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. ) I t: N N It 1 II 4 " • tio3uT 11 Z6T aauuuunS SL tuTtrualuaD 9T 248 Seniors Centennial 41. The Dome 2006, Volum University of Notre Dame 315 LaFortune Student Cen Notre Dame, Indiana 4655 (574) 631-7524 Editor-in-C Managin Light winds breathe through the trees that line the path to the golden dome. Peaceful calm settles over the lakes, reflecting the sun ' s warmth. Campus is quieter than usual, but the vibrance of summer sends energy into the air. Photo by Carolyn McGrady I . ..1 44.7-4 ' AsA , • ' et . s • .•: " .%‘.. j• ' t ‘ :.,, :. :.:, ; :,:f AN.f • ' - : , % 4: `f• • ' 1 ••• .., a , 4, :. " • ,ffr:, ,.. • . -,... . . StrY 1 ' 3 • ' r) r . -c• • . • t• i : . ). ' ; ■ 4 : VI 0 1 : fik ' .. r i : • et. _ft, •••• 4. - 4 • 1 • I , - • .....1.• . e 1 r , " I-72 . t :- r • , ...• . , • q . • • - ..e.; ' ' t? a J. 4 . . ' r 1, ' 4 me- 4 ' . ...• ' • 110•1:4; .• ase e r 1,-, „, ' • ' - . 1 . A j Aar i • .1 . 4 . t IS . sil I, , i ,.-,. -. . ill ....‘, ,iiit . • „ .. 4 st s A g • .4 , I . 4, ..dit g 4 i i• • • Earn .. eiky - - , , , ) a • 1 " , ' t‘ I . 1 y Cr 41 4 1 4 , ....... i .. . • ot. a ' ' t , - a • ° 1 , °•-• ..•••• • . • ' .4. - • r cold s to thaw, of spring culate fresh bring cold lea mpus. the $ . " urn to , it tree 6UL 4 r - nd the them, students he414n .44 y shed ii e frit . is for jackets. With the , 6f- the serfestejc_w - J.- 4: fs, fight, eve 44 ei■ ' 4 xiously ant The rclax.ip. Fall on campus brings with it the beginning of a new school year. A chance to start anew prompts many to look to the past for guidance. Reflection on previous failures and successes builds a path to learning and growth in the year ahead. Photo by Billy Gallagher --49-frortik 0.) m. .,,v1 ...r54.174.. A S. . a • • •• . .., , -:.-.• r: %, • • • 4 eV. ' .% • • ....• . ' .4 % e- ' or -• r 1 Iv • % . . J ' S ..) . • ' ' .. 4. • • C • • , . Campus radiates on crisp fall mornings welcoming students and friends to walk its winding paths. Noises are intense against the cool breeze. colors -are brilliant against e cloudless sky. The leaves add their own emarks to the stirring conversation. Th familiar wooden enches seem how even more g than usual. oto Katie Schcch also When the bitter cold of winter begins to thaw, tiny buds start to freckle the tree limbs. Even from small beginnings come the potential for greatness, and when spring settles on campus, its true beauty begins to blossom. Photo by Natalya Fiore I I s The quiet stillness of winter mornings leads into busy after- noons filled with students rushing to class, bundled in layers to combat the I chill. The first thick blanket of snow signals the start of unofficial snowfights across the quads, and Christmas decorations spring up in anticipation of the holidays. snow a Covered in a blanket of snow silently lies the Spirit of Notre Dame. Icicles and snowflakes join the Dome in making campus glisten brightly. Irish winters seem to make moments freeze in time to last forever. Photo by Moira Madden 1 Published Artists Technology has imprtwal drastically since the first echttal d the Dane yearhok in 1906. In the earlier years, cameras did not always offer the bast ennality picture fix the story. Emmen 1906 and 1953 artwork played a " paitol role in the spread inns. Some amvork depicted a Instate:1 cyan that helped shape the university. Other pieces wane simply mod to lino or a page. Whileiron of the artwork was Hack and white, it was not because the hok lacked color technology. The earlier artwork in the 1920s was in ail( n though most of the an in the 1940s and 1950s was in Hack and white. However, there was a sain of pieces in the 1940s that mare nm in single color in order to add at host some color to an otherwise manioc Ink. Many of the more intentning pieces d art are the cartoons used throughout the Look. In 1950, the Dome ran a sett of humorous carman depicting studan life. It is no secret that Notre Dame itself in its traditions, so it is no surprise that sane of these cantons ring true even today. Some cams. lake this cox pullesai in the 1953 This Stain teaching Lbw, give miss a better the Naive Minims in Incli- understaling of NDculture in is used as a Linda between in dynast. maims of the 1923 Dome. Thew gap Irons Fisher bare everything. TrJhOnaj la • FOOTBALL CAN BE VERY EMBARRASSING BROOM CLOSED FORCED DOUBLE 11 Toon 1,114141Ni in 1950 a• INC nOW AC It 11.24 ' AIM it WA, fins (smug Many fnsxlimm time 1950 haw inalnd Choir COS 5,3it Sint room tains ' a ,ISM motion :mooing Mon. ' 11th 1939 cartoon paMi of Jnkig afmOsphere. wino kny hid to isms noir rim for (sty mars iltts 1929 piece of anon Anton the Main Bulking lotting down in 1879. In 1949. nintxrn were mai as sktontnon it smash to accent the photos. The Rot Fkisonos are an hoe Inger than life in 1929. A Century of Covers The an cf the 1906 Dome wis gold and blue, ‘u is cover Of the 2006 ieurtick you are now reading. In betwan. cite erocivity and o.m ing of student editors and designers is clearly evident. SAM coven had a fabric feel, others a Sher-like latish. A metal university sunl " as inset into the Dome covers of 1947,48 and 49. A stick-on photo or drauing was applied to the cover in 1941,2000 and 2001. While a total of 26 covers titre gold and blue, brown was the second most popular color. As might he exp-ctal, the runt memorable covers mere the most unusual:The full-color photo of the statue of Mary on the twin building that took up the afire 1979 cover, the aerial photos of campus in 1980 and 1995, the rendering of the library ramie in 2002, a full-cover leprechaun in 1991 and a mysterious tree in 1977. Among the best covers, accarding to Assistant Professor of Decign Rob= Sailack of the Notre Dame Derornucnt of Art, Art History and DLNign, were those with creative designs (like 1922, which paired equally an athlete and a schlar, and 1937, in which the dome of the main building wrapped around the yearbcokk those that ua,d teelmology co.41 (like the embossing and multiple colors in 1930X and those that ?poke of the de-4m of their era (such as 1954,1959,1961 and 1976). While interating arias are impressive, also notemorthy is the lack of four covers within the we Sidra ' stirs. The Dorm was not published during the war years of 1919 and 1944-46. 1937 193$ 194 1940 1964 1965 1963 1917 NINETEEN HUNDRED AID fORTY-ONE THE CT • 1984 1987 1988 1985 oHEDOME re 17. with that WS, )NII 1907 1922 1923 fit fotfrerjey e glotreDame 180-092 1941 1942 DOME 1973 NOTRE DAME YEARBOOK LI DOME 1969 197 1970 1971 1947 1931 1932 1930 19;(, 1952 =It 19 ' 4( k ae the Sxrod Haut of s Stein IMMO( any 11906 Dome - Volume 1 landus.ex1Qind wale Ict Pllwe In 190S. The Dane celebrates its anniversary this year, MIMI organizations highlighted in the book and although the technology of editing and printing included a nut of geographical dubs, debate, a yearbook has changed, much of the °anent of the drama and band. 1906 Dome would be familiar to tocby ' s studaa. The 1906 Dome was not without a sense of The 1906 edition was 240 pages and included humor, liberally sprinkled with jukes and puns, such photos of the staff, faculty and studau body, photos as cf stucknt organizations, accounts of campus events " Payne I wish I were in Texas. Kelley: You and athletic °attests, short stories and peony and are not the only one that wishes you were. " And advertisements from numerous Michiana companies, " Poltbnan: Bud Sheehan ought to take more classes. including at least two that are still in business today Fansler: Why So? Myron: I like to see Bud wiser. " — St. Mary ' s College and the Philaddphia candy store. The editor of the 1906 Dome was thaysaior The first yearbook also included an alumni Charles L 013,1=11 of Kokomo. Indiana, who wait directory (that took up ady nine pages) and was on to become a Holy Cross priest, a member of the offered for sale to alumni for $1.50. (You can order faculty, and that served as univasity president from a copy of this yearbook for $2995 via the Student 1928-34. Activities Office web site). The covet of the 1906 book is recreated at the The December 22,1905 edition of Scholastic (rent of this 2006 edition. featunxi an appeal fa studat to u.ibmit drawings, The Dome has beat published every year except photos and hung imms for the new yearbook, which 1919 (because of Workl War I) and 194446 was distributed the week of May 19,1906. (because of World War II). Ai at aN ed for sP I) lh oft el sr In alt nt • Dtau ' d the 1906 school year. Headed by Coach Macaw, the student body [ ' darned the None Dame 1905 football three plays in Wndangton warn played a 501Ket d " plea HA " The Madont of Ven• ant antis " and claweeable ice. " Itt TecnoMaiter; and ' The Rinsed die Nonce ' Adyertisonaus from kith- Meng the few %wilts of eke. Bad meioses like thbaw this drawing ci dome Gam the fildaddphia Candy pies the statue) May ore appeared in the boa uhcn it induded a aoun and the book as a mewed defray- crescent al lights. ing thecae of pinning. N. D. U. We make the Candle ad Coaf«dons am delight the students everywhere. Our Ode is the best In the city, no Iodine. no boisterousness, no wahine. Only the most genteel trade catered to. We have yet to fled the boy or girl, the man or woman, who would refuse one of our celebrated Boffslo or Morbscldno Sundaes. REMEMBER THE PHILADELPHIA—IT IS NOT DOING YOU tee North Michigan Siren SOUTH BEND. IND. It J, th It " N cc di ten inn fa Familiar Faces of Notable Alumni Among Notre Dame ' s many proud stairs such as the Martha Stewart no rankings or scandal and the court procoxling; in awards can compare to the Wallkill the fase. of alumni wilt.) haw taken their Notre DAM alumni also made a education and used it to set a path mark in =cal govenutient [nations for mace Whether it ' s politics a starting with Alan Page ' 67 who spats, television o coroirate America, began as an NP!. Domers nation wide have given this defensive tackle Utiversity a reason to continue on in but eventually the endeavor for higher standards in pursued a law Atonal. degree and as a Although there are yelp upon judge was dated years of graduates nix) have gam on to the Minnesota from Notre Dame to baome suocessfd Sul:mine court. Alan Page ' 67 alumni, we have compiled just a Also a mobs random list of some names and faces of the Minnaota crane Court, nita may find to Ir familiar. Kathleen Satz 16 was the first Perhaps an of the mist popular unman elected as chief [melee in alumni, Regis Philhin ' 53 created the state of Minnesota. William a name for himself as a television McGurn ' 80, however, waked more peramality, honing his own talk cannily to the government as assistant show as well as to Presidan Bush in the area of the game show, spachwriting. Other include Francis " Who Wants to tIi J. Harvey II ' 65 who is Secretary be a Millionaire?. of the Anny, and Donald Rice ' 6 l It would be %dm is the fans Secretary of the Air considerably Frce. It 1 7, difficult to Many of Notre Dame ' s Conner mistake him for Regis Philbin 3 students spread out across the U.S and any other person internatkmally, but some decided to today, given his popularity; however, stay a little closer to home. In oklition in the 1953 yearbook, Philbin ' s picture to the student playerstumestanches appears with someone else ' s name, and (Knute Rockne ' 14, Frank Leahy in place of his own picture is another ' 31 , and in nv face. Charlie Weis Another television talent luu 8). smite might maionse is Phil Donahue students slam] ' 57 who hated " The Phil lXmahue in South Had Show " where most topics included tosave the controversial political debates. Notre Dame In the news seas community. of television, More recently. Hernial) Rev. John Jenkins 16 was elected as Storm ' 83 also Pn.sidan of the University, following emended an the 17eear Lynn of Fatha Edward on-screen proem " Monk " Malloy ' 63. as orhat of the Whether pursuing camas in Hannah Storm ' 83 CBS Early Slow am:mai:uncut, science. polities or after working arts, many Notre Dame alumni have within the NBC Sports depunnat. established themselves as leaders, and nap:melon for NBC Nightly ' this list only mentions a snail number. Nays, Anne Thompson ' 79 covered Do any of these names and faces from past Volnil look familiar? Perhaps you ' ve read their books or learned their theories. Maybe you ' ve $0:11 their facts an TV or hem] Aim than in the inns. Whatever their achievements, the first step of their education began at the Uni.. versity of Notre Dame. lAlism Otainor l ' ilmer riche itintx7 1939 Roth Riley WN1t othrr 2C01 John EaRtra 14)prmant,Crilisil 1911 KathIrrn diet Isar, SE :Hortire(350 1916 Amur llginigmn erns 111:1H ( S.L‘rnirt too? Allmt Pkittin Kniae Rcdsc RN radii In so NI) 1.17forchill °Axil 1942 1914 jet ' s Wethrrha ' airrunain 1974 NICRN: Krame ND (Alec k .hrectic 1911 Phil [Imbue mlb ' how Isim 1957 17doirl Rooth:or `Rode 1976 Ludo Ito (1).M.lil Caw. 1959 Charlie Weis ' 78 1906-2006[1317 The Editors: Hard Work, Satisfaction As any yarbook editor will tell you, it ' s the efforts of the early editors - those never about power or fame. It ' s about heartfelt editor ' s comments in the hart ' Sc,% challenges to omcome, backs of youtooks are a fairly recent staff annaraderie and the eventual triad - do know a little about satisfaaion of producing a book that O ' Donnell beyond the note under classmates will value for years to come. his senior photo ( tic face of Jove It ' s been that way for Dome himself?) He was a poet (his work, editors since 1906, when Charles L " At Notre Dame, " appears at loge O ' Donnell of Kokomo. Ind, was 360 of this book) As head of Noire recruited from the staff of Notre Dame, he presided over the opening of Dame ' s student magazine. Scholastic, the Law School building, Alumni and to edit the first Notre Dame warbook. Dillon Halls and Notre Dame stadium, O ' Donnell set the For high - producing and during the Depression refused to a quality book that proceeding to join lower the solaria of ND ' s faculty. And the seminary, become a Holy Goss his most famous words are sung abmst priest, and eventually president of daily somewhat on campus - he wrote Kure Dame from 1928-1934. the lyrics to the alma mater. " Notre Although nor much is Imam of Dame, Our Mother. " thaits L °Dania alter of the 1906 Done. Is shoal in his sot photo. left, and :sin in the 1929 Done. above. Aim he ken modern el Notre Dania The oldest editor still living is 1925 Dame, was the father of Dennis hired the first Imam wanan in a Louis H. Hruby ' 35, who was J. O ' Neill, Jr., editor of the 1950 senior editorial position for the Dome, editor of the 1934 Dome. He credits yearbook. Fr. ODonnell presided at Lkutura (Bobs) Gibson of St. Mary ' s, his yearbook expaience with helping the wedding of the elder O ' Neill and who served as an asociate editor. him get hired at Central Electric, his wife, and Loptized O ' Neill junior. Rod Braye ' 74 was the first where he spent his entire career. A - Walter Smith,, editor of the African-American student who was few years ago, he endowed the Dome 1926 Dome, watt on to become editor of the Dome. Editors Endowment hind, which Pulitzer Prize winning spans oalumnist Susan Darin 76, who anent! provides scholarship money for the " Red " Smith. with the first freshman clam of women alias and managing editor. In honor -John P. Walker ' 49 was chosen in 1972, was the fist woman to be of the Dome centennial, he added to as a sophomore to edit the 1947 Dane, editor-in.chief of the Dome, doing so that endowment to begin providing the first post-war edition. He is now as a junior for the 1975 Dome. " Since scholarship funds for partook section retired in suburban Chicago. this was the third par of coeducation, editors. He now lives in Pacific - Don Sniegowski edited the we were all pretty used to being the palisades, Calif., and still travels to 1956 Dome, which marked the first to do something. " She is now Louis H. Hoeg ' 35, oiler of the 1934 acne Dame spring autiversaty of the yaarbook. He married to a Dana, Marty Hagan, and [veer:icier of the lime Edina Untlunnion Fun We made Hue tint tea Haticand. Wake txuNuct. taught English at Notre Dune for 41 and employed as aclinthimata of the white chum tits %kV LAO NOM lint in the Among other noteworthy editors: yaws, retiring in 2002. NO= Dame Cub of Rttsburgh. They tneonkcht: I ' m on0 i1oad toity ' s wits Dennis J. O ' Neill, editor of the - David Heslcin, editor for 1968, have five children. rinse Walter it Smith ' 27, otter of die 1926 Done sod future Politav 15ix winnina tens enliminta fie The Nov York Tines. 0181 Centennial w.n cod when gxiea.l (idkn Wt. oleo in 1949. POMO% .1 WHIRL It. la Doinin.l. O ' Neill 26. above. and his Kin. Dots J. CYNcil. Jr.:51, Macs of the 1925 and 1950 soartvels. Women Make Their Mark on The Dome How long after co-cducation did it for [knot 75. ' Ilse tam not Ekon. take for smarm to he ualconxxi to in.alief were also moms, Dana the Done Not law! Thc maws el Nahlen, class o(1977, edited Dane Notre Dame mark sure their mark on 1976, atxl Lisa Moore, also class of the University would be preserved for 1977, edital the Dome published that history from the time they arrived. yaw. So by the time the first classes Woolen vivre uekomal immaliately of frothiness women mere gracluating, onto the staff of the Dome , and Susan the place for %mot in publishing the Darin of the class of 1976, cm of the annual chronicle of life at Notre Dame Am %warn to MILT Note INnse as a was firmly established. freshman, um already wu Din„ lblet•on-clmel Dana Nahlen 77 (abwe) says the editing, but he quickly realized that if mystery photo at right is actually a shot he was going to talk to me that um of her father hailing a suitcase full of it acts going to be tot that book. ymrbook pages in her car after helping So he helped me proof copy, double her complete the 1976 Dane while check cropping and layouts and was a she was at home foe spring break. " My oanoxIous help. " father knew nothing about yearbook Sm. Cwt 76 win Ant kink atut d Ilanc Mare, 1677 art 1975 Proofreading Saves the Day John P. Walker ' 49, editor of the 1947 Dane, saved himself some grief while checking a prat. pox In reprinting Fr. O ' Dotmell ' s famous poem, " At Notre Dinner the line " A footfall lingering till some distant sunumr... " became " A foothill lingering till some distant summer. " Walker says he thought at the time " I ' d be publicly executed in front of Father Sorin ' s statue for this one. " David Heskin ' 68 caught the ultimate ma) — the publishing company printed 6200 covers that add " University of Nome Dane, " and all had to be re „ow men done. Says Heskin: ' To this My, I ' m a fanatic about " .•141Wilor ' 49 I NM 1 lokin ' 68 Lt 19710alunra Rol Slant; xxl Mike Kiva The furniture (al attire) as .lifferan for the rani with ghee% of a lama Oltv now be ' 79 taw waft gra= ace) 1906-20061-619 Dome Highlights 1906 1931 Over the past 100 yams, the editors of the Dome have chosen to highlight a number of important events. The following is a selection of notes from each book 1906 Charles I. (YDormell, editor O ' Donnell man a) to became a Holy Cross priest and - in 1928 - praiduit of the university ... Am book was oblong in shape, with a gold photo ... Knute Rockne cin faculty. 1919 (No yaulthok. Most sualmts in military because of WWI, Army operating camp at ND.) 1920 Alfonso Anaya News of George Gipp ' s dismissal hum school and readmictmce (He was dcsaibcd as " ex captain•dal " of the foothill team) ... a nd blue cover. Setting the trend for 1921 yearbooks to first The 1916 pato own a: the Otter Hotel ttias a Edward B. Doyle senior pictures, camps etent. featured... nen, of first hockey team. EXtalSi•e me oriel to Gorge aganimlions, faculty Photos, Tans Association ... gramdbrething for 1913 Glop, who died of pletimonia in coverage, short stories, poetry, humor, Walsh Hall ... early photo of Notre December of 1920. and advenising. Dame Pond. Simon E. Twining Military education becomes 1922 1907 1910 compulsory for freshmen and Harold McKee James D. Jordan Denis A. Morrison, Jr. sophanorcs ... Knute Rockne as a Cover featured a gold embossed Scenic photos of campus, including Senor plItX0 captions included atnior class meatier. drawing of a football player aid a an October sr kOnCIM • • • um awry student nicknames, inducting " Parlor scholar ... appealed to alumni for donations to Maid, " " Knowledge, " " Gave, " " Rol, " 1914 build two new dorms at $60 COO each " Sex " (for a student named Sexton), William M. Galvin ... cost of minim the university was and " Shorty " ... Includal photos of Knute $803 per day. Rockne as a soxicsu ... the Fig 9 1911 (forerunner of the Big 10) !ejected 1908 Arthur J. Hughes Mitre Dame ' s application for Robert I.. Saley first peter of military tactics membership ... the tango was twinned Yearbook featured a fold.out hired ... senior class included future at campus aloes. panorama photo of the main quad ... ND president and cardinal, John F. school year ran from Sept. 13 to June O ' Hara. 1915 18. James Arthur Hayes Photos of Knute Rockne as assistant football coach ... ottensive coverage of military organimtions. The f ieu Gee Club teas Omani it the 1916 linc. 1909 Ignatius McNamee Gump photo c ' ( Alumni 1912 Cyril J. Curran new wimp, " the None Dame Anti-Cigarette Motorisation " 1916 Timothy P. Galvin Photo of first ace Club Knute Rockne as track ouch. 1917 Howard Parker Ent Monogram aub lxusquet Knute Rockne as track coach and asistant coach. 1918 Delmar J. lEdmundson NTYs 75th anniversary .... Wodd War 1 shortages ...George Gipp 1923 Harry W. Flannery Essay by Knute Rockne on how academics and athletics are compatible, E x -Ca ptai Elect 1920 Girt. Germ Opp — ahvady elf anxnes by 1910. 02 I Centennial 1926 Walter Smith Smith would go at to become famous spirts columnist " Red " Smith, winner of the Pulitzer Prix for his wurk at The New York Tunes stay recounting tales of the ghost of Washing= Hall. 1927 Richard Novak At 572 the largest DORIC ever plashed ... photo of Gee flub at the White House. 1928 Franklin Eugene Doan say praising Rockne and his team. 1930 Robert L. Pendergast Youtook featured a Spanish theme photos of Frank Leaky as student. that the :1%x-rage 1925 1931 grade of his football team was 82.3, Dennis O ' Neill Paul J. liallinan with ally one player who could be O ' Neill s son would be editor of the Reported the death of Knute described as a " Iltmkcr. " 1950 Dome • • . first howl Moo ND Rockne, although most pages dans Smnford in Rae Ilwd) and of the yearbook had already ban 1924 first foothill national championship, March ,,, 3. W. alien with accounts of the exploits of the first book edited by the junior class, " Rae Horsemen " ... believed to be ... foothill national thampienshio ... a practice that continued until 1951. the first yauboolc to use the nickname sliver edition of antic. " Fighting Irish. " 1929 Thomas Keegan Rev. Charles O ' Donnell, CS.C., first Drone akar, becomes ND president ... account of May gams not " George Gipp was something more than just a inemoty. " Olt was fr. i`Inn " b1 the " Win One for the Gipper " game). Funtklbl D. li0016111 mena Fionorary kra (1935) r.LrEt•) Kalov bainalen in 1929: axdow)1925 R.L.4 !bid makes heollina ' 17 - May ' s ' aglow in the 1931Dome. Finis az de Scrinmorr Callon al 1935. 1906 - 200611521 Dome Highlights 1932 1953 ClireTlutlen (1936A 35 Cho State rant o Gnarly ' fabatrA ' Camara Nikeai Am, ' ;” 1932 Les lie Raddatz, editor Extensive tribute to Knute Roclane ... brief mention o1 first Bengal Fouts ... many campus drawings by Art Becvar, who wait on to become pre6dent of the American Sudety of Industrial Dezigners. 1933 Arthur Sandusky Significant dtvline in munber of advertisements, pa:Amiably because of aim-ling IX0110111iC D7)11:551011 — " Moose " Krause (futon: athletic director) as student. 1934 Louis H. Hruby Hruby won on to a career at Ge ' meal Electric and endowed a scholarship for editors of the Dome ... aviator Wiley Post and invauor Guglielmo Marconi %tit GIIIIIXLS. 1935 John W. Walker Jake Kline named baseball omit • eulv photo of Rev. Julius spoke on campus ...ND defeats Nieuwland, CSC (invented Ohio State in football " Gone of the synthetic rubber). 1936 1937 Delancey J. Davis Thomas J. Radigan Praident Franklin D. Roosevelt visit to 8w vale, (camas ' of Saab Drab ' s I fall ' s pay alfacnci woman Finn Now of Afticati.Anonicalt 3tudaw.Fram, Tianfosun. 1947. Early photo of Universal Nome Dame Night alumni gatherings ... appearance of " funny " candid photos. 1939 Paul Helmuth Photo of ND mascot Clashnicre like with Army ' s mule- 1940 Thomas Carty Rockne Manorial dedicated ... ,ornastone laid (or ProsePhillips Hall ...homier literary magazine published inn of Dane. Cardinal Pacelli more Rue I ' m. XII) ... photos of track meet at Coma 1941 Held featuring Ohio State ' s Jesse Neil McCarty Owens. Pnanicte of ramie " ' Coate Rockne, All-American " — Mickey Rooney on campus ... photo of inny Italy restaurant ... B-17 at South Raid airport ... annivasary of Dome. 1942 Joseph Hillebtand World War II noted, but not Bad Harbor ... Eady photo of Rev. Charles McCarragher, CS.C. (future " Black Mac " clown of discipline) ... Plexus of public displays of affection reflect marine attitudes ... Frank Leahy ' s first yaw as ftudall coach. 1943 Kelly F. Cook Notre Dame centennial ... at l98 I paws, smallest O•rene ... rxtblishal in December 1942 because of World Warn (clava began in May, ended in December). Last Dome until 19 47. (altur) Torpid° butniaim al NI) as WmIrl War II konnt iklutd The K of CSIning Fond place to lam 1945, 1938 Frank Reppenhagen Father (hark. :14( ' arwiter.futury Jam at tleattite (1953) At_ _ I lit ' hot Junk!, Math:, total v. ;Ai; t. 1948 Foothill team suffered first loss in Leo J. Condon 40 games (28-14 Against Purdue) OenerryPert BS tirbratir 1954 Der Artist ' s conceptan of future Father Hesburgh executive vice student union, fiddhouse and fine arts piesi(ent kidding ... first student radiostatiat WND ... Johnny Lujack urns 1952 itic411811 Trophy ... first bane football Ray Earls game to be televiaxl. Early photo of Fr. Ned Joyce, future executive vice-president ... 1949 Constniction of 0Shaughnmsy, Fisher A rag Fruher Halved, UM Fin mew in ' 49. Richard D. Cullen rod bganyland ... First stadium Photo of Fr. Hesburgh as rector appearance of Irish Guard ... first NI) 194446 of Farley Hall ... smoking was cool and appearance in a night (cabal! game (at (No yearbooks because of World cigarettes appeared in several official Brim Stadium versus the University of War II. Naval officer scluxil operated photos of students. Detroit; Irish %en, 404). at None Dame and published several anntuds, tidal Capstan.) 1950 1953 DerutisJ. O ' Neill, Jr. Francis Meaney 1947 Meal ' s (ad= was editor of 1925 Fr. Hesburgh as linsatikn ... John P. Walker Dome ... Pontifical hIming for class President Dwight Eisenhower Recap of events of 1943-46 ... 25 " anniversary reunion of Four on campus ... Richard Nixon at Early photos of Fr. Theodore Horsemen ...Leon Hart, Heiman football game ... FIN Junior Paints Hesburgh, future ND prakkm Trophy winner. Weekend ... Regis Philbin ' s ... Flues of Frank Leahy, future senior year. football coach ... first photo of an 1951 African-American ND gradwate. James F. Kelleher John E. Frazier Thompson (pictured in O ' Brien group photo of track team)... last time advertisements appeared in a regular edition of the Dome. Rev. Theodore M. Hoeburgh. CS.C. Aida: Rink fruity doregnieuflon the alkets et 1952. F. amok( P.Jracr (19521 ties lierwave %ix Roam( for 35 )orri Fin amen mot twit Guard Di gadruni in 1951. Theywoe orkinadly road Ihr kith itm. " Dome Highlights 1954 1972 1954 Leahy retires as football coach after nekton Richard PExon.Ctne. spaike on campus ... also Richard A. L SuwaLsky, Jr., editor John tanner ' s Heisman.Trophy Adlai Stevenson, Sen. John Nixon (Lad New York (kw. Nelson . Opening of laFontine season ... (Jtm. manat.,ing editor was Kennedy. Louis Armstrong, Miss Rockefeller ...1 kinhwestem foothill Student Caner ... Dtxlication of Ron Matzoh, future angreminan. America and Miss Simla, ... Paul catch (and future ND catch) An O ' %wughntuty Hall ... flans to build Hornung nins Hannan Trophy ... Parseghian speaks at footled ' banquet a bwkstrse announced ... early photo 1955 Phil Donohue ' s senior war. ...Student ectly president is Bruce ot ' Etna T. Holtman, legendary Bernard). Lalonde Babbitt, future govanor of Adana chemistry pro( and future Dean New bookstore referral to (u 1958 .md US interior secretary. of First -Yaw Studies ... Alcoholic " Hammes Six sling Caner " ... Joseph Bumbleburg beverages appear in photos ... Frank Panglxrn Hall owlet C011slitieliell Early phoim of Laibnune Student 1961 ... w.NotiTV nn ... Covenve EMT ... Robert Kennedy (future John F. Flanigan of first foothill Ims in four scars is attorney general and New York Kimball team went 28, dcscriLccl deliberately printed upside dont senator) (peaks on campus ... lath axl by Dane as " Prom Rockne to Rock- Oklahoma ' s foothill winning lxiturn " ...Group plains feature 1956 wane— lair time entire faculty w.0 imidentif ' al girls as deonative Don Sniegowski pictured in Dome. acklitions. " Golden " Dome, marking anniversary of yearbook ... conceit by 1959 Eddie Fisher ...speeches by Justice bum Thurin William Douglas and Sat Hubert (dims cancelled 26-inch Humphrey. snoufall ... Kingston Trio in concert. Luis Anreatnonfomong (1957) Paul tanner 4 1956 Inimin Tmfhy Proilou bath Ficnehruvr a NI) (IWO Undentifini gill in a guragni nu) r f mfAnnvms m die 1961 flint i4it—r not thole glum° (1960 rotor ow) 1957 1960 Roger Bennett Pat OD Campus visitors included Vice President Dwight Eisenhower ND and SIChnhmen fun avvvuluving the 1959 Freslawm 06enuman. 02 Centennial 1969 atetClA Rvatirou meat at the equal th Mam Mating. protesters 15 minutes to cease 1970 obtructive demonstrations... Students Gerald V. Greve ova 21 get the right to drink in their First fan le dwaleaclas ... last ramts....parietal hours extended to all pep rally in old fieldhouse concerts weekends....the ACE (now the Joyce by The Modal km and Smokey Center) opens.. _sneakers included Robinson. n. Gene McCarthy, activist Tom Hayden, and drug gum Tunothy 1971 O ' Leary... concerts by Harry Fred Carl Stavins, Jr. Belafonte, the Four Tops, Andy Establishment of lay Beard of Williams, Roger Miller, the Trustees ... creation of position of Dimension. 1962 Thomas Gem:Winger Campus appearances by comedian Bob Hope, Sm. Barry Goldwater ... attempt to ban the twist at campus . dances defeated by student senate. 1963 John Ohala Senior year for Edward Malloy, . future MD pre,ident ...0tily 4 of 184 pigs appear in color ... Ray Charles and Peter, Paul and Mary perform co campus ... Memorial library (awe Hodnrgh Library) under construction WSNDTM goes on the air ... student government starts a newspap.v, The Voice ... 1964 Denny O ' Brian Faxball team goes 2-7 (Iowa game oncelkx1 because of mac:nation of President Kennedy) ... cirnpus appearances by asinnaut John Glenn, Peter Nero and the lettamm. 1965 • Terry Ward In An Parseghian ' s first war as football ouch, Irish go 9-1 - dubbed " Back to (Airy " ...John Huarte wins I-leis-nun Trophy ... Harry Belafonte in COMMII. 1966 Terry Ward liken on canals included Sen. Everett Dirksen Photo of football tonna on domed main building. 1967 Rodney Julian First year of Angers, France, study abraxl prognim ... °beater leggin publication ... nuionalchampionship • swim year for Alan Page, future Minnesota Supreme Gem justice and NFL star 1968 David Heskin Firs knoun yearlx)ok photos of female faculty members ... NI) lista) section marking I25 ' h anniversary of university ... COMM appearances by lbw Top and Dionne Warwick. 1969 Kevin C. Flynn Fr. Hesburgh gives Vietnam L Studays num! hyoid ot 1969 her ou:r loon fen on tenon university ;mime ... Dome editors pictured with glasses of wine ... Appearances on campus by Three Dog Night, Johnny Rivers, The Suprerna, aulnara, Bob Hope, Doc Severinson and Jane Fonda ... Irish opal No 1 Texas in Cotten Bowl, 24-11. 1972 James Halley Hunt Yearbook feantred psychedelic colors and cutouts ... first of four square books filled mainly with photos, virtually no text ... concern by Tina Turner, the Beach Boys, Fifth 1)imat4on and Cat Stevens ... senior air for future provost Thomas Dudish. Am Panted law 9.1 et 1960 Jenne het fin Swam:slue ' va homer f men the domehi on the Quench ' s Tory Jimmy led NU re the 1966 )um mom 1965 f indult tam waist (N. mama: chamions 1906 - 20061°25 Dome Highlights 1973 1988 N r:::::Elliatiaratf ..efLieraTt.2222 •••••11WWIfleh ar 2,.. L % -agen 11 Awl It .• brit; nitAL IL Li ar —I ' a Homer prang fort done( wanen a Froiman ()Mizoram a, 1972. 1973 Michael). Paulius, editor Rust ycar of coeduattion noted briefly On-cunpus appearances by. Sat. Edward Kennedy and Norman Mailer. 1974 Roderick D. aye Quarts by Quick Berry, the Tam:Mons, the Carpenters, Paul Simon, David Crosby and Linda Ronstadt Football team wins national championship with Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama ... Digger Phelps coat hulcettoll team to 74• 73 upset of ua.A ... senior year for future astronaut Jim Wetherbee. Follow lamas Nt Sn. Tal Kotnealy (19731 Darr 11v116 (19741 Puulau Mo21 Feed (19731(Imit Ban (19741 am An (19751 lkoth 1329s 09762 OM flaky (1975)amf An aunt (1976). 1975 Susan M. Darin 1976 the Hugh Boys, Rod Stewart ... Citica‘v, Kiss and the Doobk Brothers Susan Darin was first feneile Dana Nahien Rudy ' s senior war. ... campus appmances by Presides editor of Dome ... Ara Parseghian ' s Fr. Jenkins ' amity year ... first Jimmy Carter, Sat Walter last guile as ouch ... Proident yeartook photo of ND Right to Life 1977 Mondale, and actor Leonard Gerald Ford on campus ... concerts gip • • • Dan Devine ' s first year as Lisa Mare Nimoy. by Elvis Presley and Elton John. footfall coach ... arrests by Clicago, Bruce Springsteen, T10 6a mks ct dr old 21.41Mor. fay 1%9. Sam 2-trri, (kikec (mould NU, fan Ion Cilett61101 (1%92 02 1978 Greg Young Charlie Weis ' sailor year ... Blitanl d ' 78 closes campus ... fix ball national championship ... • campus appearances by President Jimmy Carter, Bob Hope, Pete Seeger, Dick Gregory, Linda Ronstadt. 1979 Bill Fuller Joe Montana ' s senior year ... .11818 5 appearances by Ralph Nader, • Steve Martin, John Denver, Kris Kristofferson, Aerosmith and the Beach llow. Joe N4CIPIlantt °Owns 213nint aawlmak m 1979 (hum Hotel spout the Unatnirs4 Maxon. 1980 Allan Dreyer Coverage of Pope John Paul 11 ' s visit to Chicago ...Site Museum and new clones on " Mod Quad " • wakr construction ... Chncerts by Styx, Eagks, I3oston Pops and Kenny Rogers. ni. t Suer Spitwen tat canna (1988 1981 Meg Klingenberger First night game »e in NI) stadium (Irish to Molted Michigan. 23•17) ... old Dan Devine as foothill each ... Fieldlxxne tom down ... Hannah campus appearancts by Bill Cosby Storm ' s scaler year. and Bruce Springsteen. 1982 Ann Hardie Ounpus appearance s by President campus appearances by Al Maguire, Ronald Reagan and actor Pat Christie Heftier, Bob Hope and O ' Brien (stand the movie " Knute Billy Joel. Rockne, AllAmaicui " ) ... first female drum major, Toni Faini 1985 • concerts by the Dcxthie Bmthers.13unch Michael Wilkins Bow, Barry Manilow and Lionel Alcohol policy tightened ... Most Richie. Iyaga (128) of 4-color photos ... Centrovernal staid, cin akytton by Glw. Mario Cuomo .. - Qnuns by Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers WSNIMM becalms WVF1. Toni Rant a Jr fru female 1b1M117V00 (i9S21 1987 Anne Iacono Rev. Edward " Monk " Malloy, CS.C., named university president .... Vice Pre.ident George H. W. Bush visits campus ... concerts by the Monkeys and Beach Paws. 1986 Joanne Richardson Lou Holtz nanwd frxxhill coach ... Rolls Aquatic Center Tens Retxwation of LaFontate SIIXICIII Colter appearances by Amy Grant and Chuck Magione. 811ykel ortnal foe galena (15C34X 1988 Nancy Weimer and Tom Sedory President Ronald Reagan on campus to unveil stamp of Knute Rockne ...100+annivsnry of foothill at ND ... concert by Frank Sinatra Tun Brown wins Hamm Rory Manakttv at NI) for atierrt (1982) 1984 Jane Bennett cad section on 75+ Dane ... 1983 Jane Anne Barber Forst year of London program ... NY Gar (learn° sirsatrati ntir I .• I kaonzry raffia Put ()Doi. Ronald Rtu5.n Daring the 1986.87 xha Ave. het 1 Ida amttr1 We) rimed Knute Rocksie and ()net (am mkt Ft " f Itaxiotr mod. tatretavhr m Knute VOW. AB tbncruot (1982) 1906 - 20061°27 Dome Highlig hts 1989 2005 1989 students kkby fee diversity and racial Christine (aponigri and Tom Sedory, editors Alcohol hunts ' from skyin 1992 championship Amy Cashore and Chris Degiorgio footfall ... Nine regildal ... Knott ND ' s ISOth ,mniverstry and Siegfried open ...George H. W. (Sesquicentennial) ... Heiburgh Peace Bush campaigns on campus. Caner dedicated ..- Ihes accident fatal to mu monism of swim team, 1990 Meghan Beeler and Colleen Hipp Berri McCarvill ... concert by Amy Grant. lire destroys St. Michael ' s Laundry ... Holy Cross I HI diva ... third 1993 annual Fisher Regatta. Anne Marie Ouellette I clkirtolo 11311 opens ... campus 1991 appeanuica by Bill Clinton and Jesse Madeleine M. Castellin ' Jackson ... concerts by Def Leppard on campus ... Ray Cyrus thud Ton) Rke led th kith oche 1988 flatboa t ' The SIM " ... of " Rudy. " diangiunitipianist 03 Wax Viaxinia M Jr Fm m Nit OCIE(11107711mgm vat (imnin 1992. limner Adlok MINIM ' Mouse Kuaoc 111010710i after cJnnh at 1993. Bylaw Ilaskettolt eekbtates 20 xais (1997A 1321 Centennial building (now Mende= College of 13usinms)opens regilding of dome ... concerts by Wargo and Billy Joel 1997 James Korezak James Korczak only student to alit Dome for three years ... Lou Holtz ' s law season as notion coach ... stadium expended to sot BO goo ... 20 ' anniverstry of Bookstore Basketball. a. ' 21 MOW UM elected to aimed FrAldloy prnilent4 dr lemma " (2005). ravili; ' aloe at Inn on d Sit I I. 1998 Danielle V. Moore and John E. • Pcschke Main building remodeled ... theme dances mere popular. Sqx. I I terrorist attacks ... Bob Davie Brat as faxball coach, George O ' Leary hired and resigns five days later ova resume questions, Tyrone Willingham hired (first black Caxton mach)... concert by U2. 1999 2003 Danielle V. Moore and John E. Sally Hosey Pmehlte Baseball team in College World Eck Center (with new haoksoxe) Scrit for first time in 50 years ... lawns ..• oantrovenY over squid and Sailor Bar doses ... NDTV begins other objects throvm in arida section of stadnun ... ND remains independent in football. 2004 Solna vi 941. Robyn Mandolini 2000 Legends OffIS 1995 Alison E Main on site of Satin concerts by Mtge do W n O gazikt Ps Mao nn James Karetak ()mai campus appearances by Newt Black•Elul Peas and (Aster. 1 Alliance for Catholic Education lours nice the fans ar All k . Gingrich and Ted Koppel ... twin (ACE) program starts ... ' wilding (inputs after remodeling. 2005 1994 Anne Marie Ouellette 1996 2001 Nicole Phillips Fr.John 1. )enkins, C.S.C. named Pr011iefe of movie " Rudy " ...ND Ann Marie Tanunara President Elect—Marie DeBartolo Women ' s soccer team wins natienal defeats Horida State 31.24 in ... l‘kw Business Women ' s Iraklion team wins Performing Arts (Inter opens ... of the Camay " ... Mara Fox national champicriship behind Ruth Riley ... camixs appearances by three years as foothill coach. Charlie Muhammad Ali, Tim Ruse Bert and Weis hired ... Women ' s soccer team Sm. Joe Lieberman. wins national championship ... Hank Aaron appaus at pep rally. 2002 Maggie Clarke Macs on South Quad folkming in accident ... Haley Scott recovers (ran bus accident and swiss again concert by Garth Brooks. SItie um a minor dow of unity in 1992. Ikon 101(711C Milt{ urre dr we all aye Cunt Pa is lino m 98 tames - m 1928. Jnun lag( 11410? allient4 to IOC osmium illadentla145. 1906 20061°29 Growing Brick by Brick What Father Sohn first stepped fox at his several arc monurnaus of their oven right. The Rod= hundred acres, three buildings existed for him to Manorial, " The Rock, " bulk in 1938 was named a begin his college. With his help along with elite few yews after foothill coach Knute Ralme abmpdy other ' Mg proidans, this campus has groan to have left Notre Dante in a fatal plane crash. over 130 buildings fa students to eat, live, work, The University Architect ' s Campus Master Plan and play. Under Father Theodore Ilesburgh alone, not only suggests future building plans, but also the University want front hating only 48 buildings to restorative and preservative actions. While Nitre having 88 buildings in only 35 years. Dame holds strong the importance of these historical The buildings at campus not only mirror the buildings, it on the necessity of rasing University ' s mission to offer students a premier further. Ormsby there are plus to add a Toun institution. but they also represent its history.. Some Canmm, a new Engineering building, an atklition of the earliest buildings on campus including Old to the Law School, and a number of new dorms. College, Brownson Hall and Saint Edward ' s Hall Alunmi often return to campus announcing that were deigned by than President of the University so much his changed since they watt students here Father Edward Soda and Bro. Francis Patois, CSC In Now with 1250 aaes, there is no telling what is John Zahm acted as architect fa Crowley Hall along that this Is will always be hare.1893, than Vice-President of the University Father store for this animus in the future. What is certain is 4 with Bro. (lades Harding, CSC Other buildings Father Hugh Ottawa fixes the tkcky ctnwr X01): ui llW Dome. 115xkoa route the foundantel Mornory Mama ode 1925 Dant After the laden of the Josce Athletic Conocationion (inter. the Rektourt nos tom doom in 1983. lhne paws later it was replaced with the Clark Manorial FUMCjil OM the fieldhouse Mat Uihke the fr9aante la the ceerhar hunt fawn rem atewhed The fumed the Rod= Monedal was mated In 1938 and to %Welding around Mao in 1914. recorded in the 1919 Dane. lie influx of miasma with families after World Waal ' mow hiArtYg like Voville in 1948. Centennial II L innsowg ' The Hotorgh library. kali:con Research Lib and the in (Incasg ( laver orate a nowquad in 1963. s t Ill Seniors ' Words of Wisdom ••••,•• • y aka Tr. • ao.e. 10••••••••••••••• We few bona aye • .-1•51low. WU. 40•••••• • at ( One flt.. Vinle••••••• ra aletu••••ampy•••• • ..”•••••••• • 1•14•111.1.0•,• • The more things change, the more they stay the Ramey Stone " ), and " Heartland " (tub Nye). It ' s mine. the past sixteen yeas of the " senior survey " impomibk to knee what changes the future holds. future of the reflect how true this is at Though much has deutgal at NOVO Dame over Nam Dame. Touching on dating, losses, dean the years, more has stayed the same. Students are life, manorics, and fears, these surveys reflect how still complaining about parietals and the sprinkler student life under the Dome has changed and stayed system and trying to think of creative excuses for the some over the years. getting a car onto campw. But more importantly, Sang is a real reflection of the times. The movie Now Dame students are still having late night illayne:s World, a hit with college swamis, was chats with roommates - though perhaps not late Mewed in 1992 - the same year that sailor Chris night talks with friends awl roommates about life, Murphy declared that his fa ' vtite class was " Organic the future, and how many tattoos Cher really has " chonisuy...Notr The layouts of carman and of (Michad Fisk, 1993). Were still going on good South Bend have changed over the years, and with dates as well as some not.sincxxl ones, worrying them, much of the names of both buildings at about what the future holds for us, and creating a campus and establishments in South Bend. " CoMo " lifetime of memories of Notre Dame. While nobody and " DPAC would have hem unknown slang a few can predict the future, and while ow clothing, our years ago, and " DeBartolo " unheard of a few years hairstyk, the music we like, and out slang will no before that. " Senior Ike " became " Legends, " and doubt change drastically over the next decade and hits in the South Bald conummity have undergone a half, one thing is for certain the spirit of Notre similar and =wow. tnnsfonnations. Past seniors Dame will amain constant. refer to °The amnions " Munn, " now " the A selection of Senior Quotes from the roneador and la me through. " -Kyle Joluunn, 2003 ' Bar fern and pregnant -Noir -Amy Dome: " Crowded, kirk, beer. who ' s aabbing me " C.i.wenr, 1994 -Patti Amer, 1999 " I IlitAl to murk at Papa John c, at 1 put Parental Advice en my uniform and my sign and they jit‘t 1-lead of the Mimic Cudielogy Ward at What um par mint (007111331C experience! wave me in " - ott Flagde.2004 the Cleveland Clinic, or ASSiStin AMMO ' " My WS bat advice was ' Never try to " Chocolate faxing in no. sheers, chocolate at McDonakCs. " -Haney Leo, 1994 ndicat pia in a Maga% its not a geed idea. " -Stephanie 13untm• 2033 frosting in my disk. chocolate frosting in " We have a dead came in the clunk and my tal. Neva give a dnmk mom:tate it has to go to the Jammu of Rum " Graduation -Anon Ever chocolae frostily, and then leave. . " you. 1996 if you ' re having fun put arc doing t frs ms What is your biArst fear ahra graduating? Anonymous, 1994 something wrong, " -Anormnuus. 1996 - " Mx having txuietah to protect me from Things You ' ve Learned at evil. " -Brian Dillon .1993 ' Your loft only holds 130 raga, that is, I " What a flatting computer was thrown Notre Dame built it Is me. " -Middle Ghat, 1995 1mm a tomb floor wintknv. " -Ryan " If pou are in theCollege of MS alld W Klt 7 14143 y(Al the mem proud alma Sweeney. 1993 Letters, stay awn• front the Overt and Valuable `Flaw fun, do what you wax, plane don ' t FEK01101t Office - they can ' t help you. " " It only wok 7 years. " -Paul Matthews, gat arrestaL " -Pact ( " Kaneda, 2033 Dating -Patricia K. Glen, 1995 1994 What ins our funniest alkee drake " My did said, ' Ask your nun fur lots eapaiince " In your entire lives up to this pint. your What tall Ylu macs mu alter You Valuate of care todc.-ves, Krause when you get " A levy 1 took to a Since ate chips while we parents have never served you anything " ' May I have Iota attention Plcaso.•. ' coultia.1 get coat " -tuay EtChstudt, skno danced. " -Kelly Kith, 1997 mimed, ' rod. ' Remaly that en Entity, during the fourth (Millet Of home (00thill 1996 during Lau. " -Mike wridge, 1992 Kama. " -Jane hocich, 1992 Sure dr last burns:int $a siplies not The Typical Notre Dame Student haw heard on canvas. " After 200 am. men and mutat taxi one Final Thoughts wIllac ' s a great view 4 the Rime fran another. " -Anonymous, 1996 Why did us decide to came to Noire Dale! " A weldroundal person v.ixt ova, my Id[ " -Junin Ledesina, 1998 concan for others taxi ha: a fend affection ' 1 couldn ' t get into St. Man ' s " -Kith for beer and football. " -John Bros.1991 Embarrassing Moments Janr4k, 1993 " II wish I hail Dual-Someone... W ka MU our AM 010174111 Arnone. -Shawn P. Wommer, 1999 " Wears Polo kw Tommy, emits a large iiiiik at ND! What ' s die 711161inorruott dim " aim !adept hut pretends that undying is " When I found marlf naked in the library• leanml is dr Iasi four )ears! not his or her rain activity, always kei.ins Driving a Car on Campus during finals mgt. " -Mark Hoffarm.1993 " You can ' t tooth this. " -Anonymous. 1991 a conversvion with " I was SO wasted... " What is the bas acute you haw mod to get -Stacey McNulty, 1998 (Al annytts! ' III fatted in the demur with hither Who or ulna has mask the bilges: Mimi cam " Hi, I ' m Father Tam, and I have tows to Hohligh in it. " -Steve Goetz, 1998 you at NI)! " Holds the door open for you 10 f eet the Ikbilica for noss. " - " lbomas Mat:ae, " Quarter (low. " -Geff Fox, 2001 away. " -Megan Horvath, 2003 1997 Future " Fither working at a gas station a robbing That tomid theater about Nacre Dante Dorm Life " I told than once that I Ind to deliver a co " -Kevin Graves, 1998 " One Senior liar a drhe-thm window. " RN freshman Anti.. Zell us ulna vau couple of keg. ma Salk the guy laughed -Kean Moran. 1991 1906 - 20061 7131 The 20)5 tau d 1 ' 04 The Telephoneoperators Om Wlllimn. Kathken Sullivan. and preduttim %en Rem Rain Wendy Riper acmes the hes phones. " Cm Had at HIM LW MY your service Mao by hey Gafkoher Workers of the had sing of their misfunune and how they ueokl do.usw haw to he ahoy the highelaslreoPle are. PlaobylOyCada thing that PEMCo prides itself on is its ability to be a com- munity rather than just a ca,), Haemmehm (AlbertGoeim=o) sings atom her desire to b: a moic war in in the Minor. " Hook My (amber 21. 20.5 (iloir c_ . (km ' slimed (et the fim time this war damw the csxlveg Lune. Officers Elka Wdliann.Seadarp Auk 1 Jahn, Tour COOrdilLMCC: Mg AUCT, Sixial,,Ariceeongriesioncru N 1wy Kink,hury and Togly Oteino Managers: Andy Lawton " gawk Navalatemiane and Erin OTeu, Alumni Relatime Kelly Kini4uy. ien Pail Wmlascusom PEMCo Presents: by Grand Hotel cIrKe. tyl tlinvgli in the INTrom . zuccther. the cot tuaxnes . . cr " Ile Puma (Pain Unakk) than off hit ask ktIunFic. an old cigarette casc. to the hug disk awelow.e. Fick (Matt Nitioalt1). Photo by Oily Gallagher 1- — Ntwember 18, 2005 ND Chorak the spaup ' s laud week carne to fruintn Owen. n • - tit ti• i+0 t . ItA On Primary 9,10,11, and 12 of 2CO5, the waiting to be discount! for motion pictures (Allison Pasquerilla East Musical Company put tm its el h Giyanazo), a business nun plagued with lutes aansecutive musical in Washington Hall entitled, failure from Anthony), and a dying lmokkeeper Grand Hot die Musiad. An interesting show with looking to find the good life that he apparently never complex acting and counting, Gaud Howl was not an had (run Masterton). average musical by any Man• Set in the 1920 ' s, the Though the show is relatively dark, the cast show follows a core set of six characters rather than shared a great tamerance on and off stage that me or two specific kids ft doeumaus their day in began right (ran the beginning of their rehearsals the mut expulsive Hotel of Merlin, Germany. in late September and early October. Some cast Gaud Had was directed by Deyon (Indira, members met (or the first time, and some had who was assisted by choreographer, Erin Poryamik, known esch other for yews through other slows and and musical director, Tan Mucchetti. Unlike most organications. Through this valuable experience, musicals, the six main characters of the show are they became great friends. One thing that PEW° rirldkx1 with misfortune and lam the hotel without prides itself as is its ability to be a community rather resolution. The deeply bitty resident dittur (Head than just a cast. It ' s a family that transcends the span Lascy)narrata the story of our characters: a piing of the show anti carries as for wan. Cktmd Had and handsome tunas troubled with deli (Brian and its cast, caw and staff anIxxlial this idea and Gaudy), an aged balkrina smoding with failure because of it, became a gran show and experience (Katie Scarlet O ' 1-lam) and her emotionally tons for all. assistant (Easily bladek), a young pregnant typist Row 1: Malkey Laurel Officers: TreaturceSttylunie Kirkrotrick, Proalenn Michael As, Weitnewer: Ryan ans. Anne Satels. Rue 2: liulase Luchlatt. Kelm S:hrniskjsnly oaks, Mat Defirocck. Matthew l.ucci. Vancsw, Ohlrkh. Rua 3: Jan): Lewis. Janaa Set:An% Steval S Thng, Kriwin Asp:, Ocki Bulger. Kate O ' Sullivan. Jesca Soifer. Pattna. ROW 4: km. Okliath. Arian Martell. Katie iskr. 11:11try Prax., Matt Mehael 1iktam,41 kletnixas 12 February 1035 Junior Parents by.tiescheck Travel to Campus February in South Rend can be dratry and bleak. Yet returned to their doom for a luncheon. Several for one weekend in the middle of winter, hotels are activities were available to juniors and their intents ' naked to capacity, razaurants rewire nwrratitsts, on Saturday afternoon, including a ROTC reception, and it feels like a football weekend all over again. CSC open house, International Studies Reception and Junior Parents Weekend kicked off It year on a perforntmce by the Notre Dame Concert Kind and Friday, Febniary 18, 2005, m moans flocked to the J= Rand in the newly opened Debartolo Gager Notre Dame from all over the country. The fifty- fax the Perfuming Arts. third annual event sported the theme " Pawort Juniors and parents than attended the JPW Mass Abroad, " and its signature events included the Grand led by praident d the University, Rev. Edward A. Tour Gala, the Arctic Excursion President ' s Dinner, Malloy, and homilist Rev. Jams K. Foster. Miming and the Escape to Paradise Brunch. mass, participants mom, from one end of the jAcr To begin the weekend, juniors took their parents to the other to attend the president ' s dinner. on a campus tour, explored the bookstore or attended tn iy brought the conclusion of the weekend an open house at die area caner. Latta in the with the " Escape to Paradise " kunch, sending mans evening, participants attended the sem•onnal gala home that afternoon with a heightened sense of their that boastal cuisines from several matrons. student ' s Notre Dame experience. On Saturday, students and their mutts attaxled colltgeepecific aaxlanic workshops and then Junky Katie Geviell room with her mints aid longer — a-att.IX-Wm. amide of 1.)uts I tall. Ono by Aim kolitiga any Unimitymemlit, came toeetha to noir the nv Mat taxid time for fienthas tohmha tilt %untily ew.thi lanallinaligitieadar 18. 2005 Eavittning at 9C0 P.M., " lbw Graxl Thor " Gds sent brinrn students and Pazott$ ut tie per fu a tuned artda1 gatbenne — RN en the Kemal 9:K1AM, the Calege:icience hnut drynninent rttalltatitlh unreal damnt times and rlitratt throwhout the corning. — Allem 10.45 AM.. the Culkge blgineering dicta tic runnxot tweryntatiotu in DePostuks Hail hosted by widow faculty menixes. 19. 2005 Stating a ludo later :n 10:45 AM., the (10.1te of Ant :rd Work thop prelltalitill, in erne the mnts actual. — Fehrtian. 19, 200i — February 19, 2005 0361 . Spring 2005 Februan. 19, 2005 — Frimun. 20,2005 Rd Cavanagh, a minor Iron Mummy, slums hi. rants around campus eluting their midcatd visit. Mtn by Anya I Irriaboxer 1ttli1111111.110 KaneScheel( and Lamm Rank an.n dim ban ' owning of JEW at the ()raid Tour (Ina Plano orates, of Kale Stialc — :tut Watnren aims anon with family end (dank et the ' Arctic Excursion Pnm.knes [Yana. Mao oentesy 4M:dud 1M:imam Parents left campus that afternoon with a heightened sense of their student ' s Notre Dame experience. 99 boner Many Mooney imscs with hit rums, both Notre !Anne mama. aid his ti4{1. Mom by An " ; Fienthetner - Echtuury 19, 2003 - Afta a natant and ackkum bv tXrt Woo, the Nicnizrt Cotkum a Buenos prints its bate miln duegth proubta. tkm Iw tly (halfwit of each Tun. milt at 11 As A.),L — The JPW MLc. b hal in tic toga at 5:30 P.M. and gathou ;wow, otlx: kinkm of the unibbity. Faxurtiu, " Prmittait ' s IXnner b at 75.N) P.M. vitauth ' din the ad alvrhelda the Joyce ccrucis Noah Rune. — The 10i)t) A.M. ' bone to ihraibe " Brunch Como. pxm Talker, Mr. Rally Walinen uh o t. the ND Warne% Stoll kat GOCIL 19, 2005 18 February P37 Tlx noddle. who ergreixel the symposium moat John Prendergast. Beni, Dem.and Lally Mimic Plutoawnayof PuaticContan phi Frcrelagasi. who recently brought US (Ingnannen to Sudanshakes Francis Dole Phew courtesy of Patna Orman Patrick Curnsin ininclueta FrAncis Dines ' mech. “Slebn the ennui. d tsar and irate Amongether tide ' , Deng is a Gamer amino:edit d Sake to the United Sin Mao .xwteycj rani (Inman 4( 400,000 people have died and 2.2 million have been displaced due to the conflict in Sudan. r February 21, ZOOS 2CO5 PM ' Cinferenceaudding Peace L sta., [nun tosbiller Jdo. ' through hunrelignus Proacktgast. LIny Miner. and Francis emplanee the influence uf put mina Deng to educate the ere Dow corn- in gencentaklin titian in Ktelimir, minty en the crisis in Darfur. brine:ea. and heal. Stephanie Merger sits with Francis I Xin and politiol science—I professor timid Lindley dui tie die nnipainun. Stniunie l05 paniedal early leadership uith the Sala Seeing Committee. Mow cumin of Patna OnTrial March 22.23, 2005 The smith Annnallweekte M. Hcsteirgh, CSC lemur in Ethics and Public Rhea. in uhich Lox Hamilten offers a m well as the nay in MIMI publk ' whey should deal nide MA inns. 0381 Spring 2005 March 18419, 2005 Sudan Symposium in Arts and Letters 1 klinhiA ' 31Ciaaa with that landau Wore the elm of " tine the met in San - Approximately 400,000 people have died and 22 Amnesty International, the Provnet ' s Office, and tnillion have ban displaced due to the conflict in several other ornuthations. The largest and most Salm Merton rebel faces and the Etwomman- diverse college at Astro Dame, the Ms and letters aimed Janine:lid militia since Hymn 2003. This deautment, is the host Cl many such opportunities number ' lupine] the Sudan Steeling Canmittce for sextons to grow intellectually. Psychology which reilizal how crucial it is to inanely awareness students frequently engage In rentrch with about this genocide as well as Spire political prolaors, Irish studies manes have the cpportunity rarticiption with which these conditions am be to hear many manned speakers, and FIT majors improved. have opportunities to work fa NDTV,NYNDU. On Febtvaly 23, 2005, our campus was honored and in many theatrical productions. Hare Dame by a visit from three prewigious international omens students have innumerable opportunities to gain more for a panel disarsiao John Prawkagast, Francis experience and nontraditional education in their Deng, and Larry Millar. John Preskagast was fickle an alvisor on Africa to former President Clinton, Since the 5)111VIALIIII, dose same students wont Larry Mines was an active member of Operation to Washington, DC on April 5.2005 to attend a Life-Line dm in the 1980s, and Francis Deng is press conference on awareness as mill as to meet with former special representative Cl the United Nations angrasional representatives to influence them to Secretuy-Gaxral. MOM than 50) inembas of Notre sign the Darfur Genocide Accountatdity Act. While Dame and South Bend absorbed in their discuseion en this act has still not been yawed, these Nitre Rune the complex rants of the conflict and the achievable students continue to work had to increase pace in hbehed Rifatienca anti Ono+ in a let of effcacc solutions. the world. bun necking for ream Michel ' 05 launchol the Minch Th is symposium was sparored by the Collet (inflict Actin tweak in Jur 2005. of Arts and Leiters, along with the Kroc Institute, Ante creatcce 0( Penick ( lirtigen May 22.27, 2005 %tient peace airacrence, Kn.: InuittecCatholic Miff Ser• tronieg Bound-mks in the NAM el Vet " Summer Institute in reiaboilJere Peace India ' s a remelt:elm licTalx (cogern in South hexlitimul tinvenl ' venni ytuth violence. cuilet maxim ciiwity in atunitie. indu Iwo Catholic ItIvin (nen Pale • Cr, necking toward annethatire the such :n the CAT g“ ■ Why Do We Noal the LW " Nice fraitutc thief Dhctivion intends to wcibe ant wan fix a WaVilleaxi ?Syn. in ritnie• for the IN mains an liwteinlve 14-16 m New York. LApril 1.2, 2005 September 13, 1005 23 February R39 0461 Spring 2005 Pig Pink ' 06 ;tod Viler R.1111111111 IDS Not mho camlilum to thi, anti Von tun as a team for ato au Body Pima.= VW Vice Proakw. Photo courtesy of 1ipy mown Stuint Feely Preadent litne Brun anti Vice President Li= Shwa tontluet dint meeting. Photo by Kaantne lining Fentn Jana tato and Jordan Itmgiommi they MI aZtiltg lictrVIINTWAI in the anal 6,3..b. Phut. a.m.) of Baron Shappell won the election with 2,152 votes, 235 more than Leito Bongiovanni ' s 1,917 votes. The (Sumo Life (kind mem each imk to Siam Caw related est.:S. President Rum ad Vice President 9tappail OVOYalr all of the Caundh of `Stu s% Crenate. Roo by Nasakya Firm L hot . D. Aitken Bill Presidents: R. Brno. M. Gmv n. E. Chapman. D. ClEhlm, K Cadent, L. Deaths. M. Feli0MC. K. (MINT. P. TIMM. M. Ileum. K. Jackam. Is Kell•.). lindouneyer,R loamy, M. Mituai T. McBmk, B. Mohr, S. •ita. IL Peron. P. Reidy. M. Seamy. C. Tangula, P. lithe:. D. Ward, M. Willem. Zaldame Ertgutive (Islinetd.144:ouit:J. Desk. R Knee. C aggoopts.-k .C. Mulhern, TR. alder — Members r March 2005 PMSKkgleS CalfICti Each Jorrn data its proident in March. Student Government: „Joe..., Elections „Ixt cock, %.flk ark! atiuktut Ole .1 that ;mai xhkh mcutli aficc As Salim Adam Istvan and Karla Nil wrapp.I of Craig Brede and Vijay Ramanan who wanted to up their team as Stoat Ptily Presidan and Vice create SUS (Student Course Evaluations) which Pteridtnt, six tickets nude tiler lid for office. The %wokd be available MO students and give a better rising smior junior team Of Dave Bonin and lith overview of the comes at blare Dame, and also Silappen um the election with impala ' platform summed official recogniticn of the CayStraight idea such as hinging an improvement to on-campus Affiance. Rising seniors James Leto and Jordan ming, specifically raising funds to have Fkingiovanni gave Baron and Stepp a close race in ter concerts, increasing spannrship and furnis for the Arm! election but came up short. Their platform studs= rallies and danonsuations, devoting more planned to make the Studait Gwannient more attention to diversity, especially official recognitko accessible to the students. Two freshnim Zahm of the ( Straight Alliance and improving residents, Will March and lkster Hadg, ran for the Mire Dame ' s relationship with the oth Bend office on the main phtfonn of bringing Ecto-Cooler °immunity. Their ticket brought a great deal of to the dining halls. Sorin residents Alec White experience to student government for the 2005 — ' 07 and Erik Roes ' 06 claimed their priority was 2036 year. Dave Bann served as the chief executive replacing the gold on the dome with platintrtn and I Assistant to Istvan and Bell and had the ' immunity increasing the wattige of every indoor light Kalb 4X1 ! to meet with the Bawd of Trustees for the University campus. The final ticket consisted of Zahn, residents i on multiple occasions. Urn Shanxil brought her Mark Healy ' 07 and Bob Costa ' 08. Their main own strengths after having served as the Bodin Hall concern was bringing better propunming to tskare • senator and the Senate Gender Relations (lair in Dane in addition to for a Flex 10 meal plan. ?Ambles Itlark I le V1 and Pail Cerra 176 rose for fficir addition to bang on the Sophomore Oast (rincil. With sigh a variety of pia onns, students could find official plum Other tickets included the rising senior ticket a ticket to :wow. Phuna maws " of I f lb Ova 0. Bonn E. %anvil . L Keelow. A, Hatinunna. B. Ponca, FL Tucker, R.(cutchlin. P. C ' ellm, A. fkautr.J. Zen, A. Patel, }Grace, L l3roun, C Bto.-bick.un.COantitki. I. Flipp.). Lindlcy, }Nguyen, K. SlcHugh• NC Skim " . I_ Mcurr. R. Klein. a hams., S Timdb. L Rauh, C (Nice. C etc. GAILY. D. Manniceu F. ?Invite., D. ' fluxion, E liankIrts, B. Rule. P. C 114715, N. Ornal. S. Liu. A. R Ruud. S D.ItXly.I. M. SAT. M. Watch Nirmhera 3 March [641 ; The ituit-net de mum I are yid in tlic wc i: IL: somsto. 2005 1 Studeit Saute Spring Break by Laura Fox Service Seminars 1,mstudents uulk on the St..3zap4. housing pt ,tn.r 111 Ai their Anatlachh feria. The Spring Service Seminar represents a longstanding clakinin today: education, AIDE, healthcare, tan track:jai of service at Notre Dame. The seminars pregnancy, the juvenile justice system, and foster care. are nu) through the Center for Social Concerns The Holy Doss Mission in Hispanic Ministry an campus, and provide students with a variety seminar takes the foa m of a pilgrimage in the of different sites and programs to which they may Parish of Nuestra Senora de vnlet4 Coachella, volunteer their time. California. During this seminar, students study The Appalachia Seminar allows about 250 students the Catholic Church ' s option for the 6 throu gh to visit various sites throughout the Appalachia complete immersion in this rural, rout 1California region. This seminar provicks students with a diverse commu nity. range of experiences from castructing homcs to The Migrant Seminar studies the tribulations of environmental studies. Junior Ashley Braun attended migrant workers in the United States, specifically the " Science in the Public Interest " seminar last spring. lmmolealee, Florida. She surainthal her week-long experience by stating The L ' Arche Seminar occurs in Toronto. where that, ' the service trip to Appalachia helm cpai your suakins work with a L ' Arche community which eyes to the reality of the rural pace of America and a promotes interrelations laween those with disabilities wide variety of chronic problems that nuw from their and those without disabilities, that they may live in abuse by coal mining companies to the huge amounts accordance with the beatitudes of gartnee and water pollution that result from The Washington D.C. Seminar allows students generations lacking something as simple as nakbtory to analyze a sigaficant social issue through trash pickup or recycling. " vatious agencies, government offices, and church The Chikken and Poverty Seminar takes an analytical lock at the conditiols facing American Stacey Vatekahune helm fad Animals en a farm. Appalachia. nip; are usually a eulogy ' hock fir ittaImts alto nay have 10 ' 0.101M tube. communtty all their Milwile Kemp 13, 2005 6.2005 for the Appalxhia CA the foettbrota. notlothor is held to S01110 are duo to the alley for sisal. . eclat ' all the Jibils or the trip mduding coition. The CSC tut the final lot uni omits the pcorle tattoos toll MM. 0401011101 Stuknu attad an Appolxhia ionirce atialcub to admit their amyl:tam to they will kw in, anal pteptrations the,. dmevery Italy night topicture. the payr,un. will teed More lbw artist. 0411 Spring 2005 -- January 16, 2005 -- February 2005 -- March 3, 2005 -- Student; amid it laid( moo More March 2005 thee leave for at unfolpatalle Tang hot Break ImPtu as kwupt (Mon for Ay mi.:hitt stmt. oil told %Sous return to Nate Dame to put vita day haw keno! into 301011 — 11w final Klyolacho waiter fotkneup eke., Net wive. an Trainman to cis thcir cep:noire. March 54, 2.)05 — March 22, ZOOS 5.12 March Notre Dame wants frownitly do a load construction mak and hutting rep in on Antaktchia Mau ounny olltstecki Mar McGraw 0 the ITICAt topulat vtvice rani= nip Mere mudatbrarni to Hurler. Vakinkt, a moan limn atilt en can 41:CO madams. Photo ander, il Mom Mcriattly Dm Otani. Mike 1.03.0. Jobe lalorck 1:Swim Rafe., bah Graski, a( ey Val. hurt:, Michelle Mom, and Lira Kelly held ncutorn punier x the oral arm they Mini in ktroadland,Tenneoce. Photo courtesy MkMIc Kemp service trip to Appalachia helps open your eyes to the reality of the rural poor of, 9 America. That studmn uorkoi on a Lard trim with four atnanntiy stun mown who tateht the satins alma the matte of the land trim rid the pep tailo Intl on ir. Pryor courtesy of Little Kemp Men ' s Track and Field Finishes Season with Accolades Of the 29 events mural in the 2005 sown, the 5,000ineter runner in the world. Irish accumulated 22 first•place finishes to open the After two more top ptrformanca at the Drake indoor track season. The bong of the first shotgun Relays and the HillicktleGint Rdays, the Irish start rottorkil thy the attire indoor and healed into the Pig East Championships. The outdoor scum- At the Mew Invitational, the Irish men ' s tram Mgr, the final day of the Big East qualified 7 entries for the Big Fast Otampionships Champanshini in firq-place, thanks to the one. and 3 for the NCAA Orunpiauhips. twaithree finish in the steeplechase led by sulk)! After taking the lead with an outstanding Ryan Johnson. Also in the final day of competition, paformance by sailor flip Roberts at the Big Rest Numdeen perfumed his seam best in the 110-meter Championships, Garet Kudein and Kyle hurdles to win his fourth consecutim title in that Armen in the a • t throw helped thc Irish battle event. Unfortunately, the Irish fell just short of their with Rutgas. Nan Dame overcame a 9-point third consecutive fig East title, taking home second. Illicit by earning 25 points in the 3,000-meter net place. led by sophomore Kurt Puminger. SiX Notre Dame Thineen men advanced to the NCAA Mid-bast athletes unit cm to the NCAA indoor meet in which Regis tral Outdoor Track and Reid Otampionihitr, senior Seim Nurudeen and Barringer earned All- with Nand= placing seventh overall in the America honors. 110-meter high hurdles and earning AlbAmcriat Notre Dame qualified a distance medley team fir status. The Irish nut hope to come hick strong next the NCAA Champienships. At the Stanford and Dr. year to defend their Big East Confuenee ' lair title Pepper Invitation :1h, the Irish qualified nine mat to and reclaim their Rig East title in outdoor track and the ?CAA Regionals. Pin:linger set a school record field in the 5,000•eta nice: and became the thin) fattest I leadCinch ice Rune wit Dan of due 2005 Rig Eau bare Coaching SST of de Yaw. hyMou adrove January 1 4, 2015 Mm ' s tract and Rai Krim the indor peth. d their 2(r?5 wirdaie at the Corm! Michigra 4Nmer in Mount Raw. Mangan —the Ireh woe 9 rainy; down aping Rutgou, ha nem 191wwa ahoil with the hdp ti a srwrgl-place finial in mztcr An to hat them. 162-1045. March 26, 2005 Kim Bmninrcrwl a nor school record in de 50:04ndet with a 13:3305 at the tkramallmitatioaL It is the third Lyon nn in the varlet —Rotor Ryan kluven yam the 3.0(Vaneter strypiairme at de Big Rot Outlay Trick c Bell (lomrundira at Rutgers. 0441 Spring 2005 20. 