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i v 1 0 . M 22-3163 ' 'F ' E :su A 6 ' THE CAMPUS of IOWA STATE TEACHERS C0ll.EGE ' Q Q tg, cam FALLS,l0WA ff T, 590 - W, X Q3 X' , Trmw fr T - i Cgtnggi ' X X .1 .. ' 'Q 1 f ,. A f M- 'I xr- f ,.J,,.- ' FEF A - Baer:-., -E E. ig Fl -IM pl lvl m i! Ill L! 71-I ru i uw 'L V F r-'rX,,f""' rn . T W if 1 r, E..T --4' U. ,G K ..:-team T ' s , , V . , W E MMM' " . Y -- f 1. "'laau"' 'r 9 ' 4 'E ' . ,.--0 if ' 2 2 Vx 0 Nw E' . T, T T QQ g I U u g V r 'W A B Q 'V V1 U, W W ' nam-rg Hr to 'I K E - B U U " 'IA I H 1 N. K G00 I' 3 - W I 4 T if '. ' - R .H W X ff tt' lx, MY, T V2 T - 1 L 'fl' -- cs 4 N we K ,ll A .df ., Z..-lill I 5 ' 'HQ N P I J 1 L' . .-' X ,, Q? 1? 371751 "" I 1 ' ' if -. . w f . rr . ' -T,-Wi if fc Q- A L. - J fl aaa f fmv rr EW? MJF f ' '15, 3 U yi A rn B 11 I r I' l.',l- .J f T if My K A., ' ,, 'Q' ' L , V 1 , M . TWQRH x 7 L jr 4 -Z h E .. .. Y We . T : 2 .. I E - ' , gjh ' 1 - I - ' Q Eg, 2 , - f , C x.::4f--- - '-, 1 c-1v.esf.'v J E f - - "Ei bf., cex.x.iGi- E T '- ,s. - . . , I I :mmm , . ' P' -S E SALLY HORN FLO CHANEY MARIE BARGER BILL SCHROEDER SUK HO KIM JIM LENNIE GWEN LEHNUS A 1 124i'Q'? V'-' ' S , Q Q? X I f"'TW 1 ,. 1 , ' Q- --" .ix Q h eww' Y"X?,.,+. , 1 rl 4 5. ,V -,ju . -4 V : x IT Y i-N , '-Af--:V XSL ..A,k-X' , f Q 'KTM 'M , N, 1 xf-:X x N, , X Y'-1 -. -S4 M11-, F -X. . XL. ,, ,' Vx . .A-U , ' 'w...' 4 '- pjf. R , Effrri, . z -N Z' 7 " " A - '- . ' , VJK1-x ' 7" - ' " 4,.4w-.xi - ' 1 . I lr ,. . X W., , b.: 'N M, , -X. ,. " N. 'N'-. ' . iw N XX A A X j- :faq s 6 ' iff' -Au, N-. Q X., . -. f-1- . 5 4-,,, A 9 .1 .. , , , gxb .- . -NAM' .rf-,X ,- , isli,-Af . wg.- AJS'-I , 'ff , . x ? H fx-N.. . x K S A ,A. .. 1 "ww-.... 25? ' .,'L - xi' 1 .g, rl:-.fvtq . A ,. ' -fill" . -. 1 .nl - ,.fX. M , ,-QQ fs' A bl .- :+L Y' J . --1 ' M1252-V , 4 . -'ffglgf-Y: YL Mrs--.zff .3y..A .ITT-, .M--T-..,I'. ' - ,grlfgz S., 'f..,,. w. L . fi, ., sv J 1 fl 1 N...,,sW J ,1 . fg- flva' f, -15--., .,, - nh pf exif' f 44.1 'V' Vwf- 15" dw 75 li in "- fu , .' - wi 1127?-. g 1. fu, , '-' WX ',, ., ',-u , :A TM ,af ,, ,, 1 V., 1 V '15,-if f"-,, , Qa I-v' ,' . '-ffi-fa if ' A P , 4- , .- J- ,i-'5', . 4, - K' s f , 4 Q V 1 .1,, . A 91 WI - . 1 .' . , 4 f , f , . A' i sg .1 ,- 4 r .',."1 1 sn" , i :xx x.. P J ms, ' ' , --.- , "3 . "---1 - I ,T .W vw-.-... I VH, .. 'il 'w 57' , ' TQ!--Q-.,. "ii ' - .-,,, Q "n ,rr MK ...W l C ., 7 'l'.. y 4 .K wi.. J , . ' , " ., - V- ,,- , f5f.s,.,5 ., , I ,. ..v-Q ,..,, , ,.,.. , .,.. ILL. nz T' 1.- 4 ,g . -. v v xf .m,L,, , U45 H, 4 Fi 33 '18 I I I i Mo- 3" - ' , '11 . -g ,la 2, J 1 .'3, V .fain ' " '-Wag. n f- ., wr 'iffy' - vfli. 'iff'-'3.'Z-'?'1"1 "Q -4- 3.15 5, , .ff fx" -Z Sc -1:rr:,ezgmf.L. , 5 5,55 . lf.. ': A A . 7 'N'-.,.-4- -Nl is a- ,'.-v r -3,.'-"A, fji, -if 1.1,-' c 1: -' ,fv , . "' . .lg - -' '.l '."'.?-:,"','w" E4 W - .- ." s,':' 5' ,,,,' 1.-.4 41 ..-.- .Ny . ai ,, Hr ' I ispalgqyt .3-..f'g :f:!?gt:,i,lif'ff.-,- gy.-4'-T4 -il: , ." ' .xt- ' L".-S-' 4: Y' "Rv .- ,- fi., . .-' . '. .. fs I s , ' Q . , . v " .T n' ' "w , 4. ' . ' 3-' .. ' -xl W .-, . .vm .1'wl..o.' .main :jr Q. Ami. .W rn x 1-. Y ',,,,.,Y., 1, f- ,x. ., 'vnnunkiiiff 'mv .',--, Iu."'11I 0 1 'xv"'.- 1. u.m"n N, 44 .. .. ,OD UN. This One Scene. . HE 1957 OLD GOLD is but a stage, recording only one scene from a gigantic play. The complete story stretches through the greater part of a century. The cast of 3100 saw the curtains open to a world clouded with the anxiousness of impending War. They played their bit parts and supporting roles under the lights of a dawning atomic age. They were guided and developed by the genius of American education. Now, for this one scene, these players assemble on stage to act together this one brief instant in time. Their success and failures appear on these pages. Pages meant not to record the exactness of history, but to help recall the heritage of mem- ory. lmportant memories, for the scene is now completed and never will it he acted again. The actors and actresses who played this scene will cast aside minor roles and face the task of playing the lead. For every player, the climax of comedy and tragedy lie ahead. For each player, a lifetime of laying the educational founda- tion for players of future generations stands foremost and challenging. Already the curtains are rising for the next scenes. Already the players are appearing, each on his or her separate stage. Success will be varied, not reaching its complete measure until the final act is finished. Not until the World has pushed its Way into the 2 lst century will we know how the stories end. But that 4'Success" will be the verdict of the critics is our most fervent wish for every player as we present this record of THIS ONE SCENE. Staff and Advisor Cable nf Kolfzfeufs The College ...... 7 Student Teaching. . I8 Administration. . . 28 56 The Year .i...... Activities. . . . . IO4 Student Government .... ...... 1 06 Residences ......... ...... 1 12 Music .......... ...... 1 32 Communicati ........ 138 Sports... ..I50 Football ........ ...... 1 52 Basketball ....... ...... 1 60 Wrestling ....... ...... 1 66 Baseball ........ ...... 1 72 Track ........ ...... 1 76 Tennis ....... ...... 1 80 Golf ................... ...... 1 82 Intramurals ................ ...... 1 84 Organizations .... I 88 Religious .................. ...... 1 90 Honor ................. ...... 2 011- lnterest ......... ...... 2 20 Social ............. ...... 2 41-41- Graduates. . . . . .258 Advertising ...... 284 Indices ...... . . .296 ogg J "K, 2. ..'-"N-:""'5a. V 'Q ' ' u . Q 'Q 5 i . . . i C 59- . - - .FT-HN L . -' N- A . L S 'kiervx-,Nx"' 1 ., ' 'A 'Q 1 ,sl mn! .114 ...QF Q 'A W 1 Jn .W W. I Y A FWAP in-1 NGA x Nj- f q',c'Qb'1 JMS' 95+-iw.-:'ck5wA ' 4 1. V er xx? 1 A. 1 K '3 1:6 f y -: W ir N -- W 1. A . W. MM xv x lu X V. X 'N'-K, A w V ,, 'd,,,,,,,,,.1fsv , M -' vu-rf,,e....,, www-. J fm M- f' 5" .QWWMQ H ff 4 f ,Q ' - , .w ' ' ' J., la' ,M AW, , , U V- X .. ,wr -' X if g' N- H - mv- +239 W . 1 ov v MW?" ,f-sw"3" 'M " W " 'T 1-WI Y , .V , W M Y Y,,pmymm,.k,. ' .wwxvwlkiww x , 1 ' ,N ,WA rwvww W , H ' N ' r - I , ff ' -ww 44- J- QM ' ,, ww A M K ..,, YY iv .LF 5 T' 1 4 ' 4 -,Q " a I A ek!- ' I f 'f'.O'3 H 'QNPVQ Q . mfygfff Q gtg: -. vs f l.. " wa 'Z Q' - .r, . , s . ' if ' PV H ' ' 4' Q A 'Q xii- Ji.-Qj? Q .I 1 X yn. G7 U ' 'U' ' As. .Q x fm -C' Nw. pi ,,-J' 5 ,f Q- -My .WW F , . , i.-fp: E ' fi 1 1-U' if Q' b , X.. A , x 55" ,lim A, ff' lf' V Ii? ,I 1 vez .hi Nw . 1 5.1: I n I -. me .L.J.i.' ,ua ' .fa wil ' K r - -V .-pw ., - V . U16 60114111011 3 fc 1' .5 ,jd ', '1 'wwf' , . .. J 'Jin ,- , ,. -M.. V , ,.... . . . after-class refreshments Music for listening . . . . . . dining in the Commons 'P 1 The Teachers College campus offers its stu- dents a favorable environment for study, rec- reation and cultural development. At the north of the Teachers College cam- pus is the social center, the Commons. Here in the ballroom are held the three annual for- mal dances, in addition to informal dances. The Seehurg provides music for dancing as well as for listening. Teas and receptions are held in the Georgian Lounge. The expanding fountain room is a gathering place for after- class and after-game refreshments. The main purpose of the Commons, the food service, is utilized three times each day. Three large and two small dining rooms are located on the ground floor. ...An 1 fl ',:f ., fel' 6' i Q ' riyim N , Q '-:rg 1' E 1 4' V 'Y "' ff ' . V K ' V W A FI L' .A 4 'Y' . I Mi' 8 V - ew A ., - ' rw, C' - 9, , 5 .A '1 , I , N . 1 ' . . , ,. , X, -"Q .fig - fbfil' ' ' ' -i,'.,,,. V A V . HU-, V.- ,, f 4 , A. -,Few ,i 'K ' 71, . .. - ' vx " '- , ,N , Qs ,fb-,xg-1'-4?-1' L1 'QQ . , ' x If - ' ku- , ,, .383-k.xxX'QAXXXXXYTQIlfQSYQCSX5lN?'N5N"X""""""""'5' """"' , N J Hr.. ' "3 -1 M i 1 I V 4 107 7 , 4' ' W f . ff '9 . ,L if A 4 4 as ,L 'P 5 5 " ' pm' 9 J ' 3 .,,.,l-- ,Lf - , if -N ' - " 691'-1,149 ' ' W . ' " ' M, -4,11 plan. 1 pa- -.- 4, A t 1 6 1' . in X I u sl JJ. f 5' V I U 1 --,,k- t -J 4 U16 lfibrary ffl 7 . x 0 lb 5 it .. gk. gf-4 Q , The Teachers College Library occupies the southeast corner of the campus and contains 150,000 volumes and 600 peri- odicals. On the second floor a reading room is provided for study and nearby are the stacks, the loan desk and the re- serve book section. The HY," or children's library, on the first floor contains books for kindergarten to junior high reading level. . . . checking out a book is Q ia, X i -:'- lf. ,, , Y 1 l K .,-., . - sa I Browsing in the stacks . . . I I l V ff+Q35g5f571". is W v ffgffr rf A flak!! ld -4. - ,Arts and Industries www: ill- 111 -i1l...1.,. The finishing touches To the south is the newest classroom building on campus, the Arts and Indus- tries Building. Of modern architecture, it was constructed in 1911-9. The Department of Industrial Arts occupies the first floor and the Depart- ment of Art the second floor. During the year varied exhibits are held in the build- ing's gallery which is equipped with built- in glass showcases. The Little Theatre, used for lectures, audio-visual instruction and club meetings, is located on the sec- ond floor. Classes are offered here for those in- terested in such fields as weaving, wood- working, photography, ceramics, jewelry, auto mechanics and machine drawing as well as general art education. . . . exhibit in the modern gallery. 4 , P'- ' ',gX?6s x QXX X 'X Q N . , X4 85. 5. ' , si UNK Q U16 Auditorium x . an.. ' N, Q4 Q X -. '- , 4Q,xXN'sfxx xx X . -N A4 5 , xg , X 4 x , -l Q XX- 'ti 5 4 X Kg 5 A X x 4 XXX Q 6 x s 4 s xg 44 x x Ks qi W' ' T ,Nha- QX -e .X ' . . f -1. ' Y 4 xx N 4 xx x 4 X x . 44 x 4, xx, si 4, ,A 4 'm 4 XR-T, x X 4 xx 4 4 xx 4 's s The night before the show . . . Facing the east side of the campus is the Auditorium Building. Located in this building is a 1300 seat auditorium where a major dramatic production is presented each quarter, in addition to recitals, concerts and lecture-concert programs. Educational radio and television programs originate in the ra- dio and television studios on the third floor. On the ground floor are speech and special education clinics. The remainder of the building is primarily devoted to classrooms and offices. A Well-known spot to every student is the Crossroads, at the intersection of the Auditorium, Administration, and Central Hall. . . . the well-known Crossroads. Ffgffx -'hi-2 1 f ' Q 1 ' f . 3 '. 1 ' n' .Q , - 9 A ,- 4 Q .f . 1 , 'Din u , 1 ,mg .J hr Q y FZ", , fi 'f:-1Sf9'7"- ff' .v.5?, . ,- 5 . . x . ' r V r . -9- ' ' 1 . I . 1 , ' , , -ik X I A ' l K 0 . 5 ,-4 .g . ' ' is -1 ' Q! fr -1 Q- - '- E . AM: X ' N -, , 'T-'lv s gl 'M' Il, . - I I ' q f 1. u 1 i .. 1 Q S"--0'-'f"f' " 1 Mm is' Gymmzs kim J In .-Q1 nn A I hililk ru . 5 . Z 4 A 3' E 4.43 A' Ready to become full-fledged teachers . . . At the west end of the campus stands the lVIen's Gymnasium-one of the first buildings the freshman enters when ar- riving at Teachers College and one of the last ones the senior leaves before becom- ing a full-fledged teacher. Placement tests during orientation week, convocations every quarter, basket- ball games and wrestling meets through- out the winter, and commencement exer- cises every spring and summer-all take place in the spacious lVlen,s Gymnasium. In addition, it serves as a training ground for men,s physical education classes. From north to south to east to West these opening pages have presented a few of the stopping points on the Teachers College campus. Within and among these the student finds a home during his col- lege career. I H 3 :H IH B 3 1 325555 v x 2, 1 Q., -'z -1 x. , , , , -1, 'W -... " , I -. NN, fiff m -- --1: - ' N I i1 iw Q ! sa i -. 1 f.-5, M f " as 5: 3 - 1 U K rg S Q, QQ - . ,ke F f gg A F' A 1 H . -- , , - 1 3 A iff A 1 iff? ' " " 1 Q " , gi 'iff-5 W 1 J , .. ' . ' , .ii ' Y -H I in M ' 'flu'-A -A -.5-5 , ' ' ' E., gi' 4 ' 4 1-- A L I , . E, - V .-V1 s 1 , ' . ,V V I 4 -1-1' h ' ,TSE L! ..,, V, f A A ' -b ' ' ' V 1-3: - ' ' 17' ' ,, 5215, W f ., , . F"3"fz V L: A.. , f Am... p ,N 'w-W , , . - " ..z':.n...,.,,....,,,,,,'-Wm Vw W , 'Z Y , ,.,-wrvff' . M , AQ .I .vga-N, v Q .nf--f, msn" W' ' ' 95514 L K- ' ' , , , , 4 . Un- .,,,.. F' H vw-""" , . V , .,.-'4 , 6 J , . . 1 1-, -f- ..4.,g: X mf f- - 'A :i1L,,,,ff' .P.ff5,-- f. ,.-3 ' ' f f n .. ,J W .. V, I f-"WH 'H' f ' f ' ' W. Qwrw-f , .,.,w,,.,,,,,Qv,,m . ,A ' - awnv' . '-e,'9awf4p1:.-'M A v 'N - ' ' "f" -zffi--rffsl T4 M ' -1 "?'7'f'11fw ' " ' ' f A -3- , .rf ' -' -5 ' A ' .Y I kb" A W -. A gfw w r?!Lm,..,4'w, ' ,1x.',jw,,,w 5- , .N .. 7'f-,4."'f5'z2'-"VLA "I: :ii ff A-N , A .W A,. . E . wif- iv, -.1 ' . . l-V. In ll. :g,1g4pl,, . ' ' , ' ' 'A'-5 r ,-vu .. g..,,4n, 1, 1. 5 'TTS' , , " r' if MG..-1 . In ., X1 V, r Nw Student Teaching MTO my mind, teaching is not merely a life work, a pro- fession, an occupation . . . It is a passion. I love to teach." -William Lyon Phelps Y -. 