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2 f C., f ff 6? f 5 ECW 45,4 X , . f if J f?f STATE COLLEGE OF IOWA CEDAR FALLS. IOWA A Student Publication Volume 56 CLE G-CLJD YEIAR. OF' TRANSITION' N 1873 21 Blnclchziwk County farmer, Senn- tor Etlwarcl fl. Nliller, hegan the lengthy process in the Legislature' to estahlish 21 normal school at Cetlzlr lfulls in 21 state-ownetl huiltling. Not until Nlzirch 17, 1876, was the hill zlpprovetl. ln .lune Alzunes C. Gilchrist, Superintendent ol? Nluson City schools, was electecl Principal ol' the new institution. Un lvetlnestlay, September 6, 1876, twenty- seven stutlents anal live faculty melnhers inet lior recitation in North lflzlll, known totlzly us Central. This was the heifinniiw' ol' lowzl State lxlflfllllll From its vantage point on the Administration Building, N N this tower has watched the evolution Ot a school. School The tirst buildinq on the campus as it appeared in I873. Central, used by tho music: maiors until they moved to their new quarters, will probably be razed. ,. 7 if ii iv' ' Jim Campus fwxpfm-,Emu puiu qimmff, Wm The-.fe in wr nrk yi? ' K, ,,,, W Si :mm 'fav ww-vm-.. ,, M ,kA FQQNZ an an .a...,,. fl, is? ,is :Qs WP- :21.m,a.1 K . , FM . .ifj , W WJETEQF :gg College SHI! amounfs io one Wonq Une iakf Img one Nong waNk. christ. was built. This nuw lmihling Q NRUl.l.INlIiX'l' illL'l'L'2lSCLl, ilu-ultw' 111cxnlvc1's wcrc zulalul, :xml thu mul for zulalitimml L'llLlipH1k.'l1f uml spucc was llpplll' cnt ut thu lwginningg ol' thu scwml yum' ul' illSt1'LlL'fiUI1. l.cgisl:1tix'c zxppmpltlticms wc QIYIIHCLI :mal in 1882 South llzlll, now Gil tzlincal wmncn's lwusing, rccitutimm munms. il L'h2lpL'l and ll Nfmlcl Srhool, UH- Omc aspecf of college We moi aifedod by framifbn Beacon, Beacon, burning EVYQN Knopimq VKQH Umrcnuqh Uwe MQW, riculum x 1 L s . L x cm :xx to loxx.x bt. L ILxLl1L1s LUHLQL t LomL111 IIHIJIOX Llllk in tczu Lt on s L,dl1LL 1 t 1.1 L 11,1 on HIL ms tion. 1 J IL L a L 0 L L cm oxx x xx .1 llx ISILL xx poxxcr dill? V ww, F3 X.. Wfnfff do yum mow, frcsffmcrw cam? 'Palo combo, mmizcrcd 2004517 Facultyfstudent conferences. I-IROUGII sccmingly cntllcss luculty mcutings, zxtlministramtivc mout- ings, stutlcnt mcctings :mtl contbinu- tions ul: tlmcsc, cu1'1'iculu1n is rcvisctl, activities urganizccl, laws atc nmtlu anal cnforcctl. Only tllfllllgll SLlCll cooperation can an institution upurutc smoothly zmtl ztccortling to plan. m K i it MM Wm J Q is-fu in 8 5 tx G. dome are oblivious to campus politics. Student conterences ff' 1?-0' ' WH'-w,,,, ,,.,,.,w---+""' " 'akwwgw ,M ..,, W .WM an-A-W -"W" ,,,...--0--"2 M V . , mg , .W .. N f:.1mw3nL m" W' :z-Q uk K A L,,.. , V, . 3, X2 ..4 rn-5 -x , .,.., WM' 'W ,....,,...f-. H Vx, :g f 0 ,,,,,.,..,-.-v-N' A--- vM""' Look bofh vmyi. md procand MHA CauUmw. 9 six- .Q it ,Y v, wwf. i 43:- sz' .. i , i J A 'I-36 sl' 3 The lelu sclwool remains an irileqrnl part ol our training. IC ll11YLT entereml ll new era, ll time when une small spark in internzltionzll 2llil.2lll'S coulal ignite con- clitiuns liroin whit-lm the worlal eoulcl never recover. It is our responsibility to future generations to present them with ll normal lile in 21pC2lCCfLll worlcl. Wle slwulcl be especially L'2ll'Cl4l.ll in our own CLlLIC2ltiOl121l l.7I'Cp2Il'2ltl0l1, so that we ezm participate actively antl intel- ligently in meeting this obligzltirm. A X1 M or liberal arts? x W Y 4 -uv", ,, ,- nf' B f 'fi Q , as ,iw 3 W w w E 'f:: l,5 . iwy,' f . L HE .,. V, may X . 21 llU1'SCI' S tczmcllws wc must l'ClllClNl7Cl' not to squclch thought, hut to uncourugc . , . lt. W L muat hc l'L'Z1Lly to ZMIYISC, to guiclc :mal cspcciully to listcn, for in this wc will hmm of thc nccal for our own im- provcmcnt. I,czu'ning may tzlkc place in y, Z1 classroom, ll Iahorzltory, in imlustry or in informal talk. Thu loca- tlflll IS not as important as thc fact that someone has cxpcricnccd somcthingg new and prohtcd hy it. Educahon K5 somefhimg deupef iham more rcflcdod porhons of knowledge. lm some poasorwf, The vfcafhcr in foo nice for pcopfo ' fo spend oh of ihr-if hmc Kfud i Church mIqh+ infroduces new sfudenis fo fheh re- specfive rehgious orqanlzafions. f gan. u 0 X, H 1.4321 'Vu f Z., - - .- v- 'F .-,. 2 22 ' , " . . E , .. '- L '5 ' ,5i'!:.i'f-f" ' - 5 'ETB , 'Q --f 4 n L Wherw 1 grow up, l'd like fc wear a big Fmt We Wa? a . A lead F1 band In F1 parade 'si Y Srmf-Hmoz fwfn cc,-Wwe d.3f"rz'? 510151, -lgx I uf xr, my 1v vm, 11 .11--gnu-M- 1 x 1 x 1 1 1 npr v :W ,gn-fd sgki. dergf K N li , xxfsf 1tf,ig' QQQYV ,Bly 7 A fi , 5 'f3?fiPif 2' fi ,fA f EA A V Q-D 999bQ2, Q .. nfs X PX 755555757575 DPP? f 79'b?bibQbQbQb55Q fy Y Q56 PQQQXQPX ' 'AL X PxPN N , FX? , A - A P f P P Vx f EF9Q?ggfiX pb A A A ' NPPx!xf?bp7jDDD wt Eyfpibkpxb DNP 1 A X X j jxbxfx S ' A A QEQDQEXPFQPXPXX , , 4 ,E 4 jyxxfxxfxxjxs vQ?7?X5fyQCfQ2f' 4 , fv X lkx ! W, z,.zx4'XfXxN pbiifvx ,bf A !x!x?fXfNfXr' - ' - 1 Ji . Y' E' A V , CW. Y , PRO UCTIO S 05 HE EA AC C E C ES FAVO IT S S O S ORGAN ONS GR S 2 G UAT S Eac 9 4'f, x. X I5 rf ,, A ". xv N f E E A , in A A. A , . ' L, K rim U "lir,QQA A , qw ag, . V, r xv if ,M ,A , M In ,M L f K - 14 . ' wif! A ', ff? MALJ' LJ94 -' .if at 4 ., 4 13.1 J' f M M. '35 Q4 KA , 4 5 ? L f It 9 9' if ,sf M KY ,A 'Q 5 35551 egg, 8 K 'QA agkgqmx WH 'A izffiiefzii-QL QQQZVEEI f"""- A H N1 I6 CWM! W-. wx 1 'elif' f -mwfkw gk. if new ' .11 A ....-4-H" ""' A ,gi 35 . A :, V.., Jw 'HL' .MJY ' , fx? in ' ' ' ,Af ,,, -V -QL. ,. H, png I 4 " 1 f ff:s,. , Here is where the new student first feels he has begun to lose his individuality. Fall Orientation BGGHTOVGUVS tenth. mabfbe? Fall orientation-the annual inundation of new 4 WK?- students, parents, counselors and frustrated dormi- tory directors. This yearls students were different from other yearys-they were members of SCl's first class, but they faced the age-old freshman problems. After the first few hectic days of form- filling, testing, campus touring, and adjusting to dormitory rooms, roommates, and near-capacity housing, the freshmen settled down to the serious task of getting acquainted. Their job was eased by the Chuck-YVagon dinner and the all-college mixer, moved indoors by the weather. By the time classes started all began to feel nearly at home. ! Nonder where my foofhpasfe We know all Hwis--wlwerek Pfayboy? A -Aww .f,, nlnsnw., , W 1-vfssemwf, Men students air their opinions af dormitory buzz sessions during ACCIA week, ACCIA "Neutralism, a Positive or Negative Force for VVorld Peacen was the theme of the 4th annual All-College Conference on International Affairs. Representatives from Russia, Nigeria, Tunisia, jordan and the lfnited States visited the campus to present a stimulating series of lectures on this vital question in present world affairs. Students participating in the conference not only heard the various addresses, but were free to question the speakers and talk with them at the many discussion groups following the sessions. "To the average African, independence means freedom to do business with both sidesfl was one comment of Ur. David Dankaro, Nigc-ria's representative, while Vladimir Petrovsky, the Russian delegate, emphasized the need for peaceful co-existence. Klany of the dele- gates were guests in the homes of Cedar lfalls families during their visit. The conference over, Dr. Poage delegates fo the waiting plane. ewsgqe A W'l3f5ili1'tvl, -,Vikki 6, 5 ,ki Q Q hurries the last of ihe ACCIA if Greek Week When was the last time anyone checked the fuel? "Ancient Greek" Dave Cox and "modern Greek" Ann l-lawr Cheer todayls "Greeks" on to victory. Greeks on campus rollicked through a lively week as they held their l'Hellenic Holidaysy' during last spring's Greek VVeek. Carol Lester, Delta Delta Phi, and Don Klurphy, Alphi Chi lfpsilon, reigned as queen and king of the week while Kay Kaiser and Gil Huseman, pledges of Delta Delta Phi and Alpha Chi lfpsilon respectively, were crowned princess and prince. Joe VVi1l, alias Hthe Laughing ldiotf' of Alpha Chi Epsilon, received the title ot Ugliest Klan on Campus and the proceeds from this event were donated to the Cedar Valley Service Center. Despite the rain, fraternities and sororities labored at the Cedar Falls Lutheran Home on their service project. 'lihey displayed their talents in the fun-filled variety show which featured Dave Cox and Ann Hawn as master and mistress ot cere- monies and exhibited their athletic prowess at the often hilarious, ever-popular Olympics. The all' Greek chorus was a bright spot in the week. Klany dinners and a dance at the VVaterloo lflks Cluh brought the active week to a close. Forerunner of the Twist? Comedferme Sandy PHEWQS qyrafos Hwrouqlw anoflwer of Her Daniomimes. Nauqhfy Nu Sigs add an exofic wiqqhe fo We sfrains of Mpefer Gurmf 1 f mm A lone SCI sfudenf confemplafes The "downward paflw fo wisdom." Campus Life Pledges Turn up in Wwe oddesf Hpredica menfslx' Q--l Queen Jan Magel smiles at the camera from her convertible perch. TC Relays Two thousand fans watched as six records were set and another tied in the 38th running of the TC relays. W Ha - f f 1'Qff:sff,- i iffzsw K 'si - What goes up must come down How'm I doin', Coach? To the already "beautiful day for the raeesl' was added the beauty of bright-eyed ,lan llagel, crowned queen of the event. Teachers' 440-yard relay team tied the record in that event with a time of :-l3.l. The fresh- men set a record time of l :3l.0 in the 880-yard, relay. See, I 'fold you that was Number 43. Look, Ma, grace. other's Day And then it was performance night and suddenly the long practice sessions which had meant almost constantly damp hair for weeks beforehand seemed well worth all the work they had taken. The Klar- lins' presentation of their preeision-swimming show "Postmarlced Pareem was excellent entertainment for the visiting mothers and their families during Mrs. Russell Tubaugh Mother of the Year the 1961 K1other's Day weekend. Because of her daughter, .l0y's outstanding accomplishments and contributions to campus life, 1N'1rs. Russell Tubaugli, Belle Plain, was chosen to reign as llother of the Day for 1961. She and the other mothers were royally entertained by a round of teas, luncheons and the annual style show. Joy Tubauqh -i-m Spring Activities At last, winter gave way to spring :intl then sum- mer. It felt like summer. at least, hut there were still the clelnzuuls of courses to he met, finals to he stunlieml for :mtl term papers to he written. There were those, however, who could find spare hours for the sunbathing courts amd others who preferred the exereise of the tennis courts. The temperate weather stirred the Huwaiizin Club to plan 21 Luau, which Il1l'2ll1f21ll evening of food, clznneing :mil ukelele musie for their group. The rest of us looked hopefully forwarcl to summer. But Mommy, I can? wait! -25911371 -1' to Ang iv ' N it X mllbwyl . . WJ! ii ll 'Q .Q ATX G, qi ' P - X f f if K -1 5 if 75- . by J. A NX , . .55 My K is position forces observers to watch the hands. 1- ,W Q viiv' Q A A. A ag is-A, L4 'VFW' tial Summer school has its advantages. . . . l Summer ACt1V1t16S Too much sun and not enough suntan lotion .... Fireworks doubled the meaning of the 4th of July in 1961 as the name change of lowa State Teachers College became effective. Students, interested people and the Cedar Falls Chamber of Commerce helped put up new signs displaying the name State College of Iowa. This highlight of summer activities was only part of the excitement of summer. On campus the students enjoyed the informal atmosphere that comes with summer school. Art classes moved out- side and classroom wear became casual. llovies, art exhibits, picnics, tennis, 'studying on the lawn: all this was summer atmosphere at SCI. A sfudy in modern arf Q uick-change arfisfs pull a fad' iob. wwe fag 3535 z i- .-,, , My , , J, H: - Q 1 .,L. . wwf ff-a + ij 4 :Q 1 My i ICILLP i ?f'fzr11111fr7 cj Pfefzuzzezca . mmm mga M, f any ,f -. sm:-af ww M.. QW 'ia '1m1.1...mwv M K' 'ff .--.--1 Summer Activities Ah, 'ro be young and in Venice! A six-day trans-Atlantic cruise, a two-week study session at Oxford, travel through Holland, Ger- many and Austria, with a study period at Vienna, 'seven days behind the lron Curtain, tours of Klos- cow, Italy, Switzerland and France: what a won- derful way to spend the summer and yet earn college credit. The fifty-two members of the ISTC Social Science Seminar in liurope found that they had mueh to learn about our neighbors in VVeste1'n lfurope and so took full advantage of the many lec- tures, tours and sight-seeing opportunities that their trip afforded them. The group, headed by Dr. and llrs. Louis Bultena and Dr. and llrs. Howard jones, on the study tour planned by the Social Science Department, spent ten new-experience-filled weeks in VVestern Europe. Back in Cedar Falls, Iowa, summer session at ISTC-SCI went on as usual in the warm summer months and there was much to be learned here, too. EImc2 Does anybody lrnow whai time it is? I! f X 3' ,Q gk? 15 , , Fall Activities 4:5 xg W Ffa? jL"L'i'fQi ri Vve been here a weeksl wanna go home! Watch it te-llesl You're stretching my me-clctie. You clorft suppose he torqot Us aqeim7 Fall Acti ities lhe rn-foriciitzition to czxmpus litt- was over-tlic long, lazy clays of SllIIlIllL'l' torgottcii iii tht' whirl of fall zictixitics on campus. The treshmaii soon cams' to tc-cl Il part ot it all :uid wack-4-iid trips home slowly clwiiidlc-il :is the full schcdiilc bc-cziiue more :mtl more lillvcl with Pzinther football gzmics, lef- turvs, meetings, concerts, assignmciits, fake dates :mtl long walks or bicycle rides on streets lined with brillizmr :iutuiiiii color. Slqma Apoe loto actives discus a Skt they are about to present to prospective pledges. lpn . ? 'f ian:-f 1 Another wel -attended corvccetlon? Sh-e's probabiy wondering how srabie that ramp is. A W S-MU iii v 5 l is 'Z 1' 1561 1 ffkggisii I f an 6' H 5 a 5 A . 'r 5 A " 2 fn iw: 2 ' fi X Q in Proper attire for a picnic. Sing, boy, sing. Style Show Several possibilities for answers to the often per- plexing problem of what to wear where were offered to the student body at the fall AYVS-AIU Style Show held in the Auditorium. Student models showed the latest in appropriate campus wear for dress, sport ,and classroom. lXlen's suits tended to- ward simple lines, natural shoulders and rich, warm shades of brown and green, while matching skirts and sweaters and basie slim-lined sheaths remain popular for women. Coleen Shea and Tom johnson acted as style Commentators for the show. Every bona fide college man owns a pipe! 3 14 . . x f 7. W,-L vim -4 4- RE' Xf"'gi'95'PT!Sk15 4 x 4 in 'M K 4 . w ,Q .S af. 2 pgs 5SE1.9asa22..17m?fesif13 N ,.m.q,..Q , K-was 5. 'ig wig K3 X A Y E+ f 5 Vw-Qi 2- -512,5 . -V . H si? 1 , . K ,. . SEN ,W , .. . , K h.g.a.faw ..: M. V 3,3 5 2 x A f 3, Q K4 QQ f 5, Q, 2 Rag Q . ff X 'fi-Q K xv Y ff. L, , , Y 'E X 4 ww 4 Nb wig 'A jp L , fx fa, 1.5 J, Z , if Y A mfs. W 42 ' , W A , .M Lx ,,,, 1' an ,gm nf-K we Q Q.. K -. ' . , .,,-: kg .V x Y .L Q 5 Y . 1 ' 2 . Q .f s . ' X ., gp ,, .... , 'ai flsxvnq The Nu Slgs mobilize Hweir lorces. ,,v1,qv . ,ZS SCI fires up for Home-Coming. Coming Queen. -N., Jim Crowder seems fo approve We ColNege dwouce of Home 36 e, ' ff . K Wig! A in -s ' f .K o 2. , if r ig 19 f' ,ffJi'.f,,,j A ' K :'f'1 qi ff 9 qi. b Gamma De'la places iirsl wilh "The Soaring Spirii ol' Sclf' Homecoming Clear hlnc- skim-s and vibrant zintnmn colors fornic-cl thc backdrop for the staging of thi- first SCI Honic- coining. "Thr Sflls thc l,iinit" was the tlic-inc :inil cnthiisizisin slioxwil strong from thc Hzuningg SCI pop rzilly to the "SCI-Rocketiiigf' mlzincc. Over 6,500 fans, inclniling Ciovernor Norlnzin lfrbc, Qlicfvwil the tczini to victory over Angiisrzinzi and applmidi-il the hzilf-time show in honor of previous ISTQ' grzimlii- rites. The Ciznninzi Delta llozit, "Soaring Spirit of SCI," won first place in rlii- colorful pziimlc. Svzitwl on thc thronc of thc qiiec-n's llozit was thi- rcigiiing quccii Bonnie Yzin Zandt, si sophomore from lllusfzi- tinc, who was si-li-cred hy rin- stiiclvnt holly. Arrvnil- ing the qiiccn n'crQ D60 Azcltiiic. Rowzing Ciurri lfox, Wvzitcrloog liziy liziisvr, Diihiiqiiv, :inil lizirh Schniichcr, Ccilzir lfzills. The Calalonians swing our wilh lheir rendilion oi popular lolk songs the AMRH Beauty and Talent Show. RH Beauty and Talent Gently swaying Spanish moss and graceful white columns furnished a romantic setting for the fourth annual AKIRH Beauty Pageant and, Talent Show. The sixteen lovely contestants representing each of the houses in the ITlCll,S residence halls and varied talent entries afforded the audience an entertaining evening. Illary Sue lfdgcrton of Rockwell City was selected by the panel of judges and crowned by last yearls Bliss AKIRH, Georgia VViedemeyer lValler. According to the boys from Carpenter House, "Theres Nothing Like a Dame." Qs, -:eff .QQ Wiilil MWA-K--N fd -if 'af aww. Winter Activities No sooner does the last golden leaf fall from the last golden tree than the first hesitant snow tlake ot the year appears on the scene. From then on until some time too much later toward spring, SCI under- goes a period called lVinter. This year VVinter was made memorable by the Big Snow of February and spiced by occasional snow-balling melees, stalled or buried ears and those invigorating walks up the diagonal walk toward Campbell. Knee-deep in snow surging across campus we tried hard to believe that there is no California. "Were eominf vve're eominf our brave little band . .. A , ' ,A . r B i l X Z3 1 4 5 ea Z! me X,N., , Help! X-Q3 't . S ,nz 5 I gk , A 4 Y V x .,: ,L ff f fix - tgp: - Q SNS s -A .jrff M-1--1.,,,e,,. W. Because the evergreen trees sheltered the little b7rd, Jack Frost let them keep their leaves, 39 3 This body of individuals performed as one, a par? of The SCN fradifion. M ' h Dr. Myron Russell ccnducfs orchesira and chorus In Baclfs "CHrfs+mas Oraforlou whlcb was presenfed WHF1 fhe "Messiah," my X ,W-s Q 3 skill Therek nothing like an old fashioned Christmas . . . there's nothing like an Old-Fashioned! h ' t Christmas came suddenly to the campus this year, As usual, some people digress-ed Change that request to a pair oi stills, almost with the first real snow, :md just as suddenly everyone found himself engaged in the gay round of p1'e-Christmas activities on campus. George I". H2lIlllCl,S inspiring "fXlessiz1h,H the ttaclitionztl tree lighting ceremony with earillon concert and hot chocolate and earoling in the Commons othcizilly opened the season. Sante? if fi f Lawther hacl its Christmas in the Commons one night alter the boys had been shooed home. Even though i'l's Christmas, one to a person. aroling "Christmas comes but twice a year, once at home and once up herel' read the sign on the door and all through that and other residence halls was the gay hustle of decorating, package wrapping, impromptu parties and sometimes maybe even studying, if it was remembered that finals come shortly after Christmas. There were .so many things to do-go with that group of children to the Children's Theater, carol for various community members, decorate the Com- mons and the lounges and Hnd time to spend sitting in front of a crackling fire Chatting with friends and drinking Christmas wassail. It you concentrate very hard on the mistletoe, perhaps a lair prince will appear beneath it. f" Q i I ,?L.l'.. 5 if .uns 1 'Q-1 f , Dr. Verlin Lee, Emcee, presented Bunny with rhe- queenls bouquel. Cld Gold Week The application of liquid cement holds the coil securely. The drive was on. QLD CGOLD salesmen showed up in the most unlikely plaeesg posters sprouted out of all bulletin boards. Both spoke a similar message -Buy your CJLD CEOLD this week-or else! And We scraped together enough of last nionthls allow- ance and bought. SLIDCI'-S2llCSXVOIIl21I1, Alice Kuntz, won the sales contest during this active week filled with contests. First came the beauty pageant pre- lixninaries which selected fifteen lovely girls to ap- pear in the finals. And when the big night was over, Brenda Jean Cl3unnyj Geiger was Crowned QULD Cl0LD Beauty queen for l962. Her attendants were Peggy DeShon, Dianne Denk, Vicki Schultz, and Hlaureen Allison. The QLD ClOLD Popularity favorites were Sandy Phillips, Klyrna Spurling, Carroll l'fnglehardt and Barry fleise. Femhine Ingenuffy? LY, N Perhaps onfy one gif! knows How H115 go? Here and how if disappeared af+er her stage presenlrafim. This is For We bemefif of any nearsfqlwlred peopNe wl'1oNef+H1eFr opera gWasses af home Thaf niqhf. Dr. Lee, Emcee of Hue final pageant seems To have enfoyed Hwe program. Pageanf dfredor Jim Peffff assisfs In 'Wwe presenfafiom of glffs fo popdarlfy winners. 3 15 as Row I: C. Henderson, Liberia: S. Gupta, India: D. Salvadori, J. Herbison, New Zealand: H. Bozorgzadeh: Iran. Row 2: J. Visser, Netherlands: N. Gupta, India: B. Mbarnara, Nigeria: C. Ezeanii, Nigeria: A, Haq Khan, India: J. Ogike, Nigeria: H. Ito: Japan. Row 3: J. Ndungu, Kenya: A. Karamalla, Sudan: I. Ahrabi-Fard, Iran: E. Sattari, lran: S. Daiani, Jordan: A. Hanson, Foreign Student Adviser: B. Tinpanglca, Thialand: R. Mage, lndia. Foreign Students Adjustment for the college student is a problem that is overcome without too many battle scars. But tor the foreign student it is an even greater problem as our society is completely unfamiliar to him. Here at SCI, foreign students encounter this prob- lem. To help them, a group has been formed called Foreign Students. This informal group meets over cokes and coffee to discuss their college lite. They are interested primarily in their education at this school and by meeting together they have the oppor- tunity to discuss American education. They are representatives ot the International Ifducation movement which brings thousands of foreign stu- dents to the United States for higher education. They are sponsored by Dr. Alden Hanson. Houshang Bozorgzadeh: table-tennis champ battles between halves ot an SCI basketball game. 5'- Seated are a Sudanese Student from Dubuque and Mrs. Ahmed Karamalla and son. A Sudanese Student trom Ames and Ahmed Karamalla are Standing. f 6 'QM W 7 i 'nf S, X. nh I W Commencement Approxiniziteh 400 ISTC students were awarded their hziehelor of arts in eduezitinn degrees at com:neneement exercises in -lune. These were the last of the Ql'21llll2lfCS from ISTC. After reeeiving their degrees from President hlzlueker, they went out to teach :ind eontinue their learn- ing. The Varsity Bla-n's Cllee Club and Philip llzuhn provided music for the oeeasion. :Xt summer eommeneement in August 200 students gI'21llll2lfCCl. The first grziduzxtes of the new ern reeeired diplomas hearing the nzune of State College of Iowa. All left with mixed emotions: sadness because of the life they must lezwe behind and zmtieipzitiuns for the one they face. l-low long do you think this will last? A ' ' 4 ss. an v w ar A r aw' uf' Wmkkx .F H Q I 5 'Y' N X' 1 I X Tw x- " . 'E " Rx ak xx X xx , x , X X an , 3 1 is 3 XX .A 5 , ,D 1 1. X K E gi- 2 Rx 1 1 ' v E1 X' f fr, f . -, xx 'M ' ' .Q N. W 1-ff W , Q f . . .. ,I Q -Q 1 X 'ii . ,i , wk ky K psy 6-an A :RJ Q2 , ! Q sk -Q 1 'Ax ' ' ' I - q Q . ? 'PLY LI- Ax , -,X :Q K 'K '- gi -, K .Q " 5 ., , tw. , an . I -FX A ff . -. tv X 4 , , s A A LA ii T K S x fi 4 ,I rv Ni I ' , V A if A Mfg. ff V L V QQ I .sm I H JE, K E I ,,,, mf- V miie: W . A V msgs Qgimgy mia: if , X. -wg sfsy slz wsgf. ty. Ll-u ' fwffwwh' 5, . ifgpx .- 5gljQgis5Q,S9 "kv . jj, ' 5 ' T A fL2i-fsfsf ' W, ax-f gf 15,2 94 , .W - Qw L fs, .,, KW k E:-145. 5 5 ---g' g if T . ..., ,M I gill 'Skis x - iwg Y .1 q5??ff5"' 7 Pi 4 I i xx! W Ly k ,xiii f 4 .7 , 5 is L hm . -ff X ws- rrp ffm 'V M ffwzi1L'6w8MwMwMMx if jf... 35 H sigma , W xg! 451 wp W E5 W -'AM ,H f-m.......,.,,. Q my-W 4 S f- f'-,Ulf 3: 1 fi vu. f W, 1 fwmf X A ", ' ' . K' visit' We 'Hs , , J? Q time i , MF , bn www 'S' Lili? k , . ,4f,gv'5g5q.,4. ff,fsf15,.,, ,A .mx -wr 5-L.,ssk.fL ff-zgzqg, 1 Yf52i11f1,1vi?5,fi153w:wisi,v fag1g',,ige?fs-fwiiff ffiffiifwg- ggmiik 154535 QW' ' if ik ' .A fg M -mf fgawf 2 me V ,J gif' i is is-gy A 52 5 Q, 5 if fx-RQ S, K s? 3, K migfdfin K gk fffieffsf X w :Qfzigw as Sf -11 fwmff W 'MF VST 1 my Ai' I., L1 2112 mgwwq wfigww Raw , , A, W, 'apggiii-A f 5 '74-J afiig, 1 ww A fm 1 1. xr- 3 JW' 4 gp , ,Q J W 1 x ,... 5, S . X-1. -wa Q A' 1 I 'ix -Q ig 5 Q5 59 2 Q 1, , . V is dl? fix? .K QP! K W f fjgiggs Ap K iii? C .1 .2 k.k, XS... 3 Y ff' 'f??53?B 3 9' R55 Q wg 4' gd 'Ha sf ,wiv W 5 he cf I ,sgwgir i .94 at 3335 2 4 A AWSQ , h iss M 541. R 9 f 3 E js, fx ss is xi g, . 1' V? A - az. , ,,,. 2 iff 6.1 -"1 , - 'fgwb M K Xa ' K 'QQ Q an -wr 5 .. we . X421 ,Misa g,,f+v,,53iW,-f?Q L,ai5i'lQ:h,v Q , ffxwsggsy Jig g,.Jgwsw,m A ,. 4 Aw ,L I v M 'MW " EQ? wx . ws, ,K,Mwm,S wi, ,W qw, Q - 'S K Q. f -Y if 'ff W' ,Wg f Q X A wf Q .i M, X' ,f f is .z'? 5?f:Jf, . A 1 K. - jf" , V V U ff y3"'2. -- ,cglkf ' J' 'K s lm- gl' 'fe 1 7 V y .4 W . +V V YQ' v av X4 ' D , R.f f J A KR ,, A A A iv T5 S555 ' We Q '41 V3 Sv W QQ Qi . if W 5 R 425 U 44' ' 9 5 A 1 W 'ng' ' 5 X7 1 K 4 Y , N, 7 f 4, ak! ,ga 'Br K., ij as 5 -Qwigf. Egg f xvzwzsiz ':i'.?'ff': , A ff .f A I fl 157 Q X A--f M -- ,g,- .w?,Ni,wi .W v,.w.q,.W 1.1 zfsfisl. -:V 1 we 3 fm 9 iw y ' 6 V . ff - - , ,Aff , N.--, g I , K, .I f ,.,,4f:, V ,,,... 1, iwiffz 1 ''fx'A-Z:iw1iw7f5?sris!QS2QW " . m.,x..1 fbaim,giiinggsggwnasf wig-mfifigvffm,fg1sMQgiimwswrsffffwgegggugfmfgmam-fww,,:gff1f U ..,Zw,..,g L2 gg,,,,,Ng,,.L Q., 55.95.if-1Qww,,,,,,L, .1 mm ,, A., .. V ,wifi-1gf,lL',f WY-bye P.-Yigsvylsz-QQ' Leffafd LQQUIFIQ:-if vm 1w4isY:"??'1Ag4pm:1.gvs-a.n::fLQ5fi.affF5e'my .Q A 2' ' 1 WF ., f'i:P'?' ww ff Q-"m gl A -gig: mia-226 , mwvm-M , nf 1 ,,. L W 55' RW 2, ,V ., .M Qs? N 251237 G 'SA 3 3 , is 5 QI 9 e 'fi A K 712 A , 5 wx W ggi, - S' 55332 532, . , 1:31512- K-. . , ,iv .V i as.-xy? L k..., I 43? . vm: 1 ,qw 1, .SL SQ! is wp 5. 9 fr v 2 1 L : X ...-.,,.,.m.,-WW .-v, .M ,.... ,A.,.,,,A. waszfuzg was M S Egg ffm, x x . gg . ' ' 12,3 ? A-wa A CZQW E 1 eW ww" W M ,,.b., ,, V - f' A , , 2 - P jr , -, 5- ma .-: W L g s '." fggl,f H-5+ N ' xii" K ' '- 'I f f Hxy wff if .1 1? 'ff 1 ' 1 1 ' . -, . :S..xf:i:2'- 'ifffi '. 'E' ' 2' . Ji "1 -' -' f.w"-QI" fl ,' i 931 -Jf,,i.-5f'!511?f5-'fi F :wal wx ':' .Es v if"'s1"' xii' -M J-3? ACADEILZE IC LIFE! 'fs 4 "sw-'W -sn. Eff ragga f' -'H 1- HARRY H. A. W. HAGEMANN NOEHREN JOHN c. STANLEY OBERHAUSEN REDEKER Presideni' J. W. MAUCKER President and Board of Regents MRS. JOSEPH WILBUR MRS. ROBERT MRS. KENNETH MAURICE B ROSENFIELD MOLISON VALENTINE EVANS CRABBE my President's Message Flo SCI Students: ur first year as the State College of Iowa is w Q underway as I greet you through the Old Gold. mt can we say of it? ree comments seem pertinent: Students whipped up a good deal of general enthusiasm in the fall with practically every event being a "first'l Cfirst time as SCU. The weather man and Stan Sheriff and Company helped make Homecoming a near perfect eele- hration. Crowding was more evident - in large classes, residence halls, and the Commons A- as we opened the year with an enrollment in excess of 4,000 for the first time. VVe all felt the pressure to push for additional facilities. The underlying drive for higher quality of academic performance made itself felt as our general education program, new Honors see- tions and theme groups, 'ld' instruction, and the proposed honor system of examinations came under scrutiny hy staff and students. B st wishes to you all. Sincerely yours, J. XV. AIAKCKER, President Mr, Don Finegan. Associate Professor of Art, contemplates fhe sculpfure he has cieafed DR. WILLIAM C. LANG Dean ot Instruction wsu lk... Deans To provide individuals who are professionally competent and socially fit to teach the youth of our state remains the primary objective of State College of Iowa. Dean Lang, Dean of Instruction, by en- couraging selection of a competent faculty, creative student body, and dynamic curriculum, contributes DR. PAUL BENDER Dean of Students to the hnest quality of education. Dean Holmes, Associate Dean of Students, helps women students to understand themselves as women, to interpret their roles in society, and to develop their personal- ities in light ot the expectations involved in these roles. DR. MAVIS HOLMES Associate Dean ot Students Business Office and Physical Plant The office familiar to students gainfully employed on campus as the place to which they tloclc the first of each month for monetary inspiration is the llusi- ness Olhce. Under the management of Hlr. Philip Jennings, this office performs duties of accounting, auditing, reporting, and budgetary control and pur- chasing for the entire college, including residence halls, food service, laundry, mimeograph and the Physical Plant. Illr. lfldon Cole as Director of the Physical Plant is responsible for much more than cutting the grass, raking the leaves and trimming the shrubs! Areas administered and supervised by the Physical Plant are heating and power plantg various shop-sg janitorial serviceg transportation serviceg campus gardens and groundsg campus polic- ingg building maintenance, repair and remodelingg supervision of new construction. New consti'uction of building and parking lots have expanded the responsibility of this department, now the largest system of full-time employment on campus. MR. ELDON COLE was MR. PHILIP JENNINGS Business Manager and Secretary M R. JAM ES BAILEY Director of Physical Plant Assistanl' Business Manager W""9M-www. DR. DARYL PENDERGRAFT Director ot Field Services Assistant to the President X if 5 Field Services Daryl Pendergraft is Director of Field Services. He has supervision of Off-Campus Activities, which includes the Extension Service, Placement Bureau, Public School Relations, Alumni Affairs and Radio and Television. He also serves as assistant to the President. Dr. Raymond Schlicher is Director of Extension and Placement. The Placement Bureau provides positions for all graduates of this college. Among Dr. Schlicher's extension service duties are administration of the car fleet, consultant service, state-wide college extension classes, non-credit local community classes, speaker's bureau, correspondence study and aid to schools with problems. Ernest Fossum is Assistant Director of Placement. As Public School Relations Counselor, Jack Wieleiiga visited prospective SCI students at high schools on Prospective Teachers Days. Herbert Hake, Director of Radio and Television, produced radio and tele- vision programs in public schools of Iowa and closed circuit television college courses. Milo Lawton, as Director of Alumni Affairs, maintained contact with alumni and administrated the loan fund and scholar- ships. DR. RAYMOND SCHLICHER Director ot Placement Bureau and Extension Service MR. JACK WIELENGA Public School Relafions Counselor MR. MILO LAWTON MR. ERNEST FOSSUM Assishani Direcfor of Placemenl Bureau Assisfanf in Charge of Alumni Affairs MR. HERBERT HAKE Direclor of Radio and TV f. . ,,..-f' nag!" ,,,-ff Instruction and Research "QL DR. MARSHALL R. BEARD Registrar DR. HERBERT M. SILVEY Director of Research Dean Lang, as supervisor of the Division of In- struction and Research, has several assistants who work in specific areas of responsibility. The Assist- ants to the Dean of Instruction are primarily re- sponsible for the development of the curriculum, graduate programs, and the summer session. The Coordinator of Research also serves as an assistant to the Dean. He encourages institutional, faculty and graduate student research. The primary con- cerns of the Othce of the Registrar are the admission, retention and graduation of students. It keeps com- plete records of student progress, approves advance standing of transfer students, issues transcripts and recommendations, plans class scheduling and handles registration procedures. The Bureau of Research, headed by the Director of Research, is responsible for all group testing programs, such as placement, sophomore and graduate examinations. It also serves instructors in evaluating individual testing. This office conducts research and experimental projects in institutional and administrative problems and directs co-operative research projects with other similar lllidwest institutions. +491 ""' V gf...- MR. MERRILL FINK Assisfanf Regisfrar .Ji DR. GORDON RHUM Co-ordinafor of Research . 4,,h, ,. ,AM .B DR. WALLACE ANDERSON Assisfanf fo fhe Dean of lnsirucfion DR. HOWARD KNUTSON Assisiani' fo ihe Dean of lnsfruciion MR. GEORGE HOLMES Director of College Relations College Relations Assistance and consultation for other college of- fices in problems of public relations and the inter- pretation of the college to its various publics is the main function of the College Relations Ollice. As part of this Work the olhce prepares new-s releases, brochures and photographs for newspapers and radio and TV stations as well as booklets and bulletins addressed to prospective students, public :school per- sonnel and alumni. All official college publications are processed under the direction of Xlr. Jack Hols, Publications Assistant. These include such publica- tions as the nllunznux magazine, college catalog, summer bulletin, general information bulletin, de- partmental leatlets, folders and programs. lllr. Hols also serves as advisor ot the OLD CSOLD. lllr. George lVine, Sports lnforniation Assistant, and lllrs. Lorec lVilson, General News Assistant, report daily news releases to newspapers, radio and TV. George Wine, Sports lntormation Assistant, Loree Wilson, lntormation Assistant, Jack l-lols, Publications Assistant. DR. PAUL KELSO Co-orclinator ot Student Counseling Student Dr. Paul Kelso, Coordinator of Student Counsel- ing, offers vocational counseling. Through such methods as interest tests, he aids students in re- evaluating their programs. He othciallv serves as director of the college counseling program, super- visor of the faculty-advisor program for new students, and chairman of orientation activities. lfour major areas involve Hlr. Alensen, Assistant to the Dean of Students: student government, guid- ance and counseling, housing and federal loans. Re- sponsibilities connected with married student housing, off-campus men, lNIen's Union and organizations committees, orientation, and revision of the Guide- book accompany his position. Dr. Harold lf. Bernhard, Director of Religious Activities and Professor of Religious Literature, seeks to develop the religious life of the student. He is advisor of the Student Council of Religious Activities, director of conferences and lectures, co- ordinator of student religious centers, and professor in the Department of Languages, Speech, and Lit- erature, teaching courses in religion. Ne..- Km., DR. HAROLD BERNHARD Director of Religious Activities and Professor ot Religious Literature Personnel ,if wwe, ,i:,,,g, 'W mms MR. DENNIS JENSEN Assistant to the Dean ot Students Health Center This year the new Student Health Center pro- Dr. S. C. Henn, lledical Director, and lliss vided improved services with its laboratory, X-ray llaude Haines, supervisor, headed the staff. room, emergency room, and sixteen-bed hospital. C ' lum Laboratory Rather than being 21 HTom Thinnbu library, the dents and in-service teachers. The Audio-Visual Curriculum Laboratory is a workshop for both stu- Center is a branch of this office. gf' . ,. NWN mga: TWA lj, 5 X iii ia ,, 2: Q- Q Be E ns' M., 2 him d Hue F15 W Whit, :- . Ne: --, iron bars An arl' slwow in lhe making. Crealive minds in acfion? ow I: R. l-laslcell, M. Campbell, C. l-lerrold, C. Fowler, D. Finegan. Row 2: D. Delalield, K. Gogel, J. Page, H. Guillaume DR. HARRY GUILLAUME Department Head Art Department Jack Cleyter creates an "original." To expose 'students to original contemporary works of art and artists is the obligation felt by the Art Department. Films and film strips in classes, exhibitions by students and agencies, special speakers, and television programs are efforts made toward this goal. This year the college's permanent collec- tion of paintings was displayed in the Commons. It is a departmental policy to hire instructors who, besides being vitally concerned with teaching, are creatively active in their subject area. These teacher- producers, in displaying their works competitively, are recognized prominently and have designed build- ing decorations on campus and in -surrounding cities. In conjunction with the change to State College of Iowa, the number of new students and the graduate program have both expanded. Also, a course in Oriental art was added in the spring. The depart- ment sponsors Art Club and Kappa Pi, an honorary art fraternity. G 4 mwmnwf- Termife paradise mmwmm ML Q. ww Q. Ea wi 'mm Exam ls I+ possibfe fo find or1e's idenfify 'rlwrough work? Creafure from fha Biack Lagoon J. LaRue, L. Wright, Kenneth Brower R Matala H Reed Industrial Arts Department The Industrial Arts Department has as its main goal education through practical experiences with tools, processes, and materials which are related to production in modern industry. ln carrying out thi.s objective, the lndustrial Arts Department to- gether with the lndustrial Arts Club and the llajors, lVives Club has enjoyed one of its most successful years. Highlighting this yearls program of activities was the winter Industrial Arts Confer- ence which was held January l9-20. The guest speaker was Dr. Raymond H. Larson of the St. Cloud State College, St. Cloud, lllinnesota. The conference was followed by a week of student ex- hibits during which time the public had the oppor- tunity of seeing displays in metal work, electrical work, radio construction and architectural drawing. Two new additions to the Industrial Arts Building this year were the drafting room and the expansion of the metal shop. DR. LLOYD DOUGLAS Department Head Business Department The addition of four specialization courses which provided for a non-teaching degree was the main point of interest in the business program this year. Now, for the first time, the department offered such courses as general business, accounting, marketing and secretarial training to those students who do not wish to become business instructors. Students planning to major in business education had the opportunity to take an office education course. The State College of Iowa is one of the few schools in the nation to offer such a course. The Department of Business Education, under the supervision of Dr. Lloyd Douglas, sponsored the Pi Omega Pi and the Future Business Leaders of America. Dear Mom, ll iT's legible, llmeres somellwing wrong wiflw IT. m.. Row I: K. Humphrey, L. Douglas, J. Blanlord, M. Blanford, A. Lebeda. Row 2: K. Hansen, H. Samson, L. Keele, J. Barron, E, Scarrell, D. Hill. WWW ,UM Q. - MM., 14 we-rw wmwmwpww L. Buckingham, M. Siolander, J. Yeager, O. Holliday. E. Shores. Home Economics Department Shaiila Gupta, New Delhi, India, one of our international students. The Home Economics Department provides edu- cation concerning the well-being of individuals and families and the values significant in home life. This spring the department, under the 'supervision of Bliss lllargaret Sjolander, .sponsored a High School Day. lwany junior and senior high school students came to the campus to see the home eco- nomics exhibit and tour the department. Theta Theta Epsilon and the Ellen Richards Club are sponsored by the department. fw-mi -5 15-an Picfure a fraqranf appie pie wifiw Hs spicy iruif iiiiimg bubbling om onfo The goiden crust Ifs perfecfiy fluied edges are crisp and brown and +l'ie Top and boffom cms? are Hairy and fork-iender. Doesrfi ii' give you iiie urge 'ro bake one? Na+ Dior, buf original. av, , , it Bur on The ofher hand, if rhe resr is por oh unhl Monday you'H spend Sunday nighr srudying. Row I: D. Koering, B. Reppas, W. Dreier, E. HUH, V. Weir, H. Beck, M. Nelson, M. Towne. Row 2: M. Wilcox, A. Brown, B. Lamb, R. Johnson H. LaPine, M. Price, W. DeKock, N. Hampron, H. Knufson. Row 3: F. Marfindale, A. Carpenfer. R. Euchner, A. Uecker, S. Knox, O. Thompson, C. Bishop, W. Silvey, E. Segal. Thar idea never occurred To me 78 Q ?k 1 4: , 5 . , as -If . 'il , DR. CLIFFORD L. BISHOP Department Head Education and Psychology Department 1 rea concentrate, maybe I can stay awake. fit? This year the Department of lfdueation and Psy- chology completed several of the research and ex- perimental projects which it had instituted in the past few years. Dr. Nellie Hampton finished her three-year study of the rapid learner. The revised junior high curriculum plan was put into use for the first time this year. ln addition to these accom- plishments, Dr. A. lf. Brown successfully completed his research project on the history of the depart- ment. 'lihe lfducation Department was host to the tall Elementary lfducation Conference and to the lflementary Leaders Conference held in the spring. During the past two summers the ll. S. Utliee of lfducation sponsored a guidance institute under the direction ot Dr. Calvin Daane. The General Psy- ehologj' Laboratory was new to the department this year. liappa Delta Pi, Kappa Pi lieta Alpha, Beta Alpha lfpsilon, Student lowa State lfducation Asso- ciation, and lflementa Iii were sponsored hy the department. 