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SPECIFICATIONS The 1974 DOME was printed by Walsworth Publishing Co. of Marceline, Missouri. All but the senior section was printed on 50-pound bulkopaque natural color text. Ink in that section was 702 brown. Senior portraits were shot by Whitfield-Delaplane of Delma Studies of New York. The S. K. Smith Co. of Chicago, Illinois, produced the cover. The base color is Adobe 38 ar- tificial leather and embossed lettering and design in black. Artwork was done by W. Scott Caton and Susan M. Darin. The cover concept was conceived by Susan M. Darin. The book is smyth-sewn, rounded, and backed with headbands. The page size is an optical square, 9 inches by 10 inches. The type face is helvetica with contrasting face of helvetica bold. Body type is 10 on 12, caption type is 8 on 9 and index type is 6 point. Roderick D. Braye Janet A. Huber Susan M. Darin Joseph Raymond Chris Smith Kathleen M. Buckley William J. Delaney Thomas D. Paulius Marlene A. Zloza Betsy Fallen M. Diane McDonnell Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Business Manager Photography Editors Student Life Editor Sports Editors Organizations Editor The Class of 1974 Editorial Consultant Of this book, only 6800 copies have been printed, of which this is number " L C lr For the Editorial Board: DOME 74 yearbook of the university An oriental wise man always used to ask the divinity in his prayers to be so kind as to spare him from living in an interesting era. As we are not wise, the divinity has not spared us, and we are living in an interesting era. Albert Camus ff Table of Contents Introduction Roderick Braye 1-23 Student Life Kathleen Buckley . . . .24-103 Sports Bill Delaney, TomPaulius 104-171 Organizations .... Marlene Zloza 172-203 Administration-Faculty . . . .Susan Darin 204-221 Class of 1974 Betsy Fallen 222-303 Senior Index Betsy Fallen 304-313 DOME Staff 314-319 Ending Roderick Braye 320-328 November 22, Thanksgiving day, marked the tenth anniversary of John Kennedy ' s death. Somehow, amid the festivity of Notre Dame ' s romp over Air Force, words read years before took on a fresher meaning . . . " And looking at her as she told of the horrors, I was feeling the im- pact of the dead and dying and maimed and the lost children and menless women, and I was wondering, how does one see that? I was see- ing Betty Shabazz watching Malcolm get shot and Jackie Kennedy reaching for John ' s sk ull and Coretta King hearing on the phone of Mar- tin ' s death and Ethel Kennedy smiling that uncertain smile that said, ' It ' s not a gun I hear. ' " . . . The positive good is life. But what is life without commitment? " Ida Lewis Sometimes it ' s so easy to forget that this campus is a part of the real world; it ' s so simple and quiet here. Autumnal color and athletic magic tend to wrap us in a self-contained unit that feeds upon itself for continuance and seldom looks out- ward. Maybe that ' s our own fault. Somehow we ' ve lost the frenzied drive of our college predecessors of four or five years ago. Yet, we ' ve gained something through our introspection that may prove invaluable. For as events rush to overtake us, we ' ve developed the ability to absord dramatic blow upon dramatic blow. Watergate, Agnew ' s resignation, energy crises, Croce ' s death, and campus drug raids have barraged our sensibilities. No matter what the level of the blow, we have managed to rebound and move on with just one remaining question: In which direction should we travel? u In which direction? I have my doubts about our present course. Timidity and an inability to separate from the crowd have made many unwilling to risk any but the safest of academic and social endeavors. Somehow, the words of a Seals and Crofts tune call for a renunciation of the common: Like Columbus in the olden days We must gather all our courage Sail our ships out on the open sea Cast away our fears and the years will come and go And take us up up always up. v % I fr -I Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in bat- tle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change. Aristotle tells us that " at the Olympic games it is not the finest and the strongest men who are crowned, but they who enter the lists.. ..So too in the life of the honorable and the good it is they who act rightly who win the prize. " I believe that in this generation those with the courage to enter the moral con- flict will find themselves with companions in every corner of the world. To Seek A Newer World We ' d been together for an hour It seemed like seven years had passed And we had barely scratched the surface of what it was That used to matter And for a moment, light as air, We knew what we were holding And smiled the way we used to want to then Noel Paul Stookey 12 Man is most human, and most proves his humanity (I did not say his virility) by the quality of his relationship with women. This obsession with virility and conquest makes a true and deep relationship impossible. Men today think that there is no difference between the capacity to make conquests and the capacity to love. Women respond accord- ingly, with the elaborate deceit and thinly veiled harlotry the role assigned to women by fashion and there is a perma- nent battle between the sexes, sometimes covered over with the most atrocious and phony play acting. In all this everyone completely forgets the need for love. A desperate need; not the need to receive it only, but the need to give love. Thomas Merton 14 15 A V " " -- DIVERSIONS 16 PI r mt " V ' . Take me there, take me there I don ' t care where we go Take me, I just want to know What I used to know Take me there, take me there I don ' t care where we go Take me there, take me I just want to go Seals Crofts 21 22 EIXs CrrxJiJes Me a $ . or 23 X 26 27 28 29 30 I perhaps you wonder why you are back for another year and you wonder if it will be quite as frustrating as the last quite as dull quite as lonely or perhaps you wonder if the fall will be an end- less rainstorm again this year or if it will be snowing in april the inevitability permeates your thoughts and leaves wisps of apprehension that mingle with a feeling of hope a new year a new cycle the desire to return and start again with old friendships in familiar surroundings under a dome ' s shadow you resolve to make up for the mistakes of last year you ' ll be a student you ' ll be conscientious, persevering self-disciplined you smile to yourself and say " this year will be different " and open another can of beer maybe you watch the new freshmen remembering the fall when you arrived scared young perhaps you can smile at yourself now or at least admit that you really were a little scared and that this place and the people here have really changed you 33 football weekends 36 38 There is something special about the five weekends when the Fighting Irish play their football at home. It is a time that brings alumni and friends together, when the spirit which is Notre Dame is visible to all. It can be seen in the excitement of a trombone player ' s eyes and in the hope on the smiling faces of dancing girls. On football Saturdays, the campus is filled with a feeling of determination, seen in a dangling Trojan, and a sense of confidence reflected in the outstretched arms that overlook the stadium. Those who visit Notre Dame call it mysti- que; a spirit unique to the university. Whatever it is that makes these weekends special, they are enough to bring people together. 39 y T speakers 42 It was George McGovern ' s third appearance at Notre Dame in the last five years. He returned one year after his defeat in the 1972 Presidential election to speak before a capacity crowd at Stepan Center. The audience reaction to the Senator ' s speech was one of enthusiastic approval. The crowd responded in a manner that had been witnessed by few speakers here in recent memory. McGovern was greeted by sustained applause when he appeared on the stage, and, following his speech, he received a standing ovation that lasted several minutes. Perhaps in response to this reception, he was very generous with his time. After the speech he answered questions from members of the audience and followed by signing autographs and posing for photographers. When Stepan Center had emptied, Senator McGovern could still be seen shaking hands and signing autographs. He was one of the last to leave. 43 Jason Miller " This year our purpose is two-fold: First the festival explores the various literary genres of poetry, fiction, and drama, and secondly and most impor- tantly, we honor the creators of con- temporary literature who contribute in- sights into man ' s condition through deeply sensitive and personal dis- tillations of life. In an age of in- difference and public desolation, the work of literary writers becomes in- creasingly harder, yet (fortunately for us) writers endure. It is the endurance of literature and its creators that we celebrate at our festival this week. For without them, these days would be un- bearably dark for man. " From an in- troductory letter written by Gary Zebrun, Festival Chairman 45 sophomore literary festival: in memory of w. h. auden 46 Stephen spender John hollander robert creeley michael mcclure samuel hazo bruce jay friedman jason miller Joyce carol oates isaac bashevis singer 47 Rusty Rhodes appeared before packed audiences on three consecutive nights in February. The speaker brought out the controversial points about the kill- ing of President John F. Kennedy. The receptive crowds saw films, slides, and pictures which Rhodes used to substan- tiate his claim that JFK was the target of a conspiracy, and they listened to im- plications of involvement of high level government officials in the plot. In the wave of tenth anniversary publicity of John Kennedy ' s death, Mr. Rhodes dealt quite effectively with issues and ideas about the background of the actual event. 48 49 52 richard Utilizing the dramatic and technical ad- vantages of a unit set, Chris Ceraso turned in a command performance as the cunning and ambitious Richard of Gloucester. Certainly, bounding about the intricate multi-leveled set was a feat in itself. The highly praised perfor- mances of Helen Fricker as Queen Elizabeth, Kathleen Burke as Queen Margaret, Diana Sheehan as the Duchess of York, and Mark Swiney as Buckingham contributed greatly to the success of the ND-SMC Theatre ' s first production of the year. 53 54 theatre of the deaf 55 56 thieves ' carnival THE ND SMC THEATRE TRYOUTS - October 15 and 16 at 7 P.M. Jean Anouilh ' s THIEVES ' CARNIVAL WASHINGTON HALL (NOTRE DAME) (use back entrance) (Information on tryouts may be obtained from Speech and Drama Department office, Room 110, Moreau Hall, St. Mary ' s) CALLBACKS - October 17 OPEN TO ALL ND SMC STUDENTS 57 58 Beneath the glaring lights of Washington Hall, Thieves ' Carnival began its ND-SMC Theatre production schedule. Tryouts began in mid-October, with Director Charles Ballinger selecting ac- tors he felt could best project the " very stylized and unrealistic " play by Jean Anouilh. After casting, the rehearsals stretched into winter evenings as props, costumes, and lighting were readied for the December 4th opening night. The play presented the words, motions, and high degree of comic satire expected from. . . A clever play a guaranteed director a ready crew a super cast. Thieves ' Carnival 6O marcel marceau A musical program that blends hard rock, country rock, and even a few golden oldies is an unusual event. It happened at the ACC when the guitarist and singer Roger McGuinn led the way, and the New Riders of the Purple Sage climaxed an evening of dual musical entertainment. Johnny B. Goode and Maybelline came to Notre Dame this year. So did the King of rock and roll, Chuck Berry, who " duck-walked " his way through an even- ing of boogie tunes, clapping hands, and dancing in the aisles at the ACC. A small but appreciative audience was treated to a performance by a much- changed but still dynamic Temptations. The veteran act subtly shifted the mood of its music, presenting both a gentle soul beat and a brasher one, accompanied by the elaborate dance steps which are its trademark. The country-rock of Pure Prairie League provided entertainment at the free concert this fall. Although the sound system proved to be below par, Pure Prairie League performed as a well- integrated group, instrumentally and vocally. Pure Prairie League The Carpenters, blending their past and present hits, enter- tained a large homecoming audience. Preceded by the com- edy team of Skiles and Hender- son, Karen and Richard Carpenter presented a program with music ranging from the mellow to a rock and roll medley in the finale. Few people could blend such diverse music forms as delicate South American music and soulful gospel songs. Paul Simon, however, integrated both in one program without sacrificing his own distinctive style. The excellence of his performance was ap- preciated by an audience that demand- ed four encores. midwest blues The second Midwest Blues concert occurred in early October and it ' s possible that many were unaware of the fact. Blues may seem old-fashioned or out of place in the world of " modern music " and many don ' t view it as the dynamic, continuing medium Ji remains. Those who managed to attend the sessions will heartily argue that the blues aren ' t dead. David Crosby and Graham Nash brought their wooden music to the ACC in November. Though they are musicians of different and distinct styles, together they can produce either the mellow acoustic sound and gently blending harmony of " Guinevre " or the harder electric rock of " Long Time Gone. " The billing of the concert as " An Evening with Joni Mitchell " set the mood as Joni, a constantly changing person performer presented new material framed around the songs that had made her famous. The back-up group, Tom Scott and the L.A. Express, not only established their own style, but also blended well with Joni ' s music. J Geils Band i - - With the return of " boogie " music, there was the return of rock and roll bands. But the sound of J. Geils Band is set apart. Their music is played with excellence which other bands often replace with mere flamboyance. J. Geils showed why his style had gained in popularity as the ACC audience was on its feet and in the aisles almost before the show began. mardi gras 76 It began as a celebration of the Mid- dle Earth. After months of preparation and weeks of construction for the mid- winter gala, the doors were open from February 1st through 10th. Those ten days demonstrated a changed attitude towards the event. Though the purpose of Mardi Gras is to raise money for charity, " ripping off Mardi Gras " became a novel- ty for some people. Unless the attitudes demonstrated this year by those who cheated are changed, the future of Mardi Gras seems dim, and the campus may lose yet another social fixture. 77 mardi gras 78 79 dorm life 4 Ifel 80 81 82 Notre Dame has always prided itself in its hall system. In the sixties, stay hall was established in order to give students a feeling of community within a hall at- mosphere. However, with 1972 and the introduction of women to the campus, on-campus housing for men was no longer the expected and taken-for-granted right which it had been in years before. Next year, the women will have taken over 5 dorms with no new dor- mitory space provided for men. This year, the universi- ty initiated a computer lottery run in February. Those whose numbers fell below the cutoff point for each dorm began to look for off-campus housing. Though the housing office may be able to claim in May that they did not force students off, increases in freshmen acceptances and talk of raising the quota of women in the next few years indicate that the housing situation as it exists today may not be merely temporary. Rather, it may become as expected and taken-for-granted as the hall system had been in the past. 83 off-campus 84 Off campus. It can mean three things. For those who choose to leave the confines of the dorms, the off campus ex- perience is an exercise in freedom. One ' s ability to cope with independence is tested in the apartments on Notre Dame Avenue and the student-managed houses all over South Bend. Another version of non-residence hall life is exile. Not all the draftees in the 1973 lotteries rejoiced at the prospect of preparing meals, doing laundry, and thumbing for nine months. In contrast to this group is the set of men and women who terminated their relationships with Father Mulcahy in favor of Father Shilts ' department by way of marriage. There are a number of homes in this area inhabited by young couples who fight tuition costs along with food, gas, and miscellaneous fees. Theirs is a minority arrangement, but an important component of the phenomenon known as off-campus living at Notre Dame. 86 87 university village 88 i b Another housing alternative open to married students is ren- tal of one of the apartments in the complex north of the campus, University Village. All married students, undergraduate or graduate, are eligible for housing, though there is a waiting list and couples with children are given preference. Somehow it seems a relaxed way of life, something of a temporary haven for an often overlooked student whose problems can only be faintly grasped by his unmarried counterparts. black students 90 V- W A 91 92 While so many graduating seniors are devoting much of their time to preparation for the trials of the coming year, I feel compell- ed to look backward and examine what has probably been the most fascinating and perhaps the most traumatic experience in my relatively short life. The questions gnaw at me constantly; Was it worth it? Am I a better person because of it? Have I grown and learned from it? One cannot avoid the persistent uneasiness which these questions arouse. Most of those in the class of 74 will agree with me when I say that the first semester of our freshman year was traumatic. Who can deny his shock when he realized that, unlike his high school days, he was just another pebble on the beach no longer the one who is always singled out and showered with praise for his academic ability? How many all-state athletes came to Notre Dame this year, only to find out that former high school all-staters are a dime a dozen here? Who can deny that he missed the familiar faces back in Boise, or San Antonio, or Dover. Before long we found people with whom we shared common attitudes; we became friends. We learned that not everyone thinks it is a laughing matter to answer his phone only to find shaving cream or peanut butter strategically smeared over the earpiece. We learned that people of Mexican descent are no more immune to the effects of tobasco sauce than anybody else. Some of us learned that the Afro hairstyle does in fact need to be combed, and that it does not just stay that way forever like a concrete ball. Amusing? Perhaps. But not everything we learned was of a laughable nature. I, for one, learned that racism is not confined to the deep South. I also learned that the term " Catholic racist " is not a contradiction in terms. Yes, it ' s true, and I would not call them a rare breed here. We learned that none of us is always right. We learned that even the most intelligent among us are capable of some of the most ridiculous and immature antics imaginable. The list goes on and on. Oh yes, I might just mention in passing that each of us did gain some supplementary knowledge, in the form of textbook education, for which we will each be rewarded with a degree. But this is not terribly important, relatively speaking. From a more personal point of view, these have been four years of intense and frantic personal evolution. Through the eyes of others I caught a glimpse of myself. How shocking, to find out that I was not a good listener! How insulting, to be told that I am often un- able to tolerate the faults of others! How encouraging to learn that despite these faults and others, I was still held in esteem by some of my peers! Yes, this was Notre Dame to me. Despite the misplaced racists, and the feeling of alienation which accompanies a black student who is situated in a sea of white, Notre Dame has been well worth the effort; and although I will not go so far as to say that I would do it all over again if I had the chance, I think I ' ll miss the place. Byron R. King 93 jfc f And yet it ' s such a short distance to come. Someday we ' ll stop trying to overcome miles, Wait by the roadside And help each other along the way. Nancy Rickhoff May your hands always be busy May your feet always be swift May you have a strong foundation When the winds of changes shift May your heart always be joyful May your song always be sung May you stay forever young. Bob Dylan F 96 " 97 I don ' t want to work away Doing just what they all say, Work hard boy, and you ' ll find, Someday you ' ll have a job like mine. Be wise, look ahead, Use your eyes, he said. Think straight, act right, But I might die tonight. Cat Stevens 98 I UCKBIMY FLAVORED i BRANDY eight hours a day in the library tests papers books there ' s no time to slow down to relax or to think about anything other than studying and you have a transcript full of good grades but is there knowledge? a mind full of facts but are there thoughts? or perhaps just an empty hat. 99 it ' s easy to-think that nobody cares living on a campus which professes to be Christian but whose administrators sometime seem to forget that perhaps there are more important things than worrying about parietal violations or calendars which most students seem to oppose. and maybe the attitude that " we ' re going to help students whether they want it or not " isn ' t the right one. perhaps they forget that the best method of teaching is by example. how can an administration demand respect when they don ' t seem to respect the students? how can they preach world justice when justice often seems to be forgotten on campus? how can they claim to be Christian when they often appear to care so little? it ' s easy to think that nobody cares. living on a campus where so many students think only about books where men and women often seem too conscious of playing their roles as male vs female or vice versa. they don ' t communicate as people or friends, but rather, communication breaks down to an exchange of cattle calls. too many people are living alone surrounded by " friends " and the only thing they look forward to is their next good drunk. how can we claim to be any better? and it ' s easy to think that nobody cares. perhaps we should all slow down and become a little less pre-occupied with our roles as Notre Dame administrators or Notre Dame students and perhaps we should become Notre Dame people perhaps we should begin to care a little more. .A - r: x The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with weary feet, Until it joins some larger way, Where many paths and errands meet, And whither then? I cannot say. - J. R. R. Tolkien r r , A H ICS FOOTBALL 1O6 LEFT: Northwestern gains an inch. BELOW: Ross Browner and Luther Bradley putting the pinch on Greg Skarin. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Dynamic Wayne Bullock flying through the air for a score. OPPOSITE BELOW: Picture perfect Pete Demmerle. o 108 u I OUR FABULOUS FRESHMEN. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Ross Browner forcing a fumble against Purdue. OPPOSITE BELOW: Mike Townsend ' s game saving catch against Michigan State. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Luther Bradley pulls one in versus Purdue. THE NOTRE DAME TOUCHDOWN EXPRESS. ABOVE LEFT: Wayne Bullock for six. ABOVE: Art Best for an easy score. RIGHT: Eric Penick heading for the posts. 109 ABOVE: Tim Rudnick with a fine attempt to block against Army. RIGHT: Jim Stock and Mike Fanning drop the much vaunted Anthony Davis for a sizeable loss. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Greg Collins putting the squeeze on an MSU runner. OPPOSITE BELOW: Steve Neihaus showing Ross Browner the proper freshman orientation. HO This year, the welcome sight to Coach Parseghian and all Notre Dame fans was the great effort our defense displayed throughout the year. Unheralded, stricken with key injuries, and at times questionable, the team had a major rebuilding job. With seasoned players the likes of Steve Niehaus and Mike Townsend, a firm beginning was made. Steady performers such as Gary Potempa, Greg Collins, Tim Rudnick, and Reggie Barnett filled gaps left by vacating seniors. The ' very welcome surprises ' of freshmen Ross Browner and Luther Bradley called to mind the past glory-filled days of the Notre Dame Defense. " I really don ' t know what it is about me I just like to hit people. " Gary Potempa, senior linebacker 111 REVENGE 112 " It was a team effort and I ' m happy we won. " Ara Parseghian OPPOSITE ABOVE: Pete Demmerle hauling in his game saving catch. OPPOSITE BELOW: USC Ail- American Richard Wood held out of the play by Steve Neece. LEFT: Clements and Pomarico clear the way for Art Best. BELOW: Art Best for six on a third and one. 113 BK - N . ft , OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Steve Neece and Frank Pomarico allow Clements to walk in for a TD against USC. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Tom Clements and the offensive line open the gap for Eric Penick. OPPOSITE: Al Hunter the beginning and the end. ABOVE RIGHT: Clements skirting the opposition for ten. ABOVE: Willie Townsend eluding Navy ' s defenders in search for a score. RIGHT: Gary DiNar- do escorts Art Best around right end. 114 us 116 OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: Another close shave for an opposing quarterback. OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Ross Browner acknowledging that the Notre Dame Defense is still Number One. OPPOSITE LEFT: The defense showing Navy what togetherness is all about. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Tony Dorsett, Pittsburgh ' s fantastic freshman back, doing his own thing against Luther Bradley and Reg Barnett. LEFT: Drew Mahalic shoots down a high-flying Falcon. ABOVE: Jim Stock and trade the pass rush. The " Era of Ara " for the 1973 Fighting Irish ended on New Year ' s Eve with a 24-23 Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama in New Orleans. In what was billed as the most important game of the century, Notre Dame and Alabama clashed for the first time in the long histories of the two school ' s football programs. The 1973 season began and ended with identical 44-0 routs against Northwestern and Miami. The " year of the runner " was mingled with the fine receptions of Demmerle and Casper. While the offense jelled from the beginning, the defense had to in- troduce freshmen Ross Browner and Luther Bradley, together with returnees such as Steve Niehaus and Mike Townsend, in order to mold a defense which was to allow less than a touchdown a game. With an excellent season record, Notre Dame was invited to the Sugar Bowl to decide the National Cham- pionship against Alabama. The game for the MacArthur Bowl matched two of the greatest coaches college foot- ball has ever known. Ara Parseghian, the quiet, reserved, Irish coach, had methodically trained his team into a confident group that had trampled ten previous opponents. 117 L CHAM IflfUl ZAPPAl s - f On the other side of the field was Alabama, led by Paul " Bear " Bryant. He brought a high-powered wishbone offense that had amassed over 4000 yards rushing against eleven foes. With Notre Dame controlling the first quarter, quarterback Tom Clements made a combination of passes and rushes click for the Irish, resulting in a 6-0 lead, as the snap for the extra point went astray. A tenacious defense, led by Greg Collins, held ' Bama at Notre Dame ' s mercy, allowing them no total yards for the quarter. The momentum of the game soon changed at the start of the sec- ond quarter as Alabama quickly scored. On the ensuing kickoff, Al Hunter, a freshman, took the ball on his own six yard line, and sped 94 yards for the score, establishing a new Sugar Bowl record. The score changed hands four other times, but it didn ' t matter; Notre Dame was determined to win. With 4:23 remaining Bob Thomas kicked a 19 yard field goal, making the score 24-23 for the Irish. The Irish regained the ball when a ' Bama punt rolled dead on the one- yard line. Clements insured the Irish of a victory with a daring third down pass to tight end Robin Weber that allowed the Irish to run out the clock. The game, and Notre Dame ' s phenomenal season can best be ex- pressed in the words of Ara, when he noted, " This was not only a great game for Notre Dame, it was a great game for college football. " Indeed it was. OPPOSITE: The picture tells the story. ABOVE: The defense comes through-Drew Mahalic recovers a Tide fumble. FAR LEFT: The end of a perfect season-Number One in the nation. LEFT: Al Hunter shows the Crimson Tide how to roll-94 yards and a touchdown. 119 OPPOSITE: After a long gainer, the offense picks up the pieces of Art Best. RIGHT: Cliff Brown turns the corner behind Dan Morrin. BELOW: The Artful Dodger. Tom Clements, evading Air Force ' s Falcons. 120 " The Time is Now. " Willie Townsend split end ABOVE: Members of the Football Team. FIRST ROW: J. Alvarado, T. Creevey, G. Hayduk, B. Thomas, B. Doherty, L. Miskowitz, D. Casper, M. Townsend, F. Pomarico, D. Morrin, W. Townsend, T. Rudnick, T. Sullivan, G. Potempa, M. Naughton. SECOND ROW: J. Gambone, L. Susko, M. Wasilevich, T. Bolger, M. McBride, J. Zloch, G. Lane, K. Kinealy, G. Diminick, C. Brown, B. Washington, M. Parker, G. Hill, M. Brennaman, P. Hartmann, D. Lozzi, M. Webb, E. Scales, G. Szatko. THIRD ROW: S. Smith, S. Quehl, B. Sweeney, D. Mahalic, F. Allocco, K. Nosbusch, T. Clements, T. Miller, T. Bake, S. Sylvester, A. Rohan, T. Laney, P. Demmerle, B. Arment, S. Bossu. J. Audmo. S. Neece, J. O ' Donnell, G. DiNardo. FOURTH ROW: M. McGuire, J. Hein, P. Sawitz, J. Chauncey, B. McGreevy, E. Penick, W. Bullock, A. Samuel, R. Goodman, R. Barnett, T. Fine, M. Fanning, G. Collins, T. Parise, T. Brantley, K. Horton, P. Sarb, A. Wujciak, J. Galanis, P. Pohlen, J. Pszeracki. FIFTH ROW: I. Brown, B. Zanot, R. Payne, B. Walls, F. Trosko, P. Linehan, K. Doher- ty, A. Best, J. Achterhoff, B. Messaros, T. Lopienski, F. Rutkowski, C. Balliet, K. Andler, N. Fedorenko, J. Stock, T. Novakov, R. Slager, S. Niehaus, T. Maschmeier, R. Kornman, F. McDonald, R. Weber. SIXTH ROW: L. Bradley, K. Moriarty, T. Eastmann, M. Ostrander. E. Sharkey, T. Zappala. J. Rufo, D. Pattyn, R. Bonder, T. Gullickson. E. Gleckler, J. Soutner, S. Bobowski. M. Kafka, M. Banks, S. Humbert, M. Russell, J. Likovich, E. Moore, J. Lloyd, D. Buth, D. Rodenkirk, D. Malinak. SEVENTH ROW: R. Browner, J. Harchar, T. Katenkamp, D. Knott, M. Ewald, A. Hunter, R. Henry, T. Unis, G. Smith, W. Fry, B. Sahm, J. Weiler, R. Allocco, T. Leary. J. Dubenetzky, T. Simon, D. Kelleher. V. Klees, D. Buck. EIGHTH ROW: J. Sweeney, K. Flanagan, G. O ' Neill, M. Creaney. G. Blanche. J. Murphy, J. Yonto, G. Kelley, P. Shoults, Head Coach Ara Parseghian, T. Pagna. W. Moore. B. Boulac. M. Stock. D. Murphy, B. Hickey, L. Dinardo, G. Paszkiet. G. Bockrath. 121 CROSS COUNTRY RIGHT: Notre Dame finishing up. BELOW: Coach Faley talking to his team: Jim Hurt, Joe Yates, Mike Housley, and Jim Reinhert. 122 ABOVE: Joe Yates - the solitary long-distance runner. ABOVE LEFT: Greg Marino hoping for a kick to go ahead of Purdue. LEFT: Mike Gahagan, Joe Yates, and Mike Hausley starting out with a quick burst of speed to top off the pack. 123 TENNIS RIGHT: Chris Kane executes a smash. MIDDLE: Mark Reilly with an overhand return. FAR RIGHT: Brandon Walsh with his superb backhand. BELOW: Coach Fallon consults the team after practice. 124 GOLF ABOVE LEFT: Co-Captain Jeff Burda showing why concentration is the key to putting. ABOVE: Co-Captain Paul Betz exhibiting the proper iron play off the fairway. BELOW: Members of the Golf Team: G. Bachman, P. Behan, E. Whelan, J. Shepard, G. Gibbons, T. Buf- famente, Coach Noel O ' Sullivan, J. Culveyhouse, S. Galloway, J. Bur- da, M. Kistner, J. Landsberg, J. Niquette, P. Koprowski. ABSENT: P. Betz. 125 3ASKI BALL 126 OPPOSITE: OUR FABULOUS FRESHMEN. ABOVE: Toby Knight going up and over Valparaiso. BELOW LEFT: A fine flair for shooting exemplified by Adrian Dantley. BELOW RIGHT: Ray Martin, up, up, and away. LEFT: John Shumate deciding when to go for the score. BELOW: Adrian Dantley controls the offensive boards against Big Bill Walton. 127 ABOVE: Adrian Dantley gives Bill Walton a taste of his own medicine. ABOVE RIGHT: Gary Brokaw works the ball in from the point. RIGHT: " Dice " Martin pops the hoop for two against the Blue Demon defense. FAR RIGHT: The " Goose " snares a rebound. BELOW RIGHT: The Irish watch the Bruins ' final shots go astray. 128 LEFT: Billy Paterno about to capture the ball and assure a victory over Marquette. BELOW LEFT: Owight Clay works the ball in past the Warriors. BELOW: The awesome strength of the Irish is felt by DePaul, as Shumate controls the boards. 