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'illf mi ff-Lt 00 A STUDENT PUBLICATION IOWA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE CEDAR FALLS, IOWA VOLUME 53 TABLE OF CONTENTS Academic Life The Year 7,,,.. Adminisfraiion Acfiviiies Organiza1ions Sports 2 Urmderciassmen Graduates Advertising Indices cc,, ,, A 4 ,, ,,c, 38 84 14 ,T 54 i 8 250 272 302 314 5,-,fn v- V, .- I -X, MARILYN JONES SHARON STACK Executive Editor Art Editor ALLEN REMLING MARILYN HALA Associate Editor Copy Editor MARY SHOLD GARY CLARK Business Manager Photo Editor 4 i 4 1 i I i 4 i i i i l 3 i 4 1 i i 4 i 1 i 'W ,L f u 14' g . z 1 X 0 1 I M" XJR: i . af' f , S ,. 4' J v 'P '. Q' qi: K wx X,1 L, a IP .5- vg r J il fx w Ya' LKB: '- ty. I -L -n f 1 Q ' v-' , - Qui .ik 4 .55 6 o VVW, i 5 5 if 5 gr " Q wa' 'K as 5 . ,gi .4 'Q 5 if El 'hr fm. Q r 'P 1' if ' 3 ,ng vi ' C4415 - 3. . I 4-wx !:.' 9' tg! 3 'Sig i lr!'f w is K 1 a ' Eg Q 4 Q .ls ff 4 1' K J 'Sq f A ge 'z a 534 I N 'xi 5, 3' , A Q' 1 lk . J. bi 4' ri t I' it SF: 1 Q . Q3 .iw '55 ' sr R wx' 9 fi A ny? K I x 6, ' ? N I 'Et 4 i r f 4 3: 5 i 6 6 ' ai' rf' lf- 'T X .gg ,- V W ' EM 4 gs 5 r ,Q " T 3 . ,E 'S wa z. I gi?" , il .65 ., 93 . 1. .- Lg 3 I 'Y ff QQ 1 1 nw -'S J S J K 'sfuw-,iw N 7 fy The Men's Gymnasium Wrighr Hall , ' - - 3' f' I '1 V12 5' , 'W' , A 5 , V .Wy xv --1 .531-X3, , , kid' 5, D xg, ., Q Qi ' , .' W ,- - ' ' , v . v- 1 W ' I, ,: . ' A ' A if 'Q ' 3-7 'I , x"'l rf' ".'N1:f'7f' A."-' 'Tgf V .VN L V Q x..vv . K E awfis s I -V .bf .,1 E . ,1g,,..i1, . 'i fu.. .1 yn.-f' 'Q-" 5, fit? ,,,g,,a- ,rg-g.. x .A i,.' . - - as - .: , ' ,',- Q' Y wir- - -0 Y L ,J 'gl H, 3-.f'f,,.'.p,,.:5:,f .:j1,1J I .' . 1 sq ff 5 -3'7"-3115,gflf-2"'f":J 'ff 1' ff'-'Mf' 'i'21,,w 4 ff, . A- . 1 41 ifw-X '-5,1 -1 Q 44. yi J , N .13 .1 -,9,,-11K FA: -all H ,lg - ,1 ' W1 'ff ' f .. 'Y w Q. :,,. --rs ' ,gil ' .' 1- 4 . - ' 11 'ir -1, .H 1 .- f . '11 V- 'Lx if -,.'?- if 'flip ' . '44 - ' u 3, f , yank , ,, - ' f. A4594 '. M! k .. 44, A- Ag, 4 ...Q v I L". 'A.'l",,, 5 V-ivy! : K, T- if ." fb ,n x if ja 3. .f .i ' i If 2 V y ' Q - ,Q Qu' . 1 Q . f UQ, f, 4-i A A Q.: 1+ . N , ' 21 ., 'p f..,:- -..-.:--'I -' R ' ,fx . X, -ff-egg b ' ,' I K - :,:,'.. .Q-.u1j.,,,,,g-fl' ,anim 1 1 V In 2 AL'y.m,. Qty- . iq, , 6 . V 1 U.,- ni 'eng j-'A R.A..:k.,,q,i5,.,, " '-L-,t x - .W ,-, 5 . f - .9 , 1.x U '- W -3 1 -yHf:.'f'fJ' , Er? " -, - ' ' -P --"Y" - i af- Pi . .Q -V 1- ' .. - , , i -,:., , .i f -' , , ' - "XZ",-Q" Ii "-ff'-L. --'4 xi E' N ,, , 4. , X ,Lx it . 6 Y. 256 mlliv, hfiiva-' tim :bf - . . -f . f 1' 1 My-ff -A si J: 'lg--Q---. , 1 ':Ji':1 ' K W .M V' ' ', Y. X "1 3 x . 9 'Q E' ,--f 'Y' , fer -A , ,W 2 K 5 U' V . -,-.. ', .' . . A , , , ,I 'lgwk :gi Q1,'s'A?2 - M1 . A ' ,""L?fk: A y., 15X-Qi y ' . A ,I I. 5 4 ,V , , J K . X, L ' 1 '34 1,0-Sv. xv 5, --f- pf - J, 7' Q4 ir? W' 'ui' C52-i'1'i K xl ' Ng. di" L??E."A4N.-i 37 '. N' fi ' h .Vg QUA 1 v u vw kg. 'Lid F 1, . 'sz ff , ,. S., Q Q- '., , -up ' ' Ifai' - 1 ' ' ' ' - L' n I X' 1 ' " ' w ' 1 L W1-,', .- lg 'ff 'X -' , ' 4 5.5.5 -if U, 3 X33 ' ', : ' Q .gF2i.'!Qv W-5 '1v"'j fgff . , 2.1, lg p if f Alai? - in-Q'-H Ss?-' EQ, 1 A A , gi 5, ' 1 A ,, . , 7 '-as ,. -A . mg, . 1 ' . , , mi 1 fvkvvnx x. arf'--L' Ai, -Q VE, V VQK '.--,xx N X 2 V, 3 Y . in 15. 'MIR ffl , 11 . -'QA . Q. X-fl' 1. ,' i ' . ff ,- ki -,W A .1 r rv' HQ'-.5-mx' i 1 . f-2--ff. 1 ef' ' - 31 3" f' - -V R' ' 'HL Qf...'9??Q-L fab'-z1.L'i4 h""'5i-7 A .4 ' 4 1 .I - K Y 'M f 'iw' ' - F' ,, ' ,. Z. ' . -aff ' v--fwffffh-.sf bf. ,ik W. 5 j1xk x,i . V : , . Q . "fall, ' Jill "dx-as - 1 .rm , , .,, 4 " X" 4.3 ff. W+1'Qi'E4k"mf " 'Sli' "1 ,- :AZ fx Q 4 fvsfffi' 5 Q, Fl- Yin 4' .slug-, ,Q A ' ' . 'Q , ' " I , . 1 3 - QQ, H ,:,, ,--.5 . '- 37. - ,Q E E N521 . , A, 4 . fy gi Q fir . '. ' 5 . M mf- 1 " " ' ' --f -1-f " 1 1 'f.i?sf LQ 1 A -- 1 W ' -53:57-E , 1, 4.25552 g m Q -j"": " Q L D ,j f. X U ' xg? qw! 113. 'S X 'K ' ' v " ' A f .- . , fg?Sggg.5i:Lhyfs5g,a3qf , , K .m'+ , , K, C. 1 ,, , A ' 'f f , ,A W Q VL, f ,J , -I , A 4 --4. X Q mf +- N- 4 A ff -gffggfj.. -. Q, l f ' I , H 2: 3 in 5 ,h -V 'lx i A ag J 531 f h I-X L K A , 2-44 'Fei Sal mai ' if ' l --9 'Q ,REX , M TM W K: gi T z!2,f::g""'pf"M , 5 v Q ' .,, , 'V IIA' Q V J' 3 if 4 M- --3 YN .. , W 1 xi W W MW-?h..............,.-M ' :qv I . A ' - . if ' . , . f A ,ffl 'Y 'W , , i L ' 4 1nq'- ...Sir-zg.f,,.k"" ' m V A, - ., ,ts M , A + .Q-.1 , fi N -....... A "s",3f 'Lf,g1" . mv, N U '- - '4 Lf, .-,' K ,. K ., A.- , f. '. 'n O 5 x 35 '.. 1 ' , . . "A 4 - f 2 uf 1 . 1 'J' ' Y v X A 'YI if 'T X A. .fr ' uv ,J 7 h ,Q Q w - L gg, 'pal .":"".-'-1-'Twain' , V- ' I ,. , - A'-:L -13: 1, M ,."' ' 'WW A ' f r 5""f" r ' LV. ' ' ' f g .- K .M A--M mf' ' - . . .f A - 1,1 ,-.1 72.13. - .. , v K , g U f' V . V' L A l O ' ' ' ' .x.i"'- -"-"Eff: .f i""? ' " - -' ' 2 fNr,.,,,...7.,fx 44,73 Jr I D-3 If -,-13. i , ,ff1f""-"'L'a A ' f fa'f4fiC' E, 1' . - '. S, - gh- ff .V -1 -. - '. ' ' - .. .. 'M 4 . ' -' 94'Q ' -'WIA X 3 . A 01... . ' , f'+,L"- .55 AVI' ,, - - Q f1Y4, JQ-1. 'q,.r'.-1, s 'F A -' 'Q' 'Q A 1 1 ,-.147 MA S .qi ,Z if 4.-, - ' , V. 'gm ,g f , .. . , 'W W ' ,N,.,37' wang, .5 'WLS l , -,K n. A ' 'Y 4 7' ...Ani . .- fa V 'i-'-"7 ,,-- -f .Q . ' 'f ' 1" ,-ev' " V- v avr- ' 1 - L , ' . 'A ,w2d1s1" 3-,-J?" -' "4 Vg ,, -r 4, ' . ' - 212.-.-Q'f'k"-A Q, . ., ,4 , 4 h . I J .a kt. .45 - ,- L, I . W, K' 5 x I vs, V 1 , 4"'r 'f '-4.1, .,f,w ze, , -1 1 ' , .' ,QU v ' ."'.ff3i "Wm - A -'f ff f - 'V-M f'.i'5'f ' f ,, 3 . 5,1 W. in A. -A fx , Q L is-. x . ' -JR k ' , A V .V-. . , V+,---...,,,,,,,,,4,1wm . ...H W , ,. - , ,N I ' . , 2 , 1 '1'wn.,.,,s W 1 M W.-www, , : t y - x. F '45,-0 -,I-.nv M- X , J4...f,. ill.-", ,. 1.9 Z. . ' ali! ids: 1 sg' ' 7""' 'lil-i 3. - I I "' 'f " " ,Q a ,mf , f,-v.: :-4 gi. - 5. X. K nw -' ..-y f f' Ffh, , Mllgflfil' "Hi W' ..: 1 W , ,Jf'rz.i - 954' . 'f 4 'K-A ff' 'K gn-3535 5 ,L -.4-10? K siigili ' v 1 WW. f 141,- agm v.-,k,k 5 K . S A 2 . , .512 TW' 1 A-mf--ag 'mf 551 , 3 o 5- , . 1 x Classes . , . The daily rouTine . . . They were diTTerenT, yeT always The same in Their in- saTiable demand Tor Term papers or sTudy or cram- ming . . . aT Times, we haTed Them, yeT we knew all The while ThaT This was whaT we were really here Tor, This was The realiTy of college liTe ThaT would endure when all else was gone from our minds. So we carried our books from place To place-learn- ing one Thing here, anoTher somewhere else, buT adding To our sTore of TacTs, and sToring up memories of each class as well. Classes . . . The realiTies. Classes . . . The daily routine tedious hours of pracricei. . , , Ili W L,.. ' y'ft1-asm, 1, ,WI W Q A , f we is QQ K u g ' is 5 V E K i. Y Q S i R 7 it 5 'X s 5 l vi FEA I lr' f at ff R it s something new to remember 2 YE X X V m idi: massless if-5 is gkmtififiifss , Q zafafziailfisf: wswwisi ' aigfzfgiiezf :aw fmt , Sf't4?'af?:U:E" f 'iiiiffflfi as - mmmeim-wamfewa Q f, M 7 .2 . , . the reality of college life that would endure. Each separate room, each different instructor, gave Us something new to remember . . . the view from a window or the way the sunlight slanted across our desk, the cover of our book or the 'Faces around us, the sound of voices raised to question or to answer . . . our classes. The Campanile . . . landmark of our college life. lTs bells senT Us To class each morning and chimed The sunseT in. We looked for ThaT lighTed face when we reTurned from weekends. We laughed aT The hands ThaT never agreed. We'll always remember iT . . . The Campanile . . . our Campanile ig M- .. T ab. l Wx Q ffm, 3- fv'xX,' a , 4 X .. ,gi like.: . MVT if 1 'inn' 1 r le ,VJ . . . The second All-College Conference on International Affairs. The business of books and The unchanging class schedule was broken in April by The busTle and exciTemenT of The second All-College Conference on InTer- nafional Affairs. We greeTed The delegaTes eagerly and svvarmed To hear Them speak. FirsT we saT in The audience . . . Then WenT in droves To The coffee hours To see Them more closely and even speak To Them. For Three days There was an aT- mosphere of cosmopoliTanism upon The campus. Then iT was over . . . buT we looked forward To anoTher ACCIA nexT year. We greeted The delegates eagerly , , Reporiers milling around . . We studied and discuss The piano-playing Russian who knew the words to The Tall-corn song . . . . . . that fascinating Frenchman . . . all angles first. the press conferences . . . As The final session closed . . . There was preparation . . . we sTudied and dis- cussed The ideas from all angles firsT. BuT when The delegaTes came, iT was as persons ThaT They inTeresTed us. ThaT fascinaTing Frenchman . . . The piano-playing Russian who knew The words To The Tall-corn song . . . This is whaT we re- membered. There was official business, Too. There were The press conferences wiTh reporTers milling aroundg wriTing, Talking, or phoning. There was The colorful, flag-draped sTand and The crisp words of The official speeches. We Thrilled To These and To many oTher Things. BuT aT The lasT, as The final session closed, iT was The small Things . . . The personal Touches . . . ThaT remained in our minds from The ACCIA. . . and the personal touches iv M if g fm Massive, red-pricked, The wings of BarTleTT Hall sprawl down The campus For The freshman women, iT all began here. This was Their home . . . here They worked, played, sTudied, laughed. lTs Georgian facade housed a Thousand friendships and hearTaches. No one forgeTs ThaT year in BarTleTT . . . The beginning. The TirsT day was hec:Tic. The Treshmen ToughT Their way To BarTleTT T h ro U g h a sTreeT packed wiTh cars and won- dered if iT would always be like This. MoThers and daugh- Ters gazed aT The rooms and wondered vvhaT iT would be like To live here Tor a year. There didn'T seem To be room for all of The crisp dresses and can-cans ThaT had To be hung up. There was The Tea . . . a lasT good-bye To The Tolks . . . The nexT day iT all began . . . being Too busy To Think is The besT remedy for homesickness. The freshmen made Their way To The dorms . a hurried goodbye and college began Counselors, patient and expert, led their bewildered young charges There was the tea . . . an island of respite in that first hectic day. There seemed To be TesTs for everyfhing. Some wondered if you could flunk ouT before school even sTarTed. IT was a long hard day for The fresh- men . . . and The nexT was iusr as bad. The lines To sTand in, The forms To be filled ouT, The problems of regisTraTion never seemed To end. STudenTs meT advisors and advisors meT sTu- denTs for The firsT Time. The in- Tricacies of card-pulling were discovered. Through iT all, The paTienT and expen' counselors led Their bewildered young charges. The firsT days were noT all work, Though. First, The inevitable dilemma of regisrratio l PE!!! 1 . . . Then, Tesrs for everyrhing . . . a long hard day for The freshmen. f if The Stadium men wilh a gay decapping serenade . . . There were The highlighTs ThaT we will remember especially . . . The Newcomers' TalenT Show, where The freshmen showed The upperclassmen whaT They could do . . . The STyle Show, where we all found ouT whaT To wear . . . and finally, one of The momenTs The freshmen had waiTed for . . . The day They doffed Those ubiquiTous beanies. The fellows added a gay noTe wiTh a decapping serenade. and 1he Varieties, all part of The beginning. . . The AWS-MU Style Show , . . g l The firsl reading assignmenr inlroduced Us To The blazing beauiy of The library ar nighf. IT was a sight Thar was To become farniliar buf never unrnoving. Inside, The shelves of books were wailing . . . Concentrating in the dorm , . . . undisturbed on the lawn . . . Classes began . . . study began. It was a rare night that we didn't have something to do. The hard part was finding a quiet place to study. Some stayed in the dorm, wrapped in con- centration. Gthers sought the peace and serenity of the open sky and lawn. Only the birds disturbed them here. Still others settled themselves in the busy library, to make islands of intensity in the flow of traffic. No mat- ter where it was, the order of the day was study and more study. lt looked like a stiff year ahead. A good start was important. . . . or an intense island in the libraryg study. The youth collection . . . here elementary maiors spend much of their time. Evening. A yawn stifled determinedly . . . . . . heads bowed intently in the curriculum lab. The bustling, friendly library claims many evenings. Heads are bowed in deep thought . . . intent eyes scan the page, attempting to pull out the meaning . . . a hand shields a stifled yawn and an occasional voice or step breaks the si- lence. Upstairs, th e bright books in the Youth library beckon to th e elementary maiors and to anyone inter- ested in browsing back to their younger days. All in all, the Library is more like home than the dorm at times and will seem, as days go on, to be the focus of our study and the center of our college life. The sight of the full shelves and the long, long tables will always bring memories. In The lab or our of doors . . . . . . in painting classes or home economics, we worked at learning, and we learned. BuT classes aren'T all sTudy, we were To find ouT. There were Times of crea- TiviTy, when The painT seemed To leap from The brush To The canvas. There were gym classes, held ouTdoors in The magical fall weaTher. IT was a ioy To feel The bow pull and sTrain againsT your arm. There were The absorbing Times in The laboraTory when all eyes were focused on a minuTe balance be- fore careful noTes we re inked in. There were The niceTies of place seT- Tings and The knowledge of forks and spoons. IT was a rich Time and a busy Time . . . a year of acTiviTy, of learn- ing, and of The warm feeling we had, knowing we were a parT of all This on The busy life of The campus. The Tine days oT spring and Tall lenT Themselves To The enchanTmenT of dreaming, day- dreaming on The grassy campus lawn. For The momenT, books vvere TorgoTTen. Then we reTurned To The equally saTisTying concenTraTion oT school and sTudy, vvrinkling our brows and forcing our minds To The Task aT hand. AT lasT vve conTrasTed boTh vviTh The vigor oT smashing a Tennis serve under The green branches of The campus Trees. wrinkling our brows and forcing our minds ro rhe task ar hand . . . contrasted with the vigor of a smashing tennis serve The climax of all our years of work and study was that fearsome nine weeks of student teaching. We had the feeling that this was what we were really here for . . . that this was to be the culminating touch to our years at TC. The first day was iust a bit frightening. The super- visor was so assured and so very, very expert. We wondered if we'd ever be that good . . . even after years of teaching. It made us nervous but deter- mined. Q '1".., .QQ We ofien wondered what They were Thinking. Somehow it seemed so strange to be a teacher . . . even a svudenr Teacher. The firsT day Tl'1aTWe acfually did someThing wiTh The children was excifing. We came ouT of The school feeling wide awake and filled wiTh responsibilify. We were no novelty for The children . . . They had seen a score of sTu- denT Teachers come and go. We did wonder whaf They Thoughf of Us somefimes. Did They Think we were Too harsh? Were we Too easy? lT was all so new and differenf ThaT we had no pasT ex- perience To Turn To. We Tried To figure Things ouT for ourselves and To remember all ThaT we'd heard in our classes buT some- how iT seemed so sTrange To be a Teacher-even a sTudenT Teach- er. The firsT few days were long and hard . . . buT wonderful. The supervisor was always ready with a solution, and a smile. It was so lucky we had the supervisor to turn to and what a wonderful per- son she was! She knew all about our problems and she knew where to find the answer we wanted. If something was wrong with our lesson plan . . . if we couldn't make that little blond in the back row behave, she had a suggestion, a solution, and most of all, a friendly and encouraging smile. Some days, that smile was all we lived for. We threw ourselves into this business of student teaching. At times, we had dreams about it . . . more often, we were lust too tired to dream at night. There were the days that went well and the days that didn't, but all were important. As we learned our way around, The school began To seem almosT like home. The kids were so wonder- ful. For perhaps The TirsT Time, we really saw whaT being a Teacher mighT mean To us. The lesson plans and seaTing charTs were maps of a sTrange land, buT now we were aT home in ThaT land. We ThoughT ThaT we would like To sTay aTTer all. Each day was beTTer Than The lasT. The k ds were so wonderful. The nine weeks ThaT had seemed so very long were flying by. We knew all of The class now . . . The shy girl wiTh The lisp . . . The liTTle boy wiTh The wide- gapped grin . . . The happy girl who always knew The answer. Sud- denly we realized ThaT sTu- denT Teaching was The mosT wonderful parT of school. We also realized ThaT This was only The sTarT of everyThing. Soon we would be Teachers. Sometimes . . . alone . . . we indulged in a private daydream. S o m e T i m e s when we were alone, w e in- dulged in a pri- vaTe and per- sonal daydream. This wa s our own classroom, we said sofTly, and we were Teaching all by ourselves. IT was a mosT exhilaraT- ing idea. We did w a n T T o b e Teachers a f T e r all. During The day There had been momenfs of doubT. We had worried . . . were They learn- ing whaT They should? Were we doing our b e s T ? N o w doubTs faded. The days wenT on of our nine-weeks. The momenTs of quieT delighT were rare, buT Their coming leTT us able To Tace The hum-drum and The workaday parTs. The eager liTTle Taces were Turned up To Us To learn. We searched Theirs Tor The spark ThaT meanT we had aT lasT succeeded. 'The days came and The days WenT OT sTudenT Teaching. During the day there were moments of activity and of smiles that made us feel great. There were times of quiet meditation and deep study that brought the true meaning of the teach- ing profession home to us. We had moments of ser- ious thought when we saw stretching ahead the years and years of teach- ing . . . the lines of young faces, the rows and rows of books, the problems, the difficulties, and the de- feats . . , and we asked ourselves, "Why is it I want to be a teacher?" Sometimes the answer did not come easily. There were moments of activity . . . . and times of quiet meditation All The problems, defeafs and difficulTies seemed sudcle ly small BUT The nexT day, our mood of de- pression vanished as we saw again The children we loved. They were The ones who convinced us. IT was no love of learning or of dry books or of academic prob- lems ThaT moved us To be Teach- ers, buT insTead The inquiring faces, The quesTions, The spark ThaT passed beTween Them as They learned and Us as we TaughT. We TaughT Them and we learned from Them, Too . . . and all of The prob- lems and defeaTs and oliTTiculTies were suddenly small beside The greaTness of whaT we were doing. When our s T u d e n T Teaching ended, we had some idea of whaT lay ahead . . . and we welcomed iT eagerly. The familiar bulk of TheoCampus School was the symbol of teachingio sus. Here many of The siudeni Teachers made their first acquaintance with the spirit of The profession. l i i i a Commencement . . . the day that marked the end of our college life. We stepped from the platform with mixed emotions . . . Finally the day came that marked the end ot this part ot our lite, lust as the beginning had once been marked. We stepped oft ot the platform with mixed emotions. Joy . . . tor lite was beginning again and we were entering a new part ot it. Sadness . . . be- cause we were leaving behind the long hall- ways with their echo- ing memories ot us and ot our friends. ln the tall, a new group would enter, the cycle ot academic lite would begin once more . . . but we would not be there. Long hallways with their echoing memories . . . the end of the cycle ,, i rg K, -,r7A '1., jfs r A A r,LV , fkyy V . k.Wx N kkyz .jk -PY Q, 'lQ- 5 ' at - -AQ , X , , If? . - .,.A ,.-- , f-' 'f ' .,,, A 1 - . L A - ,f , A f . ' " Q' . ff .fg i vvf . v ' g , Q if M X , -H Q , Q Q ' .Q.. " A'1- A fi , T' ' ' , I ' W 'qA, M ,," E U W , we A 2 Y K ' If LL :-. f shyl. A , :V 'S QQ .,L' l L.:,."L 'Q Q , ff Y yy ' 5 Liv -, ip! 'A -' V I .,h, . . M, 1 A J, V , L,A, 5 muff Q i fi il 5 1 A K . , Q I 'if ii! 1 ' L N i'- 117, h Q 'N' .1 A f A nf ia . H V if LALx A A 733 V, f v Q xi! 'air U ' Ig A fl: lx M ' Q VQA , UWM f 'aimi Q h ' my - Ui q ytfi, ? vii. 6.4 'limf - A , Wh A f wmv 5,Y V V x ,gwgsgmf At ,y,. W w iii, f, P f ' V ' A A f W L i V " r ','.. ' M L'-402 - 'V v W ' " - Qb"",,Q A A g W , A A 13,4 L, . 4 sEf3f'f I 54 4 w.lm Q ff'Ef!Sf W , "W" A ' 1 me W.- 5 V K V ,A-5 V , Q . rm, l V , if lilwg -42,43-ig: . QV., , 1 1 XM? m A l S M Y , V 5 , 5 L its as gl 'jhwf 5 2 9 '.. :gnu A .MN N , f Hn My 1A P xg 0 aw 'wf M , f y. kg SQ,wz L Why' 91,, 5 '-wfk.f f 1 my , mf f if ,,,, ' -A. Qmwwfi f .f d , 1 ' 3 ' wk 'M - gm-Q, ,b , sf' Y 'f A .. 1 YM'-"' at .QE v iq aw nn' Q. " Hs. aw, ,Q f-f' ,' 7 ' ?,'V M4 , f i 'xvnh' 2 . M1 W'Pf . wh. , j . M g,:A,fwM wg M 1 L 'X Q W Q 'Q 'ff f,: f 'A M X L -f We j ' , j ,ga L' I K A A 1 9 5 - , ' 'SWA' . 'i 3 ' W ' 6 ea Y A 11, , ,. .iw 'E if w + af. 1 ' 'wt 1!x ' If.. g'jf,i! A Y 1 .N I 5" ' saialggz -."3,1 ' Q A ig in '.3 , ,mf pi - 4 JW' "' - j, Q' 1, 1,31 Q Pit JL ,X if vllli -' a 'HIULJ Q -'Q' " .ff 'rg' ' z I"Nf'5 ,aw "'1Hzn...2......,,L1 ' + ' LilihlJiQi-fuulln. -.'2'!iV f 1- j i vv i s 1 'Q A. 'Q Q wmv is QSSQA Q' 'mv g. 4 W-. 4 i ,Q N if Qrzg-if U' ' .. fl: 'un fl.: nw, Q ' 42 w Ai X Jr N 1 sf 1 ax, . B 'iii' f W EAA-.Q- -5,:k , R I - ?f "ffi,gf2ez1 W K 7, ' 1- ' , , V' "'!" 1 ,Agia Q L -W , ,, 1 'L 1, M, ff- Vx ng . K K- z:.' ' ' '- W , M, f -1 -l Q 0 I F, , , ,,, ID I , 'I 3, 9 Al 3+ Q A .r , , M wg , V V ,Q My iz. ."""r. f lihl ww n I ,3-qs, 5.84 s . Vvh: QW: 'V l , . , Eyenfs happenlano are gone. . A X nothing leff but an impression , . .a cerlain sound, a smell, asfeeling . . Q infangiblelremains of an expesrienge lrqQl d lyqdiminislwing inTo'Tl1e distance, ' recalled only by a stimulus . , .l me ' l AR. Tlhese memoriesfdralwnllogefhen QomposelTHE YE a foremosf conducfor, Vladimer Golschmann. One of The major orchestras in America, The Sf. Louis Symphony. ST. LOUIS SYMPHONY The LecTure ConcerT Series broughT one OT The major symphonies in The UniTed STaTes . . . The ST. Louis Symphony performed un- der The baTon of a Tore- mosT conducTor, Viadimer Golschmann in his TvvenTy- sevenTh and lasT consecu- Tive season, The IongesT record of any conducTor. BeTvveen The hearTy ova- Tions They played such beauTiTul and s T i r r i n g works as STrauss' Tone poem, Don Juan, and Symphony Number Four in E Minor by Brahms . . . The performance, giv- en in The Men's Gymnas- ium, was oT a caliber ThaT will noT be TorgoTTen by TC concerT goers Tor many years. e mafchmaker plofs, and The plof Thicke Golly, are we alone?" The apprentices are discovered in The haf shop. SPRING PLAY THE MATCHMAKER ThornTon Wilder's rollicking comedy, The Mafchmaker, highlighTed The Drama Confer- ence lasT spring. The sTory of a scheming widow, her vvell- To-do vicTim, a laconic barber, and a slighTly mad lady, This colorful play is concerned wiTh an old merchanT of Yonkers who has piled up so much money ThaT he feels The need of a wife To help spend iT. He e m p l o y s a maTchmaker, played by Kay Young . . . a woman who becomes in- volved vviTh Two of his menial clerks, assorTed young ladies, and a headWaiTer. He is fooled by his apprenTices in a series of hilarious hide - and - seek scenes culminaTed in a blus- Tery explosion righT under The eccenfric old merchanT's nose. AlTogeTher, The ouTcome . . . a delighTful evening's enTer- TainmenT. Lovely Karen Kelly, 7958 Relays Queen. Queen Karen and her court watched as fourteen records were shattered. TC RE LAYS Lovely red-haired Karen Kelly, from Fort Dodge, was chosen to reign as Relays Queen for the thirty-fifth annual TC Re- lays . . . Karen Hanson, Fort Dodge, D o n n a Musgrove, Waterloo, and Sue Brecken- ridge, Newton, composed the attractive beauty court. Four- teen records were shattered under cloudless skies, the tin- est track and weather condi- tions in the history of the re- lays. 5543 ,R GRIDIRON DINNER Marilyn Jones was presenTed wiTh The enormous copper oil can, The symbol of ouTsTanding iournalisTic achievemenT, aT The annual Grid- iron dinner held in The Convair room aT The WaTerloo AirporT. Marilyn was The Year ediTor of The 7958 Old Gold. Milford WhiT- Tlesey, PresidenT of The Board of ConTrol of STudenT PublicaTions, made The award in The suspense of The climacTic minuTes. Nine oTh- ers received small oil cans Tor Their conTribuTions To The college publicaTions. The evenT, aTTended by The Old Gold and College Eye sTaTfs, was sponsored by The jour- nalism TraTerniTy, A l p h a Phi Gamma. Mrs. Eldon Post, Moiher-of-The-Day. The Commons Terrace provided a resting place for many weary mofhers. "Oh, Shirley, no!" was The dramaTic response To The Thrilling news of her selecTion as NloTher-of-The-Day. Mrs. MargareT PosT, selecTed on The basis of her daughTer Shirley's achieve- menTs, was presenTed by Dr. Bluhm To The sTudenT body and given flowers and a gifT. To qualify, The daughTer musT be a personable senior wiTh a 2.5 grade poinT average or above and acTive in exTracurricular acTiviTies. Weekend enTerTainmenT Tor The hon- ored moThers included an Orchesis concerT followed by a coffee hour held in The Commons ballroom. ln The evening The "Hawkeyes" enTer- Tained sTudenTs and guesTs . . . chapel services and a MoTher's Day dinner concluded The acTiviTies. MOTHER'S DAY The a cappella choir lent inspirafion . . . President Maucker rece ed fhe Teacher Appreciation Cerfificare . . .. Dr Thompson The All-Americans of 7970." 5- HONORS CONVOCATION i , V fjggih 1,6107 6 jflfriwfl An added aT'rrac'rion To The annual Honors ConvocaTion was The Teacher AppreciaTion CerTificaTe awarded To President Maucker by The lowa Stare Educarion Associarion. Honor sTudenTs were commended for achievements in scholarship and exfracurricular acTivi- Ties . . . Then Dr. Oscar Thompson spoke on "The All-Americans of 197O." The a cappella choir lenT in- spirarion To The convocation. SUMMER . . . THE IDYLLIC TIME. Q -N-8.55 I QMZQ . . . . retreating footsteps . . . evacuation. Girls' State . . . high school girls setting up a mock governmental system. Summer campus . . . drowsy, sleepy, serene. Bared multilated bulletin boards and the hollow sound ot retreating footsteps . . . evacuation. The halls had scarcely been cleared when Hawkeye Girls' State began . . . a group of indefatigable high school girls setting up a mock governmental sys- tem. And then, summer session . . . a time of heavy class loads and hot, sticky, study hours with good intentions. Hal Holbrook . . . and Mark Twain lives again. Swimm g a d boat ng a llffle sunburn a wonderful affernoon. ,s,,,,,,,s.,g in M f'-fgzc, ,imc J - Mark Twain, Telling his anec- doTes and sTories, seemed To live again . . . TV sTar Hal Holbrook compleTely capTured The audience wiTh his univer- sally acclaimed imiTaTion of The famous humorisT. He also used excerpTs from Huckle- berry Finn and Roughing IT. Three painsTaking hours were required To compleTe The au- ThenTic make-up adding TorTy years To his age. Holbrook has played TheaTres and universi- Ties across The counTry. His ap- pearance was among The sum- mer highlighTs . . . buT sum- mer also broughT lazy days . . . swimming and boaTing ...a liTTle sunburn. . .a won- derful aTTernoon. Haw... iii A moving drama . . . The simple love sTory of a Southern girl and a worldly docror. Summer and Smoke, a moving drama by Tennessee Williams, was selecTed as The summer play. This producTion is The simple love sTory of a somewhaT puriTanical SouThern girl and a worldly young docTor. IT Took place during The Turn of The cen- Tury, T916 in a Mississippi Town. IT was filled wiTh passion . . . The dialogue conTain- ing real poeTic richness. The oppressive heaT . . . long minuTes of sTanding in lines and sTrong desires To geT away from iT all . . . This was summer regisTraTion bring- ing wiTh iT more sTudenTs Than ever. Long minutes of standing in lines and strong desires fo get away from iT all . . . summer regisfrafionk is Recognition was paid during half-time ceremonies of The ISTC and Drake foo?- ball game. Clifford H. Scott was honored as Dad of The Day . . . chosen on his son Cliff's achievemenfs af Dad's Day "Every Dad has his day" . . . aT TC on Dad's Dayg CliTTord H. SCOTT was honored as Dad of The Day. He was chosen on his son CliTT's achievemenTs aT TC. CIITT, a social s c i e n c e major-speech minor, is an ouTsTanding scholar and lead- er on campus . . . Full recogni- Tion was paid The special pair during halT-Time ceremonies of The ISTC and Drake TooTball game. OT h e r acTiviTies in- cluded a Tull course dinner and a chapel service dedicaTed To The visiTing TaThers. This TradiTion was originaTed by Tormer PresidenT O. R. LaTham in T929 TC. l Homecoming I958 The cheerleaders spark The morning parade That heralded the opening of Homecoming Day. A flurry of acTiviTy mighT besT describe TC during iTs mosT specTacular celebraTion oT The year . . . Homecoming l958. An inTer-TraTerniTy sing, pep rallies, a varieTy show . . . and The Homecoming parade heralded The opening of The TesTiviTies noT To menTion The eagerly awaiTed cuT day, wiTh The sTrains of The pep band providing The inspiraTion Tor This coura- geous acT. ElaboraTe dorm decoraTions creaTed an aTmosphere of gaieTy and lighT-hearTedness. The TooTball game beTween TC and Morningside was highlighTed by The presenTaTion of The queen and her courT. Carol .lusTice reigned supreme . . . The l7Th member of royalTy To be chosen by The sTudenT body in The long hisTory of The annual evenT daTing back To 1920. ATTending were Judy Ogden from OdebolT, Carole Musgrove, OTTumwa, Sharon Wykle, Radcliffe, and Carolyn Traver, ClinTon. Even queen Carol's charioT-a shiny new converTible-was no maTch Tor her brillianT smile greeTing The crowd aT O. R. LaTham Field on a Technicolor aTTernoon. Carol, a kindergarTen-primary major from ManchesTer . . . acTive in sTudenT governmenT, Chimes, and many oTher Things . . . seemed To be everywhere in campus life. To culminaTe The week-end's acTiviTies, everyone danced To The soTT and rhyThmic music of The Lawrence FosTer orchesTra in The Commons ballroom. l l I The twenty-five unit entourage was the largest in TC homecoming history . . . the winning float was made by TKE fraternity. Alpha Chi's entry placed second in this parade of floats and beauties. Humor was featured at the Homecom- ing Variety Show which was held in the College Auditorium. Bill Carr took the microphone as master of ceremonies . . . and soon became master of the show evoking roars of laughter from an appreciative a u d i e n c e. A marshal mounted on a white horse led the pa- rade presenting the queen and her at- tendants, President Maucker, Mayor Nel- son, and the TC marching band. The twenty-five unit entourage was the largest in TC homecoming history. The T958 homecoming differed in other ways too . . . instead of a bonfire, four flaming letters were burned. The Panth- er Marching Band saluted the returning graduates with a show entitled "A Day At TC." To conclude an entirely success- ful and enioyable homecoming, the string quartet gave a recital. W Q ,M i r W w - ,,i,,W.,w,,M,Q., if ,Az H ,. V, ., - A v V ,-wt. --,wr vf-'fume ' " ' +5 '-aww!-rrr:fl-'iillfr :W , Ji,-E fi- ., , .U55r'!iQip4 ttf -r f e 'sw ii. Q.,-, ' - -ali A if - 'MH QM . 5, -ww' t- Q - ' ,yw,,W-5ty-gs,-f,.,ff:M 5 I , A lk .,LA,kni-l - ,,r -4 ,ew-L,.x,,'f-iff 1-ef-A, 4 gm-fe f.- 4. - , , wwf H 'fwfr f- -Q f "lsr-.N-W f- N P--'W V W ff , .- x -f' K wirgii? ggwgx , - fiqgf ,M - -:aw . L ,- , ff' W f f ' I ' 'W QAM., . - 4- - -V , , ,i,,-.,m- H .- --1 . . , the presentation ofthe queen and her court. Queen Carol's brilliant smile greeted the crowd on a technicolor afternoon. Eagerly awaited cut day with the strains of the pep band providing inspiration, fa 53 A i -- X Q I K my Q .fn W QY al M3 ' , - Q"xx. ,six ' if if Q .L '- - . 1' "ev-K ' - , i'f'l 352 . K, 7' 549' A A if ff V vga 'L sg - V I ,a " 3 A 5 lg li "" Q55 5 -Er! Q' ' - 'i" ,i1 S . A Z 1 ' . m st! 3 -if-TQ, M 5 f -W- W H Qri V- me P Chpemys ,ms The FALL PLAY THE MISER The Miser by Moliere sTarTed The drama season on a humorous noTe. The superb- ly ac:Ted produCTion TeaTured Bob Hel- land as The money-mad miser who Tell in love vviTh Marianne, The girl his son loves . . . ComplicaTions resulT. The mi- ser, Mr. Pinchpenny, also has a daughTer vvho is in love vviTh ValenTine her TaTher's servanT. EveryThing is resolved vvhen The miser has a supper parTy Tor Senor Anselmo vvho Turns ouT To be The long losT TaTher of ValenTine and Marianne . . . everyone geTs his hearT's desire, which Tor The sTingy old miser is a sum oT money sTolen Trom him. The scenery vvas done in '9righT yellovv, vviTh a black and vvhife Tloor . . . a sevenTeenTh cen- Tury play ThaT Turned ouT To be as fresh and vviTTy as Though iT had been vvriTTen in T958 th The swee es Tl B y G d h f Th llecl a highly recepfive audience. Fall Lecture Concerts . . Benny Goodman The incomparable Benny Goodman Thrilled a highly recepTive TC audience wiTh a Tremendous display of TalenT. The program included amazing shows OT virTuosiTy by individual musicians . . . The immorTal "King of Swing" wiTh The sweeTesT clarineT in The world . . . plus The precision of a symphony. One of The highlighTs of The program was The Mark V presenTing several of Their arrangemenTs backed by The Tabulous Goodman organizaTion. AnoTher was CIITT ScoTT's awarding of The coveTed Playboy cerTiTicaTe nominaTing Goodman in The Jazz Poll conducTed by The mag- azine. Goodman won world recogniTion aT The Brussels' Fair This year. His concerT Tour was The TirsT in Ten years. Many of The numbers were new arrangemenTs Benny had p i c ke d up in Europe. As The show progressed iT picked up Tempo unTil The whole audience was clapping righT along wiTh The band. IT was a memorable, swinging evening! .. President Maucker leads the way. Students rise as the faculty enters the gym in full academic attire. NNN Matriculation Convocation Boosting standards was the keynote tor 1958 as stressed by President J. VV. Maucker in his address at the annual matriculation convoca- tion in the lVlen's Gymnasium. The result . . . heavier assignments, more investigative vvork and less tolerance ot halthearted e t t o r t. Maucker said he wished ISTC students vvould accomplish a number ot goals during their years at college. Among them, increased understanding ot human behavior and in- creased dedication to the basic values ot their cultural heritage, "l urge the vvhole- heated collaboration ot the entire college community to raise our sights and increase the level ot our accomplishments," he con- cluded. MA Sounds, red hor and cool, a swinging rhythm secrion . . . Dimensions in Jazz, I959 Man! Dig Thaf crazy axe! The caT booTin' Those Tubs is flippin' mel This lingo crops up aT TC every year when Dimensions in Jazz ap- proaches. New faces seemed To be The Theme for This year's annual concerT No. TO. Donna Nlusgrove, Jerry Chrisfensen, The Mark V, and The nofed iazz aufhorify and aufhor of The Encyclopedia of Jazz, who is also The wriTer of over ZOO composifions, Leonard Feafher . . . These were a few of The new- comers who helped make This year's greaf concerf. The show is sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, The oldesT nafional men's music fraTerniTy in The Unifed STaTes. Each number played by The orchesfra is carefully adapfed To The concerf sfage and This, along wifh some excellenf individual playing and ensemble work makes up The program. The DIJ members arranged many of The vocal scores such as . . . "The Thrill is Gone" by Dennis Smifh, "Lullaby of l3irdland" by Jim Beinke and Chuck lVlanernach's "lVlounTain Greeneryf' One of Phi Mu Alpha's worfhiesf acTiviTies is To encourage young composers. ,IW- r' l f if C backed The rich bass voice of Jerry Chrisle M13 'Q M-v,1D"""VA"' Don Wendf flips The crowd with his flufe. A D,l..l, newcomer, Leonard Fearher. 'X' 'X XXX Jlfl ,J Pr X "Lullaby of Birdlandu , . . The Mark V The concerT Teawred hoT and cool sounds . . . sup- porTed by a swinging rhyThrn seCTion. The Mark V who have been doing greaT Things in The enTerTain- rnenT world added an inTeresTing Touch wiTh Their rendiTion of "Lullaby oT Bird,land." The rich bass voice oT Jerry ChrisTensen was rnosT welconne. Donna Musgrove who rece-nTly had been TeaTured wiTh The Benny Goodman orchesTra also soloed. ChiIdren's Theater . . . Greensleeves' Magic yr' 'T A Q 4, Greensleeves comes with The secret To never be afraid , , , The princesses are able to use The magic formula. Greensleeves' Magic . . . dance, sing, and laugh vvere The vvords in This year's Children's TheaTre play vvhich delighTed boTh adulTs and children vviTh a charming dis- play of cosiumes and scenery. IT Told The sTory of a "Who is he?" asks The Grand Duchess. Grand Duchess, played by Bill Carr, vvho ruled a sad kingdom vvhere laughing, singing, and dancing vvere forbidden . . . Then . . . The sprighTly Greensleeves comes vviTh his secreT To never be afraid buT . . . he is capTured by The vvicked Duchess. Luckily The Three princesses are able To use The magic formula and The Duchess dis- appears in a flash of lighTning and a cloud of smoke. Harlequin and Columbine, characTers from lTalian and French Renaissance Theaire, vvere on hand To Teach The children The magic vvords. The royal family humbly obeyed The orders of The Duchess, ggi! ss- .ssss . as F 'L is ,. K. ! T , , ,,,. , M ..,,. i b .fn vs-5 c . ff? John Gielgucl. . . a truly great performer. The widely acclaimed Sir John Gielgud presented one of The fin- est oral inTerpreTaTions of Shake- speare ever wiTnessed aT TC . . . without any help from props or costumes he created HamleT and King Richard and King Lear, one of The most difficult roles in The- atre. He capTured moods of ioy and sadness filling The stage wiTh crowds of people . . . A very Thoughtful and stirring perform- ance skillfully executed by a Truly greaT actor. Carlos Salzedo, an international figure in The con- Temporary harp world, demon- sTraTed his genius aT TC. Although a composer and pianisT, he cast his spell loy playing The specially builT harp wiTh his wonderfully expressive hands . . . iT was an inspiring experience. Winter Lecture Concerts Gielgud and Salzedo Salzedo cast a spell with his wonderfully expressive hands. --'f- '- '54 ,E T Srudenfs gaiher fo hear The music of The a cappella choir as The great Tree is lighfed. Christmas ChrisTmas on The campus . . . a collecTion of many Things. AcTiviTies on The Teachers College campus were highlighTed by such exciTing Tradi- Tions as The singing oT "The Messiah" by The combined choruses and a cappella choir. The college orchesTra, under The direcTion of Dr. Myron Russell, provided an excellenT orchesTral background Tor The combined choirs and solo- isTs. The hearTy ChrisTmas dinners in The Com- mons and Campbell . . . The caroling parTies, aTTer which TrosT-biTTen sTudenTs gaThered Tor sTeaming cups oT cocoa . . . These are oTher Tradi- Tions never To be TorgoTTen. SomeThing nevv hap- pened This year vvhich received sTaTevvide aTTen- Tion-PresidenT Maucker, busy aT vvork in his office, TorgoT To aTTend The Tree-lighTing cere- mony! lVlisTress-of-Ceremonies Franci G ree n sTepped in To lighT The Tree, and The sereniTy of The season remained unbroken. Franci throws The swifch I wks" at ' E, 1 iff 3.91.2 Q! " ,Af-Qwiy '3."'xh.?..N." 1 Q , Q 'AW 93" H ip, 'ff Wg fl, I I Dreamy music clriffing Through The pine-scenfed air . . "Silver Bells" Tinkling on The arms of sTarry- eyed coeds . . . a Tree gliTTering wiTh Tinsel , . . dreamy music drifTing Through The pine scenTed air . . . TogeTher, memories of The annual ChrisTmas formal. The TesTive mood, underlined by The beauTilully simple ChrisT- mas sTory of a Tiny child born in a manger . . . laughTer and gaieTy . . . securiTy and quieT friendliness . . . These made ChrisTmas l958 a memorable link in The chain of ChrisTmases. "Silver Bells" broughr stars To The eyes . . . The punch bowl and glittering Tinsel Tree drew many dancers into The Georgian Lounge. l There is a powerful mysticism surrounding a star . . . A wondrous symbolism so great and omnipotent it hasg through repetition and growth, succeeded in penetrating evengwggart theworld over . . . Christmas . . . lilge the star, pierceegll darkness with its brilliance il 5 sw , ii 5' WE for s to 'i lie 409 1 is-. . ,, g,b,Qfs L 'ill' l ff AMRH Beauty Pageant A group of Seerley-Baker men make their bid in the talent division. The AssociaTion of Men's Residence Halls sTaged Their TirsT combined beauTy and TalenT show This year. Each of The eleven houses nominaTed a co-ed and chose a represenTaTive Tor The TalenT division. The show was broughT To a sizzling climax wiTh The crowning of The TirsT Miss AMRH , . . Kay McGowan, a sophomore Two- year elemenTary major nominaTed by STone House, came ouT on Top. Winning The TalenT division OT The show were The Four Flushers, a quarTeT oT Treshrnan fellows repre- senTing Gear House of STadiurn. Their superb blend of Tone was again heard aT The AMRH Dance held in April. Kay McGowan . . . The first Miss AMRH. fi 2 3 fx Religion in Life Week is an annual event at TC. Five maior world religions were repre- senTed during This year's Religion in Life Week. The Baha'i TaiTh, Conlucianism, I-Iinduism, ChrisTianiTy and ShinToism were explained and discussed by com- peTenT speakers in The various areas. Dur- ing a panel discussion each speaker was asked quesTions perTaining To The Topics, "WhaT Does IT Mean To Live?" and "VVhaT Does IT Mean To Die?" Religion in Life Week has been an annual evenT on our campus Tor abouT TwenTy years. IT is an aTTempT To enlarge The undersianding of sTudenTs and TacuITy members of The role OT religion in life. Religion in Life Week Dorrnlrory buzz sessions offered personal confaci with the speakers. "Wunderbar" . . . and so was The show. Becky Guernsey, as The sTruT- Ting, boisTerous KaTe, cerTainly gave The show an added Touch of humor. The group from The modern dance club which ioined The producTion Tor The special dance numbers added a professional air To an already adequaTe chorus. BrighT cosTumes, gay and very appropriaTe, made a valuable conTribuTion . . . The music deparTmenT can crediT Them- selves wiTh anoTher excellenT producTion in a long line of successes. l The Opera . . . KISS ME KATE The delighTTul musical "Kiss Me KaTe" produced loy The TC Music DeparTmenT Turned ouT To be one of The Thrilling highlighTs of The year. Phil Rash was parTicularly ouTsTanding in The leading role, sing- ing The wonderful music and speaking The wiTTy sparkling dialogue. The dances were precise adding To The pleasing eTfecT . . . and who could TorgeT The sTirring "So in Love" or The show-sTopping dueT "Brush Up Your Shakespeare." The lovely Bianca Tells her Tale of woe To her suifors. And The resulfs were fabulat d OLD GOLD Beauty Pageant OT all The evenTs held aT TC one oT The mosT colorful and looked Torward To is The annual Old Gold BeauTy PageanT. SevenTy-Tive girls are nominaTed by The sTudenT body To be iudged and narrowed To a selecT group of sixTeen Tinal- isTs. The TinalisTs were chosen by a panel of iudges which consisTed oT TaculTy members, represenTa- Tives Trorn The social TraTerniTies on campus and The sTudenT body aT large. A panel of judges narrowed The group fo sixteen Seventy-five of The loveliesf girls on campus are nominated by The student body. OLD GOLD Finals The sixieen . . . selected on Their beaufy and poise. FairesT oT The Tair, lovely Carolyn Bruce, reigned as T959 Old Gold Queen. Her sTunning courT consisTed oT Priscilla Hake, Jan Magel, and Jo Meyer. The TinalisTs were chosen from a group of sixTeen aT a Tea. They were selecTed on loeauTy, poise, and per- sonaliTy. The iudges were PresidenTs of The Three Top sTudenT governing bodies on cam- pus and a represenTaTive Trom The Cedar Falls Junior Chamber of Commerce. milingly accepfs her roses. OLD GOLD Beauty Dance The OLD GOLD BeauTy Formal, TeaTuring The swing- ing music of The Jimmy Thomas Band, climaxed as The OLD GOLD Be-auTy Queen was crowned by lasT year's TiTle winner, Carol Jungman. A dozen roses from The OLD GOLD were loresenTed To The hon- ored beauTy by Craig Rule who pericormed The duTies of masTer of ceremonies aT The memorable occasion, held on ValenTine's Day, T959 Carolyn Bruce reigns as The vivacious new queen, a TiTIe she will hold unTil The new T960 queen is selecTed. omas and his band provided music To swing by, and To dream by. 522 E i YE E E 'AE ii is Ei ii ? 