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p DOME 75 UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME Ldiloi -in-chief Production Manager . . HiiMness Manager . . . . Student Life Sports Organi ations 1 ' la-s of 1975 Photography Managers olume Si tv-six susan ivi. uann Thomas D. Paulius Steven G. Simpson Dana Nahlen Bob Quakenbush Lisa Moore Christine Burger Chris Smith Zenon Bidzinski Copyright 1975 by the DOME. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America by VValsworth Publishing Company, f DOME 7 University of Notre Dame 9 y V M i lOancla .If " . 1 1 ii 12 13 14 15 t jfil 1 i ; . -. - -,; - i A ; 18 19 The people, yes, the people, Until the people are taken care of one wa r w. , Until the people are solved somehow for the day and hour, Until then one hears " Yes but the people what about the people? ' Sometimes as though the people is a child to be pleased or fed Or again a hoodlum you have to be tough with And seldom as though the people is a caldron and a reservoir Of the human reserves that shape history. Fire, chaos, shadows, Events trickling from a thin line of flame On into cries and combustions never expected: The people have the element of surprise. From The People, Yes by Carl Sandburg PRESIDENT ,$U-A uv. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C. S. C. " Having traveled across the face of our beautiful planet, having traversed all its oceans and its con- tinents, having shared deep human hopes with my brothers and sisters of every nationality, religion, color and race, having broken bread and found loving friendship and brotherhood everywhere on earth, I am prepared this day to declare myself a citizen of the world, and to invite everyone everywhere to embrace this vision of our in- terdependent world, our common humanity, our noblest hopes and our common quest for justice in our times and, ultimately, for peace on earth, now, and in the next millennium. " from The Human Imperative by Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. 22 JOHN A. MACHECA Dean of Students JAMES T. BURTCHAELL, C.S.C Provost 23 RIGHT: Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Executive Vice-President. BELOW LEFT: Terrance Lally, C.S.C., Assistant Vice-President for Student Affairs. BELOW RIGHT: James W. Frick, Vice- President for Public Relations and Development. I; 24 I 4 ABOVE LEFT: Jerome J. Wilson, C.S.C., Vice-President for Business Affairs. ABOVE RIGHT: Robert Grif- fin, C.S.C., University Chaplain. LEFT: Ferdinand L. Brown, C.S.C., As- sociate Provost and Associate Professor. 25 RIGHT: Sr. John Miriam Jones, Assis- tant to the Provost. BELOW LEFT: Brother Just Paczesny, C.S.C., Vice- President for Stude nt Affairs. BELOW RIGHT: Robert E. Gordon, Vice- President for Advanced Studies. 26 STUDENT LIFE COUNCIL ADMINISTRATION: Sr. John Miriam Jones, Rev. Carl Ebey, C.S.C., Dr. Peter Grande, John Macheca, Rev. David Schlaver, C.S.C., Dr. Robert Ackerman, Bro. Just Paczesny, C.S.C., Rev. Terry Lally, C.S.C. FACULTY: Julian Pleasants, Maureen Gleason, Thomas Werge, Paul Conway, Dan Winicur, Walter Nicgorski, Michael Francis, William Sexton. STUDENTS: Marty O ' Shea, Darlene Palma, Brian Hegarty, Denis Sullivan, Tom Clark, Art Derse, Pat Mclaughlin, Frank Flanagan. 27 " If all men fail me, there is one treasury that is always full, that of our Most Holy Lady. When this school shall grow a bit more, I shall raise her aloft so that, without asking, all men shall know why we have succeeded here. To that Lovely Lady, raised high on a dome, a golden dome, men may look and find the answer. " Fr. Sorin 29 30 lift , X - ; ' = ' -:- , y S 32 r 33 OFF CAMPUS 34 35 Spring housing lotteries forced some " unfortunates " to stake a claim in the South Bend countryside this Fall. Dining Hall food, over-starched laundry and 8 a.m. wake-up calls by the maids decided other students to flee in loco parentis to assume the respon- sibilities of living O-C. And married students must reside either off-campus or in Univer- sity Village. No matter where they are, O-C students quickly realize the conveniences of dorm living and the new conditions of survival. Time budgeting, duty sharing and tact become essential. Grocery shopping and laundry are challenging. But parties, loud music, late hours and liquor are not unduly restricted off-campus. Poor student housing near campus necessitates owning a car; food costs con- tinue to increase; only economy-minded O- C students can live more cheaply away from Du Lac. However, the recent addition of modern apartments provides an element of luxury, and the methods of cooking and cleaning can be learned more easily than the new-found freedoms could be sacrificed. Consequently, the advantages often out- weigh the inconveniences and few off- campus students elect to return to the dorms. 36 37 38 39 SAINT EDWARD ' S 1882 The oldest dorm on campus, it was distinctly described to in- coming students in 1890 as being " clean and commodious. " St. Ed ' s has a sense of history, perhaps because of its 18 ft. ceilings and its central location on campus. St. Ed ' s is famous for its sense of conviviality. Being the smallest male dorm, St. Ed ' s has developed a close-knit com- munity led by an active hall government. The hall is noted for its infamous cockroaches, pizza muffins, exciting fire drills, and in- tense interhall athletic competition. A special attraction this year was Assistant Rector Joe Gower ' s search for his missing book Lost Superior. 4O SORIN 1889 Life in Sorin can be typified by many events. Some of the most memorable of a Sorin " Saluki " are: . . sneaking kegs of beer for parties as a slight aberration from university rules ... all night pinochle games spent drinking Dr. Pepper and smoking cigars . . . hanging Anthony Davis in ef- figy . . . soaking down the hall residents with a fire hose or extinguisher . . . negotiating the fines for violation of party rules and damages before the party . . . treating the turret rooms as your own personal lounges, despite their occupants . . . parading en masse to the local pubs . . .being awaken on a football weekend at 8 a.m. by an alumnus who has to show his wife and kids the old place . . . seeing the other guy bring a girl back to his room . . . watching the cracks in the wall grow larger on a really dull weekend . . . holding membership at the 11:30 creature feature club Saturday nights in the hall lounge . . . walking down to the mailroom to check up on the spiders in your mailbox . . . knowing that even wandering the hall at 3 a.m. you ' ll find someone insane enough to listen to your babbling . . . awaiting the 2:30 a.m. fire alarm when your girl is staying the night . . . gathering 25 people in a single with plenty of beer to watch " Valley of the Gwangi " or " Knute Rockne, All-American " for the dozenth time . . . strolling to food sales and trying to run up the biggest bill . . . playing interhall football for the Doc (Carberry). But more than anything else, Sorin Hall is the people who reside there: Skym, Train, Brouk, Boob, Sit Jack, Hawkeye, Weird Rich, Matt, Corpse, Joe Who?, Rollo, Lucky Pierre, Sugar, Weave, Norb, Boone, Quaz, Cleve, Spatch, Elmer, Hollywood, Big John Keats, Hoagie, Hafe, Houle, the Western Union Boy, Fonzie, Zanger. It ' s this type of people that helps you learn about yourself. Next time you pass Sorin, note over the entrance the sign " Sorin College " , because it is here that you learn the most in your years at Notre Dame. BADIN 1897 Located in the center of |j is one of the smalleslB| KitdmF l Ttiiii miili I I_MH major BncwjHK _AJong llaufHjry filiti: .South Quad, Badin I Bjest campus female ses part Shop, " a " csion vi - stul Mardi Gras booth. 42 WALSH 1909 Walsh Hall welcomed 170 women to Du Lac for the third year of coeducation. Joanne, Jane, Jude, Jean, Jan and Libby(?) guided the ship while cockroaches introduced themselves to freshmen. Fall brought panty raids and Walsh ' s very own original FIRE! Their football team made a commen- dable showing as champions of the female interhall league for the second consecutive year. Walsh Women captured another first place title, this time in Mardi Gras booth building, thanks to architect Lisa Becker. The South Lounge was completely renovated for campus use, and food sales were a success under the direction of food czarettes, Karen Abraham and Joan Tomassi. 43 HOLY CROSS 1922 Living in Holy Cross Hall demands quite a bit more than most Notre Dame students can give. For ex- ample, Holy Cross students must have mobility, stamina, and the ability to swim well. After all, one never knows when the ice on St. Mary ' s Lake is go- ing to break. But living in the hall furthest from the center of campus does have advantages. In Holy Cross, everyone knows everyone. There ' s a baseball diamond virtually their own, an annex for special activities and the greatest distinction of all: only residents of the dorm-on-the-lake can proudly claim: " I ' m a hog from Holy Cross. " i k 44 r - - W " - " " . ' ' c ' HOWARD 1924 Residents of Howard will testify that their hall is the most distinctive of all on campus. They claim one of the few arches and one of the best locations of any residence hall. Anyone walking on South Quad just before Christmas can not help but notice the huge, lighted Christmas tree sit- ting on its lower roof. Not only does the physical structure of Howard offer relief from the sameness of campus buildings, but its residents are also unique. At least one person from Howard is likely to be found on the Best Frisbee Throwers list at Du Lac. There are but a few who can claim to be a privileged part of " Howard, population 165. " 45 MORRISSEY 1925 Morrissey Manor was kept laughing all year long by its notorious weekly newspaper, The Bull Sheet, featuring everything from sarcastic comments on the social blunders of hall residents to a bogus advice column. Everyone agreed with The Bull Sheet ' s masthead, which announced that " The motto of the University of Notre Dame is ' There ' s no reason for it; it ' s just our policy. ' " Residents also enjoyed the annual Mr. Morrissey Contest and Hall Olympics in April. LYONS 1925 Following the example of the other women ' s dorms, in its first year Lyons began to build a community, and developed hall government and the usual repertoire of activities. A unique at- mosphere evolved, a peaceful, comfortable climate in which a woman was free to live as she chose. A senior in a single, sophomores in a quad; wild parties and quiet get-togethers co- existed happily. A chaplain on the first floor, a small freshman population and a competent staff contributed to the calm that allowed for the intermingling of women athletes, women ' s libbers and women cheerleaders. Not only peaceful inside, Lyons offered a very peaceful view of Saint Mary ' s Lake. 47 DILLON 1931 Among other things, Dillon Hall is probably most noted for its spirit. This fall, as in the past, they offered the Notre Dame community its very first pep rally. It is traditionally held in the Dillon courtyard on the Thursday night before the first home football game. Dillon Hall also features the annual " No Talent Show. " Although the title is usually an appropriate one, the singing, dancing and whatever amuses both the audience and the performers. The Dillonites also find time to occasionally dress themselves with the sheets on their beds, roast a pig, gather some wine, women, and song, and throw a fun- filled Toga Party! 48 li ALUMNI 1931 Alumni Hall, the first dorm seen upon entering the campus, boasts two prominent gargoyles, a unique architectural feature of Notre Dame. This year, Alumni introduced the student population to the " hoagie, " a sub- marine sandwich of delectable delights. The " original Alumni hoagie " produced record sales on football weekends. This innovation, coupled with a massive intrahall hockey par- ticipation level, point out the close community spirit which Alumni Hall has fostered over the years. 49 CAVANAUGH 1936 Cavanaugh looks like the other dorms on campus, but it has a special identity. An intangible sense of com- panionship greets every student that enters the hall, and continues with him long after he leaves. Doors are always open in Cavanaugh for assistance, advice, or just social discussion. Football Saturdays are the only days that you find early risers. With the spirit of group effort, everyone is awakened and led out to the porch in an attempt to " out-noise " the band of the F ighting Irish. This fraternity closeness and cooperation is evident again as the men work together to maintain the hall ' s G.P.A., highest of the male dorms. Long treks in the snow to the dining hall, " twelve-pack " discussions, and Sunday night " bull " sessions all become a part of living in Cavanaugh Hall. 50 ZAHM 1937 Unfortunately located next to the " Box " on the North Quad, Zahm has been well known as a Gentleman ' s Dorm by girls from St. Mary ' s. A visiting Mundle Bundle recently con- firmed this while talking to an invisi- ble cowboy, when she said, " I was lucky the Playroom was open after parietals it probably saved my reputation! " One Senior was reported as saying, " Zahm is simply a great place to live. There are bus trips regularly and bubblers to quench the parched of throat. The Square has made Zahm what it is today, and I ' m glad 1 had the chance t o grow up there. " Zahm what? Zahm Hall, -ta-ta- ta-ta-ta, ta-ta-ta-ta- 51 52 BRI :N-PHI PS 1939 Breen-Phillips . . . B-P . . . home of the T-shirt with the road-runner dialect, the 6:30 a.m. chapel exer- cise club, assorted North Quad characters and a penchant for midnight madness. B-P is one of the youngest halls on campus, boasting a population of predominantly freshmen and sophomores. The result is a happy one. The atmosphere is busy, friendly, and perpetually in motion. Back in the Forties when the dorm was newly built, B-P was nicknamed " Breezy-P. " The same name still fits-it ' s a windy, wacky place to live. FARLEY 1947 For the past two years, girls have inhabited the hallowed halls of Farley, and although much has changed, its infamous spirit has not died. That Spirit is evidenced by the many hall and section gatherings ... be they popcorn parties, lectures, waterfights, section dinners, donut breakfasts, formal dances, discussions, or the quiet, con- soling moments with Fr. Griff. The exchange of smiles and frustrations with roommates and friends make one acutely aware of her own life experiences and direction, the changes involved in becoming . . . That spirit is being carried on by the women in Farley, by the Rectress, Sr. Jean Lenz, and by the Assistant Rectress, Ann Williams. . . . P.S. Sr. Jean Another chapter in the book The Friends of Eddie Coyle??? 53 FISHER 1953 Fisher Hall, built in 1953, has a popula- tion of 190 residents, a great majority of them being displacements from halls delegated to the women. With such varied backgrounds, Fisher men find themselves part of a hall spirit that is unique among the rest found on campus. Its interhall athletic teams are always placed with the other for- midable notables. Twins with Pangborn, Fisher rounds out the South Quad, and is known for its contingent of varsity basketball players. With the majority of the rooms being singles, it has the reputation for being one of the quiet dorms on campus, owing to the mellowness of the residents therein. 54 PANGBORN 1955 The residents of Pangborn Hall have built a very unique reputation. They sent their basketball and soccer teams to the in- terhall semi-finals twice in the last several years, and were a strong contender for the campus basketball title this year. But the pride of Pangborn has been its Zoomer Volleyball team last year ' s in- terhall champ, and twice An Tostal Mud Volleyball champion. In addition, Pangborn built its reputation as a high-quality political organization, both on and off-campus. Pat Mclaughlin was a resi- dent of Pangborn when elected Student Body President, and . many of his dormmates were very supportative in his campaign. Pangborn also served as Du Lac headquarters for Sen. Birch Bayh ' s successful 1974 re-election bid. 55 KEENAN 1957 Buffalo, Dangerous, Biff, Gizzy, Shakey, Balls, Dago, Gator, Posty, Corky, Quigs, Booze, Moves, Phineas, Mooner, Boo-Boo, Scumbaggio, and the Mammary Wizard. Just one place on the Notre Dame campus boasts such an im- aginatively named contingent of residents Keenan Hall. Keenan. Home of Fr. Conyers, Griff and Darby O ' Gill. Home of the 4-N Dogs, the One East Beasts and the Abda-men. Home of such pastimes as " random motion " and " yelling at Zahm " . Home of famous night spots as Za-Land and the Shamrock Lounge. And the only hall in which you can order a pizza by dialing S-M-U-T. 56 STANFORD 1957 There is only one word that can possibly describe Fr. Lahey ' s super assortment of Stanfordites: STUDS. 57 PLANNER 1969 Although the heart of Planner Hall is in the individual sections, a strong hall spirit exists. Its famous weekly section parties and exten- sive intrahall athletic program are offset by its campus offering: America. Featuring pool, pinball, air hockey and movies, America has become a comfortable cam- pus meeting place, even if it is not so easy to get into, particularly in winter. 58 GRACE 1969 Grace celebrated its fifth birthday this fall by throwing a gala party to which all students were invited. The main attraction of the party was a six-foot, two-inch cake decorated as a replica of the hall. As commonplace as the parties every weekend are the never-ending fire alarms, which force everyone outside on cold nights. The crowning feature of Grace is the twelfth floor penthouse which serves as a meeting place for conferences and administrators important to all Du Lac. 59 INTERHALL FOOTBALL . Who says Notre Dame isn ' t a football lover ' s paradise? After all, where else can you watch a legendary collegiate football power vanquish yet another opponent on Saturday and then go out to see a heralded match-up between the Holy Cross Hogs and the Grace Tower Gorillas on Sunday? Sure, the team names aren ' t as classy as the Chicago Fire or as hallowed as the New York Yankees, but nonetheless, the Notre Dame in- terhall football league is first-rate all the way. It has color, tradition, followers, rivalries, and of course, the annual rumor about Dillon Hall ' s " Big Red Machine " recruiting 5 high school Ail- Americans for just the offensive line. But what really makes the interhall program outstanding is that its performers play for no other reason but " because they want to. " It ' s that simple. There ' s no money or headlines in interhall football just the satisfaction that you and your buddies practiced together, performed well, and defeated your arch-rival next door. And you en- joyed all of it. That ' s why Saturday ' s bleacher-bound athletes don pads and helmets and take the long walk in the interhall fields each Sunday. Because they want to. 6O X)TBAll 4 JSi If you happen to be walking just south of Cartier Field some lazy autumn afternoon, you would behold football action of another flavor. And you might also receive the impression that the only Lady at Notre Dame is she who watches over her campus from atop a familiar golden dome. Women ' s interhall football teams seemed inevitable at this place, where the women are nearly as fanatical about the Gipper ' s game as the men. Thus, in three short years a com- petitive league has emerged and the girls are just as proud of their teams as the fellows in the dorm across the quad are of theirs. Their passes may not be perfect spirals and they may often be too timid to throw that block but the women ' s zest for Notre Dame football ladies style is here. 61 62 WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS The year 1975 marked the organization and expansion of women ' s athletics in the shadow of the Golden Dome. Under the leadership of students Jane Lammers, Ellen Hughes and Maureen Malone, a Women ' s Athletic Association was established to provide direction and struc- ture to the growth of a full sports program for Notre Dame ' s women. Advised by physical education instructor Astrid Hotvedt, the association has many goals within sight including the elevation of established women ' s club sports to varsity status. The scope of female competition expanded this year so that now women may participate in sev eral sports: golf, basketball, field hockey, tennis, track, fencing, sailing and crew. Energy and enthusiasm indeed they have and some- day soon they may have monograms as well. 63 f TWP 64 r ,1-1- in I OPPOSITE ABOVE: 1975 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL CLUB: Front Row: B. Murphy, K. McRae, B. Frey, B. Banasiak, N. Rickhoff, M. Clemency, captain. Second Row: ]. Mooney, J. Shiely, E. Myler, P. Coogan, cap- tain, J. Earley, coach, M. B. Mazanec, A. Berges, M. Maloney, K. Anderson. OPPOSITE BOTTOM: WOMEN ' S CREW: Front Row: A. Bitchakus, V. Warren, D. Dean, M. Vogel, S. Reis. Second Row: J. Essling, M. Setlock, C. Latronica, L. Gallaway, J. Gormley, Mary Fitsimmons. Third Row: M. Brady, K. Farhart, M. B. Mines, J. Garland, S. Orbesen, C. Cumerford, M. Crimmins, D. Rortvedt, E. Walsh. Fourth Row: B. Riley, J. Longfellow, M. Spalding, C. Graham, coach, R. Zurcher, B. Corbin, M. Flynn. ABOVE: WOMEN ' S TENNIS TEAM: Front Row: D. Grady, C. Simmons, P. Leary, B. Fallon, captain, A. Colbert, A. Gardner. Second Row: J. Donahue, J. Lammers, co-captain, M. C. Burke, C. Shiffels, C. Guckert, S. Grace, M. Murphy, A. Smith. Missing: M. K. Baty, BELOW: WOMEN ' S FENCING TEAM: Front Row: S. Fischer, C. Rebholz, K. Valdiserri. Second Row: M. DeCicco, C. Buzard, T. O ' Donnell, R. Hosinski, S. Krakora, P. Farro, T. Taylor. 65 STUDENT GOV ' T Darlene Raima, Bob Howl, Nick Crosch, Vinnie Moschella, Adel Tawadros, Mark Miller, Mike Armstrong, Mary Iden, Mark Nishan, Drew Costarino, Tom Webber, Ellen Rocheleau, Mark Grove, Ken Bradford, David Shaheen, Brian Hegarty, Tom Fitzgerald, Ed Byrne, Andy Gardner, Doug Stevenson, Jim Cooney, Art Derse, Denis Sullivan, Jack Culligan, Marty O ' Shea, Steve Shankel, Jim Worsening, Tom Kelly, Denis O ' Brien, Rich Stroba, Richard Herbert, Ralph Pennine, John Hargrave, Kathy Fine, Bill McLean, Louise Nye, Pat McLaughlin, Frank Flanagan, Jim Ambrose, Mike Schnaus, Brian McGinty. CABINET MEMBERS: Dick Stroba, Steve Shankel, Brian McGinty, Ralph Pennino, Bill McLean, Herb Thiele, John Hargrave, Pat McLaughlin, Frank Flanagan, Vinnie Moschella, Mike Schnaus, Jim Ambrose, Stan Cardenas. 66 HALL PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Tom Hogan (Cavanaugh), Rich Morton (Fisher), Don Carr (St. hl ' s). MIDDLE ROW: Cecilia Prinster (Badin), Bob Howl (Chairman), Wendy Duffey (Walsh), Patty Creaney (Breen-Phillips), Frank McGuire (Flanner), Elton Johnston (Dillon), Tom Porter (Executive Coordinator). TOP ROW: Ivan Brown (Holy Cross), Rich Hogan (Morrissey), Jane Man- ning (Lyons), Doug Cox (Zahm), Dennis Dziemianowicz (Pangborn), Gerry Hayden (Stanford), Pat McCarthy (St. Joseph ' s). NOT PICTURED: Mark Nishan (Alumni), Susan Swiatek (Farley), Paul Brun (Howard), Ber- nard King (Keenan), Joe Doaks (Sorin). 67 PRE-LAW SOCIETY LEFT: Officers Tim Battle, Vice President; Thomas Demko, President; Scott San- drock, Secretary-Treasurer. BELOW: Neal Brown, Vice President. PRE-MED SOCIETY Officers: Peter Dowling, President; Elizabeth Galloway, Secretary; Dave Stee- dle. Vice President; Nelson Smith, Treasurer. 69 THE NOTRE DAME GLEE CLUB 60th. year . . . Fraternity, Festivity, Muscianship . . . One of the most widely traveled clubs of recent years . . . U.S. concert tours . . . planned summer European tour . . . album of Christmas songs . . . Campus concerts . . . Con- tinuing a tradition of excellence . . . Frank Barrett, Jeff Brunner, Ed Fritzen, Tom Hanson, Jim Johnston, Charlie Kay, Pat Kennedy, Roger Khmer, Jack Kuczynski, Rich Minogue, Mike Momenee, John Murphy, Art Panfile, Jay Parks, Scott Sandrock, Mike Savino (President), Craig Spengel (V.P.), Nick Strittmatter, Scott Wahle, Tim Walsh, Bruce Fortelka, Mark Gibson, Bill Hillstrom (Secretary), Mike Hughes, Erik Larson, Brian Lemon, Fran McDonald, Stew McGough, Pat Miskell, Matt Regan, Pat Scott, Paul Shay (Treasurer), Russ Petrak, Rick Supik, Gary Weltereth, Bob Boyd, Jim Cassidy, John Clapp, Paul Fisher, Jim Foster, Mike Gorman, Mike Greaney, Tom Lenz, Sean McLinden, Bill Mahn, Craig Moreland, T. R. Paulding, Greg Peckham, Dan Pedtke, Brian Shappell, Mike Ball, Tom Clarkson, Pat Dalsin, Chuck Daubner, Paul Gales, Mike Keefe, David Kollar, Tom Lan- dry, John Langles, Dan Lombardi, Mike Mallardi, Pat Prendergast, Mark Prill, Phil Courington, Greg Hunckler, John Moe; David " Coach " Isele, Director. 70 CHAPEL CHOIR CHORALE Lisa Easley, Lisa Gambino, Carol Hackett, Carol Kersten, Alanna Purcell, Tawny Ryan, Harriet Schroeder, Marilee Smith, Josie Danini, Mary Dondanville, Patty Dondanville, Anita Hampson, Lisa Moore, Carolyn Popp, Margaret Smith, Donn Brittnacher, Michael Culhane, Thomas Felts, John Terrell, Frank Buczolich, Dennis Casey, )im Foster, Greg Peckham, Tim Reid; Dr. Isele, Director. UNIVERSITY CHORUS 71 BACK ROW: Willie Sword, Chris Anyane-Yeboa, K. Kalyanasundaram, Paul Liu. FRONT ROW: Fr. Dan O ' Neil, C.S.C., Director; Rosemary Elias; Raul Romero, President; Helen Tso, Secretary; Julio Baez, Vice President. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS I ft 72 I UJAMAA 73 Robert O ' Brien, Director of Bands James Phillips, Associate Director. NOTRE DAME CONCERT BAND ORCHESTRA 74 TOP ROW: Jim Early, Mark Wurfel, Rod Sutkowski, Cal Balliet; MIDDLE ROW: Pat Sarb, John Bever, Jay Brandenberger, Marianne Murphy, Pete Cannon; KNEELING: Steve Lopardo, Mike Coscia, Dave Kiel, Susan Grace. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES DEBATE CLUB BACK ROW: David Hayes; John Borkowski, Director; Jim Maniace. FRONT ROW: Maggie Doherty; Mark Zenger, President; John Lund. NOT PRESENT: Tim Gross, Assistant Director; Nancy Brenner; Bill Heywood; Phil Burksaze. 75 LEFT: Joe Henry, President Finance Club. RIGHT: Steve Reiff, President Management Club. STANDING: Ray Schnorr, President Marketing Club. BUSINESS CLUBS AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS: STUDENT CHAPTER Alan Lindroth, Secretary-Treasurer; Robert Pollicastro, Vice President; Vesuvian Man; Robert Fratti, Presi- dent. 76 It is an ancient imagination and it begets, this order with the random symmetries of mallow poppies in the field the dying and green leafing of the grass, meadows crackling in the midday heat, alive with seed. It translates easily. -Robert Mass " Lament for the Poles of Buffalo " JUGGLER Editor: Joe O ' Brien Associate Editors: Mark Frazel, John Phelan, Steve Plesa, Dave Rider Art Editor: Michael Boland Staff: Bill Smith, Frank Palmieri, Frank Barret, John Amantea, Don Hopfer, not pictured: Sharon Garvey, Tom McGinty. 77 Football weekends, what can one say about the magical feeling that arises in everyone on five or six weekends every fall semester almost something for all is the attraction that Du Lac has. Whether it be the die-hard rah-rah returning from eternity to see the Irish win again, or the girls from home both are stunned with the awesomeness of Friday night and Saturday morning, and amazed at the serenity that returns with the arrival of Sunday. 78 80 81 82 83 THE BAND OF THE 84 FIGHTING IRISH " Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen . . . The University of Notre Dame proudly presents its marching band in its one hundred and twenty-eighth year and 87th football season . . . America ' s first university band . . . America ' s oldest university band . . . And here it is ... The band of the Fighting Irish! The band spells out Irish and plays the greatest of all fight songs the Notre Dame Victory March! " 85 Notre Dame Cheerleaders: Shelly Muller, Mary Short, Sue Picton, Becky Bracken, Mary Ann Crabavoy, Amy MacDonald, Michael Corey, Jim Ignaut, Andy Simshauser, Dennis Buchanan, Albert Koch, Pat Heffer- nan, Pat Murphy (leprechaun) 86 Jf. IP WE ' RE BEHIND THE IRISH! 