130 On January 19, before a capacity crowd of 11, 343, the UCLA Bruins invaded the friendly confines of the ACC. The Irish went on to defeat their second giant in three weeks, by the same margin they had over thrown Alabama-one point. The first ten minutes seemed to substantiate that UCLA was the same as ever; apparently never seem- ing to lose their poise. Continuous steady perfor- mances by Keith Wilkes and Dave Meyers enabled the Uclans to strifle the powerful Notre Dame offense, and build leads of up to 17 points. For the Irish, hope seemed to lie in their quick- hustling offense led by Clay, Brokaw and Shumate. Adrian Dantley, N.D. ' s phenomenal freshman, repeatedly challenged and held his own against big Bill Walton for the offensive boards. A late period rally coupled with a strifling defense led by Ray Mar- tin and Clay, narrowed the margin at the half to 9 points at 43-34. During the second half, Notre Dame again appeared to be overwhelmed and outhustled by Walton and company. Neither the crowd nor the team lost faith, and with 3:22 left the Irish refound their finesse. Time and time again, Notre Dame stole the ball from the mighty Bruins, scoring 10 straight points, while holding UCLA scoreless. With 21 seconds left Dwight Clay sank a 15- footer to give the Irish their only lead of the ball game; a lead they never relinquished. In the last 6 seconds the ball refused to enter the net for the hapless Bruins, and victory was ours when John Shumate captured the final rebound. With the victory came the end of UCLA ' s 88 game winning streak, the longest ever in college basketball. Notre Dame basketball had finally return- ed due to the excellent coaching of " Digger " Phelps and his east coast five. THE END OF AN 88 GAME WINNING STREAK . . OPPOSITE ABOVE: Dwight Clay challenging the Bruins. OPPOSITE BELOW: Bill Paterno hits two from the left corner. OPPOSITE RIGHT: The Irish attack again. LEFT: Gary Brokaw, hits on two of his 25 points. 131 132 LEFT: " The Iceman Cometh. " RIGHT: Billy Paterno and his one-hand pusher. OPPOSITE Brokaw driving through Mar- LEFT: A hard-earned layout Francis by co-captain Gary Novak, for two. BELOW: Six-foot Dwight the tip over six-foot-six Earl Marquette, proving that big things packages. 133 ABOVE LEFT: " Dice " Martin toys with a Blue Devil. ABOVE RIGHT: Brokaw and Dantley in hot pursuit of a St. Francis opponent. FAR RIGHT: The magic man, Gary Brokaw, lofts two over the Duke defense. RIGHT: Adrian Dantley going up and over for a pair. 134 ABOVE: Members of the Basketball Team: KNEELING: R. Martin, B. Paterno, G. Brokaw, P. Crotty, J. Shumate (Co-Captain), G. Novak (Co-Captain), A. Dantley, C. Stephens, D. Clay, D. Kuzmicz. STANDING: Head Manager J. Paklovics, Assist. Coach F. Mclaughlin. T. Varga, G. Schmeltzer, T. Knight, M. Schuckman, R. Anderson, B. Drew, K. Wolbeck, Assist. Coach D. Dibiaso, Head Coach Richard " Digger " Phelps, A. Zoske (Trainer). ABSENT: T. Hanson. LEFT: Billy " Ap- ple " Paterno showing off his strength for a hard-earned score. 135 136 So we lost to Dayton in our season finale. So we lost to Michigan in the Regionals in Tuscaloosa (Where?) So what? We defeated three of the four teams in the finals of the NCAA ' s, the Digger and his crew went 26 and 3, bring- ing Notre Dame into national prominence, for of all things, basketball. Richard " Digger " Phelps amassed a team potent enough to handle any college five in the country. Along with his assistants, Dick Dibiaso and Frank Mclaughlin, Phelps molded 18 players into a smooth, well-oiled machine, which defeated Ohio State, Indiana, Kansas, and South Carolina on the road, and UCLA and Marquette in the ACC. For all the coaching needed for a basketball team, players are the key. Co-captains John Shumate and Gary Novak consistently led the Irish in team leadership and scoring. Shumate, a first-team Ail-American, topped the team in both scoring and rebounding. Novak, the single senior starter, consistently displayed his talents game after game. The dynamic backcourt combination of Bary Brokaw and Dwight Clay was another reason for the success of the Irish. Brokaw, a third-team Ail-American, accounted for many of the spectacular plays of the season, while Clay quarterbacked an offense which could almost score at will. From Washington D.C., the home of Austin Carr, Sid Catlett, and Collis Jones, came Adrian Dantley. Only a freshman, Adrian had a number of things to cope with both on and off the court. But he was phenomenal, and captured the hearts of the campus. Billy Paterno and Ray Martin were two other freshmen in the lineup so often you ' d swear we ' d been playing with 7 men. Peter Grotty filled in as a spot starter, proving to be a credit to himself and the team. Toby Knight, Billy Drew, and Roger Anderson put in some valuable time, along with Myron Shuckman, Dave Kuzmicz, and Tommy Varga. Only 5 men can play at one time, but the Notre Dame basketball program wouldn ' t have been the same without these great individuals. Yes, all in all, it was a very good year. 137 i 138 HOCKEY OPPOSITE: Another come-from-behind win fills the Irish Skaters with joy. LEFT: Jim Augustine mounting an attack from his own zone. BELOW CENTER: A look at the op- position. BELOW: Mark Kronholm puts a quick stop to a fast breakaway. 139 OPPOSITE ABOVE: A shot. ..and a goal! OPPOSITE RIGHT: Ric Schaefer and the defense take on Colorado. OPPOSITE LEFT: Notre Dame ' s scrappy young freshman, Brian Walsh, roughing up Denver. ABOVE: Ray " Hawk " Delorenzi fills the crease against St. Louis. RIGHT: A take-down. ..and a pin. 14O ijWE s m m 142 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Steve Curry breaks up a Spartan rush. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Jim Augustine ' s powerful shot knocks the State goalie down for the count. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Pat Novitzki ties up the State offense while killing a penalty. ABOVE: Michigan State ' s attempt to trip up the Irish falls short. LEFT: Alex Pirus watches his shot go astray. 143 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Coach " Lefty " Smith contemplates winning strategy. OPPOSITE BELOW: Mark Kronholm and his trademark-a save! OPPOSITE: Steve Curry leads the Irish in an attack across the blue line. BELOW: The Huskies ' goalie encounters a familiar scene in the Convo: a score. RIGHT: Eddie Bumbacco makes his way toward the crease. 144 145 146 OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: Excedrin is not the cure for Ric Schaefer ' s headache. OPPOSITE BELOW: Notre Dame regroups as the play moves down the ice. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Another puck sneaks through the crease for the Irish. TOP: Steve Curry ' s slap shot results in a goal for the Irish against the Falcons. LEFT: Eddie Bumbacco hovers over his wounded prey a Bowling Green goalie. ABOVE: Members of the Hockey Team: FIRST ROW: E. Bumbacco, L. Israelson. I. Williams, S. Curry. D. Smith, M. Kronholm, D. Caron, R. Schaefer, M. Tardani, P. Conroy, R. DeLorenzi SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach T. McNeil, R. Borque, P. Clarke. T. Wurst, P. Novitzki, A. Plrus, C. Hamilton, B. Nyrop, J. Brownschilde, L. Larson, Head Coach Charles ' Lefty ' Smith. THIRD ROW: B. Walsh, T. McCarthy, A. Karnsia, M. Olive, J. Augustine, D. Howe, Coach Kevin Hoene, Manager R. Dieckelman. 147 BASEBALL 148 nil _ J i i n J F ?, OPPOSITE LEFT: Tom Hansen Laying down the squeeze. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Donna Crowley warms up the ball for the pftcher. LEFT: Bob Hughes delivers the sphere in anticipation of a strikeout. ABOVE: Members of the Baseball team. FIRST ROW: J. Bunar, B. Bracale, L. Kalmar, G. Miller, J. Wheelan, M. Gretchner, M. Assel, S. Gorman, G. Williams, B. Bracale, T. Walburn. SECOND ROW: K. Tokarz, S. Simone, K. Schuster, M. O ' Neil, D. Lazzeri, C. O ' Connor, B. Stratta, M. Stolz, P. Coleman, P. Clemens, P. Clemens, D. Doemel, B. Hughes, T. Miller, J. Schubert, Manager J. Mattes. THIRD ROW: Coach Jake Kline, Manager D. Keating. Coach W. Strupel, T. Pollack, P. Morisseau, T. laroci, G. Mayer, M. Galloway, J. Smith, M. Schmitz, K. Fanning, J. Scholl, P. Schmidt, D. Nussbaum, M. MacDonald, J. Buran, M. Pitman, R. Goodman, M. Serena, R. Hoertz, Captain Tom Hansen. 149 WRESTLING ISO OPPOSITE ABOVE: Mike Fanning executes a chicken wing in an effort to pin his opponent. OPPOSITE RIGHT: The intense concentration of an Irish grappler as he awaits the referee ' s signal. OPPSITE LEFT: Buschetto controls his opponent from topside using a bar arm, and greedily goes for the pin. RIGHT: A double chicken wing shows it effectiveness in this man ' s grimace. ABOVE: Members of the Wrestling Team: SITTING: S. Mondragon, D. Heffernan, P. Murphy, M. Haws, S. Moulain, D. Boyer. KNELLING: T. Morrison, C. Land, J. Barbara, T. Burke, T. Padavani, J. Casini, B. Ferrara, B. Murphy, D. Taylor, D. Coronot, E. Whitaker. STANDING: Coach F. Pechek, M. Fanning, R. Sheetz, F. Bruening, A. Roeck, J. Dowd, R. Gilloon, P. Meade, M. Kemp, K. Taylor, Coach R. Sepeta, Manager D. Cronin. ABSENT: Bill Kortsch. FENCING ' J 152 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Tim Glass attacks his opponent ' s foreline. OPPOSITE BELOW: Quick reflexes are displayed in the saber matches. ABOVE LEFT: Jim Mullenix displays excellent form in his attack on a Circle combatant. ABOVE: Sam Difiglie parrying an adversary ' s lunge. LEFT: Members of the Fencing Team. SITTING: D. Brockmole. E. Fellows, M. Matranga. J. Mullenix, R. Seltz, 0. Conner. KNEELING: J. Wilkewski, T. Arena, R. Pikna, T. Glass, T. Coye, S. Defigllo, T. McConville, E. Clock. J. Vozella, J. Hathaway, Coach Mike Decicclo. STANDING: R. Owoc, K. Cotter, B. Collins, R. Valdiserri, L. Brehm, K. Kelleher. P. Angelo, T. Henzler, B. Ub- bing, J. Gerrity, D. Batow, P. Duffy, M. Progar, S. Smith, M. Sazdanoff, W. Calmbach, M. Coscia, D. Daher, T. Taylor. 153 1 U SWIMMING - . ' .vt 154 I I OPPOSITE ABOVE: There is no contest in the breast stroke with Ed Graham leading the way. OPPOSITE BELOW: Ken VenDeventer leaps out to begin the freestyle competition. BELOW: Members of the Swimming Team. STANDING: Coach Dennis Stark, R. Ditolla, A. Wallach, R. Fitzsimmons, P. Laughlin, C. Payne, M. Foster, D. Makielski, R. Ebel, S. Medlock, M. Hardig, K. VanDeventer, P. Watsom. W. Matarazzi (Manager), W. Hendricks (Manager). SITTING: J. Fischer, E. Graham (Captain), W. O ' Connor, E. Strack, J. Cleaver, W. Hopkins, J. Meagher, J. Kane, R. Carey, M. Wolz, R. Thompson, R. Reily. 155 ' RUGBY 156 VI V lini . W OPPOSITE ABOVE: Tom Masenga sends the ball downfield. OPPOSITE BELOW: Eddie O ' Connell involved in a loose scrum. TOP: One swift trip deserves another. LEFT: Dan Lee ' s play is characterized by 100% effort. ABOVE: Members of the Rugby Team. SITTING: H. Clark, F. Manley, P. Frantz, D. Simpson, M. Bradley, J. Warnimont, Capt. T. Masenga, J. Hafner, E. O ' Connell, D. Ward. KNEELING: B. Sweeney, P. Gottsacker, M. Duffy, J. Kovacs, B. Thomas, M. Tovey, B. Olsen, D. Nollet, J. Burns. J. Froman D. Schlichting, M. Robison, M. Kingsley. STANDING: F. Kunkel, M. Atley, T. Roche, M. Parro. P. Gray, N. Loughrey, T. Meinken, M. Bruggeman, C. Zwalich, J. Desollak. R. Conti, G. Huntoon, C. Patterson. ABSENT: B. Seutch, C. Simon, M. Huguelet, P. Longon, T. Brett. 157 SOCCER 158 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Notre Dame using their heads. OPPOSITE BELOW: Jafar Mohagaden in close quarters for the ball. LEFT: The fluid style of the Fighting Irish footmen. ABOVE: Members of the Soccer Team. FIRST ROW: P. Flood, J. Mohagaden, T. Ber- nadin, S. Malpica, K. Buckley, B. Ralph, Captain Mike Fitzgerald. T. Viola, R. Hichwa. SECOND ROW: L. Monserrat. S. Carroll, M. Flynn, Brother Leo. M. O ' Driscoll, T. Mulvey, R. Connolly, J. Thornton, B. Donovan, N. Grosch. S. Wallace, M. Morgan, Coach Arno Zoske. ABSENT: G. Higgins. D. Robin- son. 159 LACROSSE 16O OPPOSITE LEFT: George Carberry rushes up the mid- dle. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Trying to pass off. OPPOSITE BELOW: Rich Caran, John Corcoran, and Ron Saclowski mount an attack downfield. BELOW: The Irish in a mad scramble in front of the goal. LEFT: The members of the Lacrosse team. FIRST ROW: P. Irace, D. Hartnett, R. Sadowski, J. Lepley, G. Carberry, G. Lyden, B. Parker, T. Carney, S. Grady, T. Parseghian. SECOND ROW: S. Tarnow, D. Hubbell, R. Caron, K. Wright, M. Riepke, K. Fogarty, R. Locker, T. McHugh, P. Rizzo, B. Thibideau, D. Trabert, J. Means, J. McEntee. THIRD ROW: R. O ' Leary, S. Cochran, F. Dibling, F. Volpe, B. Foley, S. Bachman, S. Watersen, C. Folkman, J. Cochoran, J. Powell, J. Farrell, T. Naquin, C. Smith, T. Bingle, J. Williams. 161 CREW ABOVE: Stroke, Stroke, Stroke! RIGHT: Members of the Crew Team KNEELING: P. Campbell, M. Hooley, M. North, M. Crimmins, J. Wetherbee, M. Spaulding, L. Sisson, 0. Lesurde, B. Short, K. Bailey, K. Jones, R. Kellon, J. Kelso. STANDING: F. Loughery, C. Graham, M. Feord, J. Buernef, P. Me Evily, D. Hoessy, P. Donnelly, J. Claude, G. Hartman, S. Weymel, K. McEvily Captain, G. Willant, E. Tagge, M. Cochran, M. Mellet, P. Joyce, J. Santalano, K. McBride. 162 i SAI NG ABOVE LEFT: A Notre Dame lass on the lake. ABOVE: Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main. LEFT: Members of the Sailing Team: STANDING: B. Reynolds, B. Marek. SITTING: M. Wullant, J. Robert, D. Constants, S. Dillon, J. Burger, C. Froling, P. Makielski, C. Duan, B. Ramsey, D. Lynch, M. Coffey, J. Yanas, B. McCarthy, A. Constants, M. Zdinak, Tasha the dog. 163 BOXING in the clearing stands the boxer, a fighter by his trade and he carries the reminders of ev ' ry glove that laid him down and cut him till he cried out in his anger and his shame, " I am leaving, I am leaving. " but the fighter still remains Paul Simon ABOVE: The art of fisticuffs dis- played in the Bengals in the ACC. RIGHT: Members of the Boxing Club. SITTING: T. Martin, R. Seep, J. Albers, P. O ' Malley, T. Murphy, T. Johnson. KNEELING: M. Mackay, K. Kallberg, J. Quinn, B. Popke, L. Cima, J. Ryan, T. God- du, S. Duffy. STANDING: L. Gallagher, T. Plouff, S. Rogers, S. Muller, P. McGrath, E. Coppola, D. Betancourt. 164 INTERHALL FOOTBALL ABOVE LEFT: Jeoff Pampush directed Dillon to a well-earned Interhall Football Championship. ABOVE RIGHT: Keenan ' s Powerful offense rolls over Howard in the semi-finals. LEFT: Dillon ' s defense grudgingly concedes a touchdown to Keenan in the championship game. 165 INTERHALL BASKETBALL Interhall Basketball is one of the few outlets af- forded to students providing a brief release from the reality of classes into a world of glory. In the games the hall participates in, ordinary guys have their chance to imitate Shumate and Novak in controlling their games. Their pasts may include all-state or all-city honors; they may have been the all-American boys in high school. But they ' re at Notre Dame now: their past is just that-left behind. Gone are the games won by their heroics and the frenzied fans who cheered their every moves. All that is left is these games: twenty minute halves are all the time he has to prove himself. The normal interhall basketball game is filled with many errant shots and much physical contact. Many of the games are very close, with a basket or two deter- mining the margin of victory. Or loss . . For to the winner comes another chance on the road to the letter jackets reserved for the interhall champions. The losers con- tinue life as students at Notre Dame: they may have lost, but there is always tomorrow, and besides, winning isn ' t everything, is it? This article is not meant to indicate that everyone who participates is a hunger-starved athlete looking for recognition; on the contrary, they are not. The dreams and reflections will always be there, no matter who plays. As long as there are guys and places to play, in- terhall will always be there. And the dreams will be there too . WOMEN ' S SPORTS The Women ' s Fencing Team has grown from a group of interested girls into a serious club sport. In the fall of 1971, the team was begun and through two years of practice and experience, the team gained recognition as the start of a new tradition. The team is instructed in the finer points of fencing by Coach DeCiccio, as well as his staff and members of the men ' s team. This com- bination of hard work and competitive spirit will no doubt produce a winner for the Irish. LEFT: The Women ' s Fencers. FIRST ROW: J. Offerle, C. Rebholz, K. Valdiserri, J. Bonifert, C. Schoendienst, S. Krakora. STANDING: Coach Mike DeCiccio, P. Farro, J. Richtsmeier, M. Koch, L. Sisson, Coach Rich Hosinski. ABSENT: A. Werner. In addition to the Fencing Team, the women of Notre Dame have also formed a women ' s Crew Team, and a Tennis Team is still in the planning stage. But even women are not immune to basketball; since the advent of coeducation at Notre Dame, the male no longer holds dominion over the basketball courts. 167 LJJ STUDENT MANAGERS Senior and Junior Managers. KNEELING: D. Hurley, M. Huffman, S. Solan, J. Dlugolecki, D. Dieckelman, B. Matarazzi, P. Ryczak, STANDING: J. Sweeney, C. Muscarella, B. Hendricks, D. Cronin, A. Padley, J. Pezzo, K. Caotter, M. Exley, G. Bockrath, D. Keating, K. Flanagan, T. Hayes. Freshmen and Sophomore Managers. FIRST ROW: A. Grace, E. Torriero, D. Dempsey, T. Koch, J. Lawless, C. Withers. SECOND ROW: J. Pailes, B. Key, T. Teixeira, S. Rusch, M. Navarre, J. Uriah. THIRD ROW: J. Klimek, G. Thomas, J. Coffey, T. Ryan, S. Euvino, D. Hedley. KNEELING: D. Henderson, M. Moran, R. Towle, J. Willingbrink, D. Buck, J. Cavanaugh. STANDING: M. Vadas, L. Alexander, W. Morrissey, M. Demetrio, B. Fallon, M. Banko, M. Phillips, E. Dwyer, J. Gary, B. Brunner, P. Gitnik. 169 SCOREBOARD GOLF 1st Notre Dame Invitational 1st Southern Michigan SAILING 2nd of 10 Purdue 1st of 7 East Michigan 4th of 5 Kansas 8th of 14 Indiana 5th of 1 2 Notre Dame 3rd of 8 Wisconsin 3rd of 11 Michigan 1st of 8 Cincinnati 5th of 14 Iowa 4th of 6 Ball State 8th of 11 Ohio State 4th of 7Millikin 4th of 7 Purdue 3rd of 10 Northwestern CREW Heavyweight 2nd of 3 Mishawaka, Ind. 3rd of 3 Indianapolis, Ind. 22 of 34 Boston, Mass. Lightweight 1st of 2 Mishawaka, Ind. 2nd of 2 Indianapolis, Ind. Women ' s Heavyweight 4th of 4 Madison, Wis. Women ' s Lightweight 2nd of 3 Madison, Wis. TRACK (2-7) ND Opp. 67 Ball State 51 Northwestern 4th Illinois Invitational 44 Michigan 44 Bowling Green 49 East Carolina 49 Ohio State 4th Central Collegiate 45 Western Michigan 86 51 Iowa 80 42 Drake 48 SWIMMING (8-4) ND Opp. 2nd Notre Dame Invitational 63Vz Waterloo 43 1 2 Northern Illinois 51 Western Ontario 44 Bowling Green 51 Oakland 58 Wayne State 50 Marshall 61 St. Bonaventure 37 Bradley 39 Purdue 86 Western Michigan .7 Illinois State 56 BASKETBALL (24-2) ND Opp. 112 Valparaiso 62 76 Ohio State 72 98 Northwestern 74 94 St. Louis 65 73 Indiana 67 99 Denver 59 94 Kentucky 79 87 Xavier 44 104 Georgetown 71 UCLA 70 76 Kansas 74 78 St. Francis 58 75 UCLA 69 Marquette 101 DePaul 7 95 Davidson 91 Michigan St. 98 LaSalle 87 Duke 79 Ford ham 72 So. Carolina 85 W. Michigan 108 W. Virginia 93 Ball State i 115 Villanova 82 Dayton BASEBALL (15-22) ND Opp. 12 Oral Roberts 1 Tulsa 4 Tulsa n 6 Oral Roberts f 6 Tulsa i 2 New Mexico St. Tulsa 5 Arkansas 1 New Mexico St. 1 Tulsa Wisconsin 7 Wisconsin 1 Illinois St. 2 Illinois St. 6 Xavier 1 1 Xavier 1 Michigan 2 Michigan Ferris State 1 Ferris State i 1 Northwestern 3 Northwestern ; 2 Western Michigan 4 3 Western Michigan 2 Miami (Ohio) Miami (Ohio) 2 Detroit 3 Detroit 5 Cincinnati 9 Cincinnati 5 Valparaiso 7 Bowling Green 2 Bowling Green 10 Bowling Green 6 Butler 8 Butler 5 Valparaiso 8 WOMEN ' S FENCING (7-1) ND Opp. 9 Culver I 8 Chicago Circle 8 Culver 7 Purdue 8 Ohio State (A) 13 Ohio State (B) 1 1 Brockport 13 Oberlin LACROSSE (10-1) NO Opp. 5 Georgetown . 3 11 Lake Forest f 5 Bowling Green 14 Illinois 8 Ohio State 6 Michigan 15 Purdue 10 Bowling Green 3 Columbus 11 Michigan State 9 Chicago 7 HOCKEY (14-19-1) ND Opp. 8 Michigan Tech 2 Michigan Tech 5 Michigan State 5 Michigan State 2 Wisconsin 6 Wisconsin 3 Colorado College 5 Colorado College 4 Denver 4 Denver 4 Michigan i 2 Michigan i 5 St. Louis ' 5 Harvard 3 Boston College 4 5 Minnesota-Duluth 1 10 Minnesota-Duluth ' 7 St. Louis ; 5 Denver 2 Denver 7 Michigan Tech 1 5 Michigan Tech 7 7 Bowling Green 3 Bowling Green 5 North Dakota 7 7 North Dakota 8 Michigan State 2 Michigan State 2 Minnesota 3 Minnesota 4 Michigan ; 2 Michigan 3 Wisconsin 5 Wisconsin i RUGBY (11-0-1) ND 6 Florida 9 Allentown 6 Cleveland 13 New York 12 Indianapolis 22 Windsor 25 Iowa State 36 Lincoln Park 35 West. Michigan 33 Michigan 16 John Carroll 10 Chicago FENCING (19-1) ND 18 Baruch 21 Chicago Circle 21 Purdue 22 Indiana 23 Miami (Ohio) 22 Tri-State 21 Chicago-Circle 15 Wisconsin- Parkside 26 Chicago 16 Detroit 19 Indiana 24 Milwaukee Tech 20 Ohio State 21 Cleveland State 17 Michigan State 16 Wisconsin 14 Illinois 17 Minnesota 21 Oberlin 18 Case Western 10 Wayne State 22 Buffalo 19 New York FOOTBALL (10-0-0) ND Opp. 44 Northwestern ( 20 Purdue ' 14 Michigan State K 28 Rice I 62 Army J 23 Southern Cal. 1 ' . 44 Navy 31 Pittsburgh 48 Air Force 1 44 Miami WRESTLING (10-7-1) ND Opp. 45 Chicago State r 12 Oswego State i 29 Wayne State ' 3rd Rochester Inv. 31 Valparaios 50 Evansville 49 St. Joseph 24 Wabash 2 36 DePauw 25 Marshall 31 Wheaton 1 43 Dusquene 23 St. Francis 2nd National Catholic Tournament 17 Western Michigan 24 12 Marquette 5 Purdue 9 John Carroll 18 Arkron 22 Drake BENGAL BOUTS CHAMPIONS 130-1 b Tony Montaganese 140-lb Steve Duffy 142-1 b Matt Cavanaugh 145-lb Bill Pioli 150-lb Phil Harbert 165-1 b Chet Zawalick 175-lb Byron King 185-1 b Cecil Boot Heavyweight Jeff Hein SOCCER (2-7-3) ND Opp. 1 Indiana 5 Oakland 4 1 Goshen 2 4 Purdue-Calumet 4 3 Cincinnati 2 4 Bradley 5 4 East Michigan 2 Grace College 2 Northwestern 1 Wabash 4 1 Purdue 5 1 Oakland 3 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY No one who has lived here will deny that Notre Dame is a special kind of place. If given a choice of achieving a goal within the wonder that the place already is, I would choose to identify making it a caring place. A place where everyone, young, middle-aged and older, cares for everyone else. This means faculty caring about students learning, understanding themselves as per- sons, their lives as meaningful, their futures as hopeful. For students, this means caring about each other, shar- ing the idealism and joy of growing up, intellectually, morally, humanly. It means students supporting, loving, enjoying each other in this common quest. For ad- ministration, it means creating a situation where all this is possible. Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C. 174 The Committee on University Priorities has suggested to Notre Dame that what it might do most profitably is to leave most structures intact but turn a great deal of attention to the quality of work we do. Quality is harder to cope with since it means that we simply have to struggle harder to make education at Notre Dame a more excellent offering. The decisions I participate in are all aimed at this goal of better educa- tion through higher standards and greater demands on us by ourselves. Rev. James T. Burtchaell, C.S.C. 175 Although one-half of Notre Dame ' s under- graduate enrollment benefits from some form of financial aid, all of the students profit from the " auxiliary enterprises " which the University maintains. The Athletic and Convocation Center, the Bookstore, research grants, and athletics all contribute to the General Fund thereby keeping tuition increases at a minimum. Rev. Edmund P. Joyce C.S.C. Rev. Edmund B The availability of financial aid is often the determining factor for interested applicants to Notre Dame. Each year, the University provides academic scholarships ($700,000), loans ($600,000), educational opportunity grants ($134,000), and on-campus employment ($760,000) for students in need of additional funds. Rev. Jerome J. Wilson, C.S.C. Rev. Jerome J. Wilson, Vice-President for Business 176 ! for Business Mr. John Macheca, Dean of Students r ! , " Just because you ' re not paranoid doesn ' t mean we ' re not watching you. " This quote from the wall of a Harvard men ' s room captures a sense of the past year. Our goal is to help this fear evolve into a respect for the University ' s authority. Mr. John Macheca il 1 Dr. Phiiyp Faccenda, Vice-President for Student Affairs " We want to help you, whether you want the help or not. " 177 We must inform the community that Notre Dame has changed, that ways of disciplining students have changed. Frankly, it ' s a damn tough job sometimes. Rev. Terrence Lally, C.S.C. Rev. Terrence tally, Asst awson, Dir., Student Activ .Its IV Tr. Robert Ackefman, Dir. of Professional Dev. Ml . David Schlaver, Dir., StJBent. AclivitiesI 178 i, Rector-Holy Cross Rev. James Riehle, Rector-Pangborn Rev. Maurice Amen, Rector-St. Joe Rev. John Mulcahy, Rector-Planner 179 It should be no casual matter for men and women to ask to become members of a Christian community like Notre Dame, with its traditions and expectations of Christian service ... All of us come here as free and responsible people, bearing our gifts, wishing to serve or be served, according to our own need of fulfillment. 1974 Revised Student Manual ISO h its traditions e... All of MftpNft or be served, ' :-:: " Manual t anpis Sellers, Univ. Physician Richprd W. Conklin, Dir. of Info. Serv Br. Conan Moran, Bookstore Mgr Mr. Art yiJvl. PearsTBir-r of Security 181 The goal of a liberal education is to engender " wise persons " who have an un- derstanding of themselves and others. It is es- sentially a process of development and in- creasing awareness rather than one of training. The Arts and Letters ' faculty is engaged in this cultivation. The number of students who graduate to successful careers testifies to the completeness of their endeavors. Guy Randies A L Student Advisory Council I I i .-I J 182 Prof. John D. Mooney 183 Prof. Robert S. Eikenberry, Aero. Mech. Eng. r. Bernard Cullity, Met. Eng. Mat. Sci Prof. Donald E. Sporleder, Architecture 1 184 The smallest of the four colleges of the University, Engineering, has an under-graduate enrollment of ap- proximately 750 students and a faculty heavily engaged in both research and teaching. Marianne O ' Connor Joint Engineering Advisory Council : Dr. Joseph C. Hegan, Dean 185 I Prof. George W. Viger untancy Making ours one of the country ' s top business colleges, the Notre Dame Business faculty is concern- ed with all members of the University, as evidenced by the many lecture series and the business consulta- tion which they offer. James Ambrose Business College Council 186 V " THE PROFESSORS k.k i .o W Dr. O. Timothy O ' Meara, Math Dr. George Kolettis, 188 1 14 The faculty of the College of Science can seem unap- proachable, especially when class sizes range in the hun- dreds during the " whittling " process of the student ' s first two years. However, once the student takes the initiative by asking for help, this faculty will do anything possible to aid him. Libby Ford Biology Major ernard Waldman, Dean .; 189 ORGANIZATIONS volunteer service COUNCIL FOR THE RETARDED (LOGAN CENTER) . . . swimming and tumbling . . . " what do you do with your Saturday mornings? " . . . the joy of a smile . . . " who ' s supposed to be doing the learning around here? " . . . MANASA . . . " No we ' re not a musical group " . . . the hot line and halfway house . . . " it ' s a Sanskrit word for mind " . . . plenty to do at the Indiana developmental disability center . . . CILA . . . mississippi and south america . . . " recess means the same thing in any language " . . . the Christ- mas card crusade . . . building schools and building minds . . . " who buried the shovel? " . . . NEIGHBORHOOD STUDY HELP PROGRAM. . .one- on-one with flash cards . . . " how come you ' re not on the football team? " ... a weekly bus trip . . . " four hundred kids at brookfield zoo? " . . . RED CROSS BLOOD DONORS . . . " how much does it really hurt? " . . . cookies and coke at the canteen . . . " you ' ve got great veins " . . . receptionists and escorts. r - - 192 ;ouncil for the retarded manasa LEFT: MANASA Officers: Evelyn Mungovan, Dick Williams, Mary Clare Molidor. Not pic- tured: Clint Gibler, Rick Figliola. 193 194 OPPOSITE: CILA members: top row: Pat Cimino, Doug Allen, Beth McGuire, Paula Carpenter, Wally Balon, Mary Fielding, Debbie Dunlap; second row: Joe Marino, Mary Beckman, Kathy Osberger, Celine Vatterott, Gay Kaschewski, Barb Robinson, Rick Baltz; bottom row: Jerry McCarthy, Greg Hunckler, Mike Smith, Sharon McAulitfe, Mike Maguire. TOP: CILA officers: Joe Marino, Jerry McCarthy, Mary Beckman, Mike Maguire. 195 neighborhood study help A a ABOVE: Neighborhood Study Help Program Coordinators: top row: Tom Faught, Melanie Hackett, Mike Milewski, Mike Mohrman, Mary Crowley, Liz Megnin, Tim Meinken, Steve Brischetto, Scott Enright; middle row: Craig Spengel, Livy O ' Neill, Cathy Strong, Bob Geist, Terri Walsh, George Baranko; bottom row: Mike Lavoie, Katie McCarthy, Tom Wild, Art Wesselman, MaryAnn McCarthy, Eileen Flanagan. 196 red cross blood donors 197 student government STUDENT GOVERNMENT CABINET . . . giving the off- campus shuttle a chance . . . " let the alcoholic beverage com- missioner handle that " . . . carny 73 . . . " have we even been together since we were all appointed? " . . . HALL PRESIDENTS COUNCIL. . . in the shadows of st. ed ' s chapel . . . agendas and addendas . . . " our guest speaker for next week ... " ... party rules and hall spirit . . . BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS AND STUDENT LIFE COUNCIL " secondary to personal interaction " ... the rush to revise the manual . . . monday afternoons in flanner ' s basement ... " a committee will be formed ... " ... OMBUDSMAN . . . " if you ' ll hold on for just a minute " . . . directories and notebooks ... a cast of thousands . . . " if they don ' t know call the om- budsman " . . . action express . . . STUDENT UNION ... a little confusion over prefs and comps . . . " we could tell them we ordered a wait disney movie and the distributors made a mistake " . . . refrigerator contracts and performer contracts . . . " that stationary became obsolete awfully quick " ... the return of marcel marceau . . . getting the armory, the band, the buses, and the beer. 198 student government cabinet ABOVE: The Notre Dame Student Government Cabinet: top row: Bill McLean, Dennis Etienne (president), Mike Geisinger. Dan Schipp, Chris Nedeau, Dan Payton, Rudy Ruettiger, Peter Cmiia: bottom row: Dave Caruso, Jim Roe, Mary Clare Molidor, Greg Smith. LEFT: Stu- dent Government officers: Louise Nye, Ray Vorce, Karlene Henshaw, Mike Schnauss. 199 student union commissioners 200 OPPOSITE, TOP: Student Union Commissioners: lop row: Gina Voll, Pete Bohlander (director), Bob Fahrenbach; bottom row: Richard Donovan, Kip Anderson, Andy Bury, Jim Nowalk. BELOW: SLC members and Board of Commissioners: Patty McCloskey, Ed Rahill, Bob Connelly, Pat McLaughlin, Dennis Etienne, Frank Flanagan, Mike Geisinger, Robert Kincaid, Jude Bremer. sic and board of commissioners 201 ombudsman .1 BELOW: The Notre Dame Ombudsman Staff. OPPOSITE, TOP: The Notre Dame Hall Presidents Council: top row: Tom Porter, Laura Dodge, Diana Merlon, Wally Gasior, Pat Mclaughlin (chairman), Charlie Cardillo, Paul Laughlin, Art McDonald, Coletta Miller; bottom row: Bill Hake, Bob Howl, Cindy Cor- saro, Phil Byrne, Lynn Larkin, Jim Hoolihan. Dennis Abele Raul Armstrong ndy Slum Braken ;e Boylan JudeBremer Al Bucci Pat Buckley Bob Byers Ed Byrne Barry Cleary Matt Cockreli Dave Crowley BillCumbelich om Daly Craig D ' Ambra Frank D ' Ambra Mary Ellen Darin Kevin Davis like Davis Erin Donovan Katy Duffy Dan Duncheon Jonathon Ebert Frank Faron Mary T. Foster Peggy Fahrenbach Mike Gassman Tom Gibbons Steve Gitmore x , Mark Goodwl Augie Grace Kathy Grace Maureen Griffin Gerry Mike Ollie Mile Hud Steve Hud CliflHurnd EitortiMn: Dennis Kasyzniski PatKenney Jim Kresse Janet Krier Soo Lee Steve Lucero George L MikeMahoney Brad Maucott like McCormi Brian McQInty ! Brent Mclnnis 3illMcKinney Sean McLinden Jim Melia Tim Mess Lisa Molidor Mike Nolan Kevin O Neil Marty O ' Shea Connie Pierenklsis Cecilia Prinster Judy Robb Beth Smith Jim Spurling Greg Steffes GusStungys McClure Tuscon Mark Van Grinsven Steve Verleye Jim Vichich Dick Warris 7 202 hall presidents council 203 BELOW: Concert Commission: Rob Kilkuskie, Richard Donovan, Frank Mclaughlin. RIGHT: Services Commission: top row: Bob Mirabito, Jim Nowalk, Jeff Byrnett, Rick Golden; middle row: Paul Reynolds, Bill Carrick, Casey Nolan, Brian Hegarty; bottom row: Rick Gering, John Lawton, Reid Webster. BOTTOM: Academic Com- mission: top row: Steve Wallace, Ed Byrne, Maurice Cahillane, Tim Davern, Mark G. Zellmer, Joe Bury, Chuck Wilson, Andy Bury; bot- tom row: Stan Cardenas, Doug Stevenson, Dennis Pijor, Rich Hanpeter, Mike Pollard, John Conroy, Ron Hathaway. V. r 204 rtudent union commissions TOP: Cultural Arts Commission: lop row: Joe Henderlong, Kenneth Lee, Kip Anderson, Steve Podgorski- middle row: Chris Gregory, Mark Jehle, Gary Zebrun, Tom McAndrews; bottom row Rick Hilton, Raymond Funk, Mike Kulczycki, Mike Mroz. Not pictured: Trish Steele. Chris Ceraso, Pery Aberli. ABOVE: Social Commission: lop row: Gina Voll, Don Deutsch, Mike McQuire; bottom row: Mary Siegel, Rich Guiltinan. 2O5 media JUGGLER. . .hustling subscriptions. . .discovering campus literary talent . . .a black cover in december. . .back to work for the spring. . .WSND. . .engineering the late shift. . . " the top news story of the hour is " . . .play-by-play coverage. . .put on a long song and take a break. . .OBSERVER. . .putting out the rag. . .keep those letters coming. . . " can we get pizzas tonight? " . . .razor blades, blue pens, and rulers . . . " there ' s no more paper in the chatterbox " . . .SCHOLASTIC . . . " crop before you write the captions " . . .monday night marathons . . . " this year we will have copy deadlines " . . . forty galleys to proof. 206 wsnd juggler discovering camp jf,.. back lowk to iate . ' coverage. . .P " t " ID. .. putting out e can 9 et P izai raters.. e ' snc OPPOSITE: The WSND Department Directors: top row: Michael Bridgeman, Gary Gutt, Bruce Schulte, Harry Soza, Kevin Walsh, Richard Flanagan (station director), Kevin O ' Neill; bottom row: Steve Weber, Mamie Anthoine, Jan Hafley, Russ Dodge. ABOVE: The Juggler Staff: Ray Funk, Kevin O ' Connor, John Corey, Kathy Kelly, Michael Lonier, James Thorndon. 2O7 ABOVE: The Advertising, Production, Circulation, Feature, and Sports Staffs: top row: Peter Kernan, Frank Zaletel, Man Lam, John Kloos, George Adelo; second row: Bob Steinmetz. Bill Nichols, Robert Baker, Tom Devine, Rick Blower, Matt Cavanaugh, Jackie Schmizzl, Albert D ' An- tonio, Dan Sanchez, Al Rutherford, T. J. Clinton; third row: Pat Small, Clyde Iverson, Fred Graver; bottom row: Greg Corgan, Peggy Lawlor, John Fineran, Zenon Bidzinski. 