2 3 5 ii x W is I K ii ,E OLD GOLD Beauty Queen Miss Carolyn Bruce Hamburg, Iowa , EI Miss Priscilla Hake Cedar FaIIs, Iowa Miss Janet Magel Danville, Iowa Miss Joan Meyer Oelwein, Iowa ris W3 'sz mpg. Iii ,uf :LI ffiggzgg, an L, 143. Lf' P SX 1 6 -Q. wwf" Queen's Attendants iii' Verna Jean Afzen Sheri Gillene Gwendolyn Hennon Judi McBride Queen's Court Kay McGowan Shirley Peterson Elaine Pifzenberger Carol Reedy Janice Svvarosh Jo Ann Tekippe Shirley Heisler prepares slate of . , . OLD GOLD Popularity Contest Each year a contest is held to try and deter- mine the most popular personalities on cam- pus . . . These are the honored persons se- lected by the student body as this year's OLD GOLD Popularity winners . . . Leilani Onomura from l-lonokaa, Hawaii, Joy Tu- baugh from Belle Plaine. The fellows are Max Huffman from Spencer and Cliff Scott from Independence. The girls were presented with bracelets decorated with gold emblems, and the two men were given cuff links and tie clasps as mementos of the occasion. The presentations took place during the OLD GOLD Formal. 1 ost popular persons on campus, selected by the student body for the Old Gold Popularity contest. l Leilani Onomura Honokaa, Hawaii Popularity an Popularity Clifford Scott Independence, Iowa ff Tubaugh Plaine, Iowa Popularity Q qiszig, . a,,.U, Wu QW Popularity Max Huffman Spencer, Iowa .-.-1 A Thrilling musical evening. The Bach Aria Group presenfed an unforgettable experience. Lecture Concerts in Bach Aria Group A group of vvorlcl-famous arTisTs called The Bach Aria Group TreaTecl a rapT audience To a Thrilling evening of some of The vvorld's greaTesT music. IT was also an op- porTuniTy To vvelcome back Jan Peerce who gave such a sTirring performance Two years ago. The Technique of The clisTinguishe-cl insTrumenTalisTs and The rich voices of The vocalisTs gave The music an unsurpassed qualiTy and beauTy. To Those who aTTencled Their performance iT was an unTorgeTTable experience. V L. ,,, Q5 4 , H , Q , f A Q, V. Q5 H Q wigs f:,, if av -wi, fer fhfkysl gk' - FW- ,. , - k' ' A , 'Q h ' bi , , . ,.A, A t,Z, WMM ,'AA A ' A'AZ -':' 1 ff X ..1-,: W MQW limi mfr' 4 1, 41, fi . 'Mm 5-1' Q' W' I 4 KWVA V gm' M fi . 30 ,W N f K w ,, Af . fl 5 l L z w 1 v Y 1 J 5 . 5'r via v X' :E iii H. 4 if 1 3 5 q-af' K l in Q, 5 Www X 2 mwgwwn 'ff V ig! in fl . ,K R Dr. J. W. Maucker, Presidern' 2 . ff 2 W i To ISTC Students: 1 Remember way back there in the fall of 1958-September 15 at 2:15 p.m., to be exact? Matricula- tion Convocation. Doing my best to interpret to the college community the course we were steering for 1958-59, I pointed out that: h 1. The faculty was engaged in a special effort to raise standards of achievement at the college. 2. Assignments would probably be heavier and tests more difficult. 3. Students would be expected to do more work on their own. - I hope that those of you who expected things to be tougher land intellectually more rewardingl were not disappointed. ' More broadly, I believe we must achieve higher standards of accomplishment at all levels of formal education in this country. Students now, you will soon be teachers. I welcome you as col- leagues in this important task and wish you the very best of success in the years ahead., 'f Dean Nelson Directs the Faculty Dean M. J. Nelson has The responsibility for The insiruciional program, and The personnel of The college. There are four divisions . . . lnsiruciion and Research, Sludeni Personnel, Field Services, and Business and Plani. Dr. M. J. Nelson Dean of Instruction Dean of The College bers of fhe faculty gather before fha Merfs Gym in preparation for a convocafirm. l c,:"" Mr. Philip C. Jennings l Business Manager and Se-crefary The Business Office, under The direcTion of Mr. Jen- nings, is responsible for The receipT and disperse- menT of TC funds. The deparTrnenTs under The Busi- ness Office include The rnimeograph office, Tele- phone service, laundry service, business manager, and adminisTraTion of clerical personnel. The Physical Planr . . . hoping The legislaTure will appropriaTe funds for building . . . is responsible for main- Tenance and The physical operaTion of The college. Business and Physical Plant Keep College Running Smoothly Mr. Eldon E. Cole Direcfor of DeparTmenT of Physical Plant Mr. James L. Bailey Assisfanr Business Manager and Treasurer Field Services Offer Many Services to Students Dr. Raymond Schlicher Director of the Placement Bureau Dr. Daryl Pendergraft Director of Field Services The Field Services consists of five divi- sions. Radio and Television, headed by Herbert l-lake, and his two assistants, is in charge of closed circuit TV. The Office of Alumni Affairs handles the Seerley Loan Foundation and the ISTC Founda- tion. Milo Lawton heads the Office of Alumni Affairs. The Office . . . Mr. Herbert V. Hake Director of Radio and Television . . . ot Public School Relations, headed by Ronald Brinkley, is in charge ot contacts with high school seniors and the College Days in various schools. The Placement Bureau, headed by Dr. Raymond Schlicher, is in charge ot find- ing positions tor TC graduates . . . Also under Dr. Schlicher's direction is the consulting serv- ice. ln addition to being Director ot Fields Serv- ices, Dr. Daryl Pendergraft was named Assist- ant to the President. Mr. Paul W. Mr. Joseph Johnson Wasser Radio Assistant Television Assistant Mr. Milo Lawton Assistant in Charge of Alumni Affairs Dr. Donald F. Howard Coordinator of Curriculum Assistant to Dean of Instruction Dr. Herbert M. Silvey Director of Research Instruction and Research Handles Registration Procedures The Division ot Instruction and Research, headed loy Dean Nelson, has charge ot admissions, registration, credits tor correspondence courses, transcripts tor graduation, and records ot grades and schedules tor every student on or oft campus. Radio and television courses, and alumni placement are under the direction ot Dr. Pendergratt. Dr. Tom A. Lamke Coordinator of Research Assistant to Dean of Instruction Mr. Donald O. Rod Head Librarian The RegisTrar's O T T i c e, under The direction of Dr. Beard, keeps all The statis- tics. The faculty, The Busi- ness Otfice, The Research Department, outside agen- cies . . . anyone may avail Themselves of The services of This department. Mr. Merrill F Fink Assistant Registrar Dr. Marshall R. Beard Registrar Student Personnel Integrates Residence and Academic Programs The Student Personnel Office, under the direction of the Dean of Students, Dr. Bender, provides an opportu- nity for the student to develop intellectually, socially, and spiritually . . . integration of the residence hall program with the academic program was the main goal for the Office of Student Personnel. The Associate Dean of Stu- dents . . . Dr. Paul F. Bender Dean of Students Dr. Paul C. Kelso Coordinator of Student Counseling . . . Dr. Holmes, has charge ot the social and intellectual growth of the women students. Dr. Kelso, the coordinator ot Student Coun- seling, and his staff have charge of the orientation program for new students. The Director ot Religious Activities, Dr. Bernhard, has charge ot the Student Council of Reli- gious Activities. ,,, wt ',,' ., 0 ff? Mr. George Holmes Director of College Relations College Relations Provides Public With College News The office of College Relations is under The direction of Mr. George Holmes. Providing The public wiTh news of The College and Taking charge of college publications . . . These are The main duties of This office. There are Three sub-divisions of The office. They are The News Service under The clirection of Charles Nloreloclc, The Sports lnformation Service uncler The direcTion of George Wine, and The College Publications under The direction of Jack Hols. The office sponsors Alpha Phi Gamma. Mr. GGOFQG Wine Mr. Charles Morelock Mr. Jack l-lols Director of Sports Information Director of News Services Director of Publications Health Service Offers Flu and Polio Shots Tuberculosis skin tests, smallpox boosters, tlu shots, polio shots . . . these were given by the Student Health Service under the di- rection ot Dr. V. D. French. The Health Serv- ice is open trom 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, emergency service is avail- able twenty-tour hours a day. The College Hospital, which has registered nurses em- ployed, is also operated by the Health Serv- ice. Dr. S. C. Hehn is a new member of the Health Service statt this year. Dr. V. D. French Director of Health Services f A friendly health center nurse makes patient Janice Brown more comfo ti ffa 'V g ,WM -1 Students enjoy a brief period of relaxation and conversation with the The College Food Services Serve Students and Faculty Miss Margaret Fitzgerald Director of Food Service The Food Services, under the direc- tion.ot Miss Margaret Fitzgerald, are located in the Commons and Camp- bell Hall . . . iunior and senior vvomen eat in Campbell, all other on-campus students eat in the Commons. Any faculty member may eat in the Com- mons. Both dining halls cater to stu- dent and faculty organization events. The Commons also provides food tor special events held on campus. ln addition to the tull time employees, many students maintain part time iobs. Curriculum Laboratory Offers Many Useful Facilities The Curriculum Laborarory houses boTh The Curriculum CenTer and The Audio-Visual CenTer. The Curriculum CenTer has a vvide varieTy of books designed To help The sTudenTs and Tac- ulTy. Dr. Guy Wagner heads The Cur- riculum LaboraTory and has since iT was esTahlished in l946. Replacing The laTe Dr. VV. Gierde is Mr. Ross ArmsTrong. By using The TaciliTies oT The Audio-Visual CenTer . . . films, slides, and recordings, The sTudenT can beTTer prepare himself Tor Teach- ing. Mr. Ross Armstrong and Miss Eleanor Merritt find mater I f T d T l I Mr. Guy Wagner Head of Curriculum LaboraTory Exhibits Highlight Art Year ExhibiTs highlighiecl The year's acTiy- iTies in The Arr Deparfmenf . . . Two sTuclenT shows, nine specially sched- uleol exhibiTs, a special inviTaTionaI sculpiure show, and The InTernaTional Graphic ArTs Experimenial ExhibiTs. The deparTmenT was one of TvvenTy- Tive schools cooperaTing in The renTal of, Guillaume and sfuaem admire 3 mipmfe by Albrizio, ol TiTTy p r i n T s senT by The iowa Graphic ArTs AssociaTion. Many sTaTT members vv o r I4 e d as independem arTisTs, also. An Club ancl Kappa Pi were sponsored by The cleparimeni This year. ART DEPARTMENT-Row l: Clifford Herrold, Marjorie Campbell, Ralph Haskell, John Page, Ted Kurahara, David Delafield, Paul Smirh, Don Finegan, Kenneth Gogel, Gerald Shirley, Harry Guillaume, Clayfon Fowler. i if 5 i 1 BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENTfRovv 7: James Blanforcl, Agnes Lebeda, Lloyd Douglas, Katherine Humphrey. Row 2: Dale Johansen, James Barron, Leonard Kee-fe, Harland Samson, Edna Grinstead, Kenneth Hansen. Business Department Prepares Students for Vocational and Distributive Work Dr. Douglas dictates a letter to secretary Gvvili Jensen. Th e Business Education Department prepares stu- dents for both vocational and distributive vvork. Vo- cational areas deal vvith office vvork and distribu- tive areas related to teach- ing. Mr. Dale Johansen di- rected the nevvly-formed Field Instruction in Adult Distributive Education , , . unique in that only a fevv states have such a pro- gram. He spends all his time in extension vvork and does not teach at TC. Mrs. Ed Grinstead is a new member of the staff, as is Mr. Johansen. Future Busi- ness Leaders of America and Pi Omega Pi vvere sponsored by the depart- ment. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Row l Willian Drerer George Ball Clifford Bishop Esther Boehlje, Howard Knutson. Row 2: Calvin Daane, Miriam Showalter M J Wilcox H A Rlebe Esther Hulf E C Denny Margaret Boswell. Row 3: Gordon Rhum, Arclith Emmons, Vir- gina Sch wept Nellie Ha npton Walter De Koclc A E Brown Ar hur Carpenter Row 4: Arthur Loohy, Albert Ueclcer, Mildred Pray, Department of Education Conducts Research Project Under the direction of Dr. Clifford Bish- op, the Department of Education and Psychology did many experiments . . . Mr. Carpenter produced films to serve in place of Campus School observations, and Dr. Looby and Dr.yLamke did re- search on the Rapid Learners Research Proiect. Two annual events were the Elef mentary Education Conference with Miss Nellie Hampton as chairman and the Elef mentarys Leaders Conference with Dr. Adrian as chairman. Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, Beta Alpha Epsilon, Iowa Student Education Association, and Elementa Ki were sponsored loy the de- partment. Dr. Howes rests after a bus 5' Home Economics Department Celebrates Fiftieth Year Celebration ot the tittieth year ot the American Association ot Home Eco- nomics will highlight the activities ot the Department ot Home Economics. This year, all ot the Home Economics majors met to discuss the curriculum and their schedules . . . this was en- ioyed and it is hoped the practice will continue. Miss Margaret Siolander, a new member ot the taculty, teaches the textiles and clothing courses. Throughout the year, the department sponsored the Ellen l-l. Richards Club and Theta Theta Epsilon. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-Row l: Lena P. Buckingham, Elizabeth S. Howes, Josephine Yeager. Row 2: Olive Holliday, Edna Shores, Margaret Sfo Dr. Howard Reed checks departmental schedules. The Industrial Arts Depart- ment Educates Through Practical Experience Providing education Through practical ex- perience in woodworking, metal work, electrical work, radio construction, archi- tectural drawing, auto construction, archi- machine shop practice . . . this was the main goal ot the Industrial Arts Depart- ment. Dr. Reed continued to utilize grad- uate student assistants. Two student ex- hibits were held . . . one in January and one in May. Much new equipment tor the enrichment ot teaching electricity and electronics was added. The department sponsored the Industrial Arts Club and the lVlaior's Wives Club. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT-Row lf Howard Reed. Row 2: R. E. Matala, Willis Wagner, John Plummer, James La Rue, Lawrence Wright. l c LANGUAGE, SPEECH AND LlTERATUREfRow T: H. W. Reninger, James Hearst, Stanley Wood, Louise Forest, N. C, Stageberg, Elaine Mc- Dayitt, Ross M, Jewell, Lillian R. Wagner, David R, Bluhm, Row 2: Bernard Derlott, Edna O. Miller, L. P. Goggin, John Cowley, Thomas Thompson. Row 3: Richard Flowers, Mary Hanawalt, Josef Fox, Alden Hanson. Row 4: Loren Taylor, Wallace Anderson, Austin Perego, Harold Bernhard, Josef Schaefer. Interest in Languages Promoted i - T Doing its very best to promote an in- terest in toreign languages, the De- partment ot Languages, Speech, and i Literature has communications classes ottering conversational French or Ger- L man along with the conventional speech and composition. American Literature, English Literature, World Literature, drama, speech correction, forensics, philosophy, religious litera- ture, and humanities . , . these make up the curriculum. College Players, Speech Club, and Literary Circle were sponsored by the department. An advisee COHSU ite of. Reninger before reg! eifei lon. IOS 1 1 2 A sTuclenT assisfanf locaTes a card af The check out desk, for Dr. Rod. LIBRARY DEPARTMENT-Row lg Donald Rod, Eileen Noonan, Laureffa Mcffusker, l Improvement ls Key Factor in the Library According To Mr. Donald Rod, head li- brarian, The key TacTor in The Library has been improvernenT . . . new Tables and chairs in The reading roorn, new charge- ouT desk, showing of sTudenT idenTiTica- Tion cards To check any book ouT, and expansion of The Browsing CollecTion. New sTaTT members This year were Mr. Edward Wagner as assisTanT reference li- brarian and Mrs. Marilyn VVhiTe as a Tem- porary general library assisTanT. The de- parTmenT sponsored Alpha BeTa Alpha. Ada Mcleocl. Row 2: Edward Wagner, Mary Dieferich, Margaref Fullerfon, Gerfrude Voelker, Evelyn Mullins, Mary Ealcln, Marilyn Whife, Everett Howell, Irene Ehresman. Math Department Maintains Contact With High Schools The Mathematics Department, headed by Mr. l-larold Trimble, has two primary aims . . . to attract and keep students ot high quality and to maintain contacts with the public schools ot lowa. At the present time the Math De- partment is experimenting with large classes. Mrs. Ina Silyey experimented w ith tilm- strips, whereby fourth graders were taught fractions as ratios. The department is work- ing toward the time when students can be screened and possibly be put directly into a -Grief more advanced course. Kappa Mu Epsilon L and The were Sponsor-ed The Dr. Harold Trimble confers wtl l t y department. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENTfRow l: Glenacllne Gibb, Carol Von Ohlon, Ina Silyey. Qow 2: Fred VV, L lt J H. C. Trimble, Richard Crumley, Tryin Brune, F. VV, Hamilton. t'?m,. ,ff MUSIC DEPARTMENT-Row 7: Donald Wencll, Emil Bock, Jvone Maxwell, Jane Mauck, David Kennedy, Mary Beckman, Myron Russell. Row 2: Karl Holvik, Jane Birkheacl, Suzanne Conklin, Joyce Gaulf, Charles Matheson, Joan Olson. Row 3: I-lerberi White, John Mifchell, Harald Holsf, Marjorie Iverson, Walter Coleman, Bernharr Fred. Music Department Presents Many Varied Programs An opera, ChrisTmas OraTorios, music for convocaTions, TaculTy and senior reciTals, and band, orchesTra, ensem- ble, and choral concerTs . . . These were some of The proiecTs carried on by The Music DeparTmenT. The deparT- menT sponsored Music EclucaTors Na- Tional Conference, Sigma Alpha IoTa, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Mr. Her- berT WhiTe, Mr. Don WenolT, and Miss Joan Olson were aoldiTions To The fac- ulTy This year. Dr. Myron Russell checks dares for performances Men's Physical Education Department Sponsors Holiday Tournament According to Mr. L. L. Mendenhall, training ot coaches and physical edu- cation instructors is the main purpose ot the lVlen's Physical Education De- partment. Two additions to the statt this year were Willard lBillj Hammer, new head football coach, replacing the late "Buck" Starbeck, and Stan Sheritt, new line coach. The "l" Club, the Invitational Wrestling Tourna- ment, the Holiday Basketball Tourna- ment, and ISTC Relays, all varsity teams , . . these were sponsored by the department. .s Mr. Mendenhall and his secretary take care of the day's correspondence. MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Row 7: L, W, Whifford, L. L, Mendenhall, Arr Dickenson. Row 2: William Koll,,Willarcl Hammer, James Witham, James Clark, Stan Sheriff, Edward Lyons. WOMENS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Row i Thelma Short Elnor Ca f d Vg a Ramsay, Shirley Winsberg, Shirley Posson. Row 2: .lea erte Potter Betty S anson Ba bare Yager Jean Bo fz Barbara Darl g Do othy Moon. Students Acquire Skills in the Women's ea .3 O Physical Education Department The Department ot Physical Education for Women has two main obiectives . . . to train physical education teach- ers tor the secondary and elementary grades and to give women students an opportunity to acquire physical skills. Two changes were made in the statt. Miss Barbara Darling, a tormer TC graduate, joined the statt and Miss Mary Butterworth was on extension. The Physical Education Club, Marlins, Orchesis, and the VVornen's Recrea- tion Association were sponsored by the department. .. .Q .r, .3 au? 1315? uw ,Q , in ,kx ..,. S. f ..,.. 4 V 5, 55 at v fi is aw. 5? gif' V ' 24 Q Y T? Q ' r-S ' -,Q L1-ia T L jg? , ' I ima , ., ,i ,L , i ,, It , NJ z 'GV af , 5 f if we I ,: sum .. k,.. 435-Zz V355-45,51 'A' , 1 if M ,Q 3,111 . t M 1, may Y? gif ?' . If Q LQ W- , QQ: , Lf 2 ? A , is M g SOCIAL SClENCE DEPARTMENT-Row 7: Leland L, Sage, Harold Wohl, William Lang, Erma Plaehn. Row 2: Theodore Dohrman, Howard Thompson, Bruno Tulasiewicz, Louis Bultena, Lyman Harris, Herbert Marguiles, Charles Leavitt, William Dee, George Robinson, Howard Jones, Nathan Talbott. Summer ln England Highlights ' Social Science Year To enable the student to better under- stand the world in which he lives, its past and present history and prob- lems . . . this is the aim ot the Social Science Department. During the past summer Dr. and Mrs. Leland Sage and Dr. and Mrs. Howard Jones headed a group ot about titty stu- dents in a projected seminar in Eng- land and Europe. Plans are being made tor a seminar next summer in Wwmm' Latin America. Pi Gamma Mu and the International Attairs Organization were sponsored by the department. Dr. Lang is always ready to assist, f Teaching Department Conducts Electronics Seminar The Teaching Department is under the direction ot Dr. D. K. Curtis. An experiment-an Elec- tronics Seminar tor physical science was con- ducted. The Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School at Vinton was an added student teaching center. Opportunities to student teach -were offered at Campus School, Waterloo, lndependence, Charles City, Newton, Mason City, Fort Dodge and Vinton. Dr. Curtis arranges student teaching schedules. TEACHING DEPARTMENTeRow l: E. McBride, L. Shefte, M. Divelbess, M. Schlemmer, D. McMahon, P. McCarthy, R. Paulson, R. Hansen, M. Schmitt. Row 2: H. Vander Beek, M. Walter, A. Gulickson, L. Gilloley, D. Curtis, E. Mantor, M. Schneider, W. Gohman,AF. Hartwell. Row 3: R. Brirnm, L. Froyen, M. Brown, L. Anderson, C. Middleton, L. Lynch, L. Stokstad. Row 4: A. Potter, D. Koehring, M. Stone, R. Hutcheson, M. Sonstegard, H. Brown, R. Mahon, H. Budensiek, W. Aurancl, R. Nielsen. Row 5: M. Holmberg, D. Wineke, J. Englund, R. Bebb, D. Wiederanolers, J. Hohlteld, M. Schools, R. Douglas, J. Przychodzin,M. Hosier, P. Mazula. 2 e S i E 5 5 ,Q K s 5, 3 5 E N 'S qi 4 1 1 Q,-me-w..,M L 'fmww-1, Jing. of f"""""'-.X -nw nur- S. 'I 1 an Purple Key Honors Outstanding Seniors Roger D. Bridges Carolyn A. Bruce Roger L. Burkhart Leroy E. Crawford Tamson Crist Deloy K. Davidson Janet J. Else Philip E. England Kenneih L. Fairchild Geraldine G. Fromm Marilyn L. Hala Ronald D. Jarchow Purple Key recognizes senior students who have excelled in scholarship by achieving a grade point ot 2.6, and who have bheen active in academic and extracurricular activities. T h i s recognition, which goes to one per-cent ot the student body each year, is the highest award a student can re- ceive at Iowa State Teachers College. Thirty students were recognized and given their certificates at the All-College Honors Convocation this year. This honorary fraternity was established by the Student League Board, to pay tribute to those who so greatly deserve it. Members not pictured include: Robert D. Hahn, David E. Koos, Joan E. Meyers, Thomas E. Murphy, Lorraine A. Rohwed- der, and Elizabeth J. Skinner. Marilyn B. Jones Mary Lou Mamminga Charles G. Mandernach James Marsh Marybeth A. Nelson John N. Peterson O. Edward Raffensperger Beverly J. Rhines Clifford H. Scott Mary A. Shold Bernadean F. Tiarks Nancy R. Wallace STUDENT LEAGUE BOARD-Row 7: Tom Price, Shirley Donaldson, Carolyn Bruce, Jo Meyer, John Peterson, Lona Nielsen, Ken Fairchild- President, Joyce McLennan, Row 2: Gerry Gienger, Jack Dodd, Marilyn Hala, Jim Gorham, Doug Buchanan, Jerry Stilwell, Roger Bridges, Carter Griffin, Ace Hagebak. The highest student governing body on campus, Student League Board, gives the students a voice in all phases of campus lite. The Organizations Committee, which handles all-campus elec- tions, the Social Programs Council, which sponsors campus social attairs, and the Student-Faculty Relations Committee, which works tor better relationships between students and faculty, all help further the important role ot Student League Board on campus. SOCIAL PROGRAMS COUNCIL-Row 1: Jan Owen, Jo Meyer, Mrs. Ethel Winier, Pat Clinton, Karen Fairbank. Row 2: Kitty Hagebak, Ace Hagebak, Carter Griffin, Bob Senft, Arland Waters, Dean Odekirk, Marvel Carnes. I 'R Q 3' "iw mfg 15 4 --jfgkfw . ,,,,.Mfw-'W ,, .f :WWW M ' T"'f,,xl We 11 12 2 E W- 2 2 I, 4-w ...J 53, Hffff AWS Governs Women Students Associafed Women STudenTs, a nafional organizaTion wiTh a chapTer on The TC campus, is The chief governing body of all Women sTudenTs. AWS is composed of a communiTy council, inTer-resi- dence council, and housing uniT governmenTs. IT promofes The social and inTellecTual grovvTh of women on campus Through various group acTiviTies. The officers are elecTed in The spring in an elecTion by all women sTudenTs. The legislaTive council of communify council passes all legislaTion. An orienTaTion picnic in coniuncTion wiTh Men's Union, followed by a square dance . . . Women's Day, during which iunior and senior women were Tapped for Chimes and Torch and Tassel . . . The annual AWS Tea . . . ChrisTmas caroling vviTh members of Men's Union in The Cedar Falls area . . . These acTiviTies helped To make The year wiTh AWS more successful. AWS OFFICERS-Row l: Elaine, Pifzenberger, Judy Nelson, Shirley Donaldson, Carolyn Bruce, Ann Consolver. Row 2: Beverly Rhines, Gretchen Gager, Lorraine Rohwedder, Carole Musgrove, Dean Mavis Holmes, Joyce McLennan-president, Marvel Carnes. Row 3: Diane Gilberf, Bernie Tiarks, Mary Shold, Jan Owen, .loan Myers, Carol Jossie, Sandra Lewis. MEN'S UNION-Row 7: Dennis Jensen, Mike Collard, Jim Gorham, Paul Stuempfig, Bill McNiel. Row 2: James Gohman, Terry Ley Jim McNeal, Dave Vovos, Bob Hahn, Roger Burkhart, Jerry Holbrook, Gerald Payfon. Men's Union Presents Varied Program All men sTudenTs on campus are governed by Men's Union, an organizaTion which works To en- large The opporTuniTies for men To develop in all phases of life aT College, is aTTained Through various commiTTee-planned programs during The year. A few of The acTiviTies which were sponsored by The organizaTion This year were The sTyle shovv, held in coniundion vviTh AssoCiaTed Women STudenTs, and The men's inTramural program. Men's Union sponsors a Hall of Re-cogniTion Tor cam- pus men. The requiremenTs Tor membership in The Hall of Recogninon consisT of a 2.5 grade av- erage, and leadership in various campus groups and acTiviTies. AMRH-Row 7: Dwight Carlson, Tracy Anderson, Roger Burkhart, Barry Geise, Jerry Stilwell. Row 2: Ken Walser, Dave Pitz, Ron Upah, Ralph Bottorff, Greg Bice, Dan Balk. Row 3: Doug Buchanan, Phil England, Neil Freitag, Jack Thoeni, Roger Bridges, president, Jim Lantow, Jon Havighurst. Men Represented by Head Residents Each resident in the men's halls receives direct representation in their student government on cam- pus through the Association ot Men's Residence Halls. The head residents are the intermediaries between the administration and the resident. HEAD RESIDENTS-Row if Kurt Wiethorn, Don Larson, Jim Geater, John Sullivan, Dale Hartzler. Row 2: Jim Ferguson, Jerry Purcell, Roger Wandschneider, Fred Schwartz, Jerry Loynachan, Duane Casey, Paul Stuemptig. Row 3: Dick Burns, Jim McNeal, Les Lanclhuis, Don Moody, Gene Hakonson. n - iuuiii 11lL i1 ' 5 l l OFF-CAMPUS WOMEN-Row l: Carol Jossie, Judy Nelson, Gretchen Gager. Row 2: Mary Ellen Leavitt, Betty Cole, Jan Adams. Off-Campus Government Serves Cedar Falls - i Waterloo Students Students living in the Cedar Falls-Waterloo area are governed by the off-campus section of stu- dent government. This particular governing group gives off-campus students a voice in campus affairs, and sponsors various functions for the off-campus students. President of Off-Campus Women this year vvas Gretchen Gager, and Jack Dodd served as president of Cedar Falls men. The President of the Waterloo Men was Gerry Gienger. Men's Counselors Aid New Students In The Tall The Treshmen come . . . laden wiTh bags and boxes To be sTowed in Seerley-Baker and STadium Halls. On hand To lend assisTance in The moving in process and ThroughouT The bewilder- ing days of regisTraTion and orienTaTion, are The mens' counselors. These men are picked by a special commiTTee The spring before To guide The freshmen in The perpeTual problems which plague The new sTudenTs on campus. ATTer The new seT of counselors have been chosen, They aTTend a series of inTensive Training sessions To help Them in Their work wiTh The new sTudenTs. MEN'S COUNSELORS-Row l: Dan Schultz, Roger Harms, Gene Hakanson, Jerry Loynachan, Gordon Odegard, Craig M. Rule, Charles E, Buschbom, Don Grant, Row 2: Richard Wheeler, Jack Thoeni, Carrer Griffith, Bob Senfr, Dave Gunderson, Dean Seffle, Jim Duea, Roger Wandschneioler, Ken Bridges, Eldon Meyers. Row 3: Wayne Asche, Spencer Pink, Eric Keele, Les Landhuis, Jim Meskimen, Jerry Sfillwell, Terry Sriffler, Bill Brousard, Jim Ferguson, Don Hofsommer, Fred Swartz, Jerry Purcell, Paul Sfuempfig. WOMEN'S COUNSELORS-Row lr Joan Robinson, Mary Ellen Leavitt, Helen Knickman, Jo Meyer, Judy Wiedner, Nancy Daasch, Carol Musgrove, Lorraine Rohwedder, Ann Shafer. Row 2: Bernadine Tiarks, Jan Barrett, Carole Johnston, Mildred Bistricky, Gretchen Gager, Barbara Reagan, Medha Petzenhauser, Ramona Thurloff, Carol Dosland, Donna Bock, Dorothy Cochran, Mildred Gust, Jan Adams. Row 3: Carolyn Bruce, Marlene Egger, Winifrecl Streitenberger, Sandra Lewis, Shirley Donaldson, Jane Sparrow, Mafgafef FlSl16'f, lVl6fCl5 Meyer, Kathy Riha, Martha Potts, Lucy Evans, Jan Swatosh, Jane Poppy, Judy Nelson, Jan Rarhbun. Row 4: Carol Justice, Darlene Lott, Mary Joan Meyers, Jan Owen, Margaret Haefner, Kay Whitney, Gwen Holz, Barbara Bradley, Norma Larkin, Marilyn Sieler, Patricia Capper, Jo Ann Swain, Betty Ressler, Rose Ann Sadler., Women's Counselors Guide Freshman Girls Meetings until all hours ofthe morning . . . hectic hours of planning before The freshmen arrive . . . feelings of disgust mingled with pride when the bed is short sheeted or there is scotch Tape over the faucet . . . These incidents coupled with intense pride when one Counselee gets a 4.0 or accepts a iolo of responsibility in an extracurricular activity, make the life of a woman counselor a memorable one. Like The men counselors, The women are picked in the spring for the follow- ing year, and Take part in spring seminars To prepare Them for work with The freshmen. BarHeH Hall.. .lhecjdesireskience haH orirhe TC canwpus ... The home of approximafely six hundred freshman women and Theh'counsdors nollornennonlhe purpk and goklheshnmn beanies . . . The scene of counlless wafer-fighrs, corridor meer- ings, and buzz sessions . . . a building rich vvilh memories for almosr all women s'rudenTs. The dorm sponsors many aciiviries for its residenTs such as coffee hours, Sunday morning break- fasB,rnedHaHons,andinha-dornmparnes.. Miss Corrine Shimel, direcfor, discusses a dorm 1 i To 6' is ,fi?4,' -,Lg . . . . . . '- " fx, A .5 M gzfif -r w 7, ,ww F .4-:'-ze, -If Q-2' function wlfh assisfanr direcfor Miss Ellzaberh ., . ,1"i. " ill' 'ii -:sm ' W" 1 . s E , ., . . R3 gffif up 2 jf.. -G' 15.24 , -'ff V ag, 5, E 4-mm? Q.. H V g -5 152:13 In , 1 l g. f i if 5 isis' ' ?:Difl?'5lI?' 544 ' Z ' as ' W" R r' J ,. ,.' s 'J' a I ' if W w ill !'x:.-m v - 'L Freshmen and their parenfs meer The faculfy. Barflefr women . . . Stadium men . . . and a breather in the AWS-MU square dance. Q is .. . , . Q- , 2 MQ f ' ,,,,,fy,:L' -Us , g 3 4 b ,T N ,X fr kai! s 5 ,-i,g+l -H 'A 1 -f is-' , G I ,. H., YM i r '- 2 3 " . Q af -grisly M 1. if p mga: .:, wi' fs ,sf q,s-any s, if fi G A 9ii,'w1g'm ff 1.- it Bartlett. . . Home of Freshman Women . . . as well as exchanges with the men's dormitories. Bartlett is divided into corridor groups which are headed by corridor chairmen. The corridor chairmen compose the house council which works in conjunction with the executive council, a group composed ot the three top otticers which are chosen by the residents in an all-dorm election. Until these otticers are elected, the counselors serve as the governing body ot the dormitory. l27 Campbell . . . Hall of Gracious Living Campbell . . . The hall of gracious living. The dormiTory oT iunior, senior, graduaTe, and Transfer sTudenTs vvas dedicaTed in i954 To Miss Sadie B. Campbell, former Dean of Women aT Iowa STaTe Teachers College. Each girl's room is equipped vviTh a Telephone, and several auTomaTic Washers and driers are available To The residenTs. Dorm snacks, dorm parTies, bridge parTies, coffee hours, and special holiday dinners helped make The year enjoyable for Campbell residenTs. Kathy James, Mary Shold, Margaret Haefer, Connie Speake, Naomi Moriguchi. i , 11.-f X ' L. JIT' f, I Relaxing after a hard day of classes. 1" U lb 3 'U CD TT1 1- :- 0 O C Z Q :- I D O E k O E 0 W 2. il VD s Q m. I! fD 9 of fD w 5+ F5 ni -T fl Y :i T - C m Nm U - OJ Z. O. f'D 3 N-+ TTI ua -+ 3' ru - E S. 'P Z7 O E F9 Q 3 3 NC GJ rn 3 CJ' O E N 'S m 3 K. C Q FD 3 3' Q. 3 U2 5 . --... H The girls also held a parTy for underprivileged children. AT various Times faculTy members were inviTed To aTTend special dinners and coffee hours. The officers responsible for The ef- ficiency of The enTire program were Carolyn Bruce-presi- denT, Diane GiIberT-vice-pres- idenT, and Jo McBride-secre- Tary. Miss BeTh McPeek is per- sonnel direcTor and Miss Es- Ther Kling is assisTanT director. Miss Esther Kling and Miss Befh McPeek are the new Campbell Hall dorm clireciors. Mrs. Loghry and Miss MorTell'are busy discussing The place- merir of Transfers. The Television room, The spread room, and The re-creaTion room were in consTanT de- mand. During semesTer break, when many LavvTher girls remained aT school and some oT The freshmen moved over from BarTleTT, The dorm TaciliTies were aT a premium. The hula-hoop craze, loTT parTies, Ten-pound en- gagemenT parTies, corridor meeTings, and broiling in The sunbaThing courT . . . These have helped To make an enioyable year for LavvTher girls. Fall, Lavvfher, and The ineviTable hula hoop LAWTHER HOUSE COUNCIL-Row if Ann Consolver, Shirley Donnellson, Joan Madden, Janet Magel, Rose Ann Sadler Row 2 Elaine PiTzenberger, Arlene Purdy, Collene Sellers, Twila Palmer, Leila Monkemuer. Row 3: Dorolhy Fickle, Winnie Sfreifenberger Lawther Hall, Home of Sophomore Women Lawther Hall, a twenty-year-old housing unit on the l.S.T.C. campus, houses many girls, predominately sophomores. Throughout the year plans are made and carried out to make dormitory living a little more meaningful and a little more fun. During the 1958- l959 school year Lawther girls attended social hours, four birthday dinners with faculty members as guests, intra and inter-dorm parties, and held a Decoration "Daze" at Christ- mas. The girls also aided in social service proiects such as a Halloween Party for under- privileged children, caroling at the Lutheran home, and a party at the county home. Lawther Hall is governed by means of a house council and an executive council. Officers are Shirley Donaldson, president, Ann Consolver, vice-president, and Rose Ann Sadler, secretary. Mrs. Arlovvyn Loghry is the dorm director and Miss Mary Mortell is the assist- ant director. Y 4 an Seerley-Baker . . . Housing 480 Men Seerley-Baker Hall, which houses 480 l.S.T.C. men, is divided inTo nine houses, each named afTer a forrner governor of Iowa. Each house has a head residenT and a separaTe governing body. All of The houses wiThin Seerley-Baker are broughT TogeTher Through The AMRH SenaTe. Officers of The year were Roger Bridges, pres- idenT, Roger BurkharT, vice-presidenT, Greg Bice, secreTary, and Phil England, Treasurer. DirecTor of The Hall was Mr, Richard Burns and Nlr. Arden Sollien was The assisTanT direcTor. ThroughouT The year Seerley-Baker had exchange parTies wiTh The women's dormiTories, fireside parTies, coffee hours, various in- dividual house parTies, and a skaTing parTy wiTh Campbell Hall. DormiTory faciliTies included Two recreaTion rooms, Two Television lounges, Three lounges, and cloThes washing and drying faciliTies. Finals tomorrow? Richard Burns, director, and Arden Sollien, assistant director, talk things over. A N A -iv v ,,i 1 ,, .1 ,,, fx iff," fir" ,312 ,343 wr . V., A Q ,ji VT? -, M-f W Rua., Hr ,, B., fl, 43 'i ,w X '-S, t 1 ,.gv:Jg - 'iw Yang Studying by osmosis. Stadium residents Take time our for TV. Director Don Moody counsels fhe freshman men dur ing fhe year. D M d , direcfor. Row 2: Jim Gonzagovvski, STADIUM COUNClL-Rovv 7: .lon Havighursf, Dwight Carlson, Kenneth Kroemer, on oo y Ron Hogue, Mike Smith, Robert Hutchins, Ronald Countryman, William Warner. Row 3: Don Ringgenberg, Terry Mullan, Doug Buchanan, John Walker, Ronald Harfen, Howard Smith. K ff-M 15 3 5 if ,, 1 4 W, Stadium Hall.. .The Home of Freshman Men STadium Hall, housing one hundred freshman male sTudenTs, is composed of Two houses, each wiTh iTs own officers To govern iT. This year Gear House was headed Ioy John HavinghursT, president Ron Coun- Tryman, vice presidenT, and Howard SmiTh, secreTary. DwighT Carlson, presidenT, Terry Mullan, vice-presi- denT, and Ken Krosemar, secreTary, headed Sherman House. The Hall also has five counselors whose main duTy is To advise The residenTs. Don Moody was The direcTor of The Hall. Sunset Village and College Courts . . . Houses Married Students SUNSET VILLAGE Sunset Village and Col- lege Courts are the housing units for the married students and their families. The unit k n o w n as College Courts was completed last year. The Sunset Village and College Courts Council is spon- sored by Dennis Jen- sen, and Bob McCusk- er is the president. The other officers are Ron Heaton, vice-president, and Ralph Deviney, T secretary-treasurer. The l council meets every as other Tuesday night. COLLEGE COURTS , SUNSET AND COLLEGE COURTS COUNCIL-Row 1: Dennis Jensen, sponsor, Bob McCusker, president, Ralph Deviney. Row 2: Gib Marcusci, Bart 'French, Barry French, Jerry Howard, David Jensen, Carl DeVos. Sunset children enjoy the snow, i ll if ii Residents take time out from their studies to spend an e Each year Sunset Village and College Courts combine eftorts to enioy an active year. Dur- ing the year they hold a Watermelon feed and a Christ- mas party tor the children ot the residents. In the spring they hold a dance tor the resi- dents. vening together. l 'sv-'HE Wwe! 's.....A'-""" CHAPEL CHOIR-Row 7: Allen Remling, William Hartman, Joseph Gibbs. Row 2: Judy Bertelson, Roberta Wiley, Collefre Mikesell, Berry Heisler, Priscilla Hake, Sam Husfon, Jack Shorr, Jim Clark, Robert Jefferson, Verna Uehling, Ann King, Wahlifa Voorhees, Claudia Parmely. Row 3: Kay Gosch, Norma Fridlingfon, Joanne Wolfe, Gloria Cassens, Carolyn Hanson, Shirlene Tabke, Barbara Locker, Connie Srimson, Karen Sanderman, Shirley Heisler. Row 4: Virginia Swan, Marge Svvan, Doreen Franke, Janet Hasson, George Samson, Dr. David R. Bluhm, Jane Mauck, Director. Chapel Choir Provides Special Music The purposes of The Chapel Choir are To exemplify diTTerenT periods of music, To give pleasure, and To give Their audience a challenge To become inTeresTed in music. The Choir sings for The weekly Chapel Service aT The College lnTerdenominaTional Church service, and provides music for BaccalaureaTe. Miss Jane Mauck is The direcTor of The Choir, and George Samson is The organisT. Dr. David Bluhm officiaies aT The Sunday church serv- ices. Any sTudenT vvho is inTeresTed in music may join Chapel Choir and receive one crediT Tor a year of parTicipaTion. E ng is kg ii i I WL! X ' R E fi' 'ef V W, P3',.'g ef5QQ5g?-Q Q35 M 4 N NIH 'sir 'fw l ggi .1 DI we v. Q fn I I 1' I H ,I .Q Nall' 'U 'fl I , unity , WOMEN'S CHORUS-Row i: Aurelia Prior, Shirley Eafwell, Julia Hyde, Marilyn Lane, Doris Pfaff, Judy Hays, Joyce Albers, Fran Godwin. Row 2: Barbara Radebough, Arlene Engle, Linda Gordon, Carol Detfrnann, Diane Long, Claudia King, Janet Peterson, Mona Foss, Janice Van Sant. Row 3: Brenda Hurd, Karen Powell, Lois Herriott, Roberta Pell, Myrna Jespersen, Jean Behrens, Marilyn Hanson, Loretta Gratias, Eleanor Boos. Row 4: Roberta Wiley, Nancy Davidson, Judy Meeby, Carol Trernaine, Ginger Mette, Sue Whitman, Shirley Smotherman. Women's Chorus Presents Spring Concert Under The direcTion of Miss Jane Mauck, The 120 members of Women's Chorus ioineol wiTh College Chorus and The A Cappella Choir in singing The Messiah. The Chorus gave a spring concerT in April. WOMEN'S CHORUS-Row i: Mary Earley, Jeanine Hawthorne, Barbara Paul, Linda Erhardt, Walita Voorhees, Donna Edwards, Beverly Bigler, Ruth Wilmsmayer. Row 2: Barbara Mowrer, Rebecca Blum, Lila Lammers, Mary Albaugh, Mary Anne Burland, Barbara Netherton, Jeanne Barrels, Theresa Schulte, Helen Mongold, Shirley Watkins, Judith Stimson, Doris Fredrickson. Row 3: Mona McKnabb, Barbara Lar- son, Jeanette Knierim, Janet Knierirn, Sharon Kohler, Gloria Wise, Jane Metzger, Ellen Ladehoff, Jo Noble, Virginia Swan, Nancy Allen, Karolyn Bettis. Row 4: Georgiana Kaskadden, Sandy Rouze, Christine Swanson, Connie Sfimpson, Joan Hendricks, Deanna Poulson, Marilou Kintz, Suzanne Bieber, Ann King, Freda Callahan, Rosemary Trager, Beverly Richter, Rita Fenstermann, LaVera DuPey. Orchestra Helps Promote Campus Culture The Teachers College Symphony OrchesTra, under The direcTion of Dr. Myron E. Russell, holds pracTices every Tuesday and Thursday. Three concerTs, one in The Tall, one in The winTer, and one in The spring, are given each year. The spring concerT is given by The sTudenT rnenn- bers of The group, and The sTudenTs are TeaTured as soloisTs. The orchestra also plays Tor one convocaTion during The year, and Takes parT in The Messiah. One of This year's orchesTral highlighTs was The producTion of The opereTTa Kiss Me Kate, in which The orchesTra played a very irnporTanT parT. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-Violins: B. Skinner, E. Bock, J. Brown, D. Fox, F. Luper, A. Stribley, D. Pfaff, D. Wendt, M. Schluntz, B. Fred, J. Mitchell, K, Lynch. Violas: M. Holvik, S. Gillette. Cello: C. Fuller, W. Coleman, J. Bohlander, M. Peters, M. Russell. String Bass: L. Fox, D. Breshears. Flute: C. Tahara, Z. Thoreson, C. Crowe. Oboe: J. Wallentine, L. Long, T. Hunt. Clarinet: J. Crouder, B, Pafnaud. Bassoon K. Bartachek, A. Prohaska, R. Duffy. French Horn: T. Palmer, R. Demien, S. Quick, D, Smith, Trumpet: D. Silver, C. Jenkins, C. Mander nach, J. Hanson, H. Holmstrom. Tuba: R. Sorenson. Celeste: V. Steele. Harps: D. Thogerson, M. Beckman. Percussion: B. Hood, R. Jenson, S. Beving. Conductor: Dr. Myron E. Russell. , .. sms-A mei.: 1 ff' MARCHING BAND-Row 1: Marjorie Hansen, Karen Ebner, Susan Hill, Deloy Davidsen, Salley Olsen, Joanne Rogers. Row 2: Karen Nims, lVlary Gilbert, Arlene Dighton, Janet Bohlander, Dennis Smith, Harlan Duenow, Jon Hansen, Susan Birum, Dennis Clausen, Richard Thomp- son, Bryce Nixon, John Toft, Loren Long, Sheri Gillette, Ray Haring, Dee Silver, Dennis Kral, Bob Nordman, Rhonda Demien, Faye Overheu. Row 3: Donald Peterson, Vernon Hockett, Judy Innes, Barb Powell, Nadine Duer, Sandra Howard, Ruth Schmeiser, Kathy Mitchem, Mary Gosch, Judy Bartachek, Jeanine Hardy, Ruth Ellen Sanders, Charlyn Cleveland, Joan Hunt, Sylvia Geurink, Marla Putzier, Leona Folkers, Hank Hey, Tom Manley, Carl Jenkins, Dorthy Thogerson. Row 4: Joan Bergman, Leanne Riter, Jeanette Madsen, Mary Hamill, Kaye Brother- ton, Muriel McCormick, Elaine Kinsinger, Susan La Follette, Ronald Lockwood, Jim Crowder, Bill Patnaud, Merlin Tritle, Marlon Steinbert, Lynn Christeson, Gwen James, Audrey Brandhorst, Sandy Quick, Twila Palmer. Row 5: Allen Reid, Karen Anderson, Bethel Voss, Beverly Koch, Shanlyn Fisher, Elke Bunz, Delores DeWilde, Dick Duffy, Dick Scott, Larry Hufzell, Robert Sharon, Chuck Fuller, Hal Holstrom, Dean Miller, Dave Richardson, Dave Mertz, Marvin Post, Richard Sorenson. Row 61 Bob Lutz, Chuck Missman, Jerry Wallentine, Jim Grupp. Marching Band Performs at Augustana Long hours of practice, halftime shows at football games, Homecom- ing activities, parades . . . these ac- tivities, under the direction of Donald Wendt, associate conductor, and Dr. Karl Holvik, director of bands, made this a very successful year for the l.S.T.C. marching band. One high- light of the year was the presentation of the halftime show at Augustana. Deloy Davidson served his third year as Drum major. The eighty members of the marching band were honored at a banquet g i ve n by President Maucker and the Athletic Board in appreciation for their fine work. Boarding the bus for Augustana. Concert Band Tours Iowa and Minnesota The lowa State Teachers College Concert Band, under the direction ot Dr. Karl Holvik and Donald Wendt, played tor concerts, the ISEA convention in Des Moines, and tor home basketball games. Other performances included convocations and commencement. This year's concert tour included many cities in northern Iowa, and others in Minnesota. Iowa towns included Charles City, Osage, Northwood, Decorah, and Oelwein. While the band was in Minnesota, they played in Austin, O w a t o n n a, Alexander-Ramsey High School in St. Paul, St. Louis Park High School in Minneapolis, and St. Olaf College at Northfield. CONCERT BAND-Row I: M. White, J. Hardy, R. Sander, E. Bunz, S. Fisher, M, Hamill, D. DeWilcle, K. Barfachek, L. Long, J. Hunt, M. B Nelson. Row 2: W. Pafnaud, J. Crowder, L. Riter, B. Powell, J. Madsen, R. Demien, T. Palmer, D. Thogerson, J. Bohlander, S. Quick, K Hempel, M. McCormick, B. Voss, K. Anderson, R. Scott, R. Duffy Row 3: V. Hockerr, E. Kinsinger, D. Peterson, S. LaFolleffe, J. Bartachek J. Innes, R. Schmeiser, M. Terrill, L. Rohwedder, R. Haring, T. Manley, F. Overheu, C. Jenkins, J. Raines, R. Nordman, G. James, L. Folkers R. Richardson, K. Nims, L. Hurzell, S. Geurink. Row 4: C. Missman, R. Lutz, J. Nelson, B, Koch, A. Dighfon, C. Mandernach, J. Hanson, H Holmsfrom, D. Richardson, D. Silver, H. Hey, J. Grupp, D. Kral. Row 5: D. Appleby, A. Reid, R. Sorenson, M. Post, C. Fuller, D. Claus sen, K. Mirchem, M. Pufzier, H, Duenow, R. Thompson. Boards Govern Communications The Board of Control of'Student Publications is the governing de- partment of 'all the student publi- cations. They select the executive staff for the OLD GOLD and the COLLEGE EYE and see that the staffs function properly. The offi- cers for the year were Miff Whit- tlesey, president, and Nancy Wal- lace, secretary. The three other student members were Jim Mc- Neal, Mary Beth Nelson, and Carol Justice. Faculty delegates were George Holmes, James Bailey, Loren Taylor, and John Page. BOARD OF CONTROL OF STUDENT BROADCASTING- seated: R. Matala, H. V. Hake, standing: J. Bailey, Marilyn Jones, Darrell Wheaton. BOARD OF CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS-seated: J. Ba Miff Whitflesey, Nancy Wallace, standing: Jim McNeal, J. Page, L. Tayl KYTC is governed by the Board of Control of Student Broadcasting Association. They select the staff and determine what policies the station will follow. Student members on the board during the year were Marilyn Jones and Darrell Whea ton. Mr. Herbert V. Hake was chairman of the board. The other faculty delegates on the board were Mr. James Bailey and Mr. Ray Matala Old Gold Features Six Full-Color Pages Some party! . . OLD GOLD-Row I: Marilyn Jones, Ron Muilenberg, Roger Hanson, Jerry Hime, Ann Hawn, Carter Griffin, Al Remling, Norma Bauer, Lucille Evans, Diane Tenglin. Row 2: John Lawson, Marilyn Hala, Dick Wheeler, Doris Nofuri, Kay Koike, Carol Justice, Sylvia Geurink, Carol Halvorsen, Audrey Gehrmann, Shirley Dettmann, Barbara Reagan, Phyllis Henning, Louis Cartegena, Betsey Riley. Row 3: Suzanne Schimberg, Janis Munn, Elaine Pitzenberger, Ann Smith, Pat Napier, Joann Johnston, Marilyn Fremont, Carol Hendrickson, Linda Andrews. Row 4: lla Mae Hemm, Helen Knickman, Collette Mikesel, Carol Hatch, Marla Putzier, Sandra Lee, Charlyn Cleveland, Bonie DeVower, Joan Bergman, Row 5: Mary Shold, Jan Barrett, DeAnn Zubradt, Kathy Gilbert, Mary Ann Lee, Virginia Garoutte, Sylvia Nelson, Marcia Kneeland, Jance Scott. Row 6: Fike F. O'Brien, Gary Scott, Wayne Tatge, Jim Lantow, Dean Miller, Ron Lockwood, John Schinagel, Birch Robison, Fred Busey. s-'-- " ff F I 3 ., .. . it M X., we "-Q5 'F A 4- J' .X mm 3 Hp--4 Q51-an-buss-u-lpvvsvk Q x gg...