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PERMINGHAM sx mm Editor ........ THOMAS F. CARTY Managing Editor .... RALPH A. GERRA Associate Editor . RAYMOND J. KELLY, Jr. THE Published by the Juniors of Notre Dame University Notre Dame Indiana 19110 I VOLUME THIRTY- FOUR DEDICATION, THE SEASONS ON THE CAMPUS MEN OF NOTRE DAME, HER LOYAL SONS ACTIVITIES, THE FIGHTING IRISH ORGANIZATIONS, THE JUGGLER, INDEX ata.te jul eLppieciatLon op devotion to AJotte L tkil L ome b Aeaic to T. Molt " Tttultt ilhop ojj AUL L and ' Pelega.tul t ofa Xelifion 19 17- 1934 oft the UniveUity I934-I94O t Jpfam ' equensnonlBeuittg Jib ion O ' -H ta. ' l (?oait 06 -@tml The seal of Bishop O ' Hara is divided into two halves, one of which incorporates the seal of the University of T otre Dame, and the other the personal insignia of the bishop. Since its oficial title is, " Universitas Tsjostrae Dominae a Lacu " (by the la e), a star which recalls Our Lady ' s epithet, " Star of the Sea, " was chosen as Mary ' s symbol in the shield. The two wavy lines in the lower part of the University ' s shield express the words " a Lacu, " in the official title. Thus the star and the waves dedicate the University to the Star of the Sea. The gold cross in the center of the shield symbolizes the Congregation of Holy Cross which administers the University. The open boo , emblematic of an institution of learning, has on its pages the words, " Vita, Dulcedo, Spes, " u hich are ta en from the ancient antiphon of the Blessed Virgin, " Salve Regina, " and mean, " Our life, our sweetness and our hope. " In the upper compartment of the second half of the shield is the special sea! of the Con- gregation of Holy Cross, the religious family of Bishop O ' Hara; in the lower section, the arms of the O ' Hara family. On a green background is a gold pale or bar with extended rays, on which is a sable lion. It is not clear just what this may mean, but the ancient motto of the O ' Hara is: " If you doubt me, try me. " Above the sea! are the usual external heraldic ornaments which indicate episcopal ran the cross, mitre, and the ecclesiastical hat with cords and tassels falling on both sides of the shield. At the base on a scroll is Bishop O ' Hara ' s motto which he took from a sermon of St. Bernard ' s on the Name of Mary: " IPSAM SEQUENS NON DEVIAS, " " Following her you go not astray. " F . IFff: - II i . . _.- 8 Administration Building Engineering Building ON THE CAMPU From Hie Library t I Lower left, from Lyons Hall ON THE CAMPU The Dame 11 The Biology Building ON THE CAMPU Towards Alumni Hall The main quadrangle ON THE CAMPII Sacred Heart Church 1 I Howard Hall LAWRENCE W. WASHINGTON EMIL R. LUCKEY CHARLES DuBOS ARTHUR F. TRACY GEORGE CARDINAL MUNDELEIN WILLIAM M. MADEL REV. FRANCIS J. WENNINGER, C.S.C. JOHN P. NICHOLSON nl f }: 116 Rev. Julius A. Nieuwland, C.S.C. REV. J. HUGH O ' DONNELL ACTING 17 Rev. John J. Cavanaugh, C.S.C. Acting Vice-president Francis W. Lloyd Comptroller Rev. J. Leonard Carrico, C.S.C. Director of Studies Rev. Francis E. Gartland, C.S.C. Prefect of Religion Rev. John P. Lynch, C.S.C. Assistant Prefect of Religion Rev. Richard J. Grimm, C.S.C. Assistant Prefect of Religion 18 Rev. John J. Reddington, C.S.C. Director of Maintenance Rev. John M. Dupuis, C.S.C. Assistant Prefect of Discipline Rev. James D. Trahey, C.S.C. Prefect of Discipline Brother Albinus, C.S.C. Treasurer Brother Chrysostom, C.S.C. Auditor Robert H. McAuliffe Assistant Prefect of Discipline Robert B. Riordan Registrar Donald J. Easley Secretary Edward Murray Supervisor of Student Employment 19 ROBERT L. ANTHONY Physics WESLEY C. BENDER Marketing LAWRENCE H. BALDINGER Chemistry REV. G. J. BALDWIN, C.S.C Physics THOMAS J. BARRY Journalism PAUL C. BARTHOLOMEW Politics REV. P. BEICHNER, C.S.C STEPHEN C. BOCSKEY English Biology REV. F. BOLAND, C.S.C. Politics REV. H. }. BOLGER, C.S.C. Physics . . THE HERBERT J. BOTT Marketing REV. F. C. BROWN, C.S.C. German ANDREW J. BOYLE Chemistry REV. T. J. BRENNAN, C.S.C. REV. L. V. BROUGHAL, C.S.C. FRANK N. M. BROWN Philosophy Philosophy Aero. Engineering CARSON P. BUCK Engineering Louis F. BUCKLEY Economics REV. E. P. BURKE, C.S.C. Religion REV. J. J. BURKE, C.S.C. Economics 20 BRO. PATRICK CAIN, C.S.C. English DAVID L. CAMPBELL English KENNETH N. CAMPBELL Chemistry T. B. CAMPBELL History JOSE A. CAPARO Elec. Engineering REV. C M. CAREY. C.S.C. REV. W. A. CAREY, C.S.C. Marketing Latin JOSEPH J. CASASANTA REV. F. P. CAVANAUCH, C.S.C. CLETUS F. CHIZEK Music Sociology Finance GEORGE B. COLLINS Ph RONALD C. Cox Speech 21 JOHN M. COONEY Journalism REV. M. A. COYLE, C.S C. English GEORGE A. COOPER Physical Education WILLIAM J. COYNE Speech JOSE C. CORONA Spanish JOHN J. CRONIN Sociology GILBERT J. COTY Spanish BRO. C. CURRAN, C.S.C. Chemistry ALDEN E. DAVIS Finance JAMES DINCOLO Finance REV. C. L. DOREMUS, C.S.C. French WILLIAM H. DOWNEY Economics ALBERT L. DOYLE Speech BENJAMIN G. DuBois French REV. J. M. DUPUIS, C.S.C. Philosophy HOMER Q. EARL Law LECLAIR H. EELLS Finance CHARLES R. EGRY Mech. Engineering . T ROBERT S. EIKENBERRY Aero. Engineering NORBERT A. ENGELS English ROBERT F. ERVIN Biology CHRISTOPHER J. PAGAN Economics PAUL I. FENLON English BERNARD B. FINNAN Finance JOHN J. FITZGERALD Philosophy MATTHEW A. FITZSIMONS History FRANCIS T. FLYNN Sociology REV. J. A. FOGARTY, C.S.C. Economics 22 RtV. P. P. FORRESTAL, C.S.C. Spanish BRO. E. DWYER, C.S.C. Education REV. J. H. GALLAGAN, C.S.C. REV. F. M. GASSENSMITH, Politics C.S.C. Mathematics REV. H. G. GLUECKERT C.S.C. Latin REV. L V. GORMAN, C.S.C. Latin ALDEMAR GuRIAN Politics EUGENE GUTH Physics ARTHUR E. HAAS Physics ELVIN HANDY Physical Education FRANCIS J. HANLEY Art Louis L. HASLEY English REV. K. M. HEALY, C.S.C. English REV. P. E. HEBERT, C.S.C. Latin EDWARD HEFFNER Mech. Engineering GEORGE F. HENNION Chemistry FERDINAND A. HERMENS Politics LOREN J. HESS Sociology HENRY D. HINTON REV. H. H. HOEVER, O.Cist. Chemistry Philosophy 23 REV. NORBERT C. HOFF REV. G. L. HOLDERITH, C.S.C. WlLLIAM J. HOLTON Philosophy History Philosophy FRANK W. HORAN Civil Engineering RAYMOND A. HOYER Sociology BRO. ED. HUNT, C.S.C. Latin REV. B. J. ILL, C.S.C German FREDERIC H. INGERSOLL Music REV. T. P. IRVING, C.S.C. Religion THEODOR K. JUST Biology . . THE BRO. JUSTIN DWYER, C.S.C. REGIDIUS M. KACZMAREK English Biology JAMES J. KEARNEY Law REV. J. C. KELLEY, C.S.C. REV. T. A. KELLY, C.S.C. Religion Latin REV. J. H. KENNA, C.S.C. Philosophy RAYMOND P. KENT Finance GEORGE E. KEOGAN Physical Education REV. R. W. KING, C.S.C. Philosophy CLARENCE J. KLINE Mathematics 24 HERBERT F. KLINGMAN Finance LEO F. KUNTZ Education REV. T. A. LAHEY, C.S.C. Marketing WALTER M. LANGFORD Spanish EARL F. LANGWELL French REV E. A KELLER. C.S.C. REV. S. F. LISEWSKI, C.S.C. Economics Polish THOMAS P. MADDEN English EDWARD G. MAHIN Metallurgy CLARENCE E. MANION Law REV. G. J. MARR, C.S.C. REV. M. A. MATHIS, C.S.C. REV. B. L. McAvov, C.S.C. REV. T. T. McAvov, C.S.C. PATRICK A. McCusKER Philosophy Religion Philosophy History Chemistry REV. J. H. MCDONALD, C.S.C. REV. J. C. MC NN, C.S.C. English Religion HARRY J. MCLELLAN Mech. Engineering FRANCIS L. MCMAHON REV. V. M. MCNAMARA, C.S.C Philosophy History 25 KARL MENGER Mathematics REV. E. J. MISCH, C.S.C. Religion FRANCIS MONTANA Architecture REV. P. S. MOORE, C.S.C. Philosophy FRANCIS E. MORAN English REV. J. E. MORAN, C.S.C. REV. J. A. MUCKENTHALER, REV. B. I. MULLAHY, C.S.C. REV. E. J. MURRAY, C.S.C. DOMINICK J. NAPOLITANO Greek C.S.C. German Philosophy Religion Physical Education T JOHN P. NICHOLSON Physical Education JOHN F. NIMS English NORBERT L. NOECKER Biology JOHN A. NORTHCOTT Elec. Engineering WILLIS D. NUTTING History DANIEL C. O ' GRADY Philosophy FRANCIS J. O ' MALLEY English REV. C. J. O ' TOOLE, C.S.C. Philosophy EUGENE J. PAYTON Marketing EDWARD QUINN Education 26 RAYMOND V. PENCE English Riv. Louis Purr. C.S.C. History MAURICE L. PETTTT Politics RUFUS W. RAUCH English DEVERE T. PLUNKETT Latin JAMES A. REYNIERS Biology DONALD J. PLUNKETT Biology STANLEY R. PRICE Finance RONALD E. RICH Chemistry ELTON E. RICHTER Law PHILIP H. RILEY Spanish LIAM F. ROEMER Philosophy GEORGE E. ROHRBACK Mech. Engineering WILLIAM D. ROLLISON Law STEPHEN H. RON AY English !: JOHN A. SCAN NIL Physical Education 27 RAYMOND J. SCHUBMEHL Elec. Engineering STANLEY S. SESSLER Art WALTER L. SHILTS Civil Engineering JOHN H. SHEEHAN Economics YVES SIMON Philosophy EDMUND A. SMITH Marketing KNOWLES B. SMITH Min. Engineering ANDREW T. SMITHBERGER English REV. J. ]. STACK, C.S.C. History LAWRENCE F. STAUDER Elec. Engineering HENRY C. STAUNTON English REV. R. H. SULLIVAN, C.S.C. Philosophy RICHARD T. SULLIVAN English ALEXANDER R. TROIANO Metallurgy . . T JOHN P. TURLEY Latin WILLIAM W. TURNER Architecture GEORGE J. WACK German BERNARD WALDMAN Physics REV. M. J. WALSH, C.S.C. History REV. L. L. WARD, C.S.C. English REV. L. R. WARD, C.S.C. Philosophy JAMES D. WATSON Finance ERNEST J. WILHELM Chemistry JOHN H. WHITMAN Law 28 , Bra. F. CURRAN, C.S.C. English REV. R. W. WOODWARD, C.S.C. Philosophy PHILIP LAW Sociology t 29 at 30 V Campus Election Dugald C. Jackson Engineering eon . Thomas F. Konop Law Rev Charles C. Miltner, C.S.C. Arts and Letters James E. McCarthy Commerce Rev. Francis J. X r enninger Science Oct. 27, 1888-Feb. 12, 1940 Gerard K. Donovan President Clarence W. Marquardt Vice-President Elmer P. Chaput Treasurer Robert G. Sanford Secretary THE Formerly called the Student Activities Council, this year the Student Council, under President Gerard K. Donovan, came up to the highest ex ' pectations of those who had worked hard in the reorganisation introduced last year. The council conducted the pre-game Pep meetings and super ' vised the class elections. Its members acted as ushers at Bishop (THara ' s Consecration, but perhaps the most important contribution of the council to the student body was the interhall athletic program which it sponsored. Harold V. Boisvert George E. Sobek Henry D. Collins Daniel E. Hannan 32 Paul B. Lillis David W. Sprafke P. Joseph Mulligan Joseph J. Miller Joseph C. Whitford Robert E. Sullivan Robert Derengoski Robert W. DeMoss Anthony J. Maloney Harold J. Barres Charles E. Dillon SENIOR CLA Francis W. Biagi, Secretary John A. Pindar, Treasurer Norvall M. Hunthausen, Vice-President Harold V. Boisvert, President 34 STANLEY C. ADAMONIS, B.S.C. Ambridge, Pa. FRANCIS J. ALBERT, B.S. Covington, Va. RICHARD S. ALBERT, B.S.C. Mishawaka, Ind. FRANCIS R. ALLEGA, A.B. Vincennes, Ind. Football; Old Dominion Club President of Villagers; Student Council RAYMOND R. ALLEN, A.B. Battle Creek, Mich. Bookmen, Schoolmen PETER T. ALONZI Chicago, 111. President of Italian Club; Commerce Forum; Glee Club R. F. AMES, B.S. in Phy. Ed. Mount Vernon, 111. Football; Gym Team ARTHUR F. ANDERSON, Ll.B. Chicago, 111. Law Club E. H. Anderson, B.S. in Ch.E. Concord, 111. A.l.Ch.E.; Chemistry Club; Engineers Club CLYDE W. ARCHER, A.B. Parkersburg, W. Va. Football. Tracl(, Press Club E. R. ARIAS, B.S. in M.E. Varadero, Cuba President of LaRaza Club; A.S.M.E., Engineers Club; Chemistry Club JAMES W. ARMBRUSTER, B.S. Toledo, Ohio Chemistry Club; German Club HENRY G. ARMITAGE, B.S. JOSEPH J. ARMSTRONG, B.S.C. EDWARD C. AUBREY, B.S.C. Haverhill, M.ass. Jersey City, N. J. Louisville, Ky. Academy o Science; Knights of Columbus Economic Round Table President. Kentucky Club FRANCIS Y. AUBREY, A.B. Norwich, Conn. Football; Scholastic 35 jlOM. Off EDMOND F. BADDOUR, B.S.C. DOUGLAS A. BANGERT, A.B. Laurinburg, N. C. New York, N. Y. Freshman Baseball; Football President o Met Club, Bengal Bouts PATRICK ]. BANNON, A.B. Louisville, Ky. ROBERT A. BARBER, B.S.C. Erie, Pa. Traclt; Football. Jnterhdll Basketball RICHARD L. BARBIER, B.S.C. CHARLES M. BARRACK, B.S.C. FRUCTUOSO G. BARREDA, A.B. JAMES E. BARRETT, B.S. South Bend, Ind. Trinidad, Colo. Laredo, Texas Syracuse, N. Y. Commerce Forum Wranglers; Scholastic; nterhall Debate Football; Commerce Forum; Bengal Bouts LEONARD F. BARTON, B.S.C. FRANCIS X. BAUMERT, B.S.C. ROBERT J. BEAUDINE, A.B. GEORGE W. BECKER, B. S.C. Peoria, 111. College Point, N. Y. Rosedale, L.I., New York Chicago, 111. Commerce Forum; nterhall Basketball - Trustee of Met Club; Freshman Baseball; Interhall Basketball Knights o Columbus Commerce Forum; Interhall Debate 36 I WILLIAM C. BEECHEL, B.S.C. Hempstead, N. Y. French dab. Bengal Bouu JAMES R. BEGLEV, B.S C. Qeveland, Ohio C. P. BERGAN, C S.C., A.B. South Bend, Ind. Morm Choir DAVID J. BERNARD, B.S.C. Los Angeles, Calif. Sec. of Freshmmt CUu; Trca. of Calif ontU Club: Trac ; Commerce ROBERT E. BERTANY, B.S.C. Devon, Conn. LEO A. BEVER, B.S.C. Somerset, Ohio FRANCIS W. BIAGI, B.S.C. St. Paul, Minn. Monogram Quo. Secretary of Senior CUu. President of MtmeioU Qnb. Foothill GENE W. BICHON, B.S. in A E. Paducah, Ky. Engineen Club: Aeronautical Club. ROBERT W. BLAKE. A.B. Canton, Ohio Drsma: Radio Qb. Foh. Bng ' Boti; Boo vn; SK. of Altrm-Cnuni Club J. J. BACKHEIM, B.S. in Ch.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ckemistry dub; A.I.Ck.E. Engineers Club H. V. BOISVERT, Ph.B. in C Waterloo, N. Y. President of Senior CUa: Student Council. Commerce forum, St. Vincent DC Pad WILLIAM M. BOLCHOZ, A.B. Charleston, S. C. Pftriciau X. BOXD, B.S. in Phy.Ed. Franklin, Ohio FooclMlI HENRY P. BORD. , B.S.C. Chicago, HI. J. E. BORDEAUX, Phi. in C. Muskegon, Mich. H. ROLD W. BORER, A.B Little Neck, N. Y. Football. St. Vincent De Pail: -.-. - -.-- 37 P. A. BORGMAN, B.S. in Ch.E. NORMAN F. BOURKE, A.B. Evansville, Ind. Waterville, N. Y. A. .Ch.E., Engineers Club; Chemistry Club HAROLD H. BOWLER, A.B. Ware, Mass. President of Academy of Politics, Varsity Tennis; Class Football, Politics Symposium S. S. BOZICH, B.S. in Ch.E. Galveston, Texas A. I. Ch.E. RAYMOND H. BRADFORD, Ll.B. West Point, N. Y. Law Club JAMES R. BRADY, A.B. Idaho Falls, Idaho Knights of Columbus, Freshman Baseball JAMES R. BRENNAN, B.S. South Bend, Ind. Band PATRICK J. BRENNAN, B.S. L ' Anse, Mich. Law Club; Spanish Club; K. of C. Cracow Club THOMAS J. BRENNAN, B.S.C. WILLIAM F. BRENNAN, B.S.C. Chicago, 111. Hawthorne, N. J. French Club; nterhall Sports FRANCIS E. BRIGHT, Ll.B. Franklin, N. J. Knights of Columbus; Law Club; Editor-in-chief of Lawyer JOHN B. BRODBERGER, B.S.C. Cincinnati, Ohio 38 JOHN M. BRODERICK, A.B. Allentown, Pa. SCRIP J. G. BROWN, Ph.B. in C. Belle Harbor, L. I., N. Y. Bengal Bouls JOHN T. BROWNING, B.S. Battle Creek, Mich. JOHN F. BRUSH, Ph. B. Santa Monica, Calif. Economic Round Table: Commerce Forum; Pres. of California Club ROBERT B. BURD, B.S. in A.E. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Engineers Club; Aeronautical Club; A.S.M. JOSEPH F. BURNS, A.B. Oklahoma City, Okla. EDWARD J. BURKE, B.S.C. Buffalo, N. Y. WILLIAM G. BURNS, B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. Chemistry Club RICHARD W. BURKE, B.S.C. Dowagiac, Mich. JAMES A. BYRNE, A.B. Green Bay, Wis. ROBERT L. BURKE, B.S.C. Chicago, 111. Fencing Team, Spanish Club DONALD R. CAIRO, A.B. Highland Park, Mich. Football, Jnterhdll Basketball; Interhall Baseball ALFRED J. CALLAN, A.B. Newark, N. J. Bookmen; Schoolmen. Patricians; Drama. J. A. CAMPBELL, C.S.C., A.B. Covington, Ky. Moreau Choir PHILIP M. CANALE, A.B. Memphis, Tenn. President of Memphis Club; Interhall Sports JAMES A. CANNON, A.B. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Schoolmen; French Club, Camera Club 39 WILLIAM J. CANNON, B.S.C. N. Muskegon, Mich. JOSEPH P. CARLUCCI, B.S. Port Chester, N. Y. Italian CJub; German Club. Radio Club PHILLIP V. CARROLL, A.B. Waterloo, Iowa Golf Team JAMES J. CASPER, A.B. Louisville, Ky. Press Club. Jnterhall Sports JAMES T. CASPER, B.S. Milwaukee, Wis. BR. D. CAWLEY, C.S.C., A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. ANTHONEY L. CELLA, B.S.C. Long Beach, L. I., N. Y. Baseball Louis J. CENNI, B.S. Brandy Camp, Pa. St. Vincent De Paul. Baseball ROBERT E. CENTLIVRE, B.S.C. Fort Wayne, Ind. Vice ' President of Fort Wayne CJub; Commerce Forum, Golf Team R. V. CHAMBERLAIN, B.S. in C.E. Tyrone, Pa. Engineers Club. Freshman Tract; A.S.C.B. ELMER P. CHAPUT, B.S. Detroit, Mich. Student Council; Chemistry Club; Academy of Science; Knights of Columbus JOHN E. CICCOLELLA, Ph.B. Albany, N. Y. Propeller Club; Sec. of Capital District Club; Freshman Traclt 40 I I no i r . J. E. CINTRON, B.S. in M.E. Ponce, Puerto Rico Vice-Pro, of LaRaza Club. A.S.M.E. Engineers Club; Internall Basketball FRANCIS V. CIOLINO, A.B. Greenville, Miss. Glee Club. Prts. of Mississippi Club. Drama.. Radio Club. Scholatsic JAMES P. CLEARY, A.B. Detroit, Mich. Treasurer of Knights of Columbus. Managing Editor J939 DOME. Radio Club W. F. CLEARY, B.S. in Ch.E. New Rochelle, N. Y. Chemistry Club; Treos. of A.J.Ch.E. CHARLES L. COBB, B.S. in C.E. Bay City, Texas Engineer Club. Vice-Pres. of A.S.C.E. JOHN C. COLE, B.S.C. Minneapolis, Minn. Commerce Forum; Minnesota Club; Economic Round Table HENRY D. COLLINS, B.S.C. Fairmont, W. Va. Student Council. Knights o Columbus; Commerce Forum; Football JAMES T. CONNELL, B.S.C. Newport, R. I. Commerce Forum; Lju 1 Club. French Club; Knights of Columbus HERBERT]. CONNELLY, B.S.C. Oil City, Pa. President of Commerce Forum; Kmghti o Columbus ROBERT E. CONNOLLY. B.S.C. Highland Park, Mich. Knights o Columbus ROBERT J. CONNOLLY, A.B. Harbour Grace, Newfoundland Knights of Columbus A. N. CONSOLAZIO, B.S.C. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Vice-Pies, of Italian Club. Commerce Forvm. Knights of Columbus. Interhall Sports ALEXIS J. COQUILLARD, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. M. H. CORGAN, B.S. in Phy.Ed. Alma, Mich. Gym Team GEORGE K. COSTELLO, A.B. Crystal Lake, 111. Knights of Columbus. InlerhdH BasJjelball. Golf Team JOHN D. COUGHLIN, B.S.C. Minot, N. Dak. Commerce. Forum 41 STEPHEN, F. COUGHLIN, A.B. Chicago, 111. Tracl(, President of Monogram Club. Officer of Chicago Club, Baseball JOHN W. COURTNEY, B.S. Indianapolis, Ind. Academy of Science HUBERT T. CRANE, B.S.C. Northampton, Mass. Baseball JOHN L. CRANE, A.B. Dunkirk, N. Y. Schoolmen B. K. CRAWFORD, B.S. in M.E. JAMES L. CULLATHER, B.S.C. Arlington, N. J. Minersville, Pa. Engineers Club. A.S.M.E. Commerce Forum, Bengal Bouts JOSEPH COMMINGS, B.S.C. Norwich, Conn. C. S. CURRAN, B.S. in Ch.E. South Bend Ind. A. . Ch.E. J. L. CURRAN, B.S. in Phy.Ed. Boston, Mass. Football JOHN M. CURRAN, B.S.C. Dearborn, Mich. President of Propeller Club, Knights of Columbus; Spanish Club, Fencing Team BERNARD J. GUSHING, B.S. Franklin, N. H. B. N. DALEY, B.S. in A.E. West minster, Md. Aeronautical Club, Engineers Club. A.S.M. Jnterhall Soccer 42 CHARLES F. DALEY, LL.B. Ventnor, N. J. Knights oj Columbus- Vice-Pres. of Lam dub JAMES C. DANER, A.B. Mount Clemens, Mich. President of Schoolmen Lt INO L. DA?RA, LL.B. East Chicago, Ind. Associate Editor of Lander; Lav Club. Italian Club. J. L. DARROUZET, B.S. in M.E. Austin, Texas Engineers Club PHILIP V. DOUGHERTY Nashville, Tenn. Academy of Science; Server Club. Gerajn Club. Chemistry Club JOHN J. DEANE, LL.B. Milwaukee, Wis. President of Law dub: Patrician Football JOSEPH F. DEFRANCO Weirton, W. Va. Football; Monogram Club; Knights of Columbus; Commerce Fo lulu Club EDWARD L. DELAHANTY, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. VilUgers dub L. DELAHANTY, B.S. South Bend, Ind. Villager. Club JOSEPH P. DEL GAIZO, B.S.C. Waterbury, Conn. CHARLES E. DELL, B.S.C. Columbus, Ind. Lair Club; Commerce Forum ROBERT S. DEMETER, B.S. Lorain, Ohio Academy of Science JOHN E. DEMoss, B.S. in Ch.E. Chicago, 111. Tre. of A. .O1.E.. Cnemutr, Club. Engineers Club; Treasurer of Sophomore Clan ROBERT A. DERENGOSKI, LL.B. Manistee, Mich. Student Council; Lair Club LAWRENCE A. DEVEREL ' X, A.B. Chicago, Dl. French Qub. Football SAMTEL L. DEVISE, LL.B. Columbus, Ohio 43 JOHN C. DILLON, A.B. Butler, Pa. Schoolmen; Knights of Columbus; nterhall Basketball RUSSELL J. DOLCE, B.S.C. Chicago, 111. Sec. o Law Club; Bengal Bouts WILLIAM R. DILLON, A.B. Kenilworth, 111. JOHN V. DONAHUE, Ph.B. Santa Monica, Calif. Commerce Forum; Propeller Club; Freshman Basketball JOHN J. DOERMER, B.S.C. Fort Wayne, Ind. Commerce Forum; French Club; Jnterclass Football CHRIS J. DONNELLY, B.S.C. Chicago, 111. ROBERT M. DOLAN, A.B. Kansas City, Mo. Sec. of Kansas City Club JOHN P. DONNELLY, LL.B. Michigan City, Ind. Lau Club; Managers Association JAMES V. DONOCHUE, B.S.C. JOHN H. DONOHUE, B.S. Jersey City, N. J. North River, N. Y. Commerce Forum; Knights of Columbus JOHN W. DONOHUE, B.S.C. PHILIP A. DONOHUE, B.S. Chicago, 111. Sioux City, Iowa 44 GERARD K. DONOVAN, A.B. R. N. DONOVAN, B.S. in M.E. ROBERT M. DAUGHERTY, A.B. WILLIAM E. DOUGHERTY, A.B. Tulsa, Okla. Wellsville, N. Y. New York, N. Y. Canajoharie, N. Y. President of Student Council. Fencing Baseball; A.S.M.E., Intrrhall Basketball Freshman Basketball, Freshman Baseball. Team Vice-Commandant of Military Club. Vice-Pres. of Freshman CU; Patricians, Radio Club , French Club, Knights of Columbus HENRY R. DOWD, A.B. Hollis, L. I., N. Y. Fren.-h Club EDWARD D. DOYLE, B.S.C. Duluth, Minn. Commerce Forum JAMES F. DOYLE, B.S.C. North Tarrytown, N. Y. VINCENT A. DOYLE, A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Drama; Bookmen, Knights of Columbus WALTER L. DRAY, B.S. in M.E. New Haven, Conn. Vice-Prei. oj A.S.M.E.; Engineers Club F. S. DRISCOLL, B.S. in ME. J. W. DRUMGOULD, B.S. in C.E. Logansport, Ind. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Treasurer o A.S.M.E. Engineers Club. A.S.C.F.. THOMAS J. DUFFY, A.B. Chicagojll. Mmwger of BosljetlxilJ JOHN W. DUNLAP, A.B. Mishawaka, Ind. JOHN J. DYER, B.S.C. Detroit, Mich. DOUGLAS L. EBY, B.S. South Bend, Ind. V.Ilagers Club ROGER P. EGAN, B.S.C. Chattanooga, Tenn. Commerce Forum 45 BERNARD J. FILERS, A.B. Rochester, N. Y. Bund: Architects Club H. REX ELLIS, A.B. Greens Fork, Ind. Baseball. Baseball, Band JOHN D. ELLIS, A.B. Greens Fork, Ind. JOHN G. ELSE, B.S. in E.E. Buffalo, N. Y. Engineers Club. A. .E.E.. Traclj HENRY K. ENGEL, B.S.C. Chicago, 111. FRANCIS J. ERNST, A.B. Elkhart, Ind. MARK A. ERTEL, B.S.C. Tipton, Ind. Basketball Captain; Monogram Club GEORGE E. EVANS, B.S.C. Estill, Ky. LEO G. FACTEAU, Ph.B. Plattsburg, N. Y. Commerce Forum RICHARD L. FALLON, A.B. New Rochelle, N. Y. St. Vincent De Paul. Schoolmen; Scholastic. Economic Round Table WILLIAM C. FAY, A.B. Mount Lebanon, Pa. WAYNE J. FENCILL, B.S. Casco, Wis. Editor-in-chief of Scholastic; Captain Academy of Science; Chemistry Club; of Tennis Team, DOME; Indiana German Club State Singles Champion 46 GEORGE R. FEXX. A.B. Oak Park, 111. RWu ak. ImtfrUIl Spom FRAXCIS P. FEXSEU B.S. Bradford, Pa. A.-iJr of Sriratt. dmurrt CJmi. GcrmnCbfc FRAXCJS E. FERGUS, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. Commerce Forum LAWREXCE I. FERGUSOX. A.B. South Bend, Ind. Acmkmj of PoUtia JOHN C. FERXEDTXG, A.B. Dayton, Ohio Dtbat. Prea dmb; Spui - - THOMAS C. FERKEWXG, A.B. Dayton, Ohio . Prco Oil. J. C. Fix KER- N. B.S. in M.E. Columbus, Ohio AUGUST B. FIPP, B.S.C. Defiance, Ohio LOP db ROBERT G. FISH, B.S. Port Clinton, Ohio f Scmce. Kmgku of T. M. FrrzpA-nuci:, B.S. in PS.. Oakland, Calif. Imttrkml Soccer JOHN C. FLANAGAN. A.B. Kingston, N. Y. Actiemy of PoUaa: Sec. oj Jnwr O a; Fret, of MW-ltabn Vottc, dub; I-arrhill Spam WALTER L. FLEMING, B.S.C. Dallas, Tex. Fonfm. JCmgfcts of PAUL J. FLOOD, B.S. Hazleton,Pa. Prendnf of Aimf C3i GERALD J. FLTXX, A.B. Rochester, N. Y. fm. RochfOer 03..- Wroglfn; Vtnitj Odxtimg. Sec. Sop . GUa. Mcmagm O.. Drau. JUtio a.: DOME. Hud : OAT. Jt JOHN B. FLYXX. B.S. Oakville, Conn. Si- Vmcat DC Pal; Acafev; of Srimx. Cknuarir Cbfc; JAMES E. FOLET, Ph.B. Dallas, Tex. Preiidnt of Texff d b 47 THOMAS P. FORD, Ph.B. Wausau, Wis. DONALD A. FOSKETT, A.B. East Wymouth, Mass. Managing Editor Scholastic. DOME. Freshman Football ADRIAN P. FRANCOEUR, B.S.C. KARL F. FROMUTH, B.S. in A.E. Nashua, N. H. South Bend, Ind. A.S.M.; Engineers Club Aeronautical Club ROBERT J. FROST, B.S. Hicksville, L. I., N.Y. ALBERT P. FUNK, A.B. LaCrosse, Wis. President of Wranglers.- President of Bookmen; Varsity Debating JOHN D. GAVAN, B.S.C. Milwaukee, Wis. CORNELIUS E. GEARY, A.B. Fitchburg, Mass. Fencing Team; Spanish Club; Ticket Senior Manager of Football. Monogram Chairman Senior Ball Club; Interhall Debate WILLIAM H. GEDDES, A.B. Chicago, 111. DOME, Scholastic ANTHONY F. GENTLE, B.S.C. Waterloo, Iowa President o Iowa Club; Knights of Columbus; Commerce Forum. Football FRANCIS G. CENTNER, A.B. LeRoy, N. Y. JOSEPH J. GERWE, Ph.B. Minneapolis, Minn. President of French Club; Interhall Knights o Columbus; Commerce Forum Debating; Freshman Football 48 WILLIAM P. Gres, B.S. in C.E. St. Marys, Pa. : NT j. GlESLER, A.B. Chicago, m. : DONALD R. GILULAND, A.B. Jefferson City, Mo. Drama; FK fcfi ANGUS N. GILLON, A.B. Jersey City, N. J. JOHN J. GILRANE, B.S. Pasadena, Calif. Aniemv f Seiche; OknuitT; Ob. - -- .--.....- PAUL F. GLASS, Phi. Butte,Mont. . = - - .-...;.:-. . .: Cacktt f Orintw NEAL J. GLEASON, A.B. Milwaukee, Wis. Fradhua TT . Ftetfcma BucMI; . ' --. -: -: KENNETH J. GOFF, Ph.B. Auburn, N. Y. r i RowiiH Table; Commerce EDWARD R. GOGGIN. LL.B. Ah I, . ::r- ; PHILIP E. GOLDEN, B.S.C Richmond, Va. FOTIOT . rnua. of Old : - MATTHEW N. GONRING, B.S.C. West Bend, Wis. .--.- r - .--.--.. : JOHN R. GORDON, B.S.C. Richmond, HL GUf Club; Kmiglls of . JOSEPH R. GORMAN. B.S.C. A . ' :.. " : . Olu ' . ' .- ...- T-..: . S.A.C.. Lur QU JAMES S. GORRELL, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. ; W. I. GREGORY, B.S. in C.E. Louisville, Ky . ROBERT C. GRISANTI, Phi. Cleveland, Ohio 49 1 EDWARD F. GROC;AN, JR., LL.B. M. A. GRUENENFELDER, B. Arch. PAUL J. GSCHWEND, B.S. Bellaire, L. I., N. Y. Highland, 111. Canton, Ohio Law Club; Chancellor of Knights of Columbus Glee Club; Architects Club Chemistry Club; Secretary of AIjTon ' Canton Club JOSEPH L. GUCCIONE, B.S.C. Freeport, 111. Italian Club; Commerce Forum; Freshman Basketball; Servers Club FRANCIS X. GUINDON, A.B. Dorchester, Mass. DOME; Treas. oj Patricians; Vice- Pres. oj Boston Club FRANCIS E. GUNTER, Ph.D. K. J. GUTSHAW, B.S. in Ch.E. J. A. HAAGA, B.S. in Ch.E. Pasadena, Calif. Erie, Pa. Memphis, Tenn. Commerce Forum; Freshman Tracl(; Chemistry Club; A. .Ch.E.; Erigi7icers Propeller Club; nterclass Football Club A. .Ch.E.; Chemistry Club; Engineers Club EDWARD E. HABECKER, Ph.B. Washington, 111. Commerce Forum; Knights of Columbus JOHN W. HACKETT, JR., A.B. Toledo, Ohio THOMAS E. HACKETT, A.B. Springfield, Ohio PAUL W. HACKMAN, B.S.C. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Schoolmen; St. Vincent De Paul; Commerce Forum; St. Vincent De Paul Interhall Sports 50 WALTER C. HAGEN, JR., A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Captain of Col) Team; Drama; Radio Club; Internal! Debating GEORGE G. HAGGERTY, B.S.C. Flushing, L. I., N. Y. Military Club BURT J. HALL, B.S. in A.E. Raleigh, N. C. Aero-nautical Club. A.S.M.; Band; Engineers Club JOSEPH H. HALPIN, A.B. Lafayette, Ind. Track: Orchestra WILLIAM F. HALPIX, A.B. Harrison, N. Y. Interhall Baseball THOMAS J. HAMMOND, Ph.B. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Commerce Forum; Advocate of Knights of Columbus DANIEL E. HANNAN. A.B. Perry, Iowa Student Council. Interhall Basketball WILLIAM J. HANNAN, B.S. Cold Spring, N. Y. Academy of Science; Sec. of Mid- Hudson Valley Club EDWARD J. HART, B.S. in E.E. Brooklyn, N. Y. Engineers Club. A.J.E.E. JOSEPH F. HART, A.B. Saginaw, Mich. Manager of Football; Monogram Club, Press Club; Knights of Columbus JOSEPH F. HARTZER, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. Commerce Forum; Sec. of Villagers Club; Lau Club THADDEUS H. HARVEY, B.S.C. Wilmette, 111. Football, Monogram Club. President of Chicago Club CHARLES W. HASTINGS, B.S.C. BRO. B. HAYHURST, C.S.C., B.S. JAMES H. HEINTZELMAN, A.B. Erie, Pa. Notre Dame, Ind. South Bend, Ind. Patricians EDWARD J. HEINZ, Ph.B. Chicago, 111. Radio Club 51 JOHN S. HELLENTHAL, LL.B. PAUL F. HELLMUTH, A.B. Juneau, Alaska Springfield, Ohio Law Club Editor-in-Chief 1939 DOME. Vice- President o Patricians JOHN P. HENEBRY, B.S.C. Plainfield, 111. Glee Club BERNARD J. HENEGAN, Ph.B. South Orange, N. J. Commerce Forum; Treasurer of Jersey Club; Dram; French Club EDWARD J. HENNESSY, A.B. JOSEPH F. HENNESSY, B. Arch. Chicago, 111. Valley Stream, L. I., N. Y. Band: Architects Club CURTIS A. HESTER, B.S.C. J. E. HICNBOTHEM, B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Pelham, N. Y. Monogram Club; Trac (; Commerce A.S.M.F,.; Engineers Club Forum PAUL E. RICKEY, Ph.B. Auburn, N. Y. JOHN J. HILLENBRAND, B.S. Cleveland, Ohio Academy of Science; German Club; Freshma7i Tracl ; Interhall Sports BERNARD F. Hiss, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. Coimnerce Forum, Law Club GERALD G. HOGAN, A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. 52 WILLIAM J. HOGAX. B.S.C. New York, N. Y. Spanish Club; Servers Club; Freshman Football CHESTER D. HOLMAN, JR., A.B. Leavenworth, Kans. Academy of Politics R. T. HOFFSTETTER, B.S.C. Columbus, Ohio Servers Club; Band WILLIAM E. HOPKINS, B.S. Evancton, 111. Interhatl Sports GEORGE T. HORN, B.S.C. Columbia, Pa. Commerce Forum; Knight. of Columbus DONALD E. HOSINSKI, A.B. South Bend, Ind. Crocou Club; Realists THOMAS E. HOSTY, B.S.C. River Forest, 111. ROBERT I. HOWARD, A.B. Richmond, Va. Sec. oj Old Dominion Club; Vicc-Pres. of Press Club; Intcrhall Basketball LEO A. HRACHODEC, B.S. in Phy. Ed. White River, S. Dak. Football, nlerhall Basketball EDWARD G. HUFF, A.B. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pres. o Pittsburgh Club; Treai. of Realists. Scholastic; Acndem of Poli- tic]; Interholl B u etbull STANLEY E. HUFF, B.S. Bremen, Ind. Band; Academy of Science; Modemairts JAMES J. HUFNAGEL, B.S.C. Clarion, Pa. Commerce Forum; Vice-Pre . of Erie Club. Scholastic. Military Club NORVALL M. HUNTHAUSEN, B.S. in Phy. Ed. St. Louis, Mo. Pres. of St. Louis Club. Sec. of Mono- gram Club; Vice-Pres. o Senior Cljiss; Baseball DANIEL J. HUSHEK, B.S.C. Milwaukee, Wis. Commerce Forum JOHN J. HCSSEY, A.B. Chicago, 111. Manager of Troc ; Monogram Club EDWARD A. HUSTON, A.B. Connersville, Ind. 53 CHARLES K. HUTCHENS, B.S.C. Newport News, Va. DAVID F. HYDE, A.B. LaCrosse, Wis. Trac ; Sec. of German Club JOHN C. HYNES, LL.B. South Bend, Ind. S.A.C.. Lawyer BERCHMAN J. IMHOLZ, B.S. Middletown, N. Y. RUSSELL J. JANDOLI, A.B. West Orange, N. J. THEODORE P. JOCHEMS, A.B. BURLEY C. JOHNSTON, Ph. B. Wichita, Kans. Fort Smith, Ark. Italian Club, Historians; Radio Club Knights o Columbus; Pres. of Kansas- Glee Club. Pres. of Arkansas Club; Oklahoma Club; Internal Basketball Commerce Forum; DOME; Interhall Sports CECIL E. JORDAN, B.S.C. Norfolk, Neb. Knights of Columbus; Commerce, Forum; Freshman Baseball; Fresh- man Basketball JOHN J. JOYCE, B.S. in Phy. Ed. Mahanoy City, Pa. WILLIAM L. JOYCE Tempe, Ariz. JOHN D. JULIAN Clarksburg, W. Va. Pres. of West Virginia Club; Italian Club; Commerce Forum, Interhall Sports WILBER A. KAMM, B.S.C. Mishawaka, Ind. 54 GEORGE R. KARR, B.S.C. St. Louis, Mo. Band; Vice-Pies, of St. Louis Club. Interim!! Sports JAMES J. KARR, B.S. in M.E. Milwaukee, Wis. LEROY J. KEACH, A.B. Indianapolis, Ind. EDWARD C. KEEN, B.S. in M.E. Honesdale, Pa. Band. A.S.M.E.. Engineers Club. A.S.M.. K. of C. HARRY J. KEEFE, B.S. in C.E. West Roxbury, Mass. A.C.E.; Treas. of Boston Club JOHN C. KELLEHER, B.S. Lorain, Ohio Football; Monogram Club CHARLES E. KELLY, A.B. Richmond, Va. JAMES P. KELLY, B.S. in M.E. Freeport, N. Y. Footbdll, A.S.M.E.. Engineers Club RICHARD B. KELLY, A.B. Lorain, Ohio Pres. of Cleveland Club; Knights of Columbus; Academy of Politics CHARLES M. KELSEY, A.B. Oak Park, 111. WILLIAM C. KENNEDY, B.S.C. Elmira, N. Y. JAMES N. KENNY, B.S. Peoria, 111. German Club. Interhall Sports WM. H. KERR, B.S. in Phy. Ed. JOHN H. KERRIGAN, B.S. WM. F. KERWIN, B.S. in M.E. ALBERT H. KESSING, B.S.C. Newburgh, N. Y. Sidney, Ohio Green Bay, Wis. Oldenburg, Ind. Football. Gym Team. Monogram Academy of Science. ; Internal! Sports Football. A.S.M.E.; Engineers Club. Commerce Forum. Band. Vice-Pres. Club. Freshman Basketball Jnterhall Sports of Cincinnati Club. K. of C. 55 GENE P. KIEFER, B.S. in A.E. RUSSELL N. KING, B.S. in M.E. TIMOTHY R. KING, LL.B. Snyder, N. Y. Maplewood, N. J. Niles, Ohio Vice-Pres. of Engineers Club; Freshman Trac : A.S.M.E.; Engineers Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus fencing Club; A.S.M. Law Club BRO. C. KIRSCH, C.S.C. A.B. Notre Dame, Ind. HOWARD A. KLEIN, B.S. Detroit, Mich. Academy of Science EUGENE P. KLIER, B.S. in M. LLOYD L. KLINGER, B.S. in Ch.E. THADDEUS S. KMIECIK, A.B. Washington, Ind. Merrill, Wis. Muskegon, Mich. Monogram Club; Basketball; Sec. of Engineering Club Academy of Politics; Cracou Club JOSEPH A. KNAUS, B.S. in Ch.E. ALOYSIUS ]. Koss, B.S. in M.E. Red Lion, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Band; Chemistrv Club; Pres. of A. . Ch.E.; Engineers Club JOHN A. KOTTE, Ph.B. Miami Beach, Fla. JOHN H. KUHLMANN, B.S.C. Buffalo, N. Y. A.S.M.E.; Engineers Club Commerce Forum; Internal! Basketball Football; Pres. of Buffalo Club 56 BRO. R. LACAS, C.S.C., B.S.C. BRO. L. LAFOREST, C.S.C.. A.B. Putnam, Conn. Champion, Mich. EDWIN J. LAHEY, A.B. Chicago, ID. Press Club ROBERT H. LAMBERT, A.B. Argo, 111. Knights of Columbus. Iraerhall Debate ARTHUR LANCASTER, B.S.C. Orchard Park, N. Y Femo-r Sec. of Buffalo dub. Spa- is Out. Sec. of Propeller dl LEON L. LANCASTER, LL.B. Orchard Park, N. Y. Ltxytr; Lac Ctmb JOSEPH W. LARKIN, A.B. Chicago, 111. Press Club- Srfcolastic DANIEL F. LAUGHLIN, B.S.C. Chicago, HI. Knights of Columbus ANTHONY E. LAVELLE, Ph.B. Cleveland, Ohio 5-. - . ? - :- :.- : : -- ELWOOD J. LAVERY. A.B. Stratford, Conn. Aademy of Politi.-s R. H. LAWRENCE. B.S. in Phy. Ed. DEWEY C. LAYTON, B.S.C. Anadarko, Olda. South Bend, Ind. Tct.- MoBOgrtm Chi; truerliall Commerce Forum BofetUI ROBERT B. LEE. LL.B. South Bend, Ind. ROBERT A. LEIBIN. B.S.C. Cleveland Heights, Ohio SAMUEL E. LEMAN, B.S. Bremen, Ind. OlClBUtT-V Club PAUL C. LENIHAN, Ph.B. Nutley, N. J. Fcnring; Draitm; Commerce Fonaa 57 EUGENE T. LEONARD, B.S. Rockford, 111. JEAN R. LEPAGE, A.B. Southbridge, Mass. G ee Club; Academy of Science St. Vincent De Paul; Servers Club French Club THOMAS A. LESTRANGE, B.S. Philadelphia, Pa. JOHN C. LETCHER, A.B. Nolliday ' s Cave, W. Va. Vice-Pres. of West Virginia Club C. E. LINGENFELDER, B.S. in E.E. JOHN J. LINNEHAN, B.S. in M.E. THOMAS P. LISTON, B.S.C. Memphis, Tenn. Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. A. ;...; Engineers Club Pres. A.S.M.E.. Engineers Club Football. Economic Round Table THOMAS V. LLOYD, B.S.C. Chicago, 111. R. J. LOUGHERY, B.S. in M.E. JAMES H. LYNCH, B.S.C. Indianapolis, Ind. Spokane, Wash. RICHARD LYNG, Ph.B. Modesto, Calif. JOHN E. MACK, B.S.C. Evanston, 111. Tracl; 58 4L CHARLES W. MAGNER, B.S.C. Jacksonville, 111. JAMES W. MAHAR, B.S.C. Middleport, N. Y. Commerce Forum. Sec. Central Illinois Freskwum Basketball. IiUerclau Football ab. , " EDWARD J. MAHER, B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. sram Club; Senior Manager of Tennis. French Club; rnerhjll ROBERT J. MAHONEY, A.B. Ashtabula, Ohio Choral Club; French Club. Glee Club, Inierholl Sports WILLIAM P. MAHONEY, LL.B. Phoenix. Arizona tt ' ranglers. Monogram Club: Ltm Club; Glee dub. Scholastic JOSEPH, A. MANCANO, A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Prtriruiu; Press Club, lulin dub: Freshman Baseball. Interns!! Spartf JAMES E MANN, LL.B. Chicago, 111. Lau- Club; Commerce Forum; THOMAS P. MARKER, A.B. South Bend, Ind. Villager! Club. Scholastu- JOHN J. MARTIN. A.B. Jamaica, N. Y. Varsity Tracl[ PETER J. MARTORI, A.B. Sea Gate. N. Y. BERNARD J. MASTERSON. Ph.B. Oak Park, 111 JOSEPH R. MATHEY, B.S.C. Clifton, N. J. Commerce Form EDWARD J. MATHIEU, B.S.C. Hawthorne, N. J. WILLIAM D. MATHIS, B.S.C. Memphis, Tenn. Treoi. Memphis Clufc. Commerce Club: Sparmh Club WILLIAM J. MATRON, A.B. Kansas City, Kansas Preu Club; Freshman Foolboll EDWARD E. MATTHEWS, A.B. New Straitsville, Ohio Foorball. Schoolmen. Inlerhall Debale Press dub. German Club 59 J. P. McBREEN, C.S.C., A.B. JAMES W. McCABE, A.B. CHARLES B. McCANNA, A.B. T. P. MCCARTHY, B.S. in M.E. Taunton, Mass. Johnson City, N. Y. Burlington, Wis. Davenport, Iowa Press Club; Radio Club PATRICK J. MCCARTNEY, A.B. JAMES P. MCCLARREN, B.S. PAUL J. MCCORMACK, A.B. EDWARD T. MCDERMOTT, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. South Bend, Ind. West Hartford, Conn. Kane, Pa. Bengal Bouts JOSEPH J. McDoNOUGH, B.S.C. JOHN. H. McGuiRE, B.S. in C.E. WILLIAM F. MC!NERNY, A.B. J. A. MC!NTYRE, B.S. in Phy. Ed. Chicago, 111. New Rochelle, N. Y. South Bend, Ind. Providence, R. I. Engineers Club; Interhall Sports; Vice-Pres. of A.S.C.E. Law Club Football; Gym Team; Monogram Club H HHHH j HHI BHHHB H 60 THOMAS H. MCKEXXA, B.S.C. T. J. MCKEXXA, B.S. in Ch.E. WILLIAM S. MCKEXXA, Ph.B. J. M. McKtON, B.S. in Phy. Ed. Buffalo, N. Y. Saskatoon, Sask. Detroit, Mich. Butler, N. J. CJui; A. .Ch.E.; Commerce Forum Engineers Club EDWARD F. MCLAUGHLIN, B.S. THOMAS I. McLoucHLiN, A.B. ROBERT J. MCLEOD, A.B. Lynbrook. X. Y. Chester, Pa. Upper Montclair, N. J. Bind Glee Club, Freshman Tracl , Internal! Basketball ROBERT R. McMAxus, B.S. Indianapolis, Ind. WILLIAM J. MCNAMARA, LL.B. JAMES S. MCROBERTS, B.S.C. J. E. MCSHANE-, C.S.C., A.B. Chicago, IU. Decatur, 111. Chicago, Dl. Lam Club WILLIAM P. McV. y, A.B. Bradford, Pa. Wranglers; Laic Club; Drama; nterhall Debating JOHN W. MEANY, A.B. Corpus Christi, Tex. ditor-m-Olic of Scrip; Secretary of Patricians, Vict-Pra. of Totas Club. Kmgnt. of Columbus Louis P. MECONI, A.B. Au Sable Forks, N. Y. fiarui; Academy of Politics- Italian Club FENTOK F. MEE, LL. B. Logansport, Ind. Law Club GEORGE R. MEEKER, B.S.C. Alhambra, Calif. Vice-Pres. of Cah ornia Club 61 PAUL E. MENNEG, A.B. Hollis, L. I., N. Y. Scholastic; Schoolman RICHARD A. METZGER, B.F.A. JAMES P. METZLER. B.S.C. WILLIAM H. MEYER, B.S.C. Rockville Centre, N. Y. Kansas City, Mo. Hannibal, Mo. Football; Art Club, DOME. Art-Editor Pres. of Kansas City Club; Knights Director of Commerce Forum of Scholastic of Columbus; Vice-Pres. of Com- merce Forum WILLIAM T. MEYERS A.B. Elgin, 111. Law Club CARROLL A. MICHELS, B.S.C. FERDINAND E. MIHOLICH, B.S.C. GEORGE J. MILFORD, Ph.B. South Bend, Ind. South Bend, Ind. Marion, Ind. Freshmen Football BRO. L. MILLER, C.S.C. A.B. Evansville, Ind. FRANCIS H. MILTNER, A.B. Cadillac, Mich. Band; Orchestra EDWARD V. MINCZESKI, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. Law Club THOMAS J. MINOGUE, A.B. New York, N. Y. Baseball. Glee Club. Interhall Basketball 62 RICHARD C. MTZERSKI, A.B. Chicago, m. Football Trac , Otfcrr oi Ch . ImterlaU Sporti JOHN J. MLYNSKY, B.S.C. Lincoln, Dl. patHtfc Club: St. Vin.-ml dc Pml; Propeller dub: Commerce Forum ROBERT G. MOLIN, B.S.C. Portland, Oregon JOHK E. MONAHAN. LL.B. South Bend, Ind. THOMAS F. MONAHAN, B.S.C. Chicago, m. ALAN B. MOONEY, A.B. Hartford, Conn. di . Foodxll. Intrrhall .. .. JAMES T. MOORE, A.B. Detroit, Mich. Prcsidcr.l of DnroiJ Out IOHX C. MORAN, A.B. " Elmhurst,L. I., N. Y. Long Island Rep. of Mel Ciub. Inter- hail Bm-kctball : Iraerhdl Bijcball. Imcrclasi Football THOMAS F. MOR. N, A.B. Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. JOHN B. MORGAN, B.S.C. Washington, D.C. Director of Commerce Forum: Pres. Vuknipim-Maylnd dub. Radio Club: Spanish Omb JOHN B. MORGAN. A.B. Mount Vernon. N. Y GEORGE B. MORRIS. JR., LL.B. Detroit. Mich. Dome Award. J959. V Tjngler . Finan Sec. K. of C.. Dctroi! Club, PTCJ. I Lau ' Club, Glee Club; Drama MJ:E MORRIS, B.S.C. Mexico, Missouri ; PAUL M. MORRISON. Ph.B. Lynchburg, Va. Pres. of Serveri Club, Commerce Fono . Pres. of OU Dominion Club. G. E. MORRISSEY, B.S. in C.E. Bennington. Y Engincenng Club; Football WILLIAM J. MORRISSEY, B.S.C. Haverstraw, N. Y. Commerce Forum 63 PARK C. MULLEN, JR., B.S. Memphis, Tenn. Academy of Science PAUL J. MULLEN, A.B. Mount Lebanon, Pa. JOSEPH H. MULQUEEN, A.B. D. P. MULVEY, B.S. in Ch.E. Council Bluffs, Iowa Larchmont, N. Y. nterhall Sports; Schoolmen. Drama Pres. of Sophomore Class. Pres. of St. Vincent de Paul; A. I. Ch.E. St. Vincent de Paul Society BENEDICT F. MURDOCK, B.S.C. FRANCIS J. MURPHY, B.S. South Bend, Ind. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Glee Club; Villagers Club B. C. MURRAY, B.S. in Ch.E. BRO. J. MYSLIWIEC, C.S.C., A.B. Detroit, Mich. Notre Dame, Ind. Sec.-Treas. A. I. Ch.E.; K. of C.; Chemistry Club FRANCIS J. NADOLSKI, B.S. Westfield, Mass. E. J.NEALE, C.S.C., A.B. Portland, Oregon J.J. NELSON, B.S. in Ch.E. Sidney, Mont. Vice ' Pres. Montana Club; Chemistry Club; A. I. Ch.E.; Engineers Club JOSEPH F. NIGRO, LL.B. Trinadad, Colo. Law Club; K. of C. 64 ROBERT J. NOLAN. B.S.C. Attleboro, Mass. Commerce Fonm MAURICE E. NOONAN, Ph.B. Eagle Grove, Iowa . Sec. of Iowa Club HARRY L. NORRIS, A.B. Bridgeport, Conn. L. OBERBRUNER, A.B. Ashland, Wis. . KuehiJI; Monogram dub A R- OBERHOFER, B.S.C. Rockville Centre, X Y CH. RLES J. O ' BRIEN, LL.B. Columbus, Ohio Lnr dub. JCig)iu a Columbiu JOHN J. O ' BRIEN, B.S C. Indianapolis, Ind. And; Vice-Pro. Iiiduiupolu dub. Cowerce Forum THOMAS B. O ' BRIEN, A.B. Sharpsburg, Pa. ILLL M H. O ' BRIEN. B.S.C. Ridgefield Park, N. J. r jf Font B. WM. P. O ' BRIEN, JR., B S.C. River Forest, 111. JOSEPH C. O ' CoNNELL, B.S. Clarksburg, W. Va. MoBogTtfm Club. Server dub; Dome. WeK VngiHu Clvb Treanrer JOHN C. O ' CONNOR, LL.B. Indianapolis, Ind. SAC LIK- dub E. J. O ' DoNNELL, B.S. in Ch.E. Portland, Maine Ckemutr; Club. Engineers Club HLGH K. O ' DONNELL. A.B. Rockv-ille Centre, N. Y. KEVIN M. O ' GoRMAN, B S. Bu Jalo, N. Y. Dome. Student Manager, Vite-Prei. of Bf io Club. Miuu- Outnun of PATRICK V. O ' HARA, A B. Woonsocket, R. I. of Rhode llUnd dub 65 WILLIAM G. O ' HARE, A.B. Boston, Mass. Pres. of Boston Club; Academy o Political Science; Patricians ROBERT F. O ' NEILL, B.S.C. Phoenixville, Pa. Football JOHN T. PAYNE, A.B. E. Cleveland, Ohio Schoolmen; St. Vincent de Paul Soc.; Tracl(; ' nterhdll Debating; C.S.M.C.; Servers Club EDWIN D. O ' LEARY, LL.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Law Club. Detroit Club THOMAS J. O ' REILLY, A.B. Lynchburg, Va. Tracl; DONALD A. O ' MALLEY, B.S.C. Kankakee, 111. C. J. OSHINSKI, B.S. in Ch. E. Grand Rapids, Mich. DONALD J. O ' NEILL, B.S. South Bend, Ind. CHARLES F. PATERNO, B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Chemistry Club; A.S.Ch.E. Bengal Bouts; Football, Interhall Sports BRO. A. PEDAGNO, C.S.C., B.S. G. C. PENROSE, B.S. in Ch.E. Brooklyn, N. Y. Cohoes, N. Y. HARRY PENROSE, B.S.C. Utica, N. Y. Civil Engineers Club; Engineers Club Scholastic; Radio; Commerce forum 66 o - . JOSEPH C. PERKINS, A.B. Muncie, Ind. Fret, of Press Club. Radio Club. Scholastic. InternAll Sports NICHOLAS C. PESL T. B.S.C. De Kalb, 111. LAVI ' RENCE J. PETROSHIVS, A.B. North Chicago, 111. Bengal Bouts; Loir Club RICHARD J. PHILION, B.S.C. Mishawaka, Ind. HARRY H. PHILLIPS, B.S.C. Bristol, Ind. - . - THOMAS. M. PHILPOTT, B.S.C. New Rochelle, N. Y. Frcshmax Bfsebtll: Treasurer of Met Club. Spiniih Club; Commerce Fonim MARIO J. PIERONI, LL.B. Muncie, Ind. Luc aub FRANCIS W. PIERI, B.S.C. Mahanoy City, Pa. FootbdII. Interlull B nbdl CHARLES E. PIETERS, B.S.C. Mishawaka, Ind. : : .-.. -. : .- JOHN A. PINDAR, A.B. North Bergen, N. J. Schoolmen; Trcaf. of Senior C ROY W. PINELLI, B.S. San Francisco, Calif. Academy oj Scirnce; Monogram Club; J. GEORGE PORBECK, A.B. Little Rock, Ark. RALPH J. POSTULA, B.S. Detroit, Mich. Knights of Columbus A. F. POTENZIANI, B.S.C. Aurora, 111. Director of Commerce Forum; Knights of Columbus. lulim Club JOHN G. POULIN, B.S. in E.E. South Bend, Ind. Engineer dub. A.J.E.E.; A.S.M. EDWARD A. PRATT, B.S. in A.E. Meriden, Conn. Engineers Club; A.S.M. ; I.A.S. 67 GEORGE J. PRESTON, B.S.C. Fairbanks, Alaska PAUL E. PURCELL, B.S.C. Salt Lake City, Utah Bengal Bouts CARL E. QUINN, B.S.C. CHRISTOPHER J. QUINN, B.S.C. Macomb, 111. Allentown, Pa. Band; Orchestra; Commerce Forum French Club MEDARD F. RAFALSKE, B.S.C. R. R. RASMUSSEN, B.S. in A.E. JOSEPH P. REARDON, A.B. South Bend, Ind. South Bend, Ind. Kalamazoo, Mich. Villagers Club Engineers Club; .A.S.; Interclass Football; A.S.M. JOHN F. REBACK, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. CHARLES S. REDDY, LL.B. South Bend, Ind. Baseball; Scholastic; Law Club; Villagers JOHN J. REDDY, A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. JOHN H. REED, A.B. Fort Wayne, Ind. Executive Sec. St. Vincent de Paul K. o C.; St. Vincent de Paul Society Society; Scholastic; Dome JOHN M.REGAN, A.B. Memphis, Tenn. Football; Drama; K. of C.; Radio; Schoolmen 68 Louis J. REILLY, B.S.C. St. Augustine, Fla. 1C. of C. . Commerce Forum: Frethma Footbmll; IntcHuII AufcctiuJI PETER J. REILLY, A.B. Pleasantville, N. Y. DAVID E. REPETTO, A.B. Ridgewood, N. J. CHARLES F. RIFFLE, B S. Warren, Ohio Football: Gym Team: Freshuun CHRISTLAN F. RISSER, B.S. Tempe, Ariz. Knights oj Columbia F. C. ROBERTSH.W, B.S. in M. Pittsburgh, Pa. Engtwcri Club Ght Club: Vice-Prcs. Pittibitrgli Club ROBERT W. ROBINETT, B.S. Chillicothe, Ohio Servers Club; Bond. Dmce Bawl ROBERT K. RODIBAUCH, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. Fret, ol VilUgert; Low Qub THOMAS C. ROCAN, A B. Fitchburg, Mass. HENRY N. ROGERS, B.S.C. Albany, N. Y. Commerce Forum: Freshm JAMES j. ROGERS, Ph.B. Rockaway, L. I., N. Y. Commerce Forum JOHN F. ROGERS, B.S.C. Newark, N. J. ROBERT A. ROHAN, B.S.C. Cincinnati, Ohio fret. Cincimai Club; Bfxfol Bouts HENRY T. ROHL, B.S. in A.E. Ashtabula, Ohio Engineers dub; Arrondulu ' dl dub E. GEORGE ROSANELLI, B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Academy oj Science: lulim Club; Germ Club PHIL F. ROSBACH, B S Grand Haven, Mich. Chemistry Club 69 R. A. ROTHACKER, B.S.C. Lakewood, Ohio Commerce Forum; Baseball; nterhaii Sports JOSEPH A. RYAN, A.B. Denver, Colo. VINCENT J. RYAN, B.S.C. Stamford, Conn. Commerce Forum DONALD J. SACKLEY, Ph.B. Chicago, 111. RAYMOND J. SADLIER, Ph.B. New York, N. Y. Radio Club; Scholastic; Drama GERALD F. SAEGERT, A.B. New York, N. Y. Football; Servers Club; St. Vincent de Paul A. BENJAMIN SAELI, B.S. Savannah, N. Y. FARRIS P. SAFFA, B.S.C. Drumright, Okla. Football JOSEPH J. SAITTA, B.S. Monroe, N. Y. Football; Freshman Tracl(; Baseball; Bengal Bouts DANIEL F. SALLOWS, A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Glee Club; Radio Club; K. of C. PHILLIP J. SANDMAIER, B.S.C. ROBERT G. SANFORD, Ph.B. Lakewood, Ohio Milwaukee, Wis. Commerce Forum; Vice-Pres. o Cleveland Club; Sec.o Junior Class Cheerleader; Sec. of Student Council 70 LEO A. SANTINI, A.B. New York, N. Y. Patricians; Italian Club EARL D. SCHALLIOL, B.S.C. Mishawaka, Ind. JOHN E. SAVORD, A.B. San dusky, Ohio Economic Round Table- Vice-Pres. Midu ' est Conference of International Relations Clubs. K. o C.. Lau- Club. Servers Club; Interhall Debutes N.H. SCHICKEL. JR.. B.S.inM.E. Ithaca, N. Y. Interhall Debating: Pres. Engineers Club: A.S.M.E.; Tract Bengal Bouts RODERT F. SAYIA, B.S.C. Montclair, N. J. Captain oj Fencing C. H. SCHINKOWITCH, A.B. Racine, Wis. Press Club, Internal] Basketball CARL M. SCHALLIOL, B.S.C. Mishawaka, Ind. THOMAS B. SCHMID, A.B. Dubuque, Iowa Vice-President lou ' a Club FRANCIS A. SCHMIED, A.B. Columbus, Wis. University Band ' Dance Orchestrj ROBERT F. SCHMIT, B.S.C. Escanaba, Mich. Band, Commerce Forum JOHN F. SCHRODER, A.B. Atlanta, Ga. Interhall Basketball. Football JOHN M. SCHROEDER, B.S. Vulcan, Mich. A.jjemv of Snenje EDWARD H. SCHROETER, Ph.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Sec. oj Cleveland Club. Commerce Forum ROBERT J. SCHULTZ, B.Arch. Oak Park, 111. President Architects Club. Beau Arts Institute of Design. Engineers Club BERNARD R. SEQUIN, B.S.C. Montpelier, Vt. Band ARTHUR J. SELNA, LL.B. Jerome, Ariz. Lau. Club. K. of C.. Glee Club; Spanish Club 71 GERALD A. SEXTON, A.B. New Rochelle, N. Y. JOHN D. SHEA, B.S.C. Hancock, Mich. ROBERT J. SHEA, A.B. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Schoolmen; Interhall Sports Interhall Baseball; Interhall Basketball Schoolmen; St. Vincent dc Paul; Servers Club CLARENCE T. SHEEHAN, A.B. Youngstown, Ohio Scholastic; Youngstown Club; Pres. Press Club BENJAMIN M. SHERIDAN, A.B. Havana, 111. F ootball; Trac JAMES F. SHIELY, A.B. St. Paul, Minn. R. E. SHOEMAKER, B.S. in M.E. JOHN G. SHORTALL, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. Dallas, Texas Pres. Minnesota Club. Freshman Engineers Club; Freshman Football Baseball Dome JOSEPH W. SKELLY, B.S.C. STEVE J. SITKO, B.S. in M.E. EDMUND J. SLACK, LL.B. Avon, N. Y. Fort Wayne, Ind. Chicago, 111. Football; Basketball; Monogram Club; Law Club; Knights of Coimnbus Vice-Pres. Engineers Club WILLIAM J. SMALL, B.S.C. West Orange, N. J. Commerce Forum. Historians; French Club 72 JOSEPH G. SMALLEY, A.B. Bronx, N. Y. Fencing 1cm. dee dub. French Club. Military Club. Press Club BRO. A. SMITH, C.S.C.: B.S. Taunton, Mass. DON P. SMITH, B.S.C. Spring Valley, 111. TERENCE J. SMITH, B.S.C. New Orleans, La. Commerce Forum JOSEPH A. SOBCZAK, A.B. Alpena, Mich. E. H. SOMMERER, JR., B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. Commerce Forum; Villagers- Baseball JOSEPH E. SOTAK, A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Economic Round Table; Academy of Political Science. Interlull Sports. Knights of Columbus NORBERT J. SPENCER, A.B. Indianapolis, Ind. Symphony Orchejtr . Press Club D. W. SPRAFKE, B.S. in M.E. Meriden, Conn. Student Council- Engineers Club; InternaJI Spam. A.S.M.F.. ERVIN A. STEFANIK, A.B. Chicago, 111. Radio Club; Drama. Internal! Basketball R. J. STEFFANIAK, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. Propeller Club, VUUgen Club OTTO C. STEGMAIER, B.S. Jefferson City, Mo. Academy of Science; Chemistry Club 73 ROBERT G. STENCER, B.S.C. Appleton, Wis. HARRY STEVENSON, JR., B.S.C. Bloomfield, N. J. Football; Vice-Prei. of ew Jersey Club. Tract Monogram Club F. R. STLBBINS, B.S.C. Indianapolis, Ind. Commerce Forum; Propeller Club C. N. SL-LLIVAN, B.S. in P.E. Chicago, 111. Captain of Baseball. Gym Team. Basketball. Monogram Club DANIEL J. SULLIVAN, A.B. New York City, N. Y. FLOYD J. SULLIVAN, A.B. Newton, Wis. Academy oj Political Science; Debating Academy of Political Science; Golf FRANCI J. SULLIVAN, B.S.C. JAMES H. SULLIVAN, B.S.C. Binghamton, N. Y. Hamburg, N. Y. Vice-Pres. of Triple Cities Club; Baseball. Football; Interhall Basketball, Freshman Track Commerce Forum RICHARD F SULLIVAN, LL.B. Toledo, Ohio ROBERT E. SULLIVAN, A.B. ROBERT G. SULLIVAN, A.B. WILLIAM D. SULLIVAN, A.B. Helena, Mont. Binghamton, N. Y. Jersey City, N. J. Pres. of Junior Class; Football; Treas. Pres. of Triple Cities Club; Schoolmen Interhall Football; German Club of Montana Club; Military Club; S.A.C.; K. o C. BERNARD A. SWANSER, A.B. Portland, Oregon Academy of Politics ROBERT E. SWEENY, Ph.B. WALTER A. SWEITZER, B.S.C. JAMES D. TANNER, A.B. Flint, Mich. South Bend, Ind. East Auror a, N. Y. Commerce Forum Historians 74 BERNARD A. TEAM, B.S. Lock Haven, Pa. Kntghu of Columbus JOSEPH R. THESING, B.S.C. Cincinnati, Ohio Football. Monogram Club CHARLES H. THOMAS, B.S.C. New Orleans, La. Knighti of Columbiu " M. S. THOMAS, B.S. in A.E. Birmingham, Ala. Engineers Club. A.S.M.. .A.S. ROBERT J. TIERNAN, A.B. Indianapolis, Ind. merliall Golf. Knightt of Columbus. Scholastic. Drama V. E. TRAINOR, B.S. in P.E. Suffern, N. Y. WILLIAM F. TOBIN, B.S.C. Menominie, Wis. Band. Interholl Debate JOHN F. TRAPP, B.S.C. Ripley, Ohio Commerce Forum F. W. TOYNE, B.S. in C.E. Kansas City, Mo. Engineers Club. A.S.M.. A.S.C.E. GUSTAVE J. TSIOLIS, A.B. South Bend, Ind. E. J. TRACEY, JR., B.S. in Ch.E. Belle Harbor, L. I., N. Y. Sr. Vmjfnr de Paul: Interhall Sports; Freshman Trac ; Engineers Club; Chemistry Club- Camera Club C.S.M.C.. A.J.Ch.E.. A.S.M. WILLIAM H. TUCKER. B.S.C. New Rochelle, N. Y. Traclj Louis A. URBANSKI, Ph.B. Toledo, Ohio F. M. VALEXTINI, C.S.C., A B. Cleveland, Ohio Moreau Choir JAMES A. VARGA, B.S. in E.E. South Bend, Ind. A. .E.E.. Engineers Club; V lagers Club VICTOR J. VERGARA, A.B. Larchmont, N. Y. Football. Bengal BC.UIS; Julian Club. St. Vincent de Paul 75 PHILLIP M. WADE, B.S.C. Elizabeth, N. J. K. of C.; Commerce Forum; nterhall Sports, Trustee o N. ] Club Louis J. WAGNER, B.S. Kokomo, Ind. Basketball. Baseball WAYNE F. WAHL, B.S.C. Sterling, 111. Commerce Forum WILLIS H. WALKER, B.S.C. Delta, Ohio Band; Interhall Basketball THOMAS P. WALL, JR., A.B. Chicago, 111. Pres. of Patricidns. Dome. Italian Club. Internal! Debate; Jnterhdll Trac G. S. WALLACE, JR., Ph.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Fencing Team; Commandant of Military Club; Drama; Commerce Forum; Knights of Columbus MYLES J. WALSH, B.S. Flushing, N. Y. FRANK W. WANEK, B.S. Aurora, Nebraska Academy o Science WALTER K. WARBURTON, A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Vice-Pres. of Metropolitan Club; Monogram Club; Press Club GEORGE K. WARD, B.S.C. Bay City, Mich. Pres. of Saginaw ' Bay City Club ERNEST B. WEBB, C.S.C., A.B. Hyde Park, Mass. JOHN C. WEBSTER, B.F.A. Lakeland, Fla. Pres. of Florida-Georgia Club, Art Editor of Scholastic; Dome; Scrip; Trac(( - 76 THOMAS J. WEBSTER, A.B. Mishawaka, Ind. CHAS. O. WEIBACHER, B.S.C. Columbus, Ohio Luu Club. Commerce Forum; German Club; Fencing JOHN M. WELCH, B.S. Lexington, Ky. Secretory o Kentucky Club; Commerce Forum GORDON E. WHITEMAN, B.S.C Kenmore, N. Y. Baseball Manager, Monogram Cub JOSEPH C. WHITFORD, B.S.C. Bradley Beach, N. J. Student Council; Commerce Forum WILLIAM R. WICKS, B.S. Hopkinsville, Ky. A;odem of Science JOHN J. WILKINSON, A.B. South Portland, Maine Tract; Treas. o Preu Club. Scholastic R. L. WILLE, B.S. in Ch.E. Cincinnati, Ohio Chenmrr-v Club. Engineers Club, A.I.Ch.E.; Catalyzer E. J. WILLIAMS, B.S. in M.E. Engineers dub; A.S.M.E. JOHN B. WILLMANX, A.B. Wflliamsport, Pa. Scholastic. Baseball JOHN E. WILSON, B.S. in E.E. Erie, Pa. JOHN H. WILSON, LL.B. Lakewood, Ohio S.A.C.. Liu- dub R. G. WIXDHEIM, B.S. in P.E. West Concord, Mass. Football WARREN R. WISE, B.S.C. South Bend, Ind. F. R. WITTE, B.S. in E.E. Chicago, 111. Engineer Club A.I.E.E. A. B. WOHMAN, C.S.C., A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. 