K. Boatman Dr . D. Bodine Dr . R. Bo ardus Dr. . E. BoBan Dr L. Boland,Jr. Dr. W. Boles Dr. . P. Bondurant Dr. . Boren Dr Dr mpwnpQxon . . Bottomley . S. Bottomley G. Bouthilet, Ph.D. H. S. Boyd, Ph.D. Dr. . Boyle Dr. S. Bozalis Dr. . F. Braden Dr. K. Braden Dr. H. Bradford Dr. . A. Bradford Dr 377793 Cl! UUUU 7777. oneees P0332 5:1 es sais? Sanz! .,,- : ang, ., Ln 7 as Dr. . H. B. Brown Dr R. Brown Dr. . R. Brown Dr. G. M. Brown, Jr. Dr. I. H. Brown Dr. L. H. Brown Dr. R. C. Brown Dr. R. B. Brownell A. B. Brues, Ph.D. J. G. Brulin, Ph.D. G. A. Bryan, Ph.D. Dr. H. YV. llucltner G. S. Bulmer, Ph.D. Dr. R. M. Burke Dr. L. W. Burroughs Dr. J. F. Burton Dr. J. D. Bush Dr. W. J. Buvinger Dr. M. T. Buxton Dr. VV. T. Bynum Dr. C. Cagas Dr. L. F. Cailey Ji L. Campbell, M.S.W. r. J. M. Campbell Dr. R. E. Campbell Dr. ,I. M. Carey Dr. R. B. Carl Dr. C. A. Carmack M. F. Carpenter, Ph.D. Dr. R. E. Carpenter Dr. R. L. Carpenter Dr. R. Carroll . . R. Carter . L. W. Cartmell Dr Dr R. Carubelli, Ph.D. Dr. C. W. Cathey Dr. J. Caviness Dr. P. . Champlin Dr. R. E. Chanes Dr. J. H. Charney Dr. l.. H. Charney Dr. C. A. Childers L. A. Chitwood, Ph.D. Dr. M. L. Clark C. S. Clifton, Ph.D. G. Clark, Ph.D. Dr. T. Clemens, Jr. Dr. R. A. Clay Dr. J. H. Clymer J. Coalson, Ph.D. Dr. R. E. Coalson C. A. Colley. M.S. Dr. C. M. Coffey Dr. F. W. Coggins Dr. C. G. Coin R. W. Coleman, Ph.D. Dr. W. O. Coleman . J. H. Coley . J. E. Collins Dr. M. S. Collins W. E. Collins, Ph.D. Dr Dr Dr. W. R. Collins Dr J Dr. I. R. Cnlvert Dr. P. A. Com ton Dr . . P. Colmore . P. T. Condit W. A. Cooper, Ph.D. Dr. YV. R. Cooper, Jr. Dr. G. R. Cornelius Dr. L.L. Conrad Dr. E. E. Cooke Dr. J. F. Correa J. P. Costeloe, M.S. T. M. Costilow, M.S. Dr. T. O. Coston M. de V. Cotton, Ph.D. Dr. D. Counihan Dr. J. A. Cox Dr. N. R. Craig Dr. W. J. Craig Dr. S. T. Crawford R. D. Crews, L.L.B. E. Crider. Ph.D. . W. F. Crittendon Dr. IV. M. Crosby Dr. M. I. Crosthwait VV. L. Cullinan, Ph.D. Dr. E. R. Cunningham Dr. XV. A. Cunningham Ur. V. D. Cushing Dr. J. A. Cutter I. M. Dabney. Ph.D. Dr. D. D. Dahl Dr. S. Fl. Dakel Dr. J. T. Dancer Dr. T. G. Daniel Dr. H. A. Daniels Dr. J. R. Danstrom G. H. Daron, Ph.D. Dr. F. E. Darrow Q. Dr Dr. R. M. Daugherty, Jr. Dr. P. R. David Dr. K. D. Davis Dr. C. B. Dawson Dr. G. H. Deckert Dr. A. L. Dee Dr. C. E. Delhotal Dr. J. A. Dennis Dr. H. L. Deupree Dr. J. W. DeVore Dr. J. P. Dewar, Jr. Dr. J. R. Dille Dr. C. R. Dixon Dr. H. C. Dodson, Jr. Dr. R. W. Donaghe Dr. H.H. Donahue Dr. J. J. Donnell Dr. R. G. Dotter Dr. H. E. Doudna The Fac:ul'l'y Dr. VV. J. Dowling J. F. Drake, D.D.S. Dr. J. W. Drake Dr. A. R. Drescher K. M. Dubowski, Ph.D. T. W. F. Dudley, D.D.S. Dr. J. L. Dunagin llr. R. B. Dunkelberg llr. I. H. Dunn Dr. W. E. Eastland Dr. B. G. Eaton L. M. Eddy, M.L.S. R. Edelberi, Ph.D. Dr. R. H. idwards Dr. N. P. Elev Dr. L. P. Eliel Dr. A. F. Elliott . R. S. Ellis VV. Emanuel, Ph.D. Dr. L. K. Emenhiser Dr F. T. E. Emerson,Jr., Ph.D. Dr. R. C. Emmott Dr. E. G. Erdos sf- 5' r. . . sri e, r. Dr. J. B. Eskricgge IIII W. W. Evans, M.S. Dr. M. A. Everett M. R. Everett, D.Sc. lHonoraryJ Dr. E. E. Fair Dr. J. I.. Falks N. B. Farley, Ed.D. Dr. E. M. Farris Dr. E. P. Farris K.K. Faulkner, Ph.D. F. G. Felton, Ph.D. Dr. W. L. Felton Dr. E. G. Ferguson Dr. J. W. Finch Dr. H. F. Flanigin Dr. E. P. Fleming Dr. M.A. Flesher Dr. W. N. Flesher Dr. J. Florence Dr. M. Flux Dr. H. A. Foerster Dr. V. R. Forester Dr. W.J. Forrest J. A. Foster, M.S. Dr. G. R. Frank Dr. L. S. Frank Dr. L. C. Freed Dr. C. L. Freede Dr. C. VV. Freeman Dr. A. L. Frew, Jr. Dr. W. Friedberg Dr. G. W. Fuller Dr. J. D. Funnell Dr. J. W. Funnell Dr. R. H. Furman Dr- l. J. Gable, Jr. Dr. T. S. Gafford, Jr. Dr. W. I'I. Garnier Dr. C. H. Garrison Dr. F. C. Gatchell Dr. D. J. Geitzerman VV. Gentry, M.S.YV. Dr. E. M. George Dr. J. R. Geyer Dr. R. W. Geyer Dr. D. L. Gheen, Jr. A. C. Gideon. M.S.VV. Dr. D. C. Gilliland Dr. R. C. Gilmartin Dr. A. J. Glass Dr. M. B. Glisman P. W. Goaz, D.D.S. Dr. B. R. Goetzinger Dr E. Goldfain J. B. Goldsmith, Ph.D. R. E. Gonce, D.D.S. Dr. R. 0. Goodwin Dr. I-I. R. Gravelle Dr. C. S. Graybill Dr. C. E. Green VV. Green, Ph.D. Dr. A. E. Greer Dr. M E. Groover. Jr. L. G. Gumbreck, Ph.D. Dr. C. G. Gunn, Jr. Dr. G. H. Guthrey Dr. T. J. Guthrie Dr. F. Haddy Dr. Teresa B. Haddy Dr. R. G. Hahn Dr. R. F. Hain Dr. C. H. Hall M. Dr Dr N. Hall, M.S.S. . G. D. Hallum . I. G, Hamburger Ur. H. li.. Hampton Dr Dr . J. W. Hampton . R. R. Hannas, Jr. Dr. R. D. Harris Dr. VV. S. Harrison Dr. J. Harroz Dr. W. N. Harsha Dr. W. K. Hartford Ur. C. M. Harvey Dr. F. R. Hassler Ur. G. C. Hassler Dr L. Dr llr . B. A. Hayes B. Heck, M.S. . D. H. F. Helander . A. A. Heltams Dr. B. I. Heller Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr . WV. S. Hendren . S. VV. Hendrix . R. Henke . . H. Henley . J . Hensley . ,l- T. Herbelin . R. E. Herndon . D. Herrmann . . L. Hicks . . C. Hicks . G. Hi htower . T. HiR space Dr. L. B. Hinshaw Dr. R. G. Hirschi Dr. E. F. Hiser Dr. L. M. Hoke D. D. Holmes, M. S. Dr. R. P. Holt Dr. G. L. Honick Dr. M. D. Honick Dr. W. L. Honska Dr. F. R. Hood Dr. F. R. Hood, Jr. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr K. Dr Dr A. R. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr M. Dr . L. Horowitz . V. D. Hough . . C. Houk . R. B. Howard . R. P. Howard . W. K. Huber K. Hudson, M.S. . W. L. Hughes . L. M. Hummer F. Hutton, M.S. M. Hyde, Ph.D. . G. L. Hyroop . P. F. Iampietro . J. D. Ingle . C. D. Ingram . VV. K. Ishmael H. Ivey, Ph.D. M . . F. Jacobs Dr. WV. E. Jaques Dr. G. H. Jennings Dr. . leter H C Dr. . L. Jobe, Jr. Dr. I. P. Jnbe Dr. W. Joel B. Connor Johnson, Pl1.D Dr. M. R. Johnson Dr. T. L. Johnson Dr M. D llr . J. Jones, Jr. C. Jones. M.S. FF' r. E. Jones . YV. Kahn Dr. M. Kalbileisch D r sc: . 777 IFHFF +?7F n ?:2 ml 5-2 P v Kearns, Jr. Keith i P Dr Dr. W. F. Keller Dr F. . I. W. Kellev CKMLPRD Dr. l. W. Kelso Dr. B. F. Keltz Dr. S. M. Kemler D. H. E. Kemp, B.A. Kent, L.R.C.F. Dr. R. E. Kenyon Dr. E. S. Kerekes B. J. Kersey, M.L.S. Dr. L. R. Keso M. JKWLPRD Dr. J. W. Keys Dr. G. . Kimball N Dr. . Dr. F EF: mE E'B as 0 "1 CU sw F71 F9 55 53 4 7 Dr. R. L. Kramer Dr. C. Krieger, Jr. Dr. J. F. Kuhn Dr. A. B. Kuritz A. C. Kurtz, Ph.D. Kusakari es Dr. Dr . T. Kutkam DOUG . 7 7 7 7 NFFPF EFPO QWWQQ: EEEE 1225 o Q5 EE 5: 25 Dr . S. Lain Dr. W. Langston E. G. Larsen, Ph.D. Dr. M. T. Lategola C. H. Lawrence, Ph.D. Dr. R. C. Lawson W. B. Lemmon, Ph.D. Dr. C. E. Leonard Dr. S. B. Leslie Dr. B. K. Lester Dr. S. H. Levitt Dr. B. M. Levy Dr. I. E. Lewis Dt. D. B. Lhevine Dr1IJ. F. Lhotka Y. . Li, Ph.D. Dr. B. Limes Dr. R. B. Lincoln Dr. R. H. Lindsey Dr. F. M. Lingenfelter Dr. A. C. Lisle Dr. J. S. Little Dr. W. B. Lockwood Dr. VV. R. Loney Dr. L. Long III Dr. L. D. Long Dr . B Dr. L Dr. J. Dr. D Dr. D . P. Loughridge . Lowbeer R. Lowel . C. Lowry . M. Lowry Dr. VV. A. Loy Dr. E. N. Lubin Dr. . P. Luton L. HT Dr. T Lynch, B.S. . N. Lynn, Jr. Dr. J. N. Lysauglit R. C. Lvtle, LL.B. Dr. E. D. McBride Dr. C. S. McCamm0n C. M. McCarty, M.S. P. B. McCay, Ph.D. Dr. B. J. McClellan Dr. C. W. McClure Dr. VV. T. McCollum C. T. McCoy, B.S. Dr. YV. G. McCreight Dr. G. W. McCullough Dr. E. A. McCune Dr. C. F. McDonald caocz 7777' carve? QCFFF 23535 ammo? an-tg, 'figs'-v 'SEP' F W Dr. McKenzie M. Dr. . A. McLaughlin M Dr. . . McNeill 'V . sea UUUUUUDUCJUUUC 7777777777777 frsmaosarzwmw Frgpeseasassa 5555332332323 . filgissiisigi 'S 'iigssfig' -- as r all Dr. Dr. llr. C. MacDonald . C. MacKay Dr. . ily. Macomber . Maguire Dr. W. H. Massion Dr. M. M. Masterson Dr. L. Mathis Dr. S. Matthews Dr. . F. Mauritson Dr. J. R E. Mays, Jr. Dr. . C. Mayfield Dr. E. B. Meador, Jr. Dr. C. E. Melton, Jr. G. Me ncke, Ph.D. Dr. R. D. Mercer Dr. D. O. Merrifield Dr. J. A. Merrill Dr Dr. J. F. Messenhaugh Dr. R. P. Messinger S. M. Meyers, M.A. B. R. Milacek, M.Ed. Dr. T. H. Miley C. M. Miller III, Ph.D. Dr UUCUUUUUUPUUFFUCUCUUUCUU 777777777577,-,-7777777777. awWFww2nFrFr'rWgg. 2+ oF2rFn44e2+sEwHss2FPFozrwFsW , . . . H . ' :J . zz2gzzzZ5S55P5gE55agzz5gE 5ii2222Ea50Oazs2:r2i55555 ea5:W1Fwf'55FaasiEff:2 :H g-:fgfgurgz Egg a' U U . 7 ppzawppavcwn n+9wppbe9 UUUUUUUU UUCUUUUUU 77777777 777777777 ... . .2 wgegcnmlrssrfww . ,Z F Sisifiesizgesasise -1'1--oI'.- Q:--1n:o",'Q"2!.: E"r?:'E EE 'i'P5 E 'U 2 I E Q? W. F. O'Connor, Ph.D. Br. D. H. O'Donoghue I' . M. O den Dr. E. Orrie V. N. Olds, M.S.W. Dr. C. M. O'Leary Dr. R. L. Olson Dr. R. J. Outlaw Dr. H. W. Overbeck Dr. l. N. Owens, Jr. Dr. L. A. Owens Dr. G.M.A. Palmieri Dr. l. T. Parker Dr. J. M. Parker Dr. l. M. Parrish, Jr. Dr. P. Parrish Dr. R. C. Parrish Dr. W. L. Parry O. A. Parson, Ph.D. Dr. W. R. Paschal Dr. L. M. Pascucci R. A. Patnode, Ph.D. Dr. C. D. Patterson Dr. D. D. Paulus . R. E. Payne . R. W. Payne Dr Dr Dr. O. W. Pearson T. Pedersen. M.A. Dr. N. Penrod Dr. . L. Peter V. I. Peters. M.A. Dr. R. R. Phillips Dr. J. C. Pickard Dr. A. W. Pierce, Jr. Dr. B. R. Pierce Dr. C. M. Pierce B. C. Pippin, D.D.S. V. Pishkin, Ph.D. Dr. J. B. Pitts, Jr. Dr. P. E. Plowman Dr. T. C. Points Dr. H. R. Pollock Dr. I. O. Pollock Dr. A. S. Porter Dr. M. Porter Dr. C. M. Pounders Dr. R. B. Price Dr. W. E. Price Dr. T. Proctor Dr. M . P. Prosser Dr. F. W. Pruitt The Faculty Dr. Dr. J. T. Shurley P. V. Siegel Dr. W. S. Pugsley Dr. J. L. Puls Dr. E. Pumpian-Mindlin Dr. M. E. Puntenney Dr. E. Pyeatte Dr. . J. Rahhal C. V. Ramana T. S. Ray. M.S. Dr. J. W. Records Dr. C. H. Reece Dr. J. R. Reed Dr. F. J. Reichmann C. IV. Reid lconsultantj Dr. W. H. Reilf Dr. H. P. Reinhardt, Jr H. A. Reisenberg, M.A. Dr. VV. B. Renfrow Dr. D. R. Resler A. M. Revzin, Ph.D. Dr. C. L. Reynolds, Jr. G. E. Reynolds, Jr., Dr. C. W. Simcoe Dr. VV. H. Simon I. Sine, M. A. Dr. . F. Singleton Dr. V. Sisney Dr. T. Skouge Dr. F. Slagle Dr Smiley Dr . Smith hips: F EDUCO 77777. vewveoswow PFgpFE?2F0 CI! YL 55555 35999 r WT' IPF! Dr. . Smith Dr. . Smith Dr. Smith Dr. Smith Dr. . Smith Dr. . . Smith V. S. Smith, Ph.D. Dr. W. O. Smith A. M. Weitzenholler, Ph.D. J. P. Wells, M.S. Dr. L. L. Wells S. L. Wells. M.S. N. Dr.FI. D. Welsh . Werthessen, Ph.D. Dr. K. L. West Dr. K. M. West Dr. L. J. West P. Wheeler, D.D.S. Dr Dr . IV. H. Whitcomb . J. M. White, Jr. Dr. O. R. White Dr. R. M. Wienecke Dr. C. W. Wiggins Dr. E. L. Wiggins P. W. Wigler, Ph.D. Dr. H. Wilkins Dr. G. R. Williams H. L. Williams, Ph.D. Dr. J. S. Williams Dr. W. J. Williams Dr. S. Wilner D.D.S. Dr. D. F. Rhinehardt Dr. J. P. Rhoads Dr. C. V. Rice K. M. Richter, Ph.D. UUUUC '1 7' T' 1' F' I?'r"r'? 'Fare E555 2226 ?.5L.'i.2 UUUUUUIU 77777777 FTFFUQFF gF2Z5WPF Ewwzgwzw woes-,Ozzy-gg 2215-5'5U'. ru ::r'9Q0ET S .gigglaf 7:00 "1' ' F? ?F . Riley, Jr. Dr. l. D. Rogers Dr. W. G. Rogers Dr. G. V. Rohrer Dr. C. R. Rountree Dr. C. A. Royer Dr. T. Rubio Dr. W. W. Rucks, Jr. Dr. B. Rullin Dr. H. B. Ruhm Dr. M. B. Ruland Dr. G. T. Russell Dr. S. Russman Dr. B. J. Rutledge Dr. F. A. Sanger Dr. W. YV. Sanger Dr. H. V. L. Sapper Dr. W. L. Savage R. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr M. Sayre, M.A. . M. D. Schechter . J. A. Schilling . A. Schmidt . H. H. Schmidt . R. A. Schneider . S. E. Schnitz Dr Dr. M. F. Schottstaedt Dr . W. W. Schottstaedt C. E. Schow, D.D.S. Dr. W. H. Schultz J. B. Scott, Jr. A tresearch assocratel L. Dr Dr Dr Dr V. Scott, Sc.D. . B. E. Sears . J. R. Seely . D. M. Selby S. Sepkowitz Dr. M. J. Serwer Dr. C. C. Sevelius Dr. H. Sevelius Dr. H. Smotherman Dr. W. T. Snoddy C. C. Snow, M.S. Dr. J. B. Snow Dr. B. Snow, Jr. Dr. D. D. Snyder J. R. Sokatch, Ph.D. Dr. A. Songseng Dr. E. E. Soule Dr H. Keith Sowell Dr. L. E. Speed Dr. J. D. Spencer Dr. A. N. Springall Dr. R. Stacy A. J. Stanley, Ph.D. Dr. L. I. Starry Dr. A. H. Start W. B. Stavinoha, Ph.D. Dr. C. T. Steen W. D. Steen, Ph.D. R. E. Sternlof, Ph.D. F. W. Stewart, D.M.D. K. K. Stinson, D.V.M. Dr. S. N. Stone Dr. H. A. Stout Dr. L. C. Stout, Jr. Dr. I.. Stream Dr. H. l. Stuart Dr. W. D. Stuart Dr. C. A. Studebaker Dr. R. T. Sturm Dr. R. Sukman Dr. J. W. Swami Dr. L. E. Swischuk E. M. Tackwell, M.A. Dr Dr Dr G. Dr R. Dr Dr. . J. J. N. Tang . P. C. Tang . J. T. Tapuz T. Taylor, M.A. Dr. M. Taylor . .. C. Taylor C. Terrill, M. A. . E. D. Thomas J. B. 'Thompson Dr. J. B. Thompson Dr S. W. Thompson Dr W M Thompson, Jr Dr I B., Thompson Dr. L. F. Thornton Dr. L. D. Threlkeld Dr. T. W. Thurston Dr. A. C. Tipton, Jr. Dr. C. A. Tollctt l. F.. Tomnkins. M.S. Dr. S. F. Tompkins . P. W. Toussieng Dr. l. W. Shackelforrl M. F. Shackelford, M.S. Dr. P. D. Shackelford Dr. E. G. Shadid Dr. J. D. Shaffer Dr. S. R. Shaver M. R. Sheltar, Ph.D. F. Sheppard, M.S. C. W. Sherif, Ph.D Dr. M. Sherif Dr. R. G. Shifrin Dr. E. E. Shirclilf, Jr. T. K. Shires, Ph.D. Dr. G. E. Shissler Dr. K. W. Shons Dr. M. B. Shook Dr. H. B. Shorbe Dr. S. P. Traub Dr. T. R. Treece Dr. R. I. Trent K. M. Tucker, D.D.S. Dr. H. H. Turner Dr. H. W. Vandever Dr. C. M. Vanduyne A. Vega, Jr. M.A. Dr. P. M. Vickers A. W. Viney, Ph.D. Dr. L. Wagner Dr. . R. Walcher Dr Waldrop Dr. A. Walker, Jr. Dr. R. Walker Dr. . A. Watson Dr. E. Wehrs A. K. Weiss, Ph.D. Foaming Dr. C. H. Wilson Dr . J. W. Wilson Dr. C. L. Winn Dr. E. Witclier . H. B. Witten . S. G. Wolf, Jr. r. I. P. Woltl' Dr Dr. S. L. Witter Dr D A. Wolfgang, Ph.D. Dr . N. W. Woodward r. VV. E. Woolridge Dr. B. R. Worsham . L. D. Wright Dr Dr. I. A. Wulf! H . Y. Yang, Ph.D. Dr. D. A. Yeager Dr. M. C. ahasky, B.S. Young Preceptorx, D . School of Medicine Dr. M. Mollison Altus Dr. E. C. Lindley Duncan Dr. C. E. Smith Henrvetta Dr. W. Finch Hobart Dr. R. C. McDougal Holdenville Dr. C. K. Holland McAlester Dr. L. C. Barnes Nowata Dr. C. H. Williams Okeene Dr. A. Graham Pauls Valley Dr. C. Ray Altus Dr. C. S. Cunningham Poteau Dr. W. C. McCurdy, Jr. Purcell Dr. O. H. Patterson Sapulpa Dr. K. E. Whinery Sayre Dr. W. H. Dersch, Jr. Shattuck Dr. P. E. Fry Stillwater Dr. B. F. Green Stilwell Dr. E. S. Bell Tishomingo Dr. R. A. Conley Watonga Dr. E. T. Shirley Wynnewood Associate Prccelzlors, School of Median: ALTUS Dr. H. Abernathy Dr. J. Holman Dr. Q. M. Hughes Dr. J. P. Irby Dr. C. Ray Dr. W. Starkey Dr. C. L. Tesertiller Dr. J. Walker DUNCAN Dr. I. Gregston Dr. H. Lindley Dr. D.C. Ryan HENRYETTA Dr. F. Hubbard IIOBART Dr. W. Bernell Dr H. Howard Dr. W. Mahone Dr. S. Phelan Dr. O. Short rags E 5 252 HPF Ewa Fam Vi? Fl 5-5- E2 Dr. D. H. Cramblet Dr. J. R. Danel Dr. L. A. S. Johnston Dr. T. A. Trow MCALESTER Dr. W. G. Blanchard Dr. H. Brown Dr. . M. Brown QF cocci rf rf r- :1 FFFUFY' mm-F' O 5 ' Eawz mggi SE 716 Dr. H. Shuller Dr. . Shuller Dr. D. Switzer Dr. H. C. Wheeler NOWATA Dr. J. R. Reid OKEENE Dr. D. Dotter PAULS VALLEY Dr. R. H. Lindsey Dr. H. H. Monroe Dr. R. E. Spence PANVHUSKA Dr. R. W. Daugherty Dr. R. F. Harper Dr. R. W. Loy Dr. W. A. Loy Dr. W. T. Manning POTEAU Dr. K. Alexander Dr. R. W. Lowrey Dr. J. Powell Dr. R. L. Winters PURCELL Dr. W. G. Long Dr. W. T. Stone SAPULPA Dr. M. S. Bartlett Dr. P. Joseph Dr. R. G. White Dr. G. C. Zumwalt SAYRE Dr. P. J. Devanney Dr. W. Lcebron Dr. T. J. McGrath Dr. H. K. Speed SHATTUCK Dr. R. H. Burgtorf Dr. M. H. Newman Dr. J. J. Smith STILLWATER Dr. G. B. Gathcrs Dr. W. L. Honska Dr. R. E. Roberts Dr. H. R. Sanders Dr. A. B. Smith Dr. H. Smith STILWELL Dr. W. Z. Cook Dr. R. Currie TISHOMINGO Dr. C. D. Wiseman WATONGA Dr. A. K. Cox Dr. V. O. Curtin Dr. F. T. Perry WYNNEWOOD Dr. M. E. Robberson Dr. J. V. Simmering The Oklahoma tate Medical 601 N. Association fem-A 7 M R' YR W Agf? ED'C"Xk 1 ' I ' fr 7 N A ' W ff! f it X X -mn mein- Ut xt ' : X f ,mggvgg o l l 5 l X ! W X ,li - ' 5 it -7 X W f ..-qf Q y 5 ..--i fl Q- W I y I V tl 2 X bl xrvdrq E "Hwy t . Q y f-Ns D-IQ-gxx ,V j. O A l" 7' " 9 X S ' XX X9 si 'Q '." 4,211 ! 'f " 72, "0 X fi I T""' 4 lil Qu? X X O ilxi NX '9 N X t Xollli N f '9 mm if gy '5 'QM O Q Founded sixty-two years ago by the amalgamation of the medical societies of Oklahoma and Indian Territories, the Oklahoma State Medical Association is dedicated to the ad- vancement of the art and science of medicine. Membership in this voluntary professional society affords a physician the op- portunity of sharing in the collective activities of Oklahoma Medicine -and places upon him the responsibilities of main- taining high professional standards and upholding the heritage of an organization primarily motivated by its sincere interest in the public health and welfare. W. EXPRESSWAY - P. O. Box 18696 - OKLAHOMA CITY The following friends, members of the faculty, and alumni of the University of Oklahoma, School of Medicine, proudly take this opportunity to offer their con- gratulations to the members of the graduating class upon the successful comple- WILLIAM E. EASTLAND, M. D. X-Ray and Radium Skin Diseases Room 502 Physicians 6. Surgeons Bldg. 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City IOHNNY A. BLUE, M.D., ALLERGY GROUP Fellow American Academy of Allergy Fellow American College of Allergists Lister Medical Building - 430 N.W. 12 St. Phones: Office CE 6-1446 - Res. GA 7-7728 IOSEPH W. KELSO IOSEPH W. FUNNELL IAMES D. FUNNELL Gynecology, Obstetrics and Sterility 1211 N. Shartel Ave Phone CE 5-9471 Oklahoma City, Okla. CARROLL M. POUNDERS, M. D. CHARLES E. DELHOTAL. M. D. LARRY L. BIEHLER, M.D. 2610 N.W. Expressway Oklahoma City PHYLLIS E. IONES, M.D. O'TAR T. NORWOOD, M.D. Dermatology --- Skin Malignancies 403 Physicians :S Surgeons Bldg. 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City IOHN P. WoLFFf7M.'D., F. A. c. s. ROBERT HOYLAND SMILEY, M.D. Certified by American Board of Surgery Surgery and Consultation Special Attention to Vascular Surgery Off. Phone CE 6-3013 Res. Phone IA 5-3732 122 Osler Annex Oklahoma City ALLEN E. GREER. M.D. IOHN M. CAREY, M.D. - NAZIH ZUHDI, M.D. Certified American Board Surgery Certified American Board Thoracic Surgery Practice limited to Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery tOpen Heart, Vascular, Pulmonary, Esophageall Bronchoscopy Esophagoscopy Suite 900 Physicians ci Surgeons Bldg. 1211 N. Shartel - Oklahoma City A CE 5-3377 MCBRIDE CLINIC OLLIE MCBRIDE, M.D. STEARLEY P. HARRISON, M.D. CARL D. OSBORN. M.D. 1214 E. 5th St. Ada, Oklahoma F. REDDING HOOD, M. D.. F. A. C. P. Specializing in Cardiology and Electro-Cardiography 110 Osler Annex 1220 N. Walker Oklahoma City Phone CE 5-2346 I. SAMUEL BINKLEY, M.D., F.A.C.S. Surgery Limited to Cancer and Allied Diseases Phone WI 6-2445 5700 N.W. Grand Boulevard Doctors Medical Bldg. OKLAHOMA CITY HARRY A. DANIELS M. D., F. A. C. P. Internal Medicine and Diagnosis Special Attention to Gastro Intestinal and Cardiac Diseases O'DONOGHUE ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC Orthopedic Surgery and Fractures 217 Pasteur Medical Bldg. Oklahoma City Don H. O'Donoghue, M.D. Gael R. Frank, M.D. 610 N. W. 9th Street Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA ALLERGY CLINIC Pasteur Medical Building P. O. Box 1827 Oklahoma City 711 Northwest 10th CEntral 2-5501 ' Oklahoma 73101 GEORGE S. BOZALIS, M.D. - VERNON D. CUSHING, M.D. - GEORGE L. WINN, M.D. ROBERT S. ELLIS, M.D. - LYLE W. BURROUGHS, M.D. - LEWIS R. BEAM, M.D. DWIGHT MITCHELL, IR., Administrator tion of their formal education. lt is with pride that We Welcome you to the med- ical profession-may you strive to uphold its traditions and to continue our never-ending efforts to increase and enhance its present high standards. ROBT. D. ANSPAUGH. M.D. Gynecology and Obstetrics 5700 N. W. Grand Blvd. Doctors Medical Bldg. Wl 3-9533 Oklahoma City LEROY LONG CLINIC Surgery LeRoy D. Long, M.D. LeRoy Long, M.D. 548 Pasteur Bldg. llll N. Lee Oklahoma City 3 F. M. LINGENFELTER. M.D.. F.A.C.S. Surgery and Surgical Diseases of the Thyroid Gland 215 Osler Building Oklahoma City, Okla. DRS. ESKRIDGE 6. ESKRIDGE I. B. ESKRIDGE. IR.. M. D. I. B. ESKRIDGE. III. M. D. Obstetrics and Gynecology Physicians G Surgeons Bldg. l2ll N. Shartel Oklahoma City IAMES P. LUTON, M. D. 430 N. W. l2th Oklahoma City ALVIN R. IACKSON, M. D. 25l2 S. Harvey Oklahoma City IOHN R. STACY, M.D., F.A.C.S. Diplomate American Board Orthopedic Surgery Orthopedic and Fracture Surgeon CE 5-6315 - 415 N.W. 12th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma W. A. SHOWMAN. M. D. Dermatology, Radium, Grenz and X-Ray Treatment Medical Center 850 Utica Square Rl 7-7521 Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. TULLOS O. COSTON, M. D. THOMAS E. ACERS, M.D. Pasteur Medical Bldg. Oklahoma City IOHN FLORENCE. M. D., F. A. C. S. Diplomate American Board of Orthopedic Surgery Orthopedic Surgery, Fractures, lndustrial Injuries Physicians 6. Surgeons Bldg. l2ll N. Shartel - Okla. City - CE 2-9222 STERLING T. CRAWFORD, M.D. Gynecology and Obstetrics Suite 505 Doctors Medical Bldg. 5700 N. W. Grand Blvd. Wl 3-8451 Oklahoma City MOORMAN P. PROSSER, M. D. Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry 437 Pasteur Bldg. Phone CE 2-9895 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA RAY L. MURDOCH, M.D. Surgery and Diseases of the Colon and Rectum l0ll Medical Arts 100 Park Ave. Bldg. CE 2-3722 4 Oklahoma City GEORGE H. GARRISON M. D.. F. A. A. P. Pediatrics PCISYGUI Bldg. Oklahoma City DOCTORS CONTINUED WILLIAM A. MILLER, M.D. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City DOCTORS BROWN. PAYNE AND MONNET 454 Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Oklahoma BARNEY I. LIMES. M.D. Practice Limited to Urology Practice Limited to Urology 1211 N. Shartel - Oklahoma City L. H. CHARNEY, M. D.. F. A. C. P. Diagnosis and Internal Medicine 528 N.W. 12 Suite 412 Oklahoma City IOI-IN R. DANSTROM, M.D. EDWARD B. MCCABE, M. D. IOYCE EISENBRAUN, M.D. HAVEN W. MANKIN, M.D. DAVID C. LOWRY, M.D. BERT E. MULVEY, M.D. RADIATION DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY 254 Pasteur Bldg. 8-G Physicians and Surgeons Bldg. OKLAHOMA CITY 3, OKLA. GILBERT L. HYROOP, M.D., F.A.C.S. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery CE 6-4651 1219 N. Walker VI 2-3131 Oklahoma City 3, Okla. M. D., F. A. C. P., A. S. C. P. American Board of Internal Medicine Diagnosis cmd Internal Medicine Clinical Pathology Osler Building Phone CEntral 2-8274 OKLAHOMA CITY CHARLES A. ROYER, M.D. Disease and Surgery of the Eye Certified by Am. Board of Ophthalmology 430 N.W. 12th Oklahoma City 3, Okla. L. I. STARRY. M. D. Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City MEDICAL ARTS LABORATORY WILLIAM T. SNODDY, M.D. ROBERT C. MACKAY, M.D. REX KENYON, M.D. THEODORE W. VIOLETT, M.D. IACK M. STEPHENSON, M.D. RAYMOND F. I-IAIN, M.D. OKLAHOMA CITY PRACTICE LIMITED TO ANESTHESIOLOGY H. E. DoUDNA, M.D. DONALD D. LENSGEAE, M.D. 1. ROBERT WALKER, M.D. ROBERT D. MERCER, M.D. H. K. sowELL, M.D. LEWIS c. TAYLoE, M.D. WM' B' RENFROW' MD' E. G1EsoN PAEEISH, M.D. DAVID t. CHESLER, M.D. E. E. GOETZINGER, M.D. IOHN H. CAENEY, M.D. 620 N. W. 9th STREET OKLAHOMA CITY 2, OKLA. DOCTORS CONTINUED IAMES S. BOYLE, M.D. A. de QUEVEDO, M.D. Practice Limited to Urology Physicians 6: Surgeons Building 1211 North Shartel Phone CE 2-1333 1 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1 1 W. F. LEWIS. M.D. I. T. HICKS. IR., M.D. Diplomate, American Board of Urology Lawton Clinic Lawton, Oklahoma Practice Limited to Urology ATHOL L. FREW. IR.. D.D.S., M.D. Certified American Board of Oral Surgery Tel. CE 6-1631 528 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City CARDIOVASCULAR CLINIC WILLIAM BEST THOMPSON, M.D. GALEN P. ROBBINS. M.D. WM. S. MYERS. M.D. Practice Limited to Cardiology and Diseases of the Circulation 331 Pasteur Bldg. - CE 2-9226 - Okla. City GEORGE H. KIMBALL. M.D. 1 F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. Cert. American Board of Plastic Surgery Pasteur Building - Oklahoma City, Okla. . Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery R. P. MESSINGER. M.D. HENRY H. TURNER, M. D., F. A. C. P. Cert, American Board of Internal Medicine Diagnosis and Internal Medicine Specializing in Neuro-Endocrine Disorders 316-319 Osler Medical Bldg. 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Meredith Appleton I. Hartwell Dunn M.D., F.I.C.S. M.D., F.A.C.S. INTERNAL MEDICINE IA5-35 1 8 801 N.W. 23rd Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Charles L. Reynolds. Ir. MD.. F.A.C.S. Practice Limited to Urology 3113 NW Expressway Oklahoma City VI 3-5761 DRS. AKIN AND KAVAN Practice Limited to ROBERT H. AKIN, M.D., F.A.C.S. 610 N. W. Ninth Urology LUCIEN C. KAVAN, M.D., F.A.C.S. Oklahoma City, Okla. WANN LANGSTON, M.D LANGSTQN MEDICAL JAMES K. DeVORE, M.D. Cardiology Gastro-Enteroloqy P IOHN W. DeVORE, M.D. IAMES FL. I-OWELI-. MD- Hematology Internal Medicine PUIFHOHUYY Dise-21595 aEoRcE N. BARRY, M.D. 1214 Noflh Hudson Sffeef ERNEST G. WARNER, IR., M.D. Cardiology OKLAHOMA CITY 3, OKLAHOMA Neurology-Electroencephalography RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATES IAMES T. BOGGS, M.D. LINDBERGI-I I. RAHHAL, M.D. MILTON L. WAGNER, M.D. ROBERT SUKMAN, M.D. WAYNE H. SCHULTZE, M.D. X-Ray, Diagnosis and Therapy-Isotopes-Cobalt Therapy RICHARD B. PRICE, M.D ROBERT W. GEYER, M.D. . GEORGE BEN CARTER, M.D. lOl-IN R. OWEN, M.D. Diplomates American Board of Radiology Osler Building Doctors Medical Building Physicians G Surgeons Bldg. CE 9-2641 WI 6-9923 1211 N. Shartel Baptist Memorial Hospital Deaconess Hospital CE 5-2583 WI 6-6411 WI 6-5581 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Graduate ill The ni ersity 0i tlklahoma chool 01 edicine The SOONER MEDIC is proud io list in alphabetical order the names and pres- eni locaiion of all graduates of 'rhe University of Oklahoma School of Medicine whose address are known. The information includes graduates 'From the classes of l909 through I966. Abbott, Mary I., M.D., '57 Alexander, Thos. C., M.D., '63 Anderson, Wm. D.. M.D., '31 1034 North Flood 2901 Tugie St. Apt. B P. O. Box 689 Norman, Okla. Metairie, La. Claremore, Okla. Abelard, Jose r., M.D., 'so Allen. G-fwrge Tp M-D-. '32 Ana-reskowski, W. '1'., M.D., '19 BOX 128 Veterans Admin. Hosp. 1319 VV, grd Canton, Okla. Abernethy, J. H., M.D., '39 309 N. Hudson Altus, Okla. Abshere, Lynn W., M.D., '56 119 East 6th Street Clovis, New Mexico Acers, Thomas B., M.D., '59 V 201 Pasteur Bldg. Ololalioma City, Oklahoma Adair, John R., M.D., '54 111 Stanley A1'dmore, Okla. Adams, G-eo. E. M., M.D., '43 1145 So. Utica-507 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Adams, Jerome M., M.D., '53 Burkburnett, Texas Adams, Capt. M.W., Jr., M.D., '59 lst Cav. Div. Air Mobile Ft Benning, Georgia Adams, Robert M., M.D. Public Health Service Hospital New Orleans, Louisiana Adams, Walter B., M.D., '11 100 8th St. Wichita Falls, Texas Adelman, Frank L., M.D., 43 330 So, 5th Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Afinowirz, John R., M.D., '64 1031 City Park Ave. Portsmouth, Virginia Ahrend, Thomas R., M.D. Presbyterian Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Akin, Robert, M.D., '28 610 N. VV. 0th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Alami, Samih Y., M.D., '65 Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, Texas 75246 Albright, John D.,M.D., '62 Office of Flight Surgeon Ft. Sill, Oklahoma 73503 Aldredge, Wm. Max, M.D., '41 3500 State St. Hartlesville, Oklahoma 73503 Alexander, B. R., M.D., '54 4131 5th Ave. North St. Petersburg, Fla. Alexander, E. T., M.D., '20 V.A. Hospital Bonham, Texas Alexander, J. L., M.D., '43 40 Med. Arts Center Savannah 5, Georgia Alexander, John R., M.D., '61 2021 S. Lewis Tulsa, Oklahoma Alexander, Richard K.,M.D.,'59 501 Dewey Poteau, Oklahoma Alexander, R. L., Jr., M.D., '61 1515 Lafayette St. Louis, M o. Alexander, Col. S. H., M.D., '28 1500 Hillcrest Dr. Arroyo Grande, Calif. I04 Muskogee, Okla. Allen, R. E., M.D., '53 1312 VV. Park Orange, Texas Allen. Ray F., M.D., '60 US Army Med. Ctr. Okinawa, Oklahoma Allen, Russell F., M.D., '63 2801 N.W. Expressway Oklahoma. City, Okla. Allensworth, E. W., M.D. 122 VV. Delaware Vinita, Okla. Allgood, Edward A., M.D., '45 Snyder, Okla. Allgood, E. J., M.D., '30 935 East Elm Altus, Okla. Allgood, John M., M.D., '28 217 E. Commerce Altus, Okla. Allgood, Richard J., M.D., '64 1014 A. Sherwood Drive Durham, North Carolina 27700 Allin, Stephen C., M.D. Menorah Medical Center Kansas City, Missouri Allison, Robert Lee, M.D., '53 3280 Fairron Beaumont, Texas Allred, Robert L., M.D., '63 U. S. Public Health Serv. Detroit, Michigan Alston, William C., Jr.. M.D., '37 Doctors Bldg.. 