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VQLU dl; kiX Michael J. Paulius EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Duane A. Dinehart CO-ORDINATING EDITOR James H. Hunt DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Michael J. McCurdy BUSINESS MANAGER Roderick D. Braye STUDENT LIFE EDITOR Augustine D. Stungys ATHLETICS EDITOR Thomas D. Paulius ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR ' ' ' , ---.; .p) . THE DOME 1973 r OT RE 04AI MB for- fc WtlSKZ T5 v T Jf ! ite - ! II r J n -. i 17 " REN ? THE FICHTINC IRISH ID iii ilii iiiii U. HP ' VI k. W .rfjp ' - : I- It 1 I : i Do values really count in a liberal education? They have to count if you take the word " liberal " at its face value. To be liberal, an education must somehow liberate a person actual- ly to be what every person potentially is: free. Free to be and free to do. What? Excuse me for making a list, but it is important. The first fruit of a liberal education is to free a person from ignorance which fundamentally means freedom to think, clearly and logically. Moreover, allied with this release from stupidity non-thinking or poor-thinkingis the freedom to communicate one ' s thoughts, hopefully with clarity, style, and grace, more than the Neanderthal grunt. A liberal educa- tion should also enable a person to judge, which in itself presupposes the ability to evaluate: to prefer this to that, to say this is good and that is bad, or at least this is better than that. To evaluate is to prefer, to discriminate, to choose, and each of these actions presupposes a sense of values. Liberal education should also enable a person to situate himself or herself within a given culture, religion, race, sex, and, hopefully, to appreciate what is valuable in the given situa- tion, even as simple an evaluation as " black is beautiful " . This, too, is a value judgement and a liberation from valuelessness, insecurity, and despair at times. Liberal education, by all of these value-laden processes, should con- fer a sense of peace, confidence, and assurance on the per- son thus educated and liberate him or her from the adriftness that characterizes so many in an age of anomie. Lastly, a liberal education should enable a person to humanize everything that he or she touches in life, which is to say that one is enabled not only to evaluate what one is or does, but that in addition, one adds value consciously to relationships that might otherwise be banal or superficial or meaningless; relations to God, to one ' s fellow men, to one ' s wife or husband or children, to one ' s associates, one ' s coun- try and world. In this way, the list of what one expects of liberal education is really a list of the very real values that alone can liberate a person from very real evils or non-valuesstupidity, meaninglessness, inhumanity. I have long believed that a Christian university is worthless in our day unless it conveys to all who study within it a deep sense of the dignity of the human person, his nature and high destiny, his opportunities for seeking justice in a very unjust world, his inherent nobility so needing to be achieved by himself or herself, for one ' s self and for others, whatever the obstacles. I would have to admit, even immodestly, that whatever I have said on this subject has had a miniscule im- pression on the members of our University compared to what I have tried to do to achieve justice in our times. This really says that while value education is difficult, it is prac- tically impossible unless the word is buttressed by the deed. If all this is true, it means that those engaged in education to- day must look to themselves first, to their moral com- mitments, to their lives, and to their own values which, for better or worse, will be reflected in the lives and attitudes of those they seek to educate. There is nothing automatic about the liberal education tradition. It can die if not fostered. And if it does die, the values that sustain an individual and a nation are likely to die with it. 34 35 Provost Reverend James T. Burtchaell, C.S.C. At Notre Dame we have no task more important than to recruit and invite into our midst men and women who. beyond their being rigorously given over to the profession of learning, are likewise dedicated to a life of intelligent belief. If we are to be a Christian University, we must have a critical mass of Christian teachers. If Notre Dame is to re- main Catholic, the only institutional way for assuring this is to secure a faculty with prominent representation of com- mitted and articulate believers who purposely seek the comradeship of others to weave their faith into the full fabric of their intellectual life. And we shall continue to need, as we have been blessed with it in the past, the companionship of believers from other religious traditions who sense and share the peculiar ambitions and hopes of Notre Dame. Indeed, it is of the very character of Notre Dame that teacher-scholars from so many religious traditions, and some who are not believers at all, share a common desire that this school retain its wonderful and special character. By no means need only Catholic or even Christian faculty be invited here. But by no means should anyone be invited here unaware that it is a house dedicated to intelligent belief, or indifferent to its heritage. It is not so much fast agreement on answers that we seek, as agreement on the importance that certain questions be asked. Indeed, such an underlying commonalty can sustain most vigorous argument without threat of enmi- ty. Let brilliant men and women join us and carry on the search who believe as we do that there is a mystery deep within man ' s world, man ' s affairs, and man ' s heart which draws our consideration to depths more profound than are noticed or pursued in most academies in the land. In speaking of our religious commitment I cannot pass over our special need for Holy Cross religious at Notre Dame. The school was founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross and is marked with the seal of the community ' s spirit. Indeed, the University ' s greatest single source of strength for its first 125 years was the Congregation. This is not to depreciate the great role laymen have played. Nor is it to suggest that the religious f uture of Notre Dame pertains solely to clergy and religious. Only a few yards from where we work lie the bones of men who consecrated this campus to especially high purposes. From their graves those dedicated men ordain us all to this same task. To venerate them is to assume their same breadth of responsibility. Yet continuity with the past will be stronger if a generous number of competent priests, brothers and nuns are recruited to the faculty. They continue to bring to their work a fuller range of service than is asked of most faculty who have their own families to foster. Just as the University and the Church seem destined to future adventures that will cause new life and vision to rise up among us, so the Congregation of Holy Cross may well offer some of the sparks that touch off these fresh fires of the mind and spirit. It is fair to say that in the broad concerns we unite under the rubric of " Student Affairs " , Notre Dame is singularly in- debted to the presence of Holy Cross priests and brothers and stands to gain preciously if their collaboration is retain- ed and enhanced. 36 Just what does an Assistant Provost do? I suppose the most direct answer would be to say that he tries to handle as many assignments as he can that will cut down the vast and multiple responsibilities of the Provost. These daily assignments may involve faculty and or students. Sometimes they concern a program, an institute, or a college or colleges. Again, the issue may be a local or national one involving this University with other colleges or universities or with some business unit. One thing is certain routine is not a characteristic of this assign- ment. The position of Assistant Provost is a fascinating one because you work within the nerve centers of this University. Since you are no longer a member of a particular department or college, you strive to see this place as a totality. Naturally, any decisions that follow are oriented toward " the common good. " Finally, the responsibilities of an Assistant Provost are varied and challenging; it is, indeed, an excellent administrative assignment. Associate Provost Reverend Ferdinand L. Brown. C.S.C. Although the office is an interesting and exciting place to and although we manage without much effort it seems to keep busy with a myriad of things. I have not been able to come up with a clear and simple answer to the simple question, " what do you do in your office? " According to the Faculty Manual, " within the framework of University policies and procedures, the Provost has responsibility, under the President, for the ad- ministration, coordination and development of all the academic activities and functions of the University. " According to the same Manual, the Associate Provost " assists the Provost in the work of academic administration in whatever way the Provost may desire. " So I try to be of help to Father Burtchaell in the ways I can. Generally we do not have any hard and fast divisions of work together we try to get the job done. 37 Thi The advent of co-education to Notre Dame constitutes both the cause and the responsibility of the position of the Assistant to the Provost. Because the position is in evolution, one of its in- herent tasks is that of actually describing its own di- mensions. Although the final words may not be written for a time, I currently see the overall responsibilities to be those of catalysis. From a panoramic vantage point, it is my challenge both to ask the right questions and to stimulate many and supply some substantive answers. In so doing it is my concern to represent the presence of women to all niches of the Univer- sity. This calls for an on-going exchange with other members of the administration and faculty as we evaluate the present and plan for the future. It also happily demands knowing, listening to, and working with the Notre Dame students themselves the women to be sure, and also the other ninety- four percent. No one can be a real part of Notre Dame and remain unchang- ed. The growth stimulus I experienced here as a student remains strong. Thus, in no sense am I the " coeducation ex- pert " , but rather an integral part of the growth dynamics. It might be well to preface my remarks with some statistics which reflect the ways in which the University has changed since I was appointed executive vice president in 1952. The University then had 5,000 students taught by 400 professors; we now have 8,400 students and 750 faculty members. The 1951-52 operating budget of $9 million has increased to more than $51 million while our endowment has grown from a market value of $8.5 million to more than $70 million. It then cost a resident student about $1,370 a year, compared with about $3,550 today. Our loan funds which then totaled $290,- 000 have increased to $4.4 million. We did about $750,000 in research in those days, while the figure now is close to $8 million. It cost us about a quarter of a million dollars to operate our libraries in 1952 while the figure today is $1.5 million. As executive vice president and treasurer of the University, my basic responsibility covers both the engendering and expen- diture of University resources. The vice president for public relations and development reports to me, and his area covers the all-important fund-raising capability of Notre Dame. It might be worth noting that following the conclusion last June of the University ' s most successful development program " Summa " we had managed to raise more than $100 million in a decade. Without that effort, the University ' s financial position would be precarious. 38 Vice President Philip J. Faccenda udent Affairs responsibility for, student residences, campus ministry, stu- dent recreational facilities, the Infirmary, Security, and the personnel working in these areas. The Vice President shares his responsibilities with the Central Staff of Student Affairs, Associate Vice President, the Rev. James L. Flanigan, C.S.C., Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students, Rev. James L. Riehle, C.S.C., Assistant Vice President for Student Services, Rev. James L. Shilts, C.S.C., Assistant Vice President and Director of Campus Ministry, William A. Toohey, C.S.C., the Director of Student Activities, Dr. Robert Ackerman, and Assis- tant to the Vice President, Mrs. Thomas Swartz. Student Affairs has placed special emphasis this year on the points where students are reached by University services. The students establish many of the policies for their halls and, through the halls and the SLC, some University-wide policies. Student Affairs tries to hear and respond to the needs of all of the students. len one is in a joking mood, one could explain the function of the Office of Business Affairs by saying that it does everything the other offices do not care to do. Speaking seriously, the Of- fice of Business Affairs is divided into four areas: Vice President for Business Affairs Reverend Jerome J. Wilson, C.S.C. Finance, including the responsibility for the accounting, bugetary and investment offices of the University; Plant and Equipment, including all maintenance of the Universi- ty and, in addition, the responsibility for the utilities; Auxiliary Enterprises, including the dining halls, laundry, golf course, golf shop, Book Store, Morris Inn, etc.; Finally, the general departments such as Purchasing, Personal, University Press, etc. A review of the four areas shows rather forcefully that the responsibilities of the Office of Business Affairs is quite varied. Such a variety of responsibility not only keeps one busy but keeps one from becoming bored. 39 My position, the youngest of the functional presidencies at the Unive rsity, was created in September 1971. The new office of Advanced Studies, combines the previous functions of the vice president for research and sponsored programs and the dean of the Graduate School, plus general cognizance over all post- baccalaureate studies in the University. These are not happy days for either graduate education or research. The great patron of higher education for near two decades, the federal government, is exercising a budget- paring knife which cuts near to the bone. Only the hardy will survive without major sacrifices. In the last fiscal year, outside funds for support of research and sponsored programs at Notre Dame fell $1.6 million. The situation is not much better in terms of graduate instruction. Government support for graduate studies has shrunk, as has that of some private sources. Our challenge is great, for it comes at a time when I think the University has both the commitment and ability to respond in- telligently. : ' Vice President for Advanced Stu Robert E. Gordon Our mission, to put it most simply, is to generate understan- ding and support of Notre Dame among its several constituen- cies or publics, internal and external. The University endeavors to develop understanding and sup- port through a variety of media, programs and events. Notre Dame Magazine is our most important communications link with alumni and friends while the general public is informed of significant University news through our extensive press relations activities. Development programs like the phenomenally successful SUMMA capital campaign and the Notre Dame Annual Fund mobilize the financial resources which Notre Dame must have to remain strong at a time when even the most affluent universities are experiencing financial stress. Through carefully planned events on the campus as well as in distant cities thousands come to know and even love the school which, as Archbishop Sheen noted at its centennial celebration, " has always had more friends than alumni. " 4O Dean of F Emil T. H The functions of the Freshman Year of Studies arrange the academic programs for freshmen and to provide the counseling needed by them. In order to carry out these functions, the Fresh Studies Office is organized into five units. The Academic Program Unit arranges the programs and courses for the various intent areas according to University regulations and the overall objectives of the tent areas. . The Systems Unit is responsible for imple programs arranged by the Academic Program Unit, the scheduling and registration for freshmen. The Learning Resource Center includes the Student Tutorial Workshops, the Audio-tutorial Laboratory and the Academic Program and Career Information Library. The Special Projects Unit is concerned with a number of activities of various kinds. Some of these are: Freshman Ad- visory Council, Freshman Friday Night Cookouts, Freshman Parents ' Open House, Field Trips. Three such divisions warrenting special mention are the Counseling Unit, the Learning Resources Center and the Freshman Advisory Council. The Counseling Unit of the Freshman Year i prised of three interrelated components: student inter- viewers, professional counselors and departmental con- sultants. The student Interviewers are senior undergraduate students who were highly recommended by their Deans to participate in the counseling service of the Freshmen Year of Studies. The student interviewers undergo a special training program under the direction of Dr. Peter Grande, Assistant Dean of the Freshman Year of Studies, to prepare them for their assignments. The main responsibilities of the student interviewers are to exchange information with the freshman and to fry to identify the problems of individual freshmen. The professional counselors are members of the faculty. Each freshman is assigned a counselor according to intent area. The counselors assist the freshmen in planning their academic programs and guide them through the adjustments needed during the first year of college. The third component of the Counseling Unit consists of the departmental consultants. Each department in the University has designated one member of its faculty to serve as a special consultant to the Freshman Year of Studies. The con- sultants are subject area specialists who assist freshmen and counselors on special problems related to their subject r L r I IBB cally throughout the year, each freshman is re- 1 to report to the Freshman Year of Studies for a j with a student interviewer or a counselor. Some of the meetings are progress checks. Others are for some special purpose, such as, discussion of the guidance test results or planning the next semester ' s program. However, any freshman who wants counseling of any nature and at any time needs only to call his or her counselor or Freshman Year of Studies for an appointment. All freshmen are en- ouraged to take advantage of this opportunity for personal guidance and assistance. The purposes of the Learning Resource Center are to help entering freshmen with background deficiencies to remedy those deficiencies; to assist freshmen in their courses and to provide an opportunity for self-instruction for those freshmen who might want to do more than their course schedule calls for. ccordingly, tutoring is provided without cost to those freshmen who need more help than the teacher or course could reasonably be expected to provide. Also, various media (audio-tape, slides and video-tape) are offered for teaching or reviewing material that is either background or supplementary to the freshman curriculum. The Freshman Advisory Council is an organization formed by the Student Government for the purpose of providing good liaison between the freshmen and the Freshman Year of Studies Office. Specifically the functions of the Council in- clude: 1. reporting on the general conditions that affect freshmen; 2. providing feedback on current policies and programs; 3. evaluating plans for future activities, 4. par- ticipation in certain special projects. It is through such assistance programs that the freshman can turn somewhere in his time of need. " INTERMEDIARY METABOLISM OF HELMINTHS " My initiation into research was in the area of microbial bio chemistry. As a bacteriologist, I developed a particular apprecia- tion ot anaerobiosis, or life without air; a concept evolving from the fascinating studies of fermentation by Louis Pasteur. It was not too long ago that anaerobiosis was generally thought to be more or less restricted to some of the bacteria. While in graduate school, I became interested in a large group of complex animals, the parasitic helminths (worms). All of these parasites must undergo complex life cycles, and many of them spend their adult lives in an essentially anaerobic environment, the intestines of their mam- malian hosts. Over the years we have elucidated, to a large extent, the biochemical pathways and mechanisms by which Ascarisob- tains its energy for survival, anaerobically. We have described, for the first time, a functioning anaerobic mitochondrion. Most rewar- ding are the findings, initially by us and subsequently by others, that Ascar isserves as an excellent model system for numerous other parasitic animals. Recently, these same pathways have been described in free living invertebrates. Efforts are being continued to better understand Ascar is and are being extended to new studies of other helminth parasites. Howard J. Saz Prof Msor ol Woiojy " STUDY OF MICROFLORA OF LEUKEMIC , aTB LABORATORY ANIMALS " iaim The research technology which we have developed with germfree animals permits us to study factors in the environment which ggj cause diseases, including cancer. Because of the controlled en- [mA vironment in which our experimental germfree animals are main- m tained, we have directed our efforts at both prevention and treat- ment of several form ' s of cancer: involving the breast, lung, liver, and blood. Current therapy for cancer involves the administration of drugs which lower the resistance of the patient to infection. Thus, many of the cancer victims die of infection rather than the cancer for j, which they are being treated. We are studying, with model systems, procedures by which hospital patients can be decon- j laminated by antibiotics, maintained in an infection-free environ- ment, and recolonized with a benign bacterial microflora. Under such circumstances it is anticipated that the patient will better tolerate and survive the effects of the toxic drugs. In addition, we k- now have the means to test out a new procedure for chemotherapy, referred to as immunotherapy, which involves transplatation of new bone marrow cells into the patient. Our staff has developed procedures for testing the value of this type of treatment in germfree animals in which infections do not occur. Thus, success with this treatment would give both encouragement and guidance to man. Morris Pollard ' ol Microbiology OF LEUKEMIC HEAT EXCHANGER ALLOY DEVELOPMENT " ;at exchangers are devices which either make hot fluids cool or wijernfoe I0 | fl u jd s hot. A room air conditioner has a heat exchanger in wwnment B njcn not a j r s chilled as it is Mown past a cold coil. Cooling coil iirffc controlled en- | 0ys must be flexible enough to be shaped into complex forms, tmmk are main- rong enough to resist the high internal pressures of the cooling IpMta and treat- U jd S( an( j obviously, good conductors of heat. (MMH nfortunately, it is the nature of metallic materials that increasing leir strength decreases their formability and conductivity is tfiiijWioriOldnijs ]most a technological contradiction-in-terms. MMIIM to DC cancer tor ur objective is to employ the principles of physics, chemistry and itfffcg,, i model ie engineering sciences to develop an alloy which has the op- ijbflts can bedew mum combination of these three properties. In doing so, we will il treeM ot only solve a technological problem, we will also help, in a Minion. II mall way, to alleviate a few societal problems. I it patient will belt " tfijs. In addition. ' mr stronger alloy will be fabricated into heat exchanger tubes new procedure lor i thinner walls; thus less natural resources will be required to 0H, which in nanufacture the exchanger. The unit as a whole will become more die patient Ours " 11 tfficient, requiring less energy for operation and thus conserving of Ws tyP e " ' his resource. " CONVOLUTIONAL CODING TECHNIQUES FOR DATA PROTECTION " When we read a newspaper, we often mentally correct many spell- ing mistakes or " errors " , a feat which is possible only because English has redundancy. There are more letters in words than strictly needed for the information they contain and hence illegal words can often be corrected. Most technical communication is now done using only a binary alphabet (0 and I being the only " letters " ) and such binary messages must have redundant digits inserted into them to permit correction of errors in transmission. Here at Notre Dame we have developed sophisticated error- correcting codes of the type known technically as convolutional codes for use in deep-space communication. Our codes have been adopted by NASA as their standard for deep-space probes in- cluding one this moment on its way to Jupiter. Our codes have made use of the previously unappreciated fact that more efficient coding is possible if the code is " non-systematic " in the sense that the actual message digits never appear directly in the transmitted data. The redunancy is thus spread evenly over all the transmitted data. For the future we are working on convolutional codes that can be used to squeeze out any reduncancy that may lurk in the actual message. James L. Mase y Professor at Electrical Engineering Nicholas F. Rore Associate Protostor of Molallurlcsl Engineering " LANGUAGE ATTITUDES OF BILINGUAL CHICANOS " A Mexican American adolescent growing up in a bilingual com- munity is faced with a decision concerning his language loyalty. Four choices are available to him: (1) he may embrace Spanish, thus limiting his educa tional and career opportunities; (2) he may embrace English and reject his ethnic language and his social group; (3) he may join a peer group which rejects the language and values of both minority and dominant groups; or (4) he may become a true bilingual, bicultural individual, using Spanish and English to serve separate functions in separate situations. Our project is designed to investigate the attitudes which Mexican American high school students have toward these alternatives. In addition, utilizing linguistic and psychophysical methods, we are attempting to characterize Mexican-accented English. With a measure of accentedness, we will then explore attitudes toward accented speech of bilingual subjects with varying degrees of ac- cent. The significance of this research project lies in the theoretical in- novations, increased knowledge about Chicano language attitudes, and implications for bilingual education programs. Ellen B. Ryan Assistant Professor of Psychology " THE PINTO PROJECT FOR THE ACADEMIC COMMUNITY " our students: (1 ) gain an appreciation of the growing importance of marketing in an economy characterized by free consumer choice tw a on the one hand and, rapid changes in technology on the other; (2) _ ._ _ _ WBBB ministration of the marketing activities of a business firm; and (3) Jl realize the social responsibilities of marketers for economic and tl | social development. These goals cannot be achieved through MM! course study alone. This has led the faculty of the Department of 2- j| RJI ' t.l. ;. .. . -_i. __ ..:_. j : -m. ' industry and academia together. The Pinto Project is one approach that I, along with other members academic communities together. The current Pinto Project is the tMfc second one in which our marketing students have been involved. In each case, it has afforded both students and faculty an opportunity , _ A _ _j .._ . m questioned that the classroom is unsurpassed as a place for gain- ing maximum exposure to current business theories and con- cepts. David L. Appel Assistant Professor ol Marketing " aj " TORNADO FIELD STUDY " The purpose of the field program was to check out and prove in certain aspects of the tornado detection and tracking procedures that had been developed on paper. The object was not to obtain ac- tual tornado parameter measurements, but rather to move as close as possible to a tornado, consistent with safety. At the same time, all interesting severe weather phenomena were to be recorded on film. A twelve passenger van type vehicle fitted with a radio telephone was used for tracking. We had a full time crew of four: a driver, two meteorologists and myself. On days when meteorological con- ditions projected severe weather for Oklahoma, the vehicle would move into the area most likely to experience the severe weather. With visual acquisition of the system, we would take up a tracking position on the storm ' s southeastern flank, the storm position from which most tornadoes are spawned. The vehicle ventured out 18 times, 14 of those times storm cells were tracked. Of the 14 cells tracked, 5 were particularly exten- sive and severe, containing large rotating cloud systems. Of the 5 larger systems 2 produced tornadoes that were observed by the crew. Bruce J. Morgan Assistant Professor at Civil Engkworlng THE ACADEMIC EFFECT OF METHANE UNDER PRESSURE " lentified as American Petroleum Institute Research Project No. 35, the study is exploring the possibility of enhancing the jcovery of high molecular weight hydrocarbons trapped in oil jservoirs which were heretofore considered unfeasible to jcover and customarily left behind. This inaccessible petroleum, hich is in the form of a " sludge " or solid-liquid slurry possibly en- apped in layers of rock, can constitute as much as fifty percent of ie total petroleum content of the reservoir. Pressuring the reser- 3ir with natural gas can swell the liquid portion of this deposit, ausi ng more solid to disolve in the liquid phase, and increase the fluidity " of the liquid, the latter transformation being essential to ;moval of the " sludge " . This pressurization process has been mulated in our laboratories with prototype systems and romises to enhance significantly recovery of paraff inic, aromatic, ltd napthenic high molecular weight substances. he possible economic gains are obvious and are certainly of in- jrest to the petroleum industry. If such gains are realized, more il can be recovered from reservoirs in the continental United tates. These gains could, in turn, lessen the growing energy risis and temper the eagerness of the industry to enlarge off- hore and Alaskan petroleum recovery operations. Kraemer O. Luks aoclan Professor of Chemical Engineering " THE ORY OF SEVERAL COMPLEX VARIABLES " The basic objects for the study of several complex variables are the affine space and functions hoiomorphic on it. We are naturally led to the more general setting o f complex manifolds and spaces. The complex structure of such space may be given by a sheaf of local rings and the study of coherent sheaves is one direction of research here at Notre Dame. In particular, it is interesting to relate such sheaves to meromorphic sheaves, attempting to un- derstand their global nature. A complex maifold is a geometric object. We are finding that a knowledge of the complex geometry of the manifold leads to sheaf cohomological results whicn in return give us a weapon to attack interesting questions in the function theory. For example, we are functions. Those of us involved with several complex variables might enjoy geometry, a complex treatment of differential geometry or a generalization of one variable function theory. It is interesting, however, to realize that our subject is merely an example of what can be done with a particular overdetermined system of elliptic partial differential equations. Alan T. Huckleberry Anttwt PratatMr d HMMaMtoi " PHOTOCHEMICAL EXCITATION OF HYDRO- CARBONS " The broad field of study is the chemical and physical conse- quences of the interaction of radiation with matter. In particular, pulsed lasers and pulse accelerators are used to study the short- lived intermediates, electrons, excited states and free radicals, which are produced by ultra-violet light or high energy radiation. The essence of the method is to extend observations to very short time periods (one billionth one trillionth second) to observe the earliest possible events, and thus describe the interacting systems from the absorbtion of the radiation to time infinity which is the state of stable products. The techniques are being applied to all li- quid systems, aqueous, hydrocarbon, alcoholic, etc., but a novel new approach is to study micellar and membrane systems of in- terest in biology. The biological system or its surroundings is ex- cited by the laser or accelerator, and the subsequent penetration of the micelle or membrane by the active entities observed. The techniques enable direct observations of the factors controlling the permeability of membranes. J. Kerry Thomas Professor of Chemistry " EDITING OF MANUSCRIPT, ROME, VATICAN BASILICA B 79 " This noted Antiphonary, dating from twelfth-century Rome, con- tains the chants for the office of the entire church year. The liturgical elements of these offices are concordant with other known liturgical sources. Their musical settings, however, are stylistically different from and independent of the main stream of Gregorian Chant. The dialect contained in the repertory has come to be called in scholarly circles. Old Roman Chant. That this dialect is different from " Classical Gregorian Chant " has been known since the turn of the present century. How this dialect relates to the classical tradition and to other traditions of either limited use such as the Ambrosian, or suppressed use such as the Gallican of Mozarabic, has become a central question for scholars since 1950. Such questions contain enormous historical implications since the lineage of Old Roman Chant seems to question some of the gratituous assumptions included in the traditional theory of origin and development of Gregorian Chant Eugene J. Leahy AtsodMa Professor of Mush: flON OF HYDRO STUDY OF A MULTI-PURPOSE METEROLOGICAL VIND TUNNEL " 1 and physical const large meterological wind tunnel is built with a novel volumetric I MKr. In particular, irbulence generator and flow control box located upstream of the Ml to study the snort sst section. This facility provides a high-degree of flexibility with Mes and tree radicals, ie capability to simulate the turbulent atmospheric surface layer. riijl energy radiation fie main flow is established by a big exhaust fan while the mean senations to very short elocity profile and the turbulent intensity distribution are con- second] to observe Hie -oiled by arrays of jets on the four sides of the turbulent ikMnctingsysleirc enerating box. The openings of the jets are adjustible and strong H Unity which is tte lowers supply the power. A very thick boundary layer can be es- re being applied to all li- Wished in the test section with a height of over four feet by ad- iWc, etc,, but a novel Jsting the openings of the side jets to maintain gradients. Under jrJK systems of ie neutral condition, a logarithmic mean velocity profile is achiev- iU surroundings is d to simulate the atmospheric surface layer. With this facility, the tjMient penetration 4 sual difficulty of maintaining high turbulent intensity in the initial to observed, ft 3St section can be as high as thirty percent. In addition to the rs conti iean velocity profile, the turbulent intensities distributions as well s the energy spectra are measured and compared favorably with ie atmospheric data. iMrrfiw Victor W. Nee Associate Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical E nglneorlng Marc Chagall La Grand Cirque Rev. Anthony J. Lauck, C.S.C., Director of the Art Gallery, Professor of Art, received his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame in sculpture, Professional Grade from the Herron School of Art, and the certificate for advanced sculpture from the Corcoran School of Art. A specialist in pastoral work and Museum Practice Sculpture, Father Lauck has been on the Advisory Board of Who ' s Who and the Indiana Arts Council. He is a con- sultant to Graduate Art students and will have exhibitions of his sculpture this spring. " Art is a human activity having for its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen. " Leo Tolstoi The hlnr staff of the Art Gallery traditionally plan their program in four year blocks to coincide with the expected residence of the Notre Dame student. Emphasis is placed on variety, quality, and immediacy. We feel that the Notre Dame student should be afforded the opportunity to experience the artistic activities of all cultures past and present. Hopefully, we are, in some part, the transmitter of Tolstoi ' s charge. The University Art Gallery opened the 1972 73 exhibition calendar by featuring over one hundred of its principal works from the permanent collection, a sculpture and drawing show by Michael Todd of the class of 1957, and Medieval Manuscripts from the collection of Lessing J. 48 RT GALLERY ACQUISITIONS tions were carefully selected and planned to coincide with the Mid-America College Art association meeting, hosted for the first time by the Notre Dame Art De- partment. For three days, members and students of University Art departments from over twenty states, attended conferences and enjoyed the exceptional works in the Permanent Collection. Michael Todd ' s one- man show featuring large aluminum and steel sculp- tures, demonstrated why the Notre Dame graduate has been included in major exhibitions in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Buenos Aires. The Medieval manuscripts selected and studied by un- dergraduates of St. Mary ' s and Notre Dame art Departments, made available to the student body some Jean Leon Gerome Spanish Prisoners Brought to French Soldiers Anonymous Crucifixion of Christ - of the finest miniature paintings created in Western Europe in the height of creative activity in the Middle Ages. In November twenty newly acquired Peruvian works of art were shown in an exhibition of Pre-Columbian Art. A selection of drawings and graphics by the little known but interesting German Expressionist Ludwig Meidner was the first one-man show of this artist ' s works in this country. Featured in the Main Gallery was a large selec- tion of works created by the faculty of the Columbus College of Art and Design. The exhibition, organized by Thomas Nakashima of the class of 1968, was the first of a series of annual exhibitions reviewing work by teaching faculties at neighboring institutions. 