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DOME Editor-in-chief Dana Nahlen Business Manager Jack Culligan Student Life Lisa Moore Organizations Chuck Colbert Class of 1976 Jim Commyn Sports Greg Young Tom Lose Volume Sixty-seven Copyright 1976 by the DOME. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America by Walsworth Publishing Company, Marceline, Missouri. i. T DOME 1976 University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana 10 11 12 13 Late last night so far away, I dreamed myself a dream, Well, I dreamed I was so all alone, Isn ' t it nice to be home again? I say welcome home, didn ' t we miss your smiling face, Well the sun was nice in L.A., I say sunshine, Isn ' t it nice to be home again? Yes, I say, isn ' t it nice to be home again? -James Taylor -. ' 15 WELCOME. 16 v ' 17 18 J CAYANAUGH HALL 19 The game board of a college dormitory - The checkered tablecloth at which a meal is shared. Expectations lined and counted, Face to face. Remember when you first saw him? Friend ... or foe? Preliminary anticipation, tension. It ' s your first move. Give and take - turns of movement, The intermingling of black and white Across the gap. " Community, coherence, " " Together, friendship, " " A sense of unity. " Syllables resound in homilies, seminars, editorials. Long hallways of look-alike doors, Doors which must be opened to reveal the true variety. We must struggle to retain ourselves. The game board of a college dormitory. Closer and closer still. A ritual of strategy and luck? A genuine commingling? A battle of wits for recognition, dominance, survival? But there are no winners, no losers, Or are there? Lurking Behind the ancient baseboards. Who goes there? Self-assertion among the crowd, Elevation above the baseness of a manipulated pawn, " yes " to that part of you which is yours a one- This is the challenge of the game. This is the sweet victory. ALUMNI Alumni Hall is one of the larger and older dorms on campus. Its close proximity to the circle enables residents the fastest route to the Senior Bar,football stadium, ACC,and the parking lot. Life under the watchful eye of Brother John was relatively exciting this year, with freshmen accounting for almost half of the hall ' s population. Noted for their world-famous " hoagies " at football games, pre-game parties on the green field, and the ever-pornographic John Paper, Alumni Pro- vides the proper atmosphere to live and grow at Du Lac. 22 . I i BREEN-PHILLIPS Breen-Phillips boasts a list of accompishments second to none; little extras that make B-P what it is today: The Provocative Press the ultimate in newspaper communication. . .the first women ' s pyramid mak- ing pep rally history. . . the kitchen where many a chocolate chip cookie is born. . . Betty ' s Letter Box a late-night letter writer ' s dream come true. . . " Biggest Turkey on Campus " money for charity, " a turkey for the turkeys " . . .10:30 p.m. Sunday Mass a pilot for the soon to be aired game show " How many people can be squeezed into the chapel? " . . .Yuletide celebration Christmas party, Kris Kringle, " The Night the Animals Talked " . . .24-hour lounge a drive-in movie, without the cars or the movie!. . .Breen-Phillips a nice place to visit; an even nicer place to live! 23 CAVANAUGH Cavanaugh is a quiet place. Its ivied walls are wrapped more in a long tradition of introspection than in the noisy frivolity of other dorms. Liberated from commo- tion, one can allow his thoughts to turn inward. It is this spiritual quality, as if Cavanaugh were an island of quiet in a sea of discord, which gives the dorm its charm. Within the shelter of Cavanaugh ' s walls is a tranquility few other places can offer. 24 DILLON The wild floor parties are a thing of the past due to the ruling of the state and the rector. Luckily, so are the low G.P.A. ' s. However, the indomitable spirit of the Big Red still pervades Dillon. Interhall football, basketball and hockey teams, the reknowned " Dillon Dirt- balls " and the " work hard and play harder " attitude combine with a growing contribution to campus activities to keep Dillon " the biggest and the best " of the South Quad. 25 N, February was a special month for Farley Hall, com- memorative of the 100th birthday of its namesake. A sign in front of the dorm announced the occasion to the campus, and special events included a coffeehouse, talent show, lecture and slide presenta- tion by Dr. Schlereth and a dining hall celebration complete with a birthday cake. The Farley Striders, reorganized in the fall, represented the revival of an old tradition. Also uni- que to Farley are donut breakfasts, Father Griffin ' s 11:00 Mass and Farley Frolics, the hall ' s newspaper. 26 - FISHER One of the most progressive dorms on campus, Fisher has used enthusiasm to make up for what it lacks in size and splendor. President Bob Waddick, along with diligent hall staff and residents, brought Fisher out of the dark ages and into the enlightened era of hall T-shirts, hall improvements, their first hall football team, numerous social events and the in- volvement of the majority of residents in hall life. " 27 PLANNER The tenants of the Planner Hotel do not claim to be " the most accommodating people in the world; " it is not the El Sleazo Grubbo either, at least not always. The manager of this fine establishment is Father " Moose " Mulcahy. " K.C. " Ceiger, one of Moose ' s many assistants, has made Planner ' s " America " the best game room on campus. Here, students have found such formidable foes as Dolphin, Wizard, Champ and ABC, and discovered (the hard way) the meaning of a Sissy Chissy or Venetian Blind. It is hard to develop a hall spirit with people who live nine stories away. Instead, the section is the nucleus of the student ' s life, a condition which results in many rivalries. As one student put it, " There is nothing beyond the second floor of Planner. In fact, we ' re not even sure if life exists in 2A. " 28 GRACE Although its physical dimensions are the twin of neighboring Planner ' s, Grace boasts the largest dorm population on campus. Its size alone provides residents with simultaneously different environments in which to follow their latest desires, whether they be to study or carouse. Grace is the only dorm on campus which operates its own TV station, and the hall sponsors extensive food sales, a basement gameroom, and the annual fall picnic on the day of the first home game. Grace hall residents have traditionally been supporters of various service programs, such as Grace ' s aid to the elderly and its work with a South Bend parish. Sheer size is a key to Grace ' s peculiar success as that grand hall on the frontiers of the campus Grace ' s size means something for everybody. - 29 HOLY CROSS Holy Cross Hall, the home of the Hogs, has a lot more to offer than a long walk to the dining hall. The small size of the hall tends to make the 160 residents one big family. Like most large families, it boasts of many traditions and ac- tivities, both comical and serious. Everyone in Holy Cross Hall tries desperately to keep his birthday a secret, because if word gets around he ' ll be sure to be awarded an involun- tary dip in St. Mary ' s Lake. This year an educational program was introduced in Holy Cross, featuring such speakers as Archbishop McGrath of Panama and Rev. James Burtchaell, C.S.C. The Hogs are very active in intra-hall s ports programs such as football, basketball, Softball, and indoor floor hockey. For U.S.C. weekend, the " legendary " Tro- jan Hog marked Holy Cross ' s contribu- tion to the festivities. A Christmas star beautified the view across the lake dur- ing exams. 30 HOWARD Smoke filled halls of fourth floor. . .Third floor never sleeps.. . . " Jocks " inhabit second floor (plus Christmas tree). . .Scholars on first study more than one hour a night. . .What can be said about Howard Hall? 31 KEENAN The hall itself is dull and ugly - an architec- tural disaster. Therefore, it is a surprise to find that its inhabitants are anything but dull. Neither are they ugly, except for the peren- nial Ugly Man on Campus, Mike Sazdanoff. Keenanites range from the sublime, erudite John Mahoney to the physically dominating Al Sondej, Bill Jacobitz, and Lou Drago (to name a few). But perhaps the typical Keenanite is more aptly represented by the reclining Playboy reader pictured below: a conspicuously fun-loving, precocious chap, dedicated above all to his own pleasure, and, of course, to the glory of Keenan Hall. 32 LEWIS The Holiday Inn on campus - new, clean, and free! September saw Lewis Hall in its first year as an undergraduate dorm. Brains are in the study lounge; lights are on in the three parlor rooms and ovens may be on in the kitchens baking provisions for perpetually hungry students. To the ex-Badinites went the job of creating and strengthening the hall government. With one-hundred and eighty " freshwomen " residents the year ' s pace was quick and unfailing. In September Lewis was the first dorm to win the Rockne Award for excellence in scheduled hall activities. Se- cond semester success at Mardi Gras and the Lewis Hall Formal showed evidence of hall spirit. In the midst of ivy-covered buildings and sacred traditions, Lewis is beginning a tradi- tion of its own. Young and spirited, it is now a vital part of the University. 33 LYONS Distinguished by its famous archway, Lyons Hall overlooks the lovely St. Mary ' s Lake. Now in its 50th year as a residence hall and its second year as a women ' s dorm, it is the home of both the women ' s football and basketball interhall championship teams. Lyons prides itself on its diverse activity and its outstanding spirit. 34 MORRISSEY A new rector, Father Bernie Prince, and a legendary newspaper, The Bull Sheet, marked Morrissey ' s golden an- niversary. While Bernie punctuated his sermons with his own brand of Canadian wit, The Bull Sheet used its unique form of humor for quite different ends. However, both demonstrated that after fifty years Morrissey ' s close knit and jovial spirit persists and grows stronger. 35 PANGBORN The year of sports success: The soccer team wins the fall championship; the " V o ence " football team wins the South Quad cham- pionship for the first time in Pangborn ' s 20 year history. Infamous " Trouble " parties highlight evidence of hall spirit - good year, good guys, good times. 36 I ST. ED ' S . . . And there, cradled beneath the magnificent splender of the ponderous Golden Cupula, lies a wretched, ancient domicile - ancient even unto the days of Ceasar ' s Empire. Within I inquired, that I might unmask its mysteries. And thus spake Edward, High Priest, of its heritage: " This be St. Edward ' s Hall, so well shielded in the shadow of the Golden Palace that it be not known but to a few which may happen by. Yet, here within many wonders occur. One eve, last autumn, a water breathing dragon called Hose was battled from yon balcony, discharging his damp venom into a deep pool on the ground floor. Another time, our landlord was so ired by the manuscript of St. Ed ' s Rag, he continued to brood many a day. And annually, we observe the Ugly Man of St. Ed ' s Festival, during which " Ugly Man of the Year " is crowned and for thright banished away forever. " And we spoke night a fortnight of the mysteries and wonders, and how in spite of unsettling events, this tightly woven society of six score scholars enjoy blessed bliss and infrequent, but glorious orgies . . . -Excerpts from the Journal of Marco Polo 37 SORIN Since its dedication in 1889, Sorin College has harbored some of Notre Dame ' s finest. The names of many great Notre Dame men echo down its halls. These names, however, are not singularly important to the rich tradition that has long been associated with Sorin College. The building is named for the one man whose entire life was spent building a foundation for what has become one of the nation ' s leading universities. Carrying the name of the founder of Du Lac directly links Sorin College with the traditions of the past and distinguishes it from all other halls on campus. The residents of Sorin are proud of this heritage and are dedicated to preserving a stan- dard of excellence as a lasting tribute to the first Notre Dame man, Father Edward F. Sorin. s : 38 STANFORD The Stanford portraits, Effa and Grattan T., hang in the lobby and take it all in ... " Do you think Keefe Montgomery will ever sell those hall T-shirts? " . . . " Becker would ' ve won the " Stud Night " competi- tion if he ' d worn a tie. " . . . " No sir, if you can ' t get in here, then you go to that California school. " . . . " It isn ' t the shortest path to " A " line, but no one ' s gonna dump any more water on my head. " . . . " Brother Viator talks so low, I doubt if a dog could hear him. " . . . " Here Darby . . . Darby! " . . . " Did you see what they ' re doing in the basement of Haggar? " . . . " Did you see what they ' re doing in the basement of Stanford? " . . . " Keenan will be sneezing the feathers we left up there for weeks! " 39 WALSH This year brought new faces to ND ' s longest es- tablished undergraduate female dorm. Walsh welcomed Sr. Susan Rosenbach and Eileen Concan- non as the new rectress and her assistant. Although only 18 freshmen entered the dorm this year, Walsh women managed to maintain the enthusiasm and per- sonal atmosphere achieved in previous years. This is easily noticed by the continuing " spirit " of the fourth floor, the revival of the unique dance routine to " Voulez-vous coucher . . ., " and the aggressiveness of their athletic teams. Despite all the time spent on campus activities and weekend wildness, the citizens of Walsh find time to open a few books. V 40 ft I ZAHM Located on the outskirts of North Quad, Zahm Hall offers all the comforts and fun of typical family life. The honorable parents, Fr. Tallarida and Fr. Matthews, provide the same tender loving care found among any other respectable institution. Once a year the Zahm family. attires itself appropriately and attends dinner in the once pleasant, relaxing surroundings of the North Dining Hall. When the 37th anniversary of Zahm oc- curred this year, its members knotted the family ties in a huge celebration which ended with many losses, es- pecially of lunch. The two fami ly pets, Thor and Dog, provide endless enjoyment. Zahmbies engage in various forms of entertainment from a pleasant evening spent with one of Murray ' s trained masseurs to screaming vain obscenities at certain neighbors. Also popular are snurfing jello (ask Vic), harassing Peebs . . . 41 ST. JOSEPH St. Joseph Hall is a place wherein people may feel free to pur- sue their personal development in a community context. Seminarians and non-seminarians alike have many things of value to share with one another. St. Joe has served as a sanc- tuary for some students who, after being forced off campus, wanted to remain closeby. The hall can be considered an ex- periment an attempt to have an atmosphere of true sharing, living together and working as a team. The chance to live with like-minded people combined with a greater sense of group and communal identity make St. Joseph one of the most uni- que and potentially rewarding living experiences at Notre Dame. 42 S l MOREAU SEMINARY Built in 1958, Moreau Seminary functions primarily as the formation residence for Notre Dame men study- ing for the priesthood. The seminary houses 85 seminarians aging from sophomores in college to third year students of the priesthood. Also in residence are 22 priests, 10 brothers, deacons, nuns and 10 lay students who share in a unique Christian living experience. Moreau houses about 2000 over- night guests a year and is the retreat for the Notre Dame football team on those fall " nights before. " An open, hospitable and prayerful atmosphere is evidence that Monreau is a successful example of theology in action. 43 OFF-CAMPUS MJB T - ' ' - v - - " - c - ' " v . x I . ! i -v fr-V 17 - ' - " J+ v - - - " - - - :,i . v - ' V... ; ;, - - -.u - - --% - ' ' -- .-.: , .-t3?g? " - -i _ ' r_ . , From one place to another, And back again, Often - A person stops and looks at endpoints rr When time is precious and work is involved, Motion can ' t be wasted. Living in two worlds, One sees what one wants to see, And takes what one wants to take, Even if it ' s for granted. Stoplights and Indian summer become obstacles to learning. Eating is drudgery or adventure. Thieves play games with stereos. Senility and babies need not be gaped at. An extension of summertime - parties abound. Freedom, Yet responsibility. A step from under the wing Into a world beyond. NOTRE DAME APARTMENTS CAMPUS VIEW APARTMENTS INTERHALL SPORTS 50 Interhall athletics, with all its regalia, emotion and fine competition, is a tradition unique to the Notre Dame residence hall. Football reigns over the fall as the monarch of the hall athlete, very much as the tradition of Rockne, Leahy and Parseghian dominates the entire campus. The autumn of 75 was no different. Pangborn and Keenan each completed undefeated seasons in their respective quads, meeting in the final. Unfortunately for the Pangborn " Violence " defense, the Keenan team was the better, coming out on top, 22-0. 51 52 53 54 i . 55 BENGAL BOUTS Capped off by two superb heavyweight fights, the Bengal Bouts had their most successful year ever in 1976. The bouts, dedicated to the missions in Bangladesh, celebrated their 45th year of existence under the guidance of Dominick " Nappy " Napolitano with the largest crowds in their famed history. The heavyweights featured battles between four of the best from the Irish football team, including the Browner brothers, Ross and Jim, Ken McAfee and Doug Becker. But, as always in the Bengals, there were no real loser, only winners. 56 1976 BENGAL CHAMPIONS Div. Winner 125 Bob Mohan 135 Dave Reyna 145 Pat O ' Connell 150 Jim Quinn 155 Joe Cooler 160 Tom Brennan 165 Matt Ratterman 170 Pat Concannon 175 Dan Ruettiger 185 Chet Zawalich 200 Doug Becker HWT Ross Browner 57 student Hall Presidents ' Council Right to Life Campus Ministry Marketing Club Management Club International Students Debate Glee Club Jazz Band Chorale University Chorus Chapel Choir Varsity Band Concert Band Society for Creative Anachorism Accounting Association American Chemical Society American Society of Engineers Amateur Radio Club Ombudsman Pre-Law Society Orchestra Science Quarterly SARG Gay Community of Notre Dame Pre-Med Society Alpha Kappa Delta Angel Flight Arnold Air Society Beta Alpha Psi Business Review Celtic Society College Republicans Young Democrats Debate Club Circle K Alpha Pi Omega Fatima Society UJAMAA Fellowship of Christian Athletes Finance Club Nat. Society of Black Engineers Navigators Photography Club People of Praise Physics Club 58 HALL PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL HALL PRESIDENTS: Jay Nowak (Alumni), Kathy Grace (Breen- Phillips), John Sequeira (Cavanaugh), Elton Johnson (Chairman, Dillon), Donna Crowley (Farley), Bob Waddick (Fisher), Mark Kaiser (Planner), Dennis Sullivan (Grace), J. P. Russell (Holly Cross), Mike Welsh (Howard), Bill Fallon (Keenan), Pat Tack (Lewis), Jane Lammers (Lyons), Dan Buckley (Morrissey), Mike Casey (Pangborn), Steve Hoesterey (St. Ed ' s), Tom Grimm (Sorin), Bob Ryan (Stanford), Patty Sheehan (Walsh), Jack Hanzel (Zahm), Bob Quakenbush, Executive Coordinator, Joanne O ' Rourke, Secretary. 59 RIGHT TO LIFE RIGHT TO LIFE MEMBERSHIP: Marybeth Diamond, Therese Bush, Mary St. Ville, Joe Corpora, Larry Lambert, Frank Coughlin, Rick LaSalivia, Tim Hiniker, Mary Wiegand, Karen Lippert, Mary Therese Foster, Melanie Connell, Paul Lancos, Vince Barbera, Anne Molnar, Mary Bak, Greg Ciebler, Elizabeth Bungarduer, Pat Cole, Alison Drumm, Ann Schmidt, John Denver, Helen Gallagher, Maria Garvy. 60 CAMPUS MINISTRY William A. Toohey, C.S.C., Director Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C.; Joseph ). Me Taggart, C.S.C.; Thomas McNally, C.S.C. Sr. Jane Pitz, C.S.J.; Suzy Magel. 61 ALPHA PI OMEGA INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS 62 SOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHORISM MARKETING CLUB CIRCLE K 63 OMBUDSMAN 64 Matt Cockrell, Ombudsman 65 GLEE CLUB In the years since the Notre Dame Glee Club ' s formation in 1915, the " Singing Irish " have appeared on television and radio and have traveled through the United States and Europe sharing the spirit of Notre Dame with millions of people through their music. from the Glee Club ' s album Wake up the Echoes! 66 CHORALE UNIVERSITY CHORUS CHAPEL CHOIR 67 JAZZ BAND CONCERT BAND 68 VARSITY BAND ORCHESTRA 69 THE BAND OF THE FIGHTING IRISH 70 71 GIMME A CHEER! IRISH CHEERLEADERS: Candy O ' Connor, Amy MacDonald, Joya Defoor, Mary Ann Grabavoy (Captain), Becky Bracken, Sally Naxera, Andy Praschak, Jim Clouse, Frank White, Hank Carrico, Pat Bergin, George Mclaughlin. Alternates: Patty Kulik, Doug Stevens. Leprechaun: Pat Murphy. 72 73 FOOTBALL WEEKENDS Direct current - a steady throb. Electrifies Du Lac Rare unity In a monstrous stadium. A bass drum reverberates the stillness of study. Weeks terminate in the great escape. Relief triggers excitement. Dorms convert to weekend motels, Stepan ' s wall rebound T.P. and thundering chants - The lightning has restruck. Camaraderie in 20 t beers and off-color banners: " Thank God it ' s Friday! " A " losing " season Still brims with that unique spirit - Notre Dame ' s alone - number one. RHWfM JROJA 74 76 77 FOOTBALL It was an unusual year. The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, long famous for their great coaching and fine offensive backfields, entered the season with a new head coach, four new backs and a general feeling of mystery sur- rounding the upcoming schedule. Coach Dan Devine, a veteran of the Green Bay Packers and their demanding fans, realized that Notre Dame, like Green Bay, lives and dies by its football team. The Notre Dame tradition is a source of pressure and anxiety to all who have coached the Blue and Gold. But Dan Devine was no stranger to pressure. In his arrival at the university, he disclaimed that he was feeling any pressure other than the normal ones attendant with the coaching job. He could ask for no more from his team or from himself as the season began. Against Boston College, in front of a national television audience, the Irish scored 14 points in the second half to win 17-3. After the game was over, though, Devine had to admit that the pressure " almost killed me " . Five days later Notre Dame travelled to Purdue, downing the Boilermakers 17-0. The key play was Luther Bradley ' s record-breaking 99 yard intercep- tion return, ending a Purdue scoring threat just before it reached completion. Northwestern was the home opener, and the Irish won easily as quarterback Joe Montana came off the bench to lead the team to five scores. Freshman Jerome Heavens ran for 106 yards in 15 carries. ABOVE: Ted Burgmeier scampers 50 yards on a dazzling end around for a TD against Northwestern. ABOVE RIGHT: Sophomore quarterback Joe Mon- tana accelerates around the corner on an option play while Jim Browner follows. MIDDLE RIGHT: The N.D. defense converges as Mike Banks nails Craig Nagel for a loss. BELOW RIGHT: Northwestern ' s Jim Maycan observes helplessly as Irish back Frank Allocco pitches to Jim Weiler. OP- POSITE ABOVE: Luther Bradley sprints 99 yards on an interception return, carrying with him Purdue ' s dreams of an upset. OPPOSITE MIDDLE: Doug Becker suspends the Boilermaker ' s Scott Dierking in his leaping bid for a first down. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Willie Fry practicing the art of punt-rejection. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Purdue ' s Dave Guthrie arrives too late as Al Hunter crosses the goal line to ice the victory. 80 I It was following the Northwestern game that the Irish suffered their first setback of the year. Michigan State dumped Notre Dame 10-3, due to a series of costly errors. Inexperience took the blame for the loss in a game that featured a total of 13 turnovers for both teams. The next two games for the Irish, which everyone assumed would be breather weeks in preparation for Southern California, turned into near nightmares. First: North Carolina. The Tar Heels, with an 0-5 record coming into the game, had the Irish down 14-7 late in the fourth quarter. Once again, Montana came off the bench, tying the score and finally giving Notre Dame a 21-14 win by hitting split end Ted Burgmeier for an 80 yard TD reception. The next week at Air Force, the Irish were down again with just over 13 minutes to play, but again the luck of the Irish came through. Montana marched the team downfield twice on scoring drives to bring Notre Dame within six. Finally, Al Hunter carried for 43 yards off-tackle to set up the final score and a 31-30 victory. The next week the miracles were gone and Southern California downed Notre Dame 24-17. The Irish defense contained Trojan star Ricky Bell in the first half, but in the second half he ran for 100 yards and a touchdown to lead the Trojans to the victory. 82 u 1 . Jeff Weston and the defense starred the following week against Navy; the Irish winning 31-10. In the final home game of the year, the offense came to life with a 24-3 triumph over Georgia Tech. The defense held the Ramblin ' Wrecks, the number one rushing team in the country, to just 143 yards. The question of bowl games raised its head, as the Irish were now 7-2, and candidates for a post-season appearance. With the question of whether or not to accept in the air, the Irish went to face the Pitt Panthers and Tony Dorsett. The junior tailback gave them a spectacular lesson in football, gaining 303 yards on the ground and 71 through the air to lead Pitt to a 34-20 upset of Notre Dame. The bowl bid talk was still not over, but the Irish turned down the Cotton Bowl. Rumors flew, and this time the entire country picked up on it. Devine became the object of fire from all directions. Rumors of his dismissal surfaced prior to the Air Force game and again after the Pittsburgh contest. Despite the verbal harrassment, the new coach repeated that he was proud and glad to be at Notre Dame, and never once took the opportunity to lash back against his detractors. A day before the Miami game, co-captain Ed Bauer handed Devine a message of support signed by the team. The next day, the Irish went out and showed their support of Devine to the world, crushing the Hurricanes, 32-9, to bring to an optimistic close a stor- my season. 83 BELOW: |oe Montana plans the attack with Coach Merv Johnson. BOTTOM LEFT: Rick Slager looks for a friendly receiver. TOP AND BOTTOM RIGHT: Jim Browner and Al Hunter display their own version of an air attack. OPPOSITE TOP LEFT: Willie Fry closing ground on yet another quarterback. OPPOSITE BOTTOM LEFT: Joe Montana fires a bullet to frosh Jim Browner. 84 1 You ' ll never get to heaven if you drive like the devil. 85 The Irish were blessed with two quarterbacks this season. Rick Slager and Joe Montana battled for the star- ting post all year, Slager winning in the end due in part to Montana ' s late season injuries. One special moment in the Georgia Tech game was the last-minute appearance of 27 year-old Rudy Ruet- tiger, a U.S. Navy veteran whose great ambition was to play football at Notre Dame. On the other hand, though, as punter Tony Brantley can attest, one does make mistakes occasionally. 86 87 As has often been said, football is a game of emotion. Nowhere is this more the case than at Notre Dame. The joy of a touchdown, the intensity of a second effort, the ferocity of an impending block, the disappointment after an un- successful series of downs, the disbelief of the coach on a disputed call these are what make Irish football the emotional focus of a South Bend autumn. 89 THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL TEAM: Back Row: D. Hadley, J. Whitmer, G. O ' Neill, D. Novakov, R. Stevenson, E. Chlebek, P. Shoults, M. Johnson, G. Kelly, Dan Devine, (head coach), ). Yonto, J. Roland, B. Boulac, H. Kuhlmann, S. Bossu, G. Blache, G. Paszkiet, M. Navarre, D. Dempsvey. Second Row: M. Calhoun, J. Case, J. Pasazola, D. Huffman, A. Alvarado, R. Lisch, K. Haines, V. Rachal, S. Dover, P. Pallas. Third Row; D. Grindinger, J. Heavens, C. McPherson, |. Browner, R. Crews, P. Johnson, T. Domin, J. Hager, S. Heimkrieter, T. Heitzman, D. Hughes, K. Hart, B. Golic, T. Horansky, L. Graziani, H. Meyer, J. Hautman, J. Restic, T. Flynn. Fourth Row: J. Weston, P. Johnson, R. Cullins, A. Bucci, T. Burgmeier, R. Harrison, J. Weiler, T. Eurick, S. Bobowski, T. Unis, J. Soutner, E. Gleckler, D. Malinak, T. Frericks, T. Murphy, B. Tull, K. MacAfee, K. Uniacke, H. Woebkenberg, M. McLane, J. Dubenetzky. Fifth Row: J. Driscoll, D. Reeve, S. Schmitz, K. Harris, R. Pattillo, A. Hunter, R. Browner, W. Fry, D. Knott, R. Allocco, D. Becker, G. Forstek, N. DeCicco, J. Montana, S. Or- sini, E. Hughes, M. Falash, D. Vinson, D. Buck, K. Dike, T. Zappala, T. Leary, L. Bradley. Sixth Row: T. Simon, E. Moore, T. Eastman, M. Russell, G. Smith, D. Kelleher, V. Klees, S. McDaniels, A. McMurry, B. Adams, B. Duncan, K. Moriarty, J. Likovich, D. Buth, T. Gullickson, M. Ewald, D. Rodenkirk, E. Sharkey, M. Kafka, R. Christenson, M. Banks. Seventh Row: J. Galanis, J. Rufo, T. Brantley, J. Harchar, F. Bonder, S. Quehl, T. Lopienski, P. Pohlen, D. Ruettiger, F. McDonald, S. Niehaus, M. Carney, F. Rutkowski, T. Maschmeier, P. Sarb, R. Kornman, B. Zanot, K. Doherty. Bottom Row: R. Payne, K. Andler, I. Brown, B. Walls, N. Fedorenko, J. Achterhoff, A. Wujiak, J. Stock, E. Bauer, P. McLaughlin, R. Slager, T. Parise, T. Novakov, J. Pszeracki, F. Allocco, C. Balliet. 