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UL 41 LL, L, LL. L,' -iii! 4. NJA f!Ll.,.el..4 .L U if Mmm LW " "' 'd flmuw- J lf 131-ll-I- L, uHl-lw-l , . 5 -Q J L L , J---, Qk K wyuu - 4,' ' ' 11:-w x K-7 il' v -V f 'iris S. . . .-ff? 1 1' U I V 'f'1 - R J 'I' zr- 1, . , pg Q I E 3 E X -WN Nw 3-any V, K , k.H..iWg.: .-X,fw.m4..,1i,, sg42.f':L f . f -'Qlihsfvlffi ii tfiilam.. ' .lf:5?!5S45" 'L ' fflE2i?5555ieiYiw'Y 1- VffZFT'1' . jkggggxggggxgjggyg --.':-4'zg::hzffm4.gffy ' wk. 5 .- - m..f11.Q. .. . Ssfizzxseiflzil ' ,.,J,,,, .L,. . Qi'-1 ls' f -,f 7 A K . X41 .1 Y ,. Qnurrgsgmm, X-45 W K 5 .fws4.s1.'z W, '. iwzfms-iz,s.,,z, 4izrsf114sLzgs:e,sf, - z, .sfzziefxswf fsasfifswas 1. .mffw W, W 5 Wfgq.g,,,.w - .msfzzie 1 "fssWfPsgfi-ia- .f f ml ,..Q,..Q,,?wsvas2zzssz,.sr ', .1 .F fwmsezxffw, f- - 942:11 ss: sfaszseizszffvzffg ws- nf:- ,, .. sasszfsziew- -1 , . ,.f ,,,.. ., , ,. -"wsa1:.f' I'i., , , fffss-'ffixifszwf'-W -- - -f wwwz mms ws. ,,.. Y.. . -I 3 I 11 gn' 'I "55fWliWf?fx537if7' T L '. 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"2 43 5- '- - '31 --.!:--R.: 1 -.' au - . 1' .jx ' ,g,?E' Ii4:.e A, F -,1 ' ,,.-R -ng, 'qgqhE.,::.Q.'.1.'gi2.- -, U ' 'igzm' ' ' '+"li5Erf:Y:.',".A-I-If'7'-' X W 'M 'l?1'J4:ffz4-L1f'.ffJi-.E -I ' . ' .wrf+ssfs1E.-e131-sf- - . ,' V 2 '! RR f x ' ,Qi-Lf' """' . . , W ' 5Q'+.:z,g,f,-.L v ? 6 XIX nj?-,!:j'I'3 . Pfljfii-2 I 9 0 N0 OQOOQ il 0 ,000Q0099'9 ' 'A Io 'ai 1 ff R .- S M W N ' eu Q ' jgs,95j21i522f.f1:i:3g-ffgf - A , M-, I, gigs- L 541-g y, . .' 'E 19521 qlllifgf -QL 5 A . 4421232523-Fi'55'i-i24??1fzfiF-Pfi af-a?v'2'1-T--2452 flibfgicf-'23-c ?.Zf-72:5-' flajf l ' 5. .3-,'5-:V-F11 ,ry 1 -175-32.35132 ' ' ' 19' -A 'f:w4,.x.3 f.-T-'S-Ziff? 4 - ' 2'.'?vF:- . .',--wgfuvu: V 5 ' f--'vsxfii -JZ?-.1'.'-' - . 1 C32 -.j.1g',j.1j-QZqfgc.c?,QgQ 'f 11' -.12 in -14,3-,Lia-K.-1933! ' . , ,I Jvfz- . . 3,t.':5::3E2,:.,::ue, Iu"z5fA, K, -. ' -.-fi-flilhif-S-QP R R l " W K L W , f' .-w.:15f5,1J:ggr1s Rx 17 1,f,q.:y.,,x . ,,,. R l ' 'I'z2fi?Q5X- ' ,A X R ' '.Qf5fX'5 " f ' ' . i - 4 ' - -. ,.,.--xx... , f 'f'f9'5i:35' Jr- ' ,- . . L--'11-fpitfisz - do R+ Puhllshed by the Student Couucll ,nag R L - - - -"ti!'-132151 wt' Y, Umverslty of Oklahoma School of MCd1ClHC -1-.ff 'Y -T ' 1 2 T Q 7 F2533-'9?'i?41Eff1- 5 CHARLES PRATHER RICHARD ALLGOOD lo-e iors. .C oo o e icine C dt ,S h I fM d U '1 LEON SEATON CAROL FERGUSON ,tx ,,,3. Co-editors, School of Nursing V 12 f:11.T5E,E.i3S4 E-Q-E1-2: -55,5 5- .4 'H H 'I 95.- . . 'f'12-'if wq-?i5:..1 . .. '- T7 " A ' L 525,351-ra?-ZS'-'i.' i ' wiv-ff' Eff. Yfwzif-J:-'-.f-F-f.':-. . ,nz-' ,M -.-r- 1. "2 K T? Y my - 1 " ":1',ii.':Tzf.fLi"'g'. 'r A o f ::Q:,'fJ.4.Er O , v . C " '?5'Z'f"5lIL'v L1':. ' , Q' " '5'g?L,:1rz1' '7 50969 ' 'A O 00090 1 0 ov o QQ V fx.-,pf 5 ",,:,4-.4 N0 NNONN W f 1 1 Q4 n0n.oQ.w F A :Q Q-ffxj' u j gklfisf' ' Q. "ISS ' .ggi-r. 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Masseter muscle of affected side rigidly contracted, teeth clinched tightly together and canit be separated at all. Operated on by Dr. Post. The masseter muscle was divided from its attachment to the ramus of the jaw by introducing the scalpel into the mouth, and the jaws pried apart with levers, which required considerable force. The jaws were kept permanently distracted by a cork between the teeth. July 18. Inflamation consequent upon the operation has sub- sided. Motion nearly normal. Distending fever still con- tinued. T 71 L ,QIILY 29- CITY HOSPITAL- , 5'jQwFW7YORKCHTY 5 ,b ' Y TRAUMATIC TETANUS IN 'Mrs aged about 35 years Q LTeceived a wound on or near the patella 25 days ago from the discharge of a gun by which the wad was lodged within the wound and was not de- tected and extracted for several days, but was then re- moved. The injury not very severe and the patient doing well until the 16th day slight trismus came on, the spasm has beeII confined to the muscles of the jaw until the last three days when opisthotonous Zilld emprosthotonous came on. . I 'W ' tx, A -..I, V- , 2, -:- ... s -,...,. .,,..-,, I V -vljl Q: '-- Y . My f f"'.:.Z,o,g::" if-if 'i ii -. . I , 2 " 'T .. , , ,,, ' ' jj ' - .. mm, ff ma. kk -. The disease has advanced slowly and gradually since its development, and has received no apparent benefit from treatment. The asafoetida was given in doses of 15 grs. every hour for the first five days of the disease without effect. The Strychnine was then giVCIl in doses of the 16th grm. every two or three hours for two days. The dose was then increased to the 8th of grm. of which the patient has taken 5 or 6 doses but without any effect. Died july 3lst. rfxom fN '-.1- .ASTRITIS-ACUTE IS SAME . "Q 1' Symptoms: Burning lancinating pain, E iting of glassy mucous tinged with .- ,JV een. Tenderness of e i astrium. Cravin 4 LAX? P g gi Q0 cold drinks. Tongue usually red. It may .Q prove fatal in a few hours, never continues longer than 3 or 4 days. Treatment: If the patient is young and strong, bleed, but this surely must be used with caution and should always be drawn in the erect position. Leeches or cups to the epigastrium. Poultices to promote bleeding from the leech bites. Blistering not to be used in the acute stages. Initially nothing but a little cold water or ice. The bowels should be evacuated with enemata. After the vio- lence of the disease has subsided, saline laxatives may be used. Muscilaginous drinks, bland food. It may be useful to give an anadyne enema after the bowels are evacuated. 1 . Nj or. GILMAN'S LECTURE ON THE ' Us W .PNEUMONIA OF IN FAN TS I Ji . V Q 40:20. . . . F1 he p11eumon1a of infants differs from f'-- r , 'M l ' I A Q ,g . 5 - CN! at of the adult in several respects. It is a V 1: A much more fatal disease and is very insid- ii ' . ious in its approach. It's seldom a primary disease, but it is most frequently secondary to some other disease as bronchitis, whoo in cou h scarlatina. small P g S v . pox, diarrhea, etc. Many of which diseases when they rove fatal, do so from the su ervention of neumonia P P P in a majority of cases. Symptoms: It usually makes its approach very insid- iously and if it supervenes upon any bronchial infection, the cough becomes slight with little or no expectoration. Pulse frequent from 130 or 140 or 150 in a minute. Respiration hurried, 60 or 70 in a minute and confined to the upper part of the lungs, and as the disease pro- gresses the child becomes stupid from the circulation of venous blood through the brain. Finally convulsions sometimes superveneg coma and death. case as the feeble are much more subject to the diseasej or more than 6 months old you may apply 4 leeches, 2 to the root fbasej of each lung. Evacuate the bowels freely with calomel or blue pill with a little magnesia fol- lowed by a little castor oil if necessary. The child should not be allowed to nurse, but give it cold water freely to drink, and sponge the body if it is hot and dry. Keep the child perfectly quiet, let him be moved as little as possible. Visit your patient in 3 or 4 hours, if the disease has not advanced further depletion is not necessary, but give ipicac 1X4 or 1X3 of a grm. frequently repeated, if it vomits no harm is done. In strong children you may give tart ant. U16 gr. at a dose, but if it produces diar- rhea give an anadyne injection at once and stop the antimony. Anadyne will often do good if the child is restless after depletion and the Ipicac. Onion poultices to the feet are of service. A piece of oil silk as long as the hand to the posterior and another to the anterior part of the chest is a good application as it will produce considerable irritation of the skin. Blisters should not be applied in any case as they seldom do any good but frequently do much harm. Hive syrup is a very good remedy in these cases. PROF. GILMAN 'X The state of the alimentary canal is remarkable, the bowels being very irritable with diarrhea, Whilst the stomach is usually insusceptible to the action of emetics. The symptoms afforded by auscultation are very unsat- isfactory, the peculiar crepitant rattle of the adult is not heard in the child and there is little or no increase in the respiration. The dullness or percussion is very difficult of detection as both lungs are usually implicated in the diagnosis. In your diagnosis you are to take the pulse and the respiration as the principal symptoms from which to draw your conclusions. Treatment: The treatment should be active, but not carried too far for the inflamation canlt be stopped at once by depletion. But if the child is under six months old, apply one leech to the back over the root of each lung. If the child is strong fwhich is not frequently the Ag fig? . .,f7?- Ie. K "'- Cf if :Wood of Naptha, Comph Tincture Opii, ,995 R coNsUMPT1oN s . Aromat Sulph Acid-1 oz. Dose: 40 qtt 3 times a day, given in a tea of Wild cherry bark. This prescription is highly recommended by Prof. Mott in cases of Pthisis with cough expectoration. PROP. Mo'1'r Oct. 30, 1847 ff' 51.-'-l", 1.'l'7' 5"fV ' V .' 1' "f,'s ',,'.'.'l.' J-gf,u:fn'f5fS','f V9 .f ,f - . - if-c"f1I'7"'.'f?1z'd', ', ' :vi'Q7'g1':.f ff-, ', vv'v'. ,:,"'."'n ' 1if:4'1.7L,ff.f. .ff 1 4 ,g5.:"r:,, Agfa. I '1' -Wiki,"-LIZ." -fm..-x ,, 'J'.I'i12b,,"1 f , mf-1' :., 1- ' '. i'1:'a:5v,:- I .VZ , -- ?.:3.,l.h., ., " , .5 'f?:7i"'-'Ci-1 A . - A'g9':,'!"' -lg-Tiff-?Q3f5fr'!3"'1 ?1!Ef:f"1a .. -. -.-z-Ffiriifk'.L-A1.??Qw?-115i?5f:??,5!fgE vga' ' 'A af ff..:fLjz51-"5-A'552":"L'a',:V4':-z'Hwvkfqfjj if -. 1-gf ' -f."+'f"-':"'1-1 "v ".'if:::r1?f.h2r,C. -:ln If - 'I 3:--' ft xy,-gg 4.,.fg','u,g3f.g-mggfpf gfgm'-,:,4Q5. -, H, A 'I , " ,-Af.: 3Q,i'f1""5L'-.3fVk:'i:'5 ' H g S4 lvaM"' -'v 1" 5' - , .--.,:x-4-1'-f-55' -'a' 119' 85.4, Q' --Mx-qv-" '- ' . .f1Q"G'5LE.1hz5s3?!' mg? O ---f -.4-- ' '- - A f T?" " . Y 4 . jp-Z:'i:Jil'5i1 .y ---- '4 11' it l Q, ' .. ,. J, -,. .,. - y -..z':7,:i'pv QI- - 'E'-, .i3E',,v:-" ,fbvil 'A' . V' ' Y . :feb " 'nv V zifjfufffff pg ' 1 ' Q V x .ff-1-:.:,:,.,ff -Ov QQQQQ - I 69560 40 ' 5 www 9 .- -'.-.san -9 .::fg.:f2f,.:J Q0 ,A Q I ' iirlzziiiz -'f..4ff" , A. 1 f..-.ff ' ,ws C . ., . -h .:.k.fF'.. ,Qin N., 5.7 , Qi Q IA Q 1- 7: I wt " . 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Qi!-Q 'Jr' .'- - - - -.lg f12,:'.,.1..'g : .3 Ya-0Qy -gfpf z. - .'- fwszrsxzg- '1 I-.1 .- S ..p.,.4' In 4 . tate Regents Supervise Educational Institutens The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education serve as the supervisory and fund-allocating board for all Oklahoma junior colleges, senior colleges and uni- versities supported wholly or in part hy state appropria- tions. The State Regents, specihc powers granted by the Constitution include prescribing standards for each in- stitution, determining functions and courses of study, granting degrees and other forms ol' recognition for completion of courses, establishing fees and recommend- ing to the legislature budgets for the eighteen colleges and universities and the seven other constituent agencies of the state system. Serving as chairman of the State Regents this year is R. L. Crowder, Jr., Tonkawa. The other Regents are John Vater, -Ir., Enidg Guy M. Harris, Ardmoreg Mrs. S. F. Ditmars, Muskogeeg Robert Allee, Elk City: G. Ellis Gable, Tulsag VVharton Mathies. Clayton. and VVilliam T. Payne, Oklahoma City. Regent N. B. Mus- selman, Shawnee, died during the year. Dr. E. T. Dunlap is chancellor and T. G. Sexton is administrative assistant. Throughout the year the State Regents? oflice con- tinued the extensive two-year research project. "Self- Study of Higher Education in Oklahoma." REGENTS ARE Wharton Mathias G y M Harris Bob F Allee M s S F Ditmars, R. L. Crowder, E. T. Dunlap, T. Q. Sexton, Will T. Payne. PRESENT AT A monthly rneetinq of the Board ot Regents were Dr. George L. Cross, OU president: Eph Monroe, Julian J. Rotbbaum. Dr. Mark R. Johnson, Glenn Northeutt, James G. Davidson, Quintin Little, John l-loucbin and Emil R. Kraettli. Regents Serve A Ge erning Bed For University The government of the University is vested in the Regents of the University of Oklahoma, a board which consists of seven members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the State Senate. Each member is appointed to serve for seven years. except when appointed to fill an unexpired term. The members of the board serve without pay and contribute much valuable time and talent to the University. The Regents appoint the University President. and on bis recommendation appoint and fix tbe salaries of all K faculty members and other employees. Serving as oflicers of the Regents this year were Glenn Northcutt. VVillis, president, and Epb Monroe, Clinton, vice-president. Emil R. Kraettli. Norman. has been secretary of the board since 1919. Other members of the board are julian Rothbaum, Tulsag Dr. Mark R. Johnson, Oklahoma Cityg James C. Davidson. Tulsa: Quintin Little. Ardmore. and John Houchin. Bartlesville. GLENN NORTHCUTT, President F s 1: PRESIDENT GEORGE Lynn Cross observes his fwenfiefh year af flne helm of Hue Universify of Oklahoma which continues Hs progress iw edicine 3 Dean 0E The School Of Medicine Dr. Mark R. Everett, director of the medical center University and has been appointed member of the ex- and professor and chairman of the department of bio- ecutive council of the Association of American Medical chemistry, has been awarded membership in the Okla- Colleges. He also has been named to the Oklahoma homa Hall of Fame, honorary Sc.D. from Bucknell Medical Sciences Hall of Fame. I i , I I s l I I I I 2 I ,f MERLIN K. DU VAI., M.D. PHILLIP E. SMITH, Sc.D. Vice Chairman md Professor of SurQery Associafe De-sm oi Sludemf Affairs Assisleml Dirc-clor of Medical Cemler Associale Dean of Ilia Graduale College M.D. Degree lrom Cornell Universily M.S. Degree from Universily ol Illinois SCD. Degree lrrim Joliris I-loplcirws lISSOC'2lI0 Deans A II DOYIICIQIII' S. N. STONE, M.D. JOSEPH M. WHITE, M.D. Associale Demi of Clirwical Iwslrucliov Associile Dean olSpeciallrai1ir1q awd Resoarclf Profirfim M.D. Degree lrom Universily of Perirsylvania M.D. Degree from Soutliweslern Medical Collefje MS, Degree in Surgery Irom Mimesola Graduale Sclriool of Medicine MS. Degree lrom Iowa Slale Uriiversily X.. yn.-awww. ..-1...- Q fm: .. 'if -1 ne. :...,a-fe. we., DEPARTMENT OF MEDlClNE. BOTTOM ROW: Arlhur F. Fllioll, Kelly M. Wesl, James A. Haqans, Slewarl Wolf, Adrian A. Kyria- lcopoulous, Naloo Pafel, Roberf H. Furman. SECOND ROW Leonard P. Eliel, Oren T. Slcouqe, William O. Smilh, Henry H Turner, Paul T. Condil, Roberl C. Lawson, Roloerl A. Schneider Berl F. Kellz. THIRD ROW: George L. Winn, Harry T. Avey, Jr. Carl W. Smilh, Richard M. Burke, Mervin L. Clark, James R Ricks, Jr., Jack D. Welsh, William K. Ishmael. FOURTH ROW W, W. Schollslaedl, James F. Hammarslen, Philip C. Johnson W. W. Ruclcs, Jr., C. G. Gunn, Julien W. Bahr, William S. Pugs- ley, James W. Hamplon. FIFTH ROW: Thomas N. Lynn, Jr., Roberf S. Ellis, Allen R. Hennes, David C. Mock, Loyal L. Conrad. George N. Barry, Byron F. Smifh, Virgil R. Foresler, Johnny A. Blue, Richard G. Hahn, R. Palmer Howard. TOP ROW: Alexander H. Woods, Everelf R. Rhoades, Richard W. Payne, Roberl M. Bird, Galen P. Robbins, Slanley E. Berger, Vernon Ward, Ralph A. Smith. Facult DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY. BOTTOM ROW: Don Coalson. Ernesl' Lachman, Alice M. Brues, John E. Allison. TOP ROW 1? H A Z. ixiwals c ... 1 ix DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIA. Ted Clemens, Alice F. Gambill Nell Nalions, lrvin G. Hamburqer. Joe M. While, Waller Massion Kennelh M. Richfer, John F. Lhoflca, Laurence G. Gumbreck, Garmon H. Daron, Kennolh K. Faullcner. 5' 1. 7' . . y r . K A .- - a 5 li . . Q i . " V iii' . ' ' . . ' ' ' fi W ' - .4 V "f-5 V' " fi: 3 A. - if :F A it 9. . ' jf.: T i A fury - - 5 "ii, A wx ge .1335 '- i I it girl A kb ,Q gfj o ' ' ig Sk A fs z 1. A jj Yildiz Kulkarn, Roberl L. Chesfer. if DEPARTMENT OF GYNECOL- OGY AND OBSTETRICS. BOT- TOM ROW: James W. Funnell. Warren M. Crosby, James A. Merrill, chairman: Charles M. Van Dyne. SECOND ROW: John F. Kuhn, Gerald Rogers. John W. Records, Guy W. Ful- ler. THIRD ROW: L. Duncan Threlkeld, Joseph Harroz, George H. Jennings, James C. Beavers. FOURTH ROW: W. K. Harlford, Tony G. Puckell, A. S. Porier, George D. Wil- banks. TOP ROW: Dean H. Dirnenf. DEPARTMENT OF PEDIAT- RICS. BOTTOM ROW: James B. Snow, W. W. Vandever. Harris D. Riley, Jr., Ber'Iha Levy, Sylvia O. Richardson, George H. Garrison, J. T. Jabbour, J. Neill Lysaughl, Marilyn Porler. SECOND ROW: Armond I-I. Siari, Jerry Nida, Loy Donna Markland. James E. Mays, Jr., J. A. Roone, Lyle Burroughs, David Childers, Lillian Hoke, H. V. L. Sapper, Robe-rl Herndon, Everell' C. Bracken. THIRD ROW: Bobby Gosser, Alan Bures, Glen Carfwrighl, James Worley. H u g h Sulherland. Glen G. Cayler, Hooshang Taybi. Jacob L. Kay, Mariorie Sue Keele. TOP ROW: Do- rnan K. Keele, James K. Dowl- ing, James Bealy, George I. Lyfhcolf, Michael Finerfy, Jer- ome D. Shaier, Claude Brown. Alvin Pafrick, Man Word, Sian Porler. DEPARTMENT OF RADIOL- OGY. BOTTOM ROW: S. M. Glasser, G. S. Knox, S. P. Traub, S. I-I. Levill, G. A. Wood. TOP ROW: G. H. Ladd, L. E. Swischuk, J. P. Wills, J, D. Bush, R. P. Dick- son, G. D. I-Iallum, F. H. Slockfon. DEPARTMENT OF OTOLAR- YNGOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: Elhan A. Walker, O. Allon Walson, L. Chesler McHenry, James B. Snow, Jr. SECOND ROW: R. L. Casebeer, Ken- nefh Rogers, Jack Prision. TOP ROW: Donald Resler, Bill Moran. UNIVERSITY INTERNS. BOT- TOM ROW: Berf T. Reed. Donald T. Bulls, E. Dale Ever- eff, Margarel A. Harrison, Opal M. Bahall, Gerald I. Kaufer, Clarence C. Young. TOP ROW: Everard J. Siller. Richard M. Thompson, Sam T. Hamra, Thomas Caine, Ches- Ier R. Burns, James S. Turner, Harold Brooks. NOT PIC- TURED: Taylor D. Wagner, Ronald W. Ward. EM. -fs. ...-ff. .J i' . QM f 1 gg I was ' .A "1 l . DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY. Marlq R. Everell, Pay Shep- Bever, Raul Carubelli, O. B. l-loucliin, Ouincey Crider, M. S. pard, E. G. Larson, Kurl Dubawski, Reaar Bradford. Arlay T. Slweller, P. Aloupovic H. N. Kirlqman. 1964 Facult .Qmv . - - fa i Q . .in 6 gf S! M rr . . l r . W 1 ' , .1 3 x L '-11. xanga.. :mfg gan, ff: - LQ- M- .vrr .rff f , ,, .gr xr,-..f - :fi fm ,, K , Q A-w X v Y , ,gif Ms ,YQ Q W T DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY: William E. Jacques, Waller ,lgmeg P, Dewar, Henry T, Rugge Joel, Kurr M. Dubowski, Hazel L. McGalTrey, W. Jeanne Green, r K "kk iii V Riga: ' K .1 ,,.k. , ?,w, - , .-+,,,,.. f v1f,,..A . -rf...-K -' S Swv. 1 4551155 DEPARTMENT OF ORTHO- PEDICS. BOTTOM ROW: S. Pullon Tompkins, Rulln Winqo, adminislranve secrelary: How- ard B. Sliorbe, vice chairman: Don H. O'Donoql1ue, cliair- man, Riclward A. Slorls, Joe Bob Jarman, Jerry Sisler. SECOND ROW: Edwin Maier, Charles R. Rounlree, Gael R. Prank, William Miller, Lowell Temaler. LeRoi B. Gardner, James A. Seeley. THIRD ROW: Ralplw E. Payne, Jr., Marvin Mango, Jack Spencer, E. l-larolcl Evenson, James W. Zeiders, Plnillip Lehman, l.. l-l. Puller. TOP ROW: William Harslia, James Amspaclwer. Jenn Florence, Kennelln Jolwn- son, Sfeplien Tlnaclw, Adolpln Mueller. Reber? B. Milcliell. DEPARTMENT OF PREVEN- TIVE MEDICINE AND PUB- LIC HEALTH.BO'I'I'OM ROW: Carl R. Doering Olivia M. Smyllne Pearl D. Pislner, Mar- igarel P. Slnackellford, Vivian S. Srnillw, l-lerberf Kent Grady P. Malliews. SECOND ROW: Ezi- ward Brandl, James A. Ha- gans, Josepli B. Goldsmiflw, C. G. Gunn, Wm. W. Sclnoll- slaedr, Joe O. Rogers, Ray- mond D. Crews, Reber? C. Lowe, Pliilip E. Srnilln. TOP ROW: l-l. P. Reinliardf, Sam- uel M. Mcyers, W. David Sleen. Jolin W. Kelly. ...-sv-'- ,,.-of Nw VA , -sx,NxJ,,.g'1"!e v-N 72 DEPARTMENT OF UROLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: Roberl H. Akins Kavan, Jess E. Miller, Roberl Kummen, J, F. Cram, S. D. Barnes. Donald D. Albers, C. B. Dawson, M. M. Applefon, W. L. Parry H, L, Denison, R, Alliggn, B. J. Lime. Jim M. Taylor, Hugli H. Young Joe Collins. TOP ROW: L. C. DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY. BOT- TOM ROW: R. A. McLaughlin, R. B. Menguy, O. R. Williams, J. A. Sclwillinq. SECOND ROW: A. H. Bell, C. H. Wilson, L. J. Bernard, M. K, DuVal. THIRD ROW: l. O. Pollock, F. H. McGregor, J. W. Woodward, R, L. Murdock. FOURTH ROW: J. M. Campbell S. J. Binkley, A. E. Greer, W. L. Fellon, C. A. Tollell. FIFTH ROW: J. R, Riggell G. F. MCDonnold, E. E. Cooke, C. M. OLe-ary, J. F. Messenbaugn. TOP ROW: R. T. Slurm, L. H. Brown, C. Robison, P. D. Erwin, K. K. Boalman, l. H. Brown, G. S. Campbell, W. O. Coleman, Aneel Earp. DEPARTMENT OF ORAL SUR- GERY. BOTTOM ROW:Jolwn Dolce. Frank Slewarl, Paul Cvoaz, Allen Couqlnenour. SECOND ROW: Mike Spengos, Slwelelon Claman, Huglw Tilson, William Homen, Joe Leni- lvm, Angelo Anqelopolous. DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHMALOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: Emil Farris, Coy McClure, Gerald Dixon, James R. Reed, James Mills. Tullos O. Coslon, Roberl l. Trenl, Riclward A. Clay, Dick Wyrick. 1964 Facult 1 ll f . .- " A sag, TOP ROW: William H. Garnier, James P. Lufon, William F. Old, VJ. S. Muenzler, Slanlon L. Willer, Everell L. Wiggins, R. P. Shaver. Roberl E. Campbell, Tom L. Jolnnson, S. B. Leslie. ...K ,Ny l'.i 2 -iw 1964 Facult DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY, NEUROLOGY AND BEHAVI- ORAL SCIENCES. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon H. Declcerl, Elizabelh M, Taclcwell, E. Pumpian-Mindlin, Alionso Paredes, O. Boyd Houchin, John G. Bruhn. SECOND ROW: Herman Riesenberq, VVanda Genrry, Alma Gideon. Vernon V. Sisney. THIRD ROW: DEPARTMENT OF MICRO- BIOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW: John R. Sokalch, Florene C. Kelly, L. Vernon Sooll, Frances G. Fellon, Rolaerl A. Palnode. TOP ROW: John M. Hale, Ev- erell C. Bracken, Alexander H. Woods, Glenn S. Bulmer, George J. Friou. Marshall Edelson, Kennerh Shewmalcer, Oscar Parsons, Andre M. Weilzenhofler, Charles Brodie, Arnold M. Morakofl, Jan Owen Harris. TOP ROW: R. M. Wienecke, J. L. Malhis, V. Pishlcin, L. J. West H. J. Sluarr, J. A. Fosler. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY: John H. Cfogerly, Jiro Joanne I. Moore, William B. Siayinoha. Nakano, Roberl' Rosenslein, Marion de V. Collen, Chairman: DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGY. BOTTOM ROW. Orar Nor- Johnson, Marlc A. Everelf, Thomas Nix, Jr., William Loney, Will- wood, Lloyd A. Owens, H. A. Foersler, Phyllis Jones, William iam Smilh, William Jones, Julian Swann, Maurice Coffey. McCreigh'r, Roberl Morgan, C. J. Young. TOP ROW: Donald Dr. M. I. Abbott Dr. 'l'. Adams B. R. Addis, B.S. P. A. Alaupovic, Ph.D. Ur. H. M. Anderson J. H. Anglin, Ph.D. ur. R. U. Anspaugh Ur. J. B. Austermann Dr. B. W. Aycock Ur. B. Balke Dr. J. B. Ballina ur. lvl. S. Barker Ur. N. F. Vander Barkett Ur. R. H. Bayley ur. R. A. Beargie Ur. J. M. Ur. J. P. Bell Ur. H. G. Bennett, Jr. Ur. H. A. Bennett Ur. P. C. Benton Ur. C M. Bielstein Binder Behrman Ur. H. J. Ur. J. G. Binkley Dr. C. J. Blair Ur. J. A. Blaschke Ur. C. E. Bloedow Dr. C. D. Bodine lvl. L. Bogie, M.S. Ur. K. E. Bohan ur. J. L. Boland,Jr. Ur. R. H. Bottomley Dr. S. S. Bottomley Ur. J. S. Boyle Dr. G. S. Bozalis Ur. B. F. Braden Dr. R. H. Bradford Ur. V. A. Bradford Dr. C. M. Brake Dr. E. M. Bricker Ur. J. C. Brixey Dr. C. A. Brown Dr. D. R. Brown Dr. F. R. Brown Dr. G. M. Brown, Jr. Dr. H. W. Buchner F. Burton Dr. . Dr. Buvinger Dr. M. 1'. Buxton Dr. VV. T. Bynum Dr. L. F. Cailey Dr. J. M. Carey Dr. R. E. Carpenter Dr. R. L. Carpenter Dr. S. P. Casals Dr. C. VV. Cathey Cavmess Dr. J. J. 'i 4 A Dr. P. B. Lhamplin Dr. P. J. Chandler Dr. L. H. Charney Dr. R. T. Clark C. S. Clifton, Ph.D. Dr. C. E. Clymer Dr. H. Clymer Dr. . E. Coalson C. A. Colley, M.S. Dr. F. W. Coggins Dr. C. G. Coin Dr. . VV. Coin Dr. . H. Coley Dr. W. R. Collins Dr. J. P. Colmore Dr. J. R. Colvert Dr. W. R. Cooper, Jr. Dr. P. Costiloei Dr. . Counihan Dr. J. R. Cowan Dr. Cox Dr. . . Craig Dr. W. J. Craig Dr. S. T. Crawford Dr. M. J. Crosthwait Dr. E. R. Cunningham Dr. VV. A. Cunningham Dr. V. D. Cushing Dr. A. Cutter Ucccoccv 11111117 nemwf . ?UP1?'gf?15 UQEEEEQEE 25:,:.:a:5.V--' sammezx-Q :fi ' P P20111 Fam? Dr Dr. Deupree Dr. VV. DeV0re Dr. J. R. Dille Dr. C. R. Dixon Dr. H. C. Dodson. Jr. Dr. R. VV. Donaghe Dr. H.H. Donahue Dr. J. Donnell Dr. H. E. Doudna Dr. W. J. Dowling Dr. J. W. Drake Dr. A. R. Drescher Dr. M. L. Duffy Exclusive of those Dr. Dr. R. Dr. J. L. Dunagin B. Uunkelherg H. Dunn Dr. W. E. Eastland L. M. Eddy, M.L.S. Ur. R. H. Edwards Ur. N. P. Eley t Dr. L. K. Emenlnscr Dr. F. VV. Emmanuel Dr. R. C. Emmolt Dr. J. B. Eskridge, Jr. Dr. J. B. Eskridge, Ill lv. VV. Evans, M.S. Ur. nl. A. Everett Ur. E. E. Fair Ur. E. M. Farris Dr. E. G. Ferguson ur. J. W. Finch Ur. E. P. Fleming Ur. M.A. Flesher Dr. W. N. Flesher Ur. Florence Dr. J. L. Folks Dr. L. S. Frank Dr. L. C. Freed Ur. C. L. Freede Dr. C. VV. Freeman Dr. A. L. Frew, Jr. Dr. W. Friedberg Dr. W. Funnell Ur. J. J. Gable, Jr. Dr. T. S. Gatford. Jr. Dr. VV. H. Garnier Ur. G. H. Garrison Dr. F. G. Gatchell Dr. D. J. Geigerman Dr. E. M. George Dr. J. R. Geyer Dr. R. W. Geyer Dr. E. Ginn Dr. lvl. B. GllSIHHll Dr. B. R. Goetzingei Dr. E. Goldfain Dr. R. Q. Goodwill Dr. H. R. Gravelle Dr. C. S. Graybill Dr. C. E. Green Dr. M. E. Groover. Jr. Dr. G. H. Guthrey Dr. T. J. Guthrie Dr. G. R. Haase Dr. F. J. Haddy Dr. Teresa B. Haddy Dr. R. F. Hain DrC H Hall M.iS..Hall, M.s.s. Dr. H. E. Hampton Dr. R. R. Hannas. Jr. J. O. Harris, M.S.VV. Dr. R. D. Harris Dr. W. S. Harrison Dr. C. M. Harvey Dr. F. R. Hassler Dr. G. C. Hassler Dr. G. T. Hauty Dr. B. A. Hayes L. B. Heck, M.S. Dr. A. A. Hellams Dr. A. A. Hellbaum Dr. B. I. Heller Dr. VV. S. Hendren Dr. S. YV. Hendrix Dr. J. R. Henke Dr. J. Hensley Dr. T. H. Henley Dr. J. T. Herbelin Dr. J. D. Herrmann Dr. M. C. Hicks Dr. H. G. Hightower Dr. V. T. Hill Dr. L. B. Hinshaw Dr. R. G. Hirschi Dr. E. F. Hiser Dr. R. P. Holt Dr. G. L. Honick Dr. W. L. Honska Dr. F. R. Hood Dr. F. R. Hood. Jr. Dr. J. YV. Hood Dr. P. N. Hood Dr. L. Horowitz Dr. l. V. D. Hough Dr. B. Howard Dr. W. K. Huber K. K. Hudson. M.S. Dr. D. H. Hull' Dr. M . N. HuHman Dr. VV. L. Hughes Dr. L. Husen Dr. G. L. Hyroop Dr. P. F. Iam ietro Dr. J. D. Ingll Dr. M. F. Jacohs Dr. H. Jeter Dr. J- P. Jobe Dr. M. R. Johnson Dr. Jones, Jr. T h e F a c u I+ y appearing in the preceding pages under d M. Ur Dr Ur Ur Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr M. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr C. Jones, M.S. . R. W. Kahn . E. H. Kalmon, Ji. . W. F. Keller . J. W. Kelley . J. VV. Kelso . S. M. Kemler . R. E. Kenyon . L. R. Keso . C. R. Key J. Keyl, Ph.D. . J. W. Keys . G. H. Kimball . N. B. Kirnerer . R. VV. King . K. G. Klinges . K. A. Kloplenstein . L. L. Knight . F. C. Knox, Jr. . D. 1. Kraft Dr. R. L. Kramer Dr. C. Krieger, Jr. A. C. Kurtz, Ph.D. ur. 1'. A. Kutkam Ur. W. Langston Ur. M. T. Lategola WV. B. Lemmon, Ph.D. Ur. C. E. Leonard Dr. B. K. Lester Ur. J. E. Lewis Ur. D. B. Lhevine Ur. R. B. Lincoln Dr. A. Lindner Ur. D. C. Lindsey Ur. R. H. Lindsey Dr. F. M. Lingenfelter Dr. A. C. Lisle Dr. L. D. Long Dr. L. Lowbeer Dr. J. R. Lowel Dr D. C. Lowry Dr. D. M. Lowry Dr. W. A. Loy Dr R. . W. A. Lybrand C. Lyn., LLB. of. E. D. neural. P. B. Mccay, Ph.D. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr . VV. T. McCollum . G. YV. McCullough . R. D. McKee . M. McKenzie . P. M. McNeill . H. F. Maguire . H. VV. Mankin . F. D. Mannerberg . C. E. Marshall . R. A. Marshall Martin . H. . J. L. Martin . J. B. Massey M. M. Masterson . N. S. Matthews . R. H. Mayberry . R. H. Mayes . R. C. Mayfield . E. B. Meador, Jr. . C. E. Melton. Jr. E. O. Mencke, M.A. Dr. R. D. Mercer Dr. R. P. Messinger S. M. Meyers, M.A. Dr S Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr V. Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Middleton H. Milei' was . B. Minor . . L. Mishler . S. R. Mohler . J. F. Montroy . C. W. Moore . S. T. Moore . J. F. Moorman . J. B. Morey . J. W. Morledge . R. D. Morrison . K. T. Mosley . B. E. Mulvey . E. R. Munnell . E. C. Murray . S. N. Musallam . E. R. Musick . L. L. Myers . R. E. Myers . VV. S. Myers A C. . Nan . J. P. Naughton . K. YV. Navin . R. L. Neel Newton. M.S.VV. . . H. Nicholson . R. U. Northrip . C. F. Obennann . E. Ogle R. l. Outlaw l. N. Owens, Jr. l. T. Parker M . J. . Parker . J. M. Parrish. Jr. R . C. Parrish Dr. W. R. Paschal Dr. D. D. Paulus Dr. O. W. Pearson . Pedersen, M.A. Dr. M. L. Peter Dr. D. W. Peters V. l. Peters, M.A. Dr. R. R. Phillips Dr. J. C. Pickard Dr. A. W. Pierce, Jr. Dr. C. M. Pierce Dr. B. R. Pierce B. C. Pippin, D.D.S. Dr. B. Pitts. Jr. . I. Us was FT' F77 zvgwnomawv 15 FFF w qw 573 E925 51153 :ni sg gas -. ,C E, Dr. . M. Pounders Dr. . T. Price Dr. . B. Price Dr. E. Price Dr J. Rahhal C. V. Ramana Dr. J. E. Ramsey, Jr. T. S. Ray. M.S. Dr. R. F. Redmond Dr. C. H. Reece Dr. F. J. Reichmann C. WV. Reid fconsultantj Dr. W. H. Reill' Dr. WV. B. Renfrow G. E. Reynolds, Jr., D.D Dr. VV. R. Richardson Dr. J. A. Rieger Dr. J. L. Riggall Dr. R. A. Rix, Jr. Dr. D. Robertson Dr. E. N. Robertson. Jr. Dr. J. H. Robinson Dr. C. Robison Dr. G. V. Rohrer P. Romanell, Ph.D. Dr Dr F . C. R. Rountree . C. A. Royer Dr. H. B. Ruhm Dr. G. T. Russell Dr. S. Russman Dr. B. J. Rutledge Dr. F. A. Sanger Dr. W. VV. Sanger Dr. W. L. Savage Dr. A. Schmidt Dr. H. H. Schmidt E. Schmidt. B.A. Dr. S. E. Schnitz C. E. Schow, D.D.S. Dr. W. H. Schultz J. B. Scott, Jr. fresearch associatel Dr. J. R. Scott Dr. S. Sepkowitz Dr. M. J. Selwer Dr. G. G. Sevelius Dr. H. Sevelius Dr. Shackelford . Shackelford Z?"5"P17"f nog Dr. Dr. . . Shadid Dr R. Shaver Dr F. Shaw Dr. V. S. Sheppard UUUUU 7 T' F T' I' 95352 l'11P'lOl":1: 2,,us5,Q,,5 55551 25.32 0 ...D 5 5 1 N 7, -1 71 UUUUUUUU 11111111 2912579 wswmfdes mmm' ffmm' .Tg'5'!?s 55? 10252122 "F 5: -Q' E "' wmunn U33 111 WFS WP11 ?ww 1:51 -eo eta.:-H Lin. -4 Dr. . A. Smith Dr. . E. Smith. Jr. Dr. . G. Smith Dr. E Smith lr. Dr. 