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Ambrister, J. W., M.D., '43 210 South Ryan Street Lake Charles, Louisiana Amdall, Maj. Robt. A., M.D., '53 Lackland AFB Hosp. San Antonio, Texas Amspacher, Jas. C., M.D., '43 525 N. VV. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Amspacher, Wm. H., M.D., '36 216 Sweetbrier Road Greenville, S. Carolina Anderson, H. M., M.D., '42 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Anderson, Lanny G., M.D., '61 Dept. of Surg. Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Anderson, Mary A., M.D. llniversity of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Anderson, Paul S., M.D., '35 Co. State Hospital Mayview, Pa. Anderson, Ralph D., M.D., '42 365 N. Newport Blvd. Newport Beach, Calif. Anderson, Roy W., M.D., '39 116 S. College Cordell, Okla. Anderson, Thos. P., M.D., '43 Hitchcock Memorial Hosp. Hanover, N. H. Elk City, Oklahoma Angelopoulos, A. P., D.D.S. School of Dentistry University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. 55455 Anger-er, Alden Lee, M.D., '46 990 Pacific Street San Luis Obispo, Calif. Angus, Donald A., M.D., '33 614 C St. Lawton, Okla. Angus, Howard A., M.D., '38 614 C Street Lawton, Okla. A.l1na.d.0Wn, Ruth v., M.D., '49 Ft. Logan Mental Health Center Fort lloga n, Colorado Anthis, Emma J., M.D., '33 Box 278 Healdton, Okla. Anthony, Bobby D., M.D. St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Appleton. M. M., M.D., '34 3193 N. VV. Expressway Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Archer, Homer V., M.D., '43 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Armstrong, W. O., M.D., '24 1608 Aloma Ponca City, Okla. Arnold, Robert C.. Jr., M.D., '65 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104 Arrendell, C. W., Jr., M.D., '45 3921 Beresford Rd. Charlotte, N. 1' , 28211 Arrendell, E. H., M.D., '43 115 Patton Drive Ponca City, Okla. Arthurs, Melvin R., M.D., '54 Box 409 Cherryvale, Kansas 67335 Ashley, Robert E., M.D. 3233 E. 31st Place Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105 Askins, John R., M.D., '50 P. O. Box 1087 Dumas, Texas Astle, Jon N., M.D. Maricopa County General Hospital Phoenix, Arizona Atherton, Chas. V., M.D., '32 800 Perenial Drive Louisville, Ky. Athey, Clanton R., Jr., M.D., '53 Hox 38 Eagle, Colorado 81031 Atkin, John D., M.D., '61 Box 70 Yates Center, Kansas Auriemma, P. R., M.D., '28 300 East Rosecrans Compton, Calif. Austin, F. H., M.D., '25 1202 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Austin, John D., M.D., 47 P. O. Box 266 Pleasanton, Texas Aycock, Byron W., M.D., '40 1002 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Baggett, Rex T., M.D., '62 2812 N.VV. 67th Oklahoma. City, Okla. Bagwell, K. H., M.D., '57 1024 North Flood Norman, Okla. Bahr, W. Julien, M.D., '55 921 N.E. 13 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Bail, Carolyn A., M.D., '47 435 North Bedford Dr. Beverly Hills, Calif. Bailey, A. Stanley, M.D., '55 Mayfair Medical Center 2925 N. VV. 50 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bailey, Byron Jas., M.D., '59 505 Via Estrada Palas Ver Estates, Cal. Bailey, Byron Louis, M.D., '47 317 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Bailey, Carl H., M.D., '33 General Delivery Da venport, Oklahoma 74026 Bailey, Donald C., M.D., '65 St. Francis Hospital Orth Surg VVic'hita, Kansas 67214 Baines, Roy Dixie, Jr., M.D., '59 Martin Army Hospital Ft. Benning, Georgia 31905 Baird, Cecil D., M.D., '27 202 N. Plum Eureka, Kansas Baker, Charles E., M.D., '51 1800 South Van Buren Enid, Okla. Baker, Mrs. Ira W., M.D., '27 1225 N.E. Expressway Oklahoma City 11, Okla. Baker, Loren V., M.D., '25 222West Third Elk City, Okla. Baker, Pete H., M.D. '64 Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas, Texas Baker, Wilbur K., II, M.D., '60 Univ. Missouri Hosp. Columbia, Mo. Baker, Wm. L., M.D., '60 Central State Hospital Norman, Oklahoma Bakken, R.. r.., M.D., '49 200 College Street Battle Creek, Mich. Ballard, Jack D., M.D., '43 14315 Ambaum Blvd. Seattle, VVashington Ballard, Noble L., M.D., '64 343 N. Miles Hereford, Tex. 79045 Ballard, Ray H., M.D., '39 14045 Des Moines Way Seattle. Washington Ballinger, Thos. I., M.D., '53 4521 Cylinda Sue Cr. Ft. VVorth, Texas Baltazar, A. C., M.D., '27 40 .lones Avenue Cebu City, Philippine Islands Baltazar, B. M., M.D., '27 40 Jones Avenue Cebu City, Philippine Islands Balyeat, Hal D., M.D. Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, Michigan Barbee, Richard P., M.D., '57 100 Utica Sq. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Barber, B. C., M.D., '50 2801 Race St. Ft. VVorth, Texas Bare, Lawrence E., M.D., '62 Evergreen, Colorado Barger, John B., M.D., '31 Boston Navy Shipyard Boston, Mass. Barker, Clyde Jas., M.D., '35 1313 North 2 Street Phoenix, Arizona Barker, Marcus S., M.D., '48 912 Northwest 57th Oklahoma City, Okla. Barker, Robt. D., M.D., '43 2021 North Central Phoenix, Arizona Barkett, N. F. V., M.D., '39 348 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Barkett, Vander M., M.D., '65 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Olula. 73104 Barlow, Ronald S., M.D., '62 V. A. Hospital I Albuquerque, New Mexico Barnes. Harry E., M.D., '35 1241.5 SW 26th Oklahoma City, Okla. Barnes, Lynn C., Jr., M.D., '52 SVS' Div. Fed. Aviation AG Ft. VVorth, Texas Barnes, Robt. N., M.D., '54 Veterans Adm. Ctr. Temple, Texas Barnes, Shelby D.. M.D., '54 400 NE 60 Oklahoma City, Okla. Barnett, D. A., M.D., '52 3105 El Camino Drive Temple, Texas Barney, Donald C., M.D., '58 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Barney, Jack A., M.D., '56 1211 N. Sharteil Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Barney, Jonne L., M.D.. '65 University Hospital Ann Arbor, Michigan Barnhill, John W., M.D., '59 Dept. Urology Cincinnatti Gen. Hosp. Cincinnatti, Ohio Barno, Alex, M.D., '44 6804 Cheyenne Trail Minneapolis, Minn, Barrett, Paul A., M.D., '63 7330 N.W. 23 Oklahoma City, Okla. I Upjohn I medicine. . . designed for health . . produced with care The Upjohn Company Kalamazoo, Michigan Barton, Clyde W., M,D., '58 3233 E. 31st Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Bash, V. C., Jr., M.D., '51 8345 Long Point Houston 24, Texas Bassett, C. M., M.D., '30 1030 E. Cherry Cushing, Okla. Bast, Lowell E., M.D., '60 1501 VV. 10 Amarillo, Texas Baugh, I-Iarold T., M.D., '30 Meeker, Okla. Baxter, Earl D., M.D., '60 U. S. Naval Hospital Chelsea, Massachusetts Baxter, V. C., M.D., '39 1309 Harbor View Galveston, Texas Bayless, James M., M.D., '47 220 N. Jackson Elk City, Okla. Baylor, R. A., Jr., M.D., '62 VA Hospital Muskogee, Oklahoma Bealmear, Rent 0., M.D., '63 Naval Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Beasley, G. L., Jr., M.D., '53 409 Fowler Drive Duncan, Okla. Beaty, C. S., M.D.. '35 2211 Callahan Muskogee, Okla. Beavers, Jas. C., M.D., '55 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Beck, 1'..:D., M.D., '35 1626 North Central Phoenix, Arizona Becker, P. W., M.D., '46 Drawer 349 Moore, Okla. Beckloff, G. L., M.D., '61 Assoc. Dir. Squibb Inst. Medical Research New Brunswick, N, Jersey Beckloff, G. N., M.D., '62 2709 N. W. 109 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bedner, Gerald, M.D., '40 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Beiderwell, P. L., M.D., '38 1212 18th Street Belleville, Kansas Bell, Bruce C., M.D., '63 4413 NVV 44 Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Bell, Eugene S., M.D., '52 Tishomingo, Okla. Bell, Howard B., M.D., '51 3155 Stagg Dr. Beaumont, Texas 77701 Bell, James P., M.D., '52 605 N.W. 10 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bell, Joseph P., M.D., '43 1709 Madford Topeka, Kansas Bell, Orville E., M.D., '36 224 Rose Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Bell. Robert E., M.D., '61 30th Fieild Hospital Augsburg, Germany AI'O New York, N.Y. Beller, Cleve, M.D., '43 Glass Nelson Clinic 2020 South Xanthus Tulsa, Okla. Belter, Lester P., M.D., '46 Richmond Memorial Hosp. Richmond, Va. Belter, Louis C., M.D., '56 324 E. Broadway Fairview, Okla. Bender, Herman R., M.D., '41 1529 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. 106 Bennett, Wayne, M.D., '53 2001 Fourth Avenue San Diego, California Benward, J. H., M.D., '39 4155 S. W. Bosch Rd. Portland 1, Oregon Berger, E. Stanley, M.D., '44 1111 North Lee Okla. City, Okla. 72103 Berger, Martin, M.D., '47 1225 N. Kings Rd. llos Angeles 46, Calif. Bergman, D. R., M.D., '62 Charity Hosp. La. New Orleans, La, Berkenbile, Glen L., M.D., '46 1601 VVest Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. Bernamonti, D. Jr., M.D., '55 132 VVindsor Dr. Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401 Bernard, C. R., M.D., '25 Kalkaska, Mich. Bernell, Wm., M.D., '42 First Natl. Bldg. Hobart, Oklahoma. Bernhardt, K. I., M.D., 62 715 North College Cordell, Okla. Bernhardt, Samuel, C., M.D., '60 5510 South Western Oklahoma City, Okla. Bernhardt, Wm. G., M.D., '58 408 Country Club Circle Oklahoma City 10, Okla. Berry, J. Curtis, M.D., '37 Peters and Eufaula Norman, Okla. Berry. Jas. E., M.D., '59 300 Crestview Dr. Sherman, Texas 75090 Berry, S. E., M.D., '50 253 Mira Street Long Beach 3, Calif. Bethel, Shelba J., M.D., '65 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla, 73102 BetS011. J. R., Jr., M.D., '55 1750 Rochester Costa Mesa. Calif. Beumer, D. C., M.D., '43 9006 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland 5. Calif. Bickford, C. U., M.D., '48 2405 Bon Aire Victoria, Texas Bida, J. F., M.D., '48 Arlington, Texas Blebelf, Charles P., M.D. St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Bieber, Marrcia A. M.. M.D. St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Biehler, Larry L., M.D.. '62 2610 NVV Expressway Okla. City, Okla. Billingsly, James G.. M.D., '55 4209 No. Mason Tat-oma., VVashington 98407 Blackburn, Robt. N., M.D., Box 134 Joseph, Oregon '52 Blacketter, D. E., M.D., 508 South Madden Ave. Shamrock, Texas Blackwelder, E., M.D., '64 OklahXXh?S1CitECgl13l:ii1oiiizt Blair, Charles V., .M.D., '65 Oklah 7 31 0 Z! Blair, Cl:l!ford'J., M.D., '39 Ok liilithiiii' Ciiirtglila. Blanchard, Wm. G., M.D., '55 McAlester Clinic McAlester, Okla. Blankenship, J. B.. M.D., '62 261 N. VV. 83 Oklahoma City, Okla. Blasc'hke, John A., M.D., '50 605 N.W. 10 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bledsoe, Joe Thos., M.D., '59 3058 North Roft Oklahoma City, Okda. Blende, 0. J., M.D., '35 2633 VV. Bethany Home Rd. Phoenix, Ariz. Blender, John X., M.D., '46 305 S. Grand Cherokee, Okla. Blevins, Billy E., M.D., '60 Baylor Univ. Med. Ctr. 350 Gaston Dallas, Texas Blevins, Jas. W., III, M.D., '55 2716 Mondview Dr. Topeka, Kansas Blevins, W. E., M.D., '51 720 N. Brown Vinita, Okllahoma Bliss, Bryce 0., M.D., '57 105 Homestead Metairie, Louisiana Bloom, Nathan N.,M .D., '1 Med. College of Va.. Richmond, Va. Bloss, Claude M., Jr., M.D., 3400 N. Eastern Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Blue, Johnny A., M.D., '34 430 N. XV. 12 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Boatman, K. K., M.D., '52 5700 N.VV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Boatright, L. C.. M.D., '31 Cravens Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Boaz, John T., III, M.D., '60 Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, Colo. Bocox, Gordon A.. M.D. Baptist Memorial Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Boibek, D. W., M.D., '55 651 Utica Sq. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma Bodine. Chas. D.. M.D., '43 1220 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. '61 37 Bilskyv Nathan. M-D-. '24 Boggs, Harold E., Jr., M.D., '64 4511 Forest Park St. Louis 8, Missouri Binkley. Prank C., M.D., '39 635 Fl. Union Pasadena, Calif. Bird. Billy J., M.D.. '57 160 VVolfel1rand ltd. K+-ntfie1d,t'alif. 94901 Birge, Jackson P., M.D., '31 212 Univ.-53 iles Moines, Iowa 50214 Bishop. David W., M.D., '58 University Hospital S00 N.E. 13th Oklahoma. City, Oklahoma Bissell, Robt. G., M.D., '59 309 Park Avenue Pryor, Oklahoma 3319 E. 46th Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135 Boggs. James T., M.D., '46 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Bohlman. Curtis C., M.D., '65 F21 FI. Logan Guthrie, Okla. 73044 Bolene, John I'., M.D., '55 Stillwater Municipal Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074 Bolene, Robert V., M.D., '48 415 Community Bldg. Ponca City, Okla. Boles. Gerald W.. M.D., '57 St. Anthony Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Boles, R. D., M.D., '53 2020 Central Dodge City, Kansas Bolin, Evelyn R., M.D., '35 5281 Burlingame Buena l'ark, Calif. Bollman, Charles S., M D. Tripler General Hospital Honolulu, Hawaii Bond, Eugene C., M.D., '43 900 Pacitic Ave. ldverett, XVashingtou Bond, Ira T., M-D., '27 Battiest, Oklahoma Bond, William L., M.D., '47 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Bonham, R. F.. M.D., '26 Box 66286 Houston, Texas Boon, Clifton U., M.D., '32 12 Fox St. Aurora, Ill. Booth. G-eo. R., Jr., M.D., '44 VVilburton, Okla. Borecky, G. L.. M.D., '23 521 N. VV. 11 Oklahoma City, Okla. Boren, Paul G.. M.D.. '62 4630 La Rue Dallas, Texas Barron, Robt. Kenneth, M.D., '59 619 S. Canyon Nampa, Idaho Boswell, W. E., M.D., '34 P. O. Box 37 Leedey, Okla. Bosworth, W. C., M.D., '60 Box K30 Steven Point, VVis. 54491 Bottomley, Richard I-IZ., M.D., '58 Univ. Hosp, 800 N.lC. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bottomley, Robt. G., M.D., '62 782 Meadow Brook Rd. Morgantown, VV. Va. 26501 Unix Hosp S00 N le 13 Okl thomft City, Okl 1. 6 Bottomly, Sylvia, M.D., '58 , . . ' ' 2 Bowers, Robt. Carl, M.D., '50 OU Med. Ctr. PM Okla. City. Ok'la. 73104 Bowie, Carl W., M.D., '46 Box 69 Vinita, Oklahoma Bowlan. Walter L., M.D., '61 1432 VV. Britton Road Oklahoma City, Okla. Boyd. Wayne J.. M-D., '50 1209 Brookside Parkway Bartlesville, Oklahoma Boyer, I-Iarold L.. M.D., '41 2044 E. Charleston Las Vegas, Nevada Boyle. James S., M-D., '48 1211 N. Shartel Bradford Vance A., M.D., '38 430 N. W. 12 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bradley, Frank L., M.D., '36 Eastern Okla. Sanatorium Talihina, Okla. Bradley, I-I. C., M.D., '17 1009 Cravens Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Brady, J. H., M-D.. '36 2119 Ilyde Way Visalia., Calif. Brake, Chas. M., M.D., '51 3610 N.VV. 46 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bramanti, Henry R.. M.D. Bernalillo County Indian Hospital A :Xlllll1'lll91't1ll6, New Mexico Brandt, E. N., Jr., M.D., '60 Co. Dir. Computer Ctr. O. U. Medical School 301 N.E. 13 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Brashear, Eddie A., M.D., '58 Curry Clinic Sapulpa, Oklahoma Brasheafr, James D.. M.D., '65 indian Hospital? Albuquerque, New Mex. 37106 Brauchi, J. Tony, M.D., '55 4909 YV. 77 Terrace Prairie Village, Kan. Brauer, S. I-I., l1.'I.D., '26 1112 Verges Norfolk 19, Nebraska Brawner, D. L., M.D., '47 Doctors Bldg.. 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Bressie, Jerry L., M.D.. '58 Dr. Bldg. 5700 N. W. GD Blvd. Oklahoma City 18, Okla. Brett, Dale E., M.D., '58 U. Kansas Med. Center Kansas City, Kans. Brewer, A. M., M.D., '27 h 621 N. VV. 10t St. Oklahoma City, Okla. , Brewer, David L.. M-D. l University of Oklahoma Hospitals 1 Oklahoma City, Okla Brewer, Col. K. A., M.D., '30 7623 Flag Lake St. San Diego, Calif. Bricker, Earl M., Jr., M.D., '53 1211N.Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Bridges, Delta W., M.D., '63 141 E. Ely Colo. Springs, Cfrlo. S0901 Bridges, Robert G., '58 U. Tex. Med. Br. Hosp. Galveston, Texas Bridwell, Malcolm E., M.D., '61 3809 Detantz St.Louis 10, Missouri Oklahoma City 3. Okla. nrightwell, Lt. c. R.. .1'., M.D., '4 Bozalis, George S.. M.D., '35 Box 1825 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bozalis, John R.. M D., '6-5 Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, Mivliigzin 43202 Braden, Barbara F., M.D., '57 Univ. Hospitals Oklahoma City. Okla. Braden, Donald K., '57 1211 N, Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Bradfield. E. O.. M.D., '36 408 W. Shell Temple, Texas Bradlleld, S. J., M.D., '15 1547 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Bradford. A. Calvin. M.D., '55 2118 S. Cliff Dr. Ft. Smith, Ark. 72903 Bradford, Reagan H., M-D., '61 Okla. Med. Res. Inst, Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. 34 West North St. Fayetteville, Arkansas Brlll, Melvyn L., M.D., '61 230 Doctors Bldg. 2021 S. Lewis Tul sa, Oklahoma Brixey, A. M., Jr., M.D., '43 120 Scott Street Joliet, Illinois Broadrick, Broadway, M.D., '4 411 E. 9 Big Springs, Texas Brock. Bill L., M.D., '54 307 New York Arlington, Texas Brooks, I-Iarold L., M.D., '63 5617 Belmont, Dallas, Texas Brooks, J. T., M.D., '45 13749 NVoodoock San Fernando, Calif. Brooks, Q. T., M.D., '53 1220 Cherrywood Richardson, Texas Broome. Robt. 0., M.D., '58 5720 HMC Apt. 1 Houston 25, Texas Browder, Sue B., M.D., '45 321 East 42nd St. New York 17, N. Y. Brown, A. M., Jr., M.D., '45 Box 388 Perry, Okla. Brown, Bruce I-I., M.D., '47 MeAlester Clinic 020 S. 3 McAlester, Okla. Brown, Bryon B., M.D., '25 Davis, Okla. Brown, C. Alton, M.D., '43 1211 N. Shartel Okla. l'1ty,Hkla. 723103 Brown, Chas. R., M.D., '57 2106 Harrison Great Bend, Kaus. 67530 Brown, Claude I-I. B., M.D., '53 021 NAV. 14 Ardmore, Okla. Brown, David R., M.D., '49 1111 North Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, David W., M.D., 64 St. Luke llospital Kansas City, Missouri Brown, Forest 3400 N, Eastern Oklahoma City, Okla. R., M.D., '36 Brown, Geo. M., McAlester Clinic McAIester, Okia. Jr., M.D., '43 Brown. Horace Jacquelin, '59 317 USA 14' Hospital Exreux. Franee Brown, Irwin H., M.D., '45 Univ. of Okla. Sch. of Med. S01 N. ld. 13th Brown, John I-I., M.D., '54 2001 .lohn Street Pasadena, Texas Brown, Leonard BS., M.D., '45 5700 N.W. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Olcla. Brown, Mary L. M., M.D., '64 V. A Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, Nello, M.D., '45 510 N. W. 12 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, Spencer H., M.D., '40 200 Oakwood Fayetteville, Ark. Brown, Thomas G., M.D., '29 1104 XVashington Amarillo, Tex. 70102 Brownlee, L. G. A., M.D., '12 22 Park Dr , Apt. 14 Hel Harbour, Florida Brownson, Richard J., M.D., '64 University Florida Hospital Gainesville, Florida Brundage, B. T., M.D., '36 Box 12 Thomas, Okla. Brunn, Stanley F., M.D.,'65 2115 Rockaway Parkway Ilrooklyn, New York 1123115 BTIILOII, Bob Ia., M.D., '65 3221 VVat'o llurant, Okla. 74701 Bryan, Richard S., M.D., '50 Box 2523, USAF' Hosp. Andrews AFT? XVashington 25, D. C Buchanan, F. R., M.D., '42 500 S. University Little Rock, Ark. Buckholts, W. H., MD., '29 PO Box 8735 Buell, A. L., M.D., '39 Buell Myers Snow Cl. 220 S. Morton Okmulgee, Okla, Buttington, F. C., M.D., '35 502 S. Crawford Norman, Okla. Bunlngton, G. W., M.D., '50 Ball State llniversity Munvie, Indiana Buford, E. L., M.D., '41 Guymon, Okla. Bullard, R. E., M.D., '24 V. A. Hospital VVaf'o, Texas Buller, Ralph L., M.D., '56 579 Broadway Hydro, Oklahoma Bunch, A. 1-I., M.D., '50 206 North Fourth St. Seminole, Oklahoma Bungardt, A. I-I., M.D., '39 Rm. 610 Drs. Bldg. 2021 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Burgert, E. 0., M.D., '47 2109 Lynwood Dr. Rochester, Minnesota Burgess. E. P., M.D., '55 512 XV. Silver Meadow Midwest City, Oklahoma. Burgtorf, R. I-I., M.D., '45 Shattuck, Oklahoma Burks, A. L., M.D., '39 Suite 2100, 450 Sutter St. San Francisvo S, Calif. Burleson, M. N.. M.D., '61 1008 N. Alt-Kinl Seminole, Okla. 74N Burleson, Ned, M.D., '31 P. O. Box T39 Burr, Donald C., M.D., '62 Brooke Army Hosp. San Antonio. Texas Burr, John C., Capt., '57 1717 lligh iT1'ilYt'l',41UIlll'2lfiOS0218 Burtis, B. B., Jr., M.D., '64 Deliver General Hospital Denver, Colorado Burton, Leonard B., M.D., '54 0217 llallatiuo Rd. Downey, Calif. Busboom, Robt. G., M.D., '46 AIilf.Z'lllllIil1iTl3ih St. XVayneslnoro. Virginia Bush, John D., M.D., '60 1211 N.Sharte1 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bush, Jordan M., M.D., '39 207 Community Building Ponca City, Okla. Bussan, Reita M., M.D.. '49 1678 Meadowlane Dr. S.E. North tfanton 20, Ohio Buswell, A. W., M.D., '52 IlIY.Sl1l'f.fPUl1 lst Air lliv. Ft, lloofl, Texas 70545 Butcher, J. M., M.D., '36 706 Orange Ave. Sarasota, Florida. Butcher, Orby L., Jr., M.D., '55 Va. lIIlSll.fll'lIl.Slll'g.-LN-'1l1. lmllas, Texas 75216 Butler, Dale R., M-D., '65 V. S. Navy Svhool Aero Spam-ef l'ens:1t-rn-la. Florida 32511 Buttram, Harold B. M.D. '58 -w 1724 xv. init ' hx loll ' ' aIes.N1-iv Alexia-oNR13l0 Butts, Donald T., M.D., '63 111521 llarmoney Buxton, M. Thos., Jr., M.D., '47 1111 North Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Bynum, Chester L., M.D., '57 804 Navaho Farmington, N. Bl. Bynum, Turner E., M.D., '64 Boston City Hospital V M VI Med. Servlet-s lloston 18, Mass, Bynum, W. R., M.D., '51 Pryor, Oklahoma Cagle, Ronald E., M.D., '58 2207 N.VV. 40 Street Lawton, Oklahoma Cailev. Leo F., M.D., '25 Rt. 1, Box 211 Oklahoma City, Okla. Caldwell, Avalo V.. M-D-. '50 3107 Gore Boulevard Lawton, Okla. Caldwell, Delmar R., M.D., '61 202 So. 45th Ilic-hmond, Texas 774010 Calhoon, B. L., M.D., '51 Beaver, Okla. Calhoun, H. W., M.D.. '58 250 Utica Sq.Med,l1tr. Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Calkins, Robert S., M.D., '47 0067 Magnolia. Riverside, Calif. Camp, Carl D., M.D., '62 Alooreland, Oklahoma Camp, Roy E., MD. Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas, Texas Campbell, J. F., M.D., '28 1410 Pruitt Forth lYorth, Texas Campbell, J. R., M.D., '35 1342 Medical Dental Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Dallas, Texas 75210 Prague, Okla. Alidwt-sl Pity, Okla. 731130 Seattle, VVa,shinf.rton I M I 1 MUEEEEEEEEIP- E V . .. ..-gLL.-.--...., M E. Le..g.-., I 5 Q 2 Q. W 1"'-"::.f.1....,,f, . 2741?-ln! I I '. I 'H . V am V W- YI I I I o CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES ' HIGH QUALITY MEDICAL CARE ' INTERNSHIP ' RESIDENCIES ' EXTENSIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS ' PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY 0 VISITING PROFESSORS n Gt I l o o hlllcrest medlcal center I A Community Service and Educational Institution utica on the park tulsa 4 , oklahoma I Phone LU 4-1351 ' I07 Campbell, John G., M.D. University of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Campbell, M. A. T., M.D., '50 3600 N. Maxwell Dr. Oklahoma City, Okla. Campbell, Phillip J., M.D., '60 lllercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Campbell, Robt. E., M.D., '54 900 N.W. 10 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Campbell, W. J., M.D., 39 2209 W. 7 Amarillo, Texas Cantrell, D. E., Jr., M.D., '34 316 W. 4 Odessa, Texas Cantrell, Emma J., M.D., '33 Box 278 Healdton, Okla. Capehart, J. D., M.D., '46 1145 S. Utica, Suite 504 Physicians Building Tulsa, Okla. Capehart, M. P., M.D., '44 1635 E. 15th Tulsa, Okla. Capehart, Robert J., M.D., '65 St. .lohns Hospital Tulsa, Okla 74104 Capehart, S. A., M.D., '48 928 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. Carl, R. Barton, M.D., '55 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 731013 Carlile, Wm. F., M.D., '61 1145 S. lTt.ica Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Carlton, Theodore, M.D., '46 521 Mandana Oakland, Calif. Carmack. Chas. A., M.D., '55 117 Allenhurst Oklahoma City, Okla. Carney. John H., M.D., '56 620 N.W. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla. Carroll, James Robt., M.D., '59 McAlester Clinic McAlester, Oklahoma Carson, Harold Bryan, M.D., '49 Union Point, Georgia Carson, John M., M.D., '36 1500 North Kickapoo Shawnee, Oklahoma Carter, Claude E., M.D., '32 V. A. Hospital 2615 Clinton Ave. Fresno, California Carter, Donald R., M.D., '60 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Carter, II. Gray, M.D., '43 712 N. Washington Dallas 10, Texas Carter, Merle Dean, M.D., '35 VVaynoka, Oklahoma Carter, Thomas M., M.D. Robert B. Green Memorial Hospital San Antonio, Texas Cartmell, Larry W., M.D., '64 Baptist Memoriail Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Ca'rtWrig'ht, Lyle B.. M.D., '65 Baptist Memorial Hospital Oklahoma City, Okila. 