90 DEVINE The man selected to replace the retir- ing Ara Parseghian as head coach of the Notre Dame Football Team was Dan Devine. His personal achievements included three years as head coach at Arizona State, and 13 years at the University of Missouri. In 1972, he was named the NFC " Coach of the Year " as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. These credentials made him the first choice for the head job at Notre Dame. Amid a controver- sial first season, his team compiled an 8-3 record. Devine hopes to move into the ranks of Rockne, Leahy, and Parseghian as another legendary Irish coach. ,5.0r- mill. T. jueN, T. jrnej, ' ' DoW- enko,|. 91 SCOREBOARD WRESTLING (5-16) 10 M 4 Puruue 18 Eastern Michigan HOCKEY (19-1 ENCINC (23- ND ISO 88 TCXJ-, Tech I Kansas Indiana St. Frai .. Kentuc 70 UCLA 88 Manhattan 77 Pittsburgh 119 Ball State " 0 Xavier .. ' St. Joseph ' s 95 UCLA 12 Marquette 40 DeP-- " " ' 11 Nebraska-Omaha 66 9 Edinboro State 6 Wisconsin-Parkside 40 3 Wise.- ' " " 11 Wes " 1 Denver 9 Harvard 25 Winnipeg " " St. Thon Mi inesota Tri Wayne State Chicago Detroit Miami Bowl in; 18 Ohio State 1 John Carrol t. Bonaventure 84 Villanova 91 Fordham 90 South Carolina 85 Dayton 75 Marquette 95 Western Michigan 79 Cincinnati 76 Michigan 57 FOOTBALL (8-3) 17 Boston College 17 Purdue 31 Northwestern 3 Michigan State 21 North Carolina 31 Air Force 17 Southern Cal 31 Navy 24 Georgia Tech 20 Pittsburgh 32 Miami Duluth Duluth ollege - College (enver 4- Denver 5 Bowling Green 6 Michigan Tech 9 Michigan T L 6 Michigan 5 Michigan 7 Minnesota-Duluth 10 Minnesota-Duluth 3 Wisconsin Michigan 19 Wiscons 22 Purdue 23 Miami 1st Creat La 3rd NCAA C, SWIMMING (2-10) ND Opp. me Relays - 42 i Illinois 60 Ontario 66 V: __ Green 66 35 Oakla- J " 5 Wayne State 68 .,3 Western Michigan 65 St. Bonaventure 4o 50 Marshall 63 43 Illinois State 70 51 Purdue 72 51 Bradley 62 2nd Motor City Invit. MANAGERS THE 1975-76 STUDENT MANAGERS: TOP: SENIORS: C. Klimek, S. Euvino, J. Uriah, M. Navarre, W. Morrissey, C. Withers, D. Hadley, M. Demetrio. JUNIORS: D. Basara, ). Lawless, G. Thomas, T. Hackett, R. Hull, D. Buck. SOPHOMORES: Front Row: R. Sobanski, K. Haffey, T. Ogren, B. Gossen, B. Martin, L. Groden, R. Gabbianelli, P. San- toni. Middle Row: T. Goldsworthy, A. Paulus, P. Morelli, K. Sugg, D. Van Paris, T. Strader, M. Chain, R. Brady. Back Row: J. Swintal, T. Robinson, J. Rodock, J. Coyne, G. Principato, J. Delaney. BOTTOM: FRESHMEN: Front Row: R. Juba, J. Stratman, L. Krug, D. Taylor, ]. Swinehart, S. Kearney, J. Cronin, J. Kolasinski. Back Row: P. Silva, M. Varley, C. Dressman, M. Mullery, J. Dziminski, D. Madden, C. Graham, B. Cooper. iOB 1 Alpha Phi Omega Big Brothers Sisters CAUSE CILA Community Services Convent Infirmary Council for the Retarded Essex Nursing Home f , Head Start 1 Hotline INPIRT Knights of Columbus Manasa Neighborhood Study Help Program l Red Cross Blood Program | I SHARE Upward Bound Vietnamese Tutoring Program Year off Program PACE Notre Dame Tax Assistance Program Sr. Marita ' s Primary Day School Program Program in Non-Violence: Bail Bond Project World Hunger Coalition: Students for World Concern VOLUNTEER SERVICES 94 THE NEIGHBORHOOD STUDY HELP PROGRAM The Neighborhood Study Help Program involved 400 Notre Dame and St. Mary ' s volunteers. The program concentrated on tutoring elementary school students in eight South Bend area schools and four neighborhood centers. The tutors help the children with reading, math, and assorted other school assignments. These one- hour sessions involved two afternoons or evenings a week. Transportation was provided for all tutors to and from the centers. The activities of each center were coordinated by student captains. In addition to the academics, the Neighborhood Study Help Program also sponsored other projects to allow all the students to get together outside the classroom. Volunteers in the program took the children to the ND-Georgia Tech football game, using tickets donated by members of the student body. As always, a spr- ing picnic served as a finale for a successful year of the program. 95 ND SMC COUNCIL FOR THE RETARDED The council for the Retarded stated their philosophy in the Volunteer Services hand- book: " As long as there are people who are willing to judge human character by its depth and capacity to love there will always be individuals to help the retarded child. All that is required is a little patience and warm understanding, and a conviction that each child has some quality for which he can be praised and for which he can value himself. " The Council was composed of students who desired to teach, and learn from, retarded individuals. The core of their program lay in Saturday morning activities at Logan Center, but they also sponsored special events through the year, such as parties and a trip to a ND football game. 96 - COMMUNITY SERVICE The Community Service Organization was founded on the idea that students, though busy with studies and campus life, were willing to spend an hour weekly helping the needy in South Bend. The Service was dedicated to providing students with meaningful, effective social service experiences. A wide variety of volunteer placements were offered by the group , including work in neighborhood parishes, day care centers, nursing homes, and schools. The Service was run by a board of directors comprised of one person from each residence hall at Notre Dame and St. Mary ' s. Each Com- munity Service Director ran a neighborhood project and acted as a resource person in their hall for campus Volunteer Services. 97 INPIRG the will of the people to govern tnessslvss. hen people give up give in get taken. And when tie are knowledgeable id organized they win. begun to win. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Lisa Molidor (Chair- man), Tim Hake, Tom Martiny, Dave Carlyle, Julie Engelhart, Frank Musica, Maureen Power. 98 I 1 WORLD HUNGER COALITION: STUDENTS FOR WORLD CONCERN WORLD HUNGER COALITION MEMBERSHIP: Al Sondej, Tom Reid, Doug Allen, Barb Robin- son, Ceyl Prinster, Greg Gramelspacher, Ginny Faust, Chris Brinegar. 99 Christmas candles burn all night long, Notes are scribbled on scraps of festive wrapping Carols pierce the silence of study - A melange of emotions amidst biting Indiana snows - Peace on earth, goodwill to men, Undercut by the tedious trauma of final exams. So, the season once again Red and green in unlikely places. Dressed up people in the streets Smiling and wishing well to the world. This is the time of a celebration, A celebration and everyone is bathed in the glow Of the season of good cheer. . . Oh, but the rest of the year. Silent snowfall hinting peace Bloody habits are lifted from the earth And cries of brotherhood Ring out reaching the hardest of men. He joins the chorus and loves his neighbor, He loves his neighbor and so for one day Nobody is killed along some agonized frontier. . . Oh, but the rest of the year. Voices raised in ancient song, Praising, telling of joy and sounding odd Beside the current rage In this turmoil a moment of calm. And to behold it from all the faithful, From all the faithful, they gather now To sing ' Alleluia ' for everyone to hear. . . Oh, but the rest of the year. -David Buskin . --. Emergency Entrance 106 m Dismcm mi ro LIVE Photo courtesy ol the South Bend Tribune 107 108 ! 109 DIRECTORY OPPOSITE TOP: John G. Beverly, Associate Professor of Accoun- tancy. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: John J. Kennedy, Professor of Marketing. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Kenneth W. Milani, Assis- tant Professor of Accountancy. LEFT: James L. Wittenbach, Assistant Professor of Accountancy. BELOW LEFT: Salvatore J. Bella, Professor of Management. BELOW: Peter T. Brady, Assistant Professor of Accountancy. RIGHT: Howard J. Saz, Professor of Biology. BELOW: -Carole E. Moore, Assistant Professor of History. BELOW RIGHT: Thomas E. Blantz, C.S.C., Assistant Professor of History. ABOVE LEFT: Emil T. Hofman, Dean and Professor, Freshman Year of Studies. LEFT: Isabel Charles, Acting Dean and Professor, College of Arts and Letters. ABOVE: John J. McDonald, Assistant Professor of English. UPPER RIGHT: Michael L. Doria, Assistant Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. BELOW RIGHT: Ralph E. Thorson, Professor of Biology. OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER LEFT: David W. Morgan, Assistant Professor of Biology, BELOW LEFT: Robert L. Irvine, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering. BELOW RIGHT: Stuart ]. McComas, Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer- ing. MIDDLE RIGHT: Thomas Marullo, Assistant Professor of Modern and Classical Languages. h. bim, Krotessor ana cnairman, Department of Finance. BELOW RIGHT: Sophie M. Korcyzk, Instructor of Finance. BELOW: Roger K. Bretthauer, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chairman of Program in Biochemistry and Biophysics. ABOVE LEFT: Brother Leo V. Ryan, C.S.C., Dean of the College of Business Administration. ABOVE: Robert W. Williamson, Jr., Assistant Professor of Accountancy. LEFT: Thomas L. Nowak, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. THE BIG SHOTS THEODORE M. HESBURGH, C.S.C. President of the University " %. I 122 B 123 BELOW RIGHT: Sr. John Miriam Jones, Assistant to the Provost. BELOW: Bro. Just Paczesny, C.S.C., Vice- President for Student Affairs. BOTTOM: James W. Frick, Vice-President for Public Relations and Development. 124 UPPER LEFT: Robert Gordon, Vice-President for Advanced Studies. UPPER RIGHT: Jerome ). Wilson, C.S.C., Vice- President for Business Affairs. ABOVE: William M. Burke, Assistant Provost. 125 BELOW: Rev. Terrance Lally, C.S.C., Assistant Vice President. ABOVE RIGHT: Jay J. Kane, Assistant Director of Information Services. 126 STUDENT LIFE COUNCIL ADMINISTRATION: John T. Goldrick, Sr. Jean Lenz, Bro. Just Paczesney, John Reid, James Roemer. FACULTY: Michael J. Crowe, James P. Danehy, Rev. Robert Kerby, Carole E. Moore, William P. Sexton. STUDENTS: Ed Byrne, John Lynch, John Salveson, Ed Van Tassel, Mike Welsh. 127 ACADEMIC COUNCIL On January 23, 1976 the University Academic Council passed, on the second vote, a motion initiating a student-structured academic calendar. This was the first year that the council has conceded to the re- quests of the student body. The importance of this decision is two-fold. The coun- cil has the final say on academic matters at Notre Dame. It is composed of nearly seventy members; twenty-five are administrators, twenty-seven are faculty, several are department heads, and only five are undergraduate students. Therefore, the successful passage of any student-sponsored motion in the Academic Council is an accomplishment in itself. Secondly, under the new guidelines, the students have finally been granted the type of calendar that they have fought for during the last five years. This shows that student government can be effective. The successful passage of the new calendar can be at- tributed to the unselfish efforts of the student representatives who put in many hours of work tally- ing student surveys and talking to faculty and ad- ministrators. Their efforts, along with the effects of an organized and orderly student demonstration, were the crucial factors in the council ' s decision. ELECTED MEMBERS TO THE ACADEMIC COUNCIL: Dr. James Gushing, Dr. Thomas P. Fehlner, Dr. Gerald L. Jones, Rev. Michael Murphy, C.S.C., Dr. O. Timothy O ' Meara, Dr. Kenyon S. Tweedell, Dr. Morris Wagner, Mr. Palmer E. Cone, Mr. Joseph Huebner, Miss Paula May Dawning, Rev. Thomas Blantz, C.S.C., Rev. David Burrell, C.S.C., Dr. Michael Crowe, Cr. Cornelius Delaney, Dr. Edward Manier, Dr. Leslie Martin, Rev. Ernan McMullin, Dr. Walter Nicgorski, Dr. James Robinson, Dr. John Roos, Dr. William Storey, Dr. Thomas Swartz, Dr. Edward Vasta, Mr. Paul E. Conway, Dr. Robert Williamson, Dr. James Wittenbach, Mr. Sydney Kelsey, Dr. John W. Lucey, Dr. James Massey, Dr. Albert E. Miller, Dr. Albin A. Szewczyk, Mr. John Brosious, Mr. William Bula, Mr. Joseph Fiorella, Mr. Robert Panoff, Mr. Michael Gassman. 128 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Upon assuming office the Byrne-Fitzgerald ad- ministration faced many problems. They inherited a $34,000 debt from the previous administration. The student body had little faith in the effectiveness of the Student Life Council. Much follow-up work was needed on the recommendations from the Com- mittee On Undergraduate Life (COUL). And the hall judicial systems were plagued by inconsistencies and a lack of support from many hall staffs. The ad- ministration took action immediately to solve these problems. A student government team checked to see that the administration was actually working on the COUL reports. Another team wrote suggested guidelines that the halls could follow, and as a result there were hall judicial boards functioning in every dorm. As some of these problems moved closer to solutions, student government succeeded in other areas. Notre Dame hosted a national conference on the responsi- ble use of alcohol. It was due to student government leadership that the Academic Council approved a calendar proposed by students. And the student lob- by almost persuaded the Indiana legislature to lower the drinking age to nineteen. Finally, a new filing system was designed to help make the next student government ' s job a bit easier. STUDENT GOVERNMENT MEMBERSHIP: Ed Byrne, Tom Fitzgerald, Stan Cardenas, John Margrave, John Lonsberg, Mike Gassman, Matt Cockrell, Tom Birsic, Elton Johnson, Linda Sarb, Diana Merten, Augie Grace, Art Derse, Doug Stevenson, Mary Iden, Doug Vrazel, Tom Black, Kevin Dickerson, Jerry Klingenberge, Joe Corpora, Mary Ellen Keenan, Wendy Duffey, Mark Grove, Vince Moschella, Sue Caranci, Kathy Grace, Rob Tully, Cress Hizer, Len Moty, Pat Sarb. 129 STUDENT UNION 130 : STUDENT UNION MEMBERSHIP: Gabe Zarnoti, Tom Birsic (Director), James Cain, Jim Hummer, Donna Hinton, Steve Kappers, Marianne Morgan, Chris Mc- Cabe, Mary Brady, Mike Gajewski, Bob O ' Hara, Eric Ryan, Ken Ricci, Rich Cartlidge, Dennis Pijor, Maura Donahue, Casey Nolan, Charlie Moran, Kathy Smouse, Andy Bury, Harry Spellman, Mike Dillon, Michelle Quinn, Cathy Malkus, Mike O ' Connor, Kevin Price, Ace Schroeder, Mike Orlando, Mike Gassman, Paul Reynolds, Drew Danik, Walt Ling, Mark LaFratta, Gerald Doyle, John Eidt, Sean Coleman, Laureen Goers, Perry Aberli, Damian Leader, Mary Charchut, Kevin Saddler, Denis O ' Brien, Brad O ' Halloran, Genny Burke, Greg Lange, Mark Zenger, Gary Zeburn, Joe Bury, Chuck Wilson, John Rooney. 131 The music department presented an assortment of chamber, solo, and ensemble concerts free of charge for the university community. The concert series, which lasted through both semesters, brought in several guest artists as well as featuring talented musicians from Du Lac. Throughout the academic year the music department provided numerous musical opportunities for . ' ' students. Music enthusiasts participated in choral groups such as the University Chorus, Chapel Choir, Chorale and Glee Club. Active instrumental ensembles included the Marching Band, Varsity Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, and numerous chamber groups. In addition, the department offered a wide variety of music lessons and appreciation courses. Students responded enthusiastically to all these opportunities. In March the department moved into the newly renovated Hoynes building. The expanded facilities will enable the music department to provide an even better quality program for the musically interested student. 132 MUSIC DEPARTMENT CONCERTS I I 133 lusic is playin ' inside my brain, Over and over and over again, My friend, there ' s no end To the music. . . Oh, the music is playin ' And won ' t let the world get me down. -Carole King CHICAGO " Only the beginning, Only just the start. . . " BEACH BOYS " Wish they all could be California girls. . . " JETHROTULL ' Sitting on a park bench DAVID CROSBY AND GRAHAM NASH ENDGAME A paint smattered set peopled by limping Clov, blind Hamm and nostalgic Nagg and Nell the San Quentin Prison Players startled and amused a Notre Dame audience with a shocking perfor- mance of Samuel Beckett ' s Endgame. ROBERT KLEIN LOCAL SPIRITS Local bars provided the only year-round social activity at Notre Dame. " Nickie ' s " , " The Library " , " Fat Wally ' s " , et a , were words that the typical Notre Dame undergrad quickly assimilated into his vocabulary after arrival on campus. Friends, music and beer drew the students to the bars on weekends. During the week, the taverns were a pleasant diversion to the long and dreary hours spent studying. The host of " special " nights this year made hitch-hiking, the hustle, and hangovers a way of life for many. Penny beers and dollar pitchers had a way of convincing students that papers, exams, and even studying for Em quizzes could be put off until ' another day. Study a.._ sleep provided little barrier to the so-called " hardcores " who had their hearts set on free green beer at 8 am, an those 25 t 7 7 ' s sent many an ambitious pupil down th road to academic doom. The local bar scene provided more than drinking. Pinball, air hockey, and foosball led to an endless number of quarters. There was dancing and, of course, the favorite pastime of all: girl and or boy watching, depending on your tastes and gender. More importantly, the bars enabled students to escape from the often competitive at- mosphere of Notre Dame. WHATS EVERYONE, ELSE BEEN DOIN- 1 SOPHOMORE LITERARY FESTIVAL: VISIONS The Sophomore Literary Festival celebrated its tenth year as an established tradition. Rooted in the very nature of literature which unites people of diverse concerns and per- sonalities, the SLF continued to generate a sense of celebra- tion unique to the Notre Dame community. Its uniqueness was in part due to the fact that it was a project coordinated entirely by members of the Sophomore Class. Every year a new committee, with the attitudes and enthusiasm peculiar to that class, has added another dimension to the continuing festival tradition. Originating in 1967 as a symposium on William Faulkner, the SLF has attracted a number of literary scholars. The intention has been to maintain a broad scope touching a variety of literary genres. The 1976 Festival was no exception for it hosted such artists as: poet-critic Louis Simpson, Galway Kinnell, Robert Mass, Stanley Kunitz, as well as medievalist- novelist John Gardner, poet-novelist May Sarton, and inter- nationally acclaimed Jorge Luis Borges. The Festival took place in the Spring semester, lasting for one week. Throughout the week the artists visited classes, attended parties, informally discussed their views with groups of faculty and students, and delivered formal readings or lec- tures. As Professor Matthias noted, " Once the Festival is un- der way it never stops. One goes from one lecture to the next, to class with the authors, to a party, a reception, a symposium. The Festival is pedagogically useful, socially, a unique occa- sion. It is festive and good fun. " The 1976 SLF chairman, Michelle Quinn, along with her assis- tant chairman, Michael Sheehan, and a committee of twenty began working in early Fall. Preparations consisted not only of inviting and researching various authors, but making travel arrangements, coordinating dinners and receptions, ordering books, compiling posters and programs, and planning meetings between authors and literature classes. The details were numerous and time consuming, yet the moment arrived when all the preparations and planning ceased and the spon- taneous, fun spirit of celebration emerged. 146 147 STANLEY KUNITZ: " Poems would be easy if our heads were not full of the day ' s clatter. Our task is to get to the other side, to the connectors with the stars and the tides ... I am con- vinced that it is a universal human attribute to want to play with words, to beat out rhythms, to fashion images, to tell a story, to construct forms. " 148 How can the books be broken to yield the dynamic answer, And we embody thought in living as does the dance, the dancer? -W. B. Yeats were ' side, icon- iplay tell a LOUIS SIMPSON: " I have written about many subjects: war, love, American landscape and history. I believe that poetry arises from the in- ner life of the poet and is expressed in original images and rhythms. The language of poetry should be closely related to the language in which men actually think and speak. . . .We are still waiting for the poetry of feeling, words as common as a loaf of bread, which yet give off vibrations. " to be Id the ,And ghtin esthe incer! Yeats 149 ROBERT HASS: " I write when I ' m happy. I write when I ' m confused. I write to try to work out the confusion. " MAY SARTON: " It is my hope that all the novels, the books of poems and the autobiographical works may come to be seen as a whole, the communication of a vi- sion of life that is unsentimental, humorous, passionate, and, in the end, timeless. We can bear any hell if we can ' break through ' to each other and come to understand ourselves. " tf ., ' . th I 150 GALWAY KINNELL: " That we last only for a time, that we know this radiates a thrilling, tragic light on all our loves, all our relationships, even on those moments when the world, through its poetry, becomes almost capable of surprising time and death. " " We gather to celebrate. We celebrate the artists in their bravery to scrutinize our most fragile emotions. We celebrate the precision of their form for it tends thought with deserving seriousness. We celebrate the listeners who lease their private indulgences to learn. In our gathering of laughter, conversation, wine, seminars, meals and receptions, we have the capacity to celebrate even ourselves. A mid- winter week is enlivened by a throb of holiday spirit and the grandest hope, humanity, is provoked. " - Michelle Quinn, Chairman SLF COMMITTEE: David Beno, Kathy Bren- nan, Jim Coyne, Mary Digan, Martha Fanning, Kathy Fitzpatrick, Maureen Flynn, Cary Gerber, John Hennigan, Sue Johnson, Rich Landry, Nance Mullen, Marianne Murphy, Susan Nestor, Tom O ' Neill, Maureen Reynolds, Julie Runkle, Evvi Sandeen, James Scruggs, Tim Sullivan. 151 The mock political convention, held the 3-6 of March, followed all trends established as tradition at the first such convention in 1940. The names of the speakers and delegates changed, and even the party was different (Democratic, in opposition to the Republican administration in office), but the fanfare and frustrations remained the same. At 6:30 p.m. Wednesday the band and glee club established the celebration atmosphere that prevailed throughout the weekend. Their patriotic songs set the pace for the slate of opening night speakers that followed. These included Fr. Hesburgh, Mayor Nemeth of South Bend, and Mr. Robert Strauss, chairman of the National Democratic Committee, who gave the keynote address of the convention. The work that Vince Moschella and Nancy Brenner, co- chairpersons of the convention, began many months before un- folded spectacularly on the convention floor Thursday night. Rousing debate over major planks echoed what had been argued repeatedly in Platform Committee hearings, but often with different results. The two most controversial issues were abortion and busing. The anguish evident by speakers on both sides of the issues made it plain that it was not all a mockery. In the end the pro-life (or anti-choice, as others preferred to call it) plank was adopted. Surprisingly more problem arose over the busing issue, as anti-busing enthusiasts refused to accept their defeat. They contended that a quorum had not been present at the convention when this last issue of the night was voted on at 3:30 a.m. by the tired delegates. 152 MOCK DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION 153 MOCK DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Nancy Brenner, Co- Chairperson; Pat Buckley, Speakers Coordinator; Harry Capadano, Campaigns Coordinator; Mark Frieden, Press Secretary; Bill Hillstrom, Treasurer; Tom Kelly, General Assistant; Rick Littlefield, Plat- form Chairperson; Vince Moschella, Co- Chairperson; Steve Pettit, Rules Chairperson; Ellie Popken, Publications Editor. 154 I Another late night followed on Friday as the delegates struggled through the long process of selecting a presidential nominee. The leading contenders at the outset appeared to be Morris Udall and Jimmy Carter, with Jerry Brown having a strong following in California devoted to their favorite son. The usual political bargaining kept the convention at a fast pace as the votes moved continually among the candidates. At one point Udall was short of the nomination by only 40 votes, but was stopped abruptly by a coalition of delegates wanting any candidate less liberal than he. The hours wore on but no one could gain the needed majority. At 4:30 a.m., as the convention was forced into a sixth roll call, delegates turned to Hubert Humphrey as a compromise can- didate and gave him the nomination by a very slim margin. The unpopularity of Humphrey as the convention choice was aptly demonstrated by the fact that he obtained only six votes on the fourth ballot. Many frustrated and disappointed delegates blamed the outcome on the California delegation who refused to break their block of " 68 votes for the man we consider to be the most viable candidate Jerry Brown!! " 155 On Saturday afternoon the displeasure with the presidential nominee was even more apparent as motions were made to un- seat the California delegation. The motion did not carry, but it did result in one of the most spirited demonstrations of the weekend being rallied against the representatives from " the golden state " . As the search began for a vice presidential nominee many delegates, wanting to " put a chicken with the turkey " , threw their support toward Mandelo, the fighting chicken from Guam. However satirical and favorite son balloting did not last long as Julian Bond was nominated easily for V.P. on the second ballot. When the convention closed the remains in Stepan Center were widespread and obvious. Not as apparent, but vastly more in- teresting, were the changes in attitude that could be felt throughout the campus. Students who were usually politically apathetic had become concerned and involved. This atmosphere set the perfect stage for the campus Bicentennial celebration that immediately followed the convention. 156 The mock convention was dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Paul Bartholomew, Professor Emeritus of Government and Inter- national Relations, who was the founder the mock convention and passed away December 24, 1975. Congressman John Bradem 157 Bicentennial Festival and Conference March 7-11, 1976 Notre Dame, Indiana Cosponsored by the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary ' s College for the South Bend Community " The Bicentennial offers the occasion for fresh exploration of that conception of America as a spiritual experiment, a voyage in goodness not power, perfection not progress. And it offers a time to reconsider how this current of spiritual am- bition has existed in tensed ambiguity with the society we have in fact made, the point brought home in President Lin- coln ' s phrase, " An Almost Chosen People. " -from the Bicentennial Committee ' s statement of purpose. HIGHLIGHTS: Senator William Proxmire of Wisconsin; Dr. Marshall Smelser, Professor of History, Notre Dame; Dr. Mar- tin Diamond, Professor of Political Science, Northern Illinois University; Dr. Sidney Ahlstrom, Professor of Religious History at Yale University; Bicentennial Liturgy, Sacred Heart Church; Dr. Peter Berger, Professor of Sociology, Rutgers University; Dr. Vincent Harding, Professor of Afro-American Studies, University of Pennsylvania; " My Heart ' s in the Highlands, " by William Saroyan; Professor Alfred Kazin, Professor of English, Hunter College; Dr. Bernard Cohen, Professor of Science, Harvard University; " We Believe, " a hymn of faith by Samuel Adler; and our own Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. 