2005 May 7, 2005 r Shy 14, 2005 .2005 Sawn Sam OThruseIlaml TamtJ Motley are maned CO the 2005 H ' N The Nixodne, Academic All.fturict V Trnttli licktom Country Tom — ay( hunk: Sian Nunskto until fourth tcnrccutity 110.1ncter hurdles title .11 des Pp; Fan liafarnce Outrinx Track St ricki anmriondlists. — Stlim Minden and Ktleb V,0 On at icktisil to iitnicirsue it the ICAA °usher Tuck St BM Cluntionthic% in ab:f21111.1110. California. — Senior huttlklY Sin, N1214V11 knits at the SX ' AtS Gushy Track MI Clancimships at Scrimotto. Soto hoar Slim Shniken funds, ail his race in intuit SZIOIOCIVat dillanCt never Kurt the tore in (Aim his 5400.nsser race. Phostanausyuf Draw thavnly Photo moray of nu Int onftun : ScplinaticCaret Kadiai gets set tudnn usIght thaw unitic Intim Spin Caueletc Pim courtesy of Rests in omission The goal each year is to win the Big East team titles. But we have aspirations beyond the conference level. 99 -Head Coach Joe Piane nixTnkd MckIcy is the Avg high mais trxIc :Kiska to sin line cnin Acadank AllAntaican I lotion twice. Ono by mat — June 10, MIS 1 1 March 1045 — June I. 2005 Saphanote Mehl Otdawkin ortopdm in the Big hot Sorhanom Manutui Ender ' ' plugs at the Erg Lat Chaingionshms. Oglamakin win the Induct 400.metet, Clanpandisc Strca by Ikb Stand Phow try B+ Sema Bonne I Ws and nighomore Mamma Oa outJud a Marquatc runner at the Notre Dame Invitatima Ehowoxinesyof .3tons Incomagion goals are certainly to win the women ' s indoor and outdoor Big Fast titles. -Coach Scott Winsor 99 Smear Lac Daum in the imdin tlitvW at the Dig It Ettampienships. Damn linghtal third. Pim thy Bab Stood — Maryann Faidm sets a Mare Rune need in the ICOaneter midi a time d 11.28 at the Mt. San Ante:560455v Adam Erigha ahu awn the 200-mmix dash 5, 2005 M the Akx Wiken Invitatimah time 1641 athku.5 had NC.AA ginlif sing perfotinargo. Manann Enght anwht Scrlxvnate Trager Nfanann Emaha ran Ogimakiri. gal Stephanie Madia. the 203nwter did ' in 2367. bettering her ixncn4 Ixat id 23.70 at the Willie Williams Utak. 26, 2005 Smkr Kite Dun= vt a new sehvi record in the uvolell vjavdin with a lass of 43.56 Maas at the Dr. Petra Imitatkital Thick Sk Field Meet. 041 Spring 2005 March 20, 2005 — April IS, 2005 Nomen ' s Track and Field Closes a Stellar Season al 1 IV Jinn %Won Hum pnyon to rekype hit timer. Min l 12,54nuell Like years past, the Women ' s Track and Ftdd team The Irish had a fantastic indoor debit at bane at danenstrated its talent once again during the 2005 the Notre Dame Imixer Open niters: the Irish urn season. The sawn was filial with many victories most of the events. This season ' s team was full of top and claimed wins over many respected teams. notch athletes. Some of the team ' s top perfomias The Irish performed well at the Big East Indoor were senior sprinter and hurdler Tiffany Gunn, Championships. Senior sprinter Tiffany Gunn and freshman sprinter Gala Swayze?, junior thrower sophomore sprinter Okechi Ogbuokiti nth earned Malian Hum, and freshman sprinter Etienne Davis. first-place finishes. Notre Dame also auticiatted in All of these athletes were leading sprinters in the the NU AA Indxs- Track and Held (hampionshia league. The distance team also pertained very well when sophomore sprinter Maryann Erigha dominated with junior Elizabeth Webster and senior Laura[ King in the 60-meter dash. setting the pace. During the season, Erigha was considered to be Three women qualified for the NCAA Outdoor the best runner of the GO-meter dash in the Big East thampionships: junior distance runner Stephanie Conference. Erigha performsl suashly in many Mafia, senior distance runner Keny Meagher, and indoor and outdoor mous, including the season junior high-jumper Emily Loomis. The !CAA indoor water at ()aural Michir„an and outdoor Championships that took place in June only gave the Willie Williams Oast where she won the 200• Irish wonlat another opportunity to shine. After meter dish in both events. She also led the Irish to such a stdlar perfonsince, the teun is eager to a second place team-finish at the Big East Outdoor improve even further next year. Championships. May 14, 2005 .— Sishornoce sytuner litchi Otookin Lim a fawn hist rim: of 53.45 gttrItli in the 400.111LIft kith at the (knit ' Etch InwatkriaL — Juniors StaceyCram and Petri Ihnlawa are wand to the 2005 MN The Maga6ne Academic Allanict V Track licktusso thunts. Mum 3, 2005 10, 2005 Sailor Keny Nloakther advanced to the final of the notnuis 1,5(V rimer tun with careashm imfornsame at the NOM hmkor Thank:Mai word All- ataxic Track CY. lickithammuhir. America homybyfinithing fifth in the numuis 5C(0 meters at the IMIAA Outdoor Mack Held thanwituships. June 11, 2005 11 March [647 Thar haven its break from training to taken pimp figured the Bind Basting (ltd. Piro axerwsyOJ tighthotor Imaging Front tow scats and (bur up shots Of Ina% like this MC alkse ether simians to fad like they ate pit ti themaim Mtn by Ak:tatulm Haman Sawa and Royce suit =cloudy fur theit bout. ' Ilse bouts are taken wry tetiotriy cm C1311flttt. Moto mousy of bightherse :mom Strong bodies fight that weak ones may be nourished, I) Tau lighters bon the monument duric a ' kiwi Pouts Prdimisrey match. Mao by Alaonha Rouyn — January 2005 — February 28. 2005 ' lbw !sum take stictilv :ink mining to the estrone; nothing the armies until — The Koos Klein than diets and sot, up . Ate the toomarnou, The fins at of pteliminants reveals a their worlsouo. ' Ilwir gad is to be ' Wu I st•russtoes length et Irak! vatk antleckf- tm tlxil let Mut a Its tf foto: khad I sliscipline. that punches Li February 2005 The linen tan at tl regular hem. butk• itv up their strtnitth.ind milt:tante, Ade tallnkra. Semester 1004 048 Spring 2005 , Bengal Bouts by Natalya Fiore 75th Anniversary I he Ho1 4511 Boots ' Immo, " strong txxiks Wit chat them ..xi put on a litxxl slum ' . and others who will wink tints may be nourisixd, " describes their purpose clown in vain after only a few punches and has emit:Mid the boxing club ' s focus since 1930. In 2005. the traditional tainument was held in the 2035 narked the orpnimtion ' s 75th an tis:craw Joyce Caner lieldhouse with the prdininaria raking Ncil Hurler and Htmk Anderson esmblished place on Felruary 28th awl March 1st, foll owed by the Bengal Bouts its a club that turned boys into men quartafinals on March 3rd, and the semifinals at through rigorous training that led up to the pinnack March 16th. ' the winner of etch twitch was tidal of the organizaticm ' s calendar: the annual spring upon by a land d judges who counted the number of tournament, which thousands attend, the proceeds sticomiully platted punches by each competitor. Skill benefiting Holy Cam Miziaz across Pakistan. rather than face leads a boxer to victory. The Insets, numbering 100 plus each year. The 2CO5 champions fir each weight class were push thanschrs to the limit, bath physically and as fellows: Matt PLehroolc (heavy might), William mcnedly. For many of them, Bawd Bouts enhances Zinc (203), Rug Rinds (180), flu Ward-Walkova sdfdiscipline, promotes fraternity, and relieves (170), Mark Daphnia (165), Mark Breala (160), academic stresses The boxing club does not require Calm Loughrey (155), Kite Lohmaer (ISO). Mike The ad el the Griffin vs meek meals the fraternal any preview exixriawe; thus many of thc manbers Mcc_ann (I9O), Thomas Croldlick (130), and Daniel natured ben join as amateurs . sane who will find the Wit in thIlegos (126). [ ' kw dunes) of Ightinuse Imaging m-amilar Moil Rub mkt. the nun tmdcenis It into much Tainted aid, ar i— March 1, 2005 — Kw matelxs cut the conweuum tkuisw the rend set ti nrehminatio. — liemimeo( the 011tett:1111-t. theQuar- t...rani,,.ill be that Let fight the talleitt CitOrLIS is ittailla a the Itt.thtert tat Mb for the final fight in each ,.tight claK 16, 2005 A meet for tom 11110 the StEntinalt in a chance w Moine the chamdau of the manamint. March 3, 200S — March 19, 2005 19 March 10-49 Latin Expressions: by Monica Van Eyck Rates Now in its fifteenth year at Notre Dame. Latin influenced coupk ' s dance, which added even more Expressions got in touch with its Races " for the cultural diversity to the already dynamic show. Also 2005 show at the Palais Royale in South Bend on included this year was Project Fresh, a hip-hop group April I. While presenting current Latino culture that integrated a Latin Raze into its performance in for a rollout audience, this year ' s acts also placed honor of the event ' s theme. The show concluded extra emphasis on the importance of Latino history with a medley of Selena songs performed by a and tradition by incorporating melon dance and group of Notre Dame sophomore; in honor of the costumes with those of the past. inspirational star ' s death ten mars ago. Senior April Garcia has directed the show for Latin Expressions has always ken known not the past two years and was particularly impressed only for its entertainment value, but also for the with this year ' s talent. One of the more traditional educational experience it provides. The audience acts included was " Machetes, " a dance originating is able to learn about different cultures and people from Jalisco ming 18-inch knives that Ballet while participating in a colorful, artistic spectacle. Folldorico perfamuL The dangerous partici-fiance Funky, the event attracts audience members of all kept the audience on the edged is seat and thrilled backgrounds, allowing for a fully cultural experience the crowd. Mother act involved a Puerto Rican among Notre Dame students. Troop here by senior Dannha Lewis. has ken a foaled group in Latin EXprCZ:40M (a arca mama. Neu by Anya Henhbager R(AV I: Juan Mohican KellY amen Fitt Bier Row 2: male %lax ' s al iCert: Alyea Itacka, Monaticolamia, Kathaine Si,,, Chutney Wahle, Katie I lespn Row 3: Emily Monti. Attn. Ewan, heal Bevan, Kelsey. Larson. Bennie Fulloni Row 4: Maya Merkel. Katisn Woo!. Sean Ran. Jordan lannual, Koichi. ' Mulvaney Metnlyr‘ It, 2005 The Irish Dance alb has its first performance en the Friday of the first home fixttli game in front of the Bookstore. 2005 Ballet Folkkoco miaow a (luxe in which todurnwers think. and dace with 18oich knacks Now by Anw Lukas MScca, Donor Airco. aril It Or em petition with Manachi ND at Latin Evenicns. Moo by Amp WA. gen Oak con To3a pertain ' Ronk Entine:. Pictured aft An Cantina Enctva, Mina De Wit, Patricia AiVate. SCId Marie RioncIL Moto by rata Heoldrizet The audience is able to learn about different cultures and people while participating in a colorful, 99 artistic spectacle. like many of the other musical greats doe oxnerg, Attar Aim kilo, Metric, Ric., Mekdy Omit and Kate Rurnoy sing a trailtiutul Spunkh Ansi if tithlio,“ 7 November 28,2005 Swing Dance Chub holds an Open Dance night with the ND Jat Band. Miuk Ruth, Mike Poc.ket.Ntk OtJaorb. Ca — Gime Surat ...ko (Week, Anya Elettittoper, Claudia Julian. Andrea InicInwi, Ashley Moon, Nc NicLoo, Zack Mika, Amy Vogelluim, Carney Waocsuirck Pcian Walsh Initructors 1 April ro51 Fisher Regatta: Badin O ' Neill Win! The Fisher lz Ita IS a Se3011i, or rather a is ordinarily cif-limits. ids usual, scow Nutty Aline ramlxmctious man which cops off Fisher ' s " Fred students enter the agnpetition to win, employing and Sally " week ro named to honor 1:Wier ' s beloved beautifully contoured ships that glide speedily along, benefactors. The signature emu began in the while other dorms compose their boats out of foam, eighties what an ambitious student living in Fisher lounging rafts, htlloons, and other unconventional decided that the dorm needed a yearly twat to put its materials like bikes and einpry. kegs. There is no limit name on the map. Consequendy, the Fisher Regatta to the preposterous items which contribute to these found a permanent place on the Nacre Dame student somewhat less effective contraptiau body ' s calendar of annual events as one of the nen The 2005 Fisher Regatta was nodifferent from —.• and rruirc popular traditions. those preceding it. The night before was fisher ' s wild The Regatta ' s success is owed to two factors. alldonn party, in which endleei students wai ted in Firstly, the competition has an innovative line to join in. Then, the next day, all hatded over componatt. rah dam is charged with the task of to the lake to eat hot clogs and hamburgers, listen to eb and move quickly to brat its competitors across Saint In the aid, some rafts sunk, sane lost, and building a raft that should be able to float properly popular music, and root for their respective dorms. and , _ an otherwise unlmown opportunity to its participants: Zahm ' s Mg rinks into the wand. panic pulp to to the Mary ' s Lake. Secondly, the Fidler Regatta presents won, bit only Podin and O ' Neill beat than all. they are allowed to scald time on the lake, which rake Plvtoby Ray (iiC,ttlrr tl t C.t se roteigiim one of the halo beidnr to rink, the othekornittilar. ttdonlaiite Ern-m.316v oh, FirtIrtr tillkatclor apeil 11, 2005 Wan takeplace nitaing " Tlx- Rooninotc Gunc " (a muck nothsnalr mme), annimstling toonoment. ant a:WWII SWUM (1.11101. — I %inn swim. attm.ta Recker. catcrol mot in the horpitality ram ri SIN I With a astinRuL4mi scant. 13, 2005 All tither mm attend a mock Rot Awards crumm•. aings includdl, to ASW1(11 the deal. boil cook-eut • olierim brat- r nom, Ivontutgn an31xx ticm to rot huniay piteersday. lbere intim a dud: titnk Md. ' rein Faber voluntom. — April 12, 2005 -- April 14,1005 0521 spring 2005 Waking for tlxir win to sm.crotch line the lake, watching andlantio¢ on that fritttli. Hoo byllifyGiladin ' Mete guys built a more traclittenal raft, Eating more surface area mould insulate to grater viva Photo by EglyCalkther Rodin launches itset-see into thewater, templet tamale ti the iictexiso outcome ousting cn the other title of the lake. Photo watery of dm nail the signature event began in the eighties when an ambitious student living in Fisher decided that the dorm needed a yearly event toy) its name on the map. The Pain girt) take a Male Inn ry ttig. Thoi haw Arcady nun their rani to there h no need to showoff. Argo etturreayel Halt Hall — April I 4, I()(15 Wino hao: plenty CO Jo on ht oho) It a live hod antl inflatits invale campus for the night. Nkorly coo-yam worn in FaliT thin)). a party. Aolant task, ost fthm all sins el omit) to help clinic. — April 115, 1005 April 16, MI5 C The Feher Regatta finally take, Ow af• (Cr MC(1111611 ftellliTht, BOATS rice Saint Xtoy ' s lake while refrolunons and fisher ' s dance take; place outsi lc a made ceArate the trautful %tacit . perfect ad to tail Sall? its . Thn wo the iettod VC.Il in n tow that ()Mill tom its division. April 16,1005 16 Apri111353 Darkaing Ducka team Malt, Malloy McMorrav Amuse( ' how mut the ea dunce the Star 16 round maw, Mark, Mo‘biroga paniticating in Baldly Smithy wetly frit time Plan to make a mew in the mut Mao mimes, Mao " McMonow After experiencing the greatness that is mud volleyball, these Keenanites decided that it would be a good way to raise money., for charities at Notre Dame. I -Keenan Hall website The Mud Lawn ream mterkas take an time out from the occitancnt to take a picture for the record Imola Haw courtesy Katk Bakken 2004 A few Kea= Hall rakiaus teetkipate in a mud arileAull ammuncrat =late ... banal to hold cne Mc charity at Notre 135-41 Spring 2005 — Ftegisnutinn. utters ars3ChtltiOIS:Ve the in mak: to Kure a Voce in the teenumou. 11, 20.5 April 17, 2005 E.. round gams we Pt. Kizinnu‘g. at IC an The last plow of MU mund Lamm et 2:20 pm The top tttotaan Ian awls amtien ; advance to the Seal 16 mat The Wlfnet m this rancid play Irvin heraecn 4:10 and.00 prn. April 17, 2005 Keenan Hall b,,,,, Muddy Sunday - . - -• IIK playilig herons coed 48 tams to Muddy Sadly mud aoUcAadl (own • Fran 10 am. to 6:30 pm on April 17. 2035 downs " minnuntsd, " " Mud Scuds " and " I Don ' t Think That ' s of Notre Dame students were covered in mud at the Mud " Holy Cross fields. They weren ' t just playing in the Each person had a $6 entry donation in addition mud for fun, they were participating in Keenan Hall ' s to mations that were collecuxi at the tournament first " Mud Sunday " event, which included a mud Keenan Hall and the junia Class awned pannaed volleybal l tournament. The toumarnan benefitted with Target, mom the Buns and the Notre Dame charity. Bookstore for this event. Therefore, all money raised The idea (or the event came from a mud volleyball at Muddy Sunday was able to be donated to Halt tournaman that a few members of Keenan Hall for Humanity. participated in during the summer of 2004. They In the first round and the Sweet 16 round, teams enjoyed the tournament and thought mud volleyball played games that lasted 25 points or 15 minutes, amid be a great way to raise money at Name Dame. whichever came first. Games were played to 15 points Fortreight teams of eight manbers participated during the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Teams in the games There was such on interest in the were eliminated in these final rounds on a best mu Falling banns Muddy Sunday dors net just mean tarve ard tournament that once the 48 spots were filled, out of three match basis. truism, tut also gating atty. Ebro courtesy MaDory Mcklarege alternate teams were registered Team names included Qtralla final pAmoi are p1.4od ist 4:50 pm CitIlle: are ilheo,luntil a team Kemal 15 piano, and atom are decided from the bat tmo out et three tam, 17, 2005 — The tun soninfinal gams twin at 5:K) ron. — April April 17, 2005 The final wane O playaxl. The game Irgim at 6:10 pn and the ataxy is maned clunacn et Muddy Sunday at 630 tun — fir fine Keenan Hall Muddy Bertha ' cid, and participants travel hati to their dome or aportmeno to ylicval. • - . — AprI117, 2005 17 April President Bush bymnyvvallar Speaks on Campus 7- CE INFTL FrY ' Prealent Ash Antoci ' nation , 1114 kith President George W. Bush mace his third nip to and said that his main goal was to raise awareness of the bbre Dame campus on Friday, March 4,2005. the issue of Serial Security and the need kw reknit Although this trip was not a University sponsored As well as hearing Bush speak, those at the event event. FAA used the JACC to speak to the South also heard opinkits an Social Security from a six- Baxl community cm his new Social Security plan. person panel of community members. About 6 re Bush had previously visited in May 2001 for members of the South Bald community, including commencement and in the 1980s as a representative Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Indiana of Presidau Gawp H.W. Bush ' s administration. Representative Oats thcala, were present at the Given the short notice and dose proximity to address spring break, many students mac unable to attaxl Despite enthusiasm about the visit sham by the due to leaving Mil cxi the day of the Prtsident ' s large turnout at the lottery and the event, others address. However, same students postponed that were disappeinted that Bush was coming and used plans in order to see the president speak and enteral the opportunity to protest and criticize the President ' s the lottery for the 203 available student tickekw. policies. These students staged a protest outside the Over 1500 Notw Rime I.D. cards were swiped to JACE enter the lottery that SUB ran a few days before the Afterwards, students waiting to fly home arm event. able to catch a glimpse as Bush boarded Air Force In his address, Bush laid out his privatization plan One at the South Bend Airport. the Proidera flies into the South Pend port al Air 6cent One and will be escorted to bloat Diane by motorcade. Pinto by fitly Gnilagher [ March 1, 2005 056 I Spring 2005 An Cktn.eva ;lode :Innouneis that l ' Ittijall BethIt at Nem: Dame e la that wa. 1, 2005 ilieStuiluit Aaividu Offloccomacts SUB at 6 P.M. notifilm dui 200 malent tails will En available tot the event. Ali Mai a tact knew ' for Nom Dam Uthine to :mad the alkcii. 77u Wil5 held Gun 341PM The lint I (0 winning lottery numbers uric ann. anon] al literal tithe lottery. Starch 2,2005 [ ' coition Bach viii Metre ' lithe and tea the Pqr. Push spnlo on the Dyke( Social Security and how it should to the South Box! canmunity. he donned hada to aooid tunknancy. Mite by CarotptMcCosly Photo by Cavap NkCeudy STRENGTHENING-. SOCIAL. SECURITY FOR THE 2 CENTURY 4 Proiocnt Bush Arms the people who areer33 his address on Social Security, peondeng a goal photo wpm. Photo by litty Ckeilaghrr (I I were a younger American, I ' d be asking loud and clear ' What are you going to be doing about this train wreck headed my way?, -President Bus Rum Air Force Rare maxis a-ea:ming the muttons who lam to the Praia nth Nikon Argo by filty Goartther March 3, 2005 11X• rmtwsittF IN Malta% mere pant in Likoune at 8 AM Students with numben could then rektain their loom lidos for von ricks , A :skim Rune ID onis nnuirol at the ticks pickup due to at the event. March 4, 2005 L [ ' coition Built =Ives as corns. I veva-ht.-gm at 4 P.M. He kit South Baxl ft4kmin2 his addrastn Said r— At 2:30 P.M. members el Calque DowJant. Security. the Peace Datlititn‘eri thelingreuive Student Allunte ohm.] at .9 onehorge. Hthenitients trawled to the ' Mt ;rid mnainol cosi Jur- mg the :43.1reu to prote4 fkrth ' s policies- March 4. 2005 4 March R357 Farley Hall Players Present: by.radia, You ' re a Good Man, Charlie Brown " You blockhead! " On April 21,22, and 23 of 2005, Brown. His loveable beagle, loopy, nos played the Farley Hall Players brought Schulz ' s loveable by Paul fuanes. Freshman Katie blimbeth Miss Peanuts characters to the stage of Washington Hall appeared as Lucy VanPdt, and junior Eric Buell in the revival version cf the =Meal, You ' re a Good appmred as Linus VanPdt with his blanket, freshman Man, Charlie Brown. A cast was chmai (or this show Kathleen Sullivan. Sophomore Katie O ' Hara by late February and in less than two months, the played Charlie Bram ' s little sister, Sally Brown, production staff, crew, and cast had the challenge of and the musical-anius, ..hroeder, was played by bringing to life the legendary characters that Charles sophomore Mike 138cbus Peppermint Patty and Schulz had devdoped through his comic strips for a Marcie were played by sophomore Wendy Pepper and many years tinder the direction of KC Kenney with Jaoqui Acura, ropectivdy. Freshman Greg Engle choreographer, Natalie Martinez, and music director, made his first appearance in a Mare Dame musical Tom Mucchetri, the cast embarked on a journey that as Pigpen, and junior Joe Garlock managed to add took than past learning music, memorizing lines, and one more show to his resume as a member of the analyzing characters. The cast became children awe ensanble as wdl. again. From %catching Disney classics in the evenings Overall, the cast put on a great show about a day and playing at the local parks cn the wedcends, the in the life of Charlie Brawn, and (or two and a half cast truly relearned what it was like to be just five hours each night, they brought the audience back to years old again. their childhood days where " happiness is anyone and The cast was fairly young with only ate senior. anything at all that ' s loved by you " Sophomore Brad Laney assumed the role of Cka Amon, 2005 L linchaincti Milixii4.1 is axially ctn. (bail an mind:mien of ' Near Dam at the of the acalanie year. 0581 Spring 2005 The cast pour aft a law and dance numb " . Mesh, " was put nether in just ,nler IM3 months. Rao cotmayof the Mawr — Raw I: Of Jinx.: Kaithn Lat. IltrIcne Luelbst. Meg Hunte•talmet Row?: I kith Itecha. Pole. Vnuush Row 3: Seto Rigor — St irmlx•r. Charbe Brown . littlenen Sally (KatieSet 01 baa) lacy (Katie Elintbah Noss) aids Chativ Bryan (Brad Lacy) sowier( a hanger aculcture that she mat for ached. into in to kick the fccaboll. Arco courrayof the Maw. Pfrzocolaussof the Obunr: The an sings in aktearim of ahem, ' day. The Farky Haft Hann munx‘i to Wathingtin I fall (or the rake. Phowcourtnyof the anent ' , copy (Paul Sfumtet) ricer a tap dance :canine in celcbr• lien of iupperture. Although sane cant mambas hail revel- ous Janet tagarrinice, a few lend tap for the prialoction. Pfao courtesy of thearmee September 29. 2005 fitnnonia rattfroni :en array of Rini for the Welsh Family Hall Block Patty en War Quist They brought the audience back to their childhood days where ' happiness is anyone and anything at all that ' s, 9 loved by you. ' Memben 21 April IT)59 Row I: Officers: aviary: A.Ektia mono, Co-Po: on: AllitNI Wilkms,CoPrealtam: Junior Offker.thrhy Kral Row 2: Lobe kink Nem Vivian Wiera, Eri Tiukanatki. Dana Oriniii Row 3: Molly Imam. Ashley Cook. Mem °Donoghue, M4:1111 Utley. Ashlewil Ratter II. 2004 February 2, 2005 gxre Dana Athletic. Dinkier Kevin L Dad Conch Chvlie Wei. announem It White ham Newt England Patriots Ulm. fine roavitting elm ti I5 high :dad sive Gard:rotor Charlie Weis at the 2Stil — l`tkiw I kid °Jodi °talk Wds annomect - Head Coach (Italie Welt. mil amin; Head Rottall each. his foothill making gaff. It is filial with kw offerwite coordinator w ith the New a cordinoi 25 pat of Nati coxhing F:ackaaJ RtInOls. cairn hi. third Surer exptirkace. Road and hie fourth mend, litthnitbl r unning hick Duke; Walker beet 5orral mekkw taping the Lid Thum Phexo by Ilify Gafictdrr Mare Dame Fcodall kgend Joe Malatya as as a hancraty coach la the Blue tea P p:Jaunt:5y of Spons Wombat:xi Junior austerkack Many Mocneyaas ready to had off the halal]. %Imam mend a touchdown megaton to hinvelf to lwak the ,Instout. Photo ()any of Statt Informiticn I feel we are moving in the right direction and this is going to end up being a very competitive group. • ■ -Head Coach Charlie Weis chancre tight cal Min Car130111 nit Dyad. dawn the fidd for a ptakittivy gan. PIM 066 2005 January 4, 2005 - February 6, 2005 k Renewed Spring Spirit in Notre Dame Football The 76th Annual 13lue.Cold `{wing Fit lot im il game Tres I tr Laws nu, nained defensive MVP. telt like it was being played in Decal her rather than One of the lighter moments of the game was its April 23 date with a game time temperature of when the Blue Team was called for an excessive A 36 degrees, 30-mph winds, and a steady, light snow. celebration penalty after scoring its final touchdown. 4 It was the first time Head limeli Charlie Weis Weis than mockingly put the Odd Team on the showcased his dynamic offense under simulated Blue Team ' s five yard line for the penalty. Senior gene-day anditions, giving the players a gnat quanerback Many Mooney broke the shutout when learning oppornmity to wasp the new system. he caught his own deflected pass and ran into the The anticipation for this game was immense as =lame for a touchdown. Weis pkingly claimed the all 150 sags in the praw box and 1,2C0 gold-chair " Moeney-to-Mooney " play was all by design. seas completely sold out in a matter of hours when There was a sense of renewed optimism fee Notre they were made available. Weis renewal the rich Came Football. A solid foundation fa an offense Notre Dame Foothill tradition by inviting back that has struggled to find its identity over the txist legend:my former players Joe Montana, Cluis ' tench, few yaps was put in place, and the winning instinct Tim Crown, and Joe Theistnann to save as honorary of Irish Rabatl was being rediscovered under the auches. tutelme of Weis. The Blue Tan, filled with many of the starting tioatICluchClettlie was has a light =mu votth he play- playas, easily defeated the Cold Team 284. q ho quanaback Brady Quinn ‘vas named yrs during numnups. now by Mihail Kent offensive MVP, while sophomore defensive tackle Match 22, 2005 — I IS ()Lath Chadic Wits hula his fire arid a ' pmsconinttnce:41110laillY his team ' s siving practice whedule. Tickets for the 76th Annsulaltle.alki 0411: ate male available. Al resemd tickets ruld out ty the twat morning. — Mani ' 2n, 2005 29, 2005 ' Ilse Notre 12tme Ilxtladl town led Its Ana spring practice under the twellge l hod Cosch Chalk Wds Meatier The Blue toot snit ussily 28.6 in the 76th Fiea Annual Illue•Gold Coat. Beady ()units uset tifaisiw:SIVPuhileTressx bus wet nmwd (11.{01 ' 4W MVP. — April n. zoos 23 April 1061 This awn is clearly tailtel:“ they walk off the o sit% vdwthet they nun or kw then pane Photo counew of de (Brener kelinntry, 2005 — April 5. 2005 1)tessed to the Mmes.mot Emily Laced anal friends pole fault Dennis lavaliere Item the varsity tasked:all tom Phew cranny 4 Stab Imam %papas cannot for the approwhing reargl in midwir. Mao ogatesycf she Orarner Thae owns Ole idled with scaled the mere serious Brekstote Basketball ten Thom onntesy of dw attar The Bookstore Basketball Tournament is the largest outdoor 5-on-5 tournament in the world. Tana nig° shirts. allot otenridc tan- : fits. hinny drnes. fam will create unglue ways ' echoer on tints team as mil The tournament is fust as much for fans as it is fee the learn — The Bookstore anketIcall tountant tegatt For some teams, there is only me smile Others leave die game blowing they will Ks hay fee the ram few wake 2005 2005 Stufluns suut to get excited fee the urconsing Minim Batkahall saws Toms ter to aftemNe at studmts Owe the teams ate funned and lune rho. turn in the nconaarr forms. Same learn en ram for thmtelwa, the practsciRq mint sultnit new names after the lists get nun begin. Scene tans ere !MC UMW. Cil ball accounts than othat. 06 Spring 2005 Bookstore Basketball: Serious byNatalyaPiorc Ballin ' or Tomfoolery? Thuepl .t it. tint ..q hr Every spring, the athletic spirit of many Notre Dame flirtatious setting • girls and IN,. comornly attuxiing students lures than out to play Boot:stem Pesketball. each ether ' s games to cheer (me another ea For all In fact, the event is so popular among students that ci the above stated reasons, Bookstore Basketball the Bookstore Basketball Tournament is the largest °mimics to thrive from year to year. The touneunent °indoor•5 tournament in the world. For sane allows for such a variety of teams that all participants the game is a serious competition: Will they make it shape their own apeaiences, and inevitably Bookstore further this year than last? Are their fellow teammates Basketball promises a great time. as dedicated as they arc? And then, thae are the This year ' s engem are " We Oct Wet. " The other teams, who unite soldy in the name of has following teams made it to the Sweet Satan with Did evayone remember their costumes and funny pure talent; " U at A Bad Draw, " " Mean Girls, " haul These teams range from truly girls girls wearing " Pudgy ' s Chicken, " " Training Day, " " Looldng For A cutesy, color.coordinated outfits to inebriated coeds Sponsor..., " " Linebacker Lounge, " " State Theatre, " with team names inciting fits of laughter from all " Hannah ' s Stcnn, " " Anarchy 99, " " Platinum FUBU, " on.loolcers. " HP, " " C.ocoa Butter. " " Anthony ' s Travel, " " Jack ' s In any case, Bookstore Basketball is a great time to Shoos, " and " Blue Collar Ballas " After 34 years, the bond with friends; fa many the annual tradition serves tradition stands strong, this year including mom than Tux, counside ism at, they Ma fa mac as the setting of waled their most cherished memories. 500 teams of ND, SMC, and HC students and staff. teeth Additionally, the courts have been known to serve as a Arno orsatay4 Mawr — 15; the Elite S the trains Aft: in it to %in it. Very nab ' will a lots ittnn nuke it to this !cwt. ilr Rival 4 tegns. " U(lot A Pad Draw ' v. " Inetking For A and ' NW Ca and ' 12ocua Puna ' mut to play on -- Finally ' We Cut Werkearil.Mong for A ma: in the ounipiarlyp Come. 21-17. 23, 2005 – April 21, 2005 – Suitt 16 Is ;till Env enough that the tams rinuanmg air rekitively Maxim hoiwur nuking it to this roml is quite :1110“01111014110‘111. — April 24, 2005 24 April ro63 — April 22, 2005 The 2004-2005 ere Dame Vornen ' s Riming Team, lalln l lad (Inch Martin ay. Phatocturneryof MS Ink mutat we have made gains on the schools that got started before us. Every year we ' ve gotten bet era -Head Coach Martin Stone) Sarin coxswain Maur= Gatons oick her am in the Had of the Rmk anprourion. Ono Camay o Sports Intonnatra ugust 4, 2(X% E April 1, 2005 Incoming Rahman Rona Anumat 1 he notice a0,1 CION the• Rine Pool in the Sin flans (ha Clanue ()mu Min :Antes at Mission Ku Nate Darne Raving waxy, all WAll taco, Agtinst (2neinnati in the lg. Screph River unnni as a lint tuncstr to the ebg Eat thampSonshipi. . - • .• Polk Competes At HS• Junior Worki Clumpiavhips in Ruin s, yxrin. r Vaunt ' s roving compete.] in the Head of the 13k erramtition. the Sih mad 10 cunt. :irn1 took top honors in two of dicta iniet-wort October 30, 2004 2005 April 17, 2005 Rowing Wins First by Michael Kim Big East Crown SaphomoreJoutea (kcik swats turd in the nuke sug for her (rot Phew aunts) 4 SP.fits Infommert The womais 2W5 rowing team NO an auspicn The hard-earned victories paid off as the Irish start to the fall seism with a sum showing at the vent on to win its first ever Big East Conference Tide 19th I lead of the Rock competition when the Irish at Lake Guinan: amend in Worcester. The Irish nun finished 3rd behind rowerheusm Wisconsin and 4 of 6 cane in tough conditicas dam incheled white Minnesota. The Irish wue ranked 16th in the US. mut strong winch. The victory was highlighted Rowing Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association by a time of 823.11 by the strand vanity eight bag. (CRCA) pull heading into the spring seem. With " rm really proud of how our team battled the adverse such a high rank early in the season, the pressure conditions on Smday, " said Head Ouch Martin am on to maintain if not improve their outstanding Stone. " All of our kids showed a lot of character on performance. the water and I VMS extremely happy with the nay In the spring, the novice eight crew won the everyone med. " Petite Final in the prestigious San Diego Crew Oacsic Frmlunan rower Amanda Polk rackd up many while the varsity eight crew finished atom! in the postnasal accolades as she was named to the All- Petite final the Cup. In taming up Central Region Rat Team in the CRCA, while being for the Big Eve Otimpionships, the Irish swept all the first rookie to eun All•America honors in the wren races in a regatta in the mirky Sr. harla River (RCA second•teim. The Irish leek to build from against Cincinnati and beat strong Harvanl and Yale the experience and confidence in the fmure gained teams in Worcester, Maseadwans. from their first taste of a Big East thampionship. — April 21, 2005 — hit Homing gins tug races aping Kenn! mc.1 Yak in n Ili-tWAMI in tough nmiux consitinr The word suoity (our at noun: eight crew pulled out stogies, — Notre Dante elutes its faggver Big Fag championship tale Lake Quin:Lunt klgo.ghusetts. ty Nintlillig four el six en.. May 15.2005 Rene Riming had a geed %heron,: the lintral uth !Won jilts the hub finished smighowrall In the 21•tealn AM. — Freshman nao,r Animal Polk ins rung. ' to the Allexnua Relax ' lint Than IA the CAne Roaing mho Auxxiatko. — May 23, 2005 24 April 1065 — April 2.1.2005 — Febewtry 27, 2005 Spring 2005 — May 10, 2005 Junior midfielder many hilt fiches off a dieck cora Rutgers. Phowcansayof Qom Woman Top scorer Oysti Foote ender the hdI gong Duke. Foote played for the ultaion National Iderawe Team. Roo atotay of nu Infonnacon 2001.2005 Notre DameWM.11 ' S Lama° Team led by Head Coach Tracy Cone. Phi:coo:woof Sorts Infeemarion believe we have the players, it ' s just putting them in the right spots to take advantage a a of their skills. -Head CoachTracy Coyne Sailor maid Jew Mikula Imhoff all ricosim Duke i1 er. Mal tins nantd the team ' s Monogram Club MVP. Phoomeerasyc14orts information Felmtary 2, 2005 Notre Rare Wanuis Lacrosse team Inc kern ranked 16th by 2005 Gil4k irteraceMagaands immea ga. — The Inch Lome town stancd off the warm wrong with a 16.10 win met Ohio. Milor uyili Rue had a earewhigh (he gags and right points. — May 7, 2005 Womas Lilg.twe a appointing scum with a 14.10 Irrw to Ohio State. It amd their sixth smack Mil and a3.12 owsill wow — Junior NI Force kali a ti (our Ira pkwera die 20)5 Ex women ' s home team. Women ' s Lacrosse IS Marsh Takes a Hit liedarnn midfielder Odds. McKinney sn the nut against Riagen. liven tranusyn( Sluts information The 2005 =nal was ate of missed ow routines. drop another oneloal heartbreaking loss. The game After wining a national 8th place ranking at the against Johns Hopkins marked the third game of the end of the 2004 season and =king an appearance at 2005 season that the Ind) hail kst by a scored 109. the NC .A tournament fa the sectors time in three One last Big East loss to Syracuse and a loss to yams, the Irish were ranked 12th in 2005 by Lacrosse Ohio State axial the difficult season for the Irish. • le and 16th by Inside Lacrosse magazine. With a 341 overall finish and a 14 final record in ThThee se sots started auspiciously with a strong the Big East, the Irish !taverna to be desired in the 1640 victory ova Clio led by junior ()Val Facie ' s 2006 season. In 2006, the Irish will lac their tcam- five pots. After dropping far straight games to elected mist valuable player and second team All-Gig such ominous as third-ranked Malmestern and East senior Jess Mikula, but look to their first team sixtortah-ranked Jams Madison, the Irish returned honoree Foote and second team picks McKinney to bear Cal-Berkdey 18.8 with the help of four goals junior Lena Zentgraf. from Rote and three gads from junior Brittany Fox. Two of the Irish players were selected to play A heartbreaking 940 overtime Inca after rallying lacrosse for national taws. Crysti Rae led her to tic the game in regulation opened the Pig Fast native Corrado, coached by Irish Had Catch Tracy schedule for the Irish. After a second Rig bast l oss Coyne in their quest for the World Gap. Canada to Connecticut at ham, Notre Dame fought back would goon to lose to England 11-8 in the bronze- to beat Rutgers the next (kw and claim their first medal round. Meanwhile, Caitlin McKinney was Rig East win. A nxtgh weekend found the Irish selected to the Lhtited States Women ' s Lacrosse falling to Duke anti Stanford at home, followed by Developmental Team. a blowout loss toGeorgetown. The lash traveled to Baltimm to meet ' makes° johns Hopkins only to May 25, 2005 C Ica Mikula is maned the team ' s hkintwant (Ad, MN ' . Santa Linlay Shaffer situ the 62)( lob of Ss. Joseph Valley Ito:kne udentathlde Ansa — Fsc Irish plants. were whaled to play for the Grunt It Tema at the U.S. harrow Wumm ' s Division IsiaisnalTotanainua. I3, 2005 Frah... standout (Lsidin McKinney %as ow of 28 Batas selected to macaw the tinted States 4111 the 2025436 US. Women ' s Lacrosse Dodopnunal Taint — I kat aril Tracy Caine and owl law lath runiciratain the 2005 Wanes LICIOVe Wald Qv Tournament in Anittolis, Modred. —Jule 21, 2005 24 April P67 — May 26. 2005 Another Solid Season for by Michael Kim Men ' s Lacrosse The Mais License KM started the 2CO5 season named Defensive player of the yew whik (ashram ranked 10th by the lay Lacrmelguional Coaches Joey Kemp was naiad Rookie- oldie-year in the NB and reached as high as 9th during the regular °NULL. Driscoll and junior Pat Walsh uere named season. The Irish returned 17 monogram winners and to the OWLL Bra-team, while Kemp led the group six returning starters to give the team experience and of senior Jim Morrison and junior Matt Karweck to depth led by Head Conch Kevin Corrigan. Second-team honors. The seam started on a promising note with a Walsh and Driscoll ware invited out of 120 144 victory over Na 21 Penn State. However, the players across the nation to try out (or die prestigious Irish would be victim to heanbreiking losses during 2006 U.S. Mm ' s Lactme Tann. In June, the team the regular season to No. 10 Cornell and RI 19 had the exciting oppononity to travel to the Czech Dartmouth; each by a single gad. The regular saran Republic and Austria to participate in clinics, aided on a high note with a 16-5 road win over Ohio exhibitions, as well as sons sightseeing. The Irish State. The Irish finished with an overall record of dominated the Czech Republic Rutenal Team 23-4 740. However, another heartbreaking lass in an exhibition game in downtovm Prague. to No 20 Fairfield in thecreat Western Lacrosse LogueTournament officially ended their season. After the Stan was over, junior D.J. Driscoll was Smior attacknun Jun Marian rhea Sian the field fora pars hum a icannrcue. Photo aintay ti Sins Infunnation 23, 2005 the Notre Dame hfrit ' s Larroue team is ranked in the hail. Lam we March 1$, 2005 D.J. Dibrell um naiad the Great Wegenbamsc Lague lime ‘.4 the Week af ta kading the team to a 9- 7 Irk it 10 North Cutlass polls and 11th in the berme Aturdnr Thelti,h scut the rem% right arch a 146 Rankings r victory over Nu 21 Pam State. It sun Jr Lem. imigind slater cver for the Irish us a mail gra February 27,2005 — briar attackmin Matt Minna w.n named the Great WCALITILICT(MC Logue Mawr of the Weed: after belying the cairn master a 22-6 slam MN Rinks — Marth II, 2005 . Spnng 2005 — Item DJ ntivoll Maas Inch treaty ' luting a RAMC Jaw xaxknm ntt Wabh conch[( an Air MU deleakr. apmw Calla Watch•nomaysitx1 for the Temetraton MEM Cantesy4 Au iniamkg. Phut oentew•if Sh tins Infronatot Frolvrein ethnicity fey Kemp gets math. to face a shot (ran an qapcoent. Kemp was mena.1 Rookie-et-the-Year in the Ciem Western blame [mew 14 ago alarm of Spcas Infonraticei There has to be a whole range of things you have to bring to the table: a work ethic, intensity, tion, and a sense of mission. -Head Coach Kevin Corrigan The Notre Mae Men ' s Lenge Tema in Prague. Caxh Rev :k Rao cotatay of cats hfunrazion 17, 2005 [ April 29. 2005 Mcn ' s 105(.. in heartlxthing fashion after a 12-11 km to t 20 Faidockl what they Rave up the ]rahe.xlmtl with 2.9 remelt retaining. —Junior Pat Walsh wa union the 16 nominee. fee theIemuratQn Ta-phr. which 6 mutated to the tip Me in college WOW- - Api125, 2005 Mot ' ' , La( UAW RISMeIN no 16-5 46Ct011• CAI Minding Ode Sue. — The tom !raids to Prague, Czech Repub- lic fix 10 days which includes clinics. and, tadhilition zun6. They altei OMANI to Wink, Austria. — June 10, 2005 29 April 1069 Softball Captures 10th Straight , Big East Season Title After capturing all possible first place V(Xti in the strong with a 5•1 record including a final ilVOVIMC pr ea i ranking by Big East confaence coaches in sweep of Rutgers solidified the Big East rtgular.sesiscit anuary, the Notre Dame Softball team urn t 41.11 title for the Irish. in the 2005 season to win Mar 10th CLIVCCInnt Big After king named Big East pitcher of the East regular season title. After opining the season year far the sensed consaagive gnarl, standout with kisses to 19 Florida and 21 South Honda, senior pitcher Steffany Stanglen struck out ten the Irish rallied back the next day to seek revenge by while allowing only one hit and one walk against crushing South Floral 5..1, followed 24 hours later Villanova in Notre Dame ' s second win of the Big by a 4.2 victory over Honda. hest thampioitship. After being inn to the loser ' s 1)uring Spring Break, None Dame took Ixacket by Satin Hall, the Irish rallied back to the some momentum to Hawaii for the Spring Fling championship nntch in which they wadded have had tournament. In annihilating Mantuan , Campbell, to beg Sewn Hall twice to win the totonamatt. The Hawaii and Nevab, the Irish soared 25 total nuts Irish fell short of the tournament chamacnship with on 45 hits while only allotting a total of 4 nos. a 2-1 loss to Scan I fall in eleven innings, but gained one to each victim of the Irish ambush. After a 2.4 an INCAA regional bid ormance at the Buckeye Invitational at Ohio Upon knocking elf Louisville and Kin Imatan, the lighting Irish Irak ' home to open the the Irish healed to the FCAA Super Regionals to sea stn against Western Michigan. mat Northwatern again. However, two losses to The Irish stretched their winning sneak to 20 at the Wilckats darned the Irish. Although they dud one point bdore dropping a game aging DePaul. not reach their ultimate goal, the seism was highly The fish went on to Ivo tsLathuntan by a soon successful. of 43 in comeback fashion. Ending the sawn Senior centaftekley Maw CxBi husk her territory. awing Sam Hall. Dan cantaynnotts Infomuttion January 12, 2005 C4cn Dome Sittoll is picket] to din its 10th ankrutive Rig Ea buf creme rtuultuseasto CRPAII by luigues casts. — Senior centercielJer Mown Chem it or of 40 items maul to tic Kutch IN (a the founh timid Fatbull Collegiate Flaw, at the Yee Arad. 0701 Spring 2005 — January 31. 2005 May 2, 2005 C Junior KdLe Witten is tuna! the Ois: Eta Phu " of fly Week fee the rand tiny this haat. blue lbw Srithil %tint the Ear tualbrseron task an.lansed dr Ks 1 tad in the Rig Est ( banyienchip. May 7. 2005 12, 2005 L Ilia " eficany is namel Big het 1$che of the Yaw let thesecond et insteutive sawn. — The Unscrew ' ' cons Denesoltholl teu d n is ACCOttl to KW an 10(.: is Regional Re the ling time in the reognn ' s Mace ' . pitcher drafty moan nisi so against Narthannzem. Pluto coutusyof au Informatign %sky Mc Wicks is tits for a pitch twine Rutgen. HMO camesyof Sens Infonearge The 2005 Nacre Dame SAW Teams led by !lead Coed, Dunnna Genpr. Roo mousy of Rams Information There is a sense around this team that they are prepared for anything and are focused on taking the next step. -Head Coach Deanna Gumpf The teem conics to an tkatil end (Or the lash tolthill teen uith tuo loco to No. Nettlunstern.4.1 and 43. May 22. 2005 E larzy lerniteitt named attinutt CtlEtt to Jr wit!! teen. [entire suss the 2021 Rip li-ot llama the Year AXI f0 111.1 US Nuked Stitlatll Tear Niendter. — August 11, 2005 — May 15, 2005 7 May Ri71 Baseball Clinches 4th Straight Big East Title The Notre Dame Men ' s 2005 Baseball team had yet that secured a victory for the Irish. The momentum another succmsful season, including a nip to the of the sostri continued with a victory over West coveted NCAA To The Irish began the Virginia, which landed the Irish in the Big East season ranked 20th and rase as high as 3rd in the Big Tournament for the tenth CalSCOMIVC year. East Conference as the season progressed. This is just Victories over Boston College and Pittsburgh gave another testament to the Irish Baseball team ' s ability the Irish its fourth straight Big East Championship to overcome the odds to become a top team in the and an autxxnatic berth to the NCAA Tournament. nation. However, None Dame ended the sown with a 236 The Irish scored easy victories early in the season. foes to Honda, eliminating them from any chance ar Rival men College was beaten soundly in a series the College World Series. The team ' s final record that included the first shut out of the season. In a was 38.24-1 and 14-9•1 in the Big East. tics sweep against Connecticut, Head Quell Paul Many Irish players received post-season awards for Mainicri earned his 800th career win in his deventh their excellent performances during the year sailor year with the Irish. Matt Edwards was named Hrst•team Big Fast and Key performances were delivered consistently freshmm sensation Brett talky was named Big Emt throughout the season by sates Man Edwards and Rookie-of-the-Year. With such a great axe to the John Wool In an exciting win against Valparaiso, season it only leads the team to be more excited for Oilier Craig room, who taxied the season as the next year ' s possibilities. Big East Batting Champion, launched a grand slam am-TuneOf Young Winner Roger Oman and hymn Ithh man out ad Wm spit at the shall Pawn. Oven 11 Pete tahlon Decanlwr 20, 2004 L The larchill tem 144441‘ it Timing night dinner. Senn-time Ca ' . Yang Wainer Roo. OCMCIIS ark! f ormer None Rim swam Brad Lek c — Mitre Row Paichall i rinks] 20th m the 2Ni (11f4gigc1auch111Magnitte Ina The wain finh141 with a 51.12 wend in 2004. — lat.-ember 25, 2004 — Fecihnnn wend IncernanI5rat ' Alley is tlw fin; nokic COMIC( t fin: hiu in a 1 34 1:44 (WWI in defonng Cincinnati 10-4. — Starch 22, 2005 IP, 2005 llw lath scan off the fan " raging with dcntraint 18-3 newly tam Aida A 1. llw 18 nee voted were the matt in a xsern guar rinx 1963. Spring Sprmg 2005 The 2005 Notre Dame Medd Team, lad Had Cara Paul Maliat Mao Cluneg of Spurts Int maim .4( If you have pride in what you do, you are going to try do it to the fullest. -Roger Clemens ,[2somore pitcher Jeff Smurdeipt throws a heater Wang Honda A M. Photo I iwtesy nf Nom Info maw April 16, 2005 — The Int Posta want Vow. Ginwcriaa 7-1. More iinortattle, it is Head (Inch Ptul Mainicri ' s yin in Salsa Matt heath n namai MVP In the Ii. ilkrnian clevenwx career. Big au Trumann Ana Notre Dune ' s 11.4 atn user Ilttsburph inlaving the Irish their fourth sereght odisruwe title. 5, 2005 The hash ' s heir of a 22,3AA College MAI Snits title are wilxd out tyr ' a 23.3 kw to Rai in thels2:AA — Roe Dine freslumsn Brest talky earns Rennin Allamerica Finn fwm aelcgree fiewhd • May 28, 2005 — June 11.2005 15 May1673 Prechnun Brett talky amens with a hit aging ( " aura litrak talky is the l% Eat Ittintied-theNtatr. Photo Gamer, of mu Infonnation Senior Mat Plmwds uniting fit a pitch against Einskurgh. Edwards use namedMVPs ' At Big Ea Tournanhay. Photo Ciatmrsy of Spans hifemtwon laIXST " a 4r •iiiibalintli4 ail( ilk la f4 004, 110 • ' I 4 ' 14 a .. 11 4 • O 0409A itIF ' • •, • " 11 07 + fit 1 a Spring Semester by Monica Van Eyck Study Abroad 1 he t Ann groin trawls to Nsetherti livkind Uwe Dame provides students with the canting Dublin program. Over the Easter break, the abroad uPPonunity to spend either a semeter or a full year programs organized the opportunity for studaus to abroad to study, travel and k) about life around meet in Rome for Mass and Stations of the OM the wodd. While the nest of the student lady with the Pope at his last days. Travels made sleeping began moving bock into the dorms al campus Iran in hostels and using foreign coney les foreign. Christmas break, students who net the decision to Sin students knew their nay around these cities, study abroad boarded a plane and said goodbye to and the bus stations, better than they ewer thought their culture in order to embrace a new cot Once possible they stepped cif that plane, they were caught in a The staples nights spent hi airports and as whirlwind d excitement and, at times, confusion. mains suddenly became wonhwhilc as students Ater the initial shock, friendships were formal and anivcd in some of the most famous cities norklurick. a new home away from home was created. Whether they WIC using crepes in front of the In addition to taking classes, students had the twirdding Eiffel Tower, getting out in the maze. chance to travel nu they ever imagined like streets of Toledo, or standing on the Spanish Weekend nips became the norm, and wedc-long Steps in Rome, these students realized What at breaks maim that a three city tour is not out of the wan amble experience they were given in studying (motion. Notre Dame ' s spring break gave students abroad at home an awesome oporumity to visit their friends in far off lands. An estimate] 20 juniors visited the 2003 Inform:An swam, atom nth g3ccifie program take play. — Soar kiwi] applicuicnt are due, coup kte with Intend ratminindation, passnd itatcomas. and department] ad college appront Students in the Linden Program ' an Portsmuoth %taller — day and avant trip around the United Kie cmi arc amnion. ening cumin tn the °eminent d Europe Gx the ucelatne hrunks. Phan etnntiw Sztagwoh — Inicannon main] oat out pinyon pheCOte.,ilikts X4 aptaific atWaXal. 2004 Acceptance IttICT !WSW Wit to dune uho hill igt to is, klux1 in the spring of 23V5. 07 1 Spring 2005 — Nocemlser 2003 — Apra 2004 DuHin modniu.Clitlin Ens. Kate IkteIle. anti Moira Math den %int the %utak is Nice. Frac on tprtnn break. (licto mak%) of Moira Maiden Manin .1nd Jack C.-ikon. both titans gs tbc Amon Iktagnan. pow think-yin the Alps with trelkw taunt Flu° conga, cork Catkun A A — Aram Von Eikk- Anne and Online kmanl Toloila This gm ea pun of that utter:int VAS upun in Spain. Phxo away of Manra Van Eyck The sleepless nights spent in airports suddenly become worthwhile as you arrive in some of the most famous cities worldwide. 99 Anger nienta Amine ( bocluou, Atirwar Sirrana, Madeleine Hcel. Laura SkLegn, Andrea Reainct. Annie Salunguic. Sun ALcie-Lega. n1 Aahlty Dumb weal Tagiloclites it Sum-Con excurcion Inn ichn. Pietro many of Jack Gnat eptember 200-4 Imo. 11 — Ortouation mcctio take pin. rani Celina ie.:gird 11C. how to saints fur Win Ind. atkl saki — IlLagg king lot Env. Saab Amerioi. program general inkintntign. aid Ausut and pkVinill palltOrOlas afiCially tworne interrinrol gala Marione 2005 L ii.ients return frin other ontinmts with pietas. tIllfonmtable mcmorio. and mice at much luga.mac at tbeg hman unh. — Moitiga kg murtwts from Spring laxly Alrogl pnwarog — January febritaig 1005 Soinembbc 2005 20 May I-675 Big East Crowns for Men ' s and by Michael Ki Women ' s Tennis Womm ' s tennis began the 2005 campaign ranked Min ' s arias opened the spring seam ranked 21st in the preseason Intercollegiate Tennis 34th in the nation, and opened with convincing Association national rankings. Sophomore mins victories over Toledo 7-0 alai Illinois State 6•I. Catrina and Christian Thanpsat were No. 2 in the Continuing their hot streak, the team had a chance national doubles rankings, the highest an Irish duct to make history if they beat No. 18 North Carolina at has been ranked in the program ' s history. Eck Tennis Pavilion. The Irish rose to the challenge, The spring amen coneltakx1 with a 4-0 victory and upset thc Tar Heels 5-2 to register I goo allaw ova Syracuse, giving None Dame its sixth Big East victories for the program. It als o upset a top.25 team championship at the University of South Honda. for the lint time since 2002. The championship gave the Irish an automatic lath After beating St. John ' s to reach the final, men ' s into the NCAA auunpionship. Catrina Thanpson tennis defeated Rutgers 40 to give the Irish laidc-to- earned Big East tournament MVP honors. bock Big East titles for the first time since they joined Hopes for a national championship for the Irish the league tat years ago. Senior Brent IYAmico was were dashed by falling to No.6 Northwestern 40. named tournament MVP, and Head Coach Bob The Thompson twins laic qualified for the NCAA Bayliss was named Big East Coeds of the Year for the individual championships. and advanced deep in the fifth time in his career. Lhionunatdy, the Irish Ira bracket until eventually falling in the round of 16. disappointingly to No. 33 Louisville 4-I at NCAA Both were tabbed LTA All-Amerians. Championships ICC (bite 11)0114 5011 prepares to hit a lotchtlx1 stalky at the Sp Ent Cheirsionship Plato aintesy4Spats Infomniion January 29, 2005 Now Dante inais rani laxonws the sixth Division 1 wheel to resister 1.0‘.1) all-time Actunia with a 5-2 eras opt No 18 North the Iii Tans Pantos 76 iSpring 2005 21, 2005 must chits in sixth Get Gamma: Otampierelw a the Uneeants of South Hai April 21, 2005 September 7, 2005 Mois taints wan acksts Rutgers to win in ' opted «111XCUliNT 1312 Fay fliampienthip, the lint time skiing 10 Rephen Res, %ones Parbho, Erie ince they joined the conference 10 wars LangatLents. and Brett Hal to all sent: ;Nos in the twentnai 2035-2A76 lnzetccteeiate Tennis Assoasuat mond sioelo wattle. [ bIlliOr Whal lim gets texly to when a granchiroke went hit matent in the Big Eau Chamrienthipt. Phxo tummy of .5 vets Infitonorim Seim Ea Losakaskienn Iraces to return the hill with a Mahal Mao OROIC,111 11, rl O 0 " " nwe BBBB 111111141Slit OOOOOOO ttttttttttt Junior mint Cattial and Outman Montt get :rah for a aura from their °patents in a tiles match. now Kelm of Dm nJulmwn This is perhaps the deepest team I ' ve ever coached, and I ' ve had some pretty deep ones. -Bob Bayliss, Men ' s Tennis, 9 Head Coach BmiorgaanBnanxatawAnimminithaVVattan forth and. Mao (mina, rt 3urts Infiankukrn - ()etcer 2, 2005 - Skyhtincee Buck with fttalunan Kdcv Tefft urecx a top-20 teem to Lem the !loot Classic iktlicaelveicietalup in 1500nuaton. hxk — Junk. tennis mint kinina and (lettrian lluirawn nut the Rivient1TA All American Chanykaulaira in Pacific Coif. factitive 9, 2005 12, 2005 Twin Cumin Tampa and Outuan ' Ibrolly...1i are mod fourteen mait• athkta Kama. ' tin the Lie ' in :jot rt llfutrntrol (17 ( Itnintrt. Juts 9.ephai Pasdefeated hi, teammate. sechrowni Swett PATNA,. 1.0 the Clarritionshipt. It i, the fiririewr ;111.16.41 singlet fiat — October 25, 2005 .. 23 April 77 LJ `- I N ff_.1 blitalie (Irina• Ina III 7 AIDS 9aninars m Chow for local high school children and necks in a oval oommunity training local committem to mite unemotional Fat gro. fouls to find their into. Phoroommeslif ken ((Amount, Junior Kmin Overworua uork. to (gum king actiwiy in Mead in the calculi hit if the hex aillage.. this rummer he MS abICAX0.1 95 311 Africa chief. flooaxatcryof Kam If171107121 Every May, Notre Dame students Studies offers many amazing scatter around the globe. While some opportunities in other countries. in d than go home for the summer, many different attic, and students others take on the responsibility of an can apply for (taxiing to take these internship, sometimes halfway around unique positions. haling is also often the mirk, front their han acams. available through other depertmaus Internships are available fa almost for those indivkluals who are any major, and cat be found often by willing to apply for it.. links on a majors xelipage. Senior Amy Vogelheim hal offered throtgh the Career Cutter nothing but goal things to say about mil:site, is the tniversity ' s main her experience. " Everyone in my recruitment database and also keeps architecture class had an internship students up to date with companies this past summer, and it was great to caning to campus and other events swap stories and we how firms differed going on throughout the jar. While from Sum Francisco to New York to some intennhiln provide wages, others even the Caribbean. It was a nonderful are capable of helping students in learning experience for most, as there earning credit towards graduation. are many differences between our Further ' migrants ask that students classes here and the reality of expensive who do internships write reflection materials and picky clients, and I know papers, contemplating the academic most people came away with a job value of the experience. offer for the year after graduation. " Internships provide important real Zahm junior Jake McDonald comments world job experience, and can even that his internship " wa s truly a once lead to a pennanau job offer within in a lifetime opportunity. I feel this the oanpeny after a succedul smilax. experience will provide a base from Fast hand experience in a certain field which I can establish my future career students want to alter is invaluable as a paleontologist. " ad the benefits are innumerable. The by Meagan Conway Kellogg Institute for International — November I, 2004 — December 23.30, 2004 — Am ite:Aims need to be n tivnl modes to be ciminkred for ante theNiter,. November 10 • December 7, 2004 IntuvioA, take Sam ftx utylkanh. Students neck at pro:ening their hot ylva toname time are irmuenth once in o lifetime orrommitus. — Stu.klin Irani of their acceptance or %Stint HAM for the r °gram. Prone. Infornrition ret,i a are bad be intenwitnal summer service koming • October 2004 Summer 2005 The (N2. and (1h111 kulth Isidathe quieted be Maths,. Vanesm Qorail Rai Rhea it a (Immnity I lealch are Clue in rural Wrisimmlki Cksvnils Jinn mune s y Joe Mather ( keg Um }ins mkt Amaion mildew it Itefs ' me irking on perfoaing the LosArage. %go mines, 46E4 Giro Leg, USN:mato marks (Cr %km, I hum Retiree totaling st L etroit ati tin L aim morn. • totatay of Leah sAinuno September 2005 Folloomis$00k11:4 art in pcsimm, as a mrekmd retreat. mlll — eitslents vreni the sanrixr in their is:teice smsenexes — Suitt tweet infornetin to their inslivital nips am! O4 tierces 2005 — September • October 2005 January • April 2005 Orktuaelsm issans itsJ a twelmil MUM: recur. sualuts ml up sparing a let of time co the. thei arthlm them to get to [maw each other before liens: mimeo, 6 June 081 1 1 " I I I )N I 11 , , Notre Dame students returning to the W.M. Keck Center for campus for the fall 2005 sanater Research. greeted with change. A new president Additionally creating a kg of talk and a new fcxxlxill coach made this is the Ouglidmino Athletics Complex, semester one of new Iniiming.s. This known as " the Gig " . This spirit can also be seen in the changes peonies that have anergal from the dust of facilities for the entire athletic program construction CleA5. Most notably, at Nome Dame, and is locatal to the the south entrance to campus has MSC of main campus. ' The Cue been completely refurbished. The new net gym space desim has limestone and granite piers top notch cquipmalt for ND ' s student connected by wrought iron fencing athletes, who account for one in eight and displays the Univasity seal. It as indl as five star movie ouPhasizes the entrance at None theta-style macrame rams. Dame Avenue and Angela Pxiuleviud Also east of campus is the new as the main zne to aunpus. ;Meaning jackal Hall of Science, scheduled to visitors of the ND family he finished in the UMW! ' of 2006. alike al a much grander scale. The new Sestet: studaits may find the nselva entrance also prompted constructiat in Jordan Hall next year, which will =US to quite literally move Edison a an Raid, expanding it to accommodate an traffic. Throughout =pus, ND is growing Adding to the impact of the axith , spaces entrance is the brand new Radin• for academic and athletic pursuits. Carmichael Hall, acmes Nate Dame „p Avenue from the new entrance. In Notre Dame Mame with stonework conjunction with Indiana University framing the golden dome, is simply a Medical School, the hall will offer reflection of the new face of campus space for IU students in the first two that made its dehit this years of their medical school., as well as by Kathleen Sullivan 2„. 1 This pier is roe el maw ain now forma announce the emigre to the University. lino In Ray Ciagibrr lbe now Uniwoity meant causes centroverty when the twoogran (loner kW is twl•gal with concrete Matt. Marshy iith Geer 8. 2004 0821 Summer 2005 St. Joseph County Coined Krems Here Dame ' s Ham to aro Juniper Road at DougLo. and ruJign Fawn Rue Junin II. a 1969 Amino. devotes - minim liars. boar ning the Ligvertity ' s Ent.roganzous biteractrr. He is the principal kncfnctor for the 70 rnil. licn dollar Jordan 11.1114 luxe. — Spring 2005 — Iltoe one: The rerouting at I:Son litod mks place. — Beginning of inviter 2005 25, 2CO5 Our to anstructial sunounJing Wines Soccer Helene . talk:Um fix the Chw:IndCAIld pine :Nnun 1.700 nuking riven. --; " art N lac i a Klima. at the I pMao ractice faciluia. by eVegatalra Hama Calif indoor IlleCllag " (alma the -I thme el the other lanlangs, Ixtirg it u,licw1 alto the haggy al the °mire lapin 111. ia In .1lcunktra Flans.° lhe tug " afio ' movie tholimaYle COICTOWC aalicuriumn with comfortatie scum :mei on capioniw down iattn. Fleet, by Akenttlra iInman of S.:0111W 2005 max The 1w Rtul roplacanau extamfi. all the way to ' high. Rea.l. sLat ... .... zoo Jordan 11.11 of laic. a schalulul fee congiotim. — The tug " finally achknos occupatxy. though mom aklueto antinue to tala. RIxe. — Juniray Ragi will lady he cksoi frau Douglai To Edina Raid. which will taut Ala public traffic to tun thatigh campus. Augunt I. 2aX15 August 2006 083 1 August Home of the On-Campus Life Alumni, or as the mai who live there call it: The Caner of the Universe is really as centrally located as ax can get at Now Dame. The second lamest dam hats 260 mat and their rector, the esteaned Father George Rerum, the longat standing rector in Notre Dame history. Alumni ' s character is that of a " fun " dorm; you can often see maims out front dancing in costumes and amusing students cn their way to class In the fall, Alumni hangs the tetras Delta Omega Gamma over their main entrance in homage to their mascot, the dog. In the spring, that men host the Alumni Hall Wake, a week long celebration rumored to traditionally Lon homework, class and tests, in an effort to fully enjoy the debaudiay. Alumni also proudly hosts the Cteam champions of intramural sports. the Blue Boners, which is partly due (0 the fact that Alumni is the only dorm that has a C team. by Owistine Nguyen Dawgs Ontrilbri 14. 2005 - • Kan I la:i h. :.2••• mull art ibex. The shown held in fiadin ' s nxial irate where die :emit( i. judnol and civil pito- are Carroll belch its tioaturr camt. Corral atreal-ti. iinittnin which inclocka a Mt belting, iirmtie and the kinds:nano. - December 2, 2005 Nuned after Father Stephen Bodin. the first priest ordained within the United antes. Notre Dame ' s snallest wanton ' s boasts a wide array of leaders and students. Podin has two signature events, the Bain Hall An Show, which displays an wink from students all over campus and invites anyone to come and Minim their talent and ' The 13tralcdown, " which attracts some of the most interesting characters (tom our student body to compete in a karts ice competition. Located baween Havarti Hall and Giant Morris Student Center, the semen of Badin are lucky to be " seven minutes from anywhere " Only 120 girls live in Podia which is made up of sixty percent single mans, this lxing the largest percentage in any dorm. Their masa , the Bullfrog, is seat often participating in ancessiat ea) stands, pas rallies awl parading around at their intramural foothill games. The girls who live here love the moll community. old fed the building has as 4-1 0 well as the traditiern that come with a dorm ova 100 4) years old. lkdin ' s recta is Anne Ripen, a grxnt lie of St. Mary ' s and a proud member of the Bailin Hall cannumity. ;Si by Christine Nguyen 22.2006 Brouvrhaiiin boa iv rand ductko diming which -elitism can lid to ant with en to cektittes like the Ltprottun. I ' m her Jenkint or foothill platys like Brady Quinn. PlucoxIt go to mint VJ 084 Summer 2005 — Breen-Phillips Located on beautiful North Quad, BreervPhiliPs sits only a D.J. Fitwanick punt and a Brady Quinn states throw away (rent either North Dining Hall, Lai:mune Student Center, a Flaburgh Library. Built in 1939 as both a residence hall and athletics and ticket office, it originally was the homed 185 mat Ca tvertal to a nemesis hall in 1973, it now serva wkly as a residence. But its central !coition and history are not the only draws. The home of 206 lovely ladies, the Baba, as they like to be called, can be picked out of a crawl tarn their strikingly bright pink colors.. Never ashamed to strut their pinkness, the Babes are still narking off the pride of king named Women ' s Hall of the Year for 2004-2005. What helped the Baba gain this prestigious award? Well, ate ,wed have to look at their signature (1) Well, Their annual BP Mod Auction is a big draw 1:1) for any hungry students, and a valuable contribution to the beneficiaries. When the Baba want to hang loose, they hold their Beach Dance Party in which they fill the whole of the Joyce center with sand and nod sewed sections to give it that " California fed. " by David Prina O ci) The 100 or so Vernal) of Carroll Flail reside in that far away place :taus the lake. aspire the distance (ran the center of campus, the men of Carroll enjoy such advantages as a sal volleyball court, basketball court, and one of the bat views of the Dome. Built in 1906, Carroll was originally a saninary (or Holy GOSS Priests named the Dupre hutitute. It was named for Clarks Carroll, the wain of Archbislmp John Carroll and the only Catholic shier of the Declamtion of Independence. The smallest men ' s dam housed texlergraduate males for the first time in 1966. The Vcnnin pride themselves in their apiawre event " A Carroll Christmas " and their 72- bedsheet big " Cm Irish " banner that dons the exterior • of the done every football Saturday. As well as notoriety for their " Fax Quad " location and small community, Carroll is known for having sane of the Largest rooms on ounixte. Redd ent Jim Schneider says, " What sets Orton apart from other donna on caucus is its six and location. Sometimes these can be less than advantageous, but, on the whole they are the reasons I like Carroll so much. It ' s not just that all of us know each other but that there is a tangible feeling of comradaie boause we are all here together? by Cassie Belek O tL O O x Carroll 4 Ntarch.April 2006 Alumni Itmll hokl. Calm: a canal.