-.-...,...-,Q-...Q 3 5 E .........,.......,..-aa i ,il i , if 5...--uma h! it s L, , Ar gt i 5 5 5 if , c, T s X Marilyn Jones, editor, and Allen Remling, managing editor, discuss the planning dummy with advisor Jack Hols. Time quickly slipped by . . . deadlines had To be nneT . . . last minuTe Typing To be done . . . wishes of why didn'T This geT sTarTed sooner. The humdrum of voices and clacking of flying keyboards echoed up ancl down The corridor. As staff members stumbled over each oTher, spilling coffee and dropping popcorn, They commenced To compleTe The final sTeps of puTTing out a yearbook. The basic elements, a sincere interest in The book and The deTerminaTion To make iT The besT yet, coupled, meant success. Jim Lantow, The Year Editor, discusses his copy with his assistant Ann Hawn. Karen Nims, ad manager, and Betsey Riley, index editor, prepare the first draft of the index. Diane Tenglin checks her academic life copy with Bev Rhines, religious organizations section head. -1-at I1 Ron Muilenburg, Jerry Hime, and Dick Wheeler, sports, activities, and social section heads, enjoy the pictures before they go in the book. Editor Marilyn Jones surveys the serious interest Assistant Photographer Wayne Tatge and Chief Photographer Gary Clark take in their work. 'ee Mary Shold, Business Manager, and Mike O'Brien, Assistant Business Manager, discuss the OLD GOLD's budget with Copy Editor Marilyn Hala. Sylvia Geurink, Assistant Copy Editor, Sharon Stack, Art Editor, and Ruth Otterbein, Honor and Interest section head, chuckle over a layout. John makes a "cut" College Eye Covers Campus Make ThaT cuT Two columns . . . ThaT head is The wrong size . . . There's a big hole in The middle OT my page. These are Tamiliar cries echoed every Thursday in The sTaTT room aT EYE deadline Time. The unending Task of keeping The sTudenT body up on The laTesT and lasT word in news and views in and around TC was carried ouT by The COLLEGE EYE, The Iowa STaTe Teachers,College mouThpiece. Even The adverTisemenTs are keyed To help The ,sTu- denT in some way . . . where To buy whaT, and when. These ads Tinance The expense of prinTing The paper which comes ouT once a week during The school year. COLLEGE EYE-Row l: Leigh Perrenoud, Betty Edmonds, Geri Fromm, Jim Daman. Row 2: Myrna Pierce, Mary Virginia White, Par Cookingham, Sandy Lee, Diane Tenglin, Jody Hermansforfer. Row 3: John Lawson, Larry Tonnesen, Ron Muilenberg, Terry Ley, Harf Nelson. Jim Thompson institutes a new filing system for the EYE. The selection of staff members didn't lust . happen, careful selection by the Govern- ing Board of Publications determined which students were qualified to fill the . various positions. These budding journal- ists vvork the year round "to keep the presses rolling." The summer saw them busy at work on the first issue so it could be distributed the first week of school. Editor Geri Fromm confers with advisor B. C. DeHoff, Managing Editor Diane Tenglin is assisted on a column by the advertising manager Jim Daman and the business manager Ron Muilenburg. 1 Larry Tonnesen, John Lawson and Mary White are amused by an arricle Unofficial members of The staff. Circulation Manager Jerry Hime and Feafure Edifor Leigh Ann Perrenoud check pictures wirh fhe phofographer Bob Richardson. KYTC Entertains and Informs Campus "ATTenTion ISTC sTudenTs . . . This is KYTC caHing!" ThroughouT The fifty-Tvvo hours of broadcasTing Time a week, This Call could be Tuned in aT 825 on The radio dial. BeTween The Tvvo studios, The office, and The control room buzzed The sTaTion manager, The chief engineer, The con- TinuiTy direcTor and The program direcTor each Tending To his ovvn duTies. Programs vary from music . . . boTh popular and classical . . . To baskeTloalI games broad- casT live by means of remoTe conTrol . . . To The SLB meeTings every Monday night. Dr, Jones conducts his Humanities marafhon. KYTC--Row 1: Charles Minerman, Jerry Easter, Robert Hagarty, Fred Busey, Dean Jungman, Craig Schatrschneider, Jim Lantow, Row 2: Kay Rayment, Patricia Raber, Ann Hawn, Loren Reed, Robert Jefferson, Wayne Tatge, Alice Duggins, Betsey Riley, Lillian Hagebak, Pat Capper. Row 3: James Johnson, Philip Beckman, Walter Cmelik, Ace Hagebalc, Tracy Anderson. Dean Kelsen announces . . . 's Records are carefully selecfed from a library of over 1,950 single and long play records, and are convenienfly arranged before each broadcasT To give The lisTeners The mosT enioymenT. Of The sTaff members, four are employed execufives . . . The sTaTion manager, The program direcTor, The chief engineer, The conTinuiTy direcTor, These four are responsible for The sTudenT managemenf of The radio sTaTion. Togefher They work To learn ThaT radio offers an inTeresTing and consTanTly expanding field of inTeresT for iTs devoTees if They show apTiTude and perseverance. This is vvhar makes KYTC Tick. Program director Paf Raber and Craig Scl-iaffschnieder discuss programing. . . . as Jerry Dee engineers. Continuity assistants are kept busy writing copy. Joyce Tharp, assistant program director, gives a station break. Gary Clark, Station Manager, works busily on a new transmitter. 5952.35 TR rALso'r 56 5? :ary A W, ' fllf Zi fe- Art Club Sponsors Beaux Arts Ball The exciTing Trip To Minneapolis, visiTing The arT galleries and The lnsTrucTor STudios, Talking To The arTisTs . . .This is a page in The memory book of The ArT Club members. They also creaTed a Homecoming TloaT and held a Beaux ArTs Ball. Through These acTiviTies, They sTrived To sTimulaTe an inTeresT in The arTs and craTTs. Mr. Ralph Haskell sponsored The group. The arT honorary TraTerniTy, Kappa Pi, sTrives To r a i s e The sTandards of producTive arT of sTudenTs. To achieve Their aims, The members made and sold original ChrisTmas cards, and held an arT show in The spring. They also viewed arT Tilms and inviTed local arT insTrucTors To give Talks. The sponsor was Mr. Don Finegan. ART CLUB-Row l: Chuck Frelund, president, Virginia Fowler, Ron Hofek. Row 2: Sharon Stack, Brenda Hurd, Eloise Hoeg. Row 3: George Waite, Rochelle Toner, Nell Lemon, Sharon Nelson, Dale Laun, Dave Gibson. Row 4: Ralph Haskell, Sandy Akin, Larry Horak, Toni Bendell, Ben Redingron, Mary Gosch, Sharon Nieman, Lee Knighf. Pi Omega Pi Attends National Convention A float in the Homecoming Parade . . . sponsoring the Business Education dinner at which a scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student in business education . . . professional speakers on business education . . . these activities were all a part of the program of Pi Omega Pi, a national honorary fraternity in business education. A highlight of the year was the National Convention in Chicago. Four local members were delegates to the convention. ln the fall Pi Omega Pi initiated seven new members . . . membership is open to all iuniors and seniors who maintain a 3.0 grade average in i2 hours of business courses. Pi Omega Pi strives to further development in the field of business through individual and group work. Sponsor of the organization was Mrs. Katherine Humphrey. Pl OMEGA Pl Row 7: Mildred Gust, Alice Campbell-president, Norma Larkin. Row 2: Julia Pedelfy, Rose Ann Sadler Jean Robertson Paul Sfuempf g Ron Jarchow, Jim Luhrs, Mary Doak. FBLA Becomes Phi Beta Lambda FBLA-Row 1: Donna Edwarcls, Marilyn Hereid, Janice Larson, Mary Cooney, Jan Jugenheimer, June Westemier, Lucille Evans. Row 2: Dave Monfgomery, Ronald Harten, Rodney Dixon, Roger White. Row 3: Judy Pedelty, Joanne Johnston, Lila Lammers, Nancy McCorkle, Linda Harrington, Lorretta Fuller, Nancy Westphal, Befty Sondergaard, Betty Bovenmyer. Row 4: Ron Muilenburg, LaVerne Andreesen, Ed Lenius, Darrell Spece, Bob Ehrhardf, Ron Jarchow, Ed Raffensperger, Dave Gunderson, Norwyn Williams, Rob Kennedy, John Dreier, John Dolan. Changing Their name from FuTure Business Leaders of America To Phi BeTa Lambda . . . The vocabulary relay Team Taking Top honors in The nafion . . . The sTaTe convenTion in April . . . This was an excifing year for The college chapTer of FBLA. This naTional organizaTion for sTudenTs inTeresTed in The business field, Toured business offices in The local area and held monThly meeTings To furTher Their undersTanding in This area. FBLA-Row 7: Dick Wheeler, Allen Rernling, president, Barbara Powell, Myrtle Shimoda, Dorothy Powell, Rose Ann Sadler, Dianne Claussen, Kennefh L. Hansen, sponsor. Row 2: Delmar Dean, Faye Glessner, Marfha Ward, Rosemary Trager, Joyce McCrea, Judy Hermonstorfer, Pat Naid, Carol Elbert. Row 3: Jean Robertson, Carol Ebel, Mildred Gust, Pat Lowe, Sally Green. Row 4: John Hayden, Royce Luiken, Phill Beckman, Jim McNeal, Ronald CounTryman, Fred Swartz. Purple Arrow Operates Book Exchange The picnic in The spring when new members were admitted, a panel discussion on The aspecTs of sTudenT Teaching, a down-The-line dinner in The Commons, election of new officers, a variety show . . . These were all a parT of The program of The year for Purple Arrow. This organization honors freshman and sophomore women who have achieved a 3.0 cumulaTive grade average. The proiecT of The year was The operaTion of The STU- dent League Board Book Exchange. Miss Betts Roth was The sponsor of The organizaTion. PURPLE ARROW-Row 1: Rebecca Fisher, Dorothy Fickel, Sylvia Jackson, Suzanne Sparrow, Judy Nelson, Julia Pedelty, Anita Pearson Row 2: Marlene Belthius, Carol Hendrickson, Karen Knapp, Joanne Seivert, Barb Netherton, Kay Callaway, Jane Lindeen. Row 3 Karen Jacobson, Pat Beitel, Marlys Berglancl, Mary Ann Bergman, Jackie Kunz, Shanlyn Fisher. Row 4: Janis Kalkwarf, Judy Branscom Pat Schuett, JoAnne Rogers, Janet Kimmel, Row 5: Jean Robertson, Evelyn Brockmeyer, Judy Vint, Beverly Hinders, Gloria Carroll Janet Brittain, Bev Field, Standing left: Cindy McCurdy-president, Karen Lemke, Faye Blankinship, Ella Jane Thomas, Mary Lou Aldrich Marlene Wiekamp, Betta Roth. Standing right: Joy Tubaugh, Susan Smith, Rose Ann Sadler, Suzanne Schimberg, Ruth Brandt, Bev Kock Janet Bohlander. 1 The Tinkling oT a small, sweeT bell early on VVomen's Day morning . . . anoTher group of sophomore women was Tapped wiTh The honor and glory oT belonging To Chimes. ScholasTic achievemenT, leadership abiliTy, and parTicipa- Tion in inTeresT, honor, religious, and social acTiviTies . . . This is The basis upon which They are chosen Tor This naTional honor- ary organizaTion. ATTer iniTiaTion The women were acTive members Tor one year. During The year Chimes was busy operaTing The Homecoming lnTormaTion BooTh, selling pom poms, and serving aT AWS Teas. The sponsor was Miss Barbara Yager, CHIMES-Row 1: Karen Smith, Carol Jusfice. Row 2: Lona Nielsen-president, Barb Bradley, Connie Speake. Row 3: Miss Barbara Yager, Norma Larkin, Mary Ellen Leavitf, Mildred Bistricky, Sandra Lewis, Janer Nelson. Chimes, Torch and Tassel Serve College Community TORCH AND TASSEL-Row i: Pauline Uskallio-president, Marilyn Jones, Faye Glaessner, Mary Shold. Row 2: Mary Beth Nelson, Tamson Crist, Bernaclean Tiarks, Carolyn Bruce, Kathy Milius, Shirley Marrinson, Mary Lou Mamminga. A Tense, hopeful waiTing pe- riod, Tinally broken on Wom- en's Day when Twelve women were Tapped Tor membership in Torch and Tassel, an organ- izaTion recognizing ouTsTand- ing Senior women. The whiTe morTar boards were presenTed To symbolize This honor. The members were chosen on The basis of Their leadership abil- iTy, scholasTic achievemenT, and parTicipaTion in honor and inTeresT organizaTions. A bookleT on slang and idio- maTic expressions was iusT one parT of Their service proi- ecT Tor The beneTiT oT Toreign sTudenTs. Sponsor of The or- ganizaTion was Dr. Lillian Wagner. SISEA Largest in the United States Largest student education group in the United States . . . this is the boast ot the Student Iowa State Education Association. The organization helps college students gain an understanding of the teach- ing profession by acquainting them with the work of the local, state, and national education asso- ciations. The various activities ot SISEA included sponsoring an All-College Square Dance and Crowded Out, the NEA film of the year, serving as guides- tor Prospective Teachers' Day, and discussing topics such as "Placement" and "School Community Relations." A special topic was "Grads' Gripes" presented by a panel ot last year's graduates. Some ot the members also attended the Northeast Region Convention held at the University ot Dubuque. Sponsor of the organization was Dr. Walter DeKock. SISEA-Row 7: Janet Nelson, Anne Shafer, Dr. DeKock, LeAnna Olson, Barbara Smith. Row 2: Robert Hearst, Alice Steege, Jeanine Hardy, Dale Hawley-president. KPBA Gives Outstanding Award A ChrisTmas parTy . . . foreign sTudenT speakers . . . a film abouT deaf children.. . . a ValenTine's parTy . . . a speaker from The Children's Home in Waverly . . . The annual MoTher's Day Luncheon . . . a graduaTion dinner . . . These many and varied acTiviTies kepT The KPBA members busy dur- ing The year. The sTudenTs, who are juniors and seniors majoring in kindergarTen-primary, also wroTe and published a newsleTTer for Their alumni. A special feaTure of The year was The annual KP moneTary award given To an ouTsTanding KP major. Members and alumni conTribuTed The funds for The award. Sponsors of The organizaTion were Miss EsTher Boehlje, Miss Mildred Pray, and Miss Virginia Schnepf. KPBA-Row 7: Joanne Wolfe, Faye Janssen, Naomi Tanaka, Donna Lancasfer, Elizabeth Fowler, Judy Branam-presidenf, Paf Raber. Row 2: Muriel Naifo, Jeanie Okumofo, Betty Frifchen, Jean VanDaeie, Kay Combs, Garneff Cox, Anne Farmer, Eunese Srnifh. Row 3: Mary Sholcl, Jackie Rissler, Doris Tanaka, Julianne Heff, Gloria Mangold, Jean Wombolf, Sylvia Nelson, Loreffa Gannon, Betfy Carr, Mary Olson, Yvonne Hennings. Ki Prima Ki Gives Children's Party KI PRIMA KI-Row 1: Jo Schacht, Marlys Goetz, Beverly Christiance, Ann Bonzer. Row 2: Janet Luedtke, Joyce Sheeler, Mary Meyer, Carol Ann Brown, Janice Kerkman, Carolyn Bridge, Earlene Bixler. Row 3: Joan Green, Donna Johannes, Carol Granes, Darlene Lemke, Mary Anne Burland, Barb Netherton, Karen Jones. Row 4: Karen Sanderman, Ann Ferry, Judith Black, Maxine Williams, Carol Ann Hjortshof, Joan Smith, Mariean Bandholz, Martha West. Row 5: Marlene Wiekamp, Alice Yeager, Bertha Ann Bockhaus, Patty Kempf, Sylvia Jackson, Juanita Thorsor, Karen Funke, Suzanne Sparrow. Row 6: Shirley Hawes, Janet Kimmel, Dixie Schlesselman, Nancy Jones, Phyllis Follmer, Sherrie Houston, Sandy Bockholt, Barbara Linden. Programs on student teaching, placement, story telling, and bulletin boards helped solve some ot the problems and questions ot Ki Prima Ki members. A party given tor the lower elementary children at North Center School was the tall project of the organization . . . they also had a Christ- mas Caroling party, held a Mother's Day Luncheon, and had foreign students speak at some ot their meetings. The organization is open to all treshmen and sophomores who are enrolled on the kindergarten-primary curriculum. Miss Margaret Buswell sponsored the organization. ELEMENTA Kl-Row 7: Theresa Schulfe, Mary Lou Sfrarfon, Maren Simonsen, Joan Madden, Suzanne Schimberg, Kay Gosch, Carol Bussey. Row 2: Cindy Klink, Efhel Takaba, Jeaneffe Nagai, Bonnie Bosch, Carol Breeding, .leanene Guilgof. Row 3: Sonja Garlock, Nancy Allen, Linda Eness, Ilene Rockow, Sandra Morfveclr, Sigrid Nelson, Karon Lahmann, Sally Caflerf, Arlene Engle, Marilyn Thune, Roberta Yocom, Dr, Julia Sparrow. Row 4: Bonnie Hensley, Cafhie Agey, Marla Yakish, Karen Lemke, Marolyn Jacobs, Kay Koike, Ann Smith, Barbara Locker, Ellen Guyer, Judy Vinf, Joanne Seiverr, Myrna Chrisriansen. Elementa Ki Holds Children's Party Special speakers, professional movies, and panel discussions on elemenTary educaTion . . . These acTiviTies gave freshmen and sophomores maioring in upper elemenTary eclucaTion a chance To beTTer prepare Themselves for The Teaching profession. They learned abouT special phases of The elemenTary curriculum, how To prepare for sTudenT Teaching, and how To make Their inferviews wiTh superinTendenTs successful. One of ElemenTa Ki's big proiecTs during The year was a Hallo- ween parTy They gave for The upper elemenTary grades aT The Cedar Valley Service Club. New officers were chosen each semesTer, excepT for The Treasurer who was elecTed on a yearly 'basis The organizaTion was sponsored by Dr. Julia Sparrow. I64 ' Beta Alpha Epsilon Goes Behind the Scenes at TC BeTa Alpha' Epsilon carried ouT Their Theme . . . behind The scenes aT TC . . . by having speakers from The adminisTraTive divisions and various deparTmenTs Tell abouT Their work aT TC. Two such speakers were Dr. HerberT Silvey, The DirecTor of Research, and Dr. Mavis Holmes, AssociaTe Dean of STuolenTs. The organizaTion, which is open To all upper elemenTary and iunior high maiors, also held a ChrisTmas ParTy, a spring picnic, and a spring banqueT. The special proiecT Tor The pasT year vvas giving a parTy Tor a group of upper elemenTary and iunior high sTuolenTs. Each spring a nevvsleTTer is senT ouT To all alumni OT The organizaTion. Sponsors of The organizaTion were Dr. O. Thompson and Dr. F. lVlarTindale. BETA ALPHA EPSILON-Row 7: Kafhy James-president, Ellen Hanson, Karen Anderson, Marilyn Brifven, Linda Lloyd. Row 2: Dorothy Wenger, Lorraine Rohwedder, Merna Folkers, Elizabeth Sage, Rosemary STuempel,BeTfy Kingery,Mary Albaugh. PHI DELTA KAPPA-Row l: H. M. Silvey, Walter DeKock, Richard Wiederanders-president, Ernest Fossum. Row 2: Caryl Middleton, E. W. Goetch, Wray Silvey, M. J. Wilcox, Randall Bebb, Howard Lynch, Frank Hartwell. Row 3: Robert Paulson, Ernest Slottag, Don Wiederan- ders, Fred Miller. Phi Delta Kappa Honors Faculty Members A chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, an honorary international fraternity, was installed on the Iowa State Teachers College campus in the Spring of 1957. This fraternity holds high the professional, fra- ternal, and honorary standards of education. To become a member of the local chapter, Delta Beta, an individual must be a graduate student with a 3.0 scholastic average, a faculty member, or a nonresident who has been engaged in five or more years of successful educational work and holds a Master's Degree. The purpose of this organization is "to promote free public education as essential to the development of a democracy through the continuing interpretation of the ideals of research, science, and leadership." Activities of this organization included speakers and discussions at the monthly meetings which often consisted of dinners in the Commons. The president this year was Dr. H. Silvey. Kappa Delta Pi Encourages High Standards To encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards, and to recognize outstand- ing contributions to education . . . this is the purpose ot Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in education. The theme ot the year, "The Teacher's Responsibility to Community, Organizational Activity, Graduate Study, Society, and Understanding of the Art," was promoted loy having out- standing speakers and panel discussions at the monthly meetings. Membership in Kappa Delta Pi is limited to iuniors and seniors who rank in the upper one-titth of their college scholastically, and who have 6 to l2 hours of work in education. Sponsor was Dr. Calvin Daane. KAPPA DELTA Pl-Row I: Alberta Kuenstling-president, Carolyn Bruce, Judith Branam, Nancy Wallace, Kathryn Hascall, Wayne Hascall, Joyce Happ. Row 2: Betty Fritchen, Kay Block, Jean Ann Eide, Anne Elise Shafer, Karen Smith, Marilyn Seiler, Dorothy Cochran. Row 3: Jan Jugenheimer, Emma Lou Wiele, Mae Stahl, Ann Farmer, Walcla Roquet, Diane Tenglin, Betty Harrison, Leigh Perrenoud, Virginia Hudson, Nancy Daasch, Zoe Thorsson, Marilyn Stafford, Miriam Ingram, Carol Cook, Elizabeth Lamb. Row 4: Dr. Calvin Daane, Susan Rock, Charlotte Fairbanks. Row 5: Myron Evans, Roger Burkhart, Harry McCauley, Adolph Knobloch, Roger Bridges, Jim Geater, Ralph Bottorff, Gene Heileman, Dick Sasaki, Harold Hopp, Alan Glascock. l LITERARY CIRCLE-Row 1: Ruth Rhines, Bev Rhines, Sharon Strawn, Patti McCune, Glenda Guhl. Row 2: Cathryn Crowe, Beverly Koch, Sharon Baker, Janice Nesbit, Sylvia Courtney, Rita Lombardi, Sharon Claussen. Row 3: Joy Tubaugh, Elaine Pitzenberger, Carol Snouff- ner, Jan Jugenheimer, Myrna Pierce, Shirley Pace, Jan Schumacher, Sylvia Williams, Mary Wigfon, Barb Bradley, Clyde Tahara. Row 4: Jim Lantow, Gary Hudson, Philip Lack, Jim Daman, Gene Cody. Literary Circle Improves Teachers of English Literary films-one being on Jane Eyre, round Table discussions by recent TC graduates now in the Teaching field, lectures and talks by faculty members, people in the community, a n d other people connected with English . . . the program of Literary Circle was constructed to help its members become better teachers of English and language arts. The organization, which is in its second year, is open to all those who are interested in teaching English. lt is a Junior Affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English. Sponsors were Dr. John Cowley and Mr. Alden Hanson. Campus 4-H Activities Feature Camp Out Memories ot the spring camp out at the State 4-H Camp near Boone with the Iowa State College Campus 4-H . . . pizza parties and picnics . . . a program on the selection ot diamonds . . . learning to arrange tlowers . . . a Christmas Party and the formal initiation banquet in the spring . . . these varied activities provided a busy year for the members ot Campus 4-H. They also had foreign students and community members give talks at some meetings. Campus 4-H serves as a social organization primarily to serve former 4-H members and anyone interested in 4-H work. Clearer thinking, greater loyalty, more service, and a better living for the commu- nity, the country, and the world . . . Campus 41-H members strive to further these, their basic ideals. Mrs. Holliday sponsored the organization. CAMPUS 4-H-Row 7: Dorothy Fickel-president, Joyce Sheeler, Jane Sparrow. Row 2: Janice Kerkman, Joan Madden, Sharon Delfs, Ann Bonzer, Row 3: Marjorie Gaede, Dorothea Janssen, Beverly Bigler. Row 4: Marlys Goetz, Evelyn Brockmeyer, Kay Gosch, Barbara Locker, Karen Jones. Hawaiians Entertain Throughout State The strains ot the ukulele, the beautiful orchid leis, the traditional hula songs and the lovely hula dancers, the colorful muu muus and aloha shirts . . .these are all part ot the culture the Hawaiian students have brought to TC's campus. The members enioyed sharing their culture with others . . . they provided entertainment here on campus, in nearby communities, and tor meetings and con- ventions all over the state. They also held picnics and get togethers within their club and with students from other colleges. The Hawaiian Club welcomed members from other countries, in- cluding Japan and Formosa. Row l: Michiko Suzuki, Jeanette Nagai, Muriel Naito, Amy Nouiri, Doris Nojiri, Ethel Takaba. Row 2: Lani Onomura, Jeannette Natsui, Kay Koike, Elaine Fukumura, Margaret Takemoto, Ellen Nishimura, Yaeko Sakurarnoto, Jeanette Ito, Jean Nakasafo. 'Wi . . 'iii' E5 To provide interest in The home economics field, To en- courage leadership and pro- mote scholarship . . . These are The goals of Theta TheTa Epsilon, an honorary organ- ization in home economics. To be eligible Tor membership The women musT be juniors or seniors wiTh a 2.8 grade average in Their deparTmenT and musT be active members in The Ellen Richards Club. Ac- Tivities of The organizaTion in- cluded a Senior Home Eco- nomics Dinner, and Teas Tor THETA THETA EPSILON-Seated: Miss E. Josephine Yeager, Kathy Riha, Mrs, Lena Buckingham, l'lOl'TTeCOl'T'lllTQ. DV. Miss Margaret Sjolander, Mrs. Olive Holliday, Tedi Whelchel, Janet Else-president. Standing: Howes Sponsored The Organ- Martha Potts, Dr. Elizabeth Howes, JoElyn Whitman, Sue Jorgensen. , , izaTion. Theta Epsilon, Ellen Richards Club Explore Home Economics Fall arrangemenTs, Home Nursing, Weddings, Table Trimmings, From a Boy's Point of View, and Home Economics Talks Back . . . These were The phases of home economics ThaT were included in The Ellen H. Richards Club. The principle activities This year were sponsoring The Simplicity Style Show and The annual bake sale. The club was represented aT The Province Home Economics Club meeting in Chicago. The sponsors were Miss Josephine Yeager and Mrs. Lena Buckingham. ELLEN RICHARDS CLUB-Row l: Marcia Meyer, Tedi Whelchel, Kathy Riha, Kaye Johnson, Patty Miller, Millie Bistrichy, Jan Swatosh, Marice Schluntz, Mary Cooney, Janice Cushing, Sharron Strayer. Row 2: Shirley Rowe, Nancy Stevenson, Kathy Poling, Bev Bigler, Janice Ostrander, Twila Palmer, Darlene Miller, Sue Jorgensen, Jane Sparrow, Elke Bunz, Cheryl Hildabrand. Row 3: JoElyn Whitman, president, Annelle Fiesner, Tanya Petersen, Norma Fridlington, Cecelia Fye, Myrna Sprengeler, Gloria Cassens, Harlene Sexton, Judy Overholser, Eleanor Wilkans, Marlene Egger, Lavonne Matern, Miss E. Josephine Yeager, Mrs, Lena Buckingham. Row 4: Joann McBride, Shirlene Tabke, Janet Else, Merna Folkers, DeVonna Hoovel, Myrna Jespersen, Judy Boll, Jo Sander. Industrial Arts Club Visits John Deere Plant Decorating the Homecoming Float . . . seeing films and hearing lectures related to the Industrial Arts field . . . a trip to the John Deere Plant in Waterloo . . . all of these were an important part of the Industrial Arts Club's program. The club is organized for any student interested in this field . . . it provides an opportunity for professional growth. One of the club's main goals is to offer fellowship through its social functions. Meetings were held monthly with Mr. Willis Wagner as sponsor of the organization. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB-Row 7: Mr, James LaRue, James Abbot, LeRoy Kopriva, John Waldron, Dale Gootee, Jerald Merfons-president, Herb Lange, Chuck McCarville. Row 2: John Laymoncl, Eldon Peters, Tom Milleman, Ken Rogers, John Kauzlarich, Clark Stefzel, Bob Barra, Ronnal Bewyer, Jusfin Koenen, Dr. L. Wright. Row 3: Dr. Howard Reed, Richard Macer, Joseph Anfone, Karl Laufer, Robert Preston, Duane Anclers, Forrest Frownfelfer, Tom Ferguson, Bill McKinley, Darrnell Downs, Gordon Thompson,'Robert Burkgren, Mr. W. H. Wagner. Row 4: Richard Boller, Travis Sfringfielcl, C. Fred Busey, Eldon Fain, David Longnecker, Dick Bittner, Gary Bailey, Delbert Benedicf. International Affairs Members Attend Mock UN Meeting To gain a better acquaintance of the social, cultural, political, and international affairs of the world . . . this is the purpose of the International Affairs Organization. The organization is affiliated with the Collegiate Committee of the United Nations. They sponsored conventions such as the one at Texas A and M, where international affairs were discussed, and a mock UN meeting, held at Minnesota University. Mary Morford, who had been a student at the America University of Beirut in Lebanon, showed slides and discussed her experiences in the Middle East. People from other nations who are studying here also spoke to the group. Other parts of the program included panels, round table discussions, and a debate between two college instructors. Dr. Poage spon- sored the organization. INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS ORGANIZATION-Row T: Shanlyn Fisher, Don Fox, Susan Smith, Marva Nygaard, Evelyn Bruns, Ruth Rhines, Cliff Scott. Row 2: Jack Dodd, Lona Nielsen, Coral Elsbury, Tam Crist, Anne Williams, Norma Hoffman, Pat Loving, Nancy Stevenson, Jim Ferguson. Row 3: Rosemary Della Vedova, Carol Jean Smith, Dave Sfanard, Cheryl Aschim, James Wilson, Bev Rhines. Row 4: Judith Lewis, Mary Lou Aldrich, Kay Blankenship, Carole Robinson, Toni O'Connor, Deanna Anderson, Ann Siddell, Mary Anne Lindlief. Row 5: Flossie Lutz, James Lantow, Judy Zuber, Lorraine Rohwedder, Kay Combs, Carolyn Bruce, Betty Harrison, Harriet Jones, Dr. Poage. ALPHA PHI GAMMA-Seafed: Allen Remling, Chuck Wordock, advisor, Diane Tenglin, Geri Frommg president, Dick Wheeler. Standing: Marilyn Jones, Ron Muilenburg, Robert Gales, Spencer Pink. The annual ' lighTs of The To become a Old Gold or Ta re of Their Alpha Phi Gamma Sponsors Gridiron Dinner 'Gridiron Dinner" and The "PublicaTions Picnic" in The spring . . . These were The high- year Tor Alpha Phi Gamma, a naTional honorary co-educaTional iournalisTic TraTerniTy. member a sTudenT musT have held a maior sTaTT posiTion Tor one year on eiTher The The College Eye sTaTTs. The members of Alpha Phi Gamma work To promoTe The wel- college iournalism. Mr. Chuck Nlorelock was The sponsor of The organizaTion. Through guesT speakers, panel discussions, and oTher acTiviTies concerned wiTh The field of li- brary science, Alpha BeTa Alpha sTrives To explore The aspecTs of Their field. Through These acfiv- iTies They hope To supplemenT Their classroom work. The or- ganizaTion, which is open To li- brary science maiors and minors, encourages y o u n g men and women To become librarians, and helps furTher The profes- sional knowledge of iTs mem- bers. IT is a chapTer of The Na- Tional UndergraduaTe Library Science fraTerniTy. Mr. EvereTT Howell sponsored The organiza- Tion. Alpha Beta Alpha Encourages Interest in Library Science ALPHA BETA ALPHA-Row 1: Francis Green, Tamson Cris?-president, Ann Beftin, Deanna Anderson. Row 2: Conne Kluver Lnda Lucas, Anne Shafer, Beffy Harrison, Linda Van Doren. MATH CLUB-Row i: Miss Gibb, Carol Hafch, Shirley Marfinson, Judy Zuber, Sharon Fisher, Dr. Hamilfon, Dr. Brune, Paul Witfrock. Row 2: Dr. Loff, Dr. Trimble, Joan Bergman, Mrs. Silvey, Eldon Meyers, Stan Vanklompenburg, Ken Sheldon, Ron Muilenburg, Roger Schaeffer. Row 3: Mrs. Shurrer, Dr. Crumley, Miss Von Ohlen, Carl Wehner, Don Leaman, James Helvick, Jerry Navin, Mr. Jensen. Math Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon Further Mathematics Program Exploring The realms of maThemaTics ouTside The classroom . . . compuTing machines, The binary number sysTem, TascinaTing and someTimes unsolved problems of maTh, problems in sTaTisTics and probabiliTy . . . These were some of The acTiviTies enioyed aT The monThly meeTings oT The MaTh Club. A special TeaTure This year was The demonsTraTion of an elecTronic checker player. MaTh Club is open To all who are inTeresTed in TurThering Their knowledge in This Tield. Miss Carol Von Ohlen sponsored The organizaTion. AnoTher maThemaTics organizaTion is Kappa Mu Epsilon, a naTional honor TraTerniTy which helps undergraduaTes To appreciaTe The beauTy oT maThemaTics and iTs im- porTanT role in our world. Speeches and discussions which included The sTu d y oT inTeresTing phases oT maThemaTics were inTegraTed inTo a pleasing social program. Members of The local Alpha ChapTer musT have compleTed 64 semesTer hours of college work, i3 of Them in maThemaTics. They musT mainTain a 2.5 grade average. The sponsor was Dr. Fred LoTT. KAPPA MU EPSILON-Row l: Miss Gibb, Carol Hafch, Judy Zuber, Shirley Marfinson, Sharon Fisher, Dr. Hamilfon, Dr. Brune, Ken Sheldon, Paul Wiffrock. Row 2: Dr. Loft, Mrs. Schurrer, Dr. Trimble, Dr. Crurfnley, Miss Von Ohlen, Ralph Botforff, Carl Wehner, Jerry Navirm, Mr. Jensen. MENC Sponsors Exchange Concerts Exchange concerts with Wartburg and Luther Colleges highlighted the program of The Music Edu- cators National Conference this past year. Mr. McClowen, the director of choral activities at Iowa State College, spoke to MENC on what it means to be a "music educator." Other activities of the year included a panel discussion of music teachers on the subject of problems of beginning teach- ers, an evening ot showing "music education" tilms, and helping with the many activities within the music department. MENC, which is a national student music organization for music educa- tion, strives to improve the music education in our public schools. Mr. John Mitchell sponsored the organization. MENC-Row 1: Sheri Gillette, Charlotte Cagley, Susan Haller, Karen Knapp, Medha Petzenhauser, Margaret Fischer, Zoe Thorsen- president, Louise Newbury. Row 2: Bertha Aldrich, Betty Rhodes, Karen Tlarrold, Cathryn Crowe, Leona Folkers, Arlene Dighton, Janice Gideon, Dorothy Thorgerson, Connie Speake. Row 3: Mary Lou Mamminga, Emma Lou Wiele, Carolyn Bruce, Faye Overheu, Ruth Sander, Margaret Haeter, Marice Schluntz, Eleanor Boos, Beverly Koch, Clyde Tahara. Row 4: Anthony Prochaska, Loren Long, Marvin Post, Janet Bohlander, Karen Bartachek, Dee Silver, Richard Sorenson, Wayne Grannemen. Row 5: James Grupp, Jerry Wallentine, Charles Olson, Mr. John Mitchell. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA-Row i: Maxine Fenner, Louise Newbury, Janice Gideon, Connie Speake. Row 2: Mary Helen Sisson, Charlotte Cagley. Row 3: Margaret Fischer, Betty Skinner-president, Veral Steele, Mary Lou Mamrninga, Zoe Thoreson, Karen Bartachek, Carolyn Bruce, Margaret Haefner, Martha White, Arlene Dighton,Marybefh Nelson. Music Fraternities Present Composer's Concert The members of Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia sang their way through an active year. The Christmas Concert and an American Composer's Concert were sponsored jointly by na- tional music fraternities. Other activities of Sigma Iota included a Homecoming Breakfast in the Commons, a Mother's Day Tea, the annual picnic with the music faculty, and monthly "musical evenings." Sponsors were Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Maxwell, and Mrs. Conklin. Additional activities of Phi Mu included serving as stagehands at recitals, raising the flag at football games, performing at the State Mental Hospital in Independence, and providing combos for various campus functions. One of the highlights of the year was the tenth annual Dimensions in Jazz, in which Phi Mu mem- bers performed, arranged and composed some of the music. Mr. Frank Hill was the sponsor. PHI MU ALPHA-Row 1: Jim Crowder, Jon Hansen, Jim Hammond, Verne. Hockett, Bill Hartman, Dee Silver, Jerry Curry, Wally Searcy, Ralph Blankenship. Row 2: Dick Duffy, Bob Nordman, Loren Long, Harlan Duenow, Larry Collins, Chuck Mandernach-president, Bill Murray, Norm Peters, Ray Haring. Row 3: Bill Hood, Merlin Tritle, Gary Ammeter, Charles Steinmetz, Allen Eriksen, Charles Olson, Deloy Davidsen, Jerry Raines, Hal Holrnstrorn, Bill Patnaud. J R, iiiiiifiiixi ,, 132-fa. ,, xwsflee- Tl- 1 MXN- Q- H L Y- ' "I" Club Gives Athletic Scholarship SeIecTing The Homecoming queen candidaTes and escorTing The queen in The parade . . . seeing movies . . . a picnic in The spring vviTh all Taculty members and coaches . . . selling refreshments aT all The sporTs events . . . selecting The TC relay queen . . . These composed The "I" Club pro- gram. Two proiecTs of This year's club, composed of about 50 members, were holding an "I" Club Dance and geTTing financially Tar enough ahead To sponsor an alumni scholarship Tor a de- serving high school aThIeTe in any sporT. The club held monThly meetings and h e a rd several speeches on diTTerenT sports, including one on The Rose Bovvl by Coach Hammer. An aThleTe may gain membership inTo The club when he is a sophomore and receives a major "I" in any sport. Sponsor vvas Mr. James WiTham. "I" CLUB-Row I: Bill Kibbie, Jay MaGrew, Ron Lough, Bill Lane, Leroy Crawford-president, Stan Kirchoff, Rudy Kubik, Stan Whel- chel. Row 2: Gerry Gienger, John Sullivan, Dean Jensen, Max Huffman, Dave Koos, Jerry Lane, Chuck Noneman, Chuck Patten, Merle Garmen. Row 3: Jim Gorham, Bob Senft, Earl Sidmore, Gene Tychsen, Jim Duea, Arland Waters, Dave Dillion, Jim Stilwell, Dlflf Julil, Kent Folsom. Row 4: Todd Stastny, Dennis Remmert, Morris Smith, Dean Molinsky, Bob Gates, Glenn Boeland, Dennis Filliman, Mr. Jim Witham. Q46 E PEP COUNCIL-Row 1: Marilyn Hansen, Connie Johnson, Bonnie Kiffer, Katherine McGowan, Gwen Holz-pres- idenf, Sonia Sfrobridge, Par Raber. Row 2: Karen Reardon, Al Remling, Roger Naffe, Roger Meeker, Dorofhy Coch- ran, Miss Mardelle Mohn. Cheerleaders, Pep Council Sponsor Migrations CHEERLEADERS-Sonia Sfrobridge, Connie Johnson, Kay McGowan, Mar- 1 ilyn Hansen, Roger Meeker. .:, I, 23 x T -s fm ' cl T. may ir r 5 F 1 The promoTion of school spiriT aT aThleTic evenTs and all social TuncTions ThroughouT The year . . . This is The purpose of Pep Coun- cil. They had charge of all The pep rallies Tor aThleTic evenTs, sold Homecoming pins, and provided The enTerTainmenT aT The baskeTball games. A special acTiviTy of The club was sponsoring The marching band's Trip To Au- . gusTana Tor The TooTloall game. Miss Mardelle 1 Mohn sponsored The council. The cheerlead- fi riiirr ML ',,, ers helped sponsor The Trip To AugusTana and made a Trip To MankaTo Tor anoTher TooTloall i game. Cheerleading TryouTs are held in The spring To choose successors To The graduaT- ing seniors. The acTive cheerleaders, pep council members, and The sponsor, Miss if T rrur . 