77 JOHN M. WOLF, B.S.C. Mishawaka, Ind. Tennis JULIUS F. WOLFF, JR., A.B. Duluth, Minn. Schoolmen; Economic Round Table LOYD F. WORLEY, B.S.C. WALTON J. WuEBBOLD, Ph.B. Tulsa, Okla. Hamilton, Ohio Commerce Forum, Spanish Club Economic Round Table; Commerce Forum JOHN E. YAEGER, B.S. Wheeling, W. Va. Chemistry Club ELDRED E. YOUNG, B.S. South Bend, Ind. Chemistry Club; Academy o Science JOHN P. YOUNG, A.B. Glen Ridge, N. J. R. C. ZALLER, B.S. in A.E. Cleveland, Ohio Engineers Club; A.S.M.. A. .A.S. CHARLES G. ZEGIOB, B.S. Lorain, Ohio EUGENE R. ZINN, LL.B. Ironwood, Mich. L. R. ZONTINI, B.S. in P.E. Whitesville, W. Va. German Club; Freshman Football Knights o Columbus. Law Club Football. Monogram Club; Italian Club 78 SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN THIS SECTION Cornelius P. Bergan, C.S.C. Rev. John T. Biger, C.S.C. Joseph H. Cavanaugh, C.S.C Donald B. Driscoll B. J. Eilers Orville R. Foster Edward T. Fulham Joseph E. Gore James H. Graham Richard C. Kaczmarek John F. Kelly James R. McQueen Joseph E. O ' Connor Dean H. O ' Donnell, C.S.C. Eugene A. Poletto Vernon J. Sneider Steven A. Szumachowski Brother N. Thomas, C.S.C. Albert F. Van Huffel Theodore T. Leonas Thomas A. McCabe College of Arts and Letters Brother P. Carroll, C.S.C. Edward J. Baldinger William Y. Benavides Stephen D. Condon George M. Eichler Lawrence A. Barrett John T. Benedict Julius W. Bercik Harold C. Blakeman John F. Callaghan John M. Cronin Charles W. Ephgrave John A. Gannon James M. Greene William H. Hake Edward J. Baldinger William Y. Benavides James J. Bockheim James J. Bockheim William J. Faymonville Patrick F. McFarland John N. Merrill William R. Pagan Earll H. Winterrowd Robert H. Igel Charles M. McCarthy John W. McDonough Keeran F. McKenny James H. Montedonico James J. Petrillo James W. Plummer James W. Snyder John T. von Harz Austin J. Wall Ralph G. Wingfield William J. Faymonville Patrick F. McFarland John N. Merrill College of Science College of Law College of Commerce College of Engineering 79 80 DOME AWARD YEAR the DOME honors the four seniors who were most active in extra ' curricular affairs. In choosing these men all phases of campus life are considered: membership in honor clubs, class officers, publications, athletics and other activities. Before it was possible to pick the four seniors to be so honored, it was necessary to pick twenty outstanding juniors to form the DOME Award Committee. This committee was chosen from the DOME, SCHOLASTIC, Monogram Club, Managers Organization, S.A,C., the five colleges, and the prominent campus clubs. THE COMMITTEE Harold J. Barrcs Bernard N. Brockman John E. Burke Lawrence A. Burns Charles E. Dillon Robert J. Doran Charles J. Farrell Ralph A. Gerra Raymond J. Kelly Robert J. Marbach Clarence W. Marquardt William C. McGowan James G. Newland John W. Patterson Milton J. Piepul Ralph R. Pinelli Charles E. Reynolds John M. Ryan Robert J. Saggau John P. Shafransky 81 GERALD J. FLYNN THlU ALBERT P. FUNK 82 H 83 THE GERARD K. DONOVAN WILLIAM C. FAY 84 IH ome 85 JUNIOR JOHN M. MALONEY . . Vice- President J. HOWARD ESSICK Treasurer FRANCIS A. DOODY Secretary CLARENCE W. MARQUARDT . . . President 86 EDWARD R. ALEXANDER GEORGE W. ALPS South River, N. J. Los Angeles, Calif. ARNOLD D. ALTMAN South Bend, Ind. HERMAN S. ALTMAN South Bend, Ind. Louis W. APONE Brownsville, Pa. PETER S. ARBOIT LaSalle, 111. JOHN B. ASELAGE GLENN F. AUBREY EUSEBIO S. AZPIAZU, JR. MERVIN F. BAGAN Sidney, Ohio Louisville, Ky. Havana, Cuba Estherville, Iowa PAUL C. BAILEY, C.S.C. Marion, Ind. ROY J. BAIRLEY Monroe, Mich. JAMES R. BAKEMAN Rockford, 111. RICHARD E. BALL Buffalo, N. Y. JOSEPH J. BARR Wood River, 111. HAROLD J. BARRES Elyria, Ohio TIMOTHY J. BARRETT Chicago, 111. ROBERT L. BARTL Chicago, 111. RICHARD A. BATT Buffalo, N. Y. ROBERT F. BEH, C.S.C. RICHARD F. BELDEN ROLAND L. BELLADONNA Birmingham, Mich. Canton, Ohio Logan, W. Va. JOHN T. BENDORITIS ANTONIO BENEDOSSO Eagle River, Wis. Milford, Conn. EMERY A. BERES South Bend, Ind. ED H. BERGMAN VINCENT J. BERNARD ROBERT H. BISCHOFF Peru, Ind Barberton, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio EDWARD W. BISETT Pampa, Tex. WILLIAM J. BOGAN Williamsville, N. Y. DONALD A. Boss Des Moines, Iowa JOHN L. BOYLE Duluth, Minn. ROBERT W. BOYLE Sycamore, 111. LAWRENCE H. BRACKEN Brooklyn, N. Y. DAN F BRADLEY WADE J. BRADY WILLIAM A. BRAUN J AMES E. BRENNAN WALTER J. BRENNAN NORMAN A. BRINGMAN Detroit, Mich. Joliet, 111. Bellville, N. J. Bedford, Ind. New Rochelle, N. Y. Lakewood, Ohio JfJ iJ BERNARD N. BROCKMAN WALTER F. BRODBECK DANIEL T. Glencoe, 111. South Bend, Ind. Dormont, Ju l I .lOM. BRODERICK CHARLES C. BROGGER r it, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. C- fc ' V ifl JOSEPH E. BROUSSARD GEORGE W. BROWN PAUL W. BROWNFIELD JAMES J. BRUGGER Beaumont, Tex. South Bend, Ind. Dallas, Tex. Erie, Pa. LUTHER W. BUBER Berlin, N. H. JOSEPH L. BUCKLER Lebanon, Ky. CLIFFORD G. BUCKLEY EDWARD O. BUDDY Valley Stream, L.I., N.Y. St. Louis, Mo. WILLIAM E. BUENGER JOHN E. BURKE LAWERENCE A. BURNS ROBERT E. BURNS Oak Park, 111. Sioux Falls, S. D. Grosse Pointe Pk., Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. WILLIAM J. BURNS MATTHEW R. BYRNES Detroit, Mich. Hamilton, Ontario, Can. THOMAS F. CADY Brighton, Mass. JOSEPH G. CALLAHAN CHARLES R. CAMERON Dowagiac, Mich. Loretts, Ky. WILLIAM C. CARBINE Rutland, Vt. MAURICE F. CAREY Kokomo, Ind. JOSEPH P. CARR Gary, Ind. GERALD E. CARROLL Bay City, Mich. JAMES P. CARROLL Chicago, 111. THOMAS J. CARROLL Bay City, Mich. WILLIAM J. CARSON Indianapolis, Ind. I THOMAS F. CARTY Yonkers, N. Y. JOHN J. CASBY Erie, Pa. JOHN E. CASEY JOHN G. CASEY THADDEUS D. CASSIDY JOSEPH F. CATTIE Chicago, 111. Jordan, Minn. Altoona, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. HENRY B. CAUDILL E. M. CHAMBERLAIN JAMES A. CHAMPLEY BERNARD J. CHENAL Pawhuska, Okla. Romeo, Mich. Talorville, 111. Cincinnati, Ohio BENJAMIN P. CIACCIO Chicago, 111. JOHN W. CISSNE South Bend, Ind. WILLIAM P. CLARK Tuckahoe, N. Y. RAYMOND CLARKE Glens Falls, N. Y. EDWARD L. COLBERT Revere, Mass. THOMAS H. CONNOR Peoria, 111. MAURICE J. CONVERSE BRO. E. COOPER, C.S.C. JAMES J. CORBETT Billings, Mont. Notre Dame, Ind. Elmhurst, N. Y. EDGAR COREY JOSEPH M. COSTELLO WILLIAM E COTTER, JR. Skiatook, Okla. Alexandria, Ya. New Rochelle, N. Y. EDWARD F. COUSINEAU Erie, Mich. ROBERT E. Cox WILSON J. CRANDELL CHARLES V. CRIMMINS WALTER J. CRONIN Syracuse, X. V. Ladysmith, Wis. Harrisvillc, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. FRANCIS R. CROSS Vincennes, Ind. mt WILLIAM R. CROWLEY CHARLES L. CUNNIFF THOMAS G. CURRIGAN JOHN M. CURRY JAMES B. CURTIS JACK K CUTFORTH Dallas, Tex. Montvale, N. J. Denver, Colo. New Rochelle, N. Y. Uion, N. Y. Des Moines, Iowa ff! LORENZO G. CUTLIP North Bend, Ore. DANIEL D. DAHILL Logan, W. Va. WILLIAM T. DALY Waterbury, Conn. WARREN A. DEAHL South Bend, Ind. ELVIN J. DEAL Elwood, 111. JOHN M. DEBITETTO Brooklyn, N. Y. EUGENE E. DE LAY Norfolk, Neb. PAUL R. DE LAY Omaha, Neb. THOMAS A. DELIA Brooklyn, N. Y. ALBERT J. DEL ZOPPO Niagara Falls, N. Y. WILLIAM F. DEMLING ROBERT W. DE Moss Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. JAMES F. DEMPSEY L. R. DE OLAZARRA, JR. AUGUST J. DEREUME WALTER J. DESEL New York, N. Y. Garden City Park, N. Y. Punxsutawney, Pa. Jamaica, L. I., N. Y. CHARLES E. DILLON Butler, Pa. JAMES E. DIVER WILLIAM W. DOMINIC JOHN T. DONNELLY FRANK A. DOODY Bridgeport, 111. South Bend, Ind. Mackinac Island, Mich. Oak Park, 111. RICHARD J. DORA Vincennes, Ind. ROBERT J. DORAN Danbury, Conn. ROBERT E. DOWD Cleveland, Ohio FRANCIS W. DOWLING WILLIAM P. DREXLER GENE W. DUCKWORTH MAURICE J. DUFFY Rochester, N. Y. Rochester, Minn. Effingham, 111. Bayonne, N. J. WILLIAM M. DUGAN Battle Creek, Mich. JOHN L. DUGGAN Durango, Colo. WILLIAM J. DUNHAM GERALD P. DWYER Perth Amboy, N. J. Chicago, 111. ROBERT C. DYKE MILLARD S. EDMONDS Huntington, Ind. Racine, Wis. JAMES H ESSICK RICHARD R. EVERROAD ROBERT J. FALLO Fairview, Pa. Indianapolis, Ind. Houston, Tex. CHARLES J. FARRELL EUGENE R. FARRELL Okmulgee, Okla. Newark, N. J. GEORGE B. FAZZI Lynchburg, Va. EDWARD E. FENLON HOMER W. FERGUSON STEPHEN P. FERRARO GEORGE W FERRIC Washington, D. C. Winslow, Ariz. Paterson, N. J. Snyder, N. Y. JOHN P. FLANAGAN Hamilton, Ohio. JAMES J. FOLET Bemardsvflle, N. J. !. FOLEY ? , Mass. WILLIAM G FOLEY C. R. FOSKETT, C.S.C. ROBERT L. FOUNTAIN Memphis, Tenn. Notre Dame, Ind. Appleton, Wis. FREDERIC E. FOWLER Q RL K. FREDERICKS Sleepy Eye, Minn. Butte, Mont. ALFRED J. FRERICKS JEROME J. FROELICH THADDEUS S. GABRYS WILLIAM D. GAGAN, JR. Marion, Ohio Newark, N. J. Franklin, Pa. Seattle, Wash. CHARLES D. GAINER Whiting, Ind. JOHN F. GAITHER Louisville, Ky. LUKE G. GALANTE CHARLES R. GALLAGHER THOMAS C. GALLAGHER THOMAS E GALLAGHER Chicago, m. Los Angeles, Calif. Chicago, HI. Louisville, Ohio - JAMES M. GARTLAND CYRIL T. GARVEY Marion, Ind. Sharon, Pa. JOSEPH L. GARVEY JOSEPH R. GARVEY WILLIAM J. GARVEY, JR. EDMUND J. GATENS Sharon, Pa. Ashtabula, Ohio Louisville, Ky. ' Iowa City, Iowa JOHN B. GERO Louisville, Ohio RALPH A. GERRA Brooklyn, N. Y. T. H. GESELBRACHT TIMOTHY C. GILLEN Park Ridge, 111. Vandergrift, Pa. CHARLES J. GILLESPIE WILLIAM M. GLENN Indianapolis, Ind. Aurora, 111. JAMES A. CONNER HARRY P. GOTTRON, JR. MICHAEL P. GRACE Burlington, Iowa Fremont, Ohio Manhasset, N. Y. THOMAS F. GRADY Farmer City, 111. EDWARD A. GRAHAM HAROLD E. GRAHAM Clarion, Pa. Santurce, Puerto Rico ROBERT J. GRAY South Bend, Ind. CHARLES E. GREENE GEORGE W. GREENE JOHN C. GROBMYER Aurora, 111. Brooklyn, N. Y. Carrollton, Ky. JOSEPH P. GUILTINAN JOHN J. GUINEY WILLIAM GWINN Pittsfield, Mass. Floral Park, L. I., N. Y. Hinton, W. Va. JOHN C. HAFFNER Oak Park, 111. ROBERT W. HALE DOUGLAS F. HALEY Muskegon, Mich. Vallejo, Calif. ALFRED J. HAMMER Cleveland, Ohio EDWARD J. HANLY Ho-ho-kus, N. J. JAMES J. HANNIGAN WILLIAM W. HARTMAN WALTER H. HARTUNG EDMUND E. HARVEY Philadelphia, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Toledo, Ohio New York, N. Y. CHARLES G. HASSON Ebensburg, Pa. WILLIAM R. HAWES CLARENCE W. HAYES BRUCE A. HEIBENSTREIT NORMAN B. HECKLER W. W. HEIMBAUCH Greenville, Pa. Atchison, Kan. Albuquerque, N. M. Blue Island, 111. Duluth, Minn. ' 47 ANTHONY C. HEINZEN A. J. HEINZER C.S.C. EDWARD D HENGEL Wausau, Wis. Butler, Pa. Pierre, S. D. W HENH Urbana, Unio REX HENNEL, C.S.C. Evansville, Ind. JOHN M HENNESSY WILLIAM R. HENNESSY EDWARD B. HENSLEE JOSE A. HERNANDEZ Louisville, Ky. Chicago, 111. Fort Wayne, Ind. Puerto Rico JERRY A. HICKEY South Bend, Ind. JOHN M HILL LEO S. HILLEBRAND, JR. THOMAS F. HIRSCHAUER FREDERICK N. HOLL Augusta, Ga. Toledo, Ohio ' Logansport, Ind. Honesdale, Pa. JOHN A. HOLLAND FREDERICK J. HOLSINGER Schenectady, N. Y. Chicago, 111. FRANCE J HOPKINS THOMAS G. HORRIGAN WILLIAM A. HOSINSKI WILLIAM R. HOUSE WILLIAM S. ROWLAND ROBERT S ROWLEY Youngstown, Ohio Reno, Nev. South Bend, Ind. Bay City, Mich. South Bend, Ind. Cleveland, Ohio EDWARD W. HOYNE JOSEPH P. HLBER THOMAS E. HUCK HENRY G. HUGHES JOSEPH V. HUGHES EDWARD L_ HULTGREN Dayton, Ohio Jamaica Estates, N. Y. KansasviUe, Wis. Fremont, Ohio Chicago, 111. South Bend, Ind. ARTHUR J. HUMBY JAMES E. HURLEY EDWARD J. HYNES Brooklyn, N. Y. Rushville, N. Y. Roslyn, L. I., N. Y. ROBERT E. ILIFF MARTIN L. INGWERSEN BERNARD F. JAEGER Escondido, Calif. Sandusky, Ohio Minneapolis, Minn. HARRY G. JOHN JOHN P. JOHNSON Milwaukee, Wis. Windsor Locks, Con Louis H. JAQUAY Wheeling, W. Va ROBERT B. JEHRING Muscatine, Iowa JOHN L. JOYCE Spartanburg, S. C. DANIEL A. JUSTIN West McHenry, 111. JOSEPH C. KALTENBACH ELMER J. KAMM JOHN J. KANE OSCAR H. KASTENS Wheeling, W. Va. Mishawaka, Ind. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. GEORGE W. KATTER Johnstown, Pa. JOHN F. KEEGAN MICHAEL J. KEEGAN CARL J. KEGELMAYER PAUL G. KEHRES Rochester, N. Y. Granite Falls, Minn. Columbus, Ohio Perry, Okla. EDWIN W. KELEHER Philadelphia, Pa. 4 tot DANIEL A. KELLEY RAYMOND J. KELLY, JR. EDWIN T. KENNEDY FRANCIS B. KENNEDY ROBERT J. KENNEY Syracuse, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. ADOLPH E. KERGER Kankakee, 111. J. RICHARD KERRIGAN HERBERT H. KERSTEN Lincoln, 111. Fort Dodge, Iowa JAMES F. KERWIN Hancock, N. Y. P. J. KINGSTON, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Ind. ROBERT J. KOCH Calumet City, 111. HOWARD J. KORTH Saginaw, Mich. DONALD E. KRALOVEC WILLIAM L. KRAPF W. W. KRISTOFF, JR. La Grange, 111. Freeport, L. I., N. Y. Chicago, 111. EDWARD B. KUNKLE South Bend, Ind. WILLIAM J. KUNTZ CHESTER B. KWIECIEN Waterloo, Ont. Chicago, 111. ' IH MICHAEL S. LAMBERT Argo, 111. JOHN F. LANDRY Stoneham, Mass. JAMES O. LANG Delphos, Ohio ROBERT E. LANGOIS Appleton, Wis. K SAL J. LAPILUSA EDWARD J. LARKIN JOHN W. LARSON J. S. LASKOWSKI, C.S.C. CHARLES T. LATIMER FR g ff |- AH Bayonne, N. J. Peoria, 111. Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. South Bend, Ind. Wausau, Wis. FRANCIS J. LA VELLE Far Rockaway, N. Y. JOSEPH V. LAWLER Carrollton, Ohio CARLOS D. LAZARO Puerto Rico RICHARD A. LEAHY H. A. LEBLANC, C.S.C. ALBERT B. LEE Tiffin, Ohio Norwich, Conn. Carhnville, 111. ROBERT C. LEJEUNE EMMETT G. LENIHAN ROBERT J. LEONARD JOSEPH A- LE STRANGE ROBERT J_ Oak Park, 111. Seattle, Wash. Cincinnati, Ohio West Philadelphia, Pa. Port Arthur, lex. FRANCIS C. LINK Springfield, Ohio GEORGE E. LOHR G. J. LOMBARDO, C.S.C. BERNARD F. LONGO Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. Notre Dame, Ind. Lakewood, Ohio Fio V. LOPARDO Hoosick Falls, N. Y. ARM AND M. LOPEZ Fabens, Tex. JOHN V. LUCAS Chicago, 111. NOEL J. MACCARRY New York, N. Y. JOHN S. MACCAULEY Louis A. MACKENZIE New York, N. Y. Groton, Conn. JOHN J. MADIGAN Susquehanna, Pa. BERNARD A. MAGO Tonawanda, N. Y. DONALD F. MACUIRE St. Louis, Mo. J. GARVIN MAKER LAWRENCE C. MAJEWSKI WILLIAM C. MALANEY Oneida, N. Y. Algonquin, 111. Milwaukee, Wis. EDWARD J. MALONE JOHN L. MALONEY La Salle, 111. Dunkirk, N. Y. JOHN M. MALONEY Boise, Idaho JOSEPH C. MANIX ROBERT J. MARBACH NICOLAS C. MARCHIOLI Boulder City, Nev. White Plains, N. Y. Newark, N. Y. GEORGE L. MARCUCCI C. W. MARQUARDT JOSEPH N. MARRANCA WILLIAM P. MARSH, JR. WILLIAM A. MARSHALL EMERY MARTIN Oak Park, 111. Oak Park, 111. Elizabeth, N. J. Hines, Ore. Chicago, 111. Fond du Lac, Wis. E. MATTINGLY, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Ind. GEORGE J. MAURY PHILIP R. MCCANNA DANIEL E. MCCARTHY JAMES J. MCCARTHY WILLIAM H. MCCARTY Ilion, N. Y. Burlington, Wis. Saint James, N. Y. Chicago, 111. Swampscott, Mass. M. J MCCAUGHEY JOHN N. MCDONNELL PATRICK F. MCDONNELL FRANK J. McDoNOUGH DAVID MCDOWELL JAMES J. MCFADDEN Chicago, 111. Sunbury, Pa. Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. Lewisburg, Pa. Altoona, Pa. WM. Y NNON CHARLES F. McGARRY nd. Chicago, DL THOMAS ]. McGEE Broddyn, N. Y. JOSEPH B. MCGFEVER Birmingham, Ala. JAMES A. McGLEW Youngstown, Ohio JAMES P. McGovERN Chicago, 111. WILLIAM C. McGowAX FRANK J. MCGRODER ED. C McHuc.H, JR. JAMES L MC!NERNEY Oakvdle, Conn. East Cleveland, Ohio Pittsburgh, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. VILLIAM J. McTuxKiN ROBERT J. McKn F. DON-LAN MCKELVY HARRY F. MCLAUGHLIN LARRY G. MCLAUGHLIN ROB V MCLAUGHLIN :: South Bend, Ind. Atdiison, Kan. Royal Oak, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio T V J McLEAN RlCHARP C McMAHON Tf Brooklyn. N. Y. Milwaukee, Yis . MCMANUS JOHN P. MCNAMARA JOHN H MCNAMEE Jos. B. MCNERTHNEY rk, N Y. Indianapolis, Ind. Las Vegas, Nev. Tacoma, Vk ' ash. M N - RICHMOND A MEAD. JR. JAME? J MFANEY GEORGE F. MELTZER RAYMOND J. MENDOLIA N. H. MERP:INSKI Pittsburgh, Pa. -ton. 111. Corpus Chnsti, Texas Chicago, 111. Youngstown, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. JAMES E. MERRJON Chicago ffl. JOHN P. ' Danvflle, 111. R A MEYER. C.S.C. Edgeworth, Pa. JOHN A. MIES Los Angeles, Calif. GEORGE E. MILES Brooklyn, N. Y. THOMAS V. MILES Brooklyn, N. Y. . flfe. " JP V i M. K. MlLLENBACH WlLBUR W. MoF.SCHL JOHN H. MONAGHAN DAVID B. MONCRIEF Grosse Pointe, Mich. La Porte, Ind. Penn Van, N. Y. Atlanta, Ga. ERWIN I. MOONEY ROBERT E. MORAN Clarksdale, Miss. Oklahoma City, Okla. WlLLARD C. MORREY JAMES V. MORRIS DONALD C. MoRRISSEY THOMAS A. MORRISON North Chicago, 111. Mountain Lakes, N. J. Detroit, Mich. Lynchburg, Va. JOHN E. MORTELL WILLIAM A. MOULDER T. G. MUEHLENKAMP JOHN E. MULLANEY PATRICK J. MULLIGAN WILLIAM K. MULVEY Kankakee, 111. Evanston, 111. Newport, Ky. Bedford Village, N. Y. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Erie, Pa. JAMES J. MURPHY JOHN B. MURPHY New York, N. Y. Emigrant, Mont. THOMAS J. MURPHY THOMAS M. MURPHY EDWARD R. MURRAY HARRY L. MURRAY Los Angeles, Calif. Crawfordsville, Ind. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Franklin, Pa. JAMES A. MURRAY Park Ridge, 111. JAMES H. MURRAY DONALD R. MURTAGH JOHN F. MURTAUGH JOHN F. NACE Staten Island, N. Y. Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. Brookyln, N. Y. WILLIAM J. NAGENGAST Miami Beach, Fla. EMMETT J. NECAS Chicago, 111. JOSEPH T. NEENAN Charleston, W. Va. JOSEPH H. NIEHAUS Indianapolis, Ind. JOHN M. NOBLE BRO. A. NOWAK, C.S.C. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. HARRY F. O ' BRIEN Watertown, N. Y. JAMES J. O ' BRIEN JOHN D. O ' BRIEN JOHN- J. O ' BRIEN Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. Dayton, Ohio Tracy, Minn. FRANCIS A. O ' CONNELL GEORGE T. O ' CONNOR RICHARD C. O ' CONNOR Rutland, Vt. Indianapolis, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. JOHN F. O ' DEA ROBERT C. ODENBACH WILLIAM M O ' HERN JOSEPH E OKOPIEN Brooklyn, K. Y. Rochester, N. Y. Tulsa, Okla. Flint, Mich. JOSEPH B. OLBRYS CHARLE? G. OLIVEROS JOHN F. O ' LOUGHLIN ROBERT K. OSBORNE R. P. O ' SHAUGHNESSY ROBERT T. OSTERMAN Trenton, N J. St. Augustine, Fla. Bangor, Me. Huron, S. D. Lawrenceburg, Ind. Detroit, Mich. JOSEPH J. PAPA JOHN W. PATTERSON, JR. GERALD E. PAVEGLIO ALFRED J. PERRINE THOMAS W. PERRY A. J. PEVERADA, C.S.C. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pittsburgh, Pa. Iron Mountain, Mich. East Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. Cleveland, Ohio Notre Dame, Ind. MILTON J. PIEPUL THOMAS E. PILGRIM RALPH R. PINELLI EDWARD T. PIVARNIK FRANKLIN R. PLANO PETER I. PLATTE Thompsonville, Conn. St. Albans, N. Y. San Francisco, Calif. Bridgeport, Conn. Merrill, Wis. St. Clair Shores, Mich. FELIX POGLWNO, JR. Denver, Colo. ROBERT E. POHL Dayton, Ohio JOHN C. POLHEMUS Hannibal, Mo. MARCEL A. POLZ South Bend, Ind. THADDEUS S. PORAWSKI EDWARD R. POSNER Bayonne, N. J. Des Moines, Iowa MARIO J. POTTETTI Astoria, L. I., N. Y. DAVID I. POWERS Richmond, Va. JOHN S. POWERS Ingalls, Ind. PAUL F. PUGLIA PATRICK D. PUTNAM LEONARD J. QUART Waynesburg, Pa. Syracuse, N. Y. St. Clair Shores, Mich. EDMOND J. QUINN EUGENE M. QUINN RAYMOND S. QUINN Rockville Centre, N. Y. Macomb, 111. Rochester, N. Y. GEORGE J. RASSAS Stamford, Conn. VICTOR R. REBACK South Bend, Ind. BRO. Ivo REGAN, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Ind. FRANK J. REHME Shelbyville, Ind. THOMAS K. REIS Indianapolis, Ind. Loris A. REISER Johnstown, Pa. WILLIAM J. REISHAM Charleston, W. Va. JOHN E. REITH Fort Wayne, Ind. CHARLES E. REYNOLDS JAY J. REYNOLDS, JR. Mt. Carmel, 111. Chicago, 111. JAMES S. RICE Highland Park, 111. JOHN C. RICHARDS Virginia, Minn. C. J. RICHARDSON, C.S.C. North Reading, Mass. Louis F. RIEGEL Beaumont, Tex. THOMAS J. RIGNEY Chillicothe, Ohio LEO J. ROBIDOUX Fort Collins, Colo. MARTIN J. ROCK Roberts, 111. CHARLES G. RODGERS Drexel Hill, Pa. ANTHONY D. ROMEO Bayonne, N. J. Louis J. RONDER Chicago, 111. ROBERT C. RONSTADT Los Angeles, Calif. JOHN J. Ross ELMER V. RUPP, C.S.C. JOSEPH F. Russo Newark, N. Y. Norwalk, Ohio Brooklyn, N. Y. CLARENCE J. RYAN Oak Park, 111. EUGENE J. RYAN Pottsvflle, Pa. JEROME A. RYAN Susquehanna, Pa. JOSEPH E. RYAN Hibbing, Minn. IOHN M. RYAN Mahanoy City, Pa. LAWRENCE P. RYAN Chicago, 111. PAUL R. SANTOPIETRO Denver, Colo. FRANCIS A. SANTOS Charleston, S. C. ROBERT E. SASS Louisville, Ky. BRO. COSMOS SAUTER Notre Dame, Ind. E. SCHAFFER. CSC. ' .:c Dame. Ind. N J. SCHAFFNER H. J. SCHELLENBURG Wheeling. V. Va. Brooklyn, N. Y. JOHN A. SCHERER PAUL J. SCHIAPPACASSE VINCENT E. SCHIRF St. Louis, Mo. Flint, Mich. Altoona, Pa. HUBERT J. SCHLAFLY CHARLES R. SCHLAYLR RAYMOND H. SCHLEISER CHARLES V. SCHMID CLAUDE J. SCHMOLE LAMTRENCE A. SCHMIDT St. Louis, Mo. Harnsburg, Pa. Ozone Park, L. I., N. Y. Detroit, Mich University Heights, Ohio Booneville, Mo. D SCHMIT:, C.S C. Kotre Dame, Ind. RT J. SCHREIBER GEORGE A. SCHR1EBER ROBERT M. ScHULZ Rochester, Minn. Albuquerque, N. M. South Bend, Ind. JOHN P. SCULLY, JR. ERO. B. SECOY, C.S.C. Lewiston, Me. Notre Dame, Ind. WALTER J. SELBY, JR. JOSEPH M. SEMENCIK JOHN P. SHAFRANSKY VILLIAM J. SHANAHAN R. I. SHAI GHNESSY MARTIN M. SHEA San Framasco, Calif. Vicksburg, Mich. Lemont, 111. Chicago, 111. Chicago, 111. Cleveland Heights, Ohio FRANCIS J. SHEETS EDWARD A. SHEVLAND ROGER J. SHOI-VLIN JOHN W. SIEVERT Sugar Grove, Ohio Philadelphia, Pa. Springfield, Ohio Des Moines, Iowa ROBERT L. SIMPSON DONALD G. SMARINSKY South Bend, Ind. Tulsa, Okla. BERNARD F. SMITH Brooklyn, N. Y. JOSEPH V. SMYTH Brooklyn, N. Y. JOHN SOONG Shanghai, China WILLIAM E. SOONG Shanghai, China WILLIAM F. SPALDING JAMES F. SPELLMAN VINCENT R. SPOSATO JAMES A. SPYCHALSKI DANIEL J. STACK JOHN A. STACK Memphis, Tenn. Westerly, R. I. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Michigan City, Ind. Mattituck, L. I., N. Y. Mattituck, L. I., N. Y. ROBERT N. STACK Lakewood, Ohio ARTHUR G. STARR Concordia, Kan. MAURICE F. STAUDER DONARD STEFFES, C.S.C. JOHN R. STEIDL De Witt, 111. Carleton, Mich. Paris, 111. FRANCIS G. STELTE Springtord, IJ1. (51 C THOMAS F. STEVENS DUDLEY F. STOLLER ROBERT H. STRICKER ROBERT E. STRITCH WILLIAM J. STURM Topeka, Kan. Bremen, Ind. East Cleveland, Ohio Memphis, Tenn. Chicago, 111. ROBERT F. SUGNET Buffalo, N. Y. D. GERARD SULLIVAN EDWARD J. SULLIVAN ROBERT M. SWEENEY THOMAS E. TALTY JAMES L. TEAGARDEN GEORGE G. THOMPSON Hollis, N. Y. Harnsonburg, Va. South Bend, Ind. Chicago, 111. Oak Harber, Ohio Katonah, N. Y. GEORGE W. THOMPSON JOHN R. THOMPSON DONALD C. TIEDEMANN JAMES R. TINNY i i i 7_ " !_.:_ . Til ' A - A I,| VIT V --lr I :lr vL.-rrH Onm Parkersburg. V. Va. Chicago, 111. Westfield, New York Lakewood, Ohio GYOIL J. TLUSTY Medford, Wis. EDWARD J. TOMCIK Cleveland, Ohio ' 47 JOHN F TORMEY NORMAN C. TREMBLAY RALPH J. TREXLER J. THOMAS TRLEMAN Rochester, N. Y. Waterville, Maine South Bend, Ind. Larchmont Hills, N. Y. B V. UNDERRINER Mt. Carmel, 111. EDWARD H. UNGER Gait, Ontario A A VANDERVOORT HAWLEY E. VAN SWALL PAUL J. VIGNOS THOMAS C. VINCENT Palo Alto, Calif. Syracuse, N. Y. Canton, Ohio New Canaan, Gonn. FRED A. VOGLEWEDE R. J. VAICHULIS. C.S.C. JOHN F. WALDRON Decatur, Ind. Melrose Park, 111. Chevy Chase, Md. JAMES H. WALSH Yonkers, N. Y. JACK E. WALSH Redding, Calif. LAWRENCE M. WALSH Portland, Maine RICHARD L W ALTER ROBERT J. WARDELL ROBERT L. WATTERS Mansfield, Ohio Mount Vernon, N. Y. Marion, Ohio ROBERT O. WAY Manchester, Mich. ROBERT B. WILLY Fostoria, Ohio JAMES R. WELSH Memphis, Term. WILLIAM J. WELSH Weatherly, Penna. HERBERT A. WESTHOFF RICHARD T. WHALEN OTallon, Mo. Yonkers, N. Y. JAMES A. WHITE Cloudport, Penna. JOHN S. WHITE Brentwood, Md. CARL WIEDLOCHER Anna, 111. J. WIESCHHAUS Mishawaka, Ind. NOEL F. WILKINS Milford, Conn. RAYMOND M. WILLIAMS WILLIAM C. WILSON Rye, N. Y. Chicago, 111. WILLIAM F. WINGEN ROBERT W. WITCHGER Edina, Mo. Saginaw, Mich. VERNON J. WITKOWSKI Detroit, Mich. Louis A. WOLF Mishawaka, Ind. WILLIAM J. WOODS Westfield, N. J. JAMES D. WRAPE Paragould, Ark. GEORGE R. WURTH Melber, Ky. FLORIAN A. YEZERSKI Shamokin, Pa. GEORGE H. ZELLER CHARLES L. ZIEBARTH StewartManor, L.I., N.Y. Idaho Falls, Ida. ROBERT L. ZUBRAS South Bend, Ind. JOSEPH C. ZUERCHER Chicago, 111. 