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m D THE DOME OF 1937 Volume XXXI Published by the Junior Class of the University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana Thomas J. Radigan Louis J. Dunn Editor Managing Editor r DEDICATION To the fathers of the students, to show in some measure our sincere appreciation of their lifetime of en- deavor spent in our behalf, this book is dedicated. FOREWORD This book has been compiled for but one purpose to help you to relive your days at Notre Dame, during the many years to come when 1937 will be but a hazy memory. Let its success be judged by you who read it then. CONTENTS CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ATHLETICS PUBLICATIONS CONTENTS DANCES FEATURES ACTIVITIES EVENTS ORGANIZATIONS CAMPUS A small log chapel, built one hundred and seven years ago by the Rev. Ed- ward F. Sorin, C.S.C., and his band of missionaries for the benefit of farmers and trappers in Northern Indiana, formed the nu- cleus of the present Uni- versity campus over a thousand acres of land beautified by Nature and the hand of Man, a cam- pus of which we are justly proud. CAMPUS GROTTO OF OUR LADY OF LOURDES COMMERCE BUILDING CHEMISTRY HALL SORIN HALL SACRED HEART CHURCH ALUMNI HALL SACRED HEART CHURCH HOWARD HALL HALL OF ENGINEERING LAW BUILDING DILLON HALL SACRED HEART CHURCH COMMERCE BUILDING LOBBY BADIN HALL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY SCIENCE HALL CAVANAUGH HALL CARROLL HALL UNIVERSITY DINING HALL HALL OF ARCHITECTURE BROWNSON HALL I I I I! EDWARD ' S HALL LAKE SCENE LYONS ARCH NEW QUAD STUDENT INFIRMARY UNIVERSITY GOLF COURSE ADMINISTRATION The ability of the admin- istrative officers is best de- scribed in terms of their achievements. They have worked with the same spirit that characterized the founders of the Uni- versity, and under their direction Notre Dame has advanced and expanded with the same rapidity that marked its former progress, maintaining its position among the lead- ers in the field of educa- tion. ADMINISTRATION REV. JOHN F. O ' HARA, C. S. C. President of the University of Notre Dame 27 Rev. J. Hugh O ' Donnell, C.S.C. Vice President Rev. J. Leonard Carrico, C.S.C. Director of Studies Mr. Robert B. Riordan Registrar 28 Mr. Francis W. Lloyd Comptroller Mr. Kenneth A. Oliver Secretary Brother Engelbert, C.S.C. Treasurer 29 Brother Gabriel, C.S.C. Auditor Rev. John J. Cavanaugh, C.S.C. Prefect of Religion Rev. Joseph J. Corcoran, C.S.C. Assistant Prefect of Religion Rev. Francis J. Boland, C.S.C. Prefect ai Discipline Rev. James D. Trahey, C.S.C. Assistant Prefect of Discipline Mr. Robert H. McAuliife Assistant Prefect of Discipline 31 Rev. John Farley, C.S.C. Sorin Hall Rev. George Marr, C.S.C. Walsh Hall Rev. John Ryan, C.S.C. Walsh Hall RECTORS OF THE RESIDENCE HALLS Rev. Henry Glueckert, C.S.C. Alumni Hall Rev. Frank Cavanaugh, C.S.C. Dillon Hall 32 Rev. Peter Forrestal, C.S.C. Howard Hall Rev. Thomas Kelly, C.S.C. Lyons Hall Rev. George Holderith, C.S.C. Morrissey Hall Rev. Joseph Muckenlhaler, C.S.C. Badin Hall Brother Justin, C.S.C. Brownson Hall Brother Mauritius, C.S.C. Carroll Hall Rev. Leo Gorman, C.S.C. St. Edward ' s Hall Rev. John O ' Connell, C.S.C. Freshman Hall Rev. Henry Bolger, C.S.C. Cavanaugh Hall Rev. John Reddington, C.S.C. Old Infirmary 33 FACULTY Francis X. Ackermann Mech. Drawing Joseph L. Apodaca Economics Lawrence H. Baldinger Pharmacy Thomas J. Barry Journalism Paul C. Bartholomew Politics Wesley C. Bender Marketing William L. Benitz Mech. Engineering Stephen C. Bocskey Biology Rev. Francis J. Boland. C.S.C. Politics Rev. William A. Bolger. C.S.C. Economics i tm Herbert I. Bott Marketing Andrew I. Boyle Chemistry Rev. Thomas I. Brennan, C.S.C. Philosophy Rev. Lawrence V. Broughal. C.S.C. Philosophy Frank N. Brown Areo. Engineering Gerald C. Brubaker Architecture Louis F. Buckley Economics Rev. Eugene P. Burke. C.S.C. English William M. Cain Law David L. Campbell English FACULTY - Kenneth N. Campbell Chemistry Thomas B. Campbell History Rev. Francis P. Cavanaugh. C.S.C. Sociology Geoige A. Cooper Phy. Education Jose A. Caparo Elec. Engineering Rev. William A. Carey. C.S.C. Classics Joseph I. Casasanta Music Cletus F. Chizek Finance George B. Collins Physics Rev. lames W. Connerton, C.S.C. Gregorian John M. Cooney Journalism Rev. Joseph J. Corcoran, C.S.C. Religion Jose C. Corona Spanish Gilbert J. Coty Spanish Ronald C. Cox Speech William J. Coyne Speech Elton B. Crepeau Music Rev. William F. Cunningham, C.S.C. Education Alden E. Davis Finance Pedro A. deLandero Spanish 35 FACULTY Rev. Charles L. Doiemus. C.S.C. French William H. Downey Economics Benjamin G. DuBois Fiench Homer Q. Earl Law LeClair H. Eeils Finance Herbert A. Engels English Christopher J. Fagan Economics Paul I. Fenlon English Lee T. Flatley Finance Carl F. Floe Metallurgy Francis T. Flynn Sociology Rev. Peter P. Fcrrestal, C.S.C. Spanish Henry B. Froning Chemistry Rev. Henry G. Gluekert, C.S.C. Religion Rev. Leo W. Gorman, C.S.C. Classics Arthur E. Haas Physics Elvin R. Handy Phy. Education Louis L. Haslcy Classics 36 Rev. Peter E. Hebert. C.S.C. Mech. Engineering Edward Heffner Mech. Engineering FACULTY George F. Hennion Chemistry Rev. George L. Holderith. C.S.C. History Daniel Hull Physics Henry D. Hintsn Chemistry Rev. Hugo H. Hoever, O. Cist. Philosophy Rev. Norbert C. Hoff Philosophy lames F. Hines History Christopher Hollis History Rev. Arthur J. Hope, C.S.C. Philosophy Frank W. Horan Civil Engineering Edward A. Huth Politics Rev. Bernard J. Ill, C.S.C. German Frederic H. Ingersoll Music Raymond A. Hoyer Sociology Emil Jaques Art Theodore K. lust Biology Regidius M. Kaczmarek Biology Rev. John C. Kelley, C.S.C. Religion Rev. Thomas A. Kelly, C.S.C. Classics Rev. lames H. Kenna. C.S.C. Mathematics 37 FACULTY George E. Koegan Phy. Education Rev. lames E. Kline. C.S.C. Astronomy Roger F. Knittel Finance Leo F. Kuntz Education Rev. Thomas A. Lahey, C.S.C. Marketing Walter M. Longford Spanish Earl F. Langwell French Rev. Stanislaus F. Lisowski, C.S.C. Polish Arnold Lunn Religion John A. MacLean Aero. Engineering Thomas P. Madden English Edward G. Mahin Metallurgy Clarence E. Manion Law Rev. George I. Marr. C.S.C. Religion Edward I. Mounts Mathematics Rev. Bernard L. McAvoy. C.S.C. Philosophy Rev. lame H. McDonald, C.S.C. English Harry I. McLellan Mech. Engineering Rev. William M. McNamara, C.S.C. History Rev. Theodore I. Mehling. C.S.C. English 38 FACUI Y Karl Menger Mathematics Thomas Mills Speech Rev. Edgar J. Misch, C.S.C. History Rev. John A. Molter. C.S.C. Biology Rev. Philip Moore. C.S.C. Philosophy Francis E. Moran English Rev. Joseph Muckenthaler, C.S.C. German Rev. Raymond Murray, C.S.C. Sociology Frederick Myers English Dominick Napolitano Physical Education John P. Nicholson Physical Education John A. Northcott Elec. Engineering Willis D. Nutting History Rev. John O ' Connell, C.S.C. Sociology Daniel C. O ' Grady Philosophy Francis J. O ' Malley English Rev. John R. O ' Neil, C.S.C. Religion Eugene J. Payton Marketing Daniel H. Pedtke Music Raymond V. Pence English 39 FACULTY Maurice L. Pettit Politics DeVere T. Plunkett Classics Donald I. Plunkett Biology Stanley R. Price Finance Rev. James I. Quinlan, C.S.C. Economics Rufus W. Rauch English Rev. John J. Roddingtcn, C.S.C. Religion lames A. Reyniers Biology Rev. John Reynolds, C.S.C. History Ronald E. Rich Chem. Engineering Elton E. Richter Law Rev. Maurice Rigley, C.S.C. English Philip H. Riley Spanish Robert B. Riordan Economics William F. Roemer Philosophy George E. Rohrbach Chem. Engineering William D. Rollison Law Stephen H. Ronay English Rev. John M. Ryan. C.S.C. History John A. Scannell Physical Education Raymond J. Schubmehl Civil Engineering FACULTY Stanley S. Sessler Art Walter L. Shilts Civil Engineering Rev. Julian P. Sigmar, C.S.C. Religion Knowles B. Smith Min. Engineering Andrew T. Smithberger English Benjamin J. South Mathematics Rev. lames I. Stack, C.S.C. History William W. Turner Architecture James D. Watson Finance Henry C. Staunton English Richard Sullivan English Rev. lames D. Trahey, C.S.C. English John P. Turley Classics George I. Wack German Rev. Matthew I. Walsh, C.S.C. History Rev. Leo L. Ward, C.S.C. Rev. Leo R. Ward, C.S.C. English Philosophy Karl R. Weigand Elec. Engineering Herman H. Wenzke Chemistry John H. Whitman Law Walter L. Wilkins Education 41 CLASSES This section, in which the members of the classes of 1937 and 1938 are pre- sented, is dedicated to a man who this year is cele- brating his fiftieth year as a member of the faculty of the University of Notre Dame Professor Francis X. Ackermann DEDICATED TO PROFESSOR FRANCIS X. ACKERMANN CLASSES 43 c Richard P. Sullivan President Marcus P. Kerin Vice-President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS John F. Hurley Secretary lob! hi! Wa! H fci Vincent G. Probst Treasurer GRADUATES OF THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND LETTERS Rev. CHARLES C. MILTNER, C. S. C., Dean John F. Baker New York City, New York Major: Economics Vice-President, Spanish Club Glee Club Linnets John T. Hartley Brooklyn, New York Major: Journalism " B " Team Football Frank C. Barbush Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Major: Music Vice-President, Glee Club Vice-President, Band Walter J. Becker Ottawa, Illinois Major: Economics 45 Girord E. Besonceney Newark, Ohio Major: Economics President, Central Ohio Club Band Linnets French Club Milton J. Bock Mishawaka. Indiana Major: Journalism Press Club Brother Elmo Bransby, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Music Clifford F. Brown Norwalk, Ohio Major: Economics Wranglers Interhall Debating Scholastic Law Club Dome President, Patricians William B. Bruno Asbury Park, New Jersey Major: Enqlish Spanish Club Italian Club New Jersey Club Football William R. Bowes Park Ridge, Illinois Major: Philosophy Wranglers Knights of Columbus St . Vincent De Paul Law Club Interhall Football John D. Broderick Boston, Massachusetts Paul A. Biagioni Chicago, Illinois Major: English Scholastic Interhall Basketball Freshman Track lota Sc Major: Economics Interhall Football Linnets lob: Then Matthew J. Bruccoli New York City, New York Major: English President, Patricians Freshman Football Secretary, Italian Club Beta to 10. Martin T. Burns Chicago, Illinois Major: Economics Blue Circle S. A. C. President, Junior Class John N. Cackley Ronceverte, West Virginia Major: Journalism Press Club, President Secretary, West Virginia Club Interhall Basketball Scholastic Band Dome Thomas E. Cassidy Kings Park, New York Major: English lohn M. Byrne Phoenixville, Pennsylvania Major: History Secretary, Philadelphia Club Interhall Football President, Glee Club Scrip Bookmen French Club St. Vincent De Paul Robert T. Caveny Plainview. Illinois Major: Economics R. O. M. M. Thomas J. Clancy Schuylerville, New York Major: Sociology St. Vincent De Paul Freshman Football Interhall Football Patrick G. Byrnes Hamilton, Ontario Major: English Scholastic Dome Scrip Radio Club Interhall Debate Freshman Track Charles R. Callahan. C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Moreau Choir John J. Cavanaugh Brooklyn, New York Major: Journalism Varsity Track Team Monogram Club S. A. C. George G. Cecala Salt Lake City. Utah Major: Politics William E. Conry Tulsa, Oklahoma Major: Economics Spanish Club Irish Club Oklahoma-Kansas Club 47 Leo J. Cormier Rumford, Maine Major: Economics Chairman, Sophomore Cotillion Interhall Athletics Freshman Football Patricians Arthur D. Cronin Detroit, Michigan Major: Economics Knights of Columbus Chancellor Football Detroit Club, Treasurer Joseph F. Cullen, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Daniel J. Cullinan Chicago, Illinois Major: Economics Interhall Debating Prial M. Curran Chicago, Illinois Raymond F. Cour C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy . ' . ' " ' Thomas B. Curran. C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Brother S. Danielski, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Education Edwo Jerome M. Davey Mason City, Iowa Major: Economics Roland E. DeCoteau Norway, Maine Major: Education Daniel L. Deforest South Bend, Indiana Major: History Richard W. Dice South Bend, Indiana Major: Latin Francis F. Egan Pittston, Pennsylvania Major: Economics Edward W. Fischer Buechel. Kentucky Major: Journalism Press Club Kentucky Club John J. Foley, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy John E. DeMots Minot, North Dakota Major: Economics Charles W. Duffy Chicago, Illinois Major: English William H. Fallen New Rochelle, New York Major: Economics Tennis Team Managers Organization Interhall Basketball Metropolitan Club Trustee Irish Club Francis J. Foley Everett. Massachusetts Major: English Paul E. Foley Grosse Pointe, Michigan Major: Journalism Editor, The Scholastic Knights of Columbus Press Club Santa Maria Staff 49 William R. Foley Brooklyn, New York Major: Economics S. A. C. Knights of Columbus Freshman Basketball Clement H. Funke, C.S.C. Louis S. Furgal. C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Moreau Vesper Choir F rancis J. Gallagher Scranton, Pennsylvania Major: Sociology Varsity Football Patricians Dome Knights of Columbus St. Vincent De Paul Irish Club Interhall Athletics Gilbert G. Gallivan Brooklyn. New York Major: Economics Frank J. Geary Grand Rapidi, Michigan Major: Journalism Major: Philosophy Vesper Choir James L. Gagnier Churubusco, New York Major: Philosophy Cod Joseph W. Gallagher Detroit, Michigan Major: English Boxing Team Interhall Football John W. Gallivan Salt Lake City. Utah Major: English Scrip Interhall Football Hi Tan Frank M. Geddes Chicago, Illinois Major: Economics Bro. Berchmons Gibbons, C.S.C. Noire Dame, Indiana Major: English Coulter L. Gibson Drumright, Oklahoma Major: Journalism John A. Gillespie Westfield, New Jersey Major: Journalism Scholastic Staff Robert L. Grogan Terre Haute, Indiana Major: Economics Lecturer, Kniqhts of Columbus Santa Maria Scholastic Staff Eugene J. Holler, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Christopher F. Gibbons, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Basil G. Gillespie Hempstead, New York Major: Sociology Interhall Basketball Interhall Track Boxing Chesterton Club Radio Club William J. Comber Woodcliif, New Jersey Major: Economics Interhall Football Knights of Columbus Editor, Santa Maria Joseph E. Haley, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Frank J. Hardart Forest Hills. New York Major: Economics 51 Vincent W. Hartnett Pelham, New York Major: English St. Vincent De Paul Scholastic Patricians Chesterton Society Eenna J. Heatherman Huntington, West Virginia Major: Economics Frank R. Huisking Huntington, L. I., New York Major: Economics Metropolitan Club Trustee Interhall Athletics Benjamin D. Johnston Fort Smith, Arkansas Major: Philosophy WUliam V. Jordan Windside. Nebraska Major: Fine Arts Band Baseball John H. Hearn Benton Harbor, Michigan Major: English Charles J. Hoffman Grand Rapids, Michigan Major: Journalism Press Club : John F. Hurley Rushville, New York Major: Journalism Senior Class Secretary Scholastic Dome Vice-Pres., Rochester Club Press Club Charles B. Jordan Oak Park, Illinois Major: Journalism Varsity Track, Captain Monogram Club, Sec ' y-Treas. Francis P. Kelly Joliet, Illinois Major: Economics Law Club Marcus P. Kerin Denver, Colorado Major: Economics Vice-President, Senior Class Varsity Football Freshman Football Freshman Track Boxing Robert J. Kelly Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Major: Philosophy Pittsburgh Club, President Patricians Herbert J. Kenyan Fall River, Massachusetts Major: Philosophy Varsity Track Intejhall Athletics Internal! Debating John E. King Galisburg, Illinois Major: Sociology Timothy R. King Niles, Ohio Major: Economics President, Youngstown Club Presidents Council Harry F. Koehler South Bend, Indiana Major: Journalism Joseph E. Kovach Uniontown, Pennsylvania Major: Sociology Charles Philip Cracow Club Varsity Football German Club Pittsburgh Club Edmund S. Kowalski, c.s.c. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy George A. Kristel Schenectady, New York Major: Sociology George P. Lane Brooklyn, New York Major: Philosophy Treasurer, Junior Class Philosophy Club 53 John J. Lechner South Bend. Indiana Major: Journalism Freshman Baseball Freshman Football Eugene F. Ling Lakewood, Ohio Major: Fine Arts Chairman, Presidents Council President, Cleveland Club Dome Staff Interhall Football Linnets Mark A. Lonergan Montclair, New Jersey Major: English Joseph E. Mangelli Bayonne, New Jersey Major: History Freshman Football St. Vincent De Paul Society President, Italian Club Interhall Athletics Presidents Council John C. Marbach White Plains. New York Major: English Varsity Debating Wranglers Reserve Football Patricians Radio Club Economic Seminar Charles G. Leiben Cleveland Heights, Ohio Major: Economics Interhall Football Robert J. Lochner Cleveland. Ohio Major: Philosophy International Relations Club Spanish Club St. Vincent De Paul Society Knights of Columbus Interhall Debating Edward P. Lynaugh Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Major: Economics Qa Fn James J. Manion Alpena. Michigan Major: Latin Glee Club University Theatre I Ifc John H. Marr Waltham. Massachusetts Major: Economics Football Boxing Vice-President, Boston Club 0 54 William J. McAulifle, C.S.C. Notre Dame. Indiana Major: Philosophy Moreau Seminary Choir William P. McCarthy Glen Cove, L. I., New York Major: Fine Arts Football Track Charles R. McClain Peru, Indiana Major: Journalism Scholastic Staff Treasurer, Press Club Interhall Athletics John B. McGlynn Gladstone, Michigan Major: Economics Law Club Glee Club Raymond E. McGrath Oak Park. Illinois Major: Philosophy Interhall Basketball Philosophy Club Justin C. McCann Yonkers, New York Major: English Freshman Football John W. McCarty Denver, Colorado Major: Economics German Club Interhall Basketball Football Francis T. McDonald Zanesville, Ohio Major: Economics Clement L. McGowan Atlanta. Georgia Major: Economics Accountants Club James H. McGuire Geneseo, New York Major: Sociology Dome Staff Law Club Vice-President, Rochester Club John B. McGurl Minersville, Pennsylvania Major: Economics Economic Round Table Conference Boxing Gerald F. McMahon, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Moreau Seminary Choir Joseph C. McNally Woodside, L. I., New York Major: Philosophy Linnets Varsity Football John F. McNeill Ridgewood, New Jersey Major: Politics Glee Club Band Orchestra Linnets Bro. Silvan Mellett C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: English James W. McHugh Fitchburg, Massachusetts Major: Journalism Associate Football Manager Monogram Club Joseph P. McMahon Chicago, Illinois Major: Economics Varsity Football Monogram Club Law Club William M. McNally Woodside, L. I., New York Major: History " B " Football Interhall Basketball Trustee Metropolitan Club Pete! Richard H. Meier Faulkton. South Dakota Major: Economics President of Wranglers Round Table Varsity Debate Interhall Athletics Frank J. Meyer Danville, Illinois Major: Economics Law Club Interhall Athletics Charles F. Meyers Elgin, Illinois Major: Economics Secretary, Wranglers Chairman, I. C. O. Contest Economic Round Table Internal! Debate Interhall Athletics Samuel J. Minella Plainsville, Connecticut Major: French Law Club Peter F. Mueller, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Bernhard B. Mullen luneau, Alaska Major: Economics " B " Football William F. Mulrenan Stratiord, Connecticut Major: Economics Glee Club Interhall Athletics Vice-Pres., Connecticut Club Stephen C. Miller Rock Island, Illinois Major: Economics Treasurer, Law Club Monogram Club Knights of Columbus William T. Morrison, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Frederick C. Mulcahy Milwaukee, Wisconsin Major: Journalism Freshman Track Dome Staff Varsity Cross Country James F. Mulligan Greenville, Kentucky Major: Economics Round Table Glee Club Orchestra Vincent I. Murphy Evanston, Illinois Major: Economics Freshman Baseball Interhall Baseball Football 57 Clay M. Murray Tulsa, Oklahoma Major: Economics French Club Oklahoma-Kansas Club Irish Club Julius L. Nardone New York City. N. Y. Major: Politics Treasurer, Italian Club Patricians Bernard M. Niezer Fort Wayne, Indiana Major: Economics Economic Round Table German Club, President Anthony F. O ' Boyle Scranton, Pennsylvania Major: History Scholastic Irish Club, Secretary- Treasurer Dome William G. Myers Mishawaka, Indiana Major: English Hi Edward R. Neaher Hollis, New York Major: Economics James J. Nolan Hempstead, L. I., New York Major: Economics Varsity Baseball Freshman Football Joseph P. O ' Brien, C.S.C. Notre Dame. Indiana Major: Philosophy James T. O ' Donnell Brooklyn. New York Major: Economics Round Table Knights of Columbus Lawrence P. O ' Donnell Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Major: Economics m 58 John L. O ' Hearn Tulsa. Oklahoma Major: Sociology Secretary, Kansas-Oklahoma Club Irish Club French Club Joseph V. Page, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Emil J. Peter Louisville, Kentucky Major: Politics Glee Club Kentucky Club, President German Club, Vice-President Presidents Council Thomas F. Peyton, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Joseph L. Powers, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Erwin W. Orkiszewski, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Moreau Vesper Choir Thomas M. Pendergast Galesburg, Illinois Major: Economics Economic Round Table Dome Staff Interhall Football Patrick J. Peyton, C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Philosophy Henry F. Pojman Chicago, Illinois Major: Economics Football Law Club William B. Prendergast Bridgeport. Connecticut Major: Philosophy 59 John B. Putnam Syracuse, New York Major: Sociology President, Central New York Club Interhall Athletics Bernard F. Reilly New York City. New York Major: History Interhall Football Spanish Club Glenn W. Richardson South Bend. Indiana Major: Education Charles G. Roggenstein Rockville Centre, New York Major: Politics Interhall Athletics Joseph B. Ryan Zanesville, Ohio Major: Economics Vice-President, Central Ohio Club Francis J. Reilly Orange, New Jersey Major: Journalism Scholastic Press Club Bernard G. Quirk Kansas City, Missouri Major: History President, Kansas City Club Interhall Football -..:-- Richard A. Riley Westport, New York Major: Journalism Scholastic Interhall Athletics Varsity Baseball John H. Ruen Detroit, Michigan Major: Journalism President, Detroit Club Knights of Columbus Interhall Basketball Freshman Track A.-:. Frank S! Francis L. Sampson, C.S.C. Notre Dame. Indiana Major: Philosophy Moreau Seminary Choir Benjamin M. Scherer, Jr. Mamaroneck, New York Major: Journalism Freshman Football Press Club jJj 3p5V fpr. Albert J. Schwartz Salina, Kansas Major: Economics Student Manager Knights of Columbus Kansas-Oklahoma Club, Vice-President Arthur W. Shaughnessy Hastings-on-the-Hudson. New York Major: Philosophy Frank J. Smith Oak Park, Illinois Major: Economics Law Club Lloyd R. Stolich Salinas, California Major: Economics President, California Club Interhall Football Spanish Club Robert J. Schmelzle Freeport, Illinois Major: Sociology Breen Medalist Varsity Debate Coach of Interhall Debate Chairman, Interhall Debate Secretary, Wranglers William V. Shakespeare Staten Island. New York Major: History Varsity Football John B. Shaw Tulsa, Oklahoma Major: English Spanish Club Patricians Alfred A. Sniadowski Wilmington, Delaware Major: Philosophy President, Cracow Club Law Club Baseball James N. Sullivan Calumet, Michigan Major: Sociology Interhall Basketball 61 Richard P. Sullivan Lexington, Kentucky Major: Politics Senior Class President Interhall Basketball S. A. C. Presidents Council Knights of Columbus George E. Thomas Chicago, Illinois Major: Economics Knights of Columbus Law Club Interhall Athletics Harold J. Tomaschko Weston, West Virginia Major: Journalism Band Louis W. Vettel Ashtabula. Ohio Major: Economics Freshman Football Interhall Basketball Varsity Football Varsity Track Secretary, Law Club Monogram Club John C. Ullmann Detroit, Michigan Major: Journalism Vice-President, Detroit Club Press Club Robert L. Waldeck Lake-wood, Ohio Major: Economics Gm lames A. Waldron Trenton, New Jersey Major: Philosophy Interhall Athletics Vargity Baseball Vargity Tennis Interhall Debating Round Table Scholastic Sports Editor Dome Sports Editor Promoter of Bengal Boxing Show Radio Club Harry M. Weakley Peoria, Illinois Major: Philosophy Law Club Joseph J. Welch Weedsport, New York Philip F. Welsh Anderson, Indiana Major: English Editor, Scrip 62 William E. Whalen Norfolk, Connecticut Major: Economics Interhall Football Interhall Basketball Harold J. Wilson Minong, Wisconsin Major: Sociology St. Vincent De Paul Society Interhall Basketball Gerard J. Zeiller Brooklyn, New York Major: History Patricians William G. Whitman Memphis. Tennessee Major: Journalism Boxing Interhall Athletics Knights of Columbus Paul V. Winsouer Peoria. Illinois Major: Sociology Football Robert W. Zellers Niles, Michigan Major: Fine Arts 63 B. S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Charles C. Brovelli Framingham, Massachusetts Football Interhall Basketball Interhall Baseball Lawrence E. Danbom Calumet, Michigan Football Monogram Club Leo T. Happel Evansville, Indiana Varsity Football Wilfred B. Kirk Narrowsburg, New York " B " Football Interhall Athletics Edward J. Grotty Dawbury, Connecticut " B " Football Hubert S. Gallagher Easton, Pennsylvania Varsity Football Freshman Basketball Freshman Football Interhall Athletics Donald A. Hennessy Youngstown, Ohio Varsity Cross Country Gym Team, Captain Varsity Track Interhall Basketball Francis G. Kopczak Chicago. Illinois Football Baseball Philips Cracow Club, Vice-President 64 John J. Levicki Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Football Track Treasurer, Philadelphia Club Interhall Basketball lames R. Martin Concord, New Hampshire Varsity Football Monogram Club John F. McKenna West Orange, New Jersey Varsity Track Varsity Cross Country Monogram Club Bernard E. Megin West Concern, Massachusetts Varsity Football Interhall Basketball Joseph S. Moore Bloomfield, New Jersey Vice-President, New Jersey Club Gym Team Football Team Anthony P. Serge Elizabeth, New Jersey " B " Squad Vice-President, Italian Club New Jersey Club William R. Smith Hackettstown, New Jersey Captain, Football Monogram Club Varsity Football Nicholas J. Salerno Port Washington, New York Interhall Athletics Italian Club Paul E. Smith Batavia, New York Football Sec ' y-Treas., Boston Club Victor J. Wojcihovski Weston, West Virginia Football Monogram Club 65 GRADUATES OF THE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE MR. JAMES E. MCCARTHY DEAN Donald L. Allen Chicago. Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Basketball Monogram Club Spanish Club James E. Bales Dixon, Hlinois Degree: Ph. B. Commerce Forum Law Club Harry A. Baldwin Oak Park. Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Golf Scholastic Scrip Roy J. Barren Detroit, Michigan Degree: B.C.S. Vice-President, Detroit Club Commerce Forum 66 Dagm: RCLS. -_--__,. - - - - Degree: BJCS. _: - 7 - " ; i _i__ " " . ' B iyoi George J. Bonfield -. : .- Enrique J. : - - ; : : - - -. . ' _ . : : - - . : . : ' - i - - Arnmr J. Ikuwu Hew Tok C3 y. lew Tok i : : William J. Byrne Auburn, New York Degree: B.C.S. Freshman Football Interhall Athletics Merlin J. Caldwell Louisville, Kentucky Degree: B.C.S. Ralph M. Cardinal Malone, New York Degree: B.C.S. Glee Club Richard J. Carroll Chicago, Illinois Degree: Ph. B. Commerce Forum Stephen J. Conway Johnstown, Pennsylvania Degree: B.C.S. John J. Coyle Chicago, Illinois Degree: Ph. B. rtrnne Commerce Forum Vice-president, ton Club Secretary, French Club Varsity Football Interhall Athletics Akron-Can- Francis A. Carroll New Rochelle, New York Degree: Ph. B. Vice-President, Club Dramatics Metropolitan [Ob Jerome F. Claeys South Bend, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. S.A.C. C:r a Charles I. Coy St. Louis, Missouri Degree: B.C.S. Commerce Fo rum Pad GaW, Robert J. Cronin Chicago, Illinois Degr=e: Ph. B. St. Vincent de Paul Freshman Basketball Round Table Chesterton Society 68 Joseph W. Grotty Worcester, Massachusetts John P. Daley LaPorte. Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Law Club Interhall Basketball Charles W. Dohnalek Chelsea, Iowa Degree: B.C.S. Director, Commerce Forum Degree: B.C.S. Band Commerce Forum Law Club President, Iowa Club Paul T. Doran Galesburg. Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Presidents Council President, Accountants Club Director, Commerce Forum Spanish Club Thomas M. Doyle Teaneck, New Jersey Degree: Ph. B. Edward J. Dahill Taunton, Massachusetts Degree: B.C.S. DeLancey J. Davis Schenectady, New York Degree: Ph. B. Editor, 1936 Dome William F. Dooley Detroit, Michigan Degree: Ph. B. Joseph T. Dorgan Chicago, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Presidents Council President, Irish Club Dome Interhall Athletics Commerce Forum Harold J. Druecker Kokomo, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Interhall Athletics Knights of Columbus 69 Thomas F. Durkin Fort Worth, Texas Degree: Ph. B. President, Texas Club Freshman Baseball Boxing Joseph R. English Newburgh, New York Degree: Ph. B. Freshman Baseball Scranton, Pennsylvania Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Tennis Managing Editor, 1936 Dome Commerce Forum Spanish Club Dan R. Finn Brookings, South Dakota Degree: B.C.S. William J. Fitzpatrick Troy, New York Degree: B.C.S. President, Capitol District Club Interhall Basketball Edward A. Fox Chicago, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. James B. Dwyer Erie, Pennsylvania Degree: Ph. B Commerce Forum Interhall Athletics ft John J. Fitzpatrick Albany, N ew York Degree: B.C.S. Knights of Columbus it Sm James H. Foltz Indianapolis, Indiana Degree: Ph. B. Secretary, St. Vincent de Paul Chesterton Society Interhall Athletics Student Manager John R. Frawley Birmingham. Alabama Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Track Monogram Club 70 Wallace L. Fromhart Moundsville, West Virginia Degree: B.C.S. Monogram Club Varsity Football Varsity Baseball Edward J. Gannon Cleveland, Ohio Degree: B.C.S. Vice-President, Cleveland Club Glee Club Laurence R. Garland Kewanee, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Accountants Club Commerce Forum Interhall Athletics William E. Gibson Grand Rapids, Michigan Degree: B.C.S. Commerce Forum Jerome H. Gohman Cincinnati, Ohio Degree: B.C.S. Commerce Forum Interhall Basketball Vice-President, Cincinnati Club Arch F. Gott Chicago, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Track Monogram Club Scholastic Chesterton Society Cross Country n John A. Genegel Middletown, New York Degree: B.C.S. Alvin G. Gloudemans Appleton, Wisconsin Degree: B.C.S. Edmund F. Goldsmith Northboro, Massachusetts Degree: B.C.S. Commerce Forum Interhall Athletics Charles J. Graham Clarion, Pennsylvania Degree: B.C.S. Interhall Basketball 71 James G. Hack Chicago, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Football Linnets Donald G. Harming Watertown, Connecticut Degree: B.C.S. Vice President, Freshman Class Secretary, Connecticut Club Commerce Forum Spanish Club Louis J. Rickey South Bend, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Football Philippe T. Hosterman Seattle, Washington Degree: B.C.S. Commerce Forum Rifle Club Varsity Baseball John W. Huening Waterlord, Wisconsin Degree: B.C.S. Knights of Columbus Francis J. Herb Bridgeport, Connecticut Edward J. Hackett Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Mi : Thomas J. Higgins Kansas City, Missouri Degree: B.C.S. Vice President, Club Interhall Athletics Commerce Forum Interhall Debating Missouri Edward J. Hoyt New York City, New York Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Cross Country Commerce Forum Dome Servers Club Thomas T. Hughes New York City, New York Degree: B.C.S. " B " Team Football Commerce Forum Interhall Athletics 72 Albert H. Huter Chicago, Illinois Peter J. Johnen Chicago, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Accountants Club Spanish Club Commerce Forum Knights of Columbus Degree: B.C.S. Knights of Columbus Adolph J. Judae Chicago, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Milton A. Katz South Bend. Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Accountants Club Commerce Forum Spanish Club Ernest L. Lanois LaPorte, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Karl G. Hutter Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Degree: B.C.S. Knights of Columbus Edmund P. Joyce Spartonsburg, South Carolina Degree: B.C.S. Vice-President, Accountants Club Commerce Forum Internal! Athletics Spanish Club Blue Circle Vice-President, Servers Club John W. Kaiser Eau Claire, Wisconsin Degree: B.C.S. Commerce Forum William J. Kennedy Chicago, Illinois Degree: Ph. B. Interhall Athletics Spanish Club Charles F. Lemons South Bend, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. 73 Frank E. Lesselyong Ironwood. Michigan Degree: Ph. B. Thomas H. Luckey South Bend, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Interhall Athletics John E. Maloney Chicago, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. President, Chicago Club Interhall Athletics Richard B. McArdle Fort Wayne, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Basketball William E. McFarland Canal Fulton, Ohio Degree: B.C.S. Knights of Columbus Harry R. Linn South Bend. Indiana Degree: B.C.S. William I. Lynch Rome, New York Degree: B.C.S. Secretary, Junior Class President, Utica Club Presidents Council John F. McAlpine Downers Grove, Illinois Degree: Ph. B. Glee Club Dramatics Interhall Athletics Knights of Columbus janx Thomas L. McCarthy Madison, Wisconsin Degree: B.C.S. Robert J. McKeating Chicago. Illinois Degree: Ph. B. Franc Obi 74 John C. Metcolf Duluth, Minnesota Degree: B.C.S. Commerce Forum German Club Floyd F. Miller Mitchell, South Dakota Degree: B.C.S. Accountants Club Commerce Forum James A. Moulder Buffalo. New York Degree: B.C.S. Interhall Athletics Robert W. Nickol Batesville. Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Interhall Debating Commerce Forum Accountants Club Francis C. O ' Connor Chicago. Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Charles F. Miles Oak Park, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Accountants Club Commerce Forum Interhall Athletics St. Vincent de Paul Verner C. Mooney Forrest, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Commerce Forum James G. Murphy Rock Springs, Wyoming Degree: B.C.S. Knights of Columbus Walter J. Nienaber Cincinnati, Ohio Degree: B.C.S. Monogram Club Head Cheerleader President, Cincinnati Club Interhall Athletics Commerce Forum Linnets James H. Payton South Bend, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. 75 Harrison J. Pierce Garden City, New York Degree B.C.S. Varsity Golf Commerce Fomm Harry E. Poulin South Bend, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Linnets Villagers Club, Secretary Degree: B.C.S. Vice-President, Commerce Forum Interhall Debating Spanish Club Interhall Basketball Joseph P. Quinn Newton, New Jersey Degree: B.C.S. President, New Jersey Club Treasurer, Sophomore Class Commerce Forum Presidents Council Edward J. Reardon Kansas City, Missou ri Degree: B.C.S. President, Missouri Club Secretary, Presidents Council Commerce Forum Interhall Athletics Joseph M. Roncm Chicago. Illinois George E. Ponath St. Petersburg, Florida Degree: Ph.B. Commerce Forum Business Manager, Santa Maria Knights of Columbus Spanish Club Vincent G. Probst New Athens, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Treasurer, Senior Clas " B " Team Football Interhall Basketball William E. Quirk Chicago, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Francis J. Reidy Oil City, Pennsylvania Degree: Ph.B. Glee Club Commerce Forum Joseph V. Schilling Pleasantville, New York Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Football Commerce Forum Cesare D. Sconiietti Rochester, New York Degree: B.C.S. Interhall Basketball Commerce Forum Secretary, St. Vincent Paul Italian Club de Joseph B. Shapero South Bend, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. James P. Sheedy Snyder, New York Degree: B.C.S. Secretary, Spanish Club " B " Team Football Knights of Columbus Alex L. Sloan Peoria, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. Interhall Debating Commerce Forum Richard S. Smith El Paso, Texas Degree: B.C.S. President, Spanish Club Cross Country Presidents Council Carl J. Senger Wichita, Kansas Degree: B.C.S. Advocatej Knights of Colum- bus Servers Club Accountants Club William S. Shea New York City, New York Degree: Ph. B. Philosophy Club Football Robert M. Siegfried Tulsa, Oklahoma Degree: B.C.S. S.A.C. Vice-Pres., Kansas-Oklahoma Club Cheerleader Albert J. Smith. Jr. Evanston, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. S.A.C. President, Commerce Forum Interhall Football Walter D. Smyth Salt Lake City. Utah Degree: B.C.S. Interhall Athletics 77 Cyril F. Stroker Waterbury, Connecticut Degree: B.C.S. Managing Editor, Scholastic Treasurer, Accountants Club French Club Interhall Athletics Daniel J. Sullivan Omboy, Illinois Degree: B.C.S. " B " Team Football Commerce Forum Linnets Robert J. Sullivan Ironwood, Michigan Degree: B.C.S. Leonard H. Tose Bridgeport. Pennsylvania Degree: Ph. B. President, Philadelphia Club Interhall Basketball Paul L. Venderley Fort Wayne. Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Band Commerce Forum Spanish Club Accountants Club Daniel C. Sullivan Ulysses, Kansas Degree: B.C.S. Spanish Club Accountants Club Lav V Hi k John M. Sullivan Fall River. Massachusetts Degree: B.C.S. ... Commerce Forum President, Rhode Club Glee Club Presidents Council Island Luke J. Tiernan Chicago. Illinois Degree: B.C.S. President, Chicago Club Law Club Commerce Forum Robert V. Trousdale Mott. North Dakota Degree: B.C.S. President, Band Commerce Forum Accountants Club Linnets John M. Wallach Newburgh, New York Degree: B.C.S. Spanish Club Interhall Athletics Foreign Commerce Club Linnets 78 Lawrence L. Weiss Batavia, New York Degree: B.C.S. Accountants Club Commerce Forum Robert E. Wilke Hamilton, Ohio Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Football Monogram Club Earl F. Walter Huntington, Indiana Degree: B.C.S. Vice-President, Fort Wayne Club Commerce Forum Thomas J. White Maplewood. Maryland Degree: Ph. B. Vice-President, Missouri Commerce Forum Interhall Debating lub John C. Winegardner Hillsboro, Ohio Degree- Ph. B. Commerce Forum, Director Treasurer, Central Ohio Club Treasurer, St. Vincent de Paul Interhall Athletics Elmer J. Zenner Racine, Wisconsin Degree: B.C.S. Varsity Football Monogram Club Spanish Club 79 GRADUATES OF THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING M :: Rev. THOMAS A. STEINER, C. S. C., Dean John J. Armstrong Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Major: Civil Engineering Secretary, Philadelphia Club Engineering Secretary, Rochester Club Senior Football Manager Engineers Club Paul F. Barker Rochester, New York Major: Mechanical S It Ralph L. Bernard Barberlon, Ohio Major: Civil Engineering Engineers Club Francis W. Burke Portland, Oregon Major: Chemical Engineering Editor, Catalyzer American Chemical Society Chemists Club fe. 80 Thomas P. Carney DuBcis, Pennsylvania Major: Chemical Engineering President, Engineers Club Vice-President, Chemists Club Presidents Council Catalyzer A.S.M. Eugene I. Cattle Oaklane, Pennsylvania Major: Chemical Engineering Chemists Club A. S. M. Engineers Club Interhall Athletics James U. Daly Forest Hills, Pennsylvania Major: Chemical Engineering Chemists Club Band Richard H. Delaney Burlington, Iowa Major: Mechanical S. A. C. Engineering Knights of Columbus Thomas R. Ducey Chicago, Illinois Major: Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Glee Club Interhall Athletics Alberto E. Castineira Havana, Cuba Major: Electrical Engineering Engineers Club A. I. E. E. Raymond C. Cowles Woodhull. niinois Major: Mining Engineering Engineers Club Pedro T. de Landero Mexico City, Mexico Major: Civil Engineering President, La Raza Club Engineers Club Captain, Varsity Fencing Presidents Council Thomas C. Delker Henderson, Kentucky Major: Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Society A. S. M. Robert K. Duffy Chicago, Illinois Major: Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Society A. S. M. 81 Donn G. Ehrich South Bend. Indiana Major: Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical Society Robert J. Francis Merrill, Wisconsin Major: Chemical Engineering Chemists Club Engineers Club Joseph F. Froning South Bend, Indiana Major: Chemical Engineering Chemists Club Engineers Club Herman T. Griffin Tulsa, Oklahoma Major: Chemical Engineering Engineers Club Chemists Club Bernard F. Hartz Edward J. Flanagan Grand Rapids, Michigan Major: Mechanical Engineering Chrisney, Indiana Major: Mechanical Engineering President, A. S. M. E. Frank P. Frascati North Bergen, New Jersey Major: Chemical Engineering American Chemical Society Chemists Club Engineers Club v - Frederick C. Cast Grand Rapids, Michigan Major: Chemical Engineering Chemists Club Engineers Club American Chemical Society John W. Hackner La Crosse, Wisconsin Major: Architectural Design Circle de Bossu Engineers Club Interhall Track to fend Harold E. Heinemann St. Albans, New York Major: Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. 0 Pa Joseph M. Hughes Menomonie, Wisconsin Major: Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Interhall Football Carlos A. Henkel Toluca, Mexico Major: Civil Engineering Engineers Club Fergus F. Kelly Jamaica. New York Major: Civil Engineering Engineers Club Interhall Athletics John P. Lautar Moundsville, West Virginia Major: Mechanical Engineering Captain, Varsity Football President, Monogram Club John H. McAuliffe Oak Park, Illinois Major: Architectural Engineering Fencing Architects Club Glee Club Charles C. Hogan Brooklyn. New York Major: Civil Engineering Bernard J. Keffler Malvern, Ohio Major: Metallurgy A. S. M. Engineers Club Band German Club Edward J. Kuth Duluth, Minnesota Major: Chemical Engineering Secretary, Chemists Club Engineers Club William J. Lynch Chicago. Illinois Major: Civil Engineering Francis T. McGuire South Bend. Indiana Major: Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. A. S. M. E. Freshman Track 83 Matthew R. Mclnerny South Bend, Indiana Major: Civil Engineering Engineers Club Benjamin R. Miley Houston, Texas Major: Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Engineers Club Joseph K. Mclntosh Pert Huron, Michigan Major: Chemical Engineering President, Chemists Club Presidents Counci] Knights of Columbus American Chemical Society Joseph W. Minarick Midland Park, New Jersey Major: Mechanical Engineering Rifle Club Engineers Club A. S. M. E. Boxing Engineers Club A. S. M. Aeronautical Society Melville B. Mix South Bend, Indiana Major: Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Interhall Football Eugene P. Mullen South Bend, Indiana Major: Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. Louis M. Purcell Salt Lake City, Utah Major: Aeronautical Engineering V., In M Reginald A. Morrison Rochester, New York Major: Architectural Engineering President, Architects Club Member of Beaux Arts Glee Club fch William J. O ' Sullivan Louisville, Kentucky Major: Aeronautical Engineering President, Aeronautical Society Engineers Club A. S. M. Qb, William F. Pye Covington, Kentucky Major: Electrical Engineering Interhall Athletics Secretary, Cincinnati Club John A. Riley New Orleans, Louisiana Major: Mechanical Engineer- ing Secretary, A. S. M. E. Engineers Club Steven J. Schmidt South Bend, Indiana Major: Mechanical Engineer ing A. S. M. E. Engineers Club Joseph L. Shiely St. Paul, Minnesota Major: Civil Engineering Engineers Club Norbert P. Tinnes Chicago. Illinois Major: Civil Engineering Engineers Club Band Harry S. Swoyer Dunkirk, New York f N -! r Nicholas P. Romanko Perth Amboy, New Jersey Major: Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Engineers Club Edward M. Shields Butler, Pennsylvania Major: Electrical Engineering Secretary, A. I. E. E. Engineers Club Major: Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Engineers Club Walter C. Troy Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Major: Metallurgy Secretary, A. S. M. Engineers Club Chesterton Society Albert E. Van Namee Bristol, Indiana Major: Architectural Design Circle de Bossu Leo M. Willick Ontario, Canada Major: Chemical Engine Chemists Club Engineers Club Henry J. Wirry Racine, Wisconsin Major: Electrical Engineering Engineers Club A. I. E. E. 85 GRADUATES OF THE COLLEGE OF SCIENCE f::: ;: Rev. FRANCIS J. WENNINGER, C. S. C., Dean Ion William J. Bailey Detroit, Michigan Major: Biology George N. Bates Morrisville. Vermont Major: Biology Academy of Science Club AHm Ian William J. Browne Peoria, Illinois Major: Chemistry Chemists Club Academy of Science German Club Lawrence F. Burnett Newark, New Jersey Major: Biology Academy of Science Interhall Athletics John H. Campbell Hazleton, Pennsylvania Major: Biology Anthracite Club, President Academy of Science Francis W. Delligan Stafford Springs, Connecticut Major: Pharmacy Pharmacy Club German Club James W. Downey Chickasha, Oklahoma Major: Biology President, Kansas-Oklahoma Club Academy of Science Knights of Columbus Alfred T. Erskine Kansas City. Missouri Major: Chemistry Chemists Club American Chemical Society Robert F. Gehres Seattle, Washington Major: Biology Academy of Scie nce German Club Peter G. Cassone Port Chester, New York Major: Biology Italian Club German Club Interhall Athletics Knights of Columbus Senatro W. Dileo Utica, New York Major: Biology Italian Club Academy of Science Interhall Athletics German Club Edward P. Drendel Azusa, California Major: Biology Richard E. Flood Hollidays Cove. West Virginia Major: Biology Academy of Science Interhall Athletics Francis X. Haines Binghamton, New York Major: Biology Academy of Science German Club 87 Arthur F. Hoffman Fort Wayne, Indiana Major: Biology S. A. C. President, Fort Wayne Club Interhall Athletics Presidents Council Academy of Science Thomas J. Kelley Los Angeles, California Major: Biology Academy of Science Interhall Debating Sare A. Lanzafame Rochester, New York Major: Biology Academy of Science Daniel P. Mahoney Troy, New York Major: Biology Secretary, Capitol City Club Interhall Football Francis A. Marino Utica, New York Major: Biology Academy of Science German Club Band Charles A. Hufnagel Richmond. Indiana Major: Biology Academy of Science Dome German Club Chemists Club Cross Country Brother Eric Landers. C.S.C. Notre Dame, Indiana Major: Biology h b William A. Lieser Canton, Ohio Major: Chemistry John J. Manning Sioux City. Iowa Major: Biology Basketball Manager Academy of Science Secretary, Iowa Club h h Harold V. Marley Fostoria. Ohio Major: Biology Knights of Columbus Academy of Science ha 88 . Bernard A. Marty Decatur, Illinois Major: Pharmacy Academy of Science President, Pharmacy Club Presidents Council Morris L. Moskowitz Brooklyn. New York Major: Biology Academy of Science Frederick E. Mott New Haven, Connecticut Major: Biology Irish Club French Club Academy of Science William F. Nardone Brooklyn. New York Major: Biology Academy of Science Knights of Columbus Joseph M. Nyikos South Bend, Indiana Major: Mathematics James L. Parsons Cincinnati, Ohio Major: Biology Varsity Track Monogram Club Howard D. Murdock Kingston. New York Major: Biology Linnets Richard O. Norris Trinidad. Colorado Major: Biology Graham J. Owens Kansas City, Missouri Major: Biology Academy of Science Eugene C. Peirick Farrell. Pennsylvania Major: Biology Academy of Science 89 John B. Phillips Amsterdam, New York Major: Biology John M. Powers Houston. Texas Major: Chemistry Academy of Science Chemists Club Robert P. Schefter Portland, Oregon Major: Biology Academy of Science Knights of Columbus William J. Sharp Summit, New Jersey Major: Biology Academy of Science St. Vincent de Paul Orlando J. Pisaturo Rochester, New York Major: Biology Academy of Science Samuel P. Roark Bushnell, Illinois Major: Biology Academy of Science German Club Michael R. Scully Bridgeport, Connecticut Major: Biology Henry J. Steiner Manitowoc, Wisconsin Major: Pharmacy Pharmacy Club On CM Francis W. Traynor Cumberland, Maryland Major: Biology German Club Anthony S. Valvo Rome, New York Major: Biology Academy of Science Edward T. Wilson Chicago, Illinois Major: Biology Academy of Science 90 GRADUATES OF THE COLLEGE OF LAW Mr. THOMAS F. KONOP, Dean Glenn A. Blake Canton, Ohio Law Club Joh n F. Darcy Boston, Massachusetts Varsity Football Boxing Law Club Anthony W. Brick North Tonawanda, New York Law Club Commerce Forum Secretary, Buffalo Club Francis A. Dunn loliet. Illinois Law Club 91 Robert B. Filson Oil City, Pennsylvania Law Club Arthur C. Gregory Canon City, Colorado Editor, Notre Dame Lawyer Knights of Columbus Law Club Robert J. Haley Fort Wayne, Indiana President, Fort Wayne Club Law Club Carl E. Langston Hartman, Arkansas Law Club Robert D. Malarney Waterbury, Connecticut Law Club Interhall Athletics Patrick J. Fisher Indianapolis, Indiana President, Law Club President, Indianapolis Club Paul A. Guarnieri Warren, Ohio Law Club Spanish Club Caesar J. Kalrnan Holland, Michigan Vice-President, Law Club Interhall Football James H. Levi Stevens Point, Wisconsin Editor, Notre Dame Lawyer Law Club John F. Marshall South Bend, Indiana Law Club 92 Arthur R. Martin Chicago, Illinois Editor, Notre Dame Lawyer James R. Osgood Chicago, Illinois Law Club Anthony T. Scolaro Arlington Heights, Illinois Law Club Interhall Football Mitchell C. Tackley Malone, New York Managing Editor, Scholastic University Theater Scrip Law Club Peter R. Viviano St. Louis, Missouri Law Club Arthur J. Mulholland Kalamazoo, Michigan S. A. C. Knights of Columbus Law Club John M. Pilarski South Bend, Indiana Law Club William L. Struck Dayton, Ohio Law Club Commerce Forum Maurice M. Tulchinsky South Bend, Indiana Law Club John W. Watters Marion, Ohio Law Club 93 GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN THIS SECTION COLLEGE OF ARTS AND LETTERS Raymond R. Anderson, C.S.C. Bro. Hilarion Brezik, C.S.C. Raymond M. Burch, C.S.C. James H. Comeau Francis M. Daughton Joseph C. Foley John F. Ford Roderick J. Gillis Edward P. Huisking Joseph E. Loftus Hugo W. Melchione Robert J. O ' Byrne Glen J. Porter Maurice F. Quinn William P. Sofia Francis A. Schiavone John W. Schulz John H. Sheehan Bro. Severin Smith, C.S.C. Joseph O. Weiss Abraham Zoss COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Louis G. Alaman John F. Brogger Jaime L. Creel John J. Desmond John G. Farabaugh Peter W. Kern Karl G. King Joseph I. O ' Neill Lewis A. Smith Daniel L. Sullivan COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Carlos A. de Landero COLLEGE OF SCIENCE Thomas E. Dillon Mark A. Finocchiaro James M. Jones Joseph M. McNulty James F. O ' Hara I " COLLEGE OF LflW Robert C. Albert Archibald G. Graham Marvin A. Krueger Guy H. McMichael Edward A. Olczak 94 Bernard S. Reardon President W W I Edmond R. Haggar Vice-President JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Maurice I. Kennedy Secretary Charles J. Macaluso Treasurer 95 Arthur F. Anderson Chicago, Illinois John F. Anton Chicago, Illinois William B. Armel Chicago, Illinois Louis L. Anderson Paducah, Kentucky Paul H. Anderson Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ennio B. Arboit Oglesby, Illinois Hugh J. Armbruster Toledo, Ohio William P. Arnold Larchmont, New York Thomas H. Atkinson Winchester, Massachusetts James R. Austin Williamsville, New York Marcellus F. Ball Plymouth, Indiana John W. Baltes Norwalk, Ohio Roger G. Barrack Trinidad, Colorado Edmond I. Bartnett New Rochelle, New York Burnett C. Bauer Good Thunder, Minnesota Philip J. Bayer Eri=, Pennsylvania Charles J. Beasley Ridgewood, New Jersey lames E. Beaudway South Bend, Indiana Charles V. Beck. Jr. Toledo, Ohio John I. Beer Auburn, New York George O. Belanger Whitehall, New York 96 William Benavides Laredo, Texas Edgar 6. Bernard Mayville, Wisconsin Frank X. Berry Greensboro, North Carolina Waller F. Berry Chicago, Illinois John B. Berteling Hamilton, Ontario George I. Best Peoria, Illinois Howard D. Bilger St. Augustine, Florida James W. Blunt Brockton, Massachusetts Thomas L. Bohen St. Paul, Minnesota Charles R. Bohn Chillicothe, Ohio William A. Botzum Akron, Ohio John A. Bond Franklin, Ohio Thomas D. Bond Franklin, Ohio John T. Bourke Waterville, New York Richard J. Bowes Kansas City, Missouri Daniel E. Boyle Hazleton, Pennsylvania Leo R. Boyle Gary, Indiana John P. Braddock Washington, D. C. Raymond H. Bradford West Point, New York William A. Branigan Albany, New York William J. Brennan Bellefontaine, Ohio 97 Francis E. Bright Franklin, New Jersey Charles T. Brosius Lime Kiln, Maryland Charles M. Brown Indianapolis, Indiana John L. Buckley Cicero, Illinois Robert T. Browne Peoria, Illinois lames G. Burgess Toledo, Ohio Floyd E. Brower Sycamore, Illinois Robert J. Bryan South Bend, Indiana Albert A. Butler Lakewood, Ohio John A. Callaghan Bristol, Connecticut Charles M. Callahan Lexington, Massachusetts Joseph A. Callahan New York City Robert A. Callahan Hastings-on-Hudson, New York Thomas H. Callahan Chicago, Illinois Joseph F. Campbell Mason City, Iowa Aldo B. Canolesio Weedsport, New York Patrick I. Carey Kokomo, Indiana Richard A. Carney Ticonderoga, New York Richard M. Carrigan Chicago, Illinois James F. Carson Indianapolis, Indiana Edward L. Casey Portland, Oregon . ,. 4 98 Eugene F. Casey Chicago, Illinois Charles F. Cassidy Denver, Colorado William P. Castleman, Jr. Louisville, Kentucky John F. Cleary Taunton, Massachusetts Jerry J. Clifford Chicago, Illinois John F. Clifford Chicago, Illinois John F. Clifford New Haven, Connecticut Joseph C. Clifford New Haven, Connecticut William V. Clifford Gary, Indiana Joseph E. Cole Nevada, Missouri John T. Collins Fairmont, West Virginia Edward I. Condon Brooklyn, New York Stephen D. Condon Hancock, Michigan William P. Condon Greenville, Mississippi David J. Connor Indianapolis, Indiana John C. Connor Brooklyn, New York John F. Conrad Vincennes, Indiana James Coon Buffalo, New York James M. Corcoran Washington, D. C. Joseph M. Corcoran Brockton, Massachusetts Hugh B. Correll Canton, Ohio 99 Francis P. Cosgrove Peekskill, New York John W. Costello Dover, New Jersey John C. Cottingham Cincinnati, Ohio William J. Cour Springfield, Illinois Custode A. Crisci Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robert G. Crockett Menasha, Wisconsin Frederick M. Crollard Wenatchee, Washington Edward I. Cronin Chicago, Illinois Dav ' d P. Crooks Kansas City, Missouri Thomas J. Crowley Palo Alto, California Bernard W. Cullen, Jr. Chicago, Illinois Donald F. Currier Detroit, Michigan Martin P. Cusick Jersey City, New Jersey Robert H. Cuthbertson Flint, Michigan Charles F. Daly Atlantic City, New Jersey Richard T. Danahy Buffalo, New York William E. Daniels Brooklyn, New York Melville E. Dark Springfield, Missouri Luino L. DaPra East Chicago, Indiana Aithur C. Davidson Greenville, Mississippi John F. Davis Evansville, Indiana 100 Frank J. Delaney Burlington, Iowa Pierre de la Vergne New Orleans, Louisiana John M. Denten Chicago, Illinois Robert A. Derengoski Manistee, Michigan Francis I. Detscher East Port Chester, Connecticut Stephen S. Dietrich, Jr. Port Chester, New York Thomas E. Dillon Girard, Ohio A. William DiBrienza Brooklyn, New York John I. DiMatteo Miamisburg, Ohio Joseph A. DiMatteo Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Joseph D. Dineen Herkimer, New York Eugene P. Dolan New York City William I. Dolan Catlin, Illinois John P. Donnelly Michigan City, Indiana Thomas J. Doody Gary, Indiana William J. Dorsey Peekskill, New York lames J. Dougherty Bristol, Tennessee John I. Doyle Perth Amboy, New Jersey Alvin J. Dreiling Victoria, Kansas Robert C. DuBois Elmhurst, Illinois Eugene R. Duggan Roanoke, Illinois 101 William R. Duggan Durango, Colorado Charles W. Duke La Porte, Indiana Louis J. Dunn Adrian, Michigan Robert H. Egan Dunkirk, New York Paul F. Eble South Bend, Indiana Milton I. Eisert Erie, Pennsylvania Walter J. Duncan La Salle, Illinois Lawrence T. Eby South Bend, Indiana Thomas J. Elder Coshocton, Ohio George M. Elmore South Bend, Indiana Charles E. Ernst Buffalo, New York Robert D. Fernbach Cheektowaga, New York Raymond E. Fiedler Thomasboro, Illinois Donald W. Fisher Utica, New York Walter W. Fegan South Bend, Indiana John R. Firth Brooklyn, New York Richard B. Fitzgerald Oak Park, Illinois Russell E. Fitzgerald New London, Connecticut Thomas M. Fitzgerald Indianapolis, Indiana George F. Fitzpatrick North Bellingham, Massachusetts lames I. Flanagan, Jr. Newburgh, New York 102 John E. Flanagan Spongier, Pennsylvania James R. Foley Trenton, Michigan John P. Fox, Jr. Buffalo, New York Edward T. Flanigan Buffalo, New York John M. Foley Mohawk, Michigan Louis A. Fox Fort Wayne, Indiana Thomas F. Flynn Cleveland, Ohio Harry F. Fox Cleveland, Ohio John J. Francis Chicago, Illinois John I. Freedy Chisholm, Minnesota Thomas C. Funk Anderson, Indiana Charles M. Gallagher East Milton, Massachusetts Philip C. Galletta, Jr. Elizabeth, New Jersey William H. Gallin New Rochelle, New York Herbert P. Gardner Reading, Ohio James W. Garvey Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Thomas M. Garvey Sharon, Pennsylvania Zanny R. Gedmin Chicago, Illinois Arthur J. Geis Chicago, Illinois Richard M. Gerl Manitowoc, Wisconsin Richard J. Germann Ripley, Ohio, 103 George E. Geyer Woodhaven, New York William J. Gibbons South Bend, Indiana Dan S. Gibbs Holyoke, Colorado Louis I. Giragi Winslow, Arizona Jaime E. Gomez Manizales, Colombia, S. A. John S. Goncher Chicago Heights, Illinois John J. German Detroit, Michigan Thomas M. German Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Thomas J. Graves Tell City, Indiana Thomas E. Greene Walpella, Illinois Albert E. Grimm Peoria, Illinois George R. Grega Shaker Heights, Ohio George B. Griggs Trenton, Illinois Edward F. Grogan, Jr. Bellaire, New York Marcus A. Gruenenfelder Highland, Illinois Robert H. Hackman Cleveland Heights, Ohio Edward C. Hager South Bend, Indiana Edmond R. Haggar Dallas, Texas Jack M. Hagerty Washington, O hio Robert T. Halbert Weedsport, New York Thomas R. Hardart Forest Hills, New York 104 Walter J. Harris Jersey City, New Jersey Joseph A. Henebry Plalnfield, Illinois Richard L. Higby Ripon, Wisconsin John I. Head Waterville, New York Francis I. Heigl Chicago, Illinois Richard J. Hennessy Springfield, Missouri Don F. Hickey South Bend, Indiana Francis M. Higgins Chicago, Illinois Joseph M. Hilbert Hempstead, New York William J. Hines South Bend, Indiana John B. Hooper Marion, Indiana Paul Hughes Flint, Michigan Edward P. Hogan Binghamton, New York George C. Howard Washington, D. C. Thomas M. Hughes Fremont, Ohio Russell L. Hunt Woonsocket, Rhode Island Charles A. Hurley Trenton, New Jersey Robert F. Holtz Elkha rt, Indiana John M. Hughes Chicago, Illinois Henry R. Humphrey El Paso, Texas John A. Hurst Toledo, Ohio 105 Thomas E. Hutchinson Goshen, Indiana Jack C. Hynes South Bend, Indiana Carl F. Irwin Auburn, Illinois Frank H. Ilzin Burlington, Wisconsin Casimer E. Ivancevic Midland, Pennsylvania Carl I. Jansky Two Rivers, Wisconsin Aram P. Jarrett Woonsocket, Rhode Island Edwin L. Jasinski South Bend, Indiana John L. Jehle Alton, Illinois C. Richard Jenney Lake wood. Ohio George Johnson Taylorville, Illinois Leo I. Kaemmerlen Tyler, Texas Clayton E. Jodon South Bend, Indiana John H. Johannes Port Washington, Wisconsin Roger T. Jordan Mcntclair, New Jersey Thomas G. Jordan Chicago, Illinois Joseph M. Kafka Buffalo, New York Jerome Kane Tacoma, Washington John F. Kane Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Owen N. Kane Wisner, Nebraska Louis H. Kapp Aviston, Illinois 106 lames L. Kavanagh Bay City, Michigan Thomas G. Kavanagh Detroit, Michigan Edward S. Kavanaugh Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Daniel . Keefe Ashton, Rhode Island Gregg W. Keegan St. Louis, Missouri George E. Keenen Bayonne, New Jersey Charles J. Kelley Bay City, Michigan John R. Keller Portland, Maine Thomas A. Kelly Anaconda, Montana Fred C. Kenline Dubuque, Iowa Maurice I. Kennedy Ogden, Utah Thomas L. Kennedy Hazelton, Pennsylvania George D. Kerwin Oelwein, Iowa Lawrence I. Kerwin Cleveland Heights, Ohio Francis E. Kesicke Yonkers, New York Edwin T. Kilrain Indianapolis, Indiana Phillip I. Kirch Des Moines, Iowa Francis J. Kirchman Bay City, Michigan Hubert I. Kirchman Bay City, Michigan Ernest F. Kling Youngstown, Ohio Werner H. Kling Youngstown, Ohio 107 John I. Klise Wooster, Ohio Theodore I. Knusman Chicago, Illinois Charles A. Kolp, Jr. Canton, Ohio Alexander S. Kovzelove New York, New York Francis A. Kroeger South Bend, Indiana Joseph W. Krupa Lyndhurst, New Jersey James H. Lahey South Bend, Indiana Reman N. Lamberto Remsen, Iowa Melvin E. Lambrecht Merrill, Wisconsin Leon L. Lancaster Orchard Park, New York Robert J. Longer Indianapolis, Indiana Harold F. Langton Locust Gap, Pennsylvania Howard L. Lardie Niagara Falls, New York Lawrence J. Larkin Cranford, New Jersey Frank E. Larwood Portland, Oregon Robert N. Laughlin Mattoon, Illinois George R. Laure South Bend, Indiana John W. Leadbetter Dixonville, Pennsylvania Henry G. Leader New York City Richard F. Leahy Minneapolis, Minnesota John W. Lebherz Frederick, Maryland kmu 108 Alcide I. Le Blanc San Antonio, Texas Jerome P. Ledvina Manitowoc, Wisconsin Donald F. LeMire Escanaba, Michigan Robert P. Leonard Wilmington, Delaware Bernard F. LeRoy Oshkosh, Wisconsin Henry I. Lipsie Utica, New York Vincent J. Lipsio New Rochelle, New York lames R. Longer Cincinnati, Ohio Raymond E. Longstreth Zanesville, Ohio Francis E. Lougee Nashua, New Hampshire John C. Lungren Sioux City, Iowa William M. Lusson Chicago, Illinois John E. Lynch South Bend, Indiana Charles I. Macaluso Cleveland Heights, Ohio Carleton G. Macdougald Providence, Rhode Island Henry I. Mackin, Jr. Kankakee, Illinois Arthur H. Maehler Oak Park, Illinois Arnold A. Maes Waukegan, Illinois Jerome B. Magee Buffalo, New York Thomas F. Maher Watertown, Massachusetts John P. Mahoney Ashtabula, Ohio Hk ABB r? n . i- ii i 109 William P. Mahoney Phoenix, Arizona William T. Mahoney Chattanooga, Tennessee Joseph D. Manix Greenville, Ohio lames E. Mar.n Chicago, Illinois Joseph P. Mannebach Kenilworth, Illinois Christopher R. Masterson Summit, New Jersey William J. Mathey Clifton, New Jersey William G. Marguet Brooklyn, New York Edward J. Mattingly Cum berland, Maryland Marion J. Maurello Trinidad, Colorado Ernest P. Maurin Kansas City, Kansas Francis H. May, Jr. Dunkirk, Indiana Robert I. Mazanec Cleveland, Ohio Edward S. McCabe Lock Haven, Pennsylvania John F. McCarron Pottsville, Pennsylvania James E. McCarthy New Haven, Connecticut Patrick F. McCarty Toledo, Ohio Nevin F. McCormick Livermore, California Richard H. McCutcheon Kingston, New York Ralph V. McDonald Oak Park, Illinois Charles E. McDonough Parkersburg, West Virginia 110 lames J. McGettrick Rocky River, Ohio George W. McGovern Lynbrook, New York John J. McGuinness Ashland, Wisconsin Edward P. McHugh Chicago, Illinois John C. McKendry Buffalo, New York Oliver McMahon Rockville Centre, New York William J. McNamara Chicago, Illinois lames T. McNeils Hazleton, Pennsylvania Fenton J. Mee Logansport, Indiana Joseph W. Mehring Huntington, Indiana Joseph Messick III Chester, Pennsylvania Charles J. Metzger Rockville Centre, New York Francis J. 