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'+ S E fe l A 3 F .4 5 5 5 G 1 X 5 r I i I 1 fs A Y' X 5 , iff S lllfllllllll 5CHUUl As an integral and distinctive portion of the University of Okla- homa, the Medical School offers to the people of our State and Nation the advantages of better medical service as afforded by mod- ern medical education. Each year, a new class of Doctors of Medi- cine emerges: men and women, diligently trained in their art and prepared to return unselfish service, in part, for the knowledge, trust and encouragement offered them by this, their school. The responsi- bility assumed by the University in maintaining a Medical School to train these men is indeed great, but despite the vastness of the re- sponsibility and the endlessness of the task, a finger of pride can be pointed to a job well done, for here are found the highest standards maintained for medical education coexistent with Well-laid plans for further advancement and achievement in the future. lt is not supposed that the time will ever come, when no human, being will die of any other cause than old age: the Wearing out of the human machine. But what is anticipated and sought by men of Medicine and Medical Education is a gradual removal and avoid- ance of the causes of disease, a diminution of human suffering, and a ber of premature and unnecessary deaths. There can be no object to aiming at abstract perfection, and to continuing efforts at ref mation until it is attained. It is toward this end that the Medica School of the University of Okla- homa is striving and shall conti e to strive until that ultimate pin- nacle of success has been reac d, and the fame of her halls of learning is spread far and wide. QA, Km HON. ROY TURNER, Governor of Qklahoma General Chairman of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation "That more may live longer" """'!1 First Row, left to right: M. A. Nash, Oklahoma City, lohn H. Kane, Bartlesvilleg W. D. Little, Ada: Dial Currin, Shawnee: Guy H. Iames, Oklahoma City. Second Row: Wharton Mathies, Clayton: Clee O. Doggett, Cherokee: Frank Buttram, Oklahoma City, Iohn Rogers, Tulsa: Guy Harris, Ardmore. "1 1 x it a',u .'u 1 , ' I . . w -1 l Y ' 3 in ' v I s Q 1 E v I S-135 we im I ISSDKK stil let Coordinating all higher education in Oklahoma is the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education with offices in the Capitol building, Oklahoma City. This board was created by constitution amendment for the purpose of coordinating the work of state institutions of Higher Education. The amendment, known as Article XIII-A of the Oklahoma Constitution, provided the necessary ma- chinery to set up a coordinated system of higher education. Without vitalizing legislation, however, this action of the people was useless. So the same year the Regents were authorized, the Eighteenth Oklahoma Legislature enacted necessary laws. These were approved by the Governor on May ll, 1941, just two months after the amendment was adopted at the polls. As was intended, the State Regents have estab- lished standards of admission and graduation of stu- dents, recommended budget allocations to the State Legislature, eliminated unnecessary duplication in upper division program of state schools, made trans- fers of property from one institution to another, and in general increased the efficiency of higher educa- tion in Oklahoma. The Board's two main functions, however, have turned out to be the allocation of funds appropriated by the Legislature, and the adjustment of curriculum problems. llilllill l1llEi!lll'll!?l. l In fulfilling the former duty, the Regents in 1947 gave the University of Oklahoma its largest alloca- tion of funds in history. This was also the largest amount ever assigned to any college or university in the state. Each of the schools in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education has its own controlling board to supervise the local administration. These local boards coordinate their activities through the state organi- zation. Coupled with administration of educational insti- tutions is the control of certain auxiliary divisions whose programs are not strictly teaching or directly educational in nature, but instead are services to local citizens, business and industry. Two of these organ- izations, the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the University Hospitals in Oklahoma City, have been attached to O. U. for administrative purposes. The State Board is composed of nine members whose nine-year terms are so arranged that one Regent retires each year. Appointments are made by the Governor and approved by the Senate. Besides working as coordinators, the Regents have also become the state's accrediting organization, In order to gain national recognition in this field, they have adopted standards equal if not superior to any in the country. The men who exercise final administrative control over all matters concerning the University of Okla- homa are the members of the Board of Regents. These are the men who hire presidents, fix salaries and in general see that the University is properly run. These are the men who in 1947 have received bids and let contracts for one of the largest building pro- grams in the history of O. U. These are the men who decided that students could take an unscheduled holiday only if the foot- ball or basketball team won a Big Six or national crown. The Board of Regents was established in 1890, and until December of 1907 consisted of the Gov- ernor, ex officio, and five members appointed by him. In 1907, however, the first State Legislature acted and increased the number of members to nine. That arrangement lasted until 1911 when control of the University was placed in the hands of the State Board of Education. In 1919, the Legislature reversed its stand and re- turned University government to the Board of Re- gents. At that time, membership was cut to seven, and all were appointed by the Governor. lt wasn't until Iuly 11, 19414, by constitutional amendment, that the Board of Regents became a con- stitutional organization. Today, there is a seven-man Board, appointed by the Governor and approved by the State Senate. The term of one Regent expires each year, ln addition to the University proper, the Board of Regents is the controlling organization for the Uni- versity of Oklahoma Geological Survey in Norman, the University School of Medicine, the University School of Nursing and the University and Crippled Childrens Hospitals in Oklahoma City. Officers of the Board for the year 1947-48 are Lloyd Noble, President: Erl Deacon, ViceHPresident, and Emil R. Kraettli, Secretary. First Row, left to right: T. R. Benedum, Norman: Lloyd Noble, Ardmore, Erl Deacon, Tulsa, Don Emery, Bartlesville. Second Row: Ioe McBride, Anadarkog Ned Shepler, Lawton: Dr. Oscar White, Oklahoma City. llflllllllll CUIHHIIS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES MEDICS AT PLAY POT POURRI MEDICS RELAX MEDICS AT WORK ACHIEVEMENTS FRATERNITIES In an effort to honor where honor is due, it seems a justifiable deed to dedicate the following volume to the young physician. To dedicate is to honor, and to honor by inscription is to bring to the fore, that which is worthy of praise. The young man entering the practice of medicine is seldom recognized universally for his merit until a point has been reached in the later years of his life, when encouragement is no longer the factor that it once was. The young physician of our nation today serves in a capacity seldom filled by men of other professions. He is the light of new progress. and the promise of future service, a foundation upon which a better medical world is being built. He has nobly chosen to sacrifice self upon the altar of service, and to do that which is within his power to minister unto the sick, whose trust becomes his charge. He has chosen to ac- cept responsibilities, great for any man, and to pursue to completion every task of his profession which is set before him. To those within his sphere of influence, he must attempt to be an inspiration and in no way violate the strict code of ethics and moral obligations set before him by the wise physicians who have gone before him. He cannot demand, nor expect, the devotion afforded the older physi- cian, but he is constantly striving to attain those attributes of tolerance, owledge, pride, loyalty, courtesy, bravery and reverence, with older physician commands respect. Envisaged with a great future, t ready to accept bitter disappointments equally with suc- cesses, plies his task diligently from day to day. Thus is, to these men of medicine, who are earnestly striving to apply th principles and to uphold the ideals of their profession, that we fondly dicate this volume. PUBLICATIONS 37511 ? III gzlgffgilarfzw HIID WEE H1127 11 I6 MP5 M111 BX Illf f I is 11 il1i55f1Q11,l11l1?1'i1111CZ11 1111 111111 111611 111113611111 1511 5111 1fq1111lQ 1712111 111111 III!! 111111111115 in 561111 11111 5116511111111 lllillb 111111, 11110 .,...U...,,,.,x,,.- ., NW. ,WX XXX 111111111 llflllf 11 1211115 11 P L 12 1101111110115 , , 1111111117111 1111111 Ig ' D D 11 111611111 II ll UI 111111 kvva J g B I iv ' 2 c sf? 3 at ,ii l , N if , ig Q11 V xy wif WWE? - ---- , 1 fa Jie 1? 4 fe , iii W i vip Si WWE,-if af? Q W fb f:Qws,!Q5'Xey 5 xv' ':13,f3r1f 'ei jae 7!,fLiuemiLLg of OAZLLAUM61, 3400! of Wecbcine M hhW A kzn i l Q ff f , ,aw neicxlffsx' "The practice of medicine is an art, not a tradeg a calling, not a businessg a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head."-Sir William Osler W N 'bv' 5 A bxwgvw w s ff flwkfnfk N V, U -is M an 'Y ' V i Q . 1' Y W W px . - , mf' ff - My E q,,. N . Q' In Q .LQ - w P K I A 5' , Ks Fig Nant Y ' l ' im V W ,h., , Q. .V X .K , I Q af- . " YIM. ' 'Y' x Y f f fr, , 5 '31, 4, . up 1 4-wa, 'wa I fi f . if me 7' 9? 1 ' .. .I , ,Y ki ,, ' Tiff 2 gen if W. K 1 rx. ,m f" " A X: .,,, fu ' Y 2, A M' if 'W' E' 'r ei N, A ff a s NM We .- Uv. A ' Myavewawi..:,"W,2,',fF,f":fj?T"'fj'wgMg:1f"' PM ix KN . S A , ffm ,WM -wen: M QSM 5 5 i ADMINISTRATION DR. MARK R. EVERETT Dean of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine Superintendent of The University Hospitals Left to Right: Dr. Homer F. Marsh, Associate Dean of Students in the School of Medicine, Dr. Henry H. Turner, Associate Dean of Faculty: Dr. Arthur A. Hellbaum, Associate Dean of the Graduate College, School of Medicine, This year saw the advent of a new executive sys- tem in the administration of the University of Okla- homa, School of Medicine. A new Dean and Board of Associate Deans was chosen from the Faculty and installed in their respective offices in order to main- tain a closer relationship between the students, fac- ulty and school. Dr. Mark R. Everett was made Dean of the School of Medicine and Superintendent of the Hospitals. Dr. Everett is a graduate of Harvard University and is at the present time Professor and Chairman of the Biochemistry Department. Dr. Homer F. Marsh was chosen as the Associate Dean of Students. He is a graduate of the Indiana State Teachers' College, Purdue University and Dhio State University. He serves also as the Asso- ciate Professor of Bacteriology. Dr. Arthur A. Hellbaum is the new Associate Dean of the Graduate College. He is a graduate of St. Olaf College, Minnesota, the University of Wis- consin and received his M. D. degree from the Uni- versity of Chicago. He is at present the Professor and Chairman of the Pharmacology Department. Dr. Henry H. Turner was chosen as the Associate Dean of the Faculty. He is a graduate of the Uni- versity of Louisville School of Medicine and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and Surgeons. He also serves as an Associate Professor of Medicine. Dr. Everett works with an intricate bit of mechanics. DR, P,AuL DARDEN Assistant Professor Pharmacology V gnu: NDR , ft 2, DR. GARMAN H. DARON Professor Anatomy DR. MARK R. EVERETT Professor Biochemistry DR. ARTHUR A. HELLBAUBI Professor , Pharmacology NMR 'H widow-ff Miss IEANNE GREEN Instructor Pathology .tw A DR. HOWARD C, I-loPPs Professor Pathology is im. ' , f--'...,,- ,. . :a'b?Hz,.. - 1-2. I . - Wiz' . i t we ' Aft f ll.. DR. ALICE M. BRUES Assistant Professor Anatomy wi' A' Hfffni-:- ff wax . DR. CHARLES DEGARIS Professor Anatomy DR. IOHN F. HACKLER Professor Preventive Med. 5 Public Health DR. ZOLA K. COOPER Assistant Professor Histology Louis E. DIAMOND Instructor Biochemistry DR, BELA HALPERT Professor Clinical Pathology v gh . L 5? 5 IX" I DR. FLORENE KELLY DR, ALTON C, KURTZ Assistant Professor Associafe Profegsor Bacteriology Biochemistry fs.. f WS: V sf?" 1 R 5 A li A ,nv-5 ' i '3 .:'-' ! IK A ,X I DR, ERNEST LACHMANN DR. HOMER F. MARSH DR. EDWARD C. MASON DR, RICHY MILLER Professor AS-90CiHfe Pf0f9550l' pf0f0550f Resident Instructor Anatomy B3Cf9Yi0l0QY PhYSi0l09Y Pathology l ' DR. HIRAM D. MooR DR- HAROLD MUCHMORE DR. KENNETH M. RICHTER DR. ALFRED I. RUBENSTEIN Professor Rcsldcflf Iflsffllffol' Associate Professor Graduate Assistant Bacteriology PhaI'maC0109Y Histology and Embryology Anatomy DR. HAROLD A. SHOEMAKER DR. PAUL W. SMITH DR. ALLAN I. STANLEY DR. ARDELL N. TAYLOR Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Pharmacology Pharmacology Physiology Physiology DR. IOSEPH M. THURINGER DR. Louis A. TURLEY Professor Professor Emeritus Histology and Embryology Pathology Dr. Lachmann shows Dr. Brues around the joint. DR. ROBERT D. ANSPAUGH DR. IAMES B. ESKRIOGE, IR. DR. M. P. PROSSER Instructor Professor Associate Professor Obstetrics Obstetrics Psychiatry and Neurology The FACULTY Vs 35 3 3 Q 5 1 DR. FORREST LINGENFELTER DR. D. H. OYDONOGHUE DR. F. REDDING HOOD Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Medicine DR. C. M. POUNDERS DR. IOHN F. BURTON DR. ROBERT H. BAYLEY Professor Professor Professor Pediatrics Surgery Medicine 1 DR. C. E. CLYMER DR. L. I. STARRY DR. HENRY H. TURNER Professor Professor Associate Professor Surgery Surgery Medicine The FACULTY L , . in , DR. P. E. Russo DR. GRIDER PENICK DR. R. Q. GOODWIN Instructor Professor Professor R21di010QY Gynecology Medicine z HS, DR. PHILLIP M. MCNEILL DR. BEN H. NICHOLSON DR. WANN LANGSTON Professor Associate Professor Professor Medicine Pediatrics Medicine DR. CARL L. BRuNDAGE DR. IOHN E. HEATLEY DR. CHARLES M. O'LEARY Associate Professor.. Professor Instructor Dermatology and Syphilology Diagnostic Radiology Surgery The FAC LTY A K' DR. JOHN M. PARRISH, IR. DR. BERT F. KELTZ DR. ALFRED H. BuNoARDT Assistant Professor Associate Professor.. Professor Obstetrics Medicine Military Science and Tactics DR. C, H. HALL DR. HARRY WILKINS DR. IOSEPH W. Kuso Professor Professor Associate Professor.. Pediatrics Neuro-Surgery Gynecology DR. C. I. FISHMAN Professor Medicine DR. WILLIAM E. EASTLAND DR. CHARLES P. BONDURANT Professor Professor Radiology Dermatology and Syphilology The FACULTY DR. ROBERT C. LOWE DR. GEORGE H. GARRISON DR, W, F, KELLER Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Medicine Pediatrics Clinical Pathology DR. BASIL A. HAYES Professor Urology K DR. E. R. Musicx Associate Professor Medicine DR. T. G. WAILS Professor Otorhinolaryngology f' . ANATOMY Dr. Ernest Lachmann, Prof. Dr . Charles DeGaris, Prof. Dr. Garman H. Daron, Prof. gr. Alice M. Brues, Asst. Prof. a lph E. Chase, Instructor Dr. Alfred I. Rubenstein, Grad. Asst. BACTERIOLOGY Dr. Hiram D. Moor, Prof. Dr. Homer F. Marsh, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Florene Kelly, Asst. Prof. BIOCHEMISTRY Dr. Mark R. Everett, Prof. Dr. Alton C. Kurtz, Assoc. Prof. Mi ss Fay Sheppard, Instructor Louis E. Diamond, Instructor HISTOLOGY AND EMBRYOLOGY Dr. Ioseph M. Thuringer, Prof. Dr. Ioseph B. Goldsmith, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kenneth M. Richter, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zola K. Cooper, Asst. Prof. PATHOLOGY Dr. Howard C. Hopps, Prof. Dr. Louis A. Turley, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Bela Halpert, Prof. Dr Mi . Wilbur F. Keeler, Assoc. Prof. ss Wilma I. Green, Instructor Dr. Charles D. Tool, Instructor PI-IARMACOLOGY Dr. Arthur A. Hellbaum, Prof. Dr. Harold A. Shoemaker, Prof. Dr. Paul W. Smith, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Paul Darden, Asst. Prof. PHYSIOLOGY Dr. Edward C. Mason, Prof. Dr. Allan I. Stanley, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ardell N. Taylor, Asst. Prof. Dr Dr Dr PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND PUBLIC HEALTH . Iohn F. Hackler, Prof. . Donald B. McMullen, Assoc. Prof. . Grady F. Mathews, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Walter H. Miles, Asst. Prof. Dr. Iohn W. Shackelford, Asst. Prof. He nry I. Darcey, Instructor Dr. Ardell B. Colyar, Instructor Maxine Turner, Instructor ANESTHESIOLOGY Dr. Hubert F. Doudna, Prof. Dr. Louis L. Wells, Instructor Dr. Grace C. Hassler, Instructor Dr. Geor e S. Meshlin Instructor Dr Dr Q Q1 . Lewis C. Taylor, Instructor . Cecil W. Lemon, Instructor Dr. Perry I. Cunningham, Instructor DENTAL SURGERY Dr. Francis I. Reichmann, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ward L. Shaffer, Instructor Dr. Frank P. Bertram, Clin. Asst. ohn M Robertson Clin Asst. Dr. I . , ' . lsr. Marion Flesher, Clin. Asst. r. ' t. Drescher, Clin. Ass Dr. Iames R. Miller, Clin. Asst. DE Dr. Charles P. Bondurant, Prof. Dr. Carl L. Brundage, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Everett S. Lain, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Onis G. Hazel, Asst. Prof. Dr. Iohn H. Lamb, Asst. Prof. Dr. Hervey Foerster, Instructor Dr. Alton Abshier, Instructor Dr. Phyllis E. Iones, Clin. Asst. GYNECOLOGY Dr. Grider Penick, Prof. Dr. Ioseph W. Kelso, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iohn F. Kuhn, Asst. Prof. Dr. William G. Rogers, Asst. Prof. Dr. LeRoy H. Sadler, Asst. Prof. Dr. Henry G. Bennett, Instructor MEDICINE Dr. -Wann Langston, Prof. Dr. Robert H. Bayley, Prof. Dr. George A. Lamotte, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Leander Riely, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ioseph T. Martin, Prof. Dr. C. Fishman, Prof. Dr. Phillip M. McNeill, Prof. RMATOLOGY AND SYPHILOLOGY The F CULTY Dr. R. Q. Goodwin, Prof. Dr. Iohn M. Alford, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ray M. Balyeat, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Walter A. Lybrand, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Henry H. Turner, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iohn W. Morledge, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bert F. Keltz, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elmer R. Musick, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norphleete Eley, Asst. Prof. Dr. David D. Paulus, Asst. Prof. Dr. Frederick R. Hood, Asst. Prof. Dr. Iames F. Moorman, Asst. Prof. Dr. William W. Rucks, Asst. Prof. Dr. Herman Fagin, Asst. Prof. Dr. George M. Barry, Asst. Prof. Dr. Harry A. Daniels, Asst. Prof. Dr. Bert E. Mulvery, Asst. Prof. Dr. Minard F. Iacobs, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ralph A. Smith, Asst. Prof. Dr. Milam F. McKinney, Asst. Prof. Dr. Robert C. Lowe, Asst. Prof. Dr. Clarence E. Bates, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ephraim Goldfain, Asst. Prof. Dr. Vern H. Musick, Asst. Prof. Dr. Louis I-I. Charney, Asst. Prof. Dr. Thompson H. Avey, Ir., Asst. Prof. Dr. Nesbitt L. Miller, Instructor Dr. Richard M. Burke, Instructor Dr. William K. Ishmael, Instructor Dr. William T. Bynum, Instructor Dr. Allen G. Gibbs, Instructor Dr. Mary V. Sheppard, Instructor Dr. Vernon D. Cushing, Instructor Dr. Earl R. Denney, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Frederic Dorwart, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Douglas N. Gordan, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Walter A. Howard, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Tracey H. McCarley, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Russell C. Pigford, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Carl Puckett, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Iames W. Finch, Visiting Lecturer Dr. I. B. Mory, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Ioe H. Coley, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Iames R. Huggins, Clin. Asst. Dr. William C. McClure, Clin. Asst. Dr. Newman S. Mathews, Clin. Asst. Dr. Rudolph I. Reichert, Clin. Asst. Dr. Marvin B. Glisman, Clin. Asst. Dr. Alberta W. Dudley, Clin. Asst. Dr. Rheba-Huff Edwards, Clin. Asst. Dr. Elmer I. Ridqeway, Clin. Asst. Dr. Edward E. Shircliff, Clin. Asst. Dr. Edward H. Dersch, Clin. Asst. Dr. Lucile S. Blachly, Clin. Asst. Dr. Paul B. Rice, Clin. Asst. Dr. William H. Atkins, Clin. Asst. Dr. Iohnny A. Blue, Clin. Asst. Dr. Iames R. Ricks, Ir., Clin. Asst. Dr. Maude M. Masterson, Clin. Asst. Dr. Wiley T. McCollum, Clin. Asst. Dr. Stearley P. Harrison, Clin. Asst. Dr. Robert C. Lawson, Clin. Asst. OBSTETRICS Dr. Edward P. Allen, Prof. Dr. Walter W. Wells, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Iames B. Eskridge, Ir., Prof. Dr. Iames G. Binkley, Ir., Prof. Emeritus Dr. Edward M. Smith, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Milton Serwer, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Brunel D. Faris, Asst. Prof. Dr. George T. Allen, Asst. Prof. Dr. Iohn M. Parrish, Ir., Asst. Prof. Dr. Delbert Smith, Asst. Prof. Dr. Henry Harris, Instructor Dr. Richard C. Mills, Instructor Dr. Robert D. Anspaugh, Instructor Dr. Harry L. Deupree, Instructor Dr. Iohn W. Records, Instructor Dr. Thomas C. Points, Instructor OPHTHALMOLOGY Dr. Iames P. McGee, Prof. Dr. Leslie M. Westfall, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Leo F. Cailey, Assocf Prof. Dr. Iames I. Caviness, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Edmund Ferguson, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iames R. Reed, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fay M. Cooper, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tullow O. Coston, Asst. Prof. Dr. Iames P. Luton, Asst. Prof. Dr. Harvey O. Randel, Asst. Prof. Dr. Robert K. Trent, Instructor Dr. Welborn VV. Sanger, Clin. Asst. Dr. Charles A. Royer, Clin. Asst. Dr. Coye W. McClure, Clin. Asst. Dr. E. Norris Robertson, Clin. Asst. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Dr. Willis K. West, Prof. Dr. Earl D. McBride, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Don H. O'Donoghue, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charles Rountree, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Robert L. Noell, Asst. Prof. Dr. Howard B. Shorbe, Asst. Prof. Dr. Lawrence S. Sell, Asst. Prof. Dr. Delbert A. Ward, Asst. Prof. Dr. Elias Margo, Clin. Asst. OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY Dr. Theodore G. Wails, Prof. Dr. Ioseph C. Macdonald, Prof. Dr. Lawrence C. McHenry, Assoc. Prof. Dr. William L. Bonham, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lee K. Emenhiser, Asst. Prof. Dr. William M. Mussil, Asst. Prof. Dr. Harry C. Ford, Asst. Prof. Dr. O. Alton Watson, Asst. Prof. Dr. Byron W. Aycock, Instructor Dr. Sylvester Shaver, Instructor Dr. Roy L. Neel, Clin. Asst. Dr. Robert Loughmiller, Clin. Asst. PEDIATRICS Dr. Clark H. Hall, Prof. Dr. William M. Taylor, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Carrol M. Pounders, Prof. Dr. Iames B. Snow, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ben H. Nicholson, Assoc. Prof. Dr. George H. Garrison, Asst. Prof. Dr. Henry B. Strenge, Asst. Prof. Dr. Harold I. Binder, Instructor Dr. Bertha M. Levy, Instructor Dr. Harold W. Buchner, Clin. Asst. Dr. Charles M. Bielstein, Clin. Asst. PSYCHIATRY AND NEUROLOGY Dr. Charles R. Rayburn, Prof. Dr. D. W. Griffin, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Charles A. Smith, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ioseph Rieger, Instructor Dr. H. W. Hackler, Clin. Asst. Dr. George W. Winkelman, Clin. Asst. Dr. H. B. Witten, Clin. Asst. RADIOLOGY Dr. Iohn E. Heatley, Prof. Dr. William E. Eastland, Prof. Dr. Peter E. Russo, Instructor Dr. Iohn R. Danstrom, Clin. Asst. SURGERY Dr. Cyril E. Clymer, Prof. Dr. Robert M. Howard, Prof. Emeritus Dr. Leo I. Starry, Prof. Dr. Raymond L. Murdoch, Prof. Dr. Harry Wilkins, Prof. Dr. Iohn F. Burton, Prof. Dr. Forrest Lingenfelter, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iohn H. Robinson, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leroy D. Long, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oscar R. White, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iohn P. Wolff, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gregory E. Stanbro, Asst. Prof. Dr. Iess D. Herrmann, Asst. Prof. Dr. George H. Kimball, Asst. Prof. Dr. Austin H. Bell, Asst. Prof. Dr. Clifford Fulton, Asst. Prof. Dr. Patrick S. Nagle, Instructor Dr. Fenton A. Sanger, Instructor Dr. Charles M. O'Leary, Instructor Dr. Ioseph F. Messenbaugh, Instructor Dr. Everett Neff, Instructor Dr. Tom L. Wainwright, Instructor Dr. Neil W. Woodward, Instructor Dr. Robert B. Howard, Instructor Dr. Ralph O. Clark, Instructor Dr. Iohn M. Campbell, Instructor Dr. Paul M. Vickers, Instructor Dr. Iack P. Birge, Instructor Dr. N. F. Barkett, Instructor Dr. Robert T. Sturm, Clin. Asst. Dr. Charles N. Wilson, Clin. Asst. Dr. Samuel N. Stone, Clin. Asst. Dr. Ioe M. Parker, Clin. Asst. Dr. Iohn M. Cunningham, Clin. Asst. Dr. Wendell L. Smith, Clin. Asst. Dr. Ellis E. Fair, Clin. Asst. Dr. William P. Fite, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Arthur S. Risser, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Henry C. Weber, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Ray Lindsay, Visiting Lecturer Below: ln the beginning there was created a Freshman. sw J A .. Above: "And then there was light and the dawn of a new day. f Qi A Senior is born. kk, Below: Student Council. Front row, left to right: Bill Click, President: F. H. McGregor, Richard Bakken, Dr. Howard C. Hopps, Faculty Advisor. Second row: Sam Capehart, Charles Martin, Thomas Hodges, Frank Clark. Back row: Frank Gatchell, Ralph Ownby, Secretary-Treasurerg Chesley Erwin, Philip Morgan, and Bob Mayfield. ? E v l P , l ,Kai L. 1 We L..-.. : ' .Q M X it me W' fl ,tr IB F Q, 51 3 Senior Class Officers, left to right: Charles Martin, Student Council representative: Kelly West, Vice-President: Sam Capehart, President: Iohn Delarnette. Social Chairman: Robert Cvarst. Secretary-Treasurerg Frank Gatchell, Student Council representative. THE SENIOR CLASS i wi ,,.: ei- Above: Groves obtains that precious pint. Somewhat grayer about the temples and with a new furrow in his brow, the Senior student returns to his work with the gratifying assurance deep down in his heart that this year cannot be too long and that it will be a not-too-broken man who wanders down the aisle to receive that covetedidiploma, Pa- tients and more patients . . . But much to his de- light he is beginning to see in each and every one of them, the challenge which first interested him in med- icine. He finds increased comfort in the knowledge that some day the years he has spent in preparation will be inconsequential when compare to the satis- faction he will receive from serving, He passes from clinic to clinic, and clerkship to clerkship, He dis- covers the thrill of the birth of a new being. The training which he has received in the past is now elaborated upon and slowly but certainly he assumes a bit of polish, medically speaking. One bright morn- Seniors Engles, Robinson, Schmidt and Payne nostalgicly revisit old haunts in the little yellow building. ing he is absorbed in the intricate mechanics of sur- gery and that same afternoon he is engrossed in the facts surrounding a particular medical problem. At long last, people at home begin to sit and take notice when he speaks and he is now more confident of his presence. Thrill after thrill is experienced and his love for his profession has assumed boundless limits. With a sigh of relief he approaches graduation day, Who knows the gratification and inexplicable emotion found in the heart of each candidate for the degree of Doctor of Medicine? With convictions and ambitions firm, chin high, and heart light, he passes to take his place in the world of medicine. Many pleasant memories are tenderly tucked away, always to be kept in readiness to draw upon when occasions shall call for a bit of nostalgia and retro- spect for "School Days". Below: Dr. "Kildare" Neely at play. M 'Wwe f WM, , ff , ,ffwfswi it is i i .J 1 Above: Dr. 'AKildare" Neely at work BARKER BICKEORD BIDA BOLENE COLLINS, S. CROOM DEIARNETTE DICKINSON BOND BOYLE CAPEHART COLLINS, I. DRAKE ENDRES ENGLES FOSTER FIRST ROW A ' MARCUS S. BARKER, Henryetta, Univ. of Okla., WBII, Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, Oregon, COLON U. BICKEORD, Okla. City, Okla. Univ., WX, Iohn Sealey Hospital, Galveston, Texas: IOHN F. BIDA, Ft. Worth, Texas, Univ. of Texas School of Medicine, St. Ioseph's Hospi- tal, Fort Worth, Texas: ROBERT V. BOLENE, Enid, Northwestern Univ., WX, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan: EUGENE C. BOND, Nor- man, Univ. Of Okla., WB H, St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City: IAMES S. BOYLE, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Louisiana Polytech., QBH, Kansas City General Hospital, Kansas City, Mo.: SAMUEL A. CAPEHART, Oklahoma City, Northeastern Okla. State College, W X, University Hos- pitals, Okla. City: JOE COLLINS, Vinita, Northeastern State Teachers College, W X, Edward Meyer Memorial Hospital, Buffalo, N. Y. SECOND ROW GLENN S. COLLINS, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ., fI1BII, Queen of Angels Hospi- tal, Los Angeles, Calif.: WILLIAM S. CROOM, Enid, Phillips Univ., WX, Indiana Univ. Medical Center, Indianapolis, JOHN F. DEIARNETTE, Ponca City, Univ. of Okla., WBII, St. Anthony Hospital, Okla. City: WYLIE P. DICKINSON, Ardmore, Univ. of Okla., WBH, St. Anthony Hospital, Okla. Cityg DALE W. DRAKE, Glenpool, Northeastern State College, WX, St. IOhn's Hospital, Tulsa: ROBERT K. ENDRES, Tulsa, Wisconsin Univ., Cornell Univ., WX, St. Francis Hospital, La Crosse, WIS.: LEROY L. ENGLES, Durant, Southeastern State College, Louisiana Pol tech, WX, Scott and White Clinic, Temple, Texas: C. F. FOSTER, IR., Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., Stanford Univ., WX, St. Anthony Hospital, Okla. City. FIRST ROW RONALD I. GARST, Muskogee, Univ. of Okla., WX, Wesley Hospital, Okla. City, FRANK G. GATCHELL, Guthrie, Univ. of Okla., Stanford Univ., WBII, Indiana Univ. Medical Center, Indianapolis, IED E. GOLDBERG, Tulsa, Iohns Hopkins Univ., Harvard Univ., Univ. of Okla., WBH, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Ill.: H. EUGENE GROVES, Carney, Univ. of Okla., WBII, Indianapolis City Hospital, Indianapolis, Ind.: CALDEEN GUNTER, Nowata, Univ. of Arkansas, WBII, University Hospital, Okla. City., WILLIAM T. GYLES, Haileyville, Univ. of Okla., W B H, U. S. Navy, Great Lakes, Ill. The enior SECOND ROW HOLLIS E. HAMPTON, Durant, Univ. of Okla., Southeastern State College, W X, Methodist Hos- pital, Indianapolis, Ind., ROBERT W. HEAD, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Yale Univ., WX, Uni- ' versity Hospital, Okla. City, BILLY G. HENLEY, Mountain View, Tulane Univ., W X, St. Lukes Hospital, Chicago, Ill.: ROBERT E. HERNDON, Seminole, Texas Univ., WX, St. Luke's Hospital, St. Louis, Mo., HARRY HIGHTOWER, Okla. City, Okla. AGM, Univ. of Okla., Letterman Gen- eral Hospital, San Francisco, Calif.: JAMES C. HODGE, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., WX, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan. GARST GATCHELL GOLDBERG GROVES GLINTER GYLES HAMPTON HEAD HENLEY HERNDON HIGHTOWER I-IODGE "Ten minutes, Morgan!" ' HOWARD IACOB KELLY Lockwooo MARGO MARTIN MCCANN IVICLAUGHLIN MORGAN NEELY NICHOLAS NORTHRUP OGG OLSON O'SHEA PARKHURST FIRST ROW THOMAS D. HOWARD, Norman, Univ. of Okla., Washington Univ., 'if B II, University Hosp., Okla. City: IOHN B. IACOB, Stillwater, Univ. of Okla., QBII, U. S. Navy, Great Lakes, Ill.: KEITH H. KELLY, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., Colorado General, Denver, Colo.: G. WILLIAM LOCKWOOD, Tulsa, Univ. of Chicago, Okla. AGM, Denver General Hos- pital, Denver, Colo.: MARVIN K. MARGO, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., fi' B IT, Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis: CHARLES E. MARTIN, Stillwater, Okla. AGM, TX, University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison, Wis.: WILLIAM E. MCCANN, Salina, Kansas, St. Benedicts College, Southeast- ern Missouri State Teachers College, 41311, St. IOhn'S Hospital, Tulsa: ROBERT A. MCLALIGHLIN, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., Univ. of Chi- cago, fPX, St. Anthony Hospital, Okla. City. SECOND ROW Lou MORGAN, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Wichita and St. Ioseph's, Wichita, Kansas: SAM E. NEELY, Muskogee, Univ. of Okla., GPX, Kansas City General Hospital, Kansas City, Mo.: HUGH B. NICHOLAS, Musko- gee, Okla. City Univ., Hillcrest Memorial Hospital, Tulsa: ROBERT A. Sealy Hospital, Galveston, Texas: FORREST W. OLSON, Sioux Falls, S. Dak., Gustavus Adolphus College, KPX, U. S. Navy, Great Lakes, Chi- cago: JAMES G. O'SHE.A, Salina, Kans., Southeastern Mo, State Teachers College, 'P BLU, Wichita Hospital, Wichita, Kaus.: YALE E. PARKHURST, NORTHRUP, Tulsa, Univ. of Okla., 'PBIL St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, Okla. City, Northeastern Mo. State Teachers College, 4'X, Wichita Ill.: KENNETH G. OGG, Tonkawa, Univ. of Okla., Stanford U., 41 X, Iohn Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. FIRST ROW RALPH E. PAYNE, Edmond, Central State College, Wesley Hospital, Okla. City: KENNETH L. PEACHER, El Reno, West Virginia Univ., 41 B II, Ietferson and Hillman, Birmingham, Ala.: GWENDOLYNE PECK, Stroud, Okla. AGM, Okla. City Univ., AEI, Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, Ind.: KENNETH RAIZEN, Duncan, Univ. of Okla., Mt. Sinai, Chicago, Ill.: WALTER P. REEVES, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Univ. of Indiana Med. Center, Indianapolis, Ind.: CLARENCE ROBISON, Shawnee, Univ. of Okla., Stanford Univ., 'PX, Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, Oregon: ALBERT F. Rocco, Providence, R. I., Rhode Island College of Pharmacy, Washington Univ., 45 B H, Roger Williams General Hospital, Providence, R. I.: DAYTON M. ROSE, Midwest City, Okla. AGM, Univ. of Chicago, 'PB-H, University Hospitals, Okla. City: BOB I. RIJTLEDGE, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., fb B H, K. C. General Hospital, Kansas City, Mo. SECOND ROW HELLEN H. SCHMIDT, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., AEI, University Hospital Okla City' CLAIRE B. SLEDGE, Ada, Univ. of Okla., AEI, Okla. City: DEAN F. WERNER, Kansas City, Mo., Westminster College, 'PX, Denver General Hospital, Denver, Colo.: KELLY M. WEST, Okla. Wesley Hospital, Okla. City: IOE L. SPANN, Tulsa. Univ. of Okla., TX, City, Univ. of Texas, fb B II, St. Luke's Hosp., Chicago, Ill.: LoRANcE St. Luke'S Hospital, Chicago, Ill.: DAVID E. SWANDA, Carnegie, Univ. of M. WHITE, Grandtleld, Univ. of Okla., ABU. U. S. Army Brooks Gen- Okla., Washington Univ., 'PB H, Wesley Hospital, Okla. City: LOWELL eral Hospital, San Antonio, Texas: IESSE L. YARBRO, Okla. City, Tulsa F. THORNTON, Shawnee, UI1iv. of Chicago, TX, University Hospital, Univ., WX, Providence Hospital, Seattle, Wash. PAYNE PEACHER PECK RAIZEN REEVES ROBISON Rocco ROSE RLITLEDGE SCHMIDT SLEDGE SPANN SWANDA THORNTON WERNER WEST WHITE YARBO Q.. . 'Q A, + 5' Ai ' w i . 4 , r 6 .gy W i ni C wi? i -wi . A J, f s cl f I E tsl, . 4 W Iunior Class Officers: First row, left to riqht: Millicent Marrs, Secretary-Treasurerg Richard Bakken, President: Ralph Nlurphy, Vice-President. Bark row: Bill Click, Student Council representative, Ralph Ownby, Student Council representative. Not pictured: Ted Wenger, Social Chairmang and Douglas Holman, Secretary-Treasurer, per absentia. THE JUNl0R CLASS Clinger is convinced that Duz marks the end of a busy day. And then one bright September morn, that great day so long awaited, arrives and the eager student returns to the halls of learning with resplendent smiles, dons white coat and crosses the street to the hospital and to that about which he has dreamed for so long. Will he be called Doctor, or Medical Stu- dent Doe? Must he be strictly professional in his attitude toward the young nurse? But wait, these problems become minor ones when he is met by the cryptographic schedule which has been set before him. With much chagrin he finds that the A, B, C's learned so long ago are of little avail in the tortuous combinations that he is now expected to decipher. OPD, OB, GYN, UA, CBC, LMP, EDC, EKG, and UGH. With a dutiful resident clutching him by the hand, the formerly eager one is led away to the slaughter on the altar of science in the Out-Patient Dept. "Well, no mam, l'm not exactly a doctor, that is, er-r-r, I mean, I'm supposed to be, or that is I ex- pect to be, No, I can't exactly remove your appen- Above: Eager Iuniors thirst for knowledge but Holman looks for Esquire dix here, but if you'll just wait a moment, I'll find someone who will do it for you." The wearied sub- iect turns and breathes a sigh of relief, realizing that his first contact with the real live patient is over. "What? I have three Orthopedic patients. Al- ready?" As he unfolds the endless instruction sheet and class schedule, the fabled student finds, much to his consternation, that he was not supposed to be in OPD at all and that he has missed three lectures, two demonstrations and a case presentation. Oh, alas and alack. After becoming thoroughly accli- mated and familiar with his Service, the maimed stu- dent finds that it is time to change Services and some- what the same procedure as before is encountered. Two changes of Services later and five hundred and sixty lectures later, he slows down long enough to find that May has come and that he is on the thresh- old of the last installment, the Senior Year. Whoop- ee! Patient: "The Veterans' Hospital was never like this!" BAKKEN BROWN, B. BROYVN, D. CARSON CHAMBERS CLICK CLINGER COE CRAIG CURTESS DUNN EAGER FULLER FUNNELL GAMBILL HAKE ' FIRST ROW RICHARD L. BAKKEN. Menomonie, Wis.. Baylor Univ.. RX: BENJAMIN CLICK, Durant, Southwestern Louisiana Stare, IPX, IOHN CLINGER, H. BROWN. Muskogee. Okla. ASM, 'i'X: DAVID R. BROWN, Fox, Univ. Springfield, Mo., Denison Univ., fDX: WILLIAM COE, Okla. City, Okla. of Okla., 'IPB II: HAROLD B. CARSON, Univ. of Georgia School of Medi- City, Okla. City Univ., Stanford Univ., fIJB II, . cine: IEAN CHAMBERS, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., AEI: WILLIAM C. SECOND ROW , Y NANCY CRAIG, Norman, Univ. of Okla., AEI: ROSS L. CURTESS, IR., dan Univ., Univ, of Okla., 1I1BIIg S, W, FUNNELL, Seymour, Iowa, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Okla. City Univ-. QBH2 IOHN S. DUNN, Univ. of Louisville, QX: ALICE GAMBILL, Pawhuska, Univ. of Okla., Tulsa, Texas Christian Univ., Univ. of Okla., IPX: ELLA EAGER, Still- AEI: IOE HAKE, Okla. City, Wyoming Univ., Nebraska Univ., fi' X. water, Okla. AGM, AEI: HARLAN G. FULLER, Okla. City, Texas Chris- llze Junior H What's up, Doc? FIRST ROW HOMER D. HARDY, IR., Tulsa, Univ. of Okla., dv B II: ELLA HASEMEIER, Stillwater, Okla. ASM, AEI: MELVIN HICKS, Buffalo, Northwestern State College: LILLIAM HOKE, Lebanon, Mo., Mon- mouth College, Illinois, AEI: DOUGLAS C. HOLMAN, Pasadena, Calif., Univ. of Okla., lil X. SECOND ROW AARON M. IOSEPHSON, Boston, Mass., Univ. of Nebraska, 'iv X: RANDALL M. KERSTEN, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., 'PBIL HAROLD KORNER, New York City, N. Y., Brooklyn and Utah State Colleges, University of California: EDNA M. LANE, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., AEI: LAWRENCE LAWTON, St. Louis, Mo., Univ. of Okla., Louisiana State Univ., fl'X. HARDY HASEMEIER HICKS HOKE HOLMAN IOSEPHSON KERSTEN KORNER LANE LAVVTON r I LOY MARDER MARRS MCGEARY - MERSHON MEYER MORRIS MOSS MURPHEY MURPHY OESTERREICHER OWNBY PAUL RAY REITER REYNOLDS FIRST ROW ROBERT W. LOY, Guthrie, Univ. of Okla., 'PBIL LEON MARDER, Brook- Okla. AGM: REITA R. MEYER, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ., AEI, IESSIE LEE lvn. N. Y., Stanford Univ.. WX: MILLICENT MARRS, Norman, Univ. of MORRIS, Wetumka, Univ. of Arkansas, AEI, C. BASIL Moss, Lubbock, Okla., AEI: WILLIAM C. MCGEARY, IR., Madison, Ga., Univ of Geor- Texas, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, IPX, gia School of Medicine: HELEN RUTH MERSHON, Mayhill, N. Mex., SECOND ROW GEORGE MURPHEY, Okla. City, Univ. of Oklahoma, KPBII, RALPH W. PAUL, Wilburton, Univ. of Okla., Okla. City Univ., 'PBIL ROBERT H. MURPHY, Glendive. Mont., Univ. Of Calif.. 4' X: DONALD L. OESTER- RAY, Exeter, N. H., Univ. of Okla., GPX, ARTHUR W. REITER, St. Louis, REICHER, Quitman, Ga., Univ. of Georgia, School of Medicine, RALPH MO., Stanford Univ., lit X, WM, REYNQLDS, Okla. City, IIIBII. OWNBY, IR., Durant, Univ. of Okla., Texas Christian Univ., 4PXg PRESSE FIRST ROW IVAN E. RHODES, Gage, Arkansas AEQM, 41 Xp RICHARD RUSSELL, Pitcher, df B IIg HENRY W. SHUPE, Kissemee, Fla., Emory Univ., Ga.: RAYMOND St. Louis Univ., GX, PATRICIA SCHLOESSER, Okla. City, Okla. AGM, A. SKEEHAN, IR., Tulsa, Univ. of Okla., GPX, OTIS SNOW, Okla. City, Univ. of Wisconsin, AEI: ROBERT L. SHORE, Lawton, Univ. of Texas, Okla. City Univ., QJBII. SECOND ROW IOE A. STEWART, Fountain Inn, S. Car., Stanford Univ., LAWRENCE nole, Arkansas ASM, Tulane Univ., 'P X: SEALS L. WHITELY, IR., Cedar- STREAM, Kansas City, Kansas, Baylor Univ., GPX: WALTER P. SYKES, town, Ga., Univ. of Georgia School of Medicine: E. V. WINNINGHAM, Baldwin Park, Calif., Univ. of Texas, fI1B II, THEODORE WENGER, Semi- Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., QB II. RHODES RUSSELL SCHLOESSER SHORE SHUPE SKEEHAN SNOW STEWART STREAM SYKES WENGER WHITELY WINNINGHAM WYRICK Sophomore Class Officers: Left to right: Iohn Rollins, Secretary-Treasurer: F. H. McGregor, Student Council representative: Thomas Hodges, Student Council representative: Bob Mayfield, President: loseph Lindsay, Vice-President and Social Chairman. THE 0PH0lVl0RE CLASS It might as well be Spring! Here it isg the Sophomore year. Anything will be a pushover after that first one. How can we go wrong? Chanting the praises of Iordan and Burrows in unison we find the fledgling second year class eagerly planting unmentionable bugs on agar and wondering why contaminants always seem to grow more rapidly and more profusely than do the in- tended cultures. After consulting his favorite optom- etrist, the determined Soph squares his now bent shoulders and prepares to face the microscope in Pathology. Much to his surprise he finds that the "architectural pattern has been markedly altered" and things are no longer what they seem. With prospects of unannounced examinations always pres- ent, the nervous Sophomore no longer feels free to take the little woman to the neighborhood theater for an evening. Divorce is impending and the people at home are eager to know when he will return to the fair city to cure all the ills of the hometown populace. The architecture of the tissue is markedly altered . . . too Cl-Y--n much to suit me. Then it happens. He is instructed to purchase steth- oscope, percussion hammer, ophthalmoscope and re- port for action. A dawn of a new day. This is it. clinical medicine. This was worth waiting for, for now he is to see a real live patient. But just a mo- ment! It is imperative that the proper methods of Physical Diagnosis be mastered before such luxuries as real live patients can be lavished. So after thor- oughly examining every other member of the class, he marches to his new assignment, the unknown. What fun! If the folks could only see him now. It is a struggle but after many weary hours the long awaited "history and physical" is complete and re- ported. After overworking certain glands in the skin over the Basic Science examination and completing the exciting second semester, our proud Sophomore is proud to exclaim that today he is a Iunior. The hard work is over and the rest of the course is down- hill, lze thinks. Vlonfort, Iudd, Thompson and Irhig . . . ils etudent dans la bibliotheque. 'iff A Q Wi l 59355229 r 4 Q if 11 Qt 2 tt A Q 0 Uqwwk QM .1 Mamma: If iiggwmm .awww 3T??f111i Q ,. Q- . 2f1.Q r 5 s i l 3 i s S K 1 5 l Everybody wants to get in the act. .... ' E351-. 'i" A ALLEN ASKINS ATTEBERRY AUSTIN BARBER BERRY BLASCHKE BOWERS BOYD BUEEINGTON BRYAN BUNCH CALDWELL CAMERON CRAVENS CUNNINGHAM DAKIL DURHAM FARRIS FEIGLEY GASTINEAU GATHERS GENTRY GLAZE FIRST ROW EDWARD P. ALLEN, Okla. City, Univ. of Colo., Univ. of Okla., Okla. George Washington Univ., Okla. AGM, SPENCER E. BERRY, Okmulgee. City' Univ-I 'PBH3 IOHN R- ASKIN5, ll?-I Okla- CNY, Central State, Univ. Okmulgee Ir. College, Univ. of Okla., Univ. of Chicago: JOHN A. of Okla.: ALTON F. ATTEBERRY, Poteau. Bethany College, Univ. of BLASCHKE, Norman, Sr. Louis Univ., Iowa Stare, Univ. of Okla.g Okla., QB Hg GEORGE N, AUSTIN, Okla, City, 4fBHg FORREST C. BAR- ROBERT C. BOWERS, Bartlesville, Bartlesville Ir. College, Phillips Univ. BER, Bartlesville, Bartlesville Ir. College, Northeastern Teachers College, SECOND ROW WELL, Okla. City, York College, Nebraska, Trinity Univ., Texas: ALAN WAYNE BOYD, Fairland, Oklahoma AGM, Univ. of Okla., Yale Univ., Univ. of Penn., TX: GORDON W. BUFFINGTON, Pryor, Univ. of Okla.: RICHARD S. BRYAN, McAlester, Okla. ASM, Univ. of Okla., 1iPB1'Ig ALLEN H. BUNCH, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., Southem Methodist Univ., Central State, Okla. City Ir. College, CPBII, AVALO V. CALD- S. CAMERON, IR., Wagoner, Okla. City Univ., Univ. of Okla., North- eastern State Teachers College: CLEM CRAVENS, Tulsa, Northeastern State Teachers College, Tulsa Univ., Okla. AGM: IOHN H. CUNNING- HAM, Norman, Univ. of Okla. THIRD ROW SAMUEL E. DAKIL, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Okla. City Univ, 'PB II, fbBII, GEORGE B. GATHERS, IR., Hinton, Okla. ASM, QBII, ELMER L. SAM B. DURHAM, IR., Yale, Okla. AE3Mg EMIL FARRIS, Okla. City, Univ. GENTRY, Tulsa, Univ. of Tulsa, -if B II, MAX A. GLAZE, Ponca City. of Okla., Okla. City Univ., 'PBTIQ CHARLES A. FEIGLEY, Okla. City, Northeastern Okla. Ir. College, Central State, Southwestern Tech, 'PX Okla. City Univ., lie B Hg ROBERT M. GASTINEAU, Tulsa, Univ. of Okla., FIRST ROW IAMES C. GLENN, Bartlesville, Texas ASM, Okla. City Univ., QBII, KENNETH E. GODEREY, Durant, Southwestern State College, TX: BILLY N. GRAY, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Texas Christian Univ., 41311, WILFRED A. GRIMES, Muskogee, Lipscomb College, Hamden Sydney College, Univ. of Richmond, Univ. of Okla.: WARREN G. GWARTNEY, Boatman, Northeastern, Univ. of Tulsa. SECOND ROW EUGENE A. HALE, Idabel, Okla. AGM, Univ. of Okla.: HARVEY C. HARDEGREE, IR., Muskogee, Randolph Macon, Ashland, Va., Univ. of Okla., East Central State Teachers College, 'PBIL ROBERT D. HARGROVE, Stillwater, Okla. AGM, 1ieBIIg GENE H. HARRISON, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., 1i'BH, THOMAS H. HENLEY, Wetumka, Okla. ASM, Univ. of Okla. GRIMES GWARTNEY HARRISON HENLEY GLENN GODEREY GRAY I-IALE HARDEGREE HARGROVE Gentry and "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke, That Kymogramn. HILL HODGES HUDSON IHRIG IUDD KEOWN KING LACROIX LANE LEMBKE LINDEMAN LINDSAY MANNING MASSAD MATTHEY MAYFIELD MCCANTS MCELWEE MCGREGOR MONPORT MORGAN OWEN PATZKOWSKY RAY FIRS T RO W IESSE K. HILL, Muskogee, Univ. of Okla., CIIBII, THOMAS O. HODGES, Anadarko, Southwestern State College, Univ. of Okla., QBH: FREDER- ICK G. HUDSON, Enid, Kemper. Univ. of Okla., Phillips Univ., GX, HOWARD K. IHRIG, McAlester, Univ. of Okla., KPBII, LOYD W. IUDD, IR., Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Tulane Univ, -PX, IOHN T. KEOWN, IR., Muskogee, Northeastern State, 4ABlI, ROBERT W. KING, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Okla. City Univ., CIDBII, JULIUS A. LACROIX, IR., Ant- lers, Bacone College, Muskogee, and Okla. ASM. SECOND ROW KENNETH S. LANE, Bartlesville, Bartlesville Ir. College and Univ. of Okla., QABII, ROBERT L. LEMBKE, Byron, Northwestern State College, Univ. 