104 105 SOP j 111 HO WIORE CLA SmHC U. William F. McGrath, Secretary George E. Sobek, President Anthony P. Donadio, Treasurer 106 FRESHMAN CLAM Gail Fitch, Jr. Secretary Walter McNamara Treasurer George Dreier Vice-President Anthony Maloney President 107 II ' H nb s - p i I nm Hi ill! n I uni , " ! Illl i I William J. Hearn Student Council Representative Rev. Joseph A. Muckenthaler, C.S.C. Rector 108 I ALL Cavanaugh Hall traditional stronghold of the frosh politicoes Rock, the Marble Champion, and the Anti-Cigarette League are depicted in murals on the rec-room walls band practice during autumn after- noons makes music lovers of those in the hall near the Huddle, Washington Hall, the gym but not the dining hall Cavanaugh where high spirits live with a keen superiority to Zahm. I wrs w . Cornelius H. Green Student Council Representative Rev. George L. Holderith, C.S.C. Rector 110 tie M Breen-Philips Hall most recent addition to Notre Dame ' s ever- changing Gold Coast old Freshman Hall gone Hollywood but still the same old students they all subscribed to the Scholastic the scene of the notorious sheet ' ladder incident long lines of students, waiting with their A. A. books Breen-Philips where pink-slips dispelled the rose-colored glasses. El n j w ft: John Kelly Student Council Representative Brother Patrick Cain, C.S.C. Rector 112 HALL Brownson Hall has nurtured Notre Dame ' s greats where life is a series of floors lockers on the first study hall on the second dorms on the third where amateur barbers, magicians, and hypocondriacs live together with a minimum of friction Brownson where raw freshmen mature to the sophomore state. nn - -Jt. : . ,- m Raymond L. Roy Student Council Representative Rev. Bernard L. McAvoy, C.S.C. Rector 114 JlaaiM ALL Badin Hall the first floor is devoted to the textbook business the laundry and Bill ' s clip joint it overlooks the famed the transplanted Brownsonites who live there accustom themselves to private rooms and the green walls the balcony is incomparable on those spring evenings Badin where fresh paint cannot hide the time-mellowed interior: : Melville S. Rummel Student Council Representative Rev. Thomas A. Kelly, C.S.C. Rector 116 A LL Lyons Hall it boasts: an arch Shakespearian ' theater steps Father Kelly ' s cigar ' smoke private tennis courts it ' s just one step and a hop to the Rockne Memorial the " Caf set " leaves at 9:15 each evening for a spot of tea or a hamburger the Sub holds the remains of the once ' mighty St. Ed ' s A. C Lyons where a bull-session is counted more educational than an accounting problem. Juan G. Batista Student Council Representative Rev. Robert W. Woodward, C.S.C. Rector 118 ALL Morrissey Hall the fourth floor Mecca of the English majors is rapidly rivaling the lobby as the chief claim to fame the foyer is still the headquarters for politicians and those who read other people ' s newspapers fifth-year students appropriately get fifth ' floor rooms in the tower the sub is bottoms and in more ways than one between these two is Morrissey Hall where sophomore sophistication replaces freshman enthusiasm. e idi r . . B -1 J r. :A " 41 v; n it J III a I If I va- 1 v- I Albert J. DelZappo Student Counci! Representative Brother Justin Dwyer, C.S.C. Rector 120 ah)wif H LL Carroll Hall scene of the big blaze and the resultant migra ' tion to the Seminary it ' s the west wing of the Main Building where heavy key chains are a necessity home of Sophomore ath ' letes the long rows of green desks and green eye-shades Carroll . . where the men of Notre Dame are MEN. =11 ' in R I ill Steven E. Puffer Student Council Representative Rev. John J. Burke, C.S.C. Rector 122 ALL Zahm Hall Cavanaugh ' s twin THE Freshmen live there enthusiasm is fashionable where even the rector knows the force of the fire hose siestas on the lawn and excursions to St. Joe ' s Lake are part of the spring scene dances and bridge take up the rest of the year Zahm! ! ! ! v m IT Rev. Henry G. Glueckert, C.S.C. Alumni Hall Rev. John M. Dupuis, C.S.C. Freshman Hal! Rev. Peter P. Forrestal, C.S.C. Howard Hall ee 4 OF RESIDENCE HAIL Rev. James H. Gallagan, C.S.C. Rev. Frederick M. Gassensmith, C.S C. Walsh Hall Sorin Hall Rev. T. Francis Butler, C.S.C. Dillon Hall 124 B.J.E. the Ghost of Washington Ha ll JITNEY PLAYERS As their third annual offering at Wash- ington Hall the Jitney Players on Novem- her 2nd staged a melodrama. The success here of their previous " Dear Alma Mater " must have been the inspiration behind the choice of " Seven Keys to Baldpate " as this year ' s presentation. The strolling troupe of actors is managed, directed and held together generally by a talented gentleman named Douglas Rowland. His co-partner of the past two seasons, and star of top billing, is Ethel Barrymore Colt, daughter of the great Ethel. This is a jolly group of people that travels the country making plays in college theatres and small town auditoriums. Washington Hall audiences are always sure of variety. There may be a philosopher, a woman economist or a hobbyist with a red undershirt. Among the actual lecturers this year were: Father Martin D ' Arcy of Oxford, who stopped by to prophesy the coming war be- tween Christianity and Atheism, in a lecture called " The Crisis in Morals " and Mrs. Ralph Borsodi, who reminded us that it is more interesting for man to work in his own home than in a factory. Publisher Frank J. Sheed said a new awareness of Christ is needed to convert the masses; and Dr. Francis Benedict spoke on the " Science and Art of Deception, " while Mr. Maurice Lavanaux discussed the " Liturgical Arts. " Mrs. Ralph Borsodi Father Martin D ' Arey 126 Maurice Lavanaux 127 ACTIVITIES The Most Rev. Juan Subercaseaux, Bishop of Linares, Chile, visited Notre Dame in September Mr. Richard Reid; Rev. Sylvester Snee, O.Carm.; Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C.; General Nobile and Rev. Thomas Steiner The laying of the corner stone of Breen- Phillips Hall in the spring of 1939 Bishop Noll, Father Gartland and Jim McGoldrick broadcast for NO SMUT 128 All American William " Bud " Kerr won a place on the official Ail-American team. He follows in a tradition of great ends at Notre Dame, Chuck Sweeney and Earl Brown having won AM-American berths in the last two years 129 II COLLOQUIUM On November 16 and 17 the College of Science sponsored a Science Colloquium at which there was an extensive dis ' play of Micrurgical Instruments. At this colloquium papers were read dealing with microscopic technique and the use of modern equipment in this field. Fart of the extensive dis- play of valuable equipment 130 Doctors pose for DOME Cameraman Father and son inspect germ - free animal - raising cage. Dr. C. I. Nelson and son, Mr. R. C. Nelson, Notre Dame graduate assistant Dr. Glaser, Mr. Reyniers. and Dr. White 131 Universal Notre Dame Night was celebrated this year on April 15 with a national broadcast from Detroit, Mich., and local broadcasts and ban- quets in various sections of the country. At left the St. Joseph Valley broadcast and at top the local banquet in the Faculty Dining Hall Albert Spalding, celebrated concert violinist, who appeared in the Univer- sity Fieldhouse during Music Week Alfred Callan, James Daner, and Thomas Hackett at the Philosophy Disputation Harpist Quintet, which appeared in Washington Hall early in the spring 132 SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER By Oliver Goldsmith Under the direction of Rev. Matthew Coyle, C.S.C. On the nights of April 21 and 22 the Uni- versity Theatre produced Oliver Goldsmith ' s 18th Century comedy, " She Stoops to Con- quer. " The plot of this five-act play deals essen- tially with young Marlow, a dashing blade who with a friend goes to visit the Hardcasdes, because his father, Sir Charles Marlow, has pro- posed a marriage between him and Miss Hard- castle. The two friends lose their way in the night and are directed to the Hardcastle home by Tony Lumpkin (Mrs. Hardcastle ' s mischie- vous son) , who calls it an inn. Marlow, thinking Squire Hardcastle an innkeeper, makes love to his daughter, Kate, who poses as a barmaid. Eventually Sir Charles Marlow arrives to re- solve the tangled affair. THE CAST Sir Charles Marlow . Young Marlow . . . Squire Hardcastle . George Hastings . . Diggory .... Roger Dick Thomas Stingo, landlord of " Three Pigeons " Slangy Jimmy Mat Muggins . . . Tom Twist .... Aminadab Mrs. Hardcastle . Kate Hardcastle . . . Constance Neville . Maid Pot-boy Postillion Barmaid Sleeping man . . . Farmer . JOHN MCGRATH WILLIAM MULVEY WILLIAM HICKEY . . JACK BOYCE . GEORGE YORK MICHAEL KIELY . . JACK Quixx . DAVID FITCH WlLLLAM SCAXLON DICK HOULIHAN . . MICHAEL KIELY . . . JACK DUNLAVY . . . . JOHX FLYXX . . . . JOHN SPECHT . . . Miss TAAFE Miss HELEXE CRYAN . . Miss JAYNE BUNCH . Miss MARGARET HURYX . . WALTER BREXXAX . . . JOHN WEBSTER Miss DOROTHY LEVENDOSKI JOHN WOOD . . . JAMES MCLROY 133 THE Chairman Walton Wuebbold and Queen of the Ball, Miss Betty Desloge Friday evening . . . dinner by candle light . . . then . . . three-hundred fifty couples entered the Rockne Memorial . . . Larry Clinton was playing in a Cuban setting . . . late evening . . . palm trees, Spanish moss, and Boisvert ' s moon . . . unforgettable . . . President Boisvert and Chairman Wuebbold led the Grand March with their charming guests . . . the DOME photographer snapping unconcernedly . . . Everyone danced till one . . . Next afternoon ... tea dance at the Chain-0 ' Lakes Country Club . . . Sunday Mass in Alumni Chapel for Seniors and their guests . . . Now . . . only memories. r Class President Harry Boisvert and Guest of Honor. Miss Margaret Kotte 135 Dinner Chairman Paul Hellmuth and Editor Bill Fay with guests After the ball is over They danced ' til one in the morning COMMITTEES TEA DANCE: Kenneth J. Goff, Chairman Thomas Hammond, Burley Johnston, James Foley Music: Kevin CT Gorman, Chairman Edward Hannan, Don Sackley, Philip Carroll TICKETS: John D. Gavan, Chairman William C. Kennedy, Cecil Jordan, William Small DINNER: Paul Hellmuth, Chairman Russell Jandoli, Richard Albert, Neal Gleason DECORATIONS: Thomas Listen, Chairman Jack Rogers, Joe Thesing, Mark Ertel ARRANGEMENTS: Anthony Bernard, John Flanagan, Co-Chairmen James Moore, James Donoghue, George Wallace FAVORS: James Shiely, Chairman Henry Dowd, Joseph Lavery, George Ward PUBLICITY: Mise Morris, Chairman William C. Fay, Donald Foskett, Pat Gorman PROGRAMS: John Ciccolella, Chairman Robert Frost, John Dean, Rex Ellis INVITATIONS: Albert Kessing, Chairman Robert Rothacker, David Bernard, Charles Magner PATRONS: Daniel Hushek, Chairman Thos. McKenna, John Donohue, William H. O ' Brien Norm Burke, Kevin O ' Gorman and Hal Bowler with their guests 136 Publicity Chairman Mixe Morris and guest Miss Frances Lapp Tea Dance Chairman Pat Goff and guest. Miss Helen Hunter " unufi PROM Class President Clarence Marquardt and Guest of Honor, Miss Patricia Rogers General Chairman Lawrence Bums and Queen of the Ball, Miss Mary Elizabeth Messner ia Miss Betty Wink, Walter Cronin, Miss Beth Manson, Thomas Carty, Miss Anne Marie O ' Rourke. John Tormey, Miss Betty Desloges. Robert Leonard. Miss Shirley Burns, Clarence Hayes, Miss Lorraine Clair, William Bums, Miss Georgia Kelly, Frank McGroder Promming with the Juniors and a few incidental Seniors . . . delightful favors . . . Henry Busse and his expressive trumpet ... the Palais Royale looking for the night like a Royale Palais . . . photographers desperately trying to corral the throng for a snap or two . . . the Marquardt-Burns combination nailing down the plank of last year ' s election platform to the delight of the merrymakers . . . taxi ' drivers wondering at the lack of interest in their wares ... an abundance of orchids, cokes and St. Mary ' s girls . . . Saturday afternoon with the music of Dick Ander- son . . . the Tea Dance with coffee and cocoa, but no tea ... Sunday ' s fond farewells . 139 At the end of the grand march Bill Moulder, George Zellcr and Ray Williams poss with their guests Miss Meister fixes D. ' ck Kerrigan ' s tie COMMITTEES MUSIC Robert J. Leonard, chairman; Francis Carey, Charles Rogers, Francis Lauerman TICKETS John D. O ' Brien, chairman; Robert Osborn, Robert Koch, William McGannon PATRONS John P. Meyer, chairman; George Miles, Thomas Miles, Lawrence Bracken FAVORS Clarence W. Hayes, chairman; Edward Malone, Samuel Neild, Walter O ' Meara PUBLICITY Thomas F. Carty, chairman; Raymond Kelly, William O ' Hern, William McGowan DECORATIONS William J. Burns, chairman; Charles Crimmins, Robert Pohl, Gerald Dwyer RECEPTION John F. Tormey, chairman; Edgar Corey, Robert Doran, Eusebio Azpiazu TEA DANCE Walter J. Cronin, chairman; Robert Sass, Gerard Sullivan, John Patterson The Tea Dance on Saturday Afternoon THE COTILLION 142 Ifl , - " " 143 The patrons Tom Tierney and Charles McMahon pause between dances COMMITTEES TICKETS Francis D. Quinn, chairman, Thomas Reilly, John Moriarity, Robert Burke, Peter Stewart DECORATIONS John C. Bermingham, chairman, William Baader, Fred- erick Beckman, Charles Kennedy, Daniel Roach PATRONS W. Patrick Fitzgerald, chairman, Joseph Rorick, Charles Beckman, William McGrath, James Gallagher MUSIC Edward J. Monahan, chairman, John Stauber, Charles McMahon, John Boyce, Melvill Rummel PROGRAM William O. Regan, chairman, Thomas Hoyer, James McVay, Anthony Donadio, William Schickel PUBLICITY Martin J. McGowan, chairman, Kenneth McNevin, John Hartman, Richard Dunne, Joseph Rastatter ARRANGEMENTS James R. Carnes, chairman, Gene Jaeger, Andrew Cherney Look at the camera now 144 Club President Stephen Coughlin and guest. Miss Lorraine Clair FORMAL General Chairman Chet Sullivan and guest, Miss Dolly Bishop Ray Pinelli, Tad Harvey and Pat Gorman seem to be having a good time Chairman George B. Morris, Jr., and guest, Miss Patricia Fieweger Grand Knight Timothy R. King and guest, Miss Ruth O ' Connell FOR VIAL Howard Murdoek, Bob Doran, and Paul Glass, and guests Pope and Bishop: Eugenio Cardinal Pecelli receives an honorary degree from Father O ' Hara in 1936 Bishop O ' Hara at Notre Dame Father O ' Hara ' s last sermon to the student body 148 Father O ' Hara greets Wiley Post, famous round-the-world pilot. Father O ' Hara chats with Will Rogers. Peak in convocations: Father O ' Hara awards honorary degree to President Roosevelt, December, 1935. Bishop Noll, of the Fort Wayne diocese, and Father O ' Hara with Guglielmo Marconi, renowned Italian scientist 149 The awaited revival of vaudeville finally materialized through Knights of Columbus sponsorship on December 12th. Directed by Father Eugene Burke, C.S.C., and M.C. ' d by Vinnie Doyle, the show drew its modest share of laughs and general acclaim. Among the competing vaudevillians were seen tap ' dancers, singers, instrumentalists, and even a swing band. But the winner of the contest, as is most often expected, was not one relying on a musical instrument or musical accompaniment. He was a magician, Jack Whelan, whose line of patter and clever sleight-of ' hand charmed the house into a state of delighted suspense. 150 THE JUW PERSONNEL First Tenors John M. Debftetto Anthony P. Donadio John M. Hennessey Charles J. Kennedy Joseph C. Kroner Robert J. McLeod Thomas J. Minogue Kevin J. OTook Joseph G. Smalley Thomas R. Smith George A. Uhl Second Tenors Edward R. Alexander Frank V. Ciolino William P. dark William E. Cotter James J. Donlan John S. MacCauley Douglas J. MacDonald Theodore H. MacDonald George E. Morrow Thomas M. Murphy Robert S. Pekon George J. Pflanz Francis J. Platt Frederick C. Robertshaw Harold A. Sitt John A. Stack Joseph R. Stephen Thomas W. Tearney First Basses James W. Armitage Robert H. Bischoff Robert W. Boyle Joseph J. D " Ambrosia Paul R. Dday James J. Fayette Robert L. Fountain John R. Gordon Jerome F. Heinlen John P. Henebrey John F. Lawless Vemon D. McArdle Martin M. McLaughlin Norbert H. Merdzinsfci Richard D. Murray Jerome F. O ' Dowd Albert A. Plotlrin Donald C. Tiedemann John S. White Second Bosses Mervin F. Bagan Raymond R. Flynn Burley C. Johnston William Q. Keenan Richard W. Kisgen William B. Madden Robert J. Mahoney William B. Mooney Felix B. Pogltano James F. Purcell Joseph R. Rastatter Daniel F. Sallows Joseph J. Slattery James E. Tracy John T. Waher 151 ' .-% . THE ALEXANDER, EDWARD BARRY, JOHN BECKTOLD, RICHARD BEHR, JOHN BELLADONNA, ROLAND BINET, WILLIAM BRENNAN, ROBERT BROWN, ROGER CAVANAUGH, CHARLES Coco, CARL COLBERT, EDWARD DAHILL, DANIEL DEAN, EARL DELAY, PAUL DEMER, Louis DONLAN, JAMES DUGGAN, JOHN DUNHAM, WILLIAM FINCH, ROBERT FITZPATRICH, JOSEPH FLANNAGAN, JOHN FRANCIES, JOHN FRETAQUE, JOSEPH GAINER, CHARLES GORE, FED HAKE, WILLIAM HANINGER, GEORGE HAYES, ROBERT HAZINSKI, REMIGIUS HEIL, ROBERT HELLAND, HANS HOLL, FED HOOFSTETTER, ROBERT HORAK, THOMAS HOULIHAN, RICHARD HRACHOVEC, JOSEPH HUFF, STANLEY HUNN, KARL HUNTER, SAM KARR, RICHARD KEFFLER, JOSEPH KENNEDY, CHARLES KESSING, AL KIRBY, JOHN KRAUS, JOSEPH LANIGAN, THOMAS LAWLER, JOHN LIDDELL, BARREY LITIZETTE, STANLEY MCLAUGHLIN, BRIAN ft m MILTNER, FRANK MOLIDOR, OTTO MOONEY, WILLIAM MOORE, NORBERT MURPHY, JAMES NEWLAND, JAMES NELSON, CHARLES NOLAN, JOHN NOONAN, MAURICE O ' BRIEN, JOHN O ' CONNELL, J. R. PETERSON, DONALD PITKIN, CARROL PURCELL, JAMES QUINN, EUGENE QUINN, CARL RAMSOUR, BART RICHARDS, FLOYD RICHARDS, THOMAS RICHARDSON, ROBERT RIHM, ROBERT ROBIDOUX, LEO ROBINETTE, ROBERT ROESCH, JOSEPH ROWBOTTOM, SAM SCHMIDT, LAWRENCE SCHMIED, FRANK SCHMIT, ROBERT SEQUIN, RAYMOND SHEA, WILLIAM SHEEDY, JOHN SHRIWISE, WAYNE SOLON, JOHN STACK, JOHN STARR, ARTHUR STARR, GRAHAM STEPHEN, JOSEPH STEIDEL, JOHN STOLLER, DUDLEY STRANG, ARCHIE STRUHLDREHER, Gus SULLIVAN, JOSEPH TlEDEMANN, DONALD TINNEY, JOHN VANSWALL, HAWLEY WALKER, WILLIS WALSH, JOHN WALSH, JAMES WILSON, ROBERT YAVORSKEY, JOHN SYMPOSIUM on Religion and Modern Society " Religion and Modern Society " was the subject of the second annual symposium pre- sented by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Notre Dame on February 16 and 17. The meetings were held under the chairmanship of the Rev. Leo R. Ward, C.S.C., of Notre Dame. The first paper was presented by Mr. A. C. Pegis, of Fordham University, who spoke on " Nominalism and the Educational Ideals of a Catholic Col- lege. " Mr. Francis J. O ' Malley of Notre Dame high-lighted the first day of the sym- posium with an enthusiastically received discussion of modern literature. On Saturday there was a round-table discussion on ' The Secularization of the Human Person. " Those taking part in the symposium were: A. C. Pegis, Bernard J. Muller-Thym, Rev. John K. Ryan, Francis J. O ' Malley, Robert Pollock, Walter M. Horton, and Rev. Leo R. Ward; also Richard GabeL, E. Jordan, Rev. William Kane, Rev. Samuel Kincheloe, and Daniel O ' Grady. 153 I CHOIR REV. CARL HAGER, C.S.C., DIRECTOR Dean H. O ' Donnell Francis M. Valentini Cornelius P. Bergan James A. Campbell James E. McShane Victor F. Dean Robert J. Waichulis Wilbur W. Moeschl George J. Lombardo Jerome S. Laskowski Thomas J. O ' Donnell Arthur E. Near James P. O ' Hara Louis L. Meyer Stanley J. Parry William T. Duffy William J. Hanford Ralph B. Davis Paul C. Bailey William F. Hickens John M. Sheridan Elmer V. Rupp Joseph A. Sullivan Anthony J. Lauck Ernest B. Webb James P. McBreen Francis A. Provenzano John C. Bargielski Charles R. Houser Peter J. Scullion Joseph W. Rehage Charles A. Waechter Howard A. Kuhns Henry E. Malone George L. Costello Robert A. Meyer Albert J. Zimmerman James T. Hart Joseph A. Rogusz John P. Bonfiglio Raymond E. Finan Charles J. Richardson Thomas F. Cady William P. Evans Herve A. LeBlanc Augustine J. Peverada John J. Hyland Edward J. Neale 154 L1NNE ' S Under the direction of Orville R. Foster, the Linnets this year formed the first student choir in over two decades. This vested choir sang at Solemn Benediction on the third Sunday in Advent and again on Palm Sunday. They also sang at Requiem Masses for schoolmates who died during the year and for their parents. 155 Thomas F. Grady Albert P. Funk Milton E. Williams Daniel J. Sullivan Howard Hall ' s First-Place Team: John E. Walsh, Frederick N. Holl, Thomas F. Grady. Coach, John E. Burke. IS? Morrissey Hall: Neil McCarty, John Hennessy, Coach, Robert Coleman and Roger Young The Varsity Debating Team, wrangling over the problem of " Isok ' tion, " enjoyed a successful season. Veterans Funk, Williams, Meier and Grady led the teams to twenty victories in twenty-two debates at the Manchester tournament early in the season. Before the " A " squads left to participate in the Iowa University tournament at Iowa City, Michigan State and Marquette were debated here. Over Easter vaca- tion the " A " squad toured the East, debating Princeton, Cannasius and Manhattan. The negative team of Funk and Grady rounded out the season by defeating Stanford University at Notre Dame. John F. O ' Loughlin William E. Meier John E. Burke Bernard A. Lienhard 157 John O ' Dea Secretary Albert Funk President Organized thirteen years ago, the Wranglers form the finest forensic society at Notre Dame. They meet once a week to discuss current social, economic, and political problems. Their meetings observe parliamentary procedure. This year the Wranglers conducted the Interhall Debating Contest and the Catholic High School Oratorical Contest. Front Row: Sullivan, Gerra, McVay, Funk, O ' Dea, O ' Dowd, Flynn. Second Row: Grady, Littezetti, McCauley, Williams, O ' Loughlin, Cotter, Hennessey, Burke, White, Meier r Chairman William Kerwin and guest. Miss Betty Claeys Club President Norbert Schickel and guest. Miss Mary O ' Connor FORMAL Jerry Hickey, Paul Borgman, Jim Karr and Walter Dray forget the slide-rules for a night ' BROTHER ORCHID by Leo Brady Washington Hall, Dec. 14-15 From the brash rowdiness of " Fat DutchyY 1 Chicago saloon, teeming with un ' derworld toughs, to the quiet, respectful retreat of the Florentine monks is the scope of Brother Orchid. With the scene set during Chicago ' s prohibition era, the story depicts the life of Little John Sarto as he vacillates from the blustering actionfilled role of gang ' ster de luxe to the quiet, uneventful life of the religious, only to return and die at Fat Dutchy ' s. CAST OF CHARACTERS Fat Dutchy DONALD GILLILAND Freckles JOHN MURTAGH Dum-Dum JOHN COPPINGER The Gimp Solomon .... Dominic Battista . Little John Sarto ) Brother Orchid j Brother Nasturtium Brother Hollyhock . . . THOMAS TEARNEY . . EDWARD HOLLAND SALVATORE ANDRIACCHI . . . JERRY FLYNN . . WILLIAM MULVEY EDWARD HAYDEN Brother Geranium HOWARD ESSICK Abbot Jonquil JOHN McGRATH 160 LATAREMEDAL MEDAL " The Laetare Medal for the year 1940 is awarded to Lieutenant Gen- eral Hugh Aloysius Drum, com- mander of the Second Corps Area, at Governors " Island, New York. " General Drum has had a distin- guished career as soldier, having been decorated for gallantry in both the Spanish -American and the World Wars. Moreover, his genius in war is equalled only by his bril- liant leadership in peace. The Uni- versity of Notre Dame welcomes him to the honor roll of Catholic men and women who have added glory to the Church in the United States. " Lieutenant General Hugh A. Drum, U.S.A. 161 Commander Lewis Murphy of the D.A.V., Rev. J. Hugh O ' Donnell, Legion Commander Ray Kelly, Governor M. Clifford Townsend of Indiana Prof. John T. Fredericks shown above with Rev. Leo R. Ward, C.S.C., examining the latter ' s newest book, " God in an Irish Kitchen. " Prof. Fredericks, who besides teaching at Notre Dame, is C.B.S. book commentator, interviewed Father Ward concerning his book for C.B.S. listeners on Tuesday, Dec. 19th Dean McCarthy, Father O ' Hara and Mr. Coyle of General Motors Football banquet 162 The Don Cossacks Directed by Nicholas Kos- trukoff, the Don Cossack chorus entertained with a varied pn - gram of classical music, songs and dances of their Russian homeland, when they played in Washington Hall early in the year. 163 Mr. P. C. Rcilly, Most Rev. Francis Noll, Most Rev. Bernard J. Shcii, Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C., Mr. Fred Fisher and Mr. William H. Harrison Father O ' Hara awards Miss Josephine Brown- son the Laetare Medal Baccalaureate sermon Ill wm 164 : The ninety-fifth annual commence- ment program of the University of Notre Dame was opened on Saturday morning by the Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C., in Washington Hall. Francis Bright delivered the valedictory ad- dress. The Knute K. Rockne Memo- rial Fieldhouse was dedicated with an impressive program, which was broad ' cast nationally. Mr. William H. Harrison delivered the commencement address on Sunday, following the awarding of the degrees. Seniors in procession Blessing the flag General view inside the gym Valedictorian Frank Bright Rev. Eugene P. Burke, C.S.C. Moderator Under the leadership of President Ray Kelly, the Radio Club this year sponsored nine programs each week. Among these prcr grams, which have given the student body an opportunity to par ' ticipate in radio work, were the Sportcast, by Jerry Flynn, the Periscope, by Ed Corey, and the Round Table, conducted by the Academy of Politics. Vernon Witkowski directed Radio Stage, half ' hour dramatic production, acclaimed as the best show to nate from the campus studio in the past few years. First Row: Morgan, Fiynn, Sallows, R. Kelly, O ' Hern, Jehring, Witkowski, White. Second Ron;: Jacob, McDevitt, Pogliano, Lejeune, Nugent, J. Kelly, Foley, Walters, Carty. Third Row: Fowler, Morrison, Render, Sitt, McCarron, Corey, Father Burke 166 Rev. J. Hugh O ' Donnell. C.S.C., receives rite flag from Class President Boisvert Washington Day Exercises Hon. Samuel Pertengill and William McVay The Class of 1940 entered Washington Hall in formal academic procession, there to listen to the Hon. Samuel Pettengill, former Congressman from South Bend. Mr. Pettengill spoke of the ideals for which George Washington fought and of how these ideals are being ignored in Europe today. William McVay, of the College of Arts and Letters, delivered the Washington Day Oration, and Class President Boisvert presented the flag to the University. In ac ' cepting the flag for Notre Dame, Father O Donnell commented on the fact that Notre Dame was one of the very few colleges which had a celebration in honor of the father of our country. I! 167 DAY Each year, on Memorial Day, a Military Field Mass is said at the me ' morial door of Sacred Heart Church. This mass is celebrated for the sons of Notre Dame who fought for their country. 168 At the Army Game 169 MEMORIAL On Saturday, June 3, 1939, the Knute Rockne Memorial Field House was dedicated in the presence of some 3,000 per sons. This impressive program was broadcast over the coast ' tO ' Coast facilities of the Mutual Network. Among the speakers were Arch Ward, Charles " Gus " Dorais, Elmer Layden, and the Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C. 171 COACHES ELMER F. LAYDEN Director of Athletics Head Football Coach Coach Elmer Layden ' s Notre Dame football team completed its sixth season under his tutelage with a record of seven victories and two defeats. Starting off slowly, the gridiron warriors rode along through six victorious encounters, winning from Purdue, Georgia Tech, Southern Methodist, Navy, Carnegie Tech, and Army. Then the eleven iron men of Iowa broke the streak with the help of Nile Kinnick ' s drop ' kicking toe. A vie ' tory over Northwestern followed on the heels of the Iowa defeat. But the finale with Southern California again saw the Irish come out on the short end. Thus, Coach Layden ' s record for six years at Notre Dame stands now at forty victories, eleven losses, and three ties against the country ' s best opposition. This year ' s team was second to none in Layden ' regime. Standouts were Bud Kerr, Harry Stevenson, Steve Sitko, Lou Zontini, Tad Harvey, Capt. Johnny Kelly, all seniors. There are others who will shine next year. We are looking hard for another Benny Sheridan. .. . ' " taod m . H Coaches Cerney, Grant, Layden, Benda and Boland 172 NOTRE DAME . PURDUE . . . 3 The Boilermakers pitted Brock and Brown against Saggau and Zontini in a battle that was heralded as being the offensive masterpiece of the day. But two rugged lines, early season blocking faults, and tight running made the battle defensive. Early in the fourth quarter Thesing broke away to the Purdue lOyard line. After failure had come from running plays, Layden sent in Johnny Kelleher, place kicking expert. Johnny split the uprights from 17 yards out with a kick that won the battle. Sit o Gallagher Stevenson J v _ M$r r NOTRE DAME . GEORGIA TECH . Tech ' s mighty mite Engineers with their razxle- daszjle magic forced the Irish to depend again on a field goal for victory. In the first quarter, after Johnny Cuban ich had recovered a Tech fumble, Harry Stevenson booted a three-pointer from the Tech 27. Zontini, Saggau, and Thesing featured in Notre Dame ' s fine first-half offensive. The Irish went to the dressing room at the half-way mark with a comfortable lead. Georgia Tech, passing and run- ning furiously, almost caught the Irish in the second half, but those first three points of Stevenson ' s spelled victory. Kerr O ' Brien Haargrave . 17 . 14 174 NOTRE DAME 20 SOUTHERN METHODIST . 19 Johnston scored after four minutes of play, and Zontini erased the deficit by returning the compli ' ment three plays later for Notre Dame. From then on it was a great offensive battle. Touchdown ' makers for the Mustangs were Mallouf and John ' ston once more. Irish point ' getter was Piepul, who scored twice. The margin of victory was a gust of wind which blew wide the last extra point attempt by the S.M.U. outfit. Kelly Lillis Mooney Ifl NOTRE DAME NAVY . . . Against the Middies, Notre Dame gave a great exhibition of ground gaining, slowed down when the end zone was close at hand. But Ben Sheridan scampered over for the first touchdown on the initial play of the second quarter, and in the third period Milt Piepul terminated a 64-yard Irish march by blasting through from the 5. A pass from Leonard to Whitehead, which gained 62 yards and a Navy touchdown, ended the day ' s scoring. The Irish gained over 400 yards from rushing in the game. DeFranco Albert Gubanich 176 NOTRE DAME ... 