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JAMES E. NORTON, C.S.C. CLOSED NDE FINITELY) DD DO on f9 !: y ' Wr V W !r -jr TCsV j m m V ; N Ca - ' ' - ' I y- r 85 i .i 1 VIGB DflLSPtfS Editor Associate Editor VOMAJfUU 1 Business Manager Managing Editor sY . University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana f WWK This is a university. Notre Dame. Enrollment 5,462. Like yet unlike other schools, it retains something all its own. Just what that something is ... no one really knows. Intangible some call it spirit . . . the Notre Dame spirit. It can be seen in the students most of all students from all forty-eight states . . . and then some. Sons of lawyers . . . and sons of farmers all bound together in a common bond. The Notre Dame spirit . . . the undergraduates have it ... graduates will never lose it. 1 500 Freshmen find it. What is this college student? What is his way of life? iS3 . He arrives bag in hand the first glance at " home and then . . bewildermer Osmosis he decorates his room talks to kis roommates and writes those important letters He plays just five minutes a day on the golf course at and works He studies at his desk preparing for the battle or in more esthetic pursuits] the big test some make it soiree don ' t He prays in Sacred Heart Church Pi at the Fatima Shrine at the Grotto He participates in social events in a game of cards v in activity at the big dance beating deadlines in athletics in competition for graduation He waits or t wrt check and watches university events the mail box m He relaxes H junior executive $20,000 worth of prii . . and h ecome6 rn enaineer, an accountant, a journalist, a phusicist, a lawuer . . . out a deeper transition takes place durina nis four uears under tne aolaen dome, rpparent in nis student daus . . . on tne auad . . . in nis classes . . . in tne crowded stadium . . . in the nails . . . at tne (grotto. - Tf-ter araduation . . . he carries it with him . . . into . . . I. I . . I 11 his home life . . . his reliaiouS life . . . his work, hre is a I otre aDame Irian. Annual May Day observance at the Grotto. 7 y, OS . - , ' % . il i T 7L V ni CONTENTS Introduction Ri 1 University 22 Arts and Letters 34 Commerce 40 Engineering 46 Science 52 Law 58 ROTC 64 Student Leaders 69 Organizations 82 Sports 110 Football 113 Basketball 141 Track 149 Baseball 155 Minor Sports 159 Intramurals 167 Activities 176 September-October 178 November-December 190 January-February 202 March-April 210 May-June 218 Halls 230 Off-Campus 278 Vetville 282 Seniors 284 Arts and Letters 286 Commerce 300 Engineering 318 Law 330 Science 334 Index 344 an may invent new tninaA; ne map tin- cover facts previously unknown, out ne is onlu buildina on tne pail and the lessons tne past has taught. Jjurina college daus, it J tne profeAAor wno speaks for tne past Anarinq wltn tne student Some portion of tne vast, ar- duouslu accumulated Knowledge of man . , . nis discoveries . . . nis Successes . . . nls fous . . . his failures . . . his sorrows. niverSi Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., President of the University of Notre Dame The President The Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh C.S.C. has com- pleted his third year as President of Notre Dame, suc- cessfully guiding the University in one of the greatest years of academic and physical expansion in the school ' s history. Father Hesburgh has not limited himself to problems of administration alone, however. He is well known as a most entertaining speaker, and an able writer. He is the author of several books : God and the World of Man Theology of Catholic Action, and Letters to Service- women, as well as numerous pamphlets. In the past year, President Eisenhower appointed Father Hesburgh to a six year term on the National Science Board. Father is also a board member of such organizations as the Nutrition Foundation, the Free- doms Foundation, the Institute of International Educa- tion, and the Foundation for Religious Action in the Social and Civic Order, and is a member of many other distinguished organizations, such as the Ford Motor Scholarship Board. Several innovations have been instituted by Father Hesburgh in an effort ever to increase the academic prestige of the University. Included among these are the new program instituted in the Arts and Letters College, and the Distinguished Professor ' s Program, which, through the underwriting of various corpora- tions, the University hopes will add forty-five eminent scholars to the faculty. 24 Father Hesburgh breaks ground for the WNDU-TV building. Father Hesburgh addresses the Conference of Liberal Arts College Deans. Father Hesburgh, Mr. Krause and Mr. I. A. O ' Shaughnessy. 25 Vice Presidents Rev. lidmund P. Joyce, C.S.C. Executive Vice-President Father Joyce congratulates Frank Carrideo on his election to football ' s Hall of Fame. 26 Rev. James E. Norton, C.S.C. Vice-President in Charge of Student Affairs Rev. Jerome J. Wilson, C.S.C. Vice-President in Charge of Business Affairs Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Executive Vice-Presi- dent, is in charge of the Administrative branch of the University. As Vice-President one of his primary re- sponsibilities is to coordinate the work of the different administrative officers of the University. Due to the President ' s crowded schedule, Father Joyce is quite often called on to represent Father Hesburgh in both civic and religious functions. Rev. James E. Norton, C.S.C., is Vice-President in charge of student affairs. He is the all-important bridge between the students and the administration. He sees to it that all the student affairs on campus are carried out in an orderly manner and are for the best interest of the student. Father Norton is also in charge of operations in the Student Center. Rev. Jerome. J. Wilson, C.S.C., is the business man of the University. To run a multi-million dollar institution, there has to be someone to take care of the financial and business transactions that are constantly coming up. This is Father Wilson ' s main job. He must also see that the necessary finances are available for any neces- sary projects on campus. Rev. Philip S. Moore, C.S.C., is in charge of academic affairs at the University. It is his responsibility to see that the primary function of Notre Dame education of Christian gentlemen is carried out in the best way. Father Moore sees to it that all the programs of the University ' s five colleges give the student a well- rounded education, equipping with everything neces- sary for his livelihood upon graduation. Rev. Philip S. Moore, C.S.C. Vice-President in Charge of Academic Affairs 27 Rev. Robert J. Lochner, C.S.C. Assistant to Vice-President in Charge of Academic Affairs Rev. Louis S. Thornton, C.S.C. Director of Admissions Rev. Charles I. McCarragher, C.S.C. Prefect of Discipline Officers of Administration As is the case in any large corporation, the University is confronted several times daily with a multitude of problems ranging from maintenance of the physical plant to the dissemination of information concerning its activities to the various news outlets. While it is a multi-million dollar business with its consequent cares about balance sheets and public rela- tions, Notre Dame is primarily an educational institu- tion ; its chief concern is the individual student. Through the Prefect of Religion, the University tries to realize its goal as a Catholic institution, while the department of testing and guidance and the placement bureau strive to fit the Notre Dame student for a place in the world suited to his abilities. The officers shown on these pages, along with several others not pictured, share with the president and vice- presidents the burdens of complex university adminis- tration. Mr. William Broderick Investment Officer Rev. Alfred F. Mendez, C.S.C. Director of the Placement Bureau Mr. James E. Murphy Director of Public Information 28 I Mr. Emerit E. Moore Director of Student Accounts Rev. Charles M. Carey, C.S.C. Prefect of Religion Mr. Vincent H. Fraatz Director of Maintenance - " " _. Brother Albinus Butler, C.S.C. Cashier Mr. J. Arthur Haley Director of Public Relations Mr. G. Edward Harwood Comptroller Mr. Edward R. Quinn Director of the Department of Testing and Guidance Mr. Victor A. Schafer Director of the Library Mr. Paul Barth Manager of WNDU-TV 29 University Development Rev. John J. Cavanaugh, C.S.C. Director, University of Notre Dame Foundation Since its establishment in 1947, the University of Notre Dame Foundation has completed four major buildings and started construction on three more. At present the Foundation, under the Rev. John J. Cavanaugh, C.S.C., is constructing the Hammes Shopping Center, the new television station, and Pangborn Hall, a new residence hall for sophomores. The Foundation accepts all donations to the Univer- sity. These funds are then distributed to the projects requiring them. At present all funds, unless otherwise specified, are being used to aid the University ' s Faculty Development Program. This fund has enabled the Uni- versity to add several noted professors to the staff and to sponsor others as visiting professors. The new Notre Dame Shopping Center, the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Romy Hammes, nears completion. Construction progresses on Pangborn Hall while work on the addition of another floor to a wing of Fisher Hall continues. CLASS CHAPLAINS To apply the knowledge gained in the re- ligion class and to teach the concept of life in the Notre Dame community that is the task of the Prefect of Religion, Father Charles Carey, C.S.C., and his three assist- ants, Father Joseph Barry, C.S.C., Father Victor Dean, C.S.C., and Father Daniel O ' Neill, C.S.C. Among the most important functions of the Chaplain are the distribution of Holy Communion every morning and the hearing of confessions every evening. To encourage the spiritual way in everyday life, pamphlet racks are placed conveniently around campus and the " Religious Bulletin " is edited and distributed to all students three times a week. Above all, the Chaplain ' s door is always open to those who need a smile or a comfort- ing word. The motto: " If you have any troubles, come in and tell me about them; if you don ' t have any troubles, come in and tell me how you do it. " Upper: Students can always find Fr. Carey available for discus- sion, consultation, or just a chat. Middle: The book gives the answer to Fr. Dean and two sopho- more inquisitors. Lower right: Fr. O ' Neill sets a freshman straight on the correct way to study. Below: Three juniors are well-received in the office of Fr. Barry. Associate Board of Lay Trustees Mr. Thomas H. Beacom Mr. Joseph M. Byrne, Jr. Mr. Terence B. Cosgrove Mr. Joseph F. Donahue Mr. Edward J. Doyle Mr. Walter Duncan Mr. Charles T. Fisher, Jr. Mr. Timothy P. Galvin Mr. J. P. Grace, Jr. Mr. Byron V. Kanaley Honorable Joseph P. Kennedy Mr. Joseph A. LaFortune Mr. John L. McCaffrey Mr. C. Roy McCanna Dr. Constantine E. McGuire Mr. John P. Murphy Mr. Robert L. Oare Mr. I. A. O ' Shaughnessy Mr. Raymond H. Reiss Mr. George W. Strake Mr.JohnC.Tully Mr. Harold S. Vance Mr. Bernard J. Voll Honorable Frank C. Walker 32 ae of- rrfo and Rev. Charles E. Sheedy, C.S.C. Dean of the College of Arts and Letters Devere T. Plunkett Assistant Dean Although it is composed of sixteen different departments, the College of Arts and Letters is nevertheless devoted to the ideal of a true liberal education. The well-rounded man and the true Christian gentleman are popular names for the graduate of the education given in the Arts and Let- ters College, but a more apropos description of the product of the college would be a man who can think, act, and judge distinctly and freely, being able to set himself apart from the cliches and monotony of his surroundings. In order to reach this goal, the College has recently combined tech- nological advancement with a revised system of curricu- lum. The O ' Shaughnessy Hall of Liberal and Fine Arts sig- nifies the material aspect of this advancement. This build- ing gives added space for the pursuit of painting, sculp- ture, music, and liberal education in general. On the level of subject matter, the College has recently introduced the General Program for Liberal Education and a revised cur- riculum for incoming freshmen and returning sophomores. Together, these programs stress the seminar method of teaching and discussing. Also, the study of the classics, great books, and theoretical science is emphasized. It may truly be said that the recent advancement of Notre Dame in the field of education has been keynoted by the expansion and revision accomplished in its College of Arts and Letters. English -Art - Music - Speech Department heads in the College of Arts and Letters. Seated: Rev. J. E. Walsh, C.S.C., education; Rev. T. F. Cady, C.S.C., classics; Rev. R. G. Simonitsch, C.S.C., re- ligion; Rev. H. R. Reith, C.S.C., philosophy; Mr. Otto Bird, general program; Rev. C. E. Sheady, Dean; Mr. Plunkett, assistant dean; Mr. Walter M. Langford, modern lan- guages; Mr. John J. Kane, sociology; Mr. William J. Elsen, speech; and Rev. T. J. McAvoy, C.S.C., history. Standing- Rev. T. J. McDonagh, C.S.C., economics; Mr. Bernard J. Kohlbrenner, education; Mr. Daniel H. Pedtke, music; Rev. S. J. Parry, C.S.C., political science; and Rev. C. A. Soleta, C.S.C., English. Arts and Letters Student Advisory Board First row: F. Newman; F. Tonini; G. Massey; R. Clark; P. Sturtevant; F. Maier; J. Brainerd. Second row: J. blavicK; J. Griffin; J. Hughes; Fr. Sheedy; R. Burke; T. Wageman; Rogers. Third row: R. Beeman; J. Norton; D. Yeckel; J. O ' Meara; P. McCartan; W. Clemens; F. Brown; F. McCarthy; T. O ' Malley. Journalism - General Program - Education Mr. Fischer gives journalism art students a hand with their designs. an The way of all flesh. Religion - Modern Language - History It ' s not really that dull. There it is, right there in the grade book. Economics - Sociology - Philosophy f Ed Neylon takes advantage of one of the Music Department ' s many pr actice rooms. Professor Sessler points out pertinent concepts to a group of art students. Professor Norling presides over the " Blue Book Blues. " Political Science Phy Ed -Classics f J of I ommerce Mr. James E. McCarthy Dean of the College of Commerce Mr. Edmund A. Smith Assistant Dean The primary aim of a Catholic college is not only to extend the areas of a student ' s knowledge, but also to unify them in the light of Christian philosophy. As a part of Notre Dame, the Edward N. Hurley College of Commerce constantly strives to realize the general ob- jectives of a Catholic college. The whole man, not the prospective business man, therefore, is the object of the Commerce education. The necessary professional knowledge is taught the Com- merce man in finance, accounting, business, and eco- nomics courses. But theology, philosophy, and the arts assist him toward desirable goals in the area of spiritual and intellectual awareness. Thus will his life be made purposeful and complete, and a sense of responsibility toward his fellow man nurtured and developed. There is today a common feeling that the sole objec- tive of businessmen is to make as large a profit as pos- sible. But true Christian ethics must be applied to busi- ness, and the Christian businessman must act for the common good and his own final goal. The College of Commerce education will give the student a sound foun- dation in the Christian ideals of business and a wide cultural background, to enable him to be both an exem- plary Catholic and a businessman of high intellectual and professional competence. Department of Accounting Department heads in the College of Commerce: Mr. John R. Malone, Marketing; Mr. LeClair A. Eels, Finance; Mr. James Dineolo, Accounting; and Mr. Thomas P. Bergin, Business Administration. Absent: Mr. James W. Culliton, Program for Administrators. COMMERCE FORUM, First row: R. Bennet, J. Dwyer, P. Murphy, D. McKenzie, R. Berschinski, J. Higgins, J. Ryan, W. McKenna, R. Kramer. Second row: J. Murray, D. Lynch, E. Schneider, G. O ' Conner, J. Gits, J. Kennedy, R. Schlitzer. Third row: D. Cook, K. Phelan, J. Fiehrer, W. Peeney, D. Liegler, T. Coleman, M. Jackman, M. Culhane, J. Hobbs, R. Smith, Mr. Bergan, Faculty Moderator, R. Gauthier. Department of Business Administration t II IctterialA dLabor and t II I Calm before the storm. Department of Finance vernead A student gets help in his hour of need. Left: Isn ' t it a small world ? Right: Scanning the Placement Bureau notices. Another day another dollar. Department of Marketing The first line of defense against a failure. Then you can always fall back on class- mates for a little help. The last line of defense seldom fails. Program for Administrators I Jr-1 4 M f S - olleae of Onar, (f I a ineenna Mr. Karl E. Schoenherr Dean of the College of Engineering Mr. Raymond J. Schubmehl Assistant Dean Three-quarters of a century ago the engineer was a hardy individual who lived in the field and was chiefly concerned with the problems of construction and survey- ing. The sweeping technological advancements of the twentieth century have brought about a highly complex industrial world in which the knowledge and skill of the engineer is indispensable. The first courses in engineering were instituted at Notre Dame in 1869. The College of Engineering was established as a distinct unit of the University in 1897, and today offers a variety of courses in all phases of the field. Modern chemistry and physics laboratories, a machine shop, an electronics lab, and a supersonic wind tunnel are available for the students. In addition, a fundamental background in mathematics, physics and chemistry is given the future engineers. But the technical side of engineering is not stressed to the exclusion of the arts. The engineer must have a knowledge and appreciation of true human values and the ability to relate his work to the best interests of modern civilization. For this reason the curriculum of the College of Engineering includes courses in English, philosophy, ethics and economics. Thus, the College of Engineering turns out engineers not only well versed in scientific knowledge but also truly aware of their proper role in life. Civil Engineering Metallurgy Kiif hieering Student Advisory Board: first row: Robert Swindeman. Gerard Schoenherr, Chairman; Edward Prein, Frank Florian. Second row: Bernard Tracey, Robert Erdman, Lee Brock- way, James Mason, Michael Hanley, Robert Gervais, John Wilkins, David Austgen. Third row: Richard Groner, John Massman, Robert Miller, William Leonard, Victor fehahan, Charles Pullnow, Gerard Meyer, James Vachris. Department heads in the College of Engineering: Seated: Mr. Marcel K. Newman, Mechanical Engineering; Mr. Wil- liam W. Turner, Mechanical Drawing; Mr. Ronald E. Rich, Chemical Engineering; Mr. Walter L. Shilts, Civil Engi- neering; and Mr. Harold E. Ellithorn, Electrical Engineer- ing. Standing: Mr. Frank N. M. Brown, Aeronautical Engi- neering; Mr. Ettore A. Peretti, Metallurgy; and Mr. Frank Montana, Architecture. Chemical Engineering - Architecture - li nes an d ermo Three electrical engineers studying electrical current at the test bench. I Masao Doyma of the Department of Metallurgy checks a high temperature tensile testing machine. Some Civil Engineers determining the strength of wood. Electrical Engineering J Mr. Hoffman helps Senior E. E. 38 stu- dents on an experiment with alternating current. Bill Relph takes graph readings in Metallurgy. Aeronautical Engineering August Freda and Isadore Zaplatynskyj manipulate an X-ray spectrometer. A display in the architecture building. Mechanical Engineering V f ? of J ct I cience Dr. Lawrence H. Baldinger Dean of the College of Science The College of Science has had a steady and impressivi growth since 1865, when it was first established. Prioi to that year, the various science courses had beei taught as a part of the program in Arts and Letters Gradually, more and more courses have been added t the curriculum in order to keep stride with new scien tific discoveries and the trend toward specialization. A the present time, the college offers, in addition to th general science program, programs leading to a bacheloi of science in botany, in zoology, in chemistry, in physics in mathematics, and in geology. A large number of th students in the college are enrolled in the pre-medica and pre-dental courses. Notre Dame ' s unique separation of the College o: Science from the College of Arts and Letters has no been at the expense of comprehensice liberal education Students must take courses in religion, philosophy, Eng lish, and a foreign language, and they have opportuni ties to take elective courses in economics, sociology, anc accounting in order to give them a well-integrated edu cation. For, to exert a worthwhile influence on his fellov men, a scientist should not only be technically capable but also literate, self-confident, personable, and virtuous However, the distinct advantage of having a collegi devoted especially to science lies in the fact that th students can be afforded better counseling and close] contact with teachers and projects whose interests th students share. Department heads in the College of Science: Dr. Arnold E. Ross, Mathematics; Dr. Andrew J. Boyle, Chemistry (ad- ministrative head) ; Rev. H. J. Bolger, C.S.C., Physics; Dr. Archie J. MacAlpin, Geology; and Rev. R. J. Sheehan, Bi- ology. Absent: Dr. G. F. D ' Alelio, Chemistry. Department of Physics Department of Biology - ' " feflr Instruments for scientific learning. Freshman Zoology lab gives pre-meds only a vague inkling of impending disaster: Comparative Anatomy. Rev. M. J. Murphy, C.S.C., supervises some mineral study in the Geology Department. Department of Chemistry t V loleculeA, an d They couldn ' t be mixing something illegal, could they? Gerry Meisels and Jim Nash : Physical chemists at home. Department of Mathematics . . . ( omparciuve Away from the test tubes and into the books. They look a little too relaxed for this to be an Organic Chem lab. Department of Geology Nuclear Research and Lobund Prof. John W. Mihelich takes a reading from geiger counter in nuclear research. Lobund specimens get the full germ-free treatment. Atomic research at Notre Dame was initiated in the middle thirties with the construction of an electrostatic generator. A subsequent University generator worked so exceptionally well that it was used in the Manhattan project of the Atomic Energy Commission during World War II. With the construction of the Niewland Science Building came the decision to build a new generator, incorporating all the improvements of the past fourteen years. Doctors Bernard Waldeman and Walter Miller are now in the process of building the generator. Lobund, the Laboratories of Bacteriology, University of Notre Dame, is also giving an assist in atomic re- search. Lobund was founded to test the effect of germ- free life on animals. Currently it is testing the effects of radiation on these germ-free animals and reporting the results to the Atomic Energy Commission. This is indication that Lobund will go on investigating more and more aspects of the germ-free project. Lobund inmates get some stylish transportation. M a r v a Mr. Joseph O ' Meara Dean of the College of Law Mr. John J. Broderick Assistant Dean Law schools and lawyers must face, now even more than before, the great questions concerning the nature of man in society, the purpose of law, and the resulting role of the lawyer in society. To this end, the Law School imparts to its students the knowledge and cultivates the skills a lawyer needs to represent his clients effectively in the modern world. And, by always emphasizing the theoretical and moral bases of the law and its proper role in human affairs, the Law School produces men. Men competent to practice successfully and at the same time men who are equipped for responsible leadership in the world. Beginning in the first semester of the first year and continuing throughout the curriculum, these great questions and ideals are given searching examination through a complex sequence of courses. There are no more elective courses in the Law School. Culmative com- prehensive examinations and the case book method, complimented, by the newly inaugurated problem meth- od, insure that the student has the answers to these questions. Within the Law School more emphasis is being placed on Legislation, Administrative Law, Labor Law, Federal Taxation, and Constitutional Law, and new courses are also being added. This new curriculum is more demanding, but it produces better lawyers. 58 Moot court : R. Mealey, Chancellor to the Freshman ; G. Lang, Director; Prof. E. Barrett, Faculty Advi- sor; A. Deatrick, Executive Director; R. Eveld, Director of Public Relations. Absent: A. Walsh, Chancellor to the Juniors. Student Law Associa tion: J. Economu, Freshman Representative; B. Reece, Treasurer; T. Kelleghan, Senior Representative; D. Daley, President; P. Jack- iewicz, Secretary; J. Rosshirt, Junior Representative. 59 j and u Bill Gumming consults the experts. Future barristers in Practice Court session. eview A monastery-like atmosphere prevails at the Law Library. It ' s time for lighting up after a tough day of classes. Graduate School :.-= ta Medieval Institute of tfc Ui of the 7 7 Col. Cyril J. Letzelter, U.S.A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics Col. Milton M. Towner. U.S.A.F. Professor of Air Science and Tactics Capt. Frank P. Luongo, Jr., U.S.N. Professor of Naval Science ROTC The Tri-Military Council: Pat McAward, Jim Krebs, Frank McCarthy, Gene Wagner, Cmdr. J. A. Masterson U.S.N. , Jim Hes- burgh, John Lochts, Major J. F. Chimento, USAF, Capt. R. W. Ellison, U.S.A., Frank Boos, Jerry Massy. 64 Notre Dame ' s NROTC unit came into being in September of 1941. In 1943, the Navy Department changed the unit ' s official title to Midshipman ' s School V-12. In 1947, the unit ' s status was changed back to that of an NROTC unit. A student receives a commission as Ensign in the U. S. Navy or as a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps upon completion of four years of Naval Sci- ence. At present there are 348 students en- rolled in the NROTC program, com- manded by Captain Frank P. Luongo. The Fall of 1947 marked the birth of Notre Dame ' s Air Force ROTC unit. This year, Col. Milton M. Towner became the unit ' s new PAS T. There are now 465 embryo officers in the unit. Upon completion of four years of Air Science and graduation from the University, they will be eligible for com- missions in the Air Force. The Army ROTC unit was organized in the Fall of 1951 and quickly grew to its present enrollment of 533 students, the largest of the University ' s three mili- tary units. On completion of his four years, the student is eligible for a commission in the U. S. Army. Above : Col. C. J. Letzelter, U.S.A., looks on as Fr. Lochner awards Cadet Burton Lesh the Chicago Tribune medal for outstanding sophomore cadet. Cadet John Hirschfeld awaits the outstanding freshman medal. Future Naval officers find attentiveness a must. Air Force ROTC drill team performs between halves at the Fieldhouse. I ummer fault, and - Inspecting officer scans statute-lik naval ROTC students. John Simons, Dick Shea and Joe Shilts find a happy substitute for a Lincoln. 66 orce AFROTC cadets and jet. Top: Tom O ' Hara, Lee Getchow, Bob Gervais and Dick Con- nolly. Bottom: Walter Duscka, Bob Kerby, Jack Healy and Jim Donnolly. Henry Gies and Vince Fernandes help out with some household chores at Fort Campbell. Dick Shea, Joe McGinn, Bill Tyse, Jim McComb and Bob McGrath on a combat exercise at Fort Campbell. Joe O ' Brien points out some details on a jet engine to a fellow cadet. Dave Foy, Dick Delmonte and Tom Reynolds concentrate on a .30 caliber machine gun. ? ' : Student en of tL y ear Every year several awards are given to the outstanding undergraduate students at this University by the DOME. The spiritual, academic, and extra-curricular activities of the student are reviewed and the awards made to those who most nearly measure up to the ideal of the true Notre Dame Man. The final selections are made by an all Junior board, representatives of promi- nent campus organizations, with the Edi- tor of the DOME acting as non-voting chairman. The men pictured on these two pages are to be congratulated on attaining this honor which is the highest honor given by a student to a student at this Univer- sity. A debt of gratitude is owed to these men by both present and future students of the University for their contribution to the Notre Dame way of life. Forst Brown John O ' Meara A summa cum laude Graduate with the highest average in the graduating class is the rare distinction that can be claimed by Forst Brown. It would seem that with a Scholastic record of such merit a stu- dent would have little time for extra- curricular activities, but this is not the case with Forst. He is Secretary-Treas- urer of the Blue Circle and was general Chairman of the highly successful orien- tation program for the class of ' 58. Forst, who will take his degree in the College of Science, attends the University of Notre Dame on a Ford Motor Company Fund Scholarship. A familiar sight around campus with his hat an briefcase is the Blue Circle Chair- man John O ' Meara. John has the difficult job of coordinating the efforts of forty- five members of the Blue Circle Honor Society in activities ranging from usher- ing at one of the University productions to the exte nsive orientation program for incoming freshmen. During his Junior year at the University his chief extra- curricular activity was that of campus representative for the student insurance program. Graduating cum laude from the College of Arts and Letters, John is also a member of the Bookmen, the NROTC Activities Council, and the Arts and Let- ters Advisory Board. 70 Although many students have heard Joe Daley speak only in his capacity as Sports Director of WNDU he fulfills a far more important function when he speaks before the Student Senate at their weekly meeting. Joe was elected Presi- dent of the Student Senate in May of 1954 and since has devoted much of his time to the problems that always con- front a representative of a large Univer- sity of the calibre of Notre Dame. Be- sides these demanding duties he is a member of the Blue Circle. In spite of all these time consuming duties Joe has managed to graduate with honors in the College of Science. Joe Daley 1955 DOME AWARDS Dick Burke, an honors graduate in the College of Arts and Letters, gained his first important administrative experi- ence as President of Sorin Hall. The Sen- ior Class elected him President in May of 1954. Since this time he has further acquired the offices of Vice-President of the Student Senate and President of the Hall Council System. During his tenure of office as President of the Senior Class several successful activities have been sponsored. Among them : the Senior Re- treat, Washington Day Exercises, and the Senior excursion to the lowa-Notre Dame football game. Dick Burke 71 ctnd other WHO ' S WHO Dean ' s List student in the College of Arts and Letters, Dick Beeman hails from River Forest, Illinois. As Station Manager for WNDU, he supervises the affairs of the campus radio station. Dick also serves on the AB Advisory Council and as a member of the Student Senate Pub- licity Committee. As a college grows in size and prestige the problems of administration become more and more complex. To cope with this problem the administration has turned more and more responsibility over to the students. The men pictured on these pages are the men who have accepted this responsibility and proven themselves capable of administering this trust. It is not only a matter of prestige of these positions to the students, but an unselfish contribution of their time and effort in an attempt to foster the common welfare of the University and the students. A board consisting of thirteen representatives of prominent campus organizations elected thirty-one stu- dents to the distinction of being named as representa- tives of Notre Dame in the publication Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. On April fourth these men were guests of the Student Senate at a banquet in the Morris Inn. At this banquet they were presented with certificates stating that they had been named to represent the University in this publication. As chief Production Engineer for WNDU, John Bendel, from Elm Grove, Wisconsin, has had ample opportunity to employ the training received in the College of Engineer- ing. A Dean ' s List student, John represents his college in the Stu- dent Senate and holds the office of President of the Milwaukee Club. Larry Brehl, an AB student from Washington, Penna., is Editor of the Notre Dame SCHOLASTIC. In addition to overseeing the publica- tion of the campus weekly, Larry is a member of the Concert and Lec- ture Board. Forst Brown, enrolled in the College of Science, and a native of Spring- field, Kentucky, achieved the high- est scholastic average in the Class of ' 55. Forst, a Ford Scholarship winner, devotes considerable time to the work of the Blue Circle. He is Secretary-Treasurer, and was Chairman of the Freshman Orien- tation Week. Arts and Letters student, Dick Burke of Chicago, Illinois, is kept busy in student government. As a Junior, he was President of Sorin Hall, and this year, he assumed a triple load as President of the Sen- ior Class, Vice-President of the Stu- dent Senate, and Chairman of the Hall Council. George Carhart, a Commerce stu- dent from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, is Vice-Chairman of the Blue Circle. In 1954, he was Chair- man of the Mardi Gras Raffle, and Chairman of the Election Com- mittee. A Dean ' s List student in the Gen- eral Program, Walt Clemens is from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is Interna- tional Affairs Chairman for the USNSA, and USNSA Travel Direc- tor on Campus. Walt is a member of the Wranglers. SACKTIME SACRIFICERS Joe Daley, a Science major from Girardville, Penna., is familiar to everyone on Carnpus as President of the Student Senate, and he is a member of the Blue Circle. As Sports Director for WNDU, Joe can be heard giving the play-by-play of all Notre Dame basketball games. Chuck Doherty, a Commerce stu- dent from Pittsburgh, Penna., is President of the Varsity Debating Team, and is a member of the Blue Circle and the Commerce Forum. He is a Dean ' s List student. Frank Florian, an Engineering stu- dent from Washington, Penna., is Co-Editor of the TECHNICAL RE- VIEW. He is a member of the Engi- neering Advisory Council, and the Engineering Open House Commit- tee. Frank also belongs to the Knights of Columbus and the Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. 73 Don Gels, a Commerce major from Chicago, Illinois, will be recognized as Leader of the official campus dance band by anyone who has attended a Notre Dame Victory Dance. He has led the band since his Sophomore year. Don is Vice- President of the Notre Dame Marching Band, and Membership Chairman of the Blue Circle. Jim Griffin, an AB student on the Dean ' s List, is from Chicago, Illi- nois, and ranks as the top Midship- man in the NROTC Unit. Jim is Business Manager for WNDU, and a member of the AB Advisory Council. He is Chairman of the Sen- ior Ball, and was a member of the Junior Prom Committee. A Commerce major from Syracuse, New York, Jim Hesburgh is the President of the Joint ROTC Coun- cil. Jim was Chairman of the Senior Football trip to Iowa last fall. He is Physical Facilities Commissioner, and is President of the Central New York Club. SACKTIME SACRIFICERS From far away Pakistan comes Kamal Hossian, an AB senior on the Dean ' s List. Kamal is a member of the Varsity Debate Team and Inter- national Observer for the National Student ' s Association. He is the University delegate to the Midwest- ern International Relations Club, and Treasurer of its Economic Round Table. Jerry Hughes is an AB the Dean ' s List and is Island, New York. Jerry Class Treasurer in his and Junior years. He is tary of the Academy Science, and is the AB the Student Senate. student on from Long was elected Sophomore past Secre- of Political Senator in 74 Ron Kueber, a native of Detroit, Michigan, is in the College of Com- merce, enrolled in the Program for Administrators. Ron is on the Dean ' s List. He is Loan Adminis- trator for the Student Senate Loan Fund, and is Chairman of the Mar- riage Institute. Bud LaLonde, majoring in Eco- nomics in the College of Arts and Letters, is from Dearborn, Mich- igan. A DOME staff man as an un- dergraduate, Bud was chosen as Editor for the 1955 book. He is also President of the Ford Scholars of Notre Dame. Frank Maier, an English major from Oak Park, Illinois, is an honor student in the College of Liberal Arts. Frank is Editor of THE JUG- GLER and is on the AB Advisory Board. He is a member of the Wranglers. SACKT1ME SACRIFICERS Tom May, from Racine, Wisconsin, is a Business Administration major in the College of Commerce. Tom is an honor student, and a member of the Student Advisory Group. He is President and Assistant Director of the Glee Club. Tom was awarded the Johnston Foundation Scholarship on the basis of outstanding scholar- ship and extra-curricular activities. A Physical Education major, Leo McEvoy hails from East Orange, New Jersey. During the past four years, he has assisted Alex Wilson, coach of the track team. Leo has organized the campus intermural track and cross-country program, and is a member of the Physical Education Club. Ron Mealey, a second year law stu- dent from Ridgewood, New Jersey, is the top-ranking student in the Law School. He is a member of the Notre Dame Law Association and a former Vice-President of the Finance Club. Ron is also past Pres- ident of the Met Club. 75 Frank Newman, from Brooklyn, has the highest average in the AB Col- lege. Frank is the President of the Wranglers, a campus discussion club. He is Assoicate Editor of THE JUGGLER, a student literary mag- azine, and a member of the AB Ad- visory Council. John O ' Meara, a senior in the Col- lege of Liberal Arts, is from Hills- dale, Michigan. He is Chairman of the Blue Circle and a member of the Bookmen, a University club devoted to the discussion of Modern Litera- ture. John Powers, an AB Junior from Richmond, Virginia, is Associate Editor of " Contact " magazine. As a member of the Blue Circle, John was on the Committee for Fresh- man Orientation Week. He is also Chairman of the Student Govern- ment Leadership Program. SACKT1ME SACRIF1CERS Joe Saunders, an AB Senior from Amarillo, Texas, is Head Cheer- leader and led the student body at all home football and basketball games. A member of the Student Senate, he serves as its Publicity Chairman. Joe also is Regional Chairman of the NSA. Dan Shannon, a Commerce Senior from Chicago, was Co-Captain of the 1954 Fighting Irish. A product of Terry Brennan ' s Mount Carmel regime, Dan earned a varsity letter while playing defensive end as a freshman. Three years and three letters later, he Co-Captained Ter- ry ' s first Irish squad. Jim Sherer, an AB student from Bowling Green, Ohio, is the Student Senate Social Chairman and a mem- ber of the Blue Circle Honorary so- ciety. As a Junior, he was Class President, and Chairman for the Junior Parents and Sons Weekend. He is also a member of the Sports Publicity Staff. Frank Tonini, an AB Senior from Staten Island, is a former Chairman of the Young Christian Students, and is YCS Representative in the Student Senate. He is a member of the AB Advisory Council. Don Yeckel, a Senior in the General Program, is well known as the au- thor of the " Back Page " column in the SCHOLASTIC. He was Chair- man of the Festival of the Arts held last Fall. Don is a member of the Student Senate Academic Commit- tee and the AB Advisory Council. He is also a member of the Blue Circle. Henry Weisbecker, a graduate Chemistry student from Pitts- burgh, is a former Mayor of Vet- ville. He is an Associate Member of the American Institute of Chemists, and a junior member of the Ameri- can Chemical Society. Henry is also President of the Graduate Chemis- try Club on campus. l l no achieved prominence in 77 Student STUDENT SENATE t . . Though still an infant among student governing bodies in point of time, Notre Dame ' s Student Senate has already achieved a vigorous maturity in point of service to the administration, to the faculty, and in par- ticular to the student body. The school year 1954-55 was only the first full year the Senate functioned, but it has already received national recognition as a model form of student government. To be sure, there is still room for improvement ; but the revamping of the Senate Con- stitution in an attempt to clarify the functions of, and the relation between, the Senate Court, the Blue Circle, the Student Center Management, and the Senate itself, is a big stride forward. The Senate, in the past year, also finally achieved a workable system of taxation to finance its multiple operations. Through its various committees, the Senate is the guiding force behind almost every campus activity. This year for example, the Senate promoted the closed cir- cuit telecast of the Iowa game, the appearance on cam- pus of big name bands, and the reintegration of faculty and students. In addition they continued their policies of promoting mixers with St. Mary ' s, underwriting the big campus dances, and presenting the ever popular Victory dances. A break during a Senate sponsored Mixer. Dan Devine, Treas- urer; Tom Crehan, Secretary; Dick Burke, Vice-President; Joe Daley, President. Seated: John Bendel, Frank Tonini, Jim Broughton, Jerry Hughes, Roy Belknap, Jim Hes- burgh, Maurie Reidy, Jack Guthrie, Pete Campbell, Joe Daley Standing: Tom O ' Malley, Dick Lewis, John Engler, Tom Crehan, Hugh Schaefer, Joe Safko, Dick Pollenz, Phil Agee, Don Yeckel, Jim Sherer -SENATORS- Seated: Fr ank Pedaee, John Hen- zel, Gordon DiRenzo, Dick Burke, Jerry Garvey, Jerry Murphy, Jack Moynahan, John O ' Meara, Fr. Norton Standing: Charlie Clesi, Tom Hagerty, Dan Devine, Jim Kramer, Fred Holzl, Jim Ehret, Dick Meyer, Dick Norton -POLITICIANS- Seated: John Engler, Dick Nor- ton, Phil Agee, Jerry Murphy, Dick Pollenz, Fred Holzl Standing: Maurie Reidy, John Henzel, Charlie Clesi, Joe Safko, Dick Meyer, Jim Kramer The votes for class elections are counted carefully. CIRCLE The Blue Circle is not merely an organization, but a tradition a tradition of unselfishness. When something needs to be done, the Circle will do it. Founded in 1923, this honorary society under- takes many projects throughout the year. Most important of these is the freshman orientation program which is far reaching in its results. Other projects are all elections, pep rallies, student trips, social functions, and the annual TB X-Ray drive. The Circle has set up a student advisory program which is avail- able to all. This year, in following Notre Dame ' s aim to form Christian leaders, the Circle has introduced a leadership program. The group consists of forty-five members. The majority of the members are from the senior class. The requirements are: possession of leadership qualities, a satisfactory discipli- nary record, and an average of eighty or better. Another important assignment of the Circle h to keep in touch with the Student Senate. This job is ably handled by this year ' s Chair- man, John O ' Meara. The Circle itself was at one time the student government, but in 1946 it became the direct service organization for the students. A great way for the Freshman to be oriented. John O ' Meara, Chairman First Row: Pete Sutherland, Jim O ' Shea, Jim Norton, Don Yeckel, Jim Broughton Second Row: Bill Byrne, Pat Mc- Cartan, Joe Bill, Don Sneigowski, George Kremos Third Row: Jack Moynahan, Dick Lewis, Dick Reamer, Pat Logan, Chuck Dougherty Fourth Row: Paul Miller, Bert Millan, Art Johnson, Joe Daley, Tom Crehan Fifth Row: Jerry Hornback, Jim Sherer, John Connaughton, Harry Edelstein, Pat O ' Malley Sixth Row: Jim Deline, Tom Caplet a, er Aackume b 3 tit at e A 81 IS O: in a numt Jhe hell that heralds the end of classes tften the Atonal for the start of activity I f . " T her of unrelated fields. Jhere are questions to be aeoatea In Student Senate, aeaalineA to he met by puolicationi, proaramA to he presented hy the campu.4 radio station, tnd from, these and other activities, the students acaulre valuable experience of the tupe Seldom learned, in the classroom. O a V _ - j l ms anza John P. Defant, Director Ranking today as one of the leaders in the University Press publishing field in this country, the University of Notre Dame Press supervises publication of the many religion texts, lec- ture and conference notes, liturgical studies and results of scientific research, which signify the dynamic activity of the University. Several volumes of individual importance are also published under the direction of the Press. John P. Defant is Director of the University of Notre Dame Press, which was reorganized in 1949 with a central publica- tions office. Policy is determined by the Board of Publications, composed of the Revs. Paul Beichner, C.S.C., Dean of the graduate school, Chairman; Philip Moore, C.S.C, Vice Presi- dent in Charge of Academic Affairs; and Jerome Wilson, C.S.C. , Vice President in Charge of Business Affairs. University of Notre Dame Press Board of Publications J Rev. Phillip S. Moore, C.S.C. Rev. Paul Beichner, C.S.C., Chairman Rev. Jerome J. Wilson, C.S.C. 84 Frank Burke Associate Editor Dick Williams Managing Editor Bud La Londe Editor THE The 1955 DOME adopted a new approach to yearbook pub- lication. Planning began in the Spring of 1954 and continued on during the summer. The page lay-outs were completed during this time and the pictures taken to fill the planned lay-out. The recent trend toward bigger pictures and less copy was adopted as policy for the book. Several new innova- tions can be noted in this year ' s issue of the yearbook. These include ; the football section, the arrangement of the Senior section, and the chronological sequence of the Social section. A new staff organization was also initiated with the 1955 DOME. New positions were created and responsibilities re- distributed. Freshmen and Sophomores were given responsi- ble duties and introduced into the intricacies of lay-out and planning. This was done in the interests of providing a more experienced staff for future years. Top level staff included : Bud LaLonde, Editor; Frank Burke, Associate Editor; Jim Yonke, Business Manager ; and Dick Williams, Managing Editor. Under these men an editorial staff of 17 supported by 25 lower-classmen labored many hours to produce a su- perior publication. Jim Yonke Business Manager 85 Greg Conyers Social Editor Bob Dahlen Activities Editor Jim Sieger Academic Editor Don Sniegowski Halls Editor Gene Griffin Sports Editor Activities staff : J. Henrick, Assistant Ac- tivities Editor; D. Baker; P. Tannion, Photo Editor. Academics staff: T. Guilfoyle, J. Meaher, As- sistant Academic Editor; E. Bernard. Halls staff: W. Guinan, R. Coleman, Assistant Halls Editor; P. Volante, R. Bennett, Assistant Halls Editor. Fred Brinskelle Assistant Business Manager Bob Morsches Art Editor Jerry Sweeney Copy Editor Paul Fitzgerald Photo Co-ordinator Social staff: J. Kneuer, C. O ' Neil, Assist- ant Social Editor; R. Durand. Sports staff : R. Haverkamp, J. Rose, Assistant Sports Editor; J. Glavin, D. Beggy, T. Laugh- lin. Copy staff: J. Moriarity, P. Berrettini. 87 -- Coec) s V, - . , j Larry Brehl Editor Scholastic The weekly edition of the Scholastic is the most fa- miliar student publication on the Notre Dame campus. Within its pages are contained concise accounts of all the latest sports events and social activities which are an integral part of student life at Notre Dame. A group of fifty-two students comprise the staff which edits this weekly publication. Lawrence Brehl, the Edi- tor-in-Chief, and his able assistants provide a compre- hensive coverage of the main points of student activity as they happen each week. Facts are presented to the reader in a very lucid and natural manner which is one of the chief characteristics of the Scholastic. Last year the Scholastic was again awarded an " All- American Rating " by the American Collegiate Press and the National Scholastic Press Association. These awards were given in recognition of its excellent quality, the style of news reportings, and the lay-out of the maga- zine. Undoubtedly, the Scholastic can look forward to a similar presentation this year. Paul Fullmer Associate and Sports Editor Fred Eckart Associate Editor John Adams News Editor Paul LaFreniere Copy Editor Ken Woodward Business Manager Joe Connolly Feature Editor Columnists: J. O ' Shea, D. Yeckel, J. O ' Brien. Chuck McKendrick Assistant Copy Editor Bob Kaufman Assistant News Editor Pete Sturtevant Photo Editor Reporters seated: R. Walsh, J. Hilton, J. Con- nolly, P. Underkofler, J. Boyle, J. Murphy, J. Ac- cardo. Standing: J. McMahon, E. Joyce, D. Rust, F. Hurley, J. Hough, D. Kubal, J. Mc- Donald, T. Quinn, J. Loef- fler, J. Lenox. B. Harriss. Staff seated: K. Eckl, R. Lescher, J. Gueguen, D. Davin, B. Ruhl, B. Par- nell. Standing: J. Goethals, J. Glavin, B. Early, J. Nor- ton. 89 THE NOTRE DAME technical reviei The Technical Review was originally started 5 years ago by the students of the Colleges of Engineering and Science ; in the past few years it has been edited almost exclusively by the Engineers. The co-editors this year are Jerry Schoen- herr, a Chemical Engineer, and Frank Florian, an Industrial Engineer. The writers gain invaluable experience in technical writing while the reader can keep posted on the new developments in Science and Engineering. The Technical Review is written for undergraduate students and strives to provide general information as well as technical material that would interest the student. Co-editors Jerry Schoenherr and Frank Florian. First row: R. Moore, J. Brown, F. Florian, J. Schoenherr, R. P. Minck, P. Sweeney, G. Strong, T. Schriber. Brehl, R. Carroll. Third row: J. Fallen, T. Rush, R. Woods, R. Streit, R. Broussard, Second row: W. Reeve, R. Sherron, W. Gill, P. Hurley, J. Scriba, D. Carlin, A. Cogier, F. Moore, D. Woods. 90 Notre Dame ' s The Notre Dame Juggler is intended to provide an outlet for the creative and critical writings of undergraduates at the University. At the same time it rep- resents an attempt on the part of Notre Dame students to contribute toward the revival of Christian culture and Chris- tian art. This year ' s Juggler was marked by a change in the editorial arrangement when the new position of poetry editor was created. Also, for the first time, the editorial board of the Juggler did not in- clude a single senior student. This latter innovation was aimed at providing a strong nucleus around which next year ' s staff could function. Frank Newman Associate Editor John Slavick Business Manager STAFF: R. Clark, R. Rupp, E. Gordon, J. Meagher, R. Duffy. 91 NOTRE DAME LAWYER Bob LeMense Editor Will Pollard Articles Editor Now in its thirtieth year, the Notre Dame Lawyer is published quarterly by the students of the Law School. The pur- pose of the periodical is to provide train- ing in legal research and clear presenta- tion of legal issues. The periodical is divided into three parts. One part contains informative articles written by men in the legal pro- fession. These commentaries are con- cerned with technical problems of special interest to people of the profession and also to the general public. The second part is composed strictly by the students. In one section moot legal questions are summarized by members of the staff. In the discussion section, re- cently decided appellate cases, picked for their special point of law, are reviewed. The last part is devoted to professional reviews of books written by the leading men in the legal field. John Vuono Associate Editor Norm McNeil Case Editor Staff seated: N. McNeil, H. Snyder, R. Hepler. Standing: M. Dionise, J. Coyne, A. Schmid. 92 Debate Notre Dame ' s far traveling debate squad once again compiled a distin- guished record in intercollegiate compe- tition. During the 1954-1955 season, the forty-man squad entered tournaments as far south as Alabama and as far east as Massachusetts and brought back five first and two second place trophies to add to their already imposing collection of laurels. Because of their fine record, the de- baters received over thirty requests to stage exhibition debates for organiza- tions. The Irish squad even made a pair of appearances on television during the past season. Early in the fall they en- gaged Marquette in a video debate. Their second TV appearance came as the cli- max of a series of twenty debates staged before Pittsburgh high schools at the request of the University of Pittsburgh. Chuck Doherty, President, and Mr. Som- mers, Director, map strategy for a coming debate with assist from Dick Shiller and Al Riley. First row: J. Martzel, F. Crumby, A. Riley, L. Schneider, J. Brady. Second row: F. McCue, S. Kusper Jr., J. Hirschfield, J. Bure, G. Kopp. Third row: R. Ninneman, G. Garvey, T. Marh, C. Doherty, E. Premo. Fourth row: J. Ryan, P. Pikell, P. Curran, P. Coffey, F. Eckart. 93 WNDU ) U U U U Ll U The student-operated radio station, WNDU, has been broadcasting the best in music, news, and sports to the Notre Dame campus since 1946. The WNDU studios are located in the tower of the I. A. O ' Shaugnessy Building. In these comfortable quarters, designed expressly for the station ' s use, are housed the record library, control room, news room, and studios. WNDU is heard in all the residence halls on campus and at St. Mary ' s College. The programming is aimed solely at the interests of this college audience and its success is proved by the fact that WNDU receives nearly 60% of the total radio listeners on campus. Up-to-the-minute coverage of world, national, and local news is provided by the news service of the United Press. The station ' s own staff of reporters gathers news of campus events to keep the student informed on what ' s happening around the campus. The news is presented six times daily, and WNDU ' s staff of about ten an- nouncers handles the news programs. R. Beeman, Station Manager; Mr. J. Fallen, Faculty Moderator; J. Berquist, Program Director. D. Brophy, Record Librarian; J. Reed, An- nouncer. J. Bendel, Production Engineer; J. McShane, Technical Engineer. P. Simkins, News Director; P. McCartan, Pub- lic Relations Director; R. Hutchinson, An- nouncer. I Lh R. Kennedy, Sales Manager; F. Corkill, Traffic Manager; L. Buckley, Continuity Director. Announcers seated: W. Markley. Standing: J. McCullough, G. Hornback, A. Riley, G. Vosmik, J. McMahan. 95 Glee Club Daniel H. Pedtke Glee Club Director First row: T. May, M. Jowid, C. Crean, G. Winkler, W. Weber, F. Owens, R. Moorman, J. Zufelt, W. Shannon, C. Moore, J. Irwin, D. Miller, J. Costello, J. Probst, W. Jackman, J. Cremins, L. Kruppenbacher. Second row: R. Francis, J. Walsh, J. Noland, W. Larkin, J. Reistroffer, J. Slavick, A. Viro- stek, J. Clemency, R. Ogburn, J. Goedecke, C. Hickman, G. Trafflcanda, W. Stahl, H. Willen- borg, J. Price, T. Laughlin. Third row: P. Myers, F. Romance, P. Burke, M. Coffey, D. Freund, G. Pottebaum, R. Eckland, P. Walsh, R. Kesteloot, F. Corkill, K. Fromme, E. Neylon, J. Guinn, P. Scheuermann, R. Thiel, T. Laboe, P. Ciochon, R. Papay. Jim Cremins, Treasurer ; Jim Irwin, Pub- licity Manager; Jim Barry, Vice Presi- dent; John Goedecke, Secretary; Lee Crehan, Business Manager; Tom May, President. Loading the bus . . . The Notre Dame traveling Glee Club is comprised of forty men who are carefully selected from the entire group of over one hundred and twenty club members. Since Pro- fessor Daniel H. Pedtke took over as director of the Glee Club nineteen years ago, the Notre Dame choraliers have toured the nation twice annually, averaging almost ten thousand miles each year. Last year more than one hun- dred thousand listeners were able to hear the Glee Club personally. This year the club toured the South between semesters, stopping in New Orleans, La., Montgomery, Ala., and Columbia, S. C. among others. During the Easter vacation, they made their eighth consecutive Easter Sun- day night appearance on Ed Sullivan ' s " Toast of the Town " television show which is viewed by an estimated 41 million people. In brief, the Notre Dame Glee Club is a fine group of well blended voices which has won acclaim from coast to coast for its consistently fine performances. for the long climb to success! BAND H. Lee Hope Director Paul Krienke, Secretary; Dick Meinert, Social Chairman; Bill May, President; Don Gels, Vice- president. Formed just after the Civil War, the Notre Dame Band is now a familiar sight on the gridiron between halves of the Saturday afternoon football contests. The Band has grown to a 115-man precision marching unit which furnishes brilliant half-time performances before half a million people during the football season. In 1912 a promising flute player, whose career led to another field, joined the Band. The flutist who aban- doned a musical career was Knute Rockne, whose foot- ball ability surpassed his flute technique. The Concert Band. f ! Vt Mr. H. Lee Hope, the only faculty member involved, and the elected student officers plan and execute the scintillating half-time spectacles which feature intri- cate marching maneuvers and involve hours of careful preparation. But the Band ' s activity is by no means limited to Sat- urday afternoons in the fall. The St. Patrick ' s Day Pa- rade in Ch icago saw the full splendor of the Band. The eighth post war Spring Concert Tour will send the Con- cert Band, chosen from the members of the Marching Band, on a 3,500 mile jaunt through the East for ten days. Before the curtain goes up. . at ' ,-. ; S$ , .-ww- S p E . s .AJu. ' - ' T v -X- -J ' ' ' n i. ' ' ? " ' ' i ' ' i (K-?5. ' -r - . 1 , - ' r t %ivi- ' " - r ' %: ;; - ' - ,T S tufik ; . . ;-. ' ... ' ! ' ; ... rMi.,.Ai jBtMR wwBiMiiillHr Jji r 5 " . C f% The Irish note of victory. Wranglers R. Clark, P. Caruso, W. Clemens, T. O ' Brien, F. Newman, F. Maier, J. Crutcher, T. Byrne, J. Meaner. N First row: R. Fransen, K. Smith, J. Hough, C. McDermitt. Second row: J. Gibbons, Secretary; J. Quetch, Treasurer; P. Thompson. Third row: J. Watson, President; T. Speranza, H. Boyle, J. Flynn. Standing: D. Hank. (Absent: J. Wade, Vice President.) Speech Club 100 Ford Scholars N Seated: B. Mathews, F. Brown, H. DeCalwe, P. Chinn, R. Galla, J. Purcell. Standing: B. Lalonde, T. Cole, B. Giovannone, C. Ahern, C. Kitz, R. Adymy, M. Farrug. First row: J. Wilkins, J. Aquila, J. Haering, P. Walsh. Second row: R. Gray, J. Dennidton, J. Redifer, P. Dwyer, J. Buz- zoni, W. Muller. Third row: J. Donahue, J. Watson, R. Hutchison, R. Philips, N. Ranieri, H. Meir, J. Tonini, J. Baumie. Fourth row: E. Schickler, M. Costello, J. Riley, J. Himmelberg, J. Bergeron, J. Ronan, T. Crowe. n Kampus Keglers 101 University Theatre Rev. A. S. Harvey C.S.C. directing Jerry Dodge, Marilyn Chapleau, and Phil Donahue during the rehearsal for SEVENTEEN. A scene from CYRANO DE BERGERAC with Mike Kennedy, Tom Neville, Gayle Baumer, and Gene Gorski. A new director and a new staff guided the University Theatre on to a success- ful season. Fr. Arthur S. Harvey C.S.C. and his staff, composed of Mr. Edward Doyle and Mr. Frederick Syburg, pro- duced the regular three plays and com- peted in the Indiana One Act Play Festi- val. For the Modern play, Sidney Kings- ley ' s " Detective Story " starring James O ' Donoghue and Gayle Baumer was chosen for November production. " Cyrano de Bergerac " was Father Harvey ' s selection for a classical play. Gene Gorski and Gayle Baumer had the leads under Mr. Doyle ' s direction. Sally Benson ' s musical adaption of Booth Tarkington ' s, " Seventeen " , was picked for spring presentation as the annual musical. Again Miss Baumer was chosen for the female lead and Jim Kin- nane had the other top role. In the Play Festival held at Indian- apolis, Mr. Syburg directed the Notre Dame dramatists in Frank Ford ' s, " Luci- fer at Large. " 102 Knights of Columbus Seated: G. Zimmerman, Financial Secretary; A. Miller, Deputy Grand Knight; L. Basso, Grand Knight; Rev. P. H. Schacrf C.S.C., Cna - lain; F. McCue, Recorder. Standing: J. Casey, Outside Guard; L. Corbett, Advocate; T. Armstrong, Chancellor; D. Stuhl- dreher, Inside Guard; J. Stapleton, Outside Guard; J. McGraw, Treasure. (Absent: J. Lee, Warden.) . . the right arm of the Catholic Church in America. Thus Pius XI de- scribed the Knights of Columbus as the outstanding social, charitable, and patri- otic organization of the laity. Here on campus, students are offered member- ship in Notre Dame Council No. 1477. During the year this group performs various services, such as providing ushers for Sacred Heart Church, and sponsoring c ooperative projects with the local councils in South Bend and Mish- awaka. Social activities for the members are both a means of recreation and a means of obtaining financial backing for their charities. The membership was swelled this fall by the initiation of two large classes of candidates, bringing the council strength to well over one-hundred. These cere- monies were held jointly with the neigh- boring councils. Dodging studies in the TV lounge. 103 YCS First row: J. Simon, S. Rogers, Rev. Louis Putz, C.S.C., Moderator; G. Pottebaum, President; R. Clark T. Wageman, Treasurer; P. Hurley. Second row: J. Choby, S. Stofko, T. Swope, P. Giroux, J. McCabe, T. Eisenhauer, P. Foy, D. McNutt, D. Carlin, F. Dwan. Third row: D. Baker, E. White, A. Sullivan, R. Rupp, P. Tierney, T. Shehan, G. Douglas, J. Massey. Absent: T. Newhouse, Secretary. Business at the BX. YCS Young Christian Students is a specialized Catholic Action movement geared to create a Christian student com- munity. The YCS groups from the various halls and colleges use the " Observe, Judge, Act " method. If observations of campus conditions reveal a real need, the YCS group judges, according to Christian principles, and determines certain steps to take, then carries out the action that aids in restoring the student environ- ment to Christ. Some of the services springing from the YCS are the Book-Exchange, Cam- pus Press, monthly days of recollection, retreats at the Trappist Monastery at Gethsemani, Ky., " Choose Your Major " program, and the religious phases of Freshman orientation. 104 Third Order First row: K. Danadio, H. Dutko, J. Fortino, R. Goulde, J. Dilu- ciano, J. Guegen, J. DiLallo, R. Moore, W. Hauser, N. Hipskind. Second row: R. Rupp, F. Tonini, R. McKenty, J. Geschwind, J. Cantrill, G. Dakoske. Third row: B. White, J. Steczynski, J. Nichols, M. Sullivan, M. Carr. Fourth row: J. Henrick, S. Merra. M. Luberto. Founded at Notre Dame in 1936 by the Rev. John Cavanaugh, C.S.C., former president of the University, the Third Order of St. Francis has gained ever in- creasing recognition on campus, until it now boasts of over seventy members. The Third Order was organized by St. i Francis for the purpose of establishing, in addition to his two orders for monks and nuns, a religious order for laymen. With the Rev. Robert Lockner, C.S.C., as Moderator, and James Cantrill as Pre- fect, the ideal, to live a religious life in the world, is exemplified in the lives of its members at Notre Dame. The group performs such services as daily visits to the infirmary, and canvassing the halls to promote adoration on First Fridays. In addition, they assist in the promotion Df many other campus religious activi- ties that arise throughout the school rear. Members saying daily office in common. 105 NSA N D First row: P. Sturtevant, J. Murphy, T. Cagley. Second row: T. Conroy, M. Regan, G. DiRenzo, F. Bischof, C. McKendrick, C. Doherty. Third row: T. Falcinelli, W. Ashbaugh, J. Brady, K. Wood- ward, R. Premo, T. Coffey, W. Clemens, E. Kallman. Sitting: J. Guide, J. O ' Brien, A. Gummerman, M. Tompson, J. Notron, R. Petticord, G. Pezdirtz, H. Wood. Standing: T. Mariani, S. Fox, L. Maggiore, A. Gustianis, G. Hernandez, C. Bruecker, R. Breuner, T. Orange, J. Caster, R. Guide, G. Hilton, C. Cushwa, R. Carney, J. Birk, K. Warsh, O. Maione. Camera Club 106 NFCCS N T. Crehan, J. Cooney, W. Bailey, P. Hanlon, P. Agee. Seated: D. Collins, J. Piechrer, D. Friske, Rev. Leahy, C.S.C., J. Casey, Chairman; P. Agee, C. Trimber. Standing: J. O ' Rourke, J. Snyder, M. DePadro, W. Wahl, P. Shierl, D. McKensie. i C of CD 107 Geographical Clubs Motor city politics. Windy city playtime. 108 Although the Notre Dame student has little time for thoughts of home while " hitting the books " nine months of the year, he never really loses the memory of the old ' , home town. In order to nourish this memory and pro- vide hometown friendships away from home, Notre Dame has an elaborate system of fifty-three active geo- graphical clubs, representing every region of the United States. Through the club banquets, the members enjoy a good meal and talk over the vacations spent back home. Rec- reation, in the form of basketball, baseball, softball, and bowling, oftentimes enables the " high school stars " to come together once more in the true spirit of sportsman- ship. Communion breakfasts, elections, and picnics all perform their duties of keeping the neighborhood ' gang ' together. Without a doubt, the geographical clubs serve their purpose well, for you may hear a student complain about the studies or express concern over the food, but you will never hear him criticize the place called home. 1. Akron Club 2. Anthracite Club 3. Arizona Club 4. Buffalo Club 5. California Club 6. Canton Club 7. Capital District Club 8. Central Illinois Club 9. Cent. New York Club 10. Cent. Pennsylvania Club 11. Chicago Club 12. Cincinnati Club 13. Cleveland Club 14. Colorado Club 15. Columbus Club 16. Dayton Club 17. Delaware Valley Club 18. Detroit Club 19. Erie Club 20. Florida Club 21. Fort Wayne Club 22. Garden State Club 23. Georgia Club 24. Gulf States Club 25. Indianapolis Club 26. Iowa Club 27. Johnstown Club 28. Kansas City Club 29. Kansas Club 30. Kentucky Club 31. Metropolitan Club 32. Milwaukee Club 33. Minnesota Club 34. Mohawk Valley Club 35. Nebraska Club 36. New England Club 37. North Dakota Club 38. Ohio Club 39. Oklahoma Club 40. Philadelphia Club 41. Pittsburgh Club 42. Rhode Island Club 43. Rochester Club 44. Rocky Mountain Club 45. St. Louis Club 46. Sioux-Land Club 47. Texas Club 48. Toledo Club 49. Villagers Club 50. Wash., Md. and Va. Club 51. West Virginia Club 52. Wisconsin Club 53. Youngstown Club 109 -s t weary auard on an interhall football team ... a victorious Uarsitu ariaaer . . . both part of the sports Scene at the University. Sometimes cheering crowds and cheerleaders . . . more often not . . . With or without (floru . . . sportsmanship is its own reward. no 111 ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Even the most successful of teams will soon find itself in distressing circumstances if it has no one to integrate its schedule and han- dle its public relations. For the past six years, however, Notre Dame athletic squads have had little to fear on this account for the job of Director of Athletics has been handled with aplomb by Edward W. ( " Moose " ) Krause. Mr. Krause has spent a good part of the last quarter century helping the Irish ; first, on the gridiron and basketball court, then from the coaches ' bench, and now in his capacity as Director. " Moose " was a standout gridiron performer for the Irish in 1931, ' 32 and ' 33. In fact, he missed only nineteen minutes of playing time during these three years. Once his football chores were done, " Moose " hastened to ex- change his cleats for basketball shoes, and found that if anything they suited him as well, if not better, for he made the All- Ameri- can cage squad three years running. From 1934 to 1942 " Moose " was conspicu- ously absent from the Notre Dame athletic scene. Five of those years were spent as Ath- letic Director and coach of all sports at St. Mary ' s College in Winona, Minnesota. Then Mr. Krause went to Holy Cross as line coach and continued in that capacity until he re- turned to Notre Dame in the Fall of 1942. Before the winter was over, " Moose " was ap- pointed to the job vacated by the death of George Keagan, the Irish basketball coach. The Marines enticed " Moose " away from Notre Dame for a few years, but in 1946 he resumed his coaching duties and, in addition, became Athletic Director in 1949. In 1951, however, he relinquished his post as basket- ball mentor in order to devote all his energies to his present position. 112 m A New Era What Makes The Irish Go? Co-captains Paul Matz and Dan Shannon with Coach Terry Brennen. The Present . . . and before the game . . . the cheering Irish Or The Past ...? Ex-coach Frank Leahy 115 A new coach... Coach Terry Brennan completed his initial season as head football mentor by piloting the Irish gridders to a very successful 9 wins and 1 loss record. This was the best first year record that any football coach has ever turned in including the great Knute Rockne and Brennan ' s predecessor, Frank Leahy. The only blemish on Terry ' s record was a 27-14 loss to a fired up Purdue team. However, under his guidance the Irish bounced back to run over Pittsburgh 33-0. This rebound showed the same kind of spirit that Brennan himself displayed in his famous 97- yard opening kickoff return for a touchdown against Army in 1947. After graduating from Notre Dame in 1948 with a Bachelors degree in Pre-Law, he took over the head foot- ball coaching duties at Chicago ' s Mount Carmel High School. He led this team to three city championships before taking over the reins as Fresh- man Coach here at Notre Dame in 1953. Two of the ballplayers who played for Brennan at Mount Carmel were co-captains Dan Shannon and Paul Matz. 116 Assistant Coaches : Bill Fisher, Tom Powers, Frank Johnston, Coach Terry Brennan, George Dickson, John Druze, Bill Earley. blood, sweat, and cheers . . . Matz, Lee, and Morse carry Brennan off the field in a fitting climax to his first successful season at Notre Dame. add up to a successful season. 117 V t Ji r r.. V. SGfi FRANK VARRICHIONE Tackle RALPH GUGLIELMI Quarterback ' -%, A sellout crowd converged on Notre Dame btadium to witness the debut of Terry Brennan and his 1954 Gridders. It was an impressive beginning for the Irish as Notre Dame stampeded the Texas Longhorns 21-0. After a scoreless first quarter Notre Dame began to bull its way through the tough Texas line with quarterback Ralph Guglielmi steering the course. The initial score of the game came late in the second quarter when Dan Shannon snared a pass in the Texas end-zone. Schaefer converted and the Irish were in front 7-0. Texas came back strong before the end of the half, but bone-jarring tackles by the Irish forward wall convinced the Longhorn backs that they were not to cross the Notre Dame goal line that after- noon. Notre Dame took the second half kickoff and marched the length of the field for its next touchdown. Ralph Guglielmi sneaked over from the 2-yard line. It was only when the referee held up his hands for the score that the Texas line was allowed to rest. Midway through the final period a jittery Texas back bobbled an Irish punt at mid- field. Guard Ray Lemek pounced on the fumble, heading the Irish toward the final tally of the day. Dependable Don Schaefer ran through the Texas forward wall to the Longhorn 5 yard line. Guglielmi scampered around end for the score. N.D. 16 _ B1AT1BT1U8 First Downs Texas 14 201 Rushing Yardage 178 146 . Passing Yardage 62 17 _ Passes Attempted 21 8 Passes Completed g 4 1 4 7 Punts 32 1 . Punting Average 34 Fumbles Lost 3 115 . Yards Penalized 65 . rm " ft + Heap finds room enough for a short gain in the first period. Toppled In Op enef 21 -o Morse eludes two Longhorn tacklers as Ref contributes a song and dance. I .1 HLt_j m- , v f V 40 An errant Dawson aerial finds two pair of waiting hands . . . Len Dawson, Purdue ' s sensational sopho- more, re-enacted Dale Samuels ' 1950 per- formance and led a fired up Boilermaker squad to a 27-14 upset victory. Notre Dame ' s winning streak was snapped at 13 games. The Irish started off in the hole by fum- bling the first play from scrimmage. Mura- kowski, Purdue ' s fullback, cracked for 8 yards and three plays later Springer scooted to a first down on the 6. A Dawson to Kerr touchdown pass capped the 32 yard drive. Notre Dame failed to gain after the kick- off and a poor punt gave Purdue possession on the Irish 42. On third down Dawson again found a gap in Irish defense and his pass to Brock resulted in a 14-0 lead for the Boiler- makers. The first Irish score came when Brock was tackled in the end-zone by Lemek and Pa- lumbo. A few seconds later Notre Dame scored when Hornung took the ensuing kick- off and raced 60 yards to the Purdue 1 where Raich plunged over for the touchdown. The Irish reached their peak in the third quarter. In a time-consuming display of ball control and power football, Notre Dame ground out 91 yards and a score tying TD. Dawson, however, quickly dispelled Notre Dame ' s hope for victory. A 73 yard pass play from the crafty quarterback to giant 6-7 Lamar Lundy gave Purdue the lead for good. In the final quarter Purdue added an in- surance touchdown on a screen pass from Dawson to Murakowski, who ran 38 yards to end the scoring. ' N.D. 15 STATISTICS First Tlnwns Purdue 13 91 Rushing YarHngp 94 179 _ Passing YarHagp _J224 15 33 Passes 1 Inn |j| ii 15 . n Passes Completed Passes Tntpr pptpd 9 1 5 Punts 4 32.8 Punting Average 31.5 2 Fmnhles I-nst o 60 Yarr]s Ppnalizpri 15 But another hits its mark far downfield as Morse writes " finis " to the play. SAM PALUMBO Tackle WAYNE EDMONDS Tackle T aine t B Heap about to be " done in " by a clawing Panther. Alert Irish defenders, in rebounding from the previous week ' s upset, grabbed three Panther fumbles and intercepted a pass to set up four of five touchdowns in a 33-0 rout of Pitt. Only during the first quarter did the Panther team make their presence felt. The Pitt eleven threatened to score early in the game, but Heap ' s pass interception prevented the Panther team from crossing the Irish goal-line. In the opening minutes of the second stanza the Irish blasted through the Pitt line for considerable yardage. The initial tally came when a pass from Carey to Sipes con- nected in the end-zone. Hornung ' s kick was wide. Moments later, Palumbo recovered a fumble at mid-field. Five plays later Guglielmi slashed over right guard for the second score of the day. Schaefer converted and the Irish led at half time 13-0. During the third period, Matz grabbed a Pitt fumble close to the Panther goal line. Two plays later Studer skirted left end for the touchdown. Schaefer again converted making it 20-0 as the quarter ended. The fourth score of the game came when Hornung bulled his way over from ten yards out. His attempted kick was short. The final tally came on a quick pass from Carey to Munro, climaxing a 75 yard drive. The kick for point was good and the game ended 33-0. N.U. 16 First Howns Pitt. 6 267 . Rushing Yardagp 69 77 _ Passing Yardage 18 16 Passes Attempted 16 6 Passes Completed 2 2 Passes Tnterpppted 1 3 - Punts 7 37.6 Punting Average 40.2 2 Fumbles Lost 1 25 Yards Penalized 20 DON SCHAEFER Fullback Three Pitt desperadoes seem to have Witucki in mind. V ' s ' ity 20- PAUL REYNOLDS Halfback The Fighting Irish drive in to block the tieing P. A. T. J Palumbo leads posse to capture runaway State back. N.D. 18 STATISTICS - Mich. First Downs State . 12 276 Rushing Yardage .142 38 Passing Yardage _149 8 3 Passes Attempted Passes Completed . 16 . 8 1 Passes Intercepted . . 2 2 Punts 45 Punting Average . 38 1 Fumbles IjOst . 1 110 Yards Penali ed _ 25 A gallant Fighting Irish team marched to victory in a heavy rain over Michigan State 20-19 with the winning margin being pro- vided by a missed extra point. Michigan State struck like lightning the first time they had the ball with Clarence Peaks going over from the one. The ensuing Irish drive was halted on the State 35 yard line from where State started their second scoring drive. The tally came on a 35 yard pass from Morrall to Lewis. The extra point was good and the Spartans had taken an early 13-0 lead. After receiving the kick-off the Irish marched 69 yards in 11 plays to score with Joe Heap going over from the one. Schaefer ' s P.A.T. was good and the Irish left the field at half time trailing 13-7. Midway through the third quarter Dick Szymanski intercepted a pass at mid-field and the Irish could not be denied. In eleven plays Notre Dame had taken the lead with Heap going over from the 16. This set the stage for a very dramatic finish which kept the rain- soaked Notre Dame partisans in their seats until the final whistle. With 3 minutes remaining to play, Paul Reynolds dashed 9 yards around left end to provide the Irish with what proved to be the winning margin. However the Spartans marched right back to score, as Bert Zagers ran 14 yards to score. Jerry Planutis, who had previously missed two field goal attempts, missed the extra point and the Irish had won a well deserved battle. M4 6-0 PAUL HORNUNG Fullback JIT " DAN SHANNON End Navy hopes run amuck as Irish quickly plug starboard side of the line. ' -41 V " ' " we [m$ r- + All hands high as midshipmen attempt to block P.A.T. r s 5 ' V Pl A . IA - Sparked by the field generalship and alert- ness of quarterback Ralph Guglielmi, the Irish squeezed out a 6-0 victory in Baltimore ' s rain- soaked Memorial Stadium. Early in the second quarter, Notre Dame scored when Guglielmi hit Jim Morse with a bullet pass that led to a 47 yard touchdown play. The Irish dominated the first half ag- gression as their dependable " mudder, " full- back Don Schaefer ground out the yardage with uncanny consistency. With a net total of 94 yards, Schaefer left the fans believing that he was at home on the slippery turf. It was Irish line that received the plaudits in the third period as they thwarted the many determined Middie drives. With six minutes remaining in the third quarter, Navy recovered a fumble on the Irish 13 and appeared headed for the tying score but with second down on the two foot line, Guglielmi pounced on a fumble in the end zone. A few minutes later the Irish fumbled again on their own 38 but, again, it was the ability of Guglielmi to be in the right place at the right time as he snared a Middie pass on the Notre Dame 10. Navy battled back gamely in the final quar- ter but was unable to score. Thus the Irish fought to a hard earned victory in the nation ' s longest continuous intersectional rivalry. 144 Rushing Yardage 130 Passing Yardage- 13 Passes Attempted 7 Passes Completed 14 2 Passes Intercepted 1 5 Punts 5 26 Punting Average 35.6 3 Fumbles Lost 2 60 Yards Penalized 5 Studer finds an opening Penn line. A Quaker back " fails to gain. " STATISTICS N.D. 23 First Onwns Penn. Ifi 274 Rushing Yardage 224 2fiO Passing Yardage 27 20 Passpg Attpmptpd 11 18 Passes CnniplptpH | g Passes Tntprrppted 1 1 Punts 1 is Punting Avprage 45 2 Fiimhlps Lost 1 105 Yards Penalized 38 Fashioning their biggest offensive display of the season, the Irish convinced 61,188 football fans at Franklin Field that, under Coach Terry Brennan, they still play the electrifying ball which has thrilled East- ern fans for so many years. Penn looked pitiful as N. D. courteously stopped at 42-7. Directed by competent Ralph Guglielmi, Notre Dame scored twice in the last three quarters, with Guglielmi, Shannon, Heap, Studer, and Hornung all joining in the touchdown parade; Shannon hitting paydirt twice. The Quakers played spirited ball in the scoreless first quarter and appeared to have command of the situation at the outset. Sparked by the fine running of Walt Hynoski, Penn moved 68 yards without re- linquishing the ball before Guglielmi intercepted a forward pass in the end zone. Late in the first quarter, Guglielmi, manipulating like a magician palmed the ball off to Schaefer, who scampered to the Penn 26. The second quarter had hardly gotten under way when Guglielmi sneaked over from the four for the touchdown. A 22-yard pass from the crafty quarterback to Dan Shannon com- pleted the first half scoring. Midway through the third quarter, the Guglielmi to Shannon combination clicked for another six. Penn retaliated with the running of Hynoski and Stan Chaplin for their only score. Joe Heap ' s seven yard plunge, Dean Studer ' s spar- kling 20-yard dash, and a buck from the four by Hornung completed the rout and left Quaker fans breathless with the Irish ' s versatility. It ' s Morse out in front by a length ! In displaying amazing power on the ground and in the air, Notre Dame toppled the Tar Heels from North Carolina 42-13 for its sixth straight victory of the series without a setback. From the opening 77-yard kickoff return by Jim Morse, there was little doubt as to the outcome of the contest. Capitalizing on the weakness of the Carolina secondary, Guglielmi connected with seven passes of twelve tries to pilot the Irish to a comfortable four-touchdown lead at the end of the half. The initial tally came when Joe Heap bulled over from the two yard line. Mom ents later Heap once again cracked the Tar Heel line for his second score of the day. Late in the second quarter, pass plays produced two additional scores with Morse and Munro each going over for six points. All con- versions were good and the Irish led at the half 28-0. With the reserves playing the final two quarters, the Tar Heel offense began to move ; however, the Irish line held the rebels in check until the closing minutes of the game. For the first time reserve halfbacks Finn and Witucki broke into the scoring column. Each scored on a short line thrust. Through- out the warm afternoon Notre Dame fans were thrilled by the superiority of the Irish team. N.D 16 185 213 25 12 2 1 46 2 55 STATISTICS No. Carolina First Downs 11 Rushing Yardage 64 Passing Yardage 124 Passes Attempted 25 Passes Completed 11 Passes Interrepted 1 8 Punts Punting Average 26.5 Fumbles I.nst 1 20 YarrJs Penalized Fitzgerald struggles for yard- age during fourth quarter H DEAN STUDER Halfback DICK SZYMANSKI Center No holds barred as Guglielmi cracks for paydirt. Heap snares pass deep in Hawkeye secondary. - N.D. 22 STATISTICS First Downs Iowa 11 260 Rushing Yardage 125 233 Passing Yardagp 215 19 Passes Attempted 25 12 Passes Completed 11 Passes Intercepted 1 2 Points 4 27 Punting Average 42 3 Fumbles l.ii l 4 75 Yards Penalized 45 The 52,756 spectators who traveled to Iowa City to witness the grudge battle of the year were treated to a display of Irish power that wrung a 34-18 victory from the blinded Hawkeyes. From the opening kickoff, the smoothly functioning Irish kept Iowa on the defensive. After two first quarter drives were halted deep within Iowa territory, Morse plunged over early in the second quarter; Schaefer added the extra point. A few minutes later, the Irish took over on downs. Sparked by Guglielmi ' s passing, Notre Dame drove 80 yards with Heap knifing over for the score. Schaefer booted the extra point. Iowa finally got into the scoring column when Reichow passed to Gilliam for 44 yards and a touchdown. The try for the extra point failed, and Notre Dame led at the half 14-6. A Broeder fumble soon after the kickoff set up a 50 yard Irish drive with Schaefer getting all seven points on a 3 yard plunge and a perfect kick. A stiff Notre Dame defense forced the Hawkeyes to punt after the kickoff. Ten plays later, Guglielmi and Matz teamed up on a 9 yard touchdown aerial. Within five minutes, Iowa twice penetrated the Irish ten yard line. But the Irish second string braced and climaxed an 81 yard scor- ing ramble of their own on a 38 yard Carey to Kapish pass. The conversion attempt was blocked, but the Irish led 34-6. But Mense there ' s no time for that now. Trojan back is tripped-up after gain of two yards. DICK FITZGERALD Fullback JIM MORSE Halfback In an attempt to enhance their national prestige Southern Cal tried to parlay fighting spirit, sharp passing by Jim Contratto, and numerous Notre Dame miscues into an upset victory. However, the Irish re- fused to accept defeat and, with the help of a hectic fourth quarter, emerged as 23-17 victors. Early in the first quarter, an alert Trojan pounced on an Irish fumble on the 14 and five plays later Con- tratto squirmed over from a foot out. Tsagalakis kicked the extra point. Late in the second period, Carey took charge of the Notre Dame attack in an attempt to solve Southern Cal ' s shifting defense. The strategy worked; a few minutes later Heap took a pitchout from Carey and flipped a 12 yard scoring aerial to Morse. Shortly after the second half kick-off, a menacing Trojan drive stalled on the Irish 13, but Tsagalakis dropped back about ten yards and booted a field goal. Near the end of the period, Notre Dame initiated a prodigious scoring drive that covered 106 yards (penalties included) and utilized 20 successive plays. Schaefer finally plunged over from the two and kicked the point to give Notre Dame a 14-10 lead. A couple of running plays and five deadly accurate tosses by Contratto, the final one a 21 yard scoring toss to Ed. Griffith, re-established the Trojan ' s three point margin. Then, with little more than seven minutes remain- ing, Jim Morse unleashed a 72 yard scoring scamper that put the Irish in the lead for good. The safety which the Greenshirts picked up in the last minute of play merely added to the enjoyment of the Irish root- ers among the 56,438 who braved threatening weather to attend the final home game of the season. N.D. 8 STATISTICS Firgt Downs U.S.C. 17 373 Rushing Yardage 100 26 Passing Yardage 81 9 Passes Attempted 1ft 2 Passes Completed 7 Passes Intercepted 9. 3 Punts 1 31.3 -Punting Average 34 4 1 Fumbles I ost 30 _ Yards Penalized 90 TSkfr. TOM CAREY Quarterback Reynolds streaks downfield on 62 yard kickoff return. Notre Dame finished their 1954 season at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas as they triumphed over S.M.U. 26-14 and ended the season with a 9-1 record. Two quick first quarter touchdowns seemed to presage a close, high-scoring bat- tle. First Notre Dame marched 59 yards with Heap slanting off tackle for the final four. Then S.M.U. came back with a 53 yard drive of their own. Roach got the last ten on a keep it play and Barnet ' s kick gave the Mustangs a 7-6 edge. The S.M.U. squad then came up with its best defensive performance of the day, as they stopped two Irish thrusts. Eventually power shots into the line wore down the Mustang defenders and Guglielmi went over tackle for three yards and a score. This time Schaefer didn ' t miss and Notre Dame led 13-7. With only 2:51 left in the half, Brennan gave the regulars a rest and the second stringers took over. When Bob Scannell blocked Roach ' s punt, overtook the bounding pigskin and carried it twenty yards into the S.M.U. end zone, The Fighting Irish had an unexpected 19-7 lead. With the help of over 100 yards in pen- alties assessed against the visitors from South Bend, the Mustangs managed to match the Irish second half scoring. Notre Dame ' s only score of the second half came near the end of the third period. Heap swung wide around end and eluded four would-be tacklers as he threaded his way 89 yards down the sidelines. Schaefer ' s place- ment was good. In the final quarter, S.M.U. matched the Notre Dame touchdown on John Marshall ' s 76 yard scoring romp. N.D. 23 _ First Downs S.M.U. 7 321 Rushing Yardage 54 15fi Passinp- YarHagp 49 18 _ Passps Attpmptpd 15 11 Passps fnmplptpd n 1 Passpg TntprrpptpH 1 9 2 . Pnn(s 37-5 Punting Avpraofp 37.3 2 Fumbles Lost 1 175 Yarrig PpnalizpH 45 Schaefer and Mense steamroll past SMU defender. PASSING All. Comp. Had Int. Yards TD Pel. Guglielmi Carey Hornung Heap Studer Reynolds Bigelow Morse Keller Sipes Player Heap Matz Morse Shannon Scannell Kapish Reynolds Schaefer Munro Sipes Fitzgerald Studer Noznesky Witucki George Szymanski Raich 138 127 68 7 1160 6 .535 17 9 1 172 4 .529 19 5 36 .263 3 3 32 1 1.000 1 1 10 1.000 2 1 1 20 .5CO 4 2 1 23 .500 3 .COO 1 .000 1 .000 PASSES CAUGHT NC Yards 18 369 16 224 15 236 11 215 5 63 4 79 4 51 3 60 3 32 2 38 2 37 1 47 1 11 1 10 1 1 1 1 1 16 TD 1 3 3 1 2 1 Noire Dame 261 181 120 58 3 2393 546 4.4 1458 178 89 .500 15 179 3851 32 1007 31.5 203 38 22 TOTALS Points Scored First Downs by Rushing by Passing by Penalties Yards Rushing Times Carried Yards-Per-Try Yards Passing Passes Attempted Passes Completed Completion Percentage Passes Intercepted By Yards Int. Returned Total Offense Punts Total Yards Average Length Yards Punts Returned Fumbles Ball Lost PASS INTERCEPTIONS Player Number Guglielmi 5 Hornung 3 Heap 2 Schaefer 1 Carey 1 Lemek 1 Szymanski Finn Opp. 115 112 68 36 10 1094 374 3.0 1086 187 79 .422 10 81 2180 50 1852 37.0 37 35 20 Yds. 51 94 22 5 3 3 2 First row: Dick Szymanski, Tony Pasquesi, Jim Bigelow, Walt Cabral, Dick Frasor, Co-Captains Paul Matz and Dan Shannon, Tom Carey, Jack Lee, Bob Ready, Joe Heap, Sam Palumbo, Ed Cook. Second row: John McMullan, Ray Lemek, Dick Hendricks, Joe Bill, Gene Kapish, Jim Mense, Mike Regan, Wayne Edmonds, Gene Martell, Don George, Nick Raich, Frank Finn, John Kegaly. Third row: Richard O ' Rourke; manager, Jack King, Jack Witucki, Luke Carrabine, Joe Markowski, Jim Munro, Bob Salvino, Jim Morse, Paul Hornung, Dean Studer, Pete Noznesky, Lou Loncaric, Bob Coyne. Fourth row: Edward Kelly; senior manager, Tom Cunningham, George Groble, Paul Schramm, Larry Cooke, Gerry Gerami, Dave Davin, Jim Milota, Frank Stanitzek, Jack Dumas, Ed Murphy, Joe Bihn, Bob Lake, Bob S cannell. Fifth row: Sherrill Sipes, John McDonnell, Bill Rigali, Tom Zervas, Joe Bosse, Pat Bisceglia, Byron Beams, Dick Fitzgerald, George Nicula, Don Schaefer, Philip Stump; manager. Not pictured, Ralph Guglielmi, Frank Varrichione. Player Schaefer Heap Morse Hornung Ktuder Reynolds Gu lielmi Witucki Raich Sipes Carey Fitzgerald Finn Milota Gaffney McDonnell RUSHING TC 141 110 68 23 30 29 79 9 11 10 19 13 5 1 2 1 Yards 776 594 345 159 151 113 95 39 29 28 25 26 15 4 3 1 Average 5.4 5.4 5.0 6.9 5.0 3.9 1.1 4.3 2.6 2.8 1.3 2.0 3.0 4.0 1.5 1.0 SCORING Player TD PAT FG Points Heap 8 48 Schaefer 3 22 40 Morse 5 1 31 Guglielmi 5 30 Shannon 3 18 Hornung 2 6 18 Studer 2 12 Munro 2 12 Sipes 1 6 Reynolds 1 6 Finn 1 6 Raich 1 6 Witucki 1 6 Matz 1 6 Kapish 1 6 Scannell 1 6 Player Studer Heap Morse Reynolds Fitzgerald Hornung Guglielmi Ilendricks Scannell PUNT RETURNS Number Yardage 62 37 31 25 20 6 4 2 20 TD o o i 139 CHEERLEADERS Ev Hatch, Ron Rene, Bob Keegan, Bill Keegan, Ed Healey, Joe Saun- ders. MONOGRAM CLUB Tom Carey, Paul Reynolds, John Fannon, Dick O ' Keeffe, Bob Fili- piak. SENIOR MANAGERS Dick O ' Rourke, Ed Kelly, Phil Stump. BASKETBALL THE COACH THE CAPTAIN In cracking the all-time scoring mark with a total of 1,314 points, Jack Stephens proved to be one of the most versatile players to ever don a Notre Dame uniform. The senior cap- tain scored 35 points in the season ' s final game to share in the honors for the most points scored in one game for an Irish player. His consistency was perhaps the biggest single factor that led to his placing on many of the All-American selections. Stephens also made the all-tourney team at the New Orleans Sugar Bowl Tourney. In completing his fourth year at the University of Notre Dame, Coach Jordan once again finished the year with a winning season. Although the Irish were never able to muster a successful string of wins, Jor- dan was able to furnish the Notre Dame partisans with plenty of excitement throughout the year. The former Notre Dame graduate pitted his team against some of the best teams in the Mid-west and in the East. Though the team was without experience Jordan ably prepared his " boys " to capture the Sugar Bowl Tourney in New Orleans undoubtedly his hap- piest thrill of the year. Coach Jordan gives a few defensive pointers in a practice session. Notre Dame made an auspicious debut as its 1954-1955 basketball season got underway with a 72-61 win over Wisconsin ' s Badgers. Captain Jack Stephens set the pace in the well-balanced scoring column with 22 points. The Irish made it two straight with a victory over the Wildcats of Northwestern. Stephens again led the scoring parade with 33 points, which was just two shy of the Fieldhouse Record. The 22 game home win streak was brought to an abrupt end when Indiana, led by All- American Don Schlundt ' s 19 points, came from behind in the final seconds to eke out a 73-70 decision. The Irish looked sluggish and uninspired as they played ragged ball in beat- ing Loyola. Losing a 19 point led in the first half, the Jordanmen had to put on the pres- sure in the second half to gain an 89-76 win. The basketball fortunes of Notre Dame hit rock bottom as the Irish were trounced sound- ly by Purdue, Illinois, and Minnesota. Their record was below the .500 mark the first time since Coach Jordan had taken over the reins. One cause for the lack of success was the inability of the big men to keep from foul- ing out in the late stages of the game. The rebounding power of Smyth, Aubrey and Fan- non was lost in the final quarter when the outcome was still in doubt. Ayotte on a jump shot from the side. Let ' s everyone get into the act. Fannon tips in two more against Bradley. Things began to look up after Christmas as the Irish copped the Sugar Bowl Tournament. Playing inspired ball on opening night, they rocked Loyola of the South 66-45. The highly regarded Holy Cross Crusaders provided the opposition in the finals, but victory was not to be denied Stephens and Co. Stephens netted 29 points while Smyth, Aubrey and Fannon played havoc with the Crusader ' s Tom Hein- sohn under the boards. Both teams fought bitterly to the final whistle with the Irish com- ing out on the long end of a 74-69 score. The Irish stopped off at Louisville for an engagement with the University of Louisville. Although beaten 73-69, the Irish looked im- pressive and appeared to have snapped out of their early season slump. Some of the scoring burden was removed from the shoulders of Stephens as Fannon, Smyth and Aubrey began to find the range with consistency. Before heading East, Notre Dame smashed Butler 83-58 as Aubrey netted 22 points. Madison Square Garden fans got a look at the " new Irish " and were impressed with the shooting skill and tremendous defensive play as the Irish ripped N. Y. U. 93-74. But as spectacular as the Irish looked in New York, they looked equally unspectacular in the Bos- The traffic is heavy at this end of the floor. Watch those hands " Junior. " 144 Ayotte goes in on a solo against Bradley. Lee is really on the loose tonight. ton Garden against Buster Sheary ' s Holy Cross quintet. They could do nothing right and the Crusaders gained sweet revenge for the Sugar Bowl defeat with a shocking 93-57 win. Shaken by the pasting handed them, the Irish got up off the floor and gained a convinc- ing 82-74 victory over Northwestern. Returning to Chicago, the Irish blasted Loyola by a score of 91-83. However, the team could not manage to win three in a row as Michigan State humbled the Irish on the Notre Dame court by a score of 93-79. Notre Dame put on its best show of the season, beat- ing Bradley 87-63. For the following game, the Irish traveled to Indianapolis where they beat Butler 81-71. The Irish took a western swing to Okla- homa and Kansas. Tulsa proved to be a tough opponent as the Irish were dropped 74-59. However, the team stormed into Kansas and tamed the Kansas State Wildcats 76-74. Marquette, the best team that played in the fieldhouse all year, swarmed Notre Dame 84-74. The DePaul Demons handed Notre Dame its second loss in a row by beating the Irish 81-77. A few days later, the Irish pasted DePaul 72-61 in the fieldhouse. Realizing that the last game of the year would be a tough one, the Irish traveled to Milwaukee to play Marquette. Notre Dame downed the Warriors 85-64. It was a hard fought victory for an inspired team, and a fitting end for a winning season. Smyth tips the ball to Fannon. " Smitty " breaks in for two against the Hoosiers. Fannon is fouled on an attempted rebound by Ehmann. Wieman scores for the Irish. Morelli scores in the season ' s opener. A picture of grace and form. Wieman gets set for a hand off as Bradley looks on. ? f ri I r V I First row : John Smyth, John Fannon, Hank Lirepke, Jack Bedan, Lloyd Aubrey, Lee Ayotte. Second row : Trainer Gene Paszkiet, Assistant Coach John Castellani, Bob Jastrab, Paul Hornung, Captain Jack Stephens, Steve Rebora, Tom Higgins, Coach Johnny Jordan. Third row: Don Barr, Paul King, Joe Morelli, Jim Cusack, Bill Weiman, Chuck Wittenberg, and Manager Jim Porcari. SEASON ' S RECORD FIELD GOALS FREE THROWS POINTS ND72, No. Games Atts. Scored Pet. Atts. Scored Pet. Fouls No. Avg. ND79, Jack Stephens .. .. 24 429 155 .361 270 191 .707 54 501 20.9 ND70, ND89, Lloyd Aubrey .... . 24 423 160 .378 120 85 .708 94 405 16.9 ND58, John Smyth 24 368 122 .332 108 70 .648 97 314 13.1 ND57, John Fannon 24 268 76 .284 98 62 .633 92 214 8.9 ND66, Bill Weiman 24 214 65 .304 80 41 .513 91 171 7.2 ND66, ND74, Lee Ayotte 22 124 41 .331 23 5 .217 30 87 ND69, Paul Hornung .... . 10 79 27 .342 15 7 .467 8 61 ND83, Joe Morelli 14 13 6 .461 4 2 .500 7 14 ND93, ND 57, Jack Bedan 11 19 3 .158 12 7 .583 12 13 ND82, Steve Rebora 14 7 2 .286 6 3 .500 8 7 ND Q1 Bob Jastrab 4 6 2 .333 2 1 .500 1 5 1 1 LJ V JL. y ND79, Paul King 4 5 1 .200 .000 3 2 ND87, Tom Higgins 2 .000 2 2 1.000 2 2 ND81, ND59, Bill Kearney 2 .000 2 .000 1 ND76, Hank Leupke .... .. 2 3 .000 .000 1 ND74, ND77, TOTALS 24 1958 660 .335 742 476 .641 501 1796 74.83 ND72, Oooonents .. 24 1592 580 .364 845 574 .679 437 1734 72.25 rr K Wisconsin 61 Northwestern 69 Indiana 73 Loyola of Chicago 76 Purdue 78 Illinois 66 Minnesota 77 Loyola of South 45 Holy Cross 69 Louisville 73 Butler 58 N.Y.U. 74 Holy Cross 93 Northwestern 74 Loyola of Chicago 83 Michigan State 93 Bradley 63 Butler 71 Tulsa 74 Kansas State 74 Marquette 84 DePaul 81 DePaul 61 Marquette 64 148 . THE COACH Alex Wilson, Notre Dame track coach, turned another fine team loose on the cinder paths during the 1955 season. The Irish won two dual meets while losing two during the regular indoor season to enable Alex to remain among the tops in the mid-west. Among the outstanding runners and field events men developed by Wilson during the season were co-captains Al Schoenig and Jim Pitcavage. Others were Bill Squires, Bernie Allard, Dick O ' Keefe, Jim Daly and Jack Gits. Those who can be looked upon for first class performances in the future under Wilson ' s fine handling are Byron Beams, Frank Hall, Alex Pestrichella, Ross Matson, Bill Keegan, Bill Copeland, Al Porter, Jim Baker and John Dunnigan. Tom Rohr finishes a close second in the Central Collegiate meet. Featuring strong performances in the dis- tance and field events, the Notre Dame track squad finished the 1955 season with a record of two wins and two defeats in dual meet com- petition. They also won the Central Collegiate Conference Championships for the second straight year and turned in commendable showings in the relays that they entered. Two school records were broken during the season. They were by Bill Squires who ran the mile in 4:10.7 in a winning cause against Pur- due and Al Sshoenig who ran the 880 yard run in 1 :53.7. Other creditable performances were turned in by Byron Beams in the shot put with a toss of 52 feet and four inches and Bernie Allard in the high jump with a leap of 6 feet and 7 inches in the Chicago Daily News Re- lays. The two mile relay team also turned in strong performances in their specialty. This team was composed of Al Porter, Dick O ' Keefe, Squires and Schoenig. Win or lose, Coach Wilson ' s youthful track- sters have gained valuable experience for next season ' s grind. That old college try. Central Michigan gets off to a good start in the high hurdles. pnr This vaulter shows good form. Al Schoenig snaps the wire with a com- fortable lead. A battle down to the wire in the 60 yard dash. 01 IMI i i r " Tfc . " =: Up, up and over. This time it ' s right side up. Beams gets set for a mighty heave. Squires wins hi s specialty the mile. CROSS COUHTRy TEAM TRACK TEAM . First row: John Lincoln, John Micheno, Neil Wallace, Spike Daly, Pete Moroney, Al Portier. Second row: John Lucey, Jack Gits, Al Schoenig, Bill Sqires, Alex Wilson, Coach. First row: Bob Stukas; Manager, Dick O ' Keefe, Jack Gits, Jim Pitcavage, Al Schoenig, Jim Baker, Leo McAvoy; Asst. Coach. Second row: Alex Wilson; Coach, John Lenihan, Tom Rohr, Bernie Allard, Ben Zajeski, Alex Pestrichella, Jim Lyon, Bill Squires. Third row ' : Tony Bell, John McDonald, Byron Beams, Mike Kearns, Mike Kauffman, John Stevenson, Frank Hall, Al Porter. Fourth row: Lou Pilliod, John M:chno, Jim Redman, Tom Mulcahy, Bill Keegan, Jack Dunigan, Don Haney, Neil Wallace. i OAK v_ QAMe 1 " I - " - Baseball BASEBALL Laden with sophomores and juniors, Coach Jake Kline was undoubtedly a very unhappy man with the results of this year ' s baseball nine. Even with the hitting power of Elmer Kohorst, Ed Hurley, and Don Sniegowski, the Irish could not manage to score enough runs to produce a winning season. It was hoped by Kline that the southern exhibition tour prior to the regular season would help the Irish gain some much needed experience. However, the team throughout the season proved to be too tense to develop into a winning combination. One point of relief for Kline is that the majority of the team will be back on the field for next year ' s season ' s opener. Paul Besser, Bernie McLorey, John Hartnett, Jerry Spaeth, and Dick Bunker form the pitching staff of the Irish. fckv. - I f Yer out! Yer Bum! Safe at first by a narrow margin. Detour ! There ' s a muddy road ahead. - - s Elmer Korhorst looks for the pop foul. Tom Pettersch gives a lesson in battery to Elmer Korhorst and Frank Cleland. Sitting: Tom Sheehan, Joe Finn, John Keller, Tom Russell, Steve Johnson, Benny Cordelia, Steve Rebora, Bill Roth. Kneeling: Robert Nowakowski, Paul Besser, Jack O ' Drobinak, Don Sniegowski, Elmer Korhorst, Bernie McLorey, Joe Yeager, Jerry Spaeth, Bill Teschke, Ron Mottl. Standing: Jim Carideo, Harold Lavelle, Richard Bunker, Ed Hurley, John Hammett, Angelo Capozzi, Dan Nespo Jim Twohy, Tom Pettersch; Coach Clarence J. (Jake) Kline. , ' " " " " Bi nMMBM Mww Minor Sports TENNIS Clarke and Reidy provide the team with a winning doubles combination. Although Coach Charlie Samson was not overly optimistic about this year ' s team, he indicated that this year ' s tennis team should improve on last year ' s record. For the first time in a number of years, the squad has adequate reserve strength. In past seasons, injuries hampered the team. The squad is bolstered by five returning lettermen, three of them seniors, and two juniors. With plenty of depth, the Irish are expected to develop into a midwest power- house. However, a much better idea of the team ' s strength can be had after its initial game. Bill Reule displays a strong forehand. First Row: Maury Reidy, Wally Clarke, Bill Reale, Dean Richards. Second Row: Joe Santos, Mgr. ; Harry Smith, Jim Rich, Tom Gelfaile, Charles Samson, Coach. 160 GOLf Keep that head down Headed by returning lettermen Bob Filipiak and John Foley, the ' 55 edition of the varsity golf team looks forward to an improvement upon last year ' s record of 5-5. However, Father Holderith, the golf coach, indicated that the task before them will be a big one. The Irish will face some of the toughest com- petition in the Midwest. The team began practice in the early part of the spring in order to overcome the long winter lay-off. The squad has plenty of depth in returnees Charlie Gordon, Joe Mulflur, and Sam Merra. . . . and follow through. Rev. G. Holderith, C.S.C., Coach; John Foley, Bob Filipiak, Leo Matt, Charlie Gordon, Tom Kinsler, Bill McGuire, Sam Merra, Joe Mulflur. 161 FENCING Action in the Wisconsin fencing meet. Three early 14-13 losses, two to Iowa and one to Wisconsin, the Big Ten champ, were the only defeats suffered by the Irish in their rugged fifteen-match schedule. Among Notre Dame ' s more notable victories were 14-13 de- cisions over Illinois, Ohio State, and previ- ously unbeaten Detroit. The Irish fencers also showed well in the NCAA tournament. Dan Tadrowski (33-7 for the regular season) won the epee title, and Co-Captains Tom Dorwin (27-16) and Jim Waters (32-9) gave him enough support in the sabre and foil respectively to merit 7th place for Notre Dame. En Garde! First row : Dick Colman, Orlando Maione, Jack Ryan, Pierre Du- Vair, Dave Friske, Ray Bren- nan, Dennis Hemmerle. Second row: Joe Blazina, Ed Koester, Jim Burlage, Don Dixon, Tom Dorwin, Jim Waters, Bill Fox, Jack Friel, Julio Vizcarrondo. Third row : Coach Mike DeCicco, Frank Dwan, Ray Eichelman, Gene Gasse, Jerry Isaacs, Coach Walt Langford, John Brogan, Bob Eyerman, Don Tadrowski, Tom Beckman, Fred Maroon, manager. 162 After squirming through the season with a poor record, the Irish slammed the South Bend Turner ' s Club in the final gymnastic event of the year. Although the season ' s cam- paign did not prove to be a success, the gym- nasts gained invaluable experience after hav- ing faced some of the roughest competition in the area. In organizing the gymnast team five years ago, Coach Ray Runckle had in purpose the intention of promoting an interest in gym- nastics. Although the team was originally a campus club, the team is now slowly heading towards varsity recognition. The team has demonstrated its agility in various specialties during the half time of a number of varsity basketball home games. Captained by Rocco Tannone, the team won two events and lost seven. Outstanding among the gymnasts this year were Reg Grimm, Evie Hatch, Charlie Ollinger, and Dan Healy. A perfect perpendicular to the parallel bar. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. First row: Bill Anderson, James Drunot, Bill Brunot, John Krause, Jerome Burke, Milo Solomito, Manuel Ochoa, Coach Ray Runkle. Second row: Charlie Ollinger, Tom Moore, Paul Leitzinger, Reg Grimm, Evie Hatch, Hugh McGuire, Roy Williams. The high bar offers a challenge to the gymnast. BAR BELL CLUB Under the guidance of Father Lange, the Bar Bell Club has grown by leaps and bounds during the past five years. It is possible for the interested students to learn proper techniques for body condi- tioning and development. This instruc- tion is given by both Father Lange and the more experienced members of the club. As yet the lifting team has not gained varsity recognition even though they have competed in several collegiate com- petitions. First row: Bill Lodge, Bo Stevenson, Mike McCarthy, Fred Erenfeld. Second row: Rev. B. Lange, C.S.C., Coach, Charlie Meyer. SAILING TEAM First row : Lou Morgan, Bernard D ' Almeida, Mike Cleary, Tom Burke, Frank Dwan, John Chameau. Second row: John Sheehy, Pete Raffetto, Ron Mussner, Ray Nelson, John Tuttle, Harry Murphy. Led by Commodore Don Matthews, the " Sailing Irish " posted a very successful season. Their season record of four victories and no losses included victories at the Michigan Regatta, Purdue Invitational Regatta, the Angston Regatta, and the Michigan State University Regatta. In the past few years the team has grown in size and scope and promises to expand even further in following years. SWIMMING Finally, after having waited for quite a num- ber of years, a swimming club was organized in the latter part of spring. It is hoped that this club may eventually lead to a recognized varsity sport. However, it may take the club a few years to get organized. Undoubtedly, the potential here at Notre Dame is tremen- dous, as is evidenced by the strong hall swim- ming teams. Much support will be given to the swimming Irish in order that the school may soon be able to compete on a collegiate line with other schools of the Midwest. A perfect jack-knife by Dan Healy. Off to the races. First Row: Bill Huson, Tex McGraw, Roy Gillia, Aubrey Lewis. Second Row: Joe Ferrone, Joe Fabin, Mike Laden, Ren Walker. Third Row: Paul Boyd, Kevin Riley, Dick Bruter, Bill Scanlon. Fourth Row: Steve Barrett, Ken Winkler, Tom Murphy. Fifth Row: Bob Burke, John Dodd, Bryen Gallagher. Six Row: Dick Barsch. WRESTLING Hey ! Stay off my back ! He is on one of those bends again. The Notre Dame Wrestling Club had an en- couraging season this year. Joe Clark, presi- dent of the club, and his fellow officers, sched- uled seven meets which kept club members in top condition. The varsity teams from Miami of Ohio, University of Chicago, Marquette, and Wheaton provided the stiff est opposition encountered during the season. A membership of twenty-five, that bridged eight weight divisions, took part in this year ' s matches. Workouts during the season were in progress from 4 : 00 to 6 : 00 every afternoon in the Rock. Student-Coach, Sil Piccini, and Faculty Moderator, Thomas Fallon, super- vised the training and instructed the matmen on how to keep within weight limits. Now that they have a coach and an impressive schedule, the future of the club is certain to be well established. First Row: Chuck Day, Bob Pivonka, Pat Williams, Jack Armstrong, Coach Tom Fallon. Second Row: Terry Crowley, Bob Salvino, John Gavin. 166 INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL In a slow moving defensive struggle, Badin managed to eke out a 6-0 triumph over St. Ed ' s for the hall championship. The victory culmina ted the interhall football season. A muddy turf dampened the hopes of having a high scoring game. The final outcome of the game was not de- cided until the closing seconds of play. Half- back Jerry Ryan threw to Ed Costello on the three yard line who bulled his way over for the score and the interhall grid title. Joe Kurseja and John Reynolds formed the de- fense that stifled St. Ed ' s. John Fauntleroy sparked the only flicker of offense that St. Ed ' s could muster. Badin finished the season of play unde- feated and unscored upon, an unusual feat for an interhall eleven. Piloted by an All-Interhall quarterback, Dick Rust, the Badinites de- feated Dillon for the Western Division title. St. Ed ' s qualified for the championship game by romping over Farley. St. Ed ' s back held for short gain. First row: Chuck Ohlinger, Jerry Brann, Harry Lock wood, John Hummer, Tom Hawkins, Joe Kurja, Dick Campbell, Fred Switzer. Second row : Ed Cosgrove, Gene O ' Connor, Dick Rust, Bob Costello, Ron Scheidelman, Chuck Conway, John Sowa. Third row: Jim Dowdle, Chuck Simpson, Jerry Ryan, Bill Brisick, John Collins, John Reynolds, Rev. Robert Pelton, C.S.C. I II III HI III St. Ed ' s completes a pass in the early stage of the game. Badinites haul down a St. Ed ' s back short of the line of scrimmage. Son! you don ' t have a chance! INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL When the intra-hall basketball season began, forty-four squads bracketed in divi- sions of four each, readied themselves for action. A pre-Christmas practice round caused some slight re-aligning of teams to gain bet- ter distribution of the more powerful entrants. The semester exams necessitated a two week break in the hoopster ' s activity, but early in February the campaign began again in ear- nest with each team playing the other teams in its division once only. The eleven division winners then advanced to the Feldhouse for a single-elimination tournament. The Chicago Club, by dint of an- other one of their near-miraculous last min- ute rallies, edged out Howard for the Intra- mural Basketball crown by a narrow 44-42 margin. Down nine points with but a minute and a half to go, the Chicagoans matched the spectacular finishes which carried them to overtime victories over Dillon and Walsh in the preliminary rounds. Before Howard ' s first team could get in and get organized again, the game was over and the Chicago Club had won another startling victory. Third place went to the Indianapolis Club which racked up a 48-31 consolation victory over Dillon. Moran reaches high for the rebound. First row : Tim Devereux, Ron Auer, Frank Burge, Phil Prassas, Phil Sheridan. Second row: Gus Sheridan, Don Iwinski, Gieran Phelan. Boyle tips one in for Howard. TENNIS This year, as in previous years, the ath- letic department sponsored both Fall and Spring tennis tournaments. These tour- naments are open to all the students at the University. As usual, the Freshmen appeared to be more athletically inclined as shown by the results of the tourney. The Fall competition found more than forty students vieing for the campus crown while a like number competed in the Spring Tourney. Cloudy skies in Indiana. GOLf The gallery cheers. Shooting a scorching 293 for 72 holes, freshman Tom Garside coasted to an easy victory in the twenty-fourth an- nual University Open Golf Tournament. Garside finished seven strokes ahead of his nearest competitor. Undoubtedly, the rain-swept course hindered the golfers. Father Holderith, the golf coach, was very pleased with the showing the fresh- men made. Six of the top ten contestants were first-year students. INTRAMURAL BASEBALL Under the direction of Ray Runkle, two baseball leagues were formed for the com- peting hall squads. Each league was com- posed of six teams. As usual, the freshmen supplied the bulk of the league competition, being represented by six of the twelve par- ticipating clubs. The schedule consisted of five rounds of play, in which each of the competing teams play every other member of the division once. The winners of each division vie for the " Interhall Series. " Casey at the bat. It may be close at third. IHTRAMURAL SOfTBALL With five leagues of softball forming the campus competition, spring introduced one of the most intensive schedules in the his- tory of the softball leagues. Under the di- rection of Frank Maxwell, teams represent- ing the various campus clubs and halls competed for the league titles. The teams totaled thirty-six and were seeded into five loops. As the season began, every indica- tion was given that this year would witness many slugging exhibitions. 172 THE BENGAL BOUTS For the participants in the Bengals, the mecca of sports lovers at Notre Dame is not the football stadium, but the fieldhouse. Through the past history of the boxing matches, the fieldhouse has witnessed some of the most furious collegiate boxing to be presented under one domain. The amateur pugilists wish to maintain the tradition by taking training seriously and in earnest. They must run, skip rope, spar, and make sacrifices in order to meet the rigid requirements of the Bengals. Daily training and workouts take most of the participants ' spare time, but ask any of the fighters if training is not worth the results. The competitive spirit prevalent dur- ing training is in the typical Notre Dame atti- tude. It has its rewards, as may be noticed by the gratifying smile of any winner. The bag can ' t hit back, but it can offer the fighter plenty of adequate preparation. Constant training prepares the fighter for the strenuous work ahead. On the eve of mighty St. Patrick ' s Day, 4000 fans gathered in the Notre Dame fieldhouse to watch 20 fighters battle for the various weight titles. Under the fine direction of Dominic Napalitano, the finalists of the Bengal Bouts produced some of the most inter- esting matches in the history of the boxing affair. Two knockouts provided the spectators with the most exciting and spectacular events of the night. To indi- cate the closeness of the bouts, only two events were won by unanimous decisions. In keeping with the pur- pose of the 24th tournament of boxing, the proceeds went to the missions in Bengal. One of the country ' s top-flight sports writers, Budd Schulberg, was on hand to receive the annual Bengal award for " the man who has done the most for boxing during the past year. " Other awards were presented to the fighter displaying the most sportsmanship, and the fighter making the best showing. Each finalist received a sweater and a letter. Dominic Napalitano First row: Sars Brennan, Jim McDer- mont, " Nappy " Napalitano, Dick Plum, Gene Jordan. Second row: Charlie Connor, Pete Npz- nesky, Pat Cannon, Bob Williams, Dick Shulsen. A beautiful knockdown by Bob Williams. The jaw seems to be the favorite target for the majority of the contestants. A vicious left to the chin. Now this won ' t hurt a bit. The finals produce the best fights of the year, as is shown beneath. Take that! n afternoon mixer ... a aturaau night I a tf dance ... or one of the elaborate oaiiA . . . t t ft JL L t L 1 tf a part of colleae life, throughout the jrall, Win ter, ana prinq, the men of ffotre me import arace ana charm to the pui . . . from acroii the aUixie . . . from i%Jena . . . from the home town . . . a welcome oreah in the monotony of everyday f.ff campu.6 life. 5 But Prof, I don ' t want Zoology 145! Nofr O T atre Opens Year With ' Detective Storv her Harvey, New St ' fo e :V ' CA- ' % " " Sj o = J S 3 - 2 3 L _ 4 v B B 3 S (t J Sr c 2 3-3 -3 -. v i 3 -iS.a-s 5 ; =T ' - S S ! ' =: g 5 ' 0.2. S r. ' ' no 5=li: ?.ir? f P B s= .g-S5rlg|. = sS g- 3- J a S r ? " x ? ' ?- ' - 3 fr 5 S o 3 s. ' 2. M ' JT. - 2 re " 5 - T 2L - " ' 5 3 Efforts kher i-oV 1 vf v . ? % J w l ' - % f % - V r 1 ' - ' , V, %, %- ,% 0 A 1b Mornings come early in South Bend. Bp. _ " -i r " : 0 l - 1t A - ' ' ' OA r, V X ' % ' J Am interested in Speech? ' ' 6. ' ' th I ' ,: " ' " ' " ' :,. , o es ig that crazy rhythm ! aVtt ev O? Ed takes a break Where have I seen you before? debuted trie w n An escape . . . from test tubes, beakers, and bunsen burners ... to debut the so- cial season . . . reigned over by a pair of queens . . . 228 science men danced out the evening ... to the music of Bud Din- widdie and his orchestra . . . many pleas- ant surprises . . . the talk by Dean Lawrence Baldinger . . . those modern- istic dance programs . . . and the break in the weather. Scientists at pl ay. Our roving cameraman misses nothing. u remiere rea You say it but you don ' t mean it. Candlelight . . . punch . . . and atmosphere tn the L bonfire Roses for royality J cca$ion: ( otilli ion A brief sojourn to fantasia ... a visit by lovely ladies . . . two o ' clock permis- sions . . . pleasing spectacles . . . car per- missions ... a busy weekend . . . the giant bonfire pep rally . . . capped by a torren- tial downpour . . . then to the room for the tux . . . pick up date . . . and off to PREMIER . . . with a Times Square motif . . . swaying to Charlie Spivak ' s rhythm . . . bracelet favors for the love- ly ladies . . . Saturday afternoon . . . the wet cold stadium ... a clash with Michi- gan State ... a dance for the victorious troops . . . and then goodby ... a chilly weekend . . but warm memories. So much for the Main Building . . trie etc ance I know my watch is down here some- place ! But you ' re still tops with me, baby . . and n memories. Nothing but the best for Notre Dame men Right: Until Christmas . . . Dear Below: And Zelda, this is your date 5 . wen t to Jccaiion: ZJne C n ineer ' i (teal An escape . . . from T-lines, turbines, and thermodynamics ... to gay, enchanting Greenwich Village . . . alias La Fortune Student Center ... a replica of New York ' s famous skyline . . . scenes from the artist ' s quarters . . . three transient A.B. men mas- querading as Bohemians . . . their souvenir sketches for the girls ' delight . . . continu- ous music ... a la Johnny Palmer and Don Gels ... a gala evening for all. A penny for your thoughts. A ctae a Every little movement has a mean- ing all its own. So I says to him, " Prof . . . Yes, it does seem rather close in here. t II ictnu of the troops helped sink f Ic in the mud a : Une Student ccuAion Mass exodus for four hundred Friday after- noon . . . box lunch on train . . . three A.M. rolling Pep Rally . . . Mass in Martinsburg, West Virginia . . . arrival in Baltimore . . . scuttling of Navy . . . invasion of Washing- ton . . . headquarters, Annapolis Hotel . . . weekend of wine, women (Trinity College) , and song . . . the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, Washington Monument, and old George- town . . . departure comes too soon . . . it ' s a long way home. The Big Go Irish, Go! Slight of hand en route. i iOT9 Mascot ... or left guard ? Notre Dame men are neat men Toot Little man, you ' ve had a busy weekend. 189 Ir3 AN AFTER-THEATRE STOP . . , FOR THE SENIORS AND FOR THE UNDERGRADUATES. w c S %% c, cA ax 4 n tfvetf CQV vtv " -- , s ' -ElIf 1 - 2 2 =. ? ' S sS ? SHENANIGANS ON THE AN- NUAL SENIOR TRIP THIS YEAR TO THE IOWA-N.D. GAME. DECEMBER BRINGS BASKET- BALL TO THE FIELDHOUSE. ' !? " ffi ! S? vl AND A CHANCE FOR THE EVER POPULAR " BULL SES- SION. " Ui B Sfl 3 ? 2 " 3 3 (fi er j 63 ft 3 w C i , , T W fi :-- s. t-jnssi S -ir f i: -. sitftiwW, 3 o 3 3- g : jr ' c o o o B - 2 : y, M, - 3 O i J C - ' ? g S gi sif f5 ?j Ir l ? C ' 5: i ? r 1 H Aw 7 5 - m - ff ! 3 W 1- k- v, 0 " ST 13 CQ . O cy -5 ? -. i? 3 t 5- 3 3 s ? ... J. " 5 c fe M. " k_ ? ! 5 Sg ff s S " a " i o 5- a a 3 a ai JB ,_ Sfffi . P o$ S 3 -- 31 s ll m ' f ll ' fa lie the miutaru a eaAe were back k ome Shape up mister, shape up! O, ccaiion: Wlilitaru Bait Well-pressed uniforms, sparkling brass, and Kiwi shines . . . three hundred and forty embryo officers storming the Cen- ter ... Chuck Foster and his band beat- ing out the cadence ... in a military atmosphere . . . flags, flowers, and rifles as decorations . . . impressive coronation of Queens of Land, Sea, and Air . . . more dancing . . . then Taps till next year. Fresh air out on the " decks " . I Have we been scuttled? Military Bearing. Are you for real, Mister? The uniform gets them every rime. 193 danced Oh Milicent, you ' re so sweet. (Occasion: 2Jhe JLaw VJutl An escape . . . from briefs, Blackstone, and systematic review ... to a weekend of high living . . . dinner and cocktails at the South Bend Country Club ... a dance to the accompaniment of Bobby Brown and the Spot- lighters . . . miniature beer mugs as surprise door prizes . . . entertainment Saturday afternoon ... at North Carolina ' s expense . . . another Victory Dance ... the Glee Club sings out the weekend. Knute, you ' re not listening! and l lniuer6itu J neat re presented Jccasion: V The 1954 season of the University Theater opened November 17. Their first production was " Detective Story " , a play taken from the Broadway hit of the same name by Sidney Kingsley. James O ' Donoghue, a Korean veteran, starred in the role of Detective McLeod a hard New York detective with a mania for punishing lawbreakers. Gayle Baumer of St. Mary ' s played his wife. The plot re- volved around two cases assigned to Mc- Leod. One deals with a young man accused of larceny. The other with a malpracticing doctor involved with McLeod ' s wife. The two dynamic cases unite to bring the suspence packed play to a powerful con- clusion. I ' m hard see No Floyd not the blackjack. If crime doesn ' t pay, why are the bad guys dressed up? A statue of several centuries B. C. had A Grecian household urn Costumes of the Greek theatre ikeir da J ival of tn ccasiom With a rare Greek coin as its symbol and " The Glory That Was Greece " as its theme, the second Notre Dame Festival of the Arts became a reality. Beginning Monday, November 8 and continuing until Saturday, November 13 and the Notre Dame-North Caro- lina game, the week was dotted with lectures, films, demonstrations, and exhibitions by many celebrated au- thorities on Greek culture. A perform- ance of Gluch ' s opera " Orpheus " , sponsored by the Department of Music and the Arts and Letters Ball, which followed the Greek theme, were also high points of the week. Approximately 90 authenic Greek works were donated by various sources for the Festival. The O ' Shaughnessy galleries exhibited these works which dated from 800 B.C. to 200 B.C. A master is copied A glimpse into the past 197 J ccasion: d oLett erS An escape . . . from . . . concepts, Syllogisms, and mass Hysteria ... to Olympia, Home of the Greek Gods . . . commonly known as the Center . . . pro- jections of Greek scenes to decorate the walls . . . statues of gods from Greek mythology to line the dance floor . . . waiters in ancient Greek garb . . . togas . . . Hal Mclntyre substituting for the absent god of music Apollo . . . five hundred couples enjoy an evening from the past. Something soft and sentimental A finale to the bunny-hop? And on your left is St. Mary ' s lake. 199 t V lonte wa6 moued Why so glum, Chum? . . . . . . it ' s easy if you have what it takes. to the (Center {jcca.sion: Uhe Cc ommerce Bud An escape . . . from labor, materials, and manufacturing overhead ... to the ex- citement of Monte Carol . . . royality of king and queen . . . music by Buddy Mor- row . . . song by vocalists Dorothy Kaye and Jerry Mercer . . . special guests, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LaFortune ... all this to four hundred dance-going couples . . . then Saturday and Southern Cal ... a real Victory Dance ... a successful week- end ... a winning team ... a wonderful time. Uneasy rest the head that wears the crown The Glee Club sounds off. [TV V 1 r i iage Ins irers to joiitract will Dame ' s i?ra future, ut with the majority of marni ' d 1 function .on, " THROUGH SNOW AND SLEET . . . ' TO THE DINING HALL SEEMS TO MID-SEMESTER IN MICHIGAN. wav ' isss o : ; :: 4 : Open Feb. p,k at Seven Se ' Glee CIUD Performs Before Ten Thousa _ -U , Hesburn:h ' s lalk of the b t. KCY. Thomas chaplain Universi of The University of Notre Dame Glee Club concluded its longest and ite most successful tours ,n recent years vA L Feb. 26, after spreading its fa and the fame of the University over he ? outhern and midwestem parts c " v manager of the " rvncert tour thi lights c appears " Toast they wi ers for The 2500 r New THE SNOW DRAPED CAMPUS CAN APPEAR BEAUTIFUL THE CALM SERENITY OF SAINT MARY ' S EAST PARLOR. tak ' ' them Athletic South. tl WALK FROM FARLEY W LONGER. rollina dice King size dice for the big spenders. Typical St. Mary ' s attitude? Midnight at the Mardi Gras. 204 J Jcca$ion: Jne ll lardi (yrad lA eekena A four day affair . . . Friday night, the Mardi Gras Ball . . . the warm, gay spirit of old New Orleans . . . five hundred couples . . . the Commanders and their music . . . Saturday afternoon a jazz con- cert by Gels and his gang ... at night spinning wheels, tumbling dice, and house odds . . . the gamblers held sway . . . with more of the same Monday and Tuesday . . . festive booths ... all that money changing hands . . . " the roaring twenties " as depicted by the Belles of St. Marys . . . the hula-hula dancers . . . that Near Beer . . . which wasn ' t very near . . . a freshman walks away with both cars . . . architects draw first prize in the booth contest ... all profits accruing to the Center. Oh you kid! Genuine hula dancers 205 with, the Student (Center tinishina well Seven come eleven baby needs shoes. Step right up and place your bets But fellas I don ' t have a garage. 206 dkeud at two to one Taking candy from b abies! The boys take it all in. 207 e Aecon a stct ae a rot on ccaiion: ae November sixteenth marked the date of the University Theater ' s second production. The play, Cyrano de Bergerac, is a seventeenth century work with the setting in France. The male lead of Cyrano was taken by a veteran of Washing- ton Hall, Gene Gorski. Another well known thespian, Gayle Baumer, played the female lead, Roxanne. The play itself was a panorama of the manners, dress, art, and flashing swords of romantic France in the sixteen hundreds. The plot revolves around Cyrano, a master swordsman with a nasal deformity and inferiority complex. Cyrano finally finds that he is loved . . but too late. Women and children to the boats Meanwhile, back at the ranch And friends, if I am elected I ' m with you . . . J t- I f d twentu-two CO JccaAion: f otre aUame rnultatlonul tJjebate .Uournament. This year ' s Notre Dame Invitational Debate Tournament drew a field of twen- ty-two schools from all over the country. The two man teams were judged by the coaches from the schools entered. The first four places of honor were taken by : Wilkes College, University of Vermont, Kansas State, and Dartmouth College in that order. Herzl Spiro of Vermont cap- tured the individual speaking honors. The entry representing Notre Dame placed sixth in the team competition. Rev. James E. Norton, C.S.C., presents an award to the representatives of one of the winning colleges. Herzl Spine displays his winning form. j ; e Marterie Men Signed ' Ballet Troupe SPRING! WHEN A YOUNG MAN ' S FANCY TURNS TO THOUGHTS . Class Dance k ' tickets bows into " ' T f ' WS t the Launch ' Grand Island, Johnny OrlandV set the feet a-dancing and wr Richard Thoen, president of ti n Seek " Home-Comfort 1 with TOO couples on April l. is also chartering an airplane ort members to St. Louis. Any- the ested should contact Dave Max, waukee the Elmgrove Legion . Louis-campus e W JH provide the Milwaukee club and the Alumni Club will fill the Missouri Room of the Statler Hotel in a night of entertainment Comes the End with --. - annual V- " --. on campus. IK " University the Notre " " " I l a " ' v i ' SrtI T ' Uf e: " CG pf 11 .- o T-, -A - ,- c x " O ? ' - ' y " " V " x ' " " syrs WS iu ? ' -Se ' :;;r " ' " " J S t-, v ; " K kS I% Ss5fttS5to Sia . X v5 6 firtt cta66 at ance Midst a tropical atmosphere. Meant to be admired. 212 To the future. Hawaiian Holiday ... a tropical air per- vaded the Center . . . three hundred and fifty couples dancing under a simulated pavilion . . . complete with palm trees . . . musical honors by Fred Dale ' s Collegians ... a real Waikiki atmosphere ... a pa- rade Saturday . . . R.O.T.C. Presidential Review ... in the evening the Champion ' s Ball ... a tiring weekend but enjoyable for all. Telephone booths aren ' t as big as they used to be. 213 " JJ, awautn II . r tollcLcLU and then I said to her . 214 Let her go, lover. Mr. bandleader on the " vibes " . Swing and sway with Fred Dale. re I m J Looking things over. Mob scene. npionS BJl The evening of April 30th saw the hon- oring of all the Notre Dame men who have participated in athletics for the uni- versity during the year. Each sport was represented by a freshman member of the squad, and his date reigned as a queen for the dance. Orchids were pre- sented the queens by the incoming Stu- dent Senate president. The dance was climaxed by some lucky girl who won the door prize. The prize being, a Glenn Miller album, a Glee Club album, and a years supply of Wheaties. t ( K MK j? V - SI 1 I were leted This is real prosperity. A jumpy twosome. v a ir 2 5 ? - ' m m r j z a. i ? ' .- ] 3- C 3 0_ ' ?s 3 2. g n 3 I | 2 5- 2 i I ' !: . - OQ 2. c o -. H, rV 0= ? = g VI r-, n A SUNDAY MORNING TOUR OF THE CAMPUS USUALLY ENDS THE BIG WEEK END. ma ' his arches I in formai I .NT : x v ' V J at was the ' , Pat " ...n i o or the i -If to attend, but hai tickets, that they . Seventeen ON A SUNDAY AFTER- NOON . . STUDY? " v;r r " ..-,. I FOR THE MORE ATH LETICALLY INCLINED SOME WINDOW SHOPPING. will April 1 s Org immei .s hi ,aan 58 y jrkl wars an nty-one nations, whj ,ives originally signed tl 3gota, Colombia, comprise the OAS. hese 21 nations, with a combined popu- ation of about 275 million people, are by geo- location and historical back- At the same time, they repre- ' J. J 4v an d one nia tits " OCCASION: Junior Prom An exciting trip ... to the land of " A Thousand and One Nights " . . . Palms and fountain outside . . . gold walls and beaded curtains, complete with genie from Aladdin ' s lamp, inside . . . Billy May ' s orchestra providing the melodies for 500 couples . . . carnations for the ladies . . . refreshments at the oasis . . . rain Saturday couldn ' t put damper on " Dumes " . . . parties all over . . . dinner- dance at South Bend Country Club Sat- urday night, strolling accordionist and all ... traditional Communion Breakfast Sunday morning . . . Father Joyce and Miss Fran Allison speak ... so long, never good-by. Someone just got himself engaged. Mob scene. Dim, dim the lights ! f Neki Hokey Mambo, Hola ! 221 Big Brother Dan. t etched into one It ' s so wonderful being here with you. Pomp and circumstance. The Center ' s latest attraction. kort weekend Drop in a coin and make a wish. And who is Sam Donahue ? Taking a break in the Center ' s Rathskeller. 1 s, iprinatime an I j d 5t even teen o, ' ccaiion: leventeen teer. With the arrival of May the student body was entertained by the performance of the long-popular stage production Seventeen by Booth Tarkington. This play is the humorous tale of the growing pains of one Willie Baxter. His young peaceful life is disturbed when a sweet young thing arrives on the scene. Willie becomes enraptured with the charms of Miss Lola Pratt and his strange exploits along the rough but amusing path to young love, provided many laughs in the play ' s four night stand. Jim Kinnane and Gayle Baumer were featured as Willie and Lola. Pretty Miss Merrill Richard and Bob Vrancken were two of the many capable supporting players. Sweet nothings?? The center of attraction. A shuffle off to Buffalo. 224 and trie folk came to took cioowt {Jccasion: Junior f arent- on weekend Approximately two-hundred juniors were host to their parents the weekend of March 20 at the Third Annual Junior Class Parent-Son Weekend. Saturday ' s agenda was crammed with activity. There were tours of the cam- pus, faculty receptions, and movies of the 1954 football games. Dinner that night was served in the student dining hall, with Father Hesburgh present and the Glee Club providing some after din- ner entertainment. This was followed by an open house in the Student Center. A Sunday morning 9 o ' clock High Mass in Sacred Heart Church concluded the planned schedule. This allowed suf- ficient time for some un-hurried parent- son chats before the parents had to leave for home again, carrying with them- selves a better idea of Notre Dame stu- dent life and where the money goes. French cuisine in the dining hall, su-u-u-re there is! And to your left you see I 4. -. ' % .. v roua (f koat tk( uecir J On a sunny Sunday in October, 50,000 people were entertained by Bob Hope, Jerry Colona, Gloria deHaven, Terry Moore and Les Brown and his orchestra. The extravaganza helped publicize the newly formed Studebaker-Packard Cor- poration. Margaret Webster, noted director, ac- tress, author and lecturer appeared in Washington Hall on the night of Oct. 19, as the first offering in the Univer- sity ' s concert and Lecture Series. Miss Webster did readings from " The Trojan Women " . A brief stopover in South Bend by the fabulous Harlem Globetrotters gave many campus and local residents a first- hand look at the world ' s most fantastic basketball team. Some fine perform- ances on the trampoline, in juggling, and in ping-pong relieved the usual half- time boredom. mcinu J p f- er-ormerA For two hours one November evening, the fieldhouse echoed with the distinc- tive strains of the Sauter-Finegan Or- chestra and the appreciative applause of the students, who got top-flight enter- tainment at rock-bottom prices. The Swedish Olympic Gymnastic Team turned in such a fine performance last year that they were assured of a fine turnout this year. The inclusion of the women ' s team in the troupe further guaranteed a delightful evening for the spectators. 227 eciherA A program of semi-classical music pro- vided the entertainment at a February presentation of the Concert and Lecture Series. Mishel Piastre directed the fa- mous Longine Symphonette in a pro- gram including selections like " Valse Triste " , " The White Peacock " , and the " Emperor Waltz " . A conference on American participation and objectives in the International La- bor Organization brought to the campus educators from six midwestern states for meetings with Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell and other labor officials. For the sixth straight year, the Notre Dame Concert and Lecture Series was fortunate enough to obtain the services of the Juilliard String Quartet. This quartet is the most widely recognize d string quartet in the United States. 228 ame. Players Incorporated of Washington, D. C., staged a successful four day stand in mid-January. There were two per- formances each of Moliere ' s " The Would-Be Gentleman " and Shakes- peare ' s " Julius Caesar " . Ballet made a successful invasion of the Notre Dame cultural scene on March 25. The International Repertory Ballet company presented four of their most popular numbers: " Les Sylphides " , the Spanish " Pas de Deux " from " Don Quixote " , " L ' Amor Au Musee " , and " Nutcracker Suite " . 229 7- f 7 i L i distance from rarley to Brisker u approximately fifteen - hundred and sixty steps. J or the rreshmen . . . it takes l-our f ti long years . . . _ or the Senior . . . four short years. Jne living . . . the laughing . . . the praying together is a lesson learned more easily ou Some than ou others . . . out ft to all a lesson past value. ence 230 231 " Father Murphy ' s Madhouse " . . . home away from home for 318 freshmen ... a very well- furnished rec room and a large study (?) room . . . basement serves as the office space of the Scholastic, Dome and Juggler . . . guards the northeast corner of ND ' s campus . . . completed in 1947 . . . has distinction of having been rectored by eight different priests ... a bus stop right at the back door. . . . All ' s well in Farley except that the dining hall is nine hundred and fifty-six giant steps southwest. Anyone for the dining hall? Rev. Michael Murphy, C.S.C. (Rector) First Row: T. Moore, H. McGuire, R. Kohler, R. Saccone, J. Mack, J. O ' Grady, D. Immonen, K. Heinemann, J. Huber, P. Smith. Second Row: A. Rimkus, D. Zurlo, J. Choby, T. Eisenhauer, L. Hendrick, J. Manganaro, T. Corcoran, G. Kervin, R. Pinter, C. Kozlowski. Third Row: R. Mette, D. Lament, R. Daley, J. Hirshfeld, J. Ream, J. Sims, J. Butcofski, P. Pugliese, R. Brzezinski, S. Bert. Fourth Row: J. Hough, R. Johnson, J. Revord, R. Gushing, C. Fiss, F. Genovese, J. Winterholler, R. Meyer, J. Tully, J. Eaton. (almost) off-campus men- First Row: I. Avarez, G. Knauf, F. Pa- terno, T. Lagonia, F. Leahy, G. Cooper, J. Mertes, D. Hoodecheck, R. Carvalho. Second. Row: T. Cook, S. Lorens, N. Langdon, J. Marston, J. Broeker, C. Mc- Gill, T. King, D. Kubal, F. Feigl. Third Row: J. Keough, D. Leroux, T. Hinger, K. Smith, C. Healy, B. Jungles, E. Laydon, L. Pozelnik, H. Plunkett. Fourth Row: W. Ahern, R. Murphy, R. Moran, R. Early, B. Cooper, B. Blacho- witz, A. Valdez, F. Piasio, B. Jennings. (almost) off -campus men- First Row: L. Donovan, T. Orange, J. Shepherd, J. Saletta, D. Lyne, R. Probst, R. Monaghan, J. McLeod, E. Monnelly, J. Feller. Second Row: D. Moll, T. O ' Haire, J. Armstrong, P. Robertson, T. O ' Brien, J. Crowley, P. Reilly, T. O ' Regan, J. Burns, J. Fischer. Third Row: J. Reiss, J. Scotkovsky, D. Baker, G. Sauer, J. Macksood, W. Loet- sher, J. Metz, R. Micek, P. Majerus, G. Leyval. Fourth Row: R. Georgitso, J. Gazzale, J. Dailey, M. Parker, T. Forster, D. Keating, R. Devine, G. Pogue, G. Shank, J. Engels. First Row: B. Pellegrino, S. Tyler, F. Cannata, J. Indiveri, P. DeVito ' , J. Moineau, D. Faley, G. Connolly, R. Wil- liams, J. Dunn. Second Row : E. Kelle, G. Liddle, B. Mc- Donald, B. Moretti, M. Kominiark, N. Karagan, R. Carlin, J. Adams, G. Roz- gonvi, J. Smith. Third Row: C. Day, J. Hribar, T. Am- berg, T. Erbs, J. Ahearn, J. Bernard, D. Albars, D. Adams, D. Cowdrill, T. Pezzuti. Fourth Row: W. Johnson, J. Powers, D. Filipi, A. Capetta, J. Nigbor, W. Smithe, C. Reardon, J. Heimoski, R. Murray, E. Buckley. (almost) off-campus men- First Row: D. Feit, J. Roche, R. Ryan, R. Barnas, M. Benchoff, J. McNally, C. Sloan, J. Marshall, M. Shannon, J. Brady. Second Row: U. Gradel, E. Hourigan, W. Donnelly, B. Gulley, R. Jebavy, J. Hebert, J. Moreland, G. Genovese, S. Mc- Keever, J. Bond. Third Row: W. Sennott, A. Weinsheimer, W. Hutchison, K. Trudeau, R. Caiola, J. Clair, H. Schmidt, D. McNutt, B. Payne, B. Purcall. Fourth Row: G. Pastula, J. Murray, L. Murphy, H. Bretting, V. Hohl, B. Weitzel, T. Bopp, D. Mitchell, C. Bevecfnae, J. Bottiglione. (almost) off-campus men- First Row: D. McNeil l, K. Reilly, R. Shannon, M. Forgarty, W. Fanning, T. Dwyer, D. Reilly, D. Hoodcheck. Second Row: J. Blanchat, J. Lee, T. Walsh, J. Dodge, P. Heffernan, W. Huur- man, J. Glavin, C. Huninghake, J. Arnold, F. Booth. Third Row : J. Burke, W. Rachac, J. Mc- Donald, E. Austin, W. Ginder, W. Moore, W. Kisling, B. Cahill, H. Mott, C. Schnetzer. Fourth Row: C. Bastien, I. Alvarez, D. Gagnon, J. Ryan, L. Kletzly, T. Martin, B. Lenar, J. Doyle. Zahm ' s breakfast clubbers hit the " Huddle " Rev. Paul Fryberger, C.S.C. (Rector). Named for John A. Zahm, C.S.C. . . . home of 350 freshmen, overseen by Father Paul Fryberger . . . another member of the " freshman quad, " which carries the dubious distinction of being a step away from ND ' s infirmary . . . also close to the Huddle and rec hall, undoubtedly a reason for some " pink slips " . . . sometimes known for its " after-lights " capers . . . study lounge and TV room, Zahm ' s pride and joy . . . for the residents, a very suitable " home under the Dome. " First Row: G. Goetemann, R. Porst, R. Parnell, J. Harris, F. Mondria, T. Far- rell, R. Kwak, J. Simonelli, P. Volante, J. Marino. Second Roiv: A. Aman, R. Alley, W Sturgis, G. Wells, F. Swift, S. Sweeney, B. McCarthy, C. Lima, H. Trapp, D. Wright. Third Row: H. Kelly, R. Hopkins, B. Thompson, C. Rath, M. Solomito, A. Chagnon, B. McGowan, D. Harris, B. Schreiner, J. Dohrenwend. Fourth Roiv: J. Irwin, P. Murphy, J Finnie, J. Donnelly, T. Lazor, L. Loewen- stme, W. Schneble, D. Crowley, H. Kuhn, J. Rutten. -The Zahm-boys- First Row: T. Cote, B. Huetz, P. Philbin, N. O ' Bryan, C. Lenzo, M. Carroll, R. Eldred, G. Kilduff, F. Murphy, R. Kolady. Second Row: V. Wehby, D. Woll, J. Armaly, J. Ferrone, M. Bradley, B. Quinn, W. Robertson, L. Pelton, D. Gor- don, J. Fitzgerald. Third Row: A. Roule, G. Weismantel, J. France, R. Walker, W. Murphy, E. Potash, F. Herzog, G. Sheldon, B. Mc- Laughlin, J. Flynn. Fourth Row: G. Durenberger, M. Glea- son, J. Nolan, D. Ayers, A. Lewis, S. Brewer, D. Breuner, S. Farrell, D. Zonies, J. Wood. The Zahm-boys- First Row: D. O ' Sullivan, R. Kubicki, B. Sweeney, P. Swanda, J. Poley, R. Norris, R. Simons, R. Loeffler, J. Birk, J. MacDonald. Second Row: R. Meyer, A. Soltys, P. Rauen, J. Voit, E. Conroy, E. Meell, J. Temmel, T. Sabo, C. Wood, L. Joseph, R. Murphy. Third Row: B. McGivern, P. Oskar, M. Lorch, W. Joncas, E. Langer, J. McNabb, L. Shearon, T. Lynch, D. Larivee, L. Solomon, J. Steinthal, J. Feeney. Fourth Row: J. Hetreed, R. Sweetman. S. Joseph, J. Simon, A. Sullivan, W. Ba- ker, R. Dudek, S. Barrett, J. Dunham, R. Bottum, J. Soderberg, D. Debrosse, J. Dames, J. Steurer. The Zahm-boys- First Row: J. Spruce, R. Graff, D. Well- ing, R. Prairie, G. Cooper, A. Clark, W. Warren, M. Fox, M. Letscher, P. Manuel. Second Row : R. Tougas, F. Tegetoffs, G. Whitehead, R. Whearty, P. Treckman, H. Lauerman, J. Mallory, P. Doherty, J. O ' Connor, V. Voci. Third Row: J. Rascher, P. Tierney, B. Woods, W. LeMire, J. Goggins, C. Kilb, E. Walsh, R. Schmitt, T. Bartley, A. Carnazola. Fourth Roiv : C. Raymo, J. Tiberi, M. Gleason, C. Morris, J. Eddy, J. Golonka, A. Lopie, M. Laska, D. VanDtke, G. Galliger. The bus shelter. First Row: G. Salem, H. Zang, J. Russo, L. Sheffer, G. Glasgow, E. Cuddihy, E. Linn, G. Feeley, L. Todd, J. Stein. Second Row : R. McGovern, H. Hickey, R. House, J. McDonough, J. Picken, J. Goethals, F. Maloney, W. S canlon, R. Slota, J. Howard. Third Row: P. Over, J. Steczynski, J. Breidenstein, R. Wojcik, A. Mason, J. Heckard, E. Maher, L. Passarella, M. Allen, F. McGraw. Fourth Roiv: G. Burns, T. Wolohan, V. Mullins, S. Nigro, G. McCabe, P. Coffey, E. Kallman, J. Amann, N. Sweeney, L. Ehrman. -The Zahm-boys- 237 f j otre ' ame man. wi ,1 . II. In ni6 buddies O.K., so he didn ' t get you a date ! The room, the ND man ' s palace ... a pic- ture of his favorite girl on the desk; maybe two or three for the aggressive one . . . lights out at eleven o ' clock ; bull sessions ' til twelve or later . . . your " roomie, " at first a drip, but finally the best guy you ' ve ever known . . . bells twice an hour, making an afternoon nap difficult . . . for the underclassmen, the location for pillow fights, wrestling, study, and an occasional card game; for the senior, a place to relax, study, relax, talk about the future, and relax ... all in all, the only spot on campus where study, laughter, discussion, and sleep can settle everything. The motto : Art for Art ' s sake. Come to college to get an education, son? 238 Have a look at the morning-checked sport shoes. Been in style long? All that goes out must come in. Another member of ND ' s " freshman quad " . . . only frosh hall to win honors in the homecoming decorations contest . . . too close to the Huddle for the good of the occupants ' wallets; too far from the dining hall for the welfare of their feet . . . rectored by Father John Van Wolvlear, whose door is always open . . . something which the 331 freshmen constantly recognize . . . named for Rev. John W. Cavanaugh, c.s.c., president, 1905-1912 ... a hall where bull sessions, recreation, toil and prayer combine to create a congenial atmosphere. Rev. John Van Wolvlear, C.S.C. (Rector). r -The Cav-men- First Row: J. Martinsek, D. Landry, R. Studer, L. Hankes, C. Vaughan, R. Durand, J. Foran, J. Krauss, J. Ellam. Second Row: F. Heinze, W. Chesson, A. Vera-Gonzalez, R. Coyne, G. Mitchell, F. Thon, R. Siwik, E. Broderick. Third Row : J. Klemmer, F. Manzo, J. Higgins, W. Keenan, T. Hagerty, J. Zure- wieh, M. Voeller, R. Demers, T. O ' Brien, W. Werner. Fourth Row: C. Lajcak, J. Lieske, R. O ' Brien, J. Gonzales, J. Ventwick, J. Rosenthal, S. Litzenberger, W. O ' Keefe, T. Conway, P. Kiley. First Row: P. Kanchier, M. Gregory, T. Schork, G. Corkerey, T. Mark, J. Castello, K. Sullivan, T. Swiatowski, B. Kolopus, D. Nissen. Second Row: T. Meirink, P. O ' Connor, J. Kneuer, J. Lenox, E. Fournais, B. Swis- son, J. Crowley, S. Wertheimer, B. Duffy, M. McCarthy. Third Row: D. Janda, C. McDermott, P. Keizer C. Shane, S. Schindler, J. Shanahan, R. Farmer, B. Haeuser, D. Considine, T. O ' Toole. Fourth Row: D. Zabolio, F. Kenny, R. Bonadonna, M. Cleary, F. Grygiel, M. Westervelt, J. Kearns, D. Ninneman, B. Carry, J. Mantey. -The Cav-men- First Row: T. Crowe, B. Mack, M. Her- man, B. Guinan, E. Nash, B. Huot, J. McCrank. Second Row: G. Triano, D. Willson, J. Madden, J. Dooley, G. Ho, L. Tanaka, T. Keogh, D. Waltz. Third Row: M. Ochoa, B. McKee, P. Hogan, D. Rizer, C. McDonald, J. Laugh- lin, J. Bacus, E. Morris. Fourth Row: B. Houlihan, D. Meagher. D. McShane, J. McCorry, B. Leninger, J. Martin, M. Madden, R. Linnan. -The Cav-men- First Row: J. Ri ley, E. Miller, J. Lee, B. Bourne, A. Fransen, J. Slater, D. Urian, T. Maloney, J. Mulvihill, J. Cullen. Second Row: F. Holzl, E. Obermiller, D. Thomas, D. Zeifang, J. Moran, R. Davis, E. Sukiasian, J. Dwyer, T. Ma- loney. Third Row: J. Oenbink, J. King, W. Newell, J. de los Heros, H. Pollard, J. Engleheart, J. Kennedy, R. O ' Donnell, B. Frommeyer. -The Cav-men- First Row : D. Mozser, J. Killian, J. Ansbro, D. Riegel, D. Murphy, J. Mc- Laughlin, B. Plickys, B. Dwyer, T. Hig- gins, R. Weirs. Second Row: S. Wegrzynowicz, J. Reedy, P. Manley, J. Gagliardi, M. Cantwell, J. Carney, J. Clifford, B. Deeb, T. Kaiser, F. McCann. Third Row: D. Musich, J. McGinley, P. Madden, G. Gonzales, J. Pawol, R. Koontz, J. Brennen, F. Guarnieri, G. Bernat, T. Hasara. Fourth Roiv : T. Mooney, B. Spahn, J. Burns, M. Phillips, D. Marr, J. Keyes, J. Gaulrapp, L. Hinderscheid, J. Mc- Gilvray, P. Oberhauser. Erected in 1939 ... 67 yards closer to the dining hall than its arch-rival, Farley . . . home of the athletic department and the coaches . . . comfort- able and convenient study hall . . . the best pillow fights on campus . . . Father Bernard, the busy rector . . . advantages include the semi-private tennis courts and the Farley-Breen Phillips mud bowl in front of the biology building . . . com- monly known as B-P . . . for 300 first year men, a place to grow spiritually, intellectually, and physically in the true tradition of Notre Dame. Rev. George Bernard, C.S.C. (Rector) The B-P men- First Row: J. Mullen, E. Schuebert, J. Cingolani, P. Brothers, H. Murphy, A. Antonia, R. Millman, A. Hilberth, J. Schuebert. Second Row: P. Kittredge, T. Shea, A. Aimone, L. Syron, B. deNourie, D. Cor- bett, K. Warsh, J. Schaefer, D. McMaster. Third Row: R. Deely, F. Paluska, E. Ryan, J. Rossi, C. Speth, J. Behme, L. Bergin, F. Friedhoff, C. Streicher, J. Arseneault. First Row: W. Sherman, R. Palm, H. Blanton, J. Pearson, J. Bair, K. Wangen- seller, J. Larkin, L. Grimmig, J. Esch, W. Sebastian, J. Smith. Second Row: M. Malkmus, H. DiRuscio, E. Shalhoub, L. Boll, J. Barthel, J. Romeo, J. Henzel, J. McGuire, F. Dasek, L. Bar- barisi. Third Row: G. Fisher, T. Dillon, F. Kreusch, J. Law, J. McNamara, F. Ocz- kowski, G. Maurer, J. Trino, T. Ley, J. Crilly. Fourth Row: A. Fees, J. Kehoe, R. Dwane, C. Moore, A. Eck, C. O ' Brien, D. Langhans, T. Lanwehr, A. Speranza, J. Calendine. The B-P men- First Row: D. Shulsen, A. McGervey, J. Land, R. Prindiville, R. McHale, W. Sig- ler, A. Van Besien, A. Hetzelt, G. Oser, J. Parks. Second Row: R. Anspach, W. Lynch. J. Callahan, G. Van Kula, E. Day, C. Boz- nanski, J. Dewes, F. Crumley, J. D ' Ela, W. Stahl. Third Row: M. Walsh, P. Cayer, E. Bauer, C. Bride, D. McDonald, R. Rogers, J. Walsh, R. Schoeneman, R. Adymy, D. Jenkins. Fourth Row: J. Linehan, F. Erenfeld, E. O ' Neil, R. Missel, E. Shadd, R. Outer, V. Gazzani, G. Hernandez, J. Waldron, W. Pietrusiak. The B-P men- First Row: R. Devine, J. McCarthy, E. lanni, C. Hahn, W. Walsh, J. Bisignano, F. Smith, R. Puntureri, G. Holm, C. Otero. Second Row: J. Accardo, F. Smurlo, W. Degnan, J. Pfefferle, R. Massman, J. Tatigian, D. Link, D. Michaux, M. Mathews, R. Eaton. Third Row: R. Mitchell, R. Wasko, W. Kirwan, M. McDermott, J. Mandlehr, R. Likar, J. Ward, R. Nemechek, V. Dillon, L. Murphy. Fourth Row: R. Martinello, M. Zuccaro, J. Wilhelm, R. Babcock, P. Healy, J. Berchem, F. Broestl, G. McKenna, G. Winters, E. West. -The B-P men- First Row: M. Powers, G. Barber, T. McCarthy, V. Brodeur, R. Moran, C. Sarphie, J. Steintrager, A. Case, C. Aita. Second Row: J. McFadden, B. Gessner, W. Farmer, R. DiCamillo, J. McCarthy, W. McGhee, J. Brennan, J. Flanagan, J. McMahon, W. Lynch. Third Row: T. Ball, R. Hammond, T. Fogarty, R. Forsberg, D. McMahon, F. Hurley, G. Oess, J. Hogan, J. Healy, G. Zink. Fourth Row: R. DeMatteo, W. Griffin, L. Walsh, F. DiRienzo, G. Meyer, M. Fitzpatrick, J. Gill, J. Clark, J. Walker, R. Williams. concerns . . " The food ' s no good " . . . " What ' s more, you have to stand in a line ten miles long to get it " . . . " Speaking of lines, there were twenty guys ahead of me in the barber shop this morning " . . . " One of these days Badin Hall is going to collapse " . . . " Yeah, but at least you don ' t have to take a bus to get to the dining hall " . . . " Speaking of busses, if the rate goes any higher, I ' ll rent a car and get a chauffeur " . . . " And then there ' s the weather; what a joke " . . . " Yeah, one day it ' s fifty and the next day you ' re an icicle " . . . " My gripe is " Left : Go ahead coward, try it. Bottom left: The lines form at Charlie ' s Hamburger Haven. Bottom right: No lines, just mass confusion. MODERN LIBRARY r Top : Simultaneous reaction . . . Top right: ... to the 6:30 A.M. bell. Middle right: The troops ' answer for no " Tom-and Jerry " cartoon at Washington Hall. Bottom right : Take the high ground. CLASS OFFICERS: Charles Schaffler (treas.), Tom Herrmann (sec.), Bob Marr (v. pres.), Tom Hagerty (pres.). HALL PRESIDENTS: Gerald Hayes (Breen -Phillips), Richard Coyne (Cava- naugh), Ernest Kallman (Zahm), Robert Moretti (Farley). 246 omore ta lives CLASS OFFICERS: Jack O ' Drobinak (treas.), Frank Pedace (pres.), John Slevin (sec.), Charles Grace (v. pres.). HALL PRESIDENTS: Roger Bennett (St. Edwards), John Reardon (Morrissey), Mike Burke (Howard), Al Mooney (Lyons). 247 .. . - ' S .i ' " The Lyons ' Den " ... a member of the " gold coast " trio with Morrissey and Howard ... an unusual basement chapel . . . the famous arch- way, with its scenic peek at St. Mary ' s lake . . . always high in intramurals, probably a result of the proximity of the muscle building house, the " Rock " . . . also a result of sprints which are necessary to reach the class buildings, ten minutes away . . . built in 1927 and named for Professor James A. Lyons . . . winner of the Homecoming decorations contest . . . the residence of Father Hager and his 234 ND sophomores. ' 1 Rev. Carl Hager, C.S.C. (Rector) -The den-dwellers- First Row: R. Sables, M. Collins, R. Dunseath, S. Merra. Second Row: P. Logan, J. Irving, J. Safko, P. Kerwin, M. Halloran, T. Kil- bride, J. Nizick. Third Row : C, Skiff, P. Heer, R. Herman, J. Murphy, R. Fruin, G. Reaux, J. Hilton, J. Glenski. Fourth Row: R. Pleus, R. Maier, W. Braun, N. Conlon, D. Renier, W. Reeve, J. Scriba, M. Sardi, W. Brandon. First Row: R. Kasaback, M. Brady, M. Howard, J. Bure, A. Staniszewski. Second Row: P. O ' Connor, P. Flattery, T. O ' Brien, J. Minard, R. Eagen, A. Lon, T. Welch. Third Row: J. Marley, J. Rusch, R. Derbas, G. Trafficana, 0. Maione, D. Feldman, J. Crutcher. Fourth Row: J. Feeley, J. Cusack, J. Brockschalger, M. Tierney, J. Porter, J. Klein, D. Sullivan, F. Pedace. The den-dwellers- First Row: A. Mooney, T. Guilfoile, J. Crano, J. Reichert, A. Yurchak. Second Row: W. Lennon, D. Klocke, T. Rush, R. Michaud, G. Shepherd, T. She- han, E. Jones. Third Row: R. Lescher, P. Krapp, L. Glover, J. Jorling, T. Hilligan, A. John- son, A. Garfinkle, J. Hornbach, J. Slevin. Fourth Row: E. Lynch, J. McLaughlin, F. Kelly, K. Borokvec, P. Kavanah, E. Pistey, R. Branick, J. Smith, E. Rivas. The den-dwellers- First Row: E. Malloy, D. Kriegshauser G. Strake, J. Slawik. Second Row: J. Lucy, T. Jewel, J. Moyna- han, L. Barnet, T. Laboe, D. Kolodzirj, K. Rashid. Third Row: M. Watson, D. Lewis, T. Doyle, J. Smith, J. Reich. The den-dwellers- First Row: R. Duffy, R. Griffin, T. Her- man, J. Deibig, J. Hogue. Second Row: T. Schriber, H. Barkley B McKaig, P. Harvey, J. Murray, E. Mc- Crory, E. Thompson, E. Raque. Third Row: N. Bishton, R. Black, S. Richardson, L. Bosco, F. Nadolni, M. Hicks, J. Beggan, A. Gustanis. Fourth Row: C. Conway, J. Hannigan, W Gerado, R. Walsh, G. Grier, D. Mraz, J. beidensticker, R. Kopituc. r r Built around the " nothing " known as the arch . . . the eldest member of the " Gold Coast " . . . first floor of north wing, the haven for Franciscan and Holy Cross fathers . . . just across the " Quad, " ND ' s answer to Mom ' s home cooking . . . rumors spreading that Howard will attempt to charge a toll tax for the use of their arch (idea of its com- merce men) . . . Father Harris, the rector . . . Howard sunbathers utilize their flat roofs on the day or two the sun shines . . . with its friendly atti- tude and central location, an ideal place for 200 sophomores. Rev. Charles Harris, C.S.C. (Rector). -The Arch-ers- First Row: R. Donovan, R. Schuller, A. Biagi, H. Riband, L. Stauder, A. Johnson. Second Row: R. Orner, B. Romeo, J. Fitz- gerald, G. Rotterman, J. O ' Neale, W. Howard, W. Decker. Third Row: L. Hammel, M. Glynn, R. Galle, J. Cullinan, R. Kaniewski, M. Payer, J. Quinn, L. Elsey, D. McBriar. Fourth Row: J. Robinson, W. Grogan, J. Zielinski, W. Holland, J. Gallagher, E. Weinmann, G. Snyder, J. Noland, E. Burns. First Row: P. Snyder, R. Leitten, W. Jolly, T. Riley, A. Wiederkehr, R. Fox. Second Roiv: C. Hickman, D. Timm, F. Murphy, J. Morrison, G. Dever, D. Hays, J. Fluhr, J. Augsdorfer, T. Fortune. Third Row: J. Daiber, J. Michno, W. Hummel, R. Moran, J. Durbin, T. Clifton, G. Buckley, R. Kenney, R. Hogan. Fourth Row: J. McCarthy, D. Novak, J. Kirchner, J. Kuhn, R. O ' Neil, T. Reifen- heiser, J. Gharst, J. McDonnell, T. Hig- gins, R. Bogg. -The Arch-ers- First Row: N. Grasberger, T. Byrne, R. Dooley, F. McBride, M. Catanzaro, W. Sullivan. Second Row: R. Weiner, R. Cunningham, W. Davidson, D. Machenberg, D. O ' Con- nell, P. Williamson, E. Coale. Third Row: R. DeBellis, R. Jurman, J. McMahon, T. Mulcahy, R. Bergin, R. Szucs, P. Johns, J. Sullivan, J. Treck- man, C. Shockley. Fourth Row : J. Soucy, M. Gschwind, B. Ross, J. D ' Arcy, K. Woodward, T. O ' Mal- ley. R. Williams, D. Miller, D. Rimlinger, J. Louis. -The Arch-ers- First Row: R. Premo, M. Clowdsley, M. Wey, M. Boyle. Second Row: F. Fischer, C. Doherty, P. Bornhofen, J. Bolger, W. Schlich, D. Calcagnini. Third Row: M. Catanzaro, R. Lloyd, C. Stapf, B. Corona, G. Doutlas, R. Galla, E. Gordon. Fourth Row: D. Breitenstein, M. Burke, B. Dunne, J. Meagher, W. McBride, T. Pendergast, L. Vetter. mJ recreation All the athletes aren ' t varsity men . . . for some, a game of touch football at the phy ed field ... " A game of handball at the Rock? " . . . basketball, a perennial favorite . . . Badin Bog and bogball are gone, a victim of the modern shopping center under construc- tion ... on a warm spring day, the com- merce men take to the golf course . . . good swimming at St. Joe Lake . . . Chicagoans and their sixteen-inch softball . . . Father Baldwin ' s fishing rodeo . . . finally, " hitting the sack " the only sport for up-to-date seniors. Whose side is he on ? Sorinites ' Saturday morning pep rally an old tradition 252 ; if ill i ! : Actually, it ' s held there by wires. Getting in some pas- ture-pool practice. Meanwhile, back at the oasis . Practicing for the new TV station. Central member of the sophomore " Gold Coast " . . . Some call it lopsided, with the unmatched door and tower; Morrissey men call it artistic . . . only hall with five stories . . . the fireless fireplace and its oak-panelled lobby ideal for dates, sleeping, and bull sessions . . . the anchor of the northwest end of the campus and a brisk eight minutes ' walk from the class buildings on ND ' s eastern side . . . built in 1927 . . . Residents are Father Boarman, the rector, and his 383 sophs. Rev. Glenn Boarman, C.S.C. (Rector). -The Mor-men- First Row: R. Murray, J. Reistroffer, R. Kauffman, D. Young, J. Winner, G. Muhl- herr, E. Healy, M. Harper. Second Row: J. Madden, R. Brennen, R. Lightner, W. McGowan, D. Stuhldreher, T. Haley, J. Casey, A. Price. Third Row : M. Hayes, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Kiefer, T. Brenner, G. Bechert, R. Witt, J. Roster. Fourth Row: J. Morton, J. Keck, J. Rose, F. Reilly, L. Ayotte, B. Desmond, F. Aschenbrenner. First Row: J. McNellis, L. Hennessey, D. Gayhardt, T. Ryan, M. Karr, J. Bren- nan, G. Fick, W. Tolle, J. Graves, F. Cooke. Second Row: D. Kerseg, W. Fortune, F. Hottenroth, P. Bradford, D. Beatty, G. Farmer, G. Goodrich, J. Fitzgerald, D. Flinn, P. Abbott. Third Row: R. Miller, G. McAndrews, J. Saxer, W. Fraser, L. Brown, J. Heine- man, W. Goul, W. Jacquemain. Fourth Row: J. Quinn, G. Hall, T. Better- ton, F. Gorkill, L. Haitmanek, H. Heyl, A. McMurtrie, T. Fenton, J. Weber. -The Mor-men- First Row: D. McKay, T. Cohan, D. Manelli, J. Canny, R. Miller, J. Pruss, D. Adrian, E. Spinosa, E. Fechtel, P. Leitzinger. Second Row: E. Toole, D. Hower, E. Ayers, J. Kennedy, J. Caster, J. Chiaro, T. Gunning, W. Heller. Third Row: M. Connelly, N. Krauss, G. Yurgealitis, S. Woody, P. Pickett, J. Valaik, J. Heneghan, R. Barry. Fourth Roiv: J. Aikman, J. Smith, J. Termini, T. McMurtry, F. D ' Amore, C. Bona, W. Fortune, G. McAndrews, H. Murphy. -The Mor-men- First Row: P. Tritschler, D. Plum, D. Shafer, B. Brett, J. Cesario, W. Koza, G. Jones, J. Moloney, M. Olinger, J. Coughlin. Second Row : T. Grimmer, J. Murphy, J. Chestnut, M. Munk, D. Haney, A. Kiddoo, G. Vitztum, J. Herring. Third Row: J. Reardon, J. Hawn, T. Kane, F. Salas, D. Streit, J. Wigman, F. Wagner, F. Abel. Fourth Row: E. Keenan, C. Colligan, R. Woods, J. Cogan, C. Koehler, F. Maslan- kowski, J. Purcell, M. Nicholson, B. Cueny. i . : Rev. Thomas McDonagh, C.S.C. (Rector). The eighth wonder of the world . . . oldest residence hall, built in 1882 . . . standing only through the efforts of the interlocking ivy on its eastern wall . . . 141 sophomores call it home; other people call it other things ... A spirit of friendliness and joviality makes the rector ' s job easy for Father Thomas McDonagh . . . champion of the eastern division in intramural football . . . located on northern edge of campus close to rec hall, movies, the Huddle, and classrooms but far, far away from the dining hall . . . According to inhab- itants, this distance stretches to five miles on cold February mornings . . . still, a most important part of Notre Dame and its traditions. Just getting the facts, that ' s all. 256 .Palace-dwellers First Row: R. Roth, D. Beggy, J. Robin- son, T. Corrigan, M. McTighe, D. Nav- alance, M. Bello, G. Sinnaeve. Second Row: T. Dieter, L. Bedford, R. Pieser, J. Sullivan, R. Bennett, J. Mary- anski, J. Dodge, J. Rowlands, A. Schilly. Third Row: J. Bedan, F. Brophy, T. Mulcahy, H. Smith, C. Hesse, D. Masini, R. Mockenhaupt, P. Boll. The Rockne Memorial. First Row: W. Pritchard, P. Lynch, R. DesRosiers, T. Fordyce, J. Sheedy, T. Sexton, A. Dant, J. Harrington, W. Mc- Clarnon. Second Row : J. Rohs, R. Moorman, M. Weis, H. O ' Donnell, M. McGahey, G. Mojzisek, T. Judge, J. Ullrich, D. Barr. Third Row: G. Hussey, E. Lopez, A. Pataracchia, P. Tannian, R. St. Clair, D. Hand, R. Gorman, D. Richards. -Palace-divellers. 257 k i6 Except for the big dances, informal social life is prevalent . . . numerous mixers at the Student Center for the unacquainted to forsake their lonely life . . . the Sunday afternoon bridge parties in various St. Mary ' s parlors ... an occasional meeting after the pep rallies and football games. . . . The Philadelphia, melting pot for South Bend and Notre Dame . . . the lucky guy who is visited by the girl back home ... a pleasant conversation in the Student Center . . . those Saturday night dances, just the thing to break the study routine . . . for sure, a social life geared to the various temperaments and desires of ND men. Clean bucks and courtesy . . . . . . for a Saturday night Victory Dance. Freshman lawn-lovers on a Sunday afternoon. Out to make an impression The afterglow of a pep rally. Check the guys looking at the camera Bears the name of the Rev. Patrick Dillon, c.s.c., ND ' s president in 1865 and 1866 . . . also referred to as " the Big House " (capacity: 439 full-grown juniors) . . . largest dorm on any Catholic college campus in the United States . . . medieval archi- tectural style holds sway . . . Shrine of St. Olaf is students ' memorial to Knute Rockne . . . " The Warden, " Father Lawrence Broestl ... a com- plaint: noisy hordes from Alumni Hall, immedi- ately to the east, use first floor corridor as pas- sageway to dining hall, immediately to the west . . . working on the principle of " the more, the merrier, " a terrific hall. Rev. Lawrence Broestl, c.s.c. (Rector). -Dillonites First Row: J. Windolph, P. Snyder, B. DelBello, J. Smith, G. Krembs, P. Blatt, G. Dervin. Second Row: R. Faley, R. Bredahl, H. Kalbas, M. Hinkle, W. Gill, R. Galorneau, C. Reitze, R. Luckett. Third Row: J. Gschwind, D. Thompson, G. Spaeth, M. Kyle, M. Luberto, G. Ropers, W. Wolf, G. Broussard, S. Jurman. Fourth Row: R. Bechamps, M. Saviano, W. Stotzer, A. Biermann, K. Buck, E. Sexauer, R. Scalise, A. Bustamante, T. Brenner, J. Houk. First Row: W. Gorham, J. Smith, J. Winslow, P. LaPointe, W. Hawk, D. Mc- Laughlin, R. Eichelman. Secotid Row: E. Spengeman, J. Nevin, T. Mullarkey, M. Mullarkey, J. Hogan, J. Mason, R. Everman, R. Tonti. Third Row: A. Agarwala, D. White, J. Gueguen, K. Andre, P. Patton, D. Tracy, B. Kosse, J. Deasy, T. Powers, W. Weber, K. Davis, J. Rountree. Fourth Row: F. Reznick, J. McClay, C. Beer, J. Kelly, R. Jastrab, T. Driscoll, W. Barren, L. Conley, C. Taylor, F. Fagan. Dillonites First Row: D. Donius, B. Henseler, R. Huebner, R. Bartsch, F. Aranguren, T. Murphy, N. Dytrych. Second Row: T. Obenchain, D. Liddy, W. House, L. Kraemer, S. Glorioso, O. Laible, M. Cans. Third Row: W. Burke, J. Gwinner, B. Broderick, A. Boraczek, S. Muzilla, E. Rechner, C. Mitchell, R. Dowd, W. Fox. Fourth Row: D. Rieger, P. House, C. Berlin, H. Vergara, G. Gallant, G. Kenny, J. Milas, F. Kittredge, L. Giordano, J. Dihallo. Dillonites First Row: W. Ward, H. Kirkendall, F. Brinskelle, R. Terlizzi, J. Flores, C. Crow- ley, T. Hubbard, J. O ' Connor. Second Row: R. Papay, R. Simkins, J. Henderson, J. Donnelly, T. Adams, T. West, N. Weber, R. Carroll. Third Roiv : A. DeJongh, B. Arends, C. O ' Neill, J. Olin, D. Berry, F. Cappellino, R. Snyder, V. Eilers, F. Tardio. Fourth Row: J. Schaefer, J. Ryan, R. Lynch, F. Christian, M. Durr, D. Ker- shisnik, T. Kershisnik, S. Tyler, I. Smith. Dillonites First Row: N. Schmelzer, T. Kennell, W. Garvey, C. Meagher, P. Bomnert, C. Eckl, L. Daly. Second Row: J. Donnelly, R. Colzani, D. Wentling, A. Szewczyk, D. Carroll, R. Minck, J. Hewitt, J. Blackman. Third Row: P. Veesart, E. Hildebrandt, H. O ' Bryan, R. Guthrie, M. Mulrooney, J. Snyder, F. Oswald, D. Gothard, J. Fay. Fourth Row: P. Lapeyre, P. Gerace, R. Farrow, M. Home, D. Iwinski, T. Claus- sen, G. Dailey, J. Gaido, D. Tadrowski, R. Schade. The only reviewing stand on campus Sorin ' s famous front porch. Rev. Thomas Cady, c.s.c. (Rector). Constructed in 1888 and named for Notre Dame ' s founder, Father Edward Sorin . . . first Catholic college residence hall with private rooms . . . the hall with the " tradition and rats, " according to 168 Sorinites . . . capably governed by its rector, Father Thomas Cady . . . only complaint: the bells of Sacred Heart Church have provoked the thought that Sorin will crumble from the powerful vibrations . . . the Sorin porch, only permanent reviewing stand on campus and the sight of spirited Sorin pep rallies on Saturday mornings of home football games . . . above all, its most famous alumnus Knute Rockne. First Row: C. Matthews, W. Schellong, J. Di Luciano, J. Callahan, P. Kearney, W. Engel. Second Row: K. Donadio, W. Kelliher, A. Karnath, R. Dunegan, P. Kramer, J. Fiehrer. Third Row: A. Myers, N. Savolskis, J. Stuhldreher, D. Friske, J. Swift. Fourth Row: J. Curran, R. Schlitzer, E. Sorsenson, J. Corbett, M. Sullivan, W. Weldon. Fifth Roiv : T. Crehan, P. Agee, C. Kinds- vatter, S. Rodgers, J. Connelly, P. White, T. Brennan, D. Moser, J. Phillips. The reviewers Fiist Row: J. Casey, T. Murphy, B. Bech- told, P. Noland, T. Donovan, A. Cas- torina, J. Shumaker, D. Moser, R. Ruhl. Second Row: E. Krupka, K. Bradtke, J. O ' Brien, J. Cooney, M. Murphy, R. Bern- hold, J. Cywinski, J. McKeon, J. Kelly. Third Row: 3. Allen, P. Agee, J. Fiehrer, D. Quigley, W. Jackman, J. Goedecke, K. Fromme, P. Cannon. Fourth Row: 3. Konzen, G. Blake, J. Spiegel, G. Broucek, F. Tighe. Fifth Row: T. Sullivan, T. Mclntire, J. Oddo, S. Wilkin, J. Cline. Sixth Row: D. Furlow, D. Davin, J. Flanagan, J. Lapeyre, D. Carmelite, J. Poynton, J. O ' Connor. Seventh Row : A. Connor, J. Adams, J. Datz, J. Connelly, G. Niesen, J. Fitz- simmons. The reviewers First Row: T. Wageman, J. Stettler, W. Hauser, J. Sweeney, J. Smart, G. Roche, R. Andrew. Second Row : J. Owen, W. Sullivan, D. Collins, K. Martersteck, N. Mavigliano, R. Allison, R. McKenty. Third Row: D. Fish, J. Curry, H. Alwan, C. Trimber, B. Brown, T. Caplet, J. O ' Rourke. Fourth Row: S. Mulich, J. Nichols, R. Welsh, C. Vandegrift, F. Beytagh, R. Hilger. Fifth Row: M. Wade, M. Lesso, J. Casey, J. Miller, J. Murphy. Sixth Row: 3. Friel, P. Uebelhor, E. Hamilton, C. Penna, R. Fickling, T. Mc- Neill. Seventh Row: J. Markowski, M. Stahl, C. Turek, F. Epstein, W. Veach, J. Scheibel. Eighth Row: J. Bill, W. Bailey, L. Bren- nan, R. Masini. Ninth Row: J. Hyer, T. Arnold, F. Mc- Carthy, R. Carrane, J. Polking, C. Meyer, J. Connelly. . . . relaxation . . . " Then she looked into my eyes and . . . " Relaxation, always possible but sometimes quite in- expedient ... an afternoon at St. Mary ' s with a friend, steady or fiancee ... a picnic on a warm spring after- noon . . . forty winks to make up for the restless night in the hammock . . . " Eight ball in the side pocket " . . . always a pianist in the quiet Student Center . . . the soul-searching mood evoked by serene St. Joe ' s Lake . . . for the pizza lover, a weekly sojourn to South Bend ' s Italian spots . . . after the tough class- day, a trip to the Huddle to satisfy . . . for some, a good book ; for most, a vacation from the books. " Checkmate, my friend. " 264 J " That was a quiz? ' ' . . . To eyes that are bright as the stars when they ' re shining on me. " " Dear Mom, I ' m learnin ' fast . . . " After the classes, Pogo or politics. Rev. Robert Pelton, c.s.c. (Rector). A survivor of 57 years of Indiana mon- soons, scorching sun, bitter cold, gales . . . most centrally located . . . with 147 ND juniors, one of the smallest halls on campus . . . for that matter, one of the most friendly, too . . . Father Robert Pelton, the man who rules the resident juniors and transient rodents . . . book stores, laundry and dry clean- ing office, barber shop, jewelry shop all easily accessible to Badinites, who merely fall through the second floor to reach the commercialized main floor ... a hall with many memories and probably not too long a future. Badin ' s general store. 266 .The bogmen. First Row: T. McCarthy, W. McManus, T. Bott, J. Day, C. Eigelsbach, J. Brogan, T. Swope, S. Gilbert. Second Row: R. Leous, W. Dale, J. Rede- fer, R. Keegan, F. Dwan, S. Stofko, J. Vizcarrondo, A. Rigaux, J. Higgins. Third Row: J. Nuss, W. Markley, G. Pottebaum, J. Barse, J. Paeheco, P. La- Freniere, W. Squires, A. Silva. The dining hall. First Row: J. Comito, C. Cushwa, W. Peeney, J. Patton, R. Morsches, J. For- tino, C. Chun, G. Merz, J. Gallagher. Second Row: J. Eusterman, J. Revord, J. Engler, D. Lockwood, P. Bradtke, H. Spencer, G. DiRenzo, J. Norton, F. Dio- rio, D. Walz. Third Row: T. McMahon, E. Likar, W. Motz, R. Braun, P. Kamschulte, J. Cup- per, D. Bomalaski, T. Comer, J. Donalds, R. Crowley. Fourth Row: E. Hatch, J. Mitchell, F. Boos, H. Burke, P. Colnon, F. Kwak, V. Shahan, J. Kennedy, J. Sowa, D. Carlin. .The bogmen. 267 CLASS OFFICERS: Clem O ' Neill (treas.), Jack Casey (sec.), Ed Spengeman (v. pres.), Dan Devine (pres.). HALL PRESIDENTS: Mike Home (Dil- lon), John Cywinski (Sorin), Dave Lock- wood (Badin). 268 S enor CLASS OFFICERS: Tom O ' Malley (sec.), Dick Burke (pres.), Tom Carey (v. pres.), Harry Edelstein (treas.). HALL PRESIDENTS: Jim Curtin (Walsh), Mike O ' Toole (Fisher), Ed David (Alumni). 269 The hall with the convenient fire es- capes, the ping-pong tables, K. of C. offices, bath tubs (a rarity), closets (an- other rarity), and bay windows (on the resident seniors as well as on the build- ing) . . . home of Father Ferdinand Brown, rector, and his 203 seniors . . . good location : postoffice a step away, chow hall not much farther, and class- rooms close enough for all concerned . . . only complaint is provoked by the debogging of the bog for the sake of a modern shopping center . . . rivalry with nearby Sorin Hall, a Notre Dame tradition. i. Rev. Ferdinand Brown, c.s.c. (Rector). Bathtubs and ping-pong tables, too. First Row: J. Cantrill, J. Nicholson, D. Scheele, R. Phillips, R. Reamer, E. Toomey, G. Halkias, D. Merdian, T. Marshall, J. Hipskind. Second Row: P. Cardinal, J. Gits, H. Newman, J. Stevens, J. Root, L. Peters, J. Wilson, N. Mason R. Voyt, F. Florian. Third Row: R. Fleming, J. Ehret, B. Metzger, R. Belknap, F. Eckart, D. Mc- Carthy J. Dwyer, R. Moore, J. Graff, J. Korte. Fourth Row : W. Quirk, W. Dougherty T. Igleski, P. Fullmer, J. Norton, J. Flynn, J. Broughton, D. de Pasquale, R. Caira. .The Walshers. First Row: R. Norton, A. Nicholson, E. Prein, A. Rashid, E. Joseph, J. Curtin. Second Row: C. Rohr, O. Keavney, J. Burns, M. Jackman, D. Merdian. Third Row : R. Smith, J. Owens, R. Han- rahan, N. Hanrahan. Fourth Row: T. Magill, J. Smith, J. Daley, H. Boyle, J. Smith. .The Walshers. First Row: P. Caruso, E. Yohon, G. Don- ahue, P. Kearns, J. Nemetz, D. Metz, H. Willenborg, D. Weidmann, A. Rashid, T. Hickey. Second Row: K. Reilly, R. Groner, W. Canning, W. Heinrich, G. Vosmik, K. O ' Donnell, G. Carhart, G. Bransfield, F. Bimrose, J. Wilhoit. Third Row: H. Boyle, J. Smith, B. Smyth, G. Riordan, J. Callahan, J. Hig- gins, R. Gender, J. Reiner, J. Cenname, J. Irwin. Fourth Row: R. Kennedy, J. O ' Shea, J. Murray, M. Cicciarelli, G. Wassil, R. Scherer, R. McCarren C. O ' Brien, R. Ser- sen, R. Barnett. " Sorry, I don ' t have another nickel. " Rev. Edmund Murray, c.s.c. (Rector). Erected in 1931 . . . home to men who have survived three years of un- dergraduate school . . . only hall with more " Coke " machines than inhabitants . . . Father Murray, the rector . . . home of ND ' s Dominicans, Fathers Hanley and Nealy . . . excellent reviewing stand for the weekend date parades . . . South Bend bus stops at front door ideal for those who think liquids (any kind) are good to the last drop . . . with its beauty, friendliness and convenient location, 315 seniors say it ' s the best. First Row: W. Flaherty, J. McGinn, J. Skulski, A. Franzoni, P. McAward, P. Murphy, D. Lynch, P. Sampson. Second Row: W. Wahl, C. Pallnow, J. McGraw, F. Brown, J. Fitzsimmons, P. Curry, T. Brand, J. Kearney, G. Schoen- herr, P. Marz. Third Row : L. Hierath, G. Ford, W. Kil- burg, J. Sennett, R. Blaike, G. Sunkel, E. David, R. Neveril, S. Schlenger, C. Schul- er. .The Alumnighters. First Row: G. Meyers, D. McKenzie, J. Dwyer, J. Hester, J. Flaaten, G. Marr, F. Teran, J. Baumie. Second Row: J. O ' Brien, J. Manix, W. Peternel, T. Clusserath, F. Orlando, C. Flynn, P. Lasher, D. Dixon. Third Row: W. Kavanaugh, P. Abt, F. Maroon, K. Salloum, J. Schuetz, W. Costa, T. Neville, R. Clark. -The Alumnighters. First Row: J. Groonell, J. Smith, R. Hughes, J. Rickling, J. McKillop, R. Mc- Grath, C. Klee. Second Row: M. Healy, J. Gudac, J. Puc- cinelli, L. Eleuteri, W. Yario, D. Gallagh- er, W. Mulcahy, A. Germain. Third Row: T. Sutherland, J. McGlynn, E. Borus, J. Phillips, S. Fallen, J. Mal- loy, T. Miller, J. Clusserath, E. Lese, W. Nitschke. Fourth Row: P. McGahan, R. Makowski, E. Baum, C. Bennett, J. Tonini, R. De- brey, D. Lanspa, L. Malandra, T. Gal- lagher. . . . and Notre Dame, " Our Lady " . . . the beauty of Sacred Heart Church, a constant reminder of Him who is Beauty . . . the Hall chapel, reaching the students ' hearts everyday . . . for those who need consolation, advice, and a smile, the class chaplains . . . between the lakes, ND ' s grotto, visited after dinner, on the way back from St. Mary ' s, or anytime . . . always an attitude adjusted to man ' s final goal . . . the product: a person who " thinks, judges, and acts continually in ac- cordance with right reason, illuminated by supernatural light. " First Friday devotions in Our Lady ' s Chapel. 274 Our Lady of Fatima Shrine, the pause be- tween St. Mary ' s and Notre Dame. Below. The Notre Dame family rosary ... a growing tradition. Middle: Just for a minute. Bottom: Fr. Hesburgh celebrates solemn high mass for the opening of the academic year. 275 Rev. John Walsh, c.s.c. (Rector) Completed in 1952, it ' s the baby of ND ' s four- teen residence halls ... a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fisher . . . Under the guiding hand of Father John Walsh . . . the dining hall directly east . . . the golf course and Rockne Memorial directly west ... a beautiful chapel in the modern style . . . TV room, drapes, matching furniture, built in closets . . . and the most cherished luxury of all to one hundred fifty seniors and law students innersprings and foam rubber pillows for their favorite indoor sport, " hitting the sack. " Modernistic design characterizes the Fisher Hall chapel. 276 First Row: D. Burkhart, E. Schickler, T. Laughlin, A. Micale, F. Olazabel, F. Man- ley. Second Row : J. Goetsch, P. Gantert, J. Redmond, M. O ' Toole, J. Hartigan, C. Laird, M. Kurtz, C. Piper. Third Row: P. Sutherland, R. Kloecker, W. Giddens, J. Canna, W. Stahl, K. Hos- sain. Fourth Row: R. Callahan, Q. Arroyo, T. Rogers, A. Ott, A. Pajak, N. Naber. -The Fishermen- First Row: D. Behrmann, J. Brince, P. Reilly, J. Buzzone, R. Schleiter, J. Ser- votte. Second Row: F. Ferguson, J. Schroder, J. Ochs, A. Lapasso, F. Ganther, N. Donnelly. Third Row: J. Clemency, G. Saksefski, C. Doherty, P. dePasquale, G. Pierce. Fourth Row: J. Smith, J. Walsh, E. Orth, H. Nieumann, J. Connolly, J. Wan- chow. -The Fishermen- First Row: A. Corbin, S. Williston, A. Clark, J. Rosshirt, M. Radin. Second Row: R. Pound, H. Snyder, E. Richter, H. McClintock, Z. Chafee, J. Harlan, L. Hand. Third Row: H. Buch, E. Griffin, A. Walsh, J. Garyan, L. Basso, R. Geiman, T. Ryder, S. Minton, J. Houck. off- Set . . . 1 This considerate fellow wouldn ' t think of disturbing his landlady ' s afternoon nap. The bus stop ' s bulletin board serves as the information center for off-campus students. Off-Campus Council: Don Glenton, Jack Mullin, Tom Bosse, Jack Guthrie, Hugh Schaeffer (chairman), Pete Campbell, Don Luecke, Phil Twigg, Mike Carr. What the well-dressed man is wearing . . . Wonderful to be independent, isn ' t it? 1600 men off-campus . . . all-night lights and no bells . . . those cold morning trots to school for some; for others, a car; for most, a kind passer-by . . . the student center, ideal for a mid-day snooze or a quick look at the book . . . the pool hall, another place to spend the time . . . " The meals are in the ' caf ' ; the dining hall is for the peasants " (so they say) . . . much closer to South Bend and the evils of the " big city " . . . Sunday Mass at St. Joe ' s . . . well- represented in student government . . . the landlady with her pleasant request for last month ' s rent . . . still, a place with more com- forts of home than can usually be found in other quarters. All of the comforts of home . . . . . . and no hungry buddies. . . . and some ride, but all roads lead to " Dome. " Some ride (?)... Active 280 an It ' s all a matter of taste. passive , . . . and restive. I jror m d student. . . " Vetville, " the ND community where wedded bliss holds sway . . . government by the mayor- council system, changing semi-annually . . . the Saturday night dances, potlucks, and card parties . . . baby sitters from the Farley Hall clan, whose specialty is " raiding the refrigerators " . . . home for 117 students and their families . . . For the youngsters (all 210 of them), the torrential rains and mudholes are fun; for the mothers, a con- stant pain . . . the Christmas meal for those on campus, a most generous gesture . . . semi-annual " commencement exercises " for wives, to parallel the graduation of their mates ... a village of families living in the Christian tradition of hard work and happy companionship. The babysitter ' s lament. Smorgasbord, Vetville-style. Vetville Council (June -December, 1954): Pete Donahue, Joe Straub, Lem Joyner, Vic McFadden (mayor), Alvin Marrerro (treas.), Robert Brown, Bernard DePrimo (sec.). Vetville Council (January-June, 1955): Lem Joyner, John Thelen, William Fraser (sec.), Joseph Straub (mayor), Robert Brown, Gene Johnson (treas.), Frank Petrella. rJ (June approaches, the Seniors reach for their caps ana gowns ana look to the future. _Xr;f the world extends its hand to receive them they nun well pause to look hack on the memories of their last four gears . . . the studying . . . the playing . . . the working . . . the praying. -_ or them, (College is over 284 285 ' JLetterS K M,I:I: IIKMTTH ALLAN Bachelor of Arts DPS Moincs. Iowa Varsity Baseball MICHAEL AQUILINO Bachelor of Arts ISutler, Pennsylvania Dean ' s List Interhall Sports Kampus Keglers 1 ' OMAS (iAl ' .RIKL AllIAS Hncliclrir of Arts David, Itep. of Panama Interhall Baseball La liaza Club VlLI.IAM ECOK.NE Alt.NOLD liachelor of Arts Sterling. Illinois Interhall Sports JAMI:S MAXXIXU BBROQOIST H ' li-lu ' lor of Arts 1 ' ouncll Bluffs, Iowa WNDU Program Director Herotlotians lh mi ' s List ROBERT J. AUSTGEN, C.S.C. Bachelor of A rts Notre Dame. Indiana Moreau Choir liK ' HAIll) AllTHL ' R I ' .I:I:MAN Bachelor of Arts Kivcr Fori-st. Illinois H H station Mgr. 195 ' , ' ' ' liitrrluill Baseball ' l ' oii -li I ' ootball JAMES Mi- ' cn:n BtOBLOW liachelor of Arts (Jlonshaw. Pennsylvania Varsity Fontlxill JAMES H. BI.AXTX.. C.S.C. Itavliflnr it .1 rts " i !! Haiui ' . Indiana KnwAiii) TIKPMAS Hours in: In lor of Arts I ii-n i-lxirn. Michigan THOMAS DAVID BOSSK Bachelor of Arts Decatur. Indiana xrlntlastic Debate sailing Club HUGH CHARLES BOYLE Bachelor of Arts Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsbin-fjh Club Treasurer Interhall Sports JEREMIAH FRANCIS BRANSFIELD Chicago, Illinois Philosophy dull A.B. Advisory Council LAWRENCE JOSEPH BREHL Bachelor of Arts Washington, Pa. Scholastic Editor Press Club Dean ' s List JAMES SAMUEL ll ' ii-lielor of Arts Wyandotte, Michigan nine Circle Knights of Colu mbus Dean ' s List MICHAEL JOHN BROWN Bachelor of Arts Itacine. Wisconsin Gymnastic Team Knights of Columbus Glee Club LAWRENCE CAMPBELL BUCKLEY Bachelor of Arts Uoosevelt. New York InterhaU Sports Dean ' s List Knights of Columbus SAMUEL FRANKLIN BUDNYK Bachelor of Arts Hammond. Indiana Physical Ed Club InterhaU Sports RICHARD WILLIAM BURKE Bachelor of Arts Chicago. Illinois Senior Class President Student Senate Vice-Pics. Knrin Hall President UOBERT JOHN BURNETT Bachelor of Arts NVwark, New Jersey French Club JEROME EDWARD Iti i; . Bachelor of Arts Saginaw, Michigan Political Science Acad. InterhaU Sports Air Cadet Club Prelude to something bigger. FRANK CHARLES BUSBEE Bachelor of Arts Atlanta, Georgia Dean ' s List Bar Bell Club Kiii ' ilits of Columbus WILLIAM P. BYRNE Bachelor of Arts South Euclid. Ohio Student Senate Blue Circle Dean ' s List WALTER KAIPO CASUAL Bachelor of Arts Honolulu, Hawaii Varsity Football Monogram Clb Bengal Bouts LEO PATRICK CALLAGHAN Bachelor of A rls Patterson, New Jersey Varsity Football Irish Club JOHN PATRICK CAI.I.AHAN Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Philosophy Club Dean ' s List III rilAUD WVNNi: t ' ALLAHAN Bachelor of Arts Takoma Park, Maryland Scholastic Political Science Acad, Lecerle Fruncais JOHN ATTILIO CANNA Bachelor of Arts Molrose Park, Illinois Scholastic WNDU Flying Irish WILLIAM FRANCIS CANNING Bachelor of Arts Lexington, Mississippi Kansas City Club President Knights of Columbus Air Cadet Club PATRICK JOSEPH CANNON Bachelor of Arts Cleveland, Ohio Bengal Bouts University Theatre Campus Keglers 287 IRVING CHARLES CAREIG Itnchelor of Arts Onialia. Nebraska Track Team Dean ' s List Student Musical THOMAS VINCENT CASSIDY Bachelor of .-! i ' ts Peorla. Illinois WXDU Student Musical Inlerliall Sports ROBERT EMMETT CATER Bachelor of Arts New Braunfels, Texas Irish Club Secretary Varsity Rifle Team International Relations Committee of NFCCS Chairman JAMES JOSEPH CENNAME Hni ' hflor of Arts Woodlvn. Pennsylvania Fonl Scholars Club PHII.IP CHARLES CHINN EDWARD JAMES Bachelor of Arts Hoyal Oak, Michigan In terhall Sports Ford Scholars Club Sociolofiii Club Presiilen t CLARK, JR. Bachelor of Arts I ' almerton, Pa. Press Club Scholastic Dean ' s List .1. BERNARD CLARK, C.S.C. Itn ch f lor of Arts Notre Dame, Indiana WALTER CARL CLEMENS Bachelor of Arts Cincinnati, Ohio A ' S.l Regional Chairman A.B. Adrisoru Council Political Science AcaA. WILLIAM ATHANASIUS CLEMENTS Bachelor of Arts South Bend. Indiana Villagers MICHAEL B. COFFET Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois ' lire Dame Glee Club Kiiiiihts of Columbus Scholastic DAVID RICHARD COHEN Bachelor of Arts Billings, Montana Freshman Tennis Scholastic Features Editor Press Club Treasurer CHARLES CORNELITS COLLINS Bachelor of Arts Oak Park, Illinois Dean ' s List InterhaU Basketball fii u . i-1irities Council t STEPHEN COLLINS. O.S.B Bachelor of Arts I ' ortsmount, R. I. 288 RICHARD POWERS CONDIT Bachelor of Arts Ferndale, Michigan Air Cadet Club I.tiir Association Interhall Sports FRANK JOSEPH CONKLIN Bachelor of Arts Scobeyville, New Jersey Junior Class Vice-Pres. Parent-Son Committee Freshman Baseball JAMES D. CONLET Ilin-liclor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Political Science Acad. RICHARD ,T. CONNELLY Bachelor of Arts liahwav. New Jersey Pi-ess Club Interhall Sports Scholastic ' JOSKl ' l ' l KD%VAKD CONNOI.LY Bachelor of Arts Cleveland, Ohio Scholastic Press Club Interhall Sports Why do you stare at me man? Do you not know who I am? Jung has called me an introvert; Adler says I have a superiority complex. My pro- fundity of cerebration far exceeds the shallow minds of the rest of you. Sheldon has spoken of me as an ectomorph and describes me as one of slight build. My behavior is cere- bretonic and I am gravely concerned with philosophy and metaphysics. I would rather read a book provided it has depth and truth, than attend gustatory indulgences. My mental perspicacity is much more piercing than the great un- washed ; I am unmoved by the great unloved ; I wish to be alone with my books and be lost in my microcosm. I pride myself upon my discerning tastes in wearing apparel: a tarn or tweed cap (in accordance to the cli- matic condition) scarf, blazer, bur- berry coat and horned rimmed glasses complete my conservative attire. My aim, purpose, and goal is art qua art; I am existentially the " in- tellectual. " liitil JOHN JOSEPH CONNOLLY PETER KEARNS Jiachelor of Arts North Arlington, N. J. Interhall Sports Dean ' s List Irish Club CONNOLLY Bachelor oj Arts Rye, New Jersey Scholastic Ass ' t Kews Editor Met Club Treasurer Press Club EDWARD J. COOK Bachelor of Arts Philadelphia, Pa. Varsity Football Bengal Bouts JAMES MARTIN CORCORAN, JR. Bachelor of Arts Evanston. Illinois Notre Dame Lawyer Knights of Columbus Student Manager GEORGE I.. COULON. C.S.C. Bachelor of Arts Notre Dame, Indiana lloreau Choir PAUL RUSSEL COUTLEE Bachelor of Arts South Bend Indiana Art Guild Air Cadet Club University Theatre WILLIAM ANTHONY CRIMMINS Bachelor of Arts Sparks, Maryland Bar Bell Club Gymnastic Club History Club .IA.MKS CORDELL CURTIN Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Bengal Bouts Knights of Columbus Irish Club KODERICK THOMAS CYRIEH Bachelor of Arts Kankankee, Illinois Sociology Club Dean ' s List EDWARD ALBERT CZUPPA Bachelor of Arts Milwaukee, Wisconsin Phy Ed Club Interhall Sports MICHAEL JAMES DAKIN Bachelor of Arts Lansing, Michigan Knights of Columbus EDMUND KENNETH DARGIS Bachelor of Arts Sherman Oaks, California Sociology Club Freshman Football Mr Cadet Club JOHN LKARY DELANKY Bachelor of Arts Brooklyn. New York Art Guild Bar Bell Club MICHAEL ANTHONY DEPARDO Bachelor of Arts Berwyn, Illinois Interhall Swimming Gymnastic Team. Inlerhall Baseball TIMOTHY EDWARD DEVEREUX Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Freshman Basketball Scholastic Press Club CLEMENT JOSEPH DEVINE Bachelor of Arts Uacine, Wisconsin Inlerhall Sports Sociology Club Treas. Irish Club PASQUALE DIPASQUALE Bachelor of Arts Somerville, Massachusetts Scholastic WNDU DON RICHARD DIXON Bachelor of Arts Toledo. Ohio Scholastic Varsity Fencing Team Art Guild President 289 9JI THOMAS HENRY Doxonn: Bachelor of Arts ISaltimoro, Maryland CARROLL VINCENT DOW DEN Bachi ' lnr of Arts Louisville. Kentucky WILLIAM OIIMOXU DWYEB Itni-hi ' liir it} Arts 1 ' landomo, Xo v York WSDU ] i) terlntll xports Irish Club " Lady, Lady, shining bright in the forest of the night. " HAROI D KOI: ;K EllEI.STEIX Bachelor of Aril Watertown. Minnesota Dean ' s List lllue Circle Kiiif htt of Columbus Ait riii ' u FKAXCIS ROOMS llai-lii-lor nf Art Brooklyn ( New York I ' ri-x flub THOMAS .1. F.X ;I.ISH, C.8.C. Itiirlii Ini- nf Arts Notre I lame. Indiana IlOBERT L. E.SCHBACHKR. C.8.C. Hiichelor of Arts Notre Dame, Indiana DONALD DALE EWBAXK Bachelor of Arts New Itichmond. Indiana VIII.IAM I ' ETKB FACIAX Hiichelor of Aria Newark. New Jersey Hi-bate Team IH ' ini ' s List Freshman Class Pres. THOMAS DAVID FI NK ;AN Bachelor of Arts Carbondale. Pa. Intel-halt Buiketball .I " HN . KTIII K KlT .KNZ Itilrllt I ' lf nf A I ' tS Aurora, Illinois .[AI KSON KDWARD KLYXN lliicltcliir of Arts ( ' hicn n. Illinois WXDV Scholastic Hit, ' ISiU I ' liib GEORGE SARSFIELD FORD Bachelor of Arts Bridgeport, Connecticut Interhall Sports Political Science Acad. 290 JOHN FORD, C.S.C. Bachelor of Arts Notre Dame, Indiana EDWARD MICHAEL Fox Bachelor of Arts Rockford, Illinois Dean ' s List Y.C.S. Law Association MICHAEL JOSEPH Fox Bachelor of Arts Indianapolis. Indiana Jnterhall Sports I ' A II. Fl I.I. ME I! Bachelor of Arts Elmhurst, Illinois Scholastic Assoc. Eil. Press Club Vlce-Pres. Cavanaugh Hall Vice-Pres. HlCHAKD I ' AUL GABflRIK Ftnchclor of Arts Bei-wyn. Illinois Yarstty Baseball yD Monogram Club Phy Ed Club JOHN IfRIAX GAFFXEY ll ' it-lH lor of A rti . i- v I ' .ritain. Connecticut Irivh Chili JAMKK HUBERT GALLACHEU Bachelor if Arts Ila .leton, Pennsylvania Mr Cutlet dull iilhrncitc Club Pres. Scholaatic .IA.MKS KD.MTND Gnmo.xs Bachelor of Arts So. Wllllamopert, 1 ' a. Scholastic Irl.ili Chili Speaker ' s Bureau Trctix it i MAKTIX JOHN GI.F.ASON Bachelor of Arts Joliet, Illinois I ' olitical Science Acad. GORDON GEOUUE GOETEMA.NN B ichelor of Arts Klrkwood, Missouri Intcrliall Sports Art G ui lil .1. IllCHARD OOIOB Rachdor of Arts Sunnyside. WaahtDgton Political Science A end. Theatre Oroup ROBERT VEI.I.TAM (JosDICK Hnchcltir nf Arls Korkford. Illinois Xtiritiluiflf Club JA.MKS THOMAS CRIFPIN Hiiclieliir of Arls Chicago, Illinois Itiittrt ' Committee ROTC Actirilii ( ' i iiiu-il PrcsMeii t ir.YW Bus. Myr. UKXKIUCT Ki vix ;KVI. F: VIOZ, .lit llilrliflor of Arts CliiciiKn, Illinois Htiiilctit Mgr. Monogram Club WAI.TKU I ' I.VSSKS GUGLIELMO Rnchelor of Aria Chicago. Illinois Sociology Club 1 it-e-Pres. Italian Club AXTIIOM G I ' T Hit IK Itiir n ' lor of Arii: Cleveland Heights, Ohio Hum ' s List Kniytits of Columbus Koelnlogy Club HOBERT XOLAX HAIDIXOKK ttnchelor of Arts Clifton, New Jersey Political Science Acad. Intcrhnll Football ' All. MlCIIAKI. llAXLOS llni-lii ' lor of Arts rrsi ' .v City. Xi ' v Jersey Intcrhnll Football ill-cut Books Seminar Atl m fit iiBKirr PHILLIP HAXHAHAX llncltelor of Arts ' liiciigd, Illinois Track Itvnyal tlotits Moniiftram Chili DALE PASCAL HAKI-KR tin-In lor of Arts P.iith. Maine Phu Eil Club ROLAND FRANCIS HART Bachelor of Arts Charleston, W. Va. Knights of Columbus V. Va. Club Vice-Pres. Sociology Club THOMAS CARROLL HARTZELL Bachelor of Arts Huffalo, New York Debating Team Xcluiliistic Olee Cli:b PAUL ZAKHUMA HAl ' HXAR Bachelor of Arts Assam. India Jiti JOSEPH MARTIN HAYDKN Bachelor of Arts Pivxcl Hill. Pa. Irish Club Air Cadet Club Freshman Football THOMAS LEO HAYKS, JR. Bachelor of Arts LaGrange Park, Illinois Interhall Sports Irish Club Mai-di (Iras Chairman PATRICK FRANCIS HEALY Bachelor of Arts Chicago. Illinois Knights of Columbus Philosophy Club MICHAEL KAYE HEGARTY Bachelor of Arts Detroit. Michigan .lie Cadet Club Interhall Baseball RONALD JAMES HENDERSON Bachelor of Arts No. Bergen. New Jersey French Club OTTO KARL HILBERT Bachelor of Arts Logansport, Indiana 291 CLARENCE ELIJAH HODGES Bachelor of Arts Niles. Michigan Political Science Acad. JEROME EDWARD HUGHES Bachelor of Arts East Patchogue, N. Y. Political Science A cad. Economic Round Table Dean ' s List DON F. HUML Bachelor of Arts Cicero, Illinois Freshman Football Varsity Football InterhaU Basketball JOHN PHILIP HOSINSKI Bachelor of Arts South Bend, Indiana Phy Ed Club KAMAL HOSSAIX Bachelor of Arts Dacca, Pakistan Dean ' s List Debate Team Economic Round Table ROBERT NEWMAN HUTCHISON Bachelor of Arts Washington. D. C. Kampits Keglers WNDU Wash.. Maryland, Va. Club Treasurer L i i i Ti fto ? . JAMES STEVEN IRWIN Bachelor of Arts Hamilton, Ohio Glee Club Air Cadet Glut Political Science Acad. THOMAS O ' CONNOR JAMES Bachelor of Arts Birmingham, Alabama Philosophy Club Navy Drill Team MALCOLM D. JOHNSON C.S.C. Bachelor of Arts .Notre Dame. Indiana Uoreau Choir ELI is A. JOSEPH Bachelor of Arts Windsor, North Carolina Air Cadet Club Scholastic Interhall Sports WALTER JOHN KACZ.MAHEK Bachelor of Arts Brooklyn, New York ALFRED ALBERT KAELIN Bachelor of Arts Sacramento, California Political Science Acad. Interhall Sports WALTER J. KEAKXS Bachelor of Arts Miles City, Montana Bookmen i ) i: KEAVXEY Bachelor of Arts Monrovia, California Juiix I ' . KEEFE. C.S.C. Bachelor of Arts Notre Dame. Indhma Moreau Choir Philosophy Club EDWARD FLORIAX KELLY Bachelor of Arts Logansport. Indiana Dean ' s List Political Science Acad. Seven seniors welcome soaked victors. RAYMOND CHARLES KENNEDY Bachelor of Arts Cincinnati, Ohio Soph Class Vice-Pres. WSDV Junior Prom Committee ROBERT LEE KERBY Bachelor of Arts Ossinlng Park. New York Flying Irish Berodotiant Mi- Cadet Club 292 THOMAS JOSEPH KERNAN Bachelor of Arts AtluTton, California Knights of Columbus Sociology Club WNDU DAVID MACDONALD KII.KEARY Bachelor of Arts Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Freshman Baseball Freshman Track Scholastic T. GAVIN KING Bachelor of Aria Tufsa, Oklahoma Dean ' s List Dome Okla. Club President CHARLES WILLIAM KLEE, JR. Bachelor of Arts Dayton, Ohio Press Club Irish Pennant Feature Editor Dayton Club Vice-Pres. FRED W. KRACKLAUER Bachelor of Arts Mundelein, Illinois Dean ' s Hat Bridge Club Scholastic CASI.MU GEORGE KROPKOWSKI Bachelor of Arts Leaneck. New Jersev Phy Ed Club LAWRENCE JAMES KUHLMAN Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Glee Club Freshman Football Band BERNARD JOSEPH LALONDE Bachelor of Arts Dearborn, Michigan 1955 Dome Editor Ford Scholars Pres. Interhall Sports WALTER MCCARTY LANGFORD Bachelor of Arts South Bend, Indiana Air Cadet Club Sociology Club DENNIS EUGENE LAL-GHLIN Bachelor of Arts South Bend, Indiana Art Guild Air Cadet Club JOHN ALPHONSE LOCHT Bachelor of Arts Iluntington, Indiana Political Science Acad. Knights of Columbus Air Cadet Club JOHN F. LOCHTEFEI D Bachelor of Arts Iluntington, W. Va. r FRANK JOHN LOLLI Bachelor of Arts Oak Park, Illinois Political Science Acad Bengal Bouts i I ' vitff Fencing DONALD HENRY LI ' ECKF. Bachelor of Arts Brooklyn. New York JAMES ANDRE LUOTTO Bachelor of Arts New York, New York WSDU A ir Cadet Club Interhall Baseball JAMES LEO MACINNIS Bachelor of Arts Detroit, Michigan Student Law Assn. Blue Circle Bengal Bouts JOSEPH VINCENT MADIGAN Bachelor of Arts Shaker Heights, Ohio Press Club Irish Club Interhall Sports JOHN HARRISON MAHONEY Bachelor of Arts New York, New York Political Science Aead. Irish Club YCS MARTIN HARVEY MAHRT Bachelor of Arts Custer, South Dakota Phy Ed Club Air Cadet Club Track FRANK MAGXER MAIER Bachelor of Arts Oak Park, Illinois Wranglers Juggler Editor Bookmen RICHARD THOMAS MANXION Bachelor of Arts Brooklyn, New York Tnterhall Sports Scholastic I ' ress Club JOHN F. MARCHAL Itachelor of Arts Greenville, Ohio Band Political Science Acad. THOMAS G. MARKO Bachelor of Arts Cleveland, Ohio Interhall Sports Aero Club JOHN JOSEPH McCALL Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Bar Bell Club Philosophy Club Dean ' s List 293 W. GREGORY MCC ' ORMACK II Bachelor of Arts Cincinnati, Ohio I.EO THOMAS McEvoY Bachelor of Arts F.ast Orange, New Jersey Assistant Trnck Coach Phil Ed Club JOSEPH BERNARD MCGI.YN.N Bachelor of Arts Relleville, Illinois JAMES J. MCGRATH, C.S.C. Bachelor of Arts Notre Dame. Indiana Philosophy Club JOSKI ' II KUBKRT MCU RAW, JR. Bachelor of Arts Tulsa. Oklahoma K nii tlt s of Columbus iHcln. Club Vice-Pres THOMAS MOORE MCKEON Itilrliefnr nf A r s Winter Park. Florida Freshman Biiskcihiill Political Science Acafl. JOHN JOSEPH MCM.UION Bachelor of Aria Ituffalo. New York ir.YDt Buffalo Club Sec. Political Science Acail. JOHN J. MCMANMON, C.S.C. Bachelor of Arts Notre Dame. Indiana Moreau Choir ItlCHARD I.AWRKXl ' K MCVEIGH llnehflor of Arts Fairbanks. Alaska Bengal Bouts Itarbrll Club TlIuMAS I.KOXAHD MI:I;I.K Hiirlit ' lur of Arlx Cleveland. Ohio I ' rcuhnian Footh ' i Varsitu Baseball Pint :. Club Vn.i IA.M I ' . MELODY, C.S.C. ItiiclH ' lor of A rts Notre Dame. Indiana JAMKS [- " UANTIS M in i:i:ss Htn-lii ' lnr of A rts IVarl Itiver. New York ' ; -. ' ( Club Wrestling DAVID JOHN METZ Bachelor of Arts Canton. Ohio Press Club Intel-hull Snorts ItERTIIAM I.EO METZGER, JR. Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Freshman Football Iti-irn ' s List I ' liiliHuphi Club EfOENE E. MlI.I.ER. C.S.C. Bachelor of Arts Notre Dame. Indiana Philosophy Club M MATTHEW JOSEPH MORAN Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Association Moot Court lutri-hall Basketball 294 CHARLES FRANCIS MUCKENHIRN Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois JOSEPH JOHN Mri.i m. Bachelor of A rts Fitchburg. Massachusetts Bengal Bouts Political Ki-ii ' iit-i ' Ai-nil. The Campus at night from St. Mary ' s Lake. NKIL NOICIIEIIT N.U ' .KI: Bachelor of Arts Shawann. Wisconsin Knights nj Columbia Bowling CHARLES JOSKIMI XAJJAR Ilaclielor of Aria I Jirinin j;ham, Alabama Economic I ' nunil Table Itt ' lfll ' x .is ' THOMAS MICHAEL NEVILLE Bachelor iif Arts Brooklyn, New York FKANCIS XAVIEII X E W.MAX Bachelor of Arts Brooklyn. New York Wranglers Scholastic Juggler II.YRIIY I ' H.UU.ES NlEMAX.X III Ilaclielor of Arts Philadelphia, 1 ' a. Scholatttc Knights of Columbus Dean ' s List DAVID KrGENE NOI.AX Bachelor of Arts Allentown, Pennsylvania Olee Club Kinnpiis Keglers Interhall Sports m RICHARD AI.IKN NORTON Hiii-liili,,- nl Aria Coblcskill. New York Scholastic Ki- ' tiioinic Itniiiiil Table Hinnl I ' ATiucK JAMES O ' DONNELL nui-iii ' iiir nf A t ' tts G rosso III ' . Michigan I ' nliHi-ill Nnr r( I f THOMAS M. irnoxxEi.i. Iliiclielor of Arts I tayton. Ohio Political Science Acad. I iiti i hull Hnorts Freshman Itaske sketball THOMAS AXIIHKW O ' llAKA, JR. Bachelor of Arts Coatesvllle. Pa. Flying Irish A ir Cailet Club Press Club TIMOTHY DAVID O ' H.ut.i Raclielor of Arts I ' alm Beach. Florida Florida Club Pres. xtuili ' ut Lair Assn. Knii hts of Columbus J. PATRICK O ' MALLEV Bachelor of Arts Amhla. Indiana lllue Circle Kenya! Bouts Dome fins. Mgr. JOHN COBBETT O ' .MKAKA Rachelm- nl rlx Hillsdali . MlrhlKan HI in- Circle Cliiiifi iiin Bookmen WMll JAMES HiBBINOTON O ' SHBA flui-lii-Inr nf A fts Toli ' clii. Ohio Blue Circle NFCCS Dean ' s List MICHAEL B. O ' Tooi.E Ilaclielor of Arts Milton. Massachusetts Stuitent Senate New England Club Presiden t Dean ' s List NICIKIIAS MATTHEW PELI.ECIHIXO linriielor of Arts I ' ort Ueadinft. N. .1. EDWARD HTBEBT PETRI ' SKA Bachelor of Arts Niles. Michigan Art Ouilfl JAMES CRANGLE I ' HILLIPS Bachelor of Arts Ashkum. Illinois Varsitu Baseball Irish Club mm K F K , f SILVIO DAXTE PICI-IXI Bachelor of A rts Chicago, Illinois i ' ii AISLES ANTHONY PIPES Bachelor of I -Is f ' .iii-ajio. Illinois JAMES ANTHONY PORCARI, JR. Itm-lielor of Arts Rochester. New York ISaxkenmll MI I: Air I ' ailct Club Sociolagii Club ALDO JOSEPH POTTETTI Bachelor of Arts Long Island. New York Jlistori Club ISnr Bell Club luterltall Sports JOHN FRANCIS POWERS Bachelor of Arts Itirhmond, Virginia Blue Circle 1 ' itlitii-ill Xriflti ' i ' Acini. Contact Asioc. Kilitor THOMAS EDWARD Bachelor of Arts Richmond. Virginia Phu Ed Club Yiee-Pres. Freshman Basketball Assistant Coach " B " Football Coach 295 1 HKMA.S JOSEPH QUINN Bachelor of Arts Detroit, Michigan Scholastic Journalism Club Debate Team WILLIAM FRANCIS QUIRK Bachelor of Arts New York, New York Interhall Sports Irish Club History Club WILLIAM ANTHONY REALE Bachelor of Arts Mansfield. Ohio Varsity Tennis Monogram Club STEPHEN RICHARD REBORA Bachelor of Arts Chicago. Illinois Varsity Basketball BEURY LOWREY REECE, JR. Bachelor of Arts Yazoo City. Mississippi Student Law Assn. Treasurer Hoot Court Notre Dame Lawyer JOHN R. REED Bachelor of Arts Waterloo, Iowa Dean ' s List WXDU PAUL RICHMOND REED Bachelor of Arts Knox, Indiana Interhall Sports History Club Army ROTC Club JULIUS NORBERT REINER Bachelor of Arts Johnstown, Pennsylvania Political Science Acad. Irish Club THOMAS JAMES REYNOLDS Bachelor of Arts Aslikum. Illinois Political Science Acad. Interhall Football GEORGE FITZGERALD RIORDAN Bachelor of Arts Oak Park, Illinois Dean ' s List Interhall Sports PETER JAMES RlTTENHOl ' SE Bachelor of Art San Antonio, Texas JACK E. ROBERTS Bachelor of Arts Arlington. Virginia Moot Court Student Law Assn. Dean ' s List GERARD JOSEPH ROCCAPRIORE Bachelor of Arts Middletown, Connecticut CARL JOHN ROHR Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois GEORGE DEAN ROONEY Bachelor of Arts Jersey City, New Jersey Knights of Columbus Political Science Acad. Interhall Football DAVID ALLEN RUSSELL Bachelor of Arts Evanston, Illinois Political Science Acad. Irish Club Freshman Football ROBERT JOSEPH RUSSELL Bachelor of Arts San Mateo, California Calif. Club Vice-Pres. Political Science Acad. Air Cadet Club JOHN FRANCIS IU:sso Hachelor of Arts Asbury Park, N. J. Ham ' s List Freshman Baseball Interlnill Football EUGENE FRANCIS SALEM Bachelor of Arts Lackawanna, New York 296 JOSEPH PATRICK SASSANO, JR. Bachelor of Arts Stamford. Connecticut Blue Circle Knights of Columbus Varsity Track JOSEPH B. S.U NDEUS Bachelor of Arts Amarlllo. Texas Student Senate Varsity Cheer Leader National Student Assn. .NORMAN FRANK SAUNDERS Bachelor of Arts Cleveland. Ohio Student Mgr. Knights of Columbus Chess Club HUGH VICTOR SCHAEFFER Bachelor of Arts South Bend, Indiana RICHARD CHARLES SCHERPEREEL Bachelor of Arts South Bond, Indiana RICHARD CHAkCcB " SCHI ETTEB BacJletor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Third Order of St. Francis Philosophy Clill) Dean ' s List RAYMOND ERNEST SCHRVVER Bachelor of Arts Warren. Ohio Political Science Acad. Le Circle Francois KmvAKD VEROX Sconv Bachelor of Arts Chicago. Illinois WXDU Sociology Club Interhall Sports XlANiEi, ALK.XADRE SEQI ' EIRA, JR. Bachelor of Arts Middle Village. New York Knights of Columbus Student Law Assn. Moot Court .loiix SHERMAN SERVO ITE Bachelor ot Arts (in-i-n Bay. Wisconsin inronin Club Pres. PATRICK JUHN SHEEHAN Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Press Club Air Cadet Club Fisher men wait to meet Santa Claus. JAMES II. SHERER Bachelor of Arts Bowling Green, Ohio Junior Class Pres. Blue Circle Student Senate PHII.IP MICHAEL SHERIDAN Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois Political Science Acad. Irish Club Interhall Sports JAMES JOSEPH SIEGER Bachelor of Arts Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Club Interhall Sports DONALD FRANCIS Si LEO Bachelor of Arts Brooklyn. New York Italian Club Preg. Sociology Club Sec. Dean ' s List JAMES W. SIMONSON, C.S.C. Bachelor of Arts Notre Dame. Indiana Moreau Choir JOHN EDWARD SLAVICK Bachelor of Arts I.akewood. Ohio Scholastic Feature Ed. WXDU Promotion Mgr. Juggler Man. Editor RALPH TIPPET SMITH Bachelor of Arts Bemidji, Minnesota BERNARD JOSEPH SMYTH Bachelor of Arts Chicago. Illinois Economic Round Table Interhall Sports CHARLES XI. SPRIXKEL ll ' ichelor of Arts Sterling. Illinois Knights of Columbus Student Law Assn. U can ' s List ROLLAXD L. STAIR, C.S.C. Bachelor of Arts Notre Dame. Indiana Moreau Choir .] tsKi ' ii CONRAD STEIN, JR. Bachelor of Arts Buffalo. New York Art Guild ROBERT PACL STUKAS Bachelor of Arts West Roxnury. Mass. Student Mgr. Monogram Club Sociology Club- 297 ARTHTR JAMES SULLIVAN Bachelor of Arts St. Paul, Minnesota Air Cadet Club Varsity Truck CHARIES ALOYSIPS SULLIVAN, JR. Bachelor of Arts Ramsey. New Jersey WNDU Glee Club IIAMEL EDWARD SULLIVAN Bachelor of Arts Dallas. Texas Human Relations Club Catholic Interracial Circle STEPHEN EDWARD Si RBROOK Bachelor of Arts Detroit. Michigan YC8 Bookmen Dean ' s List PETER JOSEPH SUTHERI AND Bachelor of Arts Detroit, Michigan HI ue Circle Knights of Columbus Sociology Club EONALD GI-IDO TAGLEK Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois WNDU Political Science At-utl. Bar Bell Club VERNO.N O. TEOF.VN Bachelor of Arts ' .ion. Illinois Air Cadet Club Freshman Track JOHN JOSEPH THELEN Bachelor of A rts South Bend, Indiana FRANK JOSEPH TONIN liadirliir of Arts Staten Island. New York Thinl Order of f. Francis Liturgy Club Pres. Philosophy Club JOHN COSIJROVE TI-TTI.E Bachelor of Arts Vermilion. Ohio Nailing Team .| " T KDWAISD TYSON Bachelor of Arts Mineola. Texas Phu I ' hib Hi inrll touts I aixit i l- ' ootball CLEMENT .1. I ' IUUNSKI llai-lii ' lnr uf Arts Smith liend, Indiana Xtllili ' iit Traii fi- I ' ll! K ' l dull ED ' .VAIID (jEOHliE VoGT Bachelor of Arts Markham. Illinnls Glee Club Varsity Itaseball History Club ' USM i K Bachelor of Arts Cleveland, Ohio Ntmlent Nenate WKDV vcs JOHN THEODORE WACK Bachelor of Arts South Bend, Indiana Historu Club Dean ' s List I nirersily Theatre PATRICK JOSEPH WAGNER Bachelor of A rts Los Angeles. California Press Club 298 JAMES ROBERT WAI I.KI; Bachelor of Arts Tyner, Indiana ' Phi Kil Club Freshman Basketball Jittcrhall Sports JAMES FRANCIS WALSH Bachelor of Arts Chicago. Illinois Dean ' s List Benr al Bouts- Hearuweiaht Cl ami Sociology Club I got it! .1. 1 ' KTEI! W.M.S1I Hilfhrlnr of Arts Staten Island. New York ! Club MlCHAKI. JOSKI ' II WARD, .lit. Itiii-ltflor of A rts New York. New York Schol i ti I ' m I ' I, ill YCS JAMKS r. WATKEIS ll ' ifln-lor of A rts Manhattan. Montana nrxlti FcnciiKj Cthuoptatn Monogram Club WIII.IAM VntuiL WKIIB llnrlielor of Arts Washington, D. C. (llee Club Dam ' s List .IA MKS ItAYMoxn YVEINLADEU HnHieliir of A rts Chebanse, Illinois Historu Club French Club JOHN (iitEiioiiY WKITHEES Rachelor of Arts Crystal Lake, Illinois Irish Club Jntrrliiill i nrtt ll ' i-lielor of Arts Tcilrcl... Kllio Scholastic l ' ,f .S.S I ' lllll VKLI.Y X YIIITK, Jit. lliii li ior of Aria I.i ' xinston, Massachusetts fCS IiiterJnill Sports HAKOI.[ HAMMOND VlI.I.KMliilli; Haeliflur of Arts I ' awnee. Illinois (llee Club Band DANIEL " AI.SH " n si ltil - l lr,,- ' if Al ' tH Margate. New Jersey IlONAM) (iEOItUK YEC ' KKl. ICOGEKT JOHN ' . K Hiichclur of Arts KiiellestiT. New York Itlin- Cirrle Xfiidciit Heiiiile BeholarHi) of A rts Wanwalosa. Wiseonsin Art (in Hit The bog . . . before Bog-ball in the spring and fall ... a well-beaten path in the snow during winter . . . cri ss-cross trails well established, daring grass to grow . . . during March an impenetrable quagmire which only the bravest dare traverse . . . now rising from its center a large Shopping Center on campus while those who remember its glories of the past shed a tear in nostalgia. . after I, in i .! isi ' .i ' il ' .vr ' ItiK-lii ' lur ' if .1)7 Knitli-wond. New .lersc ' V WJfDV Chief A i nititn -er Rltili ' i ll ' or . ' N O J Air Cutlet Cli.b V. i, TF.K JAMES nrn:i; Ituclielor of A rts I ' ort Iliinm. Michigan Air Cuilit C!i 6 ornrnerce I f+ P -. JMhv k F? Aft RICHARD EDWARD ALFES PETER ABT B. of Phil, in Commerce U.S. in Commerce Ponoka, Canada Lansing, Michigan Glee Club Interhnll Sports Gymnastic Club Propeller Club Manpower Management Marketing Club Association AI.FOXSO ALVAREZ B.3. in Commerce Santa Ana, El Salvador Internal] Sports Chemistry Club LaRaza Club JOHN ALBERT AMAN B.8. in Commerce Ilartville, Ohio Interhall Basketball Interhall Baseball Canton Club Co-Chr. of Activities JOHN RICHARD AQUILLA B.S. in Commerce I.orain, Ohio Varsity Bowling Team Marketing Club Kumpus Keglers 1 ' rrs. THOMAS FRANCIS ARMSTRONG B.S. in Commerce Spartanburg, S. Carolina Knights of Columbus Freshman Football Wrestling Club KOBERT JOSEPH ARRIX B.8. in Commerce Teaneck, New Jersey Varsity football Interhall Basketball DONALD WILLIAM BAIX B.8. in Commerce South I5cnd. Indiana FUlagen .1 kiiu KHWARD BAKER It. of Phil, in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Varsiti Track Muiiftyrnm Club liiteilidll Basketball ROBERT THOMAS BARBOI;R, Jit. B.S. in Commerce Kansas City, Missouri Finance Club THOMAS PATRICK RARXICLE B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois JAMES THOMAS BARKY .N. I ' H Commerce Milwaukee. Wisconsin Glee Club Finance Club Milwaukee Club Vlce-Pres. JOSEPH EMERSON BAUMIE B.B.A. in Commerce Toledo, Ohio Dome WNDU Kampus Keglers Sec. I.ERov CHARLES BELKNAP B.B.A. in Commerce Hudson, New York Dean ' s List Commerce Forum Commerce Senator CHARLES A. BENNETT B.S. in Commerce Celina, Ohio Finance Club Take ten; try again! UOBERT JAMES BENSON B.S. in Commerce Passaic, New Jersey Marketing Club InterhaU Sports Ski Club JOHN THOMAS BERGMAN B. of Phil, in Commerce St. James, Minnesota InterhaU Sports Air Cadet Club Knights of Columbus ROBERT ALOYSIUS RlERMANN B.S. in Commerce Wichita, Kansas Accounting Club Al.FKKli Vl I.I.1A.M P. I M ItOSE -B.S. in Commerce I Jrm-va. Illinois [ " Hlf Inli-i luiU Sports THEODORE ADAM BlNTZ B.S. in Commerce Fremont, Ohio Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Marketing Club WILLIAM JOSEPH B I KM ING HAM BJI.A. in Commerce New Brunswick, N. J. Dean ' s List liitcrhall Sports Irish Cliih RICHARD DEWES BOLAND FRED EUGENE BORDALLO B.S. in Commerce St. Louis, Missouri Accounting Club Air Cutlet Club 11. of Phil, in Commerce Tamuning. Guam Dean ' s List Economic Round Table Inter-American Affairs Club PATRICK MYRON BOYLSON B.S. in Commerce Tuscola, Illinois Third Order of St. Francis Knights of Columbus Track THOMAS DONALD BREXNAN B.S. in Commerce Port Washington, X. Y. alee Club Marketing Club ROBERT OSCAR BROWN B.S. in Commerce Council Bluffs, Iowa Finance Club Knights of Columbus Admen EUGENE ALBERT BRUN B.S. in Commerce Buffalo. New York InterhaU Sports Manpower Management DONAI D F. Bucci B.S. in Commerce Youngstown. Ohio 1 ui-xity Football InterhaU Sports DANIEL JOSEPH BIKKE B.S. in Commerce I.akewood, Ohio Irish Club Marketing Club Advertising Club FRANCIS NUGENT BURKE B.S. in Commerce Evanston. Illinois Accounting Club Sec. Dome Associate Editor Kampus Keglers 301 nr.RT N. BURNS f ' . in Commerce Aurora. Illinois .li;- Cutlet Club in-xitii Ititlt- Tinii A.F.R.O.T.C. Rifle ' I ' m in ClIAIU.KS Si i: V. lM ( [ V ' ' l I. It.x. iii t ' tnn inci ' cc l.aCraiiKc. Illinciis I n li i litill i " 1 rt-titiu fiiitf 1 ' ! till 1:01:1:1:1 N " . CAFFARELLI .x. in Cum incrce Chicago Heights, Illinois Hiiliiui Club ]ln nli ! fax Cunt in Hit r lli ' ttn ' .i l.ixt Going . . . JAM KS Vn i IAM CAIHI. i. .N. Ill t ' lllll nHI ' l-1 (irand Kaiiids. Michigan I t-t-nll n ti 111; I ' lull l tnni)iix Krylct ' S Hum ' s List lOrciKXK IlKXIiY ( ' A MitltSA. .lit. .N. ill I ' ntii tin i Aslmr.v I ' ark. c ' v JITSI l- ' l-CHlllnllll ll lx ' Hlll liilri-luill ltnxl.1 ll,,i l As FKAM-IS C.VISKY 11.11. (. in I ' liiiiini ' i Chicago, Illinois Yiii-silll l- ' iotbiiU Mnilnili-illll f ' lill, Irish t ' tiit GEORGF. MILTOX CARHART B. of Phil, in Commerce Mommouth Beach, N. J. Itliie Circle 1951, Martli Gras Raffle Chairman Admen EUGENE PATRICK ( ' AKIUBINR B.8. in Commerce (!ary. Indiana Vanity Foolbnll Miimn i- ' itii Club Intertuill Sports .IA II:S l- ' icANris C.UMt B.K. in Commerce .Jackson. Michigan Interhall Sports ir Cutlet Club i-i-nuHting Club JOHN COLLINS CASEY B.8. in Commerce Batavia, New York Hiiffulo Club rice-Pres. finance Club Sec. Cotntm t ' rr . flrisory Committee |io Ai.n ' I ' rui ' iN CAVKTT f.K. i Commerce Marlilclicad. Mass. KniiililM nl t ' liliiinbiis 1 ii tit- nit , i - iii Affnirs I -I nli lub l.ciris Al.l ' lliiNsi: CI:N i -LIVRK . ' . ' . Ct in mi roe Fort Wayne, Indiana Itti ,-f I lilt rial, JOSEPH THOMAS ' HAI Horn B.8. in Commerce White Plains. New York Ktitptt8 Keglers SaUini Club Accounting Club 302 DELENO TYBER CHESKY R.S. in Commerce Scotia, New York Capital District of N. Y. ClubPres. Y.C.8. Air Cadet Club RICHARD JEAN CI.AMEXS B.8. in Commerce Maraval. Trinidad l ' ii-l; ' tinfi Club See. Commerce Activities Council Propeller Club i ' iiAi:n THOMAS CLARK ?. ' . in Commerce hi.-ajro. Illinois Accounting Club I- ' ];ANri s I.vr.i: ( ' u:i A N h B.8. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois i HI- it n liiisrlmll Mtirkiliiit chit, Mnnot mw Club .IOSDPII WILLIAM ( ' I.I SSKKATH 11. ft. .1. in Cum nierce Fort Wayne. Indiana l ' i n Kiirt-r Mnittiifi nit nt I ' lu i lit tin ' .i .i t ItlcMIAIil) FRANCIS ( ' i .N. ill Com lin-i-rr Ilivi-r Fon ' st. Illinois ' ot i Htt ' tTf l- ' n-ll lit Marketini club (!, Cin i I Club Kor.ERT CHARLES COPELAKD .N. in C immct ' cc South Hend. Indiana Finance Cli:b JAMES I.EE COPPKBSMITH U.K. ill Commerce Mi I vaukfi ' , Wisconsin Ai-coitntinif Club HOEERT JEXE C ' ORDRY II. of Ph. in Com in i -i- Springfield, Missouri THOMAS MICHAEL COSTELLO 11. of Phil, in Commerce Las Vegas. Nevada California Club Pres. Irish Club Vice-Prcs. KniiiiHis Kcylers JAMES McKiu AIN CorilTNKV B.S. in Commerce Dearborn. Michigan Interhali Sports Accounting Club ALFRED I.EKOV COWI.ES B.S. in Commerce Mi ' iiipliis, Tennessee tlitin nnxiii-x Club l- ' iiifim-i ' club Tract IAS MICHAEL COZAD U.K. in Commerce Itook Island. Illinois Intel-hall N 1. 1:1: CREAX B.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Glee Club Bus. Man. Sophomore Cotillion ' ' (V-AT Cluiir iuin 195. ' , Commerce Ball Chairman FRANCIS JOSEPH CRIIIHS R.S. in Commerce Poyntelle, Pennsylvania Finance Club Manayei ' 8 Association Interhali Kportx MARTIN ALOYSIL ' S Cl ' LHANE in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Commerce Forum Mr Cadet Club Sophomore Cotillion Committee MICHAEL PATRICK CULLINAN II. It. A. in Commerce Laredo, Texas Texas Club. Sec. JAMES FRANK Cl ' NNINUHAM It.H. in Commerce ItouiKl Brook, New Jersey Wrestling MtllTC Council Mnrki ' tini Club 3. CYRIL DALEIDEN. JR. U.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois In l ;-li,ill Itinkctbnll rnxlimiin Husketball JOHN ALOYsn ' S DA MM B.S. in Commerce Osgood. Indiana Ha ml ' oiintini Club EDWARD JOSEPH DAVID B.S. in Commerce Fayetteville, N. C. Syrian-Lebanonese Club STEPHEN- WALTER DEE B.S. in Commerce liochclle. Illinois Orchestra. CHARLES ANDREW DEGER B.S. in Commerce Toledo. Ohio Interhali Sports Kampus Keglert . Gone ! ! 303 FREDERICK THOMAS DELANY B.8. in Commerce Syracuse, New York Freshman Baseball Vanity Baseball Bar Bell Club HOWARD I. DELINE B.S. in Commerce Denver, Colorado Student Senate Blue Circle Knights of Columbus KDWARD JOSEPH DEMPSEY B.S. in Commerce Rochester. New York Interhall Sports Accounting Club Irish Club PAUL WILLIAM DEFIES B.S. in Commerce New Holstein, Wisconsin Interhall Sports Marketing Club Propeller Club DAN JAMES DIVANE B.S. in Commerce Oak Park, Illinois Speakers Bureau Accounting Club CHARLES VINCENT DOHERTY B.S. in Commerce Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Debate Team Pres. Commerce Forum Accounting Club Say it again ! p. S s ifc f J GEORGE UICHARD DONAHUE B.S. in Commerce Lafayette, Indiana Air Cadet Club JOSEPH RAYMOND DONLAN, JR. B. of Phil, in Commerce Belleville. Illinois Marketing Club RONALD E. DOWNEE B.S. in Commerce Kansas City, Missouri Manpower Management Association THOMAS CLAIRE DRISCOLL JAMES RALPH DRYHEX B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Interhall Sports Finance Club Knights of Columbus B.S. in Commerce Flint, Michigan Iliii- Hell Club Accounting Club Interhall Sports ROBERT JOHN DRYDEN B.S. in Commerce Flint. Michigan Bar lietl Club Manpower Management club Inti ' t ' lulU Sports DONN BERNARD DUFFY B.S. in Commerce Larchmont, New York Marketing Club Admen Met. Club Sec. JAMES JOSEPH DCFFY B.S. in Commerce Dayton, Ohio Finance Club Bengal Bouts OWEN HENRY DCGAN B.B.A. in Commerce Quincy, Massachusetts Interhall Sports Marketing Club JOHN CARNEY DWYER B.S. in Commerce Batavia, New York Commerce Forum Admen Air Cadet Treas. PAUL ARTHUR DWYER B.S. in Commerce Quincy, Illinois Dean ' s List Accounting Club FREDERICK CHARLES ECKART B.B.A. in Commerce Tampa, Florida Scholastic Interhall Football 304 JOHN EI MIINI i: ;. v B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Jllllf lll touts Air Cadtt Club JAMES DANIEL EHRET B.B.A. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Junior Gloss Sec. Washington Una Exercises Chairman Chicago Club Sec. JOHN WALLACE EVRARD R.S. in Commerce Tell City, Indiana ' iiKlllrr Club Intcrlmll Sports Knights of Columbus SHATN JOSEPH FALI.OX B.S. in Commerce Pittsfield, Massachusetts Finance Club Treus. Irish Club Interhall Sports UICHAKD JOHN FARRELI. B.S. in Commerce Bronx, New York Varsity Baseball Monogram Club J. RICHARD FEELET B.S. in Commerce River Forest, Illinois Finance Club Interhall Sports THOMAS JOSEPH FEEI.EY B.S. in Commerce ItlviT Forest. Illinois Interhall ' ' .v MICHAEL FRED FISCHELLA PATL JOHN FITZ :KI:AI.I B. of Phil, in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Itall ' lll ( ' III I: Philosophy Club Marketing Club WALTER JEROME FLAHERTY Torrlngton, Connecticut B.S. in Commerce Scholastic Photographer Elizabeth, New Jersey Dome-Scholastic Photo Interhall Sports Coordinator Admen Vice-Pres. Knights of Columbus Y.C.S. CHRISTOPHER THOMAS FLYNN B.S. in Commerce Minneapolis. Minnesota Air Cadet Club Dome Marketing Club JOHN FRANK FLYNN B.B.A. in Commerce River Forest, Illinois Interhall Sports JOHN O ' BRIEN For EY B.S. in Commerce Indianapolis, Indiana Varsity Golf Interhall Sports PATRICK JOHN FOLEY B.S. in Commerce Dayton, Ohio Dean ' s List Knights of Columbus Accounting Club FRANKLIN JOHN FORTE B. of Phil, in Commerce St. Petersburg, Florida Marketing Club . Two no trump. The pleasant rooms in LeMans Hall where social- minded Notre Dame men relax and forget their studies ... A long conversation for couples . . . Hurried good- nights after a date . . . The lonely walk back across the Dixie . JOSEPH WILLIAM FONTANA B.S. in Commerce Port Washington. N. Y. Inlerhall Sports Marketing Club Propeller Club RICHARD LOWELL FRASOR B.S. in Commerce Blue Island. Illinois Varsity Football JOHN ANTHONY FREELAND B.S. in Commerce Michigan City. Indiana Knights of Columbus Interhall Sports Marketing Club 305 DONALD CHARLES FREUND B.8. in Commerce McHenry, Illinois Glee Club FREDERICK GAI.IONE B.B.A. in Commerce Uoslyn Heights, New York Interhall Sports THOMAS MICHAEL GALLAGHER B.S. in Commerce Newton, Iowa Irish Club THOMAS JOSEPH GALLIUAN B.S. in Commerce Oak Park. Illinois Interhall Sports Accounting Club Marketing Club PETER ALEXANDER GANTERT B.S. in Commerce Southhury. Connecticut Chess Club Sec. Dean ' s List RICHARD I.ocis GAI i ii i EH B.S. in Commerce Griffith. Indiana Knights of Col u in linn Commerce Forum Accounting Club Trent. i DONALD HAROID GELS B.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Blue Circle Dance Band A i BERT EDWIN GERMAIN B.S. in Commerce Sagman, Michigan Accounting Club Glee Club Dean ' s List GEOROE W. GIST, JR. B.S. in Commerce Houston, Texas Interhall Baseball Air Cadet ( ' til, finance Club JOHN ROBERT GITS B.B..4. in Commerce River Forest, Illinois Track Cross Count r ft Commerce Forum RICHARD J. GLENMPN B.B.A. in Commerce So. I artmnuth. Mass. Intel-nail Football Interhall Itasfball Mi- ' ! I Club JOHN HrnF.RT OOETSCB B.S. in Commerce Mrrrill. Wisconsin lii ' iii ' s List I ' l-niiiniiif Ifnmnl Table Pretlilfnt Sluilinl l KM! EDWARD J. GRIFFIN B.S. in Commerce Knoxvllle, Tennessee Dome Bus. Mar. Mariii Gras Carnii-al Chairman Accounting Club 306 JOHN HENRY GROGAN B.S. in Commerce Lafayette, Indiana Accounting Club JAMES RON-SARD GHOONKI.I. B.S. in Commerce llempstead. New York Interhall Sports Murketing Club ANTHONY SAM TEL Grioo RICHARD PAI-L HAIRSINE JOSEPH JOHN HAI;C:ERTY B.S. in Commerce Weedville, Pennsylvania Wilmington. Delaware llran ' s List Scholastic Photo Kililur liilairiire Valley I ' li.l I ' l ' txiiirnt B. of Phil, in Commerce B. of Phil, in Comment Chicago, Illinois I ' m the campus wheel . . . the big shot. The politician, administrator, student leader, club officer and general big-deal meatball, all rolled into one grand and glorious guy. I ' ve got my finger in every pie on campus large pies, small pies, and medium sized pies. The Freshmen are my biggest admirers. When I strut down the quadrangle they always look ove rtheir shoul- ders at me when I pass. Someday they hope to be big- wheels too. That ' s why I have such a large following: They ' re mostly underclassmen. By the time a student gets to be a Junior or Senior he usually has wised up, or else become a big wheel himself. When I walk around the campus I have to look im- portant like a big-shot. Part of public relations, or something like that. The wheel always has to appear to be in a hurry. That ' s part of the effect. A cigar helps too. As a consequence I ' ve got an ulcer. And when you get an ulcer you ' re really a campus wheel. Even the other wheels look up to you then. XKAL JOSEPH HALLORAX B.B.A. in Commerce Iliver Forest. Illinois liitrrhall Spoils Irish Club Generation Club JOHN MICHAEL IlAlll ' IUAN B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Marketing Club Vice-Pres. Mr Cadet Club- - Vice-Pres. Dean ' s List .Iciiix FRANCIS HAMII., " N U.S. in Coniiiierce Clinton. Illinois Hi-mi ' s List Inti-i liatl Sports HOWARD F.rcjKXF. HART IS. of Phil, in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Finance Club Intei-hall Sports I ' liiliisophu Club JOSKPH LAWRENCE HEAP R.8. in Commerce Abita Springs, Louisiana Varsity Football Varsity Track M ' tiinijram Club JOSKPH ANTHONY llENEHAN B.S. in Commerce Louisville. Kentucky Accounting Club JAMES LAWRKNCK HESBUBOB A. in Commerce Syracuse, New York Stuilent Senate Miiitni-jl Coillli-i! - Prexiili ' nt Central ew York Cli:b Prmidrnt JOHN JOSEPH HKSI-KR B.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois .1 rrninttillfl Club I iitcrltnll Sports J I RICHARD THOMAS HICK FT B.S. in Com iiK ' i-i-i (irneva, Illinois Interhall Sports It cmi ' s List rintince Club C. UlCHARD IIlCKS B.S. in Commerce N. Hollywood, California Irish Club Pres. Lyons Hall Pret. Ktinleiit Senate Treat. (lEUAIlD ClIARI KS Hll LSMAX B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Accounting Club Air Cutlet Cli b Interhall Sports , UOBERT EDMTXD HlNDERSCHEID B.S. in Commerce Akron, Ohio Interliall Baseball Hand Akron Club Treas. JAMKS NORMAN HIPSKIND B.S. in Coin mcrcc Fort Wayne, Indiana Third Order of St. Francis Prfs. Mr ( ' ail ft Chili Al-CIIHIltilll dull .IUHX Ai i KX Hours B.S. in Commerce Oklahoma Citv, Oklahoma .-He Cuilet Club Iris ' i Club JOHX IlCSSKI L HOBI.ITKKLL B.B.A. in Commerce Hahway. New Jersey Kampus Keglers InterhaU Football Marketing Club MICHAEL JOHX HOFFMAN B.S. in Commerce South Bend, Indiana Air Cadet Club KOBERT JOHX FAGAN IIOFFMASTF.R B.S. in Commerce Fond du Lac, Wisconsin l- ' reshmiin Basketball Market in f Club PA xi EL JOSEPH IIOI.LERAN B.S. in Commerce Bogota, New Jersey 307 JOSEPH PAUL HOST B.8. in Commerce Grand Rapids. Michigan Marketing Club LOL ' IS UoIlKIJT IICBER, JR. B.8. in Commerce Bataviu. New York ItlCHARD JOHN IlrETIIEIt B.S. in Commerce Sehenectady, New York Marketing Club Capital District Club Tice-Pret. Book Exchange JOHN EDWVRD HUGHES B.S. in Commerce Portland. Oregon UICIIAKD I.KE IIr ;Mi:s B.8. in Commerce St. Louis, Missouri 1 lean ' s List I- ' inance Club Interhall Sports FEDERICO JOSE HTMIIKUT B.S. in Commerce Panama, Panama Interhall llaseball l. tltti;n flub Treai. HOBERT LEO H I ' NECK B.S. in Commerce Marion. Indiana Marketing Club Freshman Track Glider Club THOMAS ItOBERr IOLESKI B.B.A. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Manpower Management Club MICHAEL JOHN JACKMAN U.S. in Commerce Waterloo, Iowa I nl rr hull Sports Knights of Columbus Commerce Forum WII.LIAM NEWEI i. JACKSON B.S. in Commerce Itath. MMillr JOHN FRANCIS .|AIH I .x. in ' ii iiicrce (Jrcat Neck. New York Freshman llaskelbnll Internal! Sports KDWIN FKANCIS JANSSKN I.X. i ( Cinninerce St. Paul, Minnesota Propeller Club Interim!! Hasketbull JOHN HENRY JENA B.S. in Commerce South Bend. Indiana Villagers WALTER JOHN KAVANACGH B.S. in Commerce Somervllle, New Jersey Knights of Columbus Air Cadet Club I.EO Dt NX KEENAN B.S. in Commerce East Orange. New Jersey Admen Vice President Interhall Sports Dome EDWARD FRANCIS KELLY MICHAEL JOSEPH KELLY -B.S. in Commerce Jackson Heights. N. Y. Head Football Manager Monogram Club Met. Club Vice-Pres. 308 B.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Air Cadet Club Pres. Commerce Forum Marketing Club STEPHEN PATRICK KENNEDY It. of Phil, in Commerce Itayside, New York Accounting Club Upper classmen driven to distraction by blundering freshmen ... as tradition is THOMAS JOSEPH KEWI.EY B.S. in Commerce Michigan City, Indiana Dean ' s List Finance Club Manpower Management dub WILLIAM J. KILBURG U.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Varsity Track Monogram Club Air Cadet Ctub JAMES PETER KING B.S. in Commerce Short Hills, New Jersey Internal! Sports THOMAS CHARLES KlNSLER B. of Phil, in Commerce Omaha, Nebraska Golf Team Interhall Sports DANIEL CLEMENT KIS .KA B.S. in Commerce South Bend, Indiana Orchestra Accounting Club Villagers GEORGE V. KLI;E :UI. B.S. in Commerce Lamlierton. Minnesota Accounting Club Interhall Sparta MALCOLM O. KOONS B.S. in Commerce P.oyertown. Pennsylvania i-i-onutinit Club ll ' ixll l-hlh Interhall Sports JAMES T. KORTE lt.l!.. . in Commerce (Jrosse Pointe, Michigan Interhall Kports UICHARD A. KRAL R. of Phil, in Commerce Hollywood, Florida licnii ' s List HOI.AND W. KUEBKR B.B.A. in Commerce Dotrolt. Michigan Marriage Institute Chairman Senate President ' s Advisory Council Parent-Son Weekend Committee ROBERT B. KCNZE It.S. in Commerce Teaneck. Now Jersey Metropolitan duo President Knights of Columbus liengal Routs defiled . . . traversing those steps . . . re- served for the elite who have merited it. RICHARD E. LANGE B.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Interhall Sports DONAID E. LANSPA B.S. in Commerce Scottsbluff, Nebraska Dean ' s List Marketing Club CHRISTIAN J. LARSEN B.B.A. in Commerce Plainfleld, New Jersey Garden State Club Director Knights of Columbus Speakers ' Bureau V -z Y fc | EUGENE WILLIAM LESMEZ B.S. in Commerce Elmhurst, New York ELLIOT R. LESE B.S. in Commerce Rockville Centre, N. Y. Dean ' s List Third Order of St. Francis Accounting Club RICHARD H. LOFGREN B.S. in Commerce Jamestown, New York Fencing Interhall Sports 30S HOBERT E. LUNDQl ' IST B.8. in Commerce South Bend, Indiana Orchestra ROBERT A. LCPE B.S. in Commerce Scheneetady. New York Capital District Club of Xe w York Sec. DONALD M. LYNCH B.S. in Commerce Cranford. New Jersey Commerce Forum Hall Council Manpower Management DorcLAS L. MAKER B.S. in Commerce Union, New Jersey Finance Club WALTER I . MAKTCK B.S. in Commerce Stamford. Connecticut i-i-inintiiia Club Interhall Sports ROBERT P. M.U.I B.S. in Commerce Tacoma. Washington Knights of Columbus Marketing Club MICHAEL V. MAI.ONEV B.S. in Commerce Niagara Falls, New York Kninpus Keglers Irish Club Finance Club RAYMOND I ' . MAM KY II. X. in Commerce Youngstown, Ohio - ' i ninting Club JAMES .1. MAIOOLY U.S. in Commerce I ' liiiMgo. Illinois lit mi ' s List Finance dub Interhall Sports JOHN F. MAXIX B.S. in Commerce (in-i-nrille. Ohio Air Cuilet Club Mm kf ' tiitff f ' luh Interhall Sports FREDERICK M. MAROON B.S. in Commerce Wilson. North Carolina Syrian-Lebanese Club Vice-Pres. Marketing Club Monogram Club Senior Manager NEAI. F. MASON It. It. A. in Commerce Birmingham, Michigan II tin ' s List Dftroit Club Treas. Knights of Columbus By the placid shores of St. Mary ' s Lake DONALD J. MATTHEWS B.S. in Commerce Oyster Bav, New York Sailing Team . Commodore 310 THOMAS P. MAY B.S. in Commerce Racine, Wisconsin Dean ' s List Glee Club Pres. Admen ROBERT E. McAt I.IFKE B.S. in Commerce St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis Club Pres. Accounting Club Pres. Commerce Activities Council I ' ATRICK J. MCCANX B.S. in Commerce P.Hmar, New Jersey Freshman Basketball Interhall Sports DAVID R. MCCARTHY It. It. A. in Commerce live. New York Student Senate Dance Manager WNDU RICHARD T. McCoRMiCK U.S. in Commerce Krie. Pennsylvania Finance Club Gliiler Club Flying Irish Club THOMAS M. McCoy B.S. in Commerce Fayetteville, N. C. PAMKL I ' . McCfLi.oi ' GH II. S. in Commerce Calgarv. Alberta, Canada Inlet-hall Sports JOHN E. McCOLIOCOH B.S. in Commerce Janesvllle, Wisconsin WNDV Interhatt Sporti RICHARD C. MCDONALD U.S. in- Commerce Decatur. Illinois Accounting Club Interhall Sports JA.MKS E. McGl ' iRE U.S. in Commerce Managua, Nicaragua THOMAS J. MclNTOSH, JR. B.S. in Commerce Detroit, Michigan Sophomore Cotillion- Chairman Irish Club Interhall Sports WALI ACE J. MCKENNA B.S. in Commerce Saginaw, Michigan Dean ' s List Commerce Forum Accounting Club DONALD W. MCKENZIE B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Knights of Columbus Commerce Forum Army Rifle Team Wn LIAM P. McLAiN B.S. in Commerce Warren, Ohio Youngstoivn Club Sec. CLIFFORD J. MCN ' AMAKA B.S. in Commerce Big Sandy, Montana Knights of Columbus Irish Club MICHAEL J. MCNAMARA B.S. in Commerce Noblesville, Indiana Indianapolis Club - Vice-Pres. PATRICK W. MCNAMARA B.S. in Commerce Dallas, Texas Knights of Columbus Irish Club CHARLES D. MEARS -B.S. in Commerce Waukegan, Illinois Accounting Club Bengal Bouts Interhall Sports MICHAEL J. MELVIN B.S. in Commerce Elmwood. Indiana Knights of Columbus Art Guild Sailing Club ROBERT E. MEYER U.S. in Commerce Oshkosh, Wisconsin Finance Club Interhall Sports GEORGE J. MEYERS B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Accounting Club Air Cadet Club PAI-L A. MILLER B.S. in Commerce South Bend, Indiana Dean ' s List Marketing Club Villagers Club Sec. JAMES G. MONGELLO B.S. in Commerce Erie, Pennsylvania Erie Club Pres. Finance Club Italian Club 311 DANIEL A. MOORE B.S. in Commerce Summit. N ' ew Jersey Debate Team Bridge Club Interhall Sports EDWARD J. MOHAN B.S. in Commerce Xlcmphis, Tennessee Knights of Columbus Finance Club Interhall Sports WILLIAM .1. MORRIS B.S. in Commerce Heading, Pennsylvania Knights of Columbus 1 ' - ' ii ititift Club Xuiliiit Club What a difference . . HOBERT T. MORRISON .N. ill I ' mil tttt ' t ' ce Chicago, Illinois Knights of Columbus Marketing Club llfiieriitiun I ' lub HONAI.D M. MOTTL B.B.A. in Commerce Parma. Ohio Varsity Baseball MlCIIAi:!. .1. Mm 1.1: B.S. in I ' IHII iiierce Wappinger Kails, N. V. Dome .1 Force Rifle Team Capital District Club secretary m_ nm_ __ _m __ ____ ___ Tw. ' , PAL-L R. MUELLER B.B.A. in Commerce Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kampus Keglers Interhall Sports WILLIAM A. XI i 1.1.1:1: B.S. in Commerce Itahway. New Jersey Air Cadet Club ' Kampus Keglers Interhall Sports JOHN J. MUHNANE B.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Varsity Golf Irish. Club Interhall Sports JEROME E. MURPHY B.S. in Commerce Bridgeport, Connecticut Finance Club Freshman Football 312 JOHN A. MURPHY B.S. in Commerce Rochester, New York Band Varsity Track PAUL R. MURPHY B.S. in Commerce Lockport, New York Air Cadet Club Commerce Forum . . . four years can make. UOBERT E. MURPHY B.S. in Commerce Camden, New Jersey Marketing Club Interhall Sports JOHN D. MniRAi B.S. in Commerce Pekin. Illinois Accounting Club Irish Club Intel-hall Sports ALFRED L. NARDINE B.S. ire Commerce Vincennes, Indiana Knights o! Columbus IJin-.KKT V. NAVARRE B. of Phil, in Commerce Notre Dame. Indiana Knights of Columbus Generation Club I.KI.AND S. NE.MECHEK, JR. B.S. in Commerce Denver. Colorado Glee Club Colorado Club See.-Treas. Marketing Club HARRY P. NEWMAN B.S. in Commerce Milwaukee, Oregon Knights of Columbus Accounting Club Interhull Sports RICHARD J. NIEDERRITEK B.S. in Commerce Erie, Pennsylvania KiDtipitx Kcglers Interliall Sports TIMOTHY C. NORTON B.S. in Commerce S;in Marino, California Admen Irish Club Interhall Sports WILLIAM P. O ' CONNOR B.S. in Commerce Man in ' s Ferry, Ohio RICHARD A. O ' DONNELL B.B..4. in Commerce Upper Montclair, N. J. Commerce Activities Council Admen President 1951, Mardi Oras Haffle Chairman JOSEPH P. O ' MALLEY B.S. in Commerce Detroit, Michigan Irish Club Interhall Sports THOMAS F. O ' MALLEY B. of Phil, in Commerce Kansas City, Missouri Senior Class Secretary Student Senate lludln Hall Pres. KlCHARD N. O ' ROURKB B. of Phil, in Commerce Hanford, California California, Club Pres. Senior Associate Football Manager Interhall Sports JAMES A. O ' TOOLE B.S. in Commerce Battle Creek, Michigan Knights of Columbus Bengal Bouts Manpower Management Chit JAMES J. OWENS JOHN L. PALMISANO B. of Phil, in Commerce B.S. in Commerce St. Paul, Kansas Erie, Pennsylvania Knights of Columbus Kampus Keglers Finance Club Italian Club Interhall Sports TONY L. PASQUESI B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Varsity Football JOHN W. PEISKER B.S. in Commerce St. Louis, Missouri Knights of Columbus Itifle Team Lons D. PETERS B.S. in Commerce Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Finance Club Manpower Management Club Inierhall Sports THOMAS H. PETIERSON B.S. in Commerce Grand Rapids, Michigan Varsity Basketball Accounting Club Monogram Club PA i ' i. J. PFOHL If.s. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Bowling Barbell Club Varsity Golf GUY E. PIERCE B.S. in t ' tnii iin ' i ' t-t- Brodhead, Wisconsin Marketing Club PHILIP R. POWELL Bachelor of Business Administration Crawfordsville, Indiana ROBERT L. Pozzi U.S. in Commerce Mishawaka, Indiana 313 Come on ! They ' re nice girls. I: n. PRASSAS B.S. in Commerce Wilmette. Illinois Accounting Club Intel-hall Sports JOSEPH A. PSARTO B. of Phil, in Commerce Coatesvllle. Pennsylvania Accounting Club JOSEPH S. RAFFEHTT {.N. in Commerce Highland Park, Illinois Interhall Sports TIMOTHY J. UAI ' H D.B.A. in Commerce Akron, Ohio Interhall Sportt FENJAMIN T. lir.inv B.S. in Commerce Hock Island. Illinois In nil ' s List MAI-RICI: T. HKIDY It. 8. in Commerce Denver. Colorado Varsity Tennis l " H ' i ' ' l III Clltb - ' niiinnft club i JOHN K. REILLT B.S. in Commerce New Rochelle, New York Varsity Baseball InterhaU Sports 314 DALE P. RENAULT B.S. in Commerce Imlay City. Michigan Knights of Columbus C. RONALD RENE B.S. in Commerce Bristol, Rhode Island JAMES T. RENO B.S. in Commerce Va.viH-. Michigan Finance Club Bengal Bouts Champion 1953 WILLIAM M. RICHARDSON B.B.A. in Commerce N ' Itrunswlck, N ' . J. Cross Count ru Track JAMIIS !:. KlCKLINO B.S. in Commerce Hamilton, Ohio Finance Club Interhall Sports .T. PETER RlTTEX B.S. in Commerce Minneapolis. Minnesota Knights of Columbus I- ' ininifC Club lull i hull Sports DONALD J. ROBINSON B.S. in Commerce Tittsford. New York Marketing Club Adnirn Interhall Sports JEKKOLD M. ROE B.S. in Commerce Mticomb. Illinois Accounting Club Speakers ' Bureau MAX A. ROESLER Fort Wayne, Indiana Kampus Keglers Bridge Club Freshman Basketball .1. KM. MET ROOT H.B.A. in Commerce Minneapolis. Minnesota Dean ' 8 List Hull Representative P.F.A.-Student Itepresentatire RICHARD E. RCTLEDGE B.B.A. in Commerce San I.eandro, California RICHARD C. Hrwi: B.S. in Commerce c v Augusta. Indiana JI IIN .7. KVAX ' .N. ill 1 ' mil ntt ' iTi Cliii ' iif. ' i . Illinois i ' iii mcrcc Forum KAI.EEL G. SALLOUM B.S. in Commerce Culfport, Mississippi Marketing Club Syria-Lebanese Club- Secretarii GEORGE M. SASKO B.S. in Commerce University Heights, Ohio Finance Club WNDV Interhall Sports ItiifNO E. SAVICZ B.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Marketing Clul} Acfiiunting Club WILBUR J. SCHAEFER B.S. in Commerce Rocky River, Ohio Band Knights of Columbus Manpower Management Club .IdllX E. Sl. ' IIAXO i..S. i Commerce Savannah, Georgia [i-i-o anting Club Mr I ' a let Club AI ' KOTC Rifle Team DAVID T. SCHEELE B.S. in Commerce Arlington, Virginia Dean ' s List Concert Band Marketing Club RICHARD C. SCHEIBELIU ' T B.S. in Commerce South Bend. Indiana Student Law Assn. FRANCIS X. SCHILLO B.S. in Commerce Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Marketing Club Admen Pittsburgh Club Free. JAMES F. SCHLAGHECK It. of Phil, in Commerce Toledo. Ohio Scholastic Finance Club STEPHEN A. SCHLEXOER B.B.A. in Commerce West Long Branch. N. .1. Knights of Columbus Marketing Club Interhall Sports WILLIAM J. SCH.MITZ B.S. in Commerce Monroe, Wisconsin Dean ' s List student Manager Finance Club EDWARD C. SCHNEIDER B.S. in Commerce Oak Park, Illinois Accounting Club Air Cadet Club Interhall Sports JAMES A. SCHUETZ B.S. in Commerce Kansas City, Kansas Varsity Football Knights of Columbus Marketing Club MATTHEW A. SCHUMACHER B.S. in Commerce Tulsa. Oklahoma Interhall Sports JOHN H. SENNETT B.S. in Commerce Royal Oaks, Michigan Irish Club Bridge Club DANIEL J. SHANNON B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Varsity Football Co-Captain Monogram Club 315 TIMOTHY J. SHEA B.8. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Air Cadet Clult Irish Club Bar Bell Club GERALD T. SHEAHAX B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois GEORGE II. SHEI.TOX B.S. in Commerce Paducah. Kentucky Accounting Club Campus Press Bus. Mgr. DONALD A. SHOXTS B. of Phil, in Commerce Lisbon. Ohio Interhall Sports Jonx R. SKIBIXSKI 11. of Phil, in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Student Manager finance Club JAMES S. SMITH B. of Phil, in Commerce Oak Park. Illinois Marketing Club Irish Club Commerce Forum OWEN R. SODETZ B.S. in Coillnn i-i-i Homewood, Illinois Marketing Club Kampus Keglers JOHN W. SORANNO (. ' . ill fnnniK f -i Fn -mi. California Varsity Track Marketing Club Ail men Ohhh ! Double sign ! KDWAIID .1. STKMIKK B.S. in Commerce Birmingham, Michigan Accounting Club Interhall Sports WILLIAM A. STAHL B.S. in Commerce Aurora. Illinois Dome Olee Chili Mr C ' i ' lit Club Sec. JOHN F. Srni ' Hi.Ns B.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Varsity Basketball Varsity football Chicago Club Treas. .! n:s I:. STKVKNS in Commerce Detroit. Michigan Marketing Club Y.C.8. Interhall Sports MACK W. STEWART B.S. in Commerce Dallas, Texas WILLIAM J. STOUTEXBURGH B.S. in Commerce Kidgewood, New Jersey Air Cadet Club Finance Club Kampus Keglers JAMES E. STLLIVAN B.S. in Commerce Franklin, Pennsylvania Accounting Club Student Law Assn. Vetville Council GEOKGE A. SUXKEL B.S. in Commerce Paris, Illinois Finance Club Generation Club Interhall Sports KICIIAUD F. S .V MA.NSKI B.S. in Commerce Toledo. Ohio Varsity Football Rocco J. TAXXUXK B.S. in Commerce Port Chester. New York Gymnastics 316 FEDERICO TKRA f.N. ill ' ' innttit n-c Mexico D.F.. Mcxiro La KII-II Chili Soccer Team FREDERICK A. THOMAS B.B.A. in Commerce Kokorao, Indiana WILLIAM G. TICK B.S. in Conitnm-1 ' Rockford, Illinois Bock Rh-er Valley Club Secretary Freshman Track Interhall Sports JAMES K. TOOHEY B.S, in Commerce Kvanston. Illinois Marketing Club Interhall Sports JOHN C. TROGOI.O B.S. in Coinmi-n-i ' Christopher, Illinois Kampus Keglers Propeller Club Bridge Club JOSEPH J. TURK li.S. in Commerce Joliet, Illinois Dome Irish Club Air Cadet Club JOHN D. TvKinr f.N. In 1 ' nin t ii ' frf 1 ii Mil vin.i l. South Dnkntn ANTHONY K. VAI.LACK .N. in C ' uiiiiierce Port Chester. New York i-i-nniiting Club Frrshman Football ruENE P. WAGNER B.B.A. in Commerce Chagrin Falls. Ohio Air Force Rifle Team Air Cadet Club Kinnpiis Keglers WILLIAM A. WALSH B.S. in Commerce Oilman, Illinois Sophomore Class President Student Senate Irisli Club Sec. MICHAEL A. WAKD B.S. in Commerce Scarsdale, New York JAMES J. WELTZIEN B.S. in Commerce Huntley. Illinois Iliind t EDMUND I.. WIIITI-: f.N. f ' tmniitrrt Whiti ' Mains. New York Metropolitan Club Vice-Fret, Student Law Assn. Freshman Dance BERNARD J. WIELOCH B.S. in Commerce Dudley. Massachusetts r.o.8. Freshman Basketball Interhall Sports KICHAKD V. WILLIAMS B.S. in Commerce New Rochelle, N. Y. Dean ' s List Debate JAMKS K. WILSON B.S. in Commerce St. Paul, Minnesota Manpower Management Club ItOBERT J. WlXii B.S. in Commerce Kvanston. Illinois Interhall Sports Dome Managing Editor Irish Club KENNETH S. WOODFORD B.S. in Commerce Chicago. Illinois Rifle Team Co-Captain Marketing Club Propeller Club JAMES J. YONKE B.S. in Commerce Joliet. Illinois Dome Bus. Mgr. Chess Club Vice Pres. Admen Treas. WAKREN A. i ' OCNQSTROBJ B.S. in Commerce Omaha, Nebraska Nebraska Club Vice-Pres. Interhall Sports Lori s It. ZEFRAN B. of Phil, in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Philosophy Club Finance Club Keglers KDWARD 1 ' . ZOTTER B.S. in Commerce Port Huron, Michigan Student Law Assn. 317 naineenna d - HOWARD THOMAS ARCY la, H.S. ill Mech. Engr. I i ' ill-born. Michigan nenns List A.S.M.E. Jox AI.TMAN HAKF.R U.K. in Mech. Euyr. Wolcottvillc, Indiana A.8.M.B. Uliilei- Club JOHN .IOSEIMI BAI.I.ANCI: U.K. in M.E.LO. l " ppcr Mnntelalr. N. .7. R.O.T.C. Rifle Tt-nm GKKAI.D THOMAS BARNKIT .N. i ' rt Hlcr. En ir. New Kochelle. N. Y. A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. .InHN FHANCIS BATTKI, U.K. in M.H.I.O. Brooklyn, NVw York RotcliHi Inti-rlui l riiiitbnll Intn-lnill Itul ' .KKT .IcilIX BAUDEKISTEL It.K. ill I ' ii ' il Emir. St. I.oills. Miss, . in i A.B.C.S. .IOSF.PH EDWARD BAUM JR. B.8. in Chem. Engr. Battle Creek, Michigan A.I.cii.i:. I- ' KANK CllKNVII.I.K IlKAKIISI.KV B.S. in Ciril l- ' .niir. Chicaso, Illinois A.B.O.S. l ni jlitH nf C ' tlitnib WILLIAM I ' .i HIM: I!I:CK li.S. in Clicin. Knur. Little Hock, Arkansas liY Ciiili ' l Club A.I.CH.E. r si l- ' KANfls I ' KTKU ] ' . r I 1:1 , I.I; B.8. in llerh. Enijr. Itockford. Illinois A.S.M.E. Interliull Kports JOHN KKWAKD UKXDKL fl.H. in Elfr. Enyr. IClTii ilriivc ' . Wisconsin WMII Milii-iniki ' i ' Club Pren. A.l.E.E.-l.R.E. I (re 1 ' lniirliKlll -IIAKII I.A VI:KNCE BLACK U.K. in Ciril Engr. Killanninj;. I ' a. A.S.CTE. JOHN JOSEPH BOGAN B.B. in M.E.1.0. Brielle, New Jersey A.S.M.E. Aii- Cadet Club !oni:nT LAURENCE BOI.GER WILLIAM JOHN BONDE ' . in Eler. Eni r. Clarendon Hills. Il ' llnol A.l.E.E.-I.R.E. B.S. in Mech. Engr. Kow Gardens, New York Uniting Team Interhall Basketball lulcrlinU Football THOMAS ANTHONY BRAND B.S. in Client. Engr. Wausau, Wisconsin A.I.CIi.E. Interhall Sports Deans List CARL F. BRATTON JR. B.8. in Civil Engr. Louisville, Kentucky A.S.C.E. Kentucky Club Sec ROBERT RICHARD BREZENSKI B.S. in Chem. Enyr. Detroit, Michigan A.I.Ch.E. I.EE J. BROCKWAY (. of Arch. Knijr. Howe. Indiana .1. 1. A. Sec. Engr. Afh ' isorn Hoard Vice I ' resirii-nt Concert Itaiiil WILLIAM MICHAEL BROXDER B.S. in Mech. Engr. Greenville. Pennsylvania Deans A.S.M.E. Mi- Cutlet Club CHARI ES JOHN BROWN B..S " . in Mech. Engr. Midland Park, X. J. A. S.M.I:. mm JAMES ALBERT BROWN B.S. in Ciril Engr. Monterey Park. Calif. L8.C.S. PETER BURTON BRYANT B.S. in Mech. Engr. Chicago, Illinois A.S.M.E. Air Cadet Club FRANK JOSEPH BTRGE B.S. in Elec. Engr. Chicago, Illinois Architects burn midnight oil. DONALD JOSEPH BURKHART B.S. in Elec. Engr. Long Beach, California WILLIAM HARDY BURNETT B.S. in Engineering Washington, D. C. A.S.M.E. CHARLES GERALD BURNS B.S. in Civil Engr. Pottsville, Pennsylvania Interhall Sports A.8.O.S. Anthracite Club JOSEPH FRANCIS BCZZONE B.S. in Ciril Engr. Bronx, New York Hand A.S.C.E. Treasurer Italian, Club Sec. THOMAS ALOYSIUS CAHILL II. of Arch. Engr. Gadsden. Alabama Architect! Club JAMES VINCENT CALLAHAN B.S. in Mech. Engr. Chicago, Illinois A.S.M.E. 319 ARCHIE R. CAMPBELL B. o] Arch. Etigr. Flint. Michigan A. I. A. Interhttll Sports RICHARD THOMAS CAN FIELD B.8. in Mech. Engr. Brooklyn. New York Knights of Columbus JOSEPH RICHARD CAPKA B.S. in Aero. Engr. Middletown, Pennsylvania Blue Circle Technical Project Contest Co mm. Chairman Aero Club PAUL JOSEPH CARDINAL JR. B.S. in Mech. Engr. Montclair, New Jersey A.8.M.E. Briilge Club 7 - hnical Review KAMIALL CHARLES CARLL B.S. in CAfm. Engr. Indianapolis, Indiana A.I.Ch.E. CLARENCE THOMAS CARROL B.S. in Chem. Engr. Carmi, Illinois Intrrhall Sports A.l.CJi.E. MICHAEL EDWARD CARROLL EMMET PATRICK CASSIDT B.S. in Aero. Engr. B.S. in Mech. Engr. Larchmont, New York Chicago. Illinois A.S.M.E. RUDOLPH CENDF.K B.S. in Chem. Engr. Statcn Island, New York A.I.Ch.E. .R.O.T.C. Rifle Team MATIUCE JOSEPH ClCCIARELLI B.S. in Mech. En jr. Peorla, Illinois Intertntll Sports I.N.I .;-;. Knight of Columbia RALPH LEONARD CIS EXWSKI B.S. in Elec. Engr. Jersey City, New Jersey Interhall Sports A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Technical Reriew Staff ' IIILIP JOSEPH CLARKE B.S. in Ciril Engr. iinvillc. Keniucky Freshmnn Footoatt Wrestling Club Pres. D JOHN JOSEPH CORBETT B. S. in Mech. Engi: Lowell, Massachusetts A.S.M.E. JOHN B. CORGIAT B.S. in Elec. Engr. Itenld, Illinois A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. HAROLD Louis CRAY B.S. in Elec. Engr. Cranford, New Jersey A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. JOHN GREOORY CIDDV JR. B.S. in Cicil Engr. Syracuse, New York Freshman llnsebiill A.S.C.E. 320 RIIISEUT NORMAN DAHLEN B.S. in Mech. Engi: Indianapolis. Indiana Dome Activities Editor hHli ' inapolis Club Sec. liitfrlinll Sports FRED GEORGE BANNER B.S. in Elec. Enyr. Forest Hills, New York Freshman Baseball Orchestra Band JoHN KllMKKT DlCKRY ..S ' . I ' M Mech. Engr. SprinRlii ' ld, Illinois Technical Review i:)i?rin tt ' ing Open llaiixc Cumniittfi- FREDERICK VINCIENT DELLO-STRITTO B.S. in Chem. Engr. Auburn, New York A.I.Ch.E. Kauiptis Keglers NORMAN JOSEPH DONNELLY B.S. in Chem. Engr. Newark, New Jersey A.I.Ch.E. Bridge Club Interhall Sports WILLIAM BERNARD DOUGHERTY B.S. in Civil Engr. Louisville, Kentucky Kentucky Club. Treas. A.S.C.E. LAWRENCE JAMES DOWNI.EY B.S. in Mech. Engr. Cold Spring, New York Knights of Columbus A.S.M.E. JAMES EDWARD DrBois B.S. in Mech. Engr. South Bend, Indiana Knights of Columbus Dome 1 ' fiotogrupher Scholastic Photographer liOBRRT DONALD DUGAN B.S. in Ciril Engr. Larchmont, New York Knights of Columbus A..B.C.B. JOHN JOSEPH FAHLE B.S. in Mech. Engr. Beech Grove, Indiana A.S.M.E. li-ixh Club I ntcrhnll Xports I ' AUI. A. FAZZONE B.S. in Elec. Engr. Newcastle, Pennsylvania A.I.E.E.-I.S.E. WILLIAM ALOYSIUS FEURY ..s ' . in Mech. Engr. Jersey City, New Jersey A.S.M.E. Technical Keriew Staff Knights of Columbus UOBERT JOSEPH FISHER B.S. in Mech. Engr. New Uochelle, New York Sailing Team A.S.M.E. ROBERT BHI:CE FLEMING B.S. in Mech. Engr. Cincinnati, Ohio Interhall Sports A.S.U.E. Technical Rei ' ietc Staff Birddog A. Quail is my name in case you don ' t know. I ' m the man about South Bend. On the whole, we lovers are a handsome lot whose good points are outnumbered only by the number of girls who are wild about us. In any group of five or more, one of us is sure to be found. We don ' t waste our time on good looking girls just the queens. They always possess a face that would put Helen of Troy to shame and a fig- ure that would make Venus drink decalor- ized ambrosia. For example, let me tell you about my last big deal. I was downtown in front of Walgreen ' s twirling my key chain, showing some of the boys how it ' s done, when along came this dream. Well, I stepped up, gave her the glad-eye, and said, " Got any previous plans, baby ? " Of course she said, " No, big-boy, " so away we went. You see, fellows, it ' s easy. All you have to have is good looks, terrific personality, confidence, and a smooth line, and you can ' t miss with the gals. Take it from a cool kat. And so if you lesser lights of Michigan Avenue will kindly hand me my coat, I ' ll be off to brighten the life of another lassie. I say I ' ll be, I ' ll . . . fellas! What are you looking at me like that for? . . . oh, no guys ! Not the lake . . . this is my best pair of " pegs. " FRANK LEE FLORIAN JEROME EDWARD B.S. in Mech. Engr. FROEHLICH Washington, Pennsylvania B.S. in Chem. Engr. A.S.M.E. ' " Technical Review Co-Editor Detroit, Michigan A.I.Ch.E. ALFRED KAY GANTHER B. of Arch. Engr. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Knights of Columbus A. I. A. Cadet Club ANTHONY VINCENT GENOVESE B. of Arch. Engr. Union City, New Jersey Varsity Track Deans List A.I. A. KOBERT LAWRENCE GERVAIS B. of Arch. Engr. Chaddaqua. New York Rl ' SSEL J. GOVERNALE B.S.inM.E.I.O. Brooklyn, N. Y. A.S.M.E. 321 HARRY JAMES GRAFF B.8. in Mech. Engr. New Mllford, New Jersey A.S.M.E. ROBERT DANIEL GRAY B.S. in Mech. Engr. Evanston, Illinois A.S.M.E. Cadet Club REGINALD NORMAN GRIMM B.S. in Chem. Engr. South Bend, Indiana Oymnastics Club Villagers JOHN ROBERT GROBEN B.S. in Elec. Engr. Evansville. Indiana Bridge Club Kinnpiis Keglers RICHARD STEVE GRONER B.S. in Civil Engr. Jefferson City, Missouri Interhall Sports Engineering Advisory Board Treasurer A.S.C.E. Student Chapter Pres. CHARLES JAMES tiri.oE B.S. in Arch. Enyr. Amarillo, Texas Third Order of Saint Francis Architecture Club A. .A. ' JAMES CHARLES HAERINO B.S. in Elec. Engr. Indianapolis, Indiana A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Kainptis Key, en DAVID JOSEPH HACENS B.S. in Elec. Engr. Dayton, Ohio Mr Cnilct Cl " li A.l.E.E.-r.K.E. HERBERT JOSEPH IlAILE JR. B.S. in Mech. Engr. Chattanooga, Tennessee A.8.M.K. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. GEOHOE NICHOLAS HALKIAS B.S. in Mech. Engr. ISnghdad. Iraq A.S.M.E. MICHAEL AUGUSTINE HAXLF.V B.S. in Chem. Engr. Ilaeleton, Pennsylvania I ' onilenser Editor A.I.Ch.E. Sec. Treas. liitltracite Club Vice President LAWKIIEXCK JOSEPH IlAKRISON U.S. in Chem. Engr. Lal ' orte, Indiana A.l.Ch.i:. Condenser Asst. Editor A.I.Ch.E. Conn ntin ( ' hiiinniin er ; i DONALD JOSEPH HATZ B.S. in Chem. Engr. Kemser. Iowa A.I.Ch.E. I.EO JOHN HAWK B.S. in Chem. End Lima. Ohio Interhall Sports A.I.Ch.E. MARK IlEAI.Y B.S. in Mt ' i-h. Kniir. Streator, Illinois ..B. l . v. : flu! I from beginning . JOHN HARVE HELLER B.S. in Mech. Engr. Towanda, Illinois A.S.M.E. WILLIAM THOMAS HEINUICII B.S. in Civil Engr. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Deans List Technical Review A.S.C.E. JOSEPH FRANCIS HIGGINS, JR. B.S. in Chem. Engr. Cleveland, Ohio Irish Club Interhall Sports A.I.Cli.K. 322 JAMES J. HOPP B.S. in Civil Engr. Indianapolis, Indiana A.S.C.E. JAMES ANTHONY HORNAK B. of Arch. Engr. Calumet City, Illinois A. I. A. Architecture Club ROBERT ALFRED HUBER B.S. in Metallurgy West Allis, Wisconsin Metallurgy Club Engineering Advisory Board ROBERT LAWRENCE III TIT. B.S. in Chem. Engr. Kansas City, Missouri A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT JOSEPH JASMAX B.S. in Aero. Engr. Orange, New Jersey Air Cadets Club l.A.S. Syrian-Lebanese Club JOSEPH STEPHEN KEARNEY B.S. n Mech. Engr. Evanston, Illinois A.S.M.E. HENRY I ' ATUICK KF.ARNS MARTIN FREDERICK B.S. in Civil Engr. Downey, California A.S.C.E. Interhall Sports KENEHAN B.S. in Aero. Einjr. Denver, Colorado Freshman Baseball Colorado Club I ' n i, l.A.S. Sec. JOHN FISHER KENNEDY B.S. in Civil Engr. Albuquerque, N. M. 4 S C 1 P Cadet Club JOHN THOMAS KENNEDY NOEL OMEII KINDT B.S. in Mech. Engr. Cos Cob, Connecticut A.S.M.E. Knights of Culinnb. .1 B.S. in Elec. Engr. South Bend, Indiana A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Air Cadet Club Technical Revieic WILLIAM LEE KREPS B.S. in Mech. Engr. Atlanta, Georgia JOHN PAUL KRIEG B.S. in Chem. Engr. Oradell, New Jersey A.I.Ch.E. Knights of JOHN MILEY KLRIZ B.S. in Mech. Engr. Des Moines, Iowa Interhall Sports Freshman Football A. S.M.i:. JEROME JOSEPH KUSKOWSKI B. of Arch. Engr. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Knights of Columbus Air Cadet Club Architecture Club CHARLES HAMILTON LAIRD B.S. in Mech. Engr. Chicago, Illinois A.S.M.E. Bridge Club Interhall Sports ANTHONY CHARLES LAPASSO B. of Arch. Engr. Chicago, Illinois Architecture Club Secretary Italian Club Sec. Kumpus Keglers JAY HENRY LAUE B.S. in Mech. Engr Effingham, Illinois A.S.M.E. to end. 323 WILLIAM DANIEL LEONARD B.S. in Elec. Engr Waterloo, Iowa Technical Review Band A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Vice Chairman EDWARD JULIUS LIEVENS B.S. in Aero. Engr. South Bend, Indiana Villagers Glee Club I. A. 8. HAYMOND TIM LONG B.S. in Ghent. Engr. North Little Rock, Ark. A.I.Ch.E. STILLMAN ANTHONY LOOM i s B.S. in Elec. Engr. Forest Hills, New York Tennis Teinn Technical Review A.I.E.E. CHARLES ANTHONY Lt " CKETT B.S. in Civil Engr. Junction. Illinois A.S.C.E. EUGENE PATIUCK LUND B.S. in Elec. Engr. HILOXI, MISSISSIPPI Inlrrhnll Sports A.I.E.E. FRANK B. LUNDY B.S. in Mech. Engr. Williamsport, Pa. Knights of Columbus FRANK THOMAS LYNCH B.S. in Aero. Engr. Binghamton, New York Aero Club Tennis Team Dean ' s List WILLIAM LEO LYNCH, JR. B.S. in Mech. Engr. Rome, New York A.S.M.E. Mohawk Valley Club Vice-Pres. THOMAS EDWARD MAGILL RONALD ANTHONY B.S. in Elec. Engr. Allentown, Pennsylvania Bengal Bouts A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Interhall Sports MAKOWSKI B.S. in Mech. Engr. Grand Rapids, Michigan A.S.1I.E. Kampus Keglers Engineering Open House FRANK W. MANLEY U.S. in Cliem. Engr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma A.I.Ch.E. Dean ' s List PAUL JOHN MARBACH B.S. in Civil Engr. White Plains, New York A.8.O.E. Interhall Sports Dome WILLIAM MAY B.S. in M.E.I.O. Takoma Park, Maryland ND Band Pres. Knights of Columbus Washington- Maryland- Virginia Club Treas. RICK JOSEPH MAYNARD, JR. B.S. in Chem. Engr. Savannah. Georgia A.F.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team A.I.Ch.E. Air Cadet Club PATRICK JOSEPH MCAWARD B.S. in Civil Engr. Flushing, New York Interhall Sports A.S.C.E. Open House Committee FRANCIS ANDREW MCCARTHY, JR. B.S. in Civil Engr. Sharan, Pennsylvania Dean ' s List A.S.C.E. Jf.R.O.T.C. Student Council Treas. JOS EPH WILLIAM MCCARTHY B.S. in Mech. Engr. Whitman, Massachusetts Interhall Sports A.8M.E. Freshman Baseball 324 HERNARD PATRICK MCCLOREY B.S. in Mech. Engr. Detroit, Michigan Inlerhall Sports A.S.M.E. Freshman Baseball WILLIAM RICHARD MCCULLOUGH B.S. in Elec. Engr. Flagstaff, Arizona ND Band Dean ' s List A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. I ' ATRICK JOSEPH MCGAHAN B.S. in Mech. Engr. Terre Haute, Indiana A.S.M.E. Technical Review Irish Club ROBERT PAUL MCGRATH B.S. in Elec. Engr. Wichita, Kansas A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Novice Boxing Technical Review KEN C. MCKAY B.S. in Mech. Engr. Richmond, Indiana RONALD PATRICK MCMANUS B.S. in Elec. Engr. Charleston, S. C. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. I guess it isn ' t necessary to introduce myself. I suppose everyone knows me al- ready. I ' m an athlete, a wheel on campus and off, a star. And not only that. I ' m all- American material. And if you guys don ' t believe it I ' ll show you a clipping I got here in my pocket. See ! Just see what it says here in the hometown paper. " Hercules Atlas Onderdonk, III, local lad, makes good. Jerky, (that should be an H fellas, but the hometown paper doesn ' t spell too well) , as he was referred to in high school, is tabbed by many as a pre-season cinch for snooker player of the year. " None of you guys realize all the trouble it is to be a star athlete. And since you don ' t, let me tell you. In all modesty, an athlete has to be hard as a rock. And smart, smart like a fox. Not only that but he has to be brave, calm, capable, in- genious, and a good sport at all times. But all our self-sacrifices and humility has its rewards. The girls ask us for our autographs, mothers name their kids after us, and old grads treat us like their long lost sons. So being a hero isn ' t too bad. JOHN PAUL MCSHANE B.S. in Elec. Engr. Hammond, Indiana A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. WNDUCliie Knr r. DONALD CHARLES MERDIAN B.S. in Elec. Engr. Henry, Illinois A.I.Ch.E. Condenser JOHN ARTHUR MKRZ B.S. in Elec. Engr. Mount Vernon, N. Y. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. WNDU CHARLES JOSEPH MKYKR B.S. in Mech. Engr. Columbus, Ohio Knights of Columbus A.S.M.E. Barbell Club DAVID FRANCIS MILLER B.S. of Arch. Engr. Hochester, New York CHARLES HOWARD MlNGES B.S. in Mech. Engr. South Bend, Indiana .R.O.T.C. Rifle Team Lor is EDMUND MONTEIL B.S. in Chem. Engr. Kansas City, Missouri Dean ' s List A.I.Ch.E. I ' AUL F. MOONEY B.S. in Mech. Engr. New Lexington, Ohio A.S.M.E. Air Cadet Club ROBERT EMMET MOORE, JR. B.S. in Chem. Engr. Kilgore, Texas Knights of Columbus A.I.Ch.E. Technical Review CHARLES PATRICK MORGAN B.S. in Elec. Engr. fienoa. Illinois A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Air Cadet Club JOHN THOMAS MORRISSEY B.S. in Civil Engr. Cincinnati, Ohio A.8.C.E. II can ' s List JAMES VANBCREN MURPHY B.S. in Elec. Engr. Schenectady. New York Y.C.8.-B.X. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Junior Prom Committee 325 JOHN MICHAEL MTSOI.INO B.S. in Elec. Engr. Quincy, Illinois Air Cadet Club Interhall Basketball A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. ROBERT MILTON MCTH B.S. in Elec. Engr. Schenectady, New York A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Mr Ctidet Club JOSEPH LEE NASSIF B.S. in Civil Engr. Wilson. North Carolina XD Band A.S.C.E. The Sacred Heart statue has a prominent spot on the main quad. JOHN LEONARD NEMKT . B.S. in Mech. Engr. St. Paul. Minnesota Dean ' s List A.8.M.E. ROBERT HYRUN NKVICKIL B.S. in Mech. Enyr. I.ineolnwood. Illinois Interhall Sports Irish riu It JOHN MATTHIAS NOLAN B.S. in Engineering Davenport, Iowa CHARIES EDWARD O ' BRIEN B.S. in Mech. Engr. Tacoma, Washington Interhall Sports Dean ' s List A.S.if.E. JOSEPH LEO O ' BRIEN B.S. in Elec. Engr. Great Neck, New York Air Cadet Club A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. EDWARD JOSEPH ORTH B.S. in Elec. Engr. Birmingham, Alabama .I E.E.-I.K.E. ALOIS FRANCIS PAJAK B.S. in Mech. Engr. Streator, Illinois A.8.M.E. JAMES AMIMNV PAVIS B.S. in Chem. Engr. Great Kills, New York A.I.Ch.E. Air Cadet Clnlt Varsity Baseball ANGELO ANTON PERCICH B. of Arch. Engr, Rock Springs, Wyoming A.I.A. Wyoming Club Pres. CARL FRANKLIN PETERS B.S. in Aero. Engr. Detroit, Michigan I.A.S. Interhall Softball Air Cadet Club 326 ALBERT GEORGE PETRANICK B.S. in Mech. Engr. Johnson City, N. Y. A.S.M.E. Air Cadet Club Varsity Football HENRY WIILIA.M I ' ETRY B.S. in Chem. Engr. Ashland, Kentucky A.I.Ch.E. Knights of Columbus Freshman Basketball ROBERT F.MMET I ' HILLIPS B.S. in Chem. Engr. Now York, New York A.I.Ch.E. Air Cadet Club Kampus Keglers JOHN CLIFFORD PINTER, JR. B.S. in Mech. Engr. Chicago, Illinois A.S.M.E. JOHN ROBERT POLITZEK B. of Arch. Engr. Detroit, Michigan A.I.A. Wranglers Architecture Club r di -j-w CHARLES FRANCIS POLLNOW B.S. ire Chem. Engr. St. Louis, Missouri A. .Cft.E. Dean ' s List MAURICE THOMAS Pozzi, JR. B.S. in Mech. Engr. Mishawaka, Indiana A.S.M.E. Dean ' s List y.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team HARRY EDWARD PREIN B.S. in Civil Engr. Grand Kapids, Michigan Dean ' s List A.S.C.E. Engineering Advisory Board CHARLES DAVID REAGAN B.S. in Elec. Engr. Syracuse, Indiana A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Technical Review Air Cadet Club PAUL WALDRON REILLY B. of Arch. Engr. West Orange, New Jersey Architects Club Bengal Bouts Freshman Baseball LAMBERT R. REIN-HART B.S. in Chem. Engr. Sea Cliff, New York A.I.Ch.E. Technical Review I.C.X. WILLIAM J. UELPH B.S. in Metallurgy Huntington Park, Cal. Metallurgy Club EDWARD J. RHOMBERU B.S. in Civil Engr. Guttenbergh, Iowa A.S.C.E. JOHN T. RICKLING B.S. in Elec. Engr. Hamilton. Ohio A.I.E.E. Air Cadet Club LEON E. RING B.S. in Aero. Engr. Lake City, Minnesota Atr Cadet Club MARTIN B. RODDY B.S. in Elec. Engr. Fitchburg, Massachusetts A. 1.E.E. Chess Club ROBERT F. RONET B. of Arch. Engr. Detroit, Michigan Detroit Club Pres. Badin Hall Treas. A.I. A. Fresh. Officer JOHN P. It VAN B.S. in Mech. Engr. New York, New York A.S.M.E. Knights of Columbus THOMAS G. RYDER B.S. in Chem. Engr. Ilronx, New York A.S.M.E. A.S.Ch.E. Student Law Assn. DENNIS C. SAWINSKI B. of Arch. Engr. Grand Rapids. Michigan Architect Club EDWARD R. SCHICKLER B.S. in Mech. Engr. Rochester, New York Dome Rochester Club Pres. EUGENE J. SCHMIT B.S. in Mech. Engr. Oklahoma City, Okla. A.S.M.E. GERARD E. SCHOENHERR B.S. in Chem. Engr. Rochester, New York Technical Review Co-Editor Engineering Advisory Board Chairman A.I.Ch.E. Vice-Chnirmnn THOMAS P. SCHREITMUEI.LER B.S. in Mech. Engr. Detroit. Michigan A.S.M.E. Interhall Basketball RICHARD R. SCHUMACHER B.S. in Mech. Engr. Chicago. Illinois A.S.M.E. GEORGE R. SEIKEL B.S. in Aero. Engr. Akron, Ohio Dean ' s List I.A.S. Interhall Football RONALD R. SERSEX B.S. in Mech. Engr. Chicago. Illinois A.S.M.E. Interhall Sports JAMES B. SHANE B. in Arch. Engr. Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan A.I.A. Knights of Columbus 195 Engr. Open II mine Cn-Chairiiiini JOSEPH L. SHILTS B.S. in Civil Engr. South Bend, Indiana A.S.C.E. Sec. 327 l j -j dBK THOMAS R. SIERON B.S. in Aero. Engr. South Bend, Indiana Aeronautical Club Villagers Cadet Club JOSEPH II. SMITH B.S. in Elec. Eiigr. Utica, New York A.l.E.E. I.R.E. y.R.O.T.C. ENRIQUE A. SOL B.S. in Chem. Engr. San Salvador, Kl Salviidnr Soccer Serenity with the swans. PAUL H. SOWA B.S. in Chem. Engr. Cranford, New Jersey Chemistry Club Air Cadet Club Intrrhall Sports JOHN I ' . S TI MI- B.S. in Aero. Engr. Great Neck, New York Student Manager Aero. Club Air Cadet Club THOMAS A. SUTHERLAND (. . in Elec. Engr. Indianapolis, Imliuna hi ' ini ' s List A.l.E.E. InlcrhHll Sportr ROBERT V. SWINDE.MAN B.S. in Metallurgy Toledo, Ohio Sailing Team Metallurgu Club Kampus Keglers MICHAEL B. THOMPSON U.S. til Mech. Engr. Iron Mountain. Michigan Wrestling Club Gymnastics Club Interhall Sports JOHN A. TOKAR B.S. in Civil Engr. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. A.S.C.E. Army Cadet Club Presiden t Italian Club JOSEPH A. TOXIXI B.S. in Mech. Engr. Staten Island, New York A.S.if.E. Kampus Keglers Engineering Open House Chairman Ill. AI.I L. TnTTKN II.. " . in Mech. Engr. Ho-IIo-Kus. New Jersey A.8.M.E. Bridge Club Interhall Sports r.KKNAKD ,T. TI;ACI:V J.x. iii ElCf. Emji- Bronx. New York .i. . ;. :. Itfttn ' $ List CARL F. TRAIL B.S. in Uech. Engr. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A.S.M.E. 328 JOHN O. TRAMONTINE B.S. in Chem. Engr. Austin. Minnesota A.S.Ch.E. Dean ' s List Bridge Club JAMES F. TKM; ;S B.S. in Civil Engr. Wilkinsburg, Pa. A.S.C.E. T.O.I. F. JAMES F. TWOHY B.S. in Chem. Engr. Brooklyn, New York Baseball Interhall Sports A.S.Ch.E. JAMKS H. VACHRIS B.S. in Mech. Engr. (ireat Neck, New York A.S.M.E. Engineering Advisory Board Air Cadet Club WILLIAM S. VAI.US B. of Arch. Engr. Strattford. Connecticut Junior Member A.I. A. Kampus Keglers Engr. Open House Committee JUI.IO C. VlLLARREAL B.S. in Mech. Etigr. Monterrey, Mexico La Rasa Club Soccer Gymnastics Team MURIL D. VlNCELETTE B.S. in Civil Engr. Billings, Montana A.8.C.E. THOMAS E. VIVIANO B.S. in Mech. Engr. Louisville, Kentucky ROBERT A. VOYT B.S. in Mech. Engr. Muskegon. Michigan A.8.M.E. Chess Club GRKGORY N. WASSIL B.S. in Metallurgy Flushing, New York A.8.M.E. Metallurgy Club DAVID J. WEIDMANN B.S. in Mech. Engr. Rochester, New York Technical Review A.8.M.E. WILLIAM M. WELCH Bach, of Arch. Engr. Louisville, Kentucky Architect Club JOHN W. WILHOIT B.S. in Mech. Engr. Bakersfield, California i.S.M.B. Interhall Sports JOHN L. WILKINS B.S. in Aero. Engr. Schenectady, New York Engineering Advisory Board I.A.S. DAVID WILSON B.S. in Chem. Engr. Montpelier, Indiana A.S.M.E. A.l.Ch.E. Student Law Assn. WILLIAM R. YARIO B.S. in Metallurgy Chicago, Illinois Metallurgy Club A.8.M.8. Engineering Adrisory Board EDWARD W. YOHON B.S. in Chem. Engr. Wayland, New York A.l.Ch.E. Dean ' s List WALTER J. ZIEMBA B.S. in Mech. Engr. Argo, Illinois A.S.M.E. Sacred Heart Church in Springtime. 329 LODIS GABRIEL BASSO, JR. Bachelor of Laics Detroit, Michigan Knights of Columbus Grand Knight Detective Cluo rice-Pres. T. .1. BERGAN Bachelor of Laics Marinette, Wisconsin Student Law Assn. Moot Court Mayor of Vetrille HARRY L. Brcn Bachelor of Laws Wheeling. West Virginia Student Law Assn. DONALD CIIM:I.I:.S BfSECK Bachelor of Laws Falrview, Pennsylvania Student Law Assn. CHARLES JOSEPH CARROLL Bachelor of l.uirs Great Bend, Kansas Student Law Assn. Hoot Court EDWARD JOSICPH COUPABOA Bachelor of Laws Magadore, Ohio Student Law Assn. JOHN PATRICK COYNE Bachelor of Laws Cleveland. Ohio Notre Dame Lawyer Cleveland Clwft Ptes. Student Law Assn. DANIEL F. DALEY Bachelor of Laws Kingston, Pennsylvania Notre Dame Lawyer Student Law Assn. A KM AND PARKER DEATHICK Bachelor of Laws Lansing, Michigan Great Books Seminar Moot Court Student Law Assn. MICHAEL CLEMENT DIONISE Bachelor of Laws I.apeer, Michigan Notre Dame Lawyer Moot Court Student Law Assn. PETER JOHN DONAHUE Bachelor of Laws Cincinnati. Ohio Notre Dame Lawyer Interhall Sports Student Law Assn. JAMES RICHARD DONNELLY Bachelor of Laws Springfield. Pennsylvania Moot Court Student Law Assn. victory harvest tr , The winner! ROBERT JOSEPH KVKID Bachelor of Laws South Bend, Indiana Manpower Management Assn. Vice-Prcs. Moot Court Publicity Director otre Dame Lairuer JOHN JOSEPH FISH Bachelor of Laics Dearborn, Michigan Interhall Baseball fnterhall Basketball JOSEPH FRANCIS GARGAN Bachelor of Laws Lowell, Massachusetts THOMAS JOSEPH GRIFFIN Bachelor of Laics Knoxville. Tennessee Notre Dame Lawyer Moot Court Student Law Assn. I ' ETER B. HARRISON Bachelor of Laws Chicago, Illinois Knights of Columbus Student Law Assn. ROBERT JOHN HEPLER Bachelor of Laws South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame Lawyer Great Books Seminar Student Law Assn. ul JAMES CONWAY HIGUIXS Bachelor of Laics Beekley. West Virginia Knights of Columbus Student Law Assn. .Inns WlI.I.IAM IIOfCK Bachelor of Loirs Beloit. Wisconsin Notre Dame Lawyer Moot Court Student Law Association PAUL RAYMOND JACKIEWICZ Bachelor of Laws Detroit, Michigan Notre Dame Laiciier Moot Court Student Law Assn. Secretary THOMAS COLEMAN KELLEGHAN Bachelor of Laics Chicago, Illinois Student Law Assn. Senior Rep. THOMAS RICHARD KING Bachelor of Laws Toledo, Ohio Moot Court Student Law Assn. DONALD R. KUNKEI. Bachelor of Laics Jasper, Indiana 331 GEORGE EDWARD LANG Bachelor of Laws Mammoth Cave, Ky. Dean ' s List Moot Court Student Law Assn. THEODORE FREDERICK LOZORCHAK Bachelor of Laics Canonsburg, Pa. Moot Court Ktudent Late Assn. ROBERT D. LEMENSE Bachelor of Laws Iron Mountain, Michigan Student Senate Notre Dame Lair in r Moot Court ROBERT JOSEPH MALEY, JR. llncltelor uj Lairs Richmond, Indiana Dean ' s List Moot Court Student Law Assn. DAVID XKII. MC!!RIDE Bachelor of Laws Chicago, Illinois Xotre Dame Laici er Student Law Assn. 1 )AVII ANTHONY MCGOLGH Bachelor of l.nirs St. Paul. Minnesota Moot Court f Indent Law Assn. Through wind and snow, the ROTC goes through ! Northern Indiana has 332 JAMKS KIREN MILLER Bachelor of Laics South Bend, Indiana Moot Court xtiitlait Lmo Assn. UICHARD HAMILTON MILLER Bachelor of Laws Shaker Heights, Ohio ALFRED PAUL PICCIXI Bachelor of Laics Chicago. Illinois Moot Court Student Law Assn. 9 ' s-M " , " . Wii.iirR L. POLLARD Bachelor of Laws Kansas City, Missouri Xotre Dame Lawyer Moot Court Student Law Assn. Treasurer VINCENT J. RAYMOND, JR. Bachelor of Laics Detroit. Michigan Knights of Columbus Membership Chi: Moot Court Student Law Assn. CLEMENT THEODORE ROMER, JR. Bachelor of Laics Foster, Ohio Moot Court Student Law Assn. JOHN LEO ROSSMIRT Hachelur Lain Towson, Maryland Rlue Circle Dean ' s List Activities Court ALLAN CARL SCH.MID Bachelor of Laws Petersburg, Michigan Notre Dame Lawyer Moot Court UICHARD E. SHIP.MAX Bachelor of Laics South Bend, Indiana Notre Dame Lawyer Great Books Seminar JOHN JOSEPH SMITH Bachelor of Laws Oak Park. Illinois Student Law Assn. HARKV D. SNVDER Bachelor of Laws Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Notre Dame Lawyer A ist. Track Coach Moot Court JOSEPH JOHN STRACB Bachelor of Laws Long Island, New York Knights of Columbus Moot Court Student Law Assn. MARK S. TOLLE Bachelor of Laics Dallas, Texas CI.AIR OLIVER TRINKLEY Bachelor of Laics Princeton, West Virginia Knights of Columbus Moot Court Student Law Assn. JOHN A. VUONO Bachelor of Laws Monongahela, Pa. Dean ' s List Notre Dame Lawyer Moot Court its long, snowy winter. ANDREW CURRAN WALSH Bachelor of Laws St. Louis, Missouri Knights of Columbus Student Law Assn. JAMES JOSEPH WALSH Bachelor of Laws Rockford. Illinois 333 cience PATRICK H. BEAXE Bachelor of Science South Bend, Indiana Aescttlapeans OX S. BISESE Bachelor of Science Norfolk, Virginia Aesctilapeans Dean ' s Hat JOHN F. BI.ASIC Bachelor of Science Johnstown, Pennsylvania Knights of Columbus Louis H. BONUCCI Bachelor of Science Spring Valley, Illinois lean ' s List Aesculapeinis FORST E. BROWN Bachelor of Science Springfield, Kentucky Blue Circle x iiilcnt Senate 1954 Science Ball Bus. Mgr. PHILIP J. Bt ' RKE Bachelor of Science Watertown. New York (llee Club I 1 .Tllll ftl ' iinS JAMKS K. L ' AXTRILL Ituchcloi ' of Science Mid(lli ' sl)oro, Kentucky Third Order of St. Frtni ' ' i A.C.S. xtmlait Affiliate JuIIX J. CciXXAl CHTOX Bachelor of Science Vapakoneta, Ohio Illue Circle Interhall Baseball SII:VI:N J. CUXWAV Bachclur of Science Chicago, Illinois Knights of Clntuhtis Aesculapeinis Secrctiirii Irish I ' liili ARXOI.D D. Cntxvx Bachelor of Science Cieneseo, Illinois Aesculapeans El ' GEXK P. DALEY Bachelor of Science Hamburg, New York JOSEPH CHARLES DALEY B.8. in Science Gii-ardville, Pennsylvania nine Circle W DU In lent Senate JAMES E. DEEGAN Bachelor of Science Sharon, Pennsylvania Aesculapeans University Theatre RICHARD E. DEICHMANX Bachelor of Science New Orleans, Louisiana Aesculapeans Knights of Columbus JOHN E. DERWENT Bachelor of Science Chicago, Illinois Dean ' s List DAVID I ' . DISCHER Bachelor of Science Klmhurst, Illinois 1 i s, ' hl i rnus Di ' dii ' s List Kniylits of Columbus THOMAS A. DORWIN Bachelor of Science Minocqua, Wisconsin Band Fencing Team Monogram Club BERNARD G. DOYLE Bachelor of Science Fort Worth, Texas Dean ' s List Interhall Sports Bar Bell Club Where the elite meet to eat ! JOHN .1. I)KOEI;E Bachelor of Science South Bend, Indiana .-liV Cudvt Club Geology Club Villagers CHAKLES R. DURYEA Bachelor of Science Amityville, New York Aesculapeans Dean ' s List JAM EN G. DWVER Bachelor of Science Verona, New Jersey Aesculapeans Interliall Basketball ANDREW D. FRANZOM Bachelor of Science Trenton, New Jersey Aesculapeans Interhall Sparta JKUE E. I- ' KKIDHEIM Bachelor of Science Chicago, Illinois Aesculapeans Interhall Sports DONAI D MACK. GALLAGHER Bachelor of Science Santa Barbara, California Hawaiian Club Pres. Aesculapeans Dean ' s Lint EUGENE F. GETTY Bachelor of Science Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne Club President American Chemical Society Aesculapean ALKKED D. GHAFHEUY Bachelor of Science Wheeling, West Virginia Aesculapeans Syrian Lebanese Club Italian Club Sec. JOHN P. GIBBONS Bachelor of Science Silver Spring, Maryland Irish Club Bridge Club WARREN W. GIDDENS Bachelor of Science Lakewood, Ohio Aesculapeans Knights of Columbus ROBERT W. GREENE Bachelor of Science Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Chemistry Club THOMAS F. GRODEN, JR. Bachelor of Science Crystal Lake, Illinois Aesculapeans 335 PATRICK C. HALEY Bachelor of Science Streator, Illinois Geology Glut) AMBROSE M. HALL Bachelor of Science Jackson, Mississippi Aesculapeans RUDOLPH E. HAMMOND Bachelor of Science Indianapolis, Indiana A.C.8. Army Cadet Club Interhall Sports No, not a doctorate, just fit me out with a bachelor ' s gown ! KARL G. HAVDEI. Bachelor of Science llnuma, Louisiana Aesculapeans Vice-Pres. Third Order of St. Francis Glee Club DANIEL F. HEAI v Bachelor of Science Fort Sam Houston. Texas Geology Club i; mil .. Interhall Football JOHN F. HKRIU-:K Bachelor of .svie ' iirr Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort H ' aiine Club Fioe-Pret. American- Chi ' tnim! Socirtit Kcrreliii ' i Interim!! Spurts WILLIAM J. KENNEY Bachelor of Science Uelavan, Wisconsin American Chemical Society Interhall Sports ROBEBT P. KLOECKER Bachelor of Science St. Louis, Missouri I esculapeans Third Order of St. Francis Dean ' s List HENRY P. KRIENKE Bachelor of Science South Bend, Indiana Band Orchestra Dean ' s List WILLIAM .1. LARKIX III Bachelor of Science Chicago, Illinois Glee Club Dean ' s List Physics Club TED D. LATHHLIN Bachelor of Science Orlando, Florida Florida Club Pret. Student Senate Glee Club GEORGE F. LAWLER, Jit. Bachelor of Science Indianapolis, Indiana American Chemical Society Secretary Science Ball Committee Interhall Sports EDWARD E. MAHER Bachelor of Science Catonsville, Maryland Aesculapeans Dean ' s List Tennis Squad PAUL E. MANSFIELD Bachelor of Science Saratoga Springs, N. Y. THOMAS V. MARSHALL Bachelor of Science Serena. Illinois A.C.8. Student Affl. Interhall Sports MICHAEL J. MCCORMICK Bachelor of Science Toledo, Ohio WNDU Staff Air Cadet Club Aesculapeans JAMES A. McKiLLOP Bachelor of Science Gaylord, Michigan Aesculapeans ANTHONY .1. MICALE Bachelor of Science West Belmar, New Jersey Dean ' s List Aesculopeuns Jnterhall Sperts 336 RICHARD P. MILLER Bachelor of Science New York, New York Aesculapeans Sai ling Team T. JKKOME MILLER Bachelor of Science Crosby, North Dakota Band Dean ' s List North Dakota Club- President JOHN J. MISKEL Bachelor of Science Brooklyn, New York Chemistry Club Interhall Sports HAIIVKV T. MUELLER Bachelor of Science Detroit. Michigan Detroit Club Yice-1 ' res. Aesculapeans Third Order of St. Francis VRKD . NADER Bachelor of Science York. Maine Aesculapeans JOHN A. NICHOLSON Bachelor of Science Louisville. Kentucky Aesculapeans JOHN M. NICKXISH Bachelor of Science Utica, New York Geology Club Interhall Sports A replica well reproduced. JAMES F. NORTON Bachelor of Science Jersey City, New Jersey Aesculapeans President Science Senator Blue Circle JOHN S. O ' BRIEX Bachelor of Science St. Petersburg. Florida Aesculapeans Dean ' s List Science Ball KEVI.X T. O ' DoNNELL Bachelor of Science Detroit, Michigan Aesculapeans Detroit Club- Hall Representative FRANCISCO OLAZABAL Bachelor of Science Bayamon, Puerto Rico Aesculapeans Trustee Army R.O.T.C. Reg. Comnt, La Raza Club JOHN B. O ' Si ' Li.ivAN Bachelor of Science Lebanon, Kentucky Dean ' s List Chemistry Club Geology Club WILLIAM F. O ' TOOLE Bachelor of Science Norwood, Massachusetts Dean ' s List Aesculapeans HAROLD J. OTT Bachelor of Science St. Louis, Missouri Aesculapeans JOSEPH D. PAIZ Bachelor of Science Martinez, California SALVADOR PEREZ Bachelor of Science Caquas, Puerto Rico La Raza Club Aesculapeant WAYNE W. PETERNEL Bachelor of Science Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Aesculapeans Dean ' s List fencing GEORGE F. PEZDIRTZ Bachelor of Science Lufkin, Texas American Chemical Society Student Affl. Irish Club JAMES G. PITCAVAGE Bachelor of Science Waterbury, Connecticut Varsity Track Aesculapeans Monogram Club 337 THOMAS L. PRENDERGAST Bachelor of Science Ardmore. Pennsylvania American Chemical Society French Club Tennis STEPHEN J. PREVOZNIK Bachelor of Science McAdoo, Pennsylvania Dean ' s List Aesculapeans MIGUEL A. RAMOS Bachelor of Science Bayamon, Puerto Rico La Raza Club Pees. Aesculapeans Interhall Baseball Captain AMEEL G. RASHID Bachelor of Science Peoria, Illinois Aesculapeans Dean ' s List RICHARD S. REAMER Bachelor of Science Klkhart. Indiana Blue Circle Aesculapeans Kiiiflhts of Columbus THOMAS .1. ROGERS Bachelor of Science lie Witt, New York Afsculapeans WILLIAM H. RODGERS Bachelor of Science Philadelphia, Pa. Aesculapeans JOHN- V. RYAN Bachelor of Science Oak Park, Illinois Aesculapeans Vanity Sport DON R. SANTSCHI Bachelor of Science Chicago, Illinois Aesculapeam Dean ' s List JAMES R. SCHAEFFKR Bachelor of Science Rochester, New York American Chemical Society SAMUEL R. SCHARBER, JR. Bachelor of Science Winchester. Tennessee Knights of Columbus Band Aesculapeans Trustee KltAXK E. SCHMIDT Bachelor of Scii-m Ocean Springs, Mis . Aeicvlapmiu llur Hell Club Bant 5 CHESTER J. SCHULER Bachelor of Science Louisville, Kentucky Dean ' s List JOHN J. SMITH Bachelor of Science Newark, New Jersey Air Cadet Club JOHN J. SULLIVAN Bachelor of Science Niagara Falls, N. Y. Dean ' s List JOSEPH P. SWIFT Bachelor of Science East Orange, N. J. Dean ' s List Aesculapeans JOHN li. TOLI.B Bachelor of Science Dallas, Texas Knights of Columbus -l H.N .1. TOOHIG Bachelor of Science Woodside, New York Freshman Btisketbnll Aesculnpeana Irish Club EDWARD G. TOOJIEY Bachelor of Science Johnston, Rhode Island Aesculapeans Trustee Rhode Island Club Vice-Pres. 338 WILLIAM T. TTNELL Bachelor of Science Bronxvilie, New Y ' ork Dean ' s List Aesculapeans WILLIAM H. WAHL Bachelor of Science Sterling. Illinois Interhall Sports Aesculapeans Rock Rirer Valley Club Vice-Pres. JOHN J. WANCHOW Bachelor of Science Hubbard, Ohio ROBERT E. WHII-PO Bachelor of Science South I ' .end. Indiana FREDERICK C. WHITFIELD Bachelor of Science Suffolk, Virginia Dome Aesculfipean ' s GRADUATED SENIORS NOT PICTURED Brother Philip Armstrong Brother James Sullivan Robert Joseph Kranzke Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce Notre Dame, Indiana Notre Dame, Indiana Houston, Texas Taylor Gates Benson Patrick M. Sweeney Joseph V. McGinn Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce Milwaukee, Wisconsin South Bend, Indiana Sterling, Illinois Edward P. Broderick Brother Harold Thielen Michael W. McGrath Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce Morristown, N. J. Notre Dame, Indiana Louisville, Kentucky Charles R. Callewaert Charles Ray Tilley Ronald Paul Mealey Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce Chicago, Illinois Oxnard, California Ridgewood, New Jersey Valentine Yum Chun Frank J. Varrichione Paul Allan Minnich Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce Honolulu, Hawaii South Bend, Indiana Lorain, Ohio Francis Joseph Conklin John Lee Vincent Patrick Earl Mooney Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce Scobyville, N. J. Pocatello, Idaho Spencer, Indiana Joseph D. Crowley William E. Voor, Jr. Edward John Murphy Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce Middletown, Ohio South Bend, Indiana Spring Lake, Michigan David Peter Devlin John D. Zancha Thomas P. Murphy Bachelor of Fine Arts B.S. in Phy. Ed. B.S. in Commerce Milford, Connecticut Chicago, Illinois Rockville Centre, New York Robert Neil Dineen Robert H. Zeis Edward Thorn O ' Ohwat Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce Painesville, Ohio Kenton, Ohio Decatur, Illinois Brother Bernard Donahoe John W. Bunn Sam F. Palumbo Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Notre Dame, Indiana Springfield, Illinois Cleveland, Ohio Carl Andrew Eck Joseph Casasanta John D. Sullivan Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Williamsport, Penn. Osceola, Indiana Evanston, Illinois Norbert Gassensmith William W. Chustak Richard D. Sullivan Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce South Bend, Indiana Michigan City, Indiana Lapeer, Michigan Brother Regius Gendron Lawrence P. Corbett Joseph Vandenbosch Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Notre Dame, Indiana Columbus, Ohio Kokomo, Indiana John Herbert Haddox James Joseph Coryn Robert F. White Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce Pawnee, Oklahoma Moline, Illinois Grand Ridge, Illinois Ralph V. Guglielmi Arthur J. Deichman Vinod C. Agarwal Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Mechanical Engr. Columbus, Ohio New Orleans, Louisiana Allahabad, India Francis C. Hickey John Joseph Donahue Joseph J. Balobeck Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B. of Arch. Detroit, Michigan Stamford, Connecticut McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania Arthur E. Johnson Robert A. Farnbauch Raymond M. Bara Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. Metallurgy Ohio, Illinois Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio South Bend, Indiana James D. McLaughlin Sidney J. Farris Joseph A. Boivin Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B. of Arch. Dorchester, Massachusetts Springfield, Missouri Cohoes, New York Bernard J. O ' Brien Richard L. Frasor Joseph B. Bucheit Bachelor of Arts Chicago, Illinois B.S. in Commerce Blue Island, Illinois B.S. in Civil Engineering Youngstown, Ohio Daniel John O ' Neill Bachelor of Arts John K. Grosspietsch B.S. in Commerce Emmet P. Cassidy B.S. in Mechanical Engr. Butte, Montana Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Chicago, Illinois Raymond E. Pokrop Charles R. Hanley Franklin Catalano Bachelor of Arts Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. in Commerce Parkersburg, West Virginia B.S. in Mechanical Engr. River Forest, Illinois Robert Emmett Ready John F. Hoehn Richard D. Caw Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Electrical Engr. Lowell, Massachusetts Augusta, Wisconsin Norwich, Ohio James Joseph Riley Leo Edwin Jankowski James K. Comiskey Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Mechanical Engr. Muskegon, Michigan South Bend, Indiana New Rochelle, New York Robert F. Rossiter Leslie Pat Kewley Thomas E. Cotleur Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B. of Arch. Omaha, Nebraska Michigan City, Indiana Brecksville, Ohio Wilbur Thomas Short William J. King Kerry J. Dalton Bachelor of Arts B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Electrical Engr. Moberly, Missouri River Forest, Illinois Springfield, New Jersey Raymond R. Dolan B.S. in Mechanical Engr. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma William R. Dwyer B. of Arch. Waterbury, Connecticut Edward Fitzpatrick B.S. in Civil Engineering New York City, New York Sydney L. Gale B.S. in Mechanical Engr. South Bend, Indiana lames R. Gibbs B.S. in Mechanical Engr. Depew, New York William E. Grady B.S. in Metallurgy New York City, New York Donald A. Hinshaw B. of Arch. Notre Dame, Indiana Richard B. Hohman B.S. in Electrical Engr. Oak Park, Illinois Noel O. Kindt B.S. in Electrical Engr. South Bend, Indiana William Kirsch B.S. in Civil Engineering Lockport, New York George W. Koch B.S. in Mechanical Engr. Bronx, New York Rene A. Lacayo B.S. in Civil Engineering Mangua, Nicaragua Frank W. Lane B.S. in Mechanical Engr. Branford, Connecticut Edward J. Malo B.S. in Arch. Notre Dame, Indiana Patrick J. McAward B.S. in Civil Engineering Flushing, New York John F. Mclntyre B.S. in Civil Engineering Lakewood, Ohio Paul F. Mooney B.S. in Mechanical Engr. New Lexington, Ohio Joseph R. Morrissey B.S. in Civil Engineering Cincinnati, Ohio Harvey P. Newpuist B.S. in Mechanical Engr. Dekalb, Illinois Richard A. O ' Horo B.S. in Mechanical Engr. Youngstown, Ohio Tipton N. Patton B.S. in Electrical Engr. Ashland, Kentucky Thomas P. Rome B.S. in Aeronautical Engr. Dobbs Ferry, New York Richard P. Sheridan B.S. in Chemical Engr. Chicago, Illinois Joseph H. Smith B.S. in Electrical Engr. Utica, New York Ralph V. Taylor B.S. in Arch. Notre Dame, Indiana Richard E. Girard Bachelor of Laws Chicago, Illinois lames S. Hurley Bachelor of Laws Newark, New York Leonard Joseph Kamer Bachelor of Laws Notre Dame, Indiana Matthew Joseph Kehoe Bachelor of Laws Notre Dame, Indiana lames J. Kelly Bachelor of Laws South Bend, Indiana William B. McFadden Bachelor of Laws Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Norman Hugh McNeil Bachelor of Laws Arbuckle, California William J. Nye Bachelor of Laws Elkhart, Indiana Edward Charles Reardon Bachelor of Laws Notre Dame, Indiana Douglas D. Robertson Bachelor of Laws South Bend, Indiana R. Kent Rowe Bachelor of Laws South Bend, Indiana Robert Santacruz Bachelor of Laws Downey, California |ohn C. Sheerin Bachelor of Laws Kokomo, Indiana PHOTO-SHY SCIENCE SENIORS Millard Battles Bachelor of Science South Bend, Indiana Brother Donald J. Becker Bachelor of Science Notre Dame, Indiana Gordon D. Bennett B.S. in Geology Elmira, New York Henry C. Coburn Bachelor of Science Cedar Rapids, Iowa Michael Joseph Ellis B.S. in Geology Casper, Wyoming Hugo Adolf Hardt B.S. in Physics Elizabethton, Tennessee Philip R. McHugh Bachelor of Science Toledo, Ohio Thomas J. Miller Bachelor of Science Crosby, North Dakota Francisco O ' Lazabal Bachelor of Science Bayamon, Puerto Rico Francis D. Pairitz Bachelor of Science South Bend, Indiana Arnold Paul Stokes B S. in Mathematics Walla Walla, Washington 339 enior . . . Rev. Joyce, Senate, and Senior class officers chat with the guest speaker at the Washington Day Exercises. Top speakers and a well-planned program made the annual Mar- riage Institute a well-attended Senior event. The Class of ' 55. ; v A familiar sight for the grad- uating Senior. Patriot of the Year Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, known to millions through his weekly " Life Is Worth Living " television pro- gram, was named recipient of the " Second Annual Patriot Award " in balloting by the Senior Class at the University of Notre Dame. The noted prelate, who is auxiliary bishop of New York and national director of the Propagation of the Faith, follows FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who received the award last year. The award was established in 1954 to honor an " outstanding pa- triot who exemplifies the American ideals of jus- tice, personal integrity and service to country. " Presentation of the plaque and scroll, emblematic of the award, was made in " absentia " at the 106th Annual Washington ' s Day Exercises of the Senior Class in the Drill Hall. Laetare Medalist George Meany, president of the American Federa- tion of Labor, was named recipient of the 1955 Laetare Medal. The University has made the award annually since 1833 to an outstanding Catholic layman. Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, president of the University, said, in announcing the selection : " For more than 20 years in which he has exercised local, state, and national leadership, George Meany has exemplified the ability and integrity of a labor statesman. His substantial contributions to the welfare of the workers, to the development of trade unionism, and to the fostering of concord among employers and unions, while at the same time remaining steadfast in the tenets of his Faith, have prompted the University to confer upon him the highest honor within its power to bestow on a Catholic layman. " 342 Wltmoriam Frederick C. Miller, Jr. Doctor John C. Treacy Mr. William R. Dooley Professor Raymond V. Pence Professor David L. Campbell Doctor Jose A. Caparo Rev. Cornelius Laskowski, C.S.C. Rev. Joseph H. Cavanaugh, C.S.C. Rev. James J. Quinlan, C.S.C. Rev. James P. Kehoe, C.S.C. Rev. Bernard J. Ill, C.S.C. Rev. Paul J. Shea, C.S.C. Rev. William H. Robinson, C.S.C. 343 INDEX Abbott, Phillip L. 255 Abel, Fredrick C 255 Abt, Peter 273-300 Accardo, Joseph J., Jr 89-243 Adams, Donald E. 234 Adams, John A 88-234-263 Adams, Thomas M. 261 Adrian, Donald D 255 Adymy, Richard A 101-243 Agarwala, Aditya K 261 Agee, Philip B. 77-107-263 Ahearn, Joseph A. 234 Ahern, Charles J 101 Ahern, George W 233 Aikman, John M 255 Aimone, Tony F 242 Aita, Clemens R 243 Albers, Donald M 234 Alfes, Richard E 300 Alfonsus, Erwin C. 265 Allain, Thomas J 48 Allard, Bernard J 148 Allen, John A 263 Allen, Martin J 237 Alley, Ronald T 236 Allison, Richard 263 Alvarez, Alfonso 300 Alvarez, Ivan R 234 Alwan, Harold J. 263 Aman, Andrew A 236 Aman, John A 300 Amann, John J 237 Amberg, Theodore A 234 Anderson, Gerald W 265 Andre, Kenneth B., Jr 261 Andrew, Robert D. 263 Ansbro, James M 241 Anspach, Robert J 243 Antonia, Alfred P 242 Aquilino, Michael 286 Aquilla, John R 101-300 Aranguren, Fernando 261 Arcy, Edward T., Jr 318 Arends, Bruno R 261 Arias, Thomas G 286 Armaly, Joseph W. 236 Armstrong, Jack M 233 Armstrong, Thomas F. . . . 103-300 Arnold, Joseph P. 234 Arnold, Thomas J 263 Arnold, William E 286 Arrix, Robert J 300 Arroyo, Q 277 Arseneault, James R., Jr 242 Aschenbrenner, Frank J. 254 Ashbaugh, Warren F 106 Aubrey, Lloyd R 148 Augsdorfer, Jules P 251 Austgen, David M. 47 Austgen, Robert J., CSC 286 Ayers, David W 236 Ayers, Edward J 255 Ayotte, Roger L 147-148-254 B Babcock, Ronald P 98-243 Bacus, John W 241 Bailey, William D. 107-263 Bain, Donald W 300 Bain, Reginald, Jr 256-264 Bair, John H 243 Baker, David C 85-104-233 Baker, Gerald W 236 Baker, James E 148-300 Baker, Jon A 318 Ball, Thomas J. 243 Ballance, John J 318 Barbarisi, Leonard J. 243 Barber, Gordon D 243 Barbour, Robert T 300 Berkley, Harry W 249 Barnet, Lawrence F 249 344 Barnett, Gerald T. 318 Barnett, Richard L. 271 Barnicle, Thomas P 300 Barr, Donald J 148-257 Barrett, Charles S., Ill 236 Barrett, Peter C 38 Barron, William E 261 Barry, James T 300 Barry, Richard J. 255 Barth, Lawrence A 265 Barthel, John H 243 Bartley, John T., Jr 237 Bartsch, Richard P 261 Basso, Louis G 277-330 Bastien, Charles T 234 Battel, John F 318 Baundendistel, Robert J 318 Bauer, Edward J 243 Bauer, William 98 Baum, Joseph E., Jr 273-318 Baumie, J. E. 101-196-273-301 Beams, Byron D 139-148 Beane, Patrick H. 334 Beardsley, Frank G. 318 Beatty, David A. J 255 Bechamps, Raymond D. 260 Berchert, Gerald M. 254 Bechtold, Joseph A 263 Beck, William B 318 Sedan, John W 148-257 Bedford, Lawrence 257 Beeman, Richard A 72-94-286 Beer, Carl R. 261 Beggan, John F 249 Beggy, Daniel J. 87-257 Behme, James E 242 Behrmann, Donald L 277 Beiriger, Peter F 318 Belknap, LeRoy C. 77-271-301 Bell, Rex A 148 Bello, Menillio 257 Benchoff, Michael E. 234 Bendel, John E 72-77-95-318 Bennett, Charles A 273-301 Bennett, Roger C 86-247-257 Benson, Robert J 301 Berchem, John H 243 Bergan, Thomas J 330 Bergeron, Kenneth F 101 Bergin, Leo P 242 Bergin, Robert A 251 Bergman, John T. 301 Berquist, James M 94-286 Bernard, Emile A 86 Bernat, George J 241 Bernhold, Roland C 263 Berry, Richard D 261 Bert, Samuel J 233 Bertoncini, Gene J 98 Besser, Paul T 158 Betterton, Thomas C 255 Beytagh, Francis X 263 Biagi, Achille D. 250 Biermann, Albert H 260 I in -i in. 1 1 in. Robert A 301 Bigelow, James M 139-281-286 Bihn, Joseph A 139 Bill, Joseph G., Jr 79-139-263 Bimrose, Alfred W 271-301 Bintz, Theodore A., Jr. 301 Birk, John W 106-236 Birmingham, William J 301 Bisceglia. Patsy G 139 Bischof, Frank R. 106 Bisese, Vernon S. 334 Bishton, Morris J. 98-249 Bisignano, Joseph A 243 Blachowicz, Bruno S. 233 Black, Raymond J. 249 Black, Richard L. 318 Blackman, Joseph E 261 Blaikie, Robert P 273 Blake, George P 44-263 Blanton, Harry A. 243 Blantz, James R., CSC 286 Blasic, John F. 334 Blatt, Paul E 260 Boff, Richard F 256-264-272 Bogan, John J 319 Bogg, Robert W 251 Boland, Richard D 301 Bolger, John J 251 Bolger, Robert L 319 Boll, Lawrence J. 243 Boll, Peter A 257 Bomalaski, Martin D 267 Bona, Charles C. 255 Bonadonna, Russell R 241 Bond, James W 234 Bonde, William J 320 Bonucci, Louis H. 334 Boos, Francis H., Jr. 267 Booth, Frederick J. 234 Bopp, Thomas M. 234 Boraczek, Andrew W 261 Bordalio, Fred E 301 Borkovec, Kent F 249 Bornhofen, Philip J 251 Borus, Edward T 273-286 Bosco, Louis C. 249 Bosse, Thomas D 139-278-286 Bott, Thomas A 267 Bottiglione, John A. 234 Bottum, Roswell C 236 Bourre, William P 44-241 Boyd, Paul K. 165 Boyle, Hugh C 100-271-286 Boyle, John J 89 Boyle, Michael J 251 Boylson, Patrick M 301 Boznanski, Carl W 243 Bradford, Patrick J 255 Bradley, Mark E 236 Bradtke, King W 263 Bradtke, Philip J 267 Brady, James J 93 Brady, Joseph F 234 Brady, Michael J 249 Brand, Thomas A 273-319 Brandon, William D. 248 Branick, Robert I. 98-196-249 Bransfield, Jeremiah F.... 271-287 Bratton, Carl F 319 Braun, Robert P 267 Braun, William T 248 Bredahl, Roy E 260 Brehl, Lawrence J 48-72-88-287 Breitenstein, Donald R 53-251 Breitenstein, Richard C 237 Brennan, James S. 241 Brennan, Joseph P 255 Brennan, Joseph T 243 Brennan, Luke J 263 Brennan, Raymond M 254 Brennan, Sarsfield P. .263 Brennan, Thomas D. 301 Brenner, Thomas J. 254-260 Brett, William A 255 Bretting, Henry L., Jr. 234 Breuner, Richard E 236 Brewer, Schiele A 236 Brezenski, Robert R. 319 Bride, Crescent J 243 Brince, John B 277 Brinskelle, Fred E., Jr 87-261 Brockschlager, John F. 249 Brockway, Lee J 47-319 Broderick, Brendan J 261 Broderick, Edward B 240 Brodeur, Victory A., Jr 243 Broecker, John G 233 Broestl, Francis G 243 Brogan, John W 267 Bronder, William M 319 Brophy, Donald F 94 Brophy, Frank R 257 Brothers, Pierce L., Ill 242 Broucek, George T 263 Broughton, James S. . 77-79-27 1-287 Brossard, George S.. . .90-259-263 Brown, Bruce L. 263 Brown, Charles J., Eg. 4 319 Brown, Forst E.. . . 72-101-273-334 Brown, James A 90-319 Brown, Larry T 255 Brown, Michael J. 287 Brown, Murray F., Jr 254 Brown, Robert 283 Brown, Robert O. 301 Brueckner, Carl A., Jr. 106 Brun, Eugene A 301 Bryant, Peter B 319 Brzezinski, Robert B 233 Bucci, Donald F 301 Buch, Harry L 277-330 Buck, Kenneth J. 260 Buckley, Edwin J 234 Buckley, George A 251 Buckley, Lawrence C 95-287 Budnyk, Samuel F 287 Bunker, Richard J 158 Bure, John P 93-249 Burge, Frank J 319 Burke, Daniel J 301 Burke, Francis N 85-301 Burke, Henry E., Jr. 267 Burke, Jerome J 234 Burke, Michael L 247-251 Burke, Philip J 96-334 Burke, R. W 73-76-77-269-287 Burke, Robert W. 165 Burke, Thomas F 164 Burke, William T. 261 Burkhart, Donald J 277-319 Burnett, Robert J 287 Burnett, William H 319 Burns, Charles G. 319 Burns, David J 233 Burns, Edward D 250 Burns, Gerald D 237 Burns, Jerome E 287 Burns, Robert N 302 Busbee, Frank C 287 Buseck, Donald C 330 Bustamante, Albino C 260 Butcof ski, James S. 233 Buzzone, Joseph F. . . . 101-277-319 Byrne, Terence E 100-251 Byrne, William P. 79-287 Cabral, Walter K. 139-287 Cadwell, Charles S 302 Caffarelli, Robert N 44-302 Cagley, Thomas M. 106 Cahill, James W 302 Cahill, Thomas A 319 Cahill, William E 234 Caiola, Robert J 234 Caira, Robert B. 271 Calcagnini, Donald P. 251 Calendine, Joseph C 243 Callaghan, Leo P. 287 Callahan, James V 271-319 Callahan, James F. 263 Callahan, John M. ,243 Callahan, John P 287 Callahan, Richard W. 277-287 Camoosa, Eugene H., Jr 302 Campbell, Archie R 320 Campbell, Peter J., Jr 77-278 Canfield, Richard T 300 Canna, John A 277-287 Cannata, Frederic J 234 Canning, William F 271-287 Cannon, Patrick J 287-175 Cannon, Peter J. 263 Canny, James P. 255 Cantrill, James E 105-271-334 Cantwell, Michael N. 241 Capasso, Ralph V. T 98 Capka, Joseph R. 320 Caplet, Thomas B 79-263 Capozzi, Angelo J 158 Capellino, Franklin R. 201 Cappetta, Anthony G 234 Cardella, Bernard J 158 Cardinal, Paul J., Jr 271-320 Carell, James W 265 Carey, Thomas F. 139-269-302 Carhart, George M. 73-271-302 Carideo, James V. 158 Carlin, Donald W 90-104-267 Carlin, John E. 265 Carlin, Roderick M 234 Carll, Randall C 320 Carmelite, Donald D 263 Carmody, Thomas P 59 Carnazola, Andrew R. 237 Carney, John G 241 Carney, Richard W 106 Carr, Michael P 278 Carrabine, Eugene P. 302 Carrabine, Luke F 139 Carrane, Robert A 263 Carrig, Irving C. 288 Carroll, Charles J. 330 Carroll, Clarence T. 320 Carroll, Daniel M 236 Carroll, Donald J. 261 Carroll, James F 302 Carroll, Michael E 320 Carroll, Richard P 96-261 Carry, William J 241 Caruso, Peter J. 100-271 Carvalho, Robert P 233 Case, John W. 265 Casey, John C 107-302 Casey, John E 103-254 Casey, John J 107-263-268 Caso, Arthur L 243 Cassidy, Emmet P 320 Castello, John L., Jr 241 Caster, John H 106-255 Castorina, Anthony J. 263 Catanzaro, Marshall J 251 Catanzaro, Michael E 251 Cater, Robert E 288 Cavett, Donald T. 302 Cayer, Paul D. 243 Cender, Rudolph 271-320 Cenname, James J 271-288 Centlivre, Louis A 302 Cesario, John J. 255 Chagnon, Arthur E. 236 Chalboub, Joseph T. 302 Chesky, Deleno T 302 Chesson, William B. 240 Chestnut, James E 255 Chiaro, John J 255 Chinn, Philip C. 101-288 Choby, John J 104-233 Christian, H. Fredrick 261 Chun, Charles Y. K. 267 Cicciarelli, Maurice J 271-320 Cingolani, John K. 242 Ciochon, Paul A 97 Ciszewski. Ralph L 320 Clair, John E 234 Clamens, Richard J 302 Clark, Andrew R 237 Clark, Edward J. 288 Clark, James B 288 Clark, John M. 243 Clark, Richard C 100-104 Clark, Richard T 91-273-302 Clarke, Philip J. 320 Clarke, Walter J 160 Claussen, Thomas W. 261 Cleary, Michael M. 164-241 Cleland, Francis L., Jr 302 Clemency, John J 96-277 Clemens, W. C 73-100-105-288 Clements, William A. 288 Clesi, Charles L. 77 Clifford, John H 98-241 Clifton, Thomas J 251 Cline, Joseph W 263 Clowdsley, Martin T 251 Clusserath, Joseph W. 273-30 Clusserath, Thomas M.---. 98-273 Coale, Edgar L 251 Cockerey, Gregory O. 241 Coffey, Michael B. 96-288 Coffey, Paul B 237 Coffey, Thomas A 106 Cogan, John A. 255 Cohan, Timothy F. 255 Cohen, David R 288 Colligan, Charles A. 255 Collins, Bro. Stephen, OSB .... 288 Collins, Charles C 288 Collins, David E 107-263 Collins, Michael F. 248 Colman, Richard T. 86-162 Colnon, Peter A 267 Colzani, Robert J. 261 Comer, Thomas J 267 Comito, John N 267 Comparda, Edward J 330 Condit, Richard P 288 Conklin, Francis J. 288 Conley, James D 288 Conley, Lloyd J 261 Conlon, Harry B., Jr 248 Connaughton, John J. 79-334 Connelly, James V 263 Connelly, Mark E 255 Connelly, Richard J. 67-288 Connelly, George F 234 Connolly, John J. 288 Connolly, Joseph E.. 88-89-277-289 Connor, Arthur C. 2 63 Connor, Charles T 174 Conroy, Edward G 236 Conroy, Thomas F 105 Considine, Richard G 241 Conway, Conrad J 249 Conway, Thomas M 240 Conway, Steven J 334 Conyers, Wallace G 86 Cook, Edward J 139-289 Cook, Richard F 303 Cook, Thomas H 233 Cooke, Francis W 255 Cooney, John G. 107-263 Cooper, Bernard K 233 Cooper, Gary E 237 Cooper, Gary M. 233 Copeland, Robert C 303 Coppersmith, James L 303 Corbett, Donald J., Jr 242 Corbett, John J 320 Corbett, John W. 263 Corbett, Lawrence P., Jr 103 Corcoran, James M 289 Corcoran, Thomas P 233 Cordry, Robert J 303 Corgiat, John B. 320 Corona, Barry J 251 Corrigan, Thomas A 257 Costa, William T., Jr 273 Costello, James G 97 Costello, Thomas M. 101-303 Cote, Thomas E 101-236 Coughlin, James M 255 Coulon, George L., CSC 289 Courtney, James M 303 Coutler, Paul R 289 Cowdrill, David T 234 Cowles, Alfred L 303 Coyne, John P 92-330 Coyne, Richard J., Jr. 240-246 Coyne, Robert L. 139 Cozad, Thomas M. 303 Crano, John C 249 Cray, Harold L 320 Crean, Chester L., Jr 96-303 Crehan, Thomas M.. 76-77-107-263 Cremins, James J 97 Cribbs, Francis J 303 Crilly, John W 243 Crimmins, William A 289 Crowe, Thomas B 101-241 Crowley, Christopher J. 261 Crowley, Dennis J 236 Crowley, John N. 98-241 Crowley, John P. 233 Crowley, Richard D 267 Crumley, William J 243 Crutcher, John R. 100-249 Cuddihy, Edward F., Jr. 237 Cuddy, John G 320 Cuny, Burke R. 255 Culhane, Martin A., Jr. 303 Cullen, James F 241 Cullinan, James P. 36-37-250 Cullinan, Michael P 303 Cunningham, James F 303 Cunningham, Richard B 251 Cunningham, Robert L 38 Cupper, John E., Jr. 267 Curnyn, Arnold D. 334 Curran, John G 263 Curran, Patrick W 93 Curry, John P 263 Curry, Paul J 273 Curtin, James C. 269-271-289 Cusack, James D. 148 Cusack, John T 249 Gushing, Robert P 233 Cushwa, Charles B 106-267 Cyrier, Roderick T 289 Cywinski, John S 263-268 Czuppa, Edward A. 289 Dahlen, Robert N 320-86 Daiber, John W. 251 Dailey, George W 261 Dailey, James H 233 Dakin, Michael J 289 Dakoske, George R 105 Dale, James W. 267 Daley, Daniel F 330 Daley, Eugene P 334 Daley, Joseph C. 73-76-77-334 Daly, James T 271-148 Daly, Lawrence G 261 Daly, Roger P 233 Dames, John Joseph 236 Damm, John A 98 D ' Amore, Francis P. 255 Danner, Frederick G 320 Dant, Alan H. 257 D ' Arcy, John T. 251 Dargis, Edmund K 289 Dasek, Frank P 243 Datka, Ronald J. 263 David, Edward J 269-273-303 Davidson, William R 251 Davin, David E 263-89-139 Davis, Kenneth G., Jr 261 Davis, Roland B 241 Day, Charles J 234 Day, Edgar W., Jr 243 Day, James E 267 Deasy, John P 261 Deatrick, Armand P 330 DeBellis, Roy J 251 Debrey, Robert J 273 Debrosse, Daniel G 236 DeCalwe, Henry B 101 Decker, William H 250 Dee, Stephen W 330 Deeb, Robert M 241 Deegan, James E 335 Deely, Richard J 242 Deger, Charles A. 303 Degnan, Walter C 243 Deibig, John D 249 Deichmann, Richard E. 335 De Johgh, Arthur T 261 Delaney, John L 289 Delany, Frederick T 304 Del Bello, Bernard N 260 D ' Elia, John Dominic 243 Deline, Howard 1 79-304 Dello-Stritto, Fred V. 321 delos Heros, Jose A 241 De Matteo, Ronald E. 243 Demers, Richard P 240 Dempsey, Edward J 304 Denniston, Joseph F. 101 Denouri, Herbert L 265-242 DeNardo, Michael A 289 De Pasquale, Donn T 271 Depies, Paul W 304 Derbas, Raymond E. 249 Derby, John R 321 Dervin, Eugene F 260 Derwent, John E. 335 Desmond, Robert R. 254 Des Rosiers, Raymond J. 257 DeSutter, Raymond A., II .... 98 Dever, Garland R., Jr 251 Devereux, Timothy E 289 Devine, Clement J., Jr.. . .243-289 Devine, Daniel C. 76-77-286 Devine, Richard W., Jr. 233 De Vito, Peter F 234 Dewes, John W. 243 Di Camillo, Richard A 243 Dieter, Julian T 257 Dihallo, Joseph A 261-105 Dillon, Thomas K 243 Dillon, Victor J 243 Di Luciano, Joseph P 263-105 Dionise, Michael C 330-92 Diorio, Frank 267 Di Pasquale, Pasquale, Jr 289 Di Renzo, Gordon J 77-267-105 Di Renzo, Frank J 243 Di Ruscio, Henry G 243 Discher, David P 335 Divane, Dan J 304 Dixon, Donald R 273-289 Dodd, John A 165 Dodge, John D 234-257-102 Doherty, Charles M 251-93 Doherty, C. V.. .73-277-304-93-106 Doherty, John P 237 Dohrenwend, James W 236 Donadio, Kenneth F 263 Donahue, George R 271-304 Donahue, John J 101 Donahue, Peter J 283-330 Donahue, Phillip J 102 Donalds, Jeron E 267 Donius, Donald J 261 Donlan, Joseph R 304 Donnelly, James R 67-330 Donnelly, John D 261 Donnelly, John F 236 Donnelly, John R 261 Donnelly, Norman J 277-321 Donnelly, Walter A 234 Donohue, Thomas H 290 Donovan, Lawrence K 233 Donovan, Robert F 250 Donovan, Thomas C 263 Dooley, John J 241 Dooley, Michael R 251 Dorwin, Thomas A 335 Dougherty, William B 271-321 Douglas, George R 251-104 Dowd, Robert A 261 Dowden, Carroll V 290 Downer, Ronald E 304 Downley, Lawrence J 321 Doyle, Bernard G 335 Doyle, John F 234 Doyle, Thomas 249 Driscoll, Thomas C 304 Driscoll, Timothy J. 261 Droege, John J 335 Drozd, Joseph J. 98 Dryden, James R 304 Dryden, Robert J 304 Du Bois, James E 321 Dudek, Raymond A 236 Dudzinski, Edmund P 281 Duffy, Donn B 304 Duffy, James J. 304 Duffy, Robert E 249 Duffy, Robert F 241 Dugan, Owen H 304 Dugan, Robert D 321 Dumas, Jack W 139 Dunegan, Robert J 263-148 Dunham, Robert J 236 Dunn, John F 234 Dunne, Bernard M 251 Dunseath, Robert H 248 Durand, Edward R., Jr 240-87 Durbin, John D 251 Durenberger, Gephard R 236 Durr, Michael J 261 Duryea, Charles R 335 Duschka, Walter A 67 Dutko, Harry A 105 Dwan, Francis A 267-104-164 Dwane, Richard J 243 Dwyer, Howard I., Jr. Dwyer, James G 271-335 Dwyer, John C 273-304 Dwyer, Joseph F 241 Dwyer, Paul A 304-101 Dwyer, Thomas A 234 Dwyer, William 290 Dytrych, Norbert F . .261 345 Early, Robert J. 233-89 Eaton, Jack A. 233 Eaton, Richard M. 243 Eck, Albert O. 243 Eckart, F. C 271-304-88-93 Eckl, Christopher E. 261-89 Eckland, Robert A. 96 Eddy, Jack L. 237 Edelstein, Harold G. . . 79-269-290 Edmonds, Wayne K. 139 Egan, John E., Jr. 305 Egan, Richard J 249 Eggers, Arthur F. 290 Ehret, James D 77-271-305 Ehrmann, Leo P., Jr. 237 Eichelman, Robert R 261 Eigelsbach, Carl P. 267 Eilers, Eustace V. 261 Eisenhauer, Thomas W.- 233-104 Eldred, Roger J. 236 Eleuteri, Lawrence A. 273 Ellam, Joseph J 240 Elliot, Robert A 98 Ellis, Michael J 53 Elsey, Lee L 250 Engel, William J 263-98 Engels, John P 233 Englehart, James E 241 Engler, John C 77-275-267 English, Thomas J., CSC 290 Epstein, Frank B. 263 Erbs, Thomas J 234 Erdmann, Robert L 47 Erenfeld, Frederick R 243 Esch, James C 243 Eschbecher, Robert L., CSC ... 290 Eustermann, James N 267 Eveld, Robert J 331 Everman, R. 261 Evrard, John W 305 Ewbank, Donald D 290 Fagan, Francis P 261 Pagan, William P 290 Fahle, John J 322 Falcinelli, Thomas R 106 Faley, Donald J 234 Faley, Robert L 260 Fallen, John J 90 Fallon, Shaun J 305 Fanning, William E 234 Fannon, John J 144-146 Farmer, Ralph B 241 Farmer, William A 243 Farrell, Richard J 305 Farrell, Shannon A 236 Farrell, Thomas A., Jr 265 Farrell, Thomas J 236 Farrow, Ronald W 261 Farrug, Michael J 101 Fay, James W 261 Fazzone, Paul A 321 Fechtel, Edward J 255 Feeley, George T 237 Feeley, John P. 249 Feeley, John R 305 Feeley, Thomas J 305 Feeney, James B 236 Fees, Archibald W 243 Feigl, Frank J 233 Feit, Richard W. 234 Feldman, Donald H 53-349 Feller, John R 233 Fenton, Thomas P 255 Ferguson, Francis L 277 Fernandes, Francisco V 67 Ferrhnte, Robert L. 278 Ferrone, Joseph D. 236-165 Feury, William A 321 Pick, Gerald L. 255 Pickling, Ralph L 263 Fiehrer, Jacques J 263-107 Filipiak, Robert C 161-140 Filippi, Richard J 334 Finn, Joseph L 158 Finnegan, Thomas D. 290 346 Finnie, Joseph B 236 Finnin, James B 98 Fischella, Michael F. 305 Fischer, Frank J 251-98 Fischer, John E 233 Fish, Donald T 263 Fish, John J 331 Fisher, Gerald H 243 Fisher, Robert J 321 Fiss, Charles J. 233 Fitzenz, John A. 290 Fitzgerald, James J.. . .250-255-87 Fitzgerald, John G 236 Fitzgerald, Paul J 305 Fitzgerald, Richard P 139 Fitzpatrick, J. 254 Fitzpatrick, Michael J. 243 Fitzsimmons, James R 263 Fitzsimmons, John J 273 Flaaten, John D 273 Flaherty, Walter J 273-305 Flanagan, John J., Jr 243-263 Flattery, Paul C 249 Fleming, Robert B 271-321 Flinn, Donald J 255 Flores, Joseph A 261 Florian, F. L 73-271-321-47-90 Fluhr, James F 251 Flynn, Christopher T 273-305 Flynn, Jackson E 271-290-100 Flynn, James P 236 Flynn, John F 305 Fogarty, Michael J 234 Fogarty, Thomas N 243 Foley, John 305 Foley, Patrick J 305 Fonatana, Joseph W. 305 Foran, Joseph W 240 Ford, George S. 273-290 Ford, John T., CSC 290 Fordyce, Thomas R 257 Forsberg, Robert J. 243 Forster, Thomas J 233 Forte, Franklin J. 305 Fortino, James M 267-105 Fortune, Thomas R 251 Fortune, William D 255 Fournais, Eric K 241 Fox, George S 106 Fox, Michael E. 237 Fox, Michael J 290 Fox, Richard B 251 Fox, William H 261 Foy, David 68 Foy, Francis P 104 France, Jack R 236 Francis, Ronald M 96 Franks, Jack A 259 Fransen, Adolph R 241-100 Franzoni, Andrew E. 273-335 Fraser, William 283 Fraser, William R 255 Frasor, Richard L 305-139 Freeland, John A 305 Freidheim, Jere E 335 Freidhoff, Frank H 242 Freund, Donald C 306-96 Friel, John P 263 Friske, John D 263-107 Froelich, Jerome E. 321 Fromme, Kenneth L 263-97 Frommeyer, Robert C 241 Fruin, Robert E 248 Fuligni, Dante P 98 Fullmer, Paul 271-290-88 Furlow, Edward D 263 Gaberik, Richard P 290 Gaffney, John B 291 Gagliardi, Joseph F 241 Gagnon, David W. 234 Gaido, John J., Jr 261 Galione, Frederick 306 Galla, Robert T 251-101 Gallagher, Brian B. 165 Gallagher, David R. 273 Gallagher, Donald M 335 Gallagher, James R 291 Gallagher, John A 250 Gallagher, John E. 267 Gallagher, Thomas M 273-306 Gallant, Gilles M. 261 Galle, Richard C 250 Galligan, Thomas J. 306 Gallige r, Gerald M. 237 Galdrneau, Russel A. 260 Cans, Michael J 261 Gantert, Peter A. 277-306 Ganther, Fred R 277-321 Gargan, Joseph F 331 Garvey, Gerald J 77 Garvey, William M 261 Garvin, William H 98 Garyan, J. 277 Gaulrapp, James F 241 Gauthier, Richard L 306 Gayhardt, Donald F 255 Gazzale, James F 233 Gazzani, Valentin B. 243 Geiman, J. Robert 277 Gels, Donald H 73-98-196-306 Genovese, Anthony V 321 Genovese, Ferdinando 233 Geneovese, Gerald F 234 Georgitso, Robert J 233 Gerace, Paul L 261 Gerado, William J 249 Gerami, Gerald J 139 Gerhow, Lee 67 Germain, Albert E 273-306 Gervais, Robert L 67-321-47 Gessner, Bernard F 243 Getty, Eugene F 335 Ghaphery, Alfred D 335 Gharst, John D 251 Giambruno, John T 98 Gibbons, James E., III. . .291-100 Gibbons, John P. 335 Gibson, George M 265 Giddens, Warren W 277-335 Gies, Henry P 67 Gifford, Fay E 267 Gill, Joseph W 243 Gill, Walter J 260-90 Ginder, William H 234 Giordano, Louis W 261 Giovannone, Bernardo R. 101 Giroux, Paul H 104 Gist, George W 306 Gits, John R. 271-306-154 Glasgow, George E 237 Glavin, John W. 234-87-89 Gleason, Martin J 278-291 Gleason, Michael L 236 Gleason, Michael N 237 Glennon, Richard J 306 Glenski, John E 275-248 Glenton, Donald A. 278 Glorioso, Samuel 261 Glover, Leon C 249 Glynn, Michael J. 250 Goedecke, John B. 263-97 Goetemann, Gerald B 236 Goetemann, Gordon G 29 1 Goethals, James A 237-89 Goetsch, John H 277-306 Goggins, James P 237 Golob, John R 291 Golonka, Joseph W 237 Gonzalez, George 241 Gonzalez, Jose A 240 Goodrich, Gordon G. 255 Gordon, Charles P. 161 Gordon, Edward J 251-91 Gordon, Richard J 236-98 Gorham, William J. 281-261 Gorkill, F 255-97 Gorman, Richard R 257 Gorski, Eugene F 97-102 Gosdick, Robert W 291 Gothard, Donald L 26 1 Goul, W 255 Governaie, Russell J 321 Grace, Charles L 247 Grade), Urban F 234 Graff, Harry J 271-322 Graff, Robert J 237 Grasberger, Francis N 251 Graves, John W. 25 Gray, James M 93 Gray, Robert D 322 Gray, Russel W. 101 Greene, Robert W. 335 Gregory, Edward M. 241 Grier, George A 249 Griffin, Edward J 277-306 Griffin, Eugene G 86 Griffin, James T 71-291 Griffin, Robert E. 249 Griffin, Thomas J. 331 Griffith, William B 243 Grimm, Reginald N 322 Grimmer, Thomas A. 255 Grimmig, Lee A 243 Groben, John R 322 Groble, George W. 139 Groden, Thomas F 335 Grogan, John H 306 Grogan, William S 250 Groner, Richard S. 271-322-47 Groonell, James B. 273-306 Grygiel, Frank A. 241 Gryle wicz, Benedict E., Jr 291 Gschwind, John K 260 Gschwind, Michael G 251 Guarnieri, Frank C 241 Gudac, Joan F. 273 Gueguen, J. A., Jr.. .261-89-98-105 Guglielmo, Walter U. 291 Guido, Anthony S. 306 Guilfoile, Thomas J 249-86 Guinan, William L., Jr 241-86 Guide, Charles J. 322-106 Guide, Robert E 105-106 Gulley, William B. 234 Gumerman, Armin F 106 Gunning, John T. 255 Gustanis, Albert R. 249-106 Guter, Richard J. 243 Gutherie, Robert J. 261 Guthrie, Anthony J 278-291 H Haering, James C 322-101 Haeuser, William H., Ill 241 Hagans, David J. 322 Hagerty, Thomas R.. . .77-246-240 Haggerty, Joseph J. 306 Hahn, Charles R 243 Haidinger, Robert N. 291 Hairsine, Richard P 306 Haitmanek, Louis F. 255 Haley, Patrick C 336-53 Haley, Thomas W. 259 Halkias, George N. 271-322 Hall, Ambrose M 336 Hall, Frank L 148 Hall, Gary F 255 Halloran, Michael H. 248 Halloran, Neal J. 307 Hamilton, Edward J 263 Hamilton, John F 307 Hammel, Lawrence V 250 Hammett, John B. 158 Hammond, Richard L 243 Hammond, Rudolph E. 336 Hand, David J 257 Handley, Joseph G. 255-148 Hank, Richard J 100 Hankes, Lynn R 240 Hanley, Michael A 322-47 Hanlon, Paul M. 291-107 Hannigan, John W. 249 Hanrahan, Robert P 271-191 Harper, Dale P. 291 Harper, John M 254-33 Harrington, John C. 257 Harris, Donald R 236 Harris, Jules E., II 236 Harrison, Lawrence J. 322 Harrison, Peter B. 33 1 Harriss, Buck A 89 Hart, Howard E 307 Hart, Roland F 291 Hart, Victor V 264 Hartigan, John M 277-307 Hartzell, Thomas C 291 Harvey, Paul E 249 Hasara, Theodore F. 241 Hatch, Everard E 267 Hauhnar, Paul Z. 291 Hauser, William P 263-105 Haverkamp, Robert E 87 Hawk, Leo J 322 Hawn, Jerry M 255 Haydel, Karl G. 336 Hayden, Joseph M. 291 Hayes, Gerald W 246 Hayes, Michael E 254 Hayes, Thomas L., Jr 291 Hays, David F. 251 Healy, Cornelius E. 233 Healy, Daniel F 336 Healy, Edward M 254 Healy, John J 67-243 Healy, Mark 273-322 Healy, Patrick F. 291 Healy, Patrick J 259-243 Heap, Joseph L 307-139 Hebert, Joseph J. 234 Heckard, John M 237 Heer, Paul E 248 Hefferman, Patrick A. 234 Hegarty, Michael K. 291 Heimoski, Joseph R. 234 Heineman, John L. 255-98 Heineman, Kenneth J 233 Heinrich, William T. 271-322 Heinze, Francis J 240 Heller, John Harve 322 Heller, William C 255 Henderson, Ronald J. 291 Hendrick, Larry F 233 Hendricks, Richard J 139 Heneghan, James B 255 Henehan, Joseph A 307 Henerson, John L., Jr 261 Kennedy, John F. 241 Hennessey, Lawrence H. 255 Henrick, John C 86-105 Henseler, Bart J 261 Henzel, John J., Jr 77-243 Hepler, Robert 331 Herber, John F 336 Herman, Michael V 241 Herman, Ronald J. 248 Herman, Thomas R.. .246-275-249 Hernandez, Gonzalo J 243-106 Herring, James A 255 Herzog, Frederick C. 236 Hesburg, James I. 73-77-307 Hesse, Charles J 257 Hester, John J 273-307 Hetreed, John J. 236 Hetzelt, Alfred L 243 Hewitt, James T 261 Heyl, Harry C 255 Hickey, Hubert A 237 Hickey, Richard T. 271-307 Hickman, Charles M 97-251 Hicks, Glen R. 307 Hicks, Mack R 249 Hierath, Leonard L 273 Higgins, James C 331 Higgins, James M 267 Higgins, John B 240 Higgins, Joseph F 271-322 Higgins, Thomas F. 241-148 Higgins, Thomas J 251 Hilbert, Otto Karl 291 Hillberth, Adalbert K 242 Hildebrant, Edward W 261 Hilger, James R., Jr. 263 Hilligan, Thomas J 249 Hillsman, Gerard C 307 Hilton, Jerrold F 248-89-106 Himmelberg, Charles J 101 Hinderscheid, Robert E. ..241-307 Hinger, Thomas C. 233 Hinkle, Michael D 260 Hipskind, James N.. . .307-271-105 Hirschfeld, John C 233-65-93 Ho, Gorden C 241 Hobbs, John A 307 Hoblitzell, John R 307 Hodges, Clarence E 292 Hoffman, Michael J 307 Hoffmaster, Robert J. 307 Hogan, Jeremiah P. 261 Hogan, John H. 243 Hogan, John P 98-241 Hogan, Richard J. 251 Hogue, John H 249 Hohl, Vincent D 234 Holland, William M 250 Holleran, Daniel J. 307 Holm, Gunnar J 238-243 Holzl, Fred G. 77-241 Hoodecheck, Donald J.. 98-233-234 Hopkins, Russel G 236 Hopp, James J 323 Hornak, James A 323 Hornback, Bert G 75-95-249 Home, Michael J. 261-268 Hornung, Paul V. 139-148 Hosoinski, John P 292 Hossain, Kamal 74-277-292 Host, Joseph P 308 Hottenroth, Fred W 255 Houck, John W 277-331 Hough, John G. 89-100-233 Houk, John D 260 Houlihan, Robert E 241 Hourigan, Edmund B., Jr. 234 House, Paul M 261 House, Robert J 237 House, William H. 251 Howard, John D 237 Howard, Michael A 249 Howard, William L 250 Hower, Dennis R 255 Hribar, John P. 234 Hubbard, Thomas K. 261 Huber, Jacque R 233 Huber, Louis R 308 Huber, Robert A. 323 Huebner, Richard M 261 Huether, Richard J 308 Huetz, Robert G 236 Hughes, Jerome E 74-77-292 Hughes, John E 308 Hughes, Richard L 273-308 Humbert, Federico J 308 Huml, Donald F 292 Hummel, William C 251 Huneck, Robert L 308 Huninghake, Charles F. 234 Huot, Bruce T. 241 Huppe, Robert L 323 Hurley, Edwin H 158 Hurley, Francis P 89-243-259 Hurley, Paul E 90 Hurley, Philip J. 104 Hussey, Robert G 257 Hutchinson, Ronald G. 95 Hutchison, Robert N 101-292 Hutchison, William E. 234 Huurman, Walter W., Jr 234 Hyer, James H., Jr 263 I lanni, Edward A 238-243-253 Igleski, Thomas R. 211-308 Immonen, David J 233 Indiveri, Vinnent J 234 Irving, James P. 248 Irwin, James D. 236 Irwin, James S 97-271-292 Iwinski, Donald J 261 Jackiewicz, Paul R 331 Jackman, Michael J 271-308 Jackman, William E 97-263 Jackson, William N. 308 Jacquemain, William 255 Jahoda, John F 308 James, Thomas O. 292 Janda, David H. 241 Janssen, Edwin F. 308 Jasman, Robert J 323 Jastrab, Robert J 148-261 Jebavy, Ronald J 234 Jena, John H 308 Jenkins, Daniel R. 243 Jennings, Bernard C 233 Jewell, Thomas M. 249 Johns, Paul T. 251 Johnson, Alex E 250 Johnson, Arthur C 79-249-275 Johnson, Malcolm D., CSC 292 Johnson, Robert C 233 Johnson, Robert E. 283 Johnson, Steven A 158 Johnson, William C 234 Jolly, William F 251 Joncas, Wilfred R 236 Jones, Gerald M. 255 Jones, Robert L 98 Jorling, Joseph H., Jr. 249 Joseph, Ellis 271-292 Joseph, Leonce F. 236 Joseph, Samuel A 236 Jowid, Mansour A 96 Joyce, Edward P 89 Joyner, Lemuel M. 283 Judge, Thomas L 257 Jungels, Robert T 233 Jurman, Robert L 251 Jurman, Stephen E. 260 Kaczmarek, Walter J 292 Kaelin, Alfred A 292 Kaiser, Thomas J. 241 Kalbas, Harold J 260 Kallman, Earnest A.. . 105-237-246 Kamschulte, Paul E. 267 Kanchier, Paul J 241 Kane, Thomas J 255 Kaniewski, Richard J. 250 Kapish, Eugene B 139 Karagan, Nicholas J 234 Karnath, Albert W 263 Kasaback, Ronald L 249 Kaufman, Robert E 89-254 Kavanah, Patrick 249 Kavanaugh, Walter J 273-308 Kearney, Joseph S. 273-323 Kearney, Paul L 263 Kearns, Henry P. 271-323 Kearns, John T 241 Kearns, Michael C 148 Kearns, Walter J. 292 Keating, Donald P 233 Keavney, Owen 271-292 Keefe, John P., CSC 292 Keegan, Robert J 267 Keegan, William H 148 Keenan, Edward F.. 255 Keenan, Leo D 308 Keenan, William M 240 Kegaly, John A 139 Kehoe, John A 243 Keizor, Philip J. 241 Kelle, Edward W 234 Kelleghan, Thomas C 331 Keller, John L 158 Kelley, Francis M 249 Kelliher, Warren C 263 Kelly, Edward F 292 Kelly, Edward F 308 Kelly, John J 261 Kelly, Joseph D. 263 Kelly, Michael J., Jr 308 Kelly, Roger J 236 Kenehan, Martin F 323 Kennedy, Edward F., Jr 53 Kennedy, John E 267 Kennedy, John F 323 Kennedy, John T 255-323 Kennedy, Michael F 102 Kennedy, Raymond C. .95-271-292 Kennedy, Stephen P 308 Kennell, Thomas E 261 Kenney, Roger C 251 Kenney, William J 336 Kenny, Francis X 241 Kenny, Gerald M 261 Keogh, Thomas A 241 Keough, James F 233 Kerby, Robert L 67-292 Kernan, Thomas J 293 Kerseg, Douglas T 255 Kershisnik, Donald P 261 Kershisnik, Thomas J 261 Kervin, Daniel E 233 Kerwin, Paul C. 248 Kesteloot, Robert W 96 Kewley, Thomas J 309 Keyes, George P 241 Kiddoo, Michael A 255 Kiefer, Jacob W 254 Kilb, Charles J 237 Kilbride, Terence K. 248 Kilburg, William J 273-309 Kilduff, Harold G 236 Kiley, Patrick J 240 Kilkeary, David M. 264-293 Killian, Joseph B 241 Kindsvatter, Charles T 263 Kindt, Noel 323 King, James F 241 King, James P.. .- 309 King, John D 139 King, Paul L. 148 King, Thomas G 293 King, Thomas R 233-331 Kinsler, Thomas C 309-161 Kirchner, John A. 251 Kirkendall, Henry L 261 Kirwan, William G 243 Kisling, Jacob W., Jr 234 Kiszka, Daniel C 309 Kittredge, Francis 1 261 Kittredge, Patrick W 242 Kitz, Charles B 101 Kiwus, James G 98 Klee, Charles W 273-293 Klein, Jerome J. 249 Klemmer, John L 240 Kletzly, Leo J 234 Klocke, David E 249 Kloecker, Robert P 277-336 Kluegel, George F 309 Knauf, George H 233 Kneuer, Joseph G 241 Koehler, Charles N. 255 Kohler, Richard L 233 Koladay, Ronald F 236 Kolodziej, Richard J 249 Kolopus, Robert A 241 Kominiarek, Marvin L 234 Konzen, Jon L. 263 Koons, Malcolm O. 309 Koontz, Roland F 241 Kopituk, Richard J 98-249 Kopp, Eugene P 93 Korte, James T. 271-309 Kosse, Bernard G. 261 Koster, John J., Jr 254 Koza, Walter J 255 Kozlowski, Charles J 233 Kracklauer, Fred W. 293 Kraemer, Lawrence P. 261 Krai, Richard A. 309 Kremer, James B 77 Kramer, Philip A 263 Krapp, Paul J 249 Krauss, Jerome G 98-240 Krauss, Norman E. 255 Krembs, George M 79-260 Kreps, William L 323 Kreusch, Fred W 243 Krieg, John P 323 Kriegshauser, Richard E 249 Krienke, Henry P 98-336 Kropkowski, Casimer 293 Krupka, Edward C 263 Kruppenbacher, Lawrence W. . 97 Kubal, David L. 89-233 Kubicki, Ronald W 236 Kueber, Roland W. 74-309 Kuhlman, Lawrence J 293 Kuhn, Kite K. 236 Kuhn, John E 251 Kunze, Robert B 309 Kurtz, John M 277-323 Kuskowski, Jerome J 323 Kusper, Stanley T., Jr. 93 Kwak, Richard A 236 347 Krak, Francis A 267 Kyle, Martin L. 260 Laboe, Thomas A 97-249 Lafrenier, Paul J 88-267 Lagonia, Thomas R. 233 Laibe, Otto R 261 Laird, Charles H. 277-323 Lajcak, Colman G 240 Lake, Robert W 139 LaLonde, Bernard J. 74-85-101-293 Lament, Daniel K 233 Land, John R 243 Landry, Donald A 240 Lang, George E 332 Langdon, Morris T 233 Lange, Richard E 309 Langer, George E 236 Langford, Walter M. 293 Langhans, Donald J 243 Lanspa, Donald E 273-309 Lanwehr, Thomas H 243 Lapasso, Anthony C 277-323 Lapeyre, Gerald J 263 Lapeyre, Pierre A 261 Lapointe, Paul F 261 Larivee, Donald J. 236 Larkin, John E 243 Larkin, William J 96-336 Larsen, Christian J 309 Lasher, Philip A 273 Laska, Martin R 237 Laue, Jay H 323 Lauerman, Henry J., Jr 237 Laughlin, Dennis E 293 Laughlin, James L 241 Laughlin, Terry X 87 Laughlin, Theodore D.. 97-277-336 Lavalle, Harold V 158 Law, James R 243 Lawler, George F 336 Lazor, Thomas M. 236 Lazorchak, Theodore F 332 Leahy, Frank W., Jr 233 Lee, John P 107-116-139 Lee, Joseph H 241 Lee, Joseph J 234 Leininger, William J 241 Leitten, Richard A 251 Leitzinger, Paul E 255 Lemek, Raymond E 139 LeMense, Robert D 91-332 LeMire, William A 237 Lenar, Robert J 234 Lennon, William T 249 Lenox, James N 89-241 Leous, Roger G 267 Leroux, Dale J 233 Lescher, Raymond C 89-249 Lese, Elliot R 273-309 Lesh, Burton A. 65 Lesmez, Eugene W 309 Lesso, Michael A 263 Letscher, Martin G. 237 Lewis, Aubrey C. 165-236 Lewis, Richard J 71-79 Lewis, Richard M. 249 Ley, Theodore N 243 Leyval, Eugene R 233 Liddle, George F 234 Liddy, Daniel R 260 Lieske, John J 240 Lievens, Edward J. 324 Lightner, Ralph G 254 Likar, Edmund P 267 Likar, Ronald J 243 Lima, Charles J 236 Linehan, James W 253 Linehan, John F 243 Link, David T 243 Linn, Truman E 237 Linnan, Roger J 241 Litzenberger, Samuel A 240 Lloyd, Robert F. 251 Locht, John A 293 Lochtefeld, John F 293 Lockwood, David W 267-268 Loeffler, James A., Jr. 236 348 Loeffler, Robert A 89 Loetscher, William F 233 Loewenstine, Leon H 236 Logan, Patrick C. 79-248 Lolli, Francis J. 293 Loncaric, Louis T 139 Long, Raymond T 324 Loomis, Stillman A 324 Lopez, Ernest J. 257 Lopie, Andrew F 237 Lorch, Michael M 236 Lorens, Stanley A 233 Louis, Joseph H 251 Luberto, Michael A 105-260 Lucey, John W 148-249 Luckett, Charles A 324 Luckett, Roy W 260 Luecke, Donald H 278-293 Luepke, Henry F. 148 Lum, Albert W. H 249 Lund, Eugene P 324 Lundquist, Robert E 310 Lundy, Frank B 324 Luoto, James A 293 Lupe, Robert A 310 Lynch, Daniel J., Jr 48 Lynch, Donald M 273-310 Lynch, Edward A., Jr 249 Lynch, Frank T 324 Lynch, Joseph R 98 Lynch, Patrick W 257 Lynch, Richard J 261 Lynch, Thomas E 236 Lynch, William L 324 Lynch, William T 243 Lyne, Daniel S 233 Lyon, John J 148 M MacDonald, John M 236 Machenburg, Donald E 251 Maclnnis, James L 293 Macintosh, Joseph R 98 Mack, Corneal J 233 Mack, Robert E. 241 Macksood, John M 233 Madden, James P 254 Madden, John F. 241 Madden, Michael M 241 Madden, Patrick J 241 Madigan, Joseph V 293 Mager, Douglas L 310 Maggiore, Louis R 106 Magill, Thomas E 271-324 Maher, Edward D. 237 Maher, Edward E 336 Mahoney, John H 293 Mahrt, Martin H 293 Maier, Frank M 74-91-100-293 Maier, Robert H 248 Maier, Stephen J 87 Maione, Orlando T 106-249 Majerus, Philip W 233 Makowski, Ronald A. 273-324 Makuck, Walter P 310 Malandra, Louis J 273 Maley, Robert J. 74-332 Malkmus, Michael V 243 Mallon, Robert P 310 Malloy, Emmet P 249 Malloy, Jarlath S 237 Malloy, John T 273 Maloney, Frank J 237 Maloney, Michael 310 Maloney, Thomas J 241 Malooly, James J. 310 Mandlehr, John D 243-245 Manelli, Donald D 255 Manganaro, S. Joseph 233 Manix, John F 273-310 Manley, Francis W 277-324 Manley, Paul F 241 Manley, Raymond P 310 Mannion, Richard T 293 Mansfield, Paul E 336 Mantey, John P. 241 Manuel, Philip R 237 Manzo, Francis L. 240 Marbach, Paul J 324 Marchal, John F 293 Mariani, Thomas R 106 Marino, Joseph A 236 Mark, Thomas E 241 Markley, William J 95-267 Marko, Thomas G 293 Markowski, Joseph E.. . . . 139-263 Marley, Jerry J 249 Maroon, Frederick M 273-310 Marr, George J 273 Marr, Robert L 241-246 Marrero, Alvin C 283 Marshall, John B 234 Marshall, Thomas V. 271-336 Marston, James R 233 Martell, Eugene J 139 Martersteck, Karl E. 263 Martin, John B 241 Martin, Thomas V 234 Martinello, Roy G 238-243 Martinsek, John E 240 Martzell, John R 93 Maryanski, John E 251 Marz, Paul A 273 Masini, Donald J 257 Masini, Reno J 263 Maslankowski, Frederick 255 Mason, Allen G 237 Mason, James A 47-261 Mason, Neal F 271-310 Massey, James L 104 Massman, John T 47 Massman, Robert J 243 Mathews, John M. 243 Matt, Leo S 161 Matthews, Curtis R 263 Matthews, Donald J 310 Matthews, William R 101 Matz, Paul A 116-148 Maurer, Gerald R 243 Mavigliano, Nicholas F 263 May, Thomas P 74-96-3 10 May, William, Jr 98-324 Maynard, Maurice J 324 McAndrews, George P 255 McAuliffe, Robert E. 310 McAward, Patrick J 273-324 McBriar, David J 250 McBride, David N 332 Mr Briil.-. Francis V., Jr 251 McBride, Walter J 251 McCabe, Gerald W 237 McCabe, John M 104 McCall, John J 293 McCann, Frank J 241 McCann, Patrick J 310 McCarren, Robert J 271 McCartan, Patrick F 79-95 McCarthy, David R 271-310 McCarthy, Francis A 324 McCarthy, Francis E 263 McCarthy, James L 251 McCarthy, John J 243 McCarthy, John J 243 McCarthy, Joseph W 324 McCarthy, Michael J. 241 McCarthy, Robert D 236 McCarthy, Timothy J 267 McCarthy, Timothy J 243 McCarty, Richard N 98 McClaron, William R 257 McClay, James J., Jr 261 McClorey, Bernard P 158-325 McCormack, W. Gregory 294 McCormick, Michael James- -336 McCormick, Richard T 310 McCorry, John H 241 McCoy, Thomas M. 311 McCrank, John R. 241 McCrory, Edwin D., Jr. 249 McCue, Frank T., Jr 93-103 McCullough, Daniel P 311 McCullough, John E. 95-311 McCullough, William R 325 McDermott, Charles E 100-241 McDermott, Michael A 243 McDonald, Cyril J., Jr.. . . 148-241 McDonald, James L. 234 McDonald, Richard C 311 McDonald, Robert J 89-234 McDonnell, John J. 139-251 McDonough, John J. 237 McEnvoy, Leo T 74-294 McFadden, John W., Jr 243 McFadden, Victor L 283 McGahan, Patrick J 273-325 McGahey, John M. P 257 McGee, Timothy J 98 McGervey, Arthur F 243 McGhee, William D 243 McGill, Charles E 233 McGinley, John C 241 McGinn, Joseph V. 68-273 McGlyiin, Joseph B. 249-273 McGivern, Bernard E 236 McGough, David A 332 McGowan, Bernard 236 McGowan, William K 254 McGrath, James J., C.S.C 294 McGrath, Robert P.. . .68-273-325 McGraw, J. R., Jr. 103-273-294 McGraw, Paul F 237 McGuire, Hugh J 233 McGuire, James E. 311 McGuire, James M 243 McGuire, William H 161 McHale, Robert J 243 Mclntire, John T 263 Mclntosh, James J 311 McKaig, Brady P 249 McKay, Kenneth C 325 McKay, Richard 255 McKee, Bartley J 241 McKeever, Stuart A. 234 McKendrick, Charles S 89-106 McKenna, Gary E 243 McKenna, Wallace J 311 McKenty, Robert J. 105-263 McKenzie, Donald W 107-311 McKeon, James J 263 McKeon, Thomas M 294 McKillop, James A 273-336 McLain, William P. 311 McLaughlin, Daniel V 261 McLaughlin, John A 241 McLaughlin, John W 249 McLaughlin, Robert J 236 McLeod, John G 233 McMahon, David J. 243 McMahon, John F 243 McMahon, John J., Ill 294 McMahon, Joseph A 251 McMahon, Thomas J 89-267 McManmon, John J., C.S.C. . . .294 McManus, Ronald P 325 McManus, William B 267 McMaster, Donald L. 242 McMullan, John G 139 McMurtrie, Alex B., Jr 255 McMurtry, Thomas C 255 McNabb, James J. 236 McNally, John T 234 McNamara, Clifford J 311 McNamara, James J 243 McNamara, Michael J 311 McNamara, Patrick W. 311 McNeil, Norman H 92 McNeill, Donald P 234 McNeill, Thomas B 263 McNellis, Joseph S. 255 McNutt, David A. 104-234 McShane, David L 241 McShane, John P 95-325 McTighe, Michael 257 McVeigh, Richard L 294 Meagher, Charles J 261 Meagher, Donald E. 241 Meagher, Jsmes P. 86-251 Meagher, John C. 91-100 Mealey, Ronald P 74 Mears, Charles D. 311 Meell, Edward J. 236 Meier, Joseph H. 101 Meinert, Richard L. 98 Meirink, Thomas P 241 Melody, Rev. William P 294 Melvin, James M 311 Menard, James J 53 Mengel, John E 98 Mense, James J 139 Merdian, Donald C 271-325 Merra, Sabino G 105-161-248 Mertes, John J 233 Merz, Gerald F. 267 Merz, John A 325 Metress, James F 294 Mette, Roderick A 233 Metz, David J 271-294 Metz, John G 233 Metzger, Bertram L 271-294 Meyer, Carl A 263 Meyer, Charles J 325 Meyer, Gerald F 243 Meyer, Gerard L 47-273 Meyer, Richard C 236 Meyer, Robert E 311 Meyer, Robert K 233 Meyers, George J., Jr 311 Micale, Anthony J. 277-336 Micek, Ronald P 233 Michaud, Ronald J 249 Michaux, David G 243 Michno, John C 148-251 Milas, James E 261 Miller, Daniel D 97-251 Miller, David F 325 Miller, Edward R 241 Miller, Eugene E., C.S.C.. . .97-294 Miller, James K 332 Miller, Joseph M. 263 Miller, Paul A 103-311 Miller, Raymond A 255 Miller, Raymond L 255 Miller, Richard H 332 Miller, Richard Paul 337 Miller, Robert Keith 47 Miller, Thomas J 98-273-337 Millman, Robert L 242 Milostan, Terry B. 265 Milota, James F 139 Minard, John L 249 Minck, Robert W 261 Minges, Charles H 325 Misell, Gerald 52 Miskel, John J 337 Missel, Robert W 243 Mitchell, Chester A 261 Mitchell, George V 240 Mitchell, James D. 234 Mitchell, James L 267 Mitchell, Richard T. 243 Mockenhaupt, Richard C. 257 Moineau, Joseph H 234 Mojzisek, George L 257 Moll, Donald A 233 Moloney, James F 255 Monaghan, Richard C 233 Mondria, Frank J 236 Mongello, James G 311 Mennelly, Edward P. 233 Monteil, Louis E 325 Mooney, Albert K 247-249 Moainey, Paul F. 325 Mooney, Thomas F 241 Moore, Charles E 97 Moore, Cornelius F., Jr. .... 96-243 Moore, Daniel A., Jr 312 Moore, Franklin D 90 Moore, R. E., Jr.. . .90-105-271-325 Moore, Thomas P 1 1-233 Moore, William B 234 Moorman, Raymond C. .96-257 Moran, Edward J. 312 Moran, John S 241 Moran, Matthew J 294 Moran, Paul R. 243 Moran, Richard A. 98 Moran, Robert E 233 Moran, Robert M. 251 Moreland, John N 234 Morelli, Joseph P. 148 Moretti, Robert 234-246 Morgan, Charles P 325 Morgan, Louis J 164 Morris, Chester H 237 Morris, Edward F. 241 Morris, William J. 312 Morrison, James E 251 Morrison, Robert T. 312 Morrissey, John T 325 Morsches, Rabert W 87-267 Morse, James A 139 Morton, James C 254 Moser, Donald J 263 Mott, Howard S 234 Mottl, Ronald M 158-312 Motz, William J 267 Moyer, Michael J 312 Moynahan, John D 249 Mozser, Dennis M 241 Mraz, Richard F 249 Muckenhirn, Charles F 294 Mueller, Harvey T 337 Mueller, Paul R 312 Muhlherr, Gene H 254 Mulcahy, Thomas J 98-148-251 Mulcahy, Thomas L 257 Mulcahy, William J 273 Muldoon, Joseph J 294 Mulich, Stephen F 263 Mullarkey, Martin E 261 Mullarkey, Thomas W 261 Mullen, John E 242 Muller, William A 101-312 Mullin, John T 278 Mullins, William J 237 Mulrooney, Michael J 261 Mulvihill, John S 241 Munk, Milton V. 255 Munro, James T 139 Murnane, John J 312 Murphy, David L 241 Murphy, Edward W. 139-256 Murphy, Francis X 236-251 Murphy, Harold J. 164-242 Murphy, Hayes C 255 Murphy, James V 89-325 Murphy, James W 263 Murphy, Jeremiah E 255 Murphy, Jerome E 312 Murphy, John A 98-312 Murphy, John T 248 Murphy, Lawrence P 243 Murphy, Lester F 234 Murphy, Michael C 263 Murphy, Paul R 273-312 Murphy, Richard W 236 Murphy, Robert C. 233 Murphy, Robert E 313 Murphy, Thomas E 261 Murphy, Thomas J 165 Murphy, Timothy 263 Murphy, William D 236 Murray, George R 98 Murray, James H 234-249 Murray, John D 271-313 Murray, Robert E 254 Murray, Robert L 234 Musich, Donald A 241 Musolino, John M 326 Muth, Robert M 236 Muzilla, Stephen F 261 Meyers, A 263 Myers, Paul T 96 N Naber, Neil N. 277-295 Nader, Fred W 337 Nadolni, Felix J 249 Najjar, Charles J. 295 Nardine, Alfred L 313 Nash, Edward T 241 Nash, James 52 Nassif, Joseph L. 326 Navalance, Daniel A 257 Navarre, Robert W 313 Nelson, Raymond V., Jr 164 Nemechek, Leland S., Jr 313 Nemechek, Richard E 243 Nemetz, John L 271-326 Nespo, Daniel N 158 Neveril, Robert B 273-326 Neville, Thomas M.. . 102-273-295 Nevin, John J 261 Newell, William E 241 Neylon, Edward L 38-97 Newman, Francis X. . 75-91-100-295 Newman, Harry P 271-313 Nichols, James D 105-263 Nicholson, John A. 271-337 Nicholson, Martin J 255-271 Nicknish, John M 53-337 Nicula, George D 139 Niederriter, Richard J 313 Niemann, Harry C 277-295 Niesen, Gerald A 263 Nigbor, John M 234 Nigro, Sam A 237 Ninneman, Richard C 93-241 Nissen, Donald 241 Nitschke, William J 273 Nizick, John N 248 Noel, Charles J 53 Nolan, David E 295 Nolan, John M 96-326 Nolan, Joseph B 236 Noland, John 250 Noland, Paul H 261 Norris, Robert H 236 Norton, James F., Jr 79-271-337 Norton, James H 89-267 Norton, Richard A 77-271-295 Norton, Timothy C 313 Novak, David A 98-251 Nowakowski, Robert J 158 Noznesky, Peter H 139-174 Nuss, Joseph W 267 Nye, William J 281 Obenchain, Thomas C. 261 Oberhauser, Paul W 241 Obermiller, Edwin H 241 O ' Brien, Charles E 271-326 O ' Brien, Charles F 243 O ' Brien, Daniel W. 279 O ' Brien, James M 263 O ' Brien, John S.. . .89-106-273-337 O ' Brien, Joseph L 68-326 O ' Brien, Richard A 38-240 O ' Brien, Thomas H 240 O ' Brien, Thomas J 100-249 O ' Brien, Thomas W., Jr 233 O ' Bryan, Henry M 261 O ' Bryan, Neil P 236 Ochoa, Manuel V., Jr 241 Ochs, James G 277 O ' Connell, Desmond H. 251 O ' Connor, Jeremiah V. 237 O ' Connor, John J 261 O ' Connor, Joseph S 263 O ' Connor, Paul M 249 O ' Connor, Peter C 241 O ' Connor, Richard R 282 O ' Connor, William P 313 Oczkowski, Fred C 243 Oddo, Jerome B 263 Ogburn, Robert D 97 O ' Haire, Thomas D 233 O ' Hara, Thomas A 67-295 O ' Hara, Timothy D 295 O ' Keefe, Walter C 240 O ' Keeffe, Richard J 148 Olazabal, Francisco 277-337 Olin, James M 261 O ' Donnell, Hugh B 257 O ' Donnell, Kevin T. 271-337 O ' Donnell, Patrick J. 295 O ' Donnell, Richard A 313 O ' Donnell, Roderic J 241 O ' Donnell, Thomas M 279-295 O ' Drobinak, John M 158-247 Oenbrink, James D 241 Oess, George P 243 Olinger, Max R 255 O ' Malley, James P 295 O ' Malley, Joseph P 79-313 O ' Malley, Thomas F.. . 77-269-313 O ' Malley, Thomas P 255 O ' Neara, John C 75-77-79-295 O ' Neale, John D 250 O ' Neil, Eugene P 243 O ' Neil, Robert S 251 O ' Neill, Charles L 87 O ' Neill, Clement J 261-268 Orange, Thomas W. 106-233 O ' Regan, Thomas J., Jr. 233 Orlando, Francis A 273 Orner, Robert T 250 O ' Rourke, John G 107-263 O ' Rourke, Richard N. 139-313 Orth, Edward J 277-326 Oser, George T 243 O ' Shea, James H.- . -79-89-271-295 Oskar, Paul A 236 O ' Sullivan, Donald P 236 O ' Sullivan, John B 337 Otero, Carlos A 243 O ' Toole, Michael B.. .269-277-294 O ' Toole, Thomas J 241 O ' Toole, William F 337 Ott, Harold J., Jr 277-337 Over, Paul F 237 Owen, John H. 263 Owens, Francis D 96 Owens, James J 271-313 Pacheco, Juan Rafael, Jr 267 Paiz, Joseph D 337 Pajak, Alois F 277-326 Palm, Richard S 243 Palumbo, Sam F 148 Paluska, Francis J 242 Papay, Raymond L 97-261 Parker, Mervin 233 Parks, John A 243 Farmer, Jerome F 255 Parnell, Robert P 89-236 PasQuesi, Anthony L 148-313 Passarella, Lawrence A 237 Pastula, Gerald R 234 Pataracchia, Alfred 257 Paterno, Frank L 233 Patton, John W 267 Pavis, James A 326 Pawol, Jack C 241 Payer, Michael D 250 Payne, Robert B 234 Pearson, James M 243 Pedace, Frank 183-247-249 Peeney, Walter S 267 Peisker, John W., Jr 313 Pellegrino, Bernard 234 Pellegrino, Nicholas M 295 Pelton, Lawrence E 236 Penna, Charles A 263 Perich, Angelo A 326 Perez, Salvador 337 Pestrichella, Alexander A 148 Peternel, Wayne W 273-337 Peters, Carl F 326 Peters, Louis D 270-271-313 Peterson, Thomas H 313 Petranick, Albert G 326 Petrella, Frank, Jr 283 Petruska, Edward H 295 Petry, Henry W 326 Pettersch, Thomas H 158 Pezdirtz, George F 106-337 Pezzuti, Thomas A 234 Pfefferle, John A 243 Pfohl, Paul J 313 Philbin, Philip E 236 Phillips, James C 273-295 Phillips, James S 98-263 Phillips, Merrill M 241 Phillips, Robert E.. .. 101-271-326 Piasio, Franklin D 233 Piccini, Alfredo P 332 Piccini, Silvio D 295 Picken, John T 237 Pickett, Paul F 255 Pierce, Guy E 277-313 Pieser, Richard T 257 Pietrusiak, William 243 Pikell, Paul W 93 Pilliod, Louis N 148 Pimenta, John M 48 Finn, Frank J., Jr 139 Pinter, John C., Jr 326 Pinter, Richard S 233 Piper, Charles A 277-295 Pistey, Edmund 98-249 Pitcavage, James G 148-337 Pleus, Robert J., Jr 248 Plickys, Robert V 241 Plum, Richard F 175-255 Plunkett, Hugh P 233 Pogue, George B 233 Poley, James A 236 Politzer, John R 326 Polking, John C 263 Pollard, Howard E 241 Pollard, Wilbur L 92-332 Pollenz, Richard S 77-98 349 Pollnow, Charles F. 327 Porcari, James A., Jr 148-295 Porst, Robert F 236 Porter, Albert P 148 Porter, Joseph C 148-249 Potash, Edward J 236 Pottebaum, Gerard A 104-267 Pottetti, Aldo J 295 Powell, Philip R. 313 Powers, John F.. . .75-282-283-295 Powers, John V. 234 Powers, Martin V 243 Powers, Thomas E. ' . 295 Powers, Thomas W 261 Poynton, Joseph P 263 Pozelnik, Louis S 233 Pozzi, Maurice T., Jr. 327 Pozzi, Robert Lee 313 Prairie, Rene R., Jr. 237 Prassas, Jerome R 314 Prein, Harry E 47-271-327 Premo, Elmer R. 93-106-251 Prendergast, Thomas 338 Prevoznik, Stephen J 338 Price, Arthur E 254 Price, James W 97 Prindiville, Robert A 243 Pritchard, William D 257 Probst, John K 97 Probst, Robert 1 233 Pruss, John J 255 Psarto, Joseph A 314 Puccinelli, Joseph S 273 Pugliese, Frank M 233 Pullnow, Charles 47 Puntureri, Rocco L. 243 Purcell, James D 101-255 Purcell, William A 234 Quetsch, James F 100 Quigley, Daniel C 263 Quinn, James J 255 Quinn, John J 250 Quinn, Robert P. 236 Quinn, Thomas J. 9-264-296 Quirk, William F 271-296 Rachac, William F 234 Rafferty, Joseph S 314 Raff etto. Peter M. 164 Raich, Nicholas S 139 Ramos, Miguel 338 Ranieri, Nicholas J 101 Raque, Emil J 249 Rascher, James J. 237 Rashid, Ameel G. 271-338 Rashid, Kenneth D 249 Rath, Charles W 236 Rauen, Philip J 236 Rauh, Timothy J 314 Raymo, Chester 237 Raymond, Vincent J 332 Ready, Robert E 139 Reagan, Charles D 327 Reale, William A 160-296 Ream, Joseph A 233 Reamer, Richard S 79-271-338 Reardon, John C 234 Reardon, John R 247-255 Reaux, Gene M. 248 Rebora, Stephen R.. . . 148-158-296 Rechner, Edward W. 261 Redefer, John E. 101-267 Redmond, James A 148-277 Reece, Berry L 296 Reed, John R 94-296 Reed, Paul R 296 Reedy, Jerry E 241 Reeve, William F 90-248 Regan, Michael J 105-139 Reich, Joseph A 249 Reichert, John A 249 Reidy, Benjamin T. 314 Reidy, Maurice T 77-160-314 Reifenheinser, Thomas V 251 Reilly, Donald B 234 Reilly, John K 314 350 Reilly, Kevin F. 217-234 Reilly, Paul W 277-327 Reilly, Phillip J 233 Reiner, Julius N 271-296 Reinhart, Lambert R. 327 Reiss, John P. 233 Reistroffer, John R 96-254 Reitze, Christopher C 260 Relph, William J. 327 Renault, Dale P. 314 Rene, C. Ronald 314 Renier, Donald J. 248 Reno, James T 314 Revord, James T 267 Revord, John A. 233 Reynolds, Thomas J 68-296 Reznick, Frank J 261 Rhomberg, Edward J. 327 Riband, Herbert Salvatore. 98-250 Rice, Timothy R 265 Rich, James C 160 Richards, Dean J 160-257 Richards, George R 98 Richardson, Stuart W 249 Richardson, William M. 314 Rickling, James E 314 Rickling, John T 237-327 Riegel, Richard M 241 Rieger, Donovan C. 261 Rigal, William C. 139 Rigaux, Armand J 267 Riley, John T 241 Riley, Thomas H 250 Rimkus, Algis K 233 Rimlinger, Donald C 251 Ring, Leon E 327 Riordan, George F 271-296 Ritten, James P. 315 Rittenhouse, Peter J 296 Rivas, Emmanuel D., Ill 249 Rizer, Richard G 241 Roberts, John E 296 Robertson, William J 236 Robinson, Donald J 315 Robinson, Edward J 185 Robinson, John E 250 Robinson, John W 257 Roccapriore, Gerald J 296 Roche, Garrett A 263 Roche, John L. 234 Roddy, Martin B 327 Rodgers, Stephen J 263 Rodgers, William H 338 Roe, Jerrold M 315 Roesler, Max A., Ill 315 Rogers, John C 280 Rogers, Ralph D 243 Rogers, Thomas J 277-338 Rohr, Carl J 271-296 Roher, Thomas A 148 Rohs, Joseph H 257 Romance, Francis J 96 Romeo, Joseph A. 243 Romer, Bruno A 250 Romer, Clement T 332 Ronan, John E. 101 Roney, Robert F 327 Rooney, George D 296 Root, J. E 15-155-271-315-320 Ropers, Gerald W 260 Rose, James E 87-254 Rosenthal, Joseph L 240 Ross, Charles B 251 Rosshirt, John Leo 277 Rossi, John J 242 Roth, Raymond F 257 Roth, William R 158 Rotterman, George H 185-250 Roule, Arthur L., Jr 236 Rountree, John J 261 Rowe, R. Kent 281 Rowlands, James R 257 Rozgonyi, George A. 234 Ruhl, Robert K. 89-264 Rupp, Richard H.. .91-98-104-105 Rusche, Joseph J. 249 Rush, Thomas E. 90-249 Russell, David A 296 Russell, Robert J 296 Russell, Thomas C. 158 Russo, John D. 237 Russo, John F. 296 Rust, Richard C 89 Rutledge, Richard E 315 Rutten, James B 236 Ruwe, Richard C 315 Ryan, Edward T. 242 Ryan, James A. 93 Ryan, James D 261 Ryan, John J. 315 Ryan, John P. (sen) 327 Ryan, John V 338 Ryan, Joseph E 234 Ryan, Roger J 234 Ryan, Thomas J 255 Ryder, Thomas G 277-327 Sables, Ronald J. 248-275 Sabo, Thomas 1 236 Saccone, Richard A. 233 Safko, Joseph S 77-248 St. John, Richard 48 Saksefski, Gervase C. 277 Salas, Franisco U. 255 Salem, Eugene F. 296 Salem, Gene A 237 Saletta, Gerald F 233 Salloum, Kaleel G 273-315 Salvino, Robert 139 Santos, Joseph A. 160 Santschi, Don R 338 Sardi, Maurice C 248 Sarphi, Claudell S 243 Sasko, George M. 315 Sassano, Joseph P. 296 Sasseen, Robert F 280 Sauer, Gerald F 233 Saunders, Joseph B 75-296 Saunders, Norman F 296 Saviano, Michael F 260 Savicz, Bruno E 315 Sawinski, Dennis C 327 Saxer, John J 255 Scalise, Robert L 260 Scanlon, William A 237 Scanlon, William B 53-165 Scannell, Robert J 139 Schade, Robert L 261 Schaefer, Donald T 148 Schaefer, Hugh V 77-278-296 Schaefer, Joseph D 242 Schaefer, Joseph P 261 Schaefer, Wilbur J 315 Schaeffer, James R 338 Schaffler, Charles T 246 Schano, John E 315 Scharber, Samuel R 338 Scheele, David T 199-271-315 Scheibel, Joseph A 263 Scheibelhut, Richard C 315 Schellong, William H 263 Schenkel, John A. 258 Scherer, Richard G 271 Scherpereel, Richard C. 296 Scheu, Donald J 253 Scheuermann, Franz P 97 Shickler, Edward R.. . 101-277-327 SchiUer, Richard D. 93 Schillo, Francis X 315 Schilly, Andrew J 257 Schindler, Stephen C 241 Schlagheck, James F. 315 Schleiter, Richard C 277-297 Schlenger, Stephen A.. . . .273-315 Schlich, William R 251 Schlitzer, Raymond J 263 Schmelzer, Nicolas J 261 Schmid, A ' lan C 92-333 Schmidt, Harry J., Jr 234 Schmidt, Frank E 338 Schmitt, Raymond L 237 Schmitz, Wil ' iam J 315 Schneble, Walter J 236 Schneider, Edwin C 315 Schneider, Lawrence J. 93 Schnetzer, Clayton R 234 Schoenemgn, Robert B. 243 Schoenherr, G. E 47-90-273-327 Schoenig, Alfred T 148 Schork, Michael A 241 Schramm, Paul L. 139 Schreiner, Robert J 236 Schreitmueller, Thomas P 327 Schriber, Thomas J. 90-249 Schroeder, James F. 277 Schryver, Raymond E 297 Schuebert, Eugene E. 38-242 Schuebert, Joseph J. 242 Schuetz, James A. 273-315 Schuler, Chester J 273-338 Schuller, Ralph L. 250 Schumacher, Matthew A. 315 Schumacher, Richard R. 327 Scoby, Edward V 297 Scotkovsky, Joseph E 233 Scott, Frank J 44 Scriba, John M., Jr 90-248 Sebastian, William A 243 Seckler, Robert P 280 Seidensticker, John F 249 Seikel, George R 327 Sennett, John H 273-315 Sennott, William J. 234 Sequeira, Manuel A. 297 Serson, Ronald F. 271-327 Servotte, John S 277-297 Sexauer, Edward H 260 Sexton, Thomas W. 257 Shadd, Edward J 243 Shafer, Richard J 255 Shahan, Victor T 47-267 Shalhoub, Edward H 243 Shanahan, Joseph F. 241 Shane, Charles N. 241 Shane, James B 327 Shank, Edwin G. 233 Shannon, Daniel J 75-148-315 Shannon, Michael E. 234 Shannon, Robert F 234 Shannon, William A 96 Shea, Richard E 66-68 Shea, Thomas G. 242 Shea, Timothy J 316 Sheahan, Gerald T 316 Shearon, Lawrence W 236 Sheedy, John C., Jr 257 Sheehan, John P. 297 Sheehan, Thomas J. 158 Sheehy, John L., Jr 164 Sheffer, Loran R. 237 Shehan, Thomas P 104-249 Sheldon, George G 236 Shelton, George H 316 Sheperd, George W. 249 Sheperd, John B 233 Sherer, James M. 75-77-297 Sheridan, Philip M. 297 Sherman, William J. 243 Shilts, Joseph L. 66-327 Shipman, Richard E 333 Shockley, Charles C. 251 Shonts, Donald A 316 Shulsen, James R 243 Shumaker, James L. 261 Sieger, James J. 86-297 Sieron, Thomas R. 328 Sigler, William A 243 Sileo, Donald F . .297 Silva, Anthony E 267 Simkins, Robert J. 95-261 Simko, Robert G. 280 Simon, James D. 104-236 Simonelli, James J. 236 Simons, John J. 66 Simons, Robert O. Simonson, James W. 297 Sims, Joseph S. Sinnaeve, Gilbert B. 257 Sipes, Sherrill F. 139 Siwik, Richard N 240 Skibinski, John R 316 Skiff, Carl A. 248 Skulski, James F 273 Slater, Jerome W 241 Slavick, John E. 91-96-297 Slawik, Jerome O. 249 Slevin, John A. 247-249 Sloan, Charles A. 234 Slota, Robert E 237 Smart, James L. 263 Smith, Frederick J. 243 Smith, Harry E. 160-257 Smith, James J. 234 Smith, James S 316 Smith, John B. 261 Smith, John J 273-338 Smith, John J 277-333 Smith, John P. 281 Smith, John S. 260 Smith, Joseph A. 255 Smith, Joseph H 328 Smith, Kevin J. 100-233 Smith, Paul R 233 Smith, Ralph T 271-297 Smithe, Walter E 234 Smurlo, Frank E., Jr 243 Smyth, Bernard J 271-297 Smyth, John P. 148 Sniegowski, Donald C. 79-158 Snyder, Gerald J. 250 Snyder, Harry D., Jr 92-333 Snyder, John J 107-261 Snyder, Patrick L 250 Snyder, Ramon L 261 Snyder, William P. 260 Soderberg, James W. 236 Sodetz, Owen R 316 Sol, Enrique Alberto 328 Solomito, Milo, Jr 236 Solomon, Charles L 236 Soltys, Andrew J. 236 Soranno, John W 316 Sorensen, Edward J 263 Soucy, John C., Jr 251 Sowa, John R. 267 Sowa, Paul H 328 Spencer, Frank H 267 Spengeman, Edwin W.... 261-268 Speranza, Anthony T 100-243 Speth, Charles R 242 Spiegel, Joseph L 263 Spinosa, Ercalo J. 255 Spaeth, Gerald L 158-260 Spahn, Robert F 241 Sprinkel, Charles M 297 Spruce, John M. 237 Squires, William J 148-267 St. Clair, Robert E 257 Stahl, Matthew J 263 Stahl, William A. 316 Stahl, William L 97-243-277 Stair, Rolland L 297 Staniszewski, Andrew G. 249 Stanitzek, Francis J 139 Stapf, Charles J., Jr 251 Stapleton, James G 103 Stauder, Lloyd P. 250 Steczynski, John M 105-237 Stein, John C 237 Stein, Joseph C., Jr 297 Steinrager, James A 243 Steinthal, Augustus 236 Stenger, Edward J 316 Stephans, John F. 148-316 Stettler, John D 263 Steuer, John W. 236 Stevens, James B 271-316 Stevenson, John J 148 Stewart, Mack W 264-316 Stofko, Stephen J. 104-267 Stotzer. William H 260 Stoutenburgh, William J. 316 Strake, George W., Jr. 184-249 Straub, Joseph J 283-333 Streicher, Carl W 242 Streit,. Richard J 90-255 Studer, Dean P. 139 Studer, Robert R 240 Stuhldreher, Donald 103-254 Stukas, Robert P 148-297 Stump, John P. 139-328 Sturgis, William B. 236 Sturtevant, Peter J 88-106 Sukiasian, Edward 241 Sullivan, Andrew W. 104-236 Sullivan, Arthur J 298 Sullivan, Charles A., Jr 298 Sullivan, Dan E 298 Sullivan, Daniel P 249 Sullivan, James E 316 Sullivan, John J. 257 Sullivan, John J. 251-338 Sullivan, Kevin B. 241 Sullivan, Mason D 105-263 Sullivan, William J 251 Sullivan, William M 263 Sunkel, George A 273-316 Surbrook, Stephen E. 298 Sutherland, Peter J 79-277-298 Sutherland, Thomas A. ...273-328 Swanda, Paul D. 236 Sweeney, Bernard F. 236 Sweeney, Jerome V. 87-263 Sweeney, Neal J. 237 Sweeney, Patrick J 90 Sweeney, Stephen E 236 Sweetman, Richard C. 236 Swiatowski, Thomas N 241 Swift, Frederick W 236 Swift, James F 263 Swift, Joseph P 338 Swindeman, Robert W 47-328 Swisson, B 241 Swope, Thomas A., Jr 104-267 Syron, Edward L 242 Szewczyk, Albin A 261 Szucs, Robert J. 251 Szymanski, Richard F 148-316 Tadrowski, Donald G 261 Tagler, Ronald G 298 Tannian, Philip G 86-257 Tannone, Rocco J 316 Tardio, Felix 98-261 Tatigan, John H 243 Taylor, Casper R., Jr 261 Tegethoff, Frank W 237 Temmel, James W 236 Teofan, Vernon 298 Teran, Federico 273-317 Terlizzi, Raymond T. 261 Termini, James A 255 Teschke, William J 158 Thelen, John J 283-298 Thiel, Ronald A 97 Thomas, David C 241 Thomas, Edward S., Jr 199 Thomas, Frederick A 317 Thompson, Donald C 260 Thompson, Edward J. 249 Thompson, Michael J 328 Thompson, Philip R. 100 Thompson, Robert F 236 Thon, Frederick W 240 Tiberi, John B 237 Tice, William G 68-317 Tierney, Martin B. 249 Tierney, Philip J 104-237 Tighe, Frank P., Jr 263 Timm, Don Paul 251 Todd, Leroy H 237 Toepp, Burton E. 259 Tokar, John A 328 Tolle, John B. 338 Tolle, Mark S 333 Tolle, William M 255 Tonini, Franklin J.. 75-77-105-298 Tonini, Joseph 101-273-328 Tonti, Robert T 261 Toohey, James R 317 Toohig, John J 338 Toole, Edward F. 255 Toomey, Edward G. 338 Totten, Donald L 328 Togas, Roger C 237 Tracey, Bernard J 47-187-328 Tracy, D 261 Trafficanda, Gerald J 97-249 Trial, Carl F 328 Tramontine, John 328 Trapp, Harold J 236 Treckman, John F 251 Treckman, Patrick A 237 Triano, Eugene P 241 Triggs, James F 328 Trimber, Connell J. 107-263 Trinkley, Clair O. 333 Trino, James J 243 Tritschler, Paul D. 255 Trogolo, John Conrad 317 Trudeau, Kenneth J 234 Tulley, John J 233 Tunell, William P 338 Turek, Clarence W 263 Turk, Joseph J 278-317 Turtle, John C. 164-298 Tveidt, John D. 317 Twigg, Philip L 278 Twohy, James F 158-328 Tyler, Stanley R., Jr. 234-261 Tyson, Jont E. 299 u Uebelhor, Paul A 263 Ullrich, James R. 257 Urbanski, Clement J 298 Urian, Donald G. 241 Vachris, James E 47-328 Valaik, John D 255 Valdez, Arthur L 233 Valente, Francis C 59 Vallace, Anthony E 317 Valus, William S. 328 Van Besien, Alphonse C 243 Vandegrift, Charles F. 263 Van Dyke, Duane J 237 Van Kula, George, Jr 243 Varrichone, Frank J 139 Vaughan, Charles F 240 Veach, William J 263 Veesart, Philip L 261 Ventwick, J 240 Vera-Gonzalez, Augustin H. . . . 240 Vera-Gonzalez, Agustin H. . . . . 240 Vergara, Hugh B 261 Vetter, Leo J 251 Villarreal, Julio C 329 Vincelette, Muril D 329 Virostek, Albert A 96 Vitztum, Gerald J 98-255 Viviano, Thomas R 329 Vizcarrondo, Julio E. 267 Voci, Vincent S 237 Voeller, Michael J 240 Vogt, Edward G 298 Voit, James E 236 Volante, Peter P 85-236 Volk, Eugene J 59 Vosmik, George L. 95-271-298 Voyt, Robert A 271-329 Vuono, John A 92-333 W Wack, John T 298 Wade, Michael P 263 Wageman, Thomas J 104-263 Wagner, Eugene P 317 Wagner, Francis X 255 Wagner, Patrick J 298 Wahl, William H 107-273-338 Waldron, James R 53-243 Walker, Jerome R 243 Walker, Ronald S 165-236 Wallace, Neil F. 148 Waller, James R 298 Walsh, Andrew C 277-333 Walsh, Edward J. 237 Walsh, James D., Ill 243 Walsh, James F 298 Walsh, James J 96-277-333 Walsh, James P 96-101-299 Walsh, Louis V. 243-259 Walsh, Martin E 243 Walsh, Richard T 89-249 Walsh, Thomas D 234 Walsh, William A. 317 Walsh, William J. 243 Waltz, Richard T 241-267 Wanchow, John J., Jr 277-338 Ward, John P. 243 Ward, Michael A. 317 Ward, Michael J 299 Ward, William P 261 Warren, William F 237 Warsh, Kenneth L 106-242 Wasko, Robert A 243-253-259 Wassil, Gregory N 271-329 Waters, James P. 299 Watson, James O. 100-101 Watson, Mark E 249 Webb, William V 299 Weber, Harley R 261 Weber, James F 255 Weber, Walter L 96 Weber, Walter R 261 Wegrzynowicz, Stanley L. 241 Wehby, Vincent E 236 Weidmann, David J 271-329 Weiman, William E 145-148 Weiner, Robert M. 254 Weinlander, James R 299 Weinmann, Edward P 250 Weinsheimer, Alfred J 234 Weirs, Ronald E 241 Weis, Matthew W 257 Weisbecker, Henry L 75 Weismantel, Guy E 236 Weithers, John G 299 Weitzel, William B 234 Welch, Thomas R., Jr 249 Welch, William M 329 Weldon, William J 263 Welling, Daniel J 237 Wells, Gerald S 236 Welly, Thomas J 299 Welsh, Robert J 263 Weltzien, James J 98-317 Wentling, David J 261 Werner, William J. (AB-1) 98-240 Wertheimer, Samuel 241 West, Edward J. 243 West, Thomas S 261 Westervelt, Mark J 241 Wetzel, Gerald E 187 Wey, Mathias J. 255 Whearty, Robert J 237 Whippo, Robert E 53-338 White, Dale E 261 White, Edmund L 104-105-317 White, Francis V., Jr 299 White, Philip O., Jr 263 Whitehead, George B 237 Whitfield, Frederick C 338 Wiederkehr, Alcuin C. 251 Wieloch, Bernard J 317 Wigman, James F 255 Wilhelm, James M 243 Wilhoit, John W 271-329 Wilkin, Sidney C 263 Wilkins, John L 47-101-329 Willenborg, Harold H.. 97-2 7 1-299 Williams, Carl A 98 Williams, Richard V 85-317 Williams, Robert L 174-243 Williams, Robert X. 251 Williams, Roy V., Jr 234 Williamson Charles P 251 Willson, Richard L 241 Wilson, Daniel W 299 Wilson, David D. 329 Wilson, James K. 271-317 Windolph, John F 260 Wing, Robert J. 317 Winkler, George F., Ill 96 Winkler, Kenneth P 165 Winner, John M. 254 Winslow, John E. 261 Winterholler, Joseph A 233 Winters, Gerald F 243 Witt, Ronald H. 254 Wittenberg, Charles H 148 Witucki, John R 139 Wojcik. Robert C 237 Wolf, Walter T 260 Woll, David C. 236 Wolshan, Thomas R 237 Wood, Charles E. 236 Wood, John J 236 Woodford, Kenneth S 317 Woods, Bryan T. 237 Woods, Richard D 90 Woods, Ronald D 90-255 Woodward, Kenneth L.. 88-106-251 Woody, Silas, G., Jr 255 Wright, Donald W 236 Yaeger, Joseph L 158 Yario, William R 273-329 Yeckel, Donald G.. 75-77-79-89-299 Yohon, Edward W 271-329 Yonke, James J 85-317 Young, Delmos D 254 351 from the desk OF THE EDITOR V Hr V- vAc ko-e. U wa uo Wo UMu . (Si. tV- o. ,P VA LfiASJij o. ? c 352 t.

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