73112 Case, Robert G., M.D. l'. S. Naval Hospital Chelsea, Massachusetts Casey, Earle A., M.D., '35 1337 Bancroft Ave. San Leandro, Calif. Casey, James, M.D., '54 Box 457 Andrews, Texas 108 Casey, Robert E., M.D., '45 1000 W. Lavesta 3103 Orange, California Casey, Robert L.. M.D., '63 Psychiatry Dept. Univ. VVashington Hosp. Seattle, VVashington Cash, G. S., M.D., '40 S01 Taraval St. San Francisco 16, Calif. Cason, Peter L., M.D., '60 AO 3047113 3922 USAF Hosp, SAC APO 30 New York. New York Casper, P. D., M.D., '46 Box 9146 Oklahoma City, Okla. Cassidy, Robert J., M.D., '55 Box 694 Okla City, Okla. 73101 Cassidy, John M., M.D., '31 5606 VVesley St. Greenville, Texas Casteel, Chas. Kempe, M.D., '59 155 South 18 Kansas City, Kansas Castle. E. A., M.D., '53 Clinic Drive Madisonville, Ky. Castronovo, Jos., M.D., '29 426 Broadway Providence il, ll. 1. Cates, Carolyn S., M.D. I Sain Francisco General Hospital San Francisco, Calif. Cathey, Charles W., M.D., '53 3008 Regency Court Oklahoma City 20, Okla. Caughron, John R., M.D., '60 4300 NAV. 43rd Oklahoma City, Okla. Cawley, P. P., M.D., '44 Box 517 Hooker, Oklahoma Cawley, J. J., M.D., '38 2527 Beech Street Bakersfield, Calif. Cawley, Leo P., M.D., '52 VVes1ey Hospital VVichita, Kansas Chamberlin, Cecil R., M.D., '55 Menninger Clinic Topeka, Kansas Chambers, Clint E.. M-D., '59 Toinan Air Station Formosa Chambers, E. Evans, M.D., '40 610 Monro.- lrlnid, Oklahoma 73701 Chambless, Wm. S., M.D., '59 Rt. 2 Box 71C Plano, Texas 75074 Chandler, I-I. Norman, M.D., 'CG 6331 Prospect Dallas 14, Texas Chaney, Louis I-I., M.D., '28 528 N. NV. 12 Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Chapman, Prank D., M.D., '61 113 West Sth Bristow, Oklahoma Chapman, P. B., M.D., '46 8332 Huntington Dr. San Gabriel, Calif. Chattleld, Robt. B., M.D., '62 6742 E. 27th Pl. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129 Chaves. Enrique C...M.D., '63 Gorgas Hospital Canal Zone Cheatwood, Wm. R., M D., '37 Box 430 Duncan, Okla. Chesnut. Dan E., M.D.. '63 Good Samaritan Hosp. Phoenix, Arizona Chesnut, John Rent, M.D., '59 Wildewood Drive Oklaholna City, Oklahoma Childers, Stanley G., M D., '45 3003 Cravenridge Dr. Atlanta 19, Georgia Childredd, M. A., M.D., Goldthwaite, Texas '45 Choice, Robt. W., M.D., 7115 N. 56 Avenue Glendale, Arizona '38 Christensen, M. D.. M D., '52 Kiowa, Kansas Citron, Ralph, M.D. 2209 W. 7 Amarillo, Texas Clabaugh, West A., M.D., '64 Iowa University Hospital lowa City, Iowa Clark, B. P., M.D.. '34 l'iZLllllllll'f2,' St. Sch. M Hospital Hamburg, Pa. 10526 Clark, Prank W., M.D., '51 3rd and C. N. W. Ardmore, Okla. Clark, Ralph 0., M.D., '37 301 S. VV, 23 Oklahoma City, Okla. Clark, Ronald D., M.D., '61 lTniv. of Okla. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Clarkson, A. M., M.D., '26 Hox 986 ldabel, Oklahoma 74745 Classen, Jeannine A.. M.D., '54 404 VV. Hillwood Drive Nashville, Tenn. 37205 Classen, Kenneth L.. M D., '54 404 VV. Hillwood Drive Nashville, Tenn. 37205 Clay, Richard A., M.D., '43 415 N. VV. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Cleaver, Wm. R., M.D., '58 1601 N. Drexel Okla. City, Okla. 73107 Clemans, D. C., M.D., '52 1419 Maylane llartle-sville, Okla. 740051 Clemens, Ted, Jr., M.D.. '52 XVesley llosp. Foundation 300 N.VV. 12 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Clements, D. G., M.D. '47 Doctors' Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Clevinger, Alva B., M.D., '64 Riverside Hospital Newport News, Virginia Click, W. C., M.D., '49 Dept. Opthalmology Univ. Hospital Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Clift, Merl, M.D., '23 118 South 1 Street Blackwell, Okla. Clifton, Curtis N., M.D., '55 3408 East Pine Tulsa, Okla. Clifton, Jerry T., M.D., '56 Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Clingan. Prank A.. M.D., '30 351 Utit-a Sq. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114 Clinger, J. M.. Jr., M.D.. '49 400 E. Randolph Apt. 273 Chicago, Ill. 60601 Clopton. Jas. W., M.D., '45 301. W. Bastanchury Fullerton, California Close. John I-I.. M.D., '62 4604 N.VV. 31st Pl. Oklahoma City, Okla. Cloud. Robt. S., M.D., '20 5765 Nena Way Salt Lake City, lftah 84107 Cloud. Robt. S., M.D., '59 Salt Lake County Gen. Salt Lake City, Utah Clough, Chas. A., M.D., '59 Kansas Med. Center Kansas City, Kansas Clymer. John H., M.D., '44 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Coates, John A., M.D., '55 2617 East 21 Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Coates, R. Reginald, M.D., '37 603 Okla. Natl. Bank Bldg. Chickasha, Okla. Coats, Jack L., M.D., '57 2014 Hutton Road Farmington, N. M. Cobb, William B., M.D. Grady Memorial Hospital Atlanta, Georgia Cochran, B. I-I., M.D., '51 722 South Air Depot Midwest City, Okla. Cochrane, Capt. C. R., M.D., '47 0192153 MC U. S. Med. Serv. Group llyukyu Islands, APO 331 San Francisco, Calif. Coe, William H., M.D., '49 Box 119 Santa Barbara, Calif. Coffey, Clinton M., M.D., '58 6160 S. Yale Tulsa, Oklahoma Coggins, Farris W., M.D., V 1100 N. Dewey Oklahoma City, Okla. '47 Cohen, E. S., M.D., '46 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Cohen, S. Lewis, M.D., N00 North First Ave Phoenix, Arizona '43 Coil. J. G., M.D., '46 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Coin, C. G., M.D., '51 601 NAV. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla. Coin, J. W., Jr.. M.D., Providence Hospita-1 Anchorage, Alaska '51 Coker, Charles F.. M-D., '65 648 lfVoodland VVay Oklahoma City, Okla. 73127 Coker, John K., M.D., '34 1921 18th PO 1532 Bakersfield, Calif. Coldwell, Jas. G., M.D., '55 6160 S. Yale Tulsa, Oklahoma Cole, Joe C.. M.D. l'. S. Naval Hospital Philadelphia, Pa. Cole. 0. W., M.D., '30 2572 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, Calif. Cole, Rosser R., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Cole, Royce M., M.D., '63 Psychiatry Dept. Univ. of Wash. Hosp. Seattle, Washington Coleman, Wm. 0., M.D., '47 Suite E Clinic Bldg. 3434 N.VV. 56th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Collins, Donald D., M.D., '59 316 S.E. 14 Pryor, Oklahoma Collins, Glenn J., M.D., '35 HQ ltled. Field Service School Ft. Sam Houston, Texas Collins, G. S., Jr., M.D., '48 3301 Bella Vista Midwest City, Okla. Collins. J. E., M.D., '48 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 731022 Collins, Mabelle B.. M.D., '46 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Collins, W. R., M.D., '53 Box 1350 Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401 Colvard. Billy N., M D., '65 7459 Palo Vista Drive Los Angeles, Calif 90046 Colvert, Jas. R., M.D., '41 1319 Classen Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Colwick, J. T., Jr., M.D., '52 215 N. 16th St. Durant, Okla. Colyar, A. B., M.D., '41 3400 N. Eastern Okla. City, Okla. 73111 Combs, Leon D., M.D., '44 16 West Midland Shawnee, Okla. Compton, A. Paul, M.D., '57 S01 Northeast Fifth Pryor, Oklahoma Cone, J. Donald, M.D., '47 318 Allegheny Street Odessa, Texas Cone, John A., M.D., '64 4801 Del Crest Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Conley, Richard A.. M.D., '59 The Watonga Clinic lvatonga, Oklahoma Conn, J. Harold, M.D., '43 3938 Restbrook Pl. Jackson, Miss. Connell. M. A., M.D., '32 1741 Ent-ino Grants, New Mexico S7020 Conner, H. MoD., M.D., '52 Central State Hospital Norman, Oklahoma 73069 Connor, E. E., M.D., '26 2303 Fenwood Pasadena, Texas Conrad, Betty L., M.D., '44 602 S. Cheyenne Tulsa, Okla. Conrad, L. L., M.D., '43 V. A. Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Cook, C. E., Jr., M.D., '42 V. A. Hospital Muskogee, Oklahoma Cook, Edward T., M.D., '38 508 VV. Broadway Anadarko, Okla. Cook, Jerry A., M D.. '65 li. S. Aero Medical Instituti- Pensac-ola, Frlorida 32508 Cooke, Everette E., M.D., '43 1211 N. Shartefl Oklahoma City, Okla. Cooley, Percy P., M.D., '23 110 S. Lewis St. Monroe, Washington Cooper, Prank I-I., M.D., '58 1036 North Flood Norman, Okla. Cooper, Kenneth H., M.D., '56 Box 368842 Lakeland AFB, Texas 78241 Copeland, E. L., M.D., '44 2157 N.W. 9 Avenue Gainsville, Florida Coppedge, Orville, M.D., '33 Box 698 Bethany, Oklahoma Corbin, D. E., M.D., '29 326 Mesa Way La Jolla, California Cordonnier, B. J., M.D., '32 1800 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Cordum, Myron A., M.D., 4551 Windsor Mall Oklahoma City, Okla. '62 Corley. Bert N., M.D., '62 420 S. Wheeler Sallisaw, Okla. 74955 Cornelius. Geo. R., M.D., '57 900 N. VV. 10 Street Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Cosby. Glenn, M.D.. '43 Miami Clinic, 30 B. S.W. Miami, Okla. Coston, R. M., M.D., '29 1024 South 17th St. Birmingham, Alabama Cotner, Jerry Bob, M.D., '52 liox 53 Huntington, Ark, Cotner, Joseph S., M.D. Tucson Hospitals Medical Flduc-ation T'1'0g'l'2il1l Tucson, Arizona Cotner, Norman A., M.D., '58 Box 370 Grove, Oklahoma Cotten, Daisy G., M.D., '37 6220 N.W. 10 Oklahoma tiity 7, Ukla. Cotteral, John R., M.D., '29 303 N. 10th Henryetta, Okla. Cotton, Bert H., Jr., M.D., '57 111 Congress Street Pasadena, Calif. Couch, Jim C., M.D., '62 Cordell, Okla. Courtright, Anna C., M.D., '51 1925 E. Uriuan Ave. Pueblo, Colorado Courtright, C. L., M.D., '51 1925 E. Orinau Ave-. Pueblo, Col5rado Coussons, R. T., M.D.. '63 Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Covey, James H., M.D., '64 HDQTRS Pom. 53th St. AQ First A ve. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11250 Cowling, Robt. E., M.D., '35 215 E. 13th Sl. Ada, Okla. Cox, A. K., M.D., '32 XVatong,a Clinic Watonga, Ukla. Cox, Walter M., M.D., '53 515 N.VV, 11th Oklahoma City, Ukla. Coye, Elizabeth I., M.D., 43 820 N. IC. 15th Oklahoma t'ity, tikla. Coyle, John J., M.D., '43 525 N. W.11th Hkla. Uity, Ukla. 73103 Coyner, W. R., M.D., '47 Rox 31 l'illlllUl1tl, Oklahoma 7303-l Coyner, W. W., M.D., '63 Box 398 Heaildton, Okla. Crabtree, Jas. A., M.D., '57 015 Sherwood Road San Marino, t"alifornia Craft, Phil D.. M D., '63 Tripler tit-nt-ral Hospital llonolulu, Hawaii 00810 Craig, Kenneth B.. M.D., '58 lllcGrew, Clinic lieztver, Oklahoma Craig, Nancy, M.D., '49 525 N.VV. 11 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Craig. William J.. M D.. '51 525 Northwest 11th Sl.. trklalioma City, Okla. Cramer, Ralph Jr., M.D., '64 l'alins, Kansas Cramer, Ronald I., M D., '65 l'lains, Kansas Crane, Dorothy F. B., M.D., '44 BEN 1Vest 10 Street Dallas. Texas Cravens, Clem, MD., '50 lPeXVitt State Hosp. Auliurn, t'alifornia Crawford, Capt. J., M.D., '63 05417541Class A2 Med, Field Se1'v.BAMC Ft. Sam Houston, Texas Crawford, Perry F., M.D., '30 2010 South Utica Tulsa, Okla. Crawford, Sterling T., M.D., '42 5700 NAV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma Pity, Ukla. Crittenden, W. P., M.D., '54 1014 North Flood Norman, Oklahoma Crockett, H. G., M.D., '34 266 South llarvarrl lilvd Los Angeles, t'alit' 00004 Crockett, Wm. A., M.D., '61 1017 Seventeenth St. VVoodward, Okla, Groom, Wm. S., M.D., '43 3801 10th, Suite 114 lalllliook, Texas Crosthwait. M. J., M.D., '55 7221Eastlteno Uklalioiua City. Okla. Crowell, B111 B., M.D., '64 45N01'oint ldllllil A vi-. San lllt-fgtl,l'1llll'iUl'lll2t Crump, James L., M.D., '55 3844 tlouvention Street ljiltllll llougv, l40lllSi2lllll Culmer, A. E., Jr., M.D., 40 501 lst Natl. Hank liltlg. tlrautl Forks, N. ll. Culwell, Don W., MD., '62 St. .Iohn's llospital Tulsa. Ukla. Culwell, W. B., M.D., '38 X00 South Main .llount Airy, Maryland Cunningham, C. B., M.D., '35 Box 212 Clinton, tlkla. Cunningham, C. D., M.D., '38 1001 15 Ave. NAV. Ardmore, ttkla, Cunningham, C. S., M.D., '45 l'oteau, Okla. Cunningham Glenn R., M.D. Duke llospital llurham, North t'aroliua Cunningham, K. A., M D., '34 1730 Olive Ave. Santa liarliara, t':llil'. Cunxungham, J. I-I., M.D., '50 201 Texas Blvd. Dalhart, Texas Cunnin ham W. A.. M D., '58 E Pasteuii Med. Bldg. 1111 North Lee tiklahoma City, Okla. Currie, John M., MD., '63 XAAS Falilow, Nevada Curry, Morris S., Jr., M D. St. Anthony Hospital thkilahoma t'itv, Oklahoma Curry, Roy Lee, M.D., '31 l'. U. Box S37 t'lovis, New Mexico Curtess, R..L., Jr., M.D., '49 21707 Gaston lballas 10, Texas Curtin, Virginia, M.D., '36 VVatong'a, Okla. Curtis, S. J., M.D., '28 X01 S. Race St. Denver 0, tlolora do Curtiss, W. P., M.D., '46 226211 Lllafzli Avenue St. Clair Shores, Mich, Cushman, Harry R., M.D., '35 IXUS Aleritlan 4 San Jose, t'alif. 05125 Daffer, Ernest R., M.D., '62 2608 S. NV. till St. Hklahouui City, Olila. Daily, Raymond E., M.D., '32 l", O. Box S5 lsixliv. Okla. Dakil, L. N., M.D., '36 100 ll. t'1i'and 3IrA1este1', Okla. Dakil, Samuel E., M.D., '50 Alu-Xlestexr Clinic Alt-Alester, Okla. Dandridge, Wm. S., M.D., '35 1601 1Vest tlkiuulgee Bltislmgt-e, Ukla. Danel, Joe R., M.D., '61 l', H. S. Hospital lloldenville, Okla. Daniel, Thos. G., M.D., '58 Dept. of Surgery University Hospital tlklahonia t'ity, tikla. Danielson, A. D., M.D., '32 S115 South llroaclway lleringtnu, Kansas 07440 Darden, P. M., M.D., '42 11107 IC. Southinere Pasadena, Texas Dardis, W. T., Jr., M.D., '45 N30 West. Aliriendo Ave. Pueblo, Colorado Darrough, F. M., M.D., '63 10002 Holman Ave. l.os Anp.1'eles,t'alit'. 0002-l Darrough, J. B., M.D., '33 244 S. Scraper Vinita, Oklahoma Darrough, J. W., M.D., '30 1431 tlrand l+lve-rt-tt, XYashiugton Daugherty, Rex W., M.D., '54 101 Fontan-rt-e lildgl Pawhuska, tiklahonia Davenport, C. D., M.D., '53 liox 230 lloisiugton, Kansas Davenport, H. S., M.D., '52 318 liast lrllru Gainesville, Texas Davidson, H. D., M.D., '62 l'uiv. ot' Minn. Mud. Sch. A1iuneapolis,Minn, Davidson, W. N., Jr., M.D., '5 117 S.llig:'hland t'ushing', Hklahoma 740221 1 .XB amlf .xgnljtong osloifaf 3 T Z Conducted by The Sisters ol St. Francis K.- toi Nw sn. STREET o OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73102 -Ji., ,, l Phone: Area code 405 CE 6-2651 Qty i Mottor ' Established Tum , in NO I I898 One Away y i Saint Anthony Hospital, a 520 bed general hospital, with 80 bassinets, is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation, the American Hospital Association, the National League ot Nursing, Inc., and approved by Council on Medical Education and Hospitals Ol the American Medical Association. i RESIDENCIESL Saint Anthony Hospital is approved tor 4 years Number ot admissions per year averages 27,0005 Emergency Post-Graduate work in General Surgeryg 3 years in Internal Med- patients averages more than 26,0003 OutePatient visits more than ' icineg 4 years in Pathology, 3 years in Obstetrics-Gynecology, 18,000 2 years in Pediatrics, 3 years in Radiology. The University of The Rotating Internship Otters experience in many etticiently Oklahoma Medical Center rotates its Orthopedic, Ophthalmol- organized clinicsj Medicine: General Care, Plastic, Chest, Vas- l cular, and Neuro Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics: Anesthesiag Orlhopedicsg Diabe'esg Dermatologyg and Emergencv Room. Two Rotating Dental internships Otter complete Dental experience. Post Graduate Educaton Committee Chairman' Scott Hendren, M.D., 2909 South Harvey. Intern Committee: C. Alton Brown, M.D., Chairrran, l2ll N. Shartel, Gerald Honick, M.D., l2ll N. Shartel. J. F. Messenbaugh, Ill, M.D., 525 N.W. Ilth. ogic surgery and Neuro-surgery Residents through Saint Anthony Hospital. I2-MONTH ROTATING INTERNSHIP: Provides well' balanced basic and clinical training with both charity and private patients. Administrator: Sister Mary Grace, O.S.F., KN., M.H.A. Associate Administrator: Charles S. Cummings, B.S. Assistant Administrators: Paul B. Lulcowski, B.A. David B, Roce, R,N., BSN., M.l-l,A. IO9 Davie, E. N., M.D., '40 David Hosp. and Clinic Milford, Utah Davie, Victor V., M.D., '43 148 VV. 2nd Akron, Colorado Davies, William S.. M.D. 'l'uc'son Hospitals Medical lidut-ation Program Tucson, Arizona Davis, G. C., M.D., '46 100 Phillips Dr. Forest Park Ga. Davis, G. F., M.D., '16 Kanapolis, Kansas Davis, G. I-I., M.D., '51 l-'ace Chambers Clinic Seminole, Okla. Davis, George M., M.D., '39 MC l'SN ll.S. Na val Hospital Hethscda, Maryland Davis, John B., M.D., '35 1440 Ramello Long' Beach, Calif. Davis, Randell E., M.D., '51 10615 Ardmore Drive Spokane, VVashington Davis, Robt. Gaylord, M.D., '59 702 Cornillo Sierra Madre, Calif. 91024 Davis, Robt. S., Jr., M.D., '54 Sulphur, Okla. Davis, Samuel M., M.D., '56 210 1'ctroleum H-ldg' Chickasha, Oklahoma 7301 N Davis, W. O., M.D., '43 601 E. Broadway Cushing, Okla. Davison, C. 0., M.D., '15 1 Fulton Court Potighkeepsie, New York Dawson, C. Benton, M.D., '43 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Day, John C., M.D., 59 1956 Falls A ve. East lrvin Falls, ldaho Dean, Charles E., M.D., '61 Cincinnati Gen. Hosp. Cincinnati, Ohio Denny, Wm. F., M.D., '53 Univ. Ark, Med. School V.A. Hospital Little Rock, Arkansas Dean, Robert W., M.D., '55 3144 S. NVinston Tulsa, Okla. Dean, W. F., M.D., '26 525 N. Beard Ada, Okla. Deardorff, Max A., M.D., '59 Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Dehart, Ollie W., M.D., '61 122 VVest Delaware Vinita, Oklahoma DeJarnette, J. F., Jr., M.D., '48 T08 Edgewood Drive Ponca City, Okla Delhotal, C. E., Jr., M.D., '47 2610 NAV. Expressway Oklahoma City, Okla. Demas, Rose P., M.D., '46 1201 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Demeules, E. A., Jr., M.D., '38 4190 VVest Hills Road Corvalis, Oregon Dennehy, Timothy H., M D.. '60 306 Utica Square Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Denny, L. A., M.D., '53 3131 N. Hoyt Ave. El Monte, Calif. Dennis, James L., M.D., '40 OU Med. Sch. 801 N. E. 13 Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Dennis, R. P., M.D., '45 1.002 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Denny, R. C., M.D., '52 1211 N.Shar1el Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Denyer, I-Iillard E., M.D., '41 416 E. 2 Hartlcsvillc, Okla. Deputy, Ross, M.D., '35 114 S. 5th St. Clinton, Okla. DeShane, P. W., Jr., M.D., '61 4205 50th Apt. H Luhot-k, 'l'exs 754133 Desmuke, L. D., M.D., '61 Youngstown Hosp. Assoc. Youngstown, Ohio Deupree, Harry L., M.D., '36 Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Devanney, P. J., M.D., '31 111 North 4 Street Sayre, Oklahoma Devine, J. c., M.D., '53 Route 3, Box 126 F Hot Springs, Ark. Devore, J. K., M.D., '47 1214 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Devore, J. W., M.D., '45 1214 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Diacon, James L., M.D., '52 124 East Lincoln VVellington, Kansas Dickerson, Jas. L.. M.D., '54 410 Ashton Ave. Millbrae, California Dickerson, Wm. J., M.D., '55 Russ Gen. Hospital Ross, Calif. 94957 Dickinson, W. P., M.D., '48 1010 Fifteenth N.VV. Ardmore, Okla. Dickson, James R., M.D., '55 16095 Camino Del Cerro Los Gatos, California 95030 Dietrich, B. L., M.D., '55 421 E. 13 Guymon, Oklahoma Dillingham, C. I-I., M.D., '45 Lovelace Clinic Albuquerque, N. M. Dillman, Robt. E., M.D., '46 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Dillman, T. E., M.D., '46 301 E. Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, VVash. Diment, Dean H., M.D., '60 1025 S.VV. 59 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Dinkler, Fred, M.D., '47 Bankers Life Co lies Moines, Iowa 50309 Disiere, John E., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Dixon, Gerald R., M.D., '58 415 N.VV. 11 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Dixon, James L., M.D., '40 216 VV. Lodi Avenue Lodi, California Dixon, R. W., M.D., '44 101 W. Ranchwood Dr. Midwest City, Okla. Dodson,Georg'e E., M.D., '40 55 E. North Madisonville, Kentucky Dodson, H. C., Jr., M.D., '41 1211 N. Shartcl Dolenz, Bernard J., M.D., '57 U. Tex. Branch Hosp. Galveston, Texas Dolph, C. H., M.D., '26 P. O. Box 4281 Baytown, Texas Donaghe, Roy W., M.D., '47 1014 N. Flood Norman, Oklahoma 73069 Donald, Jack W., M.D., '54 P. O. Box 460 Sulphur, Okla. Donaldson, R. J., M.D., '63 U.S. Army Hospital APO 205 New York, N.Y. Donat, Paul E., M.D., '62 904 N. E. 35 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Doner, Richard II., M.D., '63 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Danica, Thomas M., M.D., '64 Central State Hosp. Norman, Oklahoma 73069 Donnell, John J., M.D., '43 1211 N. Shartel Okla. City, Okla, 73103 Doran, Charles K., M.D., '63 Public Health Serv. San Francisco, Calif. Dorr, Clyde I-I. II, M.D., '61 6609 Burlington l'4l. Springfield, Virginia 22150 Dotter, Billy Dale, M.D., '59 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Dotter, Richard G., M.D., '59 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Doty, Roy J., M.D., '40 1401 Arlington l This Book is Bound in a Durand Cover o ' rom ISBILL DURAND PHO UGHAPHY MANUFACTURING . 3 Ie 43, 2112 mousse . sfrnAuv,om. C O l 6,9 L2 ---sus-ssoo --- 1 - 1 l i I I Zffsmm' mfmzfvr , E 939 W. 35th Street Chicago 9, Illinois l r Congratulations Class of 1.967 1 H OS P ITAL 5401 N. Portland - WI 6-5581 ' Oklahoma City, Oklahoma L A IIO D0l.'lg'an, A. F., M.D., '36 1800 S. Van Buren Enid, Okln. Dougherty, R. J., Jr., M.D., '47 Box 436 Vass, N. Carolina Dougherty, V. F., M.D., '24 410 N. E. 14th St. Oklahoma City. Ukla. Dougherty, Wm. H., M.D.. '54 Suite 1, Plaza I'ro1'. Iildpx. Bartlesville, Oklahoma Douglas, Herschel L., M.D., '60 102 S. lst I.oving'ton,Nt-w.111-xit'oSS2l30 Douthit, Thos. E., Jr., M.D., 54 Southern Baptist Mission APU 301 San Francisco, California Dowdell, Roy W., M.D., '63 32 St-rvive lloacl Aloort-f, Ulvla. 73000 Dowdy, G. S., Jr., M.D., '53 210 Hern1ann1'rof. Bldg, Houston 25, Texas Dowdy, Hemp H., M.D., '40 450 Sutter St. San Frant'isc-o N, Calif. Dowling, W. J., M.D., '46 1200 N. NValker Oklahoma City, Ukla. Downing, J. J., M.D., '46 1703 Yorktown San Mateo, Calif. Drake, Dale W., M.D., '48 15201 Little Strliaefer Evansville, Ind. Drake, J. S., M.D., '42 General Delivery Las Crum'-es, New Mexico Drennan, S. L., M.D., '41 H550 NNW-st SthYSt. Los Allgele-s 5, Calif. Drewry, Robert Hill, M.D., '59 Alt-tliual Arts Bldg. 111210 Ft-l'1'is Lawton, tikilalionia Duckett, Jim G., M.D., '55 5700 NAV. t1randBlVd. Hklahonia City, Ukla. Dudley, P. W., M.D., '58 Enid State Hosp. Idnirl, Oklahoma Duer, Joe L., M.D., '32 Box SSS XVoo11wartl, Oklahoma Duewall, R.. H., M.D., '38 11330 I4'l'eur Drive Irvs Moines, Iowa Duff, Brig. G-en. F. L. ,M.D.'39 1531 liioneditft, Ave. 1.ang'ley A FR, Va. 23365 Duffy, Joseph, M.D., '64 2-15 Southern 1'invinatti,011111152151 Duffy, Mary, M.D., '53 1505 N. YV. 10 llklzthonia City, Okla. Dugger, James A., M.D., '46 21101 South VVestnedg:ge Kztlatinazoo, Mich. Dulany, Richard B., M.D., '60 1'arkIan11 Melnorial Hosp. Ilallas, Texas Duncan, Cloyce L., M.D., '46 Langley Porter Nt-uropsycliiatric Inst. lst and Parnassns Ave. San lfrantzisoo, Calif. Duncan, K. C., M.D., '55 12051 East 21 Street Dunlap, Harold, M.D., '55 CXO Earl Dunlap Tlaskoll, Oklahoma Dunn, John S., M.D., '49 576 141 Street Santa Ilosa, Calif. Dunnington, Glenn W., M.D. 'Vripler tit-iiemtl Ilospital lltllltlllllll,ll1lXl'2lll Dunnington, Lt. Col. W. G., M.D. '34 Alatligran lien. Ilosp, '1'at-onia, NYzis1ling'ton 11N1l11 Dunton, Loren A., M.D., '45 2120 XK'est New York A vt-. Deland, Florida Duran, R. J., M.D., '47 1275 Ulentangy Iiiv. lid. llolunihus N, Ohio Dycus, David S., MD, '61 Iiytfus Clinic: Moore, Okla Dycus, Don L., M.D., '57 Ilyt-ns t'1in1t' fxloortf, illilitlltrlllil 7210110 Dyer, James YV., M D., '59 Shepparfl ITSAIQ' Hosp. Vt'iohita Falls, 'l't-xas Eades. D. W., M.D., '30 7002 South liroatlway St. Louis 11, Mo. Earls, C. H., M.D.. '33 1145 S. l'11l'll H5121 Tulsa, Ukla. Eakin, David V., M D.. '65 'l71lSlHj' -17 VS.-Xl"1C A1'tJ Nev. Yo1'1i,Nt'W York 0512N11 Earl, Gene M., Jr., M.D. 1'nix'ersity ol' Uklathonia Earnest, Carl R., M.D., '60 1822 North lfnion Shawnee, Okla. Earp, Ancel, Jr., M.D., '47 1007 Nable Fairbanks, Alaska East, John P., M.D., '37 652 W. 20 Merced, Calif. East, William R., M.D., '61 11042 VVindy Hill In-ive San Antonio. Texas 78242 Eastland, Wm. E., M.D., '23 1211 N. Shartel Uklahoma City, Okla. Eaton, Bobby G., M.D., '60 300 N.VV. 12th Uklahoina City, Okla. Eddington, A. B., M.D., '53 2570 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Edge, Jodie L., M.D., '55 A 41 1lClinio and Hosp. Shawnee, Okla. Edwards, Martin D., M.D., '45 T10 N. E. 13th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Edwards, Rheba L., MJD, '38 710 NE 13 illilitllfllllll City, Okla. Edwards, William L., M.D., '64 1102 S. Sth St. I'ont'a. City, Oklahoma Egan, James Wm., M.D., '38 Boston City Hospital Boston, Mass. Egelston, Russell, MD., '55 2117 Marsh Lane Village lle llospitlals tlklalionial 115,111tl.t. Dall-RS, Texas 'I'ulsa, Okla. Iraughon, Clyde Wm., M.D., '54 Duncan, R. W.. M-D., '36 Earls, Jim I-I., M D.. '62 Eggenberg, D. M., Jr., M.D., '55 Box 158 106 LQ S. Rusk Ave. Sch. Sulotnarine Medivine 103 N. 3rd I'oIson. ltlontana IM-nison, Texas New London, Conn. Davis, Okla. I MID-CONTINENT SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY I JUST DIAL and MERKEI. X-RAY COMPANY For the finest and most complete service! Two locations to serve the Doctors, Hospitals ancl Laboratories ot Oklahoma ln Oklahoma City at 225 N.W. 9th Street MERKEL X-RAY COMPANY Telephone CE 2-3277 MID-CONTINENT SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY Telephone CE 2-4611 In Tulsa at 1640 E. 15th Street MERKEL X-RAY COMPANY Telephone LU 2-4897 MID-CONTINENT SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY Telephone LU 2-8169 ANY OF THE ABOVE NUMBERS, YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID. Elder, John F., M.D. 1100 XV. Kentnf-ky I'atnpa, Texas Eley, Julia S., M.D., '44 1702 Long' Avre Drive Houston 2-1, Texas Eley, N. Price, M.D., '22 1803 Huntington Uklalioma City, Okla. Elkin, W. Paul, M.D., '35 224 Med. Arts Bldg. Charleston, NV. Virfzginia Elkins, M. G., M.D., '38 21502 West Broadway Muskogee, Ukln. Elkins, Ronald C., M D., '62 .Iohns Hopkins Hosp. Baltimore, Maryland Elkouri, H. D., M.D., '54 Petroleum Bldg. Chickasha, Oklahoma Ellifrlt, Wm. 0., M.D., '50 1804 Bla-:kard Lane Ponca City, Uklathoma Elliott, Arthur P., M-D., '45 1211 N. Shartt-1 Oklahoma City, Okla. Elliott, Chas. C., M.D., '60 St. .Iohn's Hospital Tulsa, Ukla. Elliott, J. H., M.D., '52 Vantlerltilt I'nivt-rsity Naslivi11t','I't-nn. Ellis, Leonard, M.D., '42 4101 N. Mac.