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Skoglund Chicago, Illinois Edmund I. Slack Chicago, Illinois Charles E. Slyngstad Havre, Montana Bertram J. Smith Hempstead, New York Eugene I. Smith Brooklyn, New York Francis H. Smith La Porte, Indiana George A. Smith Indianapolis, Indiana Edward W. Snell Erie, Pennsylvania Andrew R. Sokerka Passaic, New Jersey 116 Faustin I. Solon Toledo, Ohio John C. Starkie Topeka, Kansas Laurence C. Stewart Chicago, Illinois Patrick I. Slillisano Willoughby, Ohio Joseph I. Stolarski Chicago, Illinois Joseph C. Strnad South Bend, Indiana Richard C. Stueve. Jr. Tulsa, Oklahoma Anthony C. Sulewski New York City George R. Sullivan Monticello, Indiana James F. Sullivan Binghampton, New York John D. Sullivan Fall River, Massachusetts Robert R. Sullivan Atlanta, Georgia James M. Sweedyk Grand Rapids, Michigan Charles A. Sweeney Bloomington, Illinois Richard F. Swisher Muncie, Indiana Clifford P. Tollman Jersey City, New Jersey Charles P. Terry Kewanee, Illinois Robert N. Tharinger Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Henry R. Theis Newburgh, Indiana Richard G. Thoen Buffalo, New York John D. Thomas Chicago, Illinois BY M nk ai 117 Edward A. Uniacke Poughkeepsie, New York Edward I. Upton Chicago, Illinois Eugene F. Vaslett Brooklyn, New York John K. Veeneman Chicago, Illinois Nelson I. Vogel Queens Village, New York Dudley R. Walker San Antonio, Texas lames W. Walsh Beatrice, Nebraska John S. Ward Brooklyn, New York Harold I. Wardell Mount Vernon, New York Bernard J. Wassell Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania John R. Waters River Forest, Illinois Herbert I. Weber South Bend, Indiana Richard I. Thompson Toledo, Ohio John J. Thulis Chicago, Illinois Joseph F. Timmerman Peoria, Illinois Edward M. Tobin Freeport, Illinois John L. Tobin Taftville, Connecticut John R. Tobin Elgin, Illinois Theodore W. Treizer Grosse Points, Michigan Salvatore P. Trentacosie Brooklyn, New York John E. Troskosky Willard, New York 118 John H. Weber South Bend, Indiana Joseph J. Wehrle Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania Thomas H. Weigand Barberton, Ohio John F. Weiler St. Louis, Missouri Leo F. Welch Indianapolis, Indiana Charles E. Welsh Mahoney City, Pennsylvania Harold A. Williams Baltimore, Maryland Frederick W. Williamson LaGrange, Illinois Harold F. Wilson Erie, Pennsylvania John H. Wilson Lakewood, Ohio Frank A. Winninger Wausau, Wisconsin Adolph J. Wiss Pana, Illinois William J. Woerner Louisville, Kentucky James R. Woods Lyndhurst, New Jersey Henry E. Wrape Paragould, Arkansas Francis J. Wukovits South Bend, Indiana Thomas W. Wukovits South Bend, Indiana Augustine B. Zell Little Rock, Arkansas John R. Zerbst Kansas City, Missouri Abe O. Zoss South Bend, Indiana 119 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Joseph E. McDermott President Francis B. Kelly Vice-President Paul M. Donovan Secretary Carl J. Rausch Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Gerald K. Donovan Thomas B. Donahue Vice-President President David J. Bernard Secretary Frederick P. Fox Treasurer 120 ATHLETICS 121 ELMER F. LAYDEN Director of Athletics Head Football Coach Coach Elmer Layden, in his third year as Head Football Coach at Notre Dame, again produced one of the nation ' s outstanding elev- ens. The loss of many of the players of last year seriously han- dicapped him in his efforts to produce a winning team, but this year ' s aggregation performed so well that the Irish were rated once again among the football greats of the nation. Recognition must also be given Captain-elect Bill Smith who resigned that position late in September when it was found that he could not play be- cause of injuries. Smith refused to be a figurehead and stepped down in favor of John Lautar. Lautar led his team as Notre Dame teams should be led, and earned for him- self All-American mention on many teams. FOOTBALL 122 1936 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD WILLIAM R. SMITH JOHN P. LAUTAR 123 NOTRE DAME - 21 CARNEGIE TECH -7 " The huge and baffling ' X ' which marked Notre Dame ' s 1936 football future ere to- day is no longer an unknown quantity. ... In today ' s debut, however, the 1936 Irish proved they are better blockers than their predecessors were at the same time last year. " Charles Bartlett, Chicago Tribune. PUPLIS WILKE DANBOM WOJCIHOVSKI Opening the 1936 season against a confident Carnegie Tech team, the Irish gave a surprising early season show- ing with sure blocking, hard tackling and perfectly func- tioning plays. Steve Miller scored first for the Irish in the second quarter but the Skibos tied the score before the half ended, on a pass attack that threatened disaster for an im- potent Notre Dame team. The second half brought a com- plete reversal of the game, Notre Dame dominating the entire field. Danbom and Mil- ler scored in that order before the game ended, starting the Irish on what appeared to be an undefeated season. Side- lines: O ' Neill ' s kicking and Wilke ' s runs. I 124 NOTRE DAME - 14 WASHINGTON - -6 " It took the combined efforts of 52 play- ers of assorted sizes and shapes to keep Notre Dame from being upset by a fight- ing Washington university eleven ... in a contest that was labeled a ' breather. ' " Jack Ledden, South Bend Tribune STEINKEMPER O ' NEILL KOPCZAK MARTIN A Notre Dame squad, confi- dent and expecting an easy game, played a loose and in- different game while their opponents, led by Bukant ' s powerful line smashes, capi- talized on every opportunity. A sustained drive by the Irish in the second quarter was cli- maxed when Larry Danbom scored the first six points of the game. Late in the third period, O ' Neill took a pass from Wilke and gave Andy Puplis an opportunity to kick his second point after touch- down. Washington accounted for their six points on a break after the referee ruled interfer- ence on a pass by Notre Dame on the Irish three yard line. Bukant carried it over on the third attempt. Sidelines: Bu- kant and lezzi of Washington and Danbom and Me C arty of Notre Dame attempting to outdo each other. 125 NOTRE DAME -27 WISCONSIN -0 MILLER CRONIN MUNDEE MARSHALL " Notre Dame, with no excessive show of pride or prejudice, today accorded Wisconsin Badgers the same dose of poison administered at Madison last year. The count then and today, was Notre Dame, 27; Wisconsin, 0. " Edward Burns, Chicago Tribune Fullback and quarterback of the immortal " Four Horsemen " met on the football field once more, this time as coaches, and Elmer Layden sent seventy players into the game against a fighting Wisconsin team that was not as yet accustomed to Harry Stuhldreher ' s version of the Notre Dame system. It was entirely Notre Dame through- out the afternoon. Mundee blocked a punt early in the second half and gave Wojci- hovski a perfect set-up for the second touchdown of the day. Wilke had contributed the first score at the start of the game on a sixteen yard run. Danbom scored soon afterwards to be followed by Borowski, after Len Skoglund had taken a sixty yard pass from Jake Kovalcik. Bruno converted for the twenty-seventh point. Sidelines: Jensen, Wisconsin tackle, offside five times in first quarter . . . Jankowski pacing the Badgers from his fullback position . . . Elmer ' s smile. 126 NOTRE DAME-0 PITTSBURGH -26 ZENNER McMAHON ZWERS McCORMICK " Led by Marshall Goldberg, a young Jewish boy who will cele- brate his eighteenth birthday on the morrow, the Pittsburgh Panthers marched four times into the promised land back of the Notre Dame goal posts today to defeat the Irish. " Henry M ' Lemore, Memphis Commercial Appeal Before 71,000 spectators, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame went down to its worst defeat in eleven years before a Pittsburgh team paced by Marshall Goldberg, who displayed most effectively how smashing line-bucks, fast breaking off-tackle slants, and wide end- sweeps should be executed. A sustained drive of seventy five yards netted the first score in the second quarter, and a pass from Goldberg to Hoffman made the score 13-0. Stapulis, LaRue, and Goldberg began running, passing, and kicking in the fourth quarter just long enough to net thirteen more points before the end of the game. Sidelines: Goldberg stopped after gaining only five yards . . . O ' Neill kick- ing out of tight corners . . . that much discussed 25 yard penalty . . . and plenty of bruises. International News Photos 127 NOTRE DAME -7 OHIO STATE -2 Skoglund McCarty A crowd of 56.000 fans filled the stadium to see the Scarlet Scourge scourged. McCarthy ' s punt from behind his own goal line in the first quarter was blocked to give Ohio State its only score of the game. Following this, McCormick, Danbom, and Simonich took turns in advancing the ball to the Ohio State two yard line from which point McCormick cut through tackle to score. Danbom converted with but one minute left of the first half. A last minute drive by State was stopped on the Irish twelve yard line. Sidelines: Ohio State ' s " razzle-dazzle " plays . . . McCor- mick ' s debut. The fighting Irish again are in command at Notre Dame. Paced by Jack McCarthy of Glencoe, 111., and Nevin Mc- Cormick of Livermore, Cal., who were the heroic figures in their team ' s 76 yard march to a touchdown, Notre Dame to- day whipped Ohio State, 7 to 2, before a crowd of 56,000, the largest that ever has seen a contest at the new stadium. Arch Ward, Chicago Tribune 128 NOTRE DAME-0 NAVY -3 " Young Bill Ingram, who comes from a Navy family famous in Annapolis football annals, . . . ran and passed, tackled and blocked, proved a demon at intercepting the desperate Notre Dame passes, and polished off his big after- noon ' s work by kicking the field goal in the third period which sent the Irish tumbling down to defeat. " James M. Kahn, New York Sun O ' REILLY KOVALCIK RUETZ GLEASON A capacity crowd at Baltimore saw the Irish bombarded by the thrice defeated Navy. An early drive by Notre Dame was ended by a fumble on the Navy one yard line, and a later drive was foiled on the six yard line when O ' Reilly caught a pass behind the end zone. Navy fought a defensive battle almost all afternoon but managed to inter- cept enough Irish passes to enable Bill Ingram to boot a field goal from the seventeen yard line in the third quarter. Sidelines: Wil- lingness of Ingram and Antrim to catch Wilke ' s passes. 129 NOTRE DAME -20 ARMY -6 MCCARTHY MURPHY BEINOR " Notre Dame ' s consistently inconsistent football team came back with a display of power and speed that routed the Army, 20-6, before a capacity crowd in the Yankee Stadium this afternoon. " Arch Ward, Chicago Tribune Army marched seventy three yards down the field during the first three minutes of play in the annual New York battle, but was stopped by Andy Puplis ' interception of an Army pass behind the Irish goal line. From then on in, it was a great day for the Irish. Wilke scored in the second quarter from the one yard line, from the fifteen yard line in the third quarter, and then collaborated with Danbom to bring the ball to the Army five yard line from which point Puplis took it over. Monk Meyer, Army ace halfback, returned an Irish punt fifty five yards in the fourth quarter for the only Army score. Sidelines: Student trip and all that goes with it ... 1650 uniformed Cadets on parade . . . the Notre Dame Band with spats and shamrocks . . . the " sleeper play " that fooled the Army. 130 Notre Dame - 26 Northwestern - 6 SIMONICH KELL SHELLOG " Some 55,000 persons, pop-eyed at what they had witnessed for upwards of two hours, left the Notre Dame Stadium this after- noon, wondering, perhaps, which was now the No. 1 football team of the nation. " Warren Brown, Chicago Herald and Examiner An Irish team that reached its peak extinguished Northwestern ' s hopes for a National Championship in a game that Notre Dame will never forget. Wilke scored in the first and second quarters on two perfectly executed off-tackle runs. In the third quarter a quick kick was recovered by O ' Neill on the Wildcat ' s three yard line, Danbom crashing through for the third touchdown. Len Skoglund, Irish left end, took a shovel pass from McCarthy in the fourth quarter to score the last touchdown of the day. Northwestern came back with a closing drive that netted seventy-seven yards and a touchdown. Sidelines: Lautar, O ' Neill, Steinkemper, Martin, Mundee, Cronin, Eopscak, Wilke, Danbom, Wojcihovski, Miller, McMahon, all taking a last bow in the Notre Dame Stadium. I 131 NOTRE DAME- 13 SO. CALIFORNIA- 13 " The Scoreboard read simply 13-13 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum last Saturday, as the final gun terminated the eleventh meeting of Notre Dame and Southern California on the gridiron, but to the 78,000 frenzied fans who witnessed the game it was a veritable encyclopedia of thrills and excitement that made this year ' s football season the weirdest in many a decade. " John F. Clifford, The Scholastic In climaxing an unusual season, the Irish could do no better than tie a supposedly weaker Southern California eleven. Wilke scored in the first ten minutes of play. In the second period, Schindler, Trojan back, cut through center then lateralled to Berry- man who ran sixty yards to score. Later in the period, Wilke threw a flat zone pass from the Trojan ' s nine yard line. Langley intercepted and, aided by beautiful block- ing on the part of the referee, ran ninety-nine yards for a touchdown. The Irish tied the score in the last quarter when California ' s own Bunny McCormick took a pass from Wilke and scored. Sidelines: That disputed touchdown on Beinor ' s recovery behind the Trojan goal line. 132 13 DEDICATION OF SECTION JOHN J. O ' BRIEN To the memory of a true Notre Dame man, who, like his mentor the immor- tal Rockne, will live for- ever in the annals of Notre Dame. .In or- m ock -.: 133 JOSEPH M. BOLAND DONALD (CHET) GRANT WILLIAM J. CERNEY CLARENCE (JAKE) KLINE COACHES Joe Boland, shock troop tackle with the Four Horse- men, has done an excellent job of line building, han- dling the centers, guards and tackles. Chet Grant, who returned to Notre Dame as coach after having played before and after the World War, has been invaluable in coaching the backfield. Johnny O ' Brien, latest addition to the coaching staff, came to Notre Dame after coaching at St. Edward ' s University. Bill Cerney, called by Rockne the " Fifth Horseman, " has charge of the Notre Dame " B " team. Jake Kline, base- ball captain in 1917, has been freshman football coach for the past four seasons. JOHN J. O ' BRIEN 134 BUSINESS MANAGERS J. ARTHUR HALEY r HERBERT JONES PUBLICITY DIRECTORS JOSEPH PETRITZ THOMAS BARRY 135 GEORGE E. KOEGAN COACH BASKETBALL 136 Top row: Trainer Young; J. Manning, Mar.; T. Wukovits; J. DeMots; J. Moir; P. Nowak; L. Shields; T. Walker; J. O ' Connor; D. Allen; Coach Koegan. Front row: T. Jordan, E. Brown, J. Carson, M. Crowe, Capt. R. Meyer, F. Gaglione, P. Du- Charme, E. Sadowski, E. Crowe, G. Knobel. " The greatest team I ever coached " were the words of Coach George Koegan at the testi- monial banquet tendered the members of the 1936-7 basketball squad. Twenty victories in twenty-three starts was the record achieved by the team. Hampered early in the season by injuries, the Eoeganmen were forced to wait until the Syracuse contest before really hitting their stride. That game was the first of thirteen straight games won by the squad and which ended with the close of the sea- son. Moir and Nowak were both chosen on various Ail-American teams. Letters were awarded to Captain Ray Meyer, Paul Nowak, John Moir. Don Allen, John DeMots, Ed Sadowsky, Mike Crowe, Tom Wukovits, Tom Jordan, Earl Brown and Manager Jay Manning. Allen and DeMots are the only members of the squad who will not be return- ing next year. 137 NOTRE DAME 41; KALAMAZOO 27 Notre Dame opened its season in early December by trouncing Kalamazoo, 41-27. Supposedly a weak team, Kalamazoo showed a surprisingly strong offense that kept the Irish constantly on the run. The Irish, while shining as individuals, lacked any semblance of good team play. NOTRE DAME 39; ST. MARY ' S 27 Aided by the return of Nowak to the line-up and led by Moir, Notre Dame topped St. Mary ' s in the second game of the season. It was a costly victory for the Irish, Moir ' s jaw having been broken. Most of the opponent ' s points were scored against the Irish reserves. NOTRE DAME 37; MACOMB TEACHERS 22 Captain Ray Meyer led the Irish to victory over Macomb Teach- ers, 37-22. Notre Dame had a lead of but four points at the half, but Meyer, Wukovits and Jordan opened up shortly after the second half started to settle the issue. NOTRE DAME 19; NORTHWESTERN 38 In the first important game of the season, Notre Dame, lacking the services of Meyer, Moir and Nowak, lost decisively to a North- western team that was unquestionably superior. McMichael, forward and captain of the Purple, was high scorer of the evening. NOTRE DAME 29; ILLINOIS 44 For the second time in a row, the Gold and Blue of Notre Dame was dropped in defeat when Illinois was encountered. Nowak showed a flash of his old form in garnering nine points, but the rest of the team was too slow to stop the Illini. Boudreau and Nesbit were high point men for the Illini. NOTRE DAME 24; NORTHWESTERN 23 The Irish basketball team held on to a one-point lead for four minutes last New Year ' s Eve to win over the Northwestern Wild- cats. Ed Sadowsky and Paul Nowak, with ten and seven points respectively, led the Irish in an uphill fight to take revenge for the defeat suffered earlier in the season. 138 feact- floor Wild- , Earl Brown Paul Nowak Capt. Ray Meyer Tom Jordan John Moir Tom Wukovits 139 NOTRE DAME 30; CHICAGO 27 Johnny Moir, Scottish-born sharpshooter, with his thirteen points, and Earl Brown with his nine points, were chiefly responsible for the annexing of Chicago to the list of Irish victims. A ragged Irish offense together with the great defense of the Maroons, almost meant disaster for the Eoeganmen. NOTRE DAME 41; KENTUCKY 28 Clicking consistently against the Colonels, the Irish displayed some of the power that was as yet latent in the squad. Nowak and Moir, with eighteen and ten points respectively, accounted for more than half of the Irish total and equaled Kentucky ' s total. NOTRE DAME 25; BUTLER 24 It was a fighting aggregation from Butler that almost upset the Irish on January ninth. A close game throughout, it provided many thrills for the students who had just returned from the Christmas vacation, Moir, discarding the headgear he had been wearing to protect his fractured jaw, scored twelve points to take scoring honors, while Wukovits starred on his defensive work. NOTRE DAME 31; PITTSBURGH 34 Although holding a nine point lead at one point in the game, the Irish were nosed out by the Pittsburgh Panthers, 34-31. Play- ing the same inferior brand of ball that had characterized their earlier games, the Irish were unable to start functioning for any great length of time. NOTRE DAME 52; SYRACUSE 31 The Fighting Irish were really fighting as they overwhelmed a hitherto unbeaten Syracuse five, 52-31. Paul Nowak was on the sick list, but 5,500 fans roared their approval of Moir when he shifted to Nowak ' s center position and scored ten baskets and four free throws to come within one point of the all-time Notre Dame record. Tom Wukovits did an excellent job of guarding Sonderman, Syracuse ace. NOTRE DAME 41; PENNSYLVANIA 36 The Irish once more came from behind to show their superiority by defeating the previously undefeated University of Pennsyl- vania quintet. The score at half time was 19-18 for Pennsylvania, which was increased to 26-19 before the Irish found the hoop. The last ten minutes of the game belonged wholly to the Irish as they overtook the Penn lads with basket after basket. 140 H 141 NOTRE DAME 55; WESTERN RESERVE 20 After garnering a 20-16 lead at the half, the Irish unleashed a second half attack that completely overwhelmed the Western Reserve team. The reserves continued the furious pace set by the regulars in the second period to keep the Cleveland boys on the short end of the scoring. NOTRE DAME 47; PURDUE 40 Breaking faster than the fastest team in the Mid- West and guard- ing so closely that their opponents were stopped for the better part of the game, the Fighting Irish defeated the Purdue Boiler- makers. Moir, with fifteen points, and Nowak with thirteen points, led the Irish scoring while Earl Brown kept Jewel Young, Pur- due ' s high-scoring forward, closely guarded throughout the evening. NOTRE DAME 41; ILLINOIS 33 After tumbling Illinois from an early lead, Notre Dame moved smoothly ahead to pile up a safe margin of its own and then successfully, if not skillfully stalled during the closing few min- utes to avenge an early season defeat. It was sweet revenge for the Irish. NOTRE DAME 52; N. Y. U. 26 Doubling their opponent ' s total, the Fighting Irish continued their winning streak by conquering New York University at Madison Square Garden. Although Notre Dame dominated the play throughout the game, they held only a slim 16-10 advantage at the end of the first half. In the second period they displayed a dazzling passing attack that netted them thirty-six points while the Violets scored but sixteen points. NOTRE DAME 40; CANISIUS 36 Returning from their Violet-picking picnic in New York, the Irish dropped off at Buffalo and squeezed out an unexpectedly tight 40-36 victory over a fighting Canisius club. Moir, inspired by a delegation from his nearby home town of Niagara Falls, tallied t wenty one points. NOTRE DAME 29; PITTSBURGH 18 Finding revenge to be sweet, Notre Dame won its return game with the Panthers of Pittsburgh, thus accounting for the only team that had beaten them and had not been defeated in return. Offensive attempts of both teams were extremely ragged, the victory going to the Irish only because it had the better defense of the two teams. Meyer, with nine points led the scoring. 142 Mike Crowe Don Allen Ed Sadowsky John DeMots Jim Carson 143 NOTRE DAME 41; MARQUETTE 24 This newly renovated Irish squad romped over Marquette, 41-24. After about twelve minutes of play, the Hilltoppers led by a 10-3 count. Then the tide of battle changed and the half ended with the Irish on the proper end of a 22-18 score. The second half was a continuance of the first, the Irish finally garnering their forty one points. NOTRE DAME 42; BUTLER 17 Before a crowd of 8500 Hoosier basketball fans, the Irish con- quered the Butler quintet in the same way they had defeated the previous nine opponents. Nowak, Moir, Meyers, Carson, and Wukovits were continually in the heat of the battle and were more than partially responsible for the squad ' s second win over the Bulldogs. NOTRE DAME 39; MARQUETTE 35 Last minute baskets by Jordan and Brown were the deciding factors in the return game with Marquette. Playing unexpectedly fine ball, the Hilltoppers almost put the Irish in the defeat column, holding them to a 35-35 tie until the last two minutes of play. NOTRE DAME 44; MINNESOTA 18 Having previously beaten Illinois, the Notre Dame basketball team more or less set themselves up as unofficial champions of the Mid- West when they overwhelmed Minnesota, co-holder of the Big Ten Championship. The Irish rolled up a score of 20-2 in the first few minutes of play and then coasted for the remain- der of the game, never having an uneasy minute about the outcome. NOTRE DAME 36; DETROIT 18 The final game of the season found the Irish playing and de- cisively beating the Detroit quintet. The Titans evidently went on a sit-down strike sometime during the course of the evening for when the totals were taken at the end of the game, it was found that the Irish led by eighteen points. Johnny Moir scored seven field goals and three free throws to bring his season ' s total to 290 points. 144 I :.:.: :.-: lay. 145 JOHN P. NICHOLSON COACH TRACK 1936 SEASON 146 CAPTAIN CHARLES JORDAN Coach Nicholson can look forward to a successful year, if returning varsity material can mean any- thing. From the pole vaulters, Dan Gibbs, Harold Langton and Bill McCarthy will be returning while Levicki returns for the shot put along with Simonich and Beinor, Sophomore hopes. Captain Jordan and Bill Clifford remain in the dashes, and Bill Mahoney in the hurdles. Ed English, Langton, and Schmitz will represent the Irish in the high jump. The dis- tances are well covered by Arch Gott, Jim Parsons, Pete Sheehan, John Francis, John Cavanaugh, and John Clifford. The Sophomore trackmen are sure to provide some good material, among whom are Greg Rice, who shows great promise in the mile, Beinor and Simonich. 147 NOTRE DAME CHICAGO NOTRE DAME MARQUETTE 63 41 41! The indoor track season was inaugurated on February 7, 1936 with a victory over the Chicago Maroons at Chicago. Ray Ellin- wood, Chicago sophomore, at- tracted national attention with a new indoor world ' s record in the quarter mile, while Elser garnered ten points for high scor- ing honors of the day, beating out Jay Berwanger. A powerful Marquette team was the second victim, in the first home dual meet of the season. Elser ' s shot put heave of 48 feet, 8% inches set a new meet and gymnasium record. McGrath beat out Captain Beckett of Mar- quette in the 880 yard run, with a driving finish, while the Irish relay team turned in a brilliant performance. 148 NOTRE DAME 63i NORTHWESTERN 301 NOTRE DAME 54 ILLINOIS 50 LEVICKI Notre Dame defeated Northwest- ern on February 28, to extend its winning streak to three straight meets. The field was completely dominated by the Irish. Jordan, Bernard, McKen- na, Langton, and McCarthy were outstanding performers for the Irish, with Elser again break- ing the meet record in the shot put event. Northwestern set new records in the four man relay and the high hurdle events. Meeting Illinois on Irish territory, Notre Dame won its fourth straight meet, although the final result hinged upon the ability of the Irish relay team to come through with flying colors. Three meet records, two gymnasium records and one Notre Dame record were broken in one of the closest meets of the year. 149 ST. LOUIS RELAYS C. I. C. MEET As a tribute to Coach Nicholson, the St. Louis Athletic Club in- vited the Irish coach and some team members to compete in the St. Louis Relays held on Febru- ary 29. Excellent performances were given by Rubly in the quar- ter mile, Elser in the shot put. and McFarlane in the two mile run. By amassing a decisive eleven point lead, the Irish track team regained the Central Intercol- legiate Conference title. The meet drew one of the largest en- try lists of any C. I. C. contest in the ten years of its existence. Sixteen colleges, representing every part of the Mid West, were entered. Notre Dame placed first only in the shot put, but led the entire field with a well bal- anced team that scored second and third places consistently. ISO BUTLER RELAYS DRAKE RELAYS Notre Dame was represented in the Butler Relays by a squad of 14 men, six of whom placed in their respective events to garner a total of eleven points. Michi- gan ' s Big Ten Championship team led the field. Meagher placed second to Owens of Ohio State in the broad jump, while Gibbs took another second in the pole vault with a jump of over thirteen feet. Notre Dame ' s track forces made their initial outdoor appearance of the season at the Drake Re- lays in Des Moines, Iowa. Led by the relay teams, which scored heavily in the 440 and 880 yard relays, Notre Dame took an un- official first place in number of points. Meagher and Elser took seconds in the broad jump and shot put. 151 NOTRE DAME PITTSBURGH 45 TRIANGULAR MEET On their first Eastern invasion of the season, the Irish trackmen proved their supremacy and power by defeating the Pitts- burgh Panthers. Out of eight running events, the Irish took six first places. Gibbs tied the meet record in the pole vault, while Frawley garnered high scoring honors of the day by placing first in the 200 yard dash and in the 220 yard low hurdles, and third in the 100 yard dash. In a triangular meet held in Car- tier Field, Notre Dame nosed out Ohio State 71 % to 70y 2 and completely outclassed Michigan State by fifty points. Ohio State, led by Jesse Owens, smashed five field marks, while the Irish came through with two new rec- ords. Owens set new records in the 100 and 220 yard dashes and in the broad jump, while Walker set a new record in the high jump. H MAHONEY 152 NOTRE DAME NAVY NOTRE DAME MARQUETTE 53 811 491 At Annapolis, on May 16, Notre Dame ' s track team kept its un- beaten record while marring a perfect Navy record. Eight first places and seven second places whipped the Sailors. Elser set a new meet record in the shot put, as did Levicki in the javelin throw. In Milwaukee on May 23, the Irish continued their winning stride by defeating Marquette. New records in the 440, in the pole vault, and in the mile relay by Bernard, Gibbs and the relay team, respectively, made the victory look easy. Elser took high scoring honors with a first in the low hurdles, a first in the shot put, and a third in the dis- cus throw. GIBBS LANGTON 153 INDIANA STATE MEET In the state meet, held at Bloom- ington on May 30, the Irish track squad nosed out the University of Indiana squad by three points. Notre Dame garnered six first places and finished with a total of 67 points, besting Indiana ' s 64. The Irish made a clean sweep in the shot put with Mi- chuta, Levicki, Elser, and Lill finishing in that order. Elser took first in the low hurdles, as did Meagher in the broad jump, Gibbs in the pole vault, and Mc- Grath in the 880 yard run. Par- sons and Bernard finished one-two in the 440 yard event. 