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,W 'X W o . M. m.Mt hw lv -,EN r 1' . - , -4. I K X, if.. ya. A I 73 . Y N '1 :Ka .i .SN ,4f , N .llftx MAS I 5 I. M ' .- -agv.-'. Ng? S. A 5, . F g 3s i 1 , 5' 'HK U-..s.M 3 ,-4., aww. Wmwmwwwlpwg .,.' ,X M, 5, ,V , 'L N ,, 1. ,N u 1' ' H , M A M A ,L ,X . H ,w Vg, av., , ,,, ' .I V-, 1 ' -,my Ai:,',,w,J 4" Y ,J xg 13 ici g ,aff ww. fb . . hx 4 134- gi , H U , x X E f x u 4 L 'L . , 2 Q 5 f' xx i . if Z2 :Hg H ., ,, Nh 7' is wx ET rf., .V -M. WJ- . tcfz QT. A st"-rn Rei' Yiw - l'-Q1 iv 'WM' -'ls 'J ' "' . 'iwz 1' 5 .X Lf' 18... IX 49, xfg gf 1 J' If ' Q 'fs ' fp? Hi " if 3 s 2 ,ff u - . A s - ' 4 fe-'f'f?. 'QQ' 7, 3 .j'sf' - 1 I o': 445:14 Q 'f H55 5 -J 1, '. ' A ' ' 1, , if , 'ff . A ' .a?l"' I ' 3' 15 ' 'fp"4- J. ' , ,- if ' - ' -J' 1 ' 'Jr P 0 Wx f. 1 ' ' "' " I 4. -wx, -, l " 'Z' 'R 4 '3 v' ' , :LQ 4 ,J Q A t Q 4 5' 'J 5 B I L. V' i P 9' I .s qi ' T' I .":1Q'f.'L."TT K1 0 is -fr U 1 an 'h A 'Kuff' 1 ' ' 3 Xi? 'L' 1 0, 4 f km ,, , 5 ' , 1 A - .' , js.: 4 L Ty. I v'l8 M' 3 5 w ' 1 f ,F I2 f s ' h W .rip A "1 5' ls 1 x 'K ,I o I U t I Q W I 1 fs A fl Q .ax 4' I 9 Q 5 ,Ah ' :Al qu V . - , I, Q Q Z' it 'Ty , 'S I r at ms. - 3' un i ' ,if iw: ,ni H ur F ff! in? I' ti" if 5 J xt 1 fc n 0 fl F- A Y 4, 1. J F sf' if I or 4 I L' 1 ,' - 1, w. " ,fe u ,1 ' . Q f n 'Q 1 ' N ' lr' Q' ! Y '1 1 F A ff' is S f 0 'Q I . .1 . sf. 5 . ' -,I A- . ', ', li 4? QA'.: A . .1 v 3 s f ' J, r lQ r . I X flixw, 5 ui' -'V' . J ,fu il- . ' N.. '. L 4 ' ., .j M an ,. 'SJ-1 1 -K. , Lg. if -R. ,jr .Q-h,--. in 'Q ,' -P. .z--'rg 5 fx ' 1' KA . . .Q TT' M.: 1960 OLD GOLD STAFF HELEN KNICKMAN Executive Editor MICHAEL O'BRIEN Associate Editor MARLA PUTZIER Business Manager BIRCH ROBISON Art Editor ELAINE PITZENBERGER Copy Editor THOMAS CRANE Photo Editor 1 U 1 Tiana. iust what it means to study and still flunlc that most important test . . . here gli Foreword .f " ""'iThe 'l960i'OLD 511 attempt to tell a story . . . a story in pictures of how we I 'studied . . . 'Worked . . . and how we played at Iowa State Teachers Col- Qe' 51175 1 y if , ,Lt lege . . . our college. f 'i' ' Our college . ,. . here we first encountered the terrifying orientation . . . here we - . , We made those lasting friendships over a cup of coffee on the Hill . . . here we spent those many hours taking notes in class . . . here we passed equally as many ' hours in the library reading reserve books . . . here we first learned of the unex- ,X plainable excitement that comes with teaching. Yes, student teaching and then ,Q . graduation . . . the climax of four, all too short, years. May this . . . the story of our year at TC . . . build the bridge of memories into the future. -H, .1 . ,. .. . .. , -,rv -....,-.-, f..:, 95.1.15 ff' 1 aWff'-P21!fl?iiprXll 'HRW A I 1 'Z' rf" 1 V 2 I TABLE OF CONTENTS ACADEMIC THE YEAR LIFE ADMINISTRATION ROYALTY AND POPULARITY ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS GRADUATES ADVERTISING INDICES ,.-.v-vu-..- xxifli ,A fl 1 gtaafelrflc' 1 lfe " f ' ' "'1. 'HP' : . I ".'4"" iff 73 3" .. fr .rq,':ff..+,:f,,a"5ssq'g5 I 1 ' if .ln ' XY. ,u , L .L 4 XJ. at s ' Q gtg! c.3','v "Up-9 ' ' ,h 1-53 LK: :iv .J 'i' .swf ' .5-' , f ' 2n:?fwix':'P , Q,',' HQ- JR. .W 1' pm- . xy. .Le 1 8 it! ,. X . '. . rv, . da,-f yyi.. .Q Q. M gl.. '- ww--.1 ':w'-,g.1-Rffff-', ' ' -N . 7 + . . . I . . . , 4 '-- x , . ' gi Is-.y x , - -,,"5..qgx' . he," , N .J . ' ilva fP5f4Mf fx" ' .sl - .VR 1 vi Qs "Q 'rx A . -,N .- . - A -:Xi YN wo, . J . - 'f .., iff., , 44- -DC x-li F '-"'gQ- , -:- 1 X .-, I... 1 5. , ' K 5 Y L-'A ' KA. -N Nt. K A - . qx! :.,4' r t -V . ,U .n 1, pg I . A ' . w -. lr. . s 1 L ", . . ' .Tn- I Q. :"" ': gif! ', f.'- I ' - U' - -.FI 'if-4rQ!'QLF'g XLS. CJ: 1- N. nfl.: A x...'.'AjkfJ'-nt.-.J':x "1 -'qYTx . , VO 5,1 -1-L .Jr U 'D' . . t 51 xf, v X .. ' in -:Nt ,vxf L- 1 f QQY ' K .' .-J, " ci 5 ' l ,- ' :Q v .., . .s . ,-. 2- lu , .. Q- .N N ,x. , - 'I p f D 1 1 I... .. .VN-. JJ. - xxifgn 'Q 'i.fxT.., u po -Q:'Ao:..?!,:5 ,1,. 8,2 . " . Q" ' .l 1 ' 'J' 4 . -'42 '.i I. v -" -'wwf 'N' '-xi' ' ' 7--. "Xa " A " ""-' -'--fu: '11 6.4 W-fl U' . 11 -5 3' 'tty 43- .t1""-..3Qx.,5,'4.'f.1, Jn 'f--f slr" - ..' -2 - Vs - .ww-A L Q f- P-so . . - . ,a 1 1. . - Q- i u .,. . I-W ' - ,- ,-- 95 -- AA"-, Xl'--ff .' ,. ' A E .. , V-.. 1,4 ,, . . ,,5,:.r ,S TX.-x 4, A. ,. 7 ns,-.,-av !...,?,a.: ,,:5J.1T,4-1 . fx . ,.4...., J, , . ' -- 4: - f-. A ' -w-' ' - .- .f '- . v f- -- -- . . . --.4 . ,N lg. Q -Q' :uh X . wif'-h F my-Lf .r"F::q.N1.J':'.: :. .I .4 -l s ,, -I - -.V--.s . .rixs A. .tix I. . . 7-A.L-- H . ... 4 mg.-Q-,IA 1. qs. I . :An :.g, V , V. . . .ia 'S dx 4' 5-'. -1 Q- " --ft:-'T l F- A R. ". 'h 5' ?L 3 h - f - . :SN f-in-m' -nf-F.-Q .qv M., A .H V- . ..,,-gs-. f . L -'--M..,-- . 1.-fn' 1 .1QS:s.:-cfm ' -' f+A:--1'-- '.H1'.:f2-' rw. - s."f"1w:-SC' -A , ' '--. - 1 .. -v,,- v .- . .' - --A-5 g.,-.. 't 1:- .',,i.i5,: .ov . L- -A 4' A -sq, . -I Q' ,.g'. F: 1' -L' I., . sux V- 4 , ,ak-Q5,.y3A-J. 1.5 V f '- -. - 5 -, 'r,51:"lrq'3-in Q. -'.,.s-.I -.5 --1 - NH- -,.. ..x , 554.1 f ' Hx' ,- 'v' ' "' 'W 9 "' , ' . . '--1 .. - - ,v.- kb-" -. - - . 4' V , . . . ' 5,12 'o 2. . A - . ' ' .-.-f 1 . - " ---Mb' ---- ' " . - -. cj: ' , J.. n ' H IT- 4 N -L ',' , . . lg 1 , W' - 7 f - 1. J ' jk' . - - .. . -we! ' .-pl . ,. 'T . . 7 A s '. , . E :ro .4 'D 1 -', - I ' Q . ' N,-3 . N . 'rx I ' .u ' 1 ' -' t-n " . . -Q. .,--x -1. Z I L.. -Q PQ- 11?-rx, N. h x - D' Vx -l'1,:Sx,- x ', 4 ' . Q, f - gg "- . .. ' f .- 4 -., .rf K . .YA . .fl Q -1 :yi -. - .. - -f -- Q -4,-A . iw -. R- - , , -,M - ' ' : .. - -1 2: 5:5 -iff. .. - . , .. -- - , . , .. .. - . , V 'fr ' - -fx Q, ll' 55 I pl , -. -1 1..,.- x .411 ,J ' 0 ' s I . Y' s r 1 . .- Wd - 'Ps .' ' :'- Y 4 4.5- - .14 rv 1.1 rs -5 .. .E A X-v -.L'!1ar' .f-s -1 .N-N'-1' 'ffl , - . .. ,.."f-- . u 'L "' ' ,, .ug-. '- 3 ' f 13, "" A E'v'Q ' gg. . -- mv-5 - A.. ' , ' 0' r U . fn? .. . za, ' ' I -' ,lt "f' '- 1 gi If ,rw ' 'zz i ' .ui - .' -. , F .lv-. 5 .a,:-:..L . any W' ' ' -Q.. ,.j3lg!'bQ 3? . t' 'Q' -, I.. rf.. -- . ' l -,' .1 "'.. I- ' -Cn I V, Q H-I .- V '-Q ll ' ws., I - 'L .-di. L 1 -4 'Q -1' -'Y-P' .- "dir 5 C L -1'9" " '- ,." " ,no-ra ' iv ' L, A' ' .n.. i I 5, P5- ,.., I f., - , . Q L' I ff 1, , . i ,-. '- fkv. 3. v' 57. V 4 5 ' -. '. 1 ' -- ' An ,. Q I Q .T u Ty Y' 'V 'Vi . lk... . . "4 - K 1 . " 1 , ' ' ' - , Q -. , I V r - , . A . x , j - A - , . , 1 f :vqlq f,.-,vggzd 1. - U, ,,---- ,-f,. -.,,,.,: , .- , I 1 ,..- -. ,,,,,., ,M , M44 'V ' ,3,,f- - , ,. -Y ' .'uH...-, '. 4 '.' rw' , - A, s , ,. 5,-,Q 'W A+-fi.-'N -- + in- . .,,:- 3 .V f , ,, F, YT N A,-A , . -, J, V Y Q fs . 4-rw 14, .,, :ju ,, , 1. ,A , MW gp N Nz. K, - 1 ,F . . M Q ' -- , 4 - 4- , , L--. K A "A ' '. ' ' Ii- ? I. ,, 1 . A M N- 1 A . 1 " ' -Y ' -A ' . 1 .:'.-K K ,.-m ' A ' - . ff' " 141' - -.-,K . 2- ' y - 14 . -' 'lf 'l ' 1 ' ' , ' ' - -a . . - A- ,A - -- 44-1, A ,. FA,-Hx H, ,- , -Q' aw.-:. L vw sw v-,Ur , , -, Q- - ' - U 4+ . --'-, Y gg - R, .L .. - .Q ML .. ' N -' - ,- . P- --' , - - x.-., . J- . -5- -- -A -- - . 2 -1-,-qs. ' 'H ' . ' .x -"1 -""- 1--4' A ' ni " -- a - -I 1 Lkrs . ,,?,a1 ,mfg - ,.,f L 'X W ' ' ' ' 1 -'fu .-.I 1 -' ' ' "'- -' -a,--.C : - -L . -- ff 4 . Q- -,.-- 'Q -J ' ' ' f- 1 .. ' ' .' 253 552. 1 --.,'- ' -' -5-. sgziwff , ,... "gba 1 ' 'x.Qmg:?f?Q1:"If".-"Y.,-F'.9-'Q' y vu, - . : '- vi, fv --1,37 151 ,, 3 -'-, u.. ' M 4 . 1j'.,g-ga--5.3-1-,.f 1 " ,IM . , . 2- ff -' '54 ' '--Q-',X".x4, 45- 537 .1t ' ' N bla 1 ,220 L 4., .., , ,A ,- A .MQ -U -V , - - HM- 1 KU-'+. 1 f-many mm.-,, , ,R .,-Q..-Q ,, , -,o,. , ,.,, . r '-aU.,.,,mN,. ,X- , .,.- '- 'rt 'Q nw- -vu - gr- ."". . J, - -0-' , Q . - mr, - .ng .-f - Y,-,,-,, ' :, - . -- 4 -.-- ..l.. 'mn ' sa '-.15 7 -' 3. ff' " 'I .""' 'iw .C -elf' M .. -:Q , ' " A 155 '-'J ' . '- ff.. , ' , A1 .t-2 ' v we-,, ' rv 'A-. . 7 ' - : v-, . 'Nw I ' '-- .ff '. ,. ,, ' ' 1. : lv-qi. -- .. .1- ' -' - .. - '75 'f -- s , ..., X - 1 , ' 5- s ' 1 . Y - - '- Las- . 1-J - '1 ' A J- -f' ""' 'A -- A T-'L' NM. - -3 - -- -- - - --3-T., . ,-. - , MM , .- L met 1 .1 4 ,.-Q-Q V. .1--,, I 5 -1 ,.-V, rf T 4-- Y' Ms. 0,- .. . , k - -Q. 1 " . -.,L , , -- - . , A-1 , Q wh' ' . V . . V - , -1 Nur- X ' 2. -. . 1 0' 1 s What is college? The core of it centers around a group of brick buildings . . . here the very essence of it can be found. As the Campanile rings its melodious message, rain or shine, students hurry to their classes. These are the buildings of brick and mortar . . . but within each one can be found the reality of college. ln the clear light of the library stands the knowledge of generations awaiting renewed discovery. Here students . . . . . . the reality of college . . . . . concentrate at tables. anxloush' scan 'he slacks' . . . concenfraie at long reading tables . . . others anxiously scan The siacks Trying To find The answer To their questions . . . others hum' for a secluded spot To study hurriedly for iornorrow's test. stands The knowledge of generations. Q "N nature under a microscope the ability to create 'Z-il art of homemaking At first classrooms appear drab and color- less . . . but soon they live with the spirit of the Renaissance, the psychology of children, the wonders of nature under a microscope, the miracles ot electronics, the art ot home- making. ln the cluster of buildings stands the Aud . . . here students meet in the crossroads . . . look for a ride posted on the bulletin board . . . buy a ticket to one of the numer- ous plays. The Aud is the center ot activity . . . its worn brown steps and between class confusion become a part of the normal rou- tine. . . . the center of activity . . . !.. avi 5,1 ' - -414:-'ne. f' 2 . ' 1 ' ,,' ,v -W' . in ,. .L I., - . . ' r , ,, . .,"..'-41. f J., rbrf xf' .Q , . .41 ' 4. ' .'-. , ' Q J.-f. -.-" I , ' s.- 5 9 V r :E 45" ' .s I, .... A.'- e. ' H v' la! .gn ,- 7.-r Q - ' --" V" .H-' -21-4 'r' W .- ' ' ' . , . , . r A .' 'A 41" ' fr - -.pvxgv-11' ---- , L f , ii .V .-,, - J-V V .fz g- - .v 1 'X' .4 .- .""' '. ,. f 'GTZ t 4--wp, A .v,. .15 r K "J-,A A I I A 'U ' . !!.- 1 -A H' ..v.-".. f , ..,, I 1 -gg. - n V, r " In 1 ' v'- f-" ' x K' ."' 'lf , 'D h Nff' . x L., A A . .f. f I . .I ' .1- ,- I I v ,, M '.-,! z -,.V fr J.. ip- .. .-4 x r"' 'K 4- ,x v 1" V.-f 1 saf- -wr. .-. ' . -1 f. In . . . distinguished diplomats . . . - - - QUGSUOFYS - - - ACCIA Suddenly, from the seclusion of the college campus, interest is transported to the tur- moil and excitement of the Far East. The third annual All College Conference on International Attairs has arrived with its distinguished diplomats, bustling reporters, and interested students. The spotlight is on "China and the Future of Asia" andthe representatives of China, Russia, United States, lndia, and Japan as they present their views and stands. bustling reporters 1 Attention is focused on this Mid-western campus as carefully prepared speeches are given by the delegates and duly re- corded by the press. Students actively participated in this news- worthy occasion . . . coffee hours . . . informal discussions . . . question and answer sessions . . . special dinners . . . all add to the significance of the Conference. Not to be forgotten . . . the absence of the Russian delegate who refused a last minute favor. . . . special dinners . . . at 1 . The delegates leave . . . Although no problems are re- solved or international questions answered, information is traded and, for a while, a spirit of friend- liness prevails. The purpose of the conference has been fulfilled. As the last of the delegates leaves, students know that they have had a glimpse of the complexity of today's modern vvorld, and plans are begun for next year's ACCIA. A spirit of friendliness Patient fathers . Bartlett Hall . . . new experiences l .L r gl fl A . ,. L15 U ORIENTATION Then it begins . . . a new world is entered. From the first glimpse of the sprawling, stolid dorm to the last good-byes shouted to departing families, the first day's frantic activity continues for the freshmen. Patient fathers cart suitcases, crinolines, teddy bears, and radios up and down stairs . . . mothers anxiously scan the small rooms wondering where to put it all . . . harried counselors guide new faces through the complex myriad of identical hallways and countless rooms . . . and sons and daughters wonder what new experiences, happy and sad, this room will hold for the coming year. Endless tests are taken . . Bevvildered and dazed, freshmen sit in the large gym and work their way through seemingly end- less tests. Heads are bent as small black marks are scratched on white sheets of paper. Then it is over and everything else is forgotten as the new- ness of the campus is explored . . . soon to become familiar, but now impressive in its total strangeness. The campus is explored . . . x ,l,,,w.,x 'Ar ,ss- Black marks are scratched , . . 169- , llll' m f gg - M. 1 Q. s fd, . Sv' 1 I9 :AQJSJ ymrqur L it Always welcome hot dogs . . . The world of fun is discovered, too, as the always welcome hot dogs and beans are handed out at the annual Freshman Picnic. By watermelon time the bermuda-clad new- comers have formed many new friend- ships. New talent is revealed at the New- comer's Variety Show . . . songs and dances . . . imitations and iokes . . . each act contributes to the entertainment. N'tIt'd' d... .. ew 5 en 'S lscovere The world of fun is discovered . . . ,, , -.6 N 4 ' JN' ' x "' abd 5. 7 QQ' 5 I X 1 L! 1415" tl, w- s .X Q' .' ., ' : ,X r ,. .1 3 ff.. N2 lunwi' World of classes resumes . . CLASSES RESUME As The world of classes opens up and the hard, new binders of books are forced back, a new routine establishes itself. The smooth groove in the Auditorium steps is made just a little deeper as hundreds of feet trudge up and down on their way to a new year of classes. Between classes, familiar faces are spotted and everything halts as important confidences and secrets are exchanged. A new routine establishes itself . . . Between classes . :df-asm., -N.. . A-W., Q- -iga--' , Q-'llfli Simplicity of the Youth Collection . , Absorbed . . . in each other . . . Everyone resolves to study, study, study . . . Instructors hand out their course plans to Worried students . . . Term papers are assigned and forgotten . . . until the deadline week. The library is filled with concentrating students absorbed in books . . . and in each other. The dusty maiesty of the stacks, the bright simplicity of the Youth Collection, the invit- ing Ieisure of the Browsing Section . . . all play their part in the many hours spent at the library. Classes and study . . . the true purpose for being here. PRICE LABORATORY SCHOOL MosT TC sTudenTs become familiar with The long, cold walk down To campus school in The winTer or The windy, brisk walk in The spring. BUT To The sTudenT Teacher iT is more Than This. IT is noT The neaT, brick building iTselT which is imporTanT, buT The experience gained by The sTudenT Teacher. In This building The sTudenT's future as a Teacher will receive iTs final molding. AlThough Malcolm Price LaboraTory School is only one of The schools available for sTudenT Teaching, iT represents The essence of This ToTal experience. Here The firsT impressions . . . happy and sad . . . are gained. STUDENT TEACHING At last the day arrives . . . the time has come to student Teach. This is what will put into practice all the theory and preparation that has been learned during the last few years. This will determine once and for all whether the vocation choice was the right one. Filled with uncertainties and dread, the new student teacher faces that long awaited first day. All eyes seem to be upon him as he begins the formalities of this new phase. ,W XM, MW X M we Q 6 ww 'nw .,,2 z in YFQWF I . 5 , ll 1. I.. fy at , f ,g........A- I Facmg ihe class for the flrst tlme Advice as given New experwences 26 ..---4-1--.-rv-4---,111 y -.----- ----------- 7 Y-" - - - - - ,nf i 1 I 5-35 1 0 At tirst it seems enough iust to observe and learn the children's names . . . to watch the experienced ways ot the supervisor, as he so patiently and expertly manages the busi- ness of each day. Soon this is no longer satis- tying . . . ideas form in the beginning teacher's mind and he becomes anxious to try them out. Pinning up bulletin boards . . . organizing a unit . . . selecting materials . . . all these be- come a normal part of the day. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Problems are not left in the schoolroom but taken home to worry and ponder over. At last, however, the student teacher is on his own . . . almost. ...onhisown.. ' , ' ' I 42? ww . :I Q Iwi? . . X, 4.1 - ., ut. W- Q v-..,.,Nw The frown or smile of a child can now mean the depths of despair or the heights of happiness. A wildly waving arm . . . the awkward attempt of a beginning golfer . . . the wild abandon of a tiny finger- painter . . . the looks on faces . . . indif- ferent, perplexed, intent, absorbed . . . the apathetic and curious . . . all these are part of the new routine which rapidly becomes familiar. Even though there is a numb tiredness at the end of the day, there is al- ways the fresh challenge of each new morning. f 2 P Ev nf' 5 of 1 L Hours of preparation . . The looks on The faces . . . indifferent, perplexed . . . A wildly waving arm . . , 4' The awkward atfempi of a beginner ...Jn . ..f --.-.- -.,. -Y. enwix-gfgzzzz-..-,,,, .. - ----:-v-- fa -'QE L 'Vx , ,. Y? X. .mm ,, -I: -s w 4 . x , ' nga ' :fr-, gs - QQ-f , 5 in 1 I , 1 - 1 if xji , .W ' . 1 ' v I Commencemenv , , . the beginning The big momenv has arruved it , 1 T W, I r , ' . 1 A feeling of anticipation spreads . . . COMMENCEMENT Then it ends . . . this part of life is over. A feeling of anticipation spreads as preliminary business is taken care of. However, as the procession slowly files in and the actual degree is presented . . . it all seems impossible. This is the culmination of four years of study and learning . . . fun and activity. The big moment has arrived . . . and it still seems unreal. How can it really end? It cannot, of course. It is the basis for everything that is to follow and it can never be taken away. It is part of each person now . . . forever. li f O ll s , ' , 5, P L ,r ffl' 5' lvl' x ' I Y Y 'L 4 ra x ', . N. ' 3 4 4. ix:-5" 5 . 'K ' 1 - SQ 'i,,'g75 Q -4 Ig . 'Q ' A si 2 . Qi". 9 1 -2 It si Q T. - li ,N lul- .,r'f"fm. ' 3 Am' 3 M ' s .gl In lr V., , 45' . K I A "":"b-- . . , A . tb ma.. IL!-H., ,..,,...-- , ' .5 - ' ' x W ,,,,,,.- , P , gl ' 'ia' 0. 'A '.- fs 4 '- v . , su , 1 Q- E? f 6 9 I 4 " 1 ' - f ' .- ,.'s, A . . A 36- -n, ', ' 1 - -..-. - '-5 fry :War fx- X JJ: A. D, .-lf' f .-ul' , ...f. ,gg ,-as .Q ,Y . Q 1 .uk Ng -. 6 ,QS ue, L 4.3. J v .0 -v, " , "?' .-..-. ,. Hau- WR ,f'f?'.-1 H -xxx fif- I 'P U . H U VM 1 In f 1' P - . 'W'-. . . .. f gfw 1 R, elf I ,I in . 4 sv uv Y' l Queen Sharon is crowned Sharon and her court watch as five records are shattered TC RELAYS A highlight of the spring sport's world is the TC Relays. Over seven hundred runners came to participate in this track carnival. Four of TC's beauties chosen by the l Club, added glamour by royally reigning over the thirty-sixth annual TC relays. Attractive Sharon Wykle of Radcliffe was chosen as queen of the event and was crowned by Dr. Daryl Pendergraft. Her court consisted of Naomi Harold of Cedar Falls, Kay Klienheksel of Waterloo, and Jean Wilson of Ottumvva. MZ. A- it Another attempt to break a record Eleven colleges and thirty-seven high schools sent athletes To the TC Relays. Five records were broken . . . four high school and one college. Iowa Teachers set the only college record for The day by breaking the standing two mile record which was previously set by this college. A broad iump attempt Max Huffman high lumps WK 1 I 0 Q 4 ul 91.1 ,ai Fr 4 . lv , Q x 1 Mother's Day Convocation Mother ofthe Day . . . Mrs. Uskallio The traditional tapping of new members of Purple Arrow, Chimes, and Torch and Tassel began the annual Woman's Day activities on the TC campus. Joyce McLennon, AWS president, replaced Dr. Mavis Holmes as Associate Dean of Students for the day. Other women students took over positions as director and assistant director of the women's dorms. Another trib- ute to women was Mother's Day. Mrs. Aruo Uskallio was chosen as Mother of the Day on the basis of Pauline's achievements. She was presented at the Mother's Day Convocation. Aristocratic Caesar at the height of his glory The slain Caesar JULIUS CAESAR Varied action moving rapidly from scene to scene . . . brutal assassination, mob violence, individual tenderness, and gory battle . . . all were contained in the spring presentation of the Department of Languages, Speech and Literature. This presentation, Shakespeare's Julius Caesar transported the TC audiences back to the splendor of ancient Rome. Bill Becvar as the aristocratic Caesar and Bob Helland as Brutus headed a huge cast. Setting, technical effect, lighting, and sound all added a great deal to this "DeMiIle type" spectacular. .f ai J O A , O 4 1 n C 4 0 D .Ln .li :Nl J -Y .J A long cooling bike ride breaks the monotony Studying becomes more enioyable G' ,351 in 2 T5-F SUMMER The streets were empty, the dorms quiet, and everyone was recuperating from the finals . . . but not for long. Once again the summer session was underway . . . lighter class loads, fewer students, and hot sticky days. Sitting in the shade of a tall tree makes studying much more enioyable than a hot airless room. Then there are trips to the Hill, sunbathing, and what could be more relaxing than a long cooling bike ride on a hot afternoon. The Potting Shed - a study in the pleasure rather than the morality ot religion. A fascinating study in dramatic art. Jai .5 fl V POTTING SHED SUMMER PLAY The Potting Shed was presented last sum- mer by the Department of Languages, Speech and Literature. The story deals with a clash between atheism and religion, and it has many elements of the first-rate de- tective story. The cast included many gradu- ate students. Bob Helland appeared as the central figure . . . a newspaper man who cannot remember his youth. Winitred Hart, a former faculty member played the role of his mother. ln The Potting Shed, Gra- ham Green, the author, has made a syn- thesis ot his ability in telling a suspenseful, witty story and his ability to probe deep religious themes. -ar. M773 ' , , , - 1 ' x .X I EQ. 1 1 XXX' S f . K , x 'sl ', . t. l I ,Q . 1'f a ' V' .v X X! . V' lxx. I V . X 'N ,Rl Q Q 'I - - V su 'V 4.-rs. r N ,t .A xx 5 . 'r 'XP- r , , 0 . , Y I 3 -- -4.4 , - . '-ew ' I , Th, YW HN-.X 3. f. . .1 ri' 1 . + W- A '- . .'- 14 ff.. I Q' . ',gg".3t..- A ,. V -rf wg 1 .x-.,.:--V A "".' '. ' .VC Q1 4-'mfg -.--,ix 'ff .L N' . ' 4. 4 T '.-'. za- . 4 j " , -' X 7 41i""' .uw , l -" - 'I - I. ' I iff: ,., LJ'-'!,,'u"': 'fu 5' ' ' .' V ' ,' . Al ,Urlid :ru Jr I in M fl -A 'A '47, -flvl ', ., , ' '.- 1 1 ' X rt , ,L ' .ff rw' J, f' ,- - 1 . .V L., ' - . ,' . - x , ' if' ,.-fz.1:.3.7 1-if It if A ' 2"',-'95'r"f X ' , Q. hi ff' "' -if V' '1 ff 1' W x " . 4 - I- ., , J ' ,. 1,5 ',n, H. , Q 1 v 1 fl" 'V - .- if. 'sf ' .J r . o I I A Zn' H Z,- Q, I-7 . ..f' J Je' vp' I, , , r :jg ' :- Autumn with all its radiant colors 7 'fi tm f--1-T" v Q "" Q i A ' N .. ,' Mi I 1.5 E . ' A 7 ' 'lg 7. . Ni., Q . K' S "".-"" ' 13'-I-W, 1 ' "' PAA-5 ' K. lx -at 'V . 1 Y 'Alf -ag-, ' ,,.L. + ' Y . . .. , , . cz , Y"",u' - ushered ln many and varled ac- Y Q s ' '- -' ." 1 " tivities for TC students. - ' 'Aff -' 5, T' .. .. , .ara-,frffv I . " - . ., 'Q . - - 'I 4 . 1 x: - ' ' - 0"'r,,- fyfd . . .bo A- ' E- - ,'. -4. -' . , J '51, A-,gi-" 15157.-'j,:, 'Q 83 so ' '2 .. --'A .- -" fy- ss...-, fi. 'Fi-' -5' , ,. l , -- -- ',S,'t1-if-fi", l4,,+...-f..,.. .'1:'..,,:+-- ' Y iii fi il' 4 l ' I 4 v ' QA 1- Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Sullivan and their son, John Walter L. Sullivan - Dad of the Day WALTER SULLIVAN DAD OF THE DAY "Hi, Dad . . . This is your day!" was the word for fathers on the annual Dad's Day at TC. Dormitories held open house and special dinners were given in honor of Dads. Mr. Walter L. Sullivan, father of John L. Sullivan, was chosen by the Dad's Committee on the basis of John's achieve- ments at TC. John is a senior maioring in physical education with minors in biology and mathematics. He is active in student government and vice-president of Men's Union. John was one of the captains of the football team and a member of the I Club , . . He has been nominated to the Hall of Recognition the past two years. Queen Shirley Petersen SHIRLEY PETERSEN HOMECOMING QUEEN A proud peacock, The real McCoys, and oTher gaily decoraTed TloaTs . . . a briskly marching band, all pro- claimed a Teacher's VicTory SpecTac- ular in The "best-ever" parade . . . The brightness of The smile of Queen Shirley PeTersen warmed The cold specTaTors aT The Homecoming Game vviTh North Dakota UniversiTy. Her sparkling court . . . Mary Kaye Stringer, from Menlo, Shirley Rade- ke from DavenporT, Mary Paulk from Harlan, and Jo Noble from Brooklyn . . . brighTened The sky. Sh rley Radeke Jo Noble, Queen Shirley, Mary Paulk, and Mary Stringer reigned over The T959 Homecoming festivities. 4 vzyx-ov Yxs9NNwVf'M f18W,' - , .W .Q M new x PHP WL., mf. The pep rally, the romantic music of the Inter-Fraternity sing, the vanety shovv thatreaHy had vari ety, twenty acts of it, the home- coming parade which was wind- blown, but impressive . . . the beauHfulCQueen Shidey and her court. Yes, it was a TV Spectacu- lar. And there is so much more to Honmconnng. ..thefnendW greehngs and long chats vvHh old friends. Problems like trying to fit a float through a doorway that is too small . . . And the TC Spirit . . . Give me a "P" . . . Give me an "A" . . . the dorm decoranons. .. aH gay rennnd- ers of a unified spirit pervading the campus. To freshmen it is a new and exciting experience, to seniors it is the first of many 'West thnesf' But they vvHl be back. "What Is This Thing Called Love," Bob Assink and Don Fox in the Homecoming Variety Show "Proud As A Peacock" - the winning and slightly windblown float built by members of Delta Delta Phi and Alpha Chi Epsilon The men of Tau Epsilon take part in the Inter-Fraternity Skip Day started with a pep rally sing l i ii ii li ii 1. , l r ,ii i l ,S is ll il i Il ll if ii -1 l i l l li ii fi il L 11 il fi it ii Ml if ll i i ,i i l P Vp ii i l l i i .L ,lx x R o 1 - l 51 rf , the Maiden sister calmly announces that she is moving next door MORNING'S AT SEVEN Members of the Morning's at Seven cast aged rapidly for the Homecoming Play. The youngest character in this delightful drama was middle-aged. The amusing adventure by Paul Osborne took place in two back yards . . . It involves the complication of family relationships . , . An old maid living with her sister's family . . . another brother who has spells, and his son who is unde- cided about marriage . . . finally another sister leaves her husband. As the plot pro- gresses, their problems are solved in a "true to life" manner. if lxl ,.quu"""" ,..,,..,V..Y.g:4:F'. r '.- .ray ,g1, 1 ww. ff , 16" m,:,.,...,.- . . ,f,-1.-s'dFV"1v"',' ,.f,.,.v..-N ,,,,,,..-Q-M4 'TT ,..., , ,- . ., ,. z C1 Q . " , ' ff .Maw - 1 . President Maucker . . , "More to college than the diploma" ln full academic attire the I MATRICULATION CONVOCATION "There is more to a college edu- cation than the credits, the di- ploma, or the certificate . . . President Maucker in his address at the l959 annual Matriculation Convocation, said that students must do their share in preparing to assume major roles in the na- tional public school system. The college is attempting to raise its own standards in the effort to strengthen the American school system. This is being done in three ways . . . tightening admis- sion standards within the present policy, helping superior students to advance more rapidly, and improving the faculty itself. faculty attended the Convocation 779 9 DON GOLD EMCEED DIJ till One ot the highlights during the year at TC is Dimensions in Jazz, and hardly a jazz tan missed the swinging sounds ot DIJ No. ll. Don Gold, assistant iazz editor and iazz promotion director of Playboy, was the emcee. Original compositions such as . . . Leonard Feather's "Prancer," Dick Scott's "lt Goes Like So," and Chuck Nlandernach's "Blue, Like Blue" . . . were bright spots. Donna Musgrove, Jerry Christensen, and the Phi Mu Quartet were also featured. Dimen- sions in Jazz is sponsored by the Beta Nu Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity. Donna Musgrove sings "Misty" Q J 'PM11 128 lr I , Q if I ff sv 7 QW . Mt K Y C as an f i Small One and Road Wanderer talk to the imaginary bird while The Farmer watches CHlLDREN'S THEATER- "LAND OF THE DRAGON" Audiences were enchanted by the Children's Theater play, Land of the Dragon. The de- lightful story was told as an ancient legend and presented in the style ot the Chinese presentation theater . . . as in the tradition of the Chinese theater, property men, in- visible to the audience, carried props sug- gesting the real object on and oft stage as was needed. The story involves the ad- ventures ot a princess, her hero, and his lovable dragon. rs? Small One and Road Wanderer 4, .iff ss sf' THE MOST HAPPY FELLA The Most Happy Fella . . . a two year Broad- way hit was brought to the TC stage by the Lecture Concert series. This sparkling musical had no less than thirty-five songs . . . "Standing on the Corner Watchin' All the Girls Go By," "Big D,"' and "Joey" . . . were a few of the most popular. Richard Wentworth and Carolyn Maye starred in this delightful musical comedy. A full house witnessed a successful production. Presentation of Handel's "The Messiah" The gym was crowded . . . CHRISTMAS '59 Crisp coldness, sparkling colored lighTs, The scenT of pine in The dorms . . . This was our TC ChrisTmas. We leTT ioyfully Friday noon, wishing one anoTher "Merry ChrisT- mas!" . . , anxious To be home, To sleep, To eaT, To loaf! BUT as we iourneyed home- ward we had warm memories . . . The sTir- ring music of Handel's "The Messiah" so ably performed sTilI rang in our ears, and The harmony of carolers ioining Their voices vviTh The vvorld's in adoraTion and rnerrimenT. The ChrisTmas parTies . . . The decoraTed Trees in The dorm, ChrisTmas shopping, The calendar vviTh The daTes carefully crossed off, The gaily wrapped giTTs . . , all This was parT of our ChrisTmas. Time ouT for punch and a chaT Til' all We treasured the special memories of our '59 TC Christmas. The beauty and excitement of the Christmas Dance . . . soft music, mistletoe, and the ioy of being together all led to a wonderful evening experi- enced by all. The traditional tree. tall and stately pointed toward the heavens and the bright star atop the campanile. President Nlaucker lighted the traditional tree which symbolized the official beginning of Christmas festivities. We sang the traditional hymns with frosty breath and chilled fingers and toes. The laughter and gay talking with friends at the Chocolate l-lour held after the Tree-Lighting Ceremony increased our spirits for another wonderful TC Christmas. For the freshman it was a new look at Christmas, for the sophomore and iunior it was another link in Christ- mas activities and forthe senior . . . a last TC Christmas. N? A . T' T chocolate helped to warm the toes of those who attended the tree lighting ceremony Decorating the big tree in the Commons ushered in the season Q X: -:Nix ' 1. ri I , f p, , F 'x Q' s ,nf f ' - P f , ' fl , ' l g-3 , ,gig . 1 " "r x T. 4 - Q --Q . ' 'T le xii xj if fifth' Q if .,, 1 .lazy TC students learn of Christmas in other lands at the Christ mas Program if v,' 'I IIA, IJ 1 -if 1 'TY x W x 8. rg , I 0 ' -x E 'M J T L I ,sl c -Q 1. yi' 1 f 1 . 7 ff 5 -Q , Q 4- , 1 - . , . ,tif jf- 'I ' 4 '-5,-15 f The first big snowfall of the I U ' ,' - ' " , U . , ' 5 ,vis ,gms 'Q' W ,L-'H yea: . . . once agam our ' - I1 -, ' A I, , - f , ,4 --L campus was a picfure To 4"- '. Ac '44, gf-ff -N D- .cgkf , long be remembered. , 4 .. ,nl-I, i.w,..-,,. .l..i,gx, 5-. v. Q -,.. --' x . , Y- if -' . V l 1' .L I 1 A' fx, . n ' . r n ' 'f 1Q - 1, N mf -' ,P - . -K . JA, ' s , 1 ,I.1,f , W 'l x"'V'.' E. a . -r - '-,.,,Ts 5, V- .. ,ig .I -, N,---, pg, ' -v U I ' ."'- I .i 1 ., :wa A . X 4 m - - T45 -e . ' 5 . 'ff-8 I Ax X ,XXES 'I x -A .. L. Z " 'ix 'Q .14 'N' ' , 'X' 7 F'.,'.'g -",-e-- .K 'N -' X f+'W N5 ff-QMggA,ee S "'S7'Q-SX " 'M 'O an 1u" f-. " -, ' , .-, ,-1,.. ,1 ' . V ' -' f f n-5 Q'- -. .a ,M -N ,- 1 . X X 'N , . - v ...- .HQ ..., I - ' 1 , , X 1 1 xi u, , M- M, n N .Q A .X' Xl f w- v ,A . . . e K'N fn"q?XxeJ' mkxx Q s NN iq V it . lf -X tliix X I -ft-'v xx F a-,, '. V. 'XY55' . X . 'fail 03: 'iv fx 'rd 'x MARY ELEANOR PAULK . . . Miss AMRH AMRH . . BEAUTY AND TALENT AMRH emphasized two aspects of the TC campus -beauty and talent. Each of the eleven houses se- lected Their beauty and talent representative. Mary Eleanor Paulk, Kirkwood House, was crowned Miss AMRH. Queen Mary was considered by iudges Dean Holmes, Corrine Shimel, Eric Farley and Dick Burns to have the queenly attributes of personality, poise and beauty. The beauteous finalists were Jo Ann Tekippe, Judy Larson, Joyce Schutter, Vicky Jacob, Sharon Wykle, Judy Nelson, Kay Hampel, Susan James, Shirley Petersen and Patricia Thompson. AMRH, beauty and talent, another 1959 TC memory. QUEEN MARY l. i I I r I I I I n I I ..,,, W, ,W , ., an , The First Annual Conference on Religion in the planning stage "JESUS CHRIST?" . . . FIRST ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON RELIGION "Jesus Christ?" was the theme of the First Annual Confer- ence on Religion. Dr. Loomer was the featured speak- er. Dr. Loomer's two inspiring speeches set ideas buzzing in the dorms, and caused students to ques- tion themselves. Some questions were answered, for others, new and probing questions were raised. The stim- ulating conversation at the coffee hours after the convoca- tions and the sessions in the dorm rooms after the formal buzz sessions were often the most fruitful. Students with furrowed brows asked themselves the deep question of what does Christ mean to our Christian faith? Instead of the usual week-long discussion of different faiths, this year a basic concept of religion as a whole was empha- sized. "Jesus Christ: God or Man," and "Jesus Christ As a Suffering Servant" were Dr. Loorner's probing questions which lead to a deeper and more mature faith. The in- spiration gained by new ideas, a deeper faith, the knowl- edge that others also are searching for a meaning and an answer were the rewards of the conference. X ..., . if L , 1 -wo-:M 1 f wx., 4 .V . Q 1 I 1 '1 Z " , , " . "" Z4 :A n . Q ijT'A'554i. , ,,. M uv fr ,A If new f 4, . S uf. Q mx. 1 ' . is 5 if 1' 1 5 ,K R6 3 A W., .vf A ' 1 s EN 'A whit' , - Q ' Q ,qqgfz 'Kam' WX 5 - , , -' uisxxsi. 2 g ..g,,' 3, ,,, kg . -xg .. V, V f-zz' ' Q . 4:,33:'4' Q -3 r my T3 I 5 i 69 rx sw M vu ' , Q "ff . ' - X X32 gs, , 5 '1 ' lil -1,3155 E ' K, X. Swirl 5 li I E fr ' . THE OLD MAID AND THE THIEF AND "PAGLlOCCI" PRESENTED A light-hearted comedy, "The Old Maid and the Thief," by Gian-Carlo Menotti, and a tragedy, "Pagliocci," by Ruggiero Leincavullo, were the two operas given by the ISTC music department. "The Old Maid" is a contemporary comedy cen- tered about two old maids who gave aid to a tramp. The tragedy deals with a love affair and murder. A few problems encountered were the attempt of TC'ers to become Italian villagers, and a search for a talented donkey with a cart. A su- perb performance by the cast gave TC students a delightful evening of music, acting, comedy and drama. "You can't leave now!" 1. ' Kun BEAUTY, POPULARITY, SALES HIGHLIGHTED OLD GOLD WEEK The week of February second to fifth found The OLD GOLD office a veritable bee- hive of activity. A committee headed by Roger Meeker and Shirley Heisler planned both of The beauty pageants and The OLD GOLD BeauTy Dance. Planning the Pop- ularity Contest was The iob of Betty Heisler. The sales campaign, headed by The OLD GOLD Business Manager, Marla Putzier, and her assistant, Ruth Otterbein, clirnaxed The i960 OLD GOLD sales. To promote sales and publicize The events of The week, The OLD GOLD staff printed a bulletin and sent iT to The entire student body. ln addition to This, The staff built a rainbow display for The Crossroads. Sales- men were aT This display every hour during OLD GOLD Week, They finished The week's sales with a door-to-door canvas in The dormitories. Another OLD GOLD sale at The Crossroads during OLD GOLD Week f x TCT" A , N 7' , 91. 'wx Q. xc, T NM G l , 9 1 "'o UID MU lf!! Queen Shirley, her attendants, and the other thirteen finalists Flashing a smile for the iudges ANNUAL OLD GOLD BEAUTY PAGEANT Once again TCS beauty was on parade at the annual Old Gold Beauty Pageant. At the pre- liminary contest, eighteen women were chos- en by a panel of iudges on the basis of beauty anicl poise to be finalists in the pageant. They were Mary Kay Sergeant, Gwen Hennon, Joan Brown, Barbara Snyder, Mary Eleanor Paulk, Susie James, Judy Schmit, Pat Maultauf, Vicki Miller, Shirley Tempo, Shirley Radelge, Marcia Bottortf, JoAnn Monroe, Shirley Donaldson, Carol Lester, Mary Hodgson, Jo Noble, and Kay Courvoisier. Finally the big night for the TC beauties arrived. Attractive Shirley Radeke was chosen Old Gold Beauty Queen. Judging the beauties . . . a painful task Stage fright made it difficult to smile The Queen's court consisted of . . . JoAnn Monroe, Judy Schmit, Barbara Snyder, and Shirley Tempo. The highpoint of the week was the Old Gold Beauty Dance . . . Queen Shirley and her court reigned over the event. A view the judges missed lr l 1 f 'i N T . 1 fxll , v S 2 , . 7 '1 3 Hg Jo Monroe, Judy Schmidt, Shirley Radeke, Shirley Tempo, and Barb Snyder Betty Heisler prepares to mount pictures for the Popularity Contest , 9 D' y NX E Couples dance to the music provided by Ray Lewis for the OLD GOLD Beauty Dance RELAYS, BEARDS, AND DANCE HIGHLIGHT MU DAY Relays, games, beards, a dance featuring the Bernie Plumber Combo . . . all were included in Men's Union Day. Comical games with an equally comical trophy were the highlights of the morning. ln the afternoon TC men displayed the results of months of patience, the most gallant try, the most unique style, the best groomed, the most colorful . . . nothing was overlooked. Stone House and a Bart- lett corridor won the traveling trophy. The dance climaxed a delightful and amusing day. All these added up to a vote of confidence for Men's Union Day. 5.4 , I Sa X li 'K if Q' "H" ' .HV -L L-' a!:qst',1 4' ' . '1 4" 1 .2 -'iff'-Ab, , ,V .O ' J A ' 'Q AJ 011, , j f I 4 x ' r Q' 6 "' N' Q! X ' , ' in , :arf ' ' ' 1 '+- . 1 . 5 .Q KA N, .x A ., W x f 4gi1?svwA mg". qv I e. In . N. ,Az BE . , ,ww K X I - .--. vip' .A .fast .. ' N fv A A Y Q . Q Q .5,3::-, 5 ' , ' 4 -r" .- ' 'lp' x 5 2 af A . , f fxw' .. 1 Q T' My -- ,, 'A Ni. E : N W' X ff 'Eiga K M ' Yi-1. Q X . 4 ' ,SSN ' ' ' 'wan-.. .. ' 2155. 1 'a.,::5,.1Q-'EPI mx' gg!-5:-, . . .,. 3-L. iIL'S'7-5:i:jgEf' 1gg.: , V fl , XX Z A ,,,, L 9 V - 'V1' H -,A' X, M Q Spring . . . the campus isi-.once more 3? 2 was ww .vw lv.-:Xi 4i"'1 ge x f, . ,Q , . ., Q1 X 'iv as-vii Wg,.iA, Er, .M f G Ji ' 'Q 0 . 'NE 'W "M t , ,,a ' JL '- 'W' 2'K 4' ...gfmf H 5. 55 ., 6f4:f"N 'rx N? 5 , , ,Q ! ' --mn., gi . 23-fu . Q. Q 'M , ,V Q f N V ..,. ,V . - K G 1 I r .. . y . V- ,, ,." . ' v 3 l F 1 . f P ' w 1 I, 1 1' x i 1 I 'V , , 1 . ? . N I 1 . L ' 1 'E - ..-4. l'l 'IF 1,211 ' L ,. .. 4-f"'t5QfMf-,qkzv J '52, ' :,. ' , X QW : Sf, fi. W- ZA I 11 f 3 1 . ZA, ' 1 ft 2' ' I N' X Q - ' K I uf 0 94 ' 4 .2 f 3 1 i 'L ae.. L, - Q 1. . E 17 Au rf' .!.K?.rlC'TZ'l1iU 'ilffinh i 3' W . ' . ,- ,31- ' . . "gf, 4 797' lqalmlnlsfraflan 79 LL. 121 DR. J. W. MAUCKER President To ISTC Students: t for which 1959 60 is likely to be remembered by faculty The key concep s - members are: Standards and Directions. Students may recall longer assignments, more time in the library, more rigorous examinations. I certainly hope that in 1959-60 we have all developed a growing conviction Thai: i. Standards of accomplishment in our schools and colleges must be raised at all levels and in all subject fields. Students must take increasing responsibility for their own education. 2. fession of teaching offers tremendous opportunities for self-devel The pro opment and significant service. 3. May each of you become, in the fullest sense, a student and a teacher. Sincerely yours, I w . J. W. Maucker, President 80 l Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Maucker, Robin, and James, gather around the piano Z' , Even the President . . . A moment of quiet thought The Mauckers discuss a painiing A game of ping-pong . . . , . . in the evening DR. WILLIAM C. LANG Dean of Instruction Dean of the College .- Dr, and Mrs, Lang, Mary, and Barbara enioy an evening in their home LANG REPLACES NELSON AS DEAN OF THE COLLEGE Dr. William C. Lang, Dean of Instruction and Dean of the College, has the responsibility for the instructional program and the personnel of the college. There are four divisions which include Instruction and Research, Student Personnel, Field Services, and Business and Plant. Many faculty and instructional affairs are acted upon by the Faculty Senate, a representative body elected by the faculty. Dean Lang has been instructed by the faculty to maintain a continuing evaluation of the instructional program of the college and faculty evaluation of student programs. As Dean of the College, it is his responsibility to assist in the selection of college personnel and to serve as president-pro-tempore in the absence of the President. He may also perform such other duties as may be delegated to him by the President. hu... BUSINESS OFFICE PHYSICAL PLANT The responsibility for The Busi- xx ness Office and Physical Plant of ISTC centers with The Business Manager, Mr. Jennings. Included under The direction of The Busi- ness Office are The service de- parTrnenTs of laundry, rnimeo- graph, and telephone. In addi- Tion, The Business Office handles The AdrninisTraTion of clerical personnel. The Physical Plant is responsible for The physical oper- aTion of The college. NIR. ELDON COLE Director of Physical Plant MR. PHILIP JENNINGS Business Manager and Secretary MR. JAMES BAILEY Assistant Business Manager D .. I, .x , . , . 