'w. smmi F Dr. Keith Sowell Dr. A. N. Springall Dr. J. R. Stacy A. J. Stanley, Ph.D. Dr. . J. Starry Dr. Dr. L. Stenhenson year- UUUUUU 1 1 1 1 1 1 Dirrmw Pt-11!'E'9w?f . -. - Qmg Tig? 5.55 E O 2 rn fl yiff :rg , Q1 T 3 . . T. Steen epartmental photographs. .S. Dr. R. Sukman Dr. J. N. Tang P Dr. . C. Tang Dr. C. Taylor Dr. L. C. Taylor Dr. . B. Thompson Dr. W. Thompson Dr. B. Thompson Dr. . F. Thornton Dr. T. VV. Thurston Dr C Tipton. lr. .l- Dr . A. . , E. Tompkins, M.S. . G. L. Tracewell Dr. S. P. Traub Dr. D. K. Trites Dr. R. Ullestarl A. Vega, Jr. M.A. Dr. P. M. Vickers Dr. T. G. Wails Dr. H. R. Walcher Dr. W. Waldrop Dr. E. A. Walker. Jr. Dr. J. R. Walker Dr. O. A. Watson Dr. R. E. Wehrs Dr. K. A. Weiss Dr. L. L. Wells S. L. Wells, M.S. Dr. P. l. L. Welt Dr. N. T. Werthessen Dr. K. L. West Dr. P. G. VVheeler Dr. WV. H. Whitcomh Dr. O. R. White Dr. C. W. Wigilins P. W. Wigler, Ph.D. Dr. H. Wilkins Dr. J. E. Witcher Dr. H. B. Witten Dr l P Wolff Dr: Woolridge Dr. Dr. Dr. wr-:w zo . O N 1 5 a FT' 1 F' Y' . R. Worsham D. Wright A. VVulfl . D. A. Yeager Prrceblorx. Sr A c Sr lmnl of Mnlirinr Dr. M. Mollison Altus Dr. E. C. Lindley Duncan Dr. G. A. Tallant Frederick Dr. C. E. Smith Henrvetta Dr. J. VV. Finch Hobart Dr. R. C. McDougal Holdenville Dr. C. K. Holland McAlester Dr. L. C. Barnes Nowata Dr. C. H. Williams Okeene Dr. J. A. Graham Pauls Valley Dr. C. Rav Pahvhllska Dr. C. S. Cunningham Poteau Dr. VV. C. McCurdy. Jr. Purcell Dr. O. H. Patterson Sapulpa Dr. K. E. Whinery Sayre Dr. W. H. Dersch, Jr. Shattuck Dr. P. E. Fry Stillwater Dr. F. Green Stilwell Dr. E. S. BELL Tishomingo Dr. R. A. Conley Watonga Dr. l. L. Dner VVoodward Dr. E. T. Shirley Wynnewood .iociale Prrwbtnrs, html of Medicme ALTUS Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr Dr. Dr. .TH-rj-l . H. Abernathy . W. Becker K. Hier: Holman M. Hughes P. Irby Kay Dr. W. Starkey DFQD1' Dr. C. L. Tesertiller Dr. J. Walker DUNCAN Dr. I. Gregston Dr. H. Lindley Dr. D.C. Ryan FREDERICK Dr. C. C. Allen Dr. P. Fry, Jr. Dr. D. Honaker Dr. . G. Johnson HENRYETFA Dr. F. Hubbard HOBART Dr. W. Bernell Dr. V. H. Howard Dr. M. W. Mahone Dr. R. S. Phelan Dr. L. O. Short Dr. R. F. Shriner Dr. J. B. Tolbert OL VILLE H DEN Dr. D. H. Cramblet Dr. I. R. Danel Dr. A. S. Johnston Dr. R. Mayberry Dr. H. V. Schall' Dr. D. R. Storts Dr. T. A. Trow MCALESTER Dr. B. H. Brown Dr. G. M. Brown Dr. S. L. Norman Dr. E. H. Shuller Dr. T. Shuller Dr. F. D. Switzer Dr. H. C. Wheeler NOWATA Dr. J. R. Reid Dr. A. Smith Dr. D. Sullivan OKEENE Dr. D. Dotter PAULS VALLEY Dr. R. H. Lindsey Dr. H. H. Monroe Dr. R. E. Spence PAWHUSKA Dr. E. A. Brashear Dr. R. W. Daugherty Dr. R. F. Harper Dr. R. WV. Loy Dr . VV. A. Loy Dr. W. T. Manning POTEAU Dr. K. Alexander Dr. R. W. Lowrey Dr. Powell Dr. R. L. Winters PURCELL Dr. W. G. Long Dr. W. T. Stone SAPULPA Dr. M. S. Bartlett Dr. P. Joseph Dr. R. G. White Dr. C. C. Zumwalt SAYRE Dr. P. Devanney Dr. WV. Leebron Dr. T. McGrath Dr. H. K. Speed SHATTUCK Dr. R. H. Burgtorf Dr. F. S. Newman Dr. M. H. Newman Dr. J. J. Smith STILLWATER Dr. L. C. Freed Dr. G. B. Gathers Dr. W. L. Honska Dr. R. E. Roberts Dr. H. R. Sanders Dr. A. B. Smith Dr. H. Smith STILWELL Dr. VV. Z. Cook Dr. R. Currie TISHOMINGO Dr. C. D. VViseman VVATONGA Dr. A. K. Cox Dr. Z. O. Curtin Dr. F. T. Perry WOODWARD Dr. M. K. Braly Dr. A. Diaz Dr. D. Fetzer Dr. R. G. Obermiller Dr. C. W. Tedrowe Dr. R. Whiteneck WVYNNEWVOOD Dr. M. E. Robberson Dr. V. simmering MS IV TOP ROVV: John Afinowicz, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Richard Allgood, Alrus, OU: Pele Baker, Tulsa, Tulsa Universily: Noble Ballard, Duke, Cenlral Slale: Earl Baxfer, Ninnekah, OU. SECOND ROW: Sieve Blackwelder, Holoarl, Weslminisler: Harold Boggs, Barllesville, Phillips: Malcolm Bridwell, Carnegie, OU: David Brown, Barllesville, OU: Mary Brown, Boswell, SMU. THIRD ROW: Richmond Jay Brownson, Tulsa, Weslminsler: Buff Burlis, Jr., Clinlon, OU: Ted Bynum, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Larry Carlmell, Pawnee, Cenlral Slale College: Wes+ Clabaugh, Ardmore, OSU. FOURTH ROW: Ben Clevenger, Allus, OU: John Cone, Miami, OU: Jim Covey, Poleau, Norrh- easlern Slale College: Ralph Cramer, Jr., Elm- wood, OSU: Bill Crowell, Shawnee, OU. FIFTH ROW: Tom Danica, Nashabo, OSU: Joe DuFFy, Oklahoma Cily, OCU: Bill Edwards, Ponca Cily, Weslminsler: Bruce Evafl, Wayne, OU: Darryl Fisher, Ada, Cenlral Slale College. SIXTH ROW: Joel Gisf, Kremlin, OU: LeRoy Goodman, Oklahoma Cily, OCU: Charles Hahn, Blackwell, OU: Ron Hall, Slillwaler, OSU: Bill Hanna, Mooreland, Norlhweslern Slale College. SEVENTH ROW: Dillis Hari, Edmond, Central Slale College: Joe Harfzog, Oklahoma Cily, OCU: Mel I. Harvey, Toronlo, Canada: Tulsa Universily: Paul Halhaway, Big Springs, Tex., OU? Bill Hawley, Henryelra, Benedicline Heighls Col- lege. EIGHTH ROW: Phil Head, Sligler, Norlheaslern Slale College: Larry Hill, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Dick Honaker, Belhany, Belhany College: Jack Howard, Oklahoma Cily, Cenrral Srale College: George Hulsey, Edmond, Cenlral Slale College. BOTTOM ROW: Gordon Jimerson, El Reno, OU: Bill Jobe, Oklahoma Ciry, OU: Howard Johnson, Tulsa, Tulsa Universily: Jim Jones, Norman, OU: Mike Jordan, Tulsa, Norlheaslern Slare College. MIV TOP ROW: Don Kennedy, Henryeiia, OSU: Du- wayne Lagan, Enid, Phillips Uniyersiiyy Rosalee Lavon, Norman, OU: H. K. Leafhers, Muskogee, OU: Lyda Long, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU. SECOND ROW: John Lung, Del Ciiy, OSU: Paul Massad, Apache, Souihweslern Siale College: Bill Mccurdy, Purcell, OU: Dick McKinne, Ok- mulgee, OU: Audrey McMas+er, Oklahoma Ciiy, Ceniral Siaie College. THIRD ROW: Bob Mefcalf, Hollis, Souihwesiern Sfafe College: Lance Miller, Tulsa, Noriheaslern Siaie College: John Mohr, Maize, Kans., ST. Louis, Universiiy: Andy Mullholland, Tulsa, Norfh- easfern Siafe College: Bruce Naylor, Okeene, OBU. FOURTH ROW: John O'Neal, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU: Henry Pearce, Edmond, Cenlral Siate Col- lege: Olen Pendergrafh Jr., Tulsa, Phillips Uni- yersily: John Poarch, Crescenl, Cenlral Siale College: Charles Praiher, Tulsa, OU. FIFTH ROW: Bob Priesf, Tahlequah, Noriheasi- ern Siaie College: Ed Reichelf, Oklahoma Ciiy Ceniral Siaie College: Herb Rowland, Milburn, Souiheasfern Slaie College: Jerry Schoolar, Ard- more, Texas Wesley: Don ScoH', Ada, OU. SIXTH ROW: Ron Sheefs, Woodward, OSU: Tim Smally, Coyle, OSU: Eric Sorenson, Minneapolis. Minn., OU: David Spencer, Tulsa, OU: Dan Siough, Geary, Cenfral Siaie College. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Sfouf, Shawnee, OBU: Wal- ler Siullman, Bronx, N.Y., Columbia Universily: Don Sullivan, Shawnee, OBU: Tom Talley, Enid, Phillips Universiiy: Vic Taie, Enid, OU. EIGHTH ROW: Bob Taylor, Ponca Ciiy, OSU: David Trenf, Guymon, OBUg Roberf Vallion, Pan- ama, OSU: Jim Wallace, Alva, Norihwesiern Siaie College: Dale Webb, Tulsa, Baylor Uniyer siiy. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Williams, Elk City, Souihe wesiern Siale College: Judy Williams, Enid, Phil- lips Uniyersiiy: Bob Wuerfleing James Young, Shawnee, OBU. pl ,nf-as STICKS AND STONES may break my bones buf worgis OKAY, MEN, Now wi'1a+'s wrong wiriw Hwis pelvis? HOW ARE you doing? Oh, iusf sew-sew! 20 WHY DO WE wear masks and a sieihoscope io change diapers? ff! 7'EiSji51I1,if5S:i?IfT..J", f i E. , T V mifii zvfsg, Vg ' I ., Jail, -1 H :sgQ:::22,,E29 13:1 E Amos C. C. "LOST my ieerh, losf my hair and losing my naruref' fm THE HAND is quicker Wvm The Immmerf RUSH WEEK I5 over. 2 rkt V, J -N., NN-ag-L N OF COURSE, l'm imfhrfrzfwd in your pas! Iwisfory. EVERY CHRISTMAS I afwa fS 312+ a crock THAT OUGHT Io Iwofd the MHC owes. LEISURE TIME as a senior ' III TOP ROW: Roberl Arnold, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Don Bailey, Slroud, OU: Charles Barbee, Anf- lers, OU: Mike BarkeH, Oklahoma Cify, OU: Jonne Barney, Andarko, OU. SECOND ROW: George Barry, Oklahoma Cily. OU: Shelba Befhel, Del Cify, Norlheaslern Sfale College: Charles Blair, Oklahoma Ci'fy. OU: Cur- fis Bohlman, Walonga. OU: John Bozalis, Okla- homa Cily. OU. THlRD ROW: James Brashear, Slilwell, Norlh- easlern Slale College: Sian Brunn, Brooklyn, N.Y.: Long Island Universily: Bob Bru+on, Haris- horne, Norlheaslern Slale College: Dale Bufler, Norman. OU: Bob Capeharf, Muskogee, Cenlral Slale College. FOURTH ROW: Bob Carson, Oklahoma Cify. OU: Bob Carfer, Tonkawa, Cenlral Slale Col- lege: Lyle Carfwrighr, Norman. OU: Charles Coker, El Reno, U.S. Naval Academy: Bill Col- vand, Oklahoma Cily. Cenfral Sfafe College. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Cook, Oklahoma Cify, OU: Phil Craff, Hugo, Norlheaslern Slafe College: Ron Cramer, Elmood, OSU: David Eakin, Tulsa. Washinglon and Lee Universily: Charles Folsom, Mariella, Soulheaslern Slale College. SIXTH ROW: T. H. Forlmann, Oklahoma Cily. OU: Twilah Fox, Bixby. Tulsa Universily: Tom GarreH, Anadarko, Soufheaslern Slale College: Eldon Gibson, Tahlequah, Norlheaslern Sfale College: Charles Goree, Oklahoma Cily, OU. SEVENTH ROW: David Gregory, Oklahoma Cily. Cenlral Slare College: Slephen Haas, Oklahoma Cily, Michigan Universiry: Jim Henry, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Manuel Hensley, DeOueen, Ark., Belh- any Nazarene: Bob Hoffman, Newkirk, OSU. EIGHTH ROW: Marlin Hullender, Frederick. OBU: Melvin Hu'Hs, Vinila, Tulsa Universily: Jim Jackson, Healdlon, OSU: Don Johnson, lnola, Tulsa Universily: Ray Johnson, Slillwaler. OSU. BOTTOM ROW: Roy King, Midwesl Cily, Norfh- easlern Slale College.: Abbas Kifabchi, Okla.- homa Cily, OU: Joe Krueger, Lawlon, Cenlral Slale College: Bob Lee, Tahlequah, Norlheaslern Slale College: Pal' Lesrer, Broken Arrow, Norlh- easlern Slale College. M III TOP ROW: Larry Magnuson, Alva, Norfhwesiern Sfaie College: Rex Ma'H'hews, Oklahoma Cify. OU: Don McHard, Blackwell, OSU: Jim McMur- ry, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Sfaie College: Tom Medlock, Ada, OU. SECOND ROW: Don Meinders, Pauls Valley. OSU: Lin Meiring, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU: Jim Mil- fon, Harrah, OSU: Don Miichell, Oklahoma Cily. Cenfral Siaie College: Buri Mon+ague, Lawlon, OU. THIRD ROW: Kirk Mosely, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Paul Nave, Enid, OU: John Neely, Edmond, Cen- fral Sfaie College: Tom Neese, Seminola, OU: Bob Pavlu, Waukomis, Sf. Benedicfs. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Penningfon, Midland. Tex., OSU: Kin Pirfle, McAles+er, Noriheasiern Slaie College: Charles Plank, Fairview, OU: Gary Rahe, Crescent OSU: A. J. Reed. Kiowa, Kan., OSU. FIFTH ROW: Jimmie Reed, Nowafa, Noriheasi- ern Siafe College: Sam Reyes, Wewoka, OU: Tom Russell, Meeker, Wesfminsler: lldiko Sand- ford, Oklahoma Ciiy, OU: Fred Schachu, Okla- homa Cily, Norlhwesiern Sfale College. SIXTH ROW: Harley Scholz, Perry, OSU: Bob Searcy, Tulsa, Weslminsfer College: Gary Shep- herd, Barflesville, Park College: S+an Skaer, Au- gus+a, Kan., OSU: Teresa Sfacy, Oklahoma Ciiy, OCU. SEVENTH ROW: Nick Sfephanou, Oklahoma Cily, OSU: Rex Sfockard, Oklahoma Cily, OSU: Gary Sfrelael, Okay. Norfheas+ern S+a+e College: Leaford Thornbrough, Clinfon, Soulhweslern Sfafe College: Jon Tillinghasf, EI Reno, OBU. EIGHTH ROW: Jim Todd, Sfillwafer, OSU: Mark Tong, Seoul, Korea, OU: Richard Tucker, Tulsa. U.S. Naval Academy: Donald Tu'H, Duncan, Cen- 'rral Siafe College: Bruce Van Horn, Oklahoma Cily. OU. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Vogel, Tulsa. Benedicline Heighfs: Jim Walraven, Lexingfon, Cenfral Siale College: Marvin Weisbard, Oklahoma Cily, Co- lumbia Universilyg David Wesi, Oklahoma Ciiy, Cen+ral Siale College: Jon Willis, Blackwell, OSU: Carroll Zahorsky, Carmen, Norihweslern Sfaie College. 3 lx. . S ff' ,wr-A D1 GALLSTONES, perhaps? THE SURGERY oral shuffle service. 24 BLOW! Don? Suck! , L A , :S ww 3 'Ffwfi 1,Lf25wW ,m f-fvgfssif .- X'?Zif:re!Qas:,s1 wr Dila? ,xxx ax . K L,-fvsasfsfw: wwQQE-.fgi'gl12vgf5w2QxWgf, 2 ' -Mufif as fwmgmsbaw -- W w,,A.,5 . 325i S, M Fm 52 me e my f v,,,, THIS IS your leader? ., M '-. -- :W , , , 1- n wg- 2. f ' ,sf J if R SEND IN Jrhe big blonde mils as . .mm H -. : mia! ,. .IL LET'S TRY iurwimg om The viewbox. KEEP THE WRITE-UPS concise and brief, in 25 DWFVQOS. ,F . 5 -an-JV' X i Rn... 0 ldnilm-TI W IJOINED THE Mnfiros fo become Q Navei Surgeon, AS AN MS III, xfou play an irife-gral parf ir fowl pafimvf cum. LEISURE TIME as if imim' HE'S ALL washed up! MANY DOCTORS beiieve in dose comme? with patients 1 ii is X IRX i N1 TOP ROW: Mike Adams, Chocraw, OU: Tom Ahrend, Oklahoma Cily, Easr Cenfral Slafe College: Sieve Allin, Norman, OU: Mary Ann Anderson, Shawnee. OU: Bobby Anihony, Carney, OSU: Jon Asrle, Blackwell. OSU: Hal Balyea+, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Charles Bieber, Ponca Cily, OU. SECOND ROW: Jake Bloom, El Reno, Cenlral Slale College: Gordon Bocox, Tulsa, OU: Charles Bollman, Muskogee, OU: David Brewer, Okmulgee, Phillips: Roy Camp, Waynoka, OSU: John Campbell, Oklahoma Cily, Weslminslerp Lynn Carr, Norman, Be+h- any Nazarene: Tom Car+er, Tonkawa, OSU. THIRD ROW: Bob Case, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Carolyn Caies, Norman, OU: Bill Cobb, Purcell. OU: Joe Cole, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Jack Connally, Sfrallord, Universiiy ol Washinglon: Sidney Co+ner, Oklahoma Cily. OU: Glenn Cun- ningham, Brisrow, OU: Morris Curry, Oklahoma Cily. Ceniral Slale College. II FOURTH ROW: Bill Davies, Ponca Cily, Wisconsin: Pefe Duke, Oklahoma Cily, Cenrral Slale College: Glenn Dunningfon, Chero- kee, OU: John French, Arlesia, N.M., OU: Joe Frey, Chickasha. Easl Cenlral Sfale College: Chuck Frichoi, Cushing, OU: Charles Gelnar, Granire, Soulhweslern Slale College: John Geurkink, Chickasha, OSU. FlFTH ROW: Jim Gormley, Oklahoma Cily, Cenfral Srale Col- lege: Ed Gwin, Ada, Easr Cenlral Slaie College: Tom Hansen, Srillwarer, OSU: John Ha+cheH, Pawhuska, OU: Roberi' Hemphill, Orange, Tex.. Beihany Nazarene: Dodge Hill, Oklahoma Cify, OSU: Sally Holden, Fl. Worlh, Tex., TCU: Carroll Holsfed, Car- negie, Soulhweslern Slale College. BOTTOM ROW: Pai' Hughes, Tulsa. Nolre Dame: Clark Hyde. Oklahoma Cily, OU: Lee Jeffrey, Hugh, OSU: Lewis Johnson, Mangum, OU: Jay Johnsion, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Slale Col- lege: John Junker, Edmond. Cenlral Slale College: Phillip King- ery, Mangum. Soulhweslern Slale College: Roger Kinney, Ed- mond, Cenfral Sfale College. MII TOP ROW: Fred Kuhn, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Kemper Lain, Ponca Cily, OSU: Bob Lamberf, Ardmore, OU: Dee Legako, Wellslon. OSU: Joe Leonard, Ponca Cily, DePauw: Jerry Leu, Alva. Norlh- weslern Slale College: Charles Lewis, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Clark Lipe, Oklahoma Cily, OU. SECOND ROW: James Lucas, Sand Springs, Norlheaslern Slale College: Tony Madeira, Lawlon, OU: Jim Males, Cheyenne. Soulhweslern Slale College: David Manning, Edmond, Cenlral Slale College: James Manloolh, Lindsay, OU: Bob Marchbank, Tulsa, Universily ol Tulsa: Clarence Maxey, Midwesl Cily, OU: Marcia McGee, Oklahoma Cily, Slandlord Uniyersily. THIRD ROW: Muriel McGIamery, Mooreland, OSU: Bill McKin- ney, Oklahoma Cily, Universily ol: Tulsa: Dan Me'I'caI'f, Allus, OSU' Bob Milam, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Dick Morris, Vlfealherlord, Soulhweslern Slale College: Richard Nelson, Okla- homa Cily, OSU: Byron Niebruegge, Snyder, OU: Bill Noblel, Spiro, OBU. FOURTH ROW: David Parker, Belhany, Cenlral Slale College: Sian Pelofsky, Brooklyn, N.Y., Long Island Universily: Bob Quinn, Oklahoma Cily, OU: Joe Roberfson, Oklahoma Cily, Belhany Nazarene: Frank Sanchez, Panama Cily, Easl Cenlral Slale Col- lege: John Schulmacher, Alva, Norlhweslern Slale College: Bill Shadid, Oklahoma Cily, Cenlral Slale College: Jim Shaefler, Oklahoma Cily, OU. EIFTI-I ROW: Bruce Shields, Enid, Phillips: Tom Sloan, Duncan, OU: Dick Smilh, Oklahoma Cily, Weslminsler: Bill Smilh, Nor- man, OU: Larry S'I'abler, Oklahoma Cily, Universily ol Tulsa: Carl Slevenson, Oklahoma Cily, Universily ol Tulsa: Marlin Slokes, Oklahoma Cily, Easl Cenlral Slale College: Mark Sullivan, Okla- homa Cily, OU. BOTTOM ROW: Jan Turley, Eulaula, OSU: Anadarko, OU: Jim Wallenmire, Perry, OSU: Ray Warren, Norman, OU: Phil Wash- burn, Oklahoma Cily, Belhany Nazarene: George Weaber, Okla- homa Cily, OU: Bob Worley, Enid, Phillips Universily: David Young, Oklahoma Cily, OU. GETTING a lirflc Culfurcl LEARNING fo wcofd your arms and look infefliqenrl TEACHER'S per! LOOK TO your riglwf, look fo your left one of you won? qradufare. PLANNING AHEAD wlrrm Bofuunus Toxin. ALLOW for wfmdaqel PROFESSOR Middlefon concludes amofher Iecfure. NATIONAL BOARDS, did you say? CRAMMING for pafholoqy is fradifiomal. CANT Hand .iawoiher Ulm. OKAY, fake your senfsf IVI I TOP ROW: Joe Anderson, Hugo, Gary Anderson, Tulsa, Jerry Bednar, Oklahoma Ciiy, Bill Bird, Oklahoma CiI'y7 Joe Bourrand, Oklahoma Cily, Jim Bowie, Oklahoma Cify. SECOND ROW: Spencer Brown, Fayeiieville, Ark., Phil Bryan, Clinion, Linc Bynum, Oklahoma Ciiy, Bill Cheafham, Ardmore, John Chrisfiansen, Oklahoma Ciiy, Gene Clef- Iin, Wakila. THIRD ROW: Judifh Myers, Tulsa, Tom Coale, Okemah, Joe Coker, Belhanyg Jeff Collins, Tulsa, Bill Cook, Okla- homa Cilyg Whulen Cox, Jal, N.M., FOURTH ROW: John Craig, Enid, Bill Culp, McAlesIer. Gene Cunningham, Oklahoma Ciiyg C. A. Riser, Henry- ella, Bill Dieker, Pryor, Sian Dombek, Henryelfa. FIFTH ROW: Gary Elam, Tulsa, Ed Ellis, Muskogee, Ed Emmons, Enid, Ken Evans, Marieiia, George Flaming. Cloud Chief, Coy Freeman, Mcfklesier. SIXTH ROW: Mayo Gilson, Oklahoma Cily, Marfin Glass- er, Oklahoma Ciiy, Charles Gosnell, Tahlequahg Larry Gra- ham, Tahlequah, Robin Gunning, Oklahoma Ciiy. SEVENTH ROW: Charles Ham, Tucson, Ariz., Joe Harbi- son, Tulsa, R. E. Hardberger, Beaver, Jean Hesfer, Okla- homa Cily, Ron Hill, Clinfon. EIGHTH ROW: Bill Jackman, Norman, Viclor Lee Jackson, Edmond, Johnny Jones, Shawnee, Chris Kaufman, Win- Ihrop, Mass., Forresf Keene, Oklahoma Cily. BOTTOM ROW: Mark Kelley, Siillwaier, John King, Guy- mon, Chuck Lapo, Sanla Barbara. Calif, Joe Leonard, Rush Springs, Bob Livingsfon, Oklahoma Ciiy. E M I TOP ROW: Jack Locke, Ardmore: Bob Lynch, Tulsa: Jean Mauch, Sapulpa: Bob McCIoy, Oklahoma Cily: J. D. Mc- Kean, Oklahoma Cily. SECOND ROW: Ralph McLaury, Norman: Ken Miller. Harlshorne: Russ Milchell, Milburn: Arden Clinkenbeard, El Caion, Calif.: L. A. Myers, Jef. THIRD ROW: Barney Neal, Oklahoma Cify: Charles Nim- mo, Clinlon: Ron Norfh, Enid: Leon Parks, Tiplon: Howard Parsons, Lawlon. si 5 FOURTH ROW: Randel Pally, Moore: Jack Pe'f'l'eH, Cacl- do: John Pelfigrove, Barllesville: Bill Pinglelon, Haileyville: James Ricks, Oklahoma Cily. FIFTH ROW: Ralph Day, Durham, N.H.: Judy Robbins, Muskogee: Elmo Robison, Hugo: Fenlon Sanger, Oklahoma Cify: Chuck Seward, Oklahoma Cily. SIXTH ROW: John Shane, Tulsa: Bob Shaw, Miami: Dave Sherman, Lexinglon: Gary Shrago, Sioux Cily, Iowa: Nor- man Singer, Oklahoma Cily: Joe Smifh, Chicago, lll. ElGHTH ROW: Dick Smiih, Tulsa: Bill Smifh, Nowala: John Slamalis, Oklahoma Cily: Wall Slark, Oklahoma Cily: John Sluemky, Newkirk: Chuck Taylor, Oklahoma Cily, NlNTH ROW: Elmer Treaf, Oklahoma Cily: Dan Tubb, Tahlequah: Carl Tuck, Tulsa: Bill Wallace, Ardmore: Bud Warren, Kingfisher: Bob Weedn, Duncan. BOTTOM ROW: Liz While, Denver. Colo.: Gwen While- sell, Slillwaler: ScoH Williams, Slillwaler: Don Wilson, Blackwell: Jack Woodward, Fairview: David Wyall, Sapulpa. MS VS BONING up im fs quiz. ,si 1 QM I ,.,, ,maui 9 ,ausv"" 'Rx 'W' 1 ......., U' , T' y ? ,X I KL ACCORDING to WoodbL1rr 6 V fe K IN 470 of cases .. WHOSE VASTUS is We fasfesf? WHAT, me worry? I DON'T Hwink if is so beauii JJ 4 A A ,-A M K GRADUATE STUDENT COUNCIL. BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Lussier, Hyman Orbach, Jean Roller, Pally Wheeler. TOP ROW: T. K. Shires, K. K. Slinson, Bill Kurlz. Graduate tudent DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY: Emma Louise Anderson, Kimiko I-lalla Dugan, Theodore McClure. DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY: Jerry Clyde Capps, Hairig Ug Choi, George L. Eliceiri, Frank R. Frow, Eugene B. Harris, Wie-Yong Huang, Max Wayne Hursl, Gail E. Jergensen, Abbas Olhma Jibril, David Harlley Jones, Su-Chen Li, Huberl Eugene May, Charles Lee Mendenhall, Ann C. Miller, John Norman Mills. Mieko Oshima, Leonard C. Ryan, Carmen D. Sanchez, Ann K. Shires, Bariah Taha, Belly Jane While, Anila O, Young. DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATION DISORDERS: Verna Sue Auslin, Donna K. Bicklord, Sarah Ann Blajr, William H. Byrd, Jr.. Laurel Sara Cherlow, Mary Ann Conn, Carolyn Kay Cook, William A. Cooper, Jr., Mary Hicks Dirickson, Kalhryn E. Empie, Marlha Jean Enrolh, Rosemary Flinl, Grace E. Frederick, Mary F. Furman, Terry S. Grilling, Mariorie Mae Jones, Carmen R. Magno, James C. Malone, Judilh A. Miller, James V. Morris, Glenda Ochsner, Donald L. Rampp, Marjorie Richards, Karen J. Riess, Richard Riess, Darrell Rose, Belh Ann Sadler, Josel l. Sanders, Nancy Lee Schmermund, Elizabelh Shirey, Elizabelh C. Spickard, Thomas A. Slallcup, Rachel Slark, Thomas E. Slokinger, Palricia Summers. Louise Tarver, Pally Van Horn, Pally Wheeler, Marilyn Wilson, Gary Wingard, Maxine Wrenn, Thomas Zaehman. DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY: Lawrence A. Chilwood. Warren L. Cook, Donald J. Dunn, Charles M. Gunn, Gary W. Harris, Choudhry M. lshaq, Rulh C. Kibbe, Rachel Lomanilz, Bev- erly Ann McKown, Sucla Nida, Joan Roller, William R. Schmied- ing, Perry O. Teague, Dennis W. Trenl. DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY: Carlos A. Araoz, Jacqueline Coalson, David J. Harris, Charles R. Key, Paul H. Leap, Jack L. Painler, Michael Spengos, Kennelh Slinson. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY: William E. Kurlz, Roberl J. Niederschuh. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY: Jarrell D. Bairringlon, James R. Beall, Richard Bell, Jarvis L. Bull, James R. Callahan, Jack D. Connally, Roberl M. Daugherly, Paul Donal, R. l. Duncan, Thomas E. Emerson, Jr., Jimmy D. Frogge, Billy Joe Maller, Francis J. Nagle, Henry W. Overbeck, William N, Palmer, Michael N. Ro- mano, Jerry B. Scoll, Linda L. Shanbour, James A. Spalh, Jr. DEPARTMENT OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH: Jack Adler, Roberl Armslrong, Allway Ausbie, Paul A. Bicklord, John C. Branch, William J. Brown, Jr., Thomas J. Car- penler, Michael D. Clark, James P. Cosliloe, Wayne W. Daniel. Roberl C. Duncan, Jimmy Gann, Miriam Grossman, Ralph Har- kins, Jenell Hubbard, William R. Kilgore, William G, King, Adrian A. Kyriakopoulos, Edgar L. Lichli, Ching L. Liu, Carol McCoy. John F. McCoy, Anna M. Oberl, Hyman G. Orbach, Yale E. Parkhursl, Terry L. Rice, Roberl C. Riller, Royce L. Sololal, Wilson Sleen, Bill Slevenson, Roberl Thompson, Gary A. Tuck, Mrs. Gregory Waller, Eleanor l. Wigler, Charles Willard. DEPARTMENT OF DIETETICS: Florecila B. Acacio, Kalherine E. Brinker, Esperanza R. Briones, Edilh C. Cunningham, Jeanne Kil- palrick, Marie Lussier, Barbara Mayo, Marilyn Rollins, Janel Saville. ooner CHARLES PRATHER. Co-Editor RICHARD ALLGOOD, Co editor This is the most difhcult section of a yearbook to write. In this brief space, it is virtually impossible to express all the deserved credit to those who made this book possible. To all those We extend our sincere thanks. It is also the purpose of this editorial to explain the ideas behind the 1964 Sooner Medic. First it was our opinion that the yearbook should be more than a di- rectory of names and faces. For that reason, the theme of medicine 1847 and medicine through the ages was added to the routine regimen. Secondly, whenever possible, captions were written to fit the pictures, rather than itemize the chief characters. This approach allows us to use humor and sincerity at the expense of no one individual. Thirdly. the editing of a yearbook is a challenging task. The most challenging aspect is that of pleasing all the people all of the time. To achieve that, we thought a book should have humor, variety and sin- cerity. For your edification, here is such a book-the 1964 Sooner Medic. Richard Allgood MS IV Charles Prather MS IV BOTTOM ROW: Don Brashear. Elizabeth White, Bob Warren. TOP ROW: Kemper Lane, Richard Tucker. -1 - ,IVMWLI LEON SEATON N u rsing Co-editor CAROL FERGUSON Nursing Co-editor t P' up ,Bi . iw if so i x 411 i , Ee s 'ans 5 mv. so was gh i 'fm- ' ii' . l 3' K.: BOTTOM ROW: N. L. Me-irinq, Phillip E. Smith, Vic late, G. R. Blaekwelder. NOT PICTURED: Jim Todd, Jack Locke, Lincoln l-lasse, Eric Sorenson, Hyman Orbach. TOP ROW: Tom Talley. Bynum, Jerry Bodnar. Kemper Lain, Bill Smith, Glenn Cunningham, Mike Barlcett, S. E, tudent Council VIC TATE, President The Student Council is the duly elected governing body of the students at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine. It is comprised of the class presi- dents and two Student Council Representatives from each class and one representative from the Graduate School. Dr. Gunter Hasse, chief of neurology, depart- ment of medicine, is this year's faculty advisor. Dr. Phillip Smith. associate dean of student affairs, provides liaison with the school administration. Some of the continuing functions of the Student Council are administration of the honor system, spon- sorship of the All School Dance, Gridiron, the annual Aesculapion Award and the Sooner Medic. This year's Student Council provided the nucleus of organization by which the students devoted their sup- port to the successful passage of the Medical Center bond issue. THE ANNUAL Christmas banquet. The OU chapter of the Student American Medical Association completed its thirteenth year in 1963-64. In addition to providing for the needs of the professional organization for medical students, the SAMA annually brings to Oklahoma a distinguished speaker for the fall banquet sponsored by the Oklahoma Medical As- sociation. The all-school Christmas dance was planned by the SAMA. FIRST THE FOOD, then the festivilie Q Q is W- I 2 here in the midst of the annual ' "vu M Q S 1. p 51 2 is Sl Sl S A 5 2 GUEST SPEAKER at the fall leetureship was Dr. Julius H. Comme, here flaalced by Darryl Fisher ard Bruce Evatt. lpha tlmega Alpha Honor edical ociet Alpha Omega Alpha was founded by W'i11iam YV. Root. The first chapter was organized at the College of Medicine, University of Illinois on August 25, 1902. The honor society has steadily grown so that today there are chapters in nearly every medical school in the United States. The spirit of AOA is set forth in its motto, "To be worthy to serve the suffering." The most prominent requisite of membership is high scholarship in a broad sense. Selection to the society is also based upon per- sonal honesty and leadership, as well as promise of fu- ture achievement in medicine. The Oklahoma Alpha chapter was founded on May 1. 1953 by action of the national society. The 1oca1 chapter has gradually enlarged so that there are ap- proximately l75 members at the present time. Each year, the Oklahoma chapter sponsors a fall and spring lectureship to which internationally prominent authori- ties in medicine are brought to the medical center. The fall Student Ilonors Convocation is another function of AOA at which time students are recognized for their scholastic achievement. Members of the class of 1963 were Richard T. Cous- sons, John P. Evans, VVi11iam Ilale, Michael Keeran, Steve A. Le-Valley, Dan M. Mackey, Billy Neal, jack Preston, Don A. Rockwell. Thomas A. Stanley. 11arry B. Tate and Dennis A. VVeigand. Members of the class of l964 selected as juniors were Robert Darryl Fisher tpresidentj, VVa1ter Stullman tviee-presidentj, and Bruce Lee Evatt tsecretary-treas- urerj. Selection of senior members of the class of 1964 is to be made in the spring, 1964, at which time a formal initiation dinner will be held in conjunction with the spring leetureship. Phi Beta Pi Phi Beta Pi is the largest medical fraternity in the world. It now has over forty active chapters. The Alpha Lambda chapter was installed at the University of Okla- homa School of Medicine in 1912 and has since had many prominent physicians as active members. The Alpha Lambda chapter has by far the largest and strong- est Alumni Association of any medical fraternity chapter. Meetings are held monthly in which an informative speaker is featured. A dinner-dance is sponsored an- nually as well as an Annual Founders Day Banquet at which a nationally prominent figure speaks. Othcers of the Alpha Lambda chapter are Bill Shadid, archong Joe C. Cole, vice-archon, Bruce Shields, secre- tary, Jack Connally, treasurer, and John Schuhmacher, historian. Members are Earl Baxter, Harold Boggs, Mel Harvey, Philip Head, Jack lloward. YYilliam Jobe, Howard Johnson. Wayne Johnson, Duane Lagan, Pat Leathers, Paul Massad, Robert Met- calf, Henry Pearce, Olen Pendergraft. James Robert Priest, Ceral Reichelt. Jerome Schoolar, Dan Stough, Ceorge YVOotan and Robert Wiuerllein. Additional members are Mike Barkett. Dan Brashear, Stan Brunn. Jerry Cook, Phil Craft. Ray Johnson. Abbas Kitabchi. Robert Lee. Pat Lester. Jim Mchlurry, Dee Mitchell, A. J. Reed. Harley Scholz, Cary Strebel, Nick Stephanou, Jim Todd. Cary Rahe and Mike Adams. Also Stephen Allin. David Brewer. Joe Charles Cole. Jack Connally. Charles Frichot. John Junker, Jay Johnston. Robert Nlarchbank. Robert Milam. Richard Morris. David Manning. Byron Niebruegge. YVillia1n Noblet, John SCllllllIl13CllCF. Bill Shadid. Bruce Shields. Ray NYarren, Robert VVorley. Ceorge Weaber. Aylllllllll McKinney, Lou Johnson and Pete Duke. Pledges include Clarence Maxey. Jerry Dean Leu, Johnny French, Tony Madeira, V. Cary Anderson, YVilliam Bird. David Clark. Ralph Day. Edwin Ellis, Edward Emmons. Mayo Dean flilson. Xvlllllllll Jackman, Johnny Jones. Jr.. Chris E. Kaul- nian. Bob E. Lynch. Russell Mitchell. Ronald North. Randel Patty, Charles Seward, Norman Singer, Daniel Tumm, Jaines R. Warren. Don A. Yvilson. EVERYONE has tum at the Phi Beta Pi tunetioris Kwili, P' mg , FESTIVITIES abound at the annual Christmas party. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Grace Hassler. Dr. Bertha Levy, Mary Sade rnan. Carolyn Cafes. Dr. Loretta Engles. Dr. Ella Lernbeclc. Dr. doris, Judy Williams, Dr. Ellidee Dofson, Gwen Whitesell, Judy Clwarlsey Klepper, Dr. Muriel l-lyroop. Joyce Lemmons, Mary Myers, Judy Robbins. TOP ROW: Sally Holden, Dr. Ernest Lach- Brown, Dr. Lillian Holme. Dr. Nancy Craig. Jean Hester. Alpha Ep ilon Iota OFFICERS President . MARY BROWN Vice-President . . JONNE BARNEY Secretary-Treasurer . . SALLY HOLDEN Alpha Epsilon Iota was founded 72 years ago at the University of Michigan. Nu chapter was established at the University of Oklahoma in 1921. Monthly meetings, conducted in homes of alumnae, afforded enjoyable opportunities for students and alumnae to exchange ideas and "talk shop." Activities included guest speakers, "get acquaintedl, freshman party, a pledge ceremony and formal initia- tion. Emphasis is placed on fellowship, scholarship and the fostering of a spirit of moral and social helpful- ness. Nu seeks to maintain the high standards of AEI and, in so doing, also maintain the standards of medi- cine. ENJOYING AN EVENING at the Baptist Student Union are Pat Moler, Jim Milton, Elalria Litlner- lancl, Ann-Mary Green and Emma Lee Boepple. Baptist Student nion l r SONGS AT THE PIANO and table games are part ot the routine. Meetings at the Baptist Student Union provide an time for medical and nursing students to renew the spiritual aspects of their lives. On Mondays, vesper services are held and on Thursdays. Bible study. Kitchen facilities are available for informal get-togethers. One of the chief activities this year was to sponsor the first Medical Mission Conference at the First Baptist Church. The conference was held in November. 5,9-.1 ENJOYING a cool drinlc are Jim Milton and Elaina Litherland while Pat Moler and Emma Lou Boepplc study lor up-comirq quizzes. ffm 2 I DR. GARMAN H. DARON, ArvaIomy DR. WILLIAM JACQUES, Pafholony Pre-Clinical Years Aesculapian Awards For Excellence In Teaching CIIHICR- Years DR JIMMY SIMON Pec,II':Irics DR JAMES A MERRILL Gyrwcoloqy and QESICIVICS W4 ,qu milf' .nv pk 'IK TOP ROW: Joe Frey, Leroy Long Prize: Carroll Holsled, Alex- Dr. Tom Lowry Award: Michael Barlcell, Refer E. Russo Prize: ander D. Everell Award and Leroy Long Prize: William Smirh, Roberl' D, Fisher, Coyne Campbell Award, Pfizer Laboralories Harry Willcins Prize: Richard Tuclcer. Peler E. Russo Prize: Marli Medical Scholarship: Coy Freeman, Ray M. Balyeal Award. R. Everell' Award, Roche Award. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Anlhony. Oklahoma Slafe Medical Associalion Scholarship recipienls were Glen Cunningham, John Jones, Bob Livinjslon, Bill Wallace, Bill Chealhani. 2, 'ef fri : -W - war' 452' K is Avalon Foundalion Scholarship Winners. TOP ROW: Don Wilson, ROW: Russ Milchell, L. A. Myers, Leon Rarlcs, John Sluemky, Liz Bill Coolc, Charles Ham, Jene Mauch, Mayo Gilson. BOTTOM While. wr- nz, , 1-it I 1 I 'TIT' is Q Jr 13 its Q if 7 fm H. Ku K CHECKING The animal Cages are Bill Deshpande and Ronald HEH. Re earch ONE OF THE mfmy daily chemical famalfscs is checked by M-wlfrid Noklinq. Great strides occur daily in the field of medical re- search. Each day writes a new page into the history of medical progress. The SOONER MEDIC acknowledges all the authors who contribute to that manuscript. H' INVESTIGATING the Warburg is Joan Rotter and Hyman Orbfach. gil? . Z! BOTTOM ROW: Helen Cohenour, Norma Capeharl, Sharron ROW: Linda West Nancy Kaufman, Donas Cook, Delella Wash Monlague, Kellie Blair, Camille Cunningham, Nila lVlCMurry. TOP burn, Doris Duke, Carol Hawley, Pal Jones, Linda Trenl. Wive Club l l l ' l 2 BOTTOM ROW: Joy Brewer. Paula Anlhony, Judy Wall. SECOND Adams. TOP ROW: Charlene Young. Margarel Sawyer. ROW: Joan Bircl, Nancy l-lalsled, Beverly Niebrueqge, Yvonne BOTTOM ROW: Dee l-larlzog, Joyce Reiclwell, Judy Jirnerson, Sue Peridergrall, Mrs. George Bo- zelis. TOP ROW: Gloria Kilabclii, Rosalie Raine, Donna Lucas, Mer- lene Wuerllein, Beverly King, Belly Carlmell, Linda Skaer, Pellye Ber- bee. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Riclcs, Lee Ann Cunningham, Eileen Weisbard. SECOND ROW: Mrs. George Gar- rison, Glennis Myers, l-lelen Taylor, Donna Keene, Susan Dornbelc, Janel Perks. TOP ROW: Georgia Carler, Pellye Barbee, Mary Eyall, Deloris Taylor. Olivia Hill, lngmerie Collins. THERE COULD IT be Transvesfism? WI'IO SAYS I cfm? examine five af a Mme? 'S A IIHIQ Comfudsm af every New Yeafs parfy. DO YOU wan? fo see my Iafoo? Partie I X af if MARRIAGE - - We He I'I'1aI binds. ITHOUGHT you had on Ilwe boffoms. Y '-f'5"2'3f-1" . sf ' -'TPI zri --.,. ,, ,UQ-. 5' 1 .- - . N In I .'.x:'i.:.:ist:x ,NIPJ "als .' I: te?-fi'-'L'7"5't ' 'fri . g -' '2. :khan j ' ' , ts: .'3'--!2't'qj,, v I - ' Jrffffi-5359 . - 1---:.u:x'1,Ea.3: . 