158 159 BICENTENNIAL FESTIVAL SPEAKERS: RIGHT: Dr. Vincent Harding, University of Pennsylvania. BELOW: Dr. Sidney Ahlstrom, Yale University. OPPOSITE: ABOVE LEFT: Prof. I. Bernard Cohen, Harvard University. BELOW LEFT: Dr. Peter Berger, Rutgers University. RIGHT: Prof. Alfred Kazin, City University of New York. 160 161 I walked through the ballroom of LaFortune on one of those dreary Siberian afternoons that dominated the month of February. It ' s the worst time of year, the time when students are most prone to be down on the whole idea of Notre Dame. Buried beneath snow and books and boredom, we have neither the energy nor ambition to shovel ourselves out. I had heard the music from downstairs. As I reached the top step I realized just how skilled the artist was. A shape sat at the piano, dressed in the common garb of the aspiring athlete: sweat pants covered by worn gym shorts, a blue and gold knit hat, an unknown member of T-shirts enclosed by an N.D. sweat shirt and a comfortable and wet pair of Adidas. He was playing Bach. There exists an exciting fullness in the face that this bundled form could play soccer on tundra as well as Bach on a Baldwin. The snow blinds us too often, as do the lab reports and kegs of escape. Good people surround us here. We need only to look and listen at the sound of their music. Lisa Moore 162 those ill of dents ut itlhe ilete: Jbit N.D. ewas on a iports need toore 163 164 BASKI BAl 165 166 If there are two letters that can bring Irish basketball fans to their feet those two letters are " A. D. " While rapidly zeroing in on Notre Dame ' s all time career scor- ing total held by Austin Carr, Adrian Dantley is proving himself to be one of the most complete players ever to wear the green and gold. This versatility is perhaps his most important attribute. Adrian excells in all aspects of the game. Obviously a great shooter and a strong rebounder, A.D. ' s defensive and ball-handling skills have not gone unnoticed. All this combined with his amazing ability to be in the right place at the right time enables the 6 ' 5, 210 Ib. Dantley to consistently out-rebound and out-score taller op- ponents while drawing numerous charging fouls and creating many three point opportunities. Moreover, Number 44 is an entertainer. Dantley com- bines his basketball skills with a showman ' s flair that can turn even a game against Ball State into an exciting evening for the fans. 167 " Our goal, " stated Digger Phelps at the outset of the 1975-76 basketball season, " is to win enough games to make the NCAA tournament. " The Irish team, with Adrian Dantley, a talented bench and the best-dressed coach in the nation, accomplished just that. The key to Notre Dame ' s basketball success this past season was depth. Digger ' s game plan over and over again was to alternate players repeatedly in order to wear out the opposition. It usually worked. With the ex- ception of a few stalls (including one controversial one against Maryland) the Irish consistently ran their op- ponents into the ground. High scoring Adrian Dantley led the Irish in points and rebounds, but in the few games when A. D. went cold the bench responded to the challenge. Billy Paterno, Dave Batton, Toby Knight, " Duck " Williams, Ray Mar- tin and Bernard Rencher all had games in which they proved to be major factors in the contest ' s outcome. The three freshmen who appeared for Notre Dame this year attest to the fine recruiting abilities of the coaching staff. Rencher, Flowers, and Bill Laimbeer all appear to have outstanding potential for campaigns to come. ' . .. 168 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Playing a swing-man position this year, Billy " Apple " Paterno contributed with his great versatility. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: and LEFT: Toby Knight, the team ' s second leading rebounder, shows his excellent leaping ability against taller op- ponents. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: " Dice " Martin, an outstanding defensive guard, also added several fine passing games to his season. BELOW: Digger Phelps confronts another antagonistic official. BELOW LEFT: " Duck " Williams, mostly known for his long-range shooting, is also a daring ball-hawk. BELOW RIGHT: An N.D. crowd favorite, the Pink Panther, made his appearance at halftime against UCLA. 169 170 rr I OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: Bernard Rencher, perhaps the most dazzling passer ever to wear an Irish uniform, drops the ball off behind his head. OPPOSITE ABOVE MIDDLE: Strong rebounder Bruce Flowers, renowned for his hustle, fires a lay-up in a tough loss to Maryland. OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Bill Laimbeer, lost at mid-season, was becoming one of Notre Dame ' s best ever at the pivot. Here he contributes against Manhattan. OPPOSITE BELOW: The Irish are not known for their fast breaks, but when they do attack, Duck Williams is often the leader down court. ABOVE: The 1975-76 NOTRE DAME BASKETBALL TEAM: Front Row: B. Rencher, D. Kuzmicz, J. Carpenter, A. Dantley (co-capt.), B. Paterno (co-capt.), D. Williams, R. Martin. Middle Row: M. Schuckman, R. Anderson, R. Haefner, B. Laimbeer, D. Batton,T. Knight, B. Flowers. Back Row: J. Uriah, F. McLaughlin, R. Phelps, (head coach), D. Kuchen, A. Zoske. 171 N.C.A.A. PLAYOFFS Following a disappointing loss to Marquette at the A.C.C., the Irish received their expected N.C.A.A. playoff bid. First stop was Lawrence, Kansas where Digger ' s men were to face the Cincinnati Bearcats, a tall, strong team not to be underrated. Notre Dame soon fell behind to the enthusiastic Cincy team, only to pull within one point with seconds on the clock. The Irish went to Bill Paterno, who had come on strong in the latter part of the season, only to have him miss the outside jumper. Toby Knight, however, was waiting patiently for the shot to go up, and when it fell off the rim he was in the air with perfect timing to tip it in, giving Notre Dame a 79-78 victory. But the taste of victory did not linger long for the squad, as they fell to Michigan and Ricky Greene in the regional semifinals, bringing to a close the best basket- ball season since the days of John Shumate with a record of 23-6. 172 OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: The bench shows its frustration and concern near the end of the Michigan game. OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Adrian Dantley proved to be the star of both playoff games, leading in scoring and reboun- ding. OPPOSITE BELOW: Duck Williams turned on in the last seconds of both games to provide the impetus the Irish needed. LEFT: Toby Knight tips in Billy Paterno ' s errant shot with two seconds remaining to give the Irish a dramatic win over Cincinnati. BELOW: Coach Frank McLaughlin shows his approval. BOTTOM: Dice Martin directs the action against Michigan ' s Ricky Greene who led the Wolverines to the final four. 173 WSND NEWS WSND DEPARTMENT HEADS: Mark Ar- minio, Station Manager; Mark Krepich, News Director; John Vozzo, Sports Director; John Sparks, AM Program Director; Ed Jaros, FM Program Director; Tom Canavan, Chief Engineer; John Foster, Production Director. SCHOLASTIC Editor Sally Stanton Art Director Tom Paulius Production Manager Annemarie Sullivan Managing Editor John Phelan News Editor Bill Gonzenbach Culture Editor Robert Baker Assistant Art Editor Kathy McElroy Assistant Production Manager Steve Slater Sports Editor Bill Delaney Business Manager Kathy Salzer Assistant Business Manager Joanne Toeniskoetter Circulation Manager Kevin Murphy Photography Editor Ed Brower 176 177 ie oserver 178 EDITORIAL BOARD: Terry Keeney, Al Rutherford, Jim Eder, Pat Hanifin, Bob Mader, Maureen Flynn, Mary Janca, Ken Bradford, Val Zurblis, Tom O ' Neil, Bill Brink, Dan Sanchez. ampus Editor 179 THE OBSERVER BELOW: Terry Keeney, Editor- in-chief. 180 JUGGLER EDITORIAL BOARD: Maria O ' Meara, Sharon Garvey, John Phelan, David Green, Michael Coffey, Mark Hopkins, John Amentea, Mike Moses, Richard Landry, Greg Nachtwey, Bob Cardinale, Marty Demgen. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Gary Zebrum 181 JUNIOR PARENTS ' WEEKEND 1 - ' : Junior Parents ' Weekend, held the 27, 28, and 29 of February, proved to be a memorable experience for all participating. Friday ' s activities began with parents attending classes, and continued with a hockey game and a crowded cocktail party. Collegiate Workshops, a " meet your major " program for parents, filled Saturday morning. Late that afternoon over 15 priests concelebrated the class Mass; the chapel choir provided the music. More than 1600 parents, students, and guests attended the President ' s Dinner in a Stepan Center transformed by white linen and candlelight. Father Hesburgh was the honored speaker with Nancy Cueroni, weekend chairman, as master of ceremonies. A breakfast in the North Dining Hall, featuring Digger Phelps as guest speaker, ended the weekend early Sunday morning. JUNIOR PARENTS ' WEEKEND COMMITTEE: Dan Arnold, Bob Blanck, Joel Burian, Kitty Conklin, Nancy Cueroni (chairman), John Donahue, Mike Grady, Bob Grant, Ron Hathaway, Lisa Moore, Mark Pascuzzi, Jay Pittas, Phyllis Provost, Robin Raher, Sally Smith, Sharon Sullivan, Rob Tully, Bill Walsh. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Rob Tully (president), Darlene Raima, John Donahue, Carol Simmons. Nancy Cueroni . i . - ' 184 HOCKHY 185 186 i The agonizingly fast pace and the fact that teams rarely score more than four or five goals in a game, so that every goal in precious, makes the game of ice hockey one of the most hotly contested sports imaginable. Defensemen and wings alike battle every minute for position because the slightest advantage can mean the game. Consequently each hard check, each goal, means another emotional release: joy at the winning goal, frustration after a futile scor- ing attempt, and, very often, anger and the fights that draw hockey fans to their feet. The Fighting Irish, as their name implies, are es- pecially cantankerous, as the actions of Brownschidle, Hamilton, Walsh, Bourque and Clarke so effectively illustrate. 187 The Irish icers, rated third in the WCHA pre-season poll, came off a disappointing but experience-filled 13-22-3 season for 1974-75. This had been the worst record ever since the initiation of hockey at N.D. in 1968. This year two early losses at East Lansing to the Michigan State squad appeared to be an un- favorable omen for the Irish. Nevertheless, the team managed to rebound with a sweep of the series at Colorado College. Troubles in the latter part of December were soon ironed out as the front line of Alex Pirus, Clark Hamilton and Brian Walsh rose to the occasion, intimidating the op- position. By January the team was on the upswing, gaining a fifth place tie with Colorado in early February while hopes for an at-home advantage in the WCHA playoffs continued to rise. 188 OPPOSITE LEFT: Irish captain " Dukie " Walsh flies around Colorado ' s Jim Warner. OPPOSITE RIGHT: High scoring right winger Alex Pirus prepares to unload a drive. OPPOSITE BELOW: Walsh and Nugent try to push the loose puck past Colorado College ' s Eddie Mio. ABOVE: Irish winger Al Karsnia starts another rush up ice. LEFT: Sometimes being a goaltender can lead to indigestion. ABOVE RIGHT: Geoffrey Collier feeds Karsnia in front of the Minnesota Gopher ' s net. 189 ' 1 1: f The 1975-76 NOTRE DAME HOCKEY TEAM. Front Row: D. Howe, J. Augustine, B. Walsh, J. Peterson, L. Moher, D. Dargene, D. Caron, P. Novitzki, T. Byers, M. Olive. Middle Row: Lefty Smith (coach), R. Bourque, P. Clarke, D. Byers, A. Pirus, D. Jackson, C. Hamilton, K. Nugent, D. Bossy, J. Brownschidle, S. Schneider, T. DeWerd, P. Shafer, D. Tansey. Back Row: P. Whitmer (trainer), B. Key (mgr.), A. Karsnia, B. Burke, G. Collier, K. Nagurski, B. Baumgartner, D. Fairholm, T. Fairholm, D. Howe, T. Farrell, B. Johnson. RIGHT: Leading scorer Brian Walsh skate against no. 1 Michigan Tech. RIGHT BELOW: Defenseman Dan Byers blocks traffic near the N.D. goal as Len Moher anticipates an attack. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Hefty right winger Kevin Nugent fights the entire Michigan State defense in a close loss to the Spartans. OPPOSITE MIDDLE: Center Don Fairholm, leader of the second line, flips a pass cross ice. OPPOSITE BELOW: Alex Pirus looks in vain for the flying puck as Brian Walsh is upended in the background. -- tl The Irish rounded out their 1976 season with home ice splits against the top two teams in the country, Michigan Tech and Michigan State. After losing the openers by identical scores of 7-6, Notre Dame came on to avenge the defeats by resounding 9-5 and 5-2 wins in the finales of the series, setting up the last home series of the year with Minnesota-Duluth. The Irish swept that series convincingly, heading into the playoffs with good reason for optimism. Over the year, Brian Walsh led the icers in total points, while right wing Alex Pirus had the most potent shot. Len Moher and John Peterson had almost identical records in front of the goal, sharing the playing time as the team finished well above the .500 mark, an admirable record in the toughest league in the nation. MIDWEST BLUES FESTIVAL I STEVE GOODMAN MARDI GRAS Lights blink on and off, on and off As music lifts higher and higher Into the silver vastness of Stepan Center. Shouts, guffaws, cajoling, " Play here! " Winners and losers merge in a festive crowd. Eons of construction time Climax in a few short days. Purest celebration In the name of charity, The perfect tribute to our nation ' s 200th. 194 195 197 WR SI NG THE 1976 NOTRE DAME WRESTLING TEAM. Front Row: S. Miller, M. Merriman, D. Heffer- nan, P. Murphy, P. McKillen. Back Row: Coach Ray Sepeta, D. Boyer, J. Dowd, R. Dreger, J. Pszeracki, B. Colic 198 The Wrestling Irish began their 75-76 season with a new look. The matmen quickly adjusted to new head coach Ray Sepeta, showing great desire and dedication. There were quite a few high points in the season, especially co- captain Dave Boyer ' s new career vic- tory record. Pat McKillen and co- captain John Dowd also contributed consistently outstanding performances. But it was Freshman Bob Colic who was the Irish star in 1976, sporting an NCAA championship invitation. In all, it was a year of adjustment for players and coach, with much hope for the future. 199 FENCING THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME-ST. MARY ' S COLLEGE FENCING CLUB. Sitting: P. Farrow, K. Valdiserri (co-captains). Kneeling: B. Pallone, C. Buzard, J. O ' Donnell, J. Richtsmeier, C. Simony. Standing: M. DeCicco (coach), T. Taylor (asst. coach), D. Dressier, J. Prusiecki, C. Marciniak, D. Valentino, C. Dziwura, R. Hosinski (asst. coach). 200 201 202 Coach Michael DeCicco entered his fourteenth year as head fencing coach with an amazing .886 winning percentage. Nevertheless, the Irish looked to have their best season ever in 1976, with the return of 15 lettermen and two Ail-Americans from the 23-2 1975 team. Notre Dame is led by tri-captains Tim Glass, Terry McConville and Mike Saz- danoff. In the Epee, the strongest N.D. weapon, Ail-Americans Glass and Ed Fellows fill the top two positions. The trio of Pat Gerard, Mike Mc- Cahey and McConville head the foil team, perhaps the finest ever at Du Lac. At the sabre Sam DiFiglio and Junior Olympic Champion Mike Sullivan are the strongest competitors, with Mike Sazdanoff providing experience and leadership. The team as a whole was rated first in the country as of late February, and was the top seed for the NCAA championship. THE 1976 NOTRE DAME FENCING TEAM. Sitting: M. Saz- danoff, T. Class, T. McConville (tri-captains). Kneeling: L. Etrehm, T. Henzler, R. Pikna, S. Salimando, T. Arena, P. Gerard, B. Ubbing, K. Kelleher. Standing: M. DeCicco (coach), M. Joaquin, L. Miller, P. Borchard, J. Turgeon, D. DePaul, B. Kica, M. McCahey, E. Fellows, J. Strauss, P. Mock, M. Sullivan, M. Coscia, S. DiFiglio, T. Mulligan, J. Packo, S. Euvino (manager) 203 SWIMMING THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME SWIMMING TEAM: Front Row: M. Foster (Capt.), B. McCorry, R. DiTolla, R. Fitzsimons, P. Laughlin, P. Hesse, R. Reilly, R. Ebel, J. Severyn, A. Petro, R. Wardell. Back Row: C. Klimek (mgr.), W. Scott, F. Shadley, P. Kinsella, D. Drake, E. DiLuia, J. Nolan, E. Fitz- simons, D. Rahill, P. Kinney, T. Noonan, K. Perantoni, P. Lipari, D. Stark (coach). 204 205 TRACK The Notre Dame track team, with a strong distance and pole vault squad, entered the 1976 season with an op- timistic outlook despite the rigorous schedule. Seniors Jim Hurt and Joe Yates led the distance specialists, while Irish record-holder Mike Hogan captained the field events at pole vault. In addition, three potential- laden Freshmen-Dave Benkert, Mike Rice and Gerry Wills-held down the middle distances. Joe Piane hoped, with the help of these and many other dedicated trackmen, to have a winning season in his first year as head coach. V |w ' - ! 1 v. The 1975-76 NOTRE DAME TRACK TEAM: Front Row: D. Benkert, S. Welch, T. Kardok, J. Anderson, R. DePina, R. Collins, E. Cauvreau, S. Pecinovsky, D. Betlach, T. Ferenc, G. Wills, J. Miranda, J. Nicholson. Mid- dle Row: M. Rice, D. Vanderkraats, D. Morgan, R. Schott, M. Hogan, ]. Hurt, G. Matteo, T. Burgmeier, C. Haines, M. Meyer, C. Wills, J. Yates, P. Taylor, M. Sullivan. Back Row: E. Kelly (asst. coach), W. Morrissey (mgr.) J. Kerrigan, D. Nix, M. Palmer, J. Strohman, D. Gamache, C. Tuskan, A. Freda, B. Ellsworth, K. Nickodem, R. Volk, D. Gutschenritter, R. Rundstedt, J. Cooney, L. Shepard, ). O ' Brien, H. Haggar, S. Willis, B. McHale, M. Hug, T. Reilly, B. Allmendinger, ). Zavertnik, J. Reinhart, D. Kiel, L. Bradley, L. Sage, D. Knott, T. Burns, G. Thomas (mgr.) A. Cough, J. Piane (coach) 206 net, Vilfe 207 GOLF The outdoor sport of golf and the bone-chilling weather of South Bend: a more incongruous combination could hardly be found. Yet the N.D. golfers excel. Through practice and deter- mination, and the fine coaching of ebullient Noel O ' Sullivan, the Irish golf team has produced an admirable record. This year the squad traveled to the University of Miami on their spring trip, and also participated in the Kepler Intercollegiate Invitational and the Northern Intercollegiate Invitational. With the help of NCAA invitee Paul Koprowski, these masters of the links have proven themselves in the tradition of Du Lac. THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME GOLF TEAM: N. O ' Sullivan (coach), M. Donnelly, P. Koprowski, G. Huntoon, G. Strollo, B. Wadden, J. Delaney, M. Gennette, R. Knee, T. Williams, T. Saurs, P. Behan, and J. Culveyhouse. 208 CROSS COUNTRY The solitude of one man and the earth. . .the brotherhood of two men sharing that same ground: these are two of the motivations for cross country running. This is why a member of the Notre Dame cross country team will run for miles and miles in practically any clime. A runner ' s performance is but a measure of these motivations. THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Front Row: D. Benkert, S. Welch, J. Miranda, C. Wills, M. Rice, T. Burns. Middle Row: J. Yates, M. Sullivan, D. Horgan, D. Vanderkraats, J. Reinhart, B. Allmendinger, D. Kiel, J. Hurt. Back Row: G. Thomas, J. Strohman, C. Tuskan, B. Ellsworth, D. Gutschenritter, K. Nickodem, L. Sage, W. Morrissey (mgr.), J. Piane (coach). 209 BASEBALL THE 1976 NOTRE DAME BASEBALL TEAM. Front Row: J. Stephens, F. Fiascki, ). Snyder, R. Bader, J. Karpowicz, D. Smith. Second Row: P. Zabroski, M. Szporka, W. Starr, D. Defacci, M. Conti, P. Morisseau. Third Row: J. Abbatiello, B. Galloway, T. Pollock, S. Bobowski, M. McDonald, R. Hoertz, M. Nadeau, D. Wolfe. Fourth Row: M. Serena, J. Sholl, T. Walbrun, D. Lazzeri, D. Monroe, R. Pullano, M. Bobinski, D. Harrison. Back Row: M. Demetrio (mgr.), T. Kelly (coach), M. Stoltz (capt.), R. Stratta (capt.) J. Jeffers (asst. coach), J. Lawless (mgr.). 210 TENNIS THE 1976 NOTRE DAME TENNIS TEAM. Kneeling: D. Cantu, T. Bruno, T. Fallon (coach), B. Mainline, R. Slager. Standing: D. Wheaton, P. Reilly, M. O ' Donnell, R. Stehlik, M. Horan. till I I 211 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Perhaps the most avidly followed women ' s sport, women ' s basketball entered its second year at Notre Dame with an optimistic squad. Returning star Mary Clemency teamed with outstan- ding shooter Judy Shiely and Freshman Carol Lally, a quick, flashy guard, to provide high hopes for a successful season. Coach Jeanne Earley, in her se- cond year at the helm, added several new members to the team, including fiery assistant coach Sally Duffy. OPPOSITE BELOW: THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: J. O ' Reilly, M. Clemency (co-capt.), L. Berry, B. Murphy, B. Banasiak. Middle Row: M. Meagher, ). Shiely, S. Fonoi, C. Lally, A. Bond, A. Adams, K. Anderson. Back Row: J. Earley (coach) M. McCuire, B. Frey, L. Dodge, M. Maloney, B. Bradshaw, A. Berges, P. Coogan (co-capt.), S. Duffy (asst. coach) 212 213 WOMEN ' S FIELD HOCKEY THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME WOMEN ' S FIELD HOCKEY CLUB.Front Row: R. Eresman, D. Losur- do, M. Marten, M. Morgan, ). Fremeau, L. Wood, M. Losurdo. Middle Row: R. Martin (mgr.), M. Hums, K. Kane, M. James, E. Hughes, L. Dodge, T. Molony, B. Banasiak, A. Hotvedt, (coach). Back Row: B. Bradshaw, L. Nolan, C. Baggen, M. Champion, P. DeCoste, M. Maloney, M. Walsh, J. Olech (asst. coach), Not Pictured: M. Dooley, M. White. 214 WOMEN ' S TENNIS THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME WOMEN ' S TENNIS CLUB. Front Row: J. Donahue (asst. coach), S. Flanigan, A. Kelly, S. Sullivan, D. Shillingburg, C. Simmons, E. Callahan, T. Haywood (asst. coach). Back Row: M. Roman, K. Amato, M. Shukis, D. Grady, S. Bailey, M. Gushing, C. Moore (coach). Not pictured: B. Fallen (captain). 215 ND-SMC THEATRE The Bicentennial season in- troduced a new theatrical mode: Theatre-in-the-round. An all-American season by a young and versatile theatre department: Indians, Fashion, The Crucible, and Godspell. 216 LET ' S PLAY INDIANS Director Reginald F. Bain Set and Lighting Richard Bergman Costumes Faith Adams Choreography Charles Ballinger THE COMPANY Voice Matthew Regan Buffalo Bill Daniel Daily Sitting Bull William D. McGlinn Senator Logan Matthew Regan Senator Dawes Mark Gallogly Senator Morgan Rick LaBelle John Grass Michael Feord Buffalo Jim Casurella, Mike Lyons, Stave Rodgers, Dave Miller Spotted Tail John Walker Grand Duke Alexis John Colligan Interpreter Tom Felts Duke ' s Attendants Mark Amenta, James Houle Ned Buntline T. R. Paulding Geronimo Tim Boyle Ol ' Time President Patrick Marks First Lady Shevawn O ' Connor Wild Bill Hickock J. Matthew McKenzie Teskanjavila -. Lisa Colaluca Uncas John Colligan Uncas ' Indians Mark Marlowe, Dave Miller Roughriders Tim Boyle, John Walker, John Colligan, Dave Miller, Mark Marlowe, Kevin McLean Annie Oakley Sara Paulis Annie ' s Attendants Lisa Colaluca, Shevawn O ' Connor Chief Joseph Xavier Garcia Sun Dancers Mike Mercadante, Jim Casurella, Mike Lyons, Erik Larson, Mark Amenta, James Houle, Steve Rodgers, Tom Felts Jesse James Steve Rodgers Billy the Kid Kevin McLean Poncho James Houle Colonel Forsyth Peter Reiher Lieutenant Erik Larson Reporter Mark Amenta 2-17 FASHION CAST Zeke T. R. Paulding, Jr. Millinette Jeannie T. O ' Meara Mrs. Tiffany Kathleen Rink Prudence Bridget Ragan Seraphina Tiffany Celeste Volz T. Tennyson Twinkle Michael Mercadante Augustus Fogg Peter Reiher Count Jolimaitre William D. McGlinn Adam Trueman Matthew Regan Snobson Patrick Marks Mr. Tiffany John Colligan Colonel Howard J. Matthew McKenzie Gertrude . . Lisa Anne Colaluca 218 THE CRUCIBLE CAST Betty Parris Mary Rose Eslinger Reverend Samuel Parris Michael D. Feord Tituba Sharon Carr Abagail Williams Lisa Anne Colaluca Susanna Wallcott Robin Salem Mrs. Ann Putnam Celeste Volz Thomas Putnam Timothy Nickels Mercy Lewis Debbie Stackow Mary Warren Suzanne McKenna John Proctor J. Matthew McKenzie Rebecca Nurse ' . Kathleen Rink Giles Corey Gary S. Aumiller Reverend John Hale William D. McGlinn Elizabeth Proctor Bridget Ragan Francis Nurse John Santos Ezekiel Cheever Patrick Marks John Willard James W. Daly Judge Hathorne Matthew Regan Martha Corey Debbie Beck Deputy-Governor Danforth Daniel Daily Sarah Good . . Sara Paulis 219 BLACK CULTURAL ARTS FESTIVAL 220 A call for black awareness and self-evaluation was the focus for the six day Black Cultural Arts Festival. In an effort to instill an appreciation of black culture by both blacks and whites, the festival opened with an address by the Ebony magazine senior editor, Mr. Alex Poinsett. Panel discussions on the black athlete and " Blacks in Business " followed, and the festival concluded with the showing of the film " Sounder. " The week ' s events strove to impress on the par- ticipants that black concerns are human concerns. 221 222 223 RUGBY The mayhem of rugby and a team called the Fighting Irish: how could there be a better combination? The indomitable Irish, with their glorious tradition in the American descendant of that ancient game, could hardly find a more fitting occupation than playing rugby. For, like football, rugb y is more than a game it is very definitely a way of life. Ruggers, more than anyone, appreciate a mug of fine ale and boisterous songs. They are, in a word, earthy. The game itself carries this same spirit. Rugby demands dedication to the high ideals of organized violence. As the bumper stickers affirm: GIVE BLOOD PLAY RUGBY. 224 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Rugby is the ul- timate gang sport. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: The original pigskin: the most desirable object in a rugger ' s life. OP- POSITE BELOW RIGHT: A good hit makes for loose balls. LEFT: N. D. ' s Tony Mendiola slips the ball backhand to a follower. BELOW: The 1975-76 Rugby Club. Front Row: S. Dewan, J. Olsen, T. Roche, B. Sweeney, M. Dacey, E. D ' Arcy, C. Zawalich, M. Mailman. Back Row: D. Moser, L. Erhline, G. Spiegel, S. McDonald, T. Mendiola, T. Bott, Mike Tovey, J. Froman, Mark Tovey, J. Kovacs, B. Olsen. 225 CREW Crew requires precision, tim- ing, technique and strength. But most of all a good racing eight needs togetherness. In this the Notre Dame Crew ex- cells. ABOVE RIGHT: Fr. Burtchaell blesses the new shell, dedicated to Steve Buc- cini, a former crew member tragically killed in a car accident. OPPOSITE ABOVE: THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME CREW: Back Row: D. Robinson, K. Mc- Bride, B. Reilly, J. Bustin, J. Rydale, T. Loughran, B. Tracy, M. Murphy, M. Brady, M. Meenan, P. Cromwick, E. Tagge (men ' s captain) J. Hoffman, J. Claude, C. Coogan. Second Row: M. Hamerly, N. Nikas, P. Schafer, J. Dun- bar, F. Reid, A. Caccvaule. Third Row: T. Fromholt, C. Sheedy, C. Ortega, A. Digan, P. Banbera, K. Fahart, M. Fitz- simons (Women ' s captain). Front Row: ]. Gormely, S. Reis, D. Dean, R. Gill, C. Latronica, K. Paluso and many, many missing. 227 LACROSSE The 1975-76 NOTRE DAME LACROSSE TEAM: Back Row: S. Cochran, Coach; J. Chapman, J. High, T. Mouch, G. Nalley, R. Kresock, D. McLoughlin, C. Folkman, R. Mazzei, R. O ' Leary, Coach. Middle Row: ). Williams, P. Clynes, J. Murphy, ]. Mandico, S. Martinez, D. Welch, B. Sam- mon, T. Single, J. Williams. Third Row: B. Driscoll, M. Kinsella, C. Bowe, J. Fatti, B. Thibodeau, D. Trabert, M. Flanigan, J. P. Marchand, T. Naquin. 228 SOCCER THE 1975-76 NOTRE DAME SOCCER TEAM: Back Row: K. Laast, T. Bezouska, T. Apker, R. Mannion, B. Gildea, M. Best, E. Small, C. Prejean, M. Amad, R. Wittry, J. Trant, j. Kirby, P. Piazza, T. Kellenberg, A. Weingartner, D. Austgen, B. Connolly (coach). Middle Row: S. Fitzell, P. Desmond, M. Reilly, J. Humboldt, R. Klos, P. Logan, J. Talbot, J. Rice, T. Mulvey, ]. Thornton. Front Row: P. White, P. Flood (Captain), M. Flynn (pres.), M. Volberding, T. Bernardin, M. Klien, K. Buckley, T. Carnevale, K. Garvy, B. Hagerty, J. Gallo, B. Barrett, J. Donovan (Captain). Not Pictured: M. Seryak, N. Mullin, S. Roach. 229 SKIING THE 1976 NOTRE DAME SKIING CLUB: Top: E. Byrne. Below: P. Rowland. Top Row: T. Lux, P. Murphy, J. Dwyer, C. Wilson (capt.), P. Cleason, T. Barnett. Bottom Row: J. Schiesmann, G. Shahade, N. Duffy, L. McAllister, A. Hawkins (capt.). 