7 CARNEGIE TECH . . 6 Two great lines dug into the wet field and battled each other almost to a complete stalemate. But two breaks produced tallies. Notre Dame ' s Bud Kerr snatched a loosely held ball from the arms of Merlyn Condit, and raced 20 yards to a score. Zontini kicked the all-important extra point. A partially blocked Carnegie pass settled into the arms of Tech ' s Jerry White, and set up the score that occurred three plays later. Condit lugged the ball over the last line. But Johnny Mclntyre saved the day for the Irish by blocking Muha ' s attempted conversion. Piepul Bagarus Sheridan NOTRE DAME . . ARMY The first quarter was dull; but early in the second period Finneran picked up a fumble on the Army 30. From there the Irish marched; Stevenson threw a pass to Arboit, who was pulled down on the Army 5. On the next play Stevenson went over. In the third quarter Army marched to the Notre Dame 5, but were stalled there by a stellar line. Trying desperately to score in the final period, the Cadets took to the air. One heave was intercepted by Bagarus who reeled off 40 yards for another Notre Dame score. Mclntyre Saggau Sheridan Acme .14 . 178 NOTRE DAME IOWA . . . 6 7 Iowa ' s iron men ended the Irish victory march. Sitko ' s attempted lateral to Zontini bounced into a swarm of Hawkeyes on the Notre Dame 3. On the third try, Kinnick slid over for a score. Kinnick sent a drop-kick between the bars for the extra point. In the second half the Irish continually threatened, outplayed the Hawkeyes offensively. But only on e march culminated in a score. Piepul plunged over after a 49-yard drive late in the third quarter. Zon- tini ' s place kick was wide. Crimmins Firmeran Kelly NOTRE DAME ... 7 NORTHWESTERN . . Again Notre Dame entered the victory column. In the first three periods, the Irish drove inside the Wildcat 30 eight times. But the scoring punch was lacking. In the fourth quarter Northwestern hopes rose when De Correvont punted to Hargrave, who was trapped along the sidelines on the Irish 9. But the Notre Dame quarterback shook himself loose and ran 50 yards to the Wildcat 41. Juzwik skirted left end to the Northwestern 9, and two plays later Piepul plunged over. Zontini ran over from the 10 for the extra point. Arboit Kelleher Biagi NOTRE DAME 12 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA . 20 At the off ' set the Trojans marched 67 yards to score. In the second quarter they blew a scoring chance when Nave fumbled on the Irish 2. Just before the half ended, the Irish counter-attacked to the U.S.C. 5. The third quarter was tame, the fourth a mad flurry of touchdowns. Piepul scored on the first play of the final period. The Trojans almost immediately marched 42 yards to counter. Sheridan then reeled off 60 yards through right tackle for a Notre Dame tally. Shindler of Southern California closed the scoring by skipping 35 yards for the Trojan " s final marker. Rife Thesing M.cGa.nnon Scores Notre Dame, 3 ............. Purdue, at 7 [otre Dame Notre Dame, 17 .......... Georgia Tech, 14 at 7 [otre Dame Notre Dame, 20 ........ Southern Methodist, 19 at J ptre Dame Notre Dame, 14 ............. Navy, 7 at Cleveland Notre Dame, 7 .......... Carnegie Tech, 6 at Pittsburgh Notre Dame, 14 ............. Army, at T et Notre Dame, 6 ............. Iowa, 7 at Iowa City Notre Dame, 7 .......... Northwestern, at A[otre Dame Notre Dame, 12 ........ Southern California, 20 at A[otre Dame Zontini Harvey Brutz 182 The band at the Army game Nov. 4. 1939 182 183 MANAGER! GRADUATE STUDENT Herbert E. Jones Ticket Manager J. Arthur Haley Business Manager Joseph Petritz Sports Publicity Director Joseph F. Hart Associate Manager of Football Cornelius E. Geary Manager of Football Joseph C. O ' Connell Associate Manager of Football 184 Mike looks at Hie army and Hie navy CHEER LEADERS No football team can function well without the support of the student body. Led by head cheerleader Jerry Flynn and his associates, the students this year presented a cheer- ing section whose spirit and loyalty were characteristic of Notre Dame. McDonald. Perrine. Sanford. Flynn, Putnam. McKeon Varsity Squad Great football teams are a tradition at Notre Dame. The 1939 edition of the Fighting Irish was no exception. Such names as Sitko and Stevenson, Zontini and Kerr, Piepul, Harvey and Thesing, to mention only a few, were trumpeted across the country as thousands heard Notre Dame play each Saturday. These and others thrilled packed stadiums, as the Irish marched through a schedule that saw them play to six successive capacity crowds. And when the season ended, Coach Elmer Layden had molded another great team from the hundred-odd aspirants who had sweated with him on historic Cartier Field. Freshman Squad Every year a host of eager young Freshmen report for football at Notre Dame. It is the job of Freshman Coach " J a ke " Kline to drill these potential varsity men in the Notre Dame system. With the assistance of Jim McGoldrick and Augie Bossu, " Jake " has again handed over a well-drilled squad to the varsity staff. 186 t i: 187 Coach Keogan Captain Ertle In seventeen years as basketball mentor at Notre Dame, Coach George Keogan has established an enviable record. His teams have never fa led to produce fast, exciting basketball. In doing so they have rung u a win percentage of over 750. It is a tribute to Coach Keogan ' s genius that for the past ten years his teams have ranked among the leaders in collegiate basketball. This year ' s team, captained by Mark Ertle, was no exception to the rule of winning basketball teams at Notre Dame under Keogan, having a record of 1 5 wins against 6 losses. 188 SCORES N. D., 62 . . , N. D., 63 . . , N. D., 54 . . N.D., 51 . . Michigan, 41 , So. California, Illinois, 42 . . Northwestern, N.D., 33 . . N. D., 52 . . . Kalama2 o, 34 . Valparaiso, 26 . . Cincinnati, 17 . . Wisconsin, 33 . . . N. D., 39 55 . . N. D., 38 . . . . N. D., 29 47 . . N.D., 37 , . . Syracuse, 29 . . Kentucky, 47 N.D., 47 . N.D., 55 . N.D., 55 . N.D., 56 . N.D., 58 . New York N. D., 38 N. D., 46 . N.D., 56 . Butler, 3 9 N.D., 36 . , . Detroit, Butler, 39 . . Pennsylvania, 35 . Northwestern, 27 Illinois, 40 U., 52 . . N.D.,43 Toledo, 30 . . John Carroll, 27 . . . Marquette, 39 N.D., 38 . . . Marquette, 32 40 f A I Thomas Duffy Manager i In compiling its record of 1 5 wins and 6 losses, the Irish quintet scored a total of 986 points against their opponents ' 775. Notre Dame averaged near 47 points a game. Ed Riska won individual scoring honors with 232 points for the season ' s play. H. REX ELLIS GEORGE SOBER LAWRENCE RYAN- DONALD SMITH The Irish started off with a four ' game victory streak, but met with distress during vacation days. Over the Christmas holidays the courtmen lost four in a row; Michigan, Southern California, Illinois, and Northwestern came out on the long end in these battles. 191 Just when things looked very black, the Irish turned on the steam. Instead of the poorest season in Notre Dame basketball history, things began to look up once more. Syracuse was beaten 3 3 to 29 on the next trip East. Return- ing to the home court, the Irish conquered Kentucky, then Butler. Going East once more, Notre Dame ' s cagers beat Penn. 55 to 35. IJ3 Kenneth L. Oberbruner Edward J. Riska Robert T. Osterman C. Joseph Gillespie Then Northwestern met the Irish in a revengeful mood. A complete reversal of form saw the Notre Dame team turn the tables on the Wildcats to the tune of 56-27. Illinois ' Johnny Hapac was not able to cool off the Irish hot spell, and the Illini sadly went down to defeat, 58-40. 193 The third eastern trip was fatal. After trailing at the end of the first half, New York University ' s great club came back to win before a capacity crowd in Madison Square Garden. The final score was 52 for N.Y.U. and 43 for Notre Dame. 155 James R. Carnes Florian A. Yeserski Robert G. Smith Francis B. Quinn Notre Dame then marched through Toledo, John Carroll, and Marquette without much trouble. But Butler, paced by " Midge " Steiner, evened things up for the season ' s series with the Irish by winning, 39 ' 38, a close one. Marquette lost a second time, and Notre Dame closed the season by tripping Detroit, 47-40. 195 Sophomore Managers JUNIOR MANAGERS The managers organization was established by the late Knute K. Rockne. This organic tion is under the leadership of the head man ' ager of football and is composed of students in all four years. This year Neil Geary led as efficient a group of managers as has been seen at the University in a decade. John M. Ryan Bernard N. Brockman Raymond J. Mendolia Emmett J. Necas Thomas A. Morrison Martin M. Shea William R. Hawes ; COACH JOHN P. NICHOLSON As the DOME was going to press, word came of the sudden death of Coach John P. Nicholson. " Nick, " who came to Notre Dame in 1927, was a well ' beloved figure on the cam ' pus. He contributed much to track, having invented the starting block and the stagger system of starting races on curved tracks. Long a devoted follower of this sport, " Nick " was himself a member of the United States Olympic team of 1912. John J. Hussey Manager Theodore Leonas, Captain I 198 155 HI in in Paced by Capt. Greg Rice the Notre Dame track squad of 1939 came through with some handsome individual awards, but failed to impress as a unit. In three outdoor meets, the Irish came out on top only once; Michigan State defeated Notre Dame 70-61, Marquette won 77-54. The Irish conquered Ohio State, 69-61. In the Indiana state championships Notre Dame placed second to Indiana Uni ' versity. Robert Lawrence John Reddy John Martin Theodore Leonas Joseph Olbrys 158 199 At the Central Collegiate Conference meet Notre Dame was third, coming home behind Marquette and Indiana. It was against stiff competition in the Drake and Penn relays that Irish individuals stood out. Bill Faymonville set a meet record in the Penn contest by tossing the discus 163 ft. 4 in. Ted Leonas won the high jump with a leap of 6 ft. 4 in. Notre Dame ' s two ' mile relay team won at the Drake relays. The men who accomplished this victory were Collins, Hester, Rice, and Halpin. Rice won the two ' mile event at this meet; his time was 9:10. Joseph Halpin Raymond Roy Henry Collins Curtis Hester George Schiewe Running one of the greatest races of his career, Rice broke the intercollegiate outdoor record for the two mile at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Meet. His time was 9:02.6. The indoor season of 1940 saw the Irish thinlies handicapped by the loss of stellar performers Rice and Faymonville. However, shot put men such as Bereolos, Brosey, and Sullivan filled Faymon- ville ' s shoes ably. In the indoor season of 1939-40 Notre Dame lacked material. They got into trouble after defeating Michigan State in the first meet of the indoor season, 58 to 37. In the next three meets they went down to defeat before Marquette 41 to 63, Indiana 34 to 52, and before University of Michigan 41 to 54. At East Lansing, competing in the Central Collegiate Conference indoor championships, the Irish placed third behind Marquette and the University of Pittsburgh. The Butler Relays came to a close with Notre Dame holding down sev- enth place with 1 3 points. SCORES OUTDOOR, 1939 N.D., 69 Ohio State, 61 N.D., 61 Michigan State, 70 N.D., 54 Marquette, 77 Indiana State Championships . N.D., 2nd with 51 points Central Conference . . . N.D., 3rd with 351 2 points INDOOR, 1939-40 N.D., 58 Michigan State, 37 N.D., 41 Marquette, 63 N.D., 34 Indiana, 52 N.D., 41 Michigan, 54 Central Conference . . . N.D., 3rd with 27! 2 points Butler Relays N.D., 7th with 13 points 202 I 203 Coach Clarence " Jake " Kline was named head Notre Dame base ' ball coach in 1934 by Elmer F. Layden, director of athletics. Since that time his teams have won 69 games and lost 39 for a percentage of .638. His best year was in 1936, when the Fighting Irish won 16 and lost 3. Gordon Whiteman Manager Sullivan Farrell Ellis Oberbruner , The Irish opened the season with a 4-2 victory over Illinois at Champaign on April 8th. The game was played midst occasional snow flurries, but Norv Hunthausen was hot enough to hold the " Illini " to six hits and two runs while his teammates were pounding out eleven hits and four runs. A week later the Irish met Northwestern on Cartier Field and dropped a 4-2 decision. Both teams were hampered by cold, but Notre Dame was affected the most, giving their poorest defensive exhibi- tion of the year. The next game was at home against Western State, in which Hunthausen twirled a shutout, backed by brilliant fielding. He allowed eight hits and fanned ten, but had to rely on Roy Pinellfs sensational backhand catch, deep in right field, to blank the Staters. Capt. Joe Nardone and the Pinelli brothers, Roy and Ray, pounded out seven hits among them for batting honors. At Chicago the Klinemen continued the winning habit and took a 12-inning affair from the Maroons. Little Tony Cella pitched superb relief ball for the final six innings, to hold Chicago, while Ken Oberbruner and the Pinelli brothers pushed over the winning runs. Purdue invaded Cartier Field April 26 and was defeated 9-0, with Hunthausen calking up his third victory. Nardone and Sullivan homered. In Ann Arbor against Michigan on the following Saturday the Irish played lifeless ball, to be taken 9-1 by Danny Smick ' s two ' hit pitching. Nardone got the only two hits and scored Notre Dame ' s lone tally on a long fly by Ray Pinelli. Back on home grounds May 1st the Irish engaged in a slugfest with Indiana and came out on top 12-7. Ray Pinelli lashed out a four-bagger with the bases loaded, while Chuck Farrell contributed two hits in his debut. Southpaw Mike Manjiak won his first victory of the year, against Western State, defeating them 10-?. Jim Behe and Ken Oberbruner each had four hits, to lead the Irish attack. Michigan State reached Hunthausen for a flock of runs in seven innings and he had to be relieved by Rex Ellis, who hurled fine relief ball. The final score was 14-9 in favor of Michigan State, despite Oberbrunner ' s homer with the bases loaded and Parrell ' s round-tripper with one aboard. Seven errors by N. D. marred the game. At Evanston on May 6th Rex Ellis turned in a good pitching job as the Irish toppled Northwestern 9-2. Larry Doyle and Bob Hoag sparked the attack, in which the early season Wildcat defeat was avenged. The next day a two-game series with Wisconsin began at Madison, with the Irish losing the first, 7-1. The following day they came back behind Mike Manjiak ' s one-hit hurling to win 1-0. Wisconsin ' s ace, Hendrichs, held Notre Dame to two hits, but one of these, Ray Pinelli ' s single, drove in the winning run. Chlebeck Hunthausen Nowicki 206 Sobek Roy Pinelli Crane Cella The Irish made it two in a row over Purdue ' s Big Ten leaders at Lafayette the following week by a score of 6-1. Hunthausen went all the way, allowing four hits. Doyle and Sullivan each had four hits to account for Notre Dame ' s victory. Returning to the campus for a second game with Michigan, the Irish on May 20th handed a 5-3 defeat to the Wolverines. Ellis relieved Manjiak in the sixth and allowed one hit the rest of the way. Farrell and Doyle provided timely hits to break a tie and win the game. A trip to Iowa for two games closed the road schedule, as Notre Dame won and lost at Iowa City. In the first game Hunthausen was pounded hard for an 8-4 loss, as his mates gave him wobbly sup- port. Oberbruner and Farrell connected for extra base clouts to mark up runs for the Irish. The following day was a pitchers ' battle between Rex Ellis and Iowa ' s Trout. One scratch hit prevented Ellis from getting a no-hitter, while the Irish had three hits and one run for a hard-earned 1-0 victory, in the season finale, on Cartier Field, Michigan State eked out a win over the Irish 4-3, with Ellis pitching. Mill! 1111% iiuiimiia iMMBrlf o R s nvtiUL a. i m w r i INTER-HALL COMPETITION 208 Kenneth Warburton Manager First Row: Smalley, Gavin, Donovan, Sayia, Coach Langford. Second Row: Harris, Schlafly, Gaither, Corbett, Humphreys, Tearney, Leising aitcuta Notre Dame ' s swordsmen opened the season with victories over Detroit and Northwestern, lost their third and fourth matches to Michigan State and Chicago. Joe Smalley, backbone of the team, remained undefeated during these four contests. In the last duels of the season, the Irish won three times, lost tw ice and fared well in an invitation meet in New York City. Smalley, Sayia, Corbett 209 Rev. George L. Holderith, C.S.C. Coach Paced by Captain Tom Sheehan, the linksters won seven of the nine matches played. Purdue and Northwestern were the two teams who nosed out the Irish. Coach Rev. George Holderith, C.S.C., led his golfers to the Indiana State championship. In the National Intercollegiates, the Irish golfers placed tenth in team standings. Stars were Bennett, Neild, Donohue, Schaller, Hagan, Corcoran, Stulb, and Sheehan. r wt p " 1 X y Philip A. Donohue VJterC. Hagen William J. Schaller 1940 211 Coach Langford, Wolf, Joyce, Bowler, Walsh, Fay, Heckler, Maher Edward Maher Manager emu . Four victories, five losses, and one tie was the record of Notre Dame ' s 1939 tennis team. William Fay, 1940 Captain, won from his teammate Jack Joyce in the finals of the Indiana Inter ' Collegiate Championships at Earlham College, Richmond, Ind., to become State Champion. THE EA U First Row: Kerr, Mclntyre, Zontini, McKeon, Riffle, Ames, C. Sullivan. Second Row: Mooney, O ' Meara, Corgan, Piepul, Demling, Thompson, Coach Scannelli. Third Row: Smarinsky, Putnam, Laiber, Cullinane, Hoyer, Patton, G. Sullivan 213 Football Junior Class: First Row: Lawler, Miles, Kennedy, McGovern, Lucas, J. Ferry, H. McLaughlin, Dillon. Second Row: Albert, Braun, Gray, Buckley, Krolavec, Guiltinan, Ryan, L. Mc- Laughlin, Jaeger. Third Row: Shouvlin, Meyer, Me- Donough, B. Ferry, de Olazarra, Fitzpatrick, Schmidle Basketball Dillon Hall: First Row: Meyer, Kennedy, Muehlenkamp, Jehring. Sec- ond Row. Mortell, Maloney, Osborne, Leonard, Sturm, Murphy Track BrownsonHall: Miller, Henry, Evans, Girard CHAMPIONS 215 Notre Dame ' s Ninth Annual Ben ' gal Bouts featured the presence of Billy Conn, world ' s light heavyweight champion, as honorary referee. A capacity crowd watched eight rous- ing boxing bouts in the University Fieldhouse on March 15. Three defending champions stepped into the ring, but one of them, Sammy Dolce, three-time winner at 135 pounds, went down to defeat. Rod Maguire and Jerry Ryan, title-holders from last year, retained their cham- pionships. CLUBS 217 JOUUMAHli. Edward F. Grogan, Jr. Chancelor Thomas F. Carty Recorder Timothy R. King Grand Knight Robert H. Lambert Deputy Grand Knight George B. Morris, Jr. Assistant Secretary Rev. Chas. M. Carey, C.S.C. Chaplain Eli M. Abraham Executive Secretary Led by Grand Knight Timothy R. King, Notre Dame Council No. 1477 com ' pleted one of the most active years it has ever enjoyed. The K. of C. Formal in May was one of the outstanding social events of the year. A number of exchange meetings were held with councils in other cities of Indiana and the local Council sponsored the K. of C. Vaudeville in Washington Hall. These and similar func- tions have contributed to the recognition of the Knights of Columbus as the most important and most worth while group on the campus. Stephen Bosckey Trustee Frank Flynn Trustee Raymond Hoyer Trustee Robert Doran Inside . Guard If 8 James Cleary Treasurer Joseph Gorman Warden Thomas Hammond Advocate Edmund Butler Outside Guard 219 Hon. Francis P. Matthews, K.S.G., addressing the new members On Sunday, December 10, 1939, there was held in the University Dining Halls a banquet honoring Francis P. Matthews, K.S.G., Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus. This banquet followed the exemplification of the major degrees of the order to a class of more than one hundred candidates. Eli M. Abraham, State Chairman of the Columbian Squires, was the toastmaster for the banquet, which was attended by eight hundred persons. tfl First ROUT John S. Powers, Robert G. Fish, Eugene T. Leonard, Arthur D. Maddalena, Father Wenninger, William P. Clark, John J. Gilrane, Henry G. Armitage, Ph ilip V. Daugherty. Second Rou : Robert Hulihan, Donal Petersen, John J. Hillenbrand, John Flynn, Stanley Huff, Luther W. Buber, T. Bannigan, Jack E. Walsh, Thomas A. LeStrange, Francis P. Fensel. Third Row: F. M. Sellers, Bernard Marbach, Howard A. Klein, Roy W. Pinelli, Armiger Sommers, Sal LaPilusa, Wayne J. Pencil. Fourth Rou;: John McGlew, C. Cunniff, Louis L. Podruch, William J. Hannan, Otto Stegmaier, Frank W. Wanek, Peter Moulder, Roderick H. Maguire. Fifth Row: Paul J. Vignos, John M. Schroeder, Peter Stewart. William Wicks, Robert S. Demeter, James E. Brennan, John Donovan, Robert J. Fallon. Sixth Row. John Kerrigan, John Courtney, James Corbett, John D. Hogan, Art Stars ACADEMY President . . ARTHUR MADDALENA Purpose: To promote a higher discussion of popular scientific subjects. Members: All honor students in the College of Science. Arthur Maddalena President 221 Robert Schultz President CLUB President ROBERT SCHULTZ Vice-President .... JOSEPH HENNESSY Secretary ROBERT NOLAN Purpose: The discussion of architectural matters. Members: Students in the College of Architecture. First Rou;: McDowell, Baader, Supplitt, Whalen, Nolan, McHugh, Schultz, Haley. Second Row. Bond, Pfaffer, Scherer, Carney, Rossi, Gruenenfelder, Eilers, Schub, Paskin. Third Row: Bracke, Gallagher, Hackner, Green, Ford, Holland, Elsberry, Hennessy a Ml i First Rou: Xicolson, Bichon, Morgan, Pratt, Thomas, Hall, Jaeger, Scherer. Second Rou : Stewart, Rasmussen, Hiegel, Burd, Daley, Rummel, Jasper. Third Row: Zaller, Murphy, Chabot, Andres, Murray, Saelscher, Ungashick. Fourth Row: Cahfll, Fromuth, Petersen, Rohl, Berko, Blomer. Last Row: Fredericks, Brogger, Orr CLUB President EDWARD A. PRATT Vice-President .... MARIO POTTETTI Secretary WILLIAM THOMAS Treasurer BURT HALL Purpose: To promote interest in and to increase the knowledge of aeronautical engineering among the students. Members: Thirty students in the College of Engineering Edward A. Pratt President 223 Herbert Connelly President OWUM)tC FORUM President Vice-President . . Secretary .... Treasurer HERBERT CONNELLY . . JAMES METZLER . . . ALLEN MAGO WILLIAM CARBINE Purpose : To bring topics of interest concerning actual business to the attention of the students. Members: Commerce students with a qualitative average of 82%. First Row: William Carbine, James Metzler, Philip J. Sandmaier, Herbert J. Connelly, James M. Hufuagel, Allen Mago. Second Row: L. H. Eells, Charles E. Reynolds, William Meyer, John Barrett Morgan, Lawrence A. Schmidt, A. F. Potenziani, William G. Foley, Father Fogarty. Third Row: Leonard Barton, Frank E. Gunter, John V. Donahue, Walter Wuebbald, Jack Coughlin, William McKenna, Joseph R. Mathey, Stanley Adamonis, Joseph L. Guccione. fourth Row: Louis J. Reilly, Albert H. Kessing, Matt Gonring, Robert J. Nolan, Anthony Gentle, Bob A. Rothacker, David J. Barnard, Joseph Whitford, Henry N. Rogers, Wayne Wahl. Fifth Row: John M. Curry, Louis A. MacKenzie, Ralph A. Gerra, Lawrence. Walsh, Wade Brady, Richard J. Dora, Joseph L. Buckler, Paul Scully, Carl Kegelmayer, James L. Cullathcr, John I. Moriarty. Sixth Row: Eugene De Lay, Jim Asmuth, Robert Hecht, Peter Moritz, Edward N. Murray, Gail D. Fitch, Jr., William E. Ford, Leo A. Bcver, John F. Baker, Charles H. Kane, Charles E. Miller. Seventh Row: William F. Morrow, Daniel R. Shouvlin, Coe A. McKenna, John F. Devlin, Edward J. Emmegger, Lawrence F. Hickey, Leo F. Raymond, John E. Walsh, Robert F. Sweeney, Robert Callan, Charles W. Magner. Eighth Ron;: John J. O ' Brien, Robert F. Schmit, Roger P. Egan, Jr., John F. Trapp, William J. McCloy, Stanley W. Pyritz, Edward F. Hackett, Frederick H. Paulmann, Jr., William Dvork, James Madigan, Richard Padesky. 