1- -'an -'.l-Q' .x.--.mrwf . " .Q-Fifi' .X Us - u D ..- bar... ,-J Qgffvs-e-,--v -- . - ..x3:-5-0-5: ' 1,-'-A 5'-I - -'x .-5 ,-- ,, ' I.-'rfl f 4 1 ,.g-125. Qif,:'Q'f,:1-555IB".+r.Y'iE15 .i .. 1 si" 2-as 'Fc ' - -,tl - . .-:cg - f-. .- ':1'- N 1. ,Q4 'Rf'-':?s'a5'5ii-'P"'-:f1: Q. ' .fl -.N-1 2-:A -5-,fmx.' .,-wif.-, .gm - . -.2---.1-q:'.':-. N g E:3x.Af, ..t.,G,?,H1 .. ..45:::iu::,:G A 'hX:1:,3:,-'.....x.. .L ... .,n. F R-.eq ,i ,A'l.YR ISA4,x- H Jr 59o.,,r:'y1,g :..,, . q . .5 4 U w t3"3'f" 'SEf: :., . ' j,i"' ' 9-1 1 .Q .tqgffl-q,':': . . Tr .'-ge,.,qf .--... I-,Mr yu 51 . .rs-rn... .- U . I 5. 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H., - . -.Daw v .N .Q ' -:!g.fE.'f , f. . f.-Q' 4- -f: 1 In - -. 2 ' 'ff . :J , f'1,i'::f ?3?'?.wf4-Q , - ..-.m.4r'lE-PY: gf ' - A - - ,-,- .4',-?1-1... -7:41,-5. . -..,,:..,,,' um.,-,twig . . :.,..-xgi,x..yxH,4., . - -fa f.:,:',- fy:-.-.4- ' -Fi-F4- 7, ihgai-SLQEJQ-SE., ,gi 5 L., ,pxJ,-55: i , ' , ....- -x Q3 '-- - jfflj'-.fbjgi-, -915135-If. 'f' '. , , ,V-51-A Sfqiv- 'f5:tfajg525,1i3'-- 5:93 iffy: Q: gi-"sa Q.:- '-13,?, ,, ., ,,. 4 m y, -' :Q-wig,:- . v A Ti 5.-. 4152: ,g?i,.::Q,q4.:,.,7-' 1' -I xgiuaggaxcgigst : Ia: ...I is ' ,. -Q.7,,.k,Q,- wr- QM-:--2 .5 V 15- -5, .ti N535 Y, - . 1. i- Eff., 3.-1 - ,1. QW e an "1-:'-'-'-'-'17j..-.157 Y 1-I-'-f'f:!: . 39 W' ' qv!! . wi' ouww.v --V - on onuuiww ' W ,-, x 5535-X :ij-' V. NA NOON! '4' , ri A . ,X-.1-:J 2321? - 'Fifi lj 'f' -154551.-s 1, I , i 'P J ' " ' .3154 .. ".ii:-:.f.:1.::,::'l::::T4l1 -' 1 "ji--. ' ' A7 1. . 1:-'--f.-2'-5-12 - . . ,.,. - if 'J ikv- ' ' 1 2'. 'Q .SW !J':'Pf,u of Hippocrates- - - I swear by Appollo, the physician, and Aesculapius, and Hygiea, and Panacea, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this oath and stipulation: to reckon him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him and relieve his necessity if required: to regard his offspring on the same footing as my own brothers, and to teach them this art if they should wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation, and that by precept, lecture and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the art to my own sons and to those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath, according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that method of treatment which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel: furthermore, I will not give to a woman an instrument to produce an abortion. I will not cut a person who is suffering with a stone, but will leave this to be done by practitioners of this work. Into whatever houses I enter I will go into them for the benefit of the sick and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption: and further from the seduction of females or males, bound or free. VVhatever, in connection with my professional practice, or not in connection with it, I may see or hear in the lives of men which ought not be spoken abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my art. While I continue to keep this oath unviolated may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men at all times, but should I trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot. Ns! x3 D 3 XJXTD al Ig, Mi zppocrates 460-370 1-3.8 Q cfliqwfl '. tw ig-cg The Father of Medicine - horn on the island of Cos of a family of Asclepiads, the guild of physi- cians who served Aesculpius. The first great clini- cian of all times, he was also the first peripatetic practitioner and teacher. By example, he gave the supreme value to sensual observations of the pa- tient's symptoms and established the imperative necessity of adequate case histories. His eternally famous oath contains the concepts ol' the high moral standards of medicine, which are the guid- ing principles of the ethics of the practice of med- icine to this yery day. , . w xx 0 UQ iff is 4 ,B xl lx piytlzofep 3000 BC. jc 'K QJ,J "He is prohahly the first physician whom we know hy name." tSigeristj. Chief Vizier to King Zoser of the third dynasty, he was priest, astrologer and magician. architect of the court, he de- signed and built the step-pyramid at Sakkar and the Temple at Ellui. He hecame a demi-Cod and later a God-worshipped for centuries-even beyond the reign of King Mycerinus. "The first ligure ol' a physician to stand out clearly from the mists of antiquity."fOslerJ. y 5 I f 5 5 tQ Fixx f, ,.., c RA yu ff izimonibes 1135 1204 'gfwg '- axcgxg out Rabbi and doctor- an example of persecution provoking philosophy. He was driven lrom Spain to Arabia where he became physician to the court of the great Saladin. He con- tributed the clinical observation that "the physician should notice accordingly that every sick person is depressed, whereas every healthy person is cheerful." He thus correlated the phis- ical and the mental. One senses the aura of asceticism with which his life was surrounded. The following quotation from his Daily Prayer characterizes his idealism: "Almighty God! Thou hast chosen me in Thy mercy to watch over the life and death of Thy creatures. Support me in this great task so that it may benefit mankind, for without Thy help not even the least thing will succeed." Although the authenticity of this prayer, popularly ascribed to Maimonides, is in some question by medical historians, it nevertheless exemplifies what is known of his personal character. t A Qffgzgl s asifBurl822-1895 J Qieiri At the age of twenty-six became Professor of Physics at the college of Dijon. His work in bac- teriology is one of the foundations on which the entire structure of modern medicine rests. His studies on crystallography - fermentation - an- thraz - rabies - and other notable achievements have resulted in his being called "the most perfect man to enter the kingdom of science." In contrast to the dazzling brilliance of his scientific genius was his gently, kindly, sympathetic, religious char- acter. His beautiful philosophy is expressed in his words "I believe that science and beauty will triumph over ignorance and war." Cr Af- 'U X5 X. 'X f7lpgQbCiq'I ,-X:-'KNJX UQQC elf ,iflf x v ri' ix Ag B35 101 QL yt oentgen 1845- 1922 Di 7 L D In the course of experiments on November 8, 1895-discovered the production of mysterious rays of electrical energy-which had the incred- ible property of passing completely through solid objects. ln simple modesty, he called the new rays "X-rays." This phenomenon gave to medicine a means by which the inaccessible interiors of the body could be studied. It also resulted in the dis- covery ol' a new method of attacking cancer. This unaffected, retiring scientist was given the Nobel prize in l90l. Lsler I8-49-7919 0,5 xi C -tk 9 'e Q.JXQx. ct w y Has had a greater influence on the teaching and principles of the practice of medicine than has any other physician. He was a Canadian by birth, but a peripatetic by descent, upbringing and inclina- tion. He was professor of Medicine, successively at Montreal 118741, Philadelphia tl884j, Baltimore USSQJ, and Oxford f1904l. He was the Janus, who, looking backward and looking forward, at the end ol the 19th Century, showed how important to the medicine of the present was an appreciation of the medicine of the past, Osler said a physician needs culture as well as knowledge and he pointed out that throughout the ages the medical man was, in turn, a priest, philosopher and physician. Osler was himself an example of all three. ffluthrie and Bettl . 55 f in-?'4','g':,'g'vf '. . 'S?fffS'f??'?3'?j"-. '- "ip: I, ,, a fp I ' . Y ,. , . 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"Q 1- 1+-'f:v, fit f"1.'. -1:'1,.:"?:3-if-.'235.'S-fi..:g'F.' "wi, ,EJ H " lx " ' : --1 1 '1-9.1 '1-fi I-:ii-ef mt?--1f'x'3E1'+3Q. . gif - -- - rg,e-:-.f.-ffurs:-:',-.,1:+,.:zs,f,'.-:.55sa:1.,- -.-. ..-..g . . .bg .Q ' , ,....,-.. -'-gp .. ' gr,-' '- , :gp-,-'lv l- -h .i 3. 2. , TT I .'. .,.,, ' . 5' 2 J ' 212.3-1 2' -' 'Q I-x'..,f:..i': ' ' fi-df P-. . gs 32:5 'nan I -i Q .a ..- i..'0,:"l ' . .L .,,. -gwz... . -0. , ,,,. , a'-1,.1.. - . .D .. in +L-3,-ak M' . wfos--V W , Mk 3 uri 35 , A 33 ,X .FI . . ., 6 L ,gm ' f-1227, ff" L., jifjfy at 24 - ihifff f-5 4 "'::?i!r- "F D ' : awww., .. 7' " "1'Sx1+wumw54,,.:1,,, k - Nf"f"'w-ww-W., fs 2 f ,w 4 Q Q Qs :fi - A rm Q i--W . IQ? 'A'4w-gm -......,.... , Tw-----. ,............ r-........,..... 1-.......,... p..........,,.,,. --..-.......,. ' L-....., ....,..........,r. 0 fmifw MQW mia WUHUUUNUHUNGUNT Awww ELISAA BARTLETT, RN, BSN lnsfruclor Public Healfh JUANITA GARRISON Residence Direcfor JANE E CHAPMAN RN BSN MN Assislanf Professor Public Healfh CAROLYN HARDESTY, RN, BSN lnsfrucfor Fundamenfals, Medical-Surgical rg, ADA HAWKINS, DOROTHY HOEHNE, RN, BS, SM RN, BS Professor lnsfrucfor Nursing Mafernal-Cliild,Healfl1 sv 1- I MARIE C. MINK, RN, BS, MA Assisfanf Professor Maternal-Child Healfh ii X- as VERA PETERS, BS, MHEc Assisfanf Professor Nufrilion SUE FORRESTER RN BSN lnsirucfor Fundamenfals Medical Surgical FRANCES HART I LIKE YOUR affifude. lf's your grades! lvlrs. Minnie Williams holds a conference wiflw sfudenf Rudolph Ryan. A Facult Assisfanf Professor Medical-Surgical Coordinafor Supp'ernenfal Deg ree Program FRANCES INZER, RN, BSN lnsfrucior Fundamenfals, Medical-Surgical Coordinafor Cerfificafe Program MARTHA STOCKWELL, RN, BSNE, MN Assisfanf Professor Psychiairy LILLIAN JONES, RN, BS, MA Assisfarif Professor Mafernal-Child Healfh Assisfanf Dean MINNIE E. WILLIAMS, RN, BS, MA Assisfanf Professor Fundamenfals, Medical-Surgical CAROLEE MESSI, RN, BSN lnslrucfor Fundamenfals, MedicalASurgical JESS CELIA WILSON, RN, BSN Insfrucfor Medical-Surgical TOP ROW: Dena Troiani Harris, Duncan, Degree, Texas Womens Universily I, 2, 3: 'ISNA I, 2, 3: Sludenl Council 3: OU 4, AA 4, AA Sec. 4: Jerrie Leia Hulef, OC, Cerlilicale, AA 2. 3: Vice Pres. of AA 3: Elwanda Keller, Norman, Degree: Jean Kuriz, Midwesl Cily, Cerlilicale, AA 2, 3: OSSNA 2, 3: Pres. ol AA I64: Sludenl Council '64: Jean Ann Ladwig, Loyal, Cerlilicale, Class Olzlicer I, 2: Sludenl Council I, 2. 3: OSSNA 3: AA 2, 3: Oulslanding Freshman I: BSU I, 2, 3: June Landreneau, OC, Cerlilicale, AA 3. SECOND ROW: Mary Laub, Calumel, Degree, OU I, 2: ISA 2: OSSNA 2, 3, 4: AA 3, 4: Oulslanding ISA: HarrieHe Newman, OC, Cerlilicale. OSSNA, Chairman ol Red Cross 2: Social Co- Chrrnn. 3: Sludenl Council 31 Pledge Misfress AA: Kalhryn Nimmo, Bucklin, Kan., Degree, Belhany Nazarene College I: Biology Club I: OU 2: OSSNA 2, 3, 4: AA 3, 4: AA Treas. 4: Class Annual Rep, 4: Carol Pazourecli, OC, Degree, OU I, 2: ISA I, 2: OSSNA 2. 3, 4: Oulslanding ISA I, 2: Class Treas. 3: Sludenl' Body Treas. 4: OSSNA Rep. 3: Sue Penclergraff, OC, Cerlilicale, OSSNA I, 2, 3: Class Reporler-I-Iislorian I: Oueen Candijale 2: Class Vice-Pres. 2: Carol June Ray, OC, Cerlificale, AA 2, 3: AA Officer 2. BOTTOM ROW: Bobbie Roysclen, OC, Cerlilicale, OSSNA I. 3: Red Cross 2, 3: Leon L. Sealon, Lyons, Kan., Cerrilicale, Sludenl Delegale lo NSNA I: Class Oflicer I, 2: Annual Co-e:I. 2, 3: OSSNA Dislricr I Pres. 2: OSSNA Firsl Vice Pres. 3: Diana Smfih. Beeville, Tex., Degree, OU I, 2: AA 4: Class Vice Pres. 4: OSSNA 2, 3, 4: Wesley Found. I, 2: AA Treas. 4: KW' I, 2: OSSNA Nomi- nalion Comm. 3: Jane+ Tice, OC, Degree, OU I, 2: OSSNA: AVA: AA 4: Red Cross Rep. 3: Rosamund Williams, New Amslerdarn, Brilish Guiana, Cerliiicale: AA 2, 3: OSSNA 2, 3: Librarian AA '63: Thurlene Wisner, Forl Supply, Cerlilicale. OSSNA I: Sporls Chairman 3: Red Cross 2, 3: Susan J. Wrighf, Woodward, Cerfili- Cale: OSSNA I, 2, 3: Class Ollicer 3: Miss OUSN 2: Sludenl Council 2. eninr TOP ROW: Carole Ayers, OC, Cerrilicale, AA 3, OSSNA I, 2: Kalhleen Cassady, OC, Cerlilicale, Pres, oi Sludenl Body '63-64, Corres. Sec. oi OSSNA '63-64, Treas. ol Sludenl Body '62-63. Queen Candidale '62-63, Annual Rep. 2, Soc. Chrrnn. BSU 2: Charlene Chism, Shawnee, Degree, OU I, 2: OSSNA I, 2, 3: Treas. 2: Mary Nell Cole, 'por Enid, Degree, Phillips Universilry I, OU 2, AA 3, 42 AA Sec. 4: OSSNA 2, 3, 4: Miss OUSN 4: Tenlh Muse Club I, Disciples Sludenl Fellowship 2. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Lee Daniel, Bar'rIesviIIe. Degree, Lindenwood I, OU 2, OSSNA 2, 3.4: Class Pres. 4, Canlerbury 2: Colleen Ellsirom, Norman, O0 js' 'Ah' ax -Q Degree, AFA: Priscilla Ferguson, Del Cify, Cerlili- care, OSSNA I, Annual Rep. I, 3: Annual Co-Ed. 2: Sherry French, OC, Degree. OU I, 2. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS were Priscilla Ferguson, annual repre- senlalive: Susan Wright secrelary-lreasurer: Linda Daniel, presi- denl: Diana Smilh, vice president and Kalhryn Nimmo, annual represenlariye. ...ew "?...1" IT STILL LOOKS like on Ink spolI Colleen EIl5lrom QQIEQ Ilwe much lrealrnerl lrom Diane Srniln. .H 1. ,Y , J .- 1,421 v .ii I6 Sk 1 if I 'fa 'gg ARE YOU SURE flwals The rfglul map? Kallwryn Nimmo lsnl EOMVEHONAKIID' 5WII6IdNUlEIjQ QIidiVIILVXglIII:'TJ sure wlmellwer or no? fo frus+ Linda DanIeI's sense of dlrecfion. Cigrd an erklubon O UI I II' Ii V TH' C I WHERE DID THAT come from? Jerrle I-lule-T, l"l1r:'I:3'Te Newman, Susan Wrlglwl and Card Ray dGV'TWO'Z.:lf-?E'f9 polnlors lor 'rlxe male-rnlly ward. Ia , -'Tilt .L if 7 3 i! 5 'WN W . nk , Wg H- -VV wi? sig 33 I I ' INTERESTING HISTORY, muses Mary Jane Marlin who learns llie irnporlance ol a palienfs medical background. HE DOESN'T THINK ifs rlwal funny! Rudolplw Ryan plays palienl for Carol Smillw, Valerie Day. Sliaron Sfeelrnan and Janis Lambert. is EMOTIONAL SUPPORT lor surgery is very irnporfanf find Julia Meyer. Alrneila Norlon, Maryanne Fire and Al Carson. fi TAKE A DEEP brearln advises Rosemary Kiles. Jane Tinsley is llie viclirn as Marion Cozarl, Adeline Kloeclcler, Judy Taylor and Cecelia Samara observe. TOP ROW: Darlene Anderson, Norman: Al Carson, Tulsa: Marion Cozarf, Lawlon: Valerie Day, Norman: Susan Denfon, fxllus: Ann Dail, OC: Mary Dunn, Tonlcawa. BOTTOM ROW: Carol Ferguson, OC: Maryanne Fife, Mangum: Belly Gales, Wynnewood: Judilh Grove, OC: Ann Hobbs, OC: Palricia Kelley, OC: Rosemary Kiles, OC. Junior TOP ROW: Adeline Kloecltler, Checolah: Janis Lamberf, Perry: Elizabefh Maggi, Brislow: Jean Marlow, Glencoe: Mary Jane Marlin, Lawlonp Jaclclyn Maze, OC: Julia Ann Meyer, Pauls Valley: Almeifa Norion, Marlow. BOTTOM ROW: Cecelia Samara, OC: Carol Rose Smiih, OC: Pal Soulhward, l-leadriclc: Sharon Sieelman, Haskell: Judy Jo Taylor, Henry- ella: Jane Tinsley, Midwesl Cily: Nancy Willronson, Sapulpa, NOT PIC- TURED: Kafhryn Higginbofham, OC: Pamela Nesllerode, OC: Bonnie Rich, OC: Rudolph Ryan, Norman. ef '? f 'i , . ,.....,,... ...,, . JUNIOR CLASS officers are Judy Taylor, vice-presidenl: Carol Smilh, annual represenlallve: Adeline Kloeclcler. preside-nl: Maryanne File, secrelary-Treasurer. Nor pic- lured is Belly Gales, annual represenlalive. We BOTTOM ROW: Jean Kurtz, Susan Denton, Ann Doll, Kathleen Cassady, Thurlene Wisner. TOP ROW: Leon Seaton, Carol Fergu- son, Linda Daniel, Jean Laclwig, Harriette Newman, Al Carson STUDENT COUNCIL PLANS PROJECTS Composed of student body oliicials, class presidents and club representatives, the Student Council meets monthly to direct student activities. It acts as the execu- ALUMNI ASSOClATl0N To promote unity and good fellowship among its members. For mutual help and protection. The advancement of our school and profession, The extension of aid to those in need. BOTTOM ROW: Maryanne Fite, Al Carson, Jean Kurtz, Susan Denton. TOP ROW: Carol Ray, Jane Martin, Ann Doil, Alrneita Norton. NOT PICTURED: Carol Pazoureclc, Betty Gates, Kathy Higqinbotham, Adeline Kloeckler, Judy Taylor. Nancy Wilkenson, Carol Smith. Dena Harris, Mary Cole, Susan Wright, Bobbie Roysden. tive council for the student body which votes on resi- dence rules, subject to faculty approval, and all outside projects, social and recreational activities. 0KLAHOMA STATE To encourage the student to promote and maintain high educational and professional standards is the pri- mary purpose of the Oklahoma State Student Nurses' Association. STUD BOTTOM ROW: Jean Kurtz, president: Rosamund Williams, li- brarian: Jerrie Huletg Mary Cole, Harriette Newman, Jean Lad- wiq. TOP ROW: Maryanne Fite, Kathryn Nimmo, Diana Smith, Sharon Steelman, vice president, Jean Marlow, Dena l-tarris, sec- retary: Carol Ray, Carol Smith, Mary Dunn, parliamentariang Janis Lambert, Jane Martin. DELTA ALPHA Sponsoring service projects and social functions for monthly. Service projects often include residence im- its members are the chief activities of Delta Alpha, hon- provements, providing help for hospital equipment, orary sorority for nursing students. The group meets maintaining a residence library and handling the nurs- ENT NURSES ASSOClATl0N The organization also tries to stimulate an interest in and an understanding of the current problems alfecting the nursing profession not only i11 the state but nation- wide. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Ladwig, Harriette Newman, Linda Daniel. Leon Seaton. Top Row: Pat Southward, Kathryn Nimmo, Diana Smith. Kathleen Cassady. aymaatu. , , 2, . , aa ing text for classroom work. l THREE MORE SECONDS and shes late, warns Mrs. Juanita Garrison, residence director, whose chat with Mrs. Beulah Smith was ihterrupted by a telephone call from a student whose friend has a very good story. if Ji' , L, ek, ki -"', 'Q ,A....w.. ,,. Agf- .. 6555. X? 9 QW . 7 ai U .wk 'ld' f M -1. X5 W 2, :JEL xt fa 'K Kiss Q Q, INSIGNIFICANT, 5uQQr'QEho.:5 sarcasfic are we-Towfy Deffa Aloha pfedgesl NOW WALT CAN cook his own dinner, says Jane-T Tice, wma X TURN THE STEREO up. They don? meei To sleep! Carol Fercguson and Jane Marhm Tlve H up. I DON'T THINK +ha+'s where babies come From. Bobbie Roysden and Thurlene Wisner consulf The Text QUEEN OF THE NILE is beaufffuf, qor qeous Kafhryn Higqinbofham. 9 i l i The Oklahoma tate Medical 601 N. Associa tion , Er- -S A f e M D, XS ' E it f f ' , ' J ff X X ' f f X tk W I 'Y Xi f - 4117 Wink,- W ifi 457 ft ill 'f l l 93 W lt I 1 M x 'T ix ,,. l .1513 f A ll N9 Offillxltwk 3-1211 f i O X X,,X "-.,. I-"J x 5 " ax 4, X Xl -' 'aff' f N X ,K Q K X i -.n' i QQQ ' X X 94, i, ' ' ik 5 'fff W NXNQO Z NOSE? Founded fifty-nine years ago by the amalgamation of the medical societies of Oklahoma and Indian Territories, the Oklahoma State Medical Association is dedicated to the ad- vancement of the art and science of medicine. Membership in this voluntary professional society affords a physician the op- portunity of sharing in the collective activities of Oklahoma Medicine -and places upon him the responsibilities of maine taining high professional standards and upholding the heritage of an organization primarily motivated by its sincere interest in the public health and welfare. W. EXPRESSWAY - P. O. Box 18696 - OKLAHOMA l i l CITY l WY, ,,,,,,-, ,,,, Y , ,, , 69 The following friends, members of the faculty, and alumni of the University of Oklahoma, School of Medicine, proudly take this opportunity to offer their con- gratulations to the members of the graduating class upon the successful comple- WILLIAM E. EASTLAND, M. D. X-Ray and Radium Skin Diseases Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City CARROLL M. POUNDERS, M. D. CHARLES E. DELHOTAL, M. D. 2610 N.W. Expressway Oklahoma City IOHNNY A. BLUE, M.D., ALLERGY GROUP Fellow American Academy of Allergy Fellow American College of Allergists Lister Medical Building - 430 N.W. 12 St. Phones: Office CE 6-1446 - Res. GA 7-7728 PHYLLIS E. IONES, M.D. Dermatology --- Skin Malignancies Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City IOSEPH W. KELSO IOSEPH W. FUNNELL Obstetrics and Gynecology 525 N.W. llth Oklahoma City, Okla. IOHN P. WOLFF, M. D., F. A. C. S. Surgery and Consultation Special Attention to Vascular Surgery Off. Phone CE 6-3013 Res. Phone IA 5-3732 122 Osler Annex Oklahoma City ALLEN E. GREER, M.D. IOHN M. CAREY, M.D. NAZIH ZUHDI. M.D. F. REDDING HOOD, M. D., F. A. C. P. Specializing in Cardiology and Certified American Board Surgery E t - d' h Certified American Board Thoracic Surgery leo To CCH- logrclp Y Practice limited to Thoracic and Cardiovascular , Surgery tOpen Heart, Vascular, Pulmonary, Esophageall 110 Osler Annex 1220 N' Wclkel BYOHCYIOSCOPY ESOPPQCJOSCOPY Oklahoma City Phone CE 5-2346 102 Lister Building - Oklahoma City - CE 5-3377 MCBRIDE CLINIC 1214 E. sth st. Adu, oktqhom I. SAMUEL BINKLEY, M.D., F.A.C.S. Surgery Limited to Cancer and Allied Diseases Phone CE 2-2661 814 MEDICAL ARTS BLDG. OKLAHOMA CITY HARRY A. DANIELS M. D., F. A. C. P. Internal Medicine and Diagnosis Special Attention to Castro Intestinal and Cardiac Diseases 610 N. VV. 9th Street Oklahoma City O'DONOGHUE ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC Orthopedic Surgery and Fractures 217 Pasteur Medical Bldg. Oklahoma City OKLAHOMA ALLERGY CLINIC Pasteur Medical Building Oklahoma City, Oklahoma GEORGE S. BOZALIS, M.D. -- DICK H. HUFF, M.D. - VERNON D. CUSHING, M.D. GEORGE L. WINN, M.D. - ROBERT S. ELLIS, M.D. 4 LYLE W. BURROUGHS, M.D. tion ot their tormal education. lt is with pride that We Welcome you to the med- ical profession-may you strive to uphold its traditions and to continue our never-ending etiorts to increase and enhance its present high standards. DRS. ANSPAUGH and CRAWFORD Gynecology and Obstetrics JAMES P. LUTON, M. D. 5800 N'W' Grand Blvd' Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City Doctors Medical Building Oklahoma City l I LEROY LONG CLINIC i Surgery LeRoy D. Long, M.D. Lelzloy Long, M.D. ALVIN R. IACKSON. M. D. 548 Pasteur Bide. 1111 N. Lee 2512 S' Harvey Oklahoma City Oklahoma City 3 F. M. LINGENFELTEB, M.D.. F.A.c.s. IOHN R. STACY. M.D.. F.A-C-S- Sur er and Sur ical Disecses of the Diplomate American Board Orthopedic Surgery g Y q I Orthopedic and Fracture Surgeon Thyroid Gland CE 5-63l5 -- 415 N.W. l'Zth 2l3 Osler Building Oklahoma City, Okla. X Qklohomg City, Qkichomg DRS. ESKRIDGE 5: ESKRIDGE W. A. SHOWMANI M. D. I. B. ESKRIDGE. IR., M. D. l L B, ESKRIDGE, HI, M, D. Dermatology, Radium, Grenz and Obstetrics and Gynecology XHRGY Treatment 1220 N. Walker Oklahoma City 1 407-9 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. 1 MOORMAN P. PROSSER, M. D. TULLOS O' COSTON' M' D' Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry S. B. LESLIE. M.D. and Neurology in Psychiatry Pasteur Medical Bldg. Oklahoma City 437 Pasteur Bldg' Phone CE 2-9895 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA IOHN FLORENCE. M. D., F. A. C. S. R. L. MURDOCH. M.D. Diplomate Americgan Board of Orthopedic 1 Surgery and Diseases Gi the Colon urqery and Rectum Orthopedic Surgery, Fractures, Industrial Injuries 7l l Medical Arts Bldg. - CE 2-3722 - Okla. City l2UO N. Walker Okla. City CE 2-9222 . E e l GEORGE H. GARRISON PA L . ER , . . U M VICK S M D l M. D.. F. A. A. P. 533 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City pedmmcs CE 2-8839 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City DOCTORS CONTINUED 1 DOCTORS BROWN, PAYNE WILLIAM A. MILLER. M. D. AND MQNNET ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY 454 Pasteur Buildinq 1 l A Okl h ' OO OSH mm G Om CW Oklahoma City, okiqhomq l CURT VON WEDEL. M- D- L. H. CHARNEY, M. D.. F. A. C. P. C. A. GALLAGHER, M. D. , , , , . . Diagnosis and Internal Medicine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 610 N. W. 9th Phone CE 2-3108 528 NW- 12 Suite 212 Oklahoma City Oklahoma City IOI-IN R. DANSTROM, M.D. DAVID C. LOWRY, M.D. 1. SAMUEL LITTLE, M.D. HAVEN W. MANKIN, M.D. IOYCE M. EISENBRAUN, M.D. X-Ray Diagnosis and Therapy - Cobalt Therapy 1115 Med. Arts Bldg. 528 N.W. 12 Street 254 Pasteur Bldg. CE 2-1135 CE 5-5337 CE 2-0636 Oklahoma City 3 GILBERT L. HYROOP, M.D.. F.A.C.S. CHARLES A, RQYER, Mop, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Disease cmd Surgery Oi the Eye Certified byGrAcI1niI1ii:i1eriYBZfJ:geoi-ICI2Tfiistic Surgery Certified by Board of Ophthalmology' CE 6-4651 I 430 N.W. 12th iii okIf2I1iJSinng'ClligG3ieCkIQ. Oklahoma CNY 3' OMG' HUGH IETER M. D.. F. A. C. P.. A. S. C. P. American Board of Internal Medicine L' I. M. D' Di ' nd Inter l M dicin Cli 'cal P th l . QSZFTQTISZHQ M 9 G ph...n5E....T 22833: . Oslef Bldg- Oklahoma CNY oKLAHoMA CITY ' MEDICAL ARTS LABORATORY W. F. KELLER, M.D. WILLIAM T. SNODDY, M.D. REX KENYON, M.D. RAYMOND F. I-IAIN, M.D. T. W. VIOLETT, M.D. OKLAHOMA CITY PRACTICE LIMITED TO ANESTHESIOLOGY I-I. E. DoUDNA, M.D. DAVID I. CHESLER, M.D. I. ROBERT WALKER, M.D. ROBERT D. MERCER, M.D. DoNALD D. LENSCRAP, M.D. H. K. soWELI., M.D. LEVVIS C. TAYLoR, M.D. WM. B. RENFROW, M.D. R. GIBSON PARRISH, M.D. I. TED HERBEL1N,M.D. B. R. GOETZINGER, M.D. IoHN H. CARNEY, M.D. 520 N. W. 9th STREET OKLAHOMA CITY 2, OKLA. DOCTORS CONTINUED IAMES S. BOYLE, M.D. BARNEY I. LIMES, M.D. Practice Limited to Urology Pasteur Med. Bldg. 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City Phone CE 5-5494 ATHOL L. FREW. IR.. D.D.S.. M.D. Certified American Board oi Oral Surgery ' Tel. CE 6-1631 4 i 528 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City W. F. LEWIS. M.D. I. T. HICKS. IR.. M.D. Diplomate, American Board ot Urology Lawton Clinic Lawton, Oklahoma Practice Limited to Urology CARDIOVASCULAR CLINIC WII.LIAM BEST THOMPSON. M.D. 1 GALEN P. ROBBINS, M.D. 1 WM. S. MYERS. M.D. Diplomates American Board of Internal Medicine Practice Limited to Cardiology and Diseases of the Circulation 331 Pasteur Bldg. - CE 2-9226 - Okla. City GEORGE H. KIMBALL. M.D. F.A.C.S.. F.I.C.S. WM. I. FORREST, M.D. Cert. American Board of Plastic Surgery Pasteur Building - Oklahoma City, Okla. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery HENRY H. TURNER, M. D.. F. A. C. P. Cert. American Board of Internal Medicine Diagnosis and Internal Medicine Specializing in Neuro-Endocrine Disorders 316-319 Osler Medical Bldg. 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. DRS. AKIN. APPLETON, REYNOLDS AND KAVAN Practice Limited to Urology ROBERT I-I. AKIN, M.D., F.A.C.S. LUCIEN C. KAVAN, M.D., F.A.C.S 610 N. W. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla I-I, C. MORRISON, M. D. Surgery and Obstetrics R. P. MESSINGER, M.D. Internal Medicine GLADYS DOLL, M.D. Obstetrics and Gynecology THE MORRISON CLINIC 801 N.W. 23rd. Street OKLAHOMA CITY W. D. MARIL, M.D. General Surgery A. F. ELLIOTT, M.D Internal Medicine S. I. POLK, M.D. Internal Medicine WANN 5i1jSi22Nf MAD- LANGSTON MEDICAL JAMES K. Ig-vo1?E. M.D. Gastro- ntero ogy GROUP IOHN W. DeVORE, M.D. JAMES R. LOWELL, M.D. HQTUUTOIOQY Internal Medicine Pulmonary Diseases 1214 North Hudson Street GEORGE N. BARRY, M.D. ERNEST G. WARNER, IR., M.D. Cardiology OKLAHOMA CITY 3, OKLAHOMA Neurology-Electroencephalography 1 RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATES IAMES T. BOGGS, M.D. WAYNE H. SCHULTZ, M.D. RICHARD B. PRICE, M.D. ROBERT SUKMAN, M.D. LINDBERGH I. RAI-ll-IAL, M.D. ROBERT W. GEYER, M.D. X-Ray, Diagnosis and Therapy-Isotopes-Cobalt Therapy Diplomates American Board of Radiology Osler Building Pasteur Building Doctors Medical Building CE 9-2641 CE 6-4501 WI 3-4000 BAPTIST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL DEACONESS HOSPITAL Graduate 01 The ni er ity 01 tlklahema eheel tli Medicine The SOONER MEDIC is proud to list in alphabetical order 'lhe names and pres- ent location of all graduates of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine whose address are known. The information includes graduates from the classes of l909 through I963. Abbott, Mary I., M.D., '57 Allen, Ray F., M.D., '60 Annadown, Ruth V., BLD., '49 Baines, Roy Dixie, Jr., M.D., '59 1034 North Flood Norman, Okla. Abelard, Jose Francisco, '30 P. O. Box 28 VVaurika, Okla. Abernethy, J. H., M.D., '39 309 N. Hudson Altus, Okla. Abshere, Lynn W., M.D., '56 119 East 6th Street Clovis, New Mexico Acers, Thomas B., M.D., '59 1531 E. Monument Baltimore, Maryland Adair, John R., NLD., '54 111 Stanley Ardmore, Okla. Adams, Geo. B. M., M.D., '43 1547 S, Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Adams, Jerome M., M.D., '53 Burkburnett, Texas Adams, M. W., Jr., MD., '59 3304 NW 107 Oklahoma City, Okla. Adams, Walter B., M.D., '11 1100 Sth Street VVichita Falls, Texas Adelman, Frank L., M.D., 43 502 Bass Bldg. lflnid, Okla. Akin, Robert, M.D., '28 610 N. W. 0th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Albright, John D.,M.D., '62 Quarters 3707 C Schofield Barracks, APO 057 San Francisco, Calif. Aldredge, Wm. Max, M.D., '41 1812 Hillcrest Drive Bartlesville, Okla. Alexander, B. R., M.D., '54 4131 5th Ave. North St. Petersburg, Fla. Alexander, B. T., M.D., '20 V.A. Hospital Bonham, Texas Alexander, J. L., M.D. 40 Med. Arts Center Savannah 5, Georgia Alexander, John R., M.D. Methodist Hospital Dallas, Texas Alexander, John Robt., M.D., '61 St. John's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Alexander, Robt. L., Jr., '61 1515 Lafayette St. Louis, Mo. Alexander, Col. S. H., '28 1500 Hillcrest Dr. Arroyo Grande, Calif. Alexander, Thos. C., BLD., '63 Maricopa County General Hospital Phoenix, Arizona Allen, Clifford W., Jr., M.D. 2651 East 21 Street Tulsa 14, Okla. Allen, George T., M.D., '32 Veterans Admin. Hosp. Muskogee, Okla. Allen. R. B., M.D., '53 1312 W. Park Orange, Texas 74 l-'itzsimmons Gen. Hosp. Denver, Colorado Allen, Russell F., M.D., '63 St. Francis Hospital VVichita, Kansas Allensworth, B. W., NLD., '61 Huey P. Long Charity 1-losp. Pineville, Louisiana Allensworth, B. W., NLD. St. John's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Allgood, Edward A., M.D., '45 Snyder, Okla. Allgood, B. J., M.D., '30 935 East Elm Altus, Okla. Allgood, John M., H.D., '28 217 E. Commerce Altus, Okla. Allison, Robert Lee, M.D., '53 Dept. Vrology Vniversity Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Allred, Robert L., H.D., '63 Public Health Serv. Norfolk, Virginia Eastern State Hosp. Vinita, Okla. Anthis, Emma J., NLD., '33 Box 278 Healdton, Okla. Appleton, M. M., l!!.D., '34 610 N. VV. 9th St. Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Archer, Homer V., M.D., '43 1220 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Armstrong, W. 0., M.D., '24 1608 Aloma Ponca City, Okla. Arrendell, C. W., Jr., ll.D., '45 1322 Scott Avenue Charlotte 3, N. C. Arrendell, B. H., M.D., '43 115 Patton Drive Ponca City, Okla. Arthurs, Melvin B.. P. O. Box 433 El Reno, Okla. Ashley, Robert B., BLD. 5894 South Kingston Tulsa, Oklahoma Askins, John R., M.D., '50 3478 South Forrest Denver, Colorado Baird, Cecil D., M.D., '27 202 N. Plum Eureka, Kansas Baker, Mrs. Ira W., '27 1225 N.E. Expressway Oklahoma City 11, Okla. Baker, Loren V., NLD., '25 114 VV. Broadway Elk City, Okla. Baker, Wilbur K., II, M.D. Univ. Missouri Hosp. Columbia, Mo. Baker, Wm. L., M.D. Central State Hospital Norman, Oklahoma Bakken, R. L., M.D., '49 200 College Street Battle Creek, Mich. Ballard, Jack D., H.D., '43 14045 Des Moines VVay Seattle, VVashington Ballard, Ray H., M.D., '39 14045 Iles Moines VVay Seattle, VVashington Alston, William c., Jr.. un., '37 in 0. Box 1087 Ballinger., mos. I-. M-D-. '53 Doctors Bldg.. 21 Lewis Dumas, Texas 4021 iyllndil S119 CI'- Tulsa, Okla. Ft. VVorth, Texas Ambrister, J. W., M.D., '43 1516 Jefferson Highway New Orleans, La. Atherton, Chas. V., M.D., '32 800 Perenial Drive Louisville, Ky. Athey, C. R., Jr., M.D., '53 Amdall, Maj. Robt. C., llII.D., '53 2110 East Douglas Lackland AFB Hosp. San Antonio, Texas Amspacher, Jas. C., NLD., '43 525 N.VV.11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Amspacher, Wm. H., H.D., '36 216 Sweetbrier Road Greenville, S. Carolina Anderson, E. B., NLD., '34 VVatonga Clinic VVatonga, Okla. Anderson, H. M., M.D., '42 1212 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Anderson. Paul S., M.D., '35 Co. State Hospital Mayview, Pa. Anderson, Ralph D., M.D., '42 365 N. Newport Blvd. Newport Beach, Calif. Anderson, Roy W., M.D., '39 116 S. College Cordell, Okla. Anderson, Thos. P., ULD., '43 Hitchcock Memorial Hosp. Hanover, N. H. Anderson, Wm. D.. M.D., '31 P. O. Box 689 Claremore, Okla. Andreskowski, W. T.. M.D., '19 1319 XV. 3rd Elk City, Oklahoma Angerer, Alden Lee, M.D., '46 990 Pacific Street San Luis Obispo, Calif. Angus, Donald A., M.D., '33 614 C St. Lawton, Okla. Angus, Howard A., M.D., '38 614 C Street Lawton, Okla. VVichita, Kansas Atkin, John D., M.D., '61 Box 161 Yates Center, Kansas Auriemma, P. R., BLD., '28 300 East Rosecrans Compton, Calif. Austin, P. H., H.D., '25 1202 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Austin, John D., H.D., 47 P. O. Box 266 Pleasanton, Texas Aycock, Byron W., M.D., '40 1002 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Baggett, Rex T., M.D., '62 712 N. E. 21 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bagwell, K. II., M.D., '57 1024 North Flood Norman, Okla. Bahr, W. Julien, M.D., '55 921 N.E. 13 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Bail, Carolyn A., M.D., '47 435 North Bedford Dr. Beverly Hills, Calif. Bailey, A. Stanley, M.D. Mayfair Medical Center 2925 N. W. 50 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bailey, Byron Jas., M.D., '59 1122 Gretna Green Way W. Los Angeles 25, Calif. Bailey, Byron Louis, NLD., '47 317 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Bailey, Carl I-I., NLD., '33 310 N.W. 7th Stroud, Oklahoma Baltazar, A. C., M.D., '27 40 Jones Avenue Cebu City, Philippine Islands Baltazar, B. M., M.D., '27 40 Jones Avenue Cebu City, Philippine Islands Barbee, Richard F., M.D. 1317 Christopher Metarie, La. Barber, F. C., M.D., '50 2801 Race St. Ft. Worth, Texas Bare, Lawrence B., H.D., '62 Evergreen, Colorado Barger, John B., M.D. Boston Navy Shipyard Boston, Mass. Barger, Commd. J. B., '31 1047 Florida Group Atlanta Res. Fleet Green Cove Springs, Fla. Barker. Clyde Jas., lllI.D., '35 1313 North 2 Street Phoenix, Arizona Barker, Marcus S., MJD., '48 2801+ N.VV. 31 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Barker, Robt. D., NLD., '43 2021 North Central Phoenix, Arizona Barkett, N. F. V., M.D., '39 346 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Barlow. Ronald S., M.D., '62 V. A. Hospital Alluiqiierque, New Mexico Barnes. Ha'r1'y E., NLD., '35 2306 N.VV. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Barnes, Lynn C., Jr.. M.D., '52 P. O. Box 352 Nowata, Okla. Barnes, Robt. N., M.D., '54 Veterans Adm. Ctr. Temple, Texas Barnes, Shelby D., mn., '54 in o. Box 431 nouns, okia. Barnett, D. A., NLD., '52 3105 lil Camino Drive Temple, Texas Barney, Donald C., NLD., '58 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Barney, Jack A., M.D., '56 1525 N.lG. 34 Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Barnhill, John W., M.D., '59 5560 1 Lockridge Loop Killeen, Texas Barno, Alex, BLD., -'44 6804 Cheyenne Trail Minneapolis, Minn. Barrett, Paul A., H.D., '63 VVesley Hospital XVit-hita, Kansas Barton, Clyde W., MJD., '58 Route 3, Box 125 Hollis, Okla. Bash, V. C., Jr., lllI.D., '51 115123 Broken Bough llouston 24, Texas Bassett, C. M., lII.D., '30 1030 E. Cherry Cushing, Okla. Bast, Lowell B., NLD. .lohn Sealy Hosp. Apt. 102A, Nolan Hall Galveston, Texas Baugh, Harold T., NLD., '30 Meeker, Okla. Baxter, V. C., M.D., '39 S07 North Boulevard Galveston, Texas Baylor, R. A., Jr., M.D., '62 Charity Hospital Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Bealmear, Kent O., M.D., '63 St. Louis l'niv. Hosp. St. Louis, Missouri Beasley, G. L., Jr., M.D., '53 1003 Walnut Duncan, Okla. Beaty, C. S., M.D., '35 2211 Callahan Muskogee, Okla. Beavers, Jas. C., M.D., '55 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Beck, L. D., M.D., '35 1626 North Central Phoenix, Arizona Becker, F. W., M.D., '46 1101 E. Pecan Altus, Okla. Becker, L. H., M.D. A 107 S. Main Blackwell, Okla. Beckloff, G. L., H.D., '61 2700 N.VV.109 St. Medical ltr-search Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Beckloff, G. N., M.D., '61 Assoc. Dir. Squibb Inst. New Brunswick, New Jersey Bedner, Gerald, BLD., '40 705 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Beiderwell, P. L., M.D., '38 1212 18th Street Belleville, Kansas Surveying village health needs, un SK6'F Foreign Fellow examines a child in Kuruli, near New Delhi, India. INDIA TAIIGANYIKA IRAN GUATEMALA At hospitals and medical outposts a long way from the classroom, medical students learn to cope with unfamiliar diseases, help to provide much-needed medical services to people in underdeveloped areas of the worldp and contribute to international under- standing and good will. This unusual opportunity to work and study in for- eign countries is offered to students through the Foreign Fellowships Program of Smith Kline 8: French Laboratories. Administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the program has enabled 123 students to work in 40 different countries during the past four years. Junior and senior medical stu- dents are eligible to apply for Fellowships, which provide for an average of 12 weeks' work abroad to be completed before internship. Students who are interested in Fellowships should apply through the deans of their schools. Smith Kline 81 French Laboratories Bell, Bruce C., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Bell, Eugene S., M.D., '52 Tishomingo, Okla. Bell, Howard B., M.D., '51 University Texas Hosp. Galveston, Texas Bell, James P., '52 605 N.W. 10 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bell, Joseph P., '43 Topeka, Kansas Bell, Orville E., M.D., '36 224 Rose Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Bell, Robert P., M.D., '61 l'niv. of Oregon Hosp. Portland, Oregon Beller, Cleve, M.D., '43 619 E. 14 Okmulgee, Okla. Belter, Lester P., M.D., '46 Med. College of Va. Richmond, Va. Belter, Louis C., M.D., '56 324 E. Broadway Fairview, Okla. Bender, Herman R., M.D., '41 1529 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Benward, J. I-I., M.D., '39 4155 S. W. Bosch Rd. Portland 1, Oregon Berger, E. Stanley, M.D., '44 243 Pasteur Building 1111 North Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Berger, Martin, M.D., '47 1225 N. Kings Rd, Los Angeles 46, Calif. Bergman, D. R., M.D., '62 Charity Hosp. La. New Orleans, La. Berkenbile, Glen L., M.D., '46 1601 VVest Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. Bernamontl, D., Jr., M.D., '56 Dept of Anesthesiology University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Bernard, C. R., M.D., '25 Kalkaska, Mich. Bernell, Wm., M.D., '42 First Natl. Bldg. Hobart, Oklahoma Bernhardt, K. I., M.D., 62 St. Anthony Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bernhardt, Samuel C., M.D. 5510 South VVestern Oklahoma City, Okla. Bernhardt, Wm. G., M.D., '58 109 East Ridgewood Oklahoma City 10, Okla. Berry, J. Curtis, M.D., N., '37 Perters and Eufaula Norman, Okla. Berry, Jas. E., M.D., '59 .Iohn Sealy Hospital Galveston, Texas Berry, S. E., M.D., '50 253 Mira Street Long Beach 3, Calif. Betson, J. R., Jr.. M.D., '55 Lovelace Clinic 4800 Gibson Blvd. SE. Albuquerque, New Mexit-o Beumer, D. C., M.D., '43 9006 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland 5, Calif. Blckford. C. U., M.D., '48 2405 Bon Aire Victoria, Texas Blda. J. P., M.D., '48 Arlington, Texas Biehler, Larry L.. M.D., '62 Omega, Oklahoma Billingsley, Jas. G., M.D., '55 Madigan General Hosp. Tacoma, Washington 76 Bilsky, Nathan, M.D., '24 4511 Forest Park St. Louis 8, Missouri Binkley, Prank C., M.D., '39 635 li. Union Pasadena, Calif. Binkley, Jas. G., M.D., '17 3909 Classen Oklahoma City, Okla. Bird, Billy Jo, M.D., '57 Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana Birge, Jackson P., M.D., '31 121 4th Ave. Hook Island, Ill. Bishop, David W., M.D., '58 U. Tex. Med. Br. Ophthalmology Dept. Galveston, Texas Bissell, Robt. G., M.D., '59 309 Park Avenue Pryor, Oklahoma Blackburn, Robt. N., M.D., '61 Box 134 Joseph, Oregon Blacketter, D. E., M.D., '52 508 South Madden Ave. Shamrock, Texas Blair, Clifford J., M.D., '39 1200 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Blair, John V., M.D., '21 308 Wilson Bldg. Corpus Christi, 'Texas Blanchard, Wm. G., M.D., '55 1409 N.E. 33 Oklahoma City, Okla. Blankenship, J. B., M.D., '62 903 East Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Blaschke, John A., M.D., '50 605 N.VV. 10 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bledsoe, Joe Thos., M.D., '59 2307 Lindy Lawton, Okla. Blende, 0. J., M.D., '35 2633 VV. Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, Ariz. Blender, John X., M.D., '46 305 S. Grand Cherokee, Okla. Blevins, Billy E., M.D. St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Blevins, Jas. W., III, '55 411 VVest Main Street Ripon, California Blevins, W. E., M.D., '51 917 N.VV. 19 St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Bliss, Bryce O., M.D., '57 Tahleouah, Okla. Bloom, Nathan N.. '16 Med. College of Va. 1-tic-hmond, Va. Bloss, Claude M., Jr., M.D., '37 3400 N. Eastern Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Blue, Johnny A., M.D., '34 430 N. VV. 12 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Boatxnan, K. K., M.D., '52 5700 N.W. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Boatright, L. C., M.D., '31 Cravens Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Boaz, John T., III, M.D. Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, Colo. Bobek. Donald W., M.D. 3749 East 48 Place Tulsa, Oklahoma Bodine. Chas. D.. M.D., '43 1220 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Boggs, James T.. M.D., '46 1200 N. 1'Valker Oklahoma City, Okla. Bolene, John P., '55 100 Utica So. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma Bolene, Robert V., M.D., '48 415 Community Bldg. Ponca City, Okla. Boles, Gerald W., M.D., St. Anthony Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. '57 Boles, R. D., M.D., '53 2020 Central Dodge City, Kansas Bond, Eugene C., M.D., 900 Pacific Ave. Everett, VVashington '48 Bond, Ira T., M.D., '27 Box 365 VVright City, Oklahoma Bond, William L., M.D., '47 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Bonham, R. P., M.D., '26 Box 66286 Houston, Texas Boon, Clifton U., M.D., '32 12 Fox St. Aurora, Ill. Booth, Geo. R., Jr., M.D., '44 VVilburton, Okla. Borecky, G. L., M.D., '23 521 N. VV. 11 Oklahoma City, Okla. Boren, Paul G., M.D.. '62 Methodist Hosp. Dallas Dallas, Texas Borron, Robt. Kenneth, '59 6761 N.W. 39 Expressway Bethany, Oklahoma Boswell, W. E., M.D., '34 P. O. Box 37 Leedey, Okla. Bosworth, Wm. C., MJD. Vniversity of Texas Medical Branch Hosp. Galveston, Texas Bottomley, Richard I-I., '58 Univ. Hosp. R00 NJC. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bottomley, Robt. G., M.D., '62 l'niv. XV. Virginia Hosp. Morgantown, VV, Va. Bottomly, Sylvia, M.D., '58 l'niv. Hosp. S00 N.l4l. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bowers, Robt. Carl, M.D., '30 Congo Belge, VV. Africa. Bowie, Carl W., M.D., '46 7613 Albat-ore Houston 36, Texas Bowlan, Walter L., M.D., '61 S900 N. WVestern Oklahoma City, Okla. Boyd, Wayne J., M.D., '50 Eastern State Hosp. Vinita, Oklahoma Boyer, I-Iarold L., M.D., '41 2044 E. Charleston Las Vegas, Nevada Boyle, James S., M.D., '48 1111 North Lee Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Bozalis, George S.. M.D., '35 Box 1825 Oklahoma City, Okla. Braden, Barbara P., M.D., '57 Univ. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Bradtield, E. 0.. M.D., '36 406 VV. Shell Temple, Texas Bradiield, S. J., M.D., '15 1547 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Bradford, A. Calvin, M.D., '55 6324 Longwood St. Little Rock, Ark. Bradford Vance A., M.D., '38 430 N. W. 12 Oklahoma City, Okla. Bradford, Reagan H., M.D., '61 Okla. Med. Res. lnst. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bradley, Prank L., M.D., '36 Eastern Okla. Sanatorium Talihina, Okla. Bradley, I-I. C., M.D., '17 1009 Cravens Bldg. Oklahoma, City, Okla. Brady, J. H., M.D., '36 2119 Hyde VVay Visalia, Calif. Brake, Chas. M., M.D., '51 3610 NAV. 46 Oklahoma City, Okla. Brandt, E. N., Jr., M.D. Co. Dir. Computer Ctr. O. U. Medical School S01 N.l41. 13 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Brashear, Eddie A., M.D., '58 511 VV. Main Barnsdall, Okla. Brauchi, J. Tony, M.D., '55 4909 XV. 77 Terrace Prairie Village, Kan, Brauer, S. I-I., M.D., '26 1112 Verges Norfolk 19, Nebraska Brawner, D. L., M.D., '47 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Brawner, L. C., M.D., '39 Professional Bldg. Richmond, Va. Bressie, Jerry L., M.D., '58 521 NAV. 42 Oklahoma City 18, Okla. Brett, Dale E., '58 C. Kansas Med. Center Kansas City, Kans. Brewer, A. M., M-D., '27 621 N. VV. 10th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bricker, Earl M., Jr., M.D., '53 Pasteur Bldg. 1111 North Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Bridal, Loy D., M.D. Merry Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Bridges, Delta? 'W., M.D. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Bridges, Robert G., '58 V, Tex. Med. Hr. Hosp. Galveston, Texas Brightwell, Lt. Col. R. J., '41 34 West North St. Fayetteville, Arkansas Brill, Melvyn L., M.D., '61 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Brixey, A. M., Jr., M.D., '43 120 St-ott Street Joliet, Illinois Broadrlck, Broadway, M.D., '45 411 E. 9 Big Springs, Texas Brock. Bill L., M.D., '54 307 New York Arlington, Texas Brooks, Harold L., M.D., '63 V.A. Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Brooks, J. T., M.D., '45 13749 VVoodrock San Fernando, Calif. Brooks, 0. T., M.D., '53 1220 Cherrywood Richardson, Texas Broome, Robt. O.. M.D., '58 909 YVoody Drive Midwest City '10, Okla. Browder, Sue E., M.D. 321 East 42nd St. New York 17, N. Y. Brown, A. M., Jr., M.D., '45 Box 388 Perry, Okla. Brown, Bruce H.. M.D., '47 McAlester Clinic 020 S. 3 Mc'Alester, Okla. Brown, Byron B.. M.D., '25 Davis, Okla. Brown, C. Alton, M.D., '43 443 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, Chas. R., M.D., '57 1035 N. St. Francis Wichita, Kansas Brown, Claude I-I. B., M.D., '53 921 NAV. 14 Ardmore, Okla. Brown, David R., M.D., '49 1111 North Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, Porest R., M.D., 3400 N. Eastern Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, Geo. M., Jr., M.D., '43 McAlester Clinic McAlester, Okla. '36 Brown, Horace Jacquelln, '59 Lac-kland AFB Hosp. Lackland AFB, Texas Brown, Irwin I-I., M.D., '45 l'niv. of Okla. Sch. of Med, 301 N. E. 13th Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, John H., M.D., '54 2001 John Street Pasadena, Texas Brown, Leonard I-I., '45 5700 N.VV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, Nello, M.D., '45 510 N. VV. 12 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, Spencer II., M.D., '40 200 Oakwood Fayetteville, Ark. Brown, Thomas G., M.D., '29 Box 326 Dumas, Texas Brownlee, L. G. A.. M.D., '12 284 Tilbury ltoad Hirmingham, Michigan Brundage, B. T., M.D., Box 12 Thomas, Okla. '36 Bryan, Richard S., NLD. Rox 2523, USAF Hosp. Andrews A 1-"li VVashington 25, D. C. Buchanan, F. R., M.D., '42 1241 Donaghey Bldg Little Rot-k, Ark. Buckholts, W. H., M.D., Co. V. A. Hosp. Dallas 16, Texas '29 Buell, A. L., M.D., '39 liuell Myers Snow Cl 220 S. Morton Okmulgee, Okla. Buflington, P. C., M.D., '35 502 S, Crawford Norman, Okla. Builington, G. W.. M.D., '50 Tahlequah, Okla. B1J.f0I'd, Il. In., M.D., '41 Guymon, Okla. Bullard, R. E., M.D., '24 V. A. Hospital VVaco, Texas Buller, Ralph L., '59 Hydro, Oklahoma Bunch, A. H., M.D., '50 206 North Fourth St. Seminole, Oklahoma Bungardt, A. II., M.D., '39 Rm. 610 Drs. Bldg. 2021 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Burgert, E. 0., M.D., '47 2109 Lynwood Dr. Rochester, Minnesota Burgess, E. P., M.D., '55 Box 306A Shamrock, Okla. Burgett, Robt. E., M.D., '58 Dept. of Pathology V.A. Hospital Oakland, California Burgtorf, R. I-I., M.D., '45 Shattuck, Oklahoma Burks, A. L., M.D., '39 Suite 2100, 450 Sutter St. San Francisco 3, Calif. Burleson, M. N., M.D., '61 Prague Clinic Prague, Okla. Burleson, Ned, M.D., '31 I. O. Iiox t-.54 1'rapqt1t-, Ukla. Burnett, Hal A., M.D., '43 31151 Iii'ig'g.:'s Parsons, Kansas Burr, Donald C., M.D., '62 lirooke Army Hosp. San Antonio, Texas Burr, John C., M.D., '57 Htl. llo. Co. 1 Ad. 13 Av. EHS!! Fort Hood, Texas Burris, Otis F., M.D., '55 ZZIPT North -1 btreet Pont-a t'ity, Ukla. Burroughs, Lyle W., M.D. T11 N.XV.1tl Uklahonia t'ity, Okla. Burton, Leonard E., '54 10217 tlallzttint- Hd. Iloxyney, t'alit'. Busboom, Robt. G., M.D., '46 220 Rossi-r .Xventle NYayneslioro, Virginia Bush, John D., M.D. llept. of Radiology Vniverslty Hospital tlklahonia t'ity, Okla. Bush, Jordan M., M.D., '39 207 t'o1nnitxnity linildingz l'ont'a Vity, Ukla. Bussan, Reita M., M.D., '49 1678 Meadowlane 1Jr.S.lG. North Canton 20, Ohio Buswell, A. W., M.D., '52 117 East Ulclalionia He-nnesstty, tbkla. Butcher, J. M., M.D., '36 T86 tJraiip.:'e .-X ye. Sarasota, ltlorida Butcher, Orby L., Jr., M.D., '55 Rox N32 Buttler, Ralph L., M.D., '56 do IF. li. Bnllt-r Cleo Sprin,Q,'s, Ukla. Buttram. C. A., M.D., 'C8 ltlth 0 St, Mt-litlota, t'ztlii'. Buttram, Harold E., M.D., '58 12334 t'liippt-wa liivhartlson, Texas Butts, Donald. T., M D., '63 Viiiyvrsity Hospitals Oltlalionia Pity, tlltla. Buxton, M. Thos., Jr., M D., '47 1111 North I.t-tt Ultlahoina City, Ultla. Bynum, Chester L., M.D., '57 N04 Navaho l"2ll'lllIllS.2'lUll, N. M. Bynum, W. R., M D., '51 l'ryor, Ulilahonia Cagle, Ronald E., M.D., '58 2207 NAV. 411 Strtwt Lawton, Oklalioina Cailey, Leo P., M.D., '25 lit. 1, Box 211 Olclalioina City, Ukla. Caldwell, Avalo V., M.D., '50 3107 Gore Rottlt-yartl Lawton. tlltla. Caldwell, D. R., M D., '61 2033 Grayless llivhinond, Texas Calhoon, E. L.. M.D., '51 lit-ayer, Okla, Calhoun, H. W., M.D., '58 S15 NAV. 12 Strt-t-t llot-hester, Minn. Calkins, Robt T., MD., '47 11067 Magnolia liiyt-rside, tfalif. Camp, Carl D., M.D., '62 Campbell, J. F., M.D., '28 1410 l'rttitt Forth VVorth, Texas Campbell, J. Moore, M.D., '50 Medical .Xi-ts Bldg: Oklahoma Pity, tbkla. Campbell, J. R., M D.. '35 123-12 Medival ltental Bldg. seattle, Washington Campbell, M. A. T., M.D., '50 51600 N. Maxwell Dr, trklahoina t'ity, Okla. Campbell, Philip J., M.D. Mervy llospital tlklahoina Pity, Okla. Campbell. Robt. E., M.D., '54 1100 XXV. ltl St. tbltlahoina t'ity, Okla. Campbell, W. J., M D., 39 22054 W. T Amarillo, Texas Cantrell, D. E., Jr., M.D., '34 316 XV. 4 Odessa, Texas Cantrell, Emma J., M.D., '33 Box 27X Healtlton, Ukla. Capehart, J. D., M D.. '46 SHA North Usage Dr. Tulsa, Ukla. Capehart, M. P., M.D., '44 1635 IC. 15th Tulsa, Okla. Capehart, S. A., M.D., '48 928 S. Yale Tulsa, tlkla. Carl, R. Barton, M.D., '55 11N S. Elth St. Enid, Oltla. Carlile, Wm. F., M.D., '61 liillt-rest Mvtl. i't'llIt'l' Carlton, Theodore, M.D., '46 521 Mandana Oakland, Calif. Caxrmack, Chas. A., M.D., '55 Dept. ol' Anesthesiology l'riit'e-rsity llospital 4Jl'l'tlioin't t'ity Ul'l't xt 1 4, xt. Carney, John H., M.D., '56 E520 N,VV. Ninth Uklahonia City, Ulila. Carroll, James Robt., '59 3301 Nolan llall l'nix'. Texas Med. llrant'li llalyvston, Texas Carson, Harold Bryan, '49 Union Point, Georgia Carson, John M., M.D., '36 14 E. 9th Sliawnt-e, Oklahoma Carter, Claude E., M.D., '32 Y. A. Hospital 2615 Clinton Aye. Fresno, California Carter, Donald R., M.D Dept. Surg't-ry l'niy'ersity Hospital Oklahoma City, tlkla. Carter, H. Gray, M.D., '43 T12 N. VVashing'ton Dallas 10, Texas Carter, Merle Dean, M.D., '35 Xlltyiioka, Oklalionia Casey, Earle A., M.D., '35 1337 lianoroft Aye-. San Leandro, Calif. Casey, James, '54 Box 457 Andrews, Texas Casey, Robert E., M.D., '45 516 VV.1Tth St. Santa Ana, California Casey, Robert L., M.D., '63 Swt-dish Hospital Cash. G. S., M.D., '40 S01 Tarayal St. San Frans-ist'o 16, Calif. Cason, Peter L.. M.D. AU 3047113 25122 VS.-XF Hosp. SAV APU 30 Nt-xv York, New York Casper, P. D., M.D., '46 Box 51146 Uklahorna, t'ity, Okla. Cassidy, Robert J., '55 525 N.W.11th tlklalionia t'ity, Okla. Cassidy. John M., M.D., '31 5606 Wesley St. Greenville, Texas Casteel, Charles Kempe, '59 l'niV. Missouri Med. Ctr. t'olumlria, Missouri Castle, E. A., M.D., '53 55 E. North St. Madisonville, Ky. CSISCTOIIOVO, JOS-, M.D., '29 -126 Broadway l'roy'idont'e El, H. T. Cathey, Charles W., M.D., '53 31008 Regt-nt-y Court Ultlahonia City 20, Okla. Cawley, Leo P., M.D., '52 VVesley Hospital XViChita, Kansas Chamberlin, Cecil R., M.D., '55 Menningvr Clinic Topeka, Kansas Chambers, Clint E., M.D., '59 Medico VSUM APO 153 San Franuist-o, Calif. Chambers, E. Evans, M.D., '40 Enid Clinio, 610 S. Monroe Enid, Okla. Chambless, Wm. S., M.D., '59 419 Iowa Ave. Cliirkaslia, Okla. llangkok, Thailand 1- .tii xtut, tbltlal itviii.t Tulsa, Hkla. S t-:t ttle, Wasliiiii-TUH1 -p . -ll 'EBT engggjf , t U .,. -.--f .-l.-.QQ5 'i it ...., - 1i2f.g,- f '?E2' ff, X 1964 - I. eww... p A , I CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! HIGH QUALITY MEDICAL CARE ' INTERNSHIP ' RESIDENCIES ' EXTENSIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS ' PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY ' VISITING PROFESSORS I of I hillcrest medical center I A Community Service and Educational Institution utica on the park tulsa 4 , oklahoma I Phone LU 4-1351 I 77 Chandler, I-I. Norman, M.D., '46 6331 Prospect Dallas 14, Texas Chaney, Louis H., M.D., '28 528 N. W. 12 Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Chapman, Frank D., M.D., '61 Huey P, Long Charity Hosp. Pineville, Louisiana Chapman, P. B., M.D., '46 8332 Huntington Dr. San Gabriel, Calif. Chattield, Robt. B., M.D., '62 Tripler Army Hosp. Honolulu, Hawaii Chaves, Enrique C., MD., '63 Gorgas Hospital Canal Zone Cheatwood, Wm. R.. M.D., '37 P. O. Box 870 Duncan, Okla. Chesnut, Dan E., M D., '63 Good Samaritan Hosp. Phoenix, Arizona Childers, Stanley G., M D., '45 3003 Cravenridge Dr. Atlanta 19, Georgia Childredd, M. A., M.D., '45 Goldthwaite, Texas Choice, Robt. W.. M.D., '38 Wakita, Okla. Christensen, M. D., M D., '52 Kiowa, Kansas Citron, Ralph, M.D. 2209 W. 7 Amarillo, Texas Clanln, J. O., M.D., '31 Limon Hospital Limon, Colorado Clark, B. P., M.D., '34 Memorial Hosp. Whitesburg, Ky. Clark, Frank W., M.D., '51 3rd and C. N. W. Ardmore, Okla. Clark, Ralph 0., M.D., '37 301 S. W. 23 Oklahoma City, Okla. Clark, Ronald D., M.D., '61 Univ. of Okla. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Clarkson, A. M., M.D., '26 204 S. Central Idabel, Okla. Classen, Jeannine A., M.D., '54 5713 Vineridge Drive Nashville, Tenn. Classen, Kenneth L., M.D., '54 5713 Vineridge Drive Nashville, Tenn. Clay, Richard A., M.D., '43 415 N. W. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Cleaver, Wm. R., M.D., '58 2850 N.W. 23 Oklahoma City, Okla. Clemans, D. C., M.D., '52 1305 N.E. 47 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Clemens, Ted, Jr., M.D., '52 Wesley Hosp. Foundation 300 N.W. 12 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Clements, D. G., M.D. '47 Doctors' Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. cuck, w. c., mm., '49 Chickasha Hospital and Clinic Chickasha, Okla. Clift, Merl, M.D., '23 118 South 1 Street Blackwell, Okla. Clifton, Curtis N., M.D., '55 3403 East Pine Tulsa, Okla. Clifton, Jerry T., M D., '56 Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Clingan, Frank A., M.D., '30 210 Utica Square Med. Center Tulsa 14, Okla. 78 Clinger, J. M., Jr., M.D., '49 7633 Monroe Forest 1'ark, Ill. Clopton, Jas. W., M.D., '45 1321 North Harbor Fullerton, California Close, John H., M.D., '62 6108 Redmond Court Oklahoma City, Okla. Cloud, Robt. S., M.D., '20 4506 Highland Drive Salt Lake City, Utah Cloud, Robt. S., M.D., '59 Salt Lake County Gen. Salt Lake City, Utah Clough, Chas. A., M.D., '59 Kansas Med. Center Kansas City, Kansas Clytmer, John H., M.D., '44 Medical Arts Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Coates, John A., M.D., '55 2617 East 21 Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Coates, R. Reginald, M.D., '37 603 Okla. Natl. Bank Bldg. Chickasha, Okla. Coats, Jack L., M.D., '57 2014 Hutton Road Farmington, N. M. COC'h'.I.'a.ll., B. H., M.D., '51 210 Post Office Bldg. Midwest City, Okla. Cochran, Roy L., M.D., '19 Box 176 Caddo, Okla. Cochrane, Capt. Chas. R., '47 0192153 MC U. S. Med. Serv. Group liyukyu Islands, Al'O 331 San Francisco, Calif. Cocker, John K., Jr., M.D., '53 1921 18th St., I'.O, 1582 Bakersfield, California Coe, William H., M.D., '49 Kern County Hosp. Box 997 Bakersfield, Calif. Coggins, Farris W., M.D., '47 1100 N. Dewey Oklahoma City, Okla. Cohen, E. S., M.D., '46 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Cohen, S. Lewis, MD., '43 800 North First Ave. Phoenix, Arizona Coil, J. G., MD., '46 Med. Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Coin, C. G., M.D., '51 601 N.VV. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla. Coin, J. W., Jr., M.D., '51 601 N.W. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla. Coldwell, Jas. G., M.D., '55 Springer Clinic 604 South Cincinnati Tulsa, Oklahoma Cole. O. W., M.D., '30 2572 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, Calif. Cole, Rosser R., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Cole, Royce M., M.D., '63 Santa Barbara Cottage Hosp. Santa Barbara, Calif. Coleman, Wm. 0., M.D., '47 2900 N. VV. 67th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Collins, Donald D., M.D., '59 323 15 Broadway Okemah, Okla. Collins, Glenn J., M.D., '35 415 Dir-kman Road Ft. Sam Houston, Texas Collins, G. S., Jr., M.D., '48 3301 Bella Vista Midwest City, Okla. Collins. J. E., M.D., '48 1200 North Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Collins, Mabelle B., M.D., '46 1200 North Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Collins, W. R., M.D., '53 1601 VVest Okmulgee Sl. Muskogee, Oklahoma Colvert, Jas. R., M.D., '41 1319 Classen Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Colwick, J. T., Jr., M.D., '52 215 N. 16th St. Durant, Okla. Colyar, A. B., M.D., '41 2601 Foraker Blvd. Anchorage, Alaska Combs, Leon D., M.D., '44 16 XVest Midland Shawnee, Okla. Compton, A. Paul, M.D., '57 S01 Northeast Fifth Pryor, Oklahoma. Conley, Richard A., M.D., '59 The Watonga Clinic Vilatonga, Oklahoma Conn, J. Harold, M.D., '43 V. A. Center Jackson, Miss. Connell, M. A., M.D., '32 704 Clovis St. Grant, New Mexico Connor, E. E., M.D., '26 2303 Fenwood Pasadena, Texas Conner, I-I. McD., M.D., '62 Cyril, Oklahoma Conrad, Betty L., '44 602 S. Cheyenne Tulsa, Okla. Conrad, I.. L., M.D., '43 V. A. Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Cook, C. E., Jr., M.D., '42 V. A. Hospital Muskogee, Oklahoma Cook, Edward T., M.D., '38 508 W. Broadway Anadarko, Okla. Cooke, Everette E., M.D., '43 1212 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Cooley, Percy P., M.D., '23 110 S. Lewis St. Monroe, Washington Cooper, Frank II., M.D., '58 Cotten, Daisy G., M.D., '37 6220 N.W. 10 Oklahoma City 7, Okla. Cotteral, John R., M.D., '29 303 -N. 10th Henryetta, Okla. Cotton, Bert H., Jr., M.D., '57 111 Congress Street Pasadena, Calif. Couch, Jim C., M.D., '62 1702 Ash Duncan, Oklahoma Courtright, Anna C., M.D., '51 1925 E. Orman Ave. Pueblo, Colorado Courtright, C. L., M.D., '51 1925 E. Orman Ave. Pueblo, Colorado Coussons, R. T., M.D., '63 Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Cowling, Robt. E., M.D., '35 215 E. 13th St. Ada, Okla. Cox, A. IK., M.D., '32 VVatonga Clinic VVatonga, Okla. Cox, Walter M., M.D., '53 515 N.VV. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Coye, Elizabeth I., M.D., 43 820 N. E. 15th Oklahoma City, Okla. Coyle, John J., M.D., '43 1200 N. Vvalker Oklahoma City, Okla. Coyner, W. R., M.D., '47 313 E. First St, Edmond, Okla. Coyner, W. W., M.D., '63 Lakeland Gen. Hospital Lakeland, Florida Crabtree, Jas. A., M.D., '57 2346 Mg Teviot St. Los Angeles 39, Calif. Craig, Kenneth B., M.D., '58 Evanston Hosp. Evanston, Illinois Craig, Nancy, M.D., '49 525 N.VV. 11 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Craig, William J., M.D., '51 1411 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. 1036 North Flood Crane, Dorothy F. B., M.D., '44 Norman, Okla. 238 West 10 Street Cooper, Kenneth H., M.D., '56 Box 4045 SAM Brooks AFB, Texas Copeland, E. L., M.D., '44 2157 N.W. 9 Avenue Gainsville, Florida Coppedge, Orville, M.D., '33 Box 3535 Oklahoma City, Okla. Corbin, D. E., M.D., '29 6515 LaJolla Boulevard La Jolla, California Cordonnier, B. J., M.D., '32 1800 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Cordum, Myron A., M.D., '62 716 East Eubanks Oklahoma City, Okla. Corley, Bert N., M.D., '62 l'.S. Public Health Serv, Norfolk, Virginia Cornelius, Geo. R., M.D., '57 5314 Dewberry Houston 21, Texas Cosby, Glenn, M.D., '43 Miami Clinic, 30 B. S.VV. Miami, Okla. Coston, R. M., M.D., '29 1019 S. 18th St. Birmingham, Alabama Cotner, Jerry Bob, '52 Box 53 Huntington, Ark. Cotner, Norman A., M.D., '58 Box 370 Grove, Oklahoma Dallas, Texas Cravens, Clem, MD., '50 DeVVitt State Hosp. Auburn, California Crawford, Jas. W., M.D., '63 Bernalillo County Hosp. Albuquerque, New Mex. Crawford, Perry F., M.D., '30 2010 South Utica Tulsa, Okla. Crawford, Sterling T., '42 5700 N.W. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Crawley, F. P., '44 Box 517 Hooker, Okla. Crawley, J. J. 2527 Beet-h St. Bakersfield, Calif. Crittenden, W. F., MD., '54 1014 North Flood Norman, Oklahoma Crockett, H. G., M.D., '34 511 South Bonnie Brae Los Angeles, Calif. Crockett, Wm. A., M.D., '61 1017 Seventeenth St. Woodward, Okla. Croom, Wm. S., M.D., '48 3801 10th, Suite 114 Lubbock, Texas Crosthwait, M. J., M.D., '55 4335 SE. 15 Oklahoma City, Okla. Crump, James L., M.D., '55 3344 Convention Street Baton Rouge, Louisiana Cullen, Marvin Ii., M.D. 422 Lafayette St. Tampa, Florida Culmer, A. E., Jr., M.D., 40 501 1st Natl. Bank Bldg. Grand Forks, N. ll. Culwell, Don W., M D.. '62 St. John's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Culwell, W. B., M.D., '38 800 South Main Mount Airy, Maryland Cunningham, C. B., M.D., '35 Box 212 Clinton, Okla. Cunningham, C. D., M.D., '38 1001 15 Ave, NAV. Ardmore, Okla. Cunningham, C. S., M.D., '45 Poteau, Okla. Cunningham, H. A., M.D., '34 1730 Olive Ave. Santa Barbara, Calif. Cunningham, J. H., M.D., '50 201 Texas Blvd. Dalhart, Texas Cunningham, W. A., M.D., '58 Pasteur Med. Bldg. 1111 North Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Currie, John M., MD., '63 Good Samaritan Hosp. Portland, Oregon Curry, Roy Lee, M.D., '31 P. O. Box 837 Clovis, New Mexico Curtess, R. L., Jr., M.D., '48 3707 Gaston Dallas 10, Texas Curtin, Virginia., M.D., '36 VVatonga, Okla. Curtis, S. J., M.D., '28 891 S. Race St. Denver 9, Colorado Curtlss, W. P., M.D., '46 22631 Mack Avenue St. Clair Shores, Mich. Datfer, Erne t R., M.D., '62 2608 S. W. 69 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Daily, Raymond E., M.D., '32 P. O. Box 85 Bixby, Okla. Dakil, L. N., M.D., '36 100 E. Grand McAlester, Okla. Dakll, Samuel E., M.D., '50 McAlester Clinic Mt-Alester, Okla. Dandridge, Wm. S., '35 1601 West Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. Danel, Joe R., M.D., '61 l'. H. S. Hospital Holdenville, Okla. Daniel, Thos. G., M.D., '58 Dept. of Surgery University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Darden, P. M., M.D., '42 203 S. Munger Pasadena, Texas Dardis, W. T., Jr., M.D., '45 N30 West Abriendo Ave. Pueblo, Colorado Darnell, Elmer E., M.D., '11 El Reno, Oklahoma Darrough, I'. M., M.D., '63 Swedish Hospital Seattle, VVashington Darrough, J. B., M.D., '33 Vinita, Oklahoma Darrough, J. W., M.D., '30 1431 Grand Everett, VVashington Daugherty, Rex W., M.D., '54 401 Commerce Bldg. Pawhuska, Oklahoma Davenport, C. D., M.D., '53 County Health Dept. Hennessey, Oklahoma Davenport, H. S.. M.D., '52 2218 East Elm Gainesville, Texas Davidson, I-I. D., M.D., '62 XVesIey Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Davidson, W. N., M.D., '19 3556 South Sandusky Tulsa, Oklahoma Davidson. W. N.. Jr., M D., '51 , 2020 E. 93rd St. Clt-velancl, Ohio W Davie, E. N., M.D., '40 David Hosp. and Clinic Milford, l'tali Davie, Victor V., M.D., '43 1 45 XV. 2nd , Akron, Colorado Davis, G. C., '46 400 l'eat-htree N.E. Atlanta, Ga. Davis, G. F., M.D., '16 Kanapolis, Kansas Davis, G. H., M.D., '31 Pace Chambers Clinic Seminole, Okla. Davis, George M., M.D., '39 Capt. MC USN l'.S. Naval llosp. 