5 I Youill never forget student teaching . . . your supervisorg the twenty children, each living in a mixed world of imagination and realityg your homeroom, the frantic last- minute lesson plans, and above all, the warm glow when the day Hwent pretty good" . . . all this and more will live in your memory for a long time. The first few days were precarious ones. You had a sick feeling in your stomach as you lay awake the night before it all began, an awesome wondering fear that 'cmaybe I won't be up to it." Then, immaculate, and too cheerful, you were a whole ten min- utes early to meet the bus. None of the other new teachers seemed half as scared as you. Your supervisor seemed so nice when you were introduced. And then there were mil- lions of faces turned up to you, wanting to know about you. You will never know what you replied in answer to their questions! And the worn out memory, trying to remem- ber names . . . . . . immaculate, and too cheerful. fr 'inf al f 3 D ,walk- 'Q' 941 is I ii y X WS! Ll PIG' iam H oz.. ' nw .4 , -1. . 0-uv. s " Y-um 4 " 1 ,W 0 . 2..- 'K' "' ..- ' ,,., H. , - .. ' ,,v ,A ,Q ' 'V J' , 'Wmz1, :Sm . . millions of faces, turned up to you in ygur memgry for a lgng time. . . SOIIICHIHCS . . . H ITllltiI10llS yOUI'SBlf. 3 f .1 f L1 0 f-.X--vuu..l1: But soon a little of your self-confidence sneaked in, and you began answering raised hands. All went well. You liked your fellow student teachers and you ad- mired your supervisor's calmness and ef- ficiency. The day ended too soon, and you went home feeling like a true veter- an. Now whatever happened, you could handle it, because you had mastered the first day. . . . you admired your supervisor's calmness and efficiency cl In if egg, 4 . Ullluzcnuui 'X if . 9 l n 4 'K I I X! fx x 4 X ' X X . . . the day went well, just as you had planned. i J f , x RW 150018 .1.,, , . u I .32-9'-3' E 30495 a K . s ' U f ' ' QI ' ,, gi . 1 ...M E Mi ' . " ,I wr:' .:.,,,,.' " ,K l P ii V 1 Q! 4' . 11 b QV ' 0 ?r K. i li ' , i ,K . , s ,LH , -5 A W W' in M '-A.. g if-fffe -gf,gQ,,',1 W" mf mg., 4 1, , 1, 4.31, - j, I 'mv' M. giww, , A H .K , .44 'vm i 537 5 I . L Q 1' 99' f'3ff3?fI Ts -nf 'J' ':5!1.z1'.i ,f jk .f 'hr I '1 ' .' X " . 1 1- -ii'f'W V. "f l-F 'gffbe ' 5 'z QA' '-Rfk 1, mPz17'?3f.,1 f 'DQS " ' ' X Y ' , fr-1 ,1 ... G-ff .,.. 2- " '51 ' .1 1wr:fn.... wuz 3 , VM ' ' -... 121. 49' ll 11-. .J- , s-- . . . a little self confidence sneaked in. Then came the day you were to teach all by yourself. The preparations had started a week before. You had revived your knowledge of the movie projector C thank heavens for that Audio-vis. courseb, prepared what you hoped would be a thought-provoking bulletin board, and given yourself a pep talk. And surprisingly enough, the day went wellg just as planned. You began to think that maybe you would be able to handle your own class, after all. The days kept slipping by-some good, some not so good. But all of them in- teresting and very educational. You knew what it was to have twenty mutineers on a rainy day . . . to think fast and produce an interesting but not too vigorous game. Sometimes you felt a little mutinous yourself. Like the time your supervisor made you rearrange the bulletin board four times before it looked right. Or the day you dropped the plate of sandwiches in the lunch room. You wondered how you ever could have decided to become a teacher. lt was times like these when the life of a secretary certainly appealed. an-lawn if 1 "- mx Remember the nervousness of the days of parent-teacher conferences . . . you wished desperately that you had been more observant of the children. But it al- ways seemed that way. Even in the days of class observation, you always seemed to be more absorbed in the activity and effect, rather than being able to con- centrate on specific children. ln the conferences, though, it was thrilling the way the parents accepted you as a teacher and listened respectfully to what you had to say. There were many other wonderful things, too, your pride in your students' part in the assembly program, their bravery in getting their immunity shots, their infectious joy when they mastered a playground skill, and your elation when they became truly absorbed in the Words you spoke to them. Soon it Was almost over. You felt that at last you could relax. But with a shock, you realized you would miss the kids. You had to be stern with yourself to keep back the tears when the goodbye hugs came. But with many promises to come back soon for a visit, you climbed into the homeward bus for the last time. . . . and you began answering raised hands. n lv ini :vp 1 Kvl ' ' wfrf- X Qi ' w"Xa,.x K 5.-1 11 -'I . . . they became truly absorbed. 3 v A fx 4 fr! f . . . days slip by, some good, some not so good Now as you finish your college career, you try to remember all the advice given you. You especially try to hold fast to every experience of student teaching. And as you think of the exciting day you taught your class alone, it's hard to be- lieve you'll soon have another 180 just like it. ltis a big challenge . . . and you look forward to another Hfirst day" of being a real teacher. , . it is a passion, I love to teach. lv ' Y I J' W 1564 Q Y tn, 'lk I ig J' I ' Cl In I I A: 1 Q n.. F if 'U- Q , 5 C M 5 lv, - -xg., " f v gf, x 'l.-3 x ' 54, - ,N A K ,, '-f YN N '+V ,' I 51N V., u Q Z: QAM ' " WN 7' ,'M Sis tk '. N 1 kg iw 'Q Q TN Wai-w" , li .LU 'THAI X 5 X X yi N Administration X H111 2 was Wm vm,-,yy-,v w-Vw 4111 gf . 1 .V .. , .Q-,, xxx- A+ Y- e wx --V k Xxlirkxkxwg ' XX X xx Ao' K , , gfiwq, - 'x M Dr. J. W. Maucker, President Wee, PPIC' .1-"' S Sal I 4 5 L,-rw 4 SN 76 7' RQ-VID E4 C E y hfor Sta t eda e hom at IOILI , ' 5 0' nm D EOF THEP ENT ,. E ' !N,, 'Yi-W J 'L 3: 7 oss each Q' 0 ri'lls . V,.',.A f-fs Work , . da . a lin Al to efafnded celhbusf 'vg- It to our he Jus 'Wwe , 111 1 HER OL ECE D-11? L5' Qyitor e 7' ers College a , foie 0 r Alisa Fl fl I Ol" ,' apprec- haps I ght the restlq Ia te mst ol' t the suitably co he college c We a in our bett dw other lu '5oa 4 ugu QPR et l, l95 rt .tty to says felv s fo he d -IQ' nhenltnon me reiarionehlzrzr 'rn Efakg onlhyufzjty. nlstrati ve officers are In a sense the Dzglzigers e do er frbnents, that we are not aqv 'deer or any more virtuous than th enbera of' the team, but the fact that Ive are held respons ble y t fu of Regents for the continlqng operation ol' the college does nece si ate taking the Initiative and h-:Wing a fihql 'vofti With regard to Post the deoie on 017 lb-I1'C-ies and plbcedures. hence, bgth the students and the teach! g aolll y tilhes feel ,but URJ17 fly "the ad'Ui'7istrat.!on". Iho Ive are se enou at ILC. to rec-o ze the preee nent n nee OI' a -:thong tsh-Ing faczilty, pfbsrgded 'vi th the neoisielyv faeilltilgi 50 U G 8004 ,job and reason,-,bly free from petty restrictions and Ifpstra tions so they an devote their energies wholeheartedly to their instructional tes-Irs. Generally sbeafring teaching staff' nenbers like to have a Dq1't in Policy 1"0fz7U.ZatI0n,' I be-llel' 've hal' a Girly reasobable arrangement at .7'.C'. for such .l1g1'5.z'cIA,7ti'on. Students lilrekise ha ve a yen to 'run things". I believe ve have a res Sibil-It? E0 .Df'o"ide as f'Ully as 'Ye can for student .Qglwficlbqtion In the oberation of the college. At the same tine, Ive have to be on S'LQrd lest students be dive e flbn their central task of securing s rolnql education. Further, I believe we to recognize, and lead the students to recognize, that there are inherent in the student sta tus sofhe distinct handicaliq to effective parzicitgtion in edninfstretio Drincilelly lack or ekperience and lack of continvity In the student body. We have been Pol-ru te at I'.0., in Jud ent, In havin a ni eelebbling between teaching Zi.:-uitg adwnistztives?-acuity and stidenltd sheet division of' authority and reelbneibilitv. 4ll of us at ti r holvever, that the college does not actllally belong t are in a vefy real sense tmstees rather than ,o 's a queer bbrld, -S'ell.5 and 've sonsti Dbefbgatl ves and rele tionships, but I re at 710. and that, by a dint or hqlv e-rperqeneee at this college .tn the y Sincere 'Hum of' s, hqrth ree fhes need to be o any of us on the roprietors. nee get all A-e believe 'Ve have Qi Bbrhg Ive can gr ea1's t ahead. d up 'dt a ebod eatly en h fe team rich JJ' -Po 8.09ct splrl t our educa t urs, ional u eeid Q clrer, ent . im . I X l it 'AAA ,Vx Dr. M. J. Nelson Dean of the College The Administration Dean of Instruction The administration of the college stands in four divisions, each With its respective head directly responsible to the president of the college. The divisions are Instruction and Research, Student Personnel, Field Services, and Business and Plant. In addition the College Relations Bureau pro- vides an information service, publications direction and public relations service. The hurried activity in the Faculty Room precedes Baccalaureate as faculty and graduates don their caps and gowns. Mr. Philip C. Jennings - Business Manager and Secretary h . AQAIV 35, :-1 Business and Plant The Business Office, under the direction of Mr. Jennings, is responsible for receiving and disbursing all the funds of Iowa State Teachers College. The functions of the college are handled by five de- partments. The Physical Plant Departmentls aim is to maintain the buildings, grounds, and equip- ment efficiently at Teachers College. The department employs ninety-six workmen full time, and many students part time. The ten maintenance divisions are directed by Mr. Cole. Mr. Eldon E. Cole Mr. James L. Bailey Director of Department of Physical Plant Assistant Business Manager and Treasurer r ff-. if-i-.K.,a e Q. V vw.. 1. 1 ', J' 4 . . .. Dr. Daryl Pendergraft Director of Field Services Field Services The staff in .Field Services, directed by Dr. Pendergraft, is categorized into five departments which include: Extension Service, a consultant service in which members of the campus faculty devote full time to schools all over the state: Radio and TV, a public school enrichment program which offers teaching services not available in classroomsg Placement Bureau, an office which assists graduates in securing jobsg Alumni Affairs, an office which maintains contacts with graduatesg and the Public School Relations, an office which has contact with public schools to further interest in teaching. -an--9 Dr. Raymond Schlicher Director of the Placement Bureau ,...L an JT' Mr. Milo Lawton -' .-.Quai Assistant in Charge of Alumni Affairs Mr. Herbert V. Hake Director of Radio and Television Mr. Robert E. Davis Radio Assistant Mr. Norbert K. Baumgart Public School Relations Counselor X - , W 'Y ,..- Dr. Marshall R. Beard Mr. Merrill F. Fink Registrar Assistant Registrar Instruction and Research Dr. Tom A. Lamke Dr. Herbert M. Silvey Coordinator of Research, Assistant to Dean of Instruction Director of Research XXL fgijg ,stint Dr. Donald F. Howard Coordinator of Curriculum, Assistant to Dean of Instruction The Division of Instruction and Research includes most of the academic phases of the college. The division supervises instructional records, the marking procedure, advisory system, admissions and the academic guidance of students. Also under this division are the Registrar's Office, the Library and academic counseling service. The Division of Instruction and Research is headed by Dr. Mar- shall R. Beard, Registrar. Working under him are the assistant registrar, coordinator of research, co- ordinator of curriculum, director of research and head librarian. Mr. Donald O. Rod Head Librarian The Dean of Students, Dr. Bender, is af- filiated With Student Personnel. As dean, Dr. Bender and his staff give services to coordinate the best facilities for hous- ing, feeding and supervising the menls residence halls on campus. providing ade- quate living conditions off-campus, coun- seling with men students concerning per- sonal and social problems, and supervis- ing their extracurricular activities. The net results of the services offered are to help each student adjust to college and to make available opportunities to develop social and intellectual individuals. Dr. Paul F. Bender Dean of Students Student Personnel Dr. Marian lVIcBrair Associate Dean of Students The primary interest of the Associate X Dean of Students, Dr. lVlcBrair, is to pro- Q? mote the social and intellectual growth of each woman student through a counsel- ing and guidance program, both group and individual, together with her staff and Women's League officers. Besides coun- seling women students and attending nu- merous committee meetings on campus, Dr. lVIcBrair is advisor to the Associate Women Students, Intersorority Council, Torch and Tassel, Off-Campus Women, and works with Dean Bender on the Stu- dent League Board, and Director of Halls. V. D. French, lVl. D. 4 . it V :S Dr. Harold E. Bernhard Director of Health Serviees Director of Bureau of Religious Activities The Student Health Service, headed by Dr. French, is organized to afford educational and preventive health care to the student body. lts provisions apply, as a rule to acute condi- tions only, and students with chronic ailments are referred to competent private physicians. Dr. Bernhard, Director of the Bureau of Re- ligious Activities, is advisor to the