2O8 bserver LEFT: The Observer Editorial Board: top row: Vic Dorr, Jerry Lutkus (editor-in- chief), Marlene Zloza, Tom Drape, Lee Gentine, Maria Gallagher, Joseph Abell, Pattie Cooney; bottom row: Butch Ward, Beth Hall, Dan Barrett, Kathy Schwille, Art Ferranti, Ann McCarry. BELOW: The News Staff: top row: Dave Kaminski, Gary Alli et- ta, Greg Rowinski, Bill Murphy, Greg Bangs, Andy Swanfeldt, Mark Derheimer, Pat Hanifin, Dan DeCoursey; middle row: Leanne Jacques, Jan Denefe, Mike Kulc- zyki, Tom Kruczek, Val Zurblls, Bill Sohn, Jack D ' Aurora, Kurt Heinz, Jackie Sim- mons, Jim Burke, Terry Keeney, Ken Bradford; bottom row: Judy Rauenhorst, Jane Thornton, Dave Lee, Phyllis Moseley, Jim Rosini, Rick Scharf, Rick Thues. 209 210 scholastic OPPOSITE, BELOW: The Scholastic Editorial Board: top row: Tom Qora, Kerry McNamara (editor-in-chief), Jim Purvis, Jack Wenke, Joe Runde, Pat Roach; bottom row: Tom Waldoch, Janet Cullen, Sally Stanton, John Phelan. ABOVE: The Scholastic Staff: top row: Tom Gora, Pat Hanifin, Joe Meyer, Mary Siegel, Jack Wenke, Betsy Dwyer, Kerry McNamara, Sally Stanton, Steve Shea, Nan Smith, Joe Runde, Ed Earle; middle row: Eileen O ' Grady, Katy Sullivan, Jean McQuillan, Rick Gering, Jim Purvis; bottom row: T. J. Clinton, Frank Coughlin, John Phelan, Jorge Lopez, Tom Waldoch, Janet Cullen. 211 music James Abowd Jeffrey Armstrong Mark August! Barry Bach rach Donald Banas Charles Batho Christopher ' erry Baum James Beery Joseph Bender Michael Bmdnei Edward Blieszre Cathy Borst Raymond Borus Bruce Brandle James Brennan Timothy Brosna Roger Brown ary Beth Brun ! oseph Buran Thomas Burk Christopher NIC Catrambone Terrence Cavanaugh Patrice Chei Thomas Clem Thomas Cle ChipClitheroe Tim Cole Joseph Conigliaro KentConness Francis Cronan Douglas Daley ial D ' Ant Michael D Michael Dolick James Donathen James Donnelly Thomas Enrico Arthur Esposito Richard Esposito Joseph Fahy Wtitiam Fallen Alan Fisher Sharon Fi x Peter Fries Richard Garrett Peter Geurt2 Carol Ghiglieri Paul Graf John Griffin William Grun Frederic Haa David Hager Richard Hanpeter Patty Harper Michael Hartman Theodore Hawkin Mathew G. Heitker Joseph Hickner Raymond Wnfl Michael Hoffman Phillip Hohler Harvey Humphrey Elizabeth Jaeger Frederick Jaeger ' illiam Jensen Tim Jordan Maureen Juranek Arthur Kahlich Bob Kast lean Ann Kaufman Richard Keen: John Koval Laurence LaFi John Lailey WiiliamjJBfrB William Christopher LipfCrd John Longo Peter Vachonis Paul Madden Jack Mardoian Paul Martins James Master: John Mathews Robert McColi Wayne McDow John McMaho andra Meier Mark Miller David Northrop Christopher Nye Jack O ' Brien David O ' Leary David Perna Peter Plotrowski Huch Porter Joseph Charles Quackenbush Mike Richter Rick Richter Steven Rieker Fred Roggero David Roney James Santay Kenneth Scarola James Shepley Richard Schlosser Susan Schoenherr Paul Scibona Michael Sierputowski Karen Sills Dennis Sliva John Snider Gail Spretnjak William Stahl Cynthia St Mark Stern William Sulli ' Robert Swanson Gregory Tabaczy Herbert Thiele Kenneth Victor Mark Vuono Theodore Wand Glen Warapius Kevin Warapius Chris Wiley James Wiltshire William Zak Frank Zalatel TOP: The Irish Guard: Frank Murnane, Tom Clemens, Jim Donnelly, Terry Cavanaugh, Chipi Clitheroe, Chuck Quackenbush, Tim Jordan, Mike Hoffman. Not pictured: Dick Keenan. ABOVE: The Notre Dame Marching Band. OPPOSITE, BELOW: The Notre Dame Glee Club. 212 Gene Aleci Jay Angeluzzi Frank Barrett Howard Bathon Ed Bourgeois Jeff Bruner John Callan Pat Caprio Tom Clinton Phil Conroy Gary Corpora Phil Con ringto Fabian De Si! Phil DeMig Gary Desien Marty Dinaen Ralph Dwyer Dan Duffey Julian Easter Clark Eide Paul Fisher Bruce Fortelka Jim Foster Bob Foster Ed Fritzen ( Mike Frommeyer Mark Gibson Mike Gorman Mike Greany Pete Guzzardo Tom Hackett Tom Hansen Mark Hanson John Harlan Bill Hillstrom Mike Hughes Jim Johnston Jim Karepin Gene Kasper .. " Charlie Kay Pat Kennedy Steve Kinnier Roger Klauer Jack Kuczynski TomLacny Erik Larson Brian Lemo Tom Lenz Phil Loebach Mike Maguire Bill Mahn Mike McCord Mike McGarry Sean McLinden Rich Minogue Pat Miskell John Moe Mike Momenee Craig Moreland John Murphy Greg O ' Toole Art Pantile Jay Parks Ted Paulding Greg Pecknam Bob Pedtke Matt Regan Jim Reid - - ' Nick Reislnger Tom Rooney Scott Sand ro likAavino . Shappel! I Shay g Spengel ick Strittmatter Rick Supik Scott Wahle Tim Walsh Gary Welteroth band glee club MARCHING BAND ... a tribute to leahy ... a trip to new Orleans . . . " Pittsburgh again? " . . . GLEE CLUB . . . visiting out west . . . caroling in badin . . .tv in Chicago . . . packing them in at keenan . . . UNIVERSITY CHORUS . . . " do we have to dress up? " . . . entertaining at scottsdale . . . second floor o ' shag . . .SACRED HEART CHAPEL CHOIR ... a Christ- mas extravaganza . . . " appreciating the classics " . . . POLYPHONIC CHOIR . . . " didn ' t know we had one " . . . cream of the crop. 213 polyphonic choir chapel choir RIGHT: The Notre Dame Polyphonic Choir. BELOW: The Notre Dame University Chorus. OPPOSITE, ABOVE: The Sacred Heart Chapel Choir. Lisa Gambim Maureer ienry Kathy Kelly ' Helen Kotnewiecz Eugene Makowski Kathmp Massey Shdflb ' Brien TerryO ' Rielly Tim Reid Mark Sears I Darlene Carello MaryAnneChapin Julian Easter Mary Ferrarf Tamara Fraley Mary Barga Anne Serges Sheila Bero Robert Boyd Michael Brouweler Frank Buczolich Geraldine Burke Dennis Casey Mary Charchut Josefina Danini Eugene DeJonge Mary Dondanville Ellen Duff Elten Duffy Jim Dwyer Julian Easter Mark Farrell Thomas Felts Ann Fink Paul Fisher Debra Foran James Foster Daniel Freeman Mimi Gordon Lawrence Guzowski Carole Hackett Cathy Hauersperger Maryann Hayes Jane Heinzmann Karen Hoare Linda Holleran Ellen Hughes JillJohnson Amy Johnston 3etsy Lamping Michelle Lapointe Thomas Lenz Gregory Mandolini Christin Marciniak Sandy Martin Jeanne Minahan Joseph Missbach Thomas Montell Ann Moore Ann Murphy Maureen Murphy Nonan Novak Maureen O ' Brien Sheila O ' Brien Judy Offerle Margaret O ' Grady Terry O ' Reilly Debbie Paul T. R. Paulding Laurie Peck Gregory Peck Susan Reis Ronald Ruffing Tawny Ryan Linda Sisson Pat Tack John Terrell Ramiro Travino Debbie VanDeWalle George Vosicky Thomas Walrath Maureen Walsh VI 214 Michael Almada Barbara Anthony Geraldine Burke Tom Burke Kevin Byrnes ; Catalino Michael Culhane Stephen Daday Wendy Duffy Chris Fahrenbach Steve Fenstermacher Mary Sue Freitag Matt hew Gallegos Catherine Harrown Martha Holmes Eugene Kasper Martha Lamplin Kevin Ledford Charles Marqua ; MikeMcCord Pam McCormick Debbie McGraw Dennis McNellis Marureen Mclaughlin Pat Metcalf Mary Mullaney Thomas Noe Nancy Nugent Melody Owens Elena Quintero Jan Rackish Rick Ramirez Steve Riendl S.Jane Russell S. Rosalie Sayn jf Andrew Schilling Margaret Smith Tim Snyder Greg Swehia Michael Wahoske Mary Beth Ward , Vernon Williams SueZwick university chorus 215 campus clubs AMATEUR RADIO . . . sending messages across con- tinents . . . " this is notre dame Indiana, not trance " . . . ASTRONOMY . . . stargazing from the observatory ... a great view of the dome . . . CHESS . . . " the intellectual sport " . . . keeping in shape for the tournaments . . . DEBATE . . . hours of research for a moment of glory . . . " where are we next weekend? " . . . FLYING IRISH . . . " you can ' t be a pilot in a classroom " . . . instructors and novices . . . INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ... a common bond of a distant home . . . guest speakers, seminars and colorful customs . . . KARATE . . . the up-and-coming sport . . . " what color are you? " ... a tourna- ment test . . . KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS . . . steak dinners and smokers . . . " there will be refreshments after the meeting " . . . helping the red cross and other charities . . . MECHA . . a membership list of lyrical names . . . studying and sharing a common heritage . . . NEW SCHOLASTIC FRONTIER ... a social and academic awakening ... an informal atmosphere for socializing and learning . . . PAN AMERICAN ... a grow- ing membership . . . recognizing the wider meaning of american . . . SKI . . . " we ' re a team, not a club " . . . weekends competing in places with more snow than south bend . . . gaining quick popularity . . . SOCIETY OF UJAAMA . . . sharing the cultural arts center . . . spreading the word on forgotten heroes and little-known history. mecha pan american new scholastic frontier 216 international students society of ujaama c frontief| OPPOSITE, TOP: Society of Ujaama members: Don Patton, Stanley White, Tom Hampton, Randall Philipps. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: Pan American Club members: top row: Pedro Rullan, Jorge Vallarino, Luis Cardenal, Raul Aleman; bottom row: Gabriel Cardenal, Edgar- do Urritia (president), Juan Garcia de Paredes, Rene Orlllac, Jose Fabrega. TOP: MECHA members: Robert Gomez, Martha Vazquez, Manuel Avila, Alfred Tavera, Roger Varela, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Joe Garza, Wesley Vargas, Tony Molina, Mike Lopez, Ramiro Alcaia Trevino. LEFT: International Students Organization officers: Taheerah Haq, Larry Slmoes, Warren Yau (president). ABOVE: New Scholastic Frontier Society members: Lary Jones. Don Pat- ton, Barry Rogers, Ronnie Newkirk. 217 amateur radio knights of columbus K9VRU TOP: The Knights of Columbus: top row: Dave Thackston, Jim Demarre, Tom Dechant, John Tennant, Denny Moran; bottom row: Donald Trayer, Tom Dlabal, John Conlon, Dan Sullivan, Tom Klein. 218 57W debate chess OPPOSITE, BOTTOM: The Notre Dame Chess Club: top row: Paul Bolduc, Rick Compa, Loring Hannah, Chris Kohlmiller. Jerry Mondello; bottom row: Frank Pilotte, Joe Webster, Ronald Goldstein. ABOVE: The Notre Dame Debate Team: top row: Rich Hughes, John Borkowski, John Flanagan, Terry Salazar, Mark Berens, Dave Hayes, Jeff Rajchel; bottom row: Henry Rogers, Jim Rowley, Bill Hillstrom, Dave Thackston, John Walovich, Maggie Doherty, Denlse Wilt, Mark Zengey, Tony Pan- dolfo, Nancy Bremer, John Lund, Norm Lerum. Not pictured: Mike Anderson. 219 Jeff Armstrong Peter Bartzen Mike Boland Dave Buczynski Ed Byrne Phil Byrne Craig D ' Ambra Tom Day Linda Eladowski John Goss Nora Grace Annie Hawkins Michael Hazard John Hellmuth BobHellmuth Matt Heifer Dave Kolsun John Kunzweiler Steve L ' Heureux Joan McClain Kris Meyer Coletta Miller Dennis O ' Brien Bill Potter Judy Rauenhorst Stan Ripcho Wayne Schaefer Janel Schliesmann David Shaheen Marita Spadola Angela Speranza Sharon Sullivan Mary Anne Tokarz Linda Wilbert Bob Williams Gordon Wilson ABOVE: The Notre Dame Ski Team. RIGHT: The Notre Dame Astronomy Club: Paul Kubiak, Brendan Ryan, Dick van Effen, Mike Ryan, Bill Jensen. 220 BELOW: The Notre Dame Karate Club Officers: Michael Lillenthal, George Alvisio (president), Gregg White, Timothy Richardson, Ray- mond L. Sell. BELOW, LEFT: The Flying Irish Club: top row: Greg Rosalia, Ralph St. Clair, Dave Sinak, Sean Hanrahan, Ken Denbow (flight instructor); second row: Guy Chambers, Andy Azzara, Rich Kane, Jeff True, Don Deutsch; third row: Kersh Pundole, Chris Schweitzer, Trish She perd, Marc Clark, John Butler, Lew Soens (faculty advisor); bottom row: Fred Lax, Cliff Walton (president), Ralph Skowron. astronomy flying Irish karate ski team 221 CLASS OF 1974 A Year to Remember SCRATCH " THE. -i 966 YEAR I JOHN WOOOCN , PIP NOTRE DAME .SINCERELY 223 Dennis Abele Westchester, Pennsylvania B.S. Engineering Science Joseph D. Abell Dallas, Texas A.B. English Gregory E. Aiello Syosset, New York A.B. American Studies Robert P. Alberg Rosedale, New York B.S. Preprofessional Michael H. Aldl Meriden. Connecticut A.B. Sociology Stephen Alicandro Shrewsbury, Massachusetts B.S. Architecture Gary W. Allietta Shadyside, Ohio A.B. English Joseph Alvarado East Chicago, Indiana A.B. Economics Christopher A ma to Norwalk, Ohio A.B. Modern Languages Susan L. Andersen New York, New York A.B. Economics Clifford Anderson San Marino, California A.B. English John M. Anderson McAllen, Texas B.B.A. Management Therese M. Anderson Glenview, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Nathaniel A. Angel Columbus, Ohio A.B. Government Jay D. Angeluzzl Parkersburg, West Virginia B.S. Preprofessional Kristine W. Anhut Farmington, Michigan B.B.A. Management William F. Anhut Ypsilanti, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Frederic J. Antczak Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. English Mark D. Antkowlcz Shawnee Mission, Kansas B.S. Mathematics Errol D. Antonides Monmouth, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Duane E. Arbegust Louisville, Kentucky B.B.A. Marketing Ann F. Arbour Baton Rouge, Louisiana A.B. American Studies Richard D. Arconti Danbury, Connecticut A.B. Economics Richard R. Aselage Creve Coeur, Missouri B.B.A. Accounting 224 Paul F. Aspan Chicago, Illinois A.B. Theology Michael W. Attley Hinsdale, Illinois A.B. American Studies John R. Aube Losaltos, California A.B. Government Timothy P. Aust Milan, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Joseph Austin Lake Forest, Illinois A.B. Government Sean J. Austin Wilbraham, Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting Manuel J. Avila Tehachapi, California A.B. Government Paul G. Backes South Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Jeffrey M. Bacsik Fairlawn, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Dennis J. Baglier Youngstown, Ohio B.B.A. Management Paul A. Balon Charleston, West Virginia B.B.A. Management Thomas H. Balon Manchester, New Hampshire B.S. Mechanical Engineering Walter A. Balon Lackawanna, New York B.S. Preprofessional Richard P. Baltz Hermitage, Tennessee A.B. Government Willie J. Banner Concord, North Carolina A.B. Speech and Drama George S. Baranko Chesterton, Indiana B.S. Physics Fred C. Baranowski El Cajon, California B.B.A. Finance Ma ry E. Barnes Aurora, Illinois B.S. Biology Daniel A. Barrett Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan B.S. Preprofessional Paul M. Barrett Anaheim, California A.B. Psychology Gery J. Barry Garrett, Indiana B.S. Mathematics Michael Bartkowski Cicero, Illinois B.S. Biology Klemens S. Bartosik South Bend, Indiana A.B. Sociology Peter J. Bartzen Duluth, Minnesota A.B. Preprofessional 225 George H. Bathon Elkton, Maryland B.S. Chemical Engineering David P. Batow Wilmette, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Stephen G. Bauchman Idaho Falls, Idaho B.B.A. Finance James P. Baudler Chicago, Illinois B.S. Electrical Engineering Christopher F. Bauer Lakewood, Ohio B.S. Chemistry John M. Bava Orchard Park, New York B.B.A. Accounting Kenneth L. Bean Orland Park. Illinois B.S. Mechanical Engineering Michael S. Becker Hanover, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Thomas A. Beckett Bellevue. Nebraska B.B.A. Management Gerald M. Beckles Central Islip. New York A.B. Art Steven P. Beecher Rochester, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Daniel F. Bekavac Clairton, Pennsylvania A.B. American Studies Judith C. Belcuore Chatam Township, New Jersey A.B. Sociology David A. Bell Highland, Indiana B.B.A. Management Thomas E. Benck Manhattan, Illinois A.B. Psychology 226 Joseph F. Bender Bethlehem, Pennsylvania A.B. Modern Languages Thomas E. Benedict Binghamton, New York A.B. English Agustin R. Benitez Mexico City, Mexico B.B.A. Management Robert Benkendorf Bushnell, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Ambrose W. Benkert New York, New York A.B. American Studies John E. Bennett Staten Island, New York B.B.A. Accounting Michael R. Benson Grand Junction, Colorado B.S. Biology Douglas R. Berg Auburn, Indiana B.S. Aerospace Engineering Anne E. Bernard Kenton, Ohio A.B. General Program David J. Bettez Lexington, Kentucky A.B. History Paul C. Betz Toledo, Ohio B.B.A. Finance Donald Biancamano Dover, Ohio B.S. Electrical Engineering Dominic P. Bianco North Woodmere, New York A.B. Economics Joseph G. Billmeier Pennington, New Jersey A.B. Government Michael T. Bindner Indianapolis, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Richard W. Biniasz Marietta, Georgia B.B.A. Management Delmar R. Birch Erie, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management Thomas J. Black Clayton, New York B.S. Preprofessional Peter C. Blyth Gulf Breeze, Florida B.S. Chemistry William E. Boblick Carlinvile, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Gary E. Bockrath Columbus Grove, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Joseph M. Boetto Joliet, Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering Peter J. Bohlander Morris, Illinois B.S. Chemistry Thomas A. Bole Gary, Indiana B.S. Chemistry 227 Thomas J. Bolger Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Francis J. Boiler West Covina, California A.B. Psychology Vidonia Boney Savannah, George A.B. Sociology John H. Bonk Batavia. New York A.B. Modern Languages Marion Borowiecki Chicago. Illinois B.S. Mechanical Engineering Raymond A. Borus Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert C. Bosack Chicago, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Carl W. Bosch Middletown. New York A.B. General Program Richard T. Bostwick Catonsville. Maryland A.B. History Kurt P. Bottjer Orinda, California B.S. Biology Clifford Bourie Longmeadow. Massachusetts A.B. Psychology Alexander W. Bowens Boston, Massachusetts A.B. Sociology Edward T. Bower Indianapolis. Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Stephen F. Boy Saugus. Massachusetts A.B. General Program John J. Boyd Severna Park, Maryland A.B. General Program Susan M. Boyer Oil City, Pennsylvania A.B. Psychology Matthew Boylan Westfield, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Patrick E. Boyle Massillon, Ohio A.B. Psychology 228 JJ P ai David E. Boynton Milford, Connecticut A.B. Economics James A. Bracke Moline, Illinois A.B. Sociology Kevin M. Bradley Wilmington, Delaware A.B. General Program Brian R. Brady Mount Prospect, Illinois A.B. Economics Peter L. Brady Edwardsburg, Michigan B.S. Civil Engineering Marc A. Brammer McLean, Virginia A.B. Economics Michael Brauweiler Arlington Heights, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting James P. Breen Palatine, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Daniel Brennan Akron, Ohio B.S. Chemistry James F. Brennan Olmsted Township, Ohio A.B. Anthropology Michael G. Brennan Oak Lawn, Illinois A.B. Modern Languages Robert A. Brennan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. Preprofessional William R. Brennan Sycamore, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Mark Brenneman York, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Marketing Samuel M. Brice Annapolis, Maryland B.S. Civil Engineering Mark T. Bright Sparta, New Jersey A.B. Preprofessional Dale T. Brinkman Worthington. Ohio A.B Government Stephen Brischetto St. Louis. Missouri A.B. English 229 Dean M. Brockmole Evansville. Indiana B.S. Preprofessional William Broderick Northport, New York B.B.A. Finance Patrick J. Brody Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofessional Timothy M. Brosnan Fremont, California A.B. English Martin E. Broussard Beaumont, Texas B.B.A. Accounting Alan C. Brown Cranford, New Jersey A.B. Government Henry A. Brown Columbia, South Carolina B.B.A. Accounting John B. Brunelle South Holland, Illinois A.B. Art Bernard M. Budd Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.B.A. Management Andrew J. Budris South Plainfield, New Jersey B.B.A. Management Donald P. Buening St. Paul, Indiana A.B. Psychology William A. Buess Brookfield, Illinois A.B. Government Thomas Buffamante Salamanca, New York B.B.A. Accounting Thomas F. Bulger Troy, New York A.B. History Patricia A. Bullers Wilmette, Illinois B.S. Biology James F. Bullock Tulsa, Oklahoma A.B. English Edward M. Bumbacco Ontario, Canada B.B.A. Marketing Thomas E. Bundy Erie, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Patricia J. Burger Iowa City, Iowa B.S. Mathematics Richard B. Burke Harlan, Iowa A.B. General Program Vincent D. Burke St. Louis, Missouri B.S. Preprofessional Joseph T. Burkot New Castle, Pennsylvania B.S. Earth Sciences Regis P. Burlas Massillon, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Michael Burtscher Mogadore, Ohio A.B. Sociology Mary D. Busch St. Louis, Missouri A.B. American Studies Edward C. Bush Grosse Isle, Michigan B.S. Biology Michael K. Bush Davenport, Iowa A.B. Government Paul G. Bushelman Okeana, Ohio B.S. Civil Engineering Philip J. Byrne Cheshire, Connecticut B.B.A. Marketing Kathleen A. Cahill Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Patricia A. Cahill Painted Post, New York B.S. Biology Kevin S. Calabria West Reading, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional James A. Callahan Saint Louis, Missouri A.B. English James P. Callahan Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.B.A. Management Jon M. Callahan Tampa, Florida A.B. Sociology Thomas D. Callahan West Hartford, Connecticut A.B. History John A. Callan Woodward, Iowa B.S. Civil Engineering Adam P. Calusic Oak Ridge, New Jersey A.B. Preprofessional Charles A. Camalier Potomac. Maryland B.B.A. Management Steven T. Campbell Wichita, Kansas A.B. Art Thomas J. Campbell Bellwood, Illinois B.S. Chemical Engineering Timothy P. Campbell New Rochelle. New York B.B.A. Finance 231 Peter Campochiaro Camajoharie, New York B.S. Preprofessional John F. Canna South Holland, Illinois A.B. American Studies Pasquale 0. Caprio New Haven, Connecticut B.S. Biology Joseph F. Carava Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Finance George W. Carberry Crown Point, Indiana A.B. Government Charles S. Cardillo Massapequa Park, New York A.B. American Studies Sharon A. Carey Alexandria, Virginia B.B.A. Marketing Joseph A. Cari Evergreen Park, Illinois A.B. Sociology John D. Carnes Huntington, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional Sheila M. Carney Lake Forest, Illinois A.B. Psychology Thomas J. Carney Laguna Beach, California A.B. Economics Diane M. Carpentier Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan B.S. Architecture Frank A. Carroll Alexandria, Virginia A.B. Government Kathleen A. Carroll Bay City, Michigan A.B. Philosophy Steven P. Carroll Columbus, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Thomas F. Carroll Lincroft, New Jersey A.B. American Studies Robert Carsello Chicago, Illinois A.B. General Program Paul T. Carson Boise, Idaho B.S. Mechanical Engineering Stephen J. Carter Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.B.A. Management David M. Caruso Saint Mary ' s, Pennsylvania A.B. Preprofessional Stephen R. Case Columbus, Ohio A.B. Modern Languages Daniel K. Casey Miami, Florida B.B.A. Management Patrick M. Casey Detroit, Michigan A.B. Economics David J. Casper Chilton, Wisconsin A.B. Economics Gary L. Caster Escondido, California B.B.A. Marketing James R. Cauley Brookfield, Wisconsin A.B. American Studies Matthew Cavanaugh Klamath Falls, Oregon B.S. Civil Engineering John W. Cavers Arlington Heights, Illinois B.S. Mathematics Richard J. Cea Brooklyn, New York A.B. Government Ihor J. Cehelsky Parma, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Christopher A. Ceraso Leechburg, Pennsylvania A.B. Speech and Drama Cynthia R. Ceraso Glen Ellyn, Illinois A.B. History Philip J. Cernanec Parma, Ohio B.S. Mathematics John R. Chauvin Falls Church, Virginia B.S. Preprofessional Samuel J. Chmell Elmwood Park, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Robert A. Chong Waimanalo. Hawaii A.B. Government 233 George Christopher McLean, Virginia A.B. Preprofessional Michael R. Christopher Lakewood. Ohio A.B. History Edward T. Chute Riverside, Connecticut A.B. English Lawrence M. Cima Oak Park, Illinois A.B. General Program Robert M. Cimino Omaha, Nebraska B.B.A. Management Anne Cisle Hamilton, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Peter M. Ciulla Waldwick, New Jersey A.B. English Thomas K. Clancy South Bend, Indiana A.B. Philosophy Richard N. Clark Kankakee, Illinois A.B. Preprofessional Henry C. Clarke Wayzata, Minnesota A.B. English Robert R. Cleary Grosse Point Shores, Michigan A.B. General Program John W. Cleaver Mishawaka, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing Paul F. Clemens Tell City, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Peter A. Clemens Tell City, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Thomas Clement Englewood, Colorado A.B. Philosophy Thomas J. Clinton Sidney, Ohio B.S. Chemistry 234 SANDWICHES Milo M. Coccimiglio Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania B.B.A. Marketing Patrick M. Coleman Anoka, Minnesota B.B.A. Finance Robert S. Coleman Westbury, New York A.B. Psychology Matthew J. Colgan Peoria, Illinois A.B. Economics Michael C. Colleran Youngstown, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Robert J. Colligan Bethel Park, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional James B. Collins Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. Psychology John W. Collins Westport, Connecticut A.B. Economics Leonard C. Collins Chevy Chase, Maryland A.B. Government John M. Comeau South Bend, Indiana A.B. English Kenneth Conant Minneapolis, Minnesota B.S. Chemistry Noel L. Concepcion Jonestown Tamuning, Guam B.S. Biology Paul M. Condon Edina. Minnesota B.B.A. Management John K. Conlon New York. New York B.S. Electrical Engineering 1 Mark D. Conneely Sterling, Illinois B.S. Mechanical Engineering Neil B. Connelly North White Plains. New York A.B. Government 235 Robert E. M. Connolly Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. Government William E. Connor Scotch Plains, New Jersey B.S. Mathematics Alfred C. Constants Oakland, New Jersey A.B. Psychology Richard L. Conti Lincolnwood, Illinois A.B. Psychology Harold E. Conway Garden City, New York B.B.A. Accounting Stephen S. Conway Paris, France B.B.A. Accounting Thomas J. Conway Cumberland, Rhode Island B.S. Chemistry Mark A. Cooper Greenhills. Ohio B.Arch., Architecture Thomas E. Cooper Manhasset, New York B.B.A. Marketing Darrell G. Coppin Chicago. Illinois A.B. Government Michael J. Corcoran Mamaroneck, New York B.B.A. Accounting John M. Cornelius Mountain View, California B.S. Mathematics Gary J. Corpora Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemical Engineering Michael J. Corrigan Rochester, Minnesota B.S. Physics Christopher P. Corrini Teaneck, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Joseph S. Coselli Houston, Texas B.S. Preprofessional Keith J. Cotter Bellmore, New York B.B.A. Marketing Michael A. Cottone Normal, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional 236 Philip Courington Columbus, Georgia A.B. American Studies John A. Coury Port Huron, Michigan A.B. English Glenn V. Cover Elizabeth, Pennsylvania B.S. Physics James F. Cox Bangor, Maine A.B. Government Robert J. Cox Akron, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Dennis G. Coyle Hackensack, New Jersey A.B. Preprofessional John W. Cramer Birmingham, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Donald R. Creehan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemical Engineering Thomas J. Creevey Mishawaka, Indiana A.B. Economics . Timothy Creighton Westchester, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Michael A. Crennen Denver, Colorado B.B.A. Accounting Stephen Crilly Makati, Philippines B.B.A. Management Marie E. Cristaldi Washington, D.C. B.S. Mathematics Michael Crittenden Washington, D.C. B.S. Preprofessional Daniel R. Cronin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management Kevin A. Crowley White Plains, New York A.B. Economics William J. Cuff Newburyport, Massachusetts A.B. Government Janet M. Cullen Chicago. Illinois A.B. Modern Languages 237 Jeffrey A. Cuneo Columbus, Ohio A.B. History Anthony S. Curro Biddeford, Maine B.S. Mechanical Engineering Steven O. Curry Edina, Minnesota B.B.A. Marketing Robert F. Dailey Notre Dame, Indiana B.S. Mathematics Patrick J. Daley Park Ridge, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Gerald T. Dallessio Somerville, New Jersey A.B. Sociology Raymond Dalton Sturgis, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Tony 0. Damon N. Baltimore, Ohio A.B. Fine Arts Terrance L. Daniels Walworth, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Albert V. Danza Brooklyn, New York B.B.A. Marketing John F. Darling Fulton, New York A.B. Preprofessional Eugene T. Daro Chicago, Illinois A.B. English Michael J. Dault Muskegon, Michigan B.S. Chemistry Joan Dautremont Lima, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Timothy R. Davern Macomb, Illinois A.B. Government Anthony C. Day Binghamton, New York B.B.A. Management 238 Thomas V. Dechant North Haven, Connecticut B.B.A. Accounting Stephen Decoursey Prairie Village, Kansas A.B. General Program Kenneth De Croos Powell River, Canada B.S. Mechanical Engineering Matthew J. Dee Lima, Ohio A.B. American Studies Molly E. Dee Lima, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Gregg A. Delisle Huntsville, Alabama B.S. Preprofessional Timothy E. Demarais South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing James E. Demartini Detroit, Michigan B.B.A. Management James A. Dematteis St. Petersburg, Florida B.S. Preprofessional Thomas G. Deorio Cleveland Heights, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Jean K. Derbes Metairie, Louisianna B.B.A. Marketing Mark J. Derheimer Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. Government Richard J. Derr Plainview, New York A.B. Psychology Stephen T. Deshon Akron, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Claude Devaney Clinton, Massachusetts A.B. American Studies Christopher A. Devcich Upper Saddle River, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing " 239 Thomas A. Devine Jackson, Michigan B.B.A. Finance David W. Devita Lima, Ohio A.B. Government Marie T. Devitt LaGrange, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Eugene C. Diamond Palos Park, Illinois A.B. Government Richard Dickinson Chicago, Illinois A.B. History Robert Dieckelman Elm Grove, Wisconsin B.S. Aerospace Engineering Hal T. Dietrick Murrysville, Pennsylvania B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael J. Dillon Colorado Springs, Colorado A.B. Psychology Gary J. Diminick Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering Martin K. Dineen Penfield, New York B.S. Preprofessional Thomas A. Dlabal Independence, Missouri B.S. Preprofessional John W. Dobbertin Rochester, New York B.B.A. Accounting George G. Doby Union, New Jersey B.S. Mechanical Engineering Abelardo L. Docal Miami Shores, Florida A.B. Government Kevin P. Dockrell Gaithersburg, Maryland A.B. History Russell J. Dodge Chatham, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing John L. Doellman Fairfield, Ohio B.S. Mathematics Ann T. Doherty Greenville, South Carolina B.B.A. Marketing John C. Donhauser Chicago, Illinois B.S. Electrical Engineering Charles A. Donovan Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. English Richard E. Donovan Rumson, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Robert E. Donovan Concord, Massachusetts A.B. Government William T. Donovan Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts B.S. Preprofessional Daniel J. Doody Wheaton, Illinois A.B. English 24O I ' i H Michael F. Dooley Bethesda, Maryland B.S. Mathematics William P. Doran Manhasset, New York A.B. History Richard M. Dorosh West Palm Beach, Florida B.S. Preprofessional Victor O. Dorr Richmond, Virginia A.B. American Studies Thomas D. Drake Findlay, Ohio A.B. Economics Richard F. Drelick Oil City, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Vickie J. Driscoll Houston, Texas A.B. English Denis T. Dubay Baltimore, Maryland B.S. Biology John G. Dube Pepperell, Maine A.B. History Richard C. Dube Scotch Plains, New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering Robert J. Duchek Florissant, Missouri A.B. American Studies George Duchossois Flossmoor, Illinois B.S. Mathematics Christopher J. Dudeck Campbell, California A.B. Government Mary V. Duesterberg Vincennes, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing Daniel J. Duttey Richardson, Texas B.S. Preprofessional Tracy L. Duffin Plainfield, Indiana B.S. Biology Kathleen A. Duffy Hinsdale, Illinois A.B. General Program Stephen B. Duffy Hinsdale, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting 241 Michael J. Duncan Brooklyn, New York A.B. Government Michael E. Dunphy Antigonish, N.S., Canada B.B.A. Finance Peter M. Dureska Canton, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Robert J. Dutka White Pigeon, Michigan A.B. Government Elizabeth J. Dwyer Elmhurst. Illinois A.B. English Patrick J. Dwyer North Bangor, New York A.B. Government Peter F. Dziuban Clinton, Connecticut B.B.A. Management Edward W. Earle New Rochelle, New York A.B. History Julian F. Easter Lorain, Ohio A.B. Music Thomas M. Eberhart New Canaan, Connecticut A.B. American Studies Thomas J. Eichler Syracuse, New York A.B. American Studies Clark Eide Fort Dodge, Iowa B.B.A. Finance Linda S. Elliott North Plainfield, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting David B. Elmore Oxnard, California B.S. Biology Edward J. Elum Massillon, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting William F. English Maple Shade, New Jersey A.B. Sociology Thomas W. Enrico Wappingers Falls, New York A.B. Mathematics Donald S. Enright Boulder, Colorado A.B. Modern Language James H. Ernst Cherry Hill, New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering Richard J. Esposito Garfield, New Jersey A.B. Preprofessional 242 Richard M. Esposto Avella, Pennsylvania B.S. Mechanical Engineering Robert T. Esser Racine, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Barry M. Ethier Woonsocket, Rhode Island B.S. Preprofessional Dennia P. Etienne Tell City, Indiana A.B. Government Constance A. Etter Lafayette , Indiana B.B.A. Finance Timothy S. Evert Euclid, Ohio A.B. English Albert C. Exner Waukesha, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofessional Juan C. Fabrega Panama City, Panama B.S. Chemical Engineering Robert Fahrenbach Glenview, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Robert M. Fair Fort Hood, Texas B.B.A. Finance James P. Fairbairn Chicago, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Kevin W. Fanning Milton, Maine A.B. History Paul J. Farley San Rafael, California B.S. Biology Robert J. Farley Bellerose, New York B.S. Biology Michael P. Farrelly Massapequa Park, New York B.S. Electrical Engineering James F. Farrington Norwalk, Connecticut B.S. Chemical Engineering Thomas P. Faught Elmira, New York A.B. English Terence M. Fee Bellwood. Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Patrick J. Feeney Newark. Delaware A.B. Government S. D. Fenstermacher Oil City, Pennsylvania A.B. Government 243 William Fenton Silver Spring, Maryland A.B. Sociology Thomas C. Fenzl Lockport, New York B.S. Preprofessional Juan C. Fernandez De Flamboyan Bay, Puerto Rico A.B. Government Arthur J. Ferranti Menlo Park, California A.B. Sociology Mary A. Ferrari St. Anne, Illinois A.B. Modern Language Robert P. Ferraris Ridgewood, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Gary J. Ferraro Harrison, New York A.B. Psychology Thomas P. Ferry Lancaster, New York B.B.A. Management Richard S. Figliola Wil, Delaware B.S. Aerospace Engineering Kevin J. Finan Tulsa, Oklahoma A.B. General Program Eugene Fineran Livingston, New Jersey A.B. American Studies Mary K. FinKe Kettering, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Anthony Fiorentino Albertson, New York B.B.A. Marketing James N. Fischer Carmichael, California A.B. American Studies Charles Fiscina Mazlet, New Jersey B.S. Aerospace Engineering Edward J. Fishburne Washington D.C. A.B. Economics 244 Marc L. Fisher Fort Madison, Iowa B.S. Preprofessional James S. Fister Riverdale, Illinois B.S. Chemical Engineering Kevin M. Fitzgerald Highland Lakes, New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering Michael Fitzgerald Seattle, Washington A.B. American Studies Thomas Fitzgerald Balto, Maryland B.S. Biology Paul F. Fitzpatrick Stoneham, Massachusetts A.B. Government John T. Fitzsimmons Vestal, New York B.B.A. Marketing James W. Fitzsimons Mt. Prospect, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Lawrence Flaherty Massapequa, New York B.S. Preprofessional Donald M. Flake Hopkins, Minnesota B.B.A. Accounting Kevin F. Flanagan Toledo, Ohio A.B. Art Mary S. Flanagan Columbus, Ohio A.B. History Richard L. Flanagan Oak Lawn, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Stephen M. Flannery Oradell, New Jersey A.B. Economics John H. Flannigan Chicago, Illinois A.B. English Charles R. Flood Woodstock, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Thomas P. Flood Monroe, Louisiana B.B.A. Accounting James P. Flynn St. Louis, Missouri B.B.A. Accounting 245 John S. Flynn Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. Economics Michael J. Flynn Clarendon Hills, Illinois A.B. English David A. Fodness South Bend, Indiana B. Arch., Architecture Edmond I. Foley South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Franci J. Foley Youngstown, Ohio A.B. Theology Oscar E. Fonseca Los Angeles, California A.B. Modern Languages Joseph J. Ford Harrison, New Jersey B.S. Chemistry David R. Foster Morgantown, West Virginia A.B. Theology Richard J. Foster Memphis, Tennessee B.B.A. Accounting Robert C. Foster Red Bank, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Stephen H. Fralish Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Civil Engineering Mark A. Fredette Birmingham, Alabama B.S. Electrical Engineering James P. Freeman Chicago, Illinois B.S. Mathematics Michael A. Fressola Staten Island, New York A.B. General Program Joseph A. Frick Baltimore, Maryland A.B. Sociology Michael C. Frick South Bend, Indiana A.B. Government Mark E. Frisse Highland, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional David Fronczak Gary, Indiana B. Arch. Architecture 246 Joseph J. Furjanic Steelton, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemical Engineering Robert C. Furman Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance John N. Fyda Boardman, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Kathleen E. Fyda Boardman, Ohio B.S. Mathematics John Gaal Merrick, New York A.B. Government James M. Gaither Evansville, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional Thomas A. Galib Somerset, Massachusetts B.S. Physics Lawrence Gallagher Palos Park, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting John P. Gallogly Snug Harbor, Rhode Island A.B. General Program J. Scott Galloway Neenah, Wisconsin A.B. History Samuel J. Galloway Wheaton, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting John A. Gambone Canton, Ohio A.B. Sociology Mary L. Ganz Corpus Christi, Texas A.B. Preprofessional Edward M. Garbarino Pompton Plains, New Jersey B.B.A. Finance Walter D. Gaisor Chicago, Illinois A.B. American Studies Todd R. Gattuso Olean, New York B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Michael T. Gaule Jacksonville, Florida A.B. Anthropology John C. Gawne Oak Park, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting 247 Richard J. Gazdayka Fari Lawn, New Jersey A.B. General Program Joseph H. Gaziano Rockford, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Arthur A. Geis Massillon, Ohio A.B. Psychology Michael Geisinger Parma, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Robert W. Geist Mishawaka. Indiana B.S. Biology John T. Geneczko Bay City, Michigan B.S. Preprofessional Lee M. Gentine Plymouth, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Joseph A. Gerling Columbus, Ohio B.S. Chemical Engineering Robert T. Germaine Quincy, Massachusetts B.B.A. Modern Languages Robert B. German! Trenton, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Stanley M. Gerrity San Diego, California B.S. Mathematics Joseph H. Gerry Brockton, Massachusetts B.S. Chemical Engineering Catherine Ghiglieri Toluca, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Kerry K. Gibson Charlotte, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting R ichard E. Gilleran Helena, Montana A.B. Government Patrick F. Gilligan North Caldwell, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Richard J. Gilloon Dubuque, Iowa A.B. History Steven P. Gilmore Marion, Ohio B.S. Mechanical Engineering Gary A. Giovino Buffalo, New York A.B. Psychology Guido C. Girolami Niles, Illinois A.B. Government 248 Scott J. Gjovik Sandwich, Illinois A.B. Economics Jerome F. Glinka Toledo, Ohio B.S. Chemistry Earl F. Clock Johnstown, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Robert A. Golden Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Jose L. Gonzalez San Antonio, Texas A.B. English R. Goodwin Harrisburg, Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology Thomas A. Gora Downers Grove, Illinois A.B. Modern Languages Teryl R. Gorrell Salina, Kansas A.B. General Program Glen A. Gorski San Bernardino, California B.S. Civil Engineering Stephen P. Grady Camp Hill, Pennsylvania A.B. Preprofessional Edward A. Graham Butler, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Kevin J. Graham Hopkins, Minnesota A.B. American Studies Michael J. Graham Vienna, West Virginia B.S. Biology Phil A. Grau Milwaukee, Wisconsin B. Arch. Architecture David K. Gray Bloomfield Hills, Michigan A.B. English Edward W. Gray Maumee, Ohio A.B. English Frank Graziano Williamsville, New York B.S. Preprofessional Salvatore Graziano Williamsville, New York A.B. Bachelor of Fine Arts Michael G. Green Rochester, New York A.B. Economics Larry A. Greer South Bend, Indiana A.B. Art 249 Joseph R. Greff Houston, Texas B.B.A. Marketing Consuelo R. Greiwe Tampa, Florida A.B. English Joseph M. Griffin Midland, Michigan A.B. General Program David R. Grimmer Bay Village. Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Robert P. Griswold Hornell, New York B.S. Preprofessional Robert J. Grob Elmhurst, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Richard J. Grogan Toledo, Ohio B.S. Mechanical Engineering James E. Grubbe Woodbridge, Virginia B.B.A. Accounting Frank S. Guarrieri Cornwells, Pennsylvania A.B. Psychology James 0. Guerra Buffalo, New York A.B. Economics Robert L. Guerra McAllen, Texas A.B. Government Robert Gunning Lowell, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Theodore J. Gusman Gretna, Louisiana B.S. Civil Engineering Gary M. Gutt Phoenix, Arizona B.S. Physics Peter J. Guzzardo Kewanee, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting James A. Haesche Rocky Hill, Connecticut B.S. Electrical Engineering John J. Hafer Point Washington, New York B.B.A. Marketing Vivian M. Haferd Gallon, Ohio B.S. Mathematics Joseph C. Hafner Detroit, Michigan B. Arch., Architecture John J. Hagerty Toledo, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Michael L. Hagerty San Mateo, California B.B.A. Marketing John L. Hall Syracuse, New York B.B.A. Accounting Douglas P. Hanbry Edinborough, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Marc S. Hamel Taunton, Massachusetts A.B. Theology 250 Allen J. Hamilton Houma, Louisiana B.S. Mechanical Engineering William B. Hampton Darlington, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional Seung Shik Han Union City, New Jersey B.B.A. Management Terrence P. Hannigan Flourtown, Pennsylvania B.S. Electrical Engineering Thomas H. Hannigan Concord, New Hampshire B.S. Chemical Engineering David L. Hansen Chicago, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Richard L. Hansen Waterloo, Iowa A.B. English Thomas J. Hansen Erie, Pennsylvania A.B. Economics Thomas W. Hansen Joliet, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Mark E. Hanson Joliet, Illinois A.B. English Roger A. Harden Detroit, Michigan B.S. Chemistry Thomas J. Harmon Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S. Preprofessional Kevin Harnisch Poland, Ohio A.B. Government Thomas Harris Gary, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Jeffrey P. Hart Westwood. Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting 251 William E. Hart Birmingham, Michigan B.B.A. Finance William P. Hart Rochester, New York A.B. Economics William D. Hartlein New Milford, New Jersey A.B. History Gary G. Hartman Wayne, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemical Engineering Michael J. Hartmann Shoreham, New York B.S. Electrical Engineering Daniel T. Hartnett Aurora, Illinois A.B. General Program Thomas L. Hartwig Butler, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering Kevin F. Has Bayside, New York B.S. Civil Engineering James J. Hasse Syracuse, Indiana A.B. Psychology James K. Hastings Norwood, Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting John M. Hathaway Columbus, Ohio B.S. Mechanical Engineering John B. Hattrup Sharpsville, Pennsylvania B.S. Earth Sciences Edgar H. Haug Holbrook, New York B.S. Chemical Engineering Oerrell Hauser Columbus, Ohio B.S. Electrical Engineering George D. Hayduk Factoryville, Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology Patrick J. Hayes Kalamazoo, Michigan A.B. Sociology Thomas A. Heck Brookville, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional John J. Heeney Fords, New Jersey B .B.A. Accounting 252 Jeffrey C. Hein Cinncinati, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting William J. Heineman Rockville, Maryland B.S. Mathematics Paul B. Heintz Clinton, New York A.B. Economics Kurt J. Heinz South Bend, Indiana A.B. History Robert L. Hellmuth Springfield, Ohio B.B.A. Management Paul K. Helstern Valley Street, New York B.B.A. Accounting Mary K. Heltzel Warren, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Robert Hendricks Montvale, New Jersey B.B.A. Management William Hendricks Geneva, New York B.S. Earth Sciences William F. Henkel Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Thomas A. Hennigan Scottsdale, Arizona B.S. Preprofessional Thomas J. Hennrikus Oxen Hill, Maryland A.B. English Anthony J. Herrera Albuquerque, New Mexico A.B. Bachelor of Fine Arts Michael A. Hess Treasure Island, Florida A.B. Government Peter A. Hessling South Bend, Indiana A.B. History Thomas E. Hesson Suffern, New York B.S. Preprofessional Robert F. Hettinger Oak Park, Illinois A.B. English James N. Heftier Liverpool, New York A.B. Preprofessional Joseph M. Higgins Buffalo, New York A.B. Sociology Michael F. Higgins Medford, Oregon A.B. Government 253 M. H. Hildebrandt Fort Lauderdale, Florida A.8. History Bruce A. Hiler Watervliet, Michigan A.B. Government Eddie C. Hill Dallas. Texas A.B. Government Ralph M. Hill Indianapolis. Indiana A.B. Government Thomas W. Miller LaGrange, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Richard 0. Hilton Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania A.B. English John P. Hittinger Binghamton, New York A.B. Philosophy Stephen D. Hobt Chariton, Iowa A.B. Government Richard M. Hof Brentwood, Missouri B.B.A. Management Michael J. Hoffman Erie, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering Michael W. Hoffman Jasper, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Richard A. Hogan Chicago, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Teresa M. Hogan Binghamton, New York B.B.A. Marketing Thomas M. Holder N. Cumberlane, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management Leo T. Hool Washington, D.C. A.B. Government Michael L. Hoots Springfield, Virginia B.S. Mechanical Engineering Richard G. Hoover Ramsey, New Jersey B.S. Biology Thomas J. Hoover Seattle, Washington B.B.A. Accounting 254 John M. Hopkins Whippany, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing William T. Hopkins Logansport, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Jerry R. Horak Rochester, New York B.S. Metallurgical Engineering John P. Koran Camp Hill, Pennsylvania A.B. American Studies Michael P. Horan Anaheim, California B.S. Biology Joseph R. Home Pittsburg, Pennsylvania A.B. Preprofessional Steven A. Hornig Mound, Minnesota B.B.A. Marketing Harley E. Houghton Plymouth, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional Mary T. How Omaha, Nebraska B.B.A. Marketing Robert W. Howe Bemidji, Minnesota B.S. Biology Thomas J. Howlin South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Stacy W. Hoy Falls City, Nebraska B.B.A. Accounting Brian G. Hubka Benton Harbor, Michigan A.B. Preprofessional Thomas P. Hudes N. Milford, New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering Kenneth M. Hughes Dubuque, Iowa A.B. Sociology Patrick C. Hughes Berwyn, Illinois A.B. Modern Languages Albert T. Hulgrave Birmingham, Michigan B.B.A. Marketing Paul N. Hundley Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.B.A. Marketing 255 Robert J. Hunter Litchfield, Connecticut B.S. Biology Arlene M. Hurley Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Frank L. Hutson Culver, Indiana A.B. English John F. Hyduk Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Mechanical Engineering James F. Hynan Morton Grove, Illinois B.B.A. Finance John P. Ilkovit Allentown, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Peter A. (race Mineola, New York A.B. Preprofessional Joseph E. Jablonski South Euclid, Ohio B.S. Biology Raymond Jablonski Brooklyn, New York A.B. Economics Jeffrey L. Jackson San Francisco, California A.B. English James F. Janda Victoria, Texas B.S. Biology Gary R. Janko Peru, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Christopher M. Janks Pennsauken, New Jersey B.S. Chemistry Thomas P. Jeakle Grand Rapids, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Gerald K. Jenkins Gary, Indiana A.B. Economics Thomas J. Jenkins Omaha, Nebraska B.B.A. Finance Wayne A. Jenner Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Kevin J. Jennier Hillcrest, Maryland B.B.A. Management 256 Janice M. Johnson South Bend, Indiana B.S. Biology Kurt S. Johnson Chicago, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Mark S. Johnson LaPorte, Indiana A.B. American Studies Terrence M. Johnson Elmhurst, Illinois A.B. English Brian K. Jolitz Downers Grove, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Milton H. Jones Atlanta, Georgia B.B.A. Accounting Howard S. Jones Buchanon, Michigan A.B. English William T. Jones Normal, Illinois B.S. Biology James W. Jordan Westbury, New York B.B.A. Finance Mary K. Jurusik Elmira, New York A.B. English Eric J. Kaiser Bethpage, New York A.B. Economics Patrick D. Kaiser Chatsworth, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing William J. Kakish Youngstown, Ohio A.B. Modern Languages John T. Kalasky Youngstown, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional David C. Kaminski South Bend, Indiana A.B. English Kenneth M. Kampman Cleveland, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional David E. Kane Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Terence J. Kann Barrington, Illinois B.S. Biology 257 James G. Karaffa Cleveland, Ohio B.S. Earth Sciences James M. Karepin Syracuse, New York A.B. Modern Languages Robert B. Karlin Los Alamitos, California B.S. Preprofessional Lawrence J. Kascht Waukesha, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofessional Eugene F. Kasper Tustin, California B.S. Electrical Engineering Edward J. Kay Plainfield, Connecticut B.S. Electrical Engineering Austin Kearney Convent Street, New Jersey B.B.A. Finance Patrick J. Kearney Raritan, New Jersey B.B.A. Management Timothy R. Kearney Fort Wayne, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael J. Kearse Staten Island, New York A.B. Government James F. Keegan Brown Deer, Wisconsin A.B. English Mary E. Keenan Davenport, Iowa B.B.A. Finance Richard L. Keenan Severna Park, Maryland B.B.A. Accounting Robert P. Keenan Severna Park, Maryland B.B.A. Management John C. Keenehan Rochester, New York A.B. Government Kevin M. Kelleher Hadley, Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting Canice L. Kelly Annandale, Virginia A.B. Government Kathleen E. Kelly Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A.B. English Kevin S. Kelly Cheltenham, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Michael F. Kelly Northport Line, New York A.B. English Robert J. Kelly North Caldwell, New Jersey A.B. English Shawn P. Kelly Manhasset, New York B.B.A. Marketing William G. Kelly Baldwinsville, New York B.S. Mathematics Timothy E. Kelty Louisville, Kentucky B.B.A. Marketing 258 James S. Kempa Chicago, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Kathleen M. Kennedy Flossmoor, Illinois A.B. Government Patricia A. Kenney University Heights, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Chris A. Kent Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Kristine Kerrigan Youngstown, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Robert C. Kersten Fort Dodge, Iowa A.B. Preprofessional Paul M. Kimaid Leroy, New York B.B.A. Management James P. Kimball Shrewsbury, Massachusetts A.B. English Barbara L. Kimble Falls Church, Virginia A.B. Government Robert M. Kincaid Columbus, Ohio A.B. Art Kevin P. Kinealy St. Louis, Missouri A.B. Sociology Stephen R. Kinnier Paramus, New Jersey A.B. Government Catherine N. Kirby Balboa Island, California A.B. Sociology Brian R. Kirkland Erie, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Frank R. Kirley Kewanee, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional 259 Robert A. Kitusky Lynchburg, Virginia B.B.A. Finance Richard R. Klass Barrington, Illinois B.B.A. Management Richard F. Klee Williamsville, New York B.B.A. Accounting William P. Kleiber Elmhurst, Illinois A.B. Preprofessional John R. Kloos Willoughby, Ohio B.B.A. Management Edward M. Klunk Littlestown, Pennsylvania A.B. Psychology Mark H. Knevel St. Joseph, Minnesota A.B. Government Albert C. Koegler White Plains, New York B.S. Preprofessional Robert M. Koehler North Little Rock, Arizona B.B.A. Management Frederic W. Koetter Windsor, Connecticut B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mark E. Kolb Somerville, New Jersey B.S. Electrical Engineering Joseph W. Koma Palmerton, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Edward A. Konarski North Wales, Pennsylvania A.B. Psychology Kevin J. Kopp Bay Village, Ohio A.B. Sociology Van C. (Coppersmith Mobile, Alabama B.S. Physics Helen M. Korniewicz Brooklyn, New York A.B. History Margaret M. Kotz Des Moines. Iowa A.B. Psychology George J. Kovacs West New York, New Jersey A.B. English Milton P. Kozelka Williamantic, Connecticut A.B. English Patricia S. Kramer Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. Theology Denis W. Krill Erie, Pennsylvania A.B. Theology James J. Kristl Calumet City, Illinois A.B. General Program Douglas E. Kroeger Rock Island, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Thomas K. Kron Oak Park, Illinois A.B. Preprofessional fc 260 7 ' ' i David M. Krueper South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Kevin J. Krull Whiting, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing Matthew M. Kubik Michigan City, Indiana B.S. Architecture Michael Kulczycki Chicago, Illinois A.B. American Studies Frederic Kunkel Caracas, Venezuela B.B.A. Accounting Thomas A. Kurkjy Briarcliff, New York B.S. Chemical Engineering Christopher Kurtzman Baltimore, Maryland B.B.A. Accounting David G. Kusek Willard, Ohio B.B.A. Finance Manuel Lacayo San Jose, Costa Rica B.B.A. Marketing Laurence La Fratta Richmond, Virginia B.S. Electrical Engineering Roger W. LaJoie Brewster, New York A.B. Government Matthew Lam Kawloon, Hong Kong B.B.A. Accounting Mary E. Lammers Dayton, Ohio B.S. Chemistry Mark C. Lammert St. Charles, Missouri B.B.A. Accounting William J. Lance San Francisco, California B.S. Preprofessional Franklin R. Lang Palos Park, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Stephen M. Lange Rosemont, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Mark M. Langford Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Mathematics Denis R. Lanigan Tulsa, Oklahoma B.B.A. Finance John J. Lanzendorl West Springs. Illinois A.B. Psychology James C. Latta Billings, Montana B.B.A. Finance Frederic M. Lax Gary, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Elizabeth F. Leader South Bend, Indiana A.B. Psychology Kevin B. Leahy Omaha, Nebraska B.S. Mechanical Engineering 261 Kevin J. Ledlord Staten Island, New York A.B. History Daniel F. Lee Portage, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Lynn L. Lee South Bend, Indiana A.B. American Studies Joseph B. Lehmann North Rochelle, New York B.S. Biology John G. Leicht Bound Br., New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering Timothy Leichtman South Bend, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Keith 0. Lemick Lakewood. Connecticut B.S. Electrical Engineering Rose T. Lennon River Forest, Illinois A.B. History Patrick F. Leonard Rockford, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Rovert J. Leonard Springfield, Virginia B.S. Chemical Engineering Jan W. Leslie Evansville, Indiana B.S. Mechanical Engineering Lawrence Letkewicz Oak Lawn, Illinois A.B. Government Diana Lewis West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. Sociology Lawrence J. Lewis Jersey City, New Jersey A.B. Economics James E. L ' heureux Williamsport. Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Mark E. Liebner Jackson, Mississippi B.B.A. Marketing Daniel M. Likarish Spokane, Washington B.S. Physics James H. Lindsay Rocky River, Ohio A.B. American Studies 262 ' fit Michael J. Lins Arlington, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Gerald G. Little St. Paul, Minnesota A.B. Economics Lewis H. Little Broken Arrow, Oklahoma B.S. Electrical Engineering Colin A. Liu Causeway Bay, Hong Kong B.B.A. Finance John E. Livingston Sewell, New Jersey B.S. Earth Sciences Philip J. Loebach South Bend, Indiana B.S. Physics Joseph B. Logisz Chicago, Illinois B.S. Aerospace Engineering Dolores R. Lohle Allison Park, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Marketing John B. Long San Francisco, California B.S. Preprofessional Theodore R. Long Cuy Falls, Ohio A.B. Psychology W. E. Longenbaker Columbus, Ohio B.S. Electrical Engineering John N. Longo Silverton, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional G. Michael Lopez Las Vegas, New Mexico B.S. Preprofessional Frank J. Loughery Indianapolis, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Corneilius W. Loviner Bloomfield Heights, Michigan A.B. Economics Dennis C. Lozzi Whitman, Massachusetts B.B.A. Finance Geoffrey L. Lucas Reading, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional James R. Lussier Maitland. Florida A.B. Government 263 Gerald F. Lutkus Mayfield, Ohio A.B. American Studies William G. Lyden Youngstown, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting John J. Lynch Bogota, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Neil P. Lynch Latrobe, Pennsylvania B.S. Mechanical Engineering Robert J. Lynch Bangor, Maine B.B.A. Management Kenneth B. Mabrie Kansas City, Missouri A.B. Economics James J. Macdonell Woodridge, New Jersey B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mark A. Macho Brook Park, Ohio A.B. English Peter A. Machonis Glen Mills, Pennsylvania A.B. Modern Languages Mary C. Mack Olympia Fields, Illinois A.B. Theology Christopher Macmanus Buffalo, New York A.B. Government Michael A. Madden Tulsa, Oklahoma B.S. Preprofessional Joseph W. Madison Syracuse, New York A.B. Preprofessional Stephen Magdzinski Lakeside, Michigan A.B. English John G. Magee Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Kathrene Magnotta Albion, Michigan A.B. General Program Paul J. Magrath Wayne, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Michael H. Maguire Tipton, Missouri A.B. Anthropology Thomas E. Maguire Mansfield, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Raymond V. Magyar South Bend, Indiana B.S. Chemical Engineering James Mahoney Springfield, Massachusetts B.S. Mechanical Engineering Robert Mahoney Chattanooga, Tennessee A.B. Sociology Kevin J. Mailey Jenkintown, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management Richard Maksian Methuen, Massachusetts B.S. Electrical Engineering N 264 Richard B. Malia South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Douglas Malinowski Santa Ana, California B.S. Chemistry Leslie Malkiewich Caldweil, New Jersey A.B. Psychology James R. Mall Glenshaw, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management Daniel W. Malone Rockford. Illinois B.B.A. Finance Richard R. Malone Toledo, Ohio A.B. History Thomas H. Malone Englewood, Connecticut B.S. Electrical Engineering Anthony J. Maloney South Bend, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Juan A. Manigault Charlotte, North Carolina A.B. English Fred A. Manley Hohokus, New Jersey A.B. English Frank J. Marasco South Orange, New Jersey A.B. Government James K. March Detroit, Michigan B.S. Aerospace Engineering Charles Marchetta Eggertsville, New York B.S. Preprofessional Michael D. Marcus Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Jack C. Mardoian Lake Forest, Illinois A.B. Government Joseph F. Marino Wallingford, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Garry M. Marley Baltimore, Maryland B.S. Biology Ann Casey Martin Clear Lake, Iowa A.B. English 265 Michael J. Martin Bricktown, New Jersey A.B. Psychology Michael J. Martin Troy, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Patrick I. Martin Carbondale, Pennsylvania A.B. Modern Languages Christopher J. Marut Chesire, Connecticut B.B.A. Finance Thomas J. Masenga Playa Del Rey, California A.B. History Gordon J. Mason Omaha, Nebraska A.B. English James A. Masters Midland, Pennsylvania A.B. English Brian A. Mastro Potomac, Maryland A.B. Preprofessional Francis J. Mathew Lafayette, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting John F. Mathews Birmingham, Michigan A.B. Economics Harry Mathison Louisville, Kentucky A.B. Government James L. Mattes Schiller Park. Illinois A.B. English Marc Maurer Bellvue. Iowa A.B. General Program Gary L. Mayer Crestline, Ohio B.S. Civil Engineering Stephen J. Mayer Woodhaven, New York B.B.A. Accounting Robert A. Maykuth Aliquippa, Pennsylvania A.B. Psychology i 266 John P. Mazza Bronxville, New York A.B. History Peter J. Mazzocchi Brooklyn, New York A.B. Government Michael McAllister Baltimore, Maryland A.B. American Studies T. E. McAndrews Oeerfield, Illinois A.B. American Studies Sharon McAuliffe Syracuse, New York A.B. Sociology Ralph A. McBroom Oakbrook. Illinois A.B. Psychology Dennis C. McCabe Johnson City, New York A.B. History Maureen M. McCabe Bloomfield Hills, Michigan A.B. Psychology Timothy R. McCalley Indianapolis, Indiana B.B.A. Finance David J. McCarthy Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. Theology David J. McCarthy Holyoke, Maine B.S. Chemical Engineering Jeremiah McCarthy Elma, New York A.B. Government John M. McCarthy Dixon, Illinois A.B. English Michael J. McCarthy Reading, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management James f. McCarty Denver, Colorado B.B.A. Finance Kim R. McClain Westlake, Ohio B.S. Chemical Engineering John W. McClure Tucson, Arizona B.S. Preprofessional Roy J. McColgan Saginaw, Michigan B.B.A. Marketing Dianne McCollough Michigan City, Indiana A.B. Sociology John A. McCollum Bellmawr, New Jersey B.S. Chemistry Pamela D. McCormick LaGrange, Illinois A.B. Psychology William L. McCusker Lmwood. New Jersey A.B. English Robert McDavid Terre Haute, Indiana B.S. Biology Andrew F. McDermott Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania A.B. English Jamea J. McDonald Green Bay, Wisconsin B.S. Civil Engineering M. Diane McDonnell Wilmette, Illinois A.B. General Program Michael McDonough Bennington, Vermont B.Arch. Architecture John J. McEachin Saginaw, Michigan A.B. American Studies Kevin J. McEvily Bricktown, New Jersey A.B. Government James P. McFadden Springfield, Pennsylvania A.B. English Timothy C. McFadden Medford, New Jersey B.B.A. Finance 268 Michael J. McGarry Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Electrical Engineering Karl S. McGarvey Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Ann M. McGee Michigan City, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing James J. McGee Bloomlield, New Jersey B.S. Earth Sciences Andrew P. McGlynn Minneapolis, Minnesota A.B. English Patrick C. McGrath Oak Park, Illinois A.B. Preprofessional James B. McGuire New Hyde Park, New York B.B.A. Accounting Louis P. McGuire Wisner, Nebraska B.Arch. Architecture Michael P. McGuire Lexington, Nebraska B.B.A. Finance John A. McGurty Peekskill, New York A.B. Sociology Thomas K. McHugh Bronx, New York B.B.A. Finance Kirk M. Mclnerney Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S. Chemistry John L. Mclntyre Bridgeville, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Thomas P. McKenney Holly. Michigan A.B. American Studies John P. McKeon Dover, Maine A.B. English Patrick M. McKeown Kearny, New Jersey A.B. Modern Language Kevin P. McKernan Staten Island, New York A.B. Government Barry D. McKew Long Branch. New Jersey A.B. Government Philip B. McKiernan Pearl River, New York A.B. General Program Elmer G. Mclaughlin Lawrenceburg, Indiana A.B. Economics Francis McLaughlin South Amboy, New Jersey A.B. Sociology John J. McMackin Brockway, Pennsylvania A.B. Government James P. McMahon Lakewood. Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Robert P. McMahon Pawtucket, Rhode Island A.B. Fine Arts 269 Terrence J. McMahon North Haven, Connecticut A.B. English Terence R. McMahon Kansas City, Kansas A.B. Government Kerry S. McNamara Staten Island, New York A.B. Government Michael McQuestion Sussex, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofessional David M. McTigue Mishawaka, Indiana A.B. American Studies Peter C. Meade Rochester, New York B.S. Biology Joseph J. Melvin Villanova. Pennsylvania B.S. Earth Sciences Richard P. Mendola Seagroves, Texas A.B. English Gary R. Metalonis Euclid, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Thomas R. Meuleman Kirkwood, Missouri B.S. Biology Joseph E. Meyer Edwardsville, Illinois B.B.A. Management Joseph P. Meyer Chicago, Illinois A.B. Preprofessional Kristin R. Meyer Cadillac, Michigan B.B.A. Marketing Richard J. Mikes Brookfield, Illinois A.B. Modern Languages T. P. Mikulski, Jr. Yardley, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Michael J. Milewski Upper Saddle River, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing Mark A. Millenacker Rochester, Minnesota A.B. Government Coletta M. Miller Pocatello, Idaho B.S. Preprofessional 270 Edward B. Miller River Forest, Illinois A.B. Speech and Drama Ray T. Miller Cleveland Heights, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Timothy J. Millunzi Minneapolis, Minnesota B.S. Mathematics Thomas Mirabito Sidney, New York A.B. English John J. Moellering Florissant, Missouri B.B.A. Finance Michael G. Mohrman St. Louis, Missouri A.B. Sociology Mary C. Molidor LaGrange, Illinois A.B. Psychology Anthony J. Molina Whittier, California B.S. Preprofessional Leo K. Monaghan Coggon, Iowa B.B.A. Accounting Ralph D. Monlort Hartford City, Indiana B.S. Mathematics James P. Monroe Hobart, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert Moorman Coral Gables, Florida B.B.A. Management Joseph Morahan Bannockburn, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Dennis C. Moran Omaha, Nebraska B.S. Electrical Engineering Dennis F. Moran Manchester, Missouri B.S. Mechanical Engineering John J. Moran Hubbard, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Mark W. Morava Greensburg, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management Federico A. Moreno South Bend, Indiana A.B. Government 271 John B. Morin Sanford, Maine B.S. Preprofessional Daniel F. Morrin Croydon, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Anita Y. Morris Savannah, Georgia A.B. Sociology Stephen P. Morris Chicago, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Charles Morrison Columbus, Ohio A.B. Sociology Stephen A. Morrison Plant City, Florida B.B.A. Finance Mark F. Moskop Chicago, Illinois A.B. History Joseph E. Moskowitz Arkville, New York A.B. Speech and Drama John Moushigian Watertown, Massachusetts A.B. American Studies Romy H. Mowbray Las Vegas, Nevada B.B.A . Management Henry G. Mueller Madison, Wisconsin B.S. Physics Thomas C. Mules Phoenix, Maryland A.B. Speech and Drama James D. Mullenix Golf, Illinois A.B. Government Steven G. Muller Hopewell. Virginia B.S. Chemical Engineering William L. Munch Berwyn, Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering Richard C. Murday Avon by the Sea, New Jersey B.S. Mathematics Frank J. Murnane River Forest, Illinois B.B.A. Management David S. Murphy Santa Susana, California A.B. Economics 272 John J. Murphy Ann Arbor, Michigan B.S. Civil Engineering Mark A. Murphy Evergreen Park, Illinois A.B. Sociology Michael F. Murphy South Euclid, Ohio A.B. Economics Robert A. Murphy Chicago, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Susan J. Murphy Yonkers, New York B.S. Mathematics Thomas A. Murphy South Bend, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional Timothy G. Murphy Mercer Island, Washington A.B. History William G. Murphy North Tarrytown, New York A.B. English Edward L. Murray Honesdale, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Richard S. Murray Short Hills, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional John P. Murtaugh Ashland, Ohio A.B. American Studies C. J. Muscarella Holmdel, New Jersey B.S. Electrical Engineering Daniel P. Musser Fullerton, California B.S. Physics David A. Mustone Alexandria, Virginia A.B. Government Frederic G. Myers South Bend, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Susan E. Nadar Oak Park, Illinois A.B. Modern Languages Stephen C. Nadeau Somerset, Massachusetts A.B. American Studies Mark A. Nadrowski Rochester, New York A.B. Government James L. Napier Crystal Lake, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Alfonso W. Nardi Springfield, Massachusetts B.Arch. Architecture Tom R. Nash Chicago, Illinois A.B. Sociology Anthony S. Nathe San Rafael, California A.B. Theology Richard L. Nauman Baton Rouge, Louisiana A.B. General Program Mark S. Nauser Independence, Missouri B.B.A. Accounting 273 Edward J. Navarro Santa Anna, California A.B. Government Joh n M. Neary Toledo, Ohio A.B. English Christopher A. Nedeau North Muskegon, Michigan B.B.A. Finance James C. Neff Cleveland, Ohio A.B. American Studies Joseph S. Nescio West Chester, Pennsylvania A.B. English Ronald O. Neurauter Naperville, Illinois A.B. English John C. Nevin Muncie, Indiana B.S. Chemistry James F. Newklrk South Bend, Indiana A.B. History John J. Nichols Rosedale, New York B.S. Civil Engineering Gary A. Nicole Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Finance John J. Niederman Tucson, Arizona A.B. Sociology Mark W. Ninneman Mlwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofessional 274 Joseph T. Nitti Newark, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional James H. Noe Notre Dame, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Edward A. Noha Northbrook, Illinois B.B.A. Management Michael J. Noonan Brooklyn, New York B.S. Biology Richard E. Nora Evanston, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Gary J. Novak La Salle, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Robert T. Novak Goshen, New York B.B.A. Accounting James F. Nowalk Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Edward C. Nucci Monroeville, Pennsylvania A.B. English Nancy Nugent Midland. Michigan A.B. Modern Languages Leonard M. Nussbaum Amarillo, Texas A.B. Theology R. A. Nussbaum Coraopolis, Pennsylvania A.B. English William D. Nyrop Edina, Minnesota B.B.A. Marketing Dennis P. O ' Brien Quellenweg, West Germany B.B.A. Accounting Kevin M. O ' Brien West Seneca, New York B.B.A. Accounting Michael P. O ' Brien Tequesta, Florida B.B.A. Management Philip K. O ' Brien Aurora, Illinois A.B. Government Daniel J. O ' Bryan Herkimer, New York B.B.A. Accounting Edward J. O ' Connell Oak Lawn, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Mark T. O ' Connell Tacoma, Washington B.S. Preprofessional Michael P. O ' Connell Rochester, New York A.B. History Raymond A. O ' Connell Oak Park, Illinois A.B. English Dennis J. O ' Connor Los Altos, California B.B.A. Accounting Marianne O ' Connor Nashville, Tennessee B.S. Metallurgical Engineering 275 Terence W. O ' Connor Annandale, Virginia A.B. English W. Joseph O ' Connor Highland, Indiana A.B. General Program John T. O ' Donnell Birmingham, Michigan A.B. Government Joseph C. O ' Donnell Joliet, Illinois A.B. General Program Mark F. O ' Donnell East Aurora, New York B.B.A. Accounting Thoma S. O ' Donoghue Lake Geneva, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Judith A. Offerle Fort Wayne, Indiana B.S. Mechanical Engineering Charles J. O ' Geen Leroy, New York A.B. Classical Greek Margaret M. O ' Grady Chicago Heights, Illinois A.B. Economics Daniel M. O ' Hara Chicago, Illinois A.B. Economics Robert W. O ' Hara Chicago, Illinois A.B. Economics Reinhold Ohman Steelton, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering Donald H. Olek Naperville, Illinois A.B. Psychology Paul T. Oleksak Poughkeepsie, New York B.B.A. Management Neal D. Oliphant Louisville, Kentucky A.B. Government Thomas A. Olson New Milford, New Jersey B.S. Biology Paul T. O ' Malley Camillus, New York B.B.A. Management David I. Omori Annandale, Virginia B.S. Mechanical Engineering 276 John B. O ' Neil Arlington, Illinois A.B. Economics Kevin M. O ' Neill Westlake, Ohio A.B. Modern Languages Richard W. Ormond Aurora, Illinois A.B. Economics Dennis P. O ' Rourke Castleton on Hudson, New York B.S. Earth Sciences James H. Osborne Omaha, Nebraska A.B. Sociology Gregory V. O ' Toole Davenport, Iowa B.S. Preprofessional Glen Otto St. Louis, Missouri B.B.A. Accounting George A. Packer St. David ' s, Pennsylvania A.B. American Studies Christopher J. Paige Haddon Heights, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Ronald P. Paja Deerfield, Illinois A.B. Sociology James P. Paladino El Paso, Texas B.B.A. Accounting John J. Palkovics Elizabeth, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Brian D. Palmer Denver, Colorado B.B.A. Accounting James Pandjiris St. Louis, Missouri A.B. Psychology Anthony G. Pandolfo Swedesboro, New Jersey B.S. Physics Gary R. Pannone Warwick, Rhode Island B.B.A. Finance Victor J. Pantea Portage, Indiana A.B. Government Joseph A. Parisi Brooklyn, New York B.B.A. Marketing 277 Michael J. Parker Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Management Robert F. Parker Munster, Indiana A.B. Government Thomas Parseghian Sylvania, Ohio A.B. Sociology Howard S. Parsons Parkersburg, West Virginia B.B.A. Finance George E. Pashel Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Mechanical Engineering Joseph Passiatore Plantation, Florida A.B. Government Christopher Patterson Lancaster, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting George A. Patterson Fort Mitchell, Kentucky B.S. Preprofessional James F. Pauer Avon Lake, Ohio A.B. American Studies Roger L. Paul Scotia, New York A.B. Government Ann T. Payne Montclair, New Jersey A.B. Art Christopher W. Payne Cleveland, Ohio B.B.A. Finance Francis D. Payne Richmond, Virginia A.B. Modern Languages Kevin M. Pegan Huntington, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing Diego Perez-Stable Rocky River, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting David M. Perna Batavia, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Philip S. Perona Orange, California B.S. Preprofessional Lucille A. Perrelli Springfield, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing 278 Joseph J. Pert San Mateo, California A.B. Sociology Robert J. Pesar Rochester, New York B.S. Preprofessional Robert A. Pete Gary, Indiana A.B. Government David B. Peters Stamford, Connecticut B.B.A. Marketing Richard A. Petrella Mingo Junction, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Daniel B. Peyton Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting James M. Pezzo Highland, New York B.S. Preprofessional Joseph M. Phillips Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Physics William A. Phillips Fort Wayne, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional John N. Philippsen South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Lawrence A. Piatti San Rafael, California A.B. Government Bohdan M. Pichurko Parma, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Peter J. Piersa Estoril, Portugal B.S. Preprofessional Frank T. Pilotte Indialantic, Florida B.S. Mathematics William R. Pioli Youngstown, New York B.S. Chemical Engineering Peter P. Piotrowski Yardley, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemical Engineering Robert G. Pious Chappaqua, New York A.B. Government Michael A. Piscolty Brookhaven. Pennsylvania A.B. Psychology 279 Mark F. Pittman Avon, Massachusetts A.B. Psychology Stephen L. Pladna Catonsville, Maryland B.B.A. Management Dale M. Planicka Lyndhurst, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Kent W. Plumpton Centerville, Massachusetts A.B. General Program Steven F. Podgorski Germantown, Tennessee B.S. Chemistry Michael K. Pohlman Akron, Ohio A.B. Government Octavius D. Polk Meridian, Mississippi A.B. Preprofessional Margaret M. Pollara North Caldwell, New Jersey A.B. Government Frank J. Pomarico Howard Beach, New York B.B.A. Management Celeste R. Ponteri Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Marketing Stephen M. Pope Warwick, Rhode Island B.S. Chemical Engineering Francis H. Porretta Bloomfield Hills, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Mark A. Porter Logansport, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Bernard A. Poskus Kankakee, Illinois A.B. Economics Edward F. Posluszny Buffalo, New York B.S. Preprofessional Gary A. Potempa Niles, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional 28O Wallace S. Powelson Cheltenham, Pennsylvania B.S. Mechanical Engineering Joseph A. Power Chicago, Illinois A.B. Government Bernard S. Powers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. Economics Joseph K. Powers Manhasset, New York A.B. English Kerry E. Powers Richmond, Virginia B.B.A. Marketing Lawrence D. Powers Palos Heights, Illinois A.B. American Studies William S. Prentiss Miami, Florida B.B.A. Management Donald E. Price Evergreen Park, Illinois A.B. Government r J y Richard D. Prill Billings, Montana A.B. Preprofessional Mark K. Proesel Lincolnwood, Illinois A.B. Government Conrad E. Prusak Mountainside, New Jersey A.B. History James F. Publicover Sudbury, Massachusetts B.S. Mechanical Engineering James G. Purvis Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. American Studies Richard J. Pyfer East Helena, Montana A.B. Government Mark L. Quadrini Hilton, New York B.S. Chemical Engineering Daniel W. Quillin Princeton, Illinois A.B. Sociology 281 Mark A. Quiniff Des Plaines, Illinois A.B. Economy Arthur E. Quinn Memphis, Tennessee A.B. Government Lawrence Quinn Snyder, New York A.B. Sociology Joseph P. Quirk Park Ridge, Illinois B.B.A. Management Frank E. Rabe Columbus, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Robert J. Raccuglia Glenview, Illinois A.B. English Mark A. Rackish Port Allegany, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Clifford A. Ramirez Lakeview Terrace, California A.B. English Guy A. Randies Portland, Oregon A.B. Government William L. Rapp Naperville. Illinois A.B. History Richard J. Rawson Florham Park, New Jersey A.B. Government Richard Read Cherry Hill, New Jersey B.S. Biology James E. Reagan Cleveland Heights, Ohio A.B. Theology Frank J. Real Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania A.B. Economy Joseph S. Reams Massillon, Ohio B.S. Civil Engineering Carol A. Rechtsteiner Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Management Bernard M. Redle Akron, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Donald E. Reed Euclid, Ohio A.B. English 282 William T. Reed Ligonier, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Christopher A. Rehmann Saginaw, Michigan B.S. Electrical Engineering James K. Reilly South Orange, New Jersey B.S. Mechanical Engineering Phillip N. Reilly Miami Beach, Florida A.B. Psychology Nicholas Reisinger Fairport, New York B.B.A. Accounting Ulrich C. Reitzug Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. English Robert A. Repicky Union Lake, Michigan A.B. Modern Languages John A. Reschke Niles, Illinois B.S. Mathematics Ann P. Resnik South Bend, Indiana B.S. Chemistry David W. Rich Silver Springs, Maryland B.S. Earth Sciences James E. Richard Canton, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Ralph P. Richard Kokomo, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering John Riconosciuto Tacoma, Washington A.B. History Richard C. Ridenour Saint Peter Beach, Florida A.B. History Stephen C. Riendl Waukesha, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofessional Kevin P. Riley Indianapolis, Indiana B.B.A. Finance 283 James A. Ridilla Ligonier, Pennsylvania B.8.A. Management Thomas R. Ripp Garden City, New York A.B. Preprofessional Thomas A. Ritter Gettysburg, Pennsylvania A.B. English Patrick J. Roach Urbandale, Iowa A.B. English Charles Robertson Babbitt, Nevada B.S. Preprofessional Barbara A. Robinson Southfield. Michigan A.B. American Studies Jackie R. Robinson Fort Wayne, Indiana B.B.A. Management Alber t C. Rocek Omaha, Nebraska A.B. Psychology Patrick R. Roche Lakewood, Ohio B.S. Electrical Engineering John C. Rock Anderson, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional James M. Roe Spokane, Washington A.B. English Oscar B. Rogers Gary, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Stephen J. Rogers Oak Park, Illinois B.B.A. Management Mary Jo Rohman Columbus, Ohio B.B.A. Finance Robert E. Rollins Cumberland, Maryland A.B. Sociology 284 I Deborah Q. Romann Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin A.B. Modern Languages Charles F. Romanowski Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology Mario L. Romero Panama, Republic of Panama B.S. Mechanical Engineering John J. Rooney Ardsley, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Thomas P. Rooney Hannibal, Missouri B.S. Preprofessional Steve J. Roper Raton, New Mexico A.B. Government Robert D. Rosanelli Ridgefield, New Jersey A.B. History William Rosenbaum Erie, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engine ering Thomas A. Ross Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania A.B. Psychology Rexford M. Rossi Lincolnwood, Illinois A.B. Economics Gregory B. Rowinski Garfield Heights, Ohio A.B. Government Timothy J. Rudnlck Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Marjorie Rudolph Elmhurst, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Fred U. Ruekert Waukesha, Wisconsin B.S. Civil Engineering Gerald J. Runde East Dubuque, Illinois A.B. English 285 Kenneth F. Rupar Timonium, Maryland B.S. Architecture Dennis M. Ryan Gulf Breeze, Florida B.B.A. Marketing Timothy M. Ryan Springfield, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional James P. Rybarczyk Lansing, Illinois B.S. Chemistry William C. Sabin Rockville, Maryland A.B. American Studies Ronald W. Sadowski Chicago, Illinois A.B. English Michael C. Sal Sacramento, California A.B. Psychology Gerardo Samaniego Los Angeles, California B.B.A. Marketing John Samarron Union City, California A.B. Sociology Michael P. Sanders Wheaton, Illinois B.S. Earth Sciences John H. Sanguinetti Natchez, Mississippi B.B.A. Management Thomas Santanello North Providence, Rhode Island A.B. Sociology Stuart R. Sarton Deerfield, Illinois A.B. English Deborah M. Sauer Niles, Illinois A.B. Psychology John F. Sauer Huntington, New York A.B. English Mark F. Sauer Normandy, Missouri B.S. Electrical Engineering I i 5v 286 Eugene J. Sauter Chciago, Illinois A.B. Bachelor of Fine Arts George F. Savage Port Washington, Wisconsin B.B.A. Management Paul J. Sawicz South Bend, Indiana A.B. History Michael M. Sayers Kirkwood, Missouri A.B. Sociology Randall W. Sayers South Bend, Indiana A.B. English Edward C. Scales Saginaw, Michigan B.B.A. Marketing Stephen D. Scanlan Ballwin, Missouri B.B.A. Accounting Frederic Schaefer McLean, Virginia A.B. Sociology John H. Schaefer Mishawaka, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Richard A. Schafer New Brighton, Minnesota B.B.A. Marketing Richard K. Scharf Miami, Florida A.B. American Studies Paul T. Scheuerman Pittsford, New York B.B.A. Management Leonard Schiavone Syracuse, New York B.S. Mechanical Engineering Daniel A. Schipp Ferdinand, Indiana A.B. Government Michael C. Schlra Toledo, Ohio B.B.A. Management Edward T. Schirack Canton, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional 287 John L. Schliesmann Racine, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Gregory Schmelzer Park Ridge, Illinois A.B. English Peter D. Schmidt Plainfield, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing Robert Schneebeck Colorado Springs, Colorado B.B.A. Management Lee E. Schneider Wyckoff, New Jersey B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert S. Schneider Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemical Engineering Nancy Schoeneman Bay Village, Ohio A.B. Sociology Amy L. Schofield Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Ruell W. Schomig Summit, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Craig S. Schroer Kansas City, Missouri B.S. Electrical Engineering David J. Schroeter Bloomfield Hills, Michigan B.B.A. Finance Leo T. Schubert South Bend, Indiana A.B. Modern Languages Randy L. Schultz Cottonwood, Idaho B.B.A. Accounting Harold E. Schulz Florissant, Missouri B.S. Chemical Engineering Joseph Schupp Des Moines, Iowa B.S. Preprofessional Kenneth P. Schuster Western Springs, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Philip A. Schuster Hudson, Ohio A.B. Philosophy Albert J. Schwartz Salina, Kansas A.B. General Program 288 Timothy L. Schwartz Freeport, Illinois A.B. Government John W. Scibak Woonsocket, Rhode Island A.B. Psychology Paul G. Scibona San Jose, California B.B.A. Finance Douglas C. Scovil Rock llsand, Illinois B.B.A Accounting Terrence J. Scully Winnetka, Illinois A.B. Economics Joseph B. Searles Louisville, Kentucky B.B.A. Accounting Ralph V. Seep Luling, Louisiana A.B. Philosophy William D. Seetch Cleveland, Ohio A.B. English Roy E. Seitz North Olmsted, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Edmund D. Seponosky Avenel, New Jersey A.B. Sociology Mary A. Shahade Johnstown, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Alexander J. Shaia Birmingham, Alabama A.B. Anthropology Richard M. Shannon Fairfax, Virginia A.B. English Edward Shaughnessy Leetsdale, Pennsylvania A.B. Theology Francis G. Shea Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. Government Patricia M. Shea Albert Lea, Minnesota A.B. Modern Language Stephen J. Sheather Elizabeth, New Jersey A.B. Government James Shedlock Warren, Michigan A.B. English Daniel V. Sheehan Wheat Ridge, Colorado A.B. Government Joseph K. Sheeran Bay City, Michigan A.B. English Mark Shellenbarge Chagrin Falls, Ohio B.S. Civil Engineering Rodney M. Shelnutt Fairburn, Georgia A.B. Bachelor of Fine Arts George Shelton Jenkintown, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Kevin M. Sherin Uxbridge, Massachusetts A.B. Preprofessional Michael S. Sherrod Odessa, Texas A.B. General Program John F. Sherry Des Plaines, Illinois A.B. English Robert C. Shlel Chicago, Illinois A.B. Psychology Robert M. Shields Utica, New York A.B. Sociology Lewis Shioleno Mendham, New Jersey A.B. Economics John D. Short Beech Grove, Indiana A.B. Psychology Brent W. Shreiner White Pigeon, Michigan B.S. Preprofessional Robert E. Slbley Staten Island, New York B.S. Preprofessional Douglas J. Siddoway Teton City, Idaho A.B. General Program Paul G. Simon Barrlngton, Illinois A.B. Government 29O William C. Simon Columbia, Missouri B.S. Civil Engineering Stephen M. Simone West Chester, Ohio A.B. History Paul A. Sinclair Midland, Michigan A.B. Economics Steven T. Singer Birmingham, Michigan B.B.A. Management William C. Singleton Summit, New Jersey A.B. Government Richard C. Singsank Burlington, Iowa B.B.A. Finance Patrick W. Sinnott Nashville, Tennessee A.B. Sociology Diana K. Sisson La Junta, Colorado B.B.A. Accounting Teresa Lyn Skeehan Barrington, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Ralph D. Skowron Moorestown, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Walter F. Skrod Fairlawn, New Jersey A.B. Preprofessional James R. Slack Chicago, Illinois B.S. Mathematics Paul J. Slaggert Saginaw, Michigan B.B.A. Management Eugene F. Slason Middlebury, Connecticut B.B.A. Accounting Michael J. Slattery Peoria, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Jeanne A. Sliter Bellevue, Ohio A.B. Modern Languages Raymond A. Smego Short Hills, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Christopher J. Smith Aurora, Colorado A.B. Electrical Engineering 291 Donald A. Smith Westport, Connecticut A.B. History Elizabeth R. Smith East Northport, New York B.B.A. Marketing Gregory S. Smith Lombard, Illinois A.B. Government James P. Smith New Providence, New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering John C. Smith New Hampton, Iowa B.B.A. Management Lance C. Smith North Olmsted, Ohio B.S. Mathematics Michael P. Smith Baltimore, Maryland A.B. Mathematics Nancy Marie Smith Greenwich, Connecticut A.B. English Thomas M. Smith Piscataway, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Ralph W. Snell Amsterdam, New York B.S. Architecture Daniel Snopkowski Unadilla, New York A.B. Government Patricia P. Snyder Arlington Heights, Illinois A.B. Psychology (1973) Gary M. Sobolewski Westchester, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Richard R. Soeder Glenshaw, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Paul A. Sokolowski Baltimore, Maryland B.B.A. Accounting Paul B. Sonoski Corry, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management Peter J. Sordi Oyster Bay, New York B.S. Preprofessional Mark B. Sorvillo Westchester, Illinois A.B. History Harry R. Soza Tempe, Arizona B.S. Electrical Engineering Kerry A. Spacher Rochester, New York A.B. English 292 Kenneth J. Spear Corry, Pennsylvania B.S. Mechanical Engineering Kevin M. Spillane Falls Church, Virginia A.B. General Program Richard D. Spurr St. Louis County, Missouri A.B. General Program John G. Stacy Silver Springs, Maryland B.S. Physics Joseph R. Steedle Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional John R. Steil Janesville, Wisconsin A.B. Economics Adam Stelmaszynski Niagara Falls, Ontario B.S. Architecture Gary A. Stenke Bensenville, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting William M. Stephens Salisbury, Maryland A.B. American Studies Christopher L. Stevens Washington, D.C. A.B. Economics James R. Stevens McKeesport, Pennsylvania B.S. Earth Sciences Robert P. Stewart East Brunswick, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional James S. Stoltz Conway, Arizona B.B.A. Management George A. Stratton Cookson, Oklahoma A.B. English James E. Stuart Homewood, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Robert A. Stacker Madison, Indiana A.B. Economics Augustine D. Stungys Richmond Heights, Ohio B.S. Chemical Engineering John E. Stupp Rochester, New York A.B. Government Richard W. Stypula Sharon, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Joseph M. Sukola LaGrange Park, Illinois A.B. Psychology 293 C. Sullivan, Jr. Defuniak Springs, Florida B.S. Aerospace Engineering Denni M. Sullivan Overland, Missouri B.B.A. Accounting Larry Susko Sharpsville, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Marketing John W. Suthers Colorado Springs, Colorado A.B. Government Robert G. Swanson Olmsted Falls, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting James P. Sweeney Arlington Heights, Illinois A.B. Economics John P. Sweeney Wilmette. Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Joseph M. Sweeney Pleasanton, California B.B.A. Accounting Martin R. Szakaly South Bend, Indiana A.B. Sociology Greg F. Szatko Western Springs, Illinois B.B.A. Management Karl F. Szewczyk Belleville, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Frank S. Szymanski Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan A.B. History Ralph R. Taccone Rochester, New York B.B.A. Finance John C. Tackett Butler, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Randall Tafelski South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Richard J. Tajak Miles, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Clyde A. Takase Kualapuu, Hawaii B.B.A. Management Joseph T. Tanzosh Washington, New Jersey A.B. Economics I I 294 I I f Michael D. Tardani Muskegon, Michigan A.B. Sociology Jelfery A. Tassone Fenton, Michigan B.S. Earth Sciences Daniel W. Taylor Eculid, Ohio B.B.A. Management Kerry M. Temple Shreveport, Louisiana A.B. English John E. Tennant Columbus, Ohio B.B.A. Management Anne M. Tentler River Forest, Illinois A.B. General Program Jon L. Terlep Elkhart, Indiana A.B. English James M. Terranova Clifton, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing Ted A. Tetrick Kokomo, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Mark C. Thickpenny Libertyville, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Clarence A. Thomas Massillon, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Gregory J. Thomas Silver Springs, Maryland A.B. Government Robert R. Thomas Rochester, New York A.B. Government Timothy W. Thompson Hanover, Maryland B.S. Physics John W. Thornton Coral Gables, Florida A.B. American Studies John S. Tierney Fort Pierce, Florida B.B.A. Management Steven C. Tiso Mount Vernon, New York B.S. Mechanical Engineering Timothy O. Tobin Park Forest, Illinois B.S. Electrical Engineering 295 William D. Tobler Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. Preprofessional Mary E. Toll South Bend, Indiana A.B. Mathematics Christopher J. Toncray Chicago, Illinois A.B. Bachelor of Fine Arts Joseph C. Tot ten Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Jeffrey P. Trachy Rochester, Minnesota B.S. Mathematics John C. Trampe O ' Fallon. Missouri B.B.A. Accounting Timothy J. Travers Chicago, Illinois B.S. Electrical Engineering Edward A. Trio Arlington Heights, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Jane K. Trippel Mishawaka, Indiana A.B. Psychology Robert J. Trlzna Joliet, Illinois A.B. English Thomas N. Trudell Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. Mathematics Jeffrey B. True Ithaca, New York A.B. Psychology Michael Truesdell Beaverton, Oregon A.B. Modern Languages Timothy Truesdell Miles, Michigan A.B. American Studies Terrence Tulisiak Parma, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional John C. Turcic New Brighton, Pennsylvania A.B. American Studies Gary R. Turner Youngstown, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional John M. Tyd Bethpage, New York A.B. History John C. Tylwalk Clearfield, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Thomas J. Valenti Floral Park, New York A.B. Government Jorge E. Vallarino Panama Republic, Panama B.S. Mechanical Engineering Richard D. Vaughan Fair Lawn, New Jersey B.B.A. Finance Robert H. Veith South Bend, Indiana B.S. Physics Thomas J. Venn Westchester, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing m 296 OH ALABAMA DONT vnu CRY - ROLL THE CRIMSON TIDE WAY BACK TO II Robert J. Verille Harrison, New York A.B. English Robert T. Vernam Country Club Hills, Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering James M. Vichich Endwell, New York B.S. Mechanical Engineering Steven C. Vierling Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Civil Engineering Joseph F. Villella Stratford, Connecticut B.S. Electrical Engineering Gilbert T. Vinzani Merriville. Indiana A.B. Civil Engineering Anthony J. Viola E. Northport, New York A.B. History Rose B. Viviano Mount Clemens, Michigan A.B. Psychology William J. Voller N. Riverside, Illinois B.S. Mechanical Engineering Raymond Vorce Boxbourough, Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting Rudolph S. Wagner East Paterson, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Stephen Wagstaffe Menlo Park, California A.B. History 297 Stephen P. Wallace Portsmouth, Ohio A.B. Government Brandon E. Walsh Kingston 6, Jamaica B.B.A. Management James J. Walsh Adelphi, Maryland B.S. Civil Engineering Robert K. Walsh Dallas, Texas B.S. Chemical Engineering Anthony R. Walter Wooster, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Robin A. Walter Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Janet A. Waltman Peru, Illinois A.B. General Program John C. Walton Kings Park, New York A.B. Government David W. Ward Evergreen Park, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing William J. Ward Baltimore, Maryland A.B. English Robert Washington Steubenville, Ohio A.B. Sociology Max T. Wasilevich Dearborn Heights, Michigan B.S. Preprofessional John D. WaHs Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Mathematics Wallace J. Weaver Toms River, New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering Richard J. Weaving Naugatuck, Connecticut A.B. History George F. Weber South Bend, Indiana B.S. Architecture William R. Weber Erie, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemical Engineering Joseph S. Webster North Olmstead, Ohio A.B. Mathematics I i 298 Mark C. Webster Louisville, Kentucky A.B. English Philip Weckwerth Merrill, Wisconsin B.S. Chemical Engineering Ed C. Weidner Plymouth, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional Edward J. Weinkam Maitland, Florida B.S. Mechanical Engineering J. R. Weisenburger Milwaukee, Wisconsin A.B. History Joseph W. Weiss Hamilton, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional John J. Wells Barberton, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Ronald A. Wendeln Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. English Mark L. Wenig Totowa, New Jersey A.B. American Studies John P. Wenke Glenolden, Pennsylvania A.B. English Stephen J. Wenthe Rochester, New York B.S. Mechanical Engineering Gilbert A. Wentzel Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Electrical Engineering Daniel Wesolowski Scotch Plains, New Jersey A.B. English Arthur R. Wesselman Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Chemistry James D. Wetherbee Huntington Station, New York B.S. Aerospace Engineering 299 James F. Whalen Manchester, Missouri B.B.A. Accounting Michael R. Whalen Ossining, New York B.B.A. Finance Stephen C. Wiedl Atlanta, Georgia B.S. Biology Robert S. Wielgot Lmcolnwood, Illinois A.B. English Eric J. Wilkerson Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. Philosophy Joseph S. Wilkowski Detroit, Michigan B.S. Mathematics Edward J. Williams Worcester, Maine A.B. Government Franklin P. Williams Mclean, Virginia B.B.A. Accounting Gregory B. Williams Detroit, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting James E. Williams Hollis. New York B.B.A. Accounting Neihl J. Williamson Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania B.S. Electrical Engineering Theresa A. Willke Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. English James P. Wilson Summit, New Jersey A.B. English Michael F. Wilson Northbrook, Illinois A.B. Psychology Frederic C. Wirsing Cissna Park, Illinois B.S. Biology John L. Wirth Havre de Grace, Maryland B.S. Earth Sciences Alice A. Wojcieszek Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Kenneth J. Wolbeck Peoria, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Gregory J. Wolf East Grand Rapids, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Michael F. Wong Pensacola, Florida B.S. Biology Donald V. Woznica Melrose Park, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional David H. Wue liner Alton, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Terrence J. Wynne South Bend, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional Thomas M. Wynne South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing I i I i 300 John T. Yakacki Point Washington, New York B.S. Mathematics James L. Yates Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Physics William J. Yob Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. Government Jay H. Yoos Williamsport, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Michael K. Yordy Belleville, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Halya S. Zadoretzky Accokeek, Maryland B.S. Biology Eric H. Zagrans Elyria, Ohio A.B. English Robert M. Zak Elmhurst. Illinois A.B. History Frank D. Zaletel Cleveland, Ohio B.S. Engineering Sciences Jerome J. Zaucha Washington, Pennsylvania A.B. Economics E. Brennan, Zerbe Ridgewood. New Jersey B.B.A. Finance Robert A. Zettler Hamilton, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Eric C. Zickgraf Fort Wayne, Indiana B.S. Physics William Zimmerman South Plainfield, New Jersey A.B. History James E. Zloch Fort Lauderdale, Florida A.B. Economics Anthony L. Zuaro Seaford, New York A.B. English Thomas M. Zubeck Whiting, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting David A. Zusi Williamsville, New York B.S. Physics 3O1 302 All things must pass 303 SENIOR INDEX 903 S Madison R.D 3 Box 456 2037 Wilhamsburg 5009 N Park Ave 5901 New Harmony Hmsdale. II 60521 Elkton. Md 21921 Lexington. Ky 40504 Indianapolis. In 46205 Evansville, In. 47712 ABELE, DENNIS AUBE. JOHN R. BATOW. DAVID P. BETZ, PAUL C. BOY, STEPHEN F. BRODERICK, WILLIAM MM 906 Tyson Dr 23200 Mora Gien Dr 2910 Orchard Lane 2606 Westchester 8 Newhali Ave. 33 Hastings Dr ftp West Chester. Pa 19380 Los Altos. Ca 94022 Wilmette. II 60091 Toledo. Oh 43615 Saugus. Ma 01906 Northport. NY 11768 S i ABELL, JOSEPH D. AUDINO, MARK R. BAUCHMAN. STEPHEN G. BIACAMANO. DONALD BOYD. HUGH A. BRODY. PATRICK J. IP 6427 Deloache Ave 220 E Hazelcroft 3001 Gustatson Circle 132 W 23 Rd St 44 Lincoln St 2721 E Shorewood 9 fc Dallas. Tx 75225 New Castle. Pa 16105 Idaho Falls. Id 83401 Dover. Oh 44622 Sloneham. Ma. 02180 Milwaukee. Wi 53211 ft AIELLO, GREGORY E. AULISIO. JEROME J. BAUDLER, JAMES P. BIANCO. DOMINIC P. BOYO. JOHN J. BROOKS. JAMES H. W 56 Gary Rd 761 Fairmont Ave 6306 N Louise Ave 500 Golf Ct 206 Severn River 134 Wmthrop