88 TOP: Notre Dame ' s excellent center, Mark Brenneman, works on his opposite number on the Northwestern gridiron. ABOVE: Senior Wayne Bullock laughs during an interview with ABC ' s on-field commentator, Don Tollefson. The Fighting Irish and Georgia Tech rang in the college football season on the ABC Sports network. RIGHT: Tom Clements heir and bestower of a great tradition of Notre Dame quarterbacks. OPPOSITE ABOVE: The towering wall of defense Kevin Nosbusch, Greg Collins and John Dubenetzky. OP- POSITE BELOW: The nation ' s finest defensive unit. ' " THE FIGHTING IRISH OF NOTRE DAME The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame! It ' s been a long time since the six most exciting words in the history of football could be literally applied to the team rosters of Our Lady ' s university in northern Indiana. After all, have you ever met a self-respecting leprechaun who bore the name of Bullock, Nosbusch, or even Parseghian? (But then, many admit they ' d be quite proud to do so!) Nevertheless, the adjective, " Fighting " , has always been a well- deserved part of the nickname long equated with great coaching, fine quarterbacks and awesome defensive elevens. And in 1974, the courageous men in the gold and blue uniforms truly merited it. Fighting their way to nine victories in the regular season, the Irish of Notre Dame won the honor of being the only team to confront an un- defeated opponent in " The Year of the Upset ' s " post-season bowl competi- tion. The nation watched on television as Notre Dame outplayed Georgia Tech in the " first ever " collegiate edition of Monday Night Football. Twelve days later, hundreds of students traveled by car and bus to witness the Irish ' s eleventh victory in as many years over the Northwestern Wildcats. Enthusiasm mounted the next week as the first home football weekend of the year drew ever nearer. And on Friday afternoon, hundreds of student mailboxes opened to reveal the weekly copy of Sports Illustrated, featuring a cover story on Irish quarter- back, Tom Clements. 89 Two minutes and thirteen seconds remained in the first quarter and the Fighting Irish trailed Purdue by twenty-four. Who would have believed it? Notre Dame had entered the game ranked second in the nation and rated a solid favorite over the Boilermakers from West Lafayette. But tradition and the rain, it seems, were on the side of Purdue. Twice before, the Irish entered a season the undefeated defending champions. Twice before, Purdue proved a spoiler-maker and brought to a halt the Notre Dame victory march. Ara ' s men did not quit. As the rain descended, Clements and Co. outscored their foe 20-7 in the final three quarters. But a brave effort fell short, and Purdue recorded another win over Notre Dame. 9O OPPOSITE ABOVE: Randy Payne and Reggie Barnett share a moment of dejection as the Purdue nightmare nears its end. OPPOSITE MIDDLE LEFT: Mike Fanning leads Marv Russell into the Boiler- makers ' backfield. OPPOSITE MIDDLE RIGHT: Outlined once again against a blue-gray October sky (only fifty years and a day later), Don Miller and Jim Crowley, two of the famed Four Horsemen, accept a special Golden Anniversary painting on behalf of the University. OP- POSITE BELOW: A Rice Owl is brought home to roost. ABOVE LEFT: An unusual and unexpected sight in Notre Dame Stadium. LEFT: Art Best attacks the Army line. ABOVE: Senior halfback Eric Penick searches for a hole in the Air Force defense. 91 ABOVE:Michigan State quarterback Charlie Baggett discovers one insur- mountable obstacle between himself and the Irish end zone: Notre Dame safety John Dubenetzky. ABOVE RIGHT: Every successful offensive play starts with a clean snap from center Mark Brenneman to quarterback Tom Clements. RIGHT: Irish co-captains Greg Collins and Tom Clements stride toward mid-field for the customary pregame coin toss. OPPOSITE ABOVE: In Northwestern ' s Mitch Anderson, Notre Dame faced the premier passing quarterback in the Big Ten. In fact, one coach wisely stated before the game that the best defense against the Wildcats ' poten- tially explosive attack was " Mitch Anderson flat on his back. " Mike Fan- ning (pictured) and his fellow pass rushers took their mentor ' s words to heart: Anderson completed only 7 of 18 passes for 57 yards. OPPOSITE BELOW LEET: While her heroes on the field had little trouble taming the Wildcats, this young Irish fan appears a bit shy upon meeting their ferocious mascot and his big white teeth. Hopefully, her generously offered peppermint will soothe the savage beast. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Wayne Bullock leads an advance against Northwestern. 92 93 94 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Offensive guard Al Wujciak stands ready to protect Tom Clements from a Panther pass rush. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Only a heartbeat after the star defensive end had raced downfield to break up a Pitt surprise a pass to quarter- back Bill Daniels Steve Niehaus and linebacker Drew Mahalic run over the Panther signal-caller. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Mark McLane somersaults to a touchdown. LEFT: Wayne the Train finds a Hurrican blocking the tracks. BELOW LEFT: Fullback Jim Weiler gets the call from Frank Allocco. BELOW: Pete Demmerle turns upfield after a catch. 95 TOP: Steve Niehaus, a Football News All-American, executes an anti- Air Force maneuver to down a Falcon. Linebacker Drew Mahalic stands by to confirm the tackle if needed. ABOVE: Al Wujciak and Steve Neece occupy the Panthers ' attention temporarily while Tom Clements dives into the end zone. RIGHT: Allocco holds while Dave Reeve kicks the point after touchdown. OPPOSITE: Ara Parseghian, second winningest coach in Notre Dame history. 96 In eleven years beneath the Golden Dome, Ara Parseghian ' s Fighting Irish had marched to victory 94 times, suffered only 17 losses, and tied 4 with one more chapter remaining to be written New Year ' s Day in the Orange Bowl. Two of Parseghian ' s squads cap- tured national championships one in 1966 and the other in 1973 and both were undefeated. Through the years, Ara and Notre Dame should have mutually fond memories of one another. They will recall that initial 1964 season when a young coach guided his first Notre Dame team to a 9-1 miracle, a Heisman Trophy for quarterback John Huarte and coach of the year honors for himself. They will reminisce about the late autumn of 1966, when Terry Hanratty, Jim Seymour, Coley O ' Brien and the Irish ended their season with a 51-0 victory over the Trojans of Southern California. It was Ara ' s one hundredth coaching victory, and secured his first national cham- pionship. And they will ever remember that night in New Orleans when Ara made the choice already lauded as the gutsiest play ever conceived by a college coach the Tom Clements to Robin Weber pass that turned a dangerous third and eight situation into the climactic play of the most exciting college football game ever Notre Dame ' s 24-23 thriller over Alabama Crimson Tide in the 1973 Sugar Bowl classic. Anecdotes about Ara are many and oft-repeated, as befits a man who represented his university with great dignity and a great sense of humor. The con- troversy will always rage about whether it is more dif- ficult to spell Parseghian or Presbyterian . . . Students will debate whether he rea y could stop the rain. And the alumni will chuckle about May 1974 when the Alumni Association named the Miami of Ohio graduate the first honorary Notre Dame Alumnus. It seems Ara considered it a great honor but wondered " why it took most people four years and him ten. " And they will always be proud of the fact that Ara Parseghian chose to devote eleven years of his life to " Our Lady ' s tough guys, " and their university. 97 ORANGE BOWl 98 OPPOSITE LEFT: Alabama ' s majorettes lend a touch of southern beauty to half- time at the Orange Bowl. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Steve Solan, Ara Parseghian, and Tom Pagna share a close-up view of on-the-field action. OPPOSITE BELOW: Even the NBC camera crews joined in the festivities, clowning and filming their way into the hearts and homes of America. ABOVE: Tight end Ken MacAfee races forward to help Tom Clements buck the Tide. LEFT: Frank Allocco gazes downfield during fourth quarter action. DIRECTLY ABOVE: Roll, Irish, Roll! Reggie Barnett leads a joyous band of defenders (Jim Stock, Drew Mahalic and Greg Collins) off the field after Barnett ' s climactic interception which insured a 13-11 triumph for Notre Dame. 99 ABOVE: The Crimson Tide ' s defense could be devastating at times, as Ron Good- man must have believed while soaring out of bounds (with a little help!). ABOVE CENTER: Jeff Weston and John Galanis apply pressure to Alabama ' s Richard Todd. RIGHT: The Orange Bowl pregame extravaganza featured clowns of all shapes, in- cluding this thirty-foot fellow who just might be smiling in anticipation of an Irish victory. OPPOSITE BELOW: Ron Goodman searches for a quick route to a less- crowded right side. 1974 Notre Dame Football Roster: ). Achterhoff, f. Allocco, K. Andler, B. Arment, T. Bake, C. Balliet, M. Banks, R. Barnett, E. Bauer, D. Becker, A. Best, S. Bobowski, F. Bonder, S. Bossu, T. Brantley, M. Brenneman, W. Bullock, T. Burgmeier, D. Buth, M. Carney, J. Chauncey, T. Clements, G. Collins, R. Cullins, P. Demmerle, G. DiNardo, K. Doherty, ). Dubenetzky, T. Eastman, T. Eurick, M. Fanning, T. Fine, T. Frericks, J. Galanis, E. Gleckler, R. Goodman, T. Gullickson, R. Harrison, E. Hughes, P. Johnson, M. Kafka, E. Kasparek, D. Kelleher, C. Kelly, V. Klees, R. Kornman, T. Laney, J. Likovich, J. Lloyd, T. Lopienski, K. MacAfee, D. Mahalic, D. Malinak, T. Maschmeier, M. McLane, P. Mclaughlin, E. Moore, K. Moriarty, S. Neece, S. Niehaus, K. Nosbusch, T. Novakov, J. O ' Donnell, M. Ostrander, T. Parise, M. Parseghian, R. Payne, E. Penick, M. Ploszek, P. Pohlen, J. Pszeracki, D. Reeve, D. Rodenkirk, A. Rohan, J. Rufo, M. Russell, F. Rutkowski, A. Samuel, P. Sarb, R. Slager, J. Stock, J. Soutner, B. Sweeney, S. Sylvester, D. Vinson, B. Walls, R. Weber, ). Weiler, J. Weston, H. Woebkenberg, A. Wujciak, T. Zappala. Coaching Staff: A. Parseghian, G. Kelly, P. Shoults, J. Yonto, J. Murphy, B. Boulac, W. Moore, T. Pagna, M. Stock, D. Murphy, G. Blache, B. Hickey. 1OO One year and one day later, two well-coached teams met for a rematch that everyone had predicted one year and one day before. At that time, one nipped the other, 24-23, in the most thrilling collegiate " championship game " ever played. This time around, though, only one had hopes for a national title Alabama, undefeated and nearly a un- animous favorite, their head coach thirsting like a Bear for one drink of victory after a seven bowl game drought. But their opponent was the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, and unfortunately for Bear Bryant and his Crimson Tide, the name in itself is incentive enough to go all out for victory. And especially this time, an Orange Bowl victory was exactly what the Irish wanted. After a heart-breaking early season loss, the team had battled their way back into contention for a mythical national title surging from behind when they had to and staving off late-game enemy charges when leads were imperiled. And just when the dream seemed in focus, it altered into a 30 and one-half minute nightmare in southern California. So for Notre Dame, a victory became a means of restoring a shaken pride. Add to that the desire to give a fine coach the finest possible retirement gift, and the sum is a very good reason for anyone not wearing a white jersey and a golden helmet to be justifiably afraid to step onto the field in Miami. No one expected a close game. Alabama, after all, had a shot at the national title and, as Ara noted afterwards, " Our kids played with as much pain and injury as I ' ve ever seen. " But a damaged knee couldn ' t stop Kevin Nosbusch, the flu couldn ' t pre- vent Wayne Bullock from earning the Most Valuable Offensive Player Award, a broken foot couldn ' t bench Mark Brenneman, and eleven stitches didn ' t even make Greg Collins flinch. And so, with just over a minute and a half remain- ing, the Irish found themselves protecting a slim two point lead. Alabama held the ball on the Notre Dame 38, and for almost the first time in the game the northeast end zone was a swirl of red and white as the Alabama student body shouted encouragement to their crimson-shirted heroes. Todd stepped back, threw, and watched his aerial rocket into the hands of . . . Reggie Barnett! An interception by Notre Dame! And a victorious finale to the Era of Ara. 101 GORDON LIGHTFOOT VAN MORRISON DAVE LOGGINS SHA-NA-NA ELVIS PRESLEY ELTON JOHN MAC DAVIS JOHN SEBASTIAN DOOBIE BROTHERS YES HELEN REDDY SEALS CROFTS RIGHT: Standing: Rick Golden, Service Commission; Don Deutsch, Comp- troller; Rob Kilkuski, Concert Director; Joe Russo, Ticket Manager; Pat Burke, Student Union Director; Andy Bury, Academic Commission; Norb Schickle, Social Commission. SEATED: Ray Carey, Associate Director; Ken Lee, CAC; Mike Mroz, CAC. BELOW RIGHT: Cultural Arts Commission. OP- POSITE TOP: Service Commission. OP- POSITE MIDDLE: Academic Commis- sion. OPPOSITE BOTTOM: Social Commission. STUDENT UNION 114 t 115 SPEAKERS 116 Hon. Thurgood Marshall 117 118 Ezra Pound once wrote, " Literature is language charged with meaning. " This year ' s Sophomore Literary Festival Council attempted to present a week charged with literature. Poetry, drama, and fiction were represented at the 75 Festival, and concentrating on these three genres, we hope to have continued the outstanding tradi- tion that has developed over the years. Fundamentally, the Sophomore Literary Festival is a celebration of the meaning of words and a tribute to those who make the words meaningful writers and readers alike. Centering around literature, we hoped to create a circle of people that expanded as the week progressed and at the same time, we hoped that we ourselves would grow closer together. Perhaps one of the most significant roles of literature is to remind us of the importance of things the importance of people, of land, of thoughts, of feelings, of growth, of change, of ex- ploration, of discovery. . .All too often it seems that daily details obscure the very core of life the heart of things and we have nothing but loose ends that give no clue to what is impor- tant. At times we need to return to the source of the matter. It was by bringing to campus what is the heart of literature the writer that this year ' s Festival (like those in the past) reminded us of the importance of the literary art. The Festival was meant to be a learning ex- perience: one filled with spontaneity, joy, reflec- tion and thoughtful communication. During the week we hope to have set aside the mere details and investigated the fundamentals. And since literature was the subject, we especially hoped to learn about the ABC ' s of readers and writers. Chris Mahon, Festival Chairman k LITERARY FESTIVAL JOSEPH BRODSKY JAMES PURDY JAMES T. FARRELL JOHN LOGAN MICHAEL RYAN TILLIE OLSEN ROBERT BLY LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI REFLECTIONS John LI Joseph Micnael Ryan I : ' -7- rence Ferlinghetti THE OBSERVER An Independent Student Newspaper FOUNDED NOVEMBER 3, 1966 PRODUCTION STAFF: Howard Halle, Michele Arrieh, Camille Arrieh, Kathy Grace, Barb Norcross, Barb Haug, Neil Vill, Rick Huber, Jim Landis, Tom Modglin, Mary Tobin, Ann Peelor, Janet Carney, Don Roos, Karen Hinks, Tim Murphy, Phil Orscheln, Bob Steinmetz, M. j. Foley, Kevin Murphy, Dave Rust, Bob Brink, Martha Fanning, Albert D ' Antonio, Rick Blower, Maggie Waltman, Tom O ' Neil, Dan Sanchez, Peggy Lawlor, Cinny Faust, Jim Stevens, Bob Verettoni, Franz Lan- zinger, Andy Praschak, Sue Zwick, Pete McHugh, Morey Blinder, Andy Peavler, Katie Kerwin, Bill Delaney, Mike Strickroth, Marty Hogan, Joe Kanabrocki, John Sellerberg, Tom Thanas, Karilee Clark, Karen Hoare, Don Longano, Sheila Pfister, Kathy Skiba, Jean Smith, Diana Wilson. EDITORIAL BOARD: Fred Graver, Terry Keeney, Bill Brink, Jeanne Murphy, Al Rutherford, Tom Drape, Mary Janca, Ann McCarry, Patty Cooney, Greg Corgan, Robert Baker, Zenon Bidzinski, Jim Eder, Chris Smith. Tom Drape, Editor-in-chief. Fll i- f 126 NEWS STAFF: Jay Brandenberger, Steve Fitzmorris, Maureen Flynn, Mark Gmerek, Ted Cuth, Reggie Haid, Kenneth Lamb, Lonnie Luna, Mauri Miller, Kathy Mills, Bryan Mulroy, Mary Scheller, Mary Setlock, John Shaughnessy, Ted Urso, Jane Cannon, Sue Divita, Sue Nelson, Laura Prestine, Martie Ryan, Corinne Samuels, Kathy Skiba, Anne Rosinsky, Mike Edwards, Norman Bower, Brian Clancy, Dan Cofall, John Feeney, Fred Herbst, Philip Mancini, Stew McGough, Bill Sohn, Tom Brennan, Ed Arberger, Michael Boland, Barb Boylan, Joseph Caverly, John Coffey, Patrick Cuneo, Don Daher, Mike Dewey, Cole Finegan, Bill Flanagan, Mark Frazel, Mary Fran Hayes, Mike Hellinghausen, John Hennessy, Peter Johnson, Terry Keelan, Dave Bender, John Kenward, Kathy Lawrence, Robert Madex, Virginia McCowan, Jean McQuillan, Chris Meehan, Mike Mulherin, Tim O ' Brien, Michael O ' Connor, Jeffrey Pecore, Sheila Pfister, Mary Reher, Don Reimer, Mike Rizzo, Bill Seeger, Karen Sikorski, Jack Silhauy, Jim Sullivan, Ellen Syburg, Tom Thanas, John Vozzo, Joe Wells, Jim Winters, John Feeney, Doug Myers, Erin Dwyer, Amy Fitzgerald, Joe Greco, Bill Gonzenbach, Joe LaFlare, Robert Mader, Tom Thanas, Mike Edwards, Ken Bradford, Bob Quakenbush, Ken Girouard, Tom Russo, Bob Radziewicz, Gregg Bangs, Val Zurblis, Mary Egan, Jim Donathen, Pat Hanifin, George Velcich. BUSINESS STAFF: George Adello, Tom Whalen, Bob Tracey, Bob MCManus, Bob Zogas (Business Manager), Dave Scholl, Ceil Popovich, Dan McGookey, Marcie Quehl, Pete Kernan, Paul DeBacco. 127 FACULTY ri :, ft n H HI HB B HKIBWMHBBI LEFT: Robert Leader, Professor of Art. ABOVE: Roger B. Skurski, Associate Professor of Economics. ABOVE: Leslie H. Martin, Associate Professor of English. MIDDLE: Eugene A. Campanale, Chairman, Department of Education, Donald N. Barrett, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthrop ology. BELOW: ]ames E. Robinson, Professor of English, Karamjit S. Rai, Professor of Biology. , ' ABOVE: Joseph A. Thien, Professor of Biology. BELOW: Ivo Thomas, Professor, General Program. ABOVE: Fr. David Burrell, C.S.C., Chairman, Theology. MIDDLE: Robert Mclntosh, Professor of Biology, Michael Amad, Cliff Keller. BELOW: Paul A. Rathburn, Assistant Professor of English; William J. O ' Brien, Assistant Professor of Theology. ABOVE: Joseph W. Hoffman, C.S.C., Direc- tor, Professional Program. BELOW: Rev. Leonel L. Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Theology; Michael J. Francis, Associate Professor of Government and International ABOVE: Peri E. Arnold, Assistant Professor of Government; Raymond G. Schoen, Assis- tant Professor of English. BELOW: Stanley Hauerwas, Associate Professor of Theology; Marshall Smelser, Professor of History. n Teoman Ariman, Associate Professor Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering; Paul C. Bartholomew, Professor Emeritus Government and International Studies; David ). Cohn, Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering; Kenneth R. Lauer, Professor of Civil Engineering. . Thomas |. Stritch, Professor American Studies; William H. Leahy, Acting Chairman and Associate Professor Economics; John W. Houck, Professor Business Organiza- tion and Management. My son, from your earliest youth choose instruction, and till your hair is white you will keep finding wisdom. Cultivate her like the plowman and the sower, and wait for her fine harvest, for in tilling her you will toil a little while, but very soon, you will be eating her crops. . . The senseless man does not stay with her for long: she will weigh on him like a heavy stone, ... for discipline is true to her name, she is not accessible to many. Ecclesiastes 6:18-23 BELOW: Ernil T. Hofman, Dean and Prolessor Freshman Year of Studies; RIGHT: Andrew R. McFarland, As- sociate Professor Civil Engineering; FAR RIGHT: Joseph C. Hogan, Dean, College of Engineering; BELOW RIGHT: Arthur J. Quigley, Associate Professor Electrical Engineering; BELOW FAR RIGHT: Lloyd H. Ketchum, Assistant Professor Civil Engineering. LEFT: Yusaku Furuhashi, Acting Dean, College of Business Administration; BELOW LEFT: James L. Massey, Professor Electrical Engineering; BELOW: Bernard Waldman, Dean and Professor, College of Science. CROSS COUNTRY 14O GOLF OPPOSITE ABOVE: The race begins at Burke Memorial Golf Course. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: 1974 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Front Row: J. Plane, assistant coach, M. Gahagan, co-captain, D. Kiel, E. Ribera, S. Pecinovsky, J. Reinhart, M. Housley, co-captain, M. Coscia, D. Morgan, ). Yates, M. Sullivan, J. Hurt, E. Kistner, D. Faley, head coach, D. Boyle, J. Dlugolecki, senior manager, W. Morrissey, junior manager. Missing: W. Allmendinger, P. McNulty, J. Tatman. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Fleet-footed Mike Gahagan strides to the forefront leaving two Pur- due runners far behind in a vain effort to catch him. ABOVE LEFT: Cap- tain Jeff Burda exhibits the style which won him the California Public Links championship. BELOW: Paul Kistner tracks his ball through the skies to the green. ABOVE: 1974-5 GOLF TEAM: Front Row: G. Bachman, R. Knee, P. Koprowski, ). Culveyhouse, ). Delaney. Standing: E. Whelan, J. Burda, co-captain, P. Kistner, co-captain, F. Flanigan, J. Berger, N. O ' Sullivan, coach. 141 f ABOVE: Freshman breaststroker Andy Petro builds a commanding lead. RIGHT: 1974-75 NOTRE DAME SWIMMING TEAM: On Floor: J. Klimek, manager, D. Stark, coach, W. Matarazzi, manager, J. Kane, captain, J. Meagher, R. Carey, C. Payne, R. Thompson, M. Wolz, D. Makielski. On Ladder: B. McCorry, M. Foster, D. Wallach, D. Fitzsimmons. Sitting: J. Severin, W. Scott, G. Drake, ). Caverly, E. Fitzsimmons, E. Deluia, F. Shadley, A. Petro, S. Fitzmorris. Standing: R. Ebel, R. Reilly, P. Watson, J. Nolan, P. Kinsella, B. Wardell, S. Richardson. OPPOSITE ABOVE: The Rockne Pool home of the Fighting Irish swimmers. OPPOSITE BELOW: An underwater view of one of Notre Dame ' s alltime great swimmers, senior Jim Kane. SWIMMING 142 The Notre Dame swimming team com- pleted its finest year ever in 1974-75, with a record of 11-1 and two second place finishes in invitationals. After opening up with second in the Notre Dame Relays, the team cascaded through ten straight victories, including a win over a strong Oakland University team in the fourth dual meet of the season. In the final dual meet of the year, the Irish swimmers repeated their Oakland perfor- mance with an exciting victory over Illinois State by the identical score of 63-50. An in- dividual high mark was set by Bob Ebel as he broke his own varsity record by amassing 302.65 points in the three meter dive. This qualified him for the NCAA Tournament, the first such invitation ever received by an N.D. swimmer. The team put in its finest overall perfor- mance in the Motor City Invitational with 45 best individual times recorded. 1-43 WRESTLING ABOVE: Fred Pechek has coached the Fighting Irish wrestling team for two years now, and he hasn ' t had a losing season yet the 1975 squad compiling a 14-11 dual meet record. Here he gives instruction to Joe Pszeracki. ABOVE RIGHT: Paying attention to the referees wasn ' t the only thing that helped freshman Pat McKillen post a 14-4-2 season record. Hard work and determination played its part as well. RIGHT: Steve Moylan can ' t help but wonder if the leg he has pinned to the mat may be his own. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Muscles straining, Joe Pszeracki illustrates how brawn can sometimes be more useful than brains. OPPOSITE BELOW: 1974- 5 WRESTLING TEAM: Front Row: M. Hiffman, S. Mondragon, S. Moylan, D. Heffernan, P. McKuen, P. Lanfried, D. Boyer. Second Row: F. Pechek, coach, M. Kemp, R. Dreger, J. Pszeracki, M. Pad- den, F. Bruening, K. Dike, R. Sepata. Third Row: G. Osetinsky, R. Kilway, B. Murphy, J. Cain, C. Habig, J. Dowd, D. Ogburn, T. Burke, M. Wallace, J. Casini, B. Guintner, V. Barbera. 144 145 146 I FENCING The Notre Dame fencing team enjoyed one of its most successful years in its long history of superb teams. The squad victimized Wayne State in the most spectacular match of their 23-2 season, cutting short State ' s winning streak at 40 straight. Imitiating the Irish basketballers, the fencers bookended the Wayne State streak, having handed them their last defeat three years ago at the ACC. This year ' s away contest was won primarily on the strength of an enthusiastic group of Freshmen, including Pat Gerard and Mike McCahey in the foil competition, and John Strass in eppe. Notre Dame ' s strong suit was the foil, led by Gerard and McCahey and Sophomore Terry McConville. Junior Sam DiFiglio headed the sabre team, while Tim Glass, another Sophomore, led the eppe. Captain Tom Coye compiled an impressive record in foil, along with providing active leadership and an in- domitable spirit. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Terry McConville scores on a graceful lunge. OP- POSITE BELOW: Sam DiFiglio (left) and Mike Sazdanoff demonstrate style and form in sabre practice. ABOVE: Tom Coye executes a magnificent parry. BELOW: MEN ' S FENCING TEAM: Front Row: D. Connor, W. Kalm- bach, ). Vozella, T. Coye (captain), M. Progar, P. Angelo. Second Row: S. Euzino (asst. mgr.), R. Pikna, J. Strass, ). Turgeon, S. DiFiglio, T. Arena, M. McCahey, B. Kica, R. Valdiserri, R. Owoc, P. Gerard, M. Sazdanoff, D. Dieckelman (mgr.) Back Row: D. Daher (asst. coach), M. DeCicco (head coach), T. Henzler, ). Packo, M. Joaquin, T. Mulligan, E. Feeney, P. Mock, T. Glass, E. Fellows, D. Brehm, K. Kelleher, F. Heinzen, B. Ubbing, ). Garrity, T. Taylor (asst. coach) missing: T. McConville. 147 TRACK BELOW: Shotputter Tom Frericks bespeaks the intensity of competi- tion as he launches the spheroid. TOP: Coach Faley primes his team for the meet. MIDDLE: Hurdlers stretch, leaving their opponents far behind. BOTTOM: High Jumper Taylor slips gracefully over the crossbar. OPPOSITE LEFT ABOVE: Pole vaulter Mike Hogan enters the ACC stratosphere. OPPOSITE LEFT BELOW: Precision is the keynote as relayers exchange the baton. OPPOSITE RIGHT ABOVE: Long distance runners start on their grueling chase. OPPOSITE RIGHT BELOW: NOTRE DAME TRACK TEAM: Front Row: R. DePetris, J. Nicholson, J. O ' Brien, R. Schott, C. Wills, E. Ribera, P. Martuscello, W. Morrissey. Second Row: G. Matteo, T. Burgmeier, P. Cannon, M. Housley (co-capt.), D. Boyle, P. Taylor, J. C. Seth, D. Smith. Third Row: J. Reinhart, ). Yates, M. O ' Shaughnessy, S. landolo, E. Kistner, A. Gough, L. Alexander. Fourth Row: J. Piane (asst. coach), M. Hogan, J. Hurt, D. Horgan. Fifth Row: D. Faley (coach), M. Gahagan (co-capt.), M. Sullivan, W. George, M. Meyer, T. Fredericks. Missing: W. Allmendinger, D. Betlach, E. Burns, M. Coscia, R. Cullins, W. Ellsworth, D. Freeman, W. Glover, P. McNulty, S. Pecinovsky, L. Shepard, P. Shields, J. Tatman, H. Woebkenberg, J. Klockenkemper, M. Boivin, J. Clouse, K. Harris, T. Hartnett, C. Miceli, J. Dlugolecki. I 148 u . L- 149 TENNIS SCHEDULE 1975 Western Michigan Galveston Island Invitational Houston Ball State Ohio State Indiana DePaul Marquette Kalamazoo Northwestern Eastern Michigan Central Michigan Michigan Iowa Michigan State Wisconsin Purdue Illinois Irish 8 Team Invitational TENNIS BASEBALL BELOW: 1975 TENNIS TEAM: Front Row: T. Bruno, C. Kane, B. Mainline. Back Row: T. Fallon, coach, R. Stehlik, J. Carrico, M. O ' Donnell. OPPOSITE ABOVE: It happens every spring. OPPOSITE BELOW: 1975 BASEBALL TEAM: Front Row: P. Zabroski, B. Hughes, T. larocci, M. Schmitz, captain, )ake Kline, coach, D. DeFacci, J. Snyder, P. Finegan, ). Stephens. Second Row: M. Stoltz, M. O ' Neill, M. Calloway, T. Miller, J. Smith, D. Doemel, M. Nadeau, P. Morisseau. Third Row: ). Sholl, M. Adkins, S. Gorman, S. Bobowski, R. Higgins, T. Pollock, ). Buran, P. Coleman, ). Karpowicz, M. McDonald. Fourth Row: D. Keating, manager, M. Szporka, B. Stratta, R. Greenwell, C. O ' Connor, F. Fiaski, J. Abbatiello, J. Alonso, T. Walbrun, D. Northrup, B. Bader. Fifth Row: R. Hoertz, W. Struble, coach, G. Urban, D. Smith, G. John- son, manager, J. Leahy. 