•.Ulla- emit co Staab Quai xith inflactNo; :id gam " : —.Alumni had. in Wm " in attach n_stdalts are fortillot from attoxling clawain mkt to tatal a a dom. March 2006 Wan hoick its malted signature event done axlm Iltoiktiamn, a karatit concetitho on ?ouch Quad. 27.21x16 085 19 August On-Campus Home of the Life Chaos Cavanaugh Originally consuueed as a male residence hall for freshmen, Cavanaugh did not become a female hall until 1994, 58 yeas after its estalkslunent. It was AL named for the former Rare Dime Prakien Father John William Cavanaadt, C3C. The vaginal nn svot was the crusade, then it was switched to the cavalier and finally to clans. Cavanaugh was the first dorm on North Quad :ux1 was the architectural model for Zahn. When Cavanaugh was built, exprettion of campus was not planned any further north a east of the dorm, which is why Cavanaugh is the only Nccth Quad dorm with no door located on the quail itself. In its nine wars as a fanale resiclawe hill, Cavanaugh Ins managed to tstablish its own signature events, such as the winter Snowball. The wick pi -muting the Stovkall contains dratted dais and fun events. Cavanaugh also sponsors Mother. Daughter and Father•Daughter weekends as well as a winter carnival for local children. by: Laura Seago Home of the Big Red Built in 1931, Dillon Hall is the largest residence hall at campus, housing 342 stuamts. The dorm opcnel just months after the death of die legenduy Knute Rockne and its chapel contains an altar dedicated in his memory. Dillon shares a heated rivalry with its only neighboring dorm, Alumni Hall. Dilkmites have beat known in the past to pull the fire alann at various Alumni events and dances. Among the donn ' s many famous signature events is the Dillon Pep Rally, held on South Quad the Thursday before the first bane foothill game each MP ' year. Though it was rained out this tear, the event typically involves skits, songs, chants, guest speakers, and even a little bit of crom•surfmg. Other traditional evens include the istache tusk for charity, Opening Day events. and the Dillon Dude Auction where funks can lid cm their favorite Dillon boys and win a date with ate to the Opening Ray Dance. by: Laura Sago E 0 the Pau ftp Rally jumix suet. the fink! ' the on on caucus 7M rally h Aux " laxwm (et its wild humor mai gueit Token. — Fay Moax, their ' Men of Notre Dante Glint A flaunt phenonxIxo, die aloxku features many win-round...I 171(11 en canto,. 15.2005 2006 Farley ' s hove cone their rkxm in parrativn foray Paley Week anti tlxii aigwatire nee. lax NM in rho iamseoune Stotkaus are insitul Kano front 5 PM mail mkInix4u to rain money for Ouch I tenth ..01 front. loonlahn. 0861 Summer 2005 -- Fall 2005 - letiritary 24.2006 Farley 4 The women of Farley Hall take great pride in being the linear, quire literally. The only dam without 0 a tangible masca, Farleyites have always been (Id mandsetters on the Notre Dame campus. • Farley was the Ant hall built after WW2. Farley. Im( was the first dorm to try the stay-hall policy; before Pada, damn awe organized by elms and rank. It [1111114 originally housed 199 men, but became a women ' s hall in 1973. Sster Gamier Etheridge is the current recta, assisted by Farley, the link dog sharing the hall ' s name and beloved by its residents. Farley was awarded Ball of the Year 2C04, RecSports champions in 2005, and Lea Frosh-0 for the current war. Named for Father John " PopiTarley, Pop Farley meek is the hall ' s signantre event. It involves five chys of fun activities culminating in a thrice, and is only one example of the loyalty and camraderie among the uumen of Farley Hall that will no doubt continue far into the future. by: Kathleen Sullivan V Cla Suing surnritiousiy betnral South Dining Hall and Pangbem, Fisher Hall has had a long and proud kg—i 0 tradition as a men ' s dont. Established hi 1952, it 54 et is now in its 5.3 ' year of opetatiat Fisher Hall was by Sally Fisher to her luttind, Fred Fisher, 0 former manber of the Iknrel of Tnistees, as a home for the 1% grateful seniors at its year of opening. At the time of cargruction Fisher was only the 2nd dorm to have a social hinge, thus making fisher 0 one of the mania dorms for social life. Taking part a) in that social lounge life were little-Imam alumni such as lee Montana, LaPb01193 Ellis Orlando and Regis Philbin. ;MO In addition to its famous alumni, Fisher distinguishes itself with several proud maims- amaig dorm events is the Roof-sit, but cannot compare to the emit on the lake. By far the most udl•Imoun is the Fisher Regatta, aptly named for the aquatic members of this dorm. Arguably one of the most famous of the dorm signature vows, Fisher continues this proud tradition - the tace across the lake. I by: David Prina Fisher April 29, 2006 L lithe?+ lied and Sally %web mkt with the Fisher Regatta and 4.1111at10:. — arms ' el ND Gin help6,94 by an that favaite Nids at the Ulu AUCtiC11. Ille 111(11 gd aztoxl the Opoung Day DAnce %%WI their ' cork Silting 2006 [087 tesidnus ' slming hiatus. ' Ilse dam miss find. and methob for tonally cancer as its mild nimin hem ' having their mooches (or 24 thyt. 2006 1 i Xikns Sue Pah wake the end ci the — (thwounft Vinier Clisnisnl with Zahrn utvels bitith Qua; skids iunnub and aciniths. Febvtians• blanch 2006 Howard is the second smallest vaxnen ' s dorm at campus, but it has a long history of tradition. Howard was built in 1924 as jun of the " gold cant " of Howard, Morrissey, and Ilan These three dorms were built in the Cathie style that was meant to be the precedent for the rest of the buiklings an campus. Howard is Imown for its double arches. It was also the first dam to be named fora lay rintor, Thomas Howard, who would go on to become an lndiram prone Court justice. Howard was originally a men ' s dorm, but brame a urinal ' s mance hail in 1987, and the Ducks we know today were born. Howard aides itself on its annual traditions of the Howard Bathes. and FIce-Down in the fall, roasting marslunallows on the first day of snowfall, awl the Bone-Mamas. Drive in the spring. Even though Howard is a snail dorm, the Howard I) CZ Ladies have a large spirit, and they showed this what Howard was elected Wanen ' s Hall of the Year in 0 2004. Flames beautiful Got hic structure may not be the most prominent dorm at campus, but you will always know that the Howard Ducks are present by The sound of their " quacking. " by Erin Clemens Over the past 48 years, the Keenan Knights have made quite a name for themselves around campus. . Though residents are housed in the same building as the residents of Stanford Hall, they prove that the ow dorms are very d first ifferent. At the rst varsity pep of each year, Keenan hays gather to make kilts +.1 and wear than to the mlly. Ktinan also hosts a wide variety of annual events. The ever-popular Keenan Revue, a medley of skits and musical numbers. is eadi winter and sells out quickly. Keenan also - hosts what they call " The Great Pumpkin, " where they make Halloween a link more enjoyable for l00 underprivileged children thmugh pumpkin caning, trickar.utating, and a haunted house. The Reindeer Raul, held an a Way in December, is . 134 a Keenanvonsoned cookout. Residers of Keenan " .b also enjoy a " dim) howl " each year, an SYR held at the local bowling alley. Another wain attraction of 4-4 0 the dam is its Easement, which houses a projective 5) sexton movie mom, multiple big-5[6=M, lounge areas, a pool talk, a fooshall table, a ping pone talk, ...2 a pinball machine, and a student ran restaurant, ;-1..i " Zaland. " by David Prina Howard - ' T P Keenan Nomnber 30. 2005 088 - I Sununer 2005 2006 s simature twm. the Keenan ROAM. take, !tee at Snot 6tstc3 variety w sane llouvil Ilalrl hoick its annual line and cluxe xt3u6.1%ilais ilex nick all :Nano% Moe. 666 of life at bistro Dam March 21.10, 2006 R. 2005 Keough I WI hokb as 15th annual Rowell (Juliet Race. %moire estut.lku•rtl liallily h held ixiteile laliimme. The 01111 IIICiUdfd a itte doarathh: aintest • ewers,. In ch000lateauxKluisuuas ank se t 0 cu Home of the Kangaroos ' ova On-Campus Life In only its 9 " year of life, the minions of Keough Hall have built themselves quite the imitation. (Th Estiblished in 1996, along with its Wirt Quad brothers and sisters. its students have done their best to make Korigh the up-andcoming dorm of Nbtre Dame. Upon the release of the blockbara hit Kama= Jack, the residents of Keough mire so kr ti enchantal by its wily protagonist that they decided to Lull thanselvcs the Kanpur ' s. Continuing the tuna from down under, Keough holds its annual Aussie test, a single ablIcylxill pine dilatation town went, picnic, music and sectionproduced vidoes. And perhaps one of their best loran events is the Keough Otariot Race. Etch section, and many doom, consouct a vehicle which they hope will leave their competition in the dust. Each year, Keough (mums to build an its tradition by David prima Home of the Juggerknotts Tinsel a young dorm, having ban built in 1989, Knott Hall has quickly estahlislxxl itself as one of the most active dorms at campus. After Exiting out the Angels in 1997, the Jazgaicnotts min on to make a name for tharuelva. The Jaws Ix ht many signature events, such as the Justin Bruntough Menxxial • Rtvitedull Tounximmt, Knott on the Knoll, the Hanna Cup, the C ' ociro Lecture Series and, me of the most renonned, Brother Jerome ' s Nights. When asked about what makes this cbrin such a unique pram, Brother Jerome said that ' Mae is a strong sensed community within Knott. " There is much involvement in Liturgiail services and musical groups. Athletics is a huge aspect of any Jug ' s time at Knott, as they are same of the most fervent fans • on campus. At any pep rally you am find the insp. bedecked in their signature orange shirts and hunting ams, screwing their luir,a out. To round out this dorm Knott also has a strong commatity service • Embolism, with may Airs manias in Circle K. by David Prina AV kmard I 1.41 haat the snail noun) Dock I lunt. r April 2. 2006 heti. its Pregrooe Fahnte Dinner. — Wort I Les oat:Kure cont. Kzaat to the Knit. a crocen Whole el the hal b bLiL — ' Keenan 62.2k the carol annual Molly Sole; vutIoluil tuunurnon. - Apra 21, 2006 - - April 2016 19 August [689 Lewis Located on the northwest coma of the South Quad, Lyons Hall serves as a home away (ran home for almost 2C0 fink Lattices. Built in 1925, it was first an havers men ' s dorm and in 1974 became one of the first six halls to karat women at the university. Today, with its picturesque arch and striking lake view, Lyons Hall continua to brim with lion spirit. Led by Lbntiucan Ssta and rector Sister Susan 0 Dunn, the uomen of Lyons I lall danotutrate their cannatmau to sent and hall spirit. Each war, O the lacksts of Lyons Hall organize the Mara Fox Run, in memory of a former first Lavnite killed WO tragically by a dotal( driver in 1993. The annual tun, Mach this yair took place on October 29, raises 4-1 CD money for a scholarship fund in memoty of Mara Fox, umemboal by ha family and Laois Hall friends for her academic excellence, vase of humor, annulment to serving others, and enthusiasm for travel. by: Adrienne Murphy As notable alumni Anne Thetatnt at ' 79 wwkl report, Lewis is the greatest girl ' s dorm on campus. One of the oldest of the girls dorms, Lewis has distinguished itself with the both its dorm spirit and its large numbers of revisions. By far the largest of the girls dorms, Lewis is the residence of 294 boisterous Chicks. Built in 1965 originally for religious wawa pursuing graduate rues, it was then converted to a atm for undergraduate women what the Administration got thar act together. At pep rallies, the giant chicken outfit bespeaks of the pogtion of the Lewis chicks, that is, if the throbbing knot of blue and gold hadn ' t done so already. Always involved with campus religious life, they are ideally Fashioned for a late night Rogay Run if their chapel emit fill them with sufficient spirit. Going hand in hand with religious life, the 0 Lewis chicks IS all dams in the number of service U hours completed through Circle K, the largest service by: David Pane Lyons organtattice cn campus. 2005 hour m tits Fal rya up the Manontea for the hxdull %WM: tlxir ryitwal fans and bias are axlica- tier d a succonful Auld 11.2005 11111help• heti the $TAPAt 1•411 ' jib ' in the — As red the Inn dorm, N1401inn hap. -- Maw Mailnea Week in the 4sing refs Frias to thr trojan hones the 1. 44:1x-p the Mania, Lc for all that RUC Date ally in the irxiitnn, ha to Offer !MVO iffnect(T. — Octax• 14,2005 — Spring 2006 Summer 2005 On-Campus Life 8 McGinn flail, built in 1997, loaned on West Quad, is one of RUC Dame ' s larger women ' s dormitories. Being a newer dorm has many advantages such as air axxlitioning and larger social spaces, Though they lack the rich tradition of older facilities, the Shamrocks are determined to establish their oven traditions. McGlinn ' s Casino Night is quickly reining a Notre Dame (mune as it provides service to the community, by donating its proceeds to the Catholic Worker House in South Bad, as well as 0) COD bringing ugetlwr students from all over campus for " aa an all around good time. The women of McGlinn show their school spirit 0 at every event they attend; they can be avii in gran 0) town, attending the Dillon Pep Rally and onion are cheering and singing as they mike their uny to events. That 270 Sliammeks consider thansdves ;St lucky to live in MeClirm ' s tighamit community. by: David Prina The Manor. The very name evokes fair, images evil plans by a cunning scientist or power-hungry boron, and a sweet line of clothing. Morriatey Manor, one of the oldest, and most mation-steeped donn on campus, having Leal founded in 1925, sits pion on South Quad. With its 80 ' anniversary this fall, the Manor celebrated its kgacy with a Manor Alumni Rotation during the USC weekend game. The October mckend testified to the fact that the Manor is the home of the some of the University ' s 11104 prom! alumni and nmt spirited residents. The Mtn of the Manor out be seal sprinting through South Quad at home football Fridays for the Pep Rallies, led by their maser, Manor Man. Fran A1111Wile who has inside information, Pmsident Peter Touher had this to my about his Mani= The October weekend testified to the fact that the Manor is the home of the some of the Univernty ' s most proud alumni and mast spirited residents: by David Prim Home of the Manorites 25, 2006L April 2, 2N6 NM Inn hptt a ( ' ..otno Night at Seth Mang Hall. ' Mane( limholar 6 ta- xon:11y at:0445ot %lib our !tato: cow Knit paionning en the stets of Moni6t.a. Leafs thickm Run raito 1150.6 fu Itteatt cancel ro.c6Kh lla: race 11,4,5ns at 2 PM front North Qt0.I. LMIcS RIXIS with O ' Nkill gives SULIOth a fano: to play their (anent. cNklbc351 tranan me more time. — March 30, 2006 - April 30. 2006 r® ' In 1996, O ' Neill Family Hall was completed, making it the first Joan on No Dime ' s West Quad and the first residence hall built for ma, since 1969. Upon the completion of the West Quid dorms, the visite was made to use Grace Hall for administrative purposes and relocate residents to the two new men ' s residence halls, cne of winds was O ' Neill. When the announament was made, there t. was uproar in which ninny students held bonfires in protest. Cc ' nsequanly, the former residents of Grace Hall opted to dub themselves the " Angry Mob " of O ' Neill, a title still in use as the dorm ' s mascot. Each year, the best tcam from CYNkill ' s section foothill plays the best team from Keough as they duke it out with their former brothers for the Grace Cup, 11 currently in O ' Neill ' s possession. O ' Neill is Imam for r ' S its signature event, the Ms. ND pageant, as well as its 1.4-1 triumph as last year ' s " Men ' s Hall of the Year. " It um 0 the first dam on West Quad to be auankd Hall of (1)the Year. by David 1Prina 0 X Old College The mat of Old College are a select bunch. Old College, which is the campus original budding, constructed in 1843, houses the few male students who are accqxecl to Norte Dame ' s Unekrgraduate Seminary Prognun Applicants to Old College are not expected to be certain about becoming pin of the order of Holy Cross but they are expected to show a saious into ta and inclination to becoming a Holy Goes Priest or Brother. Old CdIcgiare are given the advantage of a Notre Dame education while learning the vocation of the priestlxxxl. Residents participate in daily Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours. They are also given the opportunity for spiritual direction, scnice placements, retreats, oneomate meetings with their chaplains and weekly community gatherings. Students that reside here are free to maid in whatever they are inunal in, although they have a requirement of 24 philosophy credits and 18 theology credits Students are fully immersed in life at campus and aspects of Notre Dame life, including the opportunity to study alma ' . Old Cake was originally intended as a temporary solution for Father win who was intending on building a largo Main Building. Old Colkge hat held several purposes in its long history including serving as a convent, a bokery, a student dormitay, a classroom, a farmhouse, a house of studies for teaching Brothers, a ret reathouse and the headquarters for the Holy Cross Minion Pond. by Amy Walker z Ct ;.• I O ' Neill — Thinghom I tall hokk it, Amaturc mat, the Ffiox Phire. a twine in uhMh Imre Ilmnis SEM] rings are tuned in tlfigv. 30, 2005 Patquerina Eves mute twat. Skim Night-Skim Auction b. — Oat 13, 2005 0921 2005 On-Campus Life Pangborn, the 2CO5 Wands Hall of the Year, is home of the Phoxes and decked in purple and green. In addition to community service, PangLxxn is famous for its dances, which have been known sendboys to the grotto hoping to be invited. In the fall the dam hosts the Phoxfire, a spirited event were rival mason mat an %summate end. In the spring, the Pharos hat the Spring Ring in conjunction with Asher ' s annual Fisher Regatta. ' Itte rumen of Raighorn can be ;Cal donning hot pink bins and toting flamingos at pep rallies, showing their dorm pride to evenune they meet. This lively dorm also is pan of history in the making. Their NUM, Kuukua Yomelcpe, the first ever female African. Ameriam dorm lagler, is also Notre Dame ' s paungest rector. Located on South Quad, the cantor of Panglan is flanked with mu stone lions and Inaws mine of the largest rooms as campus. by Christine Nguyen 0 Home of the too Phoxe VJ This wotnen ' s dent mites proudly in Mal Quad, facing down the " other " Pasquailla to the wag. Hone to 250 residents, this hall has km in existence since its canpletion in 1981, and is the saond hall to be kilt specifically for worms. The sure donation that built P.W. also Panama! the OXISITUCCIO1 of P.E. The Pasquailla Pyres are a spirited bunch of %sullen. They host many events, such as the Ppolympics, and tarn deices, madly with their °inanely handsome brother dorm, Knott Hall. Sr. Mary Ann • Mueninghoff is the marious and k ivable rector of this hot dorm. Sr. Mary Ann is a swindafti14. %%stoning and caring recta. She takes time out to get to know every member of her dorm, and is usually 11) hiking sumptuous ddights in ha kitchen. When the pep rallies come around, the [Ws don their dorm colors, black and red, and heal out to dicer the Irish 0 to victims. by David Prina 50, 2006 (YNdll nwixuior A ' Km% Emu ' with traaitxrxtl pLnyouniganie, with — 01439 !with its lien wino:tine° in South INning 1141 — Evbruan. 23, 2006 19 August 1)93 Pasquerilla West4 One of the premier women ' s dorms on campus, Pasquailla sits proudly in Mal Quad. Built in 1981 with a generots contribution from Mr. and Mrs. Pasquerilla, it uns one of the first dorms built sPetificallY for maim The mall perks the Weasels can trait about are air coditkning, close proximity to Ninth Dining Hall and Elabur0 Library, and their donn color, purple. PaqueriKa West is under the tutelage of Sr. Sue, a wet active rector in University affairs. When asked about what makes PaquetiIla West such a unique dorm, she put the question before their Hall Council: " We are well rounded women who excel in the sciences, in the arts and in the athletic arena We love king Purple Weasels. " And in a mcrnent of prophetic insight, " We are the Future Laden of the World. " On a personal note, Sr. Sue wanted to sty that she finds ha Purr Weasels to he " kind, enagetie, generous and intelligent. I am ccnszandy misted at their willingnen to share their time, talents and skills. " And not one to mince words " This is the BEST HOUSE on campus! ' by: David Prima Originally built as a dorm for women, Siegfried is now the home of the 250 Ramblers who dwell within ate of the proudest dorms at mums% The residents of Knott Hall would maintain that there ' s no difference between the original and current inhabitants. The Ramblers have had a great run since their 1997 take over of Mod Quad. C l) They participate in the Flamer Cup, a ;m1 companion of wit, physical wawa and Halo skills (1) with the men of Knott Hall. The four time victor of the Hamer Cup, Siegfried Hall has bated its brother four times in a row, 2002-2005. Thus, the Ramblers have maintained their sovereignty ova the Slope TineRamblers are rosily spotted during the pep Cid rallies, drasal in their maroon axlwey dorm colors. They alts wear their distinctive horned helmets, 1 C4 which maka a wxxl conversation piece (Cr anyone intaeaed in their Nordic nuts. Some notable accomplishments include nvo t.1-1 0 championships in interhall football, and one in each baseball and basketball. 2.4 by: David Prom 0 I Siegfried — St. lir, Runk ' , %wk. winch Indtki.-.,.1 dorm dinner at South Dining I WI with 3 te.tka.a chanty )1tomout, on SYR. and Etskatall and wilgtoll toumamon — October 26,2005 Ca la 23. 2005 Si. ts Dorn, Ohlories. invoking 3 auks of heard comp-ink , boom., the toaionsvt VeCIIIS t arldng It m io . dodgtkoll whit:y.4s r 09-41 Summer 2005 On-Campus Life Home of the Otters Scat was the first residence hall built at Note Dame in 1888, and has been called " college " ever since students living there seceakx1 from the university in 1969 in protest of the Vietnam War. The men of Sorin Cap:, also known as the Otters, follow in the path of many bite Dame grans housed within its rooms. It once housed the newly established Law Schmid, and was the first Catholic college dorm with single nvms, which originally were deemed " large enough to study, and at the same time small enough to discourage sisitirtg. " That has certainly changed, as Sounds residents show great pride in their hose at thd Quad. Easily identifiable by the majestic turrets that flank the satin section of the building, Sinn is certainly wall-kriam at campus, and its coveral (rent porch is a inviting place for a char for any student passing by. by Kathleen Sullivan Ox of the most storied of the dorms, S. [Amid ' s Hall has a latg and proud history Ruching bock to 1882, the year it was built. Originally used as a boarding school (or children, it became a mat ' s mance hall in 1929. The Oattlan at. or the Stamen as they have become known, bedeck themselm in great and gold for pep rallies, if they ' re not wearing kilts that M. The only donn to exclusively have the rights to wear kilts to the mirirchmging gatherings, they flaunt their Stalliness at every opportunity. To add to their historic hid:ground, St. Edward the Confessor ' s (]repel is where Knute Rata received his first communion. It ' s also the only dam to be included in the biwiocil Registry of Historic Places. Previous resident " Cxiden Boy " Paul Homtang ' s residence probably tipped the sada in their favor for that honor. To commemorate their star-stuck-led past, the Steels (as girls affectionately refer to them) hold an annual " Founder ' s Day " tekixation on October 13th- During the alum of the day there is a 2-on-2 lxisketball tournament, a special dorm Mass, a historical lecture, a dump widc meal at Sauth Dining Flail and other studint leader-specific evens. by David Prima March 2006 Ranilskti Sasaintisa takta. Swann taketun in this aftancon tidI — !Ws Annual Lip Sant: drain racists- Mow toss IAN out thin ben mom. ••• Cl) — February 16. 1006 [695 On-Campus Life The Stallard Griffins, until recently known as the Studs, were renamed in honor of their fanner rector, Fr. Robert Griffin who placid away in 1999. The Griffins fly about campus in their green and gold, bringing everywhere with them tradition, spirit and molted feathers. There is a tradition for every:me After Hours Benefit Rash at Rolls, in which they try to raise money for orphanages in Santiago, Chile by hosting a throe- owthrce Inekethill tournament, a poker tournament, musk and dancing; The Iron Grill in which COMCStallt5 put thdr steak-grilling prowess to the tot; the Griffin Giving campaign which supports local charities. And the proudest of traditions: Liking, in which residents are thrown into St Mails Lake on their birthday in an attempt to get the most skips. So far the record is 43.) held by current resident swimmer Andrew McKay, who 5 represented the Cayman Islands in the 2004 Olympics, 0 with five skips. by David Prina Walsh Hall, located on Gad Quad and built in 909, houses 190 of None Dame ' s faunas in its tom house-like exterior. The Wild Women of Walsh, 5 whose odors arc baby blue and wavy, live in a dam that was considered luxurious in its early days, with single roam, private badutoms, bay windows and O closets. The dorm is named for Father Thomas Walsh, the6th president of the university, and was originally a men ' s dome Walsh Hall was the last building to be built on God Quad. Being one of the older and smaller dorms as well as having a close proximity to the Main Building and the Basilica, give the Will Women unique basing rights. In 1973, It Walsh became the first dam, along with Rodin Hall, to be converted from a nun ' s to a %oxalis dorm. I) Walsh ' s Eminent once even contained a howl rag ...5 • alley. The clones signature events include a spine week leading up to the Walsh Academy Fall Frolic— 0 an annual Catholic schoolgirls dance, Football KB , 0.2, and the Mr. NI) Pageant. Sarah Panzka says of her F., dorm, " Walsh is small, but I like it that way because yam know a lot of people in your dorm. We also have = a great Lamm on campus. by Cassie Beek Ct — Fanily 1 Hide ' mmic n1 4qht fanning the niohic IlikiL 27, 2006 Stanford Ike Watauwetwa, tlw Bv.h. ialces plate. W3141 Ball holdi itiMg11.11111C Sir. NI) New in the Ltbstune bum 2005 -- Nov etnIve 19, 20015 Nine yews after it bas first built in 1997, Welsh Family Flail continues to house 260 female whirlwinds. The dorm, one of the four newest residence halls at campus, is situatedcm the eastern end of the West Quad. Under the leidership of rector Ms. Crutibce Carson, the dorm batsts numerous 11 notorious graduates, including women ' s hisketball ,tars Ruth Riley ' 01 mulNiele Ivey ' Of. Cad in their torn colors of blue and white, the whirlwinds of Welsh Family Hall lusted numerous signature events this year. The Whirhnixis organized the Welsh Family Dance Show and in the spring, the dorm hosts the traditional Welsh Family Feud, based on surveys of Notre Dame students, similar to the popular game show. In April, Welsh Family sponsors a 5K run, called the Claw Murphy Thrums Run, in military of three members of the clan of 2002 who tragically lust their lives to leukemia during their time at Notre Dame. The Welsh Family Block Party in September raised matey for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Although they do not have the extensive traditions or a unique Lunkling like the older dons, the Whirlwintb are proud of their dorm and its events and traditions, their spirit, and their A C by Adrienne Murphy Home of the W Welsh Family4 Zahm Zahm Hall, or Zalun House :LS KM1s of its residents prefer, has been home to the university ' s Zahmbies since 1937. Named (or Father John Zahm, CSC, an awaited tridents and former vicoprakkut of the university, Zahn Flail is one of the oldest dorms at the North Quad. Although it has a reputation as the dorm with the most mucous students, few Dumas can help but notice the Zahmbies ' overwhelming and oonunitment to aarrununity savior. One j quick glance at the men in red and black Indy paint and !gnats, the resident moose, at a pep rally a • the signs anted for the dorm ' s charity laid sties make this very dear. One unique undertaking of the Zahmbies of Zahm Hall is the dam ' s close connection to the There Are Children Here, or TACT, program. Aside front donations of time and Watt, Zahm Hall donates all of the profits from their Faxlsales Pizaa Kltcbcn to TACH. In the winter, the darm ' s signature overt, the Winter Carnival, is always a huge hit. Zahn also hokls a exam study days tradition, the Run Run in %%inch 4-1 el„) N deakie ice each winter as well as the serniannual Zalunbies sneak through LaFartune. Regis Philbin is Q me ?abate who wait on to fame. by Adrienne Murphy O Zliwnamixwan Its stout= emu. the Winter Carnival, !nth Cavanaugh Hall. Wehh Fattl0 I La bath us annual thews show. Thethuw took place in Wathionton I WI. r Wash RmiIy bah its sitnatureessta. I the VC4th Fatly Raid. 27.28, 2(106 E March 25, 2006 19 August I 097 February 2006 GI L_ I )1 11 77I I E_ o11_1 ) N I 0 The innicate in the molding oi the Goldin Dome awe deigned ITY a Noe !Nine archiuctunt watkage. Photo axmay .4 Matt Gthor Workers quid tnxica tend gold la is oak, to ' Out ifliy " ara: mote to her guide ' s Italian= rumen of Mau uureac For the past 123 years, the Golden new gold fcil. Dome, above all else, has come to However, the decision to mild the symbolize the values, culture, and Dome was not without controversy. community of Nate Dame Towering Many members of the dais of 2005 200 feet above the passing nudism worried that the scaffolding necessary below, the Golden Dome and Our for thc mondss-lag project would Lady who rests atop it have Imam invade their ideal conwneiconent an ever-present source of hope and photos of the treasured university inspiration to members of the Notre symbol. Due to the delicateness of the Dame axtunnity. By HI 2005, after goad leaf, work on the Dome must a sevenmenth and extremely labor• be perfommd on the calm days that inunsive regilding process, the Golden stretch from late spring into early fall, Dome was gleaming more brightly than including the week of commencernau. ever. However, University officials, after Since it was erected in 1882, the much urging, agreed to lower the l)ome has boot ntikixi nine tints, saiffokling for the days immediately although not since 1988. Several causes preceding and following gradation, force the gold leaf that adorns the to enable graduates to pose for pictures dome to wear away over time, making with the renowned Dome. Though the the rcgilding process taxman% Masses scaffolding was lowered only partially, of mow, ice, S even hail often attack the dass ' 05 was happy enough with the statue, gradually flaking away the the administration ' s compromise. Km gold oaf. Acidic lird droppings slowly regikled and restored to its o ptimal cat away at the golden surface, while brilliance, it should be fifteen to twenty dust and wind combine to trainee WIIN before the scaffolding returns, the effect of a sandblaster at 200 feet. and fortunate for this year ' s graduating Thus, administrators decided after class - they have an especially stunning seventeen yews, despite the $109000 Gulden 1 onie to serve as their Price tag for the gold it was time graduation hockdrop. to canplaely recover the Dcme with by Adrienne Murphy _ Et.„-„,-- 114 riew ii This ate marks the last time the Guam Dome sum teak 11k: clan of 20)5 took hr grunted that Nacre awes nut significant laid mark, the Welds Dutne.nould Asap Ix Algol:14rue. The thivasu• first announcd the It nasal be undertaking a major cflott to mild and rekuir structural Sanyo to the nw Making began. cawing a glint deal Cokias Ikene atcp the Win Nuking. r ti in:utmost on the t‘kgre Rune comm. August 2001- March 2005 09° Summer 2005 the top el the dme. " Our Lady " watches over ' Nine alibis campus. Firm awles " y Of Matt Gnome Tlus is a bets thot of the stecnattic rerfeaion that has alknwd for the regains of the Dme. 40 ow nay 4 Marc Cashar Our Lad? stands here .nth: out her usual golden lunanttsity on a member d the tegildine auw fu1b 3 moving the old said Ini. Photo annesy CadOWC it Kt 1 4:1 L ' Ilse Siding ?recess atx1 the nods as the (kikkil Douse are Wraps cotopkte. — The teaffoldtng is pita normal arm the Dome for gracknom Daum. The land:cot anukl the Dome Is antlxsiolly pinning MO, fiau after the :mom:a dr:scafftighail dram° rotten " to its full rmstnificenee. The University ' s EUCIKiW Vtee.Preaskte. John Affleck-Oravo salt out .t formal elvish,. for not haw tdie us dela the lAvnes making until after COITISIX710, mot 16 September 117)99 E__. s. cp I L..3 EDI At the start of the year, the dass of they needed to know. Here, fmlunen 2009 paved (rein their COMfOft antes 555%e net at the `bottom of the social of families , friends, and hometowns totem pale, they were nevarded as new into a completely new and unfamiliar friaids. environment. It may have seemed The First Yaw of Studies was a year a little frightening at the time, but full of choices and cppextunities for what these incoming (Sullen failed the freshman cllew first year advisors to Size is that this strange new helped newcomers as they carefully enviraunent would quickly become chose their majors and classes. The home. Even though they were forced to general freshman aim mots to knock leave their families behind, they would out as many university nequiranents as soon be accepted into a new at the possible, making classes like philosophy Rare Dame family. and theology highly soughtofter. In Though many (Scat initially felt addition to academic planning. stud:sits like it would take a long time tnsettk in were given the opportunity to join ate and adjust to college life, most of them of the hundreds of otwartipts clubs were pleanndy surprised by the ease at Activities Night. Whether they of transition or Notre Dame. Betutai wanted to get involved hi Habitat for first yew advisors, other new Demers, Humanity or leans how to ballroom uppaclawiten, and hall staff members, dance, freshmen were able to find an someone was always available to talk area of campus life that suited them. to about any problem a question a Fusticar students were pleased to find newamer might have. Unlike high that at Notre Dame, there really is school unnerdassmen, Notre Dame ' s something for everycne were always ready and willing to advise the new arrivals on anything by Laura Seago Frohmm, as WI as unterckmenen. find the the activitio night at the twin. ' Inv of the you is an excellent way to Cud onmniznims to become involved at canrtn. Photo try Bily (3216,ta FnAman Rs-an Crane el Alumni HAI signi in for his tklera owing. Into Fr lily filth . 1001 Summer 2005 2005 litudatts receive ;Keetance Idtcp to the Unitutity i Mate Woe. 2005 naive homing atigaincntt tad roommte infornyttim. thins ;AN placement tettt one into — Stucknet nal in their eeiomvttin °eat and ikpok40. — May 1. 2005 Atmou 1$, 2005 1, %nit in the Fat Yea of Studio kitty on the aunt fluor of 0,14o to hao: their oblitanoty with ninon. Phan by Tan Anker NEinv times, darn ems be sinning for fiat sou sualmo, drat ore Rot Yin et Stakes mica its huge uniting fu a break. Mon by 1111y Co6au1 49 ilk, Rant HMS With alms ' Kenneth IkReer to thscuo Inv In lint sear at Nate Dane u wins Ear, (rah- Mtn is uquitol to nal " with tall that ( ' VS ackimir mat as a gni advisee. Plrg obylifiy(141 44,0 — August 19, 2005 — The rat of the Rotors, tin ' Inns into Nine Dane dtura Mae uht, moved ut Augug 18th take (mitt Linage anJ math pbconost no. 20-21, 2005 Advitiut (cc 1I Feu You of Ruin union — (Ian sac for Al LlIkkIVAhlatt — Official edentatko mutt in the JA(1. with a itaiskott Wdone, Acalonic Oak d 1km proentation. general gui4 tote nisch and littmutko - Attgibl 2 S. 2005 21 August 11°1 — August 20, 2005 I I I lb Isbue Dame ' s freshman orientation to how to stay safe at =pus. The differs Iran that of a lot of other staff works hard to make Skirt marine institutions in that we wait until move- is included in activities and has a goal in Send to familiarize the incoming time, and offer stories of their own class with the mimes and social bosh° experiences as well. Sarah settings, rather than having a day Long, a Breas•Phillips Hall Frosh•0 sometime in the earlier summer months conunixioner, believes that " Fresh° to give a quick preview of COMICS and is a welcoming into the Mare Dime buildings kern the moment freshmen community. It ' s three hectic days that arrive at Notre Dame • an early Friday introduce you to college life and give morning in August • they are swept up you the opportunity to initiate lasting into a whirlwind of not only wracking friaviships. I think it also greatly but also a wide variety of events and cases the nervousness that comes with activitia. Ultimately, they will get seining college for both parents and to know the people with whom they students. " will spend the next four years of their What 111036t freshmen are agree on lives. It is a time they will mamba is that Frosh•O is a weekend where as one of the busiest of their lives, conversances can sometimes smitstle and in reality they will ratan rater few beyond three main questiaw " What ' s details, because they will participate your name ' Where are you from? " in hundreds of introductions and and " What ' s your major! ' However, convasatiau within the span of just a the weekend creates a comma, ground few days. that brings everyone together in a new GUMS, dance lessons, bonfires, and slightly intimidating environment. sing-akiw,w, and projects fill the Freshmen may fed exhausted at the weelcetwl of freshmen orientation. end of the weekend, but now the In addition to all these events, impending start of classes does not the University schedules events to seem so daunting and worrisome with brief freshmen and their parents on friends to help. everything hor n First Year of Studies by Meagan Conway Some Howard dumb pow it a thoto to commemorate ilk Farb° Meer Merl aemcsy of I loom ' f Time freshmen km Lnins Hall Ong in a group as cart of their eciematim taxiing irracrience. ffroa toys( Lyons Hail — auilcnts who feel estecialh.confklent abut their intheatitn. said dim in " Ea. Actim. " and find cot before eivhatis. whether they have Mn accepted. — All AtIdalIN rickey a notification :leavance. aim, or status Iran the Unwraity. " liegular Action " antvkas rat due IV tlw tT irariayonil in ' the Walt, are left in rim [AM don 201(raf applicants rill h tura SI , 2004 E 2004 Many odour in theekes of 20J9 Milt litre Rune littiniling ti oiformatkra secien, a campus tour. and a night wish a (=rat in the dom. Summer 2005 — No. unthrr I. 2004 — Ltd. April, 2005 — The final day Fnalt0 includes a lintinental Breakfast. a Euchanuic Liturgy, and The Spirit of Ittre Dune C.cmccatitn. Toan ' s official Uniwrsay 12M.111.1mclude: [ ' retiring ' s Welcome. ParenteNall:INTL a amend Cukkaxe S.-ssien. Infennarlon Fair, and a Mae arKI (int with Heil Rectors. Qnlmr EllthCCUCt Am for treat= to relax with their new blends in the stunner sun. PlEco counaycJ Parwkon HA Farley and other dorms pity a mnion of Taiga which a loax for etonagialh. more I-anis-fonts and fun. ilia° courtesy of Fmk, I Lill Pareom% lunthcat offers freshmen the tracurtunity to fad new (nerds to share in their Notre Dame crixtimee. Oro material ' Pcmgtom Hall MAN 1. 2005 Students who receive an offer of askattaun must !um that confinntuon card alai a Dona of $500 mil to Arriva D4 begins at 9C0 ANL Freallnr.c the Unmssity. students ame en camas ax ' move into their toms More the n.-4 of the stakra .Vt•tr4 21. 200 03 19 August ri ft_ , 11 U C 1 ' - LD L_ 0 1 1_ 1 ) aiding from Watirkum.1 DC. tat Preen ike :al Nick! Suldwar have tamed their off campus apart:Dent intiesanticnce 11x11? Thew cautay of Erin Kann mica Nkk Idiom Maya on the couch teal tick:tTv in his off carramt apartinrnt. Pim °Amoy of Erin a: For many seniors, their last year as housekeeping staff, smaller meal plans students is spent living off campus. for the dining halls and bills that exit Off campus apartments mid houses are go straight to your praits, students an intennecliate step for these students, living off campus have to step up anti more freedom than the dorms and Living off camps is not all real work ' hills to take care of. Popular saiotencss and responsibility. Maus locations to live off campus arc Turtle cif campus do not have to deal %kith Croak, Clover Ridge, Cagle Point, issues students cm campus do, such C.ollegc Park and in houses en the as parietals and Res Life. Groups of streets surrouncling campus. friends and teammates live together. Many students choose to live Larger rooms and living spaces are also off campus to share the experience a plus. of living with their friends before Students off campus also have leaving Nave Dame. They enjoy more to deal with new ordinances from freedom and no parietals as well as the city of South Bend this year. paying los than cm campus. With the If there is illegal activity, such as Sing cost of tuition and roan and underage thinking, Skin; [toe at an bard, off campus housing is much off campus residence, students can thew than on campus. especially if receive wamins,s and fines ftom their split among numerous people. Sane landlarils. If the activities continue, transfer studans also lived off campus more fines, lawsuits and cviaion can due to a shortage of roans in the halls. result. While glICIOIES were displeased Life off campus also [mans more with the ordinance, South Bend reversibi lity, giving a glimpse of life residents see it as necessary. When after leaving the " bubble Bills must residing among non-students, roomers be paid, gnat, ies need to be baught, samaimes encounter problans and meals need to be prepped and cleaning differences aid the Notre Dame the home or apartment is left up to student govenunent lens Iven working the students living there. Also, getting to aleviate these problems and increase to campus for class requires time communication. management and planning. With no by Amy Walker (Xf carpus yulems. like cm campus students, use salty ma day to each up en honstaugit nd stuly. Warn wishing Slott go:kilt W,dhlu gloJag us attend ant must trawl to lirilicire furniture incluled, studot arm hut to den massesen cm:pmor al of rumpus irnya• their tan furniture. church. SiosIgliN ua grotwo ,lasipina Al ltd MOM, With four molls in the titling halls, of campus :nukes must (wpm: :one al their pan nxists or en out. — Stialmu and to camps for (Luso. Parking could Ix a resikm fee tine who Nur to mug to campus each sly. Monday — ‘Veslnesday 2005 t moat: takes a break frau %hall work minty 3 draw he previumly toroth] with .prvo. Mao oturtayri Bin Wan Skew mulenta led that lova ail canvas call be one quart than a dam and alto allow more rwaret rho moiety el ' FAT Malin Nick Maw awl S:1:41 Petattig cook in thcir Luciant king nor talility off climes -.I Alum hat to take at liroa mincay of Fan Sktion NtUallt-S n ckwyr proximity to loth And rutiticnis haw mow communitatitn with ksah Student, at m ' raftICS Or hold mum a thaft ntv fiticklItt Nita ' ORtiltaleCt alto thina it`itku " tc You may inwiunul thi• war to [vita Kula. we on minim tzuJonts a %CD: of thou hams, thc city:old uu‘kno. noir. a. we-0. Students haw (fiend; ow,. tilt filmicor wax. Studaus off canvass haw more froalem VAlal it talattektalltt that Students cklui up arta the affect all cannot truinio. like puirtals at-Milks. With nn houwketying gaff to takeout dw peaky, dun luduronu ;awl vacuum.cif aorta uudenta mum do thit tw this van [ ' lbw-why Saturday [ saw 20 August Guys foam Km= Hall wen rhea MI el " to the Inns preadics to the spunk. Students wt with their doennates at the Iwo. kg the handy ef the nas flank liViaintirt Phan counayof Mau Cathay Fireworks followed the picnic at dark. Aitgog 21,2003 1 061 Fall 2005 Fresh:an :rd that familia gather hi the [ PLC for a nue that jains the new ' anima tonethei as a cites during Fn.-Junni °Saltation. 23. 2005 L Alta the fire day fai dews. Notre Dame sunless sit with their arms in the JACC for the Oprning Mau. Alta Inns, a picnic sets held a new school yew. — Mau nns held in honor el Father Jekins ' as the I ith pension. There were marry sisiang peat, and Fehr in attenlance. huhu l Iciyarnit sMicsarcd the Scrtenthrr 2S, 2tV Mass and Picnic Mark New School Year Father Jmkins sitrts with swamis and cony:unity markers an the taticomc picnic fillossitte Ma " ' web by fifty COROSIVT by Amy Walker DePitnelo Quad fills with On August 23, 2005 the student body time together at 530 pm to mark the au:kits. faculty, staff and beginning of a new school war with a mass. Students, who had just completed families for the annual Occur picnic liming the their first day of classes, sit with their dorm in the JACC Banners with the natx Opener,: Mist of each residence hall or graduate program marked the area for each group to sit. Kat, lab Gonadic, Notre Dante ' s President Father John Jenkins predict over the county as well as offering the homily. Student Body President Dave Paco and Vice President ' did Sloppdl participated in the ceranony, offering intercessions and lecturing, repectiody. Clau officers served as gift Ixarers and Notre Dame choirs and bands provided the inusic. Pioldeu d the Student Body. In keeping with Notre Dame tradition, the service ended with the Alma a Pram Mate. Students joined together as a cohesive student body, linking arms and for a 9uctedul swaying despite differences in year, clam, college and background, to celebrate the now newsy of Mau Cane new school year. Following the annual opening mass, food service pmvided a welcane picnic at DeBartolo Quad A buffer dinner of kunburgers, hot dogs, brats and various sides was serval. ice cream cones and sandwiches were also offered for desert A student had performed, providing entertairunent to the mingling stuckno. Students wee able to meet new people and catch up with old trial before the school year became too hectic. The welcome picnic offered students a chance to socialize and relax before jumping into claws full force. At dark, students were entertained with a fireworks display. Members of the Marc Dame family • students, faculty and staff • were present fa this occasion to draw the community together and jump into the new school year. More Dame truly started the 2005.2C06 school year with a ' tong.” — Feheuary IS, 2006 — Juniors and thcir ratans actentl Mass in the JAW as put of the Junk), Noses Weekend essays — Stamm Mx, sio not travel her foe the shoo 4 skis ' Leto beak cgs attend Mars in the Baal:ca. 20. 2006 Smiors have the twortunity to participate in Art inc Lot time as Notre thmegoknts the thnnimcement Mats held in the WE the clay Mote gmluation. April I6. 2.N6 23 107 ; a a 9 . , - r • - ----- ••• 4, :; If .::. I • ,,„, Illt . il t re n -4, id • ..,, I 111111P ■ , • ta. i1 t The Weis Era Begins in Pittsburgh; Hail to the Irish Victors at Big House by Sbior imcbocka CCON MaYr lint% lip a sack kating noy laugh quintal-ode Tyler Pain The Mane held the Inthers ma limited maths of yxds. rhsto by amend Mannrm Junkie wide ftenWtieff SA. Iltalla stated his fine fat 100Chderan againu finitsinda. Phew by Drama Mannim No one knew what to expect. ESPN Game Day analyst Lee nwant nothing after the Panthers lost anbarragingly the following Corso said that Notre Dame would start the season 04. The week to Ohio 16-10. The Irish would have to prove their wurth in anticipation was high with new Head Grath Charlie Weis making another tough road game against Na 3 Michigan, in the notorious his debut, but some were skeptical conndering his only head " Big House. " An intense rivalry with the two newt successful coaching espaience was at Franldin Township High School in New programs in college football history, the match4ip had more Jersey. Dave Wanngedt was also making his cinching debut with intrigue with the resurgence of Notre Dame. However, the Irish hat it 23 Pittsbngh. Critics continued to ask questions whether None to get over recent bud history since the last time they visited Aim Dame was mentally ready to play considering all the to nnod they Arbor in 2003 when they were embarrassed 38-0. had gate through with the firing of Tyrone Willingham. Skeptic: None Dame came out with guns blaring and surprised the also wondered if this None Dame had any talent at all. Weis and Michigan defense with a no-huddle drive that went 76 yards, which his Irish team silenced all three critics with a stellar pc:tram-Ince in concluded when Quinn cave cted with genie( wide receiver Kherna front of a national television audience at Heinz Held by deflating McKnight on a quick post•rase for a touchdown. The Irish would Pittsburgh, 4241. add another touchdown with a play-action fake to Sanaa:14x After Pittsburgh scored on its opening drive, the Irish bounced Notre Dante had silenced the stunned Michigtn crowd. right Inck when junior imartaback Brady Quinn threw a screen Questions Astounded the Irish defense heading into this game pass to sophomore tuning back Darius Walker, who ran 51 Ho WeVer. the defense rose to the occasion at the most critical yards down the field for a muchdown. Walker followed it with moments, including a key interception at the goal-line by jlIftiOr a 2-yard rushing touchdown. Pittsburgh made critical mistakes safety Tom Zbikowslci. The game had sane controversy at the axl throughout thegame, including a fumble on a kickoff return. The with a fumbled boll by Midday% quartalnek Chad Hume, bit it Irish capitalized on the turnover what junior wide receiver Jeff was recovered by junior safety Chine:dm Ndukwe for a mu•bock. SUMITIZiP dove aaobatically in the endcone to catch a 19.yard hetant replay was ba effect and saved the Irish on various plays axe from Quinn for his fug career touchdown. Notre Dame blew Mithigan fans showed their frustration by throwing water bottles the game wide opal, and led 35.13 at halftime. onto the field, badge their potential recruits in the process. The dynamic aal innovative offense installal by V was just The Wolverines made a last minute push, but the Irish held on tar much for a stinted Pittsburgh team Quinn was impressive for a 17.10 upset victory. It napped Michigan ' s 16.gtme winning by going 18-27 for 227 yards, throwing mot touchdowns and one streak at home. The legend of Was continued to grow, as he and interception. Walker had exactly 100 smiting yards in the game. Knute elute were the only two catches in Nitre Dame history to The win was impressive enough to vault the Irish to 20th in the AP start 2-0 on the mad. The Irish jumpal to 10th in the AP poll with Poll the following Sunday. this victory. After a decisive victory over Pittsburgh, many felt the victory October 10, 1909 io I Fall 2005 September l 1, 1993 C Satre D.vnic Units Michigan.27-23. This merited the km time NOM Donn ctommi victenom Min Michntan Stadium Mae the 2005 nune. — Michigan whine Nut• Ilene 3$0 Michigan Stadium. It ma the met lepalal win in 3erie. Itheone — September I 3. 2003 21, 1887 Michigan dines New Dame 84 in their fintever meeting at Nett Damn. Notre Mane lints Platen:1e 60 :It Biulunth ' 310tandery Sorb:4KM in their (imam " ! naming. Senior fullhwk Itirka ixr.rus into tWoxianc rtraing Pith-bwilk Photo by !kerma tannin Irish Mania line ur Wins hfidlIzin. ing that tifengw dive. N. thy Hanna Mannat Junicr quinerback Bair Quinn Juan 11quuk ribs to corbonyre nflaw hick I ),Iltri Walker :yaw thi: W410aic I Xiaric- 11400 Mmmrm . , . 10 .0 it 411 t 4 A. 1 f A I s 0 , r CI , ,;y. t to . • 1 • 21° . • " `. V _ . " ; • 4ir • $ ' 11 • P (kwUser I I. 2001 — In their first-car VW( 10 Ilan: Wine D.1111C %t n, 20.14 against linskurgh — Nart I )uw aras100.8 141c111s)n 26-20 al Notre Dune %dun — Strangler I I 2004 Nkwymber 13, 2004 E Nate lkinie Ima its i ' m‘4 2C04 haw pin: to P02+00.4148. lionwt NR, °Atli 1 ave Wannsteck to his arm water to coach IXtranber 23, 2004 3 September R11 Activities Night by Mallory Brown American Institute of Chemical Engineers Scretarv: Dmil Ceding, Preddent: End Fpwein, Jutny Kozel, Row 2: Mean Ladookt. Dais! Ruhr. Kaillaine Poraeni. Row 3: " lim Alamo. Ruall oet. Andrew Cot Row 4: Tom Epta. Jeff %PI. Ryan I irechevon. Teo 1‘, one. Isizt pictured: Vio:Proldot BniCe 111010 by Filly Callogfwr On August 29,2CO5 the mutual Activities Night was held in the Joyce Athletic Halftime . and Convocation Caner. All of the clubs and otganitations bbtre Dame set I: ( around the JA CC and students are free to ask questions of any of their officers er Mirk ' leeks: represanativcs. This is the primary recruiting time for many of the organizations at item Dame. Many of the dubs try to make that display the most eyecatching Mart Blew " . Rk ' w akono. Sackett Ilaxlinellt to OM= that they get more students to participate. All of the clubs are centered l4 q out of the Student Activities Office located cn the third floor of Leanne Hainan, Base Ka-ft.A. Hero Lao. BAUD) Student Caner. Any fundraising event or clothing which the dubs want to tictlxIxedcsenhan offer to its members are also available through the Student Activities Office Aaivities Night is an of Freshmen Orientation introducing all of akca by ally Cullarier the new domers to all that Notre Dime has to cr. It is also available to any of the upperdamnen who are looking to cks mac with their free time Each of the organizations an funded through the university and they must go through a budget process melt Spring in wax to auure funding for the next war. In order to (aim a club at bbtre Dame and receive funding, groups of ancients must go through a prcbaticnary period before they arc officially declared an Bagpipe Band organization. Clubs are also allouul to apply for a concession stand during each Row I: Amy Girds, floe of the football weekaxis in cider to raise arklitimal funds for their organization. Mkt Murnhe. Row 2: Andrew Many of the organizations at NNW Dame have been around for many Rel. Pipe Sanaa: Willeun Rusick years. The oldest organization at None Dame is the Band of the Fighting Irish. The flee Club is also one of the oldest clubs, being in existence since 1915. Dmin IRV I led 2. r 1 Ely Collaglyr Women ' , Ice Rowl: Tt moan Pinnate I Lanford. Co- lake Kehler. GePrealen: I Ione Law. tramp kw 124mm. Rae 2: Mindy S wk. Amy Willx4my, Meg.. Mania, AJ. ON, Meld= kbh.Kolbe:iv About. Row ): Mane (lure:nick, Carolyn Stinner. I lanrah Soma. !Colwyn Reekill. Lamp lilt Kaiie Bum., Jult.nn — Member,. The fiat game for the team VMS astamst lo wa State litaversity on October 8, 2CO5. 1121 Fall 2005 • -,:so4a, Fin as Steppers: Row 1: HIstarte M. Bokko. Treasurer D. Lao. Co-Praklaw- J. C Ordy.Co• Praidatt:G.Gunow. attar F. Dollaml, Row 2: A. Toot. The Gaelic Swain is coed A. DS. (I Romeo. K. the mew dulw width acts lip a loon. A. C , Row 3: D. play AI Ille :mood mina loon. M. Pride, Et MIA. Wm at the JAC II A. Row. A. M. Nitig Plixo by Oily Goilathn Ina by MI Grtilagivr There are 205 clubs at Notre Dame. 1 — Sqlook Club Row 1: Vice Postdate Philip Mow. Powidaw: Jana " nem. (loch: Galt 3.1cCen. " Draweer: Jac — 2: lobate Paw, 1)isne Jaaer Nixri,,Nbchelle Gehr. AND Vte Row 3: Ken (loos Alm Frt1W. O ' Bridi. Nal Mekr — he ND Squaib team competed in the i TlirkttlIkIll NAIIIMM71 Nmentlyr 1 I • 1 3. 2005. Menthrm 30 August [113 WVFI Begins Sixth Year of Internet Broadcasting by Joe Latta! WV1i1 publicizes ' Clap Your FLa‘ls ' in the Oak Rom of Small Rning lint %%MI :Omani many sawn Ishich mound al campus Thou nail Pam kmhrsd WVII sliowcasc their promonntral cm. The canlau rah° statitro alto dammed prgers for maiming events. Pk ? Icy Durti Pima When You ' re busy, time flies. At WWI this year, it sawed. In a year of hosting shows at Legends to bringing legends to campus, Notre Dance improved in every deixtrunun in its sixth war of Internet braidasting. The station continued a ammunition to prokreionalitan while maintaining an energetic atom:sphere for music and sports persxmalititti mat station manager Catherine Me:Caney. In addition to pushing the DJ population to over 150, WVF1 metoped an organized programming sclieduk, broadcast dozens of varsity sports malts including food:al, men ' s and matneds basketball, and Iruclxill, canpletely remodeled its utbsite (http: wvfindedu), and catalogued the several thou-rind (Ds in the vault. The mat memorable accanplistunents ware the successful concert mans. Smart budget management and dili,ean event planning allovaxl WWI to bring same of the most entertaining college rock artists to campus Over 500 people enjoyed Oap Your Hands Say Yeah and Margot and the Nuclear So and is at Legends in vent,. " Telma sold out at an unprecedented rate for Ted Lees first amen at Mitre Dame since he vacs a student here in the early 90 ' s. The fanner VIA F1 program manager and current lathe rock ado! played at the lalbrume Minim as pmt of WVI-Ts Quad Rock in November, which also featured campus artists Somersaults The programming of WWI sports improved under the direction of Paul Paw, who also hosted a sports call•in show, discussing both None Dame and national spars news. The present and the future of the annals ' largest media organintion am bright as intent among underclassmen has never been higher, and equipment upgrades have led to higher quality programming. INIrgaitly surfing the nano. Sophanavc Carolina Sinia sena as WAFErs %eh Matt Ptvco by !Anil Prima L atilt onlinat ion Council ate sckoal m Avila the reelects war to they canbecome families with their mations. 1 2005 Row I:Am:Ionic Masao (Isainiruu Man lamp Centrollit Joe Molt Proidrnt Bah athuichnoce, Vice Preramt: MA Butler, Aihrarc: Amy (Mg • Ltic Row?: Anilrea Lee, Ken). KrIteum. !inlay May. Mary Ann km:, Mataccn Malkly. Ruin Una. Psi„ MeMunr, Row 3: Mahxi Rots " . Luther Yoe, Mike McKean.. Marc. Jaclann, Paul IteRsini, Dom Pepper, AV.:, Merrinwr 5444}1111Xe SWWII Niattia is nee( the D.): x WVH. XVII nacre 0101 NV to Jr, Wax: Lb mit nom! CXICTIthr UM the grognmusng xlmfok cqxeknce tuft a part d the aml more:six which hhere WWI team. Dame gam., will lc cmsed. Nolo by Dux: Pena Plan trylauid Item Over 150 student DJs work for d :„,d Augu 200 s Preprof(ssional Society d that guJott, take the MCAT: nut at M) mil witty to Mak:J 1mA grAintkln. Row Othcert ColIsilmtlana Godes. We III:Mime Mare Kite Calbcfne. Pealialt ETOCIVW: crInnic (law. Cram kiln Wax. Tmemer:)xv LaManma. Sams Consextertr: Rest DAM. — Row 2: SCAT Mix ' ' ' . Pablo Ds. Andra.. Rams. Man Ram.. ALedndra LaWme. Kelley3Me O%c ' i. Row I: Kmin Reny au A11k, itsba. ;t-m1 crAtnoiatthew 241. Durk Nblxr. Row 4: Sxra aka. Tem Kingbay. Lim LocksGreg Teme. (fimucher 111. oun, Kme(allsIxr.)mh Mom 10 September 1115 Engineering Industry Day College of Engineering by Elizabeth Mierenfeld tino students visit the wines-ring Intlustt• illy to not only Irma pon-graduste ogpartimitiss.but also summer internships that will gins than valuable experience axl brit gaud e n ncsumes for future onplostra Photo by Rib tiilliagier 1-2. 2005 — Resumes mast b, nth Gan a %Whitt errata] tinsmith the Urn Center. 00hisis abo alas modem ton:such for jcbgentingt. 7,2005 ' Illos: Uncorks) in bang a student KM I TOWN 0 71 Up IN 1111.4 thin iskrutaking is a voltaic put of the bk muting prtvess. lifteonnunute natant review stunts take place In 2170141111g I lall. Students swirl: hard to woke sure gat reumoi accurately maven( their achiassnons. On September 13, 2005, the (i:llege of Engineering students at Nxn Dana: gathered at the Joyce Center for their min carea fair: F:ngineering Industry Day. Each fall, this emit sponsored by the University of Notre Dime joint Engineering Council and the Society of Women Engineers takes place so that company represaitatives can meet with students interested in intennhips and full-rime employment opportunities. One asp:et of the College of Erving:wing that is al rascal men than in other colleges is its strong emphasis on sum I-T internships. Starting the fall of their sophomore years, students Rag locking for places to gain experience. While this is awe:magic] her the College of Business and for many Arts and Letters majors, and evil) in the C.olIcte of Science, it is deemed near ccsential for StIllt:t in the field of engineering. Engineoing Industry Day CID hook up wtillenown compnks with intelligent auknts who will help the compinies grow and musper with their knowledge. The C011ege of Engineering offers spec:ignition in aerospace and mechanical engineering, dianical and bimolecular engineering, civil engineuing :Ind geological sciences, computer science and engineering, and decnical emir:kering, with oppornatitics available in each prep.:env° fie ld. There are ample opportunities for research assistance, sponsored by organimtions. such as the Air Force, Delphi, Inc., General Electric, and NASA Glenn. Right now, Notre Dame is making advancements in new ways to detect miscroscopic damage in bone, which could lead to methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as osteoporosis. There are also 21 undergraduate students ierrking on more efficient groundwater clean-up efforts and cannination treatment strategies. No matter what divisiorn of engineefing students participate in, they all get crucial hands-on mperimce for their careers in the field. ik.,C 040111:Clilt414(1;k111% panicitutc in the lialusoy1)n Curter Fair. put of the moan event dun ahohnludes the hx6try Qtr Netwurkisc Reception as well as interviews. Plosoby PsYy G W= Students meet and greet with comgetny npresentatives to Pod plUtradtemsn dearer more ilionintion on Riau oantaxista. and town what they 110a3 10 do to haw a stgonsful CON ercinecrilg. Photo by Jiffy Cigia,Ocr I lit] Fall 2005 6, 2005 The Sxieyc( Wonsan Ensd. nom preadmt, Lamm Bark , camber the Engirt...ring blurry Day with Ray the Joust Variant up Gaud lathdaus txxxIs in thekwCenter so xl Amy Van Lade, the that it is cary foe satins to Cams Cann Itasca. gain art:aura Ale at Aunt now by Sly Callao " Photo by Bay Colo . Engineering service experiences are available in Haiti and Berlin. Nanortang Receptim is held in the $(12, at YAM su the ewer Fair. This it }r ase of many (14,mm:shies for studaus to mama raids saniskam 2005 Indhidual anapaests take place with oornotry,s(41 1 product...I has. tams sekytal (re ' amyl round Inc enitwa are ttvatry itnioal to the conprny ' s Ityanco. — Sk•prensher I 1, 2005 13 September 1 1 7 Career Fair College of Business by Don Genre Badness. as roll assume Arts and Letters studmis. sign op for tout incarnation from decant comarationn Mao alikatanhal Banton While many of the ma nn at the Guar Firt are Wang for Oa and townships. there am a few that net this as a teaming caperimcv ad ptcpuradin fix Iota interviews PAM by Alainalar Hanson Just an average day at Notre Dame students walk to and from da.% mastering the art of the interview, the Career Center is there with a wearing sweatpants, t•shirts, jams, and suits. Wait, suits? Most of workshop or prcgram to guide students every step of the way. the students understand this curious change in atmosphere hams From the perspective of the employers, the expo provides there must be another career fair at campus. Every fall, hundreds the opportunity to sell the ir prance ' s and compony to the best of students flak to the Joyce Center in their best business suits and brightest in the country. Most of the companies send their to network with potential employers in the hopes of a (unite jib campus recruiters almg with talk displays and pranotional or internship. Sponsored by the Came Caner and the Maxima information. Others take a more drastic approach. Deloitte and College ci Business, the hall Cater Expo brings together over 130 Touche, a Big Four accounting firm, sent an army of recruiters. employers from across the nation and over 1300 students from Notre Dame students, and Notre Dame graduates to lure Mitre Nun, Dame in the hope of filling coveted employment positions Dame ' s accounting majors. Procter Gamble, a =sumer goods with the best candidates. This year more then CO jobs were pasted manufacturer, brought an entire pallet of washing detergent, for the career expo, which set a new record for the annual fair. shampoo, and coffee to give to students that approached than From the stalent perspective, the expfprovides taxlergraduates, to inquire about their various financial and marketing positions mostly business, with mote than just a chance for free stuff, such available. as Frisbees fruit stacks, washing awn, and the ever impular The success of the caner fair is determined by how nmny stress ball with matching pat. It provides a chance to meet many Notre Dame students And future employment after college from future employers at one time. The hope of every student, of lxisinetses they meet at the career fair. It ' s difficult to measure course, is to get follow-up interviews which will lad to a job or how may jobs are direct results of the career expo, hit the Career internship. This task can prove difficult when you consider the Center did help facilitate 500 passiml interviews the following qualifications of your fellow students wiw are also applying fee day between students and the firms. Even if the expo doe: not these positions. To gain an edge over the competition, students lead directly to a rob or internship, students find the opportunity spend hours in preparation for the expo researching businesses to network and perfect their interviewing skills invaluable in their and their positions. They also take advantage of the profiasicnal 001111fillIMIS search for a future career. assistance and numerous workshops provided by the Career Center. From searching for potential positions to polishing your resume and — la: (lakonie busts informatirn night siith pople from all mans. Infomation ' suntan take place for Si. Paul Travelers, Clarity (insulting, ( net Clorporattin, (katend Allttute. aril Hrtuand. Airlints ruts up an infonmtion nankin fist prtrintisv esnigusaves OctoNt 27, 2N5 — Epic Ss ' Nam tints unit Was about future canon 1181 2005 26, 2015 Cria Raking, Iran his mane in a commy npfuenctuve. Wilk many 5tudews get johruerfuht out of schoul, others cat for graduate school a mace cppmunitim Roo kjamy Cat:ads Sante clam proenratiens and the Cutter Center help students practice vaunting ' Mancha to crauNIlliCS dVeligh the initial bandage and dim code. Pluo by.lonly (Muds Studaus wait in line ad rend Wain:aim m the differau ampties =Mug the Circa Ewa Fluoby)arryCawads Ninember 2. 2005 - Qur ' an Lams md Ownteckarn repreau.rints vat Nitre Dame quint% toknow galena interatal in ...Mum midi than. Nrweinba 14. 2d05 Lynch greets ion to discua moss ath iu COCFCCIli(11. L 1. 