Ave W 1 Syossel N V 11 79 1 Youngstown. Oh 44510 Chicago. II 60646 N Woodmere. NY 11581 Severna Park. Md 21146 Elmsford. NY 10523 ALBERGO, ROBERT P. AUST. TIMOTHY P. BAUER. CHRISTOPHER F. BILLMEIER. JOSEPH G. BOYER. SUSAN M. BROSNAN, TIMOTHY M. W 240-26 145 Ave Box 301 1070 Forest Cli 22 E Franklin Ave. 101 Woodland Dr. 320 Lippert Ave. ft Rosedale N Y 11422 Milan. In 47031 Lakewood. Oh 44107 Penmngion. N J 08534 Oil City. Pa 16301 Fremont. Ca 94538 S j ALDI, MICHAEL H. AUSTIN. JOSEPH BAUER, JOHN A. BINDER. MICHAEL T. BOYLAN, MATTHEW BROUSSARD. MARTIN E. urn " 1780 S Surrey Lane 37 Eatondale Ave 6210 E 52nd PI 205 Hazel Ave 2535 Ashley St JHH Lake Forest. II 60045 Blue Point. NY 11715 Indianapolis. In 46226 Westtield. N J 07090 Beaumont, Tx. 77702 Gnv Mendan, Ct 06450 ALECI EUGENE L AUSTIN. SEAN J. BAVA. JOHN M. BINASZ. RICHARD W. BOYLE. PATRICK E. BROWN, ALAN C. Ml 14 Melvin Ave 22 Merrill Rd 30 Kings Ct 220 Creekside Cl 421 Stuart St N W 22 Dartmouth Rd. nu Wilbraham. Ma 01095 Orchard Park. N Y 14127 S E Marietta. Ga 30060 Massillon. Oh 44646 Cranford. N.J 07016 OMV Bradford. Pa 16701 ALICANDRO, STEPHEN 81 South St AULIA, MANUEL J. 813 Bamboo Ct BEAN. KENNETH L. 15114 S Lilac Cl BIRCH, DELMAR R. 6105 Meridian Dr BOYNTON, DAVID E. 6 Westland Ave. BROWN. CLIFTON G. 400 Lincoln St art Tehachapi. Ca 93561 Orland Park. II 60462 Erie. Pa 16509 Millord. Ct 06460 Middletown. Pa. 17057 OMI Shrewsbury. Ma 01545 ALLEN ROBERT B BACHMAN. KENNETH D. BECKER. GEORGE B. 8ISCHOFF. BRUCE R. BRACKE. JAMES A. BROWN. HENRY A. tm 327 Canal Si 52307 Fir Rd 46 279 Ahui Nam 714 S Carroll Ave 3402 56th PI Apt 1 1316 Belmonl Dr. WBi Rehoboth Bch . Del 19971 Granger. In 46530 BACKES. JAMES M. Kaneohe. Hi 96744 BECKER. MICHAEL . Michigan City. In 46360 BLACK. THOMAS J. Molme. II 61265 BRADLEY, FRANCIS X. Columbia. S C 29205 BRUNEAU, RALPH MM A!li tla. Gary W. 265 Park Ave 300 E Middle St 516 James SI 7909 FalslaH Rd 4138 E Wedlock Dr a 4085 Highland Ave Mobile. Al 36607 Hanover Pa 17331 Clayton. N Y 13624 McLean. Va 22101 Phoenix. Az 85018 Shadyside. Oh 43947 BACKES, PAUL G. BECKETT. THOMAS A. BLYTH. PETER C. BRADLEY. KEVIN M. BRUNELLE. JOHN B. . ALVARADO, JOSEPH 234 Harnsh Ave 903 Fairview Ave 404 Ridgewood Dr N 127 Eufaula St 913 A Cloister Rd 16345 Drexel Ave S Milwaukee. Wi 53172 Bellevue. Nb 68005 Gulf Breeze. Fl 32561 Wilmington. De 19809 S Holland. II 60473 DM E Chicago, in 46312 AMER, GHALIB M. BACSIK. JEFFREY M. BECKLES. GERALD M. BOBLICK, WILLIAM E. BRADY, BRIAN R. BRYANT. MICHAEL J. 0 1 p Q RQX 454 20-19 Prospect Ave 1250 Ferndale Blvd 5 Timberlane 1218 Green Acres 1002 Rutiedge mta Fair Lawn. NJ 07410 Central Islip. NY 11722 Carlmville. II 62626 Mount Prospect. II 60056 Cincinnati. Oh 45205 Notre Dame, In 46556 BAGLIER. DENNIS J BECKMAN. THOMAS G. BOCKRATH. GARY E. BRADY. PETER L. BUDD. BERNARD M. cu ANDERSEN, SUSAN L. 4000 Sampson Rd 260 San Ron Dr 509 W Sycamore Box 341A RR 1 1300 Brickell Dr A D r w v no? ? Youngstown. Oh 44505 Webster. N Y 14580 Columbus Grove. Oh 45830 Edwardsberg. Mi Ft Lauderdale. Fl 33301 ' ANDERSON, CLIFFORD BAKER. DANIEL P. 200 S Sea Ave BEECHER. STEVEN P. RR 1 Bo 166 BOETTO. JOSEPH M. 956 Western Ave BRAMMER. MARC A. 1599 Forest Villa BUDRIS. ANDREW J. 510 Brett PI GUI 2046 Oak Knoll West Yarmouth. Ma 02673 Rochester. In 46975 Joliet II 60435 McLean, Va 22101 South Plamfield. N J 07080 S J San Marino. Ca 91 108 ANDERSON. JOHN M. BALK WILL. JOHN T. 15603 Northville Forest Dr BEHZAOI. HASSAN P O Bon 462 BOHART. DENNIS R. 1306 Princeton Ave BRAUWEILER, MICHAEL 2103 E Fremont Ct BUENING. DONALD P. Route 1 CkJi i H 801 E Jackson Me Allen Tx 78501 Plymouth. Mi 48170 Notre Dame. In 46556 Natrona Heights Pa 15065 Arlington Heights. II 60004 St Paul. In 47272 ANDERSON. LAURENCE 1 10 East Broad St BALON. PAUL A. 1876 Louden Heights Rd BEKAUAC. DANIEL F. 555 Filth St BOHLANDER. PETER J. RFD No 1 BRAYE. RODERICK D. 596 Lloyds Rd BUESS. WILLIAM A. 3920 Grove Av UUI Charleston W V 25314 Clairton Pa 15025 Morris. II 60450 Matawan. N J 07747 Brookfield. II 60513 _ ANDERSON. THERESE M. 732 Tirnberhne Dr BALON. THOMAS H. 50654 N Michigan BELCUORE. JUDITH C. 70 Glenmere Dr BOLE. THOMAS A. 910 Vermillion St BREEN. JAMES P. 1335 Anderson Dr BUFFAMANTE, THOMAS 91 Kent Blvd CJUJ South Bend. In 46637 Chatam Twp . N J 07928 Gary In 46403 Palatine. II 60067 Salamanca. N Y 14779 ANGEL, NATHANIEL A. BALON. WALTER A. 58 Wiesner Rd BELL. DAVID A. 3331 Grand Blvd BOLGER. THOMAS J. 5524 Sidney Rd BRENNAN. DANIEL 866 Eaglenest Ave BULGER, THOMAS F. 21 Nassau Si cu " a Lackawanna. N Y 14218 Highland In 46322 Cincinnati. Oh 45238 Akron. Oh 44303 Troy. NY 12180 ) BALTZ. RICHARD P. BELTRANENA. JUAN M. BOLLER, FRANCIS J. BRENNAN, JAMES F. BULLERS, PATRICIA A. GUI ANGELUZZI, JAY D. 601 1 Port Anadarko 319 W Poplar Ave 630 E Lucille Ave 27076 Sprague Rd 1733 Washington Av " V 331 1 James St Hermitage. Tn 37076 San Mateo. Ca West Covma. Ca 91790 Olmsted Township. Oh 44138 Wilmette. II 60091 OM Parkersburg, W V 26101 BANNER. WILLIE J. BENCK. THOMAS E. BONEY. VIDONIA BRENNAN. PAULA BULLOCK. JAMES F. ANHUT, KRISTINE W. 176 Spring St S RR 1 506 W 37th St 21 Jewell Drive 5809 E 47th St 28364 Harwich Or Concord N C 28025 Manhattan. It 60442 Savannah, Ga 31401 Cincinnati. Oh Tulsa. Ok 74135 Farmmgton, Mi 48024 BARANKO. GEORGE S. BENDER. JOSEPH F. BONK. JOHN H. BRENNAN. ROBERT A. BUMBACCO. EDWARD M. ' ANHU , WILLIAM RR 1 Bo. 416 1520 Graham St 49 Swan SI 4746 Meadowgreen 9 Angelina Ave " It Chesterton. In 46304 Bethlehem Pa 18015 Batavia. N Y 14020 Pittsburgh. Pa 15236 Sault Ste Marie. Ont CAN JT Ypsilanti, Mi 48197 BARANOWSKI, FRED C. BENEDICT. THOMAS E. BONNET, FRANKLYN R. BRENNAN, WILLIAM R. BUNDY. THOMAS E. ANKUTA. RICHARD J. 1227 Vista Capitan 6 Orion Ave Rd 4 RR 3 Box 4% 826 Sononauk St 702 Gold Ave CUV 522 Crescent St El Caion Ca 92020 Bmghamton. N Y 13901 Laporte. In 46350 Sycamore. II 60178 Erie. Pa 16509 Brooklyn. NY 11208 ANTCZAK. FREDERIC J. BARNES. ELLEN M. 814 Hardm BENITEZ. AGUSTIN R. Chrysler De Mex Apt 53-951 BOROWIECKI. MARION 8028 S .California BRENNEMAN. MARK 1917 Worth SI BUNSTER. MAX 1750 N E 115th St tt 1 140 Watson St S W Aurora. II 60506 Mexico 17. Mexico Chicago. II 60652 York. Pa 17404 Miami. Fl. 33161 ft Grand Rapids. Mi 48504 ANTKOWICZ, MARK D. BARRETT. DANIEL A. 285 Tourame BENKENDORF. ROBERT 1020 Washington BORUS. RAYMOND S. 207 Bonvue St BRENNEN. MICHAEL G. 5841 W 93rd St. BURGER, PATRICIA J. 1500 Washington M 9724 Horton Or Shawnee Mission. Ks 66207 Grosse Pomte Farms. Mi 48236 BARRETT. PAUL M. Bushnell II 61422 BENKERT. AMBROSE W. Pittsburgh. Pa 15214 BOSACK. ROBERT C. Oak Lawn. II 60453 8REZINA. CARLOS G. Iowa City, la 52240 BURKART, JAMES A. ' -.-_ ANTONIDES, ERROL D. 1829 Tyrol Place 17 E 89th SI 11605S Maplewood 20 S Joseph Manor 1107 Gnome Trail ( 408 N First St Anaheim. Ca 92805 New York. N Y 10028 Chicago. II 60655 Elkhan. In 46514 Lookout Mountain, Tn. 37350 " Monmouth. II 61462 ARAMONY, WILLIAM S. BARRY, GERY J. 514 S liams Si BENNETT. JOHN E. 47 Wiman Ave BOSCH. CARL W. 17 Winchester Ave BRICE. SAMUEL M. RFD " 10 Box 12 BURKE. RICHARD B. 1107 Baldwin St ) - 3410 Gatewood Ct Garrell In 46738 Stalen Island. N Y 10308 Middletown. N Y 10940 Annapolis. Md 21401 Harlan. la 51537 % Alexandria. Va 22307 BARTH. NEIL M. BENNINGHOFF. GREGORY O. BOSTWICK. RICHARD T. BRIDGEMAN. MICHAEL BURKE, THOMAS E. ARBEGUST, DUANE E. 23125 Milliard Rd 51555 Mayflower Rd 4 1 2 Semmole Ave. 706 N Allen 65 Ellenwood Ave 2 62 Churchill Park Wesllake. Oh 44145 South Bend. In 46628 Catonsville. Md 21228 South Bend. In 46616 Los Gatos. Ca 95030 r Louisville. Ky 40220 BARTKOWSKI. MICHAEL BENSON. MICHAEL R. BOTTJER. KURT P. BRIDGES. JAMES P. BURKE, TIMOTHY J. rjj ARBOUR, ANN F. 3201 S 49th Ave 1049 Lakeside Ct 3 Viva Floreado 10358 Creek Rd 704 E Oak JIX| 2020 Ramsey Or Cicero. II 60650 Grand Junction. Co 81501 Ormda. Ca 94563 Pavilion. N Y 14525 Sioux Falls. S D ' ! Baton Rouge. La 70808 ARCONTI. RICHARD D. BARTOSIK, KLEMENS S. 801 S Liberty St BERG. DOUGLAS R. 109 W Fourth St BOURIE. CLIFFORD 567 Maple Rd BRIGHT. MARK T. 23 S Shore Tr BURKE. VINCENT D. 6379 Devonshire ? cflin South Bend. In 46619 Auburn. In 46706 Longmeadow. Ma. 01106 Sparta. N J 07871 St LOUIS Mo 63109 .. ASELAGE, RICHARD R. BARTZEN. PETER J. 25 N 35th Ave E BERNARD. ANNE E. 622 N Cherry St BOURNEUF, JOHN J. Eastern Point Rd BRINKMAN. DALE T. 2645 McVey Blvd W BURKOT, JOSEPH T. 1222 Melrose Ave u 128 Ladue Oaks Duluth. Mn 55804 Kenton, Oh 43326 Gloucester. Ma 01930 Worthmgton. Oh 43085 New Castle. Pa. . Creve Coeur. Mo 63141 BATES. WILLIAM J. BERRY. DANIEL A. BOWENS. ALEXANDER W. BRISCHETTO, STEPHEN BURLAS. REGIS P. ASPAN, PAUL F. 222 Grant St 157 Rosewood Ave 617 Shawmut Ave 3546 Jamieson 48-6th S E t p 5718 S Newland Canonsburg. Pa 15317 Fairmont, W V 26554 Boston. Ma 02118 SI Louis Mo 63139 Massillon. Oh 44646 Chicago. II 60636 ATTLEY. MICHAEL W. BATHON. GEORGE H. BETTEZ. DAVID J. BOWER. EDWARD T. BROCKMOLE DEAN M. BURNS. CHARLES 3O4 3000 Hillsboro 183 9212 S Mozart 246 Abbatsford Ct. 6240 N Hamilton R. CORCORAN, MICHAEL J. DAILEY, ROBERT F. Nashville, Tn. 3721 5 Evergreen Park. II. 60642 Glen Ellyn. II. 60137 Peona. II. 61614 1309 Shelburne Ave Holy Cross Bro Ctr BURNS, JOHN R. CARLAND, TIMOTHY M. CERNANEC, PHILIP J. COLGAN, PAUL S. Mamaroneck. NY 10543 Notre Dame. In 46556 10 Reynolds Si Rd. 1 Highland Dr 7605 Pleasantview 208 Galena Ave CORNELIUS. JOHN M. DALEY, PATRICK J. South Glens Falls. N.Y. 12801 Industry. Pa. 15052 Parma. On 44134 Wyoming. II. 61491 42 Starr Way 1096 Bonita Dr BURNS, MICHAEL W CARLSON, RAYMOND M. CHANG, PAUL F. COLLERAN, MICHAEL C. Mountain View. Ca. 94040 Park Ridge. II 60068 2340 Smith Rd 134 Plunkell St. 21 Widcombe Rd 8186 Qlenwood Ext. CORPORA. GARY J. DALLESSID, GERALD T. Akron, Oh. 44313 Lenox. Ma 01240 Kingston 6. Jamaica Youngstown. Oh 44512 55 Hauck Dr. 429 Bartme St BURTSCHER, MICHAEL CARNES, JOHN D. CHAUVIN, JOHN R. COLLIGAN, ROBERT J. Pittsburgh, Pa 15235 Somerville. N J 08876 3862 Fairfield Or. 919 Poplar St. 2930 Rogers Dr 345 Dale Rd CORRIGAN, MICHAEL J. DALTON. JAMES P. Mogadore. Oh. 44260 Huntingtown. In. 46750 Falls Church, Va. 22042 Bethel Pk, Pa 15102 828 8th St SW 346 Old Bedford Rd BUSCH, MARY D. CARNES, MARK T. CHINWORTH. MICHAEL COLLINS. JAMES B. Rochester. Mn 55901 Concord. Ma 01742 6 Edwin Ave. 39 E Norris Rd 4801 S Ridge Terrace 372 Tampa Ave. CORRINI. CHRISTOPHER P. DALTON, RAYMOND St. Louis. Mo 63122 Norns, Tn. Forth Worth. Tx. 76133 Pittsburgh. Pa. 15228 748 River Rd 1104 Independence BUSH, EDWARD C. CARNEY, SHEILA M. CHMELL, SAMUEL J. COLLINS. JOHN W. Teaneck. N J 07666 Sturgis. Mi 49091 20100 E. River Rd 277 Bluffs Edge 2943 N 73rd Ave. Kimberly Dr. COSELLI. JOSEPH S. DALY. DENNIS E. Grosse lie, Mi. 46138 Lake Forest. II 60045 Elmwood Park. II 60635 Westport. Ct 06880 6407 Burning Tree 10100 Drew Terrace BUSH, MICHAEL K. CARNEY. THOMAS J. CHONG, ROBERT A. COLLINS, LEONARD C. Houston. Tx 77036 St. Louis. Mo 63126 313 E Central Park 456 Anita 41-902 Kaulukanu 7405 Conn Ave COTTER. KEITH J. DAMON. TONY D. Davenport, la. Laguna Beach. Ca. Waimanalo. Hi. 96795 Chevy Chase. Md 20015 804 Oak SI RR 1 BUSHELMAN, PAUL Q. CARPENTIER, OIANNE M. CHRISTOPHER, GEORGE COMEAU, JOHN M. Bellmore. N Y. 11710 No Baltimore. Oh 45872 4291 Race Lane Rd 161 Charlevoix Ave. 1205 Swinks Mill 715 E Washington COTTONE. MICHAEL A. DANIELS, TERRANCE L. Okeana. Oh 45053 Grosse Pte Farms. Mi. 4823 6 McLean. Va. 22101 South Bend. In 46619 308 S Grove St 406 Randolph St BYRNES, JACK C. CARROLL, FRANK A. CHRISTOPHER, M.R. CONANT. KENNETH Normal. II 61761 Walworth. W 53184 6155 Wildcat Rd. 3505 Sterling Ave. 1285 Bunts Rd. 305 W 50th St COURINGTON. PHILIP OANZA, ALBERT B. Missoula. Ml. Alexandria. Va 22304 Lakewood. Oh 44107 Minneapolis. Mn 55419 3334 College Ave 2464 E 7th St BYRNE, PHILIP J. CARROLL. KATHLEEN A. CHUTE, EDWARD T. CONATY, KEVIN E. Columbus. Ga 31907 Brooklyn. NY 11235 225 Nob Hill Rd 808 N Birney 32 Meyer PI 172 Hoyt Ave COURY, JOHN A. DARLING, JOHN F. Cheshire. Ct. 06410 Bay City. Mi. 48706 Riverside Ct. 06878 Rumford. HI 02916 4990 Lakeshore Rd 815 Forest Ave. CAHILL, KATHLEEN A. CARROLL, STEVEN P. CIMA, LAWRENCE M. CONCEPCION. NOEL L. Port Huron, Ml 48060 Fulton. N Y 13069 6131 W Eddy St 345 Fairway Blvd. 217 S Ridgeland 626 Western Blvd COVER. GLENN V. DARO, EUGENE T. Chicago. II. 60634 Columbus. Oh 43213 Oak Park. II. 60302 Jonestown Tamuning. Guam 145 Dor Man Dr 1045 No Menard CAHILL, PATRICIA A. CARROLL, THOMAS F. CIMINO. ROBERT M. 96910 Elizabeth, Pa 15037 Chicago. II 60651 116 Grace Blvd. 206 Manor Parkway 680 N 57th St. CONDON, PAUL M. COYLE, DENNIS G. OAULT. MICHAEL J. Painted Post. NY 14870 Lmcrott. N.J. 07738 Omaha. Nb 68132 6216 Idylwood Lane 523 Summit Ave. 1902 Crestwood Ln CALABRIA, KEVIN S. CARSELLO, ROBERT CISLE, ANNE Edina. Mn. 55436 Hackensack. N.J 07601 Muskegon. Mi. 49441 742 Franklin St. 2154 Nordica Ave. 160 Heathwood Lane CONLEY, LAWRENCE E. COX, JAMES f. DAUTREMONT, JOAN West Reading. Pa. 19602 Chicago. II 60635 Hamilton. Oh. 45013 1013 Scott Ave, PO Box 1421 2205 Odema Dr CALLAHAN, JAMES A. CARSON, PAUL T. CIULLA, PETER M. Rockville. Md 20851 Bangor. Me 04401 Lima. Oh. 45606 450 Foxbrook Dr. P O Box 5231 155 W Prospect CONLON, JOHN K. COX. ROBERT J. DAVERN, TIMOTHY R. St. Louis. Mo. 63141 Boise. Id 83705 Waldwick. NJ 07463 121 LaSalle St. 375 Roslyn Ave 426 W. Murray CALLAHAN. JAMES P. CARTER, STEPHEN J. CIUNGAN, MICHAEL F. New York. N.Y 10027 Akron. Oh. 44320 Macomb. II 61455 5416 N. 19th St. 7545 N. Fairchild 4345 Tenth St. CONNEELY, MARK D. CRAMER. JOHN W. DAVLIN, BRIAN PATRICK Milwaukee. Wi. 53209 Milwaukee. Wi. 53217 Ecorse. Mi. 48229 505 W 14th St. 31130 Pickwick Ln. 4714 Milan Road CALLAHAN, JON M. CARTER. WILLIAM D. CLANCY, THOMAS K. Sterling. II. 61081 Birmingham, Mi 48009 Sandusky. Oh. 44870 1904 S Hespendes 400 Home Drive 1622 Oak Pk. Dr CONNEELY. NEIL B. CREEHAN. DONALD R. DAY, ANTHONY C. Tampa. Fl. 33609 Trafford. Pa. 15085 South Bend. In. 46617 11 River Park 807 Baldwin Si 20 Cornell Ave CALLAHAN, THOMAS 0. CARUSO, DAVID M. CLARK, RICHARD N. North White Plains. N.Y 10603 Pittsburgh. Pa 15234 Binghamton, NY 13903 150 C I ill more Rd 161 Queens Rd 1545 Budd Blvd CONNOLLY. PATRICK J. CREEVEY. THOMAS J. DECANDIA, MICHAEL J. West Harflord, Ct 06107 St Marys. Pa. 15857 Kankakee. II 60901 Rt 1 Box 118 939 E 3rd 1814 68th St CALLAN, JOHN A. CASACCIO, LEE A. CLARKE, HENRY C. Libertyville. II 60048 Mishawaka. in. Brooklyn. NY 11204 RR 1 136 Lincoln Ave 30 Myrtlewood Rd CONNOLLY, ROBERT E. CREIGHTON. TIMOTHY DECHANT, THOMAS V. Woodward, la. 50276 Havertown. Pa. 19083 Wayzata. Mn. 55391 4305 McMillen Pk. Dr. 3012 Mayfair Ave 72 Highland Pk Rd. CALUSIC, ADAM P. CASE, STEPHEN R. CLARKE, JAMES B. Fort Wayne. In. 46806 Westchester. II 60153 No Haven. Ct. 064 3 Longwood Valley Rd. 5481 York Lane N. 6050 Manker St. CONNOR, WILLIAM E. CRENNEN. MICHAEL A. DECOURSEY, STEPHEN Oak Ridge. N J 07438 Columbus. Oh 43227 Indianapolis. In 46227 1737 Oak wood Terr 3046 So St Paul 3316 West 68 St CAMALIER, CHARLES A. CASEY, DANIEL K. CLEARY. ROBERT R. Scotch Plains. N.J 07076 Denver. Co 80210 Prairie Village. Ks 66208 9019 Belmart Rd. 25 S E 2nd Ave 75 S Deeplands CONROY, PHILIP L. CHILLY, STEPHEN DE CROOS. KENNETH Potomac. Md 20854 Miami. Fl. 33131 Grosse Pte. Shores. Mi. 48236 4421 N 53rd St. 4 San Lorenzo Or 49 4558 Harvie Ave CAMPBELL, STEVEN T. CASEY. PATRICK M. CLEAVER. JOHN W. Omaha. Nb 68104 Makati Philippines Powell River. Canada 116 Postoak Rd. 20236 Forrer 54716 Mernfield CONSTANTS, ALFRED C. CRISTALDI. MARIE E. DEE. MATTHEW J. Wichita. Ks 67206 Detroit. Mi. 48235 Mishawaka. In 46544 168 Page Dr 6911 32nd St NW 3410 London Dr. CAMPBELL. THOMAS J. CASPER. DAVID J. CLEMENS. PAUL F. Oakland. N.J. 07436 Washington DC 20012 Lima. Oh 45805 536 Morris Ave. Rt 2 Box 236 1431 9th St CONTI, GREGORY J. CRITTENDEN. MICHAEL DEE, MOLLY E. Bellwood, II 60104 Chilton. Wi 53014 Tell City. In 47586 1217 N Negley Ave 1630 Vanburen N.W 3410 London Or. CAMPBELL, TIMOTHY P. CASTER. GARY L. CLEMENS. PETER A. Pittsburgh Pa 15206 Washington. DC 20012 Lima. Oh. 45605 52 Seton Drive 2300 E Valley Pkwy-Sp 159A 1431 9th St. CONTI, RICHARD L. CRONIN. DANIEL R. DEFREES, ALAN R. New Rochelle. N.Y 10804 Escondido. Ca 92027 Tell City. In. 47586 7155 N. Kenton 40 Stancey Rd 9 Santa Cruz Dr. CAMPOCHIARO, PETER CATINELLA, FRANK P. CLEMENT, THOMAS Lmcolnwood. II 60646 Pittsburgh. Pa 15220 Florissant. Mo. 63031 76 Barclay St. 51-15 Van Kleek St 3525 W Union Ave CONWAY, HAROLD E. CROWLEY, KEVIN A. DELISLE, GREGG A. Canaionane. NY 13317 Elmhurst Li , N.Y. 11373 Englewood. Co 80110 129 Newmarket Rd. 1 1 Murchison Place 1301 Appalachee Dr CANNA, JOHN F. CATINO, ANTHONY R. CLINTON, THOMAS J. Garden City. NY 11530 White Plains. N Y 10605 Huntsville. Al 35801 16908 S Ellis Av. 531 Anton St 509 Urban Ave CONWAY, STEPHEN S. CUFF, WILLIAM J. DEMARAIS, TIMOTHY E. South Holland. II 60473 Bridgeport. Ct 06606 Sidney. Oh 45365 3 Ave Elisee Reclu 11 Tyng St 17330 Darden Rd CAPRIO. PASQUALE D. CAULEY, JAMES R. CLITHEROE. H.C. Pans 7, France Newburyport. Ma So Bend. In 46635 195 Pine St 17860 Lmcrest Or. 8815 Athens Crt CONWAY, THOMAS J. CULHANE, EDWARD J. DEMARTINI. JAMES E. New Haven. Ct. 06513 Brookfield. Wi 53005 Anaheim. Ca 92804 3220 Mendon Rd. 627 Linden Ave 16566 Centralia Dr. CARAVA, JOSEPH F. CAVANAUGH. MATTHEW CLYNNE. MARTIN S. Cumberland. R .1. 02864 Wilmette. II 60091 Detroit. Mi 48240 6443 Lemai Ave. 420 Jefferson St. 435 Lafayette Blvd. COOGAN, CHARLES C. CULLEN, JANET M. DEMATTEIS. JAMES A. Chicago. II. 60646 Klamath Falls. Or 97601 Brigantme. N J 08203 12610 Rocky Hill 7228 N Oleander 2700 62 Ave So CARBERRY, GEORGE W. CAVERS, JOHN W. COCCIMIGLIO. MILO M. Houston. Tx 77040 Chicago. II 60648 St Petersburg. Fl 33712 12526 Buchanan St. 535 S Ridge Ave. 117 Link Ave. COOPER, MARK A. CUNEO, JEFFREY A. DEML, ROBERT J. Crown Pt. In 46307 Arlington Heights. II. 60005 Pittsburgh. Pa. 15237 69 Illona Dr 1344 Hamlm PI RD 5 Box 395 CARDILLO. CHARLES S. CEA, RICHARD J. COHEN, MARTIN F. Greenhills. Oh 45218 Columbus. Oh 43227 Wash.. Pa 15301 452 First Ave 3623 Ave P 51006 Lily Rd COOPER, THOMAS E. CURRIER. BRETT L. DEORIO. THOMAS G. Massapequa Park. N.Y 11762 Brooklyn. N Y 11234 South Bend. In 46637 2 The Beachway 23040 U S 20 West 3252 Rumson Rd CAREY, EDWARD L. CEHELSKY, IHOR J. COLEMAN, PATRICK M. Mannasset. N Y 11030 South Bend. In 46628 Cleveland Hgt. Oh 44118 11108 Ardwick Dr 4500 Bruenmg Dr 410 Rice St COPPIN, DARRELL G. CURRD. ANTHONY S. DERBES. JEAN K. Hockville. Md 20852 Parma. Oh 44134 Anoka. Mn 55303 6926 N Ionia 6 Manal Ave 120 Mulberry Or CAREY. SHARON A. CERASO, CHRISTOPHER A. COLEMAN. ROBERT 8. Chicago. II 60646 Biddeford. Me 04005 Metaine. La 70005 607 S View Terr. Rd 3. Box 2 2505 Hyacinth SI COPPINGER. MICHAEL E. CURRY. STEVEN O. DERHEIMER. MARK J. Alexandria, Va 22314 Leechburg. Pa 15656 Westburg. NY 11590 10247 Lochcrest Dr 5616 Woodcresl Dr 2222 Indian Village CARI, JOSEPH A. CERASO. CYNTHIA M. COLGAN. MATTHEW J. Cincinnati. Oh 45231 Edina. Mn 55436 Ft Wayne. Ind 46809 MMBMBJHM OERMODY, STEPHEN P. m mm 3O5 Neola. la 51559 DOOLEY, MICHAEL F. EARLE, EDWARD W. 46 Sheldon St FISHER, MARC L. Los Angeles. Ca. 90020 DERR. RICHARD J. 9832 Belhaven Rd 98 Bonair Ave Milton. Ma 02186 Rte 1 Box 39 FORD, JOSEPH J. 69 Farmers Ave Bethesda. Md 20034 New Rochelle, N.Y. FARLEY, PAUL J. Ft Madison, la 52627 422 Cleveland Ave Plamview. NY 11803 DORAN. WILLIAM P. EASTER, JULIAN F. 21 Santa Margarita FISTER, JAMES S. Harrison. N J 07029 DESHON. STEPHEN T. 47 Gnnsted St 3622 Denver Ave. San Rafael. Ca 94901 14125 Edbrooke Ave FORDONSKI, MICHAEL 224 Castle Blvd Manhasset. N.Y 11030 Loram. Oh 44055 FARLEY. ROBERT J. Riverdale, II 60627 4306 Applewood Ln. Akron. Oh 44313 DOROSH. RICHARD W. EBERHART. THOMAS M. 85-04 253rd St FITZGERALD, EDWARD Matteson. II 60443 DEUCICH. CHRISTOPHER 5695 Southern Blvd 150 Woodndge Dr Bellrose NY 11426 1401 Welsh Rd. FOSTER, RICHARD J. 27 Cider Hill W Palm Beach. Fl New Canaan. Ct 06840 FARRELLY, MICHAEL P. Maple Glen, Pa 19002 3592 Cowden Ave. Upper Saddle River. N J 07461 DORR. VICTOR O. EDDY. STEPHEN J. 201 Tiffany Or FITZGERALD, EDWARD Memphis. Tn 38111 DEVANEY, CLAUDE 7106 Club Vista Lane 7 Middle Street Massapequa Pk . NY 11762 2 B la u veil PI FOSTER, ROBERT C. 20 Boynton St Richmond. Va 23229 Geneva. NY 14456 FARRINGTON. JAMES F. Scarsdale. NY 10583 60 E Front St Clinton. Ma 01510 DRAKE, THOMAS 0. EICHLER, THOMAS J. 33 Dry Hill Rd FITZGERALD, JOSEPH Red Bank. N.J 07701 DEVINE, THOMAS A. 830 S Mam St 101 Cratton Ave Nor walk Ct 06851 30 Keyea St FOX, JAMES A. 629 N State Si Fmdlay. Oh 45840 Syracuse. NY 13207 FASSLER. BRUCE E. Florham Pk.. N J 07932 9900 S Longwood Jackson. Mi 49202 DRELICK. RICHARD F. EIDE. CLARK 3309 McGee Ave FITZGERALD, KEVIN M. Chicago. II. DEVITA. DAVID W. 46 E Bissell Ave 1024 3rd Ave So Middletown. Oh 45042 R.R 11 Box 730B Muscoda Rd FRALI8H, STEPHEN H. 2227 Oakland Pkwy Oil City. Pa 16301 Fort Dodge, la 50501 FAUGHT. THOMAS P. Highland us N.J 3737 N Denny Lima. Oh 45805 DRISCOLL. VICKIE J. ELLIOTT. LINDA S. 794 Larchmont Rd FITZGERALD, MICHAEL Indianapolis. In 46218 DEVITT, MARIE T. 5 Gage Ct 142 Sanlord Ave Elmira. NY 14905 2610 S W 163rd St FRANCO. THOMAS C. 316 S 6th Ave Houston. Tx 77024 N Plamlield N.J. FEE, TERENCE M. Seattle. Wa 98166 430 Kendall St La Grange. II 60525 DUBAY. DENIS T. ELLIOTT. ROBERT M. 237 Bellwood Ave. FITZGERALD, THOMAS Denver. Co 80226 DIAMOND. EUGENE C. 20 LOCUSI Dr Apt 14K Royal Ct. Bellwood. II 60104 1208 Keithmont Rd FREDETTE. MARK A. 8700 W 121st SI Baltimore. Md 21228 Off Walk Road FEENEY. PATRICK J. Baltimore. Md 21228 3810 N Woodndge Rd. Palos Park. II 60464 DICKINSON. RICHARD 8147 Champiam Chicago. II 60619 DIECKELMAN. ROBERT 1505 Church St Elm Grove. Wi 53122 DIETRICH. HAL T. 3987 Sallsburg Rd Murrysville. Pa 15668 DIFEBBO. THOMAS J. 107 Wildwina Park OUBE, JOHN G. 47 Heald SI Pepperell. Ma 01463 DUBE. RICHARD C. 1 Manon Lane Scotch Plains. N.J 07076 DUCHEK. ROBERT J. 3455 Brookshire Dr Florissant. Mo 63033 DUCHOSSOIS. GEORGE 1250 Douglas Ave Flossmoor. II 60422 Spring Lk HIS N.J. ELMORE. DAVID B. 2135 Norm Ct Oxhard. Ca 93030 ELUM. EDWARD J. 1147 Stratford NE Massillon. Oh 44646 ENGLISH, WILLIAM t. 29 E Germantown Ave. Maple Shade. N J 08052 ENRICO. W. THOMAS 105 Rock rose Dr Newark. De 19711 FENSTERMACHER, . 0. 439 E Bissell Ave Oil City. Pa 16301 FENTON JR., WILLIAM 10302 Haywood Dr Silver Spring. Md 20902 FENZL, THOMAS C. 16 Euclid Ave Lockport. NY 14094 FITZPATRICK. PAUL F. 5 Hanford Rd Stoneham. Ma 02180 FITZSIMONS. JAMES W. 1434 E Emmerson Ml Prospect. II 60056 FITZSIMMONS, JOHN T. 700 Jensen Rd Vestal. NY 13850 FLAHERTY. LAWRENCE 3 Ash Place Birmingham. Al 35223 FREEMAN, JAMES P. 3900 W 82nd PI Chicago. II 60652 FREITAG, ERIK 125 N St Peter St South Bend. In 46617 FRE88OLA, MICHAEL A. 199 Wolverine St Staten Island. NY 10306 FRETT, RICHARD W. Catskih N Y 12414 DILLON, MICHAEL J. 2727 Marilyn Road Colo Springs. Co 60909 DIMINICK, GARY J. DUOECK, CHRISTORHER J. 1059 Bent Drive Campbell. Ca 95008 DUEKER. JOHN T. 10163 Sakura Dr Pleasant Lane Wappingers Falls. NY 12590 ENRIGHT. DONALD . 3830 Barr Court Boulder. Co 80303 FERNANDEZ, JUAN C. Calle 2B27 Alturrs De Flamboyan Bay. Puerto Ric FERRANTI, ARTHUR J. 1234 Santa Cruz Massapequa. NY 11758 FLAKE, DONALD M. 302 Sweet Briar Ln Hopkins. Minn 55343 FLANAGAN, KEVIN F. 501 Porter Ave Crystal Lake. II 60014 FRICK, JOSEPH A. 923 Prestwood Rd. Baltimore. Md 21228 335 West Ave St Louis. Mo 63128 ENYEART. JAMES J. Menlo Park. Ca 94025 1724 Vosper Ct FRICK, MICHAEL C. Ml Carmel. Pa 17851 OUESTERBERG. MARY V. 511 E Broadway FERRARI, MARY A. Toledo. Oh 43614 713 E Angela Blvd DINEEN, MARTIN K. 1302 Old Orchard Girard. Oh 44420 EPPING. RANDY C. R R. .3 Box 389 St. Anne. II. 60964 FLANAGAN, MARY . 46 E Maynard Ave. South Bend. In 46617 FRIES. PETER O. 15 Brougham Dr Penfield. N.Y. 14526 DUFFEY, DANIEL J. 3805 Lancaster Dr FERRARIS. ROBERT P. Columbus. Oh 43202 1234 Edwards Ln DLABAL. THOMAS A. 3729 Blue Ridge 2027 Sage Valley Richardson. Tx 75080 Salem. Or 97303 ERNST. JAMES H. 417 Prospect. St Ridgewood. N J 07450 FLANAGAN, RICHARD L. 10448 S Crawford Zanesville. Oh. 43701 FRISCHKORN, JACK F. Independence. Mo 64052 DUFFIN, TRACY L. 96 Knollwood Or FERRARO. GARY J. Oak Lawn. II 60453 130 Florence Rd. DOBBERTIN, JOHN W. R R 2 Box 280 Cherry Hill. N J 08034 62 Post Place FLANNERY. STEPHEN M. New Brighton. Pa 15066 25 Hedge St Plamtield. In 46168 ESPOSITO. RICHARD J. Harrison, NY 10528 817 Woodland Ave FRISSE, MARK E. Rochester. N Y 14606 DUFFY. KATHLEEN 159 Jewell St FERRIS. KEVIN C. Oradell. N J. 1212 8th St DOBIESZ, DAVID C. 428 N Lincoln St Garfield. N J 07026 9468 Maxme St FLANNIGAN. JOHN H. Highland. II 62249 83 Moltr Hmsdale. II 60521 ESPOSTO. RICHARD M. Pico Rivera. Ca 90660 9620 S Winchester FRONCZ AK, DAVID Buffalo. N Y 14212 DUFFY. STEPHEN B. RD 1 FERRO. ROBERT J. Chicago. II 60643 3692 Delaware DOBY. GEORGE G. 7 S 052 Thurlow Avella. Pa 15312 13 Duchess Ave FLOOD. CHARLES R. Gary. In 46409 1252 Wilshire Dr Hmsdale. II 60521 ESSER. ROBERT T. S Burlington. VI. 05401 529 Austin FUNK. RAYMOND M. Union. N J 07083 DUNCAN. MICHAEL J. 814 Kentucky St FERRY, THOMAS P. Woodstock. II 60098 1217 Crane DOCAL, ABELARDO L. 709 E 22nd St Racine. Wi 53405 309 Schwartz Rd FLOOD. THOMAS P. Libertyville. II 60048 410 NE 94th St Brooklyn. NY 11210 ETHIER. BARRY M. Lancaster. NY 14086 2708 Bramble Dr FUNK, SUSAN KAREN Miami Shores. Fl 33138 DUNFEY. RICHARD J. 261 Burnslde Ave FETTERS, CLIFFORD P. Monroe, La 71201 510 N Trask St. OOCKRELL. KEVIN P. Parker House Hotel Woonsocket. R I 02895 1380 Hunter Rd. FLORA, BRYAN R. Tampa. Fl 33609 813 Diamond Dr Boston. Ma 02107 ETIENNE. DENNIS P. Fairtield. Oh 45014 Box 249 FURJANIC, JOSEPH J. Gaithersburg. Md 20760 DUNN. MARY E. 539 13th St FIGIOLA, RICHARD S. Notre Dame. In 46556 301 Brighton St. DODGE. RUSSELL J. 3336 Johnson Rd Tell City. In 47586 106 Sandra Rd FLYNN, JAMES P. Steelton. Pa. 17113 74 Hillside Ave Granite City. II 62040 ETTER. CONSTANCE A. Wilmington. De 19803 10535 Renfrew Dr FURMAN. ROBERT C. Chatham, N J 07928 DUNNE. TIMOTHY R. 1112 Kossuth St FILIPPELLO. GEORGE St Louis. Mo 63137 114 E. Willock DOELLMAN. JOHN L. 1 1 Hidley Ext Lafayette. In 47905 295 W 15th St FLYNN, JOHN H. Pittsburgh. Pa 15221 651 Magie Ave Troy. NY 12180 EVERT. TIMOTHY S. Chicago HI. II 60411 211 Nilsson St FYDA. JOHN NELAN Fairtield. Oh 45014 DUNPHY, MICHAEL E. 334 Halle Dr FINAN. KEVIN J. Brockton. Mass 02401 6821 Tanglewood Dr DOHERTY. ANN TERESA 36 Hillcrest St Euclid. Oh 44132 3908 S Darlington FLYNN, JOHN 8. Boardman. Oh 44512 16 Wmdtield Rd Antigonish N S . Canada EXNER. ALBERT C. Tulsa. Ok 74135 3940 Winding Way FYDA, KATHLEEN E. Greenville. S C 29607 OURESKA. PETER M. 1133 Downing Dr FINERAN JR.. EUGENE Indianapolis, In 46220 6821 Tanglewood Or DOHERTY. BRIAN B. 4559 Aurora St N.W. Waukesha. Wi 53186 2 Carteret Rd FLYNN, MICHAEL J. Boardman. Oh 44152 4116 S W Arthur Way Canton. Oh. 44708 FABREGA. JUAN C. Livingston. N.J. 07039 124 Oxford Ave GAAL, JOHN Portland. Or 97221 DURKIN, RICHARD P. P.O. Box 347 FINKE, MARY K. Clarendon Hills. II. 60514 2254 Locust St DONHAUSER, JOHN C. 1303 Wedgewood Rd Panama. R DePanama 2422 Andirondack Tr. FODNESS, DAVID A. Merrick. N.Y. 11566 11051 Ave O Spring Lake. N.J. 07762 FABYAN, E. JOSEPH Kenermg. Oh 45409 52315 N Scott St GAITHER, JAMES M. Chicago. II 60617 DUTKA, ROBERT J. 1753 Prairie Ave FINNEGAN, FRANCIS T. South Bend. In. 46637 730 Colony Rd DONOVAN. CHARLES A. R.R. 1 Riverside Dr. South Bend. In. 46613 601 N E 33rd St FOGLIA. WILLIAM S. Evansville. In. 47715 5030 Relleum Ave Cincinnati. Oh 45238 DONOVAN. RICHARD E. 78 Bellevue Ave White Pigeon. Mi 49099 DWYER. ELIZABETH J. 271 Lawndale Ave Elmhurst II 60126 FAHRENBACH, ROBERT 1800 Stevens Dr Gelnview. II 60025 FAIR. ROBERT M. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 33308 FIORENTINO, ANTHONY 2 Wheatley Ave. Albertson. N.Y 11507 121 Siebert Rd Pittsburgh, Pa 15237 FOLEY. EDMOND I. 18212 Chipstead Dr GALIB. THOMAS A. 71 Apostle Rd Somerset. Mass. 02726 GALLAGHER, LAWRENCE Rumson. N J 07760 DONOVAN. ROBERT E. DWYER. JOHN C. 2207 Oakenwald Dr 6794 Patton Or. Fort Hood, Tx 76544 FISCHER. JAMES N. 4921 P helps Ct. South Bend. In 46637 FOLEY. FRANCIS J. 12715 Farmhill Ln Palos Park. II. 60464 52 Laurel St Concord. Ma 01742 DONOVAN. WILLIAM T. 34 Yarmouth Rd Wellesley Hills. Ma 02161 DOODY. DANIEL J. 25W 786 Flmtcreek Wheaton. II 60187 Michigan City. In 46360 DWYER, PATRICK J. North Road N Bangor. N Y 12966 DZIUBAN. PETER F. Fairy Dell Rd Clinton. Ct FAIRBAIRN. JAMES P. 10459 S Maplewood Chicago. II 60655 FAIRWEATHER. GUY S. P O Box 320-96 Okla City. Ok 73123 FANNING. KEVIN W. Carmichael. Ca 95608 FISCINA, CHARLES 15 Kentucky Dr. Hazlet. N.J. 07730 FISHBURNE. EDWARD J. 2800 Brandywme St Washington. DC 20008 1852 Selma Youngslown. Oh 44504 FOLEY, KENNETH J. 1218 W Dunham St South Bend. In 46619 FONSECA, OSCAR E 535 S Van Ness GALLOGLY. JOHN P. 304 Gooseberry Rd Snug Harbor. R.I 02879 GALLOGLY, STEPHEN F. 4104 Great Oak Rd Rockville. Md 20853 GALLOWAY. J. SCOTT 3O6 i IN 1 752 S. Park Ave GILMORE, STEVEN P. New Orleans. La 70115 80S Lynkay Lee HEINZ, KURT J. Hamilton. Oh. 45011 HU Neenah Wi. 54956 1050 Amboise Or GRIMMER. MICHAEL L. Waterloo, la 50701 1447 E Monroe HOBT. STEPHEN O. Wfal GALLOWAY. SAMUEL J. Marion. Oh. 43302 5105 Worthman Ct. HANSEN. THOMAS J. South Bend. In. 46615 400 So 8th St. una 150 Dickinson Dr. GLOVINO, GARY A. Fort Wayne. In 46807 450 W. 29 St HELLMUTH, ROBERT L. Chariton. la 50049 iioua Wheaton. II. 60187 718 Eggert Rd. GRISWOLD, ROBERT P. Erie. Pa 16508 609 Westchester Park HOEHN, JAMES D. NU GAMBONE. JOHN A. Buffalo. N.Y 14215 47 Bennett St. HANSEN, THOMAS W. Springfield. Oh. 45504 35 Orange Hgts. Ave. 1 715 44 St. NE QIROLAMI, GUIDO C. Hornell. N.Y 14843 1523 Mayfleld HELSTERN. PAUL K. W. Orange. N.J 07052 nuti Canton. Oh. 44714 7039 Kedzie GROB, ROBERT J. Joliet, II 60435 19 White St. HOF, RICHARD M. Bta QANOOTENA. ENRIQUE Niles. II. 60648 196 Columbria HANSON, MARK E. Valley Stream. N.Y 11580 9371 Tilles Dr ' :! P.O Bo 105 GJOVIK, SCOTT J. Elmhurst. II. 60126 1017 Wilcox St. HELTZEL, MARY K. Brentwood. Mo 63144 IOWTC. Quito. Ecuador S.A. Giovik Crossing GROGAN, RICHARD J. Joliet. II. 60435 3380 E Market St. HOFFMAN. MICHAEL J. I GANZ, MARY LUCINDA Sandwich. II. 60548 2138 Heatherwood HARDEN, ROGER A. Warren. Oh 44484 3321 Greengarden JlWl 126 Naples St. GLINKA, JEROME F. Toledo. Oh 43614 14008 Marion HENDERSON, MICHAEL Erie. Pa. 16508 1 Corpus Chrlsti. Tx 78404 3933 Clareridge Dr GRUBBE, JAMES E. Detroit. Mi 48239 164 Ora Court HOFFMAN. MICHAEL W. M GARBARINO, EDWARD M. Toledo. Oh 43623 16024 Carroll Ave. HARMON, THOMAS J. Marina. Ca 93933 829 W 10th St. 29 Lincoln Ave. GLOCK, EARL F. Woodbridge. Va 22191 1241 Bates S.E. HENDRICKS, ROBERT Jasper. In 47546 TOW I Pompton Plains. N J. 07444 415 Diamond Blvd QUARRIERI, FRANK S. Grand Rapids. Mi 49506 40 Magnolia Ave. HOGAN, RICHARD A. 1 GARCIA DE PA, JUAN Johnstown, Pa 15905 1546 Hampton Rd. HARRIS, THOMAS Montvale. N.J. 07645 2808 W 84th St. 1I Apt. 4888 GODFREY, WILLIAM R. Corn wells. Pa 19020 2049 Maryland St HENDRICKS. WILLIAM Chicago, II 60652 nouic. Panama 5. Panama 7278 E Quaker Rd GUERRA, JAMES D. Gary. In. 46407 110 Cherry HOGAN, STEPHEN It QARVEY, MICHAEL 0. Orchard Pk.. N.Y. 14127 213 McKinley Pkwy HART, JEFFREY P. Geneva. N.Y 14456 2516 S Twyckenham K9 8 Fair Oaks GOLDEN, ROBERT A. Buffalo. N.Y. 14220 15 Circuit Rd. HENGGELER, RICHARD South Bend. In. 46614 LHaU Springfield. II. 62704 5307 N Laramte Ave. GUERRA, ROBERT L. Westwood. Ma 02090 201 E 7th St. HOGAN, TERESA M. MWM GASIOfl JR., WALTER 0. Chicago. II 60630 112 W Jackson HART. WILLIAM E. Maryville Mo. 25 Esther Ave HEB 5352 So. Normandy GOMEZ, ROBERT A. McAllen. Tx. 78501 1155 Puritan HENKEL. WILLIAM F. Binghamton. NY 13903 JUUI Chicago. II 60638 6216 Papago Dr. GUNNING, ROBERT Birmingham. Mi 48009 422 Charles St HOLAHAN, JOHN D. MM GATTUSO. TODD R. El Paso. Tx. 79905 1249 Driftwood Dr. HART, WILLIAM P. Turtle Creek. Pa 15145 131 Ocean Drive E OS! 311 N. 19th St. GONZALEZ, JOSE L. Lowell. In. 46356 142 Westside Dr. HENNIGAN, THOMAS A. Stamford. Ct 06902 Olean. NY 14760 723 S San Manuel GUSMAN, THEODORE J. Rochester. NY 14624 5729 E Joshua Tree HOLDER, THOMAS M. M QAULE, MICHAEL T. San Antonio, Tx 78237 1509 Hancock St. HARTMAN, GARY O. Sconsdale. Az 85253 1800 Warren St. ; 734 Arlingwood Ave. GOODWIN, RANDOLPH Gretna. La 70053 Gen. Scott Rd. HENNRIKUS, THOMAS J. N Cumber lin Pa 17070 Ham Jacksonville. Fl. 3221 1 1018 N. 16th St. GUTT, GARY M. Wayne. Pa. 19087 9237 Park Lane HOLLOWAY. CASWELL F. WO GAWNE, JOHN C. Harrisburg. Pa 17103 2111 E Lamar Rd HARTMAN, PETE W. Oxon Hill. Md 20022 3431 Portsmouth Ct Apt C K " J 527 Wesley GORA, THOMAS A. Phoenix. Az 85016 201 San Fernando HENSHAW, WILLIAM J. Mishawaka. In. 46544 nwi. Oak Park. II 60304 5307 Fairvtew Ave. GUZZARDO, PETER J. San Francisco. Ca 94127 3849 W 168th PI HOMER. PETER W. it GAZDAYKA, RICHARD J. Downers Grove. II. 60515 25 Edgewood Dr HARTMANN, MICHAEL J. Country Cl II 60477 401 N Lee St inti 601 Lyons Ave. GORRELL, TERYL R. Kewanee, II 61443 44 Robinson St. HERRERA, ANTHONY J. Alexandria. Va. WH Far! Lawn. N J. 07410 839 Roach SI HADLEY, TERRY B. Shoreham. N.Y. 11786 627 47th St. N.W. HOOL, LEO T. OAZIANO, JOSEPH H. Salina. Ks 67401 7000 Oak Forest Lane HARTNETT, DANIEL T. Albuquerque. N M 87105 1330 T Street S E ra 4951 Welsh Rd. GORSKI, GLEN A. Bethesda. Md 20034 2280 Sans Soucl Dr. HERNANDEZ, ESTANISL Washington. DC 20020 exec Rocklord. II 61101 25760 Argyle Ct. HAESCHE, JAMES A. Auora. II. 60506 124 H. Ave. HOOTS. MICHAEL L. MM GEIS, ARTHUR A. San Bernardino. Ca 92404 167 Valley Crest HARTWIG, THOMAS L. Fabens. Tx 79838 7805 Braemar Way MB " ' " 1636 Dexter Rd. NE GRADY, STEPHEN P. Rocky Hill, Ct 06067 408 Sunset Dr HESS, MICHAEL A. Springfield. Va 22153 TBl Massillon. Oh 44646 815 Mandy Lane HAFER, JOHN J. Butler, Pa. 16001 12660 7th St. E. HOOVER, RICHARD G. Mil GEISINGER. MICHAEL Camp Hill. Pa. 17011 75 Summit Rd. HASS. KEVIN F. Treasure Island. Fl 33706 28 Deer Trail fc(Jffl 6103 Charles Ave GRAHAM, EDWARD A. Pi Washington, N.Y. 11050 211-06 75th Ave. HESSLING, PETER A. Ramsey. N J 07446 mjiaF Parma. Oh 44129 419 N. Washington St. HAFERD. VIVIAN M. Bayside. N.Y 11364 