5 ' 1 vnu'-. FIELD SERVICES HAVE FIVE DIVISIONS The Field Services, administering off-campus matters, contains tive divisions. Dr. Daryl Pendergraft, Assistant to the President, also serves as Director of Field Services. Herbert Hake directs the operation of closed circuit television. The Office of Alumni Affairs, headed by Milo Lawton, maintains Contact with all alumni as well as administering the Seerley Loan Foundation and the ISTC Foundation. In charge of contacts with high school seniors . . NIR. MILO LAWTON Assistant in Charge of Alumni Affairs T u- if DR. RAYMOND SCHLICHER Director of Placement P+, . . . and the College Days in different schools is Jack Wielenga, head of the Office of Public School Rela- tions. Dr. Raymond Schlicher heads The Placement Bureau which finds positions for ISTC alumni as well as yearly graduates. Also under Dr. Schlicher's direc- tion is The Extension Service, which maintains a full- time consultant service to schools all over The state. Mr. Ernest Fossum is the Assistant Director of Place- ment. MR. ERNEST FOSSUM Assistant Director of Placement MR. JACK WIELENGA Public School Relations Counselor ics 'ii DR, MARSHALL R. BEARD Registrar INSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH PLAYS VITAL PART DR HERBERT M. SILVEY D rector of Research The Division ot Instruction and Research, headed by the Dean of Instruction, Dr. Lang, plays a vital part in the ISTC school system. The Registrar's Office, under the direction of Dr. Beard, comes in direct contact with the students in its supervision of admissions . . . MR. MERRILL FINK Assistant Registrar DR. HOWARD KNUTSON and DR. WALLACE ANDERSON Assistants to the Dean of Instruction . . . registration, credits for correspondence courses, transcripts for graduation, and records of grades and schedules for every student en- MR. DONALD ROD Head Librarian rolled here. These institutional statistics are avail- able to everyone, either students or faculty. DR. GORDON RHUM Coordinator of Research l i STUDENT PERSONNEL STRESSES BUILDING The building of a new men's residence hall and the expansion ofthe Commons . . . were the projects stressed by the Student Personnel Office. The office is directed by Dr. Paul F. Bender, Dean of Students, and Dr. Mavis L. Holmes, Associate Dean of Students. Dr. Holmes has charge of the social ancl intellectual growth of the women students. Under the direction of the Office of Student Personnel are religious activities, counseling, Commons Social Program, Food Service, and Health Service. Dr. Harold E. Bernhard, Director of Religious Activities, has charge of the Student Council of Re- ligious Activities . . . Student Counseling, under the supervision of Dr. Paul C. Kelso, Co-ordinator of the division, provides lines of commulnication which enable ISTC stu- dents to receive assistance in analyzing and solving their problems. Mrs. Ethel Winier is Director of the Commons Social Program. ""'F'a as '-QDWU, MR DENNIS JENSEN Off Campus Housing Officer DR. MAVIS HOLMES Associafe Dean of Sfudenfs DR. HAROLD BERNHARD Direcfor of Religious Activities "N-wa... 'S' cz 9' s ,J 'ge faux'-' 7 2 ' ' " Zlbcnrsgll' C 1, i I 7' U 2 Magma! Q .4 fit.-,Q f. ' if 'F 5,415 a V """:? I . ' t COMMONS PLANS NEW ADDITION . . . The Food Service, under the supervision ot Miss Margaret Fitzgerald, provides daily meals in the Commons and in Campbell Hall. Both dining halls also cater to stu- dent and faculty organization events, and the Commons provides food for special events held on campus. Between 175 and 200 students maintain part time iobs in addition to the full time employees . . . One of the new and larger additions in the new Union will be the new Fountain Room, accommodating students with snacks between and after classes. DR. VALIENT FRENCH Medical Director Shirley Pace receives a vaccmatlo Wir-f' ' FI HEALTH SERVICE PROVIDES MEDICAL ADVICE AND SERVICE . . . The Student Health Service, directed by Dr. V. D. French, provides medical ad- vice and treatment to students. Dr. S. C. Henn, assisting physician, is part of a well- qualified staff on duty between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday . . . Emer- gency service is available twenty-four hours daily. The College Hospital, also operated by the Health Service, is staffed with reg- istered nurses. No specific hospital charge is made for the first seven days of hospitalization in any semester. Health records of all ISTC students are kept on file at the Health Center. . ..A,..., NEWS SERVICE PROVIDED BY COLLEGE RELATIONS The Office of College Relations is under the direction of Mr. George Holmes . . . Pro- viding consultation in public relations prob- lems and the operation ofa news and pub- lication service are the main functions of the Public Relations Office. Assisting Mr. Holmes in this work are Mr. Jack Hols, Publications Assistant, Miss Isabel Myers, information Assistant, and Mr. George Wine, Sports Information Assistant. Miss Myers and Mr. Wine release news daily to news- papers, radio, and television. Mr. Hols is in charge of the College Publications Serv- ice where all official college publications such as catalogues, leaflets, and bulletins are prepared. George Wine, Isabel Myers and Jack Hols in ii 'i Null-Q .Q xi I 3 V Q ' ' . TTR ta ...fa ' f as Dr. Guy Wagner, Head of the Curriculum Laboratory, orders some new materials Miss Eleanor Merritt, Consultant in the Curriculum Laboratory, helps 4 REFLECTS TREND IN NATION'S SCHOOLS a student find materials The Curriculum Laboratory houses both the Curriculum Center and the Audio-Visual Center. The Curriculum Center reflects what is happening in schools throughout ,W the nation by means of such instructional materials as courses of study, resource units, standardized tests, child accounting forms and textbooks for high school and elemen- tary classifications. The Audio-Visual Cen- ter provides such material as films, film strips, recordings, and equipment for use in college instruction. Personnel of the Curriculum Laboratory provide consultative service to the campus and to schools of the state. 3'Dlpq-n'- ART DEPARTMENT EXPANDS COLLECTION Among the activities marking an eventful year for the Art Department was participa- tion in several traveling art exhibits where many TC students and faculty members won special awards for their creations. The permanent collection was expanded by do- nations of several works of art. This sum- mer the Art Department is looking forward to the expansion of the A and I Building. Under the sponsorship of the Art Depart- ment are Kappa Pi, honor organization and the Art Club. Kappa Pi not only strives to recognize professional ability and promote interest in art, but also works with other colleges in the study of art. DR. HARRY GUILLAUME Department Head ART DEPARTMENT-ROW lr John Page, David Delafield, Kenneth Gogel, Mariorie Campbell, Ted Kurahara, Row 2: Clayton Fowler, Clif- ford Herrolcl, Paul Smith, Ralph Haskel, Don Finegan, Harry Guillaume, Gerald Shirley. l i 1 i Q 1 my-v ri,- ,4 +4 'QT Sf T" 3 DR. LLOYD V. DOUGLAS Department Head BUSINESS DEPARTMENT PROVIDES FIELD SERVICES The Business Education Department, under the direction of Dr. Lloyd Douglas, is con- cerned chiefly with the preparation of busi- ness teachers, this includes teachers for both the office occupations and the store occu- pations. ISTC is the official teacher training institution for Iowa in preparing distribu- tive education teacher-coordinators. This department provides field service to Iowa communities in the form of short courses in distributive education. lts basic philoso- phy is that in order to be a business teacher, one must first be prepared as a highly competent business worker. BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-Row I1 Agnes Lebeda, Lloyd V. Douglas, Edna Grinstead. Row 2: James Blanford, Kenneth Hansen, Leonard Keefe, Katherine Humphrey. Sy .Q N, if 'V 'R .wrwrg HP.- Q3 s 'vs Q Q 4 . . ' 4 41 ,...-,.,. I . , 1 ' ..-.. - J ,-. f a X ' 1... . Q --q.,- .- :s A - ' 3 . X 4 . lx A .' lg si i ,Nod my-'Q .Ric ci HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-Row 7: Elisabith S. Howes, Edna Shores. Row 2: Lena P. Buckingham Margaret Slolancler Josephine Yeager, Olive Holliday. HOME EC DEPARTMENT HAS HIGH SCHOOL DAY Highlighting improvements in the Home Eco- nomics Department was the completion of viewing booths for the study of children. A larger room was also provided tor study and social activities. The department sponsored a High School Home Economics Day in the spring at which work of the department was presented by skits and exhibits. Summer ac- tivities include participation in a series of co- operative workshops on Communications in Home Economics. DR. El.lSABlTH HOWES Department Head ......... . "1 A ' ,.w-phksra V ia, , 1 :wiv , as-9 5 1 . " . 5 1.6. .X - fe 'ef 'Y I f 98 P k. IF? H 1 2 0? if ii 1' 3,1 V. ix. A 1 In ,A ', 1 1 i .ax , ,. ' I 9' 3 1 vw- J ' . A"'A .- ' ' 131 Q . -ww? rm . 3 l , .1 ' ' My f Q1. I V, iid 2 SE? P ' .'.' ' fi ' my , Q 4vm- -I Rt 1m."Q iw,H. W J QQ 4 -'ii 1 ' 'viii ','x " , . gig' ,, t ,AJZ X wb: X1 W' .A,'2, Y ' 4 ii? H3132 ' .. fYQ2Q3?gf ggAi N.v:s5BQsHww Q ,jf jbmamb ammaiplii 1--Ei1f"1'f - 51+ ff. 6 1 Is sf' ' ' 2 yvQZv?'XQ:f'f?i' V X , . Pin: up gk ' ' -JV " 3 'amz 3 X ' 4 A .id-L.: qw W4-wifi" lx . QW 52 , 5 x Gm . -Z x , QQ rw .. L.,-, 1,3-..,. Safe-I1-5 if :-.sr2l?i" ' ' 'ix -- 3:-" ': f M mo. V - ff?wf1ff3W52f1f , f EJ .f,' i m a vsnamuzmuamaaommsvnumsx -1 NEW IMPROVEMENTS IN THE LIBRARY Under the general heading of "library" come two distinct departments-the library itself and the Department of Library Science which is located in the same building. This year many new improvements have been made in the li- brary. Several new rooms-a micro-text room containing microfilm and microcard readers and typing facilities, a newspaper lounge, and a new library science class room were added. Alpha Beta Alpha, interest organization for majors or minors in library science, is under the sponsorship of the department. LIBRARY DEPARTMENT Row I Margaret Fullerton Donald O Rod Gertrude Voelker. Row 2: Irene Ehresman, Ada McLeod, Evelyn Mul- lins Everett Howell H Wendell Alford A E Brown Edward Wagner Eileen Noonon, Mary Dietrich, Mary Eakin. DR. HAROLD TRIMBLE Department Head MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT-Row 1: John Bruha, Jens Schurrer, I. Silvey, Ruth Erckmann. Jensen, Robert Yount, Harold MATH DEPARTMENT PLANS NEW CONTENT The mathematics department is growing. New faces are those ot Mr. John Bruha, Miss Ruth Erckmann, and Mr. Robert Yount. ln addition, this growth is attrib- uted to the tact that undergraduates are studying more math to prepare to teach new content. Teachers in Iowa schools are asking help as they endeavor to meet the challenge of rising standards in math- ematics. National associations with many special committees call upon ISTC for both leadership and research. Kappa Mu Ep- silon and the Mathematics Club have telt the impact of this increased activity as visiting mathematicians have brought to them the story of current growth in the branches of mathematics. Trimble, Fred Lott, E. W. Hamilton, I. H. Brune, A. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Row I Myron E Russell Shirley Usher Joyce Gault Jvone Maxwell, Jane Birkhead, Jane Mauck. Row 2: Russell Baum Karl Holvik Walter Coleman Charles Matheson Marvin Howe Herbert White Harald Holst, William Latham, F. Hill, David Kennedy, CONSTRUCTION STARTED ON MUSIC BUILDING "The Messiah," two operas, marching band, concert band, A Cappella choir, in- strumental ensembles, college chorus . . . these were some of the prolects and ac- tivities that constituted a busy year for the Music Department. Phi Mu Alpha, mu- sic fraternity for men, was host to the Convention for Province No. 6 of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. The department also spon- sored Sigma Alpha Iota, fraternity for women, and Music Educators National Conference, a professional organization. Construction of the new 51,000,000 mu- sic building began in March. MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Row 7: L. W. Whitford A D Dickinson L L Mendenhall J R Clark Row 2 William H Koll W M Ham mer, Stan Sheriff, James Witham, Clarence Carney. MEN'S PE DEPARTMENT TRAINS COACHES Mr. L. L. Mendenhall has stated that the main purpose of the Men's Physical Edu- cation Department is to train coaches and physical education instructors. The depart- ment also provides facilities for physical activities to all men students through an extensive program of intramural and in- ter-school athletics. In charge of the in- tramural program this year is Stan Sher- iff, assistant football coach. A new addi- tion to the staff this year is Clarence Car- ney. The department sponsors the "I" Club, Invitational Wrestling Tournament, Holiday Basketball Tournament, and ISTC Relays, in addition to all varsity teams. WOMEN S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Row 1 Shirley Winsberg Thelma Short Shirley Posson, Virginia Ramsay. Row 2: Barbara Darling, Elinor WOMEN'S PE UNDER TWO WAY PROGRAM Included under the Department of Physical Education for Women are two programs . . . a professional program to educate teachers of physical education for secondary and ele- mentary grades and the general program to provide for all women students' health and well-being through participation in various ac- tivities. Organizations sponsored by the de- partment include the Physical Education Club, Marlins, Orchesis, and the Women's Recrea- tion Association. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-Row I: Pauline Sauer, Ernestine Smith, Roy Chung, Bernard L. Clausen, Clifford G. McCollum, Robert W. Getcheli Dorothy C. Matala. Row 2: Peter Skribanowitz, Willard J. Poppy, James W. Kercheval, Dixon L. Riggs, Leonard Winier, Leland Wilson, C. W Lantz, Robert A. Rogers. Row 3: Charles Allegre, Donald Schmidt, Verlin W. I-ee, Warren E- Picklvm, Vlfgll E- Dowell, Verne? Jensen, H Wendell Hyde, H. L. Nelson. DR. CLIFFORD MCCOLLUM Department Head SCIENCE DEPARTMENT CONTINUES ACADEMIC YEAR INSTITUTE Under the sponsorship ofthe National Sci- ence Foundation, the Science Department continued the Academic Year Institute which brought together titty experienced teachers tor graduate study in science and math. The department sponsored also the Seventh Annual Science Fair and the Sum- mer lnstitute for iunior high math and science teachers. Dr. Verlin Lee broadcast a weekly TV program, "Let's Explore Sci- ence," over WOI-TV at Ames. Joining the staff were Mr. Bernard Glausen, biology instructor, and Mr. Peter Skribanowitz, as- sistant protessor of chemistry. ASIAN PROGRAM BY SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT The Department of Social Science assists the future citizen, the future and present teacher through conventional programs. It also attempts to broaden their horizons through special programs and study tours. During the summer of l960, an Asian program will be provided and a social studies workshop will be undertaken in co-operation with the Department of Teaching. The department also sponsors Pi Gamma Mu and ioins with other de- partments in supporting the All-College Conference on International Affairs. Fu- ture plans of the department entail the inclusion of the area of geography in the Department of Social Science. SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Row 7 Harold Wohl Irma Plaehn Robert Claus Lyman Harris. Row 2: Howard Thompson, Charles Leavitt, Howard Jones Bruno Tulasiewicz Donald Howard Leland Sage Louis Bultena William Dee, Nathan Talbott, Mary Hunter, Donald Whitnah, TEACHING DEPARTMENT HAS EIGHT STUDENT TEACHING CENTERS The Teaching Department is under the direction of Dr. D. K. Curtis. Included among his various responsibilities is the duty of arranging student teacher sched- ules. An electronics seminar for physical science was again conducted. The Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School at Vinton, last to be added to ISTC's list of student teaching centers, attracted many student teachers. Opportunities were offered at the Campus School, Waterloo, Independ- ence, Charles City, Mason City, Newton, Vinton, and Fort Dodge. 'P'-133 ' DR. DWIGHT CURTIS Department Head TEACHING DEPARTMENT-Row I: Dick Lattin, Robert Paulson, Joe Hohlteld, Don Wiederanders, Caryl Middleton, Lloyd Stokstad, Paul Brimm, Leland Hott, Ross Nielsen. Row 2: Bernice Helff, Dorothy Koehring, Phyliss McCarthy, Mary Schmitt, Corinne Harper, Dorothy Wineke, Mar- garet Divelbess, Eleanor McBride, Mildred Walter. Row 3: Manford Sonstegard, Frank Hartwell, Randall Beeb, Marshall Schools, Verna Adney, Ruth Mahon, Rose Dolan, Mariorie Holmberg, Max Hosier, Mildred Balckman, Myrtle Stone, Lucile Anderson, Marguirette Struble, Howard Vander Beek, Walter Gohman, Florence Kasiske, Lewis Lynch. Row 4: Dwight Curtis, Joan Englund, Ruth Hutcheson, Edna Mantor, Al Potter, Russel Hansen, Cedil Phillips, Melvin Schneider, Robert Douglas, Joe Przychodzin, Agnes Gullickson, Laura Gilloley, Lois Shefte, Marilyn Schlemmer. ' .i' A - 'X ff: ., I ?'4-rl,--rbi . 2 in "J W1 51 . 5 ., fm? ff? y"-. 151. 1 ,Vg P f"'5 ,mi Q3 Q""ln. 'T f--,,. fs: ,145 N. ,.-. CY tix v-N"'-""'-v N.. sf' -QIUQ Q11 a . ',1 4 71 ,, 1.....4.'-,g,gn ,.. .,V- I K l Ulq 1 vpn, , Www ww fish ff"0mwwM- .. 9, Dy ufiy ann' Palau url fy I09 ,,..,.-V.,- ,-.........w-.,---..-. -X f,,,,,,N,: fin wyggka, Y. , --qN,w?-m---- -.4.......M. f , li -.-,- M .LN Vit FQ .., ' an 'u C3512'Qy Wakfe Davenporf, Iowa OLD GOLD Beauty Queen LHP, Q-2 9 35454 OLD GOLD Beau'I'y AHenclan+ ,Zz 71212 !W1121'0e Waterville, Iowa OLD GOLD Beau+y AHenolan+ 471109 Cscgmma Waterloo, Iowa , Q fs X is JE - WR32. 3 ...av- Ill!!! I' .. ,z . X 4. . , X 1 A tg , ' Vl ly Q-I Q -gifs, . H OLD GOLD Beau+y AHenclan+ Zndfgdfd CSI2y0Q!' Oelwein, Iowa OLD GOLD Beauiy AHenclan+ QSA12'Qy emp Kahului, Hawaii 0 sac?- . .,.. ' Q NV Fdrczd Zoffoff joan Ijfozvn jfdy GOUFUOISIQF Packwood, Iowa Waterloo, Iowa Philadelphia, Pennsylvania OLD GOLD QSA1k1Qy Ibonafogon gwen 77Q21212012 wary 776095012 Davenport, Iowa NeWI0f1f Iowa Hawarden, Iowa CSZIZy 17612265 Cenfer Juncfion, Iowa Beauty Court Garofbjesfer jyaf jyduffazf Green Bay, Wisconsin Cedar' Falls, Iowa Q70 mm mar, azzmof WU, my BIOOkIYn' Iowa jjauf cseryecznf Harlan, Iowa Davenport, Iowa DD' OLD GOLD Popularity 771212 ojkfvn Des Moines, Iowa OLD GOLD Popularify grey Z 1Ce Missouri Valley, Iowa -6 r 1 . 'v F! I 1, ,a MV li Vi 1 W 'w A44 Q 1 L A - F' 't"'1I,"' 'UA ,f' N ,....i-P' OLD GOLD Po pulari+y Garofbbsfef Green Bay, Wisconsin OLD GOLD Popularify gre! Gackoh Halaula, Hawaii FAVORITE MAN ON CAMPUS .flaky Carfayena Caguas, Puerto Rico CS5Gf'0I2 d Iiffe, Iowa T.C. RELAYS QUEEN ,..: x E K Q'i7'xT'?xiY - Y GREEK WEEK QUEEN Lren cgmzkf Lyffon, Iowa Y M'4?3R5.Pw. kg. A . ,. U, X X , EE',':-:ix "'nE.f:3 v, X 5:,'A.l1 4 x X W , ..., 1 ,E Q X X 93:-22165 -r 42313531932 4- :MIN . -' A x . .gs 'F ,, f 4 ., S 2 + 161,52 5- BA , N S .- ,-. .53 N.: j:--y-5-Q-gvr 'Q 'f:,:-my -.:...,--,mg -. Q- - - f ' f F Q-q, ? " " v1:1,?'g5g'f3 :f?1f?'-:.,f- ,q39':'iff:'-'nil Q u f ' , gag., ' ' 'S , v.Q,.A5.wRf5X--542 , ,li - 31343 "' -,+..oQ,.,q.,Sw,.,4g?,1, . fb-:W '- Gxwwlw fb-11' 4 .-,mw D I ,' If A fv CS zfky I Qfersen HOMECOMING QUEEN Q70 N056 Brooklyn, Iowa HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS jzpdly gk-GHOF TUNE Harlan, Iowa HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS Qmfky ifaffgfe ary Zgiy cgfrzbyef' Menlo, Iowa MISS A.M.R.H. yn, 6-jfzazzor QM Harlan, Iowa , ,R Y , . H, J. ,Htmv , N . I ' V ' :gl wr.: .ix r', '.ffN"Q'.ZfC'b.L' 'P t . ,, --54, '- ' .iz ' ' - , ., ..1.. A- A -.-5-,f.g.fff4-nahgq-1 rqyggk Q1., ' ' ' 1. 'ff' ' ' 1 I ' fr, ,z I 2,1 , '4 A 7 2 ,AJ , , 'e 2 9 x-tml' -4 . - ' Q 4 5 I Q 1 o I .K N ' . V .X , xy xm ,x,. ,. N C 'I fu K A ' " Q 'Q 'Q S ,-L- ., . - . -Lf, an . Q, l uf- wh: , -N M V, A .3 5 . 4 - S 1 A - - A15?.xll f v' ' . I x x X . .QA . . - 6-9. Z sr--x - - X Q X. , 'A Xi-1iii3?N fit: . X .1 5.-5,1-,x. X x- N, Qxyqxfn QA. - zx, - N ,xx ,MW ,.Q,',gy f ,ff 3 Wg R Ax Q x , v' 'B X 1 W? fxgzgfzx .Swv Q W E355 M , M4 . s f 2 v Q N . ,W A V.X1 v. 'r V 4 x ' .IQ-1-: '3'Sv:'::'::gS-1' -' lc.. '-ws 523:-, Q Ib A- . 'i?f': A - we :xx-:Q D. Nw "5 is 2 if K 1 ig V 1: - 3535151 :if-ff 3 5'-:-' .: 34' vs'- , :f-A .KJ:5i:Z"':IbH e4:..i:?:2- '::':s-'Tir-1,511+ Q-' :fi few. ex,-:Q-.f,:Q nfim.:-., .. ,r. mzz, - gvgf: " 1,1 .a:-, '- : Qvh... -zgg.,-g , , ., '- , 3 14 . - Mr' V 'f ifl ' 15 I - 'QSJ ' -' X S' -T ff ilii' -223 ' r g , ,.l - X. 3:55 ,.,,, ,. ,j A' -1 0 Qt ' f Hs , 151. 55 if N " "L ' X 1 ,, Q 1 1, ., 6 I ,. Q., 3-V . :v,,I 'I M , jzfi if? Y f ' ' ,, 5 , fij,jg5':'- jgff-' 535' -eg: Q ',::ff'1'k .24L5?ffi if-M." 'iw Q Q -V 5' 1a:s-- ' I' ' '- X' 5' ' :'S' ' I - g': 'i 4 . C "'l , 5,317 , x , - 4 -.-.-:':' ' , Q.. f ' ,Eg f V A: A V. 727 f ' 'f fn. ff.. H .2 A ff 'I ' k " A , ,, 'wafxm-,5fg':1. . .,,, . " 'xgiggx ' Q b-X -:. N 1:5 V ,, ' " ' -ass ' M .4 'Ir' ' 4 - Kg' -22 Q' , lv: 15 " 3 "f .- f5?: ' i.:1." ':,. - ' lf' V R ' KM PA I P,,'-. 3 " ' s Ziisgeg? , 4- , .:,.: My 3 ,, 1-Af: M . 1 1. 3344 , gui :Q .' 1:1 - -42:1-afpw . .:..:f.1:-,,, - ,J ' 'j.,,L i ' W 4 J' 83: Q - 6' . - ' 1. 455. A Vg 3 qs K: 'WJ sw new ' .5 1., STUDENT LEAGUE BOARD Seated Ron Rubek Carole Musgrove Erik Farley, Kathy Kelly, Marilyn Seiler. Standing: Margaret Haefner, David Prtz Carter Griffin Harold Eckes Terry Ley Avon Allen Joann McBride, Carol Jossie, Barbara Bradley, Diane Gilbert. SLB HIGHEST GOVERNMENTAL UNIT Student League Board, headed this year by Erik Far- ley, president, and Carol Musgrove, vice-president, is the highest student governmental body on campus. Chairmen of standing committees . . . the Organiza- tions Committee which handles all-campus elections and coordinates the activities of all organizations on campus, the Student-Faculty Relations Committee which promotes better student-faculty relationships, and the Social Programs Council which sponsors so- cial activities on campus . . . are included in the mem- bership roll of SLB. Also on the board are the presi- dents of AWS, MU, and residence halls, SOCIAL PROGRAMS COUNCIL-Carol Drewry, Lu Ann Newbury, Stan Giawe, John Thomas, James Carr, Margaret Haefner, Elaine Pitzen- berger, Pat Cookingham. SOCIAL PROGRAMS COUNCIL AND ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE ARE FUNCTIONING PARTS OF SLB Sl-EZANIZATIONS COMMITTEE-Barbara Hansen, Mike Gibbs, Peg Pink, Tanya Petersen, Barb Post, Jan Cummings, Sandy Carlson, Jon Havng PURPLE KEY TRACY ANDERSON BARBARA BRADLEY JAMES DUEA MARGARET FISCHER CAROL HATCH KENNETH BRIDGES JACK DODD Purple Key, a tradition started in 1952, is a rec- ognition fraternity established by the Student League Board. Each year one per cent of the stu- dent body is chosen to receive Purple Key recog- nition, the epitome of success, the highest award a student can receive at Iowa State Teachers Col- lege. This fraternity recogniies students who have shown excellence and sincerity in scholarship. All students eligible tor Purple Key must be at least a first-semester senior with a cumulative grade point of 2.6 or more. The students chosen were honored at the All-College Honors Convocation in the spring. Since l952, Purple Key has replaced "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties." Members not pictured include: Dennis Rem- mert and Anthony Prochaska. MARGARET HAEENER HELEN KNICKMAN MARY LEAVITT MARUA MEYER LONA NIELSEN LOUISE NEWBURY GERALD PURCELL JEAN ROBERTSON ANNE SHAFER CONSTANCE SPEAKE PAUL STUEMPFIG ZOE THORESON KI 'xg ' Y ,X ,rf l AWS COMMUNITY COUNCIL-Row 7: Sharon Burke, Sara Ferguson, Ann Consolver, Mary Leslie. Row 2: Joy Tubaugh, Janet Rathbun, l Marilyn Seiler, Shirley Donaldson, Rose Ann Sadler, Miss Corrine Shimel, Advisor. Row 3: Audrey Stumbaugh, Linda Gordon, Karen Brandt, Dorothy Thogerson, Barbara Bradley, Karen Anderson, Helen Knickman, Sherrie Houston. Row 4: Carol Jossie, Joann McBride, Avon Allen, Ce Fye. l I MARILYN SEILER l ' President AWS REPRESENTS ALL TC WOMEN g Vi AWS, a national organization with a chapter at TC, represents all women students on campus. lt is com- NA posed of an executive council, a community council, an inter-residence council, and housing unit govern- ments. New additions to the executive body this year were a publicity chairman and a publications chairman. To promote intellectual growth the AWS sponsored two "Thinks" this year at which problems confronting college women were discussed. Steps for- ward were taken by revising the constitution and by placing more emphasis on Women's Day. Women's Day gave AWS the opportunity to be hostess to the Board of Regents and to recognize all women faculty members. A social highlight was the Femmes' Fancy and Women Pay All Week. MEN'S UNION-Row 1: Dennis Jensen-Sponsor, Ron Rubek, Dave Vovos, Harvey Anderson, Bill Warner. Row 2: Bill Poston, Roger Ander- son, Doug Foley, John Schlicher, Jim Carr, Jim Ferguson. RON Ruaeic Q President l MU SPONSORS BEARD CONTEST The Men's Union, an organization of all men students on campus, works to enlarge the opportunities for men to develop in all phases of lite at college. High- lights in the program of the organization this year in- cluded orientation of new students, the annual style show co-sponsored with AWS, and men's intramurals. An event which was initiated this year was Men's Un- ion Day which teatured relay competition between houses and a beard-growing contest. MU also spon- sors a Hall of Scholarship with membership based on a 3.3 grade point for freshmen, a 3.4 for sophomores, and a 3.5 for iuniors and seniors. Another sponsored group is the Hall of Recognition for which men must have a 2.5 average and be active in extracurricular activities on campus. l l r l ll ll av ,l Ill' I I 4-- 4 Ni 'W ASSOCIATED MEN'S RESIDENCE HALLS-Row If Dave Long, Doug Foley, Dave Pitz, Don Hofsommer, Harry Nielsen, Carter Griffen, Roger J. Lynch. Row 2: Dan Schultz, Leonard Olson, Jerry Loynachan. Row 3: Dick Harden, Darrell Spece, Larry Markley, Harold Eckes, David Jep- sen, Ray Lutz, Darwin Krumrey, Dean Settle, Dave Montgomery, Richard Sorenson, Jim Ferguson. AMRH AND HEAD RESIDENTS GUIDE MEN The Association of Nlen's Residence Halls is an organization on campus composed of the officers l from each house in Seerley Baker and Stadium Hall. The head residents represent each resident in student government and serve as coordinators between the administration and the resident. HEAD RESIDENTS-Row I: Gene Hakanson, Kurt Wiethorn, Dale Hartz ler, Rod Dixon, Ron Krumm, Fred Swartz, Paul Stuempfig. Row 2: Jim , Murphy, Al Noehren, Lee Mowrer, Jim Gorham, Dick Burns-Advisor, Jerry Purcell, Fred Cachola. OFF-CAMPUS MEN AND WOMEN-Seated: Judy Nelson. Standing: Alice Holdiman, Mary Leslie, John Schlicher, Carol Jossie, Terry Ley, Sharon Burke. OFF-CAMPUS STUDENTS STRIVE TO MAKE COLLEGE MORE MEANINGFUL Off-Campus Women, Cedar Falls Men, and Waterloo Men . . . these organizations represent all ott- campus students in student government. Their goal this year has been to promote an awareness among oft-campus students of college activities and to serve as a coordinating body with the on- campus students. In the fall these off-campus organizations provided orientation for new students in the Cedar Falls-Waterloo area. Q- I M" n fz i , , ' ., ,jf :ji - - . . Q , ,Q .. ,, -ini ' -if 'Q - W1-' 'i?7AmFcFX.1' 2, ff E xr.: S-ZIP X n Sl - figy '33 W Q Qkgyf qc? li! 4 E. if X f A rx . 'S sg? f kfl . P ,'N rx' E' -Eb-Q: Lf-T' E-. 2 E 9 Q Q Wai 11. X 1 3 3' Q' Q- xf 'hx HQ Q2- -,JW ll I 'TU :ilia- BARTLETT HOUSES FRESHMAN WOMEN This year Bartlett Hall, TC's oldest residence hall, housed approximately 400 freshman women and 46 counselors. During the year the girls had social hours, residence hall dinners, paiama parties, and exchanges with the men's dormitories. Highlights in the area of social service were the annual Chil- dren's Theater party, entertaining at the Black Hawk County Home, visiting an orphans' home, an Easter party for children, and collecting toys and clothing for the Salvation Army. Counselors head- ed the governmental units until the freshmen elected their own officers for the second semester. House council was composed of chairmen from each corridor. The highest unit of organization was the executive council . . . four executive officers and seven committee chairmen. -TN-3,-gag-. Miss Corrine Shimel, Director, and Miss Elizabeth Corpuz, Assistant Director, discuss the calendar for the coming month BARTLETT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Seated: Jane Nielsen, Mariorie Humke. Standing: Sandra Carlson, Mary Fisher, Patricia White, Virginia Nost, Carol Wilsey, Cozette Lau, Sandra Thorpe. Jane McNutt, JoAnn Wilke, Carol . , .if I ' YV' Q 'f lf ,ll 'grlllsr I" G2 3 , 5 , Q K li '. ., ,dt n.- A LAWTH ER HOUSES OVERFLOW l Lawther Hall, Traditionally a dorm for sophomore women, housed approximately 400 girls this year. Due to overcrowded conditions about one-fourth of these girls were iuniors. Nlaior activities socially were the residence hall dinners, paiama par- ties, and coffee hours. In the area of social service the girls prepared baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving, went caroling at Christmas, and gave a puppet show for handicapped children. One of the most attractive additions in Lawther was the automatic washers and dryers that made an appearance early in the year. The tele- vision room, spread room, recreation room, and the closeness of the sunbathing court combined to produce comfortable living for Lawther girls. QQ X!.Sf"' 22111 I-1 7 an 1 S, 11- tif. I "' . V -' ' 232' 'E 4 , ' nf 69 I ?. I 5. F is V 'I . -ff' .U .af Flys- A. ',',. ' ' -'- ' lf" " ,, ,I . ' f 5 .4 , I KL 1-Q UXV. s n Q iii, " '3'x'efi+5' Q . ' x N95 1 '1 H eil: 1 . 1 ,A , .a , ff' .. . 1 ' ""v'-- . A .1 4. Q Q. ,. in, . f : V ,gg-445041,-.ri V I Vw iw , E.: 1 . A if L 'l' i E X. it .,.f:l, . ,it 1'Y . +2 A. ,Zf",u3,, , Y-.' wi 1 ,-til' , - -. x 4, -'.. 'iffy- ' .,, ,. f-L 5' ,' S. ' a. In 9. . 4' X "3 In Q r -kt ,L . di 1 Y ik C ' I J S . 'za x 'I 1 4 x . ' 4 ' . 'A 3. 2 v J rr Q 1 l Q' QE" ' la lg ll l f 253 me 3 E . CAMPBELL . . HOME OF JUNIOR AND SENIOR WOMEN Campbell, the hall of gracious living, was dedicated in 1954 to Mrs. Sadie B. Campbell, former Dean of Women at Iowa State Teachers College. Each girl's room is equipped with a telephone which is unique for a dorm on this campus. Automatic washers and driers and numerous kitch- enettes are also featured in this iunior and senior dorm. Dinners for Dad's Day, Homecoming, Christmas, and Mother's Day are among the special activities in Campbell. Informal life is round- ed out with dorm snacks, coffee hours, and bridge and dorm parties. 145 l Nui. ni. .V 111.-ilf...., . iniugiaf: v V2 ag., si- 4 g, -. CAMPBELL CABINET-Row I: Ann Consolver, Karen Anderson, Joann McBride, Barbara Harris, Miss McPeak, Dorm Director. Row 2: Shiriey Tempo, Cynthia Carlisle, Janice Nesbit, Bets Peters, Marcia Akers, Cheryl Hildenbrand, Joyce Haver. Time for 5 hand of bridge Naomi Moriguchi, Assistant Director, and Beth McPeak, Director, discuss room changes. 7' .D , ' an 'Q' X X I I 'i STADIUM HOUSES FRESHMEN The Stadium Hall government centers around tour activities which residents of this hall would not normally gain from classes. They are social lite, recreation, scholastic encourage- ment, and rules and regulations. The two houses in Stadium are Gear and Sherman. The hall has tvvo head residents and two personnel assistants, along with Donald Moody, resident advisor. They are on hand to advise the men to make their first year in college a success. Stadium Hall . . . home of one hundred freshmen an-if 1- ., .1 fx .3 f. -,Q . 1 L 5 3 Z v w r if ' Q f , L ", Q gl .H 1 4, F5562 'E 'b u-'fl . 73319 ,- N N, .L 'ie ' 4 . 1 44-53 5 1 '- 1 - if 1 I MR. DONALD MOODY Graduate Resident Assistant S1 xl .,4,:, V ff , , A- s f, .,-s., .I ,-L. f , ---an-we rp. K - 3. 1-A ,Q by K if. - - -' ,, 'V f 'N' ,:+ 5. , A A fs. ...W ' -if9't-.-NF'-.. get-" E -wkrz-12" -" .. - ' . 64341 t4..'Law',sa'Afg JW? -8 E., . X ..,,. V tu ,U,,P,t..5,, H J ..,, ...l,..J,-vs,,',,,- . ...FM , .. A ,.,b,,.,,,J .F,.,,S., . ,A . 94 ug. 5 . ,. ' 1 . -' " .-0 -' w- ' 1 .- - 1 ' .- ' - r ,f Pc.. r" 5' 1 ,-V: " T1 Y 'f -. ' . "Q, nl '- M. " -' ' .. ' 'Dfw V. '- iff' -3.22-as .41-Lemyfe 'Fin -'-55'-9 sf3"ff---wwwgf -255-tr W 5 Seerley-Baker . , , the home ofthe upper-class men of TC Richard Burns, Director, and Jack Thoeni, Assistant Director, check room assignments ,. . ...... . . - ..,-..........llh- SEERLEY-BAKER . N I NE HOUSES Seerley-Baker Hall, which houses 480 men, is divided into nine houses, each named after a former governor of Iowa. Each house has a head resi- dent and a separate governing body. All of the houses within the dorm are brought together through the AMRH Senate. Director of the Hall was Richard Burns and Jack Thoeni was the assistant director. Dormitory facilities included two recreation rooms, two television lounges, three lounges and clothes washing and drying facilities. ,-'ef2:.4x:- .,-.-----' K I V. F I50 X,,V '- K 'X Term paper time once more Relaxing after dinner by reading the newspaper in one of The lounges. Seerley-Baker residents entertain during open house 5' . . s, Q N if Q P' f- 1. ,., 1 1 Q ' '11-Y. it M I' ,v fifty., The Bill McKinleys, enioying an evening of television Each year Sunset Village and College Courts combine ef- forts to enioy an active year. During the year They hold a watermelon feed and a Christmas party for the chil- dren of the residents. In the spring they hold a dance for the residents. COLLEGE COURTS, SUNSET VILLAGE HOLD CHRISTMAS PARTY SUNSET VILLAGE AND COLLEGE COURTS COUNCIL-Row 7: Gene Harms, Gene Alvord, Ross Blow, James Maharin. Row 2: Howard Klatt, David Wood, Keith Beniamin, Roger Anderson, Dennis Jensen. CHAPEL CHOIR-Row l: Michael Buum, Cecil Shaw, Jackson Short, Don Woody. Row 2: Mary Manley, Joanne Gross, Virginia Hogue, Jo Ann Wilke, Janet Bolander, Bob Richardson, Robert Chatham, Allen Remling, Rob Morden, Shirley Heisler, Priscilla Hake, Marilyn Collins, Joan Kirk, Walita Voorhees. Row 3: Kay Hampel, Carolyn Hanson, Mary Mapes, Sara Ferguson, Kay Hasselbusch, Ann King, Sandra Van Ringelstein, Sharon Wykle, Sondra McKeown. Row 4: Ruth Wilmsmeyer, Brenda Hurd, Virginia Swan, Kay Whitten, Jane Stephenson, Roberta Wiley, Verna Uehling, Shirley Eatwell. Standing: Shirley Usher, Jane Mauck, David R. Bluhm. CHAPEL CHOIR GIVES PLEASURE AND STIMULATION To exemplify different periods of music, to give pleasure and stimulation, and to give their audi- ence a challenge to become interested in music are the purposes of the Chapel Choir. The Choir sings for the weekly Chapel Service at the College lnterdenominational Church Service, and pro- vides music for Baccalaureate. Miss Jane Mauck is director of the Choir and Miss Shirley Usher is organist. Dr. David Bluhm officiated at the Sunday church services. One credit is received for a year of participation in the Choir and any student who is interested in music may ioin Chapel Choir. A CAPPELLA CHOIR TOURS NORTHEAST IOWA A Cappella Choir consists of selected men and women who show special interest and outstanding ability in choral music. The Choir makes its tirst appearance at the traditional tree lighting cere- mony, December 8. They also ioined the Women's Chorus to present HandeI's "The Messiah." Under the direction ot Charles Matheson, the Choir presented concerts in late February and early in March at Cresco, Luther College, Monona, Fayette, Tripoli, Sumner, Garnavillo, Wapsie Valley School, and Elkader. Climaxing the tour was the homecoming concert, and they ended a success- ful season with an appearance at the Honors Convocation. A CAPPELLA-Row T: Myrna Norland, Marilyn Collins, Judith Peterson, Martha Usher, Maxine Williams, Sally Ladd, Judy Schmidt, Roberta Wiley, Maxine Fenner, Joan Brown, Beverly Shaw, Louise Newbury. Row 2: Connie Speake, Karen Knapp, Ruth Rislov, Vincent Valenti, Dennis Zea, Fred Cachola, Wayne Granneman, Gerald Christensen, Gary Ammeter, Jim LeFebvre, Doug Bassett, Betty Cole, Jane Ann Eyerly, Margaret Fischer. Row 3: Jan Tiaden, Carole Gardner, Veral Steele, Mona McKnabb, Judi Morrison, Sam Logsdon, Anthony Prochaska, Lee Morsing, David Vernon, Denny Mintle, John Johnson, Shirley Heisler, Kay Whitten, Ann King, Frances Luper, Bonnie Lou Elliott. Row 4: Eleanor Boos, Sigrid Nelson, Barb Smith, Wayne Eggleston, Merlin Tritle, Arthur Barnett, Steve Simons, Corwin Guenther, Charles Olson, Harold Holmstrom, Larry Dorn, Bob Faaborg, Kay Hampel, Leona Folkers, Betty Heisler, Jean Robert- son, Audrey Brandhorst. WOMEN'S CHORUSAROW I: Julianna States, Accompanistg Walita Voorhees, Pat Newland, Mary Ellen Dunn, Kathy Johnson, Barbara Brooks, Mary Ellen Rupp, Alice Burkhead, Karen Taylor, Joanne Halsted, Judith Schrage, Marilyn Strike, Jeanette Knierim, Pat Wat- son, Miss Jane Mauck. Row 2: Barbara Radebaugh, Mary Kay Trappe, Phyllis Reed, Sharon Thompson, Carol Hendrickson, Joyce Steels, Joan Wilson, Judie Jordan, Marcia Bottorff, Lois Sawtell, Fay Holmstrom, Shirley Watkins, Aurelia Prior. Row 3: Barbara Cooley, Joyce Harms, Mary-Claren Cagwin, Judy Rogers, Karen Burkhart, Muriel Burgardt, Linda Mangold, Elizabeth Hiatt, Nancy Jewell, Judy Branscom, Diana Johnson, Joy Mathes, Audrey Kooiker, Kathy Murphy. Row 4: Freda Callahan, Orloue Johnson, Mary Jane McNutt, Barbara Vanderzyl, Bette Behrens, Sandra Thorpe, Judy Henriksen, Mary Humke, Marianne Gibson, Linda Beeler, Janice Brown, Patricia Wren, Kathryn Flitsch, Rosemary Trager. WOMEN'S CHORUS PERFORMS ON TELEVISION One of the highlights of the year for the Women's Chorus was the pre-Christmas television appear- ance over KWWL-TV. The Chorus, under the direction of Jane Mauck, ioined the A Cappella Choir in presenting the annual Messiah. The Women's Chorus also gave a concert in the spring, MARCHING BAND-Row 7: Marcia Joslyn, Salley Olsen, Barbara Snyder, Martha Young. Row 2: Ray Haring, JoAnne Dougherty, Karel Chandler, Janet Peterson, Harlan Duenow, Loren Long, Jim Crowder, Richard Thompson, John Toft, Janet Bolander, Marla Putzier, Jo Anne Rogers. Row 3: Sandra Bravener, Dorothy Powell, John deNeui, Beverly Koch, Sandi Quick, Twila Palmer, Connie Stimpson, Robert Lutz, Kathy Mitchem. Row 4: Merlin Tritle, Richard Duffy, Delores DeWilde, Bethel Voss, Richard Scott, Leona Folkers, Eleanor Brindle, Marlow Steinberg, Lee Morsing, Bob Nordman, Sharon Steinford. Row 5: Larry Hutzell, Bob Faaborg, Bonny Duggan, Carl Jenkins, Dee Silver, Karen Dearinger, Roberta Olson, Mary Kay Trappe, Jon McWhinney, Henry Hey, Tom Manley, Jim Worderi. Row 6: Virginia Hogue, Nancy Gates, Roger Hess, Doris Beck, Lois Moeller, Carol Barz, Rhonda Demien, Vincent Valenti, Lawton Schaible, Carolyn Gregg, Mary Hodgson, David Linder. Row 7: Dave Richardson, Ron Platt, Vernon Hockett, Linda Kauzlarich, Carol Dunn, Diane Kline, Elaine Kinsinger, Muriel McCormick, Naomi Wilkans, Gary Hopp, Homer Gartz. Row B: Bob Morden, Judy Hatch, Cathryn Crowe, Connie Anderson, Ruth Ellen Sander, Carol Hansen, Richard Sorenson, Ronald Hood, Arthur Barnett, Shirley Loomis, Karen Barta, Joan Hunt, Jim LeFebvre. MARCHING BAND GETS NEW UNIFORMS New uniforms headlined the season of events for the TC Marching Band. Making their debut in their new outfits, the band traveled to Des Moines to march in mud and rain at the annual TC - Drake football clash. The band, under the direction of Don Wendt, presented a halftime demonstration at every home football game. Ray Haring, senior, was the new drum maior for the season . . . The marchers were hosts to visiting high school bands at the annual Band Day held on campus in the fall. CONCERT BAND-Row 7: Judy Hatch, Connie Jo Anderson, Ruth Ellen Wilde, Loren Long, Joan Hunt. Row 2: Jim Crowder, Linda Kauzlarich, Stimpson, Rhonda Demien, Wes Schaible, Twila Palmer, Mary Hodgson, Row 3: Donald Peterson, Elaine Kinsinger, Diane Kline, Naomi Wilkans, Nordman, Kenneth Rasmussen, Leona Folkers, Thomas Manley, Marlow Sander, Karen Barta, Shirley Loomis, Arthur Barnett, Delores De- Doris Beck, Leanne Riter, Vernon Hockett, Roberta Olson, Connie Sandra Quick, Virginia Hogue, Donny Jo Duggan, Nancy Gates. Jeannine Martin, Henry Hey, Carl Jenkins, Dee Silver, Robert Steinberg, James Grupp, Eleanor Brindle, Leon Morsing, Karen Anderson, Bethel Voss, Richard Scott, Richard Duffy. Row -4: James Weber, Roger Hess, Carol Hansen, Lois Moeller, Carol Barz, Mr. Donald Wendt, Homer Gartz, Ronald Platt, David Richardson, Harold Holmstrom, Jon Hansen, Arlene Dighton, Beverly Koch, Jon DeNeui, Sharon Steinford, Dr. Karl M. Holvik, James Worden, Merlin Tritle, Larry Hutzell. Row 5: Robert Morden, James LeFebvre, Marvin Post, Richard Sorenson, Marty Young, Harlan Duenow, Marla Putzier, Kathy Mitchem, Janet Peterson, Richard Thompson, Sandra Bravener. CONCERT BAND HOSTS TALLCORN MUSIC FESTIVAL . . . The Tallcorn Music Festival . . . several concerts . . , and the tour highlighted the year for Karl Holvik and his Concert Band. February 14 was the date of their annual college concert. On February 26 they were hosts to the schools that participated in the Tallcorn Music Conference that was held on campus. Their annual tour also took place in the month of February. The lowa towns included on their itinerary were Klemme, Lake Mills, Clear Lake, and Sheffield. l56 Clarion, West Bend, Humboldt, Aurelia, Estherville, TROMBONE QUINTET-Jon Hansen, Dave Richardson, Homer Gartz, Harold Holmsfrom, Arlene Dighfon. Drummer-Richard Thompson. FEATURED SMALL GROUPS IN TC'S CONCERT BAND ALTO SAXOPHONE SOLOIST- OBOE SOLOIST- Joan Hunt Richard Duffy SAXOPHONE QUARTET-Richard Duffy, James Worden, Larry Hutzell, Richard Scott The Board of Control of Stu- dent Publications is the gov- erning department of all student publications. Student representatives were Sylvia Guerink, Norma Hoffman, Jim Crowder, and Jim Mc- Neal. Faculty delegates in- cluded George Holmes, James Bailey, John Page, and Francis Smith. The board se- lects the executive staffs of the OLD GOLD and COLLEGE EYE and sees that they func- tion properly. BOARD OF CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS-Row l: Jim McNeal. Row 2: James Bailey, Francis Smith, Nancy Wallace. BOARDS GOVERN COMMUNICATIONS BOARD OF CONTROL OF STUDENT BROADCASTING-ROW l: Herbert Hake. Row 2 James Tc-trick, Raymond Matala, James Bailey, Carol Breeding, Jerry Easter. Q i P fill KYTC is governed by the Board of Control of Student Broadcast- ing. They select the staff and de- termine what policies the station will follow. Jim Tetrick, Carol Breeding, and Jerry Easter rep- resented the student body. Facul- ty representatives included Her- bert Hake, Ray Matala, and James Bailey. OLD GOLD RESULT OF YEAR LONG EFFORT EfforTs puT forTh all year long in wriTing copy, proofreading, and Typing combined To pro- duce success in The i960 OLD GOLD. AddiTion of The RoyalTy and PopulariTy SecTion, feaTuring campus kings and queens, and five color picTures conTribuTed To make a unique yearbook. While TypisTs grew dizzy from The hum of The flying keys, proofreaders became bleary-eyed over copy, and copy wrifers dug deep To come up wiTh new ideas . . . The foremosT Thoughf was To meeT Thar rnonThly deadline. OLD GOLD yearbook sales were climaxed by The annual OLD GOLD Week which highlighTed populariTy and beauTy conTesTs. A display aT The crossroads and a special bulleTin senT To all on-campus sTudenTs helped cre- aTe inTeresT in This evenT. OLD GOLD-Row 7: Elaine Pifzenberger, Birch Robison, Marla PuTzier, Helen Knickman, Michael O'Brien, Ruth Offerbein, Tom Crane. Row 2: Sheryl Grant, DoroThy Thogerson, Lucille Evans, Shirley Hudson, Pat Sorensen, Nancy Sackville, Myrna Pierce, Mary Virginia While, Aurelia Prior. Row 3: Janice NesbiT, Win Streifenberger, Pai Genfer, Karlyn Klenzman, Joanne Krob, Mary Ann Lee, Helen Mangold, Karen Shold, Jan PeTerson. Row 4: Connie Anderson, Jan Barrett, Dick Harden, Al Remling, Jim Crowder, LaVern Meyer, Jon Berk, Ray Haring, Margaret Schrodf, Suzanne Schimberg. Preparing to file his negatives is Tom Crane, Photo Editor E 'I 1' ' , . -121 -. 5, Birch Robison Art Editor, plans layouts with his assistant, Kay Morse and Jan Barrett, Senior Section Head Marla Putzier, Business Man- ager, and Ruth Otterbein, her assistant, record sales 'iw vs-'Q Mary White and Sylvia Geurink, heads of the Administration and Index Sections, check other yearbooks for ideas. Jon Berk checks the pictures for the Activities Section with Jim Helf, Sports Head. Helen Knickrnan, Editor, and Mike O'Brien, Managing Editor, point out a problem to Jack Hols, Advisor. E32 an COLLEGE EYE - Row 1: Deanna Moulton, Julia Pedelty, Mary Virginia White, Shirley Pace, Jim Daman, John Burritt, Myrna Pierce, Shirley Hudson, Mary Rupp. Row 2: Nancy Newhouse, Carolyn Heard, Betty Wisner, Josephine Modzelewski, Molly Frank, Sharon Smith, Janet Wood, Lucille Greenaweig, Sue Coleman. Row 3: Barbra Hayes, Lois Kennedy, Sue Schrup, Mary Mapes, Bob Button, Lucinda Liittschwag- er, Sally Luethie, Suzanne Sawyer, Patricia Willis. Row 4: Melodie Casberg, Mary Woehlk, Sandra Kock, Jon Berk, Pat Wren, Connie Stimpson, Nancy Remsburg, Birch Robison. COLLEGE EYE INFORMS CAMPUS Getting the news, typing, copyreading, rewriting, proofreading, and making up the pages . . . these things happen behind the scenes each week as the EYE staff prepares to meet the Thursday deadline at the print shop. The result of the staff's combined efforts comes out each Friday morning in the form of a six-page paper which serves to keep students at Iowa State Teachers College informed of the latest campus news. The advertisements also help in keeping the students up to date . . . where, what, and when to buy. The financing of the printing is partially taken care of through these ads. Much of the credit for a well-coordinated staff goes to the editor, the managing editor, and the advisor. 0 Editor, Jim Daman, measures The length of a story iust handed in to him. Answering The phone is iusf one of the duties of Office Assistant, Mary Rupp. 'E 1 Proofreading copy is reporter Connie Stimpson. Shirley Hudson, News Editor, checks copy. I i 4 i I 1 i i i .X I ' X SHIRLEY HUD5 UN NFLUC Fmrno i Qf W-Y 1 l -it., .- J, '. . , ' i 1 - + - - e I if - +3 . Managing Editor, Myrna Pierce, takes a story over the phone. Fitting copy to the layout is the iob of Shirley Pace, Feature Julia Pedelty, Business Manager, balances the books. Editor. 1 I7 , ! 1. 1 ii... -- KYTC - Row 7: Carolyn Heard, Patricia Alderdyce, Mary Virginia White. Row 2: Janet Fossum, Suzy Bieber, Gary Clark Ken Bridges Norma Harmon, Carl Jenkins, Ann Bettin. Row 3: Curtis Powell, James Tetrick, Janaan Bryant, Judy Malle, Sylvia Geurink, Myrna Pierce Carol Breeding, Vince Valenti, William McDonald, Bonny Duggan. Row 4: leonard Sandvik, Ronald Adams, Alan DeGraw, Mike Chilson Jim Wllk ins, Bill Kortemeyer, Jim Pratt, Jerry Easter. VARIETY KEYNOTES KYTC The word around the KYTC studios this year was "Variety." This was the fifth anniversary and a special presentation was given for the occasion. A fifteen minute spotlight show was done from the Commons' Social Center each week, informing ISTC students of the week's events Canwpus organizanons sponsored pro- grams giving students an insight into the or- ganization's purpose and activities . . . KYTC conhnued to broadcast sporm and sodal evenm,and agauithe Humanhms nmrmhon vvas presented for the benefh of those en- roHed in the course. Station Manager, Gary Clark, makes a change in the schedule WUC -ai 1-was-vs--ra.:--2 - ' ii ,I .114 eff' ,...-ff' Norma Harmon, Continuity Director, types up the broadcasting schedule. To keep ISTC students entertained, KYTC selects its music from a record library ot 1,950 volumes composed of single and long play albums. This record library is kept up to date with constant additions of new albums. The station manager, the program di- rector, the continuity manager, and the chief engineer are responsible for making KYTC the successful station that it is. Work at KYTC is done en- tirely by students under the super- vision of their advisor, Mr. Herbert Hake. i Myrna Pierce and Mary White are shown during their weekly Jerry Easter gives a station break, program. I I66 fff .-,Nix I I I w 4 Repairing The broadcasting equipment is the work of Chief Engineer, Ken Bridges. BONNIE Duggan files records. Answering the phone is one of the jobs of Judy Molle. Dick Olsen and Roger Schofer plan Their weekly program. l I67 1 S Llcienjl League B051- roanzzaiums Siucfenf fat SW-Jw 9..l'?.,.., 0"P"'5"'l Di-.Ginn Clllluuufouigq SKHCQI levugnvil NM. nvyldiinsfuu 0hrCvn-mtg lriuuffluumi' BomidFCoulnl Bu-he Tradifions an M Jil, R ' di kk Fuzz:-ucnulkicm -,grcf-mwszmz-ff -1 ,.9.Z.,,f - -In . - , ,ff 255' . -752-' 2':?,'f ' . W4 , ' sg+f'LI,' z" 4.-:ww-, -.4--.9 5.2-" ' - 15 gf Urganfza 2917115 I-Tumdnon Sh-12? lsY'Y'Yor Car HONOR . Gridiron Dinner and Publications Picnic . . . speaker in the spring . . . these are some of the activities sponsored by Alpha Phi Gamma, the national honorary co-educational journal- istic fraternity. To become a member a student must hold a major staff position for one year on either the OLD GOLD or the COLLEGE EYE staffs. Promoting the welfare of college iour- nalism is the task of the members. Mr. Bernard DeHoff was the sponsor of the organization. Officers for the year were Jim Daman, president: Michael F. O'Brien, vice-presidentg Sylvia Geurink, treasurerp and Mary Virginia White, secretary. ALPHA PHI GAMMA PROMOTES WELFARE OF JOURNALISM ALPHA PHI GAMMA - Mary Virginia White, Michael F. O'Brien, Helen Knickman, James Daman, Myrna Pierce. BETA BETA BETA - Row 1: Anita Pearson, Mary Lou Petersen, Dr. Pauline Sauer, Darlene Sindt, Cheryl Aschim, Clare Wagner, Linda Andrews, Caroline Czarnecki, Susan Wright, Nancy Stoverson, Tamara Galloway. Row 2: Willis Harold Chapman, Richard L. Maze, Ken- neth Bridges, Charles J. Ellis, Warren E. Picklum, Stanley D. Whelchel, James D. Gohman, Thomas J. Drake, Virgil E. Dowell. Row 3: James P. McCarroll, Bill Erps, Dean Halverson, Charles Allegre, Bernard Clausen, Lowell Spring, Donald Pint, Bert Lamb. TRI BETA TAKES MANY FIELD TRIPS Field trips taken throughout the year to various areas including a trip to Cardinal Marsh near Cresco, a tive-day trip over Easter vacation, and a number of local trips . . . these helped the members of Beta Beta Beta, the honor society for students of the biological sciences, to pro- mote the dissemination of scientific truth, and to encourage investigation in the natural sciences. Some members attended the Cedar Falls Audubon Screen Tours and participated in the local Audubon Christmas Bird Census. Regular monthly programs aimed at increasing the individual's experiences in biology were presented by members, faculty, and guest speakers. A delegation was sent to the regional convention sponsored by the Gamma Upsilon Chapter of Central College in Missouri. , , Y 7-511 ,,,,,,::,--...............-........m1mo.v1u:nf,....,..,. .affamr-1. ,..,. ....,.Y.--.. ,. l i T-7 -cs A X CHIMES - Seated: Janet Bohlander, Joy Tubaugh, Dorothy Fickel, Cecelia Fye, Dorothy Thogerson. Standing: Rose Ann Sadler, Julia Pedelty, Janis Kalkwarf, Jean Robertson, Shirley Donaldson. CHIMES ENCOURAGES SCHOLARSHIP Early on Mother's Day morning the tinkling of a small bell is heard . . . another group of sophomore women is tapped and have the honor of belonging to Chimes. Points given on the basis of leadership and interest, religious and social activities determine eligibility. A 2.8 cumulative grade point is required. Miss Barbara Yager is the faculty sponsor. To give honor and to encourage scholarship, leadership, and service . . . this is the purpose of Chimes. Among the many activities are the Dad's Day Registration, Homecoming Information Booth, help with the Student Book Exchange, and a service proiect. t l72 DELTA SIGMA RHO - Jack Docld, Lillian R. Wagner-Sponsor, James D. Gohman. DELTA SIGMA RHO ARRANGES INTERESTING DEBATES Delta Sigma Rho is the United States' oldest national honorary organizaion for students in- terested in debate, oratory, discussion and other forensic activities. It was founded in 1906, and in 1913 Iowa State Teachers College, which is the only teacher's college to be a mem- ber, affiliated with the national organization. Members are selected from upperclassmen who show scholastic ability and excellence in forensic activities. Members take charge of arrange- ments for a debate between ISTC and a foreign university every other year on our own cam- pus. ln the past, they have debated teams from England, Sweden, and Scotland. The spon- sor for the group is Dr. L. R. Wagner. "I" CLUB - Row 1: Gene Tychsen, Ted Broberg, John States, George Soper, Hal Byram, Ron Lough, Dennis Oleiniczak, Mace Reyerson, Todd Stastny, Jim Stilwell. Row 2: Dave Dillon, Jim Gorham, John Sullivan, Jim Meskiman, Jack Smith, Greg Bice, Lyle Thomson, Duane Bonsall, Stan Kirchoff, Kurt Wiethorn, Augie Aperans, Dick Juhl. Row 3: Jerry Newton, Donn Buck, Dan Staggs, Kent Folsom, Dick Abra- hamson, Bill Wohlers, Max Huffman, Leroy Kopriva, Dean Jensen, Jim Duea, Jerry Lane, Jim Murphy, Gene Harms, Boyd Van Vorhees, Bob Senft, Adrian Ringold. Row 4: Jerry Stilwell, Chuck Schulte, Cliff Svoboda, Dennis Remmert, Warren Hansen, Mr. Jim Witham. "l" CLUB NOMINATES HOMECOMING CANDIDATES The "I" Club is an organization on the TC campus composed of men who have earned either a major or minor letter in athletics. One of the many functions every year for the club is to select the fall and spring "I" queens. The fall or Homecoming queen and her three attendants are elected by the student body after ten nominees have been selected by the club. The spring TC Relays and Dance which follows. For the second consecutive year, Mr. James Wit- ham of the Men's Physical Education Department was sponsor this year. KAPPA DELTA Pl - Row 1: Betty Fritchen, Janet Hayes, Lucille Grant, Maxine Fenner, Audrey Stumbaugh, Carol Hatch, Mary Kaye String er, Margaret Haefner. Row 2: Anne Shafer, Kay Block, Mary Elvesether, Norma Larkin, Marilyn Seiler, Zoe Thoreson, Lona Nielsen. Row 3 Don Leaman, Dean Halverson, William Callahan, James Wilson. KAPPA DELTA Pl ENCOURAGES EDUCATIONAL SERVICE To encourage dedication to the highest educational service, to foster fellowship, scholarship and achievement in educational work . . . this is the purpose of Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in education, sponsored by Dr. Calvin Danne. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors who rank in the upper one-fifth of their college scholastically, and who have 6 to 12 hours of work in education. Officers this year were Don Leaman, president, Amy Noiiri, secretary-treasurer, and Genevieve Grant, historian. I75 I J if, --Y ,.-,, W -...- ..... 1. -,,, -. ......feL fl,-,-......,- ,... ,...... ..,.., -.,. ..... , . mw nnnwnfrrnz-rwnmywzm KAPPA MU EPSILON HOLDS DISTRICT CONVENTION To help undergraduates appreciate the beauty of mathematics and its important role in our world . . . this is the purpose of Kappa Mu Epsilon, the national honor fraternity. Dr. Fred Lott sponsored the group, Requirements for membership include a 2.5 grade average, a theme on some subject in mathematics, and 611 semester hours of college credit, I3 of them in mathematics. In addition to a social program of oral reports and faculty guest speakers, the group discussed everyday mathematic problems. The highlight of the year was the district Kappa Mu Convention held in the early spring. KAPPA MU EPSILON - Row I: Sharon Fisher, Carol Hatch, Augusta Schurrer, Fred Lott, Sid Buffington, Ruth Bishop. Row 2: Robert L Yount Susan Rock, Jens Jensen, Dale Hawley, Irvin Brune, E. W. Hamilton, Pat Beitel. Row 3: Clare Wagner, Kenneth Sheldon, Donald Paige Richard B Thompson, Calvin Calvert, Warren E. Shreve. t Ili tl x Q x li" KAPPA Pl - Row 1: Fern Harold, Mary Kaye Stringer, Renate Nadler, Grace Akin. Row 2: Ronald Hotek, Donald G. Adkins, Don Finegan KAPPA PI HAS ART SALE A Christmas art sale at the Cedar Falls Art Gallery . . . this highlighted the year's activities of Kappa Pi, the honorary art fraternity. The project, newly oriented this year, was contributed to by art students who produced their work and donated a portion of it to the sale. The sponsor was Mr. Don Finegan. Raising the standards of productive art of students is the goal of this organization, which is the newest fraternity on campus. Officers forthe year were: Fern Harold, president, Ron Hotek, vice-president, Mary Kaye Stringer, secretary, and Renate Nadler, treasurer. LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA IS AMONG OLDEST FRATERNITIES Lambda Delta Lambda is an honor society for physical science students, and is one of the oldest fraternities on campus. In order to be selected for membership, a 3.00 or above grade average in 14 semester hours of physical science is required. The group is sponsored this year by Dr. J. W. Kercheval of the science department. Kenneth Bridges is president of the organization. LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA f- Row l: Clifford McCollum, Stanley D, Whelchel, David W, Spencer, Don Leaman, Kenneth Bridges. Row 2: R. A, Rogers, Verlin W, Lee, Donald D. Paige, Robert F, Pint, Dale Hawley, J, W. Kercheval, PHI DELTA KAPPA HOLDS HIGH STANDARDS The purpose of Phi Delta Kappa, an honorary international fraternity is to promote free public education as essential to the development of a democracy through the continuing interpreta- tion ofthe ideals of research, science, and leadership. This fraternity holds high professional, fraternal, and honorary standards. To become a member of the Delta Beta chapter an in- dividual must be a graduate student with a 3.0 scholastic average, a faculty member, or a nonresident who has been engaged in five or more years of successful educational work and holds a Master's Degree. The activities included speakers and discussions at the monthly meetings. PHI DELTA KAPPA - Row I: Cecil Phillips, E. C. Fossum, Duane Nielsen, Herbert Silvey. Row 2: John Mitchell, Clifford Bishop, Al Barnes E W Goetch, Myron Wilcox, Gordon J. Rhum, Richard Wiederanders, Caryl Middleton. PHI MU ALPHA - Row 1: Jim Crowder, Ray Haring, Charles Olson, Duane Shaw, Richard Scott, Dee Silver, Gary Ammeter, Erik Eriksen, Steve Simons. Row 2: Frank Hill-Sponsor, Clyde Tahara, Richard Duffy, Roger Meeker, Larry Collins, Norm Peters, Merlin Tritle, Harlan Duenow, Larry Hutzell, Loren Long, Vernon Hoclcett, Robert Nordman. PHI MU ALPHA SPONSGRS DIJ iill Music came from the auditorium . . . the llth Annual Dimensions in Jazz Concert had started. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia also participated in the Christmas Concert, a Mother's Day Tea, and the American Composer's Concert sponsored iointly by the national music fraterni- ties and held on the campus. The sponsor was Mr. Frank Hill. Other activities included the annual picnic with the music faculty, monthly "musical evenings," and an initiation ritual this summer at the National Convention. Phi Mu members serve as stage hands at the recitals and provide combos for various campus functions. PI GAMMA MU HOLDS GROUP DISCUSSIONS Learning the importance of The social sciences in solving the many problems of our complex society . . . This is The purpose of Pi Gamma Mu. Junior and senior students with a 3.0 av- erage in 20 hours of social science are eligible for This national social science honor or- ganization. The faculty sponsor was Dr. H. Thompson. The meetings are primarily group discussions with both faculty and students striving to discover new methods To improve hu- man relations Through intelligent application ofthe social sciences. Down-the-line dinners and a family picnic for faculty and students highlighted This year's activities. Pl GAMMA MU - Row 1: Robert H. Beener, Howard J. Thompson, Tracy Anderson. Row 2: Harold B. Wohl, Donald F. Howard, Leland L Sage, Erma B. Plaehn, Roger Natte, Ray Johnston, Loren N. Horton.,- rv C7 'W 5 if C? '54 N I : ff Wvx PI OMEGA PI - Row 1: Julia Pedelty, Rose Ann Sadler, Jean Robertson, Gordon Hankins. Row 2: Norma Larkin, Katherine Humphrey Sponsor, Carol Shogren, Joyce Lutter, Paul Stuempfig. PI OMEGA Pl SENDS Gamma Progress TO ALUMNI To foster a feeling of fellowship and professional unity . . . to provide a reward to those stu- dents of business education whose work is above average and seems to merit commenda- tion . . . to further development in business through individual groups . . . these are the purposes of Pi Omega Pi, the national business education honorary fraternity. Each individual chapter strives to earn points given by the national organization for various service projects in order to see which chapter will have a number one rating in the nation. Gamma Progress, a publication sent to Gamma Chapter alumni and members . . . this is the main service proi- ect for the organization this year. The group's sponsor is Mrs. Katherine Humphrey. Dr. James Blanford, professor of business education at Iowa State Teachers College, is the current na- tional president of Pi Omega Pi. I82 l l 1 l i l l l l PURPLE ARROW - Row 1: Sue Cozine, Linda Erhardt, Marie Thompson, Clare Hayashi, Mary Virginia White, Carol Breeding, Patricia Christle, Shirley Eatwell, Judie Lewis. Row 2: Sharon Baker, Judy Innes, Sharon Wise, Mary Ellen Comfort, Connie Heaton, Dorothy Rod, Anne Wil- 1 liams, Marilyn Becker, Connie Schaefer. Row 3: Elaine Kinsinger, Ann Hawn, Connie Jochum, Glennis Behrends, Sharon Claussen, Patricia V Cookinham, Virginia Blum, Helen Stewart, Audrey Perryman, Nell Lemon, Row 4: Judy Hays, Kathy Mitchem, Charlyn Cleveland, Beverly 3 Richter, Sandy Vandeberg, Sharon Delfs, Jalaa Domer, lla Mae Hemm, Peg Sonichsen, Beth Sietmann, Judy Hermanstorfer. 3 t t l "FORElGN INTRlGUE" WITH PURPLE ARROW A down-the-line dinner in the Commons, a panel discussion on world games, and several t guest speakers were all a part of the program for the year as Purple Arrow carried out V its theme "Foreign Intrigue" by studying the educational systems followed in countries out- side the United States. This organization honors freshman and sophomore women who have 1, achieved a 3.0 cumulative grade average. Miss Betts Roth is the sponsor ofthe organization. L l I83 5 Y , - 417777777 Wg.--.--rg-Life: -.-Es-,,.....-N,w.a..wnWmmwlmwvnwmvmmmMn'nHiwmmwW J. - o..,...,.. n 4: ,.-, -..- OS- SIGMA ALPHA ETA - Row I: Bill Gregory, Fritz Krueger, John P. Ryan, Lewis Bishop, Dean C. Schwestka. Row 2: Betty Kingery, Russell Goings Darlene Hanna, Louise McGinnis, Dick Reece, Lenore Fisch, Jo Smith, Don Herbold, Nancy Gross. Row 3: Roberta Kraft, Julia Evans Bob Christensen, Kevin Schreurs, Russell Niedert, Marilyn Nielsen, Neil Langenwalter, Ronald Moore. SIGMA ALPHA ETA HOSTS HOMECOMING COFFEE A float in the Homecoming parade, a coffee hour for past and present members, a Christ- mas party, spring picnic, and banquet were some of the activities of Sigma Alpha Eta. The coffee hour was initiated this year and was very well received by other chapters at the American Speech and Hearing Association National Convention where the idea was pre- sented by Dr. Elliott J. Schaffer, the new Director of the Speech and Hearing Clinic, and also the group's sponsor. The main goal during the past year has been to become better known on the TC campus as a national professional society for prospective speech and hearing therapists. The chief purpose of the organization is to provide a medium for en- riched professional and social experiences. 'UIQ SIGMA ALPHA IOTA - Seated: Marice Schluntz, Janice Gideon. Back: Joan Brown, Rhonda Demien, Karen Knapp, Zoe Thoreson, Janet Bohlander, Veral Steele, Margaret Haefner, Maxine Fenner, Dorothy Thogerson, Louise Newbury. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA HOLDS CHRISTMAS CCNCERT Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honorary fraternity for music. They sponsored the Christmas Concert and an American Composer's Concert iointly with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Home- coming Breakfast in the Commons, a Mother's Day Tea, the annual picnic with the music faculty . . . these were but a few of the many activities in which the group and their spon- sors, Mrs. Howard Jones, Mrs. Joanne Maxwell, and Mrs. Suzanne Conklin, participated. Y 71---7 7,,,-----f JZ, 4H-...------ -..i::-- .. f !UW' 627577.?lU5H L. THETA ALPHA PHI HAS SELECTIVE REQUIREMENTS Theta Alpha Phi is the national honorary fraternity for drama. In order to qualify one must meet certain selective requirements . . . participation on work crews and productions. This is used to stimulate an even greater interest in the field of drama. The big event for the year is the annual Homecoming Dinner which brings back not only those members of five or ten years ago, but those that graduated in the twenties and the thirties. Mr. Stanley Wood is sponsor tor the group. THETA ALPHA PHI - Row I: Robert White, William Struyk, James Dunlavy. Row 2: Nancy Wallace, Naomi Harold, Priscilla Hake William Becvar W. J. Zender, Stanley G. Wood. r I x l t s 1 L ' :J fs . 5 X ' . 1-1 . g , .x M 1 1 fs 12... " N l ll li . Jr 'mrM71.ln 'a' KD' l THETA THETA EPSILON - Seated: Nancy Stevenson, Kathy Riha, Judy Boll, Martha Potts, E. Sue Jorgensen. Standing: Lena P. Buckingham, Olive Holliday, Josephine Yeager, Elisabeth S. Howes, Edna Shores, Margaret Siolander, THETA THETA EPSILON UTILIZES LEARNING THETA THETA EPSILON is the honorary home economics organization on campus. All iunior and senior women are eligible for membership if they have a 2.8 average in home economics work and a 2.5 average in all other college work. The women must be members and have active participation in the Ellen Richards Club, the home economics interest organization. Dr. Elisabeth Howes sponsored the organization. The purpose of Theta Theta Epsilon is to provide interest in the field of home economics, promote scholarship and encourage leadership. Dur- ing the spring they help with the Senior Home Economics Dinner honoring all senior home economics maiors. Members also serve as official hostesses at all social functions in the Home Economics Department. The officers were Judy Boll, president, Kathy Riha, vice-president, Mildred Bistricky, secretary-treasurer, and Martha Potts, alumni secretary. li i . li tr ,t I87 l .fnamnwamll ,W 7, ,,,,, .,,, Y ,,,7..- ...F --Y. , - -....,, ,,,. ,,.f.ffi.1.a:-w,v.1mmwra7nwf,.w,r,,z .wxan swdwxhmwf - .. , - .., -L ,..,,, , ,.., . -- ,.s...-, ,.. .Y .im-.,,Q.-'.,..r?:.-.....FH-?--,LY 74-7- TOMAHAWK HAS FIRST YEAR ON CAMPUS Organizing for their first year on campus was the task ofthe Tomahawks with the help of Mr. Richard Burns, the group's sponsor. Forming a constitution, attending workshops at I.S.U., traveling to the national convention at Purdue. . .these were the leading activities for this first year. Membership in this service-honorary is determined by leadership and participation in student government and campus activities. Ushering at Chapel services, caroling for nurs- ing homes and baby-sitting for Sunset Villagers during the spring dance have been other activities this year. TOMAHAWK - Row 1: Pat Sorensen, Dale Wilson, Mary Lou Aldrich, Rodney Dixon, Win Streitenberger, Al Noehren. Row 2: Birch Robinson, Nell Lemon, Dorothy Fickel, Michael F. O'Brien, Dick Burns, Advisor, Fred Swartz, Sharon Delfs, Terry Ley, Audrey Gehrmann. XQ- fik 2' if 1 TORCH AND TASSEL DISCUSS ROLE OF EDUCATED WOMAN A senior woman's hope is finally fulfilled as she is tapped on the evening of Women's Day to become a member of Torch and Tassel, an organization recognizing senior women. The white mortar boards are presented to symbolize this honor. Members are chosen on the basis of their leadership ability, scholastic achievement and participation in honor and interest organizations. The sponsors were Dean Mavis Holmes and Dr. Elaine McDavitt. The group discusses various problems and carries out one program during the year. This year, for the benefit of senior women, discussion meetings were instigated concerning the responsibili- ties and opportunities for the educated woman in society today. TORCH and TASSEL - Seated: Louise Newbury, Marilyn Seiler, Diane Gilbert, Barbara Bradley, Norma Larkin. Standing: Lona Sandra Lewis, Nancy Wallace, Lillian R. Wagner-Sponsor, Margaret Haefner, Audrey Stumbaugh, Anne Shafer. "-N 'C' Nielson, i ,ii ln 'ln li l lu ,., A 1 i ,I 1 fn lil il i l l ri rl 1 Q l il ul iii E: S ,l .iii ALPHA BETA ALPHA HAS VISIT FROM NATIONAL PRESIDENT A discussion ofthe opportunities available in overseas library work . . . the visit of the na- tional president . . . the sponsoring of an open house for high school library student as- sistants . . . these were the highlights of this year's Alpha Beta Alpha program. This organiza- tion, which is open to library science maiors and minors encourages young men and women to become librarians and helps further the professional knowledge of its members. Meetings were held monthly with Miss Eileen Noonan and Mr. Everett Howell as sponsors. ALPHA BETA ALPHA - Row 7, Seated: Marie Hays, Trudi Whitehead. Row 2, Seated: Bets Peters, Ann Bettin, Anne Shafer, Virginia En- derlin, Connie Kluever. Standing: Cora Jean Akerman, Carolyn Hanson, Linda Beeler, Charles L. Appelman, Eileen Noonan, Evelyn Oster- man, Linda Lucas, Julia Pedelty, Sally Shadbolt. -gf ,s 4- -.1 4 1 l ART CLUB - Row l: Cora Peterson, Anne Fymbo, Joan Nichols, Nell Lemon, Ron Hotek, Ralph Haskell-Sponsor, Brenda Hurd, Sharon Williams, Dee DeWilde, Bonnie Adelmund. Row 2: Pat Mahoney, LeLand Shank, Loren Reed, Larry Horak, Michael F. O'Brien, Marian Denkinger, Kay Byers, Norma Konken. CHICAGO TRIP HIGHLIGHT OF ART CLUB YEAR Providing pleasure and relaxation through creative activity is the obiective of the Art Club. A fabulous trip to Chicago for the Gauguin show, a Halloween "visit" with the instructors and their families, helping to decorate the Commons for Christmas are all part of the mem- ories. A Beaux Arts Ball and a creative film and tape recording were also part of the ac- tivities for this year. Mr. Ralph Haskell is the group's sponsor. l9l ,,7, ,,4i,,,,,,:1, - -, 1nw , . . ll l l ll ll ll l l l l T 1 I TFT' 'F "Cb, I X 1 v 'RT' Lmfliy-TQ: T CAMPUS A-H - Row 1, Seated: Carol Lynn Drewry, Cleone Johnson. Row 2, Seated: Kathy Mitchem, Shirlene Tabke, Tanya Petersen. Stand ing: Lois Moeller, Sue Coleman, Sheila Jacobson, Muriel Wahll, Jeanette Knierim, Nancy Newhouse, Shirley Hoult, Judy Logan, Beverly Jaster. I92 CAMPUS 4-H BRINGS STUDENTS CLOSER TOGETHER Bringing students on the campus closer together and better acquainting them with one an- other, promoting interest in campus activities, creating interest in members of their local county clubs, interesting students in T.C .... these are some of the goals of Campus 4-H. Parties, two weekend camp-outs with the Ames 4-H to further the theme for this year, "Ap- preciation of lowa," and student speakers who have attended national conventions, are a few of the proiects engaged in by the club to further their goals. Through panel discussions and group discussions knowledge in the field of 4-H is acquired. Any ISTC student is eli- gible for membership. The faculty sponsor was Miss Olive Holliday. 1 l il 1 1 COLLEGE PLAYERS - Row I: Coleen Shea, Marie Thompson, Pat Watson, Sue Coleman, Linda Bersee, Collette Mikesell, Myrna Pierce, l Ann Hawn, Larry Albaugh. Row 2: Stanley Wood-Sponsor, Naomi Harold, Pat Maulthauf, Janet Millard, Jan Peterson, Karel Chandler, Ruth Johnston, Priscilla Hake, Christine Swanson, Kay Hampel. Row 3: Betty Heisler, David Green, Robert White, John Engel, Carl H. Hays, Bill Becvar, James Dunlavy, Michael F. O'Brien, Alice Duggins. ll, ls Rl l 'l ti lnterest in drama is all that is needed to be eligible for membership in College Players. This is maintained with the fulfillment of requirements set up by the organization, sponsored by Mr. S. Wood. Members of the group have the opportunity to participate in the four maior dramatic productions presented by the Department of Languages, Speech, and Literature ll each year. Slides of the plays are viewed to help improve future performances. I l H l ll l93 ll t ELEMENTA KI - Row 1: Deanna Nelson, Barbara Vogt, Marilyn Britven, Nancy Newhouse, Colleen Kelley, Shirley McNeese, Roberta Olson, Virginia Nost, Ethel Takaba, Mary Friedman, Judy Logan, Sandy Sands. Row 2: Judy Wade, JoAnne Janda, Charlotte Brinkmeyer, Carol Breeding, Carol Jean Smith, Alice Larkey, Bev Field, Marilyn Craig, Jan Hysell, Kay Koike, Linda Sedlmayr, Barbara Colley, Jane Klinker. Row 3: Eileen Becvar, Pamela Kremenak, Sharon Read, Marilyn Lane, Sharon Wise, Sonia Garlock, Donna Butler, Pat Sowers, Ann Smith, LeAnne Olson, Marcia Simmons, Marolyn Jacobs, Patricia Christle, Kay Wingert, Judy Kay Young. Row 4: Joyce Schultz, Joyce Steele, Corinne Wenzel, Nancy McCorkle, Sandra Ozbun, Ruth Johnson, Coral Elsbury, Judith Kuhl, Sigrid Nelson, Sandra Mortvedt, Suzanne Schimberg, Linda Harle, Nancy Allen, Diana Johnson, Elizabeth Hiatt, Norma Trulin. Row 5: Donnarae Madison, Beth Sietmann, Shirley Smotherman, Jessie Moon, Barbara Vanderzyl, Marie Hays, Margola McKean, Carol Tremaine, Kay Hampel, Gloria Cassens, Judy Busching, Sharon Vinton, Sally lndlecoffer, Linda Schnell, Paula Saville. ELEMENTA Kl FURTHERS KNOWLEDGE IN TEACHING To bring together all upper elementary maiors for social activities and to further their knowl- edge in the teaching profession is the purpose of Elementa Ki, sponsored by Dr. Julia Spar- row. Among the many proiects for the year. . . interviews with two boys formerly on reme- dial reading programs, a Homecoming Breakfast, a Halloween Party for the underprivi- leclged children in the Cedar Valley Service Center, and a Christmas Party. I94 -68" ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB - Row 1: E. Sue Jorgensen, Kathleen Poling, Helen Mangold, Dorothy Antons, Millie Bistrick, Jan Swatosh, Elke Bunz, Jan Cushing. Row 2: Shirley Rowe, Marvel Carnes, Patty Miller, Jody Boll, Sylvia Kluiter, Lola Matthews, Tanya Petersen, Sharon Naeve, Doris Pfatf, Beverly Bigler. Row 3: Josephine Yeager-Sponsor, Myrna Jesperson, Judy Overholser, Jane Schoonmaker, Joann McBride, Cecelia Fye, Kay Whitten, Laurel Brockmeyer, Carmin Teeple, Jan Adams, Betty Burzette, Mariio Rice, Kathy Mitchem, Ann Dunbar. ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB SPONSORS "MITTEN TREE" Throughout the school year Ellen H. Richards Club works to bring those interested in Home Economics into closer contact with the field by such programs as "The Values of Home Eco- nomics," "Home Economics in Other Countries," and panel discussions on "Problems of Teach- ing Home Economics." Picnics, Christmas parties, and workshops provide the members with relaxation and social opportunities. A contribution to welfare . . . this was the "Mitten Tree" sponsored to help the underprivileged. The Ellen H. Richards members are given an .oppor- tunity each year to take part in the state and national Home Economics Association by attend- ing State Day with other college clubs throughout Iowa and by attending Province Home Eco- nomics Club meetings for members throughout the nation. 7 - 7,,,,,,,1,,,,,,, 7--,....,...-..f,, Y m...a..............-,....,...,..1-,nr . l95 HAWAIIAN CLUB OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED Picnics, parties, visits to faculty homes, and the annual All-College Hawaiian Show in the Spring . . . these were some of the events that the Club participated in. The All-College Ha- waiian Show brought Hawaii's "Aloha" to Iowa, and added lowa's friendliness to the Par- adise of the Pacific making this a memorable experience for the members of the Club. Mak- ing the final break from their traditionally accepted status, the Club adopted a constitution, and following the procedures outlined by the Organization Committee of Student League Board, received official recognition as an organization of the T.C. campus. The Hawaiians, with their colorful aloha shirts and gay muumuus, have brought a meaningful part of the 50th state to this campus. HAWAIIAN CLUB - Row I: Yaeko Sakuramoto, Kay Koike, Clare Hayashi, Jeannette Matsui, Doris Noiiir, Mildred Higashi, Muriel Naito. Row 2: Elizabeth Corpuz-Advisor, Margaret Takemoto, Amy Matsumoto, Mae Iido, Myrtle Suehisa. Row 3: Ethel Takaha, Fred Cachola. lgsx-A.-nf ' v T ' ml. l.ifl I"1T? INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB - Row I: Dr. L. S. Wright, Dale Gootee, Ronnal Bewyer, James Appleget, Dave Appleby, John Stephenson, Thomas L. Alexander, Charles A. VanVoorhis, Dr. Howard O. Reed. Row 2: Tom Milleman, Karl Laufer, Peter Miles, Gordon N. Rowe, Tullia R. Mordini, Justin Roenen, Roger Fisk. Row 3: Ray E. Matala, William C. McKinley, Gordon S. Thompson, Wilson G. Forbes, Richard Cole, James Mahurin, Donald Barrow, Howard J. Klatt, James La Rue. Row 4: Bary Bailey, Ray Johl, Dick Gabriel, David Longnecker, Richard Justice, Richard Erickson, Dean Witwer. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB VISITS RATH The Industrial Arts Club is organized for all students interested in the industrial arts field. To promote professional growth and to offer fellowship through its social functions are the pur- poses of the Club. A field trip to Rath's packing plant and the Waverly Radar Site, lectures relating to the field . . . these were but a few of the many interesting programs this year. The officers were David Longnecker, president, William McKinley, vice-president, Howard Klatt, secretary, and Jerry Cuffel, treasurer. The faculty sponsor was Dr. H. O. Reed. i l l l I i I l l YW... Y , ,,, Y ,,,,, , --.... ,,,, ...,.,...,.,.1f..:wuw1aN..i.f.:1-.e-u.::.aiwswllH 'I 'll I if IAO SPONSORS STUDENT EXCHANGE To sponsor a foreign student at ISTC and to gain a better acquaintance of the social, cultural, and political affairs of the world . . . these were the maior programs of the International Af- fairs Organization. A Monday convocation was presented which depicted a mock session of the United Nations General Assembly. Dr. George Poage spoke on German education . . . other programs centered around the theme for the spring ACCIA, with various specialists speaking of new developments in their individual fields. Dr. Poage was sponsor of the or- ganization. INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION f Seated: Loren N. Horton, Toni O'Connor, Dave Standard. Standing: Dr. George Paoge- Sponsor, JoAnn Monroe, Ann Williams, Mary Ann Jackson, Sandra Rubel, Rosemary Della Vedova, Patricia Alderdyce, Carol Snouffer Ruth Rhines, Carolyn Juhl, Carol Jean Smith. JEFFERSONIANS - Row I: Charles L. Appelman, Toni O'Connor, Loren N. Horton, Ray S. Johnston. Row 2: Charlyn Cleveland, Edwin Maurer, David Walvoord, Jim Day, Michael F. O'Brien, Erma B. Plaehn. JEFFERSONIANS ATTEND DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION To further the political education of the students on campus, and to bring about a greater understanding concerning the issues and candidates is the purpose of the Jeffersonians. Speeches and discussions by the Democratic Party leaders and candidates . . . attending the Party Conferences and Convention . . . working with the County Central Committee on can- vassing and organization of the precincts . . . these were but a few of the programs during the year. Instruction is given for first-time voters on such matters as registering, marking ballots, and procedures for obtaining and voting by absentee ballot. Serving as faculty spon- sor is Dr. Erma B. Plaehn, Professor of Government in the Department of Social Science. l i ul l rl i il. ll l il l ll L l l l l v l YW ,,,,, ,,-c.,,,,,,.. ...... -.., :ii --e-w.:-J.-T.-......4:1-5.v: unnnrf.m..s-..,,.r.T:T, .fvzawnaff-'--"f-W 1-HUGH l l GT-RVN-, KAPPA PI BETA ALPHA - Seated: Karen Rohlck, Mary Miller, Betty Carr, Joan Daniel, Judy Brehm, Jane Andrews, Jean Van Daele. Row 2: Seated: Phyllis Foolmer, Cora Jean Akerman, Rebecca Barton, Nancy Gaunt, Nancy Doods, Elizabeth Fowler, Margaret Takemoto, Barbara Harris, Janet Tiaden, Joanne Wolfe, Nancy Niles, Marilyn Stone, Muriel Naito, Mary Anne Bruner. Row 3, Standing: Marcia Bottorff, Martha Usher, Jane Hitchens, Sherrie Houston, Lois Sandvik, Mary Lou Aldrich, Marianne Schultz, Loretta Gannon, JoAnn TeKippe, Elaine Fukumura, Alice Thompson, Karen Lavrenz, Lenore Fisch, Donna Neal, Nadine Duer, Sue Schrup, Kay Kerwin, Judy Wiedner, Donna Lan- caster, Mary Elvesether, Christie Fishbaugh, Doris Ann Alsager. Row 4, Standing: Joan McMorris, Wanda Van Wechel, Sandra Nelson, Georgia Sampson, Connie Morgan. KPBA SENDS ALUMNI NEWSLETTER A variety of programs which looked to personal growth as well as advancement as future teachers . . . these were the goals of Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, the professional fraternity for iun- ior and senior women in kindergarten-primary education. These programs included flower arrangements, buzz sessions on different aspects of teaching, the latest in children's books, information on overseas teaching, and how to make china and silverware selections. One im- portant project of KPBA is their alumni newsletter which tells of their activities during the year . . . annual Christmas dessert party, Valentine's Day Party, Mother's Day Luncheon, and Graduation Dinner. Sponsors for the group were Miss Mildred Pray and Miss Virginia Schnepf. KI PRIMA KI HEARS OF EUROPEAN SCHOOLS A freshman and sophomore professional and social organization for lower elementary majors . . . this is Ki Prima Ki. As part of the year's program, the members were fortunate in having Mr. John Harold, superintendent of Cedar Falls Schools, share the experiences he had in the European schools. Fall projects included stuffed toys and tray favors taken to the Chil- dren's Ward and Old People's Home at the Allen Memorial Hospital, and singing Christmas carols to the patients. Student teaching experiences, talks on the characteristics of a youth school library, showing of an educational film, and a Mother's Day Luncheon were other aspects of the program to further the girls in the teaching profession. Sponsor of the organi- zation was Dr. Margaret Buswell. KI PRIMA KI - Row I: Judy Peterson, Ellen Nishimura, Walita Voorhees, Sandy Glans, Kathy Laughlin, Patricia Watson, Donna McKee, Carol Ann Brown, Janice Derkman. Row 2: Caroline Shore, Reva Aiken, Sharon Steinforcl, Shirley Skalsky, Judy Gast, Judy Livingston, Nanci Strang, Janet Rogers, Marilyn Hanson, Judy Innes. Row 3: Sandra Peak, Phylis Hetland, Kaye Brotherton, Betty Wisner, Maxine Williams, Greta Wells, Bonnie DeBower, Janet Wood, Rosemary Riebe, Linda Tenney, Jeannette Matsui. Row 4: Karen Funke, Joan Fox, Rita Fenster- rnann, Pauline Foshe, Sharon Delfs, Donita Diersen, Norma Brandt, Alice Yeager, Karen Mumm, Barb Olin, Joyce Tharp, Arloa Hanke. ENGLISH CLUB - Row 1: Ruth Rhines, Kay Callaway, Audrey Stumbaugh, Mary Virginia White, Myrna Pierce, Sharon Strawn, Sue Cole man, Elaine Pitzenberger. Row 2: Janice Schumacher, Beverly Koch, Janice Nesbit, Barbara Bradley, Billie Bullock, Norma Bauer, Shirley Hudson. Row 3: Cathryn Crowe, Carol Snouffer, Helen Knickman, Dean Eberly, David Green, Lee Morsing, Carol Bock, Connie Stimpson Alice Duggins. 202 LITERARY CIRCLE CHANGED TO ENGLISH CLUB The English Club is a junior affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English. To im- prove English on all levels and in all schools, and to recruit more teachers of English and the language arts . . . these are the aims of the organization. This social-professional organiza- tion gives opportunity for regular informal and semi-informal get-togethers of college stu- dents who share this common purpose. This year the organization voted to change its name from the Literary Circle to the English Club. MARLINS - Seated, Row I: Marilyn Collins, Mary Ann Lee, Jalaa Domer, Janice James. Row 2: Lois Secrist, Ruth Schmeiser, Janet Guenther. Row 3: Carol Wilsey, Peggy Peterson, Patricia Napier. Low board: Patricia Shanklin, Priscilla Rawson, Darlene Sindt, Judy Bertelson, Katherine Schleuger, Marilyn L. Anderson, Carole Turkleson, Bev Field, Carol Bock, Sally Nash, Faye Nelson. Standing: Sharon Schwartz, Annette Whitney, Pat Newland, Mary Witham, Carole Dosland, Miss Shirley Winsberg-Sponsor, Diane Kline, Marilyn McClelland. High board: Marilyn Booth, Sally Olsen, Louise Ziemer, Susan Welch, Maxine Bergmann, Sandra Cranston, Cyn Carisle, Norma Mitchell, Dareen Hasenwinkel, Becky Fisher, Sue Bowman, Sue Christian, Barb Longnecker, Muriel McCormick, Marilyn Hamilton. MARLINS AIM FOR SWIMMING EXCELLENCE Marlins is a synchronized swimming club sponsored by the Department of Physical Education for Women. The activities of the club include the learning of synchronized swimming stunts and strokes, and the arranging of these into routines which are performed in the biennial water show and in other demonstrations. Requirements for membership are the demonstra- tion of synchronized swimming ability in try-outs and a Senior Red Cross Life Saving certifi- cate. A iunior club called Minnows is also organized for those not as highly skilled as the Marlins. The faculty sponsor is Miss Barbara Yager. 7..- ,,,,, ,,,. , ,YW . E,-A ,. -.,,...--'-.....-..,,.,...,..,-..,U,.-A,.4N.f,-W MATH CLUB - Row 1: Sharon Fisher, Gayle Ann Gruber, Clyde Tahara, Carolyn Heard, Joan Bergman, Barbara Mann. Row 2: Ruth Bishop, Mary Mensing, Carol Hendrickson, Pat Genter, Audrey Gehrmann, Patricia Cookinham, Shirley Wehde, Fred Lott. Row 3: Jens Jensen, Doris Beck, Stanton Vandlompenberg, Ron Young, James Helvik, Larry K. Shollenbarqer, Judy Bartachek, John Bruha. Row 4: Roger Larsen, Don Leaman, LaVern Meyer, Richard Wilson, Kenneth Sheldon, Donald E. Ricklefs. MATH CLUB IS OLDEST INTEREST GROUP ON CAMPUS Annual picnic in the spring with Kappa Mu Epsilon . . . Christmas party and tree decorating . . . Alumni Tea at Homecoming . . . these are some of the events sponsored by the Math Club. This is the oldest interest organization on campus, and it is in its 50th year. The of- ficers for the year are Ken Sheldon, president, James Helvick, vice-president, Sharon Fisher, secretary-treasurer. The sponsors for the organization were Mr. Jensen and Mr. Broua. 204 MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE - Row I: Louise Newbury, Marice Schluntz, Judy Hatch, Maxine Fenner, Clyde Tahara, Myrna Norland. Row 2: Janice Gideon, Faye Overheu, Ruth Ellen Sander, Zoe Thoreson, Veral Steele, Sandra Bravener, Beverly Koch, Mona McKnabb. Row 3: Margaret Haefner, Loren J. Long, Richard Sorenson, Anna Stetzer, Karen Knapp, Dee Silver, Anthony Prochaska, Richard Duffy. Row 4: Cathryn Crowe, Harlan Duenow, Sandi Quick, Charles Olson, James Grupp, Leona Folkers, Janet Bohlander, Eleanor Boos. MENC HAS EXCHANGE CONCERT WITH WARTBURG An exchange concert with Wartburg, Christmas caroling, and an open meeting for teachers from the surrounding area were the highlights of the program of the Music Educators Na- tional Conterence this past year. Mr. John Mitchell sponsored the organization. MENC is a national student music organization for music education which strives to improve the music education in our public schools. 205 4 ORCHESIS PRESENTS MOTHER'S DAY SHOW Vigorous exercises . . . developing many dances . . . this Orchesis cloes to prepare for the many programs performed both on and off-campus. Miss Barbara Darling is the faculty spon- sor. Rehearsals are held twice weekly and are devoted to planning the maior production for the year, the Mother's Day show in April. Tryouts are held at the beginning of each semester. ORCHESIS Rov l, Seated: June Cross, Evelyn Miller, Marilyn Fremont, Carol Reedy, Merry Jansen. Row 2, Seated: Beverly Phipps, Kr Knutson Shirley Hudson, Marcia Joslyn, Doug Bassett, Jo Te-Kippe, Lani Onarnura, Vicky Jacob. Row l, Standing: Cyn Carlisle, Sandy Higby Sharri Gleason, Jo Rogers, Janice Blech, Lynda Krueger, Miss Barbara Darling, sponsor, Deloris Clayton, Pamela Long, Gretchen Tel linghursen Jam Munn, Gwen Hennon, Suzanne Sparrow. Row 2, Standing: Andrea Beck, Mary Kay Sergeant, Gwendolyn James. T 'ii PEP COUNCIL - Row 1, Seated: Marg Teisinger. Row 2, Seated: Shirley Radeke, Sonia Strobridge, Jim Duea, Dorothy Cochran, Dalene Whet- stone. Row 7, Standing: Paula DeBerg, Sara Nordly, Marilyn Johnson, Larry Bowen, Roger Fish, Roger Meeker, Marilyn Hansen, Jan Magel, Carol Jean Smith, Mary Earley. PEP COUNCIL PROMOTES CAMPUS SPIRIT To create and promote campus spirit in athletics and other campus activities is the purpose of pep council. Homecoming is by far the busiest time of the year . . . pep rallies are or- ganized and homecoming buttons are sold to bolster the treasury and school spirit. On October 2 the pep council promoted a successful migration to Des Moines for the Drake game . . . March I2 there was a migration to Cornell for a wrestling meet. Migrations are led by the cheerleaders. Miss Mardelle Mohn of the Women's Physical Education Depart- ment was the sponsor this past year. 207 PHI BETA LAMBDA SPONSORS CONVENTION A tall workshop, Homecoming Tea, Christmas Party, and the State Convention for Iowa High School FBLA clubs were sponsored by Phi Beta Lambda, formerly known as Future Busi- ness Leaders of America. This group is an interest organization for all business majors and minors which emphasizes the latest developments in business and business education. Last spring the organization was reorganized and renamed under a new constitution to better facilitate all areas of the Business Department. PHI BETA LAMBDA - Row I: Marlys Mixdorf, Joanne Johnston, Julia Pedelty, Peggy Ohde, Donna Edwards, Mary Eileen Cooney, Janet Poeppey, Deanna Moulton. Row 2: Kenneth L. Hansen, Mary Ann Olsen, Carol Garwood, Joyce Peters, Lucille Greenzweig, Carol Anderson, Rose Mary Miller, Lois Brown. Row 3: Janet Fisher, Janice Larson, Donna Bleich, Josephine Modzelewski, Donna Barkema, Mary Kay Trappe, Pat Noid. Row 4: Judy Hermanstorfer, Barbara Knapp, Rose Ann Sadler, Judi Stimson, Shelby Holmes, Carol Kelly, JoAnn Wilson, Mary Jo TeStrake. Row 5: Linda Harrington, Carol Ann Kruse, Betty Cole, Mary Lou Woehlk, Jean Robertson, Peg Sonichsen. Row 6: Lucille Evans, Joyce McCrea, Darrell Spece, Clark Van Hauen, Roger J. Lynch, Franklyn M. Rogers, Ross Blow. Row 7: Jerry Holbach, LaVerne Andrees- sen, Ronald Countryman, James Tetrick, Dave Long, Gordon Hankins, Roger Pyburn. Row 8: Leland Griner, Joe Fackel, John Schinagel, Dale Harrison, Paul Stuempfig, Dale Hartzler, Ron Harten. Row 9: Colleen Schuchart, Carol Shogren, Bob Senft, Carl Anderson, Robert Klatt, Dave Montgomery, Alice Haman. l l l I l MANY EVENTS FOR SPEECH ACTIVITIES CLUB Debates . . .discussion . . . planning tournaments . . . extemporaneous speaking . . . interpretative reading . . . these activities kept members ot the Speech Activities Club busy this year. This club is open to all who have an interest in some phase ot speech activity. The club held two social meetings this year, one in November and the other in April. The tirst was sponsored by the group which Works with the TC debate tournaments and the second was planned by the debate squad. The faculty sponsor tor the club was Dr. Lillian Wagner and the president was Dick Olm- sted. SPEECH ACTIVITIES CLUB-Row I, Seated: Nancy Allen, Freda Callahan. Row 2, Seated: Audrey Perryman, Lillian R. Wagner-Sponsor, Patricia Townsend-Sponsor, Patricia Alderdyce. Standing: Dorothy Plum, Sandra Gabel, Andy Stimson, William K. McDonald, James D. Gohman, Jack Dodd, Don Fox, Pat Powell, April Sechrist, Pat Cookingham. STUDENT IOWA STATE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION CABINET-Seated: Richard Hallett, Barb Smith. Standing: Jeanine Hallett Walter D DeKock-Sponsor, Collette Mikesell. SISEA HAS LARGEST CHAPTER IN THE NATION Jesse Stuart once wrote, "The teacher has the greatest profession, for through his hands pass all members of every profession." It is upon such a truth as this that the Student Iowa State Education Association is founded. This organization offers to students the op- portunity to be professionally minded during their preparation for the "greatest profession." Student ISEA strives to enlighten its members as to the framework and the activities of the local, state, and national education associations. This year the local chapter is recognized as the largest chapter in the nation, having over six hundred members. It is strongly hoped that as the years continue, even more of those who choose to enter the profession of education will recognize the importance and the opportunities presented by the Student ISEA. This year, Student ISEA is proud to have invited nationally known Roswell Garst to be a guest on the campus. WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB HAS SENIOR BANQUET The Women's Physical Education Club strives to interest all students in many activities pre- sented each year by the Physical Education Department. Carrying out their motto, "Purpose- ful Action," was accomplished by the sophomore initiation picnic, a freshman get-acquainted party, swimming playnight, volleyball night and the Senior Banquet. The club and their sponsor, Dr. Bontz, also revised the constitution of the organization. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB-Row I: M. Jansen, G. Gruber, C. Boesen, K. Galloway, V. Tagesen, S. Strobridge, J. Hulet, P. White, J. King, P. Napier. Row 2: G. Pedersen, J. Paynter, B. Phipps, J. Glasener, H. Scott, S. McKeown, M. Richardson, M. Leslie. Row 3: H. Schuler, J. Bertelson, D. Sindt, S. Lewis, P. Shanklin, K. Schultz, R. Otterbein, B. Myers. Row 4: C. Malm, S, Bowman, G. Ziesche, J. Meyers, S. Welch, Z. Geater, M. White. Row 5: J. Blech, M. Lincoln, S. McGee, E. Miller, D. Bock, J. Moline, C. Dosland. Row 6: B. FISIWGF, N- WIS-9: B- Flint, P- Beitel, J- Ande"99Q, P- Clinton, Nl. Anderson. Row 7: S. Quick, J. Peters, S. Cranston, C. Carlisle, V. Gibson, L. Ziemer, A. Bent. Row 8: M. Bergmann, F. Greufe, B. Peterson, N. Mitchell, P. Rawson, M. Hodgson, B. Longnecker, Dr. Bontz. Row 9: J. Bartachek, R. Egeland, J. Spain, J. Domer, M. Booth, D. Hasenwinkel, G. James. WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION-Seated: Muriel McCormick, Donna Bock, Salley Olsen, Marilyn Booth, Sharon Schwartz. Stand ing: Evelyn Miller, Cyn Carlisle, Becky Fisher, Judy Bartachek, Vicky Gibson, Harriet Schuler, Marilyn L. Anderson, Kathy Calloway. WRA PROVIDES INTRAMURAL PROGRAM The Wornen's Recreation Association offers to the women of Iowa State Teachers College the best use of all the recreational facilities at their service. WRA provides the follow- ing intrarnurals . . . basketball, volleyball, softball, archery, tennis, hockey, golf, bad- minton, trampoline. All college playnights are sponsored by this organization. TC is the president school for the district and state VVornen's Recreational Association, and was host to the convention this year. Working with Men's Union on their first Men's Union Day was one of the special events of this year. 2I2 YOUNG REPUBLICANS ENCOURAGE ACTIVITIES IN PARTY College Young Republicans, established in the spring of i956 on campus, is open to all stu- dents who are interested in the Republican Party. Young Republicans interest students in the Republican Party and provide an opportunity for them to find a place for political ex- pression and recognition. To foster and encourage the activities of the Party, to promote its ideals, and to collect, analyze, discuss and disseminate information concerning political affairs . . . these are the purposes ofthe club and are carried out with the help of the sponsors, Dr. George Robinson, and the officers. YOUNG REPUBLICANS-Row I: Larry Horak, Georgia Sampson, Shanlyn Fisher, Linda Tinderholt, Coral Elsbury, William Callahan, Beverly Hinders. Row 2: Patricia White, Dale Harrison, Lee Steinke, David Linder, Dennis E. Holmes, Karen Oestreich, RELIGION . . . sc R.A. SPONSORS FIRST ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON RELIGION The Student Council of Religious Activities serves the college with a program of activities de- signed to promote ioint participation of all the individual student centers on a campus-wide basis. The Council is made up of one delegate from each of the student centers and religious organizations on campus with three officers and tvvo members elected at large. Activities, such as sponsoring the First Annual Conference on Religion, a fall leadership workshop, and an all- college convocation based on a theme of religion and education, are examples of the work SCRA promotes. Other activities enioyed by the campus as a whole are student-led Chapel serv- ices and the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. These varied activities serve to enlarge and promote religious thinking among the students participating in them. ' STUDENT COUNCIL OF RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES-Row 7: Bev Field, Mary Ellen Comfort, Barbara Lang, Deanna Legg. Row 2: Sharon Fisher Mary Lou Aldrich, David Jepsen, Carol Jean Smith, Ruth Rhines, Roberta Kraft. Row 3: Marlene Price, Ellen Pechacek, Judi Mathi' son Betty Jean Peters, Kenneth Bridges, Lucille Grant. i I 5 u ROGER WILLIAMS FELLOWSHIP-Row I: Sandy Standers, Janice Jennings, Judy Heldenbrand, Marcia Bottorff, Barbara Lang, Alice Jans- sen, Larry Adix. Row 2: Wanette Moyer, Judy Gast, Jean Robertson, Frances Luper, Audrey Perryman, Janet Guenther, Kay Wingert. Row 3: Kenneth Bridges, Cecil Shaw, Dean Jungman, Ronald Adams, Charles Olson, Rodney Wilson, Dennis Zea. BAPTISTS STRESS DISCUSSION PERIODS Sunday evening primary discussion groups and Wednesday night vespers held at the Baptist Student Center every week are aimed at helping each member of the Fellowship develop a Chris- tian philosophy. During these periods, any topic of religious interest to the students may be discussed. Friday evenings the student center is open and available for recreation activity and of the student members and their friends. A sincere interest in the group and plenty of en- thusiasm for its activities are traits displayed by all the members who have participated in ice skating and sledding parties, hay rides, and the various other parties given by the Roger Williams Fellowship. 2l5 Y Y --1 7- ..Y Y -Y--------WV---f-:L1-:w-.fam-4.15 ' l , THETA EPSILON-Row l: Barbara Lang, Wanette Moyer. Row 2: Alice Hyde, Joyce Tobias, Pat Anderson, Sandra Standers, Margaret Takemota Fran Luper, Judy Heldenbrand, Mary O'Bradovich. Row 3: Sharon Williams, Peg Sonichsen, Kay Wingert, Sandy Vande Berg, Marcia Bottorff, Judy Gast, Sylvia Kluiter, Alice Janssen. THETA EPSILON HEARS ABOUT LIFE IN GERMANY Theta Epsilon is a study and service organization that seeks to provide its members with oppor- tunities to gain in leadership and fellowship. Working jointly with the members of the Bap- tist Student Center, these young women carry out activities ranging from baby-sitting with chil- dren during church services to sponsoring an Easter Nlusicale. The bi-monthly meetings proved to be time well spent. The program of one of these meetings included Barb Lang's talk on her summer in Germany. Another featured pottery lessons as the theme. In this way, Theta Epsilon sponsors a program fitted to their age and interest group. NEWMAN CLUB-Row 1: Michael F. O'Brien, Joan Byam, Mary Eileen Cooney, Kay Kernan, Linda Lenz, Colleen Kelley, Mary Ellen Comfort, Judy Logan, Sherryll White, Marilyn Seiler, Tom Crane. Row 2: Josephine Madzelewski, Anne Judge, Joe Fox, Donna Bleich, Rochelle Toner, Dorothy Rod, Marian Hudek, Juanita King. Row 3: Joyce Peters, Rita Lombardi, Jerry Lane, Jim Stanford, Lois Kennedy, Gloria Lombardi, Sharon Strawn. Row 4: Karen Spaw, Kaye Brotherton, Jerome Rosonke, Ray Bachman, Bob Grandgenett, Mary Burn- ight, Mary Anne Bruner. Row 5: Corinne Wenzel, Karen Shold, Judy Kay Young, Bonita Farrell, Sue Schrup, Mary Margaret Gall, Mary Friedman. Row 6: Patricia Beeson, Connie Morgan, Tom Milleman, Kathy Warm, Jerome Seifried, Joan Hendricks, Elaine Pitzenberger. Row 7: Ed Logan, Nancy Schmidt, Judi Mathison, Sharon Vinton, Virginia Pille, Marie Hays, Judy Wiedner. Row 8: Kathy Kelley, Dave Puff, Jack Navin, Jerome Korzendorfer, Jim O'Rourke, Bob Koob, Judy Spain, NEWMANITES DELVE INTO LITURGY STUDY After starting the year oft at such an enthusiastic pace the members of the Newman Club kept busy at all their activities such as the annual migration picnic to Pike's Peak State Park at Mc- Gregor . . . The Iowa-Notre Dame football game at Iowa City . . . the fall dinner-dance . . . the Sunday afternoon picnics out by the river. The Newmanites do not neglect their education either, with classes on the Liturgy ot the Mass and classes on the theme of marriage and the family. And so the year flew . . . visiting art centers . . . monasteries . . . making spiritual re- treats. Chaplain for the group is Father John Gregory. - Y, 1-....-,Wn ..-f YYYYY -.. .-.-.-...,..i.- -.....fimn..nnfgg,...,.U.::e it xc N -5 1""7 va' .img .1-'null' CHRISTIAN STUDENT CENTER-Row I: Dixie Walker, Stevie Walker, Suzanne Sparrow, Marlys Hitchings, Dana Walker, Dorothy Petersen, Marilyn Britven, Becky Kesselring. Row 2: Shirley Watkins, Jane Sparrow, Martha Potts, Judy Hays, Deanna Legg. Row 3: Elaine Kin- singer, Marlys White, Carolyn White, Joann McBride, Lana Sandrock, Connie Winter, Charlyn Cleveland. CHRISTIAN STUDENT CENTER WORKS TOWARD GREATER FELLOWSHIP Working toward a closer Christian fellowship was the main goal of the Christian Fellowship. The year started with a freshman welcoming party and continued throughout the year with such events as the Christmas Banquet, the Sweetheart Party in February, and the annual spring plan- ning retreat. The group had many service proiects to further the group's fellowship. These proiects included selling Christmas cards, ushering at the Cedar Falls Christian Church, caroling at the various convalescent homes, and babysitting. Mrs. Daley Walker, the director of the Christian Student Center, always insures a welcome for all who wish to come. 2l8 . in .X 90' Jr- 'll Q I Jill CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION-Row I: Loren N. Horton, Carol J. Horton, Nancy Gaunt, Genevieve Robinson, Charlotte Moodie, The Reverend William R. Bagby. Row 2: Kay Amarson, Joan Daniel, Nancy Gates, Rosemarie Matherny, Sue Meyer, Caroline Shore. CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION STUDIES BIBLE Remembering the fun had by all at the tall and spring picnics . . . the thoughts passed on by the sister who was sent from a convent in Wisconsin to speak tothe group . . . thus the Canter- bury Association recalls the good times they had as they worshipped and played together. A retreat in the latter part of November . . . caroling during the Christmas season . . . the trip to Coe College. . . studying the most misinterpreted passages in the Bible . . . and having several parties were only a few of the many other activities that members of the Canterbury Association participated in during the past year. ll I ZI9 ..-l.A' 1 .-............i....,,,,:f 71:...,., REORGANIZATION WAS GOAL OF E.U.B. Reorganization was the goal of the Evangelical United Brethren Student Fellowship for the year. The group has been meeting for several years, but this year they rewrote their constitution and asked the Student League Board tor recognition. The members were active in the Cedar Falls Evangelical United Brethren Church. They sang in the church choir and attended the church serv- ices. During the Christmas season, they painted a Christmas scene on a window in the downtown Cedar Falls business district and went caroling. Hayrides highlighted the tall and the group ended the year with a delicious steak try in the spring. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hahn, counselors, helped the group to make the year an eventful one. EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN-Row l: Don Fox, Leland Griner, Lynn Glass. Row 2: Sharon Thompson, Kathryn Flitsch, Marcia Wiley, Sharon Fisher, Judy Innes, Louise Newbury. Row 3: Sharon Delfs, Sharon Stricker, Larry Shollenbarger, Donald Ricklets, Ronald Groth, David Jepsen, Audrey Kooiker, Carolyn Tietz. A1- Qs F 'L e ' fl . QM. UNITED STUDENT FELLOWSHIP-Row i: Lois Sawtell, Marlene Price, Helen Mangold, Audrey Stumbaugh. Row 2: Sharon Claussen, Kathryn Claussen, Nancy Mcllrath, Barbara Harris, Linda Mangold. Row 3: Bob Button, Dave Appleby, Philip Lack, Dale Harrison. USF PROMOTES THREE-FOLD PROGRAM The United Student Fellowship and Sigma Eta Chi, Congregational sorority, work together in promoting religious thinking among the students attending college. Fall and spring retreats, a monthly newsletter, group discussions and outside speakers give the members a spiritual pro- gram which is supplemented by the intellectual. Here the social, spiritual and intellectual pro- grams come together with a unified student center as the end result. SIGMA ETA CHI-Row 1: Lois Sawtell, Kay Blankenship, Jeanne Kanemitsy, Janice Kerkman. Row 2: Muriel Naito, Helen Mangold, Audrey Stumbaugh, Marlene Price, Carol Morris, Ruth Kimura. Row 3: Gail Brocks, Barbara Harris, Naomi Wilkans, Linda Beeler, Nancy Mcllrath, Kathy Murphy, Nancy Hoppe, Lunne Beattie, Sharon Wetherill, Linda Mangold. i l .QQT . MA :- w-rv.. N.-ev-A yslgnuimuvsm INTER-VARSITY HOLDS WEEKLY DORM DISCUSSIONS Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is a student organization on campus which is interdenomina- tional in character. lt seeks to investigate the claims ot Jesus Christ and to consider His chal- lenge to today's college students. Inter-Varsity is a member of an international student move- ment among Christians, the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. It seeks to promote spiritual thought through daily prayer meetings, tall and spring retreats, a Bible worship retreat and weekly dorm discussions. Social life is not neglected as this group holds an annual banquet as well as other miscellaneous social events. INTERVARSITY-Row I: Doris Pfaff, Beverly Nelson, Sylvia Nelson. Row 2: Joanne Johnston, Jean Robertson, Eliean Pechacek, Gwendolyn James, Dean Jungman, Gale Norris, Suzanne Sparrow, Patricia Morey. Row 3: Sandra Rubel, Larry Adix, Sterling Nelson, Jack Kint- ner, Dick Olson, Sandy Vande Berg, Judy Gast. , . ,545-' it IIPIX' I ' 2. ., 1' fl' I Q :.a 1,.1.s'Xs-Aff!! . It ,, - l 0 . , . 31,12 L.S.A. FOLLOWS A FIVE POINT PLAN The Lutheran Student Center program, planned and carried out by and for the students, sought to help the Christian student relate his faith to campus life as a whole. Students followed a plan which had five main points: worship, study, service, evangelism, and recreation. Aimed at pro- moting a fellowship within the group which helped the members grow in the understanding of the Lutheran faith, the LSA program was necessarily varied. LSA had a program of regular Thurs- day evening vespers with the belief that a faith has more meaning when based on reason and intelligent understanding of religion. LUTHERAN STUDENT CENTER-Row I: Janice Anderson, Joan Enerson, Ardee Underberg, Lois Sandvik, Marge Peters, Carol Hansen Peggy Lamprecht, Sandy Glans. Row 2: Pat Noid, Sally Lueihie, Nancy Overland, Pat Cookinham, Shirley Hudson, Carol Druecker Row 3: Bev Field, Helen Bliss, Orloue Halvorson, Martha Usher, Virginia Gunderson, Judy Wade, Dorothy Antons. Row 4: Sally Rock Karen Burkhart, Lois Madsen, Janis Kalkwarf, Eleanor Boos, Mary lngvoldstad. Row 5: Anita Daniels, Cleone Johnson, Gail Rottunda, Ramonna Anderegg, Carol Detfmann, Sandra Morwedt, Jean l.ind. Row 6: April Sechrist, Lobetta Clausen, Donita Diersen, Roger K. Thompson, Verna Jean Atzen, Lowell Lueck, Alice Yeager. Row 7: Richard McClain, Marlene Schroeder, Jerry Risdahl, Dale Eberhard Loren Iverson, Leona Folkers, Roger Hanson. I GAMMA DELTA-Row 1: Joanne Maxwell, Lois Moeller, Donna Edwards, Roberta Kraft, Marolyn Jacobs, Jayce Albers, Barb Vogt, Karen Streck. Row 2: Phyllis Hetland, Betty Gerdes, Norma Spurling, Sharon Willesen, Marilyn Kreft, Karen Funke, Mona McKnabb, Karen Rohlck, LeAnna Olson, Marianne Schultz. Row 3: Tanya Petersen, Arloa Hanke, Jan Peterson, Ruth Voss, Anne Shafer, Bev Bo- gart, Judith Kuhl, Myrna Spurling, Joan Hunt, Lucinda Liittschwager. Row 4: Betty Peters, Doreen Hasenwinkel, Gloria Cassens, Harold Hensel, Jon DeNeui, Jim Wilkins, Edgar Brammer, Henry Borger, Jr., Kenneth Schilling, Doris Beck, Sandra Bockholt. GAMMA DELTANS STRIVE FOR KNOWLEDGE AND SERVICE The Gamma Deltans of the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church are keeping busy with a full sche- dule of such things as selling student center note cards . . . public car washes . . . picnics and ban- quets. During the year members carried out the guiding word of their organization "knowledge and service" by holding a Christmas party for the Cedar Falls Lutheran Home, Christmas caroling, and a sleigh riding party. Other activities included Wednesday morning matins . . . Sunday supper programs . . . vespers . . . choir . . . and discussion groups. Pastor Edgar Brammer is sponsor of the group. WESLEY SPONSORS AN OVERSEAS CHILD A fall and a spring retreat . . . a week end camp for discussion and worship . . . These were found in The Wesley program for The past year. Counseled by Rev. Spaine, Wesley had an open house on Friday evening complete with recreation. A rooms as well. Sunday evening meetings and The discussion groups and worship services in an Service Sorority sponsored by Miss Barbara Halloween party provided a break from The class lectures are a familiar part of Wesley as well as which all may take part. Kappa Phi, The Wesley- Smith, enioyed The proverbial Yule Log aT Christ- mas. Sponsoring an overseas child and donating to The national chapter were some of The serv- ice proiects of Kappa Phi. Ushering at The Interdenominational Chapel in the spring and ushering at Wesley every Sunday were two proiects undertaken by The Sig Thets. The Wesleyan Service Fraternity is sponsored by Rev. Spain and Mr. Crumley. WESLEY-Row 1: Robert Johnson, Alan DeGraw, Harlan Lee Bell, Richard Capps, William McDonald. Row 2: Margaret Haefner, Barbara Smith, Marcia Hartman, Richard Curry, Evelyn Brockmeyer, Gerald Payton. Row 3: Norma Hoffman, Kay Thompson, Jan Tiaden, Phylis Follmer, Freda Callahan, Helen Knickman, Beverly Richter, Elizabeth Fowler, Laurel Brockmeyer, Jane Schoonmaker, Beverly Richter, Kathy Mitchem, Joy Tubaugh, Connie Heaton, Jeanette Knierim. -K.. QW! dis? 5-g , ?- Q 1',5 Q 1 'fi ' KS 1 i 'lnawtv 'CR Nm. 1 wi , gpg :w' Jugv 'TC A Q, 2.3 2 Q WJ, I 3 ll gf E s l l l l l l l PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT CENTER-Row 7: Deanna Moulton, Judy Vermilyea, Rose May Miller, Sheryl Grant, Ruth Rhines, Marilyn lrey, Anna Mae Brady, Mary Boldridge. Row 2: Linda Bersee, Nell Lemon, Carol Jean Smith, Alice Larkey, Ruth Schmeiser, Nadine Duer, Barbara Cooley, Rita Williams. Row 3: Wilma Neeren, Sandra Nelson, Mary Humkel Dave Montgomery, Mike Chilson, Rev, Dick Nelson, Peggy Peterson, Bonnie Bvol, Sharron Strayer. PRESBYTERIANS MIGRATE TO ATHENS, OHIO The Eighteenth Quadrennial Conference on Christian World Missions held in Athens, Ohio was at- tended by several members of the Presbyterian Student Center. This conference, held during the Christmas vacation, enriched the lives of those attending, both spiritually and intellectually. In discussion groups at the conference, students were made aware of the responsibilities of the Christian faith and how each person must face this life and its struggles for himself: On the campus the members continue working to broaden their interpretations of Christianity through summer work camps, study trips, spiritual retreats, lecture programs, art shows and parties. Study programs, open to all who are interested, were developed on the Protestant philosophy of education and Calvin. 227 .......,.Ji! PHI CHI DELTA-Row I: Ruth Schmeiser, Rose Mary Miller, Marilyn Irey, Linda Bersee, Judy Vermilyea, Deanna Moulton. Row 2: Sharron Strayer, Bonnie Bvol, Alice Larkey, Nancy Mitchell, Kay Block, Carol Jean Smith, Mary Boldridge. Row 3: Marilyn Jugenheimer, Peggy Peterson, Judy Overholser, Mrs. Richard Nelson-Sponsor, Sand ra Gabel, Lorraine Marti, Linda Schnell. PHI CHI DELTA SOUGHT TO GAIN LEADERSHIP Phi Chi Delta, the Presbyterian girls' service sorority, is a study and service organization that sought to provide its members with opportunities to gain leadership and to share in fun and fellowship with other young vvornen. Meeting In conjunction with the Presbyterian Student Center, these girls included such service projects as ushering at the Interdenorninational Chapel and sponsoring and supervising the annual Christmas Chocolate held at the Presbyterian Student Center. Under the guidance of Mrs. Dick Nelson the students worked together, studied together, and enjoyed the benefits of their Christian life to-gether. E I i I 1 . I INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL-Row 1: Ruth Johnston, Myrna Sprengeler. Row 2: Beth McPeek-Sponsor, Nancy Maginnis, Ann Consol- ver, Norma Larkin, Judy Nelson, Joan Collins, Diane Gilbert. Row 3: Sharon Harris, Shirley Pace, Donna Daudel, Sara Ferguson, Carol Lester, Cecelia Fye, Rose Ann Sadler, Karen Fairbank, Mary Ann Lee, Janis Kalkwart, Marvel Carnes, Joan Peters. SOCIAL . . . IFC AND ISC STRIVE FOR COOPERATION AMONG GREEKS The Inter-Sorority and Inter-Fraternity Councils . . . function to bring about closer cooperation among the fraternities and sororities, and to act as legislative, executive, and iuclicial bodies for them. The councils sponsor service proiects, oversee rushing activities, and honor individual fra- ternities and sororities for their achievements. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL-Row i: Dean Settle, Jim Riggs, Dave Stanard, Eric Keele, Jim Meskimen, Curt Cornell, Craig Rule. Row 2: Richard Grove, James Gohman, William Wohlers, Don Hofsommer, Dick Harden, Dave Long, Cecil Shaw, Todd Stastny. i I l a I i I I ,.................A! DELTA DELTA PHI CO-SPONSORS WINNING HOMECOMING FLOAT Promoting stronger bonds of friendship, providing opportunities for social experience and helping each member become a finer woman through poise, sane iudgment, good taste and unfailing courtesy . . . these were the goals of the Delta Delta Phi sorority. The Delts strive to develop these qualities through their many activities during the year. Throughout the year the sorority took part in various service proiects, such as reclaiming a home for exceptional children and singing in homes for the aged. The highlight of the fall activities was winning first place in the homecoming parade with the float "Proud as a Peacock," which the Delts and their brother fraternity, Alpha Chi Epsilon, entered. The formal dinner-dance "Sea Fan- tasy," formal initiation and the traditional Mother's Day Tea brought another memorable year to a close for the Delts, under the leadership of Carol Lester, president, Kay Byers, vice-presi- dent, Kay Hasselbusch, treasurer, Sue Gabrielson, secretary, and Dr. and Mrs. George Poage as sponsors. DELTA DELTA PHI-Row I: JoAnn TeKippe, JoAnn Monroe, Sue Cozine, Jani Munn, Carol Lester, .lan Hibbs, Judie Lewis, Judy Nelson. Row 2 Sharon Wykle, Jane Stephenson, Shirley Petersen, Roberta Wiley, Judith Gritton, Marilyn Seiler. Row 3: Carolyn Traver, Jan Mage! .loan Collins, Marilyn Hansen, Marilyn Becker, Janet Poeppey. Row 4: Sharon VanSant, Marg Teisinger, Kay Byers, Shirley Pippert, Kay Hasselbusch. Row 5: Sandy Akin, Elaine Brecht, Donna Peterson, Donna Fogelstrom. Row 6: Dorothy Cochran, Sue Gabrielson, Sara Nordly Row 7: Susan DeSart, Sara Ferguson. Row 8: Kay Hampel. KAPPA THETA PSI-Row 7: Jane Terwilliger, Kathy Kelly, Norma Larkin, Sharron Strayer, JoAnn Wilson. Row 2: Janet Rathbun, Judy Vermilyea, Berth Ann Bockhaus, Avon Allen, Leona Folkers, Barbara Post, Janice Terrill, Janis Kalkwarf. Row 3: Charlyn Cleveland, Carol Lu Hensing, Janice Cummings, Dorothy Powell, Sharon Haeve, Barbara Powell, Lois Sandvik, Elizabeth Brown, Susan Wright, Joyce SWEETHEART DINNER AND DANCE HIGHLIGHTS KAPPA YEAR l I i The Kappa Theta Psi sorority highlighted their social year with their annual Sweetheart Dinner and Dance. The Homecoming Alumni Tea, Secret Sister Week, Mother's Day Tea and gradua- tion Dinner are other traditional events which the Kappas hold. These along with service proi- ects, popcorn parties, and coke dates, help to carry out their goal, "To develop through its mem- bers strongly knit friendships and to strive to promote on the campus better relationships both socially and scholastically." Acting in the official capacities of the sorority this past year were Norma Larkin, president, Jean Ann Eide, vice-president, Sharron Strayer, recording secretary, Jo Wilson, treasurer, and Dr. and Mrs. Clifford McCollum, Dr. and Mrs. Cecil Phillips, and Miss Mari- llyn Schlemmer as advisors. ,1-,Y ,,,, ,,.-.-7,,,:g::i1-W, Weszge.-Te,s.,...Yn -.........,...,................-Y iiaa-an-..wv.1.,......,. X. 1vt.v,,:-A:-f-.wmv-Q NU SIGMA PHI-Row 7: Myrna Pierce, Maxine Fenner, Donna Daudel, Lois Harker, Carol Hatch, Shirley Pace. Row 2: Anne Shafer, Mary Ellen Corder, Doreen Hasenwinkel. NU SIGMA PHI IS OLDEST CAMPUS SORORITY The oldest social sorority existing on the TC campus at the present time is the Nu Sigma Phi sorority They were founded in 1896 and had as their motto, "In union there is strength." Through the years this group has proven the significance of their motto to the campus community by ioining together in activities which enrich the lives of the members while at the same time serve others. An action that displayed this Nu Sig spirit was the Christmas decoration of the tree and lobby of the Sartori Memorial Hospital which brought the joy of the season To the patients. For the sixth consecutive year the Nu Sigs have been honored by receiving the Inter-Sorority Scholarship Plaque. This award is given to the sorority with the highest grade point for the semester. Social events such as coke dates, picnics, dinners, and caroling are included as essential elements in the Nu Sig program. Dr. and Mrs. Manford Sonstegard, Mrs. Howard Jones, and Miss Eleanor Merritt were sponsors while Donna Daudel was president, Lois Harker, vice-president, Anne Sha- fer, secretary, and Doreen Hasenwinkle, treasurer. B ll Z fi 'z X: PHI SIGMA PHI-Row I: Marilyn Grant, Bonnie DeBower, .lo Smith, Connie Schaefer, Cherie Shoesmith, Connie Larsen, Claudine Web- ster, Linda Gordon, Clare Hayashi, Row 2: Judi Stimson, Shelby Holmes, Rose Ann Sadler, Mary Ann Lee, Tanya Petersen, Rosemary Trager, Becky Fisher, Linda Harrington, Vicky Gibson. Row 3: Jalaa Domer, Karen Swenson, Nancy Schmidt, Jan Robbins, Karen Schroeder, Colleen Schuchart, Carol Ebel, lla Mae Hemm. PHI SIGMA PHI EMPHASIZES SOCIAL GRACES "We build for character and not for fame' '... this the motto of the Phi Sigma Phi sorority is a foundation which provides an opportunity for each member to make close and lasting friend- ships from her affiliation with the sorority. Rose Ann Sadler, president, Tanya Petersen, vice-presi- ident, Shelby Holmes, secretary, and Vicky Gibson, treasurer, officiated the Phi Sig's activities with the help of sponsors Dr. and Mrs. Middleton, Dr. Ball, Miss Shurrer, and Miss Sholander. The goal for this year was to provide an opportunity for girls to develop both socially and scholastic- ally. With this goal in mind the group has placed special emphasis on social graces in activities such as the Homecoming Tea, Christmas Party, coke dates, Mother's Day Luncheon and the Graduate Dinner. They also made scholarship awards to outstanding individuals during the year to carry out their goal. Along with serivce projects and activities with their brother fraterni- ty Phi Sigma Epsilon, the outstanding event was the Annual Spring Dinner Dance. 233 7-- ---41:11, 1 Y Y-Y.-,gee-gsm-a., xwlmzmvh , Jim .. ' PI TAU PHI Row I: Ann Siddell, Ardee Underberg, Marge Peters, Shirley Donaldson. Row 2: Mary Eleanor Paulk, Connie Heaton, Carol Hendrickson, Myrna Sprengeler, Lona Nielsen, Donna Lancaster, Carol Jossie, Joy Tubaugh, Sandra Lewis. Row 3: Mary Ellen Comfort Karen Louise Anderson, Diane Gilbert, Cathie Agey, Marilyn Johnson, Darlene Sindt, Cheryl Hildebrand, Mary Kaye Stringer. INDIVIDUAL PI TAUS HONORED The alums of Pi Tau Phi sorority have shown considerable interest in the active chapter this past year by setting up a fund from which is to be purchased a bracelet . . . an award to the "Pi Tau of the Year," who is a graduating senior. They also gave the sorority a scholarship medal which is an effort to stimulate better scholarship. The scholarship medal is a "traveling award," going to the girl having the highest grade point for that semester. The Pi Taus honor the alum- nae who return for Homecoming Week-end by giving a tea and inviting them as guests. For Dad's Day the girls sponsor a fireside for the Pi Tau Dads and Daughters to become better ac- quainted. A service project is selected by the sorority at the beginning of the year and carried out as a group. Mrs. Perry Grier and Miss Shirley Posson sponsored the Pi Taus while Lona Nielson served as president, Myrna Sprengeler as vice-president, Donna Lancaster as secretary, and Carol Hendrickson as treasurer. 3 6 12 it l. F Pl THETA Pl-Row l: Becky Guernsey, Sharon Baker, Joan Henry, Carol Reedy, Janice Kerkman. Row 2: Betty Lou Kynett, Sharon Harris, Carol Balhorn, Betty Cole, Ruth Johnston, Connie Peck, Marilyn Arthur, Nancy Butterfield, Pat Maulthauf, Marilyn Fremont. Row 3: Karen Knapp, Carole Dosland, DeAnn Zubradt, Karolyn Bettis, Joyce Kollman, Joanne Brasch, Barbara Hansen, Judy Barmer, Joann McBride, Ann Hawn, Nancy Strong, Earlene Bixler, Connie Jochum. PI THETA PI CARRY TRADITIONS FORTH The Pi Thet's schedule this year was filled with activities to strengthen their sisterhood and pro- mote social grace and scholarship. The year began with a coke date with their brother fraterni- ty, Sigma Tau Gamma, and was followed by the sisters and brothers entering together in social events, such as the Christmas party, throughout the year. Two scholarship honors of a necklace and a bracelet were bestowed upon the two pledges with the highest grade points. These traditional awards are passed on from year toyear. Advising the Pi Theta Pi sorority this past year were Dr. and Mrs. Richard Crumley, Mr. andMrs. Merritt Melberg, Miss Thelma Short, and Miss Barbara Darling. Traditional events such as the Homecoming Sip for the Alumni, a Mother's Day Brunch, Secret Sister Week, Spring Dinner-Dance, Graduate Dinner, and sending the alumni a newsletter were carried on again this year by the sorority. Carrying forth the Pi Thet traditions were Kay Whitney, president, Ruth Johnstone, vice-president, Connie Peck, secretary, and Marilyn Arthur, treasurer. 235 -ec.ecc .,,,u. ,, ,,., , fcc...,,,,.,..eW...,,v.,.W...gM....,N,,..,e,.,,....,.,mmm.c can 272' Y---M---Y---A A- 'A-AA - ---4 ---f----1-:--u- -nu--4-u -x.Nnm...z.m-.:.u:s.,wfA-p.x,mf- TAU SIGS WORK TOGETHER FOR CLOSER FRIENDSHIP Following their motto of "Friendship and Service," the Tau Sigs enioyed a year of activities which were planned for the betterment of each of the members. Annual events such as Homecoming Tea, Graduate Dinner, Spring Dinner-Dance, and Mother's Day Luncheon helped to better their social graces and to widen their scope of friendship. The leaders of the sorority, Karen Fairbank, president, Sonia Strobridge, vice-president, Nancy Maginnis, secretary, and Diane Darnall, treas- urer carried the ideals of Tau Sigma Delta through the year. In fulfilling their goal, "To bring members close together by working together," the Tau Sigs had several money-making projects, such as the bake sale, which is an effort to raise money for the scholarship fund. This fund is used toward the annual Tau Sig Scholarship which is awarded to a girl on campus who is deserving of financial aid. Sponsoring the sorority this past year were Dr. and Mrs. William Dee, Dr. Elaine McDavitt, and Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Talbott, TAU SIGMA DELTA-Row l: Jan Swatosh, Barbara Bradley, Carole Robinson, Dalene Whetstone. Row 2: Joan Myers, Alice Holcliman Margaret Schrodt, Sonia Strobridge, Nancy Maginnis, Karen Fairba nk, LaVera DuPey, Dianne Darnall, Pat Loving, Mary Etta Solbeck Mary Jo Bodum, Row 3: Janice James, Barbara Snyder, Cecilia Fye, Priscilla Hake, Kathy Warm, Ge-orgiana Kaskaclden, Faye Blankenship Sherrie Houston, Joye Everhardt, Ann Consolver. THETA GAMMA NU-Row 7: Cynthia Carlisle, Susan Welch, Carol Breeding, Sharon Read, Row 2: Mary Lou Larson, Joan Peters Patricia Chang, Sandra Howard, Marvel Carnes, Lucille Evans, Joan Collins, Anna Mae Brady, Claudia Boesen, Jaince Nesbit. Row 3: Audrey Krug, Pat Clinton, Nancy Wise, Marilyn Booth, Sandra Cranston, Alice Duggins, Patty Miller, Carol Flack, Jayne Eyerly, Barbara Rodgers, Margaret Haefner. THETA GAMMA NU PAINTS FOR CAMP AS SERVICE The Theta Gamma Nu sorority witnessed another active year, promoting their goals of friendship, scholarship, and leadership. Sponsoring the traditional activities such as the Homecoming Brunch for Alumni, the Christmas party climaxing Secret Sister Week, the Spring Dinner and Sweetheart Dance, and the party honoring all graduating Thetas, were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paulson, Mr. and Mrs. John Aldrich, and Dr. Elizabeth Howes. Other events included this year were regular overnights, attending chapel services together, parties with other sororities, and the painting of furniture and equipment at a local camp as a service project. Climaxing the Theta year and the official term in office for Marvel Carnes, president, Lucy Evans, vice-president, Sandy Howard, secretary, and Mildred Bistricky, treasurer was the Mother's Day Brunch. At this annual event, the Theta with the highest grade point was honored as was the Outstanding Theta of the year. 237 - Ynrr ---,,, ,,,, NYY -,,.,,,,,,,-,, , ,,,,,.-,...-,......,..A,......::.w.1.....,..,..1r-n.,.r.-.,.1n:num.f.WL MANY FIRSTS FOR CHIS THROUGHOUT YEAR Beginning an eventful social year for the Chis, was the traditional serenading of the women's dormitories, followed by the Homecoming Dinner, Christmas caroling with their sister sorority Delta Delta Phi, Senior Dinner, Orchid Formal, Nairobi, summer stag, and service projects carried on by each pledge class, as well as by the entire membership. Dean Schwarz, president, Bill Struyk, vice-president, Dick Grove, secretary, and Jim Crowder, treasurer carried forth these traditions of Alpha Chi Epsilon under the sponsorship of Dr. E. J. Cable, Dr. Howard Jones, Dr. Edward Thorne, and Mr. Milo Lawton, the advisors of the fraternity. Stressing the purpose of the fraternity, brotherhood, the members worked as a single unit in winning the Homecoming Inter-Fraternity Sing, in receiving first place, with the Delts, in the Homecoming Float contest, and by retaining the Scholarship Plaque. An award is made to the outstanding senior at the event which climaxes the Chi year, the Orchid Formal. This honor is made to the Chi contributing the most to the fraternity and to the college during his college year. ALPHA CHI EPSILON-Row lr Ken Stevens, Dean Schwarz, Fred Cachola, Paul Jones, Doug Bassett, Jerry Nelson, Craig Rule, Bob Hoy. Row 2 Roger Pederson, Harry Nielsen, Gordon Odegard, Roger Meeker, Tom Spear, Terry Crane, Richard Grove, Larry Bowen. Row 3 Harvey Anderson, Richard McClain, Steve Simons, Vern Hansen, Stanly Glawe, Don Murphy, Anthony McGuire, Carter Griffin, Allen Remling Row 4: Roger McCulley, Henry Gray, Michael McBride, Cliff Svobocla, Jim Riggs, Jim Crowder, Richard Boller, Ron Olsen. - - Y. - - --si--.- t PHI SIGMA EPSILON HOLDS WHITE ROSE FORMAL Their motto "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," serves as the foundation for the Theta chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon. Monte McCunniff, president, John Sullivan, vice-presi- dent, Dave Vovos, secretary: and Bob Rice, treasurer leol the Phi Sigs through another season of sports and social activities. The most remembered events of the year were the Homecoming olin- ner held at Waverly and the White Rose Formal which took place in January. The Phi Sigs, being quite active in college athletics, as a group participated in intramurals and won the football championship. Through athletics and student government, recognition was given to a few of the individual members of the group. Sponsoring the Phi Sigs were Mr. William Dee, Mr. Charles Allegre, and Mr. Al Barne. PHI SIGMA EPSILON-Row I: Thomas Alexander, William McNiel, James Brannon, ,Roger Hanson, Max Huffman, Connie Nichols, Larry Dillinger, Dave Pitz. Row 2: Monte McCunniff, Dave Kierks, Don Hofsommer, Boyd Van Voorhis, Jim Duea, John States, Cecil Shaw, Dave Vovos, Frank Howell. Row 3: Dave Palmer, Arthur Hay, Bob Hamed, Ron Rubek, Don Wilson, Dennis Oleiniczak, Todd Stastny, Dick Dotson, Dean Miller. Row 4: Ray Juhl, Darrel Bunge, Doug Foley, Richard Winey, Bob Rockwood, John Sullivan, Robert Andrews, Ted Broberg, Milf Nolting, Jim Stilwell. Row 5: Dennis Remmerf, Charles Schulte, Bill Simpson, Ron Dalton, James Wilson, Larry Hashberger, Mace Reyerson, Jim Gardner. SIGMA TAU GAMMA-Row l: Burton Van Auken, Dale Hartzler, Jerry Purcell, Dean Luxford, Gary Astor, Paul Stuempfig, Lloyd Brit ton Row 2: Jim Ferguson, Dave Long, Gordon Hankins, Ron Hogue, Mahlon Hill, Glenn Carwell, Roger Pyburn. Row 3: William Wohlers, Roger Wanclschneider, Jim Carr, Eric Keele, Ron Spurlin, Chuck Lammers, Harm Oldenkamp. Row 4: Lee Alshouse, Ron Upah Walt Frank, Bill Kaufman, Curt Cornell, Cliff Bartlett. SIG TAUS SPONSOR CONCLAVE The Sig Taus in an attempt to keep the alums in closer contact with the activities of the local chapter, established a corporation made up ot alumni members. This corporation was just formed last year and seemed to fulfill its purpose of keeping the alums aware of things that the active members were doing. Events taking place during the year were the Homecoming Dinner, Christmas party with their sister sorority, Pi Theta Pi, and coke dates with the other social sorori- ties. Two conclaves played an important part in an eventful year for Sigma Tau Gamma. They attended such a conclave at Menomonie, Wisconsin in the fall, and then sponsored another conclave on this campus in the spring. The year's activities were officiated by Walt Frank, president, Eric Keele, vice-president, Lee Alshouse, secretary, Gordon Hankins, treasurer, and Dr. Harold Bernhard and Dr. James Blanford as sponsors. The year was concluded with the traditional White Rose Formal, TAU KAPPA EPSILON HAS ACTIVE YEAR Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity carried on many activities throughout the year as they have in the past, including intramural athletics, the annual pheasant feed, the French Underground Party in the fall, activities with their sister sorority, Tau Sigma Delta, national conclave, fall and spring smokers. Sponsoring the events were Mr. Harlan Samson and Mr. Peter Mazula. Officers for the year were Jerry Stilwell, president, Terry Stiffler, vice-president, Gene Hakanson, secretary, and Dave Mont- gomery, treasurer. In the spring the fraternity held its Red Carnation Ball, one of the more elaborate TKE events.,- TAU KAPPA EPSILON-Row l: Doug Buchanan, Bob Jefferson, Bill Paup, Wayne Granneman, Ronald Krumm, Roger Harms Jackson Short Jim Murphy Dave Smith. Row 2: Jim Turner, Dan Schultz, Arnold Schager, Gene Hakanson, Robert Young, Kurt Wiethorn Dave Montgomery Bob Senft Gerald Peterson, Barry Geise. Row 3: Jim Gorham, Don Wineinger, Gary Wilcox, Bill Kinne, Dave Standard Norm Peters Jack Frisble Dean Settle, Harold Farrier, Jon Havighurst, Lee Mowrer. Row 4: John Raffensperger, Jim Meskimen, Jerry Stilwell Terry Stiffler Sam Huston Clark Dey, Dick Lowery, Larry Quick, John Copley, Allan Johnson. WA' 515' Q F61 1 4 -ewan' " 5 , 9 ,f Q . fr. 5 la- ! ' I i N U I .ae-,-,' L ' ff I 1 f gf 1 dl L, 3 R 3 E H V 1 .4 'i H W W pa f 1 1 H I ! ,...f-.--,W--Q.,-f --W-G+'-W.. FOOTBSL 'Ni X QQ-V 0 ISTC 22 Bradley 21 Mankato 22 North Dakota 'I4 Drake 6 Augustana 22 Morningside 14 North Dakota 6 South Dakota I4 htSouth Dakota 5 my m:-XQTT 5 Yr., ' 5: Although the football team had a season's record of If sl six wins and three losses, the Panthers finished in a J. tie for fourth place in the North Central Conference. The Tutors were plagued with iniuries throughout the season as Duane Bonsall, Max Huffman, Allee Now- den, and Warren Hansen were out of action for at least part of the campaign. Throughout the year TC mixed a strong running game with an adequate passing attack. On defense, the Panthers held all but two opponents to two touch- downs or less. Charlie Dunnigan goes through the middle for short yard- age. GRIDMEN FINISH SEASON WITH 6-3 RECORD FOOTBALL TEAM-Row I: John Gregory, Jerry Foster, Charlie Dunnigan, Allee Nowden, Jim Damron, Bob Crane, Max Huffman, Dean Hartman. Row 2: Dick Abrahamson, Warren Hansen, Duane Bonsall, John Raffensperger, John Sullivan, Don Buck, Wendell Williams, Greg Bice, Trainer Art Dickinson. Row 3: Manager Frank Ryan, Todd Stastny, George Asleson, Ken Kroemer, Gary Wilcox, Mace Reyerson, Chuck Schulte, Jerry Morgan, Dennis Remmert, Assistant Coach Stan Sheriff. Row 4: Manager Channing Hall, Mike Vandenbusch, Gene Doyle, Jim Bump, Pat Mitchell, Hurley Hanley, Frank Thompson, Jack Miller, Curt Squiers, Coach Bill Hammer. s -, Y-,gi . T Halfbacks Max Huffman and Allee Nowden provided The speed for The wide sweeps in The TC offense, while fullback Warren Hansen gained yard- age Through The middle. The Two quarterbacks, Jim Damron and Jerry Morgan, each passed for more Than l 200 yards. Dennis Remmert, who was a sTandouT on both offense and de- fense, won a berth on The NCC first Team. Placed on The second Team were end Greg Bice, guard John Sullivan, C g gg and fullback Warren Hansen. Dean Hartman breaks around left end as Jerry Morgan follows the play. Jim Damron makes a desperate effort to block the Tackler, but Max Huffman is stopped short at the line of scrimmage. 01.3 f. Wi A.. I , 'Wx w ,, . . J :mi . 552 gf A- A ff 25 l iff I 2: AP vw u E in 'ii is 'J 1 . .-Fai: 04- ,. J' Dk '-N. l Charhe Dunmgan ns pxled up mn middle of line. out for a nap during a bus trip T' 'QL M , 'dnb -an ,.1,,3314 , .W,A:.x-.g4z.z::x-x ,, , Q . 5 -r-........,v. ,.,,,, , ,Q N-.,.M.,.,.,..,,. ' Q ?' L90 5' bf Aw- -Q 4? X f Q41 , sf, W, . Q, wb- wligq - Ilia I6 'W' 4 OPP. M? li li J li BASKETBAQIE T i N. E. Missouri 86 Macalester 65 Northern Illinois 81 Illinois Normal 87 North Dakota 53 Grinnell 65 Northern Illinois 62 Mankato State 63 South Dakota 86 South Dakota State 82 Augustana 76 North Dakota State 62 Morningside 69 South Dakota 77 South Dakota State? 79 Omaha 60 North Dakota State 82 North Dakota 61 Wartburg Co'time,Ja 69 Morningside Q g 64 Loras A 51 Augustana g 61 Hamline 64 R Q 9' -I Xa, gaurn DAKOTA 5 ?' A P Pl RECORDS FALL FOR CAGERS The TC basketball team finished the season with their best record in ten years, winning fifteen games and los- ing eight. After a slow start, the Panthers ended the cam- paign by winning ten of their last twelve. Coach Jim Witham's team wrote a couple of new records into the North Central Conference books. Jim Jackson smashed his own conference rebound record by snatching 221, and tied the league's single-game mark of 32. Jack- son and his teammates also broke the loop's rebound standard with 771 for the season. Anxiety of the 1959-60 basketball season is shown in this sea of faces as Mankato State staged a closing rally that almost caught the Panthers. l 1 1 l ,l BASKETBALL TEAM-Row 1: Coach Jim Witham, Dick Dotson, Ray Lutz, Jim Meskimen, Bill Herkelman, Jerry Holbrook, Don Cook, Dean Jen- N, sen, Ed Ware. Row 2: Bobby Waller, Ron LaFrentz, Mike McBride, Cliff Svoboda, Ray Cull, Jim Jackson, Pete Spoden, Manager Paul Smith. Absent from picture: Jerry Morgan, Bill Noonkesser. i "2 -::113'f'759 ,ss ,sa QV Ii? a N The cagers also broke six school records. Jerry Hol- brook set the only individual mark by scoring 325 points, which is a record for a sophomore guard. The Panthers' 1758 points, 1409 rebounds, and 679 field goals were all new standards. They also hung up new single-game marks in field goals 142 against Morn- ingsidel and rebounds C83 against South Dakota Stateb. Holbrook led the Tutors in all scoring categories, fin- ishing the season with a 14.1 average. Jim Jackson again led the team in rebounding, grabbing 392. Jerry Morgan, late season starter, throws in a hook shot against Morningside as Pete Spoden awaits possible re- bound. Front row fans enioy Dean Jensen's attempt to dribble past Mankato State player as Jerry Holbrook sets up a screen. 1 if 'A uf 1 T sd MIDI, 'fx 'J UT DAKUT 1' 25 Bill Noonkesser appears to have an extra set of hands as he goes after loose ball in Loras game. 255 l Y 7 7 Y - Y.,-,,,,,,,,, -,..gg2Eig:.:.1-4 guna-:::::--...i:rfi ni- 'S :src oPPi 3 - 12 ,Northern llklinois 12 14 South Dakota State i3 24 Omaha 8 29 Nebraska 5 1 5 Colorado Mines 22 3 Wyoming 23 ni Q 15 Michigan State I5 I5 Mankato State ' V 13 33 Luther 3 16 Cornell . H Ii Minnesota ' 14 i l i ir .1 -3, - I , 8 5 f i I I i P , H24 10" , 1 ., w .:. L , .1- ' -sz-en: -F' asa, WRESTLING TEAM-Row I: Chuck Way, Manager, Ron Eliason, Dave Jensen, Jim Baker, Joe Fox, Frank Freeman, Jerry Lane, Bill McNiel, Jerry Gay, Jim Murphy. Row 2: Dick Maher, Gene Harms, Bill Dotson, Jim Brainerd, Jim Sanford, Max Klemm, Terry Tucker, Jerry Rosonke, LeRoy Kopriva, John Rook. Row 3: Don Wilson, Dwight Carlson, Neil Hattlestad, Jack Smith, Bill Warner, Bob Stevens, Dick Moline, Duane Waters, Chuck Wedemeyer, Don Dunham, Ed Swartz, Coach Bill Koll. INJURIES PLAY IMPORTANT PART IN SEASON a Injuries to key wrestlers played an important part in the outcome of the wrestling season. Before any dual meets had been held, Panther wrestler Don Wilson was lost for the season due to a broken leg. Also iniured was LeRoy Kopriva, who missed action at the start of the wrestling campaign. These iniuries forced Coach Bill Koll to maneuver his available wrestlers to the weight division where they would do the team the most good. When undefeated Michigan State, a Big Ten wrest- ling power, came to compete against the Panthers, chances for a favorable outcome appeared slim. However, a team effort by the Panthers provided an Upset, a T5-I5 tie with the Spartans. ln the final match of the ISTC-Mankato State Dual Meet, 165-pound Jerry Rosonke, wrestling at heavy- weight, managed to avoid a pin by 240-pound Bill Blake, giving the Panthers a I5-I3 victory. fwf. - - .3-11-,...-. .-...- -B B --:i.:a!2:.-a.a.auWu4mram5.Tnmz:mnv7n9lauu:::1 'Tsc.XJ,,v' . ,,,..,. mgaswvf- x X-f..J1fE, rg :A 1n W "ffm ,- 1 ' Tre? JSC' 'f J Ll 'V u. .- I Jerry Lane works for a pin . . . Bill Dotson runs up riding time . . . N F ,E if 1 I " Q Bill McNieI escapes .....,y...,..,..4,.,.,.,.....,w I Nyx 1' 1 QS ' ' Nbr' if l . --'uf :U J.-'TWU-if-,j-,:,, 1, ,. " 4 .1 ' -..- f " nf. , ,I 'Q 33.4 5-'v,4S?5 5,52- Sq n.1...4 4' I, ,f--4' , P I ' :,:Q, V , .. . 1, ,.. fwiffiii . 'K,, , . 1 . Jieigfffi 'fa'-. f""'f'V9ii", 1 'f ' 1,4 :,r' - Q ,vff 1.4 ,I pf'- ,I gi ,ably ,S '4 ' . zo. I: 2 ., X x. x 6 5' 5 -,.1.:r,:5, V - --eff . X 3 A: -z' ' - :Le 3352, f 322+ , ' , Q W , -Q an ll? T SPRING SPCRTS E if - .dawn .mg 9, Q wa 3 ' :Ni 6 W A U ,.v,AJi,'. h ug., ,En ,fl N., , X- 'Q 517' - -. X- .. - ,HQ -' b " wx... f .. , 556-spar 'W'-, -3gf,.:".-5.7-w.,' ' . 263 -e - 'x Ar' , fl V ,J .ul . , Kent Folsom crosses plate after home run in league playoff game ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC ISTC 264 1959 SEASON'S RECORD Drake Drake Iowa State Coe Coe Augustana Augustana South Dakota South Dakota Morningside Morningside Wartburg Wartburg South Dakota State Coach "Mon" Whittord argues . . '51 ee: u ...L 4 . .xg pus-em ff. -, -4. 9 -n .X ga 1 1 51. 4: is Q. ngi ini 1- -z -4 "1 231 121+ ,,,.,,355Qg,. : .4 ,.w,,,ig,,,v -f:?w:1s+.14fa1'. -' Q' -v - f' -ff "-iNQv.1is21U',---,aware ' Ma., 01 , , , 'A A, 3 QQ 3. :W cgfgf Q-lAV3g3ggg3,T,A-,,,,.,ffp.1,,x2n.65X,.,,,,.,, A ' W , . . w,, by x . X ., 'R' Ng. ' J s C A ,XV 4, M- Q 5 , ei- .. nv fn- .- Q Q .1 nf" 2 as , EE K Q xx 1 :rf "1" u :M ,,A. i TRACK TEAM Row 1 Verle Honnold LeRoy Crawford Allee Nowden Aug e Aperans, Ted Broberg. Row 2: Harold Sloan, Stan Kirchoff, Stan Welchel Bob Conway Duck Juhl .lim Duea Kurt Weuthorn George Soper Row 3: Al Baity, Bill Hood, Jerry Stilwell, Jim Gorham, Hal Byram, TC TRACKMEN GO UNDEFEATED IN DUAL MEETS ISTC I STC I STC ISTC ISTC ISTC I STC 1959 SEASON'S RECORD Bradley Cornell Grinnell Wartburg Grinnell Western Illinois Cornell 30 25 10 39l!2 I9 50 62 U6 The 1959 Panther Track team had a highly successful sea- son in both indoor and outdoor meets, TC placed first in the South Half of the North Central Conference Indoor Meet, accumulating 78 points while its nearest competitor, South Dakota, had 32. Conference records were broken in three events by Panther trackmen. Hal Byram and Dennis Corwin are the new record holders in the 440- and 880- yard runs respectively. Jim Duea set the new pole vault record of 13 feet. The indoor team also won the Iowa College Indoor Relays, a meet which saw eight other Iowa colleges competing. ln outdoor dual meets the Panthers went undefeated, however, they finished third in the NCC meet at Sioux City. ln the 36th annual TC Relays, the Panthers scored victories in five events. At the season's end, Max Huffman led the TC scoring with 107 points, followed by Jim Duea, John States, and Bob Conway. Hal Byram finishes the mile relay . . . Spinning with the discus is Bill Hood . . . Throwing the iavelin is Max Huffman I , 'vi fi 3 QI' 'wx Q W "",!fS" ' i 49, -0, M,,W,,,k,,,,, V .:1,.,., f Q . . 9 , , x + . , s., ,. sf I s' Q Aw Y' S 'fn . b 7, at :V .X jfwwy P Q in AL . ,J L y K .fr 'f ' . . -21 'I "N xx? 3' K+. M X 1 1 P' Ei 1 X: f x 5,- s 1 3 .xi ., A Y Ei. N Q 'df 21" M J :ef ,iw A . T' . 0 4 K In 1 Nl fr f"1 ' A a -si QI ., 5 .I Z p V: 1 fr' qi -1 1 , A Qfih'-X nl HQ L' L 242. nf-'M fu " f -.f uf 1 U l 1 ln IUYPA ,ww wg-,Y z asv f V:-: 17 2 ' s: PanTher runners compete in The mile run . . . Coach Art Dickinson . . . Mex HUffm3T'l sf H5 Q' x H51 my .Q if .Q .. HEY? 5, j,. 3 V M' iff ,, my V I ,W M, .W , ,. ,.:o,A. W ' f' Q i ug FF' 5 ' A . ta--, Q if , ' 1 Mx vi V 1 . YL H, .cm kings ,ff i.-..s:45 '--- '. ?1 f 332, . e ni ,SX 2 1 - ,, ,' ,. X93 gx K , Q 5 8 xi X at X refches for distance . . . , 'is . an X Y?i'gw"'use P 5391? K ' ' ' .1 X 2 ' ' .in 1 w 'JCMQ .w JSM'-MEAT ,' ' Mi. e ' 1 him. ., 269 - 7- .-:im lLaLoNI'.'JxxdHc2.l.DOAaN2R'1.!U.L!lD' -'Xa V GOLFERS WIN CONFERENCE CROWN After winning four dual meets while losing only one, the varsity golf team re- peated as the North Central Conference golf champion. In the conference meet, the Panthers were paced by medalist John Weyle, who had a 27-hole total of 114, six over par. Teammate Charles Patten, who led the Panthers during the regular season by winning from four of five competitors, was a stroke back at 115. 1959 SEASONS RECORD 1 ISTC 1OV2 Wartburg 4V2 ISTC 12V2 Wartburg 2.V2 ISTC 13V2 Dubuque 1 V2 ISTC 5V2 Loras 9V2 ISTC 1OV2 Drake AV2 TENNIS TEAM-Row 1: Dan Staggs, Don Romes, Dean Molinsky. Row 2: Coach Bill Koll, Ron Lough, Bill Lane. TUTOR NETMEN WIN SIX OF SEVEN The Panther netmen defeated six of the seven op- ponents they met during The 1959 season, losing only to a strong Iowa State Team. Since the North Central Conference tennis tournament was can- celled because of rain, the Tutors were unable to repeat as conference champions. Both Dan Staggs and Bill Lane completed the season undefeated in singles competition, each winning seven matches. 1959 SEASON'S RECORD ISTC 9 Wa rtburg O ISTC 2 Iowa State 7 ISTC 5 Loras 2 ISTC 6 Dubuque 1 ISTC 6 Luther 3 ISTC 7 Drake O ISTC 8 Luther 1 Preparing To serve is Dan Staggs . . . I Ni'-px. ,amp , I 1.4-iwgyg. 4 V X S, 5 Xfxqx Q A3 gk. P? ' s .ff Panther cheerleaders in action . . . SPIRIT BOLSTERED BY CHEERLEADERS Unifying the enthusiasm ot the stu- dent body at the football and bas- ketball games this year were the Pan- ther cheerleaders. Last spring six cheerleaders were chosen, three vet- erans ot the 1958-59 season and three newcomers to college cheerlead- ing. Marilyn Hansen, Sonia Stro- bridge, and Roger Meeker from last year's group were ioined by Sara Nordly, Marge Teisinger, and Shirley Radeke. CHEERLEADERS-Row l: Shirley Radeke, Sonia Strobridge. Row 2: Sara Nordly. Row 3: Marge Teisinger, Roger Meeker, Marilyn Hansen. S , 3 Q 1 Q f S 9 X SN 4 av W 4 - Q. X M 928 'R 4 , 2 . l P I K 'Q Q K ,V I bb H xx Q' , Q I G1 W ' W is ' A ,.Q, ' U' W, I .1 R! f . i I L 411 if L .ilu , J i ' xt'-1 Ap' ig gs V ww LH -- D ,QA 1 Q If ,I mc Q ,Q g f 4. n Q nf- D, 1 M . 1""Y'i. viii. sw ' P I 4 Qi P7 1, ,,. . 4 9 w 8 i X 5 pk: H., .5 .K . egg? :vxf4.5'?5 69' x -1- , f ff 'Av 441441. 4: ,1ww,.es.: , -'S zfwzff.-:L-'i L' J 2 ? :QQZLZSEQ VZ, 'F , f- gage, 1: ig 2' if . 3562. .,z Z3 . zggyf' 3 f in 40' Y J r Q iw 'YQ iff' Q 41 'EY 3 my . , V A ,,-4-Q -- .: 51' ' 1 , ,jf Qu? ' 'SH' ' . - '-'7'E:iw1,fI,, ,, L , ,, 1 ' .ZQQQEM 1:., ,:Qt' g :Kj.g+". S U., 'c he 'Aa Y 4199! Xig, ww ' if X vs 5 lf it ,NA,., .W New' 4-:"Jif CLAYTON ADAMS Grinnell, Iowa Physical Education CARL ANDERSON Cedar Falls, Iowa Business Education, Mathematics PHILLIP ANDERSON Cedar Falls, Iowa Foreign Languages CHERYL ASCHIM Ridgeway, Iowa Science , ,J --v' 'l' -Q-"V swf er? JAN ADAMS Waterloo, Iowa Home Economics KAREN ANDERSON Lake Mills, Iowa Upper Elementary ROGER J. ANDERSON Clarion, Iowa Junior High GARY ASTOR Arlington, Iowa Business Education DORIS ALSAGER Radcliff, Iowa Lower Elementary MARILYN ANDERSON Sperry, Iowa Physical Education TRACY ANDERSON Cherokee, Iowa Social Science DAN BALK Dedham, Iowa Physical Education, Mathematics GARY ALTWEGG Redfield, Iowa Speech Correction MARILYN ANDERSON Waterloo, Iowa Home Economics JOHN ARNETT LaPorte City, Iowa Social Science CHARLES BARRETT Mason City, Iowa Industrial Arts GARY AMMETER Coggon, Iowa Business Education PATRICIA ANDERSON Elgin, Iowa Lower Elementary LARRY ARP Toledo, Iowa Business Education JANICE BARRETT Grand Junction, Iowa Upper Elementary 'MQW' " VAN BARRON Waterloo, Iowa NORMA BAUER North English, Iowa English KEITH BENJAMIN Waterloo, Iowa Business Education, Social Science LEWIS BISHOP West Union, Iowa Speech Correction ROBERT BARTA Ft. Atkinson, Iowa Industrial Arts EDWIN BAUMANN Madison, Wisc. Mathematics MAXINE BERGMANN Hampton, Iowa Physical Education MILDRED BISTRICKY Fairfax, Iowa Home Economics Ai REBECCA BARTON Mediapolis, Iowa Lower Elementary DONALD BECVAR Colo, Iowa Physical Education JUDY BERTELSON Mo. Valley, Iowa Physical Education KAY BLANKENSHIP Muskogee, Oklahoma Speech GRAYDON BARZ Klemme, Iowa Social Science STANLEY BELL Eldora, Iowa Industrial Arts GREGORY BICE Mo. Valley, Iowa Physical Education KAY BLOCK Storm Lake, Iowa Upper Elementary DICK BASHORE Cedar Falls, Iowa MONICA BENDER North English, Iowa English BRUCE BILLINGS Cedar Falls, Iowa Physical Education DONNA BOCK Shelby, Iowa Physical Education -...Ar JAMES BOEUVIAN Aplington, Iowa Social Science F. RICHARD BOLLER Waterloo, Iowa Industrial Arts BARBARA BRADLEY Centerville, Iowa English CHARLOTTE BRINKMEYER Hubbard, Iowa Upper Elementary CLAUDIA BOESEN Waterloo, Iowa Physical Education DUANE BONSALL Cedar Falls, Iowa Physical Education BEVERLY BRAMER Harlan, Iowa Lower Elementary MARILYN BRITVEN Mason City, Iowa Upper Elementary BEVERLY BOGART Cedar Rapids, Iowa Lower Elementary WILLARD BOSCALJON Doon, Iowa Science AUDREY BRANDHORST Hudson, Iowa Music WILLIAM BROUSARD Cedar Rapids, Iowa Business Education JOHN BOHAN Primghar, Iowa Science RALPH BOTTORFF Harcourt, Iowa Mathematics SANDRA BRAVENER Fredricksburg, Iowa Upper Elementary ARDELLE BROWN Esfherville, Iowa Lower Elementary JUDITH BOLL Gladbrook, Iowa Home Economics DEAN BOTTS Hampton, Iowa Physical Education KENNETH BRIDGES Plainfield, Iowa Chemistry DONALD BROWN Estherville, Iowa Junior High Ar.:-11 N., , u....f XAI1' Sf 'ff ELIZABETH BROWN Oelwein Upper Elementary SIDNEY BUFFI NGTON Reinbeck, Iowa Mathematics. CALVIN CALVERT Waterloo, Iowa Mathematics WILLIS H. CHAPMAN Long Beach, Calif. Biology GAYLE BROWN Cedar Falls, Iowa Home Economics RONALD BURNELL Fort Dodge, Iowa Physical Education MARVEL CARNES Lancaster, Calif. Home Economics JEAN CHILDERS Cedar Falls, Iowa Upper Elementary -44' RICHARD A. BROWN Oakville, Iowa Industrial Arts BONITA BUTLER Waterloo, Iowa Upper Elementary BETTY CARR Manchester, Iowa Lower Elementary GERALD CHRISTENSEN Alta, Iowa English ,uns '.......-' X ' ga sb " 'ai M ,Q 4"Cf, f EVELYN BRUNS Greene, Iowa Social Science FRED CACHOLA Halaula, Hawaii Social Science ROBERT CARROTI' Rockford, Iowa Junior High ROBERT CHRISTENSEN Cedar Falls, Iowa Speech Correction KAREN BUCKLEY Red Oak, Iowa Lower Elementary WILLIAM CALLAHAN Fort Dodge, Iowa Social Science ROBERT CARTER Storm Lake, Iowa Social Science DIXIE CLARK Waterloo, Iowa Speech Correction ,dpi -94' WILLIS CLARK DELORIS CLAYTON PATRICIA CLINTON ELIZABETH CLOPTON DOROTHY COCHRAN Manassas, Vs, Marshalltown, Iowa Thief River Falls, Minn. Cedar Falls, Iowa Solon, Iowa Social Sqienge Lower Elemenfafy Physical Education English Junior High CLARK COLE KENNETH CONRAD ROBERT CONWAY DORLA COOTS MARY ELLEN CORDER Greenfield, Iowa Business Education THOMAS CRANE Charlton, Iowa Science Tipton, Iowa industrial Arts SANDRA CRANSTON Minneapolis, Minn. Physical Education Waterloo, Iowa Physical Education MICHAEL CRAWFORD Arlington, Iowa Social Science Mount Auburn, Iowa Upper Elementary JERRY CUFFEL Conrad, Iowa Industrial Arts Cedar Falls, Iowa Lower Elementary WILLIAM CURTIS Grundy Center, Iowa Social Science 1:39 'ond' FRED DAMON JOAN DANIEL JAMES DARBY DONALD DAVIS Oelwein, Iowa Fort Dodge, Iowa Clarksville, Iowa Primghar, IOWS Business Education Lower Elementary Physical Education BUSINESS EGIUC-ifion ALAN DEGRAW Delmar, Iowa Social Science EUGENE DIETZ Cedar Falls, Iowa Business Education JOHN DEKKENGA Cedar Falls, Iowa Junior High ARLENE DIGHTON Coggon, Iowa Music JERRY DeKRU I F Sheldon, Iowa KAREN DOBSON LaPorfe City, Iowa English MARIAN DENKINGER Cedar Falls, Iowa JAMES DODD Cedar Falls, Iowa Chemistry LUMIR DEDIC Tama, Iowa Science RALPH DEVINEY Cedar Falls, Iowa Business Education CAROLE DOSLAND New Hampton, Iowa Physical Education Qin Q t' gn-f' F7 I '? RICHARD DOUGHAN Garner, Iowa Junior High HAROLD ECKES New Hampton, Iowa Social Science, Library Science MARY ENOS Hudson, Iowa JULIA EVANS Waterloo, Iowa Speech Correction Bw it X Q as lg, si- 3 A . --s4.,g T"Trv JAMES A. DU EA Lemon Grove,' Calif. Social Science ROBERT EHRHARDT Adel, Iowa Business Education DONALD ERGER Atkins, Iowa Junior High LUCILLE EVANS Williamsburg, Iowa Business Education JAMES F. DUNLAVY Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Speech JEAN ANN EIDE Cedar Falls, Iowa Upper Elementary ERIK ERIKSEN Cedar Falls, Iowa Junior High BARBARA FABRIZIO Algona, Iowa Lower Elerientary DEAN EBERLY Waterloo, Iowa English MARY ELSE Stockport, Iowa Lower Elementary GERALD ERNST Haverhill, Iowa Physical Education JOSEPH FACKEL Reinbeck, Iowa Business Education M55 119' GENE EBNER Cedar Falls, Iowa MARY ELVESETHER Hanlontown, Iowa Lower Elementary WILLIAM ERPS Durant, Iowa Biology HAROLD FARRIER Brighton, Iowa Social Science MAXINE FEN NER Hazelton, Iowa Music ROGER FISK Spencer, Iowa Industrial Arts CAROLYN FRANEY Cedar Falls, Iowa Home Economics MARY FRIEDMAN Halbur, Iowa Upper Elementary JOQ are ,ABP CARROL FINNESTED Laurens, Iowa Business Education CAROL FLACK Emmetsburg, Iowa Lower Elementary, Library Science DALE FRANK Cresco, Iowa Industrial Arts BETTY FRITCHEN Richland, Iowa Lower Elementary . 'snuff- LENORE FISCH Deep River, Iowa Lower Elementary, Speech Correction WAYNE FOLKS Evansdale, Iowa Physics WALTER FRANK Olin, Iowa Social Science VIVIAN FULCHER Des Moines, Iowa W. ,S 'lllfzf "5rs..,, 'Qu' ' -f-...,.... 'iv' MARGARET FISCHER Lone Rock, Iowa Music GEORGE FOLSOM Des Moines, Iowa Physical Education NEIL FREITAG Elkader, Iowa Physical Education LORETTA FULLER Goodell, Iowa Business Education CHRISTIE FISHBAUGH Shenandoah, Iowa Lower Elementary ELIZABETH FOWLER Grinnell, Iowa Lower Elementary RICHARD C. FREY Antigo, Wisc. Physical Education ANNE FYMBO Sergeant Bluff, Iowa Art .i ,ww -w ,.m::'m':zg: Q., 4 RICHARD GABRIEL GORDON GAISER LORETTA GANNON CAROLE GARDNER WILLIAM GARDNER Waterloo, Iowa Rockford, Iowa Spencer, Iowa Zearing, Iowa Waterloo, Iowa Social Science Lower Elementary Music Business Education DOUGLAS GAUDES Waterloo, Iowa JAMES GOHMAN Cedar Falls, Iowa Science NANCY GAUNT Cedar Rapids, Iowa Lower Elementary RUSSELL GOINGS Waterloo, Iowa GARY GEMMILL Esfherville, Iowa Mathematics DALE GOOTEE Manchester, Iowa Industrial Arts JANICE GIDEON Norwalk, Iowa Music JAMES GORHAM Washington, Iowa Physical Education DIANE GILBERT Clinton, Iowa Art RICHARD GORHAM Jesup, Iowa '-c:9"' LUCILLE GRANT HENRY GRAY CLAUDIA GRESS FRIEDA GRIEFE RICHARD GROVE Ami-ion, iowa Miles, Iowa Cedar Falls, Iowa Milo, Iowa Waterloo, Iowa junior High junio, High Lower Elementary Physical Education Social Science JAMES GRUPP GLENDA GUHL MARY GURY MARGARET HAEFNER BEAUMONT HAGEBAK Cedar Falls, Iowa Music CHANNING HALL Tipton, Iowa Physical Education Mechanicsville, Iowa English MARLENE HALL Janesville, Iowa English Waterloo, Iowa ROBERT L. HALL Essex, Iowa Upper Elementary Klemme, Iowa Music DICK HALLAND Northwood, Iowa Science Blue Earth, Minn. Social Science JEANINE HALLETT Clarion, Iowa Lower Elementary PATRICK HALLIGAN Cedar Falls, Iowa Physical Education GORDON HANKINS Conesville, Iowa Business Education GENE HARMS Ackley, Iowa Physical Education DALE M. HARTZLER West Chester, Iowa Business Education, Physical Education RAYMOND HALLIGAN Mooreland, Iowa Business Education MARILYN HANSEN Cedar Falls, Iowa Upper Elementary ROGER HARMS George, Iowa Mathematics WILLIAM HASTINGS Fort Dodge, Iowa Business Education DEAN HALVERSON Webster City, Iowa Biology JAMES HANSON Dickinson, N. Dak. Mathematics NAOMI HAROLD Cedar Falls, Iowa Speech, English CAROL HATCH Davenport, Iowa Mathematics BOB HAMED Cedar Rapids, Iowa Industrial Arts CAROL HARDER Missouri Valley, Iowa Physical Education BARBARA HARRIS Grinnell, Iowa ' Lower Elementary JOYCE HAVER Sioux City, Iowa Lower Elementary RONALD HAMMER Swea City, Iowa Business Education RAYMOND HARING Clinton, Iowa Social Science DALE HARRISON Creston, Iowa Business Education DALE HAWLEY Olin, Iowa Chemistry ARTHUR HAY Fort Dodge, Iowa Mathematics BETTY HEISLER Waterloo, Iowa Speech BILL HERKEUVIAN Lost Nation, Iowa Physical Education JAMES HOLLIDAY Muscatine, Iowa Social Science JAMES HAY HENRY HEITLAND Cedar Falls, Iowa MAHLON L. HILL Cedar Rapids, Iowa Industrial Arts DENNIS HOLMES Cherokee, Iowa Industrial Arts CAROLYN HAYDEN Cedar Falls, Iowa Library Science JUDY HELDENBRAND Booneville, Iowa Upper Elementary JANE HITCHENS Fort Dodge, Iowa Lower Elementary HAROLD HOLMSTROM Hazelton, Iowa Music JANET HAYES Blanchard, Iowa Junior High JAMES HELVICK Humboldt, Iowa RUSSELL HEI N Fairbank, Iowa Mathematics DONALD HERBOLD Correctionville, Iowa Mafhemafics Speech Correction SUZANNE HOERR DONOVAN HOFSOMMER Fort Dodge, Iowa Spencer, Iowa Lower Elementary Social 5Cl9"ICe NANCY HOPPE LARRY HORAK Gladbrook, Iowa Waterloo, Iowa Business Education BIOIOQY !BZ'mr .gg 7-.:i:..-1. i, uulunngi... .... 'lMWW Wm5? wf Nb- ? if Nl" I s FN 6? .1 K- EUGENE HORNER Cedar Falls, Iowa MIRIAM INGRAM Cedar Falls, Iowa Lower Elementary JOHN JENKINS Waukon, Iowa MYRNA JESPERSEN Estherville, Iowa Home Economics AEJZQQ, 'VX -...AQ RONALD HOTEK Cedar Falls, Iowa Arf .IEANETTE ITO Kahului, Hawaii Lower Elementary DAVID JENSEN Fort Dodge, Iowa Business Education DENNIS JOHNS Mallard, Iowa Physical Education S. FRANK HOWELL Sioux City, Iowa Art MERLIN IVERSON Cedar Falls, Iowa Physics DEAN JENSEN Owatonna, Minn. Physical Education BETTY JOHNSON Cedar Falls, Iowa Business Education 1 S-mi ,ag ,via ng, GARY HUDSON Milford, Iowa English JANET JACKSON Waterloo, Iowa Speech Correction LARRY JENSEN Aplington, Iowa DIANA JOHNSON Keokuk, Iowa Upper Elementary MAX HUFFMAN Spencer, Iowa Physical Education ALICE .IANSSEN Cedar Falls, Iowa Lower Elementary DAVID JEPSEN Dumont, Iowa Physical Education ELDON JOHNSON Cedar Falls, Iowa 9 0-,, 'Uh 'X' Q-un" -1-sf EUGENE JOHNSON Pilot Mound, Iowa Mathematics WILLIAM JUNKER Aplington, Iowa WAYNE E. KING Cedar Falls, Iowa Mathematics PHYLLIS KLINE Exira, Iowa RUTH JOHNSON Rockford, Iowa Upper Elementary ELSA KAPLAN Callender, Iowa Upper Elementary BETTY KINGERY Marble Rock, Iowa Upper Elementary, Speech Correction HELEN KNICKMAN Silver City, Iowa English A ""f'1?r ,.,,,-- ' V ini, KD ,GK Q . wg-sy RAY S. JOHNSTON Janesville, Iowa Social Science ERIC KEELE Blencoe, Iowa Science STANLEY KIRCHHOFF Marshalltown, Iowa Physical Education CHARLES KOCH Denison, Iowa Speech EMMA JORGENSEN New Hartford, Iowa Home Economics RICHARD KEELING Mason City, Iowa Social Science RONALD KISER Mason City, Iowa JUSTIN KOENEN Aplington, Iowa Industrial Arts HARRIET JORGENSEN Sioux City, Iowa Lower Elementary COLLEEN KELLEY Creston, Iowa Upper Elementary HOWARD KITTLESON Decorah, Iowa Mathematics FREDERICK KRUEGER Tripoli, Iowa Speech Correction 'M 'ba' DARWIN KRUMREY GERALD KUNZ PHILLIP LACK DONALD LANCASTER DONNA LANCASTER Charles City, Iowa Waterloo, Iowa Orchard, Iowa Dows, Iowa Marshalltown, Iowa Busif-,955 Edugafign Physical Education English Lower Elementary GERALD LANE NORMA LARKIN ROGER L. LARSON KARL A. LAUPER DALE LAUN Oelwein, Iowa KAREN LAVRENZ Burt, Iowa Lower Elementary New Hampton, Iowa Business Education RICHARD LAYLIN Waterloo, Iowa Social Science Grinnell, Iowa Mathematics DONALD LEAMAN Waterloo, Iowa Mathematics Gladbrook, Iowa Physical Education MARY ELLEN LEAVITT Cedar Falls, Iowa Social Science Cedar Falls, Iowa Art GRACE LEINAN Cedar Falls, Iowa Lower Elementary SANDRA LEWIS CLAYTON LINSHEID JAMES LIPPE BARBARA LONGNECKER MARLENE LOTTRIDGE Cedar Rapids, Iowa Bufferfield, Minn. Waukon, Iowa AIIIYSVIYI Iowa Cedar Falls, IOWB Physical Educafion lndusfrial Arfs Physical Educafion Physical Education Lower Elementary RONALD LOTTRIDGE Cedar Falls, Iowa Mafhemafics RICHARD MCCLAIN Oelwein, Iowa Junior High LARRY LUNDGREN Clinton, Iowa Social Science JACK McCLlNTIC Cedar Falls, Iowa Business Education JOYCE LUTTER Maywood, Illinois Business Educafior ROBERT MCCUSKER Cedar Falls, Iowa JOANN MCBRIDE DONALD McCLAIN Oelwein, Iowa Waterloo, Iowa Home Economics Mafhemafics SHARON McGEE DONALD McGINNIS Manchester, Iowa Algona, Iowa Physical Educafion Social Science i Q4 n-C' 5.5 ' 'Ii' V Q , Tull' I nit' 'Qi ,Ap- 1:4 if G?-F? LOUISE MCGINNIS Cedar Falls, Iowa Speech Correction RICHARD McVEY Woden, Iowa Science WENDELL MAY Waterloo, Iowa Business Education MATHALI E MERICLE Hampton, Iowa Art ANTHONY McGUIRE Independence, Iowa Social Science GARY MAAS Wellsburg, Iowa Mathematics DONALD MAZE Carroll, Iowa Science LAVERN MEYER Wesley, Iowa Mathematics MARGOLA MCKEAN Armstrong, Iowa Upper Elementary MARILYN MADSEN Clear Lake, Iowa Lower Elementary ROGER MEEKER Cedar Falls, Iowa Speech MARCIA JOAN MEYER Grundy Center, Iowa Home Economics JAMES MCKENZIE Knoxville, Iowa Library Science DANIEL REX MALLARO Fort Dodge, Iowa Social Science WILLIAM NEHRING Marshalltown, Iowa Junior High BARBARA JEAN MEYERS Dunkerton, Iowa Junior High . W "SP JAMES MCNEAL Ames, Iowa Business Education PHILLIP D. MANBECK Waterloo, Iowa Business Education MARY MENSING Dows, Iowa COLLETTE MIKESELL Keswick, Iowa Speech df? Mull' ,-,Q JOSEPH MILLARD Jefferson, Iowa Social Science GARY MOHL Lost Nation, Iowa Physical Education KAY MURPHY Waterloo, Iowa Social Science JAMES NASER Cedar Falls, Iowa DEAN MILLER Corydon, Iowa Foreign Languages JODENE MOLINE Rockwell City, Iowa Physical Education CAROLE MUSGROVE Ottumwa, Iowa Lower Elementary RAYMOND NASH Charles City, Iowa Business Education MARY MILLER Cherokee, Iowa Lower Elementary GEORGE MORRIS Cresco, Iowa Physical Education MARY JOAN MYERS Cedar Falls, Iowa Home Economics ROGER NA'I'I'E Sibley, Iowa Social Science PATRICIA MILLER Clinton, Iowa Home Economics LEE MOWRER Perry, Iowa Physical Education, English MURIEL NAITO Waialua, Hawaii Lower Elementary MARILYN NELSON Waterloo, Iowa Art I I-rr-?"','-' x 2+ uw v1?'?f'7"' 5r+..'.3T . 41? 3:5 JACK MINEHART Waterloo, Iowa Social Science WANETTE MOYER Ft. Madison, Iowa Junior High JEAN NAK.ASATO Kahului, Hawaii Lower Elementary SYLVIA NELSON Waterloo, Iowa Lower Elementary JANICE NESBITT Independence, Iowa English LONA NIELSEN Harlan, Iowa Junior High MARY O'BRADOVlCH Council Bluffs, Iowa Lower Elementary HARM OLDENKAMP Boyden, Iowa Physical Education LOUISE NEWBU RY Bristow, Iowa Music AMY NOJIRI Ookala, Hawaii Junior High ANTOINETTE O'CONNOR Davenport, Iowa Speech RICHARD OUVISTED Fort Dodge, Iowa Social Science CONNIE NICHOLS Cedar Falls, Iowa Physical' Education GAYLE NOONKESSER Mount Morris, Ill. Upper Elementary GORDON ODEGARD Waukon, Iowa Speech ROBERT ONTJES Aplington, Iowa STANLEY NICKLES Estherville, Iowa Science ALLEE NOWDEN San Diego, Calif. Physical Education DEAN ODEKIRK Maynard, Iowa Industrial Arts JAMES O'ROURKE Marshalltown, low Social Science 3 RUSSELL NIEDERT Cedar Falls, Iowa Speech Correction MARVA NYGAARD Wesley, Iowa Social Science NEIL OKONAS, JR. Wellsburg, Iowa Physical Education RUTH OTTERBEIN Northwood, Iowa Physical Education FAYE OVERHEU Breda, Iowa Music ROGER PEDERSON Grinnell, Iowa Mathematics GENE PLATH Mason 'City, Iowa BARBARA POWELL Merrill, Iowa Business Education JUDITH OVERHOLSER Marshalltown, Iowa Home Economics JOAN PETERS Jennings, Missouri Physical Education LYNN POPPEN Allison, Iowa Junior High MARLENE PRICE Monticello, Iowa Home Economics JAMES PAGLIA Marshalltown, Iowa Industrial Arts NORMAN PETERS Cedar Falls, Iowa Music KAROLYN PORTER Waterloo, Iowa Lower Elementary ROY THOMAS PRICE Fort Dodge, Iowa Social Science GERALD RALSTON Conrad, Iowa Physical Education ROBERT PINT Waverly, Iowa Science MARVIN POST Pomeroy, Iowa Music DAVID PUFF Manchester, Iowa Business Education ..-Y - - --g et ELJEAN PECHACEK Cedar Falls, Iowa Lower Elementary DAVID PITZ Epworth, Iowa Junior High MARTHA POTTS Moravia, Iowa Home Economics GERALD PU RCELL Woodbine, Iowa English -'sm9a T-.amvq-Q 'fl' J 1 sz, MARL RAMSEY Arlington, Iowa Social Science JERRY REILLY Cedar Falls, Iowa DONALD RICKLEFS Muscatine, Iowa Mathematics ADRIAN RINGOLD Mason City, Iowa Science 159' ALLEN RANNALS Cedar Falls, Iowa Business Education MARY ANN REITH Oran, Iowa Junior High EDWARD RIEKENA Wellsburg, Iowa Science NORMA F. RIPKEY Dallas, Iowa Home Economics ,IJ JANET RATHBUN Oelwein, Iowa Upper Elementary THOMAS RIAL Mooreland, Iowa Mathematics DAVID RIGGS Evansdale, Iowa Business Education LEANNE RITER Cedar Falls, Iowa Music PRISCILLA RAWSON Sheffield, Iowa Physical Education ROBERT RICE Cedar Falls, Iowa Physical Education JAMES RIGGS Waterloo, Iowa Mathematics JEAN ROBERTSON Waverly, Iowa Business Education -...wwf OLABELLE REED Waterloo, Iowa Lower Elementary BRUCE RICHARDSON West Des Moines, Iowa Industrial Arts KATHERINE RIHA Vinton, Iowa Home Economics KAREN ROHLEK Fort Dodge, Iowa Lower Elementary HAROLD ROSAUER Denver, Iowa Physical Education VIRGINIA RYCHNOVSKY Hudson, Iowa Chemistry KATHERINE SCHLEUGER Britt, Iowa Physical Education JOHN SCHUTTE Cedar Falls, Iowa Business Education ROBERT ROSEKAMP Stout, Iowa Mathematics GEORGIA SAMPSON Radcliffe, Iowa Lower Elementary MARICE SCHLUNTZ Cedar Rapids, Iowa Music DEAN SCHWARZ Cedar Rapids, Iowa Physical Education, Art WILLIAM ROWLAND Independence, Iowa Business Education L. ASTRID SANBERG Mason City, Iowa Lower Elementary MARY ANN SCHMITZ Urbana, Iowa Speech Correction MARVIN SCOTT Anita, Iowa Social Science JOHN RYAN Pocahontas, Iowa Speech Correction ROBERT SAWVELL LaPorte City, Iowa Earth Science GARY SCHREBER Marion, Iowa JEROME SEIFRIED Manson, Iowa Business Education as' X, N c,4yf"N 's,.:.,f" " "lain -- f V. N' ,C 525 'rag X ' E f 45. 2 9 'Q ex I I fur' . ......nY" LAWRENCE RYAN Monona, Iowa Biology ARNOLD SCHAGER Alden, Iowa JANICE SCHUMACHER Coon Rapids, Iowa English MARILYN SEILER Algona, Iowa Lower Elementary, Ar I' ,........m.m1uap.....azm1vmmnnuu1.9 . ' ' facweazuzni ay.,-ai i 'K CHARLES seisv ROBERT SENFI' ALLEN 5EVERN Waterloo, Iowa Cedar Rapids, Iowa P05fY'IIef IOWB l Physical Education Business Education PhYS'C6l EdUC6fl0f1 PATRICIA SHANKLIN Marion, Iowa Physical Education DARLENE SINDT Ida Grove, Iowa Physical Education KENNETH SHELDON Lamont, Iowa Mathematics HAROLD SLOAN Redfield, Iowa Junior High MYRTLE SHIMODA Kahului, Hawaii Business Education CAROL JEAN SMITH Villisca, Iowa Upper Elementary 153 IOLA SEVERSEIKE Hubbard, Iowa Lower Elementary WARREN SHREVE Buffalo Center, Iowa Mathematics FRANCES SMITH Cedar Falls, Iowa Home Economics ANN SHAFER Hampton, Iowa Library Science ANN SIDDELL Delhi, Iowa Upper Elementary JOAN ELLEN SMITH Waterloo, Iowa Speech Correction HAROLD SQUIRES Cedar Falls, Iowa Social Science LENA ROSALIE STEINKE Gibson, Iowa Upper Elementary SHARON STACK New Haven, Conn. AH' ANNE STETZEL Waterloo, Iowa Home Economics PAUL SMITH WESLEY E. SODERGREN JANE SPARROW CONNIE SPEAKE LOWELL SPRING Nichols, Iowa Waterloo, Iowa Jewell, Iowa George, Iowa Davenport, Iowa Business Education Home Economics Music Biology DAN STAGGS Keokuk, Iowa NANCY STEVENSON Cedar Falls, Iowa Home Economics JOHN STATES Traer, Iowa Business Education MARY KAY STRINGER Menlo, Iowa Art VERAL JANE STEELE Waterloo, Iowa Music PATRICIA STOCKER Grundy Center, Iowa 'Y' mi 15 ' fhg ,l-'x Q af' MARILYN STONE Charlton, Iowa PAUL STUEMPFIG Waterloo, Iowa Business Education JANICE SWATOSH Cedar Falls, Iowa Home Economics EUGENE TENSKE Cresco, Iowa 'r 3' s . X ' H F at ,N ...fs I SHARON STRAYER Algona, Iowa Upper Elementary AUDREY STUMBAUGH Clinton, Iowa English VIRGINIA TAGESON Mason City, Iowa Physical Education JOANN TEKIPPE Decorah, Iowa Lower Elementary SONIA STROBRIDGE Waterloo, Iowa Physical Education ALETHA STUMPF Rockwell City, Iowa Physical Education MARGARET TAKEMOTO Pukalani, Hawaii Lower Elementary THOMAS THOMAS Milwaukee, Wisc. 11'- N-uv WILLIAM STRUYK Cedar Falls, Iowa Speech JOHN L, SULLIVAN Spencer, Iowa Physical Education SHIRLEY TEMPO Kahului, Hawaii Lower Elementary ALMEDA L. THOMPSON Washington, Iowa Lower Elementary KENNETH STUEBER Elma, Iowa Science MANFRED SWARTZ New Hampton, Iowa Mathematics FAY TENOLD Kensett, Iowa Physical Education FRANK THOMPSON Charles City, Iowa 'YS' N-...,, if " 'SSI' 'KM' GORDON THOMPSON Clear Lake, Iowa Industrial Arts NORMA TRULIN Boone, Iowa Upper Elementary JEAN VAN DAELE Independence, Iowa Lower Elementary GERALD WAGNER Cedar Falls, Iowa Business Education ZOE THORESON Postville, Iowa Music JAMES TRIMBLE Traer, Iowa Physical Education BOYD VAN VOORHIS Osage, Iowa Physical Education JOHN WALDEN Carroll, Iowa Science -'05 -A! KEITH THORP Iowa Falls, Iowa MERLIN TRITLE Spirit Lake, Iowa Music CHARLES VAN VOORHIS Ames, Iowa Industrial Arts NANCY WALLACE Ames, Iowa Speech JOYCE ANN TOBIAS Muscatine, Iowa Lower Elementary GENE TYCHSEN Marshalltown, Iowa Industrial Arts WANDA VAN WECHEL Vinton, Iowa Lower Elementary JERRY WALLENTINE Iowa Falls, Iowa Music F3139 HAROLD TROTTER Cedar Falls, Iowa Earth Science BURTON VAN AU KEN Columbus Junction, Iowa Physical Education CLARE WAGNER Waterloo, Iowa Mathematics KENNETH WALSER Cedar Rapids, Iowa Business Education di? X V759-'Ie .dog 46" WILLIAM WATSON Cedar Falls, Iowa English ROBERT WHITE Mount Pleasant, Iowa Speech CHARLENE WILSON Muscatine, Iowa Lower Elementary DAVID WOOD Melbourne, Iowa Social Science ho' 'Q-'YI' DOROTHY WEISS Fort Pierce, Florida English KAY WHITNEY Garner, Iowa Lower Elementary RICHARD WINEY Dewitt, Iowa Industrial Arts DONALD WOODLEY Cedar Falls, Iowa Industrial Arts "Q, 322 lfvi ,, 16" 'Yf""'1' l CLARICE WELLENDORF Deloit, Iowa Upper Elementary JUDY WIEDNER Harpers Ferry, Iowa Lower Elementary WILLIAM WOHLERS Maywood, N. J. Physical Education DAVID YOUKER Marshalltown, Iowa Biology J' NJ CORINNE WENZEL Wall Lake, Iowa Upper Elementary KURT WIETHORN Monona, Iowa Physical Education JOANNE WOLFE Ogden, Iowa Lower Elementary IRVING YOUNG Waterloo, Iowa Earth Science ALVIN C. WHEELER Waterloo, Iowa Chemistry DON WIGHTMAN Doon, Iowa Physical Education NORMAN WOLFE Stewart, Iowa Physical Education LOUISE ZEIMER Juneau, Alaska Physical Education JANE ZWANZIGER Plainfield, Iowa Junior High l959 GRADUATES ROBERT HAHN CHARLES KLINE DAVID KOOS Mason City, Iowa Exira, Iowa Albia, lowa Physical Education Physical Education Physical.Education MASTER OF ARTS DEGREES CAROLINE CZARNECKI HART NELSEN DONALD SCHMIDT Williams, Minnesota Pipesfone, Minnesota GUe"n5eY, IOWG Biology Science Science ,,,,,, , . , A xbagw' OAQ5 JY 'GH' . I 1 K J 6 , 0. ,HN J' ufreuig M5 i ff.: " - ,T 124 'J 'M-f ' N An if v , , . .,.,, . if .f ,, A 1' 1 1. ., .Sl 4, ,: ' 'W Z ' -Q of ' ' " tl . 5 qi , L v " I " ' , Jw. V. my .,-4 W ff- . if' 11 V 5. " . . A C ' Q3 -0 ' ' - . ' ff W v- 1 . ' I . I ' . - 3 - r ,H P 1 A . ' ,IA-,,1, 56.1q'?f1'-, fglqgl , .5 V . ig, H V. 7? ' fx ., .4.,. I V V 'VR A A . . , V , ' I , i 1356! " ' " 3'7"'f 'Z .1 V P ' " 1' .V Y, I' , Q , 1 .,. I- V' Q y 8 , . M 'vxleff , A .vffh v , ,f' A 245 1 .rf I V-' 13,219 ' .Q-W - . .fn an A avg.. ya... " 'x ff db ,'fH, ' PORTRAITS "Official OF DISTINCTION H1701 WATERLOO Old Gold Phofographeru CENTRAL BATTERY and ELECTRIC CO. 313 w. s+h WATERLOO Specializing in Au+omo'rive Carbureiion Vol+age Regulafion Speedomerers Mofor Tune-Up and Small Gas Engine Repair HURWICH'S O 500-508 LafayeHe S+reeI' WATERLOO Wa+erloo's Oldesr Furni+ure Sfore N., Sik-JL, OND RINGS See Waferloo's Finesl' Selec+ion of ARTCARVED, FEATURE LOCK AMSTERDAM and COLUMBIA TRU-FIT DIAMOND RINGS A ai PRESIDENT JEWELRY Comer Eas+ Park and Sycamore WATERLOO. IOWA NAT ZEIGER - Gemologisl No Ex'rra Charge for Credi+ JENNEY RECORD CO. Do a Sound Business Willm Us! HI-FI PHONOGRAPHS AND RECORDS ZI9 Wesl' 4+I'1 Waferloo, Iowa C7h.Q I NATIONAL BANK or WATERLOO WAT E R LOO, IOWA MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FARNSWORTH RADIO and TELEVISION ADams 4-6682 20I-205 E. Mullen Ave. WATERLOO. IOWA Buy a Porfable Typewri+er Now! Use I+ -Ihe ResI' of Your Life! ALL POPULAR MAKES Easy Paymenf Plans LATTA S Complere OuI'FiH'ers for School and Office 3 STORES TO SERVE YOU 909 W. 23rd 22I8 S. Main 2800 Falls Ave. Cedar Falls Cedar Falls Wafer-Ioo SMALL -Enough Io know you! LARGE .hll 4. an -Enough +o serve you! AAAI ,:. ,. ,:,:I: STRCNG 'I 1".1 yr - Enough fo proI'ec+ you! .f :1f "A': You are invII'ed Io make full use of arnatlon every faciIiI'y 'Ihis Bank has 'Io offer. - ggggggwaterloo Savmgs Bank ASQUITH SERVING WATERLOO SINCE 'I902 Member-Federal Reserve Sysfem and Federal Deposii' Insurance Corporaiion JEWELRY COMPANY Esfablished in I894 2II Wesi' Four'Ih S+reeI' WATERLOO. IOWA Phone ADams 4-8868 307 I , 1 4 I I fl as ll, COLLEGE HILL " JEWELRY "The Place Where Eclucalecl People Buy" 2 I I Phone COIfax 6-2555 2222 College S+., Cedar Falls SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS Regislered Walchmakers Regisfered Gemologisl Regislered Chronograph Technician "IT we can'I do il, we know who can." SPECIALIZING IN: Diamonds Birfhslone Rings Charm BraceIe'I's - Engraved Free knew WHAT THIS MEANS? CIRCLE PIZZERIA of Course! MUSIC-COMBO STYLE Monday Thru Thursday Phone CO6-3236 II2 Easl' 3rd Sf. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA BERG 81 BERG Your Rexall Stores 4'rh and Main 23rd and College CEDAR FALLS. IOWA RATH'S MARKET Fresh Meal Fresh FruiI's 22I4 College S+. Cedar Falls CEDAR FALLS TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK ESTABLISHED IN I888 The Oldesl Bank in Black I-lawk Counly MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 308 GENE'S D-X SERVICE -OFFERS- Generaiors and SI'ar'Iers Experienced Tune-Ups Brake Work All D-X ProducI's GENE CANTY, Propriefor 22nd College CO6-99I0 HARDWARE PLUMBING HEATING Visil Our Houseware Depar'I'men+ for Lasfing Gifls 3 I2 Main Cedar Falls FLOWERS by Bancroft 85 Years of Dependable Service Phone CO6-352i 4l6 W. l2'I'h Sl'. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA IsraeI's Your Clolhier and Furnisher DRESS RIGHT You Can'I Afford Nol To HARRY N. ISRAEL 207 Main Slreel Cedar Falls A 81 R Cafe I409 Wesl Isl on Hiway 20 Fines'I' of Home Cooked Foods AIR CONDITIONED OPEN 8:00 A.M.- I2:00 Midnighl, Sun.-Thurs. 8:00 A.M.- I:I5 A.M., Fri.-Sal. BLACK HAWK PUBLISH NG CO., INC. PrinI'ers and Publishers Publishers of IOWA FARM LABOR NEWS JOSEPH C. KENNEDY, Pres. 323lf2 Main S+ree+ Cedar Falls, Iowa COl'Fax 6-4597 HIEBER DRUG COMPANY Harlow - Searle - Lyle PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Toilefries - Cosmelics School Supplies DOWNTOWN Qualify - Service - Save CARDI NAL SU PER VALU "Where High Oualily and Low Prices Combine Io Give You a Real Value" WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMPS Cedar Falls CONGRATULATIONS Io I'he CLASS OF I960 We Will Be Happy 'ro Welcome I'he Underclassmen Back This Fall BEN FRANKLIN STORE 209 Main Cedar Falls PHILCO-MAYTAG HOME APPLIANCES FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES S. 81 H. FIRESTONE L. A. HOLMSTROM 2I9-22I Main CO6-266l Cedar Falls, Iowa ,L WorId's Larges+ Producer of Rofary Pumps VIKING PUMP CO. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA It's BOYSEN'S for I 0 DRESSY HEELS X Priced From 4.98 +o 8.95 Q DRESS ELATS if Priced From 2.98 fo 4.98 I SPORTS and CASUALS BOYSEN'S SHOES ' - ..., ' ,Sd 'Jjx,A "X 305 MAIN CEDAR FALLS I Priced From 3.99 +o 6.95 If ff . if if CEDAR FALLS AUTO SUPPLY CO., Inc. Dis'rribuI'ors of Au+omoIDiIe Replacemenr Paris Complefe Machine Shop Phone CO6-3676 III Wes+ ISI S+. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA The Old Pottery Shop FINE CHINA, GLASS POTTERY AND GIFTS 4I 3 Main Cedar Falls JON E'S D-X Washing - Greasing - Jeep Towing PHONE CO6-9064 Corner of Seerley and Main THE BOLSER CORPORATION 27+h AND MAIN Manufacfurers of Truck Flares and Ofher Safeiy Equipmen+ MARTIN BROS. Dis'I'ribu+ing Company "NorI'heasI' Iowa's Leading Res'rauran'I' Equipmeni' and Food ProducI's Dis'I'ribu'I'or" Fea+uring EQUIPMENT AND FOOD PRODUCTS FOR SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM I922 Main Cedar Fails, Iowa WAGNER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Glideover Garage Doors, Wood or S'reeI EIec'Iric Opera+ors EIeva+or Equipmeni' Tracks, Hangers, Building BracIce+s and O+her Specialiy Ifems Is+ AND WASHINGTON CEDAR FALLS. IOWA "PerIcy Panfhern says: Welcome to the I.S.T.C. Alumni Assoc. AS AN ALUMNUS .OF I.S.T.C. THESE SERVICES OF THE COLLEGE MAY HELP YOU. Placemenf Service: Exlension Service: The Alumnus: I Alumni Meefings: The Placemenf Bureau serves experienced as well as currenf graduafes in obfaining feaching posi- fions. Exfension classes organized af various cifies fhroughouf fhe sfafe provide opporfunify for feachers fo earn college credif while confinuing fheir classroom feaching. Published quarferly, THE ALUMNUS magazine is mailed fo all graduafes of TC. If brings up-fo-dafe informafion on fhe college, faculfy, and former sfudenfs. TC grads gel' fogefher for social gafherings af Ieasf once a year in all paris of fhe U.S. One of fhe Iargesf gafherings is fhe Coffee Hour af fhe ISEA Convenfion. We nexf meef in fhe Des Moines Room of fhe Savery Hofel, Friday, November 4, from 4 fo 6 p.m. You Con Help I.S.T.C. by: III Doing your very besf on your iob. IZI Encouraging fopnofch sfudenfs fo affend I.S.T.C. I3I Cooperafing on Alumni Associafion proiecfs when called upon. I4I Keeping us posfed on your currenf address and acfivifies - we're inferesfed. ISI Supporfing fhe I.S.T.C. Foundafion. Prinfing Typewrifers Office Supplies and Equipmenf HOLST PRINTING CO. 2II Washingfon Phone CO6-0223 CEDAR FALLS, IOWA CONGRATULATIONS fo fhe CLASS OF I96O From fhe OLD GOLD STAFF I I Ai I I I I an I s .a............I TOPICAL INDEX A F A Cappella Choir . ... ..,,.. Academic Life ,,..... Activities .......,.,,,. Administration ,,7......,AA............f.......... .4-ff4--,---VVff- Advertising .,,.v,,.,........AAA........ ...,...f-ff4-------f-fAA4- - 53 7 30 78 304 All-College Conference on International Affairs 15 Alpha Beta Alpha ........ccc......v..4fA......eee------,, ve--,- 1 90 Alpha Chi Epsilon ........,,........ccccA.....-ff,,........f ---- 2 38 Alpha Phi Gamma ........, f4---- 1 70 Art Club ....,....,..c.........f,V7,.VaA fA---- 1 91 Art Department ........,ccc.....,,fA. ------ 9 4 Arts and Industries Building ...,,.......,,. ffff.V 1 O Associated Women Students ,,.........,A..... ff.4..... 1 36 Associations of Men's Residence Halls --...eeee44-fe 133 AMRH Beauty Queen .......u,..........,e.....eeef -,-V-e 67,129 is Auditorium ....,,,, , ...........,,,e,.....-- we ---'-fff- B Bartlett Hall ,..,u.. Baseball ...,,a....,,.,......c.... .,V..V Basketball ..,,.....Y..c,,,,.,.....eee.f,...ff.fff.,...... ...V 41 ...,,,268 2,222,252 Beta Beta Beta ...,,A..........v, ........-.-eeeA.f-- 1 71 158 Board of Control of Student Broadcasting .,..,.., Board ot Control ot Student Publications ....eeee.... 158 Business Education Department ..,.,eeAeeee..... Business Office and Physical Plant .sc, C Campbell Hall u,,..,, ......uu, Campus 4-H Club ...... Canterbury Club ....,,, Chapel Choir .,..c,.... Cheerleaders ................... Chimes ............,.,.........,...,, Christian Student Center .....,,. Christmas Activities .,...,.... College Courts ..,..........., College Players ..........,......., 95 83 zuz145 zdn192 unz219 UMW152 zzu273 UAW172 zzz218 zzz 63 uzz151 WAM193 College Relations Office ...... ........, Commencement uuuucuuuuu,c,c ....... 92 33, 47 Concert Band ...........,,,..,.,.. ........, 1 56 Curriculum Laboratory ....... D Dads' Day ,,,,.,..,,, .ss,s,,,, Delta Delta Phi,,, Delta Sigma Rho ..,., E 93 51 ..-....23O 73 Education and Psychology Department ..........,... 96 Elementa Ki .....,,,s,s4cs.ssc....sss,,.................., 194 Ellen H. Richards Club .................c..,,,,,,,.,,,,........ 195 Evangelical United Brethren Student Center -.....220 Fall Convocation ..,,..,.,.... Fall Lecture Concert ...... Fall Play ,,,,,,,-.,,....,,-..s Field Services ......c,.. Food Service ....., Football ....cuuuuuu .,.... G Gamma Delta ......, .,s,.s Golf uu..uuu.,,u.....cccu Graduates ....,.,.,.... Greek Week ........,.,..., Greek Week King ,,s,,,, Greek Week Queen ,uu,s, Gridiron Dinner ,u,,.,.c, H Hawaiian Club .,.,s ..,,.. Head Residents ssssss,-sss,s,.-...., Health Service .,,Ascs,ss,,sc,.ss.,........ 58 57 56 84 90 244 -.,,,,,224 -.s,,,,263 2-222274 43 25 24 38 96 38 91 Home Economics Department ,.... ss.ssss.-.. 9 7 Homecoming ....,......,,,,,s.- Homecoming Play ...,cssss.,-,.-.. Homecoming Attendants ,,,.. Homecoming Queen ......... Honors Convocation ...,., "l" Club .,.ccc,,,..-,.,.,..,,.,,.,,. ,, Industrial Arts Club ....sssssss.ssss,. Industrial Arts Department ,c..,c Instruction and Research ,..c.......... ....... lnterfraternity Council ....,.............,.. ....... International Affairs Organization lntersorority Council ..,.s.c,,...,.. .s...ssss.. ,,., - , 2 Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship Intramurals ...........s.,s.........c,scsss,s,s.... .....s. J Jazz Concert ssssssss.,,.... ss.,.- Jeffersonian Club .,,.... K Kappa Delta Pi ..,.,,., ...... Kappa Mu Epsilon ..... Kappa Phi ,...,,,,........,.. Kappa Pi ,,,.,,,,,............... Kappa Pi Beta Alpha ...... Kappa Theta Psi ....,.... Ki Prima Ki ......... KYTC .....,....... 128 26 46 74 197 98 86 229 198 229 222 272 59 99 75 176 226 177 220 231 201 165 L Lamba Delta Lamba ,.,.....,.,.....,.,.......,,,.....,.,.,..... Language, Speech, and Literature Department Lawther Hall .,,,,...,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,v,,,,,...,,7,..,,,,,,..,,, Library .,,.,...,,.v,,,,,.,........,,,,,,..,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,.......,,.., Librar Science De artment ...,.. .....,.. Y P Literary Circle ,,,,c,,,,,,,,,,.....,,,,.... .,...... Lutheran Student Association ......, ,,,,,.,. M Marching Band ,....... .,.,,. ,,.,.A,, Marlins ,,,,................... ,,,,.... Mathematics Club ....... .,,,,,v, Men's Union .... , ,...... ,,c.A.,. Men's Union Day .....,,..............,.,,,..,,, Music Department .....,.,.,,,,,,......,,,,...,,,,,.. .,...,.. Music Educators National Convention ....,.. ..,...., N Newman Club ..... ,,,,,, .,,c.... Nu Sigma Phi ..... .,A.,,,,,,.. ,,..,.. O Off-campus Men ....,,,,..,..,.. Lc.,... Ott-campus Women ....., ccc.... Old Gold Lccc...,.c..........,,.....,,,,L. ..,o,c,v Old Gold Attendants ....,....,,,.... ........ Old Gold Pageant and Dance ......, ,,...... Old Gold Popularity ,,,,...,.......... .,e...oo Old Gold Queen A,.,.,,,............. ..oee.o Opera ,,..,,,,...,,,,,.,..,. Orchesis ,c,....,,.s Organizations ,,,,,, .......v Orientation A...,,.,,,..,.... ...... ......Y Orientation Guides ,...,.,.....,,,.. ........ P Pep Council ........... ..,,,. ,....e.. Phi Beta Lambda .,,.., .....V.o Phi Chi Delta ....,,A,....... ........ Phi Delta Kappa ,,....,,,.., -- Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia .,.,, ...... ,.,..,,. Phi Sigma Epsilon ....v,......,.,,......... ........ Phi Sigma Phi .........,.....,.,,,., - ...V.... ce...... Physical Education Club ..,...... ...o.... Physical Education for Men ...... ,....... Physical Education for Women ..... .,,..... Pi Gamma Mu ............,,,...,......, ........ Pi Omega Pi .............,,..,....A..,. .,EE.... Pi Tau Pi ...........................c.. ...A.... Pi Theta Pi ................,,,.,,....,,... .,,,..,. Presbyterian Student Center ...,.. ....,.,. Price Laboratory School ........, Prospective Teachers Day ..... .,Y,.,.. Purple Arrow .....,..............,. ,....... Purple Key ....,,..,.............,...... ........ R Relays Queen ...... ...... V..----- 178 99 143 1 1 100 202 223 155 203 204 137 44 102 205 217 232 139 139 159 112 71 118 110 70 206 168 18 140 207 208 228 179 180 239 233 211 103 104 181 182 234 235 227 23 39 183 134 123 Religion in Life Week ........,.. .ccccc 6 8 Roger Williams Fellowship 215 S Science Department .,.,,,,,,. ,.cccA 1 05 Seerley-Baker Hall ,L,.., 149 Sigma Alpha Eta ,,,,... 184 Sigma Alpha Iota ,,,,, 185 Sigma Eta Chi ........,.. 221 Sigma Tau Gamma ....., 240 Sigma Theta Epsilon ...,....,.,,s ....,, 2 26 Social Programs ............,,,,..,.., ....., 1 33 Social Science Department 106 Speech Activities Club ccc,,,,,, 209 Sports ........,,,.......,............. 242 Spring Lecture Concert ,...,. ............ 4 2 Spring Play ,,,s,,,,,,,,.,,...... .....,.. 3 7, 45 Spring Sports ,,..,s..,,,..,,,,...........,..,.,..... 262 Stadium Hall ...,,.,,,,..,,,.,,s.,......................, 147 Student Council of Religious Activities ....... ...,,, 2 14 Student Faculty Relations Committee .,...cs.........., 133 Student lowa State Education Association 210 Student League Board ....,............,.,,................... 132 Student Personnel ,,,,,,,,.,,...............s.,,c,.,.,... ...... 8 8 Student Teaching ,...s,c, 24 Summer .,,.,,,,,.,,,,,. 48 Summer Play ...., 49 Sunset Village ,.... ,,.,...., 1 51 T Tau Kappa Epsilon .s..., 241 Tau Sigma Delta ...,. 236 TC Relays .s.,,,...,..,,,,..., 40 Teaching Department ..... 107 Tennis ,..,.,ss,,,a..,.,,a.... 271 The Year ........,,s.,,,,s.. ssssa. 3 4 Theta Alpha Phi ...,...,..,, 186 Theta Epsilon ............ - ........ 216 Theta Gamma Nu .....,,. 237 Theta Theta Epsilon ....... 187 Tomahawk a....,....,.....,s 188 Torch and Tassel ..,.... 189 Track .,,.a.,.........s.s.s. ......... 2 64 U United Student Fellowship .... 221 W Wesley Foundation ..,.......... 225 Westminster Fellowship a...... 227 Winter Lecture Concert .,..,....,........... 62 Women's Chorus ...............,.,,............. 154 Women's Counselors and Guides ...... ...... 1 42 Women's Day .,..................., S .,s......... 44 Women's Recreation Association ...., 212 Wrestling .............,,.,..,,,,.,.......... 256 Y Young Republicans ,,.... 213 Beard, Marshall, 86 A Abbot, R. L. Ackerman, Ethel Adney, Verna, 107 Aitchison, Alison Albright, Blanche Aldrich, John Alexander, Karen Alford, H, Wendell, 100 Allegre, Charles, 105, 171 Anderson, Lucile E., 107 Anderson, Wallace, 87, 99 Armstrong, Ross Assink, lngry B Bailey, James, 83, 158 Ball, George, 96 Barnes, Alfred, 179 Baughman, Gladys Baum, Russell, 102 Bebb, Randall, 107 Beckman, Mary Green Bell, Alice Bender, Paul, 88 Bernhard, Harold, 89 Birkhead, Jane, 102 Bishop, Clifford, 96, 179 Blackman, Mildred, 107 Blanford, James, 95 Bluhm, David, 152 Blume, Louise Bock, Emil W., 102 Boehlie, Esther Bond, Freda Bontz, Jean, 104, 211 Boughton, Hazel Boyd, Danita Brimm, R. Paul, 107 Brown, A. E., 96, 100 Brown, Helen Brown, Mabel Bruha, John, 101, 206 Brune, Irvin, 101, 176 Buckingham, Lena, 97, 187 Bultena, Mrs. Louis Bultena, Louis, 106 Bundy, Georgia Bundy, Mildred Burnell, Loretta Burns, Richard, 138, 149, I Buswell, Margaret, 96 FACULTY INDEX C Cable, E. J. Campbell, Ma riorie, 94 Canham, Evelyn Carlson, Keith Carmichael, Emily Carney, Clarence, 103 Carpenter, Arthur, 96 Carpenter, Ruth Caswell, Lucille Chung, Roy, 105 Clark, J. R., 103 Claus, Robert, 106 Clausen, Bernard, 105, 171 Cole, E. E., 83 Cole, Ethel Colema n, Walter, 102 Conklin, Suzanne Corpuz, Elizabeth, 196 Cowan, Phoebe Cowley, John Crawford, Elinor Crawford, G. E., 104 Crumley, Richard Curtis, Dwight, 107 D Daane, Calvin Dahl, Harry Dalziel, Robert, 99 Darling, Barbara, 104, 206 Davis, Jannette Dee, William, 106 De Hoff, Bernard, 99 De Kock, Walter, 210 Delafield, David, 94 Denny, E. C. Derby, Bessie Dickinson, A. D., 103 Dickinson, Madeline Dieterich, Mary, 100 Divelbess, Margaret, 107 Dolan, Rose Marie, 107 Douglas, Grace Douglas, Lloyd, 95 Douglas, Robert, 107 Dowell, Virgil, 105, 171 Dreier, William, 96 Drohman, L. B. Dunlop, Ruth E Eakin, Mary, 100 Eaton, Irene Ehresman, Irene, 1 Eitzman, Lillian Emmons, Ardith, 96 Englund, Thelma Joan, 107 Erckmann, Ruth, 101 Erlewine, Elda F Fairhurst, Earl Fagan, W. B. Fahrney, Ralph Faye, Mildred Finegan, Don, 94, 177 Fink, Merrill, 86 Fisher, Edith Fitzgerald, Margaret, 90 Forest, Louise, 99 Fossum, Ernest, 85, 179 Fowler, Clayton, 94 Fox, Josef, 99 Franks, Lorraine Freese, Lillian Frelund, Louise French, Nell French, Valient D., 91 Froyen, Len Fuhs, Ernest, 96 Fullerton, Margaret, 100 G Gardner, Jim Gault, Joyce, 102 Getchell, R. W., 105 Gibb, Glenadine Gilloley, Laura, 107 Goetch, E. W., 179 Gogel, Kenneth, 94 Goggin, Leo, 99 Gohman, Phyllis Gohman, Walter, 107 Grant, Martin Grassley, Barbara Ann Greelis, John Greene, Georgia Grinstead, Edna, 95 Grubb, Fern Guillaume, Harry, 94 Gullickson, Agnes, 107 H Haines, Maude Hake, Herbert, 84, 158 Hall, Mildred Hamilton, E. W., 101, 176 Hammer,'W. M., 103 Hampton, Nellie, 96 Hanawalt, Mary, 99 Hansen, Karen Hansen, Kenneth, 95, 208 Hansen, Russell, 107 Hanson, Maxine Happ, Helen Happ, William Harland, Blanche Harmon, Leta Harper, Corinne, 107 Harris, Lyman, 46, 106 Hartwell, Frank, 107 Hartwell, Laura Harvey, Nellie Haskell, Ralph, 94, 191 Hauser, Doris Hearst, James Heath, Helen Helff, Bernice, 107 Henn, S. C. Herrold, Clifford, 94 Hill, Francis Hill, Frank, 102, 180 Hinders, Beverly Hof, Lula Hohlfeld, Joseph, 107 Holliday, Olive, 97, 187 Holm, Flora Holmberg, Mariorie, 107 Holmes, George, 92 Holmes, Lola Holmes, Mavis, 89 Hols, Jack, 92, 161 Holst, Harald, 102 Holvik, Karl, 102, 156 Horton, Carol Horton, Loren Horton, Michael Hosier, Max M., 107 Hott, Leland, 107 Howard, Donald, 106, 181 Howe, Marvin, 102 Howes, Elisabith, 97, 187 Howell, Everett, 100 Hult, Esther, 96 Humphrey, Katherine, 95, 182 Hunter, Mary, 106 Hutcheson, Ruth Hyde, H. Wendell, 105 lsenberger, Alyce Iverson, Mariorie J Jackson, Mary Jennings, Philip, 83 Jensen, Dennis, 89, 137 Jensen, Emma A. Jensen, Emma Jensen, Guili Jensen, Jens, 101, 176, 204 Jensen, Verner, 105 Jewell, Ross, 99 Johansen, H. Dale Johnson, Esther Johnson, Paul Johnston, Raymond Jones, Howard, 106 Jones, Joyce Joslyn, Robert Juhl, Jessie Juhl, Leola K Kasiske, Florence, 107 Kaufmann, Beverly Keefe, Leonard, 95 Kelso, Paul C., 88 Kennedy, David, 102 Kennedy, Verna Kercheval, James, 105, 178 Klepfer, Lenora Knapp, Evelyn Knoll, Angeline Knutson, Howard, 87, 96 Koehring, Dorothy, 107 Koll, William, 103 Kraft, Dorthea Kurahara, Ted, 94 Kurtz, Edward L Lang, William, 82 Langemo, Amanda, 99 Lantz, C. W., 105 Lapine, Harry, 96 LaRue, James, 98, 197 Latham, William, 102 Lattin, Richard, 107 Lawton, Milo, 84 Leavitt, Charles, 106 Lebeda, Agnes, 95 Lee, Verlin, 105, 178 Letson, Carol Lott, Fred, 101, 176, 204 Luctenberg, Darlene Lynch, Herbert, 107 Lyon, Howard M Mahon, Paul Mahon, Ruth, 107 Maitland, Wilda Mantor, Edna, 107 Marcussen, Alfred Maricle, William Martin, Raymond Martindale, Frank, 96 Matala, Dorothy, 105 Matala, R. E., 58, 98, 197 Matheson, Charles, 102 Matland, Mrs. K. G. Matson, Ida Mauck, Jane, 102, 152, 154 Maucker, J. W., 58, 81 Maurer, Edwin, 99, 199 Maxwell, Jvone, 102 Mazula, Peter McBride, Eleanor, 107 McCarthy, Phyllis, 107 McCollum, Clifford, 105, 17 McCunniff, Marlys McDavitt, Elaine, 99 McGuire, Linda McLeod, Ada, 100 McMahon, Della McPeek, Beth, 146, 229 McVey, Lillian Melberg, Merritt Mendenhall, L. L., 103 Merritt, Eleanor, 93 Meyer, Ardys Meyer, Ruth Middleton, Caryl, 107, 179 Miller, Doris Miller, Edna Mitchell, John, 179 Mohn, Mardelle Moody, Donald Moon, Dorothy Moon, Alfred Moriguchi, Naomi Mortell, Mary Mounce, G. W. Mullins, Evelyn, 100 Myers, Isabel, 92 N Nanke, Aldene Neal, J. B. Nelson, Herman, 105 Nielsen, Ross, 107 Noonan, Eileen, 100, 190 Nowden, Joyce O Olesen, Lene Olney, Eva Olsen, Loretta Overturf, De Alda R. P Page, John, 94 Paige, Donald, 178 Paine, O. F. Parker, Marian Parry, Florence Paulson, Robert Pearce, Joseph Pendergraft, Daryl, 40, 84 Peterson, Ruth Phillips, Cecil, 107, 179 Picklum, Warren, 105, 171 Pinillos, Marla, 99 Plaehn, Erma, 106, 181, 199 Ploog, Irvin Poage, George, 198 Pohlman, Joanne Poppy, Willard, 105 Posson, Shirley, 104 Potter, Albert, 107 Potter, Jeannette, 104 Powis, Carol Pray, Mildred, 96 Price, Malcolm, 96 Przychodzin, Joe, 107 R Ramsay, Virginia, 104 Reed, Howard, 98, 197 Refshauge, Bonita Renaud, Ruth Reninger, H. Willard, 99 Rethman, Chista Gordon, 87, 96, 179 Rhum Riebe, H. A., 96 Riggs, Dixon, 105 Ritter, Elmer Rittgers, Charlotte Rittgers, Elizabeth Robinson, George, 106 Rod, Donald, 87, 100 Rogers, Robert, 105, 178 Roth, Betts, 96 Ruman, Edward Russell, Myron, 102 S Sage, Leland, 106, 181 Samson, Harland Sanders, Fern Sauer, Pauline, 105, 1.71 Schaefer, Josef, 99 Schaffer, Elliott, 99 Schlicher, Raymond, 85 Schlemmer, Marilyn, 107 Schmitt, Donald, 105 Schmitt, Mary, 107 Schneider, Melvin, 107 Schnept, Virginia Schools, Marshall, 107 Schurrer, Augusta, 101, 176 Schultz, Janet Scoggin, Ruth Seufferlein, Hazel Shefte, Lois, 107 Shepherd, Lou Sheriff, Stan, 103 Shimel, Corrine, 136 Shirley, Gerald, 94 Shores, Edna, 97, 187 Short, Thelma, 104 Silvey, H. M., 86, 179 Silvey, lna, 101 Silvey, Wray, 96 Simonsen, Carrie Sjolander, Margaret, 97, 187 Skribanowitz, Peter, 105 Smith, Ernestine, 105 Smith, Francis, 99, 158 Smith, M. B., 99 Smith, Paul, 94 Sonstegard, Manford, 107 Spafford, Beth Sparrow, Julia, 96 Spencer, David Stageberg, Norman, 99 Starr, Eleanor Steininger, Earl Stokstad, Lloyd, 107 Stone, Myrtle, 107 Stover, Betty Struble, Marguirette, 107 Swanson, Betty, 104 Swatosh, Bernice Sylvester, Janet T Talbott, Nathan, 106 Taylor, Della Taylor, Loren, 99 Thode, H. E. Thoeni, Jack Thompson, Howard, 106, 181 Thompson, Oscar, 96 Thompson, Thomas, 99 Thompson, Manette Thorne, Edward, 99 Thudium, Caroll Thudium, Sharon Tigges, Jean Tingle, Myrtle Toomsen, Duane Townsend, Patricia, 99, 209 Trepp, Helen Trimble, H. C., 101 Tulasiewicz, J. Bruno, 106 U Uecker, Albert, 96 Usher, Shirley, 102 V Vander Beek, Howard, 107 Van Ness, Grace Voelker, Gertrude, 10 W Wachsman, Elizabeth Wagner, Edward, 93, 100 Wagner, Guy Wagner, Lillian, 173, 189 Wagner, Willis, 98 1 Wagoner, June Walter, Mildred, 107 Wardin, R. W. Wasser, Joseph Weber, Cathryn Weber, Dorothy Weems, Zatha Wendt, Donald, 156 White, Herbert, 102 Whitford, L. W., 103 Whitnah, Donald, 106 Wiederanders, Donald, 107, 179 Wielenga, Jack, 85 Wikstrom, Thomas Wilcox, M. J., 96, 179 Wilson, Leland, 105 Wilson, Mary Wine, George, 92 Wineke, Dorothy, 107 Winier, Ethel Winier, Leonard, 105 Winsberg, Shirley, 104, 203 Witham, James, 103, 174 Wohl, Harold, 106, 181 Wolfensperger, June Wood, Stanley, 99, 186, 193 Wright, Lawrence, 98, 197 Y Yager, Barbara Yeager, Emily, 97, 187, 195 Yount, Robert, 101, 176 Z Zender, Joseph, 99, 186 Patricia, Elgin, 216, 276 A Abediie, Haile, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Abrahmson, Richard, Marshalltown, 174 Abuhl, John, Ankeny Adair, Beverly, Reinbeck Adair, Joe, Waterloo Adams, Clayton, Grinnell, 276 Adams, Janice, Waterloo, 195, 276 Adams, Ronald, Ottosen, 165, 215 Adelmund, Bonnie, Hudson, 191 Adix, Larry, Boone, 215, 222 Adkins, Arline, Cedar Falls Adkins, Donald, West Des Moines, 177 Aelmans, Harrison, Cedar Falls Agey, Catharine, Des Moines, 234 Aiken, Reva, Lohrville, 201 Aiken, Rolly, Cedar Falls Akerman, Cora, Marengo, 190, 200 Akerman, Richard, Fremont Akers, Marcia, Hampton, 142, 146 Akin, Grace, Waterloo, 177 Akin, Sandra, Ames, 230 Albaugh, Larry, Tipton, 193 Albaugh, Mary, Marion Albers, Joyce, Grand Mound, 224 Albright, Charles, Waterloo STUDENT INDEX Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Andereess Andrews, Andrews, Andrews, Carl, Cedar Falls, 208, 276 Carol, Cedar Falls, 208 Carroll, Gilman Constance, Ottumwa, 155, 156, 159 Garry, Waterloo Harvey, Batavia, lll., 137, 238 Janice, Fonda, 223 Jerome, Cedar Falls Karen, Paton, 156 Karen, Lake Mills, 136, 146, 234, 276 Karl, Waterloo Linda, Lake View, 226 Marilyn, Sperry, 203, 226, 276 Marilyn, Waterloo, 211, 212, 276 Marlene, Thompson Phillip, Cedar Falls, 276 Raymond, Mason City Robert, Waterloo Roger, Cedar Falls, 137, 151, 276 Tracy, Cherokee, 181, 276 en, Laverne, Parkersburg, 208 Jane, Panora, 200 Linda, Iowa City, 171 Merle, Spencer, 239 Angstman, Mary, Dumont. B Bachman, Raymond, West Bend, 217 Backstrom, Donna, Faribault, Minn. Bahl, James, Waterloo Bailey, Gary, Cedar Falls Bailey, Robert, Waverly, 197 Bailey, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Baker, Roger, Cedar Rapids Bonnie, Cedar Falls Dean, Cedar Falls Donald, Waterloo John, Cedar Falls Dennis, Perry Sharon, Waterloo, 183, 235 Balhorn, Carol, Waterloo, 235 Balk, Daniel, Dedham, 276 Ball, Nancy, Tipton Alderdyce, Patricia, Delta, 165, 198, 209 Aldrich, Bette, Monticello Aldrich, Mary, Keosauqua, 188, 200, 214 Alexander, Thomas, Cedar Falls, 197, 239 Allbee, Judith, West Union Allen, Avon, Hampton, 132, 136, 142, 144, 231 Allen, Dorothy, La Porte City Allen, Gene, Nashua Allen, Keith, Nevada Allen, Nancy, Wyoming, 142, 144, 194, 209 Allison, Patty, Waterloo Allspach, James, Parkersburg Alsager, Doris, Radcliffe, 200, 276 Alshouse, Lee, Stanley, 240 Altenhein, Bruce, Traer Altwegg, Gary, Redfield, 276 Alvord, Eugene, Cedar Falls, 151 Amble, Bruce, Waterloo Amerson, Kay, Fort Dodge, 219 Ammeter, Gary, Coggon, 153, 180, 276 Anderegg, Joyce, Guttenberg, 211 Anderegg, Ramonna, Guttenberg, 223 Anders, Barbara, Sioux City Anders, Duane, Cedar Falls Andersen, Phillip, Cedar Falls Andersen, Robert, Greene Andersen, Rosalyn, Council Bluffs Anderson, Anthony, Waterloo Anthony, Phyllis, Cedar Falls Antons, Dorothy, Manchester, 195, 223 Aperans, Agris, Cedar Falls, 174 Applegate, Lloyd, Cedar Rapids Appleman, Charles, Hawkeye, 190, 199 Appleby, David, Manchester, 197, 221 Appleget, James, Roland, 197 Armstrong, Larry, Waterloo Arnett, John, La Porte City, 276 Arnold, James, Cedar Falls Arnold, Sherman, Waterloo Arp, Larry, Toledo, 276 Arthaud, John, Oelwein Artherholt, Lester, Waterloo Arthur, Dianna, Cedar Falls Arthur, Marilyn, Hawkeye Asche, Carol, Titonka, 140 Aschim, Cheryl, Ridgeway, 171, 276 Ashby, Francis, Chariton Asleson, George, Charles City Assink, Robert, Cedar Falls, 54 Astor, Gary, Arlington, 240, 276 Atkinson, Raymond, Cedar Falls Atkinson, Stanley, Waterloo Atzen, Verna, Lime Springs, 223 Austin, Cortland, Cedar Falls Ayers, Judith, Waterloo Azaltine, Deanna, Rowan Ball, Raymond, Cedar Falls Ballou, Jeanne, Independence Ballou, Madeline, Archer Bamsey, Joann, Schaller Banovetz, Franklin, Ely, Minn. Barber, Arnold, Cedar Falls Barber, Margaret, Martelle Barber, Romaine, Dunkerton Barghahn, Linda, Knoxville Barkema, Donna, Goodell, 208 Barlow, Jerry, Mason City Barmer, Judy, Waterloo, 235 Barnes, Paul, Cedar Falls Barnes, Randall, Cedar Falls Barnett, Arthur, Ida Grove, 153, 155, 156 Barnhart, Robert, Livingston, Mont. Barrett, Charles, Mason City, 276 Barrett, Janice, Grand Junction, 159, 160, 276 Barrilliaux, Louis, Thibodaux, La. Barron, Delpha, Waterloo Barron, Van, Waterloo, 277 Barry, Eileen, Woodbine Barta, Karen, Waterloo, 155, 156 Barta, Robert, Fort Atkinson, 277 Bartachek, Judy, Belle Plaine, 204, 211, 212 Barten, Lloyd, Cedar Falls Bartlett, John, Tipton, 240 Bartleson, Thomas, Gladbrook Bartlett, Curtis, Waterloo Bartling, Herman, Cedar Falls Barton, Rebecca, Mediapolis, 200, 226, 277 Barz, Carol, Waterloo, 155, 156 Barz, Graydon, Klemme, 277 Bashore, Dick, Garrison, 277 Bashore, Marlys, Donnan Bass, Daryle, Cedar Falls Bassett, Douglas, Ames, 153, 206, 238 Bates, Sharron, Missouri Valley 317 Bauer, Jean, Charles City Bauer, Norma, North English, 202, 277 Bauer, Shirley, La Porte City Baumann, Edwin, Madison, Wis., 277 Beard, Jean, Rochester, Minn. Bradley, Barbara, Centerville, 132, 136, 142, Beattie, Lynne, Manchester Beaumaster, Constance, Waterloo Beck, Doris, Cylinder, 155, 156, 204, 224 Beck, Lewis, Cedar Falls Beck, Linda, Cedar Falls Becker, Marilyn, Becker, Renetta, Nashua Becker, Virginia, Nashua Becker, William, Webster City Beckner, Gary, Waterloo Becvar, Becvar, Becvar, Bedard, Beebe, Beeler, Donald, Colo Donna, Colo, 194, 277 Davenport, 183, 230 William, Decorah, 45, 186, 193 Robert, Waterloo Richard, Waverly Linda, 154, 190 Bice, Gregory, Missouri Valley, 119, 174, 277 Bieber, Gunter, Marshalltown Bieber, Suzanne, Reinbeck, 165 Bigler, Beverly, Decorah, 195 Billings, Bruce, Cedar Falls, 277 Bingham, Robert, Waterloo Bird, Norma, Waterloo Birkey, Ann, Wellman Bisbing, Rebecca, Cedar Falls Bishop, Lewis, Cedar Falls, 184, 277 Bishop, Ruth, West Union, 176, 204 Bistricky, Mildred, Fairfax, 195, 277 Bittner, James, Thayer Bittner, Judith, Thayer Bixler, Elsie, Massena, 235 Black, Judith, Monticello Blair, Shirley, Cedar Falls Blake, Karen, Laurens Blake, Norman, Mount Vernon Blake, William, Cedar Falls Blaker, Larry, Cedar Falls Beeson, Patricia, Washta, 217 Behn, Parke, Monticello Behrends, Glennis, Fonda, 183 Behrens, Bette, Grundy Center, 154 Behrens, Jean, Anamosa Beitel, Patricia, Davenport, 176, 211 Beirananda, Chuang, Thailand Bell, Delmer, Cedar Falls Bell, Harlan, St. Ansgar, 225 Bell, Sophia, Cedar Falls Bell, Stanley, Cedar Falls, 277 Belschner, Jean, Arlington Bender, Monica, North English, 277 Benesh, Gary, Waterloo Blankenship, Kay, Muskogee, Okla., 277 Blankinship, Faye, Cedar Falls, 236 Blanchard, Paul, Chippewa Falls, Wis. Blatt, Marilyn, Remsen Blech, Janice, Manchester, 206, 211 Bleich, Donna, Wesley, 208, 217 Bliss, Helen, Lake Mills, 223 Block, Kay, Storm Lake, 175, 227, 277 Blow, David, Cedar Falls, 151, 208 Blum, Virginia, Cedar Falls, 183 Blunt, Adaline, Shell Rock Boals Daniel, Des Moines Bock, Bock, Carol, Shelby, 142, 202, 203 Donna, Shelby, 142, 211, 212, 277 Beniamin, Keith, Cedar Falls, 151, 277 Benner, Carl, Lucasville, Ohio Benning, Harold, Waterloo Benning, Irvin, Cedar Falls Benson, Janice, Woodbine Benson, Robert, Hudson Bent, Anne, Clinton, 211 Benz, Richard, Nashua Berg, Jolene, Waterloo Berg, Pauline, Odebolt Berger, Janet, Waterloo Bockhaus, Berth, Frederika, 142, 231 Bockholt, Sandra, Keystone, 142, 224 Bodenstein, Virginia, Waterloo Bodum, Mary, George, 236 Boelman, James, Aplington, 278 Boerschel, Carol, Waverly Boesen, Claudia, Waterloo, 211, 237, 278 Boetel, Francis, Hartley Bogart, Beverly, Cedar Rapids, 142, 224, 278 Bohan, John, Primghar, 278 Bohlander, Janet, Cedar Rapids, 142, 152, 155, 172, 205 Bergman, Joan, Scranton, 204 Bergman, Marlys, New Hartford Bergmann, Maxine, Hampton, 203, 211, 277 Bergstrom, Robert, Cedar Falls Berk, Jason, Hampton, 159, 161, 162 Bernard, Keith, Eagle Grove Berry, Donald, Waverly Berryhill, Irvin, Buffalo Bersee, Linda, Schaller, 193, 227, 228 Berst, Carl, New Hampton Bertelson, Judy, Missouri Valley, 203,211 Bettin, Ann, Early, 165, 190 Bettis, Karolyn, Corydon, 235 Bettle, Robert, Waterloo Bewyer, Ronnal, Newton, 197 Bohning, Roger, Rowan Boldridge, Mary, Algona, 227, 22f. Bolin, Dorothy, Cedar Falls Bolin, Karen, Cedar Falls Boll, Judith, Gladbrook, 187, 195, 278 Boller, Francis, Waterloo, 238, 278 Bonnstetter, Bill, Lu Verne Bonsall, Beverly, Cedar Falls Bonsall, Duane, Cedar Falls, 174, 278 Bonzer, Ann, Liscomb Bonzer, G. Ann, Floyd Booher, Gary, Clarksville Boom, Kent, Cedar Falls Boos, Eleanor, Lockridge, 153, 205, 223 Booth, Marilyn, Hampton, 136, 203, 211, 212,237 Boothby, Carol, Holstein Borger, Henry, Mason City, 224 Borness, Joanne, Decorah Bos, Dwight, Cedar Falls Boscalion, Willard, Doon, 278 Bossom, Mary, Plainfield Bottorff, Marcia, Packwood, 116, 154, 200, 215, 216 Bottorff, Ralph, Harcourt, 278 Botts, Dean, Cedar Falls, 278 Bourret, Richard, Waterloo Bowden, Margaret, Ottumwa Bowen, Gayle, Ames Bowen, Larry, Cedar Rapids, 207, 238 Bower, Marie, Dunkerton Bowman, Carl, Cedar Falls Bowman, Susan, Cedar Rapids, 203, 211 Boyer, Edward, Farmington Boyles, Eva, La Porte City Boynton, David, Waterloo Bracklein, David, Waverly 189, 200, 236, 278 Brady, Anna, Fort Atkinson, Wis., 227, 237 Bragg, Marlys, Lake Park Brainerd, James, Fort Dodge Bramer, Beverly, Harlan, 278 Brand, Karen, Newton Brandhorst, Audrey, Hudson, 153, 278 Brandt, Betty, Waterloo Brandt, John, Cedar Falls Brandt, Karen, Hubbard, 136, 142 Brandt, Larry, Garnavillo Brandt, Norma, Parkersburg, 201 Brannon, James, Boone, 239 Branscom, Judith, Fort Madison, 154 Brasch, Joanne, Waterloo, 235 Bratton, Elinor, Cedar Falls Bratton, Merton, Cedar Falls Braun, Robert, Waterloo Bravener, Sandra, Fredericksburg, 155, 156, 205, 278 Brecht, Elaine, Walker, 230 Breeding, Carol, Des Moines, 158, 165, 183, 194, 237 Brehm, Judith, Van Horne, 200 Breshears, Carleen, Oelwein Breshears, Donald, Waterloo Bridges, Kenneth, Plainfield, 140, 165, 167, 171,178, 214, 215, 278 Bright, Robert, Manchester Bright, Karen, Eldora Brindle, Eleanor, Conrad, 155, 156 Brinker, Gary, Waterloo Brinkley, Ronald, Cedar Falls Brinkmeyer, Charlotte, Hubbard, 194, 278 Britton, Lloyd, Sioux City, 140, 240 Britven, Marilyn, Mason City, 194, 218, 278 Broberg, Theodore, Faribault, Minn., 174, 239 Brocka, Gail, Allison Brocka, Joyce, New Hartford Brockmeyer, Evelyn, Colesburg, 142, 225 Brockmeyer, Laurel, Colesburg, 195, 225 Chandler, Karel, Nashua, 155, 193 Broeker, William, New London Brooke, Donna, Cambridge Brooks, Barbara, Ackley, 154 Brotherton, Catherine, Wall Lake, 201, 217 Brousard, William, Cedar Rapids, 278 Brown, Ardelle, Cedar Falls, 278 Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown, r 1 1 1 Carol, Laurel, 201 Donald, Cedar Falls, 278 Elizabeth, Oelwein, 231,279 Evelyn, Cedar Falls Gayle, Cedar Falls, 279 Georgeen, Coulter Janice, Waterloo, 154 Joan, Waterloo, 116, 153, 185 Joyce, Des Moines Lois, Scranton, 208 Perry, Cedar Falls Richard, Cedar Falls, 278 Thomas, Waterloo Butcher, Karen, Holstein Butler, Bonita, Waterloo, 279 Butler, Donna, Des Moines, 194 Butschi, Robert, Anamosa Butterfield, Nancy, Cedar Rapids, 235 Buttier, Lavern, Aredale Button, Dennis, Adel Button, Robert, Marshalltown, 162, 221 Butts, Francis, Mason City Byal, Sandra, Mingo Byam, Joan, Algona, 217 Byers, Marlene, West De Moines, 191, 230 Byers, Norman, Central City Bryam, Harold, Kansas City, Mo., 174 C Cable, Laura, Eldora Cachola, Fredrico, Halaula, Hawaii, 121, 138, 153, 196, 238, 279 Cagwin, Mary, St. Anthony, 154 Calhoun, James, Cedar Falls Cave, Virgininia, Waverly Cawelti, James, Cedar Falls Chabal, Doris, Grundy Center Chabal, Robert, Grundy Center Chambers, Carol, Corwith Chang, P Chapman atricia, Hilo, Hawaii, 2 , Merlin, Elgin Chapman, Willis, Cedar Falls, 1 Chastain, Sara, Leon 37 71, 279 Chatham, Robert, Harveyville, Kan. Childers, Childers, Jean, Cedar Falls, 279 Lowell, West Amana Chilson, John, Sioux City, 165, Christensen, Alma, Cedar Falls Christensen, Gerald, Alta, 60, 1 227 53, 279 Christense, Kenneth, iowa Falls Christensen, Robert, Cedar Falls, 184, 279 Christenson, Marshall, Lake Park Brownlee, Vicki, Cedar Falls, 226 Bruce, Mary, Vinton Bruce, Thomas, Walker Brummel, Joe, Cedar Falls Bruner, Mary, Waterloo, 200 Bruns, Evelyn, Greene, 279 Bryan, Kenneth, Newton Bryant, Janaan, Hartley, 165 Brych, Mary, Osage Bryson, Jessie, Cedar Falls Bryson, Richard, Cedar Falls Buchanan, Douglas, West Des Moines, 140 Buck, Donn, Cedar Falls Buck, Peder, Clarksville Buckingham, Edward, Cedar Falls Buckley, Karen, Red Oak, 279 Buckely, Karlen, Fonda Buerkens, Bruce, Waterloo Butfington, Karen, Colo Buftington, Sidney, Titonka, 176, 279 Bullock, Billie, Creston, 202 Bump, James, Monroe Bunge, Darrell, Massillon, 239 Bunz, Elke, Manning, 195 Buol, Bonnie, Monticello Burbank, Elaine, Pleasantville Burgardt, Muriel, Plover, 154 Burger, Patricia, E. Moline, lll. Callahan, Daniel, Eldora Callahan, Freda, Dow City, 154, 209, 225 Callahan, Roger, Cedar Falls Callahan, William, Fort Dodge, 175, 213, 279 Callaway, Marilyn, Conrad, 202 Callaway, Shirley, Conrad Callison, Judith, Chariton Calloway, Nancy, Columbus Junction Calvert, Calvin, Waterloo, 176, 279 Camp, Nancy, Fort Dodge Campbell, Duane, Waterloo Campbell, Hugh, Ackley Canfield, Claire, Waterloo Canny, Harold, Ottumwa Capps, Richard, Creston, 225, 226 Caguelin, Kenneth, Eagle Grove Caraway, Jackie, Monmouth Carey, Robert, Marcus Carlisle, Cynthia, Tipton, 146, 237 212, Carlson, Carlson, Carlson, Carlson, Carlson, Carman, Dwight, Sac City Mildred, Waterloo Noel, Charles City Sandra, Moline, lll. Theodore, Paton Norbert, Cedar Falls 203, 206, 211, Carnes, Marvel, Lancaster, Calif., 195, 229, 279 237, Christian, Susan, Rochester, Minn., 203 Christiansen, Edith, Algona Christianson, lla, Chester Christle, Patricia, Cedar Rapids, 183, 194 Christofferson, Walter, Postville Christophel, Edna, Waverly Christy, Richard, Ottumwa Christy, Robert, Ottumwa Church, Constance, Waterloo Cias, Gerald, Cedar Falls Cirks, William, Gilmore City Cirksena, Ronald, Grundy Center Clancy, Jon, Pomeroy Clark, Dixie, Cedar Falls, 279 Clark, Gary, Cedar Falls, 165 Clark, James, Cedar Falls Clark, Sharon, Hazleton Clark, Willis, Manassas, Va.,'28O Clausen, Loretta, Holstein, 223 Claussen, Kathryn, Reinbeck, 221 Claussen, Sharon, Reinbeck, 183, 221 Clay, Alan, Cedar Falls Claypool, Donna, Marion Clayter, Jack, Waterloo Clayton, Deloris, Marshalltown, 206, 280 Cleveland, Charlyn, Jefferson, 183, 199, 218, 231 Cleveland, Elbin, Cedar Rapids Burke, Sharon, Waterloo, 136, 138 Burkes, Harry, Waterloo Burkhart, Karen, Mt. Auburn, 154, 223 Burkhead, Alice, Armstrong, 154, 226 Burkitt, Clare, Cedar Falls Burnell, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 279 Burnight, Mary, Hawarden, 217 Burns, Sharon, Cedar Falls Burrell, Edward, Center Point Burrichten, Arthur, La Porte City Burritt, John, Waterloo, 162 Burroughs, Wendell, Waterloo Burton, Don, Webster City Burzette, Betty, Floyd, Busching, Judith, Shell Rock, 194 Carney, Clarence, Cedar Falls Carr, Betty, Manchester, 200, 279 Carr, George, Cedar Rapids Carr, James, Ottumwa, 137, 140, 240 Carr, Mary, Cedar Rapids Carroll, Leonard, Waterloo Carrott, Robert, Rockford, 279 Carter, Robert, Cedar Falls, 279 Carwell, Dorothy, Cresco Carwell, Glenn, Cresco, 240 Casberg, Melodie, Waterloo, 162 Cassens, Gloria, Anthon, 194, 224 Casson, Charles, McClelland Cavanaugh, Joyce, Charles City Cavanaugh, Marilyn, Waterloo Cline, Bob, West Liberty Cline, Jea nne, Winterset Clinton, Patricia, Thief River Fall, Minn., 211, 237, 280 Clopton, Betty, Cedar Falls, 280 Clopton, lna, Cedar Falls Clough, S haron, Dysart Cochran, Dorothy, Solon, 207, 230, 280 Coghlan, Larry, Boone Cole, Betty, Waterloo, 142, 208, 235 Cole, Kathleen, Waverly . Cole, Mary, Algona Cole, Perr Cole, Rich y, Cedar Falls, 280 ard, Cedar Falls, 197 Coleman, Annie, Waterloo 319 Coleman, Marilyn, Buck Grove, 153, 162, 192, 193, Colema 202 n, Samuel, Cedar Falls Collender, Joan, Cedar Falls Collins, Dorothy, Monmouth Collins, Helen, Des Moines, 229, 230 Collins, Joan, McHenry, Ill., 237 Collins, Larry, Cedar Falls, 180 Collins, Marilyn, Cresco, 152, 153, 203 Combs, Clarissa, Ames Comfor t, Mary, Onawa, 183, 214, 217, 234 Condra, Wendell, Moravia Connell, Michael, Waterloo Crowe, Cathryn, Clermont, 155, 202, 205 Crystal, Everett, Webster City Cutfel, Jerry, Conrad, 280 Cull, Raymond, Chicago, lll. Cullen, Ardella, Spencer Culton, Barbara, Council Bluffs Cummings, Janice, Fairfield, 231 Cunda, Florence, Waterloo Cunningham, Marlan, Cedar Falls Conrad, Kenneth, Tipton, 280 Conrads, Bernhard, Cedar Falls Consolver, Matylda, Burlington, 136, 146, 229, 236 Conway, Charlyne, Cedar Falls Conway, Robert, Cedar Falls, 280 Cook, Donald, Fort Dodge Cook, Hazel, Cedar Falls Cookingham, Patricia, Estherville, 183, 204, Curry, Curry, Curtis, Curtis, James, Cedar Rapids Richard, Bradgate, 225 Patricia, Owasa William, Grundy Center, 280 Cushing, Janice, Van Meter, 142, 195 Cushman, Charles, Dexter Czarnecki, Caroline, Williams, Minn., 177, 3 D Dahlager, Richard, Crosby, Minn. Dahlgaard, Don, Waterloo Dahmus, Ann, Waterloo Dahmus, Michael, Waterloo 209, 223 Cooley, Barbara, Morrison, 154, 194, 227 Cooney, Mary, Lawler, 208, 217 Cooper, Anaruth, Waukon Cooper, Ann, Garwin Cooper, Carrol, Cedar Rapids Cooper, Carolee, W. Des Moines Cooper, Wanita, Marion Coots, Dorla, Mt. Auburn, 280 Copley, John, Davenport Corcoran, Sadie, Independence Corder, Mary, Cedar Falls, 232, 280 Corkery, Richard, Waterloo Cornell, Richard, Decorah, 140, 240, 229 Corpuz, Elizabeth, Makaweli, Hawaii Corwin, Curtis, Marshalltown Corwin, Dennis, Cedar Falls Courtney, Sylvia, Anamosa Countryman, Ronald, Cedar Rapids, 208 Courvo isier, Katherine, Philadelphia, Pa., 116 Cowley, John, Cedar Falls Cox, David, Bettendorf Dalrymple, Dean, Evansdale Dalton, Ronald, Mason City, 239 Daman, James, Humboldt, 162, 163, 170 Damon, Fred, Oelwein, 281 Damron, Jimmie, Carpinteria, Calif. Daniel, Joan, Fort Dodge, 200, 219, 281 Daniels, Anita, Oelwein, 223 Darby, James, Clarksville, 281 Darby, Lillith, Clarksville Darnall, Diane, Rockford, lll., 142, 236 Darrow, Donald, Olin Cozine, Sue, Iowa City, 183, 230 Craig, Marilyn, Bloomfield, 194 Craigmile, Theodore, Cedar Falls Daudel, Donna, Andrew, 142, 229, 232 Daut, Carol, Wilton Junction Davies, Linda, lowa City Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Barbara, Gilmore City Don, Primghar, 281 Donald, Waterloo Gerald, Decorah Davis, Joan, Ida Grove Davis, Davis, Davis, John, Mapleton Margaret, Waterloo Nancy, Marshalltown Davison, James, Eva nsdale Dawson, Thomas, Oelwein Day, Norman, Jefferson, 199 Crane, Margaret, Spencer Crane, Robert, Glenville, Minn. Crane, Terrence, Cedar Falls, 238 Crane, Thomas, Chariton, 159, 160, 217, 280 Cranston, Gordon, Cedar Falls Cranston, Loren, Cedar Falls Cranston, Sandra, Minneapolis, Minn., 203, 211, 237, 280 Craven , Robert, Waterloo Crawford, Dana, Washington Crawford, Michael, Arlington, 280 Dean, Michael, Waterloo Dearinger, Karen, Reasnor, 155 Deberg, Paula, Waterloo, 207 Deboer, Irene, Wellsburg Deboer, Robert, Cedar Falls Debolt, Beverly, Rock.well City De Boom, Darrell, Evansdale Debower, Bonnie, Allison, 201, 233 Decamp, Leonard, Eagle Grove Dedic, Lumir, Cedar Falls, 281 Creswell, Gayle, Reinbeck Cross, June, Chariton, 206 Crowder, James, Mason City, 140, 155, 156, 180, 238 Dedic, Robert, Traer Degraw, Alan, Delmar, 165, 225, Degraw, Betty, Delmar Degroote, Douglas, Humbolt 226, 281 03 Degroote, Virgil, Waterloo Dekkenga, John, Cedar Falls, 281 Dekruif, Jerry, Sheldon, 281 Delfs, Sharon, Toledo, 144, 183, 188, 201 Della Vedova, Rose Mary, Ottumwa, 198 Delong, Beverly, Cedar Falls Delphey, Dolores, Harpers Ferry Demien,'Rhonda, Lytton, 156, 185 Demro, Jo Ann, Nashua Denkinger, Marian, Cedar Falls, 281 Deneui, Jon, Cedar Rapids, 155, 156, 224 Deneui, Karen, Wellsburg Deprenger, Donald, Cedar Falls Desart, Susan, Mason City, 230 Dessing, Glenn, Charles City Dettmann, Carol, Sac City, 223 Devine, Janice, Bettendorf Deviney, Ralph, Cedar Falls, 281 Devitt, Billy, Lytton Dewilde, Delores, Charles City, 155, 156 Dewilde, Carolyn, Mason City Dexter, Richard, Cedar Falls Dey, Clark, Winthrop Diamond, Dale, Cedar Falls Dice, Phillip, Lake Park Dick, Karen, Cedar Falls Dickey, Robert, Davenport Dickinson, Roger, Humboldt Dierks, David, Clinton Diersen, Donita, Lytton, 201, 223 Dietz, Eugene, Cedar Falls, 281 Dighton, Arlene, Coggon, 156, 157, 281 Dighton, Lyndon, Coggon Dillinger, Larry, Peru, 239 Dillon, David, Cedar Falls, 174 Dirks, Leroy, Waterloo Dittmer, Norbert, Waterloo Dix, Patricia, Janesville Dixon, Rodney, Perry, 138, 188 Dixon, William, Waterloo Dobson, Karen, 281 Dockum, Marquita, Hampton Dodd, Bill, Cedar Falls Dodd, Jack, Cedar Falls, 173, 209, 281 Dodd, Laurence, Colo Dodds, Nancy, New London, 200 Dodge, David, Cedar Falls Doerring, Robert, Luana Doerzman, Sally, Plainfield Dohrer, Mary, iowa City Dolan, Lawerence, Waterloo Domer, Jalaa, Center Point, 144, 183, 203, 211, 233 Donald, Neil, Seymour , 220 Donaldson, Shirley, Davenport, 116, 136, 172, 234 Donnell, Florence, Waterloo Doran, James, Winthrop Doran, Maryann, Perry Doran, Robert, Winthrop Dorgan, Rita, Waterloo Dorn, Larry, Council Bluffs, 153 Dosland, Carole, New Hampton, 142, 203, 211, 235, 281 Dostal, Melvin, New Hampton Dotson, Richard, Cedar Falls, 239 Dotson, William, Waterloo Doughan, Richard, Garner, 282 Dougherty, Joanne, Marshalltown, 1 Douglas, Dixie, Adair Douglass, Donald, Sumner Dow, Francis, Cedar Falls Dow, Roger, Cedar Falls Doyle, Raymond, Toledo Drake, Thomas, Cedar Falls, 171 Drefke, Paul, Emmetsburg Drew, Virginia, Dewitt Drewry, Carol, Sac City, 192 Drish, Theodore, Brighton Druecker, Carol, Strawberry Point, 223 Ducommun, Ervin, Laurens Duea, James, Lemon Grove, Calif., 174, 239, 282 Duenow, Harlan, Sumner, 60, 155, 156, 205 Duer, Nadine, Ringsted, 200, 227 Duffy, Richard, Ode-bolt, 155, 156, 157, 205 Duggan, Bonny, Jessup, 155, 156, 165, Duggins, Alice, Mt. Pleasant, 193, 202, Dunbar, Ann, Cedar Falls, 195 Dunham, Daniel, Waterloo 207 180 180, 167 237 Dunlavy, James, Mt. Pleasant, 181, 186, 281 Dunn, Carol, Des Moines, 155 Dunn, John, Fayette Dunn, Mary, Crawfordsville, 154 Dunnigan, Alice, McComb, Miss. Dunnigan, Charles, Chicago, lll. Dunning, Walter, Waterloo Dupey, Lavera, Fort Dodge, 236 Duprez, Josette, Waukee Duprez, Karla, Waukee Dusil, Betty, Fairfax, 142 Dyer, Robert, Waterloo E Eakins, Patricia, Toledo Earley, Mary, Primghar, 207 Easter, George, Cedar Falls Easter, Jerry, Vinton, 158, 165, 166 Easton, Sandra, Maquoketa Eatwell, Shirley, Mingo, 152, 183 Ebel, Carol, Paulina, 233 Eberhard, Dale, Le Mars, 223 Eberly, Dean, Waterloo, 202, 282 Ebner, Gene, Cedar Falls, 282 Ebner, Karen, Cedar Falls Eckes, Harold, New Hampton, 132, 138, 282 Edler, Daniel, Freeport, lll. Edwards, Donna, Ruthven, 208, 224 Egbert, James, Fort Dodge Egeland, Ruth, Estherville, 211 Eggleston, Craig, Waterloo Eggleston, Wayne, Eldora, 153 Egli, Norman, Toledo Ehlert, William, Waterloo Ehrhardt, Robert, Adel, 282 Eichelberger, Donald, Anamosa Eide, Jean, Cedar Falls, 282 Eilers, Lucile, Cedar Falls Eilers, Lawrence, Cedar Falls Eilers, Susan, Cedar Falls Einwalter, Gerald, Waterloo Einwalter, Dean, Waterloo Elfberg, Judy, Waterloo Eliasen, Ronald, Cedar Falls Ellerbroek, Lee, Sibley Ellingson, Sherryl, Alden Elliot, Bonnie, Algona, 153 Elliot, Richard, Greenfield Ellis, Charles, Charles City, 171 Elsbury, Coral, Nora Springs, 194, 213 Else, Mary Jo, Stockport, 282 Elvesether, Mary, Hanlontown, 175. 200, 282 Emde, Thomas, Cedar Falls Enabnit, Jean, Anamosa Enderlin, Virginia, Fonda, 190 Endriss, Phyliss, Cedar Falls Enerson, Joan, Northwood, 223 Engel, David, Cedar Falls Engel, John, Dumont, 193 Engel, Mary, Cedar Falls Engelhardt, Carroll, Elkader Engen, Harlan, Cedar Falls Engleson, Jerome, Cedar Falls Enos, Mary, Hudson, 282 Enwright, Patrick, Waterloo Erdal, James, Waterloo Erger, Donald, Atkins, 282 Erger, Joan, Cedar Falls Erhardt, Linda, Bloomfield, 183 Erickson, Arlene, Decorah Erickson, Richard, Cedar Falls, 197 Erie, Ellen, Waterloo Eriksen, Erik, Cedar Falls, 180, 282 Ernst, Gerald, Haverhill, 282 Ernst, Marvin, Albert City Erps, William, Durant, 171, 282 Ervin, Patricia, Perry Eshelman, Frank, Rockford, Ill. Esperas, Charles, Wahiawa Oahu, H Euchner, Norman, Hudson Evans, Joan, Des Moines Evans, Julia, Waterloo, 184, 282 Evans, Loren, Williams Evans, Lucille, Williamsburg, 159, 2 282 Evans, Ruth, Williamsburg Everhart, Marla, Des Moines, 236 Everman, Luis, Casialia Ewoidt, Bruce, Cedar Falls Eyerly, Gary, Waverly Eyerly, Jane, Olds, 153, 237 F awaii 08, 237, Faaborg, Robert, Jefferson, 153, 155 Fabricius, Carol, Osage Fabrizio, Barbara, Algona, 282 Fackel, Joseph, Reinbeck, 208, 282 Fagen, Connie, Sigourney Fahnestock, Rupert, Cedar Falls Fain, Larry, Cedar Falls Fain, Willis, Mallard Fairbank, Karen, Des Moines, 142, 229, 236 Falaris, Evangeline, Waterloo Falck, John, Belle Plaine Farley, Erik, Clinton, 132 Farrell, Bonita, Buckingham, 217 Farrier, Harold, Brighton, 282 Farrill, Eloyce, Readlyn Faught, Gary, Cedar Falls Fauser, Richard, Waterloo Fay, Gordon, Cedar Falls Fee, Josephine, Nashua, 226 Feller, Ida, Waterloo Fellmer, Charles, Waterloo Fenner, Maxine, Hazelton, 153, 175, 185, 205 232, 283 Fenske, Eugene, Cedar Falls Fenstermann, Rita, Earlville, 201 Ferguson, Dorothy, Cedar Falls Ferguson, James, Grand Junction, 138, 140, 142, 240 Ferguson, Lois, Montezuma Ferguson, Sara, Ottumwa, 132, 152, 229, 230 Fett, Marvel, Dysart Fickel, Dorothy, lndianola, 142, 172, 188 Fikeis, Warren, Waterloo Fink, Laurance, Fairbank Finnestad, Carrol, Laurens, 283 Fisch, Elna, Deep River, 184, 200, 226, 283 Fischer, James, Des Moines Fischer, Margaret, Lone Rock, 153, 283 Fishbaugh, Christie, Shenandoah, 200, 283 Fisher, Carol, lowa City Fisher, Janet, Waterloo, 208 Fisher, Janet, Waterloo Fisher, Rebecca, Cedar Rapids, 203, 211, 212, 233 Fisher, Shanlyn, Thompson, 213 Fisher, Sharon, Story City, 176, 204, 214, 220 Fisk, Roger, Spencer, 197, 207, 283 Fitzgerald, Robert, Dubuque Fitzgerald, Thomas, Boone Field, Beverly, Primghar, 194, 203, 214, 223 Flack, Carol, Emmetsburg, 237, 283 Flack, Franklyn, Cedar Falls Flannagan, Joann, Hopkinton Flint, Brenda Andrew, 211 Flitsch, Mary, Alburnett, 154, 220 Flores, August, Clarion Floyd, Gary, Donnellson Flynn, John, Cedar Rapids Fogelstrom, Donna, Nevada, 230 Foley, Douglas, Clinton, 137, 138, 140, 239 Folkers, Gary, Allison Folkers, Leona, Scotch Grove, 153, 155, 156, 205, 223, 231 Folkers, Sylvia, Allison Folks, Ethel, Evansdale Folks, Wayne, Waterloo, 283 Follette, Dolores, Waterloo Follmer, Phyllis, Stanley, 200, 225 Folsom, George, Des Moines, 174, 283 Foote, Richard, Des Moines Forbes, Wilson, Harris, 197 Foshe, Pauline, Johnston, 201 Fossey, Keith, St. Ansgar Fossey, Kenneth, St. Ansgar Fossum, Janet, Clinton, 165 Foster, Gerald, W. Des Moines Foster, Jerry, Scranton Foster, Karen, Washington Foster, Mary, Oelwein Fowler, Elizabeth, Grinnell, 20, 225, 226, Fowler, Jerry, Hampton Fox, Donald, Cedar Falls, 54, 209, 220 Fox, Joan, Moravia, 201 Fox, Joseph, Osage, 217 Francis, Bruce, Linn Grove Franck, Gordon, Newhall Frank, Amalia, Elma, 165 Frandsen, Joyce, Cedar Falls Frandsen, Richard, Cedar Falls Franey, Carolyn, Cedar Falls, 283 Franey, Charles, Cedar Falls Frank, Dale, Cresco, 283 Frank, Walter, Olin, 240, 283 Franks, Kenneth, Waterloo Frantz, Linda, Grand Junction Fredrichs, Nadean, Waverly Fredrickson, Doris, Turin Freeman, Francis, Davenport Freeman, Michael, Goldfield Freese, Gwenda, Wheatland Freitag, Neil, Elkader, 283 Frelund, Charles, Mason City Fremont, Marilyn, Waterloo, 206, 235 French, Barton, Cedar Falls Frette, Joel, Roland Frey, Richard, Antigo, Wis., 283 Fridlington, Norma, Dallas, 296 Friedman, Mary, Halbur, 194, 217, 283 Frisbie, Jack, Osage Fritchen, Betty, Richland, 175, 283 Frith, Eugene, Cedar Falls Fritz, Eugene, Des Moines Fromm, Geraldine, Mason City Fuhs, Francis, Grundy Center Fukumura, Elaine, Honolulu, Hawaii, 200 Fulcher, Vivian, Parkersburg, 283 Fuller, Loretta, Goodell, 283 Fulmer, Darrell, Alburnett Funk, Henry, Independence Funke, Karen, State Center, 201, 224 Furland, Roberta, Conrad Furneaux, Jean, Cedar.Falls Furney, George, Princeton, Minn. Fye, Cecelia, Farmington, 136, 142, 172, 195, 229, 236 Fymbo, Anne, Sergeant Bluff, 191, 283 G Gabel, Sandra, Swea City, 209, 228 Gabriel, Richard, Waterloo, 197, 284 Gabrielson, Maxine, Dayton, 142, 230 Gabrielson, Nancy, Stratford Gaden, Cheryl, Cedar Falls Gaffney, Robert, New Hampton Gager, Gretchen, Cedar Falls Gaiser, Gordon, Rockford, 284 Galbraith, Sharyl, Spencer Gall, Mary, Waterloo, 217 Galles, Jerry, Shenandoah Galloway, Kathryn, Knoxville, 211, 212 Galloway, Tamara, Cedar Falls, 171 Galter, Betty, Waterloo Galvin, Patsy, Knoxville Gamet, Margaret, Cedar Falls Gannon, Loretta, Spencer, 200, 284 Gano, Frankie, Waterloo Garcia, Julius, Cedar Falls Gardiner, Garry, Waterloo Gardner, Carole, Cedar Falls, 153, 284 Gardner, James, Cedar Falls, 239 Gardner, William, Waterloo, 284 Garland, David, Hudson, Mich. Garlock, Harriet, Waterloo Garlock, Sonia, Plover, 194 Garman, Merle, Britt Garrison, William, Ottumwa Gartz, Homer, Oelwein, 155, 156, 157 Garwood, Carol, Des Moines, 208 Gast, Dale, New Hartford Gibson, Marianne, Webb, 154 Gibson, Ralph, Mediapolis Gibson, Victoria, Aurora, 142, 211, 212, 233 Gideon, Janice, Norwalk, 185, 205, 284 Gilbert, Diane, Clinton, 132, 189, 229, 234, 284 Gilbert, Eugene, Shell Rock Gilbertson, Allan, Forest City Gilliatt, Kay, Charles City Gindt, Daniel, Waterloo Glans, Sandra, Marshalltown, 201, 223 Glanville, David, Hampton Glasener, Lydia, La Porte, 211 Glass, Lynn, Cedar Rapids, 220 Glawe, Stanly, St. Olaf, 238 Gleason, Sharon, Oelwein, 206 Glesne, Karen, Elkader Glider, Judith, Wilton Junction Glorfeld, Louis, Waterloo Glorfeld, Nita, Waterloo Glorteld, Patricia, Waterloo Godfrey Goecke, Gohman 229, Goings, , Dennis, Adel Kathryn, Marshalltown , James, Cedar Falls, 171, 173, 209, 284 Russell, Waterloo, 184, 284 Goins, Wanda, Waterloo Golinveaux, Ruth, Waterloo Golz, Richard, Bridgewater Goodsel Gootee, Gordon, Gordon, Gordon, l, David, Denver Dale, Manchester, 197, 284 Helen, Waterloo Kennith, Kellogg Linda, Newton, 136, 144, 233 Gast, Judith, Steamboat Rock, 201, 215, 216, 222 Gates, Nancy, Waterloo, 155, 156, 219 Gatton, Nola, Algona Gaudes, Douglas, Waterloo, 284 Gault, Judith, Moline, Ill. Gaunt, Nancy, Cedar Rapids, 200, 219, 284 Gavlock, Gail, Waterloo Gay, Jerry, Des Moines Geadelmann, Diana, Tipton Geater, Zelda, Vinton, 211 Geerdes, James, Wellsburg Gehrmann, Audrey, Carson, 188, 204 Geise, Barry, Grand Mound Gemmill, Gary, Estherville, 284 Gemmill, Jan, Ocheyedan Genter, Patricia, Glidden, 159, 204 George, Judy, Auburn Gerard, Twila, Millersburg Gerdes, Betty, Breda, 224 Gerst, Derold, Waterloo Geurink, Sylvia, Walcott, 38, 161, 165 Gibbs, Joseph, Strawberry Point Gibbs, Michael, Burlington Gibson, David, Marshalltown Gibson, Deanna, Superior, 226 Gorham, James, Washington, 138, 174, 2 4 Gorham, Richard, Jesup, 284 Gould, Dean, Webster Groves, Mo. Gowen, Linwood, Cedar Falls Goyal, Jagdish, New Delhi, India Grabinski, Dale, La Porte City Grandgenett, Robert, Corwith, 217 Grange, Thomas, Waterloo Granneman, Wayne, Charles City, 153 Grant, Genevieve, Anthon, 175, 214, 285 Grant, Marilyn, Adair, 233 Grant, Sheryl, Center Junction, 159, 227 Grassley, Kenneth, New Hartford Gray, Henry, Sabula, 238, 285 Gray, James, Cedar Falls Gray, Mavis Hunter, Marshalltown Greelis, John, Cedar Falls Green, David, Davenport, 193, 202 Green, James, Independence Greene, Hilclegarde, Waterloo Greenzweig, Lucille, Charles City, 162, 208 Gregg, Carolyn, West Liberty, 155 Gregory, David, Oelwein Gregory, John, Webster City Gregory, William, Nora Springs, 184 Greiner, Joyoe, Hudson Hawley, Kenneth, Belmond Gress, Claudia, Cedar Falls, 285 Greufe, Elfrieda, Milo, 211, 285 Greve, Gary, Clinton Griffin, Harry, Waterloo Griffin, Hoyt, Morning Sun, 132, 138, 140, 238 Griffin, Richard, Osceola Griffith, Michael, Cedar Rapids Grimes, Jim, West Union Griner,'Leland, Dumont, 208, 220 Gritton, Judith, Iowa City, 230 Grosland, Marlys, Northwood Gross, Joanne, Osceola, 152 Gross, Marilyn, Oelwein Gross, Nancy, Cedar Falls, 142, 184 Grotegut, Diana, Waterloo Groth, John, Moville Groth, Ladonna, Moville Groth, Ronald, Toledo, 220 Grove, Richard, Waterloo, 229, 238, 285 Gruber, Gayle, Carroll, 204, 211 Grundmeier, Caroline, Arcadia Grupp, James, Cedar Falls, 156, 205, 226, 285 Guenther, Corwin, Waterloo, 153 Guenther, Janet, Boone, 203, 215 Guernsey, Rebecca, Waterloo, 235 Guhl, Glenda, Mechanicsville, 285 Guilgot, Jeanene, Manchester Guldager, Carl, Ackley Gullickson, Arlen, Northwood Gunderson, Virginia, Lake Mills, 223 Gury, Mary, Waterloo, 285 Gustin, Charles, Panora Guthart, Larry, Charles City H Haase, Dean, Charles City Habeger, Anthony, Elgin Habenicht, Mervin, Cedar Falls Hadley, James, Nichols Haefner, Margaret, Klemme, 132, 175, 185, 189, 205, 225, 237, 285 Hagaman, Mary, Cedar Falls Hagebak, Beaumont, Cedar Falls, 285 Hagebak, Lillian, Cedar Falls Hagen, Norma, Waterville Hahn, David, Nashua Hahn, Frederick, Des Moines Haight, Aubrey, Waterloo Hakanson, Eugene, Blairstown, 138 Hake, Priscilla, Cedar Falls, 152, 186, 193, 236 Hallett, Jeanine, Cedar Falls, 210, 285 Hallett, Richard, Cedar Falls, 210 Halligan, Halligan, Patrick, Cedar Falls, 286 Raymond, Moorlancl, 286 Halpin, Mary, Hazleton Halsted, Joanne, Tama, 154 Haltmeyer, Norman, Manchester Halverson, Dean, Webster City, 171, 175, 286 Halvorson, Orloue, Lake Mills, 154, 223 Haman, Alice, Marengo, 208 Hamann, Robert, Tipton Hamed, Mohamed, Cedar Rapids, 239, 286 Hamill, Mary, Clinton Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton Hamilton Hamilton Hammer, Glenn, Lucas James, Independence Jerry, Columbus Junction , Jon, Cedar Falls Marilyn, Elkader, 203 Ronald, Swea City, 286 Hammond, David, Cedar Falls Hampel, Kay, Garner, 152, 153, 193, 194, 230 Hanisch, Patricia, Waterloo Hanke, Arloa, Early, 201, 224 Hanken, Orville, Ossian Hankins, Gordon, Conesville, 182, 208, 240, 286 Hankins, Marlys, Corwith Hanley, Hurley, Keokuk Hanna, Darlene, Nora Springs, 184 Hanneman, Eleanore, Cedar Falls Hanneman, James, Cedar Falls Hanneman, Warren, Cedar Falls Hansen, Barbara, Clinton, 144, 235 Hansen, Carol, Norway, 155, 156, 223 Hansen, Elizabeth, Cedar Falls Hansen, Janell, Bode Hansen, Jon, Waterloo, 156, 157 Hansen, Marilyn, Cedar Falls, 207, 230, 286 Hansen, Vernon, Cedar Falls, 238 Hansen, Warren, Harlan, 174 Hanson, Carolyn, Buffalo Center, 142, 152, 190 Hanson, Dennis, Jefferson Hanson, Ellen, St. Ansgar Hanson, Genevieve, Nashua Hanson, James, Dickinson, N. Dak., 286 Hanson, Marilyn, Clarion Hanson, Norman, Cedar Falls Hanson, Roger, Clarion, 140, 223, 239 Harbach, Connie, Delhi Hakes, Patricia, Laurens Halfpop, Keith, Cedar Falls Hall, Channing, Tipton, 285 Hall, Ellsworth, Castana Hall, Marlene, Janesville, 28 Hall, Hall, Hall, Norma, Cedar Falls Robert, Essex, 285 Robert, Cherokee 5 Halland, Richard, Northwood Haller, Charlotte, Sioux City , 285 Harden, Harden Harder, Harder, Harder, Harder, Harder, Haring, Harker, 1 Lewis, Cedar Falls Richard, Clinton, 138, 159, 229 Carol, Missouri Valley, 286 David, Litchfield, Minn. Lois, Marcus Olga, Papillion, Neb. Robert, Cedar Falls Raymond, Clinton, 155, 180, 286 Lois, Oxford, 232 Harklau, Roland, Cedar Falls Harl, Merna, Numa Harlan, Roger, Winterset Harle, Linda, Kanawha, 194 Harmon, James, Waterloo Harmon, Norma, Mason City, 165, 166 Harmon, Willa, Waterloo Harms, Gene, Ackley, 151, 174, 286 Harms, Joyce, Marion, 154 Harms, Roger, George, 286 Harold, Fern, Cedar Falls, 177 Harold, Naomi, Cedar Falls, 40, 186,.193, 286 Harper, Kent, Waterloo Harrington, Irene, Hazelton Harrington, Leonard, Maynard Harrington, Linda, Winthrop, 208, 233 Harris, Barbara, Grinnell, 200, 221, 286 Harris, Kenneth, Spencer Harris, Mary, Waterloo Harris, Sharon, Spencer, 229, 235 Harris, Verna, Delhi- Harrison, Anne, Hampton Harrison, Dale, Creston, 208, 213, 221, 286 Harten, Ronald, Jefferson, 140, 208 Hartley, Dean, Waterloo Hartman, Dean, Anamosa Hartman, Joan, Adel Hartman, Marcia, Davenport, 225 Hartman, Walter, Creston Hartwig, Ronald, State Center Harty, Don, Cedar Falls Hartz, Gary, Marengo Hartzler, Dale, West Chester, 138, 208, 240, 286 Hase, Frank, Shell Rock Hasenwinkel, Doreen, Aurelia, 208, 211, 224, 232 Hashberger, Larry, Missouri Valley, 239 Hasselbusch, Kay, Clarence, 152, 230 Hassman, Nelda, Clarksville Hastings, William, Fort Dodge, 286 Hatch, Carol, Davenport, 175, 176, 232, 286 Hatch, Judith, Davenport Hatch, Judy, Scranton, 155, 156, 205 Hatfield, Elizabeth, Independence Hathaway, Dennis, Cedar Falls Hattlestad, Neil, Decorah Haughton, Ronald, Waterloo Haver, Joyce, Sioux City, 146, 286 Havighurst, Jon, Fort Dodge Hawley, Merle, Cedar Falls, 176, 178, 286 Hawn, Ann, Des Moines, 118, 183, 193, 235 Hawthorne, Jeanine, Dewitt Hay, Arthur, Fort Dodge, 239, 287 Hay, James, 287 Hayggigi, Clare, Kealakekua, Hawaii, 183, 196, Hayden, Carolyn, Cedar Falls, 287 Hayes, Barbara, Calamus, 162 Hayes, Lois, Brighton 323 Hayes, Marvis, Blanchard, 175, 287 Haynes, Monte, Garwin Hays, Carl, Dallas Center, 193 Hays, Frances, Colfax, 190, 194, 217 Hays, Judith, Jefferson, 183, 218 Hazlewood, Joan, Cedar Falls Headington, William, Decorah Heard, Carolyn, lowa Falls, 162, 170, 204 Heaton, Constance, Davenport, 183, 225, 226, 234 Heaton, John, Central City Heaton, Ronald, Cedar Falls Hedenstrom, Arne, Cedar Falls Hedrick, John, Glen Ellyn, lll. Heeren, Wilma, Ellsworth Heid, James, Dike Hein, Russell, Fairbank, 287 Heinselman, James, Denison Heinz, James, Waterloo Heisler, Betty, Waterloo, 153, 193, 287 Heisler, Shirley, Waterloo, 142, 152, 153 Heit, Don, Charles City Heitland, Henry, Cedar Falls, 287 Heitland, James, Buffalo Center Heitman, John, Cedar Falls Hekel, Mary, Monroe Heldenbrand, Judith, Booneville, 215, 216, 287 Helland, Jerry, La Porte Heller, Janet, Toledo Hellman, Ronald, Waterloo Helm, William, Waterloo Helt, James, Cedar Falls Helvick, James, Humboldt, 204, 287 Hemm, lla, Fairfield, 183, 233 Hendricks, Donald, Winterset Hendricks, Joan, Harlan, 217 Hendrickson, Carol, Northwood, 154, 204, 234 Hendrickson, Donald, Northwood Henniges, Virginia, Maynard Hennings, Donald, Waterloo Hannon, Gwendolyn, Newton, 116, 206 Henriksen, Judith, Renwick, 154 Henry, Joan, Algona, 235 Hensel, Harold, Auburn, 224 Hensing, Carol, Vinton, 231 Hensley, Bonnie, Grundy Center Henze, Doris, Cedar Falls Herbold, Donald, Correctionville, 184, 287 Hereid, Marilyn, Lawler Herke, Larry, Emmetsburg Herkelman, Bill, Lost Nation, 287 Hermanstorfer, Judy, Sigourney, 183, 208 Hersman, Michael, Lehigh Hess, Roger, Westboro, 155, 156 Hetland, Phyllis, Creston, 201, 224 Hewicker, Ilaiean, Marcus Hey, Henry, Waterloo, 155, 156 Hiatt, Elizabeth, Shenandoah, 154 Hibbs, Janet, Marengo, 230 Hickey, Don, Cedar Falls Hickok, Larry, Charles City 324 Higashi, Mildred, Kapoho, Hawaii, 196 Higby, Sandra, Odebolt, 206 Higgins, Betty, Creston Higby, Elsie, Cedar Falls Hildebrand, Cheryl, Montezuma, 146, 234 Hill, Charles, Detroit, Mich. Hill, David, Clinton Hill, Donald, Coulter Hill, Judy, Des Moines Hill, Mahlon, Cedar Rapids, 240, 287 Hilleman, Marianne, State Center Hills, John, Cedar Falls Hilmer, Keith, Marion Hilsman, Thelma, Waterloo Himan, Leland, Palmer Hime, Gerald, Onawa Himes, Nancy, Waterloo Hinders, Beverly, Ionia, 213 Hinds, Suzan, Waverly Hink, Patricia, lda Grove Hinson, Marguerite, Waterloo Hitchens, Jane, Fort Dodge, 200, 287 Hitchings, Maryls, Nevada, 218 Hixson, Sara, Hillsboro Hockett, Vernon, Union, 155, 156, 180 Hodgson, Mary, Hawarden, 116, 155, 156, 211 Hodson, Larry, Redfield Hoerr, Suzanne, Fort Dodge, 287 Hoffa, Grace, Fort Dodge Hoffman, Carolyn, Hudson Hoffman, Norma, Hampton, 142, 225 Hoffman, Zelma, Cedar Falls Hofmeyer, Ronald, Hospers Hofreiter, Don, Waterloo Hofsommer, Donovan, Spencer, 138, 140, 229, 239, 287 Hogan, Dennis, Waterloo Hoge, Lee, Manchester Hogue, Gary, Odebolt Hogue, Ronald, Odebolt, 240 Hogue, Virginia, Fort Dodge, 152, 155, 156 Hohl, Myrna, Donnellson Hoing, Earl, Cedar Falls Hoing, Edward, Garwin Hokama, Jack, Lanai City, Hawaii Holbach, Gerald, Waterloo, 208 Holbrook, Jerry, Cedar Falls Holbrook, Steven, Waterloo Holck, Diane, Corwith Holdiman, Alice, Waterloo, 139, 236 Holgate, Terry, Waterloo Holl, Eldon, Dyersville Holland, Carol, Roland Holle, Robert, Sigourney Holliday, James, Cedar Falls, 287 Hollison, Janet, Perry Holman, Betty, La Porte City Holmes, Dennis, Steamboat Rock, 287 Holmes, Dennis, Cherokee, 213 Holmes, Shelby, Creston, 208, 233 Holmstorm, Fay, Hazleton, 154 Holmstorm, Harold, Hazleton, 153, 156, 157 287 Holst, Shirley, Vinton Holstrum, Marlowe, Cedar Falls Holstrum, Nancy, Cedar Falls Holt, Margaret, Des Moines Holtan, Larry, Vinton Holtz, Ramon, Greene Holtzman, Kay, Waterloo Holvik, Martha, Cedar Falls Honderd, Norman, Story City Honnold, Verle, Winterset Hoobler, James, Emrnetsburg Hood, Kellvyn, Vancouver, Canada Hood, Ronald, Woodbine, 155 Hood, William, Cedar Falls Hook, Linda, Wellsburg Hopkins, Lawrence, Cedar Falls Hopp, Gary, Moville, 155 Hoppe, Nancy, Gladbrook, 287 Horak, Larry, Waterloo, 191, 213, 287 Horan, Eugene, Oelwein Horgen, Darryl, Northwood Horner, Eugene, Cedar Falls, 288 Horr, Donna, Stanwood Horstmann, Harold, Toront Horton, Loren, Murray, 181, 198, 198, 219 Horton, Michael, Des Moines Hostetler, Dean, Colo Hotek, Mary, Cedar Falls Hotek, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 177, 191, 288 Hoult, Shirley, Monticello, 192 Houston, Elsie, Grimes Houston, Sherrie, Keokuk, 136, 142, 200, 236 Howard, Sandra, Des Moines, 237 Howell, Francis, Cedar Falls, 239, 288 Hoy, James, Cedar Falls Hoy, Robert, Adel, 238 Hubbard, Murray, Hubbard Hudek, Marian, Havelock, 217 Hudson, Beverley, Waterloo Hudson, Gary, Milford, 288 Hudson, Shirley, Cresco, 159, 162, 165, 202, 206, 223 Huebner, Dorothea, Waterloo Huffman, Garth, Cedar Falls Huffman, Max, Spencer, 41, 174, 239, 288 Hughes, Dennis, Des Moines Huhn, Doris, Waterloo Hulet, Joanne, Austin, Minn., 211 Humke, Marjorie, Ackley Hunke, Mary, Ackley, 154, 227 Humphry, Carol, Belvidere, Ill. Hunemuller, Dianne, Waterloo Hunt, Joan, Mason City, 155, 156, 157, 224 Huntoon, Martha, Burlington Hurd, Brenda, Maynard, 152, 191 Hyseman, Lucille, Schaller Huston, Sam, Cedar Falls Hutchins, Robert, Sioux City Hutzell, Laurence, Algona, 155, 156, 157, 180 Hyde, Alice, Grinnell, 216 Hyde, Barbara, Shellsburg Merlin, Cresco, 288 Hyde, J Hymer, ulia, Garnavillo Mariorie, Masonville, 226 Hysell, Janet, Washington, 194 Igou, Sharon, Cedar Falls Iida, Mae, Pahala, Hawaii, 196 lndlecoffer, Sally, Dayton, 194 lngebritson, Ma rlyn, Dows Ingram, lngvold Innes, J Miriam, Cedar Falls, 288 stad, Mary, Decorah, 223 udith, Gladbrook, 201, 220 lrey, Marilyn, West Liberty, 227, 228 Irwin, Thomas, Eldora Ito, Jeanette, Kahului, Hawaii, 288 Iverson, Iverson, Loren, Northwood, 223 J Jackson, Donald, Waterloo Jackson, James, Waterloo Jackson, James, Wayne City, Ill. Jackson, Janet, Waterloo, 288 Jackson, Mary, Waukee, 198 Jacob, Vicky, Bettendorf, 206 Jacobs, Marolyn, DeWitt, 194, 224 Jacobsen, Carole, Cedar Falls Jacobsen, Jacqueline, Exira Jacobson, Mary, Cedar Falls Jacobson, Sheila, Cylinder, 192 James, James, James, Gwendolyn, Montezuma, 206, 211, 222 Janice, Cedar Rapids, 203 Susan, Center Junction, 117 Jewell, Nancy, Percival, 154 Jimison, Douglas, Sioux City Jipson, Sharon, Oelwein Jirsa, Reiman, Waterloo Jochum, Connie, Waterloo, 183, 235 Johannsen, Floyd, Clinton Johns, Dennis, Mallard, 288 Johns, Phyllis, Claremont, Minn. Johnson, Allan, Odebolt Johnson, Arnold, Cedar Falls Johnson, Barbara, Cedar Falls, Johnson, Betty, Cedar Falls, 288 Johnson, Carl, Cedar Falls Johnson, Carmen, Cedar Falls Johnson, Charles, Cedar Falls Johnson, Cleone, Red Oak, 192, 223 Johnson, Diana, Keokuk, 154, 194, 288 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Dixie, Waterloo Douglas, Cedar Falls Eldon, Cedar Falls, 288 Gordon, Klemme Janice, Van Meter John, Roland, 153 Kathryn, Clinton, 154 Larry, Cedar Falls Leroy, Cedar Falls, 289 Leola, Curlew Lowell, Minneapolis, Minn. Marilyn, Boone, 207, 234 Maryellen, Belmond Peggy, Curlew Phyllis, Waterloo Juhl, Richard, Cedar Falls Juhl, Ruth, Waverly Julson, Gary, Mason City Jungman, Lester, Van Meter, 215, 221 Junker, William, Aplington, 289 Justice, Carol, Manchester Justice, Richard, Manchester, 197 Justis, Roy, Cedar Falls K Kacer, Irene, Toledo Kail, Robert, Waterloo Kalkwarf, Janis, Belmond, 142, 172, 2 231 Kambel, Eldon, Waterloo Kanemitsu, Jeanne, Wailuki, Hawaii Kantak, Irene, Onawa Kaplan, Elsa, Callender, 289 Karlson, Everett, Cedar Falls Karpan, John, Melcher Karsten, Esther, Waverly Kaskadden, Georgiana, Oelwein, 236 Kaufman, William, Belmond, 240 Kaufmann, Darol, Cedar Falls Kaus, John, Cedar Falls Kauzlarich, Linda, Des Moines, 155, 1 Kauzlarich, Mary, Clinton Keefe, Patricia, Cedar Falls Keele, Eric, Blencoe, 229, 240, 289 Keeling, Richard, Mason City, 289 Keeney, Don, Manly Keeran, Eli, Cottage Grove, Ore. 23 229 5 Janda, Jo Anne, Cedar Rapids, 194 Jangel, Michael Claremont, N. H. Jansen, Larry, Aplington Jansen, Merry, Sioux City, 206, 211 Janssen, Alice, Cedar Falls, 215, 216, 288 Janssen, Dorothea, Eddyville Jantzen, Herman, Cedar Falls Johnson, Richard, Waterloo Johnson, Richard, Ottosen Johnson, Richard, Eagle Grove Johnson, Robert, Rockwell Johnson, Robert, Bradgate Johnson, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 225 Johnson, Ruth, Rockford, 194, 289 Kehoe, Donald, Waterloo Kehoe, Lawrence, Waterloo Kellems, Ernest, Waterloo Kelley, Mary, Creston, 194, 217 Kellogg, Janann, Strawberry Point Kelly Kelly, Kelly, , Carol, Cherokee, 208 Colleen, Creston, 289 Elizabeth, Cedar Falls Jaster, Beverly, Bellevue, 192 Jefferson, Robert, Clemons Jeffrey, Russell, Cedar Rapids Jenkins, Carl, Oskaloosa, 155, 156, 165 Jenkins, John, Waukon, 288 Jennings, Janice, Chariton, 215 Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen, Charlotte, Waterloo , David, Charles City David, Cedar Falls, 288 Dean, Owatonna, Minn., 174, 288 Dennis, Cedar Falls, 151 Larry, Aplington, 288 Robert, Cedar Falls Jentz, William, Fenton Jepsen, David, Dumont, 138, 214, 220, 288 Jerz, James, Garwin Jespersen, Delores, Cedar Falls Johnson, Johnson, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Johnston, Stephen, Buffalo Center Warren, Cedar Falls James, Waterloo Joanne, Hudson, 208, 222 Judith, Alta Ray, Janesville, 181, 199, 289 Ruth, Albia, 193, 229, 235 Jones, Lola, Armstrong Jones, Paul, Danville, 238 Jones, Rodney, Palo Jordan, Judith, Montezuma, 154 Jorgensen, Emma, Cedar Falls, 187, 195, 289 Jorgensen, Harriet, Bronson, 289 Joslyn, Marcia, Cedar Falls, 155, 206 Joslyn, Ronald, Cedar Falls Jossie, Carol, Waterloo, 132, 136, 139, 142, Jespersen, Myrna, Estherville, 195, 288 Jesse, Ramona, Waukesha, Wis. Jessen, John, Cedar Falls Jewell, Charles, Strawberry Point 234 Judge, Anne, Ames, 217 Jugenheimer, Marilyn, Davenport, 228 Juhl, Carolyn, Marcus, 198 Juhl, James, Cedar Falls, 174 Juhl, Raymond, Cedar Falls, 197, 239 Kelly, Fredrick, Cedar Falls Kelly, Katherine, Springville, 132, 142, 2 7 231 Kemp, Floyd, Cedar Falls Kemp, Jack, Waterloo Kemp, Robert, Waterloo Kennedy, Janice, Grand Junction Kennedy, Lois, Grand Junction, 162, 217 Kenney, Dennis, Cedar Falls Kennison, Barbara, Cedar Falls Kent, Daniel, Cedar Falls Kerchner, Iva, Rudd Kerkman, Janice, Massena, 235 Kerwin, Kathleen, Carroll, 200, 217 Kesselring, Marian, Ottumwa, 218 Kester, Larry, Shell Rock Kies, Leroy, Waterloo Kiesey, Daniel, Washington Kimes, Dale, Fontanelle Kimm, Lola, Norway Kimura, Ruth, Wailuku, Hawaii King, Ann, Centerville, 152, 153 llii-n King King, King King Claudia, Hopkinton John, Fort Dodge , Juanita, Quimby, 211, 217 Wayne, Cedar Falls, 289 Kingery, Betty, Marble Rock, 184, 289 Kingery, Larry, Marathon Kingsley, Patricia, Maquoketa Kinnaman, Edward, Waterloo Kinne, William, Atlantic Kinsinger, Constace, Ottumwa, 155, 156,183,218 Kintner, Jack, Des Moines, 222 Kintz, Mary, Remsen Kintzel, Arlynn, Clarence Kinzler, Allan, Waterloo Kinzler, Armin, Waterloo Kirchhoff, Stanley, Marshalltown, 174, 28 Kirk, Ann, Waterloo Kirk, Lois, Mt. Pleasant, 152 Kiser, Ronald, Mason City, 289 Kittleson, Howard, Decorah, 289 9 Kitzmann, Sandra, What Cheer Klatt, Howard, Cedar Falls, 151, 197 Klatt, Lois, Cedar Falls Klatt, Robert, Cherokee, 208 Klaver, Delmar, Kamrar Kleese, Harriet, Washington Klein, Michael, Cedar Falls Klemm, Max, Albany, Calif. Klemme, Douglas, Osceola Klenzman, Karlyn, Waverly, 159 Kline, Diane, Moline, Ill., 155, 156, 203 Kline, James, Waterloo Kline, Phyllis, Exira, 289 Klingaman, Robert, Waterloo Klinker, Eloise, Decorah, 194 Klisart, Joel, Cedar Falls Kloostra, Leon, Cedar Falls Klotz, Marlene, Fredericksburg Kluever, Connie, Atlantic, 190 Kluiter, Sylvia, Parkersburg, 195, 216 Knapp, Barbara, Waterloo, 208 Knapp, Karen, Marion, 144, 153, 185, 205, 235 Knecht, June, Waverly Kneeland, Marcia, Gladbrook Knickman, Helen, Silver City, 136, 159, 161, 170, 202, 225, 226, 289 Knief, Larry, Waterloo Knierim, Jeanette, Dunlap, 192, 225 Knight, Lee, Cherokee KniPP, James, Gilbertville Kniss, Shirley, Waterloo Knittel, John, Waterloo Knock, Dave, Parkersburg Knowles, Edward, Cedar Falls Knudson, Lyle, Manilla Knutson, Kristin, Cedar Falls, 206 Knutson, Richard, Westby, Wis, Koberg, Richard, Durant Koch, Beverly, Conrad, 142, 155, 156, 202,205 Koch, Charles, Denison, 289 Koch, Ronald, Reinbeck Koch, Sandra, Davenport, 162 Koefoed, Calleta, Cedar Falls Koenen, Justin, Cedar Falls, 197, 289 Kohler, Marilyn, Mason City Kohler, Sharon, Racine, Wis. Koike, Kay, Kekaha, Hawaii, 194, 196 Kolkman, Darrel, Yarmouth Kollman, Joyce, Waterloo, 235 Kollman, Victor, Waterloo Kolsrud, Charles, DeWitt Konken, Norma, Parkersburg, 191 Konno, June, Cedar Falls Koos, Karen, Shelby Koob, Lloyd, Plainfield Koob, Robert, Hawarden, 217 Koob, Vivian, Jesup Kooiker, Audrey, Rock Valley, 154, 220 Koopman, Ronald, Waverly Kopriva, Hubert, Dike Kopriva, Leroy, Traer, 174 Kortemeyer, William, Waterloo, 165 Korzendorfer, Jerome, Waucoma, 217 Koschmeder, Duane, Waterloo Koser, Karen, North Liberty Kothenbeutel, Nancy, Parkersburg Kraft, Adrian, Mapleton Kraft, Roberta, Terril, 184, 214, 224 Kramer, Karen, George Krapfl, Roger, Waterloo Kray, Dallas, Aplington Kreb, Eva, Cedar Falls Krebill, Gerald, Cedar Falls Kreft, Marilyn, Lytton, 224 Kremenak, Pamela, Clutier, 194 Krezek, Delbert, Clutier Krob, Joanne, Solon, 159 Kroeger, Edna, Belmond Kroeger, Kathleen, Cedar Falls Kroemer, Kenneth, Lowden Krueger, Frederick, Tripoli, 184, 289 Krueger, Lynda, Waterloo, 206 Krug, Audrey, Atkins, 237 Krumm, Ronald, Grinnell, 138 Krumrey, Darwin, Charles City, 138, 290 Kruse, Carol, Shell Rock, 208 Krysan, James, Cresco Kubik, Rudy, Clutier Kuehn, Hazel, Cedar Falls Kueker, Lavonne, Fairbank Kuhl, Judith, Manilla, 194, 224 Kuhlman, Ronald, Hubbard Kunert, Janice, Humboldt Kunz, Gerald, Waterloo, 290 Kurth, Warren, Ackley Kynett, Betty, Clinton, 235 L Lack, Philip, Orchard, 221, 290 Lacoste, Roger, Nora Springs Ladd, Sally, Webster City, 153 Ladehoff, Ellen, Gladbrook Lafoy, Aubrey, Mason City LaFrentz, Ronald, Floyd Lager, Lawrence, Cedar Falls Lamb, Charles, Redfield Lamb, David, Cedar Falls, 171 Lammers, Charles, Winthrop, 240 Lampman, Kenneth, Waterloo Lamprecht, Peggy, Sumner, 224 Lancaster, Donald, Dows, 290 Lancaster, Donna, Marshalltown, 200, 234, 290 Landau, Robert, Waterloo Lande, Charles, Cedar Falls Landi Lane, Lane, Lane, Lane, Lang, Land, Lang, Lang, Lang, s, Ronald, Monticello Gayle, Manchester Gerald, Oelwein, 174, 217, 290 Marilyn, Colesburg, 1 Robert, Preston, 226 Barbara, Cedar Falls, Donald, Shenandoah Helen, Parkersburg Ronald, Shenandoah Salme, Mason City 94 82, 214, 215, 216 Lange, Herbert, Sutherland Lange, Larry, Elkader Langerman, Philip, Eldora Langenwalter, Neil, Cedar Falls, 184 Langfritz, Roger, Wall Lake Laplant, Larry, Waterloo Larkey, Alice, Onslow, 194, 227, 228 Larkin, Norma, New Hampton, 175, 182, 189, 229, 231, 290 Larsen, Connie, Paullina, 233 Larsen, Gene, Cedar Falls Larsen, Roger, Grinnell, 204, 290 Larson, Edgar, Elkader Larson, Jack, Waterloo Larson, Janice, Cedar Rapids, 208 Larson, Judy, Belmond Larson, Keith, Thompson Larson, Mary, Inwood, 237 Larson, Roland, Fort Dodge Lassen, Janet, Dysart Lau, Cozette, Klemme Laubenthal, Emmetsburg Laufer, Karl, Gladbrook, 197, 290 Laughlin, Kathryn, Cedar Rapids, 201 Lavrenz, Karen, Burt, 200, 291 Lawrence, Katherine, Sioux Falls Lawrence, Vicki, Mt. Pleasant Laylin, Richard, Waterloo, 290 Leach, Janice, Clear Lake Leaman, Don, Waterloo, 175, 178, 204, 290 Leavitt, Mary, Cedar Falls, 290 Lee, Karen, Fremont Lee, Mary, Des Moines, 159, 160, 203, 229,233 Lee, Norma, Allerton Lefebvre, James, Mapleton, 153, 155, 156 Legg, Deanna, Des Moines, 214, 218 Lehmann, Margaret, Burlington Lehmkuhl, Charles, Fairbank Leimberer, Mildred, Waterloo Leinbach, Roger, Rockwell City Leinbach, Roger, Rockwell City Leinen, Grace, Cedar Falls, 290 Leininger, Duwane, Cedar Falls Lemoine, Blaine, Waterloo Lemon, Nell, Charlton, 183, 188, 227 Lenius, Edsel, Hampton Lenz, Linda, Mt. Vernon, 217 Leonhart, Robert, Denver Ludtke, Bea, Davenport Ludwig, Viola, Fort Atkinson Lueck, Lowell, Clarion, 223 Luethie, Sally, Davenport, 162, 223 Luettke, Glen, Des Moines Lumley, Marlys, Parkersburg Marti, Lorraine, Davenport, 228 Martin, Jeannine, Charles City, 156 Martin, Martha, Emmetsburg Martin, Mary, Monticello Martin, Ralph, Waterloo Martin, Robert, Monticello Leslie, Mary, Waterloo, 136, 139, 142, 211 Lester, Carol, Green Bay, Wis., 117, 119, 142, 229, 230 Lester, Roy, Cedar Falls Lewis, Judith, Davenport, 183, 230 Lewis, Leslie, Coon Rapids Lewis, Melvin, Coon Rapids Lewis, Sandra, Cedar Rapids, 189, 211, 234,291 Lund, Fred, Garrison Lundberg, Sheila, Cedar Falls Lundgren, Larry, Clinton, 291 Lundquist, Dean, Cedar Falls Lundy, Darrell, Cedar Falls Luper, Frances, Iowa City, 153, 215, 216 Lusthoff, Loma, Waterloo Ley, Terry, Cedar Falls, 132, 136, 288 Liesener, James, Manchester Liittschwager, Lucinda, Buckeye, 162, 224 Lincoln, Marlene, Oelwein, 211 Lincoln, Wilda, Stanley Lind, Jean, Manchester, 223 Lindberg, Edith, Waterloo Lindemann, Jonette, Grand Mound Linder, David, Iowa City, 155, 213 Linder, Robert, Plainfield Lindfield, Norine, Waterloo Lindholm, Linda, Cedar Falls Linn, Harry, Gilmore City Linscheid, Clayton, Cedar Falls, 291 Lippe, James, Cedar Falls, 291 Livingston, Judith, Montezuma, 201 Logan, Edward, Melrose, 217 Logan, Judith, Melrose, 192, 194, 217 Logsdon, Sammy, Marble Rock, 153 Lomax, Judith, Stuart Lombardi, Gloria, Madrid, 217 Lombardi, Rita, Madrid, 217 Long, David, Belmond, 138, 208, 229, 240 Long, Diane, Whitten Long, Loren, Cedar Rapids, 155, 156, 180, 205 Long, Pamela, Marshalltown, 206 Longaker, Mary, Marion Longnecker, Barbara, Cedar Falls, 203, 211, 291 Longnecker, David, Cedar Falls, 197 Longnecker, John, Cedar Falls Longnecker, Sharon, Cedar Falls Longseth, Patricia, Waterloo Longseth, Stuart, Manchester Lonning, Charles, Waukon Loomis, Shirley, Waterloo, 155, 156 Loots, Juanita, Palmer Lorenz, Gary, Cedar Falls Lottridge, Marlene, Cedar Falls, 291 Lottridge, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 291 Lough, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 174 Love, Cathy, Waterloo Loving, Patricia, Albert City, 142, 236 I Lowe, Theron, Waterloo Lowery, Richard, Grundy Center Lowman, Penelope, Milford Loynachan, Jerry, Adel, 138 Lucas, Donald, Harlan Lucas, Linda, Kent, 190 Lutter, Joyce, Maywood, Ill., 182, 291 Lutz, Raymond, Shenandoah, 138 Lutz, Robert, Donnellson, 155 Luxford, Dean, Bagley, 240 Lynch, Dennis, Waterloo Lynch, Roger, Nashua, 138, 208 Lytten, Robert, Mondamin M Maas, Alan, New Hartford Maas, Gary, Wellsburg, 292 Maass, Ralph, Waterloo Maben, Gary, Garner Mack, William, North Cedat Madison, Dunnarae, Rowan, 194 Madsen, Jeanette, Cresco Madsen, Lois, Cedar Falls, 233 Madsen, Marilyn, Clear Lake, 292 Madsen, Wayne, Cedar Falls Magel, Janet, W. Burlington, 142, 207, 230 Maginnis, Nancy, Red Wing, Minn., 142, 229,236 Maher, Richard, Lawler Mahoney, Patricia, Webster City, 191 Mahood, Gary, La Porte City Mahurin, James, Cedar Falls, 151, 197 Makoben, Larry, Durant Mallard, Daniel, Fort Dodge, 292 Malm, Carolyn, Burlington, 211 Manbeck, Phillip, Waterloo, 292 Manfull, Richard, Traer Mangels, Keith, Waterloo Mangold, Helen, Ryan, 159, 195, 221 Mangold, Linda, Ryan, 154, 221 Manley, Mary, Woodburn, 152 Manley, Richard, Waterloo Manley, Thomas, Waterloo, 155, 156 Mann, Barbara, Muscatine, 204 Mann, Paul, Laurel Mapes, Mary, Luzerne, 152, 162 Marcucci, Gilbert, Waterloo Marcussen, Richard, Cedar Falls Markham, Kent, Osage Markland, Sharon, Cedar Falls Markland, Wayne, Cedar Falls Markley, Ward, Clinton, 138 Marks, Betty, Cedar Falls Marks, Ronald, Jefferson Marohn, Billy, Cedar Rapids Marr, Jackson, Clinton Martens, Gary, Cedar Falls Martindale, Cedar Falls Marx, Walter, Waterloo Mather, Audrey, Ames Matherny, Rosemarie, Waverly, 219 Mathes, Joy, Barnes City, 154 Mathison, Judith, Ames, 214, 217 Matsui, Jeannette, Lanai City, Hawaii, 196, 20 Matsumotto, Amy, Kona, Hawaii, 196 Matthews, Lola, Webb, 195 Matthias, Kenneth, Readlyn Matthiea, Sonia, Denver Mattocks, Diane, Wadena Maulthauf, Patricia, Cedar Falls, 117, 193, 235 Mauser, Janis, Osage Maust, Sandra, Waterloo Maxwell, James, Charles City Maxwell, Joanne, Exira, 224 May, Ruth, Waterloo May, Wendell Mayer, Janice, Mayer, Nancy Maze, Donald, Maze, Richard, Waterloo, 292 State Center Waterloo Carroll, 292 Carroll, 171 McBride, Joann, Oelwein, 132, 136, 142, 146, 195, 218, 235, 291 McBride, Joseph, Oelwein, 238 McCarroll, James, Traer, 171 McClain, Donald, Waterloo, 291 McClain, Richard, Oelwein, 223, 238, 291 McClelland, Marilyn, Des Moines, 203 McClintic, Jack, Cedar Falls, 291 McComb, Geneva, Randalia McCool, Robert, Guthrie Center McCorkle, Nancy, lndependence, 194 McC2ormick, Muriel, W. Des Moines, 155, 203, 12 McCoy, Arnold, Des Moines McCoy, Roberta, Keosauqua McCrea, Joyce, Cedar Falls, 208 McCreery, Daryl, Clinton McCulley, Roger, Shellsburg, 238 McCunniff, Merrill, Cedar Falls McCunniff, Monte, Cedar Falls, 239 McCurdy, Shirley, Monticello McCusker, Robert, Cedar Falls, 291 McDermott, James, Mason City McDonald, John, Dubuque McDonald, William, lndependence, 165, 209, 225, 226 McDonnell, Loretta, Independence McDonough, Janice, West Union McDowell, Betty, Eldora McEnaney, Dorothy, Mason City McFerren, Terry, Britt McGee, Sharon, Manchester, 211, 291 McGinnis, Donald, Cedar Falls, 291 McGinnis, Louise, Cedar Falls, 184 1 327 McGra ne, Thomas, Waterloo McGrath, Agnes, Cedar Falls McGrath, Lucille, Independence McGreevey, Larry, Waterloo McGuire, Anthony, independence, 238, 292 McGuire, Carl, Cedar Falls McHugh, James, Waterloo Mcllrath, Nancy, Cedar Rapids, 221 Meyers, Judith, Bettendorf, 211 Michels, lrene, Hazelton Mickey, Lee, Cedar Falls Middleton, Carolyn, Cedar Falls Mikel, Sue, Woolstock, 226 Mikesell, Collette, Keswick, 193, 210, 292 Mikesh, Raymond, Decorah Mileham, Newell, Lana Moody, Donald, Vinton, 148 Moon, Jessica, Stamford, Conn., 194 Moon, Spencer, Waterloo Moore, Carla, Anita Moore, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 184 Moore, Ruth, Cedar Falls Moore, Sheri, Otranto Moore, Virginia, Waterloo McKean, Margola, Armstrong, 194, 292 McKee, Donna, Montezuma, 201 McKee, John, Waterloo McKeever, Jeanette, Linn Grove McKenzie, James, Knoxville, 292 McKeown, Sondra, Des Moines, 152, 211 McKinley, Joe, Kenton, Ohio McKinley, William, Cedar Falls, 151, 197 McKnabb, Mona, Shelby, 153, 205, 224 McLain, Evelyn, Emerson McLaury, Eldon, Waterloo Mileham, Lana, Newell Miles, Peter, Reinbeck, 197 Miletich, Yvonne, Waterloo Millard, Gerald, Jefferson Millard, Janet, Mason City, 193 Millard, Joseph, Cedar Falls, 293 Milleman, Thomas, Spencer, 197, 217 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Alfred, Audubon Charles, Independence David, Waterloo David, Newton Moorehead, Gerald, Cedar Falls Morden, Robert, Scranton, 152, 15 Mordini, Tullio, Madrid, 197 Morey, Patricia, Greene, 222 Morgan, Carl, Gary, lnd. Morgan, Constance, Cedar Rapids, Morgan, Janice, Cedar Falls Morgan, Jerome, Gary, lnd. Moriguchi, Naomi, Hilo, Hawaii, 1 Morningstar, Janice, Lisbon Morris, Alvira, Cedar Falls 5, 156 200, 217 46 Morris, Carol, Cedar Falls, 221 McMorris, Joan, Woodward, 200 McMurry, Sharon, Nevada McNeal, James, Ames, 38, 140, 158, 292 McNeese, Shirley, Britt, 194 McNeilus, Jimmie, Marble Rock McNiel, William, Cedar Rapids, 239 McNu1't, Mary, Mitchell, 154 McQuaid, Paul, Anamosa McVaney, Charles, Omaha, Neb. McVey, Richard, Woden, 292 McWhinney, Jon, Cedar Rapids, 155 Meeker, Roger, Cedar Falls, 180, 207, Meeks, Adria, Martelle Meeks, Andria, Martelle Meewes, Carol, Dike Meewes, Ralph, Dike Meggers, Luane, Reinbeck Mehlert, Marilyn, Dysart Meier, Esther, Cedar Falls Meinert, Patricia, Durant Meineke, Marilyn, Clarion Meisner, Faith, Cedar Falls Melichar, Donald, Cedar Rapids Mell, Richard, Pocahuntas Mellem, Judy, Northwood Menke, Donald, Archer Menken, Donald, Greene Mennenga, Jerry, Reinbeck Mensing, Mary, Dows, 204, 292 Menzel, Lois, Janesville Mercer, Judith, Kingsley Mericle, Mathalie, Hampton, 292 Merrill, Francis, Readlyn 238, 292 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Dean, Corydon, 239, 293 Eugene, Sidney Evelyn, Cedar Rapids, 211,212 Jack, Waterloo John, Waterloo Karen, Cedar Falls Katherine, Marengo Lois, Gowrie Mary, Cherokee, 200, 293 Mike, Osceola Neale, Crete, lll. Patricia, Clinton, 195, 237, 293 Patrick, Waterloo Phillip, Waterloo Rose, West Union, 208, 227, 228 Victoria, Walla Walla, Wash. Wanda, Crete, lll. Milroy, Barbara, Cedar Falls Minehart, John, Waterloo, 293 Miner, Lorraine, Marshalltown Minnick, Teddy, Iowa City Mintle, Dennis, Grinnell, 153 Mitchell, Nancy, lndianola, 211, 228 Mitchell, Norma, Buckingham, 203 Mitchell, Patrick, Osage Mitchell, Thomas, Hubbard, Neb. Mitchem, Kathryn, Marshalltown, 144, 155, 156, 183, 192, 195, 225 Mitts, Norman, Cedar Falls Mixclorf, Hilbert, Dunkerton Mixdorf, Marlys, Shell Rock, 208 Modzelewski, Josephine, Waterloo, 162, 208, 217 Moeller, Lois, Fairbank, 155, 156, 192, 224 Morris, Ellen, Des Moines Morris, Gary, Marathon Morris, George, Cresco, 293 Morris, Richard, Spirit Lake Morris, William, Cedar Falls Morrison, Joy, La Porte City Morrison, Judith, Waterloo, 153 Morse, Kay, Sioux City, 160, 226 Morsing, Leon, Clinton, 153, 155, 156, 202 Mortell, Mary, Jackson, Mich. Mortenson, Douglas, Ackley Mortvedt, Sandra, Ames, 194, 223 Moschel, Jerod, Hawkeye Moser, Joan, Council Bluffs Mould, Judith, Des Moines Moulton, Deanna, Hartford, 162, 208, 227, 228 Mount, Martha, Winterset Mowrer, Lee, Perry, 138, 293 Moyer, Doris, Central City Moyer, Mary, Gilman Moyer, Wanette, Fort Madison, 21 Muhlenbruck, Milo, Latimer Mukai, Teruo, Kahului, Hawaii Muller, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Muller, Lester, Ackley Muller, Richard, Cedar Falls Mully, Jack, Cedar Falls Mumm, Karen, Council Bluffs, 201 Munchoff, William, Lansing Mundy, Gerald, Kingsley Munn, Janis, Melbourne, 206, 230 Munson, Norma, Waterloo 5, 216, 293 Montgomery, David, Chariton, 138, 140, 208 Meskimen, James, Cedar Rapids, 174, 229 Mettner, Franklin, Waterloo Meyer, Charles, Calmar Meyer, Don, Elkader Meyer, LaVern, Wesley, 159, 204, 292 Meyer, LaVonne, Woden Meyer, Marcia, Grundy Center, 292 Meyer, Mary, Clarence Meyer, Sue, Davenport, 219 Meyers, Barbara, Dunkerton, 292 Mohl, Gary, Lost Nation, 293 Mokricky, Victor, Dallas Center Molander, Gary, Mt. Pleasant Moline, Jo, Rockwell City, 211, 293 Moline, Richard, Waterloo Molle, Judy, Blencoe, 165, 167 Monroe, Joann, Waterville, 