2 s Q DR. GUY WAGNER Depar+men'I' Head Gesundheifll Now where were we before H1e+ phofoqrapher came in? Row I: M. Stone, J. McLain, L. Potter, E. Manfor, J. Englund, L. Barrilleaux, L. Sfolcsfad, L. Anderson, M. Divelbess, P, McCarthy, C. Offman. Row 2: L. Giiloley, M, Holmberg, E. Parisho, C. Harper, M. Sfruble, R. Mahon, M. Schmitt, M. Iverson, P. Mazula, C. Koehmsfedf, C. Ducros, M. Blackman. Row 3: M. Hosier, O, Nelson, M. Schools, W. Gohman, A. Potter, W. Aurand, K. Bufzier, J. Hohlfeld, 6. Wagner, R, Paulson, H. VanderBeelc, J. Przyeliodzin. Row 4: F. Hartwell, P. Brimm, J. Tarr, R. Laftin, L. Hale, R. Hansen, D. Wiederanders, F. Riechmann, B. Roth, D. Winelqe, W. Happ, D. Scovel. Teaching Now that State College of Iowa carries a liberal arts curriculum, the Teaching Department will no longer be meeting all the students before graduation. This department provides student teaching for undergraduates. Opportunities to student teach are open at Fort Dodge, llason City, VVaterloo, New- ton, Lab School and the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School at Vinton. Other duties of the de- partment are to provide education for some six hundred pupils from nursery through twelfth grade, individual and group observation, participation in experiences prior to student teaching, experimenta- tion with new methods and materials, and to fur- nish personnel for extension work throughout the state. Our school lah tries to keep in the forefront of educational progress so that we can show in practice any forward-looking and sound theories in education. For instance, an extensive program in foreign languages in the elementary grades is being carried on, starting with the third grade. Department Front row: C. Phillips, G. Wagner, L. Harmon. Baclr row: W. Maricle, C. Middleton, P. Casado. Tornorrows architects. .,w""'M Lack of practice is easily detected in such a suhiecl. Music Department The long-awaited occupation of the newl5-eon- structed one million dollar music building south of the llenls Gym became a reality this spring. Dr. XVilliam Latham composed the work for the dedi- cation and Dr. ,lames Hearst of the lfnglish De- partment wrote the words. The department moved in at the beginning of the second semester. Pro- ductions this year included 'lThe Klessiahfy Baclfs "Christmas Oratoriof' and two operas, "The Tele- phonel' and "The llediumf' The department spon- sored lliarching Band, Orchestra, Convert Band, instrumental ensembles. College Chorus, Varsity Nlen's lilee Club and a Cappella ehoir. Also, Sigma Alpha lota lfraternity for women, Phi Klu Alpha lfraternity for men, and Klusie lfdueators National Conference, a professional organization, are sponsored hy this department. DR. MYRON RUSSELL Department Head FT Ponsned brass refleds Hwe foofloafl heroes The sound of ine Noenren. Row I: R. Baum, E. CaHwoun, E. Bock, J. Maxwen. Row 2: D. Kennedy, M. RusseU, P Hahn, D. Wendi. Row 3: J. Mi+cneNl, C. Mafheson, W. Lafnam, J. Gauif, H. Hofs One Prince Charming . . . coming righf up. This is all Greek To me DR. JOHN COWLEY, Ac+ing Deparfmenf Head 7 Row I: L. Forest, D. Bluhm, E. Schaffer, J. Gfoluloowich, R. Wesley, T. Thompson, N. Sfageberg, E. lvlcDavii'r. Row 2: M. Graves J. Bohrne, J. Schaefer, B. Del-lofi, R. Jewell, A. Hanson, E. Maurer, V. l-larrnelinlc, J. Kupcelc. Row 3: J. Fox, H. Chaberi, L. Taylor J. Cowley, R. Dalziel, W. Anderson, F. Srniih, l-l. Bernhard, P. Townsend. Languages, Speech and Literature Department Dr. H. VV. Reninger, head of the department, has been teaching American literature in India dur- ing the year. ln his absence, Dr. John Cowley has assumed his responsibilities. Growth of interest in foreign languages continued in the Department of Languages, Speech and Literature this year with the addition of a new French instructor, Klr. Cha- bert. Four lfngli-sh instructors, Klr. joseph liohme, Klr. John Golubowich, hir. Vernon Harmelink, Klr. lra johnson and one speech instructor, llr. Robert YVesley, joined the department staff. An experiment with the teaching of composition to large groups by means of television and specially trained student assistants has been undertaken this year under the direction of llr. Ross Jewell . The department continued to sponsor the College Players, Speech Activities Club, lfnglish Club and Sigma Alpha lfta, speech correction club. l+'s simply a mailer oi knowing which button does what The fafler you grow The beffer fhey get PUT a liffle fun in Yearninqg fry .1 1 fy, A 3555 5 ' 12 .. , ,gl Ra? sounds like ca? sounds We haf sounds like sa? . .. cards. K 1 z i ex , E i A ,, ,fy , ,Q , A. ,M L ,Mfg-Wa ni' L5 1 , vw we-x x 1 1 f ., on ,,, V me lizsfig-15 f "iso" 11 ,we MW, 1 , A ., , Nga 'H M, C I 6 Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Educational Clinic Laying a foundation for future learning. ww...-H" One of the remaining teacher training facilities on our campus is the Educational Clinic. It is a training clinic as opposed to a service clinic through which children having problems receive corrective instruction. Advantages of remedial reading as a lab course, clinical experience in diagnosing and prescribing specialized education for the retarded or gifted child, and student guidance are available to the prospective teacher. Individual testing to col- lege students is also offered. DR. H. C. TRIMBLE, Depar+men+ Head Mathematics Department By the l962-63 college year, all general mathe- matics students will be using a new textbook revised by Drs. Trimble, Hamilton and Silvey. VVith this book students will learn what has been determined about how others learn math. An additional in- structor, Dr. Karl Wehiier, joined the staff. Dr. G. Gibb conducted a research on the use of special teachers of science and math in fifth and -sixth grade. Dr. Hamilton also kept studies of student comprehension and morale in larger and smaller size classes. In general he found little difference in the amount of learning. Instructors of large tele- vision classes provided help sessions for individual work. Several national journals edited by members of the math department included the ffriflznzetiri Tearlzer, The Pentagon, and School Science and r7iffllhFlllIlfil'.Y. The llath Club, which is the oldest departmental club on campus, and Kappa Blu Ep- silon, honorary fraternity, are sponsored by this department. Approaching a solution One box divided lnlo leur equal ,A Q CWM! 12 Xll 1 l X7-ell, I llxgx Maflwemallcsz llne modern way. parls equals one box dlvlded info four equal paris. Row I Silvey, E. Hamilfon, H. Trimble, R, Younf, J. Jensen. Row 2: R. Erclcmann, I. Brune, J. Brulwa, C.Wel1ner, A,Scl1urrer lm 52 ,IWW Row l: V. Dowell, P. Sauer, C. McCollum, R. Rogers, l.. Winier. Row 2: J. Kercheval, W. Piclclum, M. Grant, L. Wilson. Row 3: F. Eshelman, C. Allegra, l-l. Lyon, W. Poppy. Science Department And 'lor those interested, there will be a full moon tonight. 90 This year the Science Department had a notice- able increase in enrollees of the junior and senior classes. Physical chemistry was added to the cur- riculum with the change from Iowa State Teachers College to State College of Iowa. The fourth Aca- demic Year Institute for high school teachers of math and science was held. It was sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The Annual North- east Iowa Science Fair was held in April. Last summer, the department, together with the State Conservation Department, co-sponsored the Iowa Teachers' Conservation Camp. Several television and radio programs were produced, including Dr. Verlin Lee's "Let's Explore Sciencel' over VVOI- TV, the weekly "Science Forumfy and Dr. Abbotls 'llfveryday Sciencef' Beta Beta Beta, honorary bi- ology fraternity, and Lambda Delta Lambda, hon- orary physical science fraternity, are sponsored by the department. mf M- 'L Qfb ,Sie 3 any-Q-NM n '5 is 5' ,APP 2 3 ' Xe A if 'K' ' hx ,K If if f iw' A 1' fg. ,L ,ff lk, ,i?cii.f'5n1 hkk A ff ,- 'WLA 7.., ..,, VV ,kt S , 1 1 L 1 is 3- 'xl 5 Ulff-4? f' A f ' A A1 Y .,-X' K K Vw I 4 ky 74,3 .QL . fy-, ,, M , gy 3.7 Q 7 ' , .gum N.,-w. V W' -wfw ,, L f'mw',f K 'WH X Q ' -nav' . N. Q ,-,. 5 N Q! .wig "il, 14-f Y .45 1 if--4 x X ' P5-1-...-ff' x, X Library genesis, 2 K 92 ls if my faulf someone forgo? To sfamp Na+ book? 5- .gi A . .,,k , L .. wg: ,ig egg Fifi .,. -pi' Q "rp '5 A,.': fs i 5,2 gli :LW Q . 2 .M n MR. DONALD O. ROD, Department Head Library Science Department Unknown to many students, the term Ulibraryu refers not to just one department, but to two very distinct departments-the library itself and the De- partment of Library Science, located in the library. The division between the two terms was made eight years ago, and classes are now held in the library. The Library Science Department has many hopes for the near future. Among these are a graduate program and a new library building which is to be completed in the fall of 1962. According to Dr. Rod, Head Librarian, plans for the new million and a half dollar building have taken up most efforts of the committee, consisting of both faculty and students. This building has the best new plans pos- sible and will be in the heart of the campus in an area bounded by VVright Hall and the VVomen's Gym. Ground for the new library was broken in the spring. 'lihe Library Science Department spon- sors Alpha lieta Alpha which is a national under- graduate fraternity for library science majors. Row I: A. McLeod, E. Mullins, M. Galvin, l.. Heriqsfad, F. Ma, M. Dieferich. Row 2: E. Wagner, E. Howell, D. Rod, A. Jonish, A. Wendell, A. Brown. Qwlly Sm Elf Use WY There ls always someone ln llwe crowd who can? resisl adding lwls lwo Cenls worllw lo a prlnled slgrw DR. DONALD O. HOWARD Deparfmeni Head Would all llwose wlwo are sleeping in class please rlse. 'Gigi' Row I: R. Claus, H. Wahl, E. Paehn, E, Smith, C. Leavitt. Row 2: L. Harris, W. Metcalfe, D. Whitnah, G, Poeqe, G. Robinson, R. Chung. Row 3: D. Howard, L. Sage, W. Dee, H. Thompson, l-l. Nelson. Social Science Department Due to the addition of a liberal arts program, the Social Science Department now offers three non- teaching majors: one in the broad area of social science, one in geography, and one in history. The department hopes to soon develop a sixth-year pro- gram. The department believes that the study of the social sciences-man, his environment, and his society-makes one a better citizen and a richer individual. The department also deals with prob- lems presented by the natural and physical sciences and teaches the 'student to solve, or at least to live with, such problems. It sponsors an honor society, Phi Gamma Blu, joins with other college depart- ments in bringing to the campus the All-College Conference on International Affairs, supports the International Relations Club and provides study tours in this hemisphere and on the lfuropean continent. this course you will learn to draw the world in triangles. 'S- jVl flllffxl Lrif-.sfizrlgy -fieifs N l-,wet ' was ' on ff Are you sure lhalls the way We spelled? e E l DR. JAMES WITHAM, Department Head Men's Physical Education Department In their program the lN'Ien's Physical Education Department stresses the importance of physical fit- ness in everyday life. The Physical Education pro- gram consisted not only of training Physical Educa- tion instructors and coaches but also of arranging activities for all men students, including a program for the handicapped, the intramural program, and the athletic program. Historically, the sports pre- viously offered were fundamental sports such as football, basketball, baseball and track. Now, the emphasis is upon a broader Held of recreation activ- ity useful to the individual throughout his life. The major and minor in this field presents the whys, hows and the whats of physical education. ln the future, the department hopes to have a graduate program. ln addition to the varsity teams, the "lu Club comes under the direction of this department. The true nature of SCI men? Makes b in a peiife junior 9 Q priceiess assei. I think I can! Row I: W. Koil, L. Bifcon, W. Tiwreii, J, Ciark, I.. Whifiord, A. Dickinson. Row 2: S. Sheriff, J, Wifiwam, D. NickIaus, N. Sfewarf, D. Remmerf, W, Hansen, .rw vw, Y? .4 Row I: V. Ramsey, S. Winsberg. Row 2: B. Swanson, M. D. Groves, J. Bontz. l llany students do not realize the interesting his- torical background concerning the VVomen's Physi- cal Education Building. It was built in 1903 and contained the first swimming pool west of the Blis- sissippi River. The first gym classes were held in the basement of the Administration Building and were taught by an instructor of English and physics. Both men's and women's classes were held in the saine building until l928. For the added conven- ience of our students, the locker rooms and shower facilities were completely remodeled this summer. The purpose of the VVomen,s Physical Education Department is threefold: preparing Physical Edu- cation majors, preparing elementary teachers for physical education activities, and meeting the four semester activity requirement for all girls. The department sponsors Physical Education Club, Klarlins, Orchesis, and the lVomen,.s Recreational Association. Qi iii qmail www If l were-a bird . .. 98 "It only hurts for a little while." Women's Physical Education Department , . 4 ft 1' f L' A ' r , f 4, , ,- , , A . 1 M w 1' ' , k - X M , M'-.2 .,,x fs- . .X I i - W M, V Akkkk x .V I J DR JEAN BONTZ D p 1' 'r H d '3.-'HT'l,?fQ9L ffifw Purple Key Twenty-eight members of the graduating class of 1962 earned the honor of Purple Key Recognition. These people have been outstand- ing in scholarship, leadership and extra-curricular activities during their years at SCI. To be eligible for the highest award an SCI stu- dent ean receive, it is necessary to have a cumulative grade-point of no less than 2.6. The Student League Board established the frater- nity in 1952. Not pictured are Barbara lwann and Cecil Shaw. ELEANOR BOOS JOHN BURRITT ROBERT BUTTON CHARLYN CLEVELAND ELBIN CLEVELAND PATRICIA COOKINHAM RODNEY DIXON JALAA DOMER ERIK FARLEY ANN HAWN I00 JERRY HOLBROOK LESTER JUNGMAN CONSTANCE KINSINGER MARY ANN LEE JUDY MATHISON KATHRYN MITCHEM NANCY NEWHOUSE SANDY PHILLIPS GEORGE PLAGER JOHN SCHLICHER RICHARD SCOTT STEPHEN SIMONS CONFIDENCE STIMPSON MARY VIRGINIA WHITE ROBERTA WILEY SUZANNE WINSLOW " 1227 ,. RM ,,v'k:s X . 1- K f jg V .xlqf K Q 'Z 'S X. nf , S , ...WM , i The "Pira+es of Penzance" . . . a deiigiwifui, zany producfionl Wiiiw a massive quiier and iiwe varied richness oi her voice, Ode-He f . 56 Mefropoiifen Opera Company gves a Q D vi.. wi si W Jerome Hines . . . ieading basso oi Hwe ill -K 45552 me niiicenf erformence, ,ly jf 'i" gif? capiiva X 5 E Lecture Concert Series Cosinopolitzin New York is far ilistzint, hnt SCI ilocs bring culture to this zirczi of lzimllockt-cl Iowa through the scintillating Lcvtiircvfoiiccrt Series. Ur. Howard Alones, cliziirnizni of tht- Lecture Con- cert Connnittec, is at It-:ist thc fourth person to ine ht-rit tht- tlirectorship of this some twenty-yezir-oltl SCI fine zirts promotion. Uvorking with Dr. Jones in the selection of ciitcrtainnicnt :irc Klr. Stanley lvood :intl four students appointeml to the Stuclvnt Llilglllt' lfozirtl. Out of :1 bnslgct of Slf1,00ll, four to five brilliant salt-utions :irc offcred in a season. ln tht- past, each attraction hznl a one-night stzinnl. Une to thc- 21lllliI'0I'illll1lS small seating capacity :incl to the greater nnnibcr ot cnltnrt- mongcrs, the coni- inittcc sct :1 pi'vt'c'1le1it rhis year by cxtenmling czicli lN'l'f0I'ITl2lllCC to two evciiiiigs. Becznise of this acltli- tion, Dr. ,Innes is confident their ncxt yczirk salt' of st-:ison tickets will rczivli 21 plvzlstirzihlc high :incl :ill SCI cnltnre patrons will hc- easily Ziffflllllllflllilffkl :intl plziczitvml. Michael Macliamoor lectured on Oscar Wilde. fx To Qivher oriewta -vceiderlal reltrfemrip, many ol the Cey Opegg dangers were enletleined in lice' homes, 1 li kk , 3 Ella. 3 eel BF? e The North stood waiting while the South continued its aura of aristocracy, Don? worry dear, the John Bir- ch Plays society will never succeed. Bernard Shawls comedy, "Candida," Caine to life ainidst an authentically Created Victorian parlor scene. The eternal triangle comprised of the Rev. Klorrell, his wife, Candida, and her young poet admirer is finally resolved when Candida declares that HShe will love the man who needs her most- her husband." "From a hundred visions l make onel' . . . Stephen l3enet's words describe the Pulitzer Prize winning lyric production of his epie poem, 'lilohn llrownls liodvfl A panorzuna of the Civil VVar, llarperls Ferry to General l,ee's surrender, the scenes are of the great and the eonunon people eaught in this struggle-all touched somehow, somewhere by this great u1u1 Befweem Two Thieves . , . an umusufi comblnafion of in+eUed and emofion. ll X s all ,KJ ff:-A i1 ' .Wi ' -.xfitf 1' k' K Sgff fi Q' 'xx ' ft. 'T ,A ,kikL.' 1 1 f F A "QV:-J Wlfh an air 04 sfarwmq fmhh, We May re-e1amfrresHwefr'a1c9Jesus by presenf-day cond. ! Q 1. wg, I. I, An excellent production of Menottts strangely beautiful and chilling opera. Opera and Childrens Theater The seanee that baekhred was the startling, sus- penseful topic of "The lxqCCllLIIIl,U a short opera presented in HAn lfvening with llenottif' ln a lighter vein, 'lThe Telephoneyl portrayed the trials of a young man unable to make a proposal of mar- riage because of the telephone's constant interrup- tion. The annual Children's Theater production was "The Princess and the Swineherdf, The adult members of the audience became Children again as they enjoyed the 'story through the eyes of the chil- dren around them. Two neurotic clients are waiting tor their Interviews with 'The Mediumf "The 'rradifionaf Chddrerfs Tfweafre is The giff of SCI sfudenfs 'ro Hwe CHHdren in Hwe Cedar Falls areaf! said Sfanley Wood, .wg , A r 3 s n i Q 1 l The dwddrem rapfurously ffafdwed We good Prince Dominic, who scorned ar+?ficEaH+y pose as 5 Yovfy swiwsfwerd in Crdfir To feadw Hs bride-+0 oe We me-cessify cl Pumiliiy, Gee, He makes me fee-I Funny! i My , .5 .1 -bg Dimensions In Jazz Buddy De Franco tickles the licorice stick. "SCl's got jazz You and l are losing ourselves in darkness. The darkness vibrates under the hypnotizing swish of brushes across taut skinsg this is the pulse. A throaty wail of an alto sax breathes life into the air, heavy with the staleness of a jammed audience. lt's spontaneous, restless, wistful, poignant, rhythmic, brassy, racy blues, a little bitter around the edges, maybe. You can play it hot, lukewarm, or cool . . . and itls called JAZZ. SCl's got JAZZ . . . the 13th annual Phi lllu Alpha JAZZ Concert-re-established this fact on November 20th and Zlst. SCl,s JAZZ-RIANIA began in l950 and this yearly Hing has been covered in Dozen Emi, Cosllmpolimzz, Jlfzdmmisefle, and Playlmy. This year Buddy De Franco, 'Atop world JAZZ elarinetistf' Hlled the bill in the roles of a carelessly casual RIC and as a dizzy fingered, bril- liant guest soloist. Xlo-st of this ye-ar's numbers were either arranged or Composed by SCI graduates or students. l Blow, Man, Blow! . ,--k, 3 ,,, .t.qVf:fn Tiny Nancy Hanunond, a former SCI student who is now professional, was a featured soloist. A nice relaxer came from Rod llitchell, an SCI footballer who also sings professionally. A sophisticated, close- harmony vocal quintet gave the dash of spice. SCl's got JAZZ and it's not diH'lcult to under- stand why. JAZZ reflects us . . . the massiveness. chaos, conflict, frantic pace and fragmentary nature of our lives. A .Iazzman squeezes loneliness out of a horn and that loneliness is often an echo of our' selves. DIJ in perspective. Hey wait a minute, my drumstickh caught. ww 4 ! II2 3 , . , 1 , X S 5 yi 5' Q is , . A ,Q f m, - si Q-. 5.4 , X Y si, 1 any fi I ..,, Ms, . .tm . ,. , B., v 25 , I . .ma ,, . . ...W ' ,M X , f Nw...-4 Q fig af warg Ggvmw- Q.,-' ' 'Q 1 .. 4. 12 W f '1r0r'1K?"' ,J-41 X Ng? X X 4'Af5.'L H ..: , X , fy- , ,QQEZYW ,K fn .pk 'f xx ,la 1 ,1 WNIW H I " ' mf:-ff,fiffff.,Q . 1 g -wwf' ' 4 gwgw, ,, WE. 05551 y : WH? X ' ' H 5 ' . P k 2 . QR ,fesisfil , '1 A, .Jw V. T K 2 hi, n. ,fi This dance was probably invented by some poor sap that couldrff keep a hula hoop up. Commons The social, recreational and cultural eenter of SCI is the Commons, which houses the dining rooms, the ballroom, several lounges and the foun- tain room. The remodeled mezzanine and addi- tional hours for the fountain room have given the local proprietors a run for the student's shekels. Activities sponsored by the Commons Program Committee throughout the year included formal and informal dances, movies, All-College Forums, art exhibits and concert previews. There has been a gradual change in the Commons' program during the last few years from the idea that the Commons is to provide only fun to the idea that it is to he used for intellectual enjoyment. This is shown in its innovations, among which is the new 'lliook of the Yeary' program. Miriam Makeba appeared on fhe firsf Commons Concerf o the season. 'HM-M. . ,h,k ww Miss Norma M,Prel'1m, lefr, was direcfor of Barr- lefr, and Miss Joan Meyer was assisfanf direcfor. Homecoming spirif even invades a Barfleff smoker. President . Vice-President . SCCl'Cf2l1'j' . . AXVS RCDl'CSCllt2lfiVC OFFICERS . RUTH BIILLER BARBARA H1R0NAKA J.-XNEANE VFJADEN NIARY INIAY CQEORGE ll"s a good thing fellas are-n't allowed at corridor meetings. Bartlett Hall The oldest hut liveliest clormitory on campus is Bartlett Hall for freshman women. These prose- lyte women's activities included feverish ping-pong tournaments, dances with various houses in the menls dormitories and gala pajama parties. One off-beat party was the "D-letter Partyu in which the corridor with the most D-letters was host to the corridor with the fewest. lflections were helcl during the winter and in- stallations of otlicers took place during the latter part of january. Prior to this time, counselors acted as dorm and social regulations oflicers. The enterprising dormsters also launchecl social service projects such as sending Christmas cards to homes for the aged and entertaining at a convales- cent home. Row I: J. Cenque, B. Johnson, C, Hashimoto, B. l-lironaka, A. Milligan, Row 2: S. Conklin, M. Hughes, J. Tjaden, R. Miller, M. George, S. Stevenson. z l Z -sw. Row I: M. Thompson, S. Welch, D son, J. Van Sant, J. Cummings, J Kelly, Miss Jones, Campbell Hall lVhere Campbell Hall is . . . isntt where the boys are. lllost of the young women wouldn't give up their "hall of gracious living" just to wine and dine in the Commons with the gentlemen, anyway. Each cool room harbors a telephone, spacious built- in closets and drawers. One can converse or wait in a large, serene main lounge. A charming patio also adds to the refined setting. Comfortable TV and recreation rooms and fam- ily :style dinners are features of Campbell. The women, besides being allowed personal dinner guests, often are hostesses to the faculty, foreign students and Bartlett counselors. During the year, Campbell Hall is the scene of vivid activity, industrious racket and gaiety . . . where plans are plotted for Homecoming decora- tions, the Wassail, Halloween parties and exchanges with different houses in the ments dorms. Christmas dinner at Campbell was by candlelight, or when the flame reached the decorations, torchlight. l Freclriclcson. Row 2: G. Gunder: Fee. Row 3: Miss Elsbury, Mi Schrodt. B, Jones, C. Swanson, C. OFFICICRS President . . CHRIS Swxxsox Vice-pu-side-11t CIINNY CEUNDIZRSON Secretary . -IAN VAX SAST AXVS Representative . CAROL KELLY Ons of We conveniences of Campbdf is a privafe phone, M55 Ruflw Jones, EH, was assisfanf direcfor of CampbelN and Miss Barbara Hsbery was direcfor. nf? as Wim isis' is RUSH 5353? LAWTHQQ s Miss Carol Nemiiz, ieff, was direcior of Lawiiier Hail and Miss Siiiriey Mariinson was assisiani' direcior. This is a siiori-Cui io Jriie music buiidim leasi' for fine girls of Lawiiwer. .S OFFICERS President . . JUDY LEGGETT Vice-president . . PAT VVATSON Secretary . . . JEAN RIEYERS AVVS Repifselltative . . XvETA SNIITH Perry Mason goes tc coieqe. Lawther Hall lVorrv'vvart niothers shoulil he consoletl that their daughters are very sate living in l,avvther Hall . . . it there is safety in nunihers, Laivther is the satest place on campus. Due to the crannnecl condi- tions in the other girls' dorms, Lavvther is noxv a sanetuarv tor hoth sophomore and junior girls. For leisure, l,avvther holds a recreation room and sev- eral lounges. The novelty of a new stereo antl discs often results in the lllLlSlClS being "above the pitch. out of tune, and off the hinges." The social agenda this year included residence hall clinners, niixers with various nien's houses, numerous coffee klatches and robe-tle-chamber parties. A visit to a chili1ren's hospital was a highlighting social service project for the Lavvtherites. LAWTHER EXECUTIVE COUNC11.-M.Cunnirigham,C.Brundage,J.Legge1t,K.Saitiza1'in,C,Davis,J.Ange11,V.Smith,T.McNeal. fffii FV: 121 Weil, you'il have to give me a few minutes to change eiothes. Baker Hall The bombastic boys of eaeh house of Baker Hall are governed by a head resident and a governing board. The houses are united through the AHIRH senate which also sponsors an annual girlie show. The men had many highlights during the year, be- sides the ANIRH beauty and talent show. There were assorted house parties, exchanges with the women's dormitories, coffee hours and the annual Public Relations Day. A study group was organ- ized and a new dorm library stimulated the process of raising gradepoints. The men in the dorm also participated in the program which included such sports as football, basketball, softball and shower- squirting. Row I: R. Burton, G. Shaw, D. Buchanan, R. Aicerman. Row 2: J. Tetrick, Director L. MacLean, J. Marr, C. Englehardt, D. Hendrickson. ?f Y I wg Look sharp, fee! sharp, be sharp. Ouch! CGCIN Shaw, left was senior head residenf and Lowe MacLean was diredor of fhe merfs resi- dence haHs. 1 glfk ml H4553 ,. 5wAGp,6 -mu A 4.4 Fred Swariz was The qraduafe resideni advisor +0 fhe mem of Reqemhs Hail. While Regenfs was being iimished, ffiiy men lived in Hs recreahon room. - ::fa."' - hsmfff ig W 4 W 4,.. M v.v,, ,y,, g y , fe wif Q 2 gm BMW ,,ii ,,i., ,. V h i 2 , ' 335 25 i ii ,Filly Q, ,,,..-M" ,ff L 2 55? f " 1,1 fy, n fu Sometimes one has the Feeling ibm one has no privacy ai all. Regents Hall Regents, the sleelcest, newest tlophouse on earn- which also doubles as a TV room. Regents boasts a pus, now houses the displaced cellar-dwellers of handy new parking area for the expanding number Stadium. lfaeh of the eight houses has its own den of heaps, crates and limousines. Klixers, movies. equipped with such exotic equipment as lounging and social service projects sponsored by Regents all chairs and card tables. Billiards, pool and ping- contribute to joe Colleges sagaeity. DOHQS' Illilj' be Dlflyfftl lll all CIlOl'lll0LlS l'CCl'C'Zlfl0ll l'00IIl Row I: W. Sehaible, L. Markiey, Graduaie Resident Aasisfant F, Swartz, L, Seckinqton, J. Shehan. Row 2: G. Hamilton, K. Hiimer, R. Mc:CuHey, R. Lurz, L. MacLean. l-low can l write lo Gramma without paper. College Courts Providing homes for the harried married students and their families is Sunset Village, Composed ot seventy-two quonset and harrack-type domieiles and College Courts, consisting of twenty-four well-con- strueted cement block duplexes. The two housing units work together planning their party activities. The annual Christmas party was attended by over two hundred ehildren whose parents live in either E6 Sunset Village the Village or Courts. Other festivities were a spring dance and a picnic. Government for these married students is provided by a village council which serves as an intermediary between the eol- lege and the two housing units. One of the main activities of the council was the repair and mainte- nance of the playground equipment. COLLEGE COURTS COUNCIL Row I: J. Hellman, L. Frehm, D. Jensen, J, Regnier. Row 2: J. Thul, W. Tielmelancl, B. Koob D. Campbell. 2' OHYOH, peace and QUf6f. C 'ik H' President X ICK'-PITSIQICIII an eepf ws up! fl"1C1fR S DLANE C.XAXIl'IlEl,I, -IuHN R EGXIIQR , , fx. . 5 fa 4, 5 Q W A at Qi! wi-fi 4 1, Jf 1 f if ' 5 L X 'Dil 1 Y .. . W o Rasmus? , o .1 Tide viffaqe Wayground? Ever e qucnsef can be Ldi 'd 1 v ueiie STUDENT LEAGUE BOARD Row I: K. Mitchem, M. Lee, C. Van Deventer, B. Tinpanqka. Row 2: R. Crooks, C. Swanson, J. Domer, J. Daman, A, King. Student League Board JALAA DOM ER, President I28 Student League Board is the highest student gov- ernmental body on the SCI campus. It is composed of three executive officers, the presidents of AYVS, KIU, and the housing units as Well as five chairman of the standing committees. The meetings, which are held twice monthly, are open to any member of the student body who is interested in student gov- ernment and wishes to voice his opinion. Committees are set up which look into the various problems proposed at SLB meetings and report their findings to the board. The standing committees plan such school-wide activities as Homecoming, Dadls Day, llotherys Day, movies, dances and forums. Rela- tions between the student body and the faculty are maintained by another standing committee. COMMONS PROGRAMS COUNCIL i Row I: B. KeIIey, C. King, J, Vernon, J. Prichard, L. BarI'I1oIomew, S. PI1iIIips. Row 2: M. Tureki, B, Davis, A. King, P. Ree I-Ienriksen, T. MiIIeman. ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE Row I: C. Brundage, B. Carey, D. Sandvig. Row 2: R. Crooks, C. KeIIy, J. Dubberke. l Row I: R. Carey, L. Fox, R, Dixon, D. Hallenbeck, S. Pulte. Row 2: T. Milleman, D. Jensen, G. Creswell, J. Shannon, C. Engelhardt, G. Plager. Men's Union JOHN SHANNON, President E XIen's Union was organized for the manifold purpose of enriching the lives of all the men stu- dents of SCI through the giving of assistance, infor- mation and opportunities for social pleasure. To accomplish one aspect of this purpose, HIL' has sponsored a program to inform the men stu- dents of this college of their military obligations. Co-sponsoring with ANVS on 'ASCX Education in the Colle-gen was another of the organizatioifs activ- ities. Further activities of the llc-n's Union were a combo night and the rendition of a new and better system for students to End rides or riders. The asso- ciation was able to obtain permission to have the menls gym open on Saturday mornings and to re- turnish the Uff-Campus Llenys Lounge. Association of Men's Residence Halls The Association of Men's Residence Halls is the representative hody for all men living in residence halls on the SCI campus. AKIRH works to provide for soeial as well as recreational growth of the men included in its 1llCITlbCTSl'llp. Through this group on-campus men obtain a chance to voiee their opin- ions in the campus government. The AIXIRH Senate is composed of the executive ollicers, the nienibers of four standing committees and the president of each house. This year, with the addition of Regents Hall, the number of house pres- idents has increased from eleven to fifteen. Every year each house chooses a girl to represent it in the AKIR H Beauty Pageant. Bliss AKIRH is chosen for her beauty and poise hy judges from lvaterloo and Cedar Falls. RODNEY DIXON, Presiden+ Row I: R. Wiley, D. I-lalleribeclc, R. Dixon, B. Lane, P. Jones, E. Builer. Row 2: R, Crooks, J. Davis, L. lnqraham R Valenla Plager, R. Rush, J. Russell. Row 3: R. Steveson, B. Jacobson, S. l-lalsle-ad, J. Carr, L. Bock, B. Moses, R. Strobbe. ff' Row I J Leggett l-l Poore N Saelcville K Mifchem Dean M Holmes. Row 2: C. King, 6. Gunderson, L. Witte, lvl. Lee, C. Van Devenfer C Ne-mifz Row 3 J Schrader C Swanson J Spain R Van Devenfer, Miss. N, Prehm. Associated Women Students The purpose of Associated VVomen Students is to provide effective self-government for all women at SCI, to provide opportunities for social and intellec- ual development, and to promote unity among ANVS members and within the entire college community. The organization sponsored many activities during the year. In the Fall, AVVS, with the help of the women's honoraries, held a candlelight ceremony for all freshmen and transfer girls to initiate them into AXVS. They also sponsored the AVVS Tea and a trip to View Blantovani in Des Bloines. AXVS co-sponsored several activities with KIen's Union, including the NIU-AVVS Style Show for freshmen 'students and a convocation. During the Spring AXVS held a training session for all women who served organizations of the campus as odicers. They also sponsored the VVomen Pay All YVL-ek and NVomen's Day. sv x Off Campus Government Students in the Cedar Falls-VVaterl0o area who do not live in the college dormitories are represented in student government by the organi- zations known as Off-Campus Women and Off-Campus Meii. Through these groups an attempt is made to stimulate a greater interest among off-campus students in campus activities and to serve as a coordinating body with the on-campus students. The officers of Off-Campus Nlen were not able to be present when this picture was taken. Row l: Barbara Schmicher, Pat Shannon. Row 2: Carol Van Deventer, Faith Meisner. WOMEN COUNSELORS AND GUlDESwRow I: J. Brocka, B. Vog+, V. Nosf, K. Miichem, S. Ellingson, P. Chrisile, L. Gordon, D. Anlons, M. Harl, D. Smilh, C. Craven, L. Moeller, J. Liyingslon, J. Ryon, M. Simmons. Row 2: L. Mangold, A. Meeks, R. Wiley, C. While, J, Paisley, J. Peierson, M. Hansen, J. Silka, J. Wilke, A. Meeks, B. Voss, S. Eden, K. Fliisch, M. McNui+, P. Pink. Row 3: K. Wangsnes, J. Schlicher, N. Mcllralh, K. Spain, J. Dubberke, D. Beck, J. Harins, L. Boeke, J. Fee, J, l-lalch, P. Freese, J. Schrad, P. Powell, C. Lau. Row 4: M. Jugenheirner, B. Vanderzyl, S. Winslow, J. Jacobsen, L. Clausen, B. Davis, F. Meisner, L. DuPey, S. Paulsen, J, Spain, J. Maihison, M. Humke, C. Kropp, J. Schubert M. McClelland. Counselors and Guides MEN'S ORlENTATlON GUIDES-Row I: W. Miller, J, Grimes, R. Carey, S. Logsdon, T. Milleman, K. Schilling, C, Pausfian, L. Fox, R. Harien. Row 2: T. Spear, T. Scheuerman, L. lngraham, C. Engelhardl, G. Floyd, L. Lewis, J. Fischer, J. Taylor, R. Valenla, J. Thomas, C. Oldsen, Wm. Reams. Row 3: R. Lang, D. Lang, R. Bina, J. Crowder, L. Knudson, R. Maass, D. Hughes, R. Olhausen, D. Godfrey, H. Penninglon, J. Carr, D. Wright Board of Control of Student Publications The Board of Control ot Student Publications is the governing department for all student publications on the SCI campus. This controlling body selects the staff for the f1'0!!f'!ll' Eye and OLD ci0LD each year. The controlling board sees that these two student publications function adequately. Student representa- tives tulfill the necessity of liason be- tween the publications staffs and board. Student members of the publications board included John Peterson, Andrea Zeck, Dick Vvorm and John Engel. Faculty members afiiliated with the board were George Holmes, James Bailey, David Delafield and Francis Smith. BOARD OF CONTROL, STUDENT PUBLICATIONS-Row I: J. Morgan J. Peterson, A. Zeek, R. Worm. Board of Control of Student Broadcasting The student radio station, KYTC, is governed by the Board of Control of Student Broadcasting. This controlling board makes the appointments for the executive staff of the radio station and acts as a regulator for the station in re- gard to funds and program -selection. The controlling board also acts as a policy determiner for KYTC. Student members on the board this year were .lim Pratt, Bill Kortemeyer and Darrell lvheaton. Faculty members included Herbert Hake, James Bailey and Ray Klatala. Klr. Hake is the permanent chairman of the organization. The Sta- tion Klanager, Carl Jenkins, chosen by the board, also attended meetings. BOARD OF CONTROL, ST. BROADCASTINGSROW I: H. Hake, R Mataia. Row 2: D. Wheaton, Wm. Kortemeyer, J. Pratt. KYTC CARL R. JENKINS Station Manager, Fall Semester Campus Radio Station "If it's on campus, itls on KYTCV' is the motto of the student radio station, KYTC. The station carried out this slogan with a wide variety of pro- grams by offering complete coverage of all SCI football games, both home and away, with the aid of KXEL in VVaterloo. The initiation of an open air policy meant free time to publicize all coming events which various clubs, organizations, or com- mittees may have planned for the future. Other features offered by the student radio station were top name recording artists, live, weekly jam sessions and some drama productions. An expanded staff en- abled KYTC to provide more and better coverage of newsworthy campus activities. Various weekly programs included "The Speaker's Choice," a pro- gram of talks on subjects of interestg "Campus Sportsug "The Jazz Showcasen and "Show Timefy During the year KYTC worked to present more original programming and more listening hours. Moving that one is Impossible, you know nf, 51, 5. M.. ax: 5 '56 K Q- . , ii? 1 , KYTC4Row I: V, Sfone, B, Keiley, A. Woods, S. f'XIYbee, B. Overman, A. Davis, P. deNeui, P. Nuffinq, M.WnI1e. Row 2: G. Coffin D. Blsnco, R, Cmse, M. Henrlcn M, Doran, K. HGV, A. Senfi, J. Slmfer, D. Afexanoer, F. Hewlcker. Row 3: C. Missrnan, C, Traqer J. deNeni, R. Bind, R, Davis, L. Scnenken, J. Praff, J. Ackerman, W, Jacobsen, C. Jenkins. KYTC boast Nady engineers. CONNI E STI MPSON Editor College Eye A rare experience to qrapher, is having his r Larry Mikesell, the Eyes only photo- picture Taken. livery Friday morning the results of a hard weekls work reach a climax as the Coflegr' Eye is distributed. The newspaper contains news about current activities that are of interest to the students. Approximately thirty college students gather, write and publish the news of the campus. The editorial page is always kept lively by various views and con- troversies presented each week. 'llhe sports section is very complete and keeps the students who did not get to the games informed on their teams, progress. Advertisements from Cedar Falls and VVaterloo business establishments help to pay for some of the costs of publishing the weekly newspaper. The Eye staff is quite proud of the fact that both semesters last year the College Eye earned a Class l rating from Associated Collegiate Press. Connie Stitnpson was editor of the newspaper. All in all, the Coflegaf Eyzf is a beneficial addition to the student body, the faculty and the entire college. Marieuverinq rype for a icrig period oi rime as Roger and Corviie Have, reaches one ro read rapidiy upside down, ai ieasf. The weckiy rheses oi news ediror Joy Drermer arf popular reading wirrm Pier reporrers. e is Row I: D. Bieicii, D. Harmeyer, L. Baker, M. Furlong B. Barizrar, K. Lee, M. Wiiirver, S, Aiibee, L. Gregory, C. Book, P. Harm Row 2: J. Drerinen, R, Baiiie, K, Burir, R. Harian, M. Kremer, M. Menkerw, M. Walier, B, Aiiee, L. Fiefcrier. Row 3: B. Lame L. Mikeseli, J, Aiexander, D, Sfrair, P, Peak, D. Sririe, R. Purvis, B. De Hofi, C, Sfimpsom. fm ILAJEAN HEWICKER Editor H"s excellent occupational therapy. Old Gold Staff The approach of spring aroused varied emotions in SCI students: relief at the passing of winter, dread at impending final exams and joy at the ar- rival of the diary of their school year, the OLD GOLD. This publication gives recognition to a number of worthy campus organizations and teams, but tO one team in particular it represents not only a treas- ured album of achievements and fun, but an em- bodiment Of hours of hard labor. Photographers with loaded cameras dashing tO darkrooms from vital performances and games, copywriters collect- ing the facts and highlights to be molded into cap- tions and headlines to submit to the editors for edit- ing and layout-these are the roles and goals Of editor llajean Hewicker and her team-the OLD ciOLD staff. Highlighting the OLD GOLD year, OLD CEOLIJ VVeek found staff members waging a final sales campaign. The week culminated in the festivities of the OLD GOLD Popularity Contest and the OLD GOLD Beauty Pageant. . , , . ,y Row I: R. Rupp, P. I-Iahn, K. Guhck, S. Allbee, J. Bannier, E, Johnson, P. Warrick, C. Sfraw, D. Jenne++, L. Lenz, B. Corrigan L. Anderson, J. Hossack, K. Larson, A. Davis. Row 2: I. I-Iewicker, D. DeNViIcIe, L, Rasmussen, S. Grifhrh, B. Banzhaf, M. Cooke Evans, D. Lafham, J. Bindner, K. Kuefhe, K. Smifh, R. Thomas, A. Prior, M. Whife, V. EIIingson. Row 3: K. Suhr, R. MiIIer CIeweII, C. Zimmerman, C. Love, S. Koch, D. Bishop, R. Mclniire, W. Srnifh, M. Lee, C. I-Iachrnann, J. Gregory, B. Pecks P. I-IoFIman, M. Mar+in. Row 4: N. MiIes, V. Suhr, D. KinzIer, S. I-IoIbrook, D. Monfz, J. PeHi+, B. Fredericksen, R. Purvis J I-Iufchins, D. Godfrey, R. I-Ioelscher, D. AppIeby, R. Bina, C. Marfin. J. S, Deferminafion friumphs over machine and curfew. Why didn? I iusf sfay home? """"""Uswinm-I Row l: M. Davis, M. Dunn, K. Johnson, C. Dougan, D. Nolan, J. Harms, D. Bohr, S. Wilson, L. Borlholo mew, R, Traqer, L. Slarlc, N. Newhouse. Row 2: M. Bee-man, K. Johnson, B, Knapp, E. Boos, M. Marlin, S. Flanders, J. Sehlicher, K. Taylor, B. Gordon, Kunrz, J. Stephenson, R. Wiley, J. Meyer, M. Shalt ler, G. Trevelt, B. Brooks, E, Brindle. Row 3: D Wermerson, R. Klnzler, E. Sonlcsen, W. Grannernan, R. Cruse, R. Crooks, K. l-laan, L. Kelly, G. Ander son, C. Schnirller, G. Currie, C. Maxwell. J. Cello way, M. Bundy. Row 4: J. Russell, R. Slromberq R. Boes, W. Sprole, B. l-lenn, D, Davlclson, B. Thornp son, R. Cloud, S. Simons, T. Luparclus, S. Cawelti G. Srnllh, D. Pease. D. Beelc, J. l-lenrllcsen, J Belschner. ! A Capella Choir The Tree Lighting Ceremony December 5 was the first appearance of the A Cappella Choir this year on the SCI campus. They appeared previously at the KIIQNC meeting in Des llloines at Thanks- giving. The choir also participated in the annual presentation of the Hhlessiahl' in December. An- other activity of this choral group was the annual tour to various lowa towns in the latter part of February. 011 their return, they presented their yearly concert anrl appeared in the spring music festival. The mixed choir is compo-seal of approximately fifty to sixty members and is directed by Charles lllatheson. The group is proud of its new appear- ance . . . new burnished gold robes for daytime use and formal evening clress of black floor length gowns and tuxedos. ,Q W 3' Q e 'H' milf . if , xi . 1 .5 34. . 