150 ( 3 OPPOSITE fowth Ro ; . O ' Connor BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1975 Dallas Texas Wesleyan Dallas Baptist Texas-Arlington South East Oklahoma State Piano Nebraska Marion College Valparaiso Bradley Bradley Toledo Northwestern Valparaiso Illinois State Illinois State Butler Bowling Green Cincinnati Michigan Western Michigan Northwestern Michigan State Ferris State Xavier University of Detroit 151 STUDENT MANAGERS They may not wear the uniforms, but more often than not they ' re the ones who made them look good for the TV cameras. They shine and leather-guard shoes, and spray paint those famous golden helmets long into the night usually Thursday or Friday every week and they may even set a record for painting on 303 helmet stars in a single season. They do all the unheralded tasks that don ' t make the newspaper but are so essential to the success of Notre Dame ' s teams. " They " are the student managers of Notre Dame. And though the work they do isn ' t glamorous, it isn ' t too bad since that ' s not what they remember anyway. What the managers remember are managers ' parties and basketball games, and those occasional weekend afternoons when they borrow some blue and gold uniforms pads and helmets, too and stage a Blue- Gold Game of their own. The quality of play may not be up to Coach ' s standards, but the enthusiasm is for certain. And they don ' t forget things like climbing palm trees in Florida and Bourbon Street in the rain. But most of all the managers remember that they are members of the team, and the friendships with coaches, players, and other managers will last long after they put away those soggy towels for the last time. The managers will remember that they once shared in the victories, the losses, the sorrows and the joys of athletics at the University of Notre Dame. 152 xcasional ,,(1 may not r enthusiasm is for % fc climbing " Street in the rain. ' eroember that they te friendships with towek for the last tet that they once tlie sorrow and the of Notre Dame. OPPOSITE: Senior Managers: Seated: " Digger Padley; On Phone: D. Keating; Eavesdropping: ). Dlugolecki; Standing: S. Solan, D. Hurley, D. Danik, T. Hayes, P. Ryczak, D. Dieckelman, M. Exley; Missing: B. Matarazzi, M. Huffman. TOP: Junior Managers: Seated: D. Dempsey; Stan- ding: C. Withers, G. Klimek, D. Hadley, R. Kee, M. Navarre, C. Johnson, W. Morrissey, J. Uriah. CENTER: Sophomore Managers: First row: B. Brunner, D. Buck, P. McDonnell, C. Thomas, D. Basara; Second row: T. Hackett, B. Hull, J. Carey, P. Greco, J. Lawless; Missing: M. Phillips, D. Cameron. BOTTOM: Freshmen Managers. 153 TRACK (4-2) 27 Notre Dame Bowling Green Michigan 99 Notre Dai.._ Valparaiso Kentucky Sta Wayne State DePaul , BASKETBALL (18-8) .ND 91 Valparaiso 100 Northwestern 80 Princeton 75 Kansas 84 Indiana 72 UCLA 96 Kentucky 93 Butler 82 Maryland 89 Davidson 125 Villanova 77 Pittsburgh 68 Marquette 96 Holy Cross 84 UCLA 73 Western Michigan 96 Xavier 73 Michigan State 66 South Carolina 99 Air Force 68 St. John ' s 91 LaSalle 97 St. Joseph ' s 70 DePaul 98 Fordhai 102 Dayton WRESTLING (14-11) ND O 21 Chicago State 42 Moody Bible 32 Wabash 15 East Stroudsburg 30 DePauw 11 Montclair State 11 Temple 9 Kentucky 18 Penn 24 Evansville 24 Valparaiso 37 St. Francis 46 Wayne State 43 Spring Arbor 18 Western Michigan 43 Wheaton 16 Wisconsin-Parkside 11 Illinois State 11 Marquette 31 SW Michigan 35 Georgia Tech 3 Northern Colora 9 Nebraska-O 21 Akron 3 John Carroll IMMING (11 ND Notre Dame 84 Northern Illinois 63 Western Ontario 68 Waterloo 63 Oakland 68 Bradley 68 Wayne State 68 Marshall 59 Bowling Green 76 St. Bonaventure 64 Western Michiga 43 Purdue 63 Illinois State Motor City Invit. FOOTBALL (9-2-0) ND 31 Georgia Tech 49 Northwestern 20 Purdue 19 Michigan State 10 Rice 48 Army 38 Miami 14 Navy 14 Pittsburgh 38 Air Force 24 Southern Cal Orange Bowl 13 Alabama FENCING (23-2) ND 23 Indiana 20 Johns Hopkins 14 Penn State 17 Maryland 10 Army 21 Baruch 11 NYU 45 i 19 Detroit 23 Marquette 24 Chicago 19 Indiana 15 Wayne State 20 Michigan State 14 Ohio State llinois HOCKEY (10-19-3) ND O| 4 Wisconsin 5 Wisconsin 1 Colorado College 2 Colorado College 6 Bowling Green 8 Bowling Green 5 Denver enver North Dakota . North Dakota 3 Michigan State 4 Michigan State 5 Michigan 4 Michigan 3 Michigan Tech 2 Michigan Tech 7 Boston College 2 Harvard 4 Michigan 7 Michigan 1 Minnesota 3 Minnesota 4 Colorado College lO Colorado College 1 North Dakota 5 North Dakota 3 Denver 4 Denver 3 Michigan State Michigan State 3 Michigan Tech 1 Michigan Tech 7 Minnesota-Duluth 4 Minnesota-Duluth 3 Wisconsin 2 Wisconsin Michigan 49 21 Ca 80 R te 50 21 Bu y Invit.- 2nd 23 Mi 21 Case Western Reserve 21 Buffalo 23 Miami (Ohio) THE 1 FANS You know the ones. The ones who ' ll flock to the basement of the Knights of Columbus building four Septembers in a row to watch a tattered version of " Knute Rockne All American " starring Pat O ' Brien as the Rock and Ronald Reagan as the Gipper. The ones who wore the blue cowboy hats in Miami. The ones who sit and shout in Section 8 at the Irish ice arena. The one who affixed a plastic statue atop a battered football helmet and turned himself into a walking, talking version of the Golden Dome. The ones whose automobiles feature the name " Notre Dame " in even bigger letters than Chevrolet or Oldsmobile. The ones who know the chorus to the Notre Dame Victory March and the last four words of the Univer- sity ' s alma mater. The ones who make up the heart and voice of the 11,343 man " sixth man " at the Convo and the 59,075 " twelfth " at the stadium. You know who they are the freshman down the hall, your rah-rah roommate, that cute cheerleader from Farley, the B-P Shamrockettes, and don ' t forget yourself and the ones who actually wear the uniforms. They ' re the students of Notre Dame. The Number One Fans in the Nation. higanTecli 10 neota-Duluth 5 newta-Dulutli 4 -,-r DAME 156 AND THEN THERE ' S THE FRUSTRATED JOCKS 157 LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL 158 MEDEA 159 160 FELLOWS ' 161 A COFFEEHOUSE EXPERIENCE NAZZ 163 DARBY ' S PLACE " A CLEAN WELL-LIGHTED PLACE " 164 FRAN DE MARCO A 165 166 Editor Jim Gresser Art Director Bill Weyland Production Manager John Phelan Managing Editor Sally Stanton News Editor Jane Thornton Arts Editor Katy Sullivan Sports Editor Bill Delaney Business Manager Sarah Bartzen Circulation Manager Paul OeBacco Photography Editor Ed Brower 167 168 1 169 IflT 170 171 RIGHT: The Blonde Bomber, Bill Paterno, shoots for two of his twenty points against the Marquette Warriors. FAR RIGHT: Toby Knight came into his own late in the 1975 campaign, earning a starting berth and delighting the folks back home with a 16 point performance in Madison Square Garden. BELOW LEFT: Although South Carolina may not welcome him into their campus Duck Williams ' inspired play and game-high 16 points against the Gamecocks won him at least a spot in the heart of the fans at the ACC. BELOW RIGHT: Knight, Clay and Dantley for the defense. OPPOSITE ABOVE: A team player all the way for four years, Pete Crotty fulfilled his responsibilities as co-captain by in- spiring and developing the younger players on the squad. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Dave Batton controls the jump for the Irish. OPPOSITE BELOW CENTER: During the regular season, sophomore Adrian Dantley led the Irish in scoring in 24 of 26 games! OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Dayton ' s nickname proved to be a misnomer in the ACC, for it was co-captain Dwight Clay doing much of the flying in a 102- 69 win. 172 FIGHT ING IRIS 173 174 ' - 1-FiC FAR LEFT: Pete Crotty vaults over the Indiana defense. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Bill Paterno tenses for the free throw. OPPOSITE BELOW: An easy basket for Dwight Clay. ABOVE: A study of power and grace, Adrian Dantley. LEFT: Ray Martin scans the court and races to action. 175 RIGHT: They say practice makes perfect, and you can bet Dwight Clay and Dice Martin won ' t disagree. After defeating the UCLA Bruins, 84-78, the pair got to execute what the coaches made them practice the cutting down of the nets to celebrate a Notre Dame victory. BELOW: Defeating one of the top teams in the nation isn ' t all that easy, and Ray Martin found he needed all his ball-handling talents during the forty minutes of play. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Adrian Dantley drives on UCLA. OPPOSITE BELOW: Maybe they could try stealing picnic baskets in Jellystone Park . . . FAR RIGHT: An oasis of calm in a frenzied game Pete Crotty at the line. 176 TOP: Bill Paterno prepares to outjump a Hoosier op- ponent. ABOVE: Jeff Carpenter slows a Princeton ad- vance. RIGHT: The Northwestern Wildcats fall victim to a Dwight Clay two-pointer. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Mclaughlin, DiBiaso and Phelps watch their students perform at the ACC. OPPOSITE BELOW: Digger flashes an Irish victory smile. OPPOSITE FAR RIGHT: Intimidation Phelps style courtesy of Gilbert ' s Men ' s Shop, of course. 178 DIGGER 179 NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH At the outset of every campaign, Digger Phelps gets together with his Notre Dame basketball players to discuss goals: what would the team like to accomplish this season? In recent history the answer has always been the same: win a bid to a post-season tournament. In retrospect, this was no small task the Irish set for themselves for the 1974-75 season. Notre Dame played the toughest schedule in the nation. No less than half of their twenty-six opponents ended their season in post-season tournament competition. The combined winning percen- tage of all opponents neighbored .640. And don ' t forget the Irish entered the season in a rebuilding situation. Three starters, including two Ail- Americans, had departed from last year ' s squad, so Coach Phelps had practically infant Irish in his care. Of the ten players who saw the most action on the court, only two were seniors five were sophomores and three just freshmen. Nevertheless, the cagers opened the season with four consecutive victories, including a superb performance against a highly touted Kansas five. In the early contests, sophomore Adrian Dantley established his place among the nation ' s leading scorers, almost salvaging a victory with an artistic 32 point performance against top-ranked In- diana. After first semester finals, the Irish embarked upon a grueling eight game road trip that took them to such un- friendly locales as UCLA, Kentucky, Maryland and Mar- quette. The inexperienced youths of Notre Dame could not withstand the onslaught of top ten teams unblemished, but they did manage to defeat Davidson, Butler and Villanova. Returning home with an unpromising 7-6 mark, the Irish also returned to form, defeating Holy Cross in the se- cond semester home opener. Then UCLA arrived, confi- dent with a number two ranking to attest to their ability, only to fall to a determined Irish squad and their famous " sixth man " the capacity crowd at the ACC. Dave Kuz- micz led his team to the 84-78 victory with a career high 22 points. Now the Irish became nearly unstoppable. A.D. Dantley threw in two free throws in the closing seconds to clinch a victory over a gutsy Western Michigan squad. Freshman Duck Williams dazzled a raucous ACC crowd with a glimpse of thrills to come, leading Digger ' s charges to a 66-65 overtime squeaker against South Carolina. An undermanned Air Force squad watched Adrian Dantley burn the nets for 49 points, missing only 3 of 19 from the field. Another one point victory followed, this time over St. John ' s in Madison Square Garden. Toby Knight returned to his Long Island home ground to garner player of the game honors with 12 rebounds and 16 points. Highly ranked LaSalle could not shake a tenacious Irish press and fell as yet another casualty to the Improving Irish of Notre Dame. A victory over St. Joseph ' s of Indiana preceded a disappointing loss to DePaul. The Irish returned home to annihilate Fordham 98-61 under cover of darkness a blown fuse in the ACC electrical system created a blackout in the crowded building. In the final game of the regular season, the Irish never let the Dayton Flyers off the ground final score: Notre Dame 102, Dayton 69. The young team had achieved its dream: they were awarded a bid in the NCAA Tournament. In the first round of the Midwest Regional, the Irish met the Kansas Jayhawks in Oklahoma. For the second time this year, Notre Dame earned a victory over Kansas, 77-71. Unfortunately, the dream ended quickly. In Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Irish stuck like glue to Maryland ' s Terrapins at first, trailing by only a basket at halftime. But in the second half, Maryland exploded. By game ' s end Maryland had outscored Notre Dame, 83-71. The season wasn ' t over yet. In a consolation game, the team took Cincinnati into overtime before ultimately being on the short end of a 95-87 score. The Irish surprised a lot of people this year, performing better than many more experienced teams. Their future looks bright indeed. 180 LEFT: Dave Batton battles for a rebound in the Irish second victory over Kansas. BELOW: Dwight Clay races into the open as Dick Martin brings the ball upcourt. BOTTOM: 1974-75 NOTRE DAME BASKET- BALL TEAM: Front Row: T. Knight, D. Kuzmicz, A. Dantley, P. Crotty, captain, D. Clay, captain, B. Paterno, R. Martin, D. Batton, D. Williams. Second Row: A. Padley, manager, M. Schuckman, J. Carpenter, T. Varga, R. Haefner, W. Drew, R. Anderson, A. Zoske, trainer. Back Row: F. McLaughlin, assistant coach, R. Phelps, head coach, R. DiBiaso, assistant coach. ' .the lei 1 1C 182 I I 1 . r 183 184 185 Big Sisters Brothers Boy Scouts CILA Circle K Day Care Centers Head Start Hot Line Cause Campus Ministry Juvenile Probation Officers Program MANASA Right to Life Navigators Council for the Retarded Mecha Non-Violence Program Prison Teachers Red Cross Blood Donors Neighborhood Study Help 186 COUNCIL FOR THE ' VI RETARDED Our purpose is simple To know each other and from the basis Of our Christian community To turn outward And share with others our vitality and strength, Our youth And our love. ! f fi. i.- k [t ( I 5 NEIGHBORHOOD STUDY HELP Tedious involvement The gift of self Reflected in the smile of a child. Don ' t walk in front of me I may not follow. Don ' t walk behind me I may not lead. Walk beside me And just be my friend. -Camus CAMPUS MINISTRY William A. Toohey, C.S.C., Director; Thomas McNally, C.S.C.; Thomas A. Stella, C.S.C.; Joseph J. McTaggart, C.S.C.; Robert Griffin, C.S.C.; Sr. Jane Pitz, C.S.J. 190 LEFT: Kevin Wallace, Hot Line; RIGHT: Clint Cibler, Coor- dinator Childrens ' Hospital; BELOW: Dick Williams, Presi- dent MANASA. MANASA Northern Indiana Children ' s Hospital Half-way House. Hot Line Volunteers. A human need To be needed, Meshing with precision With another ' s need for help: Fulfillment. 191 RUGBY Ask any rugger about his beloved game and he will doubtlessly answer, " Rugby is a ruffian ' s game played by gentlemen. " One may question the latter half of the statement, but one cannot deny the first. Rugby is a bruising, bone-breaking, blood- letting sport. Fifteen men take the field for each team for a pair of forty minute halves. Then they must run, pass, block and tackle constantly, for there are no time-outs to slow the pace, no substitutions to inject fresh blood into a tiring scrum, and sur- prisingly, no pads or helmuts to lessen the impact of rugger against rugger. For all its being " the father of football, " one gets the impression that rugby could thrash its son any day of the week. In the autumn of 1974, the Notre Dame A team posted two victories against two losses, and the Irish of the B team upended six challengers in a row. 1974-75 NOTRE DAME RUGBY TEAM. Front Row: J. Smith, J. Carr, T. Roche, T. Hastings, C. Zawalich, M. Mailman, J. Kovac, F. Kunkel, B. Sweeney, S. McDonald, J. Froman, M. Wilkes, R. Arensberg, L. Casey (cap- tain), M. Tovey. Second Row: T. Brett, D. Mosser, B. O ' Connor, P. Schreck, R. Parro, B. Hessert, T. Hessert, L. Drago, B. Jacobitz, M. Gambee, G. Spiegel, L. Ehrline, T. Mendiola, M. Tovey, M. Keown, W. McHugh. Back Row: T. Bereznay, T. Chavez, D. Moser, J. Kopacz, M. Michalek, T. Gorie, N. Loughery, J. Thomas, T. Brennan, R. Carroll, K. Deighan, J. Norris, P. Brosnan, T. Byrne, P. Gottsacker. 192 OPPOSITE: Mike Dacey wrestles a Purdue back to the ground as John Froman rushes forward to assist. LEFT: Ken Jones soars skyward to retrieve the ball for the Irish. BELOW: In basketball, an ordinary jump ball involves a one-on-one situation, but rugby ' s equivalent, the line-out, is a bit more complicated as Lou Drago and six fellow " B " team performers must outjump the seven man scrum of the Chicago Lions to gain control of the ball. ABOVE: Irish ruggers engage in a set scrum against the Lions at Chicago ' s Montrose Park. BELOW: A loose scrum and the resultant scramble for the ball finds team captain Larry Casey in the thick of things as the Irish wade into the Boilermaker defenders. : ' V 193 CREW Will power is something the average student needs in abundance just to make an eight o ' clock class. But getting up at 5 a.m. six days a week when you ' re a college student indicates one of two things: you ' ve either got a tragic case of insomnia or an ex- traordinary love of a sport. For the Notre Dame Crew, it ' s the latter for cer- tain. Converging on Stepan Center long before the sun rises and more often than not having to push a rickety, blue team bus to get it started, the Crew makes its daily ten mile run to a Mishawaka boathouse on the St. Joe River, five waiting shells and two hours of rowing and rowing and rowing. . . Whether you ' re a novice learning your skills in the lumbering, slowly sinking Blue Beast, or a varsity oarsman enjoying the sport at its finest the shell knifing through the river while the coxswain shouts " power ten " and seven buddies join you in working up to " ramming speed " you recognize one fact: rowing does get into your blood and you can ' t fight it. You just let being part of the Crew become one of the greatest experiences of your life. 194 OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: Notre Dame Crew Est. 1965. OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Just like any other endeavor, you have to get your feet wet before you become an experienced veteran. OPPOSITE BELOW: Cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon is often a picturesque pleasure cruise dur- ing a restive moment. TOP: If one could describe the teamwork necessary to crew ' s success, one may end up writing a full-length essay only to hear a member of the crew quip, " A shell is a powerful sixteen-armed beast with a helluva voice " ABOVE: THE CREW: Front Row: M. Houle, ). Paraskeva, J. Santellano. Second Row: J. Collins, R. Serger, M. Gaffney, J. Swenton, B. Stohrer, T. Loughran, D. Kelly, M. Murphy, S. Ledoux. Third Row: M. Shupe, J. Bustin, B. Murphy, S. Walker, P. Shaffer, D. Herbek, ). Engels, P. Haley, E. Tagge, F. Heydrich, P. McEvily, captain. Fourth Row: J. Sutton, P. Hall, M. Corcoran, W. Landuyt, R. Lawrence, P. Joyce, K. Paluso. Missing: G. Willant, K. G. McBride, W. Tracy, J. T. Thornton, J. Claude, secretary, G. Viano, coach, P. Bambera, J. Aubrey, D. Prebish, H. Tarpley, J. Nohl, P. Richards, D. Hesse. In Helmets: M. Bucchi, D. Robinson. 195 -ACROSSE ABOVE LEFT: John Corcoran, Bill Foley and Coach Rich O ' leary watch from the sidelines the players wearing masks to protect themselves from their fellows ' " cannonball " and " anti-aircraft " shots. ABOVE RIGHT: Reacting to the sound of pursuit at his heels, John Fatti fires the ball down- field. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Detroiter Paul Rizzo unleashes a powerful shot into enemy territory under the approving eye of club president Rich " Schulz " Caron. OPPOSITE BELOW: Taking advantage of a friend ' s protection, Bob Thibodeau rushes to scoop up the bouncing ball. BOT- TOM: 1974-75 LACROSSE TEAM: First Row: J. McEntee, B. Foley, J. Cor- coran, co-captain, S. Tarnow, K. Fogerty, P. Rizzo, T. McHugh, R. Caron, president, J. Meares, co-captain, F. Volpe, S. Waterman. Second Row: P. ] Kane, J. Williams, M. Kinsella, J. P. Marchand, T. Naquin, D. Trabert, B. Thibodeau, J. Fatti, M. Shields, T. Mouch, G. Nalley, L. Walters, J. True, assistant coach. Third Row: R. O ' Leary, coach, M. Kane, M. Doyle, J. Chapman, M. Fitzgerald, C. Nalley, B. Panoff, J. Murray, J. Scarola, C. Bowe, T. Single, D. Miles, M. Carberry, G. Bangs, S. Cochran, assistant coach. Fourth Row: " Stork " Connelly, J. Early, R. Feduska, P. Clynes, M. Flanagan, J. Joyce, S. Martinez, R. Kresock, B. McManus, J. Hensler, R. Mazzei, C. Folkman, P. Buzaid, S. Bonomo. 196 No doubt about it Notre Dame ' s Lacrosse players radiate an attitude toward their sport that is intense and boisterous all at the same time. And there ' s also little doubt that Lacrosse belongs at Notre Dame (occasionally known as the American university with the French name, the Irish nickname, and Catholic background), especially since it ' s a derivation of a game played by American Indians and named by French explorers who thought the stick used resembled a bishop ' s crozier. To top it off, this year the team even had a Corcoran for a co-captain! The autumn of the tenth anniver- sary year of Notre Dame Lacrosse witnessed four victories and no defeats for Coach Rich O ' Leary ' s stickhandlers the most savory win of all a manhandling of the Chicago Lacrosse Club, the reigning Midwest Club Champions. 197 SOCCER RIGHT: An unpredictable South Bend climate makes life interesting at Notre Dame, but soccer in the snow? BELOW: 1974 SOCCER TEAM: Front Row: T. Pollihan, E. Rojas, J. Piano, B. Louie, J. Talbot, M. Flynn, M. Morgan, C. Prejean, M. Reilly. Missing: M. Crehan. BACK ROW: M. Seryak, B. Barret, M. Klein, T. Bernardin, T. Mulvey, S. R oach, K. Buckley, T. Finnegan, J. Gallo, J. Thornton, S. Carroll, captain, P. Flood, L. Monserrat, B. Ralph, J. Donovan, T. Lischwe, G. Higgins. S 10 24 3 -A 21 33 29 l1 198 BOXING LEFT: Amateur boxing at its finest the Notre Dame Bengal Bouts are staged annually to aid the Holy Cross Fathers in Bengal, Pakistan. BELOW: " Strong bodies fight, so that weak bodies may be nourished " is the slogan of Dominic " Nappy " Napolitano, who for the last 44 years has served as promoter, adver- tiser, coach and trainer for Notre Dame ' s amateur boxers. 1975 BENGAL BOUTS CHAMPIONS 127 Ibs: Terry Broderick 135 Ibs: Dave Reyna 140 Ibs: Mike Cramer 150 Ibs: Phil Harbert 155 Ibs: Matt McCrath 160 Ibs: Bob Poupore 165 Ibs: Matt Wuellner 175 Ibs: Lou Bulte 180 Ibs: Mike McCarry 190 Ibs: Mike McCuire 199 SAILING In its twenty-eighth year of com- petition, the Notre Dame Sailing Club continued its rise to national prominence. Sailing to a first place finish in the autumn Midwest Eliminations, the Irish sailors shocked fourth ranked Michigan and secured for themselves a lofty fourth place rating in the Midwest and tenth place in the nation. Putting into different ports around the country, the club found much success on distant shores. The club ' s 13 foot Flying juniors sailed in Boston, California, St. Petersburg, and even made an appearance at the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. But, as the saying goes, there ' s no place like home. The Irish won second place in the Notre Dame Invitational, losing by just a rope ' s length to heavily favored Florida State. Top sailors of the year for the 100 member, coed organization were seniors John Makielski and Bruce Marek. i TOP: Maybe it ' s the lure of the open sea or the scents of an ocean breeze. Maybe they are the sirens which draw the sailors to the sea in their fragile craft. Who really knows? But the onlooker does know seven sailboats silhouetted against a summer sky is indeed a lovely sight. ABOVE: SAILING CLUB: Front Row: C. Froling, treasurer, B. Reynolds, cap- tain, B. Marek, commodore, Dr. D. Linge, ad- visor, M. Wullaert, vice commodore, M. Han- son, secretary, B. Ryan, rear commodore. Se- cond Row: S. Seiler, S. Reynolds, C. Sergeoketter, L. Callivan, R. Porkins, T. Caleziewski, M. Schuler, J. Kruyer. Third Row: C. Turner, P. Miskell, D. Constants, R. Trudeau, J. Makielski. Fourth Row: M. Sheehan, W. Anchors, K. Pillian, S. Ahoy, W. Matilda, P. Acker, D. T. Torpedoes. Back Row: J. Anhut, B. Mclnnis, P. Smith, F. Galey, G. Baranko, B. Ramsay, A. Thornton, P. Farro, J. Peters, P. Terpaulenmari. 20O ' 2O2 YEA THOUGH I WALK THROUGH THC VALLEY OF DMKNCSS I FtAK NO EVIL TOK YOUK THt BCCtST SKXB IN THIS VALLEY 1 ' MARDI GRAS 203 C ' mon take me to the Mardi Gras Where the people sing and play Where the dancing is elite And there ' s music in the street Both night and day Hurry take me to the Mardi Gras In the city of my dreams . . . And I will lay my burden down Rest my head upon that shore And when I wear that starry crown I won ' t be wanting anymore Take your burdens to the Mardi Gras Let the music wash your soul . . . Paul Simon 2O4 MARDI GRAS I | ijoran 2O5 WSND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Marikaye Flyke, AM Publicity; Tom Canavan, Chief Engineer; Mamie Anthoine, Business Manager; Mark Allison, Asst. Director of Production; Donna Rainone, Production Engineer; John Foster, Director of Production Engineering; Paul Bollwerk, Station Manager. FM STAFF: Edwin Jaroszewski, Music Director; Jorge Lopez, Publications Manager; Mark Sullivan, Tape Librarian; Kevin Adams, Chief Announcer; Bob Pitt, Program Director. 206 AM STAFF: Stephen Weber, Program Director; Maureen Creighton, Chief Announcer. NEWS SPORTS: Steve Hare, Campus Sports Director; John Vozzo, ' Sports Wire Editor; Mark Arminio, Sports Director; Mark Krepich, News Program Director; Dennis Kelly, Campus News Director; Mark Murphy, Wire Editor; Den Stellato, News Direc- tor; Michele Zeitler, SMC News Director (not pictured). 2O7 2O8 HOCKI;Y TOP: Brian Walsh and Alex Pirus break out against the Pioneers. ABOVE: Captain Paul Clarke circles around a Denver defender for a score! RIGHT: " Dukie " waltzes withji Bowling Green defenseman in front of the net. OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: Lenny Moher protects his goal as Clarke skates to the rescue. OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Pat Conroy on another Irish rush. OPPOSITE BELOW: Right winger Timmy Byers stretches to control the puck and start up the ice. 21O - + 211 X9W 2 H 212 ' 0 , V, . i OPPOSITE ABOVE: Eyes riveted to the puck scant seconds before a face-off, Tim Byers and colleagues demonstrate that even hockey has its moments suspended in time. OPPOSITE BELOW: Shot on goal! Brian Walsh welcomes a Colorado College goal tender to the ACC. ABOVE LEFT: Len Moher drops to the ice to change the course of a hockey puck. ABOVE RIGHT: Skates firmly planted, center Brian Walsh prepares to put his full 165 pounds behind one hard shot at the enemy net. LEFT: Peer- ing through the shamrock painted on his protective mask, freshman goalie John Peterson plays spectator temporarily as his teammates play offense. 213 ABOVE: Lenny Moher does an impromptu Cossack dance in his attempt to make a save. RIGHT: Pat Conroy gives the Michigan State fans a show of strength as he splits the Spartans ' defense. Hockey is a rough sport as both Tim Byers and Clark Hamilton can attest. OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: Byers is sandwiched by a pair of Spartans, while OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Hamilton dishes out an elbow during a battle in front of the net. OPPOSITE BELOW: Don Jackson displays the gracefulness of the sport as he skates carefully toward the center of the arena. Ti 214 215 216 . I ' V OPPOSITE TOP LEFT: High scoring Alex Pirus skates away from the Minnesota defense. OPPOSITE TOP RIGHT: Allan Karsnia is held by a Tech defenseman as he eyes the puck. OPPOSITE BELOW: The Irish set up a triangle defense around John Peter- son as they kill a penalty at Michigan State ' s new arena. ABOVE: Irish tough guy Brian Walsh and Tech ' s Bruce Abbey are separated by the referee after a skirmish behind the Huskies ' net. LEFT: Clark Hamilton and Pat Conroy hunt for Wolverines. 217 THE CINCINNATI BALLET GUS GIORDANO DANCE CO. THE OMBUDSMAN Matt Cockrell, next-in-line; Bill McLean, Ombudsman; THE OM- BUDSMAN TWENTY: Top Row: Ned Liddell, Steve Lucero, Al Bucci, Jim Desmond, Joe Donahue, John Creamer, Vince LoVoi. Middle Row: Matt Cockrell, Bridget O ' Donnel, Tom Gibbons, Bill McLean, Jim Zorn, Bill Bracken, Melanie Connell. Bot- tom Row: Bob Bode, Diana Merten, Dan Fitzgerald, Charles Moran, Craig D ' Ambra, Jerry Majewski. 