'of Okla., 'ie B II, GEORGE M. LINDEMAN, Okla. City, Colorado Col- lege, Univ. of Mich., Univ. Of Md., Univ. of South Dakota, IOSEPH H. LINDSAY, Okla. City, Berea College, Univ. of Okla., GJBII, WESLEY T. MANNING, Edmond, Central State, Corpus Christi, Texas, Ir. College, fI1BII, WOODROW W. MASSAD, Healdton, Univ. of Okla., SDBH: WIL- LIAM A. MATTHEY, Norman, Kansas City, Mo., Ir. College, Univ. of glga., Okla. City Univ., 'P B U: ROBERT C. MAYFIELD, Norman, Univ. of a., fb B II. THIRD ROW RALPH S. MCCANTS, Woodford, Univ. of Okla., MARY L. MCELWEE, Norman, Ft. Smith, Ark., Ir. College. Hendrix College, Conway, Ark., Univ. of Okla., AEI, F. H. MCGREGOR, Mangum, Mangum, Okla., Ir. College, College of William and Mary, Univ. of Okla., SIABII, MARIAM F. MONEORT, Alva, Okla. College for Women, Stetson Univ., North- western State College, AEI, LOVA L. MORGAN, Gate, Friends Univ.. Wichita, Kansas, HERBERT L. OWENS, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Okla. City Univ., IIJBII, LAWRENCE W. PATZKOWSKY, Idabel, Northwestern State College, fDBII, CLARENCE C. RAY, Ada, Murray State, South- western State. FIRST ROW WILLIAM B. RENFROW, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., 'PBIL JAMES W. RENTFROW, IR., Perkins, Univ. of Okla., Okla. ASM, IOHN G. ROLLINS, Prague, Univ. of Okla., 'PBIL FRANCIS E. SMITH, Norman, Univ. of Okla., fb B II, DENTON THOMAS, Oklahoma City, Univ. of Okla., 41 B II, MARYLYN ANN THOMPSON, Okla. City, Okla. College for Women, Univ. of Okla., AEI, BERT E. THRONE, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., QB II, HELEN I. WALLACE, Enid, Phillips Univ., AEI. SECOND ROW' WILLIAM WHEATON, Okla. City, Toledo Univ., Okla. City Univ., dw B II, CHARLES E. WILBANKS, IR., Tulsa, Okla. Baptist Univ., Okla. AGM, 49 B II, CLAUDE H. WILLIAMS, IR., Okla. City, Southwestern State Teach- ers College, Okla. City Univ., SPBII, DON T. WILLIAMS, -Blackwell, Univ. of Okla., fb B H, WALTER S. WILLIAMSON, Okla. City, Okla. Bap- RENFROW RENTFROW ROLLINS SMITH WI-IEATON WILBANKS WILLIAMS, C. WILLIAMS, D. tist Univ., SPX, ROBERT E. WILSON, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., Miami Univ., Oxford, Ohio, TX, LEROY A. WOLEVER, Okla. City, Central State College, Okla. ASM, 41 B II, WILLIAM T. WRIGHT, Oleta, Murray State School of Agriculture, Okla. ASM, Univ. of Arkansas, 'P X. WALLACE WRIGHT THRONE WOLEVER THOMPSON WILSON THOMAS WILLIAMSON Freshman Class Officers: Left to right: Dan Hansen, Vice-President and Social Chairman: Philip Morgan, Presidentg Levona Williams, Secretary-Treasurer. Not pictured: Frank Clark and Chesley Erwin, Student Council representatives. THE FRE HMAN CLASS Dr. Chase explains to Craig and Schloesser that the hand bone is connected to the wrist bone, et cetera. With eager faces and great expectations the Fresh- men each year approach their newly chosen role of medical students with firm hopes and slightly trem- bling patellas. The pedal extremities become pro- gressively more frigid as the year wanes and such problems as Anatomy, Histology and Embryology are no longer issues of the moment. With faces now wan from loss of original hope and patellas now beating out a steady staccato, the neophyte takes up his specimen bottle and marches to the upper garrets for long awaited instruction in the finest points of Biochemistry. Four thousand and twenty U. Afs later he finds that none of his kymograms are accep- table for Psysiology, and just when he is convinced that schizophrenia is inevitable some unthinking per- son reminds him that the year will soon be over. Love's labor lostl With his forty tons of books, in- numerable gallons of coffee and cartons of that brand of cigarettes that by rights he should not "3 . XXNK1 W? ln Dr. Lachmanns den beneath the eaves, diligent Freshmen roll up their sleeves to go to work in dead earnest. smoke until he is a full-fledged M. D., the now wearied Frosh hibernates in an attempt to stuff a throbbing cranium with all the essentials he deems necessary for writing that beautiful final exam paper. With admonitions and suggestions from the upper classmen ringing in his ears, the emaciated student goes to the final inquisition. After hyperventilating through the examinations, he returns to his abode to pack the books and clothes and to think of adequate explanations to offer at home when he leaves school. It is a new man who exits from the little yellow build- ing after discovering that his efforts were not in vain and that the future will be brightened by the knowl- edge that today he has completed the first yearg a milestone realized. Much to his surprise he still has the power of intelligent conversation and the will to live. So with an elevated mentum and a new glint in his gold-flecked eyes he faces the second year with renewed courage and resolution. Mrs Anderson gives out with the latest blues to Blevins and Clark. ' , .fain ,, ,' 2rg4J27,G9fz+Amf2As'Zs.w 7 K zwzf., Qt . tit ., Valdez' to Williams, Coin, Klein and Hinkle: "Why, I read that in Life last year!" BAKER BASH BELL BLEVINS BRALY BYNUM CALHOON CAPSHAW CLARK COCHRAN COIN, C. COIN, I. COMFORT COURTRIGHT CRAIG DAVIDSON DAVIS, G. DAVIS, R. FIRST ROW CHARLES ERNEST BAKER, Ardmore, Murray State School of Agriculture, Univ. 'of Okla: VINCENT CLARENCE BASH, IR., Tulsa, Univ. of North Carolina, Univ. of Texasg HOWARD B. BELL, Okla. City, Clemson Agri- cultural College, North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engi- neering, Univ. of Okla.: WALTER EUGENE BLEVINS, Okeene, Okla. ASM, Murray State School of Agriculture: BERTON EDWARD BRALY, Buffalo, Northwestern State College, Texas Christian College: WILLIAM ROBERT BYNUM, Okla. City, Central State College, Univ. of Okla.: ED LATTA CALHOON, Beaver, Northwestern State College: AMELIA DOROTHY CAP- SHAW, Norman, Univ. of Oklag FRANK WILSON CLARK, Durant, South- eastern State College. SECOND ROW BRYCE HOLMES COCHRAN, Caddo, Southeastern State College, Durant: CARL GENE COIN, Ardmore, Kansas State Teachers College, Univ. of Okla.: IAMES WALTER COIN, IR., Ardmore, Brigham Young Univ., Univ. of Okla.: ANNE COMFORT, Norman, Univ. of Okla.: CLAIBORNE LEE COURTRIGHT, Stillwater, Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College, Univ. of Cincinnati, Okla. ASM, Univ. of Indiana: WILLl.AM IOSEPI-I CRAIG, llre Ilzmeu Tulsa, Iohn Tarleton Agricultural College, Texas ASM, Baylor Univ.: WALLACE NORMAN DAVIDSON, IR, Cushing, Univ. of Okla.: GEORGE HENRY DAVIS, Seminole, Seminole Ir. College, Biarritz American Univ., Biarritz, France, Univ. of Okla.g RANDALL EUGENE DAVIS, Duncan, Univ. of Okla., Okla. AGM. FIRST ROW CHARLES FRANKLIN ENGLES, Durant, Southeastern State Teachers Cl lege, Durantg CHESLEY PARA ERWIN, Wellston, Univ. of Okla., M1 ALLEN EVERETT, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., EUGENE RICHARD FLO Muskogee, Muskogee Ir. College, Northeastern State College, Okla. Cl Univ. SECOND ROW WILMA LORETTA GRAHAM, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla., DANIEL GEOl Freshman Bash decides that a Rembrandt is required to reproduce Histology sections. HANSEN, Okla. City, Univ. of West Virginia, Univ. of Okla.: PRESC4 HERNDON HARALSON, Tulsa, Tulsa Univ., Duke Univ.g ROSSLER HAI TON HENTON, Rush Springs, Univ. of Okla. ENGLES ERWIN EVERETT F LOCK GRAHAM HANSEN HARALSON HENTON .fm NKLE HIROSE HOLMAN HLILEN IOBE JONES KELLER KENT KENYON VIBALL KLEIN LEONARD LONG MCINTIRE MCWHIRTER MEINHARDT MERCER MORGAN FIRS T ROW LERED BURKE HINKLE, Edmond, Central State College: FRANK MITSUO IROSE, Okla. City, Tulsa Univ., Univ. of Okla.: IAMES HORACE HOLMAN, emple, Okla. AGM, Univ. of Okla., WILLIAM LAVERE HULEN, Elgin, niv. of Okla., Cameron State Agricultural College: IAMES PHILLIP IOBE, uskogee, Muskogee Ir. College, Univ. of Okla.: ROBERT BUCKNER IoNEs, kla. City, Baylor Univ., Univ. of Okla., WILTON NOAH IONES, Mangum, SECOND EALE ROBERT KIMBALL, Stillwater, Okla. AGM: ELMER PHILIP KLEIN, Ard- ore, Univ. of Okla.: EDWARD LEROY LEONARD, Chickasha, Okla. City gniv., Univ. of Okla.: FRED MAC LONG, Enid, Phillips Univ., Univ of Okla.: AY VERN MCINTYRE, Tryon, Central State College: WALLACE WARREN FIRST WARREN HARN'EY PORTER, Enid, Phillips Univ.: RICHARD BROOKE PRICE, kla. City., Univ. of Texas, Univ. of Okla.: IESSELYN IUNE PULLEN, ulphur, Eastman School of Music of Univ. of Rochester, Okla. City Univ.: NSTANCE IUNE RAAE, Okla. City, Okla. City Univ., Univ. of Okla.: WILLIAM CLAUDE SAWYER, IR., Lindsay, Southwestern Institute of Technol- - SECOND PAUL GREER SMITH, Ada, Univ. of Okla., Univ. of Texas, Geo. Washing- xon Univ., East Central State Teachers: LouIs MICHAEL THEIMER, IR., Mus- ogee, Northeastern State College, Univ. of Okla.: HOWARD DALE TUTTLE, apulpa, Okla. AGM, Univ. of Chicago: DAVID CLARENCE VALDER, Still- ater, Okla. AGM, Comell Univ.: VANCE EDWIN VANDIVER, Idabel, South- Mangum Ir. College, Sam Houston St. Teachers College, La. State Univ., Texas College of Mines and Metallurgy: I. P. KELLER, Duncan, Cameron State School of Agriculture, Utah State Agricultural College, Okla. City Univ., Univ. of Okla.: CHARLES TRAVIS KENT, IR., Enid, Univ. of Okla.: REx ELMER KENYON, Cleveland, Univ. of Okla. ROW MCWHIRTER, Vanoss, Univ. of Okla.: RALPH EUGENE MEINHARDT, Okla. City, Univ. of Okla.: ROBERT D. MERCER, Hominy, Univ, of Okla., Okla. ASM: PHILIP EDWARD MORGAN, Tecumseh, Univ. of Okla. ROW ogy, Central State College: HARVEY LEOPOLD ScHLoEssER, Okla. City, Real Gymnasium, Mainz, Germany, Univ. of Okla.: LAURENCE OLIVER SHORT, Fallis, Central State College: IOHN DARRELL SMITH, Cherokee, Northwest- ern State Teachers College: PHILIP B. SMITH, Sulphur, Univ of Okla. ROW eastern Okla. State College, Univ. of Okla.: LEONARD ALLEN WALL, Hooker, Spring Hill College, Univ. of Okla.: IOHN WAYNE WARD, Okla. ton Univ., East Central State College: Louis MICHAEL THEIMER, IR., Mus- IoE BEN WOODSON, Poteau, Univ. of Okla.: SAMUEL VICTOR YEAKEL, Okla. City, Central State College, Univ. of Okla., Okla. City Univ. RTER PRICE PULLEN RAAB SAWYER SCHLOESSER SHORT SMITH, I. D. SMITH, PHILIP LITI-I, P. THEIMER TUTTLE VALDER VANDIVER WALL WARD WILLIAMS WOODSON YEAKEL if T Q ri H he MEDIC AT PLAY However stereotyped be the old adage, HAH work and no play makes lack an anal retentiven-don't ever let it be said that any of the O. U. Med students became so con- stipated with their studies that they couldn't get up and run out for a pile up game of tennis, golf or electric trains. Right on this campus we have the famous student lounge, which has its regular roll of pay patrons. Earlier in the season some of the fellows met on the Ritz campus for some afternoon games of traumatic baseball. As old Sol gained altitude, the Nature lovin' heliophiles revealed more and more cutis, curves and courage on the courts for a few paroxysmal sets of tennis in which the terminal event was invariably complicated by hyperhidrosis, dyspnea and hyptertension' Mary McElwee and service with a smile! mfg Stewart snaps the ball into the talented fingers of Moss, while Stream, Kersten, and Marder prepare to meet the rushing foe. And I said to him, "Dad, if you worked as hard as we do all day long at school, you'd have bags under your eyes, too." Above: It isn't the Wabash Cannonball, kiddies! Below: Iohn Smith and El Calhoon relax, the hard way. Ioe combines work and play with a neat orthopedic demonstration VY POTPOURRI This title means just that, "a mixture, as of spiced flower petals in a jarg a medley, anthology, or the like." Webster. Aside from the more essential activities of med- ical students, there are many incidental high lights and sidelights which get mixed into our daily routine. Often these accidentals are the most important part of the day. There is the on-the-hour coffee time at Herbs and the animated discussions which follow as the Doctors talk it over . . . the janitor's weather prediction . . . the friendlysmile of the office girl as you stopped to chat as you passed by the door . . . the extra favor the lab. girl did today when she identified a cast for you . , . the heart-to-heart talk you had with your roommate last night . . etc., ad infinitum. Grover is ever present to greet each new class and to bid fond adieu to the graduates. There is some question as to whether this is the Pause That Refreshes or a Iunior Class Meeting. MM Left: Miss Kendall, Registrar for the University Medical School. Right: Mrs. Young and Mrs. Cosby, Secretaries to the Associate Dea ns. Above: Miss Porter, with nose to the grinclstone, misses not the most elusive red cell. Below: Iohn Smith drops pearls of wisdom to the boys from his rocking throne. x "But, Dr. Miller, Clifford Allhutt states that 622, of mzirrin-cl people in linglzincl :ire im-nl" EDIC RELAX I don't care what anybody says, there is nothing like a medical school dance! We really do know how to relax . . . and some do this more completely than others, ac- cording to one's own individual capacity. But we do have our fun. The two fraternities stage two dances each dur- ing the school year. The big laugh event of the year is scheduled for April 17. The Gridiron is the students' only legitimate and safe?? means of talking back to instructors . , . and strangely enough they seem to enjoy it immense- ly. One professor is reported tunoiliciallyj to have gone on a crying jag for three days because his name wasn't even mentioned in the Gridiron. i Russell and Simmering mistook our photographer for a Hollywood reporter and gave forth with publicity smiles, Wc'll tell you this much, The third person from the left is Miss Hush dancing with the Walking Man. Further identification at your own discretion. Ili Awww ,amid we Left: Bida and Rutledge try nobly to ignore the beauty between them. Right: Dr. and Mrs. West show the Hyoungstersn how to have fun. I W., V Above: Gray and the littie woman don Barudance ap- parel for a festive occasion. Below: Seniors Weriier and Spann reenaet a portion of the Gridiron. Now, lets see, Miss Graham, we were discussing the extremities, were we not? i i MEDIC AT WORK "Labor Omnia Vincitf' The translation of this quota- tion from the Afghanistan states the truism that "all stu- dents of medicine will work 25 hours a day, and in the end they'll probably get something." Not among the least of the worries to a few highly honored students is the scene depicted below, which is one of the many gala hilarious and study free evenings spent in preparing this year book, But of course Medical students do more than just write books: they read books too, and sometimes, they are required to work in the laboratories and clinics, Here they do scientific tests on mysterious and powerful fluidsp they become familiar with the normal Urubadubdubn car- diac sounds of a healthy active fellow student . . . then later in the hospital, the ear is trained to pick up the path- ognomonic lub-dub of luetic heart disease. Delarnette and Drake investigate the mystery hidden in a Certain amber fluid. No, it isn't a drawing for the Mexican lottery: just a bit of investigation for the benefit of current publications, Left: "But Dr. Chase said the artery was just below the nerve, or was it the nerve was just . . Right: Herndon and Fuller try their luck with a bit of plumbing. Above: Wliy doesn't someone tell them where the sink is? Below: Click matches his wits with the indulging mother. If theres something in there. they should find it. ACHIEVEME T The most obvious among the many achievements at our school is the new wing of the University Hospital. This wing is to be the new home of x-ray, surgery, obstetrics and pathology, The new nurses' home, located midway between University and Crippled Children's Hospitals, has already been opened for occupancy. Cardinal fea- tures here are the novel Udate rooms". On October 3, 1947, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation dedi- cated the plot of ground adjacent to the east side of the Medical School to be the future site of their new home. The Foundation will work in cooperation with and inde- pendently of, the School of Medicine. This year Okla- homa City was host to the Society of Experimental Biolo- gists. Meetings were held in the School Auditorium, Re- search is continually being conducted in many depart- ments. Pictured below are glimpses of the work in - Dr Kelly and Dr Cooper welcome one of the many Pathology and Hlstology' physicians attending post graduate training W, Russell Borgman, Chairman of Oklahoma State Board of Affairs, preseits deed oi site of proposed Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation to G. Futerbaugh, President of the Foundation , :A is, Left: Arthur and Barbara Reiter, the Curie's of the Pathology Research Dep E, ' I X we ' M .,, l artment, Collaborate in the interest of science. Right: Dr. Thuringer and Dr. Cooper proudly display the award recently received for the exceptional photomicrographs seen in the background. Above: Nlanniiiq and Shiclelcr Conduct a bit of research with the aid of Bugs Bunny. Below: Nurses' Home recently constructed on campus. ,ft ra A -M55 , , A +3 ,L 5 My if if -""' ' at . .5 jx' If ' a ,riff ' F t- wyxre W: , " r,'b if 51" fi ' - if N .1 ,. 4 ' -...M.......-, W A ..,z9.z.f.".1m Lua' A view of the attractive new wing now being completed at the University Hospital. PHI CHI Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, which was founded for the purpose of bringing about a closer fellowship among men who are pursuing the study and practice of Medicine, is unusual in that it had a dual origin. At the University of Vermont, in 1889, the Alpha chapter was formed. This group subsequently joined forces with other similar organizations in medical colleges in the East, and was later to be known as the Eastern Division. The Alpha Chapter of Phi Chi South was formed as an independent organiza- tion at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, five years later. The two organizations remained sepa- rate until in 1897 it became apparent that they were actually identical. A merger was effected on Febru- ary 26 of that year. From these beginnings, the present-day international organization of Phi Chi has grown. Our fraternity now recognizes 68 active chapters in the United States, and on foreign soil. Of a total census of approximately 100,000 Doctors of Medicine who are associated with the eight lead- ing American Medical Fraternities, more than 28,000 are lifetime members of Phi Chi. Qmicron Kappa of Phi Chi was founded at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine on No- vember 25, 1922. Since that time it has risen to a position of leadership on our campus. Its present student roll numbers 70 active members. A substan- tial majority of the younger graduates of the School of Medicine, who were affiliated with a Medical Fra- ternity during their undergraduate years, are Phi Chis. For it's always fair weather, when good fellows get together. At the outset of this year, fifteen Freshmen were pledged to Phi Chi. They were: Baker, Bynum, Calhoon, Clark, Cochran, C. F. Encles, I-Iinton, Holman, Iones, Kenyon, Long, Sawyer, Short, D. Smith, and Paul Smith. Regular meetings were held throughout the year and a delegate was sent by this chapter to the Na- tional Convention of Phi Chi in Atlanta, Georgia. The social calendar was adequately filled with ex- citing affairs again this year. The fall, winter, and spring dances were unquestioned successes, and pro- vided moments of rest from the rigors of medical education. Left to right: MCLauchlin, Alumni Secretary: Reiter, Treasurer: Martin, Iudge Ad- ocatcg Skeehan, Presiding Iun- iorg Calhoon, Pledge Treasurer. Not pictured: Head, Presiding Senior: Iudd, Rush Chairman: and Ownby, Secretary. First row: Baker, Bakken, Bickford Bolene, Boyd, B. Brown, Bynum. Second row: Callioon, Cnpehurt Clark, Click, Clinger, Cochran Collins. Third row: Croom, Drake, Dunn Endres, C. F. Engles, L. Engles Foster. Fourth row: Funncll, Garst, Godfrey Hake, Hampton, Head, Henley. Fifth row: Herndon, Hinton, Hodge D. Holman, I. Holman, Hudson Iones. Sixth row: Iosephson, Iudd, Kenyon. Lawton, Long, Murder, Martin. Seventh row: lVICLz1uchlin, Moss, Murphy, Neely, Olson, Ogg, Ownby. Eighth row: Porter, Ray, Reiter, Rhodes, Robison, Russell, Sawyer. Ninth row: Short, Skeehnn, D. Smith, P. Smith, Stream, Sykes, Thornton. Q. ., 'If t -t-., . -2'.i 3 .I 1 A V..V7. ii 1 K I My E' , S 3' ' l lf W L r eee rr. r r ,, M .V:,.. ... I VV , . t S i" ,.i.t . I :,.,. , A V :ZV i rrs , frr " . r gi Q ., a . y , ,,.,:V LJ, A . V ck 2 In A v zgz - 1.-i . rf' i f 4 in - ' V f, T .yx fi, S i Q 4 S? et- a l it t ir . Q"-f -.Q. .Q H I Y t r W r s l . B -A . it . B N . i li' fgisf KA " .- "" In 1 : I 3 A' 'I . , - r 'r'tfV. W .., Q 7 1 , .. 5 V .,f ':,V- K :Tl lj U V 21 . " , X ' lk ,,'. - I A :fi 9 . 1' A A' li,,. S Tenth row: Werner, Wenger, White ley, Wilsoii, Wright, Yarbro. , r I PHI BET PI The national medical fraternity of Phi Beta Pi was founded on March 10, 1891, at the Western Penn- sylvania Medical College, now the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, to provide an oppor- tunity for medical practitioners, teachers of medicine, and medical students to meet together informally for the discussion and consideration of those practical problems of medicine which cannot be treated with frankness and freeness elsewhere. From these be- ginnings Phi Beta Pi has grown rapidly to the pres- ent time when there are seventy-two chapters repre- sented in the leading medical institutions of the coun- try. Early in the history of the University of Okla- homa School of Medicine, students felt the need of regular friendly discussions of important medical problems. Cn May 24, 1912, the Alpha Lambda chapter of Phi Beta Pi was established here for that purpose and for many years was the only fraternity existing at this school. Activities for the past year were initiated by the election of officers who served for the first semester. Randy Kersten became Archong H. D. Hardy, Vice- Archong Griffin Fuller, Editor, Kenneth lrhig, Rush Chairman: Bob Shore, Honored Guard: and Bob Lamke, Treasurer. Dr. Mark R. Everett, who has always been active in many organizations throughout the state and has been interested in "Phi Bete" was again faculty advisor. Membership of our chapter at the beginning of the year numbered 76 upperclassmen. This was ma- terially increased by the pledging of 23 Freshmen. They were: C. Coin, Coin, Courtright, Davidson, A quartet of Phi Bete's admires a classy chassis. G. Davis, R. Davis, Erwin, Everett, Hansen, Klein, Leonard, McWhirter, Meinhardt, Morgan, Price. Schlocsser. P, Smith, Theimer, Tuttle, Valder, Ward, Woodson, and Yeakel. The year's educational program consisted of monthly meetings with various clinical men as guest speakers and the eighth LeRoy Long Memorial Lec- tureship, presenting Dr. Arey, eminent embryologist. The social functions were, as usual, very successful, being highlighted by the Christmas formal. The quality of freshmen pledged each year, and the interest in the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Phi Beta Pi by the alumni, assures us of continued suc- cess in the future. Bottom row, left to right: Shore. Honored Guard: Ker- sten, Archon: Ihrig, Rush Chairman. Top row: Lamkc, Trcasurcrg Hardy, Vice-Archon. Fuller. Editor. First row: Allen, Askins, Atteberry Austin, Barber, Barker, Blasche Bond, Bolene. Second row: Brown, Bufliington Bunch, Coe, C. Coin, I. Coin, Col- lins. Courtright, Cunningham. Third row: Curtess, Dakil, Davidson G. Davis, R. Davis, Delarnette Dickinson, Erwin, Everett. Fourth row: Farris, Feigley, Fuller, Gastineau, Gatchell, Gathers Gentry, Glaze, Glenn. Fifth row: Goldberg, Grey, Groves, Gunter, Gwartney, Gyles, Hale, Hansen, Hardegree. Sixth row: Hardy, Hargrove, Hen- ley, Hill, Hodges, Howard, lhrig, Iacob, Keown. Seventh row: Kerstein, King, Klein, LaCroix, Lamke, Leonard, Lind' say, Loy, Manning. Eighth row: Rose, Massad, Matthey. Mayheld, McCann, lVlcCants, McGregor, McWhirter. Ninth row: Meinhardt, Morgan, Mor- gan, Murphey, Northrup, O'Shea, Owen, Patzkowsky. Tenth row: Paul, Peacher, Price, Renfrow, Reynolds, Rocco, Rol- lins, Rose. Eleventh row: Rutledge, Schloesser, Shore, F. Smith, Philip Smith, Snow, Swanda, Theimer. Twelfth row: Throne, Tuttle, Valder, Vandiver, Ward, West, Wheaton, White. Thirteenth row: Wilbanks, C. Wil- liams, T. Williams, Winningd ham, Wolever, Woodson, Wy- rick, Yeakel. r 1 r ' 3 I G ll 1. 