230 SAILING 231 Time it was, And what a time it was, It was . . . A time of innocence, A time of confidences. Long ago ... it must be . I have a photograph. Preserve your memories; They ' re all that ' s left you. Paul Simon THE CLASS OF 1976 Thomas K. Aanstoos A.B. Government Alfred E. Abbey Jr. B.B.A. Finance Thomas A. Aber B.B.A. Finance James R. Abowd B.B.A. Accounting Jason J. Achterhoff B.B.A. Marketing Richmond P. Acker B.S. Architecture Mark J. Ackerman B.S. Biology Jeffrey W. Adams B.B.A. Marketing Daniel J. Adler A.B. English Philip M.Ahr B.B.A. Management John M. Ajamie B.S. Preprofessional John J. Albers A.B. Art R. Douglas Allen B.S. Preprofessional Eladio A. Alonso B.B.A. Finance John C. Althoff B.B.A. Marketing George Alvisio B.S. Preprofessional Michael J. Amad B.S. Biology John E. Amantea A.B. English Leo L. Amegashitsi C.S.C. B.S. Chemistry Kathryn M. Andersen B.S. Electrical Engineering Roger C. Andersen B.S. Electrical Engineering Roger E. Anderson B.B.A. Accounting John N. Annul II A.B. Government Michael B. Apfeld A.B. Government Carlos P. Araujo B.S. Electrical Engineering Anthony V. Arena B.S. Aerospace Engineering Mark A. Arminio B.B.A. Finance Mark A. Asel B.B.A. Accounting 234 Mark ). Augustine B.S. Electrical Engineering Carmen J. Aulino A.B. Preprofessional Michael R. Austin B.S. Preprofessional Matthew G. Azeles B.S. Biology Larry P. Back A.B. Government Clifford T. Bacsik B.B.A. Accounting James R. Bailey B.B.A. Marketing Timothy L. Bailey A.B. General Program Harry M. Bainbridge A.B. Government J. Robert Baker A.B. English Wally L. Baker B.S. Chemistry James B. Ball B.S. Preprofessional Calvin C. Balliet B.B.A. Accounting Philip Bambara B.B.A. Accounting Rebecca A. Banasiak B.S. Biology Gregory J. Baranko B.S. Physics 235 Joseph A. Barbera B.S. Preprofessional Mary F. Barga B.B.A. Finance Joann Barnes B.B.A. Finance Mary Katherine Baron B.B.A. Management Kevin S. Barrett A.B. Psychology John H. Barrie III B.B.A. Marketing Robert S. Barringer B.S. Architecture 236 Kevin M. Barry A.B. Economics Robert L. Bartl Jr. B.B.A. Finance John K. Barto Jr. A.B. American Studies Joanna K. Bartosik A.B. English Sarah L. Bartzen B.B.A. Finance Rocco J. Basciano B.S. Preprofessional Nicholas P. Basil B.B.A. Accounting Patrick F. Bathon B.B.A. Finance James A. Baum B.S. Biology Terry A. Baum B.S. Electrical Engineering Paul J. Beaudette A.B. Anthropology Jorge Bedoya B.S. Chemical Engineering Patrick T. Behan A.B. Sociology Milan K. Bendik B.B.A. Accounting Frank J. Bennett B.S. Mechanical Engineering Stephen H. Bennett B.B.A. Finance Gregory P. Benz B.S. Architecture Michelle Berberet B.S. Mathematics Jay G. Berger B.S. Chemical Engineering Elizabeth Bernard A.B. History Thomas G. Bernardin B.S. Civil Engineering Eugene G. Berry A.B. English John P. Berry A.B. Modern Languages Raymond B. Biagini A.B. Government Peter F. Bialek B.B.A. Accounting George Bienfang A.B. American Studies Barton T. Billed B.S. Chemistry Thomas E. Birsic B.B.A. Finance 237 Thomas E. Black A.B. Government Michael J. Stanford B.S. Mechanical Engineering Kathleen Blatz A.B. Sociology Ronald B. Blitch B.S. Architecture Richard C. Blower A.B. General Program William B. Blum B.B.A. Marketing John L. Bodolay B.B.A. Finance Jeffrey A. Bona B.S. Prep rofessional John P. Bonavia B.S. Biology Philip R. Bond! B.B.A. Marketing Robert W. Boos II A.B. Psychology William T. Borders B.B.A. Finance Kevin J. Bouffard A.B. English J. Terence Bowen B.B.A. Accounting David L Boyer B.S. Civil Engineering Walter E. Boyer A.B. Psychology 238 J. Patrick Boyle A.B. American Studies Mark S. Boyle B.B.A. Finance John S. Brabenec A.B. Economics William A. Bracken B.B.A. Management Robert J. Braco B.S. Biology Kenneth M. Bradford A.B. American Studies Patrick T. Brady A.B. Preprofessional Donald C. Brain B.B.A. Accounting Mathew J. Brakora B.S. Preprofessional David Brandewie B.B.A. Accounting Stephen V. Brehl A.B. English Lawrence A. Brehm A.B. Economics Thomas E. Brennan A.B. Government Nancy A. Brenner A.B. American Studies William X. Brewka B.B.A. Management William A. Brink A.B. American Studies Peter G. Brosnan B.B.A. Accounting Edward ]. Brower B.S. Electrical Engineering Ivan L Brown A.B. Government Mary T. Brown A.B. English Craig J. Brucker B.S. Chemistry Frederick Bruening B.S. Preprofessional Michael E. Brunner B.S. Civil Engineering Allan J. Bryan B.B.A. Accounting James S. Brzoska B.B.A. Accounting Paul A. Bube A.B. Theology Leo J. Buchignani Jr. B.B.A. Management Kathleen M. Buckley B.S. Biology 239 Patrick T. Buckley A.B. Government David C. Buczynski B.B.A. Management Angelo J. Bufalino B.S. Electrical Engineering Richard S. Bullene B.S. Architecture Jeffrey L. Buller A.B. Modern Languages Louis J. Bulte A.B. Psychology James L Burdick B.S. Civil Engineering Joseph A. Burger B.S. Preprofessional Geraldine A. Burke A.B. General Program Lawrence E. Burke B.S. Civil Engineering Patricia A. Burke A.B. American Studies Thomas A. Burke B.S. Mechanical Engineering Thomas R. Burkot B.S. Biology Edward C. Burns B.S. Civil Engineering Andrew G. Bury Jr. A.B. Economics Christopher A. Bury B.B.A. Accounting Joseph J. Bustin A.B. Government John C. Butler B.S. Chemistry Mark J. Buynak B.B.A. Accounting Robert S. Byers B.S. Biology Edward R. Byrne A.B. Economics Kevin A. Byrnes A.B. Music Jeffrey W. Byrnett B.S. Preprofessional Thomas M. Cahill B.S. Electrical Engineering Maurice Cahillane A.B. Government James M. Cain A.B. Government David L. Caldwell B.S. Preprofessional John Callaghan B.S. Preprofessional 240 John D. Callahan B.S. Preprofessional John J. Callahan A.B. Modern Languages Thomas B. Callahan A.B. Economics Ricardo A. Campa Jr. A.B. Theology Paul A. Campagna B.S. Preprofessional John M. Campbell B.S. Biology Michael Campbell B.B.A. Finance Charles P. Canavan B.S. Architecture Thomas G. Canavan A.B. American Studies Christopher T. Cannon A.B. English Harry Capadano III A.B. Psychology Susan M. Caranci A.B. English Luis Cardenal B.B.A. Management Stanley M. Cardenas B.B.A. Accounting John E. Carey A.B. American Studies Joseph W. Carey B.B.A. Finance 241 Thomas E. Carey Jr. B.B.A. Finance Robert J. Carnes A.B. History Mark P. Carney A.B. Anthropology John D. Carrico B.B.A. Accounting Christine Carroll B.B.A. Accounting Robert G. Carroll B.S. Preprofessional William K. Carroll B.S. Earth Science William D. Carter B.S. Architecture Richard Cartlidge B.B.A. Accounting Thomas M. Carusillo B.B.A. Marketing Dennis R. Casey B.B.A. Accounting Jack G. Casini B.S. Preprofessional Paul C. Cassam A.B. Government Thomas F. Cassidy A.B. English Loretta B. Castaldi B.B.A. Finance Thomas M. Castello A.B. Government 242 Bruce D. Celebrezze A.B.English John]. Cergnul B.B.A. Accounting Beverly J. Cesen A.B. English Dennis Chambers A.B. American Studies Kenneth M. Champa A.B. American Studies Michael G. Chanatry A.B. American Studies Michael Charles B.B.A. Accounting Paul R. Charles B.S. Chemical Engineering Thomas K. Chenal A.B. History Peter J. Chimento A.B. Psychology Donald M. Cisle B.B.A. Management Marc P. Clark B.S. Biology David W. Clarke A.B. History John P. Claude B.S. Biology Mary V. Clemency B.S. Biology Thomas V. Clemens B.B.A. Marketing Bret S. Clement B.B.A. Accounting Daniel F. Clifford B.B.A. Accounting Matthew W. Cockrell A.B. English Daniel Cofall B.B.A. Accounting John J. Coffey A.B. English Michael J. Coffey A.B. English Gary C. Cohn B.S. Chemistry John S. Cohoat B.B.A. Accounting James Colleran A.B. History Richard Collins B.S. Chemical Engineering William Collins Jr. A.B. Government Mark D. Comerford B.B.A. Accounting 243 James E. Commyn A.B. American Studies Thomas Conaty A.B. American Studies Paul J. Concialdi A.B. History Joseph Conigliaro B.S. Preprofessional Melanie M. Connell B.S. Preprofessional Michael E. Connell B.B.A. Accounting Vincent W. Converse B.S. Earth Science Patrick J. Corbett B.B.A. Finance Peter J. Cormier A.B. Sociology Joseph V. Corpora A.B. Modern Languages David F. Corrigan A.B. Government Frank A. Cosiano B.S. Preprofessional Patrick Costello B.B.A. Accounting Philip A. Costello B.B.A. Finance Gregory J. Courtney B.B.A. Finance Thomas A. Coury A.B. Preprofessional Gerard W. Cowhig B.S. Biology Douglas A. Cox A.B. General Program Philip E. Coyne Jr. B.S. Biology Arthur J. Cramer Jr. B.S. Architecture Daniel L. Cramer B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Michael F. Crawford B.S. Earth Science Michael J. Crehan A.B. Economics Maureen Creighton B.B.A. Finance James G. Cripe B.B.A. Finance Richard Cronin Jr. A.B. Speech and Drama Stephanie Crotty A.B. History David J. Crowley B.B.A. Accounting 244 I Denise H. Crowley A.B. American Studies Donna M. Crowley A.B. Government Thomas M. Crowley A.B. Philosophy Michael J. Cullen B.S Mechanical Engineering Mary P. Culler A.B. Psychology John J. Culligan B.B.A. Marketing James Culveyhouse B.B.A. Management William Cumbelich B.B.A. Finance Virginia Curlee A.B. Preprofessional James Curran A.B. Anthropology Margaret Curtin B.S. Aerospace Engineering Rebecca Curtis A.B. Modern Languages Timothy C. Curtis A.B. General Program John W. Dagenais B.S. Biology Donald Daher A.B. General Program Robert L. Daileader B.B.A. Finance Robert A. Dalpos B.B.A. Finance James L. Dalton A.B. Government Thomas S. Daly B.S. Electrical Engineering Louis M. D ' Amato A.B. Government Richard G. D ' Amour A.B. Government Raymond L. Dandrea B.S. Preprofessional Mark R. Daniels B.B.A. Accounting Walter P. Daniels B.S. Biology Albert C. D ' Antonio A.B. Sociology Edward D. D ' Arcy A.B. Economics Susan M. Darin A.B. American Studies Gerard M. Davidson B.S. Biology 245 Robert W. Davidson B.S. Architecture Mario Davila B.B.A. Management James G. Davis A.B. History Susan P. Davis A.B. American Studies Kenneth J. Deagon B.S. Mechanical Engineering Richard A. Deak B.B.A. Accounting John K. Dean B.B.A. Accounting Dennis J. Dee B.B.A. Finance Kevin J. Deehan B.B.A. Accounting David D. Deeter A.B. English Michael DeFalco B.S. Biology Eugene C. Dejonge A.B. Music Donald F. DeKay B.B.A. Accounting John P. Delaney B.B.A. Marketing Philip A. Delaney B.B.A. Accounting William J. Delaney A.B. Economics James G. DelGiudice A.B. Government Deborah A. Dell B.B.A. Management Michael P. DeMarco B.S. Mechanical Engineering Patrick M. DeMarco B.B.A. Accounting Patrick J. DeMay A.B. Government Michael K. Demetrio B.B.A. Finance Martin Demgen A.B. History Nicholas S. Demko B.S. Biology David P. Dempsey B.B.A. Accounting John P. Dempsey B.B.A. Finance John Dengler III B.S. Architecture Gary P. DeNova A.B. Preprofessional 246 I H ' 247 Mark M. DeOrio B.B.A. Accounting Edward M. DePaola B.S. Civil Engineering Michael R. DePaul A.B. Psychology Arthur R. Derse A.B. English Paul M. DeRusso B.B.A. Finance Richard DeSaussure B.S. Civil Engineering Michael J. Desmond B.S. Chemistry John P. Desollar A.B. English David M. Destino A.B. Psychology Timothy J. Devine B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Michael F. Devlin B.S. Preprofessional Pieter J. Devos B.S. Biology Stephen ]. Dewan B.S. Preprofessional Francis H. Dibling A.B. Economics Stephen E. Diebold B.B.A. Finance Mark H. Dierkes B.S. Civil Engineering 248 ' ' Eduardo Diez B.B.A. Management Sam J. Difiglio B.B.A. Management Michael A. Disbro B.S. Preprofessional James G. Dixon B.S. Civil Engineering Laura L. Dodge A.B. Sociology Kevin R. Doherty A.B. Economics Margaret M. Doherty A.B. Art Patrick VV. Dolan B.B.A. Accounting Daniel B. Dollison B.B.A. Finance Cathy L. Donahue A.B. American Studies Mary S. Dondanville A.B. Preprofessional David T. Donnelly B.B.A. Accounting James J. Donovan B.S. Biology Thomas P. Dore Jr. B.B.A. Finance William Dorwart A.B. Sociology Thomas F. Dougherty B.B.A. Finance John G. Dowd A.B. History Brian J. Dowe B.S. Biology Peter E. Dowling B.S. Preprofessional Kevin P. Downs B.B.A. Marketing Kevin T. Doyle A.B. English Patrick Doyle B.B.A. Management Francis X. Driscoll Jr. A.B. English Edward J. Dropcho B.S. Preprofessional Gerard Dube B.B.A. Management Allan J. Duber B.S. Architecture Jean Dudek B.S. Electrical Engineering Marjorie Duensing B.S. Biology 249 Wendy F. Duffey A.B. Psychology George R. Duke B.B.A. Finance John A. Dulac B.S. Civil Engineering John J. Dunn B.S. Civil Engineering John P. Dunn A.B. Theology Gary M. Dupont B.S. Biology Patrick J. Durkan B.S. Biology James W. Durkin B.B.A. Marketing William F. Dwyer B.S. Biology Williston L. Dye B.S. Architecture Daniel Dzwilewski A.B. English James E. Early B.B.A. Accounting Wayne Ebersberger B.B.A. Accounting Jonathan P. Ebert B.S. Preprofessional William K. Eble A.B. American Studies George P. Eckes III A.B. Psychology Robert H. Eddy A.B. Philosophy James J. Eder A.B. American Studies Charles J. Edwards A.B. History Joseph Eichelkraut B.S. Chemistry James R. Elderkin B.S. Preprofessional David K. Ellert B.B.A. Finance Kevin J. Ellison B.B.A. Accounting Sheila A. Eisner A.B. Psychology Albert V. Emilian B.S. Preprof essional John C. Emilio B.B.A. Finance Robert Emmanuel A.B. Government Michael A. Ergo B.S. Electrical Engineering 250 I Russell J. Ernst B.B.A. Finance Brian D. Escobedo A.B. Government Michael H. Esper B.S. Civil Engineering Jeannie M. Essling B.S. Biology Christopher Euell B.B.A. Accounting Stephen ). Euvino A.B. English Bruce Evans A.B. Sociology Jose A. Fabrega B.S. Civil Engineering Raymond D. Fagan B.B.A. Accounting George F. Faherty B.B.A. Management Christopher J. Fahey B.B.A. Finance Martin J. Fahey B.B.A. Accounting Sheila M. Fahey A.B. Sociology James Faiella B.B.A. Accounting Gregory S. Faller B.S. Preprofessional Elizabeth B. Fallon A.B. Economics 251 William E. Fallen B.B.A. Management John R. Fancher B.B.A. Accounting Joan I. Farmer B.B.A. Finance John F. Fatti B.S. Preprofessional Edward J. Feeney B.B.A. Finance John E. Feeney A.B. English Thomas J. Felts A.B. Government Richard Ferrara B.B.A. Accounting Bruce M. Ferraro B.B.A. Finance John D. Ferreiro A.B. Government Ernest B. Ferro B.S. Chemistry James F. Ferry A.B. English Robert A. Fiala B.S. Architecture Stephen P. Fitzell B.B.A. Accounting J. Dan Fitzgerald B.B.A. Management John F. Fitzgerald B.S. Preprofessional 252 I Neal L. Fitzgerald B.B.A. Accounting Thomas Fitzgerald B.B.A. Accounting Kevin Fitzpatrick B.S. Electrical Engineering William J. Fitzpatrick B.B.A. Accounting Richard Fitzsimons B.S. Preprofessional M. Jean Flanagan B.B.A. Accounting T. Mark Flanagan A.B. Economics Ellen M. Flanigan A.B. Modern Languages Patrick J. Flood B.S. Preprofessional Michael A. Flynn B.B.A. Management Michael F. Flynn B.S. Preprofessional Richard J. Foglia A.B. American Studies George Foose A.B. Government Margaret M. Foran A.B. Psychology Thomas F. Foristel B.B.A. Finance Bruce Fortelka B.B.A. Accounting Mark L Foster B.B.A. Finance Mary T. Foster B.B.A. Accounting James A. Fox B.S. Architecture Mary P. Frailey A.B. American Studies Paul G. Francis B.B.A. Management Jane M. Frank B.B.A. Accounting Robert C. Fratti B.S. Architecture Thomas Fredericks B.B.A. Finance Ellen Freeman A.B. Theology Donald P. Freibert B.B.A. Finance Theresa G. Fritz A.B. Modern Languages Carole B. Froling B.B.A. Management 253 John W. Froman B.B.A. Finance Mark R. Fuller A.B. General Program Susan K. Funk B.S. Architecture Joseph Furlong B.B.A. Finance Tay G. Gaines B.A. Physics Michael A. Gajewski B.B.A. Accounting Timothy A. Gall B.B.A. Finance William F. Gallagan A.B. General Program Brian J. Gallagher B.B.A. Accounting Christie Gallagher B.B.A. Accounting John S. Gallagher B.S. Preprofessional Patricia Gallagher B.S. Mathematics Kathleen Gallogly A.B.English Timothy E. Galloway A.B. American Studies Andrew J. Gardner B.B.A. Accounting Jane Garland B.S. Biology John R. Garland A.B. Economics John Garofalo Jr. B.S. Chemistry Richard E. Garrett B.S. Electrical Engineering Gian C. Garriga B.S. Preprofessional Sharon H. Garvey B.F.A. Fine Arts James A. Gassmann B.S. Mechanical Engineering Alan M. Gavin B.B.A. Accounting Michael E. Geary A.B. Government Kenneth C. Geiger B.S. Mechanical Engineering Thomas J. Geller B.S. Preprofessional Craig L George B.B.A. Finance W. Michael George B.B.A. Finance r l 254 John L. Gerrity B.B.A. Accounting James Ghiglieri Jr. B.B.A. Finance Thomas E. Gibbons B.B.A. Finance Mark ). Gibson A.B. Anthropology Martin A. Giedlin B.S. Biology Harold J. Gilday Jr. A.B. History Gerald A. Gilinsky B.B.A. Marketing 255 Cornelius Gillespie B.B.A. Marketing Mary B. Gillespie A.B. Theology Charles W. Gilligan B.S. Civil Engineering Robert Gilroy A.B. History Paul J. Giorlando B.S. Preprofessional Michael J. Gizinski A.B. Sociology Thomas N. Clave A.B. Government Michael K. Gleason B.B.A. Finance Patrick D. Gleason A.B. Speech and Drama Timothy J. Goddu B.B.A. Finance Joel A. Goebel B.S. Preprofessional Laureen F. Goers A.B. English Stephen J. Goett B.S. Physics Kevin j. Goniu B.S. Preprofessional William Gonzenbach A.B. American Studies Thomas B. Goode A.B. Psychology William L. Goodman A.B. Sociology Claire Gordon B.S. Biology David J. Gorecki A.B. Sociology John S. Goss B.B.A. Finance Peter A. Gottsacker B.B.A. Accounting Mary A. Grabavoy A.B. Government Augusto F. Grace A.B. American Studies John J. Graczak A.B. Theology James Gradoville A.B. Government Paul C. Graf A.B. Sociology Joseph L. Graif A.B. Preprofessional Douglas E. Grass! B.S. Preprofessional 256 257 Fred J. Graver III A.B. American Studies James C. Gray A.B. General Program Paul L. Gray A.B. Government Karla C. Grazier A.B. Anthropology David D. Green A.B. English Ann E. Greenburg B.S. Architecture Maxwell Griffin A. B. Sociology Robert E. Griffin A.B. English Paul T. Grogan A.B. Government Mark C. Grove A.B. English Perry Guariglia B.S. Preprofessional Richard Guiltinan B.B.A. Accounting William G. Guisti B.B.A. Marketing James K. Guth B.B.A. Accounting James R. Guthrie B.B.A. Finance Lawrence Guzowski A.B. Mathematics 258 I Thomas J. Guzzardi B.S. Preprofessional Kathleen ML Gwynn A.B. American Studies Frederic G. Haaser B.S. Mechanical Engineering Paul M. Hackett B.B.A. Finance David E. Hadley B.B.A. Accounting James E. Haferd B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael G. Halm B.S. Civil Engineering Anthony A. Mains A.B. Psychology Paul R. Hakel B.B.A. Finance Howard M. Halle B.B.A. Finance Michael J. Hallman B.B.A. Accounting John M. Halstead A.B. Economics Michael E. Hammell A.B. Economics William Hammer B.B.A. Accounting Lee W. Hammerling B.S. Preprofessional David M. Hammond A.B. Theology 259 Tom L. Hampton B.S. Electrical Engineering Constance Hanahan A.B. Sociology Joseph E. Hannan B.S. Mechanical Engineering Richard E. Hanpeter A.B. Government James P. Hanrahan A.B. English Sean K. Hanrahan B.S. Aerospace Engineering Philip M. Harbert B.B.A. Finance James P. Hardy B.B.A. Marketing John P. Hargrave B.B.A. Accounting Thomas P. Harig B.S. Electrical Engineering Patricia L. Harper A.B. Economics Peter L. Harrison B.B.A. Marketing Dan Hartigan B.S. Preprofessional John E. Harvan B.B.A. Accounting Thomas J. Harwood B.B.A. Finance Michael T. Hassett A. B. English Michael R. Hatton B.B.A. Accounting Catherine Hauresperger A.B. Mathematics Thomas P. Haunert B.S. Mechanical Engineering Ann Marie Hawkins B.B.A. Accounting Maryrose Hawkins A.B. Preprofessional William J. Hay B.B.A. Accounting Gerard M. Hayden Jr. A.B. Government Maryfrances G. Hayes A.B.American Studies Michael F. Healy B.S. Preprofessional Christopher B. Hearne B.S. Preprofessional John M. Hedges III B.B.A. Accounting Joseph A. Heffernan B.S. Preprofessional 260 W r i Brian B. Hegarty A.B. Economics Robert ). Heisler A.B. History Kevin S. Hendrick A.B. English David R. Hennessy B.B.A. Marketing Vincent C. Henrich B.S. Preprofessional John M. Henry B.B.A. Management Thomas A. Henzler B.B.A. Accounting Christopher E. Herald B.S. Earth Science James S. Hernandez B.S. Preprofessional Mark C. Herr B.S. Architecture William J. Hessert B.B.A. Finance William W. Heylman A.B. Government James D. Hicks B.S. Earth Science William S. Higgins B.S. Physics William Hillstrom B.B.A. Accounting Thomas P. Hilmer B.B.A. Finance 261 Robert J. Hipp B.B.A. Accounting David H. Hoelzinger B.S. Biology Thomas A. Hoerstman B.S. Architecture G. Robert Hoertz B.B.A. Marketing Stephen Hoesterey A.B. Anthropology Mark F. Hoffmann B.S. Preprofessional Fred D. Hogan B.S. Preprofessional Michael C. Hogan B.S. Biology Richard F. Hogan B.B.A. Accounting Thomas L Hogan A.B. American Studies Phillip C. Hohler B.B.A. Finance Mark A. Holland B.S. Mechanical Engineering K. Anthony Hoover A.B. American Studies Stephen ). Hoover A.B. Psychology Mark Hopkins A.B. English Peter W. Hoppner B.S. Electrical Engineering 262 I ft Mari A. Horak A.B. Sociology Joseph B. Hornett B.B.A. Management Kevin M. Horrell B.B.A. Finance Kurt A. Morton A.B. Sociology Stephen P. Houlihan B.B.A. Management David J. Howe B.B.A. Accounting Michael J. Hoy B.S. Biology Frederick Huber Jr. B.S. Chemical Engineering Timothy J. Huddle B.S. Preprofessional Larry C. Hughes B.S. Biology Michael M. Hughes B.S. Civil Engineering Michael T. Huguelet B.B.A. Accounting E. Paul Huisking Jr. A.B. Modern Languages Richard B. Hultgen B.B.A. Finance James R. Humbolt B.B.A. Finance James J. Hummer B.B.A. Accounting Harvey J. Humphrey A.B. English Margaret Humphreys A.B. General Program William B. Humphreys A.B. Government Thomas E. Hurley B.S. Biology Donald E. Hurrle B.S. Civil Engineering James R. Hyland A.B. Psychology Joseph E. Hynes B.B.A. Accounting Mary E. Iden A.B. History Richard B. Imgram B.B.A. Accounting Ronald A. Inchauste B.S. Architecture Steven M. Infalt B.B.A. Accounting Mary L. Iredale B.S. Biology Roxanne Jabbra B.S. Architecture Betsy M. Jaeger A.B. Art Frederick J. Jaeger B.S. Preprofessional John A. Jagielski B.B.A. Marketing Barbara Jakubowski A.B. Psychology Stephen B. James A.B. Government Erik L. Jardstrom B.B.A. Accounting Daniel M. Jarvie B.S. Biology John P. Jeffrey B.S. Electrical Engineering John Jenkins A.B. Philosophy Robert L Johns B.S. Electrical Engineering Christopher J. Johnson A.B. Government Elton Johnson B.B.A. Finance Gilbert S. Johnson B.B.A. Accounting Kathryn M. Johnson B.B.A. Marketing Lin A. Johnson A.B. Psychology Peter C. Johnson B.S. Preprofessional John P. Jones III A.B. Anthropology Timothy J. Jordan B.B.A. Management Andrew S. Joseph B.S. Architecture Daniel P. Joyce A.B. Psychology John Juarez Jr. B.S. Preprofessional Lawrence R. Jurkens A.B. Speech and Drama Arthur D. Kahlich B.S. Electrical Engineering Margaret A. Kaiser A.B. Modern Languages W. Mark Kaiser A.B. Psychology Elizabeth L. Kail B.B.A. Accounting Ronald J. Kail B.B.A. Accounting " 64 Deborah S. Kanser B.B.A. Accounting Stephen A. Kappers B.B.A. Accounting Dennis J. Kaszynski B.B.A. Finance Kenneth G. Kaulbach A.B. Government James W. Kayser Jr. B.S. Chemistry Richard L. Kazunas B.S. Physics David M. Reach B.B.A. Finance Dennis T. Kearney A.B. Government Mark J. Kearney A.B. Psychology J. Patrick Kearns B.B.A. Finance Patrick M. Keefe A.B. Modern Languages James H. Keegan B.B.A. Finance John B. Keeley A.B. English William C. Keen B.S. Civil Engineering Michael Keene A.B. English Terence J. Keeney A.B. Government James R. Kelleher B.B.A. Accounting Kevin C. Kelleher B.S. Preprofessional Mary Kelleher A.B. General Program Karl A. Keller B.S. Preprofessional Stephen M. Keller B.B.A. Accounting Scott M. Kelley Jr. A.B. Economics Brian J. Kelly B.S. Civil Engineering Dennis J. Kelly A.B. Government Peter D. Kelly B.B.A. Marketing Robert A. Kelly B.S. Preprofessional Tom W. Kelly B.B.A. Finance William D. Kelly B.B.A. Accounting Neal P. Kemp A.B. Art Mary A. Kennedy B.B.A. Accounting John M. Kenney B.S. Mechanical Engineering Douglas W. Kenyon A.B. Government M. Shayla Keough A.B. Modern Languages Michael L. Kerley A.B. Government Joseph A. Kern B.B.A. Accounting Robert F. Key B.B.A. Marketing Brian P. Kiley B.B.A. Accounting James B. Kinealy B.S. Civil Engineering Bernard F. King B.S. Preprofessional Robert C. King B.S. Mathematics Kim S. Kittrell A. B. Government Gerard A. Klein Jr. B.S. Civil Engineering Thomas F. Klein B.B.A. Accounting Gerard J. Klimek B.B.A. Marketing Joseph B. Klockenkemper A.B. Government Stephen J. Klug B.B.A. Accounting Thomas J. Knauf B.B.A. Accounting James L. Knighton B.S. Biology Theodore J. Koch B.S. Mechanical Engineering Timothy E. Koch B.S. Civil Engineering Timothy P. Kochems A.B. Psychology Edward B. Koehler B.S. Preprofessional Roy A. Kolstad B.B.A. Accounting George O. Kolsun B.S. Preprofessional William A. Konkel B.S. Physics Gregory L. Koos B.S. Physics James W. Kovac A.B. Government Mark E. Kratschmer B.B.A. Accounting Helen Kraus B.S. Biology Kenneth C. Kreski B.S. Preprofessional 267 James M. Kresse B.S. Electrical Engineering David A. Krick B.S. Mechanical Engineering Michael A. Kron B.S. Preprofessional Paul G. Kubiak A.B. Psychology Donald G. Kufrin B.S. Mechanical Engineering Michael A. Kuhlmann B.B.A. Finance John F. Kuhn B.S. Mechanical Engineering Judith M. Kula B.B.A. Accounting Joseph G. Kusper B.B.A. Accounting Michael A. Laird B.S. Electrical Engineering John F. Lalley B.B.A. Accounting Angela C. Lamm A.B. Philosophy James K. Landis A.B. Modern Languages James D. Landsberg B.B.A. Finance John K. Lane B.B.A. Accounting George V. Lang A.B. History Jere J. LaPlatney B.S. Chemistry Michelle Lapointe A.B. American Studies Christopher J. Laragy A.B. Government Jeannette C. Larkin B.S. Preprofessional Erik G. Larson B.S. Civil Engineering John P. Lattimer B.S. Electrical Engineering Thomas D. Lauerman B.B.A. Accounting Michael R. LaValle A.B. Preprofessional Stephen M. Lavender B.S. Aerospace Engineering William K. Lawless B.B.A. Management William J. Lawrence B.S. Architecture John C. Lawton A.B. Government 268 David ). Lazzeri B.S. Mechanical Engineering Damian R. Leader A.B. History Patrick F. Leary B.S. Preprofessional Richard K. Leary A.B. Sociology Mark H. LeCluyse B.B.A. Management Edward Lecuyer B.S. Biology David K. Lee A.B. American Studies 269 Thomas J. Leipzig B.S. Preprofessional Samuel E. Leman Jr. B.S. Architecture Paul J. Lemieux B.B.A. Accounting Brian j. Lemon B.S. Biology Mary F. Lerner B.F.A. Fine Arts Leonard L. Lewis B.S. Electrical Engineering William R. Lewis Jr. B.S. Preprofessional Jack L Licata B.B.A. Accounting Henry J. Lieber B.S. Mechanical Engineering John S. Liebler A.B. Philosophy Alan C. Lindroth B.S. Architecture Paul Linehan A.B. Art Thomas J. Lischwe A.B. Theology James E. Logan A.B. Psychology Michael G. Lombard B.S. Civil Engineering Donald Long ano A.B. Economics Patrick Longon B.B.A. Management John V. Lonsberg A.B. Government Thomas V. Lopienski B.B.A. Management Donna Losurdo A.B. Sociology Gary P. Low B.S. Preprofessional Julius C. Lowenberg B.S. Preprofessional Charles T. Lucier B.B.A. Accounting William M. Luegers Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Jo L. Lund A.B. Psychology John L. Lund A.B. Economics Brian F. Lungren A.B. Government Mark F. Luppino B.S. Preprofessional 270 Daniel W. Lynch B.B.A. Management John F. Lynch B.B.A. Finance James M. Lyons A.B. American Studies Terrence J. Lyons B.S. Mathematics George A. Lytwyn B.S. Mechanical Engineering William M. Macauley A.B. English Robert E. Mack A.B. Economics Warren R. Mack B.B.A. Accounting Paul P. Madura B.S. Chemistry Frank Maguire A.B. Economics Kevin P. Maguire B.S. Preprofessional Michael D. Mahany A.B. English John J. Mahoney A.B. English Jerome C. Majewski A.B. Economics Eugene W. Makowski A.B. Economics Eileen M. Malko B.S. Biology 271 Edward J. Malloy A.B. Sociology Thomas L. Maloney B.S. Electrical Engineering Ernesto A. Mantica B.B.A. Management Jean P. Marchand B.S. Civil Engineering Bruce ). Marek B.S. Civil Engineering Gregory G. Marino A.B. Anthropology Philip). Marino B.B.A. Marketing Ben Marshall Jr. B.B.A. Finance V I R G N David Martin B.B.A. Finance Gerard B. Martin B.S. Preprofessional Richard F. Martin A.B. English William A. Martin A.B. Anthropology Richard Martinello B.B.A. Finance Rocco J. Martino B.B.A. Finance Paul B. Martins A.B. Speech and Drama Thomas J. Martiny A.B. History 272 Thomas Maschmeier B.B.A. Management Catherine Matthews A.B. Psychology David C. Mayer B.B.A. Accounting Daniel M. Mayo B.B.A. Accounting Robert J. Mazzacavallo B.B.A. Accounting David J. McAllister A.B. Government Kathleen McAllister A.B. English John F. McBride B.S. Mathematics Kevin G. McBride B.S. Civil Engineering James R. McCarron A.B. Economics Kathleen McCarthy A.B. Modern Languages William McCaughan A.B. Economics Robert J. McCollam B.S. Civil Engineering C. Michael McCormick B.S. Mechanical Engineering Kevin McCormick A.B. Government Brian J. McCorry A.B. Government M. Bridget McCoy B.B.A. Finance Timothy McCoy B.S. Architecture Thomas E. McCurdy B.S. Biology William McDermott A.B. Government Francis J. McDonald A.B. Preprofessional Gary S. McDonald A.B. American Studies Michael T. McDonald B.B.A. Finance Sean A. McDonald B.B.A. Management Robert F. McDonnell B.B.A. Management Charles J. McElroy A.B. Economics Peter M. McElroy A.B. American Studies Thomas McFadden A.B. History 273 274 Edward R. McGah Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Edward J. McGinnis B.S. Preprofessional John D. McGinnis A.B. General Program Mary J. McGlew B.S. Biology William D. McGlinn A.B. Speech and Drama Stewart M. McGough B.B.A. Accounting James J. McGowan B.B.A. Finance John S. McGranahan B.S. Preprofessional Daniel McGraw A.B. Theology Kevin J. McGraw A.B. Government Stephen J. McGregor B.S. Earth Science Francis J. McGuire A.B. Government Peter E. McHugh A.B. American Studies John J. Mclnerney A.B. Economics William Mclnerny A.B. Theology Brent G. Mclnnis B.S. Mechanical Engineering Timothy McKay A.B. Psychology Thomas McKenna B.S. Aerospace Engineering William E. McKeon Jr. A.B. Preprofessional Peter J. McKillop B.S. Civil Engineering Thomas K. M Knight A.B. Mathematics George E. Mclaughlin A.B. Economics John W. McMahon B.B.A. Accounting Stephen R. McNamara A.B. Psychology Robert McQuade B.B.A. Finance Harold W. McQuestion B.B.A. Accounting Thomas J. McTamney B.B.A. Marketing James S. McTighe A.B. General Program 275 Nancy S. Meier A.B. American Studies Michael G. Meissner A.B. Economics Gregory P. Melnyk A.B. Government Thomas O. Melvin B.B. A. Accounting Bruce M. Menchetti A.B. Psychology William A. Monk B.S. Preprofessional David R. Mennel B.B. A. Accounting James W. Meridith B.B. A. Marketing Diana R. Merten A.B. Economics Michael L. Metzger A.B. General Program David J. Meuleman B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Frank J. Migliarese B.S. Mechanical Engineering Barry A. Miller A.B. Psychology Joan E. Miller B.S. Chemistry Ronald J. Miller B.S. Civil Engineering Timothy M. Miller A.B. Sociology Scott E. Milnes B.B. A. Accounting John J. Mirabito B.B. A. Finance Robert J. Mirabito B.S. Civil Engineering Mary E. Miracky A.B. English Patrick J. Miskell A.B. Government Ricky W. Moccia B.B.A. Finance Thomas F. Modglin B.B.A. Accounting Michael S. Mokris B.S. Preprofessional Lisa A. Molidor A.B. Government Thomas M. Monaghan A.B. Government Edward J. Monahan A.B. Economics Jerry M. Mondello B.B.A Management 276 Thomas J. Montell B.S. Preprofessional Laurie ). Moore A.B. Government Terence L. Moraczewski B.S. Biology Liam ). Moran A.B. Government Terrance P. Moran B.B.A. Accounting William E. Moredock A.B. Preprofessional Edward L. Morgan B.S. Preprofessional Michael J. Morgante B.S. Mechanical Engineering F. Joseph Morrison B.S. Preprofessional