222 223 Styg THE CLASS OF 1975 Enrique Abordo A.B. Anthropology Anthony Abowd A.B. Economics Kevin Adams A.B. English Gary Adamson B.S. Preprofessional Dominic Addesso B.B.A. Accounting George Adelo A.B. General Program Timothy Adler A.B. Psychology Alan Aflague A.B. General Program Patricia Ahasic A.B. General Program Robert Alden B.B.A. Marketing Eugene Aleci B.S. Architecture Jaime Aleman A.B. Economics Raul Aleman B.B.A. Finance Thomas Alessi B.S. Preprofessional Gregory Allare B.B.A. Marketing Charles Allberry B.B.A. Accounting Scott Allen A.B. Psychology Vicki Allen B.B.A. Accounting Frank Allocco A.B. Sociology Michael Almada A.B. Modern Languages James Ambrose B.B.A. Finance Dennis Ames B.S. Preprofessional Barry Andrews A.B. Economics Paul Angelo B.S. Mathematics 3 226 Richard Ankney B.S. Mathematics Glenn Antal B.S. Mechanical Engineering Barbara Anthony B.S. Physics Michael Antolino B.S. Mathematics Eugene Apostoluk B.B.A. Accounting Ralph Arata, Jr. B.B.A. Marketing Richard Arensberg B.B.A. Accounting Lawrence Arias B.B.A. Accounting Martin Armbruster B.B.A. Accounting William Arment B.B.A. Management Raul Armstrong A.B. History Douglas Arnold B.B.A. Management Michael Arri B.B.A. Finance Shawn Ashbaugh A.B. Economics Edward Ateyeh, Jr. B.S. Preprofessional Therese Auda A.B. Psychology John Audino A.B. History Michael Auth B.B.A. Finance Carl Avino B.S. Civil Engineering John Aydinian B.B.A. Finance Steven Aymes B.S. Mechanical Engineering James Backes B.C. Civil Engineering James Baclawski B.S. Biology Julio Baez B.S. Chemistry 227 Henry Baggen, Jr. A.B. Economics David Baird A.B. Economics Thomas Bake B.S. Mechanical Engineering Charles Baker, jr. B.B.A. Finance Philip Balsamo B.S. Preprofessional C. Timothy Balzer B.B.A. Finance John Banas B.S. Preprofessional Joseph Barber A.B. Preprofessional James Barbour B.B.A. Management Bryan Barnett A.B. Preprofessional Sean Barnett A.B. Modern Languages Frank Barrett A.B. Government Raymond Barrett, Jr. B.S. Preprofessional John Barry B.B.A. Accounting Walter Barry, Jr. B.S. Civil Engineering Brian Barsotti A.B. Government Richard Bartell B.B.A. Accounting Richard Basso B.S. Electrical Engineering William Bates B.S. Architecture Nicholas Bathas A.B. Government Timothy Battle A.B. English Edward Bauer B.B.A. Finance Chris Baumann B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael Bayer B.S. Biology 228 Dean Bears B.S. Chemical Engineering Gary Beaverson B.B.A. Accounting Charles Beck B.S. Electrical Engineering Theodore Beck B.B.A. Finance Mary Beckman A.B. Theology Richard Beeler B.S. Preprofessional John Begert A.B. English Hassan Behzadi B.S. Mechanical Engineering Timothy Belke B.S. Mechanical Engineering Steven Bell A.B. General Program Juan Beltranena B.S. Architecture William Benedict B.S. Biology 229 David Bennett A.B. Economics Steven Bennett A.B. Art Michael Berg A.B. Preprofessional Anthony Bergin A.B. General Program Donald Berno A.B. Government Daniel Betancourt B.S. Civil Engineering Charles R. Betka A.B. Modern Languages John Bever B.S. Preprofessional Zenon Bidzinski A.B. American Studies Harry Bigham B.B.A. Finance Michael Billek B.S. Preprofessional Donald Binz B.S. Preprofessional John Bireley A.B. Preprofessional James Birsic A.B. Philosophy William Blaetz B.S. Electrical Engineering Therese Blaha A.B. Sociology John Blair A.B. Government William Blanford A.B. English J. Mark Bloom A.B. General Program Randy Blum B.B.A. Finance Mark Bocketti B.S. Civil Engineering Michael J. Boland B.B.A. Accounting Michael J. Boland A.B. Government David Bolding B.B.A. Accounting 23O 231 George Bollwerk, III A.B. American Studies Wayne Bombaci B.B.A. Accounting Michael Bonifer B.B.A. Marketing Carl Bontempo B.S. Preprofessional David Booz B.B.A. Finance Thomas Borchers B.B.A. Management Samuel Borgia A.B. Fine Arts Stephen Bossu A.B. Economics Norman Bower A.B. American Studies Hugh Boyd B.S. Architecture Dennis Boyle B.S. Mechanical Engineering Robert Boyle B.S. Preprofessional Bruce Brandle B.S. Chemical Engineering Julian Branker B.S. Electrical Engineering James Braun A.B. English Thomas Braun A.B. Mathematics William H. Breitenbach A.B. Government M. Jude Bremer A.B. American Studies Dennis Brennan A.B. Modern Languages Craig Brenton A.B. Economics Thomas Brett II B.B.A. Accounting Carlos Brezina B.S. Architecture James Bridges B.S. Architecture John Brintnall B.B.A. Finance 232 Donald Brittnacher B.S. Earth Science Anthony Broccoli A.B. Speech and Drama John Brockhoff B.S. Preprofessional Joseph Brosnan B.S. Preprofessional Cornelius Brown A.B. Government J. David Brown B.B.A. Finance John F. Brown, Jr. A.B. Economics Paul Brun B.B.A. Marketing Jeff Brunner B.B.A. Marketing Michael Bryant B.S. Architecture Dennis Buchanan B.S. Biology Barbara Budde A.B. Theology Raymond Buehler B.B.A. Accounting William Buholzer B.B.A. Marketing Charles Buhrlage B.B.A. Management John Bulger A.B. History Joseph Buran B.S. Engineering Science Jeffrey Burda B.B.A. Finance Christine Burger A.B. Preprofessional Patrick Burke A.B. Government Thomas Burke B.S. Architecture Thomas Burke A.B. Governement Andre Burner A.B. Government Harry Bush B.S. Biology 233 Timothy Bushnell B.B.A. Finance Jeffrey Butryn B.S. Preprofessional James Byrnes A.B. History William Cafaro A.B. Economics Stephen Cahir B.B.A. Marketing Alexander Calabrese A.B. Psychology Christopher Callahan A.B. Modern Languages Walter Calmbach B.S. Physics Joan Campagna B.S. Preprofessional Janet Cangelosi B.B.A. Finance Carman Cannon A.B. Psychology Lawrence Cannon B.B.A. Accounting 234 Abelardo Cantillo B.S. Mechanical Engineering Robert Caponigri A.B. Sociology Raymond Capp, Jr. A.B. Government Michael Caraynoff B.B.A. Accounting Michael Carey B.B.A. Accounting Raymond Carey A.B. Sociology Douglas Carhart A.B. English David L. Carlson A.B. Goverment Mark T. Carnes B.S. Engineering Science Leonard Carnevale A.B. American Studies James Carney B.S. Electrical Engineering Richard C aron B.B.A. Management John Carrico B.B.A. Accounting Shaun Carroll B.B.A. Management Dennis Carter B.S. Mechanical Engineering Lee Casaccio B.S. Architecture Robert Case B.S. Chemical Engineering Lawrence Casey B.B.A. Accounting Kevin Cassidy A.B. Government William Cassidy, Jr. B.B.A. Management Terrence Cavanaugh B.B.A. Management Thomas Cavanaugh B.S. Civil Engineering Kedric Chamberlain B.B.A. Marketing Michael Chamberlin A.B. Psychology 235 Daniel Chambers B.S. Mathematics Guy Chambers B.S. Preprofessional Thomas Chambers B.S. Preprofessional Danny Chambliss A.B. Fine Arts Michael Champeau B.S. Preprofessional Paul Chang B.S. Architecture David Chapleau A.B. Economics James Chauncey III A.B. Preprofessional William Chidichimo A.B. Sociology Michael Chobanian B.S. Preprofessional Ying Kit Choi B.S. Civil Engineering Michael Chomel A.B. Sociology Lawrence Christian B.B.A. Finance Thomas W. Christiansen B.S. Biology Michael Christman B.B.A. Accounting Andrew Christopher A.B. Economics Max Chudy III B.S. Preprofessional Richard Ciambrone A.B. History Sergio Ciccone B.S. Mathematics Domenic Cieri, Jr. A.B. Psychology Robert Cimini B.S. Chemical Engineering Michael Cioffi A.B. General Program Larry Ciofu B.B.A. Accounting Mark Clark A.B. American Studies 236 Thomas Clark B.B.A. Finance Dwight Clay A.B. Economics Barry Cleary A.B. History Robert Clemency, Jr. B.S. Preprofessional Leo Cline B.S. Biology Herbert C. Clitheroe Jr. B.S. Architecture James Clune A.B. Government Douglas Coccia B.B.A. Finance William Coco B.S. Preprofessional Terry Coddens B.B.A. Accounting Paul Cody A.B. Psychology Jeffrey Coe B.S. Electrical Engineering John Cogley A.B. Government Ronald Cole A.B. Anthropology Timothy Cole B.B.A. Accounting Gregory Collins B.B.A. Management John Collins A.B. Preprofessional John Comiskey A.B. Mathematics Rosemary Condon A.B. English Lawrence Conley B.S. Architecture Francis Connell B.B.A. Accounting John Connell B.B.A. Marketing Timothy Connell A.B. General Program Kevin Connolly A.B. History 237 David Connor B.B.A. Accounting John Conroy A.B. Government Patrick Conroy B.B.A. Marketing Gary Consorto A.B. Government Michael Conway B.S. Electrical Engineering Charles Coogan B.S. Architecture Thomas Cook B.B.A. Marketing John Coombe B.S. Civil Engineering David Cooney B.B.A. Finance James Cooney B.B.A. Marketing Terry Cooney B.B.A. Accounting Michael Coppinger B.S. Architecture 238 John Corcoran A.B. Economics Robert Corcoran B.B.A. Accounting Paul Cordes, Jr. B.B.A. Finance Michael Corey A.B. Sociology Gregory Corgan B.B.A. Finance James Cormier B.B.A. Management Timothy Corrigan B.S. Biology Raymond Costanzo A.B. Economics Andrew Costarino B.S. Preprofessional Daniel Cotter A.B. English David Cowan B.B.A. Marketing Michael Cowan B.B.A. Accounting John Cowley A.B. Anthropology Joseph Coyle B.S. Metallurgy Michael Cramer B.B.A. Finance John Crane B.B.A. Accounting Craig Crawford A.B. Philosophy Brian Cronin A.B. General Program Kevin Cronin B.B.A. Management William Crooks B.S. Preprofessional David Crossett A.B. Modern Languages Patrick Crotty B.B.A. Accounting Peter Crotty A.B. Economics John Crowley A.B. American Studies 239 24O Timothy Cunningham B.B.A. Accounting Timothy Currier A.B. Government Jared Curtis B.B.A. Finance Brian Cushing A.B. Economics Leo Cushing B.B.A. Accounting Richard M. Cusick A.B. Government Steven Cutter B.B.A. Marketing Francis Cyran B.S. Preprofessional Philip Czajkowski B.B.A. Accounting Michael Czarkowski B.S. Preprofessional Joseph M. Daday B.S. Biology Lawrence Dailey, jr. A.B. English David W. Daley B.S. Preprofessional Robert E. Dalton, Jr. B.B.A. Finance Joseph N. Daluisio B.B.A. Accounting Frederick R. Daniel A.B. History David H. Daniels B.S. Preprofessional Andrew L. Danik A.B. History Michael R. Dara B.S. Preprofessional Mary E. Darin A.B. Fine Arts Daniel T. Dasinger A.B. English Catherine Datzman A.B. History David M. Davis, Jr. B.B.A. Marketing Donald R. Davis B.B.A. Finance 241 Edward A. Davis A.B. Government Michael J. Davis A.B. English F. Thomas Day B.S. Preprofessional Mary C. Dean A.B. English Paul Debacco A.B. Psychology Michael J. Decandia B.S. Architecture J amee Ann Decio A.B. Sociology Roy J. Deda B.S. Civil Engineering Brian Deffenbaugh A.B. Economics Sam Defrank B.B.A. Accounting Christopher Degnan B.B.A. Accounting Eugene C. Dejonge A.B. Music Jorge Delaguardia A.B. Economics Margaret M. Delaney B.S. Preprofessional Thomas A. Demko A.B. Government Robert J. Demi B.S. Architecture Peter K. Demmerle A.B. English Janet E. Denefe A.B. English Edward M. Denning A.B. General Program John P. Denorcey B.B.A. Accounting Michael P. Dent B.B.A. Management Edward S. Dentz B.S. Civil Engineering Ronald P. Depetris B.B.A. Marketing James J. Derr B.B.A. Management 242 Richard j. Deslauriers A.B. Psychology Michael Desposito A.B. History Bruce R. Deutsch A.B. Government Donald Deutsch, Jr. B.B.A. Management Edward J. Devin B.S. Preprofessional Daniel J. Deziel B.S. Preprofessional Peter S. Diamond A.B. Preprofessional Thomas J. Dicanio A.B. Psychology David H. Dieckelman A.B. Economics Michael F. Diener B.B.A. Marketing Thomas P. Dietler B.B.A. Finance Paul Digaetano B.A. Aerospace Engineering Patrick Dillon A.B. Government Gerard P. Dinardo A.B. Economics Martin F. Dineen B.S. Preprofessional Dennis M. Dipalma B.S. Biology Joseph A. Dizinno B.S. Preprofessional John B. Dlugolecki A.B. Fine Arts Joseph E. Doaks B.S. Preprofessional Jeffery N. Doeler B.S. Chemical Engineering David S. Doemel A.B. Government Michael C. Dogan B.S. Chemical Engineering James E. Doherty B.B.A. Finance Kevin D. Dolan B.B.A. Accounting 243 Mary S. Doman A.B. Psychology E. John Domingues A.B. Government Mark S. Donahue B.S. Mechanical Engineering William J. Donahue A.B. English James D. Donathen A.B. English James Donnelly III B.S. Preprofessional M. Erin Donovan A.B. Psychology James J. Donovan B.S. Chemistry David P. Dooley B.S. Preprofessional John S. Dowd A.B. Economics Thomas L. Doyle B.B.A. Finance Tom M. Drape A.B. American Studies Robert Dressel, Jr. B.B.A. Management Walter Dryburg, Jr. A.B. American Studies Paul E. Ducharme B.S. Biology Peter J. Duchessi B.S. Preprofessional David S. Dulaney B.B.A. Accounting Lawrence C. Dunbar B.S. Civil Engineering Dennis L. Dunville B.B.A. Finance Dennis J. Dziemianowicz A.B. Modern Languages John D. Eddy A.B. Philosophy Thomas H. Elli B.B.A. Finance Edward F. Elliott B.S. Preprofessional Gary W. Elverson A.B. Fine Arts 244 John T. Emmert B.S. Mathematics John B. Ennis A.B. History Randy C. Epping B.S. Architecture David B. Erba B.S. Biology David B. Ercegovic B.S. Physics Gregory K. Ericksen B.B.A. Accounting James J. Ernzen B.S. Mechanical Engineering Pierre A. Espenan B.S. Preprofessional Constance Esposito B.B.A. Accounting Paul J. Essman B.S. Mathematics Gary L. Evins B.S. Electrical Engineering Mark K. Exley B.B.A. Management 245 Juan A. Fabrega B.S. Mechanical Engineering William V. Falk B.S. Preprofessional Jessica M. Fallen A.B. Psychology John C. Famula B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael L. Fanning A.B. Economics John J. Farrell, Jr. A.B. Economics Robert B. Farrell A.B. Psychology Humberto A. Fasano B.S. Civil Engineering Kevin J. Fay B.S. Civil Engineering Kim A. Fehrenbacher B.S. Preprofessional Thomas Fehrenbacher A.B. Psychology Christopher J. Fenn B.B.A. Accounting Dennis J. Fennelly B.S. Physics Francisco Fernandez B.S. Civil Engineering Marie Fiduccia A.B. American Studies Albert L. Fierro A.B. Speech and Drama Alan J. Fisher A.B. Government William V. Fisher B.B.A. Finance Edward Fitzgerald A.B. English Michael Fitzgerald B.B.A. Accounting Patrick Fitzgibbon B.S. Chemical Engineering Robert Fitzgibbons B.B.A. Management Paul D. Fitzpatrick A.B. Economics Matthew T. Fitzsimmons A.B. Government 246 247 Robert P. Flach B.B.A. Management Frank M. Flanagan A.B. Government William J. Flanagan A.B. Anthropology Daniel K. Flatley A.B. Government James M. Flauaus B.B.A. Management Gerald Fleischman B.S. Mechanical Engineering Peter J. Fleming B.B.A. Marketing Michael A. Flynn B.B.A. Management Thomas A. Flynn A.B. Economics Kevin T. Fogerty B.B.A. Accounting Margaret M. Foran A.B. Psychology Kevin E. Ford B.B.A. Accounting Mary E. Ford B.S. Biology Timothy J. Forde B.B.A. Accounting Michael Fordonski B.S. Architecture Chad A. Forni A.B. American Studie s .- ; Edward A. Forszt B.S. Preprofessional Craig W. Fowler B.B.A. Finance Robert J. Fox B.S. Architecture Alan W. Francis B.B.A. Management Don Edward Franks A.B. Government James A. Fredericka A.B. Economics Timothy H. Freibert B.B.A. Finance Edward Fritzen, Jr. B.S. Chemistry Gail A. Fromm B.S. Biology William C. Frost B.B.A. Accounting Mark R. Fry B.B.A. Accounting John C. Fuller A.B. English Joseph M. Fuller A.B. Economics Paul C. Furey A.B. American Studies Michael N. Gabor A.B. Preprofessional Michael F. Gaffney A.B. Government Michael P. Gahagan A.B. English Robert ]. Galac B.B.A. Finance John A. Galey, Jr. A.B. Sociology Edward B. Gallagher A.B. History Gary J. Gallagher B.B.A. Marketing Michael Gallagher B.B.A. Finance Jerry J. Gambino, Jr. B.B.A. Management Kevin E. Gangluff B.S. Chemical Engineering Enrique Gangotena B.S. Architecture Raymond G. Cans B.S. Physics Gilbert Garcia A.B. Government Juan Garcia DeParedes B.B.A. Marketing Francis X. Gardner B.S. Preprofessional Gregory R. Garrison A.B. Goverment W. Arthur Garrity A.B. Philosophy Thomas L. Garrity A.B. History Joe A. Garza A.B. Government Anthony J. Gaseor B.S. Mathematics Joseph A. Caspar! B.S. Preprofessional Joseph J. Gaspierik B.S. Mechanical Engineering Christopher A. Catty A.B. Economics Richard Gaughan, Jr. A.B. English Francis D. Gaynor B.S. Mathematics Michael J. Gearin A.B. General Program I. 250 Timothy G. Geary B.S. Biology William ). George B.S. Mechanical Engineering Charles E. Geringer B.S. Preprofessional Robert D. German A.B. Economics Roy P. Germano B.S. Preprofessional John C. Gerspach B.B.A. Accounting John T. Gerwe B.B.A. Accounting Peter W. Geurtz B.B.A. Management Gregory D. Gibbons A.B. Preprofessional Martin D. Gibbons B.B.A. Management Clinton D. Gibler B.S. Electrical Engineering Gary A. Gibson A.B. English 251 Arthur F. Gilloon A.B. Sociology Brian J. Gilmartin A.B. Psychology Paul j. Gilsinger B.B.A. Management James R. Gittzus B.S. Preprofessional Dennis J. Gleason B.S. Aerospace Engineering Willie Glover B.S. Aerospace Engineering Christine M. Gocke A.B. Modern Languages Michael C. Goetz B.S. Physics John F. Golden B.B.A. Accounting Richard J. Golden B.B.A. Accounting Dennis S. Goodman B.S. Preprofessional Ronnie Goodman B.B.A. Marketing Christopher Grace B.S. Biology Frank Graham, Jr. B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Gerald Gramarossa B.B.A. Finance Greg Gramelspacher A.B. Government Tony A. Grasso B.S. Mechanical Engineering Charles W. Greene B.B.A. Accounting Paul J. Gregorowicz B.S. Physics James A. Gresser A.B. English Dwight A. Griffin B.S. Electrical Engineering John C. Griffin B.S. Aerospace Engineering Patrick R. Griffin B.A. Marketing Rebecca Griffin A.B. Modern Languages 252 Thomas D. Griffin B.S. Preprofessional William G. Grimes A.B. History John D. Grizzard A.B. Preprofessional Stephen Grohovsky A.B. English Nicholas T. Grosch A.B. Government Eli V. Guajardo B.S. Mechanical Engineering Paul J. Guidone B.S. Chemical Engineering Robert S. Gumerlock B.S. Mathematics Michael Gumkowski B.B.A. Marketing Ellen Pauly Gunn A.B. English Theodore E. Guth A.B. Government Steven A. Haaser B.S. Mathematics Kenneth Naders, CSC A.B. Sociology William G. Hagen B.B.A. Finance John R. Haines B.S. Mechanical Engineering William M. Hake B.B.A. Finance J. Patrick Halpin B.S. Architecture Benjamin Hamilton B.S. Electrical Engineering Herbert S. Hampton A.B. Modern Languages Walter E. Hand B.S. Civil Engineering Lee F. Handworker A.B. Psychology Thomas R. Hansen B.S. Preprofessional Paul G. Hanson III A.B. Government Stephen E. Hare B.B.A. Finance 253 John L. Harlan B.S. Preprofessional Alice C. Harrington B.S. Biology Stanley E. Harris B.B.A. Accounting Thomas A. Harrison A.B. American Studies Andrew J. Hartman A.B. Psychology Thomas M. Hartnett B.S. Engineering Science Christopher Hartrich B.B.A. Accounting Dean C. Harvalis B.S. Mathematics John G. Hasbrouck B.S. Preprofessional Donald E. Hasse B.S. Metallurgy James M. Hastings B.B.A. Accounting Martin L. Hawbaker B.B.A. Accounting 254 William ). Hay B.B.A. Accounting David J. Hayes A.B. Government Lawrence J. Hayes A.B. History Thomas D. Hayes A.B. Sociology Thomas J. Hazy B.S. Chemistry Robert E. Healy, Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Mark C. Heekin B.B.A. Marketing Patrick Heffernan B.B.A. Management Louis L. Hegyi A.B. History George V. Heim A.B. English John S. Hellmuth B.B.A. Marketing Joseph Henderlong B.B.A. Management Margaret Henderson B.S. Chemistry Richard Henggeler B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael D. Henke B.S. Engineering Science Kathleen Hennelly B.B.A. Accounting Mary Claire Henner B.S. Mechanical Engineering Joseph C. Henry B.B.A. Finance David G. Herbek B.S. Aerospace Engineering Anthony W. Herenda A.B. Economics William H. Herkes A.B. Engineering Daniel R. Hesse A.B. Government Michael Heftier, Jr. B.S. Civil Engineering Alfred L. Heydrich A.B. Government 255 256 f Brian J. Mickey B.B.A. Marketing Richard D. Hichwa B.S. Physics Lawrence C. Hiegel B.S. Civil Engineering Guy P. Higgins B.S. Biology John P. Higgins B.B.A. Accounting Lawrence M. Higgins B.B.A. Marketing Gerald E. Hill B.S. Civil Engineering Francis R. Hittinger A.B. History Patrick J. Hines A.B. American Studies John C. Hobbs B.S. Architecture Paul J. Hobbs B.S. Preprofessional John C. Hoffman B.S. Preprofessional Garry L. Hoffmann A.B. English Martin T. Hogan B.B.A. Finance Thomas A. Hogan B.S. Aerospace Engineering Leslie E. Holden A.B. Psychology Thomas C. Holzschuh B.S. Electrical Engineering Norman G. Hommes A.B. Psychology James J. Hoolihan A.B. Economics Donald J. Hopfer A.B. English Michael C. Houle A.B. Government Michael K. Housley A.B. Economics Robert C. Howl B.B.A. Management Stanley P. Hreniuk B.S. Biology 257 Janet A. Huber A.B. Government Charles P. Hudson B.S. Preprofessional Brady L Hull A.B. American Studies Gregory J. Hummer B.S. Preprofessional Mark F. Humphrey A.B. Psychology Edward F. Hums B.B.A. Accounting John C. Huncke B.S. Preprofessional C. Jeffery Huntcurran B.S. Biology David F. Hurley A.B. Psychology Denis H. Hurley B.B.A. Accounting Clifford J. Hurndon A.B. Psychology Joseph Hutter B.B.A. Accounting John E. Mutton A.B. English Mark A. Hynes B.S. Chemical Engineering John A. lanni B.A. Preprofessional Anthony J. larocci A.B. Government James M. Ignaut A.B. Anthropology William Irvine A.B. Sociology Brian S. Isham A.B. Government Joseph I. Jackewicz, Jr. B.S. Mechanical Engineering George Jacobs A.B. Government Mark S. Jahne A.B. American Studies Robert M. Jakobe B.B.A. Finance Mark A. Jehle B.S. Architecture 258 Boris J. Jclercic B.S. Biology William R. Jensen A.B. Government Leroy Jerstad III B.B.A. Finance John L. Jochems B.S. Architecture Robert Johannigman A.B. Sociology-Anthropology James R. Johnson A.B. American Studies Mark K. Johnson B.S. Mechanical Engineering Robert E Johnson A.B. English James P. Johnston A.B. Economics Kathleen M. Jones A.B. Philosophy Brian E. Joseph A.B. Art William P. Joyce B.S. Architecture Robert Julian A.B. Economics Robert T. Jungwirth B.S. Chemical Engineering Maureen A. Juranek A.B. English Kenneth J. Kallberg A.B. Sociology Kevin M. Kallberg A.B. Sociology Joseph Kanabrocki B.S. Preprofessional James G. Kane B.S. Preprofessional J. Christopher Kane A.B. Government Robert M. Kane B.B.A. Marketing Peter A. Karl III B.B.A. Accounting Paul Karpowicz B.B.A. Management Charles W. Katter B.B.A. Accou nting 259 I Randall E. Kaufman B.B.A. Finance Charles J. Kay B.S. Biology Kevin ). Kean A.B. Preprofessional John T. Keane B.B.A. Marketing Dennis P. Keating A.B. Economics Michael A. Keating B.S. Preprofessional Michael F. Keeley A.B. Economics William A. Keffler A.B. Government William Keller III B.S. Mechanical Eng. Richard Kelley, Jr. A.B. Psychology William J. Kellner B.S. Preprofessional Joanne Kellow A.B. Modern Languages 260 Charles E. Kelly A.B. Preprofessional John A. Kelly B.S. Preprofessional Michael ]. Kelly A.B. Preprofessional Paul C. Kelly B.S. Metallurgy Matthew J. Kelty B.S. Biology Michael ]. Kemp A.B. Sociology Thomas P. Kemp A.B. History Carleton R. Kemph A.B. Government James Kenna B.S. Mechanical Engineering Patrick J. Kennedy A.B. Government Stephen P. Kenney B.S. Aerospace Jonathan E. Kenny B.S. Mathematics Mark L. Keown B.S. Economics Michael R. Kepferle A.B. Government Mary T. Keppler B.S. Biology Frank E. Keres A.B. American Studies Theodore Kerin A.B. English Charles W. Kern B.B.A. Management Stephen F. Kern B.B.A. Management Peter J. Kernan B.B.A. Accounting Thomas Kerrian B.S. Preprofessional Doug W. Kessler A.B. Government Kathleen M. Keyes B.B.A. Accounting David F. Kilian B.S. Mathematics 261 Robert Kilkuskie B.S. Chemistry Steven M. Kindrick B.S. Chemical Engineering Richard D. Kirkpatrick B.S. Architecture William Kiskowski A.B. History Robert C. Kissel A.B. Psychology Michael C. Kistner B.B.A. Marketing Roger G. Klauer B.S. Preprofessional Gregory J. Klausner B.B.A. Marketing Marybeth Klee A.B. Modern Languages Thomas M. Klemm A.B. Modern Languages Paul C. Kluga B.B.A. Finance Steven ). Kmieciak A.B. Government Paul E. Knauss B.B.A. Management James R. Knockemus B.B.A. Marketing Brian J. Knoll B.S. Biology Albert P. Koch A.B. Psychology Christopher Koch A.B. Psychology Chris K. Kohlmiller B.S. Chemistry Sharon Komasinski B.S. Biology Daniel ). Konkler A.B. General Program Robert J. Kontz B.B.A. Finance Daniel J. Kopetzky B.S. Electrical Engineering Kevin J. Kopp A.B. Sociology Paul N. Korkemaz B.S. Aerospace Engineering 262 Terry J. Kosinski B.S. Chemistry Michael Kowalenko A.B. Sociology Michael J. Krager A.B. Anthropology Brian ). Krakora A.B. Preprofessional Theodore Kresbach A.B. Government Janet B. Krier B.B.A. Finance Warren Krompinger B.S. Preprofessional Patrick J. Kronenwetter A.B. English Rickey L. Kruszka A.B. History John R. Kuczynski A.B. General Program Kevin A. Kuehm B.B.A. Marketing Thomas J. Kuk B.B.A. Accounting Leo A. Kulick B.S. Preprofessional Robert E. Kurth B.S. Mathematics Joseph F. Kuspan B.S. Architecture Mark H. Labadie A.B. Anthropology Albert Lacivita, Jr. B.S. Preprofessional Carol M. Lackie A.B. English Joseph P. LaFlare A.B. English Patrick T. Lally A.B. Preprofessional Lawrence J. Lammers A.B. Economics M. Martha Lampkin B.S. Architecture Jesse L. Lamsam A.B. Art Ralph R. Landers A.B. Psychology 263 Richard M. Lane B.B.A. Marketing Thomas ). Laney B.S. Preprofessional Federico E. Lang B.B.A. Management Thomas Lang B.S. Civil Engineering William J. Lapelle A.B. General Program William C. Laracey A.B. Government Lynn Larkin A.B. Modern Languages Leslie Larson, Jr. A.B. Sociology William B. Larson B.B.A. Accounting Richard J. LaSalvia A.B. Government Robert S. Laszynski B.S. Preprofessional Maureen E. Lathers A.B. American Studies Ransom W. LaTour A.B. Economics James G. Lauck B.B.A. Management Gregory S. Lauer B.S. Electrical Engineering Paul J. Laughlin B.B.A. Finance Eugene J. Laurich A.B. General Program Michael J. Lavoie A.B. Government Edmund A. Lawrence B.S. Aerospace Engineering Javier J. Lazo A.B. Government Michael A. Leary A.B. Sociology Steven L. Ledoux A.B. Government Kenneth D. Lee B.B.A. Marketing Soo M. Lee B.B.A. Accounting 264 William A. Lee B.S. Chemical Engineering Dwight E. Leevy A.B. Psychology Charles Lemanski B.S. Physics David J. Leonard A.B. Government Stephen E. Lerch B.B.A. Accounting William B. Levin, Jr. B.S. Electrical Engineering Peter Levinsky A:B. Sociology James E. Lewis A.B. History Lawrence Liebscher B.S. Preprofessional Thomas A. Lilien A.B. Mathematics Kevin L. Lilly A.B. Government Carlos A. Linares B.S. Architecture 265 Thomas Lionelli B.B.A. Marketing Sam V. Lobosco B.S. Mathematics Leon G. Locasto A.B. Economics Richard W. Locke B.S. Mathematics Karl A. Locker B.B.A. Accounting Francis E. Loftus B.B.A. Marketing Frederic G. Lohman B.B.A. Accounting John G. Lombard B.B.A. Accounting Christopher Lombard! B.B.A. Marketing Susan M. Lonergan B.B.A. Finance Walter L. Longo B.S. Preprofessional Patrick M. Longon B.B.A. Management Ralph J. Lord! B.S. Mechanical Engineering Cornelius Loughery B.B.A. Management Thomas G. Luckew B.S. Mechanical Engineering Thomas Luetkemeyer B.B.A. Accounting Thomas ). Luft A.B. Economics Pamela Ann Lukaska B.S. Preprofessional Lester C. Lukmann A.B. Government George L. Lund B.S. Civil Engineering Christopher B. Lynch B.S. Preprofessional Thomas J. Lyons A.B. Modern Languages Daniel E. Mackle, Jr. A.B. History Joseph E. MacManus A.B. English 266 267 Douglas MacMillan B.S. Preprofessional Kevin A. Macolley A.B. Black Studies Thomas C. Madden B.S. Preprofessional Michael B. Magee B.B.A. Accounting Drew A. Mahalic B.B.A. Management Mary Cecilia Mahoney B.B.A. Management Michael P. Mahoney A.B. Psychology William L. Mahoney B.S. Chemical Engineering Clifford Maison, Jr. B.B.A. Finance Daniel ). Makielski A.B. Economics Anthony E. Malench A.B. Preprofessional John R. Malone, Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Michael Manfred! B.S. Architecture Paul Manganiello B.B.A. Marketing Jane E. Manning A.B. Psychology Bradley A. Marcotte A.B. Sociology Richard A. Markey B.S. Civil Engineering Melanie S. Marshall A.B. Psychology Edward J. Martin, Jr. A.B. History Francis P. Martin B.S. Biology Richard J. Martin B.B.A. Accounting Robert R. Mason B.S. Preprofessional Virginia R. Masse A.B. Modern Languages John Q. Masteller A.B. Government 268 Paul J. Masterson A.B. Government William Matarazzi B.B.A. Management John M. Matich B.B.A. Finance John J. Matthew A.B. Government Thomas C. Maynard B.S. Preprofessional John Mazurkiewicz A.B. English Joseph Mazzola, Jr. B.B.A. Finance Daniel W. McAdams B.B.A. Finance Maryellen McAndrews A.B. American Studies Timothy C. McBride B.B.A. Management Brian McCaffrey A.B. American Studies James A. McCann B.B.A. Management Mary M. McCann A.B. Sociology Ann L. McCarry A.B. American Studies John J. McCarthy A.B. English Mary Ann McCarthy A.B. Psychology William J. McCarthy B.B.A. Finance Patricia McCloskey A.B. Sociology Joseph E. McCormack, Jr. A.B. English James P. McCormick A.B. Sociology John T. McCrary A.B. Economics Arthur R. McDonald B.B.A. Accounting Michael W. McDonald B.S. Architecture Mary L. McDonnell B.B.A. Marketing 269 Patrick McDonough B.B.A. Management Phillip S. McElroy A.B. Speech-Drama James T. McEntee A.B. Government Paul L. McEvily A.B. Government Kathleen McFadden B.S. Chemistry Patrick McFadden A.B. History Larry F. McGahey, Jr. B.S. Chemistry Michael J. McGarry B.S. Mathematics Brian P. McGinty A.B. American Studies Thomas P. McGinty A.B. English Danny L. McGookey B.B.A. Management Timothy X. McGrail A.B. Sociology Joseph A. McGrath B.S. Chemistry Thomas P. McGree B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert A. McGreevy B.S. Mechanical Engineering Bethann McGregor B.B.A. Finance Kevin J. McGuire B.B.A. Management Marina M. T. McGuire A.B. Economics Michael J. McGuire B.B.A. Management Robert C. McGuire B.B.A. Management Thomas M. McHugh