1 4 . I tr i it : ALPHA EP ILO IOT With the purpose in mind of maintaining a high standard among medical women and to help all women to a higher, more abundant life, a group of women physicians founded Alpha Epsilon Iota fifty- seven years ago. This fraternal organization for Women in medicine has grown to become the largest of its kind with twenty-six active chapters. The Nu Chapter was installed in Oklahoma in 1921. Dr. Leila Andrews has been sponsor and inspiration since that time. The activities each year include social meetings with both men and women guest speakers, business meetings, an annual picnic for the members and their guests, and a banquet for women pre-med- ical students. These are enjoyed by the alumnae as well as those still in school. Left' to right, top to bottom: Capshaw, Chambers, Comfort, Craig, Eager, Gambill, Cvraham, Hasemier, Hoke, Lane, MCET- wee, Marrs, Meyers, Monfort, Morris, Peck, Pullen, Raab, Schloesser, Schmidt, Sledge, Thompson, Wallace, Williaiiis. Left to right: Mary lVlcElwee, Treasurer: Lillian l-loke, Secre- tary: Nancy Craig, Corresponding Secretary: Cvwen Peck, President: and Helen Schmidt, Vice-President. Not pictured: Pat Schloesser, Reporter. U , 5: fi? 5-e v if 'ff TIS 2 if APEX BEAT Left to right: Chesley Irwin, reporter: Ioe Spann. Senior Arvisorp Raymond Skeehan, Editor, Fred Hudson, reporterg Griffin Fuller, reporter: Ralph Ownby, Editor: and Hal Korner, Editor. The Apex Beat is the monthly publication of the ulty alike, The paper strives to maintain high stand- University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, which ards of journalism, and has been notably acclaimed functions as the voice of the student body. lt has by other schools for such. QUARTERLY BULLETI -wk? ig, A mi..-.M N. Q Left, Keith Kelly and right, Clarence Robinson, co-editors of the Quarterly Bulletin. The Quarterly Bulletin was established as a publi- tional journals. Though not being published at the cation of the School of Medicine, in order to offer present time, it is hoped that publication can be re- the students an opportunity to submit material which gumed in the near future, is similar in scientific and journalistic quality to na- RALPH W. MURPIIY TED R. WENGER RAYMOND A. SKEEHAN, IR. Co-Editor Co-Editor Business Manager THE 1948 S00 ER EDIC It was intended that this publication, the 1948 SOONER MEDIC, should in a small way present to its reader some insight into the organization and prog- ress of the University of Uklahoma School of Medi- cine. To the student and alumni, it serves as an album of days gone by and to the public as a report of progress. It is our sincere desire that the spirit of the SOONER MEDIC can be carried to greater heights in the future, and that it shall come to be an annual endeavor. Ol course, it would have been an impossibility for us to have undertaken the task ol publication without the helpful suggestions of last years stafffMr. Fos- ter, Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Endres. The interest of Dean Everett and Dr. Marsh and the support that they gave us was indispensable, We also wish to thank Miss Kendall, Mr. C, H. Brite, Mr. W. P. Dickinson, Mr. Barnes, Mrs. Lyle, Miss Brown, Kenneth Irhig, Lloyd Iudd, William Craig, Iesse Hill, Helen Wallace, Ruth Mershon, and the many others too numerous to mention, who gave us their support and encouragement. TIIE STAFF Sooner Medic Staff: Left to right, bottom row: Lloyd Iudd, Ralph Murphy, Kenneth Irhig, Bill Craig, Ted Wenger. Standing: Clarence Robinson, Raymond Skeehan, Bob Endres, and C. F. Foster. N the pages which follow appear the names of several practicing physi- cians of Oklahoma City, who have been kind enough to contribute to the SOONER MEDIC FUND. They have helped, in no small way, to make this year's annual possible. To them, especially, as well as to the numer- ous other faculty members and alumni who purchased a 1948 SOONER MEDIC at prices considerably above those paid by the students, we offer our heartfelt thanks for the material support they have given us. The alumni directory included in this edition is a complete list of all of the graduates of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, and includes the class of May, 1947. The addresses given are the most recent on file in the registrar's office, and include changes indicated by replies to our circulars sent out this year. The directory is accurate-i. e., agrees with the school records-- to May 1, 1948. We realize, however, that many of the addresses are inade- quate, some entirely wrong. lf any of the many alumni who have purchased a 1948 SOONER MEDIC discover errors in the names, addresses, or other informa- tion given, we would appreciate it very much if you would advise the registrar's office of the error. We hope that you feel that your purchase has been worth- while, and will continue to cooperate with us in keeping the directory up to date, so that future purchasers may have an alumni directory that is as accurate as possible. The advertisers, of course, pay for the major portion of the costs of a publi- cation such as this. Without the financial support gained from them, it would have been impossible to publish an annual of this sort for anything near a reasonable figure: especially in this day of inflation. We hope that they do not feel that their advertising funds have been spent foolishly with us, and we wish to express our sincere thanks to the institutions and business firms who have so generously aided us in our efforts to publish an acceptable annual. The following friends, members of the faculty, and alumni of the University of Oklahoma, School of Medicine, proudly take this opportunity to offer their con- gratulations to the members of the graduating class upon the successful comple- HOPE ROSS. M. D. i General Medicine CYRIL E. CLYMER. M. D. Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City Enid, Oklahoma I. F. MESSENBAUGH M.D.,F. A, QS, CARROLL M. POUNDERS. M. D. llU2 Medical Arts Building Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, Okla. WILLIAM E. EASTLAND, M. D. I MOORE CAMPBELL M D X-Bay and Radium Skin Diseases I . ' Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City I. P. MCGEE. M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat LAIN-LAMB CLINIC Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City OSEPH W. KELSO I C. L. BRUNDAGE. M. D. Gynecology Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City I T LLLCV F. REDDING Hoon. M. D.. F. A. c. P. GREGORY E. STANBRQ' M. D. Specializing in Cardiologh and Electro-Cardiography Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City 12g Qsler Bldg' phone 3-2346 Oklahoma City GILL, BRYDIA AND MCBRIDE CLINIC PETER E. RUSSO,-M. D. American Bldg. Ada, Oklahoma Osler Bldg' Oklqhomg CNY D. H. O'DONOGHUE, M. D. GEORGE H. KIMBALL. M. D. L. STANLEY SELL, M. D. Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City D. W. BRANHAM, M. D. IOHN P. WOLF F. M. D., F. A. C. S. Medical Arts Bldg. Phone 3-9711 Surgery Gnd Consultation Oklghomg City Special Attention to Vascular Surgery PRACTICE LIMITED TO UROLOGY Office Phone 3-5496 Res. Phone 5-3732 Diplomate of American Board of Urology 621 Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City tion of their formal education. lt is with pride that we Welcome you to the med- ical profession-may you strive to uphold its traditions and to continue our never-ending efforts to increase and enhance its present high standards. HARVEY O. RANDEL. M. D. Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City IAMES P. LUTON, M. D. Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City R. H. AKIN, M. D. M. M. APPLETON, M. D. 6l0 N. W. 9th St. Oklahoma City ALVIN R. IACKSON, M. D. 25l9V2 S. Robinson Oklahoma City WM. L. BONHAM, M. D. GERALD ROGERS. M. D. Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City OSl9T Bldq- OklCIhO1T1CI CNY W. A. SHOWMAN, M. D. I- B- ESKRIDGE. IR.. M- D- Dermatology, Radium and X-Bay Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City Treatment 408-9 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. TULLOS O. COSTON, M. D. Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City NEIL W. WOODWARD, M. D. Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City VERN H. MUSICK. M. D., F. A. C. P. Gastro-Intestinal Diseases 507 Medical Arts Oklahoma City I. C. McDONALD. M. D. 301 N. W. 12th Oklahoma city PAUL M. VICKERS. M. D. Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City RAY M. BALYEAT, M. D. Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City MORRISON-MESSENGER CLINIC 807 N. W. 23rd Oklahoma City G. H. GARRISON. M. D. Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City WANN LANGSTON, M. D., F. A. C. P. GEO. N. BARRY, M. D., F. A. C. P. Internal Medicine and Diagnosis Specializing in Cardio-Vascular Diseases l2l4 Medical Arts Oklahoma City H. THOMPSON AVEY. M. D. Assoc. A.C.P. Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine 507 Medical Arts Phone 2-7219 Oklahoma City DOCTORS CONTINUED I. M. POSTELLE. M. D. A. M. YOUNG. III, M. D. Internal Medicine and Diagnosis Practice Limited to Urology Specializing in Diseases of the Stomach 1204 Medical Arts Bldg' Phone 3-5003 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City Oklahoma CNY A . ' CHMFISISFIFABCQEQRY FOWLER BORDER, M. D. Certified American Board ot Surgery From Mcmgum General Surgery 330 N W mth l2l5 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City Oklahoma City DRS. ALLEN AND SADLER Obstetrics and Gynecology 105 Osler Bldg. Phone 2-0133 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma LeRoy H. Sadler, M. D., P. A. C. S. George T. Allen, M. D. Gynecology Obstetrics Cert. Amer. Bd. Ob. CS. Gyn. E. P. Allen, M. D., Consultant THE LEROY LONG CLINIC 7l4 Medical Arts Building, Oklahoma City LeRoy D. Long, M. D., F. A. C. S., Cert. Am. Board Surgery General Surgery and Gynecology Ioe M. Parker, M. D., Cert. Am. Board of Surgery Surgery 924 Comm The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation of the medical profession, are dedicated- THAT MORE MAY LIVE LONGER The Greatest Challenge Since Sfnfchood OKLAHOMA MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION erce Exchange Building Oki ahoma City, Oklahoma 744 Gklahama Side Medical H . . ffff?iSS X f Y X X is r fwff diy it fff wl I l f' T' Z gml' X!! tx X i lv O fl! 5' O llxl W f icy X ff X E Nw X wx X ff ff I if 44 , ' A I X ' '1 2 f R . X f f , ff fix! X . X' W 4, Qqil f 3 aol' I f 1 x K . L ' 1' X X ,ff 'V 1 - -- ,, jf fl K 5 if X I I ,I 'flu - S' E- .1-11:-1' if ,Qi S 3 ff 1 T I 1 1 l xi, : . v l - ' I ,,-. T 1' I I I i' 'l l til JA F,.N.-- U7 , I W x I mix N .R M x,'s,r-x N4'i1l:,1 E 'llf i l ati' as.. xv e? 17 MX .21 xv VJ -X S I l , -M ' i . x '.. - " X 4 1 V X 5 x XIX ai! .QQ , X A N-Tex sN Q Qi X - f Q o 6 I s N 9 X. F, XSS? The Association to which doctors of med- icine belong for the purpose of upholding the ideals and principles oi the medical profession and dedicated to perpetuating the principles of free enterprise as the basis for giving to the Amer- ican people the loest medical care in the World. OKLAHOMA STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 210 PLAZA coURT OKLAHOMA CITY Abelarde, Jose F., '30 Dulalia Bldg. lloila, P. 1. Abernethy, Alton C., '30 Captain, U. S. N. Hosp. Oakland, Calif. Abernethy, James H., '39 309 E. Commerce Altus, Oklahoma Adams, George M., '43 902 Medical Arts Building' Tulsa, Oklahoma Adams, Henry Grady, '15 Deceased Adams, James Elston, '17 Deceased Adams, Sylba, '24 I llayward indian Hospital Hayward, VVis. Adams, Walter B., '11 1100 8th Street Xvichita Falls, Texas Adelman, Frank Leo. '43 Menninger Psychiatric Institute Topeka, Kansas Akin, Robert H., '28 610 N. W. 9th Street Oklahoma. City, Okla. Aldredge, William M., '41 University Hospital Oklahoma City 4, Okla. Alexander, Everett T., '20 Barnsdall, Okla. Alexander, James L., '43 McKinney City Hospital McKinney, Texas Alexander, Samuel H., '28 Madigan General Hospital Fort Lewis, Wash. Allen, Clifford W., Jr., '44 Methodist Hospital Dallas, Texas Allen, George T., '32 Osler Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Allgood, Edward A., '45 Veterans' Hospital Little Bork, Arkansas Allgood, Elvus Jene, '30 Kiowa llospital Lawton, Okla. Al'good, John M., '28 217 E. Commerce St. Altus, Okla. Alling, Emery Ernest, '25 Lt. Col., Station Hospital Ft. Meade, Md. Alston, William C., Jr., '37 606 Professional Bldg. Greenwood, S. C. Ambrister, Jerome W., '43 Granite, Oklahoma Amspacher, J. Charles, lfniversity Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Amspacher, William H., 3703 Eliot Road Hardevens Village Fort Devons, Mass. Anderson, H. R., '34 NVatonga. Oklahoma Anderson, Hubert M., '42 llniversity Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Anderson, Irene F., '39 CNow Mrs. Kenneth Harrisl Tahlequah, Oklahoma Anderson, Paul S., '35 VValker Building Claremore, Okla. Anderson, Ralph D., '42 298 S. Batavia Orange, California Anderson, Roy W., '39 10015 li. Main Cordell, Oklahoma Anderson, Thomas P., '43 TVVA of Place Vendome I'aris, France Anderson, William D., '31 221 E. 4th Claremore, Okla. Andreskowski, W. T., '19 VVashington and 9th Ryan, Okla. Angerer, Alden Lee, '46 Grace Hospital Detroit, Mich. Angus, Donald A., '33 614 "C" Street Lawton, Okla. Angus, Howard, '38 1014 Gore Lawton, Okla. Annadown, Ruth V., '46 '43 '36 Hughes County Health Dept. Holdenville, Oklahoma Appleton, Meredith M., '34 610 N. VV. 0th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Archer, Homer V., '43 1200 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Armstrong, W. 0., '24 Gb Continental Oil Co. Ponca City, Okla. Arrendell, C. W., Jr., '45 S24 N. 14th Ponca City, Okla. Arrendell, E. H., '43 S24 N. 14th l'onca City, Okla. Arrington, Carl T., '30 Deat-eased 10-18-41 Asher, James 0., '41 607 Simpson Bldg. Ardmore, Okla, Atherton, Charles V., '32 4417 S. 3rd St. Louisville, Ky. Auriemma, P. R., '28 X08 N. Sebring St. Long Beach, Calif. Austin, Frank H., '46 Univ. Hosp. Intern Columbus, Ohio Aycock, B. W., '40 6082 C Avenue Lawton, Okla. Bailey, Carl Horatio, '33 110 N. -W. 7th Stroud, Okla. Baird, Cecil Dryden, '27 200W N. Main St. l'1ureka, Kansas Baird, Wilson Davis, Jr., '26 Deceased Baker, Loren V., '25 11415 VV. Broadway Elk City, Okla. Baugh, Harold Timberlake,'30 Meeker, Okla. Baum, Ernest Eldon, '28 l'errine Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Baxter, Virgil Cliiford, '39 807 N. Blvd. Galveston, Texas Baze, Roy Ellis, '36 Deceased Beaty, C. Sam, '35- Veterans' Adm. Hospital Muskogee, Okla. Beatty, George Lewis, '29 Army Major, Australia Beck, L. D., '35 1626 N. Central Bloom, Nathan Nehemia, "16 Medical College of Virginia Hospital Division Richmond, Virginia Bloss, Claude M., Jr., '37 Okemah, Okla. Blue, Johnny A., '34 2516 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Boatright, Lloyd C., '31 1216 N. W. 36th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bodine, Charles David, '43 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Boggs, James Thomas, '46 VVesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Britton, Bloyce Hill, '28 2473 Riverside Drivo Santa Ana, Calif. Brixey, Albin Monroe, Jr., '43 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Broadrick, Broadway, '45 Box 564 Chickasha, Okla. Brockman, Hiram LeRoy, '20 Deceased Brooks, J. T., '45 507 N. 4th Street Marlow, Okla. Browder, Sue Elizabeth, '45 Children's Medical Center Boston, Mass. Brown, Arthur Merton, Jr., '41 ,.,,,,9,,,X, Am- nomman, Wilbur rreaerick, 'av 130 W' Joh" Sf- Becker, Fred William, '46 St. .loseph's Hospital St. Paul, Minn. Beeler, Thomas Taylor, Jr., '37 Letterman Gen. Hospital San Francisco, Calif. Bednar, Gerald, '40 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Beiderwell, Paul Leo, '38 1212 1Sth St. Belleville, Kansas Bell, Ben, '42 2405 N. VV. 32nd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bell, James Thomas, '35 107 N. Robert Edmond, Okla. Bell, Joseph Price, '43 30615 W. Boeing Midwest City, Okla. Bell, Orville Earl, '36 224 Rose St. Hoc-ky Mount, N. C. Baker, Marguerite Madigan, '27 Baller. Cleve. '43 1200 N. E. 63rd St., Route 1 Oklahoma City, Okla. Ballard, Jack Duane, '43 14043 Des Moines VVay Seattle, Vvash. Ballard, Ray Holcomb, '39 140421 Des Moines XVay Seattle, Wlash. Baltazar, Alejandro Christi, '27 40 Jones Avenue Cebu City, Philippine ls. Baltazar, Mrs. Bertha Mueller, '27 40 Jones Avenue Cebu City, Philippine ls. Balyeat, Ray Morton, '18 1200 N. VValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Barb, Kirk Bentley, '15 1303 Princess Avenue Camden, N. .l. Barb, Thomas John, Roby, Texas Barb, Thomas John, Veterans Adm. Federal Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Barger, John Blanchard, '31 Florida Oroup, Atlanta 1-les. Fleet Green Cone Springs, Fla. Barker, Clyde James, Jr., '35 4727 N. 5th St. Phoenix, Ariz. Barker, Pauline Quillen, '12 22415 Oklahoma Avenue Guthrie, Okla. Barker, Robert Duane, '43 1582 Hobson lid. Albuquerque, N. Al. Barkett, Nasry Fayad Vander, '39 21334 N. VV. 10th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Barnes, Harry Edward, '35 2012 XValker Oklahoma City, Okla. Barno, Alex, '44 3579 Washburn Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. Barrow, Llewellyn Lancelot, '31 2247 Henley St. Glenview, Ill. Bartell, Jack Orvis, '30 Box 020 Conroe, Texas Bassett, Clifford Monroe, '30 222-226 Hughes Bldg. Cushing, Oklahoma Bates, Clarence Edgar, '20 Will Rogers Memorial Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Battentield, John Y., '37 Monrovia, Liberia Sr., '21 Jr., '33 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Belter, Lester Francis, '46 St. Vim-ent's Hospital l'ortland, Oregon Bender, Herman Robert, '41 Yllniversity Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Benward, John Henry, '39 Doernheeler Hospital Portland, Oregon Berger, Elmer Stanley, '44 Doctors'-Dentists' Bldg. Lawton, Oklahoma Berkenbile, Glen Lee, '46 124 Peabody St. N. VV. VVashington, D. C. Bernard, Clarence Rolla., '25 15174 Lasher Road Detroit, Michigan Bernell, William, '42 First National Bank Bldg. Hobart, Okla. Bernstein, Samuel S., '16 Deceased Berry. John Curtis, '37 Cor. Peters and lrlufaula Norman, Okla. Berrey, Leo Alonzo, '16 Deceased Beumer, Oliver Chester, '43 Mc-Arthur Bldg. Oakland 5, Calif. Bilsky, Nathan, '24 7840 La Fon Ave. St. Louis, Mo. Binkley. Frank Carlton, '39 3000 Classen Oklahoma City, Okla. Binkley, James G.. '17 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Birge, Jack Paul, '31 Veterans' Administration Federal Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bishop. Calmes Pearson, '37 24415 S. 3rd St. Muskogee, Okla. Blackert, Dorothy Frances, '44 Y Ellison Infirmary Oklahoma University Norman, Okla. Blair. Jennings Clifford, 2600 Ramona Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif. B'air, John Vance, '21 3700 llpriver ltoad Corpus Christi, Texas Blender. John Xavier, '46 ltf. CMCD. Far Eastern Command, U. S. Army Yokohama, Japan Blinde. Oscar J.. '?F- Sunny Method Ranch VVinthrop, VVash. '39 Wfatonga, Okla. Bolton, Houck Ernst, '43 Bolger-Henry Bldg. Altus, Okla. Bond, Ira Tarlton, '27 8105 Main Duncan, Okla. Bondurant, Charles P., '24 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Bonham, Russell Farber, '26 Box 200 B, Old llichmond ltd. Houston, Texas Boon, Clifton Udonna, '32 Chit-kasha, Okla. Booth, George Randolph, Jr., '44 VVilburton, Okla. Boothby, Paul Revere, '43 Lawrence, Mich. Borecky, George L., '23 2316 N. W. 16th Oklahoma City, Okla. Boswell, William Eugene, '34 411 Colonial Drive Henderson, Texas Bowers, Clayton Neville, '39 U. S. Naval Medical Center VVashington, D. C. Bowie, Carl Walton, '46 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Boyer, Harold Lester, '41 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla, Bozalls, George Sam, '35 Y Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Boyd, Tom Madison, '17 Deceased Bradneld, Eldon Oliver, '36 005 N. 4th Temple, Texas Bradileld, Samuel Jackson, '15 Medical Arts. Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Bradford, Vance Arthur, '38 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. V Bradley, Frank Leo, '36 Eastern Okla. St. Sanatorium Talihina, Okla. Bradley, Harold C., '17 l'errine Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Brady, John Harry, '36 303 Hyde VVay Visalia, Calif. Brake, Charles Arthur, '17 Deceased Brandes, Herman G-., '11 ' Deceased Branham, Donald W., '25 2524 N. W. 25 Oklahoma City, Okla. Brauer, Siegfried Herman, '26 1304 N. 4th St. Norfolk, Va. Braun, Jacob Peter, '30 40115 S. Main Hobart, Okla. Brawner, Luther Clifton, '39 817 Edge Hill Rd. Richmond, Va. Breco, Davis, '33 Deceased Brewer, August M., '27 621 N. W. 10th Oklahoma City, Okla. Brewer, Kenneth Arthur, '30 Brooks General Hosp. Ft. Sam Houston, Texas Brightwell, Gaines Levy, '31 Deceased Brightwell, Richard Justice. '41 1700 Lucas and Hunt Rd. St. Louis 20, Mo. Brittaln, Fanny Lou, '27 tNow Mrs. F. B. Leneyl 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. New Braunfels, Texas Brown, Byron Brandon, '25 Davis, Okla. Brown, Charles Leonard, '21 3401 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, Pa. Brown, Clifford Alton, '43 326 N. E, 15th Oklahoma City, Okla. Brown, DeLon Nello, '45 U. S, Marine Hospital . Baltimore, Md. Brown, Forest Reed, '36 Box 1013 Ant-on, Panama Canal Zone Brown, George McMillan, Jr., '43 Naval Hospital Houston, Texas Brown, Gerster William, '30 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla, Brown, Irwin Hubert, '45 St. Joseph Hospital Milwaukee, VVis. Brown. Isidore Ira, '32 Deaceased Brown, James Winter, '14 Deceased Brown, Leonard Harold, '45 Kennedy Veterans' Hospital Memphis, Tennessee Brown, Olin Edwin, '38 1034 N. Windomere St. Dallas 8, Texas Brown, Spencer Hinton, '40 Ft. Gibson, Okla. Brown, Thomas Guy, '29 Dumas, Texas Brownlee, Leslie G. A., '12 57 N. island, Golden Beach Miami, Florida Brundage, Bert Truman, '36 Box 12 Thomas, Okla. Brundage, Carl L.. '20 2516 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Buchanan, Francis Randall, '41 St. Luke's Hospital Chicago, Ill. Buckholts, Walter Howell, '29 'ZA M. H. Buckholts Duncan, Oklahoma Buell, Arthur Louis, '39 Newman Clinic Shattuck, Okla. Bunington, Fred Courtney, '35 640 Okmulgee St. Norman, Okla. Buford, Elvin Lee, '41 Guyman, Okla. Bugg, Robert Nelson, '43 Tax Court. of the ll. S. A. Box 70 NVashington, D. C. Buice, William Alfred, '30 Deceased Bulla, Gordon G-., '30 1020 lflth St. N. VV. VVashington, D. C. 1 Bullard, Ray Elva, '24 2616 Fort Avenue VVaco, Texas Bungardt, Alfred Hillar, '39 Cordell, Okla. Burg, Fred Allan, '39 2216 7th St. Sanger, Calif. Burgtorf, Richard Herbert, '42 lst Lt. tMt'l q Mt-Closkey Veterans' Hosp. Temple, Texas Burke, Martha Jene, '45 CMrs. M. B. Strickland? Crawford W. Long Memorial Hosp. Atlanta, Ga. Burks, Arthur Lynn, '39 1786 42nd St. D San Francisco, Calif. y SPRINGER CLINIC l V . TULSA, OKLAHOMA 604 Soufh Cincinnafi Phone 5-7I56 Medicine D. O. Snnifh. MD. E. G. l-lyall, M.D. . l-l. A, Ruprechl, MD. I Alberl W. Wallace. MD. Neurology and Psychiairy Tom R, Turner, M.D. Neurosurgery Averill Sfowcll, MD. Urology Karl F. Swanson, MD. Charles A. l-lulse, M.D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throaf Donald L. Mislwler, MD, Or+l1opedlc Surgery Charles E. Brighlon, MD. General Surgery Carl l-lolz, MD. Obsfeirics and Gynecology F. D, Sinclair, MD. Pecliafrics G. R. Russell, MD. Luvern l-lays, MD. Anesrhesia M. R. Slcol, M.D. VYTTWTY W N ' ' nlgn 'vi' 'T . Ig, I 3 TLACINC Srlrgwu COMPLETE CLINIC FACILITIES Andre B Carney M D ICS PACS R C Ray MD FICS Mcdzcmc I-I W Ford MD C ardzologrj and Internal Mcdzgznl :mes C Peters MD 915 South Cmcmnatx Tulsa Dklahoma Telephone 4 0177 MISS Bettye Adams Dlrector A D MWSOD Buslmss MIIIIQLF Nuzroloqu md Internal Mcd1c1r1c O L Hull MD X Ralf and Gd stro cntcrology Earl M Lusk MD Eye Ear Nose and Throat Obstcfrzcs E W Reynolds M Dcnfzstry Ch ulcs H Cvlass D D S l l l l Paul Shackellord. A W' M' longs' M'D' l j - A , ' '. . .D. , Ia '-"-'Wil' 2' l Burleson, Kepson Ned, '31 Box 656 Prague, Oklahoma Burnett, Hal Arthur, '43 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. , Burnett, Jack Frost, '39 , 6412 Glenrose Court Dallas, Texas Busboom, Robert Gray, '46 17 Mackis Ave., Simonsdale Portsmouth, Va. Bush, Jordan Morgan, Jr., '39 124 Fairview Ponca City, Okla. Butcher, John Mack, '36 2111 S. Osprey Sarasota, Fla. Buttram, Clarence Abram, '38 1016 4th Street Santa llosa, Ualif, Butts, Imogene Cltayileldj, '33 Holdenville, Okla. Galley, Leo F., '25 Rt. 1, Box 280 Oklahoma City, Okla. Cain, James Henry, '42 Hoffman, Minn. Cales, John Othal, '42 Grand Uentral 'l'ei'minal, Suite 464 Harrison and Wells Chic-ago, Ill. Callahan, John Stanley, '24 W'illiurton, Okla. Campbell, James Alonzo, '15 Young Building Dothan, Ala. Cavanaugh, William Johnson, '20 2029 48th Ave. Meridian, Miss. Cavener, Jessie Lee, '39 913 VVelch Little Rock, Ark. Cawley, Francis Patrick, '44 Capt., U. S. N. N. Y, Port of Embarkation Brooklyn, N, Y. Cawley, John Joseph, '38 1421 7th St. Bakersfield, Calif. Chaflln, Zale, '36 Deceased Chambers, Evander Evans, '40 Enid Cline Enid, Okla. Chandler, Herbert Norman, '46 5907 Richmond Dallas, Texas Chapman, Paul Benton, '46 Route 2 Vicksburg, Mic-h. Charney. Lou1s'n., 'za Medival Arts Oklahoma City, Okla. Chatterjee, Surendra N., '19 Address Unknown Cheatwood. William Randolph. '37 Patterson Clinic Dunean, Okla. Chesher. Earl Clifford, '28 7 VVarwick Avo. Scarsdale, N. Y. Childers. Stanley Gray, '45 Campbell, James Franklin, '28 629 EmD0Y'iH 2703 Scott Ave. Fort Worth, Texas Campbell, John Roy, '35 5223 S. Oakes Tacoma, Wash. Campbell, William J., '39 Univ. of Virginia liosp. Ric-hmond, Va. Canada, J. Clayton, '29 1121 N. NV. 13th Oklahoma City, Okla. Cantrell, David Emerson, Jr., '34 Box 278 Healdton, Okla. Cantrell, Emma Jean, '33 Box 278 llealdton, Okla. Cantrell, Roy Poster, Capt., '28 U. S. Naval Hosp. Sampson, N. Y. Cantrell, William Howard, '40 Deceased Capehart, John Daniel, '46 4617 DeRussy Pkwy. Chevy Chase, Md. Capehart, Hanrlce Phillip, '44 4935 Drexel Blvd. Chicago 16, Ill. Carleton, Lawrence H., '17 751 Fisher Building Detroit, Mir-h. Carlton, Theodore. '46 U.S.l'.H. Service Hosp. Ft. NNYOTUI, Texas Carr, William Austin, '18 Meriam, Kansas Carson, John lt., '36 17 E. Ayre Shawnee, Okla. Carter, Claude, '32 'lb Wm. Carter Ada, Oklahoma Carter, Herschel Gray, '43 1869 Medical Arts Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn. Casey, Earle Addison, '35 917 Bridge lid. San Leandro, Calif. Casey, Robert Elsworth, '45 lvlll. Beaumont Hospital El Paso, Texas Cash, Gerolis Shelton, '40 St. Luke's Hospital San Francisco, Calif. Casper, Pete D., '46 St. Anthony Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Casper, Stark Michael, '23 Deceased Cassidy, John Hccarty, '31 Sq, E, 3543 AAFBU AAF Military Training Ctr. San Antonio, Texas Castronovo, Joseph, '29 555 Broadway Providence, ll. I. Cate, William B., '09 Deceased, 10-18-34 Muskogee, Okla. Childress, Marvin Allen, '45 1421 Franklin Ave. Waco, Texas Choice, Robert Williams, '38 VVakita. Okla. Christian. Paul Christopher, '14 Adams Hotel Pampa, Texas Chumlev. Chonner Polk, '16 Vinita, Okla. Clanln, James Olin. '31 Limon Hospital Limon, Colo. Clark. Ben Prestrid,-ze, '34 Gadsten, Alabama Clark. John V. 301 S. W, 23rd St. Oklahoma City. Okla. Clark. Raluh 0. 