49 WASTE WATER TREATMENT The University of Notre Dame College of Engineering is un- der contract to develop and evaluate Telecommunications Industries Inc. ' s waste water treatment system. Under a separate contract, the Department of Microbiology is testing the efficiency of the Til SonozoneR system in inactivating viruses. A campus demonstration showed conclusively that Til ' s Waste Water Treatment System achieves economical and highly efficient biological kill and removal of suspended matter with a very favorable BOD (Biochemical Oxygen De- mand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) removal factor and essentially total reduction of bacteria, phosphates and suspended solids in a confined compact space. Dr. Wayne Echelberger says that: " Initial operation of the pilot plant has indicated that this waste water treatment process should have the capability to meet current state and national water quality standards, as well as those that we can anticipate in the foreseeable future. " Studies are now underway at Notre Dame ' s Lobund Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Morris Pollard, Chair- man, Department of Microbiology, to determine the efficacy of the Til Waste Water Treatment System in inactivating viruses. Much of the current technical literature indicates that sonics removes viral coatings, allowing ozone to inac- tivate viruses. Viruses have been blamed as the causative factor in many diseases such as hepatitis, influenza, polio, the common cold, and possibly some forms of cancer. The pilot Til SonozoneR waste water plant, is built in three sections. In the first or primary treatment section, from 60 to 70 per- cent of the solid content is removed from sewage water. An innovation here is the use of vertical plenums to achieve the same results as the large horizontal settling basins of stan- dard systems. In addition, the use of modern polyelectrolyte chemical agglomerating agents and conventional coagulants combine to " bring down " most of the suspended solids. The primary section removes not only solids, but also approximately 84 percent of the phosphates. The second stage consists primarily of a large mechanical filtering area which further purifies the water. At the end of the secondary stage, suspended solids are removed and most of the organic waste oxidizes into harmless carbon dioxide. However, dissolved contaminants, bacterial and virus still may be present and unacceptable (sewage wastes contain detergent materials, synthetic organic chemicals, mineral substances, disease-causing agents and other difficult-to-remove substances), a third stage is required. The patented SonozoneR process combining sonics and ozone, by removing and killing bacteria virus substances and oxidizing highly resistant chemicals to either gaseous or otherwise removable end products, performs the final stage of water purification. In the SonozoneR process, ultrasonic destruction first breaks particles down, enlarges the amount of surface area present to the ozone, and allows the ozone to act efficiently. Then ozone made directly from the air by small, compact economical ozone generators is directly injected into the waste stream. In general terms, the SonozoneR stage of the process injects oxygen and removes the oxygen-absorbing carbon. By destroying the carbon in the waste stream and reducing ozone to oxygen with the same stream, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is sharply reduced. BOD, or Biochemical Ox- ygen, is a measure of the efficiency of the Waste Water Treatment Process. The lower the BOD, the better the system. Among the most important factors of the treated water, behind Carroll hall, are the crystal clarity, and complete absence of odor in the processed water. The output stream from the SonozoneR process actually sparkles . . . with no chlorine . . . only the freshness of clear water. Ozone has been used in waste water purification for more than 50 years, previously being limited only by the economics of generating this most-powerful oxidizer. In ad- dition to being more effective than chlorine for the kill of bacteria in waste water, ozone is much safer to handle since it decomposes to harmless, breathable oxygen. Data at the campus demonstration confirmed a sterile effluent from the ozone treatment as evidenced by the live goldfish inhabiting an effluent filled aquarium. Systems of this nature are able to handle the domestic wastes of about 50 to 2,000 mobile homes, 200 to 3,000 standard dwelling units, and up to 500,000 gpd outflow from processes of some small industrial systems. In addition, the Til Treatment System will undergo further evaluation and adaptation over the next two years to enable it to cope with highly toxic industrial wastes, including several synthetic organic and tenacious inorganic com- pounds. 5O ! nc$ and ' ' ' substances tetracfai first irt|Ml, compact d|h|RHMotli stage oik .hdwca Dip I, hMcal 0- rib Haste Water W, Die better ttie jity,l compete v Th output stream plto.,.ihH rrtf. Motto lor more Ml| by me Mt i Heiile effluent 200 to 3,000 OZONE-SONICS 51 FACULTY WORKING WITH Til Joseph C. Hogan, Dean, College of Engineering, Professor of Electrical Engineering, received his B.S.E.E. from Washington University in 1943; an M.S.E.E. from the University of Missouri, 1949 and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1953. Specialist in Electrical Machinery, Power and Control Systems. Former dean, University of Missouri College of Engineering. Member of the American Society for Engineering, Educational Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. National Society of Professional Engineers and a Registered Professional Engineer in Missouri and Indiana. Wayne F. Echeiberger, Jr., Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, specialist in sanitary engineering and environmental health, Dr. Echeiberger has held posts at the U. S. Public Health Service, The University of Michigan, State of South Dakota and the City of Miwaukee. He is a registered professional engineer in Indiana and a member of numerous societies, including the American Association of Professors in Sanitary Engineering, The American Society of Civil Engineers, American Water Works Association and the Water Pollution Control Federation. Dr. Echeiberger is consultant to the National Science Foundation, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, and TEN-ECH, Inc. He has been the recipient of numerous grants in the water pollution field and is the author and co-author of scores of papers and reports of various aspects of water pollutio and waste water treatment tollution Morris Pollard, Chairman Department of Microbiology and Director, LI Laboratory. Supervisor, viral and bacteriological evaluation on Til ' s " Sonozone " waste water treatment system, world famed in viral studies, Dr. Pollard is a member of the American Society of Microbiology, American Society for Ex- perimental Biology and Medicine, among others. He has been a consultant to the U. S. Public Health Service, National Academy of Sciences, Office of Naval Research, United Cancer Council and United Health Foundation. He has held posts at the University of Texas, Brooke Army Medical Center and the National Agricultural Research Center. Dr. Pollard has published over 150 journal papers, lapters in books, and is an editor of Perspective in Virology. Agm 6ch 52 ' Don A. Linger, Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering, Professor of Civil Engineering. Received his bachelor ' s degree at Colorado College in 1954 and his master of science degree from New Mexico State University in 1956. Awarded his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 1960. Taught at New Mexico State University. Former Vice President of Arizona Foundation Engineers, Inc. Francis H. Verhoff, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, received his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Dayton in 1964; an M.S.E. from the University of Michigan in 1965 and his doctorate in sanitary engineering in 1968. Dr. Verhoff is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society among others Philip C. Singer, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, received his Bac helor of Chemical Engineering from Cooper Union in 1963; an M.S. from Harvard University in 1965, and a doctorate in 1969 from Harvard. Dr. Singer belongs to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Water Works Association and the Water Pollution Control Associa- tion. Raymond M. Brach, Associate Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. B.S. from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1958, an M.S. from the same institution in 1962 and a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in 1965. Member of the American Society for Engineering Education, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Acoustical Society of America, Society of Automotive Engineers and others. Served as editorial consultant to Charles E. Merrill Book Company. 53 ARTIFICIAL HEART VALVES Dr. Lloyd has been an assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering since Fall 1970. He received his undergraduate and graduate training in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Lloyd has had industrial experience with the Procter and Gamble Company during 1966 and 1967. While there he served as a development engineer working in the areas of heat transfer, fluid mechanics and air pollution. Currently, Dr. Lloyd is particularly interested in heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, biomedical engineering and fire research. Thomas J. Mueller, Ph.D., Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer- ing, received his Bachelors degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology and both Masters and Doctorate from the University of Illinois. A specialist in Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Methods, Propulsion, and Biomedical Fluid Mechanics, Dr. Mueller has been the Senior Research Engineer at United Air- craft Research Laboratories and an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois. A consultant for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the United States Air Force, he has had numerous reports and journal articles publishe d. Dr. Mueller has also been listed in American Men and Women of Science, Who ' s Who in the Midwest, and the International Scholars Directory. Artificial heart valves are becoming more and more common. While the current designs do perform fairly well, they are not, accor- ding to two Notre Dame engineers, without problems. Most current designs feature a central occluder, In the shape of a ball or a disk, which blocks the middle of the aortic or mitral valve region, forcing the blood to flow around it in unusual patterns. These flow patterns can lead to anemia and dot for- mations. The body ' s natural valves open out- ward leaving the central area open preven- ting the destruction of the red blood cells and the formation of the clots. Working under separate grants from the In- diana Heart Association, Drs. Thomas J. Mueller and John R. Lloyd, professor and assistant professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, are studying the flow patterns around artificial valves, that might foster a more " natural " flow. Mueller is particularly Interested in evaluating designs currently available. He will look for eddies that may possibly damage red cells and lead to anemia, and areas of stagnation where clots and debris might form or collect. Lloyd is trying to design a totally new type of artificial valve that will duplicate the natural action of the body ' s heart valves, and will try to reproduce their action in a prosthetic valve design. For their fluid dynamics studies of blood flow around and through various valve designs, Mueller and Lloyd will need a test apparatus which is an accurate replica of the human heart chamber and artery system in which plastic molds of actual hearts will be made. To determine the best techniques for ob- taining these plastic molds, they are current- ly practicing on cows ' hearts. 55 STUDENT LIFE ill 1 ._ | r There is a newness; things to discover and rediscover when a year begins. The quietness of Notre Dame summer is dis- rupted as students engage in the unlimited hassles a new year affords. 6O V x -- TJT r 62 " Welcome Back, " they told us. Balloons, food, music; all served to bring festivity to the lawn. The South Dining Hall, aided by good weather, provided food for the masses. All come in colors Showering and sprinkling a tiny stone in the universe, seeking to validate existence. And we turn to him, to her, and all the friendly colors in wonderment. Donna Capers There was so much talk about women at Notre Dame this year that often the real gift of co-education was lost. For the first time in Notre Dame ' s history, men and women could have an outlet outside of a dating relationship. Hopefully, now that the first year is over, the ex- citement of co-education can end, and the education of men and women can begin in earnest. 68 It . 69 CHECK-OUT DESK 4 DEK-FERR 70 A university is a compendium of diverse images; so often unrelated, seemingly with minds of their own, they come together to form a whole. 72 73 I 74 Much of Notre Dame is caught up in her football weekends. Frenzied, colorful, crowded they represent something of an orgastic distillation of much that is to be found on campus. 75 SPEAKERS Senator Birch Bayh Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm Henry Steele Commager David Dellinger Governor John Gilligan Nikki Giovanni Stuart L. Hannon Michael Harrington Anthony Hecht Nat Henoff Adolf Holl Senator Edward Kennedy John 0. Killens Dr. Kubitshek Robert Jay Litton Theodore Lowi Norman Mailer Masters and Johnson Gerhart Niemeyer Shamus OTualahial 80 J. B. Rishi John Schmitz Gene Shepherd Sargent Shriver Jarvis Tyner V. Stanley Vardis Dr. and Mrs. Wilke Gary Wills 81 Drama takes a special breed. The pressures of line memorization, building a character, and perfor- ming in front of an audience, drive many away. Yet, from this pressure comes a kinship that molds the diverse characters into a cohesive performing unit. 82 Winnie the Pooh 84 Winnie the Pooh 85 Afler the Rain The Kilter 86 fekh tf .! CONCERTS EN t SH ' IKMHKR .KIL fTO K SHARP! AT1BKIK - M)ttlWXATM HIXIS suo PNI J m IMl VH INVt SRTK.T INIK- 52 bO GEMERftt AD HISS I OK lickiti on tilt STEPM " STILLS I " Jazz at Nine " brought about a new appreciation for an american art form. The newly-formed Notre Dame Jazz Band performed and informed at a continuing series of lectures and concerts aimed at exposing Jazz to the average college audiences. An evening of diversionary entertainment was provided by the first Notre Dame Debutante Ball. Coats, ties, long dresses and even an exposed ankle or two were the fashion setters. Although fun was had by all, a question plagued the evening ' s participants, " Who was that man in the Roman collar? " 100 101 102 MARDI GRAS 1O3 MARDI GRAS . 1O4 105 GODSPELL: ON CAMPUS 1O6 Day by day, Day by day Oh, Dear Lord three things I pray, To see Thee more clearly, Love Thee more dearly, Follow Thee more nearly, Day by day. PEACE MASS 1O8 January of 1973 Let this peace be a compact of silence. Words like honor have all bled to death, quite beyond some quick transfusion. But if our best words are all casualties that land will yet live. Weeping women have planted their fields in corpses to be resurrected in flowers, in rice. Let this peace be a compact of silence. Hear an empty shell-casing scoop rice, and frogs splashing in ten-thousand new pools, and birds singing still in the dead trees. A young widow ' s cries annouce her new son. Silence grows through our words like the grass. Patrick Callahan 1O9 110 Amid the soft introspection Against the worn shuffle of today, Lie the fleeting moments of a lifetime Echoed soft, mere heartbeats away. in 112 I The year brought many changes to the black community of Notre Dame. The opening of the Black Cultural Arts Center in LaFortune, provided a desperately needed meeting place for black students as they became more vocal about their role in the university. The strengthening of UJ AMAA and the for- mulation of the New Frontier Scholastic Society provided the intellectual leadership needed to articulate black students ' goals. Socially, efforts were made to further com- munication with South Bend ' s black com- munity, and to cut down the dispropor- tionate ratio between black males and females on campus. At an SLC meeting in February, proposals were made concerning the funding of a " black house " off-campus. This suggestion and others, point to a growing desire by the black community at N.D. to articulate its frustrations and hopes to the University as a whole. This dialogue may well lead the way to a new appreciation of the black ex- perience at a white university. 114 . 115 - -.-. . - L - - T tf us 119 I . ' . ' I V " s k " To be alone for a moment, whether in crowds or in mailboxes, with a book or eternal company, is a luxury few may experience. % -PUBLIC REUTI The two lakes on campus offer myriad recreational op- portunities for many. Fishing, swimming, sailing, jogging and walking, all are integral parts of the benefits the lake provides. Their most impor- tant contribution, however, is harboring our ducks. The South Bend winters, curious classics that they are, provide an infinite source of conversation material. Wind-blown snow, ice and numbing cold all help make Notre Dame winters a subject best remembered in June ' s warmth. END THOU V the current, borne back ceaslessly into the past F. Scott Fitzgerald ' : . 130 Pause to learn and explore unknown worlds life and laughter bring us closer together with a friend beside you and a new understanding waiting in the road ahead. Judith Elizabeth Rinearson 131 Each life is moved within its own balance. Each day is lived, knowing it can never be saved. Each sound is captured by the wind, never to be silenced. poetry in motion Judith Elizabeth Rinearson 132 S -rS -Mfe ' 133 Promise never to forget the little things that made each day livable. Judith Elizabeth Rinearson I FOOTBALL 138 139 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Tho Andy Huff touchdown express. OPPOSITE LEFT: Tom Clements or Joe Thelsmsnn? LEFT: Frank Pomarico closes Hie door for a John Cleczkowskl gain. BELOW: The Eric Penlck version ot the Notre Dame hike- step routine. OPPOSITE BELOW: Eric Penick clears the way for Darryll Dewan. ABOVE: A Saturday afternoon stroll with George Hayduk. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Another kind of freshman orientation for Steve Nlenaus. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Peek-a-boo. Mike Fanning. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Al Samuels tries to recover an intercep- tion. OPPOSITE BELOW: Blood, sweat, and tears. RIGHT: Missouri magic a touchdown without the ball. 144 I Tom Clements, a promising sophomore quarterback, led the Irish to an 8-2 season and an Orange Bowl invitation. 145 RIGHT: Willie Townsend receives for an Irish T. D. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Tom Clements puts life into the fighting Irish offense. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Concentration, form, and movement produce the perfect punt for Brian Doherty. OPPOSITE BELOW: Mike Creaney runs for the arms of touchdown Jesus. BELOW RIGHT: Yards can be hard to come by when an Irishman Is riled. BELOW LEFT: Steve Niehaus about to demonstrate what is known as blind siding. BELOW: Bob Thomas propels the gyroscopic pigskin on an arc toward the uprights. r . Fix ft. 146 147 OPPOSITE: The leaning tower of defense. ABOVE: Eric Penick eludes an USC opponent. LEFT: Anthony Davis is finally encom- passed by Jim Musuraca. 149 ISO ORANGE BOWL 151 Ok. HALF! ME NATIONAL INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT NO Opp. 69 Southern California 65 79 Louisville 71 78 North Carolina 71 91 Virginia Polytechnical 90 154 BASKETBALL You never quit on us; even when we were 6-20 last year, and 1-6 at the beginning of this year. But we came on, we got our tournament bid, and then we upset Southern Cal, we up- set Louisville, and we upset North Carolina and that ' s something a lot of people thought could never happen. You ' ve got twelve men here who didn ' t let you down. Next year ' s a new year and we ' ll be back. It ' s like I told you last week " We ' ve only just begun. " Coach Dick " Digger " Phelps March 26, 1973 .- 155 ABOVE: Peter Grotty pops the hoop lor two. RIGHT: Gary Novak snares In a rebound. FAR RIGHT: D wight Clay lays in two under his Ohio State oppo- nent. OPPOSITE: John Shumate prepares to power in a basket against LukeWitte. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Gary rokaw arches In a bucket. 156 - 157 RIGHT: John Shumate with an open shot. OPPOSITE LEFT: No chance tor a rebound. OPPOSITE BELOW: " Right on. " BELOW: " Victory " 158 . 159 160 : ABOVE: Gary Novak tips in two. ABOVE RIGHT: Gary Brokaw tries to hook In two over Bill Walton. OPPOSITE TOP LEFT: Don Silinski mistaking Bill Walton ' s head lor the ball. OPPOSITE TOP MIDDLE: " The Irish draw straws tor Walton. " OPPOSITE TOP RIGHT: A long two for John Shumate. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: John Shumate stretches and nudges for a basket. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Coach Wooden ' s 61 st straight vic- tory. RIGHT: " You ' re so vain. " 162 164 I r OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: Martin Best prac- tices his form on the tee. OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Mike LaFrance sets up for an approach shot to the green. ABOVE: Rich Slager and Chris Kane team up for a doubles match during practice. LEFT: Brandon Walsh examines John Carrico ' s form for an overhead return shot. OPPOSITE BELOW: Chuck Voelker perfects his putting style. TENNIS 165 CROSS COUNTRY GV WSOfc 46: ' I 82: OPPOSITE TOP: " Dejec- tion at du lac. LEFT: G. Christopher crosses the finish line of the Notre Dame In- vitational. BELOW: Over the river and through the woods OPPOSITE BELOW: Over the woods and through the river r .491 I TRACK 168 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Al Samuels, Eric Penick, Rich Vallicelli, and Ron Depetrls lunge to finish the 60 yd. dash. LEFT: George Christopher and Don Carr head for the dose of the 1000 yd. run. BELOW: Dennis Boyle, John Duffy, and Mike Housley press forward as the 880 yd. run begins. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: J. Seth heads for the heighth of the bar. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Mike Gahagan taking first place In the 1000 yd. run. 169 I 17O OPPOSITE LEFT: Dan Lee. In close quarters for the ball. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Bobo Nelson decides who Is to die next. LEFT: Dave Simpson passes off for a score. ABOVE: Don Griewe In the chase for the ball. OPPOSITE BELOW: Ed Flshburn desperately passes. RUGBY 171 SOCCER 172 IB OPPOSITE TOP: Rich Colaman plays heads up soccer. RIGHT: The Charleston revived. BELOW: Keep it in the family. 173 HOCKEY RIGHT: Mirths for a goal. OPPOSITE: Survival of the fittest. BELOW: Two on five and a SCOTS. 175 176 OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT:Eddie Bumbacco and Paul Regan go to the boards to freeze the puck. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Eddie Bumbacco finds that effort does not always lead to a goal. ABOVE LEFT: Mark Kronnolm comes out of the net to stop an oncoming puck. ABOVE TOP: Eddie Bumbacco adds to Ms W.C.H.A. scoring lead. ABOVE: Ed- die Bumbacco puts Irish ahead to stay. LEFT: Off the field or on the ice, students cheer to the rhythm of pom-poms. OPPOSITE BELOW: Bill Nyrop checks both defense and offense before starting for goal. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Ian Williams digs to gain control of the puck. 177 I ABOVE TOP LEFT: Blueliner. Les Larson, throws a block to prevent a screen shot. ABOVE TOP RIGHT: Pivot, Pat Conroy, prepares to fire a shot on goal. OPPOSITE ABOVE TOP: Sher-Wood vs Christian. OPPOSITE ABOVE: Mike Tardani awaits the draw with his North Dakota opponent. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Mark Kronholm attempts to stab with his leg towards the oncoming puck. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Ray Delorenzi sets himself up for a shot In the slot RIGHT: A scramble in front of the Irish cage results in a Michigan State " touchdown. " ABOVE: Mark Kronholm takes a rest after rendering a butterfly drop. 178 WRESTLING 18O OPPOSITE ABOVE LEFT: Bruce Ferraro concentrates on psyching his opponent. OPPOSITE ABOVE RIGHT: Coach Terry Mather wonders If It matters. LEFT: Ace Roceh uses leverage for a victorious defense. BELOW: Victory can be bitter for those not Involved. OPPOSITE BELOW: Dave Boyer and his opponent contort for the points of victory. 181 SWIMMING 182 I OPPOSITE LEFT: Mind over body is necessary for one to perform well In the diving competition. OPPOSITE RIGHT: Joe O ' Connor awaits the start of the 1000 yd. freestyle. LEFT: Dejected Mark Wilcox, Mike Wolz, and George Block head for the bench after a relay. ABOVE: Cris Mecca expresses Jubilance as his teammates win. 183 i ' f S.v. ' . :: if I BASEBALL 184 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Jake Kline has the face of experience and the wins to prove It. LEFT: Mark Schmltz raps In the winning run against Miami of Ohio. OPPOSITE BELOW: Control eliminates opponents for Mke Riddell. 185 FENCING ABOVE: Rick Waugh foils his op- ponent ' s devastating lunge. OPPOSITE: As In every sport, the aggressor Is not always the victor. RIGHT: Mike Cornwall ' s form Is the key to performance. 186 187 if - ' 188 OPPOSITE ABOVE: Crew, a sport of a team working as one and one working (or all. LEFT: The Panama makes way to come about. ABOVE: A late afternoon sail for an Irish mate. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Notre Dame ' s " heavy-eight " stroke their on a practice run down the Potomac River. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Rhythm, endurance, and a shallow stroke are shown by Steve Bucclnl and Kevin McEvlly. SAILING 189 .ACROSS! 19O OPPOSITE TOP: Rich Mullln begins an Irish attack. ABOVE: Rich Mullin breaks up an offen- sive strike. LEFT: Notre Dame and Purdue vie (or control of the game. OPPOSITE BELOW: Ernie Bergkessel prevents an op- ponent from getting to the action. 191 INTERHALL FOOTBALL ii 192 INTERHALL BASKETBALL OPPOSITE ABOVE: Mike White arm tackles a Standford ball carrier. LEFT: John Cornelius and Pete Farbotko prepare to get high for a rebound. BELOW: Holy Cross Hog, Fred Baranowski drove by Pete Farbotko, to up end Off-Campus and then Keenen Hall for the Interhall championship. BELOW LEFT: Leon Hart controls the jumpball. but John Sweeney ' s Holy Cross Hogs controlled the tempo of action as they worked their way passed Off-Campus. OPPOSITE BELOW RIGHT: Dan Ryan blocked out of the tackle, watches his Morrisey teammates help shut out Standford 28-0. OPPOSITE BELOW LEFT: Mike White and Kevin O ' Neill stop Standford behind the line of scrimmage. ' .. J 193 TEAMS ABOVE, Members of the Cross Country Team, KNEELING: D. Dunne (Captain), T. Callahan, G. Christopher, 0. Boyle, F. McGulre. M. Armlnlo, J. Duffy, Coach 0. Foley. STANDING: M. Hill. Coach A. Wilson. M. Housley, J. Elchner, R. Burrell, J. Hurt, M. Gahagan, M. McCarthy, E. RUera, G. Marino, P. Lank, D. Carr. ABOVE, Members of the Football Team, FIRST ROW: B. Etter, T. Wright A. Huff, J. Roolf, M. Creamy, J. Cleszkowskl, J. Dampeer, G. Marx, K. Schlezes, J. Haggar, D. Drew, D. Dewan, T. Frelstroffer, J. O ' Malley. SECOND ROW: H. Brllck, E. Fiber, D. Gutowskl, T. Garner, J. Marlanl, T. Robinson, W. Townsend. J. Kondrk, W. Holloway, J. Borbely. D. Maclag, F. Pomarlco, D. Morrln, J. Bulger, P. Steenberge, D. O ' Toole, B. Johnson, S. Smith. THIRD ROW:E. Scales, T. Rudnlck, M. McBrlde, B. Washington, M. Townsend, C. Brown, G. Hill, P. Hartman, G. Dlminlck, G. Lane, M. Naughton, J. Zloch, B. Doherty, B. Thomas, P. Sawlcz. L. Susko, G. Szatko. FOURTH ROW: R. Bamett, A. Stroughter, F. Bossu, D. Casper, J. Heln, G. Hayduk, J. Alvarado, P. McPartland, T. Devlna. T. Sullivan, T. Creevey, D. Lozzl, M. Wasilevlch, T. Bolger, G. Potempa, S. Sylvester, C. Kelly, J. O ' Donnell, J. Gam- bone. FIFTH ROW:K. Nosbusch, D. Schwarber, P. Demmerle, E. Penlck, W. Bullock. A. Samuel, R. Goodman, J. Audlno, J. Riapenhofl. B. McGreevey, F. Allocco, T. Clements, D. Mahallc, S. Quehl, B. Sweeney, T. Miller, M. Fanning, T. Fine, G. DINardo, T. Laney, J. Chauncey, S. Smith. SIXTH ROW:I. Brown, T. Maschmeler, A. Best, B. Zanot, B. Messaros, J. Pszerackl, T. Loplenskl, J. Stock, P. Llnehan, G. Collins, S. Neece, E. Bauer, B. Arment, A. Rohan, T. Bake, C. Balllet, P. Sarb, A. Wujciak, B. Walsh, K. Doherty, J. Achterhoff, F. Rutkowskl, T. Novakov, B. Mlchuta. SEVENTH ROW: P. Pohlen, K. Andler, K. Morton. J. Galanls, T. Brantley, R. Payne, R. Kornman, N. Federenko, S. Nlehaus, R. Weber, S. Lopardo, R. Slager, T. Parise. EIGHTH ROW: L. Ferrello, M. Busick. G. Blache, B. Mickey, J. Yonto, G. Kelly, P. Shoults, Head Coach A. Parseghian. T. Pagna, W. Moore, B. Boulac, M. Stock, L. DINardo, G. Pazklet, M. Dwyer. 194 ABOVE, Members of the Hockey Team, SITTING: M. Dunphy, J. Noblem, M. Bonk, B. Green, C. Cathcart, M. Thrope, M. Kronholm, P. Regan, R. Cunha, M. Steinborn. R. Senator. FIRST ROW: Coach L. Smith, M. Tardanl, P. Conroy, S. Curry, L. Gushing, B. Howe, I. Williams, L. Israelson, D. Keating, E. Bumbacco, R. Delorenzl, B. Nyrop. SECOND ROW:L. Cho]eckl, K. Hoene. T. McNelll, L. Larson, C. Malson, R. Novltzkl, D. Howe, M. Olive, J. Augustine, R. Martlnello. ABOVE, Members of the Golf Team, KNEELING: M. Burns, J. Boetto, K. Walsh, P. Byrne, J. Burda. STANDING: M. LaFrance, M. Best, C. Voekler, M. Kistner. C. Byrd, G. Qulnn, P. Best. ABOVE, Members of the Rugby Team, KNEELING: F. Manley, D. Simpson, J. Grelvlng, T. Masenga. L Fishburn, B. Olson, H. Glogio. STANDINGS. Smago. J. Wornlmont, E. O ' ConnaH, J. Hafner, D. Lae, L Pallardy. J. Razor. D. Grelwa. 195 ABOVE, Members of the Crew Team, SITTING: S. Gerrlty. M. Houly, B. Herkes, R. Durosh, W. Frleses, F. Loughery, P. Leary, G. Hartman, T. Hannlgan. D. Johnson. KNEELING: J. Gael (Pres.), F. Graham (Coach), J. Roe, C. Koch, F. Mathew, A. Gelse, G. Erlcson, S. Fenstarraqher, G. Stacy, G. wniant (Cap- tain), K. McEvlly, P. McEvlly, J. Walsh, Coach, C. Losh, STANDINGS. Buc- cini, J. Moushigaan. K. McBrlde, M. Thickpenny. J. Hunt, C. Ouackenbush, T. Melvin, F. Heydrick, D. Pelliteer, G. Stafford, J. Pietrowski, T. Zubeck, J. Rellly. ABOVE, Members of the Baseball Team, SITTING: M. Cottona, S. Pam- push. G. Williams, P. Clemens, M. MacDonald, C. O ' Connor, T. Miller, P. Clemens, T. larocci. D. Doemel. KNEELING: B. Strato, M. Stolz. J. Ghlgllerrl, S. Slmore, K. Schuster, H. Wood, P. Coleman, D. Lazzarl, M. O ' Neil, J. Smith, G. Mayor. STANDING: (Manager) K. McDermott, J. Cllne, B. Massucuvalla, E. Hrabsak, M. Plttman, M. Rlddell, R. Elch, K. Fanning, B. Roemer, P. Schmicht, M. SchmHz, D. Nussbaum, S. Cutter, M. Swallow, G. Frlck, (Manager) J. Mattes. 196 ABOVE: Members of the Track Team, SITTING: D. Dunne, S. McFarland, R. DePetrls, T. Gllhooly, J. Yates, M. Armlnlo, D. Miller, J. Duffy. FIRST ROW: J. Hurtt. T. Neurauter, J. Rausher, J. Doran, D. Mayer, D. Levy, J. Klockenkemper, D. Royle, B. Schlot, M. Hill, M. Dlmlnlck, M. Makowskl. SECOND ROW: Coach D. Foley, B. George, A. Weylock, S. Klug, B. Phillips, J. Elcher, M. Gahagan, M. Housley, D. Opal, J. Weber, G. Marino, G. Christopher, Mgr. P. Lenk. THIRD ROW: Coach E. Polsella, M. Hahn, G. ViUello, W. Flanagan, P. Shields, M. O ' Shaghnessy, B. Prohst, M. Hogan, G. Huntoon, E. Burne, P. Llneham, V. Pantea, L. Motz, J. Gerive, T. McMannon (Captain), Coach B. Smith. ABOVE, Members of the Wrestling Team, SITTING: L. DIPasquale, M. Shaw, M. Hochwalt, S. Brischetto, M. Ferraro, D. Boyer, M. Martin (co- captain), M. Ronqulllo. KNEELING: R. Gilloon, J. Dowd. A. Stroughter. B. Kortsch, P. Chlmento, B. Latta, M. Kemp (co-captain), M. Delmege. B. Maron, A. Rocek. STANDING: Head Manager R. Barko, Assistant Manager R. Mor- ton. Assistant Coach R. Sepeta, Head Coach T. Mather. 197 ,: ABOVE, Members of the Fencing Team, SITTING: B. Bird, N. Carey, M. Cornwall (Captain), M. Matranga (Captain), 0. Milligan (Captain), J. Lauck, R. Waugh. KNEELING: F. Whitsell. J. Mullinex, T. Coye, R. White, M. Lyons, G. Viamontes. T. Goeller, J. Aldrich, M. Blondin, 0. Batow. STANDING: Manager J. Ryan, Coach M. Decicco, D. Conner, G. Pashel, R. Seitz, M. Budd, E. Clock, R. Malecz, P. Angelo, M. Progar, J. Hathaway, D. Brockmole, T. Spahn, S. Defiglio, A. Tawadros, Asst. Coach R. Sollitto. Asst. Coach T. Taylor. i .. 4 llm l ABOVE, Members of the Lacrosse Team, SITTING: G. Roethals, B. Single, J. Courtney, P. Regan, J. Brown, J. Anderson, J. Roller, R. Mullin (Captain), D. Jurusik (Captain), E. Bergkessel. B. Cullen, P. Simmons, W. Dacey, M. Loughrey, J. Lepley, R. Marinangeli. FIRST ROW: P. (race, G. Carberry. D. Hartnett, J. Lepley, D. Hubbell, J. McEntee, B. Thidadeau, F. Volpe, R. Sadowski, J. Lyden, S. Bauchman, D. McLoughlin, P. Rizzo, K. Wright. SECOND ROW: J. Marchand, S. Waterman, T. Parseghian, J. True, T. McGonicle, G. Martin, M. Riopko, J. Faired, J. Fatti. R. Caron, J. Meares. THIRD ROW: Coach R. O ' Leary. Asst. Coach A. Cochran, D. Payne, M. Schoelwer, P. Coyne, K. Johnson, T. McHugh, B. Parker, K. Fogerty, J. Corloran, D. Trabert, K. Locker. ABSENT: J. Wetherbee. 198 ABOVE, Members of the Sailing Team, KNEELING: D. Lynch, D. Mclntire, A. Constants (Commodore), R. Albergo (Secretary), J. Makeilski (Vice-Commodore), B. Marek (Cap- tain), D. Linger (Faculty Adviser). STANDING: F. Galley, K. Hoyt, W. Donelan, N. Barth, B. Reed, R. Gaw, A. Burner, G. Gaw, S. Reynolds, J. Johnson, M. Dooley (Treasurer), R. Schnorr, P. McKillop, C. Gallagher, J. Coe, B. Banasika. LEFT, Members of the Swimming Team, FIRST ROW: Coach D. Stark. W. McEvoy, C. Mecca, G. Block (Captain), J. Sherk, J. Balthrop. M. Wilcox, G. Krathaus. LADDER: Manager J. Seagull, E. Strack, E. Graham, J. Cleaver, W. O ' Connor. SECOND ROW: B. McCorry, R. Thompson, M. wolz, R. Ditolla. A. Wallach, R. Fitzsimmons, T. Belke. THIRD ROW: W. Hopkins, J. Fisher, J. Ferrell, J. Kane, J. Meagher, D. Makielski. C. Payne, M. Foster. 