A.B. Art Dennis P. Mclntire A.B. English James C. McKeegan B.S. Electrical Engineering Mary Lou McKenna B.S. Mathematics 27O John F. McKerr B.B.A. Accounting Peter J. McKillop A.B. Engineering Patrick Mclaughlin A.B. Government Patrick Mclaughlin A.B. History T. M. Mclaughlin A.B. Economics William M. McLean A.B. Economics David P. Mcloughlin A.B. Economics Robert P. McManus B.B.A. Finance Dennis J. McNellis B.S. Mathematics Michael McPartlin B.S. Biology Jeffery McPherson B.S. Chemical Engineering W. A. McSorley III B.S. Chemical Engineering 271 James Meagher III B.B.A. Management Joseph D. Meares B.B.A. Accounting Vincent P. Meconi A.B. Government James P. Meehan A.B. Economics Timothy C. Meinken B.B.A. Finance Randy D. Meissner B.B.A. Management Joseph P. Melehan A.B. Economics Thomas R. Melendrez A.B. General Program George H. Mellow B.S. Biology Bill A. Menke B.S. Chemical Engineering Blaise Mercadante A.B. Psychology Regina A. Meredith A.B. Government Edwin T. Merrion B.S. Preprofessional R. J. Merriweather B.B.A. Management John E. Mertzlufft A.B. History Robert J. Metzler B.B.A. Finance Gregory J. Meyers B.B.A. Finance Kim C. Meyers B.S. Biology Joseph Michels, Jr. B.S. Preprofessional Robert Miklitsch A.B. English Robert M. Mikuika B.B.A. Accounting Jon K. Milbrand B.B.A. Finance Mike F. Miles B.S. Preprofessional Milton Miles A.B. Fine Arts 272 Joanne Milewski B.B.A. Accounting David M. Miller A.B. General Program Jan E. Miller B.S. Civil Engineering Jeffrey L. Miller A.B. English Mark A. Miller B.B.A. Marketing Mark E. Miller A.B. Psychology Mark J. Miller B.B.A. Management Martin Miller A.B. Psychology Thomas P. Miller B.B.A. Marketing Gary K. Milligan B.S. Mathematics Roberto B. Mills B.S. Architecture Jason D. Mims A.B. Government Paul J. Modic A.B. General Program Sally M. Mogab A.B. English Arthur J. Moher II A.B. American Studies Michael J. Momenee B.S. Preprofessional Anthony Monforton A.B. Economics Leonard F. Mongeon B.B.A. Finance Anthony Montagnese B.S. Biology Mark K. Montague A.B. History Gregory C. Moon A.B. General Program John C. Moore A.B. English John G. Moore B.B.A. Accounting Patricia Moore A.B. American Studies 273 Peter W. Moore A.B. Government John C. Moran A.B. English Patrick L. Moran B.S. Preprofessional Rory M. Moran B.B.A. Accounting William G. Moran B.B.A. Finance Thomas M. Morand B.S. Preprofessional John E. Moravec B.B.A. Accounting Kevin V. Moriarty B.B.A. Accounting Joseph P. Morris A.B. Preprofessional Michael M. Morse A.B. Psychology Richard F. Morton A.B. History Thomas E. Mott A.B. General Program 274 Kenneth P. Mowad B.S. Preprofessional Jerry Mowbray A.B. Government Stephen C. Moylan B.S. Architecture Michael Mroz A.B. English Edward R. Mudd B.S. Architecture Michael P. Mulkern B.S. Earth Sciences Cesar A. Munecas B.S. Electrical Engineering Evelyn H. Mungovan A.B. Psychology John D. Murnane B.S. Preprofessional Jeanne M. Murphy A.B. American Studies John M. Murphy A.B. English Marilyn J. Murphy A.B. History Michael C. Murphy B.B.A. Accounting Michael J. Murphy A.B. Government Timothy E. Murphy B.B.A. Finance Norman L. Murray B.B.A. Finance Wi lliam M. Murray A.B. Government Chris Murtaugh A.B. English Daniel S. Murtagh A.B. Preprofessional Michael J. Nachman A.B. Gneral Program Bernard L Nahlen A.B. American Studies Barbara Narmont A.B. English Michael J. Nauman B.S. Mechanical Engineer Stephen C. Neece B.B.A. Management 275 276 Timothy C. Negro A.B. Government Paul C. Nehra B.S. Preprofessional Carol Lynn Nelson A.B. Economics James R. Nero B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert j. Nestor B.B.A. Finance Thomas W. Neurauter B.S. Engineering Science Timothy J. Neuville B.B.A. Finance John T. Nichols B.S. Preprofessional Jared M. Nickerson B.B.A. Management Bruce M. Niebylski B.S. Preprofessional John L. Nieman B.B.A. Marketing Raymond Nierzwicki B.S. Civil Engineering James P. Niessen A.B. History Paul W. Nolan A.B. Government Maurice F. Noonan B.S. Civil Engineering Susan M. Nordstrom B.B.A. Management Mairin K. North B.B.A. Marketing Kevin S. Nosbusch B.B.A. Management Michael K. Novell B.S. Biology Gary A. Novotny B.B.A. Marketing Justo L. Nunez A.B. English William Oberhardt B.S. Mechanical Engineering Carl F. Oberzut B.B.A. Accounting Edward J. O ' Brien B.S. Engineering Science 277 I Jack K. O ' Brien B.S. Mechanical Engineering James O ' Brien B.S. Architecture John J. O ' Brien B.B.A. Accounting John Joyce O ' Brien B.B.A. Marketing John P. O ' Brien III B.B.A. Accounting John R. O ' Brien A.B. History Joseph M. O ' Brien A.B. English Kevin C. O ' Brien A.B. English Kevin E. O ' Brien A.B. English Michael O ' Brien B.S. Mechanical Engineering Terrence P. O ' Brien B.S. Chemistry William O ' Brien, Jr. A.B. English 278 ,-T Charles L. O ' Connell B.B.A. Accounting Frank A. O ' Connell B.B.A. Finance Stephen M. O ' Connell A.B. History Kevin M. O ' Connor B.S. Civil Engineering Martin D. O ' Connor B.B.A. Marketing Michael J. O ' Connor A.B. Economics Richard M. O ' Connor A.B. Government Christopher G. Oda B.B.A. Accounting John F. O ' Donnell A.B. Government Maureen A. O ' Hora B.S. Architecture David James O ' Leary B.B.A. Accounting Joseph K. Oletti B.B.A. Accounting John S. Olinger A.B. Psychology Robert J. O ' Neill B.B.A. Accounting William P. O ' Neill B.S. Preprofessional Dante J. Orfei A.B. Speech Drama Albert F. Orr A.B. Sociology Raymond Z. Ortiz A.B. English Kathleen Osberger A.B. American Studies Thomas E. OToole B.S. Physics William Oxenreiter B.B.A. Finance Michele E. Packard B.B.A. Accounting Kirk H. Pac ko B.S. Preprofessional Albert Padley III A.B. Government 279 Ann Pakalnis B.S. Chemistry Frank A. Palmieri A.B. English Timothy G. Paluf B.B.A. Finance John Andre Panelli A.B. General Program Arthur A. Panfile A.B. Psychology Lawrence D. Panozzo B.B.A. Accounting Gregory J. Panzo B.S. Preprofessional John J. Parks A.B. Speech Drama Nancy B. Parks A.B. American Studies Vito A. Partipilo B.S. Aerospace Engineering Edward Pascoe III A.B. English Robert J. Patelunas B.S. Biology Andre J. Patrone B.B.A. Finance Christopher A. Payne B.B.A. Finance Thomas A. Pearson A.B. General Program John S. Peloquin B.S. Biology 28O Ralph P. Pennine B.S. Preprofessional David A. Penzenik B.B.A. Management Michael P. Petelle B.S. Biology Bruce P. Petrovick B.S. Preprofessional James ). Pettengill B.S. Preprofessional Jeffery M. Pfister A.B. Government Terry W. Pfister B.B.A. Accounting Michael J. Phillips A.B. Government Frank Piccione II B.S. Mathematics Daniel S. Pickett B.B.A. Accounting Joseph W. Pinto A.B. General Program Robert Pishko B.S. Chemical Engineering Charles Pittinger B.S. Biology Donald F. Pittman A.B. Modern Languages Gregory Pivirotto B.B.A. Accounting Francis C. Pizzurro B.S. Mechanical Engineering 281 Stephen R. Plesa A.B. English Mark S. Fluster B.B.A. Marketing Mark A. Pochodylo B.S. Civil Engineering Stanley J. Podlasek B.S. Preprofessional Robert A. Poklar B.B.A. Marketing Louis W. Pollock A.B. Government Robert C. Popke B.B.A. Finance Thomas E. Porter B.S. Mathematics Thomas J. Portner B.B.A. Finance John R. Poterek B.B.A. Accounting Phillip C. Potter B.B.A. Management William T. Potter B.S. Chemistry James R. Pouliot B.S. Mathematics Wayne R. Powers A.B. English William G. Powers A.B. American Studies Joseph R. Pozsgai B.B.A. Accounting Susan Prendergast A.B. History Jeffrey S. Pretat A.B. Economics Bill K. Principe A.B. English Bernard I. Probst A.B. History Michael J. Progar A.B. American Studes John F. Pyke, Jr. A.B. Economics Stephen R. Quehl A.B. English James E. Quigley B.S. Chemical Engineering 282 ll John G. Quinlan B.S. Preprofessional Joseph A. Quinn A.B. Sociology Susan Marie Quinn B.B.A. Accounting Thomas A. Radgowski A.B. Psychology Tom M. Radkowsky B.S. Civil Engineering Robert Radziewicz A.B. Government James F. Raelson B.S. Preprofessional John T. Rafter A.B. English Edward M. Rahill B.B.A. Management Daniel J. Raih B.S. Architecture Jon A. Rakow A.B. General Program Gail A. Ralph A.B. History Robert A. Ralph B.S. Preprofessional James J. Ramentol B.S. Architecture Henry R. Ramirez B.S. Electrical Engineering Edward J. Rampson A.B. English Alec S. Ramsay A.B. English Geoffrey S. Ratte B.B.A. Marketing William J. Reardon B.B.A. Accounting Robert R. Reber A.B. History Cynthia A. Rebholz A.B. American Studies James J. Reger A.B. Psychology Timothy J. Reid A.B. Economics Patrick M. Reidy A.B. Government 283 Steven Reiff B.B.A. Marketing William D. Reif B.B.A. Marketing Timothy P. Reilly A.B. General Program Paul M. Reimann A.B. General Program John F. Reinhardt B.B.A. Accounting David E. Reinig B.B.A. Accounting William D. Reinke B.B.A. Marketing John D. Reins B.S. Civil Engineering Robert J. Remedio B.S. Mathematics Richard J. Remley A.B. Economics John M. Reuther B.S. Architecture Richard C. Reynolds B.B.A. Marketing Ernest F. Ribera A.B. Preprofessional Gerald Richardson A.B. Economics Timothy Richardson A.B. Psychology Nancy A. Rickhoff B.S. Preprofessional David S. Rider A.B. English Joseph Riepenhoff B.S. Mechanical Engineering Bridget A. Riley A.B. American Studies Mark P. Riopko B.B.A. Accounting Stanley W. Ripcho A.B. Preprofessional Thomas J. Risen A.B. Economics Gary P. Ritz B.S. Chemistry Miguel A. Rivera B.S. Architecture 284 Robert T. Rizzuti B.S. Preprofessional Kirk ). Robbins B.S. Architecture Edward D. Roberts B.B.A. Accounting Peter W. Roberts B.B.A. Accounting Michael W. Robison A.B. Psychology Lynda E. Roesch B.S. Biology Russell K. Rogers A.B. Preprofessional Andrew J. Rohan B.B.A. Marketing Dennis R. Rolewicz A.B. Modern Languages Do nald B. Rolfes B.S. Preprofessional Louis R. Rolfes II B.B.A. Accounting Patricia A. Romano A.B. Fine Arts 285 Raul R. Romero B.S. Civil Engineering Patrick J. Roney B.S. Preprofessional Marcos G. Ronquillo A.B. Government Norman ). Roos A.B. Mathematics Thomas S. Rosanelli B.S. Biology John D. Roscoe, Jr. B.S. Preprofessional John H. Roselle A.B. Government Donald W. Rosemeyer B.S. Civil Engineering James E. Rosini A.B. American Studies John A. Rossi B.B.A. Accounting Douglas R. Roth B.B.A. Accounting William R. Roth A.B. English Barbara Ann Roulo A.B. Psychology Jonathan W. Rouse B.S. Electrical Engineering Joseph C. Rubsam A.B. Psychology John A. Rudin B.S. Preprofessional Marilyn Rumbach B.B.A. Accounting Gregory Rupprecht B.S. Chemistry Stephanie Russell A.B. Modern Languages Joseph M. Russo B.B.A. Management Thomas M. Russo III A.B. American Studies Dean M. Rutherford A.B. Sociology Daniel P. Ryan B.S. Preprofessional David F. Ryan B.B.A. Marketing 286 287 Francis S. Ryan B.B.A. Accounting Jeffrey K. Ryan B.S. Engineering Science Julia Elizabeth Ryan A.B. English Kevin Ryan B.B.A. Management Michael J. Ryan A.B. General Program Michael P. Ryan A.B. Government Paul J. Ryan A.B. Government Tawny Carol Ryan A.B. American Studies Thomas ). Ryan B.B.A. Accounting Thomas J. Ryan III B.S. Preprofessional Michael L. Rybak B.B.A. Accounting Paul S. Ryczak B.S. Preprofessional George M. Saad A.B. Government Rafael E. Sabonge B.S. Architecture Rodolfo R. Sabonge B.S. Mechanical Engineering Ralph P. St. Clair B.S. Mechanical Engineering Thomas A. St. John B.S. Mechanical Engineering Thomas J. St. Ville A.B. Economics Robert A. Salata A.B. Preprofessional Carlos H. Salazar A.B. Modern Languages Roberto M. Salvo B.B.A. Marketing Michael J. Salzer B.S. Preprofessional Donald Sammons, Jr. B.S. Aerospace Engineering Scott P. Sandrock A.B. Government + . rr .i 288 Alan ). Sarkan B.S. Chemistry C. R. Satti, Jr. A.B. Government Catherine A. Savage A.B. Economics Michael P. Savino B.S. Civil Engineering Kenneth Scarola B.S. Electrical Engineering Leo D. Schad B.B.A. Finance Michael Schaeffer A.B. English Mark A. Scheible B.S. Earth Science Frank E. Schiavone B.S. Preprofessional N. H. Schickel III A.B. Economics John F. Schippers B.S. Mathematics Richard Schlosser B.B.A. Finance Gerard C. Schmid B.B.A. Finance Mark R. Schmitz B.B.A. Finance Michael J. Schnaus B.B.A. Accounting Donald V. Schneider B.S. Preprofessional William Schneider B.S. Biology Raymond Schnorr, Jr. B.B.A. Marketing Donald Schnurpfeil B.S. Preprofessional William Schoelwer A.B. History Robert C. Schoen A.B. Preprofessional Bruce J. Schulte A.B. American Studies Valentine J. Schute B.S. Architecture Brian A. Scott A.B. Government 289 Mary C. Scribner A.B. Art C. Mark Seal B.S. Biology Ronald J. Sedlacek A.B. Government George W. Sedlmayr B.S. Chemistry James C. Segerson B.S. Preprofessional Vincent R. Seiwert A.B. English Stefanie M. Selden B.S. Biology John A. Sellerberg B.B.A. Accounting John R. Sequin B.B.A. Finance Kevin D. Sessa B.S. Preprofessional J. Cabot Seth A.B. Government Ricard L. Shaller A.B. English Lawrence Shampine B.S. Biology James B. Shanahan A.B. Psychology James R. Shanahan B.B.A. Accounting Steve D. Shankel B.S. Preprofessional Kevin A. Sheehan B.S . Electrical Engineering Joe S. Sheperd B.S. Chemical Engineering Joseph Shickich, Jr. A.B. Psychology William C. Shiel B.S. Preprofessional Gary M. Shippy A.B. English David J. Sholl B.S. Architecture George R. Sibley A.B. English Vida K. Sidrys A.B. Psychology ii 29O Stephen L. Simmons B.B.A. Accounting Steven G. Simpson B.B.A. Accounting David L. Sinak A.B. Economics Michael K. Singer A.B. Government Thomas J. Skiba B.B.A. Accounting Paul E. Skirtich A.B. Sociology Owen L. Slaughter B.S. Preprofessional Mark P. Sloan B.S. Biology Concentrate Patrick ). Smid, Jr. A.B. American Studies Michael Smigielski B.S. Biology Concentrate Christopher J. Smith A.B. Electrical Engineering Dennis J. Smith B.S. Civil Engineering 291 292 Jay T. Smith A.B. Government Kevin R. Smith B.S. Mechanical Engineering Nancy Lynn Smith B.B.A. Marketing Sara Jean Smith A.B. American Studies Sherman M. Smith A.B. Economics Virginia M. Smith A.B. Theology William C. Smith, Jr. A.B. Government Michael R. Snider B.B.A. Accounting Robert E. Snyder B.B.A. Accounting Glenn J. Snyder A.B. English William S. Sohn A.B. Economics Brian D. Sontchi B.B.A. Marketing James G. Sothmann A.B. General Program Susan T. Spaeth A.B. Modern Languages David M. Spala A.B. Economics Robert J. Spann B.B.A. Management John J. Speer B.S. Electrical Engineering Craig A. Spengel A.B. American Studies John R. Spittler B.S. Civil Engineering Gery R. Stafford B.S. Chemical Engineering Mark A. Stanczyk A.B. Government Laurence B. Stanton A.B. English Theodore J. Steele B.B.A. Ac counting Dennis O. Stellate A.B. Sociology 293 Michael L. Stevens B.B.A. Finance Douglas Stevenson A.B. American Studies Natalie T. Stewart A.B. American Studies Howard G. Stierwalt B.S. Preprofessional C. H. Stinchfield B.B.A. Accounting Albert A. Stirpe A.B. Economics John C. Stoffregen A.B. History Kevin C. Stolark A.B. History Margaret Storey A.B. American Studies Thomas C. Strachota B.B.A. Marketing Debra A. Street A.B. English Harry W. Strembel B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael Strickroth A.B. Economics N. L. Strittmatter A.B. History Richard D. Stroba A.B. Government Pamela ). Strode A.B. Modern Languages Adrian Stroughter B.B.A. Accounting Daniel M. Sullivan A.B. General Program James Sullivan, Jr. B.S. Mathematics Katherine Sullivan A.B. English Mary P. Sullivan A.B. English William Sullivan B.B.A. Marketing Louis Sussan B.B.A. Accounting James J. Swai n B.S. Electrical Engineering 294 James E. Sweedyk B.B.A. Marketing Charles V. Sweeney B.S. Civil Engineering Robert J. Sweeney A.B. Economics Mary C. Sweet B.S. Mathematics Susan M. Swiatek A.B. Economics Gerald F. Swiss B.S. Chemistry Steven P. Sylvester A.B. Economics Ricarda L. Szczodrowski B.S. Chemical Engineering Richard S. Szwak A.B. English G. L. Tabaczynski A.B. General Program Thomas Talamo B.S. Preprofessional Stephen J. Tarnow B.B.A. Finance Alfred M. Tavera A.B. History Adel M. Tawadros B.S. Preprofessional Timothy P. Tehan B.B.A. Finance Kenneth A. Tenaglia A.B. Economics David A. Terschluse B.S. Preprofessional Dean J. Thedos B.B.A. Management George R. Theofel B.B.A. Accounting Herbert W. Thiele A.B. Government William H. Thode B.S. Preprofessional David N. Thoma B.S. Architecture Barney L. Thomas B.S. Civil Engineering Bruce D. Thomas B.S. Mechanical Engineering 295 Edwin M. Thomas B.S. Preprofessional Gene C. Thomas A.B. English Mark W. Thomas B.S. Chemical Engineering Robert L. Thomas, Jr. B.S. Biology Christopher Thompson A.B. Government James E. Thompson B.S. Preprofessional Richard G. Thompson A.B. Economics Robert E. Thompson B.B.A. Finance Jane E. Thornton A.B. American Studies Rick T. Thues A.B. English Thomas L. Tigh A.B. American Studies Thomas C. Tinsley A.B. Government il B Robert W. Tivnan B.B.A. Finance Kenneth L. Tokolish B.B.A. Accounting Frank Tombari B.B.A. Management Michael W. Tome B.S. Preprofessional Terry L. Toney A.B. English Benjamin G. Toomer B.S. Physics Michael P. Tormey B.S. Preprofessional Stanley L. Towns B.B.A. Marketing Robert L. Tracey A.B. Preprofessional James F. Tracy B.S. Electrical Engineering Donald A. Trayer B.B.A. Management Brian Karl Treacy A.B. Sociology Mark K. Turcotte B.S. Preprofessional Paul F. Turner A.B. Psychology Robert D. Uhar, Jr. B.B.A. Accounting Cathleen Anne Uhl A.B. Modern Languages William J. Uhlig B.S. Preprofessional Mark G. Ullrich B.S. Mathematics Gregory D. Upah B.B.A. Marketing William E. Urbaniak B.B.A. Management Mark V. Urda B.S. Electrical Engineering John A. Vacca B.S. Mathematics Wayne F. Vagts B.S. Civil Engineering George Valadie II A.B. Sociology __ 297 Harry Van Bavel A.B. Government Joseph Vandenberg B.S. Preprofessional Peter Vandeventer A.B. Economics Richard M. VanEffen B.S. Chemistry Barbara Ann Vanes B.S. Biology John W. Vannie B.B.A. Management Roger A. Varela B.B.A. Management Thomas J. Varga B.B.A. Finance Wesley A. Vargas B.B.A. Marketing Martha Vazquez A.B. Government Alan B. Veg Bali B.S. Aerospace Engineering Ralph M. Vicari B.S. Preprofessional William F. Vieson B.B.A. Accounting Stephen Villarosa A.B. Economics Dale T. Vitale A.B. Sociology Gerald J. Vitiello B.S. Chemical Engineering Fedele N. Volpe B.S. Preprofessional John J. Vozella B.S. Biology Edward B. Wagman B.S. Civil Engineering Scott C. Wahle A.B. English Michael J. Wahoske A.B. Government Ann M. Waickman A.B. Psychology Calvert B. Wait B.S. Preprofessional Lee J. Waldock B.S. Architecture ; 298 299 Randall C. Walker A.B. Preprofessional Valorie F. Walker B.B.A. Accounting David ). Walkowiak A.B. Government Kevin P. Wallace A.B. Economics William D. Wallace A.B. Government James F. Walsh B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert M. Walsh A.B. History Chris J. Walter B.S. Electrical Engineering Mart E. Wamsley B.S. Electrical Engineering Glen R. Warapius B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert P. Warburton A.B. Government James S. Ward B.S. Preprofessional Anthony B. Warren A.B. Economics James A. Warren B.B.A. Accounting Jane A. Wasilewski A.B. English Steven P. Waterman A.B. Psychology Easter J. Watson A.B. Sociology Robert M. Watson, Jr. B.B.A. Finance John T. Way A.B. Psychology Steven R. Waymel A.B. Modern Languages Carl W. Weaver B.B.A. Finance Lawrence G. Weaver A.B. English M. Thomas Webber, Jr. A.B. American Studies Anne Clarke Weber B.S. Chemical Engineering 3OO Mark ). Weber A.B. Modern Languages Stephen K. Weber A.B. American Studies Lawrence Weglicki B.B.A. Accounting Nicholas E. Weis B.S. Mathematics Daniel E. Wemhoff B.B.A. Accounting James W. Wentling B.S. Architecture William C. Werly A.B. Psychology Mark R. West B.S. Mathematics Charles W. Weyland B.S. Architecture Kevin P. Whalen B.B.A. Accounting Edward Whelan, III B.S. Preprofessional Theodore Whitaker B.S. Preporfessional Gregg P. White A.B. Government James Whittington B.B.A. Accounting Thomas W. Wilbur B.S. Civil Engineering Thomas ). Wild B.B.A. Accounting Thomas R. Wilhelmy B.B.A. Finance George M. Willant B.S. Economics James Willard B.B.A. Finance Nicholas K. Willett B.S. Chemical Engineering Stephen J. Willett B.S. Physics Gregory G. Williams A.B. English Richard C. Williams A.B. English Blair R. Williamson B.S. Biology James G. Wilmes B.S. Mathematics John A. Wilpert B.S. Preprofessional Christopher J. Wilson A.B. American Studies Mary Ann Wilson A.B. Psychology Glen A. Wimmer A.B. Psychology Andrew Winiarczyk A.B. English Peter Winkler A.B. English Daniel J. Winnike B.B.A. Accounting 3O2 Joseph F. Winterscheid A.B. General Program William Wischerath B.S. Chemistry Robert M. Wolf B.B.A. Finance Michael S. Wolz B.B.A. Marketing John ). Woods A.B. English Blake ). Wordal A.B. Government Kenneth K. Wright A.B. Government James P. Wurst B.S. Architecture Bradley M. Wyatt B.S. Chemistry William U. Wylie, Jr. A.B. English Jeffrey Wyszkowski A.B. Fine Arts Samuel A. Yannucci A.B. Economics 303 " BH A 304 William D. Yates A.B. English Keith D. Yenets B.B.A. Finance Charles M. Yokom A.B. American Studies Anthony D. Yonto A.B. Economics William R. Yost B.B.A. Finance Thomas R. Young B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael C. Younger B.S. Architecture Denis L. Yurkovic A.B. Economics John S. Zachary B.S. Preprofessional Thomas J. Zahren A.B. Economics Bradford D. Zelasko B.B.A. Finance Mark C. Zellmer A.B. History Paul N. Zenker B.S. Biology Robert L. Zerda B.S. Electrical Engineering Mark A. Zettel B.B.A. Finance John J. Zielinski B.S. Electrical Engineering Thomas Zielonko B.S. Architecture Gary F. Zigman A.B. American Studies William Zimmerman A.B. History Marlene A. Zloza A.B. American Studies Robert F. Zogas B.B.A. Accounting Kathleen H. Zwicker A.B. Modern Languages Carl J. Zwitt B.B.A. Accounting James F. Rodgers B.B.A. Marketing 305 SENIOR INDEX ABORDO, ENRIQUE 523 Kirkham San Francisco, CA 94122 ABOWD, ANTHONY 29298 W. 12 Mile Farmington, Ml 48024 ADAMS, KEVIN 3980 N.W. 106lh Dr. Coral Springs, FL 33065 ADAMSON, GARY 3245 S. Gregg Cl. Denver, CO 80210 ADDESSO, DOMINIC 24 Slonybrook Rd. Rockaway, N| 07866 ADEIO, GEORGE P.O. Box 139 Pecos, NM 87552 ADIER, TIMOTHY 1904 Lake Road Alloona, Wl 54720 AFLACUE, ALAN P.O. Box 1781 Agana, CU 96910 AHASIC, PATRICIA 10 S. Calumet Ave. Aurora, II 60506 ALDEN, ROBERT 708 W. Brighton Ave. Syracuse, NY 13207 AlECI, EUGENE 14 Melvin Ave. Bradford, PA 16701 ALEMAN, IAIME P.O. Box 850 Panama, Panama AlEMAN, RAUL Box 1174 Panama City, Panama ALISSI, THOMAS 752 East Drive Oradell, N) 07649 ALLARE, GREGORY 5 Rob Road Mount Prospect, II 60056 ALLBERRY, CHARLES 9539 Westwood Detroit, Ml 48228 ALLEN, ROBERT 327 Hickran St. Rehoboth, DE 19971 ALLEN, SCOTT 139 Charles Ct. E. Needham, MA 02192 ALLEN, VICKI Barry Road lambertsville, N| 08530 ALLOCCO, FRANK 14 Clement Road N. Providence, NJ 07974 ALMADA, MICHAEL 38 Pine Street Hudson, MA 01749 AMBROSE, DAVID 2901 Roslyn Trail Michigan City, IN 46360 AMBROSE, JAMES 18726 Plummer St. Northridge, CA 91324 AMES, DENNIS 1004 Newdale Circle Bryan, Ohio 43506 ANDREWS, BARRY 358 N. Bender Ave. Glendora, CA 91740 ANGELO, PAUL 183 Patterson W. Columbus, OH 43202 ANCOTT, DEAN 6730 Commerce Road Orchard Lake, Ml 48033 ANKNEY, RICHARD JR. 501 W. Davenport Eldridge, IA 52748 ANTAL, GLENN 4603 North A Street Philadelphia, PA 19120 ANTHONY, BARBARA 17382 Cleveland Road South Bend, IN 46635 ANTOLINO, MICHAEL 8 Bartholf Lane Mahwah, NJ 07430 ANZELON, MARK 14040 Valleyheart Sherman O., CA 91403 APOSTOLUK, EUGENE 3006 Woodlawn Ave. Parma, OH 44134 ARATA, RALPH JR. 31 Hanover Road Newtown, CT 06470 ARENSBERG, RICHARD 816 South 5th Street Atchison, KS 66002 ARIAS, LAWRENCE 3331 Estrada St. Los Angeles, CA 90023 ARKWRIGHT, THOMAS 120 Vorn Lane Birmingham, Ml 48010 ARMBRUSTER, MARTIN 401 N. 14th Ave. Beech Gr., IN 46107 ARMENT, WILLIAM 720 West Yale Muncie, IN 47303 ARMSTRONG, RAUL 31 Concordia St. Ponce, PR 00731 ARNOLD, DOUGLAS 505 N. Lakeshore 2811 Chicago, IL 60611 ARRI, MICHAEL 9332 Talbot Dr. St. Louis, MO 63123 ASHBAUGH, SHAWN R 1 Box 24 Edwardsberg, Ml 49112 ATEYEH, EDWARD JR. 195 80th Street Brooklyn, NY 11209 AUDA, THERESE 6471 Creekside Lane Indianapolis, IN 46220 AUDINO, JOHN 4 Lyric Ave. Albany, NY 12205 AUTH, MICHAEL 101 Mulberry Street Springfield, MA 01105 AVINO, CARL 76 Nautilus Ave. Northport, NY 11768 AYDINIAN, JOHN 1717 Gruenther Ave. Rockville, MD 20851 AYMES, STEVEN 6 Kodiak Drive Woodbury, NY 11797 BACKES, JAMES 265 Park Ave. Mobile, AL 36607 BACLAWSKI, JAMES 1036 W. Pettit Ave. Fort Wayne, IN 46807 BAEZ, JULIO Calle 20 25-26 Santa Rosa Bayamon Park, KS 00619 BAGGEN, HENRY JR. 20 Egil Court Rosyln Harbor, NY 11576 BAILEY, ROBERT JR. 2956 Provincial Dr. Ann Arbor, Ml 48104 BAIRD, DAVID Route 3 Maryville, MO 64468 BAKE, THOMAS 3353 Yankee Road Middletown, OH 45042 BAKER, CHARLES JR. 1098 Polley Dr. Austintown, OH 4451S BALEST, PHILIP 6701 Verbena Dr. Little Rock, AR 72209 BALSAMO, PHILIP 3673 Buckthorn Lane Downer Groves, IL 60515 BALZER, G. T. 6616 Langdon Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91406 BANAS, JOHN 216 Fairways Blvd. Buffalo, NY 14221 BAO, DAVID 58 Fok Lo Chuen Rd. Kowloon, Hong Kong BARBER, JOSEPH 4417 Cherry St. Erie, PA 16509 BARBOUR, JAMES 337 Wallinwood N.E. Grand Rapids, Ml 49503 BARNETT, BRYAN 2609 Richelieu Roanoke, VA 24014 BARNETT, REGGIE 849 East 7th St. Flint, Ml 48503 BARNETT, SEAN 3656 Bradford Birmingham, Ml 46010 BARRETT, FRANK 2376 Walter Rd. Westlake, OH 44145 BARRETT, RAYMOND JR. 15 Lehigh Rd. Wellesley, MA 02181 BARRY, JAMES 10159 S. Clifton Park Evergreen Park, IL 60642 BARRY, JOHN 364 Lafayette Denver, CO 80218 BARRY, WALTER JR. 824 Elm St. Flossmoor, IL 60422 BARSOTTI, BRIAN 23 Alameda Place Salinas, CA 93901 BARTELL, RICHARD 1111 Madison Ave. Helena, MT 59601 BASSO, RICHARD 24 Wellington Rd. E. Brunswick, NJ 08816 BATES, WILLIAM 222 Grant St. Canonsburg, PA 15317 BATHAS, NICHOLAS 3201 S. Clinton Ave. Herwyn. IL 60402 BATTLE, TIMOTHY 3756 lason Ave. Alexandria, VA 22302 BAUER, EDWARD 417 Hillbrook Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45238 BAUMANN, CHRIS RR Plymouth, IN. 45563 BAYER, MICHAEL 61 Fairhaven Rd. Rochester, NY 14610 BEAL, JULES 4609 Kingsdown Court Dunwoody, GA 30338 BEARS, DEAN P O. Box 437 Wooster, Ohio 44691 BEAVERSON, GARY 900 W. Lexington Ave. Elkhart, IN 46514 BECK, CHARLES 219 Halcyon Place San Antonio, TX 78209 BECK, THEODORE 1819 Alean Dr. Menasha, Wl BECKMAN, MARY 1275 Prince Charles Westlake, OH 44145 BECKMAN, THOMAS 260 San Ron Dr. Webster, NY 14580 BEELER, RICHARD T. 7974 N. Illinois Indianapolis, IN 46260 BEGERT, JOHN 111 Remington Rd. Ridgfield, CT 06877 BEHZADI, HASSAN P.O. Box 462 Notre Dame, IN 46556 BELKE, TIMOTHY 1216 46th St. Sacramento, CA 95819 BELL, STEVEN 2921 Lee Rd. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224 BELTRANENA, JUAN 319 W. Poplar Ave. San Mateo, CA 94402 BENEDICT, WILLIAM 511 Chenango St. RR4 Binghamton, NY 13901 BENNETT, DAVID 30 Tennessee Ave. Haven Beach, N) 08008 BENNETT, STEVEN 3115 35th St. Rock Island, IL 61201 BERG, MICHAEL 329 Tamarack Naperville, IL 60540 BERGIN, ANTHONY 92 Woodlawn, Terrace Waterbury, CT 06710 BERGREN, MICHAEL 4240 Hickory Apt. 3C Mishawaka, IN 46544 BERNARD), JAMES 84 Lilalyn Dr. Farifield, CT 06430 BERNO, DONALD 781 Woodland Rd. Mansfield, OH 44906 BETANCOURT, DANIEL 400 Howell St. Clarksville, IN 37040 BFTKA, CHARLES 613 Westauer Grand Blanc, Ml 48439 BEVER, JOHN Summit St. Somerset, Ohio 43783 BIDZINSKI, ZENON 826 Roland Ave. Rockford, IL 61107 BIGHAM, HARRY P.O. Box 422 Apo, NY 09697 BILLEK, MICHAEL 105 Bartley Ave. Butler, PA 16001 BINARI, RICHARD 34 Teele Ave. Somerville, ' MA 02144 BINZ, DONALD II 9201 Cherry Brook St. Louis, MO 63126 BIRELEY, IOHN 500 Maple Ave. Wilmette, IL 60091 BIRSIC, JAMES 1534 Montgomery Rd. Allison Park, PA 15101 BISCHOFF, BRUCE 714 S. Carroll Ave. Michigan City, IN 46360 BLAETZ, WILLIAM 304 S. Ela Rd. Barrington, IL 60016 BLAHA, THERESE 618 Courtland Circle W. Springs, IL 60558 BLAIR, JOHN 2194 Kensington Place Aurora, IL 60506 BLANFORD, WILLIAM 2425 Kensington Ave. Snyder, NY 14226 BLOOM, JOHN Gamma Rd., RD 2 Corry, PA 16407 BLUM, RANDY 2980 N. Federal Hwy. Boca Rton, FL 33432 BOCKETTI, MARK 1161 5th Ave. Troy, NY 12180 BOLAND, MICHAEL J. 3085 S. Steele Denver, CO 80210 BOLAND, MICHAEL J. 5201 Woodlawn Ave. Chevy Chase, MD 20015 BOLDINC, DAVID 2107 San Domingo Gr. Bend, Kansas 67530 BOLLWERK, GEORGE III 4714 Littlebury St. Louis, MO 63128 BOMBACI, WAYNE Bokum Rd. Essex, CT 06426 BONICK, JOHN 1546 Burr Oak Rd. Homewood, IL 60430 BONIFER, MICHAEL P.O. Box 125 Ireland, IN 47545 BONTEMPO, CARL 186 Beaver St. Beaver, PA 15009 BOOZ, DAVID 213 McLaughlin Dr. N. Kensington, PA 15068 BORCHERS, THOMAS 325 Haver Rd. Dayton, OH 45419 BORGIA, SAMUEL 614 Liberty St. Franklin, PA 16323 BOSSU, STEPHEN 20715 Donnybrook Maple Hgts., OH 44137 BOURIE, CLIFFORD S67 Maple Rd. Longmeadow, MA 01106 BOWER, NORMAN 122 Franklin St. Williamsport, IN 47993 BOYD, HUGH 44 Lincoln St. Stoneham, MA 02180 BOYLE, DENNIS 114 Merriweather Rd. Grosse Point, Ml 48236 BOYLE, ROBERT 37 Cor Rd. Newark, DE 19711 BRADY, PETER RR 1 Box 428 Edwardsberg, Ml 49112 BRANDLE, BRUCE 3821 Autumn Dr. Huron, OH 44839 BRANKER, JULIAN P.O. Box 655 St. Johns, West Indies BRAUN, JAMES MOQ 926 C Patuxent, MD 20670 BRAUN, THOMAS 6342 3rd Ave. Kenosha, Wl 53140 BREITENBACH, W.H. 28000 Fairmount Pepper Pike, OH 44124 BREMER, MARY |UDE 1648 Johnson St. Ames, IA 49127 BRENNAN, DANIEL III 866 Eaglenest Ave. Akron, Ohio 44303 BRENNAN, DENNIS P.O. Box 17356 W. Hartford, CT 06117 BRENNEMAN, MARK 1917 Worth St. York, PA 17404 BRENTON, CRAIG 6427 Walther Apt. D Baltimore, MD 21206 BRETT, THOMAS II 4059 S. Warner Rd. Lafay Hills, PA 19444 BREZINA, CARLOS 1898 Blue Jay Road Newark, Ohio 43055 BRICE, SAMUEL RFD 10 Box 12 Annapolis, MD 21401 BRIDGES, JAMES 10358 Creek Rd. Pavilion, NY 14525 BRINTNALL, JOHN 1086 Brunn Ave. St. Joseph, Ml 49085 BRITTNACHER, DONALD 118 Greenfield Dr. Little Chute, Wl 54140 BROCCOLI, ANTHONY 809 N. Hillcrest Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 BROCKHOFF, JOHN Box 369 Route 2 Conover, NC 28613 BROOKS, JAMES 134 Winthrop Ave. Elmsford, NY 10523 BROSNAN, JOSEPH 9156 Francisco Evergreen Park, IL 60642 BROWN, CORNELIUS 8140 S. Talbot Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46227 BROWN, JOHN D. 1316 Belmont Dr. Columbia, SC 29205 BROWN, JOHN F. JR. 762 Pinoak Road Pittsburgh, PA BRUN, PAUL 10409 Pawnee Lane Leawood, KS 66206 BRUNNER, JEFF Route 1 Krakow, Wl 54137 BRUNO, BEDFORD 6040 Richmond Hwy. Alexandria, VA 23303 BRYANT, MICHAEL 1002 Rutledge Cincinnati, OH 45205 BUCHANAN, DENNIS 4105 45th St. San Diego, CA 92105 BUDDE, BARBARA 9115 Riverdale St. Detroit, Ml 48239 BUEHLER, RAYMOND 28 Swallow Hill Rd. Carnegie, PA 15106 BUHOLZER, WILLIAM 11726 Fawnridge Dr. Des Peres, MO 63131 BUHRLAGE, CHARLES 4547 Victor Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 BULGER, JOHN 6 Townsend Rd. Yardley, PA 19067 BULLOCK, WAYNE 908 Center Ave. Newport News, VA 2360 BURAN, JOSEPH JR. 3001 Phyllis St. Endwell, NY 13760 BURDA, JEFFREY 3380 Haas Dr. Aptos, CA 95003 BURGER, CHRISTINE 125 Darlington Rd. Beaver Falls, PA 15010 BURKE, PATRICK 90 Dorchester Rd. Rochester, NY 14610 " " Wjri, Ow X6i KB, W6 WCmili .:;j , OCCOUMHON1 lN.Htai :::: Comet, KC IB MB, 1MB - .:. , ' .. BWftlQH IS flWIlffl MW jowl ffltelmiDf. Ctn l,SCM nMJMU IU KWPweljnt ,--: | i |!li Ml Into ISM mm, now . !v ' -ffi MOLWW mi DIM.MHB i ih ' ll ItlWM) is, ; ISC Mot A jU Hills S- dlD ,P WI BOW BURKE, THOMAS E. 65 Ellenwood Ave. Los Gatos, CA 95030 BURKE, THOMAS J. 92 Springdale Ave. Wheeling, WV 26003 BURNER, ANDRE 1329 Park Ave. Piqua, OH 45356 BUSH, HARRY 515 37th St. W. Palm Beach, FL 33407 BUSHNELL, TIMOTHY 614 N. Greenwood Dr. Palatine, IL 60067 BUTRYN, JEFFREY Box 243 N. Hampton, NY 10958 BYRNES, JAMES 402 Reisner Dr. Bloomington, IN 47401 CAFARO, WILLIAM 1681 Greenleaf Ave. Warren, OH 44484 CAHIR, STEPHEN 163 Deerhaven Rd. Mahwah, NY 07430 CALABRESE, ALEXANDER 14 Everett St. Tuckahoe, NY 10707 CALLAHAN, CHRISTOPHER 410 Sixteenth S.W. Rochester, Ml 55901 CALMBACH, WALTER 137 Townvue Sam Houston, TX 78234 CAMPAGNA, JOAN 2004 Joy Lane E. Chicago, IN 46312 CANGELOSI, JANET 1566 Richland Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70808 :ANNON, CARMAN Church Hill Manor Reeseville, PA 17084 CANNON, LAWRENCE iOO N. Montgomery Gary, IN 46402 CANTILLO, ABELARDO res Rios Costa Rica, Costa Rica CAPONIGRI, ROBERT 517 E. Napoleon Blvd. South Bend, IN 46617 :APP, RAYMOND JR. 1109 Springcrest .ouisville, KY 40222 CARAYNOFF, MICHAEL ' Dan Del Dr. Latham, NY 12110 CAREY, MICHAEL H3 N. Center St. VIcHenry, IL 60050 CAREY, RAYMOND 25 Hillwood Ave. idison, NJ 08817 CARHART, DOUGLAS 1801 River Oaks Dr. 3es Moines, IA 50312 CARLSON, DAVID L. .ancaster, VA CARMICHAEL, JOHN 508 S. Scoville Ave. Dak Park, IL 60304 :. ARMS, MARK 110 Greenwood Dr. ., TN 37828 CARNEVALE, LEONARD 1919 W. 63rd St. Chicago, IL 60629 CARNEY, JAMES B77 Bluffs Edge e Forest, IL 60045 RON, RICHARD 418 mia, PA 19551 RRICO, JOHN King Muir Rd. Forest IL 60045 CARROLL, JAMES 1745 Crane Ave. Mountain View, CA 94040 CARROLL, SHAUN 3402 Greentree Dr. Falls Church, VA 22041 CARTER, DENNIS 410 N. State St. Mishawaka, IN 46544 CARTER, WILLIAM 400 Home Dr. Irafford, PA 15085 CASACCIO, LEE 136 Lincoln Ave. Havertown, PA 19083 CASE, ROBERT 1719 N. 75th Ave. Omaha, NB 68114 CASEY, LAWRENCE 10439 S. St. Louis Chicago, IL 60655 CASO, DAVID 78 Rose Ave. Woodcliff Lane, NJ 07680 CASSIDY, KEVIN 1319 E. Wayne St. N. South Bend, IN 46615 CASSIDY, WILLIAM JR. 9 Hummingbird Wyomissing, PA 19601 CATRAMBONE, NICOLA 3023 N. 77th Court Elmwood Park, IL 60635 CAVANAUCH, TERRENCE 3201 Lakeshore Dr. Michigan City, IN 46360 CAVANAUCH, THOMAS 3375 Appleford York, PA 17402 CHAMBERLIN, KEDRIC 1704 Kensington Fr. Wayne, IN 46805 CHAMBERLIN, MICHAEL 615 Dogwood Dr. N.W. Thomson, GA 30824 CHAMBERS, DANIEL 1825 Ribourde Dr. South Bend, IN 46628 CHAMBERS, GUY 3 McDonald Lane Framingham, MA 01201 CHAMBERS, THOMAS 316 E. 280th St. Euclid, OH 44132 CHAMBLISS, DANNY 141 Birdsell St. South Bend, IN 46628 CHAMPEAU, MICHAEL 916 James Drive Kokomo, IN 46901 CHANG, PAUL 21 Widcombe Rd. Kingston 6, Jamaica CHAPLEAU, DAVID 52930 Timberland Granger, IN 46530 CHAUNCEY, JAMES III 12186 W. 34th Place Wheatridge, CO 80033 HI I Mill, CHARLES 3 Lincoln Court Lombard, IL 60148 CHIDICHIMO, WILLIAM 5205 Shasta Lane Corpus Christi, TX 78415 CHOBANIAN, MICHAEL 157 Somerset Dr. Delaware, OH 43015 CHOI, YING KIT Eufraat 15 Armtelveen, Holland CHOMEL, MICHAEL RT 8 Box 223 Frederick, MD. 21701 CHRISTIAN, LAWRENCE 22 W. 311 Glenn Park Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 CHRISTIANSON, T. W. 1241 Irving Ave. Berkeley, IL 60163 CHRISTMAN, MICHAEL 3194 Burlington Court Mishawaka, IN 46544 CHRISTOPHER, ANDREW 1205 Swinks Mill McLean, VA 22101 CHUDY, MAX III 50 S. Meadow Dr. Orchard Park, NY 14127 CIAMBRONE, RICHARD 7 labor St. Lt. Silver, NJ 07739 CICCONE, SERGIO 36 Como St. Struthers, Ohio 44471 CIERI, DOMENIC JR. 1225 Clearfield Ci. Lutherville, MO 21093 CIMINI, ROBERT 1730 Fredna Ave. Williamsport, PA 17701 CIOFFI, MICHAEL 1169 Madeleine Circle Cincinnati, OH 45231 CIOFU, LARRY 6457 Ellinwood Milford, Ml 48042 CLARK, MARK 52 Rose St. Johnstown, PA 15905 CLARK, THOMAS 87 Druid Hill Rd. Summit, NJ 07901 CLAY, DWIGHT 1931 5th Ave. Pittsburg, PA 15219 CLEARY, BARRY 515 Mill St. Feeding H., MA 01030 CLEMENCY, ROBERT JR. 7733 Geralayne Dr. Wauwatosa, Wl 53213 CLEMENTS, THOMAS 705 McCoy Rd. McKees Rock, PA 15136 CLINE, LEO 404 Upper Blvd. Ridgewood, NJ 07450 CLITHEROE, H. C. JR. 8815 Athens Ct. Anaheim, CA 92804 CLUNE, JAMES 321 5 Spring St. Red Bank, NJ 07701 CLYNNE, MARTIN 435 Lafayette Blvd. Brigantine, N| 08203 COCCIA, DOUGLAS 109 McNaughton St. Rochester, NY 14606 COCO, WILLIAM P.O. Box 96 Moreauville, LA 71355 CODDENS, TERRY 2102 Berkley Place South Bend, IN 46616 CODY, PAUL 13490 Proctor Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19116 COE, JEFFREY 3619 Larkhill Lane San Anlonio, TX 78228 COGLEY, JOHN 632 Marion Ave. Lima, OH 45801 COHEN, MARTIN 51006 Lily Rd South Bend, IN 46637 COHEN, THOMAS 18715 Welworth Ave. South Bend, IN 46637 COLE, RONALD 2542 E. Richards Tucson, AZ 85716 COLE, TIMOTHY 829 S. Fifth Princeton, IL 61356 COLEMAN, PATRICK 410 Rice St. Anoka, MN 55303 COLLINS, GREGORY 5701 Houghten Troy, Ml 48084 COLLINS, JOHN 10401 S. Claremont Chicago, IL 60693 COMISKEY, JOHN 126 N. Lombard Oak Park, IL 60302 CONDON, CHARLES 840 Sheldon Rd. Charleston, S.C. 29407 CONDON, ROSEMARY 6216 Idylwood Lane Edina, MN 55436 CONLEY, LAWRENCE 1013 Scott Ave. Rockville, MD 20851 CONNELL, FRANCIS 2783 S. Park Rd. Bethel Park, PA 15102 CONNELL, JOHN 930 Breezewick Circle Towson, MD 21204 CONNELL, PATRICK RR 3 El Dorado, KS 67042 CONNOLLY, KEVIN 83 Montvale Ave. Woburn, MA 01801 CONNOR, DAVID 2064 Rollingridge Cincinnati, OH 45238 CONROY, JOHN 508 S. 6th St. Oreg on, IL 61061 CONROY, PATRICK 1012 E. Hyacinth St. Paul, MN 55106 CONSORTO, GARY 63 N. New Ardmore Broomall, PA 19008 CONWAY, MICHAEL 21 Orchard Lane Cherry High, NJ 08034 COOGAN, CHARLES 12610 Rocky Hill Houston, TX 77040 COOK, THOMAS 10 Annette Dr. Port Washington, NY 11050 COOMBE, JOHN 1800 W. lies Springfield, IL 62704 COONEY, DAVID 3 Tamarack Rd. Weston, MA 02193 COONEY, JAMES 121 Tottenham Lane Elk Grove Vil., IL 60007 COONEY, TERRY 5027 W. Cheery Lynn Phoenix, AZ 85031 COPPINGER, MICHAEL 10247 Lochcrest Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45231 CORCORAN, JOHN 535 Daventry Rd. Berwyn, PA 19312 CORCORAN, ROBERT 321 Center St. E. Pittsburg, PA 15112 CORDES, PAUL JR. 151 Cindy Lou Place Mandville, LA 70448 COREY, MICHAEL 63 Tunstall Rd. Scarsdale, NY 10583 CORGAN, GREGORY 367 Holly Dr. Wyckoff, NJ 07481 CORMIER, JAMES 10 Cody Lane Deerfield, IL 60015 CORRIGAN, KEVIN 2415 E. 32nd Davinporl, IA 52807 CORRIGAN, TIMOTHY 828 8th St. S.W. Rochester, MN 55901 CORTESE, MICHAEL 121 Smoke Rise Dr. Warren, N| 07060 COSTANZO, RAYMOND 6587 Big Creek Parkway Parma Heights, OH 44130 COSTARINO, ANDREW 35 Bridge Rd. Manhasset, NY 11030 COTTER, CHARLES 8016 Lakehurst Dr. Oklahoma City, OK 73120 COTTER, DANIEL 1150 Boh Rd. 906-A Pittsburg, PA 15243 COWAN, DAVID 536 W. Chestnut Junction City, KS 66441 COWAN, MICHAEL 58 Fairmount Rd. N. Providence, NJ 07974 COWLEY, JOHN 212 N. Ridgeway Jefferson City, MO 65101 COYE, THOMAS 1806 S. Warren St. South Bend, IN 46613 COYLE, JOSEPH 2244 Third Easton, PA 18042 CRAMER, MICHAEL 162 Windsor Ave. Rocky Center, NY 11570 CRANE, JOHN 1030 Clubview Blvd. Worthington, OH 43085 CRAWFORD, CRAIG 6642 S. Drexel Chicago, IL 60637 CRILLY, STEPHEN 34 Sto Domingo Makati Rizal, PI D-708 CRONIN, BRIAN 615 E. Haney South Bend, IN 46613 CRONIN, KEVIN 50 Carriage Tr. Palos Heights, IL 60463 CROOKS, WILLIAM Box 5080 Clinton, NJ 08809 CROSSETT, DAVID 819 Woodlawn Ave. Oakmont, PA 15139 CROTTY, PATRICK 2211 W. 91st St. Chicago, IL 60620 CROTTY, PETER 15 Roosevelt Place Rocky Center, NY 11570 CROWLEY, JOHN 1345 Dermond Rd. Drexel Heights, PA 19026 CUNNINGHAM, TIMOTHY 279 Rich Road Park Forest, IL 60466 CURRIER, TIMOTHY 1942 Graefield Rd. Birmingham, Ml 48008 CURTIS, JARED 2613 S. 12th St. Fargo, ND 58102 CUSHING, BRIAN 9804 Hillridge Dr. Kensington, MD 20795 CUSHING, LEO 148 Brayton Rd. Brighton, MA 02135 CUSiCK, RICHARD M. 3 Artichoke Terrace Newburytort, MA CUTTER, STEVEN 65 Kendall Rd. Keene, NH 03431 CYRAN, FRANCIS 3709 Grand Central Vienna, WV 26101 CZAJKOWSKI, PHILIP 4616 N. Orange Ave. Morton Grove, IL 60053 DADAY, JOSEPH M. 528 8th Ave. Bethlehem, PA 18018 DAILEY, LAWRENCE JR. 222 North Windsor Los Angeles, CA 90004 DALEY, DAVID W. Dover Road Barneveld, NY 13304 DALTON, ROBERT E. JR. 149 M. Williamson Rd. Blossburg, PA 16912 DALUISIO, JOSEPH N. 57 Hackensack St. Wood Ridge, NJ 07075 DANIEL, FREDERICK R. 160 Gross St. Tiffin, OH 44883 DANIELS, DAVID H. Mile Block Rd. N. Collins, NY 14111 DANIK, ANDREW L. 1369 Franklin St. Rahway, NJ 07065 DARA, MICHAEL R. 139 Greglawn Dr. Clifton, NJ 07013 DARIN, MARY I. 28765 Somerset Place Lathrup Village, Ml 48076 DASINGER, DANIEL T. 4486 W. 172 St. Cleveland, OH 44135 DATZMAN, CATHERINE 2722 Roscommon Dr. St. Wayne, IN 46805 DAUPHINAIS, RICHARD Marty, SD 57361 DAVIS, DAVID M. JR. 1205 Orchard Lane Elm Grove, Wl 53122 DAVIS, DONALD R. 736 Hawthorn Rd. New Castle, IN 47362 DAVIS, EDWARD A. 45 H. Peninsula PI. Kaneohe, HI 96744 DAVIS, MICHAEL J. 1011 S. Clark Ave. Tampa, FL 33609 DAVY, MICHAEL R. 10916 S. Ridgeway Chicago, IL 60655 DAWN, MICHAEL R. 10916 S. Ridgeway Ave. Chicago, IL DAY, F. THOMAS 1416 Kensington Grosse Pointe, Ml 48230 DEAN, MARY C. 200 Brookfield Ave. Chattanooga, TN 37411 DEBACCO, PAUL 11331 Madison Kansas City, M O 64114 DECANDIA, MICHAEL J. 1814 68lh St. Brooklyn, NY 11204 DECIO, JAMEE ANN 3215 Greenleaf Blvd. Elkhart, IN 46514 DEDA, ROY J. 4408 W. Midland Dr. Milwaukee, Wl 53219 DEFFENBAUGH, BRIAN 342 Osceola Lane Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 DEFRANK, SAM 5764 W. Gunnison St. Chicago, IL 60630 DEGNAN, CHRISTOPHER 205 Welwyn Rd. Wilmington, DE 19803 DEJONGE, EUGENE C. 557 Midwood St. Brooklyn, NY 11203 DELAGUARDIA, JORGE Box 4503 Panama 5, Panama DELANEY, MARGARET M. 919 Adams Avenue Lewisburg, PA 17837 DEMKO, THOMAS A. 3611 Pheasant Run Rockford, IL 61103 DEML, ROBERT J. 3905 Montgolgier South Bend, IN 46614 DEMMERLE, PETER K. 214 Jonathan Rd. New Canaan, Ct. 06840 DENEFE, JANET E. 12 Birchwood Hills Ottumwa, IA 52501 DENNING, EDWARD M. 114 Greenwich Ave. E. Providence Rl 02914 DENORCEY, JOHN P. P.O. Box 5087 Barrigada, Guam 96910 Df NT, MICHAEL P. 60 Central Ave. Trenton, NJ 08610 DENTZ, EDWARD S. 29 Winthrop Lane Holden, MA 01520 DEPETRIS, RONALD P. 27 Crest Avenue Melrose, MA 02176 DERR, JAMES J. 153 Weed Hill Ave. Stamford, Ct. 06907 DESLAURIERS, R. |. 15 Slate Ave. Northfield, VT 05663 DESMOND, AIDAN D. 105 Taunton Ave. Hyde Park, MA 02136 DESPOSITO, MICHAEL 147 Hillside Blvd. N. Hyde Park, N.Y. 11040 DEUTSCH, BRUCE R. Box 157 Burlington, IL 60109 DEUTSCH, DONALD JR. 4200 Cathedral NW Washington, DC 20016 DEVANEY, CLAUDE JR. Box 252 Notre Dame, IN 46556 DEVIN, EDWARD I- 4505 Glasgow Dr. Rockville, MD 20853 DEWITT, GERALD 9203 Cedar Way Bethesda, MD 20014 DEZIEL, DANIEL J. 902 Felix St. W. St. Paul, MN 55118 DHAENE, ALBERT P. 1334 Woodlawn Blvd. South Bend, IN 46616 DIAMOND, PETER S. 8700 W. 121st St. Palos Park, IL 60464 DICANIO, THOMAS J. 6401 Queens Midtow Maspeth, NY 11378 DIECKELMAN, DAVID H. 1505 Church St. Elm Grove, Wl 53122 DIENER, MICHAEL F. Rt. 2 Dunkirk, IN 47336 DIETLER, THOMAS P. 2600 Capital Ave. Sacramento, CA 95816 DIGAETANO, PAUL 478 Paulison Ave. Passaic, NJ 07055 DILLON, PATRICK D. 23 Hewitt Dr. Northport, NY 11768 DINARDO, GERARD P. 8 Elm Street Red Hook, NY 11231 DINEEN, MARTIN F. 1833 So. Walnut St. Springfield, IL 62704 DIPALMA, DENNIS M. 2102 Garden Dr. Wickliffe, OH 44092 DISABATINO, ANTHONY 511 Lennox Rd. Wilmington, DE 19809 DIZINNO, JOSEPH A. 1051 West Mill Dr. Highland Hts., OH 44143 DLUGOLECKI, JOHN B. 1320 Obrien Ave. Utica, NY 13502 DOAKS, JOSEPH E. Rea, PA 15356 DOBIESZ, DAVID 83 Mohr Ave. Buffalo, NY 14212 DOELER, JEFFERY N. 90 Johnson Place So. Revier, NJ 08882 DOEMEL, DAVIS D. 4 Hamilton Place Cohoes, NY 12047 DOG AN, MICHAEL C. 5702 Lawn Dr. Western Springs, IL 60558 DOHERTY, JAMES E. 297 King Lane D Plaines, IL 60016 DOLAN, KEVIN D. 626 E. Hummelstown Elizabeth Town, PA 17022 DOM AN, MARY S. 200 S. Garfield Ave. Janesville, Wl 53545 DOMINGUES, EVERETT 1302 Xaveria Drive Silver Springs, MD 20903 DONAHUE, MARK S. 9 Meadow Wood Dr. N. Stoning, CT 06359 DONAHUE, WILLIAM J. 114 Aikahi Loop Kailua, HI 96734 DONATHEN, JAMES D. 2801 State Rd. 4 No. Liberty, IN 46554 DONNELLY, JAMES HI 250 Libby Ave. Ridgewood, NJ 07450 DONOVAN, M. ERIN 2136 E. 26 Place Tulsa, OK 74114 DONOVAN, JAMES J. 3469 3 Mile Dr. Detroit, Ml 48224 DOOLFY, DAVID P. 42 Ripley Dr. Redstn, AL 35805 DORAN, WILLIAM P. 47 Grinsted St. Manhasset, NY 11030 DOWD, JOHN S. 9 Andrew le Notre 1410 Waterloo, Belgium DOYLE, EDWARD G. JR. 19968 E. Williams Grosse Pointe Woods, Ml 48236 DOYLE, THOMAS L 3 Terry Drive Jacksonville, FL 62650 DRAPE, THOMAS M. 8713 Jarboe Kansas City, MO 64114 DRESSEL, ROBERT JR. 9240 S. Richmond Evergreen Park, IL 60642 DRYBURG, WALTER JR. 426 Old Nat Pike Brownsville, PA 15417 DUCHARME, PAUL E. 141 Springcrest Akron, OH 44313 DUCHESS), PETER J. 186 Brookside Ave. Amsterdam, NY 12010 DULANEY, DAVID S. Rt. 3 Westwood Covington, VA 24426 DUNBAR, LAWRENCE G. 6249 N. La Crosse Chicago, IL 60646 DUNVILLE, DENNIS L 18205 Denslow Dr. So. Bend, IN 46614 DZIEMIANOWICZ, D. |. Rd. 1 Mill Pond Rd. Otisville, NY 10963 EDDY, JOHN D. 211 Trot wood Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15241 EGAN, CHARLES M. 15 Armstrong Rd. Morristown, NJ 07960 ELLI, THOMAS H. 2519 Solomon Ave. South Bend, IN 46615 ELLIOTT, EDWARD F. 9008 Ironwood Ct. Indianapolis, IN 46260 ELVERSON, GARY W. 3624 Victor Ave. Brookhaven, PA 19015 EMMERT, JOHN T. 7000 23rd Place Hyamville, MD 20783 ENNIS, JOHN B. 190 Cleveland St. Providence, Rl 02909 EPPING, RANDY C. 3805 Lancaster Dr. Salem, OR 97303 ERBA, DAVID B. 40 Corey Rd North Haven, CT ERCEGOVIC, DAVID B. 4187 West 210 St. Fairview Park, OH 44126 ERICKSEN, GREGORY K. 8011 Welchwood Indianapolis, IN 46218 ERNZEN, JAMES J. 622 E. Wilson Batavia, IL 60510 ESPENAN, PIERRE A. 919 Broadway New Orleans, LA 70122 ESPOSITO, CONSTANCE 427 S. Ridgeland C. Oak Park, IL 60302 ESSMAN, PAUL J. 322 East First St. Wellston, OH 45692 EVINS, GARY I. 278 Thorain Blvd. San Antonio, TX 78212 EXLEY, MARK K. 444 Hillview Rd. King of Prussia, PA 19406 FABRECA, JUAN A. P.O. Box 347 Panama RP FAGAN, CHRISTOPHER 425 20th PI Manna Beach, CA 90266 FAHY, JOSEPH W. 5630 N. Carrollton Indianapolis, IN 46220 FALK, WILLIAM V. 8252 Metropolitan Olmstead Falls, OH 44138 FALLON, JESSICA M. 315 Napoleon Blvd. South Bend, IN 46617 FALVEY, MARY 23 Black Horse Dr. West Acton, MA 01720 FAMULA, JOHN C. 55 Dewitt Terrace Colonia, NJ 07067 FANJOY, ALLAN G. 5701 Glenwood Rd. Bethesda, MD 20034 FANNING, MICHAEL L. 4687 S. Columbia Tulsa, OK 74105 FARRELL, JOHN J., JR. 20 Russell Rd. Falmouth, MA 02540 FARRELL, ROBERT B. 1117 Stormy Way Cincinnati, OH 45230 FASANO, HUMBERTO A. Box 3254 Panama 3, Panama FAY, KEVIN J. 4808 Bristow Dr. Annandale, VA 22003 TEDOR, JOSEPH W. 929 Beale St. South Bend, IN 46616 FEHRENBACHER, KIM A. 1606 N. Lincoln Robinson, IL 62454 FEHRENBACHER, THOMAS Rl 1 Box 34 Terrebonne, OR 97760 FENN, CHRISTOPHER |. 1918 Seminole Tr Lakeland, FL 33803 FENNELLY, DENNIS J. 33-23-147 SI. Flushing, NY 11354 FERNANDEZ, FRANCISCO P.O. Box 2659 Quilo Ecuador, S. America FERRELL, JOHN J. 1002 Forrest Dr. Tullahoma, TN 37388 FERRIS, KEVIN C. 9468 Maxine Si. Pico Rive, CA 90660 FIDUCCIA, MARK 6650 Navajo Ave. Lmrolnwood, IL 60646 FIERRO, ALBERT L. 100 Fairfax Blvd. Wilmington, DE 19803 FINE, THOMAS W. 14351 Jicarilla Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307 FINLEY, DAVID E. Box 49A Rd 1 Albion, PA 16401 FISHER, ALAN J. RR 1 Box 39 Ft. Madison, IA 52627 FISHER, WILLIAM V. 874 N. 25th St. Philadelphia, PA 19130 FIZGERALD, EDWARD 1401 Welsh Rd. Maple Glen, PA 19002 FITZGERALD, EDWARD 2 Blauvelt Place Scarsdale, NY 10583 FITZGERALD, MICHAEL 1401 Welsh Rd. Maple Glen, PA 19002 FIT GIBBON, PATRICK 421 NW Briarcliff Kansas City, MO 64116 FITZGIBBONS, ROBERT 13 Fernwood St. Wethersfield, CT 06109 FITZPATRICK, PAUL D. 48 Burton Ave. Plainview, NY 11803 FITZSIMMONS, M. T. 1452 Bay St. Slaten Island, NY 10305 FLACH, ROBERT P. 8% Olentangy Rd. Franklin Lake, NJ 07417 FLANAGAN, FRANK M. 75 Fairway Hts. Dr. Thornhill, Ontario, Canada FLANAGAN, JOHN P. 1445 W. Elmdale Ave. Chicago, IL. 60626 FLANAGAN, WILLIAM J. 19 Holmes St. Maiden, MA 02148 FLATLEY, DANIEL K. 4195-13th Way NE St. Peters, FL 33703 FLAUAUS, JAMES M. 1205 W. Busse Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 FLEISCHMAN, GERALD 5019 Hillside Ave. Boise, ID. 83703 FLEMING, PETER J. 820 Elm Spring Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15243 FLORA, BRYAN R. Box 249 Notre Dame, IN 46556 FLYNN, MICHAEL A. 700 N. Center St. Plymouth, IN FLYNN, PATRICK T. R.R. 3 Hobson Rd. Naperville, II 60540 FLYNN, THOMAS A. 3840 Winding Way Indianapolis, IN 46220 FOGERTY, KEVIN T. 324 Riveley Ave. Collingdale, PA 19023 FOGLIA, WILLIAM S. 121 Siebert Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15237 FOLEY, WILLIAM R. 6418 15th St. Alexandria, VA 22307 FORAN, MARGARET M. 80 Dogwood Lane New Hyde Park, NY FORD, KEVIN E. 4965 E. Missouri Denver, CO 80222 FORD, MARY E. 3189 Lander Road Pepper Pike, OH 44124 FORDE, TIMOTHY J. 122 Buckeye Dr. Cold Springs, CO 80911 FORDONSKI, MICHAEL 4306 Applewod Lane Malteson, IL 60443 FORNI, CHAD A. 1819 Zinfandel SI. Helena, CA 94574 FORSZT, EDWARD A. 8414 Hawthorne Dr. Munsler, IN 46321 FOSTER, DAVID J. 410 Keith Ave. Crystal Lake, IL 60014 FOWLER, W. CRAIG 411 Anchorage Circle Huron, OH 44839 FOX, ROBERT J. 415 Churchill Rd. Berwyn, PA 19312 FRANCIS, ALAN W. 6105 Green Dr. Woodridge, IL 60515 FRANKS, DONALD E. 441 Sherwood Dr. Newark, Ohio FRAZEL, MARK J. 10036 Winchester Chicago, IL 60643 FREDERIC KA, JAMB A. 2516 Nilescortland Warren, OH 44484 FREIBERT, TIMOTHY H. 9111 Nottingham Pk. Louisville, KY 40222 FRITZEN, EDWARD JR. 18 Sommer Ave. Maplewood, NJ 07040 FROMM, GAIL ANN 24 Bryn Mawr Rd. Rochester, NY 14624 FROST, WILLIAM C. 11347 S. Central Park Chicago, IL 60655 FRY, MARK R. R 3 Box 353 Benton Harbor, Ml 49022 FULLER, JOHN C. 216 E. Green Bay St. Shawano, Wl 54166 FULLER, JOSEPH M. 1116 Woodlawn Dr. New Castle, IN 47362 FUNK, SUSAN KAREN 510 N. Trask St. Tampa, FL 33609 FUREY, PAUL C. 67 Trueman Ave. Haddonfie, NJ 08033 GABOR, MICHAEL N. 619 Highland Ave. Mansfield, OH 44903 GAFFNEY, MICHAEL F. 4 Kings Hill Rd. Peabody, MA 01960 GAHAGAN, MICHAEL P 2122 Vilas Ave. Madison, Wl 53711 GALAC, ROBERT J. 36774 Waltham Dr. Sterling, Ml 48077 GALEY, JOHN A., JR. 1013 N. Notre Dame South Bend, IN 46617 GALLAGHER, EDWARD 418 N. St. Clair St. Pittsburgh, PA 15206 GALLAGHER, GARY J. 380 Clifton St. St. Paul, MN 55102 GALLAGHER, MICHAEL 2452 Cambridge Dr. Hudson, OH 44236 GAMBINO, JERRY J. JR. 276 Oakridge Dr. Rochester, NY 14617 GANGLUFF, KEVIN E. 8438 Wartelle Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70806 GANGOTENA, ENRI P.O. Box 105 Quito Ecuador SA CANS, RAYMOND G. R R. 3 Box 34 Syracuse, IN 46567 GARCIA, GILBERT G. 170 Fennel San Antonio, TX 78213 G DE PAREDES, JUAN Apt. 4888 Panama 5, Panama GARDNER, FRANCIS X. 22397 Park Edge Cl . KK ' .. . to, HIM llta ta :. tummi. M OKCfU KtST M Fairview Park, OH 44126 0: GARRETT, RICHARD E. 14 Baker St. Dolgeville, NY 13329 GARRISON, GREGORY 41 Amelia Circle Little SR, NJ 07739 GARRITY, THOMAS L 2325 Marcy Evanston, IL 60201 GARRITY, W. ARTHUR 40 Radcliffe Rd. Wellesley, MA 02181 GARZA, JOE A. 1504 Donaldson Ave. San Antonio, TX 78228 GASEOR, ANTHONY J. 3186 Pine St. SW Tacoma, WA 98439 CASPAR), JOSEPH A. 7 Ferry St. Lambertville, NJ 08530 GASPER, RANDY T. 1348 Benton St. Gary, IN 46403 GASPIERIK, JOSEPH J. 4220 Valley Lake College Park, GA 30349 GATES, JAMES 1516 W 45th St Erie, PA 16509 Kj HfaiP q -, . SATTY, CHRISTOPHER A. Mt. Sinai, NY 11766 Binghamlon, NY 13905 106 Westwood Manor HIGGINS, GUY P. Hirtor.MI Promenade Drive GORSKI, GLEN A. HAKE, WILLIAM M. Butler, PA 16001 Sydney Ross, Apt. Aere 04033 NUBUOKC , (untington, NY 11743 25760 Argyle City 706 E. Meadow Lane HEALY, ROBERT E., JR. Bogota, Columbia W I fan fy Si GAUGHAN, RICHARD JR. S. Berardi, CA 92404 Palatine, IL 60067 2237 Kirby Road HIGGINS, JOHN P. wino, W| 54i|jj 61 Rockdale Ave. GRACE, CHRISTOPHER J. HALPIN, J. PATRICK Memphis, TN 38138 1201 53rd St. N. NU JQQHM Srn Bedford, MA 02740 80 Deepdale Drive 4500 Dolphin Lane HEEKIN, MARK C. St. Ptrsbg, FL 33710 " KWwfauft ;AYNOR, FRANCIS D. Manhasset, NY 11030 Alexandria, VA 22309 2917 Alpine Terr. HIGGINS, LAWRENCE M. CalrilNflj 6 Ox-Bow Lane GRAHAM, DAVID J. HAMILTON, BENJAMIN Cincinnati, OH 45208 661 Ivy Falls Ct. ' ' ' ' S ' i k-irS landolph, MA 02366 508 Klinger 509 N. 1st Ave. HEFFERNAN, PATRICK St. Paul, MN 55118 510 S. Itjsk Si. ;EARIN, MICHAEL i South Bend, IN 46614 Lake Chas, LA 70601 206 Main Entrance HILL, GERALD E. topUM 12 Summer St. GRAHAM, FRANK C. JR. HAMPTON, HERBERT S. Pittsburgh, PA 15228 4501 Hueco Ave. UBfiMtIC Jorwell, MA 02061 631 Hillside Rd. 1404 Dwinnell St. HECYI, LOUIS L. El Paso, TX 79903 t ' lrueiwAvt if ARY, TIMOTHY C. Blue Bell, PA 19422 Baytown, TX 77520 56386 Ritschard HINES, PATRICK J. Mdoniie, sj on]} 448 Johnston Dr. GRAMAROSSA, GERALD HAND, WALTER E. South Bend, IN 46619 1199 Hill Ave. . : .i ' .V ' (HUiv and Rapids, Ml 49507 7815 N. Oleander 172 Brook St. HEIM, GEORGE V. Elgin, IL 60120 . ;EORGE, WILLIAM j. Niles, IL 60648 W. Sayville, NY 117% 3179 Cedar St. HITTINGER, FRANCIS R. MaMj,Q{M| 824 Edan Court CRAMELSPACHER, G. P. HANDWERKER, LEE F. Phila., PA 19134 420 N. Frances GAfWT,M|QUaf leloit, Wl 53511 515 W. 6th Street 125 Perkins Extend HELLMUTH, JOHN S. South Bend, IN IliERINGER, CHARLES E. Jasper, IN 47546 Memphis, TN 38117 609 Westchester HOBBS, JOHN C. ? - Wv MA [UK B t 940 Manchester GRASSO, TONY A. HANSEN, THOMAS R. Springfld, OH 45504 5686 Headgates Rd. UKMMWtrWL A estchest, 11 60153 16012 Keno 402 Nutmeg HELMEN, FREDERICK, |. Hamilton, OH 45011 KERMAN, ROBERT D. Alpaso, Texas Stanton, NB 68779 209 W. North Shore HOBBS, PAUL J. Mjjiwn, Wl iffil W)9 Garden Lane GREENE, CHARLES W. HANSON, PAUL G., Ill South Bend, IN 46617 2264 Coomer Rd. CALK, MBit jlenshaw, PA 15116 908 Prater Lane 1000 S. 56th 250A HENDERLONG, JOSEPH Burt, NY 14028 OTtanDr fctRMANO, ROY P. Marion, VA 24354 Lincoln, NB 68506 4341 23 PI. SW HOFFMAN, JOHN C. aHMHOT fW 6 Blue Ridge Rd. GREGOROWICZ, PAUL J. HARE, STEPHEN E. Naples, FL 33940 227 Park Ave. uiaiofai ouisville, KY 40223 431 S. Warren Street 1542 Putty Hill HENDERSON, MARGARET Takoma Park, MD 20012 V!1J S. Sotit Dmt ' SERSPACH, JOHN C South Bend, IN 46619 Towson, MD 21204 5147 Loch Lomond HOFFMANN, GARRY L. 515 Gilford Ave. GRESSER, JAMES A. HARLAN, JOHN L Houston, TX 77035 7 Barbara Cr. - c - ' i f ;Mtt lo Park, N.J. 11040 27 Treasure Drive 8420 S.W. 84 Ave. HENDRICK, WILLIAM, JR. Little Rock, AR 72204 JERVVE, JOHN T. Tampa, FL 33609 Miami, FL 33143 20 Edgewood Rd. HOGAN, MARTIN T. 830 Mississippi Ave. GRIFFIN, DWICHT A. HARRINGTON, ALICE C. Saginaw, Ml 48602 21222 Manchester auGB,fim Davenport, IA 52803 204 Griffin Avenue 2613 Rolling Ridge HENDRICKS, BARRY Harper Woods, Ml 48225 GEURTZ, PETER W. Pittsburgh, PA 15210 Logansport, IN 46947 710 Vj W. LaSalle HOCAN, THOMAS A. St. Sin Box 32A FPO GRIFFIN, JOHN C. HARRIS, STANLEY E. South Bend, IN 46601 3056 Tylersville GALUGHH,MKrUaBp an Francisco, CA 96610 14 Jesse Drive 2137 Toni St. HENDRICKS, NANCY M. Hamilton, OH 45015 .- IciBBONS, GREGORY D. Northport, NY 11768 Columbus, OH 710 Vj W. LaSalle HOIDEN, LESLIE E. T .k I 4 Prospect St. GRIFFIN, PATRICK R. HARRISON, THOMAS A. South Bend, IN 46601 1530 Barrett Rd. GAUWaianLlWUmrnit, N] 07901 927 Polar Street 10 So. Maple Ln. HENGGELER, RICHARD Baltimore, MD 21207 1 GIBBONS, MARTIN D. West Bend, Wl 53095 Prospect H., IL 60070 201 E. 7th St. HOLZSCHUH, THOMAS C. v ' - " 137 Winding Way GRIFFIN, REBECCA S. HARTMAN, ANDREW J. Maryville, MO 64468 90 E. Manitou Rd. iHQUI kr ' ilM. Camillus, NY 13031 106 Wayne Street 50 Hodge Avenue HENKE, MICHAEL D. Rochester, NY 14612 GIBLER, CLINTON D. Valparaiso, IN 46383 Buffalo, NY 14222 644 Henderson Dr. HOMMES, NORMAN G. ' .O. Box 6053 GRIFFIN, THOMAS D. HARTNETT, THOMAS M. Springdale, PA 15144 907 N. N. D. Ave. " [1 ' i(X .ouisville, KY 40206 808 Linden Street Ballina Rd. HENNELLY, KATHLEEN South Bend, IN 46617 ' ' W V CO BoiKS GIBSON, GARY A. Bethlehem, PA 18017 Cazenovia, NY 13035 6230 Delor St. HOOLIHAN, JAMES J. n rt . [f.|lv ( 1 1800 N. Me. Bu. S. 605 GRIMES, WILLIAM G. HARTRICH, CHRISTOPHER St. Louis, MO 63109 917 4th Ave. NW , ndianapolis, IN 46202 2701 Crawford Street 11834 Oakley Ave. HENNER, MARY CLAIRE Grand Rapids, MN 55744 n n ] B., 11 IILHOOLY, THOMAS Terre Haute, IN 47803 Chicago, IL 60643 1911 Pokogon Rd. HOPFER, DONALD J. KJI. ) (01 W i4-67 83rd CRIZZARD, JOHN D. HARVALIS, DEAN C. Grand Rapids, Ml 49506 8232 N. 74th PI. rum niiffllG. vtiddle Village, NY 11379 1163 Overbrook Road 1139 Thatcher HENRY, JOSEPH G. Scottsdale, AZ 85253 (jAXUA, uiuoi v. IILLOON, ARTHUR F. Petersburg, VA 23603 Riv. Forest, IL 60305 R R 1 HOULE, MICHAEL C. ' ; !60 Dillon GROHOVSKY, STEPHEN HASBROUCK, JOHN G. Dane, Wl 53529 3351 Camelot Dr. CUE MAN Jubuque, IA 52001 ilLMARTIN, BRIAN J. 332 S. 19th Street Terre Haute, IN 47607 530 Chestnut Place Galion, OH 44833 HERBEK, DAVID C. 657 Thruway Dr. Dallas, TX 75229 HOUSLEY, MICHAEL K. 1-138 Woodbourne CROSCH, NICHOLAS HASSE, DONALD E. Somerville, NJ 08876 1216 Royal York Rd. ..evittown, PA 19056 5 Nolton Street Rt. 3, Box 7A1 HERENDA, ANTHONY W. Islington Ontario, Can. Piri OHWl CILSINGER, PAUL J. Court House Belleville, NJ 07109 GRUENENFELDE, T. M. Syracuse, IN 46567 HASTINGS, CHARLES T. 7808 5th Ave. N. Bergen, NJ 07047 HOWL, ROBERT C. 2001 S. 71 E. Ave. fjirueHrlTCrU 11 " Mnamac, IN 469% 6045 Birch Avenue 10 Media Ct. HERKES, WILLIAM H. Tulsa, OK 74112 :.., S ' . CITTZUS, JAMES R. Gary, IN 46403 St. Louis, MO 63141 2927 N. Shorewood HRENIUK, STANLEY P. 1 H 01 15 Edward Ave. GUAJARDO, ELI V. HASTINGS, JAMES M. McHenry, IL 60050 113 Miln St. . .., BH C ' KOI ' .ynnfield, MA 01940 GLEASON, DENNIS J. ill Hillcrest PI. 1211 Fontaine San Antonio, TX 78219 GUIDONE, PAUL |. 