1 L T Mohn, choose The new cheerleaders. M1 ,f 'MW M, ,. is -f , ,-,. . '.,,,.. , ssrs M' or 'eii ' W sf? T T rysr gg. . T fic H Q-arf" .in Marlins Present MoTher's Day Swim Show The members of Marlins were busy during The year revising Their consTiTuTion, keeping a scrap- book of Their acTiviTies, seeing movies about synchronized swimming, holding an iniTiaTion for new members, and electing new officers aT The spring picnic. Much preparation and hard work led up To The big evenT of The year . . . The Swim Show held on MoTher's Day. The girls perform alone or in a group, in original numbers. They create Their own costumes, scenery, and lighting, and set Their numbers To music. The girls musT hold a life saving cerTificaTe and musT demonsTraTe swimming ability To become members. They learn and practice skills, sTrokes, and sTunTs, and Then synchronize some of Them To music. The members wore pendants or necklaces wiTh The Mar- lin fish on Them To symbolize membership in The club. The club is sponsored by The Women's Physi- cal EducaTion DeparTmenT. FaculTy sponsor was Miss Barbara Yager. MARLINS-Seated, Row l: Ona Swearingen, Jean Hammer, Bev Field, Jane Scott, Bette Jo Musgrove. Row 2: Linda Beck, Sara Nordly, Carolyn Crouse, Betsey Riley, Judy Turnipseed. Row 3: Priscilla Rawson, Susan Welch. Low diving board: Pat Shanklin, Barb Henderson, Lois Brown, Judy Bertelson, Allys Hain, Sandy Stufflebeam, Marilyn Giltner, Kathy Schleuger, Jean Ann Eide, Carol Bock. Kneeling: Mary Ann Lindlief, Elaine Bratland-president, Jalaa Domer, Sharon Schwartz. Standing: Janet Mohr, Betty Hammer, Joyce Heit, Jean Peak, Mary Lou Gamet, Donna Bleich, Marjorie Gaede, Virginia Pille, Mary Ann Lee, Maxine Bergmann, Carole Dosland, Carol Shogren, Kathryn Korns, Olive Reid, Nancy Horak, Judy Wheeler, JoAnne Rogers, Miss Barbara Yager. High board: Louise Ziemer, Katherine McGowen, Barb Herron, Darlene Sindt, Marilyn Booth, Janice James, Sandy Cranston, Cynthia Carlisle, Sue Grant, Marilyn Hamilton. WRA-Sitting: Dar Sinclt, Ev Miller, Alfhea Sfumpf, Carole Dosland, Pat Clinfon, Barb Herron, Max Bergmann. Standing: Sandy Lewis-president, Virginia Tagesen, Marilyn Booth, Nancy Wise, Salley Olsen, Joan Pefers, Louise Ziemer. A chuck wagon picnic in The fall, several all-college playnighTs . . . These were parT of The Women's RecreaTion Associafion offers To TC women. The WRA inTramural program includes baskefball, vol- leyball, sofTball, Te n n i s, golf, hockey, archery, badm'inTon, and Table Tennis. A special acTiviTy was an overnighT To The YWCA camp near Janesville, aTTended by abouT 20 women. Miss Elinor Crawford was The sponsor. WRA, Orchesis Take Active Part in Campus Affairs ORCHESIS-Row 7: Leola Johnson, Ronald Harfen, Suzanne Sparrow, Bill Hartman- presidenf, Jo Ann TeKippe, Joyce Searey, Miss Darling, Doug Basseff. Row 2: .lan Sfeege, Connie Peck, Jani Munn, Sharri Gleason, .lo Anne Rogers, Evelyn Miller, .lose Gruzallenda. Row 3: La Vera Dupey, Karolyn Beffis, Rufh Johnston, Salley Olsen. Taking parT in The WRA OrienTa- Tion Program for freshmen, per- forming duefs aT The ChrisTmas dinner, a formal dance, and a Variefy Show . . . These were ac- TiviTies of Orchesis, The TC Mod- ern Dance Club. The club also Took parT in The firsT a n n u al ChrisTmas convocaTion by per- forming To "The Nighf Before ChrisTmas," and "Jingle Bells." Ofher acTiviTies were presenTing Two numbers in boTh The College BenefiT and "Kiss Me KaTe." Try- ouTs for Orchesis are held aT The beginning of each semesTer. The sponsor was Miss Darling. P.E. CLUBAROW T: Marilyn Booth, Claudia Boesen, Pat Shanklin, Evelyn Miller, Karen Townsend, Nancy McMartin, Judy Meyers, JoAnne Rogers, Zelda Geater, Betty Hammer. Row 2: Kay Korns-president, Darlene Sindt, Joan Van Dyke, Patricia Napier, Kathy Galloway, Sara Ryherd, Arlene Tychsen, Joyce Tharp, Allys Hain, Gayle Ann Gruber, Carol Gantenbein, Jean Behren. Row 3: Dr. Dorothy Moon, Miss Barbara Darling, Dr. Thelma Short, Dr. Shirley Winsberg, Brenda Flint, Hazel Scott, Susan Welch, Karen Rayl, Sandy Stutflebeam, Kathy Moore, Donna Bock, Juanita King, Charlotte Miller, Joan Abbott. Row 4: Marilyn Anderson, Priscilla Rawson, Norma Mitchell, Doreen Hasenwinkel, Deanna Williams, Harriet Schuler, Rebecca Fisher, Pat Beitel, Olive Reid, Mary Ann Lindlief, Frieda Greufer, Gwendolyn James, Pauline Kuhn, Carolyn Crouse, Sally Olsen, Dr. Jeannette Potter, Miss Virginia Ramsey, Dr. Jean Bontz. Row 5: Maxine Bergmann, Fay Tenold, Louise Zierner, Virginia Tagesen, Carole Dosland, Sandy Cranston, Barbara Henderson, Jo Moline, Aletha Lee Stumpt, Jalaa Domer, Judy Bartachek, Judy Bertelson, Judy Ryan, Marlene Lincoln, Dr. Elinor Crawford. Physical Education Club in Charge of Student Convention Skits by each class and the faculty at the annual Christmas Party, the revision of the constitution, programs concerning the curriculum, the purchase of white blazers by a number ot the members . . . all these were a part of the year's program ot the Physical Education Club for Women. The club is open to all majors and minors in physical education. A highlight ot the year was the Cen- tral District AAHPER Convention held in Waterloo. The local P.E. Club had charge ot the student section ot the convention. A panel made up the program at their general meeting . . . they also sponsored a student banquet. The convention was attended by people in the fields of health, physical education and recreation from nine states. The local P.E. Club also purchased crests which were designed by one ot the members. Dr. .lean Bontz was sponsor ot the club. Election campaigns . . . hold- ing a down-The-line victory dinner . . . a Trip To Des Moines . . . and listening To various speakers . . . These composed The Jetlersonians' program. Their one big proj- ect was The sponsoring ot a halt-hour program over KYTC introducing candidates Tor The national elections and giv- ing biographical sketches of various Democrats. The goal of Jeffersonians is to promote an inTerest in politics. Spon- sors were Mr. Maurer and Dr. Plaehn. .leffersonians Present Program Over College Station JEFFERSONIANS-Row 7: Robert Jefferson, Robert Lemke. Row 2: Deanna Anderson, Patrica Raber, Antonette O'Conner Charly Ceve land, Keith Halfpop. Row 3: Jack Dodd, James Wilson, Karen Harrold, Phyllis Peterson, Edwin Maurer. YOUNG REPUBLICANS-Row 7: Karen Oestreich, Lila Lammers, DeAnn Zubradf, Earlene Bixler, Carolyn Bridge, Mary White. Row 2: Nancy Wallace, Carolyn Bruce, Jannis Boardman, Marilyn Giltner, Eleanor Boos, Sharon Ryan, Linda Van Doren, Jane Amesbury. Row 3: Beverly Hinders, Barbara Brown, Georgia Sampson, LeRoy Fahlenkamp, Dean Settle. Row 4: Richard Sorenson, James Helvick, Dale Harrison, Dennis Johns, Gerald Payton, Donald Herbold-president, Roger Schaeffer, Bill Hood. Young Republicans Meet State Candidates To gain knowledge ot the Republican Party and to meet their candidates, to gain experience in politics . . . these were the aims ot the Young Republicans Club. The coffee hour at which the members met William Murray, the Republican Candidate tor Governor, was a highlight in the year's program. Other activities included studying the history ot the Republican Party, meeting other candidates, and sponsoring social events. The members volunteered their services to help the Black Hawk County Republican Committee with the: tall election. They distributed literature, made phone calls, worked at headquarters, and acted as baby sitters on election day. A few ot the members also attended the State Meeting in Des Moines. Dr. George Robinson was sponsor ot the club. BETA BETA BETA-Row 7: Dr, Charles Allegre, Lowell Spring, John Miller, Annelle Flessner, Hart Nelson, Dr. Virgil Dowell. Row 2: Charlotte Fairbanks, Gene Ulvestad, Pat McCarroll, William Hauser, William Erps, George Swanson, Joseph Navin, Virgil Noack, Dr. Harvey Stork, Ben Thoma. Row 3: Marilyn Wallace, John Geiselman, Gary Sells, Kenneth Wiemer, Anita Pearson, Amy Nofiri,INancy Steven- son, Walter Larson, Pauline Uuskallio. Beta Beta Beta Visits Indiana University Recognition ot scholarship and encouragement ot leadership in the biological sciences . . . this is the aim ot Beta Beta Beta, a national honorary science fraternity. One ot the main activities of Tri Beta were their numerous field trips. These included trips within the state tor the purpose of doing field work and collecting specimens. They also iourneyed to the American Institute ot Biological Science at Indiana University. An important event was a tive-day camping trip taken during Easter vacation. Sponsors were Dr. C. Allegre and Dr. V. Dowell. Pi Gamma Mu Discusses Use of Social Science Discussions on The fuTure of The Republican parTy, The uses of social sciences in meeTing currenT race problems and The benefiTs of foreign Travel vvere held aT The regular meeTings of Pi Gamma Mu. One meeTing was held for all social science majors. Down-The-line-dinners usually preceded The meeTings and The final meeTing was a picnic wiTh all The families of The members inviTed. Pi Gamma Mu is a NaTional Social Science Honor OrganizaTion and Dr. HerberT Margulies served as The faculTy sponsor. Pl GAMMA MU-Row l: Dr. Charles Leavirr, Dr. Erma Plaehn, Patricia Boone, Mary Ellen Leaviff, Evelyn Qruns, Naomi Moriguchi. Row 2: Dr. Don Howard, Dr. Leland Sage, Dr. Herbert Margulies, Roger Nafre, Myron Evan, Gene Heileman, Virgil Noack, Dr. W. C. Lang. Speech Activities Club Promotes Student Action Public discussion . . . debates . . . mass meetings . . . opportunities for independent and organiza- tion affiliated students to be heard . . . attempts to promote action . . . these were part of Speech Club program. The most notable event was the mass meeting on the bookstore problem. Any stu- dent who is interested may ioin the club. Dr. Edward Thorne was the sponsor. Delta Sigma Rho, a national honorary forensics fraternity, recognized iunior and senior students of good standing, who have participated in forensic competition, have a 2.5 grade average, and have participated in the Speech Activities Club. TC is the only teachers college in the nation to have a chapter of this honorary fraternity. There are chapters on two other Iowa campuses, namely Iowa State College and State University of Iowa. SPEECH ACTIVITIES-Row 7: Rouholluh Youssefyeh, Lillian R. Wagner, Dr. Edward Thorne. Row 2: Kay Blankenship, Pat Cookinham, Marie Thompson, Judy Lomax, Toni O'Connor. Row 3: Jack Dodd, Earl Haring, Dean Eberly, Harvey Nielsen, Richard Olmsted, Joseph Gibbs, Harry Griffin. Sigma Alpha Eta Sponsors Banquet and Picnic Films and speakers in the field of speech and hearing Therapy . . . these comprised the main program of Sigma Alpha Eta, a national honorary society for students of speech cor- rection. The organization also annually spon- sors a spring banquet and picnic. Members of Sigma Alpha Eta must have completed one course in speech correction and must maintain a 3.0 grade average. Their goal. is to promote fellowship among speech correc- tion students. Dr. Williams was the sponsor. SIGMA ALPHA ETA-Row 1: Don Thompson, Don Herbold, John Ryan. Row 2: Doug Gregory, Joan Smith, Roberta Kraft, Betty Kingery, Dixie Watson, Gary Altwegg. Holding an open ho u se for new members . . . decorating a TloaT for The Homecoming parade . . . work- ing on The sets for Two Tall shows . . . slides of shows . . . These were part of The College Players' Tall activities. The Spring acTiviTies included films, slides, a speaker on The "Broadway Scene" and directing c l a s s plays. Anyone who is interested may be- come a member and all are urged To participate in The Tour plays held each year. Sponsors were Dr. Clay and Dr. Wood. Theta Alpha Phi, The honorary dramatic TraTerniTy, honors Glenn Nelllsl' sTudenTs Tor ouTsTanding work in THETA ALPHA PHI-Row l: Gordon Odegaard, Stanley Wood, Milford Whittle- sey. Row 2: William Struyk, James Dunlavy, Robert Helland, Robert White, dramaTics. College Players Gffers Dramatic Opportunities CKQLLEGE PLAYERS-Row 7: William Becvar, Dean Kelson, Elbin Cleveland, Harvey Anderson, Michael O'Brien, Bob Assink, Charles Railsback, Bill Carr, Charles Koch, Craig Rule, Gordon Odegard, James Dunlavy, Roger Meeker, William Struyk. Row 2: Dr. Stanley Wood, Karen Laurenz, Rita Lombardi, Pat Maltauf, Mari Willa Carnel, Milford Whittlesey, Nancy Wallace, Carol Hatch, Naomi Harold, Ann King, Pat Fleming, Priscilla Hake, Mr. James Clay. Row 3: Betty Heisler, Jo Tolly, Virginia Enderiin, Terry Crane, Gary Hudson, Robert Helland, Ronald Lockwood, Helen Knickman, Marge Schrodt, Janice Schumacher, Karen Brandt. Row 4: Carol Breeding, Marla Putzier, Alice Duggins, Elaine Pitzenberger, Gayle Waller, Ann Kauzlerich, Mary Kay Lofton, Chris Swanson, Mrs. Flossie Lutz, Gwen Hennon, Bonnie Ambrose, Shirley Ringoen, Linda Barghahn, Bette Rimmer. SCRA Sponsors Brotherhood Trips AcTiviTies began for SCRA when The Fall Officer's Leadership Conference was held aT HarTman's Reserve vviTh Fafher Garrelfs from The UniversiTy of IViinnesoTa as guesT speaker. LaTer in The fall They sponsored an All-STudenT CenTer picnic aT Island Park. In December SCRA co-sponsored The Chrisfmas Tree lighfing ceremony. Religion in Life Week was held in February wiTh speakers dis- cussing Shinfoism, Bahaism, Confucianism, ChrisTianiTy, and Hinduism. Brofherhood Trips To The Moslem Mosque in Cedar Rapids, The Greek OrThodox Church in WaTerloo, and To Dubuque To observe The insTiTuTions of The Roman Cafholic Church proved very inTeresTing To Those aTTending. AT The annual banquef in May, The newly elecfed officers were insTalled for The coming year. SCRA-Row 7: Bev Muehlerhaler, Franci Green, Tom Amsberry, Shirley Sfief, Bev Rhines. Row 2: Becky Blum, Wally Searcy, Lee Sfumpf, Dr. Bernhard, Mary Lou Aldrich. Row 3: Dave Jepsen, Jo McBride, Anne Shafer, Dave Finders, Dean Odekirk, John Peferson, President. GTF' Worship is our quietness . . . The reaching ot each one to meet the others, and to Tind God in the deepness and realness ot a creative experience . . . The program a challenge to Think and question, The chance to come to grips with The basic issues ot lite. The rich variety ot ac- tivity is accentuated by Fall and Spring retreats, when leaving c a m p u s with eager spirits, The Baptists seek to grow to- gether in Th e i r under- standing of The Christian taith. res , BAPTISTS-Row 1: Connie Kluever, Pat Capper, Karen Nims, Sandy Standers, Judy Gast, Margaret Bright, Mary Yoder, Karen Buckley. Row 2: Alice Hyde, Sharon Dorsey, Janet Guenther, Judith Heldenbrand, Doris Moyer, Kay Wingert, Frances Luper. Row 3: Jean Robertson, Sharon Kemp, Gwen Nelson, Patti McCune, Bev Muehlethaler, Marcia Bottorf, Charlotte Karnatz, Ken Bridges, Sylvia Klutier. Row 4: Dr. John Reed, Howard B. Smith, Luis Cartagena, Tracy Anderson-pres- ident, Wayne Bridges, Dick Wempen, Dean Jungman, Roger Bridges, Ronald Muilenburg. Baptists Grow in Understanding THETA EPSILON-Row 1: Elfriede Martin, Alice Hyde, Patricia Boone, Sharon Kemp, Margaret Bright, Charlotte Karnatz, Row 2: Emma Lou Wiele, Karen Nims, Patti McCune, Kay Wingert, Janet Guenther, Alice Bunnell-president. Row 3: Beverly Muehlethaler, Sandy Standers, Sandy VandeBerg, Sharon Dorsey, Mary Yoder, Barbara Lang. y- is- 5 ',tt f flew, f,., ,,,X2gg,twH Working together tor The Ameri- can Cancer Society . . . adopting a little sister trom Lake Villa Children's Home . . . doing nurs- ery work at the Baptist Church . . . caroling together at Christ- mas time . . . these are some ot the activities which were en- ioyed by members ot Theta Ep- silon sorority. Through them, lasting friendships were made, and they learned what it means to serve others as part ot their Christian responsibility. ?f i: ' ' YTLREFYQ?t1t? ?7iQi1:5iM'RWN5tt' -VWASQQML, 'Yi Newman Club Worships Together Gosh . . . that ping pong table sure has taken a beating . . . so has the new generation of Newman- ites learning to cook Sunday suppers. Church night, the explanation ot aims . . . divisional meetings, picnics . . . a retreat and a migration . . . Sunday Mass and the evening program . . . coffee hours, study groups . . . all these add up to an enioyable year together with numerous hopes for the coming one. NEWMAN CLUB-Row 1: Gloria Lombardi, Rita Lombardi, Mary Bruner, Sonia Sellas, Joan Byam, Susan Junko, Judy McFadden, Colleen Kelley, Mary Earley, Bette Jo Musgrove. Row 2: Merlin Papenheim, Barb Hickey, Judy Widner, Carol Gantenbein, Mary Cooney, Deanna Bindel, Virginia Klein, Kaye Brotherton, Mary Ellen Comfort, Donna Bleich, Pat Vogl, Marilyn Seilers, Mike J. O'Brien. Row 3: Jerome Rosonke, Monica Bender, Shirley Pritchett, Kaye Johnson, Joanne Krob, Barbara Reese, Karen Harrold, Virginia Pille, Joan Smith, Judi Mathison, Dorothea Janssen, Lee Stumpf, Sandra Dickson, Mary Shold, Judy Vint, Pat Greve, Roo' Lanaghan. Row 4: Bob Barta, Jerry Navin, Dorothy Wenger, Joan Green, Karen Putz, Jeanne Harder, Joyce Heit, Judy Kay Young, Marie Hays, Kathy Kelly, Ella Jane Thomas, Theresa Schulte, Barb Herron, Kathy Riha, Elaine Pitzenberger, Jane Kolthoff, Nancy Schmidt, Frieda Greufe. Christians Study Racial Relationships Fall . . . the overnight retreat at Camp lngawanis with midnight serenades and a gunnysack stuffed in the chimney ot the girls' cabin . . . the visit ot the National Disciples Student Fellowship President . . . Vesper services each Wednesday . . . Christmas candlelighting, a party and a supper. Spring . . . the Valentine's party given by the fellows tor the girls . . . the Older State Youth Conference on Race Relations . . . some paper rolling parties . . . and a supper for graduating seniors, thus, members of the Christian Student Center enioyed their year ot Christian fellowship together. l Camp brought an active game of volleyball. CHRISTIAN STUDENT CENTER-Row T: Roger Burkhart, Dick Sasaki, Alan Finestead, Leland Shank. Row 2: Joan Cortor, Betty Jo Cortor, Deanna Legg, Shirley Watkins, Nancy Wallace, Suzanne Sparrow, Martha Potts, Karen Saylor, .lo McBride, President, Marilyn Brifven, Dorothy Petersen, Florence Burgess. Row 3: Nancy Cross, Charlyn Cleveland, Judy Hays, Jan Powell, Carolyn White, Marcia Akers, Jane Sparrow, Carole Robinson, Becky Kesselring. li l llf, lllllfi X UNITED STUDENT FELLOWSHVP--Rovv iq Robert Jefferson, Janice Kerkman, Rornona Thurlofl, Muriel Naito, Bonnie Bosch, Helen Mangold, Doreen Franke, Mary Ellen Leavirtepresident, Barb Harris. Rovv 2: Dean Settle, Ginny Benbovv, Eloise Hoeg, Jan Hasson, Ruth Ellen San- ders, Eleanor Willcans, Rosemary Trager, Dale Harrison, Roger Bohnirg, Laverne Meyer. Rovv 35 Erlene Binkler, Linda Harrington, Clare Hayaski, Karen Brandt, Nancy Jones, Muriel McCormick, Norma Bauer, Mariean Bandholz, Sharon Stack, Marlene Egger, Cindy McCurdy. United Students Work and Worship Together Student-led devotions , a Weekly activity "The Lite and Mission ot the Church" . . . this was the overall theme ot the United Student Fellovvship's prograrn tor the year. Student-led discussions, outside speakers, and tall and spring retreats helped to carry out their pro- gram. Sunday evenings consisted ot an evening rneal, a worship service, and a speaker, Fellovvship together consisted ot group discussions, par- ties, group singing and caroling at Christnnas, Sigma Eta Chi Members Prepare for Church Leadership "Remember The fun we had making ChrisTmas gifTs for The children of The LoTTs Creek CommuniTy School in Kenfucky. . . IT was nice seeing so many friends aT The Homecoming brunch . . . and meeTing The moThers of various members aT The annual Tea proved inTeresTing." Thus, The members of Sigma Efa Chi service sororiTy, which is a combinaiion of The Congregafional, Evangelical, and Reformed churches, recalled The good Times They had as They worshipped and worked To- geTher . . . conTribuTing To a mission school in Mexico . . . ushering in College Chapel . . . serving in The Cedar Falls communiiy. Through s e r v i C e, worship, sTudy, and discussion They aTTempTed To grow as ChrisTian women during This pasT year, looking forward To The Time when They will Take Their places as church leaders. SIGMA ETA CHI-Row 1: Marlene Egger, Sharon Srack, Lois Brown, Muriel Nairo, Jan Hasson. Row 2: Ginny Benbow, Harriet Jorgensen Norma Bauer, Bonnie Bosch, Helen Mangold. Row 3: Janice Kerkman, Cindy McCurdy, Nancy Jones, Clare Hayashi, Ramona Thurloff- President, Eleanor Wilkans, Mrs. Perry, Barb Harris, Doreen Franke, Linda Harringfon. lntervarsity Broadcasts Weekly on Campus Radio Activities got under way quickly for members of lntervarsity Christian Fellowship with weekly meetings, a coffee hour for visiting alums during Homecoming, a visit to the home of a staff member at West Branch, and the December elections of officers. This fellowship, open to any member of the Christian faith, worked together on their weekly radio program, dorm Bible study groups, and prayer meetings. Together they attempted to meet the obiectives of a Christian witness. INTERVARSITY-Row 7: Janice Goodnaugh, Dick Olson, Leila Monkemeier, Sharon Fisher, Gwen Nelson, Dean Jungman. Row 2: Ann Smith, Joseph Gibbs, Eljean Pechacek, Al DeGraw, Jean Robertson, Charles Olson, Dorla Coots, Roger Thompson, Ruth Ellen Sander. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOClATlON-Row l: Dean Odekirk, Larry Bovven, Roger Meeker, Harvey Anderson, Eldon Meyers, Mrs. Hafar, Roger Hanson, Spencer Pink, Mike Horion. Rovv 2: Beverly Bigler, Carol Snouffer, Karen Mumm, Marge Pefers, Janice Sarsgaard, Ardirh Underberg, Marge Gaede, Barbara Larson, Audrey Branclhorsf. Rovv 3: Lu Daily, Arlene Engle, Mary Elvesefher, Shirley Bauer, Shirley Pipperf, Dick Wheeler, Presidenf, Audrey Johnson, Janis Kalkwarf, Eleanor Boos. Row 4: Charlorre Nelson, Ann Hanson, Kay Long- srreef, Jan Jugenheimer, Julie Hefr, Judy Shold, Mona Foss, Carol Holland. Rovv 5: Marrha Usher, Jo Schachf, Bev Field, MarTha Peier- sen, Sigrid Nelson, lola Severseike, Nancy Ball, Roger Thompson, Don Herbold, James Helvick, Karen Siemsen. GfOUp Singing adds To a pleasant Sunday evening. Conferences Thursday evening vespers, Sunday suppers and The pro- grams Tollovving . . . all These were Typical aCTiviTies Tor members oT The LuTheran STU- denT AssociaTion. In addiTion, regional Comcerences oTTered members The opporTuniTy To meeT vviTh oTher LSA'ers Trom Iovva and The Middle VVesT. war-www mm 1mm,. f 1 Gamma Deltans Attend Retreats at Geneva Group projects call for money. Hiking . . . tobogganing . . . ice skat- ing . . . these were part ot the en- ioyable regional retreat held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, in January. Here members ot Gamma Delta, the Inter- national Association ot Lutheran Stu- dents, Missouri Synod, discussed such things as motivation tor service. Dur- ing the year they also attended the annual convention held at Ames. Stu- dent-led mid-week matins, cottee- hour discussions on Thursday after- noons, and interesting Sunday eve- ning programs were part ot the ac- tivities which helped members learn about their religious taith. GAMMA DELTA-Row 7: Dennis Clausen, Craig Schaftschneider, Leon Kloosfra, Phillip Kapfer, Jim Johnson, Harold Hensel. Row 2: Jan Else, Shirley Sfief, Mildred Gust, Karen Funke, Marilyn Jacobs, Gordon Loeschen. Row 3: Joanne Maxwell, Ellen Carsrens, Donna Edwards, Darlene Sclvlesselman, Leanne Olson, Kay Raymenf, Betty Jean Peters, Carolyn Heft, Anne Shafer, Shirley Schuldf, Roberta Kraft, Ilene Roskow. WESLEY BOARD-Row 1: Bill Blake, Roger Larsen, Jeanine Hardye Jo Meyer Barb Erickson Kay Thompson Jan Nelson Carol Hatch Mary Ellen Corder, Ann Farmer, Eunese Smith, Elizabeth Ann Sage Jerry Curry Rev Cliff Spaine Row 2 Gerald Payton Mary Ann Klever Helen Knickman, Jan Tiaden, Ruth Ann Clark, Nancy Bolger Betty Frltchen Pat Lowe Elizabeth Fowler Row 3 Merlin Tritle Ron Rath Dale Pappy, Ralph Bottorff, President. Row 4: Richard Curry Al DeGraw Al Remling Nancy Daasch Judy Busching Evelyn Brockmeyer Nellie Harvey, Jean Smith, Karen Fairbank. Wesleyans See Jim Crane s Art Significant events filled the Wesley Foundation calendar this past year . . . Jim Crane's art exhibit, the Spiritual Lite Retreat, the Wesley Lectures with Rev. Dr. Robert Nelson, the Study Swanwick, and the Chicago study trip. All contributed to the varied lite and basic concerns ot their student Christian movement on the campus. Sigma Theta Epsilon Helps Buy Hospital in India Helping vviTh The Kappa Phi pledge banqueT . . . going as a group To The WaTerloo Service CenTer To donafe blood . . . raising rnoney individually in order To help The naTional organizafion of Sigma TheTa Epsilon buy a hospiTal in India . . . acTiviTies such as These helped Sig TheT's fulfill Their responsiloiliTy as an organizaTion To serve as a parT of The carnpus comrnuniTy. Sigma TheTa Epsilon is The local chapTer of The naTional lVleThodisT men's service fraTerniTy. Mr. Richard Crurnley served as sponsor This year, along wiTh Wesley Foundafion direcfor, Cliff Spaine. Sig TheTers enjoyed The fellowship of Their bi-monfhly meeTings, and The coffee hours, hayrides, and coke daTes wiTh The Kappa Phi girls. SIGMA THETA EPSILON-Row 7: Dick Curry, Bill Hartman, Ron Rath. Row 2: Jerry Curry, Dale Poppy, Roger Larson, Alan DeG Grupp, Gerald Peyfon, Ralph Bofforff, Allen Remling, presidenr. 1.11 hz W1 iugafl ' ' KAPPA PHI-Row 'l: 'Ka Whitne , Marybeth Nelson, Jane Schoonmaker, Sharon Burke, Linda Van Doren, Lenore Fisch, Winnie Streiten- Y Y berger, Jan Robbins. Row 2: Barb Erickson, Eunese Smith, Ann Farmer, Anne Moore, Nancy Bolger, Elizabeth Fowler, Connie Heaton, Betty Fritchen. Row 3: Barbara Brown, Jo Meyer, Garnett Cox, Jo Whitman, Gloria Wise, Kay Thompson, Norma Hoffman, Marcene Ruby, Helen Knickman, Row 4: Suzanne Rosmussen, Evelyn Osferman, Nancy Daasch, Norma Fridlington, Beverly Richter, Donna Neal, Nellie Harvey, Suzanne Bieber, Judy Busching, Margaret Haefner, Marilyn Stafford, Ruth Ann Clark, Patricia Kucera, Connie Martindale. Row 5: Mary Ellen Corder, Marva Nygaard, Mary Leslie, Jean Van Daele, Jan Nelson, Eileen Richardson. Kappa Phi Attends Regional Meeting Supporting a little girl from Okinawa for a year . . . contributing to the Harris Memorial School in the Philippines . . . giving to CARE and to the Helen Keller Fund tor the Blind . . . these are some ot the service proiects in which members of liappa Phi, the Methodist women's national or- ganization, participated durlng the year. Representatives ot the local chapter attended the regional meeting ot Beta Kora held in Iowa City, in the spring. Mrs. Nellie Harvey was the sponsor of the organization this year. Presbyterians Rent Live "Art" Pieces "See ThaT painTing . . . iT's one oT severai arT pieces renTed Trom The Chicago ArT lnsTiTuTe during The year." Live arT vvas added To The PrespyTerian STudenT CenTer when They vvere enTerTained by Their ovvn ioalieT Troupe While decoraTing The ChrisTrnas Tree. LeTTers Trom The Jr. Year Abroad sTu- denT in SvviTzeriand kepT Them in Touch vviTh inTernaTionaI aT- Tairs, SaTurday painT parTies . . . coffee and a game of Charades . . . slides on Europe and The Middle EasT. . . sTudy groups vviTh inTeresTing dis- cussions and exciTing argu- rnenTs . . . These made The y e a r a ThoughT-provoking one, The Presbyferians decorate Their Tree. PRESBYTERTAN STUDENT CENTER--Row lf Dick Nelson, Connie Speake, Carol Jean SmiTh, Bev Rhines, Presidenr, Jo Ann Svvaim, Gordon Franck, Karen Wolfensperger. Row 2: Jan Hibbs, Jackie Oelberg, Par Ervin, Sharon Sirayer, Linda Lucas, Viola Vanloh, Iva Kerchner, Donna Zhorne. Row 3: Marcia Joan Meyer, Mary Verinilyea, Joyce l-lovvell. Rovv 41: MargareT Fischer, Lrnda Schnell, Sharon Ryan, ROW 5: Jim .gf .QW-. Ferguson, Anne Lincllief, Par Raber, Judy Overholser, Roberra Earnesf, Karen Knapp, Judy Jovonna Lori, Karen Srnirh, Nell Lemon, Ruih Rhines, Myrna Jesperson, Kay Block, Dick Maze, Dave Momgomery, Wally Searcy, Alice Larkey. freeze' s , ............. .........,....i ,........, P : mes.. ., Q .nqapu-www Phi Chi Deltans Discuss Church Doctrines "Don'T painT The Tloor . . . iT's The wall ThaT needs iT." Thus, members of Phi Chi DelTa, The PresbyTerian service sororiTy, finished one of Their proiecTs. During The year many inTormaTive meeTings vvere held. Two members read reference books and re- porTed on The lives of John Calvin and John Knox . . . and a discussion on church docTrines was held under The unusual aTmosphere of candlelighT aTTer The lighTs blevv ouT. Through sTudy, worship, discussion, and service members aTTempTed To learn abouT Their church and of Their responsibilnies as ChrisTians. PHI CHI DELTA-Row i: Marcia Joan Meyer, President, Jackie Oelberg, Par Raber, Karen Wolfensperger, Jan Hibbs, Donna Zhorne, Bev Rhines, Judy Vermilyea. Row 2: Jovonna LoTT, Sharon Sfrayer, Connie Speake, Viola VanLoh, Sharon Ryan, Linda Schnell, Alice Larkey. Row 3: Par Ervin, Judy Overholser, Roberta Earnest, Myrna Jespersen, Kay Block, Joyce Howell, Karen Knapp, Mrs. Richard Nelsori, Marciarer Fischer. si gg, ne unusual 1-.-...........-...Q INTER-FRATERNITY-Row 1: Jerry Purcell, Erik Farley, Row 2: Lynn Poppen, Gary Hogue, Arlan Walers, Kurt Wiefhorn, Dean Schwarz. The infer-frafernify and infer- sororiTy councils . . . each pro- mofing a friendly aTTiTude and a cooperafive feeling among The four frafernifies and eighT sororifies, has as one of iTs aims To promote close friend- ships, nof only for The Time The members are in college buf also for The Time when college days are over. The in- Terfrafernify council is com- posed of Two members from each of The fraTerniTies . . . Interfraternity and lntersorority Promote Fellowship . . . and The inTer-sororiTy council is composed of The sororiTy presidenfs and offi- cers, elecfed by The members of all The sororifies. To fulfill Their sfandards of friendliness, cooperaiion, reliabilify, lead- ership, characfer, and scholar- ship, The councils have spon- sored an all-college dance, an lnTer-FraTerniTy and Sororify Dance, Greek Week, a n d awarded scholarship plaques To The fraferniiy and sororiTy wifh The highesf grade poinT. INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL-Row 1: Barbara Bradley, Miss Beth McPeek, Lynne Howe, Cindy McCurdy, Jo Holden, Karen Smith, Row 2: Pafricia Kucera, Shirley Marfinson, Janice Rafhbun, Carol Justice. Delta Delta Phi Sponsors Service Projects . . . a short breather during a caroling party, The Delts, "Always ln Action," maintained their tull pace ot ac- tivities this year by sponsoring a Tea tor Alumni at Homecoming, the building ot a tloat with their brother traternity, Alpha Chi Epsi- lon, The Mother's Day Tea, and several service proiects . . . in- cluding Christmas gitts which were sent to patients at Glenwood Mental Hospital. Other activities with their brothers, the Chi's, were a Christmas Dance, caroling party, and spring dance. Spon- sors were Mrs. Kay Humphrey, Dr. and Mrs. Poage, Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Howard, and Mr. and Mrs. Willis Wagner. 42:7 DELTA DELTA PHI-'Row l: Jacqueline Oelberg, Judy Nelson, Lynne Howe, Shirley Peterson, Jeanine Peck, Janet Hibbs. Row 2: Carolyn Traver, Donna Fogelsrrom, Janet Poeppey, Kay Byers, Sharon Wylcle. Row 3: Susan Desart, Sharon Van Sant, Kay Hasselbusch, Shirley Pippert, Carol Lester, Nancy Kjellberg. Row 4: Carmen Neal, Jean Wilson, Sara Ferguson, Marilyn Hanson, Karen Smith, president, Jean lalty. S A 4 fi is 1 KAPPA THETA PSI--Row 7: Louise Smith, Betty Ressler, Elizabeth Terwilliger, Sharon Dixon, Gwen Holz, Janet Britton, Janet Rathbun, president, Row 2: Julie Tinclerholt, Barbara Powell, Charlotte Nelson, Jo Swaim, Janis Kalkwarf, Norma Larkin, Elizabeth Brown, Susan Wright, Sharron Strayer, Row 3: Jean Ann Eicle, Kathryn Kelly, Carolyn Creger, Darlene Lott, Leona Folkers, Lorraine Rohwedder, Jo Ann Wilson. Kappa Theta Psi Witnesses Active Year l The Kappas, a group of ambitious girls, were kept busy this year with such activities as Home- j coming Cottee Hour, Sweetheart Dinner and Dance, Rush Parties, Secret Sister Week, Christmas Party, Mother's Day Dinner, Graduate Dinner and Service Proiects. These activities helped to carry out their goal, "To develop through its members strongly knit friendships and to strive to promote on the Campus better relationships both socially and scholasticallyf' The Kappas' sponsors this year were Dr. and Mrs. Cecil Phillips, Dr. and Mrs. Clittord McCollum, and Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Aurand. 207 Nu Sigma Phi Again Wins Scholarship Trophy The Nu Sigs, small buT mighTy, have Q------... proved by Their acTiviTies This pasT year ThaT "ln union There is sTrengTh." By excelling in scholarship, as well as in all The sororiTy acTiviTies, The Nu f Sigs have been l4epT very busy. The Homecoming Dinner, MoTher's Day Dinner, SecreT SisTer Week, Picnics, caroling, and all Their oTher acTiviTies have macle This a year To remember for all Nu Sig members. Miss Eleanor MerriTT, Mrs. Ellen Jones, ancl Mr. and Mrs. Manforcl SonsTegarcl were The sponsors Tor The sororiTy Th i s year. and finally . . . acrivafion . NU SIGMA PHI-Row 7: Doreen Hasenwinkle, Lois Harker, Donna Daudel, Myrna Pierce. Row 2: Shirley Pace, Beverly Rhines, Beffy Harrison, Carol Hatch. Row 3: Tamson Crisf, presiclenf, Faye Renner Glessner, Alice Sfeege, Ann Shafer, Maxine Fenner, Mary Ellen Corder. fi' PHI SIGMA PHI--Row 7: Connie Larsen, Carol Musgrove, Bernadean Tiarks, president. Row 2: Susan Robey, Karen Putz, Jane Scott, Shelby Holmes. Row 3: Anne Stetzel, Rebecca Fisher, Susan Haller, Jean Smith, Vicky Gibson. Row 4: Tanya Petersen, Katherine Riha, Jo Smith. Row 5: Claudine Webster, Joan Robinson, Rose Ann Sadler, Carole Johnston, Karen Reardon. Phi Sigma Phi Promotes Friendships The Phi Sigs have had another year of making close and lasting friendships and growing socially through the activities of their sorority. Overnights, Picnics, coke dates, Homecoming Alumni Tea, Christmas Party, caroling, Graduate Dinner, service proiects, and the annual chili party with their brother fraternity, Phi Sigma Epsilon, have helped to make these friendships a source of lasting memory. Miss Augusta Schurrer was the sponsor for the Phi Sigs during the past year. Pl TAU PHI-Row 7: Donna Lancaster, Sharon Clausen, Shirley Donaldson, Patricia Kucera, president, Darlene Sinclt, Sandra Lewis, Naomi Moriguchi. Row 2: Maxine Lahmann, Carolyn Bruce, Gloria Mangold, Gretchen' Gager, Josie Arends, Aletha Stumpf, Shirley Tempo, Lona Nielson, Row 3: Diane Gilbert, Ann Sidell, Virginia Benbow, Susan Smith, Mary lngebritson, Harriet Bryant, Wilda Bannister, Row 4: Barbara Hegna, Mary Ellen Leavitt, Myrna Sprengler, Carol Hendrickson, Karen Lowe, Marilyn Johnson, Carol Hamann, Joyce Arends, Janet Jugenheirner, Joyce McLennan, Barbara Herron. Pi Tau Phi Serves Together A tull year ot activities on the Pi Tau schedule have helped to make this a year of enjoy- ment tor the members ot Pi Tau Phi, service projects, overnights, dinners, parties, c o k e dates, dinner dances, and a Mother's Day Luncheon . . . these have all helped to enrich the social lite ot each girl in the sorority. As individuals, the Pi Taus take an active part in stu- dent government and in the other student activities on campus. Sponsors this year for the Pi Taus were Mrs. Zetha Weems, Mrs. Glen Heckroth, Mrs. Perry Grier, and,Miss Shirley Posson. Pi Theta Pi Holds Varied Activities to Promote Sisterhood The Pi Thet's had many proiects to further their goals ot promoting sister- hood and social graces . . . including a Mother's Day Brunch, and a Christ- mas Party with Sigma Tau Gamma, their brother fraternity, Secret Sister Week, a newsletter to alumni, a Graduate Dinner, a Spring Dinner Dance, and several overnights. Several honors are bestowed on pledges, the one with the highest grade point is given a necklace to be worn tor one year, the pledge with the second highest grade-point is given a bracelet for the remainder of the year. Advisors for the Pi Thet's this past year were Dr. and Mrs. Richard Crumley, Miss Carol Von Ohlen, Miss Thelma Short, and Miss Barbara Darling. Pl THETA Pl-Row l: Joan Henry, Patricia Daniels, Karen Knapp, Judy Terry, Kathryn Johnstone. Row 2: Barbara June Frances Green Sharon Harris, Jo Holden, Carol Justice, president, Betty Cole, Carole Dosland, Kay Whitney, Shirley Stief, Karen Werner Row 3 Nancy Butterfield, Margaret Clingman, Carole Schlesselman, Lynne Davison. Row 4: Joann McBride, Janet Gelder, Marilu Hetzler Sylvia Webbe king. lt 4 S i A. e P i TAU SIGMA DELTA-Row l: Cindy McCurdy, Judi McBride, Jo Meyer, Mariean Sheckler, Janice Swafosh, Sonia Sfrobridge. Row 2: Faye Blankinship, Alice Holdiman, Carole Robinson, Janet Owen, Marcia Huston. Row 3: Audrey Gunnell, Janice Turner, Janice Adams, Joanie Myers, Ann Consolver, Diane Darnall. Row 4: Barbara Bradley, presidenf, Marilyn Wilson, Priscilla Hake, Karen Fairbank, Cecelia Fye, Nancy Maginnis. T. Tau Sigma Delta Co-Sponsors LQ Winning Homecoming Float .J ,L 3 The Tau Sig's annual highlighTs, a Dinner Dance, 2 held wiTh alumni and sponsors, and a Homecom- ing Tea and Homecoming FloaT, The laTTer wiTh Their broTher TraTerniTy, Tau Kappa Epsilon, helped To make Their year a very successful one. The annual Grad- uaTe Dinner in The spring, The MoTher's Day Lunch- eon, a Thanksgiving Down-The-Line Dinner, coke daTes and picnics wiTh oTher TraTerniTies and Their broTher TraTerniTy, informal dancing and enTerTain- menT aT homes of members, have all helped To en- rich The social liTe OT each member. Dr. and Mrs. Wil- liam Dee, Dr. Elaine McDaviTT and Dr. and Mrs. Pledging days can mean endless warring . . . NaThan TalboTT were The sponsors. THETA GAMMA NU-Row 7: Mary Larson, Judy Zuber, Mildred Bisrricky Lucille Evans Claudia Boesen Mildred Gusr Row 2 Carol Afkinson, Nancy Wesfphal, Marvel Carnes, Janice Nesbif, Janalee Bender Sharon Read Tamara Galloway Shirley Marfmson presidenf Row 3: Pafricia Clinfon, Salley Olsen, Phyllis Henning, Nancy Wise Marilyn Booih m N U The excifernenf of building a floaf Holds Sweetheart Dance The TheTas have worked Toward Their goals of promoTing friendship, leadership, and service Through Their varied acTiviTies . . . This year by parTicipaTing in Homecoming, holding a ChrisTmas parTy, Sec reT SisTer Week, Spring Dinner and SvveeThearT Dance. The goal OT scholarship is exemplified by a Traveling scholarship pin and an award Tor The ouTsTanding girl. The sponsors Tor The TheTas are Dr. ElizabeTh Howes, Mr. and Mrs. RoberT Paulson, and Mr. and Mrs. John Aldrich. A T W' " 'Q-. f- ,M - V e K - ir! iid. , r, we -M ,,'j,Qa.-',.k 2.7 get ,,, M . . A f K ' T' 'U W it V 4 I , , , ,T is MN, sf. -an W-, as r-W A-'rf 4 in W' ...M ,T .. , - M ALPHA CHI EPSILON-Row 7: William Carr, Alan Glascock, Roger Pederson, Clifford Scofr, president, Craig Rule, Thomas Amsberry, Dean Odekirk, Carfer Griffin. Row 2: Larry Bowen, Glenn Nellisf, Richard Wheeler, Robert White, Anfhony McGuire, Ronald Moehlis, Richard Grove, Nick Kalianov. Row 3: Allen Remling, Spencer Pink, Beaumont Hagebak, Lynn Poppon, Terry Halstead, Clifford Svoboda, Robert Gafes, Michael Collard, Henry Gray, Gordon Odegard, Gordon Loeschen, Ronald Kniep, John Arfhoud, James Crowder, Roger Meeker, Duane Casey, Thomas Price. il 'T l ir"TLl'i l Mill' twill' ' Alpha Chi Epsilon Wins Inter-Fraternity Sing The year's acTiviTies of Alpha Chi Epsilon goT off Andfhenfhefefefvinglffie--- To a good sTarT vviTh The annual "Boilermaker's ee Brawl" . . . an evenT To be followed by many acTiviTies during The regular school year. The many pinning ceremonies, including one in Iowa CiTy, The parTies wiTh all of The sororiTies, The Thrill of winning The Homecoming lnTer-TraTerniTy serenade compeTiTion and placing second wiTh Their TloaT, reTaining The scholarship plaque, The ChrisTmas acTiviTies and Spring Dance wiTh Their sisTers, DelTa DelTa Phi, all oT The informal gaTh- erings and The highlighT of The year, The Orchid Formal, have all added much To The life of each Alpha Chi. The Chis have conTinued Their policy of d o n a T i n g blood and also This year They adopTed a new sTyle OT iackeT. The sponsors were Dr. Howard Jones, Dr. E. J. Cable, Dr. Ed- ward Thorne, and Mr. Milo LawTon. l PHI SlGMA EPSILON-Row l: John States, Carlyn Rix, Charles Kolsrud, Connie Nichols, Richard Trotter, Richard Harden, Row 2: Eldon PSVEVS, Monte McCunniff, Robert Rice, David Koos, Thomas Alexander. Row 3: Jerry Loynachan, Francis Howell, John Byers, James Stil- well. Row 4: Gene Tychsen, James Duea, LeRoy Crawford. Row 5: Richard Winey, John Sullivan, Larry Dorhout, Ray Juhl. Row 6: Harold Byram, Dennis Remmert, Eugene Pratt. ly. li Phi Sigma Epsilon Active in Athletics An active group with lots ot pep . . . this is the Phi Sigs, showing their emphasis on brotherhood by sponsoring such activities as the White Rose Dinner Dance at which a Phi Sigma Epsilon Sweetheart was chosen, Homecoming Dinner, a spring banquet and the Father and Son Dinner tor the graduates. The Phi Sigs, as individ- uals, have been quite active in athletics, and as a g r o u p participated in intra- murals. Sponsors for the Phi Sigs this year were Dr. William Dee and Dr. Charles Allegre. Sigma Tau Gamma Sponsors Migrations The Alpha ETa ChapTer of Sigma Tau Gamma has had a Tull year of acTiviTies which has meanT much To each member oT The TraTerniTy. STarTing The year's evenTs in a big vvay, The Sig Taus and Their sisTers, Pi TheTa Pi, sponsored Trips To MankaTo and AugusTana To back The Teachers College PanThers TooTball Team. Homecoming Time proved To be a busy Time Tor The Sig Taus . . . Taking parT in The lnTer-FraTerniTy Serenade compeTiTion and The building of a TloaT which provided happy momenTs Tor The group. During The remainder OT The year The Sig Taus kepT Themselves acTive wiTh Coke DaTes, parTies and picnics vviTh The sororiTies, a chili supper and a caroling parTy aT ChrisTmas Time, and wiTh spon- sored Teams in The inTramural sporTs evenTs. In The spring, The group held Their big evenT bf The year-The WhiTe Rose Dinner Dance. These acTiviTies have helped The men of Sigma Tau Gamma To have a richer social life and To become closer in The broTherhood. Their sponsors are Dr. James Blanford, Dr. Harold Bernhard, and Mr. Lee Miller. SIGMA TAU GAMMA-Row 7: Milford Whifrlesey, Gary Asror, William Bauer, David Heil, Gerald Purcell, Paul Sfuempfig, Ronald Jar how pres dent. Row 2: Evererr Garbee, Donald Lancasfer, Lee Knighf, Richard Johnson, Charles Koch, Kenneth Fairchild, Donald Lawless, Marla Cunningham, Melvin Schroeder, Ronald Garrison, Clifford Angell, Richard Daughn, Roger Wandschneider, Erik Keele, Michael Horfon CUVTIS Cornell, Graydon Barz, Walter Frank, Edward Raffensperger, Ronald Spurlin. w--- ru YYY Wa- , ,,,A,,,,, .M ..., s ,. W Y Am wmmmwmw -wwmmwmwawmawnmwafwrwrwsgfmzr:-Wwsxssrawxmwwgwazfsae:rsevma:L+rafafwsrxvwswaavmzfsa-ffmammrwMfs mw TAU KAPPA EPSILON-Row l: Michael J, O'Brien, John Anderson, John Dolan, Roger Harms, Gene Hakanson, Charles Buschbom, Donald Larson, Gary Puffett. Row 2: Merle German, Dean Settle, Robert Reimers, Norman Peters, Marl Ramsey, Kurt Wiethorn, Daniel Schultz, Jerry Hime. Row 3: Robert Senft, president, Terry Stiffler, James Gorham, David Montgomery, Roger Natte, Richard Henak, Richard Gorham Richard Manfull. Row 4: Dean Molinsky, Lee Mowrer, Jerry Stillwell, Lester Landhuis, James Meskirnen, David Gunderson, Allan Johnson Jerry Martinson, Robert Ehrhardt. Tau Kappa Epsilon Wins Football Intramurals The Tau Kappa Epsilon social fraternity has had a most interesting year of activ- ities and social events. Throughout the year the TKE's participated in all intra- mural activities-winning the football championship, sponsored coke dates, par- ties, and serenades, and held various so- cial events with their sister, Tau Sigma Delta, including a Christmas caroling party and a chili supper. ln the fall they held their annual Pheasant Feed and French Underground Party. ln the spring the fraternity held its Red Carnation Ball, one of the most elaborate of TKE events. And finally . . , the ioy that comes from winning a championship ev ur .,., ,, , ,L , , , R 3 W Mil' WHS dnuwmxvwnndfll 1 WE? ' 4 fi 1 l nuu f W l ffm' W 4 KH, ff 7 A V , ' I WwLf1f'7Fwf,fww,ii4, , V K 5, ' ,, my fgfw. fdfm -fv JM Hzfmmzff gf A " 1 f vfffm. ,, ww" Q 4 ,ww r 'Z f' ' J C", 4h'7fLmf g" ' fwf, 5 U I fzkgggfgzjf , ,, e my, t - nf-2 1 gg 2' G V ' ' , H ' L N 1 ' 2 Af' U 4 5 , f ' W. 4, X, ,V vf,f Ln f ., , 5 H 4 ' A A , , f , 'w ,M9"f9G7vQzga ,wMQf:y?zf- I mf, W-2,1 Jr www ffg-...W W f ,+L I, f gm' 5 - 3 ,, 9 -Q H 3 , ff f f, . -' x f , W ei N : ' ' " ' " L-',, My ', iif3',.I,,., W:6,'72'f.'5"'i7i'Z-'-'75 ' ' " ' v1I,""'?,I3'.,?kQ.2'1 Y 4 ' ..,,-1 ,m.,,,f J., , , , ff -, ,UQ-,,,2.f" M fy FGOTB X E X X K X X xx 2 Q v W E I Q 1 l i , 1 xr W r 1 4 r I 8 1 1 i l 4 i NZM 5 1 ., fs1uW,fL+ .Hz ft Mg ' Panthers Have Up and Down Season The PanTher grid machine was geared high aT The opening of The TooTball season, buT aT mid-season iT spuTTered, sTopped and rolled b a c k w a r d s To sharrer early season expec- TaTions. Under The new head-coaching of Bill Hammer, The TC squad won iTs Tour opening games, only To be suddenly iolTed To The loss column and was never quiTe able To regain iTs winning ways. The opening games leTT liTTle doubT ThaT Teachers was headed for a greaT new era of TooTball. Wifh The new spliT T offense replacing The almosT TradiTional single wing aTTack, someThing diTTerenT appeared To be in sTore Tor The TuTors. Coach Hammer In The early conTesTs They swepT aside such maior conTenders as Bradley and Drake and also leTT MankaTo STaTe and NorTh DakoTa STaTe wishing They hadn'T meT The PanTher aggrega- Tion. However, The Tide suddenly and unexpecTedly changed as The Teachers Traveled To AugusTana and were soundly beaTen by The "Tired-up" Vikings. The loss proved To loe Too much To overcome and The PanThers had To seTTle Tor succes- sive losses To Morningside, NorTh DakoTa UniversiTy, SouTh DakoTa, and SouTh DakoTa STaTe Tor a lasT place conference finish. Row 7: Jack Smith, Frank lgou, John Sullivan, Jim Damron, Morris Smifh, Larry Sabus, Bob Hahn, Tom Murphy, Max Huffman, Dennis Remmerf, Chuck Schulte, Todd Sfasfny. Row 2: John Byers, Allee Nowden, Mace Reyerson, Jim Stilwell, Bill Wohlers, Warren Hansen, Al Hackney, Duane Bonsall, Dave Koos, John Sfafes, Al Baiiy, Glenn Borland, John Gregory. Row 3: Don Larson, Arnold Shager, Greg Bice, Curt Squiers, Paul Kellerhals, Jerry Fosfer, Gary Shorey, Neal Friefag, Paul Pemble, Jack Miller, Coach Hammer, Coach Lyons, Coach Clark, Coach Sheriff. mln - A Q 1- M. 1 'VL XQW 'JJ I' ' A . ,, ,A,. wg? . , 3 1 Q 0 E M it QQ 5? Q Q Q Y .., L W, 'www 3 J 1 11 ,QAQQQFE 'F If 7 , J i g x -f4L X V-,.i , A:-k V 1 aw ,gWg., V Q A K Ji ZVJ E::,: M :I ' A Q A K F h , L l W if , in f f qi nv 3 , .3-:,5g , I 'E Team members whose eTTorTs were n overlooked included Dennis RemmerT and Bobby Hahn who placed on The all- conierence Team, and Jim Damron whose passing aTTac:l4 creaTed considerable in- TeresT in The PanTher camp. Coach Hammer shakes hands with The coach of The los Team. ResTing varsiTy members Watch The progress of The game oT ing The Panthers apply some defensive pressure from The sidelines ii ez., , 1-,.. ' f Players check in under The new subsfifurion rule. Game Time is sfopped To administer first aid To Larry Sabus. The referee indicafes ThaT TC will receive. New rules played an irnporTanT parT in college TooTball This year. The new sub- sTiTuTion rule allowed a player To enTer play Twice per quarTer in place oT The Torrner single subsTiTuTion. The scoring sysTem was also slighTly changed, wiTh Two poinTs being awarded The poinT aTTer Touchdown play iT iT was scored by a run or pass. The TirsT such Two poinT play scored in The sTaTe of Iowa was compleTed by ISTC during The second period of The Bradley conTesT. Teachers' defense sfops a near Morningside fouchdown. Coach Hammer gets ready To send in a new unit. Bob Hahn grabs a touchdown I "f"f1J' Row I: Dean Jensen, Jack Mully, Gary Mohl, Jim Meskimen, Dennis Filliman, Harm Oldenkamp, Gene Nichols, Jim Wifham. Row 2 l Frank Storrs, Al Johnson, Ron LaFrenTz, Cliff Svoboda, Jim Jackson, Wayne Olson, Bill Herkelman. PANTHERS FINISH FOURTH IN N.C.C. Seven le1Termen reTurned To form The nucleus of The PanTher squad which finished The season wiTh an II-I2 record. Gene Nichols, Jack Mully, Frank SToTTs, and Dennis Filliman finished Their careers as cagers wiTh an experienced Team. Hamline UniversiTy, Omaha UniversiTy, and MacalesTer College appeared on The rosTer for The firsT Time in hisTory. The PanThers Tied a naTion- al record by playing six overTimes againsf NorTh DakoTa STaTe, losing The game by IO9-IO7 This was also an N.C.C. record for The mosT ToTal poinTs scored by a losing Team in a game. WarTburg and l.S.T.C. were hosT To GusTavus Adolphus and NorThern Illinois in The Third annual Tall Corn TournamenT. The PanTher hardcourT men won Their opening game from GusTavus Adolphus 85-78, buT losT in The finals To WarTburg 64-6I. Closely conTesTed games seemed To be The rule as The cagers played nine games which were decided by less Than 5 poinTs. Again This year The SouTh DakoTa schools dominaTed The N.C.C., wiTh SouTh DakoTa STaTe and SouTh DakoTa UniversiTy finishing firsT and second respecTively. By winning Their final game wiTh NorTh DakoTa UniversiTy, I.S.T.C. was able To gain fourTh place finish wiTh a 6-6 N.C.C. record. The PanThers sTanTed The conference race sfrong, winning Three of Their firsT four games buT were beaTen Twice by SouTh DakoTa Universify To blasT any hopes of TiTle conTenTion, Dean Jensen takes the shot on a fast break. SEASON'S RECORD STC OPP. ISTC OPP 53 N.E. Missouri 54 58 South Dakota U. as 57 Macalester 55,555555555 S ,S 70 Augustana 6 67 North Dakota U. 55555 59 South Dakota 6 so 6 107 North Dakota State oooo S, ooooo S 109 Morningside fsix overtimesj South Dakota State 71 Cornell eu uuuu U uuuuu uuuu 6 4 Augustana ou 65 Mankato State U, 59 South Dakota State 85 Gustavus Adolphus 78 Wartburg 61 Wartburg 64 Loras S ee eu 74 North Dakota State 72 Omaha 72 Morningside ,M ,u,, is uu,uuuu 68 Hamline 73 Cornell U eu 74 North Dakota U. U Player TP AVE. Jim Jackson - .