199 ABOVE, Members of the Soccer Team, KNEELING: S. Welch, T. Viola, J. Moghadan, G. Higgins, B. Connolly, J. Little, T. Norrls, P. Flood. M. Fitzgerald. STANDING: B. Graves, T. Melendrev. G. Troy, S. Malpica, B. Donovan, S. Carroll, R. Eichner, T. Pollham, M. Flymn, N. Grosh. C. Liu, Coach A. Zoske. ABSENT: S. Roach. R. Little. ABOVE, Members of the Basketball Team, FIRST ROW: D. Clay, G. Novak, J. Schumate, P. Grotty. G. Brokaw. SECOND ROW: D. Slllnski, K. Wolbeck, R. Anderson, T. Varga, G. Scmeltzer, THIRD ROW: C. Stevens, M. Townsend, M. Schuckman. W. Townsend, T. Hanson. FOURTH ROW: J. Markovich (Trainer), Coach F. Mclaughlin. Coach R. Phelps, Assist. Coach R. Dibiaso, Manager M. McOonough. ABOVE, Members of the Tennis Team, KNEELING: C. Kane, R. Slager, J. Sanguinetti. R. Schefter (Captain), B. Andrews, B. Sturm. STANDING: M. 200 Reilly. B. Walsh, M. O ' Donnell, P. Reilly, J. Carrico, S. Lyons. Coach T. Fallen. STUDENT MANAGERS ABOVE, Senior Student Managers, SITTING: Barko. STANDING: M. Dwyer, M. McDonough, L. Ferrello. M. Busick, K. McDermott, J. Ryan, R. P. Lenke, J. Keehan, L. Chojecki. ABOVE, Members of the Student Managers Organization, RRST ROW: M. McDonough, M. Dayer, L. Ferrello, C. Busick, L. Choseck, J. Keenan, J. Ryan, R. Barko, P. Lenk, K. McDermott. SECOND ROW: B. Hendricks. J. Pezzo, C. Mucarella, G. Bockrath, J. Sweeney, K. Flanagan, B. Dieckelman. J. Mattes, D. Cronin. THIRD ROW: S. Keating, A. Padley, J. Olugolecki. P. Ryczak. D. Dieckelman, M. Huffman. FOURTH ROW: T. Teix- eira, J. Coffey, M. Defalcd, M. Navarre, L. Myers, G. Johnson, B. Wassel, T. Ryan, E. Torriero. STANDING: B. Key, G. Klimek, E. Euvino, G. Bienfang. K. Murphy, J. Halstead, J. Corpora, J. Uriah, A. Grace, S. Rusch. G. Labinskl. M. Brunner, J. Fitzgerald. 201 WRESTLING (6-8) ORES FOOTBALL (8-3) " T Opp. 37 Northwestern 35 Purdue ' 14 16 Michigan State 42 Pittsburgh 1K 21 Texas i Christian 42 Navy 23 21 Air Force 20 Miami i 23 U.S.C. 45 " Nebraska 40 GOLF (0-1) NO Opp. 395 Western Michigan 381 11th of 16 OSU-Kepler Invitational 4th of 10 Michigan Invitational 12th of 16 Mid-American Inv. 2nd of 11 Notre Dame Invitational 12th of 15 National Intercollegiate ' SAILING 4th of 8 Windjammer I 5th of 9 N.D. Freshman .. m 1st of 13 Indiana Regatta 3rd of 13 Ohio State Intersectional 1st of 11 Wayne State Regatta 2nd of 6 Northwestern Regatta 3rd of 6 Area C. Eliminations 3rd of 21 Monatype Championship 3rd of 9 MCSA Championship iNGAL BOUTS CHAMPIONS 125- Ib Tom Garrity 130-lb Eli Guajardo 135-lb Larry Semerad 140-lb Tom Hudes 145-lb Charles Morrison 155-lb Ken McCandless 160-lb Jerry Samaniego 165-lb Roland Chamblee 175-lb Mike McGuire Heavyweight Mike Webb CREW Heavyweight 2nd of 3 Washington, D.C. 2nd of 2 Detroit. Mich. 6th of 6 Springfield, III. 2nd of 3 Mishawaka, Ind. 1st of 2 Mishawaka, Ind. Lightweights 1st of 2 Detroit. Mich. 4th of 4 Springfield, III. 2nd of 2 Mishawaka. In SWIMMING f c - Invitational Relays 1 1 Waterloo 49 Western Michigan - 49 Bowling Green 74 Oakland University 73 Marshall University 50 Northern Illinois 75 Bradley St. Bonaventure 19 Valparaiso ; 35 Wayne State 14 51 Manchester 6 11 Wabash 25 16 Florida Tech 19 9 Florida 27 DePauw i 47 Evansville 17 St. Francis 2- 9 Marquette 32 30 Wheaton . 15 4th National Catholic Toum. 33 MacMurray . 1 3 Drake 3. U I TENNIS (16-3) u 8 Purdue 9 DePaul 6 Wisconsin 1 Michigan 8 7 Michigan State 2 _ iana State 9 Ball State 8 Bowling Green " Northwestern 8 Iowa 9 Western Michigan 1st Huskie Inv. 8 Toledo 7 Kalamazoo 8 Eastern Michigan . Illinois 8 Ohio State 6 Indiana TRACK (0-3) CROSS COUNTRY -J Opp. 19 Valparaiso 44 31 Northwestern 24 25 Carthage 32 39 Illinois 22 35 Michigan State 20 ' 8th Notre Dame Inv. 49 Indiana 19 3rd Big State Meet 20 Chicago T.C. 52 Indiana 62 Striders 9th NCAA District 4 th ICAAA Champ. r BASKETBALL (15-11) Opp. Michigan Ohio State 82 Valparaiso 58 St. Louis 67 Indiana A 69 56 U.C.L.A. 82 63 Kentucky 65 66 Kansas 64 72 DePaul 67 71 Marquette 69 85 Pittsburgh 76 94 Dayton 72 Duquesne 84 Illinois 87 63 U.C.L.A. 82 82 Villanova 66 94 Xavier 68 89 Butler 62 85 Michigan State 72 87 LaSalle 71 69 Fordham 70 74 Duke 86 92 West Virginia 73 75 St. John ' s 71 Western 65 Michigan South Carolina 69 LACROSSE (8-3) ND I 7 Los Angeles, L.C. 10 U.C.L.A. 14 Temple City L.C. 11 Orange County L.C. 7 Wooster College 7 Ohio State 14 Ashland College 6 Michigan U. L.C. 9 Michigan State 9 Columbus L.C. 8 Chicago L.C. RUGBY (11-2) ND I 25 Blackrock, Ont. 13 Milwaukee 20 Cleveland Blues 32 Western Michigan 12 John Carroll Michigan 28 Kentucky 44 Evansville 15 Chicago Lions 12 U. of Chicago 16 Palmer College SOCCER (10-5 5) Indiana 1 Dayton 3 Cincinnati Goshen 1 Purdue 3 Parkside 1 Wisconsin 3 Bradley 2 Western Michigan 1 Missouri 3 Grace i Louisville 6 Chicago 2 Northwestern 7 Illinois ! 3 Opp. 15 Chicago Circle 12 18 Indiana 9 16 Wisconsin- 11 Parkside 20 Chicago Circle 7 23 Milwaukee Tech 4 24 Chicago Circle 3 13 Detroit 14 9 Wayne BASEBALL (14-16) ND . Opp. 9 Murray State 5 7 Murray State 8 6 Murray State 3 5 Memphis State 4 Arkansas State 7 n 7 Brothers 9 Christian I Brothers 6 Christian Brothers 8 Delta State 11 5 Delta State i 6 Northwestern f Ohio s. University 2 Ohio 1: University 12 Valparaiso 5 2 Miami, Ohio 12 3 Miami, Ohio 12 1 Michigan State 16 3 Michigan State 4 15 Butler 4 2 Butler 1 2 Cincinnati 1 Xavier 4 Hillsdale 4 Hillsdale 5 Michigan 8 1 Michigan 8 5 Bowling Green 1 7 Bowling Green 11 5 Bowling Green 2 4 Valparaiso 2 1 Ball State 19 Wisconsin 127 19 Iowa State 52 Northwestern 4th Michigan State Relays HOCKEY (21-13) ND Opp. 5 Bowling Green 9 Bowling Green 5 Michigan 8 Michigan 1 Denver 1 Denver 3 Minnesota 1 Minnesota 4 Wisconsin 3 Wisconsin 2 Denver 8 Denver i 8 St. Lawrence 3 St. Louis 4 Boston College 1 1 5 Czechoslovakia 12 3 Michigan 2 4 Michigan 2 8 Colorado College 8 Colorado 6 College 5 Michigan Tech. 8 6 Michigan Tech. 1 8 Michigan State E 13 Michigan State E 9 North Dakota E 2 North Dakota 3 8 Colorado 3 College 8 Colorado College 2 Michigan State 10 6 Michigan State E 8 Wisconsin E 4 Wisconsin c 8 Minnesota- 2 Duluth 4 Minnesota- 1 Duluth ORGANIZATIONS THE KING V R. Calhoun Kersten . VV , V ' .C - , It (n hi Lou II STUDENT GOVERNME Walker Holloway Greg Smith Pat Euell Louise Nye Mike Marget Mike Hess Dan Schipp Ed Ellison Mike Geisinger Dennis Etienne Jim Row Jim Sauer Bill McLean Dave Caruso THE OMBUDSMAN SERVICE Barry Cleary John Mclaughlin Brian McGinty Matt Cockrell Dennis Abele Jim Vichich Fred Graver Paul Armstrong Steve Gilmock John Ifkovits John McClure Mike Boylan Dennis Kozynski Ray Cepulis Bill Benca John Tully Gerry Hayden Connie Perekslis Kimi 01 instead Rosemarie Moulis Jude Bremer Mary Ellen Darin Michael Riddell Thomas Gibbons Erin Donovan Patrick Dore Dave Spaulding Peter Grace Frank Faron Dan La joe Mike Davis Ed Byrne Randy Blum Tom Daly James Kresse CULTURAL ARTS COMMISSION CBI3S SW EriiDflfllWi P3tricl0ore M Spi l FraAFarot Kike Daw TOW miy Roche Schulfer-Commissioner Joeseph Tapajna Robert Syburg Michael Kulczycki Robert Doyle James Vaughn Thomas McAndrews Frank Barrett SOCIAL COMMISSION Joe Prochaska-Director James Rybarczck Rich Donovan John Voll Paul Simmons Thomas Spahn Ed Ptak Kevin Krull Steve Singer John Duffy John Dobbertin Pat Swanson Mark Clark Ken Muth Bill Kunzweiler Dave Bennett Mike Paulius Lourdes de la Torre Joe Oliva Ji Sot lot to (a ACADEMIC COMMISSION iwanson rt Clark en Huh Pa la Torre win James Novic-Commissioner Bob Hughes Jim Crogan Bob Campbell Bob Clemency Rich Vallicelli Ken Natale Joe Billmeier Dan Kogovsek Don White Andy Bury Pat Hughes Neil Rosini Bob Bird Bill McGinn Tom Chansky Mark Hamilton Rick Maples CAMPUS PRESS Rich McCloy Tom Donahue Ann Gilligan Katie Wheelock Glen Wimmer THE OBSERVER ! John Abowd-Editor Anthony Abowd Jerry Lutkus Don Ruane Joe Wilkowski Maria Gallagher Joe Abell Rod Braye Jim Hunt Ed Ellis Art Ferranti Marlene Zloza Jim Donaldson Dan Thorton Joe Butler George Lund Jack Frishkorn Kathy Schwille Bob Higgins Mark Lupino THE SCHOLASTIC Greg Stidham-Editor Pat McCraken Jim Munsch Mike Lonier Jim Gresser Terri Phillips Joe Runde Jim Pauer Jack Wenke Dan O ' Donnell Tod Clinton Timothy Standring Mary Siegel Sally Stanton Mark Wenig Mark Nishan Pat Keefe Nan Smith Pat Ahasic Bob Quakenbush Roger Burrell Joe Meyer Jim DeLong N eil Rosini Kevin Docrell E SCIENCE QUARTERLY ' 3 1 f - 7-: Pit MOT Pat Wyant-Editor Joe Doaks John Culhane Bob Elliot Dean Mayors Bob Sibley Bob Rieser Linas Sidrys Ted Schuerman Gene Molinelli Tom Masciangelo Leanne Jacques Jim Stevens Mike Smith John Kurtzke Jim Ward TECHNICAL REVIEW Paul Karas-Editor Bob Schultek Lee Skrabec Ed Young Dan Rain Tom Donnelly Mark Silo Ann Greenburg Mike Craig Fred Myers Richard Grogan Walt Gajda BUSINESS REVIEW William Kaufman-Editor William Duffy Mary Jo Russel Jim Wald Matthew Lam Colin Liu Augustin Benitez Richard Macchia Austin Kearney WSND John Walsh-Station Manager Rich Flanagan Nick Kiernan Jim Murphy David Barrett Kevin Dockrell Ed Sauer Bill Bauer John McEachin Gary Gutt Tn M li- ft JOI ft J Jr AMAT IR RADIO CLU Timothy Kearney-President Mark Wenig Daniel Kopetzky Joseph Richa Joe Fitzmeyer Jeff Byrnett Joe Sowa Dwight Griffin Juan Fernandez Juan de Paredes Jim McKeegan William Levin Ray Schleisser Chris Patterson Ken Kreski Frank Loughery Paul Schier George Schuer Carlos Montofar Dave Caso Bob Duchek Bob Mozulay Keith Lemick Brother Beatus ARTS AND LETTER ADVISORY COUNCIL ... Xfc 9f Neil Rosini-President John Abowd Dan Kogovsek Larry Johnston Bill Matthews Dan Oonnell Walter Spak Chris White Fred Antczak Peter Homer Rose Lennon Guy Randies Mike Sherrod Jim Gresser Mike Wahoske 4 BUSINESS ADVISORY COUNCIL i i ries md Jayar Dailey-Chairman Jim Zagata Bill Duffy Bill Allan Steve Balsam Chris Nedeau Dick Keenan JOINT ENGINEERING COUNCIL -3,- ' Ed Burke-President Steve Schaefer Marianne O ' Connor Ed White Frank Wiegand Jim Mclaughlin Mack Durka John Kissel Paul Karas John Clement SCIENCE ADVISORY COUNCIL Bill Elliot-C hairman Jim Kaduk Bill Sullivan Tony Pandolfo Tom Penzel Tom Pilla Vince Wagner Robert Rieser AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Bill Nugent-President John Barber Ned Brown Bill Cleva Paul Collins Ken Criscio Mike Dimick Damion Duda Pete Fischer Jerry Frieling Dave Fromm Gene Gemperline Jim Gethell Tim Gilday Lloyd Gronning Jerry Hasselwander John Kissel Steve Miller Pat Mulhern Steve Narkiewiscz Jim Newell Mike Paulius Vic Rizzuto ' 1 Mark Silo Mike Sydlick Mike Szomjassy Phillip Way Ed White Mike Wilbur Jim Backes Pete Brady Gerald Bushelman Matt Cavanaugh Rich Dube Jim Ernst Steve Fralish Glen Gorski Ted Gusman Tom Hartwig Mike Hoffman Tom Hudes Mike Mackay Gary Mayer Bill Munch John Murphy John Nichols Tom Nicoll Kevin O ' Connor Reinhold Ohman Joe Reams Bill Rosenbaum Fred Ruekert Mark Shellenbarger Simon Craig James Smith Barney Thomas Steve Virling Wallace Weaver AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Ed Burke-President John Rusche Tom Oegnon Robert Moeller Jerry Krueger Richard Marinangeli John Planap Raymond Donovan Richard Malone Thorn Jagnetshi John Morrow Tom Oegnan Paul Guerico Bill Donovan Bob Polenski Pete Makarewicz Tim Chuck Tom Harrigan Jack Muster Tom LaBug Gus Stungys Bill Parry Jack Lyon Harold Schulz Hoard Bathon Mark Quadrini Ray Magger Phil Weckwerth Robert Schneider Thomas Kurkzy Jeff McPherson Mark Hynes William Lee MARKI ING CLUB Jayar Dailey-President Dick Rusnak Dave Woods Kevin Hickey Steve Petrucchi John McElheny DEBATE CLUB Jack Keeney-President John Hardin Mormon Lerum Anthony Pandolfo William Hillstrom Nancy Bremer John Lund David Thackston Brian Kelly Mike Andrew Jeff Rachel John Borkowski Dave Hayes John Harrigan Diana Merten John Walovich KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Joseph Fernandez John Conlon Thomas Dlabal Robert Cunningham Donald White Edward Walsh Francis McCarthy Grand Knight William McFarland- Deputy Grand Knight Charles Capples Dennis Moran Thomas Dechant Timothy Dempsey John Tennat COUNCIL FOR THE RETARDED pi MB Wilt The Council for the Retarded is founded on the belief that a segment of the mentally ill are not receiving adequate attention. They are children, whose illness do not require hospital care, but who still need help if they are ever to become self sufficient. For those individuals, the 200 students who comprise the Council set up a full program of ac- tivities. Members served as supervisors at a local workship that employs the retarded and as teaching assistants to the Logan School. Teresa Sisson-President Mike O ' Hare Tim Ready Joe O ' Gorman William Necel Paul Smith Anne MacDonald Tom Tinsley Colleen linger Rich Mole Maggie Dunleavy Gretchen Werner Mike Smith Rick Baltz Sharon McAuliffe Mary Fielding Jerry McCarthy Anne Bernard Amaury Velez Peggy O ' Boyle Suzanne Reed Nap Port in Ray Carey Mike McGurry Cami Kutch Mary Beckman Joe Marino Marty Dineen Kris Meyer Chrobak NEIGHBORHOOD STUDY PROGRAM Mike Burns-Co-Ordinator Mike Mohrman Mary Ann McCarthy Kathy Kane Tom Long Steve Miller Mary Nokes Tom Wild Melanie Hackett Mary Jo Ferlini George Baranko Rich Kettler Anne Rogers Dave Reinig Steve Brischetto Julie Griffin Art Wesselman Mary Beth Oster Kris Baum Alice Christopher Tom Faught Joe Pert Mark Pittman Don Heroman THE UNIVERSITY QP Phil Conroy Denny Dawson Wayne Essel Don Fischer Dan Gurecki Jim Judge Mike Kaiser Paul Kay Frank Mahon Mike O ' Brien Bob Oppold Bob Pedtke Bob Reisser John Ring Gary Robinson Don Shea John Sortino Mike Trainor Jeff Tutham Denny Vogel Bob Young Jay Angeluzzi John Callan Pat Cprio Tom Clinton Gary Corpora Phil Courington Marty Dineen Dan Duffery Julian Easter Clark Eide Bob Foster Mike Frick Pete Guzzardo Mark Hanson Jim Karepin Gene Kasper Steve Kinnier Phil Loebach A XT, DAME GLEE CLUB ihel John Moe Jeff Bruner Fabian DeSilva Dave Ellis Ed Fritzen John Harlen Jay Johnston Charlie Kay Roger Kiauer Jack Kuczynski Rich Minogue Mike Momenee John Murphy Art Panfile Jay Parks Jim Reid Scott Sandrock Mike Savino Craig Spengel Scott Wahle Tim Walsh Bruce Fortelka Mike Frommeyer Bill Hillstrom Erik Larson Brian Lemon Fran McDonald Kevin McGraw Pat Miskell Matt Regan Paul Shay Carl Thomphson Gary Welterroth Mike Magiure Mike McGarry Greg O ' Toole Nick Reisinger Tom Rooney Don Sheehan ., ttx - UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME CONCERT BAND Mark Auguatine Gerald Baker Donald Banas Adrienne Berg James Birchfield Raymond Borus Mary Beth Brungar Christopher Bury Nicola Catrabone Thomas Clements John Colbert Charles Commander Harold Conway Rosemary Crock Francis Cronan James Donathen is Edwar Joseph Fahy Steven Haaser Patty Harper Thomas Harris Micheal Hartmann William Hausmann Vincent Henrich Joseph Hickner Harvey Humphrey Frederick Jaeger Lawrence Johnston Hermit Kaericher Jean Kaufman Patty Kelley Bernard Kloswick John Lalley David Northrup Jack O ' Brien Joseph Prinster Timothy Richardson Charles Rohrs David Roney James Rosini if|itoona in Segrist William Stahl Robert Swanson William Todd Theodore Wand Glen Warapius Jay Wood William Zak UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME MARCHING BAND Mark Augustine Gerald Baker Wally Baker Donald Banas Nicholas Basil Christopher Baum Joseph Bender Richard Bertolotti Michael Bindner James Birchfield Joseph Blank Micheal Bonifer Raymond Borus Matthew Brandes Bruce Brandle James Brennan Timothy Brosnan Mary Beth Brungardt Joseph Buran Thomas Burke Christopher Bury Robert Carnes Nicola Catrambone Terrence Cavanaugh Srkis Chobanian Thomas Clements John Colbert Tim Cole Charles Commander Joseph Conigliaro Jim Corgel Rosemary Crock Francis Cronan ' A ' , Timothy Cross Paris Diamond James Donathen Elwyn Draper Lucy Eberhardt Thomas Enrico Arthur Esposito Richard Espos Joseph Fahy Peter Fries Richard Garret Peter Guertz Edward GHmore Paul Graf Frederic Haaser Richard Hanpeter Thomas Harris Michael Hartmann William Hausmann Vincent Henrich Joseph Hickner Michael Hoffman Kevin Horrell Harvey Humphrey Elizabeth Jaeger Frederick Jaeger William Jensen - j Kaericher Kahlich ' BobKast ,Jean Kaufman Bernard Kloswick James Kristl Frank Kuserk James Ladieu Laurence LaFratta John Lalley Christopher Laragy William Lawrence William Lewis liam Longenbaker John Longo :er Machonis Jack Mardoian A Paul Martins James Masters John Matthews Robert McCollan John McMahon Dill moflKe Frank Murnane Gary Murphy William Necel David Northrup Christopher Nye Jack O ' Brien David O ' Leary George Patterson 4 David Perna Peter Piotrowski Charles Plosek Joseph Prinster Fred Roggero Charles Rohrs David Roney James Rosini ienneth Scarola James Schepley Richard Schlosser Susan Schoenherr Daniel Schuitz Paul Scibona John Segrist Michael Sierputowski Brad Sleeper Gail Spretnjak William Stahl Mark Sti Susan Swi Robert Swanson William Todd Edward Ullinger Karl Villimez Theodore Wand Glen Warapius Patrick Wyant William Zak Frank Zaletel 1C SOCIETY . Rimvydas Cepulis-President Linas Sidrys Saulius Matas Michael Paulius Augustine Stungys Mike Higgins Gary Metalonis Bill Benca Tom Paulius Victor Moran Tom Waulkonis Bill Sullivan Edward Krause THE CE 1C SOCII PT Edward McCarthy-President Danny O ' Hara Jim Olinger Andrew Winiarczyk Roddy O ' Sullivan Shawn MacMillian Juan Carlos Fernandez-President Juan Rivera Cesar Munecas Raul Romero Rodolfo Sabonge Alfredo Andnade Jorqe de la Guardia Jorque Bedoya Juan Camilo Fabrega Joseph Richa Gregory Henry Luis Cardenal Milton Caldera Rene Pina Jose Fabrega Luis Rodriguez Luis Cabral Edgardo Urrutia Garcia de Paredes Juan Garcia de Paredes Patricia Lane Raul Aleman Jorque Vallarino Ernesto Nautica Eladio Alonso Mario Romero Humberto Fazado Javier Fraguela Julio Baez Raul Armstrong Guy Higgins Bob Rolph Jorqe de la Guardia INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ORGANIZATION Amaury Velez Juan Camilo Fabrega Judy Fang John Cunan Manuel Laycayo THE CLASS OF 1973 John P. Abraham Bellevue, Kentucky B.S. Mechanical Engineering Laurence C. Acker Chicago, Illinois A.B. History Paul E. Adams Lyndhurst, Ohio B.S. Chemistry John M. Agosta Unlondale, New York A.B. Psychology Gary L. Ahaslc Aurora, Illinois B.S. Preprofesslonal Mark A. Ahaelc Aurora, Illinois A.B. History Nancy M. Albers Indianapolis, Indiana B.B.A. Finance John R. Aldrlch Geneseo, New York B.B.A. Finance Dewltt W. Allen Canton, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Gregory V. Alola Sommerville, New Jersey A.B. Government Paul H. Amlel Bogota, Colombia B.B.A. Finance Dennis Anaetaeoff Pltcalrn, Pennsylvania A.B. Modern Language 242 John A. Anderson Glenview, Illinois A.B. History Joseph E. Anderson Columbus, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Joseph F. Anderson Ridley. Park, Pennsylvania A.B. English Richard P. Anderson Oak Lawn, Illinois B.A. Architecture Alfredo Andrade Clarkston, Georgia B.B.A. Marketing Ralph J. Anderano Patterson, New Jersey A.B. Psychology Patrick Andreotti Ellensburg, Washington A.B. History Thomas M. Andres Napa, California B.B.A. Finance John C. Andrews Charlottesville, Virginia A.B. English John A. Andryszak Linthicum Heights, Maryland A.B. Psychology Richard J. Anen Aurora, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Richard J. Ankuta Brooklyn, New York B.B.A. Accounting Maurice E. Anthony South Bend, Indiana B.S. Physics D. P. Antlnozzi Stratford, Connecticut B. Arch. Architecture David B. Apker Phoenix, Arizona B.B.A. Accounting Antone S. Araman Jerusalem, Israel B.S. Mechanical Engineering Stephen J. Aselage Sidney, Ohio B.S. Biology John J. Astuno, Jr. Denver, Colorado A.B. General Program Bruce M. Aubln Kingston, Massachusetts A.B. Government Lloyd T. Augustine Staten Island. New York B.S. Biology Mario T. Avalos Pueblo, Colorado B.S. Electrical Engineering Teresa C. Averse Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A.B. Political Science Gerald R. Baker Cuy Falls, Ohio B.S. Aerospace Engineering Mary L. Baker Hudson, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting 243 James D. Ball Rushville, Indiana A.B. Economics Peter F. Ballard Lexington, Kentucky B.S. Preprotessional Francis D. Balmert McDermott, Ohio A.B. English Stephen R. Balsam Rochester, New York B.B.A. Marketing John B. Balthrop Gulf Breeze, Florida A.B. Preprofessional Francis E. Banfleld Woodbrldge, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Richard M. Barale Vandergift, Pennsylvania B.S. Mechanical Engineering John P. Barber Chicago, Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering Louis E. Barblerl Metuchen, New Jersey B.Arch. Architecture Richard A. Bard Redondo Beach. California B.B.A. Management Randall S. Barko Erie, Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology Richard A. Barrett Park Ridge, Illinois B.S. Mathematics David J. Barry Wood-Ridge, New Jersey A.B. Government Phillip W. Barth Louisville, Kentucky B.S. Electrical Engineering Dennis R. Barthel Chicago. Illinois A.B. English Kenneth F. Bartlzal North Riverside, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Frank L. Basanese Dover, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing Stephen A. Basqulll Rockledge, Florida A.B. Sociology Eugene J. Bastedo Smith town. New York B.B.A. Accounting Larry Battiati Rochester, New York B.S. Biology William F. Bauer Glendale. Missouri B.B.A. Accounting Michael A. Baum Wilmington, Delaware A.B. Mathematics Robert J. Behr Richfield, Minnesota B.B.A. Accounting Joseph A. Bellsle West Babylon, New York A.B. Government 244 245 Fredrlc J. Bell Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemistry Dale J. Belock Lyndhurst, Ohio A.B. Economics William F. Benca Randolph, New York B.S. Chemistry Jack W. Bennett Greenwich, Connecticut A.B. Sociology Robert Bennett Upper Saddle River, New Jersey A.B. English Thomas S. Bennett International Falls, Minnesota B.S. Geology David V. Bent Mishawaka, Indiana A.B. Sociology Robin D. Beran South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Ernest Bergkessel Brecksville, Ohio B.S. Electrical Engineering David R. Bergonla Spring Valley, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Thomas L. Bernard! Toluca, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Vincent Bernardln Evansville, Indiana A.B. Sociology Raymond H. Berndt South Bend, Indiana A.B. Speech and Drama David J. Bertke Bellevue. Kentucky B.S. Mechanical Engineering Richard Bertolottl Lockport. Illinois B.S. Physics Martin C. Best Peoria. Illinois A.B. Sociology Stephen V. Blagl Shelbyville. Kentucky B.B.A. Marketing Victor J. Billings Hudson, Massachusetts A.B. Psychology Robert J. Single Toledo, Ohio A.B. General Program James W. Blrchfleld Oes Plaines. Illinois A.B. Preprofessional Robert J. Bird, Jr. Demarest, New Jersey A.B. Government Scott A. Bitters Mt. Clemens, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Robert P. Blxby Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Mechanical Engineering J. Drew Black Guelph, Ontario B.B.A. Management 246 Lawrence J. Black Staten Island, Now York A.B. Government Michael H. Bloeser Erie, Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology William L. Blundon Murrysville, Pennsylvania A.B. English Thomas R. Bonadlee South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Management Michael R. Bonk South St. Paul, Minnesota B.B.A. Accounting Paul N. Bontempo Florham Park, New Jersey B.B.A. Management Thomas Borawskl Slmsbury, Connecticut B.Arch. Architecture Joseph Borbely Akron, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Dennis R. Bordyn Hollywood. Florida A.B. American Studies John J. Borkowskl Brooklyn, Ohio A.B. Government Ronald Bosack Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Robert J. Bothe Norfolk. Nebraska A.B. Economics 247 Paul J. Bottsrl Pelham Manor, New York A.B. General Program Robert Bouffard Rochester, Minnesota B.B.A. Finance John J. Bourneuf Gloucester, Massachusetts B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mark Q. Boyle Greensburg, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Keith Bradley Rye, New York B.S. Preprofessional Michael T. Brady Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Phillip D. Brady Arcadia, California A.B. History Russell J. Bramlage Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. Preprofessional Edward J. Braun Elklns Park, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering Thomas C. Brennan Lakewood, Ohio B.S. Mathematics Albert J. Brenner Parma, Ohio A.B. General Program David H. Brenner Arnoldo Park, Iowa B.B.A. Marketing Stephen E. Brevlg Robblnsdale, Minnesota B.S. Mathematics Hebert O. Brllck Hlnsdale, Illinois A.B. History Michael L. Brines Midland. Michigan B.S. Physics William M. Brophy Fair-port. New York A.B. History 248 George F. Brown Falls Church, Virginia B.B.A. ManaQ6mont James Q. Brown Bay Shore, New York A.B. English Michael E. Brown Daly City, California B.s. Mathematics Peter J. Brown Encino, California A.B. Sociology William V. Brown Broomall, Pennsylvania B.Arch. Architecture Christopher J. Browne Wadena, Minnesota B.B.A. Finance Charles L. Broyard Miami, Florida B.F.A. Fine Arts Barbara A. Bruck Arlington Heights, Illinois B.B.A. Management Kerry A. Bryant Delano, California A.B. English Steven A. Bucclnl Richmond, Virginia B.S. Biology Mark S. Bucek South Holland, Illinois B.B.A. Management James G. Buchanan Milwaukee, Wisconsin A.B. History Robert M. Bulfln Fort Lauderdale, Florida A.B. Government James C. Bulger Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology Joseph R. Bulman South Amboy, New Jersey A.B. English Robert A. Bun da Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. Government 249 John N. Buras South Band, Indiana A.B. Psychology Vincent Burdulla Elmira. Naw York A.B. History Thomas J. Burgardt Garden City, Kansas A.B. History James A. Burkart Lookout Mountain, Tennessee B.S. Civil Engineering Daniel R. Burke Rochester. New York A.B. Government Denis P. Burke Harlan, Iowa A.B. Government Edward J. Burke North Syracuse, New York B.S. Chemical Engineering Kevin J. Burke Troy, Michigan B.S. Chemistry Peter D. Burke South Bend, Indiana A.B. American Studies John H. Burkley Columbus, Ohio A.B. General Program Katharine Burns Downers Grove, Illinois A.B. General Program Michael P. Burns Montpelier, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Michael W. Burns Akron, Ohio A.B. Psychology William J. Burns Columbus, Ohio B.S. Mathematics Roger A. Burrell Phoenix, Arizona A.B. General Program Brock Burroughs Hammond, Indiana A.B. Music Karen L. Bush East Lansing, Michigan A.B. Modern Languages Charles M. Buslck Wheeling. West Virginia B.B.A. Marketing James F. Butler III Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. Economics Joseph I. Butler Santa Fe, New Mexico B.B.A. Accounting Luis J. Cabral Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic B.B.A. Finance Gregory F. Cahlll Pacific Palasades, California B.Arch. Architecture Thomas B. Cahlll Chicago, Illinois B.S. Electrical Engineering Milton J. Caldera Managua, Nicaragua A.B. Economics I 250 C. W. Cahoun III Homewood, Illinois B.S. Preprofassional John M. Camas Bradford, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Louis J. Campagna Union, New Jersey A.B. Government Robert B. Campbell Whippany, New Jersey A.B. American Studies Vincent R. Campbell Saginaw, Michigan A.B. English Robert E. Canale Memphis, Tennessee A.B. English David C. Cannon, Jr. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology James B. Cannon Binghamton, New York A.B. Preprofessional Charles A. Capasso Pedricktown, New Jersey A.B. Preprofessional Louis R. Capelll Yonkers, New York B.S. Civil Engineering Charles J. Capples San Diego, California B.B.A. Management Donald W. Capshaw Texarkana, Arkansas A.B. Government Vincent P. Carbone Pepper Pike, Ohio B.S. Civil Engineering Richard P. Carey Hillsdale, New Jersey A.B. Government Timothy J. Carey Edison, New Jersey A.B. Psychology Todd W. Carey Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.S. Mechanical Engineering Bernard D. Carleton New York, New York A.B. English Ann Carlson Glbsonburg, Ohio A.B. Political Science Edward J. Carney Bellerose, New York B.S. Geology William Carpenter Louisville, Kentucky B.B.A. Management David W. Carr Worcester, Massachusetts A.B. Modern Languages Lawrence Carr III Kensington, Maryland A.B. Psychology Daniel J. Carroll Staten Island, New York B.B.A. Accounting James P. Carroll London, England A.B. Philosophy 251 V 252 Maureen E. Carroll Hammond, Indiana A.B. Psychology Eric S. Cartwrlght Ellwood City, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering Gary J. Caruso Canonsburg, Pennsylvania B.A. American Studies Michael Casale, Jr. Williamsport. Pennsylvania A.B. Economics Joseph J. Casey Evergreen Park, Illinois B.S. Preprofesslonal Kevin J. Casey Valparaiso, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Christopher Cathcart Guelph, Ontario B.B.A. Management Michael Caulfleld Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Preprofesslonal Michael B. Cavanaugh Paterson, New Jersey A.B. Preprofesslonal Rim vydas L. Cepulls Wllloughby Hills, Ohio B.S. Preprofesslonal Douglas P. Cerrettl Davenport, Iowa B.S. Chemistry Roland W. Chamblee South Bend, Indiana A.B. History Thomas F. Chansky Elizabeth, New Jersey A.B. Government Christopher Chapped Notre Dame, Indiana A.B. American Studies Peter J. Chaput Wilntette, Illinois B.S. Electrical Engineering Earl C. Charles Newtown, Connecticut B.S. Mechanical Engineering Frank L. Chattier Detroit. Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Mark E. Checchla Utlca, New York A.B. Psychology R. M. Cheong-Leen Hong Kong B.B.A. Management Andrew J. Cheper Larchmont, New York A.B. Preprofesslonal Joseph G. Chlafalr Garden City. New York B.S. Preprofesslonal Vansetta D. Chllds West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. Political Science Sarkls J. Chobanlan Canfield, Ohio A.B. Preprofesslonal Robert J. Choby Doylestown, Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology 253 Lawrence Chojeckl Buffalo. New York A.B. Government George T. Chow Geneva, Switzerland B.S. Mathematics William F. Christy Syracuse, New York B.S. Preprofesslonal Timothy L. Chuck Canajoharle, New York B.S. Chemical Engineering Harrison P. Chung Honolulu, Hawaii B.B.A. Finance Morris Czwartz Steamboat Wells, Colorado B.S. Mechanical Engineering Ralph J. Cipriani Follansbee, West Virginia A.B. History Michael F. Clungan Ecorse, Michigan B.B.A. Management Kevin V. Clancy Hlcksvllle, New York B.S. Mathematics Dennis P. Clark Betnesda, Maryland A.B. General Program Dennis R. Clark North Liberty, Indiana B.S. Civil Engineering Robert T. Clark Crosse Polnte Woods, Michigan B.S. Preprofesslonal 254 William M. Clemency Mendham, New Jersey B.Arch. Architecture John J. Clement Southfield, Michigan B.S. Electrical Engineering Martin J. Clements Atchlson, Kansas B.B.A. Accounting William E. Cleva Commack. New York B.S. Civil Engineering Dennis E. Clifford Broomlield, Colorado B.B.A. Accounting Michael A. Coan Rockvllle, Maryland B.S. Mathematics David R. Cochran Dallas, Texas B.S. Engineering Science Patrick D. Coen Elmhurst, Illinois A.B. Sociology Michael E. Coffey Dover, New Jersey B.S. Electrical Engineering John E. Colbert Ionia, Michigan A.B. Government Timothy G. Colburn Rockvllle, Maryland B.S. Mechanical Engineering Patrick V. Colella New York, New York B.Arch. Architecture John C. Coleman Fort Myers, Florida A.B. General Program Paul W. Collins Fargo, North Dakota B.S. Civil Engineering Charles Commander Marshfield, Massachusetts B.S. Mathematics J. Joseph Condon Charleston, South Carolina A.B. Government John E. Conley Warren, Rhode Island A.B. History John A. Conlon Deer Park, New York B.S. Aerospace Engineering Stephen P. Connelly Fayettevllle, New York B.B.A. Marketing Edward T. Connor Trenton, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting John Lee Conrad Oceanside, California A.B. Economics Philip L. Conroy Omaha, Nebraska B.S. Biology Joseph A. Console Chicago, Illinois A.B. Economics Charles R. Conway Youngstown, Ohio A.B. Government 255 Thomas F. Conway Big Spring, Texas A.B. Psychology John T. Cooney Weston, Massachusetts A.B. American Studies Mary L. Coppola Watertown, New York A.B. General Program James W. Corgel Binghamton. New York A.B. American Studies Raymond F. Cormier Hartford, Connecticut A.B. Economics Michael J. Cornwall Chicago, Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering Timothy J. Corrlgan Sparta, New Jersey A.B. English Terrence Cosgrove Norwood, Ohio A.B. Government Gary M. Cotter Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting William J. Cotter Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S. Aerospace Engineering Michael R. Coudrlet Notre Dame, Indiana A.B. Theology Thomas G. Courtney Canfleld, Ohio A.B. English Joseph P. Cowln Waterloo, Iowa B.B.A. Finance Michael L. Craig Stegor. Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering Aiden S. Cramer Las Cruces, New Mexico A.B. History Marguerite Crane Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.B.A. Marketing George W. Craven Louisville. Kentucky A.B. Economics Robert M. Creaney Towson, Maryland A.B. Psychology Kenneth 3. Crlsclo Toledo, Ohio B.S. Civil Engineering David J. Crlscuolo Johnston, Rhode Island B.B.A. Accounting James W. Crogan Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. English Timothy S. Cross Santa Clara, California B.S. Geology Patrick J. Crowe Syosset, New York A.B. English John L. Culhane Vienna, Virginia A.B. Mathematics 256 I James R. Cullen Sayre, Pennsylvania A.B. English Laura M. Culley Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. Psychology Sheila P. Culllgan Glen Rock, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing Richard J. Cunha, Jr. Scltuate, Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting Kevin J. Cunningham Davenport, Iowa B.S. Preprofessional Michael Cunningham Park Forest, Illinois B.S. Engineering Science Robert Cunningham Bellbrook, Ohio A.B. History Steven Cunningham Freeport, New York B.B.A. Finance Timothy J. Curran White Plains, New York A.B. History Michael K. Curry Pearl River, New York A.B. English Daniel J. Curtln Orchard Park, New York A.B. Mathematics David J. Gushing Kensington, Marylan d B.S. Electrical Engineering 257 258 John R. Dacey Phoenix, Arizona A.B. History William Dacey III Centerville, Massachusetts A.B. American Studies Gary Dadalan Cresskill, New Jersey B.S. Preprofesslonal Chester J. Daigle Willingboro. New Jersey B.S. Physics F. R. Dally, Jr. Greeley, Colorado B.B.A. Marketing John E. Dallle Mobile, Alabama B.B.A. Finance Ann Thereae Darin Lathrup Village, Michigan A.B. History William J. Dasso Park Bidge, Illinois A.B. History Jerome M. Dattllo Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology Mark P. Day Houston, Texas A.B. Government James Debarblerl Nutley, New Jersey B.Arch. Architecture Robert F. Decker Endlcott, New York B.B.A. Marketing Richard Deegan, Jr. Slmsbury, Connecticut B.S. Electrical Engineering Dennis J. Deehan San Francisco, California A.B. English Thomas F. Degnan Wilmington, Delaware B.S. Chemical Engineering James E. Dehner Bethpage, New York A.B. Government Thomas J. Delaney South Bend, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Daryl H. Delano Wilmot Flat, New Hampshire A.B. Economics Joseph A. Delols Brunswick, Maine A.B. American Studies James H. Delong Carmichael, California A.B. English D. Baker Deltscheff Frankfurt, West Germany A.B. Economics John A. DeLuca Endwell. New York B.S. Preprofesslonal Floyd E. Demmon III Hobart, Indiana B.S. Geology Robert J. Dempsey Hillside, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional 259 Timothy P. Dempsey Waldan, New York A.B. Psychology Albert J. Depman Marchantvllle, New Jersey A.B. General Program Mark S. Derringer Wllllamsvllle, New York B.B.A. Accounting James L. OeSapIo Baptlstown, New Jersey B.Arch. Architecture Arthur W. Devlne Waterloo, Iowa B.S. Preprofessional L. Franklin Devlne Marblehead. Massachusetts A.B. Theology William L. Devlr Hamilton, Ohio A.B. Government Michael K. Devlin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Robert P. Devlin Uxbridge, Massachusetts A.B. Government Darryl E. Dewan Dansbury, Connecticut A.B. Economics Denlee Dhaene South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing Paris A. Diamond Cleveland, Ohio A.B. History " I 260 Ernest Dlbenedetto Oak Brook, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Richard F. Dletrlck Murrysville, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional James G. Diette Orange, Connecticut B.S. Preprofessional Matthew E. Dlgby Banning, California A.B. Government Michael A. Dlmlck Cedarburg, Wisconsin B.S. Civil Engineering Duane A. Dinehart Alexandria, Indiana A.B. History Michael R. Dlturl Chicago, Illinois A.B. Sociology Frank J. Dlxon Chicago, Illinois A.B. American Studies Stanley Doborwskl Shaker Heights, Ohio A.B. History Richard D. Doermer Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. Economics Robert J. Dolan Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania B.S. Mathematics James Donaldson, Jr. Pawtucket, Rhode Island A.B. American Studies Thomas Donnelly, Jr. Towson, Maryland B.S. Civil Engineering Clarke S. Donovan Hillsdale, New Jersey A.B. History Raymond A. Donovan Bayonne, Ne w Jersey B.S. Chemical Engineering William L. Donovan Scituate, Massachusetts B.S. Chemical Engineering Carl W. Doozan Saginaw, Michigan B.Arch. Architecture Michael E. Doran Mannasset, New York A.B. English Thomas C. Dorn Middleton, Wisconsin B.B.A. Management William P. Dowe Elm Grove, Wisconsin A.B. General Program Margaret M. Doyle Davenport, Iowa A.B. Psychology Robert P. Doyle Milwaukee, Wisconsin A.B. Sociology Scott P. Doyle Anaheim. California A.B. History Ronald J. Duchovlc Dearborn, Michigan B.S. Mathematics 261 Damlan J. Duda New Castle, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering William J. Duenslng Kansas City, Missouri B.S. Preprofesslonal Brian J. Duffy Park Ridge, Illinois A.B. English John J. Duffy Colonla, New Jersey A.B. Government William F. Duffy APO. New York B.B.A. Finance Michael J. Dunlay Parsons, Kansas B.B.A. Accounting Philip E. Dunn, Jr. Ventura, California A.B. Government Philip W. Dunn Hawortn, New J ersey A.B. Government Daniel Q. Dunne Chicago. Illinois A.B. Psychology Mark A. Durka Wilmington, Delaware B.S. Mechanical Engineering Paul Q. Dussauit Manvllle, Rhode Island A.B. Psychology Mark H. Dwyer North Bennington. Vermont B.S. Mechanical Engineering David J. Dykes Harper Woods, Missouri B.B.A. Marketing Paul Q. Dzledzic Lacay, Washington A.B. Government Daniel Dzurteln Streator, Illinois B.S. Physics Herbert A. Eastman Winchester, Indiana A.B. uOvornmoni David L. Eby Los Altos, California A.B. English Edward Q. Eckerty Columbus, Indiana A.B. Government Edmund P. Edmonds Alexandria, Virginia A.B. History William H. Edwards Lima, Ohio B.S. Civil Engineering Richard J. Elch Little Falls, Montana B.B.A. Marketing Jeffrey P. Elchner Rochester, New York A.B. American Studies Gregory T. Elnboden Columbus, Ohio B.B.A. Finance William J. Elliott Si Louis, Missouri B.S. Chemistry 262 Edward T. Ellis Springfield, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Leon P. Enderlln Manchester, Connecticut A.B. Art Thomas Engelhaupt Alliance, Nebraska A.B. Psychology Richard J. Eschmann Port Washington, New York A.B. Government Arthur E. Esposlto Trenton, New Jersey A.B. Government Wayne E. Easel Rochester, New York B.S. Biology Paul C. Euell South Bend, Indiana B.S. Chemistry James J. Evans Scarsdalo, New York B.B.A. Accounting Byron S. Everhart Washington, D.C. B.S. Electrical Engineering Thomas C. Ewlng Aurora, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Michael J. Fallen Toledo, Ohio A.B. Sociology Robert Fanning Oak Park, Illinois A.B. Sociology James A. Fanto, Jr. Long Beach, California A.B. English Peter J. Farbotko Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Geoffrey T. Farrow Itasca, Illinois A.B. Government Donald B. Faulkner Berkeley Heights, New Jersey B.S. Chemistry William T. Fayen Lakewood, Ohio A.B. Preprofessional Peter J. Fee Chicago, Illinois A.B. Sociology Mary J. Feeney Ivesdale, Illinois A.B. Political Science James A. Ferguson Akron, Ohio A.B. Economics Richard W. Ferguson Lathrup Village, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Keith M. Ferrara Saratoga Springs, New York A.B. Economics Louis C. Ferrello Monongahela, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Donald W. Ferris, Jr. Marshall, Illinois A.B. Government 263 J Edward B. Fiber Fremont. Ohio B.B.A. Finance Thomas J. Flllak Auburn, New York A.B. Philosophy Patrick M. Flnegan Ellerton, California B.S. Chemistry Francis T. Flnnegan Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.B.A. Finance Kevin T. Flnnegan Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Biology Donald R. Fischer Qulncy, Illinois B.S. Preprolessional Sally M. Fischer Elkhart, Indiana A.B. Modern Languages Peter B. Fisher Sliver Springs. Maryland B.S. Civil Engineering Richard A. Fisher Harrlsburg, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Dennis Fitzgerald Findlay, Ohio A.B. Government Jerry D. Fitzgerald Idaho Springs, Colorado B.B.A. Accounting Bernard Fltzmorrls Palm Springs, California A.B. Psychology Joseph A. Fltzmyer Blue Bell, Pennsylvania B.S. Electrical Engineering Thomas Fltzpatrlck Roanoke, Virginia B.P.A. Finance John F. Flaherty Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Stephen E. Flanagan Washington, D.C. B.S. Aerospace Engineering 264 James Flood Streator, Illinois A.B. Economics Kevin J. Flanlgan Oberlin. Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Timothy J. Flood Larchmont, New York B.S. Preprofesslonal Mark D. Rora Quakertown, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology James E. Florek Edinboro, Pennsylvania B.S. Biology Robert C. Florek Minneapolis, Minnesota A.B. Preprofesslonal G. Michael Flores Lake Mohawk, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Kelly J. Flynn Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. Eco nomics, Urban Studies Roger A. Foley Allendale, New Jersey A.B. Art Oscar E. Fonseca Los Angeles, California A.B. Modern Languages Julius C. Forhecz Rutherford, New Jersey B.S. Mathematics Michael A. Forte Seattle, Washington B.S. Biology John C. Foekett West Hartford, Connecticut A.B. Government John J. Fox III Chicago, Illinois B.Arch. Architecture Robert S. Fowler Houston, Texas B.S. Mathematics Alfred J. Franco Brooklyn, New York B.B.A. Finance 265 Michael J. Frantz Sidney, Ohio A.B. Government Douglas M. Free Verona, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance T. J. Frelstroffer Ft Wayne, Indiana A.B. Sociology Michael P. French Glonview, Illinois A.B. Modern Languages Richard P. French Springfield, Missouri A.B. General Program Robert A. Friday Atlantic City, New Jersey B.S. Aerospace Engineering Jerry L. Frlellng San Bernadlno, California B.S. Civil Engineering William R. Frleee Chicago, Illinois A.B. GOVMflfllWIt Thomas Q. Frylll Columbu s, Ohio B.S. Preprofesslonal Robert E. Fulton HuntJngton Valley, Pennsylvania A.B. American Studies Gerald J. Furlbondo Hilton, New York B.S. Mechanical Engineering Michael Furlbondo Hilton, New York B.S. Mechanical Engineering Jamea M. Furrle, Jr. Springfield, Illinois A.B. Psychology Gerald J. Oabel Chicago, Illinois A.B. Psychology Jamee M. Gabreskl ON City, Pennsylvania A.B. History Virginia A. Gackl White Plains, New York B.B.A. Marketing Michael F. Gaeta Mllltown, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing Mark W. Gaff ney Seattle, Washington A.B. General Program Barbara A. Gallk Streator, Illinois A.B. Modern Languages John D. Gall Nashua, New Hampshire A.B. Economics Joseph F. Gall Nashua, New Hampshire A.B. Government Kevin J. Gallagher Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Peter K. Gallagher Clifton, New Jersey B.S. Preprofesslonal Daniel L, Galvln Munster, Indiana B.B.A. Management 266 V I I 267 Edward O. Qarrett Woodstock. Illinois B.B.A. Marketing James M. Qartland Norwalk. Connecticut A.B. Government George E. Gasper Dallas, Texas B.B.A. Finance John H. Gautler Mlshawaka, Indiana A.B. Government David C. Gelbel Park Forest Illinois A.B. Preprofesslonal David M. Geise South Bend, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Donald F. Qeleser East Providence. Rhode Island B.S. Civil Engineering Eugene Qemperllne Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Civil Engineering Richard Qeechke, Jr. Merlon Station, Pennsylvania A.B. Psychology John L. Qezlch Canton, Ohio A.B. Government Michael M. Glck Fowler, Indiana B. Arch. Architecture Thomas J. Qllhooly Middle Village, New York A.B. Sociology Patrick K. Gill Buchanan, Michigan A.B. History Larry R. Glllesple Annandale, Virginia B.B.A. Accounting Kenneth J. Gllllg Buffalo, New York B.S. Mathematics Alfred J. Gluffrlda Fulton, New York A.B. Government Michael D. Glvler Naperville, Illinois A.B. Sociology Virginia M. Gleason Glen Ellyn, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Kevin J. Glenn Troy, New York B.B.A. Finance Richard K. Goeke Bellefontalne, Ohio A.B. Sociology Thomas A. Goeller Amawalk, New York B.B.A. Marketing James J. Gonslewskl Oxnard, California B.S. Geology Nell E. Gordon Poland, Ohio A.B. Preprofesslonal Andrew M. Gore Palatine, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Richard A. Gorman West Chicago, Illinois A.B. General Program Paul R. Gosselln Lewiston, Maine A.B. English John N. Graber Oshkosh, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofesslonal Terrence T. Grant Spokane, Washington A.B. History Anothny Graseo Dorchestor, Massachusetts A.B. English Bruce P. Graves East Brunswick, New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering Anthony D. Greco Amsterdam, New York B.B.A. Accounting James L. Greco Oak Park, Illinois A.B. Preprofesslonal John P. Greeley Houston, Texas B.B.A. Accounting William A. Green Roseville, Minnesota B.B.A. Management Patrick Greenwood Farley, Iowa B.B.A. Accounting Donald G. Grelwe Tampa, Florida B.B.A. Accounting 269 John B. Graving Fargo, North Dakota A.B. Sociology John C. Griffin Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Kevin J. Griffin West Band, Wisconsin A.B. American Studies David A. Griffith Conneaut. Ohio B.S. Biology Greg F. Grlnetead Ferguson. Missouri B.S. Praprofesslonal James M. Groaeta Phoenix, Arizona A.B. Modern Languages Edward T. Grysavage North Forestvllle, Maryland A.B. English James V. Guarlno Mlddletown, Connecticut A.B. Government Paul J. Guerlco, Jr. Elllcott City, Maryland B.S. Chemical Engineering Dennis W. Gutowskl Mlshawaka, Indiana A.B. Sociology Paul M. Guzzetta Elm Grove, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofessional Robert D. Hablg Indianapolis, Indiana A.B. Preprofessional Earl E. Hackley, Jr. South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing Mark R. Hearing Indianapolis, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Carl L. Haldy Three Rivers, Michigan B.B.A. Finance Wayne J. Hall Silver Springs, Maryland A.B. Anthropology Patrick K. Halton Port Washington, Now York B.B.A. Managomdnt T. Mark Hamilton Randolph AFB, Texas A.B. American Studies John B. Hammond, Jr. Bloomfleld Hills, Michigan A.B. Sociology Louis J. Hammond Kenosha, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Walter E. Hanley, Jr. Providence, Rhode Island B.S. Aerospace Engineering Christopher J. Hanlon Jersey City, New Jersey A.B. Government Thomas M. Hanlon South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Management Gregory J. Hannlgan Gullford. Connecticut A.B. Sociology 270 Michael P. Hannlgan Crate, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Dennis C. Hanover Colchester, Connecticut A.B. English Michael L. Hansen Hales Comers, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Michael W. Hansen Jollet, Illinois B.B.A. Management John J. Harlg Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Jeffrey A. Harkln Highland, Indiana A.B. History Charles F. Harney Auburn, Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting Thomas L. Harrlgan Lombard, Illinois B.S. Chemical Engineering James F. Harrington Logansport, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Terrenes C. Harris Brooklyn, New York A.B. Sociology Thomas F. Harris Bethpage, New York A.B. History Alan R. Hart Lakeland, Florida A.B. English 271 Daniel T. Hart Elmhurst Illinois B.B.A. Management Leon J. Hart, Jr. Birmingham, Michigan A.B. English William R. Hartlgan Bethany, Connecticut A.B. Sociology G. B. Haeselwander Montgomery, Alabama B.S. Civil Engineering James S. Hassett Rochester, New York B.S. Chemistry William M. Hausmann Belleville, Illinois A.B. Music Harry W. Haverkoe Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Preprofesslonal James T. Hawekotte Whtttler, California A.B. Economics James E. Hayes Troy, Michigan A.B. Sociology James P. Hayes Elkhart, Indiana A.B. English Peter F. Hayes Elyria, Ohio A.B. Government Timothy J. Hayes Clawson, Michigan A.B. Preprofesslonal 272 Bernard F. Hearort Newark, New Jersey B.S. Aerospace Engineering Lynn F. Hebel Twin Lakes, Minnesota B.B.A. Accounting Edward M. Henn Huntington Station, New York A.B. History John K. Hennen Wheeling, West Virginia A.B. Sociology David A. Henner Grand Rapids, Michigan B.S. Chemistry Donald T. Heroman Baton Rouge, Louisiana B.B.A. Finance Timothy G. Herrlck Franklin Lakes, New Jersey A.B. Classical Languages Mark A. Herro Madison, Wisconsin B.S. Physics John M. Hesslon Emerson, New Jersey A.B. Sociology Joseph T. Hlckey Peersklll, New York A.B. Preprofesslonal William Hletallen Williamsvllle, New York B.B.A. Finance Douglas A. Hlgglns Kokomo, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Michael A. Hlgglns II Buffalo, New York A.B. Economics Robert G. Hlgglns Niles, Illinois A.B. Government William J. Hlldbold Fairfax, Virginia A.B. Sociology David D. Hill South Bend, Indiana B.S. Preprofesslonal Robert P. Mines III Uhrichsville, Ohio A.B. History James M. Hoban III Clinton, Missouri A.B. Modern Languages Gregory A. Hoffman Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. Preprofesslonal Clifford J. Hot mann Window Rock, Arkansas A.B. Government Walker L. Holloway Merced, California B.B.A. Marketing Paul S. Holowczak Elmwood Park, Illinois A.B. Sociology Joseph M. Holzmer Nashville, Tennessee B.B.A. Marketing Bruce A. Hooper Cherry Hill, New Jersey A.B. General Program 273 Kevin M. Hope Hamden, Connecticut B.B.A. Marketing John Hopkins III Warwick, Rhode Island A.B. Government John D. Hoppe Baraboo, Wisconsin A.B. Government Marianne E. Horak Washington, D.C. B.B.A. Marketing John J. Horf led Hebron. Illinois A.B. Economics Eric A. Home Ontario, Canada B.S. Metallurgical Engineering John T. Hoeey Old Hickory, Tennessee A.B. Sociology Edward P. Hrabcsak Warwick, Rhode Island A.B. Government Stephen L. Hrabrlck New York, New York A.B. American Studies Donald E. Hrlclk Bedford, Ohio B.S. Biology Mark S. Hubbuch Signal Mountain, Tennessee A.B. American Studies Thomas H. Hufendlck Denver, Colorado A.B. English Robert W. Hughes Salem, Ohio A.B. American Studies Geoffrey J. Hul Tytam. Hong Kong B.S. Physics Dale L. Hunt South Bend, Indiana A.B. General Program Gary P. Hunt Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. General Program Geoffrey P. Hunt Rosa, New York B.B.A. Accounting James H. Hunt, Jr. Pierre. South Dakota B.B.A. Marketing Brian X. Hurley Elgin, Illinois A.B. English James E. Hynes Westport, Connecticut A.B. English Albert J. Iff lander Southfleld, Michigan B.S. Biology Robert J. llllg Erie, Pennsylvania B.Arch. Architecture Peter J. Imbrogno Cicero, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Ronald J. Irvine Atlantic City, New Jersey A.B. History 274 Susan A. Jackson Clarksdale. Mississippi A.B. Psychology Timothy J. Jacob St. Marys, Pennsylvania A.B. English Thomas A. Jaglelskl Ellicott City, Maryland B.S. Chemical Engineering Michael M. Janko Peru, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Andre E. Jardlnl Glendale, California A.B. Sociology Donald H. Jaspers Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Stephen J. Jebbla Wheeling, West Virginia B.B.A. Marketing Stephen Jeselnlck St. Marys, Pennsylvania A.B. English Mark E. Jessell Silver Spring, Maryland B.B.A. Accounting David V. Johnson Gallipolis, Ohio A.B. Sociology Francisco Johnson Mexico 7DF, Mexico B.S. Mechanical Engineering Robert Johnson, Jr. Lathrup Village, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Lawrence Johnston Warsaw, Indiana A.B. Government David J. Jones Whitesboro, New York A.B. English Kevin G. Jones St. Louis, Missouri B.S. Civil Engineering Daniel T. Joyce Lancaster, Pennsylvania B.S. Mathematics Michael E. Joyce Youngstown, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Michael J. Joyce Chicago, Illinois B.S. Chemistry James M. Judge Rocktord, Illinois A.B. American Studies David E. Juruslk Elmira. New York A.B. Economics Paul M. Jury Columbus, Ohio B.S. Chemical Engineering Edward J. Kaclk Latrobe, Pennsylvania A.B. Government James A. Kaduk Lyndhurst, Ohio B.S. Chemistry Michael F. Kaiser Chatsworth, Illinois A.B. Government 275 WEREGUD 276 William M. Kane Hays, Kansas A.B. General Program Richard P. Kanser Miles, Illinois A.B. Economics Paul A. Karas Steger, Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering Jerome J. Kashlnskl Barrlngton, Illinois A.B. Government Dale W. Kaufman Faribault, Minnesota B.B.A. Finance Paul O. Kay Oak Lawn, Illinois B.S. Physics Robert J. Kearney Yonkers, New York B.B.A. Management Thomas J. Keefe Naperville, Illinois B.S. Electrical Engineering James T. Keenan III Ocaanside, California B.B.A. Finance John C. Keeney Kensington, Maryland A.B. Government John G. Kelmel Elmhurst, Illinois B.S. Electrical Engineering David P. Keklch Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Michael J. Kelleher Ellensburg, Washington B.S. Chemistry John C. Keller Herrodsburg, Kentucky B.B.A. Finance John F. Kelley Wilmette, Illinois B.S. Physics Robert K. Kelley Palatine, Illinois A.B. Economics Brian F. Kelly Des Molnes, Iowa A.B. Philosophy Joseph E. Kelly Margate, New Jersey A.B. English Kevin J. Kelly Utica, New York A.B. Government Michael J. Kelly Chicago, Illinois B.Arch. Architecture Thomas J. Kelly Douglaston, New York B.B.A. Marketing Vincent P. Kelly South Bend, Indiana A.B. English William J. Kemp Chicago, Illinois A.B. Government John S. Kennedy St. Louis, Missouri B.S. Civil Engineering 277 Raymond A. Kern Woodlynne, New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering Floyd J. Kezele Gallup, New Mexico A.B. Government Nicholas R. Klernan Long Branch, New Jersey A.B. General Program Thomas J. Klllan Aurora, Illinois B.S. Preprofasslonal Charles A. King Wheaton, Illinois B.Arch. Architecture Timothy King Lakewood, Ohio A.B. History John C. Kissel Crestwood, Missouri B.S. Civil Engineering Martin E. Klabacha Chicago, Illinois B.S. Preprofesslonal David R. Klunk Llttlestown, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Mark J. Kneepkens Kimberly, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofesslonal Warren T. Knudson Whittier, California A.B. Classical Languages Jerome A. Koch Scarsdale, New York A.B. Government Bruce D. Koehler Baltimore, Maryland A.B. Economics Conrad J. Kogovsek Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Dan C. Kogovsek Pueblo, Colorado A.B. Sociology Katie A. Kolar St. Louis, Missouri B.B.A. Management Stephen J. Kopp Downers Grove, Illinois B.S. Biology M. J. Koppenhafer Falrbom, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Richard Korolyshun Derby, Connecticut A.B. Government Gary R. Koslnskl South Bend, Indiana B.S. Mechanical Engineering Leonard J. Kovac Westchester. Illinois A.B. Government Gregory J. Kozak New York Mills, New York B.S. Mathematics Michael J. Kozak Chicago. Illinois A.B. Government Michael J. Kralovec La Grange, Illinois A.B. Government 278 Eugene A. Krathaue Buffalo, New York B.B.A. Accounting Charles E. Kratz Adelphi, Maryland A.B. History David G. Kravetz Cleveland, Ohio A.B. English David O. Kreuter Belleville, Illinois A.B. Mathematics Robert T. Krler Brookfield, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Eugene P. Krueger Buffalo, New York A.B. American Studies Richard A. Kuenster Chicago, Illinois A.B. American Studies John A. Kublnekl Dearborn, Michigan A.B. Psychology John J. Kuester Girard, Ohio A.B. History W. Bern Kunzweller Salt Lake City, Utah B.S. Mechanical Engineering John F. Kurtzke Falls Church, Virginia B.S. Mathematics Frank T. Kuaerk Woodbury, New Jersey B.S. Biology 279 Mark M. Kusner Mayfield Heights, Ohio B.S. Mechanical Engineering John T. Kutney Cincinnati, Ohio B.S. Aerospace Engineering James T. Labelle Frontenac, Missouri A.B. Economics Thomas J. Labuz Hazelton, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemical Engineering Edward J. Lacey Brooklyn, New York A.B. Government James J. Ladleu Concord, New Hampshire A.B. Economics Robert P. Lafave Birmingham, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Gary C. Lafond Freeport, New York A.B. Economics Michael L. Laf ranee Muskegon, Michigan B.B.A. Marketing Julio A. Lafrossla Crown Point, Indiana A.B. Government Michael E. Lally Sharon, Pennsylvania A.B. Preprofesslonal John B. Lampe Worthlngton. Ohio B.S. Biology Phillip M. Lang Crestwood, Illinois B.S. Physics Edward M. Lange Guilderlan. New York A.B. Sociology Dennis C. Laphan Cherry Hill, New Jersey B.S. Biology Melvln C. Laracey Bay City, Michigan A.B. General Program David J. Larson Cheyenne Wells, Colorado A.B. American Studies Paul J. Larsen Valley Stream, New York A.B. American Studies Robert A. Lash Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Management John A. Lauck Muncie, Indiana A.B. Government Thomas J. Laughlln Huntington, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing Deborah E. Lavln Bloomfield Hills, Michigan B.B.A. Marketing Mark A. Lawrence Saegertown, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Marketing David M. Lawson Birmingham, Michigan A.B. English 280 Stephen J. Lazar Youngstown, Ohio A.B. English Thomas J. Leahy Highland Park, Illinois A.B. Government Thomas W. Leary, Jr. Akron, Ohio B.S. Mechanical Engineering Richard W. Leblanc Hackensack, New Jersey A.B. American Studies Richard W. techier East Northport, New York B.B.A. Accounting Joseph M. Lee Kensington, Maryland B.B.A. Management William B. Leeds West Hartford, Connecticut B.B.A. Accounting Kevin R. Lelst Mountainside, New Jersey A.B. Psychology Peter A. Lenk Valley Stream, New York A.B. Government Michael R. Leone Houston, Texas B.S. Preprofessional Jon D. Leslie Evansville, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional David P. Levy Oak Lawn, Illinois A.B. Preprofessional Mark P. Levy Worthinglon, Ohio B.S. Chemistry Jeremiah B. Lewis St. Petersburg, Florida A.B. Sociology Charles Llddy Edina, Minnesota B.Arch. Architecture James P. Llddy Piqua. Ohio A.B. Sociology Michael Lillenthal Meriden, Connecticut A.B. Psychology Joseph D. Llpka Rock River, Ohio B.S. Mechanical Engineering Richard S. LIs Oakbrook, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Richard J. Little St. Paul, Minnesota A.B. Economics William T. Little San Antonio, Texas A.B. History Richard Lltzlnger Notre Dame, Indiana A.B. Modem Languages Jeffrey M. Lobosky San Dimas, California B.S. Preprofessional Kirk L. Lochmandy Elkhart, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting 281 Richard D. Lodewyck St. Louis. Missouri B.S. Civil Engineering Elizabeth Lombard! Columbus. Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Thomas L. Long Mansfield, Ohio A.B. Government Clifford W. Loeh Falls Church, Virginia B.B.A. Accounting Michael E. Loughrey Holyoke, Massachusetts A.B. English Thomas J. Lozano Decatur, Georgia B.S. Chemistry Jerome P. Luby Nutley. New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Thomas J. Lucas Minneapolis, Minnesota A.B. General Program Thaddeus Ludwlczak Batavia, New York A.B. Philosophy John W. Luechtefeld St. Louis, Missouri B.B.A. Marketing John L. Luft Evanston, Illinois A.B. Economics Joseph A. Lukaaka St. Paul Minnesota B.S. Preprofessional 282 Charles J. Luken Cincinnati. Ohio A.B. Economics Christopher Lussler Maitland, Florida B.S. Biology John Edward Lynch Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio A.B. Philosophy Mark B. Lynch Fall River, Massachusetts A.B. Anthropology Michael W. Lynch Long Island, New York A.B. Art John F. Lyons Walla Walla, Washington B.S. Chemical Engineering Michael J. Lyons Notre Dame, Indiana A.B. Modern Languages Jean M. Lysaught Omaha, Nebraska A.B. Political Science Donald J. Lyszewskl Kenmore, New York B.S. Mechanical Engineering Michael MacDonald Flint, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Carmen Maciariello Mechanicville, New York A.B. History Terrence P. Madden Dallas, Texas B.B.A. Finance Val F. Madden Mattapan, Massachusetts B.S. Preprofessional William H. Magee Somerdale, New Jersey A.B. Government Richard P. Maggl Murray Hill, New Jersey A.B. Government Francis J. Mahon Oak Park, Illinois A.B. English James M. Mahoney Somerville, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional John J. Mahoney III Shelby, North Carolina B.B.A. Marketing Patrick Mahoney Peoria, Illinois A.B. Economics Andrew J. Maimona Marysvllle. Ohio A.B. Government Peter J. Makarewicz Buffalo. New Jersey B.S. Chemical Engineering Terry J. Malik Elmwood Park. Illinois A.B. English Gregory Maloblockl Chicago. Illinois A.B. English Dennis R. Malofred Soda Springs. Utah B.S. Preprofessional 283 Richard J. Malone Lynn, Massachusetts B.S. Chemical Engineering Michael J. Manyak Flint, Michigan A.B. Preprofesslonal Richard A. Maples Huntington. Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Patrick G. Marcello Verona. Pennsylvania A.B. English Anthony T. March Glen Ellyn, Illinois B.S. Praprofessional James Marcuccllll Marion, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Michael R. Marget Center-villa, Iowa B.B.A. Accounting John F. Marian! Chaster Heights, Pennsylvania A.B. General Program R. E. Marlnangell LaSalle, Illinois B.S. Chemical Engineering Francis X. Marltote Oak Park, Illinois A.B. History James J. Marshall Worcester, Massachusetts A.B. English William P. Martin Merrillvllle, Indiana B.B.A. Finance Daniel Martuscello Marlboro, New York A.B. Government Michael J. Marut Cheshire, Connecticut A.B. English Richard Maschla Cherry Hill, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Thomas Masclangelo Fairport, New York B.S. Biology Frank A. Maslno Newark, New Jersey B.S. Preprolessional Michael P. Maskarlnec Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemistry Michael T. Matranga Wantagh, New York A.B. Government William R. Matthews St. Clair Shore, Michigan A.B. Sociology Thomas J. Maurer Hopewell Junction, New York A.B. Economics John Q. Maus Fort Lauderdale, Florida B.B.A. Management Robert S. May Marysvilla, California B.B.A. Accounting Paul D. Mayer Wauwatosa, Wisconsin B.B.A. Management 284 Dean J. Mayors Youngstown, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional James McArdle South Bend, Indiana A.B. English Peter J. McCabe Roslyn Heights, Now York B.S. Aerospace Engineering Thomas P. McCann Hudson Falls, New York B.S. Preprofessional Francis S. McCarthy East Haven, Connecticut A.B. Government James B. McCarthy Palos Park, Illinois A.B. Sociology Joseph F. McCarthy Bethpage, New York B.S. Aerospace Engineering Richard L. McCarthy Lynchburg, Virginia A.B. History William N. McCarthy Kings Park, New York A.B. Government John J. McCarty Ventnor, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Dennis R. McCoy Woodside, New York A.B. English Michael J. McCurdy Midland, Texas B.B.A. Accounting 285 James M. McDermott Edison, New Jersey A.B. Economics Kevin P. McDermott Grand Rapids, Michigan B.B.A. Management David T. McDonald Trenton, New Jersey B.B.A. Management James R. McDonald Long Island, New York B.B.A. Finance Robert J. McDonald Akron, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting David McDonnell Dubuque, Iowa B.S. Electrical Engineering Richard McDonnell Ottawa, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing John P. McEleney Clinton, Iowa B.B.A. Marketing William F. McEvoy Dallas, Texas B.B.A. Management William McFariand Leroy, New York B.B.A. Accounting Patrick C. McGlnley Monongahela, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting William D. McGinn Rochester, New York A.B. Government Thomas J. McGlynn Albany, New York A.B. Government Mark L. McGo wan Wllmette, Illinois A.B. Anthropology Thomas J. McGrath Nanuet, New York A.B. Sociology William T. McGrath Oak Park, Illinois A.B. English Steven F. McGraw Haddonfleld, New Jersey B.S. Mathematics John F. McGroary West Haven, Connecticut B.B.A. Marketing Loren McHenry III Farmington, Missouri B.S. Chemical Engineering John J. McHugh Toledo. Ohio A.B. Government Stephen D. Mclntee Carmel. Indiana A.B. Government Adam G. Mclntosh Winnetka, Illinois A.B. English John T. McKenna Houston, Texas A.B. English John T. McLane Arnold, Maryland B.S. Mathematics 286 287 James E. McLaughlln Westmont, New Jersey B.S. Metallurgical Engineering John P. McLaughlln Middletown, New Jersey A.B. Government Stephen McLaughlln Weymouth, Massachusetts B.B.A. Finance Thomas McLaughlln Lawrenceburg, Indiana B.B.A. Acco unting Thomas P. McLennon Naperville, Illinois B.S. Biology Richard J. McLoy Saco, Maine A.B. English Brian R. McMahon Staten Island, New York A.B. Preprofessional John K. McMullan Albuquerque, New Mexico A.B. Psychology James J. McNally Albany, New York A.B. History Patricia McNamara Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting James F. McNlchois Oak Park, Illinois A.B. Economics Thomas McNulty, Jr. Gloucester, New Jersey B.S. Mathematics Charles McParland Newark, New York A.B. Mathematics John J. McOullkln Chattanooga, Tennessee B.Arch. Architecture Peter L. McVoy Wayne. Pennsylvania A.B. Government Alice Q. Meagher Louisville, Kentucky B.B.A. Marketing Christopher D. Mecca Port Chester. New York A.B. History John S. Melster Belleville, Illinois B.S. Chemical Engineering Thomas F. Mendoza Stonybrook, New York A.B. Sociology Stephen O. Merkle Brandy wine, Maryland A.B. American Studies Thomas A. Merrltt St. Louis, Missouri B.F.A. Fine Arts Mark J. Mershon Somervilie, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting David P. Master Stanford, Connecticut A.B. American Studies Joseph P. Mesure Cheltenham, Pennsylvania A.B. English 288 ' Mary E. Metzler Shawnee Mission, Kansas B.B.A. Marketing Robert Mlchelottl Billings, Montana B.B.A. Accounting John A. Mlddleton Rowayton, Connecticut A.B. American Studies Kirk J. Miller Old Tappan, New Jersey A.B. Government Mary K. Miller London, England A.B. Psychology Stephen Miller, Jr. Syosset. New York B.S. Civil Engineering Thomas R. Miller Streator, Illinois A.B. History Daniel J. Mills Summite, New Jersey A.B. Psychology David Mlnch Rocky River, Ohio B. Arch. Architecture Gordon J. Mlnlcller Annandale, Virginia A.B. Sociology Robert J. Mitchell Stamford, Connecticut A.B. Government Robert J. Mltschel Long Island, New York A.B. Psychology Stephen R. Mllnac Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. English Edward J. Modlc Fairview Park, Ohio B.S. Biology Robert I. Moeller Bayville. New Jersey B.S. Chemical Engineering Susan M. Mogab Notre Dame, Indiana A.B. Political Science Elizabeth J. Mohan Streator, Illinois A.B. Government Raymond Mohrman, Jr. St. Louis, Missouri B.S. Preprotessional Richard J. Mole Grafton. Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Eugene J. Mollnelll Briarcliff Manor, New York B.S. Physics John P. Molony Millvllle, Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting Joseph P. Mondello Wayne, New Jersey A.B. English John E. Moneghan Hatboro, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering Peter L. Montenaro Amsterdam, New York A.B. Psychology 289 Gregory T. Monlto Northbrook, Illinois A.B. English Frederick J. Monsour Jacksonville, Florida A.B. English George T. Moore II Martinsville, New Jersey A.B. Speech and Drama Michael J. Moore Saratoga Springs, New York A.B. Government Thomas Moraczewskl Wynantsklll, New York B.S. Physics Patrick J. Moran Omaha, Nebraska B.S. Chemical Engineering Victor J. Moran Rockville Centre, New York B.S. Mathematics Lawrence J. Mordan Cherry Hill, New Jersey B.S. Biology Kelly M. Morgan Columbus, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting John E. Morrow Bloomfield, New Jersey B.S. Chemical Engineering Edwin V. Mono Bettendorf, Iowa B.S. Preprofessional John H. Mowbray Las Vegas, Nevada A.B. Government Robert L. Mozulay Wayne, New Jersey A.B. Sociology Mary B. Mulcahy Short Hills, New Jersey A.B. American Studies Patrick F. Mulhern Crofton, Maryland B.S. Civil Engineering Daniel A. Mulligan Highland Park, New Jersey B.B.A. Finance Richard J. Mullin Hicksville, New York B.B.A. Finance Patrick T. Mulva De Pere, Wisconsin B.B.A. Management Arthur R. Munlz Belleview. Florida A.B. English James D. Munsch Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. History Gary W. Murphy Lexington, Massachusetts B.B.A. Management James A. Murphy Walpole, Massachusetts A.B. Government Patricia A. Murphy Holmdel, New Jersey A.B. Government Richard L. Murphy Gladwyn, Pennsylvania A.B. History 29O Robert D. Murphy Loch Arbour, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Michael P. Murtaugh Ashland, Ohio B.S. Biology Guy J. Murtha Ossining, New York B.B.A. Marketing Michael Musarro South Euclid, Ohio A.B. Preprofessional Gloria Musilek Birmingham, Michigan B.B.A. Management Michael D. Mustard Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting James E. Musuraca East Liverpool, Ohio A.B. Economics Michael A. Mylrskl Bethlehem, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering Michael Mysllwlec Grand Rapids, Michigan A.B. Psychology Robert Nabholz, Jr. Conway, Arizona B.B.A. Accounting Gilbert J. Nadeau Somerset, Maine A.B. General Program Gerard M. Nagle Hyde Park, Massachusetts A.B. Government 291 292 Kenneth L. Male Bridgeport, West Virginia B.S. Aerospace Engineering Ronald Naleplnskl South Bend, Indiana B.B.S. Accounting Brian J. Neary Bayinne, New Jersey A.B. Sociology William A. Necel North Tonawanda, New York B.S. Biology Ralph M. Nedelkoff Crestline, Ohio A.B. Government George W. Nelson Atlantic City, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Mark A. Nelson Clinton, Iowa A.B. Psy chology Stephen C. Nesblt South Bend, Indiana A.B. Economics James J. Newell Bethel, Connecticut B.S. Civil Engineering Francis J. Nlehaus Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. English John H. Nlehaus Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Finance Richard E. Nlelson South Bend, Indiana A.B. Preprofessional Kenneth N. Nlgon Olney, Maryland B.S. Electrical Engineering John F. Noble South Bend, Indiana A.B. Sociology Gerard M. Nolan Queens Village, New York B.S, Preprofessional Michael A. Nolan Defiance, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Donald Nollet Nibbing, Minnesota A.B. Sociology Llneene L. Morris Cleveland, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing David R. Nowak South Bend, Indiana A.B. Philosophy William J. Nugent Manhattan, Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering Daniel A. Nye II Kearney, Nebraska A.B. History Henery A. Oberln Birmingham, Alabama B.S. Aerospace Engineering David R. O ' Brien Absecon, New Jersey B.B.A. Finance James A. O ' Brien Fall River, Maine A.B. Preprofessional 293 Kevin P. O ' Brien Rochester, New York A.B. Mathematics Michael P. O ' Brien Canton, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing Robert A. O ' Brien Scranton, Pennsylvania A.B. English Michael Obuhanlch Alfred, New York B.B.A. Accounting Dennis L. Obyc Wheeling, West Virginia B.B.A. Accounting Mark A. Ochsenblen Columbus, Ohio B.B.A. Marketing James M. O ' Connell Cape Elizabeth, Maine B.S. Aerospace Engineering Davle J. O ' Connor Weedsport, New York B.A. Economics John J. O ' Connor Milton, Massachusetts A.B. Sociology Paul T. O ' Connor East Haven, Connecticut A.B. American Studies Stephen J. O ' Connor Silver Springs, Maryland B.B.A. Accounting G. Daniel O ' Donnell Scranton, Pennsylvania A.B. English 294 Joseph C. O ' Gorman Hamburg, New York A.B. General Program Kevin J. O ' Qrady Lima, Ohio B.S. Biology Maureen O ' Qrady Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Management Francis P. O ' Hara Sandusky, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Michael T. O ' Hare Massapequa Park, New York A.B. Government Denis J. O ' Leary Bellmore, New York B.B.A. Accounting Thomas G. O ' Leary Andover, Maryland B.S. Civil Engineering Joseph M. O ' Llva Mount Prospect, Illinois A.B. Preprofessional Clement R. O ' Malley Burlington, Massachusetts B.B.S. Accounting James J. O ' Malley Youngstown, Ohio A.B. Economics Timothy J. O ' MIck Leawood, Kansas A.B. English Timothy P. O ' Neill Ventura, California B.S. Chemistry James T. Oplel Plains, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Robert S. Oppold Waterloo, Iowa A.B. Economics Daniel Oravec Akron, Ohio A.B. Psychology Mark L. Orlandlnl LaSalle, Illinois B.S. Chemistry Martin Ostapowlcz Clayton, Missouri A.B. General Program John C. Ostertag Jacksonville, Florida B.S. Mathematics Jose M. Otl, Jr. Western Springs, Illinois A.B. Government James Ottavlano, Jr. Pottstown, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Charles E. Overturf Long Beach, California B.B.A. Accounting Edward L. Owen III Valhalla, New York A.B. Sociology David P. Pabarcus Belleville, Illinois B.S. Chemistry Daniel J. Pacentl North Chicago, Illinois A.B. History 295 Robert M. Palalch St. Louis, Missouri B.S. Biology Francis L. Palazzo St. Louis, Missouri B.S. Biology Paul J. Paiinski Rochester, New York B.B.A. Accounting Lee F. Pallardy III Tampa, Florida B.B.A. Finance Stephen R. Pallucca Frontenac, Kansas A.B. English Paul J. Pandolf i Wilmington, Delaware A.B. English John T. Papa Madison, Illinois A.B. Government Q. M. Papparlella Hershey, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Marketing Terrence P. Parent Chicago, Illinois A.B. Sociology Frank J. Parente Latham, New York A.B. Government Earley Parham III Columbus, Ohio A.B. Modern Languages William S. Parker Miami, Florida B.S. Preprofesslonal Llvlo J. Parolln Elmwood Park, Illinois B.S. Mathematics Randall R. Patchak Flossmoor, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Peter A. Patrlarca Knoxvllle, Tennessee B.S. Preprofesslonal John J. Patout Navasota, Texas A.B. Psychology i B PI Michael J. Paullue Chicago, Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering William Patterson Williston Park, New York B.B.A. Management Marcla L. Pavllk Des Moines, Iowa B.S. Geology Richard M. Pavllk Johnstown, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Matthew A. Payne, Jr. Montclair, Now Jersey B.S. Physics Jerome J. Pecoraro East Haven, Connecticut B.B.A. Accounting Robert A. Pedtke South Bend, Indiana B.S. Mechanical Engineering John C. Pelne Davenport, Iowa B.S. Architecture Nicholas R. Peluse Longmont, Colorado B.B.A. Marketing Gregory L. Perczak Western Springs, Illinois A.B. Philosophy Patricia Perkovlch Arcadia, Canada A.B. American Studies Michael L. Peroz Alliance, Ohio B.A. English Frank J. Perrlcelll Rochester, New York B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Joseph R. Peter Omaha, Nebraska B.S. Electrical Engineering John M. Peterson Palatine, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Stephen G. Petruccl Kalamazoo, Michigan B.B.A. Marketing 297 John J. Pfafflnger Kingston, Massachusetts A.B. Government Timothy Phelan Monroe, Michigan B.B.A. Marketing John G. Phillips Shawnee Mission, Kansas B.B.A. Finance W. D. Phillips, Jr. Perryville, Missouri A.B. History Robert P ice I a no Jr. Endlcott, New York B.B.A. Management Thomas J. Pllla Ferguson, Missouri A.B. Preprotesslonal James C. Plngel Lake Villa, Illinois A.B. Government Lawrence J. Pino Orlando, Florida A.B. General Program Manuel A. Pinto Westmount. Montana B.B.A. Marketing Michael Plotrowskl Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Biology John E. Planalp Oshkosh, Wisconsin B.S. Chemical Engineering Thomas G. Plavac Euclid, Ohio A.B. English Charles F. Ploszek Bedford, Park, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Ronald R. Pogge Council Bluffs, Iowa A.B. General Program Anthony G. Polcarl Union City, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Robert E. Polomskl Bayonne, New Jersey B.S. Chemical Engineering Raymond J. Popeck Washington, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Peter E. Poplt Waukegan, Illinois B.A. American Studies Joseph M. Portaz Paterson, New Jersey B.S. Mechanical Engineering Ann M. Powers Chicago, Illinois A.B. Psychology Mark H. Powers Mallbu, California A.B. Psychology Michael T. Powers Savannah Beach, Ge orgia A.B. Sociology Francis W. Price, Jr. Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional J. J. Prochaska, Jr. Westchester, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting ft 298 299 Stephen Pronchlck Paulsboro. New Jersey B.S. Aerospace Engineering Edwin A. Ptak Cicero, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Charles L. Pucevlch Monaca, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Greg S. Pudhorodsky Trenton, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional John C. Puentes Atkinson, Illinois A.B. Music William Oulgley Jr. Peoria. Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Gary J. Oulnn E. Paterson, New Jersey A.B. Preprofessional Patrick J. Rafter Lewiston, New York A.B. English Terrence Ratcllff Jasper. Texas B.A. American Studies Jerry R. Razer West Frankfort, Illinois B.S. Mechanical Engineering Ralph J. Real San Antonio, Texas B.S. Mathematics Francis P. Regan Scarborough, Canada B.A. Management Michael P. Regan Lockport, New York B.S. Preprofessional John F. Reilly Creve Coeur, Missouri A.B. Mathematics James R. Relnert Glendale, Wisconsin B.A. Finance Donald E. Raising Mt. Prospect, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Stephen M. Reltz Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. General Program William A. Reltz South Bend, Indiana A.B. Sociology Richard J. Renner Detroit, Michigan A.B. Modern Languages Robert G. Renner, Jr. St. Paul, Minnesota A.B. Government David L. Reuter Greenfield, Indiana B.A. Finance Paul K. Rezk Barnesboro, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional John J. Rlccl Detroit, Michigan A.B. Mathematics William A. Rice Paramus, New Jersey A.B. Government 30O Joseph Richa Panama City, Panama B.S. Mechanical Engineering Bruce W. Richardson Omaha, Nebraska B.S. Preprofessional Bro. Jack Rlcheson Notre Dame, Indiana A.B. History Gerard Rlclgllano West Caldwell, New Jersey A.B. English Martin T. Riddell Highland, California A.B. English Martin L. Rlcoy Mexico City, Mexico B.B.A. Marketing Kathleen A. Ries Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.B. Political Science Robert B. Rleser Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania B.S. Geology George A. Rlley New Orleans, Louisiana B.B.A. Finance Mark Rlley LaPorte, Indiana A.B. Fine Arts John C. Ring Duluth, Minnesota A.B. Preprofessional Juan E. Rivera Guaynabo, Puerto Rico B.B.A. Marketing 301 3O2 (P f Francis J. Rizzone Oil City, Pennsylvania A.B. History Victor F. Rlzzuto Shrewsbury, New Jersey B.S. Civil Engineering Robert Roberts, Jr. Plainfield, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering Gary D. Robinson Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania A.B. English Michael K. Robinson Bowling Green, Ohio B.S. Biology Edward J. Roche Oak Lawn, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Daniel P. Rock Plantation, Florida A.B. Government Roland Rodriguez San Antonio, Texas B.Arch. Architecture Joseph H. Roe Columbia City, Indiana B.B.A. Management Robert W. Roemer So. Holand, Illinois B.B.A. Management William D. Roerlng St. Cloud, Minnesota B.S. Biology Gerald R. Roethel Palos Heights, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Thomas M. Rohrs Rockeville, New York B.S. Mechanical Engineering James M. Roller Fairview Park, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Samuel E. Romano Poland, Ohio A.B. English James M. Ronan, Jr. West Long Branch, New Jersey A.B. American Studies James M. Roolf Sewickley, Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology Neil J. Rosini Teaneck, New Jersey A.B. English Thomas E. Roszak Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Electrical Engineering Stephen E. Roth Madison, Wisconsin A.B. Mathematics William T. Rouse So. Milwaukee, Wisconsin A.B. Sociology Donald P. Ruane Pleasantville, New Jersey A.B. Sociology Robert T. Rubinelll Oak Park, Illinois A.B. Sociology Michael R. Ruffer Franklin, New Jersey A.B. American Studies 303 Mark W. Rukavlna Milwaukee, Wisconsin A.B. Psychology Robert L. Rulll Vanderbilt. Pennsylvania B.S. Aerospace Engineering John M. Rueche Lacrosse, Wisconsin B.S. Chemical Engineering Paul A. Ruschmann Union, New Jersey A.B. American Studies Richard S. Rusnak Shrewsbury, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing Mary Jo Russell Harrodsburg. Kentucky B.B.A. Marketing David B. Rutkowskl Mt. Prospect, Illinois A.B. English Daniel J. Ryan Norwalk, Connecticut A.B. Psychology Dennis J. Ryan Wellsville, New York A.B. English John J. Ryan North Haven, Connecticut A.B. English Johanna M. Ryan Columbus, Ohio A.B. Psychology Richard E. Ryan Wllmette, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Robert E. Ryan Columbus, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Andre C. Salas Mllford, Ohio B.S. Preprofessional Joseph A. Salata Bridgeport, Connecticut A.B. English Joseph A. Sa lvatore Akron, Ohio B.S. Biology Ronald T. Salyer Spearvllle, Kentucky A.B. Psychology Paul S. Sanzo Garden City, New York A.B. Government Thomas P. Sarb Dearborn, Michigan A.B. History John M. Sarlkas Decatur. Illinois B.B.A. Management Michael A. Scala Warren, Ohio A.B. Government Andrew Scantlebury Marietta, Georgia A.B. English Stephen R. Schact West Bend, Wisconsin B.S. Preprofessional Steven J. Schafer Indianapolis, Indiana B.S. Electrical Engineering 304 I t l Robert Schetter, Jr. Yakima, Washington B.S. Preprofasslonal James M. Schellman Atlanta, Georgia A.B. Theology Daniel P. Schlavone Youngstown, Ohio B.B.A. Management Thomas Schlageter East Wlllstown, New York A.B. Government Raymond Schlesler Wantagh, New York B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Kenneth G. Schlezes Rochelle, Illinois B.B.A. Marketing Robert A. Schmidt Valley Stream, New York B.S. Civil Engineering James A. Schneld Syracuse, New York B.S. Preprofessional James A. Schneider Tucson, Arizona A.B. General Program Rick Schofleld Michigan City, Indiana A.B. Economics Alan E. Schreck Rochester, New York A.B. English Francis C. Schreck Albany, New York A.B. History Paul G. Schreler Johnstown, Pennsylvania A.B. Electrical Engineering Theodore Schuerman Springfield, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Roche Schulfer Hlnsdale, Illinois A.B. Economics Robert D. Schultek Cherryhill, New Jersey B.S. Electrical Engineering Daniel J. Schultz Cortland, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Michael Schumaker Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.B.A. Management Donald J. Schuster Johnstown, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemistry Robert G. Scott Plymouth, Indiana B.S. Preprofessional James L. Sebastian Norwood Park, Illinois B.S. Biology John R. Serglst Swanton, Ohio A.B. Economics William F. Selbel Roslyn, Pennsylvania A.B. Mathematics John S. Seldl South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing 3O5 Gary J. Seise Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Edward P. Selego St. College, Pennsylvania A.B. Art Larry S. Semerad Baltimore, Maryland A.B. Economics James H. Senger Tulsa, Oklahoma B.S. Preprofesslonal James A. Shanahan Rushville. Indiana B.B.A. Finance William J. Shannon Cincinnati, Ohio B.B.A. Finance Donald F. Shea Bennington, Vermont A.B. Preprotessional Charles A. Shloleno Mandham, New Jersey B.S. Biology Hugh Shipley Potomac, Maryland B.S. Physics Dennis J. Shubnell Detroit, Michigan A.B. English James D. Shula Painesvllle, Ohio B.B.A. Accounting Unas A. Sldrys Streator. Illinois B.S. Preprofessional Martin A. Slemlon Valparaiso, Indiana B.B.A. Management William R. Slerks Glenvlew, Illinois A.B. Government Richard J. Sllcox Connellsville, Pennsylvania B.S. Aerospace Engineering Mark S. Silo Yonkers, New York B.S. Civil Engineering Paul S. Simmons Hillside, Illinois A.B. Preprofessional Michael P. Simon Klrkwood, Missouri B.S. Physics Christopher J. Simpson Bayonne, New Jersey B.S. Biology Kenneth P. Simpson Guide Rock, Nebraska B.S. Mathematics Gary L. Singer Birmingham, Michigan B.B.A. Management Brian R. Sittley Westlake, Ohio A.B. English Laurence J. Skelly Rockaway Park, New York A.B. Psychology Louis E. Skrabec Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Metallurgical Engineering 3O6 Timothy J. Slavln Morrison, Illinois A.B. English Bradley J. Sleeper Mankato, Minnesota A.B. Sociology Douglas R. Smego Short Hills, New Jersey B.S. Preprofessional Carlos R. Smith Republic of Panama B.B.A. Management Dennis J. Smith Manteno. Illinois B.B.A. Finance James B. Smith Methuen, Massachusetts A.B. History John S. Smith Dallas, Texas A.B. Sociology Paul J. Smith Atlanta, Georgia A.B. Electrical Engineering Terence L. Smith Orland Park, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Theodore F. Smith Anderson, Indiana A.B. History Walter A. Smuk Oak Lawn, Illinois A.B. English Paul J. Symth Long Point, Connecticut A.B. Economics 308 James R. Snyder Vienna, West Virginia A.B. Economics Nancy C. Snyder Stockholm, New Jersey A.B. Modern Languages Dennis Sobolewskl Haddonfield. New Jersey A.B. Sociology John C. Sortlno Berwyn, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Joseph M. Sowa Cranford, New Jersey B.S. Geology Lawrence J. Spadonl Vineland, New Jersey A.B. Psychology Thomas J. Spahn Westchester, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Walter J. Spak Lower Burrel, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Gregory P. Spohr Huron, Ohio B.S. Mathematics Francis R. Spreeman Dundee, Michigan A.B. Government Robert J. Sprott Aurora, Illinois A.B. History Frank A. Stackhouse Detroit, Michigan B.S. Chemistry Philip A. Stark Poughkeepsie, New York A.B. History Patrick Steenberge Erie, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Marketing Mark J. Stelnborn Point Huron, Michigan A.B. English Robert J. Stelnborn Nloe AFB, Colorado B.B.A. Marketing John M. Selma Parma, Ohio B.S. Pr eprofessional Susan J. Sterner Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Management Charles Stlmac, Jr. Brooklyn, Ohio A.B. Economics Bruce E. Stlmson Grandview, Washington B.B.A. Accounting Robert W. Stockhoff Lakewood, New Jersey B.B.A. Management James P. Steepler Toledo, Ohio A.B. Psychology Richard W. Stone II Geneva, Switzerland B.B.A. Finance David L. Strobe! Gladstone, Oregon B.S. Mechanical Engineering 309 310 Stephen J. Strug Stoughton, Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting William H. Strycker South Bend, Indiana A.B. American Studies William Studenic Cobourg, Canada B.Arch. Architecture Stephen A. Studer Point Huron, Michigan A.B. Government Gary P. Stuerenberg Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. Sociology Augustine D. Stungys Massillon, Illinois B.S. Chemical Engineering Michael G. Suddes Springfield, Illinois A.B. Art Christopher Sullivan Ballwin, Missouri A.B. English John J. Sullivan, Jr. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania A.B. Government Lawrence Sullivan Oak Park, Illinois A.B. Government William Sullivan, Jr. River Forest, Illinois A.B. Economics William F. Sullivan Greenfield, Massachusetts B.B.A. Management Charles M. Sulzman Troy, New York B.S. Physics H. G. Surkamp Saint Louis, Missouri A.B. History Jullanne T. Sutton Dunwoody, Georgia A.B. Psychology Philip M. Sutton South Bend, Indiana A.B. Philosophy Erik J. Swanson Detroit, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting James S. Sweltzer South Bend, Indiana B.S. Physics Mark C. Swenskl Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania B.S. Chemistry Michael J. Sydllk Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania B.S. Civil Engineering Joseph Szady Milford. Massachusetts A.B. General Program Ernest J. Szarwark South Bend, Indiana A.B. History Robert E. Szerencse South Bend, Indiana B.S. Biology Edward J. Szewczyk Belleville, Illinois B.S. Preprofessional 311 Michael Szomjaesy Newtonvllle, New York B.S. Civil Engineering Walter J. Szwsrc South Band, Indiana B.S. Aerospace Engineering Richard Szymanskl Hichsvllle, New York A.B. American Studies Robert Takazawa, Jr. Elgin, Illinois B.B.A. Finance James E. Talarlco Fort Wayne, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing Dennis F. Tallman Merchantville, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Joseph J. Tapajna Gary, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Kenneth A. Taylor Severna Park, Maryland B.S. Preprofesslonal Richard G. Thoen Buffalo, New York A.B. Theology Andrew D. Thomas South Bend. Indiana A.B. Government Jeffrey A. Thomas Huntsville, Alabama A.B. Government Marc A. Thomas Geneva, New York A.B. Preprofessional Solly J. Thomas, Jr. New Kensington, Pennsylvania A.B. Economics Paul J. Thompson Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan B.S. Physics Daniel E. Thornton Waterloo, Iowa B.B.A Management Raymond F. Tlerney Bridgeport, Connecticut A.B. English 312 David B. Tobben Washington, Missouri A.B. Economics Jerome W. Tobin Miami, Florida B.S. Preprofessional Paul M. Tobln Iron Mountain, Michigan A.B. English Richard M. Toland Chicago, Illinois A.B. English James L. Tomasi South Bend, Indiana A.B. Art Steven J. Tommet South Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Mathematics James Tomshack Jackson, Michigan B.B.A. Finance Frank A. Toth Chicago, Illinois B.S. Mathematics Robert W. Tracy West Haven, Connecticut A.B. English Michael F. Tralnor Herkimer, New York B.B.A. Marketing Timothy C. Treanor Williamsville, New York A.B. English William Trevethan Lakewood, Connecticut B.B.A. Marketing Gary V. Trick Kettering, Ohio A.B. History Kenneth Trlvison Euclid, Ohio A.B. Psychology Gary L. Troy Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.B.A. Finance Jeffrey A. Truthan Shaker Heights, Ohio A.B. Psychology 313 Stuart I. Tsubota Honolulu, Hawaii B.S. Biology John L. Tully Tacoma, Washington A.B. History Gerald N. Tuorl Syracuse, New York A.B. English Richard M. Tuyn R. Lauderdale. Florida A.B. Sociology Cornellu J. Twomey S. Boston, Massachusetts B.B.A. Accounting Michael R. Uglno Spencarport, New York B.S. Praprofessional Edward R. Ulllnger Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Electrical Engineering Stephen Underhlll Indianapolis, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Richard Ungvarsky United, Pennsylvania B.S. Praprofessional Stanley F. Urankar Cleveland, Ohio A.B. American Studies Bruce A. Urban Fairfax. Virginia B.B.A. Finance Richard Valllcelll Westchester, Illinois A.B. English Richard van Berkel Opa Locka, Florida B.B.A. Accounting Laurence A. Velchek Chicago. Illinois A.B. Economics Amaury A. Velez San Juan, Puerto Rico A.B. Sociology Morris R. Veepole West Orange. New Jersey A.B. English George I. Vlamontes Crave Coeur, Missouri B.S. Biology Kenneth T. Vlllano Granger. Indiana B.B.A. Management John L. Vltale Kenllworth. Illinois A.B. Art Charles P. Voelker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Accounting Denis R. Vogel Flint, Michigan A.B. English John D. Voli South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Marketing T. M. Vonderbrlnk Cincinnati, Ohio A.B. English Timothy M. Vrabel Rockaway, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting 314 Mark L. Vuturo Miami Shores, Florida B.B.A. Finance James H. Waddlck Waltham, Massachusetts A.B. English John H. Wade SomervMle, New Jersey A.B. English David C. Wagner Ferguson, Missouri A.B. English Karl T. Wagner, Jr. Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania B.S. Preprofessional Vincent O. Wagner Utica, New York B.S. Mathematics Gregory S. Wahl Sterling. Illinois B.S. Mechanical Engineering James F. Wald Seattle, Washington B.B.A. Finance Stephan Waligorski West Allis, Wisconsin B.B.A. Accounting Myron A. Walker Baton Rouge, Louisiana A.B. English Dennis J. Wall West Sayville, New York A.B. Psychology Edmund A. Wallace Olean, New York A.B. English 315 Edward L. Walsh Hamden, Connecticut A.B. Economics John F. Walsh III Birmingham. Michigan B.B.A. Accounting Michael P. Walsh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Marketing Vincent A. Walsh Cranford, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing Robert M. Ward Chicago, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Edward P. Walters De Witt, New York B.S. Biology Richard E. Waugh Columbus, Ohio B.S. Engineering Science Michael P. Weber Galesburg, Illinois A.B. American Studies Thedore S. Weber Fairfield, Connecticut A.B. Economics Patrick J. Wegeng Camarago, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Thomas C. Wehmeyer Watervliet, New York B.S. Mechanical Engineering James S. Weigel Danielson, Connecticut A.B. English William Welsslnger Ozone Park, New York A.B. Preprofessional James A. Welling East Moline, Illinois A.B. Sociology Robert H. Welly Toledo, Ohio A.B. English Eugene M. Welsh Brentwood, Missouri A.B. Philosophy Stephen T. Welstead Rochester. New York B.S. Mathematics S. J. Wengronowltz Waseca, Minnesota B.B.A. Finance Joseph J. Wenke Glenolden, Pennsylvania A.B. English Craig A. Wernlg St. Louis, Missouri B.B.A. Accounting D. F. Westenkirchner Toledo, Ohio B.S. Biology R. J. Westerhide Birmingham, Michigan B.B.A. Accounting John M. Weethoven Boonton, New Jersey B.B.A. Management L. M. Wettermark Mobile. Alabama A.B. History 316 Joseph R. Wetzel East Aurora, New York B.S. Preprofessional Donald J. White Daytona Beach, Florida A.B. General Program Edward R. White Bevere, Massachusetts B.S. Civil Engineering William C. White South Bend, Indiana A.B. Government F. M. Whlterabblt Hudson, Wisconsin A.B. Anthropology Kenneth P. Whiting Binghampton, New York A.B. American Studies Timothy J. Whlttere Cedar Rapids, Iowa A.B. American Studies Gary M. Wllbert Fair Haven, New Jersey A.B. Econom ics Michael J. Wilbur Elmhurst, Illinois B.S. Civil Engineering Mark D. Wllcox Glenview, Illinois B.B.A. Finance Thomas V. Wllhelm Seekonk, Massachusetts A.B. Theology John C. Williams Sioux City, Iowa B.B.A. Accounting Joseph B. Williams Hunlngton, New York B.B.A. Finance Richard L. Williams Casper, Wyoming A.B. Government Michael J. Wilson Warren, Ohio A.B. English Richard C. Wilson Pipestone, Minnesota B.B.A. Finance Richard Wlnkler Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Joseph Wlsnlewskl South Bend, Indiana A.B. Government Robert M. Wohleber Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania B.B.A. Finance Robert N. Wolf Evanston, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting Thomas J. Wolf Harrisburg, Illinois B.B.A. Accounting William A. Wolff Manhasset, New York A.B. Economics James L. Wolohan Saglnaw, Michigan B.S. Mechanical Engineering David M. Woods Westfleld, New Jersey B.B.A. Marketing 317 Howard Wood Redondo Beach, California A.B. American Studies William J. Workman West Hyattsville, Maryland B.B.A. Marketing William J. Woznlak Cleveland, Ohio A.B. Psychology Thomas A. Wright Sparta, New Jersey A.B. Economics Edwin M. Young Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Electrical Engineering John C. Young Baldwin, Missouri B.B.A. Marketing Michael J. Young New Brunswick, New Jersey A.B. History Robert T. Young Summits, New Jersey B.B.A. Accounting Daniel L. Yuruzar South Bend, Indiana B.S. Metallurgical Engineering James L. Zagata Sayreville, New Jersey B.B.A. Management Ernest M. Zampelll Lawrence. Massachusetts B.S. Mathematics Richard T. Zatorskl Kearney, New Jersey B.S. Mathematics John F. Zele Buffalo, New York A.B. Philosophy Michael J. Zemlyak South Bend, Indiana B.B.A. Accounting Charles J. Zettel Racine, Wisconsin A.B. Sociology Robert Zlegelbauer Manitowoc, Wisconsin B.B.A. Finance Christopher Zlellnskl Flushing. New York B.S. Preprofessional Joseph R. Zoucha Fort Wayne, Indiana A.B. Philosophy Joseph D. Zulll Secane. Pennsylvania A.B. Sociology Joseph Zygmunt Western Springs. Illinois B.B.A. Accounting 318 319 SENIOR INDEX Phoenix. Az. 85018 BARTH, PHILLIP W. 409 W. Minnesota SI. Mock Convention. West Covina, Ca. 91790 Chess Club; Ski Club; Young 721 Wtckkrw Rd. Spring Valley. III. 61382 BOflAWSKI. THOMAS BROWN, GEORGE F. ABOWD. JOHN M. 29298 W. 12 MUe Rd Farmunton. Ml. 48024 Democrats. ARAQUNDE, RAFAEL A. 175 luu Barreras. Box 1234 Louisville. Ky. 40207 (la Kappa Ha. Kentucky Club; Observer: Fiannar Judicial BERNARDI. THOMAS L 513 W Sante fo St Toluca. III. 61389 1C CornficlrJ Slmsbury. Ct. 08070 BORBELY. JOSEPH 6226 Cheryl Dr. Falls Church, Va. 22044 Neighborhood Study ABRHAM, JOHN P. 46 Harrison Ave. Cayey. Pr. 00633 ARAMAN, ANTONE S. Board. BAR THEL DENNIS R. finance dob. BERNARDIN, VINCENT 1014 Morion Ave. Akron, Ohio 44306 Program: A.I.E.S.E.C. BROWN, JAMES G. Bellavtw. Ky. 41073 PI Tau Sigma: A.S.H.L: Neighborhood Study Help Program. ACKER, LAURENCE C. 10306 S. Hoyne Ave. Chicago. II. 60643 ADAMS. PAUL E. 120 Croyden Rd. lyndnurst. Oh. 44124 veland Club. ACOSTA, JOHN M. 786 Macon Place Unwndale. N. Y. 11553 AHASIC. QA 321 Lagrande Aurora, III. 60506 AHASIC. MARK A. St Annt Box 19079 Jerusalem. Israel ASELAGE. STEPHEN J. RR4 Sidney. Ohio 45365 A8TUNO. JOHN J, JR. 3457 Federal Blvd. Dennr. Co. 8021 1 AUBIN, BRUCE M Wesl St. RFO 2 Kingston. Ma. 02364 AUGUSTINE. LLO r sine., li . N. Y. 10314 AULISIO. JEROME J. 781 (airman! Ave. Youngstown, oh. 44510 AVALOS. MARIO T. 1544 t. Routt An. 4122 N. Pontlac Ava. Chicago, 19. 60634 BARTIZAL, KENNETH F. 2433 So. 4th Ave. North Riverside. III. 60548 BASANESE. FRAN 88er Dover. N. J 07801 Marketing Club: Bengal Bouts 3: Management Club: Freshman Football Team; Notice Boxing -hjmpion. BASOUILL. STEPf 23 (uHMgton An. Rockledge. n. 32 55 BASSE r r THOMAS A. 155 Chicago Clarendon Hills. II (0514 3114 E. Blacklord Evansville. In. 47714 Neighborhood Study Program (Tutoring) Student Alumni Rotations Group. BERNOT, RAYMOND H. 806 St Peter St So. Bend. In. 4(817 BEHTKE, DAVID J. " i An. (enevue, y. 41073 Karats 3.4: Intertiall Football Intarhall i.,v BERTOLOTTI. RICHARD i-iv 3 Lockport III 80441 (and. BERZ1NSKI. RICHARD Football BORD 5740 Farragut SI. Hollywood, a 33021 Stody Help Program 2; stu- dam oovi Pub. Rel. 2.3: Om- budsman 2,3. BORG, STEPHEN 52529 KenRworth So. Bend. to. 46637 BORKOWSKI, JOHN J. 4120 Parkslde Dr. Brooklyn. On. 44144 Science Quarterly 1 . " ' .3.4; BORNHOLOT. THOMAS F. R. 0. 2, Box 99 4 NortMield La. Bay Shore. N. Y. 11706 lacrosse 2,3.4. BROWN. MICHAEL E. 133 Avalon Dr. Daly City. Cut 94015 BROWN, PETER J. 17700 Karen Dr. Entino, Cam. 91316 Cross Country 1: Track 1: Home Program. BROWN, WILLIAM V. 2224 Winding Way (roonudl. Pa. 19006 Tau Beta PI (Engln. Hon. Fret); N.O. AIA Student Chaplar Pres. 3: 1971 Oongali ASC AIA Connnbon. Wash.. D.C. 10 Calumet Ave. Aurora. III. 60506 nan Pueblo. Co. 91004 ity Marching Band 1.. BASTEOO, EUGE 12 Ru; 6208 N Kirkwood Chicago. IK. 60(48 Bedford. N Y. 10508 BOSACK. ROMALO B. BROWNE. CHRISTOP J. 411 loth St. Sw. ALBERS, NANCY M 5130 laurel Hal Or. Indianapolis Ind 48226 mild Air SOCK- BADGER. RAYMOND L. Smnirtnwn. N. Y. 117(7 WSNO Radio: Sports FJATHON. GEOROE H. BEST. MARTIN C. 312 MIRer Road Poorta. Ill (1(14 11605S. brapknvood Chicago, in. 60655 BOTHE. ROBERT J. Waooru, Mn. 5(4(2 Track 1: Inbxhall footbaR BROYARD. CHARLES L. ALDRICH. JOHN R. RFD 4. Parum Hd. Colchester. CI. 0(415 RO 3. Box 456 rlklmi. Md. 21821 fioH-Varslly i AM J. 1704 Madison An. Nortolk. Nb. 68701 7931 SW 58th Ave. Miami Flu. 33143 Gaimiao N Y 14454 BAKER. GERALD R. BATTISTI. LARRY 9034 Clint Ave. Jam Board 1 . BRUCK. BARBARA ANN fencing 1,2.3,4: Management Club: finance Crub: Pro-law Society. ALFCANORO, STEPHEN 81 South St Shrewabury. Ma, 01545 ALLEGA, RICHARD Crest Orln White Plain-.. N. Y. 10607 JEWITT W. 2648 Orchard Park Camon, Ohio 44718 ALOIA. GREGORY V 134 Edgewood Dr. 3311 Wilson St Cuy Falls. Oh. 44221 ity Marching S.- Concert Band I BAKER. MAF 100 Clare Haven Hudson. On. 44236 BALL, JAMES D. 1131 N. Purlins SI Rush. BALLARO. ( 406 Adalr Rd. Lexington, Ky. 40502 BALMERT, FRANCIS D. Rt 2. (ox 24, Country Club Dr. 406 C Rochester. N. Y. 16612 International Student OrgMzMlon: Iniwluti Soccer BAUDLER. JAMES P. 8306 N. Louise An. Chicago, II. 60646 ' EY J. k-.hurj Or. ManslMd. Oh. 44904 BAUER. MARK 1406 Snebuygan. Wl. 53081 BAUER. WILLIAM F. Crown BiAC.l. STEP, 917 Magnolia Avt. finance Club: mirtiiring Club. Kentucky Crab. BILLINGS. VICTOR J. 330nest. Hudson. Mass. 01749 Intorttall AIMetlcs 1 Baseball 1. SINGLE. ROBERT J. vesBxook Or. Tots BIRCHFIELD. JAMt BOTTARI. PAUL J. 6 S, PoHum Manor. N. Y. 10803 SOUP- Eastern Point d. Btoocester. Ma. 01830 BOVY, TIMOTHY R. 202 Pin Oak No. Mbshawaka. In. 48544 BOYLE. MARK G. 245 Hawksworth Rd. (reemburg. Pa. 15601 BOYLE, MICHAEL J. 189 Euclid An. Sharon. Pa. 16148 1130 C Artlnglon Hgls.. U. 80004 Young Repubficans: Tutoring. BRYAN, JOHN GREGORY Mo. 64836 BRYANT. KERRY A. 1823 Terrace Place Detano, Ca. 83215 BUCCINI. STEVEN A. 303 Westoe Rd. Richmond. Va. 23229 Craw SomorvMa. N. J. 08876 WSNO McOermott Oh. 45692 4 Barry Rd. Park 2045 Spruce 81. BRADLEY, K BUCEK. MARK S. Apt Aerou 1873 KrighUi of Columbus ' Interbal! (aaketb Interhall Football GAMale. Mo. 63122 Notre Dame (uslmtn Romnr Doe Plalnos, W. 600 18 Alpha EsoHon Oena 4; Pro- 8 Slonycrmt Sd. Rye. N. Y. 10580 1222 E. 172nd St. So Holland. II. 60473 Bogota. Columbia ANASTASOFF. DENNIS 799 Wall An. Boret PA! ON THOMAS H. 50 54 N. Michigan WSND 4: WSNO 1 Academic Comnnsslon- r Farley Hall. mod Club 1.3.4: University Bands (Marching. Concert, Vanity BIIV3, ROBERT J.. JR. I P I - " : r n J 1 1 1 ' LeodersMp HUrittute 3.4. BRADY. MICHAEL T. 228 Horton S). Young Republicans, M, Hal Judge 1: Chicago Club: Managamenl Ckn. BUCHANAN, JAMES G AIESEC So. Bond, Ind. 46(37 BAUM. MICHAEL A. 22 Bvmybrook Or. WIRws Barro. Pa. 18702 4824 N. Woodburn St ANDERSON. JOHN A. i l l ' l Llfld nl.lT Or AM STEPHEN R. 125 Faknouth St. (tdg. 9. Apt lewpl Gap PkO Wtamgtoa. De. 19808 Oenrartst. N. J. 07(27 New Jersey Club: fencing 1.- Pro-mod Club. BRADY. PHILLIP D. Milwaukee. Wl. 53217 BUI FIN. ROBERT M. 20 Observer 2.3.4. 1751 Rodeo Rd. 286 Pine An. uujnvtew. Ill 60025 ANDERSON, JOSEPH E. 1448 Wayland Or. Columbus, Oh 43207 ANDERSON, JOSEPH F. 301 E. Rldkry Ave. Ridley Park. Pa. 18078 Rochester. N. Y. 14615 BALTHROP. JOHN t 63 Shoreline Or. Bull Breeze. Fla. 32881 Swimming 1 BANFIELO. rnAN 551 Myrtle An. BEECHER, STANLEY A. A 1. Box 1H Rochester. In. 46975 BEHR. ROB! 8410 Humboldt An. S. ' .5423 BITTERS. Sf 22325 Thomson Or Ml CmnKtt, ML 4(043 BIXBY, HOB ' 591 Wmw r Pitt-. Arcadia Ca. 91008 BRA MLAGE. RUES: (243 Kaywoad Or. Cincinnati. Oh. 45243 SRAUN, EDWARD J. 248 Harrison Ave. (Urns Pk, Pa. 19117 ft. teuderdate, fla. 33308 BULGER. JAMES C. 5027 Dearborn St Pittsburgh. Pa. 15224 HOLM AN. JOSEPH R. Knrtram Aw. So Ambov N J 08879 ANDERSON, LOUIS Woodbridge. N. J. 07095 3 G utitflorrJ Ph Dr Rugby 1,2.3,4: Intarhall Fool- H English Assoc 815 Arch Ave. So. Bond. Ind 46618 ANDERSON, RICHARD p. BARALE. RICHARD M. Vsndergrilt. Ponru. 15890 W. (abyton. H. Y. 11704 BELL. FREDI 2309 E Vm . . ' 3.4. nanny (nebM . Pitt Club 1.2: Marketing Cbn ball; Neighborhood Study Program. BREEN PAUL J. BUNOA. ROBERT A. 4528 Brabbu: Gr. Rapids. Ml. 49506 9419 S. 52nd Ave. A.S.M ' hj ' Basoball PWaderBbla. Pa. 19134 Rugby Team BLACK. J DREW (For 54 Chatham Rd. CMumbus. Ob. 43214 BUNSTER, MAX 1750 N. E llMh S!. Oak lawn, in 80453 ANDRADE. ALFREDO 859 Vero Clarkston. Ga. 30021 ANDR EANO, RALPH J. Interhall foobal 2.3; Hall Gonrnment. BARANY. DOREEN L. 1332 Brentwood Ct Si.urti (end. In. 46828 BELO I860 Bremen. Lyndhurst. Oh 44124 Onucron Delta EpOon |NHS ol Suorph Ont. CjMda Varsity Hockey 1: Minage- montc BLA, | S(_ BRENNAN. THOf. ' 1)37 (rockley Ave. Lakewood. Oh. 44107 BRENNER, ALBEF ' (848 Broadview Rd, Mlsr BURAS. JOHN NICHOL 910 W. Jelrenon South ; BURCH DAVtO J. 13 Jam. Paterson. N J. 07502 BARB 416 Santord Place Observer: WSNO redlo engkieer: tntorhoH 5; Stan BLOC ' Parma, Oh. 44134 BRENNER. DAVID H. 2001 23rd Ave. W. 33505 ANDREOTTI. PATRICK Erie. Pa 16511 BARBER. JOHN P. BENCA. WILLIAM F. Rt 2. Block Rd. lortvi (ex 713 ArnoMo Pk.. la. 51331 BUROUUS. VINCENT 1004 Johnson St. Ettonabeirg. Wa 98926 5430 W. Eddy St Chicago. It. (0641 25 Crowley St. Randolph N. Y 14772 BLOESER. MICHAEL H. 2905 Holland BRESCIA. DONALD J. 815 Park An. Ebnlra. H i 14901 Library Start; Mardi Gras ANDRES, THOMAS M. A S C f CM tpsllon: Inlerhall Rugby Cluh Erie. Pa. 16504 Forest, M, 60309 Travel Comm. P. 0. Box 3149 Football 1.23. Inlerhall BENNETT JACK W BLUNDON. WILLIAM L. BHEV1G, STEPHEN E. BURGARDT, THOMAS J. NAPA, Ca. 94558 ANDREWS. JOHN C. RfO 6. Box 303 Charlottei vino. Va. 22901 ANOHYSZAK. JOHN A. Rwken BARBIERI. LOUIS E. 239 Wall St. New Jersey Club: A.I.A. 22 Baldwin farms N. Greenwich Ct. 08(30 Obsarvnr 2: Neighborhood Study Prograr Hall Judicial Board 2: 4430 KUrnor Dr. MurrysviUe. Pa. 158(8 Observer: Judicial Board: InterluR Jinietics. Hall Govl: IntrahaU Alldenca. 4342 Chowen Are. N. Robbinsdale. Minn. 55422 BRIDGEMAN, MICHAEL W16MU729 Sheridan Menomonee Fall. Wl 53051 1216 Rrdgewood Garden City, Ks. BURKART, JAMES A. 1107 Gnome Trail Lookout Ml.. Tn 37350 5906 Medora Rd. LMhicum Hgt.. Md. 21090 ANEN, RICHARD J. 915 MortMield. Or. BARD, RICHARD A. 1400 S. Catamia Redondo Bch.. Ca. 90277 Karate Club. Inlerhall Athletics BENNETT. ROBERT 8 Sunrise lane Upper Saddle River. N. J. BOCCIO. ANTHO.v tl Clinton Ave. Lynbrook. N. V. 11583 BOEHNEN, DANIEL A. BRIICK. HERBERT O. 20S Qum.v HMsdala. III. 60521 BRINES. MICHAEL L Wrestling 1: P BURKE, DANIEL R. 185 Falrgate St Bochextor. N. Y. 14606 60509 BARKO, RANDALL S. 07458 804 VI,, 4623 Ottawa CI. Soccer Intramurals. Karate Ci- ANKUTA. RICHARD J. 333 W. 10th St m.i. 16502 WroftlMg 1,2; InterhaH Foot- ball 1.2 Mitchell S. 0. 57301 SONADIES. THOMAS H. Midland. Ml. 48640 Science Quarterly: WSNO BURKE, DENIS P. 1107 Baldwin SI Student Manager tor ArMenct BENT. DAVID V. 19601 E. GrMuore BROCKMAN. PATRICK Harian. Inwa 91537 Brooklyn. N. Y. 11208 821 Forest Ave. So. (and. Ind- 46637 211 CaratpaOr. Knlgh ANTHONY. MARK J. BARRETT, DAVID M. Mnltaawaka. In. 46544 BONK. MICHAEL R. MUhawaka. m 48544 BURKE, EDWARD J. 228 Spring An. 12180 ANTHONY. MAURIC 711 N. Sunset Lane Guymon. Ok. 73942 BARRETT. RICHARD A. Neighborhood Study Program (Tutoring). BERAN. ROBIN D. 203 N.r ton Ave. So. St. PJUI. Mn. 95075 Hockey. BRODEN, THC ' .i -, 201 W. NorBl Shore So. (end. la 46617 107 Ruck land Or. , ' i xst. N. Y. 13212 BURKE, KEVIN J. 1657 Turtle Crk. W. 1030 Courtland Aw. BONNET. FRANKLYN R. BROPHY, WILLIAM M. NMMopDr SO. Send. Ind. 46637 Pan Ridge. III. 800(8 So. (end. In. 46818 RR 3. Box 496 14 Dahlia Drive Tray, Mich. 48084 ANT1NOZZI, D Hall Council. BERGKESSEL. ERNEST U Porte, m. (airport N. Y. 14450 NSHP 1.2.3; ACS 3: SMC 3392 Hmiiinoion Rd BARRY, O , 1550 Royanon Rd. BONTEMPO, PAUL N. CILA: Lacrosse 1: MANASA: Cultural Allalri Com- Strattord Ct. 064 ' - 140 Tr RreckaviRe. Ohio 44141 frairj urn NICH. missioner 3. APKER, DAVID B. Wood Ridge. N J 07075 Lacr, FUrkam Pk.. N. J. 07(32 BROWN. ARTHUR S. BURKE, PETER D. 4959 N. Saddle Rock Observer BERGONIA. R. DA inertias Soccer, vmieybinl: 2538 E. Eddes 226 S. Hawlnome Dr. So Band, Ind. 46617 BURKLEY, JOHN H. CANALE. ROBERT E. 140 St. Andrews FWY Ell wood City. Pa. 16117 CARUSO. GARY J. Buffalo. N, V. 14211 Studenl Manager 1,2.3; Youngstown. Oh. 44515 COLLINS. PAUL W. SENIOR INDEX 106G Broadview Ave. Memphis. Tn. 38111 222 Arlington Dr. Hockey Manager 3: Head 50 14th Ave. N. Columbus. Oh. 43212 Pre-Med Society. Canonsburg. Pa. 15317 Hockey manager 4. Fargo. N. Dak. 58102 and Development Commis- Interhall Rasketball 1.2,3: CANNARIATO. WSND Radio Newsman CHOW, GEORGE T. COMMANDER, sion. Flanner Hall VP 3. MICHAEL 3.4 Talk Show Host. 4. Radio 14 Chateau Banquet CHARLES COUORIET. MICHAEL R. BURNS, MICHAEL P. 3030 Hlghcrest Rd. OJ. 4: Interhall football 1.2: Geneva, Switzerland 147 Tilden Rd. Holy Cross Brs. Cl. 121 East High Mntpelier. In. 47359 Rocklord. II. 61107 CANNON, DAVID C.. JR. Interhall basketball 3.4. soft- ball 1.2.3,4: Class Executive CHRISTY, WILLIAM F. 204 Breakspear Rd Marshfleld. Ma. 02030 Notre Dame. In. 46556 COURTNEY THOMAS Finance Club 2.3.4: Pre-law 303 S. Pasadena Dr. Coordinator 2,3: Chairman of Syracuse. N. Y. 13219 president 3: Marching Band a. Society 3.4. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15215 Class Weekend 2.3: SMC rep CHUCK. TIMOTHY L. 1.2.3,4; Concert Band 2.3.4. 725 Blueberry Dr. BURNS. MICHAEL W. Notre Oame Science Quarterly 3; Pitt Club treasurer 84 Montgomery St. CONDON. J. JOSEPH Canfletd. Oh. 44406 2340 Smith Road 2.3: Hall Government 2.3; 2. Canaioharie. N. Y. 13317 840 Sheldon Rd. Track 1. Akron. Oh. 44313 Student-Alumni Relations CASALE. MICHAEL JR. Brotherhood of Burrlto. Charleston. S. C. 29407 COWIN, JEFFREY A. Boxing (Bengal Bouts Cham- Group 3.4. 1716 Walnut St. CHUNG, HARRISON P. CONLEY. JOHN E. 1505 Columbus pion) 2: Neighborhood Study CANNON. JAMES B. Willlamsport, Pa. 17701 747 A. Lukepane Ave. 50 Bradford St. Burlington. N. J. 08016 Program Captain 3.4: Sailing South Hamton Rd. Omicron Delta Epsilon; J.V. Honolulu. Hi 96816 Warren. R. 1. 02885 COWIN. JOSEPH P. Club 3.4; Skiing Club 2.3. Bkighamlon, N. V. 13903 Baseball 1.2: Intrahall AIESEC; Pre-law 4; CONLON, JOHN A. 3027 Ansborough Treas. 4. Track 3.4: Interhall Athletics Baseball 1.3: Interhall football Finance 4; Hawaiian Club 365 Nicolls Rd. Waterloo, la. 50702 BURNS, ROBERT 1. 1.2.3,4: Hall Social Commis- 3. President 4. Deer Park. N. Y. 11728 Cheerleading 2.3.4. 135 East Parkway sion: Hall Govn. CASEY. JOSEPH J. CIESZKOWSKI. JOHN H. CONNELL, CHARLES J. CRAIG. MICHAEL L. Columbus. No 68601 CAULD, MARK 9900 S. Homan Ave. 38630 Ann Arbor Tr. 714 W. Orman Ave. 3225 Morgan SI. BURNS, WILLIAM J. ANTHONY Evergreen n.. III. 60642 Livonia. Mich. Pueblo. Co. 81004 Sieger. III. 60475 6063 Chinaberry Or. 4630 Lorraine CASEY, KEVIN J. CIPRIANI. RALPH J. CONNELLY, STEPHEN CRAMER, ALDEN S. Columbus. Oh. 43213 Dallas, Tx. 75209 153 Walnut 363 Rockdale Rd, p. 1221 Lees Drive Math Assoc. of America: Math CAPASSO. CHARLES A. Valparaiso. In. 46383 FoKansbee. W. V. 117 Draycott St. Las Cruces 88001 dull InPIRG Box 71. Rd. 1 Football 1. CIRONE. ROBERT A. Fayettevllle. N. Y. 13066 Class Council 1: Chairman BURRELL. ROGER A. Pedrlcktown. N. J. 08067 CASPER, MICHAEL O. 32 Pace Drive CONNOR. EDWARD T. Netre Dame St. Mary ' s 126 W. Rose Lane Dean ' s list 1,2.3: Intramurals: 410 E. Apple Tree N. Babylon. N. Y. 11703 38 Perdicaris PI. Students for McGovem; Pres. Phoenix. Ariz. 85013 Tutoring. Neighborhood Study Milwaukee. Wl. 53217 CIUNGAN, MICHAEL F. Trenton. N. J. 06618 Mountain-West Club 2; Model Observer; Badin Hall Pros. 3: Program. CATHCART, CHRISTOP 4345 Tenth St. CONNAUGHTON, S. G. UN 2; Celtic Society 4. Cross-Country Track CAPPELLI. LOUIS R. 52 Forest Hill Dr. Ecorse. Mi. 48229 1515 E. Jefferson CRANE, MAHGUERITTE 1.2.3,4. 26 Danby Place Guelph Ont.. Canada CLANCY, KEVIN V. So. Bend, In. 46617 3335 Bayvlew Dr. BURROUGHS. BROCK Yonkers. N. Y. 10701 Hockey 1.2,3.4. 10 Suggs lane CONRAD, JOHN LEE Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. 