1907 Avon Lane Arlington His., IL 60004 HATCH, DENNIS G. HERNANDEZ, JOHN D. 14043 Hoxie Chicago, IL 60633 Cranford, NJ 07016 HRITZ, JAMES E. 9017 Dunloggin Rd. liateSLI Carroll, IA 51401 205 Carling Rd. 32 South 87th HESSE, DANIEL R. Ellct, City, MD 21043 Mmn,nioM GLOVER, THOMAS A. Rochester, NY 14610 Belleville, IL 62223 413 B. Shore Rd. HUBBELL, DANIEL A. 1$ [c y !S4 Park Ave. GUMERLOCK, ROBERT S. HAUSENBAUER, THOMAS Ft. Totten, NY 11359 9122 Peninsula Dr. , MRI iV Pi HbJcUitt .ake Forest, IL 60045 GLOVER, WILLIE 1 Lafayette Ave. E. Orange, NJ 60045 1255 Monterey Blvd. San Fran, CA 94127 GUMKOWSKI, MICHAEL 2906 Hartzer St. 15615 Embers Dr. Mishawaka, IN 46544 HAWBAKER, MARTIN L 111 Memory Ln. HESSLING, PETER A. 913 Sancome Ave. South Bend, IN 46628 HETTLER, MICHAEL JR. Trvrs. City, Ml 49684 HUBER, JANET A. 28 Tyler City Rd. Orange, CT 06477 ' GOCKE, CHRISTINE M. South Bend, IN 46628 GUNN, ELLEN PAULY Lafayette, IN 47905 HAWKEY, EARL W. 1782 Carriage Lane Alliance, OH 44601 HUDSON, CHARLES P. 4240 Bellemeade SUMOM, 1 " 8 ! Clenview, IL 60025 11449 Clayton Rd. 1801 S. Franklin HEYDRICH, ALFRED L. Evansville, IN 47715 GOETZ, MICHAEL C. 231 S Coy Road Frontenac, MO 63131 GUTH, THEODORE E. Little Rock, AR 72204 HAY, WILLIAM J. PC Drawer 1107 Apopka, FL 32703 HUFFMAN, MARK R. 409 Swan Circle IICOIN, if , rVpwnn OH 43616 78 Schofield PI. 140 S. Wilshire HICKEY, BRIAN |. Erlanger, KY 41018 11 GOLDEN, JOHN F. West Point, NY 109% Arlington Hts., IL 60004 21 Peirce Rd. HULL, BRADY L. ' mmfm p|vmouih circle IISOI ' iMadison, Wl 53705 HAASER, STEVEN A. 1225 Belmont Ave. HAYES, DAVID |. 10 Portsmouth Terr. Welsly His, MA 02161 HICKNER, JOSEPH G. Burley Acres Weston, MO 64098 GOLDEN, RICHARD J. . a ' ll 7 Missouri Drive South Bend, IN 46615 HADERS, KENNETH CSC Rochester, NY 14607 HAYES, LAWRENCE J. 835 Park Ave. South Bend, IN 46616 HUMMER, GREGORY J. 2032 S. Green Rd. (J " AoMflKvarwick Rl 02866 Holy Cross Bro. Cl. 376 N. Miss. River HICHWA, RICHARD D. Cleveland, OH 44121 v ;ii fftf " ' tBii WHIV, | | W U KJ GOODMAN, DENNIS S. Notre Dame, IN 46556 St. Paul, MN 55104 234 Mechanic St. HUMPHREY, MARK F. ,irA)rtH5221 Vermont Ave HAGEN, WILLIAM G. HAYES, THOMAS D. Bristol, CT 06010 14116 Rippling Brook KrLouis, MO 63111 Golden Eagle, IL 62036 6311 Roosevelt St. HIEGEL, LAWRENCE C. Silver Springs, MD 20906 a -Til llCOODMAN, RONNIE A. HAINES, JOHN R. Merrlvlle, IN 46410 1512 Skyline Dr. HUMS, EDWARD F. 1SK J I1I39A Mt. Sinai Avenue 63 Davis St. HAZY, THOMAS J. N. Little Rock, AR 72116 58709 Ireland Trail Mishawaka, IN 46544 HUNCKE, JOHN G. 4901 Randolph Rd. N. Little Rock, AR 72116 HUNCKLER, GREGORY 820 Jefferson Huntington, IN 46750 HUNT, CURRAN C.J. 1414 Taylor Joliet, IL 60435 HURLEY, DAVID F. 5149 S. Dearborn St. Indianapolis, IN 46227 HURLEY, DENIS H. 7924 Academy Tr NE New Albuque, NM 87112 HURNDON, CLIFFORD J. 6651 Foch Road NW Orleans, LA 70126 HUTTON, JOHN E. 500 Brookfield Rd. Drexel HL, PA 19026 HYNES, MARK A. 648 East Fifth St. El Paso, IL 61738 IANNI, JOHN A. 3540 Cambridge Dr. Springfield, OH 45503 IAROCCI, ANTHONY |. 8417 Cottage GR Highland, IN 46322 IGNAUT, (AMES M. 1823 Donna Dr. Westlake, OH 44145 IRVINE, WILLIAM 345 Brookline Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15226 ISHAM, BRIAN S. 185 Stuyvesant Ave. Merrick, New York 11566 (ACKEWICZ, I.I. JR. R.D. Box 144 Magnolia, Delaware 19%2 IACOBS, GEORGE 3005 Julian St. Youngstown, OH IAHNE, MARK s. 72 Meadowgate Wthrsfld, CT 06109 JAKOBE, ROBERT M. 9441 Meadow Lane Leawood, KS 66206 IEHLE, MARK A. Fairmount Addition Alton, Illinois 62002 JELERCIC, BORIS J. 9911 Greenhaven Brecksville, OH 44141 JENSEN, WILLIAM R. 1946 Thurston Racine, Wisconsin 53403 JERSTAD, LEROY III 301 N. Vincennes Ci. Racine, Wl 53402 JOCHEMS, JOHN L. 402 N. Roosevelt Wichita, KS 67208 JOHANNIGMAN, ROBERT 8471 Gwilada Dr. Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 JOHNSON, DENNIS C 115 Blackburn Drive Lima, OH 45805 JOHNSON, JAMES R. 215 Allen Ave. Green Bay, Wl 54302 JOHNSON, MARK K. 945 Dunstan Rd. Geneva, IL 60134 JOHNSON, ROBERT E. 12% Taft Road Teaneck, NJ 07666 JOHNSTON, JAMES P. Rockland Road Roscoe, NY 12776 JONES, KATHLEEN M. 411 Emerson Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15215 JOSEPH, BRIAN E. ! Winter St. Whitman, MA 02382 lOYCe, WILLIAM P. 114 Charterwood Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15237 JULIAN, ROBERT 129 Bonnie Lee Drive Hoffman Estates, IL 60172 IUNGWIRTH, ROBERT T. 219 Bluebonnet La. Hoffman Estates, IL 60172 IURANEK, MAUREEN A. R.R. 5 Box 9 LaPorte, IN 46350 K AC OK, MARK A. 8 Warwick Terrace Waterford, CT 06385 KAILBERG, KENNETH |. 5176 Edenhurst Rd. Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124 KALLBERG, KEVIN M. 5176 Edenhurst Rd. Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124 KANABROCKI, JOSEPH 151 Braddock Dr. Melrose Park, IL 60160 KANE, JAMES G. Crestline Ct. Owings Mill, MD 21117 KANE, JAMES J. 406 Peashway South Bend, IN 46617 KANE, J. CHRISTOPHER P.O. Box 226 Rnch Sanfe, CA 92067 KANE, ROBERT M. 630 N. Indiana St. Griffith, IN 46319 KARL, PETER A. Ill Winship Road New Hartford, NY 13413 KARPOWICZ, PAUL 525 Oak Valley Dr. SI. Louis, MO 63131 KATTER, CHARLES W. 801 Luzerne St. lohnstown, PA 15905 KAUFMAN, RANDALL E. 720 Wyndemere Dr. Boise, ID 83702 KAY, CHARLES J. 10417 Georgia Lane Oak Lawn, IL 60453 KEAN, KEVIN J. 830 5. Leroy St. Fenton, Ml 48430 KEANE, JOHN T. 25 W. 661 Durfee Rd. Wheaton, IL 60187 KEATING, DENNIS P. 909 Greenbriar Lane Springfield, PA 19064 KEATING, MICHAEL A. 426 Shafor Blvd. Dayton, Ohio 45419 KEELEY, MICHAEL F. 550 Oregon Rd. E Adrian, Ml 49221 KEFFLER, WILLIAM A. 2002 Hughes Midland, Texas 79701 KELLER, WILLIAM III 6009 85th Avenue New Carroll, Md. 20784 KELLEY, RICHARD |R. 11011 Kenilworth Garret! Park, Md. 20766 KELLNER, WILLIAM J. 240 Allard Ave. Green Bay, Wl 54303 KELLOW, JOANNE 457 Moreno Rd. Wynnewood, PA 190% KELLY, CHARLES I. 2032 Norfolk Ave. St. Paul, MN 55116 KELLY, JOHN A. 12 N. River St. Plains, PA 18705 KELLY, MICHAEL |. 3439 Vollmer Rd. Flossmoor, IL 60422 KELLY, PAUL C. 24 Drumlin Road West Smsbry, CT 06092 KELTY, MATTHEW J. 2424 Road 75 N. Warsaw, IN 46580 KEMP, MICHAEL J. 272 Holley St. Brockport, NY 14420 KEMP, THOMAS P. 7540 Nottingham Dr. Tinley Park, IL 60477 KEMPH, CARLETON R. 1045 18th Avenue Newark, NJ 07106 KENNA, JAMES 355 Lawndale Ave. Aurora, IL 60506 KENNEDY, PATRICK J. 4232 Laurel Rd. Alexandria, VA 22309 KENNEDY, TERENCE P. 91 Inwood Ave. Pt. Lookout, NY 11569 KENNEY, STEPHEN P. 9840 S. W. 69 Ave. Miami, FL 33156 KENNY, JONATHAN E. 4935 W. 84lh PI. Burbank, IL 60459 KEOWN, MARK L. 4 Yolanda Dr. Little FIs., NJ 07424 KEPFERLE, MICHAEL R. 915 Egan Hills Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45229 KEPPLER, MARY T. 5745 Edgehill Dr. Parma, OH 44130 KERES, FRANK E. 8653 Keller Ave. Skokie, IL 60076 KERIN, THEODORE 21 Waverly Dr. W. E. Brunswick, N| 08816 KERN, CHARLES W. R.R. 1 Box 221R Nineveh, IN 46164 KERN, STEPHEN F. 356 Indian Trail Franklin Lake, NJ 07417 KERNAN, PETER J. 266 Lakeland Grosse Pointe, Ml 48230 KERRIAN, THOMAS 27 Cornell Dr. Great Neck NY 11020 KESSLER, DOUG W. 200 South 16th Richmond, IN 47374 KEUTHEN, FREDERICK 15 Laurel Way Madison, NJ 07940 KEYES, KATHLEEN M. 837 Stratford Dr. E. Meadow, NY 11554 KEYS, DANIEL 2323 N.W. Irving Portland, OR 97210 KILIAN, DAVID F. 305 N. Galveston Arlington, VA 22203 KILKUSKIE, ROBERT 261 Kings Hwy W. Haddonfld., N| 08033 KILROY, TERENCE E. 502 Edinborough Bay Village, OH 44140 KINDRICK, STEVEN M. 2527 Oak St Terre Haute, IN 47803 KINNEY, TIMOTHY J. 1308 Sunnymede South Bend, IN 46615 KIRKPATRICK, R. D. 2132 Jenkintown Rd. Glenside, PA 19038 KISKOWSKI, WILLIAM 1237 Blaine Ave. South Bend, IN 46616 KISSEL, ROBERT C. 4046 Michelline Lane Northbrook, IL 60062 KISTNER, MICHAEL C. 836 Santa Maria Quincy, IL 62301 KLAUER, ROGER G. 381 Moore Heights Dubuque, IA 52001 KLAUSNER, GREGORY J. 4526 Edmond Dr. South Euclid, OH 44121 KLEBBA, PHILLIP E. 1710 Nottingham Rd. Lansing, Ml 48910 KLEE, MARYBETH 5020 Glenwood Drive Williamsville, NY 14221 KLEMM, THOMAS M. 1430 Barnsdale St. Pittsburgh, PA 15217 KLUGA, PAUL C. 26 Snyder Rd Medfield, MA 02052 KMIECIAK, STEVEN J. 1212 Newfield Rd. Baltimore, MD 21207 KNAUSS, PAUL E. 1380 Oxford Grosse Point W., Ml 48236 KNOCKEMUS, JAMES R. 7121 Grandview Dr. Merriam, KS 66204 KNOLL, BRIAN |. 45 N. Bereman St. Aurora, IL 60538 KOCH, ALBERT P. 103 NE 19th Ave. Drfld Beach, FL. 33441 KOCH, CHRISTOPHER 34 Metzger Drive Orchard Park, NY 14127 KOHLMILLER, CHRIS K. 4305 Wayne St. Erie, PA 16504 KOMASINSKI, SHARON 1416 Manhattan Michigan City, IN 46360 KOMAROMI, KURT 606 Madison St. Ithaca, NY 14850 KONKLER, DANIEL J. 17619 Milburn Ave. Cleveland, OH 44135 KONTZ, ROBERT J. R.R. 2 Luverne, MN 56156 KOPETZKY, DANIEL |. 2002 Fulton St. Falls City, NB 68355 KOPP, KEVIN J. 27113 Bruce Rd. Bay Village, OH 44140 KORKEMAZ, PAUL N. 37 Ford Avenue Troy, NY 12180 KOSINSKI, TERRY J. 5105 W. Roger St. South Bend, IN 46619 KOWALENKO, MICHAEL 265 Delaware Dr Bricktown, NJ 08723 KRAGER, MICHAEL J. 243 Hildegarde Rd. Rochester, NY 14626 KRAKORA, BRIAN J. 1065 Forest Hill Lake Forest, IL 60045 KREBSBACH, THEODORE 225 Hilton Ave. Hempstead, NY 11550 KRIER, JANET B. 715 E. Fleetwood PI. Milwaukee, Wl 53217 KROMPINGER, WARREN 35 Lindberg St. East Haven, CT 06512 KRONENWETTER, P. J. 430 Maple St. St. Marys, PA 15857 KRUSZKA, RICKEY L. 1113 W. Chicago Rd. Bronson, Ml 49028 KUBIK, MATTHI W M. 218 Friendship Terrace Michigan City, IN 46360 KUCZYNSKI, JOHN R. 110 Eddy Glover N. W. Britain, CT 06053 KUEHM, KEVIN A. 1223 River Shores Elkhart, IN 46514 KUEHN, DONALD N. 7815 N. Regent Rd. Milwaukee, Wl 53217 KUK, THOMAS J. 2622 S. Ramona Santa Ana, CA 92707 KULICK, LEO A. 3602 Pleasant Valley Parma, OH 44134 KUNKEL, FREDERICK JR. Apartado 61373 Caracas, Venezuela KURTH, ROBERT I. 3456 Inverness Way Columbus, OH 43221 KUSPAN, JOSEPH F. 270 Overlook Blvd. Slruthers, Ohio 44471 LABADIE, MARK H. 8295 Burning Bush Grosse lie, Ml 48138 LACIVITA, ALBERT JR. 8143 Inverness Rdg. Potomac, MD 20854 LACKIE, CAROL M. 2425 Monterey Ave. N.E. Renton, WA 98055 LAFLARE, JOSEPH P. 198 Park Blvd. Msspqua Park, NY 11762 LALLY, PATRICK T. 2815 Woodhill Dr. Sharon, PA 16146 LAMMERS, LAWRENCE J. 432 W. Central Park Davenport, IA 52803 LAMPKIN, M. MARTHA 175 Redwood Lane Decatur, IL 62522 LAMSAM, JESSE L 68 1 Soi Asoke Bangkok, Thailand LANDERS, RALPH R. 1637 Kenview Rd. Columbus, OH 43209 LANE, RICHARD M. 722 Sherwood Court Oradell, NJ 07649 LANEY, THOMAS J. Rt 1 Sprague, WA 99032 LANG, FEDERICO E. Box 169 Managua, Nicaragua LANG, THOMAS 12002 88th Avenue Palos Park, IL 60464 LAPELLE, WILLIAM J. 925 Lake Park Dr. Kndlville, IN 46755 LARACEY, WILLIAM C. 3087 Wheeler Rd. Bay Citv, Ml 48706 LARKIN, LYNN 160 Sierra Vista Tucson, AZ 85719 LARSON, LESLIE JR. 1591 Nevada Ave. St. Paul, MN 55106 LARSON, WILLIAM B. 9735 Gatecrest Dallas, TX 75238 LASALVIA, RICHARD J. 30908 Huntington Bay Village, OH 44140 LASZYNSKI, ROBERT S. 119 Tillotson St. Michigan City, IN 46360 LATHERS, MAUREEN E. 808 West Hawthorn Dr. West Bend, Wl 53095 LATOUR, RANSOM W. 6 Sunset Road Bristol, Rl 02809 LAUCK, JAMES G. 301 North Manning Ave. Muncie, IN 47303 LAUER, GREGORY S. 305 Peashway St. South Bend, IN 46617 LAUGHLIN, PAUL J. 11839 So Bell Ave. Chicago, IL 60643 LAURICH, EUGENE J. 601 Sherry Dr. Anderson, SC 29621 LAVOIE, MICHAEL J. 91 Home St. Pontiac, Ml 48058 LAWRENCE, EDMUND A. 38 Hilliard Rd. Old Bridge, NJ 08857 LAZO, JAVIER |. 11932 Bingham St. Cerritos, CA 90701 LEAHY, SHARON L. Box 102 Notre Dame, IN 46556 LEARY, MICHAEL A. 325 Bowdoin St. Winthrop, MA 02152 LEBEUF, SUZANNE M. 123 Indian Rd. Battle Creek, Ml 49017 LEDOUX, STEVEN L 77 Powers Rd. Holden, MA 01520 LEE, KENNETH D. 1857 St. John St. Shreveport, LA 71101 LEE, SOO M. 34 1 Ohtani Oho Nagata Ku Kobe, Japan LEE, WILLIAM A. 5022 N. Newcastle Chicago, IL 60656 LEEVY, DWIGHT E. 28 N Dewey St. Philadelphia, PA 19139 LEMANSKI, CHARLES 2553 Davisson St. River Gr, IL 60171 LEONARD, DAVID J. 980 W. 6th Ave. Bloomfield, CO 80020 LEPLEY, JOSEPH D. 5444 E. 39th St. Tulsa, OK 74135 LERCH, STEPHEN E. 117 Country Lane Pittsburgh, PA 15229 LEVIN, WILLIAM B. JR. 9410 50th St. Ct. W. Tacoma, WA 98467 LEVINSKY, PETER 146 Strong Ave. Pittsfield, MA 01201 LEWIS, JAMES E. 102 Lawnton Rd. Norristown, PA 19401 LICATA, JAMES J. 459 16th St. Conneaut, OH 44030 LIEBSCHER, LAWRENCE 204 Prospect Terr. Davenport, IA 52803 LILIEN, THOMAS A. 6823 Evergreen Ave. Palos Heights, IL 60463 LILLY, KEVIN L. 367 James St. Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 LINARES, CARLOS A. Final 7A Cpy Ave. El Salvadoe, C. America LIONELLI, THOMAS 2800 NE 40 Ct. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 LIU, HENRY C. 6 San Wei St. 1 F Kowloon, Hong Kong LOBOSCO, SAM V. 1880 Berry Lane D. Plaines, IL 60018 LOCASTO, LEON G. 631 W. 79th Ave. Merrillville, IN 46410 LOCKE, RICHARD W. P.O. Box 402 Findley Lake, NY 14736 LOCKER, KARL A. 1701 Country Club Midland, TX 79701 LOFTUS, FRANCIS E. 536 N. Grove Oak Park, IL 60302 LOHMAN, FREDERICK 3691 Jeffrey Ct. Cincinnati, OH 45236 LOMBARD, JOHN G. 12510 Navajo Dr. Palos Hts, IL 60463 LOMBARD), CHRISTOPH 2325 Pinebrook Rd. Columbus, OH 43220 LONF.RGAN, SUSAN M. 300 Overlook Dr. Syracuse, NY 13207 LONGO, WALTER 703 West Mission Bellevue, NB 68005 LONGON, PATRICK M. 25566 Lynford Dr. Farmington Hills, Ml 480 LORD), RALPH J. 37 Butternut Lane Rockland, MA 02370 LOUGHERY, CORNELIUS 351 W. 91st St. Indianapolis, IN 46260 LUCKEW, THOMAS G. 5556 N. Odell Ave. Chicago, IL 60656 LUCKIE, BARBARA B. 433 N. Lafayett Bl. South Bend, IN 46616 LUETKEMEYER, THOMAS 3172 NW Expressway 477 Oklahoma City, OK 7311 LUFT, THOMAS J. 612 Florence Evanston, IL 60202 LUKASKA, PAMELA ANN 3125 Asbury North St. Paul, MN 55112 LUKMANN, LESTER C. 338 N. Lafayette Griffith, IN 46319 LUND, GEORGE L. 538 Bayway Elizabeth, N) 07202 LYNCH, CHRISTOPHER B 212 Central Ave. Bogota, NJ 07603 LYONS, THOMAS J. 117 Haines Rd. Ml. Laurel, NJ 08057 MACK, DAVID J. Hickory Hills Dr. Franklin, IN 37064 MACKLE, DANIEL E. JR. 110 Fern Ave. Willow Grove, PA 19090 MACMANUS, JOSEPH E. Westbrook Ste. 801 Buffalo, NY 14202 MACMILLAN, DOUGLAS 228 Delevan Ave. Corning, NY 14830 MACOLLEY, KEVIN A. ,.. .. . MR tin: i ' , - HUM, pft It U1OC.C Wiv. metf ,vv. . , ,; ' " - ' iutU m.MW vi.;.-i . " j -. ... - Hares Hill Rd. Kimberton, PA 19442 MADDEN, THOMAS C. 3393 S. Penn St. Indianapolis, IN 46227 MAGEE, MICHAEL B. 3217 Kennebec Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15241 MAHALIC, DREW A. 7064 Brookridge Rd. W. Bloomfield, Ml 48033 MAHONEY, MARY CECILIA 2707 Willow Oaks Fort Wayne, IN 46809 MAHONEY, MICHAEL P. 18 Cherry St. Danville, PA 17821 MAHONEY, WILLIAM L. 7 Crestwood Ln Clark, NJ 07066 MAISON, CLIFFORD JR. 22400 St. Gertrude St. Clair Shores, Ml 48081 MAKIELSKI, DANIEL J. 70 Briar Hill Rochester, NY 14626 MAKIELSKI, JONATHAN 1118 Woodward Ave. South Bend, IN 46616 MALENCH, ANTHONY E. 900 St. Louis St. Edwardsville, IL 62025 MALONE, JOHN R. JR. 126 E. Pokagon South Bend, IN 46617 MANCINO, C. 6 Brigham Way Trenton, NJ 08638 MANFRED), MICHAEL 1373 Canterbury Rockville, MD 20854 MANGANIELLO, PAUL C. iiiriiHiMIB 235 Eastland Ave. Pelham, NY 10803 MANNING, JANE E. RFD Chickering Rd. Spencer, MA 01562 MARCOTTE, BRADLEY A. Maple Lane Nursing Home Barton, VT 05822 MARKEY, RICHARD A. 36 Colt Rd. Summit, NJ 07901 MARSHALL, MELANIE S. 7717 Persimmon Lane Bethesda, MD 20034 MARTIN, EDWARD J. JR. 14 Springhill St. Fairhaven, MA 02719 MARTIN, FRANCIS P. 321 N. Village Ave. Rockville Cn., NY 11570 MARTIN, KEVIN D. 53249 Bajer Lane South Bend, IN 46635 MARTIN, RICHARD J. 1341 W. 43rd St. Erie, PA 16509 MARX, PAUL 482 Shabbona Dr. wirkoujsrow Park Forest - IL M 466 MASON, ROBERT R. 1407 90th St. New Bergen, NJ 07047 MASSE, VIRGINIA R. 1625 Orchard Dr. Appleton, Wl 54911 IMASTELLER, JOHN Q. 923 44th St. Des Moines, IA 50265 MASTERSON, PAUL J. 10408 Fidelity Ave. Cleveland, OH 44111 MATARAZZI, WILLIAM P.O Box 62005 Pittsburgh, KS 66762 MATICH, JOHN M. 3182 Valencia A ve. in Bernando, CA 92404 WC 1 ' Sfttiw .. - - UU TCMIr.Club iRUUW . lOHWVUBBXl ntMLOBH!B ICMIMS, SUSAN K 10 0, inn Mm - l I i. tlfiUM lOW Ml I nmnuln HUM (OMIR iS-M . imnttHrj SBHOMAK . ' ' I ' uftiBWH 112 ton IMOBH nMW fttt !( " ,,1| . I 1 JJD 1 " " ' , ' MATTHEW, JOHN |. 1059 Skylark Dr. Palatine, IN 60067 MAXSON, |AMES R. 4 Bittersweet Place Huntington, NY 11743 MAYNARD, THOMAS C. 7910 Leawood Blvd. Little Rock, AR 72205 MAZURKIEWICZ, |OHN Rd. 1 South Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 MAZZOLA |R., JOSEPH 6029 Edgebrook Parma Heights, OH 44130 MCADAMS, DANIEL W. Box 551 Williamsburg, OH 45176 MCANDREWS, MARYELLEN 14 Moss Ledge Rd. Westport, CT 06880 MC BRIDE, TIMOTHY C. 2416 Florimond Ave. Michigan City, IN 46360 MCCABE, KEVIN M. 404 St. Ives Dr. Severna Park, MD 21146 MCCAFFREY, BRIAN 104 Grohmans Lane Plainview, NY 11803 MCCANN, JAMES A. 11 Dove St. New Orleans, LA 70124 MCCANN, MARY M. Route 2 Creas Creston, IA 50801 MCCARRY, ANN L. 521 Elden Dr. Cary, IL 60013 MCCARTHY, JOHN J. 512Vj East Cass St. Springfield, IL 62703 MCCARTHY MARY ANN 2410 East Olive Milwaukee, Wl 53211 MCCARTHY, WILLIAM J. Box 326 Onekama, Ml 49675 MCCLOSKEY, PATRICIA 342 Grays Lane Haverford, PA 19121 MCCORMACK JR., J. E. 2018 Emerson Ave. Louisville, KY 40205 MCCORMICK, JAMES P. 247 Laurel Wilmette, IL 60091 MCCRADY, ROBERT 5845 Pershing Ave. St. Louis, MO 63112 MCCRARY, JOHN T. 6841 Lewis Apt. 78 Tulsa, OK 74136 MCDONALD, ARTHUR R. 1500 Lexington Schnectedy, NY 12309 MCDONALD, JAMES J. 808 Ernest Drive Green Bay, Wl 54304 MCDONALD, MICHAEL W. 9641 North Courtland Mequon, Wl 53092 MCDONNELL, MARY L. 932 Lake Ave. Wilmette, IL 60091 MCDONOUCH, PATRICK 1000 W. Saddle River Ho-Ho-Kus, N| 07423 MCELROY, PHILIP S. Shepard Hill Road Newton, CT 06470 MCENTEE, (AMES T. 134 King St. Hicksville, NY 11801 MCERLEAN, WILLIAM M. 2927 Scott Cresc. Flossmoor, IL 60422 MCEVILY, PAUL L 588 Winding River Herbertsville, NJ 08723 MCFADDEN, KATHLEEN 121 School Lane Springfield, PA 19064 MCFADDEN, PATRICK 115 Peashway South Bend, IN 46617 MCCAHEY, L. F. JR. 9311 Lawndell Richmond, VA 23229 MCCARRY, MICHAEL J. 3043 West 103rd St. Chicago, IL 60655 MCCILL, KEVIN C. 4343 Broadway Indianapolis, IN 46205 MCCINTY BRIAN P. 1357 Main St. Dubuque, IA 52001 MCGINTY, THOMAS P. 569 Central Ave lersey City, N| 07307 MCCOOKEY, DANNY L 1908 Hull Road Sandusky, OH 44870 MCCRAIL, TIMOTHY X. 14422 Roxboro Ave. Cleveland, OH 44111 MCGRATH, JOSEPH A. 418 Fieldstone Dr. Monroeville, PA 15146 MCGREE, THOMAS P. 452 Warm Springs Fiarborn, OH 45324 MCCREEVY, ROBERT A. 141 Scarboro Drive York, PA 17403 MCGREGOR, BETHANN 1601 4th Ave. N. Great Falls, NT 59401 MCGUIRE, KEVIN J. 168 Aster Drive NW Hyde Park, NY 11040 MCGUIRE, MARINA M.T. 11 Field Point Dr. Greenwich, CT 06830 MCGUIRE, MICHAEL |. 269 E. Madison Elmhurst, IL 60216 MCGUIRE, ROBERT C. 168 Aster Drive NW Hyde Park, NY 11040 MCHALE, THOMAS E. 1294 Rosedale Dr. Mansfield, OH 44906 MCHENRY, CHRISTOPHER 356 Hillside Drive Roselle, IL 60172 MCHUGH, THOMAS M. 110 E. Windsor Cast. Newport News, VA 23602 MCINTIRE, DENNIS P. 950 Findley Ave. Zanesville, OH 43701 MCKEEGAN, JAMES C. 436 Elm Park Ave. Elmhurst, IL 60126 MCKENNA, THOMAS F. 1006 Bernalillopl Albuquerque, NM 87123 MCKENNA, MARY LOU 2 Francis Kelley Bedford, MA 01730 MCKERR, JOHN F. 2236 First St. Glenview, IL 60025 MCKILLOP, PETER J. 27 Washington Ave. Tappan, NY 10983 MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK 214 Franklin Ave. Staten Island, NY 10301 MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK 1809 Fernald Pi. Lane Santa Barbara, CA 93108 MCLAUGHLIN, T. M. 9 Bowditch St. Peabody, MA 01960 MCLOUGHUN, DAVID P. 37 Taylor Court Cumberland, Rl 02864 MCCLEAN, WILLIAM M. 8059 S. Richmond Chicago, IL 60652 MCMANUS, ROBERT P. 6 Vanderveer Court Rockville Center, NY 11570 MCMENAMIN, THOMAS P. 45 Cody Lane Deerfield, IL 60015 MCNELLIS, DENNIS J. 3604 Hedges Independence, MO 64052 MCPARTLIN, MICHAEL 9554 S. Longwood Dr. Chicago, IL 60643 MCPHERSON, JEFFERY 2506 SW Troy St. Portland, OR 97219 MCSORLEY, W. A. Ill 300 Wildberry Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15238 MEAGHER, JAMES III 4100 Ormond Road Louisville, KY 40207 MEARES, JOSEPH D. 112 W. Marie St. Hicksville, NY 11801 MECONI, VINCENT P. 623 Shipley Road Wilmington, DE 19809 MEEHAN, JAMES P. 620 Oxbow Lane Barrington, IL 60010 MEGINNES, BRIAN J. 411 East Front Roanoke, IL 61561 MEINKEN, TIMOTHY G. 1515 I. Central Arlington Heights, IL 60005 MEISSNER, RANDY D. 9005 White Oak Ave. Northridge, CA 91324 MELEHAN, JOSEPH P. 19336 Monte Vista Saratoga, CA 95070 MELENDREZ, THOMAS R. 676 Elizabeth Way Hayward, CA 94544 MELLOW, GEORGE H. 182 Ave O Brooklyn, NY 11204 MENKE, BILL A. Box 434 Ft. Madison, IA 52627 MERCADANTE, BLAISE 1408 Lambert Mill Westfield, NJ 07090 MEREDITH, REGINA A. Elm Ridge Road Pennington, N| 08534 MERRION, EDWIN T. 9812 S. Longwood Chicago, IL 60643 MCRRIWI ATHIR, R. J. 717 Madison St. Ft. Wayne, IN 46802 MERTZLUFFT, JOHN E. 2584 Thurmont Rd. Akron, OH 44313 METZLER, ROBERT J. 2409 W. 70th St. Shawnee Mission, KS 66208 MEYERS, GREGORY J. R.R. 2 Box 6 Sandusky, OH 44870 MEYERS, KIM C. 415 DuPage St. Elgin, IL 60120 MICHELS, JOSEPH JR. 5301 Springlake Baltimore, MD 21212 MIKLITSCH, ROBERT 5174 Bronson Dr. Lewiston, NY 14092 MIKULKA, ROBERT M. 573 Cauldwell Ave. Bronx, NY 10455 MILBRAND, JON K. 11218 Beaconsfield Detroit, Ml 48224 MILES, MIKE F. 5598 Barfield Rd. Memphis, TN 38117 MILES, MILTON Rl. 1 Box 218 Seale, AL 36875 MILEWSKI, JOANNE 424 Hil lside Lane Haddonfield, NJ 08033 MILLER, DAVID M. 417 Apache Dr. Janesville, Wl 53545 MILLER, J. MICHAEL 1409 E. Wheeling St. Lancaster, OH 43130 MILLER, JAN E. 2201 Jefferson Lexington, MO 64067 MILLER, JEFFREY L. R.R. 2 Royal Center, IN 46978 MILLER, MARK A. 923 Stale St. St. Joseph, Ml 49017 MILLER, MARK E. 1523 Brookdale Dr. Evansville, IN 47712 MILLER, MARK J. 34 Elmerston Rd. Rochester, NY 14620 MILLER, MARTIN 2894 Circle Drive Portsmouth, OH 45662 MILLER, THOMAS P. 5419 White Horse Speedway, IN 46224 MILLER, TIMOTHY M. 878 N. Wilcresl Rd. Houston, TX 77024 MILLIGAN, GARY K. 933 Mason Wood Dr. Creve Coeur, MO 63141 MILLS, WALTER W. II 10675 Eloise Circle Los Altos, CA 94022 MIMS, JASON D. 3638 Versailles San Antonio, TX 78219 MINOGUE, RICHARD J. 669 Happ Road Northfield, IL 60093 MODIC, PAUL |. 22290 Westwood Road Fairview Park, OH 44126 MOGAB, SALLY M. 15 Spoede Lane St. Louis, MO 63141 MOGHADAM, JAFAR M. P.O. Box 11 A Notre Dame, IN 46556 MOHER II, ARTHUR J. 7 Dukes Road Wellesley, MA 02181 MOMENEE, MICHAEL ]. 938 Schmidlin Road Oregon, OH 43616 MONFORTON, ANTHONY 28273 Harwich Drive Farmington, Ml 48024 MONCEON, LEONARD F. 14409 Pecan Drive Rockville, MD 20853 MONROE, JAMES R. 2117 West 3rd Street Hobart, IN 46342 MONTAGNESE, ANTHONY 4297 Clifton Avenue Lorain, OH 44055 MONTAGUE, MARK K. 1441 Campbell Topeka, KS 66614 MOON, GREGORY C. 201 Fairoaks Drive Kouts, IN 46347 MOONEY, ANDREW 1304 East Jefferson South Bend, IN 46617 MOORE, JOHN C. 2801 5th Avenue North Great Falls, MT 59401 MOORE, JOHN G. 1513 Ashland Ave. River Forest, IL 60305 MOORE, PATRICIA 752 North Main Street Attleboro, MA 02703 MOORE, PETER W. 9642 Millard Avenue Evergreen Park, IL 60642 MORAN, JOHN C. 53 Brinker Road Barrington, IL 60010 MORAN, PATRICK L. 2705 Landsdown Drive Wilmington, DE 19810 MORAN, RORY M. 16 Lyons Place Larchmonl, NY 10538 MORAN, WILLIAM G. 500 Front Street Keichikan, AK 99901 MORAND, THOMAS M. 8907 Appleknoll Lane Cincinnati, OH 45236 MORAVEC, JOHN E. 10 Autumn Circle Hingham, MA 02043 MORIARTY, KEVIN V. 249 West Central Avenue Pearl River, NY 10965 MORRIS, JOSEPH P. 12 Millard Avenue Binghamton, NY 13905 MORRISON, JOHN T. 581 Beach Avenue Rochester, NY 14621 MORSE, MICHAEL M. 400 East Main Street Troy, PA 16947 MORTON, RICHARD F. 2 Prescott Way Woburn, MA 01801 MOTT, THOMAS E. 54749 Bonnetl Hill Mishawaka, IN 46544 ' MOWAD, KENNETH P. 4225 Norfolk Lane El Paso, TX 79902 MOWBRAY, JERRY 815 South 15th St. Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 MOYLAN, STEPHEN C. 411 West Madison Street South Bend, IN 46601 MROZ, MICHAEL 50 Lovett Street Salem, MA 01970 MUDD, EDWARD R. 117 Croftley Road Lutherville, MD 21093 MULKERN, MICHAEL P. 7 Hilltop Lane, Valley Grove] Brewster, NY 10509 MULLIGAN, THOMAS M. 87 Mulberry Street Brockton, MA 02402 MUNECAS, CESAR A. 8721 S.W. 42nd Street Miami, FL 33165 MUNGOVAN, EVELYN H. 1443 Jackson Avenue River Forest, II 60305 MURNANE, JOHN D. 1401 Sheridan Avenue Springfield, OH 45501 MURPHY, JEANNE M. 111 Si. Laurent Drive Clark, NJ 07066 MURPHY, JOHN M. 229 Harrison Avenue Scranlon, PA 18510 MURPHY, MARILYN |. 9210 South Mozarl Evergreen Park, IL 60643 MURPHY, MICHAEL C. 4385 Entrada Drive NOSBUSCH, KEVIN S. Milton, MA 02186 Pleasanton, CA 94566 4314 North 72nd Street ODA, CHRISTOPHER G. MURPHY, MICHAEL ). Milwaukee, Wl 53216 46-095 Ipuka Street 329 South Stone Avenue NOVAK, DANIEL F. Kaneohe, HI 96744 La Grange, IL 60525 121 Keever Avenue O ' DOHERTY, JOHN J. MURPHY, TERRENCE, M. Lackawanna, NY 14218 3606 El Dorado 1109 Norsam Road NOVILI , MICHAEL K. Rocky River, OH 44116 Cladwyne, PA 19035 3755 Dunwoody Drive O ' DONNELL, JOHN F. MURPHY, TIMOTHY E. Dunwoody, GA 30338 39-14 51st Street 415 North Brown Street NOVOTNY, GARY A. Woodside, NY 11377 Clocester City, NJ 08030 4912 Forster Avenue O ' HORA, MAUREEN A. MURRAY, NORMAN I. Schiller Park, IL 60176 3801 Applewood Road 515 Fourth Street NUNEZ, IUSTO L. Midland, Ml 48640 Marietta, OH 45750 3716 Colfax Avenue O ' LEARV, DAVID JAMES MURRAY, WILLIAM M. Minneapolis, MN 55409 1637 South Newcastle 161 Park Ledge Drive OBERHARDT, WILLIAM Westchester, IL 60153 Snyder, NY 14226 1208 West Robin Lane OLETTI, JOSEPH K. MURTAUCH, CHRIS Mount Prospect, IL 60056 515 N. Ironwood Drive 315 Second Avenue OBERZUT, CARL F. South Bend, IN 46615 Frankfort, NY 13340 9241 South Richmond OLINCER, JOHN S. MURTACH, DANIEL S. Evergreen Park, IL 60642 2006 Hillcrest Drive 3656 Brookside Road O ' BRIEN, EDWARD I. St. Cloud, MN 56301 Toledo, OH 43606 5400 30th Avenue South O ' NEILL, MICHAEL E. NACHMAN, MICHAEL J. Seattle, WA 98108 17 Landsdowne Lane 456 Wadleigh St. O ' BRIEN, JACK K. Rochester, NY 14618 Stevens Point, Wl 54481 99 South MontgomeryAve. O ' NEILL, ROBERT I. NAHLEN, BERNARD L. Bay Shore, NY 11706 6105 Collinsway Road 5405 Main Street O ' BRIEN, (AMES Baltimore, MD 21228 North Little Rock, AR 72118 13414 Oriental Street NIIIL, WILLIAM P. NARMONT, BARBARA Rockville, MD 20853 638 S. Dennis Avenue R.R. 1 O ' BRIEN, JOHN |. Decatur, IL 62522 Auburn, IL 62615 11 Village Road ORFEI, DANTE J. NAUMAN, MICHAEL J. Florham Park, NH 07932 524 Fair Avenue 4624 Wing View Lane O ' BRIEN, JOHN JOYCE Elmhurst, IL 60125 Keltering, OH 45429 1415 East Washington ORR, ALBERT F. NEECE, STEPHEN C. South Bend, IN 46617 3611 Essey Court 2320 Cherokee Road O ' BRIEN, JOHN M. Bloomington, IN 47401 lanesville, Wl 53545 1859 Manchester ORTIZ, RAYMOND Z. NEGRO, TIMOTHY C. Westchester, IL 60153 722 Allendale 816 30th St. Drive S.E. O ' BRIEN III, JOHN P. Santa Fe, NM 87501 Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 3244 North Dora Street OSBERGER, KATHLEEN NEHRA, PAUL C. Franklin Park, IL 60131 1416 E. South Street 89 Lochmoor Boulevard O ' BRIEN, JOHN R. South Bend, IN 46615 Crosse Pt. Shores, Ml 48236 3810 Brookside Drive O ' SHl A, MARTIN T. NELSON, CAROL LYNN Bloomfield, Ml 48013 4616 - 156th Street 533 Capitol Drive O ' BRIEN, KEVIN E. Flushing, NY 11355 St. Peter, MN 56082 301 Greenway Road OTOOLE, THOMAS E. NERO, (AMES R. Ridgewood, NJ 07450 P.O. Box 1143 5420 Broadway Road O ' BRIEN, JOSEPH M. South Bend, IN 46624 Louisville, OH 44641 7 Brunswick Road OXENREITER, WILLIAM NESTOR, ROBERT |. Troy, NY 12180 16 Midway Road 705 Ihli Street O ' BRIEN, KEVIN C. Pittsburgh, PA 15216 Honolulu, HI 96816 Meriden Road PACKARD, E. MICHELE NEURAUTER, THOMAS W. Middlefield, CT 06455 621 Elmwood Avenue 1412 South Swallow O ' BRIEN, MICHAEL Wilmette, IL 60091 Naperville, IL 60540 570 Morris Street PACKO, KIRK H. NEUVILLE, TIMOTHY |. Albany, NY 12208 3026 Pickle Road R.R. 167 Riverside O ' BRIEN, TERRENCE P. Oregon, OH 43616 Menominee, Ml 49858 P.O. Box 485 PADLEY III, ALBERT NICHOLS, JOHN T. Watertown, MN 55388 1103 N. Catalina 308 Biltmore Road O ' BRIEN, TIMOTHY J. Pasadena, CA 91104 Louisville, KY 40207 2309 Silvertree Street PAKALNIS, ANN NIC KERSON, IARED M. Claremont, CA 91711 403 South Street 5047 Germantown O ' BRIEN, JR., WILLIAM West Union, OH 45693 Dayton, OH 45408 15 Hawthorne Way PALMIER), FRANK A. NIEBYLSKI, BRUCE M. Hartsdale, NY 10530 10 Meadow Lane 32365 Robinhood O ' CONNELL, CH ARLES L. Montvale, NJ 07645 Birmingham, Ml 48010 64 Church Street PALMITER JR., ROBERT NIEMAN, JOHN L Waynesburg, PA 15370 17346 Willshire Drive 7 S 72Z Beechnut O ' CONNELL, FRANK A. South Bend, IN 46635 Darien, IL 60559 5244 Reinhardt PALUF, TIMOTHY G. NIERZWICKI, RAYMOND Shawnee Mission, KS 66205 1743 Temple Avenue 3532 North Whipple Street O ' CONNELL, STEPHEN M. Mayfield Hgts, OH 44124 Chicago, IL 60618 2321 Rockwood Avenue PALUSO, KENDRICK A. NIESSEN, JAMES P. Baldwin, NY 11510 404 Crest Avenue 57 Van Nostrand Avenue O ' CONNOR, KEVIN M. Charleroi, PA 15022 Great Neck, NY 11024 346 Temple Street PANELLI, JOHN ANDRE NOLAN, PAUL W. West Roxbury, MA 02132 17S49 Kirkshire 3412 Terrace Drive O ' CONNOR, MARTIN D. Birmingham, Ml 48009 Erlanger, KY 41018 611 Travers PANFILE, ARTHUR A. NOON AN, MAURICE F. Fort Myers, FL 33901 1585 Schwenk Road 54 Coolidge Avenue O ' CONNOR, MICHAEL J. Pottstown, PA 19464 Waterbury, CT 06708 8677 Griffon Avenue PANIC), JAMES O. NORDSTROM, SUSAN M. Niagra Falls, NY 14304 1991 Kinsey St. 292 Lamp Lite Lane O ' CONNOR, RICHARD M. Muskegon, Ml 49441 Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 715 Sherwood PANKRATZ, MICHAEL J. NORTH, MAIRIN K. St. Paul, MN 55106 1217 W. Cambridge 6141 Locke Avenue O ' CONNOR, THOMAS M. Visalia, CA 93277 Fort Worth, TX 76116 451 Centre Street PANOZZO, LAWRENCE D. 2913 Imperial Court Flossmoor, IL 60422 PANZO, GREGORY J. RD 1 Box 14B Belle Vern, PA 15012 PARKS, JOHN |. 