'IJ '12 ,., af? gi f N X1 4 .5 f ue Mixed Chorus The niemhers of the llixetl Chorus were busy all fall working diligently on the oratorios for the year- ly presentation of the Hhlessiahl' which they per- formed at Christmas time with other musical groups including lvomenls Chorus, A Cappella Choir and Symphony Orchestra. l"ollowin,15 the December per- formance, the group met to practice on the music for their performance in the annual spring festival of the Nlusic Department. During the year, Nlixed Chorus met once a week to work on their music. The group is directed by lohn Klitchell of the Klusic Department. lt is open especially to the members of the stuclent body who enjoy singing in choruses. but who are not majoring in music. MlXED Cl-lORL.lSfRow I: John W. Mitchell, di- rector: F. l-lakn, K. Lee, J. Buckingham, C, Hum- pnry, N. Lemon, V. Koontz, 6. McKay, S. Beving, M. Fanoer, D. Gorgen, S. Albarr, E. Taylor, M. lrey. Row 2: D, Arrnann, M. Cooke, L. Williamson, C. l-lappe, P. Freese, B, Ashlby, D. Wilson, R. Craver, P. Loshee, C, Dickenson, C. Beck, J. Eells. Row 3: L. Benson, J. Schroeder, C. Reed, K. Krarner, M. Jordan, R. Sears, R. Jensen, L. Walters, D. Miller, K, Jensen, K. Jones, S. McMurry, Row 4: l. Hernpy, K. Willhile, P. Breeser, J. Borcharclt, D. Alexander, R. Worrn A. Ktzrnan, J. Scott, C. Lang, K. Meyer, S. Gallagher, D. Overland. Chapel Choir Chapel Choir was organized to give pleasure and stimulation and to provide a challenge for the chapel congregation to become interested in beneficial music. The group sang weekly for the Chapel Service at the College Hill lnterdenominational Church. Dr. David Bluhm olliciated at this Sunday morning service. Another function of the choir was WOMENS CHORUS-Row I: R. Noe, L. Olsen, M. Thomas, F. Keeney, A. Davis, I.. Niebuhr, J. Balh, D. Baines, E. Wilson, P. Warrick, B. Overman, Y. Swanson, D. Milehell. Row 2: K. McConnell, M. Schirclc, K. Randles, N. Brenholdl, E. McGenly, S. Pelersen, M. lde, M. Rechkemmer, B. l-lyall, M. Burkardl, R. Gideon, E. Carlin, S. Thompson. Row 3: J. Thompson, J. Johnson, J. Couchman, D, Jennell, M. McCall, N. Wrighl, E. Kahler, D. Lalham, S Wilson, L. Sawlell, J. Pelerson, L. Lidllca, D. Chal- slrom, M. O'Banion. Row 4: M. l-lundling, A. Bul- ler, M. Williamson, M. Hughes, B. Williams, D Varnum, R. Kuennen, J. Goddard, M. Schoeman J. Schlesselman, B. Madill, B. Malley, R. Seamans E. Johnson, P. Merrill. Row 5: S. Thompson, M Melz, J, Linlce, D, Rolh, J. Hill, J. Moon, M. Mar- lin, J. Harl, C. Gregg, L, Simesler, J. Eills, C. Brubaker, K. Blezelc, A. Paulson, S. Schreiner. i i to provide music for the Baccalaureate service in the spring. Approximately fifteen to twenty students composed Chapel Choir this year. The group was under the supervision and direction of llliss .lane lllauck during the first semester. llr. Philip Hahn directed the group second semester. CHAPEL Cl-lOlR-Row I: B. Kelley, J. Bannier, J Paynter, E. Pirchey, K, Taylor, G. Miller, J. Mauclc Row 2: J. Keipp, M. Jackson, S. Schreiner, A Riehn, V. I-loque, M. Lunclie, D, Bluhrn. Row 3: J Maths-5, G. Pease, P. Hahn, T. Alha, D. Vernon, A King, A, Lorenzen. Women's Chorus Performing at the annual "llc-ssiahn along with A Cappella Choir, College Chorus anal Symphony Orchestra was the first important activity of the XVomen's Chorus in the 1961-62 school year. 'l'hey were seen hy residents of this area when they ap- peared again this year on television with their special Christmas performance. :X concert in the spring was another major activity of the year in which the memhers of lVomen's Chorus participaterl. Tht group met once a week cluring the year to work on varied pieces of music for their presentations. The group worked unaler the capable clirectorship of Bliss .lane Klauck during the first semester. One credit hour a year is given to the women who participate in this group for the entire year. Y .ii .- s v lu my 4' L.. J 5? Y ig - 1 :-' E if ? , as-15,15 if 41' I 1 it VARSITY MENS GLEE Ci.UBfRow I: Leslie Hale, direcror: T. Sally, H. Rogers, J. Hushaqen, D. Michel, R. Worm, J. Void, W. Roberrson, C. Srruyk, R. Knoll, R, Hood, C. Landon. Row 2: G. McKay 6. Peierson, E. Duus, D, Wilson, B. Nixon, A. Kiiz- rriari, B. Byndas, W. Bishop, D. Nielsen, P. Nielsen. Row 3: K. Chalgreh, J. Telricic, T. Spear, S. Kemann, M. Schaumburg, D. Godfrey, J. Kheuss, R,lv1Hcheil D. Sieed, R. Wriqhr, G. Floyd, D. Sheiko, D. Burron. Row 4: R. Thomas, N. Aimquisr, S. Parson, R. Cas- sady, J. Moore, E. Wroughron, J. Wilkins, S. Rover B, Rempeiberq, J. Kinne, R. Andrews, R. Johnsion M. Sreinberg, B. Taylor. Varsity Men's Glee Club 'llhc' iivwcst singing orgzrnizzition on the SCI rzunpus, Varsity fXlcn's Glu- Club, is in its second yr-zrr. Among thcir pcrformzrnccs were zlppcznmiccs in thc Holncfolning xY2ll'lCflCS Show zlnrl thc faculty clancc in Qlzuiuzny. Yarsiry Klcn's Cllr-rl Club prc- sents :rn opportunity for thc nu-n on czunpus who ... Q., . have an interest in music but who are not music majors, and can carry El tune, ro have their own musical group. The group, Ol'g2lIllZCLl and rlimctecl by Lcs Hale, has increasccl its membership and has acquirccl :L neu' zumpez11':1iu'c this yr-ar hr the purchase of bluzcrs. ' -B i is . We A . A . .. -Nm rfwf. . .-7"":3-.-.. X... - ...N 4- f r' Mwx, . 'B' ,iii 1 arching Band SCI spe1'1111111's 1111e1111111g 1111- D21C1,S Day 111111111 111111111 was s11111'11-111-11 11111' 111 l'2l1Il. 1.1111-1' 111 11112 11101- 111111111111 game saw 21 s111111'1 B121I'L'111Ilg' 13211111 111'1'1'z1' 111111 sc-11s1111, 11111 13211111 111111111 1111- 1111111 1111311111011 111 111110 1111- 111-111 111 1111' 112111. '1111l' 17211111 111111611 111111 Des 1111111115 101' 1111- Drake g111111e. cllll' P1'11s111C111 111111 11s way 1111'1111g11 21 series 111 SDZ1l'1i11I1g 111111 1'1111- K111111'k1-1' 11011111111 1111' o1Aga111x11111111 111 111c 11111111111 11111's 111111 111011 f11l'0llg11 a 1111111111' 1111 H11111cc11111111g1 11211111 15111111111 13011 1111111111 l111'CCfS 1111s g1'1111p 111 Day. CD11 11111111111 11211111 Day, 11111 111c'111111'1's 111 1111' L'U1Iil'1Ll1 111'11ss D12l1'Cl'S. 1115111 s1e1111111g 11 11111 111 111.1111 312l1'l'111llj1 1131111 111ay1'11 1111s1s 111111 551111111 111 IlllI11L'l'- 11112 .11111 C1'011'111'1' as 11111111 l111lj0I' 111111 saucy 1111111111' 1111s 111g11 s1'1111111 111111'c11i11g 132111115 1l'Ol1l 1116 a1'1'11. Hostal. 1'fx'111'y111111y lows 21 pa1'a111-, 13111 1111- 13211111 1321115 - 9, 'Qi .. .I- ff l , MARCHING BAND-Row I: K. Hoffman, B. Dos1e1, C. O'Nei1, S. A111ers, G. L11ndva11. Row 2: W. S1over, T, Swa1n, K. Pe1erson, E. Wrouqhfon A. Anderson, F, Grove, N. E1s1rom, C. Rauscn. Row 3: J. Crowder, H. Garfz, M. Benne11, R. Pe1rusc11, N. Dona1d, J, Ferneeu, S. Pau1sen, L. Bob1ne1, G. Pease, J. Peferson, S. Hook. S. Loqs- don, L. Ke11y, C. C11r1s11an5en, R. P11111, D. Day, K. Pr1ce, 1. Cairy, K. M11cnen'1, K. Gordon, D. La111em, B. Leisiikow, D. Wend1, d1rec1or. Row 4: J. Henriksen, L. Baerenwa1d, C, Severson, D. Sco11, D. C1ark, D. Arm1qer, B. Holden, J. Goodman, J. Gmewood, E, Sonksen, J. Pau1sen C. J, Anderson, M. Beck, B. 1-1111, B. Burns, B. Kor1Je11k, M. W1n11ver. S. Shoemaker, S. Moqensen, G. 1'1o11man, V, Haque, G. SC1TU11'Z, B, P1n1, R. Hess, N. W11kens K. Mendo11, D. Zeman, A. Sumers, J. Mcrr1ck, C. K111C1c11ek, Row 5: J, N1cke1son, G. Upkvam D. Beck, P. Ha11, W. Sc1'1a1b1e, S. Moe-11er,1,Lu1:1ardus R. S11nernan, P. Sawyer, J. Dorman, G. Macon, J. Burr, J, Sm1111, D. Jenneff R. C1'1a11an1 D. S11re, B. Henn, M. S1e1nberq, C. Rembo1d, L, Sweers, G, Curr1e, L, Hanson, 6, Le1c1'11ord, C, Raynor, T. M1an1oy J. Jacobs, 1. W11ey J. R11sse11 P. Sc1'1war1zenbac1'1, G. Ackerman, J. Coucnman, J. Pefers, P. 1rv1nq, R. Wa11er, A. Hansu1d. l i i E l l Concert Band February snows forcetl the Concert Band to post- pone its annual college concert in the absence of 111: liarl Holvilc, director, ancl Sigurd and Karin Rasclwer, guest soloists, wlio were snowed out of tlie Ceclar Falls-VVaterloo area. The annual Iowa tour was not lizunperecl by tlic SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - Row I: L. Pilipclwuk, D. Wendf, J. Mifcliell, M. Lake, F. Hill, C. Claris! fiensen, W. Coleman, M, Russell. Row 2: J. Zuber. J. Hahn, N. Erickson, P, Gilligan, A. Nafviq, K. Weber, B. Hill, E. Rasmussen, C. Tiefz, K. Peterson, B. Korbelik, R. Tracy, K. Davis, R. Kinzler, C. Hinson, M. Pefers. Row 3: M. l-lolvik, R, Reeves. D. Alford, J. Grams, A. Fosfer, S. Loqsdon, A. l-lansuld, D. Kennedy, N. Wilkans, R. Pefrusln, L. Eckrofh, D. Sfine, R. Hays, R. Wriqfmf, R. Scoff, J. Hansen, G. Pease, M. Benneff, L. Leer, L. An- derson, J. Gilpin, G. Miller. Row 4: W. Sfover, J. Nelson, J. Ferneau, B. Brooks, W, Hale, T. Mc- Neal, M. Hughes, M. Russell, Conducfor. snows and concerts were played at Belle Plaine. Fairfield, Klarion, llillersburg, Klonticello, Rlt. Pleasant, Ottumwa, Tipton and VV2lSl1lIlgI0l1. Other events the concert bantl participated in were the Tall Corn llusic Conference and the spring music festival. sen, S. Shoemaker, B. Hill, D. Day, B. Burns, M. Beck, C. Anderson. Row 2: L, Eckroth, C. Severson, CONCERT BAND-Row I: M. Whitver, S. Mogen- D. Beck, N. Wilkans, D. Zernan, E. Kinsinqer, C. Christiansen, A. Anderson, C. Rausch, F. Grove, B. Korbelik, K. Peterson. Row 3: J. Nichelson, K. Gordon, G. Schultz, R. Hess, L. Kauzlarich, S. Moel- ler, R. Pertusch, B. Hays, W. Schaible, D, Stine, B. Dostal, K. Mendell, J. Harms, T. Cairy, L. Matrox. Row 4: J. Henrikson, J. Merrick, L. Baerenwald, A. Snrners, G. Upham, A. Rohson, J. Couchman, T, Wiley, R. Waller, J. Jacobs, A. Hansuld, J. Peters, C. Kubichek, B, Leistikow, E. Sonksen, K. Price, D. Latham, R. Sawyer, R. Slinernan, D. Clark, J. Good- man, R. Scott, M. Hughes. Row 5: N. Donald, G. Pease, H. Gartz, J. Hansen, D. Richardson, J. Ferneau, M. Bennett, L. Bobinet, J. Russell, S. Logsdon, G. Ackerrnan, L. Hanson, G. Currie, G. Letchiorcl, R. Lutz, C. Raynor. Row 6: C. Rembold, B. Henn, E. Wrouqhton, T. Swaim, N. Ellstrom, J. Peterson, W. Stover, Jr., S. Hook, K, Mitchern, K. Holvik, Director. S mphon Orchestra Ur. Klyron If. Russ:-ll's hands raise, the audience hushes and the titty musicians are poised as one. 'llhe conductor's hands drop slightly . . . and sud- denly, out of the pulseless void, the SCI Symphony Orchestra and its leader create a lush, vibrant, melodious concinnity. The SCI Symphony is eom- posed of both students and faculty members and has as its hasic aim to perform the best in music litera- ture. This year's agenda included a tall concert and participation in the sumptuous "NIessiah." The winter season passed with more music . . . another concert and two operas. Spring climaxed the year for the SCI Symphony Orchestra when, in a final performance, student soloists made their how to the art world. K 'WP' fi 1, 4. in , , 3 B Mgqx, Q . , ,... W, Y V YET, 3155551 S ' .. ,gi 'nv A ,V -' Q- 2'-Wiimzigf W -L: fn 11 4, A L.A, Lkiy , L, A 1 ?'.1,,Kz Liivf' - -ax E Xe W' M mr Mi 'iz W W N at jx ,wif ' a ff fi il 3 - f - fx ,m A mv, A -mpgs, Y, V ,z 9' gg 'f fri ' --My me- M , -fm ff g .J A , ii .mv - tm , 5? vM:- er .- 1 s-S' - . ,WY . 4- ,if da M m ? -f qv, -,. . g ag, . fwgiggah ff 55,3 gf., . -.-1'2a1fa:.yuef:E 5 uh., X a QE fa 5. Y ve Q 1 X M 1 12. 2 Y J Q W. J 1, gg? Y 9 K Y 1, 2 L V, sq L 'i 'f f W ,,, S L. ,, , W., I , 'W ,Hmm.l ,,,:, ,.,. : ,.,... A 64. 041 g Lf BRENDA JFAN CIEIGIR Vinton Iona 'lBunny, you will wear a crown that represents one of the most friendly student bodies l have met and because of this, wear your crown with the highest l'lOI101', the deepest pride and the biggest smile because you are their queen!" These were the parting words of 1961 OLD GOLD Beauty Queen Bliss Dee Azeltine as she relinquished her reign to Bliss Brenda Jean Geiger, 1962 Beauty Queen. Bunny and fifty-seven other girls competed for this title in two beauty pageants where beauty and poise were of chief importance to a panel of distin- quished judges. Cn announcement of the winner, tearful Bunny was accompanied down the ramp by the applause of the crowd. .qww ,,..4 Q Ofc! QM! Kiwi, .xglffenafcmzf PEGGY ANN D ESHON Betteudorf I54 Ofc! QL! Rauf, .Mffendmf N ICKI SCHDLTZ VV?LfCI'1OO Off! QL! Ewa, .Affenjanf Duxx I-1 DEX K D21 Ort W. ,.,. . , - -W1 , Kl.xL'R1zr2N LALLISON CQITCIN' I I55 Clxkol. Liars Durorr Boxxnc jmx liumsu Cedar Rapids Bridgewater j'rxQUE1,x'N frIjII.LAI.'Mli Cedar Falls Q41 5,41 SANDRA IIICKMAN KARIN jurlxsox Vvillthrnp Clinton M.xR11,x'x X1Cf'I.FI,I..XYll Aux Mu.1,1c':.xx Des Muinvx l7:1vrl1pm't Zftlflffy glftff Lux SCHIEI-'ER ,nllflillgfflll XIARILYX ScHrrm1.xx VI-f'I,X SM1'1'1l cxtdlll' Falls Mzxrifm popnfarifg SANDY PHILLIPS Cedar Rapids IS8 lpolonfarilfy CARROLL ENGELHARDT Elkader popwfarifg BARRY CQEISE Grand Nlound popnfarifg XIYRN.-X SvL'R1.1xG Lake View 'E"ifff2a?fL - ,Ln mf L .nip 21 L . f L, W L uirl Af -ifsa5X LL.QswsfsgL,: s Ly, LL.L.,5Q:'W LLL, ' L L L Lrg, A LL E f . :Q1i5"" 'T Af" , LLL- .W -.LYMLL H V f as , 17- w-y"'v"'9'-6- - -QPF" 'Ti - V . 1 f-Qi K. ohiugzl 9 in dual-QQDHDNUW5' . ' t' Ly- ,L L L. L L , , L L' ' YL ,L LL A L 'L L L L, L L :gt -,-- X, I Lv L, 'X A 4 L L ,,, LL ,L XL-Lf ' .L..,,m.. LwQ..L1.,WMM, --.W 1LL,w'w QL- Q' 4 - -A ' L. L. LL L L, L R my L, W L A or L. ' LfzuygehLLLBLWLr L LL L L LL .M.N.,-.,..L- .....,....,LLL.L ,'L,V,y LLLLQ K ,L L L LL LL L LL LL -- ' LL A ,sg o V L. ' o ' L 2 l S W L L ' .... K f , : Pi, IV V ' - L - A - V L L L 3 L L5 L jr + bf' : E " 'a 55 i' . : 'I - . -Q L! L 4 ,QL L L L Lg. L r .. L LL - L :LL ,721 m' 233 ,, M L LL.,,L L LL.. L. NMMA LL . L L -L L f ' LL -'L' W L L L W L L . .. LL LL..L . LL ,LL LL. .LLL. L L ... - L LL LL LL LLLL L L L L 4 ' L ' 2 L A V, K X Y x wflxevz , . I . E af 'if' 'L' Homecoming Queen ' Uown. Zandt ' Muscatine, Iowa 1 , -:L ag 'mLLL o L L ff A x LL L .LL yklyzkwah t L ,LQ I s .li M 25,18 ' 2 Q , 9 E' 5... ifwjlkgpvgnvvfw- A fn: v 1 5 . . 2 .-,cf,, 0' 1. - ., D ,a ., :- . .- 13 .. 1 I ' I . I X Qg"'KY3'1 f 1 e . ,.:,3', 3,5 fag? 'i ,v 5 'TA 1 2 f. ' . E f ' - 533' ' 'fr 3 ' K ,n . , ' X m 1 , Y at 1 ' Q t W ' 1 .IV ' . '-,wwf QMM M ' 4 'X M f. ,pw . f ' 1' ' gt , . 'gi' ,,. ,ich , . . i , . , a J ?,'! 9 n -"' igfy Af . F , , W ,eg,?gU4n a if af,xf:ii-'az' ., . . A .. , . 1:8 , 9 5 , Q, ' I . 5 4. 0 . -. s 1 ' ' i M - .Q 3 Q , I-4 5, xg . , if 5 . f , ' , . T . J qi K an K N Q fi 1 K 4 I 221: 15,6 l 7 9 - , ' ,M f X , ., ' MXN -.2 5- " N., wx L54 N , .L jpgy X f . R, ,, i 14 Q' f f,, 7 f. ' 'bg 5' ,'5 CIQ'1iY f ' Q .rs fa .1 ' 4 ,' 5, .lifbw M '41, 1 3 ui U X gJi,,22gL7XxLQ.aXb': 4 lgg. K ,ix ,4 ,x, Sb f . F -iff? s 11 '- .' 2 923 -?' ,V ,, I 545, ' . 1-1' ' ff: - . I 9 f f K 'I 23 " h QDEM -Qi WK j., if : aff., f Fr. gf- eg , I ' gt, E 1: . fllffxfxk , Kgs " S V .1 Q f - mf-, f ,Jig V. ' fi' ' f- xt 2, ff gt ' f A w 1 Haag if ., Ili: , 0 . -... ,"x ! . - f. ...f 5 T mV A , ,. L ' 1 ' MQ, A ry . xx : I Ilpalx , Q .lk Xxk 5: A . ,K 3., wf,- -1 If 1 Q13 ' riiqi 1 2 V-5 Y, ,f :AQ y W - ,f 4 1' ,f W: - Qi.. V 1 .4 1 1,4 , V Ji. r 5 . 1. W, K . ' ,R , 4 - ' ' , f 1 4 , , LA fe ' 5 , ' ,i -Y Y , . , A.- fr, - 7 x 1 MM, 1 , nkcfckweu Cifyfvlowa ,ixghxv . . ...xy . ggs, ' " 43,5 Q , ,: W g' K 8 f at gs , e Y 'Es ,m 4 A WMS 1 s 3 H6 Wm 3 Q wk gmiw. 2 2 wg' wwfw 5 Www BW-- aff? JW qi N? I 'M ffl N W? y SP9 M e 1 Q me ,I 0 fake, Q 1 i rg: 4,-. 3 " :ir ,- a 1. ! wffv-1"Ef2,..f.X 1- rs mfs vY f , ., ' sf, M5245 qs 11 5.9 . f 1,1 ' w 1 - 1- ' gg? ,l,g,gE'ggeg.? - f 1. . , QM, , K Q 17' V' if ZW-, .-159 fr ' M ' 7 1 Li? -,,.m,,eeW,... ,M 3 11 - Tfff, -5 , , V. P NL -We y,:A5,x "l1l5lQlg,2f1 l 1, p gym - kj , , , ' 'J:fQ3??!k?2115iQ.Iffe':?fI35Ly2eisffweigfiififis"'?i3E'ii?.ak wrfgx W fi Y' A ,. ,L I, J W f 'Zinn A 6 5 v' 1, If 5 .L ,E ,W x, 'S'-r 1- fam' V!-K., 'ik 9 ffl?-wyfm:f,,, , . 4 V, " " M ef L . A , M ,g g m ' .fi iigfjzl-I iffy, 2.12.35-5, 614, my of fi Mm we f:'Af wwf, ,M . -, . ----- . , A, r-:iii :f ix W ing! it 'i WWE a 'gf f K 5 ' .2 "Fai eiffff 'a w 1 ' .ff :1qfQg,,k,, we mwfggf- i f- " ll .ws iff Ziff.- rww Huw. nf. '..,.:w1.1--:K - Lam?" r,-xifi ,fm .wi vw.. f -'3'3W:f'Qf2 . fag .. ..Q,A5QW:L2W TC Relays Queen Burlington, low gee mi Queen CAROL LESTER Delia Delta Phi Q88 A DON MURI'HY Aflphfl Chi I:f7Sil07l 2 gee me Mince GLL Husmmx ,flplm Chi Epsilmz 'fs Gee me Qaincedd IQAY IQAISER Della Delta Phi 9372- 1 1,1 1 , fu C A :Fo ,f 4' iimqf W '1-F 4 Q 5 .... , 4' K 5?-1 'xp 1033. A'g, 19 5 1 , we 4 Wu 15 9, U ' I K M: 'f X mg-,-1 i- K ' s gpg 555 Wm , Lu z s K sw L nf nf im -6 E7 fi' Wy .. . E U ,ww in P k 15? wwf-is 1 R, i . .V 4 .,:5 , M52 . ' ,1 sf. M , 1 QW rr. , W ' J' - -1. F: ' 1 V' , . Q ,. . -an l'?"""" ' A N.. ... .Www X .ff 'KM' E 1 .wr K , V - rm' 2 i , A , fb MN. ,, , QT" "5 ' . ' X' We , .:,J,v,l . ff 1,i '5,,::m "V ,Wm gf .13 - 'aw-wg ' 7 as-ws z'f:v:Sa- . ,ui f ' fm, um. ?:-5'ff 'W k " HL' L l' ff vi' - : Wx. 5:95 E: :' ,':s:v,... ' I ff ,inf rv' ,QU LQ .1f9'i .m5ws9f'g3 .gh-.2f1v3 's : Q 5 ly is ggw f A K 21 ' fu,-ww f bi :V V, ,, :g.f: vwf -- M f".,Z'fi'f'11'f? 'pf" 1rL,f,' ,. mg- ' Q, A H 117 "ELL:-riff! uf" ,. 26" W' fy aw fd5f2:4' f:,-Gf' 4 , K 'if sawn- W- ig 651, 125252 ljmf ' zgrgf H 1 qyfwi ,MI ' Q- - -1 at .. 'ff 'z-5 fue. 1, 1075 11 2"f' - ' "s911:!:' f K 5 W , if 'asf' M ygapmiszfw - ff 9 K gf ,-- - ,-a- ,gf ,Q ..... gg. wh L:-.W 59. .Ls M is zH.5.l,:,,V3 ' ? "" . 'w w fwv, , ,-5g"Ff ' 'i: "EZ A ' 'i' + Q Wgx 1 42135-gy yh : -523 ---. g1ffV,,,,-if: fig: A 'fig 131, '- iggfif- 'K '53, f :Mage ag jf'-43,1 ggmia. 4 Football SEASONS RECORD scl OPPONENT 37 Bradley . . . . . 26 19 lklankato State . . . 0 33 North Dakota State . . 8 6 Drake .... . 21 34 Augustana . . 6 43 Morningside . . . 14 ' 0 23 North Dakota U. . . 27 South Dakoto U. . . 7 13 South Dakota State . . . 36 Dan Beals puts that extra punch in every step. Panthers Share Football Title SCl's Panthers finished the l96l football season sharing the North Central Conference title. The Panthers led the league up to the last game when South Dakota came from nowhere to grab a share of the crown by beating SCI 36-l2. The only oth- er loss SCI had was 21-6 by rival Drake Univer- sity. This defeat snapped the Panthers' regular season winning streak at 13 games, five more games than the longest previous string by the 1927 SCI team. The Panthers outscored all other opponents, 218-61, shutting out lllankato State and North Dakota State and holding three other teams to one touchdown each. 6,300 fans saw SCI beat Augus- tana to highlight homecoming activities, and a Dadls Day crowd of 6,000 turned out for the eve- ning game with Xorth Dakota. The major migra- tion of the season was to the Drake game, and many fans followed the Panthers to South Dakota State as spectator interest remained high. Gradu- ating seniors on the football squad were VVendell lVilliams, Al Sonnenberg, John Raffensperger, Howard Becker, Gary lvilcox, Hurley Hanley, Carl Bowman, Hob Crane, Gene Doyle, Bob An- drews, and Ken Kroemer. 'M-hm Coach Stan Sheritt advises quarterback Dave Cox on the finer points ofthe game. Row l: Fred Hahn, manager, Gene Doyle, l-toward Becker, Bruce Wiegrnann, Dave Cox, Dan Boals, Bob Crane, Charlie Hill, Don Gray, Dennis Wright, Bob Kunkel, Darnell Santord, Frank Ryan, manager. Row 2: Art Dickinson, trainer Chuck Reid, Duane'Waters, Al Sonnenberg, John Rattensperger, Carl Bowman, Bob Andrews, George Graves, Bill Moore, Hurley l-lanley, Larry Thompson, Larry Walters, Warren l-lansen, assistant coach. Row 3: Stan Sheritt, head coach, Bill Johnstone, Eldon Reinhardt, Don Eichelberger, Ken Kroemer, Bob Stevens, Ted Minnick, Wendell Williams, Bud Crystal, Gary Wilcox, Dennis Button, Dennis Remmert, assistant coach, Bob lBubl Bitcon, assistant coach. Row 4: Nevin Alrnquist, Bill Schwartz, Larry Van Oort, Jack Carlson, Glen Conner, John Hern- minger, Pat Mitchell, Ron Martin, Lese Rayburn, Dave Page. ur , Q Q ft t t fi :fs 1 li i, 4 'W -an it' ig ii Fa laiti u E A ji " ' x, Z' fJ'f I ,Wi- ,I ' fi' , , tf i w il I ' an Q i. t , 2 I i ls i H' t Y l Dave Cox gets protection from Dan Boals and Howard Becker in a record-breaking touchdown pass at South Dakota State. Boals, Cox Set Records Dan Boals led the rushing department and Dave COX took charge of passing as the Panthers set and tied many records this season. Boals charged IOO3 yards to set a new SCI record in rushing yardage. His 738 yards in league play set a North Central Conference record, but he fell five points short of the scoring record. Danls place-kicking in the lllorningside game let him tie the school record of live conversions in one game. The team record for rushing yardage set in l94l6 also tell this season when the Panthers' offense totaled 2276 yards. Cox tossed four touchdown passes in the opening game against Bradley to tie Ralph Capitanils indi- vidual and team record. Dave toppled another Capitani mark by passing for 14 touchdowns dur- ing the season. Fifteen touchdown passes this sea- b son were good for a new team record in this depart- IHCIIT. A wary Augustana back prepares lor a jolt from John Rahfensperqer and AI Sonnenberg. if Qi X if H' Q "' , ' A A K Ii 5 A ,V f "M za up 5 ,O Q " W J F M I jg: m Q ' , -Q we ' I I S .. K Q U gy .ng -, ' QP gygh ff if . i W Q gf 2 L K if M, .gkifsf 5 ' Wk., 2 1 ip ' ,A vw, xx f wi Ng ,' .L H fy J. , 4. g, m5133354 gf ilsgklyfsf' gi ., ,pw -I 'Q if ,T 5, WW., 1 wf fvx .MN W j3P2fs..,w5f2 Sul,-5,,,, 1+ 4 sf' .45 HQ. 4' vsg Elini! M .gzw Howie Becker wonders what Thar guy said. illiams Named All-America SCll's YVendell 1Villiams and Dan Boals earned national recognition by the Associated Press for the 1961 season. VVi1liams was named first team guard on the Little All-America team, and Boals was given honorable mention. VVilliams called defensive signals for the Pan- thers in his third season as a starter. He and Boals were two of SC1,s co-captains for 1961. 1wVilliams was a first team selection on the All-North Central Conference team both in 1960 and 1961. Boals, a junior, also was named first team all- NCC in 1961. 1-le completed the season ranked second in rushing on the NCAA small-college standings and first in the conference. Dan Beals lakes time out from his football duties. Little-All American Wendell Williams gels help from trainer Ari Dickinson as Dave Cox stands by. SCI lo 26 I3 fi two tor Row Ricln Dick 'he l'il'CSl1Ill2lll football tt-ani easily won its first in umletcatctl season. Dick Ulipliant anal Daw Dennis Balnr scores e tonclndown eqainst Mason City Junior College. Freshmen Unbeaten In Three Games SEASONS RECORD Stead lerl tlie passing attack in thc first two games, ,,,,1,,,xENT while Phil Blinnick was tht- leading ground-gainer. Stantlonts on defense were Dennis Ballr, 'Paul lfllswortli C. . . . I2 V - I V W K lxroinnienhock, Dennis Xlnllen and Rod Mitchell. KIHSOH LIU -l' L' 0 Sid Sickels niovecl from an cnil position to tulle Klankato State lfrosh . ll back to rnsli 133 yards and score two toncliilowns against the Mankato State trcslnncn. Ray Shipa- nik's kick attc-r the first tonclulown was tlie differ- gaincs and CLUIIC troin behind to win a tliiril ence in tlic victory that yieltlecl an nnbm-ati-n season tor Coach XVZIITCH Hansenls l:I'CSl'llHC'Il. I: Jim l-lirt, Kent Steptienson, Dong Larson, Jolnn Hemminger, Bill Stanley, Deve Steed, Jotin Clwellis. Row 2: Gary Wtiite, Oliplwant, Mike Gordon, Skip Giles, Jirn Goetzinqer, Leon Kroerner, Sid Sickles, Paul Krornrnenlwoek, Mex Miller, Row 3: Stelwltiut, Dave Pelrnitier, Dick Rirnrodt, Fred Hildebrandt, Rod Mitchell, Dave Rowray, Del Hammond, Pliil Minnick, Mike Dukesnier, Denny Mullen. Row 4: Lee Sclnenermenn, Denny Belir, Mike Stubsten. Lou Heasis, Mark Messersmitlw, Wayne Robertson, Jim Jackson, Bruce Montgomery, Jim Dilts. SCI 83 6+ 78 69 1595 675 67 67 87 84 73 83 Q2 71 i- 83 92 74 68 84 98 78 21181 328 1 5277 J. . .x. Basketball S IQASUN ,S RICCURD OPPONENT Nlacalester ..... 57 VVinona State .... 60 Wfvestern lllinois . . 75 Parsons ...... 66 lllinois State Normal . 76 Cornell ...... 51 South Dakota State . . 73 Klorningsidc- .... 72 South Dakota . . . 97 Loras ....... 49 North Dakota State . . 51 South Dakota . . . 60 Augustana ..... 68 North Dakota State . . 58 North Dakota .... 79 VVartburg ..... 67 South Dakota State . . 66 Augustana ..... 71 Klankato State . 74- Nlorningsidc . . 7-l- North Dakota . . 60 Augustana . . . 78 Hamline .... . 68 Nebraska YVC-sleyan . . 78 Tall Corn Tournament NCC Playoff NCAA Regional TOLl1'll311lCIlf Pete g rouqht him the conference rebounding title. Spoden shows the jumpin 'Form that SCI Ties Augie In Basketball Race The North Central Conference championship and a bid to the NCAA regional basketball tourna- ment completed coach Norm SteWart's first year as SCI head basketball coach. After winning the first four games and the Tall Corn Tournament, the Panthers dropped their three opening conference games. Not until SCI met Augustana nine games later did the Panthers lose again. SCI fiinished the rest of the conference schedule without a defeat to finish in a tie for first place with Augustana. ln the playoff game to decide the conference repre- sentative to the NCAA regional tournament, SCI beat Augustana, 81-78. The Panthers won their first game in the regional, but their busy ,schedule told on them as they dropped the final round game to Nebraska lVesleyan by one point. The season's record, l9 wins and 5 losses, held the most victories ever scored by a Panther basketball team in one season. Coach Norm Stewart prepares Dick Christy forthe game Row I: Roger Bock, Ed Ware. Bob Waller, Bruce Lein, Jerry Holbrook, Duane Josephson, Bob McCoot Row 2: Norm Stewart coach, Steve Rover, Dick Christy, Pete Spoden, Ray Cutl, Paul Batcom, Dick Savage. .. .. ... wa- ia xx 2 X i X Q . AQ? V' .AQM a 231 ' f ., .W 0 rf W M ...Jr ' Ff Z Em fi if .. Q W Q CM - 'Q aa 'ar 5 6 QM fa, .Y E Qwf """ I ,elif vw. 1 I .xg ,K 2, . , bf ,, ., ., . , ..r ,. N.. lg..-Q ow 4 ,gi nn. . . Wg t x 'fl' Qi-Q .. 4 X www X F' . by , gl' 3 i 4. .1 ,f .. Q. QP' 355 1, 1 .W A , .. W . W. , . . .. Q .,. Q. W ' as-1 . 5 4 W WW A, ' Q7 Q1 T 5 nf if 5 ' ' f 'Biff 7' K w S .Q gf, .1 M Q- Q: . Pau? Bakom Yeaves fhe Loves de- feinders Na+-foofed as he Helps SC! NVYVT. Q s fs, , Q K A iii L, V g,, 5 .P 1 x a'2 iff, B, ' KWi .W? MA1f iibx A is R, V We '3- y iii 3,1 3' ' -fi . wx, , ,avmwm 1 if Wi5 5 PE 'Wig Z5 N.. 3 15 an gifs? Freshmen Post Winning Record Herb Jtietmami waits Icgr the momma Dick Lowe drivt for fi ifiyup. Coach Kloii IVhittoriI's IITSIIIIIZIII haskc'thaII SIf,-XSOXS RICCORIJ wql1amI had a touch sUIiwIL1Ic', hut it i'2i1'I1t'LI a ivspvu- SU m,wNI,x,I. tahlc' 75+ rc'cor1I. Iowa IlIl1IUl' CoIIcg1c champ, , I -. 1 W U Q - l , -Q UI Ixc-vstoiic . . . II L it-atom, won two ggaiiim tioiii tht- Aliiiiioi I anthem: 0 V- M -Q XVatcrIoo's Titus Airfoils, I'l1l1l1t'l'llD iii the State 37 Ixatwlflf' qlflls I AAL' 'IiOlII'llL'5', took om' and tht- Il'l'SIIIl16l1 from 77 Crt-stoii f. S2 Drake ofVtIic.IXIissoi1ri YaIIc5 Cf:-iif1'i'e1ic.t', won an-e 30 L01-as . l If other. SCIY trcshmeii split a pair ot right -galiivs N6 Ellsworth L.. . U3 with tht- W 21l'I'I'llll'Q' trcshiiicii, iicithc-r om- wimiiiig , , - , A no L rcstoii I. L. 1- at home. ' K W 'Ixop scorer for SCI I.l't'SIlIllCll this year was Herb U5 Uwkf ' ' I-I Alusrmanii with 182 points. Dick Lowe was second H5 XVartburg 31 with 172. and Ron .Ivsscii scored I65 points for 7S yym-tbll,-QQ ' 74 third high. Dennis Przicliodgiii anti Daivc Rowray 73 Khmkam Sum, Q2 roi1mIccI out the top five after Dick baragc and , . . , I D W k b N I' -bl - , v, i I 54 Xlarioii DAX . . . oh ,aiiy maxim' maine eigi c Toi xaiaity toiiipn- v V V 1 '73 Vkatvrloo Kraft-Lorhraii . UO titioii. Row I: Jim Bowen, Denny Przychcdzin, Herb Justmanrx, Jerry Gehrke, Jack Prlrice, Ron Jefsen L. W. IMonI Whltford, C. r Row 2: LyIe Svoboda, Marhri Hook, Larry Parks, Pat Peake, Sterhriq Peyton. v Xin M K ,K 3 fm 1 neg if t mfif f EE 'W'Em,,"MMWi .,,. frat: 'W kk" was ' i sg ri ref .4 K, , A .1f,.mmmt,,,,, A Q .... I My . 4 ftfftiwg, .1Wff"i7'3?6gigw -T wggtf was + g2'efQ'i2faH2-M as an tx Dave Jensen starts a long season with a lake-down against a Michigan State wrestler. restling 13 8 ll 16 6 7 13 8 23 6 25 23 7 4 L nn T ,pi ,, ,, SEASONS Omaha . . . South Dakota State Nlichigau State . llinuesota . lllaukato State . Colorado State U. lVyoming . . Colorado lowa State . Luther . Illinois . . St. Cloud State . NVi11oua State . Ulclahoma State . RECORD oPPoNENT . 16 19 17 H 20 22 15 17 3 20 5 7 19 Wrestlers Battle Tough Schedule The Panthers managed only five wins against nine losses in what Coach Bill Koll termed "the toughest schedule in the nationf' But SCI was impressive in the quadrangular meet at the Univer- sity ot llinnesota as Frank lfreeman, Dave -lensen and Bob Stevens won titles in competition with Iowa State, South Dakota State and lllinnesota. .lim Sanford and Bill Dotson followed the pattern by taking individual championships on the home mat in the SCI invitational tournament. Injuries became fatal to the Panthers early in dual competition when Freeman and Stevens were sidelined with injuries after winning in the first meets. Coach Koll juggled the lineups, trying to find winning combinations among the reserves, but the Panthers lost to two Big Ten schools and dropped meets to three more schools on a rugged road trip VVest. Jensen and Don VVilson were instrumental in se- curing the victory by beating tough opponents ot lllankato State. Freeman rejoined the team tor the Iowa State meet and scored a decision as did Dot- son when he wrestled twenty pounds overweight at 167. Jensen drew 5-5 in his match, but no other Panthers could put together points in front of the sizable number ot fans from both Iowa schools. The ttlp effort of the year came when the Panthers 1net the Cowpokes of Oklahoma State before an enthu- -, n Wl ' Y si r at I Coach Bill Koll and the team greet Wendell Williams as he comes ott the mat, siastic home crowd. SCI lost the battle, I9-7, but the number one team in the nation had to fight for their victory as they met an inspired Panther squad. Row I: Dave Jensen, Joe Fox, Jerry Gay, Tom Sally, Frank Freeman. Row 2: Dan Dunham, l-lal Walter, Dick Rausenberger, Jim Sanford, Bill Dotson. Row 3: Gene Miller, manager, Bob Stevens, Steve Hoeman, Don Wilson, Chuck Wedemeyer, Wayne Cor- maney, Bill Kall, coach. : 'flv I 44 Grapplers Rank High In Tourneys An opponenf gefs rubbed info We maf as Jim Samford appHes leverage. Bill Dofson nears a pin whife referee fries fo make a decision . , . f -nl' 'Q fa hx if . ..:-,N l 'uf Don Wilsor mes even his chin to rot '15l'LJblUOVVl wrestler on his back , 1 SCI Finishes Strong The tough cotnpc-tition SCI tacvd in thc ta-,qulat season paid off in tht- NCAA tontnalncnt as tht- Pan- thvrs tanlcenf fifth, their htst showing since l93.l. lftanl: l'lI'l'CINZlI1 took seconil at llti poilnmls, Bill Dot- son was I'llI1IlCl'-lip at I37 and Daw- .lcnscn piflivml up tontth place among 130 ponmfets. l'll'1'l'IH21l1 lost, 7-4, to Oklahoma State! Klasaaki Hatta, who had ht-atcn lftcctnan in a tlnal 1Ill't'f this season. Dotson lost to his opponent, Bill Carter of Oklahoma, 6--l, in tht- final niinutv. .'xffL'l' xxtvstliifg to Z1 4-fl tic in l'L'QlllZ1fl0Il titnc, -ll'llSl'll howwl out in a 3-0 ox'c'1'tiInc'. SCI IllZllI1f2llIlt'll its tloniination of North Cvnttal Ql0lll:L'l'R'l1Ct' n'tn-stling hy winning six titles anal placing ,q1,,,. - aw - .,t1 , svcontl in two more tlivisions. .lL'IlSl'I1, l"i't-Oman, Dot- ---"M" """ son, Qlllll Sanfortl, Don Wvilson and Bold Stew-ns won thvil' final tonnml lnatchcs, while' lvaync Ql0I'IN2ll1k'j antl Wvvmlcll Wvillianis got scconnl plan' honors. tlvn- svn was nann-ml outstantling wwstlvi' ot tht- tontna- Hawk prgemdn Wah +G' A MICMQM Shake Wwwer it lIlL'I1I'. make 5 move if' 5 7-l v'Q'ofy tm tfwe SCN man. I84 ,W,,W..J ,MW , , Legs and arms Fly as Jim Brainerd demonslrafes a new hold. Joe Fox is defermined fo gel on liis back. Matmen Win In Conference Meet RESERVE SQUAD Row I: Jim Lewallen, l-lerm Blaslolvilc, Gary Sfollz, Sieve Becicka, Ken Owens, Colin Squiers, Gary Pollard, Row 2: Ge manager, Bill Marvel, Diclc Auslin, Rich Engel, Jim Kroll, Diclc Tscliudi, Bill Koll, coach. liis opponenl ne Miller 598 6152 J J Y 1 , IOWA Baseball Lefty Dennis Oleinlczak digs in as he swings at opponents pitch during a Panther home game. 9 15 10 2 9 ale 3 X12 X13 X10 Hell 5 0 8 T t SEASONS RECORD Drake ............,...................... Drake ............. VVinona State .... LaCrosse State ...... Coe ...,................ Augustana ..... Augustana ..... lllorningside ...... South Dakota .... South Dakota ,... North Dakota ...., North Dakota ..... VVartbu rg ................. Oklahoma State Oklahoma State +North Central Conference HConference Play-off TNCAA District Five Play-off Row I: Lyle Thomson, Ed Watt, Dave Cox, Jerry Newton, Jack Heaton, Gary Floyd. Row 2: Dave Ray, Ed Ware, Bernie Hutchin- son, Dennis Oleiniczak, Larry Kehoe, Chuck Lammers, Norm Blake. Row 3: Coach Mon Whifford, K. C. Johnson, Darrell Bunge, Jim Steierf, Keith Fossey, Jerry Holbrook, Duane Nevenhoven. Panther Nine Rules League Panther Larry Kehoe flies past a cautious infielder hound for the canvas sack which will not hold them both. The ISTC baseball team captured their second North Central Conference baseball championship in four seasons in l96l. The l96l Panthers were 7-0 in conference play as they swept North Dakota Uni- versity in the play-offs for the crown. TC,s offense totalled 59 runs against l0 runs gained by confer- ence opponents. The Cedar Falls nine led the league in hitting with a .333 average and in fielding with a .969 average. Pitcher Ed Watt, First Baseman Larry Kehoe, shortstop Ed Ware, and outfielders Jim Steiert and Lyle Thomson all were named to the All-North Central Conference baseball team. Norm Blake, Dave Ray, Darrell Bunge and Jack Heaton gained honorable mention. Kehoe led the league in batting with a .588 conference play average, led in RBI's with eight and tied for first in home runs with team- mates Watt, Ware and Steiert, each slamming two. Panther pitchers Watt and Ray each had 2-0 records for a second place tie in the league, followed by Bunge in fourth place with one victory. Both Watt and Bunge had 0.00 earned run averages in league play. Panthers Double-up Visitors A visiting baserunner pounds the path to second as Norm Blalce laughs Ott the "threat" and throws to . . . L. W. CMonj Whitford, in his 35th year at ISTC, produced a Panther baseball team with an impressive record of 11 Wins and four defeats. The 4-4 non-conference record included two defeats at the hands of Oklahoma State in the NCAA District Five play-offs. ISTC was an at-large representative in the best-of-three series against the Big Eight school. The winner gained a berth in the College World Series. This season Panthers slugged out a .291 batting average and defensively they produced a .950 field- ing average. Lyle Thomson led the team in hitting with .421, followed by Larry Kehoe at .415. Dar- rell Bunge led the pitchers with a 3-0 record, but Ed Watt with a 5-1 record posted a 1.98 ERA to top the Panthers in that department. Dave Ray pitched the 'Panthers to three victories and two defeats. . . . Panther Larry Kehoe, standing alone at tirst with the base coach, who poses no threat at all. Nail -..,, f 5 A alla l' The Panfher bench 'fakes lhe game seriously ln a successful season in which lhey gained a berlh in fhe dlslrlcf five NCAA play-offs. Some of lhe leading players pondering lhe sllrualion are, from leflz Ed Wall, Larry Kehoe, Dennis Olelnlczak, Jerry l-lolbroolc, and Dave Cox. ISTC In NCAA Pla -Offs TC's Bernie l-lulchinson and fhe Auguslana cafcher pose al home plafe as Dennis Olejniczak looks on. Ifensperger hands off +0 Ha! Byram as Larry Markley Turn in fhe 880-yard relay af The TC Relays. Track SEASONS RECORD Cornell ............... 66M Blankato State ....... 95g Iowa VVesleyau . 94 Vviuona State ...,. 98 Cornell ..........,.........................,......... ISTC ., 71 Grinnell .... 42 1vVHl'fbUl'g ISTC H1112 Platteville ..-QM Coe ...... .. Trackmen Undefeated In Dual Meets Coach Art Diekinsonls trackmen won all four of their dual meets and all three of their triangulars in the l96l track season. The Panthers Hnished first in the Iowa College Indoor Relays and showed well in the Cornell, TC, and Drake Relays. In the Southhalf North Central Conference meet, TC won with 77 points, its nearest contender being South Dakota University at 352 points. In the North Central Conference meet TC placed .second to SDU by the narrow margin of 69 to 66. South Dakota State presented the only other serious competition with 58 points. In the Southhalf Conference meet lX'IaX Huffman set a new meet record of 22'-UA" in the broad jump, and a team of Dennis Vveyrauch, Larry Klarkley, -lohn Raffensperger, and Hal Byram sped to a record 3:20.-l in the 8-lap relay. Raffensper- gens :O6.6 tied the Iowa College Indoor Relays 50- yard low hurdle time. In the Drake Relays, Illark- ley, NVeyrauch, Byram and Ratlensperger teamed again to establish a new mark of 3 121.9 in the Iowa College lllile Relay. Bob Crane joined lllarkley, VVeyrauch, and Raffensperger for the 880-yard re- lay team to top the Iowa Colleges in that event. Row I: Doug Buchanan, Lyndon Dighton, Jim Miller, Bill Honnold, Max l-lulilman, Bob Crane, Dave Dillon, Dick Juhl. Row 2: Ron Lang, Dick Sherman, John King, Dick Shelko, Jim Fischer. Dick Smith, Said Daiani, Dave Hemphill, Ralph Finch, Dick Schreiber, Don g. Row 3: Coach Art Dickinson, Paul Drelke, Dennis Corwin, Bill Kaufman, Dave Linder, John Ratlensperqer, Larry Markley, rry Stillwell, l-lal Byram, Dennis Weyrauch, Gary Shoemaker, Jim Meskimen, Gary Wilcox, Dick Dotson. - f . . . ' .. -...Im . E It E Kaufman soars over The ber as oppo- 's Beck on En We TC Refays. Panthers Strong in TC Relays The rudges Nook on as Ha? BV-Vw Dumps Ynro fre finish 'ine reading fre Norrheasf Missouri runner on Hwe arwcrmr Une of We 980-yard refay. Two School Records Fall In 1961 Dick Dofson appears to be clearing +he light pole in the typical form that brought him the school pole vault record of I3'-4723" Two ISTC indoor track records fell in 1961. In a dual meet with Cornell, lXIax Huffman topped the 1950 school record of 22'-4" in the broad jump by leaping 22'-9". Dick Dotson rewrote both the school and the Iowa College Indoor Relays pole vault records by vaulting 13'-LPM" to better the 13'-2" mark set only last year by Jim Duea. The Panthers captured their share of events in the TC Relays by winning the college division 440- and 880-yard relays. Max Huffman, Bob Crane, John Raffensperger and Hal Byram fought off a strong Northeast 1VIissouri bid for a repeat victory in the 4-10-yard relay. The Panthers won by a mere tenth of a second to tie Northeast lllissourils 1960 record of :4-3.1. The freshman 880-yard relay team of lXIike Long, Bob Theisen, Bob Glasener, and Dave Suntken wrote a record of 1131.0 in the books. Netmen Take North Central Title The Iowa State Teachers Col- .ege tennis team won their third 'orth Central Conference tennis hampionship in the last four tour- naments. Jim Baker and Roger lDitzenberger teamed for the con- ference doubles title without drop- ping a set. Nlike Schaumberg ained the final round of the indi- Eidual matches and won second lace. Doug Foley reached the semi-final round, but lost to the champion also. ISTC totalled IO points in the tournament to give them a three-point margin over North Dakota State. The Pan- thers tallied 5 wins against 3 losses in the 1961 season. The Baker- Ditzenberger combination led in doubles for the season with a 5-Z record, and the Foley-Schaumberg team posted a -I--3 season record. SEASONS RECORD Sci oPP. 8 VVartburg . 0 0 Iowa State . . 9 3 Dubuque . . -l 6 Loras . . . 0 6 Drake .... . 1 -l Lacrosse State . . 5 6 Luther . . . . 3 7 VVartburg . 0 Row I' Jim Baker Ro er Ditzenber er Bill Dodd, Row 2: Jim Clark, Bill Koll,coacl'1, Milce - i Q Q i Schaumberg. 'Sid will .44 ... .. w e-3?",i5 . , ,a '. , .. , . '- D , .,:. z , , . '. 4 f ii W 0 -su gurl! Jim Balmer eyes the ball on a serve. 193 N Bill Wesfphal fees off for the first hole. I94 Golfers Turn in 4-1 Record The Panther golf team had a winning season with a 4-l record. Their sole loss in dual play was to Dubuque University by a single point. ln the Drake tournament the Panthers finished seventh in a field of eighteen and in the North Central Conference meet, they ranked third. Chuck Patten led the golfers this season with an 3-O record, fol- lowed by Bill Westphal and Jim Daman, each posting a 4-l mark. GOLF TEAM-Row I: Chuck Patten, Bill Wesfphal, Mike Thornburghg Row 2: SEASONS RECORD 9 IA VVartbu rg .......,........., 5 Z S lVartburg ..... ..,.... 7 JZ Dubuque U .,.... .....,, 6 M IOM Loras .......... ....... 4 M l l Drake ..... .,..... l Tournzznzenls Drake ..,..,..,..................... 7th Place North Central Conference ..... ...... 3 rd Place Coach Jim Clark, Jerry Davis, Jim Daman. Intramural Races Are Close Competition in menls intraniurals was keen with a new point system and more participation. Klen's dormitory house teams competed in their own league this year and they met off-campus and fraternity teams only at the end of the playing season for each sport to decide all-campus championships. Stone House and Lowe House took the two house league football championships and in the playoff l.owe House won. Tau Kappa lfpsilon, fra- ternity ofl-eampus league ehamp, beat the men from l,owe in a rugged game, lo-H. The Stone House swimmers and the 'lllilf swim- mers finished strong again in the swimming tourna- ment. lfaeh finished high in its league, winning Eve of eight Contests, hut no all-eampus seores were kept. Phi Sigma lfpsilon took on Hemstead House in the championship game for haskethall. The Phi Sigs won handily, 55-38. lnterest was high as several former high school stars met in the wrestling tournament. Sherman House took first place over all with Z4 points. Boies House was seeond at Zl, and the Phi Sigs had 20 for third place Delberf Lowery fries fo block a shof by Hurley Hanley in an off-campus 'eaque inframuraf game. John Hemminger lifts Jim f-lirf in fhe finafs for heeyyweiqhfs, buf f-firf resisfs fo win fhis mafch. , new-H ....l-my ' I , ,,wW,,,4, gwfwifwwww QWWMMW. B' v , X 'f - -- --:gba t .--, ff ' 4 WJ .m.,,m....fh-Wmww-ww-MM' .A , 5 Q M - EWS QE Q 4, , .X .... 