2005 14 September 1119 Crowd Never Discovers the " Something About Charlie " by Kathleen Sullivan Sulam cloud m the quad he the much anncipagni event Slate the impend, nun sal coki tettitha. Mao by Date) Prima Inchana State Tnxper Tun McCanhy nrais coed his Mom! ruHic safety mcserges as the Pep Rally. Phu ivy Hashbna lvwnloeiC South Quad. Tan Wolf. An original script. What do Willingham ' s loss to Purdue, Chandra Johnson ' s hair, Urban pm get when you put all these together? Of cause — pau get the Meyer ' s refusal to come to Notre Dame, lamer NI) football coach Diller, Pep Rally! and ESFN COMMelltatef Bob Davie, and, inevitably, Student Every year, the men of Dillon Hall get together to plan for their Activities. All, of course, in goad fun. Senior Dan Carter wrote annual event, a massive pep rally on South Quad, a celebration the script while the Wien Hall council planned the logistics of the of Notre Dame football at our °maim expense. The pep rally annual dam event. is held every year on the Thursday before the first home football The skit was in the format of a news report, including an on game. Each year the opponent played during the first home game location feature at Michigan State. Guys from Dillon taped an is differau, offering a new set of laughs and things to make fun of admissiais tour they went on as well as the answers of Michigan at the Dillon Pep Rally. This year the Dillon Pep Rally was held State students to questions regarding their own (cabal ' program. before the Michigan State game. Questions included, " Who is the head coach of Michigan State The rally stares off as many pep rallies do • with cheerleaders, football? " to whith no student gave the correct answer. leprechauns, and the Ram Squad. This year was highlighted by the A group of studaus from Dillon dressed in clothes resanbling appearance of Catch Weis, who spoke in his usual cool, aglected that of the muck grotp in the movie There ' s Sam hag About manna, and Brady Quinn, who among ether comments gave a Mary. They sang the UMW song as in the movie, substituting humorous aitique of the opposing team ' s grammar. Another guest " Charlie for " Mary. " appearance at this year ' s pep rally was Indiana State Police Officer In addition, each year the Dillon Pep Rally pokes fun at dorms, Tim McCarthy who is known for his ingenious pins during his clubs, Saint Mary ' s girls and just about every aspect of life at Notre football game safety merges. He ddievered a special Dillon Pep Dame. However, the skit never got to the pant in which the Rally inspired message at the event. traditional joking started due to the rain. After the traditional pep rally elements are over, the creativity This year, the annual fun was cut a bit short. After weeks of of the Dillon guys takes over. As an opening act to the main act, planning and rehearsing, rain put a stop to the show. The guys the skit, was the tradition d " Crackhead. " Cradchead is 110W a went on as long as they could despite the drizzling rain but had to former Dilknite who started out sham:acing his unique talent at step when issues ci safety and damage to the equipment came up the Pep Rally a few years ago. This talent is breaking numerous along with heavier rain Pates over his head censecutively. The RA ' s of Dillon Hall regrouped, however, and held an This year ' s slat, " There ' s Something About Charlie which encore pafonnance of what was to be the dosing dance number, was written, produced and performed by numbers of Dillon Hall, winning a dance f( between Alumni and Dillon hall staff at the included songs and comedy, most of which are simply meant to Big Red Dawg Dance later in the semester. poke fun at hot topics of the day, which this year included Ty Spring 2005 Augurt 2005 Nimbi ' s% ri Ito on planning the annual fall cyan 2005 Stu: knit running the Pep Rally chase acturr roil lino up actt :uxl yxxial guotk — Dillon Rd montvn practice the skit in prepvation fee the on% Augtut 2005 r Stnehy. a the Dillon Hill Pep Palle I committee centinue piecing 1hr eto A ark] %mum GI Summer 2005 Tan Drat ' s,. Dillon I lall We Prenlmr. Am antra the 2005 Pep Rally. Manny Arai 1-knfinauct The 2005 Wm Pep Raly ' There% Scmaling tarot Carlie ' includes an rippcgranre ty hind foothill coach Oak Was !Aso by M I fershboxer Dillon Hall tronbari sing their alaptation of ' Thuds Sanahing gait Carlie " hat throtidsout the Alt. Pf to by Arip Henlberget andwr 2005 — Pp Rally participant. trawl to State thivasity to tax fox : fa chit Nast to he rani in the slit. — The Dillon Ptis Rally h held us SOuth (Nod ba ratt M 7 pun — Setiternher 15, 2005 Soptrinhin 15, 2005 L llau Pep Rally 6 rimmed due to rain at :bun 820 pen Iline pLns its first home guar aggt‘u Michigan Ate. — Slumber 17, INS 15 September I 121 1221 Fall 2005 h 1 ' );1 4‘ — H I f•I r Juno sod: receiwt Jeff Swart-bin rells into the aate for his scud took-inn against the snow. PIVAI fry knona Amnon A new Irish sign ahist the tunnel sots underwritten by the MAMITIall at it W1S coed mew trecioverwrits to Nitre I lane Stadiurn. Pfaca by Maw! Ken Senira ;side receiver Nburac swan grabs a playionon ye. fora tourlakava. Rye, bal3caux, Nianniso ,6 tttt(4,. : It • a .. ml , . .; I. 19 il 50,731 tau ustrehollaktre Dow kw to LIS:16-14. It was the first capacity crow! at Nitre Dame Stadium. In their finocwr mating, Notre Dant skicao Michigan Site 344 at Notre !lune. rHare Rune St 6litins is lxith a 26.2 clam ow.c Nay. — In the lint night game ever at Nistre I lune alum, the Irish ,lefrot klohikus, 23-17. MSU Win Slips Through Irish Fingers; 75 Great Years at Rock ' s House by Michael Kim The Moe Rime alms tans Mictugan $eate Willing luck jean list•e in theend-axle hut a slew. Plato by Ikerala Maltnion Gamma-alive banners ate hung in the old portals d the st: niten for the 75th annnvenura or NOM agne Photo 0 40107 Of NIS Infannation MS Rik a tit After winning tun big road games and returning to the light of Notre Dame failed to capitalize and sent the game into overtime nati onal prominence, Notre Dante finally cant home to face with the manenturn and crowd behind them. Michigan State. The Spartans had beaten the Irish at Notre Dame In overtime, the Irish were unproductive in their drive as they Stadium four consecutive times. The excitement was high for the had to settle for a 44.yard field gird by senior kicker D.J. Stzpatrick. hid% faithful as head mach Clarke Weis was making his home However, the artains broke the hearts of everyone at Notre Dame debut. Stadium when Stanton threw an optionpitch to Jason Teague who Michigan State struck lust when quarterback Drew Stanton raced to the endeone 19 yards for the game- winning touchdown. threw a 20-yard pass to Matt Trannen. However, the Irish would The Irish crowd was stunned and a comeback for the ages was cane right bock with an acrckatic 18-yard pan to j unior wide spoikxL receiver Jeff an•udzija. The first-half proved to be a buck and- Notre Dame Stadium only took four maths to build and forth battle, and the Irish defense baked tentative with missal opened its 18 gates on Oct 11 , 1930 when it hosted Navy. The tackles. Michigan State took the lead 24-17 going into halftime. stadium affectionately known as " Rock ' s House " ccldrated its 75th Unfortunatdy, the Irish came out flat to start the second anniversary in the 2W5 season. To commemorate the legendary half. The confickste of junior quarterback Brady Quinn was staditun, the Notre Dame Monogram Club funded scat noticeable shaken when his pass deflected off his intended receiver and was facdifts. Banners conunemorating forma players, all seven interceptal by Srdarean Adams, who returned it 30 yards for Heimann Trophy winners ;mil all eleven national championships an uncauated touchdown. Things would only get wort when were hung all over the concourse rafters of the stadium. Also, a Stanton threw a 65-yard pan to Trannon to make the score 38-17. new sign displaying the words " hid? was installed just above the The Irish found themselves deep in a big hole. stadium tunnd. Slowly but surely, Notre Dame kept fighting when sophomore 296 out of 385 games since opening day in 1930 have been naming bock Darius Walker scored at a 6-yard pass. The Irish kept selhxits for a 369 peli.,..ittnre. Moue Dame Stadium has also hostel pltwing with a well-disguised 7-yard play-actiat fake to senior wide its share of memorable games, such as the 1988 game WINUS Na 1 receiver Maurice Small toga Notre Dame within one touchdown Miami in which the Irish broke the Hurricanes ' 36-game regular- score. Quinn pleaded with the defenAve unit to make ate mere sown winning streak that catapulted a run to their eleventh stop. " Dec Irish defense forced the Spartan offense to punt, and national tide. It also hosted the " Caine of the Camay " when No. Quinn delivered in the clutch with 2:31 remaining when he calmly I Florida Sate was upset by Na 2 Notre Dame 31-24 in 1993. No threw a pass to a wide-open Somardzi0. Quinn finished the game one could forget the 1977 " Goan Jersey " game when Notre Dame going 3340 with 5 toudalown passes, I interception, and 487 surprised the Na 5 USC Trojans with a 49.19 beating. The legend yank The Irish had a chance to win the game in regulation when only continues to grow at Notre Dame Stadium where its grand yet Michigan Stare fumbled the ball at their next drive. However. simple aura makes it one of the nation ' s best. • in Lav a a ' :I a ta a.• 14 at Nairn Ram main», the hash lose ttacnnessm 3544. —11-s: order maw. :itycoWS a 14.m to carom! Mee fltene l ' atjtat hots %Melt teportal $51 ndtlim in lank 50, In die lam vim in the ( Ina, Notre Dame Scaliutn, the Irith hat Ittitgcn 62.0. — Nctre D ' Irne.defrat‘Copn.ja Tech 17-13 in the nmoa-atal ea! retialicuoi Mae 15ame St ' ,hum with a (natal 6030.232. — Vats is I t:6 1 Sttonk r 1997 17 September R23 Notre Dame Cheerleading, The Pageantry of Pep Rallies ir lArrraum Kyle am kswir the aoto.1 in therm bile dicer. Photo wintery of Skeins Informed:ft The Notre Dime frxxball roue joins su4cnts ant (m at the Tenns-sto: Ply RA. Phan Fry Mittel Krim The pep rallies at Mae Dame are a kngstanding tradition, dating luck to the days when the event took place in the old Fieldhouse and Swim Caner. Every Friday before a home game, students and fans pock the Joyce Center to cheer cn and encourage their Irish football team. The excitement is high when the Notre Dame Marching Rind rolls in, playing the famom Victory March to everyone ' s delight. The students get pumped up for the game. and visitors get to see what the aura of Notre Dame is all about. Head coaches of the past are invited as well as other notable speakers to inspire the crowd and their team. Fee Charlie Weis first pep rally, he invited former Irish head coach An Parseghian to speak words of nisdcan. He also united guests ESPNCanmentata Dick such as ISPN holtetball commentator Dick Vitale and 1964 Heisman Trophy Vitakspc-alts to die stucknts winner John Huarte. Weis usually speaks last at the Pep Rally, offering words of about his love Nacre alk5 encouragement to his players. He also plaids with the crowd to show their support at the BYO Ptp Rally. by by being quiet vAten the Irish offense is an the field, and " making a lot of noise " Photo Kim when the opponents have the ball. Notre Dame Cheerlaiding has the responsibility of leading the crowd in the chess, but also reflecting the true spirit of the university. Cheerleading at None Dame is a nomcompaitive sport, and their presence is felt at the soccer, volleyball, basketkoll, and especially the foothill gama. Shit into two squads, Gold and Blue, each squad travels with these temu to cheer than cu Saving as a cheerleader for three years warrants a coveted moncgrarn award. The cheerleaders during their busiest time in the fall praaice four nights a week to preptre themselves for the football worked wider the direction of cheerlmding ouch Jo Minton. The matt important aspect of cheerkading is that they serve as visible ambacmdors of the University of Notre Dame. Their responsibilities go beyond the playing field with their involvement in the community and promoting goodwill. They ' ll always cheer at the Irish, win or lose. anther 9, SeptesnIxt 29, 1951 Ina minz Awing Notre Dune I-- For the first time, the Irish Omni mete nuroluces ' The Notre Dome ' mow at the Notre Dtmelniltana p.nne. The Match " for the first time. lhe Itish ovukl — Norte Dune taker the field °Mei m Irith NI.111 an 10 %in 4S-6. – The Leprechaun as a mascot spins kr goon town the game, 5S0. the 1106ns:1114i arming De at Rue the lint tinr ru the Notre Done Radium Dame Stadium. The frith non •. as the Irish hated (Allman Nacre Dirac wen. 21 7. • — October 1,1927 -- September 24, 1960 2005 astalcalcr Katy Nbran leads the Irish foithill cnnul in Syr at tit Tounnsee Cane. Mouthy eltintel Kan : j A.0 The 2035.2026(1okt SsittnlOwerleaders la Row (from left to right)Sonia Garcin,Cinter Rainy, Heidi Schindkr, latnxhatin Kyle (Iyantherlin.(luissy Wiilikxp, Ilukr Mohr. lattaahnneeli. lid Row (from left to Minn. Kittle...I Anderson, Steyr RaTka. Ellie %hick. Clunks Mien. Andrew Kintolski 2025,7005111w pet (leetiodan 1st Row thorn left to tight)Cably Obtegm. In Una, Marge: Sts5 inn, ' anon (taint. leprechaun Kevin Braun, Katie Wean. Katy Niacin. Nicole Who. Megsn Matuskadvatinc Gina 211.111ins Ant kit to nght Cheerleaders serve as ambassadors of the University of Notre Dame. balk. Tyler ELsa. Michael Toomey, Team attstm Kyle Miller. Kt-sin Conroy. TmyCunnianthani. [— ptember 20, 19 Se 96 ROW ' S. Paul Rant September 25, 1970 — Re de hot tune. (calk chonleaders take the field as Nom Ilene Ikntssl NOItilM ACM ad deicataj 6011 35-10. 111C ad lielj HOLM: IWS as In Om aw as it hosts its final pp rally MAT ki7V torn ( ' mu. [ Fur the lint tint, the R1 ' Ray taka ' tee in the nun Center the night tefore the gam: owing Pada:. Mete Ilene ern 4S4). the farrow " 140 I kw " Pep Rally taket rtice Wore the rattan ' Qom Jena gam Niciffel ame tarn en to stun 49•19. NovemIxt 21, 1969 October 21, 1977 22 September Notre Dame ' s F irst Academic Forum by Adrienne Murphy Imam Febal Aidul Raul of n hisrpm:I et di the fosmda chief el the Amman Suter; for Mani Arhanomma. Ile has mviced to improve telattotalaps hentevn Marltnn and the Wotem Work!. Ifrto try Amn I Amid Akansklin gvtrks.1 ' a pnitamir .1 Anita :al blame mass in the (lessics pcpaunda. Rae as% nanXxl a Carraide haw in 2005. Amok Amp thrskisaAsr At tat minutes until 2C0 p.m on a Thursday afternoon, the Joyce his experience as a US. Senator and US Amkossador to the United Athletic Calvocation Caner was packed with studans, faculty, and Nations. The university selected recently retired NBC news anchor guests alike. What topic could draw so many community mantas Tan Brokaw as the forum ' s moderator. together during such a busy week? Rdigion. On Septet 22, During the first hour of the forum, Brolcaw jackal the panelists several of the world ' s leading experts on the rok of religion in todaYs about the role of their faiths in today ' s religiously plural world. global society addressed manbas of the Notre Dame calamity an Audiatcc members were invited to read " What Faiths Hick, " the topic Why God ' Understanding Religion and Enacting Faith Martin F. Marts reflection on religious plutalian and conflict. in a Plural World.° A common thane in the comments was religious fundamentalism. As pre of Father John Jenkins ' Fano] for the university to hold Is religious intolerance and the resulting violence due to numerous forums over the years to come, his inauguration began fundamentalism? It seems that the answer lies in each individual ' s with the first of these Notre Dame forums by bringing experts in inorone definition of fundamentalism The Ixtsic lawn was that the four of the world ' s leading faiths to the university. first, Cardinal danger canes in not listening to others ' opinions and beliefs. Oscar Rodriguez brought for years of experience as president of Professor Asma Afsvuddin of Middle Eastern studies, Professor the Conference of Latin America Bishops and his Tarawa for work Lawraice Sullivan of theology, junior Kathleen Fox, and graduate with human rights and the poor. Muslim Imam Ecisal Rauf spoke student Denis Olcello jcinal the discussion in the second hour. The from his experience as founekr of the American Society for Muslim new panelists both commented on the first hour and famed their Advancement and Imam of a New York Cry mosque only blocks own questions for the earlier spankers The discussion of fair of the from Ground Zan. Additionally, panelist Priem( Naomi Chazan world ' s leading religions and how these religions must work together saved as deputy speaker of the Israeli Parliament and founded in today ' s constantly changing world forced attaxlects to titration several human rights, women ' s rights, and peace organizations. The their own beliefs about the role of faith in resolving conflict. From (real panelist, The Honorable John Danforth. contributed to the students to faculty, 110 one left the forum unaffected. discussion Eased on his expertise as an Episcopalian minister and 22, 2005 L 1342inninp at 9:30 AM, Fr.Jadrins hams a breakfast In the JACIthekihouse for Iskxre Dame staff membss, September 23, 2005 C Mass laNim the second4d inauguration ems at 10f:0 AM. in the Praglimai the Sorted 1 Ion. — Visitors are invited to attmd a lunchmn at the JACCfieldheure lxvinnimr at 1145 AM. — The Acura !Scum takm pkoar in a transtkandl JACCat 203 PM. 121 i Fall 2005 — September 22, 2005 — September 23, 2005 23, 2005 A Sting rmeption follow, the carroty at 4,45 PM at the Hann. Library reflecting cool. Tom Brokawskit to the ermweation his experienot tracking religious ktinahip and calia ' s impact en prom and 111(kIl,aM11d Piro Irf Ma I ler,livrAvr animal Mingo= SaIN Archtirtity d Tegucigalpa, Etinducts Ithaca his work xitli hoot right for the poor. I le Ins oho served at the Vatican ' s spokesman the Intermuirnal Monetary Howl Hanby Amp Herahlinget yrnescenvocuial, ' Why Gad! Undemanday Relagion and Enacting Filth in a Band Wald, ' locust, on homing pave to a religion:4 conflicted workl. l ' harrby Anya I Icrshherger — September 23, 2005 — The academic procebion marches though campus waning at the Niain Building 2:0)PM and le dour to the tificial inrnguntim «T(111lTy in thelAW. At kV P.M. the itutiture of Fr. Jenkim — Mons al the JAMINIla Lb he h Fix.ductl with a :nag :nil:Iterate Mace by Word Trugees than Patrick F. McCann spalloligrw the authotiry the offioe. — Stokus host an inargural bill on South Quad at PM to «ideate the morrow ' s 17th pretent. Father fain — September 21, 200 5 — Septranher 21. 2005 22 September I 127 Fr. Jenkins ' Presidential Inauguration by Adrienne Murphy The Mere Dane hod kale the rotession Irma de Main Iludskr.g to du: JACC. Mifk at live gaps Ant the Way. PIMP by Ililyeallailwr On matt 22 and 23, the University of Rine Dame hosted a celdration that rivaled any other in its history. In honor of the inauguration of the school ' s sevaiteenth praident, tatter John I. Jenkins, CSC, the university scheduled a myriad of events including everything firm a sdemn inauguration mass to a ball on the quad. • • The tuxxlay anravagama began with an academic (cram, nxxlerated by former NBC news anchor Tan Brokaw, mitered on the role of religion and politics in a pluralistic world. Following the forum, the fun caninued into the night with special performances by ,nxId•renowned pianist Lain Fleisher. in coordination with the None Dame Orchestra Additional entertainment included the Ramsey Lewis Trio, an Irish folk band named Pohela, and even one of Father Jenkins ' favorite films, Babates Feast. On Friday, the festivities continued in the morning with a mass celebrated by Father Jenkins in the Basilica of the Sued Ham. In the afternoon, students, faculty, and guests alike gathered in the Joyce Cana to celebrate the official car:oration of Father Jerkins as the sevaxamth university preside t. The clammy Logan with a procession of more than 1 £CO alumni, faculty, mum and gusts from otha universities, all donning official caps and smuts The pnxewion hewn) an the steps of the Main Building and v,uund its way to the MCC, as mambas of the marching hind accompanied it with musical pieces from around the world The official inatcuraitt coronary included speed as by area political and religious latices, palominos by several university choral, and orchestral groups, and, of course, Father Jenkins ' inaugural address. Despite the drizzle, the festivities were followed by a reception at the reflecting pod and an inaugural kill on South Quad, complete with Ben and Jerry ' s ice cream. The twoday celebration was characterized by bah solemn reflection and lively celebration. The inauguration marked a transition in leadership that left the university with much hope for the future. Akan IC011Innk1191111 kJ the prsgeeion. sotaiv the tradaitnal .0311111.11b of that universities 31Fr. Jenkins ' usaugoiniee. Pinta filly lialktgber Watts. vbitonand (acuity other to her the 17th pant of Noire 1 X outspeak. The neck was filled with pa- krnavica that racy attended at the Delonoln (inter for the Perfomung Ans. Photo by Ildly 1981 — 1988 and 1978 14. Jenkins earns hxhdor ' s and rawer ' s gm, in gbilosophy (tan NOW. Fr. isallziM is enigma! a ptiat at the [hake., of the Ssaal Besot at NUM Nam and 1989 Fi. Jenkins nuns ow ishikaschy (14;rves at the Unia•kty d (Vail Aide taghing for Matte Mines London ' hymn in the Imp — Frit-aim ann his unto of divinity dire ad hammer in sacred theology (ran theJesuit Schaal Frienkins brought up the Stabile that 1 in 10 Notre Ilune students n inwived in research. and mans to her hairs Nohunth ‘uld Malloy tp to thetas:Awe that the Nay a WAN owr Falba se boil sttivei for lq immuring Jenkins at mice. this ratio. Ihoe kr Mon Cashon: Man by knells-Waxer RS IT Y 01 NOTRE DAME — 1991-1992 - it)Lnkins b medal the Lilly Teaching Fr. John Jenkins is the 1 7th president at Notre Dame. 50, 2005 Rev. Edward A. hiaik5 ' mh hi. reerickatial term at Nine lire. 14.5olsn Joskins c ufficially induguratal the l.hivers1• None Dine. — Fr.Ja inIx ins his term as Moo l`nisidau axI ikc•iliatt croons at du tkiwtsity d NAN Dame. — Fireptentbet 23. 2005 23 September 1129 Office of the Provost lk. Jean Ann Linnee. Vice Thawing and wade Pnatio; Dr. Dona G.kab. We Pit:salmi and Aiataxte Proust; Dr. Thema 0. Rua Pro...a:1)e Jeffwv C Kantor, Vice Pratkrit for Graduate St die and Reach; IN.(Ivisitne M. Maur. Vice Prealmt awl As tate Pnracen Gordon D. Milan. Auoctire Vice President ad aa Informix:to Offanjoy J Vann4 limilton, Aranant Prottat. lbw by 13111, Gallagher Student Affairs Office Row I: Rag hfiquiabas. Director cf Intematienal Student mica and Actitirks; his L Outlaw. aware el Multicultural Student I ' mgrams Seniors; Dr. Swan Sttilvdtealielt. 1)trector cf enunteling Ginter. Ann M. RA, Acetate Viet President for Ant Affairs; S. M. L Cade. CSC, Atatutia Vice Presidmt for Sider gas• 2: wine " , W. President for lien Imre Life. IL Pam ()inertia rf Slialmt Actititia loliat one SnakniCenter. Sr. Join La; ( 1 ' . A:away Vice Proidmt for Student Affairs; Ann It Idea Iliectu of tlinertits I kali Saks: Dina M. Ital. Director of Akolwil and Drug EaKatiOrl; I Mulct Radcorry.1)ireaor of (Inks Relation. (kilter. ltd.Sale. Director of Caner Glom lies J. Ftalcow. Director of tenni-Witte Ilist Ricluni V. Watner.CSC. of (net) ts Ministry; Jeffrey R. Slap. Director d Itatlince Life and Liouslitg 1)1..0 Lknid Mon. Annan! Vice Proident for udon Albin; Rev. Mask I- Normal CSC. Vice Pinata fa Studer Affair tax pictured: Jennifer A. Executhe Amhara to the Via Ilisident for idea Affairs Ian by Amu r Row I: Sr. Sawn Bono. COT. Paquailla Rev. llama. (kiughan. (SC, iniad... Sewn Dtat.OP. Lyoin; Rev. Mak Thee ; (r... Keenan: Mt. Jesnifer Olin, lowit Sr. Canine Ethendnv.1112.1. Eiden Ms. Maly Mill. Unitarian: Vdkat. Re Jain Gratley, CSC Oa Row 2: M. Anne Myst Badin; Ms. Winikates. Ink Sr. May Am Muminghoff .0P. Pasquerilli Fat; Ma Rachel Kellogg, Breen.Philipa . May A. Lynch, M.MK:hag St Jana Stankonski, Wahh; Ma Amelia Edda Tore, Cavanagh; Ms. Candace Gam Webb Emily: Ms. Kuukua Dagbordi Yomere. Pomfret,: Mr. hinard Mack.C•Neill; Rev. Ronald M. Vlisling, klinineg Rev. Game Alumni; Jame Meger.aC., Kat; Rev. James King. CSC. Swim Rev.Pita Leas, OCann.eanoll; Rev.Robin Mm.( , Fisher. Rae 3: Rot Paul Dude. CSC. Dillon; Rev. " hem. Eckert, Ca:. Sr. Ed:Aar:is; Mr. Patrick Rawl!. CR:, Ada and 0 ' 1 larakkace graduate nalencts; Rev. awed [ ' mai. (Se,; Rea Ilia kunet.(2:1 ' ;. Keough. Pinto 71111y Washer 2005 Leading the University by Mallory Brown Officers (keep Raw I: Robert K. McQuade. Maine Vice President fix Human Resin= Rev. Mark L. Runty,. CSC. Via President for titian Maim Dr. John F. AfficeloGroors. Executive Vice Pitsidott: Rev. John L.Icnkbo.CSC. Preislent: lh. ' HxWusU blueish. Rotor; Dr. km Ann UnhvY•Vice Reside and Astrdine Prow: Rosy 2: Dr. Kosin M. White. Middle Director Hilary Vice Prooknt for Rdiic Achim and Connninication: Di.Ouistinc ACM Icy President and Assixiate Photo: Dv. Choi! C. Koescher. General ussusch Rev. William D. I My Oros boyars: Rev. Janes bkavuld.C.S.C.Cionselor to the Roan: Raw 3: rah. 1)onis Jartios.Vse Priiidoot old As:celiac Prost : Dr. Flom Slums. Executin: akainu to the Proklenr. John Via Pm`itint for Bronco Scott C Malioss. Viet Proident and thief Izootriont Of ficer. Wan D. Whom AteccOte Via Pro:tient mxl a,is Infornutiin Officer: Jima J. Llyhoot. Vice Proximo fur Business acratoons: Dr. Jain C Kantor, Voce Redden for Graluatc Stud and Racorch: hue. M. Vice Prozdent hie University Main. Phew try My fieditorr The Lhiversity of Notre Dame has been among ambers to the administration. Elected by the the highest ranked institutions in the nation Board of Trustees on April 30, 2004, Father since Father Hesburgh was President of the John Jenkins took over the role of President on University. Notre Dame ' s students continue July 1,2035. While Father Jenkins took over as this tradition of excellence both inside the the head of the Officers Group, Dr. Thomas classroom and out on the field, through their 13urish was elected as provost in July of 2005, work on campus and in the community. Notre the fourth person to hold the office since its Dame ' s students would not be able to attain so inception in 1970. many accomplishments if they did not have an The Student Affairs Office is run by Father administration which facilitated that excellence Mark Poorman and includes departments such year after year. as Campus Ministry, the Career Center, the Four of the parts of the administration Office of Residence life and Housing and the which continue this tradition are the Officers Student Activities Office. Group, the Office of the Provost, the Student As part of the Student Affairs Office, the Affairs Office and the Rectors. These offices, Rectors are the group of administrators who along with the rest of the University, help interact the most with the student body on provide the resources that students need in campus. This group of twenty-seven men and order to be successful in their career at Notre women live and work among the students to Dame. instill the moral, spiritual, intellectual, and 2005 was a monumental year for Notre social aims of the University. Dame in that the University welcomed two new 23 September 1 1 31 The " Ty " Bowl at Washington; Boiling for revenge at Purdue by Michael Kim Junior ukk maim Jef( Senaribija away oith a 52•vmi p.m from iorixenore cminerhick 14rxly Lhicivi to ooze tla: fowl toucloloon aping Waihttagm Roo In Method Kin Fenner tie Rule I kad (helm Tirane Willin‘tham is in new mire and cashing Ong his uki tam Plinio by WS Kin Charlie Weis made sure his ream left any emotions they Ind Notre Dame then traveled back to the state of Indiana to face d Cornier coach Tyrone Willingham at the door before catering their in-state rival Purdue. The Irish were humiliated at home by Husky Stadium. Weis dubbed the game the ' Ty Bowl " due to the the Bcdennakets last year 4146, and had lost to Purdue in West media ' s diligence to make the Willingham firing a distraction to his Lafayette two yaws ago 2340. Purdue was bxtitming to have a Irish team. Willingham sincerely wanted to beat his former team, swatter against the Irish. Hostetler. this Notre Dame twin was on a and kukal as if he had some tricks up his sleeve with a productive mission and past results %timid not deter this finned team. opening drive to the Irish byard line led by Husky quarterback None Dame dennalized the Purdue Mane all night long by Isaiah Stanback. exploiting mismatches with their secondary. The Irish continually However, the Huskies carelosly fumbled the HI, allowing delivered Wows on offense, including a spectacular onohimded junior safety Maxim Ndukwe to recover for the Irish. At their catch by Suirarthipa from Quitm for 41 yards. Walker added insult own I -yard line, junior quartctIack Brady Quinn tualegged a to injury when he India] into the awl one untouchul on a dotal).- run and made the famous " Pass Right " play to senior tight end designed draw play, and Purdue Defensive andinator Brock Anthony Faun() who acrobatically leaped over a Husky defender Mack threw his aims up in frustration. Quinn threw for a pasisul for a firsttiawn. The play was significant because it was inspired by box 29-36 (80.5%) for 440 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. a dying boy named Montana Mazurkiewicz, who was suffering from By throwing a touchdown in his 10th consecutive game, Quinn an inoperable brain tumor. Mwurkiewiez died before ever seeing the tied a school recent set by Heignan Trophy winner John littane play, but his designed play which Weis called during the first play back in 1964. At halftime, the Irish were up 28.0. Even ESPN of the paw helped the Irish get out of a dangerous gtuatica Color Analyst and former Irish Coach Bob Davie said he was on the The Irish name out sluggish, but costly turnovers by Washington Charlie Weis bandwagallie game was put out of reach natty. did not allow them to take advantage. The Irish piled touchdowns In the second half, more totidulowns were scored by the with the help of sophomore running back Darius Walker, senior second-stringas who were getting playing time Junior tight end fullback Itailion Powers-Neal, and kaki running back Travis John Carlson caught a 22-yard pats from Quinn for his first career Thomas. nail in the coffin was ddiveral by j unior wide receiver touchdown while Thomas also slashed his way into the endwine Jeff Samardzira after catching a 52.yard pow from Quinn to wala with a 10-yard touchdown run. Purdue would add sane points into the Sane for a touchdown. The Irish would go on to win, to nuke the game gem closer than it rally was The Irish ware a 36•7. After the game concluded, Willingkam embraced some of force to be reckoned with at 44. America was starting to notice the his former Irish playas, giving them hugs and wishing them good offensive prowls of Nitre Dame, and looked to see if they could luck for the its of the season. The media circus of the Willingham give USC a tough game. firing was now over, and the Irish could finally dm: a chapter in their bock. 1321 Fall 2005 nthed the her time bkitte aline %us 4101 WI 17, ' Purdue. Nine l‘tm• boo l ' irtiov. 120. It coo the fir.: time the hlaillargh Trophy mn noardal. which we. to the YiDiler of the war men agar. — Svinctlilwr 28, 1937 November 14, 18% L November 27, 19444 Nue ameloim to Purdue 28.22 in their finvog naming at Notre 1 am•. Kew ChineMous Wathingten 460 ut their finteter naming at Nam: Dame Saditon. Mem 83Atel7anie, I9a It — November II. 1933 i -- lktolwr 7, 1995 n October — Mos nnt playing each other since their fun mectinc 46 twits ,qv. Notre Dome L Kai:acne dies a humiliating Meat at borne Against 1116.1oe. 4146. IVAS Washingurt 292 I in Seattle. Wnh. -- hiue al Noire Dame Si. litun. kc.; — He Football Qtadt Willinfttorn the tbiwni6 ' cd ntban Wm alter then: smelts. — Sentemher 25, 2004 — Nos ember In. 2004 24 September ri33 Snunt It old Anthem V A ( IN tun in ' he tee Itiele thee by (ittcher junior quutaback Bra Quinn prcyortw for the the Purdue lildermaken. Phaiby And Hershbma Junin wide f CCOM Jelf finutrthip nukes a specesettly ccelt aping Purdue. I Ianc tafay• e journal anl Courier trawl mace the Pith sewn owner :Web Pttaburgh in Pluskaph. Pmnwhyst. ' fie hit WOO the erne 42-21. gisinp mu.ksas lap: ft a winning rasa). - Scptentber 3, AXIS 2005 Warn in die notchits hind aa41 mi winners of LSO° talass hunt the loners .a al other rcniuraftd walrus !my.. dal to Flunk to we the barb play in the hoc ' Blad ova linter lac . P rsobyArrya ieersihotga Thwarts Li: Banana ' Clads ball travel to the Dia House to clam ar the Irbil what Jaw plow( Michigan this coact. Moto amnery14 Ibnon Wass who imyded to Rttsbargh so:the Fighting Irish lira had at de first paw of the warm and at the Ant pore Olt (Vfik Wu.. Phonily; Marra Nialdat •_ Sr _a_ • 1 a a 10, 2005 Ile recryid the warm aglinCt Midiktas is laid in Ann Arbor, 3.1a-Nsan. The elate proximity to Notre The Irish trawl to Warhinpton following Dane craito3 3 ill,gildenral fu tickets. the loss toMicbripur State the auk Were. lawints who trwylal to de game levkallonsaral towing the Irish play Willingham ' s new tem. Seprestilny 24. 2005 Students Travel to Support Fighting Irish by Amy Walker Students dater an the Lath in the midst of a anima Warhingtat Huta lam Mar E7 Jiffy Grfigther Darius Water fan, Ara their alleging a the Bahr wae. firm by Matra Maildm Students who nue not content with staying on campus and and its outcome found their way actors country to cheer on the watching away games on TV embarked on road trips to other Irish as they emerged victorious to better their record to 3-I. college aunpuses to watch the games in person. These studons Charlie Weis success coaching on the road also caurilxned to braved going into the opponent ' s home territory to fill the stands the encodes off campus during away games. Weis won all 4 away with green and gold, watch foottell, and cheer on and support the games during the rust 6 games cf the season, while he lost both Id h Igoe gam. As Weis mid at the BYU pep rally, " If coaches were There was much tuticipation to see the Fighting Irish under ranked by their success on the road, I ' d be the best in the nation. " new head coach Charlie Weis and most students %mild nor see the Only one away game was played during the stand half of Irish play in person until the first home game, the third game of the arisen This game was played at Stamford over Thanksgiving the season. Anxious students traveled to Pittsburgh cn September weekend. Students who did not go home for the holiday or who 3rd to get an early glimpsed this season ' s Fighting Irish. Thc Irish traveled with their friends and (tunnies made their way to California emerged victorious from their first match of the sewn, giving for the game and warmer weather. %dons and fax also eagerly both students at the game and students bock on campus hope for a flocked to None Dame ' s bowl game. played on ' the Ouistmas successful season. holiday. The short distance Ixtween Nine Dame and Michigan and Once tickets were acquired, through venom] connections, ay Purdue, along with the success of the foothill team, created a large or the SUB lottery, students made plans fix transportation and dentind for tickets to there two away gangs oh September 10 and lodging. Popular choices included friends cc family that lived in October I, respectively. The Student Union Dal held lotteries fix the aria, hotels, friends at opponent colleges or rooming to Notre ickets and offered a bus to and from the games. With each school Dame the same thy. rvithin 300 miles of Mitre Dame students found trawling to the Students generally had good experiences with being Notre games viable and attractive. In addition to the Rtttxrgh game, Dame fans at opponent schools. The fierce rivalry the Irish have the Notre Dame marching band also traveled to Puclue due to the with some schools could be a problem when their fans was not school ' s dthe proximity. The qudents in the band, who mire given =pada of ND fans. Students sitting in areas filled with people an opportunity to travel to these games without having to vie for who were fans from the opposing team often told stories of the tickets and mike arrangements contributed to bringing the Noire rthetions of other people to Notre Dame ' s success during these road Dame spirit to away games vino. Many people were respectful of the great on the Irish at September 24th the Irish traveled to Washington to were having and the school in general although there were some play former Notre Dame coach Tyrone Willinghan ' s new team. exceptions VI lately the experience, traveling to see Notre Dame Students from the West Coast, students excited about thc football frotball off campus provided students with exciting memories and team ' s new success and students who were curious about the game stories. October 1, 2005 I - 150 hula npanne Notre Ire from PuulueAtli:ilium rutty SD Aaiun toearly mad to the !lariat! ' game. A Ins %apt-mad fir radars with tickets uniting to go. — And gamed the Nene flume fot- loll v.v. In is plaltd over lbanlagning break at Alford Untomity in Palo Alto, California. 2, 2006 bane Flame :mannand lamtrawled to lixamix. Albin to watch their Fighting Irish take to du ChM Stige Etrkr6as in the PCS Toiling Uinta KW. - - Ntomnbar 26, 2005 1 October R35 1361 Pall 2005 Saw. Tun Bcattbrat for he it:Mow reu en Alumni I Lill Mom byfilly Grine, Smkr Tyler Wihon of Knott Flail orqutei fir the ISAT, which took place in al Oki ibm Mild Prow Preino.TRauors Dant Ohm :Id Joe Mather more hr the MCAT. Ntow students take the lOplan mune in owlet cut wa on this selt Math crucial toga intomato, whoa. Photometer:4 Obco r ve- L 25 — Simians knenwo.ltn kw: whorl take the LSAT after mnuln ff oak-ling stdying. 22, 2005 school take the (RE in a numbs of flaw subjous ALIT and KID Atallb regiutr ual !satin taking Kaplan tlacw to twrote for the MCAT. — October 1, 20115 Graduate Testing: MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT by Elizabeth Mierenfeld Vrenn 1Wwwws tvgatos for the MCATnom, %nick die will take tog d 2005. `Itkkilts knit sash ' to mane Rood rook% Onto fry My Garber t nor the hex% of the RAILtn more it the pkthrto rooteotz attalaNc to Cu: dents Remew hat and note cad, or dm Nt of stub: inckanet. noto aunny of aneOlvat Ram, a place diat signifies excellate in academia, is filial Many students in the univenity apply to gradtmte school for with students with high drams, auditions, and gads. It is only their individual prognuns. For many fields, it is impavible to get a fitting that ntiny students are interested in wishing to gradinte job without graduate experience For example, psychology requires school. at least a Masters degree in social work to practices a counselor. Peprofessional and holcgy students beiPn miming for the These students take the GRE oath in the fall of their senior pear. MCAT the fall of junks yew. Kaplan classes, while expensive, are The ORE is an SAT-Gmaat tot that includes mixt mooning, worth it to these students with the ambitions of attending medical analytical reasoning, and quantitative malting. The suhjea test school. Students spend three hours each week at the Kaplan Gina is also taken within the individual field of the program the student Us the fall of their junior mar, and start reviewing physics, biology, is applying for. That are eight different subjects: biochemigiy, ad organic chemistry as soon as they possibly can. ' Typically, this cell and molecular biology, biology, chemistry, COMpUter test is taken in April so that the results are in with enough tint literature in En4ish, unthematics, physics, and psychology. to apply to media school. As junior premed student Dave Mal StlX61IS applying for an MM or graduate degree take says, les what you put into it. It ' s hard to do the homework the GMAT. This, like the GRE, has the amponaus vi verbal assignments hit the Kaplan ckusl with everything else to do, but reasoning, analytical reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. you ' ll do better on the tee ' While graduate testing is a very stressful experience, it is a Most other graduate testing takes place in the fall of stodasts ' necessity to get into graduate school. Noire Dame students spent sailor war. Many Arts and Letters and Bust students take a lot of time studying, gating used to the tot format by taking the LSAT to apply to law school. This is a crucial Rut of the practice tests, and trying to am their nerve and get a good Minivans prdes, so students rake it very seriously. The test is amount of slew before the test. However, the time and effort is divided up into a logical remising action, analytical reasoning, worth it when students gain accquance into the prcgmm of their reading comprehension, expaimauid, and a writing swim. Each choice for graduate schet e ilium is 35 minutes ' mg. with the exception d the writing salon, which is 30. While the writing section is not scored, it is sent to the law schools to read. poword Noun wend from Bits ant tout! 5:30 pro. toldrn the 7 2 3 bout MCAT. Augtnt 16, 2006 who tow lona re who wonto3 to watt lake the MCAT her yoking this summer PRIWinit. — April 22, 20tan 1 October lin Mr. Zahm Wins Walsh ' s Mr g ND Pageant by Lauro Seaga Mr. a Errs ow:luring the talent corm:dam and AICIMIMS to um the jutka and anostRith his nice- to by lb Goliath, Each year, 14 of the fintst man on canvas get die once-in -a-lifetime opporwnity Thit 2005 pone Maiher Ater die pecan,. All 19 stuk tknn, not a repreientative to Walsh Hall ' s annual emu. l ' Irtn by filly Inffettirr to compete for one of the University ' s mast coveted honors: Mr. ND. The oz gee sponsored by Walsh Hall, was held October 6, 2005 in the LaForme folln tom. Sadly. there is no winisuit ear evening gown category, Ixtt that doesn ' t seem to put a damper on the pageants success. 6:aurally, an event of such pratige annually draws a large crawl. This past year was no excastion; LaFortune ' s hidlroom was overflowing with so many ipectators that all of the scats were already taken up 10 minutes prim to the even. The first round required that each dorm ryinsawative choose an outfit reflectim of his pas.anality. Sporting everything Pram lainana suits to actual wits, the boys did not fail to please the crawl Next, each guy was asked to perform a special talent. After a few classic tunes on the piano, a few dancer, and a display of " being above average in height, " the contanints reamed to the drinnng rain to await the decision of the judges. After the votes were submittal, Dillon, Zahm, and Keough made the final cut to the next ruutxl. An intense round of questiaing where each boy was asked what he would do if he had tickets to a Notre Dame football game that was on the same day as his sista ' s birthday and his best friend ' s Isachelor party. With only wands to brainstorm, the bars came up with arm pretty creative responses, one of which consisted of a " turinkletues technique " similar to that of Fred Flint-stay. In the final rani of questioning. each boy was asked a unique question. Finally, after a few agoninng minutes, the ballots vivre wilted and Mr. Libra was proclaimed Mr. ND 2CO5. A cauerant SO 15 a Kama for the abtalle intinnti the pnsrar. flare by BUy Ccillatither fixtee,ser Stein hold their ithnual Stet Talent Slaw. Mule noon:turn... wk. their unique (Ann SIC tifilVal GC Jr stulan tob. (t. 2005 Men from with d the 14 link, Sens in Wahl) I Las Mr. Ni) rt.want. 11 2005 — Ottolxr 14. 2005 It , 20t15 holds a Miss NI) giigicant in Washington I lalL Each a the 13 fentile om ad a a-prowl:one to convert-. — Roidarxd Win Flail convey- fax the titled Mio menu theme i. Ilsney l ' nnogees. All contoutno. %ere Ruin girls W. Ulan. Toni °darer, Whik wale drain gates after %inning the Mr. the centeitant for N1) tale. I k oun $1C0 (XIX Ole IWC1111. lad) lank and the grudged the 2W5 donn pnrnidei a repreientative tide. toaccasapdge. Mona hy flyGainglier 1lntobf Big Gollgglirr HALL WIVE Rilltdanritr DIME morn OM MU ono vOTRE DAME ME belt., (gear uPOIM 3Sal.e _ 551i37G6 Mr, Zahm ' s talent was playing the accordion, Nin ember 17, 1t ' 05 6 October [139 14-61 Fall2005 (ktoher 7, 2005 Oetolwr 7, 2005 • ' ALA: FOR LIFE Tess rnemEcrs of the More Dam community m4k Sin toy ndmide. Pken M Ilizaher I ?clear, ' WriIkon Kirk :ad prociparri °diem kirk weak az the dorm ceremirtmcd Smock morning Oxen by Elizabeth 214vmdi Thoe studutd walk at Smartly momi-r..• Magri dont° had )(Wend •(,¢t t for Mein to km (lucid( the emu. Plata " leak flahngh 7,2N5 At 6:30 PSI the (venire aninnICA kgin. The thitrtmes ring the Karina! Anthem after 6armal °adore , :ad AWICO1110 are ditto. ' to the acwAt — The Notre [Tune lead 11 lighting hit Ztirit kap Al 8(X3 P.N. The fight rode is Nal pied( walk mound the track. 7.2005 The Luminard Qum " • kdzim at 9 PM ie. the limirrida Imo die track me hi ' aml(letiratitl. An erncty take i( placed ' The him aid Ryan Zlor " emcees on the slide Auk thug kea to karmke at the Relay mage. trddzaz 9:30 caw° :nJ Ilk PM. A SI tkedtion can bur Idth panidprion in a idifeenruxe or a SSW 02T11311attal. Students Walk All Night For Cancer Research At Relay by Cassie Belek blankly of R,jin a toes gather aryl tot Mere are tinning to soar Entity night. Each Iran Call decorate a star In MK .x hexiquarters for funJrney cluing the Huy 6l Heastrth I kabinet Molly I 1.4t,.. Gatic (]Mate Mats,,., 111113 il b(1.11,01 ;YU I7iechrh I krbutyth f Nan kantoke to mite moneydonne the (AVM fro by Ilienkth I kybinwh Excitement and imrieipation fill the night air as htuidnxis of men ant= and even a tap dance km around the track led by Professor and women walk the red aupet =mini an unforgettable evening. Jim McKenna. The hot attire is blue tains, the only stars are Fatha Jenkins and As well as a large number of students runicisithag, that was those in the sky, and the event is Nitre Rune ' s third annual Relay also a large minivan from the South Bend community. Families for Life bawfiting the American Ca ' neer Society. With the theme and friends of pimple whose lives have been affected by mixer " Hollywood Movies, " this year ' s Relay promised glamour and plenty mine out to the event to walk, donate money and show support. of entertainment for Notre Dame students, faculty, and mixer Relay for Life united the Notre Dame monnunity with people from survivon. the Michiana area to join together to fight cancer and raise nioney Held Raw, October 7 " ' at 6 p.m. until 10 aau. the following for research and finding a cure. morning, the 16 hour 01011 raised over $100,000 for the American With (tee ?mores, pit fran Fkunaby ' s and Kris= Krone (linos Swim through online and personal donation, fundraising donuts, milieux= never wan hungry and were certainly never events, and cosporate spiny ' s. The top individual fundraiser. bored. Cake walks, silent auctions. and raffles mire only sane ways Outs Rohn of Stanford Hall, raised $2 460 and helped his team to guarantee that no at wan hone enipty-Ituidal. mire the most money overall fora suntan tan, with Farley Hall While trarticipation was high early in the event, it waned as the caning in second place. Other top student teams were St. Edward ' s evoking win: on, dart striteles could still he seas walking endlessly Hall working with Pangbom Rill, and Podin Hall. and attempting naps as the lard Stefan floor. Teams were The Ndin Bullfrogs also won Most Spirited Student Team and expected to have at least one of their manbas at the track at all Bat Ikcoratal St den Path, with their movie-related decorations times, therefore most panicimits signal up for shifts while others of " All Frogs go to Heaven. " Nsquerilla East used the movie rated. Pretty bi Polo as their ramie time while one booth used TheSanta Most nuankes took full advantage of the fun and gams, but Clause. Their lxxxls included pictures with Santa as a fimdraiser. ewnute innicipated for a commas goal—to raise meriey in order To fundraise at the event, PILLARS sold mocktails, keeping to fight cancer and find a cure. with their booth tradition, while other groups sold plastic bracelets The hams of the evcnbig were the cancer sunivers themselves, that said " Fightin Irish Huhn Cancer " while others painted faces who walked so that no one would have to suffer what they haven. While most of the evening was span walking to music around Thai there were the heroes who are no longer with us, but were the Ituninana.lit track at Staxin Cana, other cants included remembered lovingly throughout the muting, and whose legacy an opening ceremony (enuring University Prsidex Father John could be seas through their family aid friends who walked all !Unlit Jenkins, an emotioruil Luninaria ceremony, a fierce karaoke in nanxeulran of than and all who have been affected by cancer. October 7, 2005 •• — By 100) PM ?sive Rime Anthrepalogy profoaor Jamb Mel uuu tyncho cyuticirtams a tap dance tap anti lead. ii tap Janet Up Pacr.Vxnb wasai can take a break, warm up :aid nuke comp:Umtata :mre. Octobrr $. 2005 October 8, 2005 aerobes thecae(( it. at 2 A.M far Relay Furtkircems. Abu. 4C0 AM cttnelimoutayKreme tiothnuts ,uffio: for a late teak ta tickenow. — Rein ' AI tch.t AM xith a find lap mil tinting ceranctect ening which :meth anti llama WAIS ate announcol. — October S. 2005 7 October [141 Dining Halls Cater to Students by Cassie Belek Michelle Garber nuclei eating in South Dining Hall. Simkins wed the tune to relax, real the Ohsa wt. sully or socialix while ruing. Photo by Math Quinn Evetyone has an opinion on the matter, :exl everyone earnestly believes they Sudan wait in line at North are r ight. It is the North against the South—slining kills that is. It is an age-old Dinau !sixt specialtio illdlAkd a make luau oun dirpute Which dining hall is superke? Weill Quad malts argue for their pea line while South offered a make-your-own pi= station and pasta-stir fry while South Quad residents argue make win awn stil ' line. for their Harry Potter-esque atmosphere, and, well...Father Satin redly looks like Pheroby Andy Renner Proferxx Dumblelrc, doesn ' t he? Whichever one ' s preference, food offered at both dining halls is pnedominantly similar and top-notch quality. The Princeton Review ranked Notre Da ' re ' s food I ' on its " Best Campus Food list, no doubt an attractive trait for many applicants. Both dining halls have daily offerings such as pasm, grilled and Students Pna Rants eat at fried chicken breasts. and hamburgers and hot dogs. Other cuisine changes daily Candldiglit Dana n Math and can be viewed on the online maw. Favorite dishes include ino=arella sticks, Diniry; I (holdup chicken fingers, bed fajims, and Philly cheese steaks lAmers higil rho n Additionally, the dining halls are always looking to improve their tams ad on certain hash ' s Popular new items this year are poutickers, neushnxim ravioli, and fresh dinner Pinto by Andy gosh " rolls. The highlight of all dining hall experiences is the candlelight dinners after each home foothill game. This is when they bring out their " fancy fend , offer delectable deserts, and blase Frank Snit and his Rat Pack crate throughout the dining hall. While the dinners may be crowded, evennne agrees they are worth the long lines and parents getting in the way of the drink machines. The North versus South war will rage for some time, and it is doubtful that a person will ever find a South Quad resident who will say North Dining Hall is bout Students take their sides and stick to than, but they can take contort in the fact that both dining halls will satisfy all their hunger needs. If nut, there ' s always Gulden Dorgan. Football weekend. 2005 GindIrliglit dinners arc Irk! a, ptenila 17.0:tea Weld 22. aid Nownila 5. 12, and 19, ?COS tonfdxaewrh Iskire A dime( ( bracing kluhlturs Dice football home gine. is offend tosalsa la sculixons, ruzihIladleoirwioni uxl vela ' foal. helped to make the OCCIFOlIl spoxid. 19, 2006 Antacan IX selaiion fowl- ing prp corn. mato and Takao:II Anxacta foals like he Shy. kiMIN19,37, 111e dining Inns offer a waial Vaktitines aal ant ite is °Iliad in the dining hail I hy dinner. Frodous could en N. tura-light and nuke pink aal cal iced cur:alas and cookie.. 1421 Fall 2005 — December 9,2005 - Fehr uan. 14, 2006 — Mav 5. 2006 8 October I ' 43 March ) 10)6 ei ft sik — ) ill " 1 1 : %dent. %to:lea at Rah aim. the auntrohere at mil ic the Yancey of fool Mn ' Sin luralll in Stuth " fling Word the buk of Ski I to I fall adontiyr the Candlelight dui of blogwarth in ' he Ham ' Dawn held diatribe NUT books fitAbon se.Yon. Itrto byMarishOsom Now by Mandl Quin Top items: Pizza dough, breadsticks and bagels. — A final ' phew litho: the trbinning of Lent it crkiiratoi pith a basics wen wityinn featuring ehtobte cith r Mitre feed Klatt% annthoon the fruit awl tinny twiner oath. and (who- I twinning d %iih a " Spring Ham( nano. April 2 2 2006 C A plane lunch it ofitthl blow kickoff ti the Noe and Geld string foothill gime and a Mae bUiftl hoffenxi in the klexicon sponino are end to dining tollt at the end of the wine. thIckate etnoi tie Matti..xihne tonay to the menu gnin2 umlaut a chance to ay tary kith 28, 21 06 Vince Vaughn ' s Wild West Comedy Tour Comes to ND by Meagan Conway LO ' aned ' augho (enchains die sks, 1st inviting the auJeaxe to pt him in singing ' SAW( Gutty. " Men hy Manly, Fuse Justin Long grabs Vane, nn toccuisily. al ter nix pc hit by either et TheSlIkie givas a chance to Ileum, v ham Hag by Singly, Sow ev nevi Ilse minute the doors to the first floor of Lartxtune °penal an the starling rival, the University of Southern California ' s Trojau turning of September students began lining up for tickets to The stand•r) canedians of the evening all gave ouLwanding one of the bitgat shows to ever come to Notre Dame ' s campus. that left the crowd jiat as impressed with them as " Vince Vaughn ' s Will West Candy Show " was a 30 day and 30 with Vaughn. -buctian Maniscalco, Aluned•hmed, Bret Ernst, night nava event, and Nktre Dame was one an of only three and John Caparulo brought humor into everyday tasks and world campuses the tour hit at its way from Hollywood through the news — nuking fun of everything from digital cameras to TJ-Maxx Midwest. The show was emceed by Vaughn, and featured a mix of to cumin events. Relationships also came under the focus of standup comedians and skits with Vaughn and several special guest almost all the comedians, as well as ate hilarious bit that loaned stars. Stepan Center was transformed for an evening, bringing in at the differences between males and fanaks in the dub scene. All over 2,000 students, faculty, and staff to see the rerfornances. from the ' Ms Angdes Comedy Store " , the comedians seemed soy Vaughn skyrocketed to popularity this summer after his second comfona ble in their routines in front re the soldnut crowd. After blocklmster success, " Wedding whets, " following " Dodgeloll " their performances, Vaughn sang karaoke with the crowd, finishing from the previous year. The night of the show, Vince brought the night off with further audience interaction, leaving everyone back a familiar face from " Wedding Crashers ' • Keir O ' Donnell, excited, and even more in love with America ' s new funny Law: who played the creepy brother Todd who develops an session Vince Vaughn. with Vaughn ' s character. Vaughn also brought out another The student reaction to the show aid Vaughn was actor, Justin La from " Dodgeball, " who began entertaining the overwhelmingly positive. Grace Myers reflects, " He was Mit, MAXI by darning a gold helmet. He allowed Vaughn to pick miler then I thought. The show was very diverse with different no students from the audience and wive than the opportunity types of comedians and styles. Vince Vaughn obviously loved lxing to throw at Long from across the stage. A third guest at Mitre Dame. " %miiary, Tads Taylor was left with a lasting star, Peter Billingsley, who played ' Ralphie in " A Christmas Story, " impression of Vaughn. " Although the show cost 30 flippin dollars, ad co-starred with Vaughn in to older drug-abase afterwchool I must say, seeing Vince Vaughn in person was hysterical. You special, hillariotisly nxnacted the gene from the special with could tall he was kind of a big deal by the way the ladies Notre Vaughn. However random as it may be, Vaughn got his real start Dame were dressed to the nines. His example made me pretty sure in a film a link closer to lame, playirg a minor role in the movie that I want to grow up to be a tall, funny man with a receding " Rudy, " which likely inspited his bonding w ith the crowd in urging hairline. " In general, it wotdd be safe to my that everyone twat as the Nate Dame foothill team to victory in the caning weeks, at the comedy :how had a great time, which will forever mark a avecially in Notre Dame ' s upcoming game against their king treasured year here at Notre Dune 12, 2005 r September 19, 2005 Voice Vaughn ' s 30 days and i0 nights L file Wct mesh. Tune grin in ' Wild West Calmly Tour ' begins its Anent It) perform at the University4 pith to Antaitis hnutland at the Flaw — The `WM Wot Grna ly Tar " stsls in Anaasisantennial l pall. — The " Wild West anwth•Tcor stops Sub Thence in Ilcaposish Las Vegas, blevisla and performs at the in Wain, Tests anslixtromn al the Goan Matt. Cravat llositer. — Slumber 17, 2005 — Sipteniber 22, 2005 1441 Fa 11 2005 Keit CYlIcnoll elltkif, his :alb rkilh today on the bkicre Done loodoll men aping ISC Mao by Natabo Five Vaughn disarocovei d teing a chccrkakr unbent clothin in tlx repot pokier, to he toms it PIVCO by Newlyn Fire At theshorts flile, all of the pertaining amain mtutal to the stew, dutifully mythic fans thorny dxreiter. Inn by Ni Fine Sevicinher 24, 2‘105 — The show xhialukd for Peaurniro. Tows ham... lied due to the deeinxiive (limo el Hunicine Rita. The " Viki Wett Conwdy Tour ' toys in Indinniwki, Indiana and rattan: at the IStlrel Rain. October 3, 2005 October I I, 2005 (Mann 8, 2005 L The ' Wild W04 Coin. Tom " uoin wilt Nut Lama torammer the hkew One ' s Solon cones loiter a ennol of 2,(Kli) — The 30 ay,: and niAts " Wail Weo Conic.h. Tote " olds in anotito. Ilinnit at the Vie Thema. 8 October 1145 The mm of Alumni oil Keough 1641 transfram Mier Matt Nks.1kirk in .1 Warm lickls into nuntraditiond chariot 111 1s Amiss, ' Rome ming ROUVOI hai the °ohm et haying Heart an.1 graffiti. chariot kb from !Cage. unto by knit y Carta Mao by Jam Calm This year was the 15th annual race. (Moly.. 8, 2005 Item the a‘ig uith its first slim:guru event, the (Nine( Race. Like all other icsance Itills, Koggrh [ opals its or, hr the first time to ib mu. rm.:4mm. is anntul Ombuise !Smut August 19, 2005 Fall 2005 December 2005 A Flashback to Chariots and Ancient Rome third IWI rea nts Aden dwch, Ryan Lang, acar • 403, Pat (Inter. an] Kevin Aix as am:tau:slot the max Ram. • ,, o, by.lerary Comas by Erin Clemens IMIlb I I.JI IMMIX() Su;th at October 8, 2005, the NicOlinn Fides were mu ' slimmed into the Coliseum Strjuk Mara when Keough Hall held its 15th annual Chariot Races. On this cool autumn day, Om and Julth Karatutek pull their ramie, the lam all twenty-seven dorms on cures commix! against each other by racing dorm- UM. Jung; theChariot Rce. built " chariots " ; however, dorm rivalries WLIC put askk for the take of competitive limo lay finery ifinnals camaraderie. Like those of Ancient Rome, the Keough (harlot Race tested strength and endurance while adding the element of tammixk. The morning began with dome putting the finishing trxichcx on their chariots, all of which varied in shape, six, and color. At a few minutes to I l am. teams lx arriving at the field in cosunnes wad burlypaint with their chariots. nal Stanford opted for pirate costinnes while Zahm chow short plaid kilts. In keeping Gen, any Walker, Josica with rho Ancient Roman theme. togas were a pp Jar costume choice. In fact, %atm ?mom Lai aid It reams of Keough Hall and their dares wrappul up the event Saturday night Bin " Ku tak thaz with a Toga Dance. Pavia Innystaler Pheo Wooly Clara Whim the races swim taider4say, the air was filled with the fluid of inns cheering for their teams—muything from chants for Keough Hall to quacking for Howard during their final raos, who Were the victors in this friendly curtest, outrunning Segfrital and Welsh Family respectively. However, the dorms that were eliminated did not I1CRIM to contribute their dorm spirit to the races. Zahm House carried their chariot off into the distance after their final race and the chariot rider from Lyons Hall, Hannah Youli, dressed up as a hum After the races were over, the post-race festivities began, featuring the " Virnitorium " foo•cating cones. Mud Wrestling, a Keough Chariot Race tradition, was cancelled due to the cold weather. Although the weather wasn ' t ickal, the Noidim of Ancient Roman tradition and Notre Dame spirit made for a great event and an excellent way to spend a Saturday morning at a week. Keaugh Mac its Ita nature emu cf the my, the Aw.Xe Iii. lhis emit in- chile. a sylleyhill teurtramax and ' Mac at 3.1.12inn liekh all as Kv.tion sickm. 13, 2006 Alm the lead its swans low, Ko• ones Iola its doss let the sumer until August what the next xxrup cf frechnien Mkt thal ,tor 2006 1:01teh him its insitationanly emu, the White3.3 ' 011m. which inclotks skits :Ind a mid VNtkling- — April 2006 8 October 1447 Fall Break Service Seminars by Elizabeth Mlerenfeld While soling breaks are frequently spent going to exotic locations and wean Nuswat:6(mi the beaches, many sualans opt to spand the chillier fall brutk puticigoting in a Washington. 1).C. I lath fall service seminar. Many students trawl to different sites of Appalachia to Cale mbar mu fall Irak pankipate in and get to know the community. Ot has trawl to the Sea Islands discuss health pcbcy pith of South Carolina to get to know the Cobh gccvle and the Sallow they face. (Omer for Ilmith These people are geographically so they have been able to hokl on to ElIV11111111101131ximtico their African culture much nx re than otha African-Music:iv, but bridges were a national eminnmental d Jul built between the islands and the mainland in the 1950s, which has Mourn] otiontion faun al sari tourism and made their traditions such as fanning, fishing, and folkways much IN g1° " 0 " " " hub% harder for the pts8 1e. Phro oantes)of .fre NUM Some students make the sham journey to the ethnic neighborhoals of Chicago in the Gaol Hadth Initiative Seminar to learn tang the problems Able On gaskets 48.8. of urban life and racism. Some trawl to Kansas Oty, Kansas to examine want a the news brought op hornet:anew and medical care in two locations:Shalom House, a shelter for adult swath Ia11 beak " in„ a ' ranks, and Southwest Boulevard Family Health Cam. At the Slalom House, wahngion, In: the ptuompmitiprnusped1imewiththemmwholivethereaswellaswith gine watery of Joe made. the house staff, also helping with launthy, cooking meals, and darting. The Southwest Pxylevard Family Health Care provides students with the tivonunity to draw health care providers with rodents, interact with the support staff, observe staff meetings to further undastand social, financial, and lairenicratic issues of health care, and visit a HIV hospice facility. Another chunk of students opt to go to Washingtco.D.0 for two different project... The first pmject, the Gospel of Life Seminar, allows students to meet with decal officials, Chord) kakis. and agency representative to learn about how elections affect tunes such as abortion, stem-cell research, the death penalty, cloning, and euthanasia. The other Washington seminar focuses on the state of the health care setae These smdaus meet with industry officials, advocates, govemmau represattatiots and Church leaders. This txcgmm studies Medicaid, Medicare and the interaction with medical providers, HMOs, and the condition of minority and disability health care. Regardless of which pagram students apply to, evenvne comes back with a more wellmximkal view of the country and world. These am priceless experiences that provide ponicirxmts with a new smse of compassion and understanding. Ile stuslutn in the Washingten, D.C.. seminar tow diet:viol Ron muncry of JrA: Mark " Accrynance for the partimtts in the Washington. D.C. seninv t. emalcd to the Athena,. 28, 2005 r September 27, 2005 Ibiver trainirw MIIIN for all kltivers ram Washington minx these I takes place _ bum 502630 pm. at the Qt. S nala7A) pm.tudents Wahkettn mita ans., II IVA Ill take Gent.? awe iwki (orals and insurance place in the C8C. Attendance at all claws waivers. is marahtcen 14al Fall 2005 — September 21, 2005 Sapt•mber 28 and October 5, 2005 Maw, tido. lila 13O J, ad Joe NUN, kok at an nanny bak at the library of the America tcd Ohmetricians and Cpwcakily. This sat . ' t than a pfroiciath pain-nee Stuskrus in die Washington. at the hadthcare intuition in 11C. prognan nver Saucer AmSci. nsel (Isuna el Minns. Ka° (auffes:rnikm Mello Kan amayetke Maher The Warhingtm, Ott crane group gathas in their atm time to cum %hat they knnied during their wade leng trip. The renten as the walk were rank horn different oats who stand at this centalhe Pilgrimage. at Daftly Circle. l4uo oawrtcsyof Jur Madre Students gain a broader world view during their fall break service trips. — (headier 1 h 2005 — name itnekif num tako pixie fix those leasine in a few dare — October I S. 2005 Wathingtm ' 1ninaz (la IV mke, lime at the (IC, with 311 MVO OM etepat dye at Ix ' nut ti the saran. Wanda 2. 2005 16 October [149 Studenti ten en to Nimre Dere an Slants kave Wahanati halfway thnsigh ttl: none. A fore Maim,Maim,6 am (ins( to rum Cars and awe snde the next nanny a that they could lie these for t he end of the mama foothill gann the ay. 22. 2005 150] Fail 2005 1, l ' PH 1,1962 Senior muting text Ti, %rally:two worts the first touchdwro for the loth ddenst IAS Phow by Ikon Ma112tim - • ' ,s• • I•4 .11 . . • • • • , Judo guanalmck Brady Qtion areas +callow again ' BYLI Quinn hail a record six tcudy,lowns in the gar. Photo by Boma Marmon Junior dew Torn retools a 60. yard punt to pot Nwrc Damc aka!, 21-14. Ftell0 by Braun Mmution Sodium. 1)“., 1.19 Knote lteckne 1.4:e ' is Note [lime tram to the Weir Craw to Mow Si their (intern 13.12. It NOM Ilmr, IM 1. It markexl the f th cothcatier Autry Br the their lingat-ever sue against In their fihrover maxim, Notre Ilame the Irish. r dernes BYLI, 4216 at Nrsre Llmv: — Notre Dame (aces Medan the Trojan( were inked N. I Br the firer nine. ilve Indy no 250. A Trojan Horse against the Irish; Mission: Aerial assault on BYU Sink " aide miser Shute Scowl! nun away born a BYU hustler to score his fourth teothdoon of the pme for a Pktre Dame tchonI record. Ono by Brom Manor Junior IX: running Ina Rmac Bush ILchta de None I Ante Meow. Ile urn m to xt.tre thmt mixing touchtlum the Iris. III sob) artukt Mamas% In cow of the most hyped up games in college football history, 31.28 with 204 remaining. it certainly lived up to its tilling as No. 9 Notre Dame faced Na. I The Irish stepped up the dime and Gaul 11°C into a 4th ranked USC Nome Dame has lost to USC by 31 paints the last three and 9 situation- Hosever,LISC quarterback Matt Lcinart stepped meetings, but was determined to give the Trojans a run at the 27- up with a dutch throw to Dwayne Jarrett who ran it all the way lime winning streak. Excitement was high in Notre Dame Sodium, to the 101ard line. In the aid, Lamm used sane tricksy with a especially when the tom to the ddight of fans came out in green qturterack mak rather than spiking the lull to score the game- ierSeYS. Irish hopes would he Lashed and they fell short Things did not start off well for the Irish when a fleivflicker pas 34-31. Although the loss was painful, the Irish faithful and the by Omar quarterback 13rady Quinn was deflected and intercepted. entire nation knew that Notre Dame was back. USX:game-breaker Reggie Bush made the Irish pay when he brae Nome Dame didn ' t have much time to sulk ova the USC loss multiple tackles and ran in 36 yards for a touchdown. However, There were concerns for a letdown, and the students were still Notre Dame was unfazed as junior running tuck Travis Thomas caning back from Fall Break. However, the Irish would take out broke tackles to an 16 yards fa a touchdown. LenDale White their frustrations on BYU with an aerial assault never seen at Name would strike again for 119C with another touchdovm, but the lush Dame Stadium. had another answer with a 32-yard bombcaught by junior wide Quinn was able to pick apart the unathcdox 3-3-5 defame receiver Jeff Samardziji. However, the Irish caught the Trojuis off- of BYU and exploited all the mismatches with their vatically- guard when junicc safety Tan Zbikowski returned a punt 60 yank challenged secondary. Quinn went 32.41, for 467 yards and a Notre for a touchdown, marking the first time the Irish returned a punt Dame record of 6 touchdowns A plethora of records were broken (or a touchdown since 2003. Notre Rune Stallion Inmost in joy, during this game. The game only gcx dose when BYU quarterback and the Irish min into halftime with a 21.14 lead, giving than a John Beck and Todd Watkins scored touchdowns (or BYU to chance. nannw the score, 28-23. However, the Irish would run away with USC is nomad as a second half tam, and they definitely it with quick strikes to their wide receivers. Although the Irish only showed why when Bush snuck again with a 45•yard touchdown run. had 56 total rushing yards, they mask up for it in the air. The Irish Mane Dame would regain the kid with a 32-yard field goal from ended up easily defeating the Coup ' s, 49-23. sailor kicker DJ. Beixorick, but Bush scored his third touchdown When all was said and date, it was the first time ono Notre of the game on a 9yard an to give USC th laud, 28-24. Rime wide receivers had 10 reoptintw in a game. Senior wide Weis talked with his quarterback Quinn, and told him to be receiver Maurice Stovall had a record 4 touchdown receptions in patient at his next drive. Quinn woad answer the call of his coach ate game, and Samarclaia broke the record of cauccutive gala by marching down the field efficiently with his team 87 yards before with a touchdown rocepticn at 7. He also tied the school record of he sacral hincnif on a 5-yard touchdown run. Notre Dame was up 11 touchdown catches in a season sec by Derrick Mayes in 1994. :`,....tttbk-r 13, Ortolwr 16, 2001 t — Rae Rum defeats Isb. I Mora. State. L Nttel)arne Monts Uht.27-16 at Howe 3144. This mailinl the Lot one Rae Ram $nJlum This game neirkal the Imo Iliac tot m tirmmt ranked Six I. Notre Dann: defeats WLI1S-10. It time Woe Done dermal USG Notre Dime sullen a tenth trod km remits] NOtre Dame s unhaven strimk itinst BTU, 20-17 in Provo. Utah ant the Trout, to IS Kuno. the knicel• - •I. 20,` 13 October 1451 October 21.1995 Men ' s and Women ' s Golf Reach the NCAA Regionals by Michael Kim Stator Karen lam hits a drive (halm the Big Ent Onnyten. shin ' lam Waiturnctithu. Atm country of otts Efannation Jim Kubinski, head conch ce mm ' s poll, watcher lie hewers roil thrtugh during the hiCA ' A Cann! RimiuieL non canter, of Yu Infonnatixt Tit spring season started off auspiciously for men ' s golf, led by new Women ' s golf had a solid spring season, including a 35- Head Gm Jim Kubinski who had previously served as an avise ant stroke win at the St Croix Collegiate Classic. At the Big East coach at Duke University. The Big East Championship was hosted Championship at their hone course, the Irish finished 50-ova par at Notre Dame ' s own Warren Golf Course, and the Irish looked 338 after the final wind was cane:dial due to inclement weather to to use their local course Imouledge to gain an edge. Notre Dame finish third. Senior Karen Lotta was oornedalist with Geotgetoun ' s entered the final round with the five-shot laid over Cargetom Connie Isla with a some of five-over par 77. at 31 over par 311, but the final round was cancelled due to a rare Fortunately, wornm ' s golf carnal an mime bid in the NCAA snowstorm. None Dame was named the Big East thanmion for the Caural Regional for oily the second rime in the program ' s history. second consecutive war, and most importantly earned an automatic However, the Irish struggled throughout the tournament to post bid into the NCAA Central Regional, also being played at the goal scores, and finished with a 70-over par 934 to settle for 18th Warren Golf Course. Junior Mark Bakluitt was the wumarnau place. The low individual for the Irish was soplitimae Nadu) medalist. Baldwin also shot a CaIrSOICCOrd 7-under 63 at the bbkmaki, who fired a I4-over par 230 to tic for 37 place. Warren Golf Course during a match against 1 43. 