488 Heller Drive Newcomerstown, OH 43832 PARKS, NANCY B. 11009 Terrace Lane Hillside, IL 60162 PARME, ROBERT J. 6787 Avenue Andorra La Jolla, CA 92037 PARTIPILO, VITO A. 2423 N. Neva Chicago, IL 60635 PASCOE III, EDWARD 533 W. Clapier Street Philadelphia, PA 19144 PATELUNAS, ROBERT J. 154 E. Lane Lake View, NY 14085 PATRONE, ANDRE J. 1660 Volney Road Youngstown, Ohio 44511 PATTON, DONALD E. 2508 8th Avenue N. Bessemer, AL, 35020 PAVILIONIS, THOMAS 6505 S. Kenneth Ave. Chicago, IL 60629 PAYNE, CHRISTOPHER A. 4567 Sunningdale Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48013 PEARSON, THOMAS A. 921 Wisconsin St. Hibbing, MN 55746 PELOQUIN, JOHN |. 309 S 5th Street Escanaba, Ml 49829 PENICK, ERIC A. 23 Surton Place Shaker Heights, OH 44305 PENNINO, RALPH P. 1568 Forest Hill Staten Island, NY 10314 PENZENIK, DAVID A. 3303 E. Jefferson South Bend, IN 46615 PI Till E, MICHAEL P. Box 68 Bangor, Ml 49013 PETERS, DAVID B. 1954 High Ridge Road Stamford, CT 06903 PETROVICK, BRUCE P. 10 Norwell St. Norfolk, MA 02056 PETTENGILL, JAMES j. 114 Tail Drive Bricktown, NJ 08723 PFISTER, JEFFERY M. 1014 Oak Drive Leesburg, FL 32748 PFISTER, TERRY W. 1936 Pleasant Avenue Hamilton, OH 45015 PHILLIPS, MICHAEL |. 112 Mizner Avenue Ft. Huachuc, AZ 85613 PICCIANO, JOSf EH M. 615 Barnes Avenue Endicott, NY 13760 PICCIONE, FRANK II 4141 Forest Manor Indianapolis, IN 46226 PICKETT, DANIEL S. 324 S.E. Queenstown Bartlesville, OK 74003 PINTO, JOSEPH W. 50 West Street C8A Harrison, NY 10528 PISHKO, ROBERT 119 Rathbone Road Marietta, OH 45750 Pin, JR., ROBERT F. 1311 N. Benson Road Fairfield, CT 06430 PITTINGER, CHARLES 201 Vaughns Gap Road Nashville, TN 37205 PHTMAN, DONALD F. 1690 Sand Bar Lane Pasadena, MD 21122 PIVIROTTO, GREGORY 9301 Springfield Allison Park, PA 15101 PIZZURRO, FRANCIS C. 3009 Arlmont St. Louis, MO 63121 PLENNERT, JOHN R. 242 Charleston Drive Mishawaka, IN 46544 PLESA, STEPHEN R. 22778 Brandywine Woland Hills, CA 91364 PLUSTER, MARK S. 535 W. Deerpath Road Lake Forest, IL 60045 POCHODYLO, MARK A. 1010 N. Notre Dame South Bend, IN 46617 PODLASEK, STANLEY J. 5417 South Oak Park Chicago, IL 60638 POKLAR, ROBERT A. 1 Brotonahl Place Brotonahl, OH 44040 POLLOCK, LOUIS W. 102 Rotterdam East Holland, PA 18966 POPKE, ROBERT C. 850 Yale Highland Park, IL 60035 PORTER, THOMAS E. 103 Edgewood Road Cranford, NJ 07016 PORTNER, THOMAS I- 1104 Pacific Street St. Paul, MN 55106 POTEREK, JOHN R. 5728 W. Reba Street Morton Groves, IL 60053 POTTER, NEIL B. 131 Pleasant Ave. Lake View, NY 14085 POTTER, PHILLIP G. 5404 Franklin Ave. Western Springs, IL 60558 POTTER, WILLIAM T. 4040 Otis Street Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 POULIOT, JAMES R. 51 Terrace Road Franklin, NH 03235 POUPORE, KEVIN D. Finney Boulevard Malone, NY 12953 POWERS, WAYNE R. 45 Azalea Court W arwick, Rl 02818 POWERS, WILLIAM G. 411 Morris Street Ogdensburg, NY 13669 POZSGAI, JOSEPH R. 2433 Inglewood Court South Bend, IN 46616 PRENDERGAST, SUSAN, Arlington, IL 61312 PR! TAT, JEFFREY S. 56 Willits Road Glen Cove, NY 11542 PRINCIPE, BILL K. 2594 Weigelia Road Atlanta, GA 30345 PROBST, BERNARD I. 324 Caribbean Road Key Biscayne, FL 33149 PROGAR, MICHAEL J. 2512 N. 8 Street Sheboygan, Wl 46375 PRZYBELSKI, ROBERT 2311 Idlewild Court Green Bay, Wl 54303 PYKE, JOHN F. JR. 4 Henneberry Lane Golf, IL 60029 QUEHL, STEPHEN R. 8770 Empire Court Cincinnati, OH 45231 QUIGLEY, JAMES E. 16 Glannon Road Livingston, NJ 07039 QUINLAN, JOHN G. P.O. Box 456 Mundelein, IL 60060 QUINN, JOSEPH A. 5358 Roosevelt Philadelphia, PA 19124 qUINN, SUSAN MARIE 3930 Culpepper Drive Erie, PA 16506 RADGOWSKI, THOMAS A 168 South Bay Drive Islip, NY 11751 RADKOWSKY, TOM M. 5123 E. 119th Street Garfield H., OH 44125 RADZIEWICZ, ROBERT 1514 Evergreen Terrace Glenview, IL 60025 RAELSON, JAMES F. 706 Campbell Valparaiso, IN 46383 RAFTER, JOHN T. 45 Smith Street Merrick, NY 11566 RAHUL, EDWARD M. 4481 S. Buffalo 10B Orchard Park, NY 14127 RAIH, DANIEL J. 123 N. Wise Freeport, IL 61032 RAJCHEL, JEFFREY L 4880 S. 82nd Street Greenfield, Wl 53220 RAKOW, JON A. 10516 Allegheny Court Dallas, TX 75229 RALPH, GAIL A. 18 Poplar Road Piscataway, N) 08854 RALPH, ROBERT A. 17768 Loveland Livonia, Ml 48152 RAMENTOl, JAMES J. 1076 Gruber Avenue Union, NJ 07083 RAMIREZ, HENRY R. 3902 W. Ford Street South Bend, IN 46619 RAMPSON, EDWARD J. 5225 Riverview Drive Lisle, IL 60532 RAMSAY, ALEC S. 124 Bay wood Drive Cm del Mar, CA 92625 RATTE, GEOFFREY S. 101 Wildwood Beach Mahomedi, MN 55115 REARDON, WILLIAM J. 72 Heatherbrae Drive Poland, OH 44514 REBER, ROBERT R. 315 Linden Lane W. Reading, PA 19602 REBHOLZ, CYNTHIA A. 1258 Justine Drive Kankakee, IL 60901 REGER, JAMES J. 4155 York Avenue N. Minneapolis, MN 55422 REID, TIMOTHY J. 26960 Hilliard Boulevard Westlake, OH 44145 REIDY, PATRICK M. 6104 Washington Downer Grove, IL 60515 REIF, WILLIAM D. 2315 W. Acadia Road Milwaukee, Wl 53209 REIFF, STEVEN H. 510 Moorehead St. Idagrove, IA REILLY, TIMOTHY P. P.O. Box 240 . . .. -, BMW, II SB una UK !. WmduniM , ML MM ' : M.sriw UK MB i. 1JH Input, II TO UBftlBfflL WiWSM Iffl wmwu :iMrld , :- IAUHMBU raiitwW ' !. WMLIMj - tat bit IN lilt ItO 0,41 ft, CAW mom ., IMl ' " ' : " ! MKWH " " ' : - iEw 1B I|uslKl) I ] H 1 ed 11 ' t J ' - " ; V Notre Dame, IN 46556 REIMANN, PAUL M. 115 Hupp Cross Road Birmingham, Ml 48010 REINHARDT, JOHN F. 1803 I linhurst Drive ElUurt. IN 46514 REINIC, DAVID E. 1030 Hollins Helena, MT 59601 REINKE, WILLIAM D. 1201 Montgomery Drive rClen Bernie, MD 21061 ' REINS, K HN D. 3081 S. 99th Ave. Omaha, NB 68124 REMEDIO, ROBERT ). 154 S. Kimberly Avenue Youngstown, OH 44515 REMLEY, RICHARD J. 55 S. Cadillac Drive Youngstown, OH 44512 iREUTHER, JOHN M. 101 E. Penn Street Muncy, PA 17756 REYNOLDS, RICHARD C 79 Old Hollow Road [Short Hills, NJ 07078 REZAIAN, MEHOI 625 N. St. Louis Blvd. South Bend, IN 46617 RIBERA, ERNEST F. 680 Loma Vista Terrace Pacifica, CA 94044 RICHARDSON, GERALD 60004 E. Campbell Arlington Heights, IL 60054 RICHARDSON, TIMOTHY 101 South Park Street Merrill, Wl 54452 RICKHOFF, NANCY A. Apt. B-706 1200 Marine N. Palm Beach, FL 33408 RIOER, DAVID S. %10 Ashbury Road ieroy, NY 14482 RIEPENHOFF, JOSE PH Poulsion, Place Lima, OH 45805 RILFV, BRIDGET A. H6781 Fielding Detroit, Ml 48219 RIOPKO, MARK P. rJ67 McCauley Avenue Elmira Heights, NY 14903 RIPCHO, STANLEY W. 16500 Laverne Avenue Cleveland, OH 44135 RISEN, THOMAS J. 16517 Fox Run Potomac, MD 20854 RITCHIE, MARK F. 916 South Bend Avenue South Bend, IN 46617 IITZ, C. P. 2379 Ward Drive Lakewood, CO 80215 RIVERA, MIGUEL A. 7A Calle Poniente, Santa Ana El Salvador, CA RI 0, PAUL C. 138 Warner Road Crosse Pnt. Farms, Ml 48236 RI 1 1 1 1, ROBERT T. 7119 Weber Road St. Louis, MO 63123 ROB8INS, KIRK J. 18383 Cleveland South Bend, IN 46637 OBfRTS, EDWARD D. 1958 Rosearbor Toledo, OH 43614 1OBERTS, PETER W. 1345 Wilton Lane irkwood, MO 63122 ISON, MICHAEL W. .O. Box 1051 Petersburg, FL 33731 RS, JAMB F. 948 Richmar Drive Westlake, OH 44145 ROESCH, LYNDA E. 5180 Potomac Fairfield, OH 45014 ROGERS, RLISSE1 1 K. 760 South Street Scottsburg, IN 47170 ROHAN, ANDREW J. 3826 Earls Court View Cincinnati, OH 45226 ROLEWICZ, DENNIS R. 8946 S. Yates Blvd. Chicago, IL 60617 ROLFES, DONALD B. 970 Clenna Drive Cincinnati, OH 45238 ROLFES, LOUIS R. II 209 Sharon Street New Orleans, LA 70124 ROMANO, PATRICIA A. 9200 N. Lawndale Evanston, IL 60203 ROMER, CHARLES E. JR. 2884 Alpine Terrace Cincinnati, OH 45208 ROMERO, RAUL R. P.O. Box 8582 Zona 5 Panama R De Panama RONEY, PATRICK J. 125 Stephens Road Crosse Pointe, Ml 48236 RONQUILLO, MARCOS G. 7219 Freestone Dr. Tucson, AZ 85710 ROOS, NORMAN J. 2414 Bugle Lane Reston, VA 22091 ROSANELLI, THOMAS S. 321 - 60th Street West New York, NJ 07093 ROSCOE, JOHN D. JR. R.R. 11 Box 193 A Valparaiso, IN 46383 ROSELLE, JOHN H. 10 Woodland Farms Pittsburgh, PA 15238 ROSEMEYER, DONALD W. 1023 Schiff Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45205 ROSIN I, JAMES E. 7 Walnut Street Teaneck, NJ 07666 ROSSI, IOHN A. 6922 N. Keystone Lincolnwood, IL 60646 ROTH, DOUGLAS R. 108 W. 25lh Street Hays, Kansas 67601 ROTH, WILLIAM R. 213 Oilier Road Hanover, PA 17331 ROULO, BARBARA ANN 22601 8 Mile Road St. Claire Shores, Ml 48080 ROUSE, JONATHAN W. 230 South 68th Avenue Omaha, NB 68132 RUBSAM, JOSEPH C. 88 - 58 81 Road Clendale, NY 11227 RUDIN, JOHN A. 12 Swiss Terrace Wayne, N) 07470 RUMBACH, MARILYN 971 MacArlhur Jasper, IN 47546 RUPPRECHT, GERGORY 7530 Clencrest Avenue Liverpool, NY 13088 RUPPRECHT, GREGORY 7530 Glencrest Avenue Liverpool, NY 13088 RUSSELL, STEPHANIE 1020 Ashland Avenue Wilmette, IL 60091 RUSSO, JOSEPH M. 941 James Drive Lewiston, NY 14092 RUSSO III, THOMAS M. 5213 South Bay Avenue Beach Haven, NJ 08008 RUTHERFORD, DEAN M. 6055 Slagcouch Tr Oscoda, Ml 48750 RYAN, KEVIN M. 4720 Linda Drive Syracuse, NY 13215 RYAN, DANIEL P. 1423 East Stale Mason City, IA 50401 RYAN, DAVID F. 1725 Lake Street Wilmette, IL 60091 RYAN, FRANCIS S. 476 Wheatsheaf Road Springfield, PA 19064 RYAN, JEFFREY K. 6736 Chestnut Ridge Lockport, NY 14094 RYAN, JULIA ELIZABETH West Woodland Road Pittsburgh, PA 15232 RYAN, MICHAEL J. 12 West Union Street Goffstown, NH 03045 RYAN, MICHAEL P. 249 - 94th Street Brooklyn, NY 11209 RYAN, PAUL J. 88 - 27 Vanderveer Queens Village, NY 11427 RYAN, TAWNY CAROL 54728 Merrifield Mishawaka, IN 46544 RYAN, THOMAS J. 2620 Stratford Road Lawrence, KS 66044 RYAN III, THOMAS J. 18 Hawley Drive Webster, NY 14580 RYBAK, MICHAEL I. 2205 S. Arnold South Bend, IN 46613 RYCZAK, PAUL S. R.D. I Box 85 West Point, VA 23181 SAAD, GEORGE M. 310 Hickory Post Houston, TX 77024 SABONGE, RAFAEL F. Apartalo 9036 Panama Rep., Panama SABONGE, RODOLFO R. P.O. Box 9036 Panama, Panama ST. CLAIR, RALPH P. 175 S. Harrison Avenue Aurora, IL 60506 ST. JOHN, THOMAS A. 82 Oldchester Road Essex Fells, NU 07021 ST. VILLE, THOMAS J. 6600 S. Harvard Tulsa, OK 74135 SALATA, ROBERT A. 9861 Sena Lane Poland, OH 44514 SAIAZAR, CARLOS H. 1925 N. Prairie Dallas, TX 75204 SALVO, ROBERTO M. P.O. Box 995 Managua, Nicaragua SALZLER, MICHAEL |. 625 Rock City Street Little Valley, NY 14755 SAMMONS, DONALD JR. 734 N. Bend Road Cincinnati, OH 45224 SAMORA, FRANCIS C. 19612 Cowles Avenue South Bend, IN 46637 SAMUEL, ALPHONSO 2102 Garner Terrace Newport News, VA 23607 SANDROCK, SCOTT P. 17 4th Street NE Navarre, OH 44662 SANCUINEm, JOHN H. 408 South Union Street Natchez, MS 39120 SARKAN, ALAN J. P.O. Box 755 Tiffin, OH 44883 SARMINA, BERTHA 1028 S. Main Street Findlay, OH 45840 SAT1 1, C.R. JR. 517 Alewife Parkway New London, CT 06320 SAVAGE, CATHERINE A. 5620 Leo Road Fort Wayne, IN 46825 SAVING, MICHAEL P. 497 No. Clinton Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 SCAROLA, KENNETH 66 Cherry Lane Syosset, NY 11791 SCHAD, LEO D. 618 Live Oak Drive El Cajon, CA 92020 SCHAEFFER, MICHAEL 25 James Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 SCHAFER, R. M. 70 Santillo Way Downingtown, PA 19335 SCHEIBLE, MARK A. 5171 Douglas Drive North Olmsted, OH 44070 SCHIAVONE, FRANK E. 116 West Main Street North East, PA 16428 SCHICKEL III, N. H. 85 Ferguson Road Dryden, NY 13053 SCHIPPERS, JOHN F. Route 1 Hartford, Wl 53027 SCHLOSSER, RICHARD 429 Clement Avenue Sheboygan, Wl 53081 SCHMID, GERARD C. 498 Loch moor GR. PT. Woods, Ml 48236 SCHMITZ, MARK R. 4418 W. 171st Cleveland, OH 44135 SCHNAUS, MICHAEL J. P.O. Box 266 1305 ROBT Jasper, IN 47546 SCHNEIDER, DONALD V. 301 N. Main Street Evansville, IN 47711 SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM 54 - 17 31st Avenue Woodside, NY 11377 SCHNORR, RAYMOND JR. 5960 N. New Jersey Indianapolis, IN 46220 SCHNURPFEIL, DONALD 2267 Longacres La Palatine, IL 60067 SCHOELWER, WILLIAM 7 Beacon Dr. N. Phoenixville, PA 19460 SCHOEN, ROBERT C. 614 St. Andrews Toledo, OH 43607 SCHULTE, BRUCE J. 2556 Surrey Rd. Burlington, IA 52601 SCHUTE, VALENTINE J. 217 Preston Rd. Flourtown, PA 19031 SCOn, BRAIN A. 25 Grant Ave. Somerset, MA SCOn, RICHARD C. 1701 Bon Air Dr. Lexington, KY 40502 SCHRIBNER, MARY CAROL 4034 Lincoln Dr. Birmingham, Ml 48010 SEAL, C. M. 1090 Southwood Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46227 SECADA, WALTER G. c o 655 E. 46 St. Hialeah, FL. 33013 SEDLACEK, RONALD J. Box 36 Hanover, KS 66945 SEDLMAYR, GEORGE W. 611 Douglas Ave. Danville, IL 61832 SEGERSON, JAMES C. 1140 Clover St. Rochester, NY 14610 SEIDEl, WILLIAM M. 17851 Tipton Ave. Homewood, IL 60430 SEIWERT, VINCENT R. 880 Denier PI. Cincinnati, OH 45224 SELDON, STEPHANIE M. 1734 Southeast Dr. South Bend, IN 46614 SELLERBERG, JOHN A. 323 Barwick Blvd. Mineola, NY 11501 SEQUIN, JOHN R. 19204 Staffordshire South Bend, IN 46637 SESSA, KEVIN D. 20 Lewis Lane Pinewood, SC. 29125 SETH, |. C. P.O. Box 297 Pinewood, SC 29125 SHAHADE, ALEXANDER 217 Mayluth Rd. Johnstown, PA 15904 SHALLER, RICARD L. 3051 E. Bluffwood St. Joseph, Ml 49085 SHAMPINE, LAWRENCE 110 E. Genesee St. Bldwnsville, NY 13027 SHANAHAN, JAMES B. 79 Surrey Run Wmsville, NY 14221 SHANAHAN, JAMES R. 2103 Melville Dr. San Marino, CA 91108 SHANKI.L, STEVE D. 2929 Fulton Dr. N.W. Canton, OH 44718 SHAUL, JEFFREY C. 5728 Griffith Rd. N. Canton, OH 44720 SHEEHAN, KEVIN A. 602 W. Colfax Ave. South Bend, IN 46601 SHEPHERD, JOE S. Box 33 Montpelier, OH 43543 SHICKICH, JOSEPH JR. 1110 Center St. Casper, WY 82601 SHIEL, WILLIAM C. 322 W. Berridge La Phoenix, AZ 85013 SHIPPY, GARY M. 75 Berkshire Dr. Rochester, NY 14626 SHOLL, DAVID J. 3029 Dexter Dr. Ft. Wayne, IN 46816 SIDRYS, VIDA k. 902 Lowden Rd Streator, IL 61364 SIBLEY, GEORGE R. 85 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Gloucester, MA 01930 SIEGFRIED, JOHN R. 3060 Hilltop Dr. Parma, OH 44134 SIMMONS, STEPHEN L. 12 Mason St. Monticello, GA 31064 SIMPKIN, JOHN C. 83 6 Second St. Marietta, OH 45750 SIMPSON, STEVEN C. W 59 N 358 Hilbert Cedarburg, Wl 53012 SINAK, DAVID L 2005 Oakwood Ct. Trenton, Ml 48183 SINGER, MICHAEL K. 8830 W. 66th St. Arvada, CO 80004 SKIBA, THOMAS ). 11-155th Place Calumet Cy, IL 60409 SKIRTICH, PAUL E. 1173 Regency Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15237 SLATER, KEVIN C. 52057 Tara Dr. South Bend, IN 46628 SLAUGHTER, OWEN L 25 Johnson PI. Evansville, IN 47714 SLOAN, MARK P. 859 So. Chicago Ave. Kankakee, IL 60901 SMID, PATRICK J. JR. 2641 S. Zurich Ct. Denver, CO 80219 SMIGIELSKI, MICHAEL 3351 W. Poe St. Milwaukee, Wl 53215 SMITH, BRIAN V. Rt. 4 Leesville, SC 29070 SMITH, CHRISTOPHER J. 12628 E. Kansas PI. Aurora, CO 80012 SMITH, DENNIS J. R.R. 1 Nemaha, IA 50567 SMITH, JAMES L 15 Proctor St. Binghamton, NY 13903 SMITH, JAY T. R.R. 1 Box 2 Oakland City, IN 47560 SMITH, KEVIN R. Oak Place Brnrdsville, NY 07924 SMITH, KEVIN W. 601 lona St. Metairie, LA 70005 SMITH, MICHAEL J. BOO Rosemont Ave. Frederick, MD 21701 SMITH, NANCY LYNN 6625 N. Clippinger Cincinnati, OH 45243 SMITH, SARA JEAN 5695 Longview Dr. LaGrange, IL 60525 SMITH, SHERMAN M. 514 Eleventh St. Chillicothe, MD 64601 SMITH, STEVEN D. R.R. 5 Box 69 Rochester, IN 46975 SMITH, VIRGINIA M. 1113 Foster St. South Bend, IN 46617 SMITH, WILLIAM C., JR. 1 Whitewood Dr. New City, NY 10956 SMITH, WILLIAM K. 4279 Sunningdale Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48013 SNIDER, MICHAEL R. 1963 Briarwood Dr. Gainsville, GA 30501 SNYDER, ROBERT E. 5 Reed Court Lakewood, CO 80226 SNYDER, GLENN J. 4915 Ponsard Ave. Montreal, Canada SOHN, WILLIAM S. 505 N. Larkin loliet. IL 60435 SON K HI, BRIAN D. R.R. 1 David Addition Greensburg, IN 47240 SOTHMANN, JAMES C. 1129 E. Dover Ct. Davenport, IA 52803 SPAETH, SUSAN T. 2327 12th St. Moline IL 6126S SPALA, DAVID M. 2353 3rd Ave. N. Riverside, IL 60546 SPANN, ROBERT |. 6542 N. Le Mai Lincolnwood, IL 60646 SPEER, JOHN ). 11323 S. Millard Ave. Chicago, IL 60655 SPENGEL, CRAIG A. 1315 Old Bay Rd. McHenry, IL 60050 SPITTLER, JOHN R. 1485 Briarwood Alliance, OH 44601 STAFFORD, CERY R. 4201 Keystone Rd. Lynchburg, VA 24503 STANCZYK, MARK A. 208 Shelter Rock Fairfield, CT. 06430 STANTON, LAURENCE B. 9332 S. Damen Chicago, IL 60620 STEEIE, THEODORE |. 3504 River Rd. Toledo, OH 43614 STELLATO, DENNIS O. 560 Fern Ave. Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 STEPHAN, IOHN A. 6 Alice Way Trenton, NJ 08638 STEVENS, MICHAEL L. 4900 Ridge View Lewiston, NY 14092 STEVENSON, DOUGLAS 621 W. Chicago Ave. Hinsdale, IL 60521 STEWART, NATALIE T. 3201 Rue Vol. A1018 South Bend, IN 46615 STIERWALT, HOWARD G. 1123 Garrison St. Fremont, OH 43420 STINCHFIELD, C. 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Wyndham Drive York, PA 17403 WAHLE, SCOTT C. 15 Amber Road Hingham, MA 02043 WAHOSKE, MICHAEL J. 328 Belleville Street Ripon, Wl 54971 WAICKMAN, ANN M. 2377 Thurmont Road Akron, oh 44313 WAIT, CALVERT B. R.R. 9 Sherwood Forest Columbia City, IN 46725 WAIDOCK, LEE J. 107 Grant Court Olean, NY 14760 WALKER, RANDALL C. 2435 Brunswick Minneapolis, MN 55422 WALKER, VALORIE F. 5721 Radcliffe Drive Anchorage, AK 99504 WALKOWIAK, DAVID J. 23205 Maybelle Drive Westlake, OH 44145 WALLACE, KEVIN P. 622 West South Winchester, IN 47394 WALLACE, WILLIAM D. 501 Highland Avenue Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 WALSH, JAMES F. 3312 Ivanhoe Road Pittsburgh, PA 15241 WALSH, JAMES T. 6574 Fieldson Road Centerville, OH 45459 WALSH, ROBERT M. 1720 Skyline Drive Bettendorf, IA 52722 WALTER, CHRIS J. 651 Liberty Lincoln Park, Ml 48146 WAMSLEY, MART E. P.O. 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JR. 127 Pimlico Toad Greenville, SC 29607 WEBER, ANNE CLARKE 53 Bluebird Lane Naperville, IL 60540 WEBER, MARK |. 18056 Shavers Lake Drive Wayzata, MN 55391 WEBER, STEPHEN K. 31 Wynnewood Road Livingston, N) 07039 WEGIICKI, LAWRENCE 1744 Davis Street Wyandotte, Ml 48192 WEINFURTNER, ROBERT 3025 Fontenay Road Shaker Heights, OH 44120 WEIS, NICHOLAS E. 1327 South Courson Anaheim, CA 92804 WEMHOFF, DANIEL E. 90 Mary Hill Lafayette, IN 47905 WENTLING, JAMES W. 1805 Northbrook Drive Lancaster, PA 17601 WERHAN, KENNETH |. 4834 Carondelet Street New Orleans, LA 70115 WERLY, Will IAS C. 950 Hillside Avenue Elmhurst, IL 60126 WEST, MARK R. 9 Greenway Circle Stoneham, MA 02180 WETHERBEE, JAMES D. 18 Algonquin Drive Huntington Sta., NY 11746 WEYLAND, CHARLES W. 5310 Indian Crest Louisville, KY 40207 WHALEN, KEVIN P. 606 Goucher Blvd. Towson, MD 21204 WHELAN, EDWARD III 2113 Bull Street Savannah, GA 31401 WHITAKER, THEODORE 3416 West 69th Street Shawnee Mission, KS 662CM WHITE, GREGG P. 1620 Water Street West Belmar, NJ 07719 WHITTINGTON, JAMES 3923 North Kenneth Ave. Chicago, IL 60641 WILBUR, THOMAS W. 217 Alexander Elmhurst, IL 60126 WILD, THOMAS J. 1029 Johnson Avenue Portage, PA 15946 WILHELMY, THOMAS R. 1233 Edgecumbe Road St. Paul, MN 55105 WILKERSON, ERIC J. 5718 Lantana Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45224 WILKES, R. M. JR. 427 Arlingron Road m . ' te. cow W.IOl . ' . ' W -.,., Cahoaw, OH ]812 - v -:. vliNI.Mit! l. ' ilMWlW - ' OH- ' . 1 n mouit .; WwCAIW MOT, MM to Hill ' " ' V ifim.v fTHi. l(ilCd iW Mi Mm, U MIS an, MIMIC ' : 11 : : MlWKIMeiX , : ,, - niW ,CHlB 811 M CM mAiftiMi ' . i facto W. IwmMOM UMW jDHSiw sss jtrta ...: K il v MaxkW Savannah, CA 31406 WILL ANT, GEORGE M. 26 Center Street Hicksville, NY 11801 WILLARD, (AMES 203 Tadmar Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15237 Will HI, NICHOLAS K I R 1 Box 52, Hwy. 662 Newburg, IN 47630 WILLETT, STEPHEN |. 6104 Fowler Avenue Omaha, NB 68104 WILLIAMS, GREGORY G. Box 113 Springfield, SC 29146 WILLIAMS, RICHARD C. 120 Iroquois Avenue Green Bay, Wl 54301 WILLIAMSON, BLAIR R. 3215 Villa PI. Amarillo, TX 79109 WILMES, (AMES G. 2590 Elmwood Lane Pueblo, CO 81005 WILPERT, JOHN A. Longwood Valley Rd. Oakridge, NJ 07438 WILSON, CHRISTOPHER J. 6105 Howe St. Pittsburgh, PA 15206 WILSON, MARY ANN 4113 Cruz Dr. Midland, Ml 48640 WIMMER, GLEN A. 202 Viking Cordova, TN 38018 WINIARCZYK, ANDREW 506 E. Grand St. Nanticoke, PA 18634 WINKLER, PETER 15 N. Euclid Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15202 WINNIKE, DANIEL |. 92 Ave. D. West Point, IA 52656 WINTERSCHEID, J. F. 2729 7th Ave. Rock Island, IL 61201 WIRTH, JOHN I . Rd. 2 Brotherton Ct. Hvre De Cr, MO. 21078 WISCHERATH, WILLIAM 7521 Glencrest Ave. Liverpool, NY 13088 WOLF, ROBERT M. Route 4 Harrisburg, IL 62946 WOLZ, MICHAEL S. 5353 Arcadia St. Skokie, IL 60076 WOODS, JOHN J. 222 Millwood Drive Nashville, TN 37205 WOODS, JOHN R. 594 Laurel Heights Dr. Delavan, Wl 53115 WORDAL, BLAKE J. 634 N. Ewing Helena, MT. 59601 WRIGHT, KENNETH K. 3332 Parkway Dr. Bay City, Ml 48706 WURST, JAMES P. 6460 SW 12 St. Miami, FL 33144 WYATT, BRADLEY M. 1106 Calway Ct. Northbrook, IL 60062 WYLIE, WILLIAM U. JR. 1433 Orchard Lane Northbrook, IL 60062 WYSZKOWSKI, JEFFREY 5 Maxal St. Green Brook, NJ 08812 YAKACKI, JOHN T. JR. 42 Warwick PI. Pt. Washington, NY 11050 YANNUCCI, SAMUEL A. 7946 Mines Rd. Warren, OH 44484 YATES, WILLIAM D. 3620 N. Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL 33801 YENETS, KEITH D. 6848 Tunnelview Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15235 YOKOM, CHARLES M. RFD 5 PO Box 187 Three Ri, Ml 49093 YONTO, ANTHONY D. 2049 Hollywood PI. South Bend, IN 46616 YOST, WILLIAM R. 705 Lakewood Blvd. Madison, Wl 53704 YOUNG, THOMAS R. 10640 NW 39th Ct. Coral Springs, FL 33055 YOUNGER, MICHAEL G. 505 No. Ewing Helena, MT. 59601 YURKOVIC, DENIS L. 10 Glenn Ave. Bskng Rdg, N| 07920 ZACHARY, JOHN S. 47 E. Cheshire PI. Staten Island, NY 10301 ZAHREN, THOMAS J. 2032 Termon Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212 ZELASKO, BRADFORD D. 8806 Park Heights Ave. Carfield Heights, OH 44125 ZELLMER, MARK G. 2004 W. Cashman Peoria, IL 61604 ZENKER, PAUL N. 2304 Inglewood Ct. South Bend, IN 46616 ZERDA, ROBERT L. 115 Cromwell Dr. San Antonio, TX 78228 ZETTEL, MARK A. 7009 Washington Racine, Wl 53406 ZIELINSKI, JOHN |. 81 Francis St. Buffalo, NY 14212 ZIELONKO, THOMAS R.R. 1 Troy, IL 62294 ZIGMAN, GARY F. 166 Woodbine St. Walerbury, CT 06705 ZIMMERMAN, WILLIAM 1729 Mac Vicar Topeka, KS 66604 ZLOZA, MARLENE A. 15337 Ralston St. Lowell, IN ZOGAS, ROBERT F. 14 Pembroke Lane Oakbrook, IL 60521 ZWICKER, KATHLEEN H. 1639 Alia Vista Ave. Wauwatcna, Wl. 53213 ZWITT, CARL J. 922 S. Mozart Evergreen Park, IL 60642 . ST. PATRICK ' S DAY 316 317 318 3 19 Tom Paulius Production Quakenbusn Sports f Lisa Moore ni ations 320 Steve Simpson Business - DOME 75 Sports i DITORIAL BOARD 321 DOME 75 STAFF ORGANIZATIONS: Chuck Colbert, Mike Karels, Kathy Kane, Lisa Moore. Missing: Joanne O ' Rourke. STUDENT LIFE: Front: Brenda Darnley, Dana Nahlen, Peggy O ' Rourke. Back: Norman Bower, Gayla Molinelli, Ellen Myler, Gary Cohn, Mary Louise Haughton, Martha Fanning. 322 SPORTS: Front: John Vozzo, Maureen Flynn. Back: Bill Fallen, Greg Young, Bob Quakenbush. Missing: Joe Wholley, Ron Porkins. SENIORS: Front: Pam Strode, Tom Braun, Chris Burger, Chuck Katter, Mary Sweet. Back: Colleen Mc- Carthy, Tony Malench, Gemma Graham. 323 It ' s been a long year so long that it ' s hard to remember when " the book " wasn ' t present somewhere in my mind. Those who have never worked on a yearbook can ' t imagine the number of long, often frustrating hours that a handful of individuals devote to a one-shot effort. Missed classes, all- nighters (sometimes three in a row), ill-prepared exams and endless phone messages taken by considerate roommates, spiced with apricots in brandy, comprise the lifestyle of all involved in such an endeavor. When you can ' t see what they add up to until they will have been over for two months, you tend to wonder if it is really worth it. After all, we are students first and report cards must indicate this. But, the DOME is also a statement given to 6600 people, show- ing what we have been working on, for them, for twelve months. About this book: I hope you like the new format. Stephen Crane once said, " Let a thing become a tradition and it becomes half a lie. " We must be open to change. The decision to eliminate all sections except Seniors was mutually arrived at by the editors concerned. Several of us had wanted to do something similar in previous years, but had never been given the op- portunity. Many hours were spent in consultation formulating the ladder: a definite se- quence of events had to be evident, but a flexibility was needed to cover the inevitable last minute changes. We have enjoyed putting it all together. I hope you can enjoy DOME 75. My deepest thanks go out to the following who chose to put DOME 75 high on their lists of priorities: Tom Paulius for an excellent cover design and help with color and artwork throughout the book; Dana Nahlen (and Gary) for perseverance and sensing when to calm down the Editor; Chris Burger for finishing the Senior section quickly and coming back to help the rest of us; Lisa Moore for pursuing photographers and organizations and somehow managing to get the two together; Bob Quakenbush for the all-important Sports pages with refreshing copy; Chris Smith (wherever he is) for his photography staff and the ideas and know-how for color on pages 1-21; and Steve Simpson for keeping the books and a sense of humor even on nights spent typing copy over and over. Without all of you, and your staffs, DOME 75 never could have been. Thank you. I am also grateful to Walsworth Publishing Company for understanding how a relatively young staff operates, and to B. Whitfield-Delaplane of Delma Studios who did a fantastic job with the Senior pictures. But most importantly, there are three ladies who helped the Editor stay in touch with matters of consequence: Maureen, Patricia and Mary Louise. Along with my family, you succeeded in helping me leave my business at the office. (It ' s too easy to ruin a meal by talking of one person ' s responsibilities.) To you and everyone who has touched my life or listened to my phone ring at all hours thanks. There is no possible way this job could have been accomplished without your help. Susan M. Darin Editor-in-chief DOME 75 SPECIFICATIONS AND CREDITS iy 5 DOME was produced by Walsworth Publishing ipany, Marreline, Missouri. ind artwork was done by Thomas D. Paulius. ordova Red Artificial Leather with debossed n black ink. The book is smyth-sewn, :th headbands. Th y 10 inches. The ntrasting face of optima bold. Body is 8 on 9 and the Senior Index type is i 8. All but the senior section was printed on 80-pound smooth n was printed on 80-pound tweed- iff-white text with 504 Panatone ink done in duotone. iior poi lot by Whitfield-Delaplane of Delma PAGES Bob Qu.i 19, 78-83, 102 116-125,158-165,168-171, 182-185,202-205,218 60-65, 88-101, 140 181,192-201,208 66-67, 84-87, 114-115, 166-167, 186-191,206-207, PHOTOS iith Pau Harry B Tom Pa; Don Tr, n Bid inski John Dlugolecki Mike Coffey Mike Karels Andy Waterhouse pages 218 and 219 the Cincinnati Ballet and on page 190 Pit ., C.S.j. COPY HA; D.ina Nahlen Norman Bov Christine But Dennis Dzit ' i Marth.i i Aug- Tom Klein Ann McCarrv Vine ' Mark Nishan Sheila O ' Brien i Bob Quakenbush Natalie 1. Stewart Joe Wholley a SPOR1S Bob Quakenbush Bill Fallen Maureen Flynn Joe Wholley Greg Young John V( Administration 22 AIA: Student Chapter 76 Band 84 Basketball 172 Business Clubs 76 Campus Ministry 190 Chapel Choir 71 Cheerleaders 86 CILA 188 Club Sports 192 Concert Band 74 Concerts 102 Council for the Retarded 157 Darby ' s Place 164 Debate Club 75 Dome 316 Faculty 128 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 75 Football 88 Glee Club 70 Halls 40 Hockey 208 Hall Presidents Council 66 Interhall Sports 60 International Students Organization .... 72 Irish Guard 84 Juggler 77 MANASA . 191 Mardi Gras 202 Mid-West Blues 162 Nazz 163 ND-SMC Theater 158 Neighborhood Study Help 189 Notre Dame Chorale 71 Observer 126 Off-campus 34 Ombudsman 222 Orchestra 74 Orientation 28 Pep Rallies 78 Pre-law Society 69 Pre-med Society 69 Scholastic 166 Seniors 224 Senior Index 306 Student Life Council 27 Sophomore Literary Festival 120 Speakers 116 Student Government 67 Student Union 114 Student Union Drama 218 UJAMAA 73 University Chorus 71 Varsity Sports 140 WSND . . 206 INDEX 327 m

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