University of Notre Dame - Dome Yearbook (Notre Dame, IN)

 - Class of 1916

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Page 358 text:

DIRECTORY Andrews, Francis Alvin, 631 35th St., Rock Island, 111. Baczenas, John Theodore, Jr., 200 Clayton St., Dayton, O. Baujan, Harry Clifford, Beardstown, 111. Barrett, Edward Francis, 1776 Girard Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. Bergman, Arthur Joseph, 118 W. Fifth St., Peru, Ind. Boylan, James Kenneth, 101 Furnace St., Elyra, O. Bradbury William Ethelbert, Robinson, 111. Breslin, Harry Patrick, Summitt Hill, Penn. Byrne, Thomas Joseph 10502 Ewing Ave., Chicago, 111. Campbell, John Bernard, Baxter and Winsor St., Louisville, Ky. Carleton, Edward Joseph, 293 E. Erie St., Corning, N. Y. Cassidy, John Edward, 322 Superior St., Ottawa, 111. Cleary, Lawrence John, 321 Wells St., Escanaba, Mich. Cleary, Harold James 321 Wells St., Escanaba, Mich. Cofall, Stanley Bingham, 1852 Ansel Road, Cleveland, O. Daley, Richard Francis, Westfield, N. Y. Daly, Robert Emmett, Smithport, Penrr. de Fries, Erich Francis, 1828 Sum- mit St., Davenport, Iowa. Dorwin, Oscar John, Minocque, Wis. Ducey, Walter James, 547 Paris Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Eckel, John Edward, 1636 W. Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. Elward, Allen Henry, 121 W. Haverhill St., Lawrence, Mass. Fitzpatrick, George Michael, Alpena, Mich. Foley, James William, 15 Summer St., Milford, Mass. Frantz, George Franklin, 324 Woodbine St., Lake Forest, 111. Galvin, Timothy Patrick, Pierceton, Ind. Gloeckner, Albert Anthony. Pomeroy, O. Gooley, Phillip Edward, 1533 Ulster St., Syracuse, N. Y. Halmes, George Nicholas, Weeping Water, Neb. Hand, Gilbert Philip, 105 S. Milwaukee St., Plymouth, Wis. Hannan, Emmett David, 502 N. Fifth Ave., Paducah Ky. Hannan, William Frank, 502 N. Fifth Ave., Paducah Ky. Hanna, John Martin, Earlington, Ky. Hayes, James Dawson, New Hayes Bachmarf, Charles William, 836 W. 54th St., Chicago, 111. Bannon, Henry Joseph, 5 Willow St., Winsted, Conn. Beh, Carleton Dietz, Harlow, Iowa. Berger, Paul Francis, 618 N. Adams St., Carroll, la. Breen, Edwin Thomas, 202 Washington St., Streator, 111. Brinkman, Richard Joseph, 229 N . 8th St., Terre Haute, Ind. Carleton, Gerald, Cedar Grove, Ind. Casey, Stanley Francis, Bismark, N. D. SORIN HALL Hayes, Thomas Adrian, New Hayes Hotel, Fort Wayne, Ind. Hilgartner, Daniel E., Jr., 201 E. Garfield Blvd., Chicago, 111. Hogan, James Edward, Tipton, Ind. Humphreys, Raymond M. 1423 Race St., Denver, Col. Jones, Francis David, 194 E. College St., Cannonsburg, Pa. Keenan, William H., Akron, O. Keifer, Louis F. 1 Waldron Flat., Terre Haute, Ind. Kelley, Herbert B., 356 S. Wilkinson St., Mobile, Ala. Kennedy, William Edward, 6859 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. Kolb, Louis Charles, 334 N.8th St., Paducah, Ky. Krajewski Casimir Ignatius, 1650 W. 17th St., Chicago, 111. Kranz, Albert John, 551, Segur Ave., Toledo, Ohio. Lathrop, Ralph Jefferson, Fenemore, Wis. Mahaffey, Frederick Leo, 626 S. Bronson St., Marion, Ind. May, Sherman, 2016 Hammond Ave., Superior, Wis. May, Stanley Joseph, 2016 Hammond Ave., Superior, Wis. Meara, James Michael, Axtell, Kan. Meuser, William Beck, 70 Centre St., Dubuque, Iowa. Miller, Bernard Henry, 1116 College Ave., Racine, Wis. Miller, Grover Francis, 1116 College Ave., Racine, Wis. Miller, Jerome John, 311 W. Creighton St., Fort Wayne, Ind. Miller, Walter Riley, 814 Washington St., Defiance, O. Mooney, Edward