11 TOJ in April. Women ' s golf opened the (all season at a high note as they won At the INCAA Central Regional, the Irish started the final their own tournament, the Mitre Dime Invitational, with a 929 round 12 strokes lock and 10 places away from qualifying for the team score to win by 9 strokes. It was the fifth tournament title NCAA Championship. Mm ' s golf went on to play their best for the Lady Irish, and the eleventh win for Head Coach Deity round score ever in NCAA play with a 282, but finished in 13th King. They mad also post strong finishes at the Lady Northern overall with a score of 37eover par 877. Two bogeys on the last Invitational and the TyalvEmbessy Suites Invitational where two holes put the Irish outside the top 10 of qualifying. Although they finished second. Women ' s golf finished the fall season with a the disappointment was felt, the Irish had sotnething to build on second-place finish at the Lady Jaguar Invitational with a 19-over heading into the fall season- par 307. In their first fall tournament, roc ' s golf finished fifth in the Other milestones for the golf program included a top-I5 ranking Gopher Invitational in Wayzata, Minn. It included a one-under by Golf Digest Magazine for the Warren Golf Course as one of par 287 in the (Mal round. At the Shoal Creek Intercollegiate, the best college golf courses in the country. Alen, it was announced men ' s golf finished sixth overall, and junior file Islam finished in a that a new imknr practice facility would be created to make Notre tie for first place in individual play. Houtver, he lost on Dame a more competitive program in the (unite. The Robert and the first playoff hole. With their strong showings in the fall, Notre Marilyn Rolls Family ABSeascei Varsity Golf Facility will cost $2.1 Dame debuted at 12th in the first Golfweek Sagarin Ranking with million to build and is scheduled to open in the rand 2005. a 70.64 power rating. [ January 28, 2005 [ April 11, 2005 Jim Kutunki.:n avetant golf 1)ukethhenity. o mina, the mxth 1 kJ Cisch a Nero: Dame min pa. — Mtn:Dame nuntm ' i golf mint the St. Croix (iiktilte(lav•ic y5 mrukci. the thrinhola (it (lull to E.C.rnix, Junior Mark RAhint Aunts a coma mud 7.thilcr 63 at the Want (kill ( :law in a match au nu No. I I ' ILU. — for die suaxil consecutive war. Notre NSW triads golf win ' the lip lion • liticrolcc Ourapitenhip et the %anti Golf COLIM 2005 March 13. 2005 — April 24, zoos June Mark Poll in gins a fix pumpkw sinking a crucial putt. Poldwin thee a came nand 63 un the Way rcn Care Pktomonny of Spurts Infommtion Swilkornore de Wan tips a dnve dorm the ituddle. awl a mined to the All-MIA...81 Nom Team MntoEmma)of Spats Information Sephernote Jew Lee buw. op a ism( at the Warm Cm Garr m (kiting conrwitimi. lino away aura Infonnotim ‘r, • — NOM: 1).1111.: AI aux edroto aim town the ITC Raw Invitaticnal will a tthwstroke ViClOY at the Warm (kg Corm. Awn 0 IS. 20,`; L Culf (Anne fs cheats m the wp 15 waves in lilt Diktat Matnkine. — Notre Ilitut valmcok pelf team finitho awn. ' ut the lady Intuar In at the line Hdb ea ath Attemta. Claygia to clew cot the fall wean. -- May 31, 2005 1 — Segbonyte (31e blurt n one Li 15 golfer. nmnal to the 20)5 All-MiLlwat Rwion Tan hr. the C kir (lochs AV4X1311011 — No. make 8, 2005 23 October J53 — Septerotxr I 1 , 2005 Women ' s Soccer Dominates the Big East but Falters in the NCAAs by Michael Kim SSW{ Kane lhoclakron wen may last playact them( awards. making ha wend alkirne. Phenol., Michad Knn After coming off its second national championship, the Nalit Dame women ' s Juniors angle Shane: and soccer team came into the 2005 season with high expectations. The Irish returned (Mnxi nine starters from the championship team that mint 25-1-1, and reloaded with Pim by Mninal some of the top talent around the country with a frestunan dass led by Kern Flanks and Susan INnnick. ilvey carnal the respect of coaches around the country by coming the No. 1 ranking in the NSCAA preseason poll for the first time in the program ' s history. They joined North Carolina and Santa Clam as the only teams ranked No. I in this preseason poll. Although the Irish dominatal their opponans, their record was marred by a 2.1 loss to Santa Cara in the SCU Adidas Classic and 4-1 road loss to Big Ica Mtn East newcomer Marquette. Senior forward Katie Thorlakam led the team to its gets hi kick the InI1 to clitnsivc dominance by scoring or assisting on 37 goals. No other player in the het kleillielle.1:1 coilerfield. country has matched that fait. Also, freshman sensation Kern Flanks has been Otto by NfAchad Ken involved in 32 goals this season. The Big East reason ended on a high note with a 94 victory over Villanova, and the Irish finished No.6 in the NSCAA rankings. The victory expended None Dame ' s unbeaten streak against Big East oppanans to a remarkable 64 games- It also marked the sixth straight shutout against Irish opinnents.The Irish finished their regular season with an overall record of 15-24, and 9-1.0 in Big East play. The next order of business for the Irish was the Big East Tournament. Notre Dame cruised to the Big Fast final and defeated the Connecticut Huskies 5-0 for their eighth Big East Tournament title. In the CAA tournament, Notre Dame easily defeated Valparaiso 64 in the opening faux!, and than boat Michigan State 3-0 and Yak 5-2 to advance to the quartafinah. They would that meet their sister-school, the University of Portland, who mould end their NCAA tide defense with a 3-I victory. Portland eventually went on to win the College Cup funk Although their ultimate gall of a NC AA championship was not met, wanen ' s soccer had a remarkable season. Augu4 6, 2005 Arnernt 31, 2005 L Junior annie Sham and ineornbg Frolumn Kam Rollo is turned Big Ear crechnxn Brinnw Ikxk and Kerry Lindi vlioniw plam of the with and also help IC um the IA= Hunt US — Warmthemcee cum the hb- monad pker of the no ly Inner %vial ' s smut sulkr, a rate km against Opal Cup in Frh-o,Texas nnkinte, in the Minorca Sxcer auchgn Antarict Nn. 6 mita (Iva in the Sal ' kiln Aux vain ' d Ant, inestwin int for Chadic in Clara, Wenn the first time in die innk,innis 2005 — August 16, 2005 vtotther 9, 2005 Froimun smarm Ktni I lanks non the comer agars Senior Car glace Chapman Geotgetahn. Hanks led the grualo with a Courgamm team m scoring. Mat for the bill. Who byMithael Km Photo by Michael Kim It is the first time Women ' s Soccer started the season ranked No. 1 C September 20, 2005 ! L Sailor Kyle Therblaen is moved Big . aq %mimic soccer offensive player of the smsk for the ro:033 mac m the 2CO5 ffat. alld her fifth caw mock!). honor. — Junior ()Mine Solna Is named Rio Et4 wommes rocas Ionise plaser of the mat Wallas wecer ts the firs; tram to mem alI four wine Big kart tenfinnce awards aral ktrinte the (int tom to vu)g.:10 bet performers in thesync raven. — Senior (mond Katie Thoriabon bate el three (haws fa the 2005 MAC lennonn " Thrhy, theaward for the rep Reim tn I cal:late meat Nam, 7.2005 — October I I, 2005 — Ihwwwwher 9, 2005 23 October R55 Most Successful Keenan Great Pumpkin Ever by David Prins Local kids unit smirk ' s: for Mr Keenan acorn to vile than aniund the damn on their mttriat for I lallmwen candy. Photo by Mk Crier It comes alxxit hut once a yam., with candy and nicks and lots of gaxl Merin Noire Dame toys and Orb Hallowixn, a celdiratiai that many believe lam its charm after high school, or walk alongade the uicksor- eon before. But for one dorm in reticular, Hallman has special sir alliance. fun in The Hal rn die kids ' It is an opportunity for the men of Keenan Hall to accomplish four goals at awe: smiles and laurlacr. Reach out to the South Beal unanimity through a service program, have fun, Illao by letyColifgher get candy, and involve the unite campus in one await. The Keenan Great Pumpkin is one of their amid signature events, and it is one for the hooka Orotird by the residents of Keenan Hall, the Cant Pumpkin is a program that brings underrivilegul children from the Sou th Baxl area MO campus to nick-or-treat. The primary treating grounds: Unsuspecting dam ' s. This war, the invasion of with occurred the Thursday More Halloween. Keenan held nothing ha, as thty made a haunted house out of their Insernein and decorated their halls with Halloween scares. Before swanning to the dorms, the Kallati Nvluntms, bedecked in Orange Jack 0 ' Lantern shirts, greeted the students. They started elf their ramp ge with carving pumpkins as Noah Quad, and that broke into smaller groups led by the same volunteers. Such famous figures as pumas, Onderdla, Dracula, Frankenstein, Canaan:an, and " Pimp-kin " spooked the halls of Keenan axial! the other candy- laden dna. By the and of their reign of tenor, the costumed crusaders had all but sucked dry the residents of the donn, filling their bags with innumerable sweets. The Great Pumpkin began in 1997 with a handful of students coining onto campus, but their ranks have swelled to over a hundred The students come from local elanenuity sdxxis what students have a strong showing in the Boys and Gals Club, Teamwork fig Tomorrow and Slice of life. It was a landnark year for the Great Pumpkin program because for the first your, every dam on campus participated. And it shall not be the last. 27, 2005, 4 paw Thor kids acmes Souds Earl put as their in anticironen of trick tang- Mit or the ;Arm Ilene canwm. — Pram op their kids. leaving the tend Kann in chaise of lolaw. after that bide pa I kttm 01)(1 Dimey 11171CMCC — October 27, 2005, 5 pan. all)CCIVT lung aim trent thaw kw signor die way ! kith.: inn, tweaked km iricklynreatinc ni walk any koza. PfrAo by BilyGailatha 15;51 Fall 2005 October 27. 2005. 5:45 p.m. 27, 2005, 5:30 p.m. The mgemo-imicaral kids venture dams to the Kriatm lurmast. ass:Ming grains. and dog, the my: — ' The kid:sari:it skrm the haumni IvIts Koman. gating Krauts of ttrtsly diced at :wady each door Mix. A puny 011 helps herd( to Notre Danz stockno Jets up true only just imede the mprially for the kar, to pin Joss of Welsh Family 1611. so mar lkdommt hp_ rfrteby le Calipher Phxo illy Camera The Keenan Great Pumpkin is an exemplary step to better relations with the South Bend community. October 27, 2005, 6:15 p.m. 27, 2005, 7:30 pan. The South Rend umber, atu1latluts ar• riwacceurre at Quarto to pick up their that raupr-Alkd chlken. - lb: ilt4W11..KW bats and Ards mkt thew way to the numeross °ISO Jahn vont:Tv mak .snxnul camps. — The Keenan men take the kick ro Mei , .kosts remaining, as dm, s piture roar appralchea — The Lads ,re hick lupus tknx h their hg: saeouxh, and hpin to IA forusust to next 53Per roams trichatsucuting. — October 27. 200i, 7 pan. — October 27, 2015. 8 pan. 27 October 1457 The Gke Utthper(mnaafl of The Cite Club untily pct. its moms in the new Male (cam two amens donne ihe P. Debut Center fa the fall semesta-the FRO Owen Performing Ana and a Christnra‘ 01 XXII. ThooThy David Pion Ifreo by Dail Nina The Glee Club was founded in 1915. L be Am. d 0:Lox..el a .Anval kleup tug bald tio:Oulnuonlm wt. foaled only onl 5var$ — Nienibt-r, 158 I Fall 2005 sir — Will OsterIxt7ach MycrN Knin Atbm Paul ttri.h, Mark Lott.Chace The Notre Dame Glee Club by Monica Van Eyck I he Fall I005 Notre Dame (Ice Club ' s raider is John 134cetiarth. — 1198 Lel a cuivtla i,quor coopritol ti ao: Club mernben. Wt. foutx10.1 in 1998. Ilte Nan; Dune Glee Club irainuans its reputation as cue of the most reoagnized collegiate singing group in the nation this year with its extensive concert schedule. Ranging (ruin small evaus within the dorms to ormnixd intonational tours, the flee Club ' s engagements have proven to It nothing low than impreave this year as they have in years past. For three weeks during the summer of 2CO5. the club toured Latin America for the first time in its eightyane year history at the university. Stops included Niatragua, Panarret, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, where alumni groups The Nitre Rune Oke Cub welcomed the visit and were treated to a selection of folk soup from their alto perfonned with the Now rapective countries. In addition to international tours, the aft Club annually Club afoot the foothill tours the United States during bath fall and spring bre . This year ' s Fall Break Pf ow by Mary ' Almon tour incluclal performances in Ohio, Illinois, Kansas and Iowa, while the Spring 2006 tour took the dub to the Wei Gent to tour in the California vicinity. On campus, the dub showcases its skills with four major amours and proves its ability to perform a broad spectrum of musical selections in addition to the traditional repertoire that audiences have grown to love over the axles. The year butins with the Fall Concert, while the Christmas perforntance wraps up the meter with a medley of holiday songs. The Spring Concert and 03111111010.111(111 recital conclude the dub ' s major on-aunpus performances, but many smaller ales occur throughout the year. Christmas caroling at the ltr (lo•lub h teal the wome n ' s dunes, both at Nam liune and Sant Mary ' s, always draws a crowd of demand am tow. Poi. fans, while other smaller events, such as NI) in Revue and Singing Valentines, I csa Stout has Iwo at None provide studans with various opportunities to enjoy the (lee Club ' s talent. DMA! sine 1993. !trio flosti Preto Row 1: Ton Schteclejohn Rooney, hoer 1 kooncle:. John litter. Andrew — Soto. No lecithin, Row 2: Stool Eno; Mut hietiwuth. Poor Motikr. John Pod Andra% Mist Amleoen Member, 28 October 759 ' Ile lath Wain Mutates The Mm ' s Water Palo team " Screws any tsnwhote CC plays dl their mdse. in unclerpaduste ma• in cowl die Rolls Aquatic COW at salmi standing to pitch. die ' ACC IllIC n the swum Mowery Datil Nna Rea by Dined Puna The 2005 team boasts victories over 112 Michigan State and 6 Michigan. L NISI 11w %eine Imenemicittl knew Otht• dl was founth‘l in 1989 anJ clams Ise ahem 275 manhers. Row I: Preakth:Timothy (10 Erin ( ( XX): Joe Rehears, SO Michael Issaml. Rim: 2: Rachel Sthito. Brett Bwmillo:k. Prenith linen. Seals Istwbe. Michelle Ikinirtdl. Row J. John Cassie. Methad ticks Germ. Rithars1 Wahh..Fcal Limbs Nlemher 160 I Fall 2005 Men ' s Water Polo Texas Club Tenn Club was (rectal fa NI) au- - dcnts vAso nen (man tlie saw ti Tents The club Mac in nxinIxtrs with Luting Alfa nd to ND. Mc Water MiOaenni rfaCtiOS The men ' s water polo tan (Mischa ' ranked I nationally in the 2005 seism, lsxu anthts a ma+ al Rolls defmting many highly ranked term; t [landlord the year. From the first Aximic Calton flap try lAntl Pam game against Georgia " tech, the Irish showed that they was a strong team. A convincing 94 victory shone( ' the nation that the teun was well rounded and deep. More key victories aline was nuis later at a tournament hell at Miami. Notre Dame bested the Michigan Wolverines (or the first time in Irish Water polo history, winning 84. The Irish woukl goon to beat Miami in a 14.7 game. Although falling to the rd ranked Michigan State Spa.n.ins, the Irish had shown dot thty were a team that could play with anyone in the nation. The Insh tom Ina 1141 Stec in the mitring% of the 0111e, The Irish got another chance to play the Spartans a week later at the glace Wale IiAv ' Anhui:stem Invitational. In me of the lxst games in Notre Dame water polo Great takes onfacnce history. the Irish clotnimited the Spartans at both ends of the pool. Salim captains ontutiunthip Mao by anil Tina Mike Slhawk and Gnat ewcz•k aided the Irish ammeratmck, while junior Steve Sheixtrd panicle( ' outside shooting. Hok man Man McNicholas dominated close to the gad, while senior captain Scott T:vmyrker played a remarkabie game in gad. Otha key players included Jay Nunez and freshman Patrick Connors. both of %shim pmetal minable assets bath at of fense and Matte. At the end of the game, the Irish defeated the second ranked inns 134. The season ended for the Irish with the Great Lakes Conference Clampionships, held at Roll ' s Center. Sophomores Cohn Dunn and Than Wei Khaw led the team to easy victorics over Ball State and Toledo, Inning the Irish against ranked Grand Valley Stare. In a hard fought game, the Irish nue defeated by the scat to be national champions 10.9. Although nor winning a lid to compete in the national championship tournammt, the Irish cone away wall one of the lot seasons in recent years, finishing I V ' in the polls. — BdtJ thefLut: nal (kiln. :gm Mcerit,Pretlint: OS% Whim!, Vice Pnaant: Finest !Inn. Sr renal Clartn lxsov The Ni) Waxer Polo man ata by Greg Szewczyk embed lumber tcten grin into the thinnattnlits Mao fry Omit ?Mt — Of(ism 30 October 1161 Solar Tony Mn dodo a gom agajng defender with It offinsive Lama defender. Ildlvmsm attack issued to the MAC Hamann Pim acnotmof 4mts Tosphy watchhst Wormarn Hugo countsy onscets Woomera ' Men ' s soccer ranked 16th in the NSCAA adidas preseason poll. 21. 2U5 the US llmiltrt20 =Ammer tarn kw to ludy 3.1 mptaim s.1 by Notre Darn: Sim Caw IAN at the 2005 FIFA NOM; 111111C11X111 250Ca ECM frOlt the World Yowls thampionship in ' include, 2005 moon ranks " 16th in the N.2` AA midis procom August 16,2005 1()-21 Fall 2005 23, 2005 Aids sutra plasm (ittu Dully. Mau Bola. Wu Me, Luke Smirk, and ja are all mum ' in alkre Mara NtagaUne. — Justaw nridliokla (lax Ray is tun ' to the Miostri Athkyic (11161 lentraus Try ' iw Watch List, protium ' anntrally to the up mak Divitko 1 soccer plass,. August 25, 2005 A Big East Roller Coaster for Men ' s Soccer by 1 7 .Thclel ' Kern agoltenJer Oun CJI:11 I nniy to saw the lull to tne his teannito. lasso,ssottsyttions Infoonatiat kc Nun: Dame min ' s soccer had quite the dilemma la the 2CO5 meson as they gool awn Ft lam tom the Mike Banc Manurial Tomi. Riau canter, of Slions Infornatiat Iktal Gosh Botts; Oak kris etas hie !nth men rina. Krim ustatoy of Spam Ininmuunn koked for players to retool their team after losing their best defensive players to graheitiat However, the nucleus of the offense was still intact, which included 2C04 leading Rim scorer Justin McCauley. Junior midfielder Greg Uallw was named to the Praearon All-Big Eau team, and was joined by junior mitlfidder Ian Fahaington. 1)alby also captained the US Under 20 lsktional Team in the FIFA Youth Championship in Enchale, Holland earlier in the summer. The tam started off the sawn many+ with a 4-1 victory over Na 7 SMU at the aclidaselU Got Union Classic in Bloomington, hidiana. " Ilse Irish would host the Mike Berticelli Memorial Taimaman on their home field, and would go to to win that tounummt by baiting St Louis in doublenvenime. The Irish opened their Big Fast regular schalule with a win ova ' parasitic. However, the Kish could not keep the mananum and were inconsistent in Big East play. Their victories walk ' be overshadowed by their tough losses to St. John ' s, Cuwinnati, Connecticut, and Ctorgetown; all by 1 goal. The Irish aided their regular season with two tough games at bane, including defending national champion No. 5 Indiana. The Irish lost the defending NCAA champs 3.0, but pulled out a thrilling 4-0 victory over No. 16 Scan Hall to end the season kd by saphomon: forward Joe Lapira ' s twv gale The Irish finished the seas with a rapecudic 104-2 record overall, and 6-4.1 in Big Ent play. In the Big East Tournaman, the Irish (dl in the quarterfinals to No. 16 St. John ' s I A However, the Irish were selectai as an at-large selection for the NCAA Tounisuant. Men ' s sooca started strong with a 2.0 victory over Western Illinois. In a shocking turn of (vans, Notre Dune played a non-perfect pme to upset twonme NCAA defending champion Indiana 2-0 in the second round. However, their impressive run in the NCAA Tournament came man old when the Irish lost to Clemson I in the Round of 16 and ended their season with a 1213.3 overall rooxd. 11, 2005 Mnis sxca team aim the Mike lIcnicelli ' Monixial lisurnament in draintic Junto, geolketter (Iris Cahill is named fashion with 10 desdicsiongtime naves Big Ent (avtlkespx of the Ws over atilt lain at Alumni Held. 29, 2005 site. near finishes their Mg Ent sea-in with 340 victory owe No.16 Soon Flail. ' Me Irish funh the seam with a mad ti 1042 and 6-41 Si kyle play. — JunistsCalat Dallse ;oil Ian Fahningtm ;ire named lolly Allag Lea Fux Twnx — November 11, 2005 September 12, 2005 29 October [163 Slisknts, faculty.ancl staff not in Lalinune to =ember the life d Ron Parks. Photo by Mary Lein Rhea Pond, chair et the minx. irs affan committee. snub at the armorial anise fur Roo Ras Pinto by Mary thorn Chandra Johnson Ktrce EtIckwell, Professor Dank] Pew-Clans, Protases Richard Place. bidet Smith and Rho Bunt poic nth a pictured Rua Pat. Plat In Mn Lanvin E 1943 Rua Pula hutch., seanni e( the NAMI ' s Mannino) Branch axl i. ' later tithe: with lost. Pain refusal to Out up ha seat as a !CAM to kr .117C4 and the Montgetnen ' Dos a•seon December I, 1955 2005 RWILOUile McCauley W.Ithoinin Tuslign•. Maxima 2, 1913 martini ' tartlet Puts. n Gni Rights activist. 1932 Notre Dame Community Remembers Rosa Parks by Amy Walker Maki Johnwn, the .6-tvidc moor ti cancan niuthay .t6.141irectur cni6cultur.t1 umitty tole Xs wail a ass ;It the Itlettlettal feNice Palk. Phan fry :Amy (limn mcnt3 Real Pak. with the Nleall Froaknla 1996. Thom country of umvalnansththun Row Parks serval at a catalyst to srsark the Civil Rights movement Apartheid in South Africa awl created the Raw and Raymond by refusing to give up he r seat at a bus in Montgomery, Ablitma Parks Institute for Self Devdepnxsn. This Death based in De-camber 1955. Rules, an educated African.Ameriaw wafter 0C8211intian purpose is to provide programs to axth in order to who was active in the NAACP and Civil Rights movement was help than " reach their full potential. " asked to give up her sett to a white pastel anti relicati. This ' tritest Kyr= Blackwell spoke of what led Parks to deire change. action led to her arrest and the gateration of the Montgomery Bus He stated that she was " emotionally and psycholex,ically tired " with Boycott. segregation at the timed her refuel to give up her Salt which led Rosa Parks dial at age 92 on October 24,2005. Members of her to want to institute change in the systan. the Notre Dame community joined together an November 2 at a Richard Pierce, the chair of the AfricanAmeriam Studies menxirial service for Rasa Parks. The service was a celebration of depanment also spoke of Parks ' motivation and preparation for her ha life and all she stood for. Students, faculty and staff joined role in the Gvil Rights nwement. He stressed the preparation it together to remember Rut on the day she vats laid to rest at took for her to as courageously by defying social norms. He also Greater Grace Temple Church in Detroit, Michigar. 1. Parks had stated that being educatal, Parks was not just taught the " how to " lived in Michipn since 1957 when she and her family kft the of protesting, but also the remora why. Both Bkickwill and hate south foe security reams. salted that Parks was an example to all awl that her model in the The memorial sat begin with a rung sung by Chandra mats of faith and education shadd be folkweed. Johnson, aesuciate director of campus ministry and director of cross- Rhea Bold, a smio• and chair of the minorit y affairs committee cultural ministry. kthiren than watt on to speak about Parks ' faith, on the Student Senate strati that Parks was fighting the war commitment and service to God. She that called on the audience against racism, while associate vice presidau for the graduate to follow Pada ' example by making a difference by doing the right school Donald Popeawis challenged attendees to follow Parks ' thing. laid, effect change and make history. The president of the Notre none chapt of the NAACP, The service wit concluded with Johnson leading the crowd in sailor Fricka Smith, also spoke stating the importance of coming singing Notre Dame ' s Alma Mater and We Sian Ovemme. " together to remember " the mother ti the civil rights nxwanau " and stressing the importance of her role in history, not just that city an the data Parks also was an active sunnier of the aid of [— 1987 — Ark% hvis the Roo and ItAmni Park bwitute for — Pat.. o au•6.1x1 the M614 of beaker IY66.471t (linen. Parks is aw.trdal the tingrmitnti aid MAI a Rum NI PACS awe – 19% - - odo-. 24. zoos 2 November R65 1661 Fall 2005 19S9 21414 l)tninc the qu:sum and jakel Mite invites a Nacre Dane Went to do the ' Vac ' dances %Irk him PlotobyNlarilstmun Jan Cried. whu played Jmy, In Akita aren% mimic depicting the Paziat. spoke A the Grotto in October. Photo by Maly Lame] Join D.OVamor. thereat who rewalod the identity d Werentate Nwelktp Threat: Teaks to Nem Dame laus. Arm by Mad Prma " D‘WMIKUr ails It. moans: he the WaMiNton Past in its imestivtion the Watapte 8axxkd invol‘m lluxint fair Malan. a shine Avut the %Wow rshan huniWslife in Ulkand and then sleeks neis4tx stevel:Mci. Finial on AEC. honey Maws encl.‘ in series al ter nine — Mel Cason ' s lalta,The ti the Orri e. h reltesat Deep Throat Revealer, " Jesus, " " Steve Urkel " All Speak At ND by Cassie Betek Jim eavierrl qacke to Islam Dame student% gout his nun sphinol experiences and theticion as well as his cmaiaxe in The Mtn of Jr (hue. Man Mary Iowan meri nue sods to Niue Dame mains about the mtertanment barmen uhen he traveled here VII his tour of colleges. MowtryMary town The fall brought a wide array of guest speakers to campus. including fans and spoke of going through puberty at national television, actor Jim Caviad from The Passion 4 tire Out actor Jaleel White graduating from UCLA, and the importance of letting your wok from the 1990s TV series Panay Maws, and Noire Dame graduate not Hollywood, define you. He spoke to a packed DeBartolo 101 John Otbnnor, who was resporaibk for revealing the identity of and began his talk by, as a UCLA Bruin, asking Notre Dante how " Deep Threat, " a source in the Watergate scandal. The topics of we Lust the game to UM White was cheered when he said he was the speeches ranged front trying to convert people to Christianity to cheering cm the Irish during our game against his Alma Maters staying positive in the ancrunnment industry to being a part ti the rivals. He Urdu eel with a question and answer session that even most significant journalistic event of the last century. led to some audience participation. Sophomore Allison Cements On Thursday, October 1.3,2e05. as the " game of the tear " said, It was hilarious when Jahoel did the Urkel dance and made against LIM approached, Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus in ' The a girl from the audience do it with him. " White reiterated that Pasant " spoke to students at the grotto about his experiences he was proud of his sunk as Lad and valued all the loans show playing Jesus and not being afraid to expras one ' s faith. Casio:el business taught hint said that he suffered greatly while filming " The Parnon " and was O ' Connor game a lecture Friday, November 4,2005 about even accidentally stnick twice by a whip. Ile said the experience revealing Mark Felt, second-incommancl at the FBI during the deepened his faith and he encouraged students to look out for Nixon presickitcy, as " Deep Throat " from the Watergate Scandal people to convert. Senior Katie O ' Friel said, al think he is a that forced Presidetu Richard 1ton to resign from office in 1974. oilman! Catholic wit eat. It ' s nice to know that Hollywood has This lecture was sponsored by the John W. Gallivan Program in sanetme OM there with smog morals and values. " She added Journalism, allies and Democracy and the Notre Dame Alumni that her favorite port was when Caviad " called our generation to Asrociatiat O ' Connor stand to piece the puzzle together when he Ming faith hick into our lives and not be anbaroared to show it " discovered that his child ' s college friend was Felts gm, ndson. After Gavial stayed for the football grime, prompting false rumors that family approval, he revealed the identity to Vanity Fair marine actor Mel Gibson had ?Anal him. This event was sponsored by in June 2W5. O ' Connor spoke about these acerb:nos and about r` " • Note Dames Right to Life Club, Student Government, Children his belief that journalists need more protection from being forced to of Mare, Knights of Immaculata and the Orestes BtOW11.431) reveal sources. V ..;: COWICIL t Students had the cpixrounity to meet Jesus, Urkd and the i: Itvenker brought died White, best boat as Steve Urkel " Deep Throat " exposer, and leant about religion. entertainment from Family Matteis, awl John O ' Co ' tutor, now best known for his and political scandal among other things. All the speakers showy. ' involvement in solving a giant pieced the Watergate puzzle. won enthusiasm to he at Notre Dame and to be interacting with On Wednta:Lay, November 16,2005, White, spatteredby studatts. These personal accounts from people in various inclumies the Student Union Board, entertained an audience of cheering gave students a faun to learn outside of the clatsroom. n May 41,2(X15 .. I- CYGennor renols W. Mark Iii[ :a ' Dan Throat ' which is bar cited be Weadward, a writer for the Mt:Winnow% an during 4, 2(U5 oaonn to None Dame stuInn White, ohs played Stew Mel en Poway Maury, to Not re Ilinn seudents tot his akciakei en the shin. November 16, 2005 4 November 1167 — Jim earkoi nooks to Notre Da sinkuts az the Urania -- October 11. 168 Fall 2005 Smtentlxv -- October 21.27, 2005 Dove Turner, Angelo Petraglig, Shan Ctdan. aix1 Tana Mont atom Lawn. Tony Way caulk with Pniewor and Anon Kim stand tnxkt the Ric do Arummula (wand keny tight) in Kivu. Juliet in Varna. Pim away4 Katie Man Phao umnay of Katie hang " Archies " had the chance to travel all over Italy, not just to Rome. Junh.” talc itrst tnp K...zde of Rome to and limbo. I 0, zoo; 7, 2005 — 71x week a ter the ten et high, Danis Igegli, :void a mek in Englia. Ranana. al Veneto Rcounc. talus wind the examining the arehitoxige et " indrianls Villa in ' limb. lay. — (11 their (in extended I rip, student. wit the Unita gni Titicany month including flognice. Architecture Rome Program by Elizabeth Mierenfeld Anna Kim sketches in a aara in (kali ovetkoklig the city Photo ortatesy of Kane Fulmer A dmDithers en a bit in One of thc unique mixers of the University cf Notre Diane ' s College of Votna. Simians a neck in the Romeo. went and Architecture is the year-king sulxnersica into Italian architecture. In the Rome vmeto miens. viatica •ye!. Studies program, founded in 1969, junior architecture students live in the krnwn vaem Lunetta [lord in Plata Paradise, which is near the marketplace Culp, dei Roil. sod Wake lino courtesy of Kane lidimer Students study near Roan bkwona and the home of the Pantheon, Plana ddla Rwanda, taking four courses each somata. These classes include design studio, drawing, watercolor, architectural theory, and architectural history, with the focus primarily on classical architecture and looking with this focus at oantemrxrary buiktings. folknying Vitmvius, Palladio, and Vignola. Kim Nkyte.Katie Flmer, Steve thlitigher. and Erie Not only do students study architecture within Rome, but several field trips leak an ore the rnlin are talus) throughout Italy. These sites include Sicily, the Veneto, Tuscany, the dams At lint in Rome Jim annum of Kate Rehr. " Cat ' ninama, Umbria and the March. " [his includes presentations by faculty and visits to historic sites, while encasing ample time for sketching and touring the cities. Architecture students mend all of their five pears at Notre Dune with centralization on traditional architecture when looking at contemporary works. Each year builds upon the year preceding it. The first year serves as a basis to get a gram on the principles of construction. Sephomore year relates these principlm to architectural Icon. The third year is the year in Rome in which traditional urbanism is studied. The fourth year expkres issues such as regionalism and cross cultural values through an understanding of the city, and during the final year, students work at their spring thesis studio while keeping in mind a variety of issues. Each year is crucial in developing one ' s individual architectural viewpint. Studom Like a nip W mkt winded Rear wive the preimml tuimd Oro. Anik.i. alld(1112414NNI. Arch itwore maim maxi al-Moan. trip along tlic ahanatt a. mem de cotter of Italian tolitical uk. 4, 2005 March 17-26 Sokints their trine Intik mitring the Ocrpania and sob 616nm Match 10, 2006 27 October 1169 1701 Fall 2005 Oaohor 31, 2005 --- November 2, 2005 Two hanlut-uork friends take a break (nen nix gin pain and tinkly IA.:us holulaY coffee thinks Phow by Natal " , Fite • • SKIP Sake nails rif the La Fortune kw office. ' Ay reauranging the sluifflo.1 sot carat Photo try Naulfau Row Stull Lake. narks in (Aria at The I Itrille nl InForume. Phan by Dial Pau : I • ; sexily: A inslou finithec up %trek far the mark, patting an 2 terra at the hal (ran 9A3.1 to IO ANL 1110114(a Maxlay: A waken has to Nark ul frau I PM to Wal. FLJknraan aa Starhucks. the place allele tabu, cane to Wake tharuclar, up atom sleeptleyeinal. ataume-fille41 sat-shoat Tuesday After claws, a vuknt Pars an Any-filial tour to awe high phea.4 ,a fifers tnlng to tkode whether Notre VI ' alueslay A hard-necking attain I keno lathe ' iglu place foe than. r Are in to %Park at lepenic, hying io pa ligtps to3 hg-tipperaJunng that lunch shift. 30, 2005 Nentoibor I, 2005 E On-Campus Jobs: Varied, Part-time, Often Mundane by Meagan Conway Senior Mans Connor maim the Lana-tune hisanent duster oath vase. talkOR to friends rho Wpm StOp Phato by Mamba Firer Nak. Radii takes a beak Iran Imitated the pail coo to par for a plata Phseerbyttialw Rare Students decide to take jets for various teas= — mirkatudy, or in any duster on campus " Stop ordming cakes, because it gives future job experi ence, and sometimes simply the need fce some me mote work, " mate Hudac jokingly says of his on-campus job 1 I 1 extra cash to mend en the weekends. Many Notre Dame students with Notre Dame Cakc Service. While sonar students opt only (or 1 . take advantage of the numerous on-campta opportunities, simply a couple hours a week at a job, some work over 10 hours a week or - " 1 bemuse they arc easily accessible and have flexible hours, as eve have multiple jobs. • 111 - ..• ..,, • gm; compared to steady off-campus jets where employers on be less Students cm also mirk as waiters or waitresses on campus at • A — • -.... ..: ft tindetminding of the prmircs of school: tests, proisco, required Legends While the majority of the staff are local members of the moos, and, mist of all, mid-toms and finals. Riving gas prices have also been a factor in many students job people Bend a nmumity rather than students, the two groups of lima people work as one waitstaff tam at However, students decisions this par - many students have opted for slightly4esser who wok there have to make last minute weekend plans lximuse paying jobs on-campus rather than dealing with the hassle of [ening the walked schedule doesn ' t come exit until Thursday night. hefty gasoline prices to get to a job oticanpus. Another downfall to this czaspation lies in the fact that students On.campus jobs can differ in work load lam day today and job depnil en tips as opposed to an hourly wage, and tips are las than to Pb. Many students will work either in North or South Dining predictable, sometimes leaving the student with a !newer miming Halls or in The Huddle, which often rewire constant activity. for several hours of hankairk. ' he job itself stinks but the people are fun. Sometimes it ' s nice to For students creatively inclined. paid positions are available go in and do mindless work for a ample Inns, " Molly Dawes says through Kam Dame ' s various media outlets, such as the Obsenta, of her job en the NON Udine. Methan Newcomb strives for a NMI, WS4D, Scholastic, and the Dome yearbook, etc. Job tides more positive view on their dishline eminence, saying " Waking include writers, photographers, editors, and media tuitions. Senn at North Dining Hall is great because you gain the ability to stack of these positions are paid on a per am or per picture basis, some dishes at high speak, discover all the bizarre concoctions you can are paid allay, and others are fruitful in the form of a scholarship create with dining hail food, and make lifelong friends at NON This article dos not even begin to mention half of the at- student wader social gatherings. Plus, the aprons are really hot. " canoes job opportimitier that can be found in the " student 1 Other campus employees take juts that help them gain anployment " section for current students at the ND minim. within their majors, working a couple hours a work for Notre Dame employs thouszmds of people on-canpus • not all of ; a pale= at offices locate! in Manner and the like, or taking a them arc studmts, Int many arc. These students are lucky to have 1 job as a TA (teacher ' s assistant). Additionally, students who do such a variety of cmploynxiit opportimities and variable hours well in classes are offered pond= as tutors or nxiitors for athlete s to manipulate around their hectic claws, activities, and personal who have to take the same classes. Some students are able to get schedule. hawse done while en the job, such as anployears at the litany – Non-Inky 3, 2005 November 5, 2005 — Thumbs: The Ohsecors ' morns: mil pulls di so another tslitias of the lily papa; Ffidas ' s issue is the In of the vol. — Fakir A tiral rupees t mho to NIN I to vole at SAM in the ondene line. Forsuling NlYse.uls river with a roman ,tat. Nom woo to in the swami man a moknt mach :Mont puts in kawal maces, due to a lack a tune dating the swat. 1 — Suatry: A atlas Mita finisher her last stool Joe (ta this moth ' s tine in the basement el Saab Dinin.e — November 4, 2005 — Noss-olive n. 2005 6 November Jean Kilbourne Visits The Gender Relations Center by Dan Geffre Serer All Wit " Chili of die Cook ' Inca commince. innothnis Jen Kilkurne ' s Teeth. Piro by Gaikies I Wither the (imam of the Condor Relatim,Center in 2004. Ph " the vsnona: twin% such actin. forum (finding enialitq Phew 1 2 Afermatha I coup Months of planning ant work by the Senate Gender Issues asked if they felt they were attractive Dr. Kilbourne notes, " that nuance culminated with a lecture by Kilbourne to highlight number skyrockets to 6% " In an eta where anorexia and bulimia the eVentS of Eating Disorders Week in oily Nkwernbm The are very roil and very dangerous disorders, these kinds of attitudes even was a huge success as students won through a roller coaster are not helping the female population, opecially adolocaus and of emotions from happy to sad to outraged while they listened and college students. watched Jean Kilbourne speak about her research of advertising ' s Dr. IGIboume also challenged the claim of corporate America harmful use of men and wan= The speech itself, Killing th that people should be axlividually responnble. Acarding to her Softly, centered at slides of different aelvertisanents Dr. Kilbourne data, Americas on average see at least three thousand ads every had cane across since she saw an ad in 1968 that site said, thy, and only 8 " k of an advertiseman ' s message is procured by " changed my life. " The advertisement was for a birth control thug the a ruckus mind. Her response hued at this data to corporate called Ovulen•21 in which it was asserted that a wonent thought America ' s argument was thus, " For corporations to say that if not by cycle days but by weekdays. Depicted in the advertisonou porous have a problem with advertising they shouldn ' t let their lads was a woman with a different housthold chore for each day of the be exposed to it is like awing the air is poisoned—don ' t let yan kids week an her mind. Dr. Kilbourne was disgusted at the insinuation breathe " that %%anal were too biopic] to member their cycles. At the end of the lecture the neat was opened to gooneys Dr. Kilboume ' s main assertions for the night were that where students wart Anatol to ask Dr. Kilbourne anything about advertising perpetuated stereotypes in society of the way mat and ha nsearch offercommons. After her talk she thanked the women were supposed to look, feel, think, and act. The [loin focus Colder Issue; Committee for bringing her again to campus as well was that for women this practice could be dangerous or even deadly. as the Gender Madan Omer, one of the cosponsors of the event. Almost all women shown on television, especially in advertising, She alsoencouraged students to become active on campus about fit into a body image that is only attainable by 5% of the female these issues by joining student groups cn minims led by the Gender population due to nothing other than ' ,musics. However, Leanne Reknions (Inter like Men Against Violence, which she had heard they see these images so fnimouly, Dr. Kilbourne believes it sets about earlier in the day from student body Vice Presidau Lizzi women up for a possible cycle of weight loss that will necessarily Shape Following ha speech, Dr. Kilbourne signal her new ' sok, aid in failure, depression, and finally disease. Dr. Killnume cited a nit Buy My Lott: 1 low Advertisaw Oranges die Way We Think study by Mary Etkoff title Survival of the Neural commented and Fret, ad met with students outside of Debartolo 101. that only 2%d want consider themselves bmutiful, bur what Roeulte (iliac( is fotinikyl after minim aid (actin.% rieyinals. kind are (int admitted to the Wiwi ,ity d NOM: NM:. PcivIze grin, the fire (mole nuke toffy prat:Jou ti Ntesc Dme. pucka Adraling 10 ram dome, 130.tal of " fruotes, a ' king kr a toner At women itmi main tailed ly the 2 00 2 2005 — 1993 I Alia Puke:nal VA. i : : Stu- dent Affair., anniariass the sAsition the new Colder Rdatiore Cower. arptinting Hese hin Ittko.-‘1- to Iv the Runde dirodor. — ' 1h: tkudent (rnxkt Relation; Committee. led Kuhr Retiriekl, sum ktvkviyaing Illejobilility of a pursed for a Gender Ftehtions Cage. JEAN Kilkunic ' s slide ketones are sum all Mt the wad Icon Kilbourne gait hasp:Leh ' The Nuked Truth: Aclvertisiner lawof Waren " in DeBartolo Pinto niunerey nJ JeanKtllotonestin 2004 lbernaSdan saves as xinnistrative assistant in the Cvnike Relations Ce nter. Her dike is Iccated in cf. tern Larutune. Plittoby Akcandro Hanson I leilt her Rai:eery and Therm SAIlla et send on suit by Alex avow. grAlace X1 451Maal, al Lilt Surveil. snide:seashore -tisiasni. Morn 4, Aleinniira I Unison — Fall Ms I 7 November [173 ROTC Veterans ' Day by Elizabeth Mierenfeld . Au but: u )54 Irt in uniform. S-tikvAt5kt ROTC SCIUCt Jun Ragorium dos pochupi during PT. Hum try Paullambr On national holidays such as Labor Day and Veterans ' at the Hesburgh Library ' s Carey Auditorium on Friday, Day, Notre Dame students attend class as usual, unlike November 11. These were people involved with the twiny public universities. However, this does not mean ' Tuskegee Experiment, " a program by the Army Air that these days remain unnoticed. The Reserve Officer Corps in World Warn to train African Americans to Training Caps, more commonly known as ROTC, fly combat aircraft. These airmen never lost a bomber celebrates these manoriaLs with services each year. to enemy fighters in the war as they served as a fighter On November 10 and 11--the University of Notre escort wing and helped viork towards full integration of Dame ' s ROTC units, Army, hbvy, and Air Force- the United States military by overcoming discrimination. - gathered to mark Veterans ' Day. These branches U. S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Lucius Theus served as the silently held a 24-hour vigil at the Clarke Memorial first African American to be pmmoted to general, Peace Fountain beginning on Thursday, November 10 and was an active military member for over 36 years. at 400 p.m. As the vigil ended, the annual Veterans Jefferson completed 18 long-range escort missions for Day Retreat Ceremony took place, with Marine Corps 13-17 and 13-24 bombers and spent nine months in a Maj. Jason Frei guest speaking, and Rev. Theodore M. German Prisoner of War camp before being rescued by Hesburgh, CSC, delivering the invocation. the Amu lean forces. Ross, a serving member for 25 Another major highlight of this yarr ' s Veterans Day years, flew 63 sorties and missions during the war. celebration was the three former Tuskegee Airmen, US. Air Foxe Maj. Gen. Lucius Thetis and U. Cols. Alexander Jefferson and Washington Ross, who spoke 9, 2005 E September SO-October 2, 2005 Fnulamm (Ito Retreat talus place Army cutlets cavity ihylanimoigation fbniotX etkbralim taker Ore in mow of the winker II ilik41.4 attack and mitt, celebrate Warrior We. an :ming conglit11101:0111of the Amy ' s Warrior Ethos. for Anus RCYlleofficen. Freshmen training • night Lul navigation training, in ROW= chum: to tither ern in anJ SIX (Hupp Smittimal Training ROTC marl have tnilitats obliettitio boatios) lanes in the first HI FIX (Fidd after gniftratityl. or they can leave ala,1 Training F_xercbm). av ail chit dutia. Sawa (.1011ange Camp talc pit o• at Crop Atterbury in EilinhurehiniLtrii, —siva:44011 the 9s limeade. Ituar Challenge Char a ontoby comp., ttion famool tit mites skills :mitt:mm..1s. — October 2CO5 1741 I Fall 2005 Septernbr 23-24, 2005 — April 21, 2006 January 50•:chntam 17, 2006 11 November I 175 November 10.11. 2005 ' atcrens ' Day comb Sc place. This is comakeal the rust solorn cunt ci the von. February Shanxi Training Program act place for Figlmns hieh Battabcn Amy FUR the The Ninth ' Irbh MiStan ATMS :Ow takts surcctal in ateoxkng mi Anny ramming anti latge4 teut4 event of the Onling,t. (Finn tit (iniknge)nie.outes skill ichol ova the A inner. This looms mars maid. cadetsnith the opporturim the ctioairaire a the Re to Fite co motaing .kid. ad luvarlubt aid: to lance axialiang Main the Frown and 01.411tIlitS cadets to %sing te.amork anticommeng with ugh anyognate pruned fr anim; nelitaty down:trate their ability to fulfill limos other. interaction. midi ax ma Amy ' ROTC Cakta :next in formation :td tiler a %Jute in ruguct ac the 9111 entenunr. Mat b., Pouf Jaain The ROTCtirill team gaiormt compucs at not OA ' Int knit:nand Ica Phan by Lyle, Szttiturk; ROTC gulags ignorant m the Veterren I ' Mevents M IMIC d Stombagte. Argo Fry avarth I leitagh MIA, Flat and Mary lay Fain ' nnInnota en roe midst nom in Oeas with accmnal loath the mamn ND to slow their kw fur Nacre an 1.1a7 pep tally. Dame (cobalt Mao Ai Unteiya Fore PhW,auntyrtJ Emig HA Notre Dame students and alumni feel an incredible surge of pride as they see the visiting team ' s fans walking around campus in awe. 17. 2005 Michigan ates 12 nom are the nog by an hith orsoncnt .444l (OT). — kith ware having dotal:on and the at i .aced. of the gore. ICU. Folnember 3, 2005 C Notre Dom Neil flit for the 12th lino in 14 amino at littsbunth. 4221. aw:h VIM. henna, the Ant cinch time Knuce Roane (11Nill ht fial INI) gams tn the r051. MO. 1761 Fall 2005 — ()cuter 15. 2005 Septengor 10, 2005 Notre Dame, Possibly Synonymous with Football by Kathleen Sullivan Susie Fur and her pnersaa make the famous " W for or -win- in their " Farley lows ante tains. Photo by Notelet Fore Quinn prev to 270 midi. skinning, ameba gime, and hummer Notre Dome ' s dlaiirc kuding its m.41 re hitli hat Stanford in a ckise 31.38 the first frith quancrtuck m thner fee gimme. (merle: ' the menu 9 and 2, to more than IWO rad in I mum at the remit a Tot in a il•Ai guns meth OM Rah Jdct Sym:um: 31.10. $14 Nmember 5, 2005 19. 2005 The 41 ' elms ecumi for the nil by Notre lime ern the mot given LT he Ton ear all igren as KB eim BradyQuinn ' s 3 toutinken pawn. Mimes; the gene. note a new 52 tuudekrutt cosset by Quinn to tie the nivel mirk ea by RAM Penius in the 42.31 natty over ityy. It at the Wa Tans. In many circles, Notre Dame is syncnymous with fcotball. The new era of Charlie " Weis has brought new life to the foodxill team an the field. New or old, however, the statimnsceasalh- arose! and taking limner fcotball utekaxk never fail to bring thominds of motile to campus to see their annus. Irish play. Friday afternoon, even before claws are done, visitors begin trickling nun by Nagle? Rom in from all ova the country, including alumni and their families, the subway alumni, true fans who actually never wan to the University, and people who just have to m a Notre Dame game once in their lifetime. Early Saturday morning, campus is always teeming with alumni, fans, and students. Campus clubs and ambitions light up gills starting around eight, and concession stands are going strong by ten o ' clock. ' Mese stands are fundraisers Swami m %iId in Notre for groups on campus, and the long lines prove their popularity, especially for the aims (Atte Manurial tunas steak sandwiches sold by the Knights of Columbus at every home game. Famtam on I:rein-before the foothill gang in) mily. lluse who aren ' t in the mood fa brats certainly have du chance to bring Pm° amay of Mallory their own food. A pass to me of the las will get you in to tailgate, and on MeNterante aiturdays, thousandsof junk in The Shin and other Notre Dame gear play gams, cat, and have a drink before the bane, while playing music and getting their spirits up. A few hours before the game, visitors line up across God Quad to see the players, locking slum in their suits, walk to the stadium. Later there is the traditional bond concert on the steps of Boned Hafl, then the bond step-off what they march through campus to the stadium The bond is followed by a rush of people lining their path to the Notre Dame stadium, hurrying to their seats Wore the game begins so that they don ' t miss kickoff. After the game, mass at the Basilica of the Saacd Heart is attended by many fans, and auxficlight dinner at the dining halls attract many who don ' t want to fight traffic to go off campus for dinner Wore heading home after a long. full day of Notre Dame foothill. November 24, 2005 F- 12 November 1177 November 12, 2005 Rocky Topping Tennessee; Class and Honor with Navy by Michael Kim ;um Funning lock Tani. Thouro hooks through the bbety delknrive line for a tit gun Monet ycoce.I tar touchtloan aging the hluhluptneu. Mt by Hrtyng hinouon Mxigaritnen dyer to their Nny team faun the monk Hut a, Mithoel Ken Needing cue more win to become bowl-ebMble, Notre Dame used The 41 points allowed by Tamcssee was the most allowed by the their second be week for rest and extra preparation for a Tennessee Volunteers. team snuggling with a 3.5 max Although the Volunteers Notre Dame and Navy met for the 79th consecutive year, boasted a tough defense, the Irish torched than in the first quarter making it the longest continuous interscaicnal rivalry in the with a hot start. Senior tight end Anthony Fasano took a 43-yard cotnitry. The Irish muck first when Stovall made a spectacular pass from junior quarterback Brady Quinn and dived daringly cue-hand ed catch and kqx his feet in the end-zone to put his team into the endeme for the opal touchdown. Tamessce ' s special up, 7-0. However, the Midshipmen imde the game interesting in tams had been woeful all year, and it showed when the Volunteers the first quarter with their triple-option draw to control the clock fumbled the kickoff after the Irish touchdown. Nam Dame took and keep the potent Irish offense off the field. Mare Dame made advantage when Quinn threw a perfect 35.yard pass to senior wide the twist of their limited touches in the second quarter when they receiver Maurice ovall, who plucked the boll from the air to scored on all three pogeraions. Junior running hick Travis Thomas wide the lead, 140. Junior safety Tom Thikowslci added insult to ran for a touchckwin from 12 yards with a stretch play while Darius injury during the second Tarter as he (laded the home crowd with Walker scored on a 13-yard nm. Fasano capped off the run with an a 78-yard punt return for a touchdown to create a 21-10 lead going 8.yard pass from Quinn. into halftime. Stovall would add two more touchdown receptions, giving him Although their offense staggered with dropped passes, the eight in the past three games. Mae Dame went on to beat Navy Volunteas would not give up. Tennessee scored 11 points in the 42-21, marking the 42nd consecuthe time the Irish have done third quarter, tying the game 21-21. However, Nom Dame would so. The shining star for the Irish defense was sailor linebacker show its grit when junior wide receiver Jeff SunardziO turned an Corey Mays, who finished the game with 14 tackles and a fumble 8-yard pass play into a 73-yard play. He was stopped just slut of recovery. It was also a record-braking day for Quinn, who brace the end-zone, but would score the goahatel touchckwvn two plays Ron Piawlus ' all-time carer passing yards of 7,602 and Jarious later. Along with two field goals by senior kicker D.J. Htzpatrick, Jackson ' s singleanson pasting axed of 2,753 in 1999. Thikomici sealed the game when he returned another punt for his After the game, None Dame honored their opponents when wend touchdown. The game was much closer than the final score they went ova to the Navy sideline to see than sing their alma of 41-21. tinter with their fellow Midshipmen in the stands. It was a stirring After the game, junior defensive players Trevor Laws and mam a and signified the dignity that Head Catch Charlie Weis Justin Brown showered Head each Mark Weis with cold water, warned to instill in his Irish players. On a refreshing note for signifying their bowl eligibility. Samarilzit broke the all-time sewn students needing to use the weekends to study, the game only took mark of touchdoivn reoepdons as he caught his 12 ' h pats against three hours and ten minutes to play. Tennessee, breaking Derrick Mayes ' old record of 1 1 in 1994. Notre Dame new tiny for the tine in 13-thirnore. unuki On 194. I 5, 1927 E Newenther 2, 1963 — In their ftru-cni rneenug. Notre Dank: defeats Icnnts-or 31.14 at Nine Dome Staatunk Nay onlautto8 None 1. rng 35-14 at dine Dame Stamm It worked the 1331 tulle Ity awn before the winning weak. — In the lint pale esvr Nolte Paine Stadturn, Notre Dante phys Nny In fans of 40.595.111e ' rich von 26-2. — October 11, 1919 — November 111, 1978 17iil Fall 2005 Junior =few Tun ltkowda rens a pont moo:. 71,kowski returned TWO (SIMS for toochtimm. oan Brehm, Manna Naocrilawn sing their alma 31i103 thlT dIC gamc lux 4.gre Daneplan= joined them in Exocrine their c• ponent ad annum Item by 2.1inati Kin Sittig nide maim Maurice 8;03.4110,44g n Tangy Mender for a to Mao by Drina Mannino 3, 2001 In Mit kg obit to Notre ante Staium. Tennison: few bkgre Dame 21•18. 3 COMMCI TbriecT Notre Notre Uume and Nny $471 to renew their nvalry till 2016. pith the 2012 eune king plegd in DAM, In.•ana — Nimember 10, 2005 12 Novemberi179 — Novembcr 10, 1979 — N their fug inn to Kninvilk,1315re !lute kg,. ha to Tonince 43.18 in Neyland Ali= — N. re I nueand Nmy Ow at Cirke Pak in Dublin. lrairxt The kith nom in to Min 84.26 in Lon Ilther final WA..111. — Noveniher 2, 1996 Asian Allure 2005: Reflections Asian Allure 2005: Reflections, sponsored by the Man AMmiGut Association and held in Washington Hall on November 18th, was a huge success. The sold- out show celebrated post and presan Man cultures, exhibiting ball hellion and tradition in one seamless evening. The hard mirk that went into the event was obvious and mull worth the final product. One of the nut popular acts from the night was the Bollymalstyk dance from the Indian Association and the Pakistan Student Organization. Representing BolInvaxl as the largest grossing film industry in the wield, the dance compilation was lively and exciting. Another popular act was [(•op from the Korean Student Association which illustrated the strong influence of hip-lap and pop at newer Korean music. " Ile flow between the traditional to the more modem performances emphasized the theme of night. mixing cultural influences of the pact pith the new inspiratiais of the present. The Filipino Anwrican Student Organimtion, Hawaii Club, Chinese Cultural Society, Vietnamese Snidest Association, Korean Student Association, Indian Association, and the Pakistan Student Association all performed, as well as the Nome lane Mania! Arts Institute and 2-1Praluctions. The hosts for the evening, sophomore entitle Gabriel and junior Angelo Gacad, kept the show running smoothly with their witty banter that kept the audience engaged throughout the event. After the intermission, a segment inevlving an audience danceoff competition onstage not only brought laughs but also got everyone psyched for the second half of dances and acts. The acts were brolcen up be appearances horn student-maids, who dialled each appoiraice with a range of outfits, including traditional, bmincss, and sem•formal wear. The malels brought a unity to the evening, exhibiting a common ground in all the Man and Amaion cultures bang represented. The night is the largest annual display of Asian atxlMan.American culture on campus, and this war it continued its tradition of excellence and lxilliance Mike Lex, saws, itral his ibnce flamer redeem rut of the modelaue One to play semvfonml mar. Plow by Unite That Studentaff0111 the Chime Cultural Society porton a tratitmol Clime Rahn !box at Atlas Alert 2005. Photo try anal Prime Sanity Odin., (lam= ixtrucottes in a traditional Korean fan dame at the Korean Student Assuctation ' t connahunon. Moro dry David Nut by Meghan Conway November 18, 2005 Man Nlwet to v800govt Wellington Hall alter the C fexrlxill pup rally. — Black Cultural Alb Conrail hold it. taloa and culture slam .12tak Inane s, — Club bah ita mud Luau including dinner and hula awe elontentratkm, — Not ember 5, 2005 18O1 Fall 2005 — Winter 2006 Students (nun the Inztrin AWAiata.111:110 the Palmitin Student Memnon thrice St lkkIlt in the Man in traditional clothCvd at the American Associaticn anal Man (Alum ihow. mach-vein a skit callecl Man Allure. Ping Peng. " ilieur by Dated Pima lino by fond Pr Ma Asian Allure 2005 depicted 7 cultures. - Spring 2006 — The Filipino American %Ant Oirwitatim holds its ame cultural cvuu. Ficitang. I. rin apre,iim sixigurul b; tar Alga= is held. I. 2006 FCAC holds its annuli Karim Slow at the (lniturc Gager in Sloth Band. -- Spring 2006 18 November) 181 The Band of the Fighting Irish by Mallow Brown The Elko ' renal paws outside of the Domekir= a tun March to the Stadium Mac- chout frau the Dome erns fifty ninon:46:kt kickoff. Rao by Harr (kaatz " Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen and atiome to Notre Dame Sedum! We The Bail a the lint you to welcome the University of Notre Rime Marching Band. Now in its 160 " year and football season. " Stbal. The Bond of the fighting Irish was founded in 1845, only three yews after ROO by Mother Guikatz the founding of the school itsdf. The first documented reference to the Notre more . _ thc Syrazuse game, the Dame BS was in 1846 when it played at None Dame ' s first graduation caernony. hand mks 4sofficial riclure The Band also appeared at the first Noire Dame football game versus Michigan in at the 5101,6 ti Dad 1 hall Photlas 1887 and has du at every home game since It is the oldest Band in continuous f her Cat acistence at any university in the United States. At the 1976 US. Bioentamial, - - . the Notre Dame aux1 was declared as a " Lanchnark of American music " by the National Music Council, the Indiana Music Educators Association and the Exxon Corporation. This year, the Band performed at all six home games and traveled to two away C games, Pittsburgh and Purdue. The Bond also accompanied the football team to Arizona for the fiesta Deny!. 111 Students hueestel in joining the Bond arrive a few days before the rest of the student body and puticipate in Band Camp, a four day training period whore the auditioning members learn everything they need to know alxxit becoming a member of the Pond of the Fighting Irish. On the first day of classes, the roster is posted and practices are that held each night for about an hour and a half until the end of the football season. The Univenity Bands also include two Varsity Bands which play for Men ' s and Women ' s BasIcettell, a Hockey Bond, and various curvet ensarbles. Membership in the Bends is open to any undergraduate or graft= student at None Dame, Stint Mary ' s and Holy Cross College. • :71 -74 7 1949 The Indt Guard arc Anal nverhaarlIo. 11 on the Int of afility and amear.r.ce. Row I: thud (Iaptin: Ikea Mania. Jeff — Andcra Joe Ilanir. Chris Gamach. Row 2: Can Math y. Kevin Gelman. Scut (Vane, lirem loxy. Pew Cam- ntv. Qum Martin — Members 181 Fall 2005 • IS The Officers. the ND Pruitom: Snax-y, Vice ReaJ,u: Brom. M. The Pend puteens its Secret arks M. Fans and J. traricional Comas on the Snub, Tanner: K Kinn. sixty Social Clads Witmer 84 kickoff cl such hen Fenix 8 nut tnarlranaiv gutty. nor Hunter yam I lik,I Dan 2.isSan It nava a. this rues 1 Ind Young, Amount Drum Weft Rum Major. K. Inc and B. lining Rao by I Senn, Cake Moto councry of Mallory inn The Band travelled to Pittsburgh, Purdue and the Fiesta Bowl. - August 28, 2005 — The ND Wounia1;42 I Inky tent had their 8r8 guy:cunt Deran•. Rene I: Jot Onion Vice licettax sot eaCnaire Erin Butke.:t13TrMaubth ink. Puredent ad Oa (Ann Katie Ber4a,Smhay Khan Morn. linnet Lunn Brinkman. Run Itunth. Row 2; WM, Pend, angina ' farfaro, I Isis hal:, Sunni Sus. Lawn renrodlo. Mane Gannet . Row 1: Conlin Ins go. Catkin Duffy. Anna Garth. Mnbur 11311 S1. He Munn. Members 19 November 1 183 Senior sawn guarterhg4 Many Moaner hat a moment as:logy %tun Iw convI cteJ a Ifosurd pass avinst Mart Phao fry Kristen Kew Juror dden ' we cS Vic " Altunin rick, 9adad quarteduck T.G Ostraela to end the Cardials laps. Ilero !Mena Arun Sul= runnels hick Darius Waler tears up the Sorted canoe (rug arch a careepirgh 187 rushing yank. Duo by Brew Mammon 18, 1961 In Cif V1.411 10 oh BtThl,SstIOAC a ham Notre Dame 17.15 en kg. 11, minute field gall. At Yano: Salim in New York. NOM cams is int Ntlat7 again " ( I Nkrtn: Dune uith a 14.7 %lam. 1 November 28, 1963 November 26, 1914 L In their linti2Wt warm, Nom: Thane feta Syracitic 204,. The Nit Una! net M renowt1 tagil 1961. 1841 Fall 2005 — Mout Dame toms Sanford for die (bit link ' in the Roc eossi Canty. The Irish am 27.10 anieanxvi their Arstever I•January 1, 1925 Squeezing Syracuse Orange; Nerves and Relief at Stanford by IviicThael Kim I Nrtr Dame row up agar] ni the magnamSi.• ewe cuIaw winch strtpmktl z. • thrixr4Ixstn the vim. (Into by Krems line Sams Mask LeVoir, Rn ad Anthony Fawn° sing the alma trata in their final home gm at 153xrc Rune Stadion,. Ph , by bah Kne In their final home game of the season 34 seniors were miming NOM Dame began the game auspiciously when Quinn out of the tunnel for the last time. However, their day was almost connected with Samarthipi over the ntiddle, what the latter ran it spoiled with a surprisingly sluggish start that induded a field goal 80 yards for a touchdown on only the second play of the opining attempt blocked by Stracuses Stew Gregory. Head Ccach Olathe drive. Samardzija would later add a 7.-yard touchdown reception. Weis cot his team down on the sideline, :aid told them to rd ax and However, the Cardinal kept it close with two touchdown wan to regain their composure. The Irish answered the call when senior go into halftime tied, 14-14. wide receiver Maurice Stovall caught a 25.yad gam and junior wide The Irish racked up a scam-best 663 total offensive yards to muter Jeff Samardzija caught a 29.. and pass for touchdowns to Stanford ' s 336, but missed field goals kept the game close. Senior lead Notre Dame into halftime up l4-3. kicker D.J. Fitzpatrick was wearing a knee brace on his kicking leg, The Orange of Syracuse displayed a stellar defense against the and he hooked all three of his misses. one being an extra point that Irish, but their stagnant offense could not bail them out The bounced off the goal post. Stanford gained their first lad when momentum of the gone walk! switch permanently towards Notre backup quartertock T.0 Om-ander connected with Man Tnwerso Dame whim sophomore defensive hack Leo Ferrine caught a to go up 31.30 with 1:46 remaining. tined Syracuse pats for an intercep tion and ran the ball in for Notre Dame remained compared and moved up the field in just a touchdown 13 seconds into the third quarter. Weis got all 34 51 seconds to score what Walker ran into the and-one from 5 sellers playing time in the fourth quarter, including senior walk-on yawls. The Irish went for the two-point conversion, and scored at quarterback Marty Mooney. Mooney connected for 16 yards with a cleverly designed direct map play by Walker. He finished with a fellow senior walker, Michael O ' Hara at a slant route Weis called career-high 187 rushing yards in the game and broke the 1,000-yard it his favorite play of the game. Mum Dame wailed seal the game plateau for sewn rushing yank it= Dame took the IS for and win, 34-10. goal and finished off the Cardinal .38-31. After the game, the seniors lifted their golden helmets to the The ecs dream of the Irish was almost thrown away, but student section for the final time, and even ran a victory lap around the team showed that they could perform trader present They the field. They aubracal the rat of their teammates, and soaked in finished the smelt with a perfect 50 road record, and winning their final moments under the lights of Notre Dame Stadium. their fifth straight since losing to USC It was aka the first In th eir final game of the scows, Notre Dune was on a mission time Notre Dame finished the regular season with a 1 ,OCO-yanl to become eligible for selection in the Bawl Championship Stiles rsher, and two I £C0-yard receivers Stovall and Simardzija. On with a win against Stanford. However, Stanford was motivated a mien! note, bulldozers begat digging up the fidd at Stanford to spoil the I3CS hopes of the Irish as they night their sixth win Stadium immediately after the game. Nostalgic fans were invited to b.xxxne lowleligibk. It was also the final game in the original on the field and took pieces of the field with them The 110tOriOUS Stanford Stadium which weal undergo an extensive ramvation. Stanford bond played in the old stadium for one final time. r— November 24, 2001 Nett ' : [lune Ink, to Stancord 17.13. It nnaiko.1 the thirJ conics:oast: loss :amino the amino! ar Stanford Scam awing 10 lint [mato 1997. %Inked MSC:cock alone Willinghvn heats the Caninal 11• 7 at Nen: awne Stoma — October 5. 2002 NMailer29, 2001 E In their 1.13t tr.• to Stanctril Stalium Won: the 1N5 role. Notre Iltme ilefeatn1 the (land 57-7. In their km gavel the stosuhltuc atme leas to Syractrg in the Cm Iles 38.12. acute denied bintre Dame hnt4eligitility do die Ws cursed with a 5.7 mood. nrcenthrr 6, 2003 19 November 1185 18KI Fall 2005 %Awn SCCUM::1 frOl in ton ' s inter. kill ftxthall durrtriornhr by lotting Widow, 86.sisolininis an inctolaile Mime. indtrJaac 3 food turnovas. Ketosis minim its spec in the hJl footIoll game hy shutting ots TO: the ssin is necrolital to a phenommal naming game. — PW k•clo in in position at the ntk game for minim in the NI) SladIUM in a (ksc mine want fancolCaranaugh. winning 12.6. Pangbeim and Pawl Ila Wen Kaman ' s Laxly ff3 S ruts inch huddle nith don swami Ire lahtit ' ssItionine line. bus coaches, rethinking their saran Zahn prows «she the hems egos (a upcoming playa torn in the Md. fintoby Math Quinn nom by Bir, Gatiaff Pasquerilla West I wins the title over Pangborn, who beat the Weasels 20-0 in the pre-season! Interhall Football: A Close Game A Shutout No. cinla•r I 0. 2000 — rata ern naker ii, ten. to the vaanm ' a clurraityphip intalull ((obit ow be Wahh. I RA 3C41114.11 ilea, ' arum tub ID ' s. and manna fa newly 75aarai. Keenan knee to lawn in a closePale. 7-6; they ka the pine rim they failed to lbe omen of MX ' al theoda hand !OW the extra pant after their ID. shut eta Pangfonh 134. Maureen Spring. a PT milky toth lam ail nula an tritertaTtrat. proving toe a Lev liner by Meagan Conway ' ' ' ' • • • • Wry BMW • • • • .7 • ts. " Ili 111,411011 . ' rho Plume thorn the The Interhall Football Championship Game is the climax of a hard-fought season dic for both male and female dorms. The Z.-dun•Keenan game stayed close to the very NC fight More het tackka lahrn ' s r21.last second, with a final scan. of 7.6. While Koatari scrod lust, their successful Phan by filythilvirr chive ended there, and their defense could not stop Zahm ' s charge. The women ' s game was almost the exact apposite - Pangbont was shutout by Pastpailla West, which amoral the championship race as the Isla 5 tanked tom. While the clumpionship for it capped off an urviefeatal smolt, PW lad only 3 wins Wore altering the playoffs. Earlier in the semen, PW and Pansaorn teams had played :Ind the result was quite different - Pangbom kept PW scorches in that A raoritrolla Wot IthVer match PW learned from that game, changed their Meuse accordingly and teat by defense came out with a big win. One of the hg COOLlibUtOrS to the success of the Purple writ 11 a muct. Weasels was Maureen 4sring, who plasul both offense and defense and scored Fine by Menial] (Nan both of the team ' s touchdowns. Jake McDonald, a Zahm defensive lineman, focused not on his own perfunnance, but the importance of amain Pat Gourley to the attire seam. The team hoisted hint in the air after the victory. and McDonald said of him " lie was our ally alum, sod our captain lie, and all of US, have had the lifelong dream of playing in that stadium " Joe Waddington, one of the Zahm co chess. mad his enthusiasm for the senior. " les a great way for him to go out - he may be the smallat guy out there but he has the biggest heart - he ' s a tit worker and a fierce competitor, " • yet another Rudy mom. Waddington was thoughtful what reflecting on the dramatic win. tame other teams out there that way bigger and monger than us, and had more raw talent, hit the reason we came out on top was solely becalm of three months of relentless hard work and dedication by the team and coaching staff on the practice field. That should prove to massy on any team, in sports or in life, that desire and !cud work arc the most essential compments to success. " After Kaman hairnet in the !Fish tunnel, they rush out raw Near Dames tiara) ,radium flea Than try Dail Prim IRISH 0 20 November R87 A Magical Season in the Big East for Women ' s Volleyball i Sitomore A.thley the Ladl for one of 1st toinnulo. 