301 S. W. 23rd St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Clarkson. Alwin Marshall, '26 Mei'ry's Dru: Store Valliant, Okla. Clay. Richard Allen. '43 Address Unknown Clift. Merl Cecil. '23 1117 W. Rek Ave. Blackwell, Okla. Clopton. James W.. '45 U. S. Marine Corps Peiping, China Clymer, John H.. '44 Oklahoma Pity. Okla. Coates. R-usie R... '37 506 Okla, National Rank Tlltlg. Chic-kasha. Okla. Cochran, Env L., '19 Box' 176 Caddo, Okla. Coen, James R.. '27 Littlefield Hospital Littlefield. Texas Cohen. Eugene S.. '46 Harper Hospital Detroit, Mich. Cohen. Samuel L.. '43 1Dec.j 2332 N. Central Phoenix, Arizona Coil. Jenner G.. '46 311 Biaveoiek St. San Antonio, Texas Coker, John K.. Jr., '34 400 Poolar Bakersfield, Calif. Cole. Orville W.. '30 Professional Bldg. Sth K Pine Long Reach, Calif. Cole, William C., '41 Lawton, Okla. Collins. Glenn J., '35 630 S. 3rd Street McAlester, Okla. Collins. Herbert D., '26 Colyar, A. B., '41 State Health Department Oklahoma City, Okla. Combs, L. D. Davenport, Iowa Conn, J. Harold Veterans' Hospital Mc-Kinney, Texas Connell, Matt A., '32 330 "F" St. N. W. Miami, Okla. Conners, 'Thomas P., '37 Tonasket, Wash. Connor, Edwin E., '26 208 W. Shaw Pasadena, Texas Conrad, Betty L., '44 Infirmary, Okla. ASLM Stillwater, Okla, Conrad, Loyal Lee, '43 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Cook, Charles E., Jr., '42 Weleetka, Okla. Cook, Edward T., Jr., '38 :J03 VV. Alabama Ave. Anadarko, Okla. Cook, Odis A.. '31 300 XV. Taliaferro Madill, Okla. Cooke, Everette E.. '43 V. S. Naval Hospital Paris Island, S. C. Cooley. Ben H., '21 2020 VVashington St. El Paso, Texas Cooley, Percy P., '23 110 South Lewis Street Monroe, Wash. Cooper, Alice C.. '38 CNoW Mrs. Ferdinand? 307 Margaret Avenue Peoria, Ill. Copeland, Edwin K., '30 617 Cross St, VVoodland, Calif. Copeland. Evan L., '44 210 Sherwood Decatur, Michigan Coppedge, Orville N., '33 401 Allgood Rd. Marietta, Ga. Corbett. Louis B., '24 704 Dallas Houston 2, Texas Corbin. D. Elliott, '29 633 Gravilla Street La Jolla, Calif. Cordonnler. Byron J., '32 Enid, Okla. Cornelson. Ernest E.. '43 QM! Sibley Hospital Washington, D. F. Cosby. Glenn W., '43 Mining' Exchange Miami, Oklahoma Coston. Ralls Hckinney, '29 2012 Tenth Avenue Birmingham, Ala. Cotteral. John B., '29 301 N. Tenth llenryetta. Okla. Cotton. Bert H.. Jr.. '37 120 S. Lashy Drive Beverly Hills, Calif. Cotton. William W.. '35 114 N. Pennsylvania Atoka, Okla. Cowlinxr. Robert E., '35 515 West 23rd Ada, Okla. Cox. Arlo Kenneth. '32 Watonga Clinic VVatonga, Okla. Coyle. John J.. '43 txayl University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Craft. Wilma E. fstatlordj, '33 1618 Charleston Ave. Mattoon, lil. Crane, Francis S., '33 1'niversity Infirmary Norman, Oklahoma Crawford. Sterling T.. St. Luke's Hospital Chicago, Ill. Crick, Lloyd E., '34 209 E. Everest Britton, Okla. Crockett. Herbert G., '34 511 South Bonnie Brae Los Angeles, Calif. '42 Culwell, William B., '38 National Institute of Health U. S. P. H. Service Federal Correctional Institution Seagoville, Texas Cunningham, Charles D., '38 Ardmore, Oklahoma Cunningham, Charles S., '45 l', S. Navy Recruiting Station Des Moines, Iowa Cunningham, Curtis B., '35 814 Frisco Clinton, Okla. Cunningham, Hugh Alex., '34 22A West Michetoreno Santa Barbara, Calif. Cunningham, John A., '36 Medical Arts Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Curb, Delos G., '33 Box 382 Albany, Texas Curry. Roy Lee, '31 Box 837 Clovis, N. Mex. Curtis, Selvie J., '28 4824 E. 18th Denver 7, Colo. Curtlss. William P., '46 12297 Vllade St. Detroit, Michigan Cushman, Harry R.. '35 101 16th Avenue, N. E. St. Petersburg, Fla. Dailey, Charles E., '10 316 Colcord Bidet. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Daily. Raymond I-I., '32 Bixby, Okla. Dakll, Louis N., '36 Mc-Alester Clinic Mc'Alester, Okla. Danielson, Arthur D., '32 315 S. Broadway llerington, Kansas Darden. Paul H.. '42 425 N. E. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Dardls, Walter T.. Sr., 'll Deveased, 3-18-42 Dardis. Walter '.I.'., Jr.. '45 l'. S. V. A. Hospital Muskogee, Okla. Darnell, Elmer E., '11 ' Colony, Okla. Darrough, James B., '33 10115 S. Wilson Street Vinita, Okla. Darrough, John W.. '30 Medic-al-Dental Building 1431 Grand Everett, VVash. Darrow. Robert S., '39 5020 Montreal Plaza Hotel l-louston, Texas Davidson. Wallace N., '19 10416 South Harrison Pushing, Okla. Davie. Eugene N.. '40 Farmington, N. Mex. Davie, Victor v.. '43 Cllayl Naval Base Pensacola, Fla. Davis, Charles F., '14 Rox 143 Lansing, Kansas Davis, Emmer P., '12 Medical Consultant Board of Veterans' Apneals Veterans' Administration 2217 42nd Street. N. VV. Washingto.n, D. C. Davis. George F., '16 Kanopolis, Kansas Davis, George M., '39 Bixby, Okla. Davis, Guy C., '46 143 Arlington l'0l'tSl'Il0Utl1, Va. Davis, John B.. '35 505 Times Building Long Beach, Calif. Davis. Joseph Paul, '42 330 East Olive Street Turlock, Calif. Davis, Wesley W.. '41 302 Okla. National Bldg. Cfhickasha. Okla. Davis, William 0.. '43 fltayj Cushing, Okla. Davison. Chester 0., '15 Fulton Court 1 Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Deceased Cullen. Marvin L., '43 1Dec.l Dawson, Clarence Colverb, James R., '41 Woodward. Okla. Benton. '43' 400 N. W. 10th Culmer, A. E., Jr.. '40 University HOSD1t3lS Oklahoma City, Okla. Grand Falls. N. Dak. Oklahoma City 4, Okla. Dawson, Ora. O., '12 Deceased 3-20-43 Day, Ben Hill, '12 Deceased Dean, William P., '26 525 N. Beard Ada. Okla. DeArman, Thomas H., '38 Deceased Denton, David G., '27 San Benito, Texas Delland, Francis A., '17 Deceased 2-11-43 Demas, Ross P., '46 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. de Heules, Edgar A., Jr., '38 3933 Chowen So. Minneapolis 10, Minn. Denny, Lawrence A., '46 Lt. tj. g.3, Naval Hospital Great Lakes, Ill. Dennis, James L., '40 660 20th Street Merced, Calif. Dennis, Robert P., '45 VVesley Hospital Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Denyer, H. E.. '41 512 Union National Rank Bldg llartlesville, Okla. Derorte. Seymour, '19 First National Bldg. Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Deputy, Boss. '35 Clinton, Okla. Dersch, Walter H., '17 616 Medival Arts Building Oklahoma City, Okla. Dersch, Walter H.. Jr., '45 1 1037 N. E. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. , Devanney , Phil J., '31 Sayre, Okla. Devore. John W., '45 1 Lt.. BLU., I7.S.A. Mc-Dill Field, Fla, Diaz. C. J. H.. '29 4705 S. Shields Oklahoma City, Okla. Dillingham. Cecil H.. Jr., '43 Lt. fj.1'I.l, Biff. Navy Ref-ruiting Station P. O. Building Huntington, W. Va. Dillman. Robert E.. '46 ll. S. Naval Hospital Seattle, Wash. Dillman. Theodore E., '46 lf. s. Naval Hospital l Seattle, Wash. Dixon. James L., '40 Graduate School I'niversity of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minn. Dixon, Robert W., '44 110 Station Hospital P. O. 58 72- P.M., New York, N, Y. Dodson, George E.. '40 2952 N. Summit Milwaukee, VHS. Dodson, Harrell C.. '41 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Dolph, C. R., '26 Baytown, Texas Donald, Ernst W., '42 124 N. Osage Caldwell, Kansas Donnell, John, '43 fDecJ '421 N. Base Street Norman, Okla. Dorrough, John L., '15 Haileyville, Okla. Dorsey. Elizabeth. '36 CMl's. Robert H. GUWJ 641 S. Belmont VVin-hita, Kansas Dougan, Archie P., '36 Enid, Oklahoma Dougherty, Virgil P., '24 901 West 23rd Oklahoma City, Okla. Dowdy, K. R., '40 Everett, VVash. Dowell, Carr Thomas, Jr., '29 Dem-aserl-3-25-41 Dowling, William J., '46 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Downing, Joseph J., '46 Los Angeles County Hospital Los Angeles, Calif. Dozler, B. E., '23 Shidler, Okla. Drake, John Shahan, '42 Raymondville, Texas THE CUYNE CAMPBELL SANITARIUM, INC. ESTABLISHED IN 1939 N. E. 23rd and SPENCER ROAD OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA FOR TREATMENT or NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISORDERS W BEN BELL M D I H BARTHOLD Business Manager V COYNE H. CAMPBELL, M. D., F. A. C. P. KATHLEEN RISHER, R. N., Supervisor BONE AND ICINT HOSPITAL MCBRIDE CLINIC 605 N. W. 10th ST. OKLAHOMA CITY A Standardlzed Hospltal For Orthopedlc: Surgery cmd Fractures STAFF EARL D MCBRIDE M D ELIAS MARGO M D HOWARD B SHORBE M D Industnal Surgery WILLIAM L WALDROP M D ArthrIt1s Research Laboratory for Rheumatlc: Dlseases STAFF WM K ISHMAEL M D OPAL RITTERSBACHER R N I R STACY M D MR IOHN L RYAN Physlotheraplst C E BABCOCK Busmess Manager LUCILE. BLACHLY: M. D: MARY DUFFY, M. T. K Dreher, Henry S., '15 S51 Highland Salina, Kansas Drennan, Stanley Lewis, 510 N. W. 26th Oklahoma City, Okla. Drew, May Adah, '13 iM1's. May D. La Torraj Apartment 35 1377 Bannock Street Denver, Colo. Dlummond, N. Robert, '36 Medical Arts Building' fJkl2lhOlUH, City, Okla. Dudley, Alberta Webb CN.l'rs.J, '42 Medil-:Ll Arts Building' Oklahoma City, Okla. Duer, .Toe L., '32 Xx7O0dXVEl1'd, Okla. Duewa,11, Rudolph I-I., '38 N0l'11l2l,l'l, Oklahoma Duff, Fralis L., '39 2042 N. E. 28th Oklahoma City, Okla. Dugger, James A., '46 U.S.N. Unit VVhite Sands, N. Mex. Dunbar, Milton J., '19 103W E. 9th 'Winf1cld, Kansas Duncan, Cloyce L., '46 Central Stale Hospital Norman, Oklzlhmna Duncan, Darrell G., '28 Deceased 3-10-40 Duncan, Robert W., '36 Okemah, Okla. Dunnington, William G., '34 Cherokee, Okla. Dunton, Loren A., '45 438 N. E. Terrace Miami, Okla. Dupree, Harry L., '36 521 N. W. 11th flklilllfblnlllil, City, Okla. V Dutton, Adena C., '26 Clay and Webster Stme-ts San Frzmcisuo, Calif, Hades, Dee William, '30 12 Kingsbury St. Louis, Mo. Earls, C'ha,r1es Henry, '33 609 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla, Earnheart, Harold E., '29 4115 Packers Ave. Clxicago 9, Ill. East, John Prather, '37 Milwaukee Uounty Hosp. Milwaukee, VVis. Eastland, William Edgar, '23 Medical Arts Building Oklahoma City 2, Oklzl, '41 Eberhart, Marjorie Graham, '30 CNOW MVS. Morrison! 20005 Littlefield Detroit 21, Mich. Ilchols, Raymond S., '43 928 Strand Galveston, Texas Edwards, ZMa,'r1in Dale, '45 408 N. E.13t,h Oklahoma City, Okla. Eley, Julia S., f44 Memorial Hospital Houston. Texas Eley, Norphleete P., '22 400 N. W. 10111 Oklahoma City 3, Okln. Elkin, William Paul, '35 224 Medical Arts Bldg. Chzlrleston, VV. Va. Elkins, Marvin, '38 Barnes Building Muskogee, Okla. Elliott, Arthur F., '45 1511 E. Broadway Enid, Okla. Ellis, Leonard J.. '42 4601 Reeves Drive Oklahoma City, Okla. Ellis. Richard A., '45 915 Hickory Duncan, Oklahoma Ellison, G., Jr., '40 Pzmwhuska, Okla. Emanuel, Roy Il., '26 1502 So. 17th 17l1iL-liuslm, Okla. Emenhiser, Lee K., '31 3444 N. VV. 19th Oklahoma City, Okla. England, Myron C.. '36 1509 18th Street NVoodward, Okla. Ensey, James E., '28 208 Barger Henry Bldg. Altus, Oklahoma Epley, Verne C-, '42 229 So. Michigan l'1'ai1'ie du Chien, VVis, Erwin, Paul D., '46 Lt. Cj.,'-TJ, M.C., USNR CVE 122 APO, New York USS Palau Eskridge, James B., Jr., '21 Oslel' Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Eskridge, James IB., III, '45 324 N. 16th VVz1c0, Texas Estes, Jesse F., '26 Mondm-inn State Hospital 'l':Ll1uudge, Calif. Evans, Alfred M., '30 Perry, Okla. Evans, Leo R., '27 Address Unknown Evans, Logan Illk, '16 Ft. Meyers, Fla. Evans, Robert E., '34 Deceased 12-31-40 I'a,g'in, Herman, '23 2801 N. VV. 22nd Oklahoma City, Okla. Fair, Ellis E., '41 505 Medical Arts l!ldg'. Oklahoma City, Okla. Faris, Brunel D., '27 Mvdival Arts Building' Oklahoma City, Okla. Farnam, L. M., Jr., '39 208 E. Young Elma, Wash. Farr, Louise R., '43 1Dec.j Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma, City, Okla. Farris, Edward M.. '41 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Faulkner, M. S., '43 DPL-eased S-9-45 Faust, Hush I-I., '40 Benton Co. Bank Bldg. Corvallis, Oregon Felts. George R., '32 483 30th Street Oakland, California Ferguson, Edmund G. Jr., '29 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla, Ferguson, Lawrence W., '28 4325 "D" Avenue Lawton, Okln, Fife. Phillip R.. '43 CDec.1 62nd Field Hospital Gurnvisvh, Germany APO 147, New York Finch. James William, '31 Okluhomnn Bldg: Hobart, Oklzl, I'in1ey. I-I. Webb. '12 McLean, Texas First, Francis R.. Jr. iThm'0t,ah, Oklahoma ritz. Rudolph G.. '20 Fzlirhnnks, Alaska Flanigin. Herman F., Jr. '43 fDecJ PSN Hospital 1-:l'9lHPl'tUI1. VV:lSh. Fleetwood. Doyle H., '41 315 S. Hmadwzxy lfdmond, Oklahoma Flood. Robert, '41 1900 San Ramon Rerkvley, Calif. Florence, John. '43 CMa.yj YVNI Rogers Memorial Hosp Oklahoma City, Okla. Florence. Robert W., '41 110516 S,11th 'Hu-oma, VVash. Fluhr. William F.. '43 fDecD Vellrlrnns Uosnitul VVi1l llogsfrws Field Oklahoma City. Okla. Foerster, Hervey A.. '27 Medic-all Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okln. Ford, Frederick R.. '44 Cant.. MC.. O-1774977 382 Station Hospital APO 901 Savannah, Georgia Ford. Harry C.. '33 Nedim-nl Arts Bldg: Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Ford. Joseph W., '31 1101 Forrest Avenue Gadsden, Georgia Ford, Richard B.. '28 Deceased, 11-30-46 Forester, Virgil R., '44 lst Lt., Army 305 Army Building San Antonio, Texas Forsythe, Thomas G., '26 Allen, Okla. Poster, Lloyd G., '34 101 N. Cooper Silver City, N. M. Fox, Fred T., '30 23215 E. Main Norman, Okla. Fox, William W., '26 Norman, Okla. Francis, John W., '11 Perry, Okla. Francisco, P. G., '16 Buss Building Enid, Okla. Preede, Charles L., '45 204 Avenue "A" Redondo Be:u:l1, Calif, Preede, Henry J., '42 The Hobt. Jones QQ Agnus Hunt Orth. Hosp. Slmrulwshire, England Freeman, Charles W., '41 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. rriea, David, '40 212 Hays-Kennedy Bldg. Blackwell, Okla. Fry, Francis Polk, '36 109 N. 15th 1+'1'ede1'ick, Okla. Fry, Powell E., '34 Stillwzlter, Okla. Fryer, S. R., '33 1912 N. W. 18th Oklahoma City, Okla. Fuhring, Shirley A., '32 Home Town Union City, Okla. Puller, William Banks, '23 Deceased, 8-S-45 Funk, G. D., '33 Deceased, 2-26-42 Gable, James J., '15 Sunset Drive, Rt. 3 Vista, Calif. Gable, James J., Jr., '42 NVill lingers Memorial Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Gable, Tom G., '43 'Z Rox 847 South Hadly, Mass, G-addis Herman W '36 05 Medivzrl Professiongd Bldg, Corpus Christi, Texas Gallagher, Clarence A., '37 610 N. W. 9th Oklahoma, City, Okla. Gardiner, Howard G., '35 925 S. Human Ave. Cl1ic-ago, Tll. Gardner, Elsworth L., '35 710 Miner Bldg. Eugene, Oregon Garlin, Jack B., '45 Lt. Ij.:,D, USMC Supply Depot Barstow, Calif. G-arlington, Elmer F., '15 1213 S. Sth Street Las Vegas, Nevada G-a.rnie'r, William H., '35 Doc-tors' Building Madisonville, Ky. Garrison, Dale A., '40 1114 Hayward Avenue Bremerton, Wash. Garside, G. E., '23 2155 Cleveland Avenue Chicago, 111. Gastineau. Clifford F., '43 810 W. Center Rochester, Minn, Gastineau, Felix T., '18 731 S. Tlif-hmfmd Tulsa, Okla. Gayman, Byron R., '24 lit. 5, Box 445 Muskogee, Okla. G-a.yman, Mark W., '17 Hominy, Okla. G-ayman. Samuel E., '12 Deceased G-eigerman, David, '44 Lt.. M.C. APO 27008,-X. 92 DM. San Francisvo, Callf. G-entry, Raymond C., '32 G11 Union Nat'l Bank Bldg. Tlalrtlesville, Okla. George, Joseph M., '21 12015 Main Street Quanah, Texas Gephardt. Maurice Carl 1853 W. Polk St. Chicago 12, Ill. Gerard, Rene G., '43 fDec.j Stephenville Hosp. SL Clinic Stephenville, Texas G- Ghormley, James G., '34 626 E. Blackwell Blackwell, Okla. G-ibbens, Murray E., '38 1311 Steele St. Denver, Colo. Gibbs, Allen G., '32 521 N. VV. 11th Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Gibson, Robert B., '15 407 Community Bldg, Ponca City, Okla. Giesen, Andrew P., '25 212 W. Sth Radford, Va. Gilbert, John B., '43 Clvllayj 407 Community Bldg. Ponca City, Okla. Gilliland, James 0., '32 519 Street Herrington, Kansas Gilliland, Lloyd N., Jr., '40 910 South Ninth Temple, Texas G-ingles, Chafrles H., '36 Lt. Col., M.C. Nvnlter Reed General Hosp. Vhmshington, D. C. GI-ingles, Robert I-I., '36 'l'ah1equ:xh, Okla. Glasgow, Jack G., '42 51512 N. VV. 41st Bethany, Okla. G-lismann, John David, '46 lst Lt., O-935552 C-PS CMD, APO 503 Sam Franccisco, Calif. Goddard, Roy K., '12 Skiatook, Okla. Godfrey, James T., Jr., '40 11-2 East Main Ardmore, Okla. G-oerke, Lenor S., '36 City Health Dept. Los Angeles, Calif, Goggin, Chester W., '41 2112 North Indiana .Ave. Los Angeles, Callf, Goldfeder, Jesse, '24 801 Peoples Bank Bldg. Tyler, Texas Goldner, Abraham, '16 1548 43rd Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Gonzales, Juan Samson, '27 318 Oak Street Nogales, Ariz. Goodman, A. R., '17 Deceased, 8-18-42 Goodman, George L., '27 441 Main Street Yukon, Okla. Goodman, Hubert T., '36 310 Opera House Bldg. Terre Haute, Ind. G-orby, Alvin L., '25 221 W. Boeing Ave. Oklahoma City 10, Okla. Gordon. James M., '27 204 Gilbert Bldg. Ardmore, Okla. Gore, Dorothy E.. '45 Rim-hlzlnd County Hosp. Columbia. S. C. Gorrell. Benjamin I'., '45 1109 Medical Arts Tulsa, Okla. Grady, Charles W., '18 Veterans' Hospital Roanoke, Va. Graham, Rex M., '42 410 Bay Street Miami, Okla. Graham. Robert N., '26 200 Edna Del Rio, Texas Graham, Stephen H., '15 M. AQ Clinic Lzwedo, Texas Gray. Floyd, '28 Oslex' Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. raybill. Charles S., 'Q3 fMa.yj University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Green, Paul A., "16' Indianapolis City Hospital Indianapolis, Ind. Greer, Allen E., '42 708 E. 120th Cleveland, Ohio Greer, Rex E., '33 2650 WViSc-onsin Ave., N. VV. Nvashington, D. C. Gregston, Jack L., '45 Marlow, Oklahoma G-rigsby, Orville L., '45 Lt., M.C. 2317 Garden Springs Spokane, Wash. Gross, Francis W., '37 Comdr. CM.C.J, U.S.N. USN Hospital Bethseda, Md. Guify, Joseph, L., '33 Hillsboro, Texas Guild, Carl H., Sr. Box 245 Shidler, Okla. Guild, Carl H., Jr., '44 Newcumberland, Pu. Gullatt, Ennis M., '32 106 E. 13th Ada, Okla. Guss, Louis, '41 H. F. D. No. 4 Norwich, Conn. Guthrey, George H., '44 2817 Illinois Topeka, Kansas Guthrie, John A., '17 114V2 South Wood Neosho, Mo. G-utsche, Paul W., Jr., '35 Hurst-Snyder Hospital Hazard, Kentucky I-Iackler, Harold W., '33 State Hospital Norman, Okla. I-Iackler, John F., '33 S01 N. E. 13th Street Oklahoma City 4, Okla. Haddock, James L., Jr., '32 T20 Classeu Norman, Okla. Haldeman, .Tack C., '37 707 Pier Marquette New Orleans, La. Hale, Arthur E., '45 Veterans' Hospital Waco, Texas Hale, Forrest H., '25 Cherokee, Okla. Hall, G-ordy C., '09 Deceased 1-Ia.11, Robert M., '38 737 Eudora Denver, Colo. Hallendorf, Leonard C., '42 292 Burnside Muscatine, Iowa Hamby, Wallace B., '28 210 Ruskin Road Eggertsville 21, N. Y. Hamilton, James, '35 536 Highland Avenue Greensburg, Pu. Hamilton, Mary W., '27 536 Highland Avenue Greensburg, Pa. Hamilton, Robert L., '25 Box 216 Sand Springs, Okla. Hamilton, Samuel H., '09 Non, Okla. Hammond, James H., '37 Georgetown, Pu. Hampton, James B., '44 Brooks Hospital Fort Sam Houston, Texas Hamra, Henry M., '37 1307 Francis Drive Burger, Texas Hancock, Allison R., '19 601-3 East Broadway Gludewuter, Texas Haney, Arthur C. 108 N. Denver Ave. Russellville, Ark. Haney, Arthur H., '27 Deceased 4-29-37 Hansen, Arthur T., '25 Crusoe Bldg. Borger, Texas Hanson, Orcina. Harry, 28 2142 Huntington San Marino, Calif. Hanson, Paul J., '36 2146 Huntington Drive San Marino 9, Calif. I-Iardmam, Thomas J., '34 502 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Hardy, Samuel I., '44 8305 N. E. Pacific St. Portland, Oregon Harff, John Raymond, '18 3178 East 93131 Cleveland, Ohio Hargrove, Fred T., '34 323W Broadway Monnett, Mo. Harmon, Thomas F., '35 508 South Sixth Street Springfield, Ill. Harms, Edwin M., '34 215 Delrose Wichita, Kansas Harms, Frank L., '39 Aberdeen, Idaho I 4 I -3 I ,448 s. Emily Hewitt, Perry E., Jr., '37 Holdenville. Okla. Harms, Harold H., '41 Shi1'ly Hospital 62 W. Adams Detroit, Mich. Harrel, Don G., '36 930 N. Edgesfield Dallas, Texas Harris, Clyde E., '43 24th and Classen Oklahoma City, Okla. Harris, Prank M., '31 Deceased, 12-2-43 Harris, George G., '17 Helena, Okla. Harris, Henry W., '27 323 Osler Building Oklahoma City 3, Okla. Harris, Richard L., '45 Veterans' Hospital Waco, Texas Harrison, Alexander V., '39 Deceased, 3-16-44 Harrison, Lynn H., '40 3232 N. VV. 25th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Hart, Mabel M. 1EckstedtJ, '28 2529 S. Boston Place Tulsa, Okla. Hart, Marshall 0., '27 1228 S. Boulder Tulsa, Okla. Hartford, Walter K., '40 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Hassler, P. R., '37 6452 East Madison Oklahoma City, Okla. C., '35 Hassler, Grace Medical Arts Building Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Hathaway, Euel P., '29 4305 "D" Street Lawton, Okla. Hawes, Charles R., '46 Norman, Okla. Haygood, Charles W., '35 624 N. Broadway Shawnee, Okla. Haynes, Charles E., '15 311 W. 245th New York 63, N. Y. Haynie, Weldon K., '33 508 West Main Durant, Okla. Hays, Marvin B., '45 Veterans' Admin. Hospital North Little Rock, Ark. Hays, P. L., '14 Vinita, Okla. '31 510 Medical Arts Oklahoma City, Okla. Hearin. 