Vincent, Pittsburg, Penn. Munecas, Braulio Antonio, Cam- pechula, Central Dez Amigas, Cuba. Munecas, Jos Frederico, Cam- pechula, Central Dez Amigas, Cuba. McBnde, Eugene Richard, 1406 Pennsylvania Ave., Pittsburg, Penn. McCarthy, Jeremiah Anthony, 112 E. Market St., Indianapolis, Ind. McConnell, Harold Andrew, 3411 Farnum St., Omaha, Neb. McCourt, Walter Patrick, 627 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio. McDonald, George de Wald, 114 6th Ave., La Grange, 111. McDonald, William Breen,, 114 6th Ave., La Grange, 111. McDonough, Andrew Leo, 124 Randolph Road, Plainfield, N. J. McElroy, Henry Joseph, 856 Ironston Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. CORBY HALL Cauley, Aloysius Peter, 21 Butler St., Indianapolis, Ind. Clohessy, Francis Joseph 455 Fulton St., Waverly, N. J. Condorf, Frank Watrons, 915 Fourth St., E., Las Vegas, New Mexico. Condon, Frank Edward, 6144 Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. Cullen, Rodney William, Lexington, O. Cullen, Mark Aloysius, 312 S. Bluff St., Janesville, Wis. Cullinan, Fran: Leo, 235 S. Fairmont Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. McEniry, Eugene Francis, Lenox, Iowa. McLaughlin, Thomas Archibald, 76 Belmont St., Detroit, Mich. McMahon, James Torrance, 2917 Collingwood, St., Toledo, O. Odem, Bryart, Sinton, Texas. Odem, James, Sinton, Texas. O ' Donnell, John Hugh, 519 Sheldon Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. O ' Donnell, Leo Day, 673 McKean Ave., Donora, Penn. O ' Sullivan, Joseph, Mount City, 111. Perrott, Samuel Ward, 2140 Alabama St., Indianapolis Ind. Roach, James Emmett, 4125 N. Kedzie Blv ' d., Chicago, 111. Rudolph, Simon Raymond, 36 Hawthorne Ave., Grafton, Penn. Ryan, Edward Christopher, 611 W. 79th St., Chicago, 111. Rydzewski, Francis Xavier, 7836 Bond St., South Chicago, 111. Sackley, Rigney Joseph 2949 Washington Blvd., Chicago, 111. Salazar, Emillio Rufino, Consulado 59, Havana, Cuba. Schlipf, Albert Charles, 918 N. 6th St., Springfield, 111. Scott, Harry Edward, 2163 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Indiana. Scott, John Stanley, 423 North Pearl St., Ellensburg, Wash. Slackford, Frederick John, 309 Campbell St., Sandusky, O. Smith, Joseph Francis, Cygnet, O. Stephen, Leo Joseph, Scales Mound, 111. Swift, Leonard John, 514 West 4th St., Dayton, Ohio. Swift, Paul Francis, 514 West 4th St., Dayton, Ohio. Trudelle, Matthew Dean, 803 High St., Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Truder, Thomas Vincent, 1032 7th St., East Las Vegas, New Mexico. Tschudi, Leo Louis, 2126 Cowler Ave., Dubuque, la. Urquico, Jose, Tarlec, P. I. Vogel, Leo Joseph, 554 6th St., McKeespoH, Penn. Voll, Bernard John, 134 Hamlin Ave., Zanesville, Ohio. Waage, George Billington, 3305 Wrightwood Ave., Cnicago, 111. Walsh, James Robert, Fonda, la. Walter, Martin Emmett, 119 West 7th St., Mount Carmel, 111. Watters, Edmund Dibrell, Sheridan, Montana. Welch, Lawrence John, 1859 North Penn. Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Williams, Charles John, 1515 E. 64th St., Chicago, III. Woods, Arnold Frank, Flora, Ind. Hotel, Fort Wayne, Ind. Dant, John William, 1509 Rosewood Ave., Louisville, Ky. De Gree, Walter Bernard, 112 S. Third St., St. Cloud, Minn. Delaney, Harold Richard, 1412 S. Boulder St., Tulsa, Okla. Dennison, John Rexford, Bellevue, Iowa. Dixon, John Sherwood, 503 Hennepin Ave., Dixorf, 111. Dorais, Joseph Emery, Music Block, Chippewa, Falls. Downey, Henry Patrick, 343 Carroll St., Hammond, Ind. 348