- e...e... 310 13.5 Ron LaFrenTZ ........ 277 12.0 Gene Nichols eeeeeee v.eeeeee 2 O4 8.9 Dean Jensen eeee 203 9.2 Cliff Svobocla eeeee eeeeeeee 2 O3 8.8 Frank STOTTS - .. aaasaaa .180 9.5 Dennis Fillirnan 117 5.3 Jack Mully .... ..... 7 2 3.8 Bill Herkelman 2..2222 2.2.2 5 3 3.3 Jim Meskimen 15 1.3 Gary Molwl ...... ..... 1 5 1.5 Allee Nowden .... -- 6 1.5 Panther captain Gene Nichols meefs ihe O h U. cap- tain and rhe referees before fhe game begin 5. .ae ,M h With g 9 T f The Panther bench and The crowd watch the acfion on The floor. Cliff Svoboda gets The jump ar The opening Tipoff -wr .W .W ff um? , 4' maart . li P 1' w-East A-,J -' "h-' 115355 its 1' v ' wifi E 5 ws W if "W ffm 'F if 401 t Cliff Svoboda grabs another rebound. E 1 I NT". The Panther starting five are introduced. Jim Jackson goes high on the board to re- bound a shot. '9 5,f- 533, ' r ' ii 1 T I I i A I K 1 ,f,1 2 ,,L,,' it l P A J 5 l ' in A ani y f ' ' ' 'lt ,iv -'L' r i , . M iff 1 J' ' 1 tg , L t ,T C it if 'f J" H wi: ferr U QQ? ii f H ,, Mag if 4 HLA' tt' 5hQ C te J if lk H , 1 3 J - , it , l 'lille ' "' 1' wil.. A 5435, - ' Ill fe y G gs? I W Vx y AL' r I as f ,l 3 ll " ,Mx f' 1 4 'i M e A T if AQ Q . QT t kL 1 A sviffilflk A A H-i"J if jMY"W 'B in l 'C 'Z A 'I S ,K K T. J' ' fn - ",11szniig'gg L ,C J , so 71 it 1 k,,...4--4 -V r,.f l i Row 7: Merlin Papenheim, Larry Guldberg, Jim Murphy, Lloyd Grandon, Bob Lane, Jerry Lane, Bill Gardner, Francis Freeman, Don Grant, John Jordan. Row 2: Pat Kenny, Chuck Riker, Dick Maher, Dick Maze, David Waldron, David Trotter, Daniel Dunham, Gary Buell, Jim Sanford, Bill McNiel. Row 3: Jim Brainerd, Boyd Vanvoorhis, Jim Harrnon, Jerry Rosonke, Gerry Geinger, Stanly Glawe, Leroy Kopriva, Jerry Chap- man, Gene Harms, David Dodge. Row 4: Jerry Ray, Arland Waters, Joe Antone, Neil Hattlestad, Dick Jenkins, Keith Thorp, Bill Warner, Dale Wilson, Mervin Habenicht, Charles Patten, Bill Koll. l i l l 8-4 RECORD BY MATMEN The Teachers under the coaching of Bill Koll, ended their season with an eight win, tour loss record. A delega- tion of tive represented Teachers at the NCAA wrestling tournament held in lowa City. Those representing Teachers were: Larry Guldberg, 115 class, Chuck Patten, 147 class, Jerry Ray, 157 class, Jerry Lane, T30 class, and Arland "Mud" Waters, in the T67 class. . T KN N .,,A T k Patten applies The pressure fo a Colorado SEASON'S RECORD Teachers O ,,eee, ,Qi Teachers eeeeeeee Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers cccc. -34 Teachers ccccc Teachers scsi O Teacherscc cccs23 Teachers A Panther grep P Cornell Michigan Siaie - Omaha cccc O cccc Wisconsin Illinois cccccacaa,c Colorado Mines Luther ccccc,,ccc - Mankafo STaTe s Nebraska so c.ccc.c Minnesoia as Soufh Dakoia ST. Northern Illinois ler fakes an Omaha wresfler for a f ll ew MQW..--...,....s.. ,V K I UM M, , ,, .W- ,,M,..,,,,u,.,nm-W . W, ,--mr . issua- A Colorado Miner seems destined for an escape. A , MJD' Ms,,M,,-W W I M iv......w,A k Jim Harman holds for a possible Take-down. for a possible Takedown. Coach Bill Koll and Team were downed by sTiTf cornpeTiTion com- ing from Michigan STaTe, Wiscon- sin, NlankaTo STaTe, and Minne- soTa. ln Their only rnaTch, againsT Omaha, The PanThers romped over Their opponenT, 34-O. LeTTerman Chuck PaTTen was Teachers' only wresTler To go The season unde- TeaTed. PaTTen ended This season wiTh a 10 win, no loss, and 2 de- cision record. ROUQl1 BCHOD as a T.C. grappler holds . - 5 M1 gf' Q 1 K S1 -ii 4 if 4 14 'z 'S ,H 5 Y fy .'::x:::S1r, -v--41122 11.19. J 1' ff 352: 236 hh M A HM. ihaguaxqggrmx az. - , - Bill McNeil gains control during a dual meer. , uiuq E i x i 5 E Q E The referee sees nothing but a tangled mass of humanity during an Omaha meet Hi O Wm Q r ""' ' A. T.C. grappler upencls his oppon- SHT. Jerr Lane works for an esca e. Y Q i I X 5 V' s YY-Qgllcxl, Bill Ross, Bob Senff, John Weyl, Tom Barfleson, Adrian Ringold. Golfers Win Conference Tourney The varsiTy golf Team had a very successful season winning Three of The four mafches They played. An- oTher brighf spoT was The PanTher golfers' firsT place finish in The North CenTral Conference Tournamenf held aT Sioux Falls, Soufh DakoTa. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Teachers .,cc..,cccc, l O Teachers Teachers .....,e,..., Teachers ,.cc.c,,.... l2V2 l l V2 3 Wa rfbu rg cc...,ccccc 5 Wa rTbu rg cc......,.cc 2 V2 Dubuque ..... .... l X2 Loras ,,.... ...,.... 9 Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Baseball Team to NCAA Playoffs Season's Record Teachers. oao.o Teachersw--- Teachers oaaoa . Teachers- Teachers aao, Teachers aaaoao Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Minnesota oaoa ooaA..a I O Minnesota oaoa aaa.,a. I O Minnesota oaco .,., 4 Iowa State 9 Wartburg 2 ---- O LaCrosse State oaaa,a.. 6 Winona State 5 Iowa State a,.o LIO Coe College coaaoaoa.o O Coe College ooaa..,oa. 2 Augustana caaa. ,,,, 4 Augustana aaooo ,.,. 4 South Dakota ,aoa,aooao I I South Dakota .,,cccacaa 6 Morningside aoaaau 2 Morningside ,aaaooooac 4 Wartburg ...a . oa,oao 4 South Dakota State L, I Missouri cocaaaaoa o,o... I I Missouri .I3 Panthers win North Central Conference . . . Under the coaching of L. VV. "Mon" Whitford the I958 baseball squad captured the North Central Conference title. Teachers was awarded the first Conference trophy ever offered in league history, by topping 6 of 7 Conference opponents. Their over-all record of I2 wins and 8 losses included 2 losses at the hands of the University of Missouri at the region five tourna- ment in the National Collegiate playoff. Kent Folson was TC's leading pitcher with a 5-2 rec- ord. Danny Boardson, Panther third baseman, topped the hitting department with a season's average of .349. Coach J. Witham guided the Panthers to several early season victories when Whitford was hospitalized with pneumonia. Row I: Frank Sovich, Bob lsenhower, Jerry Shinn, John Zahn, Danny Boardsen, Don Ramus, Kent Folsom, and Lew Marsh. Row 2: L. W. Whifford, Jim Doerzman, Berny Hutchison, Dick Ware, Ed Gourley, Ted Wilhife, Dick Gipple, Carol Harder, John Flemming, Rich Blumeyer Row 34 John Dolan, Larry,Pooch, Dick Lyons, Merle Garman, Dick Reyhons. sf li Frank Sovich approaches home plate after hitting a home run in the Tutor-Wartburg game. A Panther player rounds third base. A Teachers pitcher delivers a strikeout. if Trackmen Complete Llndefeated Season i Du Max Row l: Rudy Kubik, LeRoy Crawford, Charles Nonneman, Stan Whelchel, Kurt Wiethorn, Gerald Purcell, Dave Dillon, Jem ea, Huffman. Row 2: Bolo Conway, Jim Arnold, Stan Kirchhoff, Jim Gorham, Dick Seaman, Dick Juhl, Tom Casper, Earl Sidmore, Gene Tych- sen. Row 3: Ron Sturch, Darrell Conway, Arland Waters, Auggie Appreans, Dick Reckner, Bob Gates, Jim Gardner, Jon Swenson, Merle Smith, Roger Freeman, Coach Dickinson. The Tutors, under the leadership of Art Dickinson went undefeated in dual and triangular competition this year. They placed first in the North Central Conference indoor meet, the iowa College lndoor Relays, and the Cornell Relays. However, Teachers had to settle for a second place finish behind South Dakota State in the North Central Conference outdoor meet. The Panthers also traveled to the Drake, South Dakota, and Sioux City Relays. They were host to the 35th annual TC Re- lays, and walked off with most of the honors. The team practices on the indoor track. Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Season's Record ri State 92 Grinnell ,,,,, 72 3X4 N. E. Missou .,....., IO5 Upper Iowa Warfburg ,,,, WI I5 Waverly ,,,,,,,,I36 Upper Iowa Coe ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,, IO3 IX6 Grinnell V4 5 Ron Srurch, T,C.'s versatile rrackman A group of high school arhlefes round The far curve at the T.C. Relays. all lriifmg Row 7: Rudy Kubik, Roger Burkhark, Tom Alexander, Row 2: Bob Conway, Ted Broberg, Dennis Conway, Charles Nonneman, Jim Miller, Coach Dickinson. Harriers Go Llndefeated Again Hard work and deTerminaTion aided The Teachers in cornpleTing Their Third undeTeaTed dual meeT season and run Their UndeTeaTed sTring To Corwin, Conway and Miller shared The winning spoT in all Tive rneeTs and in The LuTher meeT, were so consisTenT ThaT They Tinished sTride Tor sTride in TlrsT place. ln The TirsT NorTh CenTral Conference n1eeT, Teachers placed second behind hosT, SouTh DakoTa STaTe. Coach Dickinson and Team members reflect The successful season. Season's Record Iowa Teachers T9 Loras 3 3 36 lowa Teachers T6 LUTher 3 39 lowa Teachers 3 T9 Wisconsin 36 lowa Teachers 24 Cornell 33 lowa Teachers T5 Wanburg -40 Netmen Capture Conference Crown Ron Lough, Dean Molinsky, Bill Lane, and Bill Kibbie. After a slow start the Panther netmen came on strong to finish their season by winning the North Central Conference tennis tourna- ment held at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Bill Kibbie, a tennis standout, won the singles competition at the conference meet. He also appeared in the Midwest R e g io n of the N.C.A.A. tennis tournament winning his tirst match but losing in the quarterfinals. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Season's Record Teachers C eeeee CC Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Drake C Luther Loras Luther C CC Iowa State Wartbu rg Precision drilling is a part of the women's intramural program. Excess Energy Released The women sfudenfs participated in many year-round sporfs. These sports creafe inferesf and are of a nature of physical and mental exercises. Women compete in Team sporfs, such as baskef- ball, volleyball, soccer and field hockey. Individual sports include golf, tennis, Tumbling, swim- ming, and cycling. Women's inframurals were directed by Sandra Lewis wifh Dr. Jane Bontz as faculty advisor. The girls warm up for their intramural opponents on the women's tennis courts. Spring Intramurals include baseball. in Intramurals A pass is attempted during an intramural football game. The intramural program for men took a great boost this year, not only in individ- ual but in team sports as well. These sports were offered year-round and made a happy medium between being in var- sity sports and merely being a spectator. Competitive team sports included touch football, basketball, te n n i s, softball, handball, and freethrow tournaments. Boxing, wrestling, and golf are in the planning stages. Individual sports in- cluded chess, checkers, ping-pong, pool and billiards. Men's intramurals a re staged in coniunction with the Physical Education Department and the Men's Union. Bill McNeil and Don Meyer were the directors with Stan Sherriff as faculty advisor. iw 5 5 ga E Q s K 5 Z3 3: ff 3 2 S 5? 2? fe 2 55 3 ni-1 -- we -'Q . . . fp, K V S If is 5 i 1 ,Wm ' QT . 252 -be Q Qi, if U, f v--. V, N. M.. LM., aff.-ff .,x,,,m rw ' QM 4. S2536 ., FRESHMEN Row l: Mary Abernathy, Catherine Agey, Richard Akerman, Sandra Akin, Bonnie Ambrose, Harvey Ander- son, Linda Anderson, Bertha Anneberg, Marilyn Arthur. Row 2: Roger Bailey, Sharon Baker, Jean Baldwin, Carol Balhorn, Linda Barghahn, Judy Barmer, Eileen Barry, Judith Bartachek, Marilyn Becker. Row 3: Patricia Beeson, Jean Behrens, Joan Bergrnan, Ann Bettin, Karolyn Bettis, Twila Bidinger, Suzanne Bieber, Helen Big- ger, Beverly Bigler. Row 4: Ann Birkey, Susan Birum, Judith Bishop, Earlene Bixler, Karen Blake, Rebecca Blum, Sandra Bockholt, Mary Jo Bodum, Donald Bognanno. Row 5: Audrey Bolstad, Dixie Bonker, Eleanor Boos, Carol Boothby, Hazel Bowe, Anna Mae Brady, Marlys Bragg, James Brainerd, Elaine Brandau. Row 6: Carol Brandt, Karen Brandt, Elaine Brecht, Carolyn Bridge, Janene Brink, La u rel Brockrneyer, Catherine Brotherton, Carol Ann Brown, Joyce Brown. FRESHMEN Row l: Robert Brown, Rebecca Brubeker, Carol Breeding, Charles Buchanan, Marilyn Burger, Florence Bur- gess, Patricia Burk, Sharon Burke, Karen Butcher. Row 2: Freda Callahan, Judith Callahan, Shirley Callavvay, Mary Carr, Gloria Cassens, Lynn Christeson, Wesley Christman, Carolyn Cihak, Sharon Claussen. Row 3: Kathryn Claussen, Charlyn Cleveland, Gene Cogdall, Marilyn Collins, Mary Ellen Comfort, Patricia Cookinharn, Ronald Countryman, Dorene Cox, Terrance Crane. Row 4: Janice Curnrnings, Jerry Custer, Cheryl Cutler, Nancy Davidson, Nancy Davis, Bonnie DeBovver, Karen DeGreit, Charles DeHart, Sharon Delts. Row 5: Carl Dencklau, Jan Detletsen, Carol Joy Dettrnann, Shirley Dettrnann, Delores DeWilde, Donita Diersen, Jalaa Dorner, LaVera DuPey, Mary Earley. Rovv 6: Jerry Easter, Shirley Eatvvell, Daniel Edler, Judith Edrnonson, Donna Edwards, Bonnie Lou Elliott, Arlene Engle, Linda Erhardt. .. .W M' 1' Q ti 5 H if 1,1 w 44 - f , if '-' --r i, V, f ,. f - t srs, M E l. if mas,-W vm , si . fu ,,:., If 1 ,s., ga, 52 'Q' 7 mlb W 2 " F 519' .X :-e , I S K eww qs, 3 f 1 Q V 1 FRESHMEN Row l: LeRoy Fahlenkamp, Robert Falck, Bonita Farrell, Josephine Fee, Thomas Felton, Rita Fenstermann, Betty Lou Fessler, Patricia Fleming, Sandra Flickinger. Row 2: Barbara Flynn, Florence Ford, Pauline Foshe, Mona Foss, Jerry Foster, Donald Fox, Doreen Franke, Doris Fredrickson, Marilyn Fremont. Row 3: JoAnn Friest, Nancy Gabrielson, Mariorie Gaede, Sonja Garlock, Barry Geise, Kathleen Gilbert, Marilyn Giltner, Sharon Gleason, Frances Godwin. Row 4: James Gonzagowski, Linda Gordon, Marjorie Granger, Marilyn Grant, Sheryl Grant, Loretta Gratias, Judith Gritton, John Groth, Gayle Gruber. Row 5: Rebecca Guernsey, Jeanene Guilgot, Janice Gumtau, Virginia Gunderson, Betty Hammer, Jean Hammer, Kay Hampel, Arloa Hanke, Lee Hankenson. Rovv 6: Hurley Hanley, Darlene Hanna, Barbara Hansen, Vernon Hansen, Roger Hanson, Susan Hanson, Nancy Harah, Jerald Hardcastle, Jean Harden. J Q A it fi ?- we ,, 3, , W if 5 lawn at 3 fl! T 1 e W eff rl i x at rr agyrry f , 'l 3 J J F X E HR ,,,.? .,,., ,.,.. J V::V E . 5 FRESHMEN Row l: Linda Harrington, Sara Harrington, Verna Harris, Marilyn Harsen, Ronald Harten, Byron Haven, Jon Havighurst, Ann Hawn, Jeanine Hawthorne. Row 2: Clare Hayashi, Barbara Hayes, lla Jean Head, Constance Heaton, Joyce Heit, lla Mae Hernrn, Charlene Hernrninger, Donald Hendricks, Joan Hendricks. Row 3: Harold Hensel, Bonnie Hensley, Marilyn Hereid, Judith Hermanstorter, Lois Herriott, Elizabeth Hiatt, Lois Hicks, Jean Hinton, Carol Holland. Row 4: Lois Holliday, Eldon Hoppenworth, Cheryl Houchins, Robert Hoy, Nancy Hubbell, Lowell Huggins, Alice Hyde, Julia Hyde, Janet Hysell. Row 5: Nick laria, Judith lnnes, Marilyn Irey, Gwendolyn James, Janice James, Carl Jenkins, Audrey Jensen, N a'n cy Jewell, Constance Jochum. Row 6: Leola Johnson, Joanne Johnston, Louise Johnston, Rodney Jones, Juella Zenor, Dean Jung- man, Richard Justice, lrene Kacer, Charlotte Karnatz. FRESHMEN Row l: Georgiana Kaskadden, Carol Kelly, Sharon Kemp, Kathryn Keniston, Iva Kerchner, Janice Kerkman Claudia King, William Kinne, Elaine Kinsinger. Row 2: Marilou Kintz, Delmar Klaver, Max Klemm, Karlyn Klenzman, Carol Koehler, Janice Koester, Sharon Kohler, Kay Koike, Karen Koos. Row 3: Pamela Kremenak Joanne Krolo, Lynda Krueger, Audrey Krug, LeRoy Krumm, Joyce Kuehl, Judith Kuhl, Betty Kynett, Sally Ladd. Row A: Ellen Ladehoft, Ronald Landis, Marilyn Lane, Susan Lafollette, Lila Lammers, Sondra Larsen Janice Larson, Mary Ann Lee, Sandra Lee. Row 5: Jacqueline Lemmon, Jo Ann Leonard, Mary Leslie, Mary Lou Lienau, Marlene Lincoln, Mary Kay Lofton, Diane Long, Patricia Looby, Karen Looney. Row 6: Sheila Lund berg, Karen Lynch, Muriel McCormick, Nancy McCorkle, Evelyn McCutchen, Roger McCulley, Karen Mc Donald, Judith McFadden, Kay McGowan. ff: 125 ui, L, a il,llll l r J K at it L L : L E . FSA! or K Sli.. i ,,,, g 1, ' S f , N- .t l g, P IX: V in A V ll. Q- :ff " 1 -H it 521'-f .S il S -5 'U J :. ,J ' n i L ' . . , -,K X . ,-'f ,'ff t ,' f', K I " 'ik .1" s -, : ,- ,, f , K l af . if - D f -A .fi M in i S N , l 1 -xl E liri 1 of , ug gm , ,,, Q, y if L , q ::f. J M K , in . ' el W 'Y H , V , ,, Q . ,,,. y, ,,:, ig i, 3, Q ,., it r- , , L l tik K ,, fy My W L, ,. I. .7,, K ' l i :V 'l:' 1 L , 1 ,X - A gp vll if V, 'WL K ..,,A E AA 5 : - i lslc , ' il A igzzi. ' -1 , ,: m ,, : , I. , ln 1, Al - FRESHMEN Row l: Nancy Mcllrath, Jerry Mc- Kinney, Nancy McMartin, Jean- ette Madsen, Lawrence Mako- ben. Row 2: Helen Mangold, Richard Mann, Nedra Manson, David Martin, Judith Mathison, Jeannette Matsui, Karen Mattice. Rovv 3: Luane Meggers, DiAnna Meier, Patricia Meinert, Merle Mercer, Judith Merritt, David Mertz. Row 4: Sandra .Messer, Virginia Mette, Doris Meyer, Judith Meyers, Joyce Milburn, Robert Miller. Rovv 5: Carolyn Minard, Charles Minerrnan, Nancy Mitchell, Kathryn Mitch- ern, Janet Mohr, Larry Moody. Row 6: Joy Morrison, Janet Mostaert, Judith Mould, Linda Moss, Martha Mount, Mary Moyer. Row 7: David Mueting, Terrence Mullan, Karen Murnrn, Janis Munn, Betty Jo Musgrove, Jeanette Nagai. Row 8: Patricia Napier, Ma rga ret Newman, Harry Nielsen, Sharon Nielsen, Jo Ann Noble, Doris Noiiri. Row 9: Lois Okerlund, William Oler, Leilani Onomura, Larry Osten- dort, Betty Pabst, Barbara Paul. FRESHMEN Row l: Mary Eleanor Paulk, Deanna Paulson, Roberta Pell, Jean Peak, Gary Pease, Con- stance Peck. Rovv 2: Mariorie Peters, Dorothy Petersen, Janice Petersen, Donna Peterson, Sandra Peterson, Doris Ptaft. Row 3: Wil- liam Phelps, Dvvain Pierce, Sonia Plath, Karen Powell, Marla Putzier. Row 4: Janice Pyle, Bar- bara Radebaugh, Shirley Radeke, Karen Rayl, Richard Rasmussen, Loren Reed, Carol Reedy. Row 5: Barbara Reese, Allen Reid, Wilda Rich, Eileen Richardson, Robert Richardson, Arlene Rimmer. Row 6: Shirley Ringoen, Gerald Ris- dahl, Lynne Robison, Dorothy Rod, Cheryl Rogers, Jerome Rosonke. Row 7: Judith Ross, Carol Rusley, Sarah Ryherd, Nancy Sackville, Yaeko Sakura- moto, James Sanford. Row 8: Janice Sarsgaard, Jack Sawyer, Madel Schmelzer, Craig Schatt- schneider, John Schicher, Ruth Schmeiser. Row 9: Linda Schnell, Margaret Schrodt, Karen Schroe- der, Roger Scott, Carolyn Seck- ington, Leland Shank. FRESHMEN Row T: Coleen Shea, Cheryl Shoesmith, Judith Shold, Karen Shold, Jackson Short, Karen Siemsen, Beth Sietmann, Stephen Simons, Ann Smith. Row 2: David Smith, Howard Smith, Joyce Smith, Judith Sodeman, Patricia Sorensen, Joan Sorenson, Barbara Snyder, Lou Souza, Dixie Spaur. Row 3: Donald Spear, Norma Spurling, Janet Steege, Jane Stephenson, Peggy Stewart, Confidence Stimpson, Sandra Stoutter, Margaret Stout, Nancy Strong. Row 11: Sandra Stufflebeam, Darrell Styve, Donna Swan, Margilea Swan, Virginia Swan, Christine Swanson, Ona Swearingen, Karen Swenson, Beverly Switzer. Row 5: Shirlene Tablce, Ethel Takaba, Clyde Tahara, Nick Teig, Margaret Teisinger, Janice Terrill, Joyce Tharp, Marie Thompson, Juanita Thorson. Row 6: Rochelle Toner, Joanne Tonkinson, Larry Tonnesen, Karen Townsend, Rosemary Trager, Carol Tre- maine, Dianne Trickey, Carole Turkleson, Sidney Tullar. f ., J -r .fha - 2 QF . . 'W , ik:i5.k,,,ik,ga 4 f ,ri FRESHMEN Row 1: Arlene Tychsen, Carol Ultfers, Arclith Unolerloerg, Trula Urbanek, Sandra Vandeberg. Row 2: Joan VanDyke, Janice VanSant, Arlo Velie, Judith Vermilyea, Walita Voorhees, Martha Ward, Kathleen Warm, Shirley Watkins, Susan Welch. Row 3: Judith Wheeler, Dalene Whetstone, Larry White, Mary White, Ardith Wignall, Roberta Wiley, Jerry Wilhelm, Nona Wikert, Anne Williams. Row 4: Janet Williams, Sharon Williams, Dale Wilson, Judith Wilson, Karen Wilson, Donald Wineinger, Donna Wing, Roloerta Wing, Sandra Winger. Row 5: Mitzi Winkler, Gloria Wise, Sharon Wise, Gary Woods, Donald Woody, Kay Wingert, Judith Young, Carol Ziegler, DeAnn Zubradt. , 1 we .5 if 'ifflf ' K 5 if f J in sift :isp K ' " ' s ,s ,K , V , V. . Ejtigg 5 : : M w ang 5 , ,s ,,.,, ,T y V iyyg ,,,,, 'r.i , ::,: ' 1 ,'f, L ,wviw ZW 11 W .. mir. 1 T Zhi 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 252 11 ls 1 V wmv-ggi, fu-.Sf NVQ . Ox YA I fn Lame 4 si 4 ' if ,gay we .X "'-v 'vw is 4 ' r 8 . Hx 1, .QMW M G N I I I 5 I i 1 .Q nis- Vi .,,,,. , A185-N 1 5 1' 'f - W",ff',,-,,1w-.-, 1, 'rifaxfr' ', "' . N..." " f'- dia. ,Js1+rmt'-- wafwiwav- rm S '52 , ff? , V -if 1 1 1 , .. 1 L' f , " 1 JT .A , 1,1g,?w,pm -- 'n 1w1fwf 1gspiQW1mQQ., . 4 ,h 1 .. , , .1 '111,,f ff 112, . ,. -1 , -vXW ':f- 51121 FE www' fmt-1,-15, 'f -- 0115-,1115izL ,.,... . 1 Row l: John Arthaud, Verna Atzen, Gary Bailey, John Bartlett, Patricia Beitel, Marlene Belthuis, Dixie Benson. Row 2: Mary Ann Bergman, Marlys Bergland, Sharon Beving, Ronald Bewyer, Deanna Bindel, Faye Blankinship, Jannis Boardman. Row 3: Janet Bohlander, Betty Bovenmyer, Ruth Brandt, Berth Ann Bock- haus, Marcia Brown, Judith Busching, Sandra Byal. Row 4: Kay Callaway, Sally Catlett, Norman Cibula, Sharon Clausen, Betty Cole, Joan Collins, Mary Cooney. Row 5: Bethalene Crandall, Carolyn Crouse, James Crowder, Cathryn Crowe, Lu Daily, Diane Darnall, Marla Davis. Row 6: Alice Dinges, Sharon Dorsey, Nadine Duer, Charles Dunnigan, Carol Ebel, Betty Edmonds, Corol Elsloury. SOPHQMORES fps- ,Q . ,,, 'D' l F xl .g s 'XX' I i li ev l K , Row 1: Rebecca Fisher, Gordon Franck, Leona Folkers, Phyllis Follrner, Larry Fuson, Carol Gayther, Zelda Geater. Row 2: Patricia Genter, Sylvia Geurink, Sheri Gillette, Lila Gittinger, Nlarlys Goetz, Kay Gosh, Patricia Greve. Row 3: Diane Grotegut, Carol Groves, Marilyn Hamilton, Carolyn Hanson, Karen Harbach, Lois Harker Karen Harrold. Row 4: Constance Hasser, Shirley Hawes, Marie Hays, Carol Hendrickson, Carol Hensino, Charles Hess, Cheryl Hildebrand. Row 5: Carolyn Hoeft, Norma Hoffman, DeVonna Hoovel, Sher- rie Houston, Joyce Howell, Sylvia Jackson, Marilyn Jacobs. Row 6: Karen Jacobson, Dorothea Janssen, Rob- ert Jefferson, Donna Johannes, Kaye Johnson, Beverly Jones, Nancy Jones. SOPHCDMORES Q, ,St 3 mapa Q... at-W 'Q r Z N SOPHOMORES Row l: Carol Jossie, Mary Keith, Katherine Kelly, Patricia Kempf, Marian Kesselring, Janet Kimmel, Bev- erly Koch. Row 2: Roberta Kraft, Karen Lahmann, Barbara Lang, Mary Larson, Vernelle Larson, Darlene Lemke, Karen Lemke. Row 3: Jane Lindeen, Barbara Linden, Barbara Locker, Gloria Lombardi, Rita Lom- bardi, David Long, David Longnecker. Row 4: Jeanette Loomis, Jovonna Lott, Karen Lowe, Linda Lucas, Janet Luedtke, Sally Luethie, Patti McCune. Row 5: Cindy McCurdy, Kay McGowan, Regina McGowan, Joan Mad- den, Connie Jean Marcum, Lola Matthews, Patricia Maulthaut. Row 6: Leila Monkemeier, Sharon Naeve, Carmen Neal, Charlotte Nelson, Gwendolyn Nelson, Mary Ness, Barbara Netherton. Row l: Nancy Niles, Karen Nims, Barbara Nonneman, Robert Nordman, Michael O'Brien, Jacqueline Oel berg, Judith Ogden. Row 2: Charles Olson, Evelyn Osterrnan, Barbara Palnner, Anita Pearson, Julia Pedelty Betty Peters, Tanya Petersen. Rovv 3: Roland Pohlrnan, Kathleen Poling, Karolyn Porter, Janice Powell, Lil lian Price, Arlene Purdy, Roger Pyburn. Row 4: Rosalind Ray, Kay Reardon, Ruth Rhines, Betsey Riley John Ripkey, Janet Robbins, Ann Robinson. Row 5: Judith Robinson, Delene Ross, Shirley Rowe, Craig Rule Rose Ann Sadler, Ruth Ellen Sander, Karen Sanderman. Row 6: Suzanne Schirnberg, Darlene Schlesselrnan Jane Schoonmaker, Shirley Schuldt, Harriet Schuler, Walter Searcy, Collene Sellers. SOPHOMORES 266 l Row i: Harlene Sexton, Mary Ann Shafer, Carol Shogren, Dee Silver, Shirley Simpson, Carol Snoutfer, Rich- ard Sorenson, Suzanne Sparrow. Row 2: Sandra Standers, Stanley Sutter, Barbara Swim, Joann Tolly, Jane Tervvilliger, John Tott, Ella Jane Thomas. Row 3: Marlene Thorland, Joy Tubaugh, Merlyn Tungesvik, Judy Turnipseed, Verna Uehling, Viola VanLoh, Betty VerBeek. Row 4: Judith Vint, Patricia Vogl, Judith Wade, Jacob Walker, Charles Way, Claudine Webster, JoAnn Webster. Row 5: June Westemeier, Carolyn White, Marlene Wiekamp, Marcia Wiley, Joan Wilson, Marla Yakish, Kay Zimmerman. SOPHOMORES "" W LLX '3q,.,M., knew' f N, N., fm Row l: Gary Ammeter, Carl Anderson, Karen Anderson, Tracy Anderson, Carol Atkinson, Nancy Ball. Row 2: Charles Barrett, Rebecca Barton, William Becvar, Maxine Bergmann, Beverly Bogart, Willard Boscalion. Row 3: Ralph Bottortt, Altamae Briden, William Brousard, Barbara Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Gayle Brown. Row 4: Karen Buckley, Alice Bunnell, Lydia Ruiz Burgos, Ronald Burnell, Robert Butler, Fredrico Cachola. Row 5: Betty Carr, Patricia Clinton, Dorla Coots, Richard Copps, Sandra Cranston, Jose Cruzallende. Row 6: Joan Daniel, Mary Elvesether, Maxine Fenner, Lenore Fisch, Margaret Fischer. .ILINIORS 1 M ,Q Nr:-uf Rovv lz Dale Frank, Anne Fymbo, Richard Gabriel, Lois Gaunr, Henry Gray, Elfrieda Greufe. Row 2: Claudia Gress, Margaret Haefner, Beaumont Hagebak, Ellen Hanson, Raymond Haring, Dale Harrison. Row 3: Janet Hayes, James Helvick, Barbara Henderson, Yvonne Hennings, Gerald Hime, Jane Hitchens. Rovv 4: Dennis Holmes, Joyce Hopp, John Jenkins, David Jepson, Elsa Kaplan, Colleen Kelley. Rovv 5: Norma Larkin, Roger Larsen, Melvin Lewis, Ronald Lockwood, Frances Luper, Carl McGuire. Rovv 6: Mary Mensing, Math- alie Mericle, LaVern Meyer, Pafricia Miller, Jo Moline, Elgin Morris. JUNIORS I l Row l: Allee Nowden, Marva Nygaarcl, Antoine O'Connor, Joan Peters, Medha Petzenhauser, Ronald Pres- cott. Row 2: Kay Rayment, Barbara Reagen, Robert Re.imers, Karen Rohlck, Sharon Ryan, Georgia Sampson. Row 3: Marice Schluntz, Hazel Scott, Sonia Sellas, Anne Shafer, Carol Smith, Karen Smith. Row 4: Constance Speake, Danny Staggs, Mary Kaye Stringer, Zoe Thoreson, Joyce Tobias, Burton VanAuken. Row 5: Linda VanDoren, John Walden, Nancy Wallace, Kenneth Walser, Janice Whittemore, Louise Zierner. JUNIORS ,E :ZK V " . . ..,se J J ... . as M I J viit is I in '.,- 3 .. :J E l l S'- W Y J .. tr-5'f:'i N .:.. In A V- 3 :I I 'tw ,tt 1 y li L tr.t 1 3 XV ,,., gigs-7' I.: Y Q V .,,. .:1?., . tt r rt: .bgr 'itil '41, li k ' 15? 3: -:- " ' ' IW 42" . F H J is 'W Q 1 " 'f aff ' , vi .ggi f 3' 1 3 'L" 53 Ya2F3?S7lf-fflfwfifwfi? 1 23116 Q .if bfi, WM 4f'iQiw4fv3i 54 Lf M MZ Q F 54523 yy F 1 W EM i GRADUATES Opal Thompson Abbe Waterloo Upper Elementary James Franklin Abbott Eagle Grove Industrial Arts Joan Kay Abbott Vinton Physical Education Ruth Mieko Abe Paia Maui, Hawaii Upper Elementary Jack Harvey Adams Mason City Social Science Donald Gene Adkins West Des Moines Art Bertha Lou Aldrich Waukee Music Jane Maree Amesburg Titonka Lower Elementary Thomas Joe Amsberry Hamilton Physical Education Carol Jean Anderson Waterloo Lower Elementary Deanna Lee Anderson Mason City Social Science Donald L. Anderson Fort Dodge Mathematics Geraldine lone Anderson Cresco Kindergarten-Primary John Dennis Anderson Thompson Mathematics Donald Dean Angel La Porte City Physical Education GRADUATES Clifford Angell Albia Business Education Joseph Albert Antone Iowa City Industrial Arts David Paul Baier Sumner Business Education Laverne Russell Baker Business Education Cedar Falls Dale Dean Ball Cedar Falls Social Science Keith Leslie Bare Independence Science Karen Joann Bartachek Belle Plaine Music William Henry Bauer North English Social Science Dean Merlin Baum Colville, Washington Science 'Phillip Max Beckman Middletown Mathematics, Business Education Virginia Anne Benbow Green Mountain Lower Elementary Judith Evelyn Bender Meridian, Mississippi Upper Elementary James Nicholas Bentz Remsen Industrial Arts Marvin Lorimer Berg Dayton Industrial Arts William Truman Berry Boone Physical Education John Vern Berryman Dodgeville, Wisconsin Physical Education lrma Margaret Bird Woden Junior High Marlis Joan Bock Maquoketa Social Science Mervil Adams Boeck Ontario, California Kindergarten-Primary Daryl Henry Bohlen West Burlington Industrial Arts Patricia Ann Boone Collinsville, Illinois Social Science Glen David Borland Primghar Physical Education Judith Anne Branam Earlham Kindergarten-Primary Elaine Joyce Bratland Bode Kindergarten-Primary Roger Dean Bridges Plainfield Social Science, Library Science Harvey John Broshar Waterloo Business Education Wilmer Chester Brosz Cedar Falls Business Education Joyce W. Brownlie Atkins Upper Elementary Carolyn Ada Bruce Hamburg Music Dallas Howard Bryant Van Horne Science Janet H, Buerkens David Lee Butfington John Bernard Bullen Marlene Joan Burger WafeflOO Titonka Charles City Eberly Kindergarten-Primary Social Science Buginegg Education Music Robert Lee Burkgren Roger Lee Burkhart Donald Ray Burt John Lyle Byers Dayton WOOClWBfCl Truro Primghar Industrial Arts 5Cfef1Ce Social Science Industrial Arts Charlotte L. Cagley David Carnarigg Alice Clearman Campbell John Roger Campbell Ionia COl'f9Cfl0f1Vllle Cedar Falls Plainfield Music Junior High Business Education Business Education GRADUATES GRADUATES Luis Angel Cartagena Caguas, Puerto Rico Upper Elementary Duane J. Casey Cascade Junior High Clyde Lavern Chelsvig Huxley Industrial Arts Terrence Allen Cinkle Plymouth Physical Education Russell L. Christensen Dakota City Physical Education James Albert Clark Elma Social Science Dennis Ray Clausen Hartley Junior High Dianne Claussen Waterloo Business Education Eugene Richard Cody Humboldt English Clarissa Pauline Combs Ames Lower Elementary Fred Benjamin Compton Stuart Industrial Arts Carol Jean Cook Waterloo Upper Elementary Garnett Kay Cox Storm Lake Lower Elementary Larry Dean Cox Keswick Junior High Robert Leonard Cramer Reinbeck English Leroy Earl Crawford Davenport Physical Education, Social Science Tamson Crist Perry Library Science Harold Sprague Cross New Hartford Industrial Arts Nancy Elaine Daasch Dunlap Lower Elementary Richard Laird Dahms Traer Industrial Arts Richard L. Danielson Cedar Falls Business Education Deloy Kelvin Davidsen Ottumwa Music Delmar William Dean Cedar Falls Business Education Richard Allen Delk Cedar Falls Business Education Sandra Jo Dickson Cedar Falls Lower Elementary John Linn Doak Grundy Center Physical Education Jimmie Ray Doerzman Plainfield Physical Education John Martin Dolan Casey Business Education Elizabeth Doran Humboldt Lower Elementary Lawrence R. Dorhout Sioux Center Business Education 'itz' ,v""'Q ,.......--f" Duane E. Dubois Evansdale Mafhemafics Phillip E. England Van Mefer Social Science Myron Eugene Evans Alden Social Science Karen Norene Eckles Glenwood Upper Elemenfary Rosaire Marie Enzler Waferloo Lower Elemenfary Eldon Harry Fain Mallard lndusfrial Arfs Carol Ann Elbert Corwifh Business Educafion Barbara J. Erickson lndianola Lower Elemenfary KenneTh L. Fairchild Kimballfon Industrial Arfs Jane? Jean Else Ida Grove Vocational Home Economics Dean Edward ErnsT Elgin, Minnesota Ann Lucille Farmer Van Horne Lower Elemenfary Z GRADUATES Dennis Edward Fillirnan Cedar Falls Mathematics Paula Warner Filliman Cedar Falls Lower Elementary Delmar Arthur Fink Westgate Business Barbara Bailey Fintel La Porte City Lower Elementary Annelle Marie Flesner Farmersburg Home Economics Merna Katharine Folkers Scotch Grove Upper Elementary, Home Economics Virginia Carol Fowler Cedar Falls Art Charles A. Freluvnd Cedar Falls Art Geraldine Grace Fromm Mason City Junior High Forrest W. Frownfelter Creston Industrial Arts Rynard Andre Garnache Ottumwa Social Science Margaret King Gamet Cedar Falls Kindergarten-Primary Mary Virginia Garoutte Adel Music Ronald Dwight Garrison Ottumwa Junior High Robert Gene Gates Mason City Physical Education mtl dzvvw, GRADUATES James Harvey Geater Vinton Physical Education Janet Carol Gelder Iowa Falls Horne Economics Faye Renner.Glessner Cedar Rapids Business Education Allan Jean Gilbertson Forest City Physical Education Richard George Gipple Columbus Junction Physical Education Alan Frederick Glascock Osceola Social Science Merle Ga rmam Washington Business Education Edward Allan Gourley Corwith Physical Education Max Robert Graves Cedar Falls Business Education John Robert Greelis Cedar Falls Mathematics Francis Jean Green Ames Lower Elementary Darrell H. Greenwood Marshalltown Social Science Maralyn Ray Gress Cedar Falls Lower Elementary Lyle Eugene Grooters Cedar Falls Industrial Arts Don Franklin Gross Cedar Falls Mathematics Tie il"-P" its Nancy Lee Grover Clutier Upper Elementary David S. Gunderson Lake Mills Business Education Mildred Ann Gust Clarinda Business Education Derol William Hafar Cedar Falls Speech Correction Marilyn Louise Hala Tama Mathematics Susan Haller Oftumwa Music Robert Terry Halstead Dike Social Science Maynard Don Hamilton Tipton Physical Education Glen LeRoy Hansen Cedar Falls Business Education Roger Dean Hansen Cedar Falls Physical Education Delores Elaine Harder Cedar Falls Mathematics Robert Lavern Hare Waterloo Science Ronald Gene Harklau Cedar Falls Physical Education James O. Harmon Waterloo Mathematics Ollis Hayes Harned, Jr. Cedar Falls Physical Education GRADUATES Betty Joy Harrison Marshalltown Library Science Beverly Jean Hart Webb Lower Elementary Robert Keith Harter Rockford, Illinois Science William Dalph Hartman Creston Music Kathryn Milius Hascall Des Moines Art Wayne Charles Hascall Shelby Mathematics William Kale Hatfield Waterloo Business Education Lila M. Havinga Kamrar Upper Elementary John Leon Hayden Cedar Falls Business Education Robert Grant Hearst Muscatine Upper Elementary Thomas Harry Heath Cedar Falls Industrial Arts Richard Lavern Heaton Cedar Falls Physical Education Julianne Esther Hett Hancock Kindergarten-Primary David Frank Heil Mankato, Minnesota Science Gene Charles Heileman Cedar Falls Social Science GRADUATES Donald Ray Heinselman Waterloo Business Education Richard Merle Henak Lohrville Industrial Arts Anastasia Ida Herold Fort Atkinson Upper Elementary Rosemary There Herold Fort Atkinson Lower Elementary James Michael Hess Cedar Falls Business Education Maril u Hetzer Tipton Lower Elementary John Charles Heying lonia Junior High Rodney Hill Hoffman Storm Lake Industrial Arts Gary Eugene Hogue Odebolt Science Eldon Anthony Holl Dyersville Science Gwendolyn June Holz New Hampton English Harold Wesley Hopp Moville Junior High Michael William Horton Des Moines Industrial Arts Jerry Allen Howard Cedar Falls Physical Education Mary Lynne Howe Ames Physical Education 'wtf ,aah GRADUATES Willard John Howell Columbus Junction Physical Education Edward Gene Jackson Traer Industrial Arts James Humphrey Jackson Cedar Falls Harold Harlan James Ottumwa Mathematics Mary Kathleen James Center Junction Junior ljligh Stanley Russell James Mount Vernon Mathematics Faye Beverly Janssen Goodell Kindergarten-Primary Ronald Dean Jarchow Oelwein Business Education Alvin Beniamin Jasper Bettendorf Art Francis Elain Jennings Tipton Kindergarten-Primary Delores Rasmus Jensen Honey Creek Upper Elementary Kenneth George Jensen Cedar Falls Business Education Raymond Neal John Marshalltown Industrial Arts Audrey Avis Johnson Fairmont, Minnesota Art Dale Arthur Johnson Dike Mathematics in "hn....-.- kk,: Glenn Frederick Johnson Missouri Valley Speech Correction James Arthur Johnson Marshalltown Industrial Arts Richard Dean Johnson Eagle Grove Science Ray Smalling Johnston Janesville Social Science Leland Louis Jokela Pulaski Social Science Harriet Jane Jones Columbus City Upper Elementary Marilyn Belle Jones Newton English Janet Ann Jugenheimer Davenport English Nick Raymond Kalianov Evansdale Mathematics Roy Francis Karbula Cedar Falls Social Science Paul Willi Kellerhals Tipton Physical Education Carolyn Lee Kemper Cedar Rapids Lower Elementary Robert Allen Kennedy Washington Business Education William Carl Ketch Des Moines Physical Education William Lee Kibbie Cedar Rapids Physical Education Mary Ann Kies Waterloo English John Richard King Waterloo Earth Science Margaret Fern Kinkade Milford Kindergarten-Primary Esther Louise Kling Newton Speech Kathryn June Korns Hartwick Physical Education Adolph Knoblock Lester Mathematics Rudy Richard Kubik Clutier Science Patricia Ann Kucera Tama Lower Elementary Patrick Andrew Lahey Clinton Social Science Maxine Joyce Lahmann Denver Physical Education Elizabeth Louise Lamb Des Moines Lower Elementary Sharon Louise Lamb Cedar Rapids Lower Elementary Charles Joseph Lande Cedar Falls Biology Ronald Lee Landius Monticello William Emmett Lane Cedar Falls Physical Education GRADUATES Herbert Donald Lange Cedar Falls lndustr-ial Arts James Robert Lantow Sumner English Donald Jay Larson Alden Physical Education Jo Ann Lassen Springville Junior High Donald J. Lawless Macksburg Robert Edward Lemke Dows Business Education Franklin R. Lindstrom Ames Physical Education Kathleen K. Longstreet Primghar Kindergarten-Primary Keith Samuel Loomis Des Moines Business Education James Everett Luhrs Primghar Business Education Royce Eugene Luiken Steamboat Rock Business Education Paul Dean Lundberg Marshalltown Music Flossie Pyle Lutz Mason City Junior High Harry Dean McCauley Van Meter Science Ronald D. McClain Cedar Falls Social Science GRADUATES Joyce McLennan Hartwick Physical Education Richard Aaron Macer Mason City Industrial Arts Mary Lou Mamminga Grundy Center Music Charles G. Manolernach Odebolt Music Gloria Deane Mangold Ryan Kindergarten-Primary Gerald Laurence Mark Casey Physical Education Elfrieole Mohr Martin Charles City Foreign Language, Social Science Patricia Ann Martin Montezuma Vocational Home Economics Sh-irley Kay Martinson Clarion Mathematics James Walter Marsh Kellog'g Physical Education Lavonne Elizabeth Matern Thorton Vocational Home Economics Franklyn E. Merchant Spencer Physical Education Jerald Dale Mertens Reinbeck industrial Arts Elolon Harolcl Meyers lonia Mathematics Richard.Clark Michael Charles City industrial Arts Delores Bell Mick Mason City Upper Elementary Charlotte Mildred Miller Bemidji, Minnesota Physical Education John Robert Miller Cedar Falls Science Larry Leon Mitchell Paullina Music Ronald Dean Moehlis Waterloo Mathematics Dean Marlin Molinsky Oelwein Junior High Charles R. Mordan Pocahontas Physical Education, Social Science Mary Jane Mortord Davenport Social Science Beverly Muehlethaler Elgin Lower Elementary Ronald Wayne Muilenburg Maurice Mathematics Jack Ray Mully Cedar Falls Physical Education Yasuo Joe Nakamura Kona, Hawaii Junior High Eugene Arthur Nasalroad Boone Social Science Lyle Odell Natvig Waterloo Business Education Glenn Franklin Nellist Rowley Speech Hart Michael Nelsen Pipesfone, Minnesota Science Janet Mae Nelson Cedar Falls Art Jerry William Nelson Marshalltown Mathematics Marybeth Ann Nelson Cedar Falls Music Walter Dean Nelson Cedar Falls Business Education Virgil Clay Noack Postville Social Science Charles Howard Noneman Holstein Junior High Joann Marie Ogan Marshalltown Upper Elementary Clark Philip Ogden Fonda Art Jean Miyako Okumoto Hanapepe, Hawaii Lower Elementary Richard George Olson Eldridge Leland Eugene Osgood Swea City Business Education Janice Abbott Ostrander Packersburg Vocational Home Economics Gus Pappadackis Storm Lake Physical Education Jack D. Parker Eunice, New Mexico Science M. A. GRADUATES William Joseph Patrtaud Spencer Music Valmah Lee Patrilla Vinton Art, lnd. Arts Jeannine Ann Peck Waterloo Kindergarten-Primary Paul Allen Pemble Sac City Physical Education Leigh Ann Perrenoud Sioux Falls, South Dakota Lower Elementary Elclon Nicklaus Peters Packersburg Industrial Arts John Neil Peterson Ruthven Junior High John Spencer Pink Cedar Falls Art Sara Kaye Porter Clarion Kindergarten-Primary Eugene Carroll Pratt Des Moines Speech Correction Marilyn Josephine Pratt Garden Grove, California Lower Elementary Robert L. Preston Waterloo Industrial Arts Shirley M. Pritchett West Bend Upper Elementary Larry Dennis Raasch Wiota Business Education Patricia Ann Raloer Ackley Lower Elementary GRADUATES O. Edward Ratfensperger Jerry Lee Raines Richard Martin Read Des Moines Ottumwa Spirit Lake Business Education Music Mathematics Don Lavem Reece Allen Lloyd Rernling, Jr. Betty Faye Ressler Cedar Falls Dundee Waverly Business Education Upper Elementary Beverly Jean Rhines . Davenpm, Betty Joann Rhodes Ezra Warren Rice English Guthrie Center Cedar Falls Music Social Science L Olive Marie Reid Spirit Lake Physical Education Mary Ella Reutinger Wapello Lower Elementary Charles Clarkson Riker Cedar Falls Physical Education Jaqqueline J, Riggler Beverly B. Rlllel' Susan Rock Coryclon Waterloo Cedar Rapids Lower Elemenfafy Vocational Home Economics Mathematics Lorraine Rohwedder Donald Fred Roquet Walda Remington Roquet Menyard LaPorte City Gerald Allen Rulon Industrial Arts Junior High Cedar Falls , An Richard Loren Ryan Elizabeth Ann Sage Roland Waterloo Industrial Arts Upper Elementary Donald C. Rohwedder Cedar Falls Industrial Arts Kathryn Lorraine Ruen Posrville Vocational Home Economics Joanne Lois Sander Lovvden Vocational Home Economics Ullinuql "Ego ffl ' Richard Kazuto Sasaki Honolulu, Hawaii Social Science Melvin Roy Schroeder Dows Business Education Larry David Schuler Buffalo Center Mathematics Cl iffo rd H aley Scott Independence Social Science Douglas Joseph Scott Des Moines Social Science Lora Rae Sharp Clarion Art Phil Byron Shattuck Hartley Speech Correction Mariean Kay Sheckler Nora Springs Junior High David Leroy Shepoiser Mason City Mathematics Mary Angela Shold Elkader Lower Elementary John Joseph Shuler Keokuk Math, Science Earl Joseph Sidrnore Aurora, Illinois Physical Education Mary Helen Sisson Waterloo Music Raymond Lee Sloan Jefferson Science Dennis John Smith Nicholas Music GRADUATES Eunese Ann Smith Hopkinton Upper Elementary Morris Smith Earlham Physical Education Ronald Dean Spears Waterloo Social Science David Ward Spencer Cedar Falls Frank Phillip Sproule Marilyn Irene Stafford Sperry Mathematics Mae Darlene Stahl DeWitt Lower Elementary Alice Delores Steege Waverly Lower Elementary Vernon S. Stenoien Moorhead, Minnesota Chemistry M.A. Shirley Ann Stiet Aurelia English Frankie Gene Stotts Marshalltown Physical Education Leona Strackloein Lowclen Upper Elementary Alyse Mohr Streitberger Cedar Falls Lower Elementary Burton Charles Strike Nashua Social Science Travis M. Stringtield Mason City 3 swx 'err-1-'ff' at ka, GRADUATES Dennis J. Sfripling La Verne Physical Education DeWayne Edward Stroud Martendale Physical Education Rosemary M. Stuempel Dubuque Business Education Ronald Nl. Swanson Cedar Falls Business Education Doris Setsuko Tanaka Honokaa, Hawaii Kindergarten-Primary Naomi Tanaka Honokaa, Hawaii Lower Elementary Diane Rose Tenglin Burlington English Audrey Mae Thiese McGregor Vocational Home Economics John Elden Thoeni Monticello Science Donald Lee Thompson Dysart Speech Correction Russell Duane Thompson LaPorte City Science Bernadine Faye Tia rks McClelland English Leon Robert Tollefson Cedar Falls Bus. Ed,, Soc. Sci. Duane Arthur Toomsen Holland Science Lorraine David Tressler Cedar Falls English Fredrick Joe Troutman Algona Social Science Gary Thomas Trunnell Cedar Falls Physical Education Gaylord Faye Tryon Glidden Physical Education Nancy Swick Tychsen Council Bluffs Lower Elementary Donald Ross Tyrrell Spencer Physical Education Gene Phillip Ulvestad Maquoketa Mathematics Pauline Uuskallio West Branch Junior High Christine Valentine Cedar Falls Vocational Home Economics Kenneth Alan Vance Clarksville Sylvia Joan Vedvik Oregon, Wisconsin Physical Education John Joseph Vovos Cedar Falls Industrial Arts Donald Paul Wakefield Dows Social Science John Norman Waldron Cedar Falls Industrial Arts Marilyn Marie Wallace Vinton Mathematics Leo Harvey Walton Cedar Falls Junior High Richard James Wa re Muscatine Mathematics Arland Lee Waters Hampton Physical Education Paul Merritt Watnem Belmond Industrial Arts Sylvia Jane Webbeking Waterloo Upper Elementary Carl Orville Wehner Mediapolis Mathematics, M.A. Karen Kay Wemer What Cheer Business Education Richard Allen Wenfipen Belrnond Industrial Arts Dorothy Jane Wenger Fairbank Upper Elementary Nancy Ann Westphal Onslow Business Education John Frederick Weyl Burlington Richard Kenneth Wheeler Stanhope Business Education Theora Schimberg Whelchel Cedar Falls Vocational Home Economics Martha Lou White Dickens Music Jo Elyn Whitman Havelock Vocational Home Economics Milford Po Whittlesey Ottumwa Speech GRADUATES Emma Lou Wiele Letts Music Mary Theora Wigton Grimes Eng., For. Lang. Eleanor Joy Wilkans Alexander Vocational Home Economics Suzann Bagle Williams Oftumwa Art Lila Maysel Witt Osage Lower Elementary Marion Edwin York Burlington Science Kaye Don Young Charles City Physical Education John George Zahn Des Moines Science David Dean Zea St. Ansgar Business Education Judith Arline Zuber Davenport Mathematics -ff' rw ,x 5 if E ,, f 3 i 5 Q 3 1 E 1 3 lil: 2, 'aww' - , 1" ., .Wg A .f, f EL.. ? ix A.f,A , W,,ig L. , Egg, i:fi3ff .