913 Sancome Ave. HOOVER, THOMAS J. (Ml att GEIST. ROBERT W. Butler. Pa. 16001 340 Grant St. HASSE, JAMES J. South Bend, In. 46628 2814 40th W _, 1. tug 617 N. State St. GRAHAM, KEVIN J. Gallon, Oh 44833 R.R. 3 Box 721 HESSON, THOMAS E. Seattle. Wa 98199 y n aw yML Mlshawaka. In 46544 109 Holly Rd HAFNER, JOSEPH C. Syracuse. In 46567 6 Tulip Lane HOPKINS, JOHN M. a OENECZKO, JOHN T. JR. Hopkins. Mn. 55343 14645 Warwick HASTINGS, JAMES K. Suflern, NY 10901 9 Crescent Dr 2165 Canter Ave GRAHAM, MICHAEL J. Detroit. Mich 46223 67 Casey St HETTINGER, ROBERT F. Whippany. N J 07981 IBM m UMB Bay City, Mi 48706 408-32nd St HAGERTY, JOHN J. Norwood. Ma 02062 1132 Rossell HOPKINS, WILLIAM T. IN CENTIME, LEE M. Vienna. W Va 26101 2358 Portsmouth HATHAWAY. JOHN M. Oak Park. II 60302 915 Michigan Ave M R. 1 River view GRANT, RONALD A. Toledo. Oh 43613 961 Farnham Hd. HETTLER, JAMES N. Logansport, In. 46947 Ml Plymouth. Wi. 53073 19 A East Ave HAGERTY, MICHAEL L. Columbus. Oh 43220 124 Iroquois Lane JACKSON. JEFFREY L. BB a GERING, RICHARD C. Kingston. Jamaica 491 Parrott Dr. HATTRUP, JOHN B. Liverpool. NY 13088 1506 Quesada Ave 209 S Albert GRAU. PHIL A. San Mateo. Ca 94402 302 Hazen Rd HIGGINS. JOSEPH M. San Francisco. Ca. 94124 LlW ,,.;, Mount Prospect. II. 5353 N Idlewild Ave. HALL, JOHN L. Sharpsville. Pa 16150 166 Norwood Ave JACOBSEN. SCOTT J. IMUa QERLING, JOSEPH A. Milwaukee. Wi. 53217 1311 Stolp Ave HAUG, EDGAR H. Buffalo. NY 14222 161 Barry Point Rd. SI 269 E. Tulane Rd GRAY, DAVID K. Syracuse. N.Y 201 Union Ave. HIGGINS. MICHAEL F. Riverside. IL BW Columbus. Oh 43202 443 Fox Hills Dr. HALPIN, J. PATRICK Holbrook. NY. 11741 38 N Berkeley Way JANDA, JAMES F. ,JOW i GERMAINE. ROBERT T. Bloomlield Hills. Mi 48013 4500 Dolphin Lane HAUGH. THOMAS P. Medlord.Or 97501 Rt 1 Box 170-E 91 13 Hammond Ct. GRAY, EDWARD W. Alexandria. Va 22309 9009 S Francisco HILDEBRANDT, M.H. Victoria. Tx 77901 ll 17113 Ouincy, Ma. 02169 3033 Plumb Brook HAMBRY, DOUGLAS P. Evergreen Park. II 60642 217 N W 39th St. JANKO, GARY R. wc GERMANI, ROBERT B. Maumee. Oh. 43537 212 Water SI HAUSER, DERRELL, JR. Ft. Lauderdale. Fl 33309 2227 13th St 66 Washington St. ORAZIANO. FRANK Edinboro. Pa 16412 436 Tresham Ct. HILER, BRUCE A. Peru. II. 61354 Trenton. N.J 0861 1 190 Rollingwood Lane HAMEL, MARC S. Columbus. Oh 43227 R 2 Terrace Rd Box 246 JANKS, CHRISTOPHER M. GERRITV. STANLEY M. Williamsville, NY. 14221 303 Bay Street HAWLEY, PHILIP M., JR. Watervliet. Mi 49098 2446 46 St. r 1264 Lorlng St. GRAZIANO, SALVATOR Taunton. Ma 02780 155 S Plymouth Blvd HILL, EDDIE C. Pennsauken, N.J. 08110 San Diego. Ca 92109 190 Rollingwood Lane HAMILTON, ALLEN J. Los Angeles. Ca 90004 1411 Harlandale Ave JEAKLE, THOMAS P. Ml GERRY. JOSEPH H. Williamsville. N.Y. 14221 1259 E Main St. HAYDUK. GEORGE D. Dallas. Tx 75216 1520 Franklin S.E. pwf 810 Pleasant St. GREEN, MICHAEL G. Houma, La. 70360 Box 191 College Ave HILL, GREGORY E. Grand Rapids. Mt 49506 mfi Brockton. Ma 02401 40 Nurmi Dr. HAMPTON, WILLIAM B. Factoryville. Pa 18419 2384 A Roberts Cr JEHLE. MARK A. GHIGLIERI CATHERINE Rochester. N.Y 14616 305 Adams St. HEATH, THOMAS S. Ft Eustis. Va. Fairmount Addition 519 W Santa Fe GREER, LARRY A. Darlington. In. 47940 141 Lynn Circle HILL, RALPH M. Alton. II. 62002 f H Toluca. II. 61369 2102 E Cedar SI HAN, SEUNG-SHIK Syracuse. NY 13205 5618 Withrop JENKINS, GERALD K. JI01 GIBBONS, RICHARD A. South Bend. In 46617 19109 Palisade St HECK. THOMAS A. Indianapolis. In. 46220 1549 Virginia St. r " 2100 River Rd. GREFF, JOSEPH R. South Bend. In 46636 6700 Crestway Dr. HILLER, THOMAS W. Gary. In. 46407 httl Maumee. Oh. 43537 5307 Jason HANNAN. LOBING M. Brookville. Oh 45309 1017 W Hillgrove JENKINS, THOMAS J. ,0.1)1 GIBSON, KERRY K. Houston, Tx. 77035 12027 Center line HEENEY. JOHN J. LaGrange. II 60525 1805 N 100th St _ 207 Plymouth Or. GREIWE, CONSUELO South Wales, N.Y 14139 47 Inverness Terr. HILTON. RICHARD D. Omaha. Nb 68114 u-j 2 36 Charlotte. Mi 48813 4615 Bay-to-Bay HANNIGAN, TERRENCE Fords. N J 08863 52 Woodrow Ave JENNER, WAYNE A. GILLERAN, RICHARD E. Tampa. Fl 33609 40 Weiss Ave HEIN, JEFFREY C. Sinking Springs. Pa 19608 5041 N Rutherford 511 N. Rodney SI GRIFFIN, JOSEPH M. Flourtown. Pa 19031 8373 Wetherfield HINGA, JOHN M. Chicago. II 60656 Helena, Ml 59601 5118 HighridgeCt. HANNIGAN, THOMAS H. Cincinnati, Oh. 45236 2905 Torquay Rd. JENNIER. KEVIN J. GILLIGAN, PATRICK F. Midland. Mi. 48640 22 Ounklee St HEINEMAN, WILLIAM J. Muncie. in 47304 5600 21st Ave 262 Park Ave GRIFFIN, MAXWELL Concord. N H 03301 13010 Narada St HITTINGER. JOHN P. Hlllcrest. Md 20031 N Caldwell. N J 07006 1 1 Vose Place HANSEN. DAVID L. Rockville. Md 20853 4620 Marshall Dr JOCHEMS, JOHN L. GILLOON, RICHARD J. Huntington. N.Y. 11743 10946 S Central Park HEINTZ, PAUL B. Binghamton. N.Y. 402 N. Roosevlet 260 Dillon GRIMES, JIMMY Chicago, II 60655 7 Cleveland PI. HOBB8, JOHN C. Wichita. Ks 67208 Dubuque. la. 52001 3313 Dryades HANSEN, RICHARD L Clinton. N.Y 13323 5686 Headgales Rd JOHNSON, DENNIS C. 307 115 Blackburn Or HUNDLEY, PAUL N. Brown Dear, Wi 53209 221 S Kedzie KROL, GARY A. Cherry Hill. N.J 08003 urn Lima, Oh 45805 1221 W Silver Spring KEENAN. MARY E. Chicago. II 60612 530 Manor Circle LATTA, JAMES C. Jl JOHNSON, JANICE M. Milwaukee. Wi. 53209 2234 Fairhaven Rd KINNIER, STEPHEN R. Schaumburg. II. 60172 1909 12th St. W. W " 1335 Sunny mede HUNTER, ROBERT J. Davenport, la 52803 167 Arundel Rd. KRON, THOMAS K. Billings. Ml. 59102 1ft South Bend. In 46615 Box 746 KEENAN, RICHARD L. Paramus. N J 07652 640 S Clarence LAX, FREDERIC M. jl JOHNSON, KURT S. Litchfield. Ct. 06759 213 St. Ives Dr. KIRKLANO, BRIAN R. Oak Park. II 60304 8240 Indian Bound CM 938 N. Cicero Ave HURLEY, ARLENE M. Severna Pk., Md 21146 6161 Waterford Pk KRONHOLM, MARK E. Gary, In. 46403 i Chicago. II. 60651 1450 N. Astor 110 KEENAN. ROBERT P. Erie. Pa 19038 7015 W. Shadow Lk. LEADER, ELIZABETH F. as JOHNSON. MARK C. Chicago. II. 213 SI Ives Dr KIRKPATRICK, R.D. Hugo, Mn 55038 123 Napoleon Blvd ! 3251 Coral Hills HURLEY, DANIEL J. Severna Pk., Md. 21146 2132 Jenkintown Rd KRUEPER, DAVID M. South Bend. In 46617 an Coral Springs. Fl. 5149 S Dearborn KEENEHAN, JOHN C. Glenside. Pa 19038 52100 Harvest Or LEAHY, KEVIN B. f JOHNSON, MARK S. Indianapolis. In. 46227 240 Edgemere Dr. KIRLEY, FRANK R. S Bend. In. 46637 5718 Seward M 1651 Slonelake Or HUTSON, FRANK L . HI Rochester. NY 14612 529 S Chestnut St KRULL. KEVIN J. Omaha. Nb 68104 LM Laporte In. 308 S Plymouth KELLEHER. KEVIN M. Kewanee. II 61443 1803 Stanton Ave. LEDFORD, KEVIN J. JOHNSON, TERRENCE M. Culver. In 46511 86 Rocky Hill Rd KITUSKY, ROBERT A Whiting. In 46394 414 Flint St ! 200 E. Cayuga HYDUK, JOHN F. Hadley. Md 01035 628 Midvale St. KUBIK, MATTHEW M. Staten Island. NY. 10306 m Elmhurst. II 60126 124 W Montgomery KELLY, CANICE L. Lynchburg. Va 24502 218 Friendship Tr. LEE, DANIEL F. JOLITZ, BRIAN K. Philadelphia. Pa 19122 6806 Northfield Dr KLASS, RICHARD R. Michigan City. In. 46360 306 Riverview Ct. CM 802 Maple HYNAN, JAMES F. Annandale. Va 22003 21 E Scott Rd. KULCZYCKI. MICHAEL Portage. Wi 53901 LM Downers Gr II 60515 6600 W Maple St KELLY, KATHLEEN E. Barnngton, II 60010 2042 N Kilpatrick LEE, LYNN L. ' JONES, MILTON H. Morton Grove. II 60053 6425 Woodbine Ave KLEE, RICHARD F. Chicago. II. 60639 17939 Edgewood Wk. On 1827 Simpson Rd N w IFKOVITS, JOHN P. Philadelphia. Pa 19151 5020 Glenwood Or KUNKEL, FREDERIC South Bend, In 46635 Ut Atlanta. Qa 30314 2401 Elm Street KELLY, KEVIN S. Williamsville. N.Y 14221 Apartado 61373 LEE, ROBERT D. JONES, STEVE H. Allentown Pa 18104 7410 Barclay Rd KLEIBER, WILLIAM P. Caracas. Venezuela 508 E Patterson Ave. am Boyle Lake Rd Hi 2 Box 110 IRACE. PETER A. Cheltenham. Pa 19012 505 Adams Ct KUNZWEILER, WILLIAM B. Connellsville, Pa. 15425 at Buchanon Mi 49107 197 Andrews Rd. KELLY. MICHAEL F. Elmhurst. II 60126 2390 Lynwood Dr. LEHMANN. JOSEPH B. 1 JONES, WILLIAM T. Mineola. NY 11501 12 Crinkle Court KLOOS. JOHN R. Salt Lake City. Ut 84109 116 Storer Ave. 1M 603 Maple Place ISRAELSON. LARRY O. Northport LI. NY 11768 37751 Ridge Rd KURKJY. THOMAS A. New Rochelle. N.Y 10801 M Normal. II 61761 R R 1 KELLY, ROBERT J. Willoughby. on 44094 350 S State Rd LEICHT, JOHN G. JORDAN, JAMES W., JR. Didsbury Alb., Can. 41 Hamilton Dr E KLUNK. EDWARD M. Bnarclitf N.Y 10510 265 Carber St |p) 75 Westwood Apt 104 IVORY. CORNELIUS F. N. Caldwell N.J. 07007 370 E King St. KURTZMAN, CHRISTOPHER Bound Br N.J 08805 IM Westbury. N.Y 11590 381 Spring Ave. KELLY, SHAWN P. Littlestown. Pa 17340 308 Stonewall Rd LEICHTMAN, TIMOTHY a JOYCE, WILLIAM P. Ridgewood. N J 07450 176 N Woods Rd KNEVEL, KENNETH M. Baltimore, Md 21228 19141 Wedgewood Or. 6 " 114 Charterwood Or JABLONSKI. JOSEPH E. ManhasMt. NY 11030 138 Ivy Hill Rd. KURYLA, MICHAEL W. South Bend. In. 46637 IM Pittsburgh. Pa. 15237 4773 Fay Dr KELLY, TIMOTHY J. w Lafayette. In 47906 1582 Apple Lane LEMICK. KEITH D. 1 JURUSIK, MARY K. S Euclid. On 44121 9708 Summit Ave KNEVEL. MARK H. Bloomfield Hills. Mi. 48013 13580 W Dakota PI. Jl 1893 Davis St JABLONSKI. RAYMOND Kensington. Md 20795 32 1st Ave NW KUSEK. DAVID G. Lakewood. Co 80228 LM Elmira. NY 14901 21 Diamond St. KELLY, WILLIAM G St. Joseph. Mn 56374 614 Woodbine St LENNON, ROSE T. 1ft JURY, PAUL M. Brooklyn. NY 11222 31 Brown St KOEGLER. ALBERT C. Willard. On 44890 611 Forest Ave. SM 236 E Jeffrey PI KAISER, ERIC J. Baldwinsville. NY 13027 4 Hotel Or KUSPAN, JOSEPH F. River Forest, II 60305 LM Columbus. On 43214 37 Acme Ave. KELLY, WM GORDON White Plains. N.Y. 10605 270 Overlook Blvd LEONARD, PATRICK f. tl KAQUNI, JON M. Bethpage. NY 11714 118 Fourth St KOEHLER, ROBERT M. Strutners On 44471 615 Garfield Ave a 45-1137 Haleiake KAISER, PATRICK D. Garden City. NY 11530 211 E B SI KWIECIEN, MICHAEL E. Rockford. II 61103 IN Kaneohe. Hi 96744 307 E Cherry St KELTY, TIMOTHY E. N Little Rock. Ar 72116 778 E. 157th St. LEONARD. ROBERT J. C KAIN, THOMAS P. Chatsworth. II 60921 4206 Naneen Dr KOETTER, FREDERIC W. S Holland. II 60473 6302 Alamo St. 3451 Cascade Se KAKISH, WILLIAM J. Louisville. Ky. 40216 40 Lennox Ave. LABARRE. JAMES A Springfield. Va 22150 IK Grand Rapids. Mi 49506 3929 Dover Rd KEMP, MICHAEL J. Windsor. Ct 06095 13 Labarre St LEPLEY, JOSEPH 0. 1 HORAK, JERRY R. Youngstown. Oh. 44511 272 Molley St KOLB, MARK E. Pittsburgh. NY 12901 5444 E 39th St. HI 191 Upland Or KALASKY. JOHN T. Brockport. NY 14420 125 Edgewood Dr LACAYO, MANUEL 1. Tulsa. Ok. 74135 IM Rochester. NY 738 Truesdale Rd KEMPA, JAMES S. Somerville. N J 08876 Apt 2839 LESLIE, JAN W. XI HORAN, JOHN P. Youngstown. On 44511 6417 S Kenneth Ave KOMA. JOSEPH W. San Jose Costa Rica. C. Am. R.R. 5 Box 484 Mai 22 Gale Rd KAMINSKI, DAVID C. Chicago. II 60629 93 Lafayette Ave. LAFRATTA. LAURENCE Evansville. In. 47711 LM Camp Hill. Pa. 17011 1318 E Colfax Av KENNEDY, KATHLEEN M. Palmerton. Pa. 18071 1301 Alsatia Dr. LESTER, MICHAEL S. HI HORAN, MICHAEL P. South Bend. In 46617 911 Travers Lane KONARSKI. EDWARD A. Richmond. Va 23233 2727 Blrchwood Dr. hx 3046 Lynrose KAMPMAN, KENNETH M. Flossmoor. II. 60422 130 Highland Ave LAJOIE, ROGER W. Mishawaka. In. ::: Anaheim. Ca 92804 751 Radtord Or. KENNEY. PATRICIA A. N. Wales. Pa 19454 56 Seven Oaks Lane LETKEWICZ, LAWRENCE If) HORNE, JOSEPH R. Cleveland. Oh 44143 2360 Lalemant Rd KOPALCHICK, STEPHEN Brewster. N.Y 10509 5338 W 96th St. B 1418 Park Blvd KANE, DAVID E. University Heights. Oh. 44118 8-A Thomas Rolte LAM, MATTHEW Oak Lawn. II 60453 IM Pittsburgh. Pa 15216 3129 Wmdish St. KENT. CHRIS A. Hopewell, Va 23860 4 College Rd. 21F LEWIS, DIANA 1 HORNIO, STEVEN A. Philadelphia. Pa 19152 19 N Ithan St KOPPAN A, DAVID L. Kawloon. Hong Kong 317 Edmor Rd " J Rt 5 Box 134 KARAFFA, JAMES G. Philadelphia. Pa 19139 5964 Crittenden Dr LAMMERS. MARY E. W Palm Beach. II 33405 uu Mound. Mn. 55364 4464 W 168th St. KEPPLER, LOUIS Cincinnati. Oh. 45244 258 W Schantt Ave. LEWIS, LAWRENCE J. 1 HOUQHTON, HARLEY E. Cleveland. On 44135 5745 Edgehill Dr KOPPER8MITH. VAN C. Dayton, Oh 45409 144 Mutton St. Hmt 1063 Highland Ct. KAREPIN, JAMES M. Parma. Oh 44130 51 S. Julia St LAMMERT, MARK C. Jersey City. N.J. 07307 W Plymouth. In 46563 265 Tennyson Ave. KERCKHOVE, ROBERT R. Mobile. Al 36604 820 Water CHEUREUX, JAMES E. - HOUSING, RAYMOND C. Syracuse. NY 13204 67750 Sycamore Rd KORNIEWICZ, HELEN M. St Charles. Mo 63301 326 Lincoln Ave. 16736 Sayre KARLIN, ROBERT 8. N. Liberty. In 46554 7724 Ridge Blvd LAMPKIN, M. MARTHA William sport. Pa. 17701 IM Tinley Park. II 60477 2852 Tucker Lane KERRIGAN. KRISTINE Brooklyn. N.Y. 11209 175 Redwood Lane LIEBNER, MARK E. C HOW, MARY T. L. Alamitos. Ca 90720 210 S Cadillac KOTZ, MARGARET MARY Oecatur. II. 62522 2535 Kibby Rd. tf 8743 Harney KASCHT, LAWRENCE J. Youngstown, Oh. 44512 3126 44th St LANCE, WILLIAM J. Jackson. Mi. 49203 u Omaha. Nb. 68114 411 E. Newhal l Ave. KERSTEN. ROBERT C. Des Moines. la. 50310 5012 Diamond HI. LIKARISH, DANIEL M. til HOWE, ROBERT W. Waukesha. Wi. 53186 717 Crest Ave. KOVACS, GEORGE J. San Francisco. Ca. 94131 N 2404 Washington M 1323 Minn Ave. KASPER. EUGENE F. Fort Dodge, la 50501 559 65th St LANE, GARRY D. Spokane. Wa. 99205 M Bemidj Mn 56601 14382 Red Hill 55 KEVIL, WILLIAM J. W New York, N.J. 07093 2072 Sieger St LINARES, CARLOS A. N HOWLIN, THOMAS J. Tustin. Ca 92680 1720 N Rutherford KOVITYA. THONGCHAI Kalamazoo. Mi 49001 Final 7A Cpy Ave M 618 E Colfax Ave KAY, EDWARD J. Chicago. II 60635 406 S Grant St. LANG, FRANKLIN R. Moraga Santa AnEs ac South Bend. In 46617 10 Eighth St KIMAIO. PAUL M. Scottdale. Pa. 15683 12002 S 88th Ave. El Salvadore, Central Am. . HOY, STACY W. Plainlield. Ct 06374 58 W Main St. KOZELKA, MILTON P. Palos Park. II. 60464 LINDSAY, JAMES H. lip, 1918 Lane St KEARNEY. AUSTIN Leroy. NY 14482 121 Lewiston Ave. LANGE. STEPHEN M. 21977 Milliard Rd. i no Falls C.. Nb 68355 12 Delaware Rd. KIMBALL, JAMES P. Willimantic. Ct 06226 133 Airdale Rd. Rocky River, Oh 44116 I HUBKA, BRIAN G. Convent St N.J 07961 15 Grafton St KRAMER, PATRICIA S. Rosemont. Pa 19010 LINEHAN. WILLIAM J. UBBjl 2175 Truman Dr. KEARNEY, PATRICK J. Shrewsbury. Ma. 01545 4419 Oliver St LANGFORD, MARK M. 12107 Shirestone Benton Harbor. Mi 49022 217 West End Ave KIMBLE, BARBARA L. Fort Wayne. In 46806 3600 Si Germaine Dallas, Tx. 75234 ' Ok HUDES. THOMAS P. Raritan. N.J. 08869 2909 Linden Lane KRILL, DENIS W. Louisville. Ky. 40207 LINS, MICHAEL J. n. 234 Center St KEARNEY, TIMOTHY R. Falls Chuich. Va 22042 3102 Holmes St. LANIGAN, DENIS R. 421 S. Dwyer w N Miltord. N.J. 07646 2908 Kingsley Or. KINCAIO. ROBERT M. Erie. Pa 16504 3233 S. Joplin Arlington. II. 60005 1l HUGHES, PATRICK C. Fort Wayne. In 46805 3520 Rue de Fleur KRISTL, JAMES J. Tulsa. Ok. 74135 LINSKEY. MARTIN M. lasi 3530 East Ave. KEARSE, MICHAEL J. Columbus. Oh. 43221 543 Gordon Ave. LANZENDORF, JOHN J. 106 Patterson Ave. IK Berwyn II 60402 155 Pine Place KINEALY, KEVIN P. Calumet City. II. 60409 3931 Lawn Ave. Greenwich. Ct. 06830 r_. HULGRAVE, ALBERT T. Staten Island. NY 10304 2236 St Louis Ave KROEGER, DOUGLAS E. W. Springs. II 60558 LITTLE, GERALD G. I I4| 3234 Bradway Blvd KEEGAN, JAMES F. St. Louis. Mo 63106 3201 35th St. LAPHAN, DENNIS C. 2038 Summit Ave. jd Birmingham. Mi 48010 8054 N. 37th St KING. BYRON R. Rock Island. II. 61201 204 Lamposl Lane St. Paul. Mn. 55105 308 LITTLE, LEWIS H. Glen Mills. Pa 19342 100 Gilbert Rd MCAULIFFE, SHARON Medford, N J 08055 11850 Edgewater 104 330 S. 7th Box 171 MACHO, MARK A. Hohokus, N.J. 07423 226 Sunrise Dr. MCFARLAND, R. SCOTT Lakewood. Oh 44107 Broken Arrow. Ok 74012 13844 Starllte Dr. MARASCO, FRANK J. Syracuse. N.Y 13205 2120 Viking Circle MCMAHON, ROBERT P. LIU, COLIN A. Brook Park. Oh. 44142 112 Reynold PI. MCBRIDE, MICHAEL D. Birmingham. Al. 35216 121 Mt. Vernon Blvd 54 Hlng Fat St. MACK, MARY C. South Orange, N.J. 07079 2416 Florimond Ave. MCGANNON. ROBERT E. Pawtucket. R.I. 02861 Causeway Bay. Hong Kong 106 Graymoor Lane MARCH, JAMES K. Michigan City. In. 46360 218 Woltpit Ave. MCMAHON, TERRENCE J. LIVINGSTON, JOHN E. Olympla Fields. II. 60461 9119 Greenview MCBROOM, RALPH A. Norwalk, Ct 06851 168 Montowese Ave. 230 Salem Ave. MACKAY, MICHAEL Detroit. Mi 48228 Oakbrook Towers W. MCGARRY. MICHAEL J. North Haven, Ct. Sewell. N.J 08080 13703 Mohawk Trail MARCHETTA, CHARLES Oakbrook. II. 60521 127 4th St. MCMAHON, TERENCE R. LIVINGSTON, JOHN M. Middleburg HI on. 44130 192 High Park Blvd. MCCABE, DENNIS C. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15215 7401 Greeley 3511 Pines Rd MACMANUS, CHRISTOPHER Eggertsville. NY 14226 127 Mass Ave MCGARVEY, KARL S. Kansas City. Ks 66109 Paducah. Ky. 42001 675 Delaware Ave. MARCUS, MICHAEL D. Johnson City, N.Y. 13790 3351 Brookdale Dr MCNAMARA, KERRY S. LOEBACH, PHILIP J. Buffalo. N.Y. 14202 4506 Camella St. MCCABE, MAUREEN M. Upper St Clair. Pa 15241 55 Hilltop Terrace 19630 Brick Rd. MACMILLAN, BRUCE T. Pittsburgh. Pa 15201 2823 Rossmoor Cir. MCGEE, ANN M. Staten Island. NY 10304 South Bend. In 46637 228 Delevan Ave. MARDOIAN, JACK C. Bloomfleld Hills, Ml. 48011 3510 Penamo Trail MCPARTLAND, PATRICK LONGENBAKER. W.E. Corning. NY 14830 972 Castelgate Ct. MCCALLEY, TIMOTHY R. Michigan City. In. 46360 10340 Floral Dr. 3038 Melva Ave. MADOALENA, ARTHUR D. Lake Forest. II 60045 6305 Greenleave Rd. MCGEE, JAMES J. wnittier. Ca 90606 Columbus. Oh 43224 21 1 Pine St MARINO, JOSEPH F. Indianapolis. In. 46220 64 Llewellyn Ave MCOUESTION. MICHAEL LOGISZ, JOSEPH B. Centerville, Ma 02632 309 Colonial Dr. MCCARTHY, DAVID J. Bloomfield. N J 07003 N65 W24898 HW 74 2347 w Shakespeare MADDEN, MICHAEL A. Wallingford. Pa 19086 4605 Commonwealth MCGILL, KEVIN C. Sussex. Wi 53089 Chicago. II 60647 2504 E 46th PI. MARLEY, GARRY M. Indianapolis. In. 46220 4343 Broadway MCTIGUE, DAVID M. LOHLE, DOLORES R. Tulsa. Ok. 74105 1118 Sherwood Ave. MCCARTHY, DAVID J. Indianapolis, in. 46205 205 Merrifield Ct 1893 Dolphin Dr. MADISON, JOSEPH W. Baltimore. Md. 21239 38 Edbert Dr MCGLYNN, ANDREW P. Mishawaka. In. 46544 Allison Pk Pa. 15101 101 Highridge Dr. MARTIN, ANN CASEY Holyoke. Ma. 01040 6301 Westwood Ct MEADE, PETER C. LONERGAN, KEVIN M. Syracuse. N.Y. 13215 Box 62 MCCARTHY, JEREMIAH Minneapolis. Minn. 55436 321 Inwood Dr. 209 W. High St. MAGDZINSKI, STEPHEN Clear Lake, la. 50428 67 Sullivan Dr MCGRATH, PATRICK C. Rochester. NY 14625 London. Oh 43140 P.O. Box 545 MARTIN, MICHAEL J. Elma. NY. 14059 201 S Maple Ave MELVIN, JOSEPH J. LONG, JOHN B. Lakeside. Mi. 49116 122 Joie Place MCCARTHY. JOHN M. Oak Park. II. 60302 8 Sunnyhill Rd. 2252 Washington St. MAGEE, JOHN G. Bricktown. N.J. 08723 H R 3 MCGUIRE, JAMES B. Villanova. Pa. 19085 San Francisco, Ca. 94115 3217 Kennebec Rd. MARTIN, MICHAEL J. Dixon. II. 61021 168 Aster Drive MENDOLA, RICHARD P. LONG, THEODORE R. Pittsburgh. Pa 15241 3925 Estates Dr. MCCARTHY, MICHAEL J. New Hyde Park. N.Y Box 1356 1728 Highbridge Rd. MAGNOTTA. KATHRENE 1. Troy. Mi. 48084 352 Penn St MCGUIRE, JOHN M. Seagroves. Tx. 79354 Cuy Falls. Oh. 44223 10045 28 Mile Rd. MARTIN, PATRICK 1. Reading. Pa. 19547 6021 Abbott Ave So MERGES. DANIEL F. LONGO, CAROL ANN Albion. Mi. 49224 180 Wyoming St. MCCARTY, JAMES E. Edina. Mn. 55410 953 S Royal St. 751 Honeywood Lane MAGRATH, PAUL J. Carbon dale. Pa. 18407 3084 S Steele St. MCGUIRE, LOUIS P. York. Pa 17402 La Habra. Co 90631 693 Forest Rd. MARUT, CHRISTOPHER J. Denver. Co. 80210 1008-12th St MERIGHT, LAWRENCE J. LONGO, JOHN N. Wayne. Pa. 19087 454 Oak Ave MCCLAIN, KIM R. Wisner. Nb. 68791 496 E Sherman Ave. 33 Osprey Dr. MAGUIRE, MICHAEL H. Cheslre. Conn. 06410 1730 Canterbury Rd. MCGUIRE, MICHAEL P. Vineland. N.J. 08360 Silverton. N.J 08753 Box J MASENGA, THOMAS J. Westlake, Oh 44145 Box 479 MERKLE, STEPHEN D. LONIER, MICHAEL L. Tipton. Mo. 65081 7960 W 79th St. MCCLURE, JOHN W. Lexington, Nb. 68850 806 LeLand 130 E Good Ave MAGUIRE, THOMAS E. Playa Del Rey. Ca. 90291 3421 Camino Esplan MCGURTY, JOHN A. South Bend. In 46616 Wadsworth. Oh. 44281 1031 Burkwood Rd MASON, GORDON J. Tucson, Az. 85715 136 Union Ave. METALONIS, GARY R. LOPEZ, DENNIS H. Mansfield. Oh. 44907 9730 Hascall St. MCCOLGAN, ROY J. Peekskill. NY. 10566 1764 Braeburn Pk 105 E. 35th St. MAGYAR, RAYMOND V. Omaha. Nb. 66124 1938 Newberry MCHENRY, LOREN Euclid. Oh 44117 New York. N.Y. 10016 2517 S. Ironwood Dr. MASTERS, JAMES A. Saginaw. Mi 48602 110 Kinley Dr. MEULEMAN, THOMAS R. LOPEZ. G. MICHAEL South Bend, In. 48614 800 Beaver Ave. MCCOLLOUGH, DIANNE Farmmgton. Mo. 63640 854 Sherilin Dr. 500 Valencia MAHONEY, JAMES Midland. Pa. 15059 123 Fog arty St. MCHUGH, CHAD P. Kirkwood. Mo 63122 Las Vegas. N.M. 87701 18 Pinevlew Dr. MASTRO, BRIAN A. Michigan City, In. 3222 Burnside MOSKOP, MARK F. LOUGHERY, FRANK J. Springfield. Ma. 01118 9605 Kentsdale Dr MCCOLLUM, JOHN A. San Antonio, Tx. 78209 12220 S Stewart 351 W. 91st St. MAHONEY, ROBERT Potomac. Md. 20854 1160 Romana Ave. MCHUGH. THOMAS K. Chicago. II 60628 Indianapolis, in 46260 719 Old Dallas Rd. MATHEW, FRANCIS J. Bellmawr, N.J. 08030 2181 Starling Ave MOSKOWITZ. JOSEPH E. LOVINER, CORNELIUS W. Chattanooga. Tn. 37405 326 S. 16th St MCCORMICK, PAMELA D. Bronx, N.Y. 10462 Arkville. N.Y. 12406 5199 Winlane Dr. MAILEY, KEVIN J. LaFayette. In 47905 1201 Carriage Lane MCINERNEY, KIRK M. MOUSHIGIAN, JOHN Bloomlield Hills. Mi. 48013 221 Holmescrest Rd MATHEWS, JONN F. LaGrange. II 60525 929 San Lucia Dr 14 Lincoln St. LOZZI, DENNIS C. Jenkintown. Pa. 19046 6335 Thorncrest Dr. MCCUSKER. WILLIAM L. Grand Rapids. Mi 49506 Watertown. Ma 02172 80 Whiting Ave. MAKOWSKI, MICHAEL A. Birmingham. Mi. 46009 1538 Woodlynne Blvd. MCINTYRE, JOHN L. MOWBRAY, ROMY H. Whitman. Ma 02382 17955 Knoll Ct. MATHEWS, JONN R. Linwood. N.J. 08221 1820 Roosevelt St 1815 S 15th St. LUBY, JOHN C. Brookfield, Wi. 53005 7735 W. Columbia Ave. MCDAVID, ROBERT Bndgeville. Pa 15017 Las Vegas. Nv 89105 200 Woodbine Ave MAKSIAN, RICHARD Chicago, II. 60631 1438 S 6th St. MCKENNEY. THOMAS P. MOYLAN, STEPHEN C. Wilmette. II 60091 3 Combination St. MATHISON, HARRY, JR. Terre Haute. In 47802 806 E Baird St. 1425 N. Park side Ave. LUCAS, GEOFFREY L. Methven Ma. 01844 2019 E. Parkway MCDERMOTT. ANDREW F. Holly. Mich. 48442 Chicago. II 60651 464 S 6th St MALIA, RICHARD B. Louisville. Ky. 271 Mayock St. MCKEON, JOHN P. MUDD, EDWARD R. Reading, Pa 19602 918 E. Dayton St. MATRANGA, MICHAEL T. Wilkes Barre. Pa 18702 39 Yorkshire Rd 117 Croftley Rd LUDFORD. CRAIG J. South Bend. In 46813 1858 Jones Ave. No. MCDONALD, JAMES J. Dover. Ma 02030 Lutherville. Md 21093 1512 Riverside Or MALINOWSKI, DOUGLAS Wantagh. N.Y. 11793 808 Ernst Dr. MCKEOWN, PATRICK M. MUELLER. HENRY Q. McHenry. II. 60050 13691 Carlsbad Dr MATTES, JAMES L. Green Bay, WI 54304 145 Hickory St 6316 Freedom Lane LUSSIER, JAMES R. Santa Anna. Ca. 92705 4551 Rose St MCDONALD. JAMES R. Kearny. N J 07032 Madison. Wi 53704 1061 Cottontail Lane MALKIEWICH, LESLIE Schiller Park. II. 60176 916 Lorenz Ave. MCKERNAN, KEVIN P. MEYER, JOSEPH E. Maitland. Fl 32751 6 Wakefield PI. MAURER, MARC Baldwin Li.. N.Y. 11510 38 Colonial Ct. 318 N. Fillmore LUTKUS. GERALD F. Caldwell, N.J. 07006 404 S Fourth St. MCDONALD, MICHAEL W. Staten Is.. NY 10310 Edwardsville. II 62025 6819 Seneca Rd MALL, JAMES R. Bellvue. la 52031 9641 N. Co ur Hand MCKEW. BARRY D. MEYER. JOSEPH P. Maylield. Oh. 44143 309 Scott Ave. MAYER, GARY L. Meguon. Wi. 53092 220 Ocean Ave. 9822 S Longwood Rd. LYDEN, WILLIAM G. Glenshaw. Pa. 15116 376 N. Wiley St. MCDONNELL, KENNETH Long Branch. N.J. 07740 Chicago. II 60643 945 Ravine Dr. MALONE, DANIEL W. Crestline. Oh. 44827 1631 Newcastle Ave MCKIERNAN. PHILIP B. MEYER. KRISTIN R. Youngstown, Oh. 44505 3527 N Court MAYER, STEPHEN J. Westchester. II 60153 85 Van Buren St. 1024 Sunnyside Dr. LYNCH, JOHN J. Rockford. II. 61103 87 32 89 St MCDONNELL, M. DIANE Pearl River. N Y. 10965 Cadillac. Mi 49601 212 Central Ave. MALONE, RICHARD R. Woodhaven. N.Y. 11421 932 Lake Ave MCLAUGHLIN. ELMER G. MIKES. RICHARD J. Bogota. N.J 07603 3237 Aldrlngham MAYKUTH, ROBERT A. Wilmette. II. 60091 572 Ridge Ave. 9127 W 28th St LYNCH, NEIL P. Toledo. Oh 43606 103 Buss Rd MCDONOUGH. MICHAEL Lawrenceburg. In. 47025 Brookfield. II 60513 736 Walnut St. MALONE, THOMAS H. Aliquippa Pa 15001 104 Lafayette St MCLAUGHLIN. FRANCIS MIKULSKI, T. P. Latrobe. Pa. 15650 3392 W. Tanloran MAZZA, JOHN P. Bennington. VI 05201 431 Henry St 23 Hilltop Rd LYNCH, ROBERT J. Englewood Co. 80110 21 Archer Dr MCEACHIN. JOHN J. S Ambov. N J 08879 Yardley. Pa 19067 P.O. Box 753 MALONEY, ANTHONY J. Bronxville. NY. 10708 1033 S Jefferson MCLAUGHLIN. THOMAS MILEWSKI. MICHAEL J. Bangor. Me 04401 1018 Barberry Lane MAZZOCCHI, PETER J. Saginaw. Mi. 48601 572 Ridge Ave 34 Deerborn Tr. MABRIE, KENNETH B. South Bend. In 46619 1140 69th St MCEVILY, KEVIN J. Lawrenceburg. In. 47025 Upper Saddle River. N.J. 3618 Bellaire MANFRED), MICHAEL Brooklyn. N.Y. 11219 588 Winding River Rd. MCLINDEN. THOMAS V. MILLENACKER. MARK A. Kansas City. Mo. 64129 1373 Canterbury MCALLISTER, MICHAEL Bricktown. N J. 08723 Rising Ridge Rd. 2327 18th Ave N W MACDONELL, JAMES J. Rockville. Md. 20854 304 Stonewall Dr MCFADDEN, JAMES P. Ridgefield . Ct 06877 Rochester. Mn 55901 75 Columbia St. MANIGAULT, JUAN A. Baltimore, Md 21228 121 School Lane MCMACKIN. JOHN J. MILLER, COLETTA M. Woodndge. N.J. 07075 225 N Long St. MCANDREWS, T. E., JR. Springfield. Pa 19064 Hillview 376 S 19th Ave MACHONI8, PETER A. Charlotte. N.C. 1005 Castlewood Lane MCFADDEN, TIMOTHY C. Brockway. Pa 15824 Pocatello. Id 83201 137 Dogwood Lane R.3 MANLEY, FRED A. Deerfield. II 60015 141 S Lakeside Dr MCMAHON. JAMES P. MILLER, EDWARD B. 309 507 Lathrop Ave Manchester. Mo 63011 NAPIER, JAMES L. 3626 2nd Ave. E. E Aurora. NY 14052 PALMER, BRIAN D. S 1 River Forest. II 60305 MORAN, JOHN J. 5706 Valley View Hibbing, Mn. O ' DONOGHUE. THOMAS S. 884 St Paul IB MILLER, RAY T. 140 Belle Vista Dr Crystal Lake. II 60014 NOONAN, MICHAEL J. 90 N Lake Shore Denver. Co. 80206 2584 Wellington Rd Hubbard. Oh 44425 NAROI, ALFONSO W. 1644 E 49 St. Lake Geneva. Wi 53147 PANDJIRIS. JAMES ifcCM Cleveland Hgt . Oh 44116 MORAVA, MARK W. 31 Ardmore St Brooklyn, NY 11234 O ' FFERLE. JUDITH A. 9847 Copperhill Dr MM MILLER, TIMOTHY E. 41 1 Ridge Rd Springfield. Ma 01104 NORA, RICHARD E. 2125 Curdes Ave St Louis. Mo 63124 n)C 4401 Winding Water Greensburg. Pa. 15601 NASH, TOM R. 2404 Lincoln Ft Wayne. In 46805 PANDOLFO, ANTHONY G Elkhart. In. 46514 MORENO, FEDERICO A. 10422 S Longwood Evanston, II. 60201 O ' GEEN. CHARLES J. RR 1 Box 31 MILLUNZI, TIMOTHY J. 1142 Helmen Dr. Chicago. II 60643 NOVAK. GARY J. 45 Lake St. Swedesboro. N J 08085 3112 Wilson SI NE South Bend. In 46615 NATALE, KENNETH E. 1648 Prospect Ave LeRoy. NY 14482 PANELLI, JOHN A. Minneapolis, Minn. 55418 MULES. THOMAS C. 16 Lake St La Salle, II. 61301 O ' GRADY, MARGARET M. 17549 Kirkshire MINNICK, MICHAEL Q. Box 1 Jarrettsville Hammondsport. NY 14840 NOVAK, ROBERT T. 518 Longwood Dr. Birmingham. Mi 48009 4019 Winter St Phoenix. Md 21131 NATHE, ANTHONY S. 110 S Church St Chicago Heights. II 60411 PANNONE, GARY R. Ft Wayne. In 46806 MULLENIX, JAMES D. 305 Summit Ave. Goshen. NY 10924 O ' HARA, DANIEL M. 42 Tomahawk Ct. MIRABITO. THOMAS 57 Overlook Or San Rafael. Ca 94901 NOWALK, JAMES F. 9315 S Longwood Dr Warwick. R I 02886 9 James St Golf. II 60029 NAUOHTON. MICHAEL 4430 Brownsville Rd Chicago. II 60620 PANTEA, VICTOR J. Sidney. NY 13838 MULLER, STEVEN G 1 360 Trowbridge Pittsburgh. Pa 15236 O ' HARA. ROBERT W. Box 535 Ogden Dune MISKOWICZ. LEWIS J. 3004 Portsmouth SI Bloomlield Hills. Mi 48013 NUCCI. EDWARD C. 9315 S Longwood Dr Portage. In 46368 914 " , E Corby Hopewell. Va 23860 NAUMAN. RICHARD L. 241 Clover Dr Chicago. II 60620 PARIS), JOSEPH A. S Bend. In 46556 MUNCH, WILLIAM L. 12620 E Sheraton Monroeville Pa. OHMAN, REINHOLD 2210 Ralph Ave MOELLER. ROBERT T. 3728 Elmwood Ave Baton Rouge. La 70615 NUGENT, NANCY 233 S Second St Brooklyn. NY 11234 215 Bay Blvd Berwyn. II 60402 NAUSER. MARK S. 2201 Wilmington Steeiton. Pa 17113 PARKER. LAWRENCE Bayville. N.J 08721 MUROAY, RICHARD C. 3409 Blue Ridge Bl Midland. Mi 48640 OHORA, MAUREEN A. 1006 Rutledge Ave MOELLERING, JOHN J. 122 Lincoln Ave Independence. Mo 64052 NUSSBAUM. LEONARD M. 3801 Applewood Rd Cincinnati, Oh 45205 2 Valley Dr Avon By the Sea. N.J. NAVARRO. EDWARD J. 4700 Olsen Blvd Midland. Ml 48640 PARKER. MICHAEL J. Florissant. Mo 63031 MURNANE. FRANK J. 1302 Arapaho Dr Amanllo Tx 79106 OLEK, DONALD H. 1006 Rutledge Ave. fA MOFFITT, PATRICK E. 1347 Jackson Ave Santa Ana. Ca 92704 NUSSBAUM. R.A. 1 16 Richards Rd Cincinnati. Oh 45205 578 Hemlock St River Forest, II NEARY, JOHN M. 419 Amherst Ave Naperville. M 60540 PARKER, ROBERT F. , Rahway. N J 07065 MURPHY, ANN LOUISE 1025 St Andrews Coraopohs. Pa 15108 OLEKSAK. PAUL T. 1037 Elliot Dr Mi MOGHAOAM. JAFAR M. 405 N Galena Ave Toledo. Oh 43607 NYROP, WILLIAM 0. 17 Wendover Dr Munster. In 46231 Hft ' 0 P O Box 11A Dixon. II 61021 NEDEAU, CHRISTOPHER A. 4505 Golf Terrace Poughkeepaie. NY 12601 PARME, ROBERT J. Notre Dame In 46556 MURPHY, DAVID 8. 1627 Sunset Or Edma. Mn 55424 OLIPHANT. NEAL D. 6787 Ave. Andorra J MOHAY, KURT 2206 Fig St N Muskegon. Mi 49445 O ' BRIEN. DENNIS P. 8606 Nottingham Pk. La Jolla, Ca 92037 Mi 8423 Stonewall Or Santa Susana. Ca NEFF. JAMES C. 638 Bad Homburg Louisville. Ky 40222 PARSONS, HOWARD S. M Vienna. Va 22180 MURPHY, JOHN J. 7101 Big Creek Pkw Quellenweg 7 Vdh . W Germany OLSEN. ROBERT C. 4 Aqua Isles. College Pk M MOHRMAN, MICHAEL G. 2015 Crestland Cleveland. Oh 44130 O ' BRIEN, JAMES E. 3415 W Ridge Rd Parkersburg. W.V M 6253 Alexander Dr Ann Arbor. Mi 48104 NEMETH, STEVE 13414 Oriental SI Joliet. II 60435 PASHEL, GEORGE E. St Louis. Mo 63105 MURPHY, MARK A. 52262 Kenirworth R Rockville. Md 20853 OLSON, THOMAS A. 2829 Summer St MOLIDOfl, MARY C. 9231 Lawndale South Bend. In 46637 O ' BRIEN, MARK A. 146 Arlington Ave. Pittsburgh. Pa 15203 229 S Madison Ave Evergreen Pk. II 60642 NESCIO. JOSEPH 21 Whitcomb Rd New Mllford. N J 07646 PASSIATORE, JOSEPH LaGrange. II 60525 MURPHY. MICHAEL F. 1307 Mary Jane Lane N Sciluate. Ma 02060 O ' MALLEY, PAUL T. 4720 N W 9 Ct. MOLINA, ANTHONY J. 4087 Princeton Blvd West Chester. Pa 19380 O ' BRIEN, MICHAEL P. 12 Carol Dr. Plantation. Fl 33313 15903 Rushlord St S Euclid. Oh 44121 NEUBERT, MICHAEL D. 110 Concourse Dr Cemillus. NY 13031 PATTERSON. CHRISTOPHER M Whittier. Ca 90603 MURPHY, ROBERT A. 18 Somerset Lane Tequesta. Fl 33458 OMORI. DAVID 1. 553 N President Ave Om MOLITOR, ALAN P. 9431 S Pleasant Ave Riverside. Ct 06878 O ' BRIEN. PHILIP K. 7711 Royston St Lancaster. Pa 17603 AOi R R 1 Box 323B Chicago. II 60620 NEURAUTER, RONALD O. 336 S Elmwood Dr Annandale. Va 22003 PATTERSON. GEORGE A. Medtord. N J 08055 MURPHY. SUSAN J. 1412 S Swallow St Aurora. II 60506 NEIL. JOHN B. 409 Sandalwood Ct. ftjai MONAOHAN. LEO K. 41 Windsor Terrace Naperville. II 60540 BRYAN. DANIEL J. 815 S Fernandez Fort Mitchell. Ky 41017 " I R R 2 Yonkers. N Y 10701 NEVIN. JOHN C. 601 Park Ave Arlington. II 60005 PAUER. JAMES F. Ml Coggon. la 52218 MURPHY, THOMAS A. 724 Tilmor Dr Herkimer. NY 13350 O ' NEILL. KEVIN M. 32674 Lake Rd ta MONFORT, RALPH 0. 17751 Hastings Ct Muncie. In 47303 CONNELL, EDWARD J. 23786 Smith Ave Avon Lake. Oh 44012 H 123 E Kentucky Ave South Bend. In 46635 NEWKIRK. JAMES F. 5532 W Oakdale Dr Westlake. Oh 44145 PAUL, ROGER L. Hartford City. In 47348 MURPHY. TIMOTHY G. 623 25th St Oak Lawn. II 60453 O ' NEILL. TIMOTHY F. 122 N Holmes St Mi MONROE. JAMES R. 5809 W Mercer Way South Bend. In 46615 CONNELL. MARK T. 1800 Clover Rd Scotia. NY 12302 2117 W 3rd St Mercer is Wa 98040 NEWKIRK. RONNIE E. 615 No E St Northbrook. II PAYNE, ANN THERESE Hobart. In 46342 MURPHY. WILLIAM G. B Btry 2nd Br 37th FA Tacoma. Wa 98403 ONSTOTT, MARK S. 40 Lloyd Rd , MORGAN. DENNIS M. 219 N Broadway Fl Sill Ok O ' CONNELL. MICHAEL P. 710 N Wilson St Montclair. N J 07042 AN 218 Elberon Ave N Tarrylown. N Y 10591 NICHOLS, JOHN J. 20 Dierdre Dr Greenfield. In 46140 PAYNE, AUBREY S. ' 1 Allenhurst. N.J 07711 MURRAY. EDWARD L. 134-11 Hook Creek Rochester. NY ONUSKO. THOMAS J. 753 South Bend Ave. f MORIN, JOHN B. 1735 N Main St Rosedale. NY 11422 O ' CONNELL. RAYMOND A. 24520 Milliard South Bend. In 46617 122 Mam St HonesdM. Pa 18431 NICKELE. GARY A. 950 Washington Westlake. Oh 44145 PAYNE. CHRISTOPHER W. I Sanlord Me 04073 MURRAY. HOLT 2627 N McVicker Av Oak Park. II ORMOND. RICHARD W. 2102 Lamberton Rd Ow MORRIN, DANIEL F. Rd 2 Stuart Rd Chicago. II 60639 O ' CONNOR. DENNIS J. 227 S Evanslawn Cleveland. Oh 44118 me 724 Wyoming Ave Princeton. N J 08540 NICOLL, THOMAS E. 361 Hacienda Way Aurora. II 60506 PAYNE, FRANCIS D. in Croydon. Pa 19020 MURRAY. RICHARD S. 155 W Bowling Green Los Altos. Ca 94022 O ' ROURKE. DENNIS P. 2220 Stratford Rd In MORRIS. ANITA Y. 85 Whitney Rd P Hueneme. Ca 93041 O ' CONNOR, KEVIN M. 1 Morgan Terr Richmond. Va 23225 m 1603 Sylvester Dr Short Hills. N J 07078 NIEDERMAN. JOHN J. 346 Temple St Caslleton-on-Hudson. NY 12033 PEDTKE. ROBERT A. i Savannah. Ga 31401 MURTAUGH. JOHN P. 7570 E Speedway W Roxbury. Ma 02132 OSBORNE. JAMES H. 19367 Glendale Ave MORRIS, STEPHEN P. Rt 3 Box 40 Tucson. Az 85710 O ' CONNOR. KEVIN T. 5008 Burl South Bend. In 46637 ui 2659 S Kedvale Ashland. Oh 44805 NIELSEN. LOUIS L. 129 E Market ini Omaha. Nb 68132 PEGAN, KEVIN M. . Chicago. II 60623 MUSCARELLA, C. J. Rt 4 Box 13 Indianapolis. In. 46204 OSBORNE, STEVEN F. 1029 Poplar St c MORRISON, CHARLES 28 Miller esl Rd Antioch. II 60002 O ' CONNOR, MARIANNE 1234 Little Lehigh Huntington. In 46750 KM 66 Powhatan Ave Holmdel. N J 07733 NIESEN. PATRICK D. 117 Groome Dr. Emmaus. Pa 16049 PENCAK, MARK J. Columbus. Oh 43204 MUSSER. DANIEL P. 1603 N Riverside Dr Nashville. Tn 37205 OTOOLE, GREGORY V. 5119 S Long Ave. W MORRISON, JOHN T. 2117 El Ranco Vis McHenry. II 60050 O ' CONNOR, TERENCE W. 2505 Iowa St Chicago. II 60638 xm 581 Beach Ave Fullerton. Ca 92633 NINNEMAN. MARK W. 3917 Moss Dr Davenport. Iowa 52803 PEREZ-STABLE, DIEGO tf Rochester. NY 14621 MUSTONE, DAVID A. 5651 N Bay Ridge Annandale. Va 20521 PACKER, GEORGE A. JR. 285 Argyle Rd CMJ MORRISON, STEPHEN A. 5818 Brookview Dr. Milwaukee. Wi 53217 O ' CONNOR. THOMAS J. 4 Femmore Lane Rocky River. Oh. 44116 408 N Woodrow Wilson Alexandria. Va 22310 NITTI, JOSEPH T. 1115 Ormokd Ave St Davids. Pa 19069 PERNA, DAVID M. a Plant City. Fl 33566 MYERS. FREDERIC O. 139 Pine Grove Terrace Drexel Hill. Pa 19026 PAIGE, CHRISTOPHER J. 610 North Ave to . MOORMAN, ROBERT 821 Forest Ave Newark. N.J. 07106 O ' CONNOR. W. JOSEPH 5 Station Ave Batavia. II 60510 740 Saldano Ave South Bend. In 46616 NOBLE, MICHAEL A. 8817 Woodward Haddon Heights. N J 08035 PERONA, PHILIP S. Coral Gables. Fl 33143 NADAR, SUSAN E 2024 69th St Highland. In 46322 PAJA. RONALD P. 830 S Yorba v MORAHAN, JOSEPH 721 Wisconsin Ave Des Momes. la 50322 O ' DONNELL. JOHN T. 1210 Blackthorn PI. Orange. Ca 92669 u 1670 Meadow Lane Oak Park. II 60304 NOE. JAMES H. 3268 E. Breckenridge Deerfield. II 60015 PERRICELLI, FRANK J. Bannockburn. II NADEAU. STEPHEN C. P O Box 236 Birmingham. Mi 48010 PALAOINO, JAMES P. Box 269 MORAN, DENNIS C. 62 Cypress Rd Notre Dame. In 46556 O ' DONNELL, JOSEPH C. 4141 Westcity Ct Notre Dame. In 46556 2418 N 103 St Somerset. Ma 02726 NOHA. EDWARD A. 111 Hunter Ave. El Paso. Tx 79902 PERRELLI. LUCILLE A 4k Omaha. Nb 68134 NADROWSKI. MARK A. 1116 Hillside Rd Joliet. II 60436 PALKOVICS. JOHN J. 137 Hillside Av . Wi MORAN, DENNIS F. 210 Yarkerdale Dr Northbrook. II O ' DONNELL, MARK F. 442 W Grand St Springfield. N J. 07081 fci 31 Summerhill Rochester. NY 14615 NOLLET. DONALD 159 Elmwood Ave Elizabeth. N V 07202 PERT. JOSEPH J. H 310 Ml 822 Columbia Dr. N Caldwell, N J 07006 QUIRK, JOSEPH P. 7064 Franks Whitefish Bay. Wi 53217 53195 Ridgewood Dr U San Mateo. Ca 94402 POMARICO, FRANK J. 423 N. Washington Niles. II 60648 ROMANO. THOMAS J. South Bend. In 46637 ' " : PESAR, ROBERT J. 15552 Lahn St. Park Ridge. II 60068 RESNIK. ANN P. 1499 Marcus Ct. E SARTON, STUART R. ,:; 33 Pine Knoll Dr. Howard Beach, NY 11414 RABE. FRANK E. 21751 Auten Rd. Park Ridge. II 60068 1565 Woodbine Cl M! Rochester. NY 14624 PONTERI, CELESTE R. 68 Chatham Rd. South Bend. In 46628 ROMANOWSKI, C. F. Deerlield II 60015 : ;;i PESSEMIER, M. BLAIR 112 Violet St Columbus. Oh 43214 REUTHER, JOHN M. 1640 N 3 St SAUER. DEBORAH M. 1 WTHOKTS. 