3923 . C. O. Fl O, San Francisco, Calif, Davis, John B., M.D., '35 3780 Vifooclruff Long Beacli, Calif. Davis, Randell E., M.D., '51 51040 S. W. Heather Lane Beaverton, Oregon Davis, Robert Gaylord. '59 440 VV, Kll'tlll12,'t'l0l'2iV6 Dr. Sierra Madre, Calif. Davis, Robt. S., Jr.. M.D., '54 Sulphur, Okla. Davis, Samuel M., M D., '56 1901 S. 15 Chit-kasha. Okla. Davis, W. 0., M.D., '43 601 li. Broadway Cushing, Okla. Davis, Wesley W., M.D., '41 010 Okla. Natl. Bank Bldg. Chickasha, Okla. Davison, C. 0.. MD., '15 1 Fulton Court l'oup:,'hkeepsie, New York Dawson. C. Benton. M D., '43 528 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Day, John C., '59 St. .lohn's Hosp. Tulsa, Okla. Dean, Charles E., M D.. '61 Cincinnati Gen. Hosp, Cincinnati, Ohio Dean, Robert W., M.D.. '55 l'tic-a So. Medical Ctr. Tulsa, Okla. Dean, W. F.. M.D., '26 525 N. Beard Ada, Okla. Deardorff, Max A., M.D., '59 Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Dehart, Ollie W., M.D.. '61 Huey P. Long Charity Hosp. Pineville, Louisiana DeJarnette, J. F., Jr., M.D., '48 l'. O. Box S44 Ponca City, Okla Delhotal. C. E.. Jr., M D.. '47 2610 NAV. Expressway Oklahoma City, Okla. Demas, Rose P., IM D.. '46 X01 Pershing Drive Lawton, Okla. Demeules, E. A.. Jr., M D-. '38 4100 XVest Hills Road Corvalis, Oregon Dennehy, Timothy H., M D. St. John's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Denney, L. A., MD., '46 947 VVest 8 Street Los Angeles, Calif. Dennis, James L., M.D., '40 11 Lorine Circle Little Rock, Arkansas Dennis, R. P., M.D., '45 1002 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Denny, R. C., M.D., '52 3801 N. VV. 61st Oklahoma City, Okla. Denny, Wm. F., M.D., '53 l'niv. Ark, Med. School V.A. Hospital Little Rock, Arkansas Denyer, Hillard E., M.D., '41 416 E. 2 Bartlesville, Okla. Deputy, Ross, M.D., '35 114 S. 5th St. Clinton, Okla. Dersch, Walter H., M.D., '17 616 Med. Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Dersch, W. H., Jr., M.D., '45 Newman Clinic Shattuck, Okla. DeShane, P. W.. Jr., M.D., '61 1612 N.E. 39 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Desmuke, L. D., M.D., '61 Youngstown Hosp. Assoc. Youngstown, Ohio Deupree, Harry L., M.D., '36 Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Devanney, P. J., M.D., '31 111 North 4 Street Sayre, Oklahoma Devine. J. C., M.D., '53 3102 S. Harvard, Suite 57 'l'ulsa 5, Oklahoma Devore, J. K., M.D., '47 1214 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Devore, J. W., M.D., '45 1214 N. Hudson Oklahoma city, Okla. Dlaeon, James L., M.D., '52 124 East Lincoln VVellington, Kansas Dickerson, Jas. L., M.D., '54 460 Markham Ave. San Bruno, Calif. Dickerson, Wm. J., M.D., '55 Dept. of Psychiatry Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Dickinson, W. P., M D., '48 1019 Fifteenth N.W. Ardmore, Okla. Dickson, James R., M D., '55 1371 East McBain Ave. Campbell, California Dietrich, B. L., M.D., '53 421 E. 13 Guymon, Oklahoma Dillingham, C. II., M.D., '45 Lovelace Clinic Albuquerque, N. M. Dilhnan, Robt. E.. M D.. '46 Doctors Bldg.. 21 Lewis Tulsa, Oklit. Dillman, T. E., M D.. '46 301 E. Evergreen Blvd. Vancouver, VVash. Diment, Dean H., M D. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Dinkler, Fred, M.D., '47 Box 1972 Great Southern Life lns. Co. Houston, Texas Disiere, John E.. M.D.. '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Dixon, Gerald R., M D., '58 415 N.W. 11 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Dixon, R. W., MD., '44 101 XV. Rant-hwood Dr. Midwest City, Okla. Dodson, H. C., Jr., M D., '41 411 N. W, 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Dolenz, Bernard J., M D., '57 U. Tex. Branch Hosp. Galveston, Texas Dolph, C. H., M.D., '26 P. O. Box 4281 Baytown, Texas Donaghe, Roy W., M.D., '47 119 South Santa Fe Norman, Okla. Donald. Jack W.. MD., '54 I'. O. Box 460 Sulphur, Okla. Donaldson, R. J., M.D.. '63 Brooke Army Gen. llosp. Fort Sam llouston, Texas Donat, Paul E.. M D., '62 904 N. E. 35 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Doner, Richard E., M.D., '63 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Donnell, John J., M.D., '43 1214 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Doran, Charles K., M.D., '63 Public Health Serv. San Francisco, Calif. Dorr, Clyde R., M.D., '61 5313 North VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Dotter, Billy Dale, M.D. Merry Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. THE COYNE CAMPBELL SANITARIUM 2601 Spencer Road P. O. Box H335 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA GA 7-2441 STAFF lctmes A. Cox, M.D. Moormctn P. Prosser, M.D. A. A. I-lelloms, M.D. l-lcrrolcl G. Sleeper, M.D. Chas. E. Leonard, M.D. Chas. A. Smith, M.D. Chcts. P. Oberrncrnn, M.D. Chos. E. Smith, M.D. IACK BARTHOLD Hospffgz Administrator 79 Dotter, Richard G., M.D., '59 6440 S. Claiborne St. New Orleans, Louisiana Doty, Roy J., M.D., '40 1401 Arlington Ada, Okla. Dougan, A. F., M.D., '36 1300 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Dougherty, R. J., Jr., M.D., '47 Box 436 Vass, N. Carolina Dougherty, V. F., M.D., '24 410 N. IG. 14th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Dougherty, Wm. H., M.D., '54 Suite 1, Plaza Prof. Bldg. Bartlesville, Oklahoma Douglas, Herschel L., M.D. '1atum, New Mexico Douthit, Thos. E., Jr., '54 2327 N. Riverside Drive Fort Worth, Texas Dowdy, G. S., Jr., M.D., '53 600 Hermann Prof. Bldg. Houston 25, Texas Dowdy, Hemp H., M.D., '40 450 Sutter St. San Francisco S, Calif. Dowdell, Roy W., M.D., '63 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Dowling, W. J., M.D., '46 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Downing, J. J., M.D., '46. . 334 Nvest Bellevue San Mateo, Calif. Drake, Dale W., M.D., '48 6201 Little Schaefer Evansville, Ind. Drake, J. S., M.D., '42 General Delivery Las Cruces, New Mexico Drewry, Robert Hill, '59 t'h1ldren's Memorial Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Drennan, S. L., M.D., '41 3550 West 8th St. Los Angeles 5, Calif. Duckett, Jim G., M.D., '55 1100 North Dewey Oklahoma City, Okla. Dudley, P. W., M.D., '58 Post Olive Box 406 Mercury, Nevada Dudley, Patrick W., M.D. 125 N.W. Ninth Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Duer, Joe L., M.D., '32 VVoodward, Oklahoma Duewall, R. H., M.D., '38 4630 Fleur Drive Des Moines, Iowa Duff, Col. Fratis Lee, '39 USAF MC, Hdqtrs AFSC Box 3, Andrews AFB VVashington 25, D. C. Duffy, Mary, M-D., '53 605 N. VV. 10 Oklahoma City, Okla. Dugger, James A., M.D., '46 2901 South Westnedge Kalamazoo, Mich. Dulany, Richard B., M D. Parkland Memorial Hosp. Dallas, Texas Dunbar, M. J., M.D., '29 Route 4 VVinIield, Kansas Duncan, Cloyce L., M.D., '46 Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Inst. 1st and Parnassus Ave. San Francisco, Calif. Duncan, IK. C., M.D., '55 2651 East 21 Street Tulsa, Okla. Duncan, R. W., M.D., '36 106 LQ S. Rusk Ave. Denison, Texas Dunlap, Harold, M.D., '55 Wadsworth, Kansas Dunn, John S., M.D., '49 516 E Street Santa Rosa, Calif. Dunnington, Lt. Col. W. G., '34 t'o. G. yy. Dunnington 704 S.E. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City 25, Okla Dunton, Loren A., M.D., '45 320 w est New !O1'K Ave. .lJt'li1I1d, Florida Duran, R. J., M.D., '47 1275 Olentangy liiv. Rd. llOltll11lJllS A, Ohio Dycus, David S., MD, '61 Dycus illlrllti Moore, Oltla Dycus, Don L., M.D., '57 117 S. Santa Fe Norman, Oklahoma Dyer, James W., M.D., '59 Sheppard USAF Hosp. VVichita Falls, Texas Eacles, D. W., M.D., '30 7602 South Broadway St. Louis ll, Mo. Earls, C. H., M.D., '33 1541 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Earls, Jim H., M.D., '62 Sch. Submarine Medicine New London, Conn. Earnest, Carl R., M.D. 12922 North Union Shawnee, Okla. Earp, Ancel, Jr., M.D., '47 1200 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. East, John P., M.D., '37 652 VV. 20 Merced, Calif. East, William R., M.D., '61 Brooke General Hosp. Fort Sam Houston San Antonio, Texas Eastland, Wm. E., M.D., '23 Medical Arts Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Eaton, Bobby G., M.D. University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Eddington, A. B., M.D., '53 2570 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Edge, Jodie L., M.D., '55 A C H Clinic and Hosp. Shawnee, Okla. Edwards, Martin D., M.D., '45 710 N. E. 13th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Edwards, Rheba L., M.D, '38 710 NE 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Egan, James Wm., M.D., '38 Boston City Hospital Boston, Mass. Egelston, Russell, M.D., '55 3X65th USAF Hosp. .lames Conally Base VVaco, Texas Eggenberg, D. M., Jr., M.D., '5 103 N. 3rd Davis, Okla. Elder, John F., M.D. 600 W. Kentucky Pampa, Texas Eley, Julia S., M D., '44 1702 Long Ac-re Drive Ilouston 24, Texas Eley, N. Price, M.D., '22 1319 Classen Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Elkin, W. Paul, M.D., '35 224 Med. Arts Bldg. Charleston, VV. Virginia Elkins, M. G., M.D., '38 3502 VVest Broadway Muskogee, Okla. Elkins, Ronald C., M.D., '62 .Iohns Hopkins Hosp. Baltimore, Maryland Ellifrit, Wm. O., M.D., '50 1304 Blackard Lane Ponca City, Oklahoma Elliott, Arthur F., M.D., '45 301 N. W. 2:5111 Oklahoma City, Okla. Elliott, Chas. C., M.D., '60 St. John's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Elliott, J. H., M.D., '52 Dept. of Ophthalmology 2500 N. 11.13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Ellis, Leonard, M.D., '42 4101 N. .N1Z1CAl'Il1lll' Bud. Oklahoma City, lflilil.. Ellis, R. A., M.D., '45 103 NOFIH 10th Duncan, Okla. Ellis, Robert H., M.D., '57 Metropolitan St. Hospital lNOl'W2LlK, Calll. Ellzey, R. F., M.D., '54 416 Brady Lane Austin, Texas Emenhiser, L. H., M.D., '31 511 N. VV. 11th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Endres, R. H., M.D., '48 3557 E. 31 Place Tulsa 35, Okla. Engles, C. F., M.D., '51 2416 S. Harvey Oklahoma City, Okla. Engles, Estelle, M.D., '54 325 Waco Street Durant, Oklahoma Engles, Loretta G., M.D. 2416 S. Harvey Oklahoma City, Okla. Engles, L. L., M.D., '48 Engles Clinic Durant, Okla. Engles, Raymond L., M.D., '40 323 Waco Street Durant, Okla. Engles, Robert E., M.D., '54 325 Vvaco St. Durant, Okla. Ennis, John H., M.D., '54 Box 49 Cyril, Okla. Enos, J. P., M.D., '50 331 Main Yukon, Okla. Ensey, J. E., M.D., '28 310 Preston Road lioyal Med. Center Dallas, Texas Epley, V. C., M.D., '42 220 S. Michigan Prairie du Chien, VVis. Erwin, C. J. R., M.D., '51 14680 N. VVisconsin Ave. H1111 Grove, VVisconsin Erwin, C. P., M.D., '51 14680 N. VVisconsin Ave. Elm Grove, Mist-onsin Erwin, P. D., M.D., '46 2209 N. Portland Oklahoma City, Okla. Eskridge, J. B., Jr., M.D., '21 1220 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Eskridge, Jas. B., III, M.D., '45 1220 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. 5 Esparza, Edward, M.D., '59 2600 N.VV. Expressway Oklahoma City, Okla. Evans, A. M., M.D., '30 P. O. Box 624 Perry, Okla. Evans, Arthur G., M-D., '58 Kaniksu Clinic- Priest River, Idaho Evans, Gary G., M.D., '63 St. .lohn's Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Evans, John P., M D., '63 Vniversity Hospital Ann Arbor, Michigan Evans, Leo R., M.D., '27 Williamsburg, Kentucky Evans, Winileld W., M.D. St. Anthony Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Everett, Elwood D., M.D., '63 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Everett, Mark Allen, '51 5225 NAN. 12 Oklahoma City, Okla. Everett, Mark R. ' Univ. of Okla. School of Med. 801 N. E. 13th Oklahoma City 4, Okla. Ewing, W. F., Jr., M.D., '53 3241 So. Troost Tulsa, Okla. Fagin, Herman, M.D., '23 3101 N.W. 6:1 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Fair, E. Edwin, M.D. 405 Comlnunity Bldg. Ponca City, Okla. Fair, Thos. Hocker, M.D., '47 604 So. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla. Falkenste:ln,, R. D., M.D. 60 VV. Kentucky Pampa, Texas Faris, Brunel D., M.D., '27 1207 Med. Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Farnam, L. M., Jr., M.D., '39 19787 Mack Grosse Pt. 36, Mich. Farr, Charles H., M.D., '61 1024 N. Flood Norman, Okla. Farr, Louise H., M.D., '43 1505 NV. VVi1shire Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Farris, E. M., M.D., '4l. Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Farris, Emil P., M.D., '50 528 N. VV. 12 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Felgley, Chas. A., M.D., '50 3406 Convention St. Baton Rouge, La. Felactu, James, M.D., '62 911 East Huber Weatherford, Oklahoma Felts, George R., M.D., '32 6700 Foothill Blvd. Oakland 5, Calif. Ferdinand, A. C., M.D., '38 114 Stratford Dr. Peoria, Ill. Ferguson, E. G., M.D., '29 Medical Arts Building Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Ferguson, E. B., Jr., M.D., '59 Orlando, Florida Ferguson, L. W., M.D., '28 509 E Ave. Lawton, Okla. Ferrell, Donald P., M.D., '63 Maricopa County Gen. Hosp. Phoenix, Arizona Finch, J. Wm., M.D., '31 Hobart Clinic Hobart, Oklahoma Findley, John R., M.D., '52 17202 15 N.VV. Seattle 77, NVash. Finn, Thomas C., MD., '33 5801 North Vermont Oklahoma City, Okla. First, Safety R., M.D., '43 1014 Med. Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Oklahoma Fisher, Harry E., M D., '52 1790 Yums St. Salt Lake City, I'lah Fitch, Eldon E., M.D. Box 8464 Oklahoma City, Okla. Fitz, Rudolph G., M D., '20 Fairbanks, Alaska Fitzgerald, D. T., Jr., M D., '61 Baptist Memorial Hosp. Memphis, Tenn. Flanigln, H. F., Jr., M.D.,. '43 Doctors Bldg.. 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Flesher, David A., M.D., '62 1812 Oxford VVay Oklahoma City, Okla. Flock, E. R., M.D., '31 621 East VVashita Weatherford, Okla. Flood, William, M.D. 360 Oak Grove Road Concord, Calif. Florence, John, M.D., '43 1200 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Florence, Robt. W., M.D., '41 212 S. Jay Street Tacoma 5, VVash. Floyd, John H., MD., '53 1800 South Van Buren Enid, Oklahoma Fluhr, William F., MD. 6144 South Kings Hd. Los Angeles, Calif. Flynn, Samuel F., M.D., '55 7008 N.VV. 26 Street Bethany, Oklahoma Foerster, David W., M.D., '58 2304 N.W. 55 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Foerster, Hervey A., M.D., '27 1220 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Ford, Frederick R., M.D., '44 2232 Carleton Berkeley, California Ford, Harry C., M.D., '33 Miami Clinic Miami, Okla. Forester, Virgil Ray, M.D., '44 Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Foster, Claude F., Jr., M.D., '48 408 S.W. 26th Oklahoma City, Okla. Foster, Lloyd G., M.D., '34 Reserve, New Mexico Foster, Riley P., M.D., '47 V. A. Hospital 2002 Holcomb Blvd. Houston, Texas Fox, Fred, M.D., '30 605 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Fox, Wm. Wade, M.D., '26 225 North Peters Norman, Okla. Franken, E. A., Jr., M.D., '61 U.S. PHS Indian Hosp. Tahlequah, Okla. Frankel, Jerome J., M.D., '54 2801 South Park, Apt. 1218 Chicago, Illinois Fraley, Thos. H., Jr., '59 Bainbridge Naval Hosp. Bainbridge, Maryland Franklin, M. A., M.D., '59 San Francisco Hosp. San Francisco, Calif. Franz, Robt. G., M D., '59 Mox MM Cristobal, Canal Zone Franz, Roger A., M D., '61 Gorgas Hospital Canal Zone Freede, Chas. L., M.D., '45 430 N. W. 12th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Freede, Henry J., M D., '42 430 N. NV. 13th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Freeman, Chas. W.. M D., '41 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Fried, David. M.D., '40 Box 72 Hollis, Oklahoma Friedman, Daniel, M.D., '47 401 VV. Merrick Road Bay Shore, N. Y. Frieze, Harold W., M D., '54 115 South lst St. Broken Arrow, Okla. Fry, F. Polk, Jr., M.D., '36 1409 N. 12th St. Frederick, Okla. Fry, Powell E., M.D., '34 N22 S. VValnut St. Stillwater, Oklahoma Fryer, Samuel R., M.D., '33 400 N.l'1. 121 Allilillltllllfl City 21, Ukla. rugate, Edward M., M.D., '47 3303 Med Arts f't'lllt'l' Muskegon, Mit-h. Puhring, Shirley A., M.D., '32 N01 East Chapel St. Santa Maria, California Fuller, Alen M., M.D., '61 ltolrert B. Green Mem. Hosp. San Antonio, Texas Puller, Guy W., M.D., '55 1004 N.VV. 48 Oklahoma City, Okla. Fuller, H. Griffin, M.D., '49 0330 Alvarade ltoad San Diego 20, Calif. Fulton, Warren C., M.D., '55 110 E. 12th St. Ada, Oklahoma Funnell, James D., M.D. 1017 NIV. 32nd Oklahoma City, Okla. Funnell, Joseph W., M.D., '49 525 N. VV. 11th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Fuquay, Maurice C., M.D., '52 Univ. Hospital Columbus, Ohio Gable, J. J., M.D., '15 1084 Sunset Vista, Calif. Gable, James J., Jr.. M.D., '42 301 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Gable, T. P., M.D., '43 2911 Adams Ave. San Diego 16, Calif. Gaddis, H. W., M.D., '36 329 N. Morningside Corpus Christi, Tex. Gaiford, Tom S., Jr., M.D., '47 608 Barnes Bldg. Muskogee, Okla. Gallacher, C. A., M.D., '37 610 X. XV. tltll St. Oklahoma City, Okla, Gambill, Alice I'. G., M.D., '49 Box G22 Pawhuska, Okla. Gardiner, I-I. G., M.D., '35 1-106 Mat-Arthur Dr. Munster, Indiana Gardner, E. L., M.D., '35 T10 Miner indg. Eugene, Ore. Gardner, John H., M.D., '59 2120 North lleard Shawnee, Ukla. Garlin, J. B.. M.D., '45 250 N. llillvrest Inglewood, Calif. Garet, Ronald, M.D., '48 C, O. Christian Med. College Ludihana IT. l'. India Garis, John A., M.D., '63 St. Anthony llospital Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Garner, James H., '62 1800 Vtfatrous, Apt. 36A Des Moines, Iowa Garnier. William II.. M.D., '35 P. O, Box 689 Stillwater, Okla. Garrison, D. A., M.D.. '40 402 Medical Dental Bldg. Bremerton, NVash. Garrison, Geo. G.. M.D., '56 3333 N.W. 631-d Oklahoma City, Okla. Garside, G. E.. M.D., '23 5153 N. Clark Chicago 40, lll. Gaspar, Harold E., M.D., '55 12027 Meadow Dallas 324, Texas Gaspar, Harvey L., M.D., '61 Methodist Hospital Dallas, Texas Gastineau, C. I'., M.D., '43 200 First St. SKY. llouhester, Minn, Gastineau, Major R. M., '50 USA. NIIA 071921 Army Chem. Center, Md. Gathers, G. B., Jr., M.D., '50 S14 S. XValnnt Stillwater, Okla. Gatti, Robert R., '59 1000 Clinic Dr. Tyler, Tex. Gebetsberger, Chas., M.D., '57 1-111 South Poplar Sapulpa, Oklahoma Gedosh, Edgar A., M.D. St. Anthony Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Geigerman, D. J., M.D., '44 1411 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City 6, Okla. Gentry, E. L., M.D., '50 2103 Summit Dr. Farmington, N. Mex. Gentry, Raymond C.. M.D., '32 Plaza Professional Bldg. Bartlesyille, Okla. Gentry, M. L., M.D. 1993 Saratoga Springfield, Mo. George, J. M., M.D., '21 407 Mercer Quanah, Tex. Gephardt, M. C.. M.D., 43 211 S. 36th Muskogee, Okla. Gerard, R. G., M.D., '43 509 S. Miriuk Ave. Denison, Tex. Glaze, M. A., M.D., '51 Box 151 Norman, Okla. Geurkink, Nathan A., M.D., '59 , ,Glen-Qll, J- C., M.D., '50 f. - ' '. - ' - lnlv. ot Colo. Med. Center Taos Indian Health renter lf. S. l'ulJlic Health Service Taos, New Mexivo G-hormley, J. G., M.D., '34 115 VV. Bridge lllatfkwell, Okla. Gibbens, M. E., M.D., '38 V. A. Hospital Denver, Colo. Gibson, Charles R., M.D., '55 St. 3115 North Fourth l'onm'a City, Okla. Gibson, Robert B.. M.D., '15 Gibson Clinic, 215 N. 3rd l'onc-a City, Okla. Giesen, A. F., '25 T07 Randolph St. ltadford, Va. Gilbert, John B., M.D., '43 111 Patton ltr. Ponca City, Okla. Gilchrist, Ronald W., M.D. Merry Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Gilliland, Donald C., M.D. Oklahoma City, Okla. Gilliland, J. D., M.D., '32 519 S. E. E St. l Ierington, Kans. Gilliland, L. N., Jr., M.D., '40 424 S. Summit Ft. VVorth, Tex. Gingles, Col. C. H., M.D., '36 l'.S. Army Hosp. VSMA NW-st l'oint, New York Glasgow, Jack G., M.D., '42 4101 N. MacArthur Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. To Meet The Need THAT MORE MAY LIVE LONGER . . 3, 4200 IG. 9th St. llenyer 20, Colorado Glomset, John L., M.D., '63 NVesley llospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Godfrey, Kenneth E., M.D. 1937 Medford Ave. Topeka, Kansas Goerke, L. S., M.D., '36 UCLA Me-rlieal Center Los Angeles 24, Calif. Goetzinger, Billy R., '56 316 NJV. 28th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Goldberg, Jed Edwin, M.D., '48 212 lftiva Sq. Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. Goldfeder, J., M.D., '24 3519 Keaton Tyler, Tex. Gonzales, J. S., M.D., '27 Box 1466 Nogales, Ariz. Gooch, Lloyd D., M.D., '63 llermann Hospital Houston, Texas Goodman, G. L., M.D., '27 451 Main St. Yukon, Okla. Goodman, I-I. T., M.D. 400 Rose Disp. Bldg. Terre Haute, Ind. Goodman, Thos. A., M.D., '57 3026 Bluefield San Antonio, Texas Goodwin, Thos. G., M.D., '60 Atoka, Okla.. ,..., ., . , ,..r..-...., -. ,-I Q E A THREE FLOOR ADDITION TO THE RESEARCH HOSPITAL BUILDING WAS COMPLETED AND OCCUPIED EARLY IN 1964. A reseorch orgonizcrtion in the heolth sciences discharges its obligations to its supporting public only it it meets the challenges oi the times, by orpplying itself to the more pressing heolth problems ond tolking odvontoge ot the most modern tools ot the disposol of scientists. Generous contributions from Oklohomo citizens crnd firms, ond gronts from the Notionol Institutes of Heolth mode the hospital oddition possible. It provides 29 more lorborotories, modern tocilities for out-potient core, on auditorium crnd seminar rooms ond oddi- tionoil office ond storoge spoce. The hospital now hos 20 patient beds. THE OKLAHOMA MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION 825 Northeast 13th St., Oklohomcr City 8l Grayson, Arthur, . .., Hawkins, L. E., M.D., '65 Gorby, Maj. Gen. A. L., '25 Box 19 Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Gordon, Glenn W., M.D., '58 Univ. Tex. Med. Br. Hosp. Galveston, Tex. Gordon, J. M., M.D., '27 Gilbert Bldg. Ardmore, Okla. Gordon, Wm. T., Jr., M.D., '58 Little Rock, Ark. Gorena., Adam L., Jr., M.D., '61 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Gorrell, B. P., M.D., '45 1100 Med. Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Gow, Elizabeth, M.D., '36 825 N. W. 40th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Grady, C. W., M.D., '18 Rt. 7, Box 62A Roanoke, Va. Graham, R. N., M.D., '26 101 NV. Loshoya Del Rio, Tex. Graham, Rex M., M.D., '42 30 B. S. W. Miami, Okla. Gray, Barbara J., M.D., '42 North Easton, Mass. Gray, Billy Neal, M.D., '50 4117 Heldring Drive, 'West Ft. Worth 9, Tex. Graybill, C. S., M.D., '43 Medical Center 1202 Arlington Lawton, Okla. HD '56 Baylor Univ. Hospital Dallas, Tex. , '58 Green, Gregory A., M.D. 312 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Green, James D., M.D., '57 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Green, James L., Jr., '47 620 E. Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. '46 Green, Paul A., M.D., Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. , '56 Green, Phillip E., M.D. S15 Med. Group, S.A.C. USAF Hospital Forbes AFB, Kansas Greer, Allen E., '42 430 N. W. 12 Oklahoma City, Okla. Gregg, Damon Donald, '59 Spearman, Tex. Gregston, Jack L., M.D., '45 7 N. 11 Duncan, Okla. Grimn, John zz., M.D., 'sa 301 B Carpenter Court Ft. Riley, Kansas . '45 105 w. cherokee Nowata, Okla. Grlgsby, 0. L., M.D Grimes, Ira. R., M.D., '54 304 North Prospect Liberal, Kansas Grimes, Wilfred A., M.D., 2136 Yale Houston, Tex. hill In MD., '62 Grisham, P p ., . Swedish Hospital Seattle, Wash. ' ham R S C,H.D., '58 Gris , . . . LE, Mrs. Jewel Grisham Purcell, Okla. Gross, P. W., M.D, '37 High Point, N. Car. Haddock, Jim L., Jr., M.D., '50 Guenther, B. B., M.D., '55 110 South 11 Street Collinsville, Oklahoma Gully, J. L., M.D., '33 South Side Square Hillsboro, Tex. Guild, C. H., Jr., M.D., '44 1547 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Gullatt, E. M., M.D., '32 Sugg Clinic Ada, Okla. Gunn, Marvin R., M.D., '54 1015 East Jewell Salina, Kansas Gunter, C. D., M.D., '48 Med. Ctr., P. O. Box 101 Siloam Springs, Ark. Gunter, Jack P., M.D., '63 University Hospital Little Rock, Arkansas Guss, Louis, M.D., '41 59 Sachem St. Norwich, Conn. Guthrey, Geo. H., M.D., '44 430 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Guthrie, J. A., M.D., '17 114 S. Wood Neosho, Mo. Gwartney, W G., M 2570 South Harvard Tulsa, Oklahoma .D., 'so Haberlein, C. R., M.D., '41 1100 6th St. Traverse City, Mich. Hackney, John L., M.D., '61 Wakita, Oklahoma .v Haddad, Geo. N., Jr., M.D., 57 W Harbor Gen. Hosp. 1124 . Est Carson St Torrance, California '32 231 E. Gray St. Norman, Okla. Hake, o. J., u.:n., '49 South Taylor Clinic Box 66 Taylor, Ark. Haldeman, J C., M.D., '37 Chief Div. Gen. Health Public Health Service Rm. 5044, Dhew Bldg. South 4th "C" St. S.W. Washington 25, D. C. Hale, A. E., M.D., '50 Box 1026 Idabel, Okla. Hale, A. E., M.D., '45 2020 S. Xanthus Tulsa, Okla. Hale, Chas H., M.D., '61 MSTS Lant Area 58 Street, First Ave. Brooklyn 50, New York Hale, Forrest, M.D., '25 112 W. Main Cherokee, Okla. Hale, William J., M.D., '63 Public Health Service New Orleans, La. Hall, Jerry D., M.D., '56 1148 S. Hillside Wichita, Kans. Hall, R. M., M.D., '38 558 Columbine St. Denver, Colo. Hall, William E., M.D. 4723 E. 9 Tulsa, Okla. Hallendorf, L. C., M.D., '4 44 Camelia Drive Hillsborough, California Hallum, Glenn D., M.D. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hamburger, Irv'ln G., M.D., 6313 N.W. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hamby, Wallace B., M.D., Hamilton, Robert L., M.D. 808 E. Toury Oklahoma City, Okla. Hamilton, S. H., M.D., '09 Calvin, Okla.. Hampton, H. E., Jr., M.D., '48 N. May 67 l 5 Oklahoma City, Okla. Hampton, James W., M.D., '56 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Hampton, J B., Jr., M.D., '44 10330 S.W. Crestwood Court Beverton, Oregon Hamra, Henry M., M.D., '37 1008 Megert Center Borger, Tex. Hamra, Sam T., M.D., '63 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Hancock, A. R., M.D., '19 Box 72 Gladewater, Texas Hanks, Norman N., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Hansen, D. G. 1412 N.W. 102 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Haralson, P. H., M.D., '51 2750 Duniven Circle Amarillo, Tex. Harrison, Wm. S., M.D., '53 Hendren, Scott, Jr., M.D., '41 2900 S. Harvey Chickasha Clinic Chickasha, Okla. Harroz, Joseph, M.D., '56 Pasteur Med. Bldg., 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Harroz, Joseph, M.D., '20 Pasteur Med. Bldg., 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Hart, M. 0., M.D., '27 1228 S. Boulder Tulsa, Okla. Hartford, W. H., M.D., '40 201 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Harvey, W. G., Jr., M.D., '53 l'. O. Box 460 Beaver, Okla. Haslam, G. E., Jr., M.D., '62 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. '37 Hassler, I'. R., M.D., Box 3083, Capitol Sta. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hassler, P. R., Jr. 207 Park Drive Apt. 2 Boston 15, Mass. Hathaway, H. S., M.D., '54 2314 East Barkley Lexington, Kentucky Hathaway, Wm. E., M.D., '54 2314 East Barkley Hardegree H. C. Jr. M.D. '50 - 503 Heybuin lgldgh 1 Lexington, Kentucky Louisville. Kentucky Haunscmld, c. D., M.D., '61 U. of Oklahoma Hospitals HD '34 Oklahoma City, okia. Hardman, Thos. J., . ., 1980 Utica Sq. Tulsa, Okla. Hardy, Homer D., Jr., '49 1323 E. 50 Tulsa, Okla. Hawes, Chas. R., M.D., '46 Children's Hospital 19th Ave at Downing Denver 5, Colo. Oklahoma City, Okla. Henke, J. R., M.D., '37 503 E. Cleveland Guthrie, Okla. Henley, B. G., M.D., '48 1202 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Henley, M. D., M.D., '22 U11 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Henley, Thos. H., M.D., '50 525 N.W. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Hennessey, H. L., M.D., '54 7014 S.E. 15th Oklahoma City, Okla. Henry, Mary M., M.D., '26 104 Babcock Road San Antonio, Tex. Henry, R. C., M.D., '40 Shelby Hospital Shelby, N. Car. Hensley, Jes , M.D., '59 Univ. of Okla. Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Henton, R. H., M.D., '51 Box 357 Rush Springs, Okla. Herbelin, Jos. T., M.D., '54 620 N.W. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla. Herndon, Elwood, M.D., '55 2907 Lakeside Circle Oklahoma City, Okla. Herndon, Robt. Il., M.D., '48 Chickasha Hospital Clinic Chickasha, Okla. Herrlck, Robt. S., M.D., '60 15635 N. Brentwood Channelview, Texas M.D., '31 Herrmann, Jess D., 2 Groves, Fred B, M.D., '36 602 Brierwood 2020 E, 93rd A1111 AFDOF. M1011 Cleveland 6, Ohio Groves, I-Iassell E., M.D., '48 Hamilton, James, M.D., '35 536 Highland Ave. 30 S.W. Commerce Oklahoma City, Okla. 82 Greensburg, Pa. Hari, J. R., M.D., '18 3178 E. 93rd St. Cleveland, Ohio , '34 Hargrove, F. T., M.D. 217 Pinewood Dr. Carthage, Tex. Hargrove, R. D., M.D., '50 525 5th St. Pawnee, Okla. Harmon, Thomas P., M.D. Hayes, Harrison P., M.D., Michael Reese Hosp. Chicago, I11. '61 Presbyterian Hospital Denver, Colorado Hayes, Robert H., M.D. Atoka, Okla.. Weldon K M.D., '33 Haynle, ., 519 Box Durant, Okla. 9.13 s. 6th st. l Springfield' Iumols Hays, Carolyn A., M.D., '47 1-Ia.:-ms Edwin M., M.D., '34 Pennsylvania Hospital 44th and Market Streets 605 N. Broadway Wichita, Kansas Harms, P. L., M.D., '39 Box 187 American Falls, Ida. Harms, Harold H.,.M.D., '41 Green Clinic Ruston, La. Harper, Jack S., M.D., '621 'ta Maricopa County Hospi Phoenix, Arizona. Harper, Richard Fred, M.D., '56 Box 173 Hulbert, Okla. Harrel, Don G., M.D., '36 220 W. Oakenwauld Dallas, Texas Harris, Clyde E., M.D., '43 2419 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. .D., '27 Harris, Henry W., M 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. .D., '39 104 Severn Rd. Norfolk, Va. Harris, Irene P. A., M Harris, J. A., M.D., '53 Box 306 Hart, Tex. Harris, Richard L., M.D., 2733 Britton Road Oklahoma City, Okla. M.D., '50 21314 E. Broadway Seminole, Okla. '45 Harrison, G. H., Harrison, Lynn H., M.D., '40 2850 N. W. 23rd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Philadelphia, Pa. Hays, Marvin B., M.D., '45 2612 Harrison Ave. Eureka, Calif. Hays, P. L., M.D., '14 Eastern Okla. Hospital Vinita, Okla. Hays, Gary G., M.D. Saint Anthony Hosp. Lafayette, Louisiana Hearin, James T., M.D., '45 USPHS Hospital Staten Island 4, N. Y. .D., '63 St. Francis Hospital Wichita, Kansas Hefner, James R., M Helllgman, Haskell, M.D., '31 108 South St. Overton, Texas Heinrlchs, Wm. L., M.D., '58 Univ. Oregon Sch. Med. 3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road Portland 1, Oregon Hellams, Alfred A., M.D., '38 1105 N. VV. 63 Oklahoma City, Okla. Helvie, Henry E., M.D. 16 Huron Place Staten Island, N. Y. Hemphill, w. J., M.D., '47 Eugene Medical Center Eugene, Ore. Henderson, E. A., M.D., '38 7115 N. 56 Ave. Glendale, Ariz. 525 N. W. llth Oklahoma City, Okla. HD '57 Hewett, Horace Il., . ., 804 NavaJo Farmington, N. Mex. Hewitt, Perry E., M.D., '37 201 S. 36th Street Muskogee, Okla.. Hicks, M. C., Jr., M.D., '49 300 N. W. 12 Oklahoma City, Okla. Highland, J. II., M.D., '39 Miami Clinic Miami, Okla. Hightower, H. G., M.D., '48 912 N.W. 57 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Hilbig, A. L., M.D., '30 1 1031 N. Kansas Liberal, Kans. Hilderbrand, H. E., M.D., '43 Goliad, Tex. 1 Hill, Jesse H., M.D., '50 1541 Sixteen Ave. East . Seattle, Wash. Hill, John M., Jr., M.D., '58 4317 Floyd Ave. Lawton, Okla. Hill, Riley A., M.D., '54 1303 S. W. 29 Oklahoma City, Okla. Hill, James A., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. '59 Hillis, Robert Ray, Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. Hinkle, A. B., M.D., '51 515 College Alva, Okla. M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Hinshaw, Jacob R., M.D., '21 220 S. Flood Norman, Okla. Hinkle, Royce A., Hinshaw, J. Raymond, M.D., Prof. of Surg. Univ. of ltouliester Sch. Med. Rochester, New Yor k '46 2216 Harper 133 E. 58th St. Hirose, Frank M., M.D., '51 Hollingsworth, F. W., M.D., '44 Hood Wm. E. Jr. M.D ' . 55 Atomic Bomb cas. Comm. 1049 s. Ellison ' iiii 141. Lee ' MCHF Navy 955 Co. FPO El Reno, Okla. Oklahoma City, Okla. S F is -o, Calif. an rang L 3011121-8'SW01'th. R- S-5 M-D-. '37 Hooker, Capt. John H., '55 Hirschfeld, Herman, M.D., '35 1221 E. State, Suite 109 Rockford, Ill. New York, N. Y. Hladky, Frank, M.D., '46 W 1620 East 12 , Tulsa, Oklahoma Hobgood, R. G., M.D., '45 3875 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles 27, Calif. Hodge, James C., M.D., '48 312 East Kelso St. y Inglewood, California Hodge, Tommy G., M.D. St. Johns Hospital Tulsa. Okla. Hodges, T. O., M.D., '50 McDowell Memorial Hospital McDowell, Ky. Hodgson, C. M., M.D., '27 214 S. 7th Kingfisher, Okla. Hotfmlester, Wm, M.D., '58 4101 North Mt-Kinley Oklahoma City, Okla. Hogue, Robert J., Jr., M.D., '61 Cherokee Clinic Cherokee, Oklahoma Hohl, James F., M.D., '44 Sugg Clinic Holloway, H. C., M.D., '58 Box 199 OFC Serv. Ctr. Walter Reed Army Hosp Holman, Major D. C., '49 1119 Topeka St. Pasadena, Calif. Holman, J. H., M.D., '51 1101 E. Pecan Altus, Okla. Holt, 0. U., M.D., '52 3 Memorial Drive Claremore, Okla. Holt, Robert P, M.D., '43 301 N. W. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Holtz, H. E., M D., '34 17 Medical Arts Sq. Austin 5, Tex. Honaker, J. D., M.D., '33 Frederick Clinic Frederick, Okla. Honea, Thomas J., M.D. 519 S. 3 Muskogee, Okla. Honick, G. L., M.D., '53 437 N.W. 12 Ada, Okla. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hoke, Lillian M., M.D., '49 Honska, Walter L., M.D. 3333 N.VV Expressway, Suite 107 155 South VS'illis Oklahoma City, Okla. Stillwater, Okla. Holland, Chas D., M.D., '54 115 S. lst B k ro en Arrow, Okla. Holley, Capt. Paul S., M.D., '54 Hood, F. Redding, M.D., '30 Osler Annex 1220 N. Vvalker Oklahoma City, Okla. 204 Carswell Hood, John W., M.D. '57 Fort Ord, California Washington, D. C. 2332 Carlton ' Oklahoma City, Okla. ital Pasadena, Tex. Hoot, M. P., M.D., '34 523 Evans St. Greenville, N. C. Hoover, Richard D., M.D., '45 5312 Broadway VVest Palm Beach, Fla. Hoover, W. D., M.D., '33 201 Stanolind Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Hope, Sherman A., M.D., '57 1421 E. Reppto Brownfield, Texas Hopkins, G. A., M.D., '47 301 W. Central Ave. Ft. VVorth, Tex. Hopps, Howard C., M.D., '37 Texas Medical Branch Galveston, Tex. Horn, John E., M.D., '41 1620 NV. Okmulgee Muskogee, Okla. Horne, Edwin G., M.D., '63 U. S. Naval Hospitals San Diego, Calif. Horne, Malcolm, M.D., '46 1025 N.W. 15th Ardmore, Okla. Horton, J. C., M.D., '52 P.O. Box 819 Frederick, Okla. Hough, Jack V. D., M.D., '43 521 N.W. 11 Oklahoma City, Okla. Houck, Harold W, M.D., '55 900 East Hartford Ponca City, Okla. Houk, Paul C., M.D., '59 Univ. of Kansas Hospital Kansas City, Kans. House, Rex C., M.D., '33 2455 Morgan Ave. Corpus Christi, Texas Howard, Frank H., M.D., '56 2780 San Doval Loop Holloman, AFB, N. Mex. Howard, H. H., M.D., '42 1930 Ferris Lawton, Okla. Howard, Robt. B., M.D., '36 Suite 544, Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Howard, T D., M.D., '48 4 S. E. Ave. A Idabel, Okla. Howard, Van H., M.D., '55 Hobart Clinic Hobart, Okla. Hrdlicka, Larry J., M.D., '62 U. S. Public Health Service Baltimore, Maryland Hubbard, Floyd T., M.D., '57 Henryetta Hospital Henryetta, Okla. Hubbard, Wm. E., M.D., '41 1501 N. E. llth St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hubbell, Miirlam, M.D., '35 604 S. Marclay Ave. San Fernando, Calif. Huber, W. A., M.D., '19 50S Medallion Colorado Springs, Colo. Huckins, Maurice, Jr., M.D., '43 Depot St. VVestford, Mass. Hudson. F. G., M.D., '50 655 Sutter Street San Francisco, Calif. Hudson, W. F. Buffalo General Hospital Buffalo, Okla. Huff, Dick H., M.D., '43 Box 1825 Oklahoma City, Okla. Huff, Thomas J., Jr., M.D., '42 2420 N. California Stockton, Calif. Huggins, Jas. R., M.D., '33 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hughes, Dale R., M.D., '62 King County Hospital Seattle, VVash. Hughes, Qulllen M., M.D. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Hughes, Richard L., M.D., '54 3601 N. May Oklahoma City, Okla. Hughes, William L., M.D., '57 301 NAV. 12 Street Oklahoma City 13, Okla. Hull, I. W., M.D. 1510 Lancelot Borger, Texas Hull, W. M., M.D., '32 2036 Brightwaters Blvd. St. Petersburg, Florida Hunter, Buel Ray, M.D., '21 Box 188 Coweta, Oklahoma Hummer, Lloyd M., M.D., '57 753 Musgrove Boulevard Oklahoma City 14, Okla. Husen, Luverne A., M.D., '63 Public Health Serv. Staten Island, N. Y. Hunter, Robert E., M.D., '62 1513 S. W. 70 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hurd, Eric R.. M.D., '62 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. 6160 South Yale TULSA TELEPHONE NA 7-7200 Dermatology General Surgery C. Maurice Cottey, M.D. Carl J, l-Ioiz, M,D, . . William C. Pratt, MD. Medicine H, A, Rupreghf, MD, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Vincel Sundgren, M.D. SUV'-3efY Deaf' C- Walker. MD- Clarence I. Britt, M.D. Thomas l-l. Fair, MD. Robert A. Jordan, M.D. Obslelrlcs and GYneC0l09Y William M. Moore, M.D. Paul A, Bischoff, MD. ROY A. Lawson. MD. Robert B. Williams, M.D. Ophthalmology Urology J' E' Pyealie' MD' L. E. Fitzsimons, MD. Anethesia C- H- Dev- MD- M. R. Steel, MD. Radiology Pediatrics L. M. Pascucci, et al G. R. Russell, MD. , , Robert K. Endres, MD. Chmcal P5Ycholo9Y James G. Coldwell, MD. William W. Saunders, Ph.D. 83 Husband, Wm. G., Jr., M.D., 104 Sunset Cr. Elk City, Okla. '47 Huser, John M., M.D., '58 Lafayette, La. Huskins, J. D., M.D., '38 304 S. Maxwell Siloam Springs, Ark. Hyer, J. V., M.D., '26 Garber, Okla. 00 G L MID,'27 Hyr p, . ., . . 1219 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Ihrig, H. K., M.D., '50 2010 S. Utica Tulsa, Okla. els Geo W MD '61 Ing' , -. ., .I ., Methodist Hospital Dallas, Texas Ingham, M. zz., m.n., '52 215 Brown Borger, Tex. Ingle, John, M.D., '43 1200 N, YValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Ingram, Marshall H., M.D., '58 Masonic Temple Bldg. Hinton, Oka. Irby, J. P., M.D., '28 409 E. Commerce Altus, Okla. Irvine, G. S., M.D., '32 1337 Bancroft Ave. San Leandro, Calif. Irwin, W. H., M.D., '37 Leeds, Ala. Isaacks, H. E., M.D., '30 1415 Pennsylvania Ave. Ft. Worth 4, Tex. Ishler, George H., '59 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Ishmael, Wm. K., M.D., 604 N. W. 10th '35 Oklahoma City, Okla. Ison, Lee A., M.D., '62 832 liriarlane Oklahoma City, Okla. Jack, Samuel C., M.D., '55 916 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Jackson, Alvin R., M.D., 2512 S. Harvey '30 Oklahoma City 9, Okla. Jennings, G. H., M.D., '52 1100 N. Dewey Oklahoma City, Okla. Jennings, John D., M.D., '54 1122 North 13th Duncan, Oklahoma Jeter, Grady L., M.D., '62 IT, of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Jeter, Perry R., M.D., '28 Box 367 Childress, Texas Jeter, W. P., Jr., M.D., '53 912 SAV. 50 Oklahoma City, Okla. Jobe, Charles L., Jr., M.D., '61 3101 N.VV. 44th Oklahoma City, Okla Jobe, J. P., M.D., '51 203 S Macomb El Reno, Okla. Jobe, V. R., M.D., '33 1213 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Jobe, Virgil R., Jr., M.D. Dept. of Radiology Univ. of Calif. School of Medicine Los Angeles, Calif. Johnson, Alpha L., M.D., '26 113 S. Evans El Reno, Okla. Johnson, Chas. L., Jr., M.D., ' 421 S. Cherokee Bartlesville, Okla. Johnson, Doyle E., '59 Henryetta Hospital llenryetta, Okla. Johnson, Egbert G., MD., '18 Post Ofc. Box 194 Terra Bella, Calif. Johnson, Erma C., M.D., '34 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Johnson, J. W., Jr., M.D., '54 604 N. Market Shawnee, Okla. Johnson, L. G., M.D., '35 St. Anthony Hospital Amarillo, Tex. Johnson, Mark R., M D., '46 1219 Classen Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Johnson, Max E., M-D.. '39 Jackson, P. P., M.D., '42 2184 W. Broadway St. Vancouver 1, British Columbia Canada Johnson, rr.. I... M.D., '31 Jacob, John B., M.D., 1916 Franklin Oakland 6, Calif. '48 Jacobs, Il'UStBl.' I., M.D., '53 Eufaula, Okla. James, Prank M., M.D. 4019 Nowata Road Bartlesville, Okla. Jarman, Joe B., M.D., V. A. Hospital Oklahoma City, Okl Jay, George R., M.D., l'.S. Naval Comm. Sta Nea Makri, Greece Jayne, Elta H., M.D., , '47 '61 fl.. '62 tion '57 87 6 VVestchester Road Covina, California Jetfress, Bennie, M.D., '30 4867 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, California Jelsma, Franklin. M.D ., '25 1169 Eastern Pkwy. Louisville 17, Ky. Jenkins, Henry B., M.D., '29 Chandler, Okla. Jenkins, P. A., M.D., Knight Bldg. Lebanon, Mo. '34 Jennings, Aubrey L., M.D., '29 Brig. Gen. U.S.A.F. Mc LSU Medical School New Orleans, Louisiana 1004 VVest Burr Street Corona, Calif. Johnson, R. Ray, MD., '44 1707 Leonard Rd. Grants Pass, Ore. Johnson. R. B., M.D.. '57 3527 Duchess Trail Dallas 29, Texas Johnson, Roger G., M.D., '54 214 S. Madison Frederick, Okla. Johnson, William M.. M.D. Bainbridge Naval Base Baltimore, Md. Jo'hnson, Wm. T., Jr., M.D., '54 511 N. W. 11 Oklahoma City, Okla. Johnston, L. A. S., M.D., '36 711 Bullitt Holdenville, Okla. Jones, Jake, Jr., M.D., '54 Ach Clinic Group 14 E. 9th Shawnee, Okla. Jones, Jerry C., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Jones, 0. W., Jr., M.D., '57 Ntl. Inst. Health Bethesda, Maryland Director, Professional Services Ofc. Surgeon U.S.A.F. Jones, Phyllis E., M.D.. '40 3800 .Newark, N.W. 705 Medical Arts Bldg. VVash1ngton 25, D. C. Oklahoma City, Okla. 84 Jones, R. A., M.D., '42 Lancaster, Tex. Jones, R. B., M.D., '51 General Delivery Mollalla, Ore. Jones, S. Tisdel, M.D., '52 Cordell, Okla. Jones, William I., M.D. Stroud, Okla. Jones, Wilton N., M.D., '51 2808 35th Snyder, Tex. Joseph, P. G., M.D., '40 17 S. Poplar Sapulpa, Okla. Jove, Virgil R., Jr., M.D. Univ. of Calif. Medical School Radiology Dept. Los Angeles 25, Calif. Joyce, Prank T., M.D., '36 144 S. Dexter St. Denver 22, Colo. Kahn, B. I., M.D., '34 244 Glenvine Dr. San Francisco, Calif. Kahn, Robert W., M.D., '39 354 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Kalbtleisch, P. D., M.D., '56 1930 Ferris Lawton, Okla. 43 1-zaibneiscn, John M., M.D., 'sv Kendall, Robt. L., M.D., '40 730 E. Sth Erick, Okla. Kendall, Tommy E., M.D., '62 1200 Pleasant Street Des Moines, Iowa Kennedy, Billy Don, M.D., '58 US. Naval Hospital Vamp Pe-ndleton, Calif. Kennedy, J. D., M.D., '47 8932 Reseda Blvd. Northridge, Calif. Kennedy, J. J., M.D., '42 Box 287 Edmond, Okla. Kennedy, J. R., M.D., '41 2131 N. Tejon Colorado Springs, Colo. Kennedy, Louis J., M.D., '36 2131 N. Tejon Colorado Springs, Colo. Kennedy, M. R., M.D., '39 475 E. 3rd Coquille, Ore. Kennedy, Willard C., M.D., '57 107 Michigan Travis AFB, Calif. Kent, C. T., Jr., M.D., '51 2316 N.VV. 55th Oklahoma City, Okla. Kenyon, R. E., M.D., '51 254 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. W, I C N N D Keown, John T., Jr., M.D., '50 National Igstitute of Health Pender, Nebr. ldg. 16 Bethesda, Md. Kaldahl, Paul E., M.D. 5014 N.W. 16 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Kaplan, M. H., M.D., '44 Children's Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Kaplan, Sidney, M.D., '44 Children's Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Karnes, Capt. W. E., 'USAF '55 USAF MC Hospital Travis AFB, Calif. Karns, Donald C., M.D. St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Katz, M. E., M.D., '41 Thayer Bldg. Norwich, Conn. Kavan, Lucien C., M.D. 610 N. W. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla. Kay, Felix Ross, '59 7014 S.E. 15th Oklahoma City, Okla. Kay, James R., M.D., '59 701 N. 8th Fairview, Okla. Kay, James Robert, '59 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Keeran, Michael G., M.D., 63 University Hospital Ann Arbor, Michigan Keith, Howard B., M.D., '57 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Keller, J. P., M.D., '51 411 Fowler Dr. Duncan, Okla. Keller, Wilbur P., M.D. 254 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Kelle Chas. D., M.D.. '62 Y. St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Kelly, Keith, M.D., '48 1553 Carnation VVay Upland, Calif. Kelly, Ken, M.D., '62 Cincinnati General Hosp. Cincinnati, Ohio Kemmerly, Paul C., M.D., '58 1135 South 108 E Ave. Tulsa, Okla. Kern, C. V., M.D., '38 2720 Elizabeth Muskogee, Okla. Kernek, Clyde, M.D., '37 3223 VValnut Drive Corvallis, Ore. Kernek, Paul, M.D., '39 1204 Westmont Anaheim, Calif. Kerr, Walter C. H., M.D., '33 3625 Westcliff Rd. Ft. VVorth, Tex. Kersten, R. M., M.D., '49 3055 D St. San Bernardino, Calif. Kiester, Kenneth D., '59 365 Menores Coral Gables, Florida Kilgore, Wm. R., M.D., '62 Parkland Memorial Hosp. Dallas, Texas Kimball, Gale R., M.D., '51 1116 W. Britton Rd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Kimball, Geo. H., M.D., '26 Pasteur Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Kimball, Noah O., M.D., '63 Maricopa County Gen. Hosp. Phoenix, Arizona Kincy, Kenneth, M.D., '43 Palos Verdes Est., Calif. King, Col. Everett G., '33 U. S. Army Command A.P.O. 343 San Francisco, Calif. King, Everett G., M.D., '62 Tripler Army Hospital Honolulu, Hawaii , King, Jerry Edd, '59 5535 Holmes Rem. Parkway Alexandria, Virginia King, R. W., M.D., '50 900 N.W. 10th Oklahoma City, Okla. King, Richard Don, '59 Hillcrest Medical Center Tulsa, Okla. ximian, I.. r., M.D., '42 Box 193 Caldwell, Kans. Kinsinger, R. R., M.D., '36 115 VV. Bridge Blackwell, Okla. Kirkland, Chas. P., M.D., '63 USAF Hospital Lackland AFB, Texas Klebanoff, M., M.D., '43 717 Encino Place N. E. Suite 5 Albuquerque, N. Mex. Klein, E. P., M.D., '51 Dept. of Pathology Hillcrest Hospital Tulsa, Okla . Klein, Irving, '59 Cleveland, Ohio Klepper, C. A., M.D., '63 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Klopfenstein, Keith, M.D., '56 Oklahoma City, Okla. Klostemeyer, L. L., M D., '22 419 Vanderbilt Rd. Asheville, North Carolina Knight, C. B., M.D., '35 211 W. 2nd St. Wewoka, Okla. Knight, W. E., M.D., '43 1500 Dodson Ave. Ft. Smith, Ark. Knobloch, W. I-I., Jr., M.D., '52 Tioga, N Dak. Kobs, Capt. Tracy L., M.D., 3528 Cimarron Trail Fort VVorth, Texas Knotts, P. L., M.D., '38 1700 Waterman San Bernardino, Calif. Koehn, K. L., M.D., '61 4141 N. Clarendon Ave. Chicago 13, Illinois Koehn, Laura Jane, M.D. Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Koger, Edward L., M.D. St. Francis Hosp. VVichita, Kansas Kopta., Joseph A., M.D., '62 U,S.N. Sch. Aviation Med. Pensacola, Florida '57 Korner, Harold, M.D., '49 965 Fletcher VVaterloo, Iowa Kouri, Paul, M.D., '45 3625 Century Lynnwood, Calif. Kouri, Philip, M.D., '47 1120 VVest La Palma Anaheim, Calif. Kourl, Sammy H., M.D., '57 603 Longfellow Wichita, Kansas Kramer, J. T., Jr., M.D., '35 5050 E. Belknap Ft. Worth, Tex. Kramer, Robert L., M.D., '56 1721 East 33 Place Tulsa, Okla. Krause, Jas. H., M.D., '58 130 Station Hosp., APO 430 New York, N. Y. Krause, M. E., M.D., '39 4000 29th St. Oakland 9, Calif. Kregefr, J. R., M.D., '42 200V2 E. Grand Tonkawa, Okla. Kuhn, John P., M.D., '31 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Kunkel, James Albert, '59 2020 E. 93 Cleveland 6, Ohio Lacroix, J. A., Jr., M.D., '50 308 E. Jackson Hugo, Okla. Ladd, George H., M.D., '60 915 Honor Heights Muskogee, Okla. Ladd, George H. Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Lafon, Maj. Wm. P., M.D., '37 1604 USAF Hosp., APO 856 New York, N. Y. Kirkham, Wm. R.. M-D., '60 Lair, Burke, M.D., '53 5610 Northfield Rd. 18035 Sth N. W. Bethesda, Md. Seattle. Wash. Laird, Paul Craig, M.D., '47 P. O. Box 515 Irvine, Tex. Lambiotte. Benj. J., M.D., '57 701 Clayton Ave. WVaynesboro, 1'a. Lane, Kenneth S., M.D., '50 P. O. Box 1064 Oak Ridge, Tennessee Lane, Marie T., M.D.. '49 9407 North Francis Oklahoma City, Okla. Lang. Frederick L., M.D., '57 USPH Serv. Hospital Staten Island, N. Y. Lang, S. A., M.D., '32. 109 N. Pine Nowata, Okla. Langston, Wann, M.D., '16 1214 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Lannlng, John A.. MD. Kern Co. Gen. Hosp. Bakersfield, Calif. Latta., Jo Ellen, '59 St. Luke's Hospital San Francisco, Calif. Lashley, Floyd J., Jr., M.D. Univ. Tex. Med, Br. Hospital Galveston, Tex. Lattimore, P. C., M.D., '32 9th and Tyro Kingfisher, Okla. Laughlin. L. O., '59 1006 Gladney Gainesville, Tex. Lawson, P. II., M.D., '29 Marietta, Okla. Lawton, L. M., M.D., '49 3400 N. Kingshighway St. Louis, Mo. Layton. D. D., Jr.. M.D., '54 Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. Layton, 0. E., M D., '37 1101 Main St. Collinsville, Okla. Layton. R. G., M.D., '39 1400 Oak St. Clarkston, VVasl1. Leap, Paul I-I.. M.D. Boston City Hosp. S18 Harrison Ave. Boston 18, Mass. Leatherman, D. O.. M.D., '58 VVaynoka, Okla. Lee, Daniel W., M.D., '55 60015 N.E. 4 Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Lee, Judah K., M.D., '23 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa 3, Okla. Lee. Robert Iiex, M.D. . . 1443 S. Twinlake Dr. Wichita, Kansas Lefon, Maj. Wm. F.. M.D., '37 AO 22 60 757 7414 Aero Med. Ft. APO 16 Postmaster New York, N. Y. Lehew. Elton, MD.. '30 311 East Oklahoma Guthrie, Okla. Lehew, J. Leslie, Jr., M.D., '27 lllth and VVal'ner Guthrie, Okla. Lehew, John L., III, M D., '55 lflth and VVarner Guthrie, Okla. Lembke. Robt. L.. M-D.. '50 C, H. Occup. Med. Dept. Continental Oil Co. Ponca City, Okla. Western State Hosp Handeman Co Tenn Lenaburg' Herbert II.. M.D 201 East Lint oln Xllngum Oklahoma Leneve, Robert T., M.D., '46 Hugoton, Kans. Leney, F. L., M.D., '27 525 N. XV. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Leonard, Chas. E.. M D., '32 528 N. XV. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Leonard, E. L., M.D., '52 110 N. Main XVagoncr, Okla. Lerblance W. P. Jr.. MD. '45 Twirl Cities Clinic , Hartsliorne, Okla. Leslie, S. B., Jr., M D., '42 1004 East 30th Tulsa, Okla. Lester, Boyd K., M D.. '54 Tulane l'niv. Med. School New Orleans, Louisiana Lester, E. P., Jr., M.D., '41 515 N. W. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Lester. J. X., M D., '52 120 Rose St. Little Rock, Ark. Levalley, Steve A., M.D., '63 Denver General Hosp. Denver, Colo. Leverett, Cary L., M.D., '63 IHS. Naval Hospitals Oakland, Calif. Lewis, Billie. '59 Hurley Hospital Flint, Mich. Lewis, R. W.. M D., '32 108 NV. 12th St. Sulphur, Okla. Lewis, Vivian Moon, '59 Hurley Hospital Flint, Mich. Lewis. Wilbert F.. M D., '39 605 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Lewis, Wilbur C., M.D. Casilla 1171 Hoap Bautista Asuut-ion, Paraguay Ley, E. B., M.D., '38 517 Colorado Ave. Pueblo, Colo. Lhevine, D. B., M.D., '45 Drs. lildg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Lhevine, Morris B., M.D., '17 B-T Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Limes, Barney J., M.D., '55 llll N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Lincoln, R. B., M.D., '46 437 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Linde, Leonard M.. M.D., '56 Eagle Butte South Dakota Lindeman, Geo. M., M.D., '50 Route 1 Colorado Springs, Colorado Lindsay, J. H., M.D., '50 115 Preston Forest Vil Dallas, Texas Lindstrom, Wm. Carl, M.D., '34 1980 Utica Square Tulsa, Okla. Lingenfelter. P. M.. M.D., '23 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Lingenfelter, P. IB.. M.D., '33 800 Frisco Ave. Clinton, Okla. Lisle, A. C., Jr., M.D., '43 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Little. A. C., M.D., '31 Minco, Okla. Little. James H., M.D., '62 XVesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Little, J. R., M.D., '29 3413 Treadwell Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Lively, Claude E., M.D., '34 Medical Arts Bldg. McAlester, Okla. Lively, G. A., M.D., '53 936 E. Seminary Dr. VVhitesboro, Tex. Livingston, D. E., M.D., '57 1200 North VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Llewellyn, T. S.,, 3rd, '61 5206 S. Birmingham Pl. Tulsa, Okla. Lockwood, G. W., M.D., '48 473 Harvard Boulder, Colo. Long, F. M., M.D., '51 Great Falls Clinic Great Falls, Mont. Long, James D., M.D., '59 923 N. E. 16 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Long, Larry L., M.D., '63 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Long, Loyd Lee, Jr.. M.D., '46 921 14 N. W. Ardmore, Okla. Long, Ray I-I., M.D.. '30 2323 Rockefeller Rd. Wickliffe, Ohio Long, Warren D., M.D., '63 VVesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Long, W. G., M.D., '52 Box 248 Purcell, Okla.. Lorenz, Max P., '62 Charity Hosp. of Louisiana New Orleans, La. Loucks, J. E., M.D., '47 Los Alamos Med. Center Los Alamos, N. Mex. Lemon. Cecil W., M D.. '31 , I . MERKEL X-RAY 0. MID CONTINENT T WESTINGHOUSE A SURGICAL SUPPLY CO. 8' PROFEX N The Finest Q X-Ray Apparatus Equipment Obtainable 1 EASTMAN 3. DUPONT D for Films 8: Chemicals Physicians 8: Hospitals The Best "Service" in Oklahoma "We have it in stock" Let Us Equip Your Office-Clinic-or Hospital i ONE ACCOUNT FOR EVERYTHING Save Money ancl Confusion Terms To Fit Your Needs TULSA OKLAHOMA CITY l640 E. l5th F. C. MERKEL, Pres. I7 Broadway Circle LUther 2-4897 CEntral 2-2968 85 Loughridge, Billy P., -M.D., '61 Mannerberg, P. D., M.D., ' lfniversity Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Lowe, Alvin, M.D., '51 1425 S. Grand Ave. Sedalice, Mo. Lowe, Kenneth G., '55 Box 549 Poteau, Okla. Lowell, James R., M.D., '53 1214 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Lowenthal, P. J., M.D., '38 3812 48th St. N. W. Washington 16, D. C. Lowery, Larry Lee, M.D., '56 Med. Arts Bldg. Guymon, Okla. Lowrey, Robert W., M.D., '36 P. 0. Box 350 Poteau, Okla. Lowry, David C., M.D., '46 Pasteur Bldg., 1111 North Oklahoma City, Okla. Lowry, Dick M., M.D., '45 900 N.VV. 10th Oklahoma City, Okla. Loy, R. L., Jr., M.D., '47 7014 S.E. 15th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Loy, R. W., M.D., '49 Loy McDonald Clinic Pawhuska, Okla. Loy, William A., M.D., '37 Loy McDonald Clinic Pawhuska, Okla. Lucas, Boyd Vance, M.D., '42 lim. 430, Drs. Bldg. 2021 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Luton, James P., M.D., '33 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Lyklns, R. W., M.D., '46 2944 Lexington Rd. Louisville, Ky. Lynn, Clyde A., M.D., '58 Plains, Tex. Lynn, Thomas N., Jr., '56 800 N. E. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Lyon, James B., Jr., M.D., '56 Parkland Hospital Dallas, Tex. Lyons, M. R., M.D., '40 6916 E. Admiral Tulsa, Okla. Mackey, Dan M., M.D., '63 l'niv. Virginia. Hospital Charlottesville, Va. Mackler, David L., M.D., Suite 401 2107 Van Ness San Francisco, Calif. '57 MacLeod, Sherburne, M.D., '33 843 N. Broadway Wichita 5, Kans. Macrory, Paul D., M.D., 6757 N.W. Expressway Bethany, Okla. '43 Madeley, H. Randall, M.D., '34 1727 Sonoma Blvd. Vallejo, Calif. Maguire, Philip J., M.D., St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Mahan, Maj. P. L., M.D., 4901 Robinson Fort WVorth, Texas '53 Mahone, M. Wilson, M.D., '39 Box 553 Hobart, Okla. Malmbourg, Chas. L., M.D., '58 U.S.M.C.A.S. Station Hosp. El Toro, Santa Ana, California Maldonado, W. E., M.D., '58 V. A. Hosp. 921 N.E. 13th Oklahoma City 4, Okla. Mann, Lawrence E., M.D., '54 811 Bonham St. l'aris, Tex. 86 Lee 59 Masters, Paul L , MD '53 . . ., McClure, Coye W., M.D., '40 University Hospital 4527 S. E. 29th St. 415 N. W. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Del City, Okla. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Manning, W. I., M.D., '50 MaS1561"S0Il-1 Maude 21-1 M-D-, '36 McClure, Hubert L., M.D. 401 Commerce Bidg. BUX 1001 llawhuska, Okla. Oklahoma City 3, Okla. 2017 Brighton Ave. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mansield,-Richard E., M.D., '61 Mathews, Chas- Ru U-D-1 '45 L. S. Public llealtli Serv. Hosp. S2 S0UU'191'U P2l1'kW2l5' 210 State Street 'U'l'h9Sf91' 18- N- Y- New Orleans, Louisiana Mansur, I-I. D., Jr., M.D., '39 1400 Sth Wichita Falls, Tex. Margo, M. K., M.D., '48 605 N. W. 10th Oklahoma City, Okla. Marder, Leon, M.D., '49 3961 SAV. Sixth Place Gainesville, Florida Maril, J. J., M.D., '36 307 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Maril, W. D., M.D., '40 801 N. W. 23rd Oklahoma City, Okla. Markert, Geo. 0., M.D. Anaclarko Clinic Hosp. Anadarko, Okla. Markland, Ralph R., M.D. '56 208 N.1f:. 15th ' Oklahoma City, Okla. Marks, John W., M.D., '54 Box 457 Beaver, Okla. Marks, M. M., M.D., '28 Suite 18, Ilr. Bldg. East T51 East 63 St. Kansas City 10, Missouri Marsh, Charles E., M.D., '54 906 Main Buhl, Idaho Marsh, Donald W., M.D., "58 1014 N. Flood Norman, Oklahoma Marsh, John H., M.D., '63 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Marshall, R. A., M.D., '55 Univ. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Martin, C. M., M.D., '15 Elgin, Okla. Martin, C. A., M.D., '63 Presbyterian Hosp. Denver, Colorado Martin, Chas. E., M.D., '48 Box 71 Perry, Okla. Martin, Emmett 0., M.D., '21 1005 S. VVilson Cushing, Okla. Martin. Fred R., M.D., '57 1224 Olden Dr. Dallas 11, Texas Martin. H. C., M.D., '29 509 Cameron Bldg. Oklahoma City 6, Okla. Martin, J. W., M.D., '30 1023 E. Cherry St. Cushing, Okla. Martin, James D., M.D., '39 Box 868 Cushing, Okla. Martin, T. R., M.D., '28 3451 VVestminster Dallas, Tex. Marx, Ralph I... M.D., '32 San Antonio St. TB Hospital San Antonio, Tex. Massad, W. W., M.D., 50 506 Crockett Borger, Tex. Massey, John B., M.D., '54 630 N . .E. 63 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Masters, I-I. A., M.D., '34 Thompson Bldg. Tahlequah, Okla. Masters. Harold A.. M.D., '56 121 E. Choctaw Sallisaw, Okla. Mathias, C. M., M.D., '29 515 E. Kern Tulard, Calif. Matter, Billy Joe, '59 Kansas Univ. Med. Center ltainbow Blvd. Q 39th S Kansas City, Kans. Matthews, N. S., M.D., '37 1319 Classen Dr. Oklahoma City, Okla. Matthey, W. A., M.D., '50 801 Pershing Dr. Lawton, Okla. Mauldin, H. P., M.D., '53 1303 S. W. 29th Oklahoma City, Okla. Maupin, Col. C. S., M.D., '34 312 Parkway East Las Vegas, Nevada May, June C., M.D., '61 l'. of Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Okla. Mayes, R. H., M.D., '40 Box 42 Anadarko, Okla. Mayneld, Imogene, M.D., '33 4520 Belfast Place Dallas, Tex. Mayfield, R. C., M.D., '50 216 E. Eufaula Norman, Okla. mcaiister, John ri., M.D., '61 206 Parker Avenue Poteau, Okla. McArthur, C. E., M.D. 1934 E. 4th Ave.' Olympia, Wash. '38 McArthur, Lloyd G., M.D., '57 Route 7, Box 441H Indianapolis 41, Ind. McBride, David Lemarr, 1501 N. E. 11 Oklahoma City, Okla. McBride, Ollie, M.D., '37 P. O. BOX 1110 Ada, Okla. McCabe, Jack M., '53 1215 10 St. Alamogordo, N. Mex. '56 McCabe, W. R., M.D., '53 320 South Damen Chicago 12, Ill. McCann, W. E., M.D., '48 308 Ridgeview Olathe, Kans. Mccants, Ralph S., M.D., '50 1323 East 19th Tulsa, Okla. McCarver, Chas. L., M.D., '62 Maricopa County Hospital Phoenix, Arizona McCarve'r, Robt. R., M.D., '54 11046 North 74 Street Scottsdale, Arizona McCauley, D. W., M.D., '43 211 N. Grand Okmulgee, Okla. McCauley, Joe W., '55 Medical Arts Bldg. McAlester, Okla. McClain, Mack I., MD.. '62 U. Texas Med. Br. Hospital Galveston, Texas McCleery, Jas. M., M.D., '52 1004 Seymour St. Pasadena, Texas McClellan, C. W. M.D. '41 tl. llsitzl' op is M McClure, Joy L., M.D., '29 516 Sutter St. San Francisco, Calif. McCo11ough, B. L., M.D., '58 Seagraves Clinic Hosp. Post Ofhce Box 97 Seagraves, Texas McCollum, E. B., M.D., '32 1553 Woodward Ave. Detroit 26, Mich. McCollum, W. T., M.D., '40 437 N. W. 12th Oklahoma. City, Okla. McConnell, A. B., M.D., '15 Burlington, Kans. McCormick, J. E., M.D., '39 636 Church St. Evanston, Ill. McCoy, Ronald, M.D., '47 Box 457 Coldwater, Kans. McCreight, Wm. G., M.D., '40 525 N. YV. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Plains, Texas McCullough, G. W., M.D., '54 1039 North Flood Norman, Oklahoma McCune, Edward A., M.D., '40 1026 West Hite Enid, Okla. McCune, Edward A., M.D., '55 1026 WVest Hite Enid, Oklahoma McCurdy, Robt. E., M.D., '46 500 S. Garfield Denver, Colo. McDaniel, Jas. Wm., M.D., '56 12 Circle Dr. Uhickasha, Okla. McDonald, Glen W., M.D., '34 lvSUIll, Iran, APO 205 CO Postniaster, N. Y., N. Y. McDonna1d, Geo. P., M.D., '52 3333 N.VV. Expressway Oklahoma City, Okla. McDougal, Royce C., M.D., '55 711 N. Bullitt Holdenville, Okla. McElwee, Mary Louise, M.D. 5000 Cornell Chicago 15, Illinois McFadden, C. A., M.D., '29 1325 Hickory St. Abilene, Tex. McFarland, J. R., M.D., '53 Plaza Professional Bldg. Bartlesville, Okla. McGeary, William C., '49 Madison, Ga. McGee, Harry D., M.D., '44 7213 Gen. Sherman Lane Affton 23, Mo. McGehee, Chas. L., M.D., '31 Med. l'rof. Building San Antonio, Tex. Mot-I-ill, Ralph A., M.D., '22 210 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. McGinnis, Delbert I-I., M.D., '57 2420 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. McGovern, Jos. D., Jr., M.D., '53 1018 N. Flood Norman, Oklahoma McGovern, J. L., M.D., '52 124 E. Lincoln VVellington, Kans. cC11110'llg'h, Billy L., M.D., '58 McGregor, P. H., M.D., '50 1219 Classen Dr. Oklahoma City, Okla.. McGregor, Robt. A., M.D., '52 Suite 205, 255 S. 17 Philadelphia, Pa. McHenry, L. C., Jr., M.D., '55 333 Cedar St. New London, Connecticut Mclnnis, D. B., M.D., '45 4515 So. Penn. Oklahoma City, Okla. McInnis, J. T., M.D., '37 4515 So. Penn. Oklahoma City, Okla. McIntyre, John A, M.D., '43 1800 S. Van Buren Building A Enid, Okla. McIntyre, R. V., M.D., '51 Kingfisher, Okla. McKay, E. D., M.D., '35 2300 W. 7th Ave. Amarillo, Tex. McKee, Patrick A., M.D., '62 Duke Hospital Durham, N. C. Mckeehan, G. O., M.D., '26 9923 California Ave. South Gate, Calif. Mckerracher, R. D., M.D., '55 R28 El Paso Village Derby, Kansas McKinney, Milam P., M.D., '30 243 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. McLanchlin, 1200 Oklahoma City, Okla. McLaughlin, 528 Oklahoma City, Okla. Mcltllillan, 105 S. Vinita, Okla. Robt. A., M.D., '48 N. Walker '43 J. R., Jr., M.D., N. W. 12 J. M., M.D., '33 Scraper McMullen, Thomas, '43 230 W. Ridgemont Rd. Peoria, Illinois McMurray, 129 Hillside Dr. Shelb Y, McNeill Philip M., M.D., '23 al Arts Bldg. Dorothy G., '45 N. Car. 1107 Medic Oklahoma City 2, Okla. McPherson, Wm. G., M.D., '42 Sanger New Mexico 924 E. Hobbs, McPike, L. H., M.D., '35 607 Frisco Bldg. Joplin, Mo. McQuown, A. L., M.D., '41 Lady of the Lake Sanit. Baton Rouge, La. Mcspadden, I'. P., M.D., '44 333 West 20 Houston, Tex. Mead, William W., M.D., '37 wthorne Blvd. 801 N. Ha Hawthorne, Calif. Meador, Capt. George E., '40 A 4395 mpudia San Diego, Calif. Means, R. B., M.D., '47 1 202 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Meal-es, C. I-I., Jr., M.D., '52 301 Baltimore Muskogee, Okla. Medcalf, W. L., M.D., '57 Marlow, Okla. Meece, Leo, M.D. P. O. Box 641 Laverne, Oklahoma Meinhardt, Kenneth, M.D., '57 761 Madrone Sunnyvale, California , , Mench, R. M., M.D., '40 1426 N. Hancock McGrath- Thomas -7-1 U-D-, '27 845 Monroe St. Colorado Springs, Colo. Sayre, Okla. Corvallis, Ore. McClellan. J. T., M.D., '42 McGraw, W. L., M.D., '44 Mengel, Chester R., M.D., '39 1221 S. Broadway V. A. Hospital 2303 Denver Lexington, Ky. Muskogee, Okla. Muskogee, Okla. Mercer, J. Wendell, M.D., '25 427 E. Cherokee Enid, Okla. Mercer, R. D., M.D., '51 620 N.W. 9th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Merkley, G. E., Jr., M.D., '52 Box 488 Boise City, Okla. Merrell, Webber W., M.D., '42 123 N. Broad I Guthrie, Okla. W Merriileld, V. C., M.D., '45 111 Patton Dr. Ponca City, Okla. ' men-ms, Iva s., m.n., 'si 650 W. Lindsay Rd. I Norman, Okla. i Merritt, Lawrence S., M.D., St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. '61 Messenbaugh, Jos. P., M.D., '33 1713 Huntington Oklahoma City, Okla. Messenbaugh, Jos. P., M.D., 1713 Huntington Oklahoma City, Okla. '58 Messlnger, Robt. P., M.D., '38 801 N. W. 23d Oklahoma City, Okla. I Meyers, Wm. A., M.D., '27 7104 E. Virgin , Tulsa, Okla. Michael, Harvey R., M.D., '62 3621 S. E. 26 St. Del City, Okla. Mzlchaelson, Leon, M.D., '38 54 VVest Bellevue San Mateo, California Michener, Prank R., M.D. Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. I Mlleham, Jack Cecil, M.D., '46 Box 59 Chandler, Okla. Miles, John B., M.D., '27 702 W. Central Anadarko, Okla. Miller, Bonnie G., '59 Okemah, Okla. Miller, C. Il., M.D., '38 1309 South Orange Ave. Sarasota, Fla. Miller, Duane C., M.D. Stanford Hosp. l'alo Alto, Calif. Miller, Elnora G., M.D., '46 315 Braniff Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Miller, Floyd F., M.D., '58 3736 East 43 Place Tulsa 35, Oklahoma Miller, Griffith C., M.D., '20 4335 IC. 15 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Miller, J. E., M.D., '47 1200 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Miller, James V., M.D., '62 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Miller, John E., M.D., '39 710 N. Los Angeles Anaheim, California Miller, Noel E., '59 Okemah, Okla. Miller, Raymond, M.D., '45, 110 N. Grant Okmulgee, Okla. Miller, Robert J., M.D., '47 I'. O. Box 1119 Los Alamos, N. Mex. Miller, Ross I-I., M.D., '46 Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. Miller, W. R., M.D., '42 750 East 11 Eugene, Ore. Miller, William A., M.D., '47 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Mills, Richard C., M.D., '28 1002 Hightower Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mills, V. O., M.D., '38 Dalles Clinic The Dalles, Ore. Milton, Leroy M., M.D., '59 244 E. Pearson St. Chicago 11, Illinois Mings, Harold H., M.D., '57 5820 South Fourth Street Fort Smith, Arkansas Minnig, D. I., M.D., '38 631 Roslyn Ave. Akron, Ohio Minor, Dwane B., '54 2227 E. 21st St. Tulsa, Okla. Mitchell, Bob Gunter, M.D., '56 Sallisaw, Okla. Mitchell, Clarence, M.D., '31 Student Health Service University of Oklahoma Norman, Okla. Mitchell, Dan, Jr., M.D., '58 Dept. Rad., Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mogab, J. H., M.D., '43 Box 768 El Reno, Okla. Moline, Lester L., M.D., '54 4626 Beta Ave. Lawton, Okla. Mollison, Malcolm, M.D., '46 1101 E. Pecan Altus, Okla. Monfort, J. J., M.D., '32 590 Vine St. Batesville, Ark. Monnet, Julien Chas., M.D., '56 Moore, Capt. Tom D., M.D., '54 1 25 Cottonwood Oceanside, Calif. Montgomery, Hazel I., M.D., 3724 N. Versaille West, Texas Moody, H. Carter, M.D., '52 1219 Classen Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Moore, Ben Hi., M.D., '53 300 Homer Ave. Palo Alto, Calif. Moore, C. W., M.D., '27 524 VV. 9th Stillwater, Okla. Moore, Ellis, M.D., '21 S11 Med. Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Moore, George C., M.D., '62 Charity llosp., La. New Orleans, Louisiana Moore, Guy, M.D. Deputy Information Officer Div. Gen. Med. Science Bldg. 16, Rm. 202 National Inst. of Health Bethesda 14, Md. Moore, J. M., M.D., '52 Pine at Guy St. Pauls Valley, Okla. Moore, James D., M.D., '61 205 Sli. A Street Stigler, Oklahoma Moore, Larue, M.D., '23 471 Colon Ave. San Francisco 12, Calif. Moore, Robert, M.D., '53 814 N. Elm Hoisington, Kans. Moore, Samuel T., M.D., '38 411 N. NV. 11th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Moore, Thom til North Uassingham Bexley, Ohio BONE AND 1o1NT 1-1osP1'rAL MCBRIDE CLINIC AN ACCREDITED HOSPITAL FOR ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY, FRACTURES, HAND SURGERY ORTHOPEDIC STAFF HOWARD B. SI-IORBE, M.D., F.A.C.S. RUSSELL D. I-IARRIS, M.D., F.A.C.S. MARVIN K. MARGO, M.D., F.A.C.S. IAMES P. BELL, M.D. SENIOR CONSULTANTS EARL D. MCBRIDE, M.D., F.A.C.S. ELIAS MARGO, M.D., F.I.C.S. INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE IOHN A. BLASCHKE, M.D. ARTHRITIS AND Moore, Walter m., M.D., 145 ,41 . . . Hamilton AFB, Calif. Nigeria, Africa Moore, William M., M.D., '55 604 S. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla. Moore, Wm. R., M.D., '53 5510 S. Western Oklahoma City, Okla. Moose, Robt. R., M.D., '61 Lafayette Charity Hosp. Lafayette, Louisiana Moran, W. B., Jr., M.D., '61 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Morgan, C. A., M.D., '29 535 Home St. Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Morgan, C. C., M.D., '46 2010 S. Utica Tulsa, Okla. Morgan, J. J., M.D., '54 900 Dennis Way Yuba City, California Morgan, James D., M.D., '61 China Lake Station Hospital China Lake, California Morgan, Louis S., Jr., M.D., '48 6155 East Harry VVichita, Kansas Morgan, N. L., M.D., '50 210 North Main Haysville, Kansas Morgan, Omar J., M.D., '62 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Morgan, Philip E.. M.D., '51 U. S. Public Ilealth Service Hospital Galveston, Texas Morgan, Robert F., M.D., '53 Blackwell Med. Center Blackwell, Okla. RHEUMATIC DISEASES I STAFF WM. K. ISI-IMAEL, M.D., F.A.C.P. I. N. OWENS, IR., M.D., F.A.C.P. MARY L. DUFFY HONICK, IOI-IN A. BLASCI-IKE, M.D. RICHARD W. PAYNE. M.D. M.D. IOI-IN T. PELLOW, A.P.T.A. Physical Therapy COMPLETE LABORATORY FACILITIES I I. N. OWENS, IR., M.D., F.A.C.P., Pathology, Diplomcite ot the American Board Cfjmrgl 2-0341 IAMES CRONIC, Business Mgr. 605 N. W. 10th, Oklct. City, Oklot. I. LAMONT BAXTER, C.P.A., Controller 87 Morgan, Robert J., M.D., '44 216 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Morgan, Royce H., M.D., '54 501 L St. Anchorage, Alaska Morgan, Troy O., Jr., M.D., '56 Ameri Mission Hosp. Dembi Dollo, Ethiopia Morgan, W. L., M.D., '53 2930 Huntington Pl. Longview, Wash. Morgan, William R., M.D., '58 2133 N. W. 26 Oklahoma City, Okla. Morris, Richard E., M.D., '63 Methodist Hosp. Dallas, Texas Morris, William, M.D., '37 3019 Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach 8, Calif. Morris, William T., M.D. Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Morrison, J. Scott, M.D., '62 U. Kansas Med. Center Kansas City, Kan. Morrison, J. W., M.D., '44 Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Morrone, Mildred I., M.D., '37 132 Tower St. VVesterly, R. I. Morrow, Jerry F., M.D., '63 San Francisco Hospital San Francisco, Calif. Morse, James O., M.D., '53 Box 251 Wingate, N. Car. Mo'rter, R. A., M.D., '13 Morton, Donald G-., M.D., '53 57 NJC, 44 Street Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Morton, R. W., M D., '40 P. O. Box 338 Sulphur, Okla. Moseley, Jack E., M.D., '53 2819 S. Hydraulic VVichita, Kans. Mosely, R. R., M.D., '18 133 S. Linden Ave. Alliance, Ohio Mosher, D. D., M.D.. '26 First Ntl. Bank Bldg. Seminole, Okla. Mosley, Wiley H., M.D., '59 Johns Hopkins Hosp. Baltimore, Maryland Moss, C. B., M.D., '49 2601 45 St. Lubbock, Tex. Mote, W. R., M.D., '27 Box 970 Ardmore, Okla. Mote, Wesley R.. M.D., '58 Box 977 Ardmore, Okla. Motley, Ray P., M.D., '59 St. Anthony Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mount. H. F., M.D., '46 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Moyer, Henman J.. M.D. 1101 N. Lakeside Derliy, Kansas Mraz, Gerald L., M.D., '41 3614 VVheeler Fontana, Calif. Muchmore, H. G., M.D., '46 Muenzler, William S., M D. livanston Hospital livanston, Ill. Mullins, Wm. B., M.D., '57 2308 VV. 8 Amarillo, Tex. Mulmed, Earl I., M.D., '37 323 Lftica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Mulvey, Bert E., M.D., '30 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mirrphree, Jas. W., M.D., '47 617 E. Brookfield Ponca City, Okla. Murphy, E. Grant, M.D., '45 1825 Chelsea Circle Flint 3, Mich. Murphy, R. W., M.D., '49 1001 15 N. W. Ardmore, Okla. Murphy, Weldon 0., M.D., '35 2300 VV. 7 Ave. Amarillo, Tex. Murray. E. Cotter, M.D., '30 2817 S. Harvey Oklahoma City, Okla. Murray, Ella K. H., M.D., '49 301 'Q S. Broadway Edmond, Okla. Myers, Lynn Leroy, '59 Medic-ine Dept., l'nix'. llosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Naughton, John P., M D., '58 lfniv. Hosp., S00 NJC. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Nave, Richard R.. MD., '38 Cannon AFB Clovis, N. Mex. Neal, Billy J., M.D., '63 2421 Sheflield Dr. Medical Service. Ancker Hosp. ll6'1lYt'l' Gen. Hospital Kalamazoo, Mich. St, Paul, Minnesota Denver, Colorado Neal, J. I-I., Jr., M D., '43 4926 li. 21 Tulsa 6, Okla. Neal, J. R., M.D., '14 1225 A Romulus Dr. Glendale, Calif. Neal, Laile G., M.D., '25 Community Bldg. l'onca City, Okla. Neal, Victor R., M.D., '57 3102 S. llarvard Tulsa, Okla. Needham, C. F., M.D., '24 323 S. Broadway Ada, Okla. Neel. Roy L., M.D.. '38 3016 Starwood Dr. Route 4 Oklahoma City 21, Okla. Neely, Maj. Samuel E., '48 Medical Service School Gunter A F B, Alabama Nerf, Everett B., mn., 'as V. A. Hospital Sepalveda, Calif. Neill. Elaine M., M.D., '62 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Nelson, A. G., M.D., '52 316 South Midwest Blvd, Midwest Pity, Okla. Nelson, Iron H., M.D., '40 Nelson Clinical 1'atholog. Labs 1107 Medic-al Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Nelson. James M., M.D., '34 VA 49 4th St. A San Francisco, California Nesh, Harry, M.D., '16 164 Hart St. Brooklyn, N. Y. Neugebauer, V. W., M.D., '63 Mound Park llospigl Si. Petersburg, Florida Neuman, Milton A., M.D., '30 Okarche, Okla. New, Capt. Wm. N., M.D., '34 Navy 3023 CO FPO US Naval Hospital San Francisco, Calif. Newlin, F. P., M.D., '21 413 Masonic Temple Shawnee, Okla. Newlin, W. H., M.D., '32 109 E. Commerce Broken Arrow, Okla. Newport, Norsula M., M.D. Borgas Hospital Balboa, Canal Zone Newton, Norris Lynn, M.D., '56 Baltimore, Md. Nicholas, Hugh B., M.D., '58 1918 N. Oxford Tulsa, Okla. Nichols, R. E., M.D., '30 500 First St. VVoodland, Calif. Nicholson, Jas. L., M.D., '31 Ellison Infirmary Norman, Okla. Nicklas, Thos. O., M.D., '62 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Nickols, Chas., Jr., M.D., '55 1800 Melrose Dr. Norman, Okla. Nida, Jerry R., M.D., '60 Children's Mem. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Nielson, Harriett, M.D., '42 44410 N. 10 West Lancaster, Calif. Nisbet, Alfred A., M.D., '38 700 S. McCullough San Antonio 5, Tex. Norman, Ernest, M.D., '63 Public Health Serv. New Orleans, La. HUBBARD HOSPITAL-CLINIC i l 1 ll GENERAL HOSPITAL IOHN R. HUBBARD. M.D. WM. E. HUBBARD. M.D. E l 1 88 , ., Jr., M.D '47 Parks, Stephen, M.D. '52 1013 East CIGYQ-'1LlllI1 ' Norris, P. L., M.D., Beulaville, N. Car. '36 Northrip, Ray U.,-M.D., '38 Sugg Clinic Ada, Okla. Northrup, R. A., M.D., 2181 S. 77 East Aven Tulsa 14, Okla. Nuernberger, L. G., M.D., '55 Box 1559 Lackland AFB, Tex. '48 u e Nunnery, A. W., M.D., 312 Hermey Ave. WVarrington, Florida '53 Oakes, R. J., M.D., '42 3021 Dana St. Berkeley, Calif. Obar, Paul R., M.D., '57 35930 Bob Street U San Diego, California Obermiller. R. G., M.D., '32 1501 Main YVoodward, Okla. Obert, Paul M., M.D., '47 Citizens Mem. Hosp., Victoria County, Victoria, Texas Ogg, K. G., M.D., '48 301 N. VV. Main Bethany, Okla. 0g'1esbee, C. L., M.D., '37 211 S. 36 Muskogee, Okla. 0'Leary, Chas. M., M.D., '34 549 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Olmsted, L. W., M.D., '51 3045 Keswick Road Cleveland 20, Ohio K Olson, P. W., M.D., '48 909 S. VV. 29 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Opper, M., M.D., '44 5211 S. Pennsylvania Oklahoma City, Okla. Orbin, John A., M.D. 2207 Oxford VVay Oklahoma City, Okla. Orbin, Johnn:le A., M.D., '5 27233 West Britton Hd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Orr, I-I. Stokes, M.D., '42 2140 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Orr, Ronald, M.D., '62 024 East Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. O'Shea, J. G. J , r., M.D., '48 Box 5321 Jetmore, Kans. Ottis, P. J., M.D., '45 Okarche, Okla. Overbey, C. B., M.D., '41 alamazoo State Hospital Kalamazoo, Mich. 0VE1'St1'eet, R. J ., M.D., '53 2X VVest Chestnut Chicago, Ill. Owen Col. C , annon A., M.D., '34 Off. Surg. Consult. Prof. Div. S. G. O. U. S. Army Main Navy Bldg. XVashington 25, D, C. Owen, H. Leo, M.D '50 1312 1111101-est Iii-. Bartlesville, Okla. 7 Oxley, W. N. M. ' , D., 44 Guymon, Okla. Padberg, Elder D ., M.D., 108 E. 12th St Ada, okm. ' Page, Crockett H., M.D., St. Joseph Merry Hosp Detroit, Michigan Paramore, C. P., M.D., ' 125 VV. Midland Shawnee, Okla. '6 '40 1 ital 24 Paris, David, M.D., '41 .ill hast Gilbert St. San Bernardino, Calif. Park, Riley W., Jr., M.D., 1110 Harvard 204 Seattle 1. VVashington Parker Ira , Tom, Jr., M.D., 6507 Iienox Oklahoma City. Okla. Parker Barton, Fla. , J. W., M.D., '46 Parker W '57 "53 , m. Lee, MD., '56 133 N. Rosemont Amarillo, Tex. Parkhllrst, Y. E., M.D , '48 3300 E. oardimi or. Oklahoma City, Okla. Parks. K. G.. M.D., '23 4301 Atlantic Long Beach, Calif. 2204 xx est iam-reall t'hir'ago 1N, Illinois Parrish, J. W., M.D., '53 Bunch Harrison C Olson, Donald H., M.D., '43 l'. O. Box 626 Vinita, Okla. Olson, Frances P., MJD '40 5350 South Cleveland' St. 151111 16, Minnesota Owen, John R., M.D., '58 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Ownby, R., Jr., M.D., '49 4009 Park Ave. 1-i1f'111ll0Fld, Va. linic Seminole, Okla. Parrish, Pamela P., M.D., '44 Medic-ine Dept., llniv. Hosp Oklahoma City, Okla. Parrish, R. Gibson, M.D., '44 Anesthesiology Dept., l'niv, Hosp., Okla. Pity, Okla. Parrish S. L , ., M.D., '43 31 Eye Street Bakersfield, Calif, Parrish, W. E., M.D., '43 11 Ied. and Surg. Clinic Longview, Tex. Parsley, P. E., M.D., '27 327 Stimson Bldg. Seattle 1, VVash. Parsons, Bernie, M.D., '61 Albany, Missouri Parsons, O. L., '33 511 E. Ave. Lawton, Okla. Paschal W , m. R., M.D., '45 5700 NIV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Patrick, Alvin W., M D. Univ. Hosp, Oklahoma City, Okla. Patten, W. R., M.D., '52 1123 VVQST. Brook Norman, Okla. Patterson. A. M., M.D., '29 Box 70 Mineral VVells , Tex. Patterson P. B , ., Jr., M.D., '27 U. s. C' " ' ' ' 1y1l Service Comm. NVashington, D. C. Patterson J. L PB, Murray Clinic 'Y 9 West Granite Butte, Mont. tterson, Oliver H., M.D. '55 Sapulpa, Okla. Patton, Michael J. M.D ' Patzkow , ., 63 Baylor Univ. Hospital Houston, Texas sky, L. W., M.D., '50 606 S. 9 Kiowa, Kans. Patzkowsky, Paul D., NLD 20 Tam-tic-al Hosp. USAF APO 120, New York, N. Y. Paul, P. M., M.D., '20 4601! Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Paul. Roger R., M.D., '30 Glass Nelson Clinic' 2020 South Xanthus Tulsa, Okla. Paul, Thomas O., M.D., '39 1715 9th Ave. South Birmingham, Ala. Paul, W. G., M.D., '39 College Ave. Jackson, Alabama Payne, Chas. L., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Payne, Donald E., M.D., '52 305 W. Rusk Tyler, Texas Payne, D. W., M.D., '42 321 Sunset Avenue Asbury Park, N. J. Payne, Ralph E., M.D., '48 716 E. Main Edmond, Okla. Payne, Ralph E., Jr., M.D., '56 Pasteur Med. Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Payne, Richard W., M.D., '43 605 N.VV. 10 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Payton, H. W., M.D., '45 Jeffersonville, Ohio Peacher, K. L., M.D., '48 Cfo Canadian Valley Clinic R. R. 1, El Reno, Okla. Pearson, D.-B., Jr., M.D , '41 1746 Timbergrove' Dallas S, Texas Peffly, El:mer D., M.D., '53 Nt-zperce, Idaho Congratulations, Graduates 1 I I I 964 , Students and Faculty! St. John's Hospital I923 South Utica Avenue TULSA, OKLAHOMA Phone Rlverside 3-33II 89 Pendergrass, Clayton, M.D., '53 608 4th St. Clovis, California Penrod, John N., M.D., '56 1201 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Percefull, S. C., M.D., '45 3535 S. Lafayette Denver, Colorado Perry, Daniel L., M.D., '26 Perry Clinic, 222 E. 5th Tulsa, Oklahoma Perry, Pred J., M.D., '36 214 Braniff Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Perry, Fred T., '33 Vllatonga, Okla. Perry, Hugh, M.D., '26 222 E. 5th St. Tulsa, Okla. Perry, I-I'ug'h, Jr., M.D., '58 Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. Perry, John C., M.D., '23 S08 Medical Arts Bldg, Tulsa, Okla. Perry, John M., Jr., NLD., '46 Med. Dir. Sonoco Prod. Co. Drawer 351 Hartsville, S. Car. Perryman, R. G., M.D., '46 2020 South Xanthus Tulsa 14, Okla. Peter, Maurice L., M.D., '33 200 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Peter, Maurice L., Jr., M.D., '57 1904 Spruce Duncan, Okla. Peters, James C., M.D., '44 915 S. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla. Peterson, Robert P., IILD., '57 901 Houston Street Killeen, Texas Petrie, R. B., m.n., '53 2809 N. WV. 31 Oklahoma City, Okla. Pfeifer, Donald R., M.D., '59 Post Ollie-e Box T27 XVhiterix'er, Arizona Pfundt, R. T., M.D., '45 1901 N. Campbell Tucson, Ariz. Pfundt, T. R., M.D., '44 Prof. of Pediatrics Creighton Vniversity Omaha, Nebraska Phelan, Ralph S., M.D., '39 Box 553 Hobart, Okla. Phelps, J. 'r., M.n., '19 Box 767 El Reno, Okla. Phelps, Willis P., M.D., '63 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Phipps, John, M.D., '44 8262 Park Place Blvd. Houston, Tex. Pickard, John C., M.D., '26 436 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Pierce, Gerald G., M.D., '56 420 East T2 St. New York, N. Y. Pierson, Dwight D., M.D., '32 412 Lovett Bldg. Mangum, Okla. Pinkerton, C. B., NLD. 605 Gore Blvd. Lawton, Okla. Pitts, Herman C., M.D., '62 5133 South lletroit Tulsa, Okla. Pitts, James B., Jr., M.D., '46 539 Pasteur Med. Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Plummer, K. G., M.D., '61 Lint-ourt Medical Ctr. Clearwater, Florida Plummer, T. 0., M.D., '35 Nye Bldg. Montrose, Colo. Pogoloff, S. I-I., M.D., '23 269 N. Ist Ave, Manville, N. J. Pointer, Edwin L., M.D., '56 Sallisaw, Okla. Points, Thomas C., M.D., '41 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Pollard, J. E., M.D., '43 110 E. Routt Pueblo, Colo. Pool, Sam L., M.D., '63 St. .lohns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Popkess, P. G., M.D., '43 Preston Royal SH Vill. Dallas, Tex. Poplin, Lenard A., M.D., '62 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Porte, Daniel, '26 New York, N. Y. Porter, Marilyn G., M.D., '56 Dept. of Pediatrics Children's Mem. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Porter, W. H., M.D., '51 4405 S.E. 28th Oklahoma City, Okla. Powell, Jack D., M.D., '61 lluey l'. Long Charity Hosp. Pineville, La. Powell, P. T., ULD., '41 Community Bldg. Ponca City, Okla. SEE FOR l YOURSELF WHY Powell, T. 0., M.D., '53 6753 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles 28, Calif. Power, R. E., M.D., '53 1455 Crt-spi Drive Pacifica, Calif. Poznanskl, Jean P., NLD., '49 454 Hawthorne Birmingham, Mich. Pratt, T. W., M.D., '38 P.O. Box 985 Muskogee, Okla. Preston, Russell M., M.D., '55 Box 41 Fay, Oklahoma Preston, Wm. J., M.D., '63 VVesley llospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Price, Charles H., NLD. Route 1 Cassville, Mo. Price, Joel S., M.D., '28 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Price, Neel Jack, M.D., '42 1746 K Street NVV 'Washington D. C. Price, R. B., M.D., '51 601 N.W. Ninth Oklahoma City, Okla. Price, R. D., M.D., '46 1233 Nix Professional Bldg, San Antonio, Tex. Price, Terrill E., Jr., M.D., '61 6486 PSAP' llisp., APO 953 San Franc-isvo, California Price, Wm. E., Jr., M.D., '46 305 Med Arts Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. Prier, Wm., BLD., '43 10660 White Oak Suite D. Granada. llills, California homes being constructed ond see for yourself the mony odvontoges of totol electric living, where electricity does Prosser, M. P., BLD., '35 437 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Puckett, Tony G., M.D., '62 820 Briarlane Road Oklahoma City, Okla. Pugsley, Wm. S., M.D., '45 301 NWV. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Puls, Jerry L., M.D., '61 306 N.E. 1 Street l'ryor, Oklahoma Purviance, Carlton, M.D., '30 607 Carolina Vallejo, California Pyeatte, Joella, M.D., '54 2534 Birmingham Plat-e Tulsa, Oklahoma Pyeatte, Jesse E., NLD., '55 Springer Clin., 604 S, Cincinnati Tulsa, Oklahoma Pyle, Oscar, M.D., '26 1223 S. 14 Chickasha, Okla, Rabon, Nancy Ann, '59 Sacred Heart Hosp. Yunkton, South Dakota Rader, L. E., Jr., M.D., '59 Univ, of Okla. Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Ragan, Tillman A., H.D., '32 619 W. Boyd.. Norman, Okla. Rahhal, L. J., M.D., '53 1200 North Vvalker Oklahoma City, Okla. Rainer, Jeanne E., IILD., '41 1104 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Raines, M. M., m:.:D., '37 127 Upham Petaluma, Calif. Raines, Richard D., M.D., '35 5015 SW, Humphrey Blvd. Portland, Oregon lim nmnX 'famo- 4lvAR9 , y0u7! low l1'w'11g I-11 zz Gold M5ddffZ'0ll fl0l7Z6f , l rw O. .fe 1 , 1 f ' 4 s 131 1- - 5- ,ffecig si? y 5 E' ll 5 -rili if if B P 'l . 'w ifw l. . FY ? ggi? 1 ... i l il lmib W... . -5- - 5- ' ' 'ff' -1-if is 5 2-:s its-. 6 E 9-ee A A- 1 E .eff l Yes, see for yourself how much more pleosure you,q ELS get out of living the modern totol electric woy . . . where iabvwmufig, you do the living ond Homeless electricity does the work. 19 l Why not visit o few of the mony Gold Medollion 5 ' S " Gi everything . . . ond so economicol, too. gl , ok Alaoun its ELECTRIC company , 90 Ralzen, K. H. Bellevue Psych. Hosp. New York 16, N. Y. Ramey, Dayne W., M.D. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Randall, Donald Lee, M.D., '59 Pawnee Indian Hospital Pawnee, Okla. Randels, G. R., M.D., '52 316 South Midwest Blvd. Midwest City, Okla. Ranson, Robt. F., M.D., '47 Box 489 Lafayette, La. Ratliif, Hansel L., M.D., '62 1112 South Fourth St, Pawnee, Oklahoma Raub, R. R., M.D., '46 Bluefield Sanitariuni Bluefield, XV. Va. Ray, C. Cody, M.D., Commerce Bldg. Pawhuska, Okla. '50 Ray, R. G., MLD., '33 3015 E, 15th St. Tulsa 10, Okla. Ray, Robert H., M.D., '49 17 Madison St. Brockton, Mass. Rayburn, Charles R., '25 Vet. Adm. Hospital Reding, A. C., M.D., '35 514 XV. 9th Stillwater, Okla. Redmond, Robt. P., M.D., '47 1210 Flassen Oklahoma City, Okla. Reed, Bert T., M.D., '63 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Reed, Emil P., M.D., '31 101 Binkley Dumas, Tex. Reed, James R., M.D., '27 553 Pasteur Med. Bldg. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Reed, James S., M.D., '62 4917 North Missouri Oklahoma City, Okla. Reed, K. A., M.D., '33 2957 Atlas Ave. Napa, Calif. Reeves, Walter P., M.D., '48 3304 Essex Rd. Baltimore 7, Md. Reichenberger, J., M.D., '63 Provident-e Hospital Seattle, NVashington Reid, Creighton, M.D., '45 Essin Clinic Sherman, Tex. Reid, Donald A., M.D., '62 334 Solar St. San Antonio, Texas No. Little Rock, Ark. Reid, John Robt., Jr., M.D., '55 Razook, Jerry D., M.D., '62 Parkland Memorial Hosp. Dallas, Texas Rector, Wm. L., Jr., NLD. 1518 10 VVichita Falls, Tex. Reddin, Robt. L., M.D., '55 1421 Chopola Street Suite 7 B Santa Barbara, Calif. Hillcrest Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Reid, John R., NLD., '21 1020 N, VV. 30 Oklahoma City, Okla. Reid, Williani R., M.D., '55 2651 E. 21st St. Tulsa. 14, Okla. Reiff. Maxine H.. M.D., '41 2505 N. XV. 42nd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Reiif, William R., M.D., '41 3015 NIV. 59th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Reimer, Gerald R., NLD., '63 Good Samaritan llosp. Portland, Oregon Reimer, J. Paul, M.D., '57 4245 liast Mt. Village Mt. Home AFB, ldaho Reigel, David G., M.D., '61 King County Hospital Seattle, VVashington Reinschmiedt, E. R., M.D., '56 1 217 Knox Clinton, Okla. Reiss, Merrel D., M.D., '55 150 S. Huntington Ave. Boston 30, Mass. Reiter, Arthur W., NLD., '49 1842 VVilson Ave. Arcadia, Calif. Rempel, John H., M.D., '62 Kansas City General Hosp. Kansas City Mo. Rempel, Paul H., M.D., '34 2003 Laboma Dr. Enid, Okla. Renfrow, W. B., M.D., '50 620 N. VV. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla. Renfrow, W. F., M.D., '26 1407 Memorial Prof. BG Houston, Tex. Resler, Donald R., M.D. Dept. tlrtorhinolarynt-ology lfniversity Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Reynolds, B. J., M.D., '49 Illli South Midwest lilvrl. Midwest City, Okla. Reynolds, E. W., Jr., M.D., '46 Vniversity Hospital Aim Arbor, Mich. Reynolds, Joe IB., NLD., '62 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Rhinehart, Don F., M.D., '58 3604 N. Laird Oklahoma City, Okla. Rhoades, Ivan E., M.D., '49 2828 Aloma NVichita, Kaus. Ricchettie, Warren F., M.D. Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Richard, Kenneth N., M.D. 45 XV. 0th St. Casper, YVyoming Richard, Robt. M., lllI.D., '61 Los Angeles County Hospital Los Angeles, California Richard, Warren E., M.D. Mary Lansing Mem. Hosp. Hastings, Nebraska Richardson, D. L., M.D., '47 SW Med. Surg. Clinic 405 S. Texas Ave. De Leon, Texas Richardson, J. F., M.D., '58 Baylor I'niv. Hosp. Dallas, Texas Richardson, S. M., M.D., '56 Los Angeles Co. Hosp. Los Angeles, Calif. Rickey, 0. L., Jr., M.D., '58 4605 North Stanley Oklahoma City, Okla. Ricks, James R., Jr., M.D., '38 2316 NVV 23 Oklahoma City, Okla. Ridgeway, Elmer, Jr., NLD., '40 3601 N. May Oklahoma City 12, Okla. Rieger, Joseph A., M.D., '32 303 East Hubert Norman, Oklahoma Rigual. J. R., M.D., '50 7501 VV. Fordson Oklahoma City, Okla. Riley, Lee H., Jr., H.D., '57 Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Md. Riley, R. H., BLD., '13 100 Beechwood Ave. Catonsville. Md. Ringrose, Robt. II., BLD., '63 L'. S. Naval Hospitals Oakland, Calif. Rinn, Covllle A., BLD., '57 Santa Rosa Hospital San Antonio, Tex. Rippy, 0. M., H.D., '39 1603 XVest Ninth Street Stillwater, Okla. Ritan, John L., H.D., '57 100 lltit-a Sq. Med. Ctr. Tulsa, Oklahoma Ritchey, Chas. L., Jr., '59 1544 H Street Hayward, California Robards, V. L., Jr., H.D., '61 Dept. of Urology Univ. Missouri Med. Ctr. Columbia, Missouri Robberson, H. E., H.D., '34 VVynnewood, Hospital VVynnewo0d, Okla. Roberson, Arvln C., K.D., '54 1000 London Dr. Anadarko, Okla. Roberts. C. R., H.D., '56 1101 E. Broadway Enid, Okla. Roberts, Kenneth N., BLD., '40 145 VV. Sth St. Casper, VVyoming Roberts, Marvin T., ULD., '54 9029 E. 14 Oakland, Calif. Roberts, Paul E., H.D. 1412 Oak Grove Fort VVorth, Texas Roberts, Robt. E., H.D., '26 1610 W. 9th Ave. Stillwater, Okla. ..,y-1 7 llllll X ll, 5 J-it M- 9 r, y Ill "lla fe f fl l ll lllll' l rl Ill l l Ml l llll Hllllfl X A - R ww X d l fflx xN pt T E an abundance of Natural Gas Oklahoma Natural Gas Companys integrated pipeline system is an important segment of the gas lndustry in the State of Oklahoma However, we cannot think of the gas lndustry without first recognizing the petroleum industry as the foun datlon of its whole structure l We prefer to believe that our operations are part of a united lndustry an industry possessing harmonious relationships among all its segments l Such a relationship among producers and pipelines does indeed enable our company to provide an abundance of natural gas, working to gether we complete a picture of economic stability that will maintain a growing market This, in essence, is the key to progress for all Oklahomans 6. r 'vial' . Qi ,.,A fy , ll xx H-"1 I 'Nl llll it f' llll ll OKLAHOMA NATURAL GAS COMPANY l ,fir-in , . 4 In , Ha iti -..L 4- 'AF ' ' . , ly ml: .- ,.l f 'K Liu: nrt. . - Lug' I .I ' ' lf . -if 'l-,f lp .....-- .T 1 'QW' 2' I dj ,.' ', ' M ' "l'lt,qg7 N jill t 3 . X -c yl! - -x ,Wy fi ,mylyl if' .f- W 1' ! .X vullli , 'JJ l 7 " 7 f ll , ' dull" , ' 'll fi "ll "" tll,ll:ft' ' IL," I' J, G A l Q ,Jn ,I I ' wx ' N l li 57, .J j "1 to l JE" EEUJMIn'y..,'nf' 'j,'f!'v 1 l X N X 5, l s, K 'fl ',,X 1. 'I N' , Ili Lv- tt law 'X ' I ml 1 X A 1 it 7' X 2 li. . l is ' 'f t 1 'Hit-' -ll l li ft- sw L -.Fi 1 f x f L il I Robertson, C. W., M.D., '28 Hoyt Bldg. Chandler, Okla. Robinson, C. W., M.D., '57 U. S. Naval Hospital Camp Lejune, North Carolina. Robinson, E. M., M.D., '43 1101 E. Broadway Enid, Okla. Robinson, F. P., M.D., '14 Pond Creek, Okla. Robinson, John I-I.. M.D., '25 301 N. XV. 12th Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Robinson. M. E. Wynnewood, Okla. Robinson. Roscoe R., M.D., '54 1006 Seneca Dr. Enid, Okla. Robison. C., Jr., M.D., '48 346 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Rocco, Albert F., M.D., '48 23 Maplecrest Dr. Greenville, R. 1. ,Rock, Bobby L., M.D., '58 l'. of Texas Med. Br. Hosp. Galveston, Texas , ROCkE'l51G, In. S., M.D., '43 VVailuka Sugar Co.. Box 1033 Wailuka Maui, Hawaii Rockwell, Don A., M.D., '63 San Frant-ist-o Hosp. San Franvisuo, Calif. Rockwood. C. A.. Jr., M D., '56 3827 Longridge Dr. San Antonio, Texas ,Rodriquez. M. J., M.D., '31 308 E. 4 Rio Grande City, Tex. Rogers, David G., M.D.. '62 204 Edgemt-re Courts Oklahoma City, Okla. Rogers, .Galen A.. M.D., '33 Rogers, Gloria D., M.D., '61 XVesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Rogers, K. A., Jr., M.D., '61 2100 N.VV. 551 tfirt-le Oklahoma City, Okla. Rogers, Wm. Gerald, M.D., '30 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Rohrer, Geo. V.. M.D., '58 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Rollins. J. G-., M.D., '50 1123 Broadway Prague, Okla. Rollins, James H., '44 Doctors Bldg., 21 llewis Tulsa, Okla. RDIIOW, J. A., III, M D., '43 117 lfg XVest Central Bentonville, Ark. Rorie, J. E., M.D., '45 Uollom Carney t'linit- 619 Main Texarkana, Tex. Rosales, G. 0.. M.D., '26 17 Panganiban St. Batangas, Philippine Islands Rose. David Dean. '59 2736 N.W. 66th Oklahoma City, Okla. Ross, George T., M.D., '35 1101 E. Broadway Enid, Okla. Ross, Hope A., M.D., '35 1102 1-I. Hclwy., P, O. Hox 327 Enid, Okla. Roth. H. W., M.D., '32 604 3rd Ave. Monte Vista, Colo. Rotihenberger, M. L.. M.D., '61 T48 Troy Court Aurora. t'olor:tdo Rowland, Robt. H., M.D. 600 N. Highland Ave. Sherman, Texas Roys, Harvey C., M.D., '43 U07 Med. Dental Bldg. Seattle, XVash. Roys, R. D., M.D., '39 1230 Medical Dental Bldg. Seattle, XVash. Royse, Robert D., M.D., '58 VVeatherford, Okla. Royster, R. L., M.D., '30 P. O. Box 469 Purcell, Okla. Rude, Joe C., M.D., '30 lirackenritlge Hosp. Austin, Texas Runser, Richard Henry, '59 245 Fort XYashington .X vt-. New York 32, N. Y. Rupp. Robert R., M.D., '56 214 E. Broadway Sand Springs, Okla. Russell, David S., M.D., '63 St. .lohns Hospital Tulsa. Okla. Russell, Richard Lee, '49 205 liast 63rd Kansas Pity, Missouri Rutherford, V. M., M.D., '32 328 E. Aeronca Midwest City, Okla. Rutledge, A. H., M.D., '44 P. O. Box 1719 Ft. VVorth, Tex. Rutledge, B. J., M.D., '48 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Ryan, H. Grady, M-D. Beck Bratlford Clinic Lindsay, Okla. Ryan, Warren A., M.D., '31 Box 4 Thomas, Okla Saddoris, M. L., M D., '27 Cleveland, Okla. Sadler, Paul E., M.D., '52 1313 N. 2 Phoenix, Ariz. Salamy, Joseph, M.D., '44 1606 S. Utira Tulsa, Okla. Salkeld, P. L., M.D., '41 404 Mercer Quanah, Tex. Sanders, Harold R.. M.D., '43 1516 W. S Stillwater, Okla. Sanders, Ron R., M.D., '41 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Sandlin, D. Clifford, M.D., '41 2434 Calaveras Fresno, Calif. Sandlin. R. E., M.D., '43 319 3rd St. Antioch, Calif. Sands, A. Jay, MD.. '46 316 South Midwest Blvd. Midwest City, Okla. Sanford, R. K., M.D., '41 1'erryton, Tex. Sanger, Fenton A., M D., '26 921 N.VV. 23rd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sanger, Welborn W., M.D., '31 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sapper, H. V. L., Jr.. M D., '44 430 N. VV. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Satteriield, J. B. L., M D., '54 112 NVest Elm XVivhita, Kansas Savage, Wm. L., M.D., '57 -102 Metlival Arts lllrlg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Saviers, Boyd M., M.D., '47 Holt Kroeh tflinit- 3621 S. Carthage Ft. Smith, Ark. Sawyer, W. C., Jr., M.D., '51 2000 Van Ness San Franvisco, Calif. Saylor, Chas. R., M.D., '63 Univ. ot' Texas Me-dival Iirant-h Hosp. Galveston, Texas Saylor, Robert M., '29 l'. S. Public Health Serv. Lawton, Okla. Scates, Julius L., M.D. 1004 N. Ulysses l'2l'l'l'iVV2lX Ulysses, Kansas Schaif, Hartzell, M.D., '42 300 Country Club Drive Holdenville, Okla. Schloesser, I-I. L., MD., '51 15101 Collins Topeka, Kaus. Schloesser, P., M.D., '49 1001 Collins Topeka, Kans. Schmidt, Helen H., M.D., '43 Route 2, Box 137 Oklahoma City, Okla. Schnoebelen, Rene, M.D., '40 807 4 Kinsley, Kans. Schultz, Norinan J.. M.D., '55 Box 332, 10th Field Hosp. APO S00 New York, N. Y. Schurter, L. L., M.D., '46 507 Alpine Rd. VVinston Salem, N. ti Scivally, K. R.. M.D., '62 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma. City, Okla. Scoggin, Eddie IB., M.D., '62 100 E. Florenve Blvd. Vasa Grantlv, Arizona Scott, Nathan E., M.D., '54 City of Hope Ituarte, t':tlifornia 900 7th St. Clarkston, WVash. l t Congratulations To Class of 1964 i 'From 5 banking 1 Baptist Memorial Hospital gs' . The National Bank and Trust Company 5800 N. W. Grand Blvd. Wl 6-64ll NE Comer Park Avenue OKLAHOMA CITY X ond Robinson -flly Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation . . .f '- 'ul 4, - , ' Q '- of Oklahoma City .mf . ,J '., t 'I f ffl, -27-1 ' .' ' x CE 6-2811 i ' :ig .I T. y 0 0 f .5-ti" 92 Scott, Richard D., M.D., 6713 East 27 Pl. Tulsa, Oklahoma '62 Seba., C. R., M.D., '38 1925 N. VV. 23rd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sebastian, J., M.D., '36 4 East Washington Lexington, Va. Sebring, Milton H., M.D., '40 2515 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Seelig, D. A., M.D., '53 102 S. Dewey Chandler, Okla. Sehested, H. C., M.D., '31 Co. El Neville, Rt. 1 Buffalo, Tex. Sehested, H. C. 815 Med. Arts Bldg. Ft. lVorth, Tex. Seibold, G. J., M.D., '34 1310 9th St. XVichita Falls, Tex. Selby, David M., M.D., '61 Dept. Surgery Vniversity Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Selders, Raymond E.. M.D. 1601 S. Shepherd Dr. Houston, Texas Self, Jane, M.D., '61 Dept. Med., Ant-ker Hosp. St. Paul 2, Minnesota Sellars, Joellen L., M.D., '59 1511 Auburn Dr. Colorado Springs, Colo. Senter, J. R., M.D., '52 4910 Interregional Austin, Tex. Sexton. Jack M., M.D., '55 Ray Hospital Ray, Arizona Shackelford, P. O., M.D., '44 Dovtors Bldg.. 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Shadid. Edward A., M.D. 1620 Norwood Pl. Oklahoma City, Okla. Shadicl, Ernest G., M.D., '55 101 Gibbs Dr. Norman, Okla. Shadid, Pred V., M.D., '40 1101 Hemstead l'lat-e Oklahoma City, Okla. Shane, Ramon A., M.D., '62 11105 N. XV. 56 Terrace Oklahoma Citv. Okla. Shanks, Edwin P., M.D., '46 1800 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Sharpe, J. H., M.D., '47 1229 Mesa Verde Farmington, N. Mex. Shaver, Robert P., M D., '61 700 Orion, Apt. K' Metaire, Louisiana Shaver, SY1VeSte1' R., M.D., '37 430 N. VV. 12 Oklahoma City, Ukla. Shaver, Robert P., M.D., '61 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma Pity, Oklahoma Shaw, Charles J.. M D., '61 1-fo Dye-us Clinim- Moore, Okla. Shaw, C. M., Jr., M.D., '45 1518 Tenth VVichita Falls, Tex. Shaw, D. B.. M-D., '26 Pueblo Clinic: Pueblo, Colo. Shearer, Joe M.. M.D., '42 4455 Harlan VVheatridge, Colo, Sheets, Marion E.. M.D., '28 310 S. 5th Enid, Okla. Sheehan, Ella E., M.D., '49 4717 VVillow Bellaire, Tex. Sheffel, D. J., M.D., '53 Kern Gen. Hosp. Bakersfield, Calif. Shellenberger, C. G., M.D., '45 2501 Cedar Ridge Rd. NVaco, Tex. Shryock, L. P., M.D., '40 1800 S. Van Buren Bldg. B 2 Enid, Okla. Shuller, Thurman, M.D. McAlester Clinic McAlester, Okla. Shujoe, Henry W., '49 Pioneer Bldg. shepherd, virgn J., M.D., 'sa Ch"""Sf0"f Fla- 320'i VVhit h ll t e a Dallas 29, Texas Shuttee, Robt. D.. M.D., '44 1800 S.. Van Buren she-n-od, Dale B.. mn., '61 Mud. Okla- llenver General Hosp. Sixth Ave. and Cherokee 1 Denver, Colorado Siddons, Ivan D., M.D., '57 S . 