- ,,. K ' , ,. --Qzfqsii , , Q Lz,LW Lgfz XL1., rz., g ff A rx yi M, , X 4 - 1,5 gs , ' f ggi ' . .N Af 'Q - 'rw was-.S 'W is F' . , 1: 3 , I w if 'wf?EQkL+WzQ,sLf'21, . -3 if AL Q K Q5 ' fmsmw 1 D 0' X4 u 39 o Y 4- I a s ff XX if Q "We Give S 8: H Green S+amps" FLOWERS WATERLOO by EVANSDALE IOWA FALLS Bancroft MASON CITY CEDAR FALLS MARSHALLTOWN 85 Years of Dependable Service CEDAR RAPIDS Phone Co-6-352: 4l6 W. l2+h S+. Cedar Falls, Iowa BERG 81 BERG Your Rexoll Stores 4+I1 and Main 23rd and College Cedar Falls, Iowa A PHILCO-MAYTAG HOME APPLIANCES FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES JENNY RECORD CO. S, 8, H, FIRESTONE D0 6 Sound Business WIII1 US! R. A. Sleffensmeir L. A. Holmsrrom HI-FI PHONOGRAPHS AND RECORDS 2l9-22' Main Co,6,266l 2I9 Wesf 4+I1 Walerloo, Iowa CEDAR FALLS' IOWA Wifi? WW of o eo ome in cmd tg ex Oulu ownvun my F wgk 96 V., ""'nnvmmvi-"'li 'fi I P ' 4-T x 1 A Q -, Y-T f I ff COLLEGE lIll.l. JEWELRY xlyzyms gejaxj K Wal errill Jr BROWN'S STANDARD SERVICE 2004 College Sl. Cedar Falls, Iowa Hughes College Store Gym and Home Economics Supplies I I K 1 22l8 College Cedar Falls g I as + M I X AA Phone co 6-2555 9 V Cedar Falls, Iowa lll"m NATIONALLY Aovelmseo O CONN O MUSIC I OLDS O ACCESSORIES l LEBLANC I REPAIRING C WURLITZER PIANOS AND ORGANS The Music Corner Wesl' Parlc and Washinglon Walerloo, Iowa KNOW WHAT THis MEANSPH5 Circle Pizzeria Mlllffyg i of Course! ' Buy a Porlable Typewriler Now! Use I+ lhe Resl of Your Life! All Popular Makes Easy Paymenl Plans LATTA'S Complele Oulfillers for School and Office MUSIC-COMBO STYLE 3 Slores lo Serve You Monday Thru Thursday Phone CO6-3236 H2 EaS+ 3rd S+. 909 W. 23rd 22l8 S. Main 2800 Falls Ave CEDAR FALLS' IOWA Cedar Falls Cedar Falls Walerloo SMALL -Enough +o know you! LARGE -Enough lo serve you! STRONG -Enough lo prolecl you! You are inviled lo make full use of every 'lacilily lhis Bank has lo offer. Member-Federal Reserve Syslem and Federal Deposll Insurance Corporalion HURWlCH'S O 500-508 Lafayelle Slreel WATERLOO Wa+erloo's Ololesl Furnilure Slore PRESIDENT .IEWELERS NAT ZEIGER, Gemologisl' Where You Pay No More 'For lhe Flnesl in Diamonds, Walches, Jewelry IN THE PRESIDENT HOTEL BUILDING WATERLOO, IOWA No Exlra Charge for Creclil Asquith Jewelry Company Eslablishecl in I894 22I W. Fourlh S+. WATERLOO, IOWA Phone ADams 4-8868 NATIONAL BANK OF WATERLOO Member of 'rhe Federal Deposil Insurance Corporalion 3 FARNSWORTH RADIO and TELEVISION ADams 4-6682 20l-205 E. Mulen Ave. Walerloo, Iowa TEN EN BAUM'S JEWELRY Walerloo and Waverly Engraving Free on Any Purchase DIAMOND SETTERS and GOLDSMITHS MARTIN BROS. Distributing Company "Northeast Iowa's Leading Restaurant Equipment and Food Products Distributor" Featuring EQUIPMENT AND FOOD PRODUCTS FOR SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM WAGN ER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Giideover Garage Doors, Wood or Steel Electric Operators Eievator Equipment Tracks, Hangers, Building Brackets and Other Specialty Items Ist and Washington Cedar FaIIs, Iowa I922 Main Cedar Falls, Iowa The CONGRATULATIONS to the Old Pottery Shop FINE CHINA, GLASS POTTERY AND GIFTS 4I3 Main Cedar Fa Is CLASS ot I959 We WiII Be Happy to Welcome the Underciassmen Back This Fall BEN FRANKLIN STORE 209 Main Cedar Falls TOWNSEND 81 MERRILL CO. "The House ot OuaIity" LUMBER-MILLWORK-COAL Lon Gleason, Mgr. Phone: CO 6-356I 602 Main St. Cedar Falls, Iowa Call SU LLIVAN'S FLOWERS For the Loveiiest in Corsages and Center Pieces WALTER J. KRAFKA IO8 East 2nd Street CO6-9402 WorId's Largest Producer ot Rotary Pump VIKING PUMP CO. Cedar FaIIs, Iowa j-J JON E'S D-X Washing-Greasing-Jeep Towing Phone CO6-9064 Corner ot Seerley and Main "Perky Panther" says: Welcome to the l.S.T.C. Alumni Assoc. You Can Help l.S.T.C. by As on Alumnus of l.S.T.C. these services of the college may help you Placement Service: Extension Service: The Alumnus: Alumni Meetings: The Placement Bureau Serves experienced as well as current graduates in obtaining Teaching positions. Extension classes organized at various cities throughout the state provide opportunity for teachers to earn col- lege credit while continuing their classroom teaching. Published quarterly, THE ALUMNUS magazine is mailed to all graduates of TC. It brings up-to-date information on the College, Faculty, and former students. TC grads get together for social gatherings at least once a year in all parts of the U.S. One of the largest gather- ings is the Coffee Hour at the ISEA Convention. We next meet in the Des Moines Room of the Savery Hotel, Friday, November 6, from 4 to 6 p.m. Doing your very best on your iob. Encouraging topnotch students to attend l.S.T.C. Cooperating on Alumni Association proiects when called upon. Keeping us posted on your current address and activi- ties-we're interested. And supporting your Alumni Association proiects such as the scholarship program. Listen to arnation ,V Milk KYTC The Student Voice BoYSEN'S SHOES A THE BOLSER CORPORATION FlaI's-Spor+s Casuals 27+h and Main 5398 To 5695 SHOE Manufacfurers of Truck Flares Cedar Falls and Ofher Safe+y Equipmenf 305 Main A 'A" A E 1555! xf? ...,., - V4A'f:' ' S 81 R Cafe l409 Wes'r ISI' on Hiway 20 Fines+ of Home Cooked Foods AIR CONDITIONED CENTRAL BATTERY and ELECTRIC 3l3 W. 5+h Wa+erloo Specializing in Au+omo+ive Carbure'I'ion Vol'rage Regulalion O P E N Speedome+ers 8:00 A.M.-I2:00 Midnighr, Sun.-Thurs. MoTor Tgme'Up axoo AM.-ms AM., F1-S +. an , , H a Small Gas Engine Repair BLACK HAWK PUBLISHING CO., Inc. Prin'rers and Publishers Publishers of IOWA FARM LABOR NEWS JOSEPH c. KENNEDY, Pres. La Fosse Music House The Very Finesi' lnsfrumenls 'for S+uclen+ and Professional Comple+e Line of Music and Accessories 323lf2 Main Sfreel 424 E' 4ll' S+' Cedar Falls, Iowa Walkerloo' Iowa . Phone: Dial AD 3-6103 COlfax 6-4597 OLD GOLD Don't Be Left Out! Buy Your T960 OLD GOLD Now! CO 3IO CEDAR FALLS AUTO SUPPLY ICO., Inc.l Disfribufors of Aufomobile Replacemenf P Complefe Machine Shop Phone CO6-3676 lll Wesf lsf Sf. Cedar Falls, Iowa arfs Israel's Your Clofhier and Furnisher DRESS RIGHT You Can'f Afford Nof fo Harry N. Israel 207 Main Sfreef Cedar Falls H I EBER DRUG COMPANY Harlow-S EARLE-Lyle PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Toilefries-Cosmefics School Supplies DOWNTOWN Qualify-Service-Save Cedar Falls Trust and Savings Bank Esfablished in I 888 THE OLDEST BANK IN BLACKHAWK COUNTY MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION JOHNSON-CHRISTENSEN CO. Hardware-Heafing-Plumbing Visif Our Houseware Deparfmenf for Lasfing Giffs 3l2 Main Cedar Falls Prinfing Typewrifers Office Supplies and Equipmenf HOLST PRINTING CO. 2II Washingfon Phone CO6-0223 Cedar Falls, Iowa G EN E'S D-X SERVICE -Offers- Generafors and Sfarfers Experienced Tune-Ups Bralce Worlc All D-X Producfs GENE CANTY, Propriefor 22nd College Cob-99l0 CARDI NAL SUPER VALU "Where High Ouaify and Low Prices Combine fo Give You a Real Value" We Give Gold Bond Sfamps Cedar Falls ,M Us iii M :M ga 0... 1 - ., ' L -1 :-w r- f X311 ' V17 5 Q 6' ix 3 ff? ,li fi' if if 1 L. V. , V M 4 ,L M , ,i , , Su 2 'Tung - . 1 ,Q ff 1 ' , Eb fi Ai: 'ly .sb fha ., ,Q-1, w If 3 R I . , 9.7, gs '21, Lf " Q2 Ysqzgr 1 is Mi, g X ...,A.,m., ,, asf 2 , f - 1 wwmw . 3' - , Ziyi . fix' 1 ,' ,iv .1 V . f""""'f's4-we N111-rv, .V 5 A,...,,z,N - , ,, .. , M W ,X "' Tl L , L, .. , M.. - ,-,.M A WM . K Q .. " W H M' , 6 ....,,, ,raw L0 ,s "" Q. V K Am 'fvqni Qu- , .... ..-- ,... -....,, ,, W N-. -Hun--...,,,,, ,K M... 1-Au YEARBOOKS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Besf Yearbooks Are Tay1or-made" 3II EXECUTIVE EDITOR Marilyn Jones FALL ASSOCIATE EDITOR Al Remling SPRING ASSOCIATE EDITOR Sylvia Geurink BUSINESS MANAGER Mary Slwolcl ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Michael O'Brien ART EDITOR Sharon Slack COPY EDITOR Marilyn Hala OLD GOLD Staff PI-IOTOGRAPHER Gary Clark ASSISTANT PHOTOGRAPHER Wayne Tafge ADVERTISING MANAGER Karen Nirns THE YEAR Jim Lanfow ACADEMIC LIFE Diane Tenglin ADMINISTRATION Helen Knickman ACTIVITIES Jerry I-lime ORGANIZATIONS Ruin Offerbein SPORTS Ron Muilenlourg UNDERCLASSMEN Elaine Pifzenberger G RA D UAT ES Ron Lockwood INDEX Betsey Riley From the Editor Another year. . . another book . . . another tired editor . . . another wonderful staff. Without all the cooperation and hard work of the staff, there would never have been a 1959 OLD GOLD . . . the deadlines would never have been met, the books would not have been sold. Special thanks go to Sylvia Geurink, the girl who assumed the responsibilities of Copy Editor, and later of Associate Editor, when she was needed. Also to be commended are Al Remling, Fall Associate Edi- tor, Sharon Stack, Art Editor, Marilyn Hala, Copy Editor, and Gary Clark, our Photographer . . . all these people worked far above and beyond the call of duty. Not to be forgotten are Betsey Riley, for her work on the index, Roger Meeker and Miff Whittlesey for handling the OLD GOLD Beauty Pageant and Dance, Shirley Heisler for her work on the OLD GOLD Popularity Contest, and, of course, the sales staff, headed by Mary Shold, our indispensable Business Manager. Finally, we wish to thank .lack Hols, our advisor, for all the assistance that helped an inexperienced editor over many a rough spot. And now, for 'our entire staff, l would like to thank all of you, members of the student body and staff of the college, for your cooperation and assistance as another year became a concrete collection of memories, contained within these pages. Wag., foam Executive Editor Topical Index A E A Cappella Choir aaaaaa,naaa ..a-..aa Academic Life ,aaa.,aa Activities .,,,,,,,.. ,..,,... Administration ,..., ...,.. ,,,,,, .,,,,..., ..,,, Advertising ,,,,,,,,..7,,.,,,..,,,...., All-College Conference on International Affairs 2, Alpha Beta Alpha ....,,,,,,,,,,,.,.......eeeceeeeec.,A...,ff,.. Alpha Chi Epsilon ,,.., ..,fV... Alpha Phi Gamma ,,,,. ,f4f.... Art Club .....,,,,,,,,,,,ocoooc Art Department ,,,,,.,,..oooocoo...Vfff,,ff... -ffffffh Associated Women Students ooooooo.sssss4.. 4--A A Association ot Men's Residence Halls ..,,, oooo. AMRH Beauty Queen eeee...eeeeA..eeeeeeee..e. eeee- Auditorium .,,,,,, -- B Bartlett Hall ,,,,., .,,,,, eeeeee.f Baseball ,,,,,,,,,,,, eeeeeeee Basketball ,,,,,,,,,,,, . .e.. - C Beta Alpha Epsilon ...,.. .........,,, ,,,, , W Beta Beta Beta ...,ee,,,,,.,..,..,,s.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,...,,, Board of Control of Student Broadcasting ,,,o,,,,,o Board of Control of Student Publications ..,,,,, We Business Education Department ,,,,,,,,,,,..... eeeeee - . C Campbell Hall ue,-ou ,, soooee.,ee ,, ,,,,,, A, Campus 4-H Club ,eee, ....ooe. Campus School Campanile .ooo,,eeo,, Canterbury Club ,,,, ,,,, , Chapel Choir oeeueee eoeueeee Chimes W t,,u, ,,,u,A,,, , Christian Fellowship ,,,, ,,,,,,,u Christmas Activities ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, College Courts ooeu , ,,,s ,...s.,, College Eye ,,,,u,,,, -- College Players 2 College Relations 7 2. Commencement Concert Band ,, ,,,uu Cross Country ,,,, W Curriculum Laboratory D Dad's Day ,u,,,, ,,,, ,u,,,, I , Delta Delta Phi ,,,,, , Delta Sigma Rho ,c.. eeeee.. A 139 4 143 84 302 13 175 214 174 156 100 120 122 65 8 16 242 226 165 188 144 144 101 129 169 35 12 197 138 160 194 61 137 148 190 96 36 143 246 99 50 206 190 Education and Psychology Department seee. ..oeoe 1 02 Elementa KI ..,...,,,...,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,e,,,.,,v.., ....A. 1 64 Ellen H. Richards Club ...,, F Fall ..,,,,,,,,,..,,...,.,,,,.... ,,...,,., Fall Convocation ,,,,.,.., Fall Lecture Concerts ....,, Fall Play ,,,,..,,....,,,,,,,,... Field Services ,,,o,, Food Service ,..,.. G Gamma Delta ,,.. ,..e...eee.e Football oeoo,,.,.,, Golf .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Graduates ,oo,.,.,,, Gridiron Dinner ,,,,, .....eeeeeee H Hawaiian Club ,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,,. Head Residents a.e,, .,..,, Health Service ,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,,. Home Economics Department ,,,, Homecoming .,,.,,,,...Vveeeeee.eeee Honors Convocation ,,,,. "I" Club oeoe,oeo,eee.,..,,..,. .. .,,, .. Industrial Arts Club ,,,,.,,..,,... Industrial Arts Department ,,,oe Instruction and Research .,,,,, Intertraternity Council .e,,,,,,,,.,A..,... eeee.A Intern ation al Affairs Organ ization Intersorority Council ,e,,,,,,.....,.,eeeee f-,f,, Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship ,,e, ., ..... , Intramurals ,,,,s,,.,,,,,,,,,,..... .,,Y.,,,e Jazz Concert ,,,,,,,, .. ....... ,. Jeftersonian Club ,,,e K Kappa Delta Pi ,,,,,,, Kappa Mu Epsilon zo,, Kappa Phi ,,,,,,,,,,...... , Kappa Pi Beta Alpha ,e,,,, Kappa Theta Psi ,,,,o,,2 Ki Prima Ki ,,,,,,,, KYTC ,,,.,,.., 1 71 54 56 55 54 90 98 220 200 241 272 44 170 122 97 103 51 46 179 172 104 92 205 173 205 198 248 57 186 167 176 202 162 207 163 151 L Languages, Speech, and Literature Department 105 Lawther Hall L ,,,,, ,e,eee ,.Aee,a,ee,,, eew,-A,,ie,,,a L ,,Aee,,aa,w,4 1 3 0 Library and Library Science Department ,,77c,,,,,A, 106 Literary Circle LL ,rc,c,, L LLL168 Lutheran Student Association 198 M Marching Band ,cu,L ,c,,,c,,c A,,.L L 142 Marlins ,,,,,,c LLLLL181 Mathematics Club cc,caa aa,. uca, L L 176 Mathematics Department LLL107 Men's Counselors LLLLLLLLLL LLLLLL 1 24 Men's Gym LLLLLLLLLLL 7 Men's Union 121 Mother's Day LLLLLLLLLLLL L LLLLLLL L LLLLLLLL L LLLLLL LL 45 Music Department LLLLLLLL LLLL L LLLLLLLL L LL L L LLL1O8 Music Educators National Conference L L 177 N Newman Club LLLL LLLL L 193 Nu Sigma Phi LLLL LLLLL L L LL2O8 O Ott-campus Men L123 Ott-campus Women LL123 OLD GOLD LLLL LL L L144 OLD GOLD Beauty Contest 68 OLD GOLD Dance L L L 71 OLD GOLD Finals LL L L 70 OLD GOLD Popularity Contest 77 OLD GOLD Winners LL L 72 Opera LL LL LL L L 67 Orchesis L L 182 Orchestra LL L141 Organizations LL L154 Orientation L L L 17 P Pep Council L L LL L 180 Phi Beta Lambda LL 158 Phi Chi Delta L LL L L204 Phi Delta Kappa LL LL L 167 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 178 Phi Sigma Epsilon LL 215 Phi Sigma Phi L L 209 Physical Education Club L 183 Physical Education tor Men 109 Physical Education tor Women 110 Pi Gamma Mu L L L L 187 Pi Omega Pi L 157 Pi Tau Pi 210 Pi Theta Pi L 211 Purple Arrow 159 Purple Key LL 116 R 43 Relays Queen L L Religion in Life Week LLLLLLLLLLL LLLLL 6 6 Roger Williams Fellowship LLLLLL LLLLLLLL 1 92 Science Department LLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLL111 Seerley-Baker Hall LLLLL L132 Sigma Alpha Eta LLLL LL189 Sigma Alpha lota LL L LL LLLL 178 Sigma Eta Chi LL LLLLL196 Sigma Tau Gamma LLLL L LLLLL LLL216 Sigma Theta Epsilon LLLL LLLLLL202 Social Science Department L LLLLLL112 Speech Activities Club LLLLL19O Sports LL LLL218 Spring Lecture Concerts L 41 Spring Play LL LL 42 Spring Sports L LLLLL LLL240 Stadium Hall L L LL LL LL LL LL LL134 Student Council ot Religious Activities LLLLL L LLLL191 Student Iowa State Education Association LL L161 Student League Board L LL LL L118 Student Personnel LL L 94 Student Teaching LL 27 Summer L LL 47 Sunset Village L 136 Tau Kappa Epsilon LL LL LL L L217 Tau Sigma Delta LL LL L212 Teaching Department LL L113 Tennis L LL LL LL 247 The Year LL LL LL L L L 38 Theta Alpha Phi L L190 Theta Epsilon L LL L L192 Theta Gamma Nu LL L213 Theta Theta Epsilon LL L LL 171 Torch and Tassel L L L -160 Track L L L LL L L 244 Underclassmen L LL L 250 United Student Fellowship 195 Wesley Foundation 200 Westminster Fellowship L 203 Winter Lecture Concerts L 60, 82 Winter Play L L L 59 Women's Chorus L L L 140 Women's Counselors LL LL 125 Women's Recreation Association L 182 Wrestling L L L 232 Young Republicans LL LL LLLL L LL 185 1 315 Buckingham, Lena, 103, 171 Facuh A Abbott, R. L. Ackerman, Ethel Adams, Georgia B. Adney, Verna Adrian, Robert J., 102 Aitchison, Alison Albright, Blanche Aldrich, John F., 217 Allegre, Charles, 111, 186, 215 Allen, Orville L. Andersen, Alfred M. Anderson, Lucile E., 113 Anderson, Wallace, 105 Armstrong, Ross O., 99 Assink, lngry Aurand, Wayne O., 113, 207 B Babcock, William Bailey, James L., 89, 144 Ball, George, 102 Barron, James, 101 Baughman, Gladys Baum, Russell N. Beard, Marshall R., 93 Bebb, Randall, 113, 166 Beckman, Mary Green, 108, 139, Bell, Alice Belseth, Marilyn Bender, Paul F., 94, 95 Bernhard, Harold E., 94, 95, 105 Birkhead, Jane, 108 Bishop, Clifford L., 102 Blackman, Mildred R. Blanford, James, 101, 215 Blankenship, Bonnie Bluhm, David, 45, 105, 138 Bock, Emil W., 108, 141 Boehlie, Esther, 102, 162 Bontz, Jean, 110, 183, 248 Boughton, Hazel Boyd, Danita Boyer, Richard, 102 Brimm, Robert P., 113 Brinkley, Ron, 91 Brown, A. E., 102 Brown, Helen, 113 Brown, Mabel D., 113 Brune, Irvin, 107, 176 Budensiek, Harold, 113 Bultena, Mrs. Louis Bultena, Louis, 112 Bundy, Georgia Burnell, Loretta Burns, Richard, 122, 132, 133 Buswell, Margaret, 102, 163 C Cable, E. J., 217 Campbell, Mariorie D., 100 Canham, Evelyn Carlson, Keith F. Carmichael, Emily C. Carpenter, Arthur L., 102 Carpenter, Ruth Index 141 , 191,216 Caswell, Lucille Chung, Roy, 111 Clark, Frieda Clark, J. R., 109, 221 Clay, James H., 190 Cole, E. E., 89 Cole, Ethel Coleman, Walter, 108, 142 Conklin, Suzanne, 108, 178 Corpuz, Elizabeth, 126 Cotter, Mernon Cowan, Phoebe Cowley, John, 105 Cram, Fred D. Crawford, Elinor, 110, 182, 183 Crawford, G. E. Crumley, Richard, 107, 176 Curtis, Dwight K., 113 D Daane, calvin J., 102, 167 Dahl, Harry Darling, Barbara, 110, 182, 183 Davis, Jannette M. Dee, William L. J., 112, 212, 215 De Hoff, Bernard C., 44, 105 De Kock, Walter, 102, 161, 166 Delafield, David D., 100 Denny, E. C., 102 Derby, Bessie Dickinson, A. D., 109, 244, 246 Dickinson, Madeline Dieterich, Mary, 106 Divelbess, Margaret, 113 Dohrman, H. Theodore, 112 Dolan, Rose Marie Douglas, Robert, 113 Douglas, Grace Douglas, Lloyd V., 101 Dowell, Virgil, 111, 186 Dreier, William H., 102 Dunlop, Ruth H. E Eakin, Mary K., 106 Eaton, Irene Ehresman, lrene, 106 Eitzman, Lillian Emmons, Ardith L., 102 Englund, Thelma Joan, 113 F Fairhurst, Earl Fagan, W. B. Faye, Mildred Finegan, Don, 100, 156 Fink, Merrill F., 93 Fisher, Edith Fitzgerald, Margaret, 98 Flowers, Richard, 105 Forest, Louise, 105 Fossum, Ernest C., 166 Fowler, Clayton V., 100 Fox, Josef, 105 Franks, Lorraine Fred, Bernhard, 108 Freese, Lillian Frelund, Louise French, Nell French, Valient D., 97 Froyen, Len, 113 Fullerton, Margaret, 106 G Gault, Joyce, 108 Getchell, R. W. Gibb, Gienadine, 107, 176 Gilloley, Laura K., 113 Goetch, E. W., 166 Gogel, Kenneth, 100 Goggin, Leo P., 105 Gohman, Phyllis Gohman, Walter J., 113 Grant, Martin L., 111 Grassley, Barbara Ann Greelis, John R. Grinstead, Edna, 101 Guillaume, Harry G., 100 Gullickson, Agnes H Hake, Herbert V., 90, 91, 144 Haines, Maude Hamilton, E. W., 107, 176 Hammer, W. M., 109, 221, 223 Hampton, Nellie D., 102 Hanawalt, Mary W., 105 Hansen Hansen Karen Kenneth L., 101 Hansen Russell, 113 Hanson, Alden B., 105 Hanson, Charles Happ, William P. Harland, Blanche Harmon, Leta Harper, Corinne D. Harris, Lyman H., 112 Hartwell, Frank C., 113, 166 Hartwell, Laura Haskell, Ralph, 100, 1,56 Hauser, Doris Hearst, James, 105 Helff, Bernice Henn, S. C., 97 Herrold, Clifford, 100, 119 Hill, Frances Hill, Frank W., 178 Hobbs, Oma Hof, Lula Hohlfeld, Joseph F., 113 Holliday, Olive, 103, 171 Holm, Flora Holmberg, Marjorie B. Holmes, George H., 96, 144 Holmes, Lola Holmes, Mavis L., 94, 95, 119, 120, 165 Hols, Jack, 96, 146 Holst, Harald, 108 Holvik, Karl, 108, 142 Howard, Donald F., 92, 187, 206 Howe, Marvin Howell, Everett, 106, 175 Howes, Elisabeth S., 103, 171, 217 Hult, Esther M., 102 Humphrey, Katherine, 101, 157, 206 Hunter, Mary B. Hutcheson, Ruth Hyde, H. Wendell, 111 I Iverson, Ma riorie, 108 J Jackson, Mary Ann Jennings, Philip C., 89 Jensen, Emma Jensen, Gwili, 101 Jensen, Jens A., 107, 176 Jensen, Verner, 111 Jewell, Ross, 105 Johansen, H. Dale, 101 Johnson, Esther K. Johnson, Paul W., 91 Jones, Howard V., 112, 151, Jones, Joyce, 178 Joslyn, Robert V. Juhl, Jessie K Kapter, Phil Kasiske, Florence M. Kawakami, Charles I. Keefe, Leonard, 101 Kelso, Paul C., 95 Kennedy, David E., 108 Kennedy, Verna Kercheval, James W., 111 Klepfer, Lenora Kling, Esther, 129 Knapp, Evelyn Knutson, Howard T., 102 Koehring, Dorothy, 113 Koll, William H., 109 Knoll, Angeline Kraft, Dorthea G. Kurahara, Ted, 100 Kurtz, Edward L Lamke, Tom A., 92, 102 Lang, William C., 112, 187 Langemo, Amanda Lantz, C. W. La Rue, James P., 104, 172 Larson, Delores Latham, William P. Lattin, Richard T. Lawton, Milo, 91, 92, 217 Leavitt, Charles T., 112, 187 Lebeda, Agnes, 101 Lee, Verlin W., 111 Letson, Carol Lindholm, Barbara A. Loghry, Arlowyn, 130, 131 Looby, Arthur J., 102 Lott, Fred, 107, 176 217 Lynch, Herbert Lewis, 113, 166 Lyon, Howard, 111 Lyons, Edward, 109, 221 M Mahon, Paul Mahon, Ruth, 113 Maitland, Wilda Mantor, Edna, 113 Marcussen, Alfred Margulies, Herbert S., 112, 187 Maricle, William Marsh, Beverly Ann Martin, Raymond J. Martindale, Frank, 102, 165 Matala, Dorothy Miller, 111 Matala, R. E., 104, 144 Matheson, Charles, 62, 108, 139 Matland, Mrs. K. G. Matson, Ida Mauck, Jane, 108, 138, 140 Maucker, J. W., 46, 52, 57, 61, 86, Maurer, Edwin J., 184 Mawwell, Jvone, 108, 178 Mazula, Peter M. McBride, Eleanor, 113 McCarthy, Phyllis, 113 McCollum, Clifford, 111, 207 McCunniff, Marlys McCusker, Lauretta, 106 McDevitt, Elaine, 105, 212 McLeod, Acla, 106 McMahon, Della, 113 McPeek, Beth Lee, 129, 205 McVey, Lillian Melberg, Merritt E. Mendenhall, L. L., 109 Merritt, Eleanor, 99, 208 Meyer, Ardys L. Meyer, Loris Meyer, Ruth M. Middleton, Helene Middleton, Caryl A., 113, 166 Miller, Bertha Miller, Doris Miller, Edna O., 105 Mitchell, John, 108, 177 Mohn, Mardelle L., 180 Moody, Donald, 134, 135 Moon, Alfred C. Moon, Dorothy, 170, 183 Morelock, Charles, 96 Mortell, Mary, 130, 131 Mounce, G. W. Mullins, Evelyn, 106 N Nanke, Aldene Nasalroad, Betty Neal, J. B. Nelson, Herman, 111 Nelson, M. J., 88, 92 Nielson, Ross A., 113 Noonan, Eileen R., 106 O Olney, Eva Olson, Joan, 108 Osborn, Janice Owara, Patsy K. P Page, John, 100, 144 Paine, O. F. Palmer, Harold G. Parry, Florence Paulson, Robert L., 113, 166, 217 Pendergraft, Daryl, 90, 91, 92 Perego, Austin, 105 Petersen, Ruth M. Phillips, Cecil K., 209 Pines, Alice M. 87, 142 Picklum, Warren E. Plaehn, Erma B., 112, 119, 187 Ploog, Irvin C. Plummer, John F., 104 Poage, George R., 173, 206 Pohlman, Joanne Poppy, Willard, 111 Posson, Shirley, 110 Potter, Albert A., 113 Potter, Jeannette, 110, 183 Pray, Mildred A., 102, 162 Price, Malcolm, 102 Przychodzin, Joe, 113 R Rait, Grace Ramsay, Virginia, 110, 183 Reece, Mary Reece, Wanda C. Reed, Howard O., 104, 172 Retshauge, Bonita Reninger, H. Willard, 105 Rhum, Gordon J., 102 Riebe, H. A., 102 Riggs, Dixon L., 111 Ritter, Elmer L. Rittgers, Charlotte Rittgers, Elizabeth Robinson, George C., 112, 185 Robinson, Maxine Rod, Donald O., 93, 106 Rogers, Robert A., 111 Rohovit, Joan Roorda, John Roth, Betts Ann Ruman, Edward L. Russell, Myron E., 61, 108, 141 S Sage, Leland L., 112, 187 Samson, Harland E., 101 Sanders, Fern Sauer, Pauline, 111 Schaefer, Josef, 105 Schlicher, Raymond J., 90, 91 Schlemmer, Marilyn, 113 Schmitt, Mary Margaret, 113 Schneider, Melvin F., 113 Schnepf, Virginia, 102, 162 Schools, Marshall, 113 Schwab, Shirley Scoggin, Ruth Seufferlein, Hazel Shefte, Lois E., 113 Shepherd, Gene D. Sheriff, Stan, 109, 221, 249 Shimel, Corrine Shirley, Gerald, 100 Shores, Edna, 103 Short, Thelma, 110, 183 Showalter, Miriam L., 102 Shurrer, Augusta, 107, 176 salvey, H. M., 92, 165, 166 Silvey, lna M., 107, 176 Silvey, Wray, 166 Simonsen, Carrie E. Siolancler, Margaret, 103, 171 Smith, Ernestine, 111 Smith, Francis E. Smith, M. B. Smith, Paul Roland, 100 Sollien, Arden, 132, 133 Sonstegarcl, Mantord, 113, 208 Spattord, Beth M. Spaid, Marlene Sparrow, Julia, 164 Stageberg, Norman, 105 Starr, Eleanor Steininger, Earl Stewart, Lillian Stokstad, Lloyd J., 113 Stone, Myrtle M., 113 Stork, Harvey E., 111, 186 Stover, Betty Thudium, Sharon Tigges, Jean Tingle, Myrtle Trepp, Helen Trimble, H. c., 107, 176 Tulasiewicz, J. Bruno, 112 U Uecker, Albert E., 102 ' V Vander Beek, Howard, 113 Weber, Sandra Weems, Zatha Wendt, Do nald,58,108,141,142 White, Herbert, 108 White, Marilyn, 106 vvhtifara, L. vv., 109, 242 Wiederanders, Donald E., 113, 166 Wikstrom, Thomas Wilcox, M. J., 102, 166 Williams, John David, 189 Wilson, Frances Wilson, Leland, 111 Strifert, Leah Struble, Marguirette Swanson, Betty, 110 Swatosh, Bernice T Talbott, Nathan M., 112 Taylor, Della Taylor, Loren F., 105, 144 Thode, H. E. Thompson, Howard, 112 Thompson, M. R. Thompson, Oscar E., 46, 165 Thompson, Thomas, 105 Thomson, Manette Thorne, Edward, 188, 217 Student Index A Abbe, Janice, Toledo Abbe, Opal, Waterloo, 274 Vanderla n, Betty Van Ness, Grace Voelker, Gertrude E., 106 Von Ohlen, Carol, 107, 176 W Wachsman, Elizabeth Wagner, Edward, 106 Wagner, Guy, 99 Wagner, Lillian, 105, 160, 188 Wagner, Willis H., 104, 172, 206 Wagoner, June Walter, Mildred M., 113 Wardin, R. W. Wasser, Joseph, 91 Weber, Cathryn Weber, Dorothy Allen, Avon, Hampton Allen, Keith, Nevada Allen, Nancy, Wyoming, 140, 164 Allen, Orville, Cedar Falls Wilson, Mary Wine, George, 96 Wineke, Dorothy E., 113 Winier, Ethel, 118 Winier, Leonard, 111 Winsberg, Shirley, 110, 183 Witham, James, 109, 179 Wohl, Harold, 112 Wolfensperger, June Wood, Stanley, 105, 190 Worley, George, 111 Wright, Lawrence S., 104, 172 Y Yager, Barbara, 110, 160, 181 Yeager, Emily J., 103, 171 Anderson, Karen, Paron, 142, 143, 269 Anderson, Karen Louise, Lake Mills, 165 Anderson, Karl, Waterloo Anderson, Lawrence, Waterloo Anderegg, Ramonna, Guttenberg Abbott, Barbara, Eagle Grove Abbott, James, Cedar Falls, 172, 274 Abbott, Joan, 183, 274 Abe, Ruth, Paia Maui, Hawaii, 274 Abernathy, Mary, Waterloo, 253 Abkes, Charles, Austinville Abram, Ronald, lndependence Abuhl, John, Ankeny Adair, Joe, Waterloo Adams, Annetta, Grinnell Adams, Clayton, Grinnell Adams, Jack, Mason City, 274 Adams, Janice, Waterloo, 123, 125, 212 Adams, William, Lawrence, Mass. Adelmund, Bonnie, Hudson Adkins, Donald, Cedar Falls, 274 Aegler, Joan, Cresco Agey, Catharine, Des Moines, 164, 253 Ahlgren, Valery, Waterloo Ahrens, Gretchen, Osage Ahrens, Karl, Cedar Falls Aiken, Claudia, Conrad Aiken, Reva, Lohrville Akerman, Cora, Marengo Akerman, Richard, Fremont, 253 Akers, Marcia, Hampton, 194 Akin, Grace, Waterloo Akin, Sandra, Ames, 156, 253 Albaugh, Mary Marion, 140, 165 Albers, Joyce, Grand Mound, 140 Albertson, H. Hubert, Green City, Mo. Albertson, Roseva, Cedar Falls Aldrich, Bertha, Waukee, 139, 177, 274 Aldrich, Mary, Keosauqua, 159, 173, 191 Alexander, Thomas, Des Moines, 215, 246 Alpers, Ruth, Fonda Alshouse, Lee, Stanley Alt, Eleanor, La Porte Alt, Joyce, Alta Vista Altenhein, Bruce, Traer Altwegg, Gary, Redfield, 189 Alvey, Karen, Eldora Ambrose, Bonnie, Virginia, Minn., 190, 253 Amesbury, Jane, Titonka, 185, 274 Ammeter, Gary, Coggon, 139, 178, 269 Amsberry, Thomas, Hamilton, 191, 214, 274 Anderegg, Joyce, Guttenberg Anders, Dean, Cedar Falls Anders, Duane, Cedar Falls, 172 Andersen, Phillip, Cedar Falls Andersen, Robert, Greene Andersen, Rodney, Hampton Andershok, Eleanor, Hampton Andershok, Norbert, Hampton Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Linda Lou, Rockwell City, 253 Linda, Lake View Marilyn, Sperry Anderson, Marilyn Mae, Waterloo, 183 Anderson, Mary B., Cedar Falls Anderson, Myron, Hubbard Anderson, Raymond, Mason City Anderson, Roger, Clarion Anderson, Ruth, Waterloo Anderson, Tracy, Cherokee, 122, 151, 192 269 Andreessen, Carol Jean, Stout Andreessen, Larry Dean, Stout Andreessen, Laverne, Stout, 158 Andrews, June P., Troy Mills Anderson , Alice, Cedar Falls Anderson, Carl, Spirit Lake, 269 Anderson Anderson , Carol, Cedar Falls , Carol, Waterloo, 274 Anderson, Carroll, Gilman Anderson, Deanna, Mason City, 173, 175, 185, 274 Anderson , Donald, Fort Dodge, 274 Anderson, Garry, Waterloo Anderson, Geraldine, Cresco, 274 Anderson, Harvey, Batavia, lll., 190, 198, 253 Anderson, John, Thompson, 217, 274 Anderson, Judith, Rembrandt Andrews, Linda, lowa City, 145 Andrews, Mary, Waterloo Andrews, Merle, Spencer Angel, Donald, La Porte City, 274 Angell, Clifford, Albia, 216, 275 Angstman, Mary K., Dumont Anneberg, Bertha, Carroll, 253 Anthony, Marc William, Cedar Falls Antone, Joseph, Iowa City, 172, 275 Applegate, Lloyd, Cedar Rapids Appleman, Charles, Hawkeye Appleby, David, Manchester, 143 Arends, Gloria, Belmond Arends, Josie, Williams, 210 Arends, Joyce, Williams, 210 Arends, Marion, Parkersburg Armstrong, Larry, Waterloo Arnett, John, La Porte City Arnold, Sherman, Eldora Arp, Larry, Toledo Arthaud, John, Oelwein, 214, 263 Arthur, Marilyn, Hawkeye, 253 Aschbrenner, Gary, Waterloo Asche, Carol, Titonka, 124 Aschim, Cheryl, Ridgeway, 173 Ashby, Francis, Chariton Asleson, George, Charles City Assink, Robert, Cedar Falls, 190 Astor, Gary, Arlington, 216 Atherton, Sharon, Waterloo Atkinson, Carol, Emmetsburg, 217, 269 Atkinson, Stanley, Waterloo Atzen, Verna Jean, Lime Springs, 76, 263 Avila, William, Eastom, Ill. Ayers, John, Waterloo Azeltine, Karen, Rowan B Babcock, William, Waverly Bachman, Raymond, West Bend Backstrom, Domma Lou, Faribault, Minn. Baier, David, Sumner, 275 Bailey, David, Ames, 172, 263 Bailey, Robert, Waverly Bailey, Roger, Dike, 253 Baity, Albert, Williamsport, Pa., 221 Baker, Dean, Cedar Falls Baker, John, Waterloo Baker, John Lawrence, Cedar Falls Baker, Baker, Laverne, Cedar Falls, 275 Sharon, Waterloo, 253 Baldwin, Jean Marie, Waterloo, 253 Balhorn, Carol, Waterloo, 253 Balk, Daniel, Dedham, 122 Ball, Dale, Cedar Falls, 275 Ball, Nancy, Tipton, 198, 269 Ball, Raymond, New Hampton Bandholz, Mariean, 163, 195 Bangs, Bette, Lansing Bannister, Wilda, Davenport, 210 Barber, Romaine, Dunkerton Bare, Keith, Independence, 275 Baretich, William, Centerville Barghahn, Linda, Knoxville, 190, 253 Barlow , Jerry, Mason City Barmer, Judy, Waterloo, 253 Barney, Shirley, Chapin Barrett, Charles, Mason City, 269 Barrett, Janice, Grand Junction, 125, 145 Barron, Van Henry, Waterloo Barry, Eileen, Woodbine, 253 Barry, Marlene, Cedar Falls Barta, Eunice, Wiber, Neb. Barta, Robert, Fort Atkinson, 172, 193 Bartachek, Judy, Belle Plaine, 142, 143, 183, 253 Bartachek, Karen, Belle Plaine, 141, 143, 177, 178 Bartels, Jeanne, Greene, 140 Bartels, Leroy, Greene Barten, Lloyd, Cedar Falls Bartlett, John, Tipton, 263 Bartleson, Thomas, Forest City, 241 Bartling, Herman John, Waterloo Bartlzng, M. Burdine, Cedar Falls Barton, Rebecca, Mediapolis, 261 Barz, Graydon, Klemme, 216 Bashore, Dick, Garrison Bass, Daryle, Cedar Falls Bassett, Douglas, Ames, 182 Bauer, Norma, North English, 145, 195, 196 Bauer, Shirley, Dysart, 198 Bauer, William, North English, 216, 275 Baum, Dean, Colville, Washington, 275 Baum, Mavis, Cedar Falls Baumann, Edwin, Madison, Wis. Baxter, Emerson, Blythe, Calif. Beare, Lorraine, Waterloo Beaty, Judith, Grinnell Beaumaster, George, Waterloo Beaving, Marlyn, Waterloo Beck, Linda, Cedar Falls, 181 Becker, Marilyn, Davenport, 253 Becker, Renetta, Nashua Bechman, Philip, Middletown, 151 Beckner, Robert, Cedar Falls Becvar, Donald, Colo., 269 Becvar, Donna, Colo. Becvar, William, Decorah, 190 Bedell, Toni, Cedar Falls, 156 Beebe, Richard, Waberly Beener, Robert, Waterloo Beeson, Patricia, Washta, 253 Beghtel, Janet, Waterloo Behrens, George, Waverly Behrens, Glenn, Waucoma Behrends, Glennis, Fonda Behrens, Jean, Anamosa, 140, 183, 253 Behrens, Milton, Grundy Center Beitel, Patricia, Davenport, 183, 263 Bell, Delmer, Davenport Bell, Harlan, St. Ansgar Bell, Stanley, Cedar Falls Bellizzi, Nick, Waterloo Belseth, Duane, Cedar Falls Belthius, Marlene, Waukon, 263, 159 Benbow, Virginia, Green Mountain, 129, 195, 196, 210, 275 Benda, Ernie, Tama Bender, Bette, Monticello, 213 Bender, Judith, Meridian, Miss., 275 Bender, Monica, North English, 193 Benedict, Delbert Roy, Hastings, Neb., 172 Beniamin, Ciane, Winterset Beniamin, Keith, Cedar Falls Bennett, Betty Lou, Elgin Benning, lrvin, Ackley Benson, Dixie, Grand Meadow, Minn., 263 Benton, Marie, Waterloo Bentz, James, Remsen, 275 Benz, Richard, Nashua Berg, Marvin, Dayton, 275 Bergland, Marlys, McCallsburg, 263 Bergman, Joan, Scranton, 142, 145, 176, 253 Bergman, Marlys, New Hartford Bergman, Mary Ann, Stout, 159, 263 Bergmann, Maxine, Hampton, 181, 182, 183, 269 Bergstrom, Robert, Cedar Falls Berk, Jason J., Hampton Berns, Michael, Cedar Falls Berry, John, Waterloo Berry, William, Cedar Falls, 275 Berryman, John, Dodgeville, Wis., 276 Bertelson, Judith K., Mo. Valley, 138, 181, 183 Bettin, Ann Kathrine, Early, 175, 253 Bettis, Karolyn, Corydon, 140, 182, 253 Beverlin, Kenneth, Colona, Ill. Beving, Sharon, Wellsburg, 141, 263 Bewyer, Ronnal, Newton, 172, 263 Bezemer, Carroll, Duncombe Bice, Gregroy, Mo. Valley, 122, 132, 221 Bickert, Roderick N., Mason City Bincinger, Twila, Independence, 253 Bieber, Suzanne, Reinbeck, 140, 202, 253 Bienfang, Homer Creigh, Toledo Bigger, Helen, Springville, 253 Bigler, Beverly, Decorah, 140, 169, 171, 198, 253 Billings, Bruce, Cedar Falls Bindel, Deanna, Winterset, 193, 263 Bintz, John, Cedar Falls Bird, lrma, Woden, 276 Bird, Madelyn, Waterloo Bird, Norma, Waterloo Bird, Robert, Woden Birkey, Ann, Wellman, 253 Birum, Susan, Osage, 142, 253 Bishop, Judith, Newton, 253 Bishop, Lewis, Cedar Falls Bishop, Ruth, West Union Bistricky, Mildred, Fairfax, 125, 160, 171, 213 Bittner, Richard H., Olin, 172 Bixby, Kenneth, Hudson Bixler, Elsie, Massena, 163, 185, 253 Black, Jack Dean, Rossie Black, Judith Ann, Monticello Blair, Leland, Cedar Falls Blake, Karen Kay, Laurens, 253 Blake, Norman, Mount Vernon Blake, William, Shell Rock, 200 Blaker, Larry, Cedar Falls Blanchard, William, Waterloo Blankenship, Nancy Kay, Muskogee, Okla. 173, isa Blankenship, Ralph, Cedar Falls, 178 Blankinship, Faye, Cedar Falls, 159, 212, 263 Blasberg, Marian, Tripoli Blech, Janice, Manchester Bleich, Donna, Wesley, 181, 193 Blessington, Joan, Charles City Bliesmann, Mary Ann, Schleswig Bliss, Helen, Lake Mills Block, Kay, Storm Lake, 167, 203, 209 Blow, David, Cedar Falls Blum, Rebecca, Terril, 140, 191, 253 Blum, Sheila, Terril Blum, Virginia, Cedar Falls Blumeyer, Richard Lee, Boyden, 242 Boardman, Jannis, Portsmouth, 185, 263 Bock, Carol, Shelby, 181 Bock, Donna, Shelby, 125, 183 Bock, Marlis, Maquoketa, 276 Bockes, Kathryn, Lu Verne Bockhaus, Barbara, Waverly Bockhaus, Berth Ann, Frederika, 163, 263 Bockholt, Sandra, Elberon, 163, 253 Bodum, Mary Jo, George, 253 Bodwell, Shirley, Winterset Boeck, Mervil, Ontario, California, 276 Boelman, James, Aplington Boesen, Claudia Ann, Waterloo, 183, 217 Bogart,fBeverly, Cedar Rapids, 269 Bognanno, Donald, Des Moines, 253 Bohan, John, Primghar Bohlander, Janet, Cedar Rapids, 141, 142, 143, 177, 263 Bohlen, Daryl, West Burlington, 276 Bohling, Mary, Cedar Falls Bohning, Roger, Rowan, 195 Bohnsack, Joann, Waterloo Boies, Donna Mae, Aurora Bolger, Nancy, Glidden, 200, 202 Bolin, Dorothy, Cedar Falls Thomas, Waterloo Boll, Judith Lee, Gladbrook, 171 Boller, Francis, Waterloo, 172 Bolstad, Audrey, Lake Mills, 253 Bolster, Beverly, Waterloo Bolt, Dixie, Cedar Falls Bonker, Dixie, West Des Moines, 253 Bonsall, Duane, Cedar Falls, 221 Bonzer, Ann, Liscomb, 163, 169 Boom, Kent, Aredale Boone, Patricia, Collinsville, Illinois, 187, 192, 276 Boos, Eleanor, Lockridge, 140, 177, 185, 198, 253 Booth, Marilyn, Hampton, 181, 182, 183, 213 Boothby, Carol Ann, Holstein, 253 Boothroyd, Bonnivere, Cedar Falls Borchers, Sharon Kay, Denver l Borland, Glen, Primghar, 179, 221, 276 Boscalion, Willard, Doon, 269 Bosch, Bonita, Sibly, 164, 195, 196 Bottorff, Marcia, Packwood, 192 Bottorff, Ralph, Harcourt, 122, 167, 200, 201, 269 Botts, Dean, Cedar Falls Bourne, Geneva Marie, Spirit Lake Bourret, Richard, Waterloo Bovenmyer, Betty Lou, Winthrop, 158, 263 Bowe, Hazel, Davenport, 253 Bowen, Larry, Cedar Rapids, 198, 214 Bower, Marie, Dunkerton Boyd, David, Waterloo Boyles, Eva, La Porte City Boynton, David, Waterloo Bradley, Barbara Jean, Centerville, 125, 160, 205, 212 Brady, Anna Mae, Fort Atkinson, Wiscon- sin, 253 Bragg, Marlys, Lake Park, 253 Brainerd, James, Fort Dodge, 253 Bramblette, Kay, Cedar Falls Bramer, Beverly Ann, Harlan Bramley, James, Earlville Branam, Judith, Earlham, 162, 167, 276 Brandau, Elaine, Floyd, 253 Brandhorst, Audrey Mae, Hudson, 142, 198 Brandt, Betty Lou, Waterloo Brandt, Carol, Mingo, 253 Brandt, Karen, Hubbard, 253, 190, 195 Brandt, Larry, Garn-avillo Brandt, Norma, Parkersburg Brandt, Ruth, Garnavillo, 263 Brannon, James, Boone Branscom, Judith Ann, Fort Madison, 159 Brasch, Joanne, Waterloo Bratland, Elaine, Bode, 181, 276 Braun, Erich, Waterloo Brecher, Joyce, La Porte City Brecht, Elaine, Walker, 253 Breckenridge, Karen, Newton, 43 Breeding, Carol, Des Moines, 164, 190, 254 Brehm, Judith, Van Horne Breitbach, Louis, Waterloo Brenneman, Joyce, West Liberty Brenneman, Robert, West Liberty Brentner, Steven, Walker Briden, Kay, Fort Dodge, 269 Bridge, Carolyn, Storm Lake, 163, 185, 253 Bridges, Fred Dean, Waterloo Bridges, Kenneth Lee, Plainfield, 124, 139, 192 Bridges, Roger Dean, Plainfield, 116, 118, 122,132,167,192,276 Bridges, Wayne, Plainfield, 192 Bright, Jimmy Dale, Waterloo Bright, Margaret, Steamboat Rock, 192 Brink, Janene, Rock lsland, lll., 253 Brinker, Malcolm, Auburn Brinkley, Ronald, Cedar Falls Brittain, Janet, Earlham, 159, 207 Britton, Lloyd, Sioux City Britven, Marilyn, Mason City, 165, 194 Bro, Beverly, Brayton Bro, lla Mae, Exira Broberg, Theodore, Faribault, Minn., 246 Brockmeyer, Evelyn, Colesburg, 200 Brockmeyer, Laurel, Dolesburg, 253 Brody, Una Belle, Waterloo Broer, David, New Providence Broshar, Harvey, Waterloo, 276 Brosz, Wilmer, Cedar Falls, 276 Brotherton, Catherine, Wall Lake, 142, 193, 253 Brousard, William, Cedar Rapids, 124, 269 Bundy, Carolyn, Cedar Falls Bunge, Darrell, Massillon Bunnell, Alice, Cedar Falls, 192,269 Bunz, Elke, Manning, 142, 143, 171 Burckhalter, Darlien, Meriden Burger, Marilyn, Alexander, 254 Burger, Marlene, Everly, 277 Burger, Patricia, E. Moline, Ill. Burgess, Donald, Cedar Falls Burgess, Florence, 194, 254 Burgos, Ruiz, Cayey, Puerto Rico, 269 Burk, Patricia, Goodell, 254 Burke, Sharon, Waterloo, 202!254 Burkes, Harry, Waterloo Burkgren, Robert, Dayton, 172, 277 Burkhart, Roger, Woodward, 116, 121, 122,132,167,194,246 Burland, Mary, Perry, 140 Burman, John, Waterloo Burnell, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 269 Burnell, Stanley, Waterloo Burns, Janet, Waverly Burns, Wallace, Sheffield, 187 Brouwer, Gordon, Sheffield Brown, Ardelle, Estherville Brown, Barbara, Forest City, 185, 202, 269 Brown, Carol Ann, Laurel, 163, 253 Brown Charles, Perham, Minn. ' Brown, Donald, Cedar Falls Brown, Elizabeth, Oelwein, 269 Brown, Esther, Waterloo Brown, Evelyn, Cedar Falls Brown Gayle, Cedar Falls, 269 Brown, Janice, Postville, 97, 139 Brown, Janice, Waterloo Brown, Joan, Waterloo, 139, 141 Brown, Joyce, Des Moines, 253 Brown Lois, Grimes, 181, 196 Brown, Marcia, Clarks Grove, Minn., 263 Brown Perry, Cedar Falls Brown, Richard, Oakville Brown, Robert, Hampton, 254 Brown, Burrack, Phyllis, Aurora Burt, Donald, Truro, 277 Buschbom, Charles, Charles City, 124, Busching, Judith, Shell Rock, 200, 202 263 1 Busey, Fredric, Sergeant Bluff, 145, 15 172 Bussey, Carol, Waterloo, 164 Butche Butler, r, Karen, Holstein, 254 Bonita, Waterloo Butler, Donald, Rockford Butler, Lowell, Mason City Butler, Robert D., Waukon, 269 217 1, Butler, Robert E., Waterville, Minn. Butterfield, Nancy, Cedar Rapids, 211 Buttier, Lavern, Aredale Byal, Sandra, Mingo, 263 Byam, Joan, Algona, 193 Byers, John, Primghar, 215, 221, 277 Byers, Marlene, Clive, 206 Byram, Harold, Kansas City, Mo., 215 Brownlie, Joyce, Atkins, 276 Brubaker, Rebecca, Dinsdale, 254 Brubaker, Vivian, Dinsdale Bruce, Carolyn, Hamburg, 71, 116, 118, 120, 125, 129, 139, 167, 177, 178, 185, 210, 260, 273, 276 Bruce, May' McKinley, Cedar Falls Bruce, Thomas, Walker Bruner, Mary Anne, Waterloo, 193 Bruns, Evelyn, Greene, 173 Bryant, Dallas, Van Horne, 276 Bryant, Harriet, Mt. Pleasant, 210 Buchan, Joy, Cedar Falls Buchanan, Charles, West Des Moines, 118, 119,122, 134, 254 Buchanan, Mark, Waterloo Buck, Peder, Clarksville Buckingham, Edward, Cedar Falls Buckley, Karen, Red Oak, 192, 269 Buechele, Marlys, Fayette Buell, Gary, Clinton Buerkens, Bruce, Cedar Falls Buerkens, Janet, Cedar Falls, 277 Buffington, David, Titonka, 277 Buffington, Karen, Colo. Buffington, Sidney, Titonka Buhmann, Verla Jean, Randalia Buhr, Ruby, La Porte City Bullen, John, Cedar Falls, 277 CI Cachola, Fredrico Jr., Halaula, Hawaii, 139,269 Cagley, Charlotte, lonia, 139, 177, 178, 277 Cain, James, Waterloo Calhoun, James Jr., Cedar Falls Callahan, Freda, Dow City, 140, 254 Callahan, Judith, Waterloo, 254 Callahan, Roger, Cedar Falls Callahan, William, Fort Dodge Callaway, Marilyn, Melbourne, 159, 263 Callaway, Shirley, Melbourne, 254 Callison, Judith, Chariton Calvert, Calvin, Waterloo Camarata, Ronald, Cedar Falls Camarigg, David, Correctionville, 277 Campbell, Alice, Cedar Falls, 157, 277 Campbell, John, Plainfield, 277 Canfield, Claire, Waterloo Canny, Harold, Ottumwa Capper, Patricia, Elgin, 125, 151, 192 Caquelin, Kenneth, Eagle Grove Carlisle, Cynthia, Tipton, 181 Carlson, Dwight Raymon, Sac City, 122, 134,135 Carlson, Theodore, Paton Carman, Gary, Waverly Carnal, Mari Willa, Cedar Falls, 19O Carnes, Marvel, Correctionville, 118, 120, 213 Carpentaer, John, Waterloo Carr, Betty, Manchester, 162, 269 Carr, George William, Cedar Falls, 52, 59, 190,214 Carr, James, Ottumwa Carr, Mary, Cedar Rapids, 254 Carroll, Gloria, Charter Oak, 159 Carroll, Sara, Clear Lake Carroll, Sharon, Titonka Carrott, Robert, Rockford Carstens, Ellen, Bettendorf, 199 Cartagena, Luis, Caguas, Puerto Rico, 145, 192,278 Carter, Robert, Cedar Falls Carwell, Glenn, Cresco Casey, Duane, Cascade, 122, 214, 278 Cassens, Gloria, Anthon, 138, 171, 254 Casson, Charles, McClelland Catlett, Sally, Center Jct., 164, 263 Cayler, Donna, W. Des Moines Chamness, Charles, Montezuma Clingman, Margaret, Kansas City, 211 Clinton, Patricia, Thief River Falls, Minn., 118,182, 213, 269 Clopton, Florence, Cedar Falls Clopton, lna, Cedar Falls Closson, James, Cedar Falls Cmelik, Walter, Waterloo, 151 Coady, John, Melrose Cochran, Dorothy, Solon, 125, 167, 180 Cochrane, Beniamin, Creston Cody, Eugene, Humboldt, 168, 278 Coen, Sandra, Cedar Falls Cogdall, Jean, Cresco, 254 Cole, Betty, Waterloo, 123, 139, 211, 263 Cole, Perry, Cedar Falls Coleman, Annie, Waterloo Collard, Michael, Cedar Falls, 121, 214 Collins, Carol, Janesville Collins, Helen, West Des Moines Collins, Jean, Janesville Collins, Joan, McHenry, lll., 263 Collins, Larry, Cedar Falls, 178 Collins, Marilyn, Cresco, 254 Collins, Mary, Grundy Center Combs, Clarissa, Ames, 162, 173, 278 Crawford, Michael, Arlington Creger, Carolyn, West Des Moines, 207 Creger, John, West Des Moines Crist, Tamson, Perry, 116, 160, 173, 175, 208,279 Cross, Harold, Cedar Falls, 279 Cross, Nancy, Mondamin, 194 Crouse, Carolyn, Traer, 181, 183, 263 Crouse, Paul, Noble, lll. Crouter, Frances, Cedar Falls Crowder, James, Mason City, 141, 142, 143, 178, 214, 263 Crowe, Cathryn, Clermont, 141, 168, 177, 263 Crowe, Richard, Waterloo Cruzallende, Jose, Arecibo, Cuffel, Jerry, Conrad Cull, Raymond, Chicago, Ill. Cullen, Ardells, Janesville Cummings, Janice, Fairfield, 254 Cunda, Florence, Waterloo Cunningham, Marlan, Belmond, 216 Curry, Jerry, Bradgate, 139, 178, 200, Curry, Curtis, Richard, Bradgate, 200, 201 Thomas, Keokuk RR,182, 69 Chang, Patricia, Hilo, Hawaii Chapman, Jerry, Waterloo Chapman, Willis, Cedar Falls Chelsvig, Clyde, Huxley, 278 Cheney, Bruce, Cedar Falls Chihak, Gerald, Cedar Falls Childers, Lowell, West Amana Christensen, Beverly, Cedar Falls Christensen, Donald, Waterloo Christensen, Esther, West Branch Christensen Comfort, Mary, Onawa, 193, 254 Compton, Fred, Cedar Falls, 278 Connelly, Robert, Cincinnati, Ohio Conrad, Kenneth, Tipton Conrads, Bernhard, Parkersburg Consolver, Ann, Burlington, 119, 120, 130,131,212 Conway, Robert, Cedar Falls, 244, 246 Cook, Carol, Waterloo, 167, 278 Cookinham, Patricia, Estherville, 148, 188, Christensen , Gerald, Alta, 57, 58 Christensen Kenneth, lowa Falls Christensen Robert, Waterloo Christensen Russell, Dakota City, 278 , Sandra, Cedar Falls 135, Christeson, Lynn, Webster City, 142, 254 Christiance, Beverly, Klemme, 163 Christiansen, Edith, Algona Christiansen, Myrna, Ventura, 164 Christle, Patricia, Cedar Rapids Christman, Wesley, Torlock, Calif., 254 Church, Joyce, Cedar Falls Church, Thomas, Cedar Falls Cibula, Norman, Belle Plaine, 263 Cihak, Carolyn, Prescott, 254 Cinkle, Terrence, Plymouth, 278 Circus, Donna, lndependence Cirks, William, Gilmore City Cirksena, Ronald, Grundy Center Clancy, Jon, Pomeroy Cooksey, Leon, Cedar Falls Cooling, Charles, Coggan Cooney, Mary, Lawler, 158, 171, 193, 263 Cooper, Joyce, Cedar Falls Cooper, Mariorie, Onawa Cooper, Raymons, Ida Grove Coots, Dorla, Mt. Auburn, 197, 269 Cope, Lyle, Carlisle