154 CENTRAL INTERCOLLEGIATE OUTDOOR MEET N. C. A. A. MEET In the Central Intercollegiate Outdoor Meet held in Milwau- kee, Notre Dame nosed out Mar- quette for a fourth place, Indiana taking first with 45 points. Elser ' s firsts in the shot put and low hur- dles, and the relay team ' s first in the 880 accounted for the majority of the squad ' s total of 26 6 7 points. Jordan. Boyle, Clifford and Frawley ran the relay. The 1936 track season was ended in Chicago on June 12 and 13, at the National Collegi- ate Athletic Association meet. Jesse Owens of Ohio State took the low hurdles event, Elser plac- ing second. Joe McGrath ran fourth in the 800 meter race which was won by Beetham of Ohio State. The fifth place taken by Elser in the shot put, com- pleted the scoring for the Irish. RICE SHEEHAN 155 CLARENCE J. KLINE COACH BASEBALL 1936 SEASON 156 Captain Ennio Arboit The loss of twelve of the fifteen lettermen who pro- duced sixteen victories against three losses for the greatest Notre Dame baseball team since 1910, will be keenly felt by Coach Kline. Captain-elect Ennio Arboit and Johnny Goncher, pitchers, and Chuck Borowski, outfielder, alone remain to form the nucleus of the 1937 team. Coach Kline can expect considerable trouble in finding men to fill the shoes of such diamond stars as Pilney, Gaul, Fromhart, Wentworth, Velcheck and Reagan. The Irish nine will face a hard twenty-one game schedule, includ- ing fifteen contests against strong Big Ten teams, and tilts with Louisiana Tech and Michigan State, but Coach Kline ' s ability to produce a winning aggregation may yet overcome such odds. 157 NOTRE DAME 7 TOLEDO 6 NOTRE DAME 8 CHICAGO 2 NOTRE DAME 18 PURDUE 15 Notre Dame ' s greatest baseball team in twenty-six years opened the 1936 season with a close 7-6 victory over Toledo. Wally Fromhart ' s homer in the seventh inning provided the margin of victory. On April 18, Coach Jake Kline ' s men trounced the Chicago Uni- versity squad 8-2, behind the effective pitching of Ennio Ar- boit. Effective hitting by Gaul, Pilney, Velcheck and Ponzevic aided the victory. Aided by ten Purdue errors, the Irish nine edged out an 18-15 win over the Boilermakers. The Kline- men outhit Purdue seventeen to fifteen in registering their third straight win. WALDRON 158 fe. NOTRE DAME ILLINOIS 5 4 NOTRE DAME 12 MICHIGAN STATE 3 NOTRE DAME TOLEDO 5 4 Andy Pilney ' s homer with the bases filled gave the Irish a 5-4 victory over the formidable Illi- nois University nine. Arboit and Rydell combined their pitching efforts against the Illini. Captain-elect Ennio Arboit cap- tured his third win with a 12-3 score over Michigan State. Sca- fati and Wentworth led with hits while Arboit was protected with perfect fielding. The Irish slugged out their sec- ond one run victory over the University of Toledo nine, 5-4, in the second meeting of the two teams. Rydell ' s pitching was supplemented by eight hits gar- nered by Gaul and Borowski. BOROWSKI 159 NOTRE DAME 8 CHICAGO NOTRE DAME 2 WISCONSIN 5 NOTRE DAME 10 NORTHWESTERN 2 Every Notre Dame player had one hit or more when the Irish defeated the University of Chicago 8-0. Matt Themes turned in a perfect performance on the mound, holding the Maroons to three hits and no runs. On the following afternoon the Irish dropped their first game to Wisconsin. The Badgers bunched their hits in the sixth inning to break the Irish winning streak, scoring five runs to the Irish two. Playing errorless ball, the Klinemen trounced North- western 10-2, with Wentworth, Pilney and Goncher lead- ing the scoring. It was Goncher ' s third mound victory for the season. He allowed eight scattered hits. MN CARSON WUKOVITS 160 _ 10 M 2 NOTRE DAME 3 LA. TECH 1 NOTRE DAME 9 WESTERN STATE 8 NOTRE DAME 2 OHIO STATE 1 Bunching their hits in the first and fifth innings, the Irish turned back Louisiana Tech 3-1. Pittard, visiting hurler, was nicked for eleven hits, as Arboit won his fourth straight game. On May 13, at Cartier Field, Western State fell before the Irish sluggers. Abbot, Western State pitcher, was handicapped by poor support, nine errors being com- mitted behind him. In keeping with an old Irish custom, Notre Dame con- tributed another victory over Ohio State, 2-1. Arboit silenced the Buckeyes with consistent hurling, aided by alert fielding. VAN WAGNER KOZELOVE 161 NOTRE DAME 4 PURDUE 6 NOTRE DAME 8 INDIANA 5 NOTRE DAME 4 WESTERN STATE 1 The Boilermakers of Purdue evened their series with a 6-4 victory over the Irish at the La- fayette Ball Park. Rosser and Goncher, opposing pitchers, each allowed ten hits. The Klinemen returned home from Bloomington with an 8-5 win over the Indiana University squad. Superior fielding aided the Irish in downing the strong and aggressive Hoosiers. In a well played game against Western State Teachers, Notre Dame, with Arboit on the mound, won 4-1. Ponzevic and Arboit were the heavy hitters of the afternoon. BRADDOCK BRENNAN 162 NOTRE DAME NORTHWESTERN NOTRE DAME 13 WISCONSIN 8 NOTRE DAME 5 IOWA 10 - With Matt Themes bearing down effectively in the pinches, Notre Dame won a close 3-0 game over the Northwestern team. Scafati, Borowski and Ponzevic provided the three runs. Stung by its defeat earlier in the season, Notre Dame battered the Wisconsin team for a 13-8 vic- tory. Arboit struck out eleven Badger batsmen and garnered four hits for honors of the day. Protecting an early lead, Iowa, the 1936 Big Ten Champions, trounced the Irish, 10-5. Black- man, Hawkeye pitcher, held the Elinemen in tow with eleven strikeouts to his credit. 11 fit HI HI Hi III 111 II HOAG DOYLE 163 Ill III III ill M ViHHfV NOTRE DAME 6 MICHIGAN STATE 4 Playing before a large Commencement Day throng, the Notre Dame baseball squad climaxed its most successful season in twenty-six years with a 6-4 victory over Michi- gan State. It was the sixteenth win for the Irish against three defeats. G( and placi men! man One lion Hortc 164 L. Lang, W. Taylor, P. Malloy, H. Green, W. Day, R. Wilke, L. Fehlig, W. Castleman, Father Holderith GOLF It was a well coached golf squad that fin- ished the 1936 season with nine victories and one defeat, captured the Indiana State Meet, and placed third in the National Intercollegiate Golf Tourna- ment. Captain Win Day was crowned individual state champion at the state meet, and Taylor, Day and Castle- man qualified in the National Amateur Open in Chicago. One of the outstanding events of the year was the exhibi- tion game played by Lawson Little, Jimmy Thompson, Horton Smith and Bud Donovan. Rev. George L. Holderith, C.S.C. Coach SCORES N.D. ll ' 2 Washington U. . 6 2 N.D. 14! 2 Chicago 3 2 N.D. 17 Illinois 10 N.D. 13 1 2 Northwestern 7 2 N.D. 8 ' 2 Louisiana State 9 ' 2 N.D. 14 Purdue 4 N.D. 12 Wisconsin 9 N.D. 10 ' 2 Ohio State 7 ' 2 N.D. 8 ' 2 Michigan State 3 ' 2 N.D. 8 Pittsburgh 1 Thompson, Little, Donovan, Smith 165 TENNIS G. FEELEY J. SHAW E. KILRAIN The Notre Dame tennis team, captained by Joe Waldron, had a rather mediocre season on the courts. The team lost seven dual matches while winning only two, but partly made up the deficiency by winning the Indiana State Tourna- ment. Joe McNulty, singles star, won the individual crown in the state meet, and Bill Fallen teamed with him to advance to the finals in the doubles before meet- ing defeat. The squad was composed of Capt. Joe Waldron, Joe McNulty, Bill Fallen, George Feeley, Ed Kilrain, George Cannon and Jim Waldron. F. SIMON G. DEMPSEY W. GREGORY W. METRAILER 166 FENCING T. de LANDERO COACH P. de LANDERO J. McAULIFFE Maintaining the high standards set by previous fencing teams since the revival of this sport a few years ago, the 1937 squad, ably coached by Pedro de Landero finished its season with decisive victories over Washington, Cincinnati, Wisconsin and Purdue, a tie with Chicago, and defeats by Northwestern, Wayne and Ohio State. The team was captained by Telmo de Landero. J. ZERBST S. SCARLATA R. SECO 167 BOXING The Bengal Boxing show sponsored by The Scholastic, again provided one of the highlights of the winter sports season when the finals of the boxing tournament were presented on March 19. The bouts were the most sensational ever seen at Notre Dame and were climaxed by the third round knockout of the defend- ing heavyweight champion, Phil Dahar, by Walt Runte, 212 pound freshman. The 1937 Bengal Champions were: Tack Mc- Gurl in the bantamweight, Russell Dole in the featherweight, Gabriel Velez in the lightweight, Jim Brown in the Junior welter- weight, Oliver Holland in the welterweight, Jim McGuire in the middleweight, Tom Leahy in the light heavyweight, and Walt Runte in the heavyweight divisions. Barney Ross, holder of the welterweight crown, appeared as honorary referee and do- nated a trophy to Oliver Holland as winner of the welterweight division. 168 I First row: Walker, Moore, Capt. Hennessy, Danbom, Gallagher, Puplis Second row: Butler (accompanist), Broscoe, Ely, McCarty, Kuharich, Scannell (director) Third row: Galletta, Strnad, Collins, Maxwell, Sullivan GYM TEAM Under the direct supervision of the Head of the Department of Physical Education, Mr. John Scannell, a gymnastic team on a par with other Notre Dame teams has been developed. Excel- lent material is not lacking, with such men as Toe Kuharich, Pat McCarty, Larry Danbom, Andy Puplis, Gene Ely and Ed Broscoe available. Captained by Don Hennessy, the team has given many acrobatic performances throughout the Middle West. These exhibitions, always favorably received, are a typical example of the work carried on in the regular curriculum of the Department of Physical Education. 169 INTERHALL CHAMPIONS HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL Brownson Hall Seated: M. Corgan, C. Riffle, J. Zurich Standing: L. Hrachovec, F. Hollendoner, B. Lawrence, P. Kowalsky LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Dillon Hall Seated: B. LeRoy, A. Sokerka, T. Funk, J. McNeliss Standing: P. Galletta, coach, G. Smith, J. Rickert, C. Reynolds, J. Collins TRACK Freshman Hall A. DeSimon, D. Donahue, J. Wilson, L. Webb, K. Collins, J. Murphy 170 171 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL One hundred and twenty Freshmen, clad in brilliant green jerseys, answered Coach Clarence " Jake " Kline ' s call for football candidates last September. These yearlings who are drilled in the fundamentals of football by Coaches Kline, Bill Shakespeare, Hank Pojman, Wally Fromhart and Bill Smith, have no seasonal record to testify to their ability and prow- ess. Their efforts are directed mainly against the varsity squad each week. The Freshmen assume the roles of the varsity ' s opponents of the following Saturday and scrimmage in their respective forma- tions. That their efforts have been successful is shown in the excellent defensive work of the varsity during the past season. Jt;tt : tf: 172 First row: G. Olson, H. Crane, G. Sexton, R. Schnorr, A. Smith, J. Donahue, R. Estepp, E. Micklich, C. Sullivan, F. Sitko, J. Oberbrennan Second row: P. Sheridan, J. Wagner, J. Litsinger, R. Ellis, M. Ertel, P. Glass, R. Stillwagon, R. Dolling, R. Kelly, P. Arboit, D. Reidy, Coach I. Ford FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The thirty two freshmen who made up the freshman basketball squad were drilled in the intricacies of the Notre Dame system by Johnny Ford, throughout the past basketball season. On this squad are the men who will replace Moir, Nowak, Meyer, Wuko- vits, Jordan, Crowe, Carson and O ' Connor, the var- sity of today. Next year, few freshmen will see much action, due to the great amount of varsity material, but they should bloom in full glory in 1938. Deceptive dribblers, defensive threats, crafty ball handlers and high scorers can all be found on this squad. 173 Paul Barker James Manning Robert Waldeck Football Basketball Baseball Albert Schwartz James McHugh Robert Weaver James Quinn Football Football Track Minor Sports STUDENT MANAGERS John Donnelly Thomas Kelly Joseph Nigro James Mulhern William Condon John Lungren Donald Fisher Thomas Bond 174 Nienaber, Cella, Flynn, Siegfried, Farrell CHEERLEADERS Walter J. Nienaber Head Cheerleader Robert M. Siegfried Francis T. Farrell John B. Cella Gerald J. Flynn 175 PUBLICATIONS Seven publ ications, re- flecting many and varied interests, are afforded the students at Notre Dame. These publications are under the control of the Faculty Board of Publica- tions, but are edited and managed entirely by stu- dents. 176 PUBLICATIONS 177 REV. LAWRENCE V. BROUGHAL, C. S. C. FACULTY DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATIONS 178 WILLIAM R. DOOLEY GRADUATE MANAGER OF PUBLICATIONS 179 THE 1937 DOME THOMAS J. RADIGAN Editor-in-Chief SECTION EDITORS John Cottinghom Edwin Kilrain Eugene Vaslett John O ' Connor 180 LOUIS J. DUNN Managing Editor THE DOME It is the sincere hope of the editors that this thirty first volume of the Dome maintains the high stand- ards established by the editors of past years. SECTION EDITORS Frank Prusha Scott Reardon Clark Reynolds William Branigan 181 1937 DOME EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS JUNIORS W. Robinson F. Kroeger J. Ccdlaghon C. Callahan R. McCutcheon W. Nolan H. Thies SOPHOMORES J. Racd F. Reppenhagen F. Parks J. Dunn R. Sheppard 182 i I DOME STAFF P. Hellmuth T. Wall C. O ' Donnell I. O ' Connell D. Holman B. Johnson J. Gerwe T. Donohue F. Guindon K. O ' Gorman R. Tiernan L. Facteau E. Mahoney E. Smith FRESHMAN ASSISTANTS 18? THE SCHOLASTIC PAUL E. FOLEY Editor-in-Chief CYRIL F. STROKER Managing Editor 184 J. Gillespie A. O ' Boyle THE SCHOLASTIC Under Editor Paul Foley and Manag- ing Editor Cy Stroker, The Scholastic, campus news-weekly, has maintained the high standards set by former edi- tors in compiling and presenting the news of the campus. " The Week " by John Gillespie, " College Parade " by Anthony O ' Boyle, and " In The Juggler Vein " by Joseph Rotundo were special features of interest. Introduced this year by The Scholastic were the short stories, the reviews of the latest rec- ords, and the front page " picture of the week. " The staff is to be complimented upon a difficult task that was well done. L. Da Pra E. Vaslett A. Crowe H. Williams J. Rotundo J. Waldron J. Cackley 185 A. Gott F. Bride R. McClain I. Hurley R. Riley R. Grogon F. ReUly G. Byrnes THE SCHOLASTIC Kroeger DeCoursey Callaghan Mungoven Callahan Starr Clifford Haithcock Lamberto Mitchell Siik Digby 186 PHILIP WELSH Editor-in-Chief SCRIP Sketches, essays, poems, articles and drama, selected from the best of stu- dent literary talent make up the con- tents of Scrip, literary quarterly. Editor Welsh and his staff have produced one of the finest magazines of its kind. T. Cassidy C. Duify H. Melchione 187 Arthur Gregory James Levi LAWYER The Notre Dame Lawyer is a quarterly law review, published by the students in the College of Law. This year ' s issues have contained the condensa- tions of all important legislation, cases, and opinions, supplemented by contri- butions of the faculty, the students and practicing attorneys. Arthur Martin Guy McMichael 188 Frank Burke Thomas Carney CATALYZER The Catalyzer, published monthly by the College of Science, deals with cur- rent topics of scientific interest. Of par- ticular interest was the Rev. Julius A. Nieuwland, C.S.C., Memorial Issue. The Catalyzer is in its fourteenth year of publication. George Schlaudecker George Kerwin 189 SANTA MARIA WILLIAM J. COMBER Editor-in-Chief The Santa Maria, official organ of the Knights of Columbus Council 1477, makes its appearance on the campus six times a year, and provides the mem- bers with the latest news of the council. This year ' s staff was headed by Editor William Gomber, and Managing Editor William Branigan. W. Fish K. O ' Meara W. Branigan T. Hogan G. Ponalh 190 ALUMNUS JAMES E. ARMSTRONG Editor-in-Chief Editor James E. Armstrong, ' 25, and Managing Editor William R. Dooley, ' 26, have made this monthly publica- tion a veritable news bureau for the Notre Dame alumni. News of the cam- pus and of the activities of the various alumni clubs, is supplemented by notes on all of the classes. The publication is the strongest link between the Univer- sity and the alumni, and to the editors goes the credit for its success. 191 DflNCES The dances held by the various classes and clubs of the University form the greatest part of the social life of the students. Be- sides the formal dances sponsored by the three upper classes, the Law Club, the Knights of Col- umbus, the Monogram Club, and the Engineers Club, many informal dances are sponsored by the other clubs, and by the classes. DANCES 193 General Chairman J. Paul Sheedy Miss Catherine Phillipson Guest of Mr. Sheedy SENIOR BALL Will Osborne and his Orchestra May 7, 1937 R. Parker Sullivan Class President V Miss Sarah O ' Neill Guest of Mr. Sullivan i 194 SENIOR BALL Top hats ... a number of them . . . Seniors and their guests . . . Will Osborne and his orchestra . . . and songstress . . . the per- sonal greeting extended to one and all by Father Farley . . . the shortage of programs . . . the purses . . . and carnations ga- lore . . . Danbom without his ticket . . . Chairman Sheedy and his suitcase . . . Joe Quinn ' s sat- isfied smirk . . . and Bill Quirk ' s . . . the photographer ' s flash bulbs in everyone ' s eyes . . . the grand march that was a success . the broadcast . . and the Committee Chairmen and Guests Jerry Claeys, Miss Edna Shumaker, Walter Nienaber, Miss Froida Schulte, Joseph Quinn, Miss Janice Dolan, Larry Burnett, Miss Betty Mitchell blush that followed . . . Tom Hughes stalking the photogra- pher . . . the crowd stalking Tom Hughes . . . the crowd in the lobby . . . and the Ball theme song . . . " Sweet Memories " . . . by Pete Johnen . . . and the Tea Dance ... at Chain- O -Lakes Country Club . . . with motion picture cameras in everyone ' s way . . . and Red Carroll ' s finger over the lens . . . the Kentucky Derby . . . over the radio . . . Sul- livan and Sheedy . . . insepa- rable for some reason or other . . . and Jack McAuliffe . . . and Bernie Niezer . . . those days are gone forever . . . Committee Chairmen and Guests Bernard Niezer, Miss Mary Lou Thomas, Albert Schwartz, Miss Roberta Johnson, Charles Roggenstein, Miss Connie Wallace, Mike Brias, Miss Marcella Coughlin. 195 Committee Chairmen and Guests Richard Delaney, Miss Doris McAlpine, Daniel Sullivan, Miss Patricia O ' Shaughnessy, Paul Foley, Miss Sophye Balicki COMMITTEES J. Paul Sheedy General Chairman TICKET COMMITTEE Joseph P. Quinn Chairman J. Gordon Murphy J. Charles Winegardner Thomas E. Rooney Julius L. Nardone MUSIC COMMITTEE Daniel J. Sullivan Chairman William F. Mulrenan John T. Baker John E. Maloney Toseoh V. Schilling PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Albert J. Schwartz Chairman William R. Foley Paul E. Foley Bernard M. Niezer John C. Metcalf DECORATIONS COMMITTEE Arthur F. Hoffman Chairman Richard E. Flood Alex L. Sloan George N. Bates Martin J. Husung PROGRAMS COMMITTEE Jerome F. Claeys Chairman Karl G. King Melville B. Mix Harry E. Poulin Thomas J. Hughes PATRONS COMMITTEE Richard H. Delaney Chairman Edward J. Flanagan Bernard F. Hartz Matthew R. Mclnerny Joseoh K. Mclntosh FAVORS COMMITTEE Lawrence F. Burnett Chairman James H. Foltz C. Robert McClain Robert L. Waldeck Francis J. Gallagher ARRANGEMENTS COMMITTEE Thomas M. Pendergast Chairman Roderick J. Gillis Edmund P. Joyce Robert C. Weaver Charles F. Meyers TEA DANCE COMMITTEE Walter J. Nienaber Chairman Edward J. Reardon Enrique J. Brias Thomas M. Doyle Frederick E. Mott Roberto M. Benavides Lloyd R. Stolich 196 Will Osborne and his orchestra Bill Lynch, Phil Bondi and guests Al Gloudemans and guest Jim Manion, John Farabaugh, Jerry Davey and guests Ballroom scene 197 William A. Branigan General Chairman Miss Sallie Major Prom Queen JUNIOR PROM ANSON WEEKS AND HIS ORCHESTRA FEBRUARY 5. 1936 Class President and Guest of Honor Bernard S. Reardon Miss Mary Mahoney 198 Edmond Haggar Charles Macaluso Miss Betty Harrison Miss Jeanne Dowling Patrick McCarty Miss Dolores Aimone Miss Margaret LaPlante Ennio Arboit Long letters and tedious arrangements . . . tickets and reserva- tions . . . and lovely guests arriving on every train ... a hurried dinner and on to the Prom . . . highlight of the Winter social season . . . white ties and tails . . . glistening gowns and silver slippers . . . dancing to the music of Anson Weeks and his rhyth- mic band . . . the gold and blue ceiling . . . her smile and yours . . . eleven o ' clock and the Grand March . . . George Sauter ' s " Never Say Goodby " . . . the wild look in Chairman Branigan ' s eyes . . . the last number . . . the Tea Dance on Saturday . . . the basketball game that night . . . and farewell scenes on Sunday . . . and tails returned on Monday . . . but memories linger on. Thomas Radigan John Anton Committee Chairmen and Guests Robert Tharinger William Mehring Edward Sweeney Miss Betty Beckman Miss Laura White Miss Helen Gray Miss Dorothy Martin Miss Jean Mahoney 199 John Cottingham and guest George Sauter, Richard Scannell and guests Charles Terry, Thomas Mulligan and guests COMMITTEES William A. Branigan General Chairman TICKET COMMITTEE John F. Anton, Chairman John Murrin Louis J. Dunn Edward A. Uniacke George O. Belanger Francis R. Prusha PROGRAM COMMITTEE J. William Mehring, Chairman Leo F. Welch John S. Ward Edward J. Sweeney James E. Mann Daniel J. Murphy PATRONS COMMITTEE Patrick F. McCarty, Chairman Peter J. Sheehan William J. Kane Henry J. Mackin John P. Donnelly Thomas G. Jordan PUBLICITY COMMITTEE C. Richard Jenney, Chairman Owen N. Kane John C. Cottingham Paul T. Nowak Joseph F. Timmerman Jerome B. Magee DECORATIONS COMMITTEE Thomas J. Radigan, Chairman Thomas P. Mulligan Richard J. Scannell Earll H. Winterrowd Burnett C. Bauer John T. Collins MUSIC COMMITTEE Robert N. Tharinger, Chairman John D. Thomas Thomas M. Fitzgerald Hugh B. Correll Joseph J. Kelly Thomas F. Quinlan RECEPTION COMMITTEE Ennio B. Arboit, Chairman John R. Tobin William H. Gallin John Mahoney William J. Mulhall John C. Lungren TEA DANCE COMMITTEE John H. Wilson, Chairman John E. O ' Leary Thomas L. Bohen Edward J. Cronin John J. Deane Louis L. Anderson 200 PROM TEA DANCE Lou Dunn and guest demonstrate proper stance for intermissions, while Frank Astaire Kesicke prepares to go into his latest routine. Chairman Johnny Wilson and guest arrive for the dance. Professor Eells: " And then, in 1924, the Federal Reserve . . . " The Knights of Columbus and Bob Deren- goski pose for the Dome photographer between dances. Promenaders and guests at the Illinois basketball game. 201 Class President and Guest Joseph McDermott Miss Barbara Perry SOPHOMORE COTILLION CARLTON KELSEY AND HIS ORCHESTRA OCTOBER 16. 1936 General Chairman and Guest John Mulderig Miss Marjorie Sass 202 Committee Chairmen and Guests Robert Carmody, Miss Kathryn Sullivan, Miss Julie O ' Brien, Charles Englehart, Miss Barbara Shay, Richard Anton, Miss Margot Renaud, Eugene Toolan. Carlton Kelsey and his gay Californians and the gay Sophomores . . . and their gay guests . . . the Sophomore Cotillion ushering in the social season . . . setting the pace for coming events . . . the mingled odors of perfume and moth balls in the air ... well- meaning but awkward Sophs . . . beautiful gowns and lovely guests . . . the newest steps . . . the crowded balcony . . . the cooling drinks . . . the busy waiters . . . and clinking ice . . . chatter and laughter . . . the pennants and banners . . . the broadcast . . . with Chairman Mulderig and guest . . . Seniors and Juniors in great numbers . . . their sophisticated touch . . . the Wisconsin football game the following afternoon . . . victory . . . and on to the Victory Dance . . . the last of the week-end . . . the letters that fol- lowed. 203 Committee Chairmen and Guests Robert Diecklmann, Miss Marion Nyberg, Ray Sullivan, Miss Mary Ganey, Ed Fanning, Miss Rita Cahill, Miss Josephine Morley, Daniel Donovan. TICKET COMMITTEE Charles J. Englehart, Chairman John B. Wheeler Paul H. Rice Robert H. Dieckelman Robert H. Schmitz PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Richard J. Anton, Chairman Robert E. Carmody Robert H. Breen James C. Tansey Frederick E. Sisk Daniel O. Donovan John J. McGovern DECORATIONS COMMITTEE Paul K. Kelley, Chairman Lee S. Reed Frank J. Lauck William J. Costigan Robert M. Ortale INVITATIONS COMMITTEE Eugene P. Toolan, Chairman Jack W. McDonough John S. Mortimer Frank A. Reppenhagen Ray J. Sullivan Frank J. Gaglione Frank Clark MUSIC COMMITTEE Edward J. Fanning, Chairman Joseph F. Dray John J. O ' Connell William J. Eberhardt Lawrence D. Benedict PATRONS COMMITTEE Herbert C. Fairall, Chairman Harry J. Detzer Charles F. O ' Malley Laurence Fitzsimons Joseph A. Pedrucci Thomas E. O ' Malley Peter L. Martin FLOOR COMMITTEE Vincent W. DeCoursey, Chairman Thomas M. Reardon Donald C. O ' Melia Richard J. O ' Melia James H. Dunn PROGRAM COMMITTEE Thomas G. Gillespie, Chairman Bartholomew O ' Toole Richard J. Brown William H. Waters Peter J. Fluge 204 SOPHOMORE COTILLION Part of the crowd inter- mishes on the stairway. Father Farley went " stag " and had more fun than the top-hatted Sophs. Too bad the radio audi- ence couldn ' t see the smiles, but the music was good, too. We don ' t know what caused that look on Loch- ner ' s face but O ' Connor had that puzzled look all night. Mungoven and Rice sit out a dance with their guests. Tex Humphrey entertains during the intermission. 205 Patrick Fisher President James Osgood General Chairman LAWYERS BALL Keith Beecher and his Orchestra January 23, 1937 Miss Eugenia Cass Guest of Mr. Fisher COMMITTEES Tickets: Francis J. Meyer, Chairman; Peter Viviano; John E. DeMots; James H. McGuire; Robert Weaver Publicity: Mitchell C. Tackley, Chairman; Arthur J. Mulhclland; Guy H. McM ichael; John Pilarski; John Vicars Programs: Robert B. Filson, Chairman; Anthony T. Scolaro; Nicholas J. Meagher; George E. Thomas; James H. Levi Patrons: Arthur C. Gregory, Chairman; John W. Whiteleather; Archibald G. Graham; Arthur R. Martin; Anthony W. Brick Music: Glen A. Blake, Chairman; Robert D. Malamey; Maurice M. Tulchinsky: Joseph A. Canale; John P. Daley Decorations: Francis A. Dunn, Chairman; John W. Walters; Robert J. Schmelzle; Harry M. Weakley; Peter F. Nemeth Miss Mary Furbershaw Guest of Mr. Osgood 206 Thomas P. Carney President Edward T. Hickey General Chairman Miss Margaret Greene Guest of Mr. Carney ENGINEERS BALL Lee Bennett and his Orchestra April 9, 1937 COMMITTEES Music Robert J. Francis, Chairman; Raymond E. Fiedler; Harry S. Swoyer Tickets Francis W. Burke, Chairman; Melvin E. Lambrecht; Joseph W. Mehring Reception J. Fendall Froning, Chairman; Frederick C. Cast; Thomas I. Me- Kenna Programs Frank P. Frascati, Chairman; I. Urban Daly; Joseph K. Mclntosh Patrons Raymond C. Cowles, Chairman; Francis R. Pfafi; Eugene I. Cattle Publicity Walter C. Troy, Chairman; Herman T. Griiiin; Bernard F. Hartz Decorations Reginald A. Morrison, Chairman; Edward J. Kuth; Leo M. Willick Floor . .Bernard J. Keffler, Chairman; Thomas G. Gillespie; Robert McClain id cd Miss Jane Hormberg Guest of Mr. Hickey 207 F. Joseph Droller Grand Knight William R. Foley General Chairman KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS FORMAL Charlie Agnew and his Orchestra April 23, 1937 COMMITTEES William Fish, Chairman; Fred. Honerkamp; Francis Mastriana; Joseph Miller Jr.; lames Raaf; Robert LeMire Tickets ........... Richard DeLaney, Chairman; Fred. Mulcahy; Joseph Nigro; Joseph Canale; Patrick Brennan; Edward Haggar; Thomas Hogan; Joseph Bernard; David Fox Publicity ......... Gerald Scheier, Chairman; John Hitchcox; William Whitman; Thcmas Bulger; Leroy Reach; Frank Gallagher Patrons ........... Timothy King. Chairman; Robert Weaver; John Collins; Edward Jacobs; William Nardone; Paul Psik Reception ......... Ed. Joyce, Chairman; Joseph Rocap; Leo Welch; John Cella; Leo McFarlane Decorations ....... Richard Foley. Chairman; Robert Tiernan; Daniel Ryan; William Jordan; James Veeneman; Joseph Kavanaugh Programs ......... George YOBS. Chairman; Edward Dahill; Frank Benett; Louis Dunn; John Keonigshofi; James Cleary Honorary ......... Paul Foley; Paul Sheedy; John Mulderig; Parker Sullivan; William Gcmber: Patrick Fisher; Thomas Radigan Miss Mary Dardis Guest of Mr. Drolla Miss Betty Myers Guest of Mr. Foley 208 Joseph O ' Neill Vice-President Miss Kay Commings Guest of Mr. O ' Neill Paul F. Barker General Chairman MONOGRAM FORMAL Boyd Raeburn and his Orchestra April 16, 1937 COMMITTEES Music John I. Cavanaugh, Chairman; Joseph I. O ' Neill; Joseph H. Ruetz; Charles A. Sweeney Tickets lames W. McHugh. Chairman; Ennie B. Arboit; Joseph L. Kuharich; Joseph B. Zwers Decorations John J. Levicki, Chairman; Nevin F. McCormick; Patrick F. McCarty; Charles W. O ' Reilly; Andrew J. Puplis Programs Charles B. Jordan, Chairman; Frank G. Kopczak; James R. Martin; John F. McKenna; Paul T. Nowak; Edward F. Simonich Patrons Laurence E. Danbom. Chairman; Raymond J. Meyer; Albert J. Schwartz; Leonard J. Skoglund; Robert E. Wilke Publicity Arch F. Gott, Chairman; Joseph E. Beinor; Joseph P. McMahon; James L. Parsons; Elmer J. Zenner Miss Eleanor Reitz Guest of Mr. Barker 209 FEATURES The winners of the Dome Award of Recognition for excellence in extra-cur- ricular activities are pre- sented in this section. Snapshots of campus life form the remainder of the section and are, as al- ways, the most interesting part of a record of college life. FEATURES 211 DOME AWARD OF RECOGNITION In these pages are presented the four Seniors who are recognized this year by the Dome as being the most out- standing in the field of extra-curricular activities. This award is sponsored by the Dome to provide an added incen- tive for student participation in extra- curricular activities. Only those Seniors who have maintained the scholastic rating of honor students were eligible for the award. This standard was established because we believe that excellence in any extra-curricular field is worthless, unless the primary objec- tive of the student in attending the University has been attained. The se- lection of Seniors this year was made by a committee of sixteen Juniors, rep- resenting the Dome, the Scholastic, the S. A. C., the student managers organi- zation, and each of the five colleges. 