1 , l '. ts, . Iiranc-h, Galveston, Texas Shibley, George J., M.D., '57 S32 Green Ridge St. Scranton, Pa. Siebs. John Armin. M.D., '47 211 Pioneer Park Eugene, Ore. Shideler, A. M., M.D., '50 812 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Simcoe, Charles W., '59 Univ. of Pa. Hosp. 3400 Spruce Shields' Clarence' Min., .63 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Meroy Hospital Oklahoma l'ity, Oklahoma simmerigi-5'.g"s3,y'Q?'D" '55 Shields. n.n.. Jr., M-D., 'av Ok1"hf'mf' City' Okla- 1305 Broadway Tower Enid, Okhl. Simmons, Chas. E., M.D., '54 Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium smpp' Jesse O., NLD., ,33 Rock ville, Maryland Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Oman Simon, B111 J.. M.D.. '47 1218 E. Rainbow Dr. shippey. Wm. I... M.D., '27 Perry- Okla- GILLIAM PRESCRIPTION SHOP l Oklahoma City. Oklahoma "Free Delivery" Medical Arts - CE 2-6448 205 W. Commerce - CE 2-2519 , 6719 N. May Ave. - VI 3-5691 i "YOUR PHAnMAc1sTs" ethal Hill Lnix Texas Nled. Slight, John R., M.D., '61- 507 Rosedale Dr. Norman, Ukla. Singleton, Harry P., M D., '46 1220 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Skechan, Lt. Col. R. A., M.D., '49 Letterman Gen. Hosp. San Francisco, California Slagle, Gene Watts, M.D., '47 940 Margaret l'l. East Shreveport, La. Sledge, Claire, M.D., '48 Pathology Dept., St. Marys Hosp., Kankakee, illinois Smiley, Robert I-I., MD., '56 Dept. of Surgery S00 N.E. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla, Smith. A. B., M.D., '32 408 S. Main St. Box 469 Stillwater, Okla. Smith, Bradley E., M.D., '57 Dept. Anesthesiology, l'niv. Miami Hosp., Miami. Florida Smith. Byron P., M.D., '45 400 N.VV. 13th Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, Carl Roy, '59 Dept. of Ophthalmology Kansas City Gen. Hospital Kansas City, Mo. 612 s. 24th , Ft. Smith, Arkansas Simon' 11!iJcicyr5'5ilu.D" '43 Smlfgh' galil' 2-1 Jri-7?-gf. '53 . ou e , ox . Shirley, nawara T.. un., '34 C1"'f0'14 Okla- Oklahoma City, okm. li 'nnemmd' Okla' Simon. Ralph- U-D-. '44 Smith. car-mm E.. M.D., '34 Shore, nom. Lee. M.D., '49 .BOX 850 512 W. Division 916 Gore Blvd. Clmwn. Okla- Henryetta, Okla. Lalmon' OHM' simon. Robert n.. M-D.. 'sv Smith, Chas. n., Jr., mn.. '54 Short, Laurence C.. M.D., '51 5710 Teller St- 402 Medical Arts Bldg. Granite, Okla. Al'VFlflil. Cfflfl. Oklahoma City, Okla. sm-mer, rc.. r., Jr., m.n., '44 simon. wiuiam 1-r.. M.D., '54 Smith, David A., un., '62 3235 S. Main 1800 Van Buren l'. S, Naval Sch. Aviation Med. Hobart, Okla. Enid, Okla. Pensacola, Florida IE - 1 B .c-.-.,..n... I 0 1 . I , . . Prescription Shop, Inc. 4 I "WHERE PHARMACY IS l A PROFESSION" l T209 No. Walker l 2507 NW 23 St. l 525 NW II St. Congratulations Graduates 1 from IIIT No. Lee CE 9-2401 f wi 3-4405 Y CE 9-2409 CE 9-2405 Surgical supports, style and foundation garments, elastic hose, braces, HAL OWEN - PHOTOGRAPHERS l OKLAHOMA CITY CITY WIDE DELIVERY uniforms, etc., CE 9-2422 or CE 9-2405 DRIVE-IN WINDOW SERVICE 224 W. Main Phone CE 5-I733 C. J. IConniel Masierson, President I 93 Smith, Delbert G., M.D., '29 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, Earl E., Jr., M.D., '54 1323 E. 50 Tulsa, Okla. Smith, Edward E., '59 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, Francis E., M.D., '50 1006 Walnut, R. R. 1 Norman, Okla. Smith, Gene R., M.D., '57 Farmington, New Mexico Smith, Gladys C., M.D., '80 YA Regional Ofc., Second and Court Streets Muskogee, Okla. Smith, Haskell T., M.D., '34 1606 W, 9th Ave. Stillwater, Okla. Smith, Henry C., M.D., '45 1930 Ferris Lawton, Okla. Smith, Henry P., M.D., '61 l'. S. Public Health Serv. Atomic Energy t'omm. Germantown, Pennsylvania Smith, Jackson A., M.D., '61 Illinois State Psy. Inst. 1610 WV. Taylor St. Chicago 12, Ill. Smith, James R., M.D., '44 1607 Med. Arts Bldg. Ft. VVorth, Tex. Smith, Jaroud B., M.D., '38 9401 Granada Ave. Oakland 5, Calif. Smith, John Darrell, M.D., '51 P. O. Box 6 Satanta, Kans. Smith, Capt. John H., M.D., '56 2305 South 64 Street Fort Smith, Ark. Smith, John Irving, M.D., '61 St. Anthony Hospital Denver, Colorado Smith, John R., M.D., '37 Dept. of Psychiatry Univ. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, Morris W., M.D., '28 421 E. 13 Guymon, Okla. Smith, Newton C., M.D., '45 323 N. Summit Arkansas City, Kans. Smith, Paul P., M.D., '41 P. O. Box 126 Dos Palos, Calif. Smith, Paul G., M.D., '51 Meninger Foundation Topeka, Kansas Smith, Raymond O., M.D., '32 V. A. Hospital Fayetteville, Ark. Smith, R. Earle, M.D., '13 74 Iona Ave. N.W. Grand Rapids 2, Mich. Smith, Raymond 0., M.D., '63 Univ. of Texas, Medical Branch Hosp,, Galveston, Texas Smith, Robert M., MJIJZ '61 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, Rnpard G., M.D., '38 910 Ludval Rockford, Ill. Smith, Thomas J., M.D., '59 47 Glenmere Little Rock, Arkansas Smith, Virgil D., M.D., '34 1386 E. Cleveland Clearwater, Fla. Smith, Wendell L., M.D., '33 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Smith, Willard H., M.D., '40 1514 VVQ-st Cleveland Guthrie Oklahoma Smith Wm H., M.D., '47 4 East Choctaw Lindsay, Okla. Smith, Wm. O., Jr., M.D, '57 Kansas Univ. Med. Center Kansas City, Kans, Snxith, William 0, M.D., '25 327 Utica, Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Oklahoma Smith, Wm. Richard, M.D., '56 Dept. of Medicine 800 N.E. 13 Oklahoma City, Okla. Smithpeter, R. L., M.D., '63 Santa, Barbara Cottage Hospital Santa Barbara, 4'aliT. Sntithson, Carl B., M.D., '33 309 Eastman lildg. Boise, Idaho Smithson, John R., M.D., '55 Dewey, Okla. Sneed, Norma L., M.D. Hillcrest. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Snoddy, J. L., M.D., '49 254 Pasteur Bldg, 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Snoddy, Wm. T., M.D., '44 254 Pasteur Bldg. 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Snow, 0. E., M.D., '49 Box A Camarillo, Calif. Snyder, James H., M.D., '43 2413 N. VV. 38th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sockler, Capt. D. L., '56 2234 52nd St. Dallas 16, Texas STOUT CLINICAL LABORATORY FOR THE MEDICAL PROFESSION HUGH A. STOUT, M.D., M.S. lMed.l, F.A.C.P., F.A.S.C.P. Director Specializing in Tissue Pathology and Cytology PHONE CE 2-4866 504 OSLER BLDG. I20O N. WALKER OKLAHOMA CITY Soma., Yone, MD., '20 102 S. Rosillo St. San Antonio, Tex. Soutar, Richard G., M.D., '22 3300 Cutter Way Sacramento, Calif. Souter John Ellis M.D '19 izasxt W. otha. " Guthrie, Okla. Souda., Robert M., M.D. Parkland Memorial Hosp. Dallas, Tex. Southworth, J. L., M.D., '38 109 Blount Prof. Bldg. Knoxville 2, Tenn. Sowell, Harlan K., M.D., '43 620 N. NV. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla. Spann, Joe Louis, M.D. 214 Utica Sq. Med. Cen. Tulsa, Okla. Spann, Logan A., M.D., '34 203 Braniff Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Speakman, W. F., M.D., '45 2507 Amherst VVichita Falls, Tex. Speed, Col. Henry K., Jr., '59 3550th USAF Hospital Moody AFB, Ga. Speed, Henry R, III, '62 U. of Oklahoma Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Spence, Ray E., '46 Johnson Clinic Pauls Valley, Okla. Spence, Wayman R., M.D. CO Federal Coor. Inst. Lompoe, Calif. Spencer, Jack D., '54 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sprehe, Da.11.ie1vJ'., M.D., '57 2212 N.1X.l9 St. Oklahoma Pity, Oklahoma Springer, I-I. C., M.D., '31 630 N, 19th St. Bessemer, Ala. Stacey, N. R., Jr., M.D., '62 Larson AFR Moose Lake, VVashington Stafford, Jos. W., M.D., '54 Med. Arts Clinic Enid, Oklahoma Stafford, Wilma. C., M.D., '33 1753 VVQ-st t'on5.rress Vliicago, lll. Standifer, John J., M.D., '53 Kinprman, Arizona Standifer, 0. C., M.D., '24 X05 XVest Avenue East Elk City, Okla. Stamps, Phil, M.D., '63 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Stanley, Thos. M., M.D., '63 Vniv. Pennsylvania Hosp. Philadelphia, l'a. Stansberry, Cecil R., M.D., '57 Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Stark, Jodie A., M.D., '58 1375 Hemlock Fairlmrn, Ohio Starkey, Wayne A., M.D., '34 Box 150 Altus, Okla. Stauber, Robt. A., M.D., '56 Randolph AFR, Texas Steelman. G. M., M.D., '45 Box 157 Haskell, Okla. Steen, Carl T., M.D., '14 606 Morningside Dr. Norman, Okla. Steffen, I-I. Leland, M.D., '54 Med. Arts Clinic 427 E. Cherokee Enid, Okla. 9112... F FARM wn Kd 'Q I..- . -e1..ti Af.':.i-T? " 4. l ' I - s my 94 Stehr, Danny L., M.D., '62 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma. City, Okla. Stephenson, I. P., M.D., '29 515 College Alva, Okla. Stephenson, J. M., Jr., M.D., '57 5932 S. Front Street New Orleans 15, Louisiana Stephenson, P. L., M.D., '58 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Steward, Rodney D., M.D., '10 3333 NAV. 63 Oklahoma City, Okla. Stewart, Joe A., M.D., '49 104 South Union St. Summerville, Georgia Stewart, W. E., NLD., '12 2130 S. Center. Terre Haute, Ind. Stickle, Arthur W., M.D., '43 318 Northland Med. Bldg. St. Louis 10, Missouri Stillwell, R. J., M.D., '29 Amer. Natl. Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Stobaugh, Robert E., NLD. Bayshore Med. Center 1118 Bayshore Gardens Bardenton, Florida Stockton, Robt. L., NLD. 13919 Stardust Dallas 34, Tex. Stockton, Wm. Jas., NLD., '56 U. S. Army NValter Reed Hosp. Vlfashington, D. C. Stokes, Lowell L., '36 1321 S. Main. Tulsa, Okla. Stone, William T., M.D., '54 721 VV. VVashington Purcell, Okla. Stonecipher, H. K., M.D., '63 Methodist Hospital Dallas, Texas Storts, Richard Alvin, '59 6201 Post Oak Road Oklahoma City 5, Okla, Story, Thos. McNeil, '59 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Stough, Daniel P., M.D., '27 Main St. Geary, Okla. Stout, Harold, M.D., '60 YVaurika, Okla. Stout, Hugh A., M.D., '37 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Stover, R. M., M.D., '53 104 S. Cherokee Claremore, Okla. Stover, Wm. H. R., M.D., '45 VA Hospital Syracuse 10, New York Strahan, R. W., M.D., '63 Denver General Hosp. Denver, Colo. Strashun, Aileen P., M.D., '37 3302 Cloverdale St. Houston, Tex. Strange, Jimmy Ray, '59 4656 South Trenton Tulsa 5, Oklahoma Stream, Lawrence, M.D., '49 1411 Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Stream, M. A. M., NLD., '50 2236 N. NV. 43rd Oklahoma City, Okla. Strecker, Wm. E., M.D., '36 1104 N. Lee Oklahoma City 3, Okla.. Strickland, L. J., M.D., '61 Arkansas Baptist Hospital Little Rock, Arkansas Strickland, M. J. B., M.D., '45 Mayo Foundation Rochester, Minnesota. Strode, J. W., M.D., '44 Pfizer Laboratories 630 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn 6, N. Y. Strong, C. Riley, M.D., '43 203 S. McComb El Reno, Okla. Strong, Joe P., NLD., '46 2217 E. Madison Colorado Springs, Colo. Stroup, C. K., ILD., '26 2002 E. Court Flint, Mich. Stuard, Chas. G., Jr., BLD., '37 217 Utica Sq. Tulsa, Okla. Sturgeon, H. Violet, NLD., '33 Central State Hosp. Norman, Okla. Sturm, Robert T., M.D., '38 2850 N.W. 23rd Oklahoma City, Okla. Suddeth, Com. H. C., '42 Fort Douglas Salt Lake City, Utah Sukman, Robert, MJD. 1200 N. WValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Sullivan, C. B., M.D., '22 Carnegie, Okla. Sullivan, Dan T., M.D., '62 St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Sullivan, Robt. R., M.D. Carnegie, Okla. Sullivan, S. G., MJD., '35 419 Oak Lane Baltimore 2, Md. Sunquist, G. V., H.D., '45 811 Elizabeth St. Ft. Collins, Colo. Svoboda, Catherine A., MJD., '53 Taylor, IB. B., H.D., '52 Rt. 1 Norman, Okla. Swan, J. J., NLD., '39 Oklahoma Natl. Bank Bldg. Chickasha, Okla. Swanda, D. E., M.D., '48 VA Hosp., 921 N.E. 13th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Swanson, I-Iomer S., M.D., '36 384 Peachtree St, N. E. Atlanta, Ga.. Switzer, P. C., H.D., '36 McAlester Clinic McAlester, Okla. Swyden, Robt. G., M.D., '56 9920 Casanes Street Downey, California Sykes, Walter P., NLD., '49 3280 Fannin Beaumont, Tex. Tackett, Orville H., M.D., '39 U. S. Army Hospital Ft. Sill, Okla. Tallant, G. A., M.D., '36 Frederick, Okla. Talley, C. N., HAD., '23 Marlow, Okla. Talley, Evans E., M.D., '34 1800 S. Van Buren Enid, Okla. Talley, John E., M.D., '57 Langley Porter Clinic Univ. Calif. Med. Center San Francisco, Calif. Tate, Harry B., NLD., '63 USAF Hospital Andrews AFB, VVash. Tatlow, B. W., Jr., IILD., '45 3562 Moore Los Angeles 66, Calif. Tatom, John H., M.D., '58 1120 S. Troost Tulsa, Okla. 80 San Pedro St. lValnut Creek, Calif. Taylor, C. P., Jr., H.D., '47 1201 B East 5 Ada, Okla. Taylor, P. W., ILD., '43 1511 10th St. Wichita Falls, Tex. Taylor, James R., H.D., '62 706 N. E. 15 Oklahoma City, Okla. Taylor, H. W., Jr., H.D., '51 Cuba City, Wis. Taylor, John R., M.D., '34 9th at Bowman Kingfisher, Okla. Taylor, Larry R., BLD., '62 Butte County Hosp. Orville, California Taylor, Lewis C., MJD., '38 620 N. W. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla. Taylor, T. W., M.D., '53 915 S. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla. Tefertiller, C. L., M.D., '42 Henry Bldg. Altus, Okla. Templeer, Lowell N., K.D., '61 811 N.E. 67th Oklahoma City, Okla. Tenney, Richard Prank, '59 Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Md. Terrell, Marvin S., M.D., '42 Box 301 Buffalo, Okla. Theimer, L. N., Jr., H.D., '51 Med. Arts Bldg. VVichita Falls, Tex. Thiessen, Harold D., H.D., '61 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. im' K W 'H ' ' W' ' 3 l E l CE 5-i304 WI 6-33l6 CO. 0 S L E R A Home Institution 17 Conveniently Located Stores PRESCRIPTION SHOP ' We are proud of our 58 years of dependable 1 Manager service to the Medical Profession. lt has always 3 been our Policy to compound each prescription l PreSCripli01l3 ExCll.lSiUely W Exactly as Prescribed. I 1- lf in WESLEY HOSPITAL OKLAHOMA CITY 95 Thomas, D. B., M.D., '50 Children's Mem. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Thomas, E. C., M.D., '14 46 N. E. 5th Miami 32, Fla. Thomas, G. T., M.D., '48 4630 Way Cross Houston 35, Texas Thompson, B. D., M.D., '26 710 Chronicle Building Houston 2, Tex. Thompson, L. E., Jr., M.D., '52 1044 N. Sheridan Tulsa, Okla. Thompson, W. J., Jr., M.D. 3120 N.VV.10th Oklahoma City, Okla. Thompson, W. J., M.D., '29 3120 NAV. 19th Oklahoma City, Okla. Thompson, Willard, M.D., '44 535 N. Dearborn Chicago, lll. Thompson, Wm. B., M.D., '43 1111 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Thornton, L. P., M.D., '48 313 Security Bldg. Lawton, Okla. Thorp, Edward M., M.D., '42 601 E. Broadway Cushing, Okla. Threlkeld, L. D., M.D., '40 1220 N. XValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Throne, B. E., M.D., '50 1547 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Thurston, Thomas W., M.D. 1034 N. Flood Norman, Okla. Tichenor, E. L., M.D., '33 2508 Crest Drive Bakersfield, Calif. Tidwell, R. A., M.D., '37 733 Broadway Seattle 22, Wash. Tlsdal. J. H., M.D., '45 S14 Frisco Clinton, Okla. Tisdal, Wm. Chas., M.D., '33 709 Frisco Clinton, Okla. Todd, John B., '29 3875 Wilshire l'lace Los Angeles 5, Calif. Tolbert, Jack B., M D., '43 First Natl. Bldg. Mountain View, Okla. Tomlin, Clyde E., M.D., '45 4034 Pershing St. Albuquerque, N. Mex. Toma., Helen J., M.D. 048 Bellevue 1'l., Apt. 216 Jackson, Mississippi Townsend, John L., '59 2102 New Castle lid. Greensboro, N. C. Townsley, H. C., M.D., '62 Huey l'. Long Hosp. Pineville, Louisiana Tozer, Howard G., M.D. 728 Elmhurst Place Pueblo, Colorado Tracy, G. W., M.D., '38 1524 VV. Okmulgee Ave. Muskogee, Okla. Trammell. John R., '59 Shartel Med, Center 5101 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Trapp, I. B., M.D., '29 Box 447 Port Gibson, Miss. Traska, Henry C.. M.D., '43 430 N. VV. 12th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Traverse. C. A., M.D., '33 515 College Ave. Alva, Okla. Traweek, A. C., Jr., M.D., '30 Matador, Tex. Troop, Robert C., M.D., '55 1'harm. Dt-pt. University of Tennessee Memphis, Tenn. Trotter, Lanny F., M.D., '62 4800 Casper Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Trow, T. A., M.D.,'42 T11 N. Bullitt Holdenville, Okla. Tullius, Philip G., M.D., '42 1200 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Tupper, Walter R., M.D., '36 540 N. Central Ave. Glendale, Calif. Turnbow. Wm. R., M.D., '35 3015 E. 15th Tulsa, Okla. Turner, Edwin C., M.D. 14301 Ambaum Blvd. Seattle 66, VVash. Turner, James S., M.D., '63 l'niversity Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Tuttle, I-I. D., MD., '51 VVagoner, Okla. Tyler, John M.. M.D., '55 733 N. Park Shawnee, Okla. Underwood, David J., M.D. 201 Utica Sq. Tulsa, Okla. Ungerman, A. H., M.D., '34 000 Dr. lildg., 2021 S. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Ungerman. M. S.. M.D., '45 Doctors Bldg., 21 Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Vahlberg, E. R., M.D., '23 2447 E. Chevy Chase Glendale, Calif. Valder, D. C., M.D., '51 17 Sunset Drive, ltoute 4 Corvallis, Oregon Valderas, Silvino, M.D., '24 411 Arenas St. Sampaloc, Manilla, P. I. Vammen, A. N., M.D., '44 321 Utica Sq. Med. Center Tulsa, Okla. Van Buren, Wm. E., M.D., '61 School Aviation Med., NAS l'ensam'ola, Florida Van Deventer, L. R., M.D., '47 2006 Avondale 1Yichita Falls, Tex. Violett, T. W., M.D., '56 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Vogt, Milton W., M.D., '56 123 VV. 2nd St. Konawa, Okla. Vogt, Wm. L., M.D., '36 Mdr. No. 9 Penn Ave. Ext. Delaware, Ohio Wade, Donald F., M.D., '60 U. S. Army Hosp. Ft. Mc1'herson Atlanta, Ga. Wade, Glen F., M.D., '44 202 Pasteur Bldg. Vanlandinghani, H. W., M.D., '34 Oklahoma City, Okla. 1221 E. State St. Rockford, Ill. Vann, Paul N., M.D., '57 1310 Cherry Lawton, Okla. Vanvalkenburgh, G. M., M.D., '31 Front and Pine Sts. Georgetown, Del. Vaughn, T'hos. N., M.D., '57 1019 Milli-r Davis, t'alil'ornia Veatch, Everett P., M.D., '26 211 S. Main Pasadena, Tex. Veirs, Chas. R., M.D., '52 Box 668 Ferndale, VVash. Vesley, Don Ray. '59 Hargrove Clinic K Hospital Oakdale, La. Viers, Wayne A., MD., '56 650 N, Kirkwood Road Kirkwood 22, Missouri Vinson, Harold A., M.D., '35 4242 S. Oswego Tulsa 35, Okla. Vineyard, V. Lee. MD., '54 Pennington Hills Plaza Rartlesville, Okla. Wadsworth, R. M., M.D., '42 1445 South Zuaoker Tulsa, Okla. Wagner, John C., M.D., '19 Dept. of Geriatrics.. Western State Hospital Ft. Supply, Okla. Wagner, Taylor D., M.D., '63 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wagnon, Marlon C., M.D. 4405 S. E. 28 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Walls, Theodore G., M.D., '21 902 Med. Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Wainwright, T. L., M.D., '33 Med. and Surg. Clinic Mangum, Okla. Waldron. Wm. L.. M.D., '42 812 N.W. 10th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Walker, A. A., M.D., '24 Ligon Bldg. VVewoka, Okla. Walker, E. A., Jr., M.D., '43 301 N. W. 12th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. MID-WEST SURGICAL SUPPLY CO. 1954 500"ef Medic Covers by t of OKLAHOMA Medical 6. Surgical Supplies 6- Equipment i 0 S l Henry Byler Clint lenninqs 0 Harvey Vorse 0 Harold Twininq , Roland Albright E 1420 N. Robinson Oklahoma City K 1 Phone CE 6-4381 Chicago, Ill. Kingsport, Tenn. l l I Mt ,LMWL .... A Lf.. .1.1,--...-. AM . MELTON CO.. INC. l 45 YEARS nv OKLAHOMA I Your ABCO Dealer Medical Equipment and Hospital Supplies Tom Brennan Don Milburn Toe Snider City City South :S West lim Prcrtt Som Former North G East North ci. West Ml H. Esker W. E. Hughes l. B. Dixon Chemical cmd Laboratory South and East Oklahoma City, Okla. Equipment Over State 20 WEST MAIN P.O. Box 1145 PHONE CE 5-7481 96 Walker, J. D., M.D., '22 530 West 20 Houston 4, Tex. Walker, J. Robert, M.D., '43 620 N, YV. 9th Oklahoma City, Okla.. Walker, P. M., M.D., '22 501 2225 Bellefontaine Houston, Tex. Walker, R. H., M.D., '32 P. O. Box 1410 tXYllllltlllSOIl, NV. Va. Walker, Thos. A., M.D., '56 41X NVest Virginia Temple, Texas Wall, Henry L., M.D., '53 Med. Center, Suite A Artesia, N. Mex. Wall. L. A., MD., '51 4320 Wornall Rd. Kansas City 12, lilo. Wallace, Helen I., '50 3972 A. Old Pali Rd. Honolulu 15, Hawaii Walters, Philip G.. M.D., '57 1603 Oneida Denver 20, Colorado Wamack, Wm. S., M.D., '54 934 Callie Tahlequah, Okla. Ward, Delbert A. 8422 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa, Calif. Ward, John W., M.D.. '51 Parkland Memorial Hosp. Dallas, Texas Ward., John Wm., M.D., '56 Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, Ohio Warren, Darrell R... M D. Denver General Hosp. Denver, Colorado Warren, E. W., M.D., '38 2176 Lambert Dr. Pasadena, Calif. Waterbury, C. R., M.D., '45 Central State Hospital Norman, Okla. Waters, Floyd L., M.D., '34 105 E. Duke Hugo, Okla. Waters, P. C., MD., '44 307 S. 12th Ave, Yakima, XVash. Waters, W. A., M.D., '47 4026 E. 21st St. Tulsa 14, Okla. Watkins, W. L., M.D., '57 16155 B1'iarr'liI'I'e Ave. N. Atlanta ti, Georgia Watson, I. N., M.D., '35 E106 Fredericksburg San Antonio 5, Tex. Watson, C. Alton, M.D., '29 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Watson, P. T., M.D., '33 S09 S. Garfield Alliambra, Calif. Webb, Floyd E., Jr., M.D., '57 604 East 23rd Tishomingo, Okla. Webb, James A., M.D., '53 411 Community Bldg. Ponca City, Okla. Webb, Joan L., M.D., '59 Box 151 Norman, Okla. Weber, I'. W., M D., '51 722 S. Air Depot Midwest City, Okla. Weedn, H. J., M.D., '16 4831 Hardwick Lakewood, Calif. Weedn, Joseph D., M.D., '54 XVeedn Hospital Duncan, Okla. Weeks, Bertrand A., M.D. Col. U. S. Army Tripler Gen, Hosp. l'.O. Box 438 San Francisco, Calif. WM. H. ATKINSON Petroleum Geologist Weidner, Larry TJ., M.D., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Weigand, D. A., M.D., '63 St. Franc-is Hospital VVic-hita, Kansas Weisiger, Ross W., M.D., '30 4119 Montrose Blvd. Houston, Texas Welborn, 0. M., M.D., '46 Box 758 Ada, Okla. Wells, Eva Austin, M.D., '10 730 N.E. 19th St. Oklahoma City 5, Okla. Wenger, T. R., M.D., '49 3102 S. Harvard Tulsa, Okla. Werner, Dean F., MD. 2025 Swift North Kansas City, West, Kelly M., M.D., '43 l'niv, Hosp. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Missouri Westbrook, B. B., Jr., MD., '46 1812 Hillcrest Drive Bartlesville, Okla. Whalen, M. H., M.D., '62 -Xnvker Hosp. Dept. of Medic-ine St. Paul 2, Minnesota Wheaton, William, M.D., '50 T33 3rd St. McFarland, Calif. Wheeler, Homer C., M.D., '38 McAlester Clinic Bldg. McAlester, Okla. Wheeler, J. L., Jr., M.D., '52 Boise City, Okla. Wheeler, P. R., MD., '56 3001 N. Porter VVichita, Kans. Whitcomb, W. A., M D., '53 YA llospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Whinery, Kenneth E., M.D. 106 S. 4th St. Sayre, Okla. White, Arthur E., M.D., '32 4900 N. 37th Arlington 7, Va. White, Eric M., M.D., '36 411 Bled Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. White, James E., M.D., '54 2423 E. 57th Tulsa. Okla. White, J. H., M.D., '34 Weld Co. llealth Dept, Box 521 Greeley, Colo. White, John V., M.D.. '58 1001 Med. Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. White, L. M., M.D., '48 X05 Pershing' Dr. Lawton, Okla. White, Nelson P., M.D., '63 St. .lohns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. White, N. Stuart, '20 1001 Bled. Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. White, Ronald H., MD., '63 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Oklahoma White, Travis E., MD., '62 lf. of VVest Virginia Hosps. Morgantown, 'W. Va. White, Wayne P., M.D. X27 Hawthorne Terrace Manitowot-, VVisc-onsin Whiteneck, R. A., M.D., '43 1111 Hill Crest Dr. VVoodward, Okla. Whitener, Betty Lou, M.D., '59 1102 S, Osage Skiatook, Okla. Whitlock, Boyd 0., M.D., '62 N29 N. P135 St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Whitsett, Thos. L., M.D., '62 V. A. Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Whittlesey, W. A., M.D., '63 Santa Clara Hospital San Jose, Calif. Wickham, M. ML, M.D., '26 716 VV. Symmes Norman, Okla. Wienecke, Robt. M., M.D., '56 2520 N.VV. 56 St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wiggins, Il. L., M.D., '54 Hollis Clinic Hollis, Okla. Wiggins, Howell E., M.D., '36 2850 6th Ave. San Diego, Calif. Wilbanks, C. E., Jr., M.D., '50 727 N. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. Wildman, llltrs. Stanley, M.D., '26 316 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla.. Wildman, Stanley P., M.D., '24 1203 Tedford VVay Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilkerson, B. J., M.D., '30 1417 Memorial Prof. Bldg. Houston, Tex. Wilkerson, D. C., Jr., '59 lfniv. of Okla. Hosp. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wilkerson, John M., M.D. Cristobal, Canal Zone Wilkins, Clifton N., M.D., '35 Conroe, Texas Wilkins, I-Iarold D., '59 Univ. Missouri Med. Center Dept. of Radiology Columbia, Mo. Wilkins, Harry, M.D., '27 525 N. W.11th Oklahoma City 3, Okla. OKLAHOMA FARMERS UNION All Types Insurance at Lowest Cost 25Ul Liberty Btlfik Bldg. CE 2-8194 George Stone' President Oklahoma CNY Emil Kostl, Secretory l O. K. STAMP 6. SEAL CO. GEORGE CLAYMORE, owner . SEISMOGRAPH SERVICE CORP. 108 W. Sheridan CE 5-7853 l 6200 E. 41st s+fee+ Tulsa Oklghgmg City ' P. Q. BOX I59O Rl versicle 3-I38I LEO MAXWELL CO.. INC. 81 Co. l Wholesale Applicrnce Distributors Zenith - Fedders - Norge F' N ' . ' lrsl' atl Bldg Oklahoma City 530 S. Broadway CE 6-4351 , OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. 97 Willard, D. G., H.D., '29 Peters and Eufaula Norman. Okla., Wlllhote, David R., M.D., '63 Mound Park Hospital St. Petersburg, Fla. Williams, A. KcA., K.D., '21 116 N. Bell Shawnee, Okla. Williams, C. Harold, Jr., MJD. Box 278 Okeene, Okla. Williams, C. II., Sr., M.D., '40 Okeene, Okla. Williams, Guy H., H.D., '34 507 Salano Drive SE Aubuquerque, N. Mex. Williams, Jas. S., NLD., '58 24 Cedar Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio Williams, Jon T., HUD., '50 2740 Van Dorn Lincoln, Nebr. Williams, L. C., H.D., '20 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Williams, R. A., H.D., '38 20 North Tracy Bozeman, Mont. Williams, R. G., ll!.D., '53 1548 S. 75 E Ave. Tulsa, Okla. Williams, T. S., H.D., '38 210 Med. Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Williamson, Paul, K.D., '48 Box 3103 Bellaire, Texas Wilson, Charles R., '37 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilson, Douglas E., H.D., '47 1202 Arlington Ave. Lawton, Okla. Wilson, James W., M.D., '58 8616 North May Avenue Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilson, L. M., Jr., M.D., '58 430 S. VV. Avenue . lil Dorado, Ark. Wilson, R E., M.D., '50 4301 E. Eastman Denver, Colo. Wilson, R.. H., M.D., '40 V. A. Hospital Dallas, Tex. Winn, Donald A., MJD., '57 Rockland St. Hospital Orangeburg, N. Y. Winn, George L., NLD., '43 Pasteur Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Winnlngham, E. V., NLD. 1717 Winchester Dr. Ardmore, Okla. Winston, John R., M.D., '33 ATSF RY, 80 111. Jackson Chicago 4, Ill. Winterrlnger, J. R., BLD., '45 800 5th Ave. Ft. TVorth 4, Tex. Vlrinters, Richard L., BLD., '53 206 Orville Ave. Poteau, Okla. Wisdom, C. R., NLD. 100 E. Grand McAlester, Okla. Witcher, J. E., M.D., '43 112 N. Beverly Amarillo, Tex. Witt, R E., M.D., '41 Vet. Adm. Hospital Muskogee, Okla. Wltten, H. B., NLD., '36 Rt. 3, Box 239 Norman, Okla. Witter, Stanton L., NLD., '61 140 Orlando Drive Metano, Louisiana Congratulations Sooners POWEL BRTSCOE OIL PRODUCER Wolever, L. A., M.D., '50 128 E. VVood Drumright, Okla. Wolfe, Ted W., M.D., '61 464 Tactical Hosp. Pope AFB, North Carolina Wollf, Eugene G., M.D., '34 2412 E. 23rd St. Tulsa, Okla. Wolff, John Powers, M.D., '27 1220 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Womack, Capt. G. J., M.D., '52 VSA F MC, Camp Landa New Braunfels, Texas Wood, Dorothy A., NLD., '63 Jackson Memorial Hosp. Miami, Florida Woodruff, Bill E., M.D., '58 308 E, Jackson Hugo, Okla. Woods, F. M., M.D., '35 550 Brieknell Ave. Miami 32, Fla. Woods, Lewis E., MJD., '26 505 Petroleum Bldg. Chickasha, Okla. Woodson, Fred E., M.D., '31 1307 S. Main Tulsa 19, Okla. Woodson, Orville M., NLD., '33 Norman Clinic Norman, Okla. Woodward, N. W., Jr., BLD., '56 631 N. VV. 10 Oklahoma City, Okla. Wootan, Geo A., NLD., '63 Lakeland General Hosp. Lakeland, Florida Word, E. I'., MLD. 2184 W. Broadway Vancouver, B. C., Canada Word, H. L., M.D., '36 444 South liexintgon St. Paul 4, Minn. Workman, M R., NLD., '61 Hillcrest Medit-al Center Tulsa, Okla. Worley, James A., M.D. Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Worthen, T. L., M.D., '58 1201 Arlington Lawton, Okla. Wright, Phillip J., M.D., '61 918 VVillowade Road Morgantown, XYest Virginia Wright, W. T., M.D., '50 Jay, Okla. Wyand, H. H., NLD., '22 2221 E. 18 N. Cleveland 15, Ohio Wynn, N' F., NLD., '42 l', O. Box 429 Edmond, Okla. Wyrick, Richard, M.D., '49 Doctors Med. Bldg. 5700 NAV. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Yarbro, J. L., NLD., '48 120 Northgate Plaza Seattle, NN'z1shington Yates, Donald L., M.D., '58 S02 College VVhe:tton, lllinois Yates, Loren R., MJD., '57 llalletsville, Tex. Yeakel, E. L., Jr., NLD., '43 442 YV. Duell Azuza, Calif. Yeakel, S V., NLD., '51 2131 XV. Sunset Dr. Stillwater, Okla. Yeakley, Robert A, M.D. St. Johns Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Yeary, Edwin C., M.D., '39 1215 E. Hartford Ponca City, Okla. Yeary, G. H., BLD., '29 Newkirk, Okla. Young, IB. 0., M.D., '47 Sycamore Ave, Box 695 Olive View, Calif. Young, Clarence C., l!l!.D., '63 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Young, C. Jack, M.D., '47 Dr. Med. Bldg., 5700 N.W. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, Okla. Young, E. W., Jr., IILD., '47 618 Skyline Dr. El Reno, Okla. Young, Larry L., M.D., '63 Maricopa Gen. Hospital Phoenix, Arizona Young, llllillington, '44 Riverside Cl, 8445 E. JE Detroit 14, Mich. Youngblood, B. J., M.D., '54 1802 VV. WVall Midland, Texas Zeigler, Joel, M.D., '34 417 Mitchell St. Box 389 Clovis, N. Mex. Zelgler, Paul, M.D. Box 730 Petaluma, Calif. Zimmerman, lt. D., M.D., '55 934 Crestline VVichita, Kansas Zumwalt, Gerald C., NLD., 116 VV. Federal Shawnee, Okla. Zumwalt, R. B., H.D., '33 108 E. Washington Tecumseh, Okla. A PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY 4301 N. Scmtct Fe 1916 First Nc:1t'l Bldg. - Okla. City - CE 6-4531 Oklorhorncx CitY- Oklahoma 1 HoLL1s RUSSELL BOQKSELLER Books for Discrimincxtinq Readers M 426 N. W. 10th okiqhomq city Phone CE 2-8159 FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK 8. TRUST CO. IPARK Avenue s. smnvfv - oxunomi cm - CE 2.8811 - Mmm rmc , ,t 0 FOUR SCOVIL 6. SUBLETT. TNC. CONVENIENT Building Specialties Lf' . ' c T1,A,g'wfc'2C2'..d. LOCATIONS v - L ' wc -3: IN 160 N.E. 26th IA 8 6365 One Location in TULSA OKLAHOMA CITY Qklqhomg City PQ BOX 715 98 '56 A Ardie Oil 8: Cas Co. . Atkinson, Will. H. . B llaptist Hospital .... Hone and joint Hospital . . Briscoe, Powel . . . . . Brownls College Corner C Conniels Prescription Shops Coyne-Campbell Sanitarium Adverti ing Index Hubbard Hospital .... Hunter Funeral Home . K Kingsport Press . . L Liberty National Hank Oklahoma City . . M Maxwell, Leo, Co., lnc. . Medical Hook Exchange . Melton Co., Inc. . . . . E Merkel X-Ray ...... El Charrilo Restaurants . . . 98 Mill C01lf1Ill?1li SUf12ElCHl SUPI7lY Midwest Surgical Supply . . F N Morgan, Porter, Jr. . . Fidelity National Bank cJkn1.m.,a city . . . 98 0 Oklahoma Farmers Union . G Oklahoma Cas 8: Electric Co. . Oklahoma Natural Cas . . . C'll" P' i ' Sl . . will Q ICT npimn mp 93 Oklahoma Medical Research C-ilt Eclge I'arms .... . 94 , Foundation ..... Oklahoma State Medical I I Association .... Hillcrest Medical Center . . 77 OK Stamp 8: Seal Co. . BEN V. HUNTER FUNERAL HOME 2427 S. Harvey ME 4-3309 Co. Osler Prescription Shop . Owen, Hal, Photographer P Pittsburgh Plate Class Co. R Russell, Hollis, Bookseller S Scovil 8: Sublett, Inc. . Seismograph Service Corp. . . Smith, Kline 8: French Lal BOIHIOIAICS Southwestern Engraving Co. . Springer Clinic .... St. John's Hospital . . Steelman Construction Co. . Stout Clinical Laboratory T Townelyls Dairy . V Veazey Drug Co. . . W VVesley Hospital . . BROWN'S College Corner 1 9 Home of l Golden Dew CEEETINCS FROM Dam' Pfoduds STEELMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. SHOPPERS' CHOICE! OKLAHOMA CITY Oklahoma City - CE 2-4261 Norman - IE 6-0266 Shawnee - BR 3-7978 E1 Reno - AN 2-1229 MEDICAL BOOK EXCHANGE PORTER MORGAN- IR- Credit Adjustment CO. 732 Culbertson Drive ' 3012 N. Walker JA 8-4426 lAcksOn 5-1076 Oklahoma City K, , IIIIIII . .,III.IIIIIIIII I. .Viv .,.-.,,W VV , , MN .II . , BI., . .-.IIII IIIIIIIMNI MII....... IMII' , My-'fffw-Any. 1 - , --.. . . ,- -- . --.1 V - . A , AN - . X9 . . - .. ,V ,, -. , - .V fr -V M V . . has-.. . - -V V V . , .. -:- . V.,. . , .....,,u- V VV! V . V VWWQWAV- fa' VV ."wVV' fsisiiffbv-Xi. . V., V. - .-. VV V . d, in Q ,,V , 'W YV VV mu IIIIIII. 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