Paul E. Morisseau B.S. Preprofessional William Morrissey A.B. Economics John S. Mortimer B.S. Mechanical Engineering James F. Moruzzi B.S. Biology Thomas E. Moskow B.S. Preprofessional Douglas A. Mosser B.S. Architecture Robert C. Mouch B.B.A. Finance Jan F. Mrozewski B.S. Mathematics Michelle J.Muller B.S. Architecture Robert M. Mundy A.B. American Studies Leonel Munoz A.B. General Program Arthur J. Murphy B.B.A. Accounting Charles P. Murphy B.B.A. Accounting Dennis P. Murphy B.S. Physics James E. Murphy Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Kevin J. Murphy A.B. Economics Kevin P. Murphy B.S. Preprofessional Patrick J. Murphy A.B. General Program Patrick J. Murphy B.S. Preprofessional 277 Paul R. Murphy Jr. A.B. Anthropology Thomas T. Murphy B.B.A. Fin ance William F. Murphy B.B.A. Accounting Louis J. Myers B.B.A. Accounting Gregory J. Nachtwey A.B. English B. Michael Nagel B.S. Preprofessional George J. Nalley Jr. A.B. Government Roger N. Nanovic B.S. Preprofessional John T. Naquin B.B.A. Management Alfonso W. Nardi B.S. Architecture Jerry S. Nardi B.S. Mathematics Gerard R. Nash B.B.A. Management Susan Nash A.B. Theology Thomas V. Natale B.S. Metallurgical Engineering William J. Naughton B.S. Aerospace Engineering Mark J. Navarre B.B.A. Management 278 1 I Sally Naxera B.S. Civil Engineering Thomas J. Neagle A.B. Ecpnomics Susan A. Newbould A.B. Sociology Patrick Nicholson B.B.A. Marketing Edgar R. Nield B.B.A. Management Leonard R. Niemiec B.S. Architecture George C. Niewrzel B.S. Architecture Peter Ninneman Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Mark A. Nishan B.B.A. Management Donald C. Nokes Jr. B.B.A. Marketing John M. Nolan B.B.A. Accounting Kevin C. Nolan A.B. Government Robert E. Norell B.B.A. Finance David B. Northrup B.B.A. Accounting Donald D. Northrup B.B.A. Accounting Patrick D. Novitzki B.B.A. Finance 279 Thomas C. Novy B.S. Preprofessional John R. Obiala B.B.A. Finance Marion Oborny A.B. Speech and Drama Kevin J. O ' Brien B.B.A. Finance Susan E. O ' Brien B.B.A. Marketing Charles M. O ' Connor B.B.A. Management Daniel T. O ' Connor B.B.A. Finance John J. O ' Connor Jr. A.B. Government Robert P. O ' Connor B.B.A. Management Richard E. Odioso A.B. American Studies Susan C. Odmark B.B.A. Accounting Christopher O ' Donnell A.B. Economics 280 Michael L. O ' Donnell A.B. English Bradley O ' Halloran A.B. Preprofessional Brian T. O ' Herlihy B.B.A. Accounting Stephen A. Okonsky A.B. Preprofessional Guillermo Olarte A.B. Economics Kathleen O ' Laughlin A.B. Government Joseph P. O ' Leary B.B.A. Accounting Mark C. Oletti B.B.A. Accounting Mark G. Olive A.B. Government Peter W. Olson A.B. English Brian ). O ' Malley B.B.A. Accounting Kevin T. O ' Mara B.S. Biology Maria C. O ' Meara A.B. English Barbara M. Ondercin B.S. Biology David C. O ' Neil B.S. Preprofessional James P. O ' Neill B.B.A. Accounting Kevin J. O ' Neill B.B.A. Finance Patrick O ' Neill B.S. Architecture Thomas O ' Neill B.B.A. Accounting Donald V. Opal A.B. American Studies Terence J. O ' Reilly A.B. American Studies John F. Ormsby A.B. Economics Joanne O ' Rourke A.B. Government Phillip A. Orscheln B.B.A. Finance Carlos Ortega B.B.A. Accounting Terence P. Osburn B.S. Preprofessional Mark O ' Shaughnessy B.S. Biology Daniel E. O ' Sullivan B.S. Mathematics 281 Carl T.Oswald A.B. Sociology Richard V. Owoc B.S. Electrical Engineering John G. Packo B.B.A. Marketing Stephen E. Pajakowski B.B.A. Accounting Margo E. Pallardy B.B.A. Finance Robert Palmiter Jr. B.S. Architecture Geoffrey J. Pampush B.S. Biology Mark R. Parker B.S. Mathematics Robert C. Parro B.S. Electrical Engineering Stephen C. Paspek B.S. Chemical Engineering Michael J. Paster B.S. Architecture Thomas D. Paulius B.S. Civil Engineering Donald R. Pausback A.B. English Michael F. Pavlik B.B.A. Finance Randolph A. Payne A.B. American Studies Brian W. Pearsall B.S. Biology 282 David E. Pegan B.S. Preprofessional John A. Pelehach A.B. Economics Dale M. Pelletier A.B. American Studies Vincent ). Pellettieri B.S. Preprofessional Timothy Penkala B.B.A. Accounting Wayne G. Pentrack B.B.A. Accounting Luigi A. Pereira B.B.A. Accounting Randolph C. Perez A.B. Mathematics Joseph O. Peri no B.S. Chemical Engineering John A. Peters B.S. Biology Russell M. Petrak B.S. Preprofessional Stephen Pettit A.B. Government Kevin J. Phelps B.B.A. Accounting MaryT. Philbin A.B. Government Lionel J. Phillips B.B.A. Marketing Mark Pietrykowski A.B. Government Dennis D. Pijor B.B.A. Accounting Raymond J. Pikna Jr. B.B.A. Management Kieran Pillion Jr. A.B. Government Jeffrey C. Pink A. B. Sociology Opal A. Pinkerton B.B.A. Accounting Joseph Piotrowski B.S. Biology Judith M. Ploszek B.B.A. Accounting Thomas O. Plouff B.B.A. Marketing David P. Plumby B.B.A. Management Steven Poetzinger B.S. Mechanical Engineering Patrick J. Portion B.B.A. Finance Francis Pokigo Jr. B.B.A. Accounting 283 Robert Policastro B.S. Architecture Michael A. Pollard A.B. English James B. Pollock A.B. English Karl L Ponick B.S. Civil Engineering Gregory Pope A.B. Economics Eleanor J. Popken A.B. Government Joseph E. Popovich A.B. Government David G. Portman B.B.A. Management Robert S. Poteraj B.S. Biology Robert K. Potter III A. B. Economics Mark S. Povalski B.S. Biology John W. Powell Jr. B.B.A. Finance John W. Powers B.B.A. Accounting James J. Price B.S. Electrical Engineering Kevin L Price B.B.A. Accounting Mark H. Price A. B. Sociology Cecilia H. Prinster A.B. Theology Joseph C. Prinster Jr. B.S. Civil Engineering Paul S. Privitera B.B.A. Accounting Anthony J. Proscio A.B. American Studies Joseph S. Pszeracki B.B.A. Management Gregory E. Pugnetti B.B.A. Accounting Timothy Puntarelli A.B. English Michael J. Purzycki B.S. Mathematics Joseph P. Pusateri Jr. B.S. Biology David F. Putnam A.B. American Studies Ann M. Pytynia A.B. Anthropology Charles W. Quackenbush A.B. American Studies 284 285 Philip j. Quadrini A.B. Economics Robert Quakenbush B.B.A. Management Robert P. Quigley B.S. Chemical Engineering James E. Quirk A.B. Sociology Martin G. Quirk A.B. Economics Michael R. Raftis B.B.A. Accounting Cesar A. Ramirez B.S. Chemical Engineering Raymond R. Ramirez A.B. English Ricardo A. Ramirez B.S. Chemical Engineering Bryan J. Ramsay B.S. Earth Science Barbara A. Rape hak B.S. Biology James J. Rashid A.B. Government William E. Rathjen A.B. Government Joseph S. Rauscher A.B. English Vincent P. Ravaschiere A.B. Government Elizabeth A. Raven B.S. Electrical Engineering 286 Frederick K. Read B.S. Architecture Daniel G. Reagan A.B. American Studies David C. Redic B.S. Electrical Engineering Bernard M. Reen B.S. Preprofessional John M. Regan A.B. Philosophy Matthew ). Regan A.B. Government Jamaluddin A. Rehman B.S. Architecture Karl J. Reichardt B.B.A. Management Edward A. Reilly Jr. A.B. Government Hugh E. Reilly B.S. Mechanical Engineering Carol M. Reimer B.S. Physics Richard J. Reinert A.B. Psychology Paul G. Reis B.S. Preprofessional Charles Reishman B.B.A. Accounting Mary E. Resnik B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Stephen C. Restaino A.B. Preprofessional Jeffrey L. Reynolds B.S. Preprofessional Steven A. Reynolds B.B.A. Finance Mehdi Rezaian B.S. Electrical Engineering Thomas M. Ricci B.B.A. Accounting Philip Richards A.B. English Marianne Ridge B.B.A. Accounting Peter Riebschleger A.B. Government Mary Riehle A.B. Modern Languages Maryanne Ries A.B. Mathematics Esther C. Rios B.S. Architecture Michael J. Rizzo B.S. Physics Steven Roache A.B. Art 287 Jeffrey S. Roberts B.B. A. Accounting William Roberts Jr. B.B. A. Finance Roderick M. Roche B.S. Electrical Engineering Ellen S. Rocheleau A.B. Philosophy Mary K. Rochford B.B. A. Finance Fred Rodgers A.B. English Julian Rodrigue Jr. B.B. A. Finance Alan C. Roehl B.B.A. Marketing Thomas M. Roehl B.B.A. Accounting Peter T. Roether A.B. American Studies Charles P. Rogers B.B.A. Marketing Frederick F. Roggero A.B. Government Charles E. Rohrs B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert T. Rolfs B.S. Preprofessional Melissa A. Roman A.B. Government Patti Romano B.F.A. Fine Arts Joseph R. Rominski B.B.A. Accounting Mark J. Romzick B.S. Preprofessional David R. Roney B.S. Mathematics Ellen M. Ross A.B.English Bruce J. Roth B.S. Preprofessional Mark E. Roth B.S. Chemical Engineering James A. Rowley A.B. General Program Eduardo J. Roxas B.B.A. Finance Robert J. Rudnik B.B.A. Accounting Daniel E. Ruettiger A.B. Sociology Michael G. Ruflin B.S. Mechanical Engineering Peter P. Rukavina A.B. Government 288 Stephen L Runde A.B. General Program David A. Rust A.B. English Albert Rutherford B.B.A. Finance Frank A. Rutkowski B.S. Electrical Engineering Brendan F. Ryan A.B. Government Gregory M. Ryan A.B. Modern Languages James T. Ryan A.B. Government Thomas G. Ryan Jr. A.B. Psychology William F. Ryan A.B. Economics William P. Ryan III B.S. Architecture Richard A. Ryniak B.S. Architecture Terry L. Salazar A.B. Government Charles M. Sanders A.B. Economics Ronald P. Sandmeyer B.B.A. Accounting Peter E. SanPaolo A.B. History Jose L. Santellano A.B. Government Richard J. Santry B.B.A. Management Michael L. Sarahan A.B. American Studies Patrick J. Sarb A.B. Economics Michael Sazdanoff A.B. Economics James B. Schepley B.B.A. Finance Joseph T. Schieszer A.B. Government Andrew J. Schilling A.B. Modern Languages Robert J. Schleck A.B.English David K. Schlichting B.B.A. Accounting Lindsay Schneider A.B. Sociology Susan Schneider B.S. Architecture Thomas Schnellenberger B.B.A. Accounting 289 Mark P. Schnurie B.B.A. Management Debra Schoeberlein B.B.A. Accounting Michael H. Schoelwer A.B. Government Susan Schoenherr B.B.A. Marketing Robert F. Schott A.B. Economics Michael Schroeder B.S. Preprofessional Richard Schroeder B.B.A. Finance Wesley E. Schroeder Jr. B.A. Management Joseph G. Schroer B.S. Electrical Engineering John L Schroeter B.S. Biology Myron J. Schuckman B.B.A. Marketing Margaret A. Schuler B.S. Biology Gregory M. Schultz B.S. Architecture Thomas Schultz A.B. American Studies Douglas Schumacher B.B.A. Finance Gerald Schumann B.B.A. Accounting Donald J. Schwander B.B.A. Management James D. Schwarber B.B.A. Accounting Norbert F. Schwartz A.B. Economics Robert P. Schweihs B.S. Mechanical Engineering Chester B. Scott B.S. Civil Engineering Patrick S. Scott A.B. History Michael R. Sculati A.B. Anthropology Timothy R. Scully A.B. Economics John D. Sears A.B. English Henry W. Seduski B.B.A. Accounting James M. Seeley B.B.A. Finance William Seidel A.B. Economics 290 John A. Si-Hick jr. B.S. Preprofessional John F. Sequeira B.B.A. Management Mark T. Seryak A.B. American Studies Mary A. Setlock B.S. Biology Mark V. Sever B.B.A. Accounting Ge rald A. Sexton Jr. A.B. Economics Anand C. Shah B.S. Chemical Engineering 241 William Shanabruch B.S. Biology Brien W. Shanahan A. B. General Program Michael T. Shaw B.B.A. Accounting Paul R. Shay A.B. American Studies James F. Shea B.S. Biology Stephen M. Shea A.B. Preprofessional Carl S. Sherer A.B. American Studies Thomas H. Sheridan A.B. American Studies Patrick ]. Shields B.S. Mathematics Elizabeth J. Short A.B. Psychology Richard H. Shults B.S. Chemistry Mary A. Siegel A.B. American Studies Michael J. Sierputowski A.B. Government Jon H. Sieve A.B. Preprofessional Jeffrey E. Sikora B.B.A. Management John E. Sikora B.B.A. Management Jacqueline Simmons A.B. Government Barbara J. Simonds B.F.A. Fine Arts Stephen P. Simpson B.S. Preprofessional Thomas W. Simunek B.S. Biology Joseph P. Sinnott A.B. Psychology Mark F. Sinsky B.S. Architecture Thomas A. Siska B.B.A. Management Joseph G. Sitter A.B. Economics Re nee Sittley B.S. Chemistry Stephen C. Skeehan A.B. Theology Robert J. Skelly B.B.A. Accounting Christopher C. Skiscim A.B. Psychology 292 Dan P. Skodras B.B.A. Accounting Ronald A. Skrabacz B.B.A. Marketing Linda L. Slaughter B.B.A. Finance Patrick L. Small A.B. American Studies Andrea J. Smith A.B. Philosophy David L. Smith A.B. Modern Languages Michelle A. Smith B.B.A. Finance Patrick F. Smith A.B. Government Robyn E. Smith A.B. Theology W. Nelson Smith B.S. Preprofessional Kathleen A. Smouse A.B. Government Jack Synder B.S. Architecture 293 David Sobieralski A.B. Government Stephen Solan Jr. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Alfred K. Sondej B.S. Civil Engineering Steven P. Sorrell A.B. Economics Gregory Sosnovich B.B.A. Accounting John P. Sparks B.B.A. Management Harry T. Spellman B.B.A. Finance 94 Thomas A. Spencer B.B.A. Marketing James C. Spurling A. B. Government Sally A. Stanton A.B.English Paul M. Starkey A.B. English Patricia L. Stead B.S. Mathematics Orest Stecyk B.S. Preprofessional David W. Steedle B.S. Preprofessional Mark A. Stefanek B.B.A. Accounting Richard L. Steiner B.S. Physics Robert J. Steinmetz B.S. Mechanical Engineering Jeanine M. Sterling A.B. English Mark W. Stern B.B.A. Finance Thomas M. Stevens B.S. Mathematics Gerard K. Stewart B.B.A. Finance James P. Stock A.B. Economics Andrew H. Stockton A.B. Psychology Gerald A. Stoll A.B. Anthropology Mitchell T. Stoltz B.B.A. Management Ernest R. Stolzer B.B.A. Finance Mark M. Storer A.B. Preprofessional Robert J. Stratta B.S. Preprofessional Mark A. Studer B.B.A. Marketing Cynthia Stuermer B.S. Architecture Mary E. St. Ville A.B. Modern Languages Jeff J. Sucec A.B. Psychology Denis J. Sullivan A.B. Economics James C. Sullivan A.B. Government J. Ryan Sullivan A.B.English 295 Mark X. Sullivan B.B.A. Accounting Robert A. Sullivan B.B.A. Marketing Robert C. Sullivan B.S. Preprofessional Scott C. Sullivan B.B.A. Finance Richard E. Supik B.B.A. Finance Rod R. Sutkowski B.B.A. Marketing Randal E. Suttles B.B.A. Accounting John B. Swarbrick A.B. Economics Bryan P. Sweeney B.S. Civil Engineering Philip P. Sweeney B.S. Preprofessional William F. Sweeney A.B. Government Robert L. Swisher A.B. English Ellen L. Syburg A.B. American Studies David Szulczewski B.B.A. Accounting David J. Szymanski A.B. English Walter Szymanski B.B.A. Marketing 296 Rebecca L. Taiclet B.B.A. Accounting James M. Talamo B.S. Preprofessional Michele L. Tate A.B. Psychology Robert L. Tauro A.B. Sociology Robert A. Tavera B.S. Preprofessional M. Christine Teah A.B. Sociology Timothy T. Teixeira B.B.A. Marketing Francis K. Tennant A.B. American Studies John Terrell Jr. A.B. Music Christopher S. Teske A.B. Sociology David P. Theis A.B. Philosophy James R. Theiss A.B. English Robert L. Thibodeau Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Joseph G. Thomas B.S. Mathematics Carl J. Thompson A.B. Philosophy Geoffrey Thompson A.B. English I 297 Jeffrey W. Thompson B.S. Biology Thomas K. Thompson A.B. Sociology Craig M. Tigh A.B. Psychology Paul K. Timmons B.B.A. Finance Rosemary Tirinnanzi B.S. Preprofessional Cheryl A. Todaro B.S. Mathematics Ken Tokarz B.S. Mechanical Engineering 298 Stephen ). Tomlanovich B.S. Preprofessional Ernest A. Torriero A.B. Economics Michael L. Tovey B.B.A. Finance James J. Towey B.B.A. Marketing Richard E. Towle B.B.A. Management Donald L Trabert B.B.A. Marketing James E. Trant A.B. Economics Tim K. Trixler B.B.A. Marketing Mark A. Trocchi A.B. American Studies Michael W. Trociuk B.S. Preprofessional Ralph J. Trofino A.B. Economics Jill E. Truitt A.B. American Studies James C. Trump B.S. Civil Engineering David F. Tulsiak B.S. Preprofessional Timothy D. Tuohy A.B. Government Alan E. Turner B.S. Architecture Ma rshall H. Turner Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Michael J. Tutoky B.B.A. Management James F. Twist B.S. Preprofessional James M. Tytko B.S. Preprofessional William J. Ubbing B.B.A. Accounting James J. Uriah B.B.A. Management Theodore Ursu B.B.A. Accounting Laurence J. Usignol A.B. Government Kenneth P. Utz A.B. Economics Thomas Vandenberg B.B.A. Finance Gary A. Vanderbeek A.B. Economics Henry J. Van Dyke A.B. Government 299 M. James VanDyke B.B.A. Accounting Robert K. VanCoey A.B. English Mark J. VanCrinsven B.B.A. Finance Joseph J. VanHeyde II B.B.A. Accounting John J.Vano III A.B. Economics Stephen T. Varga B.B.A. Finance William A. Verhamme A.B. Government Jessie M. Verna B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Rodney Vese A.B. Psychology Neil J. Vill B.B.A. Finance John K. Vincent B.B.A. Management Janet J.Vokoun B.S. Biology William M. Vollmer B.S. Biology Marshall D. Voris A.B. General Program George J. Vosicky A.B. General Program John E. Vozzo A.B. American Studies Michael J. Wade B.B.A. Accounting Thomas A. Walbrun B.B.A. Marketing Andrew S. Wallach III B.B.A. Marketing Robert T. Walls, Jr. B.B.A. Finance John P. Walovich B.B.A. Marketing Edward J. Walsh A.B. Psychology John R. Walsh B.B.A. Finance Kevin W. Walsh B.B.A. Finance David O. Walters A.B. Psychology Margaret M. Waltman A.B. American Studies Thomas J. Walukonis A.B. English Allan L. Ward B.S. Architecture 300 Thomas D. Ward B.S. Preprofessional James R. Watkins B.S. Microbiology Bonnie Watson A.B. American Studies Richard G. Watts A. B. Economics John M. Weaver B.S. Mechanical Engineering James L Weber B.S. Preprofessional Robin W. Weber B.B.A. Management R. Scott Weber A.B. American Studies Reid G. Webster A. B. Economics Robert P. Wehmeyer B.S. Electrical Engineering Gerald A. Welch B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael F. Welch B.B.A. Accounting Stephan N. Welch B.S. Mechanical Engineering David Wellman B.B.A. Finance Thomas R. Welte B.S. Civil Engineering Gary S. Welteroth B.S. Electrical Engineering 301 Michael Westervelt B.B.A. Marketing Jule E. Wetherbee B.S. Biology Karl J. Weyand Jr. A.B. Government John M. Whalen B.B.A. Management David M. Wheaton B.B.A. Accounting Joseph T. Whelan A.B. Government Thomas J. Whelan B.B.A. Finance Aaron B. Whitaker Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Michael E. White B.B.A. Accounting William Whiteside B.B.A. Management Joseph D. Wholley B.B.A. Accounting James G. Wiehl A.B. Government Douglas D. Wilhelm B.S. Mechanical Engineering Daniel L. Wilks B.S. Electrical Engineering Gregory G. Wilks B.S. Aerospace Engineering C. Richard Willenbrink B.F.A. Fine Arts Vernon H. Williams A.B. Music Patricia A. Willing A.B. Government Charles R. Wilson A.B. Government Diana M. Wilson B.B.A. Marketing James M. Wilson A.B. Economics Timothy O. Wilson B.S. Preprofessional KurtJ.Winkler B.S. Electrical Engineering George R. Winsor A.B. History Christopher M. Wirsing A.B. Psychology Peter C. Withers Jr. B.S. Preprofessional Mark J. Witkowski B.B.A. Marketing William Wombacher A.B. Government 302 Jay A. Wood A.B. Mathematics John L. Woolf B.B.A. Finance Alan R. Wujciak A.B. Economics Michael G. Wullaert B.S. Mechanical Engineering Thomas R. Wurst B.B.A. Finance Roy S. Yanagihara B.B.A. Management Gerald M. Yantek A.B. Sociology Joseph D. Yates B.B.A. Finance Orion W. Yeandel B.B.A. Marketing Thomas Young A.B.English Jeremy Youngblood B.SPreprofessional Anthony J. Zappia B.S. Preprofessional Gabor Zarnoti A.B. Philosophy Richard S. Zaweski B.B.A. Accounting Gary C. Zebrun A.B. English Frederick J. Zeilner A.B. Modern Languages Sharon P. Zelinski B.B.A. Marketing Timothy J. Zelko B.S. Preprofessional Robert W. Zierk Jr. A.B. American Studies Norman T. Zink B.B.A. Marketing Anthony M. Zipple A.B. Government Charles A. Zogas B.S. Preprofessional Claudia M. Zweber B.B.A. Finance Mary C. Zwitt B.S. Chemistry I 303 I SENIOR INDEX AANSTOOS, THOMAS K. 2539 W. Meredith Dr. Vienna, VA 22180 ABBEY, ALFRED E. JR. 104 Steeplechase Lane Nashville, TN 37221 ABER, THOMAS A. 3109 Cortland Dr. Vestal, NY 13850 ABOWD, JAMES R. 29298 W. 12 Mile Farmington, Ml 48024 ACHTERHOFF, JASON J. 1526 Winchester Muskegon, Ml 49441 ACKER, RICHMOND P. 2230 Hall Street SE Grand Rapids, Ml 49506 ACKERMAN, MARK J. 904 Chanteclair Hinsdale, IL 61257 ADAMS, JEFFREY W. 8720 School St. Morton Grove, IL 60053 ADLER, DANIEL J. 814 Manor Ct. Joliet, IL 60436 AHR, PHILIP M. 694 Nye Ave. Irvington, N] 07111 AJAMIE, JOHN M. 59 N. Hawthorne La. Indianapolis, IN 46219 ALBERS, JOHN J. 6759 Rosecrest Cincinnati, OH 45243 ALLEN, R. DOUGLAS 14836 NW Booneville Beaverton, OR 97005 ALONSO, ELADIO A. PO Box 57 Cartago, Costa Rico ALONSO, JOSE 11 Sherwood Dr. Lakewood, NJ 08701 ALTHOFF, JOHN C. 587 Prospect St. Nutley, NJ 07110 ALVISIO, GEORGE Orchard Hill Rd. Harriman, NY 10926 AMAD, MICHAEL J. 6041 Pernod Ave. St. Louis, MO 63139 AMANTEA, JOHN I. 5967 Highland Rd. Highland Heights, OH 44143 AMEGASHITSI, LEO L. CSC PO Box 492 Sekondi, Ghana AMENTA, ANTHONY |. RD 1 Box 503 B Chadsford, PA 19317 AMMANN, LAWRENCE M. Route 3 Box 147 Deer Park, MD 21550 ANDERSEN, KATHRYN M. 66 Michael St. Bristol, CT 06010 ANDERSEN, ROGER C. 55 Webster St. Westwood, MA 02090 ANDERSON, ROGER E. 2105 Timmy St. St. Paul, MN 55120 ANDLER, KENNETH W. 17801 Susan Ave. Cleveland, OH 44111 ANHUT, JOHN N. II 28364 Harwich Dr. Farmington Hills, Ml 48024 ANTAL, GLENN 4603 N. A St. Philadelphia, PA 19120 ANTONUCCI, JOHN V. 109 W. Chestnut N. Carlisle, IN 46552 APFELD, MICHAEL B. 1916 Boscobel Ct. Rockford, IL 61107 ARAUJO, CARLOS P. Rua Mandel Machado No. 351 Natal RN 59000 Brazil ARENA, ANTHONY V. 423 Osage Lane Absecon, NJ 08201 ARMINIO, MARK A. 2937 Via Pacheco Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274 ARTNER, STEPHEN J. 104 Peabody Dr. Oxford, OH 45056 ASEL, MARK A. 8 Schuyler St. lamestown, NY 14701 AUGUSTINE, JAMES L. 6724 S. Kilbourn Gary, IN 46403 BOWEN, J. TERENCE Chicago, IL 60629 BAUMAN, KATHLEEN 2629 W. 94th St. AUGUSTINE, MARK J. 21040 Cromwell Evergreen Park, IL 60642 2842 Heatherbrae Fairview Park, OH 44126 BOWLEN, JOHN M. Poland, OH 44514 BEAUDETTE, PAUL J. 11641 Sask Dr. AULINO, CARMEN J. 6315 Franklin Ave. Edmonton, Alberta 115 Kendall Park Niagara Falls, Ontario BOYER, DAVID L. Peninsula, OH 44264 BEDOYA, JORGE 165 Parkview AUSTIN, MICHAEL R. 4110 Sandra Circle Lake Orion, Ml 48035 RFD2 Pittsburg, CA 94565 BOYER, WALTER E. Palmer, MA 01069 BEHAN, PATRICK T. 101 Woodland Dr. AZELES, MATTHEW G. 14614 Lark St. Oil City, PA 16301 3801 Broad Ave. San Leandro, CA 94578 BOYLE, J. PATRICK Altoona, PA 16601 BENDIK, MILAN K. 500 Eugene Way BACK, LARRY P. 124 Wesleyan Ct. Wyckoff, NJ 07481 RR 5 Box 34 Elyria, OH 44035 BOYLE, MARK S. Brookville, IN 47012 BENNETT, FRANK J. 189 Euclid Ave. BACSIK, CLIFFORD T. 3720 Leverton St. Sharon, PA 16146 20-19 Prospect Ave. Wheaton, MD 20906 BRABENEC, JOHN S. Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 BENNETT, STEPHEN H. 21380 Mastick Rd. BAILEY, JAMES R. 1412 Holdridge Lane Fairview Park, OH 44126 47 Monmouth Blvd. Wayzata, MN 55391 BRACKEN, JAMES L. Oceanport, NJ 07757 BENZ, GREGORY P. 32235 Bellvine Trail BAILEY, TIMOTHY L. 288 E. Macada Road Birmingham, Ml 48010 1500 SE 23rd Ave. Bethlehem, PA 18017 BRACKEN, WILLIAM A. Pompano Beach, FL 33062 BENZ, THOMAS P. 615 Pawnee Lane BAINBRIDGE, HARRY M. 10315 S. Seeley Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 PO Box 242 Chicago, IL 60643 BRACO, ROBERT J. Farmington, WV 26571 BERBERET, MICHELLE 263 E. Seventh St. BAKER, J. ROBERT 3304 Moonlight Ave. Oswego, NY 13126 415 Camille St. El Paso, TX 79904 BRADFORD, KENNETH M. Alexandria, LA 71301 BERGER, JAY G. 23887 Cleveland Rd. BAKER, WALLY L. 2535 S. Shore Blvd. South Bend, IN 46628 3106 Ridgeway Dr. White Bear Lake, MN 55110 BRADY, PATRICK T. Boise, ID 83702 BERNARD, CRAIG 4019 Seward Ave. BALL, JAMES B. 411 Carter St. Rockford, IL 61108 130 Meadowlark Dr. Libertyville, IL 60048 BRAIN, DONALD C. Bellevue, OH 44811 BERNARD, ELIZABETH 11413 Summit BALLIET, CLAVIN C. 17644 Waxwing Lane Kansas City, MO 64114 1380 Regency Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15237 South Bend, IN 46635 BERNARDIN, THOMAS G. BRAKORA, MATHEW J. 1404 Schiller BAMBARA, PHILIP 3114 E. Blackford Tell City, IN 47586 197 Palmer Dr. Evansville, IN 47714 BRANDEWIE, DAVID S. Windsor, CT 06074 BERRY, EUGENE G. 118 Magnolia St. BANAS, DONALD J. 135 Fernwood Dr. 190 Peelor St. Johnstown, PA 15901 Celina, OH 45822 BRANTLEY, EUGENE A. Clenview, IL 60025 BERRY, JOHN P. 4633 NW 33rd Drive BANASIAK, REBECCA A. 23260 Eastbrook Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73122 RR 2 Jefferson Estates Los Altos, CA 94022 BRAUN, JOSEPH W. Unity, OH 43570 BIAGINI, RAYMOND B. 248 Harrison Ave. BAO, DAVID D. 36 Park Manor Rd. Elkins Park, PA 19117 58 Fok Lo Chuen Road Donora, PA 15033 BRAUN, THOMAS R. Kowloon, Hong Kong BIALEK, PETER F. 248 Harrison Ave. BARANKO, GREGORY J. 1327 Valley Forge 401 Park Dr. Twin Lakes, Wl 53181 Elkins Park, PA 19117 BREHL, STEPHEN V. Bloomington, IN 47401 BIENFANG, GEORGE 125 S. 18th St. BARBERA, JOSEPH A. 7330 Paldao Dr. Coshocton, OH 43812 PO Box 390 Dallas, TX 75240 BREHM, LAWRENCE A. Somerset, PA 15501 BILLECI, BARTON T. 4600 Silverwood Drive BARGA, MARY F. 87 Owatonna St. Kettering, OH 45429 RR 4 Box 74 Haworth, NJ 07641 BRENNAN, THOMAS t. Union City, IN 47390 BINARI, RICHARD C. 10417 Laramie BARNES, JOANN 814 Hardin St. 34 Teele Ave. Somerville, MA 02144 Oak Lawn, IL 60453 BRENNER, NANCY A. Aurora, IL 60506 BIRSIC, THOMAS E. Box 586 BARON, MARY KATHERINE 1534 Montgomery Rd. Arnolds Park, IA 51331 1325 Rand St. Allison Park, PA 15101 BREWKA, WILLIAM X. Hobart, IN 46342 BLACK, THOMAS E. 59 Fairway Lane BARRETT, KEVIN S. 103 Cranwood Dr. Littleton, CO 80123 123 Ogden Ave. W. Seneca, NY 14224 BRINK, WILLIAM A. Clarendon Hills, IL 60514 BLANFORD, MICHAEL J. 11 Birchwood Lane BARRETT, WILLIAM I. 2425 Kensington Westport, CT 06880 1211 Hogan St. Snyder, NY 14226 BROSNAN, PETER G. Portsmouth, OH 45662 BLATZ, KATHLEEN 9156 San Francisco BARRIE, JOHN H. Ill 11044 Glen Wilding Evergreen Park, IL 60642 PO Box 265 Bloomington, MN 55431 BROWER, EDWARD J. Remsenburg, NY 11960 BLITCH, RONALD B. 273 N. Park Blvd. BARRINGER, ROBERT S. 1070 St. Charles Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 1322 Bansbach RR New Orleans, LA 70130 BROWN, IVAN L Des Peres, MO 63131 BLOWER, RICHARD C. RR 1 BARRY, KEVIN M. 197 Dennis Lane Leroy, IL 61752 49 Barham Ave. Grove City, OH 43123 BROWN, MARY T. Quincy, MA 02171 BLUM, WILLIAM B. 15600 NW 7th Ave. BARTL, ROBERT L. JR. 141 W. Lincoln Ave. Miami, FL 33169 7 Park Lane Libertyville, IL 60048 BRUCKER, CRAIG J. Fair Haven, NJ 07701 8ODOLAY, JOHN L. 18 Cheryl Dr. BARTO, JOHN K. JR. 1142 Lakepoint Dr. W. Long Branch, NJ 07764 1000 N. Highland Ave. Lakeland, FL 33803 BRUENING, FREDERICK Pittsburgh, PA 15206 BOEHM, GARY J. 301 Pleasant Hill BARTOSIK, JOANNA K. 25 Park View Dr. Decorah, IA 52101 801 S. Liberty St. Conneaut, OH 44030 BRUNNER, MICHAEL E. South Bend, IN 46619 BONA, JEFFREY A. 4520 E. River Rd. BARTZEN, SARAH L. 1345 Wentworth Fairfceld, OH 45014 25 N. 35th Ave E. Calumet City, IL 60409 BRYAN, ALLAN J. Duluth, MN 55804 BONAVIA, JOHN P. RD 1 BASCIANO, ROCCO J. 3415 Schalck Dr. E. Millsboro, PA 15433 833 Packard St. NW Rockford, IL 61103 BRZOSKA, JAMES S. Warren, OH 44483 BONDI, PHILIP R. 107 Split Rock Rd. BASIL, NICHOLAS P. 395 Cardigan Rd. Southport, CT 064% 7017 Bristol Blvd. Dayton, OH 45459 BUBE, PAUL A. Edina, MN 55435 BOOS, ROBERT W. II 417 W. Brooks Ave. BATHON, PATRICK F. 1515 Brandon Rd. Clarksville, IN 47130 Rte 3 Box 453 Glenview, IL 60025 BUCHIGNANI, LEO J. JR Elkton, MD 21921 BORDERS, WILLIAM T. 315 Kenilworth BAUM, JAMES A. 619 Ninth St. Memphis, TN 38112 2311 Newport Gap Tell City, IN 47586 BUCKLEY, KATHLEEN M. Wilmington, DE 19808 BOUFFARD, KEVIN J. 332 Deerfield Rd. BAUM, TERRY A. 16416 Elsienna Ave. Camp Hill, PA 17011 9715 Forest Ave. Cleveland, OH 44135 BUCKLEY, KEVIN J. 26 Forest Notch Cohasset, MA 02025 BUCKLEY, PATRICK T. 10054 S. Spaulding Evergreen Park, IL 60642 BUCZYNSKI, DAVID C. 64 Fairoaks Lane Cheektowaga, NY 14227 BUFALINO, ANGELO J. 8044 W. Gregory Norwood Park, IL 60656 BULA, WILLIAM J. 128 Thornbush Drive W. Lafayette, IN 47906 BULLER, JEFFREY L. W 143 North 7552 Circle Court Menomenee Falls, Wl 53051 8ULLENE, RICHARD S. 427 Cayuga Street Salinas, CA 93901 BULTE, LOUIS J. 36 Cornell Drive Hazlet, NJ 07730 BURDICK, JAMES L. 1728 Crawford Terre Haute, IN 47803 BURGER, JOHN M. 2811 McLeod Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109 BURGER, JOSEPH A. 125 Darlington Rd. Beaver Falls, PA 15010 BURKE, GERALDINE A. 143 Palisades Rd. Elizabeth, NJ 07208 BURKE, LAWRENCE E. 9 Marget Ann Lane Suffern, NY 10901 BURKE, PATRICIA A. 202 Robinson St. Binghamton, NY 13904 BURKE, THOMAS A. 10521 Grandview Drive Kirtland, OH 44094 BURKOT, THOMAS R. 1222 Melrose Ave. New Castle, PA 16101 BURNS, EDWARD C. Wood Road RD 4 Pulaski, NY 13142 BURY, ANDREW G. JR. Lee Plan Box 331 Roscoe, PA 15477 BURY, CHRISTOPHER A. Cardinal Drive Watchung, NJ 07060 BUM IN, JOSEPH J. 3314 Lincoln St. Grissom AFB, IN 49970 BUTLER, JOHN C. Sutton Circle N. Bluffton, IN 46714 BUYNAK, MARK J. 23 Wilshire Drive Kenilworth, NJ 07033 BYERS, ROBERT S. 4% Winnerwood Road Pittsburgh, PA 15237 BYERS, TIMOTHY |. 30 East 105th Street Bloomington, MN 55420 BYRNE, EDWARD R. 225 Nob Hill Road Cheshire, CT 06410 BYRNES, KEVIN A. 10516 South Bell Ave. Chicago, IL 60643 BYRNETT, JEFFREY W. 121 East 214th Street Euclid, OH 44123 CADDIGAN, ROBERT 833 West Angela South Bend, IN 46617 CAHILL, THOMAS M. 38249 Roselawn Avenue Wiloughby, OH 44094 CAHILLANE, MAURICE 35 Osborne Terrace Springfield, MA 01104 CAIN, JAMES M. 3710 Clover Way Reno, NV 89502 CALDWELL, DAVID L. 1209 Ave. C Fort Madison, IA 52627 CALLAGHAN, JOHN 1017 Corgids Circle Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234 CALLAHAN, JOHN D. 4760 Limberlost Lane Manlius, NY 13104 CALLAHAN, JOHN J. 6480 Lawnton Street Philadelphia, PA 19128 CALLAHAN, THOMAS B. 231 Palau Avenue Mishawaka, IN 46544 CAMPA, RICARDO A. JR. 934 McCauley San Antonio, TX 78221 CAMPAGNA, PAUL A. 102 Black Oak Medford, OR 97501 CAMPBELL, JOHN M. 6290 Lake Ariana San Diego, CA 92119 CAMPBELL, MICHAEL 907 Iroquois SE Grand Rapids, Ml 49506 CANAVAN, CHARLES P. 65 York Drive Longmeadow, MA 01106 CANAVAN, THOMAS G. 84 Pearce Parkway Pearl River, NY 10965 CANNON, CHRISTOPHER T. 2810 E. Menlo Shorewood, Wl 53211 CAPADANO, HARRY L. Ill 1878 Adams Avenue Melbourne, FL 32935 CARANCI, SUSAN M. 1504 W. Fremont Street Arlington Heights, IL 60004 CARDENAL, LUIS Final Pasaje NC 3 Colonia La Mascota San Salvador, El Salvador CARDENAS, STANLEY M. 1129 West Scott Fresno, CA 93705 CARDINALE, ROBERT T. 9 Ricord Street Newark, NJ 07106 CAREY, JOHN I . 