212 1937 DOME AWARD PAUL F. BARKER 213 1937 DOME AWARD PAUL E. FOLEY 214 1937 DOME AWARD RICHARD H. MEIER 215 1937 DOME AWARD JAMES A. WALDRON 216 COMMITTEE ON AWARD Daniel E. Boyle John L. Buckley William P. Condon Louis L. Da Pra John P. Donnelly Louis J. Dunn Donald W. Fisher Thomas P. Foy John R. Kelley Edwin T. Kilrain Harry L. Norris Bernard S. Reardon Richard J. Scannell Eugene F. Vaslett Harold A. Williams John H. Wilson 217 ,nr- ...-( I ' V -J r ir-, fjl - ' . ' I MB - J COMMENCEMENT - 1936 1. Part of the academic procession. 2. Graduates and guests on their way to the exercises. 3. The flag is carried from the gym. 4. The graduates, armed with diplomas, follow the flag. 5. The start of the academic procession. 6. Bishop Noll of Fort Wayne diocese in attendance at the exercises. 7. Another group enroute to the flag-raising. 8. Louis Alaman and his boys lead the way. 9. And the traditional ceremony is almost ended. 218 REGISTRATION 1. Early arrivals on campus. 2. Part of the registration line, where the student waits for hours. 3. From the general offices to Carrol Rec for class cards. 4. Another group gets class cards in Brownson Rec. 5. More students arrive. 6. S.A.C. information desks gathering point for freshmen. 7. And still more students arrive. 8. A great day for the taxis. 9. Strangers are guided by the officers at the entrance. 219 IN SEASON 1. Arch Ward modestly assumes credit for Notre Dame ' s victories. 2. Between the halves at a basketball game. 3. The Navy mascot is the goat. 4. Pep meeting in the gym, before the Carnegie Tech game. 5. Candid shot of Coach Koegan in a perplexed mood. 6. The crowd at Annapolis took charge of the field after the game. 7. But the Middies took charge between the halves. 220 FOOTBALL 1. This is what Badinites prepared the Ohio State game. for 2. The Reardons and the Durkins repre- sent Missouri atop the Empire State building on the student trip. 3. McCutcheon gets in some political back-slapping on the way to the Army game. 4. Morrissey Hall met the Buckeyes in this manner. 5. Wisconsin ' s Harry Stuhldreher re- turns to his Alma Mater, and tells the pep meeting how it feels. 6. Always room for one more when the team arrives. 7. The students were on hand to wel- come the players when they returned from Pittsburgh. 221 ODD SHOTS 1. College education! 2. Administration Building a facial. 222 3. Father O ' Connell dem- onstrates proper way to rouse late sleepers. 4. We ' ve often wondered what goes where, here. 5. Cold feet warm heart. 6. Gym classes greet the arrival of spring. 7. It all comes out in the wash. AROUND CAMPUS 1. Snow and ice won ' t keep them from their studies. 2. Main Building between classes. 3. A campus view from Dillon Hall. 4. Science Hall between bells. 5. Jenney, Dorsey, O ' Brien, Borgman, Theis and Murrin listen as Dan- bom goes over. 6. From all directions they come to the dining halls. 7. Three stooges in a non- characteristic pose. 223 Radigan and Dunn of the Dome staff in action. Scholastic staff inaction. ON CAMPUS Pat O ' Brien arrives for the football banquet. A group at the Symposium on the Cal- culus of Variations. Harry Stuhldreher and Elmer Layden come to grips before the Wisconsin game. Posed by Editor Foley and Managing Editor Stroker of the Scholastic staff. 224 Posed by the Dome staff. We don ' t know where this came from. Father Brennan stops to chat on the library steps. While his class becomes impatient. ON CAMPUS The joke ' s on somebody, but we don ' t know their names. Probably Freshmen or Seniors. Tall tales are being told on Walsh Hall steps. On some days it ' s better to sleep in class than to freeze outside. ii ii P ii ii A group sees St. Ed ' s fall. Brownson Hall students. A practical lesson in surveying. 225 BETWEEN CLASSES Time out for lunch. Over snow and ice to the Com- merce Building. And up the stairs to classes. Breakfast at the candy store for late sleepers. Across the Quad to the Main Building. Time 11:55 A.M. Last minute consultations before the quiz. Scientific relaxation outside of Science Hall. 226 SOCIAL WHIRL Look like furriners to us, but it ' s the K.C. dance after the Northwestern game. Time to leave and a crowd haunts the check room. The versatile Bond! as chair- man, ticket-taker and bouncer. This page was supposed to be of informal dances, but leave it to Marty Burns to crash the party in tails. Seen at the Carnegie Tech foot- ball dance. Joe Gleason, Fred Mundee and guests. Between dances Scene at the Ohio State football dance. 227 Campus visitors visit the book store. Saturday afternoon on the street cars. Have you gentlemen paid your poll tax? IN FOCUS The last car leaves for the campus. The way to a man ' s heart is through the dining halls. Joe Casasanta prepares his " boys " for the Pontiac pro- gram. Joe Zwers must be kept quiet during radio programs even at the expense of a watch. Boy meets Dean as pre-regis- tration begins. 228 Beautifying the Adminis- tration Building. Howard Hall puts on a front for the Ohio State game. Aerial view of the campus. This is not a mirage. Across the Dillon- Alumni court. Fare thee well, St. Ed ' s. EXPOSURES As the Dome photographer saw the dome. The post office gets a new sign. 229 Gazing o ' er the vast expanse of water. Schwartzel takes milady for a stroll. James is over at St. Mary ' s again, Mrs. Baaf. Informal pose. 230 Is that a wistful look in the gentleman ' s eye? Trying to decide whether the lake is too rough. SUNDAY AFTERNOON Era] FF ' Ml Three girls on a bridge. Interesting fellow, this Murphy. Someone told us it was a dead place, but we never believed it till now. A walk around the grounds. Three girls not on a bridge. Even Messick, Murrin, Sullivan and Smith had dates. AT ST. MARY ' S The smile was for the photographer, Kinnealey. 231 Charm Ambition Authority I Despair I Grace Envy ST( Ecstasy 232 Hope Poise Excuses Youth Disgust Beauty Personality RT STORIES Mistrust Activity Spirit (Posed by professional models) 233 TOWN LEAVES Tea for three in the Oliver Coffee Shop Murdock, McMahon and Wolf have a couple of hours to kill Never a dull moment when Mulderig is around Three is never a crowd Too bad she isn ' t interested Marty Bums again, but no white tie! " Rhythm on the Range " in Walgreen ' s 234 Relaxation in Brownson locker-room A game in Carroll Rec helps to pass the time away ODDS AND ENDS View oi dining hall kitchen after dinner is over Looks as though there might be a quiz today Outside of dining halls after dinner is over Where Brownsonites spend most of their time A scene of desolation in the This looks familiar dining halls ACTIVITIES It would be an impossi- bility to record all of the extra-curricular activities which form an integral part of student life at Notre Dame. In the following pages, only a few of the major campus activities in which students have dis- tinguished themselves, are portrayed. ACTIVITIES 237 AFFIRMATIVE RICHARD MEIER ROBERT SCHMELZLE DEBATE The varsity debating team enjoyed another success- ful season during 1936-37. Although the schedule began later than usual, about the same number of debates were held as in previous years. Notre Dame won twenty out of its twenty-nine decision debates, and in addition, participated in five non-decision debates. John Marbach, Frank Fitch and Frank Brame participated in the non-decision debates. The " A " squad, consisting of Robert Schmelzle and Rich- ard Meier, affirmative, and Charles Osborne and Thomas Mulligan, negative, journeyed to tourna- ments at the Universities of Iowa and Wisconsin. REDMAN DUGGAN FRANK BRAME 238 B NEGATIVE JOHN MARBACH THOMAS MULLIGAN DEBATE The affirmative team tied for first place in its group at the University of Iowa. The negative won a deci- sion over Michigan State, while the affirmative team lost a decision to the same school. A debate with Alabama held at St. Mary ' s College was won by the affirmative team. The " B " team, with Frank Brame and Redman Duggan, affirmative, and Frank Fitch and John Marbach, negative, won nine out of ten debates on the question of consumer ' s cooperatives, at a tournament held at Manchester. The question debated by the varsity was on national legislation for minimum wages and maximum hours in indus- try. The team was coached by Professor William J. Coyne. CHARLES OSBORNE FRANK FITCH 239 BAND PERSONNEL Joseph J. Casasanta, Director Louis G. Alaman, Drum Major Trumpet Benedetti, Augostino Cavanaugh, Thomas Demer, Louis J. Frey, Joseph T. Gardner, Herb Guarnieri, Paul Halbert, Robert T. Huff, Stanley E. Hoefstetter, Robert Jansky, Carl Keffler, Bernard J. Kelly, Frank B. King, Richard W. Kluding, Paul F. Kristel, George A. Maceri, Mike P. Marre ' , Raymond A. Maurello, Marion J. McGinnis, Martin Mclntyre, Tom E. Mooney, William B. Rex, Ellis H. Riolederer, Karl Sartoretto, Paul Schmied, Francis A. Wilson, Robert F. Baritone Boyle, Leo R. Frye, Herbert J. Giragi, Louis J. Trombone Cackley, John N. Jordan, William V. Kessing, Albert H. Moran, Frank Murphy, Maurice J. Norton, Charles M. Richards, Robert W. Smith, George A. Theis, Henry R. Trousdale, Roderick L. Piccolo McNeill, John F. Sutton, Lawrence Drums Cruise, Tim Fooke, John M. Funk, Albert Geyer, George E. Lemire, Bob E. Noonan, Maurice Sheils, Thos. ' P. Walker, Willis H. Alto Sax Clark, Keen E. Dalton, Edmund Hall, Burt J. LeMire, Don F. Mazanec, Robert J. Morrisson, Dennis P. Williamson, Fred. W. Tenor Sax Eberhardt, William J. Karr, Richard G. Miltner, Frank H. Murdock, Bernard Venderley, Paul Basses Arminta, Godfrey Holtz, Robert F. Roach, John W. Schmeltz, Vincent P. Horns Barry, John W. Detscher, Francis J. Jaeger, John F. Murphy, James M. Bass Clarinet Higby, Kenneth E. Oboe Besanceney, Girard E. Clarinets Aheam, Robert E. Barbush, Frank C. Brennan, James R. Flynn, Thomas F. Francis, John T. Hake, William Hunn, Karl E. Johantgen, Henry Kavanaugh, James L. Ledvina, Jerome P. Locher, Paul R. Luckey, Emil R. Lynaugh, John P. Marino, Francis A. May, Francis H. Meconi, Louis P. McLaughlin, Edward O ' Brien, John J. Seguin, Bernard R. Schemmer, John K. Schmit, Robert F. Starr, Graham R. Tobin, William F. Tolzien, Irving H. Trousdale, Robert V. 240 GLEE CLUB PERSONNEL Joseph J. Casasanta, Director First Tenori Bolerjack, Howard D. Butler, Charles E. Casey, Edward L. Cassidy, Thomas E. Collins, Jack Frame, Harry F. McLaughlin, James D. McNamara, James O ' Brien, William V. Tierney, Thomas M. First Bassi Barbush, Frank Boyle, Leo Butler, Albert A. Cardinal, Ralph M. Heywood, Robert B. Mazanec, Robert J. Murphy, James M. Murrin, John Reidy, Francis J. Trousdale, Roderick Second Tenori Ducey, Robert T. Faller, Gerald Francis, John Garvin, David B. Hickey, Donald F. Kane, Owen N. Kelley, John R. Leahy, Maurice F. Mulligan, James Smith, George A. Sullivan, John M. Second Bassi Davidson, Arthur C. Gardner, Herbert Giragi, Louis J. Holtz, Robert F. Kerwin, George D. Monaghan, James J. Mooney, William B. Pawlowski, Joseph T. Peter, Emil J. Rooney, Chauncey M. 241 242 MOREAU CHOIR Rev. James Young, C.S.C., Director FIRST TENORS Charles Callahan, C.S.C. Thomas Curran, C.S.C. Joseph Miller, C.S.C. James Healy, C.S.C. Dean O ' DonnelL C.S.C. David Fosselman, C.S.C. Victor Dean, C.S.C. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C. SECOND TENORS John Foley. C.S.C. Joseph O ' Brien, C.S.C. Robert Gillespie, C.S.C. Joseph Ciecka, C.S.C. Leonard Collins, C.S.C. Francis Earnst, C.S.C. Edmund Geodert, C.S.C. James Lowery, C.S.C. James Campbell, C.S.C. FIRST BASSES William Morrison, C.S.C. Raymond Cour, C.S.C. William McAulifle, C.S.C. Gerald McMahon, C.S.C. Phillip Lucitt, C.S.C. Francis Sampson, C.S.C. James McShane, C.S.C. Richard Mattingly, C.S.C. SECOND BASSES Joseph Powers, C.S.C. Elwood Cassedy, C.S.C. Theodore Huard, C.S.C. Bernard Flynn, C.S.C. Thomas Brennan, C.S.C. Francis Valentini, C.S.C. John Donnelly, C.S.C. RADIO The Radio staii is comprised of undergraduate students who take active parts in announcing, continuity writing, production and technical work. Reverend Eugene P. Burke, C.S.C., is the faculty advisor for radio. Weekly meet- ings are held during which some production or technical phase of broadcasting is discussed. For the past year the student director was Norbert Aleksis. The last year has seen a greater variety of programs successfully produced. The weekly schedules were built of educational, musical and dramatic programs. Included on the schedule were economic round table conferences, faculty talks, Notre Dame Varieties and the Playhouse of the Air. Members of the staff have been actively engaged in experimental radio drama. Among the highlights of the year was the Pontiac " Varsity Show " broadcasting over a national hook-up. Plans for the future call for a complete renovation of acoustical material in the Campus Studio and a still larger weekly schedule of broadcasting to accommodate the growing interest in this extra-curricular activity. 243 UNIVERSITY THEATRE " Whistling in the Dark " by Laurence Gross and Edward C. Carpenter Under the direction of Professor Albert L. Doyle THE CAST Hilda Paul Lenihan Joe Salvatore Fructuoso Barred a Slim Scanlon Jack Scott Herman Lef ko witz James Brown Charlie Shaw George Morris Jacob Dillon George McDermott The Cossack Merrill Mulready Benny James M. Sweeney Wallace Porter John Brassell Toby Van Buren Frank Ciolino Cap O ' Rourke James C. Daner Police Sergeant Bernard Henegan THE STAFF Stage Manager Alfred Sniadowski John Powers George Johnson Frank Geary Paul McCormack Oliver Holland John Wade THE PLAY ACT I Living room in Jacob Dillon ' s house near Spuyten Duyvil, suburb of New York City. Late afternoon in early Spring. ACT II The same. Ten o ' clock the following night. ACT III Five-thirty the following morning. 244 MONOGRAM ABSURDITIES Top: Puplis, McCormick, Danbom, Simonich, Zenner, McCarty, Martin and Gleason in action. Bottom: Biggest chorus on earth goes through its routine. GREATEST SHOW OF THE YEAR 245 EVENTS Limited space prevents the recording of all of the important events which have occurred at Notre Dame during the past year. Persons of promi- nence in every field have graced the Notre Dame campus, and it is with re- gret that we can present but a few of the occasions of their presence. EVENTS 247 EUGENIC CARDINAL PACELLI Eugenic Cardinal Pacelli, papal secre- tary of state, was awarded the honor- ary degree of Doctor of Letters by the University of Notre Dame on October 25, 1936 at a special convocation in Washington Hall. The citation was read by the Rev. J. Leonard Carrico, C.S.C., director of studies, who said in part: " The University of Notre Dame at this special convocation of the facul- ty on the great feast of Christ the King, is most happily privileged in an- nouncing the conferring of the degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, on: A prince of the Church, eminent by position and by achievement, an eccle- siastical statesman and diplomat who, in an era of world conflict, has done much toward the conciliation of war- ring peoples and good understanding between governments and the univer- sal church His Eminence, Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, Secretary of State to His Holiness, Pope Pius XI. " Immedi- ately after the citation was read. Car- dinal Pacelli thanked the University for its warm welcome and then gave the benediction of the Holy Father. Cardinal Pacelli is the first papal sec- retary of state ever to visit the United States. 248 249 REV. JULIUS A. NIEUWLAND, C. S. C. MEMORIAL EXERCISES An assemblage of brilliant scien- tists, educators, and churchmen gathered at Notre Dame on Janu- ary 10, 1937 to pay tribute to one of Notre Dame ' s most famous priests, the Rev. Julius Arthur Nieuwland, C.S.C. From every walk of life, men came to pay their respects to a man who, as a sci- entist, had gained world-wide rec- ognition, and as a priest, was loved by all who knew him. The me- morial services opened with a solemn high mass which was fol- lowed by oral tributes to " Father Nieuwland, the Botanist " and to " Father Nieuwland, the Chemist " . Scientific discussion, covering the fields of physics, botany, mathe- matics, and chemistry, occupied the latter part of the program. 250 Mr. Arthur J. Hughes Prof. Daniel C. O ' Grady Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C. Sebastian Bonet lames Nerney ALUMNI ANTI - COMMUNISTIC MEETING On January 25, 1937 the key meeting of the nation- wide alumni anti-Communism drive was held in the Notre Dame gymnasium. This was the opening of the concerted drive against the subversive forces which are undermining both Christianity and American government. Keynote speaker of the program was Arthur J. Hughes, of the Class of 1911, national president of the Notre Dame Alumni Asso- ciation, who outlined the major part of the program to be followed. The Rev. John F. O ' Hara, president of the University, stressed the union of Christian and American ideals and urged a combined front against attack. Professor Daniel O ' Grady, of the Philosophy department of the University defined the distinctions between the various doctrines and their related movements. Two student speakers, Sebas- tian Bonet and James Nerney, discussed the stu- dent ' s approach to the problem of subversive doctrines. This meeting was the first of a series initiated by the Notre Dame Alumni Association to stamp out the doctrines of Communism in America. 251 MONSIGNOR SHEEN One of the most popular speakers to appear in Washington Hall this year was the Rev. Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen of the Catholic University, Wash- ington D. C. The largest crowds of the year gathered to hear the lectures, which dealt with the doctrines of Com- munism. These issues he defined and criticized with undisputable and logical arguments. Monsignor Sheen has be- come one of the best known orators of our day through his many radio lec- tures and his many widely read books. He is recognized as Catholicism ' s most eloquent apostle in its drive against Communism. 2S2 REV. JAMES M GILLIS, C. S. P. The Rev. James Martin Gillis, C.S.P., editor of the Catholic World, delivered a series of lectures on " Faith and the Modern Mind. " Encompassing all as- pects of religion in connection with modern civilization. Father Gillis be- gan his series with a lecture on " A New Approach to Apologetics. " Father Gil- lis declared that Christian Apologetics is not a science of systematic defense but one of militant offense, condemning the refrain from controversy as a result of lazy minds and self-satisfied inertia. In the second lecture the Paulist editor spoke on the topic, " God: the Modern Meaning of the Word. " Dismissing the idea of atheism by stating that it is a misinterpretation of the word and often a silly boast, the Paulist lecturer de- clared that the knowledge of the non- existence of God would be a far more devastating blow to the human race than the deadliest death ray. 253 ARNOLD LUNN Arnold Lunn, English Catholic apol- ogist and author, headed the list of speakers who appeared in the Fall lecture series at Washington hall. Pro- fessor Lunn, a member of the faculty of the new Apologetics course here at Notre Dame, opened his series with a lecture on " Psychic Research, " a de- tailed explanation of spiritualism. In the second lecture he attacked Com- munism, calling upon the members of the Church to become more militant against the forces of Communism which are sweeping our country. After thoroughly explaining the basic prin- ciples of Communism and their funda- mental weaknesses. Professor Lunn warned against the disguised front which present-day Communism is using to gain its ends. Before leaving for Europe, Professor Lunn concluded his series with a lecture on " The Catho- lic in the Modern World. " 254 J. EDGAR HOOVER John Edgar Hoover, director and leader of one of the most publicized of our federal bureaucracies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, called upon the youth of the nation to uncover the solution of the crime-ridden municipal- ities in an address to the students here at Notre Dame. Perhaps no man has ever received such recognition as this stocky Government man. His task was to change an almost unknown and powerless investigation department in- to the most feared and respected crime- fighting machine in the history of our country. The feats of this body have become legends and the man behind it, a mythical character capable of the impossible. 255 R. PARKER SULLIVAN JOSEPH O ' BRIEN, C.S.C. CHARLES MEYERS WASHINGTON DAY EXERCISES Faculty members and Seniors, wearing caps and gowns, marched into Washington Hall on February 22, 1937 for the fortieth annual Flag Presentation by the members of the Senior Class in commemoration of Washington ' s birthday. The singing of the " Star Spangled Banner " by the audience opened the program. It was followed by Charles Meyers ' address, " Washington ' s Ideals in Present Day America " , and a " Washington Day Ode " by Joseph O ' Brien, C.S.C. Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C., presi- dent of the University, made the speech of accept- ance following the presentation of the flag by R. Parker Sullivan, president of the Senior Class. Edmund P. Joyce was in charge of the program. Ushers for the occasion were: Cyril F. Stroker, Peter J. Johnen, Lawrence F. Burnett, Roderick J. Gillis, Joseph J. Welch, and Joseph S. Moore. Dr.Ii of ft ncrni the been bytl C C atyo thea more Ford Frenc intern world for in] in 18 of EC receiv Franci his we 256 LAETARE MEDAL Dr. Jeremiah D. M. Ford, chairman of the Department of Romance languages of Harvard University and Fellow of the American Acad- emy of Arts and Sciences, was named as the fifty-fifth recipient of the Laetare Medal, which has been awarded annually since 1883 by the University of Notre Dame to an outstanding member of the Catholic laity. Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C., president of the Univer- sity of Notre Dame, in announcing the award said of Dr. Ford: " For more than forty years Professor Ford has contributed in a very scholarly way to our knowledge and appreciation of Spanish and French literature. He has fostered international understanding and respect, which is a vital basis of world peace. " Since entering into the field of education as an instruc- tor in French at Harvard University in 1895, Dr. Ford has received academic awards from a number of European nations and has received decorations from Italy, France, Spain and Rumania for his work in literature and history. 257 MEMORIAL DAY SERVICES 258 ;s IN MEMO RI AM Rev. Julius Nieuwland, C.S.C. John J. O ' Brien William H. Barnett Jack Walton Frank Rdzok Rev. Joseph J. Boyle, C.S.C. Mr. G. K. Chesterton Henry Curtin Alfred Schrieber Rev. Moses McGarry, C.S.C. 259 SYMPOSIUM ON THE CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS The outstanding American authorities in the field of Calculus of Variations assembled in the John F. Gushing Hall of Engineering on the Notre Dame campus on April 7 and 8, 1937, to attend the Symposium on the Calculus of Variations. The Symposium was arranged under the direction of Dr. Karl Menger of Notre Dame. The Symposium was devoted entirely to theoretical discussions, papers and public lectures on the subject. Among the men in attendance were: Professor G. A. Bliss, Professor L. M. Graves, and Professor W. T. Reid of the University of Chicago; Professor Solomon Lefschetz of Princeton University and president of the American Mathematical Society; Professor E. J. McShane of the University of Virginia; Professor L. W. Nordheim of Purdue Uni- versity; Dr. Earl Menger and Professor A. E. Haas of the Univer- sity of Notre Dame. In addition to faculty members from Princeton, the University of Chicago, Purdue, Michigan, Ohio State and Virginia, more than a hundred scientists from all sections of the country attended. Prof. S. Lefschetz Prof. L. W. Nordheim Prof. W. T. Reid 260 ACADEMIC PROCESSION COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES 1936 261 Most Rev. John F. Noll, His Excellency, Archbishop Edward Mooney, Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C., Dr. Charles H. Mayo, Dr. William J. Mayo, Hon. Francis P. Garvan Four hundred and sixty-six members of the class of 1936 were awarded degrees at the ninety-second Commencement exer- cises of the University of Notre Dame, held in the University Field House. A private address by the Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C., in Washington Hall opened the three day program. " Fri- day the Thirteenth, " a comedy, was presented by the University Theatre on Friday night, June fifth. Awarding of degrees took place on Saturday morning, at which time the valedictory ad- dress was given by Henry A. Staunton. Following this, the Hon. Francis P. Garvan of the Chemical Foundation of New York addressed the members of the faculty, the student body and guests at the laying of the cornerstone for the new biology build- ing. A baseball game and an alumni golf tournament was held in the afternoon, to be followed by the annual alumni banquet that night. Commencement on Sunday began with the academic procession to the Field House where the baccalaureate mass was celebrated by the Most Rev. John F. Noll, D.D., bishop of Fort Wayne. The baccalaureate sermon was preached by His Excel- lency, Archbishop Edward Mooney, D.D., of Rochester, New York. The traditional flag raising ceremony followed. The University conferred the degree of doctor of laws, honoris causa, on: Dr. William J. Mayo, co-founder of the Mayo clinic, who delivered the commencement address. Dr. Charles H. Mayo, internationally known surgeon. Archbishop Mooney, and Mr. Garvan. 