59 .EQA , -Jsifgf? Y ,M , . . L,,.1L. gl' ' ' 4 W, i 1 DIR,G-.A.JN' IZ.A.TIOJSI'S Row I: M. White, R. Button, M. Mapes, M. Starller. Row 2: M. Lee, C. Sfimpson, J. Burritt, J. Krob, J. Peterson. Alpha Phl Gamma OFFICERS President . . . JOHN BURRITT Vice-president . . IVIARY IIIAPES Secretary-Treasurer . AIO KROB Alpha Phi Gamma, a national honorary journal- ism fraternity, endeavored to promote journalism at SCI. The central activity of the year was the Gridiron banquet held in the spring to honor the participants in journalism at SCI during the year. 1Iembership in Alpha Phi Gamma requires a year of service on either the OLD fIOI.D or the C and S staff. The organization was founded on campus in I9-I8 and is currently sponsored by Bernard Delloff. Beta Beta Beta OFFICERS President . . Lrxox l':RHARDT Vice-president . . KARL RINEH.4R1' Secretary . ANNETTE IiNL'osoN Historian RoBERT Youxo Row I: J. Rosonlce, J. Dougherty, A. Knudson, R. Pletcher, C. Jensen, hart, A. Longhenry, V. Dowell, P. Dice, L. Fox, B. Baker, K. Fry. Row man, K. Rinehart, R. Young, G. Cohfins. Beta Beta Beta, honor society for students of the biological sciences, attempted to stimulate ,sound scholarship, to promote the dissemination of scien- tific truth and to encourage investigation in the life sciences. To carry out these goals, programs were composed of student-faculty discussions, films and a November field trip. Klembers attended the Cedar Falls Audubon Screen Tours and took part in the local Audubon Christmas Bird Census. The Clam- ma Upsilon Chapter of Beta Beta Beta sent a dele- gation to the national convention which was held in Klay. Sponsors were Dr. Charles Allegre and Dr. Virgil Dowell. S. Sauer, L. Erhardt, A. Dowell. Row 2: L. Ribleet, S. Rine- 3: C. Alleqre, B. Clausen, J. Domer, l-l. Pennington, D. Koll- I Club OFFICICRS President . . Boi: CRANE Vice-president . PAT IXIITCH ELL Secretary -IINI DAMRON Treasurer . FRANK RYAN The I club at the State College is an organiza- tion which honors athletes in all sports. llr. Larry liitcon and Nlr. Norman Stewart were the co- sponsors ot the cluh. Activities tor the I club in- cluded the selection ot the finalists tor the Home- coirimg Queen and selection of the SCI Relays Queen. At the football and basketball games, mem- bers of the I club were seen selling programs and food during intermissions. Ir was the duty of the I club to arrange the display in the lIen's Gym of all pictures, trophies and maps telling of the success ot recent and old graduates. To encourage scholar- ship, the I club sponsored the alumni scholarship to help a deserving member through school. rlihe club sponsored the annual I club dance held in the special cluh room. Row I: B. Crane, J. Davis, J. Daman, J. Rosonlce, E. Reinhardt, J. Fox, D. Dunham, F. Ryan, H. Beclcer. Row 2: E. Watt, L. Thorn- son, J. Rattensperger, T. Minniclc, W. Williams, D. Cox, B. Wiegmann, D. Boals, B. Westphal, A. Waters. Row 3: B. Stevens, C. Bowman, D. Shelko, G. Floyd, P. Mitchell, 6. Wilcox, J. Fischer, M. Schaumburg, L. Knudson, L. Markley, D. Weyrauch, J. King. Row 4: R. Sherman, A. Sonnenberg, B. Noonlresser, J. l-lolbroolc, B. McCool, D. Christy, P. Spoden, B. Kautman, K, Kroemer, D. Bunge, B. Schwartz, E. Ware. Q. Row I: F. Hiil, W. Schnaibie, R. Dexier, R. H S. L .Ci r' Ro ' Th r . R ays, N. Donald, J. Burr. Row 2: S. Simons, L. Hnizeil, D. Scoii, D. Miniie, T. Maniey H A H ld J C d H G i' L D J L F oqsdon,G Lirie. W3. B. ornpsan . ess, . ansu , . row er, , arz , orri, e ebvre, Presiilenr . Vice-president Secretary . 'lll'C2lSlIl'l'l' . Phi u Alpha Sinfonia OI'l'lClCRS Dieic ScoT'r . S'1'icvif Sixioxs Homin fl.-XRTZ Sin Loosnox Beta Nu chapter of Phi Klu Alpha Sinfonia. a professional music fraternity, sponsored several ini- portant musical events. 'llhe annual "Dimensions in jazz" prograin was expanded to include a dance hand clinic with +00 high school students partiti- patingf. l7l'hl'l' activities inclucleml a winter solo re- cital, rhe Aineriean Composers Convert, and the Stuclent Composers Concert of the Klay Klusic Fes- tival. Frank Hill. as faculty advisor, helped plan the social functions. and suggested ways in which the Sinfonians could assist the niusie department. Row I: A. Perryman, P. Cookinham. Row 2: Dr. Wagner, A. Daniels, E. Hade. Delta Sigma Rho OFFICERS President AUDREY PERRYMAN Secretary PAT COOKINHAM Delta Sigma Rho is the United States' oldest national honorary organization for students in- terested in debate, oratory, discussion and other forensic activities. lt was founded in l906 and in 1913 affiliated with the national organization. Mfembers are selected from upperclassmen who show scholastic ability and excellence in forensic activities. Members take charge of arrangements for debates between SCI and foreign universities held every other year on campus. In the past, they have de- bated teams from England, Sweden and Scotland. The group also sponsored a Christmas party and a dinner in the spring. Dr. L. R. Wagiler was sponsor. Kappa Delta Pi OFFICERS President . . Bos Kooiz Vice-president . GEoRoE PLAGER Secretary SUZANNE XVINSLOYV Treasurer . . ALICE Yfli.-XGER Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, encourages high professional, intellectual and per- sonal standards among its members and recognizes outstanding contributions to education. The Psi chapter at SCI has in the past fulfilled this purpose only among its own members. XVith the change in function of the college, this chapter will endeavor to encourage these standards of education among the entire student body. Kappa Delta Pi was asked by the Education Department to help in the study of possible building plans. The Department values the opinion of students, as they will be utilizing any new facilities decided upon. llembers gave their ideas on requirements for general education to the committee which studied this problem. Dr. llflerritt E. lllelberg sei'ved as the group's sponsor. Row I: B. Voss, S, Gatewoocl, K. Mitchem, D. Edwards, L. Schaefer, M. Thompson, C. Breeding, A. Briden. Row 2: G. Plaqer, L. Brockmeyer, J. Orth, J. Mathison, C. Moore, D. Klaessy, M. Lee, M. Benning, J. McCoy. Row 3: J. Henriksen, B. Koob, W. Tielmeland, G. Kunz, J. McCoy, A. Yeager, S. Dehfs, M. Woehllc, K. Adams, S. Winslow. Kappa Mu Epsilon OFFICERS President . . . . BARBARA IXIANN Vice-president . . CHARLES LEHMKULI. Seeretary-Treasurer . . PATRICIA COOKINHARI The national honorary mathematics fraternity, Kappa llu Epsilon, furthers interest in mathematics and develops an appreciation of its beauty. This society provides for the recognition of students in mathematics and brings them together in a profes- sional and social relationship. Requirements for membership include a 2.5 grade average, a theme on some subject in mathematics and 6-l -semester hours of college credit, 13 of them in mathematics. Stu- dents meeting the qualifications for membership are invited to join each fall and spring. ln addition to a social program of oral reports and faculty guests, discussions considered everyday mathematic prob- lems. lllr. Robert Yount served as faculty sponsor of the group. Highlighting the year was the national Kappa Klu Convention held in the spring. Row l: l. Brune, l-l. Trimble, R. Yount, S. We-fide. A. Meeks, B. Mann. Row 2: J. Bruha, C. Lehmkuhl, J. Jensen, L. Kinqery, 6. Stiles, R. Dickey. Row I: B. Mann, L. Moeller. B. Lacoste, B. Vogt. Row 2: A. Meeks, M. l-lumlce, M. Jugenheimer, M. Woelilk, D. Beck. Chimes OFFICERS President . Kluzjoiuiz l'll'XIKE Vice-president . RIARY LOL' VVOICHLK Secretary . Doius BECK '1'reasurer .ANDRIA BIIQEKS, Last lllotht-r's Day morning a group of sopho- more girls were pleasantly surprised by the sound of tinlcling bells approaching their rooms. These girls were chosen as members of Chimes, a junior women's honorary, on the basis of scholarship and leadership. Dr. Lillian YVagner is the sponsor for Chimes. Activities this year included setting up an information booth at Homecoming and sponsoring a 'lchat 'n nibhleu in Lawther to inspire the girls to strive toward the goals of Chimes. Also, the girls helped the Association of Vlvomen Students with their annual tea by serving as hostesses. XVith the sophomore and senior honoraries, Chimes presented the freshman girls with an aspect of college life very essential to each girl-studying. The goals of Chimes are to encourage scholarship, leadership and service. Row I: L. Wilson, J. Gray. J. Kercheval, C. Tietz. Row 2: J. Schlicher, B, Koob, R. l-lauqhton, B. Morden. y Lambda Delta Lambda y OFFICERS President . -loHN ScH1.1cH1zR Vice-president . . . Bon lioolz Secretary-Treasurer . CAROLYN 'l'lETZ One of the first societies established on the campus of the State College of lowa was Lambda Delta Lambda, an honor society for students in physical science. ln order to be selected for mem- bership, a 3.0 or above grade point average in l-l semester hours of physical science is required. The object of Lambda Delta Lambda is to promote interest in the study of chemistry and physics and to encourage and recognize a high standard of scholarship in these subjects. This organization has revised its constitution with the help of their spon- sor, Dr. bl. VV. Kercheyal. Phi Delta Kappa OFFICERS President . CARYI. BIIDDLETON Vice-president . fdORDON RHLAI Secretary-Treasurer . CECIL PHILLIPS Phi Delta Kappa, an honorary international fra- ternity, promotes free public education as essential to the development of a democracy through the continuing interpretations of the ideals of research, science and leadership. This fraternity holds high professional, fraternal and honorary standards. To become a member of the Delta Beta chapter, an individual must be a graduate student with a 3.0 scholastic average, a faculty member or a non- resident who has been engaged in five or more years of successful educational work and holds a ll"laster's Degree. Speakers and discussions were the basis of the monthly meetings Where members found fellow- ship based on common interests and ideals making possible group action for the promotion of free public education. Row I: R. Moore, G. Holmes, W. DeKoclc, E, Schaffer, H. Knutson, P. Kelso, E. Riffer. Row 2: L. Hurfon, E. Possum, G. Wagner, F. Marfindale, CS. Hastings, H. Riebe, L. Campbell, R. Messer. Row 3: R. Euchner, O. Thompson, G, Rhum, V. Morris, D. Wiederanders, P. Brimm, C. Bishop, C. Phillips. I 207 President . Vice-president Secretary Treasurer . Kappa Pi O F F I C E R S BARBARA SANBORN NELL LEMON . . . KAY lVTORSE . DENNIS HENDRICKSON Kappa Pi is an honorary fraternity in art, whose membership includes only those of outstanding schol- arship and ability in the field of art. The aim of this fraternity was to provide opportunity for profes- sional growth not usually available to the student as well as stimulation of leadership through special projects, ,scholarship awards and professional oppor- tunities. The sponsor for Kappa Pi is hir. Paul Smith. Row I: R. Toner, B. Hurd, G. Akin, K. Morse, S. Whife. Row 2: J. Jorgensen, L. Shank, R. Erickson, S. Sabafka, K. Kaiser, B. Sanborn. '5-f Y'?""' Weber R T aqer S e roo S ow 2: E, Brindle, N. Willcans, E. Boos, E. Kinsinger, L. Sawlell. Sigma Alpha lota, national honorary fraternity for music, requires that members must have music as their major, minor or suhject matter field and have a cumulative grade point of 2.8 on eight hours of music courses. Also members must have faculty recommendations and successful audition, Among the many activities held during the year were a Homecoming tea, monthly musicals, Patroness Din- ner, joint musical with the NVaterloo Alums, the American Composers Concert, llotherls Day 'liea and the Performance Award Competition. One of the highlights of the year was the SAI State Day held this year on our campus. 'lihis event was at- tended hy other chapters of the state and hy national ofhcials. Sponsors for the group were fllrs. lllary Beckman, lllrs. .Ivone Xlaxwell and Kliss .Ioyce Clault. Row I: J. Rosonlce, M. Lee, J. Heitman, D. Whitnah, L. Harris, R. Alrermann. Row 2: D. Smith, G. Creswell, D. Howard, J. Schlicher, J. Mathison, G. Plager. Pi Gamma Mu OFFICERS President . DAVID M. SMITH Vice-president . ciEORGE PLAGER Secretary-Treasurer . DR. VVOHL Pi Gamma llflu attempts to learn the importance ot the social sciences in solving the many problems of our complex society. Junior and senior students with a 3.0 average in 20 hours of social science are eligible for this national social science honor organ- ization. Dr. Howard Wohl was sponsor for the group. llleetings were primarily group discussions with both faculty and students striving to discover new methods to improve human relations through intelligent application of the social sciences. blem- bers enjoyed the down-the-line dinners as another opportunity for discussion. ln Klay, a picnic was held, with the families of all the members invited. 2l0 . Theta Alpha Phi Theta Alpha Phi is the national honorary fra- ternity of drama for alumni interested in theater, who have worl-zeal in theater and who wish to con- tinue and keep in contact with others who have similar interests. New members are initiated when they are juniors or seniors. The Homecoming Dinner is an annual occur- rence to honor alumni. Publications of Theta Alpha Phi include the local chapter's newsletter to its members and Cue, the national publication. Sponsors for the group this year were Xlr. joseph Zemler and lllr. Stanley VVood. Row! A Hawn R Milcesh Row2 S Wood. J. Zander. E. Cleveland. Sigma lpha Eta OFFICICRS President . . NANCY Gkoss Vice-president li.-XTHY FLITSCH Secretary . . iANIT.-X D."XN1IZI.S Treasurer . . Coxxlic Hi2AToN The objectives of Sigma Alpha Eta, the profes- sional speech and hearing fraternity, are to foster a spirit of unity by co-ordinating the interests and ef- forts of persons with a common goal by offering opportunities for social and professional fellowship and by providing situations in which students and faculty may work together as a team to advance the profession as a whole. The fraternity sponsored the animal Homecoming Tea, Christmas Party, various field trips and the spring banquet. Several members of Sigma Alpha Eta, as well as Dr. Elliot Schaffer, the sponsor, were able to attend the national meet- ing in Chicago of the American Speech and Hearing Association. l i Row I: D. Hanna, E. Taylor, S. Barfels, C. Reed, C. Heafon, J. Speas, E. Schaffer. Row 2: K. Flifsch, B. Hudflce, A. Riehn, R. Hofmeyer, A. Daniels, N. Gross, M. Bergen, Row I: D. Edwards, J. Hermansforier, J. Steele, P. Noid, K. Humphrey. Row 2: M. Woehllc, L. Warford, W. Kent, D. Reid, R. Dixon, J. Davis. President . Vice-president Secretary . Treasurer . Pi Omega Pi OFFICERS . P.-xT Nom JOYCE PETERS DONNA ICDYY.-XRDS VV,-XLTER KENT The first major activity of Pi Omega Pi this year was co-sponsoring with Phi Beta Lambda a Home- coming Tea in the Business lfducation Department. Later during the year other projects included selling Christmas cards as a money-making project, co-spon- soring Business Education Recognition Night, and publishing the biennial publication for alumni, Gauz- nm Progress. llrlrs. Katherine Humphrey was the faculty advisor for this education honorary. Row I: K. Miichem, J. McCoy, M. Benning, E. Shores, M. Lacock. Row 2: Miss M. Siolander, J. Rice, L. Broclcmeyer, B. LaCaste, D. Pfaii. Theta Theta Epsilon O F F I C E R S President ..... HIARLYS BENNING Vice-president . . DORIS PFAFF Secretary . LAUREL BROCKMEYER Theta Theta Epsilon is the honorary home eco- nomics organization on the SCI campus. Junior or senior women are eligible for membership if they have a 2.8 average in home economics work and a 2.5 average in all other college work. Theta Theta Epsilon works to increase interest in the field of home economics, promote scholarship and encourage leadership. Bliss liargaret Sjolander sponsored this organization. Members -served as official hostesses at all functions of the home economics department. During the spring Theta Theta Epsilon sponsored a Mother's Day Tea and the Senior Home Economics Dinner honoring all senior home economics majors. Purple Arrow Purple .-X1'1'rm', wc1111c'11's 1VlI1Ol'21l'j UI'Q2lIlIl2l1'l4JIl, l'c-1'o,q111zcs 1111 irc-s11111:111 :11111 SUD1l0IlNJl'4' 11111111-11 1111.1 11:1v1' m'st:11u1is11c'11 21 5.11 L'llIN1I1Z1f1X'C' grzuiv :aw-rzagm-, who 11z1x'v S110XX'Il 1l12ll1L'l'S111lH 211111 1'ir1xc'11s111p 111 1-11- 0 F IQ. I C I5 I, S 1'0111':1gi11g 211111 p1'n111r1tix1g 1113111 stz11111z11'11s 111 111d11'1114 ,X1 'D' 11:11 111111 co11111111111tx 1111113 211111 who 11ilN'L' TllI'f1lL'I'13l1 1,I'l'S1C1Q'I1f . 15 11111 111.1 Ycrcrr 11111 111-st inte-rc-sts of thc- Stan- C0111-gr uf lmx 11. This ,, , , , jlaill' 1'111'p1c- Arrow 1'z11'1'11-11 out its t11c'1111', "1fxpz11111- X 111'-p1'c-s111e11t . 1x.XY 15.X'l"I'll.XHX . . ., . . . - mg Hm'1xo11s, by IIIYIIIIIQ :1ppmp1'1z1re spc:11iC1's tn SCL'l'L't1ll'5 Bly-jgxiy H.XllI, cliscuss any aspect of 1111- t1101111' 1110 spc'z114c'1' clmsv. 711110 lIlCL'f1IlgS 1':11'i1'11 1171111 11c'ssv1't parties 211111 111m'11-- ,IiI'i'2lSllI'l'l' . 131-i'r'rY XV1sX151: . , . . , , . thc--11 . Ill' i1IllIll'l'S to II1lfl'1I'I!lIl of HCV' lIN'1Ilbl'l'S lit Il XIot11c1"s Day Tm. Pllfplt' .'xl'l'0XX' 11c'1p1'11 1111- Assu- 1'1z1t1-11 VV11111011 Sflll1CIlfS with rhv 111-s11111z1l1 party EIS 11111 as jointly spo11sm'111g1 the Book 1 1111- Stunlcnt 1.ez1gg111' 13021l'l1. Kfiss 'JXL'111lI1gt' with Herts .AIHI 1111111 :11111 Nllss KI2ll'S112l11 50110015 spo11sr11'1-11 t111- gI'0lll7. Row I: S. Wende, P, Kies, G. Lundva11, B. Wrsner, J. Wc.od, L. Bersee, M. 1-1ar1 J. Dfbuqnerfy B. Vogf, M. 1-1195511 Mann. Row 2: J. Drennen N. Sorensen, D. Edwards, D. Day, F, Keeney, M. Davia, S. Rufnsfrorn, V. MCSnane, S. 1, P.K1me1a,B. Hursey. L. Sfark, P. P. C1ausman, S. Cor1e11, C. Craven, Y. Gaudes. Row 3: K, F1e15c11 E. Br1nd1e, R. B1un1c, L. Fosfer, J. Speas, K, Gchter, S. Tkornp- son, C. Tafum, J. Buckingham, M, Friedericlws, P. Fruerw, D. Loenr, M. Wi111arnson. Row 4: M. McLLen, E. Kfnr Mi1es, J. Jorgensen, K. Kaiser, P. Freese, R. Roewerf, D. SrnU11, S. Drury, M. Wnife. K. Krause, C. Keppy, M. Row 5: M. S1ee1e. B. LaCos1e,A.Yeaqer, S. Dannen1e1d1, L. BVOCKWWGYGV, J. Torn1a'1, P. Peffy, S. Moore, S. Pa111sen, J. Duprez, S. W1rs1o-ff, C.Jo1'1nson, . 1ey, F. Barker, N. Baker, A. Meeks. M. PaT1'y,J, Lfnd, Tomahawk OFFICERS President . . ROGER HARI.AN Vice-president . NANCY NEWHOUSE Secretary . STANLEY FUKE Treasurer . D.4VID GREEN Non-Greek sophomores were eligible to join Tomahawk, national honorary-service organization. New members were nominated for the organization by the presidents of other campus organizations on the basis of academic achievement and active par- ticipation in some campus activity. lllembers are initiated at the beginning of the second semester of their sophomore year and remain active until the second semester of their junior year. liach new pledge class selects a special service project for the year, including ushering for chapel services, con- ducting tours for prospective students and building the Homecoming queen's tloat. Tomahawk cele- brated its third year on the campus and its second as a recognized organization. lllr. Dennis P. Jensen was the faculty advisor. Row I: C. Drewry, E. Boos, J. Schrader, C. Wilsey, D, Jensen. Row 2: C. Johnson, D. Green, L. Brockmeyer, R. Harlan, A. Daniels. I ZI6 l ,- e-. x s' 2 'Q"7 Row I: Doon M. Holmes, K, Mitcham, E. Boos, E. Kinsinqer, M. Thompson. Row 2: A. l-lawn, S. Quick, S, Winslow, J. Dormer, C. Stimpson, J. Mathiscn, M, Lee. O If If l ll li Prcsidcnt . Yicc-prc'si1lent Secretary . 'lircasnrcr . Torch and Tassel RS Stfxxxii XViNs1.ow .ANY HMYN XI.xRn2 Tnoxn-sox Cuwi. liaizisnixc It is a very spccial inoincnt in the college life of a junior woman as she is tapped for nicnihcrship into the senior wonu-n's honorary organization, Torch anml Tassel, ilnring tht- evening convocation on VVO1NCI1,S Day. Because of the incrc-using ninn- hcr of girls going through school in thrcc years, a inid-ya-ar ceremony was hclal in Caniphcll Hall whcrc six girls were tappc-tl for nicinhcrship. Torch anal 'liassel rccognizcs scnior women outstanding in lm-aclcrship ability, scholastic 2lClllt'X'?1Nt'llf and par- ticipation in honor and intcrcst organizations. Surv- ing as sponsors wvrc Dcan Klavis llolincs and Dr. lflainc KIcDavitt. 'lihis yn-ar's program inclnclctl emphasis on stnalent attcnclancv at campns functions having an intellectual hasis. Row I: A. Briden, A. Beirin, J. Wickham, J. Hyde, S. Ruihsrrom, N. Newhouse, M. Williamson, C. Drewry. Row 2: S, Kern, C. Buckingham, M. Woehllc, D. Green, M. Hartman, M. Steele, K. Adams, S. Silver. lpha Beta Alpha OFFICERS President . . . ANN BETTIN Vice-president . NIARY LOU VVoEHLx Secretary . . . JULIA HYDE Treasurer . SANDY SILVER Students of any classification who plan to major or minor in library science may become members of Alpha Beta Alpha. This organization is an at- tempt to further the professional knowledge of its members, to promote fellowship and is a recruiting agency for librarians. Alpha Beta Alpha is a chap- ter of the National Undergraduate Library Science fraternity. Guest speakers, panel discussions and other activ- ities concerned with the field of library science help the members become more familiar with their field. lllr. VVendell H. Alford and Nliss Helen Noonan sponsored the group this year. Phi Beta Lambda OFFICICRS President Mic!-1.xizL AICBRIDIZ Secretary . . Cxizor. KELLX' 'lireasurer . . Doxxa. EIDXYARDS Phi Beta Lambda, the college organization for all business majors or minors interested in business, presented monthly meetings on topics ot interest to the business student. These included discussions of marketing in the Cedar Falls-VVaterloo area, sales techniques, advantages acquired through graduate school and practical uses of accounting. Also, the organization held a Homecoming Tea tor members and for alumni, a Christmas party for members and a picnic in the spring. hir. Kenneth L. Hansen, as sponsor, was very active in keeping the interest of the group by presenting news from other chapters. lfvery year, Alpha chapter sponsors the Annual Future Business Leaders ot America convention where high schools and colleges in Iowa come to the State College of Iowa and participate in the con- tests, general business meetings and banquet. Row I: M. Lanqaker, K. Kuethe, D. Bleich, G. Smid, C. Carlson, C. Calhoun, G. Jacobson, A, Snyder, D. Ruroden, S. Watlcins, S. Heinze, J. Saylor, G. Kost. Row 2: J. Mullins, I. Brinlcert, C. Smith, N. Gatton, I. Hempy, M, Mixdort, A. Prior, P. Noid, R. Jones, J. McCrea, J. Herrnanstorter, K. Aldrich, M. Frater, D. Edwards, C. Downing. Row 3: F. Meisner, S. Clewell, C. Fisher, C. Benson, D. Riherd, B. Jesberg, M. Baurnqartel, D. Powell, C. Keppy, R. Bandholtz, K. Geer, M. Green, B, Knapp, M. Schuldt, B. Kent, S. Stewart, L. Greenzweiq. Row 4: M. Woehlk, R. Gerdes, C. Kelly, J. Schrader, C. Boals, S. Dannenteldt, P. Williams, M. George, M. Walberq, l. Kramer, V. Good, R. Trager, M. Lee, R. Van Deyenter, L. Whannel, Row 5: M. McBride, R. Kuhlrnan, S. Reit, B. Bettie, J. McKinney, D. Reid, T. Laasch, B. Nixon, J. Russell, J. Tetriclt, J, Chance, D. Anderson, B. Leto, R. Vander Schaat. Campus 4-H OFIFICI-QRS President . . . . . JLQDY H.-uzrxis Secretary-Treasurer . . Duma fxI.xT'roci4s Historian . . . Bl,-XRY lhzxxixc Campus 4-H brings its members on campus closer together in campus activities and creates interest on the part ot members toward their local county 4-H clubs. llembership is open to any student at the State College of loxva interested and willing to help in the club. Several functioning committees planned the activities for the Campus -l-H during the year. Projects, week-end camp-outs, student speakers who have attended the national conventions, and faculty panel discussions helped the members gain knowledge in the Held of -l-H. Rliss Olive Holliday, sponsor of the group, helped the members to plan many of their parties. Also, in the spring several picnics and exchanges with other college campus -l-H clubs were held. Row I: J. Harms, J. Berkland, L. Greenzweig, K. Larson, D. Arrnann, Row 2: K. Mitchem, J. Bindner, P. Smith, C. Madden, J. Thompson. Row 3: B. Wiclcwire, W. Smith, J. Hildebrandt, J. Paisley, M. Hunter, D. Jones, e M Row I: R. Pauley, R. Mafala, T. Millemeri, J. Stephenson, R, Schutt, H, Reed, J. Jones. Row 2: R. Olson, G. Leffs, W. Kelley, R. Bailey, C. Hanson, J, McCoy. B. Reams, G. Rowe. Row 3: G. Bailey, W. Biclcford, D. Baker, W. Tielmelend, G. Merkel, R. Justice, B. Byndas, D. Petersen. Industrial Arts Club Ol'l'IClCRS President . Vice-president . Secretary . 'llreasurer . . RICHARD -lL'S'l'ICIi XVAYNE TJEI.NIlZl..-XNIJ Lislloy Pieixuss lVi1.1.1.xxi Kislim' The Industrial Arts Club is composed of students who are interested in the industrial arts Held. The club promotes professional growth and fellowship through its functions, which this year included many informative field trips, talks, demonstrations and social fnnetions. Dr. L. S. llvright serves as sponsor for the group. Some of the highlights of the year were: discussion on radioactive fallout and ra- diation, 'llll0l'Il10fZlX demonstrzltion, and the annual lndustrial Arts Banquet. Row I: S. White, J. Berlcland, R. Courtney, F. Mendez, E. Bahling, C. Lang, K. Davis, C. Greenley, N. Anderson, L. Foster. Row 2: K. Anderson, D. De-Wilde, K. Stroud, J. Houston, B. Formanek, B. Bowley, B. Hurd, J. Ciayter, S. Akin, C. Jeffries, R. Riseling. Row 3: B. Schmeiser, R. Toner, M. Schrodt, B. Brinkmann, E. Ritchey, S. Silver, M. Menlcen, J. Conrad, L. Knight, R. Dutton, S. Petted, J. Lensing, S. Finney, D. Finegan, Row 4: C. Martin, J. Zarub, J. Jorgensen, K, Kaiser, T. Albertson, D. Dugan, J. Brewer, J. Kinne, D. Thompson, R. Bina, S. Sabatka, R. Tharp, L. Shank. Art Club OFFICERS President . JACK CLAYTER Vice-president . . LEE KNIGHT Secretary-Treasurer SHARON SARATK.-X Art Club offers pleasure and relaxation, through creative activity, to majors and minors in this field. At Halloween, a masquerade party complete with prizes for the most original costume, was held at the home of the organizationls sponsor, lVIr. Don Finnegan. Une of the biggest projects for the year was the trip to the Art lnstitute at Chicago. The Art Club lent its services during the Christmas season by decorating the Commons. The Club was in return invited to the Christmas Tree-Decorating Party sponsored by the Commons Programs Coun- eil. Each spring, the club sponsors an art display on the sidewalks leading from the campus to the Hill. This is done to create student nd faculty interest in art and to lend a gay note to springtime activities. Treasurer . Ellen H. Richards Club OFFICITRS llresiclent . . . lgliT'l'Y l,.-XCOSTIZ Vice-presirlent . NI.xRi.x's liexxixc Secretary . IJORIS lllf.-XFI4' Tiikkv AICFIERR ISN The lflleu H. Richards Club helps its members become better acquainted with the field ot home economics. The organization met twice a month, presenting a program related to some area ot this field at each meeting. Highlights of the year in- cluded High School Home lfeonomics Day and Home lfeonomics College Clubs' State Day. The sponsors are Nliss Josephine Yeager and Nlrs. Lena P. Buckingham. Row I: J. Harms, D. Ptatt, D. Mattoclcs, J. Larson, C. Roscoe, C. Aldrich, P. Warriclc, L. Walther, D. Grat, D. Hunt, J, Stebor, S. Needham. Row 2: J. Shuler, B. LaCoste, J. Werner, C. Severson, L. Nielouhr, K. Mitchern, K. Klenzrnan, S. McCreedy, M. Hunter, L. Buehler, K. Zamastil, S. Cox. Row 3: M. Benning, I. Perala, J. Paisley, T. McFerren, L. Clausen, J. Meyer, S, Tablce, D. Cronbaugh, L. Broclcmeyer, J. Rice, J. Sullivan, S. Kluiter, B. DeGraw. College Players OFFICERS President . . ANN HAWN Yice-president . . PAT Rl.-Xl.'LTH.,XL'lf Secretary . -IoAN CoL1.iNs Treasurer . RAY MIKESH College Players seek to promote an interest in drama through active participation in drama pro- ductions throughout the year. lllembers helped be- hind the scenes and sometimes appeared on stage. An open house was held for freshmen and transfer students to acquaint them with the organization and its function. This year the organization was further publicized by the appearance of its members in the freshmen dorms to recruit new members. College Players sponsored a tea at Homecoming and planned a Christmas get-together. ln the spring, a down-the-line dinner was held and officers were elected to serve for the following year. There were no meetings as such because of the time required working on the four major productions of the drama department throughout the year. lllr. and lllrs. Joseph Zender sponsored the group. Row I: S. Dreier, N. Anderson, G. McComb, R. Blunk, J. Heiek, L. Foster, P. Watson, N. Swinehart. Row 2: R. Mikesh, C. Lang, , K. Natzke, E. Sonksen, J. Ervin, A. Kuntz, D. Latham, S. Ehlers, P. Paris, J. Silka. Row 3: T. Atha, W. Hartman, D. Baker, R, Bina, S. Koch, S. Holbrook, D. Carpenter, T. Johnson, C, Atkins. Row I: B. Hyatt, W. Foote, G. lsenberqer, R. Winner, L. Rucker, J. Neuman. Row 2: D. Rod, L. Fox, M. Waller, C. Maxwell, J. Willce, S. Dreier. Row 3: M. Freeman, D. Denk, J. Shannon, S. Raver, M. Balmer, B. l-loyer, P. Pint, S. Phillips. Pep Council OFFICERS President . JOHN SHANNON Vice-president . . STEVE PIOERIANN Secretary-Treasurer VVENDY FOOTE Pep Council sponsored a very successful migra- tion this fall to Drake University in Des Nloines. Three busses and many cars made the trip to see the Panther football team. The migration helped Pep Council create and encourage campus 'spirit in ath- letics and other campus activities. Pep rallies during the fall and winter for the football, basketball and wrestling teams were also sponsored by the Pep Council. lllembers were elected or appointed from the various dormitories and other campus organza- tions. Bliss illardelle llflohn sponsored the group. Row I: P. Christie, L. Moeller, W. Miller, M. Baumgartel, J. Foglesong, D. Gurnrnert, M. Whiiver, H. Bozorgzadeh. Row 2: E. Ritchey, K. Mitchem, J. Evans, M. Furlong, N. Bittner, C. Buckingham, E. Hartkemeyer, A. Meeks. Row 3: B. Pletz, H. Smith, C. Hill, B. Hunt, 6. Svetly, J. Adair, D. Bishop, H. Abediie. International Affairs Crganization OFFICERS President . .... joe iADAIR Vice-president . . BANLIQE TINPANGKA Secretary . . . . . -lESSIE PETERS Publicity Chairman . NIARILYN l3AL'MG.xRTEL lnternational Affairs Organization, a club com- posed of people interested in understanding inter- national relations, helped the student body gain a better knowledge of the social, cultural, political and international affairs of the world. IAO is a part of the national organization, the Collegiate Committee of the United Nations. lAO's big project each year is to help with the All College Conference on International Affairs held in the spring. llembers of IAO met monthly to discuss various aspects of foreign problems with their faculty sponsor, Dr. George Poage, and numerous guest professors. The organization aided the foreign students on campus by providing opportunities for them to meet with students and di.scuss problems common to both countries. O lf' F I C F R President . Vice-president . Secretary . . Treasurer Hawaiian Club b KIILDRED Hioasrii P1:.xRL liixmr.-x If Li. EN Ts L'oAw,x -IERoI,n lXI,xTsL'1 The Hawaiian Club of the State College of lowa was oflieially recognized by the Student League Board after the Club's two years on campus. The elub was formed to bring the students of Hawaiian heritage into a Common union. The club meetings provided opportunities for the members to get to- gether socially and participate in eollege life at SCI by having picnics, parties, visits to faculty homes and down-the-line dinners. Through the Hawaiian club the students develop an interest in and an understanding of Hawaiian culture. XVith the spirit of the islands, members presented a Spring Show which brought SCI a wonderful pic- ture of Hawaii. Other activities of the year in- cluded ushering at Chapel and honoring their seniors with an Hawaiian luau party. Klr. and llrs. H. Nelson and Bliss Klary Klortell sponsored the elub. Row I: C. Daikawa. M. Suehisa, B. Nambe, P. Kimara, E. Tsugawa, E. Oriiski. Row 2: Mr. H, Neison, K. Sasaki, M. Higashi, M. lida, J. Marsuura, C. Hayashi, E. Urakawa. Row 3: J. Matsui, M, Morteii, C. Hashimoto, E. Hirano, 6. Malone, B, Hironaica. rf, ..,. gg . swf -'fa Young Democrats OFFICERS President . . BUD Dow Vice-president . . DICK CL.-XSSEY Secretary . . . IDAT PARIS Treasurer . . ELAINE HARKMEYER Young Democrats is a political organization on the SCI campus designed to interest students in the democratic form of government. This is accom- plished through various held trips to the state legis- lature, discussion groups, and speeches by qualified people. Other activities include work for charity, the state Y.D. convention, joint programs with oth- er Y.D. clubs in the area, the annual Christmas party, and the spring picnic. Dr. Erma Plaehn and Dr. lidwin Klauer serve as sponsors. Row I: J. Bath, L. Baker, D. Peterson, M. Furlong, P. Paris, D. Loehr, S. Schroeder, M. Blatt, J. Logan, C. Jensen. Row 2: D. Long, B. Minnis, R. Fischer, D. Klaessy, L. Aasheim, D. Dreier, E. Hartkerneyer, K. Hall, E. Tanaka, E. Plaehn. Row 3: G. Svetiy, R. Kuhl- man, G. Creswell, B. Dow, D. Knock, T. Scheuermann, D. Lynch, R. Valenta, A. Frana, D. Christiansen, P. Dice. Row I: D. Gummerl, B. Corrigan, V. Ellingson, P. Stevens, J. Smith, M. lrey, L. Moeller, N.Sl1erwood, P. Hahn, B. Eastland, C. Kol- hoi. Row 2: J. C. Bohrne, J. Schrader, P. Keele, M. Gross, M. Bennett, L. Hanson, D. Watson, R. Blunlc, K. Krause, L. Buehler. D. Umstead. Row 3: L. White, M. Thompson, M. Owens, N. Bittner, J. Johnston, C. Jensen, D. Grove, C. Landon, W. Parrish, B. Olin, J. Weaver. Row 4: D. Hughes, J. Engel, R. Bina, S. Anlceny, R. Bailie, T. Cassidy, M. Nost, K. Schilling. C. Atkins, L, Dorn G. Freers. Young Republicans OFFICERS President . . Brian Orix Vice-president . DICK CJLMSTEAD Secretary . Bl.-KRGARET LJXYIENS Treasurer . DENNIS HL'GHES Young Republicans was established as a club at the State College of lowa in the spring of 1956. The group attempted to interest all students at SCI in the Republican Party and to provide an oppor- tunity for them to find a place for political expres- sion and recognition. Also, the organization at- tempted to finish a meeting place for Republican oH'ice-holders to visit and discuss with the students on campus. Young Republicans participated in the Organizations Sign-up Night in the Commons Ball- room by presenting their display of activities planned for the year. The club, sponsored by Dr. George Robinson, worked to foster and encourage activities of the Republican Party, to promote its ideal and to collect, analyze, discuss and disseminate information concerning political affairs. 2 Row I: K. l-lutzell, S. Garewood, K. Burlington, L. Rasmussen, S. Eden, J. Johnston, M. White, S. Petersen, D. Fredriclcson, N. Swine- harl, M, Banning, N. Staqeberg. Row 2: J. Eyans, N. Bittner, V. Disney, J. Murdock, S. Bernlson, E. Sonlcsen, P. Clausman, S. Ehlers, l. l-lewiclcer, L. Guyerr, B. I-lironalca. Row 3: B, Pleiz, R. Harlan, B. Button, P. Freese, M. Friederichs, M. McLueri, D, Baclcstrom L. Lowery, C. Lau, K. Schroeder, J. Lind. Row 4: R. Bailie, C. Macomber, N. Miles, D. Pettit, G. Freers, B. Lane, D. Godfrey, S. Koch, S. Holbrook D. Strait, C. Slirnpson, B, Lutz, J. Cowley. English Club ' O If FICICR S Presitlent . IDAVID STRAIT Vice-president . . . Qlis.-xx Lixn Seeretary . . . SHARON CLALSSEN Program . . lion LANE The lfnglish Club is a soeial-professional organi- zation open to all Fnglish majors and minors. The Club, a junior aH'iliate of the National Council of Teaehers of lfnglish, has as its aims the eneourage- ment of professional attitudes, furtherance of inter- est and knowledge in the major field and the promo- tion of fellowship among students who -share this Common purpose. The English Club participated in a stuclent-faculty coffee hour and planned a regional clinner for all members of the elub and English teachers of this seetion of the state. A major pro- gram for the year was a leeture-cliseus-sion conducted by Dr. H. VVohl dealing with the eulture of the "beat generation." The advisors are Dr. john Cow- ley, Dr. Norman Stageberg, anal Dr. Howard Van- tler lieek. Speech Activities Club OFFICERS President . PAT Cooi41NH.xM Vice-president . . . PAT Powi3i.I. Secretary . . liATHY VVANGSNESS The Speech Activities Club was organized on the State College of lowa campus during the spring of l953. Since that time, the club has tried to encour- age students interested in speech work of any kind to develop that interest and use it. The club pro- motes debate tournaments, discussions between stu- dents and members of the faculty connected with the department, extemporaneous speaking, interpretatiye readings and short plays. The Speech Activities Club also helped conduct three forensic tournaments on campus. A banquet was held in the fall and another in the spring. Dr. VVagner and Dr. Town- send sponsored the group and helped them plan and conduct their monthly meetings. Row I: S. Schoop, N. Swinehart, S. Eden, M, O'Banion, J. Drennen, F. Clausrnan, N. Bauer, B. Dostal, B. Tirns. Row 2: I.. Wagner, C. Wilsey, R. Biunk, J. Ransom, J. Lund, A. Daniels, D. Lory, S, Ehlers, A. Kuntz. Row 3: P. Townsend, J. Jacobs, S. Kersenbrock. A. Prana, J. Soiyst, D. Bohn, W. Sylvester, J. Dorman, C. Hanson. Student Iowa State Education Assoc. OFFICICRS President . . R1cH.fxRn ISAIIJE Vice-president . . LAUREI. BROCKMEYER Secretary . I,oLA JONES Treasurer . RAY LIQTZ The Homer Seerley chapter of the Student Iowa State Education Association is the largest in the state, and ranks among national leaders in size of membership. SISEA is a professional organization for all education students. It is alliliated with the Iowa State Ifducation Association as well as the National Iidueation Association. Klonthly meetings are held on topics of interest in many phases of edu- cation. This yearls program included a program on the honor system, talks by faculty members and for- eign students, and a program on placement. Through the TIQPS program, students from SCI travel to surrounding high schools and answer ques- tions concerning college life. The SISEA 'sponsors Prospective 'l'eacher's Day each fall for students from around the state. Faculty sponsors are Dr. VValter Delfock and Russell Ifuchner. Row I: A. Burkhead, L. Jones. Row 2: W, Deliock, L, Brockmeyer, R. Bailie. Row I: K. Johnson, J. I-Ialsted, J, Verrnilyea, J. Innes, C, Straw, J. Schraqe, C. Matern, M. Cole, C. Hansen. Row 2: C. Druecker, J. Ware, B, DeBower, M. Gustafson, C. Tatum, M. Blair, E, Nishimura, M. Underwood, J. Wood, A. Judge. Row 3: J, Lindemann, A, Hanke, R,Secris1, G. Freese, K. Johnson, M, Cooke, K. Funke, J. Callison, A, Meeks, P. Tancer, J, Hamolar. Row 4: J. Malhes, I.. Witte, M. Lake, V. Van Loh, S. Moore, J. Bauer, C. Holler, M, Voltrner, G. Rotlunda, B, Janes, J. Smith. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha O If I" I C If R S President . . KARIN -Iorixsox Vice-president . Iaxnix Scif VVITTE Secretary Jem' Vi2Rx11i.Y12.x 'I'reasurer . ARLo.x HANKF The Icinclervarten- iriinarv irofessional fraternitx' 2-1 . . tor junior ancl senior women is Kappa Pi Beta Alpha. KPBA sponsorecl a variety ot programs whieh increased the personal and professional growth of its members and better preparenl them tor teaeh' ing at this lc-vel. 'lihese programs inclnalecl a visit from illr. Kenneth Gogel and Bliss Mary Ifakin who described how illustrations for chilmIren's hooks are made more INCZIIIIIIQIIIII to the children. Also. the members participateml in a workshop on puppets which was clesignetl to show how to incorporate use of puppets into the classroom. A project for the Christmas season and a student presentation of slicles and experiences in Ijurope this summer with the social science tour completed the program for the year. Row I: M. lida, G. Brooke, P. Smith, M. Hudok, P. Kremenak, J. Anderson, C. Madden, N. Wright, B. Trinkle, R. Maqnussen. Row 2: J McKeever, M. Otis, G. Lally, M. Docummun, A. Wood, A. Burkhead, J. Logan, F. Finn, D. Crawford, B. l-iawbaker, C. Wie-bbecke. Row 3: D. Harrneyer, J. Duprez, M. Benning, P. He-lei, J. Weaver, M, Thompson, J. Evans, M. Holtz, N. Mcfforkle. K. Jones K. Hanna. Elementa Ki O F If I C If R S President . .ALICE llL'RKHI2.XD Vice-president KIARY BENNING Secretary . Gin. BRoci4.x Publicity . Cxlzol. XVliziaRI2cK:z lflcmcntzi Ki, an Urgganizzition for all upper clc- inz-ntary inzijors, was oiggzliiizecl to acquaint thc in:-inbt-rs with ncw idczis and other zircas of inte-rc-st to the nppt-r clcmcntziry cnrricnlnni. Hlcetings wc-re hcltl twice a month. A wclcnine party was given at the first of tht- year to acqnziint ncw nppvr alt-inentnry mzijnrs with the organization and its pnrposc. Othcr progrznns inclnticti il discussion of the indiviilualizt-cl residing progrznn, a Christmas party for some npper clcincntzwy school children anal 21 mock interview bctwccn zi superintendent and a prospective tezichcr. Dr. -Inlia Sparrow is the spon- sor. Ki Prima Ki OFFICERS President . . . DEBBIE Noi..-xNu Vice-president . . RI.