112, 198, 238 227 Moodie, Charlotte, Waterloo, 218 Murphy, Donald, Cedar Falls, 238 Murphy , James, Clarion, 138, 174 Murphy, Kathleen, Waterloo, 154, 221 Murphy , Kay, Waterloo, 293 Murphy, William, Des Moines Murray, Murray, Laurence, Cedar Falls Sylvia, Aurora Murren, Anthony, Marshalltown Murrison, Ronald, Wilton Junction Musch, Jim, Dunkerton Musgrove, Carole, Ottumwa, 132, 142, 293 Musgrove, Donna, Waterloo, 59 Musgrove, Theresa, Boone Mussett, Jack, Waterloo Myers, Barbara, Coulter, 211 Myers, Mary, Cedar Falls, 236, 293 Myrsiades, Constantine, Waterloo Myrsiades, Constantino, Waterloo Myszka, Leonard, Janesville N Nadler, Renate, Waterloo, 177 Naeve, Sharon, Bradgate, 195 Nagai, Jeanette, Hilo, Hawaii Naito, Muriel, Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii, 196, 200, 223, 293 Nakasato, Jean, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, 293 Napier, Patricia, Cedar Rapids, 203, 211 Naser, James, Cedar Falls, 293 Nash, Raymond, Cedar Falls, 293 Nash, Sally, Knoxville, 203 Nation, Martha, Hudson Natte, Roger, Sibley, 181, 293 Natvig, Dennis, Lawler Natzke, Clark, Waterloo Nauman, Ernest, Cedar Falls Navin, John, Melrose, 217 Neal, Donna, Dewitt, 200 Nebel, Clifford, Belle Plaine Nederhoff, Linda, Wellsburg Nels, Gary, Osage Nehring, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Nehring, William, Cedar' Falls Neibauer, Edward, Hampton Neil, Doris, Fairbank Neil, James, Waterloo Neilson, Merrilee, Cedar Rapids Neir, Barbara, Marcus Neith, John, Waterloo Neith, John, Waterloo Nelsen, Hart, Cedar Falls, 293, 303 Nelsen, Jerry, Dows, 238 Nelson, Beverly, Cherokee, 222 Nelson, Deanna, Storm Lake, 194 Nelson, Ellen, Titonka Nelson, Evelyn, Aurora Nelson, Faye, Radcliffe, 203 Nelson, Janice, Cedar Falls Nelson, Jerry, Marshalltown Nelson, Judith, Cedar Falls, 139, 142, 229, 230 Nelson, Nancy, Dunlap Nelson, Richard, Waterloo Nelson, Sandra, Ringsted, 200, 227 Nelson, Sharon, Ames Nelson, Sigrid, Elma, 153, 194 Nelson, Sterling, Waterloo, 222 Nelson, Sylvia, Waterloo, 222, 293 Nesbit Janice lnde ndence, 146, 159, 160, 202, 237, 294 pe Neubauer, Ralph, Cedar Falls Neubauer, Ronald, Ackley Neumann, Carl, Hampton Nevenhoven, Duane, New Hartford Newbury, Louise, Bristow, 153, 185, 189, 205, 220, 294 Newhouse, Nancy, Decorah, 162, 192, 194 Newland, Patricia, Sioux Falls, S. D., 154, 203 Newman Newman Newport Newton, Newton, , David, Knoxville , Mary, Center Point , Marcia, Cedar Falls Carole, Waterloo Jerry, Greene, 174 Nichols, Connie, Cedar Falls, 239, 294 Nichols, Joan, Lake City, 191 Nichols, Nichols, Eugene, Cedar Falls Raymond, Cedar Falls Nickerson, Marinetta, Osage Nicklaus, Beth, Parkersburg Nickles, Stanley, Cedar Falls, 294 Nicol, Scott, Des Moines O Obanion, Edythe, Waterloo Obradovich, Mary, Council Bluffs, 216, 294 O'Brien, Franklin, Cedar Falls O'Brien, Michael, Strawberry Point, 159, 161 170,188,191,193,199, 217 O'Brien, William, Cedar Falls O'Connor, Marie, Donahue, 198, 199, 294 Odegard, Gordon, Waukon, 238, 294 Odekirk, Dean, Maynard, 294 Odland, Nancy, Clarion Oestreich, Karen, Yetter, 213 Ogle, Charles, Waterloo Ohde, Peggy, Vinton, 208 Okones, Neil, Wellsburg, 294 Niedert, Niedert, Nieland, Nielsen, Nielsen, Nielsen, Richard, Dysart, 294 Russell, Cedar Falls, 184 Douglas, Guttenberg Carole, Cedar Falls Elsie, Redfield Harry, Glidden, 138, 238 Nielsen, Janice, Cedar Falls Nielsen, Judith, Cedar Falls Nielsen, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Nielsen, Lona, Harlan, 175, 189, 234, 294 Nielsen, Nielsen, Nielsen, Nieman, Nieman, Marilyn, Cedar Falls, 184 Roger, Armstrong Sharon, Cedar Falls Helen, Earlville Sharon, Cedar Falls Niles, Nancy, Cherokee, 200 Nisas, Wallace, Evansdale Nishimura, Ellen, Hilo, Hawaii, 201 Nissen, Ellen, Davenport Nixon, Bryce, Fonda Noble, Jo, Brooklyn, 52, 117, 127 Noehren, Alvin, Des Moines, 138, 188 Noid, Patricia, Marshalltown, 208, 223 Noiiri, Amy, Ookala, Hawaii, 294 Noiiri, Doris, Ookala, Hawaii, 196 Nolting, Milton, Waukon, 239 Noonkesser, Gayle, Mt. Morris, lll., 294 Noonkesser, William, Mt, Morris, Ill. Nordly, Sara, Cedar Falls, 207, 230 Nordman, Robert, Cedar Falls, 155, 156, Norland, Myrna, Titonka, 153, 205 Norman, Paul, Waterloo Norris, Gayle, Unionville, Mo., 222 Norris, Lynda, Waterloo North, James, Dow City North, Robert, Cedar Falls Northup, Thomas, Cedar Falls Nost, Barbara, Lisbon Nost, Virginia, Martelle, 194 Nowack, Gaylord, Havelock Nowden, Allee, San Diego, Calif., 294 Nowell, Larry, Muscatine Nygaard, Marva, Wesley, 294 Nymann, Carol, Cedar Falls Nymann, James, Cedar Falls Oldenkamp, Harm, Boyden, 240, 294 Oldsen, Ca rl, Rockford Oleiniczak, Dennis, Tripoli, 174, 239 Oler, William, Dows Olesen, Lene, Cedar Falls Olhausen, Roger, Hartley Olin, Barbara, Cedar Falls, 201 Olmsted, Richard, Fort Dodge, 294 Olsen, Olsen, Olsen, Olson Olson Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson Olson, Mary, Davenport, 208 Ronnie, Cedar Falls, 238 Salley, Mt. Morris, lll., 155, 203, 212 , Charles, Boone, 153, 180, 205, 215 Donald, Cedar Falls Frances, Cedar Falls James, Radcliffe Leanna, Ventura, 194, 224 Leonard, Clear Lake, 138 Richard, Eldridge, 167, 222 Roberta, Waterloo, 155, 156, 194 Oltrogge, Gary, Waterloo O'Neill, William, New Hampton Onomura, Gertrude, Honokaa, Hawaii Onomura, Leilani, Honokaa, Hawaii, 206 Onties, Robert, Aplington, 294 Opheim, Wayne, Thornton Oroake, Carl, Newton O'Rourke, James, Marshalltown, 217, 294 Ortalie, David, Des Moines Orton, William, Emmetsburg Osier, Jerald, Cedar Falls Ossenkop, Constance, Manchester Ostendorf, Larry, Grundy Center Osterberg, Earl, Davenport Osterman, Evelyn, Rippey, 190 O'Toole, Judith, Waterloo Otterbein, Ruth, Northwood, 159, 160, 211, 294 Ourth, Donald, Ames Overbeay, John Vinton Overgaard, Margaret, Ventura Overheu, Faye, Breda, 205, 295 Overholser, Judith, Marshalltown, 195, 228, 295 Overland, Nancy, Des Moines, 223 Owens, Kathleen, Charles City Ozbun, Sandra, Waukee, 194 Pabst Betty, Hudson Pace Shirley, Sioux City, 91, 162, 164, 229, 231 Page Mary, Cedar Falls Paglia James, Cedar Falls, 295 Paige Donald Cedar Falls, 176 Paine Henry, Mason City Paisley Jean, Independence Petersen, Gerald, Clinton Petersen, Mary, Cedar Falls, 177 Petersen, Paul, Avoca Petersen, Shirley, Humboldt, 52, 126, 142, 230 Petersen Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson , Tanya, Harris, 142, 192, 195, 224,233 Barbara, Austin, Minn., 211 Cora, Grinnell, 191 Donald, Cedar Falls, 156 Donna, Davenport, 230 Palmer Barbara, Garnavillo Gerald, Gowrie Peterson, Palmer Charlene, Ottumwa Potts, Martha, Moravia, 187, 218, 295 Powell, Barbara, Merrill, 231, 295 Powell, Curtis, Camanche, 165 Powell, Dorothy, Merrill, 155, 231 Powell, Patricia, Merrill, 209 Powers, Karen, Vinton Powis, Earle, Chicago, Ill. Poyner, Grace, Cedar Falls Pratt, James, Algona, 165 Presler, Marilyn, Clare Peterson, Janet, Jewell, 155, 156, 159, 224 Price, Marlene, Hopkinton, 214, 221, 295 Palmer David, Spencer, 239 Ralston, Gerald, Conrad, 295 Palmer Twila, Keota, 142, 155, 156 Pampel Karen, Williams Papenheim, Merlin, New Hampton Park Grace, Cedar Falls Parkes Edward, Waterloo Parmenter, Joan, Des Moines Partridge, William, Marshalltown Patterson, James, Waterloo Patterson, Jerald, New Hartford Paul Barbara, Oelwein Paulk Mary, Harlan, 52, 117, 127, 129, 234 Paulsen Sherill, Lowden Paulsen William, Cedar Falls Paulus Mary, Rockford Paup William, Cedar Falls Pavars Liliia, Spencer Pavelka Beatrice, Waterloo Pavlik Mary, Union Payleitner, Julia, Waterloo Paynter Jayne, Colfax, 211 Payton Gerald, Lamoni, 225, 226 Payton Maurietta, Davenport Peak Jean, Marshalltown Peak Sandra, Gilman, 201 Pearson, Anita, Sioux City, 171 Pech Karen, Le Mars Pechacek, Eliean, Cedar Falls, 214, 222, 295 Peck Connie, Harlan, 235 Peterson, Peterson, Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson, 1 r Janice, Ogden, 193 John, Waterloo , Judith, Lansing, 153, 201 Kay, Cedar Falls Peggy, Davenport, 203, 227, 228 Sandra, Washta Pettit, Dean, Sioux City Pfaff, Doris, Sioux City, 195, 222 Pfetzing, Rodger, Moline, lll. Phillips, Donald, Waterloo Phipps, Beverly, Newton, 206, 211 Phipps, Harris, Woodward Pierce, Dorene, Cedar Falls Pierce, Mildred, Cedar Falls Pierce, Myrna, Lake City, 159, 162, 164, 165, 166, 170, 193, 202, 232 Pierce, Oliver, Anita Pille, Virginia, Newton, 217 Pink, Margaret, Cedar Falls Pint, Robert, Waverly, 171, 178, 295 Pippert, David, Garrison Pippert, Shirley, Garrison, 230 Pnz, David, Epworrh, 132, 138, 239, 295 Pitzenberger, Elaine, New Hampton, 142, 159, 160, 202, 217 Place, Thomas, Vinton Plager, George, Polk City Plath, Gene, Cedar Falls, 295 Platt, Ronald, Newell, 155, 156 Plew, Donn, Waterloo Price, Roy, Fort Dodge, 295 Primrose, Roger, Waterloo Prine, Donald, Carlisle Pringle, Bob, Garner Pringle, Vera, Spirit Lake Prior, Aurelia, Winterset, 154, 159 Prochaska, Anthony, Cedar Rapids, 153, 205 Proctor, Donis, Oelwein Proctor, Willis, Cedar Rapids Prohaski, John, Cedar Falls Puff, David, Manchester, 217, 295 Purcell, Gerald, Woodbine, 138, 240, 294 Purdy, Linda, La Porte City Putbrese, Jimmie, Auburn Putzier, Marla, Strawberry Point, 155, 156, 159, 160 Pyburn, Roger, Belle Plaine, 208, 240 Pyle, Janice, Schaller Q Quackenbush, Robert, Vinton Quick, Larry, Stratford Quick, Sandra, Davenport, 155, 156, 205, 211 R Radebaugh, Barbara, Rippey, 154 Radeke, Shirley, Davenport, 52, 110, 111, 128, 207 Raecker, Thieleane, Waterloo Ratfensperger, John, Coralville Railsback, Charles, Audubon Pedelty Julia, Nora Springs, 142, 162, 164 172 1 Pedersen, Pedersen, Pedersen, Pederson, 82, 190, 207 Marie, Waterloo Gladys, Newell, 211 Neals, Waterloo Roger, Grinnell, 238, 295 Pell Roberta, Lytton Pennington, Hugh, Emerson Perez Antonio, Hampton Perkins Barbara, Waterloo Perkins, Larry, Ames Perryman, Audrey, Sioux City, 183, 209, 215 Peters Betty, Manning, 146, 190, 214, 224 Peters George, Waterloo Peters Joan, Jennings, Mo., 211, 229, 237, Peters Joyce, New Hampton, 208, 217 Peters Judith, Cedar Falls Peters Mariorie, Davenport, 144, 223, 234 Peters Norman, Cedar Falls, 180, 294 Plorins, Ziedonis, Cedar Falls Plum, Dorothy, Waterloo, 209 Podhaisky, Stanley, Traer Podhaski, Cora, Waterloo Poeppey, Janet, Waterloo, 142, 208, 230 Points, Gary, Woodbine Pohlman, Richard, Davenport Pohlman, Roland, Eagle Grove Poling, Kathleen, Albion, 195 Pollock, Rebecca, Springville Pooler, Dell, Maquoketa Poppen, Lynn, Allison, 295 Porter, Karolyn, Waterloo, 295 Porter, Lyle, Cedar Falls Porter, Pamela, Spencer Post, Barbara, Marion, 142 Post, Marvin, Pomeroy, 156, 231, 295 Poston, William, Sioux City, 137 Potter, Gordon, Waterloo Ramsey, Ramsey, Randall, Rannals, Ransom, Ransom, Marl, Arlington, 43, 125, 296 Richard, Walker Clifton, Marshalltown Allen, Cedar Falls, 296 Errol, Ionia Susan, Waterloo Rarick, Gayle, Cedar Falls Rash, Edwin, Waterloo Rash, Philip, New Providence Rasmussen, Alan, Minneapolis, Minn. Rasmussen, Kenneth, Des Moines, 156 Rasmussen, Richard, Audubon Rath, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 226 Rathbun, Janet, Oelwein, 136, 231, 296 Rattenborg, Harold, Clarksville Rauscher, Linda, Cedar Rapids Rawson, Dorothea, Sheffield, 203, 211, 296 Ray, David, Waterloo Ray, Leon, Cedar Falls Ray, Marion, Cedar Falls Petersburg, Roxanne, Cedar Falls Petersen, Dorothy, Exira, 218 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I Paxson, Richard, Marshalltown 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 295 1 1 1 1 Potter, Marilyn, Clinton Potter, Patricia, Oakland Read, Karen, Macksburg Read, Sharon, Monticello, 194, 237 Reams, William, Grinnell Reece, Barry, Eldora Reece, Richard, Cedar Falls, 184 Reed, Reed, Reed, Corrinne, Grundy Center Linda, Waterloo Loren, Sumner, 191 Rishlov, Ruth, Northwood, 153 Risser, Marjorie, Waterloo Ritchart, Robert, Mallard Ritchey, Evelyn, Des Moines Riter, Jeanine, Cedar Falls Riter, Leanne, Cedar Falls, 156, 296 Rudloff, Leon, Farmington, Mo. Ruggles, Georgia, Cedar Falls Rule, Craig, Denison, 140, 229, 238 Runyan, Donald, La Porte City Rupert, Judith, Ida Grove Rupp, Mary, Ladora, 154, 162, 165 Reed, Olabell, Waterloo, 296 Reed,-Phyllis, North English, 154 Reedy, Carol, Waterloo, 206, 235 Reel, Beverly, Des Moines Rehder, Judy, Gladbrook Reid, Ralph, Tama Reifsteck, Michel, Cedar Falls Reilly, Jerry, Algona, 296 Reimer, Viola, Dysart Reinhardt, Eldon, Webster City Reisinger, Ronald, Sheldon Reith, Mary, Oran, 296 Rix, Arden, Cedar Falls Rix, Carlyn, Cedar Falls Robbins, Janet, Howard, S. Dak., 142, 233 Robbins, William, Waterloo Roberts, Donavon, Lake Crystal, Minn. Roberts, Leonard, Cedar Rapid Robertson, Carmen, Olin Robertson, Jean, Waverly, 153, 215, 222, 296 Robins, Larry, Cedar Falls S Robinson, Carole, Clarion, 142, 236 Robinson, Genevieve, Cedar Rapids, 219 172, 182, 208, Russell, John, Cedar Falls Rust, Rich Rustan, G ard, Dumont arth, Marengo Ruthstrom, Sharon, Cedar Falls Rutledge, Joel, Cedar Rapids Rutz, Norman, Livermore Ruxlow, Thomas, Cedar Falls Ryan, Bill, Cedar Falls Ryan, Daniel, Nashua Ryan, Francis, Corning Ryan, John, Pocahontas, 184, 297 Ryan, Lawrence, Monona, 297 Remling, Allen, Dundee, 152, 159, 238 Remrnert, Dennis, Mason City, 174, 239 Remsburg, Nancy, Glidden, 162 Renner, Sharon, Cedar Falls Robinson, Richard, Primghar Robinson, Robert, Cedar Falls Robinson, Warren, New Sharon Robison, Birch, Garner, 159, 160, 162, 188 Rock, Sally, Avoca, 223 Renning, Frances, Shell Rock Rentzsch, Arthur, Waterloo Rethman, Edward, Cedar Falls Reyerson, Mace, Northwood, 174, 239 Reynolds, Kitty, Sigourney Rock, Susan, Cedar Rapids, 176 Rockwood, Robert, Garner, 140, 239 Rod, Dorothy, Des Moines, 183, 217 Rodamaker, Ralph, Charles City Rhines, Ruth, Sterling, lll., 198, 202, 214, 227 Rial, Thomas, Morlan, 296 Rice, Warren, Waterloo Rice, Irma, Dakota City Rice, Mariio, Creston, 195 Rice, Robert, Cedar Falls, 296 Rice, Walter, Waterloo Rich, Willda, Righton Richardson, Bruce, Cedar Falls, 296 Rodgers, Barbara, Pilot Mound, 237 Rodman, Irene, Lake View, 226 Roe, Sally, Kellogg Roever, Velda, Janesville Rogers Rogers Rogers, Rogers Rogers Rohde, 1 Franklyn, Cedar Falls, 208 Janet, Marshalltown, 201 Jo, Dunlap, 155, 206 Judy, Eldora, 154 Kenneth, Lorimor Hubert, Cedar Falls Rychovsky, Virginia, Hudson, 297 Ryon, June, Laurens S Sabelka, Paul, Fort Atkinson Sabus, William, Carroll Sackrison, Carol, Stratford Sackville, Nancy, Hampton, 159 Sadler, Rose Ann, Postville, 136, 142, 172, 182, 208, 229, 233 Sagert, Karen, Independence Sagness, Richard, Cedar Falls Sakuramoto, Yaeko, Tokyo, Japan, 196 Sallee, James, Waterloo Sally, Thomas, Newton Salome, Jacqueline, Cedar Falls Sampson, Georgia, Radcliffe, 200, 213, 297 Sampson, Katherine, Delta Sanberg, Astrid, Mason City, 297 Sander, Ruth, Donnellson, 155, 156, 205 Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, Charles, Cedar Falls David, Algona, 155, 156, 157 James, Waterloo Richardson, Mary, Goldfield, 211 Richardson, Robert, Cedar Falls, 152 Richter, Beverly, Titonka, 183, 225, 226 Richter, Gerald, Earlville Rohde, Ruth, Nashua Rohlck, Karen, Fort Dodge, 200, 224, 296 Rokes, Dorothy, Cedar Falls Rollancl, Joan, Bode Roney, Justin, Decorah Rook, Wesley, Davenport Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Frank, Cedar Falls Robert, Waterloo Sharon, Council Bluffs Sandor, Lavonne, Waterloo Sandrock, Lana, Nevada, 218 Sands, Melvin, Manchester Ricklefs, Donald, Muscatine, 204, 220, 294 Riddle, Charmyne, Anthon Riebe, Leona, Cedar Falls Riebe, Rosemary, Cedar Falls, 201 Rieck, Donald, Sumner Riehn, Anna, Boone Riekena, Edward, Wellsburg, 296 Riekena, Harlyn, Wellsburg Riekena, Ronald, Gladbrook Riggle, Joyce, Charles City Riggs, David, Evansdale, 296 Riggs, James, Waterloo, 229, 238, 296 Riha, Katherine, Vinton, 187, 296 Riley, Donald, Nashua Ringgenberg, Linda, Wilton Junction Ringler, Marlys, Lake Park Ringoen, Shirley, Glenville, Minn. Ringold, Adrian, Mason City, 174, 296 Ripkey, John, Ames Rosauer, Harold, Denver, 297 Rosell, Judith, Decorah Rosenkrans, Waterloo Roskamp, Robert, Stout, 297 Rosonke, Jerome, New Hampton, 217 Rossow, Lois, La Porte City Rottunda, Gail, Sioux City, 223 Rouze, Sandra, Ames Rowe, Gordon, Knoxville, 197 Rowe, Shirley, Lake Park, 195 Rowedder, Larry, Manilla Rowland, William, Cedar Falls, 297 Rowley, Barbara, Cedar Falls Rowling, Douglas, Waterloo Rubek, Ronald, Cedar Rapids, 132, 137, 239 Rubel, Sandra, Lake Park, 198, 228 Rubenow, Robert, Denver Ruby, Erlin, Cedar Falls Ruch, Ronald, Vail Rucker, Ladonna, Iowa Falls Sands, Sandra, Manchester, 194 Sandvik, Leonard, Lime Springs, 165 Sandvik, Lois, Lime Springs, 200, 231, 233 Sanford, James, Fort Dodge, 217 Sarsgaard, Janice, Davenport Saunders, Cynthia, Belmond Saville, Paula, Redding, 194 Sawtell, Lois, Ames, 154, 221 Sawvell, Sawyer, Robert, La Porte City, 297 Billy, Central City Sawyer, Suzanne, Mason City, 162 Sbiral, Darlene, Waterloo Schaedel, James, Cedar Falls Schaefer, Bernadine, Waterloo Schaefer, Constance, Clarence, 183, 233 Schaefer, Roger, Waterloo, 167 Schaefer, Roger, Leland, 226 Schager, Arnold, Alden, 297 Schaible, Wesley, Laurens, S. C., 155, 156 331 Schauer, Shirley, Waterloo Schaumburg, Michael, Newton Schempp, William, Waterloo Scheuermann, Tom, Ames Schilling, Kenneth, Jefferson, 224 Schimberg, Suzanne, Sioux City, 159, 194 Schinagel, John, Sheffield, 208 Schleuger, Katherine, Britt, 203, 297 Schlicher, John, Cedar Falls, 137, 138 Schlindwein, Paul, New Hampton Schluntz, Christina, Cedar Rapids, 185, 205,297 Schmadeke, Gary, Waterloo Schmall, Dorothy, Nashua Schmeiser, Ruth, Wapello, 203, 227, 228 Schmelzer, Madelyn, Sumner Schmidt, Donald, Cedar Falls, 303 Schmidt, Judith, Waterloo, 113, 153 Schmidt, Nancy, Watkins, 217, 233 Schmitz, Chester, Independence Schmitz, Mary, Urbana Schmoker, Lorna, Fort Dodge Schneider, Donald, Waterloo Schneider, Eugene, Washburn Schnell, Linda, Des Moines, 194, 229 Schnicker, John, Washington Schoentag, Fred, Vinton Scholl, Daniel, Waterloo Schoof, Merwin, Denver Schoonmaker, Jane, Waterloo, 195, 223, 226 Schotter, James, Waterloo Schrader, Jeraldeen, Buckingham, 226 Schrage, Judith, Eagle Grove, 154 Schreiber, Gary, Marion, 297 Schreiber, Joan, La Porte City Schreiber, Richard, Armstrong Schreurs, Kevin, Cushing, 184 Schrodt, Margaret, Des Moines, 159, 236 Schroeder, Harold, Dows Schroeder, Karen, Sioux City, 233 Schwestka, Dean, Cedar Falls, 184 Schwinke, Sondra, Fredericksburg Scott, George, Cedar Falls Scott, Hazel, Council Bluffs, 211 Scott, Marvin, Anita, 297 Scott, Richard, Eldora, 155, 156, 157, 180 Seaman, Harold, Scranton Searcy, Neil, Waterloo Sears, Sears, Myrtle, Waterloo Stuart, Waterloo Sechrist, Jerry, Cedar Falls, 209, 223 Secrist, Lois, Muscatine, 203 Secrist, Rose, New Hampton Sedlmayr, Linda, Farmersburg, 194 Seeland, Joann, Saint Olaf Seeley, Virginia, Cedar Falls Seifried, Jerome, Manson, 217, 297 Seiler, Marilyn, Algona, 132, 136, 175, 189, 217, 230, 297 Snouffer, Carol, Minneapolis, Minn., 198, 202 Schroeder, Lawrence, Waterloo Schroedermeier, Doroth, Waverly Schrup, Susan, Charles City, 162, 200, 217 Schubert, Joyce, Britt Schuchart, Colleen, Osage, 208, 233 Schuck, Richard, Waterloo Schula, Leo, Charles City Schuler, Harriet, Humboldt, 211, 212 Schuler, Kyle, Jesup Schulke, Penny, Aurelia Schulte, Charles, Elkader, 174, 239 Schulte, Theresa, Norway Schultz, Daniel, Castalia, 138, 140 Schultz, Schultz, Sch ultz, Joyce, Royal, 194 Karen, Oconomowoc, Wis., 211 Marianne, Malvern, 200, 224 Schumacher, Janice, Coon Rapids, 159, 202,297 Schutte, John, Cedar Falls, 297 Schutter, Joyce, Buffalo Center Schwandt, Lynn, Cedar Rapids Schwartz, Sharon, Ottumwa, 203, 212 Schwartz, William, Ottumwa Schwarz, Dean, Cedar Rapids, 238, 297 Selby, Charles, Waterloo, 298 Sell, Allan, Tripoli Senft, Robert, Cedar Rapids, 174, 208, 298 Sergeant, Mary, Bettendorf, 117, 206 Settle, Dean, Melbourne, 138, 140, 229 Severn, Allen, Postville, 298 Severseike, lola, Hubbard, 298 Sexton, Harlene, Cherokee, 142 Sexton, Patrick, Waterloo Shadbolt, Sally, Fort Dodge, 190 Shade, Mary, Waterloo Shafer, Anne, Hampton, 175, 189, 190, 224, 231, 298 Shaffer, Clarence, Oran Shank, Leland, Laurens, 191 Shanklin, Patricia, Marion, 203, 211, 298 Shannon, Gloria, Carnarvon Sharp, Janice, Vincent Shaw, Beverly, Charles City, 142, 153 Shaw, Cecil, Aurora, lll., 140, 152, 215, 229,239 Shaw, Duane, Mason City, 180 Shea, Coleen, Manlo, 193 Sheeler, Laverne, Waterloo Sheeley, Karen, Evansdale Shehan, John, Albia Sheldon, Kenneth, Lamont, 176, 204, 298 Shelko, Richard, Clinton Sherman, Carroll, Marengo Shimoda, Myrtle, Kahului, Hawaii, 298 Shipley, Richard, Waterloo Shively, Robert, W. Des Moines Shoemaker, Waterloo Shoesmith, Cherly, Janesville, 233 Shogren, Carol, Belle Plaine, 182, 208, 226 Shold, Judith, Roland Shold, Karen, Elkader, 159, 217, 231 Shollenbarger, Larry, Laurel, 204, 220 Shore, Caroline, Algona, 201, 219 Short, Jackson, W. Des Moines, 140, 152 Shoultz, Donald, Muscatine Shover, Charlene, Delhi Showalter, Nancy, Cedar Rapids Shreve, Warren, Cedar Falls, 176, 298 Shubert, Robert, Waterloo Siddell, Ann, Delhi, 234, 298 Siddens, Robert, Waterloo Sidney, Kelvin, Davenport Sielaff, Kay, Buckeye Siessoger, Mary, Independence Sietmann, Beth, Laurel, 183, 194 Sievert, Carol, Clinton Siglin, Kynard, Lucas Silver, Dee, Belle Plaine, 155, 156, 180, 205 Simmons, Marcia, Aurora, Ill., 194 Simons, Nelda, Webb Simons, Stephen, Eldora, 153, 180, 238 Simpson, John, Janesville Simpson, William, Eagle Grove, 239 Sindt, Darlene, lda Grove, 171, 203, 211, 234,298 Sinnard, Joy, Waterloo Skalsky, Shirley, Mechanicsville, 201 Sked, Beverly, Waterloo Sloan, Harold, Redfield, 298 Sloan, Robert, Emporia, Kan. Slump, Mervin, Red Oak Small, Lois, Conrad Smith, Barbara, Cedar Falls, 153, 210, 225 Smith, Beverly, Muscatine, 194, 226 smith, Carol, vimsca, 194, 198, 207, 214, 227, 228, 298 Smith, David, Ottumwa Smith, Dianne, Lytton Smith, Elizabeth, Glidden Smith, Frances, Cedar Falls, 298 Smith, Jack, Cedar Falls Smith, James, Waterloo Smith, Joan, Waterloo, 184, 233, 298 Smith, John, Strawberry Point Smith, Joseph, Waterloo Smith, Joyce, Crawfordsville, 231 Smith, Judith, Cedar Falls Smith, Karen, Larrabee, 43 Smith, Linda, Storm Lake Smith, Marion, Waterloo Smith, Michael, Grand Junction Smith, Paul, Nichols, 299 Smith, Richard, Cedar Falls Smith, Roger, Woodbine Smith, Sandra, Mason City Smith, Sharon, Chicago, 162 Smith, Stephen, Waterloo Smith, Verna, Cedar Falls Smith, William E., Waterloo Smith, William X., Waterloo Smotherman, Shirley, Minburn, 194 Snider, Merelyn, Sumner Snook, Jean, Cedar Falls Snook, Loring, Cedar Falls Snyder, Barbara, Oelwein, 114, 155, 236 Snyder, Geraldine, Fredericksburg Sodergren, Wesley, Waterloo, 299 Solbeck, Mary, Humboldt, 236 Solem, Janice, Cedar Falls Sonichsen, Peggy, Arthur, 183, 208, 216 Sonnenberg, Albert, Collinsville, Ill. Soper, George, Hampton, 174 Suzuki, Michiko, Paia, Hawaii Strobbe, Raymond, Long Grove Soreide, Laura, Cedar Falls Sorensen, Patricia, Indianola, 144, 159, 188 Sorenson, Joan, Crystal Lake Sorenson, Richard, Spencer, 138, 155, 156, 205 Sowers, Patricia, Cedar Rapids, 194 Spafford, Beth, Waterloo Spaid, Charles, Cedar Falls Spain, Judy, Parkersburg, 211, 217 Spain, Karen, Parkersburg, 217 Spake, Wilma, Montezuma Sparrow, Martha, Jewell, 206, 218, 222 Sparrow, Sarah, Jewell, 218, 299 Spaur, Dixie, Knoxville, 142, 144 Speake, Constance, George, 153, 298 Spear, Donald, Marion Spear, Thomas, Minburn, 238 Spece, Darrell, Independence, 138, 140, 208 Spencer, David, Freeport, Ill., 178 Spencer, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Spoden, Peter, Dubuque Spratt, Roger, Greene Sprenger, Helen, Waverly Sprengeler, Myrna, Mason City, 229, 234 Spring, Lowell, Davenport, 171, 299 Spurlin, Ronald, Fort Dodge, 240 Spurling, Myrna, Lake View, 224 Spurling, Norma, Lake View, 224 Squiers, Curtis, Chelsea Squires, Harold, Cedar Falls, 299 Srp, Arnold, Dysart Stack, Sharon, New Haven, Conn., 299 Staggs, Danny, Keokuk, 299 Stanard, David, Cedar Falls, 198, 229 Standers, Sandra, Des Moines, 215, 216 Stangler, Karen, Owatonna, Minn. Stark, Glenn, Hudson Stark, Sandra, Boxholm Starkenburg, Shirley, Alton Starr, Roger, Maquoketa Stastny, Todd, Cedar Rapids, 174, 229, 239 States, John, Cedar Falls, 174, 239, 299 States, Julianne, Cedar Falls, 154 St. Clair, Judith, Beaman Stebor, Julie, Elkader Steele, Joyce, Waterloo, 194 Steele, Mariana, Algona Steele, Veral, Waterloo, 153, 185, 205, 299 Steffen, Jo, Williamsburg Steiert, James, Osage Steinbronn, William, Cedar Falls Steinberg, Marlow, Alden, 155, 156 Steinford, Sharon, Van Horne, 155, 156, 201 Steinke, Lena, Gibson, 213, 299 Steinmetz, Charles, Cresco Steinmetz, Robert, Cedar Falls Stellmach, Gary, Milford Stene, Siguard, Ba'dwin, Wis. Stephenson, Camille, Waterloo Stephenson, Jane, Sioux City, 152, 230 Stephenson, John, Cedar Falls, 197 Stetzel, Anne, Waterloo, 299 Stetzel, Clark, Audubon Stetze r, Anna, Cedar Falls, 205 Stevens, Kenneth, Lovilia Stevens, Kenneth, Cedar Falls, 238 Stevens, Nita, Oelwein Stevens, Phyllis, Toledo Stevens, Robert, Cedar Rapids Stevens, Scott, Waterloo Stevenson, Fannie, Traer Stevenson, Nancy, Cedar Falls, 171, 187, 299 Stewart, Helen, Perry, 183 Stewart, Larry, Courtland, Kan. Stiffler, Terry, New Virginia Stilwell, James, Mason City, 174, 239 Stilwell, Jerry, W. Des Moines, 174 Stimpso 162, Stimson, n, Confidence, Lake View, 155, 165, 202 Andrew, Independence, 209 Stimson, Judith, Maquoketa, 208, 233 St. John, Daniel, Waterloo Stocker, Patricia, Grundy Center, Stokes, Gary, Cedar Falls Stokes, Harvey, Sioux City Stokes, Stone, J Helen, Cedar Falls erilynn, Des Moines Stone, Marilyn, Chariton, 200, 300 Stoterau Stotser, , Jack, Hartley Robert, Iowa Falls Stouffer, Loren, Wheatland Stouffer , Sandra, Buckingham Stout, Helen, Waterloo 299 156, Sulentic, Helen, Cedar Falls Sullivan, Frances, Waterloo Sullivan, John, Spencer, 151, 174, 239, 300 Surrell, Jerald, Waterloo Sutter, Stanley, Hoyt Lakes, Minn. Svoboda, Clifford, Cedar Rapids, 174, 238 Swan, Donna, Renwick Swan, Margilea, Britt Swan, Virginia, Titonka, 152 Swanson, Christine, Montezuma, 193 Swanson, Norman, Cedar Falls Swanson, Yvonne, Paton Swartz, Albert, Cedar Falls Swartz, Manfred, New Hampton, 138, 188, 300 Swartz, Richard, New Hampton Swatosh, Janice, Cedar Falls, 195, 236, 300 Sweet, Raymond, Waterloo Swenson, Karen, Lake Mills, 233 Switzer, Thomas, Marshalltown Sylvester, Max, Cedar Falls T Tabke, Shirlene, Moville, 192 Tagesen, Virginia, Mason City, 200, 211 Tahara, Clyde, Mt. View, Hawaii, 180, 204, 205 Takaba, Ethel, Olaa, Hawaii, 194, 196 Takemoto, Margaret, Makawao, Hawaii, 196, 200, 216, 300 Tancer, Phyllis, What Cheer Tanner, William, Waterloo Stout, Margaret, Washington Strahorn, Judith, Algona Straka, William, Waterloo Strathman, Phillip, Manchester Strawn, Sharon, Waterloo, 202, 217 Strayer, Ruth, Hudson Strayer, Sharron, Algona, 227, 228, 231, 300 Streck, Karen, Ida Grove, 224 Streeter, Bonnie, Britt Strein, Charles, Cedar Falls Streitberger, Horst, Cedar Falls Streitenberger, Winifred, Red Oak, 159, 188 Strever, Bill, Cedar Falls Stricker, Sharon, Dysart, 220 Strike, Marilyn, Nashua, 154 Stringer, Mary, Menlo, 52, 128, 175, 177, 234, 299 Strobridge, Sonia, Waterloo, 207, 211, 236,300 Strohecker, .Joan, La Porte City Strong, Nancy, Lansing, 201, 235 Strutzenberg, Bruce, Somers Struyk, Marcia, Cedar Falls Struyk, William, Cedar Falls, 186, 300 Stubbs, Donald, Walker Stueber, Kenneth, Cedar Falls, 300 Stuempfig, Paul, Waterloo, 138, 182, 208, 240, 300 Stum, Brandt, Cedar Falls Stumbaugh, Audrey, Clinton, 136, 175, 189, 202, 221, 300 Stumpf, Aletha, Rockwell City, 300 Sturtz, Vernon, Fairbank Suehisa, Myrtle, Waiakoa, Hawaii, 196 Tarr, John, Cedar Falls Tatge, Tatum, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Wayne, Webster City Carol, Greene Jerry, Bradgate Joan, W. Des Moines Karen, La Porte City, 154 Merlin, La Porte City Tedore, Stephen, Waterloo Teeple, Carmin, Monmouth, 195 Teig, Nick, Radcliffe Teisinger, Kenneth, Waterloo Teisinger, Margaret, Waterloo, 207, 230 Tekippe, Jo Ann, Decorah, 206, 208, 230, 300 Tellinghuisen, Myrna, Cedar Falls, 206 Tempel, Norman, Jewell Tempo, Shirley, Kahului, Hawaii, 115, 300 Tenney, Linda, Volga, 201 Tenold, Georgia, Kensett, 300 Terrill, Janice, Sioux City, 231 Terry, Agnes, Waterloo Terwilliger, Elizabeth, Humboldt, 231 Tessmer, Elaine, Waucoma Tessmer, Mary, Fredericksburg Testrake, Mary, Winfield, 208 Tetrick, James, Vinton, 158, 165, 208 Tetzloff, Philip, Colwell Tharp, James, Waterloo Tharp, Joyce, Grinnell, 201 Thebiay, Bruce, Eagle Grove Thierman, Charles, Waterloo Thode, William, Cedar Falls Thoeni, John, Monticello, 149 333 1 Thogerson, Dorothy, Portlan l 1 142, 159, 172, 185 , Ella, Hampton , Howard, Waterloo , John, Vinton, 140 Thomas, Paula, Traer 1 . l Thomas l ,, Thomas l Thomas 1 Thomas Thomas , Robert, Lorimor , Thomas, Milwaukee, Wis., 300 , Thomason, Ronald, Nashua , Thompson, Alice, Burt, 200 5 1 Thompson, Almeda, Washington, 300 ' 1 Thompson, David, Chicago, lll. 1 Thompson, Donald, Waterloo 1 Thompson, Franklyn, 300 1 Thompson, Gordon, Clear Lake, 197, 301 d, Maine, 136, , Thompson, Helen, Waterloo Thompson, Kathryn, Guttenberg, 142, 225 U Thompson, Marcele, Aplington Thompson, Marie, Hampton,4144, 183, 193 Thompson, Patricia, Algona Thompson, Richard, Cedar Falls, 155, 156,1 , Thompson, Roger, Lake Mills, 223 , Thompson, Sharon, Adel, 154, 200 1 Thompson, Susan, Waterloo Thomson, Lyle, Kanawha, 174 Thoreson, Zoe, Postville, 175, 185, 205, 301 Thornburgh, Michael, Cedar Falls Thornton, Margery, Runnells Thornton, Rosemarie, Waterloo Thorp, Keith, lowa Falls, 301 Thorpe, Sandra, Webster City, 154 Thorson, Kent, Humboldt Thorson, Maxine, Waterloo Tidrick, Lyla, Waterloo Tiede, Delores, Waterloo Tiede, Milton, Waterloo Tietz, Carolyn, Cedar Falls, 220 Timmons, Janet, Colesburg Tinderholt, Albert, Decorah Tinderholt, Linda, Thompson, 213 Tinpangka, Bunlue, Washington, D. C. Tipton, Thomas, Tipton , Tiaden, Gordon, Waterloo i Tiaden Tiaden, l Tiaden, Jamet, Lakeview, 153, 200, 225 Lois, Wellsburg Ulla, Waterloo Toal, Robert, Jefferson Tobias, Joyce, Muscatine, 216, 301 Toft, John, Exira, 155 Tollefson, Gloria, Cedar Falls Toner, Rochelle, Des Moines, 217 Tongate, Don, Storm Lake Tonkinson, Joanne, Yarmouth Toomsen, Duane, Cedar Falls Townsend, Nancy, Waterloo Townsend, Roy, Spencer Trager, Rosemary, Alexander, 154, 233 Trappe, Mary, Postville, 154, 155, 208 Traver, Carolyn, Clinton, 230 Tremaine, Carol Joyce, Cedar Falls, 194 Trey, Frances, Waverly 334 Trimble, James, Traer, 301 57, 176 Triplett, David, Marshalltown Tritle, Merlin, Spirit Lake, 153, 155, 156, 180, 301 Troen, Karen, Newton Trotter, Harold, Cedar Falls, 301 Trower, David, Fairbank Trulin, Norma, Boone, 194, 301 Tubaugh, Joy, Belle Plaine, 136, 142, 172, 225, 226, 234 Tucker, Dennis, Grand Junction Tucker, Terry, Davenport Tuller, Robert, Ottumwa Tully, Robert, Lansing Turkleson, Carole, Sioux City, 203, 226 Turner, Dwight, Waterloo Turner, James, Arlington Turner , Lucille, Waterloo Turner, Turner Lyna, Waterloo , Ronald, Dunkerton Tychsen, Gene, Marshalltown, 174, 301 Uehling, Verna, Ankeny, 152 Ulfers, Viola, Aplington Ullom, Charles, Nashua Underberg, Ardith, Ellsworth, 223, 234 Upah, Ronald, Toledo, 240 Urban, Gary, Waterloo Urbanek, Trula, Solon Uren, Marcia, Virginia, Minn. Usher, Martha, Ottosen, 153, 208, 223 Usher, Shirley, Cincinnati, Ohio, 152 V Vahl, Greta, Burlington Valen, Beverly, Estherville Valenta, Richard, Clutier Valenti, Salvatore, Waterloo Valenti, Vincent, La Porte City, 153, 155, 165 Valentine, Robert, Cedar Falls Vanauken, Burton, Columbus Junction, 240, 301 Vandaele, Marlett, Independence, 200, 301 Vandeberg, Sandra, Cedar Falls, 183, 216, 222 Vandenbusch, Michael, Green Bay, Wis. Vanderlan, Donald, Cedar Falls Vanderleest, Henry, Glen Ellyn, lll. Vanderzyl, Barbara, Prairie City, 154, 194 Vandeventer, Carol, Cedar Falls Van Deventer, Ruth, Waukee Vandyke, Donald, Bristow Vaneaton, James, Waterloo Vaneschen, Joe, Ackley Van Hauen, Clark, Cedar Falls, 208 Vanklompenburg, Stanto, Orange City, 204 Vanloh, Viola, Ackley Vanornam, Robert, Laramie, Wyo. Vanringelestein, Sandra, Ottumwa, 152 VanSant, Clinton, Janice VanSant, Sharon, Clinton, 230 Vanvooren, Mary, Flazleton Vanvoorhis, Boyd, Osage, 174, 239, 301 Vanvoorhis, Charles, Cedar Falls, 197 Vanwechel, Wanda, Vinton, 200, 301 Vaughan, James, Emmetsburg Vaughn, Margaret, Cedar Falls Vavra, Ronald, Cedar Falls Vedane, Clyde, Casey Vermilyea, Judith, Lawton, 227, 228, 231 Vernon, David, Floyd, 153 Viering, Meta, Beaman Vinke, Adrain, Audubon Vinton, Sharon, Cresco, 194, 217 Voeltz, Brunnild, Cedar Falls Vogeli, Barry, Alliance, Ohio Vogt, Barbara, Homestead, 194, 224 Voltmer, Mary, Sigourney Voorhees, James, Cedar Falls, 201 Voorhees, Walita, Schurz, Nev., 152, 154 Voss, Bethel, Jewell, 155, 156 Voss, Ruth, Calamus, 224 Vovos, David, Clinton, 137, 239 Vyhnanek, Sarclcya, Center Point Wahll, Muriel, Three Oaks, Mich., 191 Waidelich, Pauline, Bassett Waite, Phyllis, Missouri Valley Walden, John, Carroll, 301 Walker, Jacob, Marcus Walker, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Walker, Sally, Waterloo Wall, Carol, Northwood Wallace, Nancy, Ames, 158, 186, 188, 301 Wallace, Sally, Reinbeck Wallace, Scott, Camp Hill, Pa. Wallentine, Jerry, lowa Falls, 301 Waller, Robert, Rockford Walser, Kenneth, Cedar Rapids, 301 Walsh, Robert, Independence Walther, Andre, Goldfield Walton, Rita, Cedar Falls Walvoord, David, Primghar, 199 Wandschneider, Carole, Mt. Auburn, 240 Wandschneider, Roger, Mt. Auburn, 140 Wangness, Kathleen, Decorah Ward, Alyce, Delmar Ward, Dennis, Swaledale Ward, D onald, New Hampton Ward, Judith, Waverly Ware, Edward, Muscatine Warm, Kathleen, Sheldon, 217, 236 Warnell, Paul, Marshalltown Warner, Warren, Warren, Warren, Wa son, Wa stier, Waters, William, lowa Falls, 137 Barbara, Sutherland, 226 Everett, Lafayette, lll. Nancy, Sutherland Craig, Waverly Virginia, Cedar Falls Duane, Hampton Watkins, Shirley, Shenandoah, 154, 218 Watson, Patricia, Graettinger, 154, 193, 201 Watson, Sina, Cedar Falls Watson, William, Cedar Falls, 302 Waddle, Linda, Webster City Wade, Judith, Waterloo, 194, 223 Waespe , Joanne, Oelwein Wagner, Clare, Waterloo, 171, 176, 301 Wagner, Gerald, Cedar Falls, 301 Wagner, Karen, Cedar Falls Wagnef, 1"BUl9TTE, VVGYETIOO Watt, Eddie, Iowa City Way, Charles, Massena Wayson, Wilma, Jesup Webber, Ronald, Arthur Weber, Betty, Breda Weber, James, Park Falls, Wis., 156 Weber, Karen, Cedar Falls Weber, Nancy, Waterloo Webster, Claudine, Castana, 233 Wedemeyer, Charles, Cedar Falls mese, --a..e.., ..,.. ,edge Wiethorn, Karen, Monona, 302 Wiethorn, Kurt, Monona, 138, 174 Wightman, Don, Cedar Falls, 302 Wilcox, Beverly, Marshalltown Wilcox, Gary, Harlan Wilcox, Jo Del, Cedar Falls Wehde, Shirley, Tipton, 204 Wehrkamp, Glenn, Sheffield Weichman, Gary, Vinton Weidler, Donald, New Hampton Weidler, Virginia, New Hampton Weiss, Dorothy, Ft. Pierce, Fla., 302 Welch, Susan, Earlham, 203, 211, 237 Weld, John, Hubbard Wellendorf, Clarice, Deloit, 301 Wells, Derwood, Sheffield Wells, Greta, Washington, 201 Wente, Marlys, Waverly Wenzel, Corinne, Wall Lake, 194, 217, 302 West, Larry, Estherville West, Martha, Des Moines West, Ralph, Adel Westen, Larry, Washington Westendorf, Esther, Cedar Falls Westphal, William, Vinton Westwick, Karen, Mason City Wetherell, Sharon, lmogene, 221 Weyrauch, Dennis, Alden Whannel, Paul, Waterloo Wheeler, Alvin, Waterloo, 301 Whelchel, Stanley, Perry, 171, 178 Whetro, Richard, Waterloo Whetstone, Dalene, Casey, 207, 235 Whigham, Ronald, Blanchard White, James, Cedar Falls White, John, Winterset White, Larry, Macksburg White, Lela, Fairfield, 218 White, Marcella, St. Ansgar, 211 White, Marlys, Rhodes, 218 White, Mary, Belle Plaine, 159, 161, 162, 165, 170, 183, 202 White, Kay, Cedar Falls White, Patricia, Newton, 211, 213 White, Robert, Mt. Pleasant, 186, 193, 302 White, Sherryll, Winterset, 217 Whitehead, Gertrude, Waterloo, 190 Whitehurst, Judith, Des Moines Whitford, Charles, Klemme Whitmore, Karen, Ottumwa Whitney, Annette, Milwaukee, Wis., 203 Whitney, Kay, Garner, 152, 302 Wiley, Marcia, Center Point, 220 Wiley, Michael, Osage Wiley, Roberta, Washington, 152, 153, 230 Wiley, Russell, Montezuma Wilharm, Mark, Tripoli Wilkans, Naomi, Alexander, 155. 156, 221 Wilke, Jo, Oelwein, 152 Wilkins, James, Onawa, 165, 224 Will, John, Waterloo Will, Joseph, Waterloo Willer, Roger, Tama Willesen, Sharon, Manning, 224 Williams, Anne, Cedar Falls, 142, 183, 198 Williams, Maxine, Prairie City, 153, 201 Williams, Herbert, North English Williams, lda, Dysart Williams, Janet, West Branch Williams, Joyce, Reinbeck Williams, Rita, Avoca, 227 Williams, Ruby, Evansdale Williams, Sharon, Shenandoah, 191, 216 Williams, Ward, Waterloo Williams, Wendell, Mt. Pleasant Williamson, Janet, Cedar Falls Williamson, Linda, Waterloo Willis, Patricia, Titonka, 162 Willrich, Ronald, Dexter Wilmsmeyer, Ruth, Hubbard, 152 Wilsey, Carol, George, 203 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson 1 , Charlene, Cedar Falls, 302 , Dale, Atlantic, 188 , Donald, Cedar Falls, 239 James, Cedar Falls, 175, 239 , Joan, Lawton, 154 Wilson, Jo, Hudson, 208, 231 Wilson , Judith, Knoxville Wilson, Kenyon, Alden Wilson, Marilyn, Waterloo Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Winein Winey, , Raymond, Pierson , Richard, Webster City, 206 , Richard, Cedar Falls , Rodney, Des Moines, 215 ger, Donald, Dexter Richard, De Witt, 239, 302 Wing, Donna, Waterloo Wing, Roberta, Delmar -------V--,V-A-',. ---in --Y- Witt, Judy, Des Moines Wittman, Robert, Humboldt Wittmayer, Annetta, Cedar Falls Wittstock, Fred, Waterloo Witwer, Dean, Waterloo, 197 Woelk, Mary, Winthrop, 162, 208 Wohlers, William, Maywood, N. J., 174, 229, 240, 302 Wolf, Boyd, Evansdale Wolfe, Joanne, Ogden, 200, 302 Wolfe, Norma, Watrloo, 302 Wolfe, Norman, Stuart Womeldorf, Fredrick, Cedar Falls Wood, Corinne, Oelwein Wood, David, Cedar Falls, 151, 302 Wood, Gary, Guthrie Center Wood, Janet, Macksburg, 162, 201 Woodard, Glenda, Woodbine Woodley, Donald, Cedar Falls, 302 Woody, Donald, Lake City, 140, 152 Woody, Janet, Reasnor Worden, James, Des Moines, 155, 156, 157 Wren, Patricia, Northwood, N. J., 154, 162 Wright, Charles, Ogden Wright, Robert, Hudson Wright, Susan, Hudson, 171, 231 Wubbena, Ronald, Cedar Falls Wyckoff, McMein, Claremore, Okla. Wykle, Sharon, Radciiffe, 40, 123, 152, 230 Wymore, Helen, Cedar Falls Y Yap, Paul, Honolulu, Hawaii Yarger, Carolyn, Cedar Falls Yarrow, Keith, La Porte City Yeager, Alice, Bellevue, 201, 223 Yocom, Roberta, Logan Youker, David, Marshalltown, 302 Youmans, Janice, Westgate Young, Clarence, Waterloo, 302 Young, Judy, Garner, 194, 217 Young, Mari, Cedar Falls Young, Martha, Washington, 155, 156 Young, Young Young, I Myrtle, Cedar Falls Robert, Iowa Falls Ronald, Cedar Falls, 204 Z Zander, Karen, Waverly Zapf, Geraldine, Waterloo Zea, Dennis, Denison, 153, 215 Zeck, Andrea, Washington, 206 Zenor, Juella, Lawton Ziegler, Carol, Oelwein Wingert, Mary, Remsen, 194, 215, 216 Winkler, Mitzi, Clear Lake Winkler, Neal, Waterloo Winslow, Suzanne, W. Des Moines Winter, Connie, Adel, 218 Whittemore, David, Hopkinton Whitten, Madeline, Rowan, 153, 195 Wichal, Robert, Cedar Falls Wiebbecke, Carol, Clutier Wiedner, Judy, Harpers Ferry, 200, 217, 302 Wiegmann, Bruce, Waverly Wielanga, Jack, Orange City Wise, Bobbie, Cedar Falls Wise, Janet, Newell Wise, Nancy, Brighton, 211, 237 Wise, Sharon, Central City, 183, 194 Wisner, Betty, Sioux City, 162, 201 Ziegler, Charles, Oelwein Ziemer, Louise, Juneau, Alaska, 203, 211, 302 Ziesche, Carolyn, Davenport, 211 Zobel, Eugene, Jesup Zobel, Richard, Jesup Zook, Wayne, Clear Lake Zuber, Judy, Waterloo Zubradt,'Deann, Storm Lake, 235 Zwanziger, Jane, Plainfield, 303 ' EDITOR'S EPITAPH . . . Well, it's all over for another year. The book's gone to press and I'm worn out. I won't say that it hasn't been fun, because many times it has. However, I won't say it has been the easiest iob I've ever had because it hasn't been that either. lt's been a wonderful year filled with memories of fun and hard work. I don't think that anyone could have put out a book without the excellent help that I have had this year. Without Mike O'Brien's cheery smile and, "Relax, Helen, there must be a way to do this," I would have been in a straight iacket long ago. Mike was our public relations man for the year. Somehow land I certainly don't know howl he managed to schedule all the group pictures and even managed to have the photographers and the groups at the same place at the same time. Believe me, this is no small feat. Neither Mike nor I would have gotten to first base with this book, if we hadn't had our advisor, Jack Hols, to set us back on the right path. To Marla Putzier I take off my hat. I'll never know how she iuggled the books and handled all the money, but she did a terrific job, and believe it or not the budget still balances. To Birch Robison who did all the artwork and the layouts goes many thanks. I don't know of anyone who suffered more than Birch at the hands of a somewhat uneven tempered, redheaded editor . . . unless it was my staff of photographers. Tom Crane, Fall Photo Editor, and Wayne Tatge, Spring Photo Editor, put in many late hours in the darkroom so that I could have iust the right picture iust when I needed it. Not to be forgotten is Elaine Pitzenberger, who spent many hours proofreading the copy and then proofreading again to be sure. To Syl- via Geurink, Head of the Index, and Jan Barrett, Head of the Graduate Section, I owe a big thank you. To all the section heads, copy writers, and typists . . . the unsung heroes of the book . . . go many thanks. So people, this is it. We all hope that you like it. If you do, please help Mike and Marla get out an even better book next year by actually helping on the staff, and most important of all, by supporting the staff when things don't work out lust right. Wgwfw Helen Knickman Executive Editor -ao- . .v, - l ' TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "Thu Wolldl Bur Ynvboah Au Tl ,W 'X W o . M. 5-4 "'T! "'- 55975, ' x . 1 , .Q A , 1 w"4g.", 1.1 1 I ' 3 .vswk n vj' nm., Q P 1 I P x Q rw I My V1 . ., . . .,g' A Ma.. ,. . ' 4, ,Q-1:9 , , 5 V1 'W 'A"' ,. "',if",' H-4 JIT' Wy. "1 "9 -. . , 1' " J?: 'l'-., 'Lk .. M, '- , A N ' u vw A' - L gf' W L,'..", V V . . , av .K gil' X' "vlf1i':,' Q Q " I 4 , A V, v X0 il mf! I , . mx- . , ' .ul . - I' l M -0 -'U 'n eu V nv 1 l , f , 5. , 1 X I 9 . X r C 5 I . O 4 n A I -. , a x UN ,,,!L -41 , ' 4 in ' N Acfvris .--" " --r. 4 f nff,i,L.'e,Y . . 'Q U ' , , SU, , ' 'N' fi I' ,, lk. A' " r, 1,-up ' 1, 1-K W ', 1' X H xv, .,. , X vu lx i n If ' I Hx I w , 1 .I x ,M , 1, , v 1 ,., X . , ,V I l Qi' v nun, '..,x .U ,."f,',

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