21253 Avalon Drive Rocky River, OH 44116 CAREY, JOSEPH W. 613 North Center McHenry, IL 60050 CAREY, THOMAS E. JR. 223 Elmwood Road Rocky River, OH 44116 CARNES, ROBERT J. 43 Pleasant Street Norwood, MA 02062 CARNEY, MARK P. 10921 S. Campbell Chicago, IL 60655 CARR, DONALD P. 100 Gallatin Street Providence, Rl 02907 CARRICK, WILLIAM L. B5 Villacaparra Bayamon, PR 00619 CARRICO, JOHN D. 107 Fox Ledge Road Kinnelon, NJ 07405 CARROLL, CHRISTINE 2224 Paseo Del Mar Palo Verdes Estates, CA 90274 CARROLL, ROBERT G. 1514 Poplar Street Lebanon, PA 17042 CARROLL, WILLIAM K. 1757 Valley Way Drive Toledo, OH 43614 CARTER, WILLIAM D. 400 Home Drive Trafford, PA 15085 CARTLIDGE, RICHARD RD 1 Box 64C Wrightstown, NJ 08562 CARUSILLO, THOMAS M. 1631 Brightwood Blvd. Elkhart, IN 46514 CASEY, DENNIS R. 3904 Salem Midland, Ml 48640 CASINI, JACK G. 8051 Montello Road Independence, OH 44131 CASSANI, PAUL C. 1321 Titania Lane McLean, VA 22101 CASSIDY, THOMAS F. 12 Halsdorf Street Albany, NY 12208 CASTALDI, LORETTA B. 1201 Edgewood Drive Warsaw, IN 46580 CASTELLO, THOMAS M. 780 Elm Spring Road Mt. Lebanon, PA 15243 CAUSEY, JEFFREY B. 2200 N. Alvarado Road Phoenix, AZ 85004 CELEBREZZE, BRUCE D. 7835 Columbia Road Olmstead Falls, OH 44138 CERGNUL, JOHN J. 5755 Buxbriar Avenue Memphis, TN 38117 CERNECH, TERRENCE 1503 South Taylor South Bend, IN 46613 CESEN, BEVERLY J. 1695 Oakham Road 304 Euclid, OH 44117 CONNELL, MICHAEL E. 285 Picture Drive Syracuse, NY 13207 Granville, OH 43023 CHAMBERS, DENNIS 11034 Revere Road Pittsburgh, PA 15236 DELANEY, JOHN P. DITOLLA, ROBERT). 1995 Campus Drive Mokena, IL 60448 CURLEE, VIRGINIA 131 S. West St. 3826 South Jersey South Euclid, OH 44121 CONNOLLY, MARK R. 285 Picture Drive Findlay, OH 45840 Denver, CO 80237 CHAMBERS, THOMAS M. 272 Curtis Point Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15236 DELANEY, PHILIP A. DIXON, IAMES c. 720 S. Kensington Mantolok, NJ 08738 CURRAN, JAMES 1323 Bonnie Glen Lane 620 W. Arch Street La Grange, IL 60525 CONVERSE, VINCENT W. 218 East Avenue Glenview, IL 60025 Frackville, PA 17931 CHAMPA, KENNETH M. 9305 N Second Street Park Ridge, IL 60068 DELANEY, WILL! AM). DODGE, LAURA L 4776 Burger Road Rockford, IL 61111 CURTIN, MARGARET 247 Belmont Lake State Park 52828 W. Cypress Circle S. Euclid, OH 44121 COOPER, JOHN B. 2163 Dayton Babylon, NY 11702 South Bend, IN 46637 CHANATRY, MICHAEL C. 401 South Vernon St. Paul, MN 55104 DELA TORRE, LOURDES DOHENY, DONALD A. |R. 2504 Jackson Parkway Flint, Ml 48503 CURTIS, REBECCA 17751 Bridgeview 10906 Conway Road Vienna, VA 22180 COPPOLA, EDWARD C. Timberidge Road RR 4 South Bend, IN 46635 St. Louis, MO 63131 CHANDLER, KEVIN 2120 Thornton Bluffton, IN 46714 DELGIUDICE, JAMES G. DOHERTY, KEVIN R. 1218 5th Avenue Des Moines, IA 50321 CURTIS, TIMOTHY C. 4307 N. Atlantic 4116 SW Arthur Way Asbury Park, NJ 07712 CORBETT, PATRICK J. 70 Mercedes Schiller Park, IL 60176 Portland, OR 97221 J, VJ U M .V. ... CHARLES, MICHAEL 4859 N. New England San Francisco, CA 94127 DELL, DEBORAH A. DOHERTY, MARGARET M. Bethesda, MD 20014 3010 Locust Drive Chicago, IL 60656 DACEY, MICHAEL J. 153 S. Worth Ct. 6415 Landborough South DZWILEWSKI, DANIEL Indianapolis, IN 46227 CORBIN, MICHAEL C. Indian Trail W. Palm Beach, FL 33405 Indianapolis, IN 46220 214 Montclair Avenue CHARLES, PAUL R. 3193 Winchester Apt. D Centerville, MA 02652 DEMARCO, MICHAEL P. DOLAN, PATRICK W. Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 RFD 1 Taunton Lake Rd. Mishawaka, IN 46544 DAGENAISJOHNW. 4718 Arapaho Trail 17810 Baker Avenue EARLY, JAMES E. Newtown, CT 06470 CORCORAN, JOSEPH E. 3414 Larchmont St. Okemos, Ml 48864 Country Club Hills, IL 60477 23 Turtt Road CHENAL, THOMAS K. 4617 Hallmark Drive Flint, Ml 48503 DEMARCO, PATRICK M. DOLLISON, DANIEL B. Convent Station, NJ 07961 1502 Larry Avenue Dallas, TX 75229 DAHER, DONALD 1363 Lorrel Avenus SW. 851 Walhonding Avenue EBERSBERGER, WAYNE Cincinnati, OH 45224 CORMIER, PETER J. 1100 Fairhol me Road North Canton, OH 44720 Logan, OH 43138 Box 2021 Lakes of the Four Seasons CHIMENTO, PETER J. 1177 Main Street Grosse Pointe Woods, Ml 48236 DEMARRE, JAMES P. DOLPH, JOE PATRICK Crown Point, IN 46307 23 East 13th Street Leominster, MA 01453 DAILEADER, ROBERT L 1912 West Oak Avenue RR 1 Box 213 EBERT, JONATHAN P. Huntington Station, NY 11746 CORPORA, JOSEPH 32 Beachwood Dr. Fullerton, CA 92633 Plymouth, IN 46563 162 Fort Hill Avenue CHRIST, RICHARD A. 120 South 14th Street Elnora, NY 12065 DEMAY, PATRICK J. DONAHUE, CATHY L Canandaigua, NY 14424 1051 Randolph Street Easton, PA 18042 DALPOS, ROBERT A. 219 Regency Place RR 1 Box 286 EBLE, WILLIAM K. Carlyle, IL 62231 CORRIGAN, DAVID F. 7 Kettering Ln. Bethel Park, PA 15102 Smithville, MO 64089 22 Middlebrook Drive CHRISTIEN, STEPHEN 3 Garden Street Lemont, IL 60439 DEMETRIO, MICHAEL K. DONDANVILLE, MARY S. Ocean, NJ 07712 6674 West Raven Street Toms River, NJ 08753 DALTON, JAMES L 2245 Central Park 2319 Old Chatham ECKES, GEORGE P. Ill Chicago, IL 60631 COSIANO, FRANK A. 1801 Kingswood Dr. Evanston, IL 60201 Springfield, IL 62704 2817 Germain Drive CISLE, DONALD M. 1217 4th Street Lansing, Ml 48912 DEMGEN, MARTIN DONNELLY, CHARLES Saginaw, Ml 48601 160 Heathwood Lane Findlay, Ohio 45840 DALY, THOMAS S. 1209 Grace Avenue 356 Lake Park EDDY, ROBERT H. Hamilton, OH 45013 COSTELLO, PATRICK 167 Dorwin Willmar, MN 56201 Birmingham, Ml 48009 2155 Fordway CLARK, MARC P. 533 George Street Springfield, MA 01089 DEMKO, NICHOLAS S. DONNELLY, DAVID T. Toledo, OH 43606 8534 East 11th Street Norristown, PA 19401 D ' AMATO, LOUIS M. 1935 North Washington Ave. 347 Case Avenue EDER, JAMES J. Downey, CA 90241 COSTELLO, PHILIP A. 256 Brush Hollow Rd. Scranton, PA 18509 Sharon, PA 16146 5158 South Nashville CLARKE, DAVID W. 462 Godfroy Rochester, NY 14626 DEMPSEY, DAVID P. DONOVAN, JAMES J. Chicago, IL 60638 5101 Westbard Avenue Monroe, Ml 48161 DAMICO, CHARLES C. 863 Provincetown Rd. 21 Forest Crest Drive EDWARDS, CHARLES J. Bethesda, MD 20016 COURTNEY, GREGORY J. 27 W. 39th St. Pontiac, Ml 48057 Chesterfield, MO 63017 1312 Canning Street CLARKE, KENNETH R. 1171 Bimini Lane Bayonne, NJ 07002 DEMPSEY, JOHN P. DORE, THOMAS P. JR. Council Bluffs, IA 51501 6050 Marker Street Riviera Beach, FL 33404 D ' AMOUR, RICHARD G. 487 Rolling Road 24720 Fairmount Drive EGILMEZ, JOHN M. Indianapolis, IN 46227 COURY, THOMAS A. RR 3, Box 212-F Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 Dearborn, Ml 48124 1018 E. Fox Street CLAUDE, JOHN P. 4990 Lakeshore Road W. Terre Haute, IN 47885 DENGLER, JOHN III DORWART, WILLIAM South Bend, IN 46613 1006 North Lake Road Port Huron, Ml 48060 DANDREA, RAYMOND L. 103 N.Randall Dr. Sidney, NE 69162 EICHELKRAUT, JOSEPH Oconomowoc, Wl 53066 COWHIG, GERARD W. Campbell Ave. Slidell, LA 70458 DOUGHERTY, THOMAS F. 7507 Davian Drive CLEMENCY, MARY V. 14244 Califa Street Spangler, PA 15775 DENOVA, GARY P. 140 Oak Ridge Road Annandale, VA 22003 7733 Geralayne Drive Van Nuys, CA 91401 DANIELS, MARK R. 4810 West 21 2th Street Fairmont, MN 56031 EIDE, JEROME f. Wauwatosa, Wl 53213 COX, DOUGLAS A. 6508 W. 101st PI. Fairview Park, OH 44126 DOWD, JOHN G. 1024 3rd Avenue South CLEMENS, THOMAS V. 1851 E 600 North Overland Park, KS 66204 DEORIO, MARK M. 325 Rhinecliff Drive Fort Dodge, IA 50501 630 South Berry Road Marion, IN 46952 DANTELS, WALTER P. 3252 Rumson Road Rochester, NY 14618 ELDERKIN, JAMES R. St. Louis, MO 63122 COYNE, PHILIP E. JR. 35 Evarts Ave. Cleveland, OH 44118 DOWE, BRIAN J. 3535 Frost Road CLEMENT, BRET S. 942 Palisado Avenue White Plains, NY 10607 DEPAOLA, EDWARD M. 2230 Hyde Park Shrub Oak, NY 10588 4949 Timber Crest Dr. Windsor, CT 06095 D ' ANTONIO, ALBERT C. 4 Orchard Drive Waukegan, IL 60085 ELLERT, DAVID K. Cedarburg, Wl 53012 CRAMER, ARTHUR JR. Metcalf Rd. Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 DOWLING, PETER I. 16307 St. Anthony Lane CLIFFORD, DANIEL F. 8613 Langport Drive Tolland, CT 06084 DEPAUL, MICHAEL R. 103 Parkmere Road Cleveland, OH 44111 1415 N. Elizabeth Springfield, VA 22152 D ' ARCY, EDWARD D. 100 Penhurst Drive Rochester, NY 14617 ELLISON, KEVIN J. Lima, Ohio 45801 CRAMER, DANIEL L 1011 Western Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15235 DOWNS, KEVIN P. 2315 Lalemant COCKRELL, MATTHEW W. 410 E. Tiffin Street Joliet, IL 60435 DERSE, ARTHUR R. 2625 South 69th S treet University Heights, OH 44118 4610 Dawngate Fostoria, OH 44830 DARIN, SUSAN M. 3324 North 96th Street Philadelphia, PA 19142 ELSNER, SHEILA A. Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 CRAWFORD, MICHAEL F. 3830 Crestlake Dr. Milwaukee, Wl 53222 DOYLE, KEVIN T. 525 South Hebron Avenue COFALL, DANIEL 3340 Cullen Drive Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48013 DERUSSO, PAUL M. 5061 Cedar Creek Evansville, IN 47715 Pine Lane Brookfield, Wl 53005 DAVIDSON, GERARD M. 101 Fairlawn Avenue Houston, TX 77027 EMILIAN, ALBERT V. Peninsula, Ohio 44264 CREH AN, MICHAEL). 345 Dunbar Albany, NY 12203 DOYLE, PATRICK 116 Crescent Road COFFEY, JOHN J. 23 Gould Avenue Mundelein, IL 60060 DESAUSSURE, RICHARD 2422 St. Raymond Avenue Florham Park, NJ 07932 170 72nd Street E. Walpole, MA 02032 DAVIDSON, ROBERT W. 4290 Heatherwood Lane Bronx, NY 10461 EMILIO, JOHN C. Brooklyn, NY 11209 CREIGHTON, MAUREEN 3506 Westover Road Memphis, TN 38117 DRISCOLL, FRANCIS JR. 401 East Olive Street COFFEY, MICHAEL I. 3012 Mayfair Avenue Durham, NC 27707 DESMOND, MICHAEL). 8 Hansen Lane Long Beach, NY 11561 1 Upper Street Westchester, IL60153 DA VILA, MARIO Diane Court RFD 3 Huntington Station, NY 11746 EMMA, ROBERT A. Saranac, NY 12981 CRIPEJAMESG. 5127 Werner Katonah, NY 10536 DROPCHO, EDWARD J. 620 Forest View Drive COHN, GARY C. 3332 Dean Drive Houston, TX 77022 DESOLLAR, JOHN P. 940 Julia Drive Geneva, IL 60134 Box 179 Harding Hwy. Louisville, KY 40220 DAVIS, JAMES G. 5 Ladywood Road Johnstown, PA 15905 EMMANUEL, ROBERT Newfield, NJ 08344 CRONIN, RICHARD M. JR. 11 Buttonwood PI. Sutton Goldfield, England B74-2SN DUBf, GERARD 2020 E. Mallory COHOAT, IOHN S. 315 W St. Charles Rd. Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 DESTINO, DAVID M. 47 Heald Street Pensacola, FL 32502 1933 N. Spencer Elmhurst, IL60126 DAVIS, SUSAN P. 2421 Independence Ave. Pepperell, MA 01463 ERGO, MICHAEL A. Indianapolis, IN 46218 CROnY, STEPHANIE 975 Thora Blvd. Niagara Falls, NY 14301 DUBER, ALLAN J. 261 South Broadway COLEMAN, WILLIAM JR. 1216 Buena Drive Shreveport, LA 71106 DEVINE, TIMOTHY J. 32990 Lake Road Peru, IN 46970 638 Kanaha Street Great Falls, MT 59404 DAVISON, JAMES P. 3685 South 3rd Street Avon Lake, OH 4401 2 ERKINS, MELISSA Kailua, HI 96734 CROWLEY, DAVID J. 820 S. Main St. Milwaukee, Wl 53207 DUDEK, JEAN Box 108 White Arrow Road COLLERAN, JAMES 144 Summer Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 DEVLIN, MICHAEL F. 7824 Cortland Bliss, ID 83314 865 Cocopah Drive Hingham, MA 02043 DEACON, KENNETH J. 322 North Main Street Elmwood Park, IL 60635 ERNST, RUSSELL J. Santa Barbara, CA 93110 CROWLEY, DENISE H. 1910 Targee Street Plains, PA 18705 DUDICK, ROBERT L JR. 3037 Bergman Street COLLINS, RICHARD 272 Church Street Boise, ID 83705 DEVOS, PIETER 5701 SW 1st Court Pittsburgh, PA 15204 55037 Chestnut Ridge Rd. Elmhurst, IL 60126 DEAK, RICHARD A. 51 Greenleaf Road Plantation, FL 33317 ESCOBEDO, BRIAN D. Orchard Park, NY 14127 CROWLEY, DONNA M. 2405 Georgetown Singapore 10 DUENSING, MARJORIE 967 King James Way COLLINS, WILLIAM JR. 272 Church Street Toledo, OH 4361 3 Republic of Singapore 3905 Briarcliff Road El Dorado Hills, CA 95630 415 18th Street Elmhurst, IL 601 26 DEAN, JOHN K. DEWAN, STEPHEN J. Kansas City, MO 641 16 ESPER, MICHAEL H. Chesterton, IN 46304 CROWLEY, THOMAS M. 216 W. 9th St. 5202 Champlain Bend DUFFEY, WENDY F. 6939 Lynnfield Apt 42 COMERFORD, MARK D. 129 Hickory Lane Mishawaka, IN 46544 Houston, TX 77027 207 Cato Drive Cincinnati, OH 45243 15 N. Fremont Street Johnstown, PA 15905 DEE, DENNIS J. DIBLING, FRANCIS H. Xenia, OH 45385 ESSLING, JEANNIE Peru, IN 46970 CULLEN, MICHAEL |. 133 Woodhaven Dr. 3057 Pelton Road DUFFY, PATRICK J. 516 C Street COMMYN, (AMES L 14 Bright Oaks Drive Scotia, NY 12302 Fostoria, OH 44830 85 Pond Street Laporte, IN 46350 781 University Place Rochester, NY 14624 DEEHAN, KEVIN J. DIEBOLD, STEPHEN E. Attleboro, MA 02703 EUELL, CHRISTOPHER Grosse Pointe, Ml 48230 CULLER, MARY P. 4 Martin Dr. 582 Sunnyside Drive DUKE, GEORGE R. 27 Lilac Lane CONATY, THOMAS 2531 Northview Road Lincroft, NJ 07738 Louisville, KY 40206 2021 Westside Drive Levittown, NY 11756 1001 10th Avenue Rocky River, Ohio 44116 DEETER, DAVID D. DIERKES, MARK H. Rochester, NY 14624 EUVINO, STEPHEN J. Huntington, WV 25701 fl 111 1C, AN, JOHN). 4564 Stratford Ave. RR1 DULAC, JOHN A. 4065 Johnson Street CONCIAIDI, PAUL J. 8810 Greenwood 119 Berkeley Place Glen Rock, NJ 07452 Indianapolis, IN 46201 DEFALCO, MICHAEL Madison, IN 47250 DIEZ, EDUARDO 18 Wilder Street White River Junction, VT 05001 Gary, IN 46408 EVANS, BRUCE Munster, IN 46321 CULVEYHOUSE, JAMES 29 Marble St. PO Box 69 DUNCHEON, DANIEL F. 810 N. Meridian Street CONIGLIARO, JOSEPH 7879 Carolina Place Springfield, MA 01105 Quito, Ecuador 22 Park Street Portland, IN 47371 2 Burns Avenue Merrillville, IN 46410 DEJONGE, EUGENE C. DIFIGLIO, SAM J. Danville, IL 61832 FABREGA, JOSE A. Mohawk, NY 13407 CONNELL, MELANIE M. 2783 S. Park Road CUMBELICH, WILLIAM 12419 Classic Way Concord, CA 94521 557 Midwood Street Brooklyn, NY 11203 DEKAY, DONALD F. 8857 North Kildare Skokie, IL 60076 DISBRO, MICHAEL A. DUNN, JOHN J. 1521 South 96th Street Omaha, NE 68124 PO Box 347 Panama City, Panama FAGAN, RAYMOND D. Bethel Park, PA 15102 CURLEE, MARY B. 105 Stacy PI. Rte 1 DUNN, JOHN P. 75 Overbrook Drive 305 Colonia, NJ 07067 36 Stewart Court Palos Park, IL 60464 GIZINSKI, MICHAEL |. 3061 Point Clear Evansville, IN 47714 FAHERTY, GEORGE F. Oberlin, OH 44074 GALLAGHER, JOHN S. 7947 Brecksville Road Fort Mill, SC 29715 HARIG, THOMAS P. 218 LaSalle Avenue FLINT, DANIEL J. 4201 Swann Avenue Brecksville, OH 44141 GROVE, MARK C. 5831 North Overhill Avenue Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 937 Vincent Avenue Tampa, FL 33609 CLAVE, THOMAS N. 509 Southwood Drive Chicago, IL 60631 FAHEY, CHRISTOPHER |. New York, NY 10465 GALLAGHER, PATRICIA PO Box 532 Fargo, ND 58102 HARPER, PATRICIA L 148 Stamford Avenue FLOOD, PATRICK J. 17202 Fernshaw Avenue Saddle Bank, NJ 07662 GUARIGLIA, PERRY 1750 Palisades Drive Stamford, CT 06902 1320 Woodshire SE Cleveland, OH 44111 GLEASON, MICHAEL K. 1 Walton Lane Appleton, Wl 54911 FAHEY, MARTIN |. Grand Rapids, Ml 49506 GALLEGOS, MATTHEW E. 89 Lamoille Avenue Livingston, N| 07039 HARRIS, JAMES W. 1001 Esplanade Way FLYNN, MICHAEL A. Route 1 Box 33 Bradford, MA 01844 GUILTINAN, RICHARD 600 North Main Street Casselberry, FL 32707 700 North Center Street Sanford, CO 81151 GLEASON, PATRICK D. 37 Deerhill, Drive Gaston, IN 47342 FAHEY, SHEILA M. Plymouth, IN 46563 GALLOGLY, KATHLEEN 2808 West 55th Street Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423 HARRISON, PETER L. 3207 East Corby FLYNN, MIACHEL F. 4104 Great Oak Rd. Minneapolis, MN 55410 GUISTI, WILLIAM G. 466 River Street South Bend, IN 46615 5 Berkshire Rockville, MD 20853 GLYNN, MICHAEL A. 8 Scout Road Norwell, MA 02061 FAHRENBACH, MARGARET St. Louis, MO 63117 GALLOWAY, TIMOTHY E. 211 South 29th Street East Walpole, MA 02032 HARTIGAN, DAN 6768 Jean Avenue FOGLIA, RICHARD J. 752 South Park Avenue Lacrosse, Wl 54601 GUTH, JAMES K. 8804 Westover Road Chicago, IL 60646 121 Siebert Road Neenah, Wl 54956 GODDU, TIMOTHY 209 Glendale Lane Omaha, NE 68114 FAHY, JOSEPH W. Pittsburgh, PA 15237 GARDNER, ANDREW J. 57 Plymouth Street Hoffman Estates, IL 60172 HARVAN, JOHN E. 533 South Columbia FOOSE, GEORGE 510 Orion Drive Montclair, N| 07042 GUTHRIE, JAMES R. 5569 Waterbury Avenue South Bend, IN 46601 3504 East Jefferson Colorado Springs, CO 80906 GODFREY, WILLIAM 6901 East 12th Avenue Maple Heights, OH 44137 FAIELLA, (AMES South Bend, IN 46615 GARLAND, JANE 7278 E. Quaker Road Denver, CO 80220 HARWOOD, THOMAS J. 941 Cabby Avenue FORAN, MARGARET M. 430 W. Central Avenue Orchard Park, NY 14127 GUTOWSKI, JAMES A. 19175 South Sagamore Washington, PA 15301 80 Dogwood Lane Springboro, OH 45066 GOEBEL, JOEL A. 1802 Hamburg Street Fairview Park, OH 44126 FALCIONE, CHARLES R. New Hyde Park, NY 11040 GARLAND, JOHN R. PO Box 843 Schenectady, NY 12304 HASSETT, MICHAEL T. 11 Edmonds Apartment 62 FORISTEL, THOMAS F. 2500 Willow Lane South Bend, IN 46624 GUZOWSKI, LAWRENCE 15 Covel Street Framingham, MA 01701 142 Monterey Avenue Lakewood, CO 80215 GOERS, LAUREEN F. 10409 Joan Avenue Springfield, MA 01128 FALLER, GREGORY S. Pelham, NY 10803 GAROFALO, JOHN JR. 5920 Hanging Moss Rd. Cleveland, OH 44111 HASTINGS, MICHAEL R. 50 Walnut Street FORTELKA, BRUCE P. 1116 E. Putnam Avenue Jackson, MS 39206 GUZZARDI, THOMAS 1227 Castleman Drive Williamstown, NJ 08094 4525 S. Elm Riverside, CT 06878 GOETT, STEPHEN J. 1111 N. Scott Street Longview, WA 98632 FALLON, ELIZABETH B. Brookfield, IL 60513 GARRETT, RICHARD I. 210 Country Club Drive Wheaton, IL 60187 HATTON, MICHAEL R. 149 Youell SE FOSTER, MARK L. 14 Baker Street Wilmington, DE 19803 GWYNN, KATHLEEN M. 1244 Falls Avenue Grand Rapids, Ml 49506 7040 Pennsylvania Dolgeville, NY 13329 GONIU, KEVIN J. Route 3 Box 86G Wabash, IN 46992 FALION, WILLIAM I. Indianapolis, IN 46220 GARRIGA, GIAN C. 303 East North Point Road Santa Fe, NM 87501 HAUERSPERGER, CATHERINE 22 Fallwood Court FOSTER, MARY T. 8819 Rock Forrest Mequon, Wl 53092 HAASER, FREDERIC G. 1715 South Walnut Kenmore, NY 14223 9854 South Hamlin Avenue St. Louis, MO 63123 GONZENBACH, WILLIAM 10 Fox Den Road Seymour, IN 47274 FANC HER, JOHN R. Evergreen Park, IL 60642 GARVEY, SHARON H. 14 St. James Court West Sims, CT 06092 HAUNERT, THOMAS P. 341 West Main Street FOULK, RICHARD E. 1015 Parker Street Florissant, MO 63031 HACKETT, PAUL M. 1121 Coolidge Highway Springville, NY 14141 1054 Archwood Avenue Falls Church, VA 22046 GOODE, THOMAS B. 49 Willowbrook Avenue River Rouge, Ml 48218 FARMER, |OAN 1. Lorain, Ohio 44052 GASPER, RANDY T. 3856 Auburndale Stamford, CT 06902 HAWKINS, ANN MARIE 14 Pebble Hill Road S. FOX, JAMES A. 1348 Benton Street San Diego, CA 92111 HADLEY, DAVID E. 2583 Rubyvale Dewitt, NY 13214 9900 S. Longwood Gary, IN 46403 GOODMAN, WILLIAM L. 31 Robbins Road University Heights, OH 44118 FARON, FRANK M. Chicago, IL 60643 GASSMANN, JAMES A. Route 1, Box 225 Lexington, MA 02173 HAWKINS, MARYROSE 6521 Pontiac Drive FRAILEY, MARY P. 218 2nd Avenue SW Illmo, MO 63754 HADLEY, TERRY B. 10576 Grove Oak Drive LaCrange, IL 60525 Upland Drive Valley City, ND 58072 GORDON, CLAIRE 7000 Oak Forest Lane Santa Ana, CA 92705 FATTI, JOHN F. Elmira, NY 14905 GAVIN, ALAN M. 19551 Oakdale Avenue Bethesda, MD 20034 HAY, WILLIAM J. 200 Fireside Lane FRANCIS, PAUL G. 3830 McClure Street South Bend, IN 46637 HAFERD, JAMES E. 308 S. Drury Camillus, NY 13031 6105 Green Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15212 GORECKI, DAVID J. 340 Grant Street Arlington Heights, IL 60004 FEDORENKO, NICK J. Woodridge, IL 60515 GEARY, MICHAEL t. 8917 West 121 Street Galion, OH 44833 HAYDEN, GERARD M. JR. 10609 South Eggleston FRANK, JANE M. 1448 Johnston SE Palos Park, IL 60464 HAGAN, MARY BETH 20 Bittersweet Lane Chicago, IL 60628 4343 Sharon Avenue Grand Rapids, Ml 49507 GOSS, JOHN S. 1952 Hart Road Scituate, MA 02066 FEENEY, EDWARD |. Columbus, Ohio 43214 GEIGER, KENNETH C. 53 Lyndon Road Lexington, KY 40502 HAYEN, HEINZ W. Ivesdale, IL 61851 FRANSIOLI, FRANK F. 650 Main Street Fayetteville, NY 13066 HAHN, MICHAEL G. 2205 South 13th Street FEENEY, JOHN E. 5645 Adams Court Lewistown, ME 04240 GOTTSACKER, PETER A. 4115 North 111th Street Niles, Ml 49120 4318 Robertson Blvd. Merillville, IN 46410 GELLER, THOMAS J. 203 Superior Avenue Wauwatosa, Wl 53222 HAYES, MARYFRANCES G. Alexandria, VA 22309 FRATTI, ROBERT C. 8 Provincial Place Sheboygan, Wl 53081 HAINS, ANTHONY A. 2940 Lake Shore Drive FELTS, THOMAS |. 22269 Raven Colts Neck, NJ 07722 GRABAVOY, MARY ANN 109 North Ridge Street Long Beach, IN 46360 3333 South Washington Rd. E. Detroit, Ml 48021 GEORGE, CRAIG L. 218 South William Port Chester, NY 10573 HAZARD, MICHAEL A. Fort Wayne, IN 46804 FREDERICKS, THOMAS 149 Lawrence Avenue Joliet, IL 60436 HAKEL, PAUL R. 83-11 139th Street FERRARA, RICHARD 352 Carlton Terrace Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604 GRACE, AUGUSTO 704 Connecticut Drive Kew Gardens, NY 11435 106 Windcrest Drive Ridgewood, NJ 07450 GEORGE, W. MICHEAL 13 Skilton Lane Erie, PA 16505 HEALY, MICHAEL F. Camillus, NY 13031 FREEMAN, ELLEN 30400 Georgetown Burlington, MA 01803 HALLE, HOWARD M. 45 Patton Place FERRARO, BRUCE M. 3900 W. 82nd Place Birmingham, Ml 48010 GRACZAK, JOHN J. 1100 East Hillsdale Hillsbourough, CA 94010 1943 March Road Chicago, IL 60652 GERRITY, JOHN I. 337 Nantucket Drive Foster City, CA 94404 HEARNE, CHRISTOPHER B. Jefferson, OH 44047 FREIBERT, DONALD P. Qtrs. 118 Jackson Avenue Ballwin, MO 63011 HALLMAN, MICHAEL |. 2700 Mountain Laurel Drive, FERREIRO, JOHN D. 9111 Nottingham Pkwy. Fort Meyer, VA 22211 GRADOVILLE, JAMES P. 5324 8th Avenue South Austin, TX 78703 1521 South Troost Louisville, KY 40222 GERTZ, STEPHEN P. 701 North Cottage Grove Birmingham, AL 35212 HEDGES, JOHN M. Ill Tulsa, OK 74120 FRITZ, THERESA G. 4 Argyle Road South Bend, IN 46616 HALSTEAD, JOHN M. 6 Empire Boulevard FERRO, ERNEST B. 1209 East Pine Plainview, NY 11803 GRADY, RICHARD 185 Travis Drive Rochester, NY 14609 218 Hillcrest Drive Alvin, Texas 77511 GHIGLIERI, JAMES JR. 18 Cortland Lane Bridgeport, CT 06606 HEFFERNAN, JOSEPH A. Corry, PA 16407 FROLING, CAROLE B. 519 W. Santa Fe Avenue Lynnfield, MA 01940 HAMMEL, MIKE E. 10531 NE 3rd Avenue FERRY, JAMES F. 117 Marblehead Drive Toluca, IL 61369 GRAF, PAUL C. 6966 Surrey Lane Miami Shores, FL 33138 935 East Southern Ave. Bloomfield, Hills, Ml 48013 GIBBONS, EDWARD 216 West Echo Lane Jackson, Ml 49203 HEGARTY, BRIAN B. Indianapolis, IN 46203 FROMAN, JOHN W. 2108 NW 6th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85021 HAMMER, WILLIAM 111 The Oaks FIALA, ROBERT A. 601 Compton Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 GRAIF, JOSEPH L. 7822 76th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15215 5448 E. 96th Street Raleigh, NC 27609 GIBBONS, THOMAS E. 1004 Baker Ave. Glendale, NY 11227 HEISLER, ROBERT J. Garfield Heights, OH 44125 FULLER, MARK R. 187 Prescott Street Mankato, MN 56001 HAMMERLING, LEE W. 8310 Leader FINLEY, DAVID E. 5331 North Ludlam Clinton, MA 01510 GRASS), DOUGLAS E. Route 2 Box 317 Houston, TX 77036 Box 49A Road 1 Chicago, IL 60630 GIBSON, MARK J. 602 Woodrow Avenue East Troy, Wl 53120 HELMEN, FREDERICK Albion, PA 16401 FUNK, SUSAN KAREN 249 Aikahi Loop E ndicott, NY 13760 HAMMOND, DAVID M. 209 W. North Shore FITZELL, STEPHEN P. 510 North Trask Street Kailua, HI 96734 GRAVER, FRED J. Ill 1090 Betty Zane Road South Bend, IN 46617 8 Ha. ' y Village Tampa, FL 33609 GIEDLIN, MARTIN A. 11743 South 82nd Court Wheeling, WV 26003 HENDRICK, KEVIN S. South idley, MA 01075 FURLONG, JOSEPH Box 1197 Palos Park, IL 60464 HAMPTON, TOM L 20 Edgewood FITZGL..ALD, J. DAN 12 Parkway Drive Alfred, NY 14802 GRAY, JAMES C. Route 3 Box 309 Saginaw, Ml 48602 995 McAuliffe Place Pelham, NY 10803 GILDAY, HAROLD J. JR. 3033 Plumbrook Picayune, MS 39466 HENDRICK, WILLIAM JR. Marysville, OH 43040 GAINES, DAVID B. 110 Sherman Maumee, OH 43537 HANAHAN, CONSTANCE 20 Edgewood Road FITZGERALD, JOHN F. Wash 60 Condo 503 Denver, CO 80203 GRAY, PAUL L RR 1 Box 97 A Saginaw, Ml 48602 5 Dyer Road Santurce, PR 00907 GILINSKY, GERALD A. 268 Meadowbrook Road Boggstown, IN 46110 HENNESSY, DAVID R. Beverly Farms, MA 01915 GAINES, TAY G. 248 Borden Drive King of Prussia, PA 19406 HANNAN, JOSEPH E. 1104 Harrelton Court FITZGERALD, NEAL I. 413 S. Mangonia Circle Battle Creek, Ml 49017 GRAZIER, KARLA J. 578 Dorseyville Road Evansville, IN 47715 192 Rex Avenue W. Palm Beach FL 33401 GILL, BRENT L 10315 North New Jersey Pittsburgh, PA 15238 HENRICH, VINCENT C. Wintersville, OH 43952 GAITIS, JAMES M. 56746 Greenlawn Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46280 HANPETER, RICHARD E. 1007 Robinette Avenue FITZGERALD, THOMAS 408 West Marion Osceola, IN 46561 GREEN, DAVID D. Hanpeter Street Vandalia, OH 45377 1103 Buell Avenue Prospect Heights, IL 60070 GILLESPIE, CORNELIUS 1701 South Dewey North Creek, NY 12853 HENRY, JOHN M. Joliet, IL 60436 GAJEWSKI, MICHAEL A. 91 Stratford Road Bartlesville, OK 74003 HANRAHAN, JAMES P. 140 E. Lake Shore FITZPATRICK, KEVIN 8 Scherer Street W. Hempstead, NY 11552 GREEN, RICHARD 2226 High Ridge Road Berrington, IL 60010 Road 1 Lake MacGregor Bethpage, NY 11714 GILLESPIE, MARY B. 52336 Hollyhock Stamford, CT 06903 HENZLER, THOMAS A. Mahopac, NY 10541 GALANIS, JOHN L. 22 Aria Drive South Bend, IN 46637 HANRAHAN, SEAN K. 932 Lorretta Drive FITZPATRICK, WILLIAM J. 17 Cedarview Road Pittsburgh, PA 15220 GREENBURG, ANN E. 215 Hedgecock Court Arnold, MO 63010 100 Colgate Drive Ipswich, MA 01938 GILLESPIE, THOMAS C. R R 1 Box 26 Satellite Beach, FL 32937 HERALD, CHRISTOPHER E. North Andover, MA 01845 CALL, TIMOTHY A. 4410 South Street Wingate, IN 47994 HARBERT, PHILIP M. 107 Wooster Road FIT SIMONS, RICHARD 26 Hall Avenue Lincoln, NE 68506 GRIFFIN, MAXWELL JR. 331 Parkside Drive Mount Vernon, OH 43050 1434 East Emerson Lane Nashua, NH 03060 GILLIGAN, CHARLES W. 11 Jose Place Sycamore, IL 60178 HERNANDEZ, JAMES S. Ml. Prospect, IL 60056 GALLAGAN, WILLIAM F. 4 Stockton Drive Huntington, NY 11743 HARBIN, THOMAS J. 57 MacNaughton FLANAGAN, M. JEAN 515 Orchard Street Marlboro, NJ 07746 GRIFFIN, ROBERT E. 4055 4 Lakes Avenue Pueblo, CO 81001 2425 Costa Drive Cranford, NJ 07016 GILROY, ROBERT 40 Nimando Place Linden, Ml 48451 HERR, MARK C. Galesburg, IL 61401 GALLAGHER, BRIAN J. 2904 Southeast Drive Emerson, NJ 07630 HARDY, JAMES P. 1050 Lone Tree Road FLANAGAN, T. MARK 60 Morrison Road West South Bend, IN 46614 GROCAN, PAUL T. 4304 92nd SE Elm Grove, Wl 53122 8901 Miles Street Wakefield, MA 01880 GIORLANDO, PAUL J. 2138 Heatherwood Mercer Island, WA 98040 HESSERT, WILLIAM I. Silver Springs, MD 20910 GALLAGHER, CHRISTIE 6778 Argonne Blvd. Toledo, OH 43614 HARGRAVE, JOHN P. 603 Chews Landing FLANIGAN, ELLEN M. 12715 Farmhill Lane New Orleans, LA 70124 GROSS, GARY W. 2401 East Chandler Haddonfield, NJ 08033 306 HI VI MAS, WILLIAM W. 3620 West Drive Spokane, WA 98602 HICKNER, JOSEPH C. 835 Park Ave. South Bend, IN 46616 HICKS, (AMES D. 805 Balata Street Easton, PA 18042 HICCINS, WILLIAM S. 1032 Sorolla Avenue Coral Cables, FL 33134 HILLSTROM, WILLIAM IK. 615 Leonard Parkway Crystal Lake, IL 60014 HILMER, THOMAS P. 1210 Fairway Drive Racine, Wl 53405 HIMON, ROBERT 7203 Driftwood SE Grand Rapids, Ml 49506 HIPP, ROBERT |. 