262 I BACCALAUREATE SERMON COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS SUMMER COMMENCEMENT 263 ORGANIZATIONS Fraternalism among stu- dents is fostered by the large number of clubs formed on the campus. The city clubs are instru- mental in bringing to- gether those students who are attending the Univer- sity from the same local- ity. Dances, smokers, and regular meetings serve to supplement the activities of the campus clubs which have for their purpose the uniting of students with mutual interests. Their success is indicated by the increasing number of clubs and the enthusiasm with which they are ac- cepted. ORGANIZATIONS 265 A. George Bonfield Treasurer Arthur Hoffman Philip Bondi President Thomas Mulligan Secretary S. A. C. Arthur Mulholland The Student Activities Council, better known as the S.A.C., is comprised of student representatives from each of the four classes. The purpose of the or- ganization is to represent the students in the direction of all matters which directly affect the student body. The council, with the aid of the administra- tion, arranges for student trips, con- ducts class elections, supervises the various city and campus clubs, and, in general, interests itself in all under- graduate activities. Jerome Claeys 266 Martin Burns Richard Delaney William Foley o. A. C. John Cavanough S. A. C. The function of the S.A.C. is an indis- pensable one, for without such an organization, complete harmony be- tween the student body and the ad- ministration could never be effected. The S.A.C. under the direction of Presi- dent Phil Bondi has been even more active than the councils of former years. As a part of the student govern- ment of the school, it has proved itself to be invaluable. John Kelley John Wilson Parker Sullivan Scott Reardon Joseph McDermott 267 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS F. Jos. Drolla Grand Knight Eli M. Abraham Financial Secretary District Deputy Rev. Leo L. Gorman, C.S.C. Chaplain Francis Flynn Trustee Raymond Hoyer Trustee Stephen Bocskey Trustee 268 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Notre Dame Council No. 1477 of the Knights of Columbus was organized on the campus in 1910 by a group of students, among whom was the Rev. John F. O ' Hara, C.S.C., present president of the University. The Council chambers are located in Walsh Hall, occupying almost an entire floor, which includes a meeting chamber, recreation rooms, lounge rooms, and office space where most of the business of the Council is carried on. Since its organization, the Notre Dame Council has inducted into the Knights of Columbus over eight thousand members, more than six thousand of which have been transferred to other jurisdictions all over the country. Its present membership represents forty two states and two foreign countries. Aside from sponsoring intellectual activities, the Council carries out a social program which, for the most part, satisfies the needs of its members. It conducts an informal dance each year after one of the football games, and the Annual K. of C. Formal is the out- standing non-class dance of the year. This year the Council was host to the district at a St. Patrick ' s Day banquet which was attended by some four hun- dred members and guests. Four times a year. Communion breakfasts are held by the members. The K. of C. picnic late in May is the culminating feature of the year. Perhaps the most enviable possession of the Council is its Building Corporation with approximately $45,000.00 on hand for the pur- pose of erecting a permanent home for the Council and a memorial to the Order. This sum has been accumulated from part of the dues of members for the past seventeen years without placing any special assessment upon the members, and a definite policy in this regard is hoped for within a very short period. OFFICERS Branigan Cronin Druecker Senger Quinn Grogan O ' Connell Leonard Jenney 269 WRANGLERS W. BOWES R. WEAVER J. MARBACH R. MEIER President C. MEYERS Secretary The Wranglers, the outstanding forensic society on the campus, was organized eleven years ago for the purpose of discussing cur- rent social, economic, and political problems. Each week the club meets to discuss questions pre- sented by its members, and the pro ' s and con ' s of each question are debated from the floor by the assembled members. Research and discussion form the greatest part of the Wranglers ' activities, but in addition, they sponsor the In- terhall Debating Contest which is held each year. Each of the resi- dence halls is represented by a debating team coached by one of the Wranglers, and elimination debates are held until only two teams remain. The final debate, held at St. Mary ' s College, deter- mines the winner, and entitles that hall to possession of the Lemmer trophy for one year. George Mor- ris was chairman of this year ' s interhall program. P. de la VERGNE 270 R. SCHMELZLE C. BROWN In the spring of each year, the out- side activities of the society are centered around the Indiana Cath- olic Oratorical Contest for High Schools. Representatives are sent to Notre Dame by the various Catholic High Schools in the state, and the winner is chosen by a com- mittee selected by the Wranglers. A medal is awarded to each of the contestants appearing in the finals, in respect to their finishing order, and a trophy is presented to the school represented by the winning contestant. The contests have met with a great deal of success and approval since they were begun in 1935. The chairman of this year ' s contest was Pierre de la Vergne. The Wranglers were led this year by President Richard Meier and Secretary Charles Meyers, with Rev. Norbert C. Hoff serving as Chaplain. WRANGLERS G. MORRIS J. NERNEY C. OSBORNE R. HEYWOOD 271 BOOKMEN W. ROBINSON Librarian R. McGRATH President H. WILLIAMS Secretary T. O ' BRIEN Treasurer The study of contemporary authors, their works, their views, and more particularly, their philosophy, is the mutual interest which brings this club known as the Bookmen together twice a month. Round table discussions supplemented by papers and addresses aid the group in their attempt to sound the broad meaning of present day literature in the light of Catholic ideals, and to foster a proper standard of criticism. SHAW O ' LAUGHLIN DA PRA HEYWOOD MAHONEY WALSH MULLEN DE COURSEY SCHEMMER CULLEN 272 PATRICIANS J. DEANE Secretary-Treasurer M. BRUCCOLI President J. MARBACH Vice-President PROF. J. TURLEY Moderator The Patricians, a campus organization, is composed of students who have a better than average scholastic rating, and a mutual interest in the perpetuating of a classic spirit on the University campus. It is for the latter purpose that the club meets weekly to discuss topics of a pertinent nature. The club has entered into the field of radio, via the campus studios, and has been favor- ably received, both on and off the campus ZEILLER GALLAGHER GARTLAND EGAN KOHN NIGRO KELLY STRUCK NARDONE BROWN I 273 First Row: I. Nigro, G. Bates, L. Burnett, I. Manning, Father Steiner, C. Hufnagel, G. Best, A. Hoffman, R. Flood, E. Wilson. Second Row: H. O ' Donnell, O. Long, A. Woods, P. Martin, ]. Campbell, F. Haines, O. Pisaturo, A. DiBrienza, M. Moskawitz, R. Detaranto. Third Row: P. Rourke, F. Mott, I. Lungren. F. William. G. Owen, M. Scully, R. Ganser, L. Hess, B. Marty, J. O ' Hara, A. Wiss, B. Casey, W. Druies, P. Schefter. Fourth Row: J. Rieder, C. Irwin, D. Emanuel, I. Clifford. Fifth Row: A. Philson, V. Sherrod, W. Mathy, J. Tobin, J. Johnson, T. Malloy, S. Scarlate, H. Reinhart, T. Armel, L. Russell, C. Kelley. ACADEMY OF SCIENCE John Manning President Charles Huinagel Vice-President George Best Secretary George Bates Treasurer ACADEMY OF SCIENCE John Manning President 274 AERONAUTICAL Frank Meyer President AERONAUTICAL CLUB Frank Meyer President Ernest Kling Vice-President E. Tobin Secretary Jerome McGee Treasurer Mr. F. N. Brown Faculty Advisor First Row: T. Kelly, J. Magee. E. Tobin, F. Meyer, E. Kling, E. Kavanaugh, J. Pinas. Second Row: E. Grimes. J. Propeck, D. Stack, J. Ferrence. H. Rohl, E. Pratt. F. Bradley, A. Seaman. Third Row: H. Bolz, R. Huether, B. Peterson, R. Rumpf. 275 A. I. E. E. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Robert Ducey President Jerome Kaszmar ek Vice-President Edward Shields Secretary Harry Swoyer Treasurer ROBERT DUCEY President First Row: B. Miley. H. Swoyer. R. Ducey. Dr. J. Cupara. J. Kaczmarek. E. Shields. Second Row: N. Romanko, A. Castineira, M. Mix, I. Poulin, P. Eble. G. Butler, W. Jordan. Third Row: R. McDonald, H. Lardie, I. Hughes. R. Bohn. 276 First Row: H. Correll, W. A. Lieser, M. Caldwell. R. Bernard, C. Kolp. Second Row: J. Klise. R. Blake, E. Mahoney, P. Gschwend, J. Conley, J. Cavalier. AKRON-CANTON CLUB W. A. Lieser President Hugh Correll Vice-President Hugh O ' Donnell Treasurer William Ahern Secretary AKRON-CANTON W. A. Lieser President 277 First Row: J. McGurl. H. Langton, B. Wassell, J. Campbell. C. Welsh, F. Gallagher Second Row: T. Kennedy, D. Boyle, I. McCarron, P. Flood, J. McNelis, J. Reilley. ANTHRACF ! CLUB John Campbell President Bernard Wassell Vice-President Charles Welsh Secretary John McCarron . . . Treasurer ANTHRACITjE John Campbell President 278 ARCHITECTS Reginald Morrison President ARCHITECTS CLUB Reginald Morrison President Albert Van Namee. . .Vice-President First Row: M. Gruenenfelder, R. Nolan. R. Marre, R. Morrison. A. Van Namee. I. Gomez. E. Solon. Second Row: B. Eilers. R. Sullivan, R. Schultz. M. Paskin, D. Smith. C. Schumacher, R. O ' Brien. Third Row: R. Gerl. I. Clark, E. Hickey. T. Flad. R. Halbert. J. F. Hennessy, J. McHugh. 279 A. S. M. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR METALS John Fitzpatrick President Bernard Keffler Vice-President Walter Tray Secretary George Foss Treasurer JOHN FITZPATRICK President L. Purcell, T. C. Delker, B. Murdock. T. Garvey. K. Cumquart, G. Foss, B. Kcfflcr. W. Troy. T. Carney. E. Stack, A. Coscarelli, V. Urbanouski, I. Poulin. 280 First Row: A. Maehler. F. Kesicke, E. Flanagan, B. Hartz, J. Riley, J. Jehle, P. Barker. Second Row: H. Heinemann. I. Moore, I. Tonsmeire, J. Davis, T. Fitzgerald. D. Delaney, S. Schmidt A. S. M. Bernard Hartz President Stephen Schmidt Vice-President J. Aldice Riley Secretary Edward Flanagan . , . Treasurer A. S. M. Bernard Hartz President 281 L. f f f ft t V- First Row: C. Mantegani, I. Broderick, E. Goldsmith, I. McHugh, T. Rogan, I. Corcoran, I. Marr, I. Mclaughlin, J. Blunt, T. Kinnealey, T. Atkinson. Second Row: A. Cormier, J. Mulcahey, J. Kelly, R. LaPage, J. Kinneally, A. Maddalena, H. Kufe, H. Lougee. T. Milbin, G. Fitzpatrick. E. Fallen. Third Row: E. Dahill, P. Tofuri, W. O ' Hara, F. Guindon, R. Windheim, C. Gallager, D. Meskill, C. Cullahan, J. Kelly, R. Dalton. T. Williams, C. Geary, J. Sullivan. BOSTON CLUB James McLaughlin President Harry Marr Vice-President Joseph Corcoran Secretary James Blunt Treasurer BOSTON JAMES MCLAUGHLIN President 282 BUFFALO Thomas Condon President BUFFALO CLUB Thomas Condon President Carl Nagel Vice-President John Moir Secretary Paul Smith . . . Treasurer First Row: E. Flanigan, D. Falsioni. J. Moulder, C. Nagel, T. Condon, P. Smith, J. Sheedy, D. Sheedy. Second Row: R. Danahy, B. Maloney, T. McKenna, L. Brady, F. Reppenhagen, F. Novak, B. Feeney, F. Bennett, F. Hochreiter. Third Row: K. O ' Gorman. C. McCarthy, G. Whiteman, N. Anderson, I. McKendry, I. Leising, J. Keefer. 283 CALIFORNIA Lloyd Stolich President CALIFORNIA CLUB Lloyd Stolich President Jack Crowley Vice-President Carl Rausch Secretary George Wilson Treasurer T. Foye. E. Drendel. I. Brush. C. Meet, F. Gunler, A. Rhodes, R. Lane. I. Bernard, G. WUcox, N. McCormick, M. Messina, D. Murphy. C. Fricke. L. Stolick, G. Wilson, I. Crowley. I. Propeck, C. Rausch. R. Pinelli. F. Schulte. T. Fitzpatrick, R. Bell, D. Bernard. I. Gilrane. E. Phelan, G. Meeker. 284 I A. Mallek, E. Ptak, W. Maleshewski. W. Lewiecki, T. Kuhula. J. Gutowski. F. Kopczak. J. Pawlowski A. Sulewski. I. Krupa. R. Mizerski, A. Niespodziauy. S. Szumachowski, A. Micek, G. Kocha nowski, A. Sniadowski. CHARLES PHILIP CRACOW CLUB Joseph Pawlowski President Frank Eopczak Vice-President Anthony Sulewski Secretary Rev. Stanislaus Lisewski. .Faculty Advisor CHARLES PHILIP CRACOW Joseph Pawlowski President 285 First Row: C. Corral. H. Griffon, F. GasI, E. Kuth, R. Rick, J. Mclntosh, R. Wachter. Second Row: F. Frascati, D. Duffey, W. Long, M. McGuiie, I. McGuire, V. Bellino, D. Dineen, I. Doyle. Third Row: C. Hufnagel, I. O ' Hara, J. Ward, C. Welsh, E. Mattingly, C. Masterson. G. Laure, M. Lambrecht, L. Eby. Fourth Row: W. Metrailer, W. Murray, F. Pfaff, T. Gillespie, I. Wente. E. Tracy, E. A. Stack. E. F. Stack, F. Shulte, F. Burke. Fifth Row: P. Borgman, R. Converse, F. Froning, T. McKenna, J. Jaeger, N. Cochran, W. Tuson, H. Lipsie, R. Reilly, R. Wilson, A. I. Wiss. Sixth Row: T. Armel, J. Clemens, R. Carney, J. Mehring, I. Berteling, G. Schlaudecker, F. Kirchman, C. Seyngstad, G. Kerwin, A. Zoss. CHEMISTRY CLUB Joseph Mclntosh President Raymond Fiedler Vice-President Edward Kuth Secretary -Treasurer Mr. Donald Rich Faculty Advisor 286 CHEMISTRY Joseph Mclntosh President bi Wd N Ffl4 at CHICAGO John E. Maloney President CHICAGO CLUB John E. Maloney President Andrew Puplis Vice-President John Kelly Secretary Richard Carrol . . . Treasurer , t -t . t First Row: J. Linnehan, J. Blakeslee, P. McGuire. W. Renn. B. Coleman, B. Corr. B. Ciaccio, H. Dolce. J. Maloney, J. McAlpine. Second Row: R. McDonald, J. McAuliiie. T. Sheehan, A. Gott, F. Rydell, R. Bodie, R. Pope, B. Smithton, J. Clair. Third Row: A. Wolf, D. Kirchberg. I. Casey, I. Denton, E. Fox, J. Callahan. R. Mizerski, B. Veeneman, I. McMahon, I. Gleason. Fourth Row: A. Judae, J. Kelly, L. Smith, E. Noonan, A. Alexander, D. Sackley. I. Bock, I. Thulis, C. O ' Connor, N. Lamport, I. Pontarelli, E. Cronin. Fifth Row: N. Ryan, D. Veeneman, I. Ward, C. Gajewski, R. Burke, T. Liston, H. Lartheiser, J. Hack, A. Huter, I. DeMoss, I. O ' Hara, F. O ' Hara. Sixth Row: E. Sweeney, T. Hosty, R. McGrath, J. Buckley, A. Deuter, T. O ' Shaughnessy, D. McKeating, R. O ' Byrne, W. Quirk. R. McKeating, M. Burns, T. Wall. 287 CINCINNATI WALTER NIENABER President CINCINNATI CLUB Walter Nienaber President Gerald Gohman Vice-President John Cottingham Secretary-Treasurer First Row: R. Joseph. J. Cottingham. W. Nienaber. I. Gohman, H. Gardner. Second Row: R. Lonqon, T. Bond, W. Wuebbold, I. Brodberger. T. Crumley, J. Thesing. Third Row: J. Bond, H. Madden, D. Broeman, J. Moorman, A. Kessing. 288 First Row: 1. Koenigsholf. F. Payne, R. Mazanec. A. Butler, J. Francis. T. Mulligan. E. Schroeter. G. Ling, E. Gannon, C. Zegiob, J. Hillenbrand, ]. Wilson, B. Grisante. Second Row: E. Potts, A. Lorelle, T. Roche, D. Duiiey, B. Coleman. E. Colgan, J. Cook, J. Dunham, G. Weber, J. Kelleher, R. Kelly, ]. McDonald. Third Row: W. Ryan, T. Flynn, J. Mahoney, L. Wagner, J. Beilstein, P. Sheehan, J. Payne, P. Kluding. }. Baltes, P. Stillisano, P. Sandmaier. P. Hackman. CLEVELAND CLUB Eugene Ling President Edward Gannon Vice-President Edward Schroeter Secretary Thomas Mulligan Treasurer CLEVELAND EUGENE LING President 289 First Row: T. Hogon, P. Brennan, C. Norton. I. Mullowney, R. Barren, R. Siegfreid, R. Scannel, R. Schleck, F. Delaney. R. Longstreth, G. Ponath. Second Row: A. Bayot, G. Hooper, R. Schoeder, R. Trousdale, F. Bright, I. Zerbst. I. Crotty, I. Boran, A. Smith, C. Winegardner, E. Goldsmith, W. Duncan, G. Murphy, C. Brosius, C. Reynolds, D. Meskill, T. Reardon, T. Higgins. Third Row: J. Walsh, J. Kane, G. Miliord, J. Foley, P. Sandmaier, J. Gannon, R. O ' Melia. H. Connelly, E. Reardon. A. Rizzi, C. Miles, W. Nienaber, I. Quinn. M. Brias, A. Sloan, T. White, P. Oakes. M. Merkle, I. Fox, I. McKendry. Fourth Row: R. Hackman, E. Bernard, D. Bilger, I. Kaiser, I. Anton, I. Dorgan, R. Nickol, A. Schmitz, W. Gibson, A. Brown, D. Sconieitti, I. Metcali. I. Claeys, P. Hosterman, G. Rice. I. Donohue, R. Cuthbertson. Fifth Row: R. Laughlin, T. Elder, R. Mazenac, B. Bauer, C. Morrow, F. Herb, P. Maloney, V. Mooney, J. Gilmour, G. Bonfield, A. Gott. Sixth Row: J. O ' Connor, P. Bayer, H. Humphrey. F. Payne, J. Raaf, E. Mann. I. Schilling, T. Hughes. Seventh Row: P. Doran, R. Thompson, C. Kolp, I. Doyle, R. Lieberman. W. Kaiser. COMMERCE FORUM Albert Smith President Joseph Ronan Vice-President Charles Brosius Secretary Clark Reynolds Treasurer Edmund Joyce Chairman of Board COMMERCE Albert Smith President 290 DETROIT HENRY RUEN President DETROIT CLUB Henry Ruen President Roy Barren Vice-President Thomas Kavanaugh Secretary Louis de Hayes Treasurer I First Row: T. Hammond, B. Murray, C. Jacobs, P. Martin, L. DeHayes, I. Ruen, R. Barren, T. Kavanaugh, C. Risdon, J. Hammond, I. Moore. Second Row: G. Morris. T. Cruice, B. Robinson, L. Barren. R. Fitzgerald, K. Dufiy, J. Motschall, I. Curran, J. Daner, J. Cleary. F. X. Bradley. Third How: R. Foley, W. Hagen, T. Treizer, J. Dyer, D. Currier, J. Gorman, F. George. W. Dooley, G. Schaefer. J. Moore. 291 ENGINEERS ENGINEERS CLUB Thomas Carney President Fergus Kelly Vice-President E. Louis Purcell Secretary Edward Flanagan Treasurer Rev. Thomas A. Steiner, C.S.C. Faculty Advisor THOMAS CARNEY President First Row: J. Conley. J. Mathews. S. Sitko, J. Lautar, Father Steiner, Prof. W. Shilts, T. Carney. Second Row: J. McNamara, R. Loughery, E. Williams. I. Wilson, L. Foley, R. McKensier, J. Murray, F. Myers. Third Row: B. Gludehauf, R. Cowles, A. Uribe, A. McGovern, I. Powers. E. Huderson. J. Kraus, G. Pichon. Fourth Row: C. Hayes. L. Bemish, R. Fransirli, R. Converse. L. Demer. T. Barrett, D. Hennessy, J. Poulin, W. Gallin, R. Chamberlain, I. Cedrian. Fifth Row: T. McKenna, J. McGuenners. E. Tracey, W. Tsuson. B. Murdock. R. Keffler, F. Cross, C. Cobb, F. Sheets, W. Tannan, F. Driscoll. Sixth Row: S. Schmidt. J. Riley, J. Winte, W. Thomas. A. Seaman, A. Maehler. J. Jehle, R Rumph, J. Hugel, H. Rohl, R. Heuther. Seventh Row: T. Gillespie. F. Schulte, D. Duffy, W. Troy. I. Linnehan. L. Welb, R. Donovan. A. Rhodes, P. Hellmuth, J. Clemens. Eighth How: A. Castoniera, C. Oliveros, N. Cochran, J. Jaeger, E. Ryan, R. Witchger, K. Calluro. F. Cast, E. Stack, R. Francis, G. Wilson. B. Murray, F. Fox, A. DeSimon. Ninth Row: H. Sawyer, W. Metrailer, E. Kuth, Z. Gedmen, A. Sulewski, R. Fudler. E. Mittergly, C. Masgerson, G. Laure, M. Lambrechl, L. Elry, A. Zoss, E. Hart. Tenth Row: N. Romanko, F. Froning, J. Mclntosh. J. Ward, C. Welsh, W. Mehring, J. Hicenbothem, P. Stack, J. McGuire, F. Pfaff, W. Murray. R. Gallagher, W. Dray. Eleventh Row: R. Bolz. P. Borgraan, T. Connor. C. Kull. N. Shickel. T. Kelley, I. Ratigan, T. Crumley, E. Pratt. E. Noonan. I. Burrow, F. Burke. Standing: R. Kane, C. Carroll, E. Flanagan, R. Morrison, E. Hickey, H. Griffin, R. King. I. Kelly, G. Schlaudecker, F. Kirchman, I. Berteling, C. Seyngstad, F. Kesike, G. Kerwin. ART 292 it. First Row: F. Shultz, R. O ' Brien, A. Hoffman, E. Wolter, E. Dissei, I. Doermer Second Row: J. Wyatt, P. Venderley, S. Sitko, R. Centlivre, F. O ' Laughlin. Third Row: B. Niezer, R. McArdle, I. McArdle, J. O ' Dowd. FOR 1 ] WAYNI CLUB Arthur Hoffman President Fred Walters Vice-President Edward Disser Secretary Joseph Lill . . . Treasurer WAYNE ARTHUR HOFFMAN President 293 r f t r B m First Row: I. FitzGerold. R. Huter, B. LeRoy, E. Smith, A. W. DiBrienza. J. Lebherz, Rev. Hugo H. Hoover. R. Casey, B. Niezer, A. Deuter, Prof. G. Wack, S. Weigel, D. Murphy, J. Zuendel, H. Umhoefer, W. Troy. Second Row: M. Clause, W. Florence, P. Nantista, C. Gajewski, R. Ganser, R. Mazar, V. Sherrod, W. Mathey, R. Brehm, B. Keffler, V. Urbanouski, H. Hildebrandt, B. Murdock. N. McGarvey. GERMAN CLUB Bernard Niezer President John Williams Vice -President Albert Denton Secretary Richard Casey Treasurer Professor Wack Faculty Advisor GERMAN Bernard Niezer President 294 INDIANAPOLIS Patrick Fisher President INDIANAPOLIS CLUB Patrick Fisher President Edwin T. Kilrain Vice-President John McMahon Secretary Edward Sweeney Treasurer First Row: J. McMahon. P. Fisher, E. Kilrain. R. Schnorr. Second Row: I. Carson, G. Smith. D. Connor, L. Welch, R. Longer, R. Tiernan. Third Row: J. Rocap. I. O ' Connell, J. McNamara, J. Courtney, R. Loughery, J. O ' Brien, T. Bulger. Fourth How: M. O ' Connor, J. Sullivan. J. O ' Connor. F. Pittman, L. Keach, D. Fox. 295 IOWA JEROME DAVEY President IOWA CLUB Jerome Davey President George Bonfield Vice-President John Manning Secretary Dennis Emmanuel . . . Treasurer ?t Firgt How: N. O ' Brien, R. Casey, M. Murphy, R. Lamberto. I. Manning. D. Emmanuel, J. Davey, G. Bonfield, R. Gartland, J. Green, F. Fitch, D. Donovan. I. Harrington. Second Row: I. Bony, T. McCarthy, G. Owens, R. Shea. R. Mulholland, P. Donohue, N. McGarvey, I. Zuendel. I. Mulqueen, I. Coen, R. Gallagher, P. Locher, R. McKay. Third Row: I. Wessels, M. Noonan, D. Hannan, P. Kirch, R. Harrer. J. Beh, J. Guggisberg, K. Beh, H. Czizek. J. Murphy, W. Moody, G. Kerwln, E. Bagan. 296 ff fk lK HJ % Tf First Row: V. Turiano, P. Cassone. I. Nardone. ]. Mangelli, W. DiBrienza, H. Rizzi. R. Dolce, B. Ciaccio. Second Row: C. Barone, W. Cappillino, F. Fianlate. J. De Franco, A. Consolozio. E. Rosanelli, I. Mangano. Third Row: L. Zontini, I. Saitta, B. Saeli, I. Guccione. P. Di Crocco, D. Gelber, I. Cavalier, R. Tamberelli. ITALIAN CLUB Joseph Mangelli President A. William DiBrienza Vice-President Harold Rizzi Secretary Julius Nardone Treasurer Mr. P. Pirchio Faculty Advisor ITALIAN Joseph Mangelli President 297 t JR ' .Jft 8 . f t f t f, t First Row: J. Graham, J. Shaw. C. Murray, C. McNamaro, J. Downey, J. O ' Hern, R. M. Siegfried. C. Senger. W. Conry. Second Row: E. Kavanaugh, P. Roeser, E. Maurin, A. Dreiling, I. Burns, T. Jochems, I. Donavan. D. Fitzmorris. Third Row: B. Peterson, H. T. Griftin. F. Saffa. R. Lawrence. P. Moran, V. Dreiling, R. Stueve. L. Worley. KANSAS-OKLAHOMA CLUB Tames Downey President Alfred Schwartz Vice -President John F. O ' Hern Secretary Charles McNamara . . .Treasurer KANSAS-OKLAHOMA James Downey President 298 KENTUCKY E. J. Peter President KENTUCKY CLUB E. J. Peter President George Delker Vice-President William Wainer Secretary -Treasurer First Row: R. Huter, P. Hesser, G. Delker. E. Peter. W. Woerner, R. Sullivan, J. Mulligan. Second Row: J. Carney. E. Aubrey. C. Morrow, S. Neely, R. Nolan, I. Doll, W. Castleman, G. Bichon. 299 LA RAZA LA RAZA CLUB Telmo de Landero President William Benavides Vice-President Enrique Brias Secretary Louis Alaman . . . Treasurer Telmo de Landero President First Row: S. Bonet. T. de Landero, P. de Landero. E. Brias, A. Caslineira, F. Barreda. Second Row: I. Arroyo, I. Nin, V. Gurucharri. J. Cintron, I. Gomez, R. Martinez. Third Row: A. Bayot. C. de Landero, C. Colgan, R. Benavides. R. Alunan, A. Uribe. 300 -::.:::: First Row: W. Bowes, M. Quinn, G. Blake, C. Kalman, P. Fisher, L. Vettel, R. LeMire, C. Doozan, M. Franks, E. Boyle, E. Lanoise Second Row: T. Proctor, I. Boyle, R. Mularney, R. Martin, W. Walters, I. Levi, A. Gregory, I. Reilley, P. Viviano, F. Dunn, F. Kelly, }. Osgood, C. Brown, ]. Daley, I. Rolando, P. Guarneiri, ]. Crisanli, A. Sniadowski Third Row: I. DeMots, 1. McGuire, F. Meyer, G. Thomas. R. Czizek, L. Moorman. J. Bales. S. Minella, A. Mulholland, J. Burke, R. Bodie, T. Foy, I. Cain, A. Piseck. J. Canale Fourth Row: M. Husang, L. Anderson, F. Donlon, J. McMahon, T. Shay, E. Hummer, G. Murphy, I. Lechner, F. Smith, H. Weakley, W. Struck, H. Foster, S. Roche Filth Row: D. Gelber. R. Gartland, T. Prekowitz, J. Battaglia, S. Friedman, P. Nemeth LAW CLUB Patrick Fisher President Caesar Kalman Vice-President Louis Vettel Secretary Stephen Miller Treasurer LAW PATRICK FISHER President 301 First Row: N. Bourke, L. Factean, I. Murphy, P. Anderson. 6. DuBois, I. Hurst, F. Lorch, H. Collins. W. Herrick. Second Row: I. Clark, H. Harders, D. Carney, L. McKean. G. Starr, R. LePage, R. Schultz, I. Smolik, T. Ziegler. Third Row: W. Dougherty, R. Voelk er. E. Farrell. V. Ruggiero, J. Toomey, W. Hyland, E. Gagnier, I. Dray, I. Cannon. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Paul Anderson President John Hurst Vice-President Leo Facteau Secretary LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Paul Anderson President 302 Joseph Drolla President LOUISIANA- MISSISSIPPI LOUISIANA MISSISSIPPI CLUB Joseph Droller President Pierre de la Vergne Vice-President Arthur Davidson Secretary-Treasurer First row: F. Ciolino, R. O ' Brien, P. de la Vergne, F. Brame. Second Row: F. Digby, J. Riley, A. Davidson, A. Mailhes, L. McKean. 303 MARYLAND DISTRICT CHARLES BROSIUS President MflRYLflND DISTRICT CLUB Charles Brosius President Harold Williams Vice-President John Braddock Secretary John Lebherz Treasurer First Row: G. Howard, I. Morgan, I. Lebherz, H. Williams. C. Brosius, E. Mattin gly, I. McDermott Second Row: I. Horbett. P. Maloney. R. Wachter, B. Daley. I. Burrow. I. Lowell, I. Braddock 304 First How: Charles Lingenfelder, Joseph Canale, W. Whitman, Martin McGinnis, Lawrence Button Second Row: F. Fransioli, D. Mathis, L. Thompson, M. Maceri, L. Mooney, P. Canale. I. Montedonico MEMPHIS CLUB W. G. Whitman President Martin McGinnis Vice -President Joseph Canale Secretary-Treasurer M: MPHIS W. G. Whitman President 305 First Row: W. Tucker, J. Cello, J. Bercik, G. Mulligan. B. Scherer. D. A. Stack, J. Brien. E. Condon. F. Carroll, J. O ' Brien, G. Duffy, J. Bartley, J. McNulty, J. Smolik. Second Row: J. Ennis, T. Philpott, J. Adrian, J. Mangano, S. Trentaroste, R. Beaudine, A. Davis, R. King, C. Metzger, V. Ruggiero, J. Kelly, E. Maher, I. Reddy, E. Dolan. Third Row: T. Maher. A. Wilson, W. Donnelly, D. Bangert, W. Waters, F. Honerkamt. V. Doyle, D. Sallows. G. Geyer, P. Menneg. P. DiCrocco, V. Turiano, A. Sulewski. Fourth Row: J. C. McCann, V. Mercado, H. Dowd, G. F. Saegert, J. Kohn, W. Nardone, R. Farrington, G. I. Zeiller, W. Arnold, E. Sclafani, V. Lipsio, J. Hillient, E. Hoyt, T. Hughes, C. Stopleton, P. R. McFarland. Fifth Row: P. Cassone, M. Bruccoli, J. Marbach, P. L. McHugh, H. Fallen, G. Sexton, W. Halpin. W. Daniels, A. DiBrienza. F. Sienko, I. Ward, H. Guerin. I. Collins, T. P. Sheils, B. Mullins, V. Ryan. G. Murray. E. Vaslett. W. Marguet, J. Connor. Sixth Row: B. McEnearney, R. W. Cruickshank, E. Grogan, P. Carey, O. McMahon, W. McCarthy, J. Hicinbothem, F. Baumert. W. Hannon, H. Pierce, R. Frost, V. Trianor. L. Santini, P. Tully, I. O ' Connor, V. Tangney, W. Gallin. W. Johnson, G. McGovern, F. Detscher. METROPOLITAN CLUB Joseph Brien President Frank Carroll Vice-President Joseph O ' Brien Secretary E dward J. Condon Treasurer Rev. John J. Reynolds Faculty Advisor METROPOLITAN Joseph Brien President 306 Thomas Bohen President MINNESOTA MINNESOTA CLUB Thomas Bohen President Frank Winter Vice-President Burnett Bauer Secretary Jack Mullowney Treasurer First How: D. Fogarty, J. Freedy, B. Bauer, T. Bohen, F. Winter, J. Mullowney, E. Micklich. Second Row: G. Williams, I. Shiely, I. Shiely. I. Gerwe, E. Kuth, E. Boyle, M. Burnell. Third How: P. Hoene, J. Sernett, R. Ryan, R. Leahy, F. Tully, G. Beau. 307 MISSOURI Edward Reardon President MISSOURI CLUB Edward Reardon President Thomas Higgins Vice-President Thomas White Secretary Thomas Reardon . . Treasurer First How: T. Donahue, J. Griffin, N. Hunthausen, W. Meyer. T. While, E. Reardon, T. J. Higgins. T. Reardon, L. Fehlig, V. DeCoursey, E. Maurin, D. Crooks. Second Row: I. McEniry, M. Dark, R. Bowes, I. Metzler, R. Karr, I. Nigro, D. Carney, T. Shields. I. Hayes. I. Sairon, R. Schroeder, D. Gilliland. Third Row: G. Owens, K. McKenny, M. Morris, I. Zerbst. F. Tayne. V. Probst. G. Keegan, I. Raaf. T. Rooney. J. Aylward, C. Coy. 308 i First Row: J. Kuhaiich, A. Puplis, F. Kopczak, J. McMahon, W. McCarthy, J. Gleason, J. McCarthy, I. Lautar, C. Jordan. J. Martin, F. Mundee. D. Allen, J. Goncher, P. McCarty. Second Row: P. Nowak, I. Murphy, C. Sweeney, J. Ruetz, F. Rydell, A. Gott, J. McKenna. N. McCormick, I. Parsons, W. Nienaber, P. Sheehan. P. Barker, I. McHugh. Third Row: P. Kell, J. Kovalcik, R. Meyer, T. Wukovits, W. Mahoney, J. Cavanaugh. J. Francis, H. Langton, J. Zwers, R. Bernard, D. Gibbs, L. Skoglund, C. O ' Reilly. MONOGRAM CLUB John Lautar ..................... President Joseph O ' Neill .............. Vice-President Charles Jordan ........ Secretary-Treasurer MONOGRAM JOHN LAUTAR President 309 I:-: ? ? I w t f.f Iff t IJit f First Row: W. Small. E. Codey, R. Jandoli, R. Tamberelli, W. Costello, J. Quinn, L. Habig, J. Moore. E. VonHoene. F. Reilly. L. Doyle, E. Edelen. Second Row: L. Cacchioli, A. Gallon, C. Reynolds, A. Sokerka, J. Armstrong, I. Young, V. Bellino. W. Maleshowski, I. Whitford, P. M. Wade. L. Burnett. A. Gillon. H. S. Martland. Third Row: A. Mulhern, W. Mathey. I. Rogers, J. Donoghue, D. Reidy, F. Piaff, J. LaCroix. R. Bolz, H. J. Schmidt, G. Rothlein. J. Kramer, B. Crawford, E. Repetto, F. Bright. NEW JERSEY CLUB Joseph Quinn President Joseph Moore Vice-President William Costello Secretary Leonard Habig Treasurer NEW JERSEY Joseph Quinn President 310 OLD DOMINION Charles Morrison President OLD DOMINION CLUB Charles Morrison President Frank Kelly Vice-President Robert Sheppard Treasurer-Secretary First Row: R. Sheppard, C. Riley, R. Wingiield, D. Brockenbrough, C. Morrison. F. Kelly, C. Hutchens. C. Kelly. Second Row: E. Williams, P. Morrison, A. Brown, T. O ' Reilly, W. Piedmont, F. Albert, H. Howard, G. Golden. 311 PHARMACY Bernard Marty President PHARMACY CLUB Bernard Marty President Bernard Cosgrove Secretary Dr. L. H. Baldinger Faculty Advisor First Row: F. Delligan, H. Steiner. A. Woods, B. Marty. L. H. Baldinger, R. Kitchen. I. McDonald. Second Row: E. Gower, A. Kiefer, A. Verhoestra, I. Pontarelli, D. Gibbs. H. Johantgen, D. Moore. 312 First Row: T. Cronin, P. McArdle, R. J. Kelly, P. Anderson. C. Steimetz. R. O ' Toole. Second Row: K. Hanlon, H. Sheede, W. Short, W. Fay, T. Ziegler, I. Letcher, R. Flood. Third How: W. Hohlforth, G. Faller, J. Ference, C. Ivancevic, G. Green, J. McGovern. PI 1 TSBURGH CLUB Robert Kelly President Paul McArdle Vice-President Paul Anderson Secretary-Treasurer PITTSBURGH Robert Kelly President 313 First Row: J. Quinn, T. Durkin, T. Condon, E. Ling, E. Reordon, J. Downey, L. Stolich Second Row: J. Manning, W. Nienaber, P. Fisher, T. Carney, M. Bruccoli, J. Davey Third Row: I. Sullivan, I. Drolla, I. Mclntosh, E. Peter, B. Niezer. PRESIDENTS COUNCIL Eugene Ling President Edward Reardon Secretary PRESIDENTS EUGENE LING President 314 John Cackley President PRESS CLUB John Cackley President John Gillespie Vice-President Edward Fischer Secretary Robert McClain . . . Treasurer First Row: J. Reddy, D. Smith. E. Biennan, E. Fischer. R. McClain, F. Reilly, I. McHugh. Second Row: I. Hart, M Bock, J. Hurley, R. Riley, H. Garvey, S. Dietrich. F. Larwood, P. Foley. Third Row: W. Walters, A. Wilson, B. Scherer, T. O ' Reilly, N. Colgan, F. Vallez. G. Starr. 315 RHODE ISLAND RHODE ISLAND CLUB John Sullivan President George Fitzpatrick Vice-President John Sullivan Secretary Leonard Tobin Treasurer John Sullivan President First Row: H. Kenyan. R. Hunt. G. Fitzpatrick. E. O ' Connor, J. Sullivan. P. O ' Hara, J. McDonald. I. Sullivan. Second How: C. Macdougald, D. Keefe, J. Cummings. J. Mclntyre, J. Cleary. R. Nolan, J. Tobin. F. Carroll. 316 First Row: W. Nienaber, R. Bolz, J. Kavanaugh, K. O ' Meara. T. O Shaunessy. Second Row: T. Bond, H. Longon, J. Coltingham, C. M. Morrison, J. Thesing. RIFLE CLUB James Kavanaugh President Marvin Martin Vice-President Kenneth O ' Meara Secretary-Treasurer Joseph Minerich Advisor RIFLE James Kavanaugh President 317 First Row: J. Skelly, F. Maxwell, R. Morrison, J. Hurley, S. Borzilleri, P. Barker, O. Pisaturo, J. Flynn. Second Row: H. Johantgen, J. Fitzgerald, C. Norton, C. Sconiietti, J. Tormey, J. Smith. W. Whelehan. Third Row: V. Dollard, J. Osborn, E. LaVigne. F. Finucane, R. Dowling, L. Bernish. J. Snyder. ROCHESTER CLUB Samuel C. Borzilleri President John Hurley Vice-President Paul Barker Secretary Reginald Morrison Treasurer Joseph Cordaro, Frank Maxwell Faculty Advisors ROCHESTER Samuel Borzilleri President Fist Jo 318 n ST. VINCENT DE PAUL JOSEPH DROLLA President ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY F. Joseph Drolla. President Robert Cronin Vice-President Tames Foltz Secretary I. Charles Winegardner Treasurer Rev. John Kelly, C.S.C Chaplain John McClurg Executive Secretary C- ' f f ?. t M ft i t First Row: E. Dolan, 1. McFarlane. F. Hochreiter. I. Winegardner, H. Cronin, J. Drolla. J. McClurg, T. Doody. R. Lochner. V. Hartnett. Second Row: F. Itzin, I. Boniiglio, I. Motschall, F. Sisk. I. Toomcy, I. Strecklus, D. Keeie, R. LePage, L. McKeon, V. DeCoursey. Third Row: C. Beasley, T. Frericks, C. Sconfietti, I. Nigro. F. Gallagher, I. Harrington. T. Crowley, I. Mulqueen. V. Bellino, I. Wehrle. 319 SERVERS SERVERS CLUB George E. Keenen : President Edmund P. Joyce Vice-President Theodore Frericks Secretary Bro. Boniface, C.S.C. . .Moderator GEORGE KEENEN President First Row: F. Sheets, R. Schiri, J. Savord, G. Saegert, T. Frericks, Bro. Boniface, C.S.C., G. Keenen, J. Kohn, J. Hilbert, W. Renn, P. McCormick, M. Merkel. Second Row: I. Boniiglio, J. Greene, R. Fallen, G. Schaefer, G. Morris, C. Morrow, J. Sobczak, V. SchiH. L. Hess. P. Dougherty. R. Chamberlain. Third Row: G. Haithcock, J. Payne, M. Leahy, R. Robinett, J. Guccione. G. Starr, P. Morrison, G. O ' Connell. R. Shea. I. LePage, W. Condon, R. Foley. C. Flanagan. 