Page 357 text:

L ' Envoi In toil and thought, each scribe hath wrought, And played his little part. For his fellow-men, each dipped his pen Deep down in the blood of his heart. And the deeds of all, were they great or small, They have writ with might and main That here, with tears, in the after years, Ye may live them o ' er again. Long, long they worked, and ne ' er they shirked Their toil at the midnight flame, That the world ' s wide ear might list and hear Of the deeds of Notre Dame. Their goal is won — their work is done, And they ' ve nothing else to tell. Let their toil attest, they have done their best, And they feel that that best is well. So let critics smile at their labored style — At each slip of the novice hand — For the " boys " will read, with a deeper heed, And they will understand. 347

Page 359 text:

Downey, Philip Geiger, Churubusco, Ind. Doyle, Francis Henry, 3648 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. Doyle, Robert James, 3648 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. Duncan, Archibald Milton, 342 S. Webster Ave., Green Bay, Wis. Dundoit, Edward Joseph, Ishpeming, Mich. Edmondson, Delmer Joseph, Mt. Vernon Ave., Marion. O. Falkenberg, Joseph John, 3724 Warwick Blv ' d., Kansas City, Mo. Falkenberg, Robert, 3724 Warwick Blv ' d., Kansas City, Mo. Feldott, Joseph John,, 210 E. Wilson St., Batavia, 111. Fenlon, Ignatius Paul, 234 S. Walnut St., Blairville, Pa. Fitzgerald, Charles Freeman, cosmopolis, Washington. Fitzgerald, Leo Bernard, 141 Broad St., Salamanca, N. Y. Flynn, Gerald John, Negaunee, Mich. Fox, William Francis, 2940 Central Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana. Geelan, Leo Christopher, 101 5 W. 4th St., Sioux Falls, S. Dakota. Godes, Harry Francis, Preston, la. Goodall, Francis Peter, 1533 Cave St., Toledo, Ohio. Griffin, Robert James, 503 Montgomery, St., Creston la. Hanlon, James Francis, Tellurite, Colo. Hardy, Russell Charles, 812 N. 5th St., Kansas City, Mo. Ilealy, William Andrew, Detroit, Mich. Hoarty, Verdin Thomas, Route No. 3, Streator, 111. Holland, Thomas Vincent, 623 Central Ave., Kansas City, Kan. Huber, Edward Timothy, Church St., Marion, O. Hungerford, William Russell, 402 W. King St., Smithport, Pa. Hyland, Richard Vincent, Penn Yan, New York. Hyland, Justin Edward, Penn Yan, New York. James, Llewelin David, 1209 Valentine Road, Kansas City, Mo. Jennett, Earl Francis, R. R. No. 3, Streator, 111. Jones, Jerald Joseph, Sapulpa, Okla. Kazus, Maximillian Gregory, r 454 Amherst St., Buffalo, N. Y. Keefe Emmett George, Raub, Benton County, Ind. Keenan, Francis Joseph, 422 E. 7th St., Dixon, 111. Kelley, William Henry, 430 Kinzie St., Richmond, Ind. Kelly, Emmett John, Eastwood, Ottawa, 111. Kelly, Harry Francis, Ottawa, 111. Kelly, Thomas Clark, 67 29th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Killelea, John Gregory, Senaca, 111. King, Hollis Edward, Broken Bow, Nebr. King, Thomas Henry, Thornton, Ind. Kirby, James John, Momence, HI. Kline, Clarence Joseph, 962 2nd St., Williamsport, Penn. Kirkland, Francis Monroe, Independence, Oregon. Lally, Edward Joseph, Jasper, Minn. Lanahan, Logan Anthony, 2151 North New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind. Langlois, Napoleon, Edward, Oscoda, Mich. Larrazolo, Octavanio Ambrose, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Lauermart, Frank Joseph, Jr., Marinette, Wis. Lauerman, Raymond Marshall, Marinette, Wis. Leahy, John Joseph, 213 E. 2nd St., Corning, N. Y. Lemmer, John Augustine, 309 Campbell St., Escanaba, Mich. Lennane, Charles Russell, Detroit, Mich. Leslie, Humphrey Louis, Waverly, la. Lightfoot, Richard Daniel, Carbondale, 111. Lindeman, Edward George, Troy, Ind. Lindeman, Joseph Francis, Troy, Ind. Locke, David Archibald, Rogers, Ark. Logan, James Patrick, 3659 Lafayette St., Denver, Colo. Loosen, Julius Paul, Okarche, Okla. Lynch, Bernard Henry, Pender, Nebr. Malone, Grover, John, 1126 N. Marquette St., LaSalle, 111. Martin, Joseph Ignatius. 