-XRILYN ScHoEMAN Secretary . DoNNA SANDVIG Treasurer . JEAN PL'RR1NoToN Ki Prima Ki is a freshman and sophomore pro- fessional and social organization for lower element- ary majors which provides information to help mem- bers prepare for elementary teaching. Programs tor the tall and spring semesters included a discussion by a panel of four student teachers. Faculty mem- bers were invited to speak on the uses of creative dramatics and reading helps for the beginning reader. A -special feature was the Christmas party planned tor underprivileged children. The members made stuffed toys tor the children, played games with them and sang Christmas carols to them and with them. Also, the organization had a lNlother's Day Luncheon to acquaint the mothers with the aspects of the teaching profession as related to the lower elementary field. Sponsor tor the group was Klar- garet Buswell N elson. Row I: M. Nelson, J. Barker, L. Haynes, P. Kessler, N. Sherwood, C. Hasrnimoto, J. Hatch, M. Martin, A. Ziegler, D. Armann, M. Steger, N. Branholdt, M. Bowman. Row 2: M. Witte, S. Hamill, B. Baker, B. Eastland, J. Gratt, M. Allison, A, Rayhons, P. Miller. G. Hottman, C. Boehde, K. Hanisch, C. Jensen, M. Campbell. Row 3: N. Winter, C. Gilbert, S. Grulke, S. Corlett, C. Miller, S. Grittith, S. Abarr, J. Purrington, V. McShane, P. Dolphin, J. Poppen, D. Noland, M. Bowman. Row 4: K. Meyer, S. Elliott, J. Kraushaar, J. Rodish, D. Stone, M. Martin, J. Dubberke, J. Walter, P. Zinn, M. Schoeman, J. Crogveelr, B. Allee, J. Singer, J. Ealls. Music Educators National Conference O I4 F1 L L R 5 The lllusie lfclueators National Conference held Q -' . v open meetiiws with alumni, members zuicl teachers. iesi cnt . . . . . . . A IRI L RR ia . V. ld H Delegates from the group zittemled the National In ples! mt -hmm: Rus Convention in Chicago Ill the spring. Dr, ,Iohn 1 - I -f ' - If - Klitehell suonsored this Ol'U'?lIllZZflOIl which works . ecietaiy . . OIS MXT Li, I is Q 7 to improve the music echieation in our public schools. rl reasurer . .Ii:AN12TTi: lxximzm Row I: E. Carlin, M. Siatller, J. Burr, E. Sonksen, S. Thompson, M. I-iuqhes, B. Brooks, Row 2: L. Sawteii, E. Boos, K. Peterson, Q. Logsdon, M. Lake, C. Christiansen, J, Harms. Row 3: M. Martin, J. Mitchell, D. Siine, B. Thompson, B. Henn, L. Dorn, J. Henriksen. QWW Row I: S. Drury, J. Foqlesonq, C. Moile, S. Wehde, A. Anderson, G. Miller, M. Mitchell, N. Bauer, B. Mann. Row 2: I. Brunne, J Bruha, J. Jensen, J. Seeland, K. Price. P. Irving, L. Mangold, A. Meeks, R. Yount, G. Stiles. Row 3: R. Schaerier, S. Dann, D Uloben. B. Ashley, I-I. Trimble, R. Kieilberg, K. Natzke, C. Lehmkuhi, R. Dickey, L. Kindery. Math Club Ol"l"lCFRS President . . l3.uumR.x ll.-INN Vice-president . Room SCH.-XEFFER Secretary-Trezisurer . SHIRLEY XVIEHDIE The hlath Club, the oldest organization on cani- pus, is now in its 52nd year of existence. The group furthers the inzitheinatical interests of the students at the State College of Iowa. All mathe- matics majors and minors and people interested in the study or theory of mzlthemzities were eligible for lIlt'lllI3CI'ShID. hleetings were held each month to discuss IllZlfI"lC1Il21fIC2ll topics. Each of these discus- sions was led by il professor in the mathematics field. Guest professors and townspeople were also asked to participate in the monthly sessions. Spon- soring the group were hlr. -Iohn liruhzi and hlr. -Iens Jensen. 237 'ft Row I: A. Spean, S. Rosenau, P. Newland, J. Miller, W. Foote, C. Dierksen, G. Harris, C. Eisehen, Row 2: S. Welch, C. Tostenson, K. Sehul+Z, J. Bald, S. Stark, T, Swaim, S. Hoskins K. Tool, P. Burch, J. Holliday. Row 3: K, Bohr, J. Giiberison, M. Forthun, B. Lykins, C. Haehmann, P. Speake, J. Petersen, T. Smyth, D. Hille-man, M. Lee. Row 4: K, Tulasiewicz, L. Kauzlarich, M. Grau, P. Peterson, J. Dormer, S. Flanders, B. Aridresen, J, Roth, S. Stephenson, I.. Mcfllorey. Marlins OFFICERS President . . KI.-my ANN Lite Vice-president . . hl.Xl.A.X Domzu Secretary . PAT NEXVL,-NND Publicity -ll5Rl Girinzkrsox Klarlins is the synchronized swimming club at the State College of lowa. ln order to promote synchronized swimming, a junior organization, Klin- nows, teaehes girls who can swim various skills re- quired for membership in lllarlins. This year the faculty sponsor was Kliss lllary Groves. The cluh's main goal was to raise the skill level of the organiza- tion through weekly practices and testing sessions. Klovies were used in an attempt to help acquire the skills that the club felt necessary. Each year Klar- lins sponsors a Homecoming display, and this year the group won second prize with their theme, "Sail over the Vikingsf' A trip to Ames to View the performance of lSlf's swimming club was planned for both Klarlins and lllimiows. Un 1lother's Day VVeekend, a show for mothers and guests was pre- sented. Q f 1 J Orchesis Orchcsis is thc cz1111p11s o1'gz111izz1tio11 for those stu- dents i11t1'1'c'st1'1i i11 1'1'1'z1tix'c 1110110111 1i:111C1'. All . . ,. . . st1111c-11ts 2ll'C eligible for 111c111hc-1'ship i11 thc grmip. UI'l'IL,P.RS ,- ' .. . . lryoiits :irc held :it the hegimiiiig of the fall 211111 IP,-Q-Sidi-m , , AIAXRCIA1, fuglyy spring sciiicstcrs and Il1FINbL'l'S are Ci10St'll on thc hzisis of ZiKlC'l1lIZlL'j' ill DCl'fOl'111iIlQ x'z11'i011s dance tech- Y' -- ii'1fii'11t . 13121111115 Xrmisxvin . . lu I O M 11111111-s 211111 locoiiiotoi' 111m'v1111-11ts. Kliss R:11'h:11':1 SCfl'Cf1l1'X' .Iiwp S1315H1'S15x Dz11'1i11g is tha' groiipis 8150115011 KIc'111hc'1's enjoy I C I h':11'11i11g the f1'1'e1l0111 211111 1'z111g1' of thc hociy 111011-- 1'e:1s111'c-1' . OR.-X li.-XRSUY . . . . . . ,. . ments and thc i'Xpl'L'S.SlOll of Tvehiig lll 111ot1o11. lhis 1e:11"s spring promhiutioii showed those zittmidiiig thc- 1'cs11lts of :111 i11t1'1'c-st grmlpis h:11'1i work. Row I: S. Hickman, J. I-irabak, M. Rogers, J, Giliespie B. Eriier, S. Luechi, S. Tempiefon. J. Guiiiaume, A. Theissen, B. Brammer, B. Dosiai, L. Schieier, C. Book. Row 2: M. Josyn, i., Huw, K, Tayior. S. Meyer, B. Grandgeorge, B. Overman, W. Foofe, V. Schuiiz, Nl. Wriqhi D. Baicheider, M. Wi'iiamsom, S. Eh'ers. C. Pearson. Row 3: S. Caweiii, S. Gieascm, J. Seehuse-rw, S, McMurray, J, Hoiiiday, J. MCCie!iamci, T. Foikers. C. Dickenson, P.W1i5on, L. Brown E.Somks1:v. Women's Recreation Association OFFICERS President . -I,xci41E jacossex Vice-president . . PAT lxlEVYLAND Secretary . lf.-XREN SCHULTZ The VVOmen,s Recreation Association offers the women of the State College of lowa the best use of all recreational facilities available to them. VVRA organized the following intramurals-basketball, volleyball, softball, archery, tennis, hockey, golf, badminton, trampoline and riiiery. All-College play- nights were sponsored by this organization. VVRA planned several outing activities including fall horse- back riding. A winter campout was also held. In the spring, WRA offered an opportunity for all college women to participate in a canoe trip. Several delegates from WRA were sent to the regional con- vention held in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dr. Elinor Crawford 'sponsored the group. Row I: G. Harris, M. Leslie, J. Schrage, S. Welch, J. Hulef, P. White. Row 2: J. Paisley, M. Grau, J. Jacobson, J. Barfachek, J. Tomlan, T. McNeal, M. Forfhun. 240 l Row I: K. Schmitz, G, Gruber, M. Leslie, N. Mumrn, J. Ridqway, J. Hartman, V. Koontz, J. Blain, M. O'Bayle, B, Travis, C. Dierkson, C. Dailcawa, A. Bousselot. Row 2: J. King, E. Wilson, J. Gilberison, S. Albee, L. Gregory, J. Ward, P. Ward, P. White, J. Neumann, 6. Harris, B. Myers, S. Stark, M. Burrows, P, Newland. Row 3: E. Brown, M. White, A. l-larsch, B. Brammer, N, Ellstrom, S. Aronson, M. Stein, B. Euler, J. Otto, D. Watson, C. Ray, S. Welch. Row 4: J. Trowbridge, M, Forihun, J. Anderson, C. Ziesche, K. Schultz, E. Kluver, G. Kluver, P. Eder, E. Cope, E. Anderson, M. Anderson, M. Sic, L. Hansen, P. O'Conner, S, Quigley. Row 5: G. Ullrnann, S. Flanders, D. Dreier, J. Tomlan, M. Hoeper. J, McClelland, J. Domer, T. Follcers, K. Perrigo, K. Kuhl, J. Bartachelc, S. Alquist, C. Hachmann, W. Smith, Physial Education Club OFFICERS President . ill.-XRY LESLIE Vice-president . . PAT VVHITE Secretary-treasurer ill.-XRILYN FORTHUN This year the Physical Education Club planned programs in an attempt to realize its two purposes: bringing discussion of topics of general and profes- sional interest to the clubg and creating greater unity among the members through social affairs and group projects. Physical Education Club held a senior banquet where underclassmen provided entertain- ment. Guest speakers prominent in physical educa- tion were invited to speak and to participate in dis- cussions. Films and panel discussions utilizing stu- dents were beneficial to the members. Professional topics were explored in order that the members might better decide the area in which they would be most satisfied. Dr. .lean Bontz was the faculty sponsor. The Christmas party and Fun Night also helped keep all members busy during the year. li ,, Mi 'Q 1 E ? is A ,..,, .----.I W - -..-.....M,...,.,,,..,, N..-...,,,,.,,,,, My-f.MM.....M.,K,- f ww 2 1 ' .. i ",,,1...,. ,. if .,E2 ' W , fy.. 8 ' 5 ffl ffll f' 5 5, Qnrwqg' 3 f- Q i 1-x x vi i 4 2551545 gg - Ax E- A H lf' EQ ' 'Fm X V+. 5 1 gg , Ill 155 U Q, f Wiz? Q f :' S: if sag? if' 5 - I .Ny-Q ,asf- Q 3:Z!35f,L fl-fi? 3 A 449267K--'55 ' . fl' .'5Y"7 Wm if-1 J, - 5 .- -,wigisg h2,,-W9-gk- S mf P-libs " ,gf - Q WP gig: K V ,v'm?HfW 7- -- K ,NX-.,55,. --,x..,,pk QmS,.-fkz zsgrezaki ,f-21 -igiggslsgii,-'fi2S,? jj-vw 49 1,-iq--. - esta- 14. - '2 ' -' ' , ,,... . , ,. ' ff-wi f?'1TLsafz- -,f,f,L 5, 1 w ,-1, f-Ma ,4i,sgfQ5sirg,,.SS'Qif Ii ,,, za , W- W ' ,: -wi 42-gg-i: may f . 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Vigfifif Wf- ' .' :,--1-wxea,1mem h www!--fx--wwuv, -sw - z-aff-:gf 'Q " ff31i'i.Sisfis59s2QE!9,,Z5, X A fi'ef553"1 1 Y- ,, . ',-if-f fl I",fQ25zE'E .f?21g1'ffQ1gImga:iaE E-QW,-k,, , f--,M gf ,-as ,ViQtHf?4L95x.li19' ,7.i26gi5ifQi: Ha xg mlm Qgw f - 5'megaQam,ga1ff,,, Q'5'5W+f?l2?3iSEs3fi5t'?L2SEQ?y ic f .fm ,fy--., wi-.gvzf " MH sigwf'L-fsfaaliiifwssagi, 455211, ,13ig'v,Q5?f5ff i 1 ,, My M. .- 6' X -552915 f--as, 12 21,1 1-231-Ki'-fi--essf f . ,Sy 5 S Q2 -M, 5 . A , -M. qi? f 1 fx ig, . ,, L, --1 'L' A ' Q--mls-,, . 5 1 1, - ' 7 J1'VQ'fzfffi2' 558535 'H f 'W' D , SQL' L -57157 ., ,Af 1, 55'-,Q.z,,, FL. -' ,V , , - f 1 'Si ms wswsmmm,,4f223Sas2x15ikfisw5r?aQmQi2aswkfe2zwQfsaas2e1?i,.,,-ABam,4,-iw-A 1- ....u..- -- A -N M-MM.,-.-.-M.- M. ww 5 Q 4 wig, X as ,4 s -R W j 51,53 ,mx sung: ,Kms y 1 wr? 4. Hi SCR OFFICERS President . DENNIS GoDrREv Vice-president . NORMAN -IEXYELL Secretary . . SUSAN RIOGENSEN Member at Large . CAROLYN VVHITE Member at Large . D.-xvm GREEN The Student Council of Religious Activities pro- vided the campus with opportunities for thought and discussion on religious topics. Through SCRA lectures, films, brotherhood trips, and student-led chapel services, students became more aware of reli- gion in their lives and developed it further. In the all-college elections the campus chose five members of SCRA: two members representing the women students and the men students, the president, the vice-president, and the secretary. These members and representatives from campus religious groups presented the wants and needs of the Campus re- garding religion to the council. Committee chair- men on religion in life, worship, and publicity aided the council in presenting a meaningful program of religion to the campus. Row I: C. Shore, C. White, L. Lenz, J. Callaway. Row 2: G. Gunderson, S. Horsey, D. Green, S. Mogensen, A. Judge. Row 3: S. Koch, D. Godfrey, Dr. H. Bernhard, J. Tomlan, B. Lutz. Evangelical nited Brethren O l"l'lCERS President CH.-xRi,Es THIQIRAIAN Yiee-president . AIUHN SHIELD Sceretary-Treasurer . NANIZTTE 'THIEIRNLXN lfvangelieal United Brethren is the student or- ganization of the Cedar Falls ehureh of the same name. Through fellowship and working together the group has seen more closely the true meaning of Christianity. ln the fall they had a hayride and met for Sunday evening services at Riverview Park. During the Christmas season they painted a Christ- mas seene on the window in the downtown Cedar Falls business clistriet and went earoling. Bowling and tobogganing were additional activities. Sponsor for the group was Dave -Iepsen. Row I: L. Coulson, D. Miller, C. Tatum. Row 2: C. Flack, J. Hill, D. Riherd, C. Buckingham. Row 3: C. Thierman, L. Glass, R. Richter, G. Shoemaker, S. Dells. Row I: J. Roth, J. Smith, M. O'Toole, M. Tureki, C. Happe, S. Griffith, S. Robey, G. Lally, K. l-lanisch, J. Aleseh, K. Kuethe, J. Crogveelc, M. Otis. Row 2: D. Dugan, B. Leto, B. Byndas, M. Hartman, E. Anderson, S. Coughlin, C. Brundaqe, C. Pierson, L. Zieser, J. Sullivan, C. Rouleau. Row 3: E. Logan, J. Connelly, S. Miller, L. Harrington, T. Milleman, C. Berst, A. Prana, J. Conrad, P. O'Connor, M. Griffin, M. l-lenrich, M. Martin, J. Ridenour, J. Doering. Row 4: V. Bechmann, J. Herm, C. Hastert, J. Runchey, K, Larson, K. Ernst, K. Kuhl, D. Sand, L. Kelly, E. Kinnaman, S. Flanders, J. Walter. Newman Club OFFICERS President . . BIICHAEL HENIDRICKS Vice-president . . . LARRY BUCK Secretary . . JUDY RoTH Treasurer . ll'lAUREEN ALLISON The Newman Club is the Catholic Student Or- ganization on secular campuses. It provides educa- tional opportunities for people interested in finding out more about the Catholic faith. It also provides social gatherings for the Catholic student, enabling him to meet and make friends with other Catholics. Activities include retreats at the American lllartyrs House in Cedar Falls, national and state conven- tions, and lectures at the Newman Club meetings. Sponsor and Resident Chaplain for the group is Father Gregory. Row I: E. Johnson, S. Deimerly, M. Bowman, J. l-latch, K. Molson, C. Matern, J. Logan, A, Theissen, L. Lenz, F. Holub, P. Kessler, B. Heishman, B. Dostal, B. Mann, M. Schirclr, C. Shea. Row 2: J. Bindner, P. Smith, J. Bald, A. Judge, L. Schaefer, B. Formanelc, J. Sheeley, A. Spaen, M. Allison, M. Blair, N. Powers, K, Powers, V. Hansen, S. While. Row 3: J. Rosonke, P. Brewer, M. Finnessy, P. Bradley, J. Roth, A. Rayhons, D. l-larmeyer, V. Staebler, M. Furlong, J. Graicl, S. Cawelli, J, Thomason, C. Rausch, D. Swestlra. Row 4: P. Kolpelc, J. Pray, F. Murphy, Cr. Sutter, R. Bina, R. Drobney, T. Peters, T. Lupardus, J. Owens, K. Ashland, B. Smith, J. Szemlcus, R. Olson, M. DiBlasio. Row I: G. Fox, E. MeGinty, B. Hironaka, D. Long, S. Meyer, C. Shore, J. Nielsen. Row 2: P. Wilson, J. Miize, Rev, W. Bagby, l R. Adams, R. Cassady, S. Christian, K. Rowley, J. Daley. Canterbury Association OFFICERS President . . RALPH Cnssanx' Vice-president . . . PA'1'SY VVILSON Secretary-Treasurer . SLQE CHRISTIAN Canterbury Association, an oiiicial college faculty- stutlent organization of the Episcopal Church, at- teinpts to create an understanding of the spiritual realm. It is hoped that through Bible studies, fac- ulty-student discussions, lectures, and Various other means, such spiritual knowledge can be obtained. The highlight for the group this year was the sec- ond annual retreat to the -l-H camp in lladrid, Iowa, spoirsorecl hy the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa. Father VVilliam Bagby of St. Luke's Parish of Cedar Falls is the advisor to the club and chaplain to lfpiscopal students. Christian Student Center OFFICERS President . . NIARLYS VVHiTE Vice-president . STEVE RAVER Secretary . . SUE COLEMAN Treasurer . . DENNIS HUGHES The Christian Student Center enables the young people from Christian Church homes to meet to- gether for fellowship, worship, and recreation. Regular Sunday morning services are attended at the Cedar Falls Church. The Center helped the church in the financing of the new building, which was completed in the fall. Activities included re- treats, parties, dinners, banquets, meetings with other student groups, and deputation work in vari- ous churches. Discussions, speakers, and movies supplemented the Sunday evening programs which followed the evening meal and worship service. Reverend Lewis Crase and the Center Director, lXIrs. Cindy Kuyper, helped the students in all the various activities. Row I: G. Hayes, M. Hurst, M. Whitver, B. Hyatt, S. Coleman, M. Sumrny, Mrs. C. Kuyper, R. Ealcle, J. Neal. Row 2: C. Landon, J. Callaway, W. Miller, M. Ducommun, J. Lund, S. Watkins, M. Davis, A. Prior, C. Madden, R. Hood. Row 3: K. Bacus, G.Co1?in, L. Milcesell, M. Beeman, M. White, L. Helwiq, G. Hottman, L. Baker, C. Reed, E. Kinsinqer, T. Swaim, S. Stephenson. Row 4: D. Hughes, S. Raver, T. Kading, L, Wolt, J. Gilpin, C. Winter, S. Sabetka, J. Gatewood, J. Russell, J. Schrader, R. Van Deventer, M. Lee. Row I: D. Mitchell, J. Johnson, J. Mullins, J. Rurringfon, J. Jennings, E. Brindle, J. Speas, K. Johnson, B. Bowley, A. Briclen, Mrs. VJ. Fishbaugh. Row 2: D. Stone, I. Perela, C. Macomher, K. Jones, K. Johnson, J. Callaway, S. McNeese, J, Sfansberg, A. Wood, J. Ware, N. Bauer, K. Kramer. Row 3: 6. Schultz, M. Silvey, M. Silvey, S. Reif, Rev. W. Fishbauqh, W. Sylvester, J. Tomlan, B. Ashby, D, Bishop, D. Umsfed, S. Kluifer, M. Olson. American Baptist Center The American Baptist Campus Center aspires to be an extension of the Church of Jesus Christ, re- demptively present in and intimately involved with the life of the campus. Here is provided a focus for Christian worship, witness, fellowship and intellec- tual adventure .set in the context of our growing Theta Epsilon Theta Epsilon is the women's -service organiza- tion afliliated with the American Baptist Student Center. Service projects this year have included various hospitals and homes for the aged, escorting a group of children to the SCI Childrenls Theater understanding of the gospel and the constant aware- ness of our responsibility to the world of which we are a part. ln September of l962 a new facility should be ready for occupancy affording an enlarged area of service and ministry for our Center. production and comnninicating with an orphan in one of the Baptist orphanages. Through study and discussion Theta Epsilon provides its members with a program fitted to their age and interest group. Row I: E. Brindle, J. Callaway, J. Johnson, J. Jennings, K, Johnson, Mrs. W. Fishbaugh. Row 2: M. Gustafson, D. Mitchell, K, Kramer, A. Wood, J. Sfansberg, J. Spees, B. Bowley. Row 3: J. Tomlan, D. Stone, l, Perala, S. Kluifer, C, Maeomloer, P. Lind- sfrorn, K. Jones, K. Johnson. Row I: M. Richards, M. Mitcheii, H, Bezorii, C. Hashimoto, S. Harder, Mrs. C. E. Parry, D. Watkins, P. Egger, P. Hahn, L. Haden- teidt, N. Sherwood, J. Stebor. Row 2: G. Broclco, J. Smith, J. Bath, B. Purvis, B. Madiil, M, Cooke, I-i. Wood, L. Mangold, L. Sewteil, P. Paris, G. Lundvaii, R. Biunclc. Row 3: H. Wehde, B. Minnie, G, Freese, L. Witte, E. Douglas, C, Hughes, D. Varnurn, 4 S S 5 'Q Ti ic R t n S. Drury, M. Benning. N. Mciirath, D. Haiienbeck. Row : J. Ebert, R. Kuhlrnari. J. Lane, R. Larson, C. Resewehr. . irnon, i. uasiew' z, R. Worm. . Lund, R. Hoeischer, B, He n, United Student Fellowship lfnitetl Stuclent Fellowship is for college students ot Congregational Christian and lfvangelical Re- formed churches. LTSF is affiliated with the lowa- Nehraska l'niteol Campus Christian lfellowship. llvith their sponsor, Klrs. Clitloril Parry, LSI" con- Sigma Eta Chi Sigma lfta Chi is the 'service sorority of the Con- gregational Christian and Evangelical Retorineii Churches which strives to coordinate Christian ex- periences with the intellectual and social growth ot its nienihers. Activities :luring the year included Row I: J. Stebor, G. Broclca, L. Sawteii, R. Biunk, N. Sher M, Benning, L. Mangold, L. W'tte. ducted regional and state retreats and rallies, group discussion, student led programs, joint meetings with the Christian Student Centei', outside speakers. parties anti scheduled play nights. ushering at Chapel, a service project tor the lilaek Hawk County Home, an Alumni Tea, Christmas Dinner. and a lllothers' Day Breakfast. Klrs. Clif- ford Parry is the sponsor. wood. Row 2: S. Drury, Mrs. C. E. Parry, S. Wettieraii, N. Mcilraih. Row I: L. Olesen, K. Gotter, P. Warriclc, J. Hinrichsen, D. Ross, C. Miller, N. Schultz, E. Plate, D. Mitchell, C. Aldrich, A. Davis, J. Larson, J. Matsui. Row 2: D. Barnes, B. Williams, lvl. Bohl, D. Mallocks, D. Piali, S. Kluiter, K. Schaefer, D. Johnson, E. Kinney, L. Bergman, A. Wood, C. Tietz, L. Weber, P. Keith. Row 3: l. Perala, G, Peterson, M. Silvey, C. Striltmalier, M. Silvey, S. Nelson, B. Moore, D. Ryan, G. Jones, P. Petty, R, Lundt, K. Saylor, R. l-laclcmann. Inter-Varsit OFFICERS President . CHUCK STRITTBIATTER Vice-president . IQEN SCHAEFER Secretary . . PAT PETTY Treasurer . BILL DVTUORE Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a member of an international student movement among Christ- ians, the Inter-National Fellowship of Evangelical Students. There are groups similar to IVCF in over twenty countries aihliated with the IFES. Inter-Varsity was begun in 1877 in England and was later brought to Canada and the United States. At the present time there are chapters in over 400 colleges in the United States. IVCF is an inter- denominational student organization on campus which seeks to investigate the claims of Jesus Christ and to consider His challenge to today's college and university students. Any student or facility mem- ber, regardless of race or religion, is invited to at- tend. Activities for the year included Tuesday eve- ning meetings, weekly dorm discussions, daily prayer meetings and fall and spring statewide retreats. Dr. Nliddleton and lVIr. Eshelman .served as sponsors. Christian Science Organization OFFICERS President . CAROLYN CYREGG Vice-president . . . . R.-XY LUTZ Secretary-Treasurer . SHARON RUTHSTROM The Christian Science Qrganization at the State College of Iowa is organized and maintained under Article 23, Section 8 of the Nlanual of The Nlother Church, the First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Nlassachusetts. The organization provides an opportunity to learn the truth of Christian Science, to welcome new students interested in Christian Science, to unite Christian Scientists at the college in closer fellowship, and to consecrate anew the members. Each year the organization sponsors a lecture on Christian Science given by a member of the Board of Lectureship of The lllother Church. The organization also handles subscriptions to the Christian Science Blonitor, an international daily newspaper. The advisor was lXIrs. hliriam Damsgaard. Row I: D. Smull, C. Gregg, S. Ruihsirom. Row 2: B. Lutz, L. Johnson, R. Tracy, Gamma Delta This year Gamma Delta did very well in the Homecoming festivities by winning first place with their float. Gamma Delta is the student organiza- O F F I C E R S tion of the College Hill Lutheran Church under the counselorship of Pastor Edgar A. Brammer. The President . . lOYCE ALBERS I 5 program tor the school year was planned by and ViCC'PrC5ldCUr - - TOM LAASCH for the students. Its aim was to strengthen the stu- Secretary l NIYRNA SPURLING dents' faith through worship, service, Bible study, and recreation. Some of Gamma Delta's projects Treasurer - - STEVE H0551-ANN and activities included religious discussion programs, banquets, choir, Vvednesday morning meetings and a cost supper every Sunday evening with vespers at 7 o'cloclc. Row I: D. Chatstrom, M. Mews, S. Willesen, D. Edwards, D. Gummert, I. Brinlnert, R. Joy, L. Wahnsen, M. Prater, L. Moeller, J. Albers, K. Streclc, P. Liberslcy, N. Otto. Row 2: A. Bousselot, V. Hogue, J. Foqlesong, N. Winter, K. Funlce, M. Witte, J. Kuhl, L. Sernett, B. Hoyer, M. Wiese, M. l-lerrig, E. Hartlcemeyer, D. Drier, S. l-larbaclc. Row 3: C. Benson, D. l-lintze, D. Beck, B, Lane, J. Lienemann, J. Marslce, R. Fislc, J. Volct, A. Harms, M. Spurling, R. Voss, J. Spurling, J. Dubberlce, C. Rochleau, C. Ulig, S. Jepsen. Row 4: A. Schmidt, G. Grimm, R. Tharp, J. Angell, T. Albertson, L. Carlson, J. Willcens, L. Park, G. Svetly, T. Laasch, A. Kitzman, K. Perrigo, B. l-lottmeier, P. Schmidt, D. Kloostra. Row I: B. Euler, J. Anderson, M. Anderson, S. Schroeder, C. Klinclt, L. Rasmussen, S. Petersen, N, Ellstrom, S. Rosenau, S. Glans, J. Larson, J. Miller, S. Shoop. Row 2: D. Freese, S. Stewart, J. Evans, K. Loclcrem, Y. Swanson, S. Barrels, V. Freeman, C. Tostenson, Mrs. J. Thompson, L. Walther, M. McElroy, D. Ruroden, B. Kent, V. Suhr. Row 3: B. Hall, M. Schuldt, D. Overland. S. Stark, G. Gunderson, L. Lidflca, J. Rinard, J. Behrens, S. Corlett, L. Olson, M. Gross, M. Kallenbach, G. Jacobson, J. Lindemann, M. Menlren. Row 4: Pastor G. Rigger, M. Holmlund, D. Armiqer, R. Thompson, D. Green, R. Anderegg, C. Johnson, K. Sodersfrom, J. Burcharclt, G. Ullman, J. Tiaden. D. Martoclcs, E. Boos, M. Walberg, C. Lang. Lutheran Student Association The aim of the Lutheran Student Association is Q F F I Q E R S to provide an opportunity for its members to grow spiritually, intellectually and socially. LSA proposes President - - RAMONNA ANDEREGG to be a Christian example to the entire academic Vice-president U LORETTA CLAUSEN community. To fulfill this purpose, a varied pro- gram was offered: weekly vespers, study groups, Secretary SHIRLEY SCHROEDER contact committees, Sunday night suppers and pro- Treasurer . JERRY RISDAHL grams. LSA sponsored other activities during the year such as coffee hours, parties, a local retreat and an annual fall banquet. Row I: A. Meeks, A. Burkhead, P. Wiliis, R. Seamans, P. Milier, C. Bariow, S. Eden, M. Matthews, L. Greenzweig, K. Morse, S. Johnson, R. Gideon. Row 2: P. Wiiliams, D, Grove, A. Stimson, R. Baiiie, S. Moqensen, M. Hunter, B, Aliee, E. Peterson, M. Richardson, A. Meeks, J. Lalirombois. Row 3: R. Lane, R. Schae-hier, D. Carpenter, L. Gordon, L. Brockrneyer, B, Andresen, P. Zinn, N. Borion, G. Schaeiier, M. Gusiin, L. Hager. Wesley Foundation To acquaint the students with their role in the campus community, VVesley sponsored tall and spring retreats, parties, discussions and services for its members. Each Sunday evening, the members Kappa Phi Club Kappa Phi is the llethodist womenys service group at SCI. Striving to attain their aim, "Every Nlethodist woman in the University today is a leader in the church tomorrougi' the group chose to ate together and held a program afterwards for the purpose of discussion and fellowship. Rev. R. Spaine is director of the center and Bliss Judith La From- bois serves as assistant. help the lVaterloo chapter of lllultiple Sclerosis as their year's project. Kappa Phi also donated to the national chapter to help with the work of the national organization. Row I: A. Meeks, A. Burkhead, R. Searnans, S. Eden, S. Hursey, B. Benson, K. Morse, M. Hari, P. Hahn. Row 2: P. Zinn, M. Gusiin, B. LaCoste, K. Biezek, B. Ailee, P. Willis, L. Greenzweig, A. Meeks, J. Laiirornloois. Row l: D, Jermeti, l-l. Stewart, J. Walton, B. Baker, J. Vermilyea, C. Book. Row 2: L. Bartholomew, R. Bonsloq, V, Williams, N. Mitchell, R. May, S. l-loward. Row 3: J. Ndumgu. D. Backstrom, C, Rembolcl, J. Zarub, B. Clapton. Row 4: Rev. R. Nelson, D. Walvoord, S. Koch, S. Darin, R. Quaclceribush. Presbyterian Student Center Klonthly trips to the day school at the lleskwaki Indian Reservation at Tama to instruct the boys and girls there in a unique project of the Pres- byterian Student Center. Study groups were popular at the Center. Some of the subjects in' Phi Chi Delta Phi Chi Delta, the Presbyterian womenls service sorority, is a study and service organization that at- tempted to provide its members with opportunities to gain leadership and to share in fun and fellow- ship with other young women. Kleeting in con- junction with the Presbyterian Student Center, Row I: C. Book, R. Schultz, B. Wiekwire, S. Bradley M. Hughes. Row V. Williams. cluded contemporary literature and questions on this age of nuclear weapons. Coffee hours, Sunday evening programs and visiting art shows completed the year at the Center. Rev. Dick Nelson was the sponsor for the group. their service projects included Christmas chocolate hours, redecoration projects at the center and ush- ering at the Interdenominational Chapel. Guided by Kits. Dick Nelson the students worked together, studied together and enjoyed the benefits of their Christian lite together. 2: P. Peterson, lvl. Juqeriheimer, Mrs. R. Nelson, R. Mclmtire, 'tv cm g I H WE Q X 256 55 'Q 353 w Q. 'ex .QM ,, ,, . mf 55? , Q 1 fy fn. .w L J R K ,S g l r 4, if .Y , jf I 3 -'5 w V gk , e . .X ,, mx A aus-sw ,- QA K M2 J V. M 25 'f gk . ,sf V 1 , i Q6 fPWf ZA M A. .W 4. 55526, k W , . ,,. fig a . , . pfi' Qafw '. KL A J, .w 4 rs Ha? if HRX x35 'R Q lv A we 4 ,J .1 54 if im! '33 .V L ig ,W , K if Mxff Wa? fa V ,F -V ,fl 5 fe Q., I , 2 ls? :jfi "T.fma5 mQHm,fHi+ Em ff 'V ' .wif -. 75xVQ?i w fy 'w32Lf ' L. A , N' , k Vg L, Q TV " QF 7 f. , Q V, , ,MW L7 RGB Row I: Dean M. Holmes, S. Howard, F. Callahan, S. Greenlee, C. Lau, S. Rock, B, Vogt. Row 2: B. Elsbury, S. Houlihan, J. Marhison, B. Davis, S. Carlson, C, Anderson, D. Scott. Intersororit Council 0 F Fl C ICR S President . B.xRD.xR.x Yoor Vice-president . . . . Cozmre l,AL' Secretary-Treasurer CoNNn3 AI. lANDERSON VVhols VVho liditor . SANDY How.-mn Assistant lfditor . BARR.-xR,x Davis lntersorority Council consists of elected repre- sentatives from each of the sororities on campus, plus three executive officers and the editor and as- sistant editor of PVlzo'5 lVho, a booklet published in the spring to acquaint women students with sorori- ties. The councills function is to join together all sororities on campus and to encourage high sorority standards and increased cooperation among the groups. A few of the new l'standards" this year are the sorority counselor project, boycott of Bartlett during rush fall activation, the raising of grade point to 2.2 for girls to join. ln addition to working with campus organiza- tions, the council also sponsors inany activities for its members such as coke-dates, teas and social ser- vice projects. This year lntersorority and lntertra- ternity Councils adopted an orphan for one year through the Foster Parents Plan. These two or- ganizations also co-sponsor Greek VVeek. Inter- sorority advisers are Dean Mavis Holmes and illiss Barbara Elsbury. Interfraternity Council OFFICERS President . . DAVE APPLEIZY' Vice-president . . ROIZERT STEVENS Secretary-Treasurer . . BILL REAMS Interfraternity Council, consisting of three elect- ed representatives from each fraternity, governs matters affecting the fraternity system of SCI and studies the various campus fraternity problems, working for the best development of the Greek system. This year IFC and ISC .sponsored a child through the Foster Parents Adoption Plan and participated in Thanksgiving and Christmas proj- ects and in Greek Vveek. Faculty Advisors are Dean Bender and Il'Ir. Sandy IlIacLean. Row I: L. Mickey, F. Dow, T. Scheuermann, J. Telriclc, R. Button. Row 2: W. Reams, J, Egbert, G. Creswell, R. Olhausen, T. Dooley. Row 3: B. Andrews, R. Stevens, J. Marr, L. Maclean, D. Appleby. MEMBERS S. Akin, D. Azelline, J. Brocka, C. Brunolage, C. Craven, B. Davis, J. Grillon, C. l-laller, K. Hampel, B. l-lololen, M. Jackson, J. Jorgenson, K. Kaiser, J lvlallies, J. Monroe, J. Munn, D. Noland, S. Plwillips, D. Ransom, G. Rojduncla, J. Scliager, D. Sc:l'iaH, A Snycler, l.. Slarli, J. Sleplwenson, C. Swanson, lvl Teisinger, R. Wiley, S. Winslow. Delta Delta Phi l'otato ehips and dip, hair eurlers and other nu- merous articles can be found in the Lawther Loft at the Delta Delta Phi sorority slumber parties. Homecoming also found the Delts active as they worked on their float with their brothers of Alpha Chi lipsilon. Their tea was held at the home of Mfrs. Nordly. VVith fall over, the Delts engaged in a Snowball Party. Other winter activities included Christmas earoling and a December Dinner. Rush season found the Delts busily planning and pre- senting their parties tor prospective rushees. After all this was achieved, enjoyable work awaited them as their pledges began an orientation period. The Dehones enhanced the Gheek VVeek Vaneues ,ss Q .5 W ' . , frfffvi' O I" F I C If R S President -lov MATHES Yiee-president S tzixxx iz XVINSI. Secretary Dias Azswixi rFl'C'2lSlll'l'l' llH.XRI.O'I"l'E Hai. llR OFFICERS President Rosna RIEBE Vice-president 1 UDY XIERMILYEA Secretary SHEILA Osooon Treasurer ,TAN TERRILI. o Kappa Theta PS1 Hl'anthers, Itls Time to Strikef' was the theme of the Kappa Theta Psi Sorority Homecoming float. They combined their talents with Nu Sigma Phi Sorority to capture third place. Also on Home- coming Day the Kappas held a tea for their alum- nae. Another weekend found the Kappas honoring their dads with a Dad's Day Dinner. Parties and picnics with the fraternities on campus are furthei accentuated by special events such as the Spring Dinner-Dance. In the spring the Kappas enthusi- astically worked on their social service projects. An unusual activity held at Christmas time is Secret Sister VVeek. At this time the girls draw names and secretly give each other inexpensive gifts. The climax of this event occurs by the Christmas tree where these humorous items are 'substituted with real gifts. Not a send-off, but a greeting from Kappa Thela Psi to rushees. M E M BE RS B. Baker, l.. Beaflrie, G. Broclca, J. Buckingham, J Callison, S. Clwrislian, K. Clausen, S. Clausen, C. Cleveland, J. Cummings, T. Pollcers, S. Greenlee, J. l-lalsled, J. l-larlman, S. l-loolc, D. Huebner, C. Kelly, P. Kimara, L. Moeller, S. Osgood, D. Powell P. Powell, K. Randles, B. Riclwler, R. Riebe, P. Row land, R. Sclwmeisser, K. Slwold, J. -lerrill, J. Vermil yea, C. Wlebbecke, MEMBERS M. Anderson, M. Bragg, L. Clausen, B. Doslal, J, J. Lind, N. Miles, V. Nosl, K. Parnpel, B. Pelerson Duprez, N. Ericlcson, D. Gibson, M. Gibson, V. S. Rock, L. Scliieler, J. Sclwliclier, J. S+. Clair, S Gunderson, J. l-lansen, l. Hevviclcer, M, l-lolil, M. Slriclfer, E. Talcaba, M. Vollrner, K. Wangsness, M lngvoldslad, J. Jacobsen, J. Jolwnslon, L. Jones. Wbi+e,A.Yeager. u Sigma Phi N11 Sigma lllii devoted 111ost of its tilne during tl1e past year to tl1e reorganization of the group. Ill February of l96l, UYCIIU'-l'l'11'L'C girls were acti- vated en 111asse and began work with foriner 1111-111- bers to create a completely new organization with the aid of Dean Klayis Holmes and Kliss BZlI'b2ll'2i lzflsbury. New oflicers were elected, the constitu- tio11 revised, goals formulated and work bfgaxt. Some of the yea1"s activities included Secret Sister VVL-ek and a Klotherls Day lllI1CllCOl1. lnforinal l'LlSl1 in the fall featured N11 Sig Deb Days, a re- placement for Hell VVeek. Nu Sigma Phi also re- ceived tl1e scl1olarsl1ip ayyard for the spring 1961 semester. The sponsors were Bliss Blary Klortell, Dr. and Klrs. Klanford Sonstegard and llrs. How- ard jones. Oh boy, baked beans. ' k, f EW f 4 Ol"FlCERS President lax 51.1, HANSEN Vice-president Yikcixm NUST Secreta ry Xfxx NIILIES l reasnrer XI.11z1.Ys BRAGG t 1 A OFFICERS President INZAREN SCHROEDER Vice-president ILA NIAE H EMM Secretary SANDY ciLANS Treasurer BARBARA X7ANDERZYI. Phi Sigma Phi i'VVe build for character and not for famef' This is the goal of Phi Sigma Phi sorority. Individuals in the group were honored for holding high this sorority goal at the Phi Sigma Phi Dinner-Dance in the spring. The Phi Sigs do many things with their brothers, Phi Sigma lfpsilon. To start the year they had a date party at the VVaterloo Boat Club. At Christmas time they again got together at a party where they sponsored a "lNIitten Treen for needy children. The fathers of members were honored at the Dad's Day Banquet. Dr. Basil Re- pass, lVIiss Nlargaret Sjolander, Dr. and hlrs. Caryl Nliddleton and Dr. and hlrs. George Ball were sponsors. Phi Sigs entertained rushess at a "card" party. M E M B E R S B. DeBower, J. Donner, K. Ernsl, R. Furland, J. Ger sema, S. Glans, K. Qoeclce, L. Gordon, B. l-lawf balcer, C. Hayashi, l. l-lemm, M. l-lunloon, S Kellogg, A. Knudson, K. Lee, M. Lee, M. Jugen heinner, L, Mangold, M. Mchlull, J. Mullins, M. Neibauer, J. O'Toole, J. Rogers, J. Ryon, D Sandvig, G. Samson, K. Schroeder, J. Spain, K Spain, S, Spealar, E Slllwell, M. Suehisa, R. Trager C. Van Devenler, B, Vanderzyl, K. Voorhees, P Walson, P. Vv'llson. MEMBERS D. Anions, J. Arends, L. Bersee, J. Brown, B. Danne, S. Dumier, S. Ellingson, J. Evans, K. Gnagy, J. i-iaich, C. Heafon, S. Hickman, L. Huseman, M. Jennings, S. Koch, C. Kropp, C. Lau, J. Ma+hison, J. Ma+sui, M. Mcffleliand. L. Meqgers, F. Meisner, S. Moore, J. Naqai, M. Paullc, S. Paulsen, J. Paynjrer, M Pe+ers, P. Pink, K. Saiiizann, S. Sauer, J. Saylor, S Schomer, M. Simmons, V. Smifn, A. Underberg, C Whife, L. Wfiffe, M. Young. Pi Tau Phi Early this year Pi Tau Phi Social Sorority cele- brated its thirty-fifth anniversary as an organiza- tion on the SCI campus. illany aluninae returned for this special dinner. The Pi Taus started early this year-before school started, in fact, when they had a weekend party at Clear Lake. The PiTaus have a unique service project in which they eagerly and actively participate. This is their work with the handicapped children at the Cedar Falls Recre- ation Center. Socially, the girls have many parties throughout the year with the fraternities on campus and also with other sororities. Seniors in the soror- ity are honored at the Grad's Dinner held annually in the spring. This and their dinner-dance end the social season for the Pi Taus. Sponsors for the group are Bliss illary Eakin, Hlrs. Perry Grier, Nlrs. Glen Heckroth and Nlrs. Zatha VVeenis. The Pl Taus enjoyed a service project at the Cedar Falls Recreation Center. mr' OFFICERS President NIARY IQLEANOR PAULK Vice-president Luxxiz MEGGERS Secretary SHERRIL PAULSEN Treasurer 1"A1TH TXIEISN ER O F F I C E R S President KAREN BIJFFINGTON Vice-president JUNE CROSS Secretary KAREN Bo1.1N Treasurer Ci-xRoL VVOLF Pi Theta Pi Fall activities for the Pi Theta Pi sorority began with a party with their brother fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma. This was followed by coke dates and parties with other sororities. At Homecoming, ac- tivities included a Hoat and the traditional Home- coming Sip. The Pi Thetys, along with other Greeks, helped with the adoption project, a worth- while endeavor for needy children. Some of the special events planned were Secret Sister VVeelc, lXTother's Day Brunch and the publishing of the 11!LllIl71ll6 Neivslefter. In the spring the annual dinner-dance and the Graduates Dinner were held. The sponsors are Dr. and llrs. Richard Crumley, Dr. and lNlrs. llerritt llelberg, lNIr. and Klrs. Robert Goss and Kliss Jo Yeager. Everywhere you go you run into rests and sororities are no exception MEMBERS C. J. Anderson, C. M. Anderson, l-l. Anderson, L. sen, A. l'lawn, J. l-louslon, K. Joens, D. Kennedy Arends, M. Arllwr, C. Ballworn, R. Bandnolz, J. J. Klinlcer, N. Loelwr, M. Mundl, F. Nelson, C. Rein- Belirens, K. Bolin, M. Brady, M. A. Brady, V. eclce, M. Rowedder, J. Scnuldl, J. Sillca, I. Weai'da Brownlee, K. Burlinglon, li. Callalian, J. Cross, C. V. Williams, C. Wolf. Davis, P. Freese, S, Galewood, B. l-lanson, M. l-lan- MEMBERS M. Balcer, K. Boelfe, B. Bosch, C. Carlson, S. Carl son, P. Cowan, M. Cunningham, J. Dougherly, M Dunn, l.. DuPey, C. Golz, K. Gordon, C. l-lollis, M l-lollis, V. Jacob, J. Jarnes, P. Liberslcy, J. Leggell, J. Morningslar, J. Noble, P. Reed, L. Rucker, J Schubert B. Schmicher, M. Shoernan, M. Schrocll P. Shannon, D. Srnilh, J. Slone, G. Sullivan, P Thompson, R. Toner, B. Van Zandt B. Voql, J Willce, R. Winner. Tau Sigma Delta Building the Homecoming Float with their brother fraternity, Tau Kappa lfpsilon, and giving a Homecoming tea tor the alumnae were superb ways of getting the year off to an active start tor Tau Sigma Delta. The Dad's Day Coffee Hour honoring members' fathers, coke dates, exchanges with other fraternities and a Christmas party were enjoyable events of the tall semester. The Nlotherys Day Luncheon and the 'tilloonlight lllistl' dinner- dance were the main highlights ot the spring. A Graduation Dinner was held in honor of the gradu- ating seniors and a tea was given tor the sponsors. The Tau Sigs won the Scholarship Plaque for fall, 1961, and spent long hours preparing their spring alumnae newsletter. The Greek communication system teaves something to be desired. Ol"l"lCERS President LAXYIERA liDL'I'EY Vice-president RoeHi21.l,E 'l'oNi2R Secretary liixizia Scnxnenisiz Treasurer -Io DCJl'GHERTX' O F F I C E R S President SUSAN VVELCH Vice-president jo FEE Secretary ANN KIRK Treasurer NANCY SACKVILLE Theta Gamma Nu 'lThe cake that Stan baked!" This was the item that Theta Gamma Nu sorority offered as an auc- tion item in the All-College Benefit Auction. Homecoming found the Theta Gamma Nu sorority winning second place in the Hoat division. For the alumnae a Brunch was planned. This year they held their first Dadls Day Dinner honoring their fathers. The Theta Gains also participated in Se- cret Sister VVeek and at Christmas time enjoyed a party with their sponsors. The Yuletide festive spirit was there as they worked during the holidays in the children's ward at Sartori Hospital. The Klotherls Day VVeekend was a significant event be- cause the mothers were not only honored but the Outstanding Theta Gamma Nu and the winner of the annual scholarship traveling pin were recog- nized. The year was climaxed with a Sweetheart- Graduate Party. Even at a party somebody has to climb up on a soap box. MEMBERS S. Barlels, A. Berlin, D. Bleich, l.. Breclcin, C. Breed- Howard, J. l-luler, C. l-lumphry, A. Kirlc, K. Klenz ing, P. Buhr, S. Dells, P. Dolphin, J. Dubberlfe, J. man, M. Leslie, L. Lidllca, J. Morgan, N. Newhouse Fee, A. Ford, M. Forlhun, P. Frued, J. Gilberlson, P. Newland, B. Rodgers, N. Saclcville, K. Schmilz L. Greenfield, K. l-lanne, G. l-larris, S. l-loulihan, S. M. Thompson, R. Toal, S. Welch, P, While. MEMBERS R. Alcerrnan, D. Anderson, D. Appleby, E. Bahling R. Bina, J. Chance, R. Carey, E. Cleveland, T Crane, G. Creswell, J. Crowder, P. Dice, N. Don ald, G. Floyd, D. Godfrey, B. Golbulll, lvl. Grirlllh S. l-lalslead, G. l-lamilron, V. Hansen, S. Holbrook, B. l-loy, lvl. l-lusernan, I.. lngreharn, R. Knoll, T Laasch, S. Logsdon, J. LeFebvre, J. Malsui, J McBride, A. McCoy, R. lV1cCully, l.. lvlilqesell, lvl Viclor, D. Murphy, P. Oliphanl, R. Olsen, J. Pellil G. Plager, Z. Plorins, J. Prichard, S. Rell, C. Repp D. Rose, G. Rowe, J. Runchey, J. Schlicher, S Simons, D. Spear, T. Spear, J. Telriclc, R. Thomas D. Urnsled, R. Worm, J. Will, Alpha Chi Epsilon "You're the sweetheart of Alpha Chi!" was heard many times this year as the girls of many Chi's were honored. The traditional pinning eere- mony is a highlight for the Chi's and is held at the Campanile or the girlls dorm. Alpha Chi lfpsilon boasts other traditions, the most recent being Pledge Pebble. This is a huge rock out in the country with the fraternity crest painted on it, courtesy of the fall 1960 pledge class. Pledge Pebble is a se- quel to the old monument, Chi Rock, founded by Chi alums back in 1920. Chi Rock is in the heart of the new housing district oil College Street and has so far successfully avoided the cities' aim of re- moving it. A girl can become a Chi coed at either rock. Perhaps a hit more humorous tradition is the Bumblebee Bomb which can be heard driving around campus during tall and spring. lt is not easy to finance such an oddity as the license plate alone costs two dollars, Sponsors are Dr. Howard glories, Dr. lfdward rllhorne, Dr. lfmmett Cable. and Klr. Klilo Lawton. Their sisters are Delta Delta Phi Sorority. lalfe ten pledges. Add one Bumblebee Bomb, a Pledge Pebble and mix slightly, Yield, one prank, well done. O lf lf l C lf R S President l"n!!fDoN KI L RPHY Spring-lDiaxNis Clonifiusx' Yice-president Fu!!-Roceiz AICCLLIEY Sprinffelliiii. Dice S1 l'I'l'fIll'-1' lfnflfllicx Iixou. Spriziyf-A-NE.-xi. DoNA1.D Treasurer -loiix CH.xNci5 OFFICERS President DAVE Cox Vice-president RoN RUBEK Seriretrzry FRED HAHN Treasurer KEITH SEIFERT Phi Sigma Epsilon The Homecoming Dinner and Dance with the alumni highlighted the fall semester for Phi Sigma Epsilon National Fraternity. Qther important events during the Hrst semester were parties with their sisters, Phi Sigma Phi Sorority and other sororities. The Phi Sigs engage actively in the Greek intranniral sports program. The lVhite Rose Formal is the social event of the spring where the VVhite Rose Queen is Chosen. VVith the return of spring the Phi Sigs can be found pienieking with the sororities. The sponsors for the group are Dr. VVilliam Dee and Dr. Charles Allegre. Phi Sig John Moore, an emcee at the OLD GOLD Preliminary Beauty Pageant, contempiaies . . . MEMBERS N. Almquisl, R. Andrews. l"l. Becker, D. Boyd, R. Moore, D. Page, D. Rausenberqer, R. Rubelc, M Clirisly, W. Cormaney, D. Cox, R. Crane, J. Eg- Scliaunnberg, G. Sclnullz, B. Sclmwarlz, D. Searle, K bert D. Eiclielberger, E. Farley, J. Fischer, D. Poole. Seilerlr, C. Shaw, J. Slielman, R. Slwellco, B, Srevens J. l-lemminger, S. l-loemann, G. l-luglwes, R. Julnl, J. Taylor, R. Townsend, E. Xlfare, L. Wesl, D K. Kroemer, E. Larson, M. Long, R. Marlin, J. Wilson. MclNleflus, l.. Miclcey, E. Miller, P. Milclwell, J. MEMBERS J. Anderson, N. Arendt W. Bishop, R. Burron, J Caraway, R. Carney, R. CUH, T. Dooley, K. Erzen M. Gibbs, J. Hall, R. Hood, G. Johnson, R. Jushce, P, Kelfams, D. Klenwme, R. Maass, T. Millernon, J Murray, C. Ololsen, R. Olhausen, R. Plafr, D. Ram sey, B. Rearns, P. Reeol, G. Risdahl, J. Shannon J. Sliror. Slgma Tau Gamma Sigma Tau Gamma social fraternity enjoyed a spirited Homecoming by having the annual Home- coming Dinner-Dance with the alumni, They sponsored a Halloween Party with their sisters, the Pi Thets. ln addition they also had parties with other sororities. Yule season was celebrated with Christmas dinner and dance attended by their sis- ters. In intramurals the Sig Taus began the year with a second place in football. The biggest social highlight of the year was the VVhite Rose Formal held in the spring. Sponsoring this program are Dr. Harold Bernhard and Dr. james Blanford. Will SCI ever have fraternity houses again? The Sig Taus are optimistic. OFFICERS President ,lorry SHANxoN Vice-president BILL RIE.ANIS Secretary DIERRY R1sD.xHL Treasurer CI.-xcii C.-xRAw,xY OFFICERS President DAVE KNOCK Vice-president LARRY MARKLEY Secretary CHARLIE TNTILLER Treasurer TOM KLEM UK Tau Kappa Epsilon Fall Rush, followed closely by Homecoming ac- tivities, were social events that started the year for Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. These activities in- cluded their Homecoming float, co-sponsored with Tau Sigma Delta, and their Alumni Homecoming Banquet. In December, the fraternity went Christ- mas caroling with the Tau Sigma Delta sorority. They also held a Christmas party for the students of Rainbow Drive School for Exceptional Children at VVaterloo. The next event of the year was a French Underground Party. The fraternity placed first in intramural football and swimming. Spring activities began with Spring Rush, followed by a hlotheifs Day Banquet and a Suppressed Desire Party. Coke dates throughout the year kept the activities going, with the highlight or spring being the Red Carnation Ball. Consfanf mofion disinfegrafes fhe ice cubes. MEMBERS I.. Bock, D. Buclnanan, E. Buller, J. Copley, J. Curry J. Davis, W, Dodd, B. Dow, S. Fulce, J. Gay, B Geise, W. Granneman, J, Grimes, D. Hallenback D. l-lennpliill, l-l. l-luqq, S. l-luslon, P. Jenlcinson, J Kelly, B. Kinne. T. Klemulc, D. Knock, D. Lincler, I. lV1arl4ley, J. Marr, K. Moocly, D. Nielsen, D. Parlcer, S. Parson, G. Perrin, I.. Quiclc, J. Rallensperger, T Sclweuermann, R. Scliley, J. Scliniclier, I.. Seclcinq lon, R. Slwerrnan, R. Slwiyely, G. Slwoemalqer, E Tanaka, D. Weyrauclw, G. Wilcox, R. Wiese, R Young. l 283 ww Ekfk IRADUATES P K M ui N V ,A . AM 3, 1 .. Q , f ' f mf A I W 'M -, i '-'A W . J ,ff - fm -. V ,ff 1 ,, -. .xv .W-M A1 , 'r V, - wMli'4"'I.-g i K I - ag- ,- , . ' K V j Q jg: w- I I 3 aww' AV V VLL, , ' J L i," 5 ' W ' 4 WM .-,A.. ., I E I K ,F WMgN,w,,,,m.mvi"" A I , , . 1 ,M W.,. L, , V I A W , ' J 5 M W 2 Mh"'1"""""53""'M'i""'f"""'iL-M W" X ,Q.,....M,. Ed , .V M ,wwww-"""'W' MM My ,,,,, 5 X . www W., -- 9- ., 3 41 if -xii, wx JOE ADAIR R1ci1ARD AKIZRMAN YVaterlOO Grand Island, Nebraska Sofia! Sfimlfef RAMON NA ANDEREGG Guttenherg L'pjJ1'1' Elenzfnlziry DAVID H. iAPPI,EBY Manchester Junior High fATHARlNE ACEY .AYERS Des Moines Sofia! SciL'7zfe Sofia! Sfifzife DON E. ANDERSON Indianola Bzixiizvss liduraliorz LDOROTHY J. ARNO'lk'I' Elvaston, Illinois Bzzyizmss Edzimtion RAYMOND BACHMAN VVest Bend Sofia! Srimzre SANDY ARxN -YOYCE J, ALBERS Ames Grand Mound ,-Irl Lower ElI'lIII'71f!lI'j' fiARRY ANDERSON JANICE MAY'IiR ANDERSON VVaterlOO State Center Sfifvifz' Lofww' blll'llIl'7lfllI'J' lVlARll,YN iAk'l'lf1UR C'1,1NTON ,ASCHE Hawkeye Titnnka Lawn' Elmn1'nfary Mathmrialifs DUNN.-K BACRSTROM fi.-XRY LEE BAILEY Faribault, Minnesota Ames English Industrial fl rls JOYCE ANIDEREGC Guttenlverg Physiml Edufafioii ROBERT ANDREXN'S Spencer PII-j'5il'dl Edu cafirni ROBERT Assixx Cedar Falls Sju'1'z'h ROBERT D. BAILEY VVaverly Iizduxtrial iris RICHARD BAILIE New Market Sofia! Srienfc JUDY BARTACHPIK DEAN BAKER Cedar Falls Industrial :Iris l'iUVK'ARD BECKER Belle Plaine Menclota, Illinois Physiral lidumfiofz Physiral Eduration CAROL E. BALHURN VVaterlOo Louvr Elemenmry lVlARlI,YN BECKER Davenport Lo-wer Iflfmrnlary JEAN L. BAXNIER Yarmouth Fppn' Elfwvniary RICHARD BENESII Radcliffe English lVlARGARE'l' BARBER Martelle lfppfr ElL'llIl?l1f0l'y lVlARl.YS BENNING Wellsburg Ifoz'a1'ionalH0mc fZi1'0ll0l!IIl'S GEORGE II. BERGER South Amana lfjvprr l:'lUl11f'1zl1n'y DAVID BISHOP Masoll City ,MHf1I1'll1llfil'5 JOAN BERGMAN Madrid iWdfl1l'l!1ll1ll'5 DONNA BLEICH VVesley Ifllflllllff Eduvafion LA DON NA HERCMAN Arthur l,'pp1'r lilemwntzzry SANDRA BOQRHOIJ1' Keystone l,rmcf'r EIPIIIPIUIIVJ' lNlARI.YS BICRGMAN New llzlrtford SfVt'!'l'l1 Corr'n'lir111 1.1 NDA LEE BURKE Hlll7lH1lTLl l'ffp1'r Ell'III1'lIftII'-1' ANx BPI'l"l'lN Early l,iln'ury SI'i1'll1'l' I.nfLcf'r bill'lIIl'l1fllf-1' 1,015 ILENE BOHLEX VVQ-at Burlington l'jJp1'r Elr7llI1'llf1lI'j' ROGER BOHNING Rowan Sofia! SfiL'711'6 MARLYS BRAGG Lake Park Matl1elrzaIi1's ANN BONNALLIE Austin, Minnesota Lower Elementary CAROL BREEIJING Des Moines Upper Elemenfary ELEANQR Boos CARI, HOWMAN DICK Bovn Lockridge Osage VVebster City Musir Physiral Eduraiion Business Eduralion AI,'f1XMfKE BRIDEN LAUREL BROCKMEYER JANICE BROVVX Fort Dodge Colesburg VVaterloo Library Sfienre Vocalional Home El'07l0NIif.f Upprr Elemenlary MxLnREn BROVVN Grimes l'pjJz'r El1'm1'nfary JAMES R. BUMP Cedar Falls Physifal lidzzratirnz jonx C. BRUCE Marshalltown Sofial Srienfz' MAR1LYx BUNDY Cedar Falls lluxic DOUG BUCHANAN VVest Des Moines Plzysiral Edurafion IDARRIZL BUNGE Massillon LORELEI K. BUEHLER li.-XREN BUFFINGTON Mason City Colo Vofational Hmm' El'0HOIlIlt'S English IQAREN BURKUART STANLEY BURKLH Mount Auburn Geneva I'hy5iz'nI Ifdumfion Forfign Languagfs ,MllflIZllIdfil'5 JAMES BURR JOHN G. BL'RRI'I'T lfARHN lilj'I'CHER EIIXYARD BUTLER ROBERT BUTTON Lnlporte City YVaterlOO Holstein Burlington Marshalltown lllusir .'VIallii'1ni1tir.r Siiwziz' l'pprr Elzvrrmztary Physiral lfduration English FRANC1s BL'1"l's KAN' C.-XI.DXVEI,I. FRED.-X CALLAHAN JUDY CAl.1.AwAx' RICHARD CAI,I.1cAN Mason City Cedar Rapids Dow City Cedar Falls VVaterlOn Wlallzrirraiiix Lnmcer lilflnrnfary Engliyh Lower lflrrmfrzlary Induslrial .lrly JUDY CAl.l.ISUN RICHARD C.ixPPs ROBERT CARXEY JAMES CARR CnAR1,Es CASSUN Charimn Creston Masrxn City Ottumwa McClelland Lawn' ElL'lIIl'IlfIlI'-1' .'VIafl11'n1alii'5 Industrial ,lrly Junior High Physiml Eduralion DAVID CHRISTIANS!-IN PATRICIA .ANN CHRrsT1.E li.-XTHYRN CLAUSSEN SHARON CLAUSSEN CHARLYN CLEVELAND Clear Lake Cedar Rapids Reinbeck Reinbeck jefierson Sofia! Srimn' L'ppi'r lilvmerztary English English Junior High ELBIN CLEVELAND PATRICIA COOKINI-IAM JOHN COPLEY CURTIS L. CORXVIN ROBERT CRANE Cedar Rapids Estherville Davenport Marshalltown Cedar Falls Speerh Mathematifs S? Speech Mathematifs Cf Industrial Arts Plzysiral Edueation 63' Business Edueation Illlatlzeznalifs GAYLE CRESXYELL JAMES CROVVDER ROBERT CROVVLEY RAYMOND CULL JAN CUMMINGS Reinheck Mason City Cedar Falls Chicago, Illinois Fairfield Sorial Seienre Musif Sofia! Seienre Business Eduraiion Business Edueation lVlARl.AN CUNNINGIIAM ANN DAHMUS Belmond Wlaterloo Business Mathematics BONNIE DE BOVVER ROBERT DEDIC Allison Traer Lorwer Elementary Mathenzatirs SAID DAJANI Rammallh, Jordan Physiral Edueation SUZANNE DEIMERL1' Clarion Upper Elementary JAMES DAMRON Cedar Falls Business Eduration SHARON DELFS Ga rwin Lofwer Elementary MARIIA DAVIS Strawberry Po-int Upper Elementary DEE DEWILDE Charles City I-ilrt ROBERT DICKEY RODNEY DIXON Davenport Perry Illalhematirs Business RAYMOND DOYLE CAROL LYNN DREXYRY Toledo Sac City Plzysiral Edufatioiz Nlallzflnalirs if Library Srienff DoNALo VV. IJOBSON Marshalltown Upper Elfmfntary LA VERA DU PEY Fort Dodge Lofwzrr Elemfntary JALAA DOMER Center Point Physiral Education ERLING DUUS Cedar Falls Sofia! Srienfe LARRY DORN Council Bluffs Musir JACK EARHAR1' Cedar Falls .Walhrlnatifs SHIRLEY E.-X'I'XYEI.l. DoxNA EDWARDS Mingo Rurhven Junior High Bizsinzxu' lidufation KARL E. ELI-'MANN RoEER'r ENGEL Sioux Rapids Traer Sofia! Sfirnre JAMES C. EGBER1' Fort Dodge Sofia! Sfifnre RICHARD ER1cKsoN Davenport Industrial :Tris H ARLAN EGEN Cedar Falls Matlzematirs LARRY ESK Clarion Sofia! Sfifnre VVAYNE EGGLESTON Eldora Sricnre K EITH Erze N Forest City Bizsinfss CQARY EYERLY ERIK FARLEY JO FEE Macksburg Cedar Falls Nashua Iiusiness Iidzuwtion Sofia! Srienrr Mafhenzatifs LARRY FRAHM CHARLES J. FRANEY DIJNNA FREDRICKSON Cedar Falls Cedar Falls Forest City Sfiezzrf' Bizsinfss English SANDRA CIABEI. ROBERT GAFFNEY HOMER GARTZ Swea City New Hampton Oelwein English Businexs Edufation Musii' JANE CQLASENER SHARON LEE CILEASON CHARLES GLENN Cedar Falls Oelwein Cedar Falls Sofia! Srierzre Upper Elemfvztary Junior High 'THOMAS B. FITZGERALD Boone Sofia! Srifnre FRANCIS FREEMAN Davenport Physiral Iiduvation SHARON BAKER CJATEVYOOD Cedar Falls English XVILLIAM GOLBUI-'F Mason City Englixh E? lfppw' Elementary fiARY FLOYD Montrose Srixnre KAREN FUNRE State Center Lower lilenzenfary SANDY K. CII..-RNS Marshalltown l,ufwz'r Elemfniary LINDA GORDON Newton lfpprr Elfnzentary JAMES L. fiRAY Cedar Falls Sfienu' CIAYLI-I AN N CPRUBER Carroll Physiral Eduration XVAYNE QSRANNEMAN Charles City Musif DELORIES LA V1-:RNA KEUMMERT Marshalltown Sofia! Srifnrr LELAND LQRINER Dumont Bzuinfxs VIRGINIA CIUNDIERSON Lake Mills Lofwrr Elfmfntary jum' fiRITTON Iowa City l.0'LCI'!' Elfmenfary EVELYN H ADE Gowrie Spfvrlz NIARILYN GROSS Oelwein fllafhrrnatirs JAMES HALL Albion Sflfillil' RICHARD IIALLIQTT Cedar Falls English C7 Forfign lnznguagvs lj.-XRLENE HANNA Nora Springs Sl'l'l'l'll Corrrflion GLENN HAM1L'r0N Lucas Ilflnflzmnalirs BARBARA H A NSEN Clinton I.0'LL'l'I' EI!'lf!I'I1fIlf-1' KAY HAMPHI, Garner Fjrpwr Elfmrnfary NlARll.YN HANSEN Cedar Falls English ARLOA li.-XNKE HURLEY HANLEY Early Keokuk Lofwfr Elrmfniary Plzysiral Edufalinn VERNoN HANSEN DENNIS HANSON Cedar Falls LaPorte City Business Sficnfe MAXINE HANSON LINDA HARLE LEN HARRINCTON RONALD HARTEN MARLENE HARTMAN Cedar Falls Kanawha Maynard Anamosa Rodman Library Sfiennf Upper Elementary Uppw- Elementary Junior High Library Srimzrz' C? l'ppz?r Elelllfnlary VVILLIAM IIARTMAN FRANK DUANE HASE RONALD HAUOHTON ANN HAWN CLARE IIAYASIII Iowa Falls Schaller VVzIterloo Des Moines Kealakekua, Hawaii Sfienre Matlzezzzzzfifs Sfienre linglislz 59' Speerh Upper Elmrinztary ROBERT IIAYS JAMES A. l'IAZI.ET'l' Secane, Pennsylvania Cedar Falls Jllailzzfniatirs Sofia! 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Sfienff' ROBERT J. l'III.l. Norwalk 1VIutlzfmatif'5 JERRY PIOLBROOK Waterloo 1VIathf1r1afi1'.s MURRAY HUBBARD Ceda r Falls English LARRY I IL"rz ELL Algona Sz'if'n1'1' JULIA HYDE Garnavillo Library Srienfe JANICE JAMES Cedar Rapids Upper Elefnenfary SALLY INDIIECOFFER Dayton Juniar High CARI, JENKINS Oskaloosa Srienee LARRY INMAN Shelby Sfienrf IDAVID JENSEN Charles City Plzysifal Edurafion JUDY IN NES Garwin Lofwer Elementary JOYCE JENSEN Cedar Falls Speeflz Correrlion MARILYN JEAN IREY VVest Liberty Lo-wer Elemenlary NANCY JEVVELL Percival Business Edufation GORDON L. JOIINSON KARIN EI,IzABE'rH JOHNSON lVlARYliLl.EN JOIINSON Klemme Clinton Belmond Sfienfe Lower Elementary Ilflusif JOANNE JOIINSTON BEVERLY JONES PALII, JONES Hudson Rudd Danville Buxiness Lofwer Elementary Srienre RICHARD JOIINSON Fort Dodge Srienfe RAY JUHI, Cedar Falls Ifzduylrial I-Irls RIYBER1' T. JOHNSON Fort Dodge Business Educalion DEAN JUNGMAN Van Meter ,lflaflzemalies EVERETT KARLSON Cedar Falls Sofia! Sri1'rII'a' CAROI. KELLY Cherokee Business Eduraiion JOHN KAUS Cedar Falls Busineu JACK KEl.I,X' Boone Sofial Sfifnre LINDA KAUZLARICH Des Moines 1.0-wer Elementary ANN KING Des Moines English DKPN KEENEY Manly Sofia! Sfienrf' JOHN P. KING Fort Dodge Sriznre PI-:TE KEl,l.AMS Marion Scienfe JUANITA KING Quimby Physifal Edurafion JL:nI'I'II KINGERX' Cedar Falls Lowrr Iilfmcnlary KARLYN KI.IaNzIvIIxN Tripoli Vofational Hflllll' E1'0nrmIi1'5 LARRY KINGERX' Cedar Falls Maihematifs SYIIVIA Kl,UI'I'ER Pa rkershurg Vofalional Home Eronomifx BILI. KINNE Atlantic Sofia! Srienrc' JEANNE'1'Tl-I KNIERIM Dunlap ,Musir CONSTANCII EI.AINIc KINSINGFR Ottumwa l,ofLc1'r lZll6'IIlf'711llI'-1' RICHARD J. KNoI,I Dougherty Sofia! Sfienfc' RICHARD Kmrssx' Fort Dodge Sofia! Sfifnn' A N N ETTE KNUDSON Sioux City Ilflrztlzmnatirs SANDRA KOCH Davenport English JERRY KORZE NDORFER Waucoma Industrial flrfs For RONALD KRUMM Grinnell NANCY LANGENXVALTER Cedar Falls Speed: Corrertion KAY KOIKE CARLOTTE KOLHOF ROBERT KOOB CAROI, KOOPMAN Kekaha, Hawaii Council Bluffs Cedar Falls Cedar Falls Upper Elementary Sofial Sfienre Sfienre English EVA KREB PAMELA KREMENAK JOANNE KROB KEN KROEMER Reedley, California Clutier Solon Lowden ational Home Efanolnirs Ujrjrer Elementary Junior High Physifal Edufation JUDITH KUHL RON KUPILMAN GEORGE P. KUNZ ROGER LA COSTE Manilla Cedar Falls Cedar Falls Nora Springs lfvfijlfl' Elemenlary Businers Edumtiruz Junior High Industrial flrtr CAROLE LANTOW JANICE LARSON KEl1'H LARSON COZETTE LAU Grand junction Cedar Rapids Thompson Klemme Business Eduration Malhe1nati1'5 English NIARY ANN LH: Des Moines Srzvial Sfiwlzfz' GfnumoN I.0r:scnHN Masrrrm City .wallwnzalifs MARY LEEN Cedar Falls Lawn' Ell'l!H'lIltlf-1' l7IANli LONG Vllhitten l.0fLC1'I' El4'mM1lz1ry NELI. LEMON Charlton , lr! 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MCCREA Cedar Falls Business Eduralion NANCY lVlCCORKl,E Independence Upper Elementary ROGER MCCULLEY Shellsburg Industriul .4rls ARNOLD MCCOY Longview, Texas Physiral Education NANCY MCII,RA'I'H Cedar Rapids lfppr-r Elcmenlary Jo ANNE MCCOY Cedar Falls Vofaiional Home Efonomirs RALPH MEEWES Dike Business JOHN J. MCCOY Cedar Falls Sofia! Srirnre if Induslrial flrls LUANE MEGGERS Reinbeck I,ofwz'r Elemenfary IJONALD MENKE Archer Business fiARY L. MILLER Muscatine Fllaflzefrzzztics ESTIIER NIEYER VVellsburg Vppfr E1l'lfZ67l1lll'-1' NEALE MILLER Crete, Illinois Plzysiral Education J L'DY MEYERS Bettendorf Physiral Eduration IBENNIS MINTLE Grinnell Illusir CiERAl,D MIIIIIARID TIIKJMAS J. lVIILl.EMAN Cedar Falls Izzduslrial qlrts PATRICK J, lVlITCHEI.I, Osage Business Eduration Gi Plzysifal Edu ralion Spencer Industrial :Iris li.-XTHRYN MI'1'CllEN1 Marshalltown Home Ef07l0lflil'.f IIILBER1' MIXDORL Dunkerton Junior High KEl1'll Moom' Cedar Falls .S'ju'1'rf1 f.l!H'I'Fl'fi!lll ROBERT MOsEs Des lNlOines DORIS NEIL Fairlwank l'p1wr lflrmenrury lNlARl,YS lNllXlJURl-' Shell Rock Bu,vim'ss C,xRL.x MOORE Anita i7lIl1f,Il'lIlllfll'5 JANIS AAUN N Nlelhourne English FAYE NELSON JOHN MOEmNr: Thor S1'ie'nf'z' RONALD MOORE Cedar Falla Spvfflz Corrmiiorz JEANETTE NAGM Hilo, Hawaii Lower Elmfmnizlry NANCY NEVS'HOl'Sli LOIS lVl0lil.IlER Fnirbank Junior High ROBERT lN10Rl7EN Scranton St'lF!lI'1' CLARK NATZREQ Cedar Falls lndusfriol Jrts ELLEN NISHIMURA JO .ANN NIONROH VV:1terville l'of'atio1zalHomf lirofzornns TULLIO R. MORDINI Cedar Falls Biology fiERAl.D NAl'ARA Marshalltown Sofia! Sfifnm' ELLEN NISSEX Garden City Decorah Hilo, Hawaii Davenport l'pp1'r b1lf'lI1l'llfH!'j' l'frpf'r Elfmvntary 53 Lower Ell'IIH'Ilflll'-1' Vppfr Elernentary Lilzrary Szirnmr 302 LEONARD A. NOACK IO NOBLE Clarion Brooklyn Mathematics English W1LL1AM NOONKESSER ROGER OLHAUSEN Cedar Falls Hartley Physical Edufation Junior High ALVIN NOEHREN Des Moines Physifal Edumtion RONNIE OLSEN Cedar Falls Businfss PAT Nom DORIS NOJIRI Marshalltown Ookala, Hawaii Business Edufalion Lolwcr Elemfniaiy JOHN ORTH lVlARII.Y O'TOOIi Iowa City Letts lllathcznaiifs E5 Lofwcr Elementary Srienn' VERNON PALS Meservey Sricnre Lois PEDERSON Mason City Upper Elemcnlary EDWARD R. PARKES Waterloo Businfss Eduration AUIDREY PERRYMAN Sioux City English L? Spccfh MARY ELEANOR PAULK Harlan Lo-wfr Elemenlary JOYCE PETARE New Hampton Business Education JUDITH PAULSON Clermont Upper Elfm entary MARJORIE PETERS Davenport Lofwer Elementary MARY PAULUS Rockford illailzelnalirs IDALE PETERSEN Cedar Falls Industrial JANET PETERSON JOIIN PETERSON IJEAN PETTIT DORIS PEAFF Jewell VVaterlOo Cedar Falls Sioux City lfpprr Iflernvnlary Mathemalirs English lY01'dfi0lllll Home Eronumirs JEAN PICRI.Es LEROY PICIcI.Es PATRICIA PINT QHEORCE PIIAGER Cedar Falls Cedar Falls Osage Polk City Upper lilmnfntary lnduslrial rlris Uppm' Elclnrntary Sofia! Srirnfe SANDY PI-III,I.IPs Cedar Rapids Englixh STAN PODIIAJSKY Traer Rusinrss Eduralion ll0I.I.Y POORE 1jOR0'I'llY P0wEI,I. LEROY PRICE Atlantic LeMars Cedar Falls Lofwvr Ell'IflfI1Hll'y liusizzexx E1lll1'llll0ll ivlaflzfrnafifs LARRY QUICK SANDRA QUICK JOIIN RAIfI'ENsPI-:ROER Stratford Davenport Coralville Sofia! Sfirnfe lwllfili Physiral Eduralion .ALTRELIA PRIOR VVinte rset I211.vifIfIs.r Eduraiiozz RICHARD RAMSET Center Point Illailzenzafirx ij Physiral Eduuzlirm VEDA KAY PRUCTOR Mason City l'pp1fr Elnnenlary DIANE RANSOM Waterloo ljrper lilnnentafy RICIIARD RASMIISSEN IDAVID RAY LOREN REED PATRICK VV. REED RoNAI.D REISIXGER Audubon Waterloo Sumner Fort Dodge Sheldon Physiral Edufafion Plzyslfal Edumtirnz flrt Sofia! Seienre Sfienre JUDITII RENNING MARIJO RICE IRAVID RICHARDSON BEVERLY RICIITER ANNA Lou RIEHN Shell Rock Creston Cedar Falls Titonka Boone llpper Elzfmentary Voraiional Home Efonomifs Musif' Junior High Spwrlz Correclion KARL RINEHARI' SUSAN ANN RINEIIART GERALD RISDAIII. DDRDTIAIY RoD R0NAI.D RDDERICK Cedar Falls Marshalltown Cresco Des Moines Cedar Falls Srienfr Upper Iilerizenlary English English Biuiness BARBARA RODGERS ROBERT RoE JAN ROGERS DOROTHY ALICE ZIRAT ROKES JEROME ROSDNKE Pilot Mound Parnell Marshalltown Cedar Falls New Hampton Junior High Sfienre Lower Elementary Upper Elementary C? Sofia! SI'ic"flI'l' .fri f"" V DELENI-1 Ross Arlington, South Dakota Loiwer Elfmenlary JUDY RUPER1' Ida Grove Upfwf' Elrvmfntary ciORDOX Rown Knoxville Industrial ,-lrts JOEL RL'1'I.r:nme Cedar Falls .lrt RON RUBER Cedar Rapids Physiral lidumlion DELMAR RYAN Osage l2u.finr'.v5 Edumtion LA DONNA ROCK:-:R Iowa Falls Lowfr Elemffnlury FRANCIS M. RYAN Corning Srimfe Physiral Edufalion L1-:ON RUDLOFF Farmington, Missouri Sofia! Sfirnrr PATRICIA RYAN Manly Lowrr l:'lUm1'nlary JUNE RYON NANCY SACKVILLI-1 Laurens Hampton Junior High Lofwrr Elernzfnfary ROGER VV. SCHAEI-'FFR JOHN SCHLICHER Leland Cedar Falls .Matlmmatirs Srifnu' BARBARA SANBORN VVaterlOO A-Ir! lN1II.DREIl SCIILORHOLTZ Breda Junior High JANICE SARSGAARO Davenport Mallzzrrnzltifs RUTH SCHMI-:xsER VVapello Junior High LORIQ SCHAEFER Cedar Falls Uppfr Elrrrzfrzlary MAOELYN SCHME1.ziaR Sumner English JUIJITII SCIIRAGE Eagle Grove Lofwer Elf11If11lary RUTII SCHULTZ Vvaterloo Lofwer Iflrfnznntary lVlARGARIiT SCIIROIIT Des Moines Uppzfr lilfzrwntary NANCY SCIIUMACKER Sheffield English KAREN SCHROEIIER JAMES SCIIOTTER L.-UYRENCE H. SCHROEDPR Sioux City Cedar Falls Cedar Falls English lizzsizzesx Edufafion Sofia! Sfienfe RICIIARD SCHUTT DEAN C, SCI-IVVESTRA IJICK SCOTT MBSOII City Cedar Falls Eldora Induxtrial :iris Spnvflz Corrrwlion Ilflusic ALIIAN SELL RICHARD M. SIIELRII ROBERT SIIIVELY Tripoli Clinton VVest Des Moines Business Edufation Srienfc' SI'i6'71l'E STEVE SIMONS DONALD SLoTER IDONALD SMITH Eldora Corwith Ottumwa Musif Iiusifzess Sofia! Srienrz' KAREN SIIoL1I Elkader Upper Elenmntary JOAN SMITH Epworth Lohwfr Elernentzzry GARY SHOREY Scranton Physical Eduraiion LOUISE SMITII Ottumwa I,0fLUl'!' Elementary YIRGII. E. SMITH Clear Lake iwzllliflzzatifs TOM SPEAR Nlinlmurn Sofia! Sl'if'lIl'l' XVILLIAM S'1'E1xBRoxx Cedar Falls Sofia! S1'iz'1z1'U fiEORGE STn.Es Cedar Falls ,Waflzmriafirs .ALLEN Ss1nER Cedar Falls Sofia! Sfifvzfe MEl.lllA SPERRY Oelwein Forfign Lnnguagvs JAN E STEPHENSON Sinux City Iinglixh CONNIE STIMPSOX Lake View English PEGGY SONICHSEX Arthur Rizsinns Iidufaiiolz NANCY SPERRY Charles City Lofwrr l:'lvlnn1fary ,Ions A. STEPHEXSON Niedizlpolis Im1'u.ffriz1l .Iris Dux S'I'lfRIJl'1VAX'I' Uthn Sofia! Srifnfz' DIXIE SPAIJR Knoxville 4MlIfl1l'lHlIfit'S Rocmz I.. SPRATT Greene Sl'j1'l'll'l' INXRRY STEVVART Al. SONNENBERG Collinsville, Illinois Plzysiriil Eduration SinRl,Ex' STARR Boxhnlm I.o-'wfr Elfmi'nlary MARLQW S'rE1NnERG Courtland, Kansas Alden Sfiwnrz' .Wusif VERNON S'I'lfR'l'Z GEORGIANA li.-XSKADDEN Grundy Center SL'L1,xvAN Bu.vini's.s Eduralion Oelwein English CHRISTINE SWANSON Montezuma Engli5l1 JERRY TAYLOR Bradgate Induxfrial .iris NANCY SWINEHART Mason City Englixh MARC TEISINGER VVaterlOO Lofwzrr Elelnenlary BEVERLY SVVITZI-IR SHIRLENE TABKE Marshalltown Moville Home Emnolnirs I"o4'ational Home Eronomirs fiRETCHEN TELLINGHUISEN AUDREY TERPSTRA Cedar Falls Cedar Lake 110'-'LCN' Elemenlary Lower Elementary ETHE1. TARABA Olaa, Hawaii Upper Elementary JANICE TERRu.L Sioux City Mafl1e1r1ati1'5 CS' Buxinfxs Edumtion KENNETH TE SLAA Hull Malhemafirs LYLE THOMSON Kanawah Industrial :Iris JAMES L. TETRICK Omaha, Nebraska Rusimfss lfdufatimz KE N NETH THIDMPSON Osage Sofia! Srierzre Plzysiral Edzzrafion JOHN THOMAS NANCX' CALLOWAY THOMAS ROBERT D. THOMAS Vinton Columbus Junction Lorimor Junior High Junior High Imiuslrial .-Iris lVlARlE THOMPSON ROGER K. THOMPSON fiIiORGE R. THUENEN Hampton Lake Mills Bettendorf l'pp1'r Elentelztrzry Bzzxinfss Iidzuution Physiml Edufation JAMES 'TIIUL Cedar Falls If lui lZl'J5 IQAREN Tool' Boone lfprr Elr"llH'llfHl'j' BANLUE PIQIMPANGKA Puket, Thailand English ROSEMARY FFR.-XGER Alexander liusifzvss Eduralion VVAYNE T-1E1.MR1.ANn Roland lfzdusfrizzl rlrls BE'l"l'X 'FRINKLE Hussey l'pp1'r Elmnmztary RUB!-IR'l'A Tom. -leflerson I,0fwz'r Elfrnfnlary Dfxvxn TRIPl,E'l"I' Nizxrshalltown S1'i1'n1'c Rocnrgun 'FONER Des Moines qlrf SHIRLEY TROIIE Northwood Lolwrr Elrmrntary BEVERLY TRos'r Vvzlterloo Sofia! Sl'iI'lll'l' RICHARD VA1,EN'rA Clutier Sofia! Sl'lI'IZl'I' Ihvxn TRowER Fairhank .7l1llfIH'Il1llflI'5 Muna VANDENRUSCH Cedar Falls B1lJil1!'55 Elillfllfillll Rox,x1.n M. 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VVILLS Burlington lVIall11f In ali rs LINDA SUE VVITTE VVlIeatland Lofwer lfff'7!!6'7lfll7'j' SUSAN VVEIICII Earlham Plzysifal Iidzzwzztiozz CTrARY VVILCOX Harlan Jznzioz' High D.-XIIE VVILSON Atlantic lwdfl1t'Il1dflf5 MARY LOU VVOEIILR VVinthI'Op Bzzsincss Eduration Ci Library Sfinnre CILENDA VVOOIJARD Ames YEAGER MAR1 HELEN XYOIINC ROBERT YOUNG VVo0clbine Bellevue Cedar Falls Iowa Falls Uppfr Elwnenlary Lofwvr Elenznztary Sofia! Sfifllfl' Sviffzzrf' Pictures not available for Dmus Uomuxc CIAYLORD NUWACK RUBY A. VVHITE Marengo Havelock Cedar Falls Lippfr Elffnzezztary Industrial :Iris Lofwer b'lf'llll'7lfll7'-17 jim 520 .Shnp Sfop in and see us! We have a large selecfion of school panls, sporfs shirrs, vesfecl suiI's, iaclcels ancl o'rher iI'ems. Feel 'Free +0 come in ancl browse around. HURWICH'S 500-508 LafayeI'I'e SI'reeI' WATERLOO Waterloo's Oldest Furniture Store ASOUITH JEWELRY COMPANY Eslablishecl in I894 22I Wes'r Fourfh S+ree+ WATERLOO, IOWA Phone ADams 4-8868 A COMMUNITY LANDMARK . . NIGHT AND DAY The Irienolly Iollc ol Peoples Bank invile you Io enioy Full-Service banking. Come in! We have dozens ol financial services available Io you. PECDPLES BANK Spacious 24-Hour Cumme, A ND Trust Company Deposimy in Parking Lol' YOUR DEPOSITS INSURED UP7OTfI070B0--- FFOHI' Lobby Y UAL DEPQSQ WATERLOO, IOWA - m FED I C ----- - ------- - -..- -- IN P ot' KOFFICE ALSO IN DUNKERTONI FARNSWORTH I ELECTRONICS ADams 4-668l 20l-205 E. Mullen Ave. I WATERLOO, IOWA H' Pays To Adveriise . . In The COLLEGE EYE STUDENT NEWSPAPER STATE COLLEGE OF IOWA I CONGRATULATIONS HIEBER DRUG COMPANY Harlow - Searle - Lyle To The PRESORIPTION SPEOIALISTS Class of Toilefries-Cosme+ics School Supplies IUMMJIQQLP .,4'l'11,i1QII1Qf'e011riw Q..a.I,Dii'2ff?Il'l , CWM NATIONAL BANK OF WATERLOO I WATERLOO, IOWA Q P O r'rra :Is of D i s+i n c+i o n MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I Prinfing - Typewrifers I Office Supplies and Equipmeni' HOLST PRINTING CO. 2Il Washingfon Phone CO 6-0223 CEDAR FALLS, IOWA 511171 WATERLOO "Official Old Gold Pho'I'ographer" 3I3 ' f , 525555113-' -Qin. Ifsg - R It ,, h. 7 'A..-:-fi' .4:'f-E- ,J GOOD TASTE is a hallmark of quality in fashion - 455555537g5555E55E5EfSfE55E5EfiE5i5ii:i.-itififif . . . . . CQURTEQUS SERVICE 15 a signature of dignity in qc-zfffif 'I 3 'Yi'i4i:iEi5f:g , fashion - I iilziz V. :,:4:-:-rt:-:-:-:my .,5. EAIR PRICING is a conscience of quality in fashion - 2f:f:f:f:5f:fff3.3:fff?1.g.g:g:..Y,, To these symhols of QUALITY we dedicate ourselves ana' .E 'f1fIf2f'f:f:f:f:f:fffzgif , I l ' all our facilities. eoso , .1i. ju g et es ' e OOATS Q SUITS 0 DRESSES Q SPORTSWEAR e ACCESSORIES Iuln' " -"' . o LINGERIE o EOUNDATIONS o SHOES o MILLINERY PIUS Iowa's .iii IEVVI only Complete Bridal Shop, in service and tashion. 4-Ways to buy: 0 Cash 0 Lay-away 0 30-clay Charge 0 "APA" A Six Months Buclgeted Payment Plan - - - Choose the Most Convenient tor You. CENTRAL Specializing in I Automotive Carburetion Voltage Regulation E Speeclometers E Motor Tune-Up ,S and I Small Gas Engine Repair A 8' R Cafe JENNEY RECORD OO. l409 West lst on Hiway 20 F' t f H Ines 0 ome Cooked Foods DO a Sound Business With Usl AIR CONDITIONED OPEN HI-FI, and STEREO PI-IONOGRAPI-IS and RECORDQ 8:00 A'M' -' 'moo MIDNIGHT 2l9 West 4th Waterloo, Iowa ai BATTERY and ELECTRIC CO. 3I3 W. 5+II WATERLOO E W! 2 I if TUDENT RADIO K Y T C 325 MEMBER l.A.B.A. On The Dial COLLEGIATE MUSIC CAMPUS NEWS SPORTS l l The Na+ion's Leading Carrier Curreni' Radio S'I'a'I'ion STRONG PROGRESSIVE EXPERIENCED FIRST NATIONAL BANK CEDAR FALLS, IOWA Buy a Porrable Typewriier Now Use I+ Ihe Res'r of Your Life! ALL POPULAR MAKES Easy Paymenl Plans LATTA'S Compleie OuIfiHers for School and Office 3 STORES TO SERVE YOU DEPOSITS INSURED TO SI0,000 909 W. 23rd 22I8 S. Main 2800 Falls Ave Cedar Falls Cedar Falls Waferloo Welcome Io Ihe b Y SCI Alumni Associafion B a n c r o I I AS AN ALUMNUS OF SC, THESE Quality Service - Satlsfactzon SERVICES OF THE COLLEGE MAY HELP You. 4'2 W. mi, S+. phone C0 6-3521 Placemen+ Service: The Placemeni' Bureau serves experienced as well as cur ren+ graduafes in obfaining 'reaching posirions. Exfension Service: Exfension classes organized a'I' various cifies Ihroughouf fhe s+a+e provide opporfunify for Ieachers +o earn college credi'I while confinuing fheir classroom Ieaching. The Alumnus: Published quarierly, THE ALUMNUS magazine is mailed Io all graduafes of SCI. I+ brings up-Io-dafe informafion on Ihe college, faculfy, and former sIuden+s. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA WAGNER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Glideover Garage Doors, Wood or Sfeel Eleciric Operaiors Elevafor Equipmeni Tracks, Hangers, Building Brackeis and Oiher Specialiy Hems Isl' and Washingfon CEDAR FALLS, IOWA 3I5 GENE'S D-X SERVICE -OFFERS- Generalors and S+ar'rers Experienced Tune-Ups Brake Work AII D-X Producls GENE CANTY, Propriefor 22nd College CO 6-99I0 See Wa+erIoo's Finesi' Selecfion of ARTCARVED, FEATURE LOCK AMSTERDAM and COLUMBIA TRU-FIT DIAMOND RINGS aI' PRESIDENT IEWELEIIS Corner Easl Park and Sycamore In +he Presidenl Hofel Building WATERLOO. IOWA NAT ZEIGER Graduafe Gemologisf Finesl Oualily Diamonds al Ihe Lowesl Price PHILCO- MAYTAG HOME APPLIANCES FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES S. 8: H. FIRESTONE L. A. HOLMSTROM 2I9-22I Main CO 6-266i Cedar Falls, Iowa BERG 81 BERC-5 Your Rexall Slores 4Ih and Main 23rd and College CEDAR FALLS, IOWA HELPFUL BANKING . . . wiI'h a Personal Iouch Whalever your banking needs, you will 'Find I'hem a+ I'he Waferloo Savings Bank. A compeI'en'I, 'Friendly sI'aff is on hand Io assisl' you in any and all banking services. Every facilify, every service is available. May we help you? nlerlnn snvings hunk wzsr rounm swan Av cumMznciALIwnznLon, :own M h Fd Il Crporaton 3I6 Wadi "Where High Qualify and Low Prices Combine 'ro Give You a Real VaIue" WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMPS Cedar Falls BLACK HAWK PUBLISHING CO., INC. PrinI'ers and Publishers Publishers of NORTH IOWA FARM LABOR NEWS IOWA FARM LABOR NEWS JOSEPH c. KENNEDY, Pres. 323V2 Main Sfreel' Cedar Fall, Iowa CO Ifax 6-4597 CEDAR FALLS TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK ESTABLISHED IN I888 The OIdesT Bank in Black I-IawIc CounTy MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION HARDWARE DA N PLUMBING HEATING "Service FirsT- SaTisTacTion AIways" 3 I 0-3 I2 Main Cedar Falls . .9 , . -' C... Z4 NorTheasT Iowa's yvfifcrg , Dominani' STore :k 'SA -I A'-LSRLOO .May MW HeadquarTers for The College Gal or Guy! WhaTever your coIIege Tashion needs, BIacIc's has whaT you wanTI Our Tashionable Third Tloor is bursTirg wiTh a cornpIeTe and up-To- The nninuTe seIecTion OT Tashion cIoThing Tor The gals and our sTreeT Tloor men's sTore keeps abreasT OT The IaTesT in college Trends Tor The guys! .--1E2f:i:::T I - it ' x I - A2 pr, ax .. ,i X x ff' yi , A w Y 31 ' sh at 5 1 T me - - -N' '-if SHOP MONDAYS, FRIDAYS UNTIL 9 P.M. CAMPUS SERVICE CORNER On The norTheas'I' corner oT 23rd and CoIIege S'I'reeT There are Three services offered during one sTop. CAMPUS SHOE SHOP THE PANTHER LAUNDERETTE Offers The Tinesf in compIeI'e shoe repair and Offers a compIeTe service of The Tinesf self-service dyeing. We also carry a compIeTe sTocIc of canvas Iaundry and dry cleaning. An aT+endanT is'on duTy shoes, booTs, and rubbers. week days 9 To 5. 3I7 Topical Index A ACCIA ..........,..,. ....,,,,,.,,, A Cappella Choir .,.. Academic Life ..... Activities ...,..... Administration ........ Advertising .........,....... Alpha Beta Alpha .,...... Alpha Chi Epsilon .. Alpha Phi Gamma Art Club ......,.......,........ ,,.. Art Department ...,.....,....,,......, .Associated VVomen Students ..............,., AWS and NIU Style Show ...............,,...... Association of lXIen's Residence Halls ...,.. AINIRH Beauty and Talent Show ......... ANIRH Beauty Queen. ....,..,.. . B Baptist Student Center .......... Baker Hall ..................... Bartlett Hall ....,........ Baseball ........... Basketball .......,..... ,. .........,......................,......, .,.... . Beta Beta Beta .,............,...........,...................... ....... Board of Control of Student Broadcasting ...,...,...,.... Board of Control of Student Publications .....,. ....... Business Ifducation Department .................. ..,.... Business Dflice and Physical Plant ....... C Campanile ............ ............., Campbell Hall ........ ...,... Campus 4-H Club ....,.. Campus Life .........,... Canterbury Association . Chapel Choir .............. Cheerleaders .....,......... Children's Theater .... Chimes .................... .... Christian Science .............. Christian Student Center ...... Christmas Activities .......... College Courts ,....... College Eye ..... College Players College Relations . Commencement ...,.. Commons ................... Concert Band .,............... Curriculum Laboratory .... D Dads' Day .............. ..,..., Delta Delta Phi ...... Delta Sigma Rho .... Dimensions in Jazz.. 3I8 21 142 56 112 58 312 218 276 198 222 70 132 34 131 38 161 248 122 116 185 174 199 135 135 74 61 27 1 18 220 24 246 144 170 109 205 251 247 41 126 138 224 66 48 1 14 148 68 35 260 202 1 10 E Education Clinic ..........,...........,,................. ..... Fducation and Psychology Department .......... .... Fllementa Ki .......................,......................... ......... Ifllen H. Richards Club ............................... Ifnglish Club ........t...........,.................,........... ........ Ifvangelical United Brethren Student Center ..........., F Fall Activities .... ......, .,.. . . .. Fall Play ..............,.......... ....,.,. Favorite lllan on Campus Field Services .....,........,.... ...,.... Football ...........,,.... .... Foreign Students G Gamma Delta .... ....,......... Golf ................ Graduates ............... Greek VVeek ............., Greek Week King .......,.. Greek VVeek Queen.. Greek VVeek Prince Greek VVeek Princess .,,.,., H Hawaiian Club ..... ...,... .......,........,.. Head Residents ......... ...... ....l22, Health Servicse ...........,.............. ......,........ Home Economics Department ..... Homecoming ........................,..... ........,...... Homecoming Queen . .......... ........ 3 6, I "I" Club ......,,..................... Industrial Arts Club ................ Industrial Arts Department ........ Instruction and Research ...,........ Interfraternity Council ...........,...,.,... International Affairs Organization... Intersorority Council ......................... Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship ........ Intramurals ....................................... .I gleffersonian Club ...... .......... K Kappa Delta Pi .......... ....... Kappa lklu Epsilon .... Kappa Phi ................ Kappa Pi ......................... Kappa Pi Beta Alpha ....... Kappa Theta Psi ............ Ki Prima Ki ............... KYTC ........ 86 178 234 223 230 244 32 107 162 62 168 47 252 194 284 22 164 164 165 165 227 125 68 76 36 160 200 221 72 64 259 226 258 250 195 228 203 204 254 208 233 262 235 136 266 L Lambda Delta Lambda ............ Language, Speech, and Literatu Law ther Hall ................. .......... Lectu re Concert Series ............. re Department .......... Library Science Department ..,...... Lutheran Student Association ..... Nlarching Band ...... M lVIarl1ns , ................ . Nlathematics Club lwathematics Department ..,.... lien s Union ........................ Nlixed Chorus ........ lVIother's Day .........,. .............. Mtlsic Department Rlusic Educators National Conference N Newman Club ........ ....... Nu Sigma Phi ...... ....... O Off-campus VVomen ..........,.... OLD GOLD ,........................... OLD GOLD Attendants ....,..... OLD GOLD Beauty Court ......... OLD GOLD Popularity .......... OLD GOLD Queen ....... OLD GOLD VVeek ........ Opera .......,.....,.... Orchesis .........,........ Organizations Division Orientation ....,... Orientation Guides Pep Council ,.......,... Phi Beta Lambda. Phi Chi Delta ....... Phi Delta Kappa... Phi Nlu Alpha ........ Phi Sigma Epsilon. Phi Sigma Phi ....... P Physical Education Club ......... Physical Education for lNIen .... o Physical Education f Pi Gamma Riu ........ Pi Omega P1 ........ Pi ' Tau Phi .............. Pi Theta Pi .............. Presbyterian Student Productions Division Purple Arrow Purple Key ....... r VVomen ...... Center 206 84 120 104 92 253 146 238 237 88 130 142 26 82 236 245 264 133 140 154 156 158 152 44 108 239 196 18 134 225 219 255 207 201 .......278 241 96 98 210 213 268 270 255 ........102 215 100 R Regents Hall ..... ....... Relays Queen S Science Department ...... .... Sigma Alpha Eta ........ Sigma Alpha Iota ..,... Sigma Eta Chi ............ Sigma Tau Gamma.. ..... .. Socal Programs ...................... Social Science Department .......... Speech Activities ...... ....... Spring Activities ............. ............. Spring Play ................................................. ........ Student Council of Religious Activities ...................... Student Iowa State Education Association ................ Student League Board .................................... ........ Student Personnel ,............ .. ....... ........... . Summer Activities . Summer Play .....,... Sunset Village .......... Symphony Orchestra .... .... T Tau Kapap Epsilon.. Tau Sigma Delta ...... TC Relays .................... Teaching Department ..... Tennis ...................... The Favorites Division The Greeks Division The Year Division .... Theta Alpha Phi ........ Theta Epsilon .......... Theta Gamma Nu .... Theta Theta Epsilon .... Tomahawk ................ Torch and Tassel ...... Track ..................... .... LT United Student Fellowship ....... V Varsity lXIen's Glee Club ........... VV VVesley Foundation .. i.......... .. VVomen's Chorus ................. Women's Counselors and Guides .... YVomen's Recreation Association... VVrestling .... ...... Y Young Republicans .............. .........134 124 163 90 212 209 249 280 129 94 231 27 106 243 232 128 67 28 106 126 148 282 272 25 80 193 150 256 16 211 248 274 214 216 217 189 249 146 .........254 ....,,...144 f ..,......240 .........180 .........229 3 I 9 A Abbott, R. L. Ackerman, Ethel Albright, Blanche Aldrich, John F. Alford, H. Wendell, 93 Allegre, Charles, 90, 199 Anderson, Lucile E., 81 Anderson, Wallace, L., 65, 85 Assink, Ingry Aurand, VVayne O., 81 B Bailey, James L., 61 Ball, George Barrilleaux, Louis E., 81 Barron, James I., 75 Baughman, Gladys Baum, Russell N., 83 Beard, Marshall R., 64 Bebb, Randall Beck, Harry S., 78 Beckman, Mary Green Bender, Elverda Bender, Paul F., 60, 67 Bernhard, Harold E., 85, 243 Bishop, Clifford L., 78, 207 Bitcon, Lawrence E., 97 Blackman, Mildred R., 81 Blanford, James, 75 Blanford, Mary E., 75 Bluhm, David, 85, 144 Blume, Louise Bock, Emil VV., 83 Bohme, Joseph C., 85, 229 Bontz, Jean, 98 Boughton, Hazel Boyd, Danita Brimm, R. Paul, 81, 207 Brower, Kenneth Brown, A. E., 78, 93 Bruha, John, 89, 204, 237 Brune, Irvin, 89, 204, 237 Bryant, Marian Buchan, Joy Buckingham, Lena, 76 Budensiek, Ronald Bultena, Louis Bundy, Georgia Bundy, Mildred Butzier, Kenneth, 81 C Calhoun, Elizabeth, 83 Campbell, Marjorie D., 70 Cancio, Rita Maria Canham, Evelyn Carmichael, Emily C. Carpenter, Arthur L., 78 Carpenter, Ruth Carroll, Margaret Carter, Ann Casado, Pablo Caswell, Lucille 32CJ Facult Chabert, Henry, 85 Cheng, Shelly Christophel, Edna Christensen, Pauline Chung, Roy, 95 Clark, J. R., 97 Claus, Robert, 95 Clausen, Bernard L., 199 Cole, E. E., 61 Cole, Ethel Coleman, VValter, 148 Conklin-Happ, Suzanne Cowan, Phoebe Cowley, John, 85, 230 Crawford, Elinor Crawford, G. E. Crumley, Richard D Dahl, Harry Dalziel, Robert, 85 Darling, Barbara Davidson, Deloy Davis, Jannette M. Dee, VVilliam L. J., 95 De Hott, Bernard C., 85, 139 De Kock, VValter, 78, 207, 232 Delafield, David D., 70 Denny, E. C. Derby, Bessie Dickinson, A. D., 97, 169, 172 Dickinson, Karen L. Dickinson, Madeline Dietrich, Mary, 93 Divelbess, Margaret, 81 Donovan, Joe Douglas, Grace Douglas, Lloyd V., 75 Dowell, Virgil, 90, 199 Dreier, William H., 78 Drohman, L. B. Drum, Darlyce Ducros, Christiane, 81 Dunlop, Ruth H. Duus, Gerda E Eakin, Mary K., 93 Eaton, Irene Eblen, Roy E. Eckerman, Jeannine Ehresman, Irene, 93 Eitzman, Lillian Eland, Ivan Eller, Robert Ellis, Arlene Elsbury, Barbara A., 118, 119, 258 Engen, Marlene Englund, Thelma Joan, 81 Erckmann, Ruth, 89 Erlewine, Elda Eshelman, Frank, 90 Euchner, Russell, 78, 207 Espinosa, Lois Ewoldt, Bruce Index F Fairhurst, Earl Fagan, W. B. Fahrney, Ralph R. Faye, Mildred Finegan, Don, 70, 222 Fink, Merrill F., 65 Fisher, Edith Fitzgerald, Margaret Forest, Louise, 85 Fossum, Ernest C., 63, 207 Fowler, Clayton V., 70 Fox, Josef, 85 Freese, Lillian French, Nell French, Valient D. Fullerton, Margaret, 93 G Gault, Joyce, 83 Gibb, Glenadine, 89 Gilloley, Laura, 81 Goetch, E. VV. Goetsch, De Alda R. Gogel, Kenneth, 70 Gohman, Phyllis Gohman, VValter J., 81 Golubowich, John N., 85 Goss, Robert Gouge, Mildred Grant, Martin L., 90 Graves, Mary Hanawalt, 85 Green, Patricia L. Groves, Mary Deane, 98 Grubb, Fern Guillaume, Harry G., 70 H Hahn, Philip, 83, 144 Haines, Maude Hake, Herbert V., 63, 135 Hale, Leslie, 81, 146 Haman, A. C. Hamilton, E. VV. Hampton, Nellie D., 78 Hansen Bernard Hansen Kenneth L., 75 Hansen Russell, 81 Hansen VVarren, 97 Hanson, Alden B., 47, 85 Happ, VVilliam P., 81 Harland, Blanche Harmelink, Vernon, 85 Harmon, Leta Harper, Corinne D., 81 Harris, Lyman H., 95, 210 Hartwell, Frank C., 81 Hartwell, Laura Harvey, Nellie Haskell, Ralph, 70 Hastings, Glen, 207 Hauser, Doris Hearst, James Hellf, Bernice Henn, S. C. Herigstad, Lenore, 93 Herrold, Clifford, 70 Heth, Helen Hill, Donald G., 75 Hill, Frances Hill, Frank VV., 148, 201 Hof, Lula Hohlfeld, Joseph F., 81 Holliday, Olive, 76 Holmberg, Marjorie B., 81 Holmes, George H., 66, 207 Holmes, Lola Holmes, Mavis L., 60, 132, 217,258 Hols, Jack, 66 Holst, Harald, 83 Holvik, Karl Horton, Carol Hosier, Max NI., 81 Hott, Leland Howard, Donald F., 95, 210 Howell, Everett, 93 Hult, Esther M., 78 Humphrey, Katherine, 75, 213 Hutcheson, Ruth Hyde, Sandra I Immerzeel, George Isenberger, Alyee Lou Iverson, Marjorie, 81 J Jackson, Mary Ann Jennings, Philip C., 61 Jensen, Dennis P., 67, 127, 130, 216 Jensen, Emma A. Jensen, Emma Jensen, Jens A., 89, 204, 237 Jewell, Rose, 85 Johnson, Esther K. Johnson, Ira D. Johnson, Paul VV. Johnson, Robert, 78 Johnston, hlargaret Jones, Howard V., 95 Jones, Joyce Jones, Ruth, 118, 119 Jonish, Arley D., 93 Joslyn, Robert V. Juhl, Jessie Juhl, Grace K Kasiske, Florence Keefe, Leonard, 75 Kelso, Paul C., 67 Kennedy, David E., 83, 148 Kennedy, Verna Kercheval, James VV., 90, 206 Klepfer, Lenora Knox, Stanley, 78 Knapp, Evelyn Knoll, Angeline Knutson, Howard T., 65, 78, 207 Koehring, Dorothy, 78 Koehmstedt, Carol, 81 Koll, VVilliam H., 97, 181, 184, 192 Kraft, Dorthea G. Krogstad, Lorna Kupcek, Joseph R., 85 Kurtz, Edward L Lamb, Bernice, 78, 86 Lang, William C., 60 Lantz, C. VV. Lapine, Harry, 78 La Rue, James P., 73 Latham, William P., 83 Lattin, Richard T., 81 Lawton, Milo, 63 Leavitt, Charles T., 95 Lebeda, Agnes, 75 Lee, Verlin VV., 44, 46 Letner, Lavonne Letson, Carol Lott, Fred Luctenberg, Darlene Lyon, Howard, 90 M MaFred, Y. M., 93 MacLean, Lowe S., 123, 259 Mahon, Paul Mahon, Ruth, 81 Manion, Melvin M. Mann, Julie Mantor, Edna, 81 Maricle, VVilliam Martindale, Frank, 78, 207 Martinsrin, Shirley, 120 Matala, Dorothy Miller Matala, R. E., 73, 135 Nlatheson, Charles, 83 Pfiatland, Mrs. K. G. Matson, Ida Mauck, Jane, 144 Maucker, J. VV., 36, 58 Maurer, Edwin J., 85 Maxwell, Jvone, 83 Mazula, Peter M., 81 McBride, Eleanor McCarthy, Phyllis, 81 McCollum, Clifford, 90 McCunniff, Marlys McDavitt, Elaine, 85 McLain, E. Jeanne, 81 McLeod, Ada, 93 Meier, Fred Melberg, Merritt E. Metcalfe, VVilliam, 95 Meyer, Ardys L. Meyer, Joan, 116 Meyer, Kae Meyer, Ruth M. Middleton, Caryl A. Middleton, Helen Miller, Doris Mitchell, John, 83, 143, 148, 236 Mohn, Mardelle L. Moon, Alfred C. Moon, Dorothy Morris, June Mortell, Mary, 227 Moseley, Edna Mounce, G. VV. Mullins, Evelyn, 93 N Nanke, Aldene Neal, J. B. Nelson, Herman, 95, 227 Nelson, Margaret Buswell, 78, 235 Nelson, Owen, 81 Nemitz, Carol, 120, 132 Nicklaus, Delbert, 97 Nielsen, Ross A. Noonan, Eileen F., 93 Norris, Mildred Walter O Oleson, Marilyn L. Olmstead, Richard Olney, Eva Otten, Esther Ottman, Constance, 81 P Page, John, 70 Paine, O. F. Parisho, Eugenia G., 81 Parker, Marian Parry, Florence Paulson, Robert L., 81 Pearce, Joseph Pedersen, Judy Pendergraft, Daryl, 62 Perrine, J. O. Petersen, Janice Petersen, Ruth M. Peillips, Cecil K., 207 Picklum, Warren E., 90 Plaehn, Erma B., 95, 228 Ploog, Irvin C. Poage, George R., 95 Poppy, VVillard, 90 Post, Barbara Potter, Albert A., 81 Potter, Jeannette Potter, Lois Shefte Pray, Mildred A. Prehm, Norma M., 116, 132 Price, Malcolm, 78 Przychodzin, Joe, 81 R Ramsay, Virginia, 98 Reardon, Etta V. Reed, Howard O., 73, 221 Refshauge, Bonita Remmert, Dennis, 97 Reppas, Basil, 78 Rethman, Christa Rhum, Gordon J., 65, 207 Riechmann, Ferdinand C., 81 Riggs, Dixon L. Riseling, Lois Ritter, Elmer L., 207 Rittgers, Charlotte Rittgers, Elizabeth Robinson, George C., 95 Rod, Donald O., 93 Rogers, Robert A., 90 Roth, Betts Ann, 81 Russell, Myron E., 83, 148 Ruxlow, Colleen C. Ryan, Thomas, 95 S Sage, Leland L., 95 Samson, Harland E., 75 Sanders, Fern Sauer, Pauline, 90, 199 Scannell, Edward E., 75 Schaedel, Helen Happ Schaefer, Josef, S5 Schaffer, Elliott, 85, 207, 212 Schleicher, Jane Schlicher, Raymond, 62 Schmitt, Mary Margaret, 81 Schools, Marshall, 81 Schoeppler, Marjorie Schurrer, Augusta Scovel, Donald, 81 Sebelka, Dixie Segal, Erwin, 78 Scoggin, Ruth Shepherd, Lou A. Sheriff, Stan, 97, 169 Shores, Edna, 76, 214 Silvey, H. M., 64 Silvey, Ina M., 89 Sivey, VVray, 78 Simornsen, Carrie E. Sires, Ruth Sjolander, Margaret, 76, Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith, Ernestine, 95 Francis E., 85 Judith M. B. Pamela Paul Roland Sonstegard, Manford Soper, Coleen Spalford, Beth M. Sparrow, Julia Stageberg, Norman, 85, Starr, Eleanor Stewart, N. E., 97, 175 Stokstad, Lloyd J., 81 Stone, Myrtle M., 81 Stover, Betty Stow, Delores A. Struble, Marguirette, 81 Swanson, Betty, 98 Swartz, Fred, 124 Swatosh, Bernece T Tarr, John E., 81 Taylor, Della Taylor, Loren F., 85 Thode, H. E. Thompson, Gerald Thompson, Howard, 95 214 230 Thompson, M. R. Thompson, Oscar E., 78, 207 Thompson, Thomas, 85 Thomson, Manette Thorne, Edward Thrall, VVilliam R., 97 Thudium, B. Caroll Tigges, Jean Tjelmeland, Mary Ann Towne, Mary, 78 Townsend, Patricia, 85, 231 Trepp, Helen Trimble, H. C., 85, 204, 237 Tulasiewicz, J. Bruno U Vecker, Albert E., 78 V' Vander Beek, Howard, 81 Van Ness, Grace VV Wachsman, Elizabeth VVagner, Edward, 93 VVagner, Guy, 81, 207 VVagner, Lillian R., 231 Wagoner, June Walker, Marion R. VVardin, R. VV. VVaser, Joseph VVeber, Cathryn Weber, Dorothy VVeems, Zatha VVehner, Carl VVeir, Velna Jan, 78 Wendt, Donald, 83, 147, 148 VVesley, Robert J., 85 Weston, Carolyn Whitford, L. VV., 97, 179 VVhitnah, Donald R., 95, 210 Wiederanders, Donald E., 81, 207 VVielenga, Jack, 63 VVilcox, M. J., 78 VVilliams, George Wilson, Leland, 90, 206 VVilson, Loree, 66 VVilson, Mary VVine, George, 66 Wineke, Dorothy E., 81 VVinier, Ethel VVinier, Leonard, 90 VVinsherg, Shirley, 98 Witham, James, 97 Wohl, Harold, 95 VVolfensperger, June VVood, Stanley, 211 VVright, Lawrence S., 73 Y Yeager, Josephine, 76 Yount, Robert, 89 Z Zender, Joseph, 211 321 Alquist, Shirley Ann, Cherokee, 241 A Aasheim, Leslie Marion, McCallsburg, 228 Abarr, Sandra Jean, Hinckley, Ohio, 143 235 Abedjie, I-Iaile L., 226 Achey, Richard L11ther, VVaterloo, 276 Ackerman, Guy Royal, VVaterloo, 147, 149 Ackerman, John VValter, VVaterloo, 137 Adair, Joe Thomas, VVaterloo, 226, 286 Adams, Katherine Jean, Marshalltown, 203, 218 Adams, Ronald David, Ottosen, 246 Ahrabi, Fard Iradge, Teheran, Iran, 47 Akerman, Richard H., Grand Island, Nebraska, 210, 286 Akin, Grace Stark, Waterloo, 208 Akin, Sandra Lee, Ames, 222, 260, 286 Albers, Joyce Jane, Grand Mound, 252, 286 Albertson, Tyrome L., Calmar, 222, 252 Aldrich, Constance I., Lansing, 223, 250 Aldrich, Kathleen Jean, Independence, 219 Alesch, Joanne Claire, Marcus, 245 Alexander, Deanna Lee, Belle Plaine, 137, 143 Alexander, Joseph Hugh, Osage, 139' Allbee, Sharon Sue, Davenport, 135, 139, 141, 241 Allee, Betty Ann, Burlington, 139, 235, 254 Allison, Maureen E., Greene, 155, 235, 245 Almquist, Nevin Arthur, Osage, 146, 169, 278 Student Index Armann, Lennie Deann, Polk City, 143, 220, 235 Armiger, David Alfred, Inwood, 147, 253 Arnott, Dorothy Jane, Elvaston, Ill., 286 Aronson, Sandra Sue, Davenport, 241 Arthur, Marilyn Jean, Hawkeye, 270, 286 Asche, Clinton Jon, Titonka, 286 Ashby, VViIliam Everett, Chariton, 143, 237, 248 Ashland, Karen Ann, Clear Lake, 245 Assink, Robert John, Cedar Falls, 286 Atha, Tom Lee, Chariton, 144, 224 Atkins, Carolyn Lee, Des Moines, 224, 229 Austin, Richard Bill, Waverly, 185 Ayers, Catharine Agey, Cedar Falls, 280 Azeltine, Deanna D., Rowan, 260 B Bachman, Raymond John, VVest Bend, 286 Backstrom, Donna Lo11, Fariba11lt, Minn., 286, 230, 255 Bacus, Kenneth Richard, Knoxville, 247 Baerenwald, Lana Faye, Sheldon, 147, 149 Anderegg, Joyce Ellen, Guttenberg, 286 Anderegg, Ramonna M., Guttenberg, 253 286 Anderson, Annette L., Iowa Falls, 149, 237 Anderson, Connie Marie, Omaha, Nebr., 270 Anderson, Constance J., Ottumwa, 147, 149, 222, 258, 270 Bahling, Eugene Kent, Burt, 222, 276 Bahr, Dennis Carl, Iowa Falls, 173, 186 Beck, Doris Emilie, Cylinder, 132, 134, 142, 147, 149, 205, 209, 252 Beck, Mary Emma, Belle Plaine, 147, 149 Becker, Howard Milton, Mendota, Ill., 169, 170, 172, 200, 278, 287 Becker, Marilyn Ann, Davenport, 287 Beckmann, Virgil John, Granville, 245 Beeman, Marilene Kay, Carlisle, 142, 247 Behrens, Judy Kay, Independence, 253, 270 Belschner, Jean Isabel, Arlington, 142 Benesh, Richard Louis, Radcliffe, 287 Bennett, Mary Susan, La Porte City, 147, 148, 149, 229 Benning, Marlys C., VVellsburg, 203, 214, 223, 249, 287 Benning, Mary Ruth, Ackley, 234 Benson, Barbara Sue, Marathon, 254 Benson, Charles Allan, Monticello, 219, 252 Benson, Linda Kay, VVinfield, 143 Berger, George Henry, Amana, 287 Bergman, Joan, Madrid, 287 Bergman, Ladonna Jean, Arthur, 250, 287 Bergman, Marlys Ladell, New Hartford, 212, 287 Berkland, Judith Ann, Fenton, 220, 222 Berntson, Sandra Kay, Paullina, 230 Bersee, Linda Lee, Schaller, 268 Berst, Carl Leo, New Hampton, 245 Bettin, Ann Kathrine, Early, 218, 274, 287 Bettle, Robert VVayne, VVaterloo, 219 Beving, Sonna Rae, VVellsburg, 143 Bezoni, Harold Alvin, Aurelia, 249 Bickford, VVard VVilliam, Rockwell City, 221 Bina, Robert Fred, Spillville, 134, 137, 141, 222, 224, 229, 245, 276 Bindner, Janet Helen, Marcus, 141, 220, Anderson, Donald A., Mason City, 276 Anderson, Donald E., Indianola, 219, 286 Anderson, Elayne Alice, Crystal Lake, 241, 245 Anderson, Garry Gayle, VVaterloo, 286 Anderson, Gary Dean, Vinton, 142 Anderson, Helen Louise, Newton, 270 Anderson, Janice Mae, Fonda, 234 Anderson, Janice Mayer, State Center, 286 Anderson, Jerome David, Cedar Falls, 280 Anderson, Judy Ann, Postville, 241, 253 Anderson, Linda Lee, West Des Moines, 141 Anderson, Marlene J., Thompson, 253, 264 Anderson, Nancy Jo, Sioux City, 222, 224 Andresen, Barbara D., Ida Grove, 238, 253 Andrews, Merle Robert, Spencer, 146, 169, 259, 278, 286 Angell, Juanita Marie, Delhi, 120, 252 Ankeny, Shari Lynn, New Sharon, 229 Antons, Dorothy Jeanne, Mancehster, 134, 268 Appleby, David Harlan, Manchester, 141, 259, 276, 286 Arends, Josie Marie, VVilliams, 268 Arends, Lynne Lavonne, Belmond, 270 Arendt, Nicholas H., New Hampton, 280 322 Bailey, Gary Lee, Cedar Falls, 221, 286 Bailey, Richard Lloyd, Cedar Falls, 139, 254 Bailey, Robert Duane, VVaverly, 221, 286 Bailie, Richard Lou, New Market, 287, 229, 230, 232 Baker, Betty Kay, Cedar Rapids, 235, 255 Baker, Bonnie Lou, Cedar Falls, 199, 262 Baker, Dean Morgan, Cedar Falls, 221, 287 Baker, Donald James, Cedar Falls, 193 Baker, Keith D., Perry, 224 Baker, Linda Kay, Jefferson, 139, 228, 247 Baker, Mary Sue, VVaterloo, 272, 225 Balcom, Paul Dean, Marshalltown, 175, 177, 178 Bald, Joyce Anne, Davenport, 238, 245 Balhorn, Carol Ellen, VVaterloo, 270, 287 Bandholz, Rita Dorothy, Sutherland, 219, 270 Bannier, Jean Lucille, Yarmouth, 141, 144, 287 Banning, Mary Ann, Dover, Del., 230 Banzhaf, Barbara Fern, Marshalltown, 139, 141 Barber, Margaret L., Martelle, 287 Barker, Jean Ann, Sanborn, 235 Barlow, Carolyn Melva, Clear Lake, 254 Barnas, M. Dolores B., Waterloo, 144 Barnes, Dorothy Lee, Crookston, Minn., 250 Bartachek, Judy Diane, Belle Plaine, 240, 241, 287 Bartels, Sally Ann, Greene, 212, 253, 274 Bartholomew, Loydene L., Rochester, Minn., 129, 142, 255 Batchelder, Dianne Mae, Marion, 239 Bath, Janene Edna, Schaller, 144, 228, 249 Bauer, Jean M., Charles City, 233 Bauer, Nancy Jane, Muscatine, 231, 237, 248 Baumgartel, Marilyn J., Amana, 219, 226 Beattie, Lynne Elaine, Manchester, 262 Becicka, Steven VV., Mt. Vernon, 185 Beck, Cecelia Annette, VVaterloo, 143 245 Bishop, David Conrad, Mason, City, 137, 141, 226, 248,287 Bishop, Wayne Wilson, West Union, 146, 280 Bittner, Nicoe Luella, Des Moines, 226, 229, 230 Blain, Harriett Jean, Montezuma, 241 Blake, Norman, 186, 187 Blatt, Marilyn M., Remsen, 228, 233, 245 Bleich, Donna Mae, VVesley, 139, 219, 274, 287 Blezek, Kay Lee, Yale, 144, 254 Blunk, Rosella Norma, Atlantic, 224, 229, 231, 249 Boals, Carol Dunn, Cedar Falls, 219 Boals, Daniel VVilliam, Cedar Falls, 168, 169, 170, 172,200 Bobinet, Lucille Mae, Chelsea, 147, 149 Bock, Lawrence Thomas, Templeton, 131, 282 Bock, Roger VVilliam, Sumner, 175 Bockholt, Sandra Sue, Keystone, 287 Boehde, Carol Marie, Sabula, 235 Boeke, Kay Marie, Hubbard, 272, 287 Boeke, Linda Lee, Hubbard, 134 Boes, Robert Joseph, Glidden, 142 Bohl, Marilyn Jean, Marble Rock, 250 Bohlen, Lois Ilene, VVest Burlington, 287 Bohning, Roger Dean, Rowan, 288 Bolin, David A., Cedar Falls, 231 Bolin, Karen Anne, Cedar Falls, 270 Bonnallie, Ann Marie C., Austin, Minn., 288 Book, Connie Carole, Davenport, 139, 239, 255 Boos, Eleanor Elaine, Lockridge, 100, 142, 209, 216, 217, 236, 253, 288 Borchardt, Jane Ellen, Osage, 143, 253 Borton, Nadine Ethel, Clear Lake, 254 Bosch, Bonita Ellen, Sibley, 272 Bouslog, Rosemary, South English, 255 Bousselot, Avis Jean, Calamus, 241, 252 Bowen, James Charles, Cedar Rapids, 179 Bowley, Barbara Ann, Jefferson, 222, 248 Bowman, Carl Eugene, Cedar Falls, 169, 200, 288 Bowman, Mary Ann, Vinton, 235 Bowman, Mary Louises, Audubon, 235, 24-5 Boyd, Richard Lee, Cedar Falls, 278, 288 Bozorgzadeh, Houshang, Tehran, Iran, 47, 226 Brackin, Laura Ann, What Cheer, 274 Bradley, Patricia Ann, Afton, 245 Bradley, Susan Frances, Cedar Rapids, 255 Brady, Margaret Marie, Marcus, 270 Brady, Mary Ann, Iowa Falls, 270 Bragg, Marlys Jeanine, Lake Park, 264, 288 Brainerd, James David, Fort Dodge, 185 Brammer, Barbara Faye, Independence, 239, 241 Breeding, Carol Ann, Des Moines, 203, 274, 288 Breeser, Patsy June, New Albin, 143 Brenholdt, Nancy Lee, Ogden, 144, 235 Brewer, James Luther, Sioux City, 222 Brewer, Patricia Joan, Centerville, 245 Briden, Altamae Kay, Fort Dodge, 203, 218, 248, 288 Brindle, Eleanor Mae, Conrad, 142, 209, 248 Brinkert, Ileene Dora, Primghar, 219, 252 Brinkmann, Barbara R., Cedar Falls, 222 Brocka, Gail Virginia, Allison, 234, 249, 260 Brocka, Joyce Mary, New Hartford, 134, 260 Brockmeyer, Laurel J., Colesburg, 203, 214, 216, 223, 232,254,288 Brooks, Barbara Kay, Ackley, 142, 148, 209, 236 Brown, Alice Elaine, St. Charles, 241 Brown, Janice Anne, VVaterloo, 268, 288 Brown, Linda Rae, Waterloo, 239 Brown, Mildred Louise, Grimes, 288 Brownlee, Vicki Lee, Cedar Falls, 270 Brubaker, Carol Marie, Reinbeck, 144 Bruce, John Charles, Cedar Falls, 288 Brundage, Carol Jean, Luther, 120, 129, 245, 260 Buchanan, Charles D., VVest Des Moines, 122, 190, 282, 288 Buckingham, Christine, Batavia, 218, 226, 244 Buckingham, Judith Ann, Prairie City, 143, 262 Buehler, Lorelei K., Mason City, 223, 288, 229 Buffington, Karen G., Colo, 270, 288, 230 Buhr, Dona M. S., Readlyn, 142 Buhr, Kathryn Kay, VVaterloo, 139, 141, 238 Buhr, Patricia Ann, Clear Lake, 274 Bump, James Richard, Cedar Falls, 288 Bundy, Marilyn Rae, Cedar Falls, 142, 288 Bunge, Darrell Lee, Massillon, 200, 186 288 Burch, Phyllis Marie, Marcus, 238 Burkardt, Marjorie Ann, Holstein, 144, 288 Burkhead, Alice Ruth, Armstrong, 232, 234, 254 Burkle, Stanley John, Geneva, 288 Burns, Betty Ann, Columbus Jet., 147, 149 Burr, Robert James, La Porte City, 147, 201, 236, 289 Burritt, John Giles, VVaterloo, 100, 198, 289 Burrows, Marilyn Ann, Brandon, 241 Butcher, Karen Ann, Holstein, 289 Butler, Ann Elizabeth, Cedar Rapids, 144 Butler, Edward Byron, Burlington, 131, 282, 239 Button, Dennis Dean, Adel, 146, 169, 259 Button, Robert L., Marshalltown, 100, 122, 198, 230, 280, 289 Butts, Francis Lee, Mason City, 289 Byndas, Bruce Michael, L, I. City, N. Y., 146, 221, 245 Byram, Harold, 189, 190, 191 C Cairy, Thomas L., Waterloo, 147, 149 Caldwell, Kay Janette, Cedar Rapids, 289 Calhoun, Carolyn Jean, Albert City, 219 Callahan, Freda Ann, Dow City, 258, 270, 289 Callaway, Judith Ann, Conrad, 142, 243, 247 Callaway, Judith Gast, Steamboat Rock, 248, 289 Calligan, Richard Alan, Waterloo, 289 Callison, Judith Ann, Chariton, 233, 262, 289 Campbell, Duane E., Cedar Falls, 127 Campbell, Lawrence L., Cedar Falls, 207 Campbell, Marlene Ann, Dougherty, 235 Capps, Richard Lee, Creston, 289 Caraway, Jackie Lee, Monmouth, 286 Carey, Robert M., Marcus, 129, 130, 134, 274 Carlin, Elizabeth VVade, Cedar Falls, 144, 236 Carlson, Carlene Jo., Sibley, 219, 272 Carlson, Jack Lee, Cedar Falls, 169 Carlson, Luther R., Forest City, 252 Carlson, Sandra Jean, Moline, Ill., 258, 272 Carney, Robert Leo, Mason City, 280, 289 Carpenter, Delburn E., VVest Bend, 224, 254 Carr, James Herbert, Ottumwa, 131, 134, 289 Cassady, Ralph Charles, Mapleton, 146, 246 Cassidy, Tom Kenneth, Cedar Falls, 229 Casson, Charles VV. McClelland, 289 Cawelti, Gerald Scott, Cedar Falls, 142 Cawelti, Sandra Jean, Cedar Falls, 239, 245 Chalfant, Richard C., VVebster City, 147 Chalgren, Kurt Robert, Clinton, 146 Chalstrom, Diane F., Spirit Lake, 144, 252 Chance, John Thomas, New Providence, 219, 276 Chellis, John Williams, St. Louis, Mo., 173 Christian, Susan E., Rochester, Minn., 246, 262 Christiansen, Carol J., Council Bluffs, 148, 149, 236 Christiansen, David A., Clear Lake, 228, 289 Christle, Patricia Ann, Cedar Rapids, 134, 226, 289 Christy, Richard C., Ottumwa, 175, 200, 278 Clark, David Dodd, Cedar Falls, 147, 149 Clark, James G., VVaterloo, 192 Clausen, Loretta Mae, Holstein, 134, 223, 264 Clausman, Patricia Ann, Reinbeck, 230, 231 Claussen, Kathryn Dawn, Reinbeck, 262, 289 Claussen, Sharon Ann, Reinbeck, 262, 289 Clayter, Jack Verl, Cedar Falls, 222 Cleveland, Charlyn Joy, Jefferson, 100, 262, 289 Cleveland, Elbin L., Cedar Rapids, 100, 211, 276, 290 Clewell, Susan Eileen, VVaverly, 141, 219 Clopton, Betty May, Cedar Falls, 255 Cloud, Richard Alden, Cedar Falls, 142 Coffin, George Claude, Marshalltown, 137, 199, 247 Cole, Mary Ann, Algona, 233 Coleman, Marilyn Sue, Denison, 247 Connelly, Judith Marie, Mason City, 245 Connor, Glenn Gene, VVestbury, 169 Conrad, James Leroy, Audubon, 222, 245 141, Cooke, Mary Ann, Manchester, 143, 233, 249 Cookinham, Patricia A., Estherville, 100, 208, 290 Cope, Elinor Grace, Somers, 241 Copley, John Rolla, Davenport, 282, 290 Corlett, Susan Kay, Farmersburg, 235, 253 Cormaney, Wayne Lee, Hampton, 181, 278 Corrigan, Beverly Ann, Guthrie Center, 141, 229 Corwin, Curtis Leroy, Marshalltown, 290 Corwin, Dennis Larry, Cedar Falls, 189 Couchman, Janice E., Seymour, 144, 147, 149 Coughlin, Sharon Ann, Marion, 245 Coulson, Linda Lane, Moravia, 244 Courtney, Robert Keith, Delhi, 222 Cowan, Patricia Lynn, Algona, 272 Cox, David D., Bettendorf, 22, 169, 170, 172, 186, 200, 278 Cox, Sharon Kay, Keswick, 223 Crane, Robert Allen, Glenville, Minn., 169, 190, 200, 278, 290 Crane, Terrence Lee, Cedar Falls, 276 Craven, Carolyn C., Arlington 5, Va., 134, 260 Craver, Rita Lee, Cedar Falls, 143 Crawford, Dana J., Washington, 234 Creswell, Gayle Lee, Reinbeck, 130, 210, 228, 258, 276, 290, Crogveek, Jane Ramona, Oelwein, 235, 245 Cronbaugh, Deanna Lee, Belle Plaine, 223 Crooks, Ronald Dean, Greene, 128, 129, 131, 149 Cross, June Kaye, Knoxville, 270 323 Crowder, James Alex, Mason City, 134, 147, 201, 276, 290 Crowley, Robert Eugene, Des Moines, 290 Cruse, Richard L., La Porte City, 137, 142 Crystal, Everett T., VVebster City, 169 Cull, Raymond Albert, Chicago, Ill., 175, 280, 290 Cummings, Janice Kay, Fairfield, 118, 262, 290 Cunningham, Marlan D., Cedar Falls, 290 Cunningham, Mary Rita, Des Moines, 120, 272 Currie, Gary Dennis, Schaller, 142, 147, 149, 201 Curry, James Patrick, Cedar Rapids, 282 D Dahmus, Ann Christine, VVaterloo, 290 Daikawa, Carole H., Hilo, Hawaii, 227, 241 Dajani, Said A., Jordan, Africa, 47, 190, 290 Daley, Ellen Jane, Chicago Heights, Ill., 246 Daman, James Edward, Humboldt, 128, 200 Damron, Jimmie Leon, Carpinteria, Calif., 290 Daniels, Anita L., Oelwein, 212, 216, 231 Dann, Stephen Eugene, Des Moines, 237, 255 Danne, Beverly Kay, Sioux City, 268 Dannenfeldt, Sandra A., Davenport, 219 Davidsen, Deloy Kelvin, Cedar Falls, 142 Davis, Alice Arlyn, Rochester, Minn., 137, 141, 250 Davis, Anita Mae, Strawberry Point, 144 Davis, Barbara Joan, Gilmore City, 129, 134, 258, 260 Davis, Constance Sue, Keokuk, 120, 270 Davis, Gerald Allan, Decorah, 131, 194, 200, 213 Davis Davis John Dean, Mapleton, 282 Karen Rae, Laurens, 148, 222 Davis Margaret Dean, Plano, 247 Davis Marla Jane, Strawberry Point, 142, 290 Davis Russell Charles, VVaterloo, 137 Day, Dorothy June, Arlington, 147, 149 Debower, Bonnie K., Allison, 233, 266, 290 Dedic, Robert Charles, Traer, 290 Degraw, Betty K., Delmar, 223 Deimerly, Suzanne, Clarion, 245, 290 Delfs, Sharon Rae, Toledo, 203, 244, 274, 290 Denk, Dianne Faye, Davenport, 44, 155, 225 Deneui, Jon Ian, Marion, 137 Deneui, Pat, 137 Deshon, Margaret Ann, Bettendorf, 154 Dewilde, Dee, Charles City, 141, 222, 290 Dexter, Richard Gene, Waterloo, 201 Diblasio, Margaret R., Davenport, 245 Dice, Phillip Robert, Lake Park, 199, 228, 276 Dickenson, Carmen N., Norfolk, Va., 143, 239 Dickey, Robert Clement, Davenport, 204, 237, 291 Dierksen, Carole J., Clinton, 238, 241 Dighton, Lyndon K., Coggon, 190 Dillon, David, 190 324 Dilts, James Michael, Bettendorf, 173 Disney, Verneil Rae, Dows, 230 Ditzenberger, Roger, Cedar Falls, 193 Dixon, Rodney Leo, Perry, 100, 130, 131, 213, 291 Dobson, Donald VVard, La Porte City, 291 Dodd, Bill B., Cedar Falls, 193, 282 Doering, Joan Marie, Mason City, 245 Dolphin, Phyllis N., Sheldon, 235, 274 Domer, Jalaa VVanda, Center Point, 100, 128, 199, 217, 238, 241, 266, 291 Donald, Neil Eugene, Seymour, 147, 149, 201, 276 Dooley, John Terry, Des Moines, 259, 280 Doran, Maryann May, Perry, 137 Dorman, Janet Elaine, Perry, 147, 231 Dorn, Larry Lee, Council Bluffs, 201, 229, 236, 291 Dostal, Bonita Jean, Toledo, 149, 231, 239, 245, 264 Dotson, Richard C., Cedar Falls, 190 Dotson, VVilliam Morris, Cedar Falls, 181, 182 Dougan, Carole Jane, Hubbard, 142 Dougherty, Joanne J., Marshalltown, 199, 272 Douglas, Elaine E., Orchard, 249 Dow, Francis I., Cedar Falls, 228, 259, 282, Dowell, Anita Pearson, Cedar Falls, 199 Downing, Carol Jean, Austin, Minn., 219 Doyle, Raymond Eugene, Toledo, 169, 291 Drefke, Paul Melhurn, Cherokee, 189 Dreier, Debra Ayleen, Hubbard, 228, 241, 252 Dreier, Sonja Jean, Hubbard, 224, 225 Drennen, Joy Marie, Mason City, 139, 231 Drewry, Carol L., Sac City, 291, 216, 218 Drobney, Ronald Deloss, Pocahontas, 245 Druecker, Carol Joan, Strawberry Point, 233 Drury, Susan Ethel, Marshalltown, 237, 249 Dubberke, Judith Ann, Hubbard, 129, 134, 235, 252, 274 Ducommun, Martha E., Oelwein, 234, 247 Dugan, Dennis John, Des Moines, 222, 245 Dukeshier, Michael C., Shenandoah, 173 Dumler, Sharon Kay, Waterloo, 268 Dunham, Daniel Ray, VVaterloo, 181, 200 Dunn, Mary Ellen, Crawfordsville, 142, 272 Dupey, Lavera Lee, Fort Dodge, 134, 272, 291 Duprez, Josette Dee, VVaukee, 234, 264 Dutoit, Carol Lee, Cedar Rapids, 156 Dutton, Richard Howard, Kirkville, Mo., 222 Duus, Erling Otto, Cedar Falls, 146, 291 E Eakle, Roberta L., Adel, 247 Earhart, Alfred Jack, Cedar Falls, 291 Eastland, Barbara M., Clinton, 229, 235 Eatwell, Shirley Ann, Mingo, 291 Ebert, Joel VVynn, Clarence, 249 Eckroth, Loran Lee, Mandan, N. D., 149 Eden, Sylvia Aileen, Titonka, 134, 230, 231, 254 Eder, Pamela Jean, Postville, 241 Eckroth, Mildred B., Cedar Falls, 148 Edwards, Donna Rae, Ruthven, 203, 213, 219, 252, 291 Eells, Joann Mae, Knoxville, 143, 235 Egbert, James Cole, Fort Dodge, 259, 278 291 Egen, Harlan, Cedar Falls, 291 Egger, Phyllis Marie, Hopkinton, 249 Eggleston, VVayne E., Cedar Falls, 291 Ehlers, Shirley Kaye, Onawa, 224, 230, 231, 239 Eichelberger, Donald A., Anamosa, 169, 278 Eilts, Juliann, VVeldon, 144 Eischen, Carole Jean, VVest Des Moines, 238 Elfmann, Karl E., Sioux Rapids, 291 Ellingson, Sherryl A., Alden, 134, 268 Ellingson, Violet Ann, Northwood, 141,229 Elliott, Sheryl Rae, Jefferson, 235 Ellstrom, Nancy Jane, Inwood, 149, 241, 253 Engel, John Henry, Dumont, 229 Engel, Richard James, Evergreen, Ill., 184 Engel, Robert Jerome, Traer, 291 Engelhardt, Carroll L., Elkader, 122, 130, 134, 158 Erhardt, Linda L., Bloomfield, 199 Erickson, Nancy Jane, Cedar Falls, 146, 264 Erickson, Richard C., Cedar Falls, 208, 291 Ernst, Kay Elizabeth, Springville, 245, 266 Ervin, Joanne Kay, Perry, 224 Esk, Larry Allen, Clarion, 291 Etzen, Keith Allen, Forest City, 280, 291 Euler, Bonnie Jean, Bridgewater, 156, 239, 241, 253 Evans, Joan Audrey, Des Moines, 141, 268, 230 Evans, Jo Ann, Des Moines, 226, 234, 253 Eyerly, Gary Lynn, Cedar Falls, 292 Ezeanii, Clement M., Orlu East, Nigeria, 47 F Fanger, Marjorie Ann, Bryant, 143 Farley, Erik Bruce, Clinton, 100, 278, 292 Fee, Josephine Lucinda, Nashua, 118, 134, 274, 292 Ferneau, John Ralph, Conrad, 147, 148, 149 Finch, Ralph, 190 Finn, Frances Kathryn, McGregor, 234 Finnessy, Mary Lucile, Lake Forest, Ill., 245 Fischer, James Ronald, Des Moines, 134, 190, 200, 278 Fischer, Robert James, Dubuque, 228 Fisher, Carol Jane, Iowa City, 219 Fitzgerald, Thomas B, Boone, 292 Flack, Carol Jean, Postville, 244 Flanders, Shirley May, Davenport, 142, 338, 241, 245 Fletcher, Larry Lowe, Crawfordsville, 139 Flitsch, Mary Kathryn, Alburnett, 134, 212 Floyd, Gary Leon, Montrose, 134, 146, 200, 186, 276, 292 Foglesong, Janice E., Des Moines, 226, 237, 262 Folkers, Treva Ardena, Scotch Grove, 239, 241, 262 Foote, Richard Leroy, Des Moines, 278 Foote, VVendy Lynne, Bettendorf, 225, 238, 239 Ford, Ann Pauline, Central City, 274 Formanek, Barbara Jean, Elberon, 222, 245 Forthun, Marilyn Kay, Ida Grove, 238, 240, 241, 274 Foshe, Pauline Mae, Des Moines, 143 Fossey, Keith Robert, St. Ansgar, 186 Foster, Elizabeth L., Oskaloosa, 222, 224 Fox, Geraldine Ann, VVaterloo, 246 Fox, Joseph Roscoe, Osage, 181, 184, 200 Fox, Leon Robert, Missouri Valley, 130, 134, 199, 225 Frahm, Larry John, Clear Lake, 127, 292 Frana, Adrian William, Calmar, 228, 231, 245 Franey, Charles Jerome, Cedar Falls, 292 Frater, Mae Jenny, Vinton, 219, 252 Fredricksen, Robert A., Clinton, 141 Gleason, Sharon B., VVaterloo, 292 Glenn, Charles Eugene, Cedar Falls, 292 Gnagy, Kay Lenore, Charles City, 268 Goddard, Judy Betts, Cedar Falls, 144 Godfrey, Dennis Leroy, Adel, 134, 141, 146, 230, 243, 276 Goecke, Kathryn Joanne, Marshalltown, 266 Goetzinger, James D., Templeton, 173 Golbuff, VVliliam Clark, Mason City, 276, 292 Golz, Carolyn Kay, Bridgewater, 272 Good, Victoria Kay, Chariton, 219 Goodman, Joel Henry, Belle Plaine, 147, 282 Fredric kson, Donna M., Forest City, 118, 230, 292 Freeman, Francis Grady, Davenport, 181, 183, 292 Freeman, Michael L., Goldfield, 225 Freeman, Vikie Jean, New Hampton, 253 Freers, Gary VVard, Muscatine, 229, 230 Freese, Dorothy Marie, Scotch Grove, 253 Freese, Gwenda Fae, Wheatland, 233, 249 Freese, Pamela Kay, Cedar Falls, 134, 143, 270 Freeze, Joyce Meyers, Waterloo, 230 Friedericks, Marjorie, Cedar Falls, 230 Frueh, Phyllis Yvonne, Fort Madison, 274 Fry, Kathleen Marie, Marshalltown, 199 Fuke, Stanley Akira, Hilo, Hawaii, 130, 149 Gordon, Barbara Ann, Maywood, Ill., 142 Gordon, Kerry Jane, VVaterloo, 147, 149, 272 Gordon, Larry Eugene, Des Moines, 254 Gordon, Linda, Newton, 134, 266, 292 Gorden, Michael Robert, Charles City, 173 Gotter, Kaylene Glee, Scranton, 250 Funke, Karen Kay, State Center, 233, 252, 292 Furland, Roberta Faye, Conrad, 266 Furlong, Mary C., Letts, 139, 226, 228, 245 G Gabel, Sandra Lee, Swea City, 292 Gaffney, Robert Paul, New Hampton, 292 Gallagher, Sandra Lee, VVaterloo, 143 Gartz, Homer John, Oelwein, 147, 149, 201, 292 Gatewood, Jack John, Delta, 147, 247 Gatewood, Sharon Baker, Cedar Falls, Graf, Darlene Kay, Hazleton, 223 Gralf, Jeanne Fridolin, Mallard, 235, 245 Grandgeorge, Beth M., Webster City, 239 Granneman, VVayne R., Charles City, 142, 282, 293 Grau, Joanne Michelle, Sioux City, 238, 240 Graves, George C., Harlan, 169 Gray, James L., Cedar Falls, 206, 293 Gren, David VValker, Davenport, 216, 218, 243, 253 Green, Marcia Ann, Des Moines, 219 Greenfield, Linda Kay, Ackley, 274 Greenlee, Marion Sue, Jesup, 258, 262 Greenley, Celia Ann, Independence, 222 Greenzweig, Lucille E., Charles City, 219, 220, 254 Gregg, Carolyn Louise, VVest Liberty, 144, 252 Gregory, Janice Kay, Montezuma, 141 Gregory, Louise Nadine, Dike, 139, 241 Grifhn, Margaret Ann, New Hampton, 245 Grifhn, Michael Jon, Cedar Rapids, 276 Grifilin, Shirley Ann, VVinterset, 141, 235, H Haan, Keith Alan, Cedar Falls, 142 Haasis, Gerald Louis, Strawberry Point, 173 Hachmann, Carol Irene, Davenport, 141, 238, 241 Hackmann, Rachel Lee, West Union, 250 Hade, Evelyn Marie, Gowrie, 293 Hadenfeldt, Loretta A., Sioux Rapids, 249 Hager, Linda Kay, Casey, 254 Hahn, Frederick David, Des Moines, 169 Hahn, Phyllis Ann, Manchester, 139, 141, 143, 229, 249, 254 Hale, VVilliam Henry, Ellsworth, 148 Hall, Barbara Elaine, Lake Mills, 253 Hall, James Edward, Albion, 280, 293 Hall, Keith Franklin, Emmetsburg, 137, 228 Hall, Philip Stephen, Cedar Rapids, 147 Hallenbeck, Daniel A., Manchester, 130, 131, 249, 282 Haller, Charlotte ., Sioux City, 233, 260 Hallett, Richard Ervin, Cedar Falls, 293 Halstead, Steven Kent, Marion, 131, 276 Halsted, Joanne Ruth, State Center, 233, 262 Hamill, Sigrid Joann, Clinton, 235 Hamilton, Glenn C., Lucas, 125, 276, 293 Hammond, Del Lee, Charles City, 173 Hampel, Kay Joyce, Garner, 260, 293 Hanisch, Kathleen Zora, VVaterloo, 235, 245 Hanke, Arloa Marie, Early, 233, 293 Hanley, Hurley Lee, Cedar Falls, 169, 186 293 Hanna, Darlene C., Nora Springs, 212, 293 Hanne, Kay Arlene, Pleasant Valley, 234, 274 Hansen, Barbara Ann, Clinton, 270, 293 Hansen, Carol Ann, Norway, 233 Hansen, Jon Edward, Cedar Falls, 148, 149 Hansen, Janell Diane, Bode, 264 Hansen, Linda Lucille, Hornick, 241 Hansen, Marilyn F., Cedar Falls, 134, 203, 270, 292, 230 Gatton, Nola Ann, Algona, 219 Gay, Jerry Cole, Des Moines, 181, 282 Geer, Kathleen Kaye, Colo, 219 Gehrke, Jerome Stanley, Readlyn, 179 Geiger, Brenda Jean, Vinton, 44, 45, 153 Geise, Barry Russell, Grand Mound, 159, 282 George, Mary Kay, Cherokee, 219 Gerdes, Renee Judith, Jesup, 219 Gersema, Janae Lee, Cedar Falls, 266 Gergen, Della Mae, Superior, 143 Gibbs, Micheal R., Burlington, 280 Gibson, Deanna, Superior, 264 Gibson, Marianne Pat, VVebb, 264 s Gideon, Rollene Kay, Norwalk, 144, 254 Gilbert, Carol Justine, Larrabee, 235 274 Gilbertson, Jerielynn, Decorah, 238, 241, Giles, Grover Skip, Garwin, 173 Gillespie, Judith Ann, Renwick, 239 Gilpin, John James, Newton, 148, 247 Glans, Sandra Kaye, Marshalltown, 253, 266, 292 Glasener, Lydia Jane, Cedar Falls, 292 Glass, Lynn William, Cedar Rapids, 244 Gleason, Sharon Lee, Oelwein, 239 245 Grimes, Sherrill Jon, VVest Union, 134, 282 Grimm, Gloria Frances, Earlvillc, 252 Griner, Leland Edward, Dumont, 293 Gritton, Judith Ann, North Liberty, 260, 293 Gross, Marilyn Eileen, Oelwein, 229, 253, 293 Gross, Nancy, 212 Grove, David Lyle, Vinton, 229, 254 270, 293 Hansen, Vernon Kai, Cedar Falls, 276, 293 Hansen, Vicki Ann, Algona, 245 Hansen, VVarren Emory, Harlan, 169 Hansuld, Arthur Marr, Newton, 147, 148, 149, 201 Hanson, Curtis Dean, Swea City, 221, 231 Grove, Frances Kay, Fairbank, 149 Gruber, Gayle Ann, Carroll, 241, 293 Grulke, Sally Anne, Owatonna, Minn., 235 Guillaume, Jacquelyn M., Cedar Falls, 156, 239 Gulick, Kathy Elaine, Mt. Auburn, 141 Gummert, Delories L., Marshalltown, 226, 229, 252, 293 Gunderson, Virginia J., Lake Mills, 118, 132, 243, 253, 264, 293 Gupta, Naim Chand, New Delhi, India, 47 Gupta, Shailla, New Delhi, India, 47 Gustafson, Maribel Eva, Kiron, 233, 248 Gustin, Mary Elaine, Guthrie Center, 254 Guyett, Linda Lee, Missouri Valley, 230 Hanson, Dennis Nash, La Porte City, 293 Hanson, Jack Julien, Denver, 147 Hanson, Lyn Deene, Muscatine, 149, 229 Hanson, Maxine C. A., Cedar Falls, 294 Happe, Carolyn Mae, Spirit Lake, 143, 245 Harbach, Sandra Lee, Delhi, 252 Harder, Susan Kay, Delmar, 249 Harl, Merna Marie, Numa, 134, 254 Harlan, Roger G., VVinterset, 139, 216, 230 Harle, Linda Maria, Kanawha, 294 Harmeyer, Donna Lee, VVest Point, 139, 234, 245 Harms, Alan Duane, Alta, 252 Harms, Joyce Marie, Marion, 134, 142, 149, 209, 236 Harms, Judy Kay, George, 220, 223 Harrington, Leonard P., Maynard, 245, 294 325 Harris, Glendra Kay, Cedar Rapids, 238, 240, 241, 274 Harsch, Anita Marie, Burlington, 241 Hart, Judy Dale, Elma, 144 Harten, Ronald Harold, Anamosa, 134, 294 Hartkemeyer, Elaine K., Atkins, 226, 228, 252 Hartman, Joan Louise, Adel, 241, 262 Hartman, Marlene G., Rodman, 218, 245, 298 Hartman, VVilliam M., Iowa Falls, 294, 224 Hase, Frank Duane, Cedar Falls, 294 Hashimoto, Carol Y., Honolulu, Hawaii, 227, 235, 249 Hastert, Charles J., Alton, 245 Hatch, Joyce Alma, Central City, 235, 245 Hatch, Judith A., Davenport, 134, 268 Haughton, Ronald S., Waterloo, 206, 294 Hawbaker, Barbara Beth, VVest Point, 234, 266 Hawn, Ann Elizabeth, Des Moines, 22, 100, 211, 217, 270, 294- Hayashi, Clare T., Kealakekua, Hawaii, 227, 266, 294 Hayes, Glenna Marie, Newton, 247 Haynes, Linda Carol, Tama, 235 Hays, Robert Milton, Secane, Penn., 148, 149, 201, 294 Hazlett, James Allen, Monona, 294 Heard, Carolyn June, Iowa Falls, 294 Heaton, Constance Ruth, Davenport, 212, 268, 294 Heaton, John Edward, Central City, 186 Heick, Judith Ann, Spirit Lake, 224 Heinze, Shirley Mae, Pleasantville, 219 Heishman, Betty Ann, Malcom, 245 Heitman, John Daniel, Cedar Falls, 127, 210, 294 Hekel, Mary P., Redfield, 234 Helt, James Paul, Cedar Falls, 294 Helwig, Linda Sue, Ottumwa, 247 Hemm, Ila Mae, Fairheld, 266, 294 Hemminger, John Allen, Harlan, 169, 278 Hemminger, VVilliam J., Rock Falls, Ill., 173 Hemphill, David Louis, Marshalltown, 190, 282, 294 Hempy, Ilene Marie, Anamosa, 143, 219 Henderson, Cerue, Liberia, Africa, 47 Hendricks, Michael A., Tipton, 294 Hendrickson, Dennis L., Northwood, 122 Henn, Byron Griffeth, Manson, 142, 147, 149, 236, 249 Henn, Joseph Charles, Des Moines, 245 Henrich, Mary Kathryn, Akron, 137, 245 Henricks, Dale William, Hubbard, 294 Henriksen, Judith Ann, Renwick, 129, 142, 147, 149, 203, 209, 236, 295 Herbison, Jean Marjory, Christchurch, New Zealand, 47 Hermanstorfer, Judy, Sigourney, 213, 295 Herrig, Margaret Ann, Sioux Rapids, 252 Hess, Roger M., VVestboro, Mo., 147, 149, 201 Hewicker, IlaJean, Marcus, 137, 140, 141, 230, 264, 295, 336 Hickman, Sandra Lea, VVinthrop, 156, 239, 263 Higashi, Mildred Yayoi, Hawaii, 227 Hildebrandt, Frederick, Tripoli, 173 Hildebrandt, Joann, Sumner, 220 326 Hill Barbara Jo, Bettendorf, 147, 148, 149 Hill Carolyn Ileen, Manly, 295 Hill Charles Delano, VVaterloo, 169 Hill Charles Forrest, Dysart, 226 Hill Hill Janet Marie, Manly, 144, 244 Robert James, Norwalk, 295 Hilleman, Dixie Lee, Marshalltown, 238 Hilmer, Keith Allen, Marion, 125 Hinrichsen, Joan P., Swea City, 250 Hintze, David Alan, Newhall, 252 Hirano, Edith Ritsuko, Los Angeles, Calif., 227 Hironaka, Barbara J. N., Honolulu, Ha- waii, 227, 230, 246 Hirt, James Russell, Iowa City, 173 Hoelscher, Rodger VV., Ames, 141, 249 Hoemann, Steven Paul, Hammond, Ind., 181, 278 Hoeper, Marlene May, VVaverly, 241 Hoffman, Georgia Ann, Estherville, 147, 235, 247 Hoffman, Patricia Jane, Hudson, 141, 219 Hoffmeier, Bruce Allan, Lowden, 252 Hofmeyer, Ronald James, Hospers, 212, 295 Hoganson, Dean Allan, VVallingford, 295 Hogue, Virginia Kay, Fort Dodge, 144, 147, 252, 295 Hohl, Myrna Ruth, Donnellson, 264 Hoing, Edward Daniel, Garwin, 295 Holbrook, Jerry R., Cedar Falls, 101, 175, 176, 178, 200, 186, 295 Holbrook, Steven T., VVaterloo, 141, 224, 230, 276 Holden, Barbara Kay, VVashington, 147, 260 Holliday, Joan Frances, Cedar Falls, 238, 239 Hollis, Carolyn Ann, Waterloo, 272 Hollis, Marolyn Jean, VVaterloo, 272 Hollis, Patricia B., Cedar Falls, 295 Holmlund, Mary Lou, Lake Mills, 253 Holtz, Mary Elizabeth, Dysart, 234 Holub, Frances Marie, Central City, 245 Homolar, Janice Jane, Elberon, 233 Honnold, William, 190 Hood, Kellvyn Nelson, Cedar Falls, 295 Hood, Ronald D., VVoodbine, 146, 247, 280 Hook, Marlyn Lee, Dike, 179 Hook Shirley Darlene, Parkersburg, 149, 262 Horton, Loren Nelson, Cedar Falls, 207 Hoskins, Susan Arlene, Hubbard, 238 Hossack, Julie Ann, Sioux City, 141 Houlihau, Sharon F., Ackley, 258, 274 Houston, Janet Ellen, Osceola, 222, 270 Howard, Sandra Sue, Des Moines, 255, 258, 274, 295 Hoy, Robert Lee, Adel, 276, 295 Hoyer, Bonita Rae, Fort Dodge, 225, 252 Hrabak, Janet Segrid, Fort Dodge, 239 Hubbard, Murray P., Hubbard, 295 Hudek, Marian Frances, Havelock, 234 Huebner, Delphine L., Hawarden, 262 Huffman, Max Edward, Spencer, 190 Hugg, Harry Ralph, Burlington, 282 Hughes, Carol Jean, Charles City, 249 Hughes, Dennis Ervin, Des Moines, 134, 229, 247 Hughes, Gary Melvin, Spencer, 278 Hughes, Mary Ann, Des Moines, 144 Hughes, Marynel, VVinfield, Ill., 148, 149, 236, 255 Hulet, Joanne Kay, Austin, Minn., 240, 274 Hull, Linda Lucille, Ankeny, 239 Humke, Marjorie Louise, Ackley, 134, 205 Humphry, Carol L., Belvidere, Ill., 143, 274 Hundling, Marjorie Sue, Breda, 144 Hunt, Barbara Ann, Greeley, 226 Hunt, Donna Jean, Clear Lake, 222, 295 Hunter, Maridee, Gowrie, 220, 223, 254 Huntoon, Martha Irene, Burlington, 266 Hurd, Brenda Lee, Maynard, 225, 295 Hurst, Marilyn Lenore, Redfield, 247 Hursey, Shirley Jean, Burlington, 243, 254 Huseman, G. Lucille, Schaller, 268 Huseman, Martin G., Schaller, 165, 276 Hushagen, John Paul, Cedar Falls, 146 Huston, Sam Richard, Cedar Falls, 282, 295 Hutchins, James H., Sioux City, 141 Hutchins, Robert Ray, Sioux City, 295 Hutchison, Bernard D., Martensdale, 190 Hutzell, Karen R. B., Cedar Falls, 230 Hutzell, Laurence A., Algona, 201, 295 Hyatt, Bonnie Jean, Goldfield, 144, 225, 247 Hyde, Julia Marie, Garnavillo, 218, 296 Hynd, Brenda, 208 I Ide, Mary Helen, Cedar Falls, 144 Iida, Mae Meiko, Pahala, Hawaii, 227, 234 Indlecoffer, Sally Jo, Dayton, 296 Ingraham, Larry Harold, Marshalltown, 131, 134, 276 Ingvoldstad, Mary E., Decorah, 264 Inman, Larry Everett, Shelby, 296 Innes, Judith Lee, Gladbrook, 233, 296 Irey, Marilyn Jean, West Liberty, 143, 229, 296 Irving, Peggy Marie, Blairsburg, 147, 237 Isenberger, Janet D., Hudson, 225 Ito, Hiroyoshi, Tokyo, Japan, 47 J Jackson, James Raymond, Spencer, 173 Jackson, Mary Ann, Des Moines, 144, 260 Jacob, Vicky Kay, Bettendorf, 272 Jacobs, John Charles, VVaterloo, 147, 149, 231 Jacobsen, William M., Cedar Falls, 131 Jacobson, Gwendolyn K., Nevada, 219, 263 Jacobsen, Jacqueline, Exira, 134, 240, 264 Jacobson, William C., Story City, 137 James, Janice Irene, Cedar Rapids, 272, 296 Jeffries, Kathleen Mae, Fort Dodge, 222 Jenkins, Carl Rex, Oskaloosa, 136, 137, 296 Jenkinson, Phillip H., Des Moines, 282 Jennett, Donna Mae, VVinfield, 141, 144, 147, 255 Jennings, Janice Marie, Chariton, 248 Jennings, Natalie Jean, Cedar Falls, 268 Jensen, Carol Anna, Madrid, 229, 235 Jensen, Charlotte G., Waterloo, 199, 228 Jensen, David Chris, Charles City, 180, 181, 296 Jensen, Joyce Frandsen, Cedar Falls, 296 Jensen, Karleen K., Hampton, 143 Jensen, Rex Allen, Jesup, 143 Jepsen, Sharon Kay, Correctionville, 252 Jesberg, Barbara Ann, Farmington, 219 Jessen, Ronald Martens, Creston, 179 Jewell, Nancy Ann, Percival, 296 Joens, Kathryn Ann, Toledo, 270 Johnson, Cleone E., Red Oak, 216, 253 Johnson, Darlene Faye, Swea City, 250 Johnson, Elizabeth C., Belmond, 141, 144, 245 Johnson, Gordon Leroy, Klemme, 280, 296 Johnson, Joanne Claire, Clinton, 144, 248 Johnson, K. C., 186 Johnson, Karin E., Clinton, 142, 156, 233, Kelley, VVilliam C., Marshalltown, 221 Kellogg, Sandra Kay, Madrid, 266 Kelly, Carol Jean, Cherokee, 118, 129, 219, 262, 297 Kelly, John Howard, Boone, 282, 297 Kelly, Lawrence L., Cedar Rapids, 142, 245 Kennedy, Donna Irene, Sac City, 270 Kent, Barbara June, Sioux City, 219, 253 Kent, Walter Leon, Webster City, 213 Keppy, Carmene Dorothy, Davenport, 219 Kern, Shirley Ann, Collins, 218 Kersenbrock, Sharon K., VVaterloo, 231 Kessler, Paula Kathryn, Oxford, 235, 245 Khan, Abdul Haq, Buland Shahr, India, 248, 296 Johnson, Kathryn Mae, Clinton, 142, 233, 248 Johnson, Loren Phaffle, Bakersfield, Calif., 252 Johnson, Maryellen, Belmond, 296 Johnson, Richard Carl, Fort Dodge, 296 Johnson, Robert Thomas, Fort Dodge, 296 Johnson, Sandra Clare, Spirit Lake, 254 Johnson, Thomas Peter, Fort Dodge, 224 Johnston, Joanne, Hudson, 296 Johnston, Joanne June, Waterloo, 229 Johnston Johnston , Judith E., Alta, 230, 264 , Ronald Dean, Lake City, 146 Johnstone, William R., Boone, 169 Jones, Beverly Jean, Rudd, 118, 233, 296 Jones, Doris Ann, Williamsburg, 220 Jones, George Michael, Cedar Falls, 250 Jones, Jerry Rodrian, Cedar Falls, 221 Jones, Kathryn Dornan, Des Moines, 143, 234, 248 Jones, Lola May, Manly, 232, 264 Jones, Paul Duane, Danville, 131, 296 Jones, Ruth Marie, Kent, 219 47 Kimata, Pearl Takako, Kahului, Hawaii, 262, 227 King, Christine B., Jefferson City, Mo., 129, 132 King, Ann Maude, Centerville, 128, 129, 144, 297 King, John Paul, Fort Dodge, 190, 200, 297 King, Juanita Lillian, Quimby, 241, 297 Kingery, Judith L. Hays, Cedar Falls, 297 Kinge 237, ry, Larry Robert, Cedar Falls, 204, 297 Kinnaman, Edward A., VVaterloo, 245 Kinne, James Russell, Atlantic, 146, 222, 282 Kinne, VVilliam Burton, Atlantic, 297 Kinney, Eleanor Jean, Bondurant, 250 Kinsinger, Constance E., Ottumwa, 101, Jordan, Marilyn Joyce, Coon Rapids, 143 Jorgensen, Jo Ann, Clinton, 208, 222, 260 Josephson, Duane C., New Hampton, 175 Joslyn, Marcia Hill, Cedar Falls, 239 Joy, Rhonda Marie, Stacyville, 252 Judge, Anne Elizabeth, Ames, 233, 243, 245 Jugenheimer, Marilyn F., VValcott, 134, 205, 255, 266 Juhl, Raymond Paul, Cedar Falls, 278, 296 Jungman, Lester Dean, Van Meter, 101, 296 Justice, Richard L., Manchester, 201, 280 Justmann, Herbert N., Dubuque, 179 K Kading, Thomas Leo, Knoxville, 247 Kahler, Elaine Dee, La Porte City, 144 Kaiser, Kathryn Ann, Dubuque, 165, 208, 222, 260 Karamalla, Ahmed B., Sudan, Africa, 47 Karlson, Everett Leroy, Denver, 297 Kaufman, VVilliam R., Belmond, 190, 191, 200 Kaus, John, Cedar Falls, 297 Kauzlarich, Linda Jean, Des Moines, 149, 238, 297 Keefe, Patricia Anne, Cedar Falls, 229 Keeney, Don Tarleton, Manly, 297 Keeney, Frances Joyce, Missouri Valley, 144 Kehoe, Larry, 186, 187 Keipp, Judy Ann, Colfax, 144 Keith, Margaret Maroa, Burt, 250 Kellams, Peter Hill, Marion, 280, 297 Kelley, Barbara Ann, Burlington, 129, 137, 144 149, 209, 217, 247, 297 Kinzler, A. Richard, Waterloo, 141, 142, 148 Kirk, Ann Kathryn, VVaterloo, 274 Kitzman, Arthur Glen, What Cheer, 143, 146, 252 Kjellberg, Roger Carl, Ruthven, 237 Klaessy, Richard Lynn, Fort Dodge, 203, 228, 297 Klemme, Douglas VV., Osceola, 280 Klemuk, Thomas Dale, Cedar Falls, 282 Klenzman, Karlyn D., VVaverly, 223, 274, 297 Klindt, Connie Kay, Harlan, 254 Klinker, Eloise Jane, Decorah, 270 Kloostra, Duane Robert, Cedar Falls, 252 Kluiter, Sylvia Ann, Parkersburg, 223, 248, 250, 297 Kluver, Eleanor Irene, Crystal Lake, 241 Kluver, Glenys Eva, Crystal Lake, 241 Knapp, Barbara Janet, Waterloo, 142, 219 Knauss, Jerry Roger, Guthrie Center, 146 Knierim, Jeanette Fae, Dunlap, 297 Knight, Lee Lewis, Cherokee, 222 Knock, Dave Dean, Parkersburg, 228, 282 Knoll, Richard Joseph, Dougherty, 146, 276, 297 Knudson, Annette Sonja, Sioux City, 199, 266, 297 Knudson, Lyle Eugene, Manilla, 134, 200 Koch, Sandra Kay, Davenport, 141, 224, 230, 243, 255, 268, 298 Koike, Kay Sumi, Kekaha, Hawaii, 298 Kolhof, Carlotta, Lee, Council Bluffs, 229, 298 Kollman, Daryl James, VVaterloo, 199 Kolpek, Paul Fred, Traer, 245 Koob, Robert Duane, Cedar Falls, 127, 203, 206, 298 Koontz, Vella Annette, La Porte City, 143, 241 Koopman, Carol S., Minneapolis, Minn., 298 Korbelik, Barbara Jean, Davenport, 147, 148, 149 Kortemeyer, William L., VVaterloo, 135 Korzendorfer, Jerome T., VVaucoma, 298 Kost, Georgia Lee, Martelle, 219 Kramer, Ilene Ruth, Clarksville, 219 Kramer, Karen Dene, George, 143, 248 Kramer, Marilyn Rose, Waukee, 139 Krause, Kathryn Faye, Cedar Falls, 229 Kraushaar, Janet Carol, Cedar Rapids, 235 Kreb, Eva Pauline, Reedley, Calif., 298 Kremenak, Pamela Marie, Clutier, 234, 298 Krob, Joanne Marie, Solon, 198, 298 Kroemer, Kenneth Paul, Lowden, 169, 200, 278, 29s Kroemer, Leon Henry, Lowden, 173 Kroll, James Michael, Oak Lawn, Ill., 184 Krommenhoek, Paul M., Sioux City, 173 Kropp, Carita Ann, Garner, 134, 268 Krumm, Ronald Francis, Grinnell, 298 Kubichek, Carolyn Faye, Blairstown, 147, 149 Kuennen, Rosemary, Waucoma, 144 Kuethe, Kathleen Mary, Sumner, 141, 219, 245 Kuhl, Judith Kay, Manilla, 252, 298 Kuhl, Kathleen Rae, Miles, 241, 245 Kuhlman, Ronald Ray, Hubbard, 219, 228, 249, 298 Kunkel, Robert Earl, Des Plaines, Ill., 169 Kuntz, Alice Ingeborg, Lisbon, 142, 224, 231 Kunz, George Philip, Cedar Falls, 203, 298 L Laasch, Thomas Robert, Calamus, 219, 262, 276 Lacock, Mary Rose, Cedar Falls, 214 Lacoste, Betty Burzett, Floyd, 205, 214, 223, 254, Lacoste, Roger Edwin, Nora Springs, 298 Lake, Mary Elouise, Fort Dodge, 148, 233, 236 Lally, Gayle Marie, Dysart, 234, 245 Landon, Charles Victor, Leon, 146, 229, 247 Lane, Bill Lee, Davenport, 131, 139, 252 Lane, Jud Delbert, Manchester, 249 Lane, Robert Louis, Preston, 230, 254 Lang, Carroll Dennis, Cedar Falls, 143, 222, 224, 253 Lang, Donald Dean, Shenandoah, 134, 190 Lang, Ronald Gene, Shenandoah, 134, 190 Langenwatter, Nancy Gross, Cedar Falls, 298 Lantow, Carol Tremaine, Grand Junction, 298 Larson, Douglas Harold, Anamosa, 173 Larson, Edgar Leo, Elkader, 278 Larson, Janice Marlene, Cedar Rapids, 233, 29s Larson, Judith Louise, Stratford, 250, 253 Larson, Karen Kay, Albia, 141, 220 Larson, Keith VVilliam, Thompson, 245, 298 327 Larson, Richard George, Aurelia, 249 Latham, Doris Loraine, Oskaloosa, 141, 144, 147, 149, 224 Lau, Cozette E., Klemme, 134, 230, 258, 268, 298 Lear, Lois Agnes, Waterloo, 148 Lee, Karen Kay, Fremont, 139, 143, 266 Lee, Mary Ann, Des Moines, 101, 128, 132, 141, 198, 203, 210, 217, 219, 238, 247, 266, 299 Leen, Mary R., Gerdes, Cedar Falls, 299 Lefebvre, James Leroy, Mapleton, 201, 276 Leggett, Judith Ann, Clinton, 120, 132, 272 Lehmkuhl, Charles G., Fairbank, 204, 237 Lein, Bruce Lyle, Des Moines, 175 Leistikow, Barbara Ann, Waterloo, 147, 149 Lemon, Nell Janette, Chariton, 143, 299 Lensing, Judy Mary, Ft. Atkinson, 222 Lenz, Linda Katherine, Mt. Vernon, 141, 243, 245 Leslie, Mary Marie, VVaterloo, 240, 241, 274, 299 Lester, Carole, 164 Letchford, Gary Lee, Jesup, 147, 149 Leto, Robert Joseph, Des Moines, 219, 245 Letts, Gary Grove, Ainsworth, 221 Lewallen, James C., Hammond, Ind., 185 Lewis, Leslie Alan, Coon Rapids, 134 Libersky, Patricia J., St. Ansgar, 252, 272 Lidtka, Linda Jean, Grinnell, 144, 253, 274, 299 Lienemann, John Paul, Van Meter, 252 Lind, Jean Margaret, Manchester, 230, 264 Lindemann, Jonette L., Grand Mound, 233, 253 Linder, David Alan, Iowa City, 190, 282 Lindstrom, Patricia A., Kiron, 248 Linke, Judith Alline, Davenport, 144 Livingston, Judith Lee, Montezuma, 134 Lockrem, Kay Ann, Thompson, 253 Loehr, Diane Coleen, VVaterloo, 228 Loehr, Nancy Lee, VVaterloo, 270 Loeschen, Gordon E., Mason City, 299 Logan, Edward Patrick, Melrose, 245 Logan, Judith Ann, Melrose, 228, 234, 245 Logsdon, Sammy Lynn, Marble Rock, 134, 148, 149, 201, 226, 276 Long, David, Henry, Algona, 228, 231, 246 Long, Diane Kay, Whitten, 299 Long, Michael Frank, Belmond, 278 Longaker, Mary Sue, Marion, 219 Longhenry, Anna Louise, Boone, 199 Lorenzen, Audrey Kay, Ida Grove, 144, 299 Love, Cathy Ann, VVaterloo, 141 Lowe, VVilliam Richard, Paris, Tenn., 175 Lowery, Delbert, Grundy Center, 186 Lowery, Lucinda Liitts, Buckeye, 230, 299 Ludtke, Beatrice Joan, Davenport, 212, 299 Luecht, Sara Ann, Nora Springs, 239 Luedtke, Janet Claire, Traer, 299 Lund, Jane Anne, Laurens, 231, 247 Lundie, Martha Jean, Dumont, 144 Lundt, Rita Kay, Dougherty, 249, 250 Lundvall, Gloria M., Davenport, 249 Lupardus, Thomas J., Guthrie Center, 142, 147, 245 Lutz, Raymond George, Shenandoah, 125, 299 328 Lutz, Robert Louis, Donnellson, 149, 230, 299 Lutz, William Charles, Omaha, Neb., 243, 252 Lykins, Barbara Ann, VVaterloo, 238 Lynch, Dennis Patrick, Cedar Falls, 228 111 Maas, Alan James, New Hartford, 134 Maass, Ralph Henry, Waterloo, 280 Macomber, Charlotte A., Portland, Ore., 230, 248 Macon, Gary Ray, Cedar Falls, 147 Madden, Carol Jeanette, Long Grove, 220, 234, 247 Madill, Barbara Ann, Gilman, 144, 249 Magel, Janet, Burlington, 25, 163 Magnussen, Ruby Ann, Larrabee, 234 Mago, Ram Nath, Delhi, India, 47 Maher, Robert Joseph, Cedar Falls, 299 Makino, Gladys Kiyomi, Wailuku, Hawaii, 227 Malley, Barbara Ann, Keota, 144 Mangold, Linda Jean, Ryan, 134, 237, 249, 266 Manley, Thomas Leroy, VVaterloo, 147, 201 Mann, Barbara Maree, Northbrook, Ill., 204, 205, 237, 245 Manship, Richard Lewis, Charles City, 299 Mapes, Mary Aileen, Elberon, 198 Markley, VVard Lawrence, Clinton, 125, 189, 190, 200, 282 Marks, Ronald Frank, Jefferson, 299 Marr, Jackson Lee, Clinton, 122, 259, 282 Marske, Janice Carolyn, Eldora, 252 Martin, Carol Ellen, Bennett, 141 Martin, Charlotte I., VVest Union, 222 Martin, Martha Pearl, Emmetsburg, 142, 236 Martin, Mary Lou, Laurens, 144, 235, 245 Martin, Mary Margaret, Mason City, 141, 235 Martin, Ralph Clyde, Cedar Falls, 278, 299 Martin, Ronald Paul, Des Plaines, Ill., 169 Marvel VVilliam, 173 Matala Raymond, 221 Matern, Carlene Martha, Garner, 233, 245 Mathes, Joy Ann, Barnes City, 144, 233, 260 Mathisson, Judith Ann, Ames, 101, 134, 203, 210, 217, 258, 268, 299 Matsui, Jeannette S., Lanai City, Hawaii, 250, 268, 299 Matsui, Jerold M., Lanai City, Hawaii, 227,276 Matsuura, June Katsue, Lanai, Hawaii, 227 Matthews, Mary E., Baxter, 254 Mattocks, Diane Kay, VVadena, 223, 250, 253 Mattox, Larry Neil, Clarksville, 149 Maxwell, Carol Ann, Fort Madison, 142, 225 May, Ruth Ann, Waterloo, 255 Mbamara, Boniface Nwok, Orlu Br VV, Africa, 47 McBride, Joseph M., Oelwein, 219, 276, 299 McCall, Mary Jane, Castana, 144 McCalley, Gerald R., Independence, 300 McClelland, Marilyn I., Des Moines, 134, 157, 239, 241, 268 McClorey, Linda Lou, Geneseo, Ill., 238 McComb, Geneva Mae, Randalia, 224 McConnell, Karen June, Washington, 144 McCool, Robert R., Guthrie Center, 175, 200 McCorkle, Nancy Mae, Independence, 234, 300 McCoy, Arnold Lee, Longview, Texas, 276, 300 McCoy, Joanne Powers, Cedar Falls, 203, 214,300 McCoy, John Jerome, Cedar Falls, 203, 221, 300 McCrea, Joyce Marjorie, Cedar Falls, 219, 300 McCreedy, Shirley E., Waterloo, 223 McCulley, Roger Dean, Shellsburg, 125, 276,300 McElroy, Margaret E., Burlington, 253 McFerren, Terry Ann, Britt, 223 McGinty, Eleanor Jean, New Hartford, N.HK,144,246 Mcllrath, Nancy Ellen, Cedar Rapids, 134, 249, 300 Mclntire, Rose, Rolfe, 141, 255 McKay, Gary Lester, Gibson, 143, 146 McKeever, Jeanette M., Linn Grove, 234 McKinney, Jerry Eugene, Des Moines, 219 McLuen, Marilyn Elaine, Stuart, 230 McMurry, Sharon Kae, Jefferson, 143, 239 McNeal, Gertrude Ann, Des Plaines, Ill., 120,148,240 McNeese, Shirley A., Britt, 248 McNeilus, Jimmie Lee, Marble Rock, 278 McNutt, Mary Jane, Mitchell, 134, 266 McShane, Virginia Ruth, VVaukon, 235 Meeks, Adria Margaret, Martelle, 134, 233, 254 Meeks, Andria Lillian, Martelle, 134, 204, 205, 226, 237, 254 Meewes, Ralph Russell, Dike, 300 Meggers, Luane Fay, Reinbeck, 268, 300 Meisner, Faith L., Cedar Falls, 133, 134, 219, 268 Mendell, Karla Lee, Rockwell, 147, 149 Mendez, Franklin T., Panama Republic, 222 Menke, Donald Lynn, Archer, 300 Menken, Mari Ann, Greene, 139, 222, 253 Merkel, Gary Leroy, Mason City, 221 Merrick, Joan Eloise, Marble Rock, 147, 149 Merritt, Patricia Ann, VVest Des Moines, 144 MesKimen, James, 190 Messer, Robert, 207 Messersmith, Mark H., New Hampton, 173 Metz, Mary Linda, Sutherland, 144 Mews, Mary Louise, VVilliamsburg, 252 Meyer, Esther Mae, VVellsburg, 300 Meyer, Jean Rae, Oelwein, 142, 223 Meyer, Kathleen Louise, Riverside, 143, 235 Meyer, Sally Elaine, Davenport, 239, 246 Meyers, Judith Marie, Bettendorf, 300 Michel, Daryl L., Cedar Falls, 146 Mickey, Lee Ross, Cedar Falls, 259, 278 Mikesell, Larry Frank, Knoxville, 139, 247, 276 Mikesh, Raymond F., Decorah, 211, 224 Miles, Nancy Ruth, Centerville, 141, 230, 264 Millard, Gerald Gene, Jeiferson, 300 Milleman, Thomas J., Spencer, 129, 130, 134, 221, 245, 280, 300 Miller Carol Joye, Bettendorf, 235 Miller, Diane Lou, Waterloo, 143 Miller, Donald Peter, Strasburg, N. D., 244 Miller Eugene Murphy, Sidney, 278 Miller Gary Lee, Muscatine, 144, 237, 300 Miller Gary L., Mason City, 148 Miller Gene Lafrance, Cedar Rapids, 181, 185 Miller, Jeanette L., Fontanelle, 253 Miller, Jimmy Dean, Cedar Falls, 190 Miller, Judith L., Davenport, 238 Miller, Max Morley, Fontanelle, 173 Miller Neale Edward, Cedar Falls, 300 Miller Phyllis Jean Washington, 235, 254 Miller, Ruth Ellen, Davenport, 141 Miller, Sueann, Boone, 245 Miller, William Kent, Mason City, 134, 226, 247 Milligan, Ann Louise, Davenport, 157 Minnick, Phil Dale, Iowa City, 173 Minnick, Teddy Lee, Iowa City, 169, 200 Minnis, William E., Riceville, 228, 249 Mintle, Dennis Ross, Malcom, 201, 300 Missman, Charles H., VVoden, 137 Mitchell, D. Ella Estel, Maywood, Ill., 144, 248, 250 Mitchell, Marilyn M., Riverside, 237, 249 Mitchell, Nancy Lee, Indianola, 255 Mitchell, Patrick John, Osage, 169, 200, 278, 300 Mitchell, Rochester A., Maywood, Ill., 146, 173 Mitchem, Kathryn L., Marshalltown, 101, 128, 132, 134, 147, 149, 203, 214, 217, 220, 223, 256, 300 Mitze, Jayne Alace, Cedar Falls, 246 Mixdorf, Hilbert, Jr., Dunkerton, 301 Mixdorf, Marlys, Shellrock, 219, 301 Moeding, John E., Thor, 301 Moeller, Lois D., Fairbank, 134, 205, 226, 229, 252, 262, 301 Moeller, Susan Kay, St. Ansgar, 147, 149 Mogensen, Susan Ann, Stanhope, 147, 149, 243, 254 Mokricky, Victor, Dallas Center, 276 Molle, Carol Ann, Jefferson, 237 Molson, Katheryn Anne, Des Moines, 245 Monroe, Joann May, VVaterville, 260, 301 Montgomery, Bruce R., Dubuque, 173 Montz, David Ray, Estherville, 141 Moody, Keith Leroy, Vinton, 282, 301 Moon, Jessica Glenn, Stamford, Conn., 144 Moore Carla J., Anita, 203, 301 Moore John Alan, Ankeny, 146, 278 Moore, Roger, 207 Moore, Ronald Griflith, Cedar Falls, 207, 301 Moore, Sheri Ann, Otranto, 233, 268 Moore, VVilliam James, Davenport, 164, 250 Morden, Robert Dean, Scranton, 206, 301 Mordini, Tullio Robert, Cedar Falls, 301 Morgan, Janice Kay, Cedar Falls, 135, 274 Morningstar, Janice L., Lisbon, 272 Morris, Vilas Lester, Cedar Falls, 207 Morse, Kay A., Sioux City, 254 Moses, Robert Lee, Des Moines, 131, 301 Mullen, Denny Benson, Charles City, 173 Mullins, Janet Rae, Chariton, 219, 248, 266 Mumm, Nancy Jean, Council Bluffs, 241 Munn, Janis Marlene, Melbourne, 260, 301 Murdock, Joyce Dee, Central City, 230 Murphy, Donald Eugene, Cedar Falls, 164, 276 Murphy, Francis C., Parnell, 245 Murray, John Richmond, Cedar Falls, 280 Myers, Barbara Jean, Coulter, 241 N Nagai, Jeanette S., Hilo, Hawaii, 268, 301 Nahnsen, Lois Rae, Paton, 252 Namba, Betty Kazuko, Pahoa, Hawaii, 227 Natzke, Clark David, Cedar Falls, 224, 301 Natzke, Kirk Roland, Cedar Falls, 237 Navara, Gerald Otis, Marshalltown, 301 Ndungu, James Wainaina, Ft. Hall, Kenya, Africa, 47, 255 Neal, Janet Sue, Nevada, 277 Needham, Shirley Jean, Villisca, 223 Neihauer, Mary Cecelia, Hampton, 266 Neil, Doris Marie, Fairbank, 301 Nelson, Faye Carol, Garden City, 270, 301 Nelson, Jannes Mae, Des Moines, 148 Nelson, Sterling Bawn, VVaterloo, 250 Neumann, Judith Mae, Davenport, 225, 241 Neuenhoren, Duane, 186 Newhouse, Nancy A., Decorah, 101, 142, 218, 274, 301 Newland, Patricia L., Sioux Falls, S. D., 238, 241, 274 Newton, Jerry, 186 Nichelson, Judy Ann, Dow City, 147, 149 Niebuhr, Linda D., Aurelia, 144, 223 Nielsen, David Ralph, Harlan, 146, 282 Nielsen, Judith Ann, Cedar Falls, 246 Nielsen, Paul Roy, Cedar Falls, 146 Nishimura, Ellen A., Hilo, Hawaii, 233 301 Nissen, Ellen Madeline, Davenport, 301 Nixon, Bryce Gordon, Fonda, 146, 219 Noack, Leonard Arthur, Clarion, 302 Noble, Jo Ann, Brooklyn, 272, 302 Noe, Rita Jean, Keokuk, 144 Noehren, Alvin Lee, Des Moines, 302 Noid, Patricia Ann, Marshalltown, 213, 1 219, 302 Nojiri, Doris Mitsuko, Ookala, Hawaii, 302 Noland, Deborah Louise, Centerville, 142, 235, 260 Noonkesser, William S., Cedar Falls, 200, 302 Nost, Marilyn Mae, Martelle, 229 Nost, Virginia Marie, Martelle, 134, 264 Nutting, Patricia Ann, Milo, 137 O O'Banion, Margaret D., Waterloo, 144, 231 O'Boyle, Mary Louise, Hornick, 241 O'Connor, Margaret Ann, Lawler, 241, 245 Ogike, John Chukwunwik, Orlu, Nigeria 47 Oldsen, Carl Francis, Rockford, 134, 280 Olejniczak, Dennis, 186 Olhausen, Roger John, Hartley, 134, 259, 280, 302 Olin, Barbara Kay, Cedar Falls, 229 Oliphant, Paul Richard, Pacific Junction, 276 Oliphant, Richard Gary, Albert Lea, Minn., 173 Olsen Ronnie Lee, Cedar Falls, 276 Olson, Linda Leneve, Boxholm, 144, 253 Olson Marilyn E., Cedar Falls, 248 Olson 302 Robert Owen, Muscatine, 221, 245, Onishi, Elaine Misae, Hilo, Hawaii, 227 Orth, John Milton, Iowa City, 203, 302 Osgood, Sheila Marie, Glenview, Ill., 262 Otis, Mary Elizabeth, Forest City, 234, 245 O'Toole, Judith Jane, VVaterloo, 266 O'Toole, Marilyn E., Letts, 245, 302 Otto, Judith Ann, Gowrie, 241 Otto, Norma Jean, Aurelia, 252 Overland, Doris M., 143, 253 Overman, Barbara Marie, Rippey, 137, 144, 239 Owens, John Francis, Cresco, 243 Owens, Kenneth Ralph, Cedar Falls, 185 Owens, Margaret Alice, Carlisle, 229 P Page, David Kenneth, Ames, 109, 278 Paisley, Jean Ann, Independence, 134, 220, 223, 240 Palmitier, Lloyd David, Eldora, 173 Pals, Vernon L., Meservey, 302 Pampel, Karen Louise, Williams, 264 Paris, Patricia Ann, Manchester, 224, 228, 249 Park, Larry Delano, Ventura, 179, 252 Parker, Richard Bruce, Iowa City, 282 Parkes, Edward Russell, VVaterloo, 302 Parrish, VVallace Dale, Cedar Falls, 229 Parson, Steve Richard, Des Moines, 146, 282 Patten, Charles, Waterloo, 194 Pauley, Ronald, Vinton, 221 Paulk, Mary Eleanor, Harlan, 268, 302 Paulsen, Judy Janean, Scotch Grove, 147 Paulsen, Sheila Rae, Randalia, 147 Paulsen, Sherril, Lynn, Lowden, 134, 144, 268 Paulson, Judith Jean, Clermont, 302 Paulus, Mary Lucille, Rockford, 302 Paustian, Chris Albert, Stockton, 134 Paynter, Jayne A., Colfax, 144, 268 Payton, Sterling VVells, VVaterloo, 179 Peake, Patric Evan, Davenport, 139, 179 Pearson, Cora Lee, Gary, Ind., 239 Pease, Daniel Roy, Sumner, 142 Pease, Gary Lee, Sergeant Bluff, 144, 147, 148, 149 Pecks, Betty Jane, Le Mars, 141 Pedersen, Lois Ann, Mason City, 302 Pennington, Hugh M., Beatrice, Neb., 134, 199 Perala, Ilona Florence, Virginia, Minn., 223, 248, 250 Perrigo, Karen Ida May, Oak Forest, Ill., 241, 252 Perrin, Gary Ray, Cedar Rapids, 282 Perryman, Audrey June, Sioux City, 302 329 Jesup, 173 Peters, Joyce Marilyn, New Hampton, 302 Peters, Judith K., Cedar Falls, 147, 149 Peters, Marjorie Ann, Davenport, 148, 268, 302 Peters, Thomas Anthony, Pocahontas, 245 Petersen, Dale F., Cedar Falls, 224, 302 Petersen, Glenn Allen, Tipton, 146 Petersen, Joyce Carol, Cedar Falls, 238 Petersen, Solveig E., Askov, Minn., 144, 230, 253 Peterson, Barbara Anne, Austin, Minn., 264 Peterson, Dorothy C., Coggon, 228 Peterson, Erma Joan, Gowrie, 254 Peterson, Glendon E., Swea City, 250 Peterson, Janet Elaine, Jewell, 134, 149, 303 Peterson, Janet Marie, Aurelia, 144 Peterson, John Charles, Waterloo, 135, 198, 303 Peterson, Keith Eugene, Jewell, 148, 149, 236 Peterson, Peggy Elaine, Davenport, 238, 255 Petrusch, Ruth Ann, Marion, 147, 148, 149 Petted, Sandra Anne, Newton, 222 Pettit, Dean VVesley, Cedar Falls, 230, 303 Pettit, James DeVVayne, Cedar Rapids, 141,276 Petty, Patricia Jane, Wahkon, Minn., 250 Pfaff, Doris Ann, Sioux City, 214, 223, 250, 303 Phillips, Sandra Jean, Cedar Rapids, 101, 129, 158, 225, 260, 303 Pickles, Jean, Cedar Falls, 303 Pickles, Leroy James, Cedar Falls, 303 Pierson, Mary Carolyn, Mediapolis, 245 Pilipchu Pink, M 268 Pinney, 222 Pint, Be Pint, Pa k, Richard D., Waterloo, 148 argaret Ann, Cedar Falls, 134, Sharon Ann, Rochester, Minn., rnard Carl, Independence, 147 tricia Ann, Osage, 225, 303 Plager, George G., Polk City, 101, 130, 203, 210, 276, 303 Plate, Evelyn Louise, Ottumwa, 250 Platt, Ronald Dean, Newell, 147, 280 Pletcher, Richard E., Cedar Falls, 199 Pletz, Barbara Anne, Jefferson City, Mo., 226,230 Plorins, Ziedonis, Cedar Falls, 276 Podhajsky, Stanley P., Traer, 303 Pollard, Gary Lee, Osage, 185 Poore, Holly Jo, Atlantic, 132 Poppen, Jean Helen, Manson, 235 Powell, Dorothy Ann, Le Mars, 262, 303 Powell, Patricia Kay, Le Mars, 134, 219, 262 Powers, Kathleen Marie, Fort Dodge, 245 Powers, Nancy Ann, Indianola, 245 Pratt, James Lloyd, Algona, 135, 137 Pray, John Francis, Prole, 245 Price, Karen Kay, Iowa Falls, 147, 149, 237 Price, Leroy Dean, Cedar Falls, 303 Prichard, Jay Gordon, Fontanelle, 129, 276 Prince, John Lee, Carroll, 179 Prior, Aurelia L., Winterset, 141, 219, 247,303 Proctor, Vada Kay, Mason City, 303 3313 Przychodzin, Dennis E., Cedar Falls, 179 Purrington, Jean Paula, Faribault, Minn., 235, 248 Purvis, Barbara Kay, Iowa Falls, 249 Purvis, Ronald Bruce, Iowa City, 139, 141 C2 Quackenbush, Robert E., Vinton, 255 Quick, Larry Carlisle, Stratford, 282, 303 Quick, Sandra Sue, Davenport, 209, 217, 303 Quigley, Sandra Kay, Davenport, 241 Il Raffensperger, John M., Coralville, 169, 170, 189, 190, 200, 282, 303 Rampelberg, Bruce E., Rowan, 146 Ramsey, Richard Ralph, Osceola, 280, 303 Randles, Karen Ann, Ames, 144, 262 Ransom, Diane Lynn, VVaterloo, 260, 303 Ransom, Jean Ann, VVaterloo, 231 Rasmussen, Elaine L., Cedar Falls, 148 Rasmussen, Lou Ann, Marquette, Neb., 141 230, 254 Rasmussen, Richard G., Audubon, 304 Rausch, Catherine M., Calmar, 149, 245 Rausenberger, Dick, H., Iowa Falls, 181, 278 Raver, Stephen Edward, Jefferson, 146, 175,225,247 Ray, Corinne Karla, Cedar Falls, 241 Ray, David, 186 Ray, David Allan, Cedar Falls, 304 Rayburn, Lee Edgar, Wilmington, Ill., 169 Rayhons, Agnes E., Garner, 235, 245 Raynor, Carol Louise, Perry, 147 Reams, William Robert, Grinnell, 134, 221, 259, 280 Rechkemmer, Marlys Kay, Sumner, 144 Reed, Carolyn Kay, Boone, 143, 212, 247 Reed, Loren Vick, Sumner, 304 Reed, Patrick VVilliam, Fort Dodge, 129, 280, 304 Reed, Phyllis Ann, North English, 272 Reeves, Robert Carl, VVaterloo, 148 Regnier, John O., Knoxville, 127 Reid, Charles Allan, Des Plaines, Ill., 169 Reid, Donald Ralph, Tama, 213, 219 Reif, Robert Steven, Kalona, 219, 248, 276 Reinecke, Carol Sue, Davenport, 270 Reinhardt, Eldon G., Webster City, 169, 200 Reisinger, Ronald Dean, Cedar Falls, 304 Rembold, Christoper J., Ainsworth, 147, 149, 255 Remmert, Dennis Lemar, Mason City, 169 Renning, Judith Buschi, Shellrock, 304 Repp, Craig Clayton, Waverly, 276 Resewehr, Carol Ann, Clarence, 249 Riblett, Loren Eugene, Smith Center, Kan., 199 Rice, Marijo, Creston, 214, 223, 304 Richards, Margaret I., Bridgewater, 249 Richardson, David Joe, Cedar Falls, 149, 304 Richardson, Mary E., Clarinda, 254 Richter, Beverly Jane, Titonka, 262, 304 Richter, Robert Duane, Cedar Falls, 244 Ridenour, Janice Ann, Rochester, Minn., 245 Ridgway, Janice Marie, Clinton, 241 Riebe, Harvey A., 207 Riebe, Rosemary Alene, Riehn, Anna L., Boone, Riherd, David VVilliam, 244 Rimrodt, Richard John, Cedar Falls, 262 144, 212, 304 Belle Plaine, 219, Rinard, Julia Kay, Cedar Rapids, 253 Rinehart, Karl Vance, Cedar Falls, 199, 304- Rinehart, Susan Smith, Cedar Falls, 199, 304- Risdahl, Gerald Earl, Cresco, 280, 304 Riseling, Robert L., Cedar Falls, 222 Ritchey, Evelyn Ann, Des Moines, 144, 222, 226 Robertson, Wayne Allen, Lyle, Minn., 146, 173 Robey, Sarah Ann, Malsom, 245 Rochleau, Carolyn Jean, Algona, 252 Rock, Sally Lue, Avoca, 258, 264 Rod, Dorothy Marie, Des Moines, 225, 304 Roderick, Ron Raymond, Cedar Falls, 304 Rodgers, Barbara Jean, Pilot Mound, 274, 304 Rodish, Mary Jane, VVest Des Moines, 235 Roe, Robert Andrew, Parnell, 304 Rogers, Harry Edwin, Northwood, 146 Rogers, Janet Arlene, Marshalltown, 266, 304 Rogers, Marcia P., Cedar Falls, 239 Rokes, Dorothy A. Zirat, Cedar Falls, 304 Rolison, Eleanor Ann, Eddyville, 149 Roscoe, Carol Jean, Miami, Fla., 223 Rose, David Aloysius, Clinton, 276 Rosenau, Sandra Kay, VVaverly, 238, 253 Rosonke, Jerome R., New Hampton, 199, 200, 210, 245, 304 Ross, Delene Ruth, Arlington, S. D., 250, 305 Roth, Donna Diane, Cedar Rapids, 144 Roth, Jean Helen, Davenport, 245 Roth, Judith Ann, Carroll, 238, 245 Rottunda, Gail Corinne, Sioux City, 233, 260 Rouleau, Christy Irene, Ft. Madison, 245 Rowe, Gordon Neil, Knoxville, 276, 221, 305 Rowedder, Myra Joan, Manilla, 270 Rowland, Frances L., Ankeny, 262 Rowley, Kathryn, Emmetshurg, 246 Rowray, David Lee, Waverly, 173 Rubek, Ronald Norman, Cedar Rapids, 278, 305 Ruch, Ronald Walter, Vail, 131 Rucker, Ladonna Kay, Iowa Falls, 225, 272,305 Rudloff, Leon Michael, Farmington, Mo., 305 Runchey, John Lyle, West Bend, 245, 276 Rupert, Judith Ann, Ida Grove, 305 Rupp, Ruth Lee, Ladora, 141 Ruroden, Dixie Lou, Postville, 219, 253 Russell, James Douglas, Jefferson, 131, 142, 147, 149, 219, 247 Russell, Margaret M., Cedar Falls, 148 Ruthstrom, Sharon L., Cedar Falls, 218, 252 Rutledge, Joel Gilbert, Cedar Falls, 305 Ryan, Delmar Duane, Osage, 250, 305 Ryan, Francis Maurice, Corning, 169, 305 Ryan, Patricia Ann, Manley, 305 Ryon, June Harriet, Laurens, 134, 209, 266, 305 S Sabatka, Sharon Kay, Soldier, 208, 222, 247 Sackville, Nancy Gail, Hampton, 132, 274, 305 Sally, Thomas John, Newton, 146, 181 Salvadori, Daniela M., Austin, Texas, 47 Schreiner, Sandra Mae, Sioux City, 144, Schrodt, Margaret Ann, Des Moines, 118, 222, 272, 306 Schroeder, Judith Wyn, Sioux City, 143 Schroeder, Karen Jo, Sioux City, 230, 266, 306 Schroeder, Lawrence H., Cedar Falls, 306 Schroeder, Shirley L. M., Clayton, 228, 254 Schubert, Joyce Elaine, Britt, 134, 272 Schuldt, J11dith Ann, Garner, 270 Schuldt, Marietta Mae, Tripoli, 219, 253 Schultz, Gary Allen, Oconomowoc, WVis., Silvey, 250 Silvey, Marvin VVray, Cedar Falls, 248, Merrill H., Cedar Falls, 248, 250 Simester, Lynette Rhae, Dunkerton, 144 Simmons, Marcia Gene, Aurora, Ill., 134 268 Simons 162, , Stephen Paul, Eldora, 101, 142, 201, 276, 306 Simons, Sylvia Nan, Eldora, 249 Singer, Joanne Elise, Sioux City, 235 Slitor, James Lewis, VVaukon, 280 Sloter, Donald Edmund, Corwith, 306 Smid, Georgia Kay, George, 219 Samson, Glenda Lea, Colfax, 266 Sanborn, Barbara Kay, Sioux City, 208, 305 Sand, Richard Henry, Center Point, 245 Sandvig, Donna Jean, VVebster City, 129, 266 Sanford, Darnell Hulen, Harvey, Ill., 169 Sanford, James Gordon, Fort Dodge, 181, 182 Sarsgaard, Janice M., Davenport, 305 Sasaki, Kathleen R., Lihue, Hawaii, 227 Sattari, Esfandiar, Shimran, Iran, 47 Sattizahn, Kay Louise, Clinton, 120, 268 Sauer, Sandra Jean, VVaterloo, 268 Savage, Richard E., Ottumwa, 175 Sawtell, Lois Elaine, Ames, 144, 209, 236, 249 Sawyer, Phyllis Irene, Princeton, 147, 149 Saylor, Karen Marie, Clarion, 268 Saylor, Karen, 250 Saylor, Jane Margaret, Waterloo, 219 Schaefer, Kennon VVayne, Sheffield, 250 Schaefer, Lore Sophie, Cedar Falls, 203, 245, 305 Schaeffer, Gene John, Leland, 254 Schaeffer, Roger VV., Leland, 237, 254, 305 Schager, Janet Ann, Alden, 260 Schaible, Wesley L., Laurens, 125, 147, 149, 201 Schaumburg, Michael C., Des Moines, 146, 200, 278 Schenken, Larry Lane, Cedar Rapids, 137 Scheuermann, Roy L., Ames, 173 Scheuermann, Tom Leroy, Ames, 134, 228, 259, 282 Schiefer, Lora Lee, Burlington, 157, 239, 264 Schilling, Kenneth Jay, Jefferson, 134, 229 Schirck, Marilyn F., Carroll, 149, 245 Schlesselman, Jane Ann, Aurora, 144 Schley, Robert Buell, Cedar Rapids, 282 Schlicher, Jenifer Rae, Cedar Falls, 134, 142, 264 Schlicher, John Edward, Cedar Falls, 101, 206, 210, 276, 305 Schlorholtz, Mildred R., Breda, 305 Schmeiser, Barbara Ann, Wapello, 222 Schmeiser, Ruth Alice, Wapello, 262, 305 Schmelzer, Madelyn E., 305 Schmicher, Barbara A., Cedar Falls, 133, 272 Schmidt, Allan John, Williamsburg, 252 Schmidt, Philip Lorenz, Waterloo, 252 Schmitz, Karen Kay, Urbana, 241, 274 Schnicker, John Howard, Washington, 282 Scbnittjer, Carl Joe, Delhi, 142 Schoeman, Marilyn Ruth, Cedar Falls, 144, 157, 235, 272 Schomer, Sharon Marie, Omaha, Neb., 268 Schott, Dorothy Leann, Joice, 258, 260 Schotter, James Henry, Cedar Falls, 306 Schrad, Judith Ann, Carroll, 134 Schrader, Jeraldeen K., Hudson, 132, 216, 219, 229, 247 Schrage, Judith Sue, Eagle Grove, 233, 240, 306 147, 149 Schultz, Gary Gene, Ottosen, 178, 248 Schultz, Karen Louise, Oconomowoc, VVis., 232, Schultz 241 , Nancy Anne, Rinard, 250 Schultz, Paula Vicki, VVaterloo, 154, 239 Schultz, Robbye E., Ackley, 255 Schultz, Ruth Elaine, Waterloo, 306 Schumacker, Nancy Ann, Sheffield, 306 Schutt, Richard Carl, Mason City, 221, 306 Schwartz, VVilliam J., Ottumwa, 109, 178, 200 Schwarzenbach, Paula R,, Lake Park, 147 Schwestka, Dean C., Cedar Falls, 306 Scott, John Stephen, Waterloo, 143 Scott, Richard Dean, Eldora, 101, 147, 148, 149, 201, 306 Seamans, Regene Kaye, Rowley, 144, 254 Searle, Dennis Harlow, Cedar Falls, 178 Sears, Richard Phillip, VVaterloo, 143 Seckington, Larry Lee, Creston, 125, 282 Secrist, Rose Mae, New Hampton, 233 Seehusen, Margaret J., Monticello, 239 Seeland, Joann Louise, St. Olaf, 237 Seifert, Keith Emil, Wheatland, 178 Sell, Allan David, Cedar Falls, 306 Senti, Anne Marie, Fort Madison, 137 Sernett, Laureen Lavon, Hampton, 252 Severson, Carol Agnes, St. Ansgar, 147, 149, 223 Shank, Leland Dale, Cedar Falls, 208, 222 Shannon, John Robert, Waterloo, 130, 225 280 Shannon, Mary Patricia, Cedar Falls, 133, 272 Shaw, Cecil Taylor, Aurora, Ill., 278 Shea, Carol Ann, Menlo, 245 Sheeley, Jerry Paul, VVinthrop, 245 Shehan, John Patrick, Albia, 125, 278 Shelko, Richard Marvin, Clinton, 146, 190, 200, 278, 306 Sherman, Carroll Rich, Marengo, 190 Smith, Barbara Jean, Strawberry Point, 245 Smith, Carolyn Ann, Clinton, 219 Smith, David Merrill, Ottumwa, 210, 306 Smith, Dianne Ruth, Lytton, 134, 272 Smith, Gerald Lee, Stanton, 142 Smith, Harold Lester, Hedrick, 226 Smith, James Corbin, Marshalltown, 147 Smith, Jean Marie, Hartwick, 229 Smith, Joan Evelyn, Epwortb, 245, 306 Smith, Joan Cohea, VVaterloo, 233, 249 Smith, Kathleen Janice, Postville, 141 Smith, Louise Kae, Ottumwa, 306 Smith, Patricia Ann, Cherokee, 220, 234, 238, 245 Smith, Virgil Eugene, Cedar Falls, 307 Smith, Veta Suzzanne, Marion, 120, 157, 268 Smith, VVanda Marie, Cherokee, 141, 220, 241 Smllll, Delores Kay, Davenport, 252 Snider, Donald Allen, Cedar Falls, 307 Snyder, Angeline Kay, Sanborn, 219, 260 Soderstrom, Karen B., Ankeny, 253 Solyst, Jerald Jay, VVaterloo, 231 Sonicbsen, Peggy L., Arthur, 307 Sonksen, Elmer Howard, Mapleton, 142, 147, 149, 224, 230, 236, 239 Sonnenberg, Albert A., Collinsville, Ill., 169, 170, 200, 307 Spaen, Audrey Ann, Carrall, 238, 245 Spain, Judy Ellen, Parkersburg, 132, 134 266 Spain, Karen, Parkersburg, 134, 266 Spaur, Dixie Lou, Knoxville, 307 Speakar, Susan Marie, Charles City, 266 Speake, Prudence Nina, George, 238 Spear, Spear, Donald VVilliam, Marion, 276 Thomas James, Minburn, 134, 146 200, 282 Sherwod, Norma Jean, Sigourney, 229, 235, 249 Shively, Robert, 282, 306 Shoemaker, Gary G., VVaterloo, 190, 244, 282 Shoemaker, Sara Jo, Albert Lea, Minn., 147, 149 Shold, Karen Elizabeth, Elkader, 262, 306 Shoop, Sandra Kay, Clear Lake, 231, 253 Shore, Caroline Ann, Algona, 243, 246 Shorey, Shuler, Gary Merle, Cedar Falls, 306 Joan Kay, Rudd, 137, 223 Sic, Marilynn Kay, Fremont, Neb., 241 Sickles, Sidney Ray, Janesville, 173 Silka, Joyce Elaine, Cedar Rapids, 134, 224, 270 Silver, Sandra Kay, Burlington, 218, 222 276, 307 Speas, Judith Dianne, New Providence, 212, 248 Sperry, Melida Frances, Oelwein, 307 Sperry, Nancy Sue, Charles City, 307 Spoden, Peter Joseph, Dubuque, 174, 175, 176, 200 Spratt, Roger Lynn, Cedar Falls, 307 Sprole, William Terral, Dike, 142 Spurling, Judith Rae, Lake View, 252 Spurling, Myrna Ann, Lake View, 159, 252 Squiers, Colin Ladd, Chelsea, 185 Staebler, Veronica L., Ogden, 245 Stahlhut, Richard Gene, VVaterloo, 173 Stanley, William James, Rock Falls, Ill., 173 Stansberg, Judith Kaye, Chariton, 248 Stark, Leah, Margaret, Ogden, 142, 260 Stark, Sheila J. Des Moines, 238, 241, 253 Stark, Shirley Jane, Boxholm, 307 33I Tanaka, Earl Terukuni, Honokaa, Hawaii, Stattler, Mary Rupp, Lodora, 142, 198, 236 St. Clair, Judith Ann, Beaman, 264 Stead, David Vance, Le Mars, 146, 173 Stebor, Julie Anna, Elkader, 223, 249 Steele, Joyce Elaine, Waterloo, 213 Steele, Mariana, Algona, 218 Steffey, Sandra Ione, Des Moines, 209 Steger, Mary Ann, Oelwein, 235 Steiert, James, 186 Switzer, Beverly, Marshalltown, 308 Sylvester, Walter L., Lynnville, 231, 248 Szemkus, Judy Joan, Garber, 245 ff Tabke, Shirlene Bea, Moville, 308 Takaba, Ethel Emiko, Olaa, Hawaii, 264, 308 Stein, Marlo Rae, Davenport, 241 Steinbronn, William A., Cedar Falls, 307 Steinberg, Marlow G., Alden, 146, 147, 307 Stephenson, Jane Ann, Sioux City, 142, 228, 282 Tancer, Phyllis Joann, What Cheer, 233 Tatum, Carol Sue, Greene, 233, 244 Taylor, Bruce Dean, Cedar Falls, 146 Taylor, Eileen L., Dysart, 143, 212 Taylor, Jerry VVayne, Bradgate, 134, 278, 260, 307 Stephenson, John A., Cedar Falls, 221, 307 Stephenson, Kent Cecil, Anita, 173 Stephenson, Stephanie, Otumwa, 238, 247 Stevens, Phyllis L., Toledo, 229 Stevens, Robert C., Cedar Rapids, 169, 18L 200, 259, 278 Steveson, Ronald Don, Sac City, 131 Stewart, Helen Ann, Perry, 255 Stewart, Larry Charles, Courtland, Kan., 307 Stewart, Sue Olivia, Hampton, 219, 253 Stiles, George, 204, 307 Stillwell, Jerry, 190 Stilwell, Elizabeth J., Cedar Falls, 266 Stimpson, Confidence C., Lake View, 101, 139, 198, 209, 217, 230, 307 Stimson, Andrew VV., Independence, 254 308 Taylor, Karen Kay, La Porte City, 142, 144, 239 Teisinger, Margaret A., VVaterloo, 308 Tellinghuisen, Myrna G., Cedar Falls, 308 Templeton, Suzette A. Grimes, 239 Terpstra, Audry G., Clear Lake, 308 Terrill, Janice Rae, Sioux City, 262, 308 Teslaa, Kenneth Gary, Hull, 308 Tetrick, James Lowell, Omaha, Neb., 122, 146, 219, 259, 276, 308 Tharp, Ronald Gene, Cedar Rapids, 222, 252 Theissen, Audrey Lee, Fort Madison, 239, 245 Thierman, Charles R., VVaterloo, 244 Thomas, John Llewellyn, Vinton, 134, 308 Thomas, Mary Kay, Garwin, 144 Stine, Donald Alvin, Adel, 139, 147, 148, Thomas, Nancy Calloway, Columbus Jct., Thompson, David F., Chicago, Ill., 222 308 Thomas, Raletta Wanda, W. Des Moines, 141 Thomas, Robert Dale, Lorimor, 146, 276, 308 Thomason, Julie Ann, Sioux City, 245 Thompson, Byron Lee, Cedar Rapids, 142, 201, 236 149, 236 Stineman, Ruth Elaine, Columbus Junction, 147, 149 Stoltz, Gary, 173 Stone, Donna Lea, Burlington, 235, 248 Stone, Jerilynn Kaye, Des Moines, 272 Stone, Verlon, Lloyd, Gray, 137 Stover, Walter Amos, Shefiield, 148, 149 Strait, VVayne David, Sioux City, 139, 230 Straw, Carolyn Louise, Burlington, 141, 233 Streck, Karen Jean, Ida Grove, 252 Stricker, Sharon Ann, Dysart, 264 Strittmatter, Charles, Lewis, 250 Strobbe, Raymond Leroy, Long Grove, 131 Stromberg, Donald R., Des Moines, 142 Stroud, Karen Zellene, Clive, 222 Struyk, Curtis Dean, Cedar Falls, 146 Stubsten, Michael M., VVaterloo, 173 Sturdevant, Donald J., Otho, 307 Sturtz, Vernon lrl, Grundy Center, 307 Suehisa, Myrtle R., Waiakoa, Hawaii, 227, 266 Suhr, Vickie Joan, La Porte City, 141, 253 Sullivan, Georgiana, 272, 307 Sullivan, Joyce Mae, Iowa City, 223, 245 Sumers, Alinda Jane, Altoona, 147, 149 Summy, Madalyn Beth, Pleasantville, 247 Sutter, Gary Charles, Cherokee, 245 Svetly, Gary John, Barnum, 226, 228, 247, 252 Swaim, Terry, Lynn, Ottumwa, 149, 238 Swanson, Christine Ann, Montezuma, 118, 128, 132, 260, 308 Swanson, Yvonne J., Paton, 144, 253 Sweers, Elizabeth Ann, Alden, 147 Swestka, Donna Mae, Cresco, 245 Swinehart, Nancy Jean, Mason City, 224, 230, 231, 302 332 Thompson 1 Jo Ann, State Center, 144, 220 Thompson Kenneth IT. Cedar Falls, 308 Thompson Larry Allen, VVaterloo, 169 Thompson, Marie E., Mason City, 118, 203, 217, 274, 308 Thompson, Mary Jane, Farragut, 229, 234 Thompson, Priscilla K., Washington, 272 Thompson, Roger Keith, Cedar Falls, 252, 308 Thompson, Sandra Lee, Ft. Madison, 144 Thompson, Sharon Kay, Adel, 144, 236 Thomson, Lyle Ivan, Kanawha, 186, 200, 308 Thornburg, Michael, 193 Thuenen, George R., Bettendorf, 308 Thul, James Michael, Cedar Falls, 127, 309 Tietz, Carolyn Edith, Cedar Falls, 149, 206, 250 Timms, Beverly Joy, Des Moines, 231 Tinpangka, Banlue, VVashington, D. C., +7, 128, 309 Tjaden, Janeane Ellen, Charles City, 253 Tjelmeland, Wayne R., Roland, 127, 203, 221, 309 Toal, Roberta C., Jefiferson, 274, 309 Tomlan, Jolene Kay, Newton, 240, 241, 243, 248 Toner, Rochelle Ann, Des Moines, 208, 222, 272, 309 Toot, Karen Marie, Boone, 238, 309 Tostenson, Carolyn M., Northwood, 238, 253 Townsend, Roy Edward, Spencer, 278 Tracy, Robert Roy, Waterloo, 148, 252 Trager, Curtis Lee, Belmond, 137 Trager, Rosemary E., Alexander, 142, 209, 219, 266, 309 Travis, Beverly Ann, Cedar Rapids, 241 Trevett, Gloria Glee, Rockford, 142 Trinkle, Betty Eilen, Bussey, 234, 309 Triplett, David Alan, Marshalltown, 309 Troge, Shirley Hinds, Mason City, 309 Trost, Beverly H., Waterloo, 309 Trowbridge, Judith Ann, Cedar Falls, 241 Trower, David, Fairbank, 309 Tschudi, Richard F., Dubuque, 185 Tsugawa, Ellen Yukino, Hilo, Hawaii, 227 Tulasiewicz, Kristyna, Cedar Falls, 238, 249 Tureki, Marianne Diane, Arlington, Va., 129, 245 Turner, Ronald Mark, Dunkerton, 309 II Ifbben, Donald Lavern, Rockwell, 237 Ifhlig, Calvin David, Shenandoah, 252 Ifllmann, Geraldine A., Titonka, 241, 253 lfmsted, Richard Glen, Harcourt, 229, 248, 276 Iinderberg, Ardith L., Ellsworth, 268, 309 Underwood, Mary M., Mason City, 233, 309 Vpham, Gary VVayne, VVest Union, 147, 149 Ifrakawa, Ethel Shizuko, Lihue, Hawaii, 227 V Valenta, Richard Allen, Clutier, 131, 134, 228, 309 Vandenbusch, Michael T., Cedar Falls, 309 Vanderschaaf, Rebecca, Hull, 219 Vanderzyl, Barbara J., Prairie City, 134, 266 Vandeventer, Carol A., Cedar Falls, 132, 133, 266 Van Deventer, Ruth A., VVaukee, 128, 132, 219, 247 Vanloh, Viola Mae, Ackley, 233 Vanoort, Larry Lynn, Forest City, 169 Vansant, Janice Carole, Clinton, 118, 309 Vanzandt, Bonnie Kay, Muscatine, 36, 160, 272 Varnum, Diane Lee, Ankeny, 144, 249 Vermilyea, Judith Ann, Lawton, 233, 255, 262, 309 Vernon, David Frank, Floyd, 144 Vernon, Margaret Jane, Council Bluffs, 129 Visser, Maria Juliette, Vooburg, Nether- lands, 47 Vogt, Barbara Joan, Homestead, 134, 205, 258, 272 Vokt, John William, Adair, 146, 252 Voltmer, Mary F., Sigourney, 233, 264 Voorhees, Mary Kay, Cedar Falls, 266 Voss, Bethel Jean, Jewell, 134, 203, 309 Voss, Ruth Ann, Calamus, 252 N37 Yvalberg, Marilyn Loree, Melrose, 219, 253 Waller, Mary Lou, Cresco, 139, 225 Waller, Robert James, Rockford, 175, 178, 310 VValler, Ronald Joseph, Cedar Falls, 147, 149 Walter, Harold VVilliam, Bettendorf, 181 VValter, Joyce Mary, Ogden, 235, 245 Walters, Larry Dwight, Waterloo, 143, 164 Walther, Lynne Ann, Garnavillo, 223, 253 Walton, Judith Darlene, Cedar Falls, 255 VValvoord, David Eugene, Primghar, 255 VVangsness, Kathleen D., Decorah, 134, 264 Ward, Judith Kay, Waverly, 241 VVare, Edward Wallace, Muscatine, 175, 200, 278, 310 WVare, Judith Margaret, Muscatine, 233, 248 VVarford, Laurance J., Iowa Falls, 213 VVheaton, Darrell Dean, Waterloo, 135, Wilson, Patsy Lou, Shenandoah, 239, 246 266 Wilson, Sally Ladd, VVebster City, 142, 310 Wilson, Sherry Diane, Newton, 144 VVinner, Ruth Anne, Sioux Falls, S. D., 225, 272 Winslow, Suzanne Mae, VV. Des Moines 101, 134, 203, 217, 260, 310 WVarrick, Patricia Ann, Prairie City, 141, 144, 223, 250 Waters, Duane Allen, Hampton, 169, 186 200 VVatkins, Darrell D., Marion, 249 VVatkins, Shirley Sue, Shenandoah, 219, 247, 310 VVatson, Dietta Kay, Graettinger, 229, 241 WVatson, Patricia Kay, Graettinger, 266, 224 Watt, Eddie Dean, Iowa City, 200 VVearda, Irene Kathryn, Sheffield, 270 VVeaver, Judith Jean, Ocheydan, 229, 234 Weber, Karen Lynch, Cedar Falls, 148, 209, 310 VVeber, Linda Alice, Bancroft, 250 VVedemeyer, Charles E., Cedar Falls, 181 Wehde, Harry Edward, Tipton, 249 YVehde, Shirley Ann, Tipton, 204, 237 YVelch, Susan Kay, Earlham, 118, 238, 240, 241, 274, 310 VVermersen, Dennis R., Wesley, 142 VVerner, Judith Elaine, Sumner, 223 VVest, Larry Lee, Estherville, 278 VVestphal, William A., Vinton, 193, 200 VVetherell, Sharon Kay, Imogene, 249, 310 VVeyrauch, Dennis Kent, Alden, 189, 200, 282 XVhannel, Lynne Kay, Traer, 219 310 VVhite Carolyn Lee, Decorah, 134, 243 268 White, Leonard Gary, Anamosa, 173 VVhite, Linda Ann, Cumberland, 229 VVhite Marlys Lucile, Rhodes, 241, 247 VVhite Mary Virginia, Belle Plaine, 101, 137, 141, 198, 230, 264, 310 VVhite, Patricia B., Newton, 240, 241, 274 VVhite, Sherryll Marie, Winterset, 208, 222, 245 Whitehead, John M., Greene, 310 VVhitver, Marilyn Kay, Scranton, 139, 147, 149, 226, 247 Wickham, Jeraldine E., Iowa Falls, 218 VVickwire, Betty Kay, Irvington, 220, 255 VViebbecke, Carol Jane, Clutier, 234, 262 Wiegmann, Bruce Dean, Waverly, 169, 200 VViese, Mary Ann, Davenport, 252 VViese, Robert John, McCook, Neb., 282 VVilcox, Gary Lee, Waterloo, 169, 190, 200 Wilcox, Gary Leroy, Harlan, 282, 310 Wiley, Terry Lee, VVapello, 147, 149 VViley, Roberta Ann, VVashington, 101, 134, 142, 260, 310 Wiley, Russell Allen, Montezuma, 131 VVilhelm, James Downey, Des Moines, 310 VVilkans, Naomi Carole, Alexander, 147, 148, 149, 209 VVilke, Jo Ann, Oelwein, 134, 272, 225 VVilkins, James Ronald, Onawa, 146, 252 Will, Joseph Paul, Waterloo, 276 Willesen, Sharon M., Manning, 252 VVillhite, Karen Rita, VVaterloo, 143 Winter, Connie Jean, Adel, 247 Winter, Nancy Jane, Hubbard, 235, 252 VVitte, Linda Sue, Wheatland, 132, 233, 249, 268, 310 Witte, Maxine Ruth, Hampton, 235, 252 Woehlk, Mary Lou, Winthrop, 203, 205. 213, 218, 219, 310 VVolf, Carol Lee, Ogden, 270 Wolf, Leland Richard, Hampton, 247 Wood, Alice Faye, New Providence, 234, 248, 250 Wood, Harlietta Irene, Gilman, 249 Wood, Janet Elaine, Bettendorf, 233 VVoodard, Glenda Louise, VVoobine, 311 VVoods, Ann Jane Norwalk, 137 Worm, Richard Arden, Manchester, 135, 143, 146, 249, 276 VVilliams, Brenda Loyce, Cedar Rapids, 144, 250 Williams, Patricia F., Corwith, 219, 254 VVilliams, Vicki L., Mt. Pleasant, 270, 310 VVilliams, Vicki Jo, Des Moines, 255 Williams, Wendell T., Mt. Pleasant, 169, 172, 200 VVilliamson, Linda Mae, VVaterloo, 143 Williamson, Marcia L., Sigourney, 144, 21s, 239 VVillis, Patricia Ann, Titonka, 254 VVills, Robert Leroy, Burlington, 310 Wilsey, Carol Mae, George, 216, 231 VVilson, Dale Edwin, Atlantic, 143, 310 VVilson, Donald Alan, Cedar Falls, 146, 181, 183, 278, 310 YVilson, Ellen Jean, Traer, 144, 241 Wright, Darwin Melvin, Early, 134 VVright, Dennis Lee, Hampton, 169 VVright, Nancy Lea, Ottumwa, 144, 234, 239 VVright, Raymond Dean, Guthrie Center, 146 VVright, Richard Ralph, VVaterloo, 148 VVroughton, Eldon Lee, Toledo, 146, 149 'K Yeager, Alice Kay, Bellevue, 203, 264, 311 Young, Mari Helen, Cedar Falls, 268, 311 Young, Robert A., Iowa Falls, 199, 204, 237, 282, 311 21 Zamastil, Kathie Ann, Cedar Rapids, 223 Zarub, Judy Kay, Cedar Rapids, 222, 255 Zeck, Andrea Alice, VVashington, 135 Zeman, Doris Ann, Chelsea, 147, 149 Ziegler, Margaret Ann, Hampton, 235 Ziesche, Carolyn Mary, Davenport, 241 Zieser, Lona Faye, Independence, 245 Zimmerman, Carole Ann, Anamosa, 141 Zinn, Patricia, Clear Lake, 235, 254 Zuber, Judy C., VVaterloo, 148 333 Execuiive Edifor Business Manager Academic Life Organizaiions iifijpegf, i-iw.-.fiqber' JUMV, Bumqg Jia? Eviwe MMV Am! link . . A i' 'il Associa+e Edifor Assisfani Business Manager iwciifllblsls gps H, iE.5.,X, D46 bam N Productions Bfmrvfwa ffvnivil PI'T0+0 Ediiol' Advisor Graduafes Cfiivly Uwe R ,Simi V, , iYif3r'C,' WWI JACK P-ioia PRN pwun Ph + h S + Y O Ograp ers Ar+ Edi+or Greeks , .POI S, Dave Appicoy I Y Q W J Krug PPM! Ocn ""- QQ' dire Roberi Fredrickmn Q Viva KWZF' H' 'K ' i Rodger V-i:3s1isc,nef U Index .'-irvefy i-Miiciiivs Copy Eddie" iff- L59 fm The Year Dave Mfznrz Many Vimzinia Wiif'f ' We inf? 'ggrdw Kgwfj A 3'c'arhook is a vast hceliiwg staff tncmhers, instructors, professionals :incl stnclents hnrry along like he-es, cach on his own scparatv mission in the crc-ation of tht- final product. A pnhlication staflf nicnihcr is a spa-cial typc of person, 4-iidoxrccl with a strong come-tri tor campus atfairs, intcrcst in thu' people around tht-ni, and an l'Xfl'21Ul'll1I12ll'5 anionnt ot rc'- serrc viicwgy, vnthnsiasni anil vitality that s11rx'ix'6s Meri clcacllinvs, finals :incl illncss anml thrives on snfcvss. There is no hvttvr way to lncct SCI than through its connnnnications-thc cJI.lJ ciOI.D. tha' Ll0HI'fjl' lfyf' anal KYTC. A pc-rson is not f'LlllL'ZlIl'Cl it he has pnrsneml onli paper anal ink clnring his college- tc-rm. Klnuh ot i'flLlC2lI'l0Il is f'XIN'I'lf'IlCl'. ancl this comes only in exploration. An vflitor is not cmlitor tor prvstigc- or glory, l'7llf hvcanse ha' has a Yiexrpoiilt. a philoso- phi or an intc'rprc'tation to pre-sent. This staff has atteniptccl to prcscnt SCI as a ,qrowiilg institution, transitional in pnrposc, imlcals ancl appc'aranCc'. l lo all of ron who haw helpcwl with the 1962 f7l,I7 Cmrll, l would like to cxprc-ss nn pvrsonal appreciation anml gratitude. Yon have clone a task that no staff attvr yon can claim. You have crcatccl tht- first ycarhook of tht- State Collvgc of lowa. l lI,A.llI.XX l1lfXlICKlfR ' lfnlitor, V962 fJI.Il fiUI.I?

Suggestions in the University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) collection:

University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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