21sco cutotoy of 4ort In omit:in Await 2, 2005 L Salk. Lauren ammo is multi Eat Prtictsco Mow of the Year .red is titled be fellow semis Laurin Kellisy on the peattom ti11.138t, Lint (turn — llae Irish noel It II texas 3021.31 29, 28-30. 22-30, 15-10 in the Ths Inn at that N glantstk Imitamkuil. Awe wait Only Win the tournament. Wornois wanks! ' stmt. It 6 Pent, 30.28. 31.29. 30.28 in the insA IVine Peilly in Son Antonio. To u. 5, 2005 WtAlkin WatItUll Me. to 19th in (STV A.V1CA Diaision [ (lathes It 25. It %%Is the tosotxl.lagest moor upstrolt ewe fig the Inch. Wis 10 r- 9 The 26 vanity Stili(X1 for the Notre Dame ruxnen ' s volleyball team had lush Lamm Kettiay, Adman., expectations fa the Big East season with nine returning players and four talented srasiukond Qin " freshmen added to the mix. Senior middle Mocker Lauren Brewster was named get Ptah. 10 taxi do net. Big East Preseason Player of the Year as voted by the league ' s coaches. The Iowan FfiogoccuntsY of Ron ' promised to be an auspicious one for the hish. Wonnanutz The season started cleanly with an opening neap of Michigan and was followed by a tranendous upset victory over It I 1 Texas at The Inn At Saint Marts Shamrock Invitational. The hish would go as to win that tournament by capping al a victory ova Arizona State. The Irish proved to the nation that they were a face to be reckoned with and leapt into the CSIV AVG Division I Co achesTop 25 poll ranked 19th. Salim Megi [oilcan cclaratt8 The Irish faced their greatest challenge at the VISA Dome Rally in San a mini Mill her Irish Team. Antonio, Texas where they were scheduled to play No.8 USC, Oklahoma, and Photo moray ol ens Not 6 Florida. However, the Irish met the challenge and beat all three tea= It was the first time Notre Dame had beaten multiple top-10 toms in the sarne weekend. The Irish were rewarded by moving up a record 11 spots tol I. 8 in the AVCA ail after their convincing paihnuance. During the regular seas " the Irish at one point won 15 straight games, two thy of the record a 17 in 1986. Women ' s volleyball would close out the Big East mon with their ninth conference title by defeating No.7 Louisville who previously had won 20 straight games. In the NCAA Tournament as the sixth seed, the Irish survived an opening round scare from Dayton and then swept Northwestern to advance to the round of 16, the first time they had dote so since 1997. Unfortunately, their magical won would end with a five set loss to Na 12 Wisconsin. The Irish finished their 2035 season with an impressive 304 overall record. Although their ultimate gad of a national championship came that, women ' s volleyball could be proud of their tmpreceiented adievements in 2005. 1881 Fall 2005 SeptemIxt 3, 2005 — September 11, 2005 ' ' re r„ A laish The 2005 Wonctis Volkytoll Lnicc Learn RfCNIZtt leaps team is lei by I kid Onch for a kill at tlie oct. Deltic Brims Mtn tutus of :bons Phinastnesycf SCAMS Int onnarinn Injunnaiiutt Volleyball ranked Not 5 in the CSTV AVCA poll, their highest ranking ever. — October 15, 2005 L (Lieber IL AXIS - Vik.ansi ' s volinfoll Litho. with final tantalite( hb. 12 in the (NIV AVOk Divisi on I Ouch Top 25 Fa It is that kat final rankinginst. — December 26, 2005 26 November1189 October 25, 2005 W.ncn ' rlIc hI tans thirsts DiLail milli a .522 :dud: tuvintage in the ' stilt ' . his the soanthighest trod( in tehorl Sophism Askeekna intik is terms! lenses Minh ins:1mb ' a 312 pertsbutte the Big Let Cenfsesnic firm et the in the final gene. Wo3: :ad Blitional Mawr a the Waz by the Gellegiate lAidatt. Aft‘l Xis. 6 Issioville.nornois %%shill-WI ties co bi.s. 5 in the CS1V AVCA Division I Clutha. at then litthest ranking In schigb hence. 2005 10. 2Ni A1664 22.2i. 200 krefk ht Rout. Min Ku- mar. Kdli lelothews-Decgn, One of the hw characterni Ito pumice the IX Re n its Roe eiSine- Julie lahott and Cardin 1 tubohcr Mine tour in Sting. atioy kalr ' s version et ice Photo nanny of awn, nina Kai Masentuficeno, Thew trews, ofialie Lhmh Each study abroad program celebrates Thanksgiving across the seas. The 150 glans of the Lorne Progron. hkere Dame ' s !argot study lewd pro. pan, pan (or FogLukl. r Stulaits jounn all tow the we to then nortartio:pro„vens in Boluota. ktly. Can; Ito: anti Moen. Rust. AtrAtiNI 17.2005 L The Kt (common twos kit malents moiled in the o.(Nk PWRIML trawl " doom mike It(liannintle.Atowaha. 26, 2006 Fall Semester Study Abroad and Thanksgiving (live Kai, thew aid Megan Key VIVI the :ere in ferixinis done; ' 1101 10110ALY in (ioxe. Phourby Mom Kef by Joey De La Rosa Loan sttaients Asir die Thanksgiving rimy not be a British custom hat the students in the Fall Laden Charles Rim in Prague um program Malady continued the cddrations across the Atlantic. After the their (in d ttvintra4arg non-holiday Thursday activities such as classes and errands, cooking for the (eau fret finally began. Students prepared for their floor dinner, setting to mark in their Plow aemesy of Ala Snit respective kitches. puking ovens with turkeys and hors d ' oeuvres, argaring sniffing and cranberry sauce. From each flat, clans and tables were brought out, covered with white linens, Socn, with family, friends, and professors as Caine RYcru and die other guests, all six hallways in the flats were =lamed into large dining areas nudism on her (Icor in the Everpcne rd the festive holiday buffet, complete with pumpkin pies, battles Kim fur start item el wine, and even homemade cakes and specialties. Thanlcsgiving was no longer It xtin for a grow jig another American tradition but a special way for all the students m the dinner in program, with their invited guests, to cddrate such memorable four months togetha in the city that had been their home fa the sensta — London. Photo optincy of Joey Ck La There ' s so much to miss about Notre Dame in a semester - the friends, the Rma annosphere, and for students away in the fall, the foothill games However, rather than missing out on CaMIXLS life, a slimier abroad simply offers a slightly different experience. As the snident body watches gam in the stadium, those abnad still do touchdoun pushmps and cheer on the Irish in the pods The fifteen minute walk to Deli wtolo becornia a 45.minute walk along Oxford Sung and Piccadilly ()rats. Instead of weaving dunugh the sprinklers across the quad, students avoid cloulicukdca hues as they cress the lazy streets of Dublin. After class, people not only go to see movies but plan trips to the pyramids a Egypt. People are not defined by the dams they live in hit by the country they represent—America Claws hold lectures in national museums and theana Wodash are span exploring the host countries while semester breaks are full of aciventuns from all over the world. London, Paris, and Athens become more than just awmopolitan cities: they are extensions of the None Dame campus as well. 4. 2005 Autictonts fly to herlin.eamtir Sltuttra. China; anti Amdr. - Attwoq 29, 2005 - °twat. Italy. airs, and Inland greet Notze Llinbr ettxlatts un their lint iurird to their new harm. — Watts tut fu liuthuck, mita and Parisi:now. — rtuthing in 4tairt mitre in htithil and take a hn to get to that datumMkt — A9;482.1 k). 200i —Sin ride r b. 2005 24 November R91 • " V. ,,A..`dite. lig mmmmmm e • .1 Mill 1 I -1 .. ' " i (IV tit will II aft. e 4611t Matt ts• on. iiiii 1 • _ f ..•,•,.. LE tit P 9• ' s. - - _ ---- • rliciya:12:!1. !hi • Jr. • • - - .. • - • -ammo- a • ' ' , • • • ' 4 • .`••‘ ' : ' Mtlici • - Sici llanorti Sun Stir dims for points at the 13a Etat Boo touvueyof Ions Information Junior Tim Kowloon swims hard in the 2C0• nide fly. Rodman is the only huh male minima in NOUC 1).1111C hutees to qualify for the NCAA Championihr. l ' Irso can uf Jos In( umiation Niois swimming celetrates tom sicroa at the Shamrock Invitational. Moll Kiruna Rodin Sieilioniory byMinden llteR Off to the rata at the DUInia Sock Relays. Phra oftritoryof nu In amino L- 7, 2005 2006 The tOrilbetts the 200506 :can %tit), a serum-in the hilt stet Ram the lath eitimol the victory with 254 Mott. Men ' s stammirte mil diving is relied N. winnia: led litmus while taking 19 ut the ' vnligGave Stain (brim awl six Ina, acolat. Avvotiotion ((flA)Thol Mete Rankings. This is the highest...yr ranking for the frith to oat a savon. — 0.101,4.7 20. 2005 Novemller 4, 2005 L Afterfinding imlf Ixhiid 1194070m Igo the 1:04 twat,K•tre Dime claim] 15 el ' the 14417 mints meaning to fan Pittilemth for a 122.121 Ovum in lineal:h. Pan — Mm ' s metalling anti theft hotly Walt di State to 1111110Ve to 3.1 an the texas in East Laming. Mich Novemher 11, 2005 Men ' s $4) 1 Swimming and Diving Repeats as Big East Champion Notre Dame men ' s swimming and East Championships, where they hoped diving, led by Head Coach Tun Welsh, to defend their title after winning the started the season with a bang when it conference championship (or the first min at the 41st annual Dennis Stark time in the program ' s history last you. Relays at the Rolls Aquatic Cana For the second straight sown, with 254 points. The Irish alit sac Notre Dame men ' s swimming and four meet reconk, which included diving team captured the Big It sat Patrick Davis and sophomore Champiaghip with a 809-584.5 Jeff Vanden Berg ' s combined time of victory ova Pittsburgh and the rest 9:1428 in the 1 goo freestyle relay, of the I I -toun Add. chant Jay !walking the 2003 record. Vandal Berg defended his I ,6501,ux1 With their strong showing. Irish freestyle title with a school-record time mat ' s swimming debuted ranked of 15:15.99. Vanden Berg was joined IN.4). 19 in the (AKIN Swim Oixhas by freshman }ace Hopper, sat Doug Association Dial Meet itallkilW, MI.1111311, and junior Tim Kegdmai to their highest ever miring to start of elm All•Big East honors. Kcgdmen the swum. Dining the course of the tied for first in the history baits with season, the Irish would mach as high finer Irish swimmer Ray Fitzpatrick, as 18th, their best-eva ranking in the both having nine All•Big East honors. program ' s history. Diving much Xie WO the The sash also included close Big East Mtn ' s Diving Catch of the wins in dual meets Against Pittsburgh Year award while two of his divas, what the Irish squeaked out a 122.121 Michael Bolin and Sutra Staler, awned victory and also a victory All•Big East honors Bath beta just OW( Michigan State. the second and third divas in program Notre Dame capped off the rcgtdar history to earn the se accoksks. season by winning their own Shamrock It was a soca:wad animism Invitational. Scored as a quadruple for Notre Mille mcn ' s swimming in meet, the Irish Malted Na 22 Pam 2CO5-06. The Irish hope to break State (197-173), MiZ011ri (226.144), more wards and qualify as many Oakland (261-106), and Lalisvilk suininwrs as they can for the NCAA 277.91. The Irish finished the season Championships in future years. by with a 10-2 record heading into the Big Mike Kim • January 14. 2006 • NSW 11101i‘Th Milli swimming and tern (MOW to fifth place at the 24th Visual Veldt. Awning Sens aiteic In MILD. Texts —).101 ' s minaning and siring auk the dual was rural with a 10.2 record by aiming the Sltuturek Invitational. 15. 2006 Patrick Ruts ' shftless ' uith a Big Lig CatiCIVOCC 11011•AIIIIttC roStgfIkluatC tarkTki a $2 to spaduate studies — .asidning them its wend maight Eau Champanship aids a $.19.5$4.5 February 18. 2006 12 December [195 January 28. 2006 May 13, 2005 the fourth heal WomenA swimming and shsing cum E November 4, 2005 coach for mint ' s minutiae aptil vim us fag dual nue victoty 4 the Vttalll ill Toth Ilium. Mein sots a 2002 New Viumat ' s suiranire iux1 Seine saffeed a A3titut Pittikun41. 13S•105 tri Plushrehi junior Kade Carrell hatornia the lint nal Dier graduate ittull the firm female 156.5441.5 Man in is tiro dual 117 A Cu Pevrahunia. (dr lash imaen ' s SIM111111er ICI qInlif v ice statku-nchlete lien Mee Hine to N. SClJinia the :als NCAA Champiemliip with a 4: mum as heal each 15.14 time in the 400 inskvidtel rasa,. .11 the Altars to hut:auea. Head Coach Cr Neal (right) kd her alma meta tons 10th secutive Big Fan championship in he first war. Homo country of Sputu Woman AlVomen ' s Maiming gets tusk to suimareriast other terns in the 2004neter lackstrake at the Semteek Rom by Kinzett Hoene+ 006. 2. ' 267611 he NE, ' ..AA Clempionshiru pith a 4:15.34 time in the 400 Subsided nude cs..s Spies InfirS Junior Jessica Sterliens compete. in the twaststroke at the Notre Dane biatational. Phoroaintayof Spans htbintritrim 2006 ()ember 2$, 2005 — November 19.2005 Women s Swimming and Diving Wins Its 10th Straight Big East Title We are going to swim well, swim our meet and races. Win or lose, at the end you come away as a better athlete and you know how to work in high-pressure situations. -Head Coach Carrie Nixon — lbecernber 3, 2005 — Women ' s swimming .0.1 di ' tc tears captuto the A135 Notte new buitational at the Rolfe Aquatic Center. llse Irish avisa.1 to victoly with 11322 total points. — Views winning Wog his IS Sbebigan with a LI 20 •I ,I I I ViCtill y in Ann Attu, Midi:al. It Wt. the (int firm the Irish Masted the Vassals . sino: 2023. -- January I 4, 2006 After swimming for hkgre Rime with 1,822 points. sweeping (1998-02) and saving as an assistant the state of Michigan with a pair of cinch last year, Carrie Nixon was victories over Na 15 Michigan and named the fourth mamas swimming Michigan State, the Irish aided the and diving coach at Notre Dame in regular season on a high note with the program ' s history. A decorated IWO dual-max wins at the Shama swimmer and holder of several Irish Invitatiomd with wins ova Oakland swimming records, Nixon became the (258-109) and Louisville (218.148). first fanale studaivathlae from Notre With momanum an their side, Dime ever to be hired by her alma women ' s swimming and diving looked mater as a head coach. Nixon had to peak at the Big East championship. big shoes to fill as wonwn ' s swimming Going into the final day at the Big looked to claim another Big East East championship in Easi Meadow, champicruhip. N.Y., Noire Dame held a slim 5• Nixon Anned off ha coaching point lad over Rutgers. After dutch tenure an a positive note with a victory perfamanas by juniors Julia Quinn to kick off the women ' s and Jessica Stephens in the 200• swimming and diving sewn when yard brautstrdic to fetish first and her Irish won the 41st Dennis Stark second respectively, as well AS a strong Relays. After tough losses to No. 8 performance from Carroll in the 200• California at home and Purdue on yard butterfly, women ' s swimming and the mod, %commis suinuning and diving defeated Rutgers by 18•points diving bounced back with a 138-105 (7053487.5) to win their 10th straight conference win ova Pittslmigh. A day Big East championship, tying the after junior Katie Carroll qualified for conference record for mat consecutive the 2006 NCAA Clampicnship with Big East titles in any spin. a timed 4:15.34 in the 403•meter Later, Carroll, Quinn, and in divided medley, Notre Dame edged freshman Claire Hutchimen swain in hosmeun Minnesota at the Minnesota the NCAA Champianhip. Quinn Invitational Title with a 722-707 win. postal the best finish for the Irish at At the 2005 Notre Dame 20th in the women ' s 200 breaststroke. Invimitiorml, women ' s swimming and by Michael Kim diving cruised to victory over 10 teams 28, 2006 " ' Until ‘011 doing Inn:ogle awl (14kland to Anvil with a 5•2 roars] arwl win the as:wreck W01114 Warning an laying we: their Inyltuktel yeti straight Big E. changienshils with a 45.54587.5 %ivory in Et4 Mealow. 11-w York. — February 18. 2006 r 1 December 1197 With may December comes the Santa Claus himsdf. Howard Hall also celebration of one of the most held their annual " Howard Halliday " important holidays en the church which involved a tree decorating calaular. As the MOW fondly muted contest between the quads, mores, hot the ground and students busily studied chocolate and Toys for Mts. for find exams, the Notre Dame Just as M any Christmas cek•bration, campus premed for the °Iwamoto( mmic played an essential role in the the Christmas seam. From Candlelight holiday rituals at campus. All of the Diana to Christmas cards, students What choirs performed in a special found many ways to aijoy this very program of Advent Lessons and Carols. special time of year. Additionally, the University Clunk As soon as students returned from presented Handel ' s Messiah in the Thanksgiving break, dorms began to DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, adorn their exteriors and interiors with and the Glee Club put err a special lights and other festive decorations. Chrismns concert for students awl the hi addition, many students put up university community. the dorm decorations. ntnIS help to make the tits the most wonderful decorations in their rams to add to Although all of there special T 7 However, the air:borax) of the memorable, what truly characterizes holiday scum actaukt1 far Irina ' the Christmas at Notre Dame is the joy time of the dreaming of deoorations. The dining halls served and vmmith in the hearts of members a special candldight dinner, usually of the university family. According reservctl for fat!! weekends, during to senior Sarah Greene, " What I a White Christmas...Silent which students could cnjoy a number one most about Christmas at Notre of punnet dining options. Dame is the way snxlents use it as a Night, Holy Night...,; To help students relax during an time for spiritual reflection as well extremely stressful tuned year, the as celebration. " It is often easy to ma) of Carroll Hall presented " Carroll get caught up in the studying and Christmas " . During the event, the sum that accompany the axl of lame tree in front of the hall was lit, the semester, and yet it is this sense the Undatones presented a special of cheer that truly characterizes the Christmas selection, and students had Christmas season at campus. the oppon unity to take photos with November hi, 2005 December 24, 2005 Winter 2005 November 27, 2005 C Stuktes mum (tau limbs: inn Ise Shslons [win totkcteate tlxir arms ;rid doom anti mote hie the Ouistnre I httethl I IAA holat iu enntul I kuwd holiday as teal as for final mums Hallikty. Each timid we Oval a trot to lieCMIC and s ' meret ha bootie %ere ar,dialle. The (-nu howlitted TN ' S 14 December I, 2005 L !with (2tmtll (hrittetat xith a tree !Wing, %Sits lam kik Salta al Ake fro: The thiwrsity Chock paf mutt I landes Math at the DeBomt Perfourtin,2 Arts Caster. Celebrating Christmas Under the Dome by Adria= Murphy C Decomber IC. 2005 — ' the Vrecot of Filth elk:, ivrionns L The Ow Cub moat:am holiday concert. amens at 6 inn itod830 pm. at the . the dining halls olio the:mud INtlimetIt rerfonnim Arts Canter. Miming a week of final exam...the Owntzwas Cantklight I Xrityr. Ice Pnicenk hada the hull Bowl (Inter roklence hills close at 2 p.m and mann %Spinet. " , sptytthy foal awl downs, for the Hontatto. trawl home to ecktrate the (Jahn-ins white tahlwkelwa :14 tandldight are Mid. lint ma of that anticipatedl holkhy num MS:011111X 9, 2005 Residents of the hick hallway ti Won tail (Nitta= lathes 1011 411w= CO create a (oust liad to their donn. Pi two by feiy (WW1 4 Join Ilan ew do:orations inch giant Christmas staking; for Father Sorin and Monk pow Elmo h Alocandra 110119,1 Mud:use( the ate Oub pairmt Christmas carob fut the gills of Iiirley cm their annual tour around campus. Pim by Nam ' s ' a Deeenter 3, 2005 Doxinbcr 17, 2005 1 Decemher[199 Better than Ezra Rocks Stepan Center by Laura Sago On December 2nd, the student union they could to peeonalize the board brought tuck band Better Than rerfomaince, including the fact that Pro to campus fix the second time. Griffin inserted the name " Rudy " into The hind plaaal to a packed house of MOSt of his saw and held a tally of about IMO students in a venue with a how many nines he said it. capacity of 1,088. Since all of the memlxr of this Nov The opening band for Better dun Odeans Eased group attended LSU, Ezra was Marking Twain. Marking there awe multiple references to what Main is a bread on the rise made up of a bawl game benten the Fighting hitch students who met at Miami University and the Ttgas would be like, as well as in Ohio. Their debut album, The a promise that the land would root for Identity Slip " was released in December Nbtre Dame in the upcoming Fiesta 2005. Bog. Most talents were familiar with SUB canoes like this give students the hind ' s older material, but were not a chance to see bigger name hinds and expaced to the newer mat until they provide an alternative to the weekly attended the concert. Okl favorite concerts at Legends. In addition to such as " Desperately Wanting " , " At SUB and Legaids. The Show, DPAC And that REM song was the Stars " and " King of blew Orleans " and WV14 alai work to bring musical were intermixed with new hits like " A acts to Nowt Dame. With the warm playing In my mind And Lifetime " and " Burner Playing a wide major cities bait at least an hour and variety of their music, Better Than a half away, these organimtions found three and a half minutes Ezra managed to hit all of the crowd- it mammy to bring bonds to students, placers while still promoting their new as students could not always make it to alb um " Before the Rate. " Felt like a lifetime 99 the groups ' comers. A highlight of the show came when Other groups that came to campus a lathe Dame student was selected during the 2005.2006 school year from the crowd to play kid singer included Clap Your Hands Say Kevin Griffin ' s guitar. The amid want Yeah, Tun Reynolds, Cake, Carbon wild, as did the tudent, who aided up Leaf, The M ' s, Tel Leo, and the leaping off of the band ' s drum set. Presenation Hall jazz Pea al. Better Than Ezra did everything 28, 2005 E October I L 2005 The 5th Annul ' Br Slue is at theJAW. 77.0, ' s paionnert tun Alton :and Ca e. Tarts were SW rtnd the eaten intr. u S pen. The:how Is %an ady to Notre Neat, hatCanJ HOC W‘11 and LON0j6 Fling CV Tan I landC Say Yoh u ' onyxes The hind presented at Lertenis. The Lewd Rirt itums.The Pruservrtion I Gill P= Boni rerionns ;a the Laghztu Gaut Hall in the Delturtolo refennirrt Arts (Inver — The Vienna Boys (Mr Perfollw at the DPAC at 3 pa Ttacts fur this earn Ortinnerts csocert yid out well in adsunce. 2005 — September 24, 2005 — November 27, 2005 poi AM 2 December The bah Rya than Env and Ntirkirg Toain 1tyd ftv a rocked intigon( ' sinter. Nita by flUy ( inItegber Kevin Ulf tn. the led skeet ,4 Bata than Elm. perfonns during the hnrsancen Mau fry ley Up .ind coning hind. Marking incon. opened for Rya dim Era chime the Sill spdrorol covn. Now by II 34. 2006 TM 48th Annul Collegiate ka Festival ts Kid at Washinsun I 611. rothew ii the RAN collegiate kg festival. RIB pedalo a ' huge county crown. " Ile Coon I. ow of the (coastal pafonneo IV Ity dm amp held at Ikerunlx•r 2. 2005 I — SUB hi8rs Beta dun Eva for a sweat at gun Critter — The Nts minim at 4gts51. 9 psn. pan ti the VVVII usurp Baia — January 28. 2006 ()dither 8, 2005 Winter 2005 Ikon Pak.; actors rake a Trick from dInctok take a picture at dant 235 I Lill of the Year ( Umtata dime in the rutin ti the I Mato daunay 241170 I toJ as a gavicr ikto atom an Ws tecteken, and in trakonal Awn outintme. Motile Chitch.Chtuta Nktnen and }mini Pone dark at Pamborn ' s " Where Ar• You Fronk You Son Think! I Lalkaaten Ann. Maw canny Caret Pack October 8, 2005 Polkeaint the Koankh Minot Rana. the Keoukh Kaneasue hold a Roma. therm ' ane tones Atoned and ' Nikita Rills Ix41 ' 11r Rs top. to kap with the Chum Rare Red limy ' dame at the tailor their rival theme. %welt. The Saxe ma in name in en the ortmlinatitsi ri the taw an tnacon. mate Koala. Rauh paa nudy for the !tie, and Neuf% SYR. lhe dance a;e had by axial and Canal in Se tenger 2005. Auto anyway of Naar Ragh Sum • and ort Enver contims: to dare on the wee out of Rana kneed and SLOW. Mardi (leo coma, %hall we lad in lahoune on Mach 4. Phu° ouncera Uel 29, 005 PE, Pal ' .! axl SkI,46“1hnld a . " N:vlatnre on %W OW ' I lalkwan dein:at Stem) abaft anginal all (our wicked nix — Many lak ht4J (Jammu damn. I I:dla attack awe tuned Hall of the Year kr the maim who J Sew are pan. the hokknit that dance an the Dyne of the Main Ikkkluw. — Member 2005 Formals and SYRs Add Variety to Weekends by Laura Saco Aside from signamm coma, dorm on campte; amide under tens in the dances are the biggest highlights of fall and spring, and at other locations donn life at Notre Dame. Most dome like LaRetune Ballroom and South have three highly anticipated dances Dining Hall during the winter months. etch yen: two SYRs and a fomol. Formals, on the other hand. are The SYR stands for " screw your generally held off campus at various rommate, " which onginated from the South Bawl hotels and other values. f item an tradition of going through Dorms often join forces in order the dzigtook and picking a cote for to have bigger dances, such as Mod your roommate. Though this tradition Qtad ' s " Nightmare on Mal Quad " is rawly practiced anymore, the name dance last Halkwvecn. Since the dance still stands. SYRs are usually [honied gonna] four dorms of people as well as with title: such as Dillon and Alumni ' s their dates, it had to be held at Stepan " Big Red Dan Lkince " Of McGlinn ' s Center. Proceeds from ticket silt-s go to " Swearin ' to the 80s. " Popular thanes pay for the cost of the dance, and any include Hawaiian, Western, Halloween extra profit is generally put into the and Mardi Gras. Same dorms take dorm ' s funds. more a more creative appraich like flumes often are the big event to Ikelin and Canull ' s " Ninjas and Nerds " end dorm spirit weeks. In the rose of SI ' R. Dillon and Alan, the dance is the The Salvation Army is a popular culminating event of the two dams ' place to find outrageous outfits to go " Rival Week. " Dancesare also often along with the theme of an SYR. linked to the dorm ' s signature cyan, There are a few deans that carry such as the formal following Kaaan on a tradition of a certain dance, like Hall ' s annual Revue or Fither ' s formal Civanaugh ' s annual " Stow Ball " or following their annual regatta. Onistmas dance under the Dances allow for Nam Dame clotne. students to interact in a Inure forntil Each December, the clotms that sating than the typical weekend routes mai " Hall of the Year " the previous and help to create memories end bonds year are given the opportunity to have with friends and inmates. Rinces a dance in the Main Building, a highly can break the monotony of studying, coveted location. Most SYRs are held espirially in football ' s off-season. Januiuy 2006 April I, 2006 - Euler hulk it .111111d ail F.1 10, ' dime. L Alutnti flail halloo :mil Wake. The The Jame Com the 1011% Ilap Rake Wake amity. a cud: tiJomt unity. .wk Ithkh honer, Igor Farley, the — Cavanaugh 101,14 a I bncoatlxn in the Luxe in the Oak limn The annual Louis ennIt la hell OM in dorm ' s ImAyake. LI:maw ill wont et SOH. LeNi, :Int vonowly unite their auk " %hi= intittal tIvoiarh en ad in the Oh atm. Who intital cich guy b rtyttled at the nee. — February 2 4, 2006 April 7, 2006 2 December PCI3 Voices United in Faith by Alicia Davis Founded in 1977, the Rae Rime performs its conarts in Watingtai Voices of Faith Corps4 Choir is a Hall or the new Marie P. Men Christian, student-run, fault-led Carter for the Perfuming Arts in ormmintion of appioximately 50 ad lion to chapels mound campus. members. They are pralominately This year ' s fall concert took place co comprised of African-American December 3rd in Washington Hall. students and mania= have vaning The theme for fall 2005, tralitiau of faith, including Baptist, developed from 1.1 411m 254-5, VMS Methodist, and Cmhok. Saxe lord teach me your ways " . The Voices of Faith was founded, the purpose of this theme was to help group has been proud to increase its membas to manse in their love membership base to include mambas and understanding of Clod and His from different denominations and pronto. The theme for spring 2006, ahnicities, although the format and " God is..., " was a chance for the choir musical selection continues to man to display individually and uniformly hum contemporary and traditional who God is to each member. The gospel music. group interprets the themes for this Because the goal and mission of acaclaric year as: " After asking God the organization is ministry, members to reveal His was in the fall, we will concentrate on fellowship with Notre any our rnowage beyond the South Dame, St. Mary ' s and the Smith Bard Bend community to fellowship with community. The Voices of Faith the smarm United States during Gospel (]sir performs at various Spring Break. " The tour took the choir functions our and off campus, from to litchvik, Atlanta, Mobile, New donn maws to concern. The group Orlams. Jackson, and Memphis The maims an annual concert at the end Voices of Faith choir hopes to show of each fall simmer and a tour in who God is through their ministry of alternating wars. The choir usually sang and hammy. — Webruda Wahula n.n orpieviatim Mai bexhalnyl unsgv Africo. AmenOlb tO achtve — k,cial :mean s:exl oiltphwmnnt throuph intaleatet1 ekvaum. cernmtral Interacticy, an.1 faith in GILL Row I: A.lebola Clbr.1. Viight Erin. Triton Van Veyelvs,Nbunce Rasa. Alt I ln.bon. Mathew Ttpon. Calm 11163. Kyle PatrickTurkic IX-ts, lion: 14 me, (Iviacyfxr Adams.Co ' chino Bieck. DeVica, Minim Smell. NfirCUS Min Row 2:Cluttict 204] Fall 2005 --- N1 entlx-re the Voices d Faith ditir cranial to the southon Unitcd States for their nog tour. ilno ocemesy of Atm Vine Mambo, of the their pox Mae they take the u44. at W4 flit,. I fall fur dim Fati Comat. The thane for the sewsect me lord towli roc yew wan.? Mu ' tune ;7 4 Alit Davis 111C dui 110 Fait, from to of die concewam snow during Lydon Siuutkow to fool Italy of the chills Xthlt CS. Riling the fad. oianburs of the choir eang to their pitnens as they purchased food Photo awmayef Nou Wes Altos Inc for a picture blue I.:dunning at a Ixal church in with Bad. Row DcAoru Wein. Row 2: Monique Bra. Linty Lame, • Adeline Wathinpion, Raw k Krozal Hardy. Mandl Tank. Anwl Noce, Row 4: Veronica Brailham, Kenha Brown Phan courtesy Afiii Ilhaa 111 — Mendwri Eultwatori our nwardm, of an inntw.eiw initiative loaning 011 invowirei the Swim clintac of out unimite. 11)4: quints are givoi iwtowne HAW ing in Nord to the itrues of Awing. vhch whoa coni4cted.pnpurodhem to faolitate mill group diwin4m with oxh of our (amino utudoui. ---Diveriite Educator. 2 December Po5 2006 1.1193 — November 2, 1915 Neat tkitun Too, Ana-Min the Conn Fkitol in 1141% Tex . It war the Igt time Notre lIgne elaimni a kW tic — Note INime trawl. foi the list time to Cligiiirs. fl to play the OhioState Buckepes under the Irnlenhip of Ikal (knoll Elmo Laligat The kt,J warm M totem 181 I. 2, 1989 Nate PkWing it its lint Pinta Pool.lavvki elf Wott Virginia 34.21 to win the 1948 national championship. 1,1925 h, in first MX Iwi PtIle,1CotItt aline MeatsStanford in the Rae Boai to inn its Ant regionl champitetship in (soh Scithenvatc miming hick Dwrius Walker ICCX 1 all three wurielonns for the hish In the Finn Bun{ rtan hy lkenm Manninn hinint quanaluelt Saar Quinn lino up aligns. Chin ate lineman A.J.11aak whom time ans dating his tiSc sour Inn Qom. was glekni ho times be the stem Olgo State rk-fore. PlItAft by Aroma Mansuim ivx e ' n a meth ol preperacion could help Non: nine Hail Oath Clothe Weis anti his team from tking Wing ChM Stare. MA° by Drama hhouliel The Inch fence Ind no answer for visage and drunk OlioSore quark-duck Troy nth Fhao by Bennet Mannien January 2. 1995 A Fiesta Spoiled in Arizona by the Buckeyes Making its fourth Fiesta Bowl Zlikowsici recovered it to run 88 yards appearance and first since 2001, the for a touchdown. An illegal block Irish (aced its biggest challenge against would have brought the ball bock, Ohio State. Thew two storied programs Lit a qumtionable instant replay call rich with history and tradition were ruled that the reception of ant•le: ally meet each other for the fifth was incomplete, nullifying Zbikowski ' s time The Irish lap xi to end their funte =wiry. mediocre bowl rah since 1993 with a With the Irish offense on life win to cap off their scan support, it received a jolt late in the Mane Dame sourel tin its opening third quarter when Walker broke drive when sophomore miming bock through the stem defensive line of Darius Walker found a hole on the the Buckeyes to score his second sixth play for a wuclxkwol. However, touchdown of the game with a 10-yard Ohio State struck right bock when tusk. He would go an to add another Buckeye quanerback Troy Stith threw one in the fourth quarter to get the a 56.yard meltdown ram to teammate Irish within a touchdown with 527 Tod Cann. Although Ohio State made left. wily turnovers what Smith fumbled However, the elusive and versatile the bill twice, the Buckeyes male up Smith demoralized the Notre Dune for it with their stellar defense ranked defense with third. own =versions. fourth in the country led by linebacker Ohio State tailback Antonio fittman A.J. Hawk who at the time was (kiting sealed the deal when he found a seam the older sister of Notre Dame junior and nun the ball 60 yards to the end quanaback Brady Quinn. GIN would zone to give Ohio State a healthy ma support the stellar Buckeye More touclxkmn lead. Notre Dame failed with another spectacular touchdown to mount a comeback and Ohio State run making the Irish secondary look went on to win 34-20. silly. With a third touclxkwin by Ohio Hare Dame continued its bowl skid State wide receiver Santonio Holmes, and fell to 13-14 overall in bowl games. NOM Dame found itself with a 21-7 Speed and big plays ended up being deficit going into halftime. the killer for the Irish as the Buckeyes The pivotal play of the game racked up 617 total offensive yards. It occurred when Buckeye wide receiver was the most Mere Dame gave up in Anthony Weak apparently fumbled its history. by Michael Kim the MI and ' Intim safety Tom • January I, 2001 lbilier the hwlxshipd (onner Hold Grath Rds Dane. here Dame w limn out by Cream State 410 in its thin1 Arta an :inning viva rasa. war Revd BA nip. 116A has3 ocoeh.(horlk Wtis. the hirls use to the Buckews lx 2 touchJoinn. January 2.2006 2 January 7 Nue Dar Iona to Colorado 41-24 in in vied trip to the Fiesta Boni. their last riming More the :CO Beta hoi41.01no Stare fent Notre Urn 29.16 at Noire Dans° Stadium. SeptemIxt 28. 1996 Rolf ' s and the Rock Aid New Years Resolutions by Laura Sego To serve the Notre Dame community by enhancing the mind, body and spirit through recreational sports -RecSports Mission Statement With the new year cane: new of day were. ipm-7pm on %Slays. resolutions, and fa a vast mai:city where that was an average of 40-50 Of None Dame students, these goals users on the machine% Ideal workout involved Amos and health. Knowing times were before 8am, after iipm, this, it ' s no surprise that the start of Saturday nights, and Sundres, when the year brought an influx of students there were plenty of machines avaikible anxious to get their lands en a highly to accommakne all MU coveted Tot in one of Roles Slurs The Rock was generally less and Recreation Center ' s finim des n cranded than Rolf ' s, seeing as Options =gal from " All Abs " how students tmcial to prefer the to " Cara) Ka " and came highly newer machines and wider range of recommended by most veterans of the equipment at Rdfs. Also, the fitness classes. classes were offered exclusively at Students lined up hours before sign. Rolf ' s in the spacious activity room ups began in hopes of Nabbing a place. This served as further incentive for the After waiting in a seemingly unending residents of Saudi and West Quads to line, most MOORS were disappointed make the trek over to Rolf ' s- to end up on a waiting list fix the Students in the first Yair of classes. Studies became familiar with tlx two However, the ever-popular fitness facilities as well as the equipment and classes mete two the only way for activities offered during the required students to get in shape at RSRC physical education classes. Options The facility also offered several dance for the requirement include fencing, classes and mind-body ' classes. Along ballroom dancing, yoga, self defense with three different types of yoga, and fitness development. Rolf ' s offend Pilate, tai chi, billet, Other fitness activities offered jot, Latin dame. and Bruilian dance. include interhall and intramural sports. If students preferred a solo workout, These include the more traditional RSRC nrichines were always available Torts of foothill, Inskethall, taselnll to students to use along with the and softball, as well as bawling, indoor track. hroantall and Wiliam. It matter According to the graphs offered al your preference, Rolf ' s and the Rock the RccSpoits website, the busiest times allow all students to stay fit. 2006 Jyuulrnw had up hours lvfore mond in lsopar of gating into the day Cl ilwir dairsti activity. llyiyssiss a Ice for each dux ;0, 2006 Ineksi hkJ ald Patna Lathl MCC Mink !OWE begin. MA aaisifies Lev for la the caning in the bachning Sitirch. — Fisalinncy butinwiliatssAlanco, Batt and POLIlleCktifesICRin. iliac CLWAIS rte kid Walixtyka nights ad Sundis. afrsmans. KUM trainman 29. 2006 — Beginner arsialvanorii Jc Inner. ktin- in and advonco.1 dims dance. natal arts, and golf Sons — January 51, 2006 . Winter 2006 Stokno at the Rock rentre to mirk on alto terra. The Rock met a immix moose tput Sitio the unto nut Pinot, Iradoh 1,, noth Ton q Ilan ftt ficr it orlact at the R. Phan by Itch MOM( %Wait matt to the Rock or nix, Arai it um Ito ccEd rota whit %nightsaid ocorise to keep in dor. Mao by blizakth noturgh talus hut many cut rise options. including ouicise hies. a: it dint,» and treadmill Nan by flitahrth I leshit - February 7, 2006 [ - I lw Fin Aid, (II: and AEI) !amanita. Come ImAri. Rant:inn,. b$ to Iv !neon lv cettifinl in on of the three OCZIt IJfexuvtk4dxixs 14,11 at the Rockne at tads to mono. Cane, mete kid Nieunial IxuLAib (Imo vole duo Tonkin. :PM the COLIN! aldM hen kat;tn litundiy night.% an,loxical Nlarch 23. tit Oil II. — February 9, 2006 March SA, 2006 tonoto ronotiot aro% ma — May 2.3,2006 16 January — Full tattatto Roarerts or, out SClantS !alki hoLLISCX11 week taarttng in the It to till a Waits alprowtti. t kir chum ' Nil of wok. Due I, USW. I lett era 0.6cortual lweneng also take% plot m the clmnota. talents and faculty alike are e.sperty nankin,: (becoming et the nor Ionian Sarno: 1411. Mom by fliwbrth -katura.6 Decamp he tans can lie a an..61u1 bit nwanalswg even. axe. :indents guar in flair rigat moms. at the Haney and cOm Mambo Arco by Iligrloh 1 kateirtli Elnagh NKr Ntarkly San. tiers Angel.t LAW. taken mewl( to alma kV PRVI.Xt dining a 1.6 °pennon. Ifr co law Elmtfoh I Lth(lXil 16, 2006 Spring 1865 E Dr. lamp:As I. Mahar pr.:alto the anorlanunica:MtlIICUZIOrillkwical • mechanism. of :am al fight. — A Reilly lecture Feminar on acid cvah ' is o lakl m Naval:ex ' aith pinker Miran I lianhi Ullmann. ' lie I. iliventy ci NOW I line man!, its tint Buehler of Scanoragnx. Thealleged Fano: bran:norm I byre fir newly Animal aoldat. .aal that latrine. Feiwuary 2006 — March I 2006 210 Winter 2006 March 2346.1006 — ' IncScrieCenter for Applied high litifamce takelilace at Nate Dank: — Dr. to gildult% :hut the I (O M Rim (carton — March 28. 2006 The first Bachdot of Science degree that exist the fickL Whatever their at Notre Dame was awarded in 1865. motivation, students of the College of For over 140 years, students here Science have their mirk cut exit for haw: ken pushing thanains to the than. limit in Biology, Physics, aemistry. Notre Dame graduate of the Environmental Sciences, Bluchanistn• College of Science have gone en to and Mathematics. At the tome time, become leaders in AIDS research many interdisciplinary programs are and heart valve studies. Others have offered become deans of method scha)ls Today, as in the pant, a clay in the or personal physicians. For current lift of a Science major is no piece of students, waking up at 6 A.M. on exam mice. From the time they wake up, clays is just one of the many hurdles and often aline they ' re still asleep, that they must overcame to retch these their minds are filled with thoughts of admirable gat unfinished lab reports and cmeriments Students look forward to the kit to be run. Maw land Science Hall opening of the new $70 million Jordan gradually becomes a second home as Science Hall, scheduled for the Fall students toil for hams during their semista of 2006. Pmfoaxs expect avekly labs while deptrunnual exams to be able to instruct students in ways keep them awake all night studying. that were not previously passible as the Some do it in hopes of going to College of Science enters a new era at one fail school in the future, others the University. to work directly with environmenti issues, while still others are inteststal in the research and teaching opportunities Stotknh coking the NK during4%ring Wlitotet :WA ajlt 110103 couplcung (kit ran 1 he itnoripttal conylako d the )VRIATI ScitIk• Hall hat tinny nucknn and facultv inniims cogs fa the coming :attend p:u. Fall 2006 rr 17 January A Day in the Life of a Science Major by Monica Van Eyck 22, 2006 The Gymnastics Club: Jacquelyn Carney. President: Wallin Ravacio, Gxika Turnr, Row 2: Andrew Rohm, Keileen (Aran.. Aaron Rohm . Row 3: Ann,: Krishna% ?rah (Ant,. Row 4: Brian Dural. bury Alm. Katie Wanstsdzi Ono fry Billy Gaeta Fit Raw I: Outreach Grain Max ROM ' s, Nanonal Conlerenre awn Kafir Wil n, Presidna: Brit.% ,htektat, I lopitahry (Iran Kriam Sell, Row 2: Amen Rthats, Lauren Rankicasica Mums. Andrew Roberts, tsiellantane Slimy. Row 3: Megan tiitetn, Esic Ingulstud. bin Locke, %Sad Rural+ 13.6.1n111s vUTRI. DAML Right to Life Officers: Row I: Furetary: Ian Menlo, CoNice Proatlust: Asian Hooch. The Standing Committee Raw I: Mel Bautista, nib r• Thompson. Guilktny, Mato. Andy Pnastiaut Atha UMW, Alec Preeklmt: Uithn gyautAncsay. Wafinauer (,lent shunt Magee. Row 2: Sr. Mary Louise Gale CSC, hm liken. Own herIg. I leather Kalmar. Ft Mark Photo I tilly Galigher Parnisas CSC Virtu hy Jiffy( itdkrher s Members Huang Sun (hen. Lauren Haunts, At Carodraver.t tarda :its Robby Maher, Jestica Morton, Katie Parrott, Melissisa Lac. t:Am Elsso. I Ittith I lame. Ix Ktilev — Mini Wthter 2006 tad (0 !WM: :akin.: activities on and Sttuniw hight3 the Notre !lune and Sint Mies Studtal Whs. • • y • • The CCC and Funding for Student Clubs by Moira Madden barmy marks the beginning it die However, this still does not an all busy season for the Club Coonlination of the club funds nee ' y to keep Council. The Council, heided this student life bustling. The CCC must year by Senior Beth O ' Stausdutemy, that lobby the I:Monad Management oversees the money toted to clubs Baud (FMB) for the rat of the funds. for their actnitia. Outs must report Though the 00C ' s request may scan how much money they span the high at first, the FMB tardy accepts The Joint Engineering Council: Row I: s:reeey: Luem leclo. Vice Ilem.ler: Ice is pMviUtte sch(x4 year and what they the original propml. last par in Kann. Prordent: Roy Frhthar. Scone Cornmoszoner: PaT VanLeen. Row 2: Matthew twat, Atm Ann Jar. Andrew Breslin. a Sune, Emily Yannucci. Roe 3: Panda Moth OM to spend at activities in the requesting funds, the CCC asked the dc, Kyle Roth lin Etch coming xhool year. They must that board for ”49X0. However, the Myth by Ily(ittleasher tt it can request club smtus. Dining its can request club status. 99 A club must follow a should be given. must fellow a number of mks before number of rules before it Though much of the matey available comes from tuition, first probationary year of consideration, fundraisers, and denaticns, clubs rely the club must hold at least three club greatly on The Shin project every events, hold at lout one fundraiser, year. Fa each shirt sold, the (XL and submit a one page nixwt to the receives a portion of the profits. COL reflecting on the club ' s activities Much of the remainder of the profits from the past year. By the and of the goes to the Recta Fund which helps school yaw, these probationary clubs students cover any emergency costs. hope to gain full fledged club status. ' equal a certain amount of matey CCC ordy received $283 pco. This that will cover their proposed budget nutty was they spread out amcng all It is the COCs respaisibility to analyze of the dubs on campus. each of the plans on their own and the CCC has one more large in comarrison with the aher clubs to responsibility, to confer official dub determine how much motley each club status to student organimtions. A club 1 —Row I: Trymorcr:13uuda ichen, ti.erdary: inns Kornis. Proickeu:l.buras Eater, ViCe Prooloth Mey: Ann Imo, Gentiito. Coordinator Ensile Yannucci — Officers 20 January 1213 ;neer% fourth and color:as the its wonders to remixes and incrob• the pies. owed small isle field of oe,inerring b• of Wethen Engin:en, Society esf Women Eneinon. SGT, Agant% Reactor am! Amu Al Ins (11n I Surrey, perfectas is the Lot skit inninng four van ' which Interrupt each mist Moro iry !Anal 15as The Mission gerfnms the same Kase msluple liner with aileron persenalitics ant salaams. Moo by Omni Thaw Thc " Mancss Painw rim a clothcisin Lone Star in the Line Kilts " in wItsis the Minn kit nemlers analcut killing bemuse with a household Mat rhino by anal [ ' mar Patna Sklntyre,oc " Ram " acts in an impcuv slat (luting the rotary 21 show while Luse Scat and Tune Bungs it Imam Phan by Anil Prilkl 8, 2005 2147 Winter 2006 lasynsh Kith its (in St uslon Staml Up Mak of the sor. lb:nuttily mem was held m the loath 1 buffalo of the nut — September 22. 2005 The I Imam Mins of blare Dame, sr ELAND. Mk! dam fait shoed the sea at lagen.k The stialmtcssmak mans Isrionnalin the nunni Tholukt) each month. January 21, 2006 8, 2005 Vince Vaugho ' s Wen Lamar Tour hack a patinae at Nom: Dame ' s Sulam Center. Ps1FROVaHeomedy shoa r is gabormed :a Nene Dane. Mission IMPROVable: Successfully Completed by David Praia fraguy 21, at precisely 9 p.m. more courses at the lmprov Olympic Indiana time, Notre Dame was Training Center twinned them for infiltrated by a group of five agents the traveling show they wank] begin posing as improvisanenal humor in 1999. artists in Washington Hall- 11w It appears this group had sane unsuircting simians NA no idea insider assistance within Noire Dame that they were about to be the victims itself! According to maces, Mission of a carefully us-orchestrated series IMPROVable was a produetka invited of extencoraneon comedy routines. to campus by the Student Activities Casualties are tusdetennined, but Office who provided the advertising known to be exceedingly high. At least and logistical supyon. 99.7%of attaxlees reported dire cases Among their sizeable repertoire of side-stitches, while the other 3% of skits, they had several di•phragm- acknowledged that they alinost passed exhausting sp:cialties. One of the most out for lack of oxygen. memorable was the " Kill-Lirw " skit Inforrr•nion on the agents is that got its intpiraticn Iran Arnold :parse. Calling thonselva Minion Schwan:themes witty one-liners after IMPROVable, they came armed he dispatched an archneniesis with any only with their wits and left with object. Involvement of the audience the endearrnon of all who attended. was key, as they were asked what Their aliases were Age u Reactor, object to use. Thai, aimed with such Tit:tennis, Lone Star, Puma and mundane household objects as a ping- NightHa•k. Each hailing from diverse Rug talk or a snowblower, the agents backgrounds in the United States, they would di-synch their foes with their ire a band of marauding comedians own witticism. When the one-liner vho decided to pool their witty was a flunk, the Mistress cf Pain, a (sources ad begin a show utilizing girl chosen at random from the crowd heir skills. They have connection to would take a clothes pin and pinch it he thicago cool Oty Conservatory, at their face. All in all, the show was It which they studied under the a very unccordinated event brought to utelage of renowned wither Liz Allen, perfection. shy put them throtuth an intensive improv training acteram. Several 3, 2006 Well4anm comedian Dement Martin pethomb at SteVellektitert701110 to Hare Dime to a show At LIMILk April 7, 2006 21 January P15 i -- - February 9, 2006 ' — melte:de holds a Calmly Night, bier. log taudous a chance to try their land at bang maxi woman. Da: Frani Ota et (Ilea:tocome Mg) to Kart Dame Their avow rhew has loo likenai to Sanirdw Meat the. and mow at the t ' 1. ant nu:nice. manta] with SecemlOty. February 17, 2006 216 Winter2006 " Skiing for law; slimed 19 Rib Tennposxxl, ass Younr and Pm Moran. tells the talent cake seniors marching kr kite tin the skim ti Sys, Phixoeremeryof dr FTTD.prromit A scale Am the frit meic tocopmrx the Stusim Flan remind, Senior811 The film, sinected Peittny rich ' old Nebel Minute. atas alma four nilcre singers. Mee rankay of the FIT asymmism February 35, 2006 ___. September 17, 2005 • r Spina 1988 E PalmyTed Slansktleempiles musket filmier the first Swam him Feltiral Notre Dame. the Ant sittanne ' sulks ' sr FIT wpm takes Ow. I ith Annual Stu2ent Abs is hill at the statmi-theatt Bremine Calm The (ever Ar Asian Studies xx1Fri Detunment front the AM ' Alm Festird. Jamtart 20.22, 20I6 Ahmed by Jia Wohrk and 14nsky Armssnld. ' Tma llnllar We " documents a Ayr- el night kr kral cabdriver Raid Mit. letter know as ' Sum Iltne Photo amitray of dr FIT lAsperomm Cromlnynher to view the cob kiwi of twist studat films forma at thismr ' s Swim Alm Forinl Phan M Alkon Anihms,- FIT Students Showcase Their Talent by Monica Van Eyck Department of Rim, Television gams, including a ficticatal stay of and Theatre presented its 17th annual Otarlie Weis life as a student at the Notre Dune %Klatt film Festival University. Other studaus produced at the Bromine Cinema at January documattaries. while still others 20-22,2006. Students came to gether chase to create dirk comedies Also to support and appreciate the anistic appearing for the first time since the work of their peers labile honoring a intraluction of the festival was a tradition that had its incriat Ix inning musical. in 1988. Students involved acpresmel Films for the festival ace chesen their enjoymau of the large amount by professors, who began by larking to of freedom they urge given when the mere advanced classes for pieces producing their films, allowing for to dare with the rest of camus. Doe maximum creativity. Front the early to time limitations, not every film stages of creating nor boards to the conkl he presented, but the cleparnnent final editing changes, participants anphasixel the high number of felt den they W1.1 t truly in control of outstanding subntissions it had to their projects but wren Ward ul for the cheese from and praised the mode of guidance available at all times (rem this yew ' s su cleus. the faculty. Each particular student ' s The DePanolo ?donning style stood out in the cinematography Arcs Center offered state-of•the-art and thematic direction that they chose, tedutology for the vienings, pairing giving each film a unique flare that both comfort and quality. The films captivated the audience ' s attmtion. showcased covered a wide array of February 18,1006 at, • Lohan WOE Nvratives and crawl-Mill ' is prmauctl tumarut Juslivima. The TT Drruntnou Imityls A paid ascumon entidal 1.3011.1 (Atha Cullum, ' [ [ The Ikromnoic of libm. " Ielmision :asap Ilmme 011.31 t Kro:rung a " Cow With the Vat — The Mum . Perfomlim Arts Caw kkks elf It ltaing Aitifor toditties thruin:inl February Ii, 2006 _ _ February 20. 2006 21 January I 217 Building Teamwork Through Basketball by Amy Walker On January 20, 2006, the 20. Annual teen of men from Noe Dame ' s Ants Flying Irish Basketball Invitational Raw and one team of men and one begun, %%inch brought 52 ROTC team of wan from the Nlavy LISMC men ' s and women ' s teams to Notre ' vagrant The Air Force men ' s A team Dante. The tournament spatulal an was the only Notre Dame team to attire wedund, pith the first tip off advance to the " round robin " mund. at Friday ni ght and the final round This team went in round whin play Puishing an Sunday afternoon. The and lost their first bracket wane to the funks played in the main baster:6AI eventual champions. awn in the JACC where Notre Dame ' s The Tacrts A M Air Fate ROTC mat ' s and %alien ' s tonna practice and Aggics defeated the West Virginia Air asupete. The tournament was hosted Force ROTC Mountaineers 58-30 in by Notre Dame ' s Air Face ROTC the mat ' s final. In the vaamen ' s final, rent. the South Dakota State Air Force The Hying Irish Iktsketball ROTC Paraiba ' s defeated the Purdue tournament is the hugest ROTC Navy USMC ROTCI3oilamakas athletic event in the counuy. ROTC 34.18. The (blond Moe Award for students from schaib througlumt sportsmanship is awarded to ate men ' s the country participated. Some and one want ' s team. This year schayls that urn represaued at the the honor was presented by former taunt:anew were Iowa, Marquette, Vietnam P.O.W. and Notre Dame Nebraska Lincoln-Omaha, Purdue, ROTC Commander Wend Moe to San Diego State, South Dakota State, Nebraslca LinainOrnaha men ' s Air Texas A M, Virginia Tech, and West Face ROTC Huskers and University Virginia The goal of the Invitational of Iowa ' s women ' s Air Force Rare is to build relationships with other Other activities ROTC participates future military leiders. The Flying in during the year are a Veteran ' s Day Irish Invitational is a 5 on 5 basketball vigil and manorial service, military tournament. science dasses, serving as ushers and Seven teams from Notre Dame Log checkers at JACC events, retreits, participated in the tournament. Two and field exercises. ROTC students warns of men and two taints of warner, finish the yeu with a Pass in Review from the Air Force played as well as a before the University president. — cue Dam ' s dirty ROW unit, ' mix, at the I lohurgh ljlrn hilrctitra mad fir Patriot ' s Day icivice aid venter 11th rnauvriaL Scptcnther 9, 2005 Veteran ' s Day Ali Thum- r— thy with a Tfilkin Military Itun. folluvil Ilya 24huut 44:41 at Clark Mum niil Fountain. Each militan• itanch had a artist stamling guard at all unk4cluting the synod. Nvecnibcr 1041, 2005 14-19, 2005 Fro nun comin2 the ROIT2prosinim :why on campus a awl[ for ROTC En h O. aims met other student, muted in the prcgram and became aatuantol with ROTC life at ND. 2181 Winter 2006 2005 Etch ROTC unit hoick a wraratcyerticc Sonstory pooary 20.22, Mtn 21 January rh9 t tuber II. 2C0-. May 2006 C ROTC SaliVIIT :MC UIlta time tneitters of wadi of the bunthos d Sian Kmiec take fort In the Pass in RiNiew in Loftus ibosoby Mira Moab% Stucknts from Notie I Inne. " am attetopt to nay (mood en the tounimant Norkan and rianow tklonw. Om II Tann( ltnit . Y17 Veteran ' s Sk- mortal Santo: at Stcoehoicy. laity that 1by thous:fahof rokbliptmen fkkaal Fightitia. Inch lositatitnJ hykethill CalITAN foe the IsZny game. I ttunninalt is 14.1 :a Notre 1)anr Yids ROIL: twits frsin all over the (tunny. ROTC Stutklui nom all ocyr that-knotty gain Slimy experts Nhtle KIVIN mg me moth owr the sunnier. Studous moil to .s11 moot the varkl. awcItettec petition at the ZmirrckmL `1, di, h. Tunit (lark Notre Dame ROIL attaitnt and at new Wong Jr amid Pa al Renew. Plitto by Skim MaLlen French and Italian Fashion at Notre Dame by Sarah Barrett On January 20 " and nxelified, and some of their own Dior, Gucci, Prada, Path, and of designs as well. With funding from course [Ake and Olken, made an both the French and Italian dubs, appearance opal Washington Hall ' s Scott design] amd produced outfits Lab Theater rummy. Initiated by invited by the designers as sari in the French and Italian clubs, Patrick fashion Looks as well as front research Riwron and Dan Keninga tamed conducted on the 011101t fashion up with Mai Quant and Anna Scott trends while Quant and Rives ut to work on clothing design and traveled in Paris and Milan. production. Their collalmration aimed The mac eI thc gallery, to illustrate the deep culniral history of according to Riveter., was to higldildu fashion in France and Italy in the Iona the show ' s alCatialill of a formal fashion show and photo All for Regions who cad:crated exhibit. on the show had either studied or lived After receiving a phone call from Arced for a significant penal of time; Fur K ccordinators W aren and arina!, of and appreciatia, for man each of than had a solid understanding 44 Their collaboration aims to the Hatch dub in late Septanber, began the project. Initially they signers and fashions. Together. the intaxkd for it to be an alucitional knowledge they brought to the show, illustrate the deep cultural display of the major differences gallery, and clothing was incressive. betweat the Hatch and Italian River on had experience in calms insthetic. As their mirk prognarAxl, it countries of Western Europe, including seen evoked into a more figural affair, France, Snicaiand, and Italy, Quant is including seven mile and founcat from Nicaragua and span a lot of time female models. Riveron stated that in Fiance and SJoin before studying they selected models that they felt atnal in Rome with Stott Kerringcr %wok! host communicate the attitude studied in Angers as well. of each desijawr. The show was truly an eye opening Quant and Scott prepared forty event and was the first of its kind held outfits including original pieces from by the two clubs at Nitre Dame. thc signers, clothing that they have history of fashion in France and Italy in the form of a formal fashion show. 99 26, 2006 Antonin So deni kaininuion pituurol tly: itunial Hokum %ball felucca litiyino Ivo perfamtinco. 2201 Winter 2006 ROW I: ' dim Tch.Secrenty: Mariam Burk. Prrailnu; Jolunio Brun. Vice PasiJalt Smthanic Reeky, Ty Nfattin. Row 2; Ibnadeite (Imam°. Andrea lac, (Aural Vinalon, Scnh Mauer. lay Pte. emu Cultial,` ' rani Rittni6, Row 3: Andrea I YSioat, Ilwin Goa. Julian lam ' . [ ' atria Evian, Enc Mt " , Achim Kicyilli. Ili;. Maltal-iia Member. Seniee Cathetwe Schmidt model. aim, thultitt shay. shoe eoecon- Nrd hi the French anti ladiwt dih is the hot kind to rake 14:aa: at Nowt Runt. Pinto by and Aiwa Bath totmlrant, a NOIR ' I ).me y awe onodelt a drew by Lanvin Each twodel wiaceh :Arc mallow., far ilw 4ww. Ono by Anil Prima Solite lowittla IN:Angela mcdeh a 11.ohiroCmulli Jam Each mode wn clutwo It twit it: the air the dowers wished t00.11M. itl,!?1X:Ij Puna — Member. Row I: Irkt Pwaitlent: Manuel Clara, Sa:rettaw Lulea %art, Prod imt: Entriciwo Cawillo, (immunity Sanity coordinator: Ranch Aaila. " (hamster Alicia Aaila, Activitiet coordinator Arida Suatva, Row 2: Mask kao,Parb Iwniwavich.Aktodra Macatena bembeevich, St nrla 2.41111131,Cmilia 14MUTO. Row Quit jewlw.-. Juan Mantica. jaan F. (junta, Alebairo Vauunadwier Maw, Alto Velte CIA waratibtrt a cilia° •ammail with other ambit maws auch AlitM1 Mal the bwiture for taiim, StIt – behinary 24, 2006 21 January P2 Legends Brings Music to Notre Dame by Amy Walker On Saturday, January 21, 2006, the sane weekend. Brew and Views, guitarist Tim Reynolds pen onned at which feature a movie or TV show Legends. Tim Reynolds earned his and free food, also often impire fame by playing with the popular Dave specific theme. For example, when the Matthews Rand. The concert brigan at 80 ' s cover hand Sin of am played 10 pm. at Legends, the nightclub following In addition to playing with Dave featured 80 ' s music. Matthews Band, Reynolds, who is a Other special evaus are held here long time friend of Dave Matthews. as well. ht Fdxuary, Legends hold a also has several solo albums. speed dating event in which stud us Reynolds kept the concert casual avid have 10 dates in 30 minims and provided a different atmosphere SUB and WW1 have used Legends than many of the other big name as a venue for concerts they bring mfmmers. The snit venue to campus as well. aim Clap Your provided a more intimate setting for Elands Say Yet and The M ' s were the many people who braved the cold all part of WVITs concert series at and snow to held over to Wads. Legaxls SUB brought Ckl Tam There ten such a large turnout to see 1mi, Strain line and the B©t of Tim Reynolds that many people got AcoustiCafe. Students were given turned away lYeaose the dub area of many opportunities for their bands to Legends was filled to capacity. perfonn at this venue. In additicn to Tim Reynolds, Cbmedian Demetri Martin Legends provides students with weekly headlined the comedians performing at concerts, comedy shows, movie and Legaxls this past school year. Student away football game newings and amnedians were also featured at nightclub Kauvrily ' s Kitchen, different weekly events. Quietdrive, Ducling Pianos, Stephen The end of the year amen is Kelkgg and the Sixers, Ingram Hill Legemke biggest concrit. This concen and Oubon Leaf join Tint Reynolds as features numerous nationally.known Legends performers in 2005-2006. LYands. There are large straits outside The weekend events often have a as well as the club area in order to theme. The nightclubs often match acoomodue more stud ents. the music genre of the band that plays Noel at the Mom Due!mg news certain; at 1..yerkk They retuned to Hymn. 10, (cc anotlwr aineen. 24, 2005 wNN Radio pitmen. ' with Legoids to sponsor aanent at lxgends the hind Year Mak Sly Yoh. — Tim Reynold., of jr Illm,Matthem, Bend, Flan at b.)NIkk 9. 2005 Quictdrive at Leg(IXt . 2006 — tintabee 10, 2005 — Jammu,. 21, 2006 Hind at the %km Duda: Bonus palams at lank in Stpcon3er 2005. They returned to fink in Rotary 2006. Piano tierznbarr Tun Itecnchl., who played mth Wee Matthem Band. alyots his guitnt Wore pcdonning a !run Phew fry lAna (Indus lint Reynolds performs for Notre Dame sunken. at lepends f.uittny 21, 2006. I brum v I I, 2i,106 March 30, 2006 atb.o La imivon, a Linn The lying oanpetitim !Oh MI, hoAl 411 the ' IV show Antotean kid, it held — LtAend? annual Year End The Year End C411CCII HMb up die week of An TO4sli haulms kg name auk. torno.liyn I ' Moon Martin A [Awl March 3, 2006 p23 — April 29, 2006 21 January Father Jenkins Addresses Academic Freedom by Monica Van Dyck On January 23, 2006, University restrainul, I believe that, in some Pruident Father Joint Jenkins delivered situations, given the distinctive a statement to faculty at the Leighton character and aspirations of Notre Concert Hall cawerning the roles Dame, it may be nece my to establish of Catholic character and academic certain boundaries. while Molding frealom at Nacre Dame. The the appropriate exercise el academic topic of discussion centered around (=tom " No finn policy was issued University -sponsored events that at the talk; rather, the discusion appear to conflict with Catholic hoped to encourage feedback from values, specifically the sexually explicit faculty regarding the topic of academic play aimed at raising aVeaftlICSS at freedom. violence toward ' wan, " the Vagina Seated in the front row was Monologuts. " Also discussed in these President Emeritus Theoclore terms was the Queer film Festival, now HesIxtrgh, think entering its filth rear at Notre Dame. (Jenkins ' address ' brings the Univenity Jenkins praised the message of ' The to what a University should be • a place Vagina Monologues " lit quutionecl of serious discs (n... " the means by which the play stab! to following afternoon, Father project the identity of women and their Jenkins addressed over 500 students sexuality. He expressed concern for at Washington Hall about the a lack of a Catholic sexual morality, keeping his speech shorter and aimed and said that although the play would more directly at their interests He still be perfumed this year, it uould be raixinded to a long list of questions moved to a classroom setting. and worms from the student body Father Jenkins anphasizecl that following his explanations while an the problem was not with cauorship overflow of stukrus cogerly watched but with sponsorship. He expressed from atmpus televisions in Lax-tune. hesitation to affiliate the University Although an issue of debate among with such highly publicized events that faculty and students alike, the miution do net scan to as compatibly with the of academic freedom has challenged Catholic character of Mae Dame and members of Matte Dame to formulate any, therefore. mislaid the public. a of the University ' s identity Jenkins explained his poclainatiau while at the mine time realm-wing their by stating, " While any restriction own beliefs alma academic policy at on expression must be reluctant and the oolla:ime level. January 200t r kn., 24, 2006 L fib, Vagina S.1(410k%ile; II= I— aver 500 hannal at Saint Mary ' s (lily. stuakne,a0rinhimin I fall Faille: knkiret aalr faculty at Leigh. ' anal nspiawl. to quaanont. The fan Vienwint ankle aliretionae the [ ton Gwen I lall Am, 6.-.1.1enue hooka tupc ci Junior; Ixtch vicars In The and Quhcbc Streeter. (boner. Winter 2006 January 23, 2006 Juliann. 25, February 1 5, 2006 23 January P25 February 10,2006 3uck1115 %%VC own the rygottututy to biro their Colninent% and +lotions folkaving kukinal iproch in MettJUntttuillall. Morn by Unit Pima Either Jinkitio axklares the topic of acidotic instiont anti Catholic character at Rtre Dame in the coursed ray ay. Hamby Una Prim ittlat Jenkins spoke to the slalom Ix MA January 24. t ealydta intriduong hit aicbi tofaculty amber. I ' Mn6r flnl Attu Students creed ifil0 WadlingtOci Hall to hear Father Jenlmb teak. Pfau by !And Pnna lhe Queer Film bostival nub uskler a new nanbillay anti [dim Iilm lilninakeri• Nimmiws and Froctatib4m137 Hie lilm,Tekvitini tail Theatre IXTurt- nun tremors a pmei tkirviatin (kn. Lilian 9.11, 2006 %Joni unbolt hlroolozuor in Delitnolo. 13-15,2006 — Father knIciint Vagina hkeoltgun " and huan In dunk-notion yousien (diming Ile play. Father lisheard " Wok ' )staIkao. Word Ulan Dank] Kann hand Fake litany) an. 110101CC thx Nkstik become the 16th Proislou of Notre Rare until Hesburhit ' s °Amman. flow (sun the 19tc nose halm I lesltrgh talkssells thanlhasitkin Jimmy Cana at the 1977 Gounersconmt Corennantus earner ate the fenuml 1..antionon tint nut. Moto fun the 1978 auk. Father FtesEtnnIt is unmet:haat upon booming Presislon of ,date Ran: hike Cennach, who senel a Fruition blow I Inbutkii. Fhocalmm the 1953 !Ivy Father 1 hetlore I Id-crab waits loth Ins greattiex Any ClItherine Hallow at a Viqa1112 a Qat Canury, Num Rime thick chronicles he life achictonans. I lotonet served at the 15th President of None Rana Roo hy17 entyNrIttmena. (Ixauayoi the Amer 17. 1917 111tosire 1 folatigh is hoot in Syracuse, Nkss• Tuck. Father I iesIttnehletai: his tat anal sears at None Da men] diet:kg:Man Urivenity us ROW, whore he ruaitsa he, bithdoes gm in philosophy in 1959. raiilinialatiL [ 1935-1939 2161 Winter 2006 June 23, 1941 L Father I lohinth is ccdiincd at the axial I lent thumb, bier named the Basilica, to the campus a None Rune. — Esther I kahln,41resnivo a skxtratite in man) thookny all Faye tenhato at the linversint I kisnamaaled of the avulsion in 11148. — 1945 June 1952 I - After saving as Ihyastr•: Vier Denim 1 fee Father Onwntrehh madmen horn 1919.1952. Pathan I Inburgh h mined Pr•ndult et the Diner:nig at the Acvvf 35. ratlitT Herhurgh a:tau after 35 worm as President of Notre Dann. Utah! ' Monk ' N61116 loan: the 16th Flusisimt upun I iaurghs rhigrtithlt - June 1. 