Student Council of Religious Activities. The Council is composed of a representative from each of the religious groups. Dr. Kelso, Coordinator of Student Counseling, and his staff are in charge of the special orien- tation programs provided for all new under- graduate students. Through this office, enter- ing students are administered a series of tests designed to measure ability in reading, me- chanics of English, mathematics and physical science at orientation. Dr. Paul C. Kelso Coordinator of Student Counseling ,,....w-wf""""' 'l we Xxx L Director of College Relations, Mr. George Holmes, checks releases to be sent throughout the state with his secretary, Bernice Block. College Relations Contacts between the college and the public are made possible by the College Relations Bureau. It provides news and sports information, public relations services such as visits to the campus by legislators, business men and public relations workers, and publications direction. The department sponsored Alpha Phi Gamma, a national honorary journalism fraternity. John Bikkers, Publications Directorg Beverly DeLong, Director of information Services, and George Wine, Director of Sports Information, discuss the latest CR releases. i 'N'-I-..,,, .xv-Mm""R"N STATE BOARD OF REGENTS-Left to right: V. B. Hamilton, Clifford Strawman, Mrs. Willard Archie, Dwight Rider, chairmang Roy Stevens, Harry Hageman, C. L. Fredricksen, Richard Plock, Mrs. Frank Brooks. State Board of Regents Faculty Senate FACULTY SENATE-Front row: Bernice Helff, Marshall Beard. Second row: Jean Bontz, William Dee, Mary Dieterich, Clifford Bishop, J. W Maucker, Clayton Fowler. Third row: Donald Howard, Paul Bender, Tom Lamke, James Blanford, Erma Plaehn, James Bailey, Richard Lattin James Kercheval, Eldon Cole. Departments Art Preparing art teachers as well as developing an understanding of art expression are the aims of the Art Department. Additions to the permanent art collection were made possible through purchases and donors. ln April the second annual Art Fair was heldg high school students showed their work and an art scholar- ship was awarded. Mr. Gerald Shirley, Mr. Ted Kurahara and Mrs. Joan Kacere were new fac- ulty members this year. The department spon- sored many and varied art exhibits through- out the year. Kappa Pi and the Art Club were sponsored by the Art Department. x A piece of sculpture gives Dr. Guillaume food for thought ART DEPARTMENT-Seated: Clifford Herrold, Joan Kacere, Marjorie Campbell. Standing: Kenneth Gogel, Ralph Haskell, John Page, David Di-lafield. Clayton Fowler, Paul Smith, HARRY GUILLAUME, Ted Kurahara. l 3 y . L' fl: 53:55 Zi' 3 Business Education The Business Education Department is de- signed to prepare business teachers in six specialized areas. New faculty members this year were Mrs. Mary Blanford, Mr. Darrell J ones and Mr. Leonard Keefe. The Business Education Department, formerly housed on the third floor of the Administration Building, moved to the Old Campus School. With mod- ern office machines, new blond classroom fur- niture, adjustable typewriting desks and more space, better working conditions in the depart- ment were made possible. The department sponsored Pi Omega Pi and the Future Busi- ness Leaders of America. Reading a student's term paper keeps Dr. Douglas occupied. BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT-Seated: James Blanford, Agnes Lebeda, Darrell Jones, LLOYD DOUGLAS, Katherine Humphrey Standing: Margaret Weltha, Mary Blanford, Harland Samson, James Barron, William Roenigk. "tt c ss A 'nt T! f. 7651, " far, we s- . sf- - t .. W Education and X, ev f Psychology to Dr. Bishop confronts students with challenges in education. The Department of Education and Psychology provides professional education and psychology train- ing for prospective teachers of Iowa. Newcomers on the staff this year were Mr. Alfred Barnes, Dr. Walter De Kock, Miss Frances Hanson, Mr. Bernard Jacobson and Dr. Arthur Looby. In coopera- tion with the Department of Teaching, the department is working on motion pictures to replace the numerous observations usually made at the Campus School. The department sponsored Kappa Delta Pi, Iowa Future Teachers Association, Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, Beta Alpha Epsilon and Elementa Ki. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY-First row: Arthur Looby, M. J. Wilcox, Esther Boehlje, Esther Hult, Frances Hanson, Margaret Buswell. Second row: E. C. Denny, CLIFFORD BISHOP, A. E. Brown, Amy Arey, May Smith. Third row: Frank Martindale, Julie Sparrow, Betts Roth, Nellie Hampton, Walter DeKock. Fourth row: Malcolm Price, Robert Adrian, Gordon Rhum, Arthur Henze, Howard Knut- son, Oscar Thompson, Alfred Bames, Bert Woodcock. Us H- ff O A-G? Home Economics Dr. Sutherland and Lena Buckingham prepare a demonstra- tion. The Horne Economics Department prepares future home economics teachers in two major areas: general home economics and vocational home economics. These areas include textiles and clothingg food and nutritiong family relationships and child developmentg housing, home furnishing and equip- mentg family economics and home managementg and home economics education. A new member of the department this year was Miss Ruth Hall. Organizations sponsored by this department were the Ellen H. Richards Club and Theta Theta Epsilon. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT-Seated: Josephine Yeager, Ruth Hall, ELISABETH SUTHERLAND. Standing: Olive Holliday, Edna Shores. iii "'i 'in-1 -- pew 21.11.21 a me a W s 1: " Y' ' li W. V . 5 Ag " " ' 5 g i 'Q ., -N-H-MM-1--------1--V -' 1:3 5 .,.. M, ,,.. Mm L """'i "'V "'Vi' :ii A V M i 1 V- ' an 4 .25 m V. K-, .,.. .J ..J!,,,,,l..-1 ,,,..,,,.., K KVK,,,, KKLLWQN M '-' Q P -ga -::... Y:-1-12, f'1,.,,.a-gas -,.,, . .... A . an -,-- '-" wvzkli-Qigx N The 'Industrial Arts Department provides practical education through experience in gen- eral technical. mechanical and architectural drawing, woodwork, electrical work, photog- raphy, graphic arts, automotives, plastics and leatherwork. ln addition to the shopwork and other types of study at school, the Industrial f ' . . ' t Arts Department commonly uses field trips to keep in contact with the industrial world, since one of its major purposes is to help pupils M interpret industry. Two new faculty members Y . if l f added this year were Mr. James La Rue and I s 'X-, ' I f Mr. John Plummer, Jr. The department began X my 3 Allkeff TY. iffy v offering a graduate program in the summer ,ll e Ji f -- ' session of 1956 and fifteen graduate students ' up A i M , M attended this first session. The department V sponsored the Industrial Arts Club. Advisees consult Dr. Reed about registration. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT-Seated: James La Rue. Willis Wagner. Raymond Matala. Lawrence Wright. Standing: HOWARD REED Harold Palmer. 34- -59, X y T Languages, Speech . fc 'l"1'g and Literature C J The purpose of the department can best be summed up in the Words of Dr. Reninger as "an exploration of human values." The For- eign Language Listening Room, a new addi- tion, has six machines on which students may listen to foreign language conversations and record their own voices. The department did some experimenting to determine the advan- tages of combining courses in the curriculum. New faculty members this year were Miss Amanda Langemo, Mr. Richard Dankleff, Mr. Nafe Katter and Dr. James Clay. The depart- ment sponsored College Players and the Speech Activities Club. Dr. Reninger takes time out to relax between classes. DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES, SPEECH, AND LITERATURE-First row: Leo Goggin, David Williams, Alden Hanson, Nafe Katter, Ross Jewell, Norman Stageherg, James Clay, James Hearst, Bernard De Hoff, John Cowley, Elaine McDavitt, M. B. Smith, Robert Davis, Harold Bernhard, Thomas Thompson, Louise Forest, Edna Miller, Amanda Langemo. Second row: Loren Taylor, Edward Thorne, Edwin Maurer, Francis Smith, Wallace Anderson, John Stuart, Ernest Fossum, Josef Schaefer, Richard Flowers, Richard Dankleff, Stanley Wood, Lillian Wagner, Char- lotte Lawton, H. W. RENINGER. Third row: David Bluhm, Josef Fox. Library and Library Science In the Library are the departments of Library and Library Science. The Library furnishes carefully selected volumes, periodicals, docu' ments and other references for students and faculty and the Library Science prepares teach- er-librarians for the schools of Iowa. Improve- ments in the Library included a new ventila- tion system in the book stacks, new blond fur- niture. relighting of the building and com- plete revamping of the periodical section and librarian's office. Mr. Everett Howell and Mr. Keith Knight joined the staff this year. Alpha Beta Alpha was created by this department. Mr. Rod, head librarian, keeps tab of library purchases LIBRARY DEPARTMENT-Seated: Eileen Noonan, Irene lhresman, Lauretta MeCusker, Mary Dieterich. Standing: Everett Howell, Evelyn Mullins, Dorothy Larsen, DONALD ROD, Margaret Fullerton, Fred Cram, Gertrude Voelker, Keith Knight. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT--Seated: Julia Adkins, Glenadine Gibb, Fred Lott, Augusta Schurrer, Ina Silvey, HENRY VAN ENGEN. Standing: Richard Crumley, Harold Trimble, E. W. Hamilton, Irvin Brune. Dr. Van Engen discusses trends in teaching mathematics with math majors Sandy Ladehoff and Roger Brockmeyer. Mathematics The Mathematics Department sponsored nu- merous projects during the past year. Last summer a National Mathematics Institute was held on campus, the first of its kind to be held on any teachers college campus in the United States. The department is experiment- ing to see, if with the proper conditions, the students can obtain as much from larger classes as they can from smaller ones. Or- ganizations sponsored hy the department were the Mathematics Club and Kappa Mu Epsilon. Dr. Julia Adkins and Dr. Richard Crumley were added to the staff this year. Music The Music Department, headed by Dr. Myron Russell, sponsored numerous organizations and activities throughout the year. The organiza- tions included the many college choruses and choirs, the college band and orchestra, and the Opera Production group. Included in the nu- merous activities Were faculty, senior, and general student recitalsg band, orchestra, en- semble, and choral concerts, and opera, and the Christmas Oratorios. MUSIC DEPARTMENT-Seated: Suzanne Conklin, William Latham Jvone Maxwell MYRON RUSSELL Frank Hill Jane Mauck Standing Dean Sanders, Patricia Brown, Olive Barker, Norma Wendelberg, Emil Bock Russell Baum Arthur Redner Joseph Burns Marvin Howe David Kennedy, David Whisner, Marjorie Iverson, Harald Holst, Jane Birkhead 4' 134 05522 A , Q. Q-if l' 5 1 if w. X .W Q, - .ff 1 -- f sk- , .z xx- 1. qtwwm Arli, WA l l E A 1 E l MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION-Seated: Art Dickinson, L. L. MENDENHALL, L. W. Whitford, James Clark, William Koll, James Witham Standing: C. L. Starbeck, Edward Lyons. Physical Education for Men Training of coaches and physical education teachers is the main purpose of the M en's Physical Education Department. Men students may also participate in physical activities through an extensive program of intramural and intercollegiate athletics, sponsored by the department. New additions to the staff this year included James Witham, Ed Lyons and Homer Beinfang. The department sponsored all varsi- ty teams, the HI" Club, a wrestling tourna- ment and the TC Relays. A coaching clinic for high school and college coaches was also held. Itis again time to begin the dayis work for Mr. Mendenhall Wyre if " e -f QQ? 1 Wfjfgjf , Physical Education 5-'ff for Women ww. we as -W Q The Department of Physical Education for Women offers a major in physical education for secondary teachers, physical education for elementary teachers and gives the students an opportunity to acquire recreational skills. The department sponsored the Physical Education Club, Marlins and Orchesis. An exchange in- structor in the department this year was Miss ,fs Josephine Skittery of England. 1, ,' .st as A ' "7" .Ai Department head, Dr. Bontz, takes a moment from work. WOMENS PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT--Seated: Dorothy Moon, Josephine Skittery, Jeannette Potter, Shirley Possom. Standing: Shirley Winsberg, Virginia Ramsay, JEAN BONTZ, Barbara Yager, Thelma Short, Mary Bell. I ' v'1!4a.i.nv'- -1, '-. 'hniizfh "rv-in-.".fAm'.