'James T., '45 L'.S.P. H. Service Marine Hospital Baltimore, Md. Helligman, Haskell, '31 Box 36 Overton, Texas Hellman, Elwood Hess, '41 Ida Grove, Iowa Hellams, Alfred A., '38 Elgin State Hospital Elgin, Ill. Henderson, Ernest A., '38 Opileka, Ala. Hazel, 0. G., 111515 West Broadway Muskogee, Okla. Highland, John E., '39 428 Street, N. VV. Miami, Okla. Hilbig, Albert L., '30 523 N. Washington Liberal, Kansas Hilderbrand, Harold E., '43 KMayl Rockport, Texas Hinshaw, J. Raymond, '46 Oxford University, England Hinshaw, Jacob R., '21 Third and Chadick McAlester, Okla. Hirschfeld, Herman, '35 133 East 58th Street New York City sneaky, ri-aux, .11-., '46 Station Hospital Fort Sam Houston San Antonio, Texas Hobgood, Richard G., '45 Post Surgeon's Office 6"0th Medical Post ' Q00 fa PM.C. A.P.O. No. . , .. San Francisco, Calif. Hodgson, Clella M., '27 214 7th Street Kingfisher, Okla. Hotfer Maxine Ruth, '41 fN'ow Mrs. Reiffb 1444 VVashington Heights Ann Arbor, Michigan Hohl, James F., '44 Strand, Okla. Hollingsworth, P. W., '44 Captain. M.C. 1012 N. W. 30th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Hollingsworth. Robert S., '37 ndren Walter S. J'r., '41 He , , 1216 S. VV. 37th Oklahoma City, Okla. Henke, Joseph R., '37 Southwestern Institute of Technology VVeatherford, Okla. ID.. '22 Henley, Marvin Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa., Okla. Henry Colvern D., '26 707,Medical Arts San Antonio, Texas Henry, Russell C... '40 Harvard University Cambridge, Mass. M '44 Henson, Minnie ., I I1 fNow Mrs. Sidney Kap a 1030 East Maine Enid, Okla. Herrington. David J., 'l Texas City, Texas ! 7 Herrington. Van Dolph. 2 Herrington Hospital Pryor, Okla. Hermann, Jess D., '31 1147 N. W. 38th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hesser, James M., '41 Hesser Clinic Box 456 Benson, Arizona J Rockford, Illinois Hou, Robert P.. '43 1Dec.j Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. Holtz. Harvey E., '34 4105 Live Oak Street Dallas, Texas Homer, John L.. '35 Deceased, 1937 Hood. Frederick R., '30 300 N. VV. 19th Oklahoma City. Okla. Hood. James 0.. '31 101 E. Eufala Norman, Okla. Hoot, Melvin P.. '34 Fourth and Elm Streets Greenville. N. C. Hoot, Paul M.. '31 1 4806 Adams Ave. San Diego, Calif. Hoover. Jesse James. '25 Deceased, 1930 or 1931 Hoover. Richard D.. '45 10216 N. W. 24th Oklahoma City, Okla. Hoover. Wilkie D.. '33 201 Stanolind Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Hopus. Howard C., '37 R01 N. E. 13th Oklahoma City 4, Okla. Horn. John E.. '41 2715 Oklahoma Muskogee, Okla.. Horne, Malcolm. '46 Tfniversity Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Hoshall. Prank A.. '30 90 Murray Blvd. Charleston 21, S. C. Hott. Sahert A.. '42 2161 S. VV. Yarnhill Portland 5. Oregon Hough. Jack Van Doren '43 fDec.l 301 N. VV. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. House. Rex C.. '33 C neral Hosp Hubbard, William E., '43 fMayl 207 N. Broadway Tipton, Okla. Hubbard, William E. '43 lMayj Frederick, Okla. Hubbell, Miriam, '35 100 E. Harriet Ave. Johnson, Alpha L., '26 516 S, Choctaw El Reno, Okla. Hudson, Kenneth E., Altadena, Calif. Huber, Walter A., '19 Medical Arts Tulsa, Okla. Huckins, Maurice, Jr. '43 CMayJ 623 North 10th Durant, Okla. '38 Yale, Okla. if max 1-1 r, '43 fDec.J H11 , . . 11 N. W. 21st 10 Oklahoma City, Okla. l Huff, Rheba La Lora, 38 fMrs, M. D. Edwardsl 408 N. E. 13th Oklahoma City, Okla. Huff, Richard D., '39 d , Sanitarium Chestnut Lo -ge Brooke fe . . t n, Texas Ft. Sam Hous o Howard. Herbert H.. '42 2729 Lubbock Street Fort VVorth, Texas Howard. M. G.. '16 0331 West Vvisconsin Ax Milwaukee, VVIS. Howard. Robert B., '36 216 Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. I-Iovt. Johnathan. '-37 VValdron Hospital Waldron, Ark. Hubbard, Ralph W., '32 1501 N. E. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. 'EL Rockville, Md. Huff, Thomas J., '42 Vlfalters, Okla. Huggins, James R., '33 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Hughes, Barbara Jean, '42 CMrs. Grayb Box 443, Pageton, W. Va. Hulen, Charles R., '09 Milo, Oklahoma Hull, Wayne McKinley, '32 104 South 39th Street Omaha, Nebraska hre James H , '32 Hump Y. . Mooreland, Okla. Hunter, Buel Ray, '21 Mangum, Okla. Huskins, James D., '38 Siloam Springs, Ark. Huston. Henry E., '17 905 S. Grand Cherokee, Okla. Hyer, J. V., '26 Garber, Okla. Hyroop. Gilbert L.. '27 Percy .Tones Hospital Battle Creek, Mich. Ingalls, George S.. '36 700 N. Charles Baltimore, Md. Ingle. John D.. '43 fMayj 2712 N. W. 46th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Irby, J. P.. '28 Altus, Okla. S.. '32 Irvine, George 9333 East 14th Street Oakland, Calif. Irwin. Winston H.. '37 1500 Walnut Hill Circle Birmingham, Md. Isaacks, Hub E., '30 Cleveland. Texas Ishmael. Wm. Knowlton, 1500 Glenwood Oklahoma City, Okla. Jackson. Alvin R., '30 613 S. W. 30th Oklahoma City. Okla. Jackson. Paul P.. '42 925 W. Georgia Johnson, Charles L., Jr. '43 1MayJ Bartlesville, Okla. Johnson, E. G., '18 Boise City, Idaho Johnson, Erma 0., '34 2434 E. 22nd Place Tulsa, Okla. ohnson, Henry Lee, '17 J VVestern Oklahoma State Hospital oi t Supply Okl'1 F ' , A . . Johnson, Henry M., '40 J Supply, Oklahoma Johnson, L. G., '35 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. R al, '46 ohnson, Mark .Oy McCurdy Clinic Purcell, Oklahoma Johnson, Max E., '39 1921 Napoleon Ave. New Orleans, La. ' 1 J0h!1S0ll, Rf3.yIl10lld In., 3 '35 Vancouver, B. C., Canada Janco. Leon, '18 10 West Park Oklahoma City, Okla. Jarrett. Thirl E.. '36 t. N. VV. 1400 Fairmont S VVashington. D. C. Jetfress, Vinnie H.. '30 Surgeon Generals Oflice 1Vashington, D. C. Franklin. '25 Jelsma. P. 421 Heyhurn Bldg. Louisville 2, Ky. Jenkens, Henry B., '29 Stillwater, Okla. Jenkins. Paul A., '34 Lebanon, Elo. Jennings, A. L., '29 Col M.C. AAF School of Aviation ndolph Field Texas Tia , . . Jennings. Kenneth D., ' Chelsea, Okla. Jeter, Perrv R., '28 505 Ave. G. S. E. Childress, Texas Jobe, Virgil R., '33 1213 N. Hudson 24 Oklahoma City, Okla. 317 W. OllY6 Corona, Calif. Johnson, Robert R., '44 ' ' ' ' Okla. Sand Springs, Johnston, L. A. S., '36 108 E. Sth Street Holdenville, Okla. Jones, Benjamin G., '17 Deceased-1917 or 1918 Jones, Ester Lee. '15 1501 South Norfolk Tulsa, Okla. Jones, L. L., '43 1Mayl 1401 Chestnut Ave. Long Beach, Calif. Jones, Phyllis E., '40 1213 Larchmont Lane Oklahoma City, Okla. Jones, Robert A., '42 Lt.. M.C. . Naval Training Station Bainbridge, Maryland Jones, Ruth B. tMrs.j, '36 Deceased, 12-1-41 Joseph, Philip G., '40 Berryhill Bldg. Sapulpa, Okla. Joyce, Prank T., '36 Fletcher, Okla. Kahn, Bernard I., '34 Comdr., M.C., U.S.N. Flight Surgeon U. S. Naval Air Station Key West, Florida Kahn, Robert W., '39 132 N. W. 4th Oklahoma City, Okla. '44 Kaplan. Sidney. 80-29 215th Street Queen's Village, 8 Long Island, N. Y. Kasha, H. L., '25 7 'W. 75th Streetv New York City 23. IN- - ' 1 Katz, Morris E., 4 Athol, Mass. Keen, Prank M-. '32 15 E. Independence Shawnee, Okla. Keller. G. I'.. '34 Deceased, Date Unknow Keller. Wilbur P., '31 119 N. Broadway Oklahoma City, Okla. 1 Y K I1 Kelly, Katherine J.. 11 Deceased, 1-22-46 lso Kip G , '46 Kerr Walter C. H., '33 Picher, Oklahoma Kies, Benjamin B., '28 K Bar S Ranch, Rt. 2 Muskogee, Okla. Kimball, George H., '26 912 Med. Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Kimball, Melvin C., '31 500 Bu tadieno Borger, Texas incy Kenneth B., '43 fDec.J ' Box 202 Fairfield, Calif. King, Everett G., 511 N. 13th Duncan, Oklahoma '33 Kinnan, Leon P., '42 Medford, Okla. ! Kinsinger, Ralph R., 36 634 E. Blackwell Blackwell, Okla. Kippenberger, R., '27 810 Washington Scott City, Kansas 9 Kirshenbaum, Harry, 16 Q See Harry Ne shJ K1 banotl' Milton, '43 QDec.j e 377 's. Broadway Yonkers, N. Y. 1 L '22 Klostermyer,'Lou s .,t 1 Mountain Side HOSDI 'i Montclair, N. J. Knight, C. B., '35 211 West 2.nd Wewoka, Okla. Knight, Robert A., '38 3038 St. Paul St. Baltimore, Md. Knight, William E., '43 1Dec.J St. Anthony's Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Knotts, Frank L., '38 Stillwater, Okla. Kouri, Paul, '45 Veterans' Hospital Muskogee, Okla. Kramer, Allen C. Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Kramer, John T., Jr.,.'35 1905 N. Riverside Drive Fort Worth, Texas Krause, Max E., '39 40,0 29th St. Oakland, Calif. Kreger James R., '42 Ricks aids. Tonkawa, Okla. Kuhn, John F.. '31 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Pon William P.. '37 La , Alva, Oklahoma Y Laidig, Thomas P., 14 Deceased, Date Unknovs Lall, Shiam L., '23 Overton, Texas Lamb, John H-. '32 Medical Arts Bldg- Oklahoma City, Okla. Lamb, L. E.. '28 Deceased 10-7-38 Lambke. Phil M., '33 105 N. W.. 23rd Oklahoma City, Okla fl l Lane, c. c., '43 fuayl ncis M Morganj flllrs. Fra ., . 3969142 Alabama San Diego, Calif. Lane, Lloyd C., '29 Deceased, Date lfnkno Lang, Silas A., '32 409 N. Pine Street WH Ke - Tampa Mtinicipal Hospital Tampa, Fla. Nowata, Okla. Kendall, Robert L., '40 Langston, Wann. '16 220 S. Morgan Medical Arts. Building Okmulgee, Okla. Oklahoma City, Okla. K01111f2YN3'S?BSdR-v '41 Larkln.1He!l1'gkYf-I '20 3 , . eri an Cut lrie, 21. Cf",1'adf',S1"j'iS' .SQM Latriiiiore. rrangtc.. 'sz 911119 X- - -- 824 S. 7th . xcfifnggleil 0:31366 Kingfisher, Okla. enne Y' '.." L derdale Thomas L. '13 '303 Bum' , ,U au Deceased, 1-1-40 ' ' '29 Colorado Springs, Lo , '39 Kennedy. Marshadl R. 130 E. 3rd Coquille, Oregon Kern. Clyde V., '38 lf. S. V. A. Hospital Temple, Texas Kernek. Clyde. '37 103 East Sth Street Kernodle, Stratton E., 19 726 N. W. 29th Oklahoma City, Okla. Lawson, Patrick H., Marietta, Okla. Layton, Otto E., '37 1101 Main Street Collinsville, Okla Layton, Rex Go'rdon, 1400 Oak St. '39 Clarkston, Wash. Ledbetter, Marion K Robt. B. Green Mem Hospital ., '46 orial San Antonio, Texas MERCY-OKLAHOMA CITY GENERAL HOSPITAL We Proudly Invite You To Inspect Our Hospital And Meet Our Sister And Nursing Staff 501 N. W. TWELFTH STREET WESLEY HOSPITAL COMPLIMENTS OF Physicians 6 Surgeons PRESCRIPTION SHOP Supplies 2-6448 2-2519 M d l Art ldg C p't l Hill Ok C'ty 205 W C esse RoAcH D -'lt i DRUG co GLEECKS PhySlClaDS Sales and Service Frrst Nauoncrl Building N W l t Okl C ty Offi 3 3244 N h h 2 6785 AI F P Phone Phone e ica s B a ro ' lcxhoma 1 . ommerce A courteous and frzendy s ore for . the octor young or old Special attention and advice for starting practitioners . 813 . a nu , a. i cePh e- igtPone- ways ree arkin Ledbetter, William H., '39 517 llaniilton liltlg. NN'it'hita Falls, Texas Lee, J. K., '23 Court Arcade Bltlfsq. Tulsa, Okla. Lee, Robert R., '33 Dec-eased, 1042 Lefevere, S. P., '11 2040 N. 141. 14t1l l'ortl:untl, Uri-gon Lehew, Elton W., '30 110 S. Hroatl Street tluthrie, tlkla. Lehew, John Leslie, Jr., '27 110 S. lirozttl Guthrie, Okla. Lehmann, H. T. '40 Leliniann Clinit- Sot-orro, N. M. Lehmer, E. E., '20 Box 457 Vinita, Ukla. Lemaster, D. W., '24 5102 Medical Arts H1112 Tulsa, Okla. Lemon, Cecil W., '31 ,Medical Arts Bldg: Oklahoma City, Okla. LeNeve, R. T., '46 Lt., MC., 1'.S.A. Far Eastern Coniniantl Ytilifllllllllil, .lapztn Leney, P. L. QSM- Brittaini Ineillllrd, 011.81188 E., '32 liledic-al Arts llldgx Oklahoma City, Oltla. Lerblance, William P., Jr. '45 6000 Aso Ft. Lewis, Wash. Leslie, Samuel B., Jr., '42 Morris, Oklahoma Lester, E. P., '41 T25 N. E. 17th Oklahoma City, Ukla. Lewis, Russell W., '32 Lewis Hospital Granite, Okla. Lewis, W. F., '39 500 "E" Street Lawton, tllila. Ley, E. B., '38 Corwin Clinit- and Hosp. l'tt4-lilo, Colo. Lhevine, Dave B., '45 1002 S. .Xlatlison 'l'nlsa, tlkla, Lhevine, Morris B., '17 Medical Arts Bldg: Tulsa, Ukla. Lincoln, Richard B., '46 L'niyersity Hospitals fllillllltilllil City, tblcla. Lindberg, Charles 0., '24 tirantsliurg', Wisvonsin Lindsay, Wren Allie, '28 Maud, tlkla. Lindstrom, W. Carl, '34 1610 IC. 15th Tulsa, Ukla. Lingenfelter, Forrest M., '23 Usler lfllclg. Oklahoma City, Ultla. Lingenfelter, Paul B., '33 X00 l"I'1st'o Clinton, tlkla. Lisle, A. C., Jr., '43 1MayJ L'niyersity Hospitals Oklahoma City, tlltla. Little, Aaron C., '31 Mint-o, Oltla, Little, John R., '29 T01 N, VV. 40th Oklahoma City, Olqla. Lively, C. E., '34 1275 S. iith Mc-Alestt-r, Ukla. Logan, Clifford K., '20 Deceased, 10-14-41 Long, Leonard, '32 Caylow Nickel Clinic Rlutifton, Intl. Long, Loyd Lee, Jr., '46 Grace Hospital Detroit, Mich. Long, Ray H., '30 55 WV. Burns Akron, Ohio Loughmiller, Robert F., '37 Medic-al Arts l'Zlt1g:,'. Oklahoma City, Olila. Love, Albert J., '41 Pleasanton, Texas Lowenthal, Philip J., '38 4101 YV. 51st, XVasliin,2'ton, 11, C. Lowrey, Robert W., '36 501 S. Mississippi Atoka, Ukla. Lowry, David C., '46 St. Anthony llospital tlklahonia City, tllcla. Lowry, Dick, '16 Det-eased, 12-2-41 Lowry, Dick Moss, '45 023 N. E. 16th tiklalioina City, Ukla. Lowry, Tom, '16 lleveasetl, 12-l1-45 Loy, William A., '37 I.oy-Alat-Donald Clinit' Vawhuska, Okla. Lucas, B. V., '42 l'resbyterian Hospital Coluinbia University New York City, N. Y. Lunsford, W. F., '23 lien-eased, T-ti-320 Luton, James Polk, '33 .lleclit-al Arts lluiltling' trklaliuina City, tbkla. Lykins, Robert W., '46 Coninierce, Ukla. Lynch, Russell H., '26 Box SS llollis, Oklahoma Lynch, D. 0., '37 1"l1ZSlll1ll101"lS Gen, llosp Denver, Colo. Lyons, Mason R., '40 Apache, Okla. Mackey, Abner, '39 E101 N. VV, 121th Uklalioina City, Okla. Macleod, Sherburne, '33 13145 N. lliver Tllytl. VVichita, Kansas Macrory, Paul David '43 lDec.j 10815 S. Colleppe Bethany, Okla. Madeley, Howard R., '34 T27 Sonoma Street Vallejo, Calif. Mahone, Marion W., '39 31330 S. Jefferson St. Hobart, Okla. Mansur, I-Iarl D., '39 1501 Tiutfalo Drive Houston, Texas Maril, Joseph J., '36 S10 Hell Avenue Lawton, Okla, Maril, William D., '40 .ll:tjol', .Xl.t'., 1'.S,.-X. N07 N. W. 233111 tlklahonia City, Oklzt. Marks, Mark M., '28 5217 Charlotte Kansas City, Mo. Marshall, Albert H., '14 1215 Kansas Avenue Topeka, Kansas Martin, Marion, '15 ltllgzqin, tllila. Martin, Emmett O., '21 1122 ltlast Broadway Ctisliingy Oklu. Martin, Howard C., '29 23217 N. VV. 27th Ultlalioina City, tlkla. Martin, James D., '39 10012 N. Cleveland St. Cnsliing, tlkla. Martin, John W., '30 10011, N. Cleyelztlitl St. Cushinfzj, Olila. Martin, Thomas R., '28 414 Navarro Street San Antonio, Texas Martin, William A., '15 lieu-asetl, Date Unknown Marx, Ralph L., '32 A. l'. U. 205, Q 1". M, New York, N. Y. Mason, William S., '20 Civilian Conservation Corps lIii.:'h llolls, N. M. Masters, Herbert A., '34 215 VV. lNlorg'an Street Tillllvtlllilll, Okla. Masterson, Mrs. Claude M., '36 tl+'orinerly Miss Spent-erl Uslt-r Building tlltlahoina City, Okla. Mathews, Charles R., '45 Capt., AAF Fairtieltl, California Mathews, Grady P., '25 32400 N. liastern tbklalwina City, Okla. Mathias, Charles M., '29 T00 E. Kings Tulare, Calif. Matthews, Newman S., '37 400 N. VV. 10th tlltlahotna City, Okla. Maupin, Clinton S., '34 Ilotiston, Texas Mavity, Ralph P., '15 N05 li. flrarirl Tonkawa, Okla, Mayes, Robert H., '40 12492 N. Main llintlsay, Okla. Mayfield, Warren T., '20 5051 Shawnee Street Norman, tlkla. McAdams, Alpha Mae, '21 tNow Mrs. Williainsl 102 S. Hell Street Shawnee, Ukla. McArthur, Charles E., '38 504 Set-nrity llltlgi Olympia, WYnsli. McBride, Ollie, '37 401-fi Aint-rit-an llltlgx Arla, tllila. McCartney, Vivian Mae, '28 Monroe llospital Monroe, Mit-h. McCauley, Donald W. '43 tmayy a0N S. Sth Clinton, Okla. McClellan, Charles W., '41 V. A. llospital NVill ltogers lfielfl tlklahonia City, Okla. McClellan, James T., '42 12720 S. W. tlrtl Avenue lioc-lit-ste-r, Ninn. McClure, C. W., '40 Metlival Arts Hlc1,Q,'. tlltlalioina City, Olilzl McClure, Joy L., '29 0233 2221111 Avenue San lf'rant-isvo, Calif. McClure, William C., '36 22051 N. NV. 22nd Street tlltlahonia City, Okla. McCollum, Estel B., '32 0000 Yorkshire Detroit, Mit-ll. McCollum, Wiley T., '40 43N N.NV.12th tbsler Annex Olclalionia City, 011111. McConnell, Archie B., '15 l'lurlington, Kansas Veazey Drug C A Home Institution ' 20 Convenient Stores We arc proud of our 42 ycars of dcpcndablc scrvicc to thc Medical Profession It has always bccn our Policy to compound catch prescription Exactly as Prcscrtbcd of I IVIID-CONTINENT SURGICAL SUPPLY C0. PHYSICIANS AND HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Hamilton Furniture-Ritter Furniture-American Sterilizers Beck-Lee Electrocardiograph-Burdick and Birtcher Physiotherapy Equipment- Spencer and Bausch and Lomb Microscopes- Sklar and Haslam Stainless Instruments Westinghouse X-Ray Equipment and Supplies I OKLAHOMA CITY TULSA 1130 North Hudson Phone 2-3522 610 S th Boston Phon 2 8169 MERKEL X-RAY CO. EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS FOR WESTINGHOUSE X-RAY APPARATUS BURDICK IPHYSICAL THERAPY EQUIPMENTI CAMBRIDGE ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH Complete Line of Supplies and Used Equipment RENTAL SERVICE 24 Hour Emergency Service OKLAHOMA CITY TULSA 1130 N. Hudson Tel. 2-3522 1114 S. Boulder Tel. 5-9888 McCormick, Jay Earl, '39 240 N. Michigan Chicago 2, ill. McCreig'ht, William G., '40 Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn. Mccrlmmon, Herman P., '25 Oak Knoll Hospital Oakdale, California McCurdy, Robert E., '46 University Hospital Baltimore, Md. McDonald, Glen W., '34 1218 Lynn Ave. Pawhuska, Okla. McFadden, Candour A., '29 U. S. Army Medical Corps Address Unknown McFarling', John M., '35 Deceased, January, 1942! McGee, Harry, '44 528 E. 17th Ada, Okla. McGehee, Charles L., '31 236 Quentin Drive San Antonio, Texas McGill, Ralph A., '22 Mayo Hotel Tulsa, Okla. McGrath, Thomas J., '27 Sayre, Okla. McGraw, Willard L., '44 Wesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. McGuire, Ivan A., '39 1780 Van Dyke Detroit 26, Mich. McHale, Thomas C., '28 1116 VVest 77th Street Kansas City, Mo. Mclnnis, Dalton B., '45 2912 S. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. McInnls, James T., '37 2609 N. W. 14th Oklahoma City, Okla. McIntosh, Robert K., Jr. 217 N. State Street Tahlequah, Okla. Mclleehan, Guy Oliver, '26 7206 Long Reach Blvd. lluntington l'ark, Calif. Mcltinney, Milam F., '30 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mcliinnon, Jeanne E., '41 tNow Mrs. Shofstallj Y 1019 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. McLaughlin, James R. Grave, 'll Dec-eased, 12-26-43 McLaughlin, James R., Jr. '43 tMayJ 521 N. W. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. McMillan, Charles B., '17 Gracemont, Okla. McMillan, James M., '33 223 Smith Vinita, Okla. McMullen, Thomas, '43 tMayJ 1152 27th Street Des Moines, Iowa McNeill, Philip M., '23 Medical Arts Building Oklahoma City, Okla. McPheron, William G., '42 423 S. 6th Durant, Okla. McPike, Lloyd H., '35 Vi.nita, Okla. McQuown, Albert L., '41 Cleveland Clinic Cleveland. Ohio McSpadden, Floyd F., '44 Box 631 Phillips, Texas Mead, William W., '37 419 Smith Street Long Beach, Calif. Meador, George E., '40 1701 N. W. 30th Oklahoma City, Okla. Means, Melvin T., '23 Deceased, Date Unknown Mechllng, George S., '32 2217 N. W. 27th Oklahoma City Okla. McIntyre John A. '43 tDec.j 1 ' 1111 Broadway: Tower Medley, Seth 3-1 '21 Enid, Oklahoma Mcltay, Edward D., '35 Scott White Clinic Temple, Texas Spooner, 'Wis. Meis, Armon M., '43 CDec.j 220 S. 3rd Hamilton, Montana Mels, Donna L. Hammer '43 tDec.j llamillon, Montana Mench, Robert M., '40 Oklahoma City General Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Mengel, Chester R., '39 V. A. Hospital VVadsworth, Kansas Mercer, He'rman A., '22 876 Starks Bldg. Louisville, Ky. Mercer, J. Wendall, '25 Enid, Okla. Merrill, Webber W., '42 1514 VV. Cleveland Guthrie, Okla. Merrifield, Vernon C., '45 21515 4th Street Ponca City, Okla. Messenbaugh, Joseph Fife, '3 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Messinger, Robert F., '38 807 N. VV. 23rd Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Meyers, William A., '27 County Health Unit Holly Springs, Miss. Michelson, Leon J., '38 2405 E. 100th Street Chicago, Illinois Miears, Claude H., '25 713 Scarbrough Bldg. Austin 22, Texas Mileham, Jack C., '46 Chandler, Oklahoma Miles, John B., '27 501 VV. Georgia Anadarko, Okla. Miles, Walter H., '18 Municipal Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Miller, Cecil E., '38 1309 S. Orange Sarasota, Fla. Miller, Elnora G., '46 Tulsa, Oklahoma Miller, John E., '39 222 East Center Anaheim, Calif, Miller, N. L., '27 Medical Arts Building Oklahoma City, Okla. 3 Miller, Raymond D. N., '45 U. S. V. A. llospital Muskogee, Okla. Miller, Ross Hays, '46 Lt., M.C., U. S. Army Far Eastern Command Yokahoma, Japan Miller, William R., '42 ,University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Mills, Richard C., '28 1002 Hightower Bldg. Oklahoma. City, Okla. Mills, Victor D., '38 Dalles Clinic The Dalles, Oregon Minnig, Don Irwin, '38 S04 Sunnyside Akron, Ohio Mitchell, Clarence, '31 Norman, Okla. Mogab, John H., '43 tMayJ Box 750 El Reno, Okla. Mollison, Malcolm, '46 St. Joseph's Hospital St. Paul, Minn. Monfort, John J., '32 Alva, Okla. Montgomery, Hazel I., '41 West, Texas M0l'ltZ'0mery, William E., Deceased Moore, Cliiford W., '27 214 Cleveland Street Stillwater, Okla. Moore, Ellis, '21 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Moore, Larue, '23 1400 Central Tower San Francisco, Calif. Moore, Walter M., '45 Missouri Baptist Hospital St. Louis, Mo. Moorehead, Jackson F., '37 VValter Reed General Hosp. WVashington, D. C. Morgan, Carl Clifton, '46 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Morgan, Chesley A., '29 3208 N. VV. 20th Oklahoma City, Okla. '11 Morgan, Edward A., '17 Eastern Slate Hospital Lexington, Ky, Morgan, Francis M., '43 tMay U. S. Naval Hospital San Diego, Calif. Morgan, Robert J., '44 Lt., M.C. 206 Station Hospital Ladd Field, APO 73 'Lk l'.M., Seattle, VVasli. Morgan, Thomas R., '28 Det-eased, Date Unknown. Morgan, Vance F., '34 Guthrie, Okla. Morris, David G., '34 Deceased, 1941 Morris, William A., '37 U. S. Navy Address Unknown Morrison, John W., '44 Y Capt., M.C. Constabulary Sq., Med. Dept. APO 403, 921 PJI., New York Morter, Roy A., '13 814 Oakland Drive Kalamazoo, Mich. Morton, Ralph W., '40 7. W. Muskogee Sulphur, Okla. Mosely, Ray R., '18 425 Milton Street Alliance, Ohio Mosher, Donovan D., '26 First National Bank Seminole, Okla. Mote, Paul, '24 Sapulpa, Okla. Mote, Wesley R., '27 Simpson Bldg. Ardmore, Okla. Mount, Houston F., '46 U. S. Naval Hospital Bethseda, Md. Mraz, Gerald L., '41 Address Unknown Muchmore, Harold G., '46 University Medical School Oklahoma City, Okla. Mullins, J. Arthur, 'll Deceased, Date Unknown Mullins, William B., '37 G02 Fisk Med. Bldg. Amarillo, Texas - Bldg. v 'XJ' f .4 N of' 1 is stiff? WSW-w.,,,..,...Q,,, 5 of M22 YZ .uw ,MZ Xws Awww M as CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Opposite Oslei Building 1209 North Walker Phone 2 8133 C. I. "CONNIE" MASTERSON OKLAHOMA CITY 1 1 ..v...,..... 11... ..., .... ,.,.,. ...A 1 ..-.- --.,. r.-3-...-,ig-.., ..i., , .-A4 -,-.-.-.-... E 'ii- 3: ""i" I ' . 4 1 -. 1 f 1 1 ...'. ' Qlgii' .f 1.3.1122 ',-, 1 '.g:gHF,rg.,35:g.:1'Z: .,.: :'13 .,,' 1. 122.1 I.,if.'.1 1 .... . V 1 . j .-'.' . 1 I "'-. A -Q ".- ff . ...,. -4. Q it fag? 1 1 e 2' .. ...... .......-' f 1 .- . , fw "-- .." 1 ...'.. ..., " ""' "" 1 f ...... ...... . 1 . ' 1' . "" WZQEQEZ ' -:-- 1 Ms Q?-rf -V 1' ' ..... , '1 '?'i?32f.1 1 A.. 2 ."- e".1 " "i. A . .', 1" ...., . '-, i -..' ::.ffigQ2552.552-1Q ",.'