33308 7108 Northcote CAPPLES, CHARLES J. CAULFIELD, MICHAEL Hteksvllle. N. Y. 11801 4957 Luna Or. Business Review Magazine; Hammond. In. 46321 5550 Keamy Mesa 7823 Buckskin Dr. Science Quarterly Magazine. Oceanside. Ca. C2054 Hall Council: Marketing Club; ND-SMC Univ. Chorus 3,4; San Diego, Ca. 92111 Indianapolis. Ind. 46250 CLARK, DENNIS P. Zero Population Control, Julians. Judicial Board 2. Interhall Football 1,2; Knights Track 1: Interhall football 4413 Maple Ave. South Bend Civil Liberties CRAVEN, GEORGE W. BUSICK, CHARLES M. of Columbus Coach 2.3. Bethesda, Md. 20014 Union. 2807 Yorkshire Bvd. 6 High St. CAPSHAW. DONALD W. CAVANAGH, MICHAEL Boxing 2.3,4; Interhall foot- CONROY JOHN Louisville, Ky. 4D220 Wheeling. W. V. 26003 1005 E. 32nd St. B. ball 1,3; Volunteer probation 20 Greenhill Omicron Delta Epsilon; Stu- Football Mgr. 1.2.3, Head 4: Taxarkana. Ar. 75501 134 Illinois Ave. Officers Program. Orange. Ct. 06477 dent Senate 1; AISEC vice- Student Mgr. s Organization Gov ' t Fraternity; Observer PMerson. N. J. 07503 CLARK, DENNIS R. CONROY, PHILIP L. president. 4: Interhall Football, Basket- Reporter and Pub. Director 2: Dean ' s List 2,3: Interhall 66735 Liberty Hwy. 4421 N. 53rd St. CREANEY, ROBERT M. ball 1,2.3: Hall Judicial Board Interhall football, baseball 3 Basketball 1,2.3.4; St. Joe No. Liberty, In. 46554 Omaha. Nb. 68104 200 Garden M. 2: Hall Activities 1.2.3. yrs.; boxing 2 years; Hall Psychiatric ward Volunteer. Interhall Basketball 2; Glee Club: Neighbor Load Tonson, Md. 21304 BUTLER, JAMES F. II! gov ' t 1 year. CEPULIS. RIMVYDA3 L. Neighborhood Help Study Study Help 2,3. Football 1,2,3,4. 317 Holiday Dr CARBONE, ROBERT A. 2945 Forest Lane Program 2,3: Astronomy CONSOLO, JOSEPH A. CHEGG, MARTIN S. Pgh. Pa. 15237 105 Halladay Ave. Wllloughby HHIs. Ohio 44094 Club; A.S.C.E. 1748 N. Austin Ave. 4915 W. Genesse St. BUTLER. JOSEPH 1. Yonkers. N. Y. 10701 Rugby 2. CLARK, ROBERT T. Chicago, III. 60639 Camillus. N. Y. 13031 Box 2004 CARBONE, VINCENT P. CERRETTI. DOUGLAS P. 1276 Fairholme Rd. CONWAY, CHARLES R. CRISCIO, KENNETH S. Santa Fe, N. M. 87501 2B675 Gales Mills 5 Shady Lane Grosse Pointe Wood. Ml. 235 Brainard Dr. 2968 Capri Dr. Interhall Athletics Pepper Pike. Oh. 44124 Davenport, la. 52803 48236 Youngstown, Oh. 44512 Toledo. Oh. 4361 1 Baseball 1; Neighborhood Study Help 2.3; Hall Secretary American Society of Civil Engineers: Secretary of ASCE. CHAMBLEE, ROLAND W. Alpha Epsilon Delta, CLARKE, GERALD P. Bicycle Club: Interhall Tennis and Hockey 1,2,3.4: Tutoring. Neighborhood Study Help Program. 3; Big Brother 1 CAREY, ALEXANDER A. 53287 N. Ironwood 6050 Manker St. CONWAY, THOMAS CRISCUOLO, DAVID J. BYHD. CHRISTOP H. 7532 Fairwood Lane So. Bend, Ind. 46635 Indianapolis, Ind. 4E227 FRAN 8 Eldorado Or. 110 Southwood Dr. Falls Church. Va. 22046 Boxing Club 1.2,3.4. CLEMENCY, WILLIAM 2301 Roberts Dr. Johnston, R. 1. 02919 W Seneca, N. Y. 14224 CAREY, NORTH E. CHANSKY, THOMAS F. M. Big Spring. Tx. 79720 Interhall Softball 1.2: basket- Golf 2.3.4. 2808 NE 26th St. 617 Allen Street 24 Gunther St. COONEY, JOHN T. ball 2.3; Intramurals 1,2,3.4; BYRNE, ROBERT E. Ill Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33305 Elizabeth. N. J. 0 7202 Mendham. N. J. 07945 3 Tamarack Rd. Class Treasurer 3.4: Hall 1121 Foucner St. CAREY, RICHARD P. Student Union Service Com- CLEMENT, JOHN J. Weston. Ma. 02193 Council 2,3.4. New Orleans, la. 70115 90 Craig Rd. mission: Pi Sigma Alpha. 19941 Cherry HII wsao oj 3. CROGAN, JAMES W. CABRAL, LUIS J. misdate, N. J. 07642 CHAPLEAU, JOHN C. Southfield. Ml. 48078 COOPER, MARK A Student Athletic Mgr. 1; 3 Maximo Gomez. Santo Student Union Academic 52930 Timbertand Eta Kappa Nu. 69 Illona Or. Junior Class Sec-treas. 3: Domingo Commission 1: Hall Gov ' t (J. Granger. Ind. 46330 CLEMENTS, MARTIN J. Greenhills, Oh. 45218 Neighborhood study Help Dominican Republic Board. Section leader hall CHAPPELL. CHRISTOP Illll Green St. COPPOLA. Prog. 1.2.3. Internal! Soccer 1.3: Interhall council) moreau Seminary Atchtson. Ks. 66002 MARYLOUISE CROSS. TIMOTHY S. Volleyball 2.3; Hall Gov ' t 2.3; CAREY, TIMOTHY J. Notre Dame. In. 46556 CLEVA. WILLIAM E. 669 Bronson St. 2872 Sycamore Way Tutoring Program 3; Pan-Am 25 Hillwood Ave. CHAPUT. PETER J. 502 Commack Rd. Watertown. N. Y. 13601 Snala Clara. Calif. 95051 Club Sec.-Treas 2. Edison. N. J. 08817 1004 Lake Ave. Commack. N. Y. 11725 COHGEL, JAMES M. CROWE, PATRICK J. CAHILL, GREGORY F. Intramurals 2,3.4. Wilmette. II. 60091 CLIFFORD, DENNIS E. 75 Seminary Ave. 28 Donald Dr. 1 1 1 Marquez PI. 309 CAREY, TODD W. CHARLES, EARL C. 130 Emerald St. Binghamton. N. Y. 13905 Syosset. N. V. 11791 Pacific Palisades 90272 2808 NE 26th St. RFD 1. Taunton Lake Broomfield. Co. 80020 Interhall Basketball 1.2,3.4: Intramurals Big Tau Bela Pi: AIA Student Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. 33305 Newtown, CL 06470 Interhall basketball 1; Navy University Band-Irish Guard Brothers 1.2: Tutoring 3.4. Chapter Sec.-Treas.; Class A.S.M.E.: Wrestling 1. CHARTIER. FRANK L. ROTC basketball 2; Navy 3.4; WSND Radio 2,3.4. CROWLEY, MARK Representative 1.2.4 CARLETON. BERNARD 6135 Lodewyck ROTC. CORMIER, RAYMOND F. 11 Murchison PI. (Architecture). D. 2628 Arlington, Ave Detroit, Mi. 48224 CLYNNE, MARTIN S. 499 Hillside Ave. White Plains. N. Y 10605 909 St. Agnes Baltimore, Md. 21207 New York. N. Y. 10463 CARLSON. ANN Progress; Internal! Athletics 1,2.3; Hall Council Secretary Brigantine. N. J. 08203 COAN, MICHAEL A. Hartford. Conn. 06106 Interhall Sports CORNWALL. MICHAEL CULHANE. JOHN L. 8522 Cottage St. Vienna. Va. 22180 CAHILL, THOMAS B. 503 N. Main St 1,2; Treasurer 3; AISEC: 307 Cart St. J. Science Quarterly: Internal! 1839 N. Natchez Gibsonburg. Ohio 43431 Finance Club. Rockvllfe, Md. 20851 7539 W. Palatine basketball 2: Interhall soccer Chicago. III. 60635 Mock Convention 3. CHECCHEA, MARK E. Fencing 1; Tutoring. Chicago. III. 60631 3. Dean ' s List: Interhall Athletics CARNEY. EDWARD J. 115 Clinton PI. COCHRAN. DAVID R. Fencing Captain 3,4. CULLEN. JAMES R.; Varsity Track 1. 3 Huron Road Utlca, N. Y. 13501 3203 Longview St. CORRIGAN, FRANK W. 109 Louise St. CALDERA. MILTON J. Bellerose. N. Y. 11426 Interhall Athletics 1,2.3.4; Dallas. Tx. 75206 17 Hemlock Dr. Sayre. Pa. 18840 Apartado 1189 CARPENTER. WILLIAM Psych. Club: Pre-iaw Society; COEN, PATRICK D. Holden. Mass. 01520 Baseball 1.2; Lacrosse 3.4. Managua. Nicaragua 1406 Girard Dr. AROTC. 843 S. Swain CORRIGAN, TIMOTHY J. CULLIGAN, SHEILA P. CALOWELl. CYRIL R. Louisville, Ky. 40222 CHEONG-LEEN, H. M. Elmhurst. III. 60128 39 Sagamore Trail 119 Berkeley PI. 3912 Riveredge Rd. CARPENTIEH, DIANE M. GPO Box 5B4 Hong Kong COFFEY, MICHAEL Sparta. N. J. 07871 Glen Rock. N. J. 07452 Cleveland, Oh. 44111 161 Chartevoix Ave. Glee Club Accompanist 3,4; EDW. Interhall basketball; Logan Marketing Club: Hall Council. CALHOUN, C. W. Ill 2328 Clyde Terrace Grse. Pta, Fms. Ml. 48236 CARR, DAVID W. Chines! Students Association Sec. 1. 42 Dover Chester Dover. N. J. 07801 Center 2; Sophomore Literary Festival (special arrange- CUNHA. RICHARD J. JR. 22 Edith Holmes Or. Homewood. III. 60430 15 Stearns St CHEPER. ANDREW J. Member: IEEE. Manasa. ments). Sdtuate, Mass. 02066 Tutoring 1.2.3. Worcester. Ma 01603 20 Oak Ave. COLBERT. JOHN E. CORSO. CHARLES W. Hockey 1.2,3.4. CAMAS, JOHN M. Tutoring 1,3. Larchmont. N. Y. 10538 1330 W. Main St. Moreau Hall CUNNINGHAM. KEVIN J. 425 W. Washington CARR. LAWRENC E III CHIAFAIR, JOSEPH G. Ionia. Mi. 48846 Notre Dame In 46556 2446 E River Drive Bradford, Pa. 16701 9616 Culver St. 87 Somerset Ave. COLBURN. TIMOTHY Q. COSGROVE, Davenport, la. 52603 Pre-Med Club; Logan Center Kensington, Md. 20795 Garden City. N. Y. 11530 4805 Camelol St. TERRENCE Kali Athletics: Brotherhood of Volunteer. CARROLL, DANIEL J. CHOBANIAN, SARKIS J. Rockville. Md. 20853 4114 Elsmere Ave. Burrito. CAMPAGNA, LOUIS J. 290 Heberton Ave. 5588 Chapel lane Interhall Football 1.2.3: Norwood. Oh. 43212 CUNNINGHAM. 157 Renner Ave. Staten Island. N. Y. 10302 Canfield, Oh. 44406 Interhall Basketball 1. COTTER, GARY M. MICHAEL Union. N J. 07083 Track Hall Judicial CHOBY. ROBERT J. COLELLA. PATRICK V. 6814 S. Maplewood 279 Rich Road CAMPBELL, ROBERT B. Board 3,4. 520 E. Court St. 57 Kenmare St. Chicago, 111 60629 Park Forest. IK. 60466 205 Dorchester St. Whippany. N. J. 07981 CARROLL, JAMES P Standhrook House. 2 Did Bond Doylestown. Pa, 15905 Sociology Club: Interhall foot- New York. N. Y. 10012 COLEMAN, JOHN C. Intramurals 2: Accounting Club. CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT WSND CAMPBELL, VINCENT R. St. London Wl. England ball 3.4: Tutoring: Meat Squad. Logan School Box 1645 Ft. Myers. Fla. 33902 COTTER. WILLIAM J. 7607 Mahrem Ave. 430 So. Betbrook Bellbrook. Oh. 45305 333 So. 14th CARTWRIGHT, ERIC S. CHOJECKI, LAWRENCE COLLELO, PHYLLIS J. Philadelphia Pa 19151 ROTC. Saginaw. Mich. 48601 124 Hazen Ave. 264 May Street 47D4 Norquesl Blvd. V.P. Flying Club 3; Research CUNNINGHAM. STEVEN 321 SENIOR INDEX Team Manager 1.2. 3987 Saltsburg Rd. Milwaukee. Wis. 53210 Geneva. N. Y. 14456 gram. OELANEY. HELEN L. Murrysvllle. Pa. 15668 Cultural Arts Commission. EDMONDS, EDMUND P. FARBOTKO, PETER J. 1326 Marquette (vd. Wrestling 1: Alpha Epsilon DOYLE. SCOTT P. 4110 Robertson Bvd. 2147 W. 18HI PI. 180 Whaly Street So. Bend. In 46616 Delta: Interhall Athletics: Hall 919 S. Arden PI. Alexandria. Va. 22309 Chicago. III. 60608 Freeport. N. Y. 11520 OELANEY. THOMAS J. Government. Anaheim. Ca. 92(02 Student Athletic Manager 1.2: Interhall Basketball. Baseball. Neighborhood Study Help 815 ' i E. LaSafle DIETTE. JAMES G Hall President: Hall Council. Interhall Football 3: WSND 3. Football: Hail Government. Program. So. Bend. In. 46617 394 Longmeadow Rd. DRAPER, ELWYN D. EDWARDS. DENNIS C. FARROW, GEOFFREY T. CUNNINGHAM. Intramurals Orange. Ct. 06477 13346 Baxter Ave. Lucille St. 428 Arlington Rd WILLIAM DELANO. DARYL H. Aesculaptan Club: Mel Club: AMen. H. Y. 14004 Glenshaw. Pa. 15116 Itasca. II. 60143 939 E. B6th St. Ap 9A Box 68. Vlllagr Rd. Hall Council 2: Student Senate DREW. DAVID T. EDWARDS, WILLIAM H. Fencing 1.2: Neighborhood New York, N Y. 10028 Wilmol Flat. N. H. 032(7 3: Hall Govt. 2.3: Charity 205 Lewis SI 1813 Lake wood Ave. Study Help Program: Juvenile CURRAN. TIMOTHY J. Omicton Delta Epsilon: Coali- Basketball Game Coordinator. Vestal. N. Y. 13850 Lima. Oh. 45805 Probation Officer. 10 Gedney Circle tion for Political Action. DIGBY. MATTHEW E. DUANE. JAMES M. American Society ol Civil FAULKNER. DONALD B. White Plains, N Y 10609 DELOIS. JOSEPH A. 937 W. George St. Moreau Hall Engineers: Interhall Basket- 100 Windsor Way CURRY. MICHAEL K RFD 2. Gernel Rd. Banning. Ca 92220 Notre Dame, In. 46596 ball, Baseball 1.2.3. Berkeley Hts.. N J. 07922 114 Pearce Parkway Brunswick. Me. 04011 WSND: Baseball 1: Model U.N. DUCHOVIL. RONALD J. EGAN, CHRISTOP K. FA YEN. WILLIAM T. Pearl River. N. Y. 10969 DELONG. JAMES H. 1. 7313 Theisen 618 Marquette Or. 13(67 Lake Ave. WSND Programmer. Engineer: 4349 Rustic Rd. DIMICK. MICHAEL A. Dearborn. Ml. 4(126 San Antonio, Tex. Lakewood. Oh. 44107 Tutoring. Manasa: Sopho- Carmlchael. Ca 95608 706 Western Ave.. Rt. 2 OUDA. DAMIAN J., 78228 FEE. PETER J. more Literary Festival Neighborhood Study Help: Cadarburg. Wl. 53012 2709 Old Plank Rd. EGAN. TERRANCE 9847 S. Hamilton Council. Upward Bound. DINEHART. DUANE A. New Castle. Pa. 16105 1579 Harding Chicago, II 60643 CURTIN, DANIEL J. OELTSCHEFF. D. 1407 N Lincoln Ave. DUENSING. WILLIAM J. Northfleld. II. 60093 Student Athletic Manager. 124 Slonehenge Dr. BAKER Alexandria. In. 46001 3905 Briarclift Rd EICH, RICHARD J. FERGUSON, JAMES A. Orchard Park, N V 14127 Posttach 18-0311 Coordinating Editor of Dome Kansas City. Mo. 64116 Little Elk Drive 2941 (onnebrook Ln. Interhall bootball 1.2: Skiing Fnnkturt. W Germany 4: NROTC Battalion Executive Officer IntortuB Basketball Little FIs.. Mn. 56345 Akron. Oh. 44313 Sophistry 1.2. Economics Honor Society: OITURI. MICHAEL R. DUFFY. BRIAN J. Monogram Club: Baseball 1 .- 2.3.4. FERGUSON. RICHARD GUSHING, DAVID J. Finance Club: Marketing Club: 8096 W Memory Lane 908 S Greenwood EICHNER, JEFFREY P. W. 9804 Hillridge Dr. International Student Chicago. Ill 60656 Park nidge. II. 60068 2388 Oakvlew Dr. 27920 Sunset Dr. Kensington. Md. 20799 Association. Boxing Club 3: Interhall Fool- DUFFY. JOHN J. Rochester. N. Y. 14617 Lathrup VIII.. Ml. 4(075 Intramurals DELUCA. JOHN A baB and Basketball 1.2. 192 Florence An. Cross Country Track FERRARA. KEITH M. Neighborhood Study Help 3.4: 401 Stark Ave. CHXON, FRANK J Comma N J. 07067 1.2. 13 Waller Dr. IEEE 3.4. Endwell. N. Y. 13760 130 North Mason DUFFY. WILLIAM F. EINBODEN. GREGORY Saratoga Springs. N. Y. DACEY. JOHN H. DEMER, JAMES E. Chicago. II 60644 European Exchange 9600 Cheerwood 12866 3714 W. Myrtle Ave 7622 Carteret Rd Student Senate. Audit (ranch, APO N. V. Columbus. Oh 43229 WSND Phoenix. A2. 89021 Bathesda. Md. 20034 DOBIESZ. DAVID C 09245 ELLIOTT. WILLIAM J. FERRARI. RAYMOND DACEY, WILLIAM III DEMMON, FLOYD E. Ill 83 Mohr Ave. Management Club: Finance 6300 Tholozan Ave. 2066 Sealord Ave. Indian Trail Rd 2000 E Cleveland Buffalo. N. Y 14212 Club: Intramural Football 1: St. Louis. Mo. 63109 Sealord. N. V. 117(3 Centervllle. Mass 02632 Hobart, Ind. 46342 DOBROWSKI. STANLEY Intramural Softball 2.3: Sorln Rille Team: ACS FERRELLO. LOUIS C. OADAIAN, GARY DEMPSEY. ROBERT J. 21111 Almar Dr. NSHP: INPIRG Member: Hall Government. 600 Mound SI. 30 Harvard St. 233 Laverne Ave. Shaker Hts . Oh 44122 DUNLAY. MICHAEL J. ELLIS. EDWARD T. Monogahela. Pa 19063 Cressklll. N. J. 07626 Hillside. II 60162 Interhall Football and Basket- 1(14 Stevens 310 Allston Rd Interhall Football 1.2: Hall go.! . Alpha Phi Omega DAIGLE, CHESTER J. 82 Marshal Lane AEO Pre-med Fraternity: Cross Country 1.2.3: Track 1.2.3: NO SMC Council for the ball 1.2: InPIRG. DOERMER. RICHARD D. 9310 Century Ct. Parsons. Kins. 67357 DUNN. CHRISTOPHER C. Springfield. Pa. 19064 Observer: Interhall Sports: Hall Government: Student Interhall Basketball 1.2: Stu- dent Manager 1.2.3,4. FERRIS, DONALD W.. JR. Willlngboro. N J 08046 Retarded Ft. Wayne. In. 46807 12 Leone An. Government Research and 705 N 8th St DAILY. F. R. DEMPSEY, TIMOTHY P Inlerhall Basketball 1.2.3 N. Haven Conn. 06517 Development Commissioner. Marshall. III. 62441 2014 19th Ave. RO 1. 80X320 OOLAN, ROBERT J DUNN, PHILIP E. JR. ELLISON, CARL E. PI Sigma Alpha: Interhall Greeley. Co. 80631 Walden. N Y. 12586 626 L Hummelslown 73(1 Van Buren SI 1012 W. Colfax An. Athletics Student Marketing Management Club. DEPASOUALE, JOSEPH Ekzabethtown. Pann. 17022 Ventura. Ca. 93003 So. lend. In. 46616 Senate 2.3: Neighborhood DAMBRO. TIMOTHY J. 353 Long Acre Road DONAHUE. JAMES F. Pre-Law Society: PI Sigma ENDERLIN. LEON P. Study Help Program. 4890 Brockway Rochester. N. Y. 14621 4125 Snipflnger. Wy. Alpha: Interhall Football. 76 Park SI. FIBER, EDWARD B. Saglnaw. Ml. 48603 OEPMAN. ALBERT J. Dacatur. Ga. 31406 Track Manchester. Ct. 06040 733 Ume SI. DAMPEER, JOHN O. Ill 124 St. James Ave. DONALDSON. JAMES DUNN. PHILIP M. WSHD. Fremont. Oh. 43420 (01 So. C Ave MerchlntvlHe. N. J. 08109 JR. 420 Jefferson Ave. ENGELHAUPT, Football Kermlt, Tx. 79749 Scholastic. Observer Staff: 165 Benjamin St. Haworth. N. J. 07641 THOMAS FIUAK. THOMAS J Darin. Ann Thereae 28765 Somerset PI. Interhall Sports Hall Govt. 3,4: Bridge Club 1.2 Pawtucket. R. 1. 02861 Observer Stall: Scholastic DUNNE. DANIEL G. 2619 W 106th St 1119 Plane Ave. Alliance. Nb 69301 39 First Ave. Auburn. N. Y. 13021 Lathrup Village. Mi 4(075 DERRINGER. MARK S. Stiff. DONELAN. WILLIAM E. Chicago. II. 60655 ESCHMANN. RICHARD Science Quarterly 2: Observer Observer Editor Scholastic Stan 4. student Life Council Sec. 3: Pres. 79 Mornlngside Ln. WllllamsvilM. N Y. 14221 WSNO. DE SAPIO, JAMES L 2429 S. Glenwood Sprlnglleld. II 62704 DONNELLY. THOMAS Cross Country Track DUNNE. TIMOTHY R. 11 Hidley Ext. J. 20 Wildwood Garden art Washington. N Y. 11090 Internal! Soccer 3. 2.3: Hall Government: Interhall Football 1 .2.3,4. FINEGAN. PATRICK M. 1601 N. Hollydale Young Republicans 2. DATTILO, JEROME M 220 Tech Rd Pittsburgh. Pa 15205 Interhall Football. Basketball. Softball 1.3: Hall govt. 2.3: Manassa. DAVIDOW, WILLIAM M. Bo 54 acllslown. N. J. DEVINE. ARTHUR W. 717 Sunrise Blvd. Waterloo, la. 50701 DEVINE. L. FRANKLIN 34 Roosevelt An. Marblehead Ma 01945 1000 Green Acre ltd Towson. Md 21204 American Society ol Civil Engineers. DONOVAN, CLARKE 8. 230 Washington Ave Halsdale. N. J 07642 Manasa Troy. N Y 12180 DURKA. MARK A. 247 Champlam An Wilmington. Del 19(04 American Society of Mechanical Encjlneera: PI Tau Sigma. DUSSAULT. PAUL G. ESPOSITO. ARTHUR E. 529 William St. Trenton. N. J. 08610 Observer Stall: Marching Band and Marching Bind. ESSEL. WAYNE E. 75 Rldgewood Rd. Rochester. N. Y. 14626 FuBerton. Ca. 92631 Neighborhood Study Help Program. FINNEGAN. FRANCIS T. 601 NE 33rd St Ft. Lauoerdale. Fla. 33308 Observer 2.3: Hall Govern- ment 3; Interhall Football 1.- 4 Marlboro Or Huntlngton. N Y 11743 DAWSON. DENNIS R. Observer Stall: WSND Production Manager: Student Senate 2: Student Lite Council DONOVAN. JOHN P. 38 Castles Or. Wayne N J 07470 28 (ouvlor Ave. Manville. 1. 02838 DWYER. MARK H. Glee Club 2.3.4: Neigh- borhood Study Help Pro- 2.3.4: Internal! Baseball 3.4. FINNEGAN. KEVIN T. 2210 No. Lake Dr. 103 E. Beech St. Alliance. Oh. 44601 DAWSON. JAMES D. 462 Pinewoods Or. Barrlnglon. III. 60010 DAY, MARK P. 4. DEVIR. WILLIAM L. 2497 Columbus Or. W. Hamilton. Oh 45013 Crew 1 DEVLIN. JOSEPH D DONOVAN, RAYMOND A. 6 Seavlew Cl.. Apt. 1224 Bayonne. N J 07002 Interhall Football and Baseball 1 .2.3.4. Prospect St. No Bamtngton. VI. 05297 Student Athletic Manager 1.- 2.3.4. DYKES, DAVID J. 21 722 Newcastle gram. ETTER, WILLIAM F. E 224 Manlto PI. Spokane. Wash. 99203 EUELL, PAUL C. 903 W. Jefferson So Bend Ind Milwaukee. Wl. 53202 Sailing Club. FISCHER. DONALD R. 719 Forest Ave. Ouincy. III. 62301 Glee Club: Alpha Epsilon 1617 California Houston, Tex 77006 Pro-Law Society: Observer 1 . DEBARBIERI. JAMES 220 Sanerthwaite Nutley. N. J. 07110 DECANDIA. MICHAEL J. 1814 68th SI. Brooklyn. NY 1 1204 DECKER. ROBERT F 219 N. Roosevelt Av. Endlcott. N Y. 13760 DEEB. STEPHEN W. 5635 7th Ave. N. St. Petersburg. Fl 33710 DEEGAN RICHARD JR. 6 Nod Brock Dr. Skmbury. Cl. 06070 DEEHAN. DENNIS J. 159 Ooranles Ave. Sm Francisco. Ca. 94116 Manassa: Hall Govt. 3.4. DEFREES. ALAN R. 9 Santa Cruz Dr. Florissant. Mo. 63031 DEGNAN. THOMAS F. 205 Welwyn Rd Wilmington. De 19803 74 Maple St. Ramsey. N. J. 07446 DEVLIN, MICHAEL K. 3514 Sheffield Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. 19136 DEVLIN, ROBERT P. IB Cross St. Ilibrioge. Mass. 01569 Economics Honor Society: Bout Honor Society: Observer Stafl: Manasa. Inpirg. Pre- Law Society, Committee lor Academic Progress. DEW AN. DARRYLL E. 9 Oak Lane Danbury. Conn 06(10 Football DHAENE. DENISE T. 1334 Woodlawn Blvd. So. Band. In. 46618 DIAMOND. PARIS A. 11602 Edgewater Dr. Cleveland. Oh. 44102 DIBENEDETTO. ERNEST 29 Mockingbird Ln. Oak Brook. II. 60521 BICOLA. JOHN F. DONOVAN. WILLIAM L. 149 Edward Foster Scituate. Ma 02066 Chern Society 3.4: Intramural Hockey. Basketball 3.4. DOOZAN. CARL W. 1103 Chestnut Saglnaw Mi. 48602 DORAN. MICHAEL E. 170 Nassau Ave. Mannasset N. Y 11030 Neighborhood Study Help Program 1.2: WSND 3.4. DORAN, RICHARD D. 4048 K. St. Philadelphia. Pa. 19124 DORN. THOMAS C. 7415 North Ave MkMeton, Wl. 53562 Management Club: Basketball DOWE. WILLIAM P. 15055 Cascade Dr. Elm Grove. Wl. 53122 Sailing Club: Cultural Arts Commission. DOWLING. JOHN J. 1432 Monk Rd. Harper Woods. Ml 48236 Judicial Board Chairman. OYROFF, GEORGE A. 38 Woodbine Circle New Providence. N. J. 07974 OZIEDZIC, PAUL G. (09 SE 58th SI Lacey. wa 9(501 Student Government Om- budsman 3: SMC Student Assembly 3: Hall Life Board 3. DZURISIN. DANIEL 923 E. Lundy SI. Streator. III. 61364 EASTMAN, HERBERT A. 506 S. Clem An. Winchester, la 47394 Neighborhood Study Help Program. EBY. DAVID LAWRENCE 850 Arroyo Rd. lot Altos. Ca. 94022 ECKERLY, EDWARD G 3321 Westenedge Dr. Columbus. Ind. 47201 Inlerhall Basketball 3: Neighborhood Study Help Interhall Football. Softball. EVANS. JAMES J. 2 Blauvelt PI. Scarsdale, N Y 105(3 EVERHART, BYRON S. 1376 Taylor SI. NW Washington. C. 20011 Minority Recruitment: Tutor- ing: Alumni Association: In- tramural Basketball. Football. EWING. THOMAS C 112 Ingleside Ave. Aurora. II. 60506 Beta Alpha Psl: J.v. Baseball 1.2: Interhall Football 2.3.4. FALLON, MICHAEL J. 1734 Cherrylawn Dr. Toledo. Ohio 43614 Inlerhall Sports Neighborhood Study Help Program 23 FAMULARO. RICHARD A. 19 Vagnino Or. Naugatuck. Cl. 06770 FANTO. JAMES A. JR. 1034 Belmont An. Long Beach, Ca 90804 Delta. FISHER. LEONARD M. 7 South 3rd mm. MI. 49120 FISHER, PETER B. 210 Springbrook Or Silver Spring. Md. 20904 A.S.C.E. 3.4: Interhall Football 1.2,3. FISHER, RICHARD A. 2305 Valley Rd Harrisburg. Pa. 17104 FITZGERALD, DENNIS 1527 South Court Findlay. Oh. 45(40 FITZGERALD, JERRY D. Box 483 Idaho Springs. Co. (0452 Beta Alpha Psl: Interhall Athletics Fencing 1: Management Club 3.4. FITZMORRIS. BERNARD 67-700 Carey Rd. Palm Springs. Ca. 92262 Crew 2 F1TZMYER, JOSEPH A. 5(0 Bolton PI. Blue Bell. Pa. 19422 DEHNER. JAMES E. 3853 Green PI. Bethpage. N. Y. 11714 4622 S. Calhoun St. Ft. Wayne. In. 46807 OIETRICK, RICHARD F. Gladwyne. Pa. 19035 DOYLE. ROBERT P. 2937 N. 67 SI. Program. EDDY. STEPHEN J. 7 Middle SI. Scholastic Asst Editor: Notre Dame Magazine: Neigh- borhood Study Help Pro- Ham Radio Club. FITZPATPJCK. THOMAS 322 4604 Daledlle St. FRIDAY. ROBERT A. 3723 Vancouver Dr. Oxnard. Ca. 93030 547 W. Oregon AVI. SENIOR INDEX Riunoke, Va. 34012 1826 Atlantic Am. Dallas. Ix. 75229 GONZALEZ. AUGUSTO Phoenix, Az 85013 Baseball 1. Atlantic City. N. J. 08401 Dome, Co-ordinating Editor 3: M. GRYSAVAGE, EDWARD FLAHERTY, JOHN F. Ujamoa. Internal! Football 1. Interhall 659 Marti St. T. Association: HaH Social Com- 547 levermglon Ave. Philjdelpma. Pa 19128 FRIELING. JERRY L. 2716 Mtn. View Ave. Softball 1,2.3.4: Texas Club 1. OAUTIER. JOHN H. Miramar Santuree, P.R. 00907 7803 Helena Place N. Forestville. Md. 20026 mission 3. HANNIGAN. MICHAEL P. 300 A Norfolk Rd. Internal) Basketball 1 .2.3.4. FLANAGAN. STEPHEN Chi Epstlon: Interhall Football 502 Calhoun St. Mishawaka. In. 46544 GORDON, NEIL E. 43 Oik Or. Leadership institute 2.3. Crete. II. 60417 E. 1,2.3: A.S.C.E. GAW. GEORGE G. Poland, Oh. 44314 Secretary 3. Marketing Club; Inlerhall 7921 Gateway Blvd. FRIESE, WILLIAM R. 9624 So Kildare GORE. ANDREW M. GSELL, WILLIAM A. Football 1.2.3: Chicago Club Washington. D.C. 20028 10139 S. Wood SL Oak Lawn. III. 60453 1991 Pheasant Tr. 325 So. Emerson Ave. Softball 2. Arnold Air Society, A.I.A.A.: Chicago, III. 60643 QEIBEL, DAVID C. Palatine. III. 60067 Indianapolis. Ind. 46219 HANNON. DENNIS J. Neighborhood Study Help Arnold Air Society: Crew 1.2,- 1 Michael fid. Marketing Club: International GUARINO. JAMES V. 9307 S. Hamilton Program. 3.4: CILA 2.3: Neighborhood Park Forest. II. 60466 Student Leadership Institute. 84 Victoria Rd. Chicago. II. 60820 FLAN1GAN, KEVIN J. Study Help Program. GEISE, DAVID M. GORMAN. MICHAEL T. Middletown, Ct. 06457 HANOVER, DENNIS C. 27 Gill St. 36 Stewart Court Oborlln. Ohio 44074 FROMM, DAVID J. 320 Belanger 1410 ' i Ford St. So. Bend. Ind. 28 Phillips Rd. Sudbury, Ma. 01776 Progress; Had Government; Colchester, Ct. 06415 FLOOD, TIMOTHY J. Grosse Pointe. Ml, 48236 GEISSER. DONALD F. GORMAN. RICHARD A. Interhall Athletics. HANSEN, MICHAEL L. 104 W. Marshall Ave. FRONCZAK. DAVID. 45 Brooklield Rd 28 W. 575 Wynn Ave. GUERCIO, PAUL J. JR. 12009 W. Oakwood Dr. Phoenix, Az. S5013 3692 Delaware East Providence R. 1. 02914 W. Chicago, II. 60185 3938 Hawthorn lid. Hales Corners, WIs. 53130 FLOOD. TIMOTHY J. Gary. Ind. 46409 Interhall Football 2. Observer Ad Sales 1: Student Ellicolt City. Mt. 21043 Interhall football 1,2,3.4. 20 Flint Av . FRY, THOMAS O. Ill GEMPERLINE, EUGENE Union Social Services 2. Neighborhood Study Help HANSEN, MICHAEL W. larctimont. N Y. 10538 1914 Berkshire Rd. 2732 McKinley Ave. GOSSELIN. PAUL R. Program. 1923 Mayfteid Ave, University Chorus. Columbus. Oh. 43221 Cincinnati, Oh. 4521 1 89 Fair St. GURECK1, DANIEL J. Joliet, II. 60435 FLORA. MARK D. FUGAL. KENNETH B. Tau Beta Pi. Chi Epsllon: Lewiston, Me. 04240 24 S. Third St. Hal) Council 1.2,3,4; Interhall 199 Mill M. 742 W. Bristol C50 A.S.C.E. GRABER, JOHN N. Meriden. Conn. 06450 Basketball 2: Business Quaker-town. Pa. 16951 Elklurt. Ind. 46914 GENERO, MARK 683 Hazel St. GUTOWSKI, DENNIS W. Review 3,4. FLOREK, JAMES E. FULL, WILLIAM E. 420 Cottage Grove Oshkosh. WIs. 54901 739 E. 9th St. HARIG, JOHN J. 27 Market Street 4715 N. Damon Ave. South Bend, In. 48616 Interhall Basketball 1.2: Mishawaka. In. 46544 5831 K. Overtoil Av. Edinboro. Pa. 16412 Chicago. III. 60625 GERMANO, ANTHONY Intersection Football 1,2; Football Sociology Chicago, 11. 60631 FLOREK, ROBERT C. FULTON, ROBERT E. J. Intersection Basketball 1.2. Ctub 3.4. HARKIN, JEFFREY A. 205 E. Hennepin 2370 Fairway Rd. 111 E. Battell St. GRANT. RONALD A. GUZZETTA, PAUL M. 2245 Main St. Minneapolis. Mn. 35414 Hunllngton Valley. Pa. 19008 Mishawaka. In. 46544 19A East Avenue 13100 Dunwoody Dr. Highland. In. 46322 Sailing Club 1; German Club FURIBONDO, GERALD J. GESCHKE, RICHARD JR. Kingston. Jamaica Elm Grove. Wl. 53122 Knights Ql Columbus: In- 1.2,3.4: Ski Club 3.4. 1140Manltou Hd. lit- Winchester Rd. GRANT, TERENCE T. Hall Council 3. tramural Sports 1,2,3; Ski FLORES, G. MICHAEL Hilton. N. V. 14468 Merlon Station, Pa, 19066 South 1308 Grove HABIG. ROBERT D. Pub; Chicago Club; WSHO 37 Rainbow Trail A.S.M.E. 3.4: Interhall Council for the Mentally Spokane. Wash. 99204 8002 N. Meridians Announcer. Lake Mohawk, N. J. 07871 Athleb ' cs 1,2,3.4. Rotarded. GRASSO, ANTHONY Indianapolis. In. 46260 HARNEY, CHARLES F. FLYNN. JOHN F. FURIBONDO, MICHAEL GETCHELL, JAMES V. RBT. Wrestling 1.2: Interhall Foot- 6 Davis Road 22 Green St. 1 140 Manilnu Rd. 19 Glen Road 38 Norton St. ball 1.2.3: Chairman Hall Auburn. Ha. 01501 Stonellam, Ma. 021SO Hilton. N. V. 14468 Garden City, N. 1. 11530 Dorchester. Ma. 02122 Judicial Board 3. HARRIGAN, THOMAS L. FLYNN. KELLY J. PI Tau Sigma: A.S.M.E. 3.4 GEYER, LEIGHTON l_ GRAU, PHIL A. HACKLEY, EARL E. JR. 2201 S. Stewart SL 5454 Alhurlt Rd. FURLONG, NICHOLAS R. 11564 Pierce Rd. 5353 N. Idlewild Av. 52583 Myrtle Ave. Lombard. III. 60148 Indianapolis. In. 46220 12 Parkway Dr. Wakaruia. In. 46573 Milwaukee, Wic. 53217 So. tend. In. 46637 AICHE; Interhall Basketball 2,- FLYNN. RAYMOND J.. Pelham. N. 1. OEZICH. JOHN L. GRAVES, BRUCE P. Marketing Club 2,3.4. 3,4; InterhaH Baseball 1,2; JR. FURRIE, JAMES M. JR. 4956 3rd St. NW 1 1 Center lane HAERING, MARK R. Interhalt Football, 179 farm Lane 1 Greenvlew Ct. Canton. Oh. 44708 East Brunswick. N. J. 08816 8937 Danoby Circle HARRINGTON, JAMES Bound Brook. N. J. 08805 Springlleld. II. 62704 Internall Basketball 1: Hall Soccer 1,2.3.4, Captain 4. Indianapolis. In. 46220 F. FODNESS. DAVID A. GABEL, ANTON F. Government 1,2,3. GRECO, ANTHONY D. Manasa 2613 Bolting Ridge 523 1 5 N. Scott St, 3734 W. 104th GIBBONS, JAMES A. 86 Stewart St. HAFNER. JOSEPH C. Logansport, In. 46947 So. Bend. Ind. 46637 Chicago. II. 60655 8438 S. Wolcott Amsterdam. N. Y. 12010 14645 Warwick Finance Club. FOLEY. KENNETH J. GABEL, GERALD J. Chicago, II. 60620 Yearbook 3.4; Prelaw Socie- Detroit Mich. 48223 HARRIS, TERRENCE C. 32 Wilsey Ave. 3734W 104th St GIBBONS, RICHARD A. ty; Interhall Sports 1,2.3.4: HAGGAR, JOE M. 299 Rutland Ave, Newton Falls. N. V. 13666 Chicago. III. 60655 2700 River Road Marketing Club: Class 4955 Weduewood Ln. Brooklyn, N. Y. FOLEY. ROGER A. GABRESKI, JAMES M. Maumee. Oh. 43537 Treasurer 1. Dallas. Tx. 75220 Vjamma [Afro-American Carters! Rd. 1 Main St. GICK, MICHAEL M. GRECO, JAMES L. HALDY. CARL L. Society}; Hall Government 1 . AHendale. N. J. 07401 Oil City. Pa. 16301 RR1 E. Main 603 South East Am 719 Minard St HARRIS, THOMAS F. FONSECA. OSCAR E GACKI, VIRGINIA ANN Fowler. In. 47944 Oak Park. III. 60304 Three Rivers. Mi. 49093 3632 Martha Blvd. 535 S. Van Ness Los Angeles. Ca. 90020 31 Wellington Terr. White Plains. N. r. 10607 A. I, A.; Technical Review. G1LDAY, TIMOTHY Dome Staff: Intramurals 1,2.- 3A. Arnole Air Society, HALL, WAYNE J. Betnpage, N. Y. 10714 The Filer (Band Newspaper); FORHECZ. JULIUS C. GAETA, MICHAEL F. 7641 Glenover GREELEY, JOHN P. 3 Appleby Court Band 1,2.3,4; Chorus; WSHO: 55 Kevins St. 86 Kuhlthau AVI. Cincinnati, Oh. 45236 18730 Prince Wn. Ln. Sliver Soring, Md. 20904 Knights of Columbus. Rutherford, N. J. 07070 MDIIown, N. J. 08850 GILHOOLY. THOMAS J. Nassau Bay. Houston. Tx. HALUNAN, PAUL G. HART, ALAN R. Internal! Basketball 2.3.4: Management Club: Marketing 64 67 83 St. 77058 14285 Washington fit. 1, Box 769 Inlerhall Baseball; Club; Sailing Club. Middle Village. N. Y. 11379 Logan School Volunteer. Univ. Hgts.. Oh. 44118 Lakeland, Ra. 33803 Knights ol Columbus 1,2.3.4: GAFFNEY, GARY M. GILL, PATRICK K. GREEN, WILLIAM A. HALTON, PATRICK K. Intramurats 1,2.3,4. Neighborhood Study Help 30 West Street 104 S. Detroit St. 965 Roselawn Ave. 34 Third Ave. HART, DANIEL T. Program 3,4, West Nyack, N. Y. 10994 Buchanan. Mi. 49107 Rosevllle, Mn. 55113 Port Washington. N.Y. 11050 704 Washington FORTE. MICHAEL A. GAFFNEY, MARK W. M.A.N.A.S.A. 3: Han Govern- Irish Sports Weekly: Hockey Interhall Football 2: In- Efenhursl II. 60126 2812 13th Ave. So. 3121 Fuhrman East ment 3. 1.2.3,4. tramural Basketball 1.2; Intramurals 1,2.3.4; Manage- Seattle. Wa. 98144 Seattle. Wash. 98102 GILLESPIE, LARRY R. GREENWOOD, Baseball 2; Navy ROTC Rifle ment Club. FORTUNATO, STEPHEN GALE. RICHARD K. 7039 Bradley Cir PATRICK Team 1,2, Captain 2. HART, LEON J. JR. 907 Shari Lane 4545 Forest Mnor. Annandale. Va, 22003 Box 46. Wood St. HAMILTON. T. MARK 1155 Puritan E. Meadow. N. . 11554 FOSKETT, JOHN C. Indianapolis. In. 46226 GALL, JOHN D. GILLIC, KENNETH J. 59 Barone Cir Farley, la. 52046 GREiWE, DONALD G. 66 Outer Octagon Randolph AFB, Tx. 78148 Birmingham. Ml. 48009 HARTIGAN, WILLIAM R. 6 Story Drive 26 Hall Avenue Buffalo. N. V. 14225 4615 Bay To Bay Observer; Zero Population Crestwood Rd. W. Harttord. Ct. 061 10 Nashua. N. H 03060 Interhall Football 1.3.4: Tampa. Fla. 33609 Growth. Bethany. Ct. 06525 FOWLER, ROBERT S. GALL, JOSEPH F. Interhall Baseball 1 .3,4. Rugby 3.4. Treasurer 4. HAMMOND, JOHN B. JR. Bengal Boxing 3. 8527 Mobud 26 Hall Avenue GIORGIO. HERBERT R. GREVING. JOHN B. 40 Hlllwood Dr. HASSEL WANDER G. B. Houston, Tx. 77036 Nashua. N. H. 03060 916 S. Burkhardt 1025 - 7th Ave. So. Btoomfield Hills. Ml. 48013 811 Leicester Dr. FOX. JOHN J. Ill GALLAGHER, KEVIN J. Evansville. In. 47715 Fargo. N. D. 58102 HAMMOND, LOUIS J. Montgomery, Al, 36111 9900 S. Longwood Dr. 1704 Borland Rd. GIUFFRIDA, ALFRED J. GRIFFIN, EUGENE A. 508 68th St. Hall Government: Karate Club. Chicago. II. 60643 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15243 10 N, 5th St. 1S207 Davlson W. Kenosha. Wi. 53140 HASSETT, JAMES S. FRANCO, ALFRED J. GALLAGHER. PETER K. Fulton. N. Y. 13069 Detroit, Ml. 48223 Beta Sigma ol Beta Alpha Psi: 71 Sheffield Rd, 1408 79th St. Brooklyn. N. V. 11228 28 Thomas St. Clllton. N. J. 07013 Academic Commissioner; Student Senate. GRIFFIN. JOHN C. 6209 S. Campbell University Mixed Chorus. HAMMONS, THOMAS Rochester. N. Y. 14617 HAUSMANN. WILLIAM Management Club 2. GALVIN. DANIEL L. GIVLER, MICHAEL D. Chicago. II. 60629 110 East 24th SI. M. FRANTZ. MICHAEL J. 14 Beverly Place 128 Tamarack Ave. Marketing Club 2.3.4: Erie, Pa. 16503 417 Blue Ridge Dr. RR 1. Doorley Rd, Munster. Ind. 46321 Napervllle. III. 60540 Management Club 2; In- HAN CHUNG. PING Belleville, II. 62223 Sidney. Oh. 45365 University Chorus. GLEASON, VIRGINIA M. tramural Football 3.4; In- 5316 S. Lee Ct. Band 2,3.4. Football Rugby 2. GARCIA, JOHN R. 2 So. 341 Milton Rd. tramural Basketball Fairfax Dr. HAVERKOS, HARRY W, FREE, DOUGLAS M. 617 W. Washington I. Glen Ellyn. II. 60137 Intramural Baseball 3.4: So. Bend. In. 46614 5697 CandMlte Te. 1413 Dlvervlew Dr. So. Bend. In. 46601 GLENN, KEVIN J. Chicago Club. HANLEY. WALTER E., Cincinnati. Ohio 45238 Verona. Pa. 15147 GARNER. TERRANCE J. 24 David Avenue GRIFFIN. KEVIN J. JR. Alpha Epsilon Delia; Internal! Swim Team 1. 2.4: Interhall Athletics 1,2.3.4. 930 Concord Ave. SW Canton. Oh. 44710 Troy. N. Y, 12180 Finance Club 3.4; Football 1; 927 Poplar St. West Bend, Wl. 53095 178 Doyle Ave. Providence. R. 1. 02906 Basketball 3; Baseball 2,3; Vice-President Cabanaugh FREISTROFFER. T. J. GARRETT, EDWARD O. GRIFFITH, DAVID A. Track 1; Manasa. 2.3: Manasa 2; Tutoring 1.2. 1009 Crescent Ave. 14913 Washington GOEKE, RICHARD K. 407 Oorman Rd. HANLON. CHRISTOP J. HAWEKOTTE, JAMES Ft. Wayne. Ind. 46805 Woodstock. II. 60098 204 Summit Dr. Conneaut. Oh. 95 Kensington Ave. T. Football Weigh! Lil- Marketing Club. Bellefontaine. Oh. 43311 Wrestling 1. Jersey City. N. J 07384 15541 Condesa Dr. ting Interhall Basket- ball GARTLAND. JAMES M. 5 Kingsoury Rd, Neighborhood Study Help GRINSTEAD, GREG F. 49 Forestwood Or. Soccer 1.2,3.4. HANLON THOMAS M Whittler, Ca. 90603 HAYES, JAMES E. FRENCH, MICHAEL P. 2320 Dewes St. Norwalk. Conn 06851 Interhall Football 1.3.4: Sociology Association. GOELLER. THOMAS A. Ferguson. Mo. 63135 Track 2: Cross-country 2; 3518 Derby So. Band. In. 46615 Somerset Ph. Apt. 204 2432 Oordtester Ho, Glennew, II. 60025 Internal Basketball 1.3.4: In- RFD Woodcrest Terr. Inlerhall Baseball. Soccer: HANNIGAN. J. Troy, Mi. 48084 Neighborhood Study Help mate Teaching Program. Amawalk. N. Y. 10501 Hall Section Leader 3. GREGORY Hockey 1.2. Program: Interhall Hockey. GARVEY. KEVIN B. Fencing Bridge Club GRONNING, LLOYD J. 444 Leeles Island HAYES, JAMES P. FRENCH. RICHARD P 1750 N. Adams St. U.3.4 325 ' -, So. Eddy EuHford. Cl. 06437 1715 E, Jackson 2353 Virginia Ave. So Bend. In. 46628 GONSIEWSKI. JAMES J. So. Bend. In. 46617 Tutoring; Interhall Football 1: E Hi hart, Ind. 46514 Springlleld. Mo. 65804 GASPER. GEORGE E. 2115Norma SI GROSETA. JAMES M. Undergraduate Sociology HAYES, PETER F. 141 Eastern His. Bv. 323 SENIOR INDEX Merced. Cal. 95340 Associate Editor: 37 Cottontail Rd KELLY. VINCENT P. Rockford, III. 61103 Football Marketing Photographer. Norwalk. Ct. 06854 806 Island Ave KOROLYSHUN, Club. HURLEY. BRIAN X. KACIK. EDWARD J. So. Bend. In. 46616 RICHARD Elyria. Oh. 44035 HOLOWCZAK. PAUL S. 820 Douglas 1 1 1 Pauline Dr. Interhall Basketball 1: Hall 15 Pangassetl Rd. HAYES. TIMOTHY J. 7937 W. Fletcher St Elgin. II. 60120 Latrobe. Pa 15650 Government 3. Derby. Ct. 06418 460 Wilson Ctawson, Mich. 48017 Elmwood Park. II. 60635 Bane Hall VP 3; Chorus 2. Football 1 : Management Club 234 KEMP. WILLIAM J. 12244 S. Loomis St. KOSINSKI, GARY R. Committee on Academic Le?dership Institute. HYNES. JAMES E. KADUK, JAMES A. Chicago. Ill 60643 5105 W. Roger St. So. Bend. In. 46619 Progress. HOLZMER, JOSEPH M. 9 Woodcock lane 5175 Easlover Rd. KENOZIE. ANDREW KOVAC, LEONARD J. HEARON. BERNARD F. 647 Brock Hollow Westport. Conn 06880 Lyndhurst. Oh. 44124 8514 Ooyla Dr. 2943 Kensington 119 Smith St. Newark. N. J. 07106 Nashville. Tn. 37205 IFFLANDER. ALBERT J. 18590 Framingham Arnold Air Society: Technical Review 2.3.4: Geology Club; Alexandria. Va. 22308 KENNEDY. JOHN S. Westchester. III. 60153 KOVITYA THONGCHAI Chess Club 3: AFROTC 1.2.3. HEATH, THOMAS S. Leadership Institute; Marketing Club Southtleld. Mi. 48075 ILLIG. ROBERT J. Astronomy Club. KAIN. THOMAS P. 14 Magnolia Dr. St. Louis. Mo. 63124 406 S. Grant SI. Scottdale, Pa. 15683 141 Lynn Circle HOOPER. BRUCE A. 728 Ardmore Av. 3451 Cascade SE KERN. RAYMOND ALAN KOZAK, GREGORY J. Syracuse. N. Y. 13205 420 State St. Erie. Pa. 16505 Grand Rapids. Ml. 49506 155 linden Ave. 513 Main St. HEBEL, LYNN F. Cherry Hill. N. J. 06034 A.I.A. KAISER. MICHAEL F. Woodlynne. N. J. 08107 New York Mills. N. Y. 13417 Twin Lakes, Mn. 56089 Scholastic: Band 1,2; Manasa IMBROQNO. PETER J. 307 E. Cherry SI KERSTEN, KATHERINE KOZAK. MICHAEL J. Interhall Football. Volleyball: 2.3,4. President 3.4. 2100 S. 61st Ave. Chatsworih. II. 60921 717 Crest Ave. B561 W. Carmen Ave. Hall Judicial Board. HOPE. KEVIN M. Cicero. II. 60650 Glee Club 2.3.4: Arnold Air Ft. Dodge, la. 50501 CNcago, II. 60656 HENDERSON, MICHAEL 74 Helen Street Hall Government 1.2. Society 2.3.4. KEVIL. WILLIAM J. KRALOVEC. MICHAEL J. 148 Main SI Hamden. Conn. 06514 IRVINE. RONALD J. KANE. WILLIAM M. 1720 N. Rutherford 210 S. La Grange Rd. Essex. Ma. 01929 Football Manager 1: 513 S. Carolina 3001 Tarn Oshanler Chicago. II 60635 la Grange. II. 60525 Manasa. Marketing Club 4. Atlantic City. N. J. 08401 Hays. Ks 67601 KEZELE, FLOYD J. KRATHAUS, EUGENE A. HENN, EDWARD M. HOPKINS. JOHN E. Ill Alro-American Society 1.2.3: KANSER. RICHARD P. 1612 Linda Dr. 32 Tampa Drive 6 Elmtree 67 Yellowstone Ave. Ulamba 4. 6800 Oakton Cl Gallup. N M. 87301 Buffalo. N. Y 14220 Hunnnglon. Ind 46750 Warwick. R. 1. 02888 JACOB. TIMOTHY J Nlles, II. 60648 KEZELE. JONATHAN P. Swim Team HENNEN. JOHN K. Interhall Baseball 2.3.4: 900 So. Michael Rd. KARAS, PAUL A. 508 E. Green Ave. KRATZ, CHARLES E. 3 lynwood Ave. Rugby 2. St. Marys. Pa 15857 3638 Green St. Gallup. N. M. 87301 10007 Riggs Rd. Wheeling. W Va. 26003 HENNER. DAVID A. HOPPE. JOHN D. JAGIELSKI. THOMAS A. 3317 Coventry Ct. D Stager. II. 60475 Management Club; Marketing Adelphi. Md. 20783 1911 Pokogan Rd. 5E 1321 Ash Street Baraboo. Wis. 53913 Elllcotl City. Md. 21043 Edltor-ln-Chiel. Technical Help Program. 2215 Schcll Ave. Grand Rapids. Ml 49506 Academic Commissioner: JANKO MICHAEL M. Review 4: ASCI 3.4: KIERNAN. NICHOLAS R. Cleveland. Oh. 44109 HEROMAN. DONALD T. International Student 2227 13th St Neighborhood study Help 376 W. End Ave 6 Scholastic 2. P.O. Box 2747 Leadership Institute. Peru. II. 61354 Program. Long Branch. N. J. 07740 KREJCI. JEAN Baton Rouge. La. 70821 HORAK MARIANNE E. Beta Alpha Psl: Interhall KASHINSKI. JEROME J KIESSLING, G. C. IV 632 Sherman Ave. Neighborhood Study Help 5112 Westpath Ct. Basketball, Rt. 1. Box 212 602 W Stanlon So. Bend in 46616 Captain. Washington. D. C. 20016 JARCMNI. ANDRE E. Barrington. II. 60010 Slreator, II. 61364 KREUTER. DAVID O. HERRICK. TIMOTHY G. Tutoring; International Stu- 1734 Hillside Or WSND KILEY. TIMOTHY J. 5 Buckingham Rd. TO Bo. 73 dent Leadership: Marketing Gtandale. Ca. 91208 KAUFMAN. DALE W. 6456 30lh Ave. N. Belleville. II 62223 Franklin lakes. N. J. 07417 Club. Notre Dame Scholar: Interhall 631 S. W. 4th Ave. SI. Pete II 33710 KRIEG, PETER C. HERRO, MARK A- 1007 Farwofl Ct HORFLEO, JOHN J. 9616 Main St. Senate 3: HaU Government Farioault. Mn. 55021 Finance Club 3.4; KILIAN. THOMAS J. 1150 Laurel Dr 12 Tamarac Rd. Westport Conn. 06880 Madison. Wi. 53705 Hebron, II. 60034 1.2. Neighborhood Study Help Aurora. II 60506 KRIER, ROBERT T. HESSION, JOHN M. HORNE. ERIC A. JASON. PRINCE Program. KIMBALL. PAUL G 4000 Sunnyslde Ave. 108 Union St. 58 Sunnylea Ave. E. 6300 Elwynne Dr. KAY, PAUL O. 21 Slurbndge Rd Brooktleld. II 60513 Emerson. N. J. 07630 Toronto 18. Ont.. Can. Cincinnati. Oh. 45236 10417 Georgia Ln Wellesley. Mas. 02181 KRUEGER. EUGENE P. Inlerhall Football 2.3.4; HOSEY. JOHN T. JASPERS, DONALD H. Oak lawn. II 60453 KING, CHARLES A 42 Barton St. Basketball: Interhall 3039 Lakeshore Dr. 3791 Stroschen Dr. Glee dub University 122 W. Madison Buffalo. N Y. 14213 Baseball; Class VP 2. Old Hickory. Tn. 37138 Cincinnati. Oblo 45211 Chorus Wheaton. II 60187 KHUEGER, GERALD A. HICKEY, JOSEPH T. HOYT, KEVIN J. JEBBIA. STEPHEN J. KEARNEY. ROBERT J KIRKPATRICK, R. D. 1207 Congress Ave. 232 Oepew SI. BOX 93 Huobard Place 12 Avondale Rd 2132 Jonkmlown Rd. So. Bend, Ind. 46615 Peekskill. N. Y. 10566 Woods Hole. Ma. 02543 Wheeling. W Va 26003 Tankers. N. Y. 10710 Gienslde. Pa. 19038 KUENSTER, RICHARD Karate Club 2.3: Framed Club. HRABCSAK, EDWARD JESELNICK. STEPHEN Hall Government 3. KISSEL. JOHN C. A. HICKEY. KEVIN T. p_ 452 Parade SI. KEEFE. THOMAS J. 8745 Grant Rd. 2809 W 64th Place 21 Peirce Rd. 65 Dartmouth Ave. St. Marys. Pa. 15857 6S 320 Cornwall Rd. Crest wood. Mo. 63123 CMc ago. III. 60652 Wellesley Hills. Ma. 021B1 Warwick. R. 1. 02888 Hall Government 3. Napervllle. II. 60540 Chi Epsilon: A.S.C E Hall Government 1. HIGGINS. DOUGLAS A. HRABRICK, STEPHEN L. JESSELL. MARK E. I.E.E.E. 2.3.4. KLABACHA. MARTIN E. KUBIK. MATTHEW M. 129 Orchard In. 300 E. 40th St. 2804 Hathaway Terr. KEENAN. JAMES T. Ill 9323 Bell 218 Friendship Tr. Kokomo. In 46901 New York. N. Y. 10016 Silver Spring. Md. 20906 815 Kelly St. CMcago. II. 60620 Michigan City. Ind. HIGOINS. MICHAEL II HRICIK. DONALD E. JOHNSON. DAVID V. Oceanside. Cal 92054 A.E.D KUBINSKI. JOHN A. 166 Norwood Ave. 7110 Chestnut Dr. 514 Third Ave. KEENEY, JOHN C KLOSWICK, BERNARD 5850 Oakman 8uflalo. N Y. 14222 Bedford. Oh. 44146 Gallipolis, Oh. 45631 11101 Lund PI J. Dearborn. Ml 48126 Section Sports 1.2,3. Science Quarterly: Biology JOHNSON. FRANCISCO Kensington Md 20795 RR2. Box 117 Edwardsburg. KUESTER. JOHN J. HIGGINS. ROBERT G. Club VP. Apt. 27-141 KEIMEL, JOHN G. Mich. 49112 508 Forsylhe SI. 8150 Grace St HUBBUCH. MARK S. Mexico 7DF. Mexico A S M E 234: A.S.M.E. 155 No Myrtle Ave. Elmhurst II 60126 KLUNK. DAVID R. 370 E Kind St Gb-ard. Oh. 44420 Miles. II. 60648 Observer 2.3.4: Hall VP 2.3: 205 Rlverpolnt Rd. Signal Ml.. Tn. 37377 Secretary 3: Baseball 1. Internal! Basketball 2.3.4: Llttlestown. Pa. 17340 KUHN. RICHARD L. 4215 E hi ltd Student Government Hall HUFENDICK. H. JOHNSON, ROBERT JR. Interhall Baseball 2.3.4. Baseball 1: Hall Government Gurnee. Ill, 60031 Lite Commission 3. THOMAS 16504 Rosotand KEKICH. DAVID P. 2. KUNA. JOHN HILDBOLO. WILLIAM J. 2795 S. Cook St. Lathrup Village, Ml 48075 4616 Tniro Place KNEEPKENS. MARK J 27 Canaan 9120 Kahle SI. Denver. Colo. 80210 Football Pittsburgh. Pa. 15213 404 E. First Carbondale. Pa 18407 Fairfax, Va. 22030 Observer. JOHNSTON, Neighborhood Sludy Help Klmberly. Wis 54136 A.I.A. Rowing Team; WSND: HUFF. ANDREW M. LAWRENCE Program. KNEVEL. KENNETH M. KUNZLER. JAMES W. Cultural Arts Commission: 2221 Parkwood 615 L Main St. KELLEHER. MICHAEL J. 138 Ivy Hill Rd. RR.1 Social Commission Toledo. Oh. 43620 Warsaw. In. 46580 1106 E. 4th W. Lafayette. Ind 47906 la Crosse, in. 46348 Chorus 2: Sociology Club 2.3. HILL. DAVID D. HUGHES. MARTIN P. 20 Ann St. Band Knights ol Columbus 2.3.4. Ellensburg. Wa 98926 A.C.S.. Football 1. Track 1 KNUDSON. WARREN T. 15942 E. Lashburn KUNZWEILER. WM. BERN. 248 S. Hawthorne Dr. So. Bend. Ind. 46617 HILLAR. LEONARD G. Verona. N. J. 07044 HUGHES. ROBERT W. 1351 N. Union JOUE. CLAIRE K. 1660 Indian Bdry Chesterln. In. 46304 KELLER. JOHN C. Louisville Rd Harrodsburg. Ky. 40330 Whlttier. Cal 90603 W.S.N.D.-FM: Neighborhood Study Help Program. 2390 Lynwood Drive Salt lake City. Ut. 84109 KUHTH. TERRENCE F. 342 Mendeltna SI. Salem. Ohio 44460 JONES. DAVID J. Basketball 1 ; Karate dub. KOCH, JEROME A 16372 Chandler Bl, Valdez. Alaska 99666 10 Cheriton Dr. KELLEY. JOHN F. 43 Malvern Lane Mishawaka. In. 46544 HINES. ROBERT B. Ill HUI, GEOFFREY J. Whitesboro. N. Y 13492 425 Pmecrest Lne, Scarsdale. N. V. 10583 KURTZKE. JOHN F. 102 Parkway Uhrichsville. Oh. 44683 HINGA. WILLIAM T. 1321 Spring SI. Ft. Wayne. Ind. 46608 HOBAN, EDWARD F. 1417 Sheridan Rd. 26 Tai Tarn Rd Ground Floor Tytam. Hong Kong Chess Club 3,4: Intramurals: WSND 1.2. HUISKING. CHARLES L. 201 Galnes Ave. Sarasota. Fla, 33580 JONES, KEVIN G. 8675 Olive Blvd. SI Louis. Mo. 63132 JOYCE, DANIEL T. 505 S President Av. Lancaste r, Pa. 17603 JOYCE. MICHAEL E. Wilmette III. 60091 KELLEY. ROBERT K. 413 N. Cumnock Rd. Palatine. Ill 60067 Omlcron Delta Epsilon. KELLY. BRIAN F. 5309 Harwood Dr. KOEHLER. BRUCE D. 3609 Lochearn Dr. Baltimore. Md. 21207 KOEHN. JOHN W. 916 Lincoln Ave. Adrian, Mich 49221 KOGOVSEK. CONRAD J. 7509 Salem Road Fans Church. Va. 22043 Science Quarterly 3.4; Young Republicans 3.4. KURUZAR. DANIEL L. 3216 S. Michigan So. Bend, Ind. 46614 Wilmelte. II. 60091 HOBAN. JAMES M. Ill 215 Walnut SI Clinton. Ma. 01510 HOFFMAN. GREGORY A. 3619 Harris Rd. Ft. Wayne. In. 46808 Neighborhood Study Help Program: Intramural Football 1.2: Intramural Hockey 2.3. HOFMAN, CLIFFORD J. Box 144 Window Rock. Az. 86515 HOGAN, JOSEPH E. 3056 Tylersville Ham ' lton, Oh. 45015 HOLLOW AY. WALKER L. 540 Seminole Dr. HUISKING. FRANK R. 251 Byram Shore Rd. Byram. Ct. HUNT, DALE L. 818 30th SI So. Bend. In. 46615 HUNT. GARY P. 28 Shannopin Dr. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15202 2206 Michael Dr. Youngstown. Oh. 44511 Interhall Football 1.2.3: Interhall Basketball 2,3.4 JOYCE. MICHAEL J. 6822 W. Gunniston Chicago. II. 60656 JUDGE. JAMES M. 1316 Arden Ave. Rocktord. II. 61107 Glee Club ND-SMC Theatre 2.3,4. JURUSIK. DAVID E- 1893 Oavls St. Etmira. N. Y. 14901 Lacrosse JURY, PAUL M. 236 E Jeffrey PI. Columbus. Oh 43214 JUSZLI, MARK P. Des Homes, la 50312 Debate Team 3.4. KELLY, JOSEPH E. 306 N. Delavan Ave. Margate. N J. 08402 KELLY. KEVIN J. 13 Talcott Rd Utica. N. Y. 13502 Cross Country 1.2; Track 1.2: Inlerhall Basketball 1.2.3: Interhall Football 1.3. KELLY. MICHAEL J. 6477 N. Caldwell Chicago. II. 60646 KELLY, THOMAS J. 46-36 241st Douglaston. N. Y 11362 KELLY. TIMOTHY P 205 Patten Ave. Charles City. la. 50616 5614 McCandless Av. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15201 KOGOVSEK, DAN C. 2024 Pine St. Pueblo. Co. 81004 KOLAR. KATIE ANNE 1937 Lakeaire Dr. St. Louis. Mo. 63138 Omlcron Delta Epsilon. KONDRK, JOHN A. 55 May SI Hopelawn. N. J. 08861 KOPP, STEPHEN J. 1BW561 FoxlUII PI. Downers Grove. II. 60615 KOPPENHAFER, M. J. 481 Coronado Dr. Fairborn. Ohio 45324 KORDASH. RICHARD W. 3520 Fremont St A.S.M.-A.I.M.E. 3,4: Treasurer 4. KUSERK, FRANK T. 44 Ash Ave. Woodbury, N. J. 08096 Marching Band 2.3.4: Varsity Band 3.4. KUSNER. MARK M. 6752 Larchmont Dr. MayhaM His.. Oh. 44124 KUTNEY. JOHN T. 110 Wentworth Ave. Cincinnati. Oh. 45215 A.I.A.A.: Hall Government 2.3. LABELLE. JAMES T. 11216 Hermitage HI. Frontenac. Mo. 63131 Omlcron Delta Epsilon LABUZ, THOMAS J. Interhall Football 2.3: Bengal Boxing 2. HUNT, GEOFFREY P. 29 wolcott SI. Rose. N. Y. 14542 HUNT. JAMES H. JR. 515 N. Central Pierre. S D. 57501 Dome Editor 3: Photo Editor: s fa " MM ' DO B tK MM ' - ' 3i " " . Sli. iUl HlU " I ' ll- " M_f I 324 tarn 1 Tfbal kill .! Ik teal Jt 0i One " ! " - H.I HI rut Ss SB _ Atj 1M 85 n " i 741 W. Diamond Ave. Haztoton. Pa. 18201 Wrestling I. LACEY, EDWARD J. 4610 Foster Brooklyn, N r. 11203 PI Sigma alpha: Observer 2; Sailing 2; Young Republicans. LADIEU. JAMES J. 4 WiUon Ave. Concord. N H. 03301 Omlcron Delia Epsilon; Band 1.2.3,4: Student Government 1.2. LFAVE. ROBERT P. 268 AbMy Birmingham, Ml. 48008 Beta Alpha Psl: Intertiall Hockey 3.4. LAFOND, GARY C. 41 Ut; St. Freeport. N Y 11520 Arnold Ur Society: Internall Basketball 1: Inlorhall Soft- ball 1.2.3: Hall Government 3. LAFRANCE, MICHAEL L. 5130 Davis Dd. Muskegon, Ml. 49441 Management Club 2; Marketing Club 2.3.4: Oolt 1.- 2.3.4. capt -3.4; Han Govern- mm 3.4. LAFROSSIA. JULIO A. 710 S Court SI Crown Point. In. 46307 LAKE. ALLEN M. 1322 N. Kaley SI. South Bend. In 46628 LALLY, MICHAEL E. 2B15 Woodhlll Dr. Sharon. Pa. 16146 Intertiall Basketball 1.2.3: Interhall Baseball LAMPE. JOHN B 170 Longtellow Ave. Worthmgton, Ohio 43085 LANG, PHILLIP M. 12809 Carriage In. Crestwood. II. 60445 LANCE, EDWARD M. 308 Presidential Wy. Gulderlan. N. r. 12084 Baseball Interhall Basketball Interhall Football 2. Manasa LAPHAN, DENNIS C. 204 Lamp Post Ln. Cherry Hill. N. J. 08034 Knights of Columbus. LARACEY, MELVIN C. 3087 Wheeler Rd Bay City. Mi. 48706 LARSEN, DAVID J. Box 7 Cheyenne Wells, Colo, 80810 LARSEN, PAUL J. 23 Gales Aie. Valley Stream, N. r. 11510 LASH, ROBERT A. 12233 La Salle St. Chicago. IH. 60628 Management Club 2.3.4: Interhall Football 1.2: Interhall Basketball 2.3. LAUCK. JOHN A. 301 N. Manning Aye. Munde, In. 47302 Fencing 1.2.3,4. LAUCK, PAUL A. 315 Baltimore Ave. W. Pillion Pa. 18643 LAUGHLIN. THOMAS J. 51 Bel Air Huntington. In. 46750 LAVIN, DEBORAH E 3786 Ouarton Road Btoomfield Hills. Ml 48013 Marketing Club 3.4. LAWLER. PATRICK J. 660 Honeycreek Wauwatosa. Wl. 53213 LAWRENCE, A. MARK R D 1 Saegertown. Pa. 16433 LAWSON, DAVID M. 32775 Red Oaks Tr. Birmingham, Ml. 48010 LAZAR, STEPHEN J. 3436 Bent Willow L. Toungstown. Oh. 44511 Observer 2.3.4: Neigh- borhood Study Help Program 2,3.4. LEADER. CHARLES III 123 Napoleon So. Bend Ind. 46617 LEADLEY, JOHN H. JR. PO Bo. 142 Speculator, N Y. 12164 LEAHY. JOSEPH B. 520 W Water St. Eknlra. N. Y. 14905 LEAHY. THOMAS J 1S38 Sheridan M. Highland Park. II. 60035 WSND LEAHY. THOMAS W. JR. 200 Dorchester Ave. Akron. Ohio 44313 LEBLANCO, RICHARD W. 451 Heath PI.. Apt. 10 Hackensack. N. J. 07601 Manasa 3: Academic Com- mission 2: WSNO 3. LECHLER. RICHARD W. 267 Laurel Rd. East Northport. N. V. 11731 Interhall Soccer 1.2: Inlerhall Football 2.3: WSNO: New Jersey Club. LEE. JOSEPH M. 10037 Frederick Av. Kensington. Md. 20795 Social Commission 1.2: Interhall Football Interhall Basketball LEEDS, WILLIAM B. 28 Franham Rd. W Hartford. Cl. 06119 LEIST. KEVIN ROY 332 Longvlew Or. Mountainside. N. J. 07092 LENK, PETER A. 48 Teneyck Ave. Valley Stream. H. Y. 11580 Student Manager 1.2,3.4: Knights of Columbus 2.3.4: A.C.S 2.3.4. LEONE. MICHAEL R. 4631 W. Alabama Houston, Ti. 77027 LEPER!, MICHAEL A. 130 Hearn Lam Hamden. ct. 06514 LEPLEY, JAMES M. S444 East 39lh St. Tulsa. Okla. 74135 LESLIE. JON O. RR 5. Box 484 Ml. Pleasant Rd. Evansville, In. 47711 LEUNG, TOMMY UIU T. 109 E. Heaton Lake Elkhart. In. 46514 LEVY. DAVID P. 10015 So. Kedvalc Oak Lawn. III. 60453 LEVY. MARK P. 614 Farrington Dr. Washington. Oh. 43083 LEWIS. JEREMIAH B. 6671 Date Palm Ave. St. Petersburg, Fla. 33707 UDDY, CHARLES 6800 Galway Edina. Mn. 55435 A.I. A. 2.3.4. LIDDY. JAMES P. 8443 King Arthur D. Plqua, Ohio 45356 UUENTHAL, MICHAEL 118 Crown St. Ext. Meriden. Conn. 06450 Karate Club 3.4: WSND 2,3.4. LINARES, CARLOS A Final 7A Cpy. Av. Moraga Santa An Es El Salvador. C. America LINDOREN. ROBERT 516 Somerset Dr. Indianapolis. In. 46260 LIPKA, JOSEPH D. 20354 Westhaven Ln. Rock River. Oh 44116 A.S.M.E. 2.3.4. LIS. RICHARD S. 22 Mockingbird Ln. Oakbrook. II. 60521 A.E.D.: Student Senate 3. UTTLE. RICHARD J. 2038 Summit Ave. St. Paul. Mn. 55105 Soccer UTTLE, WILLIAM T. 471 Maplewood San Antonio. Tex. 78213 LOBOSKY, JEFFREY M. 1232 W. Via Del Sol San Oimas. Ca. 91773 LOCHBIHLER. F. V. 7028 Penrose Dr. Ft. Wayne, In. 46815 LOCHMANDY, KIRK LEE 132 Foster Ave. Elkhart, In 46514 LODEWYCK, RICHARD D. 7319 Well Ave. St. Louis. Mo. 63119 LOMBARDI. ELIZABETH 1540 Rldgoview Rd. Columbus. Oh. 43221 LONG. THOMAS L 103 Parkwood Blvd. Mansfield. Oh. 44906 LOSH, CLIFFORD W. 651 1 Maehodoc Cl. Falls Church. Va 22043 The Dome 1: Crew 1.2,3.4: Boxing 2; Hall Government 1 ,- 2.3.4: Marching Band LOUGHRAN, WILLIAM T. 227 Victory Lane Bel Air. Md. 21014 LOUGHREY, MICHAELE 245 Sargeant St. Hotyoke. Ma. 01040 A.I.E.S.E.C.: Lacrosse 1.2.3: Boxing 2.3: Neighborhood Study Help Program. LOVE, JERRY B. 1906 Magyar Cl. So. Bend, In. 46613 LOZANO, THOMAS J. 2389 Fontain Clr. Oecatur, Ga. 30032 LUBY, JEROME P. 525 Kingsland St. NuMey. N. J. 07110 A.F.B.O.T.C.; A.I.I.S.E.C.: Neighborhood study Help Program. LUCAS. THOMAS J. 3216 Silver Lake Minneapolis. Mn. 55418 LUCAS. WILLIAM P. 820 linden Elmhursl, III. Basketball Baseball 3.4; Social Commission 2. LUDWICZAK, THADOEUS 24 Plckthorn Dr. Batavia. N. Y. 14020 WSND. LUECHTEFELD, JOHN W. 15 Calverton Fid. St. Louis. Mo. 63135 Marketing Club 3.4: Business Council 3. LUFT, JOHN L. 612 Florence Evanston. III. 60202 Omicron Delta Epsilon LUKASKA, JOSEPH A. 3125 N. Asbury St. Paul. Minn, 531 12 LUKEN, CHARLES J. 22 It E. Hill Avo. Cincinnati. Oh. 45208 LUSSIER. CHRISTOP B. 1061 Cottontail Ln. Mallland. Ft. 32751 Biology Club: Neighborhood Study Help Program. LYNCH. JOHN EDWARD 2103 11th St. Cuyahoga Falls. Oh. 44221 Hall Government 3.4. LYNCH, MARK B. 853 Northeastern Fall River, Ma. 02720 Fencing 1.2: Anthropology Club 2.3,4. LYNCH, MICHAEL W. 36 Brookslde Ave. Merrlck. I. I.. N. Y. 11366 Alpha Pi Omega: Track 1.2: Crew 2; Fencing 3.4. LYONS, GEORGE H. RR6. Holiday CIS. 84 Etthart, In. 48514 LYONS, JOHN F. 2024 Delmonl Walla Walla. Wash. 99362 LYONS. MICHAEL J. 321 HC Hall Notre Dame. In. 46556 Fencing 2,3.4. LYSZEWSKI. DONALD J. 129 Paige Ave. Kenmore. N. Y. 14223 MACCHIA. RICHARD 1015 Ml. Pleasant Cherry Hill. N J. 08034 Beta Alpha Psl: Beta Gamma Sigma: Business Review; Track 1. MACDONALD, MICHAEL 3701 Penbrook Lane Hint. M.. 48507 Beta Alpha Psl: Hall Govern- ment 3. MACIAG. RICHARD J. 33 Mills SI. Buffalo. N. Y. 14212 MACIARIELLO, CARMEN 310 N Fourth SI. Mechanicvllle. N. Y. 12118 Hall Government 3. MADDEN. TERRENCE P. 3323 Camelol Dr. Dallas. Tx. 75229 WSND: Finance Club 2.3. MADDEN. VAL F. 82 Woodruff Way Matlapan. Mass. 02126 MAGEE, WILLIAM H. 35 Ogg Ave Somerdale. N. J. 08083 MAGGI. RICHARD P. 49 The Follsway Murray Hill. N. J. 07974 Interhall Volleyball 1.2.3: Hall Government 2.3. MAHON, FRANCIS J. 231 N Euclid Ave. Oak Park, II. 60302 Observer 2,3: Glee Club 2.3.4. MAHONEY, JAMES M. 1014 Papen Rd. Somervllle. N. J. 08876 Neighborhood Study Help Program. MAHONEY, JOHN J. Ill Hogan Dr.. Box 1131 Shelby. N. C. 28150 MAHONEY, PATRICK 5109 N Dawn Dr. Peorla, III. 61614 MAIMONA, ANDREW J. 176 Elwood Ave. Marysvllto, Oh. 43041 MAKAREW1CZ. PETER J. 761 Best SI. Buffalo. N. Y. 14211 A.I.Ch.E.: Tau Beta PI; Inlerhall Basketball 1.2,3.4. MALIK, TERRY J. 2230 N 73rd Ct. Elmwood Park. II. $1529 Hall Government 2.3: Campus Press 2.3.4. MALOBLOCKI, GREGORY 8153 S Muskegon Av. Chicago. III. 60617 Neighborhood Study Kelp Program: Interhall Football 1.2: Interhall Hockey 1,2.3.4. MALONE. JANE CLARE 126 E. Pokagon So. Bend, In. 46617 Marketing Club 3.4. MALONE, RICHARD J. 16 Coolidgo Rd. Lynn, Ma. 01902 MANYAK. MICHAEL J. 419 S. Vornon Flint. Ml. 48503 Interhall Football 1: Interhall Baseball 1.2.3: Interhall Basketball MAPLES, RICHARD A. 1704 Byron St. Huntington. la 46730 MARCELLO. PATRICK G. 7170 Shannon Rd Verona. Pa. 15147 Boxing 1,2. MARCH. ANTHONY T. 2 S 173 Stratford Glen Ellyn. II. 60137 A.E.D.: Pre-med Club. MARCUCCILLI. JAMES 1003 Overlook Rd. Marlon. In. 46952 MARGET. MICHAEL R. 810 West Lane Centerville. la. 52544 Student Government 2.3.4; Student Treasurer 4: Finance Club 3.4: Beta Alpha Psl. MARIANI, JOHN F. Smithbrldge Rd. Chester Hgts . Pa. 19017 Football 1 .2,3.4: Han Govern- ment 3. MARINANGELI, R. E. 447 Wright St. Lasalle. II. 61301 Lacrosse MARITOTE. FRANCIS 1004 N. East Avenue Oak Park, III. 60302 MARROOUIN, BEN G. 4100 Cat Hollow Austin. Tx. 78731 MARSH. W. RICHARD 406 Park Ave. Wllmette. II 60091 MARSHALL. JAMES J. 15 Saxon lid. Worcester. Ma. 01602 MARTIN. WILLIAM P. 1107 W. 62nd PI. Memllville. Ind 46410 Hall Government 3. MARTUSCELLO. DANIEL Church St. Marlboro. N. Y 12542 Marching Band MARUT. MICHAEL J. 434 Oat Ave. Cheshire. Cl. 06410 MARX. GREGORY A. 222 Catalpa Mishawaka. In. 46544 MASCIANGELO. THOMAS 751 Turkhill Rd. Farport. N. Y 14450 MASINO, FRANK A. 309 No. 12th St. Newark. N. J. 07107 Alpha Epsilon Delta: A E.O.; MANASA MASKARINEC. MICH P. 7938 Westmoreland Pittsburgh. Pa. 15218 MASTIN. WILLIAM JR. 890 Ml Belvotr Dr. Chat- tanooga. Tn. 37412 MATERNA, GARY S. 17703 Llbby Rd. Maple Heights. Oh. 44137 MATRANGA. MICHAEL T. 1858 Jones Ave No. Wantagh. N. Y. 11793 Fencing Bridge Club 2.3.4: Hall Government 1.2.3.- 4. MATTHEWS. WILLIAM R. 20410 Erben St. Clair Shores. Mi. 48081 Hall Government 2.3; Interhall Hockey 3. MAURER. THOMAS J. Byphenhulle Rd. Hopewell Jet., N. T. 12533 MAUS. JOHN G. 315 HE 14 Ave. R. Lauderdale, Fla, 33301 Sailing 2.3.4. MAY, ROBERT S. Box 42 Marysville. Calif. 95901 Baseball 1.2. MAYER. PAUL D. 2363 Swan Blvd. Wauwatosa. Wi. 53226 Campus Press 4. MAYORS. DEAN J. 3302 Be ars Den Rd. Voungslown. Oh. 44511 Science Quarterly 3.4; Voungstown Club 2.3,4: Track 1; WSND 2,3: Hall Government 2. MCCABE, PETER J. 91 Cherrytree Lane Roslyn Heights. N. Y. 11577 MCCANN, THOMAS P. 5 Jasper St. Hudson Falls. N. Y. 12830 MCCARTHY. FRANCIS S. 104 Hellslrom Rd. E. Haven. Cl. 06312 MCCARTHY, JAMES S. 12345 S. Wolf Rd. Palos Park. II. 60464 Chicago Club 1.2,3.4: Hall Government 2.3. MCCARTHY. JOSEPH F. B Laurie Blvd. Bethpage. N. Y. 11714 Fencing 1: A.I.A.A. MCCARTHY. RICHARD L. 298 Trents Ferry Lynchburg. Va. 24503 MCCARTHY. WILLIAM N. 42 Bruce Lane No. Kings Park. N. 1. 11734 MCCARTY. JOHN J. 121 N. Richards Ava. Ventnor. N. J. 08406 MCCONVILLE, MICHAEL 627 S. Fellows St. So. Bend. In. 46618 MCCOY. DENNIS R. 3955 51st St. Woodside. N. Y. 11377 MCCURDY. MICHAEL J. 3410 Sentinel Ave. Midland. Tx. 79701 The Dome 3.4. business manager 3.4: Senior Class Treasurer. MCDERMOTT. JAMES M. 33 Larchmont Rd. Edison. N J. 08817 Omicron Delta Epsilon MCDERMOTT, KEVIN P. 1715 Rldgewood SE Grand Rapids. Mi. 49306 MCDONALD, DAVID T 19 Marcia Or. Trenton. N J. 08610 SENIOR INDEX Marketing Club: Mai Club: Hall VP 3. MCDONALD. JAMES R. 916 Lorenz Ave. Baldwin. L.I.. N. Y. 11510 Weight! lltlng Club 2.3.4. Pres. 4; land 1. MCDONALD. ROBERT J. 1340 Artman Ave, Akron, Ohio 44313 Management Club 2,3.4. MCDONNELL. DAVID 1717 Kane St. Dubuque. la. 52201 Intramural Sports. MCDONNELL. RICHARD Rl. 2 Ottawa. II. 61330 Intramural Football and Basketball Marketing Club 3.4. MCOONOUGH. MICHAEL 104 Lafayette SI. Bennington. VI. 05201 MCELENEY, JOHN P. 1400 8th Ave. So Clinton, la. 52732 Marketing Club; Managing CM, MCEVOY, WILLIAM F. 3223 Townsend Dr. Dallas. Tx. 75229 Swimming Team 1.2.3: Logan Confer Volunteer. MCFARLAND. WILLIAM 2 Hilltop Dr. Leroy, N. Y. 14482 Management Club; Knights of Columbus. MCGANNON. THOMAS V. 908 Oakwood Terr. Hlnsdale. II. 60521 MCGEE, PAUL B. 4774 Westgate Dr Bay City. Mi. 48706 MCGINLEY, PATRICK C. 159 Fisher Heights Monongahela. Penn. 15063 Intramural Athletics MCGINN, WILLIAM D. 402 Brooklawn Dr. Rochester. N. Y. 14618 Observer Reporter: SUNOEF V. MCGLYNN. THOMAS J. 50 Highlands Dr. Albany. N. Y. 12203 Section Basketball 1.2,3,4; Hall Social Commission 1.2.- 3.4: Debate Team 2 MCGOWAN, MARK L. 701 Ridge Road Wllmelte. II. 60091 Anthropology Club; Student Union Academic Commission: Student Union Academic l- Mn. MCGRATH. THOMAS J. 10 Summit Place Nanuet. N. Y. 10954 MCGRATH. WILLIAM T. 609 S. Elmwood Ave. Oak Park. II. 60304 Boxing MCGR W. PATRICK J. Rt. 2. Box 800 Ft Collins. Co. 80521 MCGRAW. STEVEN F. 144 Windsor Ave. HaddontieW. N. J. 08033 MCGROARY. JOHN F. 40 Main St. West Haven. Ct 06516 Management Club: Marketing Club. MCGUIRE. JAMES R. 6021 Abbott Ave. So. Edlna. Mn 55410 MCGUIRE. LOUIS P. JR. 1008 - 12th SI. Wlsner. Nebr. 68791 MCHENRY, LOREN III 110 Klnley Dr. Farmtngton. Mo. 63640 MCHUGH. JOHN J. 5457 SKI Paulo Dr Toledo. Oh 43612 MCINTEE. STEPHEN D. 4 Rolling Springs Ct Carmel. In. 46032 MCINTOSH. ADAM G. 475 Maple SI Wlnnetka. II. 60093 MCKENNA, JOHN T. 2 S. Wynden Houston. Tx. 77027 Music Director WSNO 325 SENIOR INDEX MCLANE. JOHN T. 3 Ashcrott Hall Arnold. Md. 21012 Hall Government: Chess Club. MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES E. 518 Glendale Wostmonl. N. J. 08108 American Society ot Metals: Intramural Sports MCLAUGHLIN. JOHN P. 2 Heritage Dr. Mtddletown. N. J 07748 Technical Review: Handball; J, Board 2.3. MCLAUGHLIN, STEPHEN 1 1 Homestead Ave. We y mouth. Mass. 02188 MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS 572 Ridge Ave. Lawrencaburg. In. 47025 Student Manager 1.2,3: Head Fencing Manger 4: Interhall Sports 1. MCLENNON. THOMAS P. 608 Flossmore Cl. Napervme. II 60640 MCLOY, RICHARD J. 67 High St. Saco. Malm 04072 MCMAHON. BRIAN R. 36 Westcolt Blvd. Slalen Island. N. V. 10314 MCMAHON. LAWRENCE W. 43 Arch St. Middleboro. Mass. 02346 MCMANNON. THOMAS P. 38 High SL Highland Heights. Ky. 41076 MCMENAMIN, JAMES 45 Cody Lane DeertHrid. II. 60015 MCMULLAN. JOHN K. 1512 California NE Albuquerque, N M. 67110 MCNALLY. JAMES J. 74 Ptnewood Ave. Albany. N. Y. 12208 MCNAMARA, PATRICIA 8200 S Honore St Chicago. II. 60620 MCNEARNEY. JAMES L. Moreau Seminary Notre Dame. In. 46556 MCNICHOLS. JAMES F. 1141 N. Columbian Oak Park. III. 60302 MCNULTY. THOMAS JR. 2 N. Brown St. Gloucester. N. J. 08030 MCPARLAND. CHARLES 1259 Summit Dr. Newark. N. Y. 14513 MCOUADE. TIMOTHY J. 75 Elm Street Andover. Ma. 01810 MCOUILKIN. JOHN J. 7471 Preston Circl Chattanooga. Tn. 37421 Swim Team 1: Student Chapter AIA. MCVOY. PETER L. 421 Morris Rd. 0-87 Wayne. Pa. 19087 Interhall Soccer 2.3,4: Neighborhood Study Help Program. MEAGHER. ALICE G 4100 Ormond Rd. LoulsvlHe. Ky. 40207 Marketing Club. MECCA, CHRISTOP C. 136 Fairvlew Ave. Port Chester. N. Y. 10573 Dolphin Club: Swim Team 2. 3.4 MEINDL, JOHN N. 2001 Burton St Orange. T. 77630 MEINERS. MICHAEL J. 11420 Lakeshore Or. Carmel, In. 46032 MEIROSE. LEO H. JR. 1412 Moss Laden Ct. Brandon. Fl. 33511 MEISTER. JOHN S. 312 McKlnley Dr. Belleville. II. 62221 Inlerhall Football 2,3. Basket- ball 2: Inlerhall Baseball 1.2.- 3: American Institute ol Chemical Engineers. MENDOZA, THOMAS F. 18 Whltford Rd. Stonybrook. N. Y. 11790 MERIGHI. LAWRENCE J. 496 E. Shorman Ave. 4070 Davisville MURPHY. RICHARD L. NIEDERKORN. MARK J. VkMUnd. N. J. 08360 Harbwo, Pa. 19040 1 109 Norsam Rd. 263 Banbury Rd. MERKLE, STEPHEN D. Inlerhall Football 3.4: Gladwyn, Pa, 19035 Mundelein. II. 60060 116 McKendrm Rd. Bran- Internal Basketball 2: Rifle MURPHY, ROBERT O. NIEHAUS. FRANCIS J. dywlne. Md. 20613 Team 1,2: Geology Club. 105 Euclid Ave. 5664 Midlorest In. MERRITT. THOMAS A. MONITO, GREGORY T. Loch Arbour. N. J. 07711 Cincinnati, Oh. 45238 12937 Timmor Cl. St. Louis. 1 1 32 Cayuga Dr. Dome Staff: Manasa. Inlerhall Basketball 1.2,3.4: Mo. 63131 Northbrook. II. 60062 MURRAY. CHRISTOPHER Interhall Tennis 2.3: Tutoring Interhall Football 1.2: Soccer Club 3.4: Intramural 185 Brown Ave. 3.4. Internal) Swimming 1.2: Sports 1,2.3.4: Student Bevy Hempstead. N. Y 11550 NIEHAUS. JOHN H. Internal Basketball 1.2. 1.2J.4. MURRAY, HOLT JR. 5781 Cteves Warsaw MERSHON. MARK J. MONSOUR. FREDERIC J. RD 2. Stuart Rd. Cincinnati. Oh. 45238 320 Rendmgton Rd. 8406 Kim Road Princeton. N. J. 08540 Finance Club 2.3: Knights of Somerville. N. J. 08876 Jacksonville. Fl. 32207 MURTAUGH. MICHAEL P. Columbus 1.2.3,4. MESTEFt, DAVID P. MONTENARO. PETER L. Rl. 3, BOX 40 NIELSON. RICHARD E. 93 Sweet Briar Rd. R D 5 McOuade Rd. Ashland, Oh. 44805 5009 Scenic Dr. Stamford. Conn. 06905 Amsterdam. N. Y. 12010 Band 1. So. Bend. In. 46619 Pro-law Society: Interhall MOORE. GEORGE T. II MURTHA, GUY JAMES NIGON, KENNETH N. Basketball 1.2.3. 34 HlllcrMt Rd. 53 Mormngside Dr. 17705 Prince Edw. MESURE. JOSEPH P. MartlnBvllte, N. J. O8836 Ossinlng. N. Y 10562 Olney. Md. 20832 113 HUldale Rd. MOORE, MICHAEL J. MUSARHO. MICHAEL NOBLE. JOHN F. Cheltenham. Pa. 19012 R03 Grand Ave. 4512 Anderson Rd. 216 ' Hammond PI. Inlerhall Sports Saratoga Springs. N. V. 12866 S. Euclid. Ohio 44121 So. lend. In. 46601 Cultural Arts Commission 3.4. METZLER, MARY ELIZA MOORMAN. ROBERT JR. 740 Saidano Ave. Interhall Football 1.2. Hockey NOLAN GERARD M 2409 W. 70th Coral Gables. Fl. 33143 Tutoring 3,4. 8754 - 216 St. Shawnee Mission. Ks. 66208 MORACZEWSKI, THOMAS MUSE. KEVIN M. Queens Vllage. N. Y. 11427 Marketing Club. PO Box 86 25 Crtfgle St. NOLAN, MICHAEL A. MICHAELS. PAUL S. Wynantsklll. H. Y. 12198 Portland. Me. 04102 1016 E River Dr 107 Arthur SI. MORAN JOHN F. MUSICA, FRANK D. Defiance. Oh. 43512 Garden City. N. Y. 11530 74 Ocean Av. 268 Meadow St. NOLLET. DONALD MICHELOTTI, ROBERT Massapequa. N. Y, 11756 MoadvWe. Pa. 16335 3626 2nd Ave. E 2601 4th Ave. No. MORAN. PATRICK J. MUSILEK, GLORITA HibOmg Mr, 55746 Blings. Monl. 59101 2418 No. 103 SI. 3559 Burning Bush NOONAN, JAM2S J. Internal Athletics Omaha. Nebr 66134 Btrnungnam. Ml. 48010 1711 BoppRd. MIDOLETON. JOHN A. MORAN. VICTOR J. MUSTARD. MICHAEL D. St. Louis. Mo. 63131 31 Bluff Ave. 77 Marvin Ave. 5261 Kugler Mill MORRIS, LINEENE L. Rowayton. Ct. 06853 Bockvine Centre. N. Y. 11970 Cincinnati. Oh 45236 3226 W. 159th St MILLER. KIRK J. MORDAN, LAWRENCE J. Intermural Football 3. Cleveland. Oh 44111 26 Dearborn Dr. 525 King George Rd. MUSURACA. JAMES E. Hall Council 3: Cleveland Old Tappan. N. J 07675 Cherry Hill. N J. 08034 2601 St. Clair Ave. Club: Marketing Club 3: Internal Football 1,2.3.4: HM MORGAN. KELLY M. East Liverpool. Oh. 43920 Neighborhood Study Help VP3. 905 W. Town St Football 4. Program 4. MILLER. MARTIN L. Columbus. Ohio 43222 MYIRSKI. MICHAEL A. NOVIC. JAMES E. 2227 James St Intramurals RO 4. BuckneH Dr. 501 W. Lincoln Ave. AUqulppa. Pa. 15001 Neighborhood Study Help BetMehem. Pa. 11015 Milwaukee. Wl. 53207 MILLER, STEPHEN JR. Program: Management Club Internal Basketball NOWAK, DAVID E. 22 Narcissus Dr. 2. American Society ol Civil 17769 Woodthrush L. Syossel. N. Y 11791 MORGAN. THOMAS R. fngmeers So. Bend. hid. 46635 MILLER. THOMAS R. 415 Arlington MYSLIWIEC, MICHAEL university J Board 3,4. 605 E Broadway Eknhurst III 60126 931 Oaklelgh NW Grand NUGENT. WILLIAM J. Strealor. II. 61364 MORROW. JOHN E. Rapids. Ml. 49504 RR2 MILLER. TIMOTHY E. 28 Elston Street NABHOLZ. ROBERT JR. ManaMtan. II. 60442 4401 Winding Water Btoomneld. N. J 07003 Brooklleld Acres. Box 19-A American Society ot Civil Elkhart. In. 46514 Intramural Sports Conway. Ar 72032 Engineers Pres : Weighlltfting MILLS. DANIEL J. MOSKOP. JOHN C. Internal Basketball 1.2.3,4. CM. 85 Oft Ridge Ave. 12220 Stewart Ave. Interhall Football 1.2.3: NYE, DANIEL A. II Summit. N. J. 07901 Chicago. III. 60628 Internal Baseball 1,2.3: Hen 717 W. 21st St MINCH. DAVID MOTTO. EDWIN V. AJMenc Commissioner 3. Kearney. Nb. 68847 18740 E Snoreland 522 River Drive NADEAU. GILBERT J. Observer 3.4: Intramural Rocky River. Oh. 44116 Bettendorl. la. 52722 62 Cypress Rd. Sports Knights ot Sailing Crew: Student Internal Sports 1,2.3: Nell Somerset. Ma. 02726 Columbia. MINICLIER. GROOON J. President 2.3: Presidents ' Council Chairman 3. Neighborhood study Help NYE, DAVID MICHAEL 20360 Opal 7028 Donna Circle MOWBRAY. JOHN H Program. South Bend. In 46614 Annan Dale. Va. 22003 1815 So. Fifteenth Las Vegas. NAGLE, GERARD M. OBCRING. HENRY A. Interhall Football 2.3.4: Hall Nv. 89105 20 Perkins Ave. 520 Mountain Dr Council 2.3. Football 1: Track 2: In- Hyde Park. Mass. 02136 Birmingham. Al. 35206 MITCHELL. ROBERT J. iramurals 1.2.3. Fencing 1.2. Hall V P. l 96 Rttgecresl Rd. MOYNIHAN. JAMES E. NALE. KENNETH L. O BRIEN, DAVID R. Stamford. Ct 06903 70 Stratford Pk Rl 1. Box 29A 231 N. New Road Neighborhood Study Help Rochester, N. V. 14611 Bridgeport. W. V. 26330 Absecon. N J. 08201 Program. MOZULAY. ROBERT L. NALEPINSKI. RONALD O BRIEN, DENNIS A. MITSCHEL. ROBERT J. 21 Summit Or. 5122 W. Sample St. 71 Boyden Ave. 24 Chicory Lane Wayne. N. J 07470 So. Bend. In. 46619 Maplewood. N. J. 07040 Huntlngton L. 1. N. Y. 11743 MULHERN. PATRICK F. NARKIEWICZ. STEVEN Hall Athletic Commissioner 4: MLINAC. STEPHEN R. 1599 Edgerton PL 539 l : Riverside Logan Center 2.3: Tutoring 3: 1049 Edward Dr. Croflon. Md. 21113 South Bend, In. 46601 Hall Council 4. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15227 CrewM. NEARY. BRIAN J. O ' BRIEN. DENNIS J. Internal Basketball 1.2,3.4: MULLIGAN, DANIEL A. 38 West 35th St. 7912 New Jersey Tutoring. 929 Eden Ave. Bayonne. N. J 07002 Kansas City. Ks. 66112 MOOIC. EDWARD J. Highland Park. N. J. 08904 Manasa: New Jersey Club 01- O ' BRIEN. JAMES A. 22290 Westwood Ave. Fencing Team 1,2.3,4: ticer 3: Interhall Basketball 37 Forest SI Fak-vtew Park. Ohio 44126 MOELLER. ROBERT T. Neighborhood Study Help Prooram. 124.4: Hal Government NECEL. WILLIAM A. Fal River. Ma. 02721 O ' BRIEN. KEVIN M. 215 Bay Blvd. MULLIN, RICHARD J. 262 Meadow Dr. 3510 Seneca St. Bayville. N. J 08721 66 Kuhl Ave. N Tonawanda. N Y. 14120 W. Seneca. N. Y. 14224 MOES. MARK M. Httksvllle. N. Y. 11801 Internal Football 1.2.3: Craw Soccer 1,2. 1484 Auburn St. Lacrosse Club 2: Band Irish Guard: Pre-med O ' BRIEN. KEVIN P. Dubuque. la. 52001 MULVA. PATRICK T, Club 223 Colebrook Dr. MOHRMAN, RAYMOND JR. 803 Ml. Olivet Or. NEOELKOFF. RALPH M. Rochester, N. Y. 14617 6253 Alexander Or De Pere. Wl. 54115 624 N. Henry SI O ' BRIEN, MICHAEL P. St. Louis. Mo. 63105 MUNIZ, ARTHUR R. Crestline. Oh. 44827 222 NW 47th Street MOLE. RICHARD J. Rl. 1. Box 349 NELSON. GEORGE W. Canton. Ohio 44709 1148 Hickory St Belleview. Fla. 32620 1049 N. Michigan Av. Interhall Tennis 2: Tutoring Gralton. Ohio 44044 MUNSCH, JAMES D. Atlantic City. N. J. 08401 12.3.4: Glee Club 1.2,3.4. Varsity Manager 1: Han Sec. 1210 Mt. Royal Blvd. NELSON. MARK A. O ' BRIEN. ROBERT A. and Treas. 3. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15223 837 6th Ave. So. 1028 Electric SI. MOLINELLI, EUGENE J. MURPHY. FRANCIS X. Clinton, la. 52732 Scranton, Pa. 18509 279 Sleepy Hollow 1 1 Duncan Rd. Manasa OBUHANICH, MICHAEL Briarclilt Manor. N. Y. 10510 Honokus. N J. 07423 NESBIT, STEPHEN C. 59 W. University SI. Editor: Notre Dame Science Interhall Football 1.2.4. 53050 Juniper Rd. Alfred. N. Y 14802 Quarterly. MURPHY. GARY W. So Bend. Ind. 46637 Manasa: Inlerhall Sports 1,2.3.4. MOLONY, JOHN P. 168 Burlington St. Baseball 1.2.3: Pre-law OBYC. DENNIS L. Lincoln St. Lexington. Ma. 02173 Society: Hall J. Board. 4345 Jacob St Millvilte. Ma. 01529 MONDELLO. JOSEPH P. Rugby 3: Irish Guard 1.2,3.4. Captain. NEWELL. JAMES J. RD 1, Rockwell Rd. Wheeling, W V. 26003 OCHSENBEIN, MARK A. 24 Normandy Dr. MURPHY. JAMES A. Bethel. Ct. 06801 126 Charleston Ave. Wayne. N. J. 07470 19 Pocahontas St. ASCE: New Jersey Club: In- Columbus. Oh. 43214 MONEGHAN. JOHN E- Walpole. Ma. 02081 tramural Sports 1.2.3,4. OCONNEL. JAMES M. 5 Dean Way Cape Elizabeth. Me 04107 Interhall Athletics O ' CONNOR. DAVID J. RFD 1, Oconnor Rd. Weedsport. N. Y. 13166 O ' CONNOR. JOHN J. 451 Centre St. Milton. Ma. 02186 Swimming 1: Rugby 2.3.4. O ' CONNOR, PAUL T. 5 Sunsel Pass East Haven, Ct 06512 Observer 2: Dome 2; Internal! Softball 1.2.3,4: Hall Council 1.2.3. O ' CONNOR. STEPHEN J. 15715 Tlerra Dr Silver Spring. Md. 20906 O ' CONNOR, THOMAS J. imormond Ave. Drexel Hill. Pa. 19026 O ' OONNELL, G. DANIEL 330 New York St Scranton. Pa. 18509 Scholastic Asst Editor. O GORMAN. JOSEPH C. 6902 Gowanda St. Rd. Hamburg. N. Y. 14075 Soccer 1,2 O ' GRADY, KEVIN J. 414 W. Oconnor Lima. Oh. 45801 Rugby 2.3,4, OGRAOY, MAUREEN 226 Cascade Rd. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15221 O ' HARA, FRANCIS P. 217 42nd St Sandusky. Oh. 44870 O ' HARE. MICHAEL T. 394 Pacific SI. Massapequa Park. N. Y. 11782 Observer: CILA O HERN, THOMAS J. 5704 N. Woodlawn Ct Poorla. Ill 61614 O ' LEARY, DENIS J. 27-01 So. St. Marks Bellmore. N, Y. 11710 Hall Social Commissioner 2: Hall President 3: Neighborhood Sludy Help Program 2. O ' LEARY. THOMAS G. 43 Wlldwood Rd. Andover. Ma. 01810 Intrahall Hockey 3.4: In- tramural Softball 3.4. OLEJNICZAK, PAUL 702 Larkspur NW Grand Rapids. Mi 49504 Interhall Football 2.3: Interhall Track 2: Inlerhall Basketball 23: Tutoring 2.3. OLIVA. JOSEPH M. 913 S. Louis St. Ml. Prospect M. 60056 Dome: Intramural Sports 2.3.4. O ' MALLEY. CLEMENT R. 29 Leopold St. Burlington. Ma. 01803 Intramural Sports 1,2,3.4. O MALLEY JAMES J. 51 W. Heights Voungslown. Oh. 44509 Football 1.2,3,4. O ' MICK. TIMOTHY J. 8405 Wenonga Leawood. Ks O ' NEILL. MICHAEL A. 59 W. Main St Norwich, N. Y. 13815 O ' NEILL, TIMOTHY P. 8224 Camp Chattee Ventura. Ca. 93001 OPIEL, THOMAS JAMES 6 West Merrill St Plains. Pa. 18705 OPPOLD. ROBERT S. HM Waterloo, la. 50701 Glee Club. ORAVEC, DANIEL 1113 Hytleld Ave. Akron. Oh. 44319 Internal Football 1.2.3,4: Hall Govt 2.3.4: Tutoring 2.3.4. ORLANDINI, MARK L. 617 Grant Ave. LaSalle. II. 61301 OSTAPOWICZ. MARTIN 3 Hlllvale Or. Clayton. Mo. 63105 OSTERTAG, JOHN C. 4649 Arthur Durham Jacksonville. Fl. 32210 Knights ot Columbus: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: i ur. " ,je l ' II i : Ne ' i ' " : . l I ' " " u SJ " Meo ' 326 I Inlerhall Basketball 3.4. PAVLIK, MARCIA L. Oshkosh. Wis. 54801 Pro-law Society 4: Senior O ' TOOLE. DANNY P 190B-73rd St. PLAVAC, THOMAS G. Counselor - Freshman Yr 01- 2927 Nimit Des Homes, la. 50322 278 E. 214th SI. tlce: New Jersey Club 1.2. Oklahoma City. Ok. 73112 PAVUK, RICHARD M. Euclid. Oh 44123 RATCLIFF, TERRENCE OTTAVIANO. JAMES JR. 665 Forest Ave. Inlerhall Foolball 1.2; 204 W. Water SI 421 Cherry St. Johnstown. Pa 15902 Welgbltllllng Club 2.3.4: Jasper. Tx. 75951 Poflstown. Pa. 19464 PAYNE, FREDERICK J. Cleveland Club Big Brother 3.4; N. D. March- OVEHTURF, CHARLES E. 1386 Croyden Rd. PLOSZEK. CHARLES F. ing Band 1.2.4. 3612 Monogram Ave. Lyndhurst. Oh. 44124 7712 W. 65th SI RATERMAN. JOHN E. Long Beach. Ca. 90808 PAYNE, MATTHEW A. JR. Bedford Park. II. 60501 4422 Carnation Interhall Sports 1. 2.3.4. 40 Lloyd Rd. Band Cincinnati, Oh. 45238 OWEN, EDWARD L. Ill Montclair. N. J. 07042 POCIU8. KESTUTIS K. RAYMOND, MICHAEL J. 20 Galloway Lane PECORARO. JEROME J. 3908 Fir SI. 1104 N. Hill St. Valhalla. N. Y 10595 676 Bradley St. East Chicago. In. 48312 So. Bend. In. 46615 PABARCUS. DAVID P. E. Haven. Conn. 08512 POGGE, R. RONALD RAZER, JERRY R. 905 Kemon Dr. PEDTKE, ROBERT A. 724 Forest Dr. RR 3. Susan Dr. MKville. II 62223 19367 Glendale Ave. Council Blurts, la. 51501 W. Frankfort. II 62896 Observer and Dome Photogra- South Bend. In. 46637 Hall President 3. READY, TIMOTHY P. pher. Glee Club 2,3,4; Tutoring 3: POLCARI, ANTHONY G. 645 Borgess Ave. PACENTI, DANIEL J. ASM! 3.4. 408 23rd St. Monroe, Ml. 48161 2057 Grove Ave. PEINE, JOHN GEORGE Union City. N. J. 07087 REAL, RALPH J. JR. No. Chicago. II. 60064 2927 Jeflerson POLOMSKI, ROBERT E. 3719 S. Olive St. PALAICH, ROBERT M. Davenport, la. 52803 9 East 40 St. San Antonio, Texas 78223 5737 Tholozan Ave. PELUSE, NICHOLAS R. Bayonne. N. J. 07002 RECKLING, W. J. Ill SI. Louis. Mo. 63109 Rt. 3. Box 3440 1 Inlerhall Football 2: New 5453 E. Lafayette Rugby Longmont. Colo. 80501 Jersey Club. Phoenix, Az. 85018 PALAZZO. FRANCIS L. Baseball 1: Hall Treasurer 3 POPECK. RAYMOND J. REED, SUZANNE ELLEN 6903 Klngsbury PERCZAK. GREGORY L. 82 Falrhlll Or 445 Kelly St. St louls. Mo. 63130 415 Rugeley Road Washington. Pa. 15301 Hobart. In. 46342 Interhall Hockey 1: Interhall Western Springs. II. 60558 POPIT, PETER E. REGAN. FRANCIS P. Swimming 1. Interhall Basketball 2.3. 2010 Hickory St. 126 Crocus Dr. PALJNSKI, PAUL J. PEROZ, MICHAEL L. Waukegan. II. 60085 Scarborough J Ont.. Canada 495 Meadowbrlar Rd. 2425 S. linden Ave. PORTAZ. JOSEPH M. Hockey 1.2.3,4: Irish Sports Rochester. N Y 14618 Alliance. Ohio 44601 1 19 E. 22nd St. Weekly. PALLARDY. LEE F. Ill PERRICELLI, FRANK J. Paterson. N. J. 07514 REGAN. MICHAEL P. 104 Ladoga 141 Rockview Terr. PORTIN, NAPOLEON 6 Prlscllla Lane Tampa. Fl. 33606 Rochester. N. r. 14606 c o Rosa La Cruz Lockport. N. Y. 14094 PALLUCCA. STEPHEN R. Neighborhood Study Help Agal VIII Box 7206 Rugby 2.3.4: Big Brothers. 214 W. McKay Program 2. Guam. M. 1. REILLY, JOHN F. Frontenac, Kan. 66762 PERRY. JOSEPH E. PORTOLESE. MICHAEL 705 Chamblee Lane Class President 2.3. 57 Hathaway St. 806 W. 8lh St. Creve Coeur. Mo. 63141 PANDOLFI, PAUL J. Weweantic Shores Mlihawaka. In. 46544 REIMERS. MICHAEL 2503 Deepwood Dr. Wareham, Ma. 02571 POSLUSZNY. TERRY L. 1003 Candlewood Wy. Wilmington. Do 19810 PETER, JOSEPH R. 2038 Flintshire Rd. Fort Wayne, In. 46805 PAPA, JOHN T. 9340 Capital Ave. Baltimore. Md. 21237 REIMER. JANET M. 1807 Third St. Omaha, Nb. POWELL, JAY C. 61 Bayham Dr. Madison, II. 62060 Knights ol Columbus: Univer- Elkader, la. 52043 Greenhllls. Oh. 45218 PAPPARIELLA, C. M. sity Arts Council. POWERS, ANN M. REINERT, JAMES R. 237 W. Areba Ave. PETERSON, JOHN M. 1001 1 S. SeMey Ave. 5622 N. 25th Hershey, Pa. 17O33 1241 Hampton PI. Chicago. II. 60643 Glendale. WI. 53209 Jr. Varsity Baseball 1; Palatine, III. 60067 POWERS. MARK H. Hall Judicial Board: INPIRG: Interhall Football and Interhall Sports 1,2.3.4: 3633 Shorehelght Dr. Young Democrats. Baseball 1,2.3,4: Neighborhood Study Help Mallbu, Calif. 09265 REISING. DONALD E. Neighborhood Study Program. Pre-med Club. 405 So. Nawata Help Program. PETRUCCI, STEPHEN G. POWERS, MICHAEL T. Ml. Prospect. II. 60056 PARENT, TERRENCE P. 2207 S. Westnedge 1210 Miller five. REITZ. STEPHEN MICH 3426 N. Newcastle A Kalamazoo. Ml. 49001 Savannah Beach. Ga. 31328 585 Harrogale Rd Chicago. III. 60634 Football 1. PRICE. FRANCIS W. JR. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15241 Hockey 1.2: Ombudsman 3; PFAFFINGER, JOHN J. 550 E. Edgewood Ave. REITZ. WILLIAM A. CILA 1.2. 181 School St. Indianapolis. In. 46227 1307 E. Wayne St. No. PARENTE, FRANK J. Kingston. Ma. 02364 Varsity Track 1.2.4: Cross So. Bend. In. 46615 38 Webster Ct Intramural Baseball 1: In- Country 2: Hall J Board. Internall Athletics 3.4: C.C.O. Latham. N. Y. 12110 tramural Football 3: In- PROCHASKA. J. J. JR. Sociology Club: Pro-Law PARHAM, EARLEY III 1707 Franklin Park Columbus. tramural Basketball 3: Hall Council 3: Neighborhood 2226 Downing Ave. Westchester. III. 60153 Society: Community Relations Board. Ohio 43205 Study Help Program 3. Social Commission 1.2.3. RENNER. RICHARD J. Interhall Basketball 1; Science Quarterly Star! PFALLER, MARK F. II 615 Florence Dr. PROCTOR, MARY ANN 5140 Superior St. 4456 Kensington Detroit. Mich 48224 PARKER, LAWRENCE J. Elm Grove. Wi. 53122 Cleveland. Oh. 44103 RENNER, ROBERT JR. 1006 Ruttedge Ave. PFLUM, TIMOTHY MEL PRONCHICK, STEPHEN 2115 N. Rosewood Ln. Cincinnati. Oh. 45205 1229 Scott Ave. 424 Mantua Ave. St. Paul. Mn. 55113 PARKER. WILLIAM S. Wlmetta, II, 60093 Paulsboro. N J. 08066 C.I. LA. 3.4: Pro-Law Society 6050 S. W 109th St. PHELAN, TIMOTHY Internall Football 3,4. 3,4: Neighborhood Study Help Miami. Fla. 33156 425 Maywood Ave. PTAK. EDWIN A. 4: Voung Republicans 1.3. Pre-med Club; Intrahall Fool- Monroe. ML 48161 3701 S. 61 Court REUTER. DAVID L. ball 1.2.3: Intrahall Basketball PHILLIPS, JOHN G. Cicero, II. 60650 515 Grandison Rd. 1.2.3; Intrahall Baseball 3 6544 High Dr. PUCEVICH, CHARLES L. Greenlleld. In. 46140 PAROLIN, LIVIO J. Shawnee Mission. Ks. 66208 403 Center Grange Track Team. 1800 N. 75th Ave. Management Ciub VP. Monaca. Pa. 15061 REUTHER. JOHN M. EMtwood Park. II. 60635 PHILLIPS, W. D. JR. Knights ot Columbus: Pre- 101 E. Penn St. PARSEGHIAN, KARAN 115 S. Moulton SI med Honor Satiety. Muncy. Pa. 17756 1326 E. Washington Perryvllle. Mo. 63775 PUDHORODSKY, GREG S. REYNOLDS. ROBERT F. South Bend. In. 46617 PICCIANO, ROBERT JR. 206 Andrew SI. 81 Ganung Drlvo PATCHAK, RANDALL R. 615 Barnes Ave. Trenton. N. J. 08610 Ossining. N. Y. 10562 806 Ash SI. Endicott. N. V. 13780 Observer Stall, REZK. PAUL K. Flosimoor. II. 60422 Management Club 3.4: Varsity PUENTES. JOHN C. 5 Crawford Ave. PATOUT, JOHN JARED Baseball 1.2: Intramural 400 W. William St. Barnesboro. Pa 15714 217 E. Washington Basketball Baseball Atkinson. Ill 61235 RICCI. JOHN J. Navasota. Tx. 77888 3.4. OUIGLEY, WILLIAM JR. 3890 Audubon PATRIARCA, PETER A. PILLA, THOMAS J. 3705 N. Donna Lane Detroit. Ml. 48224 7109 Rockingham Dr. 20 Dames Ct Peoria. III. 61614 Golf. Knoxvllle. Tn. 37919 Ferguson. Mo 63135 Management Club. RICCIUTI, HENRY S. Government. PINGEL, JAMES C. 500 Falrview Lane OUINN, GARY J. 42 Donor Ave. 12 Shore Garden Rd Hull. Mass. 02045 PATTERSON, WILLIAM late Villa. II. 60046 E. Palwson, N J 07407 RICE. WILLIAM A 76 Dartmouth St. PINO. LAWRENCE J. Golf E 43 Harmon Dr. Wllllston Park. N. Y. 11596 3220 Crooked Oat RAE, RICHARD AUBREY Paramus. N. J. 07652 PAULIUS. MICHAEL J. Orlando. Fl. 32808 6660 Rockbrldge New Jersey Club. Sec. 2. V P 11165 So. Campbell fencing 2. Houston. Texas 77023 3. Pros. 4: Interhall Football. Chicago. II 60655 PINTO. MANUEL A. RAFTER. PATRICK J. Basketball. Baseball Dome 1 : Sports Ed. 2; Produc- 3 Weslmount SQ. Apt. 1514 619 Sandtawood Or RICHA JOSEPH tion Ed. 3: Editor In Chlel 4: Weslmount. Mont Pq Lewtston. N Y. 14012 P. 0. Box 2085 Interhall Softball 2.3.4; Soccer Team 1.2 Skiing 2: Knight Erranls 3 (?). Panama. Panama Volleyball 2.3: Hall Govern- PIOTROWSKI, MICHAEL RAIH. DANIEL J. Soccer Club 1: Panamertcan ment 4 ASCE 34: Student 5521 N Lydell Ave 123 N. Wise Ave Club. V.P 71-72: Amer Union 4 Milwaukee. WI. 53217 Fraeport. II. 61032 Society Mechanical Engineer. PAUSBACK, RAYMOND J. Biology Club RAOUET. KEVIN F. RICHARDSON BRUCE 1331 S Ashland Ave. PLANALP, JOHN E. 107 Masonlcus Rd. W. Park RUge. II 80088 561 Haiel Manwah. N. J. 07430 10346 FleMcrest Omaha, No. 68114 Pre-med Society: Interhall SENIOR INDEX Sports 1.2.3. FtlCHESON, BRO. JACK Holy Cross Bros. Ctr. Notre Dame. In. 46556 RIOIGLIANO. GERARD 8 Dales Terrace West Caldwell, N J. 07006 Lyons Hall Council RICOY, MARTIN L. Football 1.2: Baseball 1.2.3 ROERING. WILLIAM D. 920 13m Ave No St. Cloud. Minn 56301 ROETHEL. GERALD H, 12815 Shawnee ltd. Palos Heights. H. 60468 Manasa, La Crosse. Paseo De Lomas. Adas 141 ROHRS, THOMAS M. Mexico 10 OF. Mex. 60 Broadway V.P. Latin America Circle: Editor Latin Amer. Magazine: Varsity Fencing Rockvllle Centre. N. Y. 11570 Amer. Sec. Mech. engineers. PI Tau Sigma: Had Council; RIDDELL. MICHAEL T. 26278 Mlrada St. Intramural Athletics. ROLLER. JAMES M. Highland. Ca. 92346 Freshman Basketball. Varsity Baseball 1.2.3,4. 4829 W. 220 Fatrvlew Park. Oft . 44126 La Crosse 1,2.3.4. RIEBSCHLEGER, DAVID 3303 Osier Saglnaw. Ml. 48602 RIESER. ROBERT B. ROMANO. SAMUEL E. 246 Shetland Lane Poland. Ohio 44914 ROMANSKI. PETER J. 5100 Johnson 3215 5th Ave. Beaver Falls. Pa. 15010 Glee Club: Stan ol Science Quarterly; Geology Club. Secretary. Treas. Western Springs, III 60558 ROMAN, JAMES M JR. 44 Pine Ave. West Long Branch. N. J. 07764 RILEY, GEORGE A. 1748 ' r Summer St New Orleans. La. 70114 Interhall Athletics: Neigh- borhood Study Help Pro- Finance Club. gram. RONAY, JOSEPH R RILEY. WALLACE A. 829 Fo-Est Ave. 208 W. 1st SI. South Bend, In. 46616 Clearlleld. Pa. 16830 ROOLF, JAMES M. FUNG. JOHN C. 603 Nevln Ave. 2710 E. 8th St. Duluth, Mn. 55812 Sewickley. Pa. 15143 Varsity Football Glee Club. ROSINI NEIL J. RIORDAN, CORNELIU F. 7 Walnut St 17512 Butternut Teaneck. N J. 07686 Hazelcrest, II. 60429 RIVERA. JUAN E. Ill M33 1041 Urb Munoz N. D. Marching Band 1.2.3; Arts ( Letters College Council WSND FM Announcer: Guaynabo. P. 1. 00657 Observer Staff. Knights of Columbus: Management-marketing Club; ROSZAK. THOMAS E. 4310 S. Lenox St. Milwaukee, Editor-Latin America: Varsity WI. 53207 Fencing Hall Llle Commission. Karate RIVERA, MIGUEL A. 7A Cane Ponlonte Club; Weightllrbng Club. ROTH. STEPHEN E. Santa Ana 1915 Vllas Ave. Madison. Wis. El Salvador, Ca. RIZZONE. FRANCIS J. 604 North SI. 53711 Neighborhood Study Help Program. ROUSE, WILLIAM T. Oil City. Pa. 16301 604 Aspen St WNDU Radio T.V. So. Milwaukee. WI. 53172 RIZZUTO, VICTOR F. RUANE. DONALD P. 121 Obre Place 1212 N. Franklin Shrewsbury. N. J. 07701 Pteasamville. N J 08232 ASCE. Observer. Executive Editor. ROBERTS. ROBERT JR. RUBINELLI. ROBERT T. 509 Kentucky Ave. 173 N. Harvey Plalnfleld. Ind. 46168 Oak Park. II. 60302 Student Manager 1: Internall Interhall Athletics: Bicycle Football 1.2.3. Club. ROBINSON. GARY D. RUFFER. MICHAEL R. 877 Lovingston Dr. 25C Main SI. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15216 Franklin. N. J 07416 Glee Club: The Juggler. Observer 1: Exec Sec Soph. ROBINSON, MICHAEL K. Class: Neighborhood Study 861 Carol Rd. Bowling Green. Oh. 43402 Help Program: Soph. Literary Festival. ROBINSON. TYRONE J. RUFO. GARY L. 1521 W. Chellen Ave. 5484 Fleetwood Or. Philadelphia. Pa. 19126 Canton. Oh 447 IB ROCCA. JOSEPH P. RUIZ. HECTOR M. 303 Hillside Rd. 69 20 30th Ave. linden. N. J. 07036 ROCHE. EDWARD J. Jackson Heights. N. Y 11377 RUKAVINA. MARK W. 10536 S. lorel Ave. 5530 N. Navajo Ave. Oak Lawn, III. 60453 Milwaukee. Wis. 53217 la Crosse Club Honorary Accounting Fral. Boxing 1: Intermural Baikal- ball 12 Beta Alpha Sigma. RULLI. ROBERT L. ROCHE, THOMAS K. Box 477 Ill Perm Ave Vanderbet. Pa. 15486 Soring Lake. N. J. 07702 ROCK. DANIEL P. Neighborhood Study Help Program. Internall Football t 5921 Cypress Rd. Baseball Had Section Plantation. Fl. 33313 le, ' 0 r RODRIGUEZ. J. ROBERT RUMBACH. JOHN A Box 363 975 Mac Arthur Pharr. Tx. 7BS77 Jasper. Ind. 47546 RODRIGUEZ, LUIS R. RUMP. SUSAN MARIE A Rod vera 1729 RU Piedras. P R 00928 911 Margaretta Av. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15234 RODRIGUEZ. ROLAND V RUPAR. KENNETH F. 247 W. Emerson 2111 OM Pine Rd. San Antonio. Texas 78226 TlnoMom. Md 2109S ROE. JOSEPH H RUSCHE. JOHN M 808 Weatoark Or 1016 Cameron Ave. Columbia City In 46725 Lacrosse. Wi 54(01 Track RUSCHMANN. PAUL A. ROEMER, ROBERT W 1664 Kenneth Ave. 15608 Rose Dr. IMon. N. J. 07083 So, Huland. IR. 60473 RUSNAK RICHARD S, SENIOR INDEX 29 Colonial Or. Shrewsbury. N. J. 07701 Management duo: Marketing dub: Finance dub: Inlwrtall Basketball. Baseball RUSSELL. MARYJO 497 Beaumont m. Harrodsburg. Ky. 40330 Hall Government: Marketing Club: Julian Service Club. RUTKOWSKI, DAVID B. 1743 Verde Or. Ml. Prospect. II. 60056 RYAN. DANIEL J. 7 Merrill Rd. Norwalk. Conn. 06851 Observer: Hall Government 1.2.3. RYAN. DENNIS J. 39 Breckenridge Wells Hie. N. V. 14895 Hall Government 2. RYAN. JOHN J. 43 Culver Lane No. Haven. Cl. 06473 RYAN, JOHANNA MARY 227 S. Chesterfield Columbus. Ob. 43209 RYAN. RICHARD E. 1725 lake Ave. WHmette. II. 80091 RYAN. ROBERT E 2806 E. Livingston Columbus. Ob. 43209 SALAS. ANDRE C. 5342 S. Mlllord Id. Mllford. Oh. 45150 SALATA. JOSEPH A. JR. 74 Heppinslall Dr. Bridgeport, ct. 06604 SALVATORE. JOSEPH A. 1760 Glenmounl ve. Akron. Ohio 44301 Hall Government. SALYER. RONALD T. P. 0. Box 336 Spurvllle. Ki. 67876 Freshman Football 1 : Member of ISLI 3.4: Resident Assistant 4. 8ANDOVAL. DANIEL W. 10033 Rldeau SI. Whittler. Ca. 90601 SANTOS, SHERYL V. 53195 RMgewood Dr. S outh Bend. In. 46637 SANZO. PAUL S. 88 Willow SI. Garden City. N. r. 11530 Pro-Law Society: Track Team 1.2. SARB, THOMAS P. 19310 W. Outer Dr. Dearborn, Ml. 48124 Hall Government 1. SARIKAS. JOHN M. 105 Bay shore Dr. Decatur. III. B2521 SAUEH. ROBERT K. 12 Hilltop Rd BronxvUle. N V 10708 SAUERLANO. WILLIAM 2621 W. 107th SI. Chicago. II. 60655 SCALA, MICHAEL A. 946 Hazelwood SE Warren. Oh 44484 WSNO. SCANTLEBURY. ANDREW 2414 H. Dyne Cl Mariana. Ga. 30060 Hall Government: WSNO: Observer: Soccer 2. SCHACHT. STEPHEN R. 1214 Evergreen St. West Bend. Wl. 53095 SCHAEFER, RICHARD J. 9 Huntlngton Rd. Garden City. N. V. 11530 SCHAEFER. STEVEN J. 8232 Crousore Rd. Indianapolis. Ind. 46219 Internal! Basketball 1,2.3.4. SCHEFTER. ROBERT JR. 2111 W. Chestnut Yakima. Wash 98902 Varsity Tennis Aesculapian Club. SCHELLMAN. JAMES M. 3626 Tuxedo Rd. NW Atlanta. Ga. 30309 SCHIAVONE, DANIEL P. 735 BrooklleM Ave. Youngstown. Oh. 44512 Inierhall Football 2.4: Internal! Baseball 2.3: Presi- dent Toungslown dub 3. SCHLAOETER. THOMAS Varsity Football 2. SINGER, GARY L. 377 Roslyn Rd. SEMERAD. LARRY S 3924 Lincoln Or. I. Wllliston. N. Y. 11596 9015 Perrkig Part Birmingham. Ml. 48010 Pi Sigma Alpha: Pre-Law Baltimore. Md. 21234 Squash 1.2,3.4: Soccer 1; Society SCHLESIER, RAYMOND Bengal Bouts Wrestl- ing 2,3.4: Crew Team 2: Management Club. SITTLEY, BRIAN R. 1855 Nllas Place Golden Gloves 3.4. 26757 Brahms Dr. Wantagh. N Y. 11793 SENFF, ARLEN R. Westlake. Oh. 44145 SCHLEZES. KENNETH G. R. F. 0. 3 WSNO Announcer 1242 Sprlngdale Dr. Bremen. In. 46506 SKELLY. LAURENCE J. Rochelle. III. 61068 SENGER. JAMES H. 290 Beach 117th SI. Football 5826 E. 53rd St. Rockaway Park. N. V. 11694 SCHLOSSER, ROBERT J. Tulsa. Ok. 74135 SKIKOS. PETER F. 921 Cedar Brook Rd. Vice-President Pre-MM Club 2539 Cactus Ave. Plaintield. N. J. 07060 3. Santa Rosa. Ca. 95405 SCHMIDT. ROBERT A. SHANAHAN. JAMES A. SKIKOS. PHILLIP 105 Kent Rd. 938 N Harrison SI 2539 Cactus Ave. Valley Stream. N Y. 11580 Rushvllle. In. 46173 Santa Rosa. Ca. 95405 SCHMITZ. RICHARD D. SHANK, DANIEL J. SKORY. DAVID S. 36 Upper Drive 4701 S. Fairtield R04 Huntington Bay. N. Y. 11743 Ft Wayne. In. 46607 Danville. Pa. 17621 SCHNEID. JAMES A. SHANLEY. JOHN F. SKRABEC. LOUIS E 105 Soutnvlew Rd 1777 Kings Hwy 1137 Goodman SI. Syracuse. N. Y. 13209 Rockford. II. 61107 Pittsburgh. Pa. 19218 Alpha tpsilon Delta: Manager SHANNON. EDWARD Alpha Sigma Mu. Aescapulaen Club. 12 Pearson E. SI Louis. II. 62203 SLAVIN. TIMOTHY J. 600 Greenwood Dr. SCHNEIDER. JAMES A. SHANNON. WILLIAM J Morrison. Ill 61270 2764 N. Tyndall Ave. 3921 Devonshire Dr. SLEEPER. BRADLEY J. Tucson. Az. 85719 Cincinnati. Oh 45226 301 Viking Drive SCHOFIELD, RICK SHEA. BRIAN J. Mankalo. Mn. 56001 600 Spring SI 16 Roberta Lane Intertiall Football I Basketball Michigan City, In. 46360 Qn-ncy. Ma. 02170 1.3.4. Band 3.4. SCHRECK. ALAN E. SHEA. DONALD F. SLOSAR. JAMES J. 350 Clover St. 301 Crescent Blvd. 1108 Center Ave Rochester, N. Y. 14610 BenMngton. VI. 05201 Verona. Pa. 19147 SCHRECK. FRANCIS C. Dramatics 2.3. SMEGO. DOUGLAS R. 48 Falrvlew Ave. SHEARER. JOHN C. 1 1 Mohawk Rd. Albany. N. Y 20611 Greenwood Dr. Short Hills. N. J. 07078 Manager America Coftao- Olympia Fields. II 60461 Hall Government 2.3: Rugby Housa 3.4: Hall Government SHERK. JOHN Pre-Med Club: 2. 23251 Clwlten La. Inlernall Football 1.2. SCHRECKENGAST. STEW Dearborn Heights. Mi. 46127 SMITH. CARLOS R. 1730 Hemlock Rd. SHIOLENO. CHARLES A. PO Box 204 Lafayette. In. 47904 Oak Knoll Id. Republic of Panama SCHREIER. PAUL O. Mendlum. N. J. 07945 Pan-American Club. RO 5. Boi 300 Alpha Epsllon Delia. President SMITH. DENNIS J. Johnstown. Pa. 15905 Pre-Med Club 3: Inierhall Deselm Road Marching Band 1.2.3: Varsity Soccer 2.3.4: Hal Govern- Manleno. II 60950 Band 1,2.3. ment 2.3 Finance Club 3.4. SCHUERMAN, THEODORE SHIPLEY. HUGH SMITH. JAMES B. 2332 S Walnut SI. 10501 Mac Arthur 10 Clover SI. Springfield. II 62704 Potomac Md 20B54 Methuen. Mass. 01844 Alpha Epsllon Delta. SHUBNELL, DENNIS SMITH. JOHN S. SCHULFER, ROCHE 17229 Dresden 491 1 Nashwood Lane 802 S. Washington Detroit. Ml. 48205 Dallas. Texas 79234 Hlnjdale. III. 60921 InterhaR Athletics Football 1.4. Omicron Delia Epsllon: SHULA. JAMES D. SMITH. PAUL J. Cultural Arts Commission. 13181 Carter Rd. 1486 Ragle i Han R SCHULTEK, ROBERT D. Painesvllkj. Oh. 44077 Atlanta. Ga. 30319 1 8 Farmhouse Ct. Interhall Football 4: Finance SMITH. SHERMAN W. Cherryhill. N J. 08034 Club: Management Club. 117 E. Dayton Tech Review: Had Govern- SIDRYS, LINAS A South Bend. In 46613 ment 1.2: Interhall Basketball 902 Lowden Rd SMITH. TERENCE L. Streator. III. 61364 7617 W. Sycamore Or SCHULTZ, DANIEL J. SIEMION. MARTIN A Orland Park. II.. 60462 2416 Northvlew Dr. 414 Madison St. Rugby 3: Student Athletic Cortland. Ohio 44410 Valparaiso. Ind. 46383 Manage 1 University Bands. University Chorus 2: Hall SMITH. THEODORE F. SCHUMAKER. MICHAEL President 3 1110 N. Madison 2018 E. lake Bluff SIERKS, WILLIAM R. Anderson. In 46011 Milwaukee. Wi. 5321 1 1331 Elizabeth In Irish Guard Management Club. Okmview It 60029 SMUK. WALTER A. SCHUSTER, DONALD J. Tennis 3.4. 9220 Major R1341 Maryland Ave SILCOX. RICHARD J. Oak Lawn III 60453 Johnstown. Pa. 15906 203 W Washington A Observer; Juggler. SCOTT, ROBERT O. Connellivilte Pa 15425 SMYTH. PAUL J. 820 N Center SI SILINSKI. DONALD 166 Shore Ave Plymouth. Ind 46563 2048 Lucma Ave. Grofon Long Point. Ct. 06340 WSND: Han Government 3: PMsburgh. Pa. 15210 SMELL, RALPH W. Freshman Basketball Team: SILO. MARK S. 263 W Main St. Interhall Football 1.2: 202 Edgewood Ave. Amsterdam. N. Y. 12010 Inierhall Basketball 2.3.4: Yonkers. N. Y. 10704 SNYDER. JAMES R. Internal Baseball 2.3.4. Chi Epsilon: Interhall Football 5208 2nd Ave SEBASTIAN, JAMES L. Intertiall Hockey 2,3. Vienna. W. V. 26101 5442 N. Washington Norwood Park II 60656 4. Omicron Delia Epsilon: Hall SEDLACK, JOSEPH M. RR 4. Box 925 Society. 2152 Perkiomen Ave. Rapid City. S. 0. 97701 SOBOLEWSKI, DENNIS HI. Penn.. Pa. 19606 SIMMONS. PAUL S. 66 Lane of Acres SEGRIST, JOHN R. 317 High Ridge Rd. HaddonfieU. N. J. 06033 RR 1. Box 293 Hillside. II. 60162 SONDEJ. ALAN P. Swanton. Ohio 43958 Lacrosse 2.3.4: Interhall 33 Pleasant Ave. University Band Hockey Class Gartield, N. J 07026 SEJBEL, WILLIAM F. Government SORTING, JOHN C. 1175 Fitzwaterlown SIMMONS. PHILIP J. 1227 S. Harlem 211 Roslyn. Pa. 19001 10 Fourth SI Berwyn. II. 60402 SEIDL. JOHN S. Westbury. N Y 11590 Glee Club 2.3.4: University 1226 Sunny mede Ave. SIMON, MICHAEL P. Chorus 1.2.3,4 South Bend. In. 46615 1244 Ruth Dr. SOWA. JOSEPH M. SEISS. GARY J. Krkwood, Mo. 63122 9 Besler Ave. 3000 Owight Ave. SIMPSON, CHRISTOP J. Cranford. N J. 07016 Pittsburgh. Pa 15216 819 Ave. C Geology Club. Pittsburgh Club: Intrahall Bayonne. N J. 07002 SPADONI, LAWRENCE J. Football 3: Intrahall Basket- SIMPSON. DAVID M. 5607 Treirio ball 2. 1744 Overlook Or Viwland. N J. 08360 SELEGO. EDWARD P. Silver Spring. Md. 20903 SPAHN. THOMAS J. 41 1 WaupenHH Dr.. Apt. 354 SIMPSON. KENNETH P. 1424 Newcastle St. College. Pa. 16801 Guide Rock. Nob. 68942 Westcnester. II. 60193 Fencing SPAK. WALTER J. 2639 Chambers St. Lower Bnrrell. Pa. 15068 CILA. AL Adviscry Council: Pro-Law Society: President of Sorln Hall SPOHR. GREGORY P. 313 Orange Wood Rd. Huron. Ohio 44839 SPREEMAN. FRANCIS R. 13533 Stowell Road Dundee. Mi. 48131 Coach Oil-Campus Football Team. SPROTT. ROBERT W. JR. 360 Cobblestone Or. Aurora. III. 60506 STACKHOUSE FRANK A 18439 Shaftsbury Detroit. Mich. 48219 STACY. JOHN G. 1621 Arbor VW Rd. Silver Spring. Md. 20900 STAFFORD. MICHAEL S. 907 Uncolnway West South Bend. In. 466 IE STANDHING, TIMOTHY 2248 W. 110th Chicago III 60643 STARK. PHILIP A. 151 New Hackensack Poughkeepsie. N. Y. 12603 Scholastic: Soccer 2.3. STASIK, RANDALL J. 9176 Campbells Run Pittsburgh. Pi 15205 STEENBERGE, PATRICK 518 Arlington lid Erie. Pa 16508 Football 1.2,3.4. STEINBORN. MARK J. 3226 Gratiot Ave. Port Huron, Mi 48060 Ice Hockey 1.2,3.4. STEINBOHN. ROBERT J Box 84 HQ Norad Nloe AFB. Colo 80912 Management Club STELMA. JOHN M. 8200 Ivandale Dr. Parma, Ohio 44129 Alpha Epsilon Delta: Pre-Med Society. STELMASZYNSK, ADAM 7273 Montrose Rd Niagara Falls. Ont . Canada STERNER, SUSAN J. 7130 N. Osceola Ave. Chicago. II 60631 Fencing 3.4; Management Club: American Chemical Society. STIDHAM. GREGORY L 6067 Sherwood Dr. No Olmsted. Oh. 44070 STIMAC, CHARLES JR. 9307 Ansonia Ave. Brooklyn. Oh. 44144 Rugby ST1MSON. BRUCE E. PO Box 590 Grandview. Wa 98930 Management Club. STOCKHOFF. ROBERT 6 Glenn Ave Lakewood. N J 08701 Hall Government: Interhall Sports STOEPLER, JAMES PAT 4125 Sylvarta 17 Toledo. Oh. 43623 STONE, RICHARD W. II 12A Chemln Bolsler 1222 Veaena Geneva. Switzerland STOUGH. ANTHONY W. 3435 Newberg Ct. Misnawaka. In. 46544 STRAUB, CARL C. JR. 2000 N 24th SI Boise, Idaho 83702 STHOBEL, DAVID L. 555 E. Gloucester Gladstone. Ore. 97027 President ASME 3: Member ASME 2.4; Interhall Basket- ball 1.2. STRUG. STEPHEN J. 37 Merrill SI. Stoughton. Mass 02072 STRYCKER, WILLIAM H. 63351 Oak Rd. South Bend. Ind. 46614 STUDENIC. WILLIAM 944 Curtis Cresc Cotjnurg Ont . Cn Interhall Football 1.2.3; AIA 1.2,3. STUDER. STEPHEN A. 1725 GriswoU St. Port Huron. Mi. 48060 Pi Sigma Alpha. STUERENBERG, GARY P. 1858 Forest view Ct. Cincinnati. Oh. 45238 WSND 1.2.3,4 STUNGYS, AUGUSTINE E 3000 Erie SI. S. Massillon, Oh 44646 Dome Sports Editor 3.4: Inter- hall Sports 2.3.4; Baltic Club. SUDDES. MICHAEL G. 1204 Oakmont Drive Springfield. M. 62704 Bengal Bouts Boxing 2.3.4. SUHRE. DAVID C. 321 Sunset Ave. Batesville. In 47006 SULLIVAN, CHRISTOP 510 Richie Or eallwm. Mo 63011 Observer: Interhall Softball 3. SULLIVAN, JOHN J. JR. 377 Carver Dr. Bethlehem. Pa. 18017 SULLIVAN. LAWRENCE 1021 N. Harlem Oak Park, II. 603O4 SULLIVAN. WILLIA JR. 1420 Keystone Av River Forest. II 60305 SULLIVAN. WILLIAM F. 59 High SI. Greenfield. Ma. 01301 SULLIVAN. WILLIAM R. 4410 144th SE Bellevue. WA. 98006 SULZMAN. CHARLES M. 99 Brunswick Rd. Troy. N. Y. 12186 Physics Club SURKAMP. H. G. 37 Whitebrldge In. St. Lou is. Mo 63141 Student Manager 1.2. SUTTON. PHILIP M. 1203 N. D Ave. South Bend. In. 46600 SWANSON. ERIK J. 17155 Ontario Detroit. Mi. 48224 SWEITZER. JAMES S. 1S045 Banger Plac South Bend. Ind. 46637 SWENSKI. MARK C. 494 E. Northampton Wllkes-Barre. Pa 1B702 Interhall Athletics. SYBURG. ROBERT M. 918 Whitehall Dr. South Bend. In. 46619 SYOLIK. MICHAEL J. 1268 11th Ave. Natrona Heights. Pa 15065 SYKES, THOMAS J 116 N. Thurlow Ave Margate. N. J. 08402 SZADY, JOSEPH Meadowview lane Mlllord, Ma. 01757 SZARWARK. ERNEST J. 735 S. Grant St. South Bend. In 46619 Intramural Basketball 1.2,3.4. SZASZ ERNEST J 802 S. Ironwood Dr. South Bend, In. 46615 SZERENCSE, ROBERT E. 250 Lombardy South Bond. Ind. 46619 SZEWCZYK, EDWARD J. 1 7 Oak Knoll Belleville. II. 62223 Alpha Epsllon Delta: Intramur- ls SZOMJASSY. MICHAEL 16 Meadow Lane Newtonvllkl. N. Y. 12128 ASCF. SZWARC, WALTER J. 438 Allen SI South Bend. Ind. 46616 Interhall Sports: Student Union; Student Government. SZYMANSKI. RICHARD 4 Greenbriar Lane Hicksville. N. Y. 11801 Student Union Social Com- mission. TAKAZAWA. ROBERT JR. RR 1. Box 326 B Elgin. III. 60120 TALARICO, JAMES E. 413 W. Rudisill Bvd. Ft. Wayne, In. 46807 Boxing 3: Class Officer 4; Marketing Club. ! . 5 Ml nouti Me Wt .: ! a.-. - DM ISM. 328 mi MI " mi TALLMAN. DENNIS F. 2.3 Judicial Board Chairman. 320 Poplar Ave. TREVETHAN. WILLIAM VITALE. JOHN L. Merchantvllle. N. J. 08109 2480 Hoyt SI. 89 Robbjrl flu. TAMER, HERBERT H. Lakewood. Co. 80215 Kenllworth, II. 60043 1905 Cumberland Av. Marketing Club. VOELKER, CHARLES P. Mlddlesburo. Ky. 40965 TRICK, GARY V. 5257 Meadowgreen D. TAMKE. JAMES K. 300 Rockhlll Ave. Pittsburgh. Pa. 15236 53371 Martin lane Kettonng Ohio 45429 VOGEL. DENIS R South Bend. Ind. 46635 TRITSCHLER, GERALD 6116 Pebbleshlre TAPAJNA. JOSEPH J. 1403 E Melrose Or Flint. Ml 48507 3672 Monroe St Westlake. Oh. 44145 Glee Club. Gary. Ind 46408 TROY. GARY L. VOLL. JOHN D. TAYLOR, KENNETH A 9635 W. Morgan Ave. 53932 No. Ironwood 632 Tewkesbury In. Milwaukee. Wi. 53228 South Bend Ind. 46635 Severna Park. Md. 21146 Soccer WSND Announcer 2. TENHOLDER. EDWARD J. TRULLEY. MICHAEL VONDERBRINK. T. M. PO Box 149 223 S. Ridge St. 2174 Alpine Terrace Notre Dame. In 46556 THEISSEN, GILBERT E. Crown Point. In. 46307 TRUTHAN, JEFFREY A. Cincinnati. Oh 45208 240B NE 12th Ct. 3311 Inglestde Rd. WSND Programmer Ft Lauderdale. Fla 33304 Shaker Heights. Oh 44122 VONOERSCHMIOT. MARG THOEN. RICHARD G. Glee Club 1.2.3 12180 Rosedon Dr. 389 Louvaine Dr. T8UBOTA. STUART 1 Brldgeton. Mo. 63044 Buffalo, N. T. 14223 425 Oplhlkao PI. VRABEL, TIMOTHY M. Blue Circle 1.2 Honolulu, HI. 96B21 16 Oakwood Terr. THOMAS, ANDREW D. TULLY. JOHN L. Rockaway. N. J. 07866 1216 Victory Ave. 7613 89th Ava SW Track 1.2: Inlerhall Football South Bond. In. 46615 Tacoma. Wa. 98496 and Basketball 1,2; Manage- Internal! easketball 3.4. TUORI. GERALD N. ment Club 1.2.3. THOMAS, JEFFREY A. 412 Hlllsboro Pkwy. VUTURO, MARK L. 6118 Stratford Ct. Syracuse. N. y. 13214 720 N. E. 94th St. Huntsvllle, Ala. 35806 Interhall Athletics 1.2. Miami Shores, Fl. 33138 Pre- Law Society. 2514 W Van Buran Student Government 3.4: Finance Club 3,4. THOMAS, MARC A. Chicago. III. 60612 WADDICK. JAMES H. 57 William St. TUYN. RICHARD M. 282 Forest St Geneva. N. y. 14456 4720 N E. 25th Ave. R, Lauderdale. Fl. 33308 Waltham. Mais. 02154 Government. TWOMEY, CORNELIU J. Student Senate 3. THOMAS. SOLLY J. JR. 1 linden St. WADE, JOHN H. 1509 Westview Dr. So. Boston. Mass. 02127 62 C Flnderne Ave. New Kensington. Pa. 15068 Hall Government. Somervllle. N. J. 08876 THOMPSON. PAUL J. TYRRELL. PATRICK F. WAGNER. DAVID C 1040 Audubon BOO Stale Line Ave. 79 Wayside Dr. Grosse Pte Park. Ml. 48230 Calumet City. in. 60409 Ferguson. Mo. 63135 THORNTON, DANIEL E. TYRRELL. TIMOTHY J. Intramurals; Hall 41 1 Hammond Ave, 800 Stale line Ave. Government 3.4. Waterloo, la. 50702 Calumet City. ID. 60409 WAGNER, KARL T. JR. Observer Publications Manager. UGINO, MICHAEL R. 726 Harrlton Rd. Bryn Mawr. THORNTON, PATRICK W. 1691 Parma Hilton Pa. 19010 2121 E. 26th Spenr.erport. N. y. 14559 Pre-med Club. Tulsa. Ok. 74114 Pre-med Club. WAGNER. VINCENT O. TRAS H, GARY A. ULLINGER. EDWARD R. 1114 Kellogg Ave. 5556 West 25th St. 135 Crest ivew Or. Utlca. N. y. 13502 Speedway. In. 46224 Pittsburgh, Pa. 15236 Math Club 1.2.3,4. VP 3: CCD TIEHNEY. RAYMOND F. Band 1 .2.3,4: Hall Judicial Board 3,4. 835 Clinton Ave. UNDERHILL, STEPHEN WAHL. GREGORY S. Bridgeport. Ct. 06604 7301 East 11th SI. 1701 Locust St. TOBBEN. DAVID B. Indianapolis. Ind- 46219 Sterling. III. 61081 205 Olive St UNGVARSKY. RICHARO Interhall Basketball 1.2.3; Washington. Mo 63090 PO Box 36 American Society of TOBIN. JEROME W. United. Pa. 15689 Mechanical Engineers. 2330 Tigertall Ct. URANKAR. STANLEY F. WALD. JAMES F. Miami, Fla. 33133 18024 Nottingham 12230 9 N W TOBIN, PAUL M. Cleveland. Oh. 44119 Seattle. Wa. 96177 122B Fairbanks URBAN. BRUCE A. WNDU: Finance Club: lorn Mountain, Ml 49901 3518 Country Hill Management Club: Marketing TOLAND, RICHARD M. Fakf ax. Va 22030 Club 1818 Lunt Ave. VALENZUELA. JAVIER WALIGORSKI, Chicago. III. 60626 Rafael Canas 234 STEPHEN TOMASI. JAMES LEWIS Santiago. Chile 23 25 So. 54th St. 921 San come Ave. VALLICELLI. RICHARD W. Allis. WIS. 53219 South Bend. In. 46628 2612 Kensington Av WALK, FRANK H. JR. Industrial Designers Society Weslchesler. III. 60153 1543 Henry Clay Av. ol America. Track New Orleans. La. 70118 TOMCIK. JAMES VAN BERKEL, RICHARD WALKER. MYRON A. JR. 7606 SagefieKt 2351 NW 140 St. 1529 Longwood Dr. Knoxvllle. Tn. 37920 Opa-locka. Fl. 33054 Baton Rouge. La. 70608 TOMMET. STEVEN J. VAUGHAN. JAMES M. Interhall Baseball 1: Soccer 1109 ISth Ave. 635 Praine Ave. 3: Student Senate 2: S. Milwaukee. Wis 531 72 Glen Ellyn. II. 60137 Marching Band TOMSHACK, JAMES VELCHEK, LAURENCE A. WALL. DENNIS J. 2326 Worrell St 10245 Ave. M 1 1 Betsy Dr. Jackson, Ml 49203 Chicago. Ill 60617 W. Sayvllle. N. y. 11796 TOTH. FRANK A. VELEZ. AMAURY A. Observer 1.2.3,4. 646 E. 113th St. G P Box 3014 WALLACE. EDMUND A. Chicago, lit. 60628 San Juan P. R. 00903 3276 W State Rd TOWERS. RUSSELL E. Interhall Volleyball 2; Interna- Otoan. N y 14760 99 Beardsworth Rd tional Student ' s Organization Irish Air Society 1: Trverton, R. 1 02876 V.P. 3. Astronomy Club 3,4. TOWNSEND, WILLIE C. VESONDEH. GREGORY T. WALLACE, MICHAEL R. 517 S. 8th SI 1154 Maryland Ave. 909 Hughes Dr. Hamilton. Oh. 45011 Duquasne, Pa 15110 St. Albans, W. V. 25177 TRACY. ROBERT W. VESPOLE. MORRIS R. WALSH. EDWARD L. 201 Beatrice Or 2 Sliver Spring Rd 144 Centerbrook Rd. West Haven. Conn. 06516 W Orange. N. J. 07052 Hemden. Conn. 06818 TRAINOR. MICHAEL F. 613 Park Lane Dr, Head Start Program. VIAMONTES, GEORGE 1. WALSH, JOHN F. Ill 22428 N. Nottingham Herkimer. N. y 13350 165 Plantation Dr. Birmingham, Mi. 48010 Glee Club: University Chorus, Creve Coeur. Mo. 63141 WALSH, JOHN G. TREANOR. TIMOTHY C. Fencing 630 Washington 140 Segsbury Dr VILLANO. KENNETH T. Baltimore, Md. 21227 Williamsvllle. N y. 14221 16963 Douglas RrJ WALSH. MICHAEL P. Student Government 2.3.4: Granger. In. 46530 484 Mllbeth Dr. Scholastic: Observer Editor Karate Club. Hall V P 3; Pittsburgh, Pa. 15228 Football 1 ; Internal! Sports 1 .- 2,3,4 WALSH. TIMOTHY 350 East 266th St. Eudld. Oh. 44132 WALSH, VINCENT A 1 1 1 Pawnee Rd. Crantord. N. J. 07016 WALSHE, CATHERINE 914 N. Miles An. South Bend, In. 46617 WARD. ROBERT M. 7341 S. Hermitage Chicago. III. 60636 Hockey 1.2. WAS1NGER. THOMAS M. 1320 Marshall Rd Hays. Ks. 67601 WAITERS. EDWARD P. 101 Ralph Lane Dewltl. H. T. 13214 WATTS. KENNIETH M. PO Sox 11 Trinidad. Tx. 75163 WAUGH. RICHARD E. 3287 Somertord Rd. Columbus. Oh. 43221 Fencing 1,2.3.4. WEBB. MICHAEL K. Forest Hill. Apt. 21 New Castle. De. 19720 WEBER, GEORGE F. Ill 216 N. Swanson Cir. South Bend. In. 46615 WEBER. MICHAEL P. 1317 N. Academy St. Glaesburg. II. 61401 WEBER, THEODORE S. Ironside Rd. Fsrtield, Ct. 06430 Observer 1 : Crew Team 2: Ka- rate Club 3. Interhall Athletics Metropolitan Club 1.2: Pro-Law Society. WEGENG, PATRICK J. Camaroo II. 61919 WEHMEYER. THOMAS C. 15 Woodbind Ave. Watervliel. N. y. 12189 WEIGAND, FRANCIS K. 28 Sipple Ave. Baltimore. Md. 21236 WEIGEL, JAMES S. 42 Cottage St. Dantelson. Conn. 06236 Neighborhood Study Halp Program: DOME. WEISSINGER. WILLIAM A. 105 26 87 St. Ozone Park. N. y. 11417 WELLING. JAMES A. 520 17th Ave. East Mollne. II. 61244 Intramural Football WELLY. ROBERT H. 2601 Merrlmac Toledo. Ohio 43606 Irish Guard 1.2: Hall President 3. WELSH, EUGENE M. 9417 W. Pine Brent wood. Mo. 63144 Interhall Football 2.3: Boning 3,4: Rugby 1. WELSTEAD, STEPHEN T. 156 True Hickory Rochester. N. y. 14615 WENGRONOWITZ, S. J. RFO 1 Waseca. Minn. 56093 Management Club 3.4. WENKE. JOSEPH J. 407 Park Dr. Gktnolden, Pa. 19036 WSND 3,4. WERNIG. CRAIG A. 2947 Devondale PI. St. Louis. Mo. 63131 WESTENKIHCHNER. D. F. 1519 Greenwood Ave Toledo. Oh. 43605 Interhall Athletics 1,2,3.4. WESTERHEiDE, R. J. 2760 eradway Blvd. Birmingham, Mi. 48010 WESTHOVEN, JOHN M. 5 Ball Terrace Boonlon, N J. 07005 Crew Team 2.3.4; Ha ll Treasurer 2.3. WETTERMAHK. L. M. 3907 Sprlngbank Rd. Mobile. Ala. 36608 WETZEL. JOSEPH H. 450 Girdle Rd. I Aurora. N y 14052 Varsity Tennis 1; Hall Council 2.3; Intornall Sports WHITE. DONALD J. It 10 Madrid Ave. Oaytona Beach. R. 32014 Student Union Academic Commission: Hall Council: University Judicial Board. WHITE, EDWARD R. II Lynnway Revere. Ma. 02151 Boxing Club 3.4. WHITE. RICHARD L. 11046 Erdmann Sterling Heights. Ml. 4B078 WHITE. WILLIAM C. 502 N. Allen South Bend, In. 46617 Student Union Academic Commission. WHITERABBIT, F. M. BR4. Box 54 Hudson, Wi. 54016 Intramural Football 1.2.3; Pres. Native American Club 3. WHITING, KENNETH P. 124 leroy St. Bmqhampton, N. Y. 13905 Interhall Sports 1,2,3.4: Para- chuting Club, WHITTERS. TIMOTHY J. 3601 Adams Rd. SE Cedar Rapids, la. 52403 WSND 1. WILBERT. GARY M. 365 Fair Haven Rd Fair Haven, N. J. 07701 WILBUR, MICHAEL J. 217 Alexander Blvd. ilm hurst. III. 60126 WILCOX, MARK D. 400 N. Branch Rd. Glonview, II. 60025 Varsity Swimming 1.2,3.4: Student Senate 3: Logan Volunteer 2.3: Student Union Committee 3. WILHELM, THOMAS V, 115 Fernclitf Rd. Seokonk. Ma. 02771 MANASA. WILLETT, MICHAEL C. 420 Victor Ave. Cuyahoga Falls. Oh. 44221 WILLIAMS, JOHN C. 3010 Pierce St. Sioux City, la. 51104 Lacrosse 2: Interhall Baseball 1.2.3: Tutoring 2.3, WILLIAMS, JOSEPH B. 69 Cove Rd. Huntington, N. y. 11743 Logan Center. WILLIAMS, RICHARD L. 924 Bonnie Brae Casper. Wyo. 82601 Hall Council 3: Interhall Basketball 1.2,3.4. WILLSON, DENNIS F. 268 Barn Hill Rd. Monroe. Ct 06468 WILSON. CURTIS 1905 W. Orange St. South Bend. Ind. 46623 WILSON. MICHAEL J. 850 Fairway NE Warren. Oh. 44483 WILSON. RICHARD C. 607 4th Ave. SE Pipestone. Mln. 56164 WINKLER. RICHARD 15 N. Euclid Ave Pittsburgh. Pa. 15202 WISNiEWSKl. JOSEPH 414 S. Phillips SI. South Bend. Ind 46619 Arnold Air Society: Irish Air Society; WSND: Intramurals U.3.4. WITTLIFF, FRANCIS E. 1107 Washington Ave. Port Huron, Ml. 48060 WOHLEBER, ROBERT M. 2011 Mohawk Rd. Pittsburgh. Pa 15241 Neighborhood Study Help Program 3. WOLF. ROBERT N. 9228 Lawndale Ave Evanston. III. 60203 WOLF, THOMAS J. R 4 Harrlsburg. Ill 62946 WOLFF. WILLIAM A. SENIOR INDEX 40 Van Arsdale PI. Manhaseat. N. y. 11030 WOLOHAN, JAMES L. 1604 Lathrup Saglnaw, Mich. 48603 WONG, MICHAEL F. 5701 Almax Cl. Pensacola. Fla. 32506 WOODS, DAVID W, 722 SI. Marks Ave. Westlield. N. J. 07090 WORKMAN, WILLIAM J. 2617 Klrkwood ft W. Hyattsvllle, Md. 20782 Intramural Football Management Club 3.4: Marketing Club 4. WOZNIAK. WILLIAM J. 4341 E. 71st St. Cleveland. Oh. 44105 Intramurals 1.2.3,4: Hall Govt. 3,4: Social Commission 3; Judicial Board 4. WRIGHT. THOMAS A. 3 Hemlock Terr. Sparta. N. J. D7871 WYANT, PATRICK H. Rt. 4. 975 Flafole R. Midland, Mich. 48640 YOUNG, EDWIN M. 4633 Country Club Pittsburgh. Pa. 15236 Institute ol Electrical and Electronics Engineers: Technical Review Ed. In Chief. YOUNG, JOHN G. 6 Cobblestone Lne. Ballwin. Mo. 63011 Interhall Basketball 1.2,3; Marketing Club 3; Manage- ment Club 3: Manasa 3. YOUNG. MICHAEL J. 31 Pennlngton Rd. New Brunswick. N. J. 08901 YOUNG, ROBERT D. 49 Maywood Or. Danville. II. 61832 YOUNG, ROBERT T. 8 Tanglewood Dr. Summit. N. J 07901 Observer layout Staff 2; Interhall Baseball 2: Chess Cluo 3. YOUNGER. MICHAEL G. 505 No. Ewlng Helena. ML 59601 ZAGATA, JAMES L. 32 Quald Ave.. PO Box B 6 Sayrevilte. N. J. 06872 Lacrosse 1: Marketing Club VP 4; Finance Club Trees. 4: Business College Council 4. ZAMPELLI. ERNEST M. 10 Leslie St. Lawrence. Mass.. 01841 ZATORSKI, RICHARD T. 142 Ivy Street Kearny. N. J. 07032 Tutoring 3.4. ZEIS, JOHN F. 60 Herbert Ave. Buffalo, N. y. 14225 ZEMLYAK, MICHAEL J. 1802 Chapin St. South Bend. Ind 46613 ZETTEL. CHARLES J. 7009 Washington Av. Racine Wis 53406 ZIEQELBAUER. ROBERT 1507 Philippen Mamtowoc. Wi. 54220 ZIELINSKI. CHHISTOP 166 07 26th Ave. Flushing. N. y. 11356 Crew Team ZIELONKO, THOMAS A. m i Troy. II 62294 ZIMMERMAN, DENNY L 2592 Bullinger Wichita, Ks. 67204 ZOUCHA. JOSEPH H. 1845 Kensington Ft. Wayne. In. 46805 ZULLI, JOSEPH D. 2913 Armstrong Ave. Secane. Pa. 19018 Neighborhood Study Help Program: Sociology Club 33O THE EDITORIAL BOARD 331 enda Darnley Student Lite Norm Bower Student Life 332 Sue Darin .{ I SPECIFICATIONS The 1973 Dome was printed by Wai s worth Publishing Co. of Marceline, Missouri. All but the senior section was printed on 80-pound matte. The senior section itself was printed on 80-pound tweed-weave off white text. Ink in that section was 504 Panatone done in duotone. Senior portraits were shot by Whitfield-Delaplane of Delma Studios of New York. The page size is an optical square, 9 inches by 10 inches. The type face is helvetica con- densed bold with contrasting face of helvetica extended bold. Body type is 10 on 12, caption type 8 on 8 and index type is 6 point. Three four-color photos appear in the book along with extensive use of second and spot color combined with special effects. The S. K. Smith Co. of Chicago, Illinois produced the cover. The base color is Candle Light 13 Artificial Leather with krinkle grain and embossed lettering and design in black and white. Artwork was done by Thomas D. Paulius and type was designed by the S. K. Smith Co. The cover concept was conceived by Michael J. Paulius. The book is smyth- sewn, rounded and backed with headbands. 334 COLOPHON Tell me it wasn ' t a chore putting this annual together. Deadlines to be met and missed. People to contact and photograph. And our staff really did do one hell of a job right up to the end. They are to be commended along with others. Those deserving of credit are the editors: James H. Hunt for directing our photography and doing a great deal of it himself, Duanne A. Dinehart for taking the senior section mechanics under his wing, and Michael J. McCurdy for doing the thing to the finances. Big Gus Stungys for spear-heading the sports section, Rod Braye for recording the year within the student life, Joe Higgins for run- ning around like a chicken with its legs cut off, for the administration. And thanks to my brother, Thomas, for his organization sec- tion. Staff members Brenda Darnley, Frank Ryan, Norm Bower, Kathy Galloghy, and Bill Delaney. Also thanks to our two secretaries Betsy Kail, and Peggy Semlon, who learned how to put up with tempermental typewriters by simply smiling. Four other people contributed substantially of their time and talents: Joseph Raymond, the " other " photographer; Susan Dampeer, stu- dent activities secretary; Dr. Robert Acker- man, our advisor and Mary Louise Brown, our living legend at the Dome. Worth special mention is Mr. Dick Conklin who in the true Notre Dame tradition helped when others couldn ' t. And W. Scott Caton for help throughout the year and at the eleventh hour, and to his wife who makes a damn good strawberry-rhubarb pie that Mary and I en- joyed one evening. 335 LORD, make me an instrument of Thy peace; Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy. Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved, as to love; for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. . c THE UNIVERSITY

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