241 Westgate Chicago Heights, IL 60411 HO6T, DANIEL R. 400 South 8th Street Chariton, IA 50049 HOELZINGER, DAVID H. Dreimarksteing, 19 A-1190 Vienna, Austria HOERSTMAN, THOMAS A. 27450 Lexington Southfeld, Ml 48076 HOERTZ, C. ROBERT 1200 North Hollydale Fullerton, CA 92631 HOESTEREY, STEPHEN 1115 Greenfield Lane Mount Prospect, IL 60056 HOFFMANN, MARK F. 411 Medina Drive Saint Louis, MO 63122 HOGAN, FRED D. 3056 Tylersville Hamilton, OH 45015 HOCAN, MICHAEL C. 2516 South Twyckenham South Bend, IN 46614 HOCAN, RICHARD F. 732 West 700 South Street Orem, UT 84057 HOCAN, THOMAS L. 1728 West 104th Street Chicago, IL 60643 HOHLER, PHILLIP C, 2603 Eastwood Drive Sandusky, OH 44870 HOLLAND, MARK A. 206 Ashford Avenue Tonawanda, NY 14150 HOLMBERG, (AMES 4809 Country Club Columbus, NE 68601 HOOVER, K. ANTHONY 44 Circle Drive Camp Hill, PA 17011 HOOVER, STEPHEN J. 28 Deer Trail Ramsey, N] 07446 HOPKINS, MARK 19230 South Sagamore Fairview Park, OH 44126 HOPPNER, PETER W. 619 Applegrove Circle Webster, NY 14580 HORAK, MAR) A. 5112 Westpath Court Sumner, MD 20016 HORNETT, JOSEPH B. 436 Pleasant Street Kendallville, IN 46755 HORRELL, KEVIN M. 711 South Main Red Bud, IL 62278 HORTON, DALE Box 271 Whitney Road Stanley, NY 14561 HORTON, KURT A. 142 Rocky Brook Road New Canaan, CT 06840 HOSTETLER, JOSEPH W. 1220 Orchard Drive Merrillville, IN 46410 HOULIHAN, STEPHEN P. Main Street East Berkfield, MA 01515 HOWARD, JOHN P. 2600 Forrest Glen Deerfield, IL 60015 HOWE, DAVID |. PO Box 807 Bemidji, MN 56601 HOY, MICHAEL JOSEPH 4443 North Prospect Avenue Milwaukee, Wl 53211 HUBER, FREDERIC JR. 3231 Brickyard Road Topeka, KS 66618 HUDDLE, TIMOTHY J. 1171 West Water Street Elmira, NY 14905 HUGHES, DAVID E. 749 Allen Street South Bend, IN 46616 HUGHES, LARRY C. RR 2 Fort Branch, IN 47548 HUGHES, MICHAEL M. 1714 East La Salle South Bend, IN 46617 HUGUELET, MICHAEL T. 4337 West 107th Street Oak Lawn, IL 60453 HUISKING, E. PAUL, JR. 1250 SW 21st Lane Boca Raton, FL 33432 HULTGEN, RICHARD B. 10235 South Leavitt Street Chicago, IL 60643 HUMBOLDT, JAMES R. 3929 Lynn Avenue Saint Louis Park, MN 55416 HUMMER, JAMES J. 2032 South Green Road Cleveland, OH 44121 HUMPHREY, HARVEY J. 12 Haynes Road Framingham, MA 01701 HUMPHREYS, MARGARET 207 Dunlap Paris, TN 38242 HUMPHREYS, WILLIAM B. 207 Dunlap Street Paris, TN 38242 HUNTER, ARLENE I. 15382 Whispering Oak Drive Mishawaka, IN 46544 HUNTOON, GEORGE F. 3004 15th Street Moline, IL 61265 HURLEY, THOMAS I. 24842 Calaroga Avenue Hayward, CA 94545 HURRLE, DONALD E. 440 E. Elbert Indianapolis, IN 46227 HURT, JAMES V. 10634 Preston Street Westchester, IL 60153 HYLAND, JAMES R. 448 Washington Street East Walpole, MA 02032 HYNES, JOSEPH 3449 West 126 Street Cleveland, OH 44111 HYNES, JOSEPH E. 9 Woodcock Lane Westport, CT 06880 IDEN, MARY E. 823 Woodland Heights Streamwood, IL 60103 IMGRAM, RICHARD B. 59 Maplewood Drive Plainview, NY 11803 INCHAUSTE, JUAN C. PO Box 57 Notre Dame, IN 46556 INCHAUSTE, RONALD A. P.O. Box 57 Notre Dame, IN 46556 INFALT, STEPHEN M. 1619 Woodmont South Bend, IN 46614 IREDALE, MARY L. 748 A Southview Road Arcadia, CA 91006 ISBAN, MICHAEL A. RR 5 Box 343A Plymouth, IN 46563 JABBRA, ROXANNE E. 10 Brown ' s Court Mankato, MN 56001 JACOBS, GEORGE 3005 Julian Street Youngstown, OH 44502 JAEGER, BETSY M. 419 Union Avenue Batavia, IL 60510 JAEGER, FREDERICK J. 4717 Waukesha Street Madison, Wl 53705 JAGIELSKI, JOHN A. 3317 Coventry Court Ellcott City, MD 21043 JAKUBOWSKI, BARBARA 1215 W. Genesee Street Flint, Ml 48504 JAMES, STEPHEN B. 5439 Willowbend Houston, TX 77035 JARDSTROM, ERIK L 1690 Granada Street Seaside, CA 93955 JARVIE, DANIEL M. 54871 Tulip Road North Carlsle, IN 46552 JEFFREY, JOHN P. 178 Palm Avenue San Rafael, CA 94901 JENKINS, JOHN 1805 North 100th Street Omaha, NE 68114 JOHNS, ROBERT L. 7040 Lutz Avenue Massillon, OH 44646 JOHNSON, ARTHUR B. 310 Fairhill Road Wynnewood, PA 19096 JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER J. Macatawa, Ml 49434 JOHNSON, CURTIS L. 2429 Fredrickson South Bend, IN 46628 JOHNSON, ELTON 12962 Elgin Place Denver, CO 80239 JOHNSON, GILBERT S. 8 Brighton Avenue Spring Lake, NJ 07762 JOHNSON, KATHRYN M. Mares Hill Road Ivoryton, CT 06442 JOHNSON, LIN A. 1335 Sunnymede South Bend, IN 46615 JOHNSON, PETER C. 125 Devonshire Road Kenmore, NY 14223 JOHNSON, RICHARD f. 1026 Allston Road Havertown, PA 19083 JONES, JOHN P. Ill Box 341 Route 2 Las Cruces, NM 88001 JORDAN, TIMOTHY J. 3804 Calledel Monte Albuquerque, NM 87110 JOSEPH, ANDREW S. 2406 Elisha Ave. Zion, IL 60099 JOYCE, DANIEL P. 74 Fox Chapel Drive Orchard Park, NY 14127 JUAREZ, JOHN JR. 710 Aberdeen Place San Antonio, TX 78210 JURKENS, LAWRENCE R. 708 West 13th Street Sterling, IL 61081 KAHLICH, ARTHUR D. PO Box 665 Weimar, TX 78962 KAISER, MARGARET A. 11417 Lamplighter Dallas, TX 75229 KAISER, W. MARK 22215 Lake Road Rocky River, OH 44116 KALL, ELIZABETH L. 112 Marymont Court Middletown, OH 45042 KALL, RONALD J. 21794 Cottonwood Rocky River, OH 44116 KALMAR, LOUIS G. 5126 Scenic Drive South Bend, IN 46619 KANSER, DEBORAH S. 6800 Oakton Court Niles, IL 60648 KAPPERS, STEPHEN A. 561 Hermay Drive Hamilton, OH 45013 KASZYNSKI, DENNIS J. 2303 Juniper Drive Peru, IL 61354 KATILAS, PAUL 506 West 2nd Street Bend Brook, Nj 08805 KAULBACH, KENNETH G. 9 Twin Oaks Road Reading, MA 01867 KAYSER, JAMES W. JR. RFD 2 Lakewood Hills Highland, IL 62249 KAZUNAS, RICHARD L 2003 Powhatan Street Falls Church, VA 22043 KEACH, DAVID M. 4320 North Riverside Columbus, IN 47201 KEARNEY, DENNIS T. 12 Delaware Road Convent Station, N] 07961 KEARNEY, MARK J. 3916 East Armour Avenue Cudahy, Wl 53110 KEARNS, J. PATRICK 6236 Walsh St. Louis, MO 63109 KEEFE, PATRICK M. 4 Londonberry Drive Caseyville, IL 62232 KEEGAN, JAMES H. 350 Arleigh Road Douglas Manor, NY 11363 KEELEY, JOHN B. Rockrimmon Road Kingston, NH 03848 KEEN, WILLIAM C. 115 Nichols Street Norwood, MA 02062 KEENE, MICHAEL 140 South Stanwood Road Bexley, OH 43209 KEENEY, TERRENCE J. 11101 Lund Place Kensington, MD 20795 KELLEHER, JAMES R. 1106 East 4th Ellensberg, WA 98926 KELLEHER, KEVIN C. 201 West Royal Forest Columbus, OH 43214 KELLEHER, MARY 4540 Brookside Toledo, OH 43615 KELLER, KARL A. 1810 Greenview Avenue Kankakee, IL 60901 KELLER, STEPHEN M. 710 Center Street Garden City, KS 67846 KELLETT, STEPHEN T. 5492 East Galbrarth Cincinnati, OH 45236 KELLEY, SCOTT M. JR. 2127 SW Elm Street Portland, OR 97201 KELLY, BRIAN J. 11 Old Meadow Lane Canton, MA 02021 KELLY, DAVID M. 31 Brown Street Baldwinsville, NY 13027 KELLY, DENNIS J. 130 South-Woods Avenue Fremont, Ml 49412 KELLY, PATRICK T. 4711 North Lake Drive Milwaukee, Wl 53211 KELLY, PETER D. 25 Princeton Place Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 KELLY, RICHARD P. 2387 Flint Court South Bend, IN 46628 KELLY, ROBERT A. 2166 Brentwood Drive S pringfield, IL 62704 KELLY, TOM W. 2909 Devon Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46805 KELLY, WILLIAM D. 112 McKenna Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15205 KEMP, NEAL P. 272 Holley Street Brockport, NY 14420 KENNEDY, MARY A. 3666 Olentangy Blvd. Columbus, OH 43214 KENNEY, JOHN M. Bldg. 1 Apt. 103 Salzburg Village Palmyra, NY 14522 KENYON, DOUGLAS W. 2716 NE 2nd Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 KEOUGH, M. SHAYLA 1700 Heritage Court NW Atlanta, GA 30327 KERLEY, MICHAEL L. 174 Champagne Avenue Chicopee, MA 01013 KERN, JOSEPH A. RR1 Box 221 R Nineveh, IN 46164 KERR, GREGORY 1214 East 340th Street Eastlake, OH 44094 KEY, ROBERT F. 12004 Greenleaf Avenue Potomac, MD 20854 KEYSER, ROBERT C. 3551 Sea View Street Sarasota, FL 33580 KILEY, BRIAN P. 7560 N. Port Washington Fox Point, Wl 53217 KINEALY, JAMES B. 2236 St. Louis Avenue St. Louis, MO 63106 KING, BERNARD F. 1115 North Lincoln Aberdeen, SD 57401 KING, JOHN M. 857 Hillside Avenue Mountainside, NJ 07092 KING, ROBERT C. 99 Roosevelt Court Carle Place, NY 11514 KINNEY, PATRICK W. 1308 Sunnymede South Bend, IN 46615 KITTRELL, KIM S. 323 North Center Street Geneseo, IL 61254 KLEIN, GERARD A. JR. 8338 Merrymount Drive Baltimore, MD 21207 KLEIN, THOMAS F. 15 Chapel Road Manhasset, NY 11030 KLIMEK, GERARD J. 21 Elizabeth Street Sayreville, N) 08872 KLOCKENKEMPER, JOSEPH B. 8025 Templeton Road Pensacola, FL 32506 KLOSINSKI, LEE E. 1411 Tennessee Street Michigan City, IN 46360 KLUC, STEPHEN J. 243 Crest Way King of Prussia, PA 19406 KNAUF, THOMAS J. 3500 Delahaut Street Green Bay, Wl 54301 KNIGHTON, JAMES L. 1989 Long Lake Shore Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48013 KOCH, THEODORE J. 256 Linden Avenue Elmhurst, IL 60126 KOCH, TIMOTHY E. 675 Hillcrest Drive St. Marys, OH 45885 KOCHEMS, TIMOTHY P. 7802 Bertha Avenue Parma, OH 44129 KOCZAN, CHARLES G. 18141 Ireland Road South Bend, IN 46614 KOEHLER, EDWARD B. 893 Meadow Drive Bound Brook, NJ 08805 KOLSTAD, ROY A. 220 Fernwood Glenview, IL 60025 KOLSUN, GEORGE D. 1021 Fidelity Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15236 KONKEL, WILLIAM A. 5318 Thornleigh Drive Indianapolis, IN 46226 KOOS, GREGORY L. 1311 West Garfield Davenport, IA 52804 KOPROWSKI, PAUL A. 67 Country Club Place Southbridge, MA 01550 KORNMAN, RUSSELL D. 2240 Menomonee Railway Wauwatosa, Wl 53226 KORTSCH, WILLIAM J. 3204 North Cambridge Milwaukee, Wl 53211 KOVAC, JAMES W. 2943 Kensington Westchester, IL 60153 KRATSCHMER, MARK E. 250 South 9th Street East Alton, IL 62024 KRAUS, HELEN 20 North Wisner Street Park Ridge, IL 60068 KRESKI, KENNETH C. 469 Pulis Avenue Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 KRESSE, JAMES M. 10214 South California Evergreen Park, IL 60642 KREUZER, RANDOLPH W. 32 Glenwood Cheektowaga, NY 14225 KRICK, DAVID A. 3688 E 200 South Lafayette, IN 47901 KRON, MICHAEL A. 640 S. Clarence Avenue Oak Park, IL 60304 KUBIAK, PAUL G. 4207 West 59th Street Chicago, IL 60629 KUFRIN, DONALD G. 611 Claymont Estate Dr Ballwin, MO 63011 KUHLMANN, MICHAEL A. 3508 Spring Valley Decatur, GA 30032 KUHN, JOHN F. 119 Minnock Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15237 KULA, JUDITH M. 8145 N. Kostner Avenue Skokie, IL 60076 KUSNIERCZYK, THOMAS 1904 Nolen Court Arlington, TX 76012 KUSPER, JOSEPH G. 7920 Lenora Lane Elmwood Park, IL 60635 LAFFERTY, GEORGE D. Box 1 Cypress Street Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 LAIRD, MICHAEL A. 820 West Main Taylorville, IL 62568 LAIRD, THOMAS ). RR 12 Box 424 Indianapolis, IN 46236 LALLEY, JOHN F. 3516 Madison Street Bellwood, IL 60104 LAMM, ANGELA C. 816 Wiltshire San Antonio, TX 82095 LANDIS, JAMES K. Rte. 2 Box 259 Hot Springs, VA 24445 LANDSBERG, JAMES D. 32354 Bonnet Hill Farmington, Ml 48024 LANE, JOHN K. 14410 Shaker Boulevard Shaker Heights, OH 44120 LANE, PATRICIA A. 113 Deerfield Road Broomall, PA 19008 LANG, GEORGE V. Munfordville, KY 42765 LANGMUIR, GEORGE A. 516 Old School House Lane Springfield, PA 19064 LAPLATNEY, JERE J. 8360 40th Avenue N. St. Petersburg, FL 33709 LAPOINTE, MICHELLE 925 North Avenue Deerfield, IL 60015 LARAGY, CHRISTOPHER J. 54 Hastings Lane Rochester, NY 14618 LARGEN, JOHN F. 51 Dwight Road Middletown, NJ 07748 LARKIN, JEANNETTE C. PO Box 224 Spring Lake, NJ 07762 LARSON, ERIK G. 2525 Meadowbrook Dr SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 LATTIMER, JOHN P. 1948 Northbrook Drive Lancaster, PA 17601 LAUERMAN, THOMAS D. 533 West 56th Avenue Merrillville, IN 46410 LAUGHLIN, PATRICK O. 2061 Rockledge Drive Rockledge, FL 32955 LAVALLE, MICHAEL R. 6014 Summerhill Road Camp Springs, MD 20031 LAVENDER, STEPHEN M. 1209 Lane Avenue Galesburg, IL 61401 LAVICNE, WILLIAM R. 239 Elwood Drive Rochester, NY 14616 LAWLESS, WILLIAM K. 354 N. Fourth Street Lock Haven, PA 17745 LAWRENCE, WILLIAM 2728 29th Avenue Rock Island, IL 61201 LAWTON, JOHN C. 2715 Parkwood Toledo, OH 43610 LAZZERI, DAVID J. 1720 North 5th Street Springfield, IL 62702 LEADER, DAMIAN R. 123 Napoleon Boulevard South Bend, IN 46617 LEAHY, SHARON PO Box 102 Notre Dame, IN 46556 LEARY, PATRICK F. 280 Dorchester Road Akron, OH 44313 LEARY, RICHARD K. 528 Mountview Road Berwyn, PA 19312 LECLUYSE, MARK H. 3708 Blue Ridge Boulevard Independence, MO 64052 LECUYER, EDWARD 95 South Main Street Acushnet, MA 02743 LEE, DAVID K. 713-1 Menehune Lane Honolulu, HI 96814 LEIPZIG, THOMAS J. 1505 North Bay Drive Elkhart, IN 46514 LEMAN, SAMUEL EARL 621 W. Plymouth St. Bremen, IN 46506 LEMAY, MARK D. 55 Marion Street Fitchburg, MA 01420 LEMIEUX, PAUL J. 53 Lewis Park Rockland, MA 02370 LEMON, BRIAN |. 32260 Crossbow Birmingham, Ml 48010 LEON, ROGER ). 6 Linwood Drive Wetland, Ontario LEONE, ANTHONY 550 Middledown Avenue New Haven, CT 06513 LERNER, MARY F. 1717 Aric Way Elkhart, IN 46514 LEWIS, LEONARD L. 2926 Kings Lane Lancaster, PA 17601 LEWIS, WILLIAM R. JR. 52775 Arbor Drive South Bend, IN 46635 LICATA, JACK L. 7186 Theodore Jennings, MO 63136 LIEBER, HENRY |. 152 Darwin Drive Snyder, NY 14226 LIEBLER, IOHN S. 1511 Cantoria Avenue Coral Cables, FL 33146 LINDROTH, ALAN C. 1014 Keith Ave. Waukegan, IL 60065 LINEHAN, PAUL W. 6902 Guernsey Lane Dallas, TX 75220 LISCHWE, THOMAS J. 64 Bellerive Acres St. Louis, MO 63121 LIU, HENRY C. 6 San Wei St. 1 F Kowloon, Hong Kong LOCAN, (AMES E. 2202 Lawndale Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46605 LOMBARD, MICHAEL G. 12510 W. Navajo Drive Palos Heights, IL 60463 LONGANO, DONALD 7311 Dania Drive Independence, OH 44131 LONCON, PATRICK 25566 Lynford Drive Farmington Hills, Ml 48024 LONSBERG, JOHN V. 121 San Angelo Drive Chesterfield, MO 63017 LOPIENSKt, THOMAS V. 1591 Thornapple Akron, OH 44301 LOSUROO, DONNA Box 175 Sherwood Road Aurora, NY 13026 LOW, GARY P. 1120 15th Street Onawa, IA 51040 LOWENBERG, JULIUS C. 4424 Finch El Paso, TX 79922 LUCIER, CHARLES T. 1156 Remley Ct. St. Louis, MO 63130 LUEGERS, WILLIAM M. JR. 201 Couden Avenue Michigan City, IN 46360 LUM, WENDELL 1712 Lewalani Drive Honolulu, HI 96822 IUND, JO L 1549 Ottawa Leavenworth, KS 66048 LUND, JOHN L. 1891 Birkdale Drive Columbus, OH 43227 LUNGREN, BRIAN F. 4180 Chestnut Avenue Long Beach, CA 90807 LUPPINO, MARK F. 241 Curtis Street Medina, OH 44256 LYNCH, DANIEL W. 126 Hillcrest Avenue Geneva, NY 14456 LYNCH, JOHN F. 126 Hillcrest Avenue Geneva, NY 14456 LYON, M. JULIE 54438 Elmhurst South Bend, IN 46637 LYONS, JAMES M. 425 Elizabeth Street Oneida, NY 13421 LYONS, STEPHEN M. 2606 Fairgreen Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15241 LYONS, TERRENCE J. 2241 Lincoln Avenue Lakewood, OH 44107 LYTWYN, GEORGE A. 1 Stone Wall Drive Stamford, CT 06905 MACAULEY, WILLIAM M. 13451 Magnolia Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 MACK, DAVID J. Hickory Hills Drive Franklin, TN 37064 MACK, ROBERT E. 3020 Westview Ct. S Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48013 MACK, WARREN R. 2112 SE 19th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 MADER, DANIEL R. 214 E. College Street Coldwater, OH 45828 MADURA, PAUL P. 225 Walnut St. South Amboy, NJ 08879 MAGUIRE, FRANK 517 Leland Ave. South Bend, IN 46616 MAGUIRE, KEVIN P. 1528 Axel St. North Brunswick, N) 08902 MAHANY, MICHAEL D. 2801 Milton Road Middletown, OH 45042 MAHONEY, JOHN J. 154 Hope Street Ridgewood, N) 07450 MAJEWSKI, JEROME C. Rte 3 Box 235 Algonquin, IL 60102 MAKOWSKI, EUGENE W. Cedar Lane Remsenburg, NY 11960 MALKO, EILEEN M. 146 Alexander Street Newark, N) 07106 MALLOY, EDWARD J. 33 Sunset Drive Sayville, NY 11782 MALONEY, THOMAS L. 760 Newberry Lane Webster, NY 14580 MANN, STEPHEN D. 2841 ]on Colorado Springs, CO 80907 MANTICA, ERNESTO A. 53104 Oakton Drive South Bend, IN 46635 MARCHAND, JEAN P. 2406 Indiana Place Loveland, CO 80573 MAREK, BRUCE J. 5925 W. Patterson Chicago, IL 60634 MARGIOTTA, ARTHUR F. 15 Condict Place Morristown, N) 07960 MARINO, GREGORY G. 323 Three Mile Road Glastonbury, CT 06033 MARINO, PHILIP J. 4918 Clinton Drive Erie, PA 16509 MARQUA, CHARLES E. 233 Stamford Avenue Stamford, CT 06902 MARSHALL, BEN JR. 151 Leo Shreveport, LA 71105 MARTIN, DAVID 3997 Bancroft Toledo, OH 43606 MARTIN, GERARD B. 1391 Rhode Avenue North Merrick, NY 11566 MARTIN, PAUL N. 228 Oakwood Avenue Webster Grove, MO 63119 MARTIN, RICHARD F. 17560 Washington Homewood, IL 60430 MARTIN, WILLIAM A. 1216 E. Wabash Avenue Waukesha, Wl 53186 MARTINELLO, RICHARD F. 860 lanisse Drive Windsor, Ontario MARTINO, ROCCO J. 355 S. Edgewood Avenue Wooddale, IL 60191 MARTINS, PAUL B. 856 Alamuku Street Honolulu, HI 96821 MARTINY, THOMAS |. 6298 North 15th Road Arlington, VA 22205 MARX, GARY J. 482 Shabbona Drive Park Forest, IL 60466 MASCHMEIER, THOMAS 951 Twincrest Court Cincinnati, OH 45231 MASTERSON, THOMAS J. 5345 Crestwind Drive Palos Verdes Park, CA 90274 MATHER, DEBORAH K. 1215 South Brooks Drive Bloomington, IN 47401 MATTHEWS, CATHERINE 1325 E. Jefferson Blvd. South Bend, IN 46617 MATTHEWS, JOHN T. 1539 Dell Cove Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46804 MAYER, DAVID C. 10911 Falkirk Road Louisville, KY 40243 MAYO, DANIEL M. 101 Tam-O-Shanter Mahwah, NJ 07430 MAYOR, RAYMOND |. 3500 North Nora Avenue Chicago, IL 60634 MAZZACAVALLO, ROBERT J. 11906 Artesian Blue Island, IL 60406 MCALLISTER, DAVID J. 105 Tree Farm Road Pittsburgh, PA 15238 MCALLISTER, KATHLEEN 109 Canterbury Road McMurray, PA 15317 MCBRIDE, JOHN F. 40 Arvesta Street Springfield, MA 01118 MCBRIDE, KEVIN G. 2736 Caroline Drive Homewood, IL 60430 MCCARRON, JAMES R. 82 River Heights Drive Smithtown, NY 11787 MCCARTHY, KATHLEEN 401 St. Clair Ave. Spring Lake, NJ 07762 MCCAUGHAN, WILLIAM 881 Ocean Dr. Apt 18A Key Biscayne, FL 33134 MCCOLLAM, ROBERT J. 3 Graymoor Lane Olympia Fields, IL 60461 MCCORMICK, C. MICHAEL RFD 1 Chateaugy, NY 12920 MCCORMICK, KEVIN 7417 87th Avenue Woodhaven, NY 11421 MCCORRY, BRIAN J. 2815 Woodside Dr. Quincy, IL 62301 MCCOY, M. BRIDGET 7B Bowen Rd., Apt. 19A Hong Kong MCCOY, TIMOTHY |. 502 W. 12th Street Hastings, MN 55033 MCCURDY, THOMAS E. 2030 Grant Springfield, IL 62703 MCDERMOTT, WILLIAM 134 Popham Rd. Scarsdale, NY 10583 MCDONALD, FRANCIS J. 575 Washington Ave. Lindenhurst, NY 11757 MCDONALD, GARY S. 19 Marcia Dr. Trenton, NJ 08610 MCDONALD, MICHAEL T. 135 West Griffith Galveston, IN 46932 MCDONALD, SEAN A. Ill East 216th St. Euclid, OH 44123 MCDONNELL, ROBERT F. 8329 Wagon Wheel Rd. Alexandria, VA 22309 MCDONOUGH, PATRICK 1000 W. Saddle River Rd. Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423 MCDONOUGH, THOMAS M. U.S. Commander, Berlin APO, NY 09742 MCEACHIN, JOHN 1033 S. Jefferson Saginaw, Ml 48601 MCELROY, CHARLES J. 715 Northwest Dr. Silver Springs, MD 20901 MCELROY, PETER M. 82-59 Commonwealth Blvd. Bellerose, NY 11426 MCFADDEN, THOMAS 115 Peashway South Bend, IN 46617 MCGAH, EDWARD R. JR. 339 Cottage Hill Elmhurst, IL 60126 MCGINNIS, EDWARD J. R.D. 1 115 Fawn Lake Hawley, PA 18428 MCGINNIS, JOHN D. PO Box 55 Three Springs, PA 17264 MCCLEW, MARY 1010 Cambridge Marion, OH 43302 MCGLINN, WILLIAM D. 121 E. North Shore South Bend, IN 46617 MCGOUGH, STEWART M. 208 E. Seventh St. Oswego, NY 13126 MCGOWAN, JAMES J. 3111 63rd PI. Cheverly, MD 20785 MCGRANAHAN, JOHN S. 1211 Edwards Ave. Lakewood, OH 44107 MCGRATH, MARY 3301 Marquette Trail Michigan City, IN 46360 MCGRAW, DANIEL 336 Country Club Weirton, WV 26062 MCGRAW, KEVIN J. 4765 Seneca Point Canandaigua, NY 14424 MCGREGOR, STEPHEN J. 1004 Grace Drive Johnson City, TN 37601 MCGUIRE, FRANCIS J. 409 Whippers-ln Ct. Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48013 MCHUGH, PETER E. 19470 Laurel Avenue Cleveland, OH 44116 MCINERNEY, JOHN J. 1206 Ashland Ave. River Forest, IL 60305 MCINERNY, WILLIAM 1317 E. Colfax South Bend, IN 46617 MCINNIS, BRENT G. 2400 Westheim Apt. 202E Houston, TX 77006 MCINTEE, TIM W. 1005 W. Battell St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 MCKAY, TIMOTHY 4 Oakbrook Club Oak brook, IL 60521 MCKENNA, THOMAS 1006 Bernalillo PI. SE Albuquerque, NM 87123 MCKEON, WILLIAM F. JR. 19320 Royal Birkdale Dr. Miami, FL 33015 MCKILLOP, PETER J. 27 Washington Ave. Tappan, NY 10983 MCKNIGHT, THOMAS K. R.D. 1 Box 351) Duncansville, PA 16635 MCLAUGHLIN, GEORGE 3 Fairview Terrace Wheeling, WV 26003 MCLEAN, BRIAN P. 114 Virginia St. Clean, NY 14760 MCLOUGHLIN, DAVID P. 37 Taylor Ct. Cumberland, Rl 02864 MCMAHON, JOHN W. 5402 NE Webster Portland, OR 97218 MCNAMARA, STEPHEN R. 1504 E. 26th PI. Tulsa, OK 74114 MCQUADE, ROBERT Olympia Fields, IL 60461 MCQUIGHAN, JOSEPH M. 489 Rita Dr. Odenton, MD 21113 MCQUESTION, HAROLD W. 32 Eltham Dr. Eggertsville, NY 14226 MCTAMNEY, THOMAS J. 2705 Riverside Lane NE Rochester, MN 55901 MCTIGHE, JAMES S. 14657 Stonewall Dr. Silver Springs, MD 20904 MEIER, NANCY S. 257 Rutherford St. Shreveport, LA 71104 MEISSNER, MICHAEL G. 1960 Temblehurst South Euclid, OH 44121 U III II, DANIEL JR. 7070 Lawrence Rd. Bethel Park, PA 15102 MELNYK, GREGORY P. 808 N. Ridgewood Ave. Ormond Beach, FL 32074 MELVIN, THOMAS O. 8 Sunnyhill Rd. Villanova, PA 19085 MENCHETTI, BRUCE M. 2323 W. 24th St. Chicago, IL 60608 MENDEZ, ALBERT 1126 E. Flora St. Stockton, CA 95205 MENK, WILLIAM A. 313 Hickory Hill Nicholasville, KY 40356 MENNEL, DAVID R. 714 Griffin Road Indianapolis, IN 46227 MERIDITH, JAMES W. 2445 S. Fairfield Fort Wayne, IN 46807 MERTEN, DIANA R. 7315 Green Bay Road Kenosha, Wl 53140 METZGER, MICHAEL L 601 Commonwealth Jackson, Ml 49202 MEULEMAN, DAVID J. 32551 Barclay Square Warren, Ml 48093 MEYER, RICHARD A. 2020 Cleveland Lane Crown Point, IN 46307 MIGLIARESE, FRANK J. 781 Washington Ave. Waterbury, CT 06708 MILLER, BARRY A. RD 5 Box 553 Ml. Pleasant, PA 15666 MILLER, JOAN E. 1524 Sibley NW Grand Rapids, Ml 49504 MILLER, JOHN R. 9408 Doral Court Apt 9 Louisville, KY 40220 MILLER, MARGARET R. 1129 Riverside Drive South Bend, IN 46616 MILLER, RONALD J. 1472 Five Forks Road Virginia Beach, VA 23455 MILLER, TIMOTHY 878 North Wilcrest Houston, TX 77024 MILNES, SCOTT E. 6722 W. Edgewood Road Palos Heights, IL 60463 MIRABITO, JOHN J. 9 James Street Sidney, NY 13838 MIRABITO, ROBERT J. 7600 Lucille Apt. 11 Shawnee, KS 66214 MIRACKY, MARY E. 109 Fox Hunt Lane E. Amherst, NY 14051 MISKELL, PATRICK J. 333 S. Cherry Street Itasca, IL 60143 MOCCIA, RICKY W. 360 Peter Avenue New York, NY 10306 MODGLIN, THOMAS F. 8 Briarwood Drive Collinsville, IL 62234 MOKRIS, MICHAEL S. 817 Fairway Drive NE Warren, OH 44483 MOLIDOR, LISA ANNE 229 S. Madison LaGrange, IL 60525 MONAGHAN, THOMAS M. 21 Doris Road Framingham, MA 01701 MONAHAN, EDWARD J. 900 Ottawa Avenue N Golden Valley, MN 55422 MONDELLO, JERRY M. 24 Normandy Drive Wayne, NJ 07470 MONTAVO, GILDA M. Box 781 McComb, TN 39648 MONTELL, THOMAS I. 2066 Norton Street Rochester, NY 14609 MOORE, LAURIE J. 4025 Belle Aire Lane Downers Grove, IL 60515 MORACZEWSKI, TERENCE L PO Box 86 Wynantskill, NY 12198 MORAN, LIAM J. PO Box 1891 Anchorage, AK 99510 MORAN, TERRANCE P. 8146 Grayfield Dearborn Heights, Ml 48127 MOREDOCK, WILLIAM E. 2124 Barberry Drive Springfield, IL 62704 MORGAN, EDWARD L 502 Levin Lane Shreveport, LA 71105 MORGANTE, MICHAEL J. 83 Lyceum Street Geneva, NY 14456 MORISSEAU, PAUL E. 72 Mechanic RFD 3 Woonsocket, Rl 02895 MORRIS, ROBERT C. 1203 Live Oak Pascagoula, MS 39567 MORRISON, F. JOSEPH 4048 Myerwood Lane Dallax, TX 75234 MORRISSEY, WILLIAM 173 S. Mountain Drive New Britain, CT 06052 MORTIMER, JOHN S. 10628 Longwood Drive Chicago, IL 60643 MORUZZI, JAMES F. 254-26 37th Avenue Little Neck, NY 11363 MOSKOW, THOMAS E. 16 Marlin Court Sea Cliff L.I., NY 11579 MOSSER, DOUGLAS A. 203 West Monroe Sandusky, OH 44870 MOUCH, ROBERT C. 166 Tracy Drive Slidell, LA 70458 MROZEWSKI, JAN F. 555 Glenwood Avenue Ambridge, PA 15003 MULHERN, MICHAEL G. 1599 Edge nton Place Crofton, MD 21113 MULLER, MICHELLE J. 407 Maple Lane Sewickley, PA 15143 MUNDY, ROBERT M. 101 -A Rowe Street Tamaqua, PA 18252 MUNOZ, LEONEL 1983 South Pontiac Denver, CO 80222 MURPHY, ARTHUR J. 57 Elm Street Hicksville, NY 11801 MURPHY, CHARLES P. 1347 Northcliffe Syracuse, NY 13206 MURPHY, DENNIS P. 8333 South 100th Street Franklin, Wl 53132 MURPHY, JAMES A. 438 Winnebago Park Forrest, IL 60466 MURPHY, JAMES E. JR. 1706 Churchill Drive South Bend, IN 46617 MURPHY, KEVIN J. 27 Brigham Street Hudson, MA 01749 MURPHY, KEVIN P. 7624 North Beach Drive Fox Point, Wl 53217 MURPHY, PATRICK J. 3200 Hawthorne Avenue Casper, WY 82601 MURPHY, PATRICK J. 4528 West 99th Place Oaklawn, IL 60453 MURPHY, PAUL R. JR. 3388 Horsehead South Laurel, MD 20810 MURPHY, THOMAS T. Ill 1005 Oak Ridge Drive South Bend, IN 46617 MURPHY, WILLIAM F. 201 S. Arrow Street Schenectady, NY 12304 MYERS, LOUIS J. 354 Bryant Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15235 NACHTWEY, GREGORY J. 1630 S. Grand Avenue W Springfield, IL 62704 NAGEL, B. MICHAEL 13471 Weddington Van Nuys, CA 91401 NALLEY, GEORGE J. JR. 95 Tern Street New Orleans, LA 70124 NANOVIC, ROGER N. 470 Harvard Avenue Palmerton, PA 18071 NAQUIN, JOHN T. 3229 E. Lake Drive N Elkhart, IN 46514 NARDI, ALFONSO W. 31 Ardmore Street Springfield, MA 01104 NARDI, JERRY S. 159 Monrovia Street Springfield, MA 01104 NASH, GERARD R. 3430 Liv-Moor Dr. Columbus, OH 43227 NASH, SUSAN 721 E. 208th Street Euclid, OH 44123 NATALE, THOMAS V. 220 Yarkerdale Dr. Rochester, NY 14615 -4 I! 308 NAUGHTON, WILLIAM J. 61 River Road 3978 Woodthrush Road St. Louis, MO 63106 PUGNETTI, GREGORY E. Wheaton, IL 60187 R.D. 1 Box 157 Scarborough, NY 10510 Akron, OH 44313 PIETRANGELI, ROMULO 1828 Saddle Drive REILLY, HUGH E. Marlb9ro, NJ 07746 ODIOSO, RICHARD E. PACKO, JOHN G. 5932 North Ironwood Warrington, PA 18976 17851 Lincoln St. NAVARRE, MARK |. 1588 Beech Grove 3715 Airport Highway South Bend, IN 46635 PUNTARELLI, TIMOTHY Villa Park, CA 92667 4808 287th Street Cincinnati, OH 45238 Toledo, OH 43615 PIETRYKOWSKI, MARK 3303 Busy Bee Lane REILLY, PAUL C. Toledo, OH 43611 ODMARK, SUSAN C. PADOVANI, THOMAS W. 3044 Villa Drive Indianapolis, IN 46227 2900 DeSoto Way S NAXERA, SALLY 414 S. l-Oka St. 504 N. Delaware Avenue Toledo, OH 43614 PURZYCKI, MICHAEL J. St. Petersburg, FL 33712 R. R. 1 Mount Prospect, IL 60056 Lindenhurst, NY 11757 PIJOR, DENNIS D. 1041 Thurman St. REIMER, CAROL M. Louisiana, MO 63353 CCDONNELL, CHRISTOPHER PAJAKOWSKI, STEPHEN E. 3727 Falbo Avenue Camden, NJ 08104 61 Bayham Dr. NEACLE, THOMAS J. 107 Clover Street 1710 North Wilber Street Lorain, OH 44052 PUSATERI, JOSEPH P. JR. Cincinnati, OH 45218 27 Hickory Place Windsor, CT 06095 South Bend, IN 46628 PIKNA, RAYMOND J. JR. 50 Frederick Street REINERT, RICHARD J. Livingston, NJ 07039 O ' DONNELL, MICHAEL L. PALLARDY, MARCO E. 2724 Olentangy Drive Burgettstown, PA 15021 4200 River Edge Circle Apt 22 NEWBOULD, SUSAN A. 1435 Woodridge Ct. 104 Ladoga Akron, Ohio 44313 PUTNAM, DAVID F. Brown Deer, Wl 53209 1123 East 173 PI. Deerfield, IL 60015 Tampa, FL 33606 PILLION, KIERAN JR. 9 Partridge Lane REIS, PAUL G. South Holland, IL 60473 O ' HALLORAN, BRADLEY PALMITER, ROBERT JR. 1815 Long Hill Road Kennebunk, ME 04043 7923 Meadowbrook Drive NICHOLSON, PATRICK 13013 Oak Ct. 17346 Willshire Millington, NJ 07946 PYTYNIA, ANN M. Indianapolis, IN 46240 4910 South Justine Palos Heights, IL 60463 South Bend, IN 46635 PINK, JEFFREY C. 421 Hoyt Street REISHMAN, CHARLES Chicago, IL 60609 O ' HERLIHY, BRIAN T. PAMPUSH, GEOFFREY J. 507 4th Street NE Michigan City, IN 46360 4206 Staunton Ave. NICHOLSON, TERRY M. 1 Deerhill Dr. 2828 Kingsbury Drive Independence, IA 50644 QUACKENBUSH, CHARLES W. Charleston, WV 25304 5 Roan Circle Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423 Rocky River, OH 44116 PINKERTON, OPAL A. 4161 Beachtree Court RESNIK, MARY I. Florissant, MO 63033 OKONSKY, STEPHEN A. PARISE, THOMAS C. Route 2 Box 269 Dayton, OH 45424 21751 Auten Road NICKSON, THOMAS E. 12909 Sturbridge 1128 Sherri Way Hanceville, AL 35077 QUADRINI, PHILIP J. South Bend, IN 46625 21 Conway Lane Woodbridge, VA 22191 Longmont, CO 80501 PIOTROWSKI, JOSEPH 644 Parma Center Road RESTAINO, STEPHEN C. St. Louis, MO 63124 OLARTE, GUILLERMO PARKER, MARK R. 7 Sunset Lane Hilton, NY 14468 615 Black Gates Road NIEHAUS, STEVE G. Carrera 49 05235 629 South Plum Grove Yardley, PA 19067 QUAKENBUSH, ROBERT Wilmington, DE 19803 114 Siebemhaler Medellin, Colombia Palatine, IL 60067 PLOSZEK, JUDITH M. 1 Buckingham RR 2 REYNOLDS, JEFFREY L Reading, OH 45215 South America PARRO, ROBERT C. 7712 West 65th Street Yorktown, IN 47396 2607 Lincoln Drive NIELD, EDGAR R. O ' LAUGHLIN, KATHLEEN 1105 Coach Road Bedford Park, IL 60501 QUAN, VICTOR G. Jeffersonville, IN 47130 107 Sunset Dr. 3034 Dorchester Rd. Homewood, IL 60430 PLOUFF, THOMAS O. PO Box 189 REYNOLDS, STEVEN A. Cumberland, MD 21502 Niagara Falls, NY 14305 PASPEK, STEPHEN C. 52751 Brookdale Belize City, Belize 3035 Emmertsen Road NIEMIEC, LEONARD R. O ' LEARY, JOSEPH P. 10433 Edgewater Drive South Bend, IN 46637 Central America Racine, Wl 53406 4025 Michelline Lane 2724 West 86th Street Cleveland, OH 44102 PLUMBY, DAVID P. QUIGLEY, ROBERT P. REZAIAN, MEHDI Northbrook, IL 60062 Chicago, IL 60652 PASTER, MICHAEL J. 409 Martha Street 1118 Childs Ave. Iranian Naval Embassy NIEWRZEL, GEORGE C OLETTI, MARK C. 62 Hillcrest Road Yorkville, OH 43971 Drexel Hill, PA 19026 Washington, DC 5815 Rockhill 515 North Ironwood Drive Fair Haven, NJ 07701 POETZINGER, STEVEN QUIRK, JAMES E. RHEINGOLD, MICHAEL Kansas City, MO 64110 South Bend, IN 46615 PAULIUS, THOMAS D. 69 Peyton Drive 103 Bridge Street 1819 Alean Drive NINNEMAN, PETER JR. OLIVE, MARK G. 11165 South Campbell Chicago Heights, IL 60411 Salem, MA 01970 Menaha, Wl 54952 805 Superior Avenue 6022 Knox Avenue South Chicago, IL 60655 POHLEN, PATRICK J. QUIRK, MARTIN G. RICCI, THOMAS M. Toman, Wl 54660 Minneapolis, MN 55419 PAUSBACK, DONALD R. 9906 Brookshire Avenue 731 ' A N. Sheridan Apt 3-F 3890 Audubon NIQUETTE, JAMES P. OLSON, PETER W. 1331 South Ashland Avenue Downey, CA 90240 Chicago, IL 60626 Detroit, Ml 48224 R 4 Pit Road 358 Amherst Avenue Park Ridge, IL 60068 POKIGO, FRANCIS JR. RAFTIS, MICHAEL R. RICHARDS, PHH.IP Manitowoc, Wl 54220 Des Plaines, IL 60016 PAVILIONIS, THOMAS 61 Ellington Street 100 Franklin St. 312 Princeton Ave. NISHAN, MARK A. O ' MALLEY, BRIAN J. 6505 S. Kenneth Ave. Longmeadow, MA 01106 Owego, NY 13827 Alpena, Ml 49707 Farmhouse Lane F-3 5628 West 99th Street Chicago, IL 60629 POLICASTRO, ROBERT RAMIREZ, CESAR A. RICHTER, DAVID B. Morristown, N) 07960 Oak Lawn, IL 60453 PAVLIK, MICHAEL F. 620 E. 20th Street Colonia Campestre-4 1020 Bedford Lane NOKES, DONALD C. JR. O ' MARA, KEVIN T. 1935 Wespark New York, NY 10009 Cananea, Sonora, Mexico Ballwm, MO 63011 RD 5 Box 189 Lyle Ct. 208 Pearl Street Whiting, IN 46394 POLLARD, MICHAEL A. RAMIREZ, RAYMOND R. RIDGE, MARIANNE Johnstown, PA 15905 Blissfield, Ml 49228 PAYNE, RANDOLPH A. 5131 South Narraganset 134 Piegan 229 Lynn Haven Dr. NOLAN, JOHN M. O ' MEARA, MARIA C. 8353 Allendale Drive Chicago, IL 60638 San Antonio, TX 78207 Pittsburgh, PA 15228 7121 Pine Birr Lane 1227 East Irvington Palmer Park, MD 20785 POLLOCK, JAMES B. RAMIREZ, RICARDO A. RIEBSCHLEGER, PETER Sylvania, OH 43560 South Bend, IN 46614 PEARL, GREGORY J. 15 Kimberly Court Colonia Campestre-4 3303 Osier NOLAN, KEVIN C. ONDERCIN, BARBARA M. 4700 Knoxville Avenue Ramsey, N) 07446 Cananea Sonora, Mexico Saginaw, Ml 48602 185 Fairlane 8995 Westlawn Boulevard Peoria, IL 61614 PONICK, KARL L. RAMSAY, BRYAN J. RIEHLE, MARY Elmhurst, IL 60126 Cleveland, OH 44138 PEARSALL, BRIAN W. 74 Ramblewood Drive 6 Erie Lane Lincoln Hi-Way E NORELL, ROBERT I. O ' NEIL, DAVID C. 78 Lake Road North Chili, NY 14514 Los Alomas, NM 87544 Greensburg, PA 15601 2538 W. 104th Street 64 Sheather Street Greenlawn, NY 11740 POPE, GREGORY RAPCHAK, BARBARA A. RIES, MARYANNE Chicago, IL 60655 Hammondport, NY 14840 PECAN, DAVID E. 1233 Chimes Boulevard 1024 Summit Hills Lane 145 Richmond Circle NORTHRUP, DAIVD B. O ' NEIL, PAUL 1029 Poplar Street South Bend, IN 46615 Naperville, IL 60540 Pittsburgh, PA 15237 36 Hawthorne Street 23476 Lawrence Street Huntington, IN 46750 POPKEN, ELEANOR J. RASHID, JAMES J. RIOS, ESTHER C. Cranford, NJ 07016 South Bend, IN 46628 PELEHACH, JOHN A. 3321 Bruckner Boulevard 7807 Oakman Blvd. 355 Citadel NORTHRUP, DONALD D. O ' NEILL, JAMES P. 315 Brunswick Drive Bronx, NY 10461 Dearborn, Ml 48126 Rio Piedras, PR 009213 56 North Walnut Street 256 Northland Drive Huron, OH 44839 POPOVICH, JOSEPH E. RATHJEN, WILLIAM E. RIZZO, MICHAEL J. Waterloo, NY 13165 Central Square, NY 13036 PELLETIER, DALE M. 543 Washington Street 33 Timber Road 38 Warner Road NOVAKOV, ANTHONY J. O ' NEILL, KEVIN J. 2320 West 99th Street Mount Pleasant, PA 15666 Edison, NJ 08817 Grosse Pte Farms, Ml 48236 4350 Clifford Rd. 1800 Clover Road Chicago, IL 60643 PORTMAN, DAVID G. RAUSCHER, JOSEPH S. ROACHE, STEVEN Cincinnati, OH 45236 Northbrook, IL 60062 PELLETTIERI, VINCENT J. East Main Road 3716 Wildwood Drive 1161 Millhil! Road NOVITZKI, PATRICK D. O ' NEILL, PATRICK 541 North Fifth Avenue Westfield, NY 14787 Endwell, NY 13760 Southport, CT 06430 707 5th Street 59 W. Main Street Des Plaines, IL 60016 POTERAJ, ROBERT S. RAVASCHIERE, VINCENT P. ROBERTS, JEFFREY Farmington, MN 55024 Norwich, NY 13815 PENKALA, TIMOTHY 9641 Joyzelle Drive 12 Bampton Place 231 Pinoak N. Apt. C-2 NOVY, THOMAS G. O ' NEILL, SCHAEFER P. 52103 Kenilworth Gaden Grove, CA 92641 W. Long Branch, NJ 07764 Mishawaka, IN 46544 4703 Arlington Park Blvd. 800 Alton Street South Bend, IN 46637 POTTER, ROBERT K. Ill RAVEN, ELIZABETH A. ROBERTS, WILLIAM JR. Fort Wayne, IN 46815 Alton, IL 62002 PENTRACK, WAYNE C. 5207 Starlight Mesa 52740 Brandel Ave. 310 Record Ave. NYE, CHRISTOPHER J. O ' NEILL, THOMAS 12 Miller Drive La Canada, CA 91011 South Bend, IN 46635 Punxsutawney, PA 15767 20360 Opal Street 5241 South Natchez Avenue Blairsville, PA 15717 POVALSKI, MARK S. READ, FREDERICK ROCHE, RODERICK M. South Bend, IN 46614 Chicago, IL 60638 PEREIRA, LUIGI A. 624 Pine Tree Road Rdl 909 Lovell Drive OBIALA, JOHN R. OPAL, DONALD V. 9921 Trinidad Kohler, Wl 53044 Wrightsville, PA 17368 Virginia Beach, VA 23454 24 Cour St. Tropez 1632 South 59th Court El Paso, TX 79925 POWELL, JOHN W. JR. REAGAN, DANIEL G. ROCHELEAU, ELLEN S. Palos Hills, IL 60465 Cicero, IL 60650 PEREZ, RANDOLPH C. 38 Beechwood Lane 1519 East Erie Avenue 1205 W. Sherwin Ave. OBORNY, MARION O ' REILLY, TERENCE J. 6907 Brisbane Street Ridgefield, CT 06877 Lorain, OH 44052 Chicago, IL 60626 RR2 1248 Satellite Circle Springfield, VA 22152 POWERS, EDWARD REALE, JAY K. ROCHFORD, MARY K. Timken, KS 67582 Pittsburgh, PA 15241 PERINO, JOSEPH 307 East North Street 206 N. Warman Ave. 6311 N. Navajo O ' BRIEN, KEVIN J. ORMSBY, JOHN F. 1205 Douglas Street Naperville, IL 60540 Indianapolis, IN 46222 Chicago, IL 60646 378 Coldbrook Drive 75-31 260th St. Alexandria, MN 56308 POWERS, JOHN W. REDIC, DAVID C. RODDY, PETER M. Elmira, NY 14904 Glen Oaks, NY 11004 PERRY, EDWARD J. 19 Greystone Road 333 McKinley 18025 Muirland Ave. O ' BRIEN, SUSAN E. O ' ROURKE, JOANNE 6 Terry Lane Sagus, MA 01906 Grosse Pte Farms, Ml 48236 Detroit, Ml 48221 709 North Shore Drive 29 Del Prado Prospect, CT 06712 PRICE, JAMES J. REEN, BERNARD M. RODGERS, FREDERICK South Bend, IN 46617 Lake Oswego, OR 97034 PESSEMIER, M. BLAIR 52 Railroad Avenue 88 Lincoln Parkway 948 Richmar Drive O ' CONNELL, RAYMOND ORSCHELN, PHILLIP A. 172 Creighton Road Yonkers, NY 10710 Buffalo, NY 14222 Westlake, OH 44145 701 N. Columbian Box 698 W. Lafayette, IN 47906 PRICE, KEVIN L. REGAN, JOHN M. RODIO, RALPH R. Oak Park, IL 60302 Moberly, MO 65270 PETERMAN, CHERRYL J. 999 Moessner Avenue 7686 Dogwood Road 2305 Arthur St. O ' CONNOR, CHARLES M. ORTEGA, CARLOS 48 East 33rd Street Union, NJ 07083 Germantown, TN 38138 Philadelphia, PA 19152 13-05 Plaza Road 3408 Yandell Dr. Holland, Ml 49423 PRICE, MARK H. REGAN, MATTHEW J. RODRIGUE, JULIAN JR. Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 El Paso, TX 79903 PETERS, JOHN A. 3705 Melbourne Avenue 515 N. Broadway 1118 W. 14th Ave. O ' CONNOR, DANIEL T. OSBURN, TERENCE P. 421 Birchwood Road Cleveland, OH 44111 Lexington, KY 40508 Covington, LA 70433 RFD 1 O ' Connor Rd. 358 East Edgewood Avenue Hinsdale, IL 60521 PRINSTER, CECILIA H. REHMAN, JAMALUDD A. ROEHL, ALAN G. Weedsport, NY 13166 Indianapolis, IN 46227 PETRAK, RUSSELL M. 308 Brookcliff Court A8 Mohd All Bogra 7332 S. Rockwell O ' CONNOR, JOHN J. JR. O ' SHAUGHNESSY, MARK 9300 South Harding Avenue Grand Junction, CO 81501 Bath Island Chicago, IL 60629 11 Viles Street 17 Bonnie Rae Drive Evergreen Park, IL 60642 PRINSTER, JOSEPH C. JR. Karachi, Pakistan ROEHL, THOMAS M. Augusta, ME 04330 Yardville, NJ 08620 PETTIT, STEPHEN 1302 Chipeta Ave. REICH, CHARLES E. 12226 Whitehill O ' CONNOR, KATHLEEN A. O ' SULLIVAN, DANIEL E. R2 Box 269 Grand Junction, CO 81501 RD 1 Detroit, Ml 48224 60282 Rt 1 Pembrook Lane 11 Geoffrey Drive Hanceville, AL 35077 PRIVITERA, PAUL S. Baden, PA 15005 ROETHER, PETER T. Elkhart, IN 46514 Parsippany, NJ 07054 PHELPS, KEVIN J. 67 Wildwood Road REICHARDT, KARL J. 106 Camphor Tree Lane O ' CONNOR, MICHAEL P. OSWALD, CARL T. 205 Fai rhaven Road Wethersfield, CT 06109 1030 E. Manhatton Drive Altamonte Springs, FL 32701 24 W. 35th St. 8923 Knight Apt. 111 Rochester, NY 14610 PROSCIO, ANTHONY |. Tempe, AZ 85282 ROGERS, CHARLES P. Erie, PA 16508 Des Plaines, IL 60016 mil BIN, MARY T. 20442 Hull REILLY, ANNE 504 E. Council Trail O ' CONNOR, NICHOLAS OTI, JOSE 222 South East Avenue Detroit, Ml 48203 220 Main St. Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 18389 Edison 121 David Street Oak Park, IL 60302 PSZERACKI, JOSEPH S. Shawano, Wl 54166 ROGGERO, FREDERICK F. South Bend, IN 46617 South Bend, IN 46635 PHILLIPS, LIONEL J. 1907 Beaver Road REILLY, EDWARD A. JR. 5292 Magnolia Avenue O ' CONNOR, ROBERT P. OWOC, RICHARD V. 1606 Knapp Street Ambridge, PA 15003 1691 Thompson Drive Riverside, CA 92506 309 ROHRS, CHARLES E. 13426 S. Western Ave. SCHUMANN, GERALD 21 Lake Shore Drive Evanston, IL 60202 SULLIVAN, SCOTT C. 1 60 Broadway Blue Island, IL 60406 483 Wesley Drive Clarendon Hills, IL 60504 SPENCER, THOMAS A. 216 Monroe Street Rockwille Centre, NY 11570 SANTRY, RICHARD J. Addison, IL 60101 SIERPUTOWSKI, MICHAEL J. 79 Wall Street Hanover, IL 61041 ROLFS, ROBERT T. 11 Elm Drive SCHWANDER, DONALD J. 1481 East 196th Street New York, NY 10005 SUPIK, RICHARD E. 817 Crestview Drive Leetsdale, PA 15056 6000 Cameron Boulevard Euclid, OH 44117 SPURLING, JAMES C. 8029 Robin Lane West Bend, Wl 53095 SARAHAN, MICHAEL L New Orleans, LA 70122 SIEVE, JON H. 6944 Crest Road Brecksville, OH 44141 ROMAN, MELISSA A. 10108 Donegal Court SCHWARBER, JAMES D. 5336 Julmar Drive Palos Verdes, CA 90274 SUTKOWSKI, ROD R. 816 Northumberland Rd. Potomac, MD 20854 635 East 80th Street Cincinnati, OH 45238 STANTON, SALLY A. 697 Long Hill Avenue Springfield, VA 22153 SARB, PATRICK J. Indianapolis, IN 46240 SIKORA, JEFFREY E. 10400 Haywood Drive Shelton, CT 06484 ROMANO, PATTI 227 E. Cripe Apt C SCHWARTZ, NORBERT F. 25 Sunrise Drive Silver Springs, MD 20902 Minis. RANDAL 1 . 9200 N. Lawndale South Bend, IN 46637 130 South Front Elkhart, IN 46514 STARKEY, PAUL M. 1650 W. Royalton Drive Evanston, IL 60205 SAZDANOFF, MICHAEL Salina, KS 67401 SIKORA, JOHN E. 4238 Broadway Carmel, IN 46032 ROMINSKI, JOSEPH R. 443 Gerald Ave. SCHWEIHS, ROBERT P. 1856 Buckingham Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46205 SWARBRICK, JOHN B. 7710 Ceier Road Mansfield, OH 44903 170 Kenmore Avenue Westchester, IL 60153 STEAD, PATRICIA L. 1707 Wilton Drive Curnee, IL 60031 SCAROLA, KATHLEEN A. Elmhurst, IL 60126 SIMMONS, JACQUELINE 670 Fairway Lane Bloomington, IN 47401 ROMZICK, MARK J. 1237 Northwestern SCOTT, CHESTER B. 310 E. Woodside Frankfort, IL 60423 SWEENEY, BRYAN P. 5010 Sturgeon Creek Monroeville, PA 15146 320 Main Street South Bend, IN 46614 STECYK, OREST 192 Otis Street Midland, Ml 48640 SCHACHTELE, FRANCIS L Oneida, NY 13421 SIMONDS, BARBARA J. 3002 Hearthstone Hingham, MA 02043 RONEY, DAVID R. 498 Travers Ct. SCOTT, GREGORY C. 52852 Brookdale Drive Parma, OH 44134 SWEENEY, MORGAN 2 Surry Court Mishawaka, IN 46544 PO Box 6537 South Bend, IN 46637 STEEDLE, DAVID W. 4119 Audubon Place Rockville, MD 20850 SCHEPLEY, JAMES B. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 SIMPSON, STEPHEN P. 5051 Parkvue Drive Lynchburg, VA 24503 ROSS, ELLEN M. 49 Pine Bluff Drive SCOTT, PATRICK S. PO Box 10092 Pittsburgh, PA 15236 SWEENEY, PHILIP P. 6214 N. Magnolia Dayton, OH 45440 2400 NE 26th Avenue Knoxville, TN 37919 STEFANEK, MARK A. 52 North Highland Chicago, IL 60660 SCHERRY, DAVID C. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 SIMUNEK, THOMAS W. 530 Whitehall Road Palatine, IL 60067 ROTH, BRUCE ). 158 Fairfield Road SCULATI, MICHAEL R. 7 Woodacres Road Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48013 SWEENEY, WILLIAM F. 10 Homeland Place Avon Lake, OH 44012 113 Roberson Street Brookville, NY 11545 STEINER, RICHARD L 4062 Conover Road St. Louis, MO 63109 SCHIESZER, JOSEPH T. Dublin, GA 31021 SINNOTT, JOSEPH P. 1326 North Grotto Street University Heights, OH 44118 ROTH, MARK E. 3444 Wright Avenue SCULLY, TIMOTHY R. 704 NW 1st Street St. Paul, MN 55117 SWISHER, ROBERT L 2917 Patricia Dr. St. Louis, MO 63073 1369 Tower Road Washington, IN 47501 STEINMETZ, ROBERT J. 840 Albany Road Des Moines, IA 50322 SCHILLING, ANDREW J. Winnetka, IL 600% SINSKY, MARK F. 1306 Regency Drive Lexington, KY 40502 ROWLEY, JAMES A. 451 E. 14th St. Apt 3 A SEARS, JOHN D. 2834 N. 98th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15237 SYBURG, ELLEN L. 16 Edward Ave. New York, NY 10009 1160 Pierce Street Apt 207 Milwaukee, Wl 53222 STEPHAN, RODERICK C. 918 Whitehall Drive Adams, MA 01220 SCHLECK, ROBERT |. Lakewood, CO 80215 SISKA, THOMAS A. Bow Lane Route 2 South Bend, IN 46615 ROXAS, EDUARDO 108 Brookdale Drive SEDUSKI, HENRY W. 51 Caldwell Avenue Barrington, IL 60010 SZUICZEWSKI, DAVID Pedro de Valdivia 4 S. Milwaukee, Wl 53172 1 Rose Street Saddle Brook, NJ 07662 STERLING, JEANINE M. 3667 Adams Street Madrid 6, Spain SCHLERETH, LAURENCE Glen Head, NY 11545 SITTER, JOSEPH G. 38400 Asbury Park Drive Lansing, IL 60438 RUDNIK, ROBERT |. 3067 Mt. Troy Road SEELEY, JAMES M. 2409 Country Club Mt. Clemens, Ml 48043 SZYMANSKI, DAVID J. 3310 NE 44th St. Pittsburgh, PA 15212 944 Beach Road Fargo, ND 58102 STERN, MARK W. 1010 Three Mile Drive Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 SCHLICHTINC, DAVID K. Angola, NY 14006 SITTLEY, RENEE 1646 East Palo Verde Grosse Pte. Park, Ml 48230 RUETTICER, DANIEL 1783 Hickory Street SEIDEL, WILLIAM 4686 West 225th Phoeyix, AZ 85016 SZYMANSKI, WALTER C . 808 S. Briggs S. Milwaukee, Wl 53172 17851 Tipton Fairview Park, OH 44126 STEVENS, THOMAS M. 3801 Lincoln Street Joliet, IL 60435 SCHMITZ, HENRY t. Homewood, IL 60430 SKEEHAN, STEPHEN G. 15 Lewis Street Gary, IN 46408 RUFLIN, MICHAEL C. 4200 Hickory Road Apt ID SELLICK, JOHN A. JR. 124 South Hills Drive Maine, NY 13802 TAGGE, EDWARD P. 79 Nurmi Drive Mishawaka, IN 46544 628 Nelson Avenue Barrington, IL 60010 STEVENSON, JOSEPH M. 401 Leonora Rochester, NY 14616 SCHMITZ, JOSEPH P. Peekskill, NY 10566 SKELLY, ROBERT J. 421 Richey Avenue Anaheim, CA 92805 RUKAVINA, PETER P. 2020 Heather Road SEQUEIRA, JOHN F. % White Oak Lane W. Collingswood, NJ 08107 TAICLET, REBECCA L 5530 N. Navajo Ave. Geneva, IL 60187 1000 Continentals Stamford, CT 06905 STEWART, GERARD K. Box 127 Clendale, WI 53217 SCHNEIDER, LINDSAY Belmont, CA 94002 SKISCIM, CHRISTOPHER C. 1900 1-B Wilmette Monterey, IN 46960 RUNDE, STEPHEN L. 8042 Westfield Blvd. SERENA, MARTIN J. 8508 Cherry Valley Lane Wilmette, IL 60091 TALAMO, JAMES M. 3944 Nancy Jane Lane Indianapolis, IN 46240 1724 Post Street Alexandria, VA 22309 STOCK, JAMES P. 556 Hickory Drive Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 SCHNEIDER, SUSAN M. Ottawa, IL 61350 SKODRAS, DAN P. 745 Paige Avenue Greensburg, PA 15601 RUST, DAVID A. 30 Chapel Hills Estates SERYAK, MARK T. 3149 North 105th Street Barberton, OH 44203 TATE, MICHELE L 913 11th Street St. Louis, MO 63131 28493 Windsor Drive Wauwatosa, Wl 53222 STOCKTON, ANDREW H. 1142 Laurel Acre Creensburg, IN 47240 SCHNELLENBERGER, THOMAS North Olmsted, OH 44070 SKRABACZ, RONALD A. 3183 Ninole Drive Deerfield, IL 60015 RUTHERFORD, ALBERT 911 Jackson Street SETLOCK, MARY A. 4818 West Washington Marina, CA 93933 TAURO, ROBERT L 57 Barnsdale Road Huntingburg, IN 47542 25334 Chapelweigh Belleville, IL 62223 STOECKLEIN, ROBERT 1500 Ravine Court Madison, N| 07940 SCHNURLE, MARK P. Farmington, Ml 48024 SLAGER, RICHARD R. 210 W. Thruston Blvd. Niles, OH 44446 RUTKOWSKI, FRANK A. 13 Flora Drive SEVER, MARK V. 1926 Collingswood Road Dayton, OH 45419 TAVERA, ROBERT A. PO Box 311 Peru, IN 46970 617 Kirkwood Drive Columbus, OH 43221 STOLL, GERALD A. 345 Club Drive Middletown. DE 19709 SCHOEBERLEIN, DEBRA Mansfield, OH 44904 SLANINA, J. HOWARD 79 South Meadows Drive San Antonio, TX 78201 RYAN, BRENDAN F. 5462 Marlin Street SEXTON, GERALD A. JR. 2600 Forest Glen Appleton, Wl 54911 TEAH, M. CHRISTINE 249 94th Street Rockville, MD 20853 260 Garth Road Apt 5H4 Deerfield, IL 60015 STOLTZ, MITCHELL T. 116 Peashway Brooklyn, NY 11209 SCHOELWER, MICHAEL Scarsdale, NY 10583 SLAUGHTER, LINDA L 6419 Kremer Road South Bend, IN 46617 RYAN, GREGORY M. 7 Beacon Drive N SHAH, ANAND C. 16543 Marshfield Evansville, IN 47712 TEIXEIRA, TIMOTHY T. 4167 Hubbartt Drive Phoenixville. PA 19460 210 Graywood Markham, IL 60426 STOLZER, ERNEST R. 2456 St. Louis Dr. Palo Alto, CA 94306 SCHOENHERR, SUSAN Elkhart, IN 46514 SMALL, PATRICK L. 410 Eighth Avenue Honolulu, HI 96816 RYAN, (AMES L. 232 North 12th Avenue SHALLER, RICARD L. 169 High Plain Road East Northport, NY 11731 TENNANT, FRANCIS K. 3858 Elizabeth Street Wausau, Wl 55401 3051 Bluffwood Andover, MA 01810 STORER, MARK M. 14 Elridge PI. Pittsburgh, PA 15227 SCHOTT, ROBERT F. St. Joseph, Ml 49085 SMITH, ANDREA J. 6880 North Wildwood Willingboro, NJ 08046 RYAN, (AMES T. 193 Brushy Ridge SHANABRUCH, WILLIAM 911 Bartlet Terrace Chicago, IL 60646 TERRELL, JOHN JR. 2065 St. Raymond Ave. New Canaan, CT 06840 450 N. Main Street Libertyville, IL 60048 STOUGH, PATRICIA M. 92 South Crest Rd. 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Farms, Ml 48236 ST. VILLE, MARY E. 5371 Colony Woods SHEEHAN, THOMAS JR. 833 Jewel Street Jasper, IN 47546 THOMAS, JOSEPH G. 6600 S. Harvard Portage, Ml 49081 260 Little John Court New Orleans, LA 70124 SUCEC, JEFF J. 1405 Veirs Mill Rd. Tulsa, OK 74136 SCHUCKMAN, MYRON J. Bartlett, IL 60103 SOBIERALSKI, DAVID 140 Victor Drive Rockville, MD 20851 SAKALEY, MARK Brownell, KS 67521 SHERER, CARL S. 56276 Sage Road Hobart, IN 46342 THOMPSON, CARL J. 1929 33rd Street SE SCHULER, MARGARET A. 3631 North Hackett New Carlisle, IN 46552 SULLIVAN, DENIS J. 1023 S. Citrus Ave. Washington, DC 20020 Road 3 Marlee Acres Milwaukee, Wl 53211 SOLAN, STEPHEN JR. 14 Strathmore Road Los Angeles, CA 90019 SALAZAR, TERRY L. Export, PA 15632 SHERIDAN, THOMAS H. 2104 S. Schilling Wakefield, MA 01880 THOMPSON, GEOFFREY 11519 Raindrop Drive SCHULTES, ARTHUR H. 15438 South Ellis Ave. Schererville, IN 46375 SULLIVAN, JAMES C. 41-25 Kissena Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78216 501 Kings Highway West Dolton, IL 60419 SONDEJ, ALFRED K. 9 Fenton Drive Flushing, NY 11355 SALZER, KATHLEEN A. Haddonfield, NJ 08033 SHIEL, BARRY A. 33 Pleasant Avenue Short Hills, NJ 07078 THOMPSON, JEFFREY W. 4721 Beaver Ave. SCHULTZ, GREGORY M. 6972 North Tonty Ave. Garfield, NJ 07026 SULLIVAN, J. RYAN 21 Huntington Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46807 315-11 Ave. Juniata Chicago, IL 60646 SORRELL, STEVEN P. 65 Highland Avenue Edison, NJ 08817 SANDERS, CHARLES M. Altoona, PA 16601 SHIELDS, PATRICK J. 8602 Gateshead Road Hamburg, NY 14075 THOMPSON, STEVEN E. 513 N. Chatham SCHULTZ, THOMAS 3 Roseland Court Alexandria, VA 22309 SULLIVAN, MARK X. 44 S. Sylvan Ave. I Villa Park, IL 60181 33 Froehlich Farm Road Deal, NJ 07723 SOSNOVICH, GREGORY 5735 West 25th Street Columbus, OH 43204 I SANDMEYER, RONALD P. 1 24 Second Ave. Haddon Heights, Nj 08035 SAN PAOLO, PETER E. 752 River Road I Trenton, NJ 08628 SANTELLANO, JOSE L. Hicksville, NY 11801 SCHULZE, PHILIP ROY 9481 Evergreen 101 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324 SCHUMACHER, DOUGLAS 11 Yorkville Lane Huntington Station, NY 11746 SHORT, ELIZABETH J. 8 Merilane Minneapolis, MN 55436 SHULTS, RICHARD H. 112 Naramore Drive Batavia, NY 14020 SIEGEL, MARY A. 348 Colfax Street Perth Amboy, NJ 08861 SPARKS, JOHN P. 1121 East Wayne Street N South Bend, IN 46615 SPELLMAN, HARRY T. 1426 Main Street Speedway, IN 46224 SULLIVAN, ROBERT A. 17 Ramsey Drive Summit, NJ 07901 SULLIVAN, ROBERT C. 505 South College Street Covington, TN 38019 THOMPSON, THOMAS 151 Pinoak S Apt. B-2 Mishawaka, IN 46544 THORNSEN, THOMAS C. 57900 Beech Rd. 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Long Branch, N| 07764 VANDENBERG, THOMAS 1114 Eliza St. Green Bay, Wl 54301 VANDERBEEK, GARY A. 1428 Michigan Ave. Mishawaka, IN 46544 . VAN DYKE, HENRY J. 9347 Saratoga Ave. Corinth, NY 12822 VANDYKE, M. JAMES 1207 W. 114th Terrace Kansas City, MO 64114 VAN GOEY, ROBERT K. 222 Parkovash, Ave. South Bend, IN 46617 VAN GRINSVEN, MARK J. 7 Oak Hill Dr. Scotia, NY 12302 VAN HEYDE, JOSEPH J. II 525 Enfield Rd. Columbus, OH 43209 VANO, JOHN J. Ill 7060 Broadview Rd. Parma, OH 44134 VARGA, STEPHEN T. 960 Ridgecrest Dr. Wooster, OH 44691 VERHAMME, WILLIAM A. 206 E. 10th St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 VERNA, JESSIE M. 279 Old Clairton Pittsburgh, PA 15236 VESE, RODNEY 120 Carson Dr. Chardon, OH 44024 VILL, NEIL J. 27 Irving Ave. Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 VINCENT, JOHN K. 991 W. Marshall Blvd. San Bernardino, CA 92404 VOKOUN, JANET J. 220 N. 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Jug Hollow Road Phoenixville, PA 19460 WALTERS, DAVID 981 Chambers Court Somerville, NJ 08876 WALTERS, VICTORIA 825 S. 25th Street South Bend, IN 46615 WALTMAN, MARGARET M. 2526 5th Street Peru, IL 61354 WALUKONIS, THOMAS J. 150 Polk Street Newark, NJ 07105 WARD, ALLAN L. 1950 Broadford South Bend, IN 46614 WARD, THOMAS D. 422 Jones Street Belle Vernon, PA 15012 WATKINS, JAMES R. 1930 St. Clair Drive Pekin, IL 61554 WATSON, BONNIE 422 Yarmouth Road Rochester, NY 14610 WATTS, RICHARD G. 1568 Monterey Place Mobile, AL 36604 WEAVER, JOHN M. 62 Van Allen Road Glen Rock, NJ 07452 WEBER, JAMES L. 2491 South Road Cincinnati, OH 45238 WEBER, PATRICIA 5 Aspen Road Scarsdale, NY 10583 WEBER, ROBIN W. 13110 Mitchwin Dallas, TX 75234 WEBER. R. SCOTT 1013 Ludwig Park Dr. Fort Wayne, IN 46825 WEBSTER, REID G. 3300 Altaloma Drive Birmingham, AL 35216 WEHMEYER, ROBERT P. 15 Woodbine Avenue Watervliet, NY 12189 WEIDNER, CYNTHIA A. 108 Donald Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15209 WELBY, MICHAEL T. 6913 Hickory Nut Carey, IL 60013 WELCH, GERALD A. 1207 E. Forest Avenue Wheaton, IL 60187 WELCH, MICHAEL F. 115 Shepard Place Hannibal, MO 63401 WELCH, STEPHAN N. RR2 Box 175-A New Palestine, IN 46163 WELLMAN, DAVID 2240 W. High Street Lima, OH 45805 WELTE, THOMAS R. 3410 Northridge Drive Pueblo, CO 81008 WELTEROTH, GARY S. 122 Eldred Street Williamsport, PA 17701 WERTZBERGER, JOHN J. 340 Wartburg Place Dubuque, IA 52001 WEST, PAUL J. 1114 N. Ewing Indianapolis, IN 46201 WESTERVELT, MICHAEL 21 Long Hill Drive Clifton, NJ 07013 WETHERBEE, JULE E. 18 Algonquin Drive Huntington Station, NY 11746 WEYAND, KARL J. JR. RR 1 Hornell, NY 14843 WHALEN, JOHN M. 5645 N. New Hampshire Chicago, IL 60631 WHEATON, DAVID M. 18525 Maple Ridge Wayzata, MN 55391 WHELAN, JOSEPH T. N 78 W15072 Pueblo St. Menomonee Falls, Wl 53051 WHELAN, THOMAS J. I Foxwood Lane Randolph, NJ 07801 WHITAKER, AARON JR. 113 Railroad Avenue Carnegie, PA 15106 WHITE, MICHAEL E. 12 Buckingham Place Deerfield, IL 60015 WHITESIDE, WILLIAM 7808 Cobden Road Philadelphia, PA 19118 WHOLLEY, JOSEPH D. II Sammet Street Everett, MA 02149 WIEHL, JAMES G. 24612 Marlboro Drive Damascus, MD 20750 WIENERS, STEVEN 510 Kings Canyon Galesburg, IL 61401 WILDER, WILLIAM C. 838 Spring Street Jamestown, NY 14701 WILHELM, DOUGLAS D. 1716 Hathaway Lane Pittsburgh, PA 15241 WILKS, DANIEL L. RD 2 Box 81 A Bloomingdale, OH 43910 WILKS, GREGORY G. RD 2 Box 81 A Bloomingdale, OH 43910 WILLENBRINK, C. RICHARD 5701 Prince William St. Louisville, KY 40207 WILLIAMS, VERNON H. 213 Roxbury Road Syracuse, NY 13206 WILLING, PATRICIA A. 3205 San Nicholas St. Tampa, FL 33609 WILSON, CHARLES R. 7104 Gateway Court Tampa, FL 33615 WILSON, DIANA M. 2307 Buckingham Westchester, IL 60153 WILSON, JAMES M. 850 Fairway Drive Warren, OH 44483 WILSON, N. THOMAS IV P.O. Box 326 Selah, WA 98942 WILSON, TIMOTHY O. 812 Dodds Drive Champaign, IL 61820 WINCHESTER, JOSEPH RR6 Box 526 Dowagiac, Ml 49047 WINKLER, KURT J. 1155 Phoenix Avenue Schenectady, NY 12308 WINSOR, GEORGE R. 305 Dana Avenue Wilmington, OH 45177 WIRSING, CHRISTOPHER M. PO Box 97 Cissna Park, IL 60924 WITHERS, PETER C. |R. 3607 Paddock Drive Decatur, GA 30034 WITKOWSKI, MARK J. 118 Euclid Circle Oak Ridge, TN 37830 WOMBACHER, WILLIAM 5414 Belcrest Court Peoria, IL 61602 WOOD, JAY A. 2004 E. Main Street Merrill, Wl 54452 WOOLF, JOHN L. 630 E. Home Avenue Fresno, CA 93728 WUJCIAK, ALAN R. 92V; Marne Street Newark, NJ 07105 WULLAERT, MICHAEL G. 2640 N. Windsor Drive Arlington Heights, IL 60004 WURST, THOMAS R. Box 8 Thief River Falls, MN 56701 WURZEL, MARK S. 5412 Placita Doblada Tucson, AZ 85718 YANAGIHARA, ROY S. 45-139 Mahalani Circle Kaneohe, HI 96744 YANTEK, GERALD M. 17001 Woodbury Avenue Cleveland, OH 44135 YATES, JOSEPH O. 101 Pleasant View Road Warwick, Rl 02888 YEANDEL, ORION W. 325 N. Shore Drive South Bend, IN 46617 YENNERELL, ROBERT F. RD 1 Box 116E Jeannette, PA 15644 YOUNG, PAUL R. 209 Queens Avenue N. Massapequa, NY 11758 YOUNG, THOMAS 21 Garrity Road Burlington, MA 01803 YOUNGBLOOD, JEREMY 1209 W. 58th Kansas City, MO 64113 ZAK, WILLIAM R. 903 Parkside Elmhurst, IL 60126 ZAKOUR, MICHAEL J. 3189 Claydor Drive Dayton, OH 45431 ZANNONI, STEVEN J. 1 Bratenahl Place Bratenahl, OH 44108 ZANOT, ROBERT J. 921 E. Washington Riverton, IL 62561 ZAPPIA, ANTHONY 218 Stratford Road Glenolden, PA 19036 ZARNOTI, GABOR 8510 Bruce Drive Niles, IL 60648 ZAWESKI, RICHARD S. Main Road Jamesport, NY 11947 ZAWALICH, CHESTER C. 200 Hartland Street Hartford, CT 06112 ZEBRUN, GARY C. 767 Wehrle Drive Amherst, NY 14225 ZEILNER, FREDERICK J. 4806 S. Kolin Avenue Chicago, IL 60632 ZELINSKI, SHARON P. 17054 Downing Street Gaithersburg, MD 20706 ZELKO, TIMOTHY |. 3822 45th Avenue Kenosha, Wl 53140 ZIERK, ROBERT W. JR. 137 E. George Street Wheaton, IL 60187 ZINK, NORMAN T. 2 Sandringham Lane St. Louis, MO 63135 ZIPPLE, ANTHONY M. 1706 Birchcrest Drive Dearborn, Ml 48124 ZOGAS, CHARLES A. 14 Pembroke Lane Oak Brook, IL 60521 ZWEBER, CLAUDIA M. 828 SW 3rd Street Rugby, ND 58368 ZWITT, MARY C. 9222 S. Mozart Evergreen Park, IL 60642 311 STUDENT LIFE: Lisa Moore, editor Mary Allare Don Brittnacher Sean Coleman Bill Delaney Bill Fuller Brian Hogan Skip Livingston Mike Mallardi Mike McKenna Liz Naquin Mike O ' Brien Sally Plan Kathleen Riordan Karen Scott Mark Till 312 DOME 76 SPORTS: Greg Young, editor Tom Lose, asst. editor Jim Colleran Rick Delewski Tim Krause Liz Naquin Greg Young, Sports ORGANIZATIONS: Chuck Colbert, editor Tony Crudele Gina Giovannini Frank Kebe Jean Murphy Mary Jo Murphy Dom Narducci Mike Natale Marc Woodward 313 Jim Commyn, Seniors CLASS OF 1976: Jim Commyn, editor Karen Burns Susan Davis Betsy Lamping Colleen McCarthy Kris Quann John Ryan Debbie Westrope Dave Wisniewski 314 m M PHOTOGRAPHERS: Paul Joyce Bill Delaney Chris Smith Greg Young Kevin Maguire Ed Brower Tom Pauiius Mike Kron Kevin Walsh Erik Jardstrom Tom Everman Trent Beaton Tom Lose Mike Karels Tony Chifari Bo Potter Bill Dye Tim Krause Mark Muench Mark Ricca Dom Narducci Lou D ' Amato Sr. Jane Pitz Betsy Lamping Rose Gill Tom Lux Paul Clevenger 316 It is hard to understand why this half of this page seems more impossible to me than the other 327 pages com- bined. It could be the earliness of the hour, or maybe because it is my last chance to be sure this book ex- presses all I want it to. I can ' t be sure; it has been a long night, and a long year. An obvious change in Dome 76 is the return to collegiate size. The editorial board agreed that the op- tical square had become limiting, and theref ore decided to try the larger book. It served our purpose well. I apologize to all upperclassmen, especially seniors, for " ruining " their collection. I want to thank all the people who made the planning become reality: Jim Commyn, who managed to organize the chaotic business of representing the senior class; Chuck Colbert, for his refreshing coverage of many clubs that had been neglected in the past; Greg Young and Tom Lose, who were sensitive to the facts when most were being carried by emotional ex- aggeration; Lisa Moore, who managed to demonstrate well what makes N.D. different from other universities; and Jack Culligan, who not only kept the financial ac- counts in order but, more importantly, helped me keep things straight. I am very grateful to all these people and to their staffs. Joe Cupp and all others at Walsworth were extremely helpful, as well as being great hosts. I am grateful to Whitfield Delaplane and Delma Studios for once again delivering senior portraits of exceptional quality. I would like to thank Mary Louise Brown, secretary of Student Publications, for all her help, and I wish her luck in her retirement. Thanks also to Bro. Charles Mc- Bride, Student Publications Director, whose knowledge and advice contributed to the success of this Dome. Because this was not a project that could be left in the office and forgotten at home, many more people became involved than the production staff. Thank you Connie, Kitty, and Nancy for answering the phone when people thought our room was an office. At times it could have been easily mistaken, but not only because of yearbook! Thanks Gary for making me take time out when the book started to overwhelm me. Special thanks go to my father, who learned the technicalities of a college yearbook in one week, and helped me survive through spring break. I am finished now, this colophon was all that remained to be done of Dome 76. I present the book with hopes that it will be enjoyed and appreciated; that is why we made it. Dana G. Nahlen Editor-in-chief, Dome 76 317 ' " ' " fflalllilKiu..- 1 320 321 322 323 325 RECTIFICATIONS AND CREDITS The 1976 Dome was producec Company, Marceline, Missouri. rorth Publishi PT T The cover photograph was taken by Thomas Everman. It was reproduced by four-color process lithogra phy on a white satin binder ' s cloth in plain finish. The type is process yellow and is in 72 point Lydian on the front with Lydian Bold on the spine. The book is smyth-sewn, rounded and backed with headbands. j fe__- " t " " M K ' P S VBL lH Bil w Vl The page is collegiate size, 9 inches by 12 inches. The type face is optima with contrasting faces of optima bold and italics. Body type is 10 on 12, caption type is 8 on 9 and Senior Index type is 6 on 8. The book was printed on 70- pound matte paper. Senior portraits were taken by B. Whitfield-Delaplane of Delma Studios, New York. CONTRIBUTORS Photo on page 141 courtesy of William Morris Agency. Some photos on page 35, 206, and 207 courtesy of Brother Charles McBride, C.S.C. Artwork on pages 58, 94, and 153 contributed by Michael Natale. PAGES Jim Commyn: Dana Nahlen: Lisa Moore: Chuck Colbert: Greg Young and Tom Lose: 32-311. 1- 13, 104-109,142- 145,222-223,312-328. 14-4974-77,100-103 134-141,146-151,158- 163,192-197,216-221. 58-73,94-99,110-133, 152-157,174-183. 50-57,78-93,164-173, 184-191,198-215,224- 231. COPY SPORTS Jim Colleran Rick Delewski Tom Kruczek Tom Lose Liz Naquin Tom Paulius John Vozzo Greg Young ORGANIZATIONS Ed Byrne Elaine Cerny Adrienne Coffin Joe Corpora Nancy Cueroni Mark Frieden Mike Gassman John Rooney Steve Slater STUDENT LIFE Gregg Bangs Mike Casey Sean Coleman BillDelaney Gerald Doyle Bill Fuller Brian Hogan Mike Mallardi Andy McKenna Lisa Moore Liz Naquin Mike O ' Brien Sally Platt Karen Scott Mary Spalding R. J. Sweeney Mark Till Greg Young Administration 122 Alpha Pi Omega 62 Basketball 164 Bicentennial 158 Campus Ministry 61 Cheerleaders 72 Chapel Choir 67 Chorale 67 Circle K 63 Club Sports 224 Community Services 97 Concert Band 68 Concerts 134 Council for the Retarded 96 Dome 312 Faculty 110 Football 78 Football Weekends 74 Glee Club 66 Halls 20 Hockey 184 Hall President ' s Council 59 InPIRG 98 Interhall Sports 50 International Students 62 Irish Guard 70 Jazz Band 68 Juggler 181 Junior Parents ' Weekend 182 Managers 93 Marching Band 70 Mardi Gras 194 Marketing Club 63 Mid-West Blues Festival 192 Mock Political Convention 152 Music Department Concerts 132 Neighborhood Study Help 95 Nightlife 142 ND-SMC Theatre 216 Observer 178 Off-campus 44 Ombudsman 64 Orchestra 69 Orientation 14 Right to Life 60 San Quentin Drama Workshop .... 140 Scholastic 176 Scoreboard 92 Seniors 232 Senior Index 304 Society for Creative Anachronism ... 63 Sophomore Literary Festival 146 Student Government 128 Student Life Council 127 Student Union 130 University Chorus 67 Varsity Band 69 Varsity Sports 198 World Hunger Coalition 99 WSND . . 174 INDEX 327 Ill WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A.

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University of Notre Dame - Dome Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


University of Notre Dame - Dome Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


University of Notre Dame - Dome Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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