-Xrtliur Blvd. Uklahonia City, Okla. Ellis, R. A., M.D., '45 103 North 10th Duncan, Ukla. Ellis, Robert K., M.D.. '57 Metropolitan St. Hospital Norwalk, Calif. 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 I partnient 411'flllllilllllllltbltlg' B Ellzey R , . F., M.D., '54 22 Sugar Shack Dr. Austin, Texas Emenhi Ser, Iaee K M D ' ., . ., 31 1200 N. Walkei' Okla. City, Okla. 73107 End! es, Robert R M D ' ' I., . ., 48 6730 S. Birmingham Tulsa, Oklah " OITI 314105 Engles, C. F., M.D., '51 2416 S. Harvey Oklahoma City, Okla. Engles, Estelle, NLD., '54 325 VVac'o Street lJUl'Hl'1t,flkl2l. 74701 Engles, Loretta G., M.D. 2416 S. Harvey Oklaho ' ma City, Engles L Okla. , . L., M.D., '48 E . . ngles Clinic Durant, Okla. Engles, Raymond L., M.D 323 NVaco Street Durant, Okla. Robert E IILD Engles, ., 325 Waco St. Durant, Okla. Ennis, John H., M.D., ' Box 49 Cyril, Okla. Enos, J. P., NLD., '50 331 Main Yukon, Okla. Ensey, J. E., M.D., '28 310 Preston Road lioyal Med. Center Dallas, Texas Epley, V. C., M.D., '42 229 S. Michigan Prairie du Chien, VVis. Erwin, C. J. B., M.D '51 14680 N ' ' -. .Wisconsin Ave. Elm Grove, VVISCOIISIII E rwin, C. P., M.D., '51 14680 N. Vvisconsin Ave. Elm Grove, Wisconsin Erwin, P. D., M.D., '46 2209 N. Portland Oklahoma City, Okla. Eskrldge, J. B., Jr., M.D., '21 121 1 N ., '54 -1 54 Faris, Brunel D. M.D , ., '27 Fluhr, William F., M.D.,'44 Fry, F. Polk, Jr., M.D., '36 Gastienau, Lt: Col. ILM., 1207 Medical Arts Bldg. 6144 South Kings 1409 N: 12th St. F. M-D31 50 Oklahoma City, Okla. Los Angeles, Callt. Frederick, Okla. 131 S RICYHHOHC1 P 11 E M D 134 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112 ' . . . NLD. '3 F1 S I P. MII. '55 I' OWS . . . rarnam'1i3:l72?'? iviT1i'c'k ' 9 ynn'1i'1e1?11i?iix 123A ' rysgi22 vvaiiiur sri earners, G- B.. -Tr-. M-D-. '50 Grosse rr. 36, Mich. ok11i.c'i1y,ok1ii. 73115 smiwarei-, Oklahoma Sfgliwijtggfagllgg . . . ' I' fl D vid W. BLD. '58 I' 1' Sa e1R. MJD. '33 y I Farr' ildogn' 61 oem 112,12 waiilei- ' We ' -ioxiiukis. 13 ' Gatti. R-glqeljt R-. '59 Norman, Okla. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma City 3, Okla. 'mHi12rh11cUl1l2 R-11301 ' ', . 2 . 1 . I I l t. A- 'D' .2 rugatevnawara M. 1111.11 '47 glylfs Poem e1r21l2eI5Y??z1lli,e?F ' 7 zoo xvestgiite Meri. iowh- Gebeusberge-r. cms., un., '57 okmiioma City, Okla. o1t1,..t'i1y, o141it,7::1o:: 3"'Skf5""- M'f"""""' 4141311313 Ccgffxgklonnfiq - , . . . , . ran-15, zz. M., m.n., '41. Folsorn, charlesfr., m.n., 'ss Punting' ?hu'1e" A" MD" 32 iwisteiii- Building 1-. o. Box 2005 ,.,ff',L,15?f,f,fh3gfE2OS,.E,,a Gedosh. Edgar A., m.n., 'eo Oklahoma. City, Okla. l.a1't-110, '1't'XilS TN041 L I C ' ,pzcilxllilflsuihfide tglxij-1 ll . . . ' I 1 ' ' ran-is Emil P. m.n. 'so rora, Frederick R., m.n., '44 Fu er' 21693 HND' 61 , '25 N W 12 sr' 2232 Carleton U02 "UW Geigerman, D .'r,mn , '44 -J - - - " 1' ., . 112 'I ,Oklzl 2 -3701 , ' ' ', ' y ., . ., - . - - , , , I - rora Harry c. m.n. 'aa 2601 N.W. E - i I-e1g1g?1y3i7c113jgit:1ixd? ' 50 ' Miilmi C1,illiC I Oklahoma Gelnar' charles IM" MJD' Bf""" 'ifmge L" Miami' Om!" Fuller H Grlmn Mn '49 1 iiuimly Piqflmtgiiii ' ' , . , . ., It a ioma '1 y, a. Forester Virgil Ray M.D. '44 6330 Alvarade Road Iffmf?fi',fLf'fQfff:,,'f'f'2,g,123 1'5steui- oiiiidiiigl ' san Diego 20, Calif. Gelgtry- RQYIPWOUFI C-. M-D-. '32 v Oklahoma Llty Okla. 1 11143 1 101955107131 Bldg- XX ooflwarrl, Oklahoma ' Fulton, Warren C., M.D., -'55 Bar-tlesviuel Okla. I' Y Wllli J . MD. '55 Hf1X12'? reiff-54?SiyrgegFi" 'IEP-1 '32 ones 1211 Nilmiaiiiel ' Ada, ok1.t1i-miti 74320 George, J. M., M.D., '21 65RI?in3"2n'f::' fhriii Oklahoma. City, Okflahoma Funnel, James D., M-D., 160 Qilognillgelgiigi I' rt Th d H. MD., 1211 N. Shartel ' ' Pei-'diilaflldi A- C-1 ED-. '33 0 mann' 'gg ore Y Oklahoma City, Okla. 114 Stratford r. XVaynoka t'1li11it' 1'eo1-ia, 111. xs'iiy-iifiiat, omit. Tzimm Funnel' J re-rguson, zz. G., m.n., '29 P M ' ' edital Arts Building Oklahoma City 2, Okla. l'6I'g"l1S01l, E. B. J , r., M.D., '59 Orlando, Florida Ferguson, L. W., M.D., '28 509 E Ave. Lawton, Okla. Ferrell D , onald P., M.D., '63 Med. Field Serv Qch . . ool Brooke Army Med. Ctr. Ft. Sam Houston, Texas Finch, J. Wm., M.D., '31 Hobart Clinic Hobart, Ok ' ed. Ctr Bldg. 1 .Shartel Okla. Cit ' ' 5, Okla. 73103 Eskridge, Jas. B. I oster, Claude F., Jr., M.D., 408 S.VV. 26th Oklahoma City, Okla. Foster, Lloyd G., M.D., '34 Reserve, New Mexico Foster, Riley P., M.D., '47 1512 Hermann Prof. Bldg. Houston, Texas Fox, Fred, M.D., '30 605 Gore Blvd. Lawton. Okla. Fox, Twilah A., M.D., '65 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla 74104 Fox W , m. Wade, M.D., '26 lalioiua 225 North Peters Norman, Okla. i ind1e,'Q2gf'.,hf'5IfQ' Qin" 52 rraley, Thus. H., Jr., '59 Seqttle 737 Wvqgh St Antl1ony's Hospital ' ' ' ' ' f1kl2ll'lOlll'll" Finn, Thomas G., M.D ' ., , ., 33 -1.00 5. Douglas A ' .1 .. , II, M.D., '45 1211 N . Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Esparza. Edw , ard, M.D., '5 2600 N.W ' . Expiessway Oklahoma City, Okla. ye. f tlt llty,Okl:1.TCIl0!l First, Safety R ., M.D., '43 757 Utica S .. 1ty,Oklal1oma I' ranken, E. A., Jr., NLD., '61 3438 Lowry Rd. Indianapolis, Ind. '4 , oseph W., M.D., '49 l"1 - 1 N.Sha1'tel 3 Okla. t'itv Okll 1 , , 1 . 'Z4103 urice C., M.D., '52 -a Square Med Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114 Fuquay, Ma. 250 l'tit Gable, T. P., BLD., '43 2911 Adams Ave. San Diego 16, Calif. Gaddis, H. W., M.D., '36 329 N. Morningside Corpus Christi, Tex. Gafford, Tom . ., '47 Box 7021 lliiskogee, Oklahoma 74401 Gallagher, C. A.,M.D., '37 610 N. VV. 9th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Gamblll, Alle G S., Jr., M D Gibson Gephardt, M. C., NLD., '43 211 S 36 . th Muskogee, Okla. Gerard, R. G., M.D., '43 509 S. Mirick Ave. Denison, Tex. Geurkink, John W., M.D. Presbyterian Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma eurkink, Nathan A., M.D., '55 1125 87th Ave. ltot-hester, Minn. 55901 Ghormley, J. G., M.D., '34 . 115 VV. Bridge Blackwell, Okla. , Charles R., M.D., '55 Chickasha Clin' e F. G., M.D., '49 215 E. 16th i'1IVVilllSl'i2l, Oklahoma 74050 Gardiner, H. G., M.D., '35 1406 MacArthur Dr. Munster, Indiana Gardner, E. L., M.D., '35 Frankel, Jerome J., M.D., '54 431 M Q Med. Ctr. 1036 Lake Shore H ' 9 Tulsa, Oklahoma 1' " ic Chickasha, Oklahoma Gibson, Donna. F., M.D. Alert-y Hospital Oklahoma City, lJKliil10l'llIl Gibson, Eldon V., M.D., '65 1111113111 Beaumont Gener ranknn, M.AA. un ' Evans, A. M., M D , '30 P. o. Box 624' Perry, Okla. Evans, Arthur G., NLD., '5 Kaniksu Clinic P ,. . iiest River, Idaho Evans, Gary G., M.D., '63 St. .Iohn's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. E vans, John P., NLD., '63 University Hospital Ann Arbo ' ' r, Michigan Evans, Leo R.. M.D., '27 Central Cit Fisher. I-Iarr y E., M D '52 2671 Comanche Dr? Sz l ' 1 t Lake City, Utah lxtl. Lxaiiston, Illinois 00202 I' , ., 59 ban 14l'Zll'1ClSl'O llosp. San l+'ra114-lst-o t' " Eugene, Ore. Gardner, John H., M.D., '59 Bdwy. Clinic Box 909 Shawnee, Okla. Ga.:-lin, J. B., NLD., '45 250 N . Hillcrest Inglewood, Calif. . , filllf. z, . . . ., ' r1s11er,1zobernn.,m.n., '64 ff" R322 :MMD 59 J0h"S,H0l3kmS H0SD1t'1l Cristolnal, Canal Zono 8 Baltimore, Maryland Franz, Roger A., M.D., '61 C. I'1tch,E1don E., M.D., '60 4101'1:11S ll0S11it111 Route 2 ' Newkirl Q, Oklahoma Fitz, Rudolph G., NLD., '20 Fairbanks, Alaska Fitggerald, D. T., Jr., M.D ' . 6 aptist Memorial Hosii. Memphis, Tenn. Lanal Zone Freede Ch , 8.3. In., M-D., '45 llot-tor's Medit-al Bldg. 5700 NNV. Grand Hlvfl. Oklahoma City, Okla. 1 rre ede, Henry J., M D ' Garet, Ronald Garls, John A ., M.D., '63 Merc I y Iospital Oklahoma City, Okla Garner, James I-I '62 , M.D., '48 O. Christi an Med. College Ludihana U. P. India al Hospital lil l'aso,'1exas 70020 Gibson, Robert B., M.D., '15 Gibson Clinic, 215 N. 3rd Ponca City, Okla. Giesen, A. F., M.D., '25 707 Randolph St. Radford, Va. Gilbert, John B., M.D., '43 111 P atton D1'. Ponca City, Okla. Gllchri ., .D.,'6O Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. St, Ronald W M ., Gilliland, Donad C., M.D., '60 4214 S-1-Uyd 2702 Paula 1-id. ., 42 Kansas City, Kansas Kil-leen, Texas 76544 4.30 N. NV. 13th St. , . o111..1iomi. city, oioii. G"'niefi,W511iE,,'g1X1fi-gg'i-D-- '35, J. n., m.n., '32 y, Kentucky Flanigin, H. F., Jr., NLD., '43 Freeman, Chas. W., M.D., '41 Stillwater, Okla. EKEE, . 1145 S. l'tica Pasteur Bldg. ' "" Evans Wzntield W. M.D. f- .. . . - , . , , 1- . , Garrett Tom H. M.D. '65 St"Anth0ny Hogph I ulsa, f,liiflhOlll.l 14104 Oltl.1ho111.1 t,1ty, Okl.1 463 Bugml Vista' Apt.'307 q.11111and, L. N., Jr., Min., v40 Oklahoma City, Okla. Flasher David Au MD, .62 French, Johnny B., Mm. Aiimit-11ii,t'..1in'. 534501 524 S- Summlt 2551 K' W ' Vniversity ol' Colorado 1' 13- Wofthi TGX- Evatt. Bg:1J.C9 Ia., '64 Okhhomingaiy gil., Medical Center 4i'g'rS'Zgg2a?'I5Eh?IiDEl?0 Gi 1 B 1 G c H '36 'I' -G"f ' " " 1 '-'1-11 fl S- nges rg. en. . . emltffh 211,170 1 Flock E R MD .31 FJ: ngtgxg 'LID Bl'9l'fl6l't0H. Wash. 1.emQi-inan Gen. lIosp'. ' - -1 -'- 0 - -- .2 -1 's Everett, Ma'rk Allen, '51 621 East Washita llolw1'?,ll. f11'??t'Il lXlen1o1'i:1I Garrison' Geo- G-1 M-D-v '56 S in F1 lnusl U' 1 dnt' wuz, 523 N.W. 12 Weatherford, Okla. H,,S,,,,,,l l'asueur Bldg, Gist J-oe R- MID- ,64 Oklahoma City, Okla. S:nnA11lonio, Texas Umm' Huy' Om?" 73116 2103 vv' Pidneer 151' mood, William, m.n., '41 . , ,,. ., . '.,., 7.066 Ewing, w. r.. Jr.. m.n., 'sa 360 oak Grove 140.111 I'T1c'hf1t. Flext C-l.iIII.,M-P- Gargg? g-351231 23 ' ng' was 0 . 1 3' ,', .'15 , - 1 1623 36g1k:7,1aLe Com 01 dv Cqllf tikliithtiinztelkitlii Olllilliiolliia Chlca-g0 40- IH- Glasgow' Jack G" M'D" '42 u sa' a' Florence John MD '43 A ' 4101 N' MaCArth ran-, E. Edwin, um., '41 ,mf N o,,i,,.,g., " Fried. David. M-D-. '40 G"SPa"'- H0015 1- M-DH '55 405 Community Bldg. om-i c'i1v'o1'i-1 7-110-' "OX 72 12027 H' 1' Ponca City, Okla. ' ' ' ' 2 ' ' ' " llollis, Oklahoma 5 Fair, Thos. Hooker, M.D., '47 Florence' Robt' W M D 6160 S. Yale Tulsa, Okla. Falkenstei n,, R. D., NLD. 600 W. Kentucky Pampa. Texas ., . ., 41 212 S. Jay Street Tacoma 5, NVash. Floyd, John H Fried 4 man, Daniel, M.D., '47 01 VV. Merrick Road Ii- .iy Shore, N. Y. g a Meadow Dallas 34, Texas Gaspar, Harvey L., M.D., '61 Methodist ' ur Blvd. Oklahoma ' Glaze ,M.A. City, Okla. , M.D., '51 Box 151 Hospital Norman, Okla. Dallas' Texas Glenn, J. c., m.n., 'so ., Mm.. '53 rrieze, Harold w., m.n., '54 Gastineau. C- 1'-. M-D-. '43 Univ- Of C010- Med- Center 1800 south vnu Buren 115 South 151 sr. 200 First St. S.W. 4200 E- 9th St- Enid. Oklahoma. Broken Arrow, Okla. Rochester, MIYIY1. D9Y1Ve1' 20. C010rad0 Glomset, J. L., Jr., M.D., '63 2420 Vlassen Blvd. Okla. City, Okla 73106 I-odfrey, James '.l'.,Jr., M.D., '40 Cherokee, Iowa Godfrey, Kenneth E., M.D., '50 2701 VVest 15 Topeka, Kansas Goerke, L. S., M.D., '36 UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles 24, Calif. Goetzinger, Billy R., M.D., '56 2525 Lancaster Lane Oklahoma City, Okla. I-oldberg, Jed Edwin, M.D., '48 212 Utica Sq. Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. Goldfeder, J., M.D., '24 3519 Keaton Tyler, Tex. Gonzales, J. S., M.D., '27 Box 217 Nogales, Ariz. Gooch, Lloyd D., M.D., '63 2910 NVesterland llouston, Texas Goodman, C. Leroy, M.D., '64 St. .lohns Hospital Tulsa, Oklahoma Goodman, G. L., M.D., '27 451 Blain St. Yukon, Okla. l Goodman, H. 'r., m.n., 'se 400 liose Disp. Bldg. Terre Haute, Ind. Goodwin, Thos. G., M.D., '60 3408 Randolph Pl. Hobart, indiana orby, Maj. Gen. A. L., M.D., '25 l Gordon, Glenn W., M.D., '58 Univ. Tex. Med. Br. Hosp, Galveston, Tex. Gordon, J. M., M.D., '27 1400 Bixby Ardmore, Oklahoma 73401 Gordon, Wm. T., Jr., M.D., '58 Little Rock, Ark. Goree, Charles S., Jr., M.D., '65 Hlytheviille AFB lllythevillt-, Arkansas 72317 Gorena, Adam L., Jr., M.D., '61 7330 NAV. 23rd Bethany, Oklahoma 73008 Gormley. James D., M.D. St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Oklahoma Gorrell, B. P., M.D., '45 1145 S. Utica Suite 511 Tulsa, Okla. Gow. Elizabeth, M.D., '36 825 N. W. 40th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Grady, C. W., M.D., '18 Rt. 7, Box 62A lioanoke, Va. Graham, Rex M.. M.D., '42 30 B. S. XV. Miami, Okla. Gray, Barbara J., M.D., '42 North Easton, Mass. Gray, Floyd, M.D., '53 416 N.W. 40th St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Grayblll, C. S., M.D., '43 3811 Gore Lawton, Okla, Grayson, Arthur, M.D., '56 1711 Via El Prado Redondo Beach, Calif. Green, Gregory A., M.D., '58 Green, James D., M D., '57 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Green, James L., Jr., M.D., '47 620 E. Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. Groves, Fred B, M.D., '36 1N4S Reserve Rd. Greeley, Colorado Groves, Hassell E., M.D., '48 30 S.W. Commerce Oklahoma City, Okla. Green. Paul A-1 M-D-1 '46 Guenther, Bernard E., M.D., '55 Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. Green. Phillip E., M D., '56 4741 Twilight Dr. Topeka, Kansas Greer, Allen E., M.D., '42 1211 N. Shartel J . Box 14 Uolliiisville, Oklahoma Guffy. J. L., M.D., '33 South Side Square Hillsboro, Tex. Guild, C. H., Jr., M.D., '44 132.4 Meadow Lanai I Uklfl-4'ilY.Uli12l.7bl03- llartcsrille, Oklahoma 7400.1 Gregg, Damon Donald, M.D., '59 Spearman, Tex. Gregory, David M., M.D., '65 51121 North lludson Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Gregston, Jack L., M.D., '45 7 N. 11 Duncan, Okla.. Griifm, John E., M.D., '58 521 N. Fifth De-Queen, Arkansas Grigsby. 0. L., M.D., '45 105 XV. Cherokee Nowata, Okla. Grimes, Ira. R., M.D., '54 2104 North Prospect Liberal, Kansas Grimes, Wilfred A., M.D., '50 2136 Yale Houston, Tex. Grisham. Philip L., M.D., '62 2000 Finchley Lane Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Grisham. R. S. C., M.D., '58 2009 Finchley Lane Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Gross, P. W., M.D, '37 Gullatt, E. M., M.D., '32 Sugg Clinic Ada, Okla. Gunn, Marvin R., M D., '54 2142 Edgehill Salina, Kansas 67401 Gunter, C. D., M.D., '48 Med. Ctr.. P. O. Box 101 Siloam Springs, Ark. Gunter, Jack P., M.D., '63 University Hospital Little Rock, Arkansas Guss, Louis, M.D., '41 59 Sachem St. Norwich, Conn. Guthrey, Geo. I-I., M.D., '44 21141 NXV Expressway Ukla. City, Okla. 725112 Guthrie. J. A.. M.D., '17 114 S. Vvood Neosho, Mo. Gwartney, W G., M.D.. '50 2570 South Harvard Tulsa, Oklahoma Gwin, Edward, M.D. St. Johns Hospital Haas, Stephen S., M.D., '65 it'lIl'LI't'xXvHSll1ll2,'lllll l'nirei'sit3 Hospital XVashing'ton, ll. 1' Haberlein, C. R., M.D., '41 1100 6th St. Traverse City, Mich. Hackney, John L.. M.D., '61 1.804 Kings Road lfldmond, Oklahoma Haddad, Geo. N., Jr., M.D., '57 2850 Mesa, Vertex Dr. Hosta Mesa, l'alil'oi'nia Haddock, Jim L., Jr., M.D., '32 231 E. Gray St. Norman, Okla. Hahn, Charles R., M.D., '64 Good Samaritan llospital Phoenix, Arizona 1-Iake, 0. J., M.D., '49 South Taylor Clinic Box 66 Taylor, Ark. Haldeman, J C., M.D., '37 llosp. Review Plan Couno. 3 East 54th Stroet New York, N.Y. 10022 I-Iale, A. E., M.D., '50 ldahel, Oklahoma 7-1745 Hale, A. E., M.D., '45 2020 S. Xanthus Tulsa. 35, Oklahoma Hale. Chas H., M.D., '61 MSTS Lant Area 58 Street, First Ave. Brooklyn 50, Ncw York Hale, Forrest, M.D., '25 112 VV. Main Cherokee, Okla. Hale, William E., M.D., '55 3144 S. YVinston Tulsa, Okla. 74145 Hale, William J., M.D.., '63 l'ul11iC Health St-1'r1re New Orleans, La. Box 19 I 312 Utica Sq. Med. Center 1 I Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Tulsa, Okla. High Point, N. Car. Tulsa, Oklahoma McBRIDE CLINIC. INC. 600 N.W. Ilth Street - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - CE 2-034I DEPARTMENT OF ORTHOPEDICS DEPARTMENT OF ARTHRITIS . 'Howard B. Shorbe, M.D., F.A.C.S. 'yvullax lshl:EaelMl'gD., F.A.C.P. +R IIDHarrisMDFACS of? ' as? e' " usse ' ' ""' ' Phillip J. Wright, M.D. 'Marvin K. Margo, M.D., F.A.C.S. Mary L, DUFFY Ho,-lick, M,D, 'James P- Bel' MD- DIRECTOR OF LABORATORIES 5'eP"en Tkach' MD- U. N. Owen., Jr., M.D., F.A.c.P. Kenneth H. Johnston, M.D. MANAGEMENT SERVICES W W Beniamin L.. Fa+h9l'eS, M.A., F.A.A.H.A. i C.P.A. Director 1 'Earl D. McBride. M-D-. F-A.C.S. J. Lamont Baxter, M.B.A., L.L.s., C.P.A. . 'Elias Margo, M.D., F.l.C.S. Controller BONE AND JOINT HOSPITAL 605 N.W. I0th Street - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - CE 2-034I "Specialized Care tor Orthopedic and Arthritic Patients" , Laboratory Facilities, including Pathology, Bacteriology, Serology, Chemistry, Radioisotopes N , 'Howard B. Shorbe, M.D., F.A.C.S., Chief ot Staff Q l Velma Wilcox, B.S., R.N., Director ot Nursing Laura Lassiter, A.R.X.T., X-Ray l Mariorie Liverman, A.D.A., Dietary Consultant Louana Horner, R.P.T., Physical Therapy Medical Statt and Management by Orthopedic 8: Arthritis Center l Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation ot Hospitals ' 'Specialty Board Diplomates , W , , . .LLLOM . ...OL..L...-.M-.-.,.-..,.,. . . . .--L II3 Hall, Jerry D., M.D., '56 S39 S. Hillside Nvichita, Kans. Hall, R. M., M.D., '38 55S Columbine St. Denver, Colo. Hall, Ronald R., M.D., '64 508 Browning Ct. AlillVztlley,I'alif,,9451511 Hall, Wiliam E., M.D., '55 662215. 5-ith Tulsa, Okla. Hallendorf, L. C., M.D., '42 -14 Cainelia Drive HHJIRS. Norman N., M.D., '63 Harper, Jack S., M.D., '62 Hartford, W. H., M.D., '40 St:ottVVhite Mem. Hosp, Maricopa County Hospital 201 1'1LSt6lll' Bldg. Temple, Texas Phoenix, Arizona Oklahoma City, Okla. Ha.nna,Wlll1am R., M.D., '64 Harper, Richard Fred, M.D., '56 H3-142083 -Toe T-, M-D-y '54 Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hansen, Thomas I., M D. Baptist Memorial Hospital Oklahonia t'ity, Okla. Haralson, P. H., M.D., '51 2750 Duniven Circle Amarillo, Tex. Hardegree, H. C., Jr., M.D., '50 Hillsborough, tTalit'ornia 503 Heyburn Bldg. Hallum, Glenn D., M.D., '60 Oklahoma City, Okla. Hamburger, Irvin G., M.D., '54 6313 NWV. Grantl lilvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hamby, Wallace B., M.D., '28 2020 E, 93rd Cleveland 6, Ohio Hamilton, James, M.D., '35 536 Highland Ave. Greensburg, Pa. Hampton, H. E., Jr., M.D., '48 6715 N. May Oklahoma City, Okla. Hampton, James W., M.D., '56 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Hampton, J B., Jr., M.D., '44 10330 S.W. Crestwood Court Beverton, Oregon Hamra, Henry M.. M.D., '37 1008 Megert Center Borger, Tex. Hamra, Sam T., M.D., '63 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Hancock. A. R., M.D., '19 Louisville, Kentucky Hardman, Thos. J., M.D., '34 1080 Utica Sq. Tulsa, Okla. Hardy, Homer D., Jr., '49 1323 E. 50 Tulsa, Okla. Harif, J. R., M.D., '18 3178 E. 93rd St. Cleveland, Ohio Hargrove, F. T., M.D., 710 Langston Mountain Home, Ark. '34 Hargrove, R. D., M.D., '50 525 5th St. Pawnee, Okla. Harmon, Thomas F., M.D., '35 913 S. 6th St. Springfield, Illinois Harms, Edwin M., M.D., '34 609 N. Broadway VVichita, Kansas Harms, F. L., M.D., '39 Box 187 American Falls, Ida. Harms Harold H. M.D. ' 701 Leahy Pawhuska, Oklahoma Harrel. Don G., M.D.. '36 220 XV. Oakenwauld Dallas, Texas Harris, Clyde E., M.D., '43 2419 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Harris. Henry W.. M.D., '27 1200 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Harris, Irene F. A.. M D., '39 104 Severn Rd. Norfolk, Va. Harris, J. A.. M D., '53 Box 306 Hart, Tex. Harris, Richard L., M.D., '45 2733 Britton Road Oklahoma City, Okla, Harrison. G. H., M.D., '50 4926 E 21st Tulsa, Oklahoma Harrison, Lynn H., M.D., '40 2850 N. W. 23rd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Harrison, Dr. Richard E., '56 3102 Harvard Tulsa, Ukla. 74114 Harrison, Wm. S., M.D., Chickasha Clinite Chickasha, Okla. '53 Harroz, Joseph, M.D., '56 2209 N. Portland Oklahoma City, Okla. Hart, Dillis II., M.D., '64 scum N 'im-ry st. Okla. City, Okla, Harvey, Meldrum J., M.D., '64 Glenview Naval Air Station Box 4 tilt-nviexv, Illinois Harvey, W. G., Jr., M.D., '53 l'. U. liox 460 Beaver, Okla. Haslam, G. E., Jr., M.D., '62 Hilti S. I'tit-a Tulsa, Okla. Hassler, F. R., Jr., M.D., '55 Natl. Ins. Alvin. Health lit-tliestlzi, Mil. 20014 Hassler, F. R., Jr. N3 Daniel Low Ter. Staten Island, N. Y. Hassler, Grace C., M.D., '35 2620 NAV. lllxprt-ssway tbklziliolna City, Oklalioina Hatchett, John G., M D. Kzinsws City tleneral llospital Kansas City, Missouri Hathaway, H. S., M.D., '54 4901 S. Lafayette Iiano Englewood, Colorado Hathaway, Paul W., M.D., '64 2407 Quinry St. lllll'll2lIll,N.1l.2TT-li Hathaway, Wm. E., M.D., '54 4901 S. Lafayette lflnglvewooil, Covlurado Haunschild, C. D., M.D., '61 Ill l Ei Hooks Lant- v rw ....-. VN :it-u, I t'X2IS ihltln Hawes, Chas. R., M.D., '46 Hawley, William D., M.D., '64 llniv. of Okla. Hospitals Oklalionia City, Oklahoma Hayes, Harrison F., M.D., '6 T19 NJC. 18th Oklahoma t'ity, Olelahoma Hayes, Robert H., M.D., '60 Atoka, Okla. Haynie, Weldon H., M.D., '3 Box 519 Durant, Okla. Hays, Carolyn A., M.D., '47 Pennsylvania Hospital -Hth and Btarket Streets Vliiladelphia, Pa. Hays, Gary G., M.D. 310 S, Sth Street Vlinton, Oklalioina 73601 Hays, Marvin B., MD., '45 2612 Harrison Ave. Eureka, Calif. Hays, P. L., M.D., '14 Eastern Okla. Hospital Vinita, Okla. Head, Philip W., M.D., '64 105 VV. Main 1l2ll'lll'H'll-5, tiklalimna Hearin, James T., M.D., '45 USPHS Hospital Staten Island 4, N. Y. Hefner, James R., M.D., '63 St. Francis Hospital XYit'l1ita, Kansas Helligman, Haskell, M.D., '31 108 South St. Overton, Texas Helnrichs, Wm. L., M.D., '58 lfniv. Oregon Sch. Med. Box 72 'Green Cliriic ' 41 St. Francis Hospital llviililillviivjtIllioiiiiitiiilg' M81 Sl'Yiii'lfill?z:L.iluCkSon Gladewater, Texas Huston, La. NVic-hita, Kansas llvnvt-r Polo. l'ortl:inrl l, Oregon EOC! V Di' O 2 "H Oil i W' 6'33"' CE 54304 V' 8359' l 7 MID-WEST SURGICAL SUPPLY C0. 2848 N.W. 23 l2I0 N. Walker 6520 N. May Q X of A ' OKLAHOMA 5 0 S L E R Medical G Surgical Supplies 6 Equipment Clint Ienninqs 0 Rlggllgchcegrxrglgxyillxiilfyitiiigcgneljit I Bob Billington i L. C. DILLESHAW 1420 N. Robinson Oklahoma city , WM. c. ci-IRISTIE Phone CE 6-438, Y. - .,. . ,, , UQ INC. Your ABCD Dealer Medical Equipment and Hospital Supplies lim Prott Kenneth Voth Steve Landers Telephone Orders North :S West Big ADSEWS CNY W. E. Hughes l. B. Dixon U SU' G' Don Milbum south and East oklahoma city, okzq. Ch , Hfugfeg t City Gordon Holland Ioe Snider E-21352279251 Ovgr Calgary North :S East South QS West Phone CE 5-7481 - 20 West Main - P. O. Box 1145 - Oklahoma City, Oklcr. II4 Iellams, Alfred A., M.D., '38 200 XVildowood Plaza. Oklahoma City, Okla. Helvle, Henry E., M.D., '60 llSI'1lS llosp. Staten lslancl, N. Y. Hemphill. Robert L.. M D. X11-slvy llospital Wi:-hita, Kansas Hemphill, W. J., M.D., '47 Eugene Medical Center Iiiiggoiio, Ore. Henderson, E. A., M.D., '38 X217 N. 57 Drive Glendale, Ariz. lendren, Scott, Jr., M.D., '41 2000 S. Harvey Oklahoma City, Okla. Henke, J. R., M.D., '37 llox T27 Guthrie, Okla. Henley, B. G., M.D., '48 21811 flore- Lawton, Okla. Henley, M. D., M.D., '22 011 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Henley, Thos. H., M.D., '50 N.W. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Henry, James G., M D., '65 N608 llallma l'inuinrati, Ohio Henry, Mary M., M.D., '26 104 Babcock Road San Antonio, Tex. Henry, R. C.. M.D., '40 404 N. 12th llii-hmonrl 10, Virginia Hensley, Jess, M.D., '59 Q All-ryy Hospital 42.11111 l13,1llvl.l. 13105 Hensley. Manuel, M.D., '65 nit-opa City tloneral llospit Phoenix, Arizona S5009 Henton, R. H., M.D., '51 Box 357 llush Springs, Okla. Herbelin, Jos. T., M.D., '54 620 NWV. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla. Herndon, Elwood, M.D., '55 Circle Okla. 2907 Lakeside Oklahoma City, Herndon, Robt. E., M.D., '48 2222 Iowa Chickasha, Okla. Herrick, Robt. S., M.D., '60 729 E. Main l+'arinington, New Mexico Herrmann, Jess D., M.D., '31 ltox 135 Alt. Vine, Arkansas 711056 Hewett, Horace Il., M.D., '57 804 Navajo Farmington, N. Mex. Hill, Jesse K., M.D., '50 N228 Fairway Dr. N.E. Seattle, NVasl1. H111 John M., Jr., M.D., '58 ' 1145 s. rm-.1 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104 Hill, Larry W., M.D., '64 l'niversity of Rochester Medical Center llochester, New York Hill, Riley A., M.D., '54 4901 S. Penn Oklahoma City, Okla. Hills, Robert Ray, M.D., '59 3S11Gore Lawton, Oklahoma 722501 Hinkle, A. B., M.D., '51 515 College Alva, Okla. Hinkle, Royce A., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla.. Hodge, Tommy G., M.D., '60 St. .lohns Hospital Tulsa. Okla. Hodges, T. O., M.D., '50 VA Hospital Grand Junction, Colo. Hodgson, C. M., M.D., '27 214 S. 7th Kingfisher, Okla. I-Ion'ma.n, Robert C., M.D., '65 N14-IZ Louisiana, S. Carolina S7108 Hoffmiester, Wm. M.D., '58 503 Ilenkel Circle VVinter l'ark, Florida Hogue, Robert J., Jr., M.D., '61 322 111. Oklahoma Guthrie, Oklahoma Hohl, James F., M.D., '44 Sugg Clinic Ada, Okla. Holman, J. H., M.D., '51 1101 E. Pecan Altus, Okla. Holsted, Carroll E., M.D. St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Holt, 0. U., M.D., '52 3 Memorial Drive Claremore, Okla. Holt, Robert P, M.D., '43 301 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Holtz, H. E., M.D., '34 17 Medical Arts Sq. Austin 5, Tex. Honaker, J. D., M.D., 'as Frederick Clinic Frederick, Okla. Honaker, Richard E., M.D., '64 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma. City, Oklahoma Hewitt Perry E., m.:o. 'av 201, s. sem su-een' Hinshaw, Jacob R., M.D., '21 Holley Lillian M-. M-D-, '49 Hama T J MD .60 Muskogee, okift. 220 s. Flood 6100 N-Drexel ,,7b0b" - ' " Norman, Okla' Oklahoma City, Okla. H k enlson I Hicks, M. c., Jr., M.D., '49 A "S "E-'ee' Oklahoma 300 N. VV. 12 HlnShaW, J. Raymond, MJD. '46 Holland C1133 D- M-IL '54 Oklahoma City, Okla. Prof. of Surg. Univ. of y ,115 S. ist ' 3031251193 I1-1 U-D-y '53 Broken Arrow, Okla. .. 