736 S. Madison St., Green Bay, Wis. Mayer, Leonard Frank, 4956 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. Meehan, Edward John, 877 N. 48th St., Philadelphia, Penrr. Miller, Earl Patrick, 1015 W. High St., Lima, O. Miller, John Milton, 321 Washington St., Clinton, 111. Miller. John Rudolph, Ottoville, O. Miller, Ward Anthony, Jr., Mohan, Elmer Joseph, Route 2, Streator, 111. 1015 W. High St., Streator, 111. Monighan, Francis Patrick, 230 Hoffman Ave., Oil City, Penn. Monning, Norbert Gerhardt, 516 Forest Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. Moore, Arthur James, Bellvue, O. Moser, Carl Frederick, 711 E. Elm St., New Albany, Ind. Mottz, Charles Peter, Wellsville, Mo. Mulholland, Clement Bernard, Box 535, Ft. Dodge, la. Mulqueen, Leo. Francis, 94 Jeffer- son St., Salamenca, New York. Murphy, Clarence Hartnett, 302 Murphy, George Louis, 340 7th Ave., St. Cloud, Minn. Murphy, Jermiah Emmett, 86 Liberty St., Bridegport, Conn . Murtugh, Thomas Gerald, Colfax, Ind. McCaffery, Patrick Raphael, 609 Lindon Ave., Springfield, O. McCarthy, John Francis, 522 W. Caladonia St., Butte, Mont. McDermitt, Francis Frederick, 141 S. 8th St., Newark, N. J. McDonough, James Moore, 1604 East St., Galveston, Tex. McCarry, Bernard Clairvaux, Ashtabula, Ohio. McGaughey, John Charles, 205 N. Jackson St., Butte, Mont. McGoverrt, Eugene Leonard, Lawrenceville, 111. McManus, Thomas Joseph, 5719 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. McNulty James Michael, 1326 Mulberry St., Scran ton, Penn. O ' Callaghan, Robert James, Norway, Mich. O ' Connor, Edward James, 2036 Sherwood Ave., Louisville, Ky. Ovington, Robert James, 159 N. 6th St., Steuben ville, Ohio. Parker, Louis Eugene, 900 W. Main St., Robinson, 111. Pender, John Joseph, 229 N. 7th St., Steubenville, Ohio. Phelan, Mervin James, Garden Home, Oregon. Philbin, David, 563 E. Main St., Portland, Ore. Reid, James Michael, 344 E. 5th Ave., Lancaster, O. Riley, Thomas Sylvester, 11 13th St., Wheeling, W. Va. Sheehan, Timothy Aloysius, 921 E. 4th St., Ottumwa, Iowa. Sheehan, Charles, Aloysius, 15 2nd St., Taunton, Mass. Smith, Frederick Donald, 705 W. Main St., Robinson, 111. Snyder, Philip John, Walliamsville, N. Y. Spaulding, Thomas William, Springfield, Ky. Spillane, John Owen, New Bethlehem, Pa. Stark, James Aloysius, 1108 E. 3rd St., Duluth, Minn. Stark, John Timothy, 1108 E. 3rd St., Duluth, Minn. Stephens, Charles Andrew, Beecher, 111. Stickney, Charles James, Stronz, Clarence Eugene, Salamanca, N. Y. Sweet, Philip Murray, Momence, 111. Swift, Archibald Leroy, 214 Summitt St., Shenandoah, la. Swift, Francis Elmer, 214 Summitt St., Shenandoah, la. Szczepanik, Alexander Alfred Buffalo. N. Y. Yurpillat, Francis Tennings, 726 E. Cedar St., South Bend, Ind. Walsh, Francis Thomas, Campus, 111. Walsh, Herbert Mark, Campus, 111. Walsh, Vincent Hugh, 904 N. Excelsior St., Butte. Mont. Ward, Gilbert James, 1117 Mulberry St., Ottawa, 111. Weaver, George, Cumberland, la. Welsh, John Aloysius, 1856 N. Penn Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Whalen, Cornelius James, Jackson, Mich. Whipple, Ray Christopher, 867 W. Chicago Ave., Elgin, 111. Wittenberg, John Conrad, 1123 5th Ave., Pineville, W. Va. Yeager, Arnold Leslie, 223 Ulster St., Syracuse N. Y. Armstrong, Philip John, 203 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, 111. Bader, Clarence Wagner, 409 Oliver St., Whiting, Ind. Baine, Charles Francis, 300 Leaver St., Boston, Mass. WALSH HALL Beno, Emil John, 515 Washington Ave., Cairo, 111. Benoist, Theodore, 4632 Berlin Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Berchem, Alfred, 708 W.oodlawn Ave., Oak Park, 111. Bergman, Ralph William, Newton, la. Besten, Emil Alexius, 2026 Cherokee Parkway, Louisville, Ky. Birmingham, James Aloysius, Great Neck, N. Y. 349

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