172 Creignton Rd. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15229 RACCUGLIA, ROBERT J. 101 E Penn St Philadelphia. Pa 19122 6941 Concord Lane W Lafayene. In 47906 POPE, STEPHEN M. 1628 Riverside Ct Muncy, Pa 17756 ROMERO. MARIO L. Niles. II. 60648 " UJ OtQtj PETE, ROBERT A. 22 Scenic Dr. Glenview. II 60025 REYNOLDS, JAMES M. P.O. Box U SAUER, JOHN F. JOMU 3741 E. 12th Place Warwick. R 1 02886 RACINE, MICHAEL A. 3 Dunlora Lane Panama. Rep. of Panama 10 Quail Hill Road h Gary. In 46403 PORRETTA, FRANCIS H. Mutton Hill Dr. St. Louis. Mo 63131 ROONEY, JOHN J. Hunlmgton. NY 11743 ' WW PETERS, DAVID B. 1410 Highmoor Way Charlote. VI 05445 REZAIAN, MEHDI 740 Maple Ave. SAUER, MARK F. Ml 1954 High Ridge Rd Bloomlield Hills. Mi. 46013 RACKISH, MARK A. 625 N St Louis Blvd Ardsley. Pa 19036 2929 Bellerive Dr ft Stamford. Ct 06903 PORTER, MARK A. 303 Grace Ave. South Bend. In 46617 ROONEY, THOMAS P. Normandy. Mo. 63121 can PETRELLA. RICHARD A. 720 Helm St. Port Allegany. Pa 16743 RICH, DAVID W. 3303 Sunnyside SAUTER. EUGENE J. MCTOm 248 Hallock Ave. Logansport, In. 46947 RAHNER, WILLIAM G 1109 Schmdler Dr. Hannibal. Mo. 63401 176 W Adams St Suite 1932 gar Dm Mingo Junction. On 43938 PORTFOLIO, ALMERIND 603 Rutherford Dr Silver Springs. Md. 20903 ROPER, STEVE J. Chicago. II 60603 PEYTON, DANIEL B. 330 Algonquin Rd. Seatord, N.Y 11783 RICHARD, JAMES E. 613 S Second St SAVAGE, GEORGE F. U 4250 N. Marine Dr Franklin Lakes, Nw. 07417 RAMENTOL, JAMES J. 4418 Marcellus N W. Raton, N M. 87740 1 73 E Prospect St to Chicago. II 60613 POSKUS. BERNARD A. 1076 Gruber Ave Canton. Oh 44708 ROSANELLI. ROBERT D. Pt Washington, Wi 53074 if ' !2K PEZZO, JAMES M. 795 West River Union. N.J. 07083 RICHARD, RALPH P. 765 Bruce St. SAVILLE, RICHARD M. JUKftCE Box 46 Vineyard Ave. Kankakee. II. 60901 RAMIREZ. CLIFFORD A. 3900 Pamela Ct Ridgefield N J 07657 413 E Illinois Rd Highland. NY 12528 POSLUSZNY. EDWARD F. 11319 Kelowna St Kokomo. In 46901 ROSENBAUM. WILLIAM Lake Forest. II 60045 OMUK PFALLER, MARK F. 86 Bame Ave. Lakeview Terrace, Ca. 91342 RICONOSCIUTO, JOHN 5225 Streamwood SAWICZ. PAUL J. 615 Florence Dr. Buffalo. NY. 14215 HANDLES, GUY A. 709 N. G. St. Erie. Pa 16506 705 W Indiana 1(1 Elm Grove. Wi 53122 POTEMPA. GARY A. 4807 S.W. Julia St. Tacoma. Wa 98403 ROSS, THOMAS A. South Bend. In 46613 0B PHILLIPOFF, MARK J. 8511 N Overhill Portland. Or 97225 RIDENOUR, RICHARD C. 3114 6th Ave. SAYERS, MICHAEL M. 54731 Merrifield Niles. II. 60648 RAPP. WILLIAM L. 430 82nd Ave Beaver Falls. Pa 15010 2000 Rayner Rd. Mishawaka, In 46544 POWELSON. WALLACE S. 305 Basswood Dr. St Pete Beach. Fl 33706 ROSSI. REXFORD M. Kirkwood. Mo 63122 K31 PHILLIPS, JOSEPH M. 7637 Levis Rd Naperville. II. 60540 RIDILLA, JAMES A. 6939 N Knox Ave SAYERS. RANDALL W. IKKTi P.O. Box 58084 Cheltenham. Pa 19012 RAWSON. RICHARD J. West Mam St Lincolnwood. II 60646 2509 Rockne Dr Worn Louisville. Ky. 40258 POWER, JOSEPH A. 9 Forest Dr. Ligonier, Pa 15658 ROWINSKI, GREGORY B. South Bend. In 46615 1 WIJJ7 HOVMOi PHILLIPS, WILLIAM A. 8429 Manor Dr. 4228 S Wallace St Chicago. II 60609 Florham Park. N.J. 07932 RAYMOND, JOSEPH R. RIEBSCHLEGER. DAVID 3303 Osier 12710 Orme Ave. Garfield Heights. Oh. 44125 SCALES. EDWARD C. 4859 Century Dr. Ft. Wayne. In 46825 POWERS. BERNARD S. 1409 E Madison St Saginaw. Mi. 48602 RUDNICK. TIMOTHY J. Saginaw. Mi 48603 fcCflUJI PHILLIPPSEN, JOHN N. 901 Bridgewater South Bend. In 46617 RIENDL, STEPHEN C. 7311 N. Octavia SCANLAN. STEPHEN D. (IWf | 18609 S Cypress Cr Pittsburgh. Pa 15216 READ. RICHARD 1112 Cavalier Dr. Chicago. II 60648 313 Annondale Lane tVMCl South Bend. In. 46637 POWERS, JOHN T. 929 Franctne Dr. Waukesha. Wi 53186 RUDOLPH, MARJORIE Ballwm. Mo 63011 I- jijm PIATTI, LAWRENCE A. 101 Broad St Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 RILEY, KEVIN P. 130 Rex Blvd SCHAEFER. FREDERIC at JfltfW 18 Los Cerros Dr. Lake Geneva, Wi. REAGAN, JAMES E. 7975 Rucker Rd. Elmhurst. II. 60126 6801 Lemon Rd H, WKrrl San Rafael. Ca 94901 POWERS, JOSEPH K. 3341 Sylvanhurst Indianapolis, In. 46250 RUEKERT. FRED U. McLean. Va 22101 id isn ICMKTOMI PICCOLO, GEORGE D. Gibson Hill Rd. Chester. N.Y. 10918 PICHURKO, BODAN M. 48 Beechwood Ave Manhasset. N.Y. 11030 POWERS. KERRY E. 1200 W 45th St. Cleveland Heights. Oh 44112 REAL. FRANK J. 1039 Bryan St. Drexel Hill. Pa. 19026 RIPP. THOMAS R. 2 Osborne Rd. Garden City. NY 11530 HITTER. THOMAS A. 1023 E Racine Ave. Waukesha. Wi 53186 RUNDE, GERALD J. 690 Clinton Ave. SCHAEFER, JOHN H. 135 Catalpa Dr Mishawaka. In 46544 SCHAEFER, STEPHEN F. 1 1101 3902 Sheraton Dr Richmond, Va 23225 REAMS, JOSEPH S. 419 Carlisle St. East Dubuque. II 61025 6100 Miami Rd. ma Parma. Oh. 44134 PIERSA. PETER J. POWERS. LAWRENCE D. 12920 Mobile 4190 Hyatt Ave. Massillon. Oh 44646 Gettysburg. Pa. 17325 RIVERA. MIGUEL A. RUPAR, KENNETH F. 2111 Old Pine Rd Cincinnati. On 45243 SCHAFER. RICHARD A. . Kj I ' W 1 Avimda de Portugal Estom. Portugal PILOTTE, FRANK T. 717 Malibu Lane Palos Heights. II. PRENTISS, WILLIAM S. 11350 S W 72nd Ct Miami. Fl 33156 RECHTSTEINER, C. A. 2846 South Rd. Cincinnati. Oh. 45238 RECTANUS. DANIEL G. 7A Calle Poniente Santa Ana. El Salvador. Co. ROACH, PATRICK J. Timonium. Md. 21093 RYAN. DENNIS M. 305 Washington Av. Gulf Breeze. Fl 32561 1285 Brighton Sq New Brighton. Mn. 55112 SCHARF, RICHARD K. 8230 S.W. 136 SI H Indialantic Fl PRICE, DONALD E. 423 W Sherwood 3319 64th RYAN. TIMOTHY M. Miami. Fl. 33156 1 PIOLI, WILLIAM R. 9836 S Campbell Ave Fort Wayne. In 46807 Urbandale. la 50322 97 Powell Rd. SCHEUERMAN. PAUL T. THWSE 1M MM MOW ' MM II n wni MM kt tn St kM 11 ,M . 1 1 H ft CM i M 373 Howard Dr. Youngstown. N.Y. 14174 PIOTROWSKI. PETER P. 7 Sunset Lane Yardley, Pa 19067 PIOUS, ROBERT G. 5 Hilltop Circle Chappaqua. N.Y 10514 PISCOTTY, MICHAEL A. 13 Meadowbrook Ln. Brookhaven. Pa 19015 PITTMAN, MARK F. 355 West Mam St Avon. Ma 02322 PLADNA, STEPHEN L. 312 Rad stock Rd Catonsville, Md 21228 PLANICKA, DALE M. 2036 Edenhall Dr Lyndhurst. On 44124 PLUMPTON, KENT W. 21 Wilton Rd Centerville. Ma. PODGORSKI, STEVEN F. 2349 Riverdale Germantown. Tn 38138 POHLMAN, MICHAEL K. 36 Halifax Rd Akron. On 44313 POLK, OCTAVIUS D. 1101 30th Ave Meridian. Ms 39301 POLK, XAVIER J. 4394 Kansas Ave Riverside. Ca 92507 POLLARA. MARGARET M. 364 Central Ave Evergreen Park, II 60642 PRILL, RICHARD D. 2301 Azalea Lane Billings. Ml 59102 PROESEL, MARK K. 6500 Towers Circle Lincolnwood. II 60646 PRUSAK, CONRAD E. 1535 Sky Top Drive Mountainside. N J 07092 PUBLICOVER. JAMES F. 158 Pantry Rd. Sudbury. Ma 01776 PULASKI, CLIFFORD 8212 Marquette Ave Chicago, II PURVIS. JAMES G. 610 Hestor Dr Pittsburgh. Pa 15220 PYFER, RICHARD J. 16 E Pacific St. E Helena. Ml 59635 QUAORINI, MARK L. 644 Parma Center Hilton. N.Y 14468 OUILLIN, DANIEL W. 906 S Mam St Princeton. II 61356 OUINIFF, MARK A. 936 Cora St Des Plames. II 60016 OUINN, ARTHUR E. 2062 Oliver Ave Memphis. Tn. 38104 OUINN, LAWRENCE 206 Lamarck Dr Snyder. NY 14226 REDLE. BERNARD M. 549 Orlando Ave. Akron. On 44320 REED. DONALD E. 681 E 250 St Euclid. On 44132 REED, OBIE J. 1511 E 84th Place Chicago. II 60619 REED, WILLIAM T. P O Box 641 Ligonier. Pa 15658 REHMANN, CHRISTOPHER A. 1631 Wenonah Saginaw. Mi 48603 REILLY, JAMES K. 163 Garfield Place South Orange. N.J. 07079 REILLY, MARK G. 2900 DeSoto Way St Petersburg. Fl. 33712 REILLY. PHILIP N. 810 Barry St Miami Beach. Fl 33140 REINHARDT, PAUL 4552 Jenkins Lane St Louis. Mo 63128 REISINGER, NICHOLAS 52 Dunbridge Heights Fairport. NY 14450 REITZUG. ULRICH C. 3722 Dover Dr Ft Wayne. In 46805 REPICKY, ROBERT A. 9572 Mandon Union Lake. Mi 48085 RESCHKE. JOHN A. ROBBINS, KIRK J. 506 Klmger St South Bend, In. ROBERTSON, CHARLES P O Box 44 Babbitt. N V 89416 ROBINSON, BARBARA A. 21400 Pierce Ave Southtield. Mi 48075 ROBINSON, JACKIE R. 1553 Fayette Dr. Fort Wayne. In 46806 ROCEK, ALBERT C. 5108 S 38 St Omaha. Nb 68107 ROCHE, PATRICK R. 1646 Lewis Dr Lakewood. Oh 44107 ROCK, JOHN C. 3205 Meadowcrest Anderson. In 46011 ROE, JAMES M. 3616 West Drive Spokane. Wa 99204 ROGERS. OSCAR B. 1721 Cleveland Gary. In 46404 ROGERS. STEPHEN J. 700 Clinton Ave Oak Park. II 60304 ROHMAN. MARY JO 799 Greenndge Columbus. On 43085 ROLLINS. ROBERT E. 918 Bedford St Cumberland. Md 21502 ROMANN. DEBORAH 0. 5915 N Santa Monica Springfield. Pa 19064 RYBARCZYK, JAMES P. 17732 Bernadine Lansing. II 60438 SAATHOFF. KENNETH R. 730 Beechwood Dr Niles. Mi 49120 SABIN, WILLIAM C. 14205 Baver Dr Rockville. Md 20853 SABONGE, RAFAEL F. Apartado. 9036 Panama Republic. Panama SADOWSKI, RONALD W. 4229 W 78th St Chicago. II 60652 SALE. MICHAEL C. 1549 Mayflower Ct Sacramento. Ca. SAMANIEGO. GERARDO 826 3rd Ave Los Angeles. Ca 90005 SAMARRON. JOHN 4121 Hall Ranch Rd Union City. Ca 94587 SANDERS. MICHAEL P. 28 Wozo Mack Rd. Wheaton II 60187 SANDOVAL. DANIEL W. 140 N 18th St Montebello. Ca 90640 SANQUINETTI. JOHN H. 408 S Union St Natchez. Ms 39120 SANTANELLO. THOMAS 5 Helm St North Providence. R.I. 02904 SANTOS, SHERYL V. 4 Harper Drive Pittsford. NY 14534 SCHIAVONE. LEONARD 1131 Turtle St Syracuse. NY 13208 SCHIPP. DANIEL A. 6th end Maryland Sts. Ferdinand. In 47532 SCHIRA, MICHAEL C. 4510 Eastway Toledo. Oh 43612 SCHIRACK, EDWARD T. 2437 Dunkeith Dr Canton. Oh. 44708 SCHLIESMANN. JOHN L. 23 Queens Court Racine. Wi SCHMELZER. GREGORY 1308 Glenlake Park Ridge. II 60068 SCHMIDT. PETER D. 1331 W Fifth St Plamfield. N J 07063 SCHNEEBECK. ROBERT 816 N Foote Ave Colorado Springs. Co. SCHNEIDER. LEE E. 462 Ellis Wyckofl. N.J. 07481 SCHNEIDER. R.S. 538 Altoona PI Pittsburgh. Pa 15228 SCHOENEMAN, NANCY 514 Dover Rd Bay Village. Oh 44140 SCHOFIELD, AMY L. 1212 N Lake Shore Chicago. II 60610 HI 311 SCHOMIG RUSSELL W. 5608 74th Ave Summit. II. 60501 SCHREIER, PAUL Q. 7221 Chetbert Dr. Cincinnati. Oh 45236 SHEA. PATRICIA M. 307 Giles Place La Junta. Co 81050 SKEEHAN, TERESA L. 124 S. Hills Dr. Tower Lakes Barrington. II 60010 1003 Vanderwood Rd Baltimore. Md 21228 SOLBEHG. GREGORY J. 1017 Wisconsin Homewood. II 60430 STUCKER, ROBERT A. 402 West 1st Madison, In. 47250 TARDANI, MICHAEL D. 3091 Fairlawn Ct. Muskegon. Mi. 49441 TASSONE, JEFFREY A. IB n ( R D 5 Bon 300 Albert Lea. Mn 56007 SKORY. DAVID S. Oak Park. II 60304 STUNGYS, AUGUSTIN D. 7601 Parkwood Dr. Johnstown. Pa 15905 SHEATHER, STEPHEN J. Rd 4 SOLDATI, LINCOLN T. 3000 Erie St S Fenton. Mi 48430 " SCHROER, CRAIG S. 749 Jefferson Av. Danville, Pa 17821 4 Haven Lane Massillon. Oh. 44646 TAYLOR, DANIEL W. ' .! 8820 E 52nd SI Elizabeth. N.J. 07201 SKOWRON. RALPH D. Exeter. N H 03833 STUPP, JOHN E. 425 E 257 St a Kansas City. Mo 64133 SHEDLOCK, JAMES Church Rd SONOEJ, ALAN P. 334 Long Acre Rd Euclid. Oh. 44132 rat SCHROETER, DAVID J. 14057 Edison Dr. Moorestown. N J. 08057 33 Pleasant Ave Rochester. NY 14621 TEMPLE, KERRY M. ' ! 1745 Tiverton Hd Warren. Mi 48093 SKROD, WALTER F. Garlield N J 07026 STYPULA. RICHARD W. 1025 Ontario ' Bloomriald Hills. Mi SHEEHAN, DANIEL V. 40 Westwood Or SONOSKI, PAUL B. 1232 Highland Rd Shreveport. La 71106 tB SCHUBERT, LEO T. 4225 Pierce St Fairlawn. N.J 07410 R.D. 2 Sharon. Pa 16146 TENNANT. JOHN E. ) 511 Napoleon Blvd Wheat Ridge. Co 80033 SLACK. JAMES R. Corry. Pa 16407 SUHRE. DAVID C. 4846 Calvin Dr South Bend In 46617 SHEERAN, JOSEPH K. 6612 W 64th St. SORDI, PETER J. 321 Sunset Ave. Columbus. Oh. 43227 I SCHULTZ, RANDY L. 107 W Arnold Chicago. II 60638 55 Adams St. Batesville In. 47006 TENTLER, ANNE M. Cn Box 165 Bay City. Mi 48706 SLAGOERT, PAUL J. Oyster Bay. N.Y. 11771 SUKOLA. JOSEPH M. 727 Jackson Ave. Cononwood. Id 83522 SHELLENBARQE, MARK 1558 Vancouver SOflGE, GLENN V. 1430 Forest Rd. River Forest. II. 60305 MM SCHULZ, HAROLD E. 110 N Sir a beery Sagmaw. Mi 48603 29 Devonshire Terrace LaGrange Park. II 60525 TERLEP, JON L. 240 SI Cornelius Chagrin Falls. On 44022 SLASON. EUGENE F. West Orange. N J 07052 SULLIVAN, C. 1732 E. Beardsley Ave. Ml Florissant. Mo 63031 SHELNUTT. RODNEY M. Nick Road SORVILLO, MARK B. Rt. 1 Box 97C Elkhart. In. 46514 run SCHUMAKER, RICHARD 6885 Oak Leaf Or Rt 3 Middlebury. Ct 06762 1336 Portsmouth Ave DeFuniak Springs. Fl. 32433 TERRANOVA, JAMES M. M 2018 E Lake Bluff Fairburn. Ga 30213 SLATTERY, MICHAEL J. Westchester. II 60153 SULLIVAN, DENNIS M. 22 Van Cleve Ave. fret Milwaukee. Wi. 53211 SHELTON, GEORGE 3609 Woodbine Terr SOZA. HARRY R. 3326 Coles Ave. Clifton. N J 07011 WB SCHUPP, JOSEPH 1413 Pepper Rd Peona. II 61604 832 W 16th St. Overland. Mo. 63114 TETRICK, TED A. t ' r 110 Qlenview Dr. Jenkintown. Pa 19046 SLITER. JEANNE A. Tempe. Az 85281 SULLIVAN, ROBERT L. 4105 W Jefferson Oes Momes. la 50312 SHERIN, KEVIN M. 151 Arlington Dr SPACHER, KERRY A. 560 Briody St. Kokomo In 46901 NBI SCHUSTER, KENNETH P. 75 High St Bellvue. On 44811 27 Tyringham Rd Burlington. Wi. 53105 THICKPENNY, MARK C. Ml 5244 Woodland Ave. Western Springs. II 60558 Uxbndge. Ma 01569 SHERROD. MICHAEL S. SMEGO. RAYMOND A. 11 Mohawk Rd Rochester. N.Y 14417 SPEAR. KENNETH J. SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY J. 4035 Ashby Ave 135 Woodland Rd. Libertyville. II 60048 nu SCHUSTER, PHILIP A. 2900 Windsor Dr Short Hills. N J 07078 1104 N Center St Des Moines. la 50310 THOMA, DAVID N. V 110 S Hayden Parkway Odessa. Tx 79760 SMITH, CHRISTOPHER J. Corry. Pa 16407 SUSKI, EDWARD J. 179 Stratford Rd MM Hudson. On 44236 SHERRY, JOHN F. 12526 E. Kansas P SPILLANE, KEVIN M. 145 Moore Ave. Des Plaines. II 60016 nun SCHUTE, VALENTINE J. 1921 Welwyn Dr. Aurora. Co 80012 3064 Valley Lane Leonia. N.J. 07605 THOMAS. CLARENCE A. til 217 Preston Rd. Des Plaines. II 60018 SMITH. DONALD A. Falls Church. Va 22044 SUSKO, LARRY 6105 Parknoll St. Oat Flourtown. Pa 19031 SHIEL. ROBERT C. 102 Hills Point Rd SPONT, WILLIAM T. 2844 ivanhoe Rd Massillon. Oh 44646 MB SCHWARTZ. ALBERT J. 6972 N Tonty Ave. Westport. Ct 06880 30 Bliss Rd Sharpsvllle. Pa 16150 THOMAS, GREGORY J. Tl 130 S Frant Chicago. II 60646 SMITH. ELIZABETH R. Bellingham. Ma 02019 SUTHERS, JOHN W. 13212 Glennill Rd. a Salina. Ks. 67401 SHIELDS, ROBERT M. 20 Teaneck Dr. SPURR. RICHARD 0. 1854 Arroya St Silver Springs. Md 20904 Ml SCHWARTZ, TIMOTHY L. 1432 Winter Dr 27 Proctor Blvd Utica. NY 13501 E Northport. NY 11731 SMITH, GREGORY S 3555 Brookstone St Louis County. Mo 63033 Colorado Springs. Co 80906 SWAIN, JAMES J. THOMAS, ROBERT R. 608 Tarnngton Rd. r-ii n Freeport. II. 61032 SHIOLENO, LEWIS 502 Kelly Ct STACY, JOHN G. 5506 Amby Or Rochester. N.Y 14609 MM SCIBAK, JOHN W. Oak Knoll Rd Lombard. II. 60148 1621 Arbor View Rd San Jose. Ca 95124 THOMAS, THOMAS P. CIBI 72 Merida Ave Mendham. N J 07945 SMITH, JAMES P. Silver Springs. Md SWANSON. ROBERT G. 861 Ridge Rd ! " ) Woonsocket. HI 02895 SHOLL, DAVID J. 147 Maple St STARK, CHARLES J. 25705 John Rd Homewood. II 60430 HUH SCIBONA, PAUL G 3029 Dexter Dr New Providence. N J 07974 2532 29 Ave Olmsted Falls. Oh 44138 THOMPSON, JEFFREY K. i:k 12651 Sheree Ct. Fort Wayne. In 46816 SMITH, JOHN C. Rock Island. II 61201 SWEENEY. JAMES P. 25305 W Edison Rd hnr San Jose. Ca 95127 SHORT, JOHN D. 15 E Washington St STAUOER, GREGORY P. 143 S Dwyer South Bend. In 46628 tat SCOVIL. DOUGLAS C. 2340 Mann Dr New Hampton, la 50659 202 S Main Arlington Heights, II 60005 THOMPSON. TIMOTHY W. TJ 3436 24th SI Beech Grove In 46107 SMITH, LANCE C. Witt. II 62094 SWEENEY. JOHN P. 6467 Hanover Rd. . Rock Island. II. 61201 SHREINER, BRENT W. 6520 Brighton Dr. STAW1CKI, ALFRED W. 707 Linden Ave. Hanover, Md. 21076 Ma SCULLY, TERRENCE J. Route 1 . Box 296 A North Olmsted. On 44070 1513 Turtle Creek Dr Wilmette. II 60091 THORNTON, JOHN W. " 1369 Tower Rd. White Pigeon, Mi 49099 SMITH. MICHAEL P. South Bend. In. 46637 SWEENEY. JOSEPH M. 4400 Monserrate j Winnetka, II 60093 SHUMATE. JOHN H. 409 Gitttngs Ave. STEEDLE. JOSEPH R. 741 Angela St Coral Gables. Fl 33146 n. SEARLES. JOSEPH B. 618 Walnut SI Baltimore. Md 21212 5051 Parkvue Dr Plesanton. Ca 94566 TIERNEY, JOHN S. Mi 5805 Brittany Valley Roseile N J 07201 SMITH. NANCY LYNN Pittsburgh. Pa 15236 SWINEY, MARK D. P O Box 998 la Louisville. Ky 40222 SIBLEY, ROBERT E. 6625 N Clippinger STEIL. JOHN R. 210 Madison Ave. Fort Pierce. Fl 33450 ' ! SEARS, MARK R. 387 Oakland Ave. Cincinnati. On 45243 431 Apache Dr. Spring Lake. N J 07762 TI8O. STEVEN C. ! 3566 S Hillcrest Staten Island. NY 10310 SMITH, NANCY MARIE Janesville. Wi 53545 SYKES, THOMAS J. 136 Rich Ave. " ar. Denver. Co 80237 SIDDOWAY. DOUGLAS J. 20 Martin Dale STELMASZYNSKI. ADAM 116 N Thurlow Ave Mount Vernon N.Y. 10550 !_ SEEP, RALPH V. Star Route Greenwich. Ct 06830 7273 Montrose Rd Margate. N J 06402 TOBIN. TIMOTHY O. th 183 Camelii Ct Teton City. Id 83451 SMITH, PAUL J Niagara Falls. Ont. Canada SZAKALY. MARTIN R. 210 Grant St Luling. La. 70070 SIMON, PAUL Q. 1131 Oxford Cresen STENKE. GARY A. 121 Peashway Park Forest, II 60466 jaa SEETCH, WILLIAM D. 508 North Ave Atlanta. Ga 30319 4 W. Forestview South Bend. In. 46617 TOBLER, WILLIAM D. ' 17801 Ponciana Berrington, II 60010 SMITH. RONALD Bensenville. II 60106 SZATKO. GREG F. 1643 Summit! Rd Cleveland. Oh. 44135 SIMON, WILLIAM C. 8335 Anemone Lane STEPHENS, WILLIAM M. 5233 Harvey Ave Cincinnati. Oh 45237 SEITZ. ROY E. 106 S Qlenwood Indianapolis. In. 46219 1120 Camden Ave W Springs. II 60558 TOLL, MARY E. 5302 W Park Dr. Columbia. Mo 65201 SMITH. STEPHEN E. Salisbury. Md 21801 SZEWCZYK, KARL F. 1514 E, LaSalle Ave. North Oimsled. Oh 44070 SIMONE, STEPHEN M. Oak Place STEVENS. CHRISTOPHER L. 17 Oak Knoll South Bend. In 46617 SEPONOSKY, EDMUND D. 8913 Cinati-Dayton Bernardsville. N J 07924 3122 Legation N.W. Belleville. II. 62223 TONCRAY, CHRISTOPHER J. 34 Clark PI. West Chester. Oh 45069 SMITH. THOMAS M. Washington. DC 20015 SZYMANSKI, FRANK S. 7251 N Hamilton Ave. Avenel. N.J. 07001 SIMPKIN, JOHN C. 1 Ellis Parkway STEVENS. JAMES R. 1010 Three Mile Dr Chicago. II 60645 SHAHADE, MARY A. 836 Second St Piscataway. N.J 08854 2900 Myer Blvd Grosse Pointe Park. Mi 48230 TOTTEN. JOSEPH C. 828 Drexel Ave. Marietta. Oh 45750 SNELL. RALPH W. McKeesport. Pa 15132 TACCONE, RALPH R. 6951 Rosewood St Johnstown. Pa. 15905 SINCLAIR. PAUL A. 263 W Main St STEWART, ROBERT P. 4069 Lake Ave. Pittsburgh. Pa 15206 SHAIA, ALEXANDER J. 717 Crescent Dr Amsterdam. NY 12010 483 Ryders Lane Rochester. N.Y 14612 TOWNSEND, MICHAEL 120 Richmor Dr. Midland. Mi 48640 SNOPKOWSKI, DANIEL East Brunswick. N J 08816 TACKETT. JOHN C. 517 South 8th Birmingham. Al. 35213 SINGER. STEVEN T. 8 Hopkins St STOLTZ. JAMES S. 568 Pittsburgh Rd Hamilton. Oh. 45011 SHANAHAN, RICHARD L. 3924 Lincoln Dr. Unadilla. NY 13849 1 1 Greenbner Lane Butler. Pa 16001 TOWNSEND, WILLIE C. 3000 Westchester Birmingham. Mi 48010 SNYDER, EDWARD H. Treasure Hills. Conway. Ar. TAFELSKI, RANDALL S. 517 S 8th St Orlando. Fl. 32803 SINGLETON, WILLIAM 509 Winkworth Parkway STRACK, EDWARD R. 714 S. Olive St. Hamilton. Oh. 45011 SHANNON, RICHARD M. 24 Waidron Ave. Syracuse. NY 13215 1 TPC 1828 L St N.W. South Bend, In 46619 TRACHY, JEFFREY P. 9130 Leghorn PI Mantua Hills Summit. N.J. 07901 SNYDER, PATRICIA P. Washington. D.C 20036 TAJAK, RICHARD J. 1050 Plummer Cir. Fairfax Va, 22030 SINGSANK, RICHARD C. Arlington Hieghts. II. (1973) STRATTON. GEORGE A. 8427 N Olcott Ave Rochester. Mn 55901 SHAUQHNESSY, EDWARD 112 Greenwood Dr. SOBOLEWSKI, GARY M. Six shooter Rd. Niles. II. 60648 TRAMPE, JOHN C. 1 1 Winding Rd. Burlington, la 52601 1654 Buckingham Ave. Cookson Ok 74427 TAKASE. CLYDE A. 33 Marche Dr. Leetsdale. Pa 15056 SINNOTT, PATRICK W. Westchester. II 60153 STRIPP. STEPHEN A. P.O Box 165 O ' Fallon. Mo 63366 SHEA, BRIAN J. 2321 Dundee Lane SOEDER. RICHARD R. 351 Beech Spring Kualapuu. Hi. 96757 TRAVERS, TIMOTHY J. 16 Roberta Lane Nashville. Tn 37214 2005 Middle Rd. South Orange. N.J 07079 TANZOSH, JOSEPH T. 5400 N Ludlam Ave Ouincy. Ma 02170 SISSON, DIANA K. Glenshaw. Pa. 15116 STUART, JAMES E. 110 McDonald St Chicago. II. 60630 SHEA, FRANCIS Q. 1420 Santa Fe SOKOLOWSKI, PAUL A. 1401 Olive Rd. Washington. N.J. 07882 TRIO. EDWARD A. 312 (Wag. nd 1521 E. Miner St. Country Club Hills, II. 60477 WAND, THEODORE M. Totowa. N.J. 07512 WILLIAMS, F. P. WYNNE, TERRENCE J. Arlington Heights. II. 60004 VICHICH, JAMES M. Fulda. Mn 56131 WENKE, JOHN P. 6652 Kirkley Ave. P.O. Box 835 crnrv TRIPPEL, JANE K. 321 Harding Ave. WARD, DAVID W. 407 Park Dr. McLean. Va 22101 So. Bend, In. " " EH 723 W. Grove St. Endwell. N.Y. 13760 8748 S Scramento Glenolden, Pa. 19036 WILLIAMS, GREGORY B. WYNNE. THOMAS M. mw. Mishawaka. In. 46544 VIERLING. STEVEN C. Evergreen Park, II. 60642 WENTHE, STEPHEN 16744 Vaughan 548 Marquette Ave. WO TRITSCHLER, GERALD 1023 S. Third St. WARD, WILLIAM J. 269 Winfield Rd. Detroit. Mi. 48219 South B end. In. 46617 i 1403 E Melrose Dr. Louisville. Ky, 40203 2527 Ashton St. Rochester, N.Y 14622 WILLIAMS, IAN M. YAKACKI, JOHN T. Westlake. Oh. 44145 VILLELLA, JOSEPH F. Baltimore. Md. 21223 WENTLING, JAMES W. 15 Errington Ave. 42 Warwick PI. US ... u TRIZNA, ROBERT J. 60 Dogwood Dr. WARNIMONT, JEFFREY 1805 Northbrook Dr. Toronto. Ontario. Canada Port Washington. N.Y. 11050 Tft 15 Reedwood Dr. Stratford. Ct. 06497 23 N. 745 Lake St. Lancaster. Pa 17601 WILLIAMS, JAMES YATES, JAMES L. Jollet. II. 60436 VINZANI, GILBERT T. Roselle, II. 60172 WENTZEL, GILBERT A. 110-10 201 St. 8220 Wooster Pk. J ' " 06 TRUDELL, THOMAS N. 5600 Madison St. WASHINGTON, ROBERT 3731 Glen Oak Dr. Hollis. N.Y. 11412 Cincinnati, Oh. 45227 3HKE 3509 Algonaquin Merriville. In. 46410 929 N Fifth St. Louisville. Ky. 40218 WILLIAMS, ROBERT J. YOB, WILLIAM J. fr Fort Wayne. In. 46809 VIOLA, ANTHONY J. Steubenville. Oh. 43952 WESOLOWSKI, DANIEL 250 Henley 2659 E. Beltllne N.E. N 1327 TRUE, JEFFREY B. 23 Eldredge St. WA8ILEVICH, MAX T. 2628 Deer Path Birmingham. Mi. 48008 Grand Rapids. Mi. 49505 MEM. 28 Cornell St E. Northport. N.Y. 11731 26326 Harriet Dr. Scotch Plains. N.J. 07076 WILLIAMSON. NEIHL J. YOOS, JAY H. 1 Ithaca. N.Y. 14850 VIVIANO, ROSE B. Dearborn Heights. Mi 48127 WESSELMAN, ARTHUR R. 306 Allegheny St. 1715 Clarion Dr. IKK TRUESDELL, MICHAEL 37400 Union Lake WATTS, JOHN D. 5538 Clearidge Ln. Jersey Shore. Pa. 17740 Williamsport. Pa. 17701 L 2935 N.W Forest Ave. Ml. Clemens. Mi. 48043 1014 So. Shelby St. Cincinnati, On. 45239 WILLKE. THERESA A. YOROY, MICHAEL K. HIM Beaverton. Or. 97005 VOLLER, WILLIAM J. Louisville. Ky 40203 WETHERBEE, JAMES D. 7634 Pineglen Dr. 320 Longview Dr. H TULISIAK, TERRENCE 2312 S. 3rd Ave. WEAVER, WALLACE J. 18 Algonquin Dr. Cincinnati. Oh. 45224 Belleville, II. 62223 lUNtllt 4304 Miltord Rd. N. Riverside. II. 60546 22 Oakside Or Huntington Station. N.Y. 11746 WILSON. JAMES P. YOUNGER, MICHAEL G. It Parma. Oh. 44134 VORCE, RAYMOND Toms River. N.J. 08753 WEYLAND, CHARLES W. 46 Lewis Ave. 505 N. Ewing mi TURCIC. JOHN G. Summer Road WEAVING, RICHARD J. 5310 Indian Crest Summit, N.J. 07901 Helena. Ml. 59601 It 136 Fairfleld Dr. Boxbourough, Ma. 01720 87 Homestead Ave. Louisville. Ky. 40207 WILSON, MICHAEL F. ZADORETZKY, HALYA 8. (TO New Brighton, Pa. 15066 WAGNER, RUDOLPH S. Naugatuck. Ct. 06770 WHALEN. JAMES F. 1732 Marcee Lane 188 Bryan PI Rd. WI TURNER, GARY R. 13 Beech St. WEBB, MICHAEL K. Rt. 1, Box 505 Northbrook. II. 60062 Accokeek. Md 20607 If. IMC. 2542 San Pedro E. Paterson. N.J. 07407 Forest Hill Apt. 21 Manchester, Mo. 6301 1 WIRSING, FREDERIC C. ZAK, ROBERT M. Mm Youngstown. Oh. 44511 WAGSTAFFE, STEPHEN New Castle. Oe. 19720 WHALEN, MICHAEL R. P.O. Box 97 903 Parkside MM TYO, JOHN M. 4 Robert S. Dr. WEBER, GEORGE Robin Dr. Cissna Park, II. 60924 Elmhurst. II. 60126 M 331 Stewart Ave. Menlo Park, Ca. 94025 216 N. Swanson Cir. Ossining. N.Y. 10562 WIRTH, JOHN L. ZALETER, FRANK D. W Bethpage. N.Y. 11714 WALDOCK, LEE J. South Bend. In. 46615 WHITE, MICHAEL S. Rd 2 Brotherton Ct. 5928 Highland Rd. rail TYLWALK, JOHN C. 107 Grant Ct. WEBER, WILLIAM R. 102 Wynnwood Rd. Havre De Grace. Md. 21078 Cleveland. Oh. 44143 MM I 113 S. High St. Olean. NY. 14760 6015 Overlook Dr. Fox Chapel, Pa. 15215 WITT, CHRISTOPHER T. ZAUCHA, JEROME J. lit Clearfield Pa. 16830 WALLACE, STEPHEN P. Erie. Pa. 16505 WHITECOTTON, M. G. 10542 Chardon Rd. 275 Wiibert Ave. HUM UNGER, PAUL R. 2549 Richardson Rd. WEBSTER, JOSEPH S. 239 Rue Bossuet Chardon, Oh. 44024 Washington. Pa. 15301 KCMU 737 W Cascade Ave Portsmouth. Oh 45662 6011 Sherwood Dr. South Bend. In. 46615 WOJCIESZEK, ALICE A. ZERBE, E. BRENNAN II Redmond, Or. 97756 WALSH, BRANDON E. No. Olmstead. Oh. WHYTE, GEORGE P. 4042 W. George 721 Waverly Rd. Wtt VALENTI, THOMAS J. 81-33 254 St. 59 University Cres. Kingston 6. Jamaica WEBSTER, MARK C. 3007 Wellbrooke Dr. 139 Bucknell Ave. Johnstown, Pa. 15905 Chicago, II 60641 WOLBECK, KENNETH J. Ridgewood, N.J. 07450 ZETTLER, ROBERT A. . Floral Park, N.Y. 11004 WALSH, JAMES J. Louisville. Ky. 40215 WICK, JOHN G. 1814 W. Latham Lane 833 Minor Ave. I.W VALENZUELA, JAVIER 1907 Wooded Ct. WECKWERTH, PHILIP 4833 Rodman St. N.W Peona tl. 61604 Hamilton, Oh. 45015 " !! B Caisilla 16371 Santiago 9. Chile Adelphi. Md. 20783 WALSH, MICHAEL T. 706 N. Genesee St. Merrill. Wi. 54452 Washington. D.C. 20016 WIEDL, STEPHEN C. WOLF, GREGORY J. 707 Plymouth Rd. S.E. ZICKGRAF, ERIC C. 3311 Sanibel Dr. M VALLARINO, JORGE E. 108 Dogwood Ln. WEIDNER, ED C. 2217 Virginia P N.E. E. Grand Rapids. Mi. Fort Wayne. In. 46805 P.O. Box 7557 Manhasset. N.Y. 11030 P Box 440 Atlanta, Ga. 30305 WOLFF, JOHN F. ZIELONKO, THOMAS ' -- ; : Panama Republic. Panama WALSH, ROBERT K. Plymouth, In. 46563 WIELGOS, ROBERT 8. 2001 Lakeview Dr. R.R. 1 fiffl VALOCCHI, JEFFREY J. 1021 N. Ravinia Dr. WEINKAM, EDWARD 6651 Tower Cir. Duluth. Mn. 55803 Troy, II. 62294 THOTNf V. 12 Downing Cir. Dallas, Tx. 75211 1750 Chippewa Tr. Llncolnwood. II. 60646 WONG, MICHAEL F. 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Center: Tom Henzler, Ken Kalbach, Pete Rukavina, Randy Kreuzer, Joe Perino. Bottom: Rich Tredeau, Ed Brower, Bill Macauley, Chris Smith, Scoop Jones. Missing: Shevawn O ' Connor, Ellen Maiezzi. Student Life Staff: Norman Bower, Sue Caranci, J. Patrick Doyle, Mary Clemency, Dana Nahlen, Dave McAlpine, Kathy Buckley, Editor, Wendy Duffy. Senior Section Staff: Seated; Donna Losurdo, Betsy Fallen, Editor, Betsy Lamping. Standing; Bob Quakenbush, Betsy Short, Candace Lopes, Mary Therese Foster, Patty Culler, Paul Balon. 316 Photographers Joe Raymond Chris Smith Bill Rahner Ed Brower Jim Rosini Zenon Bidzinski Mike Budd Maria Gallagher Mike Kulczycki John Dlugolecki Pictured: Bill Anhut Ann Arbour John Aube Joe Carl Pat Kenney Jerry Lutkus Diane McDonnell Kerry McNamara Dorice Porrata Kathy Schwille Mike Sherrod Beth Smith Mary Ann Zdinak Roderick Braye Editor " I got by with a little help from my Friends. " 318 5:30 in the morning, and I ' m sitting across the table from my Associate Editor. It ' s the night before we ' re to be done and I ' m tired. Somehow, being an editor isn ' t all it ' s cracked up to be. There are the dozens of misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and delayed academics that are an unpublicized part of the job. Perhaps even worse, there ' s having this letter to write. It ' s not that I don ' t want to thank all the people who have made this book a reali- ty. The problem is that if I adequately thanked all those who are deserving, it would still fall far short of what they truly meant to the success of the book. First, my staff. Having to mold a group of individuals into a group that could produce a 328-page book is never easy. It is much simpler however, when the in- dividuals involved are willing to give of themselves as this year ' s staff did. To Jan Huber, my erstwhile Associate Editor, may your cigarette lighter never run dry and a sincere thanks for handling much of the dirty work that is a vital part of the book. Most of her detailed tasks weren ' t glamorous, but their completion was necessary. Similarly, Susan Darin, Business Manager, handled much of the work that must be done if a book is to finish the year under budget. Her cover design saved me from my own brainstorms and is excellent. The real heart of the staff is the section editors: Kathy Buckley, Sue Darin (men- tioned before), Bill Delaney, Betsy Fallon, Tom Paulius, and Marlene Zloza. They were the ones charged with designing 290 pages, organizing the year into an in- telligent pattern of events, and putting up with my ever-changing moods. If you think it ' s easy, just try redoing a layout after hours of planning. To each of you, a hearty thanks, and I owe each of you a drink (when you turn 21). It would be unforgivable if I didn ' t mention Diane McDonnell. As someone noted, " She ' s on the staff because she ' s the only one who can argue with Rod and he ' ll listen. " Perhaps over-simplified but true. She was the only member of the Editorial Board who could be as stubborn as I, and the book is better for it. To the dozens of staffers and students who did the countless jobs that never seem to be done, you are too numerous to thank by name, but this book is as much yours as it is mine. Thanks must go to Scott Caton, Joe Cupp, and Walsworth Publishing Com- pany. Marceline may be a small town, but it is large in an invaluable commodity; class. To Bob Best of Sports Information, good luck. Topping this year will take some doing. Thanks to Professor Stritch for his unspoken but appreciated support of the book (and his patience), and to Ann Arbour for the Sunday morning conver- sations. Mary Louise Brown, Brother Gorch, Father Schlaver, and Betty deserve awards for always looking the other way in the face of my many faults. Finally, I must thank my parents and a lady spending the year in Senegal, who are truly special people. One can hardly thank people who mean that much in any kind of way that would be worthy. Their support and faith are the cornerstones upon which this book rests. Lastly, to the student body it ' s your book and without you it could never have been done. Roderick D. Braye 319 NO1 ES 32O Good-bye my fancy (I had a word to say, But ' tis not quite the time - The best of any man ' s word or say Is when its proper place arrives - and for its meaning, I keep mine till the last.) Walt Whitman 321 322 J Vhen Tt certain piece of snow sculpture ' adorned the South Quad one afternoon, it drew im- mediate raacUcns from the nun- d eds wVio passed it. Whether . ' . one found it thought-provoking, tasteless, or vidwed it with in- difference, one couldn ' t deny that massive amounts of effort and detail were applied to an object which represented one means of articulating the frustrations of the school year. Many ' s the time I ' ve been mistaken And many times confused Yes, and often felt forsaken And certainly misused But I ' m all right, I ' m all right I ' m just weary to my bones Still, you don ' t expect to be Bright and bon vivant So far away from home, so far away from home And I don ' t know a soul who ' s not been battered I don ' t have a friend who feels at ease I don ' t know a dream that ' s not been shattered or driven to its knees But it ' s all right, it ' s all right We ' ve lived so well so long Still when I think of the road we ' re traveling on I wonder what went wrong I can ' t help it, I wonder what went wrong And I dreamed I was dying And I dreamed that my soul rose unexpectedly And looking back down at me Smiled reassuringly And I dreamed I was flying And high up above my eyes could clearly see The Statue of Liberty Sailing away to sea And I dreamed I was flying We come to the ship they call the Mayflower We come on the ship that sailed the moon We come in the age ' s most uncertain hour and sing an American tune But it ' s all right, it ' s all right You can ' t be forever blessed Still, tomorrow ' s going to be another working day And I ' m trying to get some rest That ' s all I ' m trying, to get some rest I ' m trying to get some rest? Paul Simon 323 324 It Was A Very Good Year r| i - I ' Cfc l t 1 327 Into My Own One of my wishes is that those dark trees, So old and firm they scarcely show the breeze, Were not, as ' twere, the merest mask of gloom, But stretched away unto the edge of doom. I should not be withheld but that some day Into their vastness I should steal away, Fearless of ever finding open land, Or highway where the slow wheel pours the sand. I do not see why I should e ' er turn back, Or those should not set forth upon my track To overtake me, who should miss me here And long to know if still I held them dear. They would not find me changed from him they knew Only more sure of all I thought was true. Robert Frost thank you dome 74 WALSWORTH A 1

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