1987 Film Honors Father Isiesburgh by Adrienne Murphy On Thurslay, Panay 26, esteemed known for its academics as well as its president =anus of the University foothill, proving that the University Father Timbre " Ted " liaburgh, coukl excel in multiple areas. C-S.C. addressed a lecture hall filled After the audience viewed this to capacity with students, faculty, moving ckpiction of Fr. Hesturglis and other members of the university life, the extraordinary educator and canmunity. The evening began with htnnHe priest took questian. just as the presentation of the documentary moving as the massage of the film Cici, Cantu ' , Notre Drane.Thc itself , was the overwhelming applause film, produced by Family Theater with which the audience welcomes:I Fr. Productions, aired on the Hallmark Hesburgh to the podium. Channel November 6, and details After hearing about his numerous the life of Father licsburgh from his accomplishments, it took minutes for childhaxl in Syracuse, New York to the maim priest to quiet the croml of his thirtpfive yet tenure as University clapping spectators. Then H. Haburgh president. addrewal questions concerning both The film portrays thc many facets his past accomplishments and his of Fr. Hesburglfs life, including his future vision for the university. He also rota as University president, civil repented and cmphanial the simple rights leader, civil servant, and, of prayer that alkwes him to survive every course, print. It traces the life of this day. remarkable man from his humble roots According to Father bleslaurgh, to his activities as a member of the the simple supplication of " Cane, Cavil Rights Conunission, his receipt Holy Spirit, cane, " guided a paung of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Holy Craw seminarian to become his innovation of Catholic higher a legend for his innovatiots in education, and his dedication to the Catholic aluattion and civil rights. Catholic faith. He recommaided that all Catholics During liaburglfs presidency, implore the Holy Spirit to help than, Rare Dame became a co-ed imivasity. too, during difficult times, because he During the 35 years under Railer believes that with the aid of the Holy Heshorgh, Notre [lame became even Spirit anything is possible. more nationally and internationally July Fallkt I lacturgli i " aided the ennknentunal Muhl of I Intim. Dlit is jut armed inane honors the fiercer preniut hits roactual. lie aim rened m terra] Cinitrenstml nil Doyle Yell titanium and other o,nril. — 71w thrunit• Limits a statue d Fathen tie.htrch and Jinn:. lhe YAM 610040J the I letrutth Limn. ninth was• nneTal In hard the prim (Amin: his nlizanent. - Oetuber 2a15 227 25 January1 Dance Show Expands Upon Tradition by David Prins What else can you a nine guys and Troop NI) hipped and hopped all OM ' dolls dressed in jungleano thins, the stage to ' Take It To the Hoor. " sleeves removal, with beige shuns, The Notre Dime Paean Dance Hack paint bawath their cm, dancing ata, twirled, stepped and swayed to in tmistin to " Eyed the Tiger? " the ramie. AM if there wao ' t enough If you happened to be in tee-tapping already, the NI) Swing Washington Hall on Friday, January aub was kicking it to a variety of Big 27th or Suurckty, January 28th, you ' d Band mixes. have seen that particular amalgamation In a brilliant selection, the masters of natant elements, along with of caanutw were Meghan Bo , Erin thirteen other molten performances Oster, Paul Goodie and Irish offensive in Welsh Family Hail ' s Third Annual lineman guard Bob Kitten. This es• Dance Show. haired wild nun and his compatriots The thaw includcrl many put co a performance that weal make perfonnances, choreographed and thadk Weis simultaneously wince • prrionned by the Welsh Family and swell with pride, since he put residents and independent clubs. The everything, including personal s afety, t t " Rhythm the Night " KM ladies on the line to make his perform:awes Turn the bea of beat around Love dancing on the stage to Valetta ' s sane of the nut memorable et the tune. " Philocephy " had the audience ' s night. to hear the percussion it brains turning as they watched a The dance show was a dialing modem toilet There was inspiration sUCCeri, due in large port to the graft with " Rudy: a pm (la of twirling efforts of the planning staff: Mary upside down Love to hear the n " and lighter-than- Lindsey Fitrivaridt, Ka tie Flatfiekl, air exitance with " Come Hy With Lauren Maimifico ((horeographers percussion Love to hear it , Their Ow 9 1 Estefan, with ' Turn the Beat Atxxmd, " lots of Dulon (I lead (loch), Maclew Gunn swinging for the fences with " A League (Scge Manager), Fan Rtzetrick, Mc. " and Committee Markers), Ryan Among the indcpaxlent clubs there Connaughton and Aj. Dingier (lights Turn the Beat Around was a great variety of music: In a flurry and and), Pete Darn (Video), of kicking and jumping, ladies fns the Kyle Long (Artwork), Anna Brennan. huh Dance (CAM danced to the tuna All Ric, and Sam Towles (Sddine of " Titanic Set " and " Glory Reel. " Referees Backstage Workers). — the third Werth Brut Rime Show If held at IV:Ammon HA. 2748, 2006 I t. 2005 Wcirn1:.undy laarvical a ' Chick Huck " nxnie niche featuring the inovic I fach. — wa4, Family holds its lira Redo Party. matt itactaial (oal, carnival glair( nil anti) preen...nstint MxiiirJ Ittmcce.Katrutt R11:1. — Srptember 2005 221-31 Winter2006 27.28 January) 29 The theme 110111 the Nam Rime unwed maw Rudy stral as the twitspounti tux Idkl menher. Vireo lry flimflam BsHaan Dana at thank-a Puma Sultry akl frame pinicipre in a bnlIntem dance math-, ' Punt the Mao by Roil rata The Smite Sble (lac (maga! stains dancing to Est of the tsar (ran thematic Rairy. Moot anti Pima — April 2006 – February 2006 – Webh Faintly 1E11 its :taunt Wd ' h Faintly Foil cant. uJrysts tue paFal and the results ate resealed Amine a M. Feuer ask run. r April 2006 Welsh Family holtis a Taiga to.unammt. — E nlys Chia Murphy llamas Run 0 held in the Hann si thro: Notre Amy statists from the final 2002 who era! ti kulamia at NI). Saline point toed Awn Dully sepals to her mamas can Tovessce Mao to Mielwei Kin ' RE 1 IOW " 1 1..sVere, I • de tlxir genic pbn with oath other Dunne ha I8ch sateen with the hish, FlexIC.coch Maid }mkt port coma Gray defends the km post tkning a owe McCraw canal ha 500th term will in a game against MAIN Conneaians Michkon. Phan fo Milssnl Kin Hon by Winer Kan — November 23, 2005 2361 winter 2006 Worms ' s hisktholl skiems Mithipn 55-95 an.I ahc Ins), heal catch Muff ' s McQraw ha 5A)th coon victors ' • ember In. 2005 — Waned. hist:atoll (Linn Vial " of Inanota. 7441. It svac the lint tune rinsing the I Ionsiers since Da. II. I 096. 51, 2005 The Gish he to 21s. I TO111(140: III the ioece Callen 6241. The lady Voluntctt. After losulg to South Horisla.ntenat ' e :CC 110W 1 TO all-time Ntine hokalmo iri unranked in dtheAwKiaral I ix il for the firm time rine.: rend i! ti to 203304 ' cane,, 3narving a Area: i of 30 curno:tniwactearalX4.. • • January 30, 2006 An early NCAA exit - for Women ' s Basketball After posting a 27.6 record last year, first two conferoce games to St- John ' s Notre Rime women ' s bas kedull and Satan Hall. For every win they hoped to continue their stuccos as they fought for in grueling conference play, were one of six tCallIS in the axmcy the Irish followed it with a Ica making to have pasted twelve seam Live it difficult to gain positive momentum 20-win savons, including a streak of in conference play with tough losses ten consecutive NCAA tournament to Villanova at Isxne in overtime and ants:mos. The challenge for a rough road loss to DePaul hinds the Irish was the newly expanded their chances. The Irish fell out of the 16-tam Big EAR Conference as Associated Press Top 25 poll for the well as min-conference opponents first time since 2003. Connecticut and Tenne see, toms that After losing to Ms 8 Connecticut perennial contended for the NCAA 7944, the Irish began feeling a sense of clumipionship. urgency as their season slowly slipped The season seined off promising away. However, the tom showed what the Irish rolled off six straight character and grit when it closed the be tested every time wins including victorits over Michigan, regular season with three straight Indiana, Southern California, and conference wins against West we take the floor and that ' s Wisconsin. The Michigan win was Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. The Irish apedally special for Heal Coach finished with 17.10 regular season a good thing because... Muff 500th McGraw as it marked her 500th career victexy as head coach. play with a 8-8 record. record, and wan .500 in conference bkriever, the Irish svoukl lose In posueason play, the Irish be prepared for whatever what they fell to Purdue cantina] to struggle losing again thrown our way. 9 at the road,65-54. In their showdown to Connecticut 71-60 in the second with No I Tamasee, the Irish came rot owl of the Big East Tournament in close to the Lady Volunteers what Hartford, Cann. With a it 9 sox! in -Head Coach Muffet McGraw trimming a sizeable lead down to 56- their region for the IsIC.AA wemett ' s 51, but could not catch up and lost basketball tournament, the Irish bowed the game 62-51 at the Joyce Caner in out only in the first round with a only the third sellout crowd in women ' s loss to Boston College 7861 in War basketball history. Lafayette, Ind. The Irish finished The Big East Witch would not with an overall record el 18-12. by be kid to the Irish as they lost their Michael Kim 10, 2006 TNT gust Mcgm Duffy is meet II nenrincts for the 2tt6 Nino, Awanl, o Inch a proyaloal by the Rots (lobe( Detroit to the mantes top collegiate win+ gust — Satan Main May :Ind GottruzY Laltrue in then final ham one help salmi ' s bola-6813(6ot lictsbuNit 72- 65 at the lynx Gaiter on Eliot Men. 5, 2006 Wonwsisholcctlyll 6a In the mind ti the 11 4 ay Toutrevnmt to Como:tient. 71-60 In — %myth 164tettnll loco to Rolm Collate 7861 in the tint touralti the NCAA nornen ' s hatkohill turn meat in Wut Lafa9tRetilla — March 19, 2006 1231 4 February — Amcor). 28, 2006 2321 Winter 2006 — Fnll 2005 As with most goderas. foothill hikestali 11)04 ti al:trainer; tune durum the fall - Training carp, WAX 0IC :Nu m: a kit to erratical menden hecatee ei the inuring: tenaggratuto. Sauer Adm.: ' tamers to 1,. pe. An:, to the NOUC Mute foothill mutt in poarnraticn ke the Bova Runt Moo °unto. Old Ifinnsty Sorhomote Luta. ( CIPCS lip the anu lean IllpftNI Nitre Iltribr fixxhdl view. Rhinam wry of Rocha angry Site Rachel Mann ice( the dookigr of a None Rune foothill pktwr tier practice. Moo evirnay of RAM Burernay mitt athktk trainer Grant Odom helm rause %isle receiver Mail %clan More a home Itothill Ifintoaxanay4 Rachil amour " L— FAIMMCT 2005 Behind the Scenes with the Athletic Trainers by Rachel Baumay huts and students always see the include assisting with treaunents, glory that None Dante athletic teams practice and game preparatin, experience, but seldom do they see working practices and evans, and all the behindithrssames work that various tasks related to operation of happens to nuke sure Irish players are the spats medicine facilities. They performing at a high level. That is are trained in the methods of taping, wale athl etic trainers cane into play, the use of electrical nihatilitatim who daily spend time caring for hare malalities, and adult CPR. Other Dame athletes. duties include basic first aid at the Although Nome Dame does not sidelines or totaling water honks out to offer a degree jinignim in athletic kelp athletes hydrated on the flea training, students still participate as The student athletic training a vital role to the Slims Medicine program is comprised of a select program. iliac SMAIICIII students group of dedicated individuals in de hone themselves to the health their minium through senior %tars care and physical safety of all the Freshmen are :always wekomed to student athletes. These individuals volunteer for the ptugram. At the spend their time waking at practice aid of the freshmen year, students rid sidelines, and in the athletic are selected to continue tused on skill, training facilities on campus, such as attitude, enthusiasm, and needs of the the Joyce Caner and the Guglielmino program. athletics complex. They also hate the While the program provides grew opportunity to he in the midst of all experience fix students pursuing the lxc at these athletics WITCO, careers in hotlth care, a major in including roaming the sidelines at pnicrofeisionil studies is not a foothill gams requirement:they students have Student athletic trainers aid in a ' tide range of acadanic interests the rehabilitation proms of injured including medicine, birsinew, law and athletes as well as tang preventative politics. All of the athletic trainers, =awns to more an athletes safety. however, share a commiunan to Coming all tarty-six NICAA the health and safety of the student Division I teuns at Notre lane, daily tat of a student athletic trainer may • Av., Winter 2006 meter. paid twig ci thew time %wave in the hcckey. (mere. mingning awl tInting.tind saidint% itutiznt trainers Aiming ' do arumi ire mk s! schoti it the CATS. Spring 2006 4 February 2B llw Alumni Hall ladietfoll team plan it Late tskidt %mita: to nun: nun ' fig Mal ( Inuniin. Motu by L.Invi Bunn Students thy innertubc water polo in Rolfs Aquatic (Inwr lhecyan is one et the nontradnanal ,ixen Ratan! at IX Mao by Elizabeth f lobutan Tao golf was also Ontal at Mit Olvintia had toga their 0.41 tall in comin in order to mow rands. Pinto by Fluzberh I Lesko) At Lie Mght GIMPICS. U " akin; CtnlfwlC Rf raise 111nCY for 41ccial Olynyacc I kw mann by IA 0.11116. lt ant( Nut L Eton at the WM Lee N1tht %natio htye IN Sunforilltmlin and St. EirreCat nmaiadi — the MBA Anocianin takes in 8eviriat ' face Af of n gamed Iroandult INV in MIA he0ethill. the MBA Ei•uCacanangh uric the inividual man( Anittkn inu die tuna) uvat Mth %innxe in hrimmtull %title Stardmil Podin individird emu um in mm ' s Ind:81ton. cane in lint n the attack Oxon nerc comtull. kxkhll, uif damn and the pony was. 7:15 011 — earroligahrnaMeCkno town talon to the 014.1114.vant ream in inn:coke water Clirroll2ihnalet2inn mac the overall winners al duo: maw as well wfinnhint lice it vollet141, winos% .m.1 kayaking. 01Willintru link firm in mot. mcquedttl. — 8:50 I ' M 2341 Winter 2006 9:20 PM ll - DillortiWahh plays KoaughtWelsh Ponih. in ( laRee soccer in the fin: nand of soma. VANki KU lt1 t ' The tbnce mandril bp tn. Rae pairs brow the qvccr champan %Ws were ctimposol of a nxnater of the (envie Kea:4MM Emily finithol lira in dam on each men " rib a mak (rem the Feed Gaff. same tram Mc mw 10 ' Intuit were hire kcontrar ' he trdie taint. chewirm. 10 a.NO PM Late Night Olympics: Fun For A Good Cause by Elizabeth Haturgh ):11 the frigid. wintery night of ones. On the ice rink, teams played Saturday, February 4, manIxn of cornball, a game similar to hockey Nate Dame ' s 27 dorms Iced off at although with a bill instead of a puck the Joyce Cava by rsanicipating in and with special sticks. There was also the Zr Annual Late Night Olympics. a Dance Marathon in with couples Exactly one week before the Winter danced for hairs to a D). Nearby, a Olympics XX in Turin, Italy began, simple obstacle course was set up. On students who wanted their oxen the opposite side el the oancourse, taste of Olympic glory competed in individuals tried their skill at Target various sports late into the night. Stint Golf, in with one was required to Mary ' s girls faun LeMans Hall and chip a golf loll into hula hoops for a members of the MBA Association also few points or into a small net for the panicipataL Flowestr, LNO wasn ' t most points. They also had to avoid just a contest to pnwe which dorms small piles of said and miniature trees. were the most in shape, but CO sups= Athletes could also take a balk a great came. Through a one dollar and ice skate with friends on the an-ranee fee, a pinny war, and a raffle, hockey rink during the Free Scam Rec orts raised about $8,300 to be Midnight marktxl the oonanencement donated to St. Joe County eclat of the great annual Dadgeball gume. Olympics. In Late Night Olympics, it ' s known as At 6 PM the games began and Monster Dodgdadl, in which all teams teams with two or three dorms in each compete at once separated into two battled it out thnsigh macho; of larger teams and hurl large rubber ha Lasketkll, racquetball, and at one anotha until there are only a table tennis. Some onmaitors also few nimble competitors remaining. The played warm-wrather spats indoors, events came to a claw at 4 AM. By the such as wifflehill, kielthall, and end of the night, the MM Association Neil foothill. Clad in lathing suits, had the most victoties and thus the students competed in water polo ming mast points overall with 2,173 points. innertubes as well as lewak races at Tctun Keough Welsh very Rolls Aquatic Cants. successful in rainy past late Night Meng with these laminar spats, Olympics, came in second with I $79 there wen also some more unusual points. — After the fthal :mast of each ess:nt, the mnual law Ndlat Chluflo axle – 400 AM 4 February r235 All Jamb were Wed into tun Inn for the Skewer flu Poll game. the tnniung tovn includes] the dorms d Kniutth ' Wela Famth...5tanforthlian, KnottillE. Hthen1 Swatch Rear Phan, CACII42311:11;Mall111. anti the MBA Avoriatina 25)0 AM A Perplexing Season for Men ' s Basketball After failing to make the NCAA domnlhe the Irish even though they tournament for the second consecutive continued to lay it all on the line on year. Notre Dame men ' s Nuked:all the court. They lost to Vibram tat hoped to change its unlucky fortunes with a last-second tipin shot. After in its 101st basketball swson. Overall, the loss to Louisville, the Irish lost the season was tough at the team its last five games by a combined I I as well as its fans, delivering Loth pints. Floweva, three straight YAM John Wet xlen Classic in Indianapalis, 2 Connecticut after coming tack from - with a difficult non.conference sate as clovm the hcme mach. Indiana. However, the Irish shocked a 19.point deficit in the second kill, they fell to Noah Carolina State in the Nam Dame was poised to upset NV Notre Dame started off the year positive momennun as they headed exhilarating wins and crushing last in the Big EaSt against Rutgers, South second deuces. Florida, and Scion Hall gathered them Not 22 Alabarna on the trod. Ina but their valiant effort was not enough rivalry usually reserved for finial!, when they los another heartbreaker challenge of Michigan, (ailing to than postseascu tot, None Dame pulled “There ' s been so much talk about Notre Dame failed to meet the in overtime, 75.74. fighting for a as tad]. The Irish taw 9.2 going into out vital wins against Providence and calerence play. DePaul, dintching a spot in the Big getting back to the NCAA Their play in the esmanded 16• East Tournament. Poised to make tournament the last couple of ream Big Ent conferaice was often a run to gain at4arge bid in ten heartbreaking. Notre Dame started br_AA tournament, the Irish (aik ' d to years, and that has always been our their sawn m the road against hew in the Big East tournament as fitsburgh and lost in double overtime, they lost to Georgetown, 6743. goal, but I don ' t want us 100-97. Their first Big East win would With an invite to the National talking about that on the front end not come until their founit conference Invitation Tournament, the Irish game when they defeated Providence beat Vanderbilt, 7949, in the firs — it ' s something we will focus on as at home. However, this high did not round. In the second round of the last long. A bus load of Irish students tournament, the kith ended their the season progresses. 99 drove through six hours of MOW to season in a double overtime kiss to watch the Irish kw in a last second Michigan at a buzzakeiting three. -Head Coach Mike Brey shot to Marquette. Next, a double point shot. by Michael Kim overtime kiss to Goargetown wound Ducenther 7, 2005 Jantrtry 20, 2006 L Mat ' s hulan141 uptes N. 22 Altura In their ItYsth metting. Marquette uith the help4 k. WaldWill rt. — In a doublesooting dri ll,, nun ' s hous Nour Ron:6745 uith 11111. tounligh 24 points in Ttecalago. Aktlunts. barked ill (At m It 22 Rusher}, t0 97. S.1110( PAM guau3Cui Ql1PZI tavola tuan.high 37 prim, indium the kat 164 the game. :WAY NIVINT Mid% 1.1 tam kit in Nfiluaukee,Wisgusin. 5304 laukethil het its fisugang king sneak anti a 9043 awn Rutgers. The Irish shot a moon-W.59 man( from the 11.(li. January 4, 2006 February 8, 2006 2006 Junk. forard Rued Cant, teal hu athleticism to help tbe prolific Itith uffaat Phi o by Mdird Kin Mats lukcaull heal awls Mike Bray. in his Utah se.von nab the Irith. each« hit faun fun Mc uttAuse. Ono Nkitad Ken Ficthrtan foneird Luke Zdla mat f« " tuition Inman Villsou•a ' s Will blvankin and Allen Ray. Ilan Int Medal Kin - February 10, 2006 ' - Saar wan Rural ( brit Quinn 6 mead to the INN 1162 Siva« Dearict All. time. Ackkanie HN TGWU. NNW Dame lout Sewn Hall 102:91. Saner Ivan guard (Jun Quinn seared 34 point. xhile sophomore an:dental Falls yam, a careta-hab U Dina — February IR. 2006 March 8, 2006 C In the lint round ri the Pig EN Toussaint«. Mossuskedull falls to Gatgetonn 6781 at Nila‘11 «pure In the taunt nand of the Natural (iudcn in Nis York, New Yuck. Imitation taInsameni omen ' s lutkethill kr« to !Hieing:An usaa, .tidies ama:. 8784. — March 20. 2006 2 February P37 limlunxi cud linklm.Sthmtki anuilvrtal hazily in 1111 xith — the kith, avonfOng 24.2 minute, jre zune and SS Mims IM Walt Photo by Ken It ' s been a memorable four years for me and I couldn ' t have asked for anything more, other than a few more wins. I developed my game because of this university and Coach McGraw. IroktIo11 ht filet ham .1 web: foe kot-mem to motivation to cach other.lhe ri rractioxl this htual before even ' how Palo. Pim lry M,dtid Kin -Senior guard Megan Duffy Ilk:fp:On Ruud Mt an Duffy Mot the United Saxes min a Roll m‘4J1 at the 2015 Woad Univenity oil!. a 79- to I6 teams with 51 over Niootal,4,.•to ang.I Stull 11,611 : 31.4 to the cmfamco- 19, 2005 r November 21, 2005 the Week. named Big Exzeotifecice Frahmcn Sophomore center MANI D ' Amico i norm] lb rag Conference Ilnor of the Week. Fosluttert guattl Litutw ScIrsier Is 27, 2005 IkvemIxtr 19. 2005 Winter 2006 tliOr forward TORII Enrich pawn, to Moot a fro: throw aping Providence. Photo Iry MOM Ks .11te I rcl) rants ir ssu:. scan cirtfaaio. ire itnitbat......a -- Sailor Corinna LaVar nib fur the lsdl Jenne the Wan wane at Nene. 14Vere Ind muHocks m the gam Philo by Maid Ken Senior broad Pick Garnett Arm free tins with the Lca(chaun Wain mains ration rti the laligrinni Phan by Michael Kan 3. 2006 10, 2006 Senior point gad (Nis Quinn is maned EM1 ' 7bc• Mtikl V Acakmic fiat Ton. — Sant guard Awn !hey is nanbal !%g La (Inference Of the Week, lurking her the sesnah limy ill kl101 hittltlIV to in the henry throe tin4 Febmary 27, 2e06 Sneer gum! Nkyran Duffy is naaml fint4e.en :i•k Hatt +Ind 31.‘0 named Big Ear Aatiparak• Wanas anketlyill SkIximAtlikle if the — Senior point guard (Iirb Quinn is named CSS.Fixt1O1111CLOIll thillkO1111 AU. America. — March 14. 2006 2 February p39 lhecounal °animal to let the manes dance. " Me out celebrated Ft rotting alum. Ifon fry IVO (auk. The Renton( ' Shur Moore. O edM senior lee Clektk hikl outhued dancing alto his soil tIkki in a on altillint. (kirktdc ,vt. alto one a the makers of PENro. Mot fry, Craffear Millard I kmut Bray kums how to ewe. Wil1Lnd was bypmct lxk Cakuo Phan by 14 BC011agher Ikta Boat. it tmuncauto atatm tdm Mare thor free time milt rally monlyroi the Ssah lkykl Gammunny. sansanik, 241j Winter 2006 Roti flea -PrciicinsIGatRolt. Sahibek. are WOW. vice Pretklent: Mat Duhen. Faculty Atte: Moho Runkle. Rine 2: LindrayMkiitate. Aleidndra haVerne. MOM liTisont Hen Mo. Etta gun. Sarah Sullivan. Pludick Noble YI — Manton 1 he tact potato clov tot to cowl:ice the KAM (fled mallow the " tvl to have %tante. The mutt typilar Mgt toc• tAhtkihrit hoe By Me. ' Plow lry Rh t lalLuther Everybody Cut Footloose! by Bali Ranh) hIctulyr, Su l UtY Bolding, Proitlau: Niudian Gaxuaell. Strattur Victoria I Itnichky, Sara tine. Row 2: Chick ' trau:. Lindcty Hero, Kriuim Lea tilt JO I Ilichad Sate its inception in 1997, Pasquailla Washington Hall. Amin= took place East Music Qmpany (PING)) has in Oct. and the cast of 31 people bon the largest student.= musical nthearied (or five memos maths thmter company m and it before opening. Putting tcgedwr a has produced a highiredity show with musical is a huge tune conunitnimt capacitrbrimming audiaces every involving scver.d people. It is no:ex:try year. PFAMCo is smith ckdicatcd to to learn drums and music, as coil as providing and maintain a stns, liner and blocking. The east this rar aulutimm for musical thratcr un incluckd nun oriented faces that will the Notre Dame and South Burl pafonn in years to cane on the Hare communities. Dame campus. The traditico continued this yeu Footloose is a stay about a town with the Febthary 2005 production in nowhere Texas that has outlawed of Foodrose, directed by senior jenny axing because of a tardy five Raddet and choreographed by sums. yearsearlier. Rm McConnadc Natlie Martinez. Seniors Beth Planalp McAuliffe) movm to town and sans and Joe Chrlock pnxluced the show, thing this law against with prole Tom Mucchati as mtriail Rt•vauld Straw Mute ' s (Joe Ccaleck) dimmer. Beth Planalp was An the stage wishes. Moore ' s (brighter Arid (011ie nranaga with the (Clam lioffman) falls in love with Rai, and Moran and Adam Heck. The randy, eventually, the Little is wen in lava cf colorful costumes were designed by the teens thing to change the law. It is a Caitlin Kennelly with Lena Caligiuri as stay et freedom, kwe, aid tragedy with nnkeup designer. popular sari; S. as La ' s Hut it (or Several months of planning, the Boy, Holding Out for a Hero, axl styling in kite spring 2005, enckd with Alma Paradir. PBC° always puts on a bong and " metal arid out crowds in a great show that speaks to the audience. 24, M. ionic uttinu in the Paitictl tent:major tore huhu " to a luncheon MTh fen Political Saxe to decut caw onniunitie. %mixt itt 9 February P41 1976 2421 • Winter 2006 — Febnutry 9. 2006 — The ciot Keenan Rena: i IwId. beginning Keutsn ' s mutual sinstirre event ad a Nene Ikune utast ' tradition. 3, 2006 From rkkas (or the Keenan Revue rge disuihrtol Sttaknts sore Akmal to king 2 ID ' s and outlay no) taken niih Thin 2006 Keenan Rinte iwuniata. All each. Sttaknts kraal cc hewn in adnince three tons acre held at alutathlin and tickets for all three acre acme nithin Anditilinin in the Sint MAIYS Canvas 30 minutes. " Fuse nu ,a tlx narked lounge singersnub %Mgt like Mb, Gin Came and Think You ' re a bkeir Floret, ally Ckdiakber One Koala. Ftreur ilea involved acting out the papaw childhood computer Mao M DIN Catztier Keenan rtdeknts add a tarand touch to the nitric Manors 4 a Grin in the sped Aaiun ti a Kaman Ckblia " Onto by My (actin In a UsenetIon se sicn of the psplar ntny, " students Meets mita, %metro inch other ' s Als and interact with Charlie Weis, Rudy al Tarbdoan )m Mao by fillyearstrber " Axis of Humor " Marks 30 Years by Cache Bdek Keenan Hall ' s " World War Revue BreavPhillips residaus, and Dillon The Axis of Hume? delivered laughs Hall, which hosts the Dilkn Pep Rally, once more in its 30 " year on an annual rival of the Revue. The 9, 10 and 11. The hilaflOUS and off. Revue also poked fun at the seating color var iety show highlighted the Lack of diversity on campus with a skit comedic and musical talents of the depicting " Notre Dame ' s most diverse men of Kenna Hall, not to mention class ever, " uhich included a parade their snipping and an:sawing skills. cf white guys wearing polo shirts with Pralucer Thomas flowers and director popped collars. jams Gower led an army of mai to Starting in 1976, the Revue the front lines and left O ' Laughlin was held in Koznan ' s basement, but Auditorium wishing for morn continued popularity faced it to be ' 11w Revue sluswasal four moved to Saint Mary ' s Meld musical acts that pertained AC Des Auditorium where the Knights could ' Thundastmck: Bruce Springsteay ' s truly shine where three shows are " Henn to Run: The Killers " Mr. mammy to accommodate as many. Brightside: and Kelly earksan ' s " Since people as poaable. Tickets are free, but YOU ' Ve Been Cale are gene within minutes. and donations Although music is imperative to are strongly encouraged, as the Revue the show, as that is when the men is the most early signature event of of Kectuin perfonn a strip-tease, any dorm Co campus. the comedy skits am what students So whether its taking us back to remember the most. Highlights the computer games of child➢xxxl. included Indiana Jong and the singing heartfelt love songs about Basilica of Doom, " " Facdnok Patty, " Nazis, satirizing the ridiculousness of " Oregon Trail, " " Memoirs of a Keenan facelnolccom, or offending us so much Geisha, " and " Love Songs at the that were anbamassed to repeat certain Matzke " jokes, the Knights march (MI year after Throughout its 30 yews, the Revue year to entertain students with mac has made it a tradition to poke fun and comedy. The Revue remains one at all things Notre Rune, including of the mot popular signature dorm themselves. favorite targets have most evens ci the you and its continued faun been Saint Mary ' s students, SUCCRS is proof. I LIE U erv1023, t I c-- ;wt. I 1 H d5A [ Ivl,nury E February 11.2006 I he likby thobve( the Keenan Revue etko yeecu The Riau: bunt rim Got the three thous on Thuraby. pinta The find aril mat 4y-chtw perfortaance widtittutaty. vf the leth :mutual Row h bekl. Follouing the IOW rufennanoe, the Knight‘ of Kwon at a found dame tosnunttuxate the war ' , Revile - I I. 2006 9.11 February ' 243 Notre Dame Hockey Begins Its Jacksonian Era After a tough 2C0445 season in which team as originally hoped. After a 4-3 Notre Dame hockey welt 5.274, the Ins to Western Michigan, Notre Dame Irish were searching for better times. found itself with an overall record of The program changed direction what 19-1. However, the Irish had patiaice it hired Jeff Jackson as the fourth stn Jacksas system. All the mun ' s head coach in the history of Notre hard work paid off when the Irish vital Dame hockey. He had previously led their next three games against Western Lake Swim. State to ism NCAA Michigan and Minnesota State. The Division l championships in 1992 and Irish slowly gathered confidence 1994. Jackson is the first Notre Dame and even split a series with Jackson ' s head cinch to have non a NCAA former team, Lake Superior State. championship at a previous institution Since December 3rd, the Irish went before coming to coach the kith. 10•3. With jimior David Brown ' s Jackson set the tone early with stein goiltaxling and some offensive some changes that included patience production, the Irish began rekindling added a new tradition to the tram: gold The Irish wrapped up the regular I think LK. the most important and a disciplined work ethic He also a " liming attitude. 1 helmets similar to the ones the football season by splitting two games rtgainst team has wean fa years. Jackson also the Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks. The thing that Coach Jackson did implemanal a tough schedule that late season surge allows] Notre Dame opened on the road against a hockey to claim home-ice advantage in the coming in was changing the powerhouse, No. 4 Colorado College. first round of the CTTIA playoffs The Irish lost the game, 34. The aping the mme Manila. However, attitude on the team. The tough beginning continued when the the season came to an end on March team had to face two4ime NCAA 4th when Alaskalnithanks won the ir team chemistry is a lot better Division I defending champions, the wand game of the three game setter presented NOM Dame with quite a tournament. than in the year ' s past. 99 University of Denver. No.9 Denver to knock Nam Dame out of the challenge. Sadly, the game ended with Though the mason had a rocky a 6-3 lot gait the team pulled together towanis -Senior left wing Mike Walsh As the season continued to bring the end. With a little more practice in tough lows, it seemed as if the new the offs the team will certainly catching change did not affect the excel by Michael Kim Jeff Jackyn is named the fornh had cachet the tMisarary ' si xre Dint hockey team. Ile is the firm Irish heel emelt it arty gen toluni mil a NY:AA Divinn I chieurrtnthip knee king hired by Nome Dame. — JUSOC tight Uiltg T.J. Andra 13 muted teen cictaki. intim ketone the 13th inlet it the iSialtr hWun vi Nix:v. Ineker. October 8, 2005 Blue mum Wilt• in the annual Nue. (kid ininnyial game in a 4xxxern 3d. Soolionuse right ulnae Mark Vivi Guilder remind the George Kocinkuki Awed as the ganc ' s MVP. — Notre Ilan:beam l ' unann 20. braking 22.8mx- minks: streak (00.20.21 that that luck to finny 2, 2005. 6.2005 -- October 5, 2005 — October 30. 2005 24 Wm ' ter 2006 New heal couch $I bun tabs over dr: helm of a Fixeren he Miele t can It me of the elite teem. Dim by Madrid Kim Sughemore tydtt Mite .L4 Van Gelder knot 00 to bye kil Dedurg Groms John Marze. Ilno NJ ?Althoff Kim Juin ou6ouizT13.61.10tomi kvb ready he a uhot 46ung Lake Serener Sae. Mee by hbfusrl lion CI Calla t, midi he geld helmouu he Maul . ' ,n 010 A astur 1r ' • November 14, 2005 L dermomn 14.4, Turin k maul literal Cdikgieetbdiey Avociaiikriu flaucrti the WX4:. — Fro nun fight using Dik 1 Wt.!. name! the Camel Colleutrie blocky Awe:Veen ' k ficklea the mid for dr — Dote-Wee 11, 2005 December 20, 2005 L Sinew right wing Tun Wad b nuked the (Idea (11146ectkgto Avvciathriu mew [thud the erek. M jOr Wilkalder DMid M. is mord r (Item, Cellvo no I kday Mt dawn ' s geolunkr it du: etc!. !devilry 13, 2006 11 February P45 2461 Winter 2006 — October 25, 2005 January 13, 2006 haw:ink Patrick Chttat wk. monad (rem towing Held (3‘tch hut lialnanki. Pfau cototcy yam inform:am Junky sake Patti Mute muct- sitelymmrs tutturds hisg mist the NOM Dame Oat Pin° wimay of 50= Inioniulim Sophomore Ate and 2034 Ottlapic Cvki Moithn Maid limns nent 40•1 during the regular foxing team Phetocounety of Sports htfattutson Junky VaSsie Punkin-a ag• groan attack; her eminent the Noe Oene Ovals. Primo mousy or Nu htfonemot L. )(cis and fencing Iv(h ton 60 — Saphotaare ;aka. JohtiatiA aitu 11 thCfitul an toch lut victory at Inas led tide at the Pain Scat Mac bkinhneeern ()mit in Et-tauten, Mimic Curt oral nit Intthman Kinhorkv Mtnuya ' r ' et the mmen ' s epee emu. 20, 2005 — Sewn lumbers Of the Ntxre Dam fencing pmeram ivrticipteti in the INA North Anmican Cup in lku en. Toms. me or their 2035 WA.% 00mpion4hip wn. 16, 2005 Stpliotrore take Martel Zmunit, 2004 Ohm ❑ cold nwtialia , debuted Ituvia in a team C11311 w oin the 2035 Wothl ( lumptenthan In Lcipdp, German. 4 Fencing Finishes Fourth at the NCAAs Before the faxing racy started, showing going 0. Sophomore Greg sophomore sabre and 2004 Olympic Howard and freshman Karol Kostka Cat! Medalist Mazkl 7.agunis helped bath posted impressive was over 2005 the United States win the 2005 World ICAA mnner-up Maxie ParagIgiC of alamPlenshiPs in Leipzig, 0:maw Wayne State to askl another accolade to ha trophy Both foxing Rams atilt on the case. Zammis winning ways set the toad to La Jolla, Calif., and both the tone for the None Dame fencing. men and women went 6-0 at the UC Definite losing signifiava San Diego Duals. Both Irish teams axgributors from the 2005 NCAA finished the regular seam with 29• championship team, the men ' s and I records for a combined winning faxing teens continued their percentage of .968. the eighth-best form of dominance in the collegiate overall in Notre Dame faxing no At the Penn State At the Midwest Fencing Max Garret Open, sophomore Jakob Omference Championships, men ' s Jedrowiak won the men ' s foil title after fencing finished runner-up in all six finishing runner-up in 2004. Frechnum weapons and saw bitter tival Ohio Kintlxrlee Montoya ackkd a miner- State claim the epee and sabre titles. up finish in the women ' s epee while Women ' s fencing succeded in the juniors Amy Orlando and Valerie tournament %dam halm= Emilie Providatm finished maw the top-4 in Prot win the nomen ' s foil title at the their rtspectim %awns. event. The first US Faxing Conches AltIvugh 7agunis wan the NCAA Amciation poll released in January of women ' s sabre titk and Ghattas 2(06 was no surprise when urmert ' s repeated as runner-up in the men ' s faxing was ranked Nor. I while the sabre, the Irish as a team finished men dikutixl at No. 2. The Irish fourth at the NCAA justified their ranking by finishing Fencing Chmapiorrhip in Houston, with a 4-I rmottl at the New York Tex. the title. University Dunk At the Notre Dame Although Nacre Dame did not reach Duals, utmen ' s fencing went 7-0 their ultimate goal of defending their highlighted by a HO victory over No. !CAA titk, the seassm was a great 7 Nunhwestem and Wayne State. atoms for Irish fencers. by Michael - - Men ' s fencing also had a successful Kim • January 21, 2006 fsopiiv kvJn tone key folcco hem 2005 NCAA championship mini, ,wands foxing is mad No. I in the gin United arm Fmcing Conchs A•ncLuton pall.7lu new are inked No. 2. — Men ' s and uttnni ' s fencing go 5S•2 tu mislay the LC Sin Thew Dusk in la Jr4Ia. (Slifomia.1 he hish defeated Stanford. Air Face. LC Son Ditto. Cal Sate Micron( td Toil anti Anny. March 4, 2006 C Foahman bathe Prut %sins the uomnis slink at the Sticky Faxing Corktutce Clumpisioltipts at the Mee (Inter lieldhmtsc. — Mas ' s :.m.laittnacs foxing finblim founh at the NCAA Canlinol Foxing Citunpiotaliip in Kamen, Team. — February II, 201)6 — March 19, 2006 11 February 1247 90, atom • - ta • " s• Ace Ants Enthonntaual Gotta Peon Aker Accountancy Ilnim Althtif blanagcntht informacton Swans %train Ana) Awketing Vaunt Amin ' ' , aunt:lay ' Raid Anclaxm Gamow mice Mak•thIcnc Albrctht (Nankai bwinccring Mall Mclennan Architcoure Isq Allot ebb (ullhrnnu Alfas Atthattaurc Roux Akan Stamm • 9blI1Ce4 Clayton ADitott Pnchoher Ilvkxcphy Uwe Allot Music film. lthothicn Erin Anal Alex fihn, Tchnintit Marc And Abralyan mart (amputee Applicaticns Uattk Acitnes Accountatcy And Adhikaty Accountancy Rythokyr 111.,NIIICIV, I .111111 21 May P-51 Kathaine Andersen St rtwnicatatil Ikujamixt Rolw Nonce Alicia Avila Itlattictl horning Panida Asti Molina Singwanmt 1)csign Tla,.a Mich asigerther Ktchner•Itamer linttx• Rtetzt Figuice Thxlegy Iblitical Sciaxe IGalvnt Holley 114itiad Scialoc ILk4 Rut Charectl Ent7twautg Danid Bak Boothemittry II 1 I wow Wastes limner Slak Palkin Filmjelevition Theatre Matthew Multi° Finance Ang•ksic Amok! Political Selena TrinichtlAnaltub amnia liv4inaning gm, Mcitssa AgtAllt lArtv Mogan Austgat Vintner Kauim Andss:n Stadhemacks Michael J. Anckaon Nikki Scimce St Thibscohy Rohn Amierfort coma Pettitiosaortal Emily Andreas Wm. Television Citt Thvue Co nytta Ap•licathins Vance° Mn liemt Deapt St ludon How Far We ' ve Come rinee)Cont I Ca Anna Wit Describe yourself as a Freshman Senior. Naive Broke --Katrina Anderson Dum Dumb -James Bent Confused Confused! --Diane Crary Drunk Legal -Megan Bears CrIonan I3iLo bin !Wier Science Prryxotekgeml 14ok al Forme, litihnchy An Q Akx:akr 14tma. Philtmiity Sc I (wiz), Koko Boraminn Mi4C ri11.111“ Exonmia. Chides A, town U linance Nircied itnrar Bearical Ennocvnnt Mark Rat PoIttical law dt lielnettly Retowit: Acrosroce FAnncentig Seals Ideern Pnehokv Candi Banat Finchemisny The freshmen bring a little knowledge in and the seniors take none out, so it accumulates through the years. —A. Lawrence Lowell Photo Coottetyoj Army ' oche Ovistcylier Raton finance !Wee Eames David Pont Politic) lance Fauxwnie. Mainect ISar Prgran of LIMO, acs Kristin Barmb Finance Rutted Pranhol.mva. C ' ntnnunc Fineatevrine 21 May P53 Bean Beck Making Matthew l3eiey Hem Timothy Brauhen St Simnel gbh Words of isdom from Professors " And chimps of the world will ' Hooray for beer! " ' hicletvt PsythtirgV Private:elm:A ha, Brame tiecktecture laze that it ' s quite cry ive • won ' t be able to accept a at ' s written on the re • paper wrapper from a pit by the Foot. " " tigtHria Beach is for too dumb to rand The 0.C " ' " I need ; vitamin V, which would be Vodka. " " Wake tip, back row slackers! " --A bio rofessor, while shining a iter in the back row. " Wait.. class is this? Oh, right. " 2541 Behrayt }at1i ' 41 !Merl Ktictiana Mitt Actuswe botinextRg 50010: - mew Grwory but Paitiad icnec 113thow I. kaki 1 Roam NaLtlie Bunnnt AcoActancy I INory 4 Csannn Anyncn 64 lityttitviettal (Iniaucher Banal Arrorroce Enanarina Kayla( ' Baum Ametirat %lila Si. tea Pax Marra ern Bans Mcdurnical Engincaing Ice ?on Bra high-IISamna Clare Bowan: Envitunmatd lace. Political Vim Kan Braga Architrave Jan Berger Mien Bmnani AOCOUntanCY Jam Banal Milian Programa lib al Studio Marc hiri Banal Acchitcaure ' Media Scott Bern Siejesh Braireka Mechanical Evracain• )11 L1 4rasircn Pravda:ora ' Sarah Phu hmifcr Nock Architrave whoa Bird Prargial Science; 21 May F2-55 Pain Pray Eng6h Quiputa Agglicatiou Ili :till Pan finance Madam Dims Nance llacus Ant Athena lingincininn Cluntiglxv Ihitngton Bohol Sainte Huticy %Thant tillaky Bata Kinune ratline PoliticalSlaw St tinnier b Bohn An Stoio Mtuk 13,:tety Finance Gummy Boschm Mmiceting ravancenne Ak, [luxe Svah Boehm DiVcBvingir nate gam ' Science • Buiinea ktitm Buppvic Nbeketing PA Heather Davit Marketing Alice Bonilickl Szicloinr Jenne. Bade. Accountancy Moay alco gotta Science .13winck Rachel Penn Science • Prerrticiverul (Nivel lkinivti Antlingoltgip (Liars Joseph Lind finance Amin, Painivannic Antlinivityp Prepvicssional 2561 seniors Kathryn Smog Rama Saences Reteloica StryOut Btr,k %Artily Anthirpoligy Mdrt Bantu PrePrtithitoal Ilnythol Floancal Engaxtraw 110011:116111ell John lingley Accountancy Rhea Roof Athcan Stole. Health Rye. Reath History laugEo.,ie Mathemeks Cabeing Batt limy PodoititY Jieeph Plakestrio Craig Benin Ryn Brennan Aconsgancy MC).11all RAM Poo Brousikyk Accountancy Mark Brennikcie Accantancy rank-A kilo: Economia 21 May Fi57 14ct lawinterio, Myra Itecier Adm. ACCOUnialWy I Iron Photo few rear , Aft wt: Puincil Who ' s your favorite least favorite football rival? Inchy Ehmil A Pale Pstml) N cith Here Come the Irish PLAv A CHAMPION TODAY Favorite Michigan, because they are almost always nice enough to let us win regardless of how high they ' re ranked. --James Vranish Least Favorite: MSU because they planted their wretched flag in the blessed house that Rockne built! Heathens! --Jenna Wilkins Favorite Least Favorite: USC, because we hate them so much! —Amy Yahn j(thn PAD American Stmlio Ikroa Inad Photo Coutusyol Mallory Pomo You have to treat every week the same. You understand the significance of rivalries between different schools. But if you ever treat any school differently, you ' re just setting yourself up for a fall. --Charlie Weis Photo Courtesy of Kristen Donnurh Photo Country of Monica Young DeAmq Berm M adorn , rtulowphy Brom.64e Architmture Nat Braun Coca Roman Chili-06)(1SL History Ernest Ortni Managomx Patrick Buckevn Oat Bucher Amt. ' Bockky Prtyniesional Markairc Siunich Amenttn Smiles him. Telotim llwatre Outer PAokvcal Samar Sad, xi Mitical jaw Sixinbh Eric 1344 Thcoloti 21 May P59 26q Seniors Julia Buda bantrial I ktn Kuharim Iltrrktal Biukkical mica. Ckistinc Bunn Since • tunas Katlyarinc Bunn Ihgrand Ultra Smiles rush Miky Bunncr Paotworumnual laws Andvoccka MOO Bums Nchoky Eric Bungler Hcctricd Erginating Runcia 131 a0 Bray Bui Cauruza Scicnot flrnid Dukcy Film, Telniskn Thome Gwen OurgaBli Hiaay Prcprofmional Mkt-kw Burkasup: Pliilltil lens nue u cs Hruhrh Nuke Pslyhology Erin Bute Bldcgiced Simms helm !knurl ' Him, Tek,icion Theatre Kuhn,. Bush bleb Prtrufetal NItanica Paahnun Arncncan Sestet Kathainc Buda liwitonmounl icixc. Mary Buda rcychology tketehm hors ' ,MALT St Preproirnional BrYan Mat Finance Favorite Unofficial Football Shirts Charlie ' s Army, Putting the nasty lackasty. --Chris Larson, Tvla Mixing stall Ntan.oalmt OmstiIcing Ntithenwics Pohlad luxe ()Ivy Calattru )ciscpl, CAA, Auvrican Sokliec Mech.-mita! liOncenne Nicuel Glatt Urals° Hama honoring Nidlolas Cafrob Eli:al.r11C11 Biudoni Baton College Backup Cale„ --Katie Murphy ' New Pope, New Coach, Same Old Jesus. --Brittny Heinrich Charlie is My Hon --Margaret Ler Front: WE IS i Back: If you could find a bottle the Notre Dame Spirits, i d be under 14% alcohol by --Eileen Locke ' OJ did it! --Kyle Heuer NI4on I intcxy Robetto IHicical ience Courtney Climpkil lisnxY Jorph Camptx41 Bkdcl Slam 21 May 261 Trevor Can rrepturessional k Carchn Preptoinsica hfatthew Carney Gal Engineering Bohan Omni Anthropakgy Spanish holm Cant Accountancy Matthew Candi Hrstory CAN: FIXITICII Auk Cartoski Privoicational Amino:coign Mk Koehn Cargto Environnxntal loxes flung Cann Duns 03511 Ibuaxc Richard Cat minks Infer Gann Antivenin Mchobs Catena Gni Erginccniag lanky Onsonnh Utica! icor Peke Studio Gun:alpha OIVM41 lkonornics Alex CASIXOt WO St Campton, Applications Clatturnrc Ilusid Carey !Cann Carbccini Mina luxe minks Fanirtymnstal Occetienca Megan Cohn Management Information tans !sin (haul Finance ut Gaul. PoStical Sciawe 261] Alepedm (Imo Kyle ( hutirdm (laicism-Marie Outman auittins Clornen Luke Ouse Arclutecture Marlow dairy Niaregencnt Itionmem lcdunkal Enximaim Samos Japanac Mathamtio Gaol Chok American Studies Soplons: Outs Prepoitrnkeul Film, Televeien eelltestre Fait thorn Popo astern ' Ilutki (lonenkk dram= arn Accuutuancy I Woo I Way %St It Science Foch (lot Nlakeuct John ()sal Pitied Snake Mak ClIduk Aannancy YeencieClo Preprticrnunal (homey (lows Marketer; RoShits atow Architecture thistopha thriskIren Philos( rhy }come ' ,nation Chnstmen 13rutla (luottph.c Wood (hristepha Getdren °visa JuNeng Cluing Rohde Schnee (1.411rneineeting 1911110: Wish Prtpriteerenal 21 May P63 Four Years of Football Memories What is your best tailgating memory? Having a random man walk up to my friend and I and hand us beers out of this bag he was carrying. --Angelica Sandrea Starting at 8 a.m. at the first game of the season in Pittsburgh, when the game didn ' t start until 7:30 p.m. --Aya O ' Connor Fiesta Bowl in Tempe. It was so great to see so many ND people so far from campus. --Matt Skinner 64141 Si Matilt111.11kt Accotinuncy Mutic atry Catlin (line Ke‘tin (lock Enomeetim Kilned Stiax• Philooph• Accountancy Jampialux. ( lark Eatteitli Ilitaloth (lour Film. Ttkttition ' Praire " Ilbrolotty Photo Courtesyof Rachel 77wlen Photo Courtesy of Clot Lalonde Nei Coleman Psychology LAMM 0.4C A11101011 SCUllia Jeuc Cs Statical Evince:ins Rtnicl Cole Acnwacc h‘Ooaim layoturtinu Al Cullom Accountancy eculion Phikucohy Conks Preotormicual The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity. • —Unknown Photo Courtesy of Carolyn Neff 21 May P65 Ks linter Architecture Ruben Coh I litaorr that Cottoft Hulce Kr,ice (1.11in.; !Vitra ' :7kicno: leuttaratekin Architecture Kathryn night) Pswhology Preprefesskred kun Ginner Finance Marielle Cermet Pututairr Preprotetional Laurm Windy NITketing Chroline Quin Pada SCIMCC Ityan Conruuduon SOL710C Cuhrtine Anthrtcoltuty St Hetorr liin Cank Actrantancy DaaW Clinuur Ilikwyhy Thttregy Carolyn Coopa Markctiv Megan Calmly Pendell Slaw Stuthew (Ina luxe • Businus Maxi Chigan Chonield Frucincoing 266l L Ruck Coinut Dmiglt Computer Arpliceituvs Kate Cave! Acaultancy Lltnin rim linalbre Ere Catena, Marketing llycholegy Curling (lernical Esutinceting Kaitlin Cronin Anal:cram Saccy Chases Presnufasitral Andrew Crake Mathenntics Jasmelmc Cruz I Phikwcin Diane Gmmt I hinter unt Amununcy llicology Evan Osattlo l ' repnienional Ruben Curly Marla-sing Noma, Cram finattoc Csal %vine Chant IMrketim jusmh Gam ' Maim Philon Bike IYAilkilin Itinnal Sams Clan Dahl Philmity Painnin Oink Scimxs Amin ants IV Political Mice J Knox Dant lamas Ilmtcfmt linna Mamba Matthew Dm Aconintancy Englult Rinial Scicnce ' tattith amnia Swimming Antitrust John la ti Mcchanatl Ksthnine Mks Pmlwitvc Theology 21 May 1i67 ' I r I Itom Aminvolm Itnlwt I ' anick Dacia 01111111ItT 5ol110: Ryan I Lyn l ' nainic•ntivJ Jennifer IX: Angelo An Rao Michaci de Lt (Irzt Management Information Saaimn Philosrythy • M.einel I Xnala Ono; Amain:11)(y 1 • Tanya De Sum Eccnunnrs Kdk Ilelary Saaulogy Pnyrofcmional ' Alma Deflorr Saiulto ' Dnym Ritu al Prevail 5mm tiunnh Jenne( a Delaney Iiigury Swint Anne l•Ir Mince Sauce Shama Der Program ti Lava Stuck, ILnnvrti Ikm Amcncan McthanticMdlo Masketine Shellac! CkNbroni I Iianly IkAik, I maxi:4i Acchihmurc Clare Dmand Meghan Iknige‘l Ownharhce I)S(tldtatt Deurch Ikrchmvaa RIK.: • !imam Pnprofemenal Arco meta. (lanputer Science :Mtn I knlat 2681 Ettut D•rAdt Knthrin Di how N n Dian, lk tit it Da. it It limy Dietrich iltualo ING.Gartgotaxt Marking Dosizi ThatkIN So.tatu• Markt-tut.: M:to.contig Ntinvimatt }Ann Dinnen France eitixsine Ikakr Anthrtyckey Fhprdessional label IshAvat Cimun TIvaititY David Malmo) Prwrtioatual Enjish Cann ' , Wiley (Stole Rgitictil luxe Bra Dain Etawinics Circa Ream (tilization IX‘Igy liV11911 Nikke. Dt-efl er Nub): Man I blxItv Margaret Iltin Nialhomaict Nbcluti I kiln Mailkmitics Mcthiri Donaltitai Foglia ant Televiiiin llitmire Evan lkintigewe Hiraluh Diuthic Phrict. Tlwriogy Pnriforentl Kara anthue Accouncincv 21 May Fi459 g There is a Season hat is your favorite season at Notre Dame? Springtime - All the squirrels are so skinny. Eat, squirrels, eat! --Alison Kelly To Every Fall - No one is overweight yet and people leave their rooms. --Mike Lyden Spring! Because South Bend ' s evil winter of doom is over and the landscaping is gorgeous. —Jessica Meciejewski Foothill, of course. —Pamela Jefson Ktium I kvinitth Prepnicmxtral Nkclunical Enizoxviing b Pamaa Conti Politiad Science rhilosqiw Dougl May-Arin Ikughtm listory !hymn of likai Scotties I knrciike .St.tipanith It):. INAmbey Political 1kleno: 13 4 .11441 21 May P71 Dorothy Mid Ntholarr sPotall Wan Mogan Ettglith Itch Moak Unworn Acodivcc Iinc.woing To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring. -George Santayana Pas Courtesy of Potty Rose Photo °flimsy of Kelly Piwzzi p • • .....x.ot eAW " I ' how Court( vy of Holly Anna Abbott lAwle Annian Studio Syne Doh, Kum Days knot Pricrrofooknal Music lkdommce DAnkl way ivy Dulmt Biolceical loxes Dike (oil Iigkxxtnus ' Phillip 1)uckminh aonkal Et4necting Hu e Fix:owing Mcwal Duffy Psycholtv Compowe Kim The Bookstore Patrick Dungan finance avid Dann Anthroydogy Prcpnissittyal 272 Advil INVail Preyniational ammo Eckel Pnwanui Ultra! Studio. Mx E.istentw Wan Anthrnixim your favorite thing Bookstore sells? ND xi macaroni. Show yo scl spirit by consuming the University ' s logo. --Kevin Green NI) dog bowls_ really necessary? --Leah 0)gs-smell cut-outs of all the liklings on campus. --Kristina Barrios Ryan Rare Pntnictunal Sects liurnanc4 Po.ritionorol do you wish th kstore sold that it doesn ' t? back the shillelaghs. Ashley Lucchcse Beer. --Jason Morris cheap... y anything, I ' d buy it. --Maria Mazzillo avnze Urn Nkylunind Mimic Eck Account...4y Timms Edda Rebecca Edatcin Anne Eskitawk Kendall Edwards Matthew Edwards Conlin Etta Science Ile ore St Sortnith Proentm of Mktg Srustm Archimture Music Marketing An Sado Petfonnano: Den Enna, Wall Engel Monica EMI Patricia b%4 Fogloit RiuMissttin Mechanism hillt•ekViliell St ileum Film Tekwitien St Thong PhM)01 a ' theratcal Eataxienng 1Fmzw 1 ' ters: Eita An Stole St Art I ii " V }my. Itlingo ComPutcr riVinttfing Este bchkr (Itemiad ii Iwering Quinn Mk Marketing Enn User Peo:holem itstc•h Enw Umtata! lawawaing Accountancy trly.. Lynne] Psychologa Preprofetsmal Renck Essien Management • Entragencurilip Rada Esteve Pregrofessimal 21 May P73 Chi Ewen !Cabana:War Thomas EnAet LIZ Faun Humbert lliono Kirk Jahn Fain. Bub St An I Won Psithelety rnixofetsknal Chemical Enontairc Arclutoctury Rtikturhy Psathukigy Lan Fain Snow F4uu Nal ham Matthew Fannin halto lanwa Kate y Ewell Accountancy Prithulegy Acountincy Maitre Si Accountancy St IWcut Ithnisint iSCIlantiv llxvkan eatno.Lowland Smith Laura limey Political •luxe Timothy lickIntion Prwrilotonal Anne Fino Anthrpaalogy Pniprofinsiinal Susan Ruh FASicoirc Imam Forney Finance luxe St Mitzi Fcchni Pruprufewinial 1)itap heminkc (Immo! laiwynantg Molly Ilentittyi Anthriptia Mixt hagustin Enna: Jeuica t Methanol Entantong Melina Felker Matkaing ea ' IN whology 2111 Seniors Omar kiwuiS. Cresputer Emma-ring Alvxnkt rem Higoly ke Political Raquel Fara Sranbh Prwrittseitual Melaka. lam NO finance }mart lichee Mina Snow: lindi Ryan Pollen Ritiei Spree Anicican Ain Si Somali I invhv Rinical id= Wilhamlivher Propnicelaril :c.sica Palma Ectinotnica 64. Janis Filacesall Cencuier Invinedifts Kailusn litsnaunce English Illinad Science Julia litgainick Ilskiiical Science Inolumnini Palos 9111310, Katelni litquitick !wiry kiih Steaks Mewl limatrick Peoliancal S1(1103 Television " flare James Flaherty Accountancy Park,: Rams Haynie-al lasernaling Linn Flaitonin Haan Man Beek Firmer Linnet Heck e coussitay Carla Hamm Ndusksay Prepnicnional John Homan lioncang 21 May r275 We ' ve Got Spirit What was your most spiritual moment at Notre Dame? Instead of a moment, I would like to highlight the weekly masses in guys ' dorms where we celebrate together in a fraternal way. —Sturges Lochridge Appalachia trip Junior year. —Katie Seeing Touchdown Jesus wink at me when I walked past the library once. --Jack Laskowitz Anytime walking by the Grotto. --Tom Lamontagne Ike Flynn Sta.% SINIII141 IA11(01E1)410 S. ' 1010: Michnel Firm (ka:4( Itcomn ( m Rcbox:i Fro:WI " (bed, 3n. )(Am, Foky Film. Telemion 11mme Ftwny counancy Ilklan [Um. talk IMIInm Smith MATImnric( Income( DAS Foxy Hamm History llnwny Joise Faro IS) hukve PaThicaaail Maya dltd u s 1.1urai Ihtik Priproksainnal pain liankel hi.a. • Staines Michael limo° Mnwc Such Itch Erlich Si lirshey Lauren Fnewo Ilrank Program tilixtal Studies both Rteeein We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results. --Herman Melville Photo Counts y of ?Irina Grossu 21 May [i77 Mancha FuAtond Avatar:cure Launt Nada Ervb.-sg Amen= Solis Spanish Rack Wiwi° Anthropolegy Peace Studio Leta Celli lUnical Sciaxe Fley n1101100 Kest Fnvv Mmocunient Spanish Sect Indium I le:ideal lilgincutng Winne Cobncl Precctiositmal JJl thtleinski hinhanacios Tlxckcy }con Cithan relish Philosophy Nail COnlino Marketing Spanish Ohm Cline: Men-vet Science Mathematics Setua Cocoa Arelutotture Nob Ueda Accountancy Pnchology Such CUIVIII1 rditia SCiellX PhiLsophy act Cumin Avketine Bauniu Canaan Aglitter= Thaws Wein Wish Dnan Qum Accaintiner Sociology Jouvlsestukck Political Science Pcschnkcy (Cituclla IlweitcY Matt Guriluldi Itnnonlics 27131 Seniors ClatreCreptnitti Science RWIKIkRY itlidkalk Caney Mr:wry Milne Guts Btu:lankly Itlaick Gee Attountancy ' trove Can Englitti MI itt ' AN Mantic Inntletly (larg• Mmagontati Inforneakt Swain Eltrabcrit tingtersc Preptokniortal LauraGnu= Nell-loy Sr Ilium kkatrk.1 Atxtlant: :to MILEVatilihts 11111“1“ Ashk, Utcskiin Szkoce Motel Cilirt Political Imre St Prerctiatigred (:ktettn(kth Marketing Iknglinkgy Aldan ( ittriants At Al n. yd nn kirtrittktti tetrylk Stoke • Weiner: Ognat Lauren (Mangy Antivoit Sr Prwroctretitgrai lxnfd Galley Hone Cluitrorpixit Gluing Ea antics 21 May P79 Robgr Gas Marestancnt Psychs or? faunal CglIngs Aernsnxe Antlysty Oil )elotketing Micicssi Carte Wm.Television S. Theatre Aaiun Cismstran Selma•Busnos Fatal Girard Myriam ti Libral Studies Pawkier Rage Accountancy Alingt (las Rugan Pence Stocks lisabeth Gurlicesa Plulaerhy Ryon (Met Ucancj Enginsaing Ilimir male: Archusautt: Dark Gomm Accountancy Jam Gra: Mrchanical Engincaing Czklman Jeffrey (Urn Alm. Television Theatre Iticissocil Mims S. English Preffolassimml (lasts emnrilm themtc.d Ensumming Vancluo Ounam Thcclm Seniors Anne Cordmour Prvittsissisni thirsting Ocalthin Maiming 1 Egon ' %Wpm (breki Storicting Wiwi Matthew Could Nunn. Sant Pregnicrecnal (lurks Ciao itaarr I hum Ntnck Usurky Elecuical warning Kannu amen Ahn, Television Theme Mcg.n Ontlins Manaipnatt Tykr Cankla Silence Prepacuional Michael Grecr Avila:poet lingineetute Lesky eitiocnc Engirds Statheinvics Menne Granano American flies Cornputer Apishicatiens Snit (borne Anna Philosophy Johnny ( item Bake{ drc Stearn Cunene Fkolugical Sciusces (Insulter Gnier Actuayze Engineering Num. Gala, Ciomputer Appliomints Jeff gm. Grantkowski lkortnnum Cemputer Ayiplicatinrn Ktiatin Graham English Biom Ranch Liming% Architecture I:YI(T,nn A ' i ' s ' y Gra " Management Infontreitu Prrycoramiond hycliokigy Menu Maimaiment Psidallogy CluiginetimInni lit 21 May [±81 Dancing the Stars What ' s your favorite dance theme? Butut litanies Footitri Amy Guayronc Anthrtyclogy Purciatiorol Ktic Guoulxr Accountncy Claire Otubtog -itncct bib Gantt aim Prrywfotsiond ( whit Accountancy Photo tour:en .11 ultacl loastralstrt Definitely anything that had to do with pirates. —Brittny Heinrich Koough ' s Chariot Races and Toga Dance —Daniel S. Mute The one where you go with someone you don ' t know, dress provocatively, and drink heavily to avoid actually talking to your date. --AnnaLise Hoopes The classic Catholic School Girl Gloria Kreitinger 21 May P83 Fair Cristian Coact cc Staunch MapnOuskif PSyr.kkgy Premicavitil .1111(5 l 00 Etnoneaing Jaida I Ivo Atchitectun: Nil awn finny Mcavl HagatY Dickr„icil %axes IlArth I bgal Nelyikxy Mark Hahn ' Maim It ' s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter. —Marlene Dietrich Photo Coutresy of Montra Young Photo Courtesy of Jess :Winger Dray IIaroe rAatv.i... Iliktcphy t•Scekts Cuattan Political Sziaxc Rdeto I Lanky Mcdaatucal Entancaing et nett ohs I Li] Sicix ' knitJ..110Ln Rvbat A:6 Architecture Limn Kanc Ha Accountancy Chrigopher nano Accotanancy Andrew II:utlans tinily I lawn wink iwist Ktehrgi I LINMVC jogth I Ian Aeuxinhowy hIlannen Han thantsue An Studio 2841 Seniors Getting Your Car on Camp " I ' ve got some beer in the hi the car and its getting warm. Yes cer, I know k ' s January. " --Sturges Uxbridge Kathetinc Run FrtzlOh Siouan I Inn ACCOUntalCY Thomas I Ilnsitonmental " I found a rabid squirrel, and to pick him up and take him animal hospital before h someone. " The guard didn ' t believ --Anne Macrander it I Lin Silly An hinny litolixicul Solaces Zachary lingo Atchncraute I work at Papa Johns. I just I light-up pizza sign on the c} on my hat, and I get onto campbs anytime I want. --Nicholas Hnatiuk Cluburga I kW Oyil acincering " Hello, sir. We ' re going to Mass in Fisher. " (Says the kid with a car of beer, people wearing 70s gear, guy with an afro, and girls with bccr breath on a Friday night.) " Alright, have a nice evening. " Melanie Urrabee Oval Mew Psychology calm PIlle• I IS Policing Stance Crystal litinnss Accountancy Ann: I Id Prqtranci Ninny I Wish Telcvnien 21 May llkilurf I lonnu Mulct Julie I lo ti AnImoll Simla Esul I Sinknun Iltoleocril Sciences Joa aia I I I 1 ' ..,:nArt-44 Slit). Honig flortrical Enginecring Julia I lotkels MeclunicA TriOnceritui Dania haw Pnchatil. Walla I learn Paiiical Snow Kenn !Ica Mechanicil bunkum lik I kui Ii n.te Tara I lickry ruchology Kyle I low Acountancy Jinier I lermle: Aniluorokey Pnyniceiaud (Lulu I IrmaitIc Accountancy lib I lanwIr: Pupticuieted Jewilka I ;crawl !lai:achy Cromlia Holly Pancal Snow Swab Milken Mimi . Preprdeaional tight-1111M Arctutcctute ( Welo I IilIknJ Amami: linguionng (Ittutuo 1 !alai Doup kfloct Att6) HAW MUSK Rome Linen Seniors NIchohts I Inviuk Ashky FloLbs Antrd 11 whir Kollgom I kypin Ntwy I logat Itoss I Cobb, Plulywyhy Sociology Amnion Studies Nbilao Anthropology blame Finance AnnaLiw Flavor Philablphy An Studio ICIthnn I loodechedt Ptliugol Saab° German Jamie I kilanI korai Sciorc. IAA Myclai Hotly Anthic Enoironmcntal byre. Mahn.. I lop-maw linty NiMilt11111iCA Nig:Tu. I lolm Thrtlyulibbonal Loon l Imo " Englith exib Htbkins Galin Hoppc s omputer cienze licinarring Prey:tumor Lilronl Snag.. Rmick I C Histary hnonywortgal °ammo., Soon lioran Omitted libtincorut Ch...Isea I !organ Aerop.xic Fatincering Mcgiyan I lom Mond, Norma Moak I Ionic SxiolottY l ' npniebional Markettng Knoin I gory Englolt Cdrolim [lobo lIestrgn Alpo I kmell Rioloydod aidloo 21 May 1287 1 he Irish Abroad What is your best memory from studying abroad? ( we: tesy ...1C012 While we were bathing naked in a Hungarian Bathhouse an old man hit on our friend Ed. -Eric Staron Going to the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. -Anne Michelle Reilly Traveling and seeing all of the ancient ruins throughout Mexico. Also, living with a host family. -Samantha Raneri Yan I !maw Cinl li•icenng !aura Mane Mckcimg NMI,. I Bxkood Scialca Hultomii R•.m I itttchivon (bernical li IoNtog Nano liven Andmix4oLT St Simbh 1?mick I lytle Atabilkl: [ilk:V.711V 288 M.111,1L.C1X1:1111{a ( X Ow N1111,,N11411T Um. Tc-viv, n etc j., t: i%1:1 " 1“1 Antujockfoi Ps)thology • 7, • te Mien( ' ,many of Anne SIC air Moo ( (marls of iimmln. Stan wk. Don ' t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled. -Muharruned Blake pawn Pswhology I RuizJ.4N " , Mothanical rroncmino Kirstoi Joc6on AoThroce rivincoing Marcus JLastxt Ntaltakh-mon Infomation • :1 2,zeits Bratnjanz Entice 21 May P89 inul Paiticid All Finance keen Ii Ii Jaws Ntelenteis Sr Eg611 Korn Jensen 64. Entholmy William Jame. Englith Sr Theology Midi Mires Envranel Lhral Studies FSeavelerel Pamela jefrm Mortal Engineering Wi Prim Mectunical Ear:inn:AIR MAY A11(00112 Nehology Clinterril Emma:am Kelly ' ono Ntirtiogy NIA " Zia ACICLIVICC EngiliCaing Joclk Jolition Markoing 1 ricdolition Biologicd inlets Wool Pluton Anthaptirrify Sr Pace mks Wise. Johnren Prep-ante( L ' ilsrol %xis Ea English " Hymn; kihneon Markedier JOIY INtO I listOlY Wired Lium Moc Multi Science Philtre. Edina Sonde Sr Witter Clrulia inenh Barxi n K.: se Eceince Elea Lila. Eateenicr Michel K.iginan Finance 29b1 Seniors I6Z TZ Inala“ °PM La 4`N num macoN fin 3X11.111 tonrox vurIbriry stunsis topnwon notttatem A ' s. 19 Ftsassopidam ANN Lunn oppx atirtnef aculautzert Joriam lfl AmurzrA up( tPMd ' 9 1RM °PIM Nal S ' ' MN ainAVPN Ws l( Angwocal9 tmatA ruPPID umoa gurney AaulciPtcd Inktv.lostiNU ! ' N oxotoS PRIM gefluN rAJOU074 %I NN 1101111rel - " PPS john Kelly. Fatnee Milky Koala Political Are Ahab Kelly Biological Socnco AA= Kennedy Anthropobgy Kdly Kennedy Forme (hula Kabul Eabotnio (lime Kathleen Kelly Gni Engboumg I hcAll Knn P.achol gy Pruxoferional bum Wuxi Englbh Kahane Prwhebb I Ang Kim Preprtimional Cartlin Kantily Anthropology )auto n um Dalai Chngopher Kilmer g lbIA Chan Kcy I lntay Wok ad Khaa apt Stance I Idle Klein 1-1,41ish Cinkt Sttak, Seniors 21 May l`93 Lunn King Payinfracionll Pwchology Inc Kinibuoxle Anthricelivr Preptolommai hlasy Koplin Pothokigy Mame %lam !Gahm Acoamtancy SJeclogis Jame Kinham Daniel on Klute Niarketing Emily Khaki Philumrhy St (imam Amputa Kkbc ILudu Accountancy Kristen 13S American Wu Nicholas Klein Megrim! Emoncerim Carolyn Knipp Mathentab I1 4-nram Koatch thonical Enginocrig Kathoine Kniyya Political Science Koga Knight Nfaiiil talon hlidmel Knam I blitical Selmer St guilt Klit KJ MN hbahanium Knee SIPP 0 .4 Kmelburg Economics St I tinily Detin Kinin Political Mire Brian Kimakt Accountancy kat Kirku English }.,In Klein " theatre What We ' ve Learned What advice do you have for Notre Dame Freshmen? Avoid early classes. Never schedule Friday classes. Remember, you can also pull it off at Finals. You seldom need the CD-Rom that comes with the book, but don ' t lose it or kiss your return money goodbye. —Jenna Wilkins Avoid Hot and Spicy Sea Nuggets, TC is now a cop-trap, talk with Father Ted, support your local South Bend bars, go to mass, attend class, work hard and play hard. —Kevin Lashlee 6 A1 4 amid Koh Economics mash Flimsy Kothaii amnia Rim. Tants:cm Thmtre Nicholas Kramer Biological Scamcm Amy Ktanc Soksamil lams schen Kiwis Ilkismisad lama licrit Krdlcr (Xoria Kt ottma INechankry Mtwitui Knnad Anictkan mks NIA Ktoc•ynski Chemia Fajnocrirec Maly Kai°. Program of Literal Smikx Photo Couurn of Daniel Kluft o The college undergraduate is a lot of things -- many of them as familiar, predictable and responsible as the bounce of a basketball, and others as startling (and occasionally disnstrous) as the bounce of a football. —John Sloan Dickey upwips 1111111111111 David Kninve• Pahnnisuy (kttry KuCal Actoubtetcy Katlikm Kutin Englith Tclevmtn Thom Kurt: I lava I ligot• Manx Kw Prograrrsd UN-fa ' lam 21 May P95 Alma Anthrordwy Prvinitvatual Axiom (Wit-4w St (omit to Antall intr. Kitlduza Laud Stroud, g Domers Wo d, plays harder, takes ad of opportunities, has to serve esLife term in four years. Margaret Lero 1.11ininaa. Ityst I.Ilkr. A. lima Licayt. tans Met buinexim l` sf Lk J tithlks itvtion4 Antlut.wbat espectful. ed. GoId-blooded. Excessi dl-rounded. Competitive. ing. A volunteer. Knows ) have a goocl time. Maciejewski Nth Laroos: English Christopher Lakvide Political imp: An o ' Never who pretends to be apa c, but crams in ridiculous amout studying when no one ' s looking. --Mike Lyden al 114:th:;, Lancotagne Architecturc }xi ' laManina who knows lac a " parietal " is. Larson Like r liege student... only better. Ashley Lucchese 2961 qh. Lou, ' ,mgt. !livery i..1111014.11 ktt Kann I Nun Lim iitC(rical hiza‘vong Etic Lygenksene MxLim " : PCIer 1.411ga I !kin ' ktaytttluw Eton AceounolocY At Lir Account:my betinontes Nan Lierdwe NvIlolca WW1 biome Larson Rem Sdlineic (Irboyher Lorstyi Pm:A(4w Saw Larill I limey Prcyrofeyonal Resin la like Retied Mince I:onyxes Appliexitew John L NEnketing Ikon Lome Emmung (Nista: Lwinger Excnomia Slavish CA Ultller LaVoie Iihn. 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Ntuvarti MAtnr.,-.)1 1:11vArcl Actottramv 2911 Seniors An Liam Asian ohm Philyamhy Ryan Lichormakyr Cowan Science Katluoi Litt:mint, Marketing amid Lim, Rythukant Katica Woo Amoican Flutes AIMal 1.1111.11111114 Pochology Kathryn Inky Amyl-Scan Stahel Aslyky MIMS -c Abler ' Loti,Nton knee Whim Edward Lim Accosiancy Delta Ntarkout: miler Licosa Amoican Studies tow Itchrklot Eccortnics Rainy:J 1mo. Amy Ink Environmmul Stamm 1,1m, laxly math Antlucy I (int.: Antlutpc Za.a Politico,. mil Mkhclk Larharyi Inc Patruk Lakshluto Minn, Stinky Omit : 1110IMA• LOW ACCUtilltall(V Molly lawn, Psychology Oregon. Lot Anthmpolocy Promicoxnal 21 May ii99 the Notre 1 ame Family What are t t Notre Dame stories you ' ve heard from alums? les always fun to hear about how they stormed the Dome when the University passed the stricter alcohol laws. —Emily Yannucci One married alum couple told us the story of how they met — apparently random hook-ups can result in marriage. --Chrissy Williford They told us about the time they hoisted a keg ove r the side of the stadium and into the stands. —Kristin Walker • L:Nyth Nvia.41 ay lamb Sookts A4 y tucchese Nitical love Setiwti I • If bici• udi.oilo,+ ( 4,3,4n ). 1. ..tCxti M InL wv, r:,11 j011141 M.11.,01.00 PrtrtiONXIIIII SCUM lame NbcCiegor (Ian Prtrokoinnal .300I Seniors }swum lack evil liOnzaing Daniel Mack Computer Srialce jeFick MaCkieW4Ci E14:6116k Mtn Jimmy Macias Rontyncc Lansuago Litaaturcs Zachary Mack Or Roman Oviliranen Cy. Garkt mho Rom Machado 1luknphy PrcrofSonal Photo Courtesy of Timothy Stawickl Photo Cooties). of Ashley Hobbes tioPAPr In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future. —Alex Haley Phew Countty of lihnonshu Mori Stcphanie Maio Finance Lauren triacKatit Moim Ma4klat Ntakaing Anne iclaerankc Psychakagy hula Lyra Maclayin ravliNh 6L ' Faith Racial Mackin fkolrocal !demo Thology 21 May F501 Danielle Malian Prcordessional lochaty Malaria Amines %WV lhoalegy Pordessional Computer Stience Mak Elimixth Maher Acoouncancy Design K•hlem Maim Marlecting Eras!, Luke NU= Mawntoil adcmwvat SIStallS natality Skholx Stated ixelth Claim:cher Whaley Foglia Pat Television Thome Ray Sbkielai Weal loxes Michael Mixt Accountexy Mahenntla KahedneMalknolcy Emig, Hammy Jam ?slalluoty Ekarical Enonoxing 4C11112 Mangum Qval Exineeting Maw, " Manning Psychology rtho mannyoc: wor• Soient• Anne Nine,. %Atom Rachel Manley film. Television Alton° Annex loan Slantica 13rox, Mahanica liyoncenng at Stuutuund Mechmioti Dittoing latest Manning Amman Soaks Madam Slalom FogIth llnid Amok ' griming MgmaNtly Seniors Under the Dome? What ' s the best thing about living on-campus? Being so close to everything on campus is very convenient. --James Peter Terilli Life on-campus is closer to the dining halls. • Tim Stawikci The dorm system. --Chelsea Mason What was the biggest change when you moved off-campus? No dining hall. --Matt Skinner Atiluninc NtinktIl Thcatn: AsulintoInty MArshall Accountancy Thaw Marthall Pruptao.vottAl Nobody seems to care if you run around naked to AC Des " Minder " When you live off-campus. -.Trevor Park Best thing about living oil campus? EVERYTI HNC. --Owen Uszuko Nkanin Intory Ty n Manny: Mika Source iSt with 21 May 303 th Mrs Actolduancy N who= Mach Amy Maw Philmrhy Pnrytynonal Clelsca Mason 11wIcity Anduwoky Slat Sdisto2 Ertzlit Matthew Mmeni An tau MAIM Archnccuse Cal.-mai Mauro Coil liwinaling Mich-id Nbut Mad:cling LinikaY May French Priyokaandl Michelle (4.41my lateholoa NAria M4c lb Rolooral Sciences NkAndned I limn ' St Gnu, Mal) NkAulcy An Stull t ). Myth Mame : hnioicy ((warn id.vm :dv Nh:11. :1M‘Cdnn Pngram 14=d Studies Hun= Philedphy Yoko NIceann Ntoketing INLet Nye= Sr. I know K 14.r. o1 4A1 John %Loam Panicd Sao= Parachy 21 May 1305 Maly thy Architecture Stmul McCarthy Acoargancy Jan,11 kleCmhy Morrianau MaMk McCarthy Mina Schnce Kathkm Maltv cv Ma:kiting Andwny McConnell Azchioxture kin Mtn Plulivetin Uaad NkElitip Plektophy Cell= kkattcr Actnintancy David McCormick Accountancv Matrun McCormick History NIc(:ullettdi Mechanical Nic(ke Fiance Jatcph McFarlane Markaing Cathainc Nic(kgncy Frail+ Michael McGinley Pregram d Ldxral Studies Rpm Mcattiikm Mareticant Prythekigy Amanda hicliterf iktvlxilogy Mina Scioto: Omen McGantrn Finance Oxen kkainigle l ' reprolevional Prandon SkOirr Computer Vence William McGat Marketing Mickel McCow ' Rilitical Se ' Imre 6t Antic Caitlin Meant). Ptcpuicrional An Flivoy Out on the Town What is your favorite South Bend bar? NA nivct The Backer - it ' s got so much character and so little class. —Caitlin Diffley Corby ' s - it ' s like and old shoe... it aways fits! —Casey Dunne SIM Boat Club —John Bradley What ' s a bar? --Daniel Smith Mark Nkl•kitl Katluyn Mc it Accountancy Walt iuxe McMahon Mixt McNtiiiin tountancy Nitical I(IKC With luw Nklioinktx1 Ricky NIctioskey Ikxtxt Mr.chm. lilveattl Adria I Ilistety Accuuntancy Mcclunical likaktring 3061 Courtesy of Claudia Contalt; it] Arne College is like a fountain of knowledge... and the students are there to drink. --Unknown Carolina Ntxodo firallet Renck Mernil Larnanns Katherine Merrill Knehrh Lateen Mesta Film Television Theatre IleauL En Meyer Amen Stelte. Kay Witt Mechanical Eyewink FAin Mews At %KW, 21 May [307 Photo Courtesyof Caitlin EIYMJ st Requested your favorite song at a bar? e Mwakto tioal lam " My Humps. " —Matt " ' arnica " Rocky Top " --Moira Macklen :e Final Countdown. " --Lindsey Ne• " I Want to Dance with Somelxxly " —Carolyn Sweeney • • - " Dancing Queen. " --Kathy Peterson mit Stop Believit —Jacklin Sims t Matti mot ny hht.wht Mokha Arai NaCt [lurid( Maxim item bizeue " Skive a Horse (Rick a Cowboy) " —Kora Donohue " Yeah! " Stasnw • ough you hardly ever • ' yin ' on a Prayer, " hear it. —Joe Oarlock " Pitmo Man. " --Heather Sanders Miller Bolen Malls foal tame Managtment 44mmion tam William Milts Archnonuto John htimrtin Figlish Zirtminh Mime intri lheatro clam km+ Nina Mackin:ma Matthew Mitchell IWitical Scioto:. Nichole %%MI Slaw, 308 21 May 109 ?slaty Morales PAchulogy Sxiology Ale intlra More Desism bt An I Unity Timothy Mitre Finance Kuhnutle Gotha Macey Primula:tonal Almon,.Ira :slaters Finance Sianui Morney Finance Manpret blown Thollory Dandle Munn I limn Kuhns! ' Monts Ibtehdogy Ashley Morn Aerocace Ettgincaing Kelly Mown Arcbitcrture Monany INtlitical Science Ilea Mitchell MAK . Nitta iawe I kien Monks tisanes llonness Kristen blitchellTrilmo Pnisubtratutd r Manisa Mgran bkvits,toe American l..ititiegicomIlinn I litany Arabic Michael Wirral libn,Tdevition St. •licaur Kathleen Mentierlki Stience Morgan Henri ( dying Pass Mnotora Man:x(1nm Emily Maui Biochemistry Calmar Niacin Acnnnxy Laura MulkNxy Itiehkay Circa:rho Mitika IbliticaMicnre Brian Mov Booloy:IA Simms NioYa Marketim LikotaNimrcr SxiologY Amy Mortimer 11Aitkal Laura Mut= Biochmkury l ' uchokt pin Miami htlthmunra K.:ohmic Mountioni ClustaiiIx. J. Huhn (lac Morph. Et.loard Nitaphy VIIICC Iiiincal Imo Pratical Science Jonathon Mulyin Kallakvn Murphy Kailuot Murrl %Lila tenor Mathematics I Won. (inn= Hal Mawr Architecture Jointhr Mu ' maw langlith Silty Mullin %IBA Prt•roics Seniors Patricia Murphy Ambit-pokey Swing. MuryAry Sane • PtcPniinnunal John Minc•htin Nonce BOA Paid Ishkentint %anneal SS1 Wet Erica Kenn Nditimy Place StuJits Pact Murphy IV Finance I hinny KaPY thus %kat • WOS Caroline Murray Ibliticul Scharr: Zach Myvn Slick hiuto Finnce Planck hhcin liurxc Carolyn isiff Marltairot Bcorical Cir " Maim crlianic lirwrxe Rack:IN:ant tiliblethr lhcnleg• Thomas N1 411hcan " ' gory Suit Nehat Architcatire Tun hkkon Accutwancy Aletainder Marcy Lilo°, it himaintmcnt Infocuttrian Slaws 21 May ril otre Damr Traditions What have you " borrowed " from the dining hall? Borrowing from the dining hall is inappropriate behavior and I shun you people for making light of it... Ok, latex gloves. Marshall The best was when my friend stole a four foot loaf of bread to feed me when I was hungover and bedridden. --Nichole Mitchell I once stole Roxy ' s heart. —Andrew Litschi .; Julie ?Midi Nychology •St balm= Bizileth Worn Porpniensional Iktjarnin Mckol Witt vi ?Axil Joel Molina ince litvirtnmental Sciaxes Maureen ?Alain Prefecksatal tstwAl: Anthiwolwy Spionnli 312 Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn ' t do than by the ones that you did do. So throw of the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the tradewinds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. --Mark Twain Mugu Courtesy of Ricky Mao if • .. I Z : ' ,...., Icc . i A • • . . • lit, • - . can •-•• • e ' , , • - t • ' Y .1 met t.I . - l • •10,1 k •••• 1 ' ' r Irt--- rt . 