7s[inth Row: Marlow Howard, Joseph Slattery, John F. Tracy, Edward F. Miller, Robert Pagan, John H. Nolan, Joreph Goeken, Bernard Underriner, Bob Jehring, James K. Doyle, Phil Lucier. Tenth Row: Joseph E. Casey, Edward E. Habecker, Peter T. Alonzi, Robert E. Schoo, George T. Horn, Robert E. Bertany, John Rodemaker, Dick Heiser, Robert Timmerman, George O. Fisk, John Welch. Eleventh Row: John Winter, John J. Fearon, Robert O. Baker, Charles Quinlan, Frank R. Pachin, A. F. Stuhldreher, Thomas Robison, Steven Puffer, Leo J. Lewis, Blair McGowan, Robert Merrill. Twelfth Row: William Morrissey, James Sullivan, Jack C. Coley, George B. Huth, William J. O ' Neil, Wade Noda, Frank Meehan, Jerry A. Hickey, Joseph Russo, M. Joseph McCaughey, Herbert Melton, Jr. - 225 F : Row: Victor Assad, Gerry Sexton, George T. Meltzer, James C. Daner, Richard Leo Fallen, Jr., Joseph G. Callahan, John C. Haffner. - nd Row: James deary, Alfred J. Callan, Jr., James A. Cannon, John Dillon, John Crane, Raymond Allen, John Pindar. Third Row: M. Regan, Edward E. Matthenes, R. J. Shea, Edgar Corey, Charles Dillon cfwotmeM President JAMES DANER Secretary RICHARD FALLON Purpose: To discuss Philosophy and its relation to modern life. Members: Students majoring in Philosophy. James Daner President 225 Joseph Mulqueen President incoHf ' cw I ' au SOCIETY President ... Vice-President . Vice-President . Treasurer . JOSEPH MULQUEEN . RICHARD FALLON . ROBERT MARBACH EDGAR COREY Purpose: The spiritual improvement of the members through the performance of the corporal works of mercy. Members: Any student at the University. First Row: E. Tracey, E. Corey, J. Reddy, J. Mulqueen, B. Marbach, T. Kenedy, R. Williams, T. Carty. Second Row: L. Reiser, T. Hackett, M. Pieroni, R. LePage, E. Huff, H. VanSwall, E. Ryan, P. Toland, J. Hennessey. Third Row: G. Saegert, W. Borer, W. McCarren, M. Wiedeman, T. McManus, J. White, D. Murtagh, C. O ' Neill, J. Bennett, W. Brennan Eugene P. Klier. Secretary; Patrick F. McFarland, Treasurer; N. H. Schickel, Jr.. President; John G. Else, Vice-President; Pat FitiGcrald, Junior Secretary. Second Raw: B. N. Daley. W. S. Thomas, Burt J. Hall, John H. McGuire, George C. Penrose, Enrique R. Arias, John E. Cintron, Raymond C. Zaller, Jack DeMoM. Third Row: Thomas Giady, John J. I imhn John H. Monaghan. Thomas C. Vincent, Charles F. Bebeau. John B. Brehmer, Roy J. Bairley, E. Tracey, Bernard F. Jaeger, James S. Rice, Benjamin P. Fuhbume. Frank Row: Archie String, Jr., Tom Herlihy, Dan Stewart, Russell L. Slyngstod, Hugh Skidmore, Francis J. Shortalceve, Jerry A. Hickey. M. Joseph McCaugbey. Joseph Russo, Bernie C. McKay, John E. Garceau. Fifth Row: Don F. Guyettt, Jones Cahill, John Zeindler, Robert King, William J. Anderson. Lawrence J. KeUey, James E. Bellinger, Lawrence Berko, Charles McGann, Frank Flynn. A. Moran. Sixth Rox : Edward F. Davis, John F. Boyle, Charles Deibel, Joseph E. Madigan. King Gertig. James J. Gallagher, Robert Padesky, Vincent L. Jerry, Robert B. Hackner, Len Quart, Henry G. Dicet. Seventh Row: Ted Hcnke, F. F. Degnan, Joseph C. Spohr. Jr.. Edward Buenger, Maurice Baddour. Jim Siismith, William L. Hersog, Roger Hendrick. Edward Palman, Robert C. Murphy, John Foley Vace. Eighth Row: Richard C. ComweU. J. P. Murray, T. J. Reilly, J. T. Peters. D. J. Angelakos, Roben W. Raff. Edward J. Kuchman, George A. Haninger, Ray F. Rowan, Albert J. Fensil. Nintk Row: Dan F. Bradley, Robert W. DeMoss, William J. McCarren, George J. Frazier, Jr.. Fred Robertshaw, Bernard Crawford, Robert V. -jtchger, Edward J. Mart. Herbert C. Sibflsky. Donald P. Skall President .... NORBERT SCHICKEL, JR. Vice-President JOHN ELSE Secretary EUGENE KLIER Treasurer. . . PATRICK MACFARLAND Junior Secretary . .PATRICK FITZGERALD Purpose: To present to the Engineering student all possible material not obtain- able in the classroom. Members: Students in the College of Engineering. Norbert Schickel President 227 John Ward President CLUB President Vice-President Treasurer JOHN WARD WILLIAM FOLEY WILLIAM McJuNKiN Purpose: To promote an interest in the Spanish Language, Culture and History. Members: Students of Spanish at Notre Dame. First Row: W. Foley, W. Malaney, J. Ward, W. Mcjunkin, J. Mlynsky, A. Mago. Second Row: R. Sweeney, J. Walsh, G. Fitch, R. Mead, A. Lancaster, J. Curran. Third Row: J. Carroll, T. Courtney, J. Welsh, F. Paulmann, T. Trueman First Ron ' : Grady, Gies, Chaput, Baldingcr, Clcary. Second Row: Nelson, Gutshaw, Haga, Klinger, DeMoss, Bergman, Bockheim, Anderson, Tracey. Third Row: Bannigan, Nagel, Glenn, McDowell, Yowcrief, Waldron, Holsinger, Spychalski, Lattimer, Marshall. Fourth Row: Schmidle, Sullivan, Bradley, Schaffner, Iliff, Maury, Hill, Champley, Garvey, Tormey, Jaquay. Fifth Row: Wille, Renault, Uhring, McLoone, Nadolski, Young, Knaus, Sukienmk, Fitzgerald, Kerwin, Conner. Sixth Row: Duffy, Fallon, W. Buber, Reith, Rosback, Gschwend, Burns, Gilrane, Fish, Lownik, Glaser, Reback, Murray f .fiemiAtku ClUB President PAUL E. CHAPUT Vice-President THOMAS GRADY Secretary WILLIAM CLEARY Membership: Open to all upperclassmen majoring in chemistry. Purpose: To promote a program of extra ' curricular education and social activity. Paul E. Chaput President 229 John F. Brush President COWOMUC ROUI1D TABLE President JOHN F. BRUSH Secretary J. FRFDERIC WOLFF Purpose: To promote a knowledge of current economic problems. Members: Elected by the present membership. First Row: E. W. Bisett, John E. Savord, Julius F. Wolff, John F. Brush, Burley Johnston, Rhomus B. O ' Brien. Second Row: M. Grace, Walton Wuebold, Donald E. Kralovec, John L. Duggan, Richard L. Fallen. Third Row: James O. Lang, Bernard A. Lienhard, Joseph E. Sotak First Rou;. Devine, Sullivan, Dolce, Derengoski, Deane, Daly, Meyers, Mann, McQueen, Second Row: Pavlowski, Brennan, O ' Leary, Brad- ford, O ' Connor, Mahoney, DaPra, Slack, Minczenski. Third Row: Anderson, O ' Brien, Wilson, L. Lancaster, Mee, Rodibaugh, Reddy, Tsiolis, Boyle. Fourth Ron;: Savord, Bannon, Dell, Petroshius, Hamel, Hiss. Fifth Ron ' . Burns, Weflbacher, Richardson, Kelly, Neu, Cain, J. Lan- caster, Mflford, Hurst. Sixth Row: Fipp, Bright, Hynes, Grogan, O ' Dowd, Condon, Rejent, Ward, Goggin, Bernard, Porten, Montegna. Seventh Row: Swisher, Zinn, Hellenthal, Gorman, McVay, Lynch, Timpani. CUV CLUB President JOHN DEANE Vice-President CHARLES DALY Secretary RUSSELL J. DOLCE Treasurer WILLIAM MEYERS Membership: The Law Club is open to all students in the College of Law. Purpose: To provide the law students with material concerning their chosen pn fession not obtainable in the classroom. John Deane President 231 JOHN W. BARRY Van Home, Iowa FREfHMA ANTHONY M. BERNARD Youngstown, Ohio JOHN M. KELLY Akron, Ohio JAMES A. BURNS Fort Lauderdale, Fla. PHILIP J. HAMEL Sioux City, Iowa EDWARD J. KELLY Seneca, 111. JOHN J. KILLEN Sterling, 111. URBAN L. KOKENGE Miami, Fla. EDWARD A. MAHONEY Canton, Ohio 232 JOSEPH J. MILLER South Bend, Ind. ROCCO J. MONTEGNA Chicago, 111. WILLIAM B. MOONEY Waverly, Iowa JEROME J. O ' Dowo Fort Wayne, Ind. ED VARD M. PORTEN Chicago, 111. ROBERT E. RICHARDSON Ottawa, 111. RICHARD F. SWISHER Piedmont, Calif. WILLIAM J. STRING Toledo, Ohio ERNEST C. TIMPANI Lansing, Mich. ALEXIS T. TSIOLIS South Bend, Ind. JOHN H. VERDONK South Haven, Mich. JOHN J. WARD Chicago, HI. 233 ]ohn Linnehan President President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . JOHN LINNEHAN WALTER DRAY WILLIAM CLEARY Purpose: To establish a better relation between the students and the actual mem ' bers of their chosen profession. Members: Engineering students in Mechanical Engineering. First Row: Williams, Render, Vincent, Driscoll, Linnehan, Dray, Witchger, Cross, Sprafke. Second Row: Donovan, Crawford, Fishburne, Sheets, Karr, Kelly, Schickel, Arias, Cintron, Odenbach, Nace. Third Row: McCarthy, Bernard, Monaghan, Koss, Morgan, Geselbracht, Hen- nessey, Broussard, Doody, Hicinbothem, Welly, Quart, Gray First Row: Harold Graham, Sabastian Borret, Vincente Gurucharri, Enrique Arias, Jose Corona, Juan Cintron, Damon Aranjo. Second Ron;: Felipe Martinez, Lucas Cambo, Sergio Abren, Luis Smith, Carlos Dittborn, Ralph Qlituan, Carlos Lazaro, Jose Rodriguez. Third Row: Rene Creel, Seroio DeRuiz, Jose Hernandez, Luis Guillermo Rodriguez, Ramiro Perez, Henry Frou, Carlos Robles, Eusebino Azpiazu, Juan Batista. CLUB President ENRIQUE ARIAS Vice-President JUAN ClNTRON Treasurer . VINCENTE GURUCHARI Purpose: The fostering and furthering of Notre Dame in the native countries of its members. Members: Students attending the University from Spanish ' speaking countries. Enrique Arias President 235 George Wallace Commandant CLUB Commandant .... GEORGE WALLACE Vice-Commandant . GERARD K. DONOVAN Adjutant LEWIS PECK Purpose: To further the interest in the military affairs of the nation and to aid the members in securing Reserve commissions in the armed forces of the United States. Members: Any student at The University. First Row: Haggerty, Stuhldreher, Batista, LaPorte, Wallace, Peck, Donovan, McLoughlin, Fowler, Quinn. Second Row: Kirby, Becker, Heltzel, Hunter, Goeke, Williams, Bruzek, O ' Keefe, O ' Brien, Downey, Schoonhoven, Battaile, Cotter, Kelly First Ron 1 : Louis P. Meconi, Thomas A. Delia, Joseph N. Marranca, A. Nino Consolazio, Peter Alonzi, Anthony P. Donadio, Joe DeFranco, John M. Debitetto. Second Row: Rocco J. Montegna, Joseph A. Mangano, Leo A. Sontini, Vito W. Cappello, Vincent Sposato, Edward George Rosanelli, Joseph Del Gaizo. Third Row: Joseph P. Carlucci, George Marcucci, Joseph L. Guccione, John D. Julian, Anthony D. Romeo CLUB President PETER ALONZI Vice-President . . ANTHONY CONSOLAZIO Secretary JOSEPH MARRANCA Treasurer. .ANTHONY DONADIO Purpose: To promote an interest and knowledge of Italian art, culture, litera- ture, customs, etc. Members: All students of Italian descent. Peter Alonzi President 237 Vice-President . Secretary ... Treasurer . CLUB . . ROBERT HOWARD THOMAS FERNEDING JOHN WILKINSON Membership: Open to majors in journalism. Purpose: To provide a closer association between journalism students and mem ' bers of the profession and to engage in various projects of a journalistic nature. First Row: Jose V. Panganiban, Joseph W. Larkin, Robert J. Howard, Joseph C. Perkins, John J. Wilkinson. Second Row: Thomas C. Ferned- ing, Russell J. Jandoli, William Matson, Edwin Lahey, Joseph Smalley, Richard H. Morrison, Joe Hart. Third Row: John B. Willmann, Frank Aubrey, Joe Stephen, Clyde Archer, Clarence Schinkowitch, Norbert J. Spencer, John C. Ferneding Guiltinan, Bersik, McLoughlin, Curran, Lancaster, Fountain, Thompson, Mallaney, Vandervoort, Sabo, Hack tefamak. de Olezrara. Second Rout: Sadlier, Daly, Trueman, Joyce, CLUB President JOHN M. CURRAN Secretary . . . ARTHUR J. LANCASTER Purpose: To stimulate interest in the problems of foreign commerce and to dis- cuss these problems. Members: Students in the College of Commerce who are taking Foreign Com- merce as a major subject. John M. Curran P tsideat 239 r EMI Joseph Knaus President J.M.I President JOSEPH KNAUS Vice-president DAN F. BRADLEY Secretary WILLIAM CLEARY Advisor . . RONALD RICH Membership: Any student majoring in chemical engineering may become a mem ' ber of the student chapter. Present membership, 131. Purpose: To afford an opportunity for the presentation of student papers and ideas and for discussion of the same and to allow students to hear talks by experts in various chemical fields. First Row: Robert Wille, Bernard Murray, Joseph A. Knaus, R. E. Rich, William F. Cleary, Dan T. Bradley. Second Row: James J. Nelson, Kenneth Gutshaw, J. Haago, L. L. Klinger, Jack DeMoss, Paul Bordan, James J. Bockheim, Edgar H. Anderson, E. J. Tracey. Third Row: Fritz J. Nagel, Thomas Grady, William M. Glenn, David L. McDowell, David Moncrief, John Waldon, Fred J. Holsinger, James A. Spychal- ski, Charles T. Lattimer, William Marshall. Fourth Row: E. Sullivan, Claude Schmidle, Erwin J. Schaffner, Robert E. Iliff, William P. Gies, George Maury, Maxwell Hill, James Champley, Lee Garvey, John Tormey, Louis Joquay, Tom Bannigan : ROUT David Fitch, Gerald F. Saegert, Charles A. Bitzer, Paul M. Morrison, Brother Boniface, Donal Petersen, William Scanlan, Edward K. Burns. Second Row: E. Duquette, Francis J. Sheets, Roch LePage, Gene Ryan, John C. Bennet. Third Row: Frank E. O ' Dowd, George Wurth, Daniel Klein, William Clark, Jerome J. Kiligrew. Fourth Rou : Robert Geiger, Richard L. Fallen, Kenneth R_ Kempf, Francis S. Haley, Robert J. Shea, Milton J. Carver, Joseph J. Papa CLUB President PAUL MORRISON Vice-President . . . FRANCIS MCDONALD Secretary DON PETERSEN Purpose: To unite the servers and to help them to understand more clearly the significance of the mass. Members: All students who are active servers. Paul Morrison President 241 Joseph Olbrys President CLUB Purpose: To create an interest in and a love for Polish history, language, litera ' ture and customs. Members: Students at the University of Polish Ancestry. First Row: Mizerski, Brennan, Pawlowski, Haracz. Second Row. Porawski, Alexander, Krawiec, Okopien, Gabrys, Guenowiez, Gabreski 11 Ron-: Robt. C. Lejeune, Walt Kristoff, Joseph Ryan, Edward J. Hart, J. A. Caparo, Joseph V. Hughes, John G. Else, Jack Wilson, F. R itte. Second Rote: Dodge J. Angelakos, George A. Hahinger, Albert J. Fensel, John M. Denny, John Kane, Joe Kaltenbach, Joseph Costello, John Brehmer, Ray Rowan. Third Rou : Bill McCarron, Leo J. Robidour, Vincent P. Slutt, Maurice Baddour, R. J. O ' Neill, Gene W. Duck- worth, John F. Hanifin, John Dunn, John Harrigan President JOSEPH HUGHES Vice-President . . . . JOHN SHAFRANSKY Secretary EDWARD HART Treasurer JAMES VARGA Advisor JOSE CAPARO Membership: The members of the club are students of the University who are majoring in Electrical Engineering. Present membership, 60. Purpose: To facilitate the promotion of extra-curricular activities associated with electricity and electrical engineering, and to give the students an organ through which their own thoughts might be expressed and through which they may learn the trends of their profession. Joseph Hughes President 243 Stephen F. Coughlin President CLUB President .... STEPHEN F. COUGHLIN Vice-President .... STEVEN J. SITKO Secretary . . NORVALL M. HUNTHAUSEN Membership: All students who have been awarded a major monogram. Purpose: To promote a closer association between the athletes and to foster and preserve the athletic traditions of the University. First Row: Behe, Bagarus, Halpin, Roy, Pinelli, Sheridan, Harvey, Albert, Flynn, Kelleher, Margraves, Perry. Second Row: Dean, Sitko, Thesing, Sullivan, Kerr, Biagi, Collins, Hester, Brosey, Crimmins, P. Kelly. Third Row: Whiteman, Geary, J. Kelly, Stevenson, Hunthausen, O ' Connell, De Franco, Riska, Klier, Lawrence, Ellis. Fourth Rott : Gallagher, Hart, Brutz, Lillis, Finneran, Mooney, Gorman, Ertel, O ' Reilly, Ray Pinelli, Saggau, O ' Brien, Crane, Farrell. First Row: Toyne, Bairley, Hickey, Cobb, Porawski, Bebeau. Second Row: Russo, McFarland, Morrissey, McCaughey, Chamberlain, Hendrick. Third Row: Perry, Orumgould, Gregory, Keefe, Bauer, Fitzpatrick, Fairley. President JEROME A. HICKEY Vice-President . . . CHARLES L. COBS Secretary ROY J. BAIRLEY Treasurer ROBERT CHAMBERLAIN Membership: Open to students in the Department of Civil Engineering. Purpose: To promote a closer association between Civil Engineering students and the members of the profession. Jerome A. Hickey President 245 Harold H. Bowler President ACADEMY OF ottticar President HAROLD H. BOWLER Secretary EDWARD J. KELLY Purpose: To stimulate an interest in the problems of social and political significance. Members: Those students in Political Science who are selected by a faculty committee. First ROM;: Reilly, Meconi, Kelly, Bowler, Kmiecik, Sullivan, Swanser. Second Row: Alexander, Porten, Richardson, Holman, Carty, McNamee, Currigan. Third Row: Mahoney, Flanagan, Lavery. Standing, left to right: Daniel Dahill, Joseph Mulqueen, Edward Huff, John Reed Sitting, left to right: John Reddy, Francis Schmied, Louis Radelet President FRANCIS SCHMIED Vice-President JOHN REDDY Secretary DONALD HOSINSKI Treasurer EDWARD HUFF Members: Majors in the Department of Sociology and students of the Department of Social Work. Purpose: To present and discuss controversial subjects in the field of Sociology. 247 This club is open to all students who are interested in an extracurricular study of the Roman classics. It seeks to promote a love of the Latin tongue by special studies of the Roman period and various projects such as the translation of great plays and great poems. The majority of its members are Latin majors. Thomas Wall is its president. First Row: Hasson, McCauley, McGee, Wall, John Meaney, James Meaney, Mr. Plunkett. Second Row: Callan, Santini, Guindon, Bolchoz, Fowler, Heintzelman Seated: Ryan, De Coursey, Funk, Callan, Stenger, Williams. Standing: Blake, Coleman, Keenan, Huber, McCarty, Griffin, Carney, Allen i o mmeM President . ALBERT P. FUNK Purpose: To unite those students who have an interest in and a love for literature. Members: Limited to fifteen students elected by the members of the club. Albert P. Funk President 249 CHICAGO CLUB First Row: Necas, Ford, Costello, Linnehan, Burke, Sackley, Perkins, Fitch, Palella, Ciaccio, Walsh, Render. Second Row: Stefanik, Steele, Duffy, Stewart, Raymond, Masterson, Ward, Borda, Montegna, Dolce, Nugent, Hay- den, Tesinig, Gallegos, Kenny. Third Row: Murtach, Casey, Cosgrove, Gallagher, King, Marlow, Wiggins, Mc- Carthy, Kwiecien, Milano, Raff, Kralovec, Zuercher, Lambert, Lambert, Lownik, O ' Dowd, Marquardt. Fourth Row: DeMoss, Sweeney, Muellman, Buenger, Hughes, Champley, Poeten, Dinges, Murphy, McNamara, Hilgartner, Miller. Geselbracht, Klees, Cronin. Fifth Row: Riley, Zitnik, Witte, Treacy, Tallett. STATE AND CITY Thaddeus Harvey President CLEVELAND CLUB First Row: Hammer, Blatt, Reidy, Mahon, Moriarity, Hammer, Kelly, Sandmaier, Gulyassy, Stack, Naegele. McGroder, Hillenbrand. Second Row: Miller, Hilkert, Giannane, Polaski, Gulyassy, Horak, Howley, Barres, Grisanti. Ingwerson, Haas, McBride. Third Row: Rath, Coleman, Beaumont, Keyes, Weinfurtner, Hannon, Scotak, Payne, Schroeter, Clark, McCourt, Prokop. Tupta. Fourth Row: Hays, Klyn, Mulligan, Kane, Dowd. Richard Kelly President 250 MEMPHIS CLUB Philip M. Canale President First Row: Mullen, Welsh, Mathis, P. Canale, Montedonico, Lingenfelder. Second Row: McFarland, Orr, Foley, Haaga, Battaile, Regan, Saxon, D. Canale TRIPLE CITIES CLUB Robert G. Sullivan President First Row: McNicol, McCabe, F. Sullivan, R. Sullivan, Reardon, Donnelly. Second ROUT Donovan, Haines, Hanifan, J. Sullivan, Hanifan, Ford PITTSBURGH CLUB Edward G. Huff President First Ron: McNulty, Broderick, Hufuagel, Graham, Huff, Robertshaw, Adamonis, Dillon, Dillon. Second Row: Apone, Zimmerman, Uhring, Burby, Haley, Brehl, Glasser, Keating. Third Rou : Henke, Duggan, Rice, Murrin, Blackmore, Letcher ROCHESTER CLUB First Row: Kelleher, Miller, Latanzi, Zimmer, Flynn, Tormey, DeSimon, Hastings, Treacy. Second Row: Watson, Pagan, Hedge s, Green, Bowling, Fearon, Thompson, Blum. Third Row: Corcoran, Hurley, Keegan, Skelly, Boisvert, Centner. Gerald J. Flynn President TATE AND CITY CINCINNATI CLUB First Row: Muehlenkamp, Bischoff, Leonard, Rohan, Kessing, Heekin, Busse. Second Row: Stagge, Middendorf, Maloney, Wuebbold, Boyce, O ' Leary, Chenal. Third Row: McCafferty, Gilligan, Clark, O ' Shaughnessy, Thesing, Brodberger. Robert A. Rohan President MID-HUDSON VALLEY CLUB John C. Ranagan President First Row: Moran, Trainor, Flanagan, Hannan, Kerr, Bradford. Second Rou;.- Carey, O ' Dea, Gonyo, Conger, Sullivan, Buono. Third Row: Maher, Jr., Murphy, Kane, Shea. ST. LOUIS CLUB Norvall M. Hunthausen President First Raw: Barr, Scherer, Griesedieck, O ' Neal, Hunthausen, Karr, Fisk, Convy, Gflliland, Flinn. Second Rou;.- Fehlig, Raaf, Lewis, Murphy, Dahm, Ryan, Hormberg, Stegmaier, Buddy, Goeken, Roesch. Third Row: Schmidt, Mangelsdorf. Warnick, Bellinger, Murphy, Pollnow, Timmerman, Aschemeyer, CofFey, Hennigan. WASHINGTON-MARYLAND CLUB John B. Morgan President First Row: Feeney, Quinn, O ' Laughlin, Morgan, Daley, White, Kirby. Second Row: McDevitt, Flynn, Downey, Herzog, Lanigan, Donadio. Third Roui.- Chapman, Stock, Waldron, Fishbume, Ferry. BUFFALO CLUB First Row: Lancaster, Sullivan, Lancaster, Mago, Kuhlmann, Kelly, Fallen, Ollonnan, Batt, Burke. Second Row: Nenno, Laport, Gardner, Sheedy, Hagerty, Duquette, Teising, Magnella, Conley, McVay, Fensel. Third Row: Fitz- patrick, Daigler, Hartman, Hoelscher, Marcin, Lonry, Maloney, Ferrick, McVay, Fensil, Rohror John H. Kuhlmann President TATE AND CITY OLD DOMINION CLUB Paul M. Morrison President First Row: Kelly, Albert, Howard, Morrison, Campbell, Golden, Hutchens. Second Row: Williams, Powers, Fazzi, Costello, Morrison, Kelly, McSweeney, McKnight, Sullivan KANSAS CITY CLUB James P. Metzler President First Rou;.- Owens, Finucane, Dolan, Metder, Kop p, Lysaght, Marshall, Schroer. Daniels, Toyne, Tobin, Bresette, Matson, DeCoursey Second Row: McGrath, Kelly, KENTUCKY CLUB Edward C. Aubrey President First Row: Middendorf, L. Aubrey, Welch, E. Aubrey, Tafel, Cambron, Hennessy. Second Row: Hyth, Millett, Schoo, Durbin, Bannon, Barrett, Nolan, Schoen. Third Row: Aubrey, Grobmyer, Conway, Casper, Sass, Grim- mins, Morrow, Miller DETROIT CLUB James T. Moore President First Rou-. Milliman, Schmid, Burns, Mortensen, Lajoie, Brennan. Second Rom: Dore, Currier, Palenchar, Brad- ley. Kelly, Moore, Jacobs, Koss, Reberdy, Byrne, Wflberding, Ebner. Third Rou . L. McLaughim, Chaput, Daner, Cleary, Cronin, Curran, H. McLaugblin, Millenbach, Quart, Dimond, Morrissey. Hackett. Fourth Rou ' : Loes, Platte, McKenna, Klein, Roney, Hickey, Maas, Kerwin, Thompson, Caird, Burns, Laughna, Sullivan KANSAS-OKLAHOMA CLUB Theodore P. Jochems President First Row: McDonnell, Moran, McKelvy, Caudill, Donovan, Kehres, McFarland. Second Row: Corey, Starr, Tur- geon, Burns, Moran, Melcher. Third Row: O ' Brien, Sheehan, Green, O ' Hern, Powers TATE AND CITY UPPER MICHIGAN CLUB First Row: Maccani, E. Pancheni, Tousigmant, Paveglio, Ruppe, Schmit, Tibergien. Second Row: R. Pancheri, Don- nelly, Walsh, Schroeder, Finch, LeMense, Petersen Gerard E. Paveglio President WEST VIRGINIA CLUB John D. Julian President First Row: Brown, Kaltenbach, Letcher, Julian, Dahill, Belladonna, Yaeger. Second Row: Evans, Morrison, Aucremanne, McGovern, Archer, Earley, Gwinn, Rowan. Third Row: Neff McCallister, Mangan, Reishman, Neenan, Aucremanne, Thompson IOWA CLUB Anthony F. Gentle President Firrt Row: Cummings, Majerus, Barry, Foley, Jehring, Noonan, Gentle, Schmid, Bagan, Donohue, Posner, Carroll, Second Row: Brinck, Carney, Hughes, Sievert, Kern, Spangler, Boss, Kersten, Pflanz, Kurtz, Houlihan, Henely, Campbell. Third Rou : McCoy, Grady, Yavorsky, Kessell, Cutforth, Hamel, Puffer, Kisgen, Bagan, Roach, Mul- queen, Miller FORT WAYNE CLUB Jerome J. O ' Dowd President First Row: Poinsatte, Wemhoff, O ' Dowd, Centlivre, Doermer, Reed. Second ROUT Hoch, Stayes, Orermeyer, Suelzer Henslee, Scheele VILLAGERS CLUB First Row: Trexler, Feeney, McGann, Dominic, Schulz, Albert, Deahl, Willemin, Sommerer, Delahanty, McQueen. Second Row: Minges, Fisher, Miller, Pischke, Derbin, Kilmer, Pieters, Young, Murdock, Wishing, Plotkin. Third Row: Martin, Grant, Cosgrove, Lane, Pappas, Russell, Hazinski, Stratigos, Hutmacher Richard S. Albert President TATE AND CITY YOUNGSTOWN CLUB First Row: Heltzel, Evans, Shea, Eaton, Fr. Cyril, O.S.B., Sheehan, Hopkins, Hawes, Massullo. Second Row: Cahill, Myers, Flynn, Garvey, Cestary, Grant, Jackson, Moran, Connelly, Abraham. Third Row: Bernard, McCullion, Cook, Valetich, Dove, Meyer, Cherney, Garvey Clarence T. Sheehan President 258 ERIE CLUB John E. Wilson President First Rou : Casby, Gillette, Hufnagel, Wilson, Gutshaw, Garvey, Tiedemann. Second Row: Schroeck, Hunter, Mulvey, Ev-ick, Cenni, Brugger, Rohl. Third ROUT White, Hastings, Barber, Gies, Graham, Maloney MINNESOTA CLUB Francis W. Biagi President First Rou;: Shinners, Ryan, Hayes, Donovan, Fogarty, O ' Hara, Biagi, Fowler, Donovan, Pepelnjak, McNevin, Devins, Kasper. Second Row: Fisch, Casey, Ford, O ' Brien, Wolff, Schreiber, Keegan, Richards, Cleveland, Boyle, Micklish, McGowan, Jaeger, Lukoskie. Third Rou-: Rogers, DeLay, Gibbons, Shiely, Shiely, Coley, Gerwe, Grattan, Petschel, Chlebeck, Parker, Groebner, Seifert, KeUy. Fourth Row: Bethune, Smith, DeLay, Ryan MONTANA CLUB John B. Murphy President First Row: Volberding, Nelson, Murphy, Sullivan, Coughlin, Murphy. Second Rou : Slatt, Strang, Shiltz, Allard, Converse. Third Row: Fredericks, Lawler, Purcell, Murray 259 INDIANAPOLIS CLUB Leroy J. Keach President First Row: Blatz, Fesher, Shaar, Spencer, Dinn, Scott, R. McManus. Second ROM;; Gavin, Reed, Quinn, O ' Brien, Keach, J. McNamara, Reis, Fitzgerald, Fisher, R. McManus. Third Row: Deery, Fox, Carr, Seal, Sweeney, Pyritz, Welch, Ullrich, Jollmer, Sheedy, Koebel, Kennedy, Klotz, Maher. Fourth Row: Reis, E. McNamara, Spencer, Bergan, Gillespie, Morrison, R. Courtney, Mclntosh, McGuire, J. Courtney, McKay, Herrington, Kasberg. Fifth Row: R. O ' Connor, J. O ' Connor, G. O ' Connor TATE AND CITY TEXAS CLUB James E. Foley President First Row: Macfarlane, Foley, Meaney, Foley, Brownfield, Kane, Fritter. Second Row: Meaney, Broussard, Reichen- stein, Lohr, Adams, Bozick, Shortall, Bisett. Third Row: Fallon, Hubbard, Crowley, Darrouzet, Cobb, O ' Connor B First Row: Paterno, Marbach, McLaughlin, Martin, Doyle, Smalley, Byrne, Bracken, Bangert, Reilly, Moran, Lavelle, Huber, Dowd, Sposate. Second Row:, Rogers, Murphy, Concannon, Mullaney, Murray, Hickey, Zeller, Buckley, Maher, Metzger, Brennan, Schellenberg, Perrine, Stack. Third Row: Cotter, Kelly, Trueman, Paulmann, Garvey, Sallows, O ' Hayer, O ' Brien, LoGiudice, Mulligan, Marbach, Schlesier, Baum, Menncg, Frost, Vincent, Fourth Row: Gans, Carty, Lillis, Burke, Stapleton METROPOLITAN CLUB Douglas A Bangert President I First Row: Hunt, Fallon, Schieck, Quinn, Mannion, Hubbard, Martin, Sclafani, King, McQuaid, Murray, Carroll, Kirby. Second Row: Fitzharris, Tracy, Hardart, Andres, Rogers, Lane, Cappello, Reale, Murray, Quinlan, Walsh, Murray, Conforti, Tracy. Third Row: McCarren, Waeldner, Herbert, Johnson, Degnan, Goosen, Clemens, Clark, Boettner, DeVries, O ' Brien, O ' Connor, Gibbons. Fourth Row: Hillis, Cooney, Gans, Mara, Maloney 261 CALIFORNIA CLUB John F. Brush President First Row: Iliff, Propeck, Hurply, Meeker, Brush, Bernard, Brennan, Fitch. Second Rou : Guglielmino, Dillon, Macdonald, McDermott, Schirm, Rhodes, Gunter. Third Row: Carver, Hearn, Harrigan, McLoone, Gilrane STATE AND CITY SAGINAW-BAY CITY CLUB George K. Ward President First Row: W. House, Rademacher, Korth, Witchger, Ward, T. Carroll, Blackhurst. Second Row: Kirchman, J. House, G. Carroll, Costa, Hendrick, Atkins 262 Publications Banquet 263 Rev. John J. Cavanaugh, C.S C. Chairman Rev. Cornelius J. Laskowski, C.S.C. Scholastic Rev. Charles M. Carey, C.S.C Dome Rev. Leo L. Ward, C.S.C. Scrip Thomas J. Barry Director of Publicity 264 Rev. Charles M. Carey, C.S.C. The 1940 DOME is grateful to two members of the faculty who aided in its publication: To Father Broughal, who organized its staff, and to Father Carey, his successor as faculty advisor, for his counsel since September, 1939. It was Father Carey ' s difficult task to review this book before publication. v r -. Rev. Lawrence V. Broughal, C.S.C. Thomas F. Carty Editor-in-Chief Raymond J. Kelly, Jr. Associate Editor THE Ralph A. Gerra Managing Editor CHUM In this issue of the DOME we have tried to portray campus life as it really is. We have been informal because we believe that informality is the only way to portray the real spirit at Notre Dame. We hope that in the years to come this book will bring back your student days, so we ask that judgment be suspended until it has been given an opportunity to do this. Eugene J. Ryan Art Clement A. Hooley Art Editor John W. Patterson Sports Editor 267 VERNON WITKOWSKI JOSEPH GIEDERMAN THE FELIX POGLIANO, JR. DANIEL BRADLEY JOHN BURKE FRANCIS SANTOS CHARLES FARRELL BERNARD LONGO NEIL MCCARTY JOHN WHITE SAMUEL BOYLE JUNIOR EDITORS JUGGLER STAFF JOHN HOLLAND JOHN WHELAN BERNARD McKAY WILLIAM O ' HERN 268 ) m SOPHOMORE EDITORS F. PAULMAX J. McCuE V. DAIGLER T. ATKINS W. DAXER J. GARVEY FRESHMAN EDITOR COOXEY HELTZEL Li. ' MAXIOX DOERR GlLLIGAN MUEXCH RONEY REBERDY ROHRER LAFORGE PYRTTZ WrXDFELDER 269 a THE William C. Fay Editor-in-Chief Donald A. Foskett Managing Editor wwladic The Scholastic, entirely revised from last year, gave Notre Dame its outstanding student publication in more than a decade. Published weekly under the editorship of William C. Fay and Donald Foskett, The Scho- lastic reported interestingly and vig ' orously the events of the school year. News Editor William C. McGowan headed a capable staff of news writers, while the sports department was headed by James G. Newland. This year The Scholastic was given an honor rating by the Intercollegiate Press Association, emblematic of its journalistic superiority. John W. Patterson, Jr. William C. McGowan Francis J. Wemhoff James G. Newland 270 Grafted on to the Ave Maria, flourishing even then, The Scholastic Year appeared on Sep- tember 7, 1867. Into the field of college weeklies the publication struck independently, five years later. Maturity changed its name to The Scholastic, and its scope to weekly campus news. ' To give parents frequent accounts of the institution in which they have placed their children " was the purpose of Father Gillispie, first editor; ' To give students weekly accounts of themselves " is the purpose of present editor William Fay and his staff, capable heirs to 65 years of Scholastic tradition. Francis Aubrey Clarence Sheehan Henry Penrose Richard Fallon John Willmann James Bruger William O ' Hern William Geddes 271 Edward Huff John Casey Vern Whitkowski William Scanlan Charles Farrell John McDevit Raymond Kelly William Welch THE Robert LeMense Edmund Butler John Dinges Donald Heltzel 272 John W. Meaney Edit or-in-chief THE Increased in quality and sparkling in its new cover, Scrip again gave its readers variety and style, proving its efficiency as the Notre Dame quarterly. Fiction, poetry, essays and commentaries, were blended by Editor John Meaney into a succinct student digest. JANUARY 1940 JOHN M. BRODERICK BRO. DONALD CAWLEY, C.S.C. GERALD HOGAN 273 Francis E. Bright Editor ' in ' Chief NOTRE DAME LAWYER NOTRE DA WE The T otre Dame Lawyer reflected the ability and planning of Editor Francis Bright and Business Manager Leon Lancaster. In a pleasing legal manner, Editor Bright molded condensations of important legislation, judicial decisions and opinions, student, faculty and outside contributions, into a well ' rounded review of pertinent legal facts and fancies. Leon L. Lancaster Jack C. Hynes 274 TK. SANTA MARIA John Patterson Editor-in-Chief THE fUUG laJua The Santa Maria, official quarterly of Notre Dame Council 1477, brings Knights the campus news of the local Council and of the whole Order and serves to keep the alumni members in touch with affairs at Notre Dame. Editor Patterson and his staff deserve the praise that has been accorded them by readers all over the country. Gerard Sullivan Sports Editor ]. McNearthney D. Connors D. Heltzel R. Matthews 275 THE ft Monthly publication of the Department of Chemistry, The Catalyzer pre- sented scientific topics with vigor. Editor William P. Gies gave readers crisp, concise articles of scientific interest. Student and faculty contribu- tions, coupled with digest of vital research from authoritative publications, made The Catalyzer a technical magazine with popular appe al. William P. Gies Editor ' in ' Chief James A. Champley Associate Editor Robert L. Wille Assistant . Editor E. Howard Anderson Editor 276 James E. Armstrong Editor William R. Dooley Managing Editor THE _J fuuftuud For Notre Dame graduates the Alumnus is a monthly album of pleasant memories spiced with pertinent athletic and scholastic news. Each month six thousand copies of the Alumnus leave the offices of Editor James E. Armstrong and Managing Editor Wfl ' liam R. Dooley. Each issue is a comprehensive survey of the Notre Dame month. That a magazine of the Alumnus ' stature can be published monthly is indicative of the efficiency and capability of its staff. 