Copley, John, Davenport Corbett, Joy, Garrison Corcran, Leona, Cedar Falls Corder, Mary, Cedar Falls, 200, 202, 208 Corlett, Carmen, Castalia Cornell, Richard, Decorah Corrigan, Glenn, Remsen Corwin, Dennis, Cedar Falls, 246 Cotter, Vernon, Cedar Falls Countryman, Ronald, Cedar Rapids, 134, 158,254 Courtney, Sylvia, Anamosa, 168 Clark, Gary, Cedar Falls, 3, 145, 147, 153 Clark, Homer, Cedar Falls Clark, James, Cedar Falls, 138, 139 Clark, James A., Elma, 278 Clark, Janis, Cedar Rapids Clark, Joan, Cedar Falls Clark, Ruth, Wayland, 200, 201, 202 Clarkin, Marvel, Lake City Clausen, Dennis, Hartley, 142,, 143, 278, 199 Clausen, John, Cedar Falls Clausen, Sharon, Ogden, 210, 163, 168 Claussen, Dianne, Waterloo, 158, 278 Claussen, Kathryn, Reinbeck, 254 Claussen, Sharon, Reinbeck, 254 Cleveland, Charlyn, Jefferson, 142, 145, 184,194,254 Cleveland, Elbin, Cedar Rapids, 190 Cousins, Carl, Cedar Falls Cowell, Gary, Waterloo Cox, Donna, Menlo, 254 Cox, Garnett, Storm Lake, 162, 262, 278 Cox, Larry, Keswick, 278 Cox, Rollie Kenneth, Lander, Wyo. Cozine, Priscilla, lowa City Craig, Hershel, Waverly Cramer, Robert, Reinbeck Crandal l, Bethalene, Chariton, 263 Crane, Robert, Glenville, Minn. Crane, Terrence, Cedar Falls, 190, 254 Crane, Thomas, Chariton Cranston, Sandra, Minneapolis, Minn., 181, 183, 269 Craven, Robert, Waterloo Crawford, Leroy, Davenport, 116, 179, 215,244,279 Curtis, William, Grundy Center Cushing, Janice, Van Meter Custer, Jerry, Cedar Falls, 254 Cutler, Cheryl, Garwin, 254 LJ Daasch, Nancy, Dunlap, 125, 167, 200, 202,279 Dahl, Bernice, Cedar Falls Dahms, Richard, Traer, 279 Dahmus, Ann, Waterloo Daily, Lulu, Davenport, 198, 263 Dakken, David, Lake Mills Dalton, Ronald, Mason City Dalziel, Maurice, Waterloo Daman, James, Humboldt, 148, 149, 168 Damon, Fred, Cedar Falls Damron, Jimmie, Carpinteria, Calif., 221, 222,223 Daniel, Joan, Fort Dodge, 269 Daniels, Patricia, Council Bluffs, 211 Danielson, Richard, Cedar Falls, 279 Darby, James, Clarksville Darnall, Diane, Rockford, Ill., 212, 263 Darrow, Donald, Olin Daudel, Donna, Andrew, 208 Davidsen, Deloy, Ottumwa, 116, 142, 178, 279 Davidson, Nancy, Des Moines, 140, 254 Davidson, Verlyn, Mechanicsville Davis, Don Jr., Primghar Davis, Donald, Waterloo Davis, Laura, Hazleton Davis, Linda, Marion Davis, Marla, Strawberry Point, 263 Davis, Martha, Newton Davis, Davis, Nancy, Marshalltown, 254 Richard, Newton Davison, Lynne, Clarion, 211 Dean, Clarence, Clinton Dean, Delmar, Cedar Falls, 158, 279 Dean, Michael, Waterloo Deboer, Robert, Cedar Falls Debower, Bonnie, Allison, 145, 254 Decker, Carlene, Cedar Falls Dedic, Dedic, Lumir, Cedar Falls Robert, Traer Degner, Carol, Dysart DeGraw, Alan, Delmar, 197, 200, 201 Degreif, Karen, Winthrop, 254 Degroote, Virgil, Waterloo Dehart, Charles, Waterloo, 254 Deines, Carol, Greene Dekkenga, John, Cedar Falls Dekruif, Jerry, Sheldon Delfs, Sharon, Toledo, 254 Delk, Richard, Cedar Falls, 279 Della Vedova, 'Rose Mary, Ottumwa, 173 Demien, Rhonda, Lytton, 141, 142, 143 Denburger, Barbara, Oskaloosa Dencklau, Carl, Vincent, 254 Denger, Addison, Dows Denger, Janna, lda Grove Denkinger, Marian, Cedar Falls Dennis, Clinton, Waterloo Deppey, Bob, Wapello Desary, Susan, Mason City, 206 Detlefsen, Jan, -254 Dettmann, Carol, Sac City, 140, 254 Dettmann, Shirley, Sac City, 145, 254 Deviney, Ralph, Cedar Falls, 137, 136 Devitt, Billy, Lytton Devitt, Ronald, Lake City Devos, Carl, Cedat Falls, 137 Dewilde, Delores, Charles City, 142, 143, 254 Dey, Clark, Winthrop Dicken, Sharon, Dysart Dickey, Robert, Davenport Dickinson, Derra, Woodburn Dickson, Sandra, Cedar Falls, 193, 279 Diehl, Nancy, Waterloo Dierks, David, Clinton Diersen, Donita, Lytton, 254 Dietz, Eugene, Cedar Falls Dietz, Wallace, Waterloo Dighton, Arlene, Coggon, 142, 177, 178 Dillinger, Larry, Peru Dillon, David, Cedar Falls, 179, 244 Dinges, Alice, Lake View, 263 Dirks, Leroy, Waterloo Dittmer, Norbert, Strawberry Point Dixon, Rodney, Perry, 158 Dixon, Sharon, Marion, 209 Doak, John, Grundy Center, 279 Doak, Mary, Cedar Falls, 157 Dobbe, Ronald, Huxley Dobson, Karen, Cedar Falls Dodd, Jack, Cedar Falls, 118, 123, 173, 184,188 Dood, Laurence, Colo. Doods, Nancy, New London Doepke, Harold, Denver Dodge, David, Cedar Falls Doerzman, Jimmie, Plainfield, 242, 279 Dolan, John, Casey, 158, 217, 222, 279 Dolan, Lawrence, Waterloo Dolan, Paul, Waterloo Dolash, Richard, Waterloo Domer, Jalaa, Center Point, 181, 183, 254 Donaldson, Shirley, Davenport, 118, 120, 125,13o,131,21o Dooley, Frank, Alamogordo, New Mexico Dooley, Patricia, Nevada Doran, Elizabeth, Humboldt, 279 Doran, James, Winthrop Dorhout, Lawrence, Sioux Center, 215, 279 Dorsey, Sharon, Bancroft, 192, 263 Dosland, Carole, New Hampton, 125, 181, 183, 211 Dotson, Richard, Waterloo Doughan, Richard, Sheffield Douglass, Donald, Sumner Downs, Darrell, Algona, 172 Doyle, Raymond, Toledo Dreier, John, 158 Drew, Judy, Waterloo Dubois, Duane, Evansdale, 280 Ducommun, Ervin, Laurens Duea, James, Lemon Grove, Calif., 129, 179,215,244,283 Duenovv, Harlan, Sumner, 142, 143, 178 Duer, Nadine, Ringsted, 142 Duffy, Lyle, Eldora Duffy, Owen, Des Moines Duffy, Richard, Odebolt, 141, 142, 143, 178 Duggins, Alice, Mt. Pleasant, 151, 190 Duke, Donald, Waterloo Dunham, Daniel, Waterloo Dunkelberg, Sue, Waterloo Dunlavy, James, Mt. Pleasant, 190 Dunnigan, Charles, Chicago, lll., 263 Dupey, Lavera, Fort Dodge, 140, 182, 254 Dusil, Betty, Fairfax E Earley, Mary, Primghar, 140, 193, 254 Earnest, Roberta, New London, 203, 204 Easter, Jerry, Vinton, 151, 152, 254 Easton, Jack, Clear Lake Eaton, Clarence, Garrison Eaton, Jacqueline, Tipton Eatwell, Mary, Mingo Eatwell, Shirley, Mingo, 140, 254 Ebel, Carol, Paullina, 263 Eberly, Dean, Waterloo, 188 Ebner, Gene, Cedar Falls Ebner, Karen, Cedar Falls, 142 Eckes, Harold, New Hampton Eckhoff, Myone, Ames Eckles, Karen, Glenwood, 280 Edler, Daniel, Freeport, Ill., 254 Edmonds, Betty, Brandon, 148, 263 Edmonson, Judith, Ottumwa, 254 Edwards, Donna, Ruthven, 140, 158, 199, 254 Egbert, James, Fort Dodge Egeland, Irving, Story City Egger, Marlene, Hopkinton, 125, 171, 195 196 Eggleston, Craig, Waterloo Ehlert, William, Waterloo Ehrhardt, Robert, Adel, 158, 217 Eick, James, Waterloo Eide, Jean, 167, 181, 207 Eide, Roger, Alden Elbert, Carol, Corwith, 158, 280 Elder, Marilyn, Humeston Eliasen, Larry, Plainfield Elliot, Bonnie, Algona, 254 Elliott, Richard, Greenfield Elliott, Harold, Newton Ellis, Charles, Charles City Ellis, Gary, Ames Elsbury, Coral, 173, 263 Else, Janet, Ida Grove, 116, 171, 199, 280 Else, Mary, Stockport Elvesether, Hanlontown, 198, 269 Embrey, Joyce, Waterloo Enderlin, Virginia, Fonda, 190 Endraiss, James, Sheffield Eness, Linda, Ames, 164 Engel, David, Cedar Falls Engel, Robert, Reinbeck Engelhardt, Kay, Waukon Engen, Richard, Clarion England, Phillip, Van Meter, 116, 122, 132, 280 Engle, Arlene, Rockwell City, 140, 164, 198, 254 Englund, Thelma, Cedar Falls Enlow, Barbara, Waterloo Enos, Mary, Hudson Enzler, Rosaire, Waterloo, 280 Enwright, Patrick, Waterloo Erger, Donald, Atkins Erger, Joan, Cedar Falls Erhardt, Linda, Bloomfield, 140, 254 Erickson, Alan, Roland, 178 Erickson, Barbara, lndianola, 200, 202, 280 Erickson, Ellen, Clear Lake Eriksen, Erik, Cedar Falls Ernst, Dean, Elgin, Minn., 280 Ernst, Gerald, Haverhill Ernst, Marvin, Albert City Erps, William, Durant, 186 Ervin, Patricia, Perry, 203, 204 Esperas, Charles, Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii Etten, Robert, Waterloo Etzel, Donald, Fort Dodge Euchner, Norman, Hudson Euchner, Russell, Waterloo Evans, Julia, Waterloo Evans, Loretta, Joice Evans, Lucille, Williamsburg, 125, 145, 158,213 Evans, Myron, Alden, 167, 187, 280 Ewalt, Mervin, Cedar Falls Ewoldt, Bruce, Cedar Falls Ewoldt, Edmund, Wall Lake Ewoldt, Gary, Traer Exline, Dale, Clutier F Faber, Richard, Moravia Faber, Sharon, Parkersburg Fabrizio, Barbara, Algona Fackel, Joseph, Reinbeck Fahlenkamp, Leroy, Arnolds Park, 185, 255 Fahnestock, Ruppert, Cedar Falls Fails, Lavern, Waterloo Fain, Eldon, Cedar Falls, 172, 280 Fain, Willis, Mallard Fairbank, Karen, Des Moines, 118, 200, 212 Fairbanks, Charlotte, Waterloo, 167, 186 Fairchild, Kenneth, Kimball, 116, 118, 216, 280 Falaris, Evangeline, Waterloo Falck, Robert, Aurora, 255 Farley, Erik, Clinton, 205 Farmer, Ann, Van Horne, 162, 167, 200, 202,280 Farrell, Bonita, Buckingham, 255 Farrier, Harold, Brighton Farrill, Eloyce, Readlyn Faught, Gary, Cedar Falls Fee, Josephine, Nashua, 255 Feldman, Carol, Terril Feldman, Karen, Terril Feller, lcla, Waterloo Felton, Thomas, Nora Springs, 255 Fenner, Maxine, Hazelton, 139, 178, 208, 269 Fenske, Eugene, Cedar Falls Fenstermann, Rita, Greeley, 140, 255 Ferguson, James, Grand Jct., 122, 124, 173, 203 Ferguson, Sara, Ottumwa, 206 Ferguson, Thomas, Cedar Falls, 172 Fernald, Barbara, Davenport Ferry, Anna, Irwin, 163 Fessler, Betty Lou, Swaledale, 255 Fett, Marvel, Dysart Fickel, Dorothy, lndianola, 119, 130, 159, 169 Filliman, Dennis, Cedar Falls, 179, 281 Filliman, Paula, Cedar Falls, 281 Fimreite, Henry, Eleva, Wis. Finch, Lewis, Waterloo Finco, Arthur, Bovey, Minn. Finestead, Lowell Alan, Granger, 194 Finders, David, Lake View, 191 Fink, Delmar, Westgate, 281 Fink, Edna, Cedar Falls Finnestad, Carrol, Laurens Fintel, Barbara, La Porte, 281 Fintel, Dewayne, La Porte City First, Adel, Monticello Fisch, Elna, Deep River, 202, 269 Fischer, Margaret, Lone Rock, 125, 139, 177, 178, 203, 204, 269 Fiscus, Susan, Schaller Fishbaugh, Christie, Shenandoah Fisher, Rebecca, Cedar Rapids, 159, 183, 209, 264 Fisher, Richard, Charles City Fisher, Shanlyn, Thompson, 142, 143, 159, 173 Fisher, Sharon, Story City, 176, 197 Fisk, Roger, Spencer Fitzgerald, Robert, Dubuque Field, Beverly, Primghar, 159, 181, 198 Flack, Franklyn, Waterloo Flack, James, Waterloo Fleming, John, Cedar Falls, 242 Fleming, Patricia, Bloomfield, 190, 255 Flesner, Ann, Farmersburg, 186, 281 Fletcher, Daniel, Van Meter Flickinger, Sandra, Waterloo, 255 Fliear, Galen, Waterloo Flint, Brenda, Andrew, 183 Flower, Robert, Oelwein Flynn, Barbara, Shenandoah, 255 Fogelstrom, Donna, Nevada, 206 Folette, Dolores, Waterloo Foley, Douglas, Tama Folkers, Leona, Scotch Grove, 142, 143, 177, 207, 264 Folkers, Merna, Scotch Grove, 165, 171, 281 Folkers, Sylva, Allison Folks, Wayne, Waterloo Follette, Everett, Custer, South Dakota Follett, Faye, Waterloo Follmer, Phyllis, Stanley, 163, 264 Folsom, George, Des Moines, 179, 242 Fonkert, John, Mason City Forbes, Wilson, Harris Ford, Florence, Fairbank, 255 Foshe, Pauline, Johnston, 255 Pass, Mana, Exim, 140, 198, 255 Fossey, Kenneth, St. Ansgar Foster, Gerald, West Des Moines, 255 Foster, Jerry, Scranton, 221 Foster, Mary, Oelwein Fouts, Donald, Waterloo Fowler, Elizabeth, Grinnell, 162, 200, 202 Fowler, Virginia, Cedar Falls, 156, 281 Fox, Donald, Cedar Falls, 141, 173, 255 Francis, Bruce, Linn Grove Franck, Gordon, Newhall, 203, 264 Frandsen, Joyce, Cedar Falls Franey, Carolyn, Scranton Frank, Alice, Cresco Frank, Dale, Cresco, 270 Frank, Ella, Mount Auburn Frank, Kenneth, Waterloo Frank, Walter, Olin, 216 Franke, Doreen, Council Bluffs, 138, 195, 196, 255 Franks, Kenneth, Waterloo Fredlund, Kathleen, Waterloo Fredrickson, Doris, Turin, 140, 255 Freeman, Francis, Davenport Freitag, Neil, Elkader, 122, 221 Frelund, Charles, Cedar Falls, 156, 281 Fremont, Marilyn, Waterloo, 145, 255 French, Barry, Cedar Falls, 137 French, Barton, Cedar Falls, 137 French, Rae Ann, Renwick Frette, Joel, Roland Frey, Richard, Antigo Friar, Shirley, Waterloo Fridlington, Norma, Dallas, 171, 202 Friederich, Joan, Strawberry Pt., 138 Friest, Joann, Radcliffe, 255 Frisbie, Jack, Osage Fritchen, Betty, Richland, 162, 167, 200, 202 Fromm, Geraldine, Mason City, 44, 116, 148, 149, 174, 281 Frownfelter, Forrest, Creston, 172, 281 Froyen, Gail, Cedar Falls Fuhs, Ernest, Eddyville Fukumura, Elaine, Honolulu, Hawaii, 170 Fuller, Anastasia, Cedar Falls Fuller, Loretta, Goodell, 158 Fuller, William, Cedar Falls, 141, 142, 143 Funke, Karen, State Center, 163, 199 Fuson, Larry, Granger, 264 Fye, Cecelia, Farmington, 171, 212 Fymbo, Anne, Sgt. Bluff, 270 Gabel, Sandra, Swea City Gabriel, Richard, Burlington, 270 Gabrielson, Sue, Dayton Gabrielson, Nancy, Stratford, 255 Gaede, Marjorie, Sumner, 169, 181, 198, 255 Gager, Gretchen, Cedar Falls, 120, 123, 125, 210 Gaiser, Gordon, Rockford Gallery, Gary, Waterloo Galloway, Kathryn, Albia, 183 Galloway, Mary, Waterloo Galloway, Tamara, Cedar Falls, 213 Garrison, Ronald, Ottumwa, 216, 281 Garrison, William, Oftumwa Gast, Judith, Steamboat Rock, 192 Gates, Robert, Mason City, 174, 179, 214, 244, 281 Gaudes, Douglas, Waterloo Gaunt, Nancy, Cedar Rapids, 270 Gayther, Carol, Charles City, 264 Geadelmann, Diana, Tipton Geary, Darlene, Fonda Geater, James, Vinton, 122, 167, 282 Geater, Zelda, Vinton, 183, 264 Geerdes, James, Wellsburg Gehrmann, Audrey, Carson, 145 Geis, Leroy, Shakopee, Minnesota Geise, Barry, Grand Mound, 122, 255 Geiselman, John, Hibbing, Minnesota, 186 Gelder, Janet, lowa Falls, 211, 282 Gemmill, Gary, Estherville Genter, Patricia, Glidden, 264 George, Paul, McGregor Gerdes, Carol, Cedar Falls Gere, Kathleen, Buckingham Geurink, Sylvia, Walcott, 142, 143, 145, 147, 264 Gibbs, Joseph, Strawberry Pt., 138, 188, 197 Gibson, David, Marshalltown, 156 Gibson, Victoria, Aurora, 209 Gideon, Janice, Norwalk, 139, 177, 178 Gienger, Gerry, Waterloo, 118, 123, 179 Gilbert, Diane, Clinton, 120, 129, 210 Gilbert, Kathleen, Sioux City, 145, 255 Gilbert, Mary, Danbury, 142 Gilbertson, Allan, Forest City, 282 Gildersleeve, Charles, Zearing Gilles, Jerry, Osage Gillette, Charles, Fostoria, 177 Gillette, Sheri, Davenport, 76, 141, 142, 264 Gilliatt, Kay, Garrison Giltner, Marilyn, Batavia, 181, 185, 255 Gipple, Richard, Columbus Jct., 242, 282 Gittinger, Lila, Des Moines, 264 Glascock, Alan, Osceola, 167, 214, 282 Glaw, Norman, Waterloo Glawe, Stanly, Waukon Gleason, Sharon, Oelwein, 182, 255 Glenn, Charles, Minburn Glessner, Faye, Cedar Rapids, 158, 160, 208, 282 Glessner, Roy, Waterloo Glorfeld, Louis, Waterloo Glorfeld, Patricia, Waterloo Glorfeld, Nita, Waterloo Godwin, Frances, Washington, 140, 255 Goetz, Marlys, Wesley, 163, 169, 264 Gohman, James Dennis, Cedar Falls, 121 Goings, Russell, Waterloo Gonzagowski, James, Kasson, Minn,, 134, Gamache, Rynard, Ottumwa, 281 Gamet, Margaret, Cedar Falls, 281 Gamet, Mary, Cedar Falls, 181 Gannon, Loretta, Spencer, 162 Gano, Frankie, Waterloo Gantenbein, Carol, Dubuque, 183, 193 Garbee, Everett, Fayette, 216 Gardner, William, Waterloo Garlock, Sonia, Plover, 164, 255 Garman, Merle, Britt, 179, 217, 242 Garms, Richard, Waterloo Garoutte, Mary, Adel, 139, 145, 281 Garrison, John, Cedar Falls 255 Goodell, Margaret, Vinton Goodnaugh, Janice, Marengo, 197 Gootee, Dale, Manchester, 172 Gordon, Helen, Waterloo Gordon, Linda, Newton, 140, 255 Gorham, James, Washington, 118, 121, 179, 217, 244 Gorham, Richard, Washington, 217, 282 Gorman, Mary, Reinbeck Gosch, E. Kay, Schaller, 138, 164, 264, 169 Gosch, Mary Catherine, Sheldon, 142, 156 Goss, David, Des Moines Gourley, Edward, Corwith, 282, 242 Gowen, R. Linwood, Cedar Falls Grabinski, Dale, Cedar Falls Graeber, Thomas, Waterloo Graf, Donald, Sumner Grandon, Lloyd, Cedar Falls Granger, Margie, Gays Mills, Wis., 255 Granneman, Wayne, Charles City, 177 Grant, Donald, Britt, 124 Grant, Genevieve, Anthon Grant, Hazel, lndependence Grant, Marilyn, Adair, 255 Grant, Sheryl, Center Jct., 255 Grant, Suzanne, Goone, 181 Grappendorf, Donald, Waterloo Graser, Sandra, Waterloo Gratias, Loretta, Nora Springs, 140, 255 Graves, Max, Cedar Falls, 282 Gray, Henry, Sabula, 214, 270 Gray, James, Cedar Falls Greelis, John, Cedar Falls, 282 Green, Evelyn, Pacific Jct. Green, Jo Ann, Nichols Greeng Frances, Ames, 61, 175, 191, 211, 282 Green James, independence Green, Joan, Grinnell, 163, 193 Greene, Hildegarde, Waterloo Guthart, Larry, Charles City Guyer, Ellen, Maquoketa, 164 H Haase, Darla, Brooklyn Haase, Dean, Charles City Habenicht, Mervin, Fort Dodge Hackney, Albert, Piqua, Ohio, 221 Haefner, Margaret, Klemme, 125, 129, 139, 177, 178, 202, 270 Hafar, Derol, Cedar Falls, 283 Hagebak, Beaumont, Blue Earth, Minn., 118, 151, 214 Hagebak, Lillian Price, Grinnell, 118, 151, 266 Hagerdon, Dona, Mapleton Hagarty, Robert, Cedar Falls, 151 Hahn, Frederick, Des Moines Hahn, Robert, Mason cny, 121, 221, 222, 223 Hain, Allys, Davenport, 181, 183 Hakanson, Eugene, Blairstown, 122, 124, 217 Hake, Priscilla, Cedar Falls, 70, 74, 75, 138, 190, 212 Hala, Marilyn, Tama, 3, 116, 118, 145, 283 Halfpop, Keith, Goodell, 184 Hall, Channing, Tipton Hanson, Jack, Elgin Hanson, James, Dickinson, North Dakota Hanson, Karen, Waterloo, 255 Hanson, Marilyn, Clarion, 140, 206 Hanson, Norman, Cedar Falls Hanson, Roger, Clarion, 145, 255 Hanson, Sharon, Charles City Hanson, W. M., Waterloo, 221 Hanus, Joanne, Toledo Happ, Joyce, Cedar Falls, 167 Harbach, Karen, Delhi, 264 Hardcastle, Jerald, Cedar Falls, 255 Harden, Lewis, Cedar Falls Harden, Myrna, Floyd, 255 Harden, Richard, Clinton, 215 Harder, Carol, Mo. Valley, 242 Harder, David, Litchfield, Minn. Harder, Dolores, Cedar Falls, 283 Harder, Elizabeth, Grundy Center Harder, Lois, Marcus, 193 Harder, Robert, Boone Harder, Robert Orval, Cedar Falls Hardy, Elona, Clarion, 142, 143, 161, 200 Hare, Robert, Waterloo, 283 Haring, Raymond, Clinton, 142, 143, 178, 270 Harken, Carol, Holland Harker, Lois Anne, Oxford, 264, 208 Harklau, Roland, Cedar Falls, 283 Greenwood, Darrell, Marshalltown, 282 Gregory, David, Oelwein Gregory, John, Webster City, 189, 221 Gregory, William, Nora Springs Gress, Claudia, Cedar Falls, 270 Gress, Maralyn, Cedar Falls, 282 Greufe, Elfrieda Louis, Milo, 183, 192, 270 Greve, Gary, Andover Greve, Patricia, Clinton, 193, 264 Griebenow, Marion, Janesville Griffin, Harry, Waterloo, 188 Griffin, Carter, Morning Sun, 118, 119, 124, 145, 214 Griffin, Richard, Osceola Griner, Leland Edward, Dumont Gritton, Judith, lowa City, 255 Grooters, Lyle, Cedar Falls, 282 Grosland, Marlys, Northwood Gross, Don, Cedar Falls, 282 Gross, Marilyn, Oelwein Gross, Nancy, Cedar Falls, 119 Grosse, Ruth, Cedar Falls Grotegut, Diana, Waterloo, 264 Hall, Frank, Aurora, lnd. Hall, Joanne, Albion Hall, Mar Hall, Rob Halland, lene, Janesville ert, Cedar Falls Richard, Northwood Haller, Susan, Ottumwa, 139, 177, 209, 283 Hallett, Richard, Dow City Hallett, S Halligan, heryll, Dow City Raymond, Moorland Halstead, Robert, Dike, 214, 283 Halverson, Dean, Webster City Haman, Alice, Marengo Hamann, Hambly, Carol, Eldridge, 210 Olive, Cedar Falls Hamed, Mohamed Bob, Cedar Rapids Hamill, Mary Katherine, Clinton, 142 Hamilton, Glenn, Lucas Hamilton , Marilyn, Elkader, 181,264 Hamilton, Maynard Don, Tipton, 283 Hammer, Betty Lou, Sioux City, 181, 255 Hammer, Jean, Des Moines, 181, 255 Hammer, Ronald, Swea City Groth, John, Moville, 255 Grove, Richard, Waterloo, 214 Grover, Nancy, Clutter, 283 Groves, Carol Ann, New Sharon, 264 Hammond, James, Waterloo, 178 Hampel, Kay, Garner, 143, 255 Hanke, Arloa, Early, 255 Hankenson,,Lee Carol, Mason City, 255 Gruber, Gayle, Carroll, 183, 255 Grundmeier, Colleen, Waterloo Grupp, James, Cedar Falls, 177, 142, 143, 201 Guenther, Janet, Boone, 192 Guernsey, Rebecca, Waterloo, 67, 255 Guhl, Glenda, Olin, 168 Guild, Frankie Charles, Waterloo Guilgot, Jeanene, Manchester, 164, 255 Guldberg, Larry, Hampton Gumtau, Janice, Boone, 255 Gunderson, David, Lake Mills, 158, 124, 217, 283 Gunderson, Virginia, Lake Mills, 255 Gunnell, Audrey, Waterloo, 212 Gury, Mary Diane, Waterloo Gust, Mildred Clarinda, 125, 157, 199, 213, 282 Hankins, Gordon, Conesville Hanley, Hurley, Keokuk, 255 Hanna, Darlene, Nora Springs, 255 Hansen 1 Barbara, Clinton, 255 Hansen, Glenn, Cedar Falls, 283 Hansen, Joan, lowa Falls Hansen, Jon, Cedar Falls, 141, 142, 143, 178 Hansen Julianne, Cedar Falls Hansen Marilyn, Cedar Falls, 180 Hansen, Mariorie, Forest City, 142 Hansen Noel, Marshalltown Hansen, Roger, Cedar Falls, 283 Hansen Vernon, Cedar Falls, 255 Hansen Warren, Harlan Hanson, Ann lrene, Dayton, 198 Hanson Hanson, Carolyn, Buffalo Center, 138, 264 Ellen, St. Ansgar, 165, 270 Harle, Linda, Kanawha Harmon, James, Waterloo, 283 Harms, Harms, Delah Elaine, Ackley Gene, Ackley Harms, Roger, George, 124, 217 Harned, Ollis Hayes, Cedar Falls, 283 Harold, Harold, Fern, Cedar Falls Naomi, Cedar Falls, 190 Harr, Helen, Cedar Falls Harring 196, Harring ton, Linda, Winthrop, 158, 195, 256 ton, Sara Ann, Waterloo, 256 Harris, Barbara, Grinnell, 195, 196 Harris, Sharon, Spencer, 211 Harris, Verna, Delhi, 256 Harrison, Betty, Marshalltown, 167, 173, 175, 208, 284 Harrison, Dale, Creston, 185, 195, 270 Harrold, Karen, Palmer, 139, 177, 184, 264 Hart, Beverly, Webb, 284 Harten, Ronald, Jefferson, 134, 158, 182, 265 Harter, Robert, Rockford, 284 Hartley, Warren, Palmer, 139 Hartman, Dean, Anamosa Hartman, Coretta, Cedar Falls Hartman, Marcia, Davenport Hartman, Mary Loraine, Burlington Hartman, William, Creston, 138, 178, 182, 201, 284 Hartzler, Dale, West Chester, 122 Harvey, Cora, Waterloo Harvey, John, Waterloo Hascall, Donovan, Sheldon Hascall, Kathryn Milius, Des Moines, 160, 284 Hascall, Wayne, Shelby, 167, 284 Hase, Frank, Schaller Hasenwinkel, Doreen, Aurelia, 183, 208 Hashberger, Larry, Mo. Valley Hasselbusch, Kay, Clarence, 206 Hasson, Janet, Hampton, 138, 195, 196 Hastings, William, Fort Dodge Hatch, Carol, Davenport, 145, 176, 190, 200, 208 Hatfield, William, Waterloo, 284 Hathaway, Dennis, Cedar Falls Hattlestad, Neil, Decorah Hatton, Robert, Waterloo Haughton, Ronald, Waterloo Haurum, Joann, Pequot Lakes, Minn. Havel, Maxine Ann, Cedar Falls Haven, Byron, Swaledale, 256 Haver, Joyce, Sioux City Havighurst, Jon, Fort Dodge, 122, 134, 135, 256 Havinga, Lila, Kamrar, 284 Hawes, Shirley, Harris, 163, 264 Hawke, Phyllis, Sheffield Hawley, Merle Dale, Olin, 161 Hawley, Robert, Mason City Hawn, Ann Elizabeth, Des Moines, 145, 146, 151, 256 Hawthorne, Jeanine, Dewitt, 140, 256 Hay, Arthur, Fort Dodge Hayashi, Clare, Kealakekua, Hawaii, 195, 256 Hayden, John, Cedar Falls, 284 Hayes, Barbara, Calamus, 256 Hayes, Marvis, Blanchard Hays, Frances, Colfax, 193, 264 Hays, Judith, Jefferson, 194, 140 Hazen, Roger, Washington Head, lla, Toledo, 256 Hearst, Meryl, Cedar Falls Hearst, Robert, Muscatine, 161, 284 Heath, Lois, Waterloo Heath, Thomas, Cedar Falls, 284 , Constance, Davenport, 202, 256 Heaton Heaton, John, Central City Heaton, Richard, Cedar Falls, 284 Heaton, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 136 Heft, Julianne, Hancock, 162, 198, 284 Hegna, Barbara, Rembrandt, 210 Heil, David, Mankato, Minn., 216, 284 Heileman, Gene, Cedar Falls, 187, 167, 284 Hein, Russell, Fairbank Heinselman, Donald, Waterloo, 285 Heisler, Betty, Waterloo, 138, 190 Heisler, Shirley, Waterloo, 77, 138 Heit, Don, Charles City Heit, Joyce, Charles City, 181, 193, 256 Heitland, Henry, Ackley Heitman, John, Cedar Falls Held, Barbara, Waterloo Heldenbrand, Judith, Booneville, 192 Helland, Jerry, La Porte Helland, Robert, Cedar Rapids, 54, 190 Helmers, Harlan, Algona Helt, James, Cedar Falls Helvick, James, Humboldt, 176, 185, 198 Hemm, lla, Fairfield, 145, 256 Hemminger, Charlene, Harlan, 256 Henak, Richard, Lohrville, 217, 285 Henderson, Barbara, Ankeny, 181, 183 Henderson, Donald, Rowley Hendricks, Donald, Winterset, 256 Hendricks, Joan, Harlan, 140, 256 Hendrickson, Carol, Northwood, 145, 210, 264 Henning, Phyllis, Bagley, 145, 213 Hennings, Yvonne, Elberon, 76, 162, 190, 278 Hennon, Gwendolyn, Newton Henry, Joan, Algona, 211 Henry, Russell, Winterset Hensel, Harold, Auburn, 199, 256 Hensing, Carol, Vinton, 264 Hensley, Bonnie, Grundy Center, 164, 256 Henze, Doris, Cedar Falls Herbert, Pauline, Cedar Falls Herbold, Donald, Correctionville, 185, 189, 198 Hereid, Marilyn, Lawler, 158, 256 Herkelman, Bill, Lost Nation Herkelman, Terre, Lost Nation Hermanstorfer, Judy, Sigourney, 148, 158 256 Hernandez, Otilia, San Juan, P.R. Herold, Anastasia, Ft. Atkinson, 285 Herold, Rosemary, Ft. Atkinson, 285 Herriott, Lois, Casey, 148, 256 Herron, Barbara, Red Oak, 181, 182, 193 Hess, Charles, Anthon, 264 Hess, James, Cedar Falls, 285 Hesse, Arlyn, Waterloo Hetzer, Marilu, Tipton, 211, 285 Hewitt, Ruth, Waterloo Hey, Henry, Waterloo, 142, 143 Heying, John, lonia, 285 Hiatt, Elizabeth, Shenandoah, 256 Hibbs, Janet, Marengo, 203, 204, 206 Hickey, Barbara, Sanborn, 193 Hickey, Don, Waterloo Hicks, Lois, Boone, 256 Hiebert, Clyde, Kinley, Kansas Higby, Sandra, Odebolt Higdon, Annette, Waterloo Hild, Carol, La Porte City Hild, David, Evansdale Hildebrand, Cheryl, Montezuma, 171, 264 Hill, Dean, Radcliffe Hill, Janice, Cedar Falls Hill, Mahlon, Cedar Rapids Hill, Robert, Norwalk Hill, Susan, Forest City, 142 Hills, John, Cedar Falls Hime, Gerald, Onowa, 145, 147, 194, 217, 270 Hinders, Beverly, lonia, 185 Hinds, Betty, St. Ansgar Hinson, James, Waterloo Hinson, Marguerite, Waterloo Hinton, Jean, Chariton, 256 Hinz, Dennis, Clinton Hirsch, Robert, Norwalk Hitchens, Jane, Ft. Dodge, 270 Hitchings, Marlys, Nevada Hiortshoi, Carol, Monroe, 163 Hockett, Vernon, Union, 142, 143, 178 Hoeft, Carolyn, Garner, 264 Hoeg, Eloise, Reinbeck, 156, 195 Hoelz, Marian, New Richland, Minn. Hoeppner, Dennis, Cherokee Hoffman, Glen, Waterloo Hoffman, Norma, Hampton, 202, 173, 264 Hoffman, Rodney, Storm Lake, 285 Hofsommer, Donovan, Spencer, 124 Hogue, Blanche, Waterloo Hogue Gary, Odebolt, 205, 285 Hogue Ronald, Odebolt, 134 Hoing, Charles, Cedar Falls Hoing, Earl, Garwin Hoing, Edward, Garwin Hokama, Jack, Lanai City, Hawaii Holbach, Gerald, Waterloo Holbrook, Jerry, Waterloo, 121 Holden, Joann, Manly, 205, 211 Holdiman, Alice, Waterloo, 212 Holgate, Terry, Waterloo Holl, Eldon, Dyersville, 285 Holland, Carol, Roland, 198, 256 Holliday, James, Muscatine Holliday, Lois, Garrison, 256 Hollingsworth, James, Cedar Falls Hollis, David, Hudson Hollison, Janet, Perry Holm, William, Clinton Holmes, Deanna, Storm Lake Holmes, Dennis, Cherokee, 270 Holmes, John, Dows Holmes, Shelby, Creston, 209 Holmstrom, Harold, Hazleton, 141, 142, 143, 178 Holstrum, Marlowe, Stanhope Holtz, Ramon, Greene Holz, Gwendolyn, New Hampton, 125, 180, 267, 285 Homedale, William, Garden Grove Homolar, Janice, Elberon Honderd, Morman, Story City Honnold, Verle, Winterset Hood, William, Davenport, 141, 178, 185 Hook, Linda, Wellsburg Hoovel, Devonna, Superior, 171, 264 Hoover, Loretta, Rembrandt Hopp, Herold, Moville, 167, 285 Hoppe, Nancy, Gladbrook Hoppenworth, Eldon, Waterloo, 256 Horak, Larry, Waterloo, 156 Horak, Nancy, Waterloo, 181 Horan, Eugene, Oelwein Horner, Eugene, Cedar Falls Horton, Michael, Des Moines, 198, 285 Hotek, Ronald, Otho, 156 Hotovec, Jane, Havelock Houchins, Cheryl, Algona, 256 Houser, William, Cedar Falls Houston, Sherrie, Keokuk, 113, 163 Howard, Jerry, Cedar Falls, 137, 285 Howard, Sandra, Des Moines, 142 Howe, Mary, Ames, 205, 206, 285 Howell, Francis, Cedar Falls, 215 Howell, Joyce, Columbus Junction, 203, 204, 264 Howell, Willard, Columbus Junction, 286 Hoy, James, Cedar Falls Hoy, Robert, Adel, 256 Hubbell, Nancy, Volga, 256 Huber, Leo, Fort Atkinson Hudson, Gary, Milford, 168, 190 Hudson, Virginia, Waterloo, 167 Huffman, Max, Spencer, 77, 81, 179, 221 244 Huggins, Lowell, Maxwell, 256 Hughes, Sandra, Cedar Falls Huinker, Darlene, Oelwein Hunemuller, Dianne, Waterloo Hunt, Joan, Mason City, 142, 143 Hunter, Mavis, Marshalltown Hupp, Doris, Batavia Hurd, Brenda, Maynard, 140, 156 Huston, Marcia, Cedar Falls, 212 Huston, Sam, Cedar Falls, 138 Hutchins, Robert, Sioux City, 134 Hutchinson, Karen, Lohrville Hutchison, Michael, Waterloo Hutton, Thomas, Marion Hutzell, Laurence, Algona, 142, 143 Hyde, Alice, Grinnell, 192, 256 Hyde, Julia, Garnavillo, 140, 256 Hyke, Robert, Cresco Hysell, Janet, Washington, 256 laria, N ick, Des Moines, 256 Igou, Frank, Cedar Falls, 221 lgou, Sharon, Cedar Falls lhnen, Joann, Pocahontas Indlecoffer, Sally, Dayton lngebritson, Marlyn, Dows lngebritson, Mary, Vinton, 210 Ingram, James, Cedar Falls Ingram, Miriam, Cedar Falls, 167 Innes, Judith, Gladbrook, 143 Irey, M arilyn, West Liberty, 256 Irwin, Otis, Cedar Falls Ito, Jea nette, Kahului, Hawaii, 170 lversen, Harold, Cedar Falls Iverson, Loren, Northwood Iverson, Merlin, Cresco J Jackson, Edward, Traer, 286 Jackson, James, Cedar Falls, 286 Jackson, Janet, Waterloo Jackson, Sylvia, Terril, 264 -IOIWNSOYL Audrey, Fairrnont, Minn., 198, 286 Johnson, Carl, Burlington Johnson, Charles, Cedar Falls Johnson, Connie, Shenandoah, 186 Johnson, Dale, Dike, 286 Johnson, Darlyne, Dike Johnson, Donald, Austinville Johson, Eldon, Cedar Falls Johnson, Glenn, Missouri Valley, 287 Johnson, James, Marshalltown, 151, 199, 287 Johnson, Janice, Van Meter Johnson, Kaye, Austin, Minn., 177, 193, 264 Johnson, Ladonna, Lake City Johnson, Larry, Cedar Falls Karlson, Everett, Waterloo Karnatz, Charlotte, Fredericksburg, 192, 256 Kasmeier, Janice, Sumner Kaskadden, Georgiana, Oelwein, 140, 257 Kassner, Kevin, Waterloo Kaufman, William, Belmond Kaus, John, Cedar Falls Kauzlarich, John, Clinton, 172 Kauzlarich, Mary Ann, Clinton Kawakami, Charles, Cedar Falls Keele, Dennis, Blencoe Keele, Eric, Blencoe, 1.24 Kehoe, Donald, Waterloo Kehoe, Lawrence, Waterloo Keith, Mary, Burt, 265 Kellerhals, Paul, Tipton, 221, 287 Johnson, Leola, Curlew, 182, 256 Johnson, Leroy, Cedar Falls Johnson, Marilyn, Boone, 210 Johnson, Richard, Eagle Grove, 216, 287 Johnson, Robert, Rockwell Johnson, Valdon, Cedar Falls Johnson, Vernon, Odebolt Johnston, Carole, Zearing, 125, 209 Johnston, Joanne, Hudson, 145, 157, 256 Kelley, Mary, Creston, 193, 270 Kelley, Richard, Des Moines Kelly, Carol, Cherokee, 259 Kelly, Katherine, Springville, 193, 207, 265 Kelsen, Dean, Waterloo, 152, 190 Kemp, Floyd, Cedar Falls Kemp, Sharon, Cedar Rapids, 192, 257 Kemper, Carolyn, Sharon, Pa., 287 Jacobs, Marolyn, De Witt, 164, 199, 264 Jacobson, Karen, Dows, 159, 264 James, Gwendolyn, Montezuma, 142, 143, Johnston, Ray, Cedar Falls, 287 Johnston, Ruth, Albia, 182 Johnston, Verna, Montezuma, 256 Jokela, Leland, Pulaski, 287 Jones, Beverly, Rudd, 264 183, 256 James, Harold, Ottumwa, 286 James, Janice, Cedar Rapids, 181, 256 James, Mary, Center Junction, 129, 165, 286 James, Stanley, Mount Vernon, 286 Janes, Gary, Waterloo Jansen, Larry, Aplington Jones, Harriet, Columbus City, 173, 287 Jones, Karen, Primghar, 163, 169 Jones, Marilyn, Newton, 3, 44, 116, 144, 145 146, 147, 160, 174, 287 Nancy, Manson, 195, 196, 264 Jones, Jones, Paul, Danville Jones, Rodney, Palo, 256 Kempf, Patricia, Audubon, 163, 265 Keniston, Kathryn, Oelwein, 256 Kennedy, Robert, Cedar Falls, 158, 287 Kennison, Barbara, Cedar Falls Kenny, Patrick, Osage Kent, Daniel, Cedar Falls Kephart, Harvey, Waterloo Kerchner, Iva, Rudd, 203, 257 Kerkman, Janice, Massena, 143, 163, 169, 196, 257 Ke rn dt, Mary, Waukon Janssen, Dorothea, Eddyville, 169, 193, 264 Janssen, Faye, Goodell, 162, 286 Jantzen, Herman, Sheldon Jarchow, Ronald, Oelwein, 116, 158, 157, 216, 286 Jarmes, James, Waterloo Jasper, Alvin, Bettendorf, 286 Jasper, Doris, Bettendorf Jefferson, Robert, St. Anthony, 151, 184, 195, 264 Jenkins, Carl, Oskaloosa, 141, 142, 143, 256 Jenkins, John, Waukon, 270 Jenkins, Richard, Waukon Jennings, Frances, Tipton, 286 Jensen Jensen Jensen , Audrey, Buffalo Center, 256 Darian, Cedar Falls, 137 , Dean, Owatonna, Minn., 179 1 Jensen, Delores, Honey Creek, 286 Jensen, Dennis, George, 121, 136, 137 Jensen, Kenneth, Cedar Falls, 286 Jensen Jentz, , Paul, Libby, Montana Janice, Fenton Jepsen, David, Dumont, 191, 270 Jespersen, Myrna, Estherville, 140, 171, 203, 204 Jessen, John, Stanley Jewell, Nancy, Percival, 256 Jirsa, Reiman, Waterloo Jochum, Connie, Waterloo, 256 Johannes, Donna, Laurens, 163, 264 John, Raymond, Marshalltown, 286 Johns, Dennis, Zearing, 185 Johnson, Allan, Odebolt, 217 Johnson, Arnold, Cedar Falls Joonsar, Maaia, Waterloo Jordan, Betty, Waterloo Jordan, John, Cedar Falls Jorgensen, Emma, Parkersburg, 171 Jorgensen, Harriet, Sioux City, 196 Joslin, Janice, Anamosa Joslyn, Marcia, Cedar Falls Joslyn, Ronald, Cedar Falls Jossie, Carol, Waterloo, 120, 123, 265 Juan, Clarence, Honolulu, Hawaii Juergens, Charles, Dubuque Jugenheimer, Janet, Davenport, 129, 158, 167, 168, 199, 210,287 Juhl, Raymond, Cedar Falls, 215 Juhl, Richard, Cedar Falls, 179, 244 Juhl, Roger, Greene June, Barbara, Wapello, 211 Jungman, Lester, Van Meter, 151, 192, 197, 256 Junker, William, Aplington Junko, Susan, Lawler, 193 Justice, Carol, Manchester, 51, 53, 125, 144, 145, 160, 205, 211 Justice, Richard, Manchester, 256 K Kacer, Irene, Toledo, 256 Kail, Robert, Waterloo Kalianov, Nick, Evansdale, 214, 287 Kalkwarf, Janis, Belmond, 159, 198 Kapfer, Philip, Denison, 199 Kaplan, Elsa, Callender, 270 Kappes, Donld, Cedar Falls Karloula, Roy, Cedar Falls, 287 Kesselring, Marian, Ottumwa, 194, 265 Kessler, Gretchen, Oxford Ketch, William, Des Moines, 287 Kibbie, William, Cedar Rapids, 179, 247 287 Kies, Leroy, Waterloo Kies, Mary, Waterloo, 288 Kiffer, Bonnie, Waterloo, 180 Kim, Hogwon, Taegu, Korea Kim, Suk Kow, Seoul, Korea Kimes, Raymond, Cedar Rapids Kimmel, Janet, Sheldon, 159, 163, 265 King, Ann, Centerville, 138, 140, 190 King Claudia, Hopkinton, 140, 257 King, John, Fort Dodge King John, Waterloo, 288 King King , Juanita, Washta, 183 , Wayne, Cedar Falls Kingery, Betty, Greene, 165, 189 Kingery, Larry, Marathon Kinkade, Margaret, Milford, 288 Kinne, William, Atlantic, 257 Kinsinger, Constance, Ottumwa, 142, 143, 257 Kintz, Mary, Remsen, 140, 257 Kintzel, Arlynn, Clarence Kinzler, Allan, Waterloo Kiple, Linda, Elgin Kipp, Charlene, Mechanicsville Kirchhoff, Stanley, Oelwein, 179, 244 Kiser, Ronald, Mason City Kissinger, Bryce, Hubbard Kittleson, Howard, Decorah Kiellberg, Nancy, Ruthven, 206 Klatt, Howard, Cherokee Klatt, Robert, Cherokee Laufer, Lenius, Klaver, Delmar, Webster, 257 Klein, Virginia, Sexton, 193 Kleinheksel, Kay, Waterloo Klemm, Max, Albany, California, 257 Klenzman, Karlyn, Waverly, 257 Klever, Mary, Gray, 200 Kline, Charles, Cedar Falls Kline, Phyllis, Cedar Falls Kling, Esther, Newton, 288 Klink, Della, Elkport Klink, Lucinda, Maxwell, 164 Klinker, Marlys, Hartley Klippenstein, Elmer, Halstead, Kansas Klisart, Joel, Ossian Kloostra, Leon, Cedar Falls, 199 Kludas, Bonnie, Cherokee Kluever, Connie, Atlantic, 175, 192 Kluiter, Sylvia, Parkersburg, 192 Knapp, Karen, Marion, 139, 159, 177, 203, 207, 211 Knebel, Edward, Dunkerton Kneeland, Marcia,.Gladbrook, 145 Knickman, Helen, Silver City, 125, 145, 190, 200, 202 Kniep, Ronald, Bridgewater, 214 Knierim, Janet, Dunlap, 140 Knierim, Jeanette, Dunlap, 140 Knight, Lee, Cherokee, 156, 216 Knipp, James, Gilbertville Kniss, Shirley, Waterloo Knobloch, Adolph, Lester, 167, 288 Knowles, Edward, Cedar Falls Knudson, Gary, Cedar Falls Koch, Beverly, Whitten, 142, 143, 159, 168,177,265 Koch, Charles, Denison, 190 Koch, Koch, Gordon, Waterloo Kayleen, Wellsburg Koch, Susan, Atkins Lancaster, Donald Lee, Dows, 216 Koch, Don, Rockford, 216 Koefoed, Calleta, Cedar Falls Koehler, Carol, Kanawha, 257 Koelling, Lavonne, La Porte City Koenen, Justin, Waterloo, 172 Koester, Janice, Gladbrook, 257 Kohler, Sharon, Racine, Wis., 140, 257 Koike, Kay, Kekaha, Hawaii, 145, 164, 170,257 Kokotan, Shirley, Waterloo Kollman, Joyce, Waterloo Koloc, Paul, Waterloo Kolsrud, Charles, De Witt, 215 Kolthoff, Jane, New Hampton, 193 Konken, Norma, Parkersburg Konno, June, Honokaa, Hawaii Konno, Thomas, Honolulu, Hawaii Koob, Lloyd, Plainfield Koos, David, Shelby, 179, 215, 221 Koos, Karen, Shelby, 257 Kopecky, Norman, Clutier Kopriva, Leroy, Traer, 172 Korns, Kathryn, Hartwick, 181, 193, 288 Korzendorfer, Jerome, Waucoma Kraft, Adrian, Mapleton Kraft, Roberta, Terril, 189, 199, 265 Kragel, Roy, Wellsburg Krebill, Gerald, Montrose Kramer, Patrick, Waterloo Kratz, Carol, Ridgeway Kray, Dallas, Aplington Kreb, Ella, Cedar Falls Kreb, Eva, Cedar Falls Kral, Dennis, Mt. Pleasant, 142, 143 Krebill, Margaret, Cedar Falls Krebs, Sandra, La Porte City Kremenak, Pamela, Clutier, 257 Krezek, Delbert, Clutier Krob, Joanne, Solon, 193, 257 Kroeger, Edna, Berghefe Kroeger, Kathleen, Cedar Falls Kroemer, Kenneth, Lowden, 134, 135 Krueger, Frederick, Tripoli Krueger, Janice, Marble Rock Krueger, Lynda, Waterloo, 257 Krug, Audrey, Atkins, 257 Kruger, John, Marion Krumm, Leroy, Adair, 257 Krumm, Ronald, Grinnell Krumrey, Darwin, Charles City Kruse, Carol, Shell Rock Kruse, Lloyd, George Krysan, James, Cresco Kubicek, Melvin, Waterloo Kubik, Rudy, Clutier, 179, 244, 246, 288 Kucera, Patricia, Cedar Rapids, 205, 288 Kucera, Patricia, Tama, 202, 210 Kuehl, Joyce, Tipton, 257 Kuenstling, Alberta, Cedar Falls, 167 Kuhl, Judith, Manilla, 257 Kuhn, Pauline, Kingsley, 183 Kunz, Gerald, Waterloo Kunz, Jacquline, Emmetsburg, 159 Kussatz, Joseph, Osage Kutzner, James, Ventura Kynett, Betty, Clinton, 257 L Lack, Philip, Orchard, 168 Ladd, Sally, Webster City, 257 Ladehoff, Ellen, Gladbrook, 140, 257 Lafollette, Susan, Ottumwa, 142, 143, 257 Lafrentz, Ronald, Floyd Lager, Lawrence, New Albin Lahey, Patrick, Clinton, 288 Lahmann, Karon, Denver, 164, 265 Lahann, Maxine, Denver, 210, 288 Lakin, Grace, Cedar Falls Lamb, David, Cedar Falls Lamb, Elizabeth, Des Moines, 167, 288 Lamb, Louise, Cedar Rapids, 288 Lammers, Charles, Winthrop Lammers, Lila, Sioux Center, 140, 158, 185, 257 Lanaghan, Rodney, Clinton, 193 Lancaster, Donna, Marshalltown, 162, 210 Lande, Charles, Cedar Falls, 288 Landhuis, Lester, Sheldon, 122, 124, 217 Larsen, Eunice, Cedar Falls Larsen, Roger, Grinnell, 200, 270 Larsen, Sondra, Cedar Falls, 257 Larson, Barbara, Honey Creek, 140, 198 Larson, Donald, Alden, 122, 217, 221, 289 Larson, Janice, Cedar Rapids, 158, 257 Larson, Keith, Thompson Larson, Mary, Inwood, 213, 265 Larson, Roland, Cedar Falls Larson, Vernelle, Decorah Larson, Walter, Staples, Minn., 186 Lassen, Jo, Springville, 289 Karl, Gladbrook, 172 Laughery, Katharine, Guthrie Center Laun, Dale, Cedar Falls, 156 Lauterbach, Leon, Cedar Falls Lavrenz, Karen, Burt, 190 Lawless, Donald, Macksburg, 216, 289 Lawson, John, Ames, 145, 148, 194 Laylin, Richard, Waterloo Leaman, Don, Waterloo, 176 Leavitt, Mary, Cedar Falls, 123, 125, 160, 187, 195, 210 Lee, Mary, Des Moines, 145, 181, 257 Lee, Sandra, Ida Grove, 145, 148, 257 Legg, Deanna, Des Moines, 194 Leimberer, Leone, Waterloo Leinen, Grace, Cedar Falls Lemke, Darlene, Dows, 163, 265 Lemke, Karen, Dows, 159, 164, 265 Lemke, Robert, Dows, 184, 289 Lemmo Lemoin n, Jacqueline, Washington, 257 e, Blaine, Waterloo Lemon, Linda, Waterloo Lemon, Nell, Charlton, 156, 203 Edsel, Hampton, 158 Leonard, Joann, Ottumwa, 257 Leonard, John, Cedar Falls Leslie, Mary, Waterloo, 202, 257 Lessin, Charles, Davenport Lester, Carol, Davenport, 206 Lewis, Judith, Davenport, 173 Lewis, Melvin, Coon Rapids, 270 Lewis, Sandra, Cedar Rapids, 120, 125, 160, 182, 210, 248 Ley, Terry, Cedar Falls, 119, 121, 148 Liaho, Darlene, Center Point Lienau, Mary, Sumner, 257 Liesener, James, Cedarburg Lincoln, Marlene, Strawberry Point, 183, 257 Lindblom, John, Waukon Landis, Ronald, Monticello, 257, 288 Lane, Gerald, Oelwein, 119 Lane, Marilyn, Colesburg, 140, 257 Lane Robert, Oelwein Lane, William, Cedar Falls, 174, 247, 288 Lang, Barbara, Cedar Falls, 192, 265 Lange, Herbert, Cedar Falls, 172, 288 Lange, Larry, Elkader Lange, Myrna, Odebolt Langerman, Philip, Eldora Langenwalter, Neil, Newell Lantow, James, Sumner, 122, 145, 146, 151,168,173,289 Laplant, Larry, Waterloo Larkey, Alice, Onslow, 203, 204 Larkin, Norma, New Hampton, 125, 157, 160 , 193, 270 Larsen, Connie, Paullina, 209 Lindeen, Jane, Swedesburg, 159, 265 Linden, Barbara, Kiron, 163, 265 Linderwell, Beverly, Strawberry 'Point Lindlief, Mary, Storm Lake, 173, 181, 183, 203 Lindstrom, Franklin, Cedar Falls Linscheid, Cheryl, Cedar Falls Linscheid, Clayton, Cedar Falls Lippe, James, Cedar Falls Lippe, Jane, Cedar Falls Little, Eldon, Knoxville Livingston, Dorothy, Cedar Falls Lloyd, Linda, Dumont, 165 Locker, Barbara, Laurel, 138, 164, 169, 265 Lockwood, Ronald, Mason City, 142, 145, 190, 270 Loeschen, Gordon, Mason City, 199, 214 Lofton, Mary Kay, Hudson, 190, 257 Lomax, Judith, Stuart, 188 Lombardi, Gloria, Madrid, 193, 265 Ralph, Waterloo Lombardi, Rita, Madrid, 168, 190, 193, 265 Long, David, Belmond, 141, 265 Long, Diane, Whitten, 140, 257 Long, Loren, Cedar Rapids, 142, 143, 177,. V178 Long, Raymond, Ames Longnecker, David, Ames, 172, 265 Longnecker, John, Cedar Falls Longnecker, Sharon, Cedar Falls Longstreet, Kathleen, Primghar, 198, 289 Looby, Patricia, Postville, 257 Lookingbell, Glen, Cedar Falls Loomis, Jeanette, New Virginia, 265 Loomis, Keith, Des Moines, 289 Looney, Karen, Prescott, 257 Lott, Darlene, Whitten, 125, 193 Lott, Jovonna, Jolley, 203, 204, 265 Lottridge, Marlene, Sioux City Lottridge, Ronald, Sioux City Lough, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 179, 247 Loving, Patricia, Albert City, 173 Lowe, Karen, Waterloo, 210, 265 Lowe, Patricia, Cedar Rapids, 158, 200 Lowe, Theron Michael, Waterloo Lowery, Richard, Alden Lowry, Eugene, Callender Loynachan, Jerry, Adel, 122, 124, 215 Lubbs, Norma, Cedar Falls Lucas, Barbara, Charles City Lucas, Linda, Kent, 175, 203, 265 Luedtke, Janet, Traer, 163, 265 Luethie, Sally, Davenport, 265 Luhrs, Everett, Primghar, 157, 289 Luiken, Royce, Steamboat Rock, 158, 289 Lund, Fred, Garrison Maher, Andrea, Cedar Falls Maher, Richard, Lawler Mahurin, James, Cedar Falls Makoben, Larry, Durant, 258 Mallaro, Daniel, Fort Dodge Mamminga, Mary Lou, Grundy Center, 117, 139, 160, 177, 178, 290 Manbeck, Phillip, Waterloo Mandernach, Charles, 57, 117, 141, 143, 178,200 Manfull, Richard, Traer, 217 Mangold, Gloria, Ryan, 162, 210, 258, 290 Mangold, Helen, Ryan, 140, 195, 196 Manley, Mary, Woodburn Manley, Richard, Waterloo Manley, Thomas, Waterloo, 142, 143 Mann, Richard, Vinton, 258 Manos, Frank, Cedar Falls Manson, Nedra, Quasqueton, 258 Marcucci, Gilbert, Cedar Falls, 137 Marcum, Connie, Little Sioux, 265 Marcussen, Richard, Cedar Falls Mark, Gerald, Casey, 290 Markley, lnez, Rolfe Marks, Ronald, Jefferson Marquardt, Ersileen, Buckingham Marrs, Stephen, Fort Dodge Marsh, James, Kellogg, 290 Marsh, Lewis, Kellogg, 242 Martens, Gary, Cedar Falls McCIintic, Jack, West Des Moines McClure, Don, Washington McCorkle, Nancy, Independence, 158, 257 McCormick, Muriel, West Des Moines, 142 143,195,257 McCoy, Arnold, Redfield McCoy, Mary, Aurora McCrea, Joyce, Storm Lake, 158 McCreedy, Kay, Washington McCreery, Daryl, Clinton McCulley, Roger, Shellsburg, 257 McCune, Patricia, Ottumwa, 168, 192, 265 McCunnitf, Monte,'Cedar Falls, 215 McCurdy, Celinda, Spencer, 159, 195, 196, 205, 212, 265 McCurdy, Shirley, Monticello McCusker, Robert, Cedar Falls, 136, 137 McCutchen, Evelyn, Washington, 257 McDonald, Karen, Cedar Falls, 257 McFadden, Judy, Nichols, 193, 257 McGinnis, Donald, Algona McGirl, John, Waterloo McGowan, Katherine, Fort Dodge, 65, 76, 180,181,265 McGowan, Kay M., Goldfield, 257 McGowan, Regina, Fonda, 265 McGrane, Linfred, Cedar Falls McGrath, Agnes, Cedar Falls McGrew, Jay, Cedar Falls, 179 McGuire, Anthony, lndependence, 214 1 Martin, David, Barnes City, 258 Martin, Elfriede, Charles City, 192, 290 Martin, Gaylord, Waterloo Martin, James, Waterloo Martin Patricia, Montezuma, 290 Martin, Lundberg, Karen, Cedar Falls Lundberg, Paul, Cedar Falls, 139, 289 Lundberg, Sheila, Cedar Falls, 257 Lundgren, Joan, Cedar Falls Lundgren, Larry, Clinton Lundquist, Dean, Cedar Falls Luper, Frances, Iowa City, 192, 270 Lupkes, Carol, Parkersburg Lusthoff, Loma, Waterloo Lutter, Joyce, Marshalltown Lutz, Flossie, Mason City, 173, 190, 289 Lutz, Raymond, Shenandoah Lutz, Robert, 142, 143 Luxford, Dean, Chicago, Ill. Lyckman, Elsie, Cedar Falls Lyckman, Ernest, Taos, N. M. Lynch, Karen, Waterloo, 141, 257 Lyons, Robert, Dysart Lytten, Robert, Missouri Valley AA Maas, Gary, Wellsburg Maas, Ralph, Waterloo Maas, Virginia, Waterloo Mace, David, Waterloo Macer, Richard, Mason City, 172, 290 Mack, William, Oelwein Madden, Kathryn Joan, Long Grove, 130, 164, 169, 265 Madison, Donna, Goldtield Madsen, Julia, Cedar Falls Madsen, Jeanette, Cresco, 142, 143, 258 Madsen, Marilyn, Clear Lake Magee, Ronald, Waterloo Magel, Janet, West Burlington, 70, 74, 75, 130 Maginnis, Nancy, Red Wing, Minn., 212 Martindale, Constance, Cedar Falls, 202 Martinez, Gilbert, Waterloo Martinson, Jerry, Cedar Falls, 217 Martinson, Shirley, 160, 176, 205, 213, 290 Marx, Walter, Waterloo Mason, Bobby, Montour Matern, Lavonne, Thornton, 171, 290 Mathison, Judith, Ames, 193, 258 Mathre, Tiltord, Mason City Matland, Richard, Waverly Matsui, Jeannette, Lanai City, Hawaii, 258 Matthews, Lola, Webb, 265 Mattice, Karen, Fort Dodge, 258 Mattingly, Charon, Cedar Falls Mattke, Rosalie, Fredericksburg Matz, Roger, Waterloo Maulthauf, Patricia, Cedar Falls, 190, 265 Maxwell, James, Greene Maxwell, Joanne, Exira, 199 May, Wendell, Cincinnati Mayer, Janice, State Center Maze, Donald, Carroll Maze, Richard, Carroll, 203 McBride, Joann, Oelwein, 129, 171, 191, 194,211 McBride, Joseph, Oelwein McBride, Judith, Nevada, 76, 212 McBroom, Patricia, Kellog McCarroll, James Pat, Traer, 136 McCarthy, William, Fort Dodge McCarville, Charles, Cresco, 172 McCauley, Harry, Van Meter, 167, 