5- Nmllfl , Ukla.t ity, Okla. 1210.2 Highland, J. E., M.D., '39 Miami Clinic Miami, Okla. Hightower, H. G., M.D., '48 012 NWV. 57 Street Oklahoma. City, Okla. 1-nlbig. A. I... M.D., 'so 15 East 11 Liberal, Kans. Hilderbrand, H. E., M.D., '43 Alvriflian, Texas 76665 Hill, Alfred D.. Jr., M.D. Preslxyterian Hospital Oklahoma Pity, Okla 1-nu, James A., mm., 'ea al Carnegie Med. Ctr. Carnegie, Oklahoma Rochester Sch. Med. Rochester, New York Hlrose, Frank M., M.D., '51 Atomic Bomb Cas. Comm. MCHF Navy 955 Co. FPO San Francisco, Calif. Hirschfeld, Herman, M.D., 35 " t. 1.13 E. 58th S New York, N. Y. Hladky, Frank, M.D., '46 1620 East 12 Tulsa, Oklahoma Hobgood, R. G., M.D., '45 1127 VVilshire lilvfl. Los Angeles, Calif. 00017 Hodge, James C., M.D., '48 1917 South Catalina Redondo Beach, Calif. Holley, Capt. Paul S., M.D., '54 3751 Porfeet VVheat Ridge, Colo. Hollingsworth, F. W., M.D., '44 1049 S. Ellison lil Reno, Okla. Hollingsworth, R. S.. M.D.. '37 1221 E. State. Suite 109 Rockford, Ill. Holloway, H. C.. M.D., '58 IIS. Component SEATO Medical Research Lab APO San Francisco, California 1 an Ma orD C M.D., '49 Hom , j . ., 1119 Topeka St. Pasadena, Calif, Honska, Walter L., M.D. 2224 Vlfest Sherwood Stillwater, Okla. Hood, P. Redding, M.D., '30 Osler Annex 1220 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Hood, John W., M.D., '57 196 Stat. Hosp. APO 686 Hood, Wm. E., Jr., M.D., '55 5700 NAV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hooker, Capt. John H., M.D., '5 221 6 Harper Pasadena, Tex. Congratulations, 1 1 i Graduates, Students and Faculty! I 967 St. John's Hospital I923 South Utica Avenue Phone Rlverside 3-3311 IIS ., ., '5 Houk' Harold W M D 5 Hummer, Lloyd M., M.D., '57 Jacobs, Luster I., M.D., Hoot, M. P., M.D., '34 5213 I-Evans St. tll't't'llX'1lll', N. 41. '45 Hoover, Richard D., M.D., 55112 liruzulxvzty XX est litllll lu-.11 li, Ill Hoover, W. D., M.D., '33 5111 S,l5t1stt1u 'l'l1ls:1, l1klztlu1m:1 Tl1l1.. Hope, Sherman A., M.D., '57 1-121 H, ll:-pptu Browutit-lil. 'IR-xzts Hopkins, G. A., M.D., '47 13415 Pmlttgt- .X vt-. lft XYm'tI1 'IU-x:tsT1l1l1t Hopps, Howard C., M.D., '37 Xllllttll't1l't 'lust l'-tilt. ' - 4 'i-S . , . XYusl1ii1g4lt1n,l1 t'.2l1'11,, Horn, John E., M.D., '41 14120 NY. t1lii1i11li.1t-t- Altiskogt-t-, tllalu. Horne, Lt. E. G., M.D., '63 USS X1-rslls .XS IT l"l't1S:in l"l':1iu'ist-41, Pzilil' Horne, lvlalcolm, M.D., '46 1025 NNY. 15t,li Ai'rliimi'tf, t1ltl:1. Horton, J. C., M.D., '52 l'.O. Box R111 l+'1't-clm-l'it-li, Olilal. Houck, Harold W, M.D., '55 511111 l-1z1st"Il:ii't1'm11'cl 1'r1m-xi. t.1ty, t1lvI.1. Hough, Jack V. D.. M.D., 21500 XXV. 543 fYJlil2lilt1lll1l Pity, t1lvl:l. l'i't1l'.-ssiuilztl iilllltllllll 11111110 ll1ll'll't1l'tl l't1m-11, Pity, Ultlztlimiizu 1111111 Houk, Paul Cullison, MD., '59 Nl1t1X.l'l,l2i1l1 -,, tllvl:l,t'1ty,t1lil:l. ...lui House, Rex C., M.D., '33 31111112111 Ave. Purpus Pliristi, Texas Howard, Frank H., M.D., '56 ti Nztv:tjoPii't'lt1 Sliztwln-t-, t1kl:tl1n1u:L Howard, H. H., M.D., '42 111210 lfvrris l.ziwtt1u, Uklzx. Howard, Jack B., M.D., '64 tit141llSlt1llIll'l11lllllt1S11ll2ll l'lllIt'lllX,,X1'1Z41ll2l Howard, Robt. B., M.D., '36 Suitt- 511, l':istvui' 131113.11 11l4lztl111m:t, Pity, Oklzi. Howard, T D., M.D., '48 -1 S. ll. A vv, .X ltlztlut-1, tlklzx. Howard, Van H., M.D., '55 llulnurt Pliiiits Ili-lnztrt, Oliln. Hrdlicka, Larry J.. M.D., '62 l'. S. l'ul1lit- llc-zlltli Service llztltiixirvwx, lilurylflnrl Hubbard, Floyd T., M.D., '57 llviiryt-ttzu llf1SIlliIll llt'll1'j'f't12I, Olclat. Hubbard., Wm. E., M.D., '41 15111 N. 141.11111 St. t1kl:1lmma1 Pity, 014111. Hubbell. Mliriam, M.D., '35 111222 l4'tmt,l1ill lilvtl. Syluiztn, P:1lit'm'iiiu Huff, Thomas J., Jr., M.D., '42 512 1V.ll2ll'Illl1,2,' Stoclttou, Calif. Huggins, Jas. R., M.D., '33 21E1f1C1sl41i' lilclpli. l2t1t1X,YVztllit-1' Oklaliouizt City, Okla. Hughes, Dale R., M.D., '62 Dept. Surg. VA Hosp. t1lilztl1r1i11zt Pity, i1lil2lll41lll1t Hughes, J. Patrick, M.D. V. S. Nzivzil lluspitzxl l'llt'lSl'll. .ll2lSS2l1'llllSl'llS Hughes, Quillen M., M.D., '60 11111 East lhozulwuy Altus,t1ltlztlimmi:t Hughes, Richard L., M.D., '54 26241 XXV. lflxpre-sswaty Suite D Olclalitnuzi Pity, Olvlzi. Hughes, William. L., M.D., '57 3111 NAV. 12 Strt-et Lllilztlimmi City 13, Ulalzi. Hulen, Chas. R., M.D., '09 lit11l1t?:i,l'if1X ST A1'tliiir1i'e, Pnlifurnizl Hull, I. W., M.D., '54 14116 llluelmuiit-t lTtJI'g:'0l', 'I't1x:us 71141117 Hull, W. M., M.D., '32 2036 l'41''s Blvd. St. Petc1'slmrg', Florida Hullender, Martin R..M.D., '65 38111 N. XY. 5Nth t1li'lulic,1u1:iPity,t1k1zi.Till12 '43 Huckins, Maurice, 4Jr., M.D., '43 Hulsey, George H., M.D., '64 111-put St. XVvstt'm'tl, Mass. Hudson, P. G., M.D., '50 13515 Sutter Strom'-t Suu I'wl'lll1t'lSl'0, Calif. Hudson, W. P., M.D., '55 N XY. M1-41. f't'lll4'1' Iiut't"ul+1 t1klu. 1116105 11051111111 t1kl:1l1om:t Pity, t1klulium:t Husband, Wm. G., Jr., M.D., Hunter, Robert E., M.D., '62 1513: S, 1V.Tt1St. f,lililllt1lll1l. City, Olcln. Hurd, Eric R., M.D., '62 St. .lolius Hospital 'l'uls:i, t'1kl:i. '47 1414 Sunset Pr, l'Illi City, Ulilzl. Huser, John M., M.D., '58 1201lJlfIztst14'it'tli Aclzt, t1lil:1l1t1m:i Husen, Luverne A., M D.. '63 l'Sl'li11lit-llv:t1tl1Sn-Vv.lltwsp XN'iniu-11:1p,m, Nt-lvrztslut Huskins, J. D., M.D., '38 2101 S. Maxwell Siloam Springs, Arla, Hutts, M. Price, M.D., '65 l'SI'l IS l"11i't XY41l'tli, 'I't-xzus T411 111 Hyde, Homer C., M D. l'l't'SllX1t'l'lIlll lluspitzil t1lilz11141m:1 Pity,41lil:uliniii:i Hyer, J. V., M.D., '26 Gztrlror, Oklu, Hyroop, G. L., M.D., '27 12121 N, 1V:1llu-1' 1jlil2LllUIll1l. City, Oklzt. Ihrig, H. H., M.D., '50 21110 S. lltivu. Tulszi, Oltltt. Ingels, Geo. W., M.D., '61 lil'-tlimlist, lluspitul Dztllus, T4-xns Inghanl. M. E., M.D., '52 21.5 liruwn llrurgor, Tex. Ingle, John, M.D., '43 1211 N.Sl1Ill'1t'l Irby, J. P., M.D., '28 4051 E. Commerce Altus, Oklu. Irvine, G. S., M.D., '32 1337 Bzuicroft Ave. Sun .l,40ilIlfll'0, Calif. Irwin, W. H., M.D., '37 Leeds, Ala. Isaacks, H. E., M.D., '30 1115 Pennsylvanizi Ave. Ft, XVoi'th 4, Tex. Ishler, George H., M.D., '59 St. .Iulins Hospital Tulsa, Olilu. Ishmael, W'm. H., M.D., '35 604 N. XY. 10th Ulilztlioiuzt City, Oltla. Ison, Lee A., M.D., '62 N32 l5i'izti'la11e t11tl:t1i0ma. City, Okla. Jack, Samuel C., M.D., '55 Z1St11 :tml Gore Llztwton, Okla. Jackson, Alvin R., M.D., '30 2512 S. Harvey Oklztlioma City 51, Olala. Jackson, Jimmie K., M D., '65' ,Xlll2Il'lllt1 A1911 iXlllill'lllf1, Texas 711111 Jackson, P. P., M.D., '42 XV.t1A Suite 417 Yum-mivei' 1, llritish Culumbi. Pnrizxtlzt Jackson, Paul P., M.D., '42 1125 W'.t1t-f1i'g'i:i Street f'f1lll11ll1l2l,iiilfliltlll Jacob, John B., M.D., '48 15116 Frztnkliii Oakland 6, Calif. '53 IBS N. l'1t1m1s1-velt XVit-him, Kunszts Hunter, Buel Ray, M.D., '21 Box 188 Ptvwetzt, t1klali41m:t t1kl:i.Pity,t1kl:1,73111131 Ingram, Marshall H., M.D., '58 Masonic: Temple Bldg. Hinton, Okzt. Eufaula, Okla. James, Prank M., MD., '47 Peutrul Stutt- Hospital Ntiflllllll, llli'l2ll'lOI112l -- - -, , Go-ahead . . 1 Banking 1 Building for the Future The University of Oklahoma , - , Medical Center 1 ' xx QYXQCYS Y 1 1 g Wg my ggi, ,go QQ, f0I' the 1 X T 01" Get-ahead , D 'H 7 I ' Generation. 1 VEAZEY DRUG CO. 1 1906 1967 LZ 10 Conveniently Located Stores NATIONAL W We are proud of our 60 years of dependable 1 E CE 6-2811 , service to the Medical Profession. lt has always W K I-,milling 'nd T""5'C0mPf"'Y 1 been our Policy to compound each prescription 1 9:30-5:00 Mon-Fri. 5113042130 Sat. ofokhhomacny Y Drive-In Banking: 3 1 Exactly as Prescribed. II6 E 8:00-0:00 Mon-F ri. 0:00 - 12:30 Sat. MEMBER F. D. 1. C. R Jarman, Joe B., M.D., '61 V. A. llospilal Oklahoma City, Okla. Jay, George R., M.D., '62 LYS. Naval Connn. Station Nea Alakri, Greece Jayne, Elta. H., M.D., '57 315 IG, llaeienda Dr. l'orona, l'alit'ornia 91720 Jetfress, Bennie, M.D., '30 4867 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, California Jeffrey, Ransy L., M D. Highland Alameda County llospital Oakland, t'alit'ornia Jelsma, Franklin, M.D., '25 1169 Eastern Pkwy. Louisville 17, Ky. Jenkins, Henry B., M.D., '29 Chandler, Okla. Jenkins, P. A., M.D., '34 2110 VV. Alden lJeKall1,lllinois 68115 Jenmngs, Aubrey L., M.D., '29 Brig. Gen, U.S.A.F. Me lireetor, Professional Services Ofc. Surgeon U.S.A.F. 3800 Newark, N.VV. XVashington 25, D. C. Jennings, G. H., M.D., '52 1100 N. Dewey Oklahoma City, Okla. Jobe, Charles L., Jr., M.D., '61 5103 Manning' llrive ll:-tliesda, Maryland 2001-l Jobe, J. P., M.D., '51 203 S Macomb E1 Reno, Okla. Jobe, V. R., M.D., '33 1213 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Jobe, Virgil R., Jr., M.D., '60 llniv. of Calif Med. Svhool Los Angeles, Calif. 590024 Jobe, William L., M.D., '64 Dept. of Radiology 1'int-innati General Hospital Cincinnati, Ohio Johnson, J. W., Jr., M.D., '54 3333 North Oklahoma Shawnee, Okla. 74301 JOIIIISOII, JRIIIBS Ia., M-D. l'niversity of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Johnson, L. G., M.D., '35 5506 Tawney Amarillo, Texas 750106 J ohnson, Mark R., M.D., '46 1219 Classen Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Johnson, Max E., M.D., '39 1421 Napoleon Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana Johnson, Raymond L., M.D., '31 Johnson, Alpha L., M.D., '26 ggnx A 113 S. Evans El Reno, Okla. Johnson, Chas. L., Jr., M.D., '43 421 S. Cherokee Bartlesville, Okla. Johnson, Donald E., M.D., '54 303 Broadway Tower Enid, Oklahoma Johnson, Doanld F., M.D., SIJV of Aviation Med. llrooks A FB, Texas S7235 '65 Johnson, Doyle E., M.D., '59 1101 East Broadway Enid, Oklahoma Jennings, John D., M.D.. 1604 Country Club Rd. Duncan, Oklahoma Jeter, Grady L., M.D., '62 U. of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Jeter, W. P., Jr., M.D., '53 4 S0 1 S. XYestei'n Oklahoma City, Okla. Jimerson, Gordon K., M.D., '64 St.. .Iohns Hospital Tulsa, Oklahoma ,54 Johnson, Egbert Guy, M.D 3428VlXladison Pasadena, California Elll Johnson, Erma. C., M.D., Tulsa, Okla. b.i00 B1 oekton Ax enm- lliverside, California Tliunderliird Apts. 115 llereford, Texas Johnson, Howard R., M.D., ., '34 06 '34 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Johnson, Henry M., M.D., '40 'f . . . '64 Havasu Lake. 4'alit'. 5023631 Johnson, R. Ray, M.D., '44 1707 Leonard ltd. Grants Pass, Ore. Johnson, R. B., M.D., '57 3527 Duchess Trail Dallas 29, Texas Johnson, Ray M., M.D., '65 l'. S. Naval Hospital Chelsea, Mass. 02150 Johnson, Roger G., M.D., '54 214 S. Madison Frederick, Okla. Johnson, William M., M.D., '60 Bainbridge Naval Base Baltimore, Md. Johnson, Wm. T.. J'r., M.D., '54 511 N. W. 11 Oklahoma City, Okla. Johnston, Jay C., M.D. l'nivei'sity of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Johnston, L. A. S., M.D., '36 711 Bullitt Holdenville, Olila. Jones, Jake, Jr., M.D., '54 Ach Clinic Group 14 E. 9th Shawnee, Okla. Jones, James S., M.D., '64 St. Anthony Hospittal Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Jones, Jerry C., M.D., '63 13518 25th N.E. Seattle, Washington Jones, 0. W., Jr., M.D., '57 Ntl. Inst. Health Bethesda, Maryland Jones, Phyllis E., M.D., '40 1211 N.Sl1?ll'tQl Oklahoma City, Okla. Jones, R. A., M.D., '42 13545 Webb Uhamiel llallas, Texas 75234 Jones, R. B., M.D., '51 General Delivery Mollalla, Ore. Jones, S. Tlsdel, M.D., '52 Cordell, Okla.. Jones, William I., M.D., '60 Stroud, Okla. Jones, Wilton N., M.D., '51 2808 35th Snyder, Tex. Jordon, Michael L., M.D., '64 N20 141. Carroll Okla, Pity, Okla. 73110 Joseph, P. G., M.D., '40 17 S. Poplar Sapulpa, Okla. Joyce, Prank T., M.D., '36 144 S. Dexter St. Denver 22, Colo. Junker, John A., M.D. Vniversity of VVashington llosliitals Seattle, VVashington Kahn, B. I., M-D., '34 2400 Geary Blvd.- San Franrrisf-o, Calif. Kahn, Robert W., M.D., '39 354 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Kalbtleisch. P. D., M.D., '56 1930 Ferris Lawton, Okla. Kalbfleisch, John M., M.D., '57 Dept. of Medicine lfniversity of Okla. Med. Centex Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Kaldahl, P. E., M.D., '60 1301 Sterling Oklahoma City, Okla. Kaplan, Sidney, M.D., '44 XVQ-stern State School 1'anonsl1urg, Pennsylvania Karnes, Wm. E., M.D., '55 Sevtion Neuro Mayo Cl. ltoehester, Minnesota Karns, Donald C., M.D., '60 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Katz, M. E., M.D., '41 Thayer Bldg. Norwich, Conn. Kay, Felix Ross, M.D., '59 6520 E. l-Leno liel City, Okla, 73110 Kay, James R., M.D., '59 S04 Apache Drive Alva, Ok'la, Keeran, Michael G., M.D., '63 llniversity Hospital Ann Arbor, Miehigan Keith, Howard B., M.D., '57 Newman Clinie Shattuck, Oklahoma Keller, J. P., M.D., '51 411 Fowler Dr. Duncan, Okla. Keller, W. I'., M.D., '31 3017 Finchley Lane Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1501 N. E. Eleventh Street Oklahoma City. Oklcr. l 1 ' 3 " f l 11 1 . . ....' 7- , GENERAL HOSPITAL IOHN R. HUBBARD, M.D. WM. E. HUBBARD. M.D. X II7 Kelley, Chas. D., M.D., '62 1120 E. Hill Escondido, Czvlifornia Kelly, Keith, M.D., '48 1553 Carnation Wziy Upland, Calif. Kemmerly, Paul C., M.D., '58 1278 E. Urestwood Memphis, Tennessee 313117 Kendall, Robt. L., M.D., '40 730 E. Sth Erick, Okla. Kendall, Tommy E., M.D., '40 39th Rainbow l'3ouleV:Lrd Kansas City, Kansas 66102 Kennedy, Billy Don, M.D., '58 3965 J St. Sacrlunlento, California, Kennedy, Delmar D., M.D., '64 Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Kennedy, J. D., M.D., '47 8932 Reseda Blvd. Northridge, Calif. Kennedy, J. J., M.D., '42 Box 287 Edmond, Okla. Kennedy, J. R., M.D., '41 2131 N. Tejon Colorado Springs, Colo. Kennedy. Louis J.. M.D., '36 2131 N. Tejon Colorado Springs, Colo. Kennedy. M. R., M.D., '39 475 E. 3rd Coquille, Ore. Kennedy, Willard C., M.D., '57 7200 N, Claremont Ulxicago, Illinois 60645 Kent, c. T., Jr., M.D., '51 840 N. Alvernon Way Tucson, Arizona Kenyon, R. E., M.D., '51 1211 North Shartel OkIz1.f'ity, Okla. 731035 Keown, John 'I.'., Jr., M.D., '50 Pender, Nebr. Kern, C. V., M.D., '38 1426 N.W. 25th, Apt. 4 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Kernek, Clyde, M.D., '37 3223 Walnut Drive Corvallis. Ore. Kernek, Paul, M.D., '39 Kernek Clinic Holdenville, Oklahoma Kerr, Walter C. IQI., M.D., '33 3625 Westcliff Rd. Ft. Worth, Tex. Kersten, R.. M., M.D., '49 3055 D St. A San Bernardino, Calif. Key, Charles R., M.D.,,'59 AHCC-VSMC Air Statmn Sun Francisco, Ca-lif. 96664 Kienzle, John A., M.D., '58 Shawnee, Oklahoma Kiester, Kenneth D., M.D., '59 2324 N. E. 53rd Street Fl. Lauderdale, Florida 33316 Kilgore, Wm. 11... M.D., '62 Box 1456 . Taos, New Mexico Kimball, Gale R., M.D., '51 1116 W. Britton Rd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Kimball, Geo. I-I., M.D., '26 Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Kincy, Kenneth, M.D., f43 Palos Verdes Est., Callf. King, Col. Everett G., M.D., '33 Surgeon US Conarc Ft. Monroe, Virginia 23351 King, Everett G., M.D., '62 Triplex' Army Hospital Honolulu, Hawaii King, Jerry Edd, M.D., '59 VA Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma King, R. W., M.D., '50 900 N.W. 10th Oklahoma City, Okla. II8 Klng, Richard Don, M.D., '59 Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. King, Roy D., M.D., '65 2050 VVusp Drive Sim Diego, California 51211-1 Kingery, Phillip N., M.D. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City,Okla1, Kinnan, In. F., M.D., '42 BOX 193 Caldwell, Kaus. Kinney, Roger L., M.D. Merry Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Kirkham, Wm. R., M.D., '60 77 Livimsqston Avenue Iflrlison, New Jersey 08837 Kirkland. Chas. P., M.D., '63 6877 l1lldh0llg'h lEdw:1rds A FB, Calif. 0225222 Kita.'l3c'hi,Abba.s E., M.D., '65 Veterans Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla 73104 Klebamotf, M., M.D., '43 717 Encino Place N. E. Suite 5 Albuquerque, N. Mex. Klein. E. P.. M.D., '51 1102 Utica Tulsa, Okla . Klein, Irving, M.D., '59 La Mesa Med. Ctr. Suite E10 7000 Muller AHTlIf1llE'l'f1llP, N. IXI. Klenper, C. A., M.D.. '63 Vhildrens Mem. Center Dallas, Texas Rlopfenstein, Keith, M.D., '56 Oklahoma City, Uklal. Klostemeyer, L. L.. M D., '22 419 Vanderbilt Rd. Ashviflle, North fi21l'01lll2l Knight, C. B., M.D., '35 211 VV. 2nd St. Wewoka, Okla. Knight. R. A., M.D., '38 S60 Madison Avenue Mvniphis, Tennessee 381015 Knight, W. E., M.D., '43 1500 Dodson Ave, Ft. Smith, Ark. Knobloch. W. H., Jr.. M.D., '52 Tioga, N Dak. Knotts. I'. L., M.D., '38 1700 Waterman San Bernardino, Calif. Kobs, Capt. Tracy L., M.D., '57 S025 VVestvnl Fort VVorth, Texas Koehn, K. L., M.D., '61 4141 N. Clarendon Ave. Chicago 13, Illinois Koehn, Laura J., M.D., '60 1707 VV. 21 Terrace Lawrence, Kansas Roger, Edward L., M.D., '60 St. Francis Hosp. Wichita, Kansas Kopta, Joseph A., M.D., '62 U.S.N. Sch. Aviation Med. Pensacola, Florida Korner, Harold, M.D., '49 965 Fletcher Waterloo, Iowa Rouri. Paul, M.D., '45 3625 Century Lynnwood, Calif. Kouri. Philip, M.D., '47 1120 West La. Palma Anaheim, Calif. Kouri, Sammy I-I., M.D., '57 619 N. Armour VVichita., Kansas Kramer, J. T., Jr., M.D., '35 5050 E. Belknap Ft. Worth, Tex. Kramer, Robert L., M.D., '56 1721 East 33 Place Tulsa, Okla. Krause, Jas. H., M.D., '58 130 Station Hosp.,A1'O 430 New York, N. Y. Krause, M. E., M.D., '39 4000 29th St. Oakland 0, Calif. Kreg'e'r, J. R., M.D., '42 20015 E. Grand Tonkawa, Okla, Kuhn, Frederick A.. MAD. University of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Kuhn. John F.. M.D., '31 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Lea.the'rs, Hollis K., M.D., '64 223 N. Third Muskogee, Oklahoma Lee, Daniel W., M.D., '55 2016 N.E. 20 Oklahoma City, Okla. Lee. Judah K., M.D., '23 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa 3, Okla. Lee, Robert K., M.D., '65 315 Dartmoor D1'ix'-:,- Sun Antonio,'l'eX:1s 78227 Lee Robert Rex, M.D., '55 1443 S. Twinlake Dr. Wichita, Kansas Legako. Ronald D.. M D. Kunkel, James Albert, M.D., '59 VVili'm'd H2111 USAF llospitul 2020 E- 93 A l.:1L-klzmrl AFH,'l'Qx:ls Cleveland 6, Ohio D Lehew. Elton, M.D., '30 LHCTOIX. J. A., Jr., M D., '50 2224 Must Ukluhonm 308 E. Jackson Hugo, Okla. Ladd, George H., M.D., '60 015 Honor Heights Muskogee, Ok'la. Lafon, Col. Wm. F., M.D., '37 857th Med. Group Clinton Sherman AFI! Clinton, Oklahoma Lagan, Henry D., M.D., '64 Ukeene Clinic Ukec-'ne-, Oklahoma Lain, Kemper C.. M.D. l'ni'.'ersity of Oklahoma Hospitals ffkhlhfllllil llity, Okla. Lair. Burke, M.D., '53 18035 Sth N. W, Seattle. W'ash. Laird, Paul Craig, M.D., '47 122 S. .lenningrsk ll'Yll1f.2', lexus 150610 Lambert. Robert M-. M.D. 1'h2ll'lfY lIOS1ll12lIf'l'lll2lIH' l'nix'vrsity Division New Orleans, Louisiana Lambiotte, Benj. J.. M.D., '57 746 l'z11'1'iz1ge1Ti1'cle I'it1slwurg',l'a1.15205 Lane, Kenneth S.. M.D., '50 Box 3772 llraud Central Station New York, New York Lane, Marie T., M.D.. '49 9407 North Francis Oklahoma City, Okla. Lehew, J. Lesli xI2ll'lHl1f'UllI'lfVf:PV'l, Hospital tluthri:',OkI:1. 713044 lflth and VVZIFIIPI' Guthrie, Okla. Lehew. John L., III. M D., '55 1!Ith :xml XV:1rne-r Guthrie, Okla. Lembke. Rfobt. L.. M.D.. '50 C. II. Ovuup. Med. Dept. Continental Oil Co. -POYIUH City, Okla. Lemon. Cecil W.. M D., '31 13053 North Third l,7ll1'1lllt, Oklzihomu Lemmons, Joyce J., M.D. St. Anthony Hosnitzll Oklahoma l'ily,OkI:1. Lenafburg, I-I. I-I., M.D., '60 201 East Lincoln Xlzlmxunl, Oklahoma Leneve. Robert T.. M.D., '46 Hugoton, Kans. Lenev. T. L., M.D.. '27 2620 N.VV. Expressway Oklahoma City, Okla. Leonard. Chas. E.. M.D., '32 528 N. VV. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Leonard. E. L.. M.D., '52 110 N. Main VVagone1', Okla. Leonard. Joe C.. M-D. I ndin nupol is, lndizmzx Lerblance. W. P. Jr M.D. '45 Lang. Frederick 1:..,1vr::D.. '57 TW- C-5 ' CY- ' ' USPH Serv. Hospital Staten Island, N. Y. Langston, Wann, M.D., '16 1n 1 ISS mic Hartshorne, Okla. Leslie. s. B.. Jr., M.D., '42 1214 N. Hudson 7301 HuH""S'A Oklahoma City, Okla. Latto, Jo Ellen, M.D., '59 St, Luke's Hospital San Frzmcisco, Calif. Lashley, Floyd J., Jr., M.D., '60 223 S. Broadway VVz1lters, Oklahoma Lattimore, ZE'. C.. M.D., '32 9th and Tyro Kingfisher, Okla. Laughlin, L. 0., M.D., '59 Univ. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Lavon, Rosalia A., M.D., '64 Fresno Co. Gen. Hospital Fresno, California Lawton, L. M., M.D., '49 3400 N. Kingshighway St. Louis, Mo. Layton, D. D., Jr., M.D., '54 Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. Layton, 0. E., M.D., '37 120. 1111x121 Collinsville, Okla. Layton. R. G., M.D., '39 1307 Highland lllurkslon, VVFlShlIlg'1UYl 195111 0 Z! Leap, Paul I-I., M.D., '60 1125 Fllormington Firule Lawson, Maryland Leatherman, D. O.. M.D., '58 Waynoka, Okla. ,xllbllllllf-'l1lll0, New Mex. S7110 Lester. Boyd K.. M.D.. '54 University Hospital 800 NJC. 13th Uklalmmzn. City, Oklahoma Lester. E. F.. -Tr.. M D., '41 515 N. W. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Lester. .T. K.. 'M.D., '52 1518 Main St. North Little Rock, Ark. Lester. Patrick D.. M-D.. '65 U. S. Public' Hospital Norfolk, Virginia Leu. Jerry D.. M-D. University of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma Pity, Okln Leva.11ey, Steve A., M.D., '63 Denver General Hosp. Denver, Colo. Leverett. Cary L., M.D., '63 IIS. Navy Hospital 'I'hilm1vIpl1ia, l'ennsy-lvrxnin, Lewis Bille, M.D., '59 730 Mott Found Bldg. Flint, Mich. Lewis, Charles L.. M D. l'nix'e1'sit,y Hospital Iloslon, Massachusetts Lewis, R. W.. M.D., '32 Lewis Clinic Highway 7 Sulphur, Okla. e, Jr., M.D., '27 Lewis, Vivian Moon, M.D., 59 Hurley Hospital Flint, Mich. Lewis. Wilbert F.. M.D., '39 605 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Lewis, Wilbur C., M.D., '55 ilasillzx 1171 Asunx-io, l,2ll'2lf1ll2lY Ley, E. B., M.D., '38 E117 Colorado Ave. Pueblo, Colo. Lehvine, D. B., M.D., '45 2716 12,26 l'l. Tulsa, Oklahoma Limes, Barney J., M.D., '55 1211 North Sliartel Okl:1.City,0kla.733103 Lincoln. R. B., M.D., '46 437 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Lindberg, C. 0. Sr., M.D. '24 Route 1 Siren, VVisconsin Linde, Leonard M., MD., '56 .Lowe Clinic Mobridge, South Dakota Lindemam, G-eo. M., M,D., '50 Route 1 Colorado Springs, Colorado Lindsay, J. H., M.D., '50 115 Preston Forest Vil Dallas, Texas Lindstrom, Wm. Carl, M.D., '34 N525 lltivzu Sf1llil1'i"lH43d.fft'Ill'Q'l' Tulsa, Uklu. 74114 Lingenfelter. I'. M.. M.D., '23 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Lingenfelter. P. B., M.D., '33 800 Frisco Ave. Clinton, Okla, Lipe, Clark C., M D. lhlptist lu6lll01"lfll11051711211 Oklahoma City, Oklu Lisle, A. C., Jr., M.D., '43 l2ll North Shzlrtel Okla.1'ity,Uklz1,73l0Z! Little. A. C., M.D., '31 Minco, Okla. Little. James H., M.D., '62 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Little, J. R., M.D., '29 3413 Trfeaclwell Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Lively. Claude E., M.D., '34 Medical Arts Bldg. McAlester, Okla. I-ivelv, G. A.. M.D., '53 936 E. Seminary Dr. Whitesboro, Tex. Livingston, D. E., M.D., '57 1211 North Shartel Oklz1.i'ity,Okla, 73103 Llewellyn, T. S., 8rd, M.D., '61 5206 S. Birmingham Pl. Tulsa, Okla. Lockwood, G. W., M-D., '48 650 Longs Peak Dr. Boulder, Colo. Long, I'. M.. M.D., '51 Great Falls Clinic Great Falls, Mont. Long, James D., M.D., '59 923 N. E. 16 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Long. Larry L., M.D.. '63 U.S, Naval Amphih. Base San. Diego, California 92155 Long, Loyd Lee, Jr.. M.D., '46 921 14 N. W. Ardmore, Okla. Long, Lyda L., M.D., '64 N2l1l0l"lElI Defense Merllferlln-1' 'I'z1ipeh, Taiwan Long, Ray I-I., M.D., '30 135 East 265 Street Eur-lid,0l1io 44117 Long, Warren D., M.D., '63 Y Xvesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Long, W. G., M.D., '52 200 North Third 1'lll'f'1?H, Oklz1.730S0 Lorenz, Max P., M.D., 62 CXO Ht'lLt'1l2llll.ll6Hl. Hosp. Magriiolia, Miss. Loucks, J. E., M.D., '47 Los Alamos Med. Center Lucas, Boyd Vance, M.D., '42 Hill. 430, Drs. Bldg. 2021 Lewis Tulsa. Okla. Lucas, James R., M.D. Madeira, Jon T., M.D. Madigan General Hospital 'I'at-uma, NVashing'tun Madeley. I-I. Randall, M.D., '34 1727 Sonoma Blvd. LOS Ahmos y Hex l't1hlit' llealth Sel'vit'e Hospital Vallejo, Calif, ' ' " 7 ' ' ' ' Norfolk, Virginia Lougm-rage Billy P. M.D. '61 I, k- LL M.D. .53 MaG11ire.Ph11!P -T-,M-D-.'60 lliiivt-1-sity llos iital , ump ln' Cap ee' ' 1111 5- Let' . l Oltlalioina City, Okla. Lowe, Alvin, M.D., '51 1425 S. Grand Ave. Sedztlice, Mo. Lowe, Kenneth G., M.D., '55 Box 549 Poteau, Okla. Lowell, James R., M.D., '53 1214 N. Hudson Olilalionia City, Oklzt. Lowenthal, P. J., M.D., '38 3812 48th St. N. W. Washington 16, D. C. Lowery, Larry Lee, M.D., '56 Med. Arts Bldg. Guyinun, Okla. Lowrey, Robert W., M.D., '36 l'. O. Box 350 Poteau, Okla. Lowry, David C., M.D., '46 ltuom GN 1211 N. Sharttel Oltla. Pity, tlkla 7311023 Lowry, Dick M., M.D., '45 000 NAV. 10th Oklztlioma City, Okla. Loy. R. L., Jr., M.D., '47 212 XYb3Sl1':llllflllliS Oklahoma City, Okla. Loy, R. W., M.D., '49 Sew-ntli at Leaky Pawluiska, Okla. Loy, William A.. M.D., '37 l'SAF 1iUSlll12l'1f'2ll'SlVt'1l Parswell AFH. 'l't-xas 713127 Lung, John A., M.D., '64 7.06 St-rantmi Aurora, tluloratlo Luton, James P., M.D., '33 205 Lister Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Lykins, R. W., M.D., '46 2044 Lexington lid. Louisville, Ky. Lynn, Bernard A., M.D., '56 Price Tower l5a1'tlesVville, Oklalionia Lynn, Clyde A., M.D., '58 Plains, Tex. Lynn, Thomas N., Jr., '56 800 N. E. 13 Oklahoma. City, Okla. Lyon, James B., Jr., M.D., '56 Parkland Hospital Dallas, Tex. Lyons, M. R., M.D., '40 4315 Mast Ttlst Tulsa, t1liI:l.7-11325 Mackey, Dan M., M.D., '63 110f1?ll'lllUllHtl't't'L 1,T1l2ll'1tJt1l?SYl11t', Va. Mackler, David L., M.D., '57 2340 Suttt-r 11201 San Fiuiieisuo, Calif. MacLeod, Sherburne, M.D., '33 843 N. Broadway VVichitzt 5, Kans. Oklalwnia. City, Okluhoina Magnuson, Larry W'., M.D., '65 R207 1ib'Vt4l'1V1ll'1Y-' tlltlahoina tlity, Okla. Mahan, Maj. I'. L., M.D., '53 1001 Robinson l4'ort. VVUl'1.1l, Texas Mahone, M. Wilson, M.D., '39 Box 553 Holmrt, Okla. Mansur, I-I. D., Jr., M.D., '39 1400 Sth NVichita. Falls, Tex. Mantoath, James E., M.D. Children s Alt-dit-al Venter Seattle, NVashing'ton Margo, M. K., M.D., '48 605 N. VV. 10th Oklahoma City, Okla. Marder, Leon, M.D., '49 3961 S.VV, Sixth Place Gainesville, Florida Maril, J. J., MD.. '36 307 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Maz'i1, W. n., M.D., '40 3511 Metlival Arts liltlg. tbkla. Pity, tbkla, 712102 Markert, Geo. 0., M.D., '60 Maimbourg, Chas. L., M.D., '58 604 N, S94-U11dAAyt-I 712 N0l'lllVV2lShll1s'U'1l Stroud, Oklahoma Dallas, Texas Markland, Ralph R., M.D., '56 Maldonado, Wilford E., M.D., '58 Pasteur Bldg., liomn 436 lit-'llllllllllll General llosliita-l lfll Paso, Texas Males, James L., M.D. llulu- Hospital llnrhani, North litrulina Mann, Lawrence E., M.D., '54 S11 lionhain St. Paris, Tex. Mannerberg, P. D., M.D., '59 021 N VV. 14 Al't1lllUl'P. Uklalinnia Manning, David M.D. Ilalitist A1t'llltll'l?i1 llnspital tlltlalimna Pity, trkla, Manning, W. I., M.D., '50 401 Commerce Bldg. Pawliuslia, Okla. Mansiield, Richard E., M.D., '61 1111 N. Lee Oklalioina City, Okla. Marks, John W., M.D., '54 Box 460 Beaver, Okla. Marks, M. M., M.D., '28 Suite 18, Dr. Bldg. East 751 lflast till St. Kansas City 10, Missouri Marsh, Charles E., M.D., '54 3550 York NVay Topeka, Kansas Marsh, Donald W., M.D., "58 1014 N. Flood Norman, Uklalionia Marsh, John H., M.D., "63 St. .lohns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Macrory, Paul D., M.D., '43 U. S. l'l1lrIitc Health Serv. Husll, Marshall, R. A., MD., '55 Martin, C. A., M.D., '63 University Hospital Columbia, Mo. Martin, Chas. E., M.D., '48 Box 71 Perry, Okla. Martin, Emmett O., M.D., '21 1005 S. Wilson Cushing, Okla. Martin, Fred R., M.D., '57 2617 East 21st Tulsa, Oklahoma Martin, H. C., M.D., '29 509 Cameron Bldg. Oklahoma. City 6, Oklrt. Martin, J. W., M.D., '30 1023 E. Cherry St. Cushing, Okla. Martin, James D., M.D., '39 Box 868 Cushing, Okla. Marx, Ralph L., M.D., '32 San Antonio St. TB Hospital San Antonio, Tex. Massad, Paul E., M.D., '64 33101 North State tlkla, t'it5', Okla. 714122 Massad, W. W., M.D., 50 500 t'rot'kett 1hn'g'vl', Texas 70000 Massey, John B., M.D., '54 0210 N.E. 63 St. Oklahoma. City, Okla. Masters, H. A., M D., '34 'Flionipson Bldg. Tzihlequah, Okla. Masters, Harold A., M.D., '56 Box 959 Oklalimna City, Oklalioina Masters, Paul L., M.D., '53 Loy McDonald Clinic 6757 N.W'. lflxliressway 210 State Street V Univ. Hospitals 4527 S.-'E. 29th St. Pawhuslta, Okla. Bethany, Okla. Nt-w Orleans. Louisiana Oklahoma. City, Okla. Del Clly. Oklil. 1 2601 Spencer Rodd GA 7-2441 A OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA , 1 y STAFF lotmes A. Cox, M.D. Moormcm P. Prosser, M.D. 1 A. A. I-lellctms, MD. loseph A. Rieqer, M.D. 1 Chas. E. Leonard, MD. l-Ic1rololCf. Sleeper, M.D. , Chas. F. Ohermcztrm, MD, Chcxs. A. Smith, M.D. Roht. I. Outlaw, M.D. Chas. E. Smith, MD. IACK BABTHOLD Hospital Administrator II9 Masterson, Maude M., M.D., 3 Box 1007 Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Mathews, Chas. R., M.D., '45 82 Southern Parkway Rochester 18, N. Y. Mathias, C. M., M.D., '29 14250 North st. Tulard, Calif. Matter, Billy Joe, M.D., '59 Medicine Serv. VA Hosp. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Matthews, N. S., M.D., '37 1319 Classen Dr. Oklahoma City, Okla. Matthews, Rex R., M.D., '65 St. Anthony llospital Oklahoma City, Okla 73102 Manney, w. A., M.D., '50 801 Pershing Dr. Lawton, Okla. Mauldin, H. P., M.D., '53 4901 S. l'enn Oklahoma City, Okla. Maupin, Col. C. S., M.D., '34 0100 Fairwood Circ-le Las Vegas, Ne yada Maxey, Clarence O., M.D. l'. S. Naval Hospital n St. Albans, New Vow I A may, June c., M.D., '61 U. of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Mayes, R. I-I., M.D., '40 1',O. Box 308 Duncan, Oklahoma Mayiield, Imogene, M.D., '33 4520 Belfast Place Dallas, Tex. Mayneia, R.. c., M.D., '50 216 E. Eufaula Norman, Okla. McAlister, John E., M.D., '61 Box 06 Central State Norman, Oklahoma McArthur, C. E., M.D., '38 1934 E. 4th Ave. Olympia, VVash. McArthur, Lloyd G., M.D., '57 111 Stanley Ardmore, Oklahoma McBride, David L., M.D., '56 2520 N,VV. 50 Oklahoma City, Okla. McBride, 01116, M.D., '37 P. O. Box 1110 Ada, Okla. McCabe, Jack M., M.D., '53 Student Health Service Univ. New Mexico Albuquerque, N. ltl. McCabe, W. R., M.D., '53 820 South Damen Chicago 12, Ill. McCann, W. E., M.D., '48 308 Ridgeview Olathe, Kans. ' 6 Mccants, Ralph S., M.D., '50 372715. 48th Tulsa, Okla. McCarver, Chas. L., M.D., '62 Kimbrough USAH Ft. Meade, Maryland Mccarver, Robt. R., M.D., '54 6530 N. 61 St, Scottsdale, Arizona McCauley, D. W., M.D., '43 Veterans Hospital AillS.CUf.1't'k',tlKi2l. 74401 McCauley, Joe W., M.D., '55 Medical Arts Bldg. McAlester, Okla. McClain, Mack I., M.D., '62 116 .-tlIi..t'o1'e tialreston, Texas 77550 McCleery, Jas. M., M.D., '52 1004 Seymour St. Pasadena, Texas McClellan, C. W., M.D., '41 1420 N. Hancock Colorado Springs, Colo. McClellan, J. T., M.D., '42 1221 S. Broadway Lexington, Ky. McClure, Coye W., M.D., '40 415 N. W. 11th Oklahoma City 2, Okla. McClure, Hubert L., M.D., '60 Iloute 17:1 M illcreek, Okla. 74250 McClure, Joy L., M.D., '29 516 Sutter St. San Francisco, Calif. McCullough, B. L., M.D., '58 Seagraves Clinic Hosp. Post Office Box 97 Seagrayes, Texas McCollum, E. B., M.D., '32 1553 Woodward Ave. Detroit 26, Mich. McCollum, W. 'r., M.D., '40 437 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. McConnell, A. B., M.D., '15 Burlington, Kans. McCormick, J. E., M.D., '39 636 Church St. Evanston, Ill. McCoy, Ronald, M.D., '47 McCurdy, William C., M.D. 228 .North Vfest ii-ith Okla. City, Okla. 712112 McDonald, Glen W., M.D., '34 Chief Diabetes Arthritis Section Div. USPHS, Vifasliiiigton 25, D C. McDonnald, Geo. P., M.D., '52 6100 N. Drexel Oklahoma City, Okla. McDougal, Royce C., M.D., '55 711 N. Bullitt Holdenville, Okla. Mclllwee, Mary L., M.D., '50 5000 Cornell Chicago 15, illinois mcradden, c. A., M.D., '29 1325 Hickory Sl. Abilene, Tex. McFarland, J. R., M.D., '53 3500 State Street Bartlesyille, Okla. McGeary, William C., M.D., '49 Madison, Ga. McGee, Harry D., M.D., '44 1448 East Ctr. Pocatello, Idaho McG-ehee, Chas. L., M.D., '31 Med. Prof. Building San Antonio, Tex. McGill, Ralph A., M.D., '22 210 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. McGinnis, Delbert H., M.D., '57 2420 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. McGla.mery, Muriel E., M D. Baptist Memorial Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. McGovern, Joseph D., Jr., M.D., '53 5514 South VVt-stern Okla. City, Okla 725100 McGovern, J. L., M.D., '52 124 E. Lincoln Wellington. Kans. McGrath, Thomas J., M.D., '27 Sayre, Okla. McGraw, W. L., M.D., '44 V. A. Hospital Muskogee, Okla.. McGregor, P. H., M.D., '50 5100 N. W. Grand lionlerztrtl Okla. City, Okla. 721112 McGregor, Robt. A., M.D., '52 Box 457 N ld t - K, I Suite 205, 255 S. 17 to Wa 8" ms Philadelphia, Pa. Mccmight' Wm' G" mm" '40 McHard, Donald rx., M.D.. '65 525 N. W. llth Oklahoma City, Okla. McCullough, G. W., M.D., '54 1030 North Flood Norman, Oklahoma McCune, Edward A., M.D., '40 2217 East Court Enid, Oklahoma McCurdy, Robt. E., M.D., '46 500 S. Garlield Denver, Colo. APO 06200 San Francisco, California McHenry, L. C., Jr., M.D., '55 333 Cedar St. New London, Connecticut Mchlnis, D. B., M.D., '45 4515 So. Penn. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mclnnis, J. T., M.D., '37 4515 So. Penn. Oklahoma City, Okla. McKinney, Milam P., M.D., McIntyre, John A, M.D., '43 1800 S. Van Buren Building A Enid, Okla. McIntyre, R. V., M.D., '51 Kingfisher, Okla. McKee, Patrick A., M.D., '62 Duke Hospital Durham, N. C. Mclterracher, R. D., M.D., '55 828 El l'aso Village Derby, Kansas Mckzlnne, Richard A., M.D., 64 1411 ld. Eighth trkmulgee, Oklahoma '30 1721 NAV. 42 Oklahoma City, Okla. McKinney, William J., M.D. I'ul:lit' Health Service Hospital New Orleans, Louisiana McLauch1ln, Robt. A., M.D., '48 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 722103 McLaughlin, J. R., Jr., M.D., '43 4400 Lint-ovln Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. McMaster, Audrey J., M.D., '64 N350 Mast Drive Okla. City, Okla. 7310-I McMillan, J. M., M.D., '33 105 S. Scraper Vinita, Okla. McMullen, Thomas, M.D., '43 230 W. Ridgemont lid. Peoria, illinois McMurray, Dorothy G., M.D., '45 129 Hillside Dr. Shelby, N. Car. McMur'ry, James P., Jr., M.D. '65 llenry Ford Hospital iJb'll'0il,iXil1'ilif.Z'2lll,4N202 McNeill, Philip M., M.D., '23 1107 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. McPherson, Wm. G., M.D., '42 024 E. Sanger Hobbs, New Mexico McPike, L. H., M.D., '35 607 Frisco Bldg. Joplin, Mo. McQuown, A. L., M.D., '41 Lady of the Lake Sanit. Baton Rouge, La. McSpadden, P. P., M.D., '44 333 West 20 Houston, Tex. Mead, William W., M.D., '37 S01 N. Hawthorne Blvd, Hawthorne, Calif. D '40 Meador, Capt. Geo. E., M. ., 4395 Ampudia San Diego, Calif. Means, R. B., M.D., '47 1202 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Meares, C. H., Jr., M.D., '52 1314 Boston Alnskogee, Ukla 74401 Medcalf, W. L., M.D., '57 Marlow, Okla. Medlock, Thomas R., M D., '65 Cincinnati General Hospital Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 Meece, Leo, M.D., '60 P, O. Box 641 Laverne, Oklahoma Meinders, Don W., M.D., '65 XVesley Hospital Wichita, Kansas 67214 Meinhardt, Kenneth, M.D., '57 3270 Benton Santa. Clara, Calif. Melring, Nicolas L., M.D., '65 -110 N. VV. 20th Oklahoma City, Okla. 73103 Mench, R. M., M.D., '40 1215 E. Grant Corvallis, Ore. Mengel, Chester K., M.D., '39 4715 Denison AillS1iUg'vJ0, Okla. 74401 Mercer, J. Wendell, M.D., '25 427 E. Cherokee Enid, Okla. Mercer, R. D., M.D., '51 G20 N.VV. 9th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Merkley, G-. E., Jr., M.D., '52 Box 488 Boise City, Okla. Merrell, Webber W., M.D., '42 l'. O. Box 434 Guthrie, Okla. 73044 Merrliield, V. C., M.D., '45 111 Patton Dr. . Ponca City, Okla. , Merritt, Lawrence S., M.D., '61 1014 N. Flood Norman, Oklahoma Messenbaugh, Jos. P., M.D., '32 Pasteur Bldg Oklahoma City, Okla. Messenbaugh, Jos. P., M.D., '51 525 N.VV. ll Oklahoma. City, Oklahoma Messinger, Robt. P., M.D., '38 801 N.W 23rd Oklahoma City, Okla. Metcalf, Danny J., M.D. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Metcalf, Robert P., M.D., '64 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Meyer, Rita R., M.D., '49 1016 VV. Brady 'l'1rlsa, Oklahoma 7 4127 Meyers, Wm. A., M.D., '27 7104 E. Virgin Tulsa, Okla. Michael, Harvey R., M.D., '62 S33 N.W. 40th Del City, Okla. Michaelson, Leon, M.D., '38 39 N. San Mateo Drive San Mateo, California Michener, Prank R., M.D., '60 tlreat Plains Medical Center Lawton, Okla. I20 OF COMPLIMENTS PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL N 1 Milam, Robert C., M.D. St. Anthony llospital Oklahoma t1ity,Okla Miller, W. R., M.D., '42 750 East 11 Eugene, Ore. tileham, Jack Cecil, M.D., '46 Box 59 Chandler, Okla. Miles, John B., M.D., 702 XV. Central Anadarko, Okla. '27 Miller, Bonnie G., M.D., '59 Okemah, Okla. Miller, C. E., M.D., '38 f 224 liirtlrey Dr. Sarasota, Fla. Miller, Duane C., M.D., '60 740 Alias Oakes Dr. Los Altos, t'a1lifornia Miller, Elnora G., M.D., OSI' llospital Clinic Stillwater, tlkla, 740741 Miller, Floyd F., M.D., 3736 Nast 43 Place Tulsa 35, Oklahoma '46 '58 Miller, George L., M.D., '64 St. ,lohns Hospital Tulsa, Oklahoma Miller, Griffith C., M.D., 117 S. Air Depot Okla, 4'iIy, Olola, 73110 '61 Miller, James V., M.D., '62 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okln. Miller, Noel E., M.D., '59 Okomah, Okla. Miller, Raymond, M.D., '4 110 N. Grant Okmulgee, Okla. - 5 Miller, Robert J., M.D., '47 l'. O. Box 1119 Los Alamos, N. Alex. Miller, Ross H., M.D., '46 Mayo Clinic' Rochester, Minn. Miller, William A., M.D., '47 1211 North Shartel Ukla.t'ity,Uk1a. 773103 Mills, Richard C., M.D., '28 105 NHl'll1llllllSUl1 4lkla,t'ity,tlk1a. 722102 Illlills, V. 0., M.D., '38 Dalles Clinic The Dalles, Ore. Milton, James E., M.D., '65 I' tl. liox 4X1 llarrah, Hkla, Milton, Leroy M., M.D., '59 Shepard A FB 1Vichita Falls, Texas Mings, Harold I-I., M.D., '57 5820 South lvourth Street Fort Smith, Arkansas 1VIZ'innig', D. I., M.D., '38 631 Roslyn Ave. Akron, Ohio Minor, Dwane B., M.D., '54 2227 E. 21st St. Tulsa, Okla. Moline, Lester L., M.D., '54 Hollis Clinic Tlollis, Oklahoma Mollison, Malcolm, M.D., '46 1101 E. Pecan Altus, Okla. Monnet, Julien Chas., M.D., '56 ' Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Montague, Burt C., M.D., '65 1104 N.VV 3411111 tlk'lal'loIuaCity,tikla.731118 Montgomery, Hazel I., M.D., '41 3724 N. Versaille VVest,' Texas Moody, H. Carter, M.D., '52 5700N.1V Graiitl lfilytl. Oklahoma City, Okla. Moore, Ben H., M.D., '53 300 Homer Ave. Palo Alto, Calif. Moore, C. W., M.D., '27 BOX 471 ' Stillwater, Okla. Moore, Ellis, M.D., '21 100 l'2"1l'li .-XYt'l1llt' tlkla.t'ity,l1kla. 731102 Mitchell, Bob Gunter, M.D., '56 Mogre, George cu M.D.' 762 Sallisaw, Okla. Mitchell, Dan, Jr., M.D., '58 2611 ltaynionrl l'l. Bi1ling's,Alontau:i Mitchell, Donald D.. M D., '65 lt. ll. tlret-n Alt'llltbl'l2ll llospital San Antonio, 'IH-xas 77002 Motfeit, Thomas L., M.D. Merry llospital illilillltllllil Pity, tllila. Mogab, J. H., M.D., '43 l'. tl. l!oX 75S w ,, ...V .., lul ld-'l1tl,illilIl 1.1050 Mohr, John A., M.D., '64 St. Joseph Hosp XVicl1it:I, Kansas .Xl'tll1101'P, Ukla. 73401 Moore, Guy, M.D. Deputy Information Officer Div. Gen. Med. Science lilclg. 16, Rm. 202 National Inst. of Health Bethesda 14, Nd. Moore, J. M., M.D., '52 Pine at Guy St. Pauls Valley, Okla. Moore, James D., M.D., '61 705 S. 17th Al1',1leste1', frllilillllllllil Moore, Larue, M.D., '23 1171 Colon Ave. San Francisco 12, Calif. Moore, Mildred F., M.D., '61 I0-4325 Lintlsay Aveiitlo t'upe-rtino,Calif.115011 Moore, Robert, M.1D.,"53 S14 N. Elm lfloisington, Kaus. Moore, samuel T., M.D., '38 5700 NAV. Grand lilwl. Oklalioina City, Okla, Moore, Thom, M.D., '54 til North l,l1lSSlllglllll1l llexley, Ohio Moore, Capt. Tom D., M.D., '54 lllllllllltlll AFB, Calif. Moore, Walter M., M.D., '45 llaptist Hospital lfilIll1l,El'tll',Nlf1't'l'l2l Moore, William M., M.D., '55 ' 6100 South Yale Tulsa, Okla. Moore, Wm. R., M.D., '53 5510 S. VVestern Oklahoma City, Okla. Moose, Robt. R., M.D., '61 ' Durant Clinic llurant, Oklahoma Moran, W. B., Jr., M.D., '61 1NCl0 Alalxron ltoatl iwllllllllllil, S. t'arolina 202011 Morgan, C. C., M.D., '46 2010 S. Utica 'l'ulsa, Okla. Morgan, James D., M.D., '61 t'hina Lake Station llospital China Lake, California Morgan, J. J., M.D., '54 503 Alive- Thrivi- llunvan, Okla. 71152122 Morgan, Louis S., Jr., M.D., '48 0155 lflast. Harry 1ViI'hita, Kansas Morgan, N. L., M.D., '50 210 North Blain llaysrille, Kansas Morgan, Omar J., M.D., '62 Tahletluali, Oklahoma Prol'essional Huilding Morgan, Philip E., M.D., 21711 ltaynstlale Sliakeuheiglits, Okla. 44120 Morgan, Robert I'., M.D., Blackwell Med. Center Blackwell, Okla. '51 '53 Morgan, Robert J., M.D., '44 216 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Morgan, Royce I-I., M.D., '54 501 I. St. Anchorage, Alaska Morgan, Troy 0., Jr., M.D., '56 Ameri Mission Hosp. Demlli Dollo, Ethiopia Morgan, W. L., M.D., '53 2400 t'orInaII lltitlfl llongriew, XYashing'ton 006212 Morgan, William R., M.D., '58 2450 l1'ourt.h Pl. Yuma, Arizona Morris, Richard E., M.D., '63 CXO Parklantl Mem. Hosp. Dallas, Texas Morris, Richard L., M.D. St. Anthony llospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Morris, William, M.D., '37 51840 VVoodruff Long Beach 8, Calif. morris, William 'r., M.D., 'Go Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Morrison, J. Scott, M.D., '62 U. Kansas Med. Center Kansas City, Kan. Morrison, J. W., M.D., '44 2850 N. VV. 23rd OklzI.t'ity,t1kla. 731021 Morrone, Mildred I., M.D., '37 El,,'l'l1l.172llilQl1Vl1 'l'errat-e ' 1Vesterly, R. I. ELE A vanilla, 7:9 I 95" Em S ENJOY THE BETTER WAY OF LIFE IN A ,fgggg-9 TOTAL ELECTRIC GOLD IvIEDALLIoN HoIvIE AS MODERN TUMORROW AS ITIS TODA W og , ,... 1 . 4 so . go 4? 65 - Your home is probably the major invest- ment of your lifetime and you make your choice of a new home with a careful eye to the future. You want it be as modem tomorrow as it is today. A total electric, Gold Medallion Home will always be modern because it puts elecf tricity to its fullest use. Inside and out, your home has all the magic electricity can perform -plus ample housepowerforfuture appliances. Like a flag or a Scout merit badge, the Gold Medallion is a symbol-important only in what it stands for. lt's your guarantee that the homebuilder has met high electrical stand- ards that will pay off for you in greater comfort and convenience all the years you own the home-and then some. UKLAHCMA 1? ELECTRIC COMPANY l2l Morrow, Jerry F.. M.D., '63 Upstate Univ. N..Y. Med. Ctr. Psychiatry Dept. Syracuse, New York Morse, James O., M.D., '53 Box 251 Wingate, N. Car. Morter, R. A., M.D., '13 2421 Sheiileld Dr. Kalamazoo, Mich. Morton, Donald G., M.D., '53 VA Hospital Coral Gables, Florida Morton, R. W., M.D., '40 P. O. Box 338 Sulphur, Okla. Moseley, Jack E., M.D., '53 1120 S. Clifton Wichita, Kans. Mosely, R. R., M.D., '18 133 S. Linden Ave. Alliance, Ohio Mosher, D. D., M.D., '26 First Ntl. Bank Bldg. Seminole, Okla. Mosley, Wiley B., M.D., '59 Johns Hopkins Hosp. Baltimore, Maryland Moss, C. B., M.D., '49 2601 45 St. Lubbock, Tex. Mote, W. R., M.D., '27 203 West Broadway Ardmore, Okla. 73401 Mote, Wesley R., M.D., '58 Box 977 Ardmore, Okla. Motley, Ray P., M.D., '59 Janes County Comrn. Hospital Laurel, Mississippi 39440 Mount, H. P., M.D., '46 3233 East 31st Tulsa, Okla. Moyer, Herman J., M.D., 55 1101 N. Lakeside Derby, Kansas Mraz, Gerald L., M.D., '41 34052 La Plaza Dana Point, California Mnchmore, H. G., M.D., '46 800 N. li. 13th Uklz1.CiI,y, Okla. 73104 Huenzler, William S., M.D., '60 3434 N. vy. 50111 Okla. City, Okla. 13112 Mulholland, J. Andrew, M.D., St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Oklahoma Mullins, Wm. B., M.D., '57 2308 W. 8 Amarillo, Tex. Mulmed, Earl I., M.D., '37 323 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Mulvey, Bert E., M.D., '30 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Murphree, Jas. W., M.D., '47 520 North 14th Ponca City, Okla. Murphy, E. Grant, M.D., '45 1825 Chelsea Circle Flint 3, Mich. Murphy, R. W., M.D., '49 1001 15 N, W. Ardmore, Okla. Murphy, Weldon O., M.D., '35 2300 W. 7 Avenue Amarillo, Texas Murray, E. Cotter, M.D., '30 2817 S. Harvey Oklahoma City, Okla. Murray, Ella R. BZ., M.D., '49 301 Vg S. Broadway Edmond, Okla.. Myers, Lynn Leroy, M.D., '59 Medicine Dept., Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Naughton, John P., M.D., '58 Univ. Hosp., 800 N.E. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. l22 Nave, Paul L., M.D., '65 Mound Park Hospital V St. l'etersourg', l"lOl'ltl2i 33701 Nave, Richard R., M.D., '38 Cannon AFB Clovis, N. Mex. Naylor, Bruce A., M.D., '64 DlklVal snip xaro San Franc1sco,Calit. 96610 Neal, Billy J., M.D., '63 1361 S. Paritan Denver, Colorado Neal, J. B., Jr., M.D., '43 3233 East 31st Tulsa, Oklahoma Neal, J. R., M.D., '14 1225 A Romulas Dr. Glendale, Calif. Neal, Lalle G., M.D., '25 725 Edgewood Ponca City, Okla. Neal, Victor R., M.D., '57 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Needham, C. P., M.D., '24 323 S. Broadway Ada, Okla. Neel, Roy L., M.D., '38 3916 Starwood Dr. Route 4 Oklahoma City 21, Okla. Neely, John G. BC., M.D., '65 Clinton, Okla 73601 Neely, Maj. Samuel E., M.D., '48 Medical Service School Gunter A F B, Alabama Neese, Thomas C., M.D., '65 5436 W. Edgemont l'hoeniz, Arizona 55035 Neff, Everett B., M.D., '36 V. A. Hospital Sepalveda, Calif. Nelll, Elaine M., M.D., '62 l'ark view Medical Lillllfllllfdj Okla. City, Okla. Neilson, Harriet K. W., M.D., '42 44410 N. 10 West Lancaster, Calif. Nelson, A. G., M.D., '52 2820 Parklawn Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Nelson, Iron H., M.D., '40 3233 East 31st Tulsa, Okla. Nelson, James M., M.D., '34 '64 VA 454 4 San 14'l'2lIlt'lSk'll, Ca-iil'. 04103 Nelson, Richard A., M.D. Baptist .ll6lll0l'Ali'll Hospital Uklalloma City, Okla. Nesh, Harry, M.D., '16 164 Hart St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Neuman, Milton A., M.D., '30 Okarche, Okla. New, William N., M.D., '34 3310 Fairmont Dallas, Texas 75201 Newlin, P. P., M.D., '21 413 Masonic Temple Shawnee, Okla. Newport, Norsula. M., M.D., '35 Borgas Hospital Balboa, Canal Zone Newton, Norris Lynn, M.D., '56 Baltimore, Md. Nicholas, Hugh B., M.D., '58 2020 S- Maplewood Tulsa, Okla. Nichols, R. E., M.D., '30 500 First St. Woodland, Calif. Nicholson, Jas. L., M.D., '31 Ellison Infirmary Norman. Okla. Nleklas, Thos. O., M.D., '62 Ht. 3 Box 373 Edmond, Oklahoma Nlckols, Chas., Jr., M.D., '55 1800 Melrose Dr. Norman, Okla. Nlda, Jerry R., M.D., '60 Hdq. U.S. Army Hospital Ft. Benjamin Harrison Indianapolis 49, Indiana Niebruegge, Byron A., M.D. St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Nisbet, Alfred A., M.D., '38 700 S. McCullough San Antonio 5, Tex. Noblet, William C., M.D. liaylor University Medical Center Dallas, Texas Norman, Ernest, M.D., '63 509 E. Chestnut St. Hollis, Oklahoma Norris, P. Ia., M.D., '36 Beulaville, N. Car. Northrlp, Ray U., M.D., '38 Sugg Clinic Ada, Okla. Northrup, R. A., M.D., '48 11507 S. Main Tulsa, Okla. 741124 Nuernberger, L. G., M.D., '55 l,lllY. r lorlua Health Center Gainsville, Florida 32603 Nunnery, A. W., M.D., '53 Univ. Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oakes, R. J., M.D., '42 3021 Dana St. Berkeley, Calif. Obar, Paul R., M.D., '57 x eterans Hospital Tucson, Arizona Obermlller, R. G., M.D., '32 1501 Main Woodward. Okla. Obert, Paul K., K.D., '47 Citizens Mem. Hosp., Victoria Oria County Victoria, Texas ogg-, x. G., M.D., '48 0801 N.W. 39th Expressway Bethany, Okla. Oglesbee, C. L., M.D., '37 2601 VW est Broadway Muskogee, Uklfl. 74401 Oglesby, Helen, M.D., '50 3072 O'ld Poli Road Honolulu, llawaii 0'Leary, Chas. M., M.D., '34 540 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Olmsted, L. W., M.D., '51 3045 Keswick Road Cleveland 20, Ohio Olson, Donald H., M.D., '43 P. O. Box 626 Vinita, Okla. Olson, Frances P., M.D., '40 Box 612 Fergus Falls, Minnesota Olson, P. W., M.D., '48 5510 South Western Oklahoma City, Okla. 0'Neal, John T., M.D., '64 1435 N. W. 35th Okla. City, Okla. M5100 Opper, M., M.D., '44 5211 S. Pennsylvania Oklahoma City, Okla. Orr, BZ. Stokes, M.D., '42 2140 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Orr, Ronald, M.D., '62 616 Flamingo Ave. Okdahoma City, Oklahoma O'Shea, J. G., Jr., M.D., '48 Box 5321 Jetmore, Kaus. Ottis, P. J., M.D., '45 Okarche, Okla. Overbey, C. B., M.D., '41 Kalamazoo State Hospital Kalamazoo, Mich. Overstreet, R. J., M.D., '53 1838 Lincoln Park West Chicago. Illinois 60614 Owen, Col. Cannon A., M.D., '3 OASPXM HKLM 3 E 279 Pentagon Washington 25, D. C. Owen, I. Leo, M.D., '50 3500 State Bartlesville, Okla. 74003 Owen, John R., M.D., '58 1211 Nortn Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 731013 Ownby, R., Jr., M.D., '49 4009 Park Ave. Richmond, Va. Oxley, W. N., M.D., '44 Cuymon, Okla. Padberg, Elder D., M.D., '40 1201 B East 5th Ada, Okla. Page, Crockett Bi., M.D., '61 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Detroit, Michigan Paramore, C. P., M.D., '24 125 W. Midland Shawnee, Okla. Paris, David, M.D., '41 377 East Gilbert St. San Bernardino, Calif. Park, Riley W., Jr., M.D., 1110 Harvard 204 Seattle 1, Washington '57 Parker, David D., M.D. lj. Naval Hospital San Diego, CilllI0l'Tllll Parker, Ira Tom, Jr., M.D., '58 6507 Lenox Avenue Oklahoma City, Okla. 73116 Parker, J. W., M.D., '46 Barton, Fla. Parker, Wm. Lee, M.D., '56 3401 Patterson Amarillo, Tex. Parkhurst, Y. B., M.D., '48 1010 North Flood Avenue Norman, Okla. 73060 Parks, K. G., M.D., '23 4301 Atlantic Long Beach, Calif. Parks, Stephen, M.D., '52 702 xx allace Sikeston, Missouri 63301 Parrish, J. W., M.D., '53 Parrish Cl. 400 Timmons Seminole, Okla. Parrish, Pamela P., M.D., '44 Medicine Dept., Univ. Hosp, Oklahoma City, Okla. Parrish, R. Gibson, M.D., '44 Anesthesiology Dept., Univ. Hosp., Okla. City, Okla. Parrish, S. L., M.D., '43 2105 2-ith liakerstleld, Calif. 03301 Parrish, W. B., M.D., '43 Box 718 Big Sandy, Texas Parsley, P. E., M.D., '27 1010 Madison Seattle, Washington 08104 , 61 Parsons, Bernie, M.D. ' 606 N. College Albany, Missouri Parsons, O. L., '33 511 E. Ave. Lawton, Okla. Paschal, Wm. R., M.D., '45 5700 N.W. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Patrick, Alvin W., M.D., '60 Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Patten, W. R., M.D., '52 1123 West Brook Norman, Okla. Patterson, A. M., M.D., '29 Box 70 Mineral Wells, Tex. Patterson, P. B., Jr., M.D., '27 U. S. Civil Service Comm. Washington, D. C. Patterson, J. L., Jr., M.D., '47 Murray Clinic 9 West Granite Butte, Mont. 4 Patterson, James L., M.D., '4 1541 North 13th Duncan, Okla. 73533 Patterson, Oliver BI., M.D., 'E 1013 East Cleveland Sapulpa, Okla. Patton, Capt. M. J., M.D., '63 Base Hospital Wurtsmith AFB, Mich. Patzkowsky, L. W., M.D., '51 606 S. 9 Kiowa, Kaus. Patzkowsky, Paul D., M.D., 'G 1432 W. Britton Road Okla. City, Okla. Paul, Roger R., M.D., '30 100 Utica Sq. Medical Centez Tulsa, Okla. Paul, Thomas O., M.D., '39 1715 9th Ave. South Birmingham, Ala. Paul, W. G., M.D., '39 P. O. Box 595 Butler, Alabama Paulus, D. D., M.D., '55 1404 Kenilworth Road Oklaho1naCity, Okla. 73120 Pavlu, Robert R., M.D., '65 St Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Payne, Chas. L., M.D., '63 E- A. Conway Mem. Hosp. Monroe, La. Payne, Donald E., M.D., '52 305 W. Rusk Tyler, Texas Payne, D. W., M.D., '42 321 Sunset Avenue Asbury Park, N. J. Payne, Ralph E., M.D., '48 616 Timbulane Edmond, Okla. 73034 Payne, Ralph E., Jr., M.D., 'E 1111 North Lee Okla. City, Okla 73103 Payne, Richard W., M.D., '4 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Payton, H. W., M.D., '45 Jeffersonville, Ohio 4 Peseherklt. L., M.D., '48 Cfo Canadian Valley Clinil R. R. 1, El Reno, Okla. Pesrce, Henry J., M.D., '64 601 North Boulevard Okla. City, Okla. Pearson, D. B., Jr., M.D., '41 1745 Timbergrove Dallas 8, Texas Peffly, Elmer D., M.D., '53 Box 178 Cottonwood, Idaho Pelofsky, Stanley, M.D. l 1llVE'l'Slty of Oklahoma Hospitals lPli'l?l.llOlll5'l City, Okla. Pendergraft, L. O., M.D., '64 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Pendergrass, Clayton, M.D., P. O. Box 248 Clovis, California Pennington, Dennis G., M.D., V University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. 7310-l Penrod, John N., M.D., '56 1201 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Percelull, S. C., M.D., '45 3535 S. Lafayette Denver, Colorado Perry, Pred J., M.D., '36 214 Braniff Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Perry, Pred T., M.D., '33 Watonga, Okla. Perry, John C., M.D., '23 2812 S. Columbia Place Tulsa, Okla. 74114 P Perry, John M., Jr., M.D., '46 Marshall Mem. Hosp. X . ladill, Oklahoma Perryma. . . ., 6 2020 South Xanthus Tulsa 14, Okla. n,R.G,MD '4 Peter, Maurice L. M.D ' , ., 33 3717 N.VV. 57 Oklahoma City, Okla. eter, Maurice L. Jr Phipps, John, M.D., '44 7042 Cleahenth Houston, Tex. Plckard, John C., M.D., '26 1211 North Shartel Ukla.t'ity,Oklz1.721103 Pierce, Gerald G., M.D., '56 420 East 72 St. New York, N. Y. Pierson Dwight D., M.D. '32 37,7 N-,gi 55' ML" '57 41,2 Lovett Bldg. ' Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mmlgumv Oklae Peters, James c., M.D., '44 Pinkerton c .J S. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla. Peterson, Robert P., M.D., '5 Scott White Clinic Temple, Texas Petrie, R. B., M.D., '53 2809 N. W. 31 Oklahoma City, Okla. Petty, James S., M.D., '35 105 N Ash Guthrie, Oklahoma Pfeifer, Donald R., M.D., '59 1697 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, Hawaii Pfundt, R. T., M.D., '45 1901 N. Campbell Tucson, Ariz. Pfundt, T. R., M.D., '44 Dept. of Pediatrics Baylor College Med. Houston, Texas helan, Ralph S., M.D., '39 Box 5 7 , .B., M.D., '53 Hollis Clinic 1-lollis, Oklahoma Pirtle, John K., M.D., '65 1915 N, VV. 251th llk'l1thUllltl City, Oklzl Pitts, I-I. Craig, M.D., '62 10408 liydon Road tIkl:1.f'ity,Uklz1. 73120 Pitts, James B., Jr., M.D., '46 1211 North Shartel tDklz1.t'ity,t1kl:1 731021 Plank, Charles, R., M.D., '65 2514 Mill Road North VVest xlY?lSl1lIlg'lUll, 11, 1'. 20007 Plummer, K. G., M.D., '61 liincourt Medical Ctr. illElll'NVkllt:'l', Floridzl Plummer, T. 0., M.D., '35 Nye Bldg. Montrose, Colo. Poarch, John E. M ' , .D., 64 Ol Medi1'z1lt'enter l?kla.t'ity.t1kIz1.73104 Pogoloif, S. H P 53 Hobart, Okla. Phelps, J. T., M.D., '19 l'. O Bos 'T' ., M.D., '23 p 269 N. Ist Ave. Manville, N. J. Pointer, Edwin L., M.D., '56 - 1-11 Sallisaw, Okla. El Reno, Okla. 730311 Points, Thomas C., M.D., '41 Phelps, Willis P., M.D., '63 Dept. Prev. Mcd Pubflic Health Pre 7550 fV'2il1Ollblll'g Drive OU School Medicine F'a5'e-tteville, North l.'ill'Ollllil Ok' ' lahoma C1ty,Okla. 1 1 I Co 5800 nqrcrtulcttions to th Pollard, J. E., M.D. '43 110 E. Routt , Pueblo. Colo. ool, Sam L., M.D., '63 261 Beech Laurel Bay, S. C. 20002 Popkess, P. G., M.D., '43 Preston Royal SH Vill. Dallas, Tex. P Poplin, Lenard A., M.D ' ., 62 Medical Ulinic- li1'oke11 Arrow, 011111, 74012 Porter, Marilyn G., M.D., '56 Dept. of Pediatrics Children's Mem. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Porter, W. I-I. M Preston Wm , . J., M.D., '63 XVe l S ey Hospital Uklahr " mia L,1ty, Oklahoma Price, Charles H., M.D ., 63 Route 1 Cassville, Mo. Price, Joel S. M.D ' , ., 28 1220 North NN':1lkt-r Uklal. t'i1y,Okl11. 7311034 Price, Neel Jack M g , .n., '42 2046 sow 1 . 1 y lollow lid Falls Chur -l "' " ' 1 1, X llgllllit 22044 Price, R. B., M.D., '51 1.211 North Sll2ll'lt'l tlk1a.t'itv Ukl'1 7210 Purviance, Carlton, M.D., '30 607 Carolina Vallejo, California Pyeatte, Jesse E., M.D., '55 6160 South Yale 'l'lllStl, Oklahoma Pyeatte, Joella, M.D., '54 2534 lfll'lllll1f3,'ll1llll Place 'l'11ls:1, illililllillllll, Quinn, Robert J., II, M.D. 1111111-rt IL1l1'v1-11 lll+'Illlll'l'1l 1 itrsllllill I S2111 Allllllllll, 'l't'X:1:4 Rabon, Nancy Ann, M.D. '59 lflvul ' ' ' ,, yn lllllbi bhop. Ctr. + ' " ' " Fzlyotteville, Ark. .D. '51 Price R- D- M-D- '46 Rader 1:..r:. Jr. M.n. '59 4405 s.E.' 28th, 1233 NiX'Pr0fe'sSi0Hfl1 Bids- 1s41:1 N. li2ll',X'2ll'll Av.-11110 Oklahoma City, Okla. San Antomo, Tex. o1.1.1.1'11y, 1111111 7:11:12 Potts, Kent I-I., M.D., '65 Price, Terrill E., Jr., M.D., '61 Ragan, Tillman A., M.D., '32 Kansas City lrleneral Hospital 6486 USAF Disp., APO 053 619 VV, Boyd K2lllSiLSf'l15', Missouri San Francisco, California Powell, Jack D. M , .D., '61 Poteau Med. Center Poteau. Oklahoma Powell, P. T., M.D., '41 Community Bldg. Ponca City, Okla. Powell. T. 0., M.D.. '53 6753 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles 28, Calif. Power, R. E., M.D., '53 1455 Crespi Drive Pacifica, Calif. oznanski, Jean P., M.D., '49 454 Hawthorne Birmingham, Mich. rather, Charles B., M.D., '64 Good Samaritan H ' ospital Portland, Oregon Pratt, T. W., M.D., '38 524 Howard Muskogee, Okla.. ston, Russell M., M.D., '55 Box 41 Fay, O klahoma P'l1g'S1e Price, Wm. E. Jr , ., M.D., '46 305 Med A t r s Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. Prler, Wm., M.D., '43 10660 White Oak S . uite D. Granada H' ills, California Priest J , ames R., M.D., '64 USAF 316800-1 AlL'C'l9ll1lYlll,-XPWH S2lCl'2ll1ll-'I1t0,i'3llf01'lllEl Prosser, M. P., M.D., '35 1111 North Lee Uk1z1.4'ity,t1klz1. 7121031 Puckett, Ton G y ., M.D., '62 R20 Briarlane Road Oklahoma City, Okla. y, Wm. s., M.D., '45 3111 N W 12th Ok1a.homaACity: Okla. Puls, Jerry L., M.D. '6 . ' 1 55119 1,11'z11111v1ew llX'c'1'l2111tl 1 111 'z ' Q, Kz111s:1s from Baptist Norman, Oklafi Rahe, Gary W., M.D.. '65 Ve-1e1':111s11os11i1:11 f5li'l2lllUlllJli1l1j',1llil2l 721104 Rahhal, L. J., M.D., '53 1211 North Sll2ll'lt'i 014111. t'ity,Uklz1. 7241023 Rainer, Jeanne E., M.D., '41 43X N.VV.17tl1 Oklahoma City, Okla. Raines, M. M., M.D., '37 127 Upham Petaluma, Calif. Raines, Richard D., M.D., '35 5015 SAV. lflumphrey Blvd. l'0I'll2L!lLl, Oregon Ramey, Helen J. Toma, M.D., '60 2:1311 Al2lL'A1'll11ll'151111. Irving, Texas 75060 Randall, Donald Lee, M.D., '59 Pawnee Indian Hospital Pawnee, Okla. Randels, G. R., M.D., '52 2820 Parklawn t1k1a.City, Okla. 73110 e Class of 1967 Memorial Hospital N. W. Grand Blvd. OKLAH OMA CITY WI 6-641 l 123 Ranson, Robt. P., M.D., '47 Box 489 Lafayette, La. Ratliff, Hansel L., M.D., '62 1112 South Fourth St. Pawnee, Oklahoma Raub, R. R., M.D., '46 Bluefield Sanitariuni Bluetield, VV. Va. Ray, C. Cody, M.D., '50 c fo Alveredo Hospital Alvaredo, Texas Ray, R. G., NLD., '33 3015 E. 15th St. Tulsa 10, Okla. Ray, Robert H., M.D., '49 103 NVa-lnut St. Natick, Massachusetts Rayburn, Charles R., '25 5501 J.lf'. Kennedy Boulevard Little Rock, Ark. 72114 Razook, Jerry D., M.D., '62 Dept. Ped. Childrens Mem. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Rector, Wm. L., Jr., M.D., '43 1518 10 VVichita Falls, Tex. Reddin, Robt. L., M.D., '55 1421 Chopola Street Suite 7 B Santa Barbara, Calif. Reding, A. C., M.D., '35 514 W. 9th Stillwater, Okla. Reding, Anthony C., M.D., '65 Olf Medical Center Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104 Redmond, Robt. P., M.D., '47 1219 Classen Oklahoma City, Okla. Reed, A. J., M.D., '65 St. Joseph Hospital VVic'-hita, Kansas 67218 Reed, Bert T., M.D., '63 403 Fort Boise, Idaho 83702 Reed, James R., NLD., '27 553 Pasteur Med. Bldg. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Reed, James S., M.D., '62 650 Royal Avenue Medford, Oregon 97208 Reed, Jim L., M,D., '65 Indian Hospital "o 87106 Albuquerque, New Mexic Reed, K. A., M.D., '33 2957 Atlas Ave. Napa, Calif. Reeves, Walter P., M.D., '48 t 8014 Woodgate Cour Baltimore 7, Md. Reichelt, Edward G., M.D., ' 1022 Cooper Arlington, Texas 76010 Reichenberger, J., M.D., '63 Providence Hospital Seattle, Washington Reid, Creighton, M.D., '45 Essin Clinic Sherman, Tex. Reid, Donald A., M.D.., '62 3501 Eisengauer Drive Sacramento, Calif 95826 Reid, John Robt., Jr., M.D., '55 Nowata, Oklahoma Reid, William R., M.D., '55 2651 E. 21st St. Tulsa 14, Okla. Reiff, Maxine H., M.D., '41 2505 N. W. 42nd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Reiif, William R., M.D., '41 3015 N.W. 59th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Reigel, David G., M.D., '61 King County Hospital Seattle, 'Washington Reimer, Gerald Rl., M.D., '63 Good Samaritan llosp. Portland, Oregon Reimer, J. Paul, NLD., 4245 East Mt. Village Mt. Home AFB, Idaho 124 64 '57 Reinschmiedt, E. R., M.D., '56 1217 Knox Clinton, Okla. Reiss, Merrel D., NLD., '55 496 Stratford Elmhurst, Ill. Reiter, Arthur W.,iNLD., '49 210 VV. Orange Grove Art-adia,l':1lif. 91006 Rempel, John H., M.D., '34 l'. O. Box 88 Grangeville, 1tl1hoS3530 Rempel, Paul H., M.D., '34 2003 Laboma Dr. Enid, Okla. Renfrew, W. B., M.D., '50 620 N. W. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla. Renfrow, W. F., M.D., '26 1407 Memorial Prof. BG Houston, Tex. Resler, Donald R., M.D., '60 301 N.VV. 12th Okla. City, Okla 73103 Reynolds, B. J., M.D., '49 316 South Midwest Boulevard lilidwest City, Okla. 73101 Reynolds, P. A., M.D., '62 Philadelphia Dept. Health 500 S. Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. Reynolds, Joe B., M.D., '62 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Rhinehart, Don F., M.D., '58 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Rhoades, Ivan E., M.D., '49 2828 Aloma Wichita, Kaus. Ricchettie, Warren P., M.D., 60 Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Rice, Samuel T.. M.D., '65 4715 VValford VV2l1'l'611SV111t", Ohio Richard, Kenneth N., M.D. 45 VV. 9th St. Casper, Wyoming Richard, Robt. M., M.D., '61 Los Angeles County Hospital Los Angeles, California Richard Warren E., M.D., '40 Mary Lansing Mem. Hosp. Hastings, Nebraska Richardson, D. L., M.D., '47 ll O. Box 708 Needles, California 92363 Richardson, J. P., M.D., '58 Baylor Univ. Hosp. Dallas, Texas Richardson, S. M., M.D., '56 Los Angeles Co. Hosp. Los Angeles, Calif. Rickey, 0. L., Jr., M.D., '58 4605 North Stanley Oklahoma City, Okla. Rit-an, John L., M.D., '5'l 100 Vtica Square Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Ritchey, Chas. L. Jr., M.D., 59 1544 B Street Hayward, California Robards, V. L., Jr., NLD., '61 2021 South Lewis Tulsa, Okla. 74104 Robberson, M. E., M.D., '34 Wynnewood, Hospital Wynnewood, Okla. Roberson, Arvin C., M.D., '54 1000 London Dr. Anadarko, Okla. Roberts, G. R., M.D., '56 1101 E. Broadway Enid, Okla. Roberts, Kenneth N., M.D., '40 145 W. 9th St. Casper, Wyoming Roberts, Marvin T., M.D., '54 414 Bancroft Ave. San Leandro, California Roberts, Paul E., M.D., '60 Sheppard Pratt Hosp. Towson, Maryland Roberts, Robt. E., M.D., '26 1610 W. 9th Ave. Stillwater, Okla. Robertson, C. W., M.D., '28 P. O. Box 128 Chandler, Okla. 74834 Robertson, Joseph K., M.D. Wesley Hospital Wichita, Kansas Robinson, C. W., M.D., '57 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Robinson, E. M., M.D., '43 1101 E. Broadway Enid, Okla. Robinson, P. P., M.D., Pond Creek, Okla. Robinson, John H., M.D., '25 301 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Robinson, M. E., M.D., '43 Wynnewood, Okla. Robinson, Roscoe R., M.D., Dept. of Medicine Q Duke University Durham, S. Carolina '14 '54 Robison, C., Jr., M.D., '48 346 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Rocco, Albert P., M.D., '48 17 Mapleerest Drive Greeneville, Rhode 1s.02S28 Rock, Bobby L., M.D., '58 706 West 19th Rustin, Texas 78700 Rockett, L. S.. M.D., '43 Wailuka Sugar Co., Box 103 Wailuka Maui, Hawaii Rockwell, Don A., M.D., '63 San Francisco Hosp. San Francisco, Calif. Rollins, James H., NLD., '44 3233 East 31 Tulsa, Okla. Rollins, Lois R., M.D., '65 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73102 Rollow, J. A., III. M.D.. '43 11715 West Central Bentonville, Ark. Rorie, J. E., M.D., '45 Collom Carney Clinic 619 Main Texarkana, Tex Rosales, G. 0., M.D., '26 17 Panganiban St. Batangas, Philippine Islands Rose, David Dean, M.D., '59 833 Pershing Drive Ardmore, Okla, 73401 Ross, George T., M.D., '35 1101 E. Broadway Enid, Okla. Ross, Hope A., M.D.. '35 1102 E. Bdwy., ll O. Box 327 Enid, Okla. Roth, H. W., M.D., '32 Navajo Trails Pats. Monte Vista, Colorado 81144 Rothenberger, M. L., NLD., '61 U. S. Army Hospital Fort Hood, Texas Rowland, Herbert, M.D., '64 St. Josephs Hospital VVichita, Kansas Rowland, Robt. H., M.D., '41 600 N. Highland Ave. Sherman, Texas Roys. Harvey C., M.D., '43 1227 Med. Dentad Bldg. Seattle, Wash. Roys, R. D.. M.D., '39 1230 Medical Dental Bldg. Seattle, Wash. Royse, Robert D., NLD., '58 Weatherford, Okla. Royster, R. L., M.D., '30 P. O. Box 469 Purcell, Okla. Rude, Joe C., M.D., '30 Box 5125 Austin 31, Texas Runser, Richad H., M.D., '59 Anesthesiology Dept Mary Imogene Bassett Hosp. Coopertown, New York Runkle. R. Layton, M-D. King County Hospital Seattle, Washington Rupp. Robert R., NLD., '56 214 E. Broadway Sand Springs, Okla. Russell. David S., M.D., '63 1014 Seneca Dr. Enid, Oklahoma Russell, Richad Lee, M.D., '4 2247 N. Front St. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 1 9 Ricks, James R., Jr., M.D., '38 Rockwood, C' A., Jr., M-D., ,55 ' ' Russell. Thomas R., M.D., '65 2316 NW 23 Oklahoma City, Okla. Ridgeway, Elmer, Jr., M.D., '40 3601 N. May Oklahoma City 12, Okla. Rieger, Joseph A., M.D., '32 303 East Hubert Norman, Oklahoma Rigual, J. R., M.D., '50 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Riley, Lee H., Jr.. M.D., '57 Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Md. Riley. R. H., M.D., '13 100 Beechwood Ave. Catonsville, Md. Ringrose, Robt. E., NLD., '63 Navy 3002 Box 14 FPO San Francisco, Calif. Rinn, Coville A., M.D., '57 Santa liosa Hospital San Antonio, Tex. Rippy, 0. M., M.D., '39 1603 West Ninth Street Stillwater, Okla. 618 Serenade San Antonio, Texas 78216 Rodriquez, M. J., M.D., '31 I 308 E. 4 R10 Grande City, Tex. Rogers, David G., M.D., '62 204 Edgemere Courts Oklahoma City, Okla. Rogers, Galen A., M.D., '33 900 7th St. Clarkston, Wash. Rogers, Gloria D., M.D., '61 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Rogers, K. A., Jr., NLD., '61 3434 N.VV. 56th Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Rogers, Wm. Gerald, M.D., '30 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Rohrer, Geo. V., NLD., '58 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Rollins, J. G., M.D., '50 1123 Broadway Prague, Okla. 4744 Ridgeway Del City,Ok1a. Rutherford. V. M., 328 E. Aeronca Midwest City, Okla. Rutledge, A. H., M.D., '44 P. O. Box 1719 Ft. Worth, Tex. Rutledge, B. J., M.D., '48 1211 North Shartel Ok1a.City, Okla. 73103 Ryan, H. Grady, M.D., '47 Beck Bradford Clinic Lindsay, Okla. M.D., '32 Ryan, Warren A., M.D., '31 l'. O. Box 4 Thomas, Ok-la. 73669 Saddoris, M. L., NLD., '27 Cleveland, Okla. Saddoris,Mary L., M.D., '27 110 VVest Delaware Cleveland, Okla. 74020 Sadler, Paul E., M.D., '52 217 lflast Virginia Phoenix, Arizona S5004 Salamy, Joseph, M.D., '44 1606 S. Utica Tulsa, Okla. Salkeld, P. L., M.D., '41 404 Mercer Quanah, Tex. Sanchez, Francisco '.I.'.., M.D. ieorge VVashington QLYYIIVEYS1 Hospital NVashington, D. C. Sanders, Ron R., M.D., 60 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Sandford, John L., M.D., '60 VA Hosp Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Sandlin, D. Clifford, M.D., '4 2434 Calaveras Fresno, Calif. Sandlin, R. E., M.D., '43 19644 Charters Avenue Saratoga, California 95070 Sands, A. Jay, M.D., '46 316 South Midwest Blvd. Midwest City, Okla. Sanford, R. K., M.D., '41 Perryton, Tex. ,. Sanger, Welborn W., M.D., . Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sapper, H. V. L., Jr., M.D., '4 5700 N.W.. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sattertield. J. B. L.. M.D., '5 201 South Ninth Humbolt, Kansas Savage, Wm. L., M.D., '57 100 Park Avenue Okla City, Okla. 73102 Saviers, Boyd M., M.D., '47 2106 46th Fort Smith, Arkansas Sawyer, W. C., Jr., M.D., '52 2000 Van Ness San Francisco, Calif. Saylor, Chas. R., M.D., '63 6144 E. Harry VVichita, Kansas Saylor, Robert M., M.D., 924 35 St. Woodward, Oklahoma Scates, Julius L., M.D., '60 R23 Locusts A-1va,Ukla. 73717 '25 Schacht, Frederick W., M.D., 80 Butler Street South Eas Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Schaff, Hartzell, M.D., '42 100 Carl Albert Pkwy. McAlester, Okla Schloesser, H. L., M.D., '51 1901 Collins Topeka, Kans. Schloesser, P., M.D., '49 1901 Collins Topeka, Kans. Schmidt, Helen H., M.D., '4 Route 2, Box 137 Oklahoma City, Okla. Schnoebelen, Rene, M.D., '4 807 E. 4 Kinsley, Kans. Scholz, Harley J., NLD., '65 1004 East Madison Yates Center, Kansas Schoolar, Earl J., Jr., M.D., John Peter Smith Hospita1 Fort Worth, Texas Schuhmacher, John P., M.I University of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Schultz, Norman J., M.D., 'I Box 332, 10th Field Hosp. APO 800 New York, N. Y. Schurter, L. L., M.D., '46 505 N. VVood Circle Garver, N. Carolina Scivally, K. R., M.D., '62 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Sc0g'g'in, Eddie B., M.D., '6 100 E. Florence Blvd. Casa Grande, Arizona Scott, Don I., M.D., '64 S11111:1 1'1111':1 11.11-S1111-111 52l1l.111S1',12111111111111 Scott, Nathan E., M.D., '54 ' -111111'11sl SlI'111'1 S1111 I1'1':1111'1s1'11,1'111iI'. Scott, Richard D., M.D., '62 2122 S.1i7111 1'1..XX1'111I1' '1'111S11, 111i12l111111l21 Searcy, Robert A., M.D., '65 111' X11-1111-111 1'1-111:-1' 0111111111111111'1l3,11111:1.1221111 Seba, C. R., M.D., '38 1'1"7 Y XY ""1'11S1 ...-.. .-.1 1. 11111111111111:1 1'11y, 011111, Sebastian, J., M.D., '36 -1 1'I11S1 XY:1s11i11g11111 1.11xi11gg11111, Y11. Seelig, D. A., M.D., '53 1112 S. 111-W1-5' 1'11:11111l1-1', 011111. Sehested, H. C., M.D., '31 S15 .l11'll, Arts l211Ip:. 11'1. xxY111'11l, 'l'1-x. Seibold, G. J., M.D., '34 1I1111111l1S1. XVi1-111111, 11':111s, 'I'1-X. Selby, David M., M.D., '61 111-111. S111'g1-ry 1'1111'1-1'si1y 1111s11i1:11 11111111111111:1 1'11y. 1l1i1i11l1Il1lIl se1del'S, R3yn10Dd E., M.D. 111111 S. S111-11111-1'11 111'. 111111511-11, '1'1-x:1s Self, Jane, M.D., '61 111' .Xl1-1111-11I1'1-1111-1- 011111. 1'111,11111:1 7221111 Sellars, Joellen L., M.D., '59 11t'1l1'1'Il1v1-11'111l'1'j 1PX1l211'11l21111111'111I11'1111.1-1 Senter, J. R., M.D., '52 411111 11111-1'1'1-1111111111 Austin, 'l'1-x. Sexton, Jack M., M.D., '55 1Z:15'1l11s11i1111 1111j', .11'iz1111:1 Shackelford, P. O., M.D., '44 11111-1111's 12111311.21 1.1-wis '1'll1S11, 011111. Shadid, Edward A., M.D., '60 1977 1'1-1111s11111'1: 12111111-x'11-1'11S. 1'111S11111'9J.', I11.1.1311,1 Shadid, Ernest G., .M.D., '55 1122 S11111- I11'lx1- N111'111:111.1111111.712111111 shadid, Fred V., M.D., '40 Z211Z1'I'11111'111'111: - 1111111.1'i15, 11111:1. 7211211 Shaeffer, James T., M.D. 1iz111s11S 1'11y 111-111-1'111 1l11s111111I 1f1l11S21S 1'115', .XI1ss11111'1 Shane, Ramon A., M.D., '62 211113 N.1X'.21t1111 1 1111111.1'i13',1111Iz1,7Z211L Shanks, Edwin P., M.D., '46 1Y111IS.V2l1l12111'1'll 1':1l111, 011111. Sharpe, J. I-I., M.D., '47 12911 N11-W1 Y1-1'111- F111'111111g11111, N. 1111-x. Shaver, Robert P., M.D., '61 F1111 N.XY.15111 11111z1.1'115',0111:1. 72211122 Shaver, Sylvester R., M.D., '37 Y 2 4120 N.N1.1L 111i121111'111I2l 1T11y, 011111. Shaw, Charles J., M.D., '61 1112211 X111'111 121'111111xx'11y 111111111-. 011111, 722111111 Shaw, C. M., Jr., M.D., '45 1518 'I'1-11111 XYi1-111111 1f'1111s, '1'1-X. Shaw, D. B., M.D., '26 P111111111 11111111- Pll1e11111, 1'11111. Shearer, Joe M., M.D., '42 4435 11111'1:111 XV111-1'111'111g'1-, 011111. Sheets, Marion E., M.D., '28 '1111 S 3111 mmHmm Sheets, Ronald R., M.D., '64 51.1"l'11I11'1S1111S1111:l1 lY11'11l11l,1f21l1S21S Sheehan, Ella E., M.D., '49 4717 XV1111'1w 121-111111'1:, Tex. Sheffel, D. J., M.D., '53 K1-1'11 111-11. 1211111-1's111-111, .1 . Hosp. 1'111l' Shellenberger, C. G., M.D., '45 271111 111'11111' 1!i11g1- 1111. XY111-11, '1'1-X Shepherd, Virgil J., M.D., '58 3544 51112111 S1111 A1111111111. '1'1'X11S TNQZN Sherrod, Dale B., M.D., '61 111-11x'1-1' 111-111-V111 Hosp. Sixth .Xxx-.1111111'111-1'11111-1- D1-11x'1-1', Co1o1'111111 Shibley, George J., M.D., '57 N222 111'1'1-11 121115111 SI, S1-1'11111011, 1'z1. Shideler, A. M., M.D., '50 X'.X1111s1111:1l .N111s1111g1-1-, 011111, 7411111 Shields, Clarence, M.D., '63 1711 N XV. 2-1111 11111:1.1'115',1111111.72121 Shields, 1-I. B., Jr., M.D., '37 122113 1-21'1'11111w11y 'l'11w1-1' 1'I11i11, O11111. Shields, Milton B., M.D. l'. S. N111'111 H11s1111111 1'11111111e11111i11.1'11 Shipp, Jesse O., M.D., '33 11111-1111-5 -B11l1I., 21 1.1-wis '1'1l1S11, O111a. Shippey, Wm. L., M.D., '27 1212 S. 21111 11'1. S1111111, .Xl'1i11I1S1lS Shirley, Edward T., M.D., '34 1Yy11111-w1111d, 011111, Shore, Robt. Lee, M.D., '49 9111 Gore B1111. I1:1w11111, 011111. Short, Laurence C., M.D., '51 1'5'l'11 1111s11il1111'1i11i1- 1'1'1'i-1, 111i1ll11111llZ1 Shriner, R. F., Jr., M.D., '44 122221,-Q S. 11111111 111.111111'1, 011111. Shryock, L. F., M.D., '40 IN1111 S. Xvllll 121111-11 Bldg. 12 2 Enid, 011111. Shuller, Thurman, M.D., '40 X11'.X11-s11-1' 1'li1111- A11-.XI1-S11-1', 011111. Shupe, Henry W., M.D., '49 1'i11111-1-1' 121112. V111-wis11111, 111111. Shuttee, Robt. D., M.D., '44 1N1111 S. Yitll -1.:111'1'I1 1'1I1111, 011111. Siddons, Ivan D., M.D., '57 327111 .1S11'1-1-1 S111-1'111111-11111,1'11li1' Siebs, John Armin, M.D., '47 217111'i11111-1-1'I'1111- 11111141-111-,011-e'11111117111 Simcoe, Charles W., M.D., '59 2222222 I'I11S1 221Sl S11'1'1'1, '1'1l1S2I,l11i11l1l1!11121 Simmering, Jas. V., M.D., '55 121111Xl1-1l1-1-111'iY1- .. . N1l1'l112l11, 11111111111111:1 11-s 1 r-.1 1' Sinunons, Chas. E., M.D., '54 '11 11111111111 1 411111 11111111 11111-1111111-. .11111'j1Il1111 Sinion, Floyd, M.D., '43 1'11X S311 1.1. 1T111111111, 011111. Simon, Ralph, M.D., '44 1211x 5511 1'1i11111u, 011111. Simon, Robert B., M.D., '57 77111 '1'11111 S1 .X1'x':11111, C11111, Siinon, William I-I.. M.D., '54 IX1111 S. Y1111 l31Il'1'I1 11111111, 011111. Singleton, Harry F., M.D., '46 1211X111'1I1b11111'11-1 1111I:1.1'115.1111111. 73211122 Skaeli, Stanley A., M.D., '65 111' .111-11111111 1'1-1111-1' 1'1i1Zl111l1112111l1j,111x'11l.1:11111 Skechan, Lt. Col. R. A., M.D., '49 "111111 11111141111 1111111-1',1'111111-q11111N11211T 1 .1'1.lI" 1 Slagle, Gene Watts, M.D., '47 '11111111 111111 I'f:1S1 S111'1-x 1-11111'1, 1111. Sledge, Claire, M.D., '48 11251111111-111-11' 1:111111'1111. 113 Slight, John R., M.D., '61 1""'1111'-1111111'x 1-1111- 51-1111.1-111'11.111111.,1111111 Sloan, Tom L., M.D. 1'11'11'1lx'1111s11i1'1I '1'111'l1l1' 111111-1's11y111x'1s11111 X1-11111'11-1111s,1.11111s11111:1 Smalley, Tim K., M.D., '56 I1'111'1 11'x1'i11 11'111'1 11'XY11I.1':1111'1l1'11111 Smiley, Robert I-I., M.D., '56 1""11Y111'111XY'11111-1' wdlmymmmmu Smith, A. B., M.D., '32 -111K S. 11111111 S1. I211x -11151 51111111111-1-, 011111. Smith, Bobby G., M.D., '55 V1-11-1':111s I111s1111111 11111111111l11:1 1'111,11111:1.1I211l.1 Smith, Bradley E., M.D., '57 1'111X.111111111.l11'11.S1'1111111 1'l11'1l111II1111'.4.1"101'1111lf2f11'1111 Sznith, Byron E., M.D., '45 1211 N.S11:11'11-1 011111111111111 1'11jv, 111x1Cl. Smith, Carl Roy, M.D., 59 ff111I11I'1'1l111'11 .X111lw1-S1 1'111,11111:l. 7121111 5 aww ' V ..1f 1, N r . f- 1 its ,. . 1 ' " .S x 1 L f lg ,gm 114922 .11- ' .1 2. ' ' 1' 1 1 ' IT'S MODERN - IT'S GAS H5 l Smith, Carl W., Jr., M.D., '53 Route 4, Box 377 W. Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith. Carlton E., M.D., '34 512 W. Division Henryetta, Okla. Smith, Chas. E., Jr., M.D., '54 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, David A., M.D., '62 '. S. Naval Sch. Aviation Med. Pensacola, Florida Smith, Delbert G.. M.D., '29 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, Earl E.. Jr., M.D., 1323 E. 50 Tulsa, Okla. Smith, Edward E., M.D., University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith. Francis E.. M.D., '50 1006 Walnut, R. R. 1 Norman, Okla. '54 '50 Smith, Gene R., M.D., '57 Farmington, New Mexico Smith, Gladys C., M.D., '50 525 North Sixth Muskogee, Okla 74401 Smith. Haskell T., M.D., '34 1606 W. 9th Ave. Stillwater, Okla. Smith, Henry C., M.D., '45 1930 Ferris Lawton, Okla. Smith, Henry P., M.D., '61 1547 S. Lewis Tulsa, Oklahoma Smith, Jackson A., M.D.. '61 Stritch Sch. Med. Layola Univ. Dept. Psy. Neuro. Box 1 336 Hines, Illinois Smith. James R., M.D., 901 South Lake Ft. Worth, Tex. Smith, Jaroud B., M.D., '38 317 Juana San Leandro, Calif. Smith, John Darrell, M.D., '51 Box 009 Hugoton, Kansas Smith, Maj. John H., M.D., '56 Sandia Base Albuquerque, New Mex. S7115 Smith, John Irving, M.D., '61 Box 407 Dillon, Colorado Smith, John R., M.D., '37 Dept. of Psychiatry Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, lvllorris W.. M.D., '28 421 E. 13 Guymon, Okla. Smith. Newton C., M.D., '45 323 N. Summit Arkansas City, Kans. Smith, Paul F., M.D., '41 P. O. Box 126 Dos Palos, Calif. Smith, Paul G., M.D., '51 Meninger Foundation Topeka, Kansas Smith, Philip B., M.D., '51 Lewis Cass Building Lansing, Michigan 48013 Smith, R. Earle, M.D., '13 74 Iona Ave. N.W. Grand Rapids 2, Mich. '44 Smith, Rupard G., M.D., '38 322 Coolidge l'l. Rockford, Ill. Smith, Thomas J., M.D., '59 47 Glenmere Little Rock, Arkansas Smith. Virgil D., M.D., '34 1386 E. Cleveland Clearwater, Fla. Smith. Wendell L., M D., '33 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Smith, Willard H.. M.D., '40 P. O. Box 434 Guthrie, Okla. 73044 Smith Wm H., M.D., '47 4 East Choctaw Lindsay, Okla. Smith. Wm. 0., Jlr.. M.D. '57 Kansas Univ. Med. Center Kansas City, Kans. Smith. William 0, M.D., '25 2123 E. 59th Pl. Tulsa, Oklahoma Smith, Wm. Richard. M.D., '5 Health Unit Atomic Eng 6 Spencer, Jack D., M.D., 54 1211 North :ihartel Okla. City, Okla. 731023 Sprehe, Daniel J., M.D., '57 2212 N. W. 19 St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Springer, H. C., M.D., '31 1622 M Avenue Bessemer, Ala. Stabler, Larry G.. M D. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla Stacey, N. R., Jr., M.D., '62 Denver General Hospital Denver, Colorado, 80204 StZ.CV, TE'r6Sa M.. M D., '65 Guthrie Joh Corps Guthrie, Okla 73044 Stafford, Jos. W., M.D., '54 427 East Cherokee Enid, Oklahoma 73701 Stafford, Wilma. C., M.D., '33 1753 VVest Congress Chicago, Ill. Commission stanaifer, John J., M.D., -sa Washington, D.C. Sm.ithpeter, R. L., M.D., '63 Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Santa Barbara, Calif. Smithson. Carl B., M.D., '33 309 Eastman Bldg. Boise, Idaho Smithson, John R.. M.D., '55 Dewey, Okla. Sneed, Norman, L., M.D., 60 410 West Gentry Ave. Checotah, Oklahoma Snoddy. J. L.. M.D., '49 254 Pasteur Bldg. 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Snoddv. Wm. T.. M.D., '44 1211 North Shartel Okla. City. Okla. 73103 Snyder. James H.. M.D., '43 2413 N. VV. 38th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sockler. Capt. D. L., M.D., '56 3720 Kenwood Dr. Beaumont Texas 77706 Soma, Yone, MD.. '20 102 S. Rosillo St. San Antonio, Tex. Sorensen, Eric J., M.D., '64 Univ. of Virginia Hospitals Charlottesville, Virginia Souter. John Ellis. M.D., '19 13314 W. Okla. Guthrie, Okla. Souda, Robert M., M.D., '60 Parkland Memorial Hosp. Kingman, Arizona Standlfer, 0. C., M.D., '24 R05 VVest Avenue East Elk City, Okla. Stanley, Lt. T. M., M.D., '63 U.S. Navavl Dispensary Navy Department VVashington, D.C. Stansberry, Cecil R.. M.D., '57 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Stark. Jodie A., M.D., '58 3701 S. Granite Tulsa, Oklahoma. Starkey, Wayne A., M.D., '34 Box 150 Altus, Okla. Stauber, Robt. A., M.D., '56 Randolph AFB, Texas Steelman. G. M.. M.D., '45 Box 157 Haskell, Okla. Steen. Carl T., M.D.. '14 606 Morningside Dr. Norman, Okla. Stehr, Danny L.. M.D., '62 Chit-kasha Clinic- Chit-kasha, Oklahoma 73107 Steffen, H. Leland. M.D., '54 Med. Arts Clinic 427 E. Cherokee Enid, Okla. Stephanou, Nicholas J., M.D., Stobaugh, R. E., M.D., '60 5908 Riverview Blvd. Bradton, Florida Stockard, Rex E., M.D., '65 Veterans Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. 73104 Stockton, Robt. L., M.D., '60 13919 Stardust Dallas 34, Tex. Stockton, Wm. Jas., M.D., '56 1800 R Street NVV VVashington, D. C. 20000 Stokes, Lowell L., M.D., 36 3233 E. 31 Tulsa, Okllahoma Stone, William T., M.D., '54 200 North Third Purcell, Oklahoma 73030 Stonecipher. H. K., M.D., '63 Methodist Hospital Dallas, Texas Starts, Daniel R., M.D., '56 2020 South Xanthus Tulsa, Oklahoma Storts, Richard Alvin M.D., '59 4512 Girard M uskogee, Oklahoma Story, Thos. McNeil, M.D., '59 305 East Broadway Sandsprings, Okla. 74063 Stough, Danlel P., M.D., '27 Main St. Geary, Okla. Stough, Daniel R., M.D., '64 OIT Medical Center Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Stout, Billy H., M.D., '64 OIT Medical Center Okla. City, Okla. 73104 Stout. Harold, M.D., '60 Waurika, Okla. Stout. Hugh A., M.D., '37 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. 73103 Stover, R. M., M.D., '53 104 S. Cherokee Claremore, Okla. Stover, Wm. H. R., M.D., '45 Box 98 Pulaski, New York Strahan, R. W., M.D., '63 Denver General Hosp. Denver, Colo. Strashun, Aileen P., M.D., '37 3302 Cloverdale St. Houston, Tex. Strange, Jimmy Ray, M.D., '59 3663 East 40 Place Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135 Dallas, Tex. '65-- 2538 N. VV. 13th Southworth. J. In.. M.D.. '38 Oklahoma City, Ok'la 73107 Stream. Lawrence, M.D., '49 109 Blount Prof. Bldg. 1411 Classen Blvd. Knoxville 2. Tenn. Stephenson, I. F., M.D., '29 Oklahoma City, Okla. 408 4th Street SOWSU- Harlan Ku M-D-1 '43 Alva, Oklahoma 73711 Stream, M, A, uw Mp., '50 620 N- W- 9th 6200 Post oak Road Oklahoma City, Okla. Stephensgniklgi Jr? iME.D., '57 Oklahoma City' Okla. ar e Spann Joe Louis M.D. '48 E C 3 Y , 351 Iltida Square Med. Center Oki 'hmmm City' Oklahoma Strebelgggalaylfs-Z M-D-. '55 Tulsa, Okla. 74144 - - n I .,. "Y 'Son' ,, , St9Pi'?nfF0nv,Pfh-'J-'fp' I'-v M :zu 58 Oklahoma Lity , Okla. 7510.1 Spann. Logan A.. M.D. '34 . W, ',m'nmg fmmfam. 203 Braniff Bldg' ' Shephai d A F.B.,Te-xas, 76.111 strigggggzgy Llgtheg. J-d,?LD-Y .61 f. A I n lulsa' Okla' Stevenson, Carl Rx- M D- okm. ddymdkig. 73115 speakman' W- I-U M-D., ,45 St. Johns Hospital ' ' 07 Amherst Tulsa Oklahoma Strickland, M- J- B-I M-D., ,45 25 Y Wmhlm Falls' r' ex' steward, Rodney D., M.D., '10 s 'ch R. a o..M.n. 'az ml ' ---amen - 1 ' s a c 1.1-r.x.,Jr. M.D. 'sa X. A. Hospital Fayetteville, Ark. Smith, Raymond 0.. M.D., '63 McConne'll AFB VVichita, Kansas Smith, Richard V.. M. D. l'niversity of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith. Robert Cecil, M.D., '56 2285 North Second S. Muskogee, Oklahoma Sniith. Robert M., M.D., -'61 2712 Gui-lford Lane Oklahoma City, Oklahoma l26 P99 1 0 1 1 602 North 4th Sayre, Okla. 73662 Speed, Henry H., III,M.D.,'62 602 N. Fourth Street Sayre, Oklahoma Spence, Ray E., M.D., '46 415 West Guy l'auls Valley, Okla. 73075 Spence, Wayman R., M.D., '60 C O Federal Coor. Inst. Lompoc, Calif. Spencer, David A., M.D., '64 21323 South l'tir-a Tulsa, Okla 74105 610 Doctors Medical Building Okla. City, Okla. 73112 Stewart, Joe A.. M.D., '49 104 South Union St. Summerville, Georgia Stewart. W. E., M.D., '12 2130 S. Center. Terre Haute, Ind. Stickle, Arthur W., M.D., '43 313 Northland Med Building Jennings, Missouri 63136 Stillwell, R. J., M.D., '29 Amer. Natl. Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mayo Foundation Rochester, Minnesota Strode, J. W., M.D., '44 Pfizer Laboratories 630 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn 6, N. Y. Strong. C. Riley. M.D., '43 203 S. McComb El Reno, Okla. Strong, Joe P., M.D., '46 2217 E. Madison Colorado Springs, Colo. Stroup, C. H.. M.D., '26 2002 E. Court Flint, Mich. Stuard, Chas. G., Jr., M.D., '37 217 Utica Sq. Tulsa, Okla. Stullman, Walter S., M.D., '64 Syracuse Medical Center Syracuse, New York Sturgeon, H. Violet, M.D., '33 Central State Hosp. Norman, Okla. Suddeth, Com. H. C., M.D., '42 Fort Douglas Salt Lake City, Utah Sukman, Robert, M.D., '40 1211 North Shartel Okla. City, Okla. Sullivan, C. B., M.D., '22 Carnegie, Okla. Sullivan, Dan T., M.D., '62 115 S. 1st Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Sullivan, Don D., M.D., '64 St. John's Hospital Tulsa, Oklahoma Sullivan, Mark S., M.D. University of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Sullivan, Robt. R., M.D., '55 2524 Osborne Norman, Ok'lahoma Sullivan, S. G., M.D., '35 419 Oak Lane Baltimore 2, Md. Sunquist, G. V., M.D., '45 811 Elizabeth St. Ft. Collins, Colo. Svoboda, Catherine A., M.D., '53 Rt. 1 Norman, Okla. Swan, J. J., M.D., '39 Oklahoma Natl. Bank Bldg. Chickasha, Okla. Swanda, D. E., M.D., '48 VA Hosp., 921 N.E. 13th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Swanson, Homer S., M.D.. '36 384 Peachtree St. N. E. Atlanta, Ga. Switzer, F. C., M.D., '36 McAlester Clinic McAlester, Okla. Swyden, Robt. G., M.D., '56 9920 Casanes Street Downey, California Sykes, Walter P., M.D., '49 3280 Fannin Beaumont, Tex. Tackett, Orville H., M.D., '39 Reynolds Army Hospital Fort Sill, Oklahoma Tal'la.fe'rro, Ellen H.. M.D. Santa Monica Hospital Santa Monica, Calif. Tallant, G. A., M.D., '36 Frederick. Okla. Talley, C. N., M.D., '23 Marlow, Okla. Talley, Evans E., M.D., '34 1800 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Talley, John E., M.D., '57 2305 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, Calif. Talley, Thomas E., M.D., '64 Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester, New York Tate, Harry B., M.D., '63 Univ Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Tate, Robert V., M.D., '64 41305 McDowell Kermit, California 92343 Tatlow, B. W., Jr., M.D., '45 3562 Moore Los Angeles 66, Calif. Tatom, John H., K.D., '58 67 Evan' Hospital Sun Fmnc-iscu, Calif. 96238 Taylor, B. B., BLD., '52 1102 VVQ-St York Enid, Cfkillhfllllkl 73701 Taylor, C. P., Jr., M.D., '47 1201 B East 5 Ada, Okla. Taylor, H. W., Jr., BLD., '51 1 Cuba City, VVis. Taylor, James R., H.D., '62 ll 10 C'hel'0kee- l'!zu'tlesx'ille, Okla. 740023 'l.'aylo'r, John R., BLD., '34 9th at Bowman Kingfisher, Okla. Taylor, Larry R., IILD., '62 Butte County Hosp. Orville, California Taylor. Lewis C., BLD., '38 620 N. W. 0th Oklahoma City, Okla. Taylor, Robert A., ULD., '64 Perrin AFB Hospital Perrin AFR, Texas Taylor, T. W., H.D., '53 915 S. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla. Tefertiller, C. L., M.D., '42 Henry Bldg. Altus, Okla. Templeer, Lowell N., DLD., '61 T01 North Hudson Altus, Ukl:1hfm1:lT2l25l Tenney, Richard Y., H.D., '59 2232! HHS! fllsl 'l'1lls:1,flklzllimnn Terrell, Marvin S., BLD., Fairfax Clinic Fairfax, Oklahoma '42 Theimer, I.. N., Jr., H.D., 3709 Cedar Elm Wichita Falls, Tex. '51 Thiessen, Harold D., ll.D., Sellers Bldg. 114 Louis Mangum, Oklahoma '61 Thomas, D. B., H.D., '50 555 Utica Sq. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thomas, E. C., BLD., '14 Flollflland, Georgia 2107020 Thomas, G. T., ILD., '48 4630 Way Cross Houston 35, Texas Thompson, B. D., H.D., '26 710 Chronicle Building Houston 2, Tex. Thompson. I-. E., Jr., M..D., 3548 Duchess Trail Dallas, Texas 75220 '53 Thompson, W. J., Jr., H.D., 3120 N.W. 19th Oklahoma City, Okla. Thompson, Willard, BLD., 535 N. Dearborn Chicago, Ill. '44 Thompson, Q23-nnan J., MJD., 1738 19th Street N. W. Rochester, Minn. Thompson, Wm. B., l.D., 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. '43 Ehornbrough, Leatord, H.D., 501 VVest Rentnn Sayre, Okla. 73662 '65 Thornton, I.. F.. HAD., '48 1201 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Thorp. Edward H., K.D., '42 601 E. Broadway Cushing, Okla. Threlkeld, I.. D., N.D., '40 1220 N, YV:1lker Oklahoma City, Okla. Throne, B. E., H.D., '50 1535 S. Lewis Tulsa, Oklahoma '.l'hurlton,'.l.'homel W., K.D., '57 1034 N. Flood Norman, Okla. Tiohenor. E. L., BLD.. '33 2713 Panorama Drive Bakersfield, Calif. Tldwell, R. A., M.D., '37 1301 Spring Street Seattle 22, Wash. Tlllinghast, Jon D.. M.D., '65 l12Sf1lllll'i'h Street fl:1lx's-stun, 'IR-xas 77750 Tisdal. J. II., ULD., '45 814 Frisco Clinton, Okla. Tisdal, Wm. Chas., MJD., '33 709 Frisco Clinton, Okla. Todd, James F., M.D., '65 703 Holly Yukon, Okla. 73099 Todd, John B., H.D., '29 3875 VVilshire Place Los Angeles 5, Calif. Tolbert, Jack B., H.D., '43 First Natl. Bldg. Mountain View, Okla. Tomlin. Clyde IE., M.D.. '45 3100 Szxnt:1t'l:xrz1 Street .Xllvuqm-ruin-, New Mex. S7106 Tong, Mark. MJD. lim-ln-stel'Gene-rail Hnspitul lim-lwstl-l'. Nvw Yurk Townsend, Horace ID., HAD., '59 llc-ynolrls lluspitnll lfurl Sill,0kl:1l1nm:1 721503 Townsley. K. G., KJD., '62 Huey l', Long Hosp. l'im1x'ille, Louisiana Tozer, Howard G., H.D., 45 T28 Elmhurst Plavo Pueblo, Colorado furnbow, Wm. B., MJD., '35 3015 E. 15th Tulsa, Okla. Turner, Edwin C., HJJ., '43 14301 Ambaum Blvd. Seattle 66, Wash. Turner, James S., BLD., '63 1001 Queensboro Yukon, Oklahoma. 73099 Tutt, Donald L., MJD., '65 511 West Division lhfnryetta, Okla. 74437 Tuttle, R. D., NLD., '51 Vvagoner, Okla. Tyler, John H., MJD., '55 733 N. Park Shawnee, Okla. Unger-man, A. I-I., M.D., '34 4600 Dr. Bldg., 2021 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Ungerman, M. S.. H.D., '45 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Vahlberg, E. R., H.D., '23 2447 E. Chevy Chase Glendale, Calif. Valder, D. C., H.D., '51 I7 Sunset Drive, Route 4 Corvallis, Oregon Yalderal, Silvino, H.D., '24 411 Arenas St. Sampaloc, Manilla, P. I. Yalllon, Robert D., HAD., '64 2910 N.VV. 72 St. Oklahoma City. Oklahoma Vammen, A. N., K.D., '44 321 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. van Buren, Wm. IE., MJD., '61 Vmtvrl States Naval Hospital l'm'tsmouth. Virginizi 232TOS Van Deventer, L. B., H.D., '47 1702 Seventh St. VVichit:1 Falls, Tex. Ven. Horn, Bruce K., MJD., '65 Blew-y Hospital 0klz1l1m1m,l'ity, Okla. 73103 Wadsworth, R. M., H.D., '42 105 Utica Square Med Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Wagner, John C., K.D., '19 S20 N. 4th l'0m':l1'ity,Ukl:l 74601 Wagner, Taylor D., K.D., '63 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wagnon, Harlan C., H.D., 60 4335 S.E.15th Oklahoma City, Okla. Waldrop. Wm. L., ULD., '42 812 N.W. 10th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Walker, A. A., K.D., '24 Ligon Bldg. Wewoka, Okla. Walker, E. A., Jr., ILD., '43 301 N. W. 12th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Walker, J. D., HAD., '22 530 West 20 Houston 4, Tex. Walker, J. Robert, NLD., '43 620 N. W. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla. Walker. P. H., HAD., '22 501 2225 Bellefontaine Houston, Tex. Walker. B. H., MJD., '32 120 GIF-ndale Drive- Phzipvl Hill, X. V. 27514 Walker, Thou. A., H.D., '56 602 VVest Zenith 'I'+'n1plv,'l'f-xzls 76501 Wall. Henry L., KD., '53 Med. Center, Suits' A Artesia, N. Mex. Wall, James S., M.D. VVesley Hospital Xxvilqliill Kansas Wall. L. A., K.D., '51 4320 VVornal1 Rd. Kansas City 12, Mn. Vanlandingham, H. W.. ULD., '34 wanna' Jimmy B" um" '64 Tracy. G. W., H.D., '38 1524 XV. Okmulgee Avo, Muskogee, Okla. Trammell, John B., K.D.. '59 Shartel Med. Center 5101 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Trapp. I. n.. mn., '29 Box 447 Port Gibson, Miss. Trnska., Henry C.. KJD.. '43 430 N. W. 12th St. Oklahoma City. Okla. Traverse. C. A., H.D., '33 515 College Ave. Alva, Okla. Trent, David L., ILD., 64 1960 llumholt Ill-river, t'0loi':1rlrv S0218 Troop, Robert C., H.D., '55 Pharm. Dept. University of Tennessee Memphis. Tenn. Trotter. Lanny F., MJD., '62 4324 N.W.18th Oklahoma City, Okla. Traweek. A. C., Jr., HAD., '30 Matador, Tex. Tucker, Richard P., BLD.. '65 1120 XV. Stadium Apt. .32 .lnn Arlmr, Miz-l1lp.t:ln 48103 Tullius, Philip G., MJD., '42 N20 Northwest 1150 l1kI:x.4'ily, Ukla 722118 Tupper, Walter R.. MJD., '36 540 N. Central Ave. Glendale, Calif. Turley, Jan T., MJD. lloln-rt H. Green Memorial lluspital Sam Antonin, 'IH-xuw 1221 E. State St. Rockford, Ill. Yann, Paul N., H.D., '57 1310 Cherry Lawton, Okla. Vaughn, Thos. N., MJD., '57 1019 Miller Davis, California Veatch, Everett P.. MJD., '26 211 S. Main Pasadena, Tex. Veirs, Chas. B.. ILD., '52 Box 668 Ferndale. Waslm. Vesley, Don lay, H.D., '59 Hargrove Clinic Sz Hospital Oakdale. La. Viers. Wayne A., NLD., '56 3720 Washington St Louis, Missouri 631 Vinson. I-Ia.:-old A., BLD., '35 4242 S. Oswego Tulsa 35, Okla. Vineyard, V. Lee. H.D., '54 Pennington Hills Plaza Bartlesville, Okla. Vlolett. T. W., l!.D., 1211 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. '56 Vogt, Milton W.. H.D., '56 123 VV. 2nd St. Konawa, Okla. Vogt. Wm. Il., H.D., Mrlr. No. 9 Penn Ave. Delaware, Ohio '36 Ext. Wade. Donald F.. ULD., '60 U. S. Army Hosp. Ft. McPherson Atlanta, Ga. Wade. Glen P., H.D., 202 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. '44 1612 Sheffield Ruud Ulvlu. Pity. Okla. 73120 Walraven. James E.. NLD., '65 132 VVesl Main N4ll'lllZll'l, Okla. 7510610 Waltennlre, James A.. NLD. ll. S. Naval Hospital Uzlklalnrl,1':llifm'ni:l Walters, Philip G., MJD., '57 2115 Shvrwud Hall Iizuw Alexandria, Virginia 22306 Warren, Darell B., MJD., '60 727 Pe:-ml St. 3:3051 Denver, Colorado Warren, E. W., ILD., '38 2176 Lambert Dr. Pasadena, Calif. Warren. Ray E.. BLD. Robert B. Green Memorial Hospital Sun Antonio, Texas Washburn. Phillip E., BLD. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Waterbury, C. R... H.D., '45 Central State Hosp Norman, Okla. ital Waters. Floyd L., ILD., '34 105 E. Duke Hugo, Okla. Waters, P. C., H.D., '44 207 S. 26th Ave. Yakima, 'vVash. Waters. W. A., BLD.. 4926 E. 21st St. Tulsa 14, Okla. '47 Watkins, W. L., ULD., '57 2649 Frontier Dr fYTh1lllllIl4:'P, f:t'0l'R'lZl Watson, I. N., H,D., '35 906 Fredericksburg San Antonio 5, Tex. Watson, C. Alton, MJD., '29 1211 North Shzlrwl Ukln. Vity, Uklzl. 721103 Watson, P. T., MJD., '33 809 S. Garfield Alhambra, Calif. Weaber, George H., M.D. Baptist Alemnriaxl Hospital Ukluliumal City, Okla. Webb, Dale I., H.D., '64 Syracuse Medical Center Syluvusee, New York Webb, James A., M.D., '53 Dodge City Med Ctr. Dodge City, Kansas Webb, Joan L., ILD., '59 lfniversity ul' Missouri Meri. fit'llf,t'l' l'sym-liizltry filblllllllllil, Missouri Weber, I'. W., MJD., '51 722 S. Air Depot Midwest City, Okla. Weedn, II. J., MJD., '16 l72X llwlforrl Laine Ncwporl. Ile-zu-l1,4':llif. Eliltitill Weedn, Joseph D., NLD., '54 Yveedn Hospital Duncan, Okla. Weeks, Bertrand A., H.D., '41 Box 288 RR 1 Hsiku Maui, Hawaii Weidner, Larry W., BLD., 'Ev St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Welgand, D. A., MJD., '63 St. Francis Hospital Xvllqlltll., Kansas Weisbard, Marvin, M.D., '65 250059 liurnvt Ave-nm' l'inm-inz1tli,Ohiu 452110 Weislger, Boss W., MJD., '30 4119 Montrose Blvd. Houston. Texas Welborn, 0. H., H.D., '46 H01 lflust Fifth Street Adu, Oklahoma 74820 Welle. Eva Austin, MJD., '10 730 N.E. 19th St. Oklahoma City 5, Okla. Wenger, T. B., MJD., '49 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Werner, Dean P., H.D., '48 2025 Swift North Kansas City, Missouri West, David P., NLD., '65 622 North liulllvvzilwl lflflmund, Oklzl. 730354 West, Kelly M., BLD., '48 Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Westb'rook. B. R., Jr., M.D., '46 12500 Sluts- Slrevl lI:u'tle-sville, Oklslhunla Whalen, M. K., MJD., '62 N00 Nurheast lllth Ukl:l,1Tity,0kl:l. 73104 Wheaton, Wlll1a.m, BLD., '50 733 3rd St. McFarland, Calif. Wheeler, Homer C., MJD., '38 McAIester Clinic Bldg. McAlester. Okla. Wheeler, J. L., Jr., H.D., '52 Boise City, Okla. Wheeler, P. R., MJD., '56 3001 N. Porter Xvlchita, Kans. Wlxitcomb, W. A., MJD., '53 VA Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Whlnery, Kenneth H., K.D., '55 106 S. 4th St. Sayre, Okla. White, Arthur E.. H.D., '32 4900 N. 37th Arlington 7. Va. White, Eric H., H.D.. '36 455 l'lis-:1Squzu'e Mm-rl.t'eI1le1' Tulsa, Oklzll1nnl:lT4ll4 White, James E., H.D., '54 2617 lflalst Zlsl 'l'uls:l, Uklulwmzl T4 l l 4 l27 xi! 5- -so fb Q 5 This Yearbook C A Printed ondi Bound by cl.lo PRESS f 5 Yeorbook Division of ihe i lowo CiTy,i ilowcl I X M wifi' FSQH7 sz, fi Q fr- SOME OF THE TYPE FACES AVAILABLE TO ourz CUSTOMERS White, J. H., M.D., '34 P. O. Box 1227 Greeley, Colorado White, John V., M.D., '58 1001 Med. Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. White, L. M., M.D., '48 605 Gore Boulevard Lawton, Okla. White, Nelson P., M.D., '63 2000 North Memorial Tulsa, Oklahoma White, Ronald II., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital , Oklahoma tfity, Oklahoma White, Travis E., M.D., '62 U, of West Virginia Hosps. Morgantown, W. Va. White, Wayne F., M.D., '57 827 Hawthorne Terrace Manitowoc, VVist'onsin Whiteneck, R. A., M.D., '43 1111 Hill Crest Dr. VVoodWard, Okla. Whitener, Betty Lou, M.D., '59 5120 S. Norfolk, Apt. 220 Tulsa, Oklahoma Whitlock. Boyd 0., M.D., '62 1900 Perdido St. New Orleans, La Whitsett, Thos. L., M.D., '62 V. A. Hospital Oklahoma. City, Okla. Whittlesey, W. A., M.D., '63 2236 Northwest 20th Okla. Pity, Okla. 74401 Wickham, M. M., M.D., '26 716 VV. Symmes Norman, Okla. Wienecke Robt. M Wiggins, E. L., M.D., '54 U21 Northeast 13 Okla. t'ity, Okla. 73104 Wiggins, Howell E., M.D., '36 2850 6th Ave. San Diego, Calif. Wilbanks, C. E., Jr., M.D., '50 2140 South Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Wuaman, mrs. Stanley, m.n., '26 1203 Te-dford Way Oklahoma City, Okla. Wildman, Stanley F., M.D., '24 1203 Tedford VVay Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilkerson, B. J., M.D., '30 15517 Alanna Itoacl Ilouston, Texas 77040 Wilkerson, D. C., Jr., M.D., '59 25 Mast VVashiug'ton i1illt'5lf.l'4l, Illinois 00002 Wilkerson, John M., M.D., '32 Cristobal, Canal Zone Wllldns, Clifton N., M.D., '35 Conroe, Texas Wilkins, Harold D., M.D., '59 16021 N. Tucson Blvd Tut-son, Arizona Wilkins, Harry, M.D., '27 525 NVV 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Willard, D. G., M.D., '29 Peters and Eufaula Norman. Okla. Willhote, David R., M.D., '63 11th Air Assault Div Ft. Henning, Georgia Williams, A. McA., M.D., '21 116 N. Bell Shawnee, Okla. Williams, Guy H., M.D., '34 1320 Parkland Cirole Aubuquerque, N. Mex. Williams, C. H., Sr., M.D., '40 Okeene, Okla. Williams, James G., M.D., '64 lfllk City Memorial Hospital lfllk t'ity, Oklahoma Williams, Jas. S., M.D., '58 l'rit-e Tower Hartlesville, Oklahoma Williams, Jon T., M.D., '50 2740 Van Dorn Lincoln, Nebr. Williams, Judy D., M.D., '64 Bernalillo County Hosp. .-Xlliuqtierqlie, New Mexivo Williams, L. C., M.D., '20 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. William , R.. A., M.D., '38 20 North Tracy Bozeman, Mont. Williams, R. G., M.D., '53 1548 S. 75 E Ave. Tulsa, Okla. Williams, T. S., M.D., '38 25113 S. Sheridan Road Tulsa, Okla. Williamson, Paul, M.D., '46 Box 3103 Bellaire, Texas Willis, Jon T., M.D., '65 431 NVest 2nd St. Johns, Kansas Wilson, Charles H., M.D., '37 1211 North Shartel URI-t 4"itv tbkla 7"10'3 ... A, ...y . H . v ., M.D., '56 Williams, C. H. Jr., M.D., '50 Wilson, Douglas E., M.D., '47 I 2020 NAV. 56 St. Box 278 5008 Country Club Dr Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Ukeene, Okla. Lawton, Okla. WM. H. ATKINSON 2501 Petroleum Geologist Liberty Bcmk Bldg. CE Oklcrhomg City Wilson, James W., M.D., '58 S616 North May Avenue Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilson, L. M., Jr., M.D., '58 430 S. W, Avenue El Dorado, Ark. Wilson, R. E., M.D., '50 4301 E. Eastman Denver, Colo. Wilson, R. H., M.D., '40 Vniversity of North Dakota tlrandfork, North lb. 58202 Winn, Donald A., M.D., '57 Rockland St. Hospital Orangeburg, N. Y. Winn, George L., M.D., '43 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Winston, John .-XTSF' HY. X0 Chicago R., M.D., '33 li. .las-kson 4. Ill. Wlnterrlnger. J. 800 5th R... M.D., '45 Ave. Ft. Worth 4, Tex. Winters, Richard L.. M.D., 206 Orville Ave. Poteau, Okla. '53 Wisdom, C. R., M.D., '55 Box 7127 .1lontgomery, Ala. 36107 Witeher, J. E., M.D., '43 112 N. Beverly Amarillo, Tex. Witt, R E., M.D.. '41 Vet, Adm. Hospital Muskogee, Okla. Witten, H. B., MD.. '36 Rt. 3. Box 239 Norman, Okla. Witter, Stanton L., M.D., '61 3629 NNY. 71st Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wolever, L. A., M.D., '50 128 E. Wood Drumright, Okla. Wolfe, Ted W., M.D., '61 464 Tactical Hosp. Pope AFB, North Carolina Wolff, Eugene G., M.D., '34 2010 South l'tia-a 't ulsa, tntlalioma Wolff, John Powers, M.D., '27 1220 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Womack, Capt. G. J., M.D., '52 USAF MC, Camp Landa New Braunfels, Texas Wood, Dorothy A., M.D., '63 Queens Hosp llonolulu, Hawaii Woodruff, .Bill E., M.D., '58 308 E. Jackson Hugo, Okla. Woods, F. M., M.D., '35 550 Brioknell Ave. Miami 32, Fla. Woods, Lewis E., M.D., '26 505 Petroleum lilclg. Chickasha, Okla. Woodson, Fred E., M.D., '31 1307 S. Main Tulsa lil, Okla. Woodson, Orville M., M.D., Norman Clinic Norman, Okla. '33 Wootan, Geo A., M.D., '63 US Naval Sec. Guard Act. Winter Harbor, Maine Word, E. F., M.D., '41 345 S. Laurene A ve. liox 171 El Quesm-l, British Columbia Word, H. L., M.D., '36 10681 VVest ltiver lloatl tlsseo, Minnesota 5532010 39 NE 29th Phone IAckson 5-3592 THE OKLAHOMA TILE CO.. INC. l Ceramic, Wcxll cmd Floor Tiles - - Tile and N Marble Terrazzo "Established Since 1904" Oklahoma City A- . . . A W YW-. A ,LW A. 1, W -, A, . ,. 1 O' K' STAMP 6 SEAL CO' SEISMQGRAPH senvlce Rubber Stamps. Seals and Badges C GEORGE CLAYMORE, Owner ' 6233 E. 4lst Street Tulsa 108 W' Sheridan CE 57853 P. o. Box 1593 RI ver-s'de 3 133: Oklcxhomg City l A-, A .... -A LEO MAXWELL CO.. INC. WESTERN PAPER COMPANY Everything For the primer Wholesale Appliance Distributors 200 NE 34th IA 4 1515 Zenith - Fedders - Norge Oklahoma City 530 S. B!'OC!ClWC1y CE 6-4351 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. I29 Workman, M R., M.D., '61 Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. Worley, James A., M.D. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Worley, Robert E., M.D. lf. S. Naval Hospital .lztclcsrmnville-, Florida Worthen, F. L., NLD., '58 1201 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Wright, Phillip J., M.D., '61 600 Northwest 11th Oklzt. Pity, Okln, 73103 Wue'rtlien, Robert D., M.D., '64 Palo Alto-Stanford Hosp. Ctr. Palo Alto, Calif. Wyaml. I-I. H., M.D., '22 2221 E. 18 N. Cleveland 15, Ohio Wynn, N F., M.D., '42 P. O. Box 429 Edmond, Oklrl. Yarbro, J. L., M.D., '48 120 Northgate Plaza Seattle, VVL-ishington Yates, Donald L., M.D., '58 BOX 3219 Addis Ahaba, Ethiopia Yates, Loren K., M.D., '57 Hut-k Valle-jv, Iowzi 51247 Yeakel, E. L., Jr., NLD., '43 1295 Del Rey Apt. 2 Pasadena. Calif Yeakel, S V., NLD., '51 3843 N.W. 64th tlklahoma City, Oklahoma Yeakley, Robert A., M.D., '60 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa. Okla, Yeary, Edwin C., M.D., '39 1215 E. Hartford Ponca City, Okla, Yeary, G. H., M.D., '29 Newkirk, Okla. Young, B. 0., M.D., '47 Syr-arnore Ave, Box 695 Olive View, Calif. Young, Clarence C., M.D., '63 University Hospitals Oklnlionia City, Oklahoma Young, C. Jack, M.D., '47 Clinif- Bldg. 31434 N.VV. 56th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Young, David H., M.D. Duke Hospital lvurhum, North Carolina Young, E. W., Jr., NLD., '47 61 8 South Williams El Reno, Oklahoma Young, James W., M.D., '64 Wesley Hospital VVichita, Kansas Young, Larry L., M.D., '63 5409 VV. Gleurosa Phoenix, Arizona Young, Millington, NLD., '44 1.11 S. Trai-y llztsemzin, Mtmtzmu Youngblood, B. J., NLD., '54 1802 W. Wall Midland, Texas Zeigier, Joel, BLD., '34 417 Mitchell St. Box 389 Clovis, N. Mex. Zeigler, Paul, M.D., '34 Box 730 Petaluma, Calif. Zimmerman, IK. 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Stamp 8: Seal ...... 129 Oklahoma Gas 81 Electric Company 121 Oklahoma Natural Gas Company . 125 Oklahoma State Medical Ass'n . . 99 Oklahoma Tile Company . . 129 Orthopedic 81 Arthritis Center . 1 13 Osler Prescription Shops . . 114 P Presbyterian Hospital . . 120 R Hollis Russell Bookseller . . 130 S Saint Anthony Hospital . 109 St. .Iohn's Hospital . . . 115 Seismograph Service Corp. . 129 Southwestern Engraving . 132 T Townley's Dairy ..... 130 U Upjohn Co. . . . . 105 V Veazey Drug Co ..... 116 W Western Paper Co. .... 129 Lzi . ...., , FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK 8. TRUST CO. PARK AVENUE 81 HARVEY ' OKLAHOMA CITY ' CE 2-8811 ' MEMBER FDIC L ,...... W... ,. -.I....,..IIIf.. +. ..mIy-..-APN? . .,,,..., ieswqIm,..,III.uAa,,,,g,..ym .23-gg.. ,,,M.,.,. 3,4 , ..--- II. . ,U . . -- I W-V - ,I -. ' -wr-M-5--M---N.. -- - . .. z 1 , . ' KK- - .T K' jy, f Wiiawlm U , " " 54- - -"' ' 4 M- IIII I - " - . , - . 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Suggestions in the University of Oklahoma - Sooner Medic Yearbook (Oklahoma City, OK) collection:

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