277 Waldemar Gurian Francis J. O ' Malley Ferdinand A. Hermens THE REVIEW Initiated last year under the guidance of Editor Waldemar Gurian and assistants, Francis O ' Malley and Ferdinand Her- mens, The Review of Politics stamped itself as a potent, timely and comprehensive surveyor of its field. Mortimer Adler, Desmond Fitzgerald, C. J. Friedrich, Christopher Hollis and Jacques Maritain are but a few of the noted contributors to this quarterly publication. 278 Theodor Just Editor AMERICAN MIDLAND The American Midland Naturalist is published bi-monthly under the editorial guidance of Dr. Theodor Just of the Department of Science. Founded by the Rev. J. A. Nieuland, C.S.C., this publication maintains its high standards in presenting, to its readers, articles and data of Na- tural History. These articles are directed at the complex problems in this field and are a fertile source of facts and technical information. Con- tributions come from authorities in all parts of the United States, more particularly from the Middle West. 279 THE JUG I Spring of 1940 niiiiiiiHiii.iiiiiiiiiiiimiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiii HMiuiiimiiuiiiiiiiimiiimmmiimiiim Art Staff John Whelan Bernard McKay FELIX POGLIANO Editor JOHN HOLLAND . . Managing Editor Associate Editors William McGowan William O ' Hern We cheerfully dedicate this humor section of the DOME to the Notre Dame Juggler of the early 30 ' s (we should; we lifted the name) . News ' stands all over the country knew it as a great magazine that poked fun at a great university. In the few pages of this memorial issue we present our version of the modern, picturized Juggler of 1940. Our thanks are due to the artists, whose drawings from our ideas were almost strictly creations ex nihilo, to the photographers, who sometimes repaid our feeble suggestions with double exposures and blank negatives, and to the cutting department, whose blue pencils must now be shorter than the cigarette butts thrown away just before the allowance comes in. Felix Pogliano. 282 " Roll out the barrel " ' Slapstick a la Galento Stan LiHzetti gives orders to the Band ' How many free books you gertin ' this month? " ;; 283 unc hoy The Chimes of Notre Dame " Bells wake me up, Bells send me to Church, Bells tell me to go to Breakfast; in short all day long I hear the clang of bells. At night they give one last ring to tell me ' go to bed ' . " Ta en from the first letter which a Brownson Hall Freshman wrote home. " Sunrise Serenade ' ' I gotta right to sing the blues ' ' If I knew then ' l n " - S| r ife 5 Universal Communion Sunday in New York Alumni Groups Upper: Cleveland Retreat. Lower: New Jersey and New York groups hold a combined retreat ! suiiiiil . y " " i_ . ... ? ' ?( fi jiH At right: Notre Dame Club of Northern Cali- fornia commemorate 50th anniversary of Rockne ' s birth. Below: Detroit Club greets Van Wallace. At lower right: Albany Alumni donate a football trophy Universal Notre Dame night is heard in Los Angeles Each year the freshman will be sold something which, while very valuable, belongs to the university or is free. Above we see an inmate of Freshman hall buying the radiator, and at the right some very smart sophomores are selling subscriptions to the SCHOLASTIC and SCRIP. In two months they couldn ' t give them away. FRESHMEN BUY THINGS But there is one thing which every Freshman and every upper- classman needs and cannot buy at any price. And that is LAUNDRY INSURANCE. 288 CARROLL HALL FIRE Sunday morning, Jan. 28, 1940 289 our revenge MEN ABOUT THE CAMPUS Prof. Pedtke Joe Mangano and Joe Del Gaizo Prof. Staunton 290 President Ray Kelly of the Radio Club was heard frequently over the South Bend Tribune Station during the past year Ed Corey ' s Periscope kept the Campus and St. Mary ' s College well informed on matters of local interest. In his contest with the WEEK Ed came out with flying colors Jerry Flynn conducted the Sportcast Chief-Engineer Bob LeJeune I " May I have your attention now, men! This will take a time exposure of about three seconds " The boys in the Dorms dress for night prayer The king of Badin Bog holds court after a successful journey from Walsh Hall across the open sea Mike has a meal Any hall at 1 1 :00 P.M. That is where Notre Dame goes on Sunday afternoon SAW MASTS COLLEGE FOR WC 293 Breen-Philips under construction He gets a laundry number The library 294 Father Brennan and Tom Mills inspect the pool " He says Notre Dame men can eat anything " 295 As it once was 296 rmctoy A promise for the future as it ever shall be 297 Larry and Rube discuss the Junior Prom with Pat and Mary Elizabeth The Iowa club rates an office Elmer, as calm as ever ' Don ' t b elieve what you read in books " 298 The irony of it all We thought it didn ' t go fast enough to break a splinter let alone a tele- graph pole 299 On this page we see the methods used to elect our campus officers. First there are many confabs in the caf , then the ballot box is weighted to give the right party a small handicap, then to make sure the party ' s men vote a couple of times. 300 Bud Bernard, Walt Wuebbold. Harry Boisvert and Pat Goff are the pride of campus politics CAMPUS POLITICS " Don ' t give one fellow too much; we have 200 votes to buy before we can get into the finals " 301 Sophomore Justice The people ' s court of Badin Hall conduct a trial and promise quick punishment to any offender No mob rule in Badin; all was done according to law 302 303 Hall decorations entertained visitors to the campus for the Northwestern game The Notre Dame of another era which is quickly vanishing from the scene I Same trunks, same place as last year What profs did you get? I Tom Cooney unpacks for his stay in Brownson It ' s " no contest " when Bill Nagengast enters, for he wins 6,000 cigarets each fall in the score picking contest of the Philip Morris Co. The seniors in Alumni need two mailmen Yes it is his room, his sweater and his book; his name is Chuck Farrell and he plays baseball Ml ; t 9:00 o ' clock any night in the caf Prof. Jack Powers from Ingalls, Ind. swims all winter long in the lake. He refuses to have anything to do with any sissy thing like a pool 307 THE TWEEK Only yesterday we heard of a nose that hadn ' t been in " The Tweek " . . . and you know that every nose must be Tweeked at some time or other . . . (in fact, every nose should be given a blow) ... we have counted only the best ones ... a proboscis has a distinct personality even as you and I ... if you aren ' t a politician, pseudo-important, or member of the literati, don ' t bother to haul out a hankie ... we Scowlastics are haughty . . . some news we indignantly reject . . . someone recently criticized the news editor for missing a story, but we said, " Aw Me Go ' wan, he can ' t help it " . . . and everyone knows that the editor is a good tennis player ... it has been said that confusion is the first sign of progress ... so the Scowlastic must have made some headway . . . and thus it passes on to the great beyawned . . . for another year . . . n 308 The Green Mountain boys from Vermont pose for a DOME picture The publicity office does some posing of its own The Knights of Columbus give the Bishop a watch Budd Kerr and Steve Sitko at the East- West game Stumpy Ward All brass Sound-effect man Boisvert ' s big day THANKS T O MR. THOMAS KING and MR. RAYMOND E. McGRATH, ' 37, of PREMIER ENGRAVING Co. for their invaluable assistance and co-operation, MR. HERVEY MACCOWAN for his aid in the planning of the book, MR. E. J. HECKELMAN and MR. P. L. O ' NEILL of the W. B. CONKEY COMPANY for their valuable assistance, MR. KENNETH COOLEY of the DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT, MR. THEO JENA and MR. C. DAVID REX of the BAGBY PHOTO COMPANY for their excellent photography and assistance, MR. STANLEY SESSLER and MR. FRANCIS HANLEY of the Art Department for the creditable art work in this book, D. B. HANSEN AND SONS of Chicago for loan of robes used in painting the portrait of MOST REV. JOHN F. CTHARA, C.S.C., D.D., SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE for its co-operation, MR. ROBERT McAuLiFFE and MR. THOMAS BARRY for their assistance and encouragement, RALPH GERRA, RAY KELLY and the members of the 1940 DOME staff. CHARLES M. CAREY, C.S.C. THOMAS F. CARTY. 310 PERSONAL INDEX Adamonis, Stanley C 35, 224 Albert, Jr., Francis J 35, 176, 254 Albert, Richard S 35,258 Alexander, Edward R..87, 146, 151, 242, 246 Alfs, George W 87 Alleea, Francis R 35 Allen, Raymond R 35,249 Alonzi. Peter T 35, 237 Airman, Arnold D 87 Altman, Herman, S 87 . Richard F 35,213 Anderson, Arthur F 35 Anderson, Edgar H 35, 229, 240, 276 Andres, John J 261 iakos, Diogenes J 227, 243 Apone, Louis W 87 Araujo, Ramon A 235 Arboit, Peter S 87, 180 Archer, Clyde V 35, 238, 257 Arias, Enrique R 35, 227, 234, 235 Armbruster, James W 35 Armitage, Henry G 35, 221 Armitage, James V 151 Armstrong, Joseph J 35 Aselage, John B 87 Atkins, Thomas L 262, 267 Aubrey, Edward C 35, 255 Aubrey, Francis G 87 Aubrey, Fr ancis Y 35, 238, 271 Ancremanne. Albert C 257 Ancremanne, Carmille E 257 Azpiazu. Eusebio S 87, 235 B Baddour, Edraond F 36, 227, 243 Bagan. Earl D 257 Bagan, Mervm F 97, 151, 257 Bagarus, Stephen 177 Bailey, C.S.C., Paul C 87, 154 Bairley, Roy J 87, 227 Bakeman, James R 87 Baldinger, Edward J 79, 229 Ball, Richard E 87 Bangert, Douglas A 36, 261 Banigan, Thomas F 221. 229, 240 Bannon, Patrick J 36, 255 Barber, Robert A 36 Barbier, Richard L 36 Bargielski, C.S.C., John C 154 Barr, Joseph J 87 Barrack, Charles M 36, 136 Barreda, Fructuoso G 36 Barres, Harold J 33, 87, 250 Barrett, James E 36, 255 Barrett, Jr., Lawrence A 79 Barrett, Timothy J 87 Barry, John W 232, 257 Barry, Norman J 146 Battaile, John T 236 Bauer, Jr., John L 196 Baum, William A 261 Baumert, Francis X 36 Bard, Robert L 87 Barton, Leonard F 36, 224 Batista, Juan G 118,235,236 Batt, Richard A 87, 254 Beaudine, Robert J 36, 1 36 Beaumont, Robert E 250 Bebeau, Jr., Charles F 227 Becker, George W 36 Becker, Joseph J 236 Beckman, Frederick S 37 Begley, James R 37 Beh, C.S.C., Robert F 87 Behr, John L 146 Belden, Richard F 87 Belladonna, Roland L 87, 146, 257 Bellinger, James E 227 Benavides, William Y 79 Bendoritis, John T 87 Benedict, John T 79 Benedosso, Anthony A 87 Bennett, John C 226, 241 Bercik, Julius W 79 Beres, Emery A 87 Bergan, C.S.C., Cornelius P 37, 79, 154 Bergman, Alfred H 87 Berko, Laurence 227 Bermingham, John C 143, 196 Bernard, Anthony M 1 36, 232, 258 Bernard, David J 37, 262, 301 Bernard, Vincent J 87, 234 Bertany, Robert E 37 Bever, Leo A 37, 224 Biagi, Francis W 34, 37, 180 Bichon, Eugene W 37 Bischoff, Robert H 87, 151 Bisett, Edward W 87, 230 Bitzer, Charles A 241 Blockhurst, Robert T 262 Blake, Robert W 37, 249 Blakeman, Harold C 79 Blatt, George J 250 Bockheim, James J 37, 79, 229, 240 Boettner, James R 261 Bogan, William J 87 Boisvert, Harold V..32, 34, 37, 135, 167, 301 Bolchoz, William M 37,248 Bond, Nathaniel 37 Bond, William W 222 Bonfiglio, C.S.C., John P 154 Borda, Henry P 37, 250 Bordeaux, Jerome E 37 Borer, Harold W 37, 226 Borgman, Paul A 38, 229 Boss, Donald A 87, 257 Bourke, Norman F 38 Bowler, Harold H 38, 212, 246 Boyle, John L 87 Boyle, John F 227 Boyle, III, Samuel J 268 Bozich, Samuel S 238 Bracke, Camiel F 222 Bracken, Lawrence H 87, 261 Bradford, Raymond H 38 Bradley, Daniel F. 88, 227, 229, 240, 255, 268 Brady, Jr., James R 38 Brady, Wade J 88, 224 Braun, William A 88 Brehmer, John B 227, 243 Brennan, James E 88, 146 Brennan, James R 38, 146 Brennan, Patrick J 38, 242, 261 Brennan, Thomas J 38, 207 Brennan, Jr., Walter J 88, 262 Brennan, William F 38, 226 Bresette, James E 255 Bright, Francis E 38, 165, 274 Brinck, Veraon H 257 Bringman, Norman A 88 Brockman, Bernard N 88, 196 Brodbeck, Walter F 88 Brodberger, John B 38 Broderick, Jr., Daniel T 88 Broderick, John M 39, 273 Brogger, Charles C 88 Broussard, Joseph E 88, 234 Brown, George W 88, 257 Brown, James G 39 Brown, Roger W 146 Brownfield, Paul W 88 Browning, Thomas J 39 Brugger, James J 88, 271 Brush, John F 39, 230, 262 Brutz, James C 182 Bruzek, James E 236 Buber, Luther W 88, 221, 229 Buckler, Joseph L 88, 224 Buckley, Clifford G 88, 261 Buddy, Edward 88 Buenger, Edward A 88, 227, 250 Burd, Robert B 39 Burke, Edward J 39 Burke, James P 254, 269 Burke, John E 88, 156, 268 Burke, Richard W 39, 261 Burke, Robert L 39, 158, 250 Burnes, Joseph F 39 Burns, James A 232 Burns, James F 39 Burns, Lawrence A 88, 138, 255, 298 Burns, Jr., Robert E 88, 256 Burns, William G 39, 229, 255 Burns, William J 88, 1 39 Butler, Edmund 219, 272 Byrne, James A 39, 261 Byrne, Matthew A 255, 269 Byrnes, Matthew R 88 Cady, C.S.C., Thomas F 88, 154 Cahill, James F 258 311 PERSONAL INDEX Caird, Donald R 39, 255 Callaghan, John F 79 Callahan, Joseph G 88 Callan, Jr., Alfred J 39, 248, 249 Cambo, Lucas J 235 Cambron, Charles R 88, 255 Campbell, C.S.C., James B 39, 154, 254 Campbell, John L 257 Canale, Philip M 39 Cannon, Jr., James A 39 Cannon, William J 40 Capello, Vito W 237, 261 Carbine, Jr., William C 88, 224 Carey, Maurice F 88 Carlucci, Joseph P 40 Carnes, James R 195 Carney, John B 222, 257 Carr, Joseph P 88 Carroll, Gerald E 88, 262 Carroll, James P 228, 257 Carroll, Phillip V 40, 136, 261 Carroll, C.S.C., Brother Placidus 79 Carroll, Thomas J 88, 262 Carson, William J 88 Carty, Thomas F. 139, 166, 218, 226, 246, 261 Carver, Milton J 241, 262 Casby, John J 89 Casey, John G 89, 272 Casey, Joseph E 89, 250 Casper, James J 40 Casper, James T 40, 255 Cassidy, Thaddeus D 89 Cattie, Joseph F 89 Caudill, Henry B 89, 256 Cavanaugh, Charles W 146 Cavanaugh, C.S.C., Joseph H 79 Cawley, C.S.C., Brother Donald 40, 273 Cella, Anthony L 40, 207 Cenni, Jr., Louis J 40 Centlivre, Robert E 40, 257 Cestary, Roy D 258 Chamberlain, Eugene M 89 Chamberlain, Robert V 40 Champley, James A 89, 276 Champley, Joseph P 229, 240, 250 Chaput, Elmer P 32, 40, 136, 229, 255 Cherney, Andrew W 258 Chlebeck, Andrew J 206 Chenal, Bernard J 89 Ciaccio, Benjamin P 89, 250 Ciccolella, John E 40 Cintron, Juan E 41, 227, 234, 235 Ciolino, Jr., Francis V 41, 151 Cissne, John W 89 Clark, John J 250, 261 Clark, William P 89, 151,221 Clarke, Stephen R 89, 241 Cleary, James P 41,219,255 Cleary, William F 41, 229, 240 Clemens, Richard A 261 Coco, Carl S 146 Cobb, Charles L 41 Colbert, Edward L 89, 146 Cole, John C 41 Coleman, Robert F 249, 250 Collins, Henry D 32, 41 Concannon, Francis P 261 C ondon, Stephen D 79 Conforti, Francis J 261 Conley, James A 254 Connell, James T 41 Connelly, Herbert J 41, 224, 258 Connolly, Robert E 41 Connolly, Robert J 41, 136 Connor, Thomas H 89 Connors, Donald F 275 Consolazio, Anthony N 41, 237 Converse, Maurice J 89 Conway, Jr., James F 255 Cook, John D 258 Cooney, Thomas J 261, 269 Cooper, C.S.C., Brother Etienne 89 Coppinger, John M 302 Coquillard, Jr., Alexis E 41 Corbett, James J 89, 209, 221 Corcoran, James J 210 Corey, Edgar A 89, 226, 256, 29 1 Corgan, Michael H 41, 213 Cosgrove, Thomas F 250, 258 Costello, George K 41 Costa, John E 262 Costello, C.S.C., George L 154 Costello, Joseph M 89, 243, 254 Cotter, Jr., William E..89, 151, 158, 236, 261 Coughlin, Francis S 42, 146, 201 Coughlin, John D 41, 224 Courtney, John W 42, 221 Courtney, Thomas E 228 Cousineau, Jr., Edward F 89 Cox, Robert E 89 Crandell, Wilson B 89 Crane, Hubert T 42, 207 Crawford, Bernard K 42, 227, 234 Crimmins, Bernard A 179, 255 Crimmins, Charles V 89 Cronin, John M 79, 255 Cronin, Thomas G 250 Cronin, Walter J 89, 139 Cross, Francis R 89, 234 Crowley, William R 89 Cullather, James L 42, 224 Cullinane, Daniel J 213 Cummings, Jr., Joseph P 42, 136, 257 Cunniff, Charles L 89, 221 Curran, Charles S 42 Curran, James E 42 Curran, John M 42,226,239,255 Currier, Gerald A 255 Currigan, Thomas G 89, 246 Curry, John M 89, 224 Curtis, James B 89 Gushing, Bernard J 42 Cutforth, John K 89, 257 Cutlip, Lorenzo G 90 Cyril, Fr., O.S.B 258 D Dahill, Daniel D 90, 146, 257 Daigler, Vincent A 254, 269 Daley, Bernard N 42, 227 Daly, Charles F 43 Daly, William T 90, 239 D ' Ambrosio, Joseph J 151 Daner, James C 43, 255 Daner, William J 269 Daniels, George J 255 Da Pra, Luino L 43 Darrouzet, Jr., John L 43 Daugherty, Philip V 43, 221 Davis, Edward F 227 Davis, C.S.C., Ralph B 154 Deahl, Warren A 90, 258 Deal, Elvin J 90 Dean, C.S.C., Victor F 154 Deane, John J 43, 201 Debittetto, John M 90, 151,237 De Coursey, William P 249, 255 DeFranco, Joseph F 43, 176, 237 Degnan, Thomas F 227, 261 Delahanty, Jr., Edward L 43 Delahanty, James L 43, 258 DeLay, Eugene E 90, 224 DeLay, Paul R 90, 146, 151 Del Gaizo, Joseph P 43, 237, 290 Delia, Thomas A 90, 237 Dell, Charles E 43 Del Zoppo, Albert J 90, 1 20 Demeter, Robert S 43, 221 Demling, William F 90, 213 DeMoss, John E.. .33, 43, 227, 229, 240, 250 DeMoss, Robert W 227 Dempsey, James R 90 Denney, John M 243 de Olazarra, Luis R 90, 239 Dervin, Michael E 43,258 Derengoski, Robert A 33 Dereume, August J 90 Desel, Walter J 90 Devereux, Lawrence A 43 Devine, Samuel L 43 De Vries, Daniel A 261 Dillon, Charles E 33, 90 Dillon, Jr., John C 44 Dimond, Joseph H 255, 262 Dinges, John F 250, 272 Dittborn, Carlos 235 Diver, James E 90 Doermer, John J 44, 257 Doerr, John H 269 Dolan, Robert M 44, 255 Dolce, Russell J 44, 250 Dominic, William W 90, 258 Donadio, Jr., Anthony P 106, 151, 237 Donahue, John V 44 Donlan, Jr., James J 146, 151 Donnelly, Jr., Christopher J 44, 256 Donnelly, John T 90, 261 Donoghue, James V 44 Donohue, Jr., John H 44, 257 Donohue, John W 44, 224 Donohue, Philip A 44, 210, 211 Donovan, Gerald K..32, 45, 84, 209, 236, 256 Donovan, Robert N 45, 234 Doody, Francis A 86, 90, 234 Dora, Richard J 90, 224 Doran, Robert J 81, 90, 147, 219 Daugherty, Jr., William E 45 312 PERSONAL INDEX Dougherty, Maurice R. 45 Dore, Jr., Edward J 255 Dove, Robert L 258 Dowd, Henry R. 45, 261 Dowd, Robert E 90, 250 Dowling, Francis W 90 Downey, James C 236 Doyle, Edward D 45, 261 Doyle, James F 45, 224 Doyle, Vincent A 45 Dray, Walter L 45, 234 Dreiser, George W 107 Drexler, William P 90 DriscolL Donald B 79 Driscoll, Francis S 45, 234 Drumgould, John W 45 Duckworth, Eugene W 90, 243 Duffy, Kenneth E 250 Duffy, Maurice J 90, 239 Duffy, Thomas J 45, 189 Duffy, C.S.C., William T 154 Dugan, William M. 90 Duggan, John L 90, 230, 146 Dunham, William J 90, 146 Dunlap, John W 45 Dunn, John H 243 Duquette, Jr., Joseph E 241, 254 Dwyer, Gerald P 90 Dyer, John J 45 Dyke, Robert C 90 Eagan, Jr., Roger P 45, 224 Earley, William J 257 Eaton, Charles W 258 Ebner, Francis G 255 Eby, Douglas L. 45 Edmonds, Mfllard S 90 Egan, Jr., Roger R. 45 Eichler, George M 45 Filers, Bernard J 46, 191 1 1 1 Ellis, Herschel R 46, 205 Ellis, John D 46 Ellsbree, John L 222 Else. John G 46, 243 Engel, Henry K 46 Ephgrave, Charles W 79 Erna, Francis J 46 Ertel, Mark A 46, 188 Essick, James H 86, 91, 302 Evans, Albert J 196, 257, 258 Evans, C S.C., William P 154 d, Richard R 91 Facteau, Leo G 46 Pagan, William R 79 Fallen, Jr., Richard L..91, 226, 230, 241, 271 Fallen, Robert J 91, 221, 229, 254, 261 Farrell, Charles J 91, 205, 268, 272, 307 Farrell, Eugene R. 91 Fay, Wffliam C 46, 85, 212, 270 Fayette, James J 151 Faymonvflle, Jr., William J 79 Fazzi, George B 91, 254 Fearon, John J 224 Feeney, Gerald F 258 Fencfl, Wayne J 46, 221 Fenlon, Edward E 91 Fenn, James H 47 Fensel, Albert J 227, 243 Fensel, Francis P 47, 221, 254 Fergus, Francis E 47 Ferguson, Homer W 91 Ferguson, Lawrence 1 47 Ferneding, John C. 47, 238 Ferneding, Thomas C 47, 238 Ferraro, Stephen P 91 Ferrick, George W 91. 254 Ferry, James J 91 Fidler, Raymond P 91 Finan, C.S.C., Raymond E 95, 154 Finch, Robert B 91, 146, 256 Finneran, John C 47, 179 Finucane, Thomas F 255 Fipp, August B 47 Fish, Robert G 47, 221, 229 Fishburne, Benjamin P 91, 227, 234 Fisher, John A. 258 Fitch, Gail D 107, 224, 228, 250, 262 Fitzgerald, William P 143, 227, 229 Fitz Harris, Thomas J 261 Fitzpatrick, Robert J 91 Fitzpatrick, Jr., Thomas M 47, 254 Flanagan, John C 47, 146, 253 Flanagan, John P 91, 246 Fleming, Walter L 47 Hood, Paul J 47 Flynn, Gerald J 47, 82, 158, 185, 291, 224, 302 Flynn, John Benedict 47, 258 Flynn, Raymond R. 151 Foley, James E 47, 166 Foley, James J 91, 257 Foley, Roger C 91 Foley, William G 91, 224, 228 Ford, James W 250 Ford, Thomas P 48 Ford, William E : :- Foskett, C.S.C., Clifford R. 91 Foskett, Donald A 48, 270 Fountain, Robert L 91, 151, 239 Fowler, Frederic E 91, 166, 236, 248 Francies, John T 146 Francoeur, Adrien P 48 Frazier, Jr., George J 227 Fredericks, Carl K. 91 Frericks, Alfred J 91 Fretague, William J 146 Froelich, Jerome J 91 Fromuth, Karl F 48 Frost, Robert J 48, 261 Fulham, Edward T 79 Funk, Albert P 48, 83, 156, 158, 249 Gabreski, Francis S 242 Gabrys, Thaddeus S 91, 242 Gagan, William D 91 Gainer, Charles D 91 Gaither, John F 91, 209 Galante, Luke G 91 Gallagher, Jr., Charles R 91 Gallagher, Thomas C 91, 173, 250 Gallagher, Thomas E 91 Gallagher, William J 222 Cans, Fred A 261 Gardner, Robert E 254 Gartland, James M 92 Garvey, Cyril T 92, 258 Garvey, John J 258, 269 Garvey, Joseph L 92, 229, 240 Garvey, Joseph R. 92, 261 Garvey, William J 92 Gatens, Edmund J 92 Gavan, John D 48, 209 Geary, Jr., Cornelius E 48, 184 Geddes, William H 48, 271 Geiger, Robert J 241 Gentle, Anthony F 48, 224, 257 Centner, Francis G 48 Gero, John B 92 Gerra, Ralph A 92, 158, 224, 267 Gerwe, Jr., Joseph J 48 Geselbracht, Thomas H 92, 234, 250 Gibbons, Joseph W 261 Giedemann, Joseph H 268 Gies, William P 49, 229, 240, 276 Giesler, Vincent J 49 Gillen, Timothy C. 92 Gillespie, Charles J 92, 193 Gilligan, John J 269 GiMand, Donald R- 49, 283, 302 Gfllon, Angus M. 49 Gflrane, John J 49,221,229,262 Glass, Paul F 49 Glasser, Jr., William P 229 Gleason, Neal J 49 Glenn, William M 92, 229, 240 Gocke, Anthony E 236 Goff, Kenneth J 49, 301 Goggin, Edward R 49 Gollen, Charles J 254 Conner, James A. 92, 229 Gonring, Mathew N 49, 224 Goosen, Fred. D 261 Gordon, John R 49, 151 Gore, Jr., Joseph E 79 Gorman, Joseph R. 49, 146, 219 Gorrell, James S 49 Gottron, Jr., Henry P 92, 158 Grace, Michael P 92, 229, 230 Grady, Thomas F 92, 156, 240 Grady, William H 227, 243, 257 Graham, Edward A 92 Graham, Harold E 92, 235 Graham, Jr., James H 79 Grant, Donald R. 258 Gray, Robert J 92, 234 Green, Cornelius J 110, 256 Greene, Jr., Charles E 92 Greene, George W 92 Greene, James M 79 Gregory, Jr., Whitney I ' 49 Griffin, Emmet D 249 313 PERSONAL INDEX Grisanti, Robert C 49, 250 Grobmyer, John C 92, 255 Grogan, Jr., Edward F 50, 218 Gruenenfelder, Marcus A 50, 222 Gschwend, II, Paul J 50 Gubanich, John A 176 Guccione, Joseph L 50, 224, 237 Guglielmino, Donald F 262 Guiltinan, Joseph P 92, 239 Guindon, Francis X 50, 248 Guiney, John J 92 Gulyassy, Nicholas S 250 Gulyassy, Victor J 250 Gunter, Francis E 50, 224, 262 Gurucharri, Vincente V 235 Gutshaw, Kenneth J 50, 229, 240 Gwinn, Jr., Samuel W 92, 257 H Haaga, Jr., Joseph A 50, 240 Haas, Joseph F 250 Habecker, Edward E 50 Hackett, Edward F 224 Hackett, Jr., John W 50, 255 Hackett, Thomas E 50, 226 Hackman, Paul W 50 Hackner, Robert Bernard 222, 227 Haffner, John C 92 Hagen, Jr., Walter C 51, 210, 211 Haggerty, George G 51,236,254 Hake, William H 79, 146 Hale, Robert W 92 Haley, Douglas F 92, 222, 241 Hall, Burt J 51, 227 Halpin, Joseph H 51 Halpin, William F 51 Hamel, Phillip J 232, 257 Hammer, Alfred J 92, 250 Hammer, Leo A 250 Hammond, Thomas J 51, 219 Hanford, C.S.C., William J 154 Hanifin, John F 243 Haninger, George A 146, 227 Hanley, Edward J 92 Hannan, Daniel E 32, 51 Hannan, William J 51,221 Hannigan, James J 92 Hannon, William M 250 Haracz, Edwin J 242 Hardard, Augustin S 261 Hargrave, Robert W 174 Harrigan, John L 243, 262 Harris, Russell L 209 Hart, Edward J 243 Hart, C.S.C., James W 154 Hart, Joseph F 51, 184,238 Hartman, John F 92, 254 Hartung, Walter H 92 Hartzer, Joseph F 51 Harvey, Edmund E 92 Harvey, Thaddeus H 51, 146, 182, 250 Hasson, Charles G 93, 248 Hastings, Charles W 51 Hawes, William R 93, 196, 258 Hayden, Edward G 250, 302 Hayes, Clarence W 93, 139 Hayes, Robert M 146 Hayhurst, C.S.C., Brother Benitus 51 Hays, Jr., George 250 Hazinski, Remegius C 258 Hearn, William J 108, 262 Hebenstreit, Bruce A 93 Hecht, Robert E 224 Heckler, Norman B 93, 212 Heil, Robert J 146 Heimbaugh, William W 93 Heinlen, Jerome F 151 Heintzelman, James H 51, 248 Heinz, Edward J 51 Heinzen, Anthony C 93 Heinzer, C.S.C., Albert