320 First Row: D. Dempsey, J. Gilmour. W. Conry, R. Smith, P. deLandero, G. Feeley, M. McGinnis E. Ouimley. Second Row: C. Nagel. I. McKeon. P. Maloney, I. Valantiejus, C. Colgan, I. Sullivan. B. Smithton F. Honerkamp. Third Row: I. Hartsock, J. Wallach, L. Worley, I. Gannon. J. Zerbst. J. Dunn. I. W. Plummer. SPANISH CLUB R. S. Smith President Donald Allen Vice-President Paul Sheedy Secretary Richard Jenney Treasurer Mr. Pedro deLandero Faculty Advisor SPANISH : - Richard Smith President 321 First Row: B. Miley, R. Benavides, E. Haggar, T. Duikin, E. Solon, J. Green Second Row: W. Fleming, M. Lenahan, J. Foley, L. Cobb, M. Hunt. Third Row: J. Shortall, J. Young, H. Humphrey, R. Smith. TEXAS CLUB Thomas Durkin President Edmund Haggar Vice-President John Green Secretary Edward Solon. . . .Treasurer XAS THOMAS DURKIN President 322 John Hurst President TOLEDO TOLEDO CLUB John Hurst President Patrick McCarty Vice-President Thomas Shea Secretary Peter Fluge Treasurer First Row: C. Beck, H. Detzei, W. Syring, J. Hurst. P. McCarty, T. Shea, P. Fluge, Jr. Second Row: H. Armbruster R. Schramm, I. Burgess, F. Solon, W. O ' Loughlin, R. Thompson, J. Armbruster, L. Urbanski. 323 VILLAGERS Theodore Prekowitz President VILLAGERS CLUB Theodore Prekowitz President James Leahy Vice-President Charles Lemons Secretary William Ricke . , . Treasurer I First Row: P. Nemeth, I. Lahey, T. Prekowitz. C. Lemon. Second Row: R. Brennan. E. Luckey. C. Gerard, F. Foning, R. Wilson. L. Eby. D. Eby, C. Sabo. Third Row: W. Carpenter. L. Ferguson, L. Krziza, K. Meyers, W. Sweitzer, R. Schulz, I. Sunderland, I. Johannes. I. Poulin, M. Frank. Fourth Row: T. Marker. E. Sommerer. B. Murdock. D. Moore. R. Gibbons, B. Hiss, F. Fergus. H. Koehler, T. Luckey. G. Laure. I. Scott. Fifth Row: I. Pawlowski. W. Lewiecki, I. Miller. R. Mass. W. Prekowitz, R. Ganser, H. Weber, I. Lechner. G. Elmore, C. Reddy. D. Deforest, I. Rieder, H. Orvis. 324 t First Row: A. Bernard. P. Guarmire. F. Mastriana, I. Daley, T. King, E. Broscoe, A. Van Huifel, I. Gorman. Second Row: C. Sheehan, D. Hennessy, A. Siegel, R. Huether, T. O ' Dea, I. Jaxtheimer, J. Robinson, E. Petrick, T. Jones. Third Row: C. Riffle, E. Kling. C. McCabe, F. Valetich. C. Ivancevic, F. Mundee, E. Dellon. YOUNGSTOWN CLUB Timothy King President Edward Broscoe Vice-President James Daley Secretary Frank Mastriana . . Treasurer YOUNGSTOWN TIMOTHY KING President 325 THE DUMM Presenting to you, in this section, the cream of the campus. Some of the ma- terial contained herein is true; some is false; some is merely exaggerated. We make no attempt to class- ify it. Rather, we leave it to you as a student and a reader to make what- ever discrimination you wish. 327 INSPIRATION The many contributions of James Hack to the Science of Accounting DEDICATION To the eight hairs on Bunny McCormick ' s head MORTIFICATION Of the men contained herein TION bachelor of arts 10:40 A. M. Every- one does not have these early morning classes. They are a matter of individual choice. MORNING, Heated garages and skilled at- tendants keep students ' cars in perfect condition. One of the popular courses: Music Appre- ciation lib; 214 Main Building 11:30 M.W.F. 330 BUG. NOON AND NIGHT A final tug at the tie before an eve- ning in South Bend. Luncheon in the Campus Grill, overlook- ing the polo field and the new outdoor swimming pool. A gay crowd at Zimmer ' s. Home with the milkman. Pass keys dis- pense with the necessity of watchmen. 331 barbs " Nau , ya gotta get your Army tickets from West Point!! " underhand Furtively the lads scanned the length of the alley. A pal posted on the far cornet waved assent and resumed his watching. " Yea, a Chevie ... a black coach. " Inside the window large glasses foaming with amber delight danced on a counter. A bald man in a dirty apron wiped suds down a drain. The boys looked quickly about and coats over heads dashed for the door. Within they haunched over a table in a far dark corner. Nervous cigarettes were lighted. Then the bald man and a dirtier twin loomed over them. Blusterly, " You boys 21? " Retreat further into the gloom, but the inevitable affirmative. The baldpates shake negation after quizzical glances at peach fuzz and bow ties. " Students gotta sign for drinks . . . law. " Pencils scrape; ink flows. ORDER? Two large cokes. . . . campus couplets Fellows in Sorin take chances snorin " Ready and willin ' Not able, that ' s Dillon It ' s a cinch that Aladdin would not wish for Badin. inflation f.i e twenty five for that measly book that seems too small for such a price but I suppose the school must clear a few cents on every sale to keep these clerks and this modern store well lighted and equipped to meet every need save the pocketbook but sixty three cents jor that bundle there that contains but a battered shirt and a wisp of sock after your tugging rough and tumble a sum indeed jor the courtesy to tear your robes and lose your towels but I suppose someone must pay for a laundress ' day of play and half a dollar jor a thimble of orange and a crumb of toast with a glob of jam on a silver tray but I suppose something must earn the pennies to buy the salt water dross that descends in finny delight each Friday noon and night the sen -HEV . -HOGJ BOUT i) LIFT TO DILLOMP " Indiana, our Indiana . . . " 332 the seniors apologize only five famous bands for their annual frolic x- at an all time high ;;.-; ; . -V; f two silver dollars 333 mapping our music if it ' s swing At the Palais Royale on Michigan St. The rhythm section of Goodman will beat Dorsey ' s hot trombone will call Dancers to the West dining hall In the Field House ... on the campus too Bob Crosby ' s band will swing for you for sentimental smoothies Lombardo plays in the key of G With saxes sweet at the Columbia A. C. The East dining hall will be pleased to show How smooth and full Kemp ' s trumpeters blow yon lads who don ' t drag Shine your shoes, go down and see Zeke Shapiro at the K. of P. 334 around the bend if ii ' s food STRATIGON MODERNE KEWPIE ' S 122 CLUB LIDO CLARK ' S Cooled with washed air (unpaid adv.) . But if you leave without the reek of hamburger clinging to your borrowed tails you are eligible to win a door prize offered by the Dumm. Good coffee if you don ' t mind the grounds getting in your teeth. A coay balcony can be reserved for card parties. Not that we expect you bring some cards along. But with your date you ' ll probably wish that you had. Ask for their " Crushed Grape Delight " . Yoohoo! Not as coy as it sounds. The hamburgers snap at you after five brews. The place to go if you ' re on a liquid diet. Get Joe to whip you up a " Blood Transfusion " . Your date can find her way back to the hotel. As modern as tomorrow ' s trains. Try and stay on the streamlined bar stools. The floor show can be avoided by coming in after one a.m., or by stuffing your fingers in your ears. Did you ever see an x-ray of the stomach? if you don ' t JOE ' S LUNCH ELKHART LITTLE SPANISH GRILL NILES KUGLER ' S Oceola ' s pride and joy. Just a nice ride for you and the date. Meet all your friends but be prepared for anything. The short-order man is a riot on Broadway any day now. Bring your own spoons. Too bad your date wasn ' t here after examinations. If you want to get that Spanish atmosphere order an onion sandwich. The bartender ' s blind and doesn ' t understand English. Better drink milk. Just this side of the tracks. Watch for N. D. pickets at the state line. Also Kugler ' s electric screen door that kills insects. Don ' t go to the Michigan Central station by mistake. And don ' t grab for the platters that hold the sizzling steaks. When you get used to the fast freights coming through you ' ll like it. Look before you leap. Pack up. 335 a in acl tea party ... Really boys, I do prefer the Oolong. It has such a delicious aroma as it steams from the spout . . . not like the acrid Java. Oolong. . . ? Java. . . ? And the taste . . . it ' s heavenly . . . lifts one over these barred walls ... so easily . . . Bars. . . ? Walls. . . ? On my last trip abroad someone told me that the Chinese really pack their tea by stomping on it ... dirty feet . . . Chinese tea ... ugh! Feet. . . ? I ' ve always demanded the best . . . and this was packed especially for me ... always is ... won ' t touch anything else . . . imagine . . . dirty feet . . . packing tea . . . Dirty feet . . . Oh, I suppose the piping water would kill the nasty microbes ... I always draw it at exactly 212 degrees . . . but I can ' t take any chances . . . microbes swimming in these pretty, blue cups . . . Blue cups. . . ? Yes . . . and aren ' t they unique . . . that delicate, egg blue ... to fit the tea ... oh pardon me, boys . . . sugar or lemon? Huh . . . ummm . . . we ' ll take both And do have a crumpet . . . they are so dainty ... I could eat them for days . . . such a relief after all that heavy stuff we get in the refectory ... I just can ' t stand it ... those lardaceous steaks and impossible salads . . . Steaks. . . ! ! ! Salads. . . ! ! ! And they are much easier on the stomach . . . and after all one ' s health is what really matters . . . mother always said that light eating toned one . . . especially the skin. Ya mean . . . . . . don ' t eat? Oh, eat ... but light things . . . like these lettuce rolls . . . vitalizing . . . and inexpensive, too . . . only seventy-five cents a dozen ... I found them at the best little place on North Michigan Street . . . North Michigan. . . ? Wimpy ' s. . . ? Of course I never get more than two dozen at a time . . . they do lose their freshness so easily. . . . But I simply adore these pimento fossetts . . . that ' s my own term of course . . . you fellows wouldn ' t understand the significance . . . but try one won ' t you . . . Fossetts . . . taste ' s like limburger ! ! ! 336 from alice in wonderland 337 dribble . the freshman Well here I am at Notre Dame (I ' ve got it on my jacket In six inch blue and yellow words I hope the wear won ' t crack it) And now let ' s see, I ' ve got my book For football games and stuff (I wo nder when fall practice starts It can ' t start soon enough) My classes only eight till four And " phy ed " is a cinch And good for you it builds you up My brother grew an inch I wonder who my room mate is He hasn ' t got here yet His trunk says " Blister, Idaho " And that ' s the break I get Whoa! there ' s the bell it ' s almost six And that means time to eat So here I go right for that hall There ' s eleven guys to beat. EDITOR ' S NOTE Ever ready to help the undernourished young artist, DUMM accepted these manuscripts already twenty-five times re- fused by SCRAP, and gave the author a tea bag, a cup and two lumps of sugar. We kept the lemon. a visitor The campus is just lovely That place over there The log chapel Father Sorin Landed where Is he a football player The fellow with the scar Oh, he got it playing pingpong My how brutal these sports are! Is that place up there the armory It ' s Sorin Hall, I see Some students live inside it Well far be it from me To make a choice Of places they should stay But this hall called Alumnus Wouldn ' t creak like that and sway This gale is nothing but a breeze If you ' re used to it, perhaps What is that awful rumbling sound My goodness! all those chaps Are going to sit down at once Where do you get the food How can you cook enough of it To fed that roaring brood Of course I ' d like to see the Dome And then I have to go This dear, dear, dear old school of yours You all must love it so! VLfiW ____ I ' VE. ULRL TOR A COLIRT DE.LN UJWTfo WRND-DDLL 5INCC _LDLDNL5 : [DRV 1 v; All graduating students must have append ectomy scars. monster As he started to move slowly down the long passage- way his eyes fell on the shining back of the machine. He stopped fascinated. Then overpowered by the sleek Frankenstein he moved slowly toward it. Fear and reverence played across his face. Sweat broke out on his pale forehead. He moved his jaws, slowly . . . No words came. From the innermost depths of the monster a sinister whirring suddenly began. Soon the whirr rose to a metallic whine. He staggered back grasping wildly for his back pocket. Quickly he snaked out a black object and rushed toward the THING. The whine bit off as he approached. A voice shot forth at him. " Cawfee, toast and orange juice . . . forty-five cents. " With trembling fingers he pulled a dollar bill from his wallet . 338 more dribble - " Cuts, . . . Joe and Bill, the Pork-barrel boys . . . Long Island gave them to Notre Dame and refuses to take them back . . . worn out more button-holes than any other team in the history of the school . . . last year they ran out of oil and their machine slowed down . . . always in the spirit of the thing, they share a tired, " pork-pie " hat . . . yes, those are votes in the rain-coat, and Bill is up to his elbow in ballot boxes. . . . lost his southern accent when he was three . . . picked up a barker ' s voice when about ten . . . Came to school because Huey Long out-talked him . . . still thinks that the holes in bowling balls are defects . . . bowls with a seconded motion . . . the cup was an appreciative gesture on the part of the pinsetters of Walsh . . . rhymes his name with " stroller " . . . . brilliant on the gridiron . . . outrolls his opponents ... an intimate of Ted Lewis . . . and anyone else he can corner . . . Chicago claims, but can ' t hold him . . . takes Phy. Ed. as a sideline . . . specializes on the Bend . . . and on running Elmer ' s teams . . . Paul ' s pants always fit like that . . . he ' s long-waisted. . 99-99 average and the prof later admitted he must have been wrong . . . wears so many keys that he has to stay out of electrical storms . . . wrangles for relaxation ... or curls up with a dozen good books . . . that wistful look was acquired while thinking of the hundredth point he lost. 339 16-inch Underneath Belt Motor Driven South Bend Lathe South Bend Precision Lathes FOR USE IN THE Manufacturing Plant Machine Shop Tool Room Service Station General Repair Shop Electrical Shop Engineering Shop Laboratory and Metal Working Industries of All Kinds Used Throughout the United States and 98 Other Countries Established 1906 Lathe Builders for 31 Years South Bend Lathe Works 425 East Madison Street South Bend, Indiana, U. S. A. 340 covers-produced in a plant devoted exclusively to embossed and decorated products by an organization of cover specialists represent the highest standard in yearbook work. Specify " Mol- loy " -it ' s your assurance of the best. THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO ILLINOIS " We Point with Pride ' to the fact that we have supplied the paper for the 1937 Dome and for many another Dome in the past Bermingham Prosser Co. Ka!amazoo - Chicago - New York - Kansas City BE SMART LIKE ELEC Ujecotne AIR CONSCIOUS: COOL in SUMMER WARM in WINTER + AIR CONDITION ELECTRICALLY INDIANA MICHIGAN ELECTRIC CO. 341 JOHN F. CUNEO COMPANY L Ifook At nun ctutetA 465 W. Cermak Road CHICAGO BINDERS OP THE 1937 DOME 342 We are sincerely appreciative to the University for having given us the oppor- tunity to serve the 1937 DOME as Official Photographers. We congratulate the Editor and his staff on having planned and produced this excellent DOME, it was a pleasure for us to have worked with them. BAGBY PHOTO COMPANY Theo Jena Portrait and Commercial Photographers SOUTH BEND. INDIANA C. David Rex We kep all our negatives Indef- initely: you may obtain prints from Dome negatives at any time. 343 (Dngramngs in this year ' s Dome were made by Premier tai ravin Company. Likewise, many ol the lour- color, two-color, and one- color enravins ol many ol America s loremost advertisers in leading national magazines are made by Premier. $ o ' Phone Delaware 5591 PREMIER ENGRAVING CO. 417 N. STATE STREET CHICAGO, ILL. Ft has been a pleasure for us to work with the graduate manager and the competent 1937 Dome staff. 344 is the modern industrial fuel. In northern Indiana, the workshop of America, gas is supplied by the Northern Indiana Public Service Company. It is selected by engineers because of its speed, cleanness, flexibility of control and economy. YOUR OFFICIAL Notre Dame Ring On one shank is h eavily modeled the seal of Notre Dame, while the other shank displays the tower and dome of the Administration Building. Prices 25841 10K Gold, lightweight style. Onyx, Sardonyx, Green Onyx $18.25 Ruby Stone 19.00 25754 10K Gold, regular weight. Onyx, Sardonyx, Green Onyx $23.00 Ruby Stone 23.75 29987 Sterling Silver. Onyx or Sardonyx $7.75 Amethyst or Topas 9.50 Ruby Stone 8.50 Send orders to: Office of the Comptroller University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana THE BALFOUR BLUE BOOK . . illustrates fine gifts with your seal mounting. Write for free copy. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts of Ci cfriena 345 CRASSELLI REAGENTS CONSTANT UNIFORMITY STRICTLY CHEMICALLY PURE ALWAYS DEPENDABLE E. I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS CO., INC CRASSELLI CHEMICALS DEPARTMENT Wilmington, Delaware The Editors Thank Mr. Theo Jena and Mr. David Rex of the Bagby Photo Co. Mr. Tames B. Blaine of the John F. Cuneo Co. Mr. George H. Petersen of the Wisconsin Cuneo Press, Inc. Mr. Thomas P. King and Mr. Charles H. Gratz of the Premier Engraving Co. Mr. Ken Cooley and Mr. Max Deena of the David J. Molloy Plant. The members of the 1937 Dome staff. 346 GENERAL INDEX Page ACTIVITIES 237-245 Band 240 Debating 238-239 Dramatics 244 .Glee Club 241 Monogram Absurdities 245 Moreau Choir 242 Radio 243 ADMINISTRATION 25-41 Administrative Officers 27-31 Rectors of Halls 32-33 Faculty 34-41 ATHLETICS 121-173 Baseball 156-164 Basketball 136-145 Boxing 168 Fencing 167 Football 122-132 Freshman Basketball 173 Freshman Football 172 Golf 165 Gym Team 169 Interhall Winners 170-171 Tennis 166 Track ..146-155 Page CLASSES 43-120 Graduates: College of Arts and Letters 45-65 College of Commerce 66-79 College of Engineering 80-85 College of Law 91-93 College of Science 86-90 Juniors 96-1 19 DANCES 193-209 Engineers Ball 207 Junior Prom , 198-201 K. of C. Formal . . 208 Lawyers Ball 206 Monogram Formal 209 Senior Ball 194-197 Sophomore Cotillion 202-205 EVENTS 247-263 Anti-Communist Meeting 251 Cardinal Pacelli 248-249 Commencement, 1936 261-263 Rev. James Gillis, C.S.P 253 J. Edgar Hoover 255 Laetare Medal 257 Arnold Lunn 254 Page Memorial Day Services 258 Father Nieuwland Memorial 250 Monsignor Fulton Sheen 252 Symposium on Calculus of Variations . . . 260 Washington Day Exercises 256 FEATURES 211-235 Dome Award Winners 212-217 Snapshots 218-235 ORGANIZATIONS 265-325 Bookmen 272 Knights of Columbus 268-269 Patricians 273 S. A. C 266-267 Wranglers 270-271 PUBLICATIONS 177-191 Alumnus 191 Catalyzer 189 Dome 180-183 Lawyer 188 Santa Maria 1 90 Scholastic 184-186 Scrip 187 PERSONAL INDEX Page Abraham, Eli M 268 Adrian, Joseph L 306 Albert, Francis 1 311 Aleksis, Norbert A 243 Alexander, Alexander W 287 Allen, Donald L 66,143,309 Alunan, Rafael 300 Anderson, Arthur F 96 Anderson, Louis L 96, 301 Anderson, Norman 1 283 Anderson, Paul H 96,302,313 Anton, John F 96,199,290 Anton, Richard J 203 Arboit, Ennio B 96, 157, 199 Arboit, Peter S 173 Armbruster, Hugh J 96,323 Armbruster, James W 323 Armel, Thomas N 274, 286 Armel, William B 96 Armstrong, John J 80 Armstrong, Joseph J 310 Arnold, William P 96, 306 Arroyo, Ignacio L 300 Atkinson, Thomas H 96, 282 Aubrey, Edward C 299 Austin, James R 96 Aylward, James P 308 Bagan, Earl D 296 Bailey, William J 86 Baker, John F 45 Baldwin, Harry A 66 Bales, James E 66,301 Bangert, Douglas A 306 Barbush, Frank C 45 Barker, Paul F 80, 174, 209 213,281,309, 318 Barone, Carmelo V 297 Barrack, Roger G 9 Barreda, Fructuoso G 300 Barren, Lloyd J 291 Barren, Roy J 66,290,291 Barry, John W 296 Bartley, John T 45,306 Bartnett, Edmond J 96 Bates, George N 86, 274 Battaglia, Joseph A 301 Bauer, Burnett C 96, 290, 307 Baumert, Francis X 306 Bayer, Martin E 67 Page Bayer, Philip J 96,290 Bayot, Antonio M 67, 290, 300 Beasley, Charles J 96,319 Beaudine, Robert J 306 Beaudway, James E 96 Beck, Charles V 96, 323 Becker, Walter J 45 Beer, John J 96 Ben, Joseph E 296 Beh, Kenneth F 296 Beinor, Joseph E 130 Belanger, George 96 Bell, Robert A 284 Bellino, Vito V 286,310,319 Bemish, Louis J 292 Benavides, Roberto M 300, 322 Benavides, William Y 97, 322 Bennett, Francis X 283 Bercik, Julius W 306 Bernard, Anthony M 325 Bernard, David J 120,284 Bernard, Edgar B 97, 290 Bernard, Joseph J 284 Bernard, Ralph L 80, 277 Bernard, Robert F 309 Berry, Francis X 97 Berry, Walter F 97 Berteling, John B 97, 286, 292 Besanceney , Girard E 46 Best, George J 97,274 Biagioni, Paul A 46 Bichon, Gene W 299 Bilger, Howard D 97, 290 Blake, Glenn A 91,301 Blake, Robert W 277 Blakeslee, Jay C 287 Blunt, James W 97, 282 Bock, John H 287 Bock, Milton J 46,314 Bodie, Robert J 287,301 Bohen, Thomas L 97,307 Bohn, Charles R 97 Bolz, Robert C 275, 292, 310, 317 Bond, John A 97, 288 Bond, Thomas D 97,174,288,317 Bondi, Philip R 67,266 Bonet, Sebastian B 251 , 300 Bonfield, George J 67, 260, 290,296 Bonfiglio, John 319,320 Borgman, Paul A 286,292 Borowski, Charles C 159 Botzum, William A 97 Bourke, John T 97 Bourke, Norman F 302 Bowes, Richard J 97, 308 Bowes, William R 46, 274, 301 Page Boyle, Daniel E 97,278 Boyle, Edward L 301, 307 Boyle, Leo R 97 Braddock, John P 97, 162, 304 Bradford, Raymond H 97 Bradley, Francis X 275, 291 Brady, Louis P 283 Brame, Frank T 239, 303 Branigan, William A 97, 181, 190 198, 268 Bransby, C.S.C., Brother Elmo 46 Brassell, John E 67 Brehm, Richard E 294 Brennan, Edward J 31 Brennan, James R 32 Brennan, Patrick 162, 290 Brennan, William J 97 Brias, Enrigue J 67,290,300 Brick, Anthony W 91 Bride, Allan F 67,186 Brien, Joseph J 67,306 Bright, Francis E 98,290,310 Brockenbrough, Cornelius D 311 Brodberger, John B 288 Broderick, John D 46, 282 Broeman, Dwight W 288 Broscoe, Edward M 169, 325 Brosius, Charles T 98,290,304 Brovelli, Charles C 64 Brower, Floyd E 98 Brown Albert L 290,311 Brown Arthur J 67 Brown Charles L 292 Brown Charles M 98 Brown Clifford F 46, 273, 275 Brown Earl M 139 Browne, Robert T 9 Browne, William J 86 Bruccoli, Mathew J 46,273,306 Bruno, William B 46 Brush, John F 284 Bryan, Robert J 98 Buckley, John L 98, 287 Burgess, James G 98, 323 Burke, Francis W 80, 189, 286, 292 Burke, James R 67,301 Burke, Robert L 287 Burnell, Herman J 307 Burnett, Lawrence F 86,195,274,310 Burns Joseph F 298 Burns Burrow, James B 292, 304 Butler Butler Byrne Byrne Martin T 46,287,266 Albert A. Charles E 169 John M 47 William J 68 Byrnes, Patrick G 47, 186 Page Cacchioli, Louis G 310 Cackley, John N 47,185 Cain, John A 301 Caldwell, Merlin J 68,277 Callaghan, John A 98, 182, 186 Callahan, Charles M 282 Callahan, C.S.C. Charles R 47 Callahan, Joseph A 98 Callahan, Joseph V 287 Callahan, Robert A 98 Callahan, Thomas H 98 Callan, Alfred J 310 Campbell, John H 87, 274, 287 Campbell, Joseph F 98 Canale, Joseph A 301,305 Canale, Philip M 305 Cannon, Joseph E 302 Canolesio, Aldo B 98 Cappillino, William M 297 Cardinal, Ralph M 68 Carey, Patrick J 98 Carey, Philip J 306 Carmody , Robert E 203 Carney, Donald E 302, 308 Carney, John C 299 Carney, Richard A 98 Carney, Richard J 286 Carney, Thomas P. .81, 189, 207, 280, 292 Carpenter, William A 324 Carrigan, Richard M 98 Carroll, Charles A 292 Carroll, Francis A 68,306 Carroll, Francis T 316 Carroll, Richard J . 68 Carson, James F 98, 143, 150, 295 Casey, Byron L 274 Casey, Edward L 98 Casey, Eugene F 99 Casey, Joseph E 287 Casey, Richard D 294, 296 Cassidy, Charles F 99 Cassidy, Thomas E 47,187 Cassone, Peter G 87,297,306 Castineira, Alberto E 81, 292, 300 Castleman, William P 99, 165, 299 Cattle, Eugene 1 81 Cavalier, John M 277,297 Cavanauqh, John J 47,267,309 Caveny, Robert T 47 Cecala, George G 47 Cella, John B 306 Centlivre, Robert E 293 Chamberlain, Robert V. 292, 320 Cintron, Juan E 300 Ciolino, Frank V 303 347 PERSONAL INDEX Page Claeys, Jerome F 68,195,266,290 Clair, John M 287, 301 Clancy, Thomas J 47 Clark, John S 279, 302 Cleary, James P 291 Cleary, John F 99,316 Clemens, John J 286, 292 Clifford, Jeremiah J 9 Clifford, John F 99, 186 Clifford, Joseph C 99, 274 Cliff ord, William V 99, 154 Clause, Michael P - 294 Cobb, Charles L 292,322 Cochran, Neal P 286, 292 Codey, Eugene J 3UU Coen, James M g!|aJr r -j:.v.-.v.-.-:.v.v.3ba3 Colgan, Edward G 315 Collins, Henry D % Collins, John R ? Collins, John T. 99. 169 Condon, Edward J 99, 306 Condon, Stephen D Ma Condon, Thomas S - . Condon, William P 99, 174, 320 Conley, James A 277, 292 Connelly Herbert J 290 Connor, David J So one Connor, John C 99,306 Connor, Thomas H t gonry d ' wmmE.y. " " .. A7. 298, 3 g httPT " ::::::: JK, 1 Conway, Stephen J o Coon, James J 99 Corcoran, James M = Corcoran, Joseph M 99,282 Cormier, Leo J 48 Correll, Hugh B 99, 277 Coscarelli, Arthur L 280 Cosgrove, Francis P 100 Costello, John W 100,310 Cottingham, John C 100,180,200 288, 317 Cour, C.S.C., Raymond F 48 Cowles, Raymond C 81, Coy, Charles 1 68, 308 Coyle, John J 8 Crane, Hubert T 173 Crawford, Bernard K 310 Crisanti, Joseph E 301 Crisci, Custode A 100 Crockett, Robert G 1C Crollard, Frederick M 100 Cronin, Arthur D 48,126,268 Cronin, Edward J 287 Cronin, Robert J 63, 319 Cronin, Thomas L 31 Crooks, David P 308 Cross, Francis R 292 Crotty, Edward J 9 Crotty, Joseph W 69,290 Crowe, Andrew M 143,185 Crowley, Thomas J 100,284,319 Cruice, Timothy J 291 Cruickshank, Robert W 306 Crumley, Thomas F 288, 292 Cullen, Bernard W 100 Cullen, C.S.C, Joseph F 48 Cullen, Robert P 272 Cullinan, Daniel J 48 Cummings, Joseph P 316 Curran, John M 282, 291 Curran, Michael P 48 Curran, C.S.C., Thomas B 48 Currier, Donald F 100, 291 Cusick, Martin P 100 Cuthbertson, Robert H 100, 290 Czizek, Robert M 296,301 DahiU, Edward J 69, 282 Daley, Bernard N 304 Daley, James B 325 Daley, John P 69,301 Dalton, Edmund G 282 Daly, Charles F 100 Daly, James U 81 Danahy, Richard T 100,283 Danbom, Laurence E.. . .64, 124, 169, 245 Daner, James C 291 Daniels, William E 100, 306 Danielski, C.S.C. , Bro. Sigismund.. 48 Da Pro, Luino L 100,185,272 Darcy, John F 91,282 Dark, Melville E 100, 308 Davey, Jerome M 48,296 Davidson, Arthur C 100,303 Davis, Arthur G 306 Davis, DeLancey J 69 Davis, John F 100,281 Day, Win 165 Deane, John J 273 DeCoteau, Roland E 48 DeCoursey, Vincent W 186,272,308 319 DeForest, Daniel L 49, 324 DeFranco, Joseph F 297 DeHayes, Louis A 291 deLandero, Carlos A 300 ctotandero, Pedro T 81, 167, 300, 321 Delaney, Francis 1 101,290 Delaney, Richard H 81,266,281 de la Vergne, Pierre R 101,270,303 Delker, George E 299 Delker, Thomas C 81, 280 Delligan, Francis W 87, 312 348 Page DeMoss, John E ............ 287 DeMots, John E...... ....... 49,143,30 Dempsey, Danaher M .............. l Dempsey, George R ........... . io Denten, John M ..... . .......... 101, 287 Derengoski, Robert A .............. 1U1 DeSimon, Anthony E .............. A Detaranto, Rocco L. ............ M Detscher, Francis J ............ 101, 306 c.... Dieckleman, Robert H ......... .... 204 Dietrich, Stephen S ............. 101, 315 Digby, Frederick J ............. 186, 303 DiLeo, Senatro W ............. .... 87 Dillon, Thomas E .............. 101,325 DiMatteo, John 1 ................... 101 DiMatteo, Joseph A ................ 101 Dineen, Dennis L ................. 8b Dineen, Joseph D .................. 101 Disser, Edward J .................. 29 J Doermer, John J ................... 293 Dohnalek, Charles W .............. 69 Dolan, Eugene P .......... 101,306,319 Dolan, William J .................. 100 Dolce, Russell J ............... 287,297 Doll, Jesse L ...................... 299 Dollard, Vincent E ................ 318 Donahue, Thomas B ............ 120, 308 Donlon, Francis J ................. 301 Donnelly, John P ............... 101, 174 Donnelly, William A ............... 306 Donoghue, James V ............ 183,310 Donahue, John W .............. 173, 290 Donahue, Philip A ................. 296 Donovan, Daniel ............ 204, 296 Donovan, Gerard K ............ 120, 298 Donovan, Paul M .............. 120, 165 Donovan, Robert N ................ 292 Doody, Thomas J .............. 101,319 Dooley, William F .............. 69,291 Doozan, Carl W ................... 301 Doran, Paul T .................. 69, 290 Dorgan, Joseph T ............... 69, 290 Dorsey, William J ................. 101 Dougherty, James J ............... 101 Dougherty, Robert M .............. 320 Dougherty, William E ............. 302 Dowd, Henry R .................... 306 Dowling, Robert F ................. 318 Downey, James W .............. 87, 298 Doyle, John J .................. 101, 290 Doyle, John T ..................... 286 Doyle, Lawrence A ................ 310 Doyle, Thomas M ................. 69 Doyle, Vincent A .................. 306 Dray, Joseph F .................... 302 Dray, Walter L .................... 292 Dreiling, Alvin J ................... 298 Dreiling, Virgil T .................. 298 Drendel, Edward P ............. 87, 284 Driscoll, Francis S ................. 292 Drolla, Francis J ........... 208, 268, 319 Druecker, Harold J .............. 69, 268 Drury, Walter A ................... 274 DuBois, Robert C .............. 101,302 Dubriske, Raymond A ............. 282 Ducey, Thomas R .................. 81 Duffey, Donald K .............. 286,292 Duffy, Charles W ............... 49, 187 Duffy, George E ................... 306 Duffy, Kenneth H .................. 291 Duffy, Robert K ................... 81 Duggan, Eugene R ................ 101 Duqgan, William R ............ 102,238 Duke, Charles W .................. 102 Duncan, Walter J .............. 102, 290 Dunn, Francis A ................ 91, 301 Dunn, James M .................... 182 Dunn, Joseph M ................... 321 Dunn, Louis J ............. 102,181,201 Durkin, Thomas F .............. 70, 322 Dwyer, James B ................... 70 Dyer, John J ...................... 