. I CONNIE'S PRESCRIPTION SHOP CAVINESS-MELTON SURGICAL CO. Wholesale Drugs and Physician Supplies 20 WEST MAIN PHONE 3-7481 COMFUMENTS QF CONGRATULATIONS S O O N E R S THE OSLER BUILDING , E I ' I M d ' I xc wwe? e 'ca SHEEN DRUG CO. Free Parking Space IN CAPITOL HILL 1200 N. WAICSIEILIZHOMA CITY 2-1158 HA 2534 So. Robinson Phone 3-5414 GLASS FOR EVERY NEED AUTO GLASS DESK AND FURNITURE TOPS WINDOW GLASS STRUCTURAL GLASS GLASS BRICK STORE FRONT CONSTRUCTION MIRRORS OKLAHOMA CITY 435 S W 9th Phone 3136 5 "The Bank Tha tis Frzend ly BANK oxx.Ar-romncrrxr W ' f! A ir DYKE BROS. NA IBERTY Mulmed, Earl I., '37 Braniff Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Mulvey, Bert E., '30 21651 Crystal Avenue Euclid, Ohio Murphy, Charles P., '12 Hines Hospital Hines, lll. Murphy, Elmer G., '45 lf. S. Naval Hospital Houston, Texas Murphy, Weldon O., '35 1608 Parker Street Amarillo, Texas Murray, Edward Cotter, '30 Ada, Okla. Murray, Forney Long, '37 920 N. Shartel Oklahoma City, Okla. Myers, Jack Wendell '43 lMayj 900 S. Huff El Beno, Okla. Myers, Leonard A., '22 Deceased, November, 1929 Nagle, Patrick S., '28 1021 N. Lee Oklahoma City, Okla. Neal, James H., Jr., '43 St. Joseph Hospital Lancaster, Pa. Neal, John R., '14 309 S. St. Andrews Place Los Angeles, Calif. Neal, Laile Gould, '25 131 Elmwood Ponca City, Okla. Needham, Clarence F., '24 323 S. Broadway Ada, Okla. Neel, Roy L., '38 1101 N. Broadway Oklahoma City, Okla. Neely, Shade D., '20 Commercial Natl, Bank Bldg. Muskogee, Okla. Neff, Everett B., '36 E109 N. W. 37111 Oklahoma City, Okla. Nelson, Henry J., '30 Granite, Okla. Nelson, Iron H., '40 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Nelson, I. A., '25 Deceased 10-21-413 Nelson, James M., '34 1103 Grand Avenue Kansas City, lilo. Neumann, Milton A., '30 Okart-he, Okla, New, William N., '34 VValnut Park Plaza Hotel VValuut ci Eiilrd Philadelphia, Va. Newlin, CBlllj William H., 32 Broken Arrow, Okla. Newlin, Frances P. W. tSee VVigginsJ Newport, Norsuda M., '35 35330 VVineson Knoxville, Tenn. Nichols, Ray E., '30 500 First Street NVoodland, Calif. Nicholson, James L., '31 Ellison lnfirmary Norman, Okla. Nisbet, Alfred A., '38 150 Laurel Heights San Antonio, Texas Noell, Robert L., '28 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Norris, Claude B., '21 Belona, Ya. Norris, Francis L., '36 Beulaville, N. C. Northrip, Ray U., '38 400 S. Kickapoo Shawnee, Okla. Nugent, Goldwln I., '14 3113 Brunswick Street Frederiekton, N. B., Canada Nunnery, Arthur W., '16 Tbeeeased, Date Unknown Oakes, Robert J., '42 3042 Fulton Berkeley 5, Calif. Obermiller, Ralph G., '32 1421 18th Street VVoodward, Okla. Oglesbee, Carlson Leroy, '37 Manhattan Bldg. Muskogee, Okla. O'Leary, Charles M., '34 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Olson, Donald H., '43 fMayJ Hillcrest Memorial Hospital Tulsa, Okla. Olson, virginia C., '36 CD12 Curtain? NVatong'a, Okla. Opper, Marshall, '44 12263 Station Hospital APO 8537, PM New Orleans, La. Orr, Hervert S., '42 12183 112. 20th Tulsa, Okla. Ottis, Paul J., '45 St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla, Overbey, Charles B., '41 Box A . Kalamazoo, Mich. Owen, Cannon A., '34 I,t. Col., M.C., U.S.A. Address Unknown Oxley, William N., '44 Ames, Oklahoma Ozias, Charles Ralph, '14 Address Unknown Padberg, Elder D., '40 601 VV. 24th Ada, Okla. Palmer, Clara F., '40 301 E. Crisler McAlester, Okla. Paramore, Charles F. 125 NV. Midland Shawnee, Okla. Parker, James W., '46 Starling-Loving University Hospital Columbus, Ohio Parks, J. T., Jr., '43 tlillayj Deeeased, 11-11-43 Parks, Kirtland G., '23 117 E. Sth Street Long Beach, Calif. Paris, David, '41 2088 Ave. T Brooklyn, N. Y. Parrish, Roy G., '44 DLC. 7? Station Hospital Nuremberg, Germany Parrish, S. L., '43 1MayJ 2322 Hermosa Drive Bakersfield, Calif. Parrish,'Wilmer E., '43 flillayl Pendleton, Alice A. '37 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Parsley, Frank E., '27 2177 Franklin Avenue Seattle 1, VVash. Parsons, Orval L., '33 S15 Euclid Lawton, Okla. Paschal, William R., '45 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Patrick, James B., '08 Det-eased, Date Unknown Patterson, Andrew M., '29 Box 70 Mineral VVells, Texas Patterson, Prank B., Jr., '27 U. S. Civil Service Comm. VVashington, D. C. Paul, William G., '39 Genova, Ala. Payne, Douglas Wilson, '42 501 Grand Avenue Asbury Park, N. J. Payne, Richard W., '43 fMay 801 N. 13th Oklahoma City, Okla. Payte, James I., '30 2429 Aurora Court Oklahoma City, Okla. Payton, Hugh William fTedJ, '45 Veterans' Hospital Dayton, Ohio Pearce, Elizabeth K. Youngman, '11 1341 Ferry Street Eugene, Oregon Pearce, Wilfred E., '10 Deceased, 2-17-37 Pearlstine, Maurice, '23 S94 Beck Street New York City, N. Y. Pearson, Daniel IB., '41 1308 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Pearson, M. H., '38 Box 741 Brooks General Hospital Ft. Sam Houston, Texas P6!ld.e1'g'1'34SS, C. I., '30 Lieutenant. U. S. N. Address Unknown Deceased, 10-14-44 Percefull, Sabin C., '45 Northwestern State College Alva, Oklahoma Perry, Daniel L., '26 Atlas Life Bldg. Tulsa, Oklahoma Perry, Fred T., '38 Okeene Clinic Okeene, Okla. Perry, Frederick J., '36 214 Braniff Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Perry, Hugh, '26 Atlas Life Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Perry, James S., '25 Bryan, Texas Perry, John Claud, '23 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Perry, John M., Jr., '46 .Te fferson-Hillma n Hospital Birmingham, Ala. 3 Perryman, Robert G., '46 University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Peter, M. L., '33 918 N. Seminole Okmulgee, Okla. Peters, James C., '44 015 S. Cincinnati Tulsa, Okla. Petty, James S., '35 123 N. Broad Guthrie, Okla. Petway, Aileen J., '37 tMrs. M. F. Strashuni Plaza Apartment Hotel Houston, Texas Pfundt, Robert T., '44 Fowler, Kansas Phelan, Ralph S., '39 Hobart, Okla. Phelps, Joseph T., '19 S20 S. Bock Island El Reno, Okla. Phipps, John, '44 330 N. E. 12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Phipps, T. H., Jr., '37 Deceased, 8-4-43 s A '2- - 14, il -'i 'dvr hm! -G 5 4' 'Jr S ' in 1?-:N ..-.5352 Ml gulf , g --, . f- 1 1.51. " 11.5 ggi- 115. ' , -: - lfsj.. ss','.T f'v' s .AE ,Li ii' "f , G N .E x 'Q-qi, M ss., Eg' x..' tw,- xvwi MN nr, ,x ii' X ini f,,Eilii.lili-,,,.. ikjgpinilg OKLAHOMA BILTMORE HOTEL Your Comfort and Good Will Comes First With Us We ff' M. I. Heinhart. Pres. Rollin C. Boyles. Secy.-Trecxs. 4 5 . ' 1 tviiii . J N ik Y idfiyiii 'l ,. 1 is si ir' st 'lu gg w Sf!! 4 11 wi -E T ' ,f 3: Q, ' 7' '.,: 3 N' ,i 3 1: . 3 1 kgs -ii - J ET 17 .1, tgftt-1 . 3 5 "' 'tliiii Isfljilwlix I . ' 5 ,H-itiiq 1 1 J 1-fr 5'-ri!-2-112. shi: xy 3 7' - ' ,535-ieir Ang, . I -- l 'ii' i- 1 - F ' ' E X 1 ' V E '- Y - 1 . . i i I as as iii 2 Qi I ' F. .. .. rf- 'H '-li 5' A iw" 9 ,. - . i -,, VVVV mggsgw- I " -1 ,, V ' ' -. . 'ii ,. .1 r'lQ"'i ' I JE L. H. iGeo.l Poesch. Manager ' An Ealing Place of BEST WISHES Nalional Fame TQ l "By Um -Wood Shall We Be Known" FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY FROM , l i ho? i BYIID SALES CUMPIIIIY Riif'2if,iffl',,f,C' I I Ii- Olclahoma Ci+y's Largesl and Finesl We Are Open 24 Hours To Serve You I , ML ,,H,,,,,S' Mgr. 1 West Grand Oklahoma City Best Wishes to Graduates and Faculty . . . from . . . C. R. ANTHONY COMPANY GENERAL OFFICES: Braniff Building, OKLAHOMA CITY 82 ALERT MODERN DEPARTMENT STORES Serving Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and New Mexico CREDIT SERVICE I l 330 American Nafional Bldg. i F OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA l 5 lOpera+ors of Medical-Denial Creclii' Bureaul We offer a dignified and eflecrive colleclion service for dociors and hospitals locaied any- where in ilwe Siale. Wrile for iniormalion. -NN 30 YEARS' Experience in Credii and Colleclion Worlc r ROBT. R. SESLINE, Owner and Manager For Health's Sake Use Pickard, John C., '26 1200 N. Main Street llubutltie, Iowa Pickhardt, Woodrow L., '37 Madigan tleneral Hospital Tat-oma, VVash. Pierson, Dwight D., '32 Mangum, Okla. Piper, Arthur S., '11 1215 VV. York Street lflnul, Okla. Piper, Charles L., '15 Ilox 1357 Sl. tleorge, l'tali Pitts, James B., Jr., '46 I', S, Vivil S9l'Vlt't'i1OI1lIll. NVashington, D. t'. Plummer, Thomas 0., '35 206 S, Set-ond AllllllI'USb', t'olo. Pogolotf, S. I-I., '23 Manville, N. .l. Points, Blair, '11 421 N. .lat-kson Iildmontl, Okla. Points, Thomas Craig, '41 000 N. W. 10th Oklahoma tlity, Okla. Poling, Fowler Border, '40 054 Harding VVit-hita, Kansas Pollard, James E., '43 tllay Vniversity Hospitals Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Popkess, Fred G., '43 210150 lVilton Dallas, Texas Porte, Daniel, '26 N4-70163 1'laee Jamaica Il, N. Y. Powell, Jay A., '18 627 S. Olive Drive NVest l'alm Beat-h, Fla. Powell, Paul T., '41 Kay Uounty Health Dept, I'ont-a tlity, Okla. Powell, Tracy 0., '31 0252! Hollywood lllvcl. Los Angeles, t'alif. Pratt, Tony W., '38 Quapaw Indian Ageney Miami, Okla. Prentice, Pamela R., '44 tNow Mrs. Il. tl. I'arrishl lVesley Memorial Hospital Chicago, Ill. Prentiss, Harley M., '18 Roosevelt, Okla. Presson, Virgil G., '23 130 South Scott Tucson, Ariz. Price, Harris P., '13 Meflieal Arts lllflg. Tulsa, Okla. Price, Joe H., '28 Ilet-eased, 12-4-41 Price, Joel S., '28 Osler Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. Price, Neel J., '42 tiallinger Municipal Hospital NVashing'ton, D. t'. Price, Richard D., '46 1005 S. Hadden El Reno, Okla. Price, William E., Jr., '46 NVesley Memorial Hospital Chicago, Ill. Prier, William M., '43 Uday! VVi1l Rogers Memorial Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Prosser, Moorman Paul, '35 1006 Medical, Artsillldg. Oklahoma Uity, Okla. Pugh, Robert E., '36 Deceased, November, Vt!! Pugsley, William S., '45 ll-Il N. Iillison Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Punsalang, Jose V., '23 San Lazoro Hospital Laboratory Manila, Philippine Islands Purviance, Carlton C., '30 S24 Martin Street Vallejo, Calif. Pyle, Oscar S., '26 401 Chiekasha Chickasha, Okla. Ragan, Tillman A., '32 610 VV. Boyd Norman, Okla. Rahhal, George M., '45 VVit-hita Hospital XVic-hita, Kansas Raines, James R., '35 52330 N. IC. lVaseo Portland, Oregon Raines, Morris McKay, '37 1226 S, "t"' Street Oxnard, t'alit'. Raub, Roy R., '46 .Iet't'erson Davis Hospital Houston, Texas Ray, Raymond G., '33 1254 IG. 210th I'Iat-e Tulsa, Okla. Rayburn, Charles R., '25 t't-ntral State Ilospital Norman, Okla. Rector, William L., Jr. '43 tDec.j St-ott-VVIiite t'linie Temple, Texas Reding, Anthony C., '35 Stillwater, Okla. Reed. Charles W., '33 Ilyers, tlolo. Reed, Emil P., '31 Veterans Hospital Biloxi, Miss. Reed, Howard L., '16 Det-eased, Date Unknown Reed, James R., '27 Medic-al Arts Bldg. Oklahoma t'ity, Okla. Reed, Karl A., '33 21557 Atlas Aye. Napa, t'alif'. Reeves, Claude L., '31 400 N. NV. 10th Oklahoma f'ity, Okla. Reid, Prank I., '27 Los Angeles, t'aIit', Reid, John R., '21 12161 LQ tlrentain Los Angeles, Falif. Reid, Oren C., '45 Station Hospital Elgin Field, Fla. Reitf, William I-I., '41 01121 Vniversity Terrace Ann Arbor, Mit-h. Rempel, Paul H., '34 llroadway Tower Enid, Okla. Renfrow, William F., '26 Medi:-al Arts Tlltlg. Houston, Texas Reynolds, Il. W., Jr., '46 1T3l2 IC. 320 l'l:t4'e Tulsa Okla. Reynolds, Stephen W., '14 110 E. Maple Street Drumright, Okla. VRice, Paul B., '38 3815 S. Pennsylvania Oklahoma City, Okla. Richard, Warren E., '40 21635 li. Louisiana Ave. De11l't'i', t'oloi'ailo Ricks, James R., Jr., '38 Medit-al Arts ltuilding' Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Ridgeway, Elmer T., '40 2432 Uaslian Plat-e Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Rieger, Joseph A., '32 tlentral Okla. State Ilosp. Norman, Okla, Riley, Robert H., '13 100 Heec-hwootl Avenue f'atonsville, Md. Rippy, Orville M., '39 Stillwater, Okla. Rivers, William M., '15 Dec-eased, Date Vnknown Robberson, Morton E., '34 VVynnewood, Okla. Roberts, Buford B., '27 468 N. Hawthorne Illvfl. Hawthorne, t'alit'. Roberts, David Allen, '32 Veterans' Atlministration Fai'-ility - National Military Home Dayton, Ohio Roberts, Elisha I-I., '16 H. F. D. No. ZZ Corsieana, Texas Roberts, Kenneth N., '40 Stigler, Okla. Roberts, Robert E., '26 Stillwater, Okla. Robertson, Charles W., '28 Hoyt Bldg. Fhandler, Okla. Robinson, E. M., '43 S216 N. VV. Zltith Oklahoma t'ity, Okla. Robinson, Prank P., '14 Nash, Okla. Robinson, John H., '25 2201 N. XV. 12th Oklahoma t'ity, trkla. Robinson, Mildred I., '37 tNow Mrs. Morronel 12125 Tower Avenue VVesterly, R. l. Rockett, Louis S., '43 tDec.J XVailuka Sugareo YVhiluka Maui, Hawaii Rodriguez, M. J., '31 llio tlrantle Uity, Texas Rogers, Galen A., '33 T1N Sym-aniore t'larkston, lYash. Rogers, William G., '30 12011 N. Walker Oklahoma t'ity, Okla, Rolle, Paul N., '30 I'ott-au, Okla. Rollins, James H., '44 l'. S. Naval Hospital Great Lakes, Ill. Rollo, James W., '13 National Rank Bldg. Lulihoc-k, Texas Rollow, John A., '43 tlllllayl Ellison Infirmary Norman, Okla. Rorle, John E., '45- ' Sehool ot' Aviation Medic-ine Ilandolph Field, Texas Rosales, Godofredo D., '26 llatangas, Philippine lslantls Rose, Ernest, '36 San Mart-os, Texas Ross, George T., '35 1011 XV. Main lflnirl, Okla. Ross, Hope A., '35 tSniderl 1 I First National Building Enid, Okla. Roth, Herman W., '32 004 3rd Avenue Monte Vista, Polo. Rowland, Robert H., '41 12220 Smilax Street Fort XVorth, Texas Roys, Harvey C., '43 lMayj NX I'ost Graduate Medieal Sehool Norman, Okla. For Over 28 Years N Your Most Convenient Dealer ow in our 271'h YEAR of SERVICE I'o Buyers of FINE LITHOGRAPHY and PRINTING SEMCO OKLAHOMA CITY TULSA LITHOGRAPHERS PRINTERS B L SEMTNER President I29 N W Third S+ OKLAHOMA CITY Col-QR PRESS THERE'S MORE BEHIND YOUR GAS SERVICE THAN JUST A WELL! lt's a dramatic storyfthe gas industry! And this business of serving you nat- ural gas 24 hours a day is no small task. You don't lust hook up pipe to a gas Well and figure that's it . . . no, sir! Good gas service demands careful thought and planning. lt means co-ordinating the efforts of over l7OU people-each with a separate task to do. lt takes men to produce the gas . . . others to purify it and transmit it from hundreds of widely scattered wells to growing cities . . . and still others to see that it reaches the burner tips in factories, commercial establishments, and in your home. And all of us here at Oklahoma Natural are ready and eager to do our jobs Welleso that your community, your family, and you will have the best of gas service at all times. OHLQHOITIH HFITURHL QQMGWWW V Y 'WV 'WY Y AW l EE W HA W Y I E 1 C 0 M P L I M E T S 0 F CRYSTAL CLEANERS , N We Own and Operate Our Own Plant , S HERB HUGHES, Owner O O OKLAHOMA CITY 5, OKLA. g Phone 4-4411 720 Culbertson Drive l 1313 N' Phillips Phone 79-8424 - HL ' WEPDA' NC SETS all J l?2'Xlli9" The Oklahoma city Flower sfyzisfs ifQUALlTY QUALITY FLOWERS , JH! 0 5 DEPENDABLE SERVICE l WB. Il. Il LA R Wf0'U4l10n0lf0i0'1f" ,597 Telephone Your Order With Confidence - Y I I 3 N. H A R V E Y 30I N. W. 23rCI Oltla. City 4-8473 Roys, Richard D., '39 Medical-liental Bldg: Seattle, Wash. Royster, Ralph L., '30 110 S. tith Ptirvell, Okla. Ruble, George C., '22 lie:-eased, llate Unknown v Rucker, Ralph W., '36 l nlon National Bank Bldg. Bartlesyille, Ukla. Rude, Evelyn M., '35 Student llealth Seryiee l'niyersity ol' Oklahoma Norman, tlkla. Rude, Joe C., '30 Mississippi Baptist Hospital Jam-kson, Miss. Russell, B. W., '09 lieveased, Date l'nknown Russell, L. E., '33 French llospital San Frans-ist-o, Palif. Ruth, Weldon R., '33 Okeene, Okla. Rutherford, V. M., '32 1217 XVest lflreonpe Drive Uklalioma Pity, Okla. Rutledge, Art H., '44 All Saints llospital Denison, Texas Rutledge, Ben Allen, '44 623 N. VV. lttth Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Ryan, Robert O., '37 Vniyersity Infirmary Norman, tlkla. Ryan, Warren A., '31 Box 4, Thomas, Okla. Saddoris, M. L., '27 Cleveland, Okla. Sadler, L. H., '29 Osler Bldg. Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Salamy, Joseph, '44 415 VVest Louisiana Anadarko, Okla. Salkeld, Phil Lloyd, '41 Address Vnknown Salman. Phineas, '18 187 llenry Street New York Pity, N. Y. i'ryor-.lolinston-St-liaft' 4 'li Sanders, I-I. R., '43 St. Anthony llospital Uklnlioma Pity, tlkla. Sandlin, Dean C., '41 2201 Palayeras lfrt-sno, Calif. Sandlin, R. E., '43 llonryetta, Okla. Sands, Abel J., '46 l'nirt-rsity llospital Oklahoma Pity, Ukla. Sandford, I-I. M., '38 l'Q-rryton, Texas Sanford, Roy K., '41 l't-rryton, Texas Sanger, Fenton A., '26 l't-rrine Bldg. Oklahoma Pity, tlkla. Sanger, Fenton M., '07 l'errine Bldg. Oklahoma Pity, tlkla. Sanger, Paul G., '31 llot. Springs, N. M. Sanger, Walter B., '35 10151 Park Cirvle Miami, Okla. Sanger, Welborn W., '31 Media-al Arts Bldg. Oklahoma Pity, tlkla, Sapinoso. Pastor R., '22 517 llarran St. Manila, Philippines Sapper, H. V. L., Jr., '44 11154 Adams lieiiyor, Polorado Sargent, John F., '21 In-et-ased, 5-4-11 Sayers, James R., '29 llalilgreen, Virginia Saylor, Robert M., '29 Indian Sanitarlnm gxll5llt11lPl'f1ll6', N. Mex. Schatf, Hartzell, '42 Holdenyille, Ukla. Schlicht. Mabelle B., '46 1330 N. 141. Madison Oklahoma Pity, tlkla. Schnoebelen, Rene, '40 C200 liast Sixth Kinslt-y, Kansas Schurter, Louis L., '46 nit Sanden, Austin 0., '22 Good Samaritan llospital Bairail, VV yoniing I 'ort land, Oregon Seba, Chester R., '38 1200 N. VVaIker tlklahonia Pity, tlkla. Sebastian, J. J. B., '36 lYareford tlen. Ilosp. lmatnington Spa lVarwit-kshire, l'1n1:land Sebring, Milton H., '40 Apco 'Power Oklahoma Pity, tlkla. Sehested, Herman C., '31 Vniyersity llospital Oklahoma Pity, tlkla. Seibold, Gr. J., Jr., '34 I'. S. Army llouston, Texas Selders, Raymond E., '27 X15 VValker Ayenuc llonston, Texas Shackelford, P. O., '44 1015 So, Pint-innati 'l'ulsa, Ukla. Shadid, F. V., '40 R15 Broadway lilk City, Okla. Shanks, Edwin P., '46 St. Anthony Hospital tlklahoma Pity, Okla. Shaver, S. R., '37 Medical Arts llldpr. tlklalioma Pity, Okla. Shaw, C. McK., Jr., '45 Veterans' llospital XVat'o, 'IK-xas Shaw, Dwight B., '26 22107 ldlizalieth Street Pueblo, Colorado Shearer, Joseph M., '42 Paldwell, Kansas Sheets, Marion E., '28 1002 S. Van Buren lflnid, Ukla. Shelby, Hudson S., '33 llales l'!ldy,:', tlklalioina Pity, tlkla. Shellenberger, C. G., '45 Veterans' llospital XVat-o, Texas Shelton, Joel A., '34 Sono1'a, Texas Shields, H. B., Jr., '37 T350 Ethel Avenue llieliinond lleiglits, Mo. Shiflet, Albert W., '33 Military Service Address Vnknown Shipp, Jesse D., '33 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, tlkla. Shippey, William L., '27 Fort Smith, Ark. Shirley, E. T., '34 Sainte Plaire Bldg. San Jose, Calif. Shofstall, J. Mc. tSee Mt-Kinnonb Shofstall, William H., '41 1019 N. Lee Oklahoma Pity, Okla. Shriner, Richard F., Jr., '44 Holiart, tlkla. Shyrock, Leland F., '40 3505 Broadway Tower Enid, tlkla. Shuttee, Robert D., '44 1208 S. Barker El Reno, Okla. Shwen, Ralph 0., '43 tMayj Station llosp., Ft. VVarren Cheyenne, VVyo. Siegel, Arthur, '43 1701 Beach Street San Frant-isvo, Palif. Silverthorn, Louis E., '34 llox 0 Victoria, Texas Simon, Floyd, '43 tMayj Madigan tlenvral Hospital Ft. Lewis, lYaSh. Simon, Ralph, '44 Clinton, Ukla. Singleton, Harry P., '46 Naval llospital Bethesda, Md. Sisler, Frank I-I., Jr., '40 501 XVest 11th Street Bristow, Okla. Smith, Addison B., '32 Stillwater, Okla. Smith, Bryon F., '45 l'. S. V. A. llospital Muskogee, Okla. Smith, Carl E., '34 Henryt-tta, tlkla, Smith, Delbert G., '29 First National Bank Bldg. Uklaholna Pity, Okla. Smith, Ernest A., '09 Deceased, Date Unknown Smith, Haskell, '34 533 Lewis Street Stillwater, Okla. Smith, Henry C., '45 lllil Maple Lawton, Okla. Smith, Jackson A., '43 tMayJ Boston l'syc'hiatriv Hosp. Boston, Mass. Smith, James R., '44 Vniyersity Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Smith, Jaroud B., '38 6544 Soran Street St. Louis, Mo. Smith, Lester P., '25 Veterans' Hospital Muskogee, Okla, Smith, Morris W., '28 5111 and Quinn tlnynion, Okla. Smith, Newton C., '45 303 S. Kansas Plierokee, Okla. Smith, Paul F., '41 Guthrie, Ukla. Smith, Philip J., '37 lst Lt., Inf. Division lliy. Surgery Al'tl1,'i27I'.l1l. New York, N. Y. Smith, R. Earle, '13 Ashton Bldg. Grand Rapids, Mit-li. Smith, Raymond 0., '32 Box 817 llominy, Okla. Smith, Richard Wendell D., Deceased, Date Unknown Smith, Rupard G., '38 lVm. .l. Seymour Hosp. lflloise, Mich. Smith, Virgil D., '34 1215 Garden Pirt-lo llunvden, Florida Smith, Wendell L., '33 2831 141. Admiral Blvd. 'l'nlsa, Okla. Smith, Willard I-I., '40 Pnimingliam Plinic Plinton, Okla. Smith, William, '09 Naples, Texas Presenting Oklahoma Ciiys Finesl' Employment Service CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Lei your personal needs be our responsibili+y . nf., ANCEL E RP 8z CO Insurance - Surety Bonds lst Natl Bldg OKLAHOMA CITY COMPLIMENTS or lVl D PEDRO WQRRELL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS HARVEY G KEMP C L U General Agent 556 First National Building OKLAHOMA CITY 2 OKLAHOMA Mecllcal Book Exchange 732 Culbertson Dr 5-1076 RITZ FOOD MARKET I W KYLE Owner 1006 N.E 13 Oklahoma Clty ' I I ' ,dr 1 I ' f ' ' ' t Y! 1 '32 J OHN Z I NK HEAT MAKERS For Dependable Trouble Free Servrce to 552542: JOHN ZINK UNIT HEATER 125000 BTU fhr capaclty A new and un1que des1gn easy to lnstall hangs from C91l11'1Q more compact more etf1c1ent de slgned especlally for heatlng large open spaces such as stores garages etc Un1t IS sh1pped complete ready for 1nstal1at1on One un1t wlll heat a 40 it by 80 tt space JOHN ZINK SHORTY FURNACE Only 26 Inches Deep Two s1zes 30000 and 50000 BTU hr Th1s new Shorty Furnace IS des1gned es pec1ally for 1nstallat1on where under tloor space 1S l1m1ted Bemg only 26 1nches deep 1t can be mstalled Where foundauons are extremely low 9l1IT11l'1CIl1I'1q the necesslty ot rnak1ng a plt BURNS NATURAL OR BUTANE GAS Immedrate Delrvery From Stock There 1S a Iohn Zlnk Burner for every heating and power need Refrnenes Gasohne Plants Apartments Churches Hosprtals Laundrres Bulldmgs Schools Homes Warehouses Heat Treatmg Vats Furnaces and Speclallobs JOHN ZIN K COMPANY 1 l - .,,,, Eiizgigizgiii '- i':5:s:2:1:aw 1-.fs ' In 45:Qi2::f:555lEZ:S512 'fsEii5Q222Q5f2Is5:2-'5zff2,V'fE.,ifs,:i2:.31-5121.15211.12'E2ff5f2ff22Qff5ffVZf155ffM,f . 5 51: - it 'W5553 52532525 5535351fW':':':" " "' w g--.-:t 'f'ers2:as255Ea22a2z2a2a2si:2:s:2aes25sf:a2:s:z:a:14f:se:sa't132a2' ,. .re .... :2afs::.. . if A I. 5::.,2:. . .,. :f- : . gif ,H.,.,I...V,.1.5552:45-1:5:e211igs:5:f::::- -P -fr: P E52Esi25655if2Es:2555E5Esi5E52555zz:51,.,:g..:.:.:Z:.:t:s:ai2s:::22 gif' ' ' ,... H- t--1.1V1-fV:.1.1.,,1+rf-:-:-:-:+:.:.:.:.1.1.5-,- -,:-:-:5-:y .- ,.-:+:r. .r:r:r:r-2- ' ' '"''3:3:1:5:5:5:323I3IT:5Elf5f!f!fIQ:f:fZf:f:2:f:2:2'"'.- 'f ' " ' ''''1'f22152E555Eg?5f555E5?5E5EgE5E5ZgEg55, V I In ,,.:.51::::,.. ' -frE11jE5f2E55'ErE5E, . 1. A',41,111535555525555553555525525525 A '-1:22212:3:Q-L.::::::a:sif2:212:s:5:2-s:s-'-raw"-'' n n , . . .X . ff : , , , . . . . . . ,, f. . . , , - . , . . 1 I I I I I I I I I I I ' 0 Smith, William O., '25 Standolind Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Smithson, Carl B., '33 Veterans' Administration Hospital Boise, Idaho Snoddy, William T., '44 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Snyder, James H., '43 CMayJ University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich. Soma, Yonekichi, '20 301 S. Pecos Street San Antonio, Texas Soutar, Richard G., '22 Director, School Health Dept. Savramento, Calif. Souter, John B., '19 11115 VV. Oklahoma Ave. Guthrie, Okla. Southworth, James L., '38 lf. S. Marine Hospital Baltimore 11, Md. Sowell, Harlan K., '43 flllayj 1000 Brozas Graham, Texas Spann, Logan A., '34 Braniff Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Speakman, Walter F., '45 205 E. Maple Street Drumright, Okla. Speed, Henry R., Jr., '33 Sayre, Okla. Spence, Ray B., '46 University Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Springer, Homer C., '31 630 N. 19th Bessemer, Ala. Standifer, Orion C., '24 220 WI Third Elk City, Okla. Starkey, Wayne A., '34 Box 220, Altus, Okla. Steelman, Gerald M., '45 Mathers Field Sacramento, Calif. Steen, Carl T., '14 Steinig, Harry W., '25 428 50th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Stephens, Audy Bryan, '28 Seminole, Okla. Stephenson, Ishmael P., '29 Stephenson-Traverse Clinie Alva, Okla. Stewart, Oscar W., '34 Address Unknown Stewart, Walter B., '12 Tribune Bldg. Terre Haute, ind. Stickle, Arthur W., '43 1Dec.J Vniversity Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Stillwell, Robert J., '29 American National Bank Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Stites, Hugh D., '24 312 tl. Pacific Forest Grove, Oregon Stokes, Lowell L., '36 Med. Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Stoner, Raymond W., '30 Cheootah, Okla. Stough, Daniel P., Jr., '27 Geary, Okla. Stout, Hugh, A., '37 Mayo Cllllllt Hoc-hester, Minn. Stout, Marvin E., '10 209 VV. 13th Oklahoma City, Okla. H., '45 North Stover, William 2419 Walker St., Oklahoma City, Okla. E., '17 Strader, Simon 105 N. Hudson Oklahoma City, Okla. Stratton, Forrest L.. '26 810W N. Kilgore St. Kilgore, Texas Strecker, William Il., '36 521 N. VV. 11th Oklahoma, City, Okla. Strode, Jack W., '44 S06 6th Avenue Pawnee, Okla. Strong, Clinton R.. '43 QDec.j El Tleno, Okla. Strong, Joseph P., '46 Supt. Pauls Valley State Hosp. Colorado General Hospital 1 Pauls Valley, Okla. Denver, Colo. Stroup, Clayton K., '26 032 Kensington Flint, Mich. Stuard, Charles G., Jr. Court Arcade Bldg. Tulsa, Okla, Strugell, Joseph C., '38 l'.S.l'.H. Hospital Fort VVorth, Texas Sturgeon, H. Violet, '33 First National Bldg. Hennessey, Okla. Sturm, Robert T., '38 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Sudduth. H. C., '42 Lt., MAT., U.S.N. Naval liledical School Bethesda, Md. Sunquist, Glenn V., '45 704 VV. 4th Mitchell, S. TJ, Sullivan, Clarence B., '22 Carnegie, Okla. Sullivan, Sullins B., '35 318 Turnbridge Road Baltimore 12, Md. Swan, Joseph J., '39 1624 10th Chiukasha, Okla. Swanson, Homer S., '36 Medical Arts Bldg. Atlanta, Georgia Switzer, Fred D., '36 Hugo, Okla. Tackett, Orville H., '39 3424 N. VV. 19th Oklahoma City, Okla. Tallant, George A., '36 Frederick, Okla. Talley, Charles N., '23 501 N. 4th Marlow, Okla. Talley, Evans E., '34 508 Broadway Tower Enid, Okla. Tatlow, Byron W., Jr., '45 1004 N. IG. lflth Oklahoma City, Okla. Taylor, F. W., '43 1Dec.D VVesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Taylor, John R., '34 Kingfisher, Okla. Taylor, L. C., '38 1517 N. 141. 20th Oklahoma City, Okla. Taylor, Lloyd W., '41 Army Medical Center Reed General Hosp Wlfashington, D. C. Taylor, Robert L., '42 807 N. W. 23rd Oklahoma City, Okla. Taylor, William L., '10 Det-eased, 4-6-44 Tefertiller, Charles L., '42 Arnett, Oklahoma Terrell, Marvin S., '42 County Court House Oklahoma City, Okla. Thomas, Edwin C., '14 46 N. li. 5th Miami, Okla. Thomason, Prank, Deceased '17 Thompson, Benjamin D., '26 1003-4 Sterling Bldg. Houston, Texas Thompson, Wayman Jackson, '29 Osler Bldg, Oklahoma City, Okla. Thompson, Willard- V., '44 lfniversity Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Thompson, William B. '43 CDGCJ 'VViley Bldg. 1Vallers, Okla. Thorp, ri. M., -'42 203 Orr Building Cushing, Okla. Threlkeld, L. D., '40 Boston Lying In Hospital Boston, Mass. Thuringer, Carl B., '46 Station Hospital Ft.. Riley, Kansas Tichenor, Ernest L.. '33 500 141. Firestone Blvd. Norwalk, Calif. Tidwell, Robert A., '37 738 Broadway Seattle 22, VVash. Tisdal, James H., '45 APO 053, 92 P. M. San Francisco, Calif. Tisdal, William C., '33 709 Frisco Clinton, Okla. Todd, John B., '29 74 Fremont Plat-e Los Angeles, Calif. Tolbert, Jack B., '43 tDec.J lst. National Bank Bldg. Mountain View, Okla. Tomlin, Clyde E., '45 Emery University Hospital Emery Vniversity, Ga. Tool, Charles D., '31 1VilI Rogers Memorial llosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Tozer, Howard G., '45 lfniversity Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Tracy, Gilbert W., '38 Veterans' Hospital Muskogee, Okla. Trapp, Irvin B., '29 Box 253, Brandon, Miss. Traverse, C. A., '33 515 College Alva, Okla. Traweek, Albert C., Jr., '30 Matador, Texas Trow, Thomas A., '42 401 N. Third llenryetta, Okla. Trzaska, H. C., '43 lDec.1 Honnessey, Okla. Tullius, Philip G., '42 Municipal Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Tupper, Walter R., '36 119 N. Central St, Glendale 3, Calif. Turnbow, William R., '35 2112 VV. 41st Tulsa, Okla. Turner, Edwin C., '43 QDec.l 5841 Maryland Ave. Chicago 37, lll. Tutwiler, Elizabeth I. '43 Clllayl 700 N. IC. 20th Oklahoma City, Okla. Twyford, May Adah Drew. '13 tMrs. May D. LaTorra1 Apartment 35, 1377 Bannoek Den ver, Colo. ,.- ..,....,...,..,........ .. ,..,,ltl:...llil... aww iw illmilllm i'iWIMI'i .. """ ' wit' W 1 xiii., ,tr -itll I 4 ,." ""' it' i I , i"" hwilll' Mi illi III in hm l K ,II -""' In It I l"il?liI.Tlf.f1'., Ig: ,,.., ..... ... x ,,,,M1:yi. i MI iiiilxuiw 0 INAIIIIIIX .. .. ffifffwfiii ....., ertti in N il X 'hill' l' Ucrnnonommy 0, - 'V ""'t0i c . 43, 'E tail hW0fein1'-eg GOLDFAIN RHEUMATISM ARTHRITIS LABORATORY Devoted to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases X-RAY AND CLINICAL LABORATORY SURVEY OF EACH PATIENT Special Attention To: I. Necessary internal medicine survey ot each patient. 2. Preparation ot vaccines. E. GOLDFAIN, M. D., Director 228 N. W. I3th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. 1 Whitman's and Pangburn's C A N D I E S "Get it at Lindsay's" 1 I Lindsay Drug Store JAMES S. DOWNING-The Druggist PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY II4 E. Main, Norman, Okla. I Phone 362 We Are Happy To Serve You' I GREETINGS AND SUCCESS GROCERY 6: MARKET LEE KIDD Owner ELM STREET M E D I C S GREEN LEAF FOOD MARKET AND BAKERY JOE W. BIRCHUM AND SONS, Owners 3OI Sou+I-I Por+er-Phone 663 Phone 4 Norman GREETINGS FROM HlL1 ,S P A R D U H N ' S HATCHERY AND FARM SUPPLY . Princess Coats and Suits Dressed pou1,,.Y-EggS 0 Paul Sach Dresses 115 PORTER-NORMAN PHONE 488 125 E- Main N-ORM AN Phone 299 DODGE V Norman CiI'y Lines Economical Sales and Service Conveqlent IN NORMAN Practical "We Go A Long Way To Make Friends" CLYDE BLACK MOTOR C0. ' I Phone 228 314 E. Comanche PHONE 565 NORMAN Phone Phone Cold Fur Sforage UNIVERSITY CLEANERS WALT BITTMAN, owner I QDZPZFLJ H WE MANUFACTURE CLEANLIN ESS NORMAN STEAM LAUNDRY 121 E Gray Phone 71 to 51,4,Ma,Uz JQQQAI . , , Ungerman, Milford S., '45 1435 S. Gary Place Tulsa, Okla. Ungerman, Arnold H., '34 1718 E. 37th Tulsa, Okla. Vahlberg, Ernest R., 600 N. VV. 42nd Oklahoma City, Okla. Valderas, Silving L., '24 Sariaya, Tayabas, Philippines Vammen, Adolph N., '44 Oaks, Okla. Van, Hoesen, Daisy Gertrude, '37 KNOW Mrs. Cottonj 3122 N. W. 24th Oklahoma City, Okla. Vanlandingham, Homer W., '34 1422 National Avenue Rockford, lll. Van valkenburgh, G-lennwood Molford, '31 Front and Pine Streets Georgetown, Del. Veatch, Everett P., '26 506 South Main Street Pasadena, Texas vincent, Duke W., '17 Box 1056, Vici, Okla. Vinson, Harold A., '35 Lt. Col., Regional Hospital Ft. Joy 4, N. Y. Vogt, William L., '36 117 Dallas Road Oak Ridge, Tenn. Wade, Glenn P., '44 Medical Arts Oklahoma City, Okla. Wade, Lisby L., '17 Ryan, Okla. Wadsworth, Ray M., '42 Tulsa, Okla. Wagner, John C., '19 Ponca City, Okla. Wails, Theodore G., '21 Medical Arts Oklahoma City, Okla. Wainwright, Tom L., '33 515 Medical Arts Oklahoma City, Okla. Waldrop, William L., '42 1919 N. VV. 14th St. Oklahoma City, Okla. '23 Walker, Agnew Astley, '24 210 Aldridge Bldg. W'eWoka, Okla. Walker, Ethan A., Jr. '43 fDec.J 331. Main Yukon, Okla. Walker, James Robert '43 lMayj Will llogers Memorial Hosp. Oklahoma City, Okla. Walker, Joseph D., '22 3618 Fannin Street Houston 4, Texas Walker, Price M., '22 4404 Livingston Street Dallas, Texas Walker, Russell H., '32 Ilt. Umm-., U.s.N. Naval Hospital Corona, Calif. Walker, William A., '27 332 Kennedy Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Wallace, DeLoss Arnold, '34 Deceased, 10-23-44 Wallace, Virgil M., 'll Deceased, 8-22-30 Wallace, Virgle W. Box 102 Gainesville, Texas Ward, Delbert A., '31 University 1-losllllfll Oklahoma City, Okla. Warren, E. W., '38 90 N. Madison Avenue Pasadena, Calii. Warren, Roy C., '23 Yukon, Okla. Waterbury, Cecil R., '45 lst Lt., M.C. 170th AAF BI' Brookfield, Texas Waters, Claud Bryan, '34 Pawnee, Okla. Waters, Floyd L., '34 Blakeney Bldg. Hugo, Okla. Waters. Philip C., '44 344 Baker Street Vallejo, Calif. Watson, I. Newton. '35 Hosp. of Vniv. of Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Watson, 0. Alton, '29 Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Watson, Price '.l.'., '33 165 S. Temple Ave. Temple City, Calif. Watson, Raymond D., '29 Deceased 3-14-45 Webb, Roy A., '16 Pampa, Texas Weedn, Alton J., '35 117 N. Tenth St. Duns-an, Okla. Weedn, Henry J., '16 3071 Firestone Blvd. South Cate, Calif. Weeks, Bertram A., '41 Captain, Army Address Unknown W., '30 Weisiger, Ross Naval Hospital Memphis, Tenn. Welborn, Orange M., '46 Good Samaritan Hospital Portland, Oregon Wells, Mrs. Eva Austin, '10 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Wells, Walter W., '10 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. West, Harriet K., '42 flilrs. Nielsenj 1020 2nd St. Santa Monica, Calif. West, Willis Helly, '15 22" N VV 33rd White, Nelson S., '20 312 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Whiteneck, Ronald A., '43 fDec.J Leedy, Okla. Wickham, M. M., '26 716 Vifest Symmes Street Norman, Okla. Wiggins, Prances P. fNoW Mrs. Newlini Masonic Temple Bldg. Shawnee, Okla. Wiggins, Howell E., '36 Lt., Navy fllegularl Address Unknown Wilber, Gertrude H., 105 Giffords Lane Eight Great Kills Staten lsland, N. Y. Wild, William B., '25 Pasadena, Texas Wildman, Dora Ellen fDotyJ, '26 1137 N.1'l.12th Oklahoma City, Okla. Wildman, Stanley P., '24 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Wiley, Alvin R., '13 Medical Arts Tulsa, Okla. Wilhite, Lee Roy, '16 Perkins, Okla. Wilkerson, Bernie J., '30 Kress Medical Bldg. Houston, Texas '37 oklaifimiit City, Okla. wmgerson, John minion, '32 Westbrook Brock Rogers '46 MRQUT' Q' S' Ay University Hospitals, Add"35S Lnknnwn '35 Oklahoma City, Okla. Wheeler, Homer C., 301 li, Seminole lNlcAlester, Okla. '38 White, A. E., '32 Col., U. S. A. Address Unknown White, Eric McLain, '36 312 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. White, James H., '34 County Health Department Columbus, Miss. Wilkins, Afton Norvell, Conroe, Texas Wilkins, Harry, '27 521 N. XV. 11th Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilks, Francis M., '10 3304 East 4th Tulsa, Okla. Willard, Delbert G., '29 Norman, Okla. Williams, Claude, '40 Dallas City-County Hosp. Dallas, Texas Williams, Gordon D., '27 524 N. 5th Street VVeatherford, Okla. Williams, Guy I-Ierson, '34 25 Japonica Avenue Mobile, Alabama Williams, Leonard C., '20 Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Williams, Raymond A., '38 Commercial Bank Bldg. Bozeman, Mont. Williams, Raymond M-I '30 Letterman General Hospital San Francisco, Calif. Williams, Theodore Sherman, '38 Medical Arts Bldg. Tulsa, Okla. Williamson, Paul S., De.nver General Hospital Denver, Colo. Wilson, Charles H., '37 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilson, Jay D., '44 Navy No. 1506 Naval Station '55, F. P. O., N. Y., N. Y. Wilson, Kenneth J., '16 Medical Arts Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilson, Russell H., '40 University of Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota Winkelman, George W., '40 Central State Hospital Norman, Okla. Winn, George L., '43 fDec.j County Health Department Lawton, Okla. Winston, John R., '33 304 WV. French Ave. Temple, Texas Winterringer, James R., '45 USS Marias r l APO, San Francisco, Calif. Witcher, Jones E., '43 IDec.j ' d S. Bldg '46 l . an . Ft. Benning, Ga. Witt, Richard E., '41 Veterans' 'Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. '36 Witten, Harold B., Central State llospital Norman, Okla. Lumber Roofing Hardware Insulation THE HOME OF HOMES., Washing Machines Radios Paints Jarneson 8 Sayre Complete Building and Remodeling Service I COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE i I . W. I. "JAMIE" JAMESCN, Phone 63 Cl-IICKASAW LUMBER COMPANY J. L. "LES" SAYRE, Phone I549 N I25 S. Crawford Norman, Okla. Phone 30 NORMAN' OKLAHOMA DE COURSEY MILK CO ssoo N. Eastern WHEE 54332 I EXCLUSIVE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE LER ci STUCKEY 1215 N. Walker Phone 3-1474 V NATIONAL TANK Co. OKLAHOMA Cm TULSA. OKLAHOMA 1 B A C K G R O U N Three Decades of Clinical Experience THE use ot coW's milk, wgter ond cctrbohydrorte mixtures represents the one sys- tem ot intcrnt feeding thort consistently, for over three decodes, has received universal pedi- otric recognition. No corbohydrote employed in this system ot infctnt feeding enjoys so rich cmd enduring or background of guthoritcrtive ciiniccrl experience cts Dextri-Mcrltose. DEXTRI-MALTOSE No. l lwith TX, sodium chloridel, for normal babies. DEXTRI-MALTOSE No. 2 lplain, salt treel, permits salt modifications by the physician. DEXTRI-MALTOSE No. 3 lwith 32 potassium bicarbonatel, for constipated babies. These products are hypo-allergenic DEXTHI -F MHLTUSE Please enclose professional card when requesting samples ot Mead Johnson products to cooperate in preventing their reaching unauthorized persons 1- MEAD JOHNSON 8: COMPANY, Evansville, lnd., U. S. A.- --1 Wolff, E. G., '34 1742 VVheeling Tulsa, Okla. Wolff, John P., '27 1200 N. Walker Oklahoma City, Okla. Xvoll, James C., '17 Deceased, Date Unknown Wood, Harold A., '30 American Red Cross District Medical Director St. Louis, Mo. Woods, Frank M. 601 Huntington Bldg. Miami, Florida. Woods, Louis E., '26 1028 Eighth Chickasha, Okla. Woodson, Fred E., '31 Medical Arts Tulsa, Okla. Woodson, Orville McClure, '33 City National Bank Bldg. Norman, Okla. Woodward, Neil W., '29 Osler Bldg. Oklahoma City, Okla. Word, Emery F., '41 925 W. Georgia Vancouver, B. C., Canada Word, Harlan LaMar, '36 1586 University Avenue St. Paul 4, Minn. Wright, Asa, '13 Moore Building San Antonio, Texas Wright, Flora A., '25 Deceased, Date Unknown Wyand, Hesler H., '22 Guardian Bldg. Cleveland, Ohio Wynn, Noble F., '42 716 Little Place Edmond, Okla. Yakel, Earl LeRoy, Jr. '43 Qllllayl Mayo Clinic ltochester, Minn. Yeary, Edwin C., '39 'iii Drew Arrendell Ponca City, Okla. Yeary, Glenn H., '29 Newkirk, Okla. Young, Andrew Merrinian III, '37 2624 Cashion Place Oklahoma City, Okla. Young, Charles W., '22 Deceased, 3-l-30 Young, Millington Oswald, '44 Yale Univ. School of Med. Hartford, Conn. Zeigler, Joel, '34 417 Mitchell Street Clovis, N. Mex. Ziegler, Paul, '34 417 Mitchell Street Clovis, N. Mex. INTERNSHIPS RECEIVED, CLASS 01' JUNE 1947 Austin, John David Harris Memorial Meth. Hosp. Ft. Worth, Texas Bailey, Byron Louis New Rochelle Hospital New Rochelle, N. Y. Bayless, James Mason Gallinger Municipal Hospital VVashington, D. C. Berger, Martin Providence Hospital Seattle, 'VVash. Bond, William Lawrence St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Braly, Murlin Knight Indiana Univ. Med. Center indianapolis, Ind. Brawner, Donald Leon I Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Va. Brown, Bruce Hunter St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Burgert, Eran Omer, Jr. St. Iiuke's Hospital Chicago, Ill. Buxton, Merwin Thomas, Jr. St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Calkins, Robert Sargent Presbyterian .Hospital Philadelphia, Pa. Clements, Donald Gene Milwaukee County Hospital W'ilWaukee, VVis. Cochrane, Charles Riley St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Coggins, Farris Webb St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Coleman, Bill Omer Kansas City Gen. Hosp. Kansas City, Mo. Cone, Jesse Donald, Jr. Wesley Memorial Hospital Chicago, Ill. Coyner, Wallace Roosevelt St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Dean, Robert Earle t Barrones-Erlanger Hospital Chattanooga, Tenn. Delhotal, Charles Earl University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. De'Vore, James Kilgore State ol' VVisconsin Gen. Hosp. Madison, NVis. Dinkler, Fred St. .loseph's Hospital St. l'aul, Minn. Donaghe, Roy Wallace King County Hospital Seattle, Vilash. Dougherty, Raymond J., Jr. St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Duran, Robert Jackson Methodist Hospital indianapolis, Ind. Earp, Ancel, Jr. University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Fair, Thomas I-locker St. Vincent's Hospital Indianapolis, Ind. Foster, Riley Payton Montreal General Hospital Montreal, Quebec, Canada Frederickson, John Wardell Mercy Hospital Denver, Colo. Friedman, Daniel . Queens General Hospital Jamaica, N. Y. Fugate, Edward Monroe Detroit Receiving Hospital Detroit, Mich. G-afford, Tom Sid, Jr. Vanderbilt University Hosp. Nashville, Tenn. Gaines, John Frank' St. Louis County Hospital Clayton, Mo. Green, James Lanis, Jr. Central Dispensary and ldmergency Hospital XVashington, D. C. Hays, Carolyn Collins Children's Hospital San Francisco, Calif. Hemphill, William Joseph Good Samaritan Hospital Portland, Ore. Hopkins, Glenn City-County Hospital Ft. Worth, Texas Husband, William G., Jr. Grace Hospital Detroit, Mich. James, Frank Marshall XVilliam VV. Backus Hosp. Norwich, Conn. Kennedy, John Daniel t'ity of Detroit Receiving Hospital Detroit, Mich. Rouri, Phillip University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Laird, Paul Craig Detroit, M ich. Loucks, James Erickson Hermann Hospital Houston, Texas Loy, Robert Lowe Collis 1'. and Howard Huntington Mem. Hosp. Pasadena, Calif. McCoy, Ronald . Grady Memorial Hospital Atlanta, Ga. Means, Royce Bryan Roper Hospital Charleston, S. C. Mil1e'r, Jess E., St. Luke's Hospital Chicago, Ill. Miller, Robert Joseph St. Vinoent's Hospital Portland, Ore. Miller, William Arthur St. Luke's Hospital Chicago, Ill. Murphree, James Wallace St. Joseph's Hospital St. Paul, Minn. Obert, Paul Michael St. Anthony Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Patterson, James Lindley, Jr. San Diego County General Hospital San Diego, Calif. Evangelical Deaconess Hosp. Penico, Peter Edward Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Johnstown, Pa. Ranson, Robert Fike VVesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Redmond, Robert Franklin John Sealy Hospital Galveston, Texas Richardson, Darwin Loyd Colorado General Hospital Denver, Colo. Ryan, Henry Grady, Jr. .lelterson Davis Hospital Houston, Texas Saviers, Boyd Miller Indianapolis City Hospital Indianapolis, Ind. Sharpe, Joseph Hiscrodt Colorado General Hospital Denver, Colo. Siebs, John Armin Grace Hospital Detroit, Mich. E Simon, Bill J. University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Slagle, Gene Watts Grace Hospital Detroit, Mich. Smith, Gladys Christine Gallinger Municipal Hosp. VVashington, D. C. Smith, William Howard Kansas City General Hosp. Kansas City, Mo. Taylor, Clarence Pierce, Jr. Central Dispensary and Emergency Hospital Washington, D. C. Van Deventer, Loyd Roy, Jr. Henry Ford Hospital Detroit, Mich. Waters, William Alfred VVesley Hospital Oklahoma City, Okla. Wilson, Douglas Earl Indiana Univ. Med. Center Indianapolis, Ind. Young, Banff Ogden ' University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Young, Charles Jackson, .n-.I University Hospitals Oklahoma City, Okla. Young, Edgar Wade, Jr. University Hospital Baltimore, llld. CLARK CLEANERS PHONE 4 8 750 ASP NORMAN UNIVERSITY GROCERY Across from Pre-Fcrbs I. C. GIBSON, Manager Phone 2552 NORMAN Your Car Is A STAR PERFORMER When Ii"s Serviced with Sinclair Products by SINCLAIR STATION No. I N. e. BLAKEMORE THE FOOD AND ATMOSPHERE AT Malte Every MEAL A Delighliul Occasion -I I20 WEST MAIN NORMAN ' I Norman Hardware LEONARD BUCHER, Manager 228 E. Main Phone I88 I Firestone Tires ond Batteries 24 Hour Service 401 S. Porterwtliqhwcxy 77 Ph. 471 ABE MARTIN'S TEXACO SERVICE AUTHORIZED BUICK AND PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE LEADBETTER MOTOR CO I 306 East Main Norman Phone 57I 1 Peter Fox Brewing Co. OKLAHOMA CITY V 1 ' 31' 7, mit M...- This is a picture of the new East Wing of the University Hospital, now under construction. Welding this new link in the University of Qlclahoma Medical Schools Building Program is Builders Construction Co. and its associates. Synchronizing eguiprnent, personnel, and eperi- ence to produce this modern structure is another important Contribution to Qlclahornas institutional growth. BUILDERS CUNSTBUCTIUN C0. Kerr-McGee Building Oklahoma City, Cklahoma And Their Associates WETHERBEE ELECTRIC Co. MANOY ENGINEERING Co. 412 N. Hudson 2-8177 1824 Linwood 2-9077 AMERICAN TILE an TERRAZZO Co. 2128 N. W. 15th 5-1382 1632 W. Main 3-4232 , 1 i Train For A Great Era Education is essential to American leadership in peacetime just as it was a dominant tactor in winning the war. The University ot Oklahoma School ot Medicine, along with the other great American institutions, synchronized its facilities to ASSOCIATED GROCERS Frank Pugsley GUM-BREEDING AGENCY First National Bldg. 3-0421 NORTON-CHRISTY BUICK CO. 117-125 N. W. 13th 7-4565 Ask Your Grocer for Acme F1oureOklahoma's Finest THE ACME FLOUR MILLS CO. Oklahoma City, Okla. IACK CALLAWAY CO. Real Estate Perrine Bldg. Oklahoma City BROADWAY PAWN SHOP Money Loaned on Everything ot Value-Low Prices on Unredeemed Merchandise 32 W. Grand 79-9719 Compare Quality and You Will Buy Shannon's Dated Feeds SHANNON FEED COMPANY 221 W. California 3-0465 ACME GOLD LEAF POTATO CHIPS For Parties and Picnics W. S. KEY Oil Royalties 3rd and Hudson 7-3388 ACME LAUNDRY 6. CLEANERS 2208 S. Robinson 7-8666 OZMUN AND COMPANY Sooner Selected Food Products Oklahoma City Lawton BARNEY STEWART LUMBER CO. 2912 N. W. 39th Okla. City CAPITOL BROOM WORKS 641 S. E. 4th Oklahoma City EARL PRUET SETH STONE USED CARS 1125 N. Broadway 3-3266 GUARDIAN LIFE INS. CO. Kenneth Aldrich Petroleum Bldg. Okla. City IOHN HOBBS 6. CO. lnterior Furnishings 102 N. W. lst 3-8856 A 6. E EQUIPMENT CO. Artists and Engineering Supplies 121 N. W. 3rd Oklahoma City K. O. M. A. Ken Brown, Manager 1520 on Your Dial 1520 HAMLIN CANVAS GOODS CO. 623 W. Main 3-9381 CAESAR'S FLOWERS 1502 N. E. 23rd 8-2422 W. I. HOLLOWAY Former Governor ot Oklahoma CAPITOL OUTDOOR ADVERTISING SERVICE SCRIVENER-STEVENS Wholesale Grocers 120-136 E. Washington Okla. City RAY F. FISCHER CO. Plumbing A Heating 323 N. W. 10th 7-4661 Be Wise Smoke Y. Bs NASH-FINCH DISTRIBUTORS 3 N. E. 14th 2-0141 BIG FOUR ICE 6. COLD STORAGE 822 S. Walker 3-4444 COFFEEN OLDSMOBILE CO. 901 N. Broadway 3-8373 In A Greater America war needs during the emergency. Now it offers you the finest training to serve America in peacetime. Your success-your service to your country-will be enhanced by proper training. GENERAL MILLS Oklahoma City VINSONITE SALES CO. Paving Asphalts Oklahoma City MELROSE COURTS Comfortable - Moderate Prices 44th 6. Robinson on Norman Road Mr. and Mrs. Speegle, Mgrs. BRITLING CAFETERIA Fine Food -f Always 22 N. W. 1st Oklahoma City VAN DYKE FUR CO. Main at Hudson Exclusive Furriers Since 1900 PETE'S BARBECUE Barbecued MeatsgFine Steak and Chops-Visit Us at Any Time Exchange CS Western 79-9486 OKLAHOMA TILE CO. 3011 Paseo Oklahoma City FAIN-PORTER DRILLING COMPANY First National Bldg. Okla. City DENISON MOTOR CO. Dodge-Plymouth W- Dodge Trucks 516 N. Robinson Oklahoma City CRANE CO. Valves-Fittings -Pipes P1umbingfHeatingffPumps 705 W. Main Oklahoma City GENERAL BAKING CO. Bakers ot Bond Bread 5 N. E. 12th Oklahoma City THE MILLER-IACKSON CO. 113 E. Calitornia Oklahoma City State Examiner and Inspector CHAS. G. MORRIS DOBRY FLOUR MILLS Yukon, Oklahoma BUSKEN BAKERY 1139 N. Geary 2-7802 METROPOLITAN PAVING CO. Oklahoma City LIBERTY DRUG STORE 501 W. Reno 3-5363 HUNTER FUNERAL HOME Mr. 6. Mrs. Ben Hunter GRIFFIN GROCERY CO. For That Good Polar Bear Brand GOLDEN PHEASANT CAFE 102 N. Broadway Okla. City THE FLEMING CO. 1. G. A. WESTERN STATES CONSTRUCTION CO. Hugh D. Kelly Harvey D. Power 1142 S. E. 29th Oklahoma City CRESCENT MARKET Fine Food Plaza Court 2-5121 C. L. FRATES INS. CO. First National Oklahoma City B. 6. M. CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION Pipeline Construction Pet. Bldg. 7-8844 I. HAWLEY WILSON. C. L. U. and ASSOCIATES Massachusetts Mut'1 Lite Ins. Co. 1240 First Nat'l Bldg. Okla. City IOHN EDDLEMAN 1711 First Nat'l Bldg. Okla. City CONTINENTAL BAKING CO. 121 W. Washington Okla. City BECKER ROOFING CO. 15 W. Reno 2-1925 dl, 5' 5 11, -n wbfi' 1" ia,-1' With this SWECU label, a lllark of distinction to he found in outstanding yearhooks of the llatioll, we designate with pride our work in designing and engraving this 1943 SUUNEB MEIIIU. Uur Sincere congratulations to the staff on a production of unusual excellence. SOUTHWESTERN ENGHAVING COMPANY World Building I -------- Tulsa, Oklahoma THE I948 SOGNER MEDIC Prinfecl and Bound by The Clio Press ANNUAL DIVISION of fhe Economy Aclvertlslng Co. IOWA CITY IOWA I

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