J 93 Hellenthal, John S 52 Hellmuth, Paul F 52 Heltzel, Donald T 236, 258, 269, 272, 275 Henault, Maurice G 229 Hendrick, Roger J 227, 262 Henebry, John P 52, 151 Henegan, Bernard J 52 Henely, Richard P 257 Hengel, Edward D 93 Henke, Theodore M 93, 227 Hennel, C.S.C., Brother Rex 93 Hennessey, William R 93, 234 Hennessy, Jr., Edward J 52, 255 Hennessy, John F 52 Hennessy, John M 93, 151, 158, 226 Henslee, Jr., Edward B 93, 257 Herbert, Francis M 261 Herliny, Thomas L 227 Hernandez, Jose A 93, 235 Herzog, William L 227 Hester, Curtis A 52 Hicinbothem, John E 52, 234 Hickens, C.S.C., William F 1 54 Hickey, Gerald A 93, 224, 227 Hickey, Paul E 52,261 Hickey, Lawrence F 224, 255 Hilgartner, III, Daniel E 250 Hilkert, Eugene C 250 Hill, Jr., John M 93, 229, 240 Hillebrand, John J 52, 227 Hillebrand, Joseph R 250 Hillebrand, Jr., Leo S 93 Hillis, Walter G 261 Hirschauer, Thomas F 93 Hiss, Bernard F ; 52 Horlocher, John L 254 Hogan, Gerald G 52, 273 Hogan, William J 53 Roll, Frederick N 93, 146, 156 Holland, John A 93, 268 Holman, Jr., Chester D 53, 246 Holsinger, Jr., Frederick T 93, 229, 240 Hooffstetter, Robert T 53, 146 Hooley, Clement A. 267 Hopkins, Francis J 93 Hopkins, William E 53, 258 Horak, Thomas E 146, 250 Horgan, Thomas G 93,234 Horn, George T 53 Hosinski, Donald E 53 Hosinski, William A 93 Hosty, Thomas E 53 House, James D 252 House, William R 93, 262 Houser, C.S.C., Charles R 154 Howard, Robert 1 53, 238, 254 Howland, William S 93 Howley, Robert S 93, 250 Hoyer, Thomas E 213 Hoyne, Edward W 93 Hrachovec, Joseph L 53 Hubbard, Oliver W 261 Huber, Joseph J 93, 249, 261 Huck, Thomas E 93 Huff, Edward G 53, 226, 272 Huf f, Stanley E 53, 146, 221 Hufnagel, James M 53,224 Hughes, Henry G 93,257 Hughes, Joseph V 93, 243, 250 Hulihan, Robert A 221 Hultgren, Edward L 93 Humby, Arthur J 94 Humphreys, Michael P 209 Hunt, John D 261 Hunthausen, Norvall M 34, 53, 206 Hurley, James E 94 Hushek, Daniel J 53 Hussey, John J 53 Huston, Edward A 53 Hutchens, Jr., Charles K. 54, 254 Huth, George B 224 Hutmacher, Eugene S 258 Hyde, David F 54 Hyland, C.S.C., John J 154 Hynes, Edward J 94 Hynes, John C 54, 274 I Igel, Robert H 79 Iliff, Robert E 91, 229, 240, 262 Ingwersen, Martin L 94, 250 Jackson, Jr., Laurence W 258 Jaeger, Bernard F 94 Jacobs, Clarence E 255 Jandoli, Russell J 238 Jaquay, Louis H 94, 229 Jehring, Robert B 94, 166, 224, 257 Jerry, Vincent L 227 Jochems, Theodore P 54, 256 John, Harry G 94 Johnson, John P 94,261 Johnston, Jr., Burley C 54,151,230 Jordan, Cecil E 54 Joyce, John J 54 Joyce, John L 94 Joyce, William L 54, 212, 239 Julian, John D 54, 237, 257 Justen, Daniel A 94 K Kaczmarek, Richard C 79 Kaltenbach, Joseph C 243, 257 314 PERSONAL INDEX Kamm, Elmer J 94 Kamm, Wilbur A 54 Kane, Charles H 250 Kane, John J 94, 243 Karr, George R 55, 146 Karr, James J 55, 234 Kastens, Oscar H 94 Katter, George W 94 Keach, Leroy J 55 Kearney, Charles M 249 Keefe, Harry J 55 Keefler, Joseph W 146 n, John F 94 . Michael J 94 Keen, Edward C 55 Keenan, John E 249 Keenan, William Q 151 Kegelmayer, Carl J 94, 224 Kehres, Paul G 94, 256 Keleher, Edwin W 94 Kelleher, John C 55, 180 Kelley, Eaniel A 94 Kelly, Charles E 55 Edward J 232, 246 Kelly, James P 55, 234, 254 Kelly, John F 79, 166, 175, 179, 261 Kelly, John M 232, 250, 254 Kelly, John S 112, 254 Kelly, Raymond J 94, 166, 236, 255, 267, 272, 291 Kelly, Richard B 55 William P 196, 255 .. Charles M 55 Kempf, Kenneth R. 241 Kenedy, Thomas B 226 Kennedy, Charles J 146, 151 Kennedy, Edwin T 94 Kennedy. Francis B 94 Kennedy, William C 55 Kenney, Robert J 94, 250 Kenny, Jame? X 55 Kerger. Adolph E 94 Kcrr. William H 55, 129, 174, 213 Kerrigan, John H 55, 221 Kerrigan. John R 94, 140 Kersten, Herbert H 94, 257 Kerwin, Jame? F 94, 229 Kerwin, Jr., William F 55, 255 Kessing, Albert H 55, 146, 224 Keyes, William C 250 Killen, John J 2 32 Killigrew, Jeremiah J 241 r. Richard L 258 King, Russell N 56 King, Timothy R 56, 218, 261 Kingston, C.S.C., Paul J 94 .. John C 146,236,261 Kirchman, Jr., Edward J 262 Kirsch. C.S C., Brother Camillus 56 Kisgen. Richard W 151, 257 Klees, John A 250 Klein, Howard A 56,221,255 Klier, Eugene P 56, 277 Klinger, Lloyd L 56, 229, 240 Klyn, Gerard C 250 Kmiecik, Thaddeus S 56, 246 Knaus, Joseph A 56, 229, 240 Koch, Robert J 94 Kokenge, Urban L 232 Kopp, Jr., George C 255 Korth, Howard J 94, 262 Koss, Aloysius J 56, 234, 255 Kotte, John A. 56 Kralovec, Donald E 95, 230, 250 Krapf, William L 95 Krawiec, Walter F 242 Kremer, Joseph C 151 Kristoff, Jr., Walter W 95, 243 Kuhlmann, John H 56,254 Kunkle, Edward B 95 Kuntz, William J 95, 257 Kwiecien, Ceslaus B 95, 250 Lacas, C.S.C., Br other Rudolph 57 LaForest, C.S.C., Brother Laurian 57 LaForge, Raymond A 269 Lahey, Edwin J 57,238 Laiber, Joseph 213 La Joie, Louis J 255 Lambert, Michael S 95, 250 Lambert, Robert H 57, 218 Lambert, Walter C 250 Lancaster, Arthur J 57, 226, 239, 254 Lancaster, Jr., Leon L 57, 254, 274 Landry, John F 95 Lane, John H 258, 261 Lang, James 95, 230 Langlois, Robert E 95 Lanigan, Thomas P 146 Lapilusa, Jr., Salvatore J 95, 221 Larkin, Edward J 95 Laporte, Raymond G 236, 254 Larkin, Joseph W 57, 238 Larson, John W 95 Laskowski, C.S.C., Jerome S 95, 154 Lattimer, Charles T 95, 240, 229 Lauch, C.S.C., Anthony J 154 Lauerman, Francis J 95 Laughna, Hugh J 255 Lavelle, Anthony E 57 Lavelle, Francis J 95, 261 Lavey, Elwood J 57,246 Lawler, Joseph V 95, 146 Lawless, John F 151 Lawrence, Robert H 57 Layton, Dewey 57 Lazaro, Carlos 95, 235 Leahy, Richard A. 95 LeBlanc, C.S.C., Herve A 95, 154 Lee, Albert B 95 Lee, Robert B 57 Leibin, Robert A 57 Leising, James W 209 Lejeune, Robert C 95,166,243,291 Leman, Samuel E 57 LeMense, Robert D 256, 269, 272 Lenihan, Jr., Emmett G 95 Lenihan, Paul C 57 Leonard, Eugene T 58, 221 Leonard, Robert J 95, 139 Leonas, Theodore J 79 LePage, Jr., Jean R. 58, 226, 241 LeStrange, Jr., Joseph A. 95 LeStrange, Thomas A 58, 221 Letcher, John C 58 Letscher, Robert J 95, 257 Lewis, Leo J 224 Linehard, Bernard A 95, 230 Lillis, Paul B 33,175,261 Lingenfelder, Charles E 58 Link, Francis C 95 Linnehan, John J 58, 227, 234, 250 Listen, Thomas P 58 Litizette, Stanley V 146, 158, 283 Lloyd, Thomas V 58 Loes, Philip A. 255 Lo Gindice, D. J 261 Lohr, George E 95 Lombardo, C.S.C., George J 95, 154 Longo, Bernard F 95, 268 Lopardo, Florenzo V 95 Lopez, Annand M 95 Loughrey, Robert J 58 Lownik, Felix J 229, 250 Lucas, John V 95 Lucier, Phillip J 224 Lynch, James H 58 Lyng, Richard ' Lysaght, Robert W 255 M Maas, John B 255 Maccani, William L 256 MacCarry, Noel J 96 MacCauley, John S 96, 151 MacDonald, Harrison T 151,185 Mack, John E 58 Mackenzie, Louis A 96, 224 Maddalena, Arthur D 221 Madden, William B 151 Madigan, John J 96, 227 Magarahan, James F 143 Magnella, Francis J 254 Magner, Charles W 59, 224 Mago, Bernard A 96, 224, 228, 254 Maguire, Donald F 96 Maguire, Roderick H 221 Mahar, William J 59 Maher, Edward J 59, 212 Maher, Joseph G 96,212,261 Mahon, John J 250 Mahoney, Edward A 232 Mahoney, Robert J 59, 151, 246 Mahoney, William P 59 Majewski, Lawrence C 96 Malaney, William C 96, 226, 239 Malone, Edward J 96 Malone, C.S.C., Henry E 154 Maloney, Anthony J 33, 107, 254 Maloney, John L 96, 261 Maloney, John M 86, 96 Mangano, Joseph A 59, 237, 257, 290 Manix, Joseph C 96 Mann, James E 59 315 PERSONAL INDEX Mannion, Joseph A 261, 269 Marbach, Bernard 96, 261 Marbach, Robert J 81, 226, 261 Marchioli, Nicholas C 96 Marcin, Joseph N 254 Marcucci, George L 96 Marker, Thomas P 59 Marlow, Henry H 224, 250 Marquardt, Clarence W 32, 86, 96, 1 38, 250, 298 Marranca, Joseph N 96, 237 Marsh, William P 96 Marshall, William A 96, 229, 240, 255 Martin, Emery W 96, 261 Martin, John J 59, 258, 261 Martinez, Felipe S 235 Martori, Peter J 59 Massullo, Mario D 258 Masterson, Bernard J 59 Masterson, Leonard J 250 Mathey, Joseph R 59, 224 Mathieu, Edward J 59 Mathis, Jr., William D 59 Matson, William J 59, 238, 255 Matthews, Edward E 59 Matthews, Robert A 275 Mattingly, Brother Edwin 96 Maury, George J 96, 229, 240 McArdle, Vernon D 151 McBreen, C.S.C., James P 60, 159 McBride, Arthur B 250 McCabe, James W 60 McCabe, Thomas A 79 McCanna, Charles B 60 McCanna, Phillip R 96 McCarren, William J.. 166, 226, 227, 243, 261 McCarthy, Daniel E 96 McCarthy, James J 96 McCarthy, John V 250 McCarthy, Thomas P 60, 284 McCartney, Patrick J 60 McCarty, Neil J 249, 268 McCarty, William H 96 McCaughey, Michael J 96, 158, 224, 227 McClarren, James P 60 McCormack, Paul J 60 McCourt, Walter 250 McCoy, John T 257 McCue, John J 269 McDermont, Edward T 60 McDermott, Maurice C 262 McDevit, John C 166, 272 McDonald, Angus J 262 McDonnell, John N 96 McDonnell, Patrick F 96, 256 McDonough, Francis J 96 McDonough, John W 79 McDonough, Joseph J 60 McDowell, David L...... .96, 222, 229, 240 McFadden, James J 96 McFarland, Patrick F 79, 227, 256 McGann, Louis J 258 McGannon, William V 97,181 McGarry, Charles F 97 McGee, Jr., Thomas J 97, 248 McGeever, John B 97 McGlew, James A 97, 221 McGovern, James P 97, 257 McGowan, Martin J 143, 196 McGowan, William C 97,224,270 McGrath, William F 106, 255 McGroder, Francis J 97, 139, 250 McGuire, John H 60 McHugh, Edward C 97 McHugh, John W 222 Mclnerney, James L 97 Mclnerny, William F 60 Mclntyre, John A 60, 2 1 3 Mcjunkin, William J 97,228 McKay, Bernard C 227, 268 McKee, Robert J 97 McKelvy, Francis D 97, 256 McKenna, Coe A 224 McKenna, Thomas J 61 McKenna, Willam S 61, 224, 255 McKenny, Keeran F 79 McKeon, Joseph M 61, 135, 213 McKnight, Henry J 254 McLaughlin, Brian C 146 McLaughlin, Edward F 61 McLaughlin, Harry 97, 255 McLaughlin, Lawrence G 97, 255 McLaughlin, Martin M 151,261 McLaughlin, Rovert V 97 McLean, Andrew J 97 McLeod, Robert J 61, 151 McLoone, Edward A 229, 262 McLoughlin, Thomas 1 61, 236, 239 McMahon, Richard C 97 McManus, Robert R 61 McManus, Thomas P 97, 226 McNamara, Walter F 107 McNamara, William J 61, 250 McNamee, John H 97, 246 McNerthney, Joseph B 97, 275 McNulty, James E 97 McQuail, Samuel 261 McQueen, James R 79, 258 McRoberts, James S 61 McShane, C.S.C., James E 61, 154 McSweeney, Robert E 254 McVay, William P 254 McVay, James F 1 58, 254 McVary, William P 61 Mead, Richmond A 97, 221 Meaney, James J 97, 248 Meaney, John W .61, 248, 273 Meconi, Louis P 61, 237, 246 Mee, Fenton J 61 Meehan, Francis J 196, 224 Meeker, George R 61, 262 Meier, William E 158 Meltzer, George F 97 Melton, Herbert S 224 Mendolia, Raymond J 97, 196 Menneg, Paul E 62, 261 Merdzinski, Norbert H 97, 1 5 1 Merrill, John N 79 Merrion, James E 97 Metzger, Richard A 62, 261 Metzler, James P 62, 224, 255 Meyer, John P 97 Meyer, C.S.C., Robert A 97, 154 Meyer, William H 62,224,258 Meyers, William T 62 Michels, Carroll A 62 Middendorf, William B 255 Mies, John A 97 Miholich, Ferdinand E 62 Milano, Gerard M 250 Miles, George E 97 Miles, Thomas V 97 Milford, George J 62 Millenbach, Mathew K 98, 255 Miller, Charles E 224, 250, 255 Miller, Joseph J 33,233,257 Miller, C.S.C., Bro. Lawrence 62 Miller, William R 250, 258 Millet, Robert M 255 Milliman, John R 255 Miltner, Francis H 62, 146 Minczeski, Edward V 62 Minges, William J 258 Minogue, Thomas J 62, 151 Mizerski, Richard C 63, 242 Mlynsky, John J 63, 228, 239 Moeschi, C.S.C., Wilbur W 98, 154 Molidor, Otto B 146 Molin, Robert G 63 Monaghan, John H 98,227,234 Monahan, John E 63 Monahan, Thomas F 63 Moncrief, David B 98, 240 Montedonico, James H 79 Montegna, Rocco J 79, 233, 237, 250 Mooney, Alan B 63, 175 Mooney, Erwin J 98 Mooney, William B 146, 151, 213, 233 Moore, James T 63, 255 Moran, John C 63,256 Moran, Robert E 98, 258 Moran, Thomas F 63, 256, 261 Morgan, John B 63, 234 Morgan, John B 63, 166 Moriarty, John F 224, 250 Morrey, Willard C 98 Morrill, Robert E 224 Morris, George B 63,218 Morris, James V 98 Morris, Mize 63 Morrison, Richard H 238, 257 Morrison, Thomas A 98, 196, 254 Morrissey, Donald C 98, 255 Morrissey, Gerald E 63 Morrissey, William J 63, 224 Morrisson, Paul M 166, 241, 254 Morrow, George E 151 Morrow, William F 224,255 Mortell, John E 98 Mortensen, Ralph A 255 Moulder, William A 98, 140 Muehlenkamp, Thomas G 98 Muellman, Robert G 250 Muench, Albert J 269 Mullaney, John E 98,261 Mullen, Park C 64 Mullen, Paul J 64 Mulligan, Patrick J 33, 98, 250, 261 316 PERSONAL INDEX Mulqueen, Joseph H 64, 226, 257 Mulvey, William K. 98, 302 Murdock, Benedict F 64, 258 Myers, Laurence F 258 Murphy, Francis J 64 Murphy, James J 98 Murphy, James L 146 Murphy, John B 98 Murphy, Thomas J 98 Murphy, Thomas M 98, 151, 261 Murphy, Wflliam J 250 Murray, Bernard C 64, 229, 240 Murray, Edward R 98,224 Murray, Harry L 98 Murray, James A. 98, 261 Murray, James H 98, 261 Murray, James P 227,261 Murray, Richard D 151, 261 Murtagh, Donald R 98, 226, 250 Murtaugh, John F 98, 302 Mysliwiec, C.S.C., Bro. Jeremias 64 N Nace, John F 98, 234 Xadolski, Francis J 64, 229 Xaeel, Fnti J 229, 240 -igast, William J 98 Xeagle, Jr., Edward F 250 Xeale, C.S.C ., Edward J 64, 154 Near, C.S.C., Arthur W 154 Necas, Emmet J 98, 196, 250 Xeenan, Joseph T 98 Xefld, Samuel J 210 Xelson, Charles F 146 Nelson, James J 64, 229, 240 Nenno, Robert P 254 Newland, James G 146,270 Niehaus, Joseph H 98 Xigro, Joseph F 64 Nolan, Robert A 222 Noble, John M 98 Nolan, Robert J 65, 224, 255 Noonan, Maurice E 65, 257 Norris. Harry L 65 Nowak, C.S.C., Bro. Ambrose 98 Nowicki, Sebastian J 206 Xueent, Joseph E 250 o Oberbruner, Kenneth L 65, 193, 205 Oberhofer, Arthur R 65 O ' Brien, Charles J 65 O ' Brien, Donald F 236 O ' Brien, Eugene L 227 O ' Brien, Harry F 98,261 O ' Brien, James J 99 O ' Brien, John David 146 O ' Brien, John Dennis 99, 174 O ' Brien, John Jerome 65, 224 O ' Brien, John Joseph 99 O ' Brien, Thomas B 65, 256 O ' Brien, William H 65,261 O ' Brien, Wffliam P 65 O ' Connell, Francis A 99 O ' Connell, John F 146 O ' Connell, Joseph C 65, 184 O ' Conner, George T 99 O ' Connor, John C 65 O ' Connor, Richard C 99 O ' Dea, John F 99, 158, 261 Odenbach, Robert C 98, 234 O ' Donnell, C.S.C., Dean Hugh 79,154 O ' Donnell, Edward J 65 O ' Donnell, Hugh K. 65 O ' Donnell, C.S.C., Thomas J 154 O ' Dowd, Jr., Francis E 241,250 O ' Dowd, Jerome J 151,158,233,257 O ' Gorman, Kevin M 65 O ' Hara, C.S.C., James P 154 O ' Hara, Patrick V 65 O ' Hare, Jr., William G 65 O ' Hayer, Robert E 261 O ' Hern, William M.. .99, 166, 256, 268, 271 O ' Keefe, Eugene V 236 Okopien, Joseph E 99, 242 Olbrys, Joseph B 99, 242 O ' Leary, Edwin D 66 Oliveros, Jr., Charles G 99 O ' Laughlin, John F 99, 158 OTdalley, Donald A 66 OTtfeara, Walter C 213 O ' Neill, Charles P 226 O ' Neill, Donald J 66 O ' Neill, Richard J 243 O ' Neill, Robert F 66 O " Neil, William J 224 O ' Reilly, Thomas J 66, 201 Osborn, Robert K 99 O ' Shaughnessy, Robert P 99 Oshinski, Jr., Charles J 66 Osterman, Robert T 99, 193 OToole, John K. 151 Owens, Robert H 255 Pachin, Franklin R. 224 Paganiban, Jose V 259 Palella, Nicholas A 250 Palenchor, Robert E 255 Palman, Edward F IW Pancheri, Emmanuel 1 256 Pancheri, R aymond A. 256 Papa, Joseph J 99, 241 Pappas, Nicholas J 258 Parry, C.S.C., Stanley J 154 Paterno, Charles F 66, 261 Patten, Paul E 213 Patterson, Jr., John W 99, 275 Paulmann, Jr., Frederick H 228, 261, 269 Paveglio, Gerald E 99, 256 Pawlowslri, Joseph T 242 Payne, John T 66, 250 Peck, Louis P 236 Pedagno, C.S.C., Brother Alonzo 66 Pelton, Robert S 15f Penrose, George C 66, 227 Penrose, Jr., James H 66, 271 Perez, Ramiro L 235 Perkins, James T 250 Perkins, Joseph C 67, 238 Perrine, Jr., Alfred J 99,135,261 Perry, Thomas W 99 Pesut, Nicholas C 67 Petrfllo, James J 79 Peters, John T 227 Petersen, Donal C 256 Petroshius, Lawrence J 67 Peverada, C.S.C., Augustine J 99, 154 Pfaller, Mark A 222 Pflanz, III, George J 151, 257 Phflion, Richard J 67 Phillips, Harry H 67 Philpot, Thomas M 67 Piepul, Milton J 99, 177, 213 Fieri, Francis W 67 Pieroni, Mario J 67, 226 Pieters, Charles E 67, 258 Pilgrim, Thomas E 99 Pindar, John A 34, 67 Pinelli, Ralph R 99, 146, 205 Pinelli, Roy W 67, 207, 221 Pischke, Vail W 258 Pitkin, Carroll P 146 Ptvarnik, Edward T 99 Piano, Franklin R 99 Platt, Francis J 151 Platte, Peter J 99, 255 Plotkin, Albert A. 151,258 Plummer, James W 79 Pogliano, Jr., Felix 99, 151, 166, 268 Pohl, Richard B 99 Polaski, Daniel R 250 Poletto, Eugene A 79 Polhemus, John C 99 Polz, Marcel A 99 Potenziani, Anthony F 224 Porawski, Thaddeus S 99, 242 Porbeck, John G 67 Porten, Edward M 233,246 Posner, Edward R. 99, 257 Postula, Ralph J 67 Potenziani, Anthony F 67 Pottetti, Mario J 100 Powers, David 1 100, 254 Powers, John B 256, 260 Powers, John S 100, 221, 307 Pratt, Edward A 67 Preston, George J 67 Prokop, Joseph M 250 Propeck, John J 262 Provenzano, C.S.C., Francis A 154 Puffer, Steven E 122,224,257 Puglia, Paul F 100 Purcell, James F. 151 Purcell, Paul E 67 Putman, Patrick D 100, 185, 213 Pyritz, Stanley W 224 Quart, Leonard J 100,227,234,255 Quinlan, Charles R 224 Quinlan, Edward J 100, 261 Quinn, Carl E 68, 146 317 PERSONAL INDEX Quinn, Christopher J 68 Quinn, Donald F 143, 195 Quinn, Eugene M 100, 146 Quinn, John R 236, 261 Quinn, Raymond S 100 R Rademacher, Robert V 100, 262 Rafalske, Medard F 68 Raff, Robert W 250 Ramsour, Bart J 146 Rasmussen, LeRoy R 68 Rassas, George J 100 Rastatter, Joseph R 151 Rath, Robert J 250 Raymond, Leo F 224, 250 Reale, Robert J 261 Reardon, Joseph P 68 Reback, John F 68, 229 Reback, Victor R 100 Reberdy, George K 255, 269 Reddy, Charles S 68 Reddy, John J 68, 226 Reed, John H 68,257 Regan, C.S.C., Brother Ivo 100 Regan, John M 68 Rehage, C.S.C., Joseph W 154 Rehme, Francis J 100 Reidy, Edward P 250 Reilly, Louis J 69, 261 Reilly, Peter J 69 Reilly, Thomas J 227 Reis, Thomas K 100 Reiser, Louis A 100, 226 Reishman, William J 100, 257 Reith, John E 100,229 Repetto, David E 69 Reynolds, Charles E 100, 224 Reynolds, Jay J 100 Rhodes, Arthur D 262 Rice, James S 100, 227 Richards, John C 100 Richardson, C.S.C., Charles J 100,154 Richardson, Robert E 146, 233, 246 Riegel, Louis F 100 Riffle, Charles F 69,181,213 Rigney, Thomas J 100 Rihm, Robert C 146 Riley, William J 250 Riska, Edward J 193 Risser, Christian F 69 Robertshaw, Frederick C 69, 151, 227 Robidoux, Leo J 100,146,243 Robinett, Robert W 69, 146 Robison, Thomas A 224 Robles, Peter G 235 Rock, Martin J 100 Rodgers, Charles G 100 Rodibaugh, Robert K 69 Rodriguez, Jose R 235 Rodriguez, Luis G . 235 Roesch, Joseph A 146 Rogan, Thomas C 69 Rogers, Harry N 69, 224 Rogers, James J , 69, 261 Rogers, John F 69, 261 Rogusz, C.S.C., Joseph A 154 Rohan, Howard A 69 Rohl, Henry T 69 Rohrer, Carlton J 254, 269 Romeo, Anthony D 100, 237 Render, Louis J 100, 234, 250 Roney, Jr., Edward C 255,269 Ronstadt, Robert C 100 Rosanelli, Edward G 69, 237 Rosebach, Philip F 69, 229 Ross, John J 100 Rossi, Ugo D 222 Rothacker, Robert A 70, 224 Rowan, Raymond F 227,243,257 Rowbottom, Samuel W 146 Roy, Raymond L 114 Rummel, Melville S 116 Rupp, C.S.C., Elmer V 100, 1 54 Ruppe, Richard V 256 Russo, Joseph F 100, 224 Russell, Robert E 258 Ryan, Clarence J 101 Ryan, Eugene J 101, 226, 241, 267 Ryan, Jerome A 101 Ryan, John M 101, 196 Ryan, Joseph A 70 Ryan, Joseph E 101, 243 Ryan, Lawrence P 101,191 Ryan, Vincent J 70, 248 Sabo, Stephen A 239 Sackley, Donald J 70, 250 Sadlier, Raymond J 70, 239 Saegert, Gerald W 70, 226, 241 Saeli, Amadeo B 70 Saggav, Robert J 201 Saffa, Farris P 70 Saitta, Joseph J 70 Sallows, Daniel F 70, 151, 261 Sandmaier, Philip J 70, 224, 250 Sanford, Robert G 32, 70, 185 Santini, Leo A 71, 248 Santopietro, Paul R 101 Santos, Francis A 101, 268 Sass, Robert E 101, 255 Sauter, C.S.C., Brother Cosmos 101 Savord, John E 71,230 Sayia, Robert F 71, 209 Scanlan, William E 241, 272 Shaffer, C.S.C., Brother Eamon 101 Schaffner, Irwin J 101, 229, 240 Schaller, William J 210, 21 1 Schalliol, Carl M 71 Schalliol, Earl D 71 Scheele, Richard E 257 Schellenberg, Howard J 101, 261 Scherer, John A 101, 222 Schiappacasse, Paul J 101 Schickel, Jr., Norbert H 71,227,234 Schickel, William J 266 Schieck, Charles S 261 Schindler, Jr., John W 71 Schirm, Louis 262 Schmidt, Lawrence A 224 Schinkowitch, Clarence H 238 Schrif, Vincent E 101 Schlafly, Jr., Hubert J 101, 209 Schlayer, Charles R 101 Schlesier, Raymond H 101,261 Schmid, Charles W 101, 257 Schmid, Thomas B 71 Schmidle, Claude J 101,229,240 Schmidt, Lawrence A 101, 224, 256 Schmied, Francis A 71 ; 146 Schmid, Thomas B 255 Schmit, Robert F 71,146,224,256 Schmitz, C.S.C., Brother Donatus 101 Schoen, Kenneth B 255 Schoo, Robert E 255 Schoonhoven, Ray J 236 Schreiber, Edward J 101 Schreiber, George A 101 Schroder, John F 71 Schroeder, John M 71,221,256 Schroer, Gerhard J 255 Schroeter, Edward H 71,250 Schultz, Robert J 71, 222 Schulz, Robert M 101 Schofani, Leo F 258, 261 Scullion, C.S.C., Peter J 154 Scully, John P 101, 224 Secoy, C.S.C., Bro. Benedictus 101 Seguin, Bernard R 146 Selby, Jr., Walter J 101 Sellers, Francis M 221 Selna, Arthur J 71 Semenczuk, Joseph M 101 Sexton, Gerald A 72 Shafransky, John P 101 Shanahan, William J 101 Shaughnessy, Richard J 101 Shea, Tohn D 72 Shea, Martin M 101, 196 Shea, Robert J 72, 241, 258 Sheely, Kenneth J 254 Sheehan, Clarence T 72, 256, 258, 271 Sheets, Francis J 102, 234, 241 Sheridan, Benjamin M.. 72, 177 Sheridan, C.S.C., John M 1 54 Shevland, Edward V 102 Shiely, James F 72 Shoemaker, Robert E 72 Shouvlin, Daniel R 224 Shouvlin. Roger J 102 Sievert, John W 102, 257 Sibilsky, Herbert C 227 Simpson, Robert L 102 Sitko, Steven J 72, 1 73 Sitt, Harold A 151,166 Sixsmith, James M 227 Skelly, Joseph W 72 Slack, Edmund J 72 Slatt, Vincent P 243 Slattery, Joseph J 151, 224 Slyngstad, Russell L 227 Small, William J 72 Smalley, Joseph G 73, 151, 209, 238, 261 Smarinsky, Donald G 102,213 Smith, C.S.C., Bro. Albertus . 72 318 PERSONAL INDEX Smith, Bernard F 102 Smith, Donald P 72, 191 Smith, Luis C 235 Smith, Terence J 73 Smith, Thomas R 151 Smyth, Joseph L 102 Sneider, Vernon J 79 Snyder, James W 79 Sobczak, Joseph A 73 Sobek, George E 32, 106, 143, 191, 207 Solon, John J 146 Sommerer, Edwin H 73, 258 Soong, John L 102 Sotak, Jr., Joseph E.. 73, 230, 250 Spalding. William F 102 Spangler, William S 257 nan, James F 102 ;er, Norbert J 75, 238 Spohr, Jr., Joseph C Sposato. Vincent R 102, 237 Sprafke, David V 33,73,234 Spychalski, James A 102, 229, 240 Stack, Jr., Daniel J 102 Stack, John A 102, 146, 261 Stack, Robert N 102, 151, 250 Charles D 261 Starr, Arthur G 102, 146, 221. 256 Stauder. Maurice F 102 Steele, Robert P 250 Stefanik. Ervin A 73, 250 Steffaniak. Richard J 73, 239 Steffes, C.S.C., Bro. Donard 102 iier. Otto C 73, 221 Si . John R 102,146 Stelte, Francis G 102 Stengcr, Robert G 73, 249 Stephen. Joseph R 146, 151,238 Stevenson. Jr., Harry 73, 173 Stewart. Daniel C 227,250 Stewart. Peter V 196,221 Stoller, Dudley F 146 Stratigos, George S 258 Stubbins. Jr., Frederick R 73 Stuhldreher. Augustus F 146, 224, 236 Sucber, Thomas J 257 Sukiennik, Matthew S 229 Sullivan, Chester N 73,146,205,213 Sullivan, Daniel G 102 Sullivan. Daniel J 74, 156, 246 Sullivan. Edward J 102, 229 Sullivan, Edward J 240 Sullivan. Floyd J 74, 254 Sullivan, Francis J 74. 254 Sullivan, George R 213 Sullivan, James H 74, 224 Sullivan, C.S.C., Joseph A 154 Sullivan, Richard F 74 Sullivan, Robert E 33, 74. 158 Sullivan, Robert G 74, 25v 175 Sullivan, William D 74 Supplitt, George L 222 Swanser, Bernard A 74, 246 Sweeney. Robert F Sweeney, Robert M 102 Sweeny, Robert E 74. : : - Sweitzer, Walter A 74 Swisher, Richard F 233 Syring, William J 233 Siumachowski. Stephen A. 79 Tafel, Jr., Paul J 255 Tallett, John H Talty, Thomas E 102 Tanner, James D 74 Teargarden, James L 102 Teah, Bernard A 74 Tearney, Thomas W 151, 209, 302 Thesing, Joseph R 75, 181 Thomas, Charles H 75 Thomas, William S 75, 227 Thompson, George G 102, 257 Thompson, George W 103 Thompson, Robert B 239,255 Thompson, John R. 103, 213 Tibergien, Albert P 256 Tiedmann, Donald C 103, 146, 1 5 1 Tierman, Robert J 75 Timpani, Ernest C 233 Tinny, James R 103, 146 Tlusty, Cyril J 103 Tobin, William F 75. 255 Toland, Paul R 226 Tomczik, Edward J 103 Tormey, John F 103,139,229,240 Tousigmant, John D 256 Toyne, Francis W 75.255 Tracy, Joseph A. 261 Tracy, William J 261 Tracey, Edward J 75, 151. 226, 229, 240 Trapp, John F 224 Trainor, Vincent E 75 Treacy, John E 250 Tremblay, Norman C 103 Trexler, Ralph J 103.258 Trueman, Thomas J 103, 228, 239, 261 Tupta, Richard D 250 Turgeon, Leo V 256 u UU. George A 151 Uhring, Joseph A 229 Underriner, Bernard W 103,224 Unger, Edward H 103 V Valentini, C.S.C., Francie M 75,154 Valetich, Steven 258 Vandervoort, Albert A 103, 239 Van Huffel, Albert F 79 Van Swall, Hawley W 103, 146, 226 Varga, James A 75 Verdonk, John H 233 Vignos, Paul J 103. 221 Vincent, Thomas C 103. :: . 2?4, 261 Voglewede, Frederick A 103 Von Harz, John T 79 W Wade, Phillip M 76 Waechter, C.S.C., Charles A 154 Waeldner, William J 261 Wagner, Louis J 76 WahL Wayne F 76,224 Waichulis, C.S.C., Robert J 103, 1 54 Waldron, John F 103, 229, 240 Walior, John T.. 151 Walker, Willis H 76, 146 Wall, Austin J 79 Wall, Thomas P 76, 248 Wallace, George S 76, 236 Walsh, Jr., Edward F 196 Walsh, James H 103, 256 Walsh, James J 146, 228 Walsh, John E 224, 250, 261 Walsh, John E 103,156,212,221 Walsh, Lawrence M 103 Walsh, Myles J 76 Walter, Richard L 103 Wanek, Francis W 76, 221 Warburton, Walter K. 76, 209 Ward, George K. 76, 262 Ward, John J 28,233,250 Wardell, Robert J 103 Walters, Robert L 103,166 Way, Robert 103 Webb, C.S.C., Ernest B 76, 154 Webster, Thomas J 77 Webster, John C 76 Weidemann, Martin L 226 Wcilbacher, Charles 77 Wemfurner, Edward M 250 Welch, John M 77, 224, 228, 255 Welly, Robert B 103, 234 Welsh, James R 103 Welsh, William J 103, 272 Wemhoff, Francis J 257, 270 Vfthoff, Herbert A 103 Whalen, Richard T 103,222 Whelan, John J 268 White, James A 103,166 White, John S 103,151,158,226,268 Whiteman, Gordon E 77 Whitford, Joseph C 33,77,224 Wicks, William R. 77, 221 Wiedlocher, Carl F 103 Wieschhaus, LeRoy J 104 Wiggins. John L 250 Wilberding, Francis D 255 Wilking, Noel F 104 Wilkinson, John J 77, 239 Wille, Robert L 77,229,240,276 Willemin, Richard D 258 Williams, Ernest J 77, 234, 249 Williams, Lawrence D 236, 254 Williams, Milton E 156 Williams, Raymond M.. . . 104, 140, 159, 226 Willmann, John B 77,243,271 Wilson, John H 77 Wilson, William C 104 Win df elder, Donald H 269 Windhein, Robert G 77 Wingen, William F 104 319 PERSONAL INDEX Wingfield, Ralph G 79 Woods, William J 104 Winter, John T 224 Worley, Loyd F 78 Winterowd, Earll H 79 Wrape, James D 104 Wishing. John M. . . . 258 Wuebbold, Walton J 78, 224, 230, 301 Wishing, John M 258 Wuebbold, Walton J 78, 224, 230, 301 W-se, Warren R 77 Wurth, George R !04, 24! glle Geor.e H. . . . . .04, 140, 261 Witchger, Robert W 104, 227, 234, 262 Ziebarth, Charles L 104 Witkowsi, Vernon J 104,166,268,272 Y Zimmerman, Albert J 154 Witte, Francis R 77, 243, 250 Zinn Eugene R 78 Wohman, Andrew B 77 Yaeger, John E 78, 257 Zitnik, Charles A 250 Wolf, George M 104 Yavorsky, John C 146, 257 Zontini, Louis R 78, 182, 213 Wolf, John M 78, 212 Yezerski, Florian A 104, 195 Zubras, Robert L 104 Wolff, Julius F 78, 230 Young, Eldred E 78, 229,258 Zuercher, Joseph C 104. 250 320 BIRMINGHAM

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