1 ei, - • ' • .1 CI 4 I . . I r - - _,.,........._,.=_:_....::2 .... Ilauto Courtesy of Caroline Murray Plugo Courtesy of Jill Gadzinsti 011oo finance Korn °By Elotacal Iiikameing Anti Otcnrce American Sudo Hinted Oreinnor John ODuherty Michael 01 bra Ryan Marcy Accuunoncy Jamo St INihneal Mier Accotemino limoz• 0611in:Mcoing ' ,mut Dino; 61. Wow 21 May P13 Edith Midmel O ' kil Maur D. Brian CYLcary Fv " rano: (InsaineCYReilly Nlarcteement Pditical Soma. Fain O ' lny Axouuntancy Heim molhanankai lioddenitual Nythuityy I ken Giminn empty fintonommt Vinhoh aRmuchncm ' (kited S.Mtve " finnthy Ohliatchneny Puy -And literal tom St alarldt Matthew CYlkturke Polka Stimcc Kevin CYSulliran Sunufio Oh Patted Uwe Chinese AkSeyOkkak Architecture 1.1ettchi ()Itormilenn Sdence heein ()Miln, Femme Mina ()kin India MAGI. Odor Nice-mid 141,:sul txim Vmam Oil: ?Mow One Grant Orkern Biokocal Sciences Smith soicoa taxa film. Televetion Thrum Lauren Oderhin Azulutrolom (Inicirta acnumki Rolmt (haiku. racy cutaway 13cmcniant Kituntion seniors Samuel Rini Ms:6nm Matthew Nab Accuuntancy burnt Palac Hie Weal icon Mark Palau ' , (arixitty Sat Painkyh Panto] Suclwx Sip! Pastan, Econmic, Staten rams Faganla Compact Anthem an AIKfrcw ranalinan Hccuical latingtaing RAO) [ ' mums ' III Entaiunental Scamccs Manisa.. l ' annca Eli:Ash Navas tylPrg gad uggics Accountancy Sabath Mamma - Hu nacocutthp Pecatianonal Raul Rxiv Mammon tabuInntc BLit ' s! Pascale Pietrofantail Iamb Rickard Patna, Minot bkicac Preprotassaal Kevin lamina= Hbtay Kik IlAiick ;coma Pamon Science • Pabinuts St wish Fiber TtleViSiCtl Sr. Thcata Trout Park Gregory Habil Enbibb Eatnnmics Rllitici Sant Alm. Tclevicitin Mona Autttn Pauls Accuunoncy Slum PAM) Prgtobsbional 21 May 1315 Donicl Ittnen Urania 6ionexling Alccuti Panuroun Fns StithemIncs Abcc l ' almvur Mil Pmcc %ply. (1,11wrinc PiTtk Actumtav Amur Pac-Cathilin ( bankty Amy Poe: Plibc:11Scitlxv Iluivai4q• ICAlicnne. Pctdk Englbh Jamie alas linimninnital Sas:rico tt•lus Nbdal Hun lkontxmcs Kathy l ' acntx I limit). 1,11111SW Beeman Ptcprtimiowl I if Nutt= Iblitical Scattier Skye Wart Aden Ned., Sterner Prtprtiminal tam Ammon Aube, 1 beam Alms Anthrwelogy Purnimult4 litymt •111:cd S‘inlcu J•Ltatin ripomr III Science • limmeci Cahn Anne Stacy Inc ' ar Pswhology tivIA him • rcrinigin ' Maga Rini. Tderigtin neater Kthun linz• ion Ennictunnual wore (nthLI Pellet Azdteuttwe Wiliam Peck Sxaokly 316 Seniors 21 May P17 John Rue Paine Whey UMW Arch tcaure Tony Pumaka Anthrogolmy Prerwrinceenal Eli:atoll Ku Fhwiessottil St Anrhrupokgy Win !Mellow Canputer lagrinetring isichulai Plantar Marlignig Saliva Lamb Panty Pliancy Kadraine Popik Anthem Smirk% St I kunst Maly l ' IMM AndnKtJtgy I knid PrItS1011 Accountancy Abut Pito Period knee Brun Pilaw Medulla Bowling Luum Prearie Paincd SC1(710: Sociology Nicole New Preprofessional Prichcingy Erik Powers Katherine Punkt Enstlish Cc American Studies [Wien • etaillOb Kristin Elicitor }Wish Kely Prom Prepay:snow] St Anthropology Sabina Pkgrera Marketing 4ranish Lla Bus Marketing Beyond the Bend What is your best memory from studying abroad? l ' hoU• Lau ,Icaude, Jouutuy R.1:11 hliu.t.4nnun tit ThoArc Traveling around New Zealand with eight friends packed into one RV stopping on the side of the road wherever we ended up for the night. --Emily Rivard Watching the world-famous sunset on Santorini during Greek Easter. —Lucianna Ravasio Spending a semester in Toledo, Spain with some of the greatest people I have ever met. —Chris Trotier tat Quack= NU (Sum lama; Vale56+Q.rxii Michael Qunao Raw IX:41 Paychaugy Prepniononal Nyasa. of IRIS radio itruilun Becnial Clan Rahn Mak-into Ryan Raliaty Fandiah Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. . --Miriam Beard Rhos. 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Ocu Futnce Sc mph Coma ' Sid PrwcticAtiti ALIIITOCC limirth Endo: Antlintoktt W..ui uNi MIMIC:NI Studio Afncan St A 11:m1.A:tuxat Sudo Hopefully out of my parents ' house... bu t I ' m not holding my breath. —Anna O ' Connor Hopefully married with a settled career and maybe the first baby on the way. But definitely still in the Bend on 6-7 weekends a year. --Abbey Oldak Either a poet, a bum, or dead. —Grant Osbom PI C V‘qiie;!. I iistoly Mb idea arpc• Pas Sitivag Polatcal Sims ittasha Saskisian Pt! Science Mnai Sankr. Birlogia Science. Madeline units Prtinitseknal Photo Courtesy of Katebvi Atzpottick to Courtesy of Sean ledyna We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror. --Marshall McLuhan Photo Courtesy of Pamela Jelsoh 4 Michael Santos Sal Farming El= Scomi4o citing). 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I ' ve heard it exists but I ' ve never actually seen it and I ' m not sure if I want to just yet. —Jenn Caston Having to do something else with my life, such as getting a job. —Scott Berry Mivion J. Smith Maim! Sciente Arait :1 414,41aci A. Stith Psolociml Selena Sr Sock,logy likplonie Salk Policia tam der Slid ' xtelegy or Applications aleto.tut• Niclodwa, (kmm Mina Science Sink lickak licrfirh Gcsxkr Srudics KollY %Om Political Cow Cicala Wigs 21 May 1531 Photo Courtesy of Aftt:cm Johown Magic Sun Accountancy Rebocal Iblitical Scioto: Maly Squilbce Nchokiry Teloision Feting Bawd int, Braes ' Spriromn Mationan Informanco MTh ktvitce Anne %Clair Antluwolcgy Sociology Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow, not some more convenient season. It is today that our best work can be done and not some future day or future year. It is today that we fit ourselves for the greater usefulness of tomorrow. --W E.B Du Bois :..fatthew Samna Paula S:icocc Economics i3dnwd Svc Sociology Him, Televisim 11)aarc Olt taco Wax( NkholacSxg Wish Jourdan Skidl Antkupckg• dr% Att Studio Photo Courtesy of Annie De ing Domers t are the biggest ptions about Notre me Students? we wear uniforms. eather Sanders 11—nlyth Sishca Design hick Srahlschnia Nina lave Prepolaional That stringent Catholic school wh t le don ' t have much fun. aureen Nuccio That do is protest the Vagina Mon. es. I mean, that only rakes up 9 the year. We do a lot of tuff 6% of the time. -Summer Shea Kevin anis; finAnce Tan Statelialko ACIITIWC xie ' s incredibly smart. —Scan Saari That dents are snobby and rich. ustin O ' Neill Swah• Marketing That i 11 Catholic. I ' m pretty sure some teachers in the Arts and Letters fluent are atheists. I have m. their names, if you ' re interested. --Trevor Park M. 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The Three Fs: Football, Friends, and Fun. --Matthew Frey That it is the only place in the world where 1 people will leave their cell phone, iPod, and wallet on the dining table while they get their food - and not worry about it. —Brett Brennfleck The people. Nowhere else on Earth can you find people who are so dedicated to their studies and at the same time so dedicated to each other. --Daniel Gruett Cluilatither Tukk unit Gge Aenxixicc atm Troca41 Arclutcoure Photo Counesy of Holly Podkk - • Photo Courtesy. of Jame, MeMohoo A college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life. -Rev. 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Amy Man lionaft Owls Mani Architatuni At k MochanWtotccc Klaticonsw " thrum ' Wirherixan Mom Cloaca Michici Witting% Computer kee essmun Baltrnti) ' mica Masan Biological Sanwa Prcprofoi•inal Seniors r In Memoriam Chad Sharon AJ1 knot student from Pelican Lake, disappearance on the last day of fall canes. Wisconsin, Qiad ran joined the Noire ter classes his freshman year left family and Dame family in 2002. Formerly friends in shock. A memorial Mass, held president of his high school senior class. on 25, 2003 in the Basilica of the (lad malty adopted Notre Rune as a Swral I kart, brought together not only new home and bad been hired to work (or his due friends, hit also thaw who did not . the Scholastic. The Fisher Hall redden get a chance to know the young man that %Echos Watiik t was ale° a member of the Irish Dance club well but stunted to join in remembering a Are tSt loon Showed devotion to academics. His special member of their coo nun Katie ' herr Sciuxc animas Aamn Ziclbski Sciatcc • Busing. Matthew Zotkor Wish Batmen %nue !Lwow Monica Conan Pinnicc nal N.1..4c4f Dunic17.cnket Managua:tit Alexis ?Delmer Atnctiont Studies Nichren Mathentaks Michael Anumwter Science • Bunt= Nlichael Zito Phlitcal Science Ankew eb Bitngia Science. Maim Yang Pnveultatitatal Matthew Young lllitieal knee Edward Ytt Schnee • renew Yttin Ym Anehropokgy ge ream act 21 May [i43 Boyle, James 257 Bullock, Elizatedt 260 fkr•e, Joseph 257 Bunick, Nola 260 Boyle, Meglmn 257 Buntardt. Grayson 260 Bullard , Glum 212,257 Burkavage, Andrew 260 Altai% Veronica 205 Burke. imbed% 260 Bradley, John 257 Burke, bin 183,260 Bradley. Laura 147 Burke, Julia 260 Brady, Ryan 257 badmen, Katharine 54,260 misfit a Matthew 257 Bums. Prigltid 260 klilbry 35,257 Bums, Lirisrine 260 Branch, bill 257 Nuns. Katharine 112,260 Noun, Adam 257 Burma, Ashley 260 Braun, Kevin 125 13urum, Jocelyn 260 my, Ryan 35,40 Both, Kathryn 260 Brinier, Myra 113,257 Bushman, Matica 260 Bnxklen, James 251 Megan 260 Bredc, Craig 40,257 Butler, Katherine 260 Brom. Meghan 257 Butler, Katie 183 ales, ban Mantica 302 Butler, Maw 260 Braman, Kara 112 Butler, Molly 114 Brennan, Ryan 257 Butterfiekl, Tristan 261 Brennan, William 257 Byars, Gretchen 261 Brennfledt, Brett 160.257 Bylica, Bryan 261 Bramfleek, Mark 257 Byrne, Rachel 261 lkolin, Andrew 213,258 Byrum, Liz 134,147 Brining. Jeffrey 104,105.258 Bysong, Tessa 261 Brznick, Mary 112 Brenika, Angela 258 Bnotista, David 258 Brewster, Lauren 189 Brill, Sohn 258 Bunko= , Laurin 183 Michelk 160 Cahill. Chris 163 Cahill, Scan61 Nit ORITett 258 Brogan, Anne 113 Clacob. Mchobs 51.261 °Int. Jody 35,183 Cal. Natalie 261 Brophy, Cluistopher 258 Cabin= , Cary 261 BroPhiz Clare 240,2% Calash, Joseph 261 Calculi, 75,240 Brophy, Kathleen 258 Brown, ' kicky 258 Caldaa, Manuel 221 Brum, Brigid 50 Calfee, Christina 41 Brown, David 245 Callahan, Elizabeth 261 Brown, Karen 258 Callahan. Meghan 261 Flnam, Keisba 205 Cunt x.11, Courtney 261 a n, Liz 41 Canipbell, Joseph 261 Mallon? 50.183,259 Gmlikrs. Roberto 261 Brown, Patrick 259 Canaran, Megan 40 Brown, Peter 259 Canham, Stephen 262 Bennett, italic 254 Index -11 lkinninger, Kurt 45 Banat, amistopher 255 Man, Janis 255 Bodily:r•t ma, Claim:chef Benton, Kaylan 255 251 Kra, Lee 255 Baum Brittany 59,251 arm, Jerry 255 A Bar, Benjamin 251 Ikreamitz, Claire 255 Bailey, Kathryn 251 Berg. by Vanden 194 Bailey, Lawrence 251 Bergen, Kcrri 255 1Igamiri, Vieux 184 Bain, Michael 251 Berger, Jan 255 Abend. Katherine 112,250 13ak, Daniel 251 Bermudez, Ana 255 Abraham, Anil 250 Poker, Tyler 101 Banal, Marie Nod 255 Aceweeks. Maria Gamic 280 251 Baltilkl, Alli9011 255 Amnia. Rams 250 Bold in, Mark 153,251 Bentanlin, Matgaret 255 Minus, Gutsier 1a 204,250 Manz David 252 Reny, Brian 255 Adams, Matthew 250 Bon. Christopher 252 Berry, Eli beds 255 Adhikary. And 250 Batter, Ashleigh 59 Berry, Soon 255 Agosto, Angdiat 250 nadir. Lauren 112,117.213, js, 255 Aim-north, bin 250 252 Nuke, Lauren 112 Mani:, Monique 250 Baran, Colin 252 Bezouska, William 255 Alanc-Leca, Sam 75 Nrenk, Kara 252 Bigelow, Swan 202 Albers, Dania 250 Borczak, !tole 252 Bella, Bin 240 Albrecht, Magadene 250 bardales. Rode Mdenek: 307 255 Akkimmn, Matt 250 Barge, Melanie 252 Rol Matthew 255 Alegi, ROACC 250 Ibrker, Coleman 252 Maly, Kota-taw 255 Allan), Guinean ' ) 212,250 252 Blackwell, 164 Allen, Cluud 230 Banns, Alocander 252 Nakdy, Joseph 255 Men, %lc 250 Prirn, Christopher 253 Blatt, Jos , 255 Alb), Ethl 250 inns, Paige 253 Blockdennifer 255 Allen, Lacy 250 Ikuon, Diniel 40,41,107,253 256 Allison, Clayton 250 13arr, Margaret 253 dart, Thomas 256 Alma, Jamlee 250 Ikur, Munkpie 205 eluvial , Cluistopher 256 Alter, Jason 250 amen, Brendan 41,160 Althoff, Damian 250 nett, Michael 201 Alma, Alcjandm Williams Barrios, Kristina 253 341 Ikutholomew, Richard 253 Ahura, Patricia 51 Banowitz, Michael 253 Amado, Matthew 250 Banda, Mark 51,253 Ambito, Vincent 250 Bars, Stephen 77 Amon, Desiree 51 Bram (junks A. 253 Andason, David 250 amen , Garrett 253 Andersandeff 182 Bassett, Sarah 253 Anderson, Katherine 251 Baum, Michael 253 Anderson. Katrina 251 Paldilla, Bridget 254 Anclanni, Matt 159 PAIU111111, Douglas 254 Anderson, Michael 125 Batangarmer. Aly 41 Anderson, Midtad J. 251 DAMNS, Molina 254 An Roten 251 Bautism, Mel 212 Minns, Emily 251 awe, Talia 254 Andree, John Paul 159 Angelo, Jennifer De 268 Annuli°, Matthew 251 Arnold, Angetiquc 251 Amanda Luis 251 Amanda Trinidad 251 Astudillo, Melissa 251 Auer, Meg 34 Austgen. Meagan 251 Avib, Alicia 221,251 Avila, Pamela 221 Awich, Thomas 251 dim, Sault 256 Bogard, Kimberly 256 Bogden, Mike 51 Bogovic, Jeri 256 Bohay, Mark 256 Fiohling, Kristine 241,256 Pohl, Enka 256 BoLand, Joseph 256 Mat, Marcus 113,204 13oldat, Marques 256 Boll, Gregory 256 Boman. Sally 256 Bongiovanni, Jordan 40,256 Borlinnune, Andro 256 Iknifield, Alice 256 min, Michael Vanden 338 Baawnschidia. 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Jonathan Kaduyn 257 lender, Eric 260 Carrell, loran 262 Bt liwou, Jennifer Midwla 257 Bozo, Patricia 260 Carroll, Katie 196 BIllbOW, Bethany %CCM 257 Bufalini, Gina 260 Camp, Matthew 262 Boland ' , Stephanie 112 Boyd, Alejandro Fain 275 Bobbin, Michael 260 Caner, Ilmiel 262 Bennett. Elizilosh 254 Bold, Mat 41,81,149,164, Bui, Peter Z60 Carter. Kyle 204 Havant, MegInot 183 257 Btager, Astrid 35, Outer, Russdl 237 Caner, Sara 241 aunt, Kathryn 265 Crowley, Emily 267 DiManino, I- 40 . Canoski, Mark 262 Cabo, Kathaine 190 Cumento, Bernadette 220 DiManino, Lodi 81 E Cando, Midwelyn 262 Ccgmell, Leah 265 Curly, Robot 267 DiMama, Ihnid 269 Case, Louise 262 Cole, Daniel 265 Cunningham, Tony 125 Dinnelljahua 269 Cash, Dais 262 Cck,jease 265 Curatoka Evan 267 Chian. Bra 269 ley, Ryan 272 Caso, Crag 81 Cole. bran 265 Curinka, Martin 267 Dinky, Catherine 269 ' un ' s ' ay lakelle 272 Carrara, Alex 262 Coltman. Ashley 265 Cunie, Benjamin 267 rho, Ibrahim 269 Easterly, Cad:mine 183,272 Castillo, Francisco 221 WC111111, Kevin 182 Curtis, Amy 112 Chu. Tirade 204 Elmer. George 272 Canal, Janda 262 Coleman, Lydia 265 Orris, Anna 183 Dixon, Elmia 269 Eck, Dominic 272 Catdla, Nicholas 262 Cdk,A. 113 Cusraidoscpb 267 Dodge, Drew 269 kale, Megan 272 Cagan-WI, Chrisoodwr 182, 262 Colleran, Scan 265 Collier. Andrew 265 :Dodson, Mib 204 Dochler, Niklas 269 Etna TR. 40 Edcler, llamas 273 Camaxmla Ncd 37 Collins, Brandon 265 Dchaty, Man 269 Eckstein, Rebecca 273 Cava naugh, Lindsey 262 Collins, Chigopher 265 D Dolan, Brian 168 Edelbnxk, Anne 273 Cca, Richard 262 Collins, Dimbeth 265 Dolan, Margawt 269 Ikluarls, Kamilah 273 Cells, Angela 263 Collins, Kayke 266 Dolan. Michael 269 Edwards, Matt 73 Cesar Akbaldra 263 Gilon, Philippe 41 D ' Ackblim Riles 267 Donaldson, Mr:than 269 Edwards, Matthew 273 Chamberlin, Kyle 124,125, 263 Colon, Leonardo 266 Colton, Brett 266 D ' Auria,Steven 115 Maws, Andrea 220 Donnelly, krsth 269 Elm, Caitlin 273 Dawghue, Evan 269 Efra. Valerie 273 Chan, Ken 113 Columbts, Bill 115 Dahl, Guilin 267 Donoghue, Patrick 112 Eggebrecht, Sarah 273 ' Chan, Maya 147 Cohin, DeAnrm 205 Dolby, crag 162 inc.DCOCi Elizabeth 269 Edinger, kuncs 273 Chapatti, Alai 173 C. . Robert 266 Daley, Elizabeth 267 Donohue, Kama 269 Eichler, Eric 273 thrugnan,Candaoe-Marie 263 ConIglio, Kathryn 266 Daley, Katherine 267 I human, Christine no Eide, Quinn 273 Chapman. Christina 180,263 Cit, Kyle 266 Dandura, Devon 34 D(110Vall, Katideal 270 Esc, Tyler 125 : Chapman, Envee 40 Connaughron, Ryan 266 Dantsijohn 267 Donoviss, Sheila 270 blast Erin 50,125,273 Ouse, Luke 263 Connetly. Natalie 80 Daniels, Karen 267 Ihmuith, }Castile 270 awn, Heather 212 Check, Colleen 263 Conndl,Cadwrine 266 Ihnielsky, Victoria 241 [kirsch, Ashley 75 Errancrt, Denise 273 Chen, Huadong Sam 212 Ozonell, Katie 36 Ihnidson, Lauren 267 asses, Misban 270 Extant Ana Cristina 51 Chang, Stephanie I 15,263 Ccnnelly, Lauren 76,266 Dantscha, Dawa 267 Dorsey, Pamela 270 Engel, Mikala 273 : Chawnwth, Katie 65 Canna, Ryan 266 Ihre, Matthew 267 Dotal, At 270 Etrwl, Monica 273 Chemey, Eric Z63 Connor, Caroline 266 Ihtar, jay 220 Ihughcrty, PoMmin 270 Engel. Patricia 273 Chavanick, Daniel 263 Camas, Marielk 171,266 Dam: Tlicresi 268 Dewberry. Colin 270 English, Caitlin 273 (lsavanick, Marie 112,183 Cannot. Matthew 266 ans, Patrick 268 Dogghtas, Mary•Arm 270 Epstein, Paul 112,273 Chia, Changtze 263 Cairo?, Kevin 125 Davis, Ryan 115.268 1 overstrike, Joy 270 Fries ' s, Megan 212,240 Gin, Emily 263 Camay. David 266 de Vita, Cadrino Brooks 258 Dov; Ryan Yan no Erkda, Maryam 46 Chinjohn 263 Megan 266 13e Wit, Alba 51 Doyle, Aislinn 271 Ernst. oscyb 273 Chishcbn. Daniel 40 Cocain. Michael 266 DeAngelis, Jamifer 221 Doyk, Drama 41 Ervin, Clarence 204,273 Chiu, Adrian 112 Cook. Andrew 112 Dancer, David 268 Doyk, Justin 40 ElWill, Crystal 230 ; Chkbadc, Nicole 263 Cook Ashley 59 DaBrueck, Rohn 35 Dater, Karat 271 Esquisd, Ointhia 273 Cook, Erin 160,266 Cho, Yoonvie 263 Dee, Shama 268 Draths, Thomas 40 Essen Penick 204,220: 273 Coura, Courtney 263 Cooper. Carolyn 188,266 Deasy, SARI 115 Deaths. Tan 121 Estate. Raselys 273 Clusv,16•Shiu 263 CooperSurma , Nora 51,266 Kaddeth 268 Driscoll, Daniel 69,271 Estorga• Mari 114 Outstay:at, Cluistopher 263 Coparhaver, Ardis 212 nativity. Bnialan 268 Drugan, Dylan 271 Etch-at, Jeanne 273 Christamm, Data 141 Cordelli, Katie 40 Delaney, Joinder 268 Drumm Mollie 271 Evans, Cardin 75,274 Christie, Wall 263 Corgel, Kate 266 DeLay, Mk 268 Ddlith, Dorothy 271 Reline, Katherine 274 Ouistnan, Jonathan 263 Corley, Meglian 59 IhMarco, Etyma 268 Dubs Shane 271 Eyster. Thomas 274 Cluistopher, Brenda 263 Conan, L Rick 239,266 IkManini, Michael 268 Dabs, Cluistinc 271 Eyster, Tall 112 Cluistopher, Edward 263 Corrigan, Patrick 38.39 deMelb, Mcghan 268 Dubs. Mary 240,271 (Ivies, Gradsat 263 Olga, Bob 41 I enis, Raymond 268 Ducksorth, Phillip 271 Clung, JwYong 263 Ccsta, ChM 114,220,266 Dock, Anne Marie 113 Duffna, John 271 (impp, Henhnin 264 Costanza, Erin 266 Desk, Amu 268 Duffy, Catherine 183 Cimino, Mary 264 Coughlin, Brian 41 1.4noncl, awe 268 Duffy, Mespn 230,271 — : Qolli, Moon 70 Coaling, [)aid 112,266 Dermas!, Moan 268 Demon, Kate 46 113 Clpolla, Christopher 264 Comity, Pete 182 268 Dunham. Kimbaly 272 Faartip, Juliette Gomm Matthew 264 Cowan, Slam 267 Dcutych, Eric 268 1Fabek, Thomas 274 Dunispn, Patrick 272 Fly, 274 Ciailrow, Mary Kate 115 Coyle, John 160 Devasdaf, , Bradley 268 John Dalian. Dasid 272 Rig, Brian 274 Clancy, Kelly 50 (-big, Hunter 267 DeVita,Cmchino !kooks 204 212 Falai:ma 274 (lark, 13, E. 113 Craker. Andrew 267 Devlin, Sam 268 Jerauy Dunn, Patrick 272 Fllon, Nora 274 Civk, Colleen 264 Crane, Ryan ICO DeWalt, Evan 269 Dunne, Casey 272 R1111321(1% Matthew 274 Clark, Jaoqualim 264 Crary, Diane 267 Di Retro, Kathryn 269 Dolce, Ryan 272 EallaS. Fabian 274 Clark, Katherine 264 ankh, Nicole 202 Diacou, Nicholas 269 Doming, Steven 272 Farrell. Kass 274 Clark, Travis 264 Galin, Kaitlin 267 Diaz. Pablo 115 DuVall, Adam 158,272 Fmno, Anthony 133,185 Cleary. C.ourmey 264 Goss. Jacqueline 267 Diedric, Tinny 269 Dorsky, Matthew 272 Fads, Colin 213 Claw, Caitlin 264 Crossin, Catherine 267 Dittrich, Emily 269 Nye., Meg 272 Fah, Susan 274 Clock, Kevin 264 Crouse, Pasjiunin 267 Diffley.Caidin 269 Clouse, Elizabeth 264 Crowe, Andrew 267 aLootrao, David 269 Fawn, Anne 274 Fedele, Danielle 183 Purer, John 159 Ccdlagher, Katie 115 Clm, Kerrie 280 Amtrak ' , James 275 Gallagher, Steve 169 Oman, Tommy 125 Galli, Lisa 278 Midi, Meredith 183 Fitzmattrice, Kathryn 275 Coital:limn 278 Cockle. Paul 125 Fitzpatrick, Julia 275 Galvan, Sarah 278 Goaklel, Lee 280 litqxurick, Kathryn 275 Gana, Justine 125 Gars, Elizabeth 280 Fitzpatrick, Meagan 275 Flaherty, Janus 275 Canino, Natalie 278 Goat, Ryan 280 Flaherty, Mary Catherine 226 Cabdarat Ten :undo 278 Cart, Katherine 147 Flaherty, Patrick 275 CalgOtella, Eduardo DC 269 John 280 Flanagan, Lan 275 Garber, Middle 113, 142 Dade 280 Mock, Adam 275 Garbitdli, Stephai 278 Goldman. Talia 280 Heck, Tanner 275 Garcia, Brian 278 Golendeffrey 280 Honing, Brad 183 Garcia, lirica 278 Gomm Grallupe 113 Flemming, Cab 275 Garcia, Oscar 147 Ganala, PallliC 280 Garcia, Paula 278 Garala, C1auclut 280 Eloccari, John 275 Flom, Andrew 159 Guth, via 125, 278 Gana la, Mdody 51 Garcia, Thomas 278 Ganalez, Vanessa 280 Floyd, Brendan 276 Floyd, Sarah 276 Gatti Valerie 50 Goottow, Anne 280 Flynn, Janice 276 Gardner, Pat 147 Goodwin, Christina 280 Flynn, Lauren 276 Garihdeli , Outs 41 Gorki, Emily 43 Flynn, Michael 276 Garihddi, Man 278 Gorski, Margaret 280 Flynn, Rebecca 276 Garlock, Joseph 51, 240, 278 omen. Katrina 281 Flynn, Ryan 276 Cormbrant, Beth 221 Cough, Oaks 281 Babendatnes 212, 276 Garvey, Michael 279 Gat Matthew 281 Fogarty, Lynti 276 Cranny, Michelle 279 Gourley, Patrick 281 Foley, Jeannie 276 de b Gam, Michael 160, 268 281 Foley, Tham 276 Gasp:mini, Claire 279 Grabowski, Erin 281 Follmer, Leslie 276 Gass, Trevor 279 Grace, km 4L Fig, ertni 202 Gast, Frederick 279 Graluun, Gamine 281 Cotes, Marie 279 Graham, !Kristin 281 Foote, taysti 66, 277 Ford, Miranda 277 Garrick, Dan 59 Galan, Louis 232 Cnotheau, Andrew 75.279 Gomm, Patricia 281 Forester, Magnet 277 Forshaw, Alex 113 Gaylerd, John 279 Gram, Ian 281 Ge, Sherry 279 Gnu. Andrew 281 Towpaths, David 277 Fox, Brittany 66. 277 manna, Lauren 279 Gray, Bream 230 Sisk 177 Quaid 279 Gray, Daniel 281 Fragoco, Jorge 277 Gehring, (Instopher 279 Gray, J. C. 113 Francis, Torin 239 Gelder, Katie 35 Graziano, Katherine 281 Greene, Lesley 28L Greene. Sant 281 Greer, Michael 281 Gregg, Lauren 125 °panda, Tyler 281 GribEins, Megan 281 Giffin, ohny 49, 281 Giffin, Molly 281 Grow, Steven 281 Gbaultouski, Jeffrey 281 Groat, Anna 212,281 Gruber, Christopher 281 Gruen, Daniel 282 Gmndy, Brian 35 Grunn•ld, Lyndsey 2 Crunch, Rebecca 282 GraLak, Meglion 282 Guappone, Anne 282 (limier. Bryan 282 Guenther, Kyle 282 Guam, uan E 221 Gana°, Stephanie 282 Guerrieri, Nicholas 282 (Clad, Mark Van 245 Gallic, Louis 158 Gila, Patrick 282 Gulyas, Cynthia 282 Gunty, Bah 41 Garda, Erika 282 Gushing, Claire 282 Cud , Megan 283 Gutataan, Scott 283 Gutierrez, Cristina 283 Gawk, Akkintha 221 Guzik }at 65 Guinan, Nicolas 41, 283 H Drew 283 ar, Ryan 283 Haddad, Ashley 115 Hadley, Peter 40 Hagan, Jennifer 283 Hagan, Paul 283 Hagan:um, lames 283 Hagemann, Jim 174 Hagen, Elizabeth 283 Hagerty, Megan 283 Hahn, Mark 34, 283 Rebecca 284 Haklorsen, Thomas 284 Hall, Brandon 284 Hall, Christopher 284 lallettuni, Lauren 284 Hallman, Rolm 284 Hamm, -ttla 13ollon 252 Hiunbleton, Katie 284 aristopha 284 Hamilton, Jeffrey 284 Hiunniond, Katie 284 Hamlin, Katie 284 Handily, Inn 284 Hankins, Andrew 284 Hankins, Erin 41 Hanlon, Kelly 284 Hanna), Kaxiall 284 Hawke, Christine 284 Hawn, antic 245 Ifansm, Emily 284 Hardy, !Crystal 205 Hargrove, Kathryn 284 Harris, Makin 284 Harris, Carney 41 Bats, Dennis 284 Joseph 182, 284 Han, Shannon 284 Hanford, Brittany 112 Hannan, Erich 284 Hasten, Lindsay 284 Haase, Heidi 212 Etna, Milan 285 Hays, Katherine 285 Hayes, Molly 141 Sxaruie 285 Hayes, Thomas 285 Hays, Lindsey 285 Haub Sally 112, 285 Healey, Stephanie 220 Healy, Mark 41 Heaps, Zacleuy 285 Hoak, Maddeine 75, 285 Cluistina 285 Heffernan, Patrick 285 Hein, Courtney 285 Heinrich,13ritmy 2, 285 Heiny, Slather ' 285 Janis 285 Heiman, Glyn! 285 Helo, ?Annan 149 Kind, Anne 285 Hernial, Jeffrey 286 Henderson, Erin 286 Hendon-1n, Joshua 286 Hendrickson, Carol 41 Hallam, Meg 188 Henke ' s, Julia 286 liermigjeffrey 286 [imam, Julie 286 Henry, Otandra 286 Maga, Christina 286 llainga, Jessica 286 Hennalez, Claudia 286 Hataxla, Gat 286 Elenumt, Javier 159,286 Hats, Linty 241 Herd-linger, Anya 51 Healargh, Elizabeth 141 His, Eric 286 Elm, Kevin 286 Haan, Walter 286 Haw, Kyle 286 Hickey, amid 286 Hickey, Tam 286 Hicks, Cabin 204 Higginsonjulie 286 Mile, Stephanie 183 Milken Sarah 286 Hill, Stephm 286 Feder, Jessica 274 Franco, Laurm 277 Cckich, Derek 279 Tedpa, Scan 274 Frank, Edit 277 Gelpi, Brian 279 Fechan, Rohm 274 Frank, Lauren 37.212, 277 °tides. Sarah 279 Feeney. Jessica 274 frankd, Jordan 277 °erase, Elimbeth 279 Feeney, Lan 274 linneau, Michael 277 Geage, David 279 Fasts, Scott 58, 202 French, Sarah 277 Cone, Kimberly 279 Feklmann, Timothy 274 Frey, Matthew 278 Georgia, Willi= 279 Felker, Mdiava 274 Friedman, Sean 278 Gentian, Laura 279 Faguson, Brim 274 Frierott, Elizabeth 278 Claims, Patrick 246 Ferguson, Molly 274 F obirg, Jena 278 Ghiaseddirt, Ashley 279 Falcovic, Mike 40 Fropm, Laura 278 Gilzbms, Maureen 64 amanita. Simon 220 Funard, Bonnie 50 Gibbons, Michael 279 Fenuclez, Diego 213, 274 Foliated, Mandisa 278 Gkbs, Carolyn 279 Fenuclo, Elalaar 275 Fulmer, Katie 169 Obbs, Daniel 279 Ferrell°, Alexanda 275 Fussier, Kevin 278 Gibbs, Robert 280 Ferrer, Raquel 275 Gieteman, Adam 280 Fait:, even 112, 159 Giffard, Raquel 280 Fickeyjcssica 275Gigante, Miclwel 280 Nance, Patrick Riveron 321 G Gill, Anthony 280 Finch, Christopher 275 Gillings, Lauren 280 Fide James 275 Cada, Kevin 40 Halm, Ryan 275 Gabriel, Camille 220 Goliath, Jesse 35 Fun Kathryn 50, 275 ' el, Corinne 278 Giordano, James 115 Rae, 1thralya 176 Adam 147 Govinmaa, Allison 34 Hata, Timothy 275 Codzinskidill 278 Gipson, Rawe 280 Fischer, William 275 avail, Lich 212 Giudicta, Elizabeth 280 Cotecki, Rochelle 278 Gin, Addzola 204 Fisher, Juliana 112 lishwick,Csica 275 Colgano, Sarah 112 Glass, Allan 280 Hilliard. (avelin 286 lamkismich, Mamma 221 Kearney, Emmett 291 Klejeski, Emily 293 !Briton, Maria 40 Ivanissmich, Paris 221 Kearney, John 159, 291 Kure, Daniel ion 293 Hirtal, Christina 286 Keher, }miler 291 Knipp, Carolyn 293 Illabc, tomtit 286 Kechner• Erin 291 Know. Michael 293 11:tannic Nicholas 287 Keefe, Betsy 112 Knapp, Patrick 41 Kills, Ashley 287 J Keewm, Jennifer 112, 213, 291 Knack, Michael 293 Flcusirdat, Heaths, Van 338 Keenan, Kelly 291 Knight Madrid. River 293 Hodicha, !lethally 112 Keenan, Margaret 291 Klima, Kathmine 293 Hdscha, Kevin 112 F., Arta( 289 Kegehnigh Tun 194 Knust, Kyle 293 Hodzle, Aragela 287 a , k ,n, Blake 41, 289 Kehler, kaqueline 112, 291 Kedah. Minim 293 Hoffman, Gallic 112 Jackson, Ilitigl•s 289 KelHey, Lauren 188, 291 Miley, Justin 294 Hogan, Kathleen 50, 287 JacIwn, Erica 212 Keller, Kevin 158, 291 Konakci, Zehra-Burcu 294 Hogan. Mary 287 Jackson. Kane 40.113 Keller. Rebecca 291 IGxecki, John 294 Hogan, RMI 287 Jackson, Kirgen 289 Kelley, Liz 115, 212 Kasai, Kelly 294 Jackson, Marcus 114, 289 Hmancantp, Matt 35 Kelley, Michael 112 Kash, Daniel 294 Harancamp, Matthew 287 Jaeger, TwoothY 289 Kelley, Molly Z92 Kahari, Himanshu 294 lky,be. Michael 287 James• Brim 289 Kelly, Aileen 292 Kotoske, Shawn 294 Hokomb, Lauren 212 Jamesiason Elliot 290 Kelly Alison 292 Kowalski, Andrew 125 Holland, Franchelki 113 Janie:cm, Lame 290 Kelly. Amin 292 Kozlow, Liz 41 Holkuld, Michael 287 Jane ha, Paul 290 Kelly, Brian 292 Kral, Linamy 294 ,kuiscri. Kevin 290 ' Holm, Megan 287 Kelly, John 292 Knuna, Jacquelyn 294 Houck, Arlan 212 Jarvis, William 290 Kelly, Kathleen 292 Kramer, Nicholas 294 Hoodecheck, }Cathryn 287 }am, Damon 113 Kelly. mum 40.43 Kranz, Amy 294 Harm, Mats: 287 fasse•Munxl, JudeAnne 50 Kelly. Sean 292 Kock, Stephen 294 Hama. Lucas 287 Meghan 112 Kelly, }ocy 69 Knitinga, Gloria 295 Hopkins, CeaLa 287 Jeffers, Michele 290 Kemp, Michelle 43 Kral, Bryan 295 Hopp, Libby 41 }dam. Nast 112,213,290 Kainaly, (hula, 292 ICrembel, Mogi= 295 )(nista, William 112, 290 Hoppe, Geoffrey 287 Kamody, Kadmine 292 Kra:clung, Emilie 295 Horan, Patrick 287 Jams, Mare Ann 114, 213, 290 Kainaly, Kelly 292 Krim, Mary 295 Horan, Sant 287 Jentzat, Kdly 290 Kumaly. Sam 292 Krishnan, Anne 212 Horgan. Chelsea 287 Jr.Mck, Mark 290 Kennelly, (halal 292 Kroczynski. Mark 295 Ilan, Meghan 47.287 Jimmm, Rosa 290 Kenning, Jennifer 292 Kruovey, Llivid 295 liemacek, Dthomh 287 Jrxhiewia, Main 50 Kerner, Christopher 292 Kure, Erin 40 . Horne, Nicole 287 Johnson, Jodie 290 Key. Chlken 292 Kiwi, Cirmary 295 I Ionics Kristin 287 Jolvison, Keky 290 Key, Megan 191 Kudia, Kathleen 295 Howard, Caroline 75, 287 Arnim, Megan 290 Khawan, Waked 292 Kunnr, Ishim 190 I lowill, Alyma 287 Johnson, Melisia 290 Kiefer, Halle 292 Kurtz, William 295 I low:11, Benjamin 288 }Mason, Thomas 290 Kielina, Laura, 292 Kurz. Thomas 295 Johnston. Micah 290 I lawman, tom 288 Kiemlf , Adrian 220 Kwiatr, Anne 75, 295 I king, Son 288 Jona., Jeffrey 290 Killxwm, Kerry 114 kxclan, Imam 112 Huang, Yan 288 Killeen, Katherine 292 Joyce, Laura 290 !Juane, Laura 288 Km, Anna 168,169 I !ditcher, Camlin 190 Julia), Claudia 51,290 Kim,13yung 292 L I toddle, Molly 288 Kim, Ilyvilvli 292 I Jolley, Iva 288 Kim, Mi 292 I !unix-rt. Liz batty 274 K Kim, Michael 292 [1...aBotascus. %Titanic 296 Hum!, Cathy 59 Kimar, K. 183 Lists, Ryan 296 Hunt, Katherine 288 Kintlwende, Eric 293 L•cant, A. likna 59.112.2% liunter•Kiliner, Meg Brendan 290 King, Layn 293 lachiaxio, Alicia 296 H untowski, Eric 288 ava, Judith 147 Kingilany, Kelly 34 ladcwiri !Whom 112 I lutchirmon, Ryan 112, 288 Kolas, Natalie 290 Kinrnbury. Mary 34.293 Large, Alexandra 2% Hwle, Patrick 288 Kalrmn, Michael 290 Knurl: xir ' , Tom 115 Lowy, Julian 220 Kane, Panick 291 Kittwa, William 293 Andrea 51 Kane, Robat 291 Kirihara, James 293 Lill, Kathleen 296 I Kaplan, Ben 291 Kirka Kann, Damian 291 nnell, kreph 293 Kirka, Jason 293 Latta, Thomas 296 Lie de. Christopher 2% Kars, Viral 291 Kirktimick, Stphanie 35 1_-m, limic•Joyce 2% terra, Emily 62 Knii, Nicole 291 Know, 1)evin 293 Lim, Martin 2% Karwak, Matthew 291 Kirsaler, Brian 293 LaMartinajoey 115, 2% [faun, Blanca 288 laments:roe. Thomas 2% Kaolin, Michael 291 Kiiselburg, Crecy 293 law, Maria 221 Lamplota, Jana 296 Kizer, Clare 191 kkgo. Olnku 289 Kaman, Christina 291 Lancos, Kat n 2% hry Inun. Jacob 289 Kay, Ansuxii 291 Klan. IYaniel 293 Ingle, Jay 289 Kaye, Meredith 291 Klein, Brian 41 Laney. Brad 59, 183 Klein, John 293 Lang, Bans 296 liculstud, FJiC 212 KaillkiNkijIali 291 ' sirs), Cole 153 King " Jenny 213 Klein, Kristen 293 Lange, Brian 2% Kailhoftr, Leslie 291 Klein, hachoLos 293 Langadcamp, Eric 77, 297 Lathier, Peter 297 Lapira, Joe 163 Laratra..harudine 297 Larek, Amy 297 Lamixe, Melanie 297 Lime, Mai Qtemt 318 Larson, Adrienne 297 I.arsn, Chrisacher 297 Larson, Colleen 168 Kehry 50 Limon, Shane 297 Loh, Brittany 147 LathIce, Kevin 297 laskowitz. John 40, 297 Laws. Brett 297 Latintge, Dennis 62 Lauinger, Christine 297 Laurel, Mallory 35 Livelle, Timothy 160 laVae, Courmey 230, 239, 297 LaVeme, Abrindra 115 LaVeme, Alehmdra 240 Lavin, Sarah 297 Limisha, Maid 297 Liw, Holly 112, 297 Lawless, Sarah 160,170 Ludes, Todd 160 Lowrance, Matthew 297 Laws, Angela 210 Layne, Lynne 205 It Roy, Benjamin 297 Law, Jeanette 297 La:, Andrea 114, 220, 297 Lee, Christina 41 Lee, Dana 297 Lx, EurtRyung 297 Lee. Hire 297 Lee. jute 153,297 Kaitlin 58,298 Lax, Melissa 212 La,, Midmel 298 Le, Mike 180 lax, YuatShan 298 Leaning, filarial 298 Leh Amanda 298 Lahluon, Curtis 298 Leinan, Anne 298 !Aut.lune: 40,298 Lank, liranekin 298 Loon, Malkitie 298 Lenten:, Richard 298 Lentz, amid 298 Leonard, Amy 298 Leonard, Tamara 298 Lem, Margaret 298 Imam, Edward 298 Lesko, Linekay 298 Lcsrank, Kristin 241 Lenten, Sharman 298 LeVan. Tamara 298 LeVeir, Mark 185 Lan, Maly 298 Levy, Mary 176 Lowndowski Kiely 298 Lewis, Lltinisha 50,113, 298 Lewis, Jemy 35 Mack, Daniel 301 Lewis, Julie 298 Mack, Jonathan 301 Ilan, Alyea 298 Made, Zachary 301 Liao, Wen 299 ?vbeKenzie, Lauren 301 Liboni, Julie 43,190 Mack in, Patricia 301 Licata, Timothy 299 MacLean, Laura 301 Lichen, John 299 Maerander, Anne 301 Liduauvalter, Rion 299 Madden, Moira 75, 301 Lidsaleirda, Katluyn 299 Madden, lab 112 Chris 134 Melia, Titania 47,301 Linn, Daniel 299 Madison, Danielle 302 Lienaujessica 299 Malaria, Zachary 302 Whig, Ron 147 Magee, Andrew 212, 302 Laney, Brat 73 Divya 220 Undburg, Amami 299 Maher, Elizabeth 302 Linanmeyer, John 40 Maher, Kathleen 302 Lindley, Rob 41 Mahn, Laurie 115 Lindsey, Kathryn 299 Maher, Luke 302 Linkfteld, Ashley 299 Maher, Robby 212 Liu. Shandan 41 Mahn, Caitlin 1L2 Liva, Edward 299 Mahoney, Christopher 302 Livingston, Alike ' 299 Mainieri, Nebulas 302 Uoyd, Daniel 299 Makielski, Rory 302 Locettaiennifer 299 Malan, Michael 302 Lacy, Brent 182 Mallcovslcy, Katherine 302 Lxhridge, Sturges 299 Malinger, Pin 302 Locke Amy 299 Malloy, Maureen 114, 302 Locke, Eileen 299 Malone, Marguerite 302 Locke, Erin 115, 212 Manfren, Marlena 302 Loddiart, Dan 159 Mangold, David 302 LoGiudice, Anthony 299 Manley, Rachel 302 Lombardi, Michelle 299 Manning, Lauren 302 Laigenbaker, Patrick 299 Manning, Margaret 302 Longo, Thomas 299 Mannicen, Basra 302 Loanan, Molly 59, 299 Manniai, Dan 41 LoPez, Gram 299 M•nriquez, Pablo 302 Lorenz, Katherine 299 Maxey, Anne 302 Lana, Elizabeth 3C0 Mantica, Juan 221 Lena, Karen 152 Mantica, Maria lava 289 Lougee, Clayton 161 Manwaring, Sam 302 Lowe, Prince 204,300 Marcellus, Linckay 303 Lowery. Bryan 40 Marchand, Michael 303 Lozano, Michael 160 M• zinc 303 Lucado, Jennifer 300 Markus, Stacey 303 Lochese. Ashley 303 Mamma, jaieph 303 Luca, Matthew 35 Marren, Anne 303 Loam , Darlene 35, 58, 30) Marsh, Kadin 54, 303 Luo, WenTao 300 Marsh, Nathaniel 303 Luticus, Jame; 303 Manhall, Anhmarie 303 Luttio, Marcia 300 Marshall, Michael 303 Wen, Mike 43 Marshall, Stephanie 303 Lydian, Katie 125 Martell, Am nth 35 Lynwocd, Jambi 50 Martin, Brian 182, 303 Lytinski, Vince 303 Martin, Connor 182 Martin, Dan 75 Martin, Kyle 303 Martin, Ty 220,303 Martinez, Dailyn 303 Martinez, Erika 303 Martinez. Natalie 304 Mallon!, Omen 300 Martino, Maria 304 Maccagnano, Jennifer 303 Maurer, Bah 304 MacGregor Laura 300 Marvin, Katy 125 Mac hado, Ron 301 Masan, Ashley 51 Maciasjimmy 301 Mason, Chelsea 304 Maciejewskidcwia 301 Masai, Matthew 304 Masters, ohn 304 Mather, ce 81, 136, 149 Mathew, Nicholas 304 Mauch, Nicholas 304 Mane. Amy 304 MatthewaCketan, Kdli 190 Mania, Megan 112 Mattis, Steven 115 Mattes, Sarah 220, 304 Mattaka, Met-mn 40 Matilda, Megan 125 Mange, Glenda 304 Mauro, Giovanni 304 Maus, Michael 304 May, Lindsay 114,304 Mayberry, Michelle 304 Mays, Crecy 110 Mang, A. M. 113 Matrilb, Maria 304 McAdams, Erin 114 McAnaney, Caitlin 304 McAuley, Mary 304 MeAevy, !Cathleen 304 McBimie, Jactilt 304 McBride, Todd 40 McCabe, Kevin 304 McCann, Michael 304 McGann, Yoko 304 McCarthy, Brian 304 McCarthy, oxpli 305 McCarthy, Mary 305 McCarthy, Michelle 305 McCarthy. Susan 305 McCloskey, Kathleen 305 McCaindl, Anthony 305 McCamell, Michael 35 McGamick, David 305 McOmnick, Maureen 305 McCotter, Gileen 305 McOxn, Geoff 113 McClilkitigh, Peter 305 McDole, Lan 212, 305 McElroy, Daniel 305 McEnay, Antarela 305 McFarbne. Joseph 305 Mcar, Lab 305 McCarty, Catherine 305 McCenigan, Ryan 305 McGinley, Michael 305 McGinn, Maggie 125 McCain, William 305 McCenty, Caitlin 305 McCirr, Brandon 305 McGcnigle, Owen 305 McCurry, Michael 305 McDa ' arn, O wen 305 McGrath, May 306 McHugh, Katie 41 McKenna, Mike 114 Mr-Kinney. Caitlin 67 McLaughlin, Sara 306 14cLean, Laura 75 MeLees, ?sick 51 McMahon, iunes 306 McMillin, Amber 306 MeMorrow , Mallory 54 McNeil. Mark 306 Mooney, Caitlyn 309 McNelis, Kathryn 306 Mooney, Martin 37,60,184. Mcbtkholas, Philip 306 309 McNulty, Paid 306 Mama, Meghan 37 McRedmond, Ftiduinl 306 Moore, Alexandra 309 McRoskey, Ricky 306 Timothy 309 Mmdearn, Bridges 306 Morales, Mary 309 Mande, Matt 146 Moran, Ashley 309 Methane, Lucia 114 Moran, Danielle 309 Mtxhick, Eduard 125, 306 Maavek, Kadurt 309 Meerrinan, Kari 307 Mown, Kelly 309 Megan, Anthony 307 Morgan, Margaret 309 Mama, Tony 162 McrLety, Daniel 309 Mark 307 Main, Eric 169 Mendez, Guadalupe 307 Mork, David 310 Malaria, Lukas 51 Mortis, asica 212 Mama), Carolina 307 Morris, osh 115 Merkel, Maggie 50 Mortis, Man 161 Mandl, Patrick 307 Moniker, Anne 310 Merrill, Katherine 307 Morrison, Jim 68 Marina, Lunn 307 Mortimer, Avery 114.310 Meyer, Brendan 307 Mona. Jessica 212 Meyer, Katy 307 Menai, Laura 310 Meyer, Lindsay 41 Mira, Rte.= 183 Mere Mna 168,169 Mospandohn 310 Merits, Erin 307 Moss, Philip 113 Micalati, Laurette 308 Moumford, Katherine 310 Miceli, Paul 308 Mower, Lakota 310 Michaud, Justin 308 May, Brian 310 Middleton, Kellie 308 Musa, Joslyn 310 Midla, Scat 308 Mudler, Pact 159 Mriares, Oliva Gana 278 Muldoon, Juan 50 Milder.. Hameln 308 Mulhem , Catherine 40, 310 Mikula, las 66 Mulka, Christopher 310 Milhaupt, Patrick 308 Mullaney, Laura 310 MilLandtein Banal 255 Mullainiex, Tiffany 310 Maki, John 308 Mullin, Jdfrey 310 Mill er, Kyle 125 Multanydennifer 310 Miller, Stephen 308 Mulvaney, Katelyn 50 Milk, Robert 308 Munger, Hal 310 Mills, William 308 Munoz, Walla 310 Minarcin, John 308 Murawre, Brie 183 Mina, Molly 308 Murphy, Christopher 310 Minna, Joseph 308 Murphy, Clam 310 Misic, Ratko 8orandiar,u1 252 Murphy, Edward 310 Mitchell, Matthew 308 Murphy, Jonathan 310 Mitchell, Nichole 308 Murphy, Kathleen 310 Mitchell, Peter 309 Murphy, Kathryn 310 Mitcht414.aino, Kristin 309 Murphy, Patricia 311 Mittal, Ankita 309 Murphy, Peter 311 Mobley, Todd 45 Murphy, Rachel 112 Mccadlo, Rchert 309 Murphy, Sean 182 )4011r, Mite 40,125 Murphy, S•nnen 311 Molenda. Michad 309 Murray, Caroline 311 Molina, Pamela Avila 251 Murray, Kathleen 311 Mclinari, Megan 309 Munay,Tms 112 Mobsky, Joe 114 Muth, Christopher 311 Monks, Helen 309 Mute, Stephen 311 Marcy, N43693.1 309 Muzin, Patrick 311 Montague, Megan 309 Myers. Kdly 311 Mentes, Mariana 41 Myers, Lath 51,158, 311 Monti, Emily 50, 309 Montkdlo, Kathleen 309 Montoya, James 309 Marmite, Mmuela 221 Mears, Alexandra 309 N Stephan 311 agorski, Patrick 311 Nedus. (Iristopher 311 Nakamura, Paul 311 Nanagas, Vivian 137 Nasal, Erica 31 l Nbughtinjohn 311 Nava, os:ph 311 Navare, Sugar 48 NAVRITO, Cecilia 221 WI , Carolyn 311 • Neidat, Raelid 311 Wigan, Thomas 311 Ism, Bryan 112 Nelsen, Sarah 311 Nelson Tram 311 Nemeth, Koval 115 Natty, Maunder 311 , Undey 40, 311 Nguyen, Arils 312 Nguyen, Christine 141, 202 Namin, Jacques 41 Nguyen, Lisa 312 Nichols, jaeica 312 Nichols, Julie 312 Nickel, Baljamin 312 Nairn, Elizabeth 210, 312 arch, Pesch 312 Nistkr, Paul 113 Nolie, Patrick 240 Ni ell , MIA 312 Joel 312 Nolan, Danny 212 Novak, Matthew 213 Nom , jenna 312 Nuecio, Maureen 312 Nurudzen, Slim 45 Nets, Katie Elizabeth 59 O Panick 31 3 , Kevin 313 (Thorn, Pen 113 O ' Brien, Christin 313 O ' Brian, Daniel 43, 313 O ' Connell. Meghan 241 O ' Cooncll, Michael 313 O ' Coonce, Anna 313 °Clamor, Caroline 313 O ' Connor, Elizabeth 313 O ' Dolany, John 313 O ' Dtaulme, Megan 59 O ' Frici. Kathleen 313 O ' Hara. Katie Smdert 59 O ' Hara, Michael 313 Marcy, Ryan 313 O ' Leary, D. !Irian 314 01.ary, Erin 314 O ' Leary, Kellam 212 O ' Neil, Jake 115 Nsiewicz, Richard 315 O ' Neill, Justin 314 Patel, Archita 41 O ' Neill, Magian 314 Ntriaaki, Man 35 O ' Neill, Michael 314 Patterson, Gawain 113 Maly, °viable 314 Partin, Mary 35 O ' Rourke, Matthew 314 Piton, arum 315 O ' Slaughnemy, Elizabeth 114, Paula, AUStill 315 314 Pavlick, Holly 315 O ' Shaughnessy, Timothy 314 Pawkk, Kyle 213 O ' Shoi, Fain 34 Paxton, Joanna 315 Kelly 35 Payne, Catlin 316 Payne, Kevin 147 Payne, Stacy 316 Pazirandch, Michad 212 Pearl, Lynda 183 Pearson, Daniel 316 Peck, William 316 Mkt, Cynthia 316 Pdligra • Stephanie 40 Pax, Kristin 316 Penko, Leslie 59 Pennington:Almandra 316 Pennington, Alice 316 Rai Catherine 316 Pepper, 15oin 114 Pepper. Wendy 34 PaczsGavilan, Aron 316 Parkins, Bethany 191 Pace, Mihaly 316 Pack, Katherine 75, 316 Peters, Drew 316 Peters, Jamie 316 Peters, Michael 316 Peanut) , Kathy 316 Pausisi, Lindsay 316 Pariaglia, Angelo 168 Penne:Win, Lauren 183 Petrucci, Die 158 Peterson, Leif 316 Pfarr, Megan 316 Pfeifer, Adam 316 Phillips, Alexis 316 Phipps. Matt 125 Piccione, Angela 316 Ficcirillo, Bryan 316 Pierce. Catherine Brakel 257 annam,C1therina 183 jonathan 316 Kelly 317 Piscione, Nista) 317 attinga, Kevin 317 Plug, Allison 317 fins, Lid 317 Macao, Sabrina 317 Planalp, Elizabeth 317 Plantan, Nichubs 317 Pgge, John 317 Memo, Tim 112 Polk, Amairki 64 Pollack, Jeffrey 317 lkingdes, Tony 317 Pingetti, Katherine 112 Pool. Andrew 112 Popik, Katherine 317 Persti Pauly 40 Porter, Annie 59 Pater, Kanguia 317 Reed, Ryan Rourke 323 Refit), Meghan 320 Regna, Lee 320 Powers, Pak 317 Regula, Ryan 320 Pouus, Kathaine 317 Reinstall), 160 Powas, Molly 317 Marna, Michael 320 PomytisNeol, Rashon 111 Reidy, Psurick 40 Ream:, 121111.11 317 Reijula, Lisa 320 Pringcr, , Brian 317 Reilly, Anne 320 Premix), David 317 Rasing, Casey 125, 320 Praia, Nook 317 Re-11as, Stephen 320 Price, Megan 317 Ram, Timothy 320 Pill, Erin 318 Reye s, Esther 320 Primo, Christine 318 Reyes, Vanam Arita 251 Pnwidenza, Vakrie 246 Reynokk, aristoplser 320 Puglia, Nick 171 Reynckls, amid 320 Reynold, Kathryn 320 Reynokb, Maureen 320 Q Reynold, Ryan 183 Rogiolds, Stephen 320 Natio. Megan 320 pia. when 318 Rickel, Lauren 320 Richard, Jen 241 Vailasi61 • 321 150,206 Iticlurdson, Therms 321 Qu Chris 237 Richey. Samuel 321 Michael 112, 318 %Merman, Dayna 321 Riddle, Aliya 321 Riebschliger, Laura 321 It Rif fat . °larks 12 5 Rigney, Paul 125 Radcliffe, ?Ncholas 343 i r Radek, Jennifer 318 Rimier, Amy 321 Riordan, Catherine 321 Rivard, Emily 321 1 Riley, Marcus 318 Rivas, Antalio 51 Radman, A.J. 318 Robbins, Paul 114 1 Raffaty, Ryan 318 !tubas, Aaron 115 Rahn, Chelsea 318 Roberts, Aarcn 212 Rail David 319 ikthats.3Mdrew21 115, 212, Rains, Cameron 319 Itakoay, neither 212 Robinette, Noble 321 Ralph, Valerie 319 Robins, Matthew 321 Nauman, Vitt 40, 319 Rthinscn, Diana 321 Rolinscri, Gana 321 Raining, Jackie 50 Itsuniradacqudine 319 Roble:, Kat 240 Roble:, Kathleen 322 Ramseur, Benjamin 319 Randall, Joyce 319 ROCCO, Erik 322 Rocchio, tyburan 322 Randolph, limothy 319 Rani, Samantha 319 Rocha, Heidi 58 Rcche, kiln 322 Raridn, Saxe 319 Raiincn, Miia 319 Rodenbiker, Jesse 322 Raid:di, Alyssa 50 Rauch, Natalie 202 Rauh, lira 41 Itay.vio, Lucianna 212 Rodriguez, Trey 322 Rogers, ' Mall 125 Luciatina 319 Rogers, Maritsa 114 Itilmnek, Diana 320 Rodhimer, Andrea 75 Rojas, Mauna 204 Rcager. Deglan 320 Rolfes, Megan 43, 322 Red, Mania 320 Romano. Andrew 322 Reknboueit, David 320 Romano. Maria 64 Redfield, Kathy) 320 Romeo; Cases ' 322 Ranpf, John 322 Itechute, Jana 320 Rama, amid 322 Redinger, Mike 212 , Rates, Ian 322 Minced, Brian 320 O ' Sullivan, Kevin 314 Obeying, Henry 314 Olacgon, Gabby 125 Ckhmen, Relsztta 314 Ogbuokin, Oka:hi 46 Oh, Sava.° 314 Ohlrich, Vanessa 35 Oklak, Abbey 314 Okoronkuu, Ukachi 314 Oldham, Justin 314 Olson, Uwe 136 Olson, Jew 314 Ong, AJ. 112 Otiga, Isbthan 314 Orceco, Nicole 51 Ort, Kalb Van 338 °rico, Manuel Davila 268 Ortiz, Veneta 314 Ortiz, Zachary 314 Oskerger, Tom 139 Osbarn, Grant 232, 314 Oskome, Sam 182 Osterholz, Will 158 Osterhus, Latmert 314 Ostrowski, Christina 314 Kevin 80 Oxenhorn, Merl 314 P PaLwaloch.Sansh 315 Palladino, Mark 315 Pallone, law= 315 adorn°, Javier 113,221 Palmy, Jose 113 Mud), Matthew 315 Pandrillo, Samuel 315 Panclya, Sujal 41, 315 Pringilinan, Andrew 315 Panos. Stash= 315 Rummy, Ralph 315 Pa mica, Matthew 315 Papp, Eric 315 Pappano, Ilizabcth 315 Parisi, David 315 Pak, Byung.Chul 315 Park,Trevor 315 Nmell, Gregory 315 Parnell. Megan 315 Parrington, Kevin 315 Pamet, Katie 212 Pascale. !liaise 315 Raney. amid 322 Sands, Melissa 325 Sethi. Dev 327 Satz, Anja 330 Sullivan, Dane 113 Realty, Michael 322 Samdli, Kara 325 Settk, Brian 327 Snow, Martin 330 Sullivan, Kathleen 34 Roos, Kathryn 322 Santiago, Dana 325 SOUS. Roan 327 War, Kelly 330 Sullivan. Kevin 333 Alejondra 322 mos, Michael 325 Sevainjanws 327 Solaalk, rah 330 Sullivan. Sarah 240 Rosa, Sow De La 190 pp• Bridga 325 Shakla, jchn 328 Sxbking, Steven 35 Sullivan, Thomas 333 Rosales, hbrgatita Mose 293 Sarkisian, Natasha 325 %akar, Maria 328 Sella, Malady 330 Sullivan, William 333 Rosales, Stephanie 322 Satpura, Pete 48 amp, Scepl as i 328 Sonata. Matthew 331 Sunny, Aimee 229 Rosanio, °Arid 322 Swam, Pao 325 Shane, Claistopher 213, 328 Sera, Edward 331 Stub, Carolina 114 Rote, Allison 322 Saunders, Maddy 210 Shappell, Lizzi 40.41. 173 Sonar, Scott 331 Cal, Daniel 333 Rose, ;Nathan 322 Saunders, Maclaine 325 Sharp, Aka:rider 328 Sag, Nicholas 331 Susko, Am Ma 333 Roar, Panda 322 Saunders, Marlara 325 Slam. Ryan 328 Saadi, Jourdan 204.331 Saco, Michael 35 Rose, Scan 50, 322 Sauter, Tekla 325 Shaughnessy, Caitlin 212.328 Sara, Tanya Dc 268 Sweeney, Carolyn 333 Rosakach, Radamin 322 vino, Michael 326 Shea, Simmer 183, 328 Spaldingdocelyn 331 way, Joseph 183, 333 Rcainidennifer 322 Mdiaso 326 Shahan, Megan 328 Sc. Angela 212 Sarney, Mary 40 Ross, Lan 323 Sayers, Almonder 326 %ashy, Kathryn 328 Spitakredames 35 Swaney. Pete 333 Ross Mark 323 Scalarlatwia, (laistopher 326 Shdide, Aimee 328 Spdua, Rebecca 331 Swaney, Stephen 3M Roma, Kathleen 323 Schmidt:they 112.326 elide, Blake 328 Spring, Margaret 331 Suitat, Paul 334 Rawdc, Stephen 323 hada, Gregory 326 Shelle, David 328 Springinan, Bradley 331 Sylvester. Anthony 334 Rotherham, Kent 323 Schaeffer, Scat 326 Shdleby, Elizatah 328 Squillacc, Maly 331 Sy wester, 334 Rotunda, M. Jarrett 323 Sthaeffing, Philip 326 Shward, Nicholas 328 Sean, Mark 331 aro, Michael 334 Rotterman.Coty 323 Sehafferdeffra 326 Sharill, Tralynna 328 St. Clair, Anne 331 Szczuka, Mark 334 Radingdennifer 323 Schwas• Ryan 326 Salary, Nllshanazie 212 Jam, Kimberly 332 Soewayk, Gary 334 Run, Eduard 323 Sclack, Katherine 37, 326 Shields, Fallon 328 Staats, Asbin 332 Rubi•izaPamon, Gummy Malta, Annie 326 kids, Maureen 328 Stack, Mindy 112 323 boble, Anna 326 Sombager, Stephen 328 Stahlschmidt, Nick 332 Wier, Lisa 323 Maraud, Cluistrpher 326 Sort, Easily 328 Stalica, Elirabah 332 T Rumay, Kate 51 Schiccatano, Nhthan 326 Sudan, Theresa 328 Stall, ;mita 332 Rushkewia., Thomas 323 Schindler, Hddi 125 Sibley, Sarah 328 vale, Lauren 332 Russell, bra Marie 51 hints, Rachel 160 Sabi, Anne 35 Stanley, Kevin 332 abit, Christina 334 Rutherford, Theresa 323 Habra, Anthony 326 Sdat, back 328 Starchenko, Stepan 332 affany, David 334 Ruthrauff , Meagan 323 Schkswa, Matthew 326 Segwarth, John 159, 328 Starner. Hannah 112 David 112 Ryan, Cauchen 323 ball, Anna 326 Shama, Paul 59 Swoon, Eric 332 Taguerker,Szott 334 Ryan, ames 323 Schmidt, Amdia 190 Slhasek, Michael 329 Starshalc, Sarah 147 Talunassebi Lath 125 Ryan, Kathleen 323 Schmidt, Cithaine 221, 326 Slack, Mike 240 Swat, Chtistie 241 Talon)°, Thomas 334 Ryan, Matthew 323 Schmidt, Kathryn 35 Smaxlinger, Laura, 329 Stasiuk, Adrianra 188 Tallarico, Michael 334 Ryan, Sam 323 Schmitt, Midas] 326 Smon, Elizabeth 329 ccoany, Kraals, 77 Tanner, Matthew 334 Ryan, Scan 323 Schmitt, Ray 117, 213 Sims, Jacklin 329 Smirk ' , Timothy 332 Tony, Mandl 205 Rycyna , Caroline 191 Schmitt, Raymcod 326 Saga, Kathleen 329 Scaly, Danielle 332 Sarah 334 Rzepka, am 125, 323 Schneider. JAM 326 Sinnott, Ashley 329 Steele, Pam 332 Tarnacki, Chris 40 Schuchatmaier, Matthew 326 Sown, ohanna 220 Stanberg, Matthew 332 Tamas, Ashley 188 Schodwer, William 326 Sracuse, Daniel 329 Staab, Matthew 332 Taylor, Colin 334 s Sehoenherrjay 327 Sdaonaert, Sara 327 Sse, Riley 329 Skinner, Carolyn 112 Steffan, Mary 332 Stan, Anthony 332 Takao, Amanda 334 Teh, Julian 220 Schrader, Lindow 230, 238 Slams,, Matthew 329 Steil, Laura 333 Taub, jail 334 hack, Thaws 327 Skirtich, Katherine Ann 329 Stein, Brian 333 Tenniswood, Rob 2 L. San 323 hreck, Tom 159 Skoczylas, Adam 329 Stellakis, Leonidas 333 Milli, lama 334 nunovie, Annie 75 Schaff, Jared 327 Stalin. Anna 329 Stan. Edward 333 Tareault, Matthew 334 Star, Adana 324 II:kiwi, Ruben 327 Skrakaa, Such 329 Staakin, Steffany 71 Tafay, Michael 334 Salaar, Federico 324 boar, Peter 327 Scrzynski, Jane 329 Stephan, Kelly 333 Take, Ncdk 334 Salazar, Miguel 183.324 Sdtuldwis. Branda, 327 Sabah, G amic 50 Sogdian, Sarah 333 TI-aner Mode 183 Crystal 324 David 41 Schumacher, Alt:sander 327 Saadi, Emily 34 Saphow Imam 196 Saldivat, Nicholas 104, 105, Thdab Rachel 334 buster, , Stephen 327 Slonkosky, John 329 Stevens, Jonathan 183,333 324 Sdnaills, Patrick 327 Smedberg, Matthew 329 Samson, Dan 185 Thema, lakirk 334 Sala Bic 220 Thema, Brigitte 334 Scott, Anna 327 Srnego, Raymcnd 329 Stewart, Zachary 333 Salinas, Oscar 324 Scott, Kelly 327 netana, Margaret 75, 329 Stoner. Sun 194 Thomas, Christopher 115 Salmon. 324 Su-afford, Deborah 327 Smith, Altamaha 329 Stoufferjewica 35 Thaws, Mak 335 Saluke, Mary 324 Sadly, Michael 327 Smith, Gatlin 329 Small, Maurice 122, 151, 179 lianas. Travis 178 Salvador, Anthony 324 Stash, William 321 Smith, Gamey 329 Straka, Sara 115 Thompsca, Christian 77 Salvador, Sally 324 _ arc ' Erica 327 Smith, amid 329 Strobel, Todd 333 Thompsonjon 335 Jeff 73, 110, 12i t Seguin, Elsaa 240 Smith, Drew 329 Strong, Branca 333 ThompsaOlffany 212,335 132, 133 gum, Clvistopher 327 Smith, Edward 329 Sinsemphjcnarlan 333 Malan, Laurel 335 Sunnis, Winifred 324 Seidl, Michael 327 Smith, Ericka 164.330 Stuckey. Taylor 333 Thomson, Carly 335 Sanchez. Carla 221 Sala, Mark 41, 327 Smith, effrey 330 Stara, Manda 221 Thorlaksen, Katie 335 Sancha, Ilitheth 324 ilk, Sochi 170 Snot ' , Janda 330 Suarez-Paz, Matiela 333 Thornton, Catherine 335 alas, Heather 325 Thornan, Patrick 335 Se11,14ista, 212 Smith, Meghan 330 Suhialka, Michael 333 nava, Angelica 325 Sandrech, Katrina 327 Smith, Stephanie 330 Salmon, Carlyn 333 ' Thornton, Mann 72, 335 Tint, Fred 41 ilassphaibul, Mivapd 335 ' Lipton, Matthew 204 Tira, John 335 To, Lisa 335 Todaro, Christine 335 " Belt. Jonathan 335 Tolcordsockjustin 335 Toledo, Anthony 335 Tonic, Gat 115 Tomes, David 335 Tamai, Nicholas 335 Timber, Peter 40 Toole, Timothy 335 Toomey, Michad 125 Torres, Cecilia 212 Torres, Todd 335 Torrent Heather 335 Torrodlo, Steve 41 Tounsaid, kin 335 Tracey. Matthew 335 Iran, Ann 335 Travis, Amber 113 Trend, Laura 336 Tracer, Jan dle 336 Trevino. Shannce 336 Denise 336 Trick, Christopher 336 Trinkley, Cole 336 " rronix4lo, Joseph 336 Troth, Chrisrepher 336 Tacoma, Mexpn 336 Truesdell, Kerga 336 Truitt, Lynn 336 " I " sukamalci, Eri 59 Tucker, Brad 41 Tucker, Margaret 336 Tufa°, quitter 183 Tull, David 337 " ndly. Michael 337 Tung, Jennica 337 Trner, Dave 168 jamph 337 Turner, Trevor 337 Twettm, Mary 337 Tang, Franklin 337 V Andres 112 Eyck. Monica 75.338 Van Laccke, Amy 117 Van sun, Katy 338 Vanderhurst. am 42, 43 VanderVorste, Stephanie 338 a, 338 338 VanLee men, Paul 34.338 Walton, Peter 213 Varga, Eileen 338 Vargas, 338 Varraveto, Patricia 338 Voter, Michael 338 Velardi, Anthony 338 Vainer, Mark 338 Valuta, AleOndro 221 Vennossch, Mark 158 Very, Richard 338 Vier , axis 212 Viglietta,Cainne 338 Viglione, Linckty 240 Vilitelic, Andrew 338 Vilanio, Madc 338 Villa ' s°, Music 125 Villarrad, Jorge 338 Villarreal, Marilyn 338 Villier, Matthew 339 Vinalon, Cbitrad 220 Vogel Jtashua 339 Vogdhdm, Amy 51 Vonau , Martin 339 Voorhis, Tristan Van 204 Vossicsska 339 Vrable, Melanie 339 Vranderic, Peter 339 Vranish, Jams 58, 339 Walsh, Michael 339 Walsh, Brack 69, 339 Walsh. Richard 160, 340 Walsh, Ray 340 Walz, Jennifer 340 Wangichn 115 Wang, Steve 340 Wang. Wendy-Yunyi 340, Katie 212 Ward, Daniel 40 Ward, Ian 340 Ward, Maria 340 Wannenhoven, Ann 340 Washington, Adeline 205 Watkins. Ar•ame 51 Way, Tony 168 Wawa, William 340 Webber, Danielle 340 Webster, Elitabeth Ws:clown. Kevin 340 Weil, Karen 340 Weiler, Nicholas 340 Weiler, William 340 Welch, May 340 Wellman, Rebecca 340 Welsh, Jennifer 340 Woke, Abba 221,340 Wallet Stabeth 340 Westbrook, Erin 340 Erin 340 Wetzel, Oise 340 Whalm, Kara 340 Wheaton, Meghan 341 Wheatm, Sarah 241 Whelan, Callie 341 Whitaka, Sarah 341 White, Therms 341 White, Whitney 341 Whiney, Richard 341 Wicks, Nicole 71 Wider, Anne 341 Wikox, Lauren 341 Willidnw, Amy 112 Wilkins, Jenna 341 Willard, Michael 341 Willem, Allison 59, 341 Williams, Carrie 341 Williams, Erica 34, 341 Williams, Lauren 341 Williams, Pam 34 Williams, Sacra 341 Williams, Trey 341 Daniel 341 Williamson, Lauran 341 Williford, avistine 125, 161, 341 Willoughby, Lindsey 341 Wilson, Baomin 341 Wilson, Judah 341 Wilson, Katlinn 212 Wibon, Tyler 136,341 Witter, Meehan 342 Wimn, Carrie 71 Wislaa Ali 41,173 Witherspoon, Therms 342 Witowsid, David 342 Wittman, Michael 37, 342 Witmer, Victoria 342 Wocesner, Jessiat 342 Wehrle, Nicholls 342 Wolcenfuss, Ryan 342 Wolfe, Patricia 342 Wong, Christopher 342 Wood, Katdyn 50 Weeds, Rolxxt 342 Werspira, Matthew 40 Wconingten, Matthew 342 Woyach, Kris= 342 Wanicki, Alicia 342 Wmliik, Matthew 343 Wright, Andrew 204 Wright, rah 342 Wrata, Brian 342 • Wu, Anna 113 Wyant, Autumn 342 Wvocki, Megan 342 Y Amy 342 Otis 342 Yana, Adrienne 342 Yonnucci, Emily 213, 342 Yau, Chun-Pang-Bag 342 Yesnik, James 342 Young, Michele 343 Ycv, Lutha 114 Yoo, Yujin 343 Young, Hunter 183 Young, Matthew 343 Young, Monica 343 Yu, Edward 343 Monica Jazir 289 ackel, Katherine 343 Zagunis, Maid 246 Zaklana, Michelle 40 Zarin, csava 41 Zara, Josica 147 Zatakt, Liam 221 7likowslci, Tom 150,179 Zell, Matthew 115 Zelkt, Like 231 Zenker, Dan 40 Zenker, Daniel 343 Zadar, Matthew 343 Zerante, 13eSnin 343 Zerr, Katie 343 74crabik, Jason 41 Thangjames 113 Zielinski, Aaron 343 Zsalm, Monica 343 Zia:master, Michael 343 Zito, Michael 343 Zitc, William 49 Wacknvik, Amy 339 Waggernpack, Courtney 40, 339 Witter, Sett 339 Walt, Courtney 50, 339 Fe, Michael 337 Wakhuk, Stephan 339 frith, Paid 1513 Walk, Dart 206 Ulrich, Stephen 337 Walker, Any 147 limpidly, Jonathan 337 Walker, Darius 60, 1 1 1 , 184 Urben.Sva 337 Walker, Kristin 339 Urbieta, Ignacio 337 Walker, Rashad 339 Urbiera, Vivian 59 Wallace, Timothy 339 thcuyo, Manuel Calder 261 Walls, Joinder 339 Ursu, Mary 338 Walsh, Brian 51 LIcako, Guinevere 338 Walsh, Colin 339 Walsh, Collect 339 Walsh, Evan 339 Walsh, Kevin 339 Walsh, M. 41 Walsh, Matthew 339 Zmolek, Katherine 343 Andrew 343 Zak. Kristin 35 Zachary, Alexis 343 2006 Dome Staff I truly appreciate all your sleepless nights and your trust in me when I needed it most. Christina Chapman The ten decision 111113(1C chi: war was to name Owistina as my Managing as tor. I do not know if I have ever met someone who enjoys the tedious act of editing more than Christina. Her close attention to detail and uillingnas to laugh at 400 am. helped make the office a pleasant neat. Thank you, Chappy, for being a great partner and even greater friaxL Elizabeth Mierenfeld As the Academics section editor for the past two tars, Elizabeth acted as a model alitor for the new editors. Her Imenticdge of the partook pietas and the computer program was a graft help Thank you, Elizabeth, for your insight and complete willingness to step up to the challenge. One of the biggat change happmed within the Mike Kim New to the oterbook process, but not Life swim when int decided to combine new to Taos editing, Mike came to us from the two sections into one. My sincerat thanks to Natalya Scholstic. His undemanding of :ports improved the and Amy for being open the change. section creating a phenommal product. That, Mike, fa sharing your talents with us. Natalya Fiore New to the staff , Natalya brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the office. She took her Kate Petelle and Molly Griffin I knew going rocensthilines col ton with them. Thank to Ireland was going to change my life, but I had no taha, for helping reinvent the Campus Life section. idea that was going to meet two oh who would be come not only my dose friends but my Senior section Amy Walker Just like Navaho, Amy jumped editors. What most of us do within eight malts, head first into the challenging Campus Life section. these nvo did in about three weeks. Kate and Molly, knew the staff was in fix a treat when we in ' her thanks for never giving up lope even after I told you amazing high school yearbook. Being the lone sopho. that you would have to input everything manually more section editor is not easy, but Amy made it kok and start completely over again. easy. Not only that, but Amy took over the entire section for the Spring sanester while her partner Billy Gallagher and Anya Hershberger A " minded the gap " in London. warlx)ok is nothing without expressive pictures, and a yearbook meeting is nothing without frantic picture Mallory Brown acing of seavned requests! Thank you both f or all your patience and this was Mallory ' s wood year as Organizations ' sec- artistic talent. I am always antral by your ability tiro editor. After spending her first year mantling to capture the None Dame experance in a blink of the difficulties of the section, this year seemed like anew, Billy, we look tumid to yet year a walk in the pule. Thank taking the your mirk. Ana, wt will miss you as you trawl to time to organize everything in the beginning so that unit° next faik the section could run smoothly all year. Monica VanEyck It is a blessing to have a staff assistant to help with absolutely everything. She is a brilliant writer, attentive proofreader, and talented editor. In order to aCCOMMIXIRC our crois•tlantic travelers, Monica was gracious enough to take at the Academics section for the Spring semester. Monica, you (or alums finding the time for the last 11111111IC work. Caroline Howard What mr. nailed to revamp the look of the yearbook, Caroline cum to our name with white space and connecting damns. Her ideas made the spreads visually appearing while craning a unifying theme throughout the sections. Caroline, thanks for your patience in uorking with me. I mold Aro like to thank all the contributing raters and pinatoraphers who added a variety of points of view that make this book more representative of the student Ixxly. Bob Franken ' 69 Hands down the best advisor this yearbook has eva scat, Bob lapt the pages on track while keeping me sane. His behind the sanes work makes this whole project possible year after year. During this centennial year, Bob contributed greatly 22, 2005 Kim ineds Nit!, the Wahmth tit artist in Laketunc %oda:len a cover. In a freaky mitt of fate. the anht Impas The staff meets hr the first time to the to draw an %XXI replicitionti the 1905 Mink relft:11111 NtaWall.1111111n at hook !rime !tenni knew Atm it kxtked Pokagon ate Park. like. - Annum 17-04, 2005 r April 2005 Phial stiff select-xis are nale. Ole mien, night in Remind Elan, [ (]sloshes And Skin meet to ' wow old yearbooks to mate the firw of may Mons Sommer 2005 3521 Staff as a writer and researcher as well for the Canaria! taken by Lauren Studios ' photographers. Thank I consider it an honor and a section. Thank )toe, Bob, for making this book as you to Paul Bilgore and Liz Collins who were blessing to have been the Editor- Tha nks are also due to the Student Activities Of take such a htuse process. of the Dome yearbook. Produc- rice especially its Director, Brian Coughlin ' 95. ing this book has been an in- Brian ' s great sane of humor not only got me through The Sports section depends greatly on the gentros- valuable experience. The staff ' s ny interview, but also kept the nark awironmett fun. ity of the Sports Information Office. Thmk unique contributions and great The office supplied us with infomation that enabled bur for all bum help. Straitl thanks go to Carol us to accurately report life at Notre Dame. Copley and John Heisler. ideas created a uniquely detailed book about life at Notre Dame. Lou Hruby ' 35 has been an important pact of It has been a tract to mark with the other student To my staff, 376 finished pages the incli for yam Mr. Hruby. Christina and I on public:tikes on campus as well. Thank Ice to the seemed inconceivable in August, not thank you aeugh for all you do for us. You are Observer and the Scholastic for contributing uer we to fill example of the kind of paste to all strive to be. fantastic Naxos. Thanks ' specially ua Brenna them. I truly appreciate all your Thank pm for you amazing generosity. Mannion for her cuntributiois sleepless nights and your trust There is no doubt that this book meld not be half We would like to mica= bock past yearbook in me when I needed it most. as MAC as it is withOUI kur pulgishing coinixiny, ithaierapher Matt Cashore ' 94. Thank you Now get some sleep! Walsworth Publishing, Co. Our interactions for allowing us to use lour beautiful pictures of the with Valerie Tanke, Jill Morris, anal John dome regilding, Opening Mass, bther Jenkins ' l• Schmitz have alums been a pleasure. Val, thanks migmatite, and Preskknt Ciente Bush ' s visit. Your GO IRISH!! fox walking us through the process yet again this year! photographs are always amazing. Thank pm all fa doing anything it takes to make this book outstanding every year. Ninety-four taws of this took are dediatted to the senior class. The over I SCO senior portraits acre — December 9, 2005 March, 2006 — After a key iemt5tet (too the oaff icenils an cooing together at No it fur the gaff thriquett nom. is — On the but Aline. the staff frantically finishes the lag 76 lows of the look to tend into the plant. We get Rourke all thou to minute don es Mere the plant actioth puts the Ink lOglilk . — the Mt to Mid:illy telorktlat EUVIttli Al the Morrir inn. — March 7, 2006 — April 22, 2006 22 April 2006 T353 (Icit to OM MAIM BRAM My Gallagher, Monica Vralek.Otroline toward, altaina (hipnern, Amy Walker, Births hliamrckh Molly Giffin. and Nkira Matilth fantastic as we had hoped it would be! there to nuke sure that the process watt met It in-Chief of the centennial edition takes an effician mg-mantle to be able to under- For two ureks in April, the staff must finally give the book away to the studans. The proms inaukl be urunanageable without the help of the University of Notre Dame ' s General Services. OileA gPico)04 35-41 Photographers Photographer Highlight A photomapht ' s job is never done liken it comes to documasting the Notre Dame experience. As a thank yce, we have given photography editor Billy Gallagher and assistant photography editor Anya Hashbager a page to show.= their week. hallowed halls Notre Dame Song (reprinted from the 1906 Dome) AIR --- Auld Lang Syne Let music fill thy hallowed halls And echo ring thy name, We ' ll sing a song of jubilee For dear old Notre Dame. CHO.---For dear old Notre Dame, my boys, For dear old Notre Dame, We ' ll sing a song of jubilee For dear old Notre Dame. Let men their worldly heroes praise And crown their names with fame, We ' ll chant a heartfelt melody For dear old Notre Dame. CHO.---For dear old Notre Dame, my boys, For dear old Notre Dame, We ' ll chant a heartfelt melody For dear old Notre Dame. So let our voices shake their walls And loud her praise proclaim, Then give three cheers, three rousing cheers For dear old Notre Dame. CHO.---For dear old Notre Dame, my boys, For dear old Notre Dame, Then give three cheers, three rousing cheers For dear old Notre Dame. Photo by Billy Gallagher ••• . " • IV A. . " • , • • + . • - 9 Notre Dame, Our Mother (Alma Mater) Notre Dame, Our Mother , . . 4 ‘.....• 4 . —A.....A.—A- - ' 1, . Tender, strong, and true; .. a..., --.......,„„.„, Proudly in the lieacvens, , .,.„.„.„.... 1 1 • . , • " " N. ,...-.., Gleams thy gold and blue; . . . ;it ,„,.. , . 1 ..., , . ii -44. • 1....) ,.,.._,, ' • _ , ;)(.) hearts forever,‘, • ---,„ ,... : • • -1 4., ...... iNi,vc h );:te Notre Dame! Glory ' s mantle cloaks thee, Golden is- thy fame; nd our,hearts forever, Praise thee Notre Dame; O ' Donnell C.S.:C. ;lJiy Gallagher Art a a Zk. " E . A ‘v A a song AT NOTRE DAME So we loved these woods I half believe There is an intimate fellowship we share; So many years we breathed the same brave air, Kept spring in common, and were one to grieve Summer ' s undoing, saw the fall bereave Us both of beauty, together learned to bear The weight of winter:--when I go otherwhere- An unreturning journey—I would leave Some whisper of a song in these old oaks, A footfall lingering till some distant summer Another singer down these paths may stray— The destined one a golden future cloaks— And he may love them, too, this graced newcomer, And may remember that I passed this way. Rev. Charles O ' Donnell, C.S.C. President, 1928-1934 Dome Editor in Chief 1906 Photo by Billy Gallagher ...X3 • 1 • • A4-14, • • - re. Notre Dame Victory March Rally Sons of Notre Dame: Sing her glory and sound her fame, Raise her Gold and Blue And cheer with voices true: Rah, rah, for Notre Dame. • •••••:.. We will fight in ev ' ry game, • , ,,‘• t• a ' Of. t • 01 Strong of heart and true to her name .• We will ne ' er forget her . And will cheer her ever • tee • . • Loyal to Notre Dame tfr, • . . Cjil A .. e . SN ' . .. " o • , .... • e.. y • " • s is. 4t. Cheer, Cheer for of Notre Dame. •• . :An, -,. •.. • • • . . ‘` led . ra t Wake up the echoes cheering tier name, ' f ' 4 •• ' 4.. ...I ,...• . • 4 . I • 6 Send the volley cheer on high, •-•;• ' ... • - ' k- t • • • keli. ..• . .• :vv. . • • Shake down the thunder from the sky. ••••• -f- ' ?•-• ...i.... ■ What though the odds be great or small, ' -; ••• ,:c ;., re T ■ - • 01 ' Notre Dame will win over all. it . A.‘ " , v. ` While her loyal sons are marching " zit ---- " - •,.,- ••.• :Al : , Onward to victory. .. , Michael J. Shea ' 05 1 - 4. k • .. ,- John F. Shea ' 06, ' 08 - •ff ••. .. . . • Photo I)) Mary Lennon -: • , • ' • . 6 i 41 4 1 1.. t f P‘ .. •ir li i. -. it i W 4; —2 —IA ' !li ai WI 41 z 1 LOP . ... i ma 1 - .... ,...., , ...._, in al, ... , a 14. . . . . gni - _ - Ma r-k-. • -...-..-- • . . - —. brim • us victor Base Ball Song (reprinted from the 1906 Dome) AIR: " My Last Cigar " --- Carmina Princetonia Get in the game with might and main, we want the victory, We know the men that play the game and what the score will be; We have the pitcher who can serve the curves a la mode; You ' ll understand it, bye and bye, when you are on the road. We want the victory, We want the victory, We ' ve got the men to play the game And bring us victory. Now serve them up the benders and watch the batter swing, We ' ve got the man behind the bat to finish up the thing; And If they chance to hit the ball we ' ll catch them at the base, For every man ' s a whirlwind and always in his place. We want the victory, We want the victory, We ' ve got the men to play the game And bring us victory. Nine rahs then for our pitcher, the man with all the steam, Nine rahs then for our catcher , nine rahs for all the team; The men that wear the Gold and Blue, wherever they may be, They ' ll play the game, old Notre Dame, and bring you victory. We want the victory, We want the victory, We ' ve got the men to play the game And bring us victory. Photo by Alexandra Hanson •••1„..t • • a- , II • • • • ••• CA; 16 etr 41 . 1. • 3, 4140. " ■ .10 • ‘ %. 1): k1 2 V■ - A. .- . " ,....? te 11. , F% 4% fo r % i „ ,. ., , 1, , , ,., 4. ,,,,, V • Colophon The 97th volume of The Dome, the University of Notre Dame ' s yearbook, was edited by Moira Madden. It was sponsored by the University of Notre Dame and litographed by Walsworh Publishing Company at 306 North Kansas Avenue in Marceline, Missouri, 64658. The Dome is a department of the University of Notre Dame, and its yearbook is included in the tuition of all its undergraduate students. The press run of the 2006 Dome was copies of 376 pages, 9 " x 12 " ize for spring delivery.4The paper w s 80 Legend Gloss. ' Lover was eathered Blue and Brushed Metal ___ " Gbld with Brite Gold hot f All toVer artwork was done by orth ist Dan Davis, following instructions and guidalice,of the Editor-In-Chief to replicate 1906 Dome. Senior portrCweretaken dies, Inc. 9607 Ensitiess Center rive, Bldg. 13, Suite B, Rancho on a, CA 91 The book was on pute using Ado- be InDesign2 The type sty es used throughottethe book were Pao, , FastPardon, bo Matthew, Boo an, and AvantGuard. frnTh opinions expreed in The Do necessarilkshoseof th UniveNity of Notre Datne or of t student body. Fos an furthe questions resarding produttion, se contact the Nitor-Inochief, Th i ome Yearbook, 315 LaFortune Stet ent are o y nya hberger Walsworth '

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