291 E Eble, Paul F 102 Eby , Douglas L 324 Eby , Lawrence T 1 02, 286, 324 Edelen, Earl T 310 Egan, Francis F 49 Egan, Robert H 102, 273 Enrich, Donn G 82 Eilers, Bernard J 279 Eisert, Milton J 102 Elder, Thomas J 102,290 Elliss, Herschell R 173 Elmore, George M 102, 324 Ely, Eugene J 169 Emanuel, Dennis G 274,296 Engelhart, Charles J 203 English, Joseph R 75 Ennis, John J 306 Ernst, Charles E 102 Erskine, Alfred T 87 Ertel, Mark A 173 Estep, Eugene C 173 Facteau, Leo G 183,302 Faller, Gerald M 313 Fallen, Edward A 282 Fallen, Richard L 306, 320 Page ' Fallen, William H 49 Falsioni, Daniel P 283 Fanning, Edward J 204 Farrell, Edward G 175,302 Farrington, Robert J 306 Fay, William C 313 Feeley, George R 70, 166, 321 Feeney, Bernard J 283 Fegan, Walter W 102 Fehlig, Louis J 308 Ference, John A 275,313 Fergus, Francis E 324 Ferguson, Lawrence 1 324 Fernbach, Robert D 102 Fiedler, Raymond E 102 Filson, Robert B 92 Finn, Daniel R 70 Finucane, Frederick T 318 Firth, John R 102 Fischer, Edward W 49, 315 Fish, William J 190 Fisher, Donald W 102, 174 Fisher, Patrick J 92,206,295,301 Fitch, Claude F 238, 296 Fitzgerald, John F 294,318 Fitzgerald, Raymond C 291 Fitzgerald, Richard B 1 02 Fitzgerald, Russell E 102 Fitzgerald, Thomas M 102, 281 Fitzmorris, Thomas D 298 Fitzpatrick, George F 102, 282, 316 Fitzpatrick, John J 70 Fitzpatrick, Thomas M 284 Fitzpatrick, William J 70 Flad, Thomas H 279 Flanagan, Edward J 82,281,292 Flanagan, John C 320 Flanagan, John E 103 Flanigan, Edward T 103,283 Flemina, Walter L 322 Flood, Paul J 278 Flood, Richard E 87, 274, 313 Florence, William C 274, 294 Fluge, Peter J 323 Flynn, Gerald J 318 Flynn, Thomas F 103 Fogarty , Richard L 307 Foley, Frank J 49 Foley, James R 103,291,320 Foley, C.S.C., John J 49 Foley, John M 103,290,322 Foley, Leo B 292 Foley, Paul E 49,184,214,315 Foley, William R 50,208,266 Foltz, James H 70 Ford, John F 173 Foss, George J 280 Foster, Harvey G 301 Fox, Edward A 70, 287 Fox, Frederick P 120,292 Fox, Harry F 103 Fox, John P 103, 267, 290 Fox, Louis A 103 Foy, Thomas P 301 Foye, Thomas P 284 Francis, John J 103,304 Francis, Robert 82, 292 Frank, Maurice N 301, 324 Fransioli, Frank P 292, 305 Frascati, Frank P 82, 286, 292 Frawley, John R 70 Freedy, John 1 103,307 Frericks, Theodore P 319, 320 Fricke, Carl H 284 Friedman Sanford S 301 Fromhart, Wallace L 71 Fronina, Joseph F 82,286,292,324 Frost, Robert J 306 Funk, Thomas C 103 Funke, C.S.C., Clement H 50 Furgal, C.S.C., Louis S 50 Gagnier, Edgar G 302 Gagnier, James L 50 Gajewski, Chester J 287, 294 Gallagher, Charles M 103, 282 Gallagher, Francis J.. . .50, 273, 278, 319 Gallagher, Hubert S 64,169 Gallagher, Joseph W 50 Gallagher, Robert J 292, 296 Galletta, Philip C 103,169 Gallin, William H 103,292,306 Gallivan, Gilbert G 50 Gallivan, John W 50, 187 Gannon, Edward J 71 Gannon, James E 290, 321 Ganser, Richard A 274, 294, 324 Gardner, Herbert P 103, 288 Garland, Laurence R 71 Gartland, Robert E 273, 296, 301 Garvey, Henry T 315 Garvey, James W 1 03 Garvev, Thomas M 103,280 Gast, Frederick C 82, 286, 292 Geary, Cornelius E 282 Geary, Francis J 50 Geddes, William H 50 Gedmin, Zanny R 103 Gehres, Robert F 87 Gels, Arthur 1 103 Gelber, David A 297, 301 Gonegel, John A 71 George, Frank X 291 Gerad, Charles R 324 Gerl, Richard M 103,279 Germann, Richard J 1 03 Gerwe, Joseph J 183 Page Geyer, George E 104,306 Gibbens, Robert L 324 Gibbons, C.S.C., Bro. Berchmans... 51 Gibbons, C.S.C., Christopher F 51 Gibbons, William J 104 Gibbs, Daniel S 104,153,309,312 Gibson, Coulter L 51 Gibson, William E 71,290 Gillespie, Basil G 51 Gillespie, John A 51,185 Gillespie, Thomas G 286,292 Gilliland, Donald R 308 Gillon, Angus M 310 Gilmour, John V 290,321 Gilrane, John J 384 Giragi, Louis J 1 04 Glass, Paul F 173 Gleason, Joseph T 129,245,287,309 Gloudemans, Alvin G 71 Gohman, Jerome H 71, 288 Golden, Philip E 311 Goldsmith, Edmund F 71,290 Gomber, William J 51, 190 Gomez, Jaime H 104, 279, 300 Goncher, John S 104,309 Gorman, John J 104,291 Gorman, Joseph R 325 Gorman, Thomas M 104 Gott, Arch F 71,148,186 289, 290, 309 Gower, Earl F 312 Graham, Charles J 71 Graham, James H 298 Graves, Thomas J 104 Green, George E 313 Green, James J 296 Greene, John F 320,322 Greene, Thomas E 104 Grega, George R 104 Gregory, Arthur C 92, 188, 301 Griffin, Herman T 82,286,292,298 Griffin, John J 308 Griggs, George B 1 04 Grimes, Edward K 275 Grimm, Albert E 104 Grogan, Edward F 104, 306 Grogan, Robert L 51,268 Gruenf elder, Marcus A 104, 279 Gschwend, Paul J 277 Guarnieri, Paul A 92,301,325 Guccione, Joseph L 297, 320 Guerin, Harold D 306 Guggisberg, John B 296 Guindon, Francis X 183,282 Gunter, Frank E 284 Gurucharri, Vicente V 300 Gutowski, John Z 285 Habig, Leonard P 310 Hack, James G 72,287 Hackett, Edward J 72 Hackman, Robert H 104,290 Hackner, John W 82 Hagen, Walter 291 Hager, Edward C 104 Hagerty, Jack M 104 Haggar, Edmond R 95,104,199,322 Haines, Francis X 87, 274 Haithcock, George L 186, 320 Halbert, Robert T 104, 279 Haley, C.S.C., Joseph E 51 Haley, Robert J 92 Haller, C.S.C., Eugene J 51 Halpin, William T 306 Hammond, John B 291 Hammond, Thomas J 291 Hanlon, Kyron W 313 Hannan, Daniel E 296 Hannan, William J 306 Hanning, Donald G 72 Happel, Leo T 64 Hardart, Francis J 5 Harders, Herman J 30 Harrer, Robert G 296 Harrington, Hubert J 296, 319 Harris, Walter J 105 Hart, Edward J 292 Hart, Joseph F 315 Hartnett, Vincent W 52, 319 Hartsock, John R 321 Hartz, Bernard F 82,281 Hass, Ralph M 324 Hayes, John J 308 Head, John 1 105 Hearn, John H 52 Heatherman, Kenna J 52 Heigl, Francis J 105 Heinemann, Harold E 82,281 Hellmuth, Paul F 193, 292 Henebry , Joseph A 105 Henkel, Carlos A 83 Hennessy, Donald A 64, 169, 325 Hennessy, Joseph F 279 Hennessy, Richard J 105,292 Herb, Francis J 72, 290 Herrick, William R 302 Hess, Lawrence G 274, 320 Hesser, Paul H 299 Hey wood, Robert B 272, 275 Hicinbothem, John E 292, 306 Hickey, Donald F 105 Hickey, Edward T 207, 279, 292 Hickey, Louis J 72 Higby, Richard L 105 Higgins, Francis M 105 Hiqgins, Thomas J 72,290,308 Hiibert, Joseph M 105,320 PERSONAL INDEX Page Hildebrandt, Hugo 1 294 Hines, William J 105 Hiss, Bernard F 324 Hochreiter, Franklyn C 283,319 Hoene, Philip G 307 Hoffman, Arthur F 88, 195, 266 274, 293 Hoffman, Charles 1 52 Hogan, Charles C 83 Hogan, Edward P 105 Hogan, Thomas B 190, 290 Holman, Chester D 183 Holtz, Robert F 105 Honerkamp, Frederick W 306, 321 Hooper, John B : 105,290 Horbett, John E 304 Hosterman, Philippe T 72, 290 Hosty, Thomas E 287 Howard, George C 105,304 Howard, Robert 1 311 Hoyt, Edward J 72,306 Huening, John William 72 Huether, Robert W 275, 292, 325 Hufnagel, Charles A 88,286 Hughes, John M 105 Hughes, Joseph M 83 Hughes, Paul C 105 Hughes, Thomas J 72,290,306 Hughes, Thomas M 105 Huisking, Francis R 52 Hummer, Edward J 301 Humphrey, Henry R 105,290,322 Hunt, Michael S 322 Hunt, Russell L 105,316 Hunthausen, Norval M 308 Hurley, Charles A 105 Hurley, John F 44,52,186,315,318 Hurst, John A 105,302,323 Husung, Martin J 301 Hutchens, Charles K 311 Hutchinson, Thomas E 106 Huter, Albert H 73,287 Huter, Roger J 294,299 Hutter, Karl G 73 Hyland, William F 302 Hynes, John C 106 Irwin, Carl F 106,274 Itzin, Francis H 106,319 Ivancevic, Casimer E 106, 313, 325 J Jacobs, Clarence E 291 Jaeger, John F 286,292 Jandoli, Russell J 310 Jansky, Carl J 106 Jarrett, Aram P 106 Jasinski, Edwin L 106 Jaxtheimer, John C 325 Jehle, John L 106,281,292 Jehney, Clairville R 106, 268 Jochems, Theodore P 298 Jodon, Clayton E 106 Johannes, John H 106,324 Johantgen, Henry F 312,318 Johnen, Peter J 73 Johnson, George W 106 Johnson, James A 274 Johnson, Walter H 306 Johnston, Benjamin D 52 Johnston, Burley C 183 Jones, Thomas P 325 Jordan, Charles B 52, 147,309 Jordan, Roger T 106 Jordan, Thomas G 106,143 Jordan, William V 52 Soseph, .Robert P 288 oyce, Edmund P 73 udae, Adolph J 73,287 Kaemmerlen, Leo J 106 Kafka, Joseph M 106 Kaiser, John W 73,290 Kaiser, William H 290 Kalman, Caesar J 92,301 Kane, John F 106, 290 Kane, Owen N 106 Kane, Raymond A 292 Kane, William J 106 Kapp, Louis H 106 Karr, George R 308 Katz, Milton A 73 Kavanagh, James L 107,317 Kavanagh, Thomas G 107, 291 Kavanaugh, Edward S 107,275,298 Keefe, Daniel E 107,316,319 Keefe, Harry J 282 Keegan, Gregg W 107, 308 Keenen, George E 107,320 Keffler, Bernard J 83, 280, 292, 294 Kell, Paul E 131,309 Kelley, Charles J 107,274 Kelley, John R 107,267,282 Kelley, Thomas J 88 Kelly, Charles E 311 Kelly, Fergus F 83 Kelly, Francis P 52,301 Kelly, Frank R 311 Kelly, James P 292, 306 Kelly, John E 282 Page Kelly, Joseph J 287 Kelly, Richard B 173 Kelly, Robert J 53,273,313 Kelly, Thomas A 107,174,275,292 Kenline, Frederick C 107 Kennedy, Maurice J 95,107 Kennedy, Thomas L 107, 278 Kennedy, William J 73 Kenyan, Herbert J 53, 316 Kerin, Marcus P 53 Kerwin, George D 107,189,286 292, 296 Kerwin, Lawrence J 107 Kesicke, Francis E 107,201,281,292 Kessing, Albert H 288 Kiefer, Alfred 312 Kiefer, Eugene P 283 Kilrain, Edwin T 107, 166, 180, 295 King, John E 53 King, Russell N 292, 306 King, Timothy R 53,325 Kinnealey, Thomas F 282 Kirch, Phillip J 107, 296 Kirchberg, Donald V 287 Kirchman, Francis J 107,286,292 Kirchman, Hubert J 107 Kirk, Wilfred B 64 Kling, Ernest F 107,275,325 Kling, Werner H 107 Klise, John J 108,277 Knusman, Theodore J 108 Kochanowski, Eugene E 285 Koehler, Harry F 53, 324 Kohn, John J 273,306,320 Kolp, Charles A 108,277,290 Kopczak, Francis G 64, 125, 285, 309 Kovach, Joseph E 53 Kovalcik, George J 129,309 Kovzelove, Alexander S 108,161 Kowalski, C.S.C., Edmund 53 Kristel, George A 53 Kroeger, Francis A 108,182,186 Krupa, Joseph W 108,285 Krzizo, Leo J 324 Kuharich, Joseph L 12 8,169,309 Kuhula, Thaddeus J 285 Kuhl, Charles J 292 Kuth, Edward J 83, 286, 292, 307 Lacroix, Lucien J .............. 310 Lahey, James H.... ....... 08,324 Lamberto, Roman N. ...... 108, 186 296 Lambrecht, Melvm E ....... 108,286,292 Lampert, Nelson N ................. f Lancaster, Leon L ................. 1UB Landers, C.S.C., Bro. Eric .......... 8 r G 1SS, I :.v.v:.v:.-.-.-.v.ib8;2 .. Lanois, Ernest L ................ 73,301 Lanzafame, Sare A ................ e Lardie, Howard L ................. 108 Larkin, Lawrence J ............ .... 1U Larwood, Frank E .............. 108, 315 Laughlin, Robert N ............ 108,290 Laure, George R ....... 108, 286, 292, 324 Lautar, John P ......... 83, 123, 292, 309 LaVigne, Ernest F ................. 318 Lawrence, Robert H ............... 29 Leadbetter, John W ................ 10 Leader, Henry G .................. 108 Leahy, Maurice F ............. . . . . 320 Leahy, Richard F .............. 108, 307 Lebherz, John W ........... 108, 294, 304 LeBlanc, Alcide J ................ ..1C Lechner, John J ............. 54,301,324 Ledvina, Jerome P ................. 109 Leiben, Charles G ................. .54 Leising, Joseph E .................. 28 LeMire, Donald F .................. 109 LeMire, Robert E .................. 301 Lemons, Charles F .............. 73, 324 Leonard, Robert P ............. 109,268 LePage, Jean R ........ 282,302,319,320 LeRoy, Bernard F .............. 109, 294 Lesselyong, Frank E ............... 74 Letcher, John C .................... 313 Levi, James H .............. 92,188,301 Levicki, John J .................. 65, 149 Lewiecki, Walter T ............ 285,324 Lieberman, Robert J ............... 290 Lieser, William A ............... 88, 277 Ling, Eugene F .................... 54 Lingenfelder, Charles E ............ 305 Linn, Harry R ..................... 74 Linnehan, John J ........... 287, 292, 322 Lipsie, Henry 1 ................ 109,286 Lipsio, Vincent J ............... 109,306 Listen, Thomas P .................. 287 Litzinger, Pius G .................. 17 Locher, Paul R .................... 296 Lochner, Robert J ............... 54,319 Lonergan, Mark A ................. 54 Long, William P ............... 274,286 Longon, James R .......... 109,288,317 Lonastreth, Raymond E ........ 109, 290 Lorch, Frederick L ................. 302 Lougee, Francis E ............. 109, 282 Lowell, John W ................... 304 Luckey , Emil R. . . . ................ 324 Luckey, Thomas H .............. 74, 324 Lungren, John C ........... 109,174,274 Lusson, William M ................ 109 Lynaugh, Edward P ............... 54 Lynch, John E ..................... 109 Lynch, William 1 .................. 74 Lynch, William J .................. 83 Page Macaluso, Charles J.. ... .95, 109, 199 Macdougald, Carleton G 109, 316 Maceri, Mercuric P fUj Mackin, Henry J.... 109 Madden, Harold D . 8 Maehler, Arthur R 109,281,292 Maes, Arnold A 109 Magee, Jerome B 109 ' ,HK Maher, Edward J 30b Maher, Thomas A fU Maher, Thomas F 109 Mahoney, Daniel P. . Mahoney, Edward A 183, 277 Mahoney, John P 109 Mahoney, William P 110, 52,309 Mahoney, William T 110, 272 Mailhes, Alvin R 303 Malarney , Robert D . 92 Malesewski, William H 285, 310 Mallek, Anthony J 285 Malloy , Thomas J ' .Y s Maloney, John E .74, 287 Maloney, Philip J 290,304,321 Maloney, Robert J 283 Mangano, Joseph A 297, 306 Mangelli, Joseph E 54, 297 Manion, James J 54 Manix, Joseph David 110 Mann, James E 110 ' ?? Mannebach, Joseph P 110 Manning, John J 88, 174, 274, 296 Marbach, John C.. .54, 239, 273, 274, 306 Marguet, William G 110,306 Marino, Francis A 88 Marker, Thomas 324 Marley, Harold V 88 Marr, John H 54,282 Marre, Raymond A 279 Marshall, John F 92 Marshall, Walter M 126 Martin, Arthur R 93,188,301 Martin, James R 65, 125, 245, 309 Martin, Peter 267, 274, 291 Martinez, Rafael J 300 Martland, Harrison S 310 Marty, Bernard A 89,274,312 Masterson, Christopher R.. 110, 286, 292 Mastriana, Frank A 325 Mathey, William J 110,274,294,310 Mathieu, Craig A 292 Mathis, William D 305 Mattingly, Edward J 110,286,304 Maurello, Marion J 110 Maurin, Ernest P 110,298,308 Maxwell, Francis R 169,318 May, Francis H 110 Mazanec, Robert J 110,290 Mazar, Ralph B 294 McAlpine, John F 74, 287 McArdle, James C 293 McArdle, Paul J 313 McArdle, Richard B 74, 293 McAuliffe, John H 83,167,287 McAuliffe, C.S.C., William 55 McCabe, Charles H 325 McCabe, Edward S 110 McCann, Justin C 55, 306 McCarron, John F 110, 287 McCarthy, Charles M 283 McCarthy, James E 110 McCarthy, John G 130, 309 McCarthy, Thomas L 74 McCarthy, Thomas P 296 McCarthy, William P.. .55, 245, 306, 309 McCarty, John W 55 McCarty, Patrick F 110,128,169 199, 309, 323 McC lain, Charles R 55,186,315 McClurg, John J 319 McCormack, Paul J 320 McCormick, Nevin F.. . 110, 127, 284, 309 McCutcheon, Richard H 110,182 McDermott, John J 120,202,304 McDermott, Joseph E 267 McDonald, Francis T 55 McDonald, Joseph L 312,316 McDonald, Ralph V 1 10, 287 McDonough, Charles E 110 McEnearney, Alfred B 306 McFarland, Philip R 306 McFarland, William E 74 McFarlane, Leo P 319 McGarvey, Neil J 294, 296 McGettrick, James J Ill McGinnis, Martin S 305,321 McGlynn, John B 55 McGovem, Andrew M 292 McGovem, George W 111,306 McGovern, John J 313 McGowan, Clement L 55 McGrath, Raymond E 55, 287 McGrath, Robert A 272 McGuinness, John J Ill McGuinness, John L 292 McGuire, Francis T 83 McGuire, James H 55, 301 McGuire, John H 292 McGuire, Joseph J 286 McGuire, Michael J 286 McGuire, Peter J 287 McGurl, John B 56 ,287 McHugh, Edward P Ill McHugh, James W 56, 174, 282 309, 315 McHugh, John W 279 McHugh, Philip L 306 Mclnerny , Matthew R 84 Mclntosh, Joseph K 84,286,292 Mclntyre, John A 316 McKay, Richard V 296 McKean, Louis F 302, 303, 319 Page McKeating, Donald F 287 McKeating, Robert J 74, 287 McKendry, John C 111,283,290 McKenna, John F 65,309 McKenna, Thomas H 283 McKenna, Thomas J 286, 292 McKenny, Keeran F 308 McKenzie, Robert 1 292 McKeon, Joseph M 321 McLaughlin, James D 282 McMahon, C.S.C., Gerald F 56 McMahon, Joseph P 56, 127, 287 301, 309 McMahon, Oliver F 111,306 McMichael, Guy Henry 188 McNally, Joseph C 56 McNally, William M 56 McNamara, Charles A 298 McNamara, James E 292 McNamara, William J Ill McNeill, John F 56 McNelis, James T 111,278 McNulty , Joseph M 306 Mee, Fenton J. Ill Meeker, George R 287 Mees, Clyde L 284 Megin, Bernard E 65, 282 Mehring, Joseph W.. . .111, 199, 286, 292 Meier, Richard H 56,215,238,274 Melchione, Hugo W 187 Mellett, C.S.C., Bro. Silvan 56 Menneg, Paul E 306 Mercado, Victor R 306 Merkle, Matthew H 320,290 Meskill, David T 290, 282 Messick, Joseph Ill Messina, Mario 284 Metcalf, John C 75, 290 Metrailer, William J 166,282,292 Metzger, Charles J 111,306 Metzger, James P 308 Meyer, Francis J 111,275 Meyer, Francis J 56, 301 Meyer, Raymond J 111,139,309 Meyer, William H 308 Meyers, Charles F 57,256,274 Meyers, Kenneth F 324 Micek, Adrian E 285 Micklich, Edward A Ill, 173,307 Milbourn, Eugene F Ill Miles, Charles F 75, 290 Miley, Benjamin R 84,322 Milford, George J 290 Miller, Floyd F 75 Miller, Joseph J 324 Miller, Stephen C 57,126 Minarick, Joseph W 84 Minella, Samuel J 57, 301 Mitchell, Mark J 186 Mix, Melville B 84 Mizerski, Richard C 285, 287 Moir, John G 111,139 Moller, Richard B Ill Monacelli, Walter J Ill Monaco, John Ill Monaghan, Charles P Ill Monaghan, Daniel G 11 Monahan, John E 112 Mongoven, Michael B 186 Montedonico, James H 305 Montegna, Rocco J 112 Monteverde, John P 112 Mooney, Thomas L 305 Mooney, Verner C 75,290 Mooney, William B 296 Moore, Darrel K 312, 324 Moore, Edward 1 112,281,291 Moore, James T 291 Moore, Joseph S 65,169,310 Moorman, Achilles H 301 Moorman, Joseph B 288 Moron, William P 298 Morgan, John B 304 Morris, George B 112,275,291,320 Morris, Mize 308 Morrison, Charles M 112,311,317 Morrison, Paul E 320 Morrison, Paul M 311 Morrison, Reginald A.. .84, 279, 292, 318 Morrison, C.S.C. William 57 Morrow, Charles G 1 12, 290, 299, 320 Mosher, Joseph E 112 Moskowitz, Morris 89, 274 Motschall, James N 291,319 Mott, Frederick E 89,274 Moulder, James A 75,283 Moulder, John S 112 Mueller, C.S.C. Peter 57 Mulcahey, James L 112, 282 Mulcahy, Frederick C 57 Mulderig, John P 202 Mulhall, William J 112 Mulhern, Francis A 310 Mulhern, James W 112, 174 Mulholland, Arthur J 93,266,301 Mulholland, Robert D 296 Mullen, Bernard B 57 Mullen, Eugene P 84 Mullen, Robert V 272 Mulligan, George E 306 Mulligan, James F 57, 299 Mulligan, Thomas P.. . .112, 200, 239, 266 Mullins, William J 306 Mullowney, John J 290, 307 Mulqueen, Joseph H 296, 319 Mulrenan, William F 57 Mundee, Fred W 126, 309, 325 Murdock, Benedict F 324 Murdock, Bernard V.. .112, 280, 292, 294 Murdock, Howard D 89 Murphy, Daniel J 112,284 Murphy, Daniel M 294 Murphy, George V 112, 290, 301 349 PERSONAL INDEX Page Murphy, James G 75 Murphy, James M 112 Murphy, John E 29 Murphy, John J 302 Murh JohnP 130,309 Murphy, Maurice J 296 Murphy, Vincent 1 57 Murray, Bernard C 291,292 Murray, Clay M 58,298 Murray, George E 30 Murray, John J 29 Murray, William S 286, 292 Murrin, John 11 Myers, Felix E 292 Myers, William G 58 Nagel, Carl J 283, Nantista, Peter J Nardone, Julius L 5, Nardone, WiUiam F 89, Neaher, Edward R Neely, Sidney L Nemeth, Peter F.. -301, Nerney, James K 112,251, Nickol, Robert W 75, Nienaber, Walter J 75, 175, 195, 290, 309, Niespodziany, Alexander S.. Niezer, Bernard M 58, 293, Nigro, Joseph A. -308, Nigro, Joseph F 112,174,273, Nin, Jose Nolan, George A Nolan, James J Nolan, Robert A 279, Nolan, Robert J Nolan, William H 113, Noonan, Edward C 287, Noonan, Maurice E Norris, Harry L Norris, Richard O North, Phillip R. . : Norton, Charles M 290, Novak, Francis J Nowak, Paul T 139, Nyikos, Joseph M 321 294 297 306 58 299 324 275 290 288 317 285 294 319 274 300 113 58 294 316 182 292 296 113 89 322 318 283 309 89 Oakes, William P 290 Oberbruner, Kenneth L 1 O ' Boyle, Anthony F .58, 185 O ' Brien, Cornelius T 113, 296 O ' Brien, Joseph D.. 2 ' 3 O ' Brien, C.S.C., Joseph P 58,256 O ' Brien, Robert E 303 O ' Brien Robert J - 279 O ' Brien, Robert L 113,293 O ' Brien, Thomas W f O ' Brien, William V 11 C ' Byrne, Robert J 287 O ' Connell, John J 320 O ' Connell, Joseph C 183 O ' Connell, Martin J 113,268 O ' Connor, Edwin G 31 O ' Connor, Francis C 75,287 O ' Connor John C 113,181,290,295 O ' Connor, Joseph E 30 O ' Dea, Thomas F 325 O ' Donnell, Charles H 183 O ' Donnell, Hugh B 113,274 O ' Donnell, James T 58 O ' Donnell, John B 113 O ' Donnell, Lawrence P 58 O ' Donnell, Robert G 113 O ' Dowd, Jerome J.. 293 O Gorman, Kevin M Lo-i, 8J O ' Hara, Francis L 287 O ' Hara, James F 274, 286, 287 O ' Hara, Patrick V 316 O ' Hem, John L 59,298 O ' Laughlin, Francis J 113,272,293 O ' Leary, John E 113 O ' Loughlin, William A 323 Olson, George E 17 O ' Meara, Dennis K 190, 317 O ' Melia, Richard J 290 O ' Neill, Joseph 1 125, 209 O ' Reilly, Charles W 113, 129, 309 O ' Reilly, Thomas J 311, 315 Orkiszewski, C.S.C., Erwln W 59 Orvis, Hanford R 113,324 Osborn, Charles F 113,239,275 Osborn, John E 318 Osaood, James R 93,206,301 O ' Shauqhnessy, Thomas E..113, 287, 317 O ' Sullivan, William J 84 O ' Toole, Robert J 313 Owens, Graham J 89, 274, 296, 308 Page, C.S.C., Joseph V 5 Parks, Francis R 182 Parsons, James L 89,150,309 Partyka, Stanley J 11 Paskin, Milton 279 Pawlowski, Joseph T 285, 324 Payne, Francis M 290 Payne, John T 320 Pay ton, James H 75 Pendergast, Thomas M 59, 195 Page Peter, Emil J 59, 299 Peterson, Bernard F 113,275,298 Petrick, Eugene C 89, 325 Peyton, C.S.C., Patrick J 59 Peyton, C.S.C., Thomas F 59 Pfaff, Francis R 286, 292, 310 Phelan, Edward H 284 Phillips, John B 90 Philpott, Thomas M 306 Philson, Arthur D 113, 274 Pick, Edwin C 114 Piedmont, William L 311 Pierce, Harrison J 76, 306 Pilarski, John M 93 Pinas, John C 114,275 Pinelli, Roy W 284 Pisaturo, Orlando J 90, 274, 318 Piseck, Andrew H 301 Plouff, John F 114 Plummer, - James W 321 Pojman, Henry F 59 Ponath, George E 76,190,290 Pontarelli, John E 114,287,312 Poore, John N 114 Pope, Ralph L 114,287 Poulin, Harry E 76 Poulin, John G 114,280,324 Powers, John J 292 Powers, John M 90 Powers, C.S.C., Joseph L 59 Pratt, Edward A 275, 292 Prekowitz, Theodore E 301, 324 Prekowitz, William A 324 Prendergast, William B 59 Probst, Vincent G 44,76,308 Proctor, Thomas G 301 Propeck, John J 275, 284 Prusha, Francis R 1 14, 180 Ptak, Edwin A 285 Puplis, Andrew J 124,169,245,309 Purcell, Louis M 84, 280 Putnam, John B 60 Pye, William F 84 Quinlan, Daniel 114 Quinlan, Thomas F 114 Quinn, James L 174, 268 Quinn, Joseph P 76,195,290,310 Ouinn, Maurice F 301 Quirk, Bernard G 60 Quirk, William E 76,287 Raaf, James J 182,290,308 Race, Adrian J 114 Radigan, Thomas J 114,180,199 Ratigan, John A 292 Rausch, Carl J 120, 284 Reardon, Bernard S 95,114,181 198, 267 Reardon, Edward J 76,290,308 Reardon, Thomas M 290, 308 Reddy, Charles S 114,324 Reddy, John J 306,315 Reidy, David L 173, 310 Reidy , Francis J 76 Reilley, James M 114,278,301 Reilly, Bernard F 60 Reilly, Francis J 60,186,310,315 Reilly, Robert M 114,286 Reinhart, Harry A 274 Renn, William G 287, 320 Repetto, David E 310 Reppenhagen, Frank A 182, 283 Reynolds, Clark L 114, 181,290 Rhodes, Arthur D 284, 292 Rice, Joseph G 155, 290 Richards, Robert W 114 Richardson, Glenn W 60 Rickert, John G 114 Rieder, John J 114,274,324 Riffle, Charles F 325 Riley, Charles R 311 Riley, John A 85,281,292,303 Riley, Richard A 60, 186, 315 Riley, William J 114 Rini, Thomas M 115 Risdon, Charles R 291 Ritchey, Raymond C 115 Rizzi, Harold C 115,279,290 Roach, John W 115 Roark, Samuel P 90 Robinett, Robert W 320 Robinson, Joseph J 325 Robinson, William H. . .115, 182, 272, 291 Roche, Stewart J 301 Roeser, Philip L 115, 298 Rogan, Thomas C 282 Rogers, John F 310 Roggenstein, Charles G 60 Rohl, Henry T 275,292 Romanko, Nicholas P 85, 292 Ronan, Joseph M 76 Rooney, Chauncey M 115 Rooney, Thomas E 308 Rosanelli, Edward G 297 Rothlein, Gerard J 310 Rotondo, Joseph G 185,301 Ruen, John R 60, 291 Ruetz, Joseph H 129, 245, 309 Huge, Emil V 115 Ruggiero, Victor J 302, 306 Rumpf, Robert J 115,275,292 Russell, Francis S 115 Page Russell, Lyle W 274 Ryan, Emerson L 292 Ryan, Joseph B 60 Ryan, Norus A 287 Ryan, Russell J 307 Ryan, Vincent J 306 Hydell, Frank 309 Sabo, Carl L 324 Sackley, Donald J 287 Sadowski, Edward M 143 Saegert, Gerald W 306, 320 Saeli, Amadeo B 297 Sofia, Farris P 298 Safron, Joseph A 308 Saitta, Joseph 297 Salerno, Nicholas J 65 Sallows, Daniel F 306 Sampson, C.S.C., Francis L 60 Sandmaier, Philip J 290 Santini, Leo A 306 Sauter, George J 115, 200, 295 Savord, John E 320 Scannell, Richard J 115,200,290 Scarlata, Salvatore P 167, 274 Schaefer, Gerard G 291, 320 Schaub, Paul J 115 Scheer, Edward 115 Schefter, Robert P 90 Schemmer, John K 115,272 Scherer, Benjamin M 61, 306, 315 Scherer, Otto E 115 Schilling, Joseph V 76,290 Schirf , Robert F. 320 Schirf, Vincent E 320 Schirmer, George H 115 Schlaudecker, George F 115,189,286 292 Schleck, Raymond M 290 Schmelzle, Robert J 61,238,275 Schmidt, Steven J 85, 292 Schmitz, Albert J 290 Schmitz, John G 115 Schnabel, John J 115 Schnorr, Raymond J 173, 295 Schramm, Robert F 323 Schroeder, Robert C 290, 308 Schulte, Francis W 292, 294 Schultz, Robert J 279, 302 Schulz, Robert M 324 Schwartz, Albert J 61,174,195 Schwartzel, John C 115 Sclafani, Enofio E 306 Scolaro, Anthony T 93 Sconfietti, Cesare D 77, 290, 318, 319 Scott, John A 116,324 Scully, Michael R 90, 274 Seaman, Anthony J 275,292 Seco, Robert A 167 Senger, Carl J 77, 268, 298 Serge, Anthony P 65 Sernett, James F 307 Sexton, Gerald A 173,306 Sexton, John Peter 116 Shakespeare, William V 61 Shapero, Joseph B 77 Sharp, William J 90 Shaughnessy, Arthur W 61 Shaw, John B 61, 166, 272, 298 Shea, Robert J 116,296 Shea, Robert, J 320 Shea, Thomas M 323 Shea, William S 77 Sheedy, Daniel C 283 Sheedy, Herman S 313 Sheedy, James P 77, 283 Sheehan, Clarence T 325 Sheehan, Peter J 115,309 Sheehan, Thomas E 287 Sheets, Francis J 292, 320 Shells, Thomas P 116,306 Shellogg, Alec R 131 Sheppard, Robert A 182,311 Sheridan, Benjamin M 173 Sherrod, Vincent A 116,274,294 Sherwood, Emery A 116 Shields, Edward M 85 Shields, Lyman A 116 Shields, Phillip J 116 Shields, Thomas W 308 Shiely, Joseph L 85, 307 Short, Walter J 313 Shortall, John G 322 Shultz, Frederick R 286,293 Sidler, August W 116 Siegel, John A 325 Siegfried, Robert M 77,175,290,298 Siendo, Francis P 306 Simon, John D 11 Simonich, Edward F 131, 245 SMko, Steve ' C J.. . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .173 ' , 292, 293 Sixsmith, William L 116 Skelly, Joseph W 318 Skoqlund, Leonard H 116, 128,309 Slack, Edmund J 116 Sloan, Alex L 77, 290 Slyngstad, Charles E 11 Small, William J 310 Smith, Albert J 77,290 Smith, Betram J 116 Smith, Donald H 279 Smith, Donald L 315 Smith, Eugene J 116,294 116 me J.. Smith, Francis H., Smith, Francis J 61,301 Smith, George A 116 Page Smith, Leonard J 287 Smith, Paul E 65, 283 Smith, Richard S 77,321,322 Smith, William E 183 Smith, William R 65, 123 Smithton, Benjamin F 287,321 Smolik, Joseph G 302, 306 Smythe, Walter D 77 Snell, Edward W 116 Sniadowski, Alfred A 61, 285, 301 Snyder, James W 318 Sobczak, Joseph A 320 Sokerka, Andrew R 116,310 Solon, Edward J 279,322 Solon, Faustin J 1 17, 323 Sommercer, Edwin H 324 Stack, Daniel J 275, 292, 306 Stack, Edward F 280, 286, 292 Stack, Edwin A 286 Starkie, John C 117 Starr, Robert G 186,302,315,320 Steiner, Henry J 90, 312 Steinkemper, William J 125 Steinmetz, Carl J 313 Stewart, Laurence C 117 Stillisano, Patrick J 117 Stillwagon, Richard W 173 Stolarski, Joseph J 117 Stolich, Lloyd R 61, 284 Streckfus, John C 319 Strnad, Joseph C 117, 169 Stroker, Cyril F 78, 184 Struck, William L 93, 273, 301 Stueve, Richard C 117, 298 Sulewski, Anthony C.. .117, 285, 292, 306 Sullivan, Chester N 173 Sullivan, Daniel C 78 Sullivan, Daniel J 78, 195 Sullivan, George R 117, 169 Sullivan, James F 117, 169 Sullivan, James N 61,321 Sullivan, John D 117,316 Sullivan, John M 78,282,316 Sullivan, Raymond J 204 Sullivan, Richard P 44, 62, 194 256, 267, 299 Sullivan, Robert J 78 Sullivan Robert R 117, 279 Sunderland, Harold L 324 Sutton, John L 305 Sweedyk, James M 1 17 Sweeney, Charles A 117, 128, 309 Sweeney , Ed-ward J 199 Sweeny, Edward J 287 Sweitzer, Walter A 324 Swisher, Richard F 117 Swoyer, Harry S 85 Syring, William J 323 Szumachowski, Steven A 285 Tackley, Mitchell C 93 Tollman, Clifford P 117 Tamberelli, Russel 297, 310 Tangney, Vincent G 306 Taylor, William 165 Terry, Charles P 117,200 Tharinger, Robert N 117,199 Theis, Henry R 117,182 Thesing, Joseph R 288,317 Thoen, Richard G 117 Thomas, George E 62,301 Thomas John D 117 Thomas, Robert J 282 Thomas, William S 292 Thompson, Lawrence 305 Thompson, Richard J 118, 290, 323 Thulis, John J 118, 287 Tiernan, Luke J 78 Tiernan, Robert J 183 Timmerman, Joseph F 118 Tinnes, Norbert P 85 Tobin, Edward M 118,275 Tobin, John L 118,316 Tobin, John R 118, 274 Tofuri, Paschal A 282 Tomaschko, Harold J 62 Tonsmeire, Julian C 281 Toolan, Eugene P 203 Toomey, John J 302,319 Tormey , James J 318 Tose, Leonard H 78 Tracey, Edward J. 286, 292 Trainor, Vincent E 306 Traynor, Francis W 90 Trefzer, Theodore W 118,291 Trentacoste, Salvatore P 118, 306 Troskosky, John E 118 Trousdale, Robert V 78, 290 Troy, Walter C 85, 280, 292, 294 Tucker, William H 306 Tulchinsky, Maurice M 93 Tully, Frank X 307 Tully, Paul C 306 Turiano, Vincent V 297, 306 Tuson, William R 286, 292 Ullmann, John C 62 Umhoefer, Richard P 294 Uniache, Edward A 118 Upton, Edward J 118 Urbanowski, Vincent L 280,294 Urbanski, Louis A 323 Uribe, Alfonso A 292, 300 3SO PERSONAL INDEX Page Valantiejus, Joseph C 321 Valetich, Francis F 325 Vallez, Francis H 315 Valvo, Anthony S 90 Van Huffel, Albert F 325 Van Namee, Albert E 85,279 Van Wagner, Paul D 161 Vaslett, Eugene F 1 18, 185 Veeneman, James R 287 Veeneman, John K 118 Veeneman, Robert S 287 Venderley, Paul L 78, 293 Verhoestra, Arthur 312 Vettel, Louis W 62, 301 Viviano, Peter P 93,301 Voelker, Robert F 302 Vogel, Nelson J 118 Von Hoene, Edwin A 310 W Wachter, Ralph F 286, 304 Wade, Philip M 310 Wagner, Louis J 173 Waldeck, Robert L 62, 174 Waldron, James A 62, 158, 185,216 Page Walker, Dudley R 118 Walker, Philip A 169 Wall, Thomas P 193, 287 Wallach, John M 78, 321 Walsh, James W 118 Walsh, John E 272, 290 Ward, John S 118,286,292, 306 Wardell, Harold J 118 Wassel, Bernard J 118,278 Water, John R 118 Water, William H 306, 315 Walters, John W 93,301 Weakley, Harry M 62, 301 Weaver, Robert Carton 174, 274 Weber, Herbert 1 118, 324 Weber, John H 119 Wehrle, Joseph J 1 19, 319 Weigand, Thomas H 119 Weigel, Stanley J 294 Weiler, John F 119 Weiss, Lawrence L 79 Welch, Joseph J 62 Welch, Leo F 119,295 Welsh, Charles E 119,278,286,292 Welsh, Philip F 62, 187 Wessels, John E 296 Whalen, William E 63 Whelehan, William T 318 White, Thomas J 79, 290, 308 Whiteman, Gordon E 283 Page Whitiord, Joseph C 310 Whitman, William G 63, 305 Wilcox, George K 284 Wilkie, Robert E 79, 124, 165 Williams, Ernest J 292, 311 Williams, George J 307 Williams, Harold A.... 119, 185,272,304 Williams, Theodore P 282 Williamson, Frederick W 119 Willick, Leo M 85 Wilson, Andrew F 306,315 Wilson, Edward T 90, 274 Wilson, George T 284, 292 Wilson, Harold F 119 Wilson, Harold J 63 Wilson, John E 292 Wilson, John H 119,201,267 Wilson, Robert F 296,324 Winegardner, John C 79,290,319 Wingfield, Ralph G . ' 311 Winninger, Frank A 119 Winsouer, Paul V 63 Winte, John P 292 Winter, Frank J 307 Wirry, Henry J 85 Wiss, Adolph J 119,274,286 Witchger, Robert W 292 Woerner, William J 119, 299 Wojcihovski, Victor J 65. 124 Wolf, Adam J 287 Page Walter, Earl F 79,293 Woods, Arthur J 274, 312 Woods, James R 119 Worley, Lloyd F 298,321 Wrape, Henry E 119 Wuebbold, Walton J 288 Wukovits, Francis J 119,160 Wukovits, Thomas W 119, 139,309 Wyatt, J 293 Young, John P 310,322 Z Zeiller, Gerard J 63, 273, 306 Zell, Augustine B 119 Zellers, Robert W 63 Zenner, Elmer J 79, 127, 245 Zerbst, John R 119, 167, 290, 308, 321 Ziegler, Thomas T 302,313 Zontini, Louis R 297 Zoss, Abraham 119, 286, 292 Zuendel, Joseph C 294, 296 Zwers, Joseph B 127, 309 I - : 351 352 -- ' i

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