289 McClain, Donald, Waterloo, 289 McClain, Ronald, Cedar Falls McClellan, Barbara, Cedar Falls McClellan, Keith, Tipton McGuire, Carl, Mason City, 270 McGuire, Leonard, Longton Mcllrath, Nancy, Cedar Rapids, 258 McKee, John, Waterloo McKee, Ronald, Tappen, N. D. McKenzie, James, Knoxville McKim, Lois, Nevada McKinley, Billie, Olathe, Kan. McKinley, William, Cedar Falls, 172 McKinney, Jerry, Des Moines, 258 McKnabb, Mona, Shelby, 140 McLain, Evelyn, Emerson McLaughlin, Margaret, Mediapolis McLaury, Eldon, Waterloo McLennan, Joyce, Hartwick, 118, 120, 210, 290 M'cMartin, Nancy, Jesup, 183, 258 McMillen, Marie, Waterloo McMorris, Joan, Woodward McNeal, James, Ames, 121, 122, 144, 158 McNiel, William, Cedar Rapids, 121, 249 McPartland, Bernard, San Pablo, Calif. McQuaid, Paul, Anamosa McVeety, Nina, Eldora McVey, Richard, Spencer McWilliams, Arlen, Waterloo Meador, Raymond, Pensacola, Florida Meeker, Roger, Cedar Falls, 180, 190, 198 214 Meewes, Ralph, Dike Meggers, Luane, Reinbeck, 258 Meier, Dianna, Sumner, 258 Meinert, Patricia, Durant, 258 Meinhard, Doris, Waverly Melby, Judith, Mt. Pleasant, 140 Melohn, Norman, Waterloo Menke, Donald, Archer Mensing, Mary, 270 Mercer, Merle, Winterset, 258 Merchant, Franklyn, Spencer, 290 Mericle, Iviathalie, Hampton, 270 Merris, Patricia, Humboldt Merritt, Judith, Nora Springs, 258 Montgomery, David, Chariton, 158, 203, Mertens, Jerald, Reinbeck, 172, 290 Mertz, David, Webster City, 142, 258 Mesklmen, James, Cedar Rapids, 124, 217 Messer, Sandra, Wapello, 258 Mette, Virginia, Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 140, 258 Mettlin, Marguerite, Waterloo Metzger, Jane, Olds, 140 Mohs, Karen, Waterloo Moline, Jo, Rockwell City, 183, 270 Molinsky, Dean, Oelwein, 179, 217, 247, 291 -Monk, Dorothy, Waterloo Monkemeier, Leila, Melvin, 130, 197, 265 Monroe, Joann, Waterville Meyer, Charles, Calmar Meyer, Don, Elkader, 249 Meyer, Evelyn, Dows Meyer, Joan, Oelwein, 70, 74, 75, 118, 120, 125 Meyer, Joseph, Meservy Meyer, Lavern, Wesley, 195, 270 Meyer, Marcia, Grundy Center, 125, 171, 203, 204 Meyer, Mariean, Keystone Meyer, Meyer, Mary, Clarence, 163 Wava, Grundy Center 217 Moore, Anne, Winterset, 202 Moore, Kathryn, Lisbon, 183 Moore, Joseph, Hazleton Moore, Ronald, Waterloo Moorehead, Gerald, Cedar Falls Moothart, Sharon, Washington Mordan, Charles, Pocahontas, 291 Mordini, Tullio, Madrid Morford, Mary, Davenport, 291 Moriguchi, Naomi, Hilo, Hawaii, 119, 210, Mick, Delores, Mason City, 291 Moss, Linda, Osage, 258 Meyers, Barbara, Dunkerton Meyers, Eldon, lonia, 124, 176, 198, 290 Meyers, Judith, Bettendorf, 183, 258 Michael, Richard, Cedar Falls, 290 Mikesell, S. Collette, Keswick, 138, 145 Milburn, Joyce, Newton, 258 Miles, Julie, Waterloo Miletich, John, Albia Miletich, Nick, Waterloo Miletich, Yvonne, Waterloo Millard, Joseph, Jefferson Milleman, Thomas, Spencer, 172 Miller, Charlotte, Bemidii, Minnesota, 291, 183 129 Morris, Alvira, Cedar Falls Morris, Elgin, Forest City, 270 Morris, George, Cresco Morris, William, Cedar Falls Minard, Carolyn, Toledo, 258 Miller, Dean, Corydon, 142, 145 Miller, Don, Marshalltown Miller, Evelyn, Cedar Rapids, 182, 183 Miller, Gary, Mason City, 139 Miller, Jack, Waterloo, 221 Miller, Jimmy, Newton, 246 Miller, John, Cedar Falls, 186, 291 Miller, Judith, Grundy Center Miller, Karen, Cedar Falls Miller, Kermit, Waterville Miller, Mary Darlene, Milton, 171 Miller, Mary Esther, Cherokee Miller, Neale, Crete, Illinois Miller, Patricia, Clinton, 171, 270 Miller, Patrick, Waterloo Miller, Phillip, Waterloo Miller, Robert, Evansdale, 258 Miller, Roger, Waterloo Mincks, Donna, Cedar Falls Minehart, John, Waterloo Minerman, Charles, Exira, 151, 258 Missman, Charles, Woden, 142, 143 Mitchell, Nancy, lndianola Mitchell, Larry, Paullina, 141, 291 Mitchell, Norma, Buckingham, 183 Morrison, Joy, La Porte City, 258 Morrison, Thomas, Corpus Christi, Texas Mortell, Mary, Jackson, Mich. Mortvedt, Sandra, Ames, 164 Moschel, Jerod, Hawkeye Moses, Eugene, Waterloo Mossman, Virgil, Yates Center, Kansas Mostaert, Janet, Lowden, 258 Mount, Martha, Winterset, 258 Mowrer, Barbara, Perry, 140 Mowrer, Forrest, Perry, 217 Mowry, Robert, Tipton Moyer, Doris, Central City, 192 Moyer, Mary, Gilman, 258 Moyer, Wanette, Fort Madison Mrzlak, Michael, Waterloo Muckler, Nancy, Grinnell Muehlethaler, Beverly, Elgin, 139, 191, 291 Mueting, Dave, Pocahontas, 258 Muilenburg, Ronald, Maurice, 117, 145, 147, 148, 149, 158, 174, 187, 291 Mukai, Teruo, Maui, Hawaii Mulgrew, Beverly, Cedar Falls Mullan, Terry, Clear Lake, 134, 258 Muller, Lester, Ackley Mully, Jack, Cedar Falls, 291 Mumm, Karen, Council Bluffs, 198, 258 Mundy, Gerald, Kingsley Myhr, Maryann, Cedar Falls N Nadler, Renate, Waterloo Naeve, Sharon, Bradgate, 265 Nagai, Jeanette, Hilo, Hawaii, 164, 170, 258 Nagel, Jacqueline, Traer Nairn, Evelyn, Maquoketa Naito, Muriel, Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii, 162, 170, 195, 196 Nakamura, Yasuo, Kona, Hawaii, 291 Nakasato, Jean, Kahului Maui, Hawaii, 170 Nanny, Jane, La Porte City Napier, Patricia, Cedar Rapids, 145, 183, 258 Nasalroad, Eugene, Boone, 291 Naser, James, Cedar Falls Nash, Raymond, Cedar Falls Natte, Roger, Sibley, 180, 187, 217 Natvig, Lyle, Waterloo, 291 Natzke, Clark, Cedar Falls Navin, Joseph, Melrose, 176, 186, 193 Neal, Carmen, Nevada, 206, 265 Neal, Donna, De Witt, 202 Nehring, Joan, Eldora Nehring, Minnie, Colo. Neith, Jerry, Waterloo Neith, John, Waterloo Nellist, Glenn, Rowley, 190, 214 Nelsen, Hart, Cedar Falls, 148, 186, 292 Nelsen, Jerry, Dows Nelson, Charlotte, Albert City, 193, 198, 265 Nelson, Donna, Sioux Rapids Nelson, Gwendolyn, Ames, 192, 197, 265 Nelson, Harold, Independence Nelson, Janet, Cedar Falls, 143, 160, 161, 200, 202, 292 Nelson, Jerry, Marshalltown Nelson, John, Cedar Falls Nelson, Judith, Waterloo, 120, 123, 125, 159, 206 Nelson, Marilyn, Cedar Falls Nelson, Marybeth, Cedar Falls, 117, 143, 144, 160, 178, 202, 292 Nelson, Nancy, Dunlap Nelson, Sharon, Radcliffe, 156 Nelson, Sigrid, Elma, 139, 164, 198 Nelson, Sylvia, Waterloo, 145, 162 Nelson, Walter, Cedar Falls, 292 Nesbit, Janice, Independence, 168, 213 Ness, Mary, Callender, 265 Mitchell, Patrick, Osage Mitchem, Kathryn, Marshalltown, 142, 143, Munn, Edward, Fort Dodge Munn, Janis, Melbourne, 145, 182, 258 Munson, Norma, Waterloo Murphy, Donald, Cedar Falls Murphy, James, Clariton Murphy, Kay, Waterloo Murphy, Thomas, Davenport, 221 Murray, Murray, Dale, Laurens Laurence, Belmond, 139, 178 Netherton, Barbara, Yale, 140, 159, 163, 265 Neubauer, Ralph, Iowa Falls Neuwohner, James, Waterloo Newbury, Louise, Bristow, 139, 177, 178 Newell, Clyde, Dunkerton Newman, David, Knoxville Newman, Margaret, South English, 258 Newman, Mary, Center Point 258 Mitts, Norman, Elgin Mixdorf, Gordon, Tripoli Mixdorf, Hilbert, Waterloo Mixdorf, Marlys, Shell Rock Mizaur, Janna, Cedar Falls Moehlis, Ronald, Waterloo, 214, 291 Mohl, Gary, Lost Nation Mohler, Edward, Waterloo Mohr, Janet, Harlan, 181, 258 Murray, Sylvia, Aurora Musgrove, Bette Jo, Ottumwa, 180, 193, 258 Musgrove, Carole, Ottumwa, 51, 120, 125, 209 Musgrove, Donna, Waterloo, 43, 57, 58 Mussett, Jack, Waterloo Myers, Joe, Waterloo Myers, Mary, Cedar Falls, 120, 212 Myhr, Dean, Cedar Falls Newton, Jerry, Greene Nichols, Connie, Cedar Falls, 215 Nichols, Joan, Lake City Nichols, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Nichols, Marilyn, Cedar Falls Nichols, Merlin, Cedar Falls Nickey, Don, Ames Nicklaus, Rue, Parkersburg Nickles, Stanley, Cedar Falls Nicol, Scott, Des Moines Niedert, Russell, Cedar Falls Nielsen, Harry, Glidden, 188, 258 Nielsen, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Nielsen, Lona, Harlan, 118, 119, 160, 173 210 Nielsen, Marilyn, Cedar Falls Nielsen, Mary, Hazleton Nielsen, Phillip, Council Bluffs Nielsen, Sharon, Cedar Falls, 258 Nieman, Sharon, Cedar Falls, 156 Niles, Nancy, Cherokee, 266 Nims, Karen, Maquoketa, 142, 143, 146, 192, 266 Nishimura, Ellen, Hilo, Hawaii, 170 Nixon, Bryce, Fonda, 142 Noack, Virgil, Postville, 186, 187, 292 Noida, Ja, Brooklyn, 140, 258 Noehren, Alvin, Des Moines Noid, Patricia, Marshalltown, 158 Noiiri, Amy, Ookala, Hawaii, 170, 186 Noiiri, Doris, Ookala, Hawaii, 145, 170, 258 Nolting, Milton, Waukon Noneman, Charles, Holstein, 179, 244, 246, 292 Oleson, Howard, Waterloo, 188 Olmstead, Richard, Fort Dodge Olsen, Donald, Des Moines Olsen, Marcella, Cedar Falls Olsen, Ronnie, Cedar Falls Olsen, Salley, Mt. Morris, Ill., 142, 182, 183 213 Olson, Alice, Dike Olson, Charles, Boone, 139, 177, 178, 197, 266 Olson, Frances, Cedar Falls Olson, Joan, Cedar Falls Nonneman, Barbara, Laurens, 266 Noonkesser, William, Mt. Morris, Ill. Nordly, Sara, Cedar Falls, 181 Nordman, Carol, Cedar Rapids, 145 Nordman, Robert, Clarksville, 142, 143, 178, 266 Norem, Kenneth, Hanlontown Norland, Myrna, Titonka, 139 Norris, Gale, Unionville, Mo. Northrup, Thomas, Cedar Falls Nowack, Gaylord, Havelock Nowden, Allee, San Diego, Calif., 221, 271 Null, Virginia, Reinbeck Nygaard, Marva, Wesley, 173, 202, 271 Nyguard, Patricia, Forest City CD O'Banion, Edythe, Waterloo O'Banion, Laura, Cedar Falls Oberheu, Marlys, Waverly O'Brien, Michael, Strawberry Pt., 145, 266 O'Brien, Michael, Coronado, Calif., 149, 190,193,217 O'Bryon, Eleanor, Waterloo O'Connor, Marie Antoine, Donahue, 173, 184, 188, 271 O'Connor, Maurice, Washburn Odegard, Gordon, Waukon, 190, 124, 214 Odekirk, Dean, Maynard, 110, 191, 198, 214 Oelberg, Jacqueline, Cedar Falls, 203, 206, 207, 266 Oestreich, Karen, Yetter, 185 Ogan, Joann, Marshalltown, 292 Ogden, Clark, Fonda, 292 Ogden, Judy, Odebolt, 51, 266 Ogle, Charles, Waterloo Ohm, Jerry, Cedar Falls Okerlund, Lois, Manchester, 258 Okerstrom, John, Cedar Falls Okones, Neil, Wellsburg Okumoto, Jean, Hanapepe, Hawaii, 162, 292 Oldenkamp, Harm, Boyden Oleiniczak, Dennis, Tripoli Oler, William, Dows, 258 Olson, Leanna, Ventura, 161, 199 Olson, Mary, Marshalltown, 162 Olson, Raymond, Hubbard Olson, Richard, Eldridge, 197, 292 Olson, Wayne, Grinnell Oltrogge, Gary, Waterloo Onomura, Leilani, Honokaa, Hawaii, 77, 78,170,258 Onties, Robert, Aplington Opheim, E. Wayne, Thornton O'Rourke, James, Marshalltown Orr, Dixon, Dubuque Orsborn, John, Brooklyn Orth, John, Waterloo Orthel, Bruce, Buffalo Center Osgood, Leland, Swea City, 292 Ostendorf, Larry, Grundy Center, 258 Osterman, Evelyn, Rippey, 202, 266 Ostrander, Janice, Parkersburg, 171, 292 Otoole, Marilyn, Letts Otterbein, Ruth Rabe, Northwood, 147 Ourth, Donald, Ames Overgaard, Margaret, Ventura Overheu, Faye, Breda, 142, 143, 177 Overholser, Judith, Marshalltown, 171, 203,204 Owara, James, Cedar Falls Owen, Janet, Keokuk, 118, 120, 212 Owen, Judith, Reinbeck P Pabst, Betty, Hudson, 258 Pace, Shirley, Sioux City, 168, 208 Page, Marilyn, Kanawha Page, Mary Lou, Cedar Falls Paglia, James, Cedar Falls Paige, Donald, Cedar Falls Palmer, Barbara, Garnavillo, 266 Palmer, David, Spencer Palmer, Katherine, Fayette Palmer, Twila, Keota, 130, 142, 143, 171 Papenheim, Merlin, New Hampton, 193 Pappadackis, Konstantine, Storm Lake, 292 Parker, Jack, Eunice, New Mexico, 292 Parmely, Claudia, Lamont, 138 Parriott, Jerry, Waterloo Patnaud, William, Spencer, 141, 142, 143, 178, 293 Patrilla, Valmah, Cedar Falls, 293 Patten, Charles, Waterloo, 179 Patten, Rolland, Ames Patterson, Bill, Waterloo' Patterson, Jerald, New Hartford Patton, Bernice, Gladbrook Paugh, Linda, Humeston Paul, Barbara, Oelwein, 140, 258 Paulk, Mary, Harlan, 259 Paulsen, Beverly, Waterloo Paup, William, Cedar Falls Pavars, Liliia, Spencer Paxson, Richard, Marshalltown Payton, Gerald, Lamoni, 121, 185, 200, 201 Payton, Maurietta, Davenport Peak, Jean, Marshalltown, 181, 259 Pearson, Anita, Sioux City, 159, 186, 266 Pease, Gary, Sergeant, 259 Pechacek, Eliean, Cedar Falls, 197 Peck, Connie, Harlan, 182, 259 Peck, Jeannine, Waterloo, 206, 293 Pedelty, Julia, Nora Springs, 157, 158, 159, 266 Pederson, Roger, Grinnell, 214 Peglow, Harvey, Irvington Pell, Roberta, Lytton, 140, 259 Pemble, Paul, Sac City, 221, 293 Penney, Ann, Osage Perego, Doris, Cedar Falls Perkins, Larry, Ames Perrenoud, Leigh, Sioux Falls, 148, 167, 194,293 Perryman, Audrey, Sioux City Peter, Marilyn, Nora Springs, 141 Peters, Betty, Manning, 199, 266 Peters, Eldon, Parkersburg, 172, 215, 293 Peters, George, Waterloo Peters, Joan, Jennings, Mo., 182, 291 Peters, Marjorie, Davenport, 198, 259 Peters, Norman, Cedar Falls, 139, 178, 21 Petersen, Dorothy, Exira, 194, 257 Petersen, Gerald, Othello, Wash. Petersen, Janice, Cedar Falls, 259 Petersen, Martha, New Liberty, 198 Petersen, Mary Lou, Cedar Falls Petersen, Phyllis, New Liberty, 184 Petersen, Shirley, Humbolt, 76, 206 Petersen, Tanya, Harris, 171, 209, 266 Petersen, Walter, Waterloo Peterson, Barbara, Charles City Peterson, Donald, Nashaua, 142, 143 Peterson, Donna, Davenport, 129 Peterson, Gerald, Gowrie Peterson, Janet, Jewell, 140 Peterson, John, Ruthven, 117, 118, 191, 293 Peterson, Richard, Dunlap Peterson, Roland, Cedar Falls Peterson, Sandra, Washta, 259 Petzenhauser, Medha, Auburn, 125, 177, 271 Pfaff, Doris, Sioux City, 140, 141, 259 Phelps, William, Davenport, 259 Phipps, Harris, Woodward Pickering, Reta, Keystone Pierce, Mildred, Cedar Falls Pierce, Myrna, Lake City, 148, 168, 208 Pierce, Oliver, Anita, 259 Pike, Richard, Waterloo Pille, Virginia, Newton, 181, 193 Pink, John, Cedar Falls, 124, 174, 198, 214,293 Pint, Robert, Waverly Pippert, Shirley, Garrison, 198, 206 Pitz, David, Epworth, 122 Pitzenberger, Elaine, New Hampton, 76, 12O,13O,145,168,19O,193 Plath, Gene, Cedar Falls Plath, Sonia, Woodbine, 259 Ploof, Ben, Oelwein Podhaski, Cora, Waterloo Poeppey, Janet, Waterloo, 206 Pohlman, Richard, Davenport Pohlman, Roland, Marengo, 266 7 Poling, Kathleen, Albion, 171, 266 Pollock, Rebecca, Springville Popkes, Elvin, Cedar Falls Poppen, Lynn, Allison, 214 Poppy, James, Cedar Falls, 200, 201 Porter, Jack, Boone Porter, Karolyn, Waterloo, 266 Porter, Lyle, Geneva Porter, Paul, Waterloo Porter, Richard, Hubbard Porter, Sara, Clarion, 293 Post, Barbara, Marion Post, Marvin, Pomeroy, 142, 143, 177 Potts, Martha, Moravia, 125, 171, 194 Poulson, Deanna, Cherokee, 140 Powell, Powell, Barbara, Merrill, 142, 143, 158 Dorothy, Merrill, 158 Powell, Janice, Logan, 194, 266 Powell, Karen, Rockwell City, 140, 259 Powers, Karen, Vinton Powers, LeRoy, Cedar Falls Pralguske, Beverly, Waterloo Pratt, Eugene, Des Moines, 215, 293 Pratt, Marilyn, Garden Grove, Calif., 293 Pratt, Raymond, Charles City Prescott, Ronald, Marion, 271 Presler, Marilyn, Clare Preston, Robert, Waterloo, 172, 293 Price, Gayle, Humboldt Price, James, Oskaloosa Price, Roy, Fort Dodge, 118, 214 Pringle, Bob, Garner Prior, Aurelia, Winterset, 140 Pritchett, Shirley, West Bend, 193, 293 Prochaska, Anthony, Cedar Rapids, 139, 141, 177 Prusia, Lavonne, Waterloo Puff, David, Manchester Puff, Janice, Manchester Puffett, Gary, Independence, 127 Pulfer, John, Waterloo Purcell, Gerald, Woodbine, 122, 124, 205 216, 244 Purdy, Arlene, Odebolt, 130, 266 Putbrese, Jimmie, Auburn, 139 Putz, Karen, West Union, 193, 209 Putzier, Marla, Strawberry Point, 142, 143 145, 190, 259 Pyburn, Roger, Belle Plaine, 266 Pyle, Janice, Schaller, 259 C2 Quick, Larry, Stratford Quick, Sandra, Davenport, 142, 143 IR Raasch, Larry, Wiota, 293 Raber, Patricia, Ackley, 151, 152, 162, 180, 203, 207, 293 Radebaugh, Barbara, Rippey, 140, 259 Radeke, Shirley, Davenport, 259 Raffensperger, John, Coralville, 216 Raffensperger, O. Edward, Des Moines, 117,119,158,294 Raiber, Regina, Massillon Railsback, Charles, Audubon, 190 Raines, Jerry, Ottumwa, 143, 178, 294 Ralston, Gerald, Grundy Center Rash, Edwin, Waterloo Rash, Larry, Waterloo Rash, Philip, New Providence, 67 Rasmus, Russell, Victor Rasmussen, James, Cedar Falls Rasmussen, Richard, Audubon, 259 Rasmussen, Robert, Cedar Falls Rasmussen, Suzanne, Kanawha, 202 Rath, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 200 Rathbun, Janet, Oelwein, 125, 193, 205 Rawson, Dorothea, Sheffield, 181, 183 Rawson, Madeline, Castalia Ray, David, Waterloo Ray, Gerald, Cedar Falls Ray, Rosalind, Greene, 266 Rayl, Karen, Afton, 183, 259 Rayment, Kay, McGregor, 151, 199, 211 Read, Richard, Spirit Lake, 294 Read, Sharon, Monticello, 213 Reagan, Barbara, lowa Falls, 125, 145, 271 Reardon, Karen, Vinton, 180, 209, 266 Reckner, Dixie, Riceville Redington, Beniamin, Sioux City, 156 Reece, Don, Cedar Falls, 294 Reece, Richard, Cedar Falls Reed, Loren, Sumner, 151, 259 Reed, Olabell, Waterloo Reedy, Carol, Waterloo, 76, 259 Reese, Barbara, Dixon, 193, 259 Rehorst, Suzon, Waterloo Reid, Allen, Algona, 139, 142, 143, 259 Reid, Olive, Spirit Lake, 181, 183, 294 Reiff, Irene, Cedar Falls Reilly, Jerry, Algona Reimer, Viola, Dysart Reimer, Robert, Sioux City, 217, 271 Reints, Frances, Parkersburg Reise, Clarence Allen, Hope, N. D. Reisinger, Ronald, Sheldon Reisner, A. Maxine, Cedar Falls Reith, Mary Ann, Oran Rekers, Donald, Cedar Falls Remling, Allen, Dundee, 3, 145, 138, 174, 180, 201, 214, 294, 200, 158 Remmert, Dennis, Mason City, 179, 215, 221,223 Ressler, Betty, Waverly, 125, 293, 294 Reutinger, Mary, Wapello, 294 Reyerson, Mace, Northwood, 221 Rhines, Beverly, Sterling, 117, 120, 147, 168,173,191,204,208,203,294 Rhines, Ruth, Sterling, 168, 173, 203, 266 Rhodes, Betty, Guthrie Center, 139, 177, 294 Rial, Thomas, Fort Dodge Rice, Ezra, Cedar Falls, 294 Rice, Robert, Cedar Falls, 215 Rich, Willda, Brighton, 259 Riggs, David, Evansdale Riha, Adeline, Vinton Riha, Katherine, Vinton, 125, 271, 193, 209 Riker, Charles, Cedar Falls, 294 Riker, Gertrude, Cedar Falls Riley, Betsey, Sturgis, Mich., 145, 146, 151, 181, 266 Rimmer, Arlene, Waterloo, 190, 259 Ringgenberg, Don, Lytton, 134 Ringoen, Shirley, Northwood, 190, 259 Ringold, Adrian, Mason City, 241 Ripkey, John, Gilbert, 266 Risdahl, Gerald, Cresco, 259 Rissler, Jacqueline, Corydon, 139, 162, 295 Ritchart, Robert, Mallard Riter, Jeanine, Cedar Falls Riter, Leanne Harriett, Cedar Falls, 142, 143 Ritter, Beverly, Waterloo, 295 Rix, Arden, Cedar Falls Rix, Carlyn, Cedar Falls, 215 Robbins, Janet, Howard, S. D., 202, 266 Roberts, Martin, Cedar Falls Roberts, Rita, Corning Robertson, Carmen, Olin Robertson, Jean, Waverly, 139, 157, 158, 192,197 Robey, Susan, Council Bluffs, 209 Robinson, Carole, Clarion, 173, 194, 212 Robinson, Donald, Estherville Robinson, Robinson, Gerald, Cedar Falls Robinson, Joan, New Sharon, 125, 209 Robinson, Judy, Mechanicsville, 266 Robinson, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Robinson, Larry, Marshalltown Robinson, Richard, Primghar Robinson, Shirley, Clarion Robison, Birch, Garner, 145 Robison, G. Lynne, Anita, 259 Rochelle, Ronald, Clinton Rock, Susan, Cedar Rapids, 167, 295 Rockow, Ilene Janet, Garner, 164 Rockwood, Robert, Garner Rod, Dorothy, Des Moines, 259 Rodamaker, Ralph, Charles City Rodenborn, Leo, Cedar Falls Roderick, Ron, Dedham Rodgers, Barbara, Pilot Mound Rogers, Athol, Cedar Falls Rogers, Franklyn, Parkersburg Rogers, James, Cedar Falls Rogers, Jo Anne, Dunlap, 145, 159, 181 182, 183 Rogers, Kenneth, Lorimor, 172 Rogers, Reatha, Cedar Falls, 259 Rohlck, Karen, Ft. Dodge, 271 Genevieve, Cedar Rapids, 266 Rohr, Robert, Clinton Rohrer, Edward, Cedar Falls Rohwedder, Donald, Cedar Falls, 295 Rohwedder, Lorraine, Miles, 120, 125, Ramsey, Marl, Arlington, 217 Ramsey, Richard, Walker Randall, Clifton, Marshalltown Rannals, Allen, Maquoketa Richardson, Barbara, Toledo Richardson Beverly, Ft. Madison Richardson, Bruce, West Des Moines Richardson, Charles, Toledo Richardson, David, Algona, 142, 143 Richardson, Eileen, Clinton, 202, 259 Richardson, Robert, Cedar Falls, 143, 139, 194 Richter, Beverly, Titonka, 140, 202 Ricklefs, Donald, Muscatine Riebe, Ronnie, Cedar Falls Riekena, Edward, Wellsburg Riekena, Harlyn, Wellsburg Riekena, Ronald, Gladbrook Riggs, James, Waterloo 143, 163, 173, 193, 295 Romes, Donald, Keokuk Romey, Merla Jean, Clinton Romey, Wenda Lee, Clinton Roney, Justin, Decorah Roorda, John G., Knoxville Roquet, Donald, Cedar Falls, 295 Roquet, Walda, Cedar Falls, 167, 295 Rosauer, Harold, Denver Rose, Bonnie, Cedar Falls Seiler, Schulz, Roskamp, Robert, Stout Rosonke, Jerome, New Hampton, 193, 259 Ross, Delene, Arlington, S. D., 266 Ross, Judith, Waterloo, 259 Rouze, Sandra, Ames, 140 Rowe, Kenneth, Charles City Rowe, Shirley, Lake Park, 171, 266 Rowland, William, Independence Rowley, Ba1'bara, Cedar Falls Rowley, Keith, Marion Rowling, Dou-glas, Waterloo Rubek, Ronald, Cedar Rapids Rubsam, Gale, Cedar Falls Ruby, Marc , Cedar Falls, 202 Rudloff, Leon, Farmington Ruen, Kathryn, Postville, 295 Rule, Craig, Denison, 71, 124, 190, 214, 266 Rulon, Gerald, Cedar Falls, 295 Runyan, Donald, La Porte City Runyan, Mariellyn, La Porte City Rupert, Judith, Ida Grove Ruprecht, Nancy, Lowden Rusley, Carol, Joice, 259 Russell, John, Independence Russell, Karen, Hanlontown Rutledge, Joel, Cedar Rapids Ryan, Francis, Corning Ryan, John, Pocahontas, 189 Ryan, Judith, Manly, 183 Ryan, Richard, Cedar Falls, 295 Ryan, Sharon, Brooklyn, 185, 203, 204, 271 Ryherd, Sara, Alta, 183, 259 S Saathoff, Ronald, Dike Sabelka, Paul, Ft, Atkinson Sabus, Laurence, Carroll, 221, 224 Sackrison, Carol Ann, Stratford Sackville, Nancy, Hampton, 259 Sadler, Rose, Postville, 125, 130, 131, 157, 15a,159,2o9,266 Sage, Elizabeth, Waterloo, 165, 200, 295 Sagness, Richard, Cedar Falls Sakuramoto, Yaeko, Tokyo, Japan, 170, 259 Salmons, Darrell, Cedar Falls Sampson, Georgia, Radcliffe, 138, 185, 271 Samson, Robert, Eagle Grove Sanberg, L. Astrid, Mason City Sander, Joanne, Lowden, 171, 295 Sander, Ruth, Donnellson, 142, 143, 177, 195, 197, 266 Sanderman, Karen, Schaller, 138, 163, 266 Sandor, Lavonne, Waterloo Sandrock, Lana, Nevada Sanford, Gordon, Oelwein Sanford, James, Fort Dodge, 259 Santee, Charles, Cedar Falls Sarsgaard, Janice, Davenport, 198, 259 Sasaki, Richard, Honolulu, Hawaii, 167, 194,296 Sauer, Robert, Waterloo Savereide, Robert, Waterloo Saville, Paula, Redding Sawvell, Robert, La Porte City Sawyer, Billy, Central City, 259 Saylor, Karen, Clarion, 194 Schacht, Jo Ann, Cresco, 163, 198 Schaefer, Bernadine, Waterloo Schaefer, Constance, Clarence Schaeffer, Roger, Leland, 176, 185 Schager, Arnold, Alden, 221 Schattschneider, Craig, Davenport, 151, 152,259,199 Schatz, Twyla, West Union Schaub, Russell, Wesley Schermer, Norma, Hampton Schill, John, Cedar Falls Schimberg, Suzanne, Sioux City, 145, 159, 164,266 Schinagel, John, Sheffield, 145 Schlesselman, Caro1e, Cedar Rapids, 211 Schlesselman, Darlene, Deep River, 163, 199,266 Schleuger, Katherine, Britt, 181 Schlicher, John, Cedar Falls, 259 Schllndwein, Paul, New Hampton Schluntz, Christina, Cedar Rapids, 141, 171, 177, 271 Schmelser, Ruth, Wapello, 142, 143, 259 Schmelzer, Madelyn, Sumner, 259 Schmidt, Dorothy, Strawberry Pt. Schmidt, Lorraine, Strawberry Pt. Schmidt, Nancy, Watkins, 193 Schmitz, Mary Anne, Urbana Schneider, Eugene, Washburn Schnell, Linda, Des Moines, 203, 204, 259 Schoening, Donald, Schaller Schoof, Lois, Denver Schoof, Merwin, Denver Schoonmaker, Inez, Waterloo Schoonmaker, Jane, Waterloo, 202, 266 Schrag, Andrew, Cedar Falls Schreiber, Gary, Marion Schrodt, Margaret, Des Moines, 190, 259 Schroeder, Harold, Dows Schroeder, Karen, Sioux City, 259 Schroeder, Lawrence, Waterloo Schroeder, Melvin, Dows, 216, 296 Schuchart, Kelvin, Cedar Falls Searcy, Joyce, Des Moines, 182 Searcy, Neil, Waterloo Searcy, Walter, Independence, 139, 178, 191,203,266 Seckington, Carolyn, Creston, 259 Seemann, Janette, Waterloo Seifert, Carl, Waterloo Seifried, Jerome, Manson Marilyn, Algona, 125, 167, 193 Seivert, Joanne, Melvin, 159, 164 Sekas, Sandra, Cedarburg, Wis. Selby, Charles, Waterloo Sell, Allan, Tripoli Sellas, M. Sonia, Anasco, Puerto Rico, 193, 271 Sellers, Collene, Rowan, 130, 266 Sells, Gary, New Hartford, 186 Senft, Robert, Cedar Rapids, 118, 124, 179, 217, 241 Settle, 217 Dean, Melbourne, 124, 185, 195, Severn, Allen, Postville Severseike, Iola, Hubbard, 198 Sewick, James, Waterloo Sexton, Harlene, Cherokee, 171, 267 Shafer, Anne, Hampton, 125, 161, 167, 175, 191,199,2oa,211 Shafer, Mary, Fort Madison, 267 Shaffer, Clarence, Oran Shank, Leland, Laurens, 194, 259 Shanklin, Patricia, Marion, 181, 183 Shannon, Gloria, Carnarvon Sharar, Joyce, West Liberty Sharon, Robert, Olin, 142 Sharp, Lora, Clarion, 296 Shattuck, Phil, Cedar Falls, 296 Shaw, Beverly, Charles City, 139 Shaw, Cecil, Aurora, Ill. Shaw, Shaw, Duane, Mason City Francis, Cedar Falls Shea, Coleen, Menlo, 260 Schuett, Patricia, Ida Grove, 159 Schuldt, Shirley, Deep River, 199, 266 Schuler, Harriet, Humboldt, 183, 266 Schuler, Larry, Buffalo Center, 296 Schulte, Charles, Elkader, 221 Schulte, Theresa, Norway, 140, 164, 193 Schultz, Daniel, Castalia, 124, 217 Schultz, Edward, Aplington Schultz, Joyce, Royal Schultz, Marianne, Malvern Carl, Waterloo Schulz, Gary, Cedar Falls Schumacher, Janice, Coon Rapids, 168, 190 Schutte, John, Cedar Falls Schutter, Kenneth, Buffalo Center Schwarz, Dean, Cedar Rapids, 205 Schwartz, Sharon, Ottumwa, 181 Schwestka, Dean, Cedar Falls Schwinke, Sondra, Fredericksburg Schwirtz, Margaret, Martelle Scobba, John, Algona Scott, Clifford, Independence, 50, 55, 77, 79,117,173,214,296 Scott, Dorothy, Cedar Rapids, 181, 145, 209 Scott, Douglas, Des Moines, 296 Scott, George, Cedar Falls Scott, Hazel, Council Bluffs, 183, 271 Scott, Marvin, Anita Scott, Richard, Eldora, 142, 143 Scott, Roger, Anita, 259 Seaman, Harold, Scranton Sheckler, Mariean, Nora Springs, 212, 296 Sheeler, Joyce, Monroe, 163, 169 Sheeler, Laverne, Waterloo Sheldon, Kenneth, Lamont, 176 Shepard, Earl, La Porte City Shepard, Vanetta, La Porte City Shepoiser, David, Mason City, 296 Sheston, William, Manchester Shiels, Richard, Cedar Rapids Shimoda, Myrtle, Lahului Maui, Hawaii, 158 Shipley, Richard, Waterloo Shoesmith, Cheryl, Janesville, 260 Shoesmith, Lois, Guthrie Center Shogren, Carol, Belle Plaine, 181, 267 Shold, Judith, Roland, 198, 260 Shold, Karen, Elkader, 260 Shold, Mary, Elkader, 3, 117, 120, 129, 145,147,162,168,193,296 Shorey, Gary, Jefferson, 221 Short, David, Cedar Falls Short, Jackson, West Des Moines, 138, 260 Short, Michael, Waterloo Shreve, Warren, Reinbeck Shubert, Robert, Cedar Falls Shuler, John, Keokuk, 296 Siddell, Ann, Delhi, 173, 210 Sidmore, Earl, Aurora, III., 179, 244, 296 Siemsen, Karen, Dixon, 198, 260 Siesseger, Mary, Independence Sietmann, Beth, Laurel, 260 Siglin, Kynard, Lucas Sperry, Melida, Oelwein Silver, Dee, Belle Plaine, 141, 142, 143, 177, 178, 267 Silvey, Irene, Cedar Falls Silvey, Phyllis, Cedar Falls Simons, Stephen, Eldora, 139, 260 Simonsen, Maren, Hampton, 164 Simpson, Shirley, Waterloo, 267 Simpson, William, Eagle Grove Sindt, Darlene, 181, 182, 183, 210 Sisson, Mary, Waterloo, 139, 178, 296 Skinner, Elizabeth, Cedar Falls, 141, 178 Slattery, Thomas, Waterville Slick, Larry, Cedar Falls Sloan, Harold, Redfield Sloan, Raymond, Jefferson, 296 Smith, Barbara, Cedar Falls, 139, 161 Smith, Carmen, Villisca Smith, Carol, Villisca, 173, 203, 271 Smith, Charlotte, Charles City Smith, David, Ottumwa, 260 Smith, Dennis, Nichols, 57, 141, 142, 296 Smith, Elizabeth, Glidden, 145, 197, 260 Smith, Eunese, Hopkinton, 162, 200, 297 Smith, Frances, Cedar Falls Smith, Gary, Cedar Falls Smith, Haroldine, Garrison Smith, Howard, Hornick, 134, 135, 192, 260 Smith, lrene, Cedar Falls Smith, Jack, Waterloo, 221 Smith, Janet, Adair Smith, Jean, Cedar Falls, 200, 209 Smith, Jerald, Cedar Falls Smith, Joan, Waterloo, 189, 193 Smith, Joan, Epworth, 163, 209 Smith, Joyce, Crawfordsville, 260 Smith, Karen, Lytton, 160, 167, 203, 205, 206 271 Smith, Louise, Ottumwa, 193 Smith, Marion, Waterloo Smith, Michael, Grand Junction, 134 Smith, Morris, Earlham, 179, 221, 297 Smith, Norene, Cedar Falls Smith, Norma, Marshalltown Smith, Patricia, Ames Smith, Paul, Nichols Smith, Ronald, Cedar Falls Smith, Sandra, Sioux City Smith, Susan, Clarion, 159, 173, 210 Smith, Verna, Cedar Falls Smith, William, Waterloo Smotherman, Shirley, Des Moines, 140 Smothers, Berle, Iowa City Snouffer, Carol, Minneapolis, Minn., 168, 198, 267 Snustad, Robert, Hallock, Minn. Snyder, Barbara, Oelwein, 260 Snyder, Richard, Waterloo Sodeman, Judith, Moline, lll., 260 Sodergren, Wesley, Waterloo Sollien, Arden, Spring Grove, Minn., 132 Sondergaard, Betty, Maywood, Calif., 158 Sonichsen, Peggy, Arthur Soper, George, Hampton Sorensen, Patricia, lndianola Sorenson, Emma, Cedar Falls Sorenson, Joan, Crystal Lake, 260 Sorenson, Richard, Spencer, 141, 142, 143, 177,185,267 Souza, Louis, Somerset, Mass., 260 Spafford, Beth, Waterloo Spaid, Charles, Cedar Falls Sparrow, Martha, Jewell, 159, 163, 182, 194,267 Sparrow, Sarah, Jewell, 125, 169, 171, 194 Spaur, Dixie, Knoxville, 260 Speake, Constance, George, 129, 139, 160 177, 178, 203, 204, 271 Spear, Donald, Marion, 260 Spear, Thomas, Minburn Spear, Vernon, Cedar Falls Spears, Ronald, Waterloo, 297 Spece, Darrell, Independence, 158 Spencer, David, Cedar Falls, 297 Spencer, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Sprengeler, Myrna, Mason City, 171, 210 Spring, Lowell, Davenport, 186 Sproule, Frank, Cedar Falls, 297 Spurlin, Ronald, Fort Dodge, 216 Spurling, Norma, Lake View, 260 Squiers, Curtis, Chelsea, 221 Squires, Harold, Cedar Falls Stack, Sharon, New Haven, Conn., 3, 147, 156,195,196 Stafford, Marilyn, Sperry, 167, 202, 297 Staggs, Danny, Keokuk, 271 Stahl, Mae, De Witt, 167, 297 Stanard, David, Cedar Falls, 173 Stanard, Melvin, Center Point Standers, Sandra, Des Moines, 192, 267 Stangl, Kenneth, Neola Stark, Shirley, Boxholm Stastny, Todd, Cedar Rapids, 179, 221 States, John, Traer, 215, 221 Steege, Alice, Waverly, 161, 208, 297 Steege, Janet, Garner, 182, 260 Steele, Veral, Waterloo, 139, 141, 178 Steenbergen, Aaron, Penacook, N. H. Steinbronn, William, Cedar Falls Steinberg, Marlow, Alden, 142 Steinbronn, Mary, Readlyn Steinford, Sharon, Van Horne Steinmetz, Charles, Cresco, 178 Stenoien, Vernon, Moorhead, Minn., 297 Stephenson, Jane, Sioux City, 260 Stetzel, Anne, Waterloo, 209 Stetzel, Clark, Audubon, 172 Stetzer, Anna, Waterloo Stevens, Kenneth, Lovilia Stevens, Kenneth, Mason City Stevenson, Nancy, Cedar Falls, 171, 173, 186 Stewart, Gwendolyn, Albia Stewart, Helen, Perry, 260 Stickley, Charles, Parkersburg Stief, Shirley, Aurelia, 191, 199, 211, 297 Stiffler, Terry, Carleton, 124, 217 ' s e r , Cedar Falls Stilwell, James, Mason City, 179, 215, 221 Stilwell, Jerry, West Des Moines, 118, 122, 124, 217 Stimpson, Confidence, Lake View, 138, 140, 260 Stimson, Judith, Maquoketa, 140 Stoakes, Ramona, Traer Stocker, Patricia, Cedar Falls Stokes, Gary, Waterloo Stoko, John, Cedar Falls Stotts, Frankie, Marshalltown, 297 Stouffer, Sandra, Buckingham, 260 Stout, Helene, Waterloo Stout, Margaret, Washington, 260 Stover, James, Leon Strackbein, Leona, Lowden, 297 Strathman, Phillip, Manchester Stratton, Mary, Maxwell, 164 Strawn, Sharon, Waterloo, 168 Strayer, Sharron, Algona, 171, 203 Strein, Charles, Cedar Falls Streitberger, Alyse, Cedar Falls, 297 Streitenberger, Winifred, Red Oak, 125, 130, 202 Strike, Avis, Nashua Strike, Burton, Cedar Falls, 297 Stringer, Mary, Menlo, 271 Stringfield, Travis, Mason City, 172, 297 Stripling, Dennis, Cedar Falls, 298 Strobridge, Sonia, Waterloo, 180, 212 Strong, Nancy, Lansing, 260 Strotman, Dale, Waverly Stroud, De Wayne, Martensdale, 298 Struyk, William, Cedar Falls, 190 Stueber, Kenneth, Elma Stuempel, Rosemary, Dubuque, 165, 298 Stuempfig, Paul, Waterloo, 121, 122, 124, 157, 216 Stuftlebeam, Sandra, Ottumwa, 181, 183, 260 Stum, Brandt, Cedar Falls . Stumbaugh, Audrey, Clinton Stumpf, Aletha, Rockwell City, 182, 183, 191, 193, 210 Sturtz, Vernon, Parkersburg Styve, D Sulentic, Sulentic, arrell, Decorah, 260 Helen, Cedar Falls Wallace, Cedar Falls Sullivan, Frances, Waterloo Sullivan, John, Spencer, 122, 179, 215, 221 Surrell, Jerald, Waterloo Sutter, Stanley, Aurora, Minn., 267 Suzuki, Michiko, Paia, Hawaii, 170 Svoboda, Clifford, Cedar Rapids, 214 Swaim, Jo Ann, Jefferson, 125, 193, 203 Swan, Donna, Renwick, 260 Swan, Margilea, Britt, 138, 260 Swan, Virginia, Titonka, 138, 140, 260 Swanson, Christine, Montezuma, 140, 190, 260 Swanson, George, Waterloo, 186 Swanson, Ronald, Cedar Falls, 298 Swartz, Manfred, New Hampton, 122, 124, 158 Swatosh, Janice, Cedar Falls, 76, 125, 171, 212 Swearingen, Ona, Kansas City, Mo., 181, 260 Sweetser, Evan, Morrisville, Vt. Swem, Thomas, Waterloo Swenson, Karen, Lake Mills, 260 Swim, Barbara, Cedar Rapids, 267 Switzer, Beverly, Des Moines, 260 Switzer, Mabel, Independence T Tabke, Shirlene, Moville, 138, 171, 260 Tagesen, Virginia, Mason City, 182, 183 Tahara, Clyde, Mt. View, Hawaii, 141, 168, 177, 260 Takaba, Ethel, Olaa, Hawaii, 164, 170, 260 Talty, Mary, Corning, 206 Tanaka, Doris, Honokaa, Hawaii, 162, 298 Tanaka, Naomi, Honokaa, Hawaii, 162, 298 Tangen, Janet, Dorchester Tarr, John, Cedar Falls Tatge, Wayne, Blairsburg, 145, 147, 151 Taylor, Cecil, Hudson Taylor, Merlin, La Porte City Teeple, Dorene, Greene Trookman, Leonard, Waterloo Tegtmeier, Jolane, Tripoli Teig, Nick, Radcliffe, 260 Teisinger, Kenneth, Waterloo Teisinger, Margaret, Waterloo, 260 Tekippe, Jo Ann, Decorah, 76, 182 Tellinghuisen, Myrna, Cedar Falls Tellinghuisen, Wesley, Cedar Falls Tempo, Shirley, Kahului, Hawaii, 210 Tenglin, Diane, Burlington, 145, 147, 148, 149, 167, 168, 174, 298 Tenney, Linda, Volga Tenold, Georgia, Kensett, 183 Terrill, Janice, Sioux City, 260 Terry, Judith, Underwood, 211 Terwilliger, Elizabeth, Humboldt, 193, 267 Tharp, Joyce, Grinnell, 153, 183, 260 Thiel, Dorothy, Dysart Thierman, Charles, Waterloo Thiese, Audrey, McGregor, 298 Thoeni, John, Monticello, 122, 124, 298 Thogerson, Caroline, Mason City Thogerson, Dorothy, Portland, Me., 141, 142, 143, 177 Thoma, Benedict, Harmony, Minn., 186 Thomas, Ella, Hampton, 159, 193, 267 Thomas, Howard, Waterloo Thomas, John, Vinton Thomas Kenneth Cedar Falls Oren Waterloo Thomas Robert Lorimor Thomas Thomas Milwaukee, Wisc. Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thom son P Thompson, Thompson 7 1 Alice Burt David, Chicago, lll. Donald, Dysart, 189, 298 Franklyn, Cedar Falls George, Council Bluffs, 149 Gordon, Clear Lake, 172 Helen, Waterloo Kathryn, Guttenberg, 200, 202 Keith, Buffalo Center Loretta, Tipton , Marie, Hampton, 188, 260 Richard, Cedar Falls, 142, 143 Robert, Van Horne , , Thomas, , , , , , f , , , , , , Tho on Thompson, Ro e , Lake Mills, 197,198 Russell, La Porte City, 298 Thomson, Lyle, Kanawha Thoreson, Zoe, Postville, 139, 141, 168, 177, 178, 271 Thorland, Marlene, Thompson, 267 Thornburgh, Michael, Cedar Falls Thorp, Keith, lowa Falls Thorsheim, Rudolph, Cedar Falls Thorson, Juanita, Laurel, 163, 260 Thorson, Maxine, Waterloo Thune, Marilyn, Humboldt, 164 Thurloff, Ramona, Clinton, 125, 195, 196 Tiarks, Bernadean, McClelland, 117, 120, 125, 160, 209, 298 Tibben, Leon, Adair Tiede, Delores, Waterloo Tiede, Milton, Waterloo Tietiens, Ben, Teeds Grove Timmerman, Bruce, Waterloo Tinderholt, Julie, Thompson, 193 Tiaden, Gordon, Waterloo Tiaden, Janet, Lake View, 200 Tiaden, Lois, Wellsburg Tobias, Joyce, Muscatine Toft, John, Exira, 142, 267 Toft, Mary, Cedar Falls Tollefson, Eldon, Cedar Falls Tollefson, Leah, Waterloo Tollefson, Leon, Cedar Falls, 298 Tolly, Persia Jo, Osceola, 190, 267 Toneff, James, Dunkerton Toner, Rochelle, Des Moines, 156, 260 Tonkinson, Joanne, Yarmouth, 260 Tonnesen, Larry, Dike, 194, 260 Tooman, Donald, Cedar Falls Toomsen, Duane, Holland, 298 Topp, Nancy, Hubbard Towne, Willis, Waterloo Townsend, Karen, Cedar Rapids, 183, 260 Trager, Rosemary, Alexander, 140, 158, 195, 260 Traver, Carolyn, Clinton, 51, 206 Travis, Mary S., Newton Tremaine, Carol, Cedar Falls, 140, 260 Tressler, Kenneth, Cedar Falls Tressler, Lorraine, Cedar Falls, 139, 298 Trickey, N. Dianne, Davenport, 260 Trimble, James, Traer Trimble, Jean, Cedar Falls Tritle, Merlin, Spirit Lake, 139, 142, 178, 200 - Troen, Karen, Newton Trotter, Harold, Cedar Falls Trotter, Jon D., Cedar Falls, 216 Troutman, Dianne L., Cedar Falls Troutman, F. Joe, Cedar Falls, 299 Trunnell, Gary, Cedar Falls, 299 Tryon, Gaylord, Glidden, 299 Tubaugh, Joy, Belle Plaine, 77, 80, 159, 168, 267 Tullar, Sidney, Fort Dodge, 260 Tuller, Robert, Ottumwa Tungesvik, Merlyn, Webster City, 267 Turkleson, Carole, Sioux City Turner, James, Arlington Turner, Janice, Clinton, 212 Turnipseed, Judith, lndianola, 181, 267 Tychsen, Arlene, Marshalltown, 183, 261 Tychsen, Gene, Marshalltown, 179, 215, 244 Tychsen, Nancy S., Council Bluffs, 299 Tyrrell, Donald, Spencer, 299 U Uehling, Verna, Ankeny, 138, 267 Ulfers, Viola, Aplington Ulffers, Carol, Waterloo, 261 Ullom, Charles, Nashua Ulrich, Bonnita, Chelsea Ulvestad, Gene, Maquoketa, 186, 299 Unash, Dawn, lowa City Underberg, Ardith, Ellsworth, 198, 261 Upah, Ronald, Toledo, 122 Urban, Gary, Waterloo Urbanek, Trula, Solon, 261 Usher, Eugene, Charles City Usher, Martha, Ottosen, 198 Uuskallio, Pauline, West Branch, 160, 186, 299 V Valenta, Richard, Clutier Valenti, Salavtore, Waterloo Valentine, Christine, Cedar Falls, 299 Valley, Charles, Thornton Vanauken, Burton, Columbus Jct., 271 Vance, Kenneth, Clarksville, 299 Vandaele, Marlett, Independence, 162, 202 Vande, Voorde, Aurora Vanderberg, Sandra, Cedar Falls, 192, 261 Vander, Avond, Ouonomowoc, Wis. Vanderbilt, David, Waterloo Vandenbusch, Michael, Green Bay, Wis. Vanderlan, Donald, Cedar Falls Vandoren, Jan, Waterloo Van Doren, Linda, Webster City, 175, 185, 202, 271 Vandyke, Joan, Waterloo, 183, 261 Van Engen, Webster City Van Hauen, Clark, 'Cedar Falls Vanklompwnburg, Sfanto, Orange City, 176 Vanloh, Viola, Ackley, 203, 204, 267 VanSant, Janice, Clinton, 140, 261 VanSant, Sharon, Clinton, 206 Vanscoy, Jacqueline, Ames Vanvoorhis, Boyd, Osage Vanvoorhis, Charles, Ames Vanwechel, Wanda, Vinton Varley, Mary E., Stuart Vasbinder, Carol, Cedar Rapids Vaughan, Sharon, Ogden Vedane, Clyde, Casey Vedvik, Sylvia, Oregon, Wis., 299 Velie, Arlo, Waterloo, 261 Verbeek, Betty, Inwood, 267 Vermuelen, Janice, West Des Moines Vermilyea, Judith, Lawton, 203, 204, 261 Videtich, Thomas, Tama Vidis, Lynn, Waterloo Viglundsdottir, Bryndis, Reykjavik, lceland 139 Viering, Meta, Beaman Vint, Judith, Spirit Lake, 159, 164, 193, 267 Vlcko, Judith, Cedar Rapids Vogl, Patricia, Sibley, 193, 267 Voith, Ralph, Montezuma Voorhees, Walita, Schurz, Nev., 138, 140, 261 Voss, Bethel, Jewell, 142, 143 Voss, Jerry, Clarksville Vossberg, Joann, Waverly Vovos, David, Clinton, 121 Vovos, John, Cedar Falls, 299 W Waddell, Robert, Charles City Wade, Judith, Waterloo, 267 Wagner, Clare, Waterloo Wagner, Gerald, Cedar Falls Wagner, Kenneth, Eldora Waite, George, Anamosa, 156 Wakefield, Donald, Cedar Falls, 299 Walden, John, Carroll, 271 Waldron, David, Cedar Rapids Waldron, John, Cedar Falls, 172, 299 Walker, Garry, Adair Walker, Jacob, Marcus, 267 Walker, John, Denison, 134 Walker, Richard, Waterloo Wallace, John, Cedar Falls Wallace, Marilyn, Vinton, 186, 299 Wallace, Nancy, Ames, 117, 144, 167, 185 190, 194, 271 Wallentine, Jerry, lowa Falls, 141, 142, 177 Waller, Floris M., Cedar Falls Waller, Gayle, Cresco, 190 Wallis, Donald, Belle Plaine Walser, Kenneth, Cedar Rapids, 122, 271 Walters, Richard, Pocahontas Walton, Donald, Cedar Falls Walton, Leo, Cedar Falls, 299 Wandschneider, Roger, Mt. Auburn, 122, 124, 216 Ward, Alyce, Delmar Ward, Martha, Marshalltown, 119, 158, ' 261 Ward, Mildred, St. Anthony Ware, Edward, Muscatine Ware, Richard, Muscatine, 242, 300 Warm, Kathleen, Sheldon, 261 Warner, William, Iowa Falls, 145 Warren, Fred, Winterset Warren, Nancy, Sutherland Warrington, Carl, Waterloo Waskow, Georgiann, Cedar Rapids Waskow, Jack, Waterloo Wasta, Wayne, Beaman Wastier, Ronald, Cedar Falls Wafers, Arland, Hampton, 118, 179, 205, 244, aoo Watkins, Shirley, Shenandoah, 140, 194, 261 Watnem, Paul, Cedar Falls, 300 Watson, Dixie, Waterloo, 189 Watson, Sina B., Cedar Falls Watson, William, Cedar Falls 'Wah Charles, Massena, 267 Webbeking, Sylvia, Waterloo, 211, 300 Webster, Claudine, Castana, 209, 267 Webster, JoAnn, Oxford, 267 Wedemeyer, Charles, Cedar Falls Wedgbury, Sandra, Ogden, 139 Weeks, Allen, Hudson Wehner, Carl, Mediapolis, 176, 300 Weimer, Kenneth, Muncie, Ind., 186 Welch, Susan, Earlham, 181, 183 Wells, Ruth, Waterloo Wemer, Karen, What Cheer, 211, 300 Wempen, Richard, Buffalo Center, 192, 300 Wendlandt, lnagene, Muscatine Wenger, Dorothy, Fairbank, 165, 193, 300 Wernick, Sharon, Lake City Wesslen, Rita, Athens, Wis. West, Martha, Des Moines, 163 Westemeier, June, Stanley, 158, 267 Westendorf, Lana, Alpha Westphal, Nancy, Onslow, 158, 213, 300 Weyl, John, Burlington, 241, 300 Wheaton, Darrell, Boyd, Minn. Wheeler, Alvin, Waterloo Wheeler, Judith, Oelwein, 181, 261 Wheeler, Richard, Stanhope, 124, 145, 147, 158, 174, 198, 214, 300 Whelchel, Stanley, Perry, 170, 244 Whelchel, Theora, Cedar Falls, 171, 300 Whetro, Richard, Waterloo Whetstone, Dalene, Casey, 261 White, Evelyn, Baldwin White, Larry, Macksburg, 261 White, Lela, Fairfield, 194, 267 White, Marcella, St. Ansgar White, Martha, Dickens, 143, 178, 300 White, Mary, Cedar Falls, 185, 261 TAYFRR 'T.Pl'Ll5'!'!'P ,CPWPANY - Y- iii- White, Mary Virginia, Belle Plaine, 148, 194 White, Robert, Mt. Pleasant, 190, 214 White, Roger, Elgin, 158 White, Ruby, Cedar Falls Whitehurst, Judith, Des Moines Whitman, Jo, Havelock, 170, 202, 300 Whitman, Sue, Havelock, 140 Whitney, Kay, Garner, 125, 202, 211 Whittemore, David, Hopkinton Whittemore, Janice, Cedar Falls, 271 Whittlesey, Milford, Ottumwa, 44, 144, 190, 216, 300 Wichert, Richard, Waterloo Wiedner, Judy, Harpers Ferry, 125, 193 Wiekamp, Marlene, Sheldon, 159, 163, 267 Wieland, Geneva, Lone Tree Wiele, Emma, Letts, 139, 167, 177, 192, 301 Wiethorn, Kurt Monona, 122, 205, 217 Wightman, Don, Cedar Falls Wignall, Ardith, State Center, 261 Wigton, Mary, Grimes, 168, 301 Wikert, Nona, Graettinger, 261 Wilcox, Gary, Harlan Wildhagen, Nancy, Waterloo Wiley, Marcia, Center Point, 267 Wiley, Michael, Osage Wiley, Roberta, Washington, 138, 140, 261 Wilhelm, Jerry, Des Moines, 261 Wilkans, Eleanor, Alexander, 171, 195, 196, 301 Will, John, Waterloo Williams, Anne, Cedar Falls, 173, 261 Williams, Clarence, Casey, 158 Williams, Deanna, Gowrie, 183 Williams, Edith, Prairie City, 163 Williams, Janet, West Branch, 261 Williams, Sharon, Shenandoah, 261 Williams, Suzann, Ottumwa, 301 Williams, Sylvia, Williamsburg, 168 Williams, Ward, Waterloo Williams, Wendell, Mt. Pleasant Wilmsmeyer, Ruth, Hubbard, 140 Wilson, Charlene, lowa Falls Wilson, Charlene, Cedar Falls Wilson, Dale, Atlantic, 261 Wilson, Donald, Cedar Falls Wilson, James, Cedar Falls, 173 Wilson, Jean, Ottumwa, 206 Wilson, Joan, Lawton, 267 Wilson, Jo Ann, Hudson, 193 Wilson, Judith, Knoxville, 261 Wilson, Karen, State Center, 261 Wilson, Lora, Cedar Falls Wilson, Marilyn, Washington, 212 Wilson, Marilyn, Waterloo Wilson, Richard, Delmar Wineinger, Donald, Dexter, 261 Winey, Richard, Dewitt, 215 Wing, Wing, Donna, Waterloo, 261 Roberta, Delmar, 261 Winger, Sandra, Decorah, 261 Wingert, Mary, Remsen, 192, 261 Wingert, Ronald, Tipton Winkler, Mitzi, Clear Lake, 261 Y. -.,-V Winkler, Neal, Waterloo Wise, Gloria, Corwith, 140, 202, 261 Wise, Nancy, Brighton, 182, 213 Wise, Sharon, Central City, 261 Witt, Lila, Osage, 139, 301 Wittrock, Paul, Sutherland, 170 Wittstock, Fred, Waterloo Witwer, Dean, Waterloo Wohlers, William, Maywood, N. J., 221 Wolf, Boyd, Evansdale Wolfe, Joanne, Ogden, 138, 162 Wolfe, Norman, Stuart Wolfensperger, Karen, Cedar Falls, 203, 204 Wombolt, Jean, Red Oak, 162 Wood, David Lee, Melbourne Woodard, Glenda, Woodbine Woodley, Donald, Cedar Falls Woods, Gary, Elkader, 261 Woody, Donald, Lake City, 261 Wright, Charles, Ogden Wright, Susan, Hudson, 193 Wubbena, Ronald, Cedar Falls Wyatt, Joanne, Hudson . Wykle Sharon, Radcliffe, 51, 206 Y Yakish, Marla, Shellsburg, 164, 267 Yanda, Patricia, Toledo Yarrington, Gary, Waterloo Yeager, Alice, Bellevue, 163 ' Yocom, Roberta, Logan, 164 Yocum, George, Pocahontas , Yoder, Mary, Wellman, 139, 192 York, Marion, Burlington, 301 Youker, David, Marshalltown Young, lrving, Waterloo Young, Judy, Garner, 193, 261 i Young, Kaye, Charles City, 301 Young, Mari Helen, Cedar Falls Young, Robert, Iowa Falls Young, Ronald, Greene Yount, Clifford, Brooklyn Youssefyeh, Rouhollah, Teheran, lran Z Zahn, John, Des Moines, 242, 301 Zahrt, Dennis, Marengo Zea, David, Cedar Falls, 301 Zech, Marilyn,,Aplington Zenor, Juella, Lawton, 256 Zerrien, Donald, Clinton Zhorne, Donna, Toledo, 203, 204 Ziegler, Carol, Oelwein, 261 Ziemer, Louise, Juneau, Alaska, 181, 182 183, 271 Ziemer, Robert, Cedar Falls Zimmerman, Kay, lonia, 267 Zobel, Eugene, Jesup Zuber, Judith, Davenport, 173, 176, 213, 301 Zubradt, Deann, Storm Lake, 145, 185, 261 Zwanziger, Jane, Plainfield The OLD up years Q. P ., ,I ., . . - ,. , .. Z XA4Ww4LzZ2.f 5 ji Q 4 B QWQI 4 gif, ' '54 NZMAQ1, MM: Zaw- .dmpgawli fazmv ' Z4-Zi' ' . ,,A4,M .lj -4 -A -2 'I 3 w i -Q .4 1 .Yu 4 1 2 r , 3 1 il A - 1 1 I . 3 1 11 3 Q 1 .4 1 I x -s i A ' 4 I. i, A, ,M

Suggestions in the University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) collection:

University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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