-,+""' L gl-' l SCIENCE DEPARTMENT-Seated: Robert Rogers, R. W. Getchell, C.W. LANTZ, E. J. Cable. Second row: Pauline Sauer, Howard Lyon, Dorothy Matala, Virgil Dowell, George Patten, Ernestine Smith, H. Fowler, Willard Poppy. Third raw: Herman Nelson, Leland Wilson, Vern Jensen, James Kercheval, Verlin Lee, George Worley, Martin Grant. Fourth row: Leonard Winier, Charles Allegre, Richard Lacey, Clifford Mc- Collum. Dr. Lantz makes plans for the summer Science Institute. H cience The Science Department includes the fields of chemistry, biology, physics and earth science. New members added to the staff this year were Dr. Virgil Dowell, Mr. George Worley, Mr. Verner Jensen and Mr. Howard Lyon. The department sponsored the Science Fair and the Conservation Camp at Springbrook State Park. In cooperation with Iowa State College and the State University of Iowa the depart- ment participated in the Lakeside Laboratory on Lake Okoboji. Dr. Martin Grant received a grant from the National Science Foundation. Beta Beta Beta is sponsored by the Science Department. Social Science The aim of the Social Science Department is to give the widest possible understanding of the societies of the world. their histories and their problems. The new faculty members this year were Dr. J. B. Tulasiewicz, Dr. Nathan Talbott and Dr. Harold Wohl. The department sponsored Pi Gamma Mu and the Internation- al Relations Club and assisted in the television program. "Landmarks of Iowa History." The Iowa Historical Society this year published Dr. L. L. Sages biography. William Boyd Al- lison: :I Study in Practical Politics. . as N Q Lhxm Planning schedules is one of Dr. Langls quarterly jobs SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT4First row: Herbert Margulies, William Dee. M. R. Thompson, Howard Thompson. Second row: WILLIAM LANG, George Robinson. Theodore Dohrman. Howard Jones, Nath Lyman Harris. an Talbott, Leland Sage, Bruno Tulasiewicz, George Poage, Ralph Fahrney Y-sw QU! as .40 ,Q TEACHING DEPARTMENT-First row, seated: Ross Nielsen, Robert Brimm, Edward Ruman, Caryl Middleton, Raymond Martin, Rose Dolan. Second row, seated: Corrine Harper, Mildred Blackman, Evelyn Campbell, Dorothy Winede, Ardith Emmons, Lucile Anderson, Dorothy Doeh- ring, Marilyn Schlemmer, Naomi Schneider, Eulalie Tumer, Myrtle Stone. Third row, standing: Joe Przychodzin, Bernice Helff, Margaret Divelbess, Eleanor McBride, Nova Nelson, Alice Bakken, Ruth Hutcheson, Edna Mantor, Florence Kasiske, Lois Shefte, Peter Mazula. Fourth row, standing: George lmmerzeel, Albert Potter, Mary Schmitt, Georgia Adams, Jane Barrett, Howard Vander Beek, Laura Gilloley, Richard Lattin, Agnes Gullickson, Melvin Schneider, Mardelle Mohn, DWIGHT K. CURTIS, Robert Swatts. Checking the mail is one of Dr. Curtis' daily duties. Teachin The major project of the Teaching Department this year was the establishment of new off- campus teaching centers for future use. A field house addition to the laboratory school build- ing is to be completed in the fall of '57. Addi- tions to the teaching staff at Campus School this year were: Harold Budensiek, Russell Han- sen, George lmmerzeel, Mary Ann Jackson, Mrs. Ruth Mahon, Ernest Slottag, Robert Swatts, and Thomas Wikstrom. New staff mem- bers at Hudson were: Ella Kreb, Louise Oel- berg, Mrs. Marion Pederson, Andrew Swota, and Joe Shiferli.,." 4 I--Q ' ra . J4, . 43' i ! fu .-1 H 0 ff' 1' in '. x. I 4 wk .H s . 4, .? Q .W J. sfffq '-2 xX E' if ' . . , ' A , uv. -a s 1. "-fl.. . fa., -u v 4 V Y A x ao 'b. . T , ' fs 1- 1 J , .f, 0- 6 A A 1 .-. 11 1 f 1 ,452 4 'r ' lu ' 16'-Q Xxx 3 .. " -f - I wr uglvf' " AL., A fr 'T ' 'R ' , 1 x H, ..Ou 'V r '3-if' 'V' 'jx Art 'F 34" Q .N if N , 4. v ' . 55. nf- -N. .- ,, ' Ln N 3-. I . . , ' " 'Z if v - ' 43: . A . f .gm "K 2 :V 1 .- N' 'v -:wf . , Qu. H , EA A.--.P ""99,3. ,.. .Q "FEM: bf.. I fssesr- f ll.N. - 0 -4 1 A x , 1 r l A -. u -.. fs ' I . :rr "' lv VV.. , v1ts","y' J-at--. ,lu . L ' . '-- - ,' , A -lQI'S9Qg5g4f?' A f- a ,. xr ,si 5, ev .x'-, ..,.:., 5 4. , .n I N. . 175' .r 1 .W 9 ' J I y -I 3 . . I ' ' T . Q Q.. 1.3. Ag I - x Bef ' , - ' ,-'ix , ,5 4 '--E '53, 4 , K", fun ,E . . i ,.,. w- 14. A ' n X x but 'I xx, . .4,i' '- lg. '. A fx 51 v.. ' -. ,,f. ' ' Q 1,5 ' : - ' A, , 1 'ZS'-if ' e -61' JM:- mml' . , ,Mt " 4 Wm. N zz ' -7 nc-1. nw' - 3-J. 7 4355511 ' 2 ' 4, .1 .. 1 , . ,' IQ, Q-4, w x ,, " -4 w Ei ,V 0 KU i we ml! Q43 mf 5 ,ggi i 6 f af- f"3iV Z C715 Vw! 'sslxiind ,wing Greek Week Queen Allison Mukai, chosen by the in- ter-fraternity and inter-sorority councils, reigned over the Creek Week festivities at TC last Spring. Everyone became aware of the Creek letter societies during Creek Week when activities were kicked off by a variety show in the Commons ballroom. Special acts were provided by the sorori- ties and fraternities on campus. The high- light of the week, however, was the in- ter-sorority and inter-fraternity dance held Saturday night in the Commons ballroom. Queen Allison's crowning capped a suc- cessful week and a successful dance for the 1955-56 Greek Week. in 3. Allison Mukai reigns as Queen Members of Tau Sigma Delta execute the can-can at the Greek Week variety show. of Greek Week dance The First Piano Quartet talks over an arrangement to be used in their TC appearance. Dr. Polgar searches in the books for the bill he made disappear. lg N-x S' Lecture-Concerts Forty fingers, 352 keys of the First Piano Quartet fascinated an audience of TC music lovers with their renditions of numbers rang- ing from classical to popular. The Ohio Wes- leyan University A Cappella Choir closed an extended tour of the midwest with their ap- pearance at TC. Weird and unusual stunts with hypnotism were the results of Dr. Pol- gar's visit to TC for the final presentation of the Spring Lecture Series. The Ohio Wesleyan Choir prepares for its visit to our campus. Relays Queen Barbara Teig, blonde, blue-eyed kinder- garten-primary major, was chosen by the ul" Club as the Queen of the 1956 TC Relays. Attending Barb for the 33rd an- nual Relays were Glenda Wilson, sopho- more art major, Rosemary Fitzgerald, junior kindergarten-primary major and Ruth Stuchel, freshman business major. Queen Barb and her court witnessed over 1100 trackmen representing more than 40 high schools and colleges as they smashed nine records and tied two more on a 'gbeautiful day for the races." TC held two of the nine records broken at the Relays, the 4480 yard shuttle hurdle relay and the shot put. Barb Teig, 1956 TC Relays Queen President Maucker con- gratulates Barb and her attendants as the Relays royalty. Spring Pla George Bernard Shaw's military satire, HArms and the Man,H was the Spring presentation of the Department of Lan- guages, Speech and Literature. The de- lightful comedy was set in Bulgaria during the winter of the Balkan War. Involved in the cast Were a Swiss soldier, of fortune, a pretentious Bulgarian of- ficer and his wife, their romantic daughter, a Bulgarian army officer, a man of the World, and a not too innocent maid. Scenery and lighting were done by Mr. Stanley Wood. Miss Hazel Stray- er directed for her last time at TC. .ex ' i ia E "1, iff' .i ,.", S , l ,,.. 26 A rw' wr, i 1 - . -:- '11 ffl., 119' 1 ' f , ' " ' if Q Qvxga. i., ti 3 gi- ,li .. .,,., ,pg ,..1 1 .,:,1,,, .,,,,1,,,,,. - .,., ,-.f- i , g X S B ' Serbian Captain Blunchli and Bulgarian Major Saranoff match wits. M. Petkoff breakfasts with her husband, home from the Serbian Wars. My daughter will be only too, too delighted to marry Captain Blunchlif, announces Madame Petkoff with a meaningful glance. ,MX i. L- ,lx 7 S journalists. Blacks Tea Room was the site of the ninth annual Gridiron dinner sponsored by the jour- nalism fraternity. Alpha Phi Gamma. The din- ner was attended by the College Eye and Old Cold staffs. Dave Beuter, board of publications president. presented awards to outstanding members of the two staffs. The highest award, the traveling oil can trophy, was awarded to both the editor of the College Eye, Marilyn Schabacker, and the editor of the OLD GOLD, Paul Smith. The name of each year's winner is imprinted on the oil can, symbolizing work above and beyond the call of duty. . Red Bickers entertains TC Gridiron Dinner 9 .N Ty up V i im , ,fx X 5 lf ,N 2 ...,,,.ji' t, .,.,, , ff' ii i fi -ee ee I im Q' 3 Publications editors receive Oil Can award. Staffs of college publications meet in Black's Tea Room for the annual Gridiron Dinner, entertainment, information, and awards ,r Y Y. f A iv. P 1 bas- , ' QM-L? f f' ' x idk' X Klvf 3 2 Mother's Da A telephone call from her daughter, Mary Ruth, informed Mrs. A. J. Culbert of Marion that she had been selected as TC,s Mother of the Day. Chosen on the basis of her daughter's college performance, Mrs. Culbert was present- ed to the students by President Maucker at the student variety show May 5. Week-end ac- tivities included registration, teas sponsored by various organizations, Hlilantasy Land" created by the Marlins, and the Sunday chapel service. TC women students and their mothers head for the Mother s Day dinner following the Mother of the Day presentation l Women's Day The traditional tapping of eight women chosen for membership in Chimes, junior women's honor organization, began the annual Womenis Day activities on the TC campus. Campbell dining hall was the site of the Associated Women Stu- dents dinner honoring the house councils of the women's dorms, the executive board of the off- campus unit and special guest. Highlighting the activities was the address, 'GThe Eternal Tri- angle," by Mrs. Imogene Emery at the Women's Day Convocation following the dinner. The in- stallation of the 1956-1957 A W S officers, womenis dormitory officers, and new members of Purple Arrow, Chimes, and Torch and Tassel capped a successful day and year for TC's women students. Mrs. Emery addresses TC women. Counselors are SWOITI in Spring Formal Shades of aqua, blue and green carried out the HAqua Allurei' theme of the Spring Formal sponsored by the Social Life Committee. An underwater illusion was created by fish nets, treasure chests and sea horses which accented the walls of the ballroom. A sea castle provided an arcliway through which couples could dance. Music for the dance was supplied by Larry Barnett and his band. Larry Barnettis band plays for 4'Aqua Alluref' Couples crowd the underwater decorated ballroom Honors Convocation Students who made outstanding records at TC, both in scholarship and in extra-curricular par- ticipation, were recognized at the 1955-56 Honors Convocation. President J. W. Maucker commended the honor students for their achievements and Dr. D. F. Howard spoke on HThe Utopian College Communityf, Follow- ing the convocation, a reception honoring the honor students and their parents was held in the Ceorgian Lounge. Maucker addresses TC honor students A cappella entertains at convocation. Platform guests await presentations Final Fling Boat rides on PreXy's Pond, the Bohemian dog paddle, a precision diving contest and canoe jousting were all part of the Final Fling for '56, Presented by the newly or- ganized Seerley UYacht Club," the water show revealed King Neptune and his queen, Beth Talcott, as the underwater rulers. A movie, dancing and refreshments followed the water show. N ..-,ez . ' - :Fixx kiw:.X., ...... ' .553-:-s,S Kb ."'i4-"EJ:-Q. NN fs.. new SssIffi"i.5 21:2-1 Sifii ..::ss5---'-:A'-5m"2- ".:x.-5 .:'-415:- fr...-fV. . an x , . - -' '5 . ., -1. gas.. - 4- . , 1- 'J.-2+1" .2f:2 .- .- ' - ' ' 5 . Q i V in ki 5941: ..-:iowa , .W-.,.: -- g is Q 1 V' 3 , " 3-1, 5 fx iv x2j".,,5kr.51 f ll ,- .gg T -C:-: . Q -- ,Q - :J N Mums, Q ,gs ,. . ,-, :SQ fV:g1ji.yl .-52:53 MV,-...I .li ' " -F "Wi ' ' x Y f' l ' 1 . ' W, w V .. ' jg-f'f',2-ie?-gig . -, l W - j-':g:?d. ! "- , , f -1.- K' --as - X N gg f 5 ' if fl" if :15:":5'.- r. ' 553:2: 3i5l335ET.r-:"' "Taq N ll . ".". ' '. 9 l " ' 'A ' 10. ' " I x . ' V. -E ' .' ' g Ch 55:2 " FV . ' . Y- :- .5--.13 ,.-. . . I-'g:f':? - w ' - V ' .,. V t 5 v' X lg if- ,ref fs' - - Xi 54 .. t. ' J , - - ,-:I . - . - -1- air 1 . 1:,.,., -2 ' ' 5 M., ."- - " tra.-5 , w.. 1' - :, 1 Si ,,,. . . h ig ' "K1fSf ?VQi:' " 15 J . 6- 5 ,g 5. -I . 1.1941 W si!V-txaissiimfest-zmmlffllllflli. V gr . . ,, : ff , . .lm -v-- - M. fs,-...-,igjc-. . ' . .- ' " Av ' ,. 1. . . ,. "1 vf.-1 """' . '.--. .1 555' WP - ' lt -V 3 1 ' - V--'gi'-'1 're' -E .'-str, 5:9-rf. -'ff'-S.' 5-. f ' ' : 12 ,, Q A ff ., .. , ,... X. . . . . ., . ' ' - - hz f ,,-zu ' - fb sfiief? e-is t. , ,M -1' - -- N , f ' qs fa' J., :PS-Q -N ts . 1- V. N. --P! -f .,iw:,-.1-11:---. ss-. s--N-w 'ww,..:.'. , --NM: 2: +a- " . Y" t ' 5- , , '- Y-Agn , '4.L:g2giQ:E 5: -Ig:-H 5 '3r'.:e21.,': 'M 1' - . V' ' - , gp- 'f-Q. -1 1.2. --M--as . - - . -f' 'W-' ,-52523551 .1 zi,,:.- frm uf ag-,.,-,.:g. . :::.3:5sg:':- 3 -g-.:r-- , , SLE W." "Vg ,,-- ' 1.1 .' sf.-as-1fr..+:.g-, 3 rms. , ,eu -' .-.11--,gl--ts,-mf H .sg-J :my --sm--1 .. . "IEEE-555r"Zi55?5S55'i5 -is . Q-3155225555154 lvfi. ' ...L-Q.. f 1, V 3-'I' C -- " " ' .. -V f if .31 -f i-'nlil -- - ' .,, , - ' . fx - 'bt-,-,-1 '. . V. .,,- ' -, , g.v -. . - ' .mf-3,5 5 .ggggsfffaf ' 'I' if--g:.,argalgg-.t'::: 551' 3,-N -gg -,. -I .f -.:.f.a2::1:-6 ::':'--u:.:,-: -.,.g-5, -::::,- .- ,.- ,.- ,iw-X' :ft-.,:r ua:5:3V....':..- '- K' .:' l' 'tr" j2 K 5- f" A 'Z i "i"'f'f: :F 'Y 1 .. . E- '- i i , VA' 'ii-'i i i' ':i' iff ':fi i I , 'L 722 ' .f .gt W mal' .Nr - , A k .Qi .T - 1.9, 9 -.--.mas-1-5-,....qw . -- Q1 . - 5 . , ' . I , A 1 " ,. . -' . H , .. ., Q .f.' fEf53 ll 'TIN' 5. 2 1 " -, .-'VV ' V U g U -, ,. .r .'V,J". -.iVQ,jA5 . gr... ' , if ' ,,.1 -'R' -5: li 'A . ""' . 1 ' 1 f 6953:-. . bfbw.. 93, - 39, . , . X L., 1 .-s A . ,., . i x....,.w V . .1-ws -:--5:1 . .s: -fr:-1, -as . - ' x 25lS'Es-,:.:sIr- 41 if ' 'T "" 4 11Vf'frf5 . .. ,. , .. " ' - .- V s Queen Beth and King Neptune reign as royalty of Final F ling. Contestant dives in to win dog paddle race. Yacht Club members make a running leap in diving competition. V -ug' 67 X- Students and staff enjoy the summer session smorgasbord. lll1flWl6'l' TC was again the scene of the Iowa Girls' State and other summer sessions. Highlights of the summer at TC would include not only work and study, but play and activities as well. Included in the activities of the summer would be such things as a travel talk, an old fashioned country party, a smorgasbord and movies. Girls Staters stand at at- tention at early morning flag raising in front of Campbell. Dr. H. Shapley opens summer lecture series with astronomy. Busy EYE staff works to meet last deadline. Variety was provided when the Summer Entertainment Series brought a jazz program, a dance and drama team and a noted songsmith with 'cmemories and melodiesf' Lectures by professors from three universities added to the cultural aspect of the summer. A band and choral concert by the Music Department showed the profit of a summer of work. The presentation of N. Richard Nash's comedy, 6'The Rainmakerf' was directed by Mr. Stanley Wood. The Rainmaker comes to save the Curry ranch from drought and bring personal conflicts to a climax. Zz!! Orientation September 9 spelled the beginning of a new and exciting way of life for many college freshmen and transfer students. Placement tests, picnics, registration, meetings and mixers swept the new stu- dents along at a rapid pace. Upperclass counselors returned to campus early to prepare for orientating the new students and receive instructions. Confusion reigns as freshmen register for the first time Cards are checked in final step of registration process. Placement tests add more to bewilder the new students. ...---at .v -, r .-sw. ,. .. . .,, sg its 4' ,vs 4 ,gig x iv " X X 5 X? , 4 4+ m M Q , -is . jg: .1 9 i , , 4 ,g , .A -.... 'ls 'vs wg .- . Q X I F V, :VM Q.: - ' ' ' x "VN ' A. .N U. ,. ..., .. . AA., .. ! 3 fr ,skis 2 hiiisxi Q H 5851? Civ. l X Freshmen students arrive at the crack of dawn bringing along everything but the kitchen sink. Amidst the excitement of moving in, most students found time to attend the reception for parents and new students in the Georgian Lounge on entrance day. Meetings started right off with an evening convocation in the Auditorium which provided a glimpse of life at TC to newcomers. Af- ter a day of tests and curriculum meetings, a picnic and recreation were sponsored by AWS and Men's Union. Following the picnic everyone moved to the Stadium for the first pep rally of the year. Registration day was cli- maxed with an assembly for new students. Library Open House and the W. R. A. mixer were followed by the first day of class. New students meet with their counselors to go over the schedule and hear of coming events. f---pfnuriii jr" .. A A . . , I 4' I int: 1 I ,,,,av ' .' , 1 ,. t, I., , ,f I1 . . .. - ..., nl'.""""",::',,"'w 1 1 . '-" "" "" " -. .',-. .. ,,., ... " ' . ,V I ""' '11, ,,.. - ' V - f .11 W . " " g . ' .' 5 .... ' .....' "i""'?""""1 i' f ""'1"-:"'- ..-. ' 13" ""' w -"' "' "t" -Q " : I ' A ll . .' 'i ' 1 ii as . ,Q 4 2 , . f A i.-. - ' - ,X 4 V1 -ji - v-1. ' L "ff A . - X , ' """ " 1 74 . , ...,, ... . . TT tlfliijwww, 1" , " fm 53 . 4, 5r....,...4.. R 1 , M Y 'as p - 4 ..,.. . . . 7 X" - New Q? i, ll at A , -.,. i -,B up-. It A I., 'R 5 -- "" Q' , gig Ag, ' , .4 . . Vi," 1, Q 4' .. 4' Q 1. : Q 1 fjiff s t t A t X 133. .,.rr:g X, mf feffl Bnbi-A -- Y is 4 K,- wi 242 I0 i 0 .giggle -- .. S ., 5...- Roommates unpack, get acquainted and settled. New talent is discovered. 2 i -x -2 t. w N TJ . c."ee V Q S r I . . 3 b QA . - , . iv I fx A successful addition to Orientation Week was the Commons Open House to acquaint new stu- dents with the facilities and activities at the Commons. Games, dancing, refreshments and programs by the social sororities and fraternities gave students an opportunity to meet other new students. The highlight of the week, the Newcomer's Variety Show, for the first time had all seats reserved for new students. Two weeks later, HAutumn Leaves," the annual AWS-MU style show, was pre- sented as a part of the orientation program. The evening's program took the new students through the seasons and events of the year via models dressed in clothes appropriate for the occasion. The hectic activity of Orientation Week over, classes began and new students started using the informa- tion gained during the week. The AWS-MU picnic for new students provides the necessary change from tests. Models relax after style show. 1 1 2 Dad's Day TC students again paid tribute to their dads by honoring them at the Annual Dadis Day. During the half time of the game between the Panthers and North East Missouri State. Mr. Oren E. Brinkley. chosen on the basis of his son Hone activities. was presented as "Dad of the Day." The traditional Dadis Day dance was held in the Commons ballroom Saturday night and the week end concluded with a student led chapel service Sunday morning. Mr. Oren E. Brinkley. Dad of the Day As a brisk wind blows. Don Moody presents the Dad of the Day with a gift at the half time of the Dadls Day football game ri: YWQ Q J "Z.. aK11'l1hl'I"'. 4041- ' Homecoming, 1956 . . . a week end long to remember! Friday's partial cut day, the bon- fire and pep rally at PreXy's Pond set the spirit for an enthusiastic week end of Home- coming activities. Campus decorations, the parade and spontaneous cheers furthered the mood. Q92 'V ,, mm e Y A ' ' Ni '24 , 'Q 5"'Q15i,.,3 i as K X , -. , .... .,, 3 a sf? Y X . nm 'gf Xgfgmi. W V ' " The Home-coming theme is carried out by campus decorations. Friday evening brought the Homecoming va- riety show to the fore and TC talent provided entertainment for students, friends and re- turning alums. The original and creative floats seen Saturday forenoon were entered in one of the largest parades in TC history. The climax of the Homecoming spirit was reached Saturday when the Panthers met Morningside. "Fall Flurryf' with Don Shaw and his orchestra, wound up the festivities. Homecoming variety show brings a bit of Hawaii Everything from Elvis to beauties is seen at Saturday's Homecoming parade as it moves from downtown to the College Hill. Ahrnfbgslde A U lj N Glenda Wilson, 1956 Homecoming Queen Homecoming attendants Jan Christeson, Denise Dennis, a n d Marilyn Lawrence keep smiling throughout parade. ?"' -u.,. Queen Glenda rides at the head of Saturday's parade. Beautiful and charming, Glenda Wilson reigned over the week's activities as the Homecoming Queen. Glenda, crowned by President Maucker at half time of the football game, was selected by the student body from 25 Nl" Club nominees. Queen Glenda and ber court, consisting of ,lan Christeson, Denise Dennis and Marilyn Lawrence. were presented with gifts and were guests of honor at the Homecoming dance. Q ' N-J' 77 W' UIIIIIJI III YITIFIIIIUIQ.. Y Y ,, - .X , V ' M q f""5 .. 'vw-' H X f "tg v. .i ' it 'W X A . , L in V . ' g. ' Qxmfxfifi H "A A + 4 wk! "f '58 'if 1 ii A V Leetu re- Concerts The first program of the Fall Lecture-Concert series was the Dave Brubeck Quartet. TC con- cert goers thrilled to the unique style of the group, who improvised all but the beginnings and endings of the numbers. The second series presented the Bight Honorable Herbert Mor- rison. Mr. Morrison, one of the most respected members of Britain's Parliament, lectured on "The Battle for Peace." Included in his lec- ture Was the British view of the Middle East situation. Herbert Morrison speaks at second lecture-concert series The first lecture-concert series brought the ultimate in progressive jazz when the Dave Brubeck Quartet appeared here Fall Convocation TC's All-College Convocation during the fall quarter was held in observance of American Education Week. Dr. Virgil Hancher, Presi- dent of the State University of lowa, was the featured speaker. Dr. Hancher's '6Observations on English and American Educationw were based on numerous personal experiences with British education institutions. ln his address he cautioned, 6'What should cause us genuine concern is theGArrogance of lgnorancelf' Presi- dent Maucker welcomed all old and new stu- dents to the campus, and the College Sym- phony Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Myron Russell, played two selections. Dr. Virgil Hancher speaks at the Fall Convocation Students and faculty are warned of the "Arrogance of Ignorance" by Dr. V. F. Hancher, President of the University of Iowa President's Dinner Presidents of approximately 50 campus organizations attended the annual Presi- dent's Dinner in the east dining room of the Commons. sponsored by the Organi- zations Committee of Student League Board. Marilyn Turnquist, chairman of the committee. introduced the featured '53 ,I speaker, Dr. Howard V. Jones. ln his ill-J' address, Dr. Jones warned the campus xx- leaders of the danger of being indispen- V,- sable to their organizations, and stated that H. . . a good leader is one whom As..,,- people hardly know exists as a leader." 'ap Guests present included President lVIauc- ker, Dean Nelson and Dean Bender. Campus leaders enjoy a Maxwell original as they eat dinner. President J. W. Maucker and honored guests relax a moment before dessert and the program at the annual Presidentls Dinner. z' .X sl Q t 'v-.45 i Pi, H, 5 .19 i . si , gk 33 A", rr i .A Q T x -s-nbfla Lf is wrap , 5 rl 5 5. 9 we 4. I B9,, , 1 ' U s 1.4. , 'M' 1 ' ,,, Jnl""' L - ' - A ff' 'X ' P' l f I 'FE -1 v .r"?. ' is ' TI . .4 Q 83 f"'T'f?f'7 'if ' Aw .. ,Q 5, -niriln X 5' e OLD GGLD Pageant Eighty gorgeous TC coeds who had been nominated as contestants for the OLD GOLD Beauty Pageant pa- raded in review before a panel of eight judges to deter- mine the top fifteen campus beauties. The girls were nominated by campus organizations and individuals for this first annual beauty pageant. Mr. Herbert Hake. as master of ceremonies. introduced each contestant to the panel of judges and the predominantly male audi- ence. The contestant appeared first in formals and then in shorts and sweaters while the ,lim Fox Quintet played suitable background music. Admittance to the pageant was a 1957 OLD GOLD receipt. Judges for the event were representatives of campus social fraternities, fac- ulty members and merchants. The fifteen girls picked as winners then vied for a place as one of the four OLD COLD Beauties. Four lovely contestants prepare for final appearance at OLD GOLD Beauty Pageant. Eighty of TC7s beautiful girls pose on stage for finale. l 3 9 B A 3 fag ig, - 'Q ' 1 5' ' ff-:J-5, sf, It Qs? . 'i I u , " A ii K. ' . . Lf ,, ,A I . V. I . gh., 7 if .Xl . " N51 , Moo , 4, '44, 1 f .-.. W an 3 v 5 if is-' :Z-f'J.J.'s3-A.:9wT,: zi""'53 v aff- -- 1. f fe' .,.5--,,1gK ,ui QA I. I ' 4 xl X. - - lr '- '?fi4 K I' s' . 'gliqil' V -N, 5- A 41.1, 'I "'.1'!r' "' R. if D ' ' '.1'nh'i1gs,F, VA K1 X f .. l 'Q , ,, A ". Qr'-if' , ,.' Af . ' x xv gif 133:24 I H 'v lx ff ,"v 0 i Q: wt 'K D , QMS. .. F 4 LN' ' --tg-V' .. -. A I ' , 3, ' k. Q V Q p' .VJ . I--f Q Q K ' Haifaf ' - , 2 VE gzfiw, f E ,is-H 1' -nf: ,. , in gs, faq' ,gf A A gf.. Q X -1 :ws - 1 1-3 H3 -Q . ' ive. . ' rf -' rf' er ' 'I-ff xl '-.' " ' 4- ' 4 bf- '4 1 -f NMA' Nt' 1- , ' 'f . J- H L - .. wr. ff' V- .- i 15 5 A P-A -' 9' I 5 - J W "" -A x - 'L "' K fun" ' ffwffm.-' N Y " ' lg' A. Q ' .- 'Nw K: -Wag. wr - - MN fm fT"?'f?"f' +7 ' :'sf3' JW--f' . D ,' If I T. ' ln?-tie, J. I' 0 F41 -4.-.. 'k, , . -4- A ff 1:--A ' .Na. cf-A A 13 I , ff' J- ' :AJS nf Q I J: 21, -. 'wif SR , 4, P fp F V51 N. J 4'-1' 5? 4 ,E E ,Q Ka we-f iq 55531 M Religion-in-Life-Week 4'Religion, So What?" was the theme of the annual campus Religion In Life Week. A busy week for stu- dents began with the Sunday chapel service at which Dr. Harry Kruener delivered the sermon. The three main speakers for the event were the Reverend Harry Kruener. Dean of Chapel and professor of religion at the Denison University in Ohio: Father James Supple, first pastor of the St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Ames and chaplain at lowa State Collegeg and Dr. Charles E. Boddie, a member of the Board of Education and Pub- lication of the American Baptist Convention, president of the Rochester Pastor's Union, and social research specialist. Sunday night the speakers visited the student centers. At the All-College Convocation, students and faculty heard Dr. Boddie as he warned that Hlgnorance Is Not Bliss." All three pastors made classroom appear- ances and led group buzz sessions during the remainder of the week. Also an important part of this event were the singspirations heard in the Georgian Lounge and the dormitory coffee hours and discussion groups. Dr. Charles Boddie Warns students that Hlgnorance ls Not Blissf' A Negro choir brings religion in the form of a singspiration. -nw wi' The Mikado Gilbert and Sullivan's Miluado, a satirical comic opera. was presented as the Music Departmenfs annual opera. The opera centers around Nanki- Poo, played by John Lindblom, the son of the Mikado, Jerry Ohm, who leaves his home to escape marrying Katisha, Barbara Priest. Dis- guised as a niinstrel, Nanki-Poo meets Yum- Yum. Beverly Hilmer, the beautiful Ward of KoKo, John Van Epps, and falls in love at first sight. This involves the lords Pish-Tush and Pooh-Bah, John Heiden and Jerry Curry and things reach a climax when the Mikado dis- covers Nanlii-Poo and Yuni-Yum on their hon- eymoon. The chorus and cast, under the direc- tion of Harald Holst and Jane Birkhead. turned in spectacular performances. The musical ac- companiment by the orchestra was directed by Russell Baum. Nanki-Poo expresses his love for lovely Yum Yum with 'cWere you not to Ko-Ko plightedw as they meet in Ko Ko s Two little maids from school, Pitti-Sing. Betty Olinger, and Peep-Bo. Sylvia Larson, Pooh-Bah. and Pish-Tush get in character 422 Winter Play lbsen's Ghosts took to the boards as the choice of the winter production of the Languages, Speech and Literature De- : partment. This intensely realistic drama X deals with the thought that society is un- just in certain moral truths it holds. Bringing life and believeability to lbsen took the combined efforts of five sensitive and skilled actors, plus the creative touch of the directors and student crews. Audrey Hayes played the part of Mrs. Alving, a widowed mother torn between her mind and heart. Her physically ill and mentally broken son Oswald, was played by Dick Kapfer. Pastor Manders, a friend of the family, was played by Dave Bueter. Nan- cy Norvell was cast as Regina Engstrand, the saucy maid who was first and fore- most looking out for her own welfareg and Jim Dunlavy was cast as the old car- penter, Jacob Engstrand, who could talk with a smooth and silky tongue. The play was directed by James H. Clay, and the set was designed by Stanley Wood. Cos- tumes were by Charlotte Lawton. .N W7 "The ghosts of the conservatory walk again!" as Mrs. Alving overhears an affair between Oswald and Regina. Oswald shocks Pastor Manders, telling him he is too concerned with opinion and duty to see beyond surface appearances. 1 lr v OLD GOLD Election i 3 TC students cast their ballots for the four most beautiful girls and most popular stu- dents on campus this Winter. Naomi Harold, , V: We h ,lan Adamson, Jeannie Bricker, and Nancy l il Peterson were selected, in one of the largest ,Q 4L ,, campus elections ever held, as the top four g OLD COLD beauties from a field of fifteen candidates. Chosen from a list of most popu- lar people sponsored by campus organiza- tions were Roberta Kenny, sponsored by Delta Delta Phi and Chimes, Glenda Wilson, sponsored by Wesley Foundation, Sonny Tgiros, sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma, and Toby Robinson, sponsored by the Nl" Club. Voters view the most popular students at election Students cast their votes to determine the four OLD GOLD beauties and the four OLD COLD popularity winners of 1957. is OLD GOLD Popularity hunk "Z70!fy"l3ol2i14sw1 DES MOINES, IOWA Q ca so .,s,- M1 MQJM., , , .,M.,. - by 1"' . A .tw ' ,sfsggsgg , Mx. ,, , ,JA . ' N N Q A, Q. . 'vi .. ,. .vit Y A , 'H-fem: 4 fr wif' Z X 'lain ll' - W4 A 5 ...-Q X ,,,.,. , N PS yn 5 w iw ee s "5 '-4. A4 F ,, Mm, X xx X -. 4. N1 Q.. X :-1 . XQi51g.:5?-2.1. ,. .. ., .. X X Q M9-x.,.. 'SNA w.-,,,.sT Q,:,,-mg x. ,QQ K ffm? , , I . , K ,. , ,, N., ,. ., N 'RE - ' -.rx : 3, , M .., .1 L. 98 ,Miss jane! ,4da1nsan CEDAR FALLS, IOWA ,Miss jean Hrieker DES MOINES, IOWA Miss Nancy Petersen MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA Queen xttendants Queen's Court Carolyn Bruce Janice Cabel Adel H erbst Barbara Herron Sandra Humeston lean Lawson Diane McKinney Ioan Meyer Nancy N orvell Nancy Oard fllfdifh Stachour iff' .,L,.:5 -. i ff ... ' ' - .W- . 53 gi 35 ij Q Q f DY, vi u X A A Z 91 G6 'J X nn. inter "I" Queen Four of TC's most beautiful Coeds were chosen by the "lu Club to reign as the Ml" Club royalty for the winter quarter, 1957. bliss Pat Banks. a blond. blue-eyed sophomore from Winterset. was named as the ul" Club Queen. Pat. a kindergarten- primary major. was crowned at the half time of the TC-Morningside game by Dean M. J. Nelson. Also presented at half time were the three freshman attendants, Martha lsindholm. Donna Nlusgrove and Sharon Small. Miss Lindholm. a blond freshman. is a two-year kindergarten-pri mary major from Ogden. Miss lVlusgroVe, a dark-haired. brown-eyed beauty. is a vocal music major from Waterloo. Sharon Small. another brown-eyed brunette, is a two-year kindergarten-primary major from Ames. Miss Pat Banks, Winter "I" Club Queen Queen Pat, attendants and escorts pose following the presentation and crown- ing. Left to right, are: Jim Hershberger, Queen Pat Banks, Sharon Small, Tom Reynolds, Dick For- manek, Martha Lindholm, Donna Musgrove, and Lee Kuch. v I i 1 I 95 QI? ,..--1 zzz t6 .za 4:55 Lfvaezxbswzcf- w"-'-- lm! A 9' ff af ar v x. Q, ,gfff ' a rf ' iw ' . . '- ' ' wr .bmif . . 4 ' A 5 ., ' ' . 1- ,me:f:,' N ' . Q' 'hx , 5. -.e:,': W t v x 5 :Q 4 I , 7 of lg guunn,5,..g Q n N 1, 'fr . 'L 4 Wi., J lv, "im i , I V81 A ' ,f-an Q aq 7, .f Ze "'l"!' 'X X at 3 gs. If ,f ff vm 'X . N Q I Q-VX 2 lg Ab Q N 55 - A l K J 1 KF f f ff 'F - nw .W A 'vii Iii? Jl.L'f1',1,L. ., V .vm V+- V , ,4 cfilfifies SLB , ,Ag 'IZ COMMITTEE ON COMMITTEES-Jerry Torgerson. Arden Sollicn. STUDENT LEAGUE BOARD-Seated: Margaret Arends, Marilyn Carolyn Dougherty. Turnquist, Carol Gaunt, Joyce MeLennon, Marilyn Lowman, Loraine Douglass, Sally Graskewicz. Standing: Ron Salmonson, Don Larson, Student League Board, the chief student governing body on campus, has three main functions: rep- resenting students on campus, furthering student-faculty relations and giving students a voice in campus affairs. The presidents of lVIen's Union, Associated Women Students, and the housing units, as Well as the chairman of the standing committees are included in SLB. SOCIAL LIFE C0MMITTEE4Reg1na Miller, Mary Irwin, Joy Everhart. Don Adams, Roberta Kenny, Doris Hofer, Phil Sproule, Frank Howell Marilyn Lowman, Mrs. Ethel Winier, social life director. ..1-"..l f 3 1 Tom Bartleson, Doug Doerzman, Vern Ogden, Clayton Thomas, Victor ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE-Seated: Dr, Marian McBrair, Dierksen, Jean Goldapp, Shirley Post, Judith Nordly, Arden Sollien, Carmen Smith, Beverly Hurt, Pabuline Uuskallio, Joan Adams: Stand- Kaye Erickson. ing: Robert Happel, Lona Neilson, James McNeal, Ed Raffensberger. Standing committees and their chairmen included Social Life Committee with Marilyn Lomang Stu- dent-Faculty relations with Victor Dierkseng Organizations headed by Marilyn Turnquist, and the Committee on committees headed by SLB vice president Arden Sollien. Doug Doerzman was elected SLB president in an all campus election and Carol Gaunt was appointed secretary. STUDENT FACULTY RELATIONS COMMITTEE-Seated: Nancy Norvell, Erma Plaehn, June Takamiya, Augusta Schurrer. Standing: Arthur Redner, Clifford Herrold, Jerry Thompson, Victor Dierksen. L. Purple Key Donald Annette Marie James Gerald David Adams Allen Barger Brunner Cias Coerper 'Q' Dixie LeAnn Crosley Dieken Victor Beverly Carolyn Jack Dierksen Dornbusch Dougherty Farrell Richard Formanek Len Froyen Suzanne fin,-.-LW. Purple Key, a tradition started in 1952, is a recognition fraternity established by the Student League Board and sponsored by the Student Welfare Board. Each year one per cent of the student body is chosen to receive Purple Key recognition, the epitome of suc- cess, the highest award a student can receive at Teachers College. This fraternity recog- nizes students who have been active in aca- demic and extracurricular activities, also those who have shown excellence and sin- cerity in scholarship. All students that are eligible for Purple Key must be at least a third quarter junior or a senior, with a cu- mulative grade point of 2.5 or more. The students chosen were honored and received certificates at the All-College Honors convo- cation in the spring. Since 1952, Purple Key has replaced '6Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." Sally Audrey Grskewicz J Hayes SallY Beverly Horn Hurt Patty Dennis Johnson Jensen V if gin a Barbara Loretta Curtis Janet Pafll Jordan Lucas Middleton Noble Pattee Pflchafd Barbara Sharon D0T1I1a Darrell Shirley DQI1ald Priest Sanders SCh11ltZ Scott Wlxannel W'1I1fCl'S Sally Craskewicz. AWS President WS The A488061-IIICUI Ilwomen Students is the main governing body for all Teachers College women. The purpose of JWS is to function as the governing body of, by and for all women stu- dents. Operating with a new structure this year, AWS is Com- posed of a connnunitv council. inter-residence council and housing unit governments. The legislative committee of the community Council passes all legislation. .LIWS housing unit representatives and a program chairman to correlate all cam- pus events give women more representation. A few of the year's activities included a tea for all new women students. Christmas earoling and Women's Day. ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDl5.NTSfStzzm1z'rzg. from: Helen Gurtiza. treasurer: Roxy Shape, secretaryg Sally Craskewicz. presidentg Carolyn Dougherty. vice president. Seated: Connie Brink. Jackie Vander Waul. ,lan Kellogg. Frances Green. Standing, back: Donna Meinhard, Donna Linden. Marilyn Lowman, Marlene England, Roberta Kenny, Sharon Sanders. Virginia Hudson, Mary Lou Fredricksen. I ,I l , . Hel F-""" "----..-,W-nm i E V Q, me-Eel BM N aug limhtamw k l illima was E Men's Union Every Teachers College man belongs to Merfs Union. The purpose of this organization is to increase the op- portunities for the men to develop in all aspects of college life. Various committees plan programs for orientation, traditions, standards and scholarship. Ac- tivities this year included a party forthe orphanage in Waverly, the style show in association with the Associ- ated Women Students, and men's intramurals. This year's officers were Ronald Salmonson, presidentg Jerald Torgerson, vice presidentg and Philip Lonning, secretary-treasurer. ' f . ' sii. . f i t Q .1 . 2 M 5 1 I' li i all to si fini , rar iv as I . s i f 'X 'ii' ' Ei? 1 :e-I -. , ' -122 - .K ,ggi Q 'ff i ak V. ? ,,,, if .gf '- ,-1.1 5 ff Q , N 4 P C L5 an of it i s ssssss r W Ron Salmonson, lVlen's Union President MEN'S UNION-Front row: Charles Noneman, Ronald Salmonson. Second row: Robert Hahn, Dean Jensen, Robert Mclntire, Thomas Reynolds, Lawrence Campbell, Terry Halstead, Harry Morley, Jack Farrell, Jerald Torgerson, Gerald Thompson. Back row: Charles Mandernach, Philip Lonning, Dennis Jensen. Kvsidences Counselors Orient New Students At the beginning of each school year at TC tl1e bewildered freshmen and transfer students are cord- ially greeted by a selected group of upperclassmen ,known as counselors. During Orientation Week these counselors guide the new students through such confusing ordeals as registering and getting acquainted with the campus. The counselors continue to guide the freshmen with problems through- out their first year in college. One of the counselors' most important jobs is to urge the freshmen to develop interst in self-government by participation in the elections. Les MENS COUNSELORS-Front row: Leroy Crawford, Larry Bruner, Arden Sollien, Wilbur Fleming, Donald Adams. Second row: Ronald Salmon- son, Philip Lonning, Robert Senft, Jerald Torgerson, Philip Sproule. Back row: Michael Horton, James Doerzman, John Lindblom, David Beuter, Harry Morley, David Gunderson, Lawrence Campbell, James Lennie, Robert Mclntyre. :f il- -gs., ,-X' , W- , . r 51:1 ,. ,,, ,. .- -, , , 4 if -Lf-H V ,,.,-A- ' ..........,,- , ..:. - 3-L., Q,..VM . .- , x' :":c1.1n - -- , . " wi 1-fi-iff - 4 i I .ein . H! it 'A is ,,.. ., 1 QQ' -sf - 1-4.1. .ak mf i- , 4. ,. K 1-4 if x 1 45.1 , A -Q, .,,4 :".:?'! A .gi . W ' 5- gf 'VK' A.. s -'ng - Q.. P 3 w 5 E 12 6 'E -5- S 3 "- 5 i. "u .mm .5 lt Councils Provide Voice for Students Heading the housing units on and off campus are councils with members selected by each unit. Wom- en studentsi councils include those in Bartlett, Lawther and Campbell in addition to off-campus women. This year, reorganization in the government of menis residence halls resulted in Stadium and Seerley-Baker having a total of eleven houses, each with officers of its own. The off-campus men have two councils, one each for Cedar Falls and Waterloo. In this manner, all students have, in some way. a voice in the campus government, for they can speak directly through their repre- sentatives. LAWTHER HALL SOPHOMORES-Front row: Charlotte Nichols, Georgia Masden. Elna Peterson, Joyce McLennan. Second row: Kay Korns, Mary Lynne Howe, Marie O'Toole, Carolyn Niibu, Joan Abbott, Doris Reed, Paula Wilcox. Third row: Shirley Nielson, Karen Hansen, Barbara Jacobs, Delores Luxford, .lo Meyer. Vicki Cole, Sally Bruch. Lori Hump. Fourth row: Janyce Thorson, Mary Wigton, Dorothy Stone, Nona Was- son ldown the steps! Gwen Holz, Paula Warner, Jeannine Peck, Joanne Sander, Eleanor Wilkans, Doris Johnson, Janann Kellogg, Carolyn Bruce, Marlis Bock, Garnett Cox, Shirley Barth. 2 'l ' ,355- . Ill S 1 ll s 'C:. .px .i . .1 6 . 3QQwQq?w, F 4, W1 ,y1':F- , JE- 1. f Q ' Lv rffsfsyiifrzist. I .424-'s.ii!51Aiimr. LAWTHER HALL FRESHMEN - Seated: Darlene Cope, Kaye Erickson, Meredith Monteith, JoAnne Rober. Standing: Janice Gobeli, Lorna Tjaden, Marlene Vogt, Mary Butler. BARTLETT-Seated, front row: Cathryn Campbell, Elaine Appleby, Marilyn Seiler, Lynette Hoskins, Carmen Smith, JoAnne Knock, Eleanor Van Velzen. Second row: Barbara Bradley, Carol Justice, Margaret Ahrens, Naomi Morijuchi, Patricia Chang, Judith Beyer. Third row: Amy Nojiri, Virginia Magoon, Betsy Fette, Anita Duffield, Joanne Holden, Myrna Cowan, Norma Fridlington, Patricia Kucera, Joye Everhart, Linda Diehn. Back row: Marva Nygaard, Patricia Robovsky, Frances Erwin, Margaret Neiby, Louise Ziemer, Phyllis Bowman, Patricia Clinton, Dora Dohler, Joan Robinson. if 1 P' R Q' f' V 3 1 3 -I ' ' I . ii YL 5 .- lp-' , , , 'f ' . K - -s .'fgg.', 'Q ' 41-f f 4 w. ' 5 -4 , ' . 1 v X I ,A ""'+f.'.-. x g x f ' X ' X Y ' , , , ,As mr' ,y -wtf' 2 O' O w. ill,-'JZ A 4 1 " fi' - - Kei? , " . 1, t - . 4 f, A . R Q sg V ' Z.-.A A ,, G v .J 2 in ,. A 31 ., ,Af Q 'fs 4.5" , I-0 ' 'fufu-4' ,, ,., ,af ' . .. ,,. gs a Q 1 f , Q ... vb' Y 4... 5 gm ..A, -ff '. ' v ,-4 ' vw ,, .8 ..2' r' V4 ' s A "- , J, " .1 , 1 'ff' . .. f , , ' . ' . r K' I , 4 ,X Ye V " ' Q ' " , ' , jr -'ai . 4' ' "r, f 'I - -K. I . . ',-. 'Y L 5 1 .1 Q ,N V, ' ,, f ' ' ' ,, , I ,-1'..-'VW' ' sl ,. ' ' .'?4i'1.'f 4 I Y 1.5 ' ' ' " il 4 -1 .M 1 ,- ff 'bl , L, ' - 1 I lv, ' .f ,Y '1 ff . 'I , ," ".'Q'1,As"'7-, HQ 1 ,, 1,2 -qw -T',:fy ' - ,' ,ff . A ,Q 1. ,Q .. ,'4e'f.Q U+5ff '7: ,cg..h,. , . . 1 A' - 5' 'V 1, I-f'5M-ewf' 'nflf , . , f - K ir,1'y,,xV+ . ,, - : ., .....,+ 1,fV u. , "T ' ' A, f ' .", xvifvii y , jx x 5 ,, ,,f 1 .CJ- N, .i, We If' L' :'1l 11.0 ..-.1.- Q .. . YS. fy '- E. ra X STADIUM-Robert White, Wayne Kreitzer, Daniel ,j Roden, Henry Gray, J0hn Sullivan, James Duea, 5- William Wohlers, Charles Koch. SEERLEY-BAKER-Seated, front row: Edward Gourley, Donald Tyrrell, John Heying. Second row: Ronald Jarchow, Jerry Janssen, Donald Lar- son, Dwayne Polka, Keith Harter, Constantine Tgiros. Third row: Sheridan Strayer, Clifford Angell, Arland Waters, Ronald Garrison, Adolf Knobloch, John Peterson, Charles Mandernach, Donald Loomis, Norman Nevenhoven, Roger Bridges, Loren Olson, Dennis Buckley. .F CEDAR FALLS MEN'S HOUSING UNIT-Clayton Thomas, presidentg Thomas Meinders, secretary-treas- urerg Jay McGrew, vice president. WATERLOO 'VIEN S HOUSING UNIT-Seated: Vemard Brown, Robert Denton, Charles Mordan. Standing: Larry Ohl, Dick Lynes, secretary -fx I9 QA 11 J N 4 v -.-X Ag- 2 ' Ir , ,X xx v ,, Nz- R -.., , -.. . 1 AMRH and ead Residents The Association of Menfs Residence Halls has two main divisions, the Senate and the eleven houses. This association, set up in 1956, gives each resident in the menls halls a direct representation in controlling their student government. lt connects the menls dormitories socially, scholastically and through regulations and recreation. The Head Residents act as an intermediary between the administration and the resident. AMRH-Seated: Arland Waters, Harry Morley, Dwayne Polka, Con stantine Tgiros, Ronald Salmonson, Cary Bush. Standing: Jerry Ohm John Miller, Richard Chute, Vern Ogden, Clarlg McCleary. HEAD RESIDENTS-Front raw: Donald Adams, Donald Moody, .lames Brunner, Robert Tschirki, Philip Lonning, Len Froyen. Second row: Jim Doerzman, Ernest Fuhs, John Lindblom, Arden Sollien, Michael Horton. Back row: Lee Christiansen, Jerald Torgerson, Leroy Crawford Lawrence Campbell, Harry Morley. X , 1 L+ fifty - TI 3-, Algfx g, 0 ,xt-'NN 1, ""' 'il 91+ 4 . ., ' qiwu7",w M K Noam-st MSW -4.535 F 4. A 1 "',,j,,pf,f'h , W V .. Ms" Nw'-I 2 , .-" rw murgg is 3' ...M I The new combined Seerley-Baker Men's Residence Hall. Seerley-Baker H all Seerley and Baker Halls were combined with a new unit this year into the new men's housing unit on campus. Directed by Mr. Harry Morley, the dormitory housing four hundred and fifty men, is divided into nine houses which are named after former Iowa governors. The dormitory provides sev- eral lounges for relaxation and reading, two TV lounges, and two recreation rooms. I20 41 fs wk "'U" TX 5, X x :fl Seerley - Baker men worship Indian style in hopes of passing tomorrow's exams. 'N-N ,W.....,. ivv V M 1-VW lf' 2 nfs Jjzf '1. -.- 17' ll I .if l . ,. 'W' ll . l lg" 'fl A lllunllll Ill .lil 19 ssl! 1-4 ad? 'lit 4" lil ...LI 9, if 1 ,.Vrlf.lPl kll Stadium Hall The Stadium government centers around four activities which residents of this hall Wouldnit normally get from classes. They are social life, recreation, scholastic encouragement, and rules and regulations. The two houses in Stadium are Gear and Sherman. The hall has four counselors whose job it is to advise the residents. Two head residents act as in- termediates hetween the men and the administration of the school. Stadium Hall houses approximately one hundred men with lounge area and television. A kitchenette is also avail- ahle to the men. Robert Mclntire is the director of this hall. Collected concentration '4 J y. !: 5:2 ' I 5 W yi Vq nav mx am zzz: zzz' I 4 Ill! lil! 'Tl 4 f A 11 f' 4 il F' 4 F' di II!! HH Hll ITII Tllf IIT! 'Hill A ' ill sais 2212 2222 2222 Eze: 3322 K, , ,ww Stadium Residence Hall for fr6Sh1T1 an male students Bartlett Hall Bartlett Hall. the freshman dorm, is the oldest residence hall on cam- pus. Heading the dormitory were Miss Jayne Van Deusen and Miss Beverly Belson. assistant: Margaret Alirens. presidentg Naomi Mori- guclii. vice president: and Carol Justice, secretary. Many social ac- tivities were lield during the year including inter-dorm parties. The main entrance to Bartlett Hall. freshman WOII16ll.S dormitory on the TC campus. Bartlett's Kay B u t l e r greets Mamie and Ike during lier reign as Queen of the Furrow. 3. lA II. ll li!" A171-'I 1i 1 'ep fs r:'ffr S ll' lv-ll-vvv'-'-I ,A NEW' -3 . ' 1,3-93'9lv+meM.i,'mah:-' I Lawther Hall The various activities within Lawther Hall kept the sophomore Women busy all year. Under the direction of Miss Hermione Shantz and her assistant, Miss Avis Evely, the sophomore women governed them- selves through a house council. Freshmen elected officers at the end of the fall quarter. l Two women move in for the new year. Lawther Hall, dormitory for sophomore women me--A . I X K ,-Q.., -.--. .,, is -V...-.....-,.-....... xi ,IJ +9 K - -1 EB E' . kwsmm 2 iii 55551. iii!! Campbell Hall Campbell Hall dedicated in 1954- to Miss Sadie B. Campbell, former dean of women at TC, houses junior, senior, graduate, and transfer Women stu- dents. lts government is carried out by a cabinet, general assembly and unit meetings. At each unit meeting a different girl is chosen to represent her unit, this arrangement gives every- one a chance to participate in the gov- erning body. Some of the special func- tions of Campbell Hall are its faculty guest nights, coffee hours, all dorm parties and special dinners such as Dad's Day, Homecoming, Christmas, and lVlother's Day when the girls put on a style show for their mothers. The girls who live in Campbell Hall have a telephone in each room and several automatic washers and dryers. Camp- bell officers were Lorraine Douglass, presidentg Donna Linden, vice presi- dent, and Bev Dornbusch, secretary. Miss Ruth Renaud is director of Campbell. Campbell, the hall of gracious living for upperclass women stu- dents. Campbell Homecoming decora- tions with election theme win a first. 'fr s 4 5 . p fe EEEFEE 34 hn 31001 p,.,.waa ' 4 'Fi , ,.,.,4.., ,,..,,..,,,..::f-0 Q v i A ,4 2 tl ,, .... , we 1'--f -- -A-'-""'T I 4 , M ., - fw ' 1 C ,, V, 7-- -,..-.,..............o an, lo...4q-w-uv 40- hnasi--5 -. , .' az-,J " :-3f4-3""'- ' 1-- 'W ""' H ., , " 2 Q- 'f 1 ,A k -Q --N --MA1-sa .-.- 1, I ,n . ,I Q - H -' A .-:D-'14, ,g f ,I 0, f ,. .V M.4 '.J. '-' . -A -H ,wus fs' ' f '- ' . I' .-, Q' - . 6 ' Y' . 7 - . ,. ,Ja ,. '- ,,, v . - An occupant of the new College Court expresses The Dai-1 Mullins spend a quiet evening at her satisfaction with the facilities offered. hgme in Sunset Village, Sunset Village and College Court College Court, a new housing unit for married students and their families, has just been completed this vear. This unit consists of twelve duplex, one-story apartments. Each apartment has two bedrooms, a kitchen with a dining area, a bathroom and a living room. Sponsor of this unit is Tom Hansmeier. This unit is governed by the Sunset Village Council and has a ward leader from the courts to represent them in the council. SUNSET VILLAGE COUN- CIL-Front row: James Ack- erman, George Kelley, James Owara, Frank Carlson, Lyle Dorland, president Stanley Norenberg. Second row: Wil- liam Lukehart, Robert Wright, Charles Kline, Fred Compton, Clark Kaplan, Robert Cleve- land, Tom Hansmeier, Ronald Gilbert. xr A-' :A .. -1 " .V - -' '- ,, +., , xf -4 --x Bi' " ..... -..- V- Y 1 f 5 ES S: 15151 Q! 5543 eg lii51I'545 'il kQe?leGW lv pq W gift? ' me . n f- , 1 j'1 . 1 U N K u"ll'-'u A n f u1 n .5 ,,'n'n , ' 25--en., zqD! 11 1' f f ffffHv 4, mf, .. . VI 4 1, g, lv v -1 T 'I ...LA b . , I U l . ' u 5 . e ' V , ' , 1 . I - , . l " HI il! fi ' B.. ' L - A g 1i5' 'i' iif9?f Q , i v , Q Q, u ,Q if new gk, P 4 4 5 -,-ql"4'f""mg,, E ,, u llxis1 1lmXlf1g, U HX - 512 ,.., 1.,,., .A A .... M In li. I V E , 5, 2 y - " -----M -- .- W-..-.....,.i,,...,.... A ,, ,. . . -.W n...-.-., , -W..-,-,..,,,,,g,.,.,,,,.,.,,,.....,....., .v.. .,,........,....,- .... ....,.. -...-.-,, .... , . , V ,h ,.L.,,:.,,4,.,.,1:?1u9-+ ,Q .V - , . 3 Q Q ' ', ' ' ' ' 5 in , ,A P I' A 'A v' i Q 6 ,r i,"' ' ' 'I i '.:l',' W' Hi U1 1 1, ,J ,yxl - f ' gr X61 ' W Q S 5 Q 3 5' 'E -' Q Q e Te, Q -Q! Sa i 'EN Q Q- Q Q 9 3 9 5 9 Q 9 sa 9 ' ' . , X 'J 'fb ' , Q '. 2,1 4 x I A I 1 . 1 l .mg V . 1 L gwlu, x uf Il ll 3, 555.55 E Qaeda waiigl' 'u lV l 1 Q Q 1 ,F 1 l 56 1.1 ' b , J' K '34 ,KKK ,l 1 If I H H 1 .., Marching Band Presenting themselves at their best was the 92 piece Teachers College Marching Band, under the direction of Dr. Karl Holvik. During the football season they were presented at all of the home games except one. To keep their excellent reputation they held practice three times a week during the football season. The band was led by Delsoy Davidseng and twirlers were Janice Brown, Judith Hawthorne, Nancy Waite, and Ann Hoium. MARCHING BAND-Front row.' Judith Hawthorne, Darlene McMil1in, Sue Sprague, Richard Sullivan, Deloy Davidsen, Richard Arends, Dixie Crosley, Alice Jane Forrest, Jeanne LaFollette, Marilyn Johnson, Dennis Clausen, Nancy Waite. Second row: Janice Brown, Carolyn Bruce, Janet Else, Judith McDonough, Charlene Cox, Kay Brayton, Sandra Schmerse, Sharon Helming, Dona Butler, Leanne Riter, Barbara Powell, Ann Hoium. Third row: Judy Cutler, Charlene Seaver, Donald Peterson, Harold James, Susan Haller, Joan Meyer, Mary Wigton, Bob Wise, Marilyn Savery, Sheryl Moldt. Fourth row: Karen Bartachek, Collette Mikesell, Karen Zoe Mullenix, Barbara Peterson, Richard D. Miller, Jerry Wallentine, Dolores Mason. Roger Meeker, Betty Rynearson. Fifth row: Clione Cooper, Maxine Fenner, Sylvia Johnson, Jeanine Hardy, Nancy Mick, Dennis Smith, Susan Paulus, James Beinke, Sharon Clark, Medha Petzenhauser, Mary Christen. Sixth row: Daniel Kiesey, Ray Haring, Bill Emry, Larry Zink, Phyllis Spiegel, Faye Overheu, Shirley Schwake, Susan Dunn, Sandra Bravener. Seventh row: Marilyn Rasmuson, Sonya Davis, Kenneth Jensen, Jerry Raines, Gerald Snow, James Crupp, Dick Overdiear, Keith Harter, Gerald Hime. Eighth row: Verles Hauge, William Hartman, Harold Holmstrom, Victor Kollman, Warren Erickson, Robert Carter, Charles Mandernach, Charles Fuller, Tam Crosley, Arlene Dighton, Jon Hansen. Back row: Amold Rabe, Gordon Loeschen. :iii Q N-xr Q u ai , fN j X-Q "W Xu 3 fw 5'U '3 gy 2? uf V' I 4-H 'xx' wi' QQ' QF 1 WSF' 222 ?gr 'Tf"f'?s32i?W ,riff i tn. V Q N ' I V. ,1 .K A N41 'fflffj 'kin QA 1 ' -E 1. V ig -z ef f 'xe. Ji 3 3 5' Q- f3X'f"3f'Q ':"' 'f YQN Y A V-'Af .N ' aft f Q, Q sg .LL v fbv-. "1f wifi M " f ' f fiiaix g ffl ,,,,:A,, ..a--V ' -eff., an s u F 'X XJ 'xx YN ' M31-0jjx jqwll I ,tix Q X X X X-ix L -X f Iv - ll X .. I., K X. X -fm I, Q' In f f f ' i gff ........---.... ..............,,-,,.,.4---W1--'N ' ""-"' "" W'-H MN ' l 1 , ,f zfyy. .,. ' , npwisvf .f,.f.,- -- , , ' 1 V., Q . 5. , 4-1':4.. , , fly ' , . .. V f V . .-, ,- . - .ff , ',f.A ug. I e - i f' 9 wx 'L .4,. Q, 1 MW! li . - .1,. Z.. .- E' fy Q U as A , V Q ' if off vw 5' J J Mft't 'lil' BOARD OF CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLlCATlONSwWallace L. Anderson, LeRoy Crawford, Oma Chody, David Beuter, Dorothy Raub, Richard Chute, C-. H. Holmes. .lames L. Bailey. Zrfmmurzictzfivrzs Boards of Control The communications staffs, College Eye, OLD COLD, and KYTC, are governed by the Board of Control of Student Publications and the Board of Control of the Student Broadcasting Association. Their functions include appointing the staff of each organization, appropriating funds and general policy making. Publication board officers were David Beuter, president and Oma Chody, secretary. Mr. Herbert V. Hake is chairman of KYTC board and Sally Horn, secretary. BOARD OF CONTROL OF THE STUDENT BROADCASTING ASSOCIATION-Herbert V. Hake, James L. Bailey, Rochelle Johnson, Sally Hom, Ray E. Matala. to -J Informality set the keynote for the 1957 OLD GOLD. lt was a year of change as a new printing pro- cess was used and a full-color picture, as well as a full-color cover, was added. The spring of 1956 saw staff members already hard at work on the production of the book that is now in your hands. As soon as the 1957 staff had been chosen, the members began work in earnest. All in all, it was a year of deadlines, headlines and headaches, but, combined with merriment that was a part of the office, it proved to be a successful year. OLD GOLD STAFF-Front row: Elaine Takano, Ruth Rabe, Faye Renner, Gertrude Onomura, Mary Hagedorn, Sue Stroll, Jane Alcorn, Jean Goldapp, Shirley Watanabe, Marie Barger, Lois Dunlap. Second row: Gwen Holz, Marge Powers, Teddi Schimberg, Gwen Jones, Norma Bauer, .lo White, Nancy Squires, Marilyn Jones, Flo Chaney, Marilyn Schabacker, Sally Hom. Back row: Harry Nimmo, Beverly Dornbusch, Ann,Strain, Marilyn Hala, Dave Coerper, Larry Bruner, Milt Hallman, Bill Schroeder, Jim Brunner. Sue Findlay, Mary Shold, Janice Nesbit, Helen Yamamota, Lorraine Miyasaki, Gwendolyn Lehnus, Barbara Wallace, Suk Ho Kim. 75 M ,. .U m'f5'Jzr3'A lfmm ""'4' QW Flo Chaney Associate Edltor Blll Schroeder Art Editor Marie Barger, business manager, checks OLD GOLD sales with Faye Kenner, assistant business manager. Suk Ho Kim Photo Editor Gwen Lehnus Copy Editor Gwen Holz Graduate Editor Harry Nimmo Administration Editor Dennis Peacock Advertising Editor Marilyn Jones Rx in Organizations editors Trudy Onumura, Vi DeBoer, Barb Wallace and Shirley Watanabe make final preparations on copy for their January deadline. . Link' 'HP jg T c.- N. 1-:H il 'X ,f"'s..,1 5 Marilyn Hala, checks index cards with Marilyn Jones, index editor, Nancy Wallace and Nancy Squires before the final copy is mailed. Staff members look over yearbooks at the plant library in Dallas, Texas. I957 OLD GOLD Staff Sally Horn .,,,. Flo Chaney ,.,,.,,. Marie Barger ..... Editor Associate Editor Business Manager Bill Schroeder ,.,.,,.,st. Art Editor Suk H0 Kim ss.-.s ........,.,.,,,,. P hoto Editor Jim Lennie ..............,.,,.,,..,.,.. Photographer Gwen Lehnus .t,.,v...,................ Copy Editor Harry Nimmo ......,. Administration Editor Arden Sollien ...,.....,.,,..,., The Year Editor Milt Hallman ..,...... ........ A ctivities Editor Jim Brunner ....,. ............. S ports Editor Gwen Holz ..................,,.... Graduate Editor Index Editor Shirley Watanabe ..,... Honor Organizations Vi DeBoer .,.......... Religious Organizations Barbara Wallace .,,,.,,. Social Organizations Trudy Onumura .... Interest Organizations Dennis Peacock .....,.. Advertising Manager Dick Wheeler ,- Assit Advertising Manager Faye Renner ...,...... Ass't Business Manager I im Essig .,,,,i.,..,,.................,........,..... Artlst John Bickers .,..i ........ A dvisor I Jim Lennie, yearbook photographer, takes time out to face a camera between picture schedules. Q THE COLLEGE EYE From the first story on the beat sheet Friday morning to the last paper that rolls off the press the next Thursday night, the College Eye is a continuous succession of deadlines and dilemmas, achieve- ment and agony, shortcomings and satisfactions to staff members. The paper brings to the college community news concerning current and coming campus events as well as opinions and features. A typical issue of the Eye might contain stories about college elections procedure, a Washington-bound hitchhiker and an editorial comment on the quality of the Commons' food. COLLEGE EYE-Standing, left: Georgia Masden, Melva Schmoll, Judith Hayden. Seated on ground: Jack Farrell, Marilyn Schabacker, Dick Leet, Verles Hauge. On steps, first row: Charles Fuller, Gerald Cias, Robert Lakin, Harry Nimmo. Standing, right: Lee Sloan, David Coerper, M. Frances Bracken, Delores Wilkins. Seated on steps, back row: Geraldine F romm, Grace Madsen, Carol J. Smith, Nancy Wallace, Kay Wilkie, Sally Horn. Standing on steps: Neoma Hagge, Marilyn Hala, Ruth Eifert, Dawn Evans, Flo Chaney, Laila Fairchild, Marilyn Oelberg. Mr. Bernard DeHoff, advisor, and Marilyn Schabacker, editor, evaluate a weekly issue of the Eye. The entire responsibility of the College Eye rests upon the staff with final responsibility upon the editor. There is no faculty or administrative domination of the paper. Once the editor, business manager and managing editor are chosen by the Board of Control of Student Publications in the spring of the preceding year, all control rests in their hands. Some Weeks the paper is more note- worthy than others. Special editions of the paper this year included the Homecoming and election Hextrasf, the special two-page inserts of feature pages, publicizing the jazz concert and the Interna- tional Relations conference, and issues containing the Literary Supplement. This year the 4'April F ool's', paper again made its provocative appearance. Another activity of the College Eye was the mock election held in November to determine students' voting tendencies. lncidentally, this pre- dicted accurately the Presidential Winner. Grace Madson J ack Farrell Harry Nimmo, Managing Editor THE CCLLEGE EYE 3 o 11 - PRESS Vol. 48 V January 11, 1957 iIssueii3 lateral ee eeeond-clue mail matter at the poet office in Cedar Fells, Iowa, September 18, 1011, uder the not of Much 8. 1879. Published weekly during the twelve month eeheel year, exeept on holidays end exeminstien periede. Executive Editor ...... ., ....... ....... M arilyn Schabacker Managing Editor . . . ........ Harry Nimmo News Editor ....... ...... C irace Madsen Business Manager . . . . . . Fred Humphrey Sports Editor ....... .... J ack Farrell Photo Editor ......... ..... Le e Sloan Advertising Manager .... . . Bob Lakin Circulation Manager .... . ., .... Warren Fry Cartoonist ............ .......... D ick Leet Feature Editor ...... . . Geraldine Fromm Fred Humphrey Business Manager News Editor Sports Editor All is not work on the Eye staff, however. Added to the usual convivial air of the of- fice are the College Eye parties. These in- cluded canoeing parties in the fall and spring, picnics, office parties, a caroling party that didn't carol, and were climaxed in the spring by the Gridiron dinner and the annual Publications Picnic, both spon- sored by Alpha Phi Gamma. Through all the catastrophes and distractions the Col- lege Eye still comes out every Friday morn- ing. Staff members come and go, but still the paper goes on. And most of these peo- ple would probably agree that there is wk something about working on the Eye, a certain atmosphere in the offices, that can only be described by those who sense it as wiv WWW something called Hprinteris ink in your blood." 313 f Marilyn Schabacker, Harry Nimmo and printer Harvey Riker get a hot off the press preview of this EXTRA. Dick Leet, Cartoonist Lee Sloan, Photo Editor Bob Lakin, Advertising Manager Geraldine Fromm, Feature Editor Warren Fry, Circulation Manager I46 I .510 Q a EX' KYTC-Front row: Flo Chaney, Philip Sproule. Second row: Delores Wilkins, Gloria Holland, John Focht, Nancy Wallace, Darrel Wheaton, Wayne Schomhurg, Floyd Hutzell, William Struyk, Jimmie Wheeler. Third row: Jayne Barker, Carolyn Bruce, Jeannie Bricker, Edwin Clopton, Paul Stumpfig, Charles Adams. Fourth row: Marjorie Moehn, Patricia Maxwell, James Bunkofske, Pete Johnson. Fifth row: David Coerper, Mary Frances Brackin, Jean Lawson, James Brunner, James Helvik, Joan Pershall, Carol Hutzell. Back raw: Jerry Cias, Donna Hagerdon, Gerald Hime. I .- une 1 .......,.... Expansion has been the key word around the KYTC studios this year. Expansion of hours on the air, staff and studios have resulted from an increased interest in the campus radio station. From the location on the third floor of the Auditorium which consisted of a control-room and studio-office, K YTC now occupies Annex 41 and is composed of two studios, a control-room and an office. KYTC has a personnel staff of over one hundred people and is on the air eighty hours during the week. Mr. Herbert V. Hake is faculty advisor for the station. Y 1 Imaam. Station manager Floyd Hutzell, program director Dee Wilkins and chief engineer Joe Wasser are set to begin rebroadcasting from From noon until midnight KYTC presents programs of interest for students on TC campus. This student op- erated station broadcast live shows from the Auditorium and tape recorded other programs, such as President Eisenhowefs address at the National Field Days, for later listening W enjoyment. Marilyn Jones, continuity director, is busily preparing the continuity for a KYTC broadcast. ' c ls 5. iii. the nation's leading carrier current radio station following the building of new studios. The first Anniversary of KYTC was observed this year in the Commons with a musical show of requests. At the end of each quarter a humanities review lecture is given. Members of the executive staff were Floyd Hutzell, sta- tion managerg Delores Wilkins, program director, and Joseph Wasser, chief engineer. Looking over new records for KYTC is Flo Chaney, record li- brarian. x Q, Aix J I SQL' S' A . 'Y k f Vt ' :ni 4 V ', 5, ' ' -.S G 2 In 2 -A M' if S " sg gf his . , I, .QQ .Ay ,S M '12, Q 'W 8 151,14 I Q A 1 ' 'E' ' f 33' I, 52,5 t . 5- - 1, if : fl- Q? f Q9 ' " -TL-K sf-' . 7, ' :Rr ' f , Q 4. 13 R . if ' f 'T --5 ' g , is K ,-11 15.11- 0 M- V .f 'fix 4 . gn 25? X 1 Us--X us ................. 5 Y... f . . I . ' elf we ix Ga -v- 2 wlJA'k - ni :I 4 X if' bn R' 'i 'M x' wx- O9 . 5 . I Rpt? Q' N? ' wwf 5 " 1-3 if .Q .gf . s 'Q' ax 'Y b ,. N wk A X'-34 ' -SZQ, '- A' Q 'Y .yy 1? s 99, . . 9 -i' is-z. 4 1-4-1141. P, - is 'Su I ' q nu 1 f Q7 X ' ' i 9. Q sq 'CWB'-'fIl4'i-.G Z' -., .-1 1' Q I -- f A 'I P -e 7'-xg-"A, ' ' . .J . 1 , -- . , - ,gk 4,5 f-3. ' 0 AFT 'M 3 ' ug, -.-1 ., 3- -14 :f ' 9 , ' '2o."g!4" .1 ""' :ui If . ,.-, i,,,,,.,, Q . . . A ' ' ,ff-,fi-1493.5 zz. --I I " Tih., -. -2- 11 V ' -- l - -ur--v ., h . i 3 ' X, i 0. .vu I ,,,.,,., Q -M ,' f. iff-." by 1,Q,Q ff f iff ' " I9 . J X x Sparta in Qhgk .,"'f, , J- f My.. wr 1 f h ng iffti -, 50 1 Q , f 1 Panthers Have ... Hard Luck Season - L .-. sie? sd: f Fu Quoin , . Qi' -A . .X M ,t to Nga, 'Y' ' :dsl -iff-2 a:,,."g :rw -. 1'--: -eve. M SQY Y' - is .-: :IiiS'--. 1- 4" ': " .-" , 9 -'IQ Q . . Q. Q With a 20-0 victory over the Drake Bulldogs, it looked as if the 1956 Panther football team was on its way to a very successful season. But as it came to be, Buck Starheckis gridders finished in the NCC cellar with no Wins, five losses, and one tie. It was very odd to see a team which led the con- ference in the offensive department throughout the season finish with such a dismal record. A lacking pass defense, insufficient student support and lady luck led to the 2-5-1 record. Front row: Colby Withers, Dean Dawson, Clark Cochrane, Ray Beal, Dick Formanek, Don Akkerman, Scott Scobell, Paul Sisson, Bob Brooks, Ron Sturch, Gresham Roskamp, Roger Freeman. Second row: Lee Visser, Larry Sabus, ,lim Hazelett, Don Larson, Bob Taylor, Pat Halligan, Don Hart, David Koos, Frank Sovich, .lon Swenson, Marv Sloan, Jerry Ohm, Clayton Thomas, Morris Smith. Third row: Chas. Fletcher, Loren Parker, Larry Gilpen, Bob Elmore, Ron Brinkley, Tom Reynolds, Paul Pemble, Tom Murphy, Bob Hahn, Stan Norenberg, Marion Reubel, Don Gabrielson, Don Buck, Bob Knock. , - H?vswewfMw4g2w4g-5qg:w-y- .-o,.A,:.39.w-of W,,,,,, H U , -4 ,-1.,:A ,. .-, . A, ... A ,, V p - -- x -we '- -f - - ff v ' fi: 51 1 .3 . v ' -...-.-.M-3. HLA . ' mm. ,,v1:' . ' .....,..z.n,,,. . . ,qw L. ....., , ............., ... .,.. .,................v.+.-as-V - ISTC 20 Drake O Led by a stalwart line, the Iowa Teachers Pan- thers smashed the Drake Bulldogs 20-0 on Sep- tember 29. Formanek, Hershberger and Knock led the defensive attack which yielded only 70 some yards to the highly touted Drake backfield. ISTC 6 Augustana I3 Always noted as the league Hdoormatf' the Au- gustana Vikings continued on the trail of up- sets in the NCC by dumping our TC team 13-6. The Panthers seemed to lose the spark they had had in the Drake game and never got on the move. Three TC regulars were injured. ISTC 44 N. E. Missouri 26 It was a very windy Dad's Day as TC played host to Northeast Missouri State and dad of the day, Oren Brinkley. Mr. Brinkley watched his son, Ron, pass and run for four touchdowns in the second period and lead his team to 44--26 victory. ISTC 20 Morningside 20 Homecoming excitement was neutralized on 0. B. Latham field on October 20 as TC and Morn- ingside battled to a 20-20 deadlock. Without starters Bog Freeman and Marv Mikesh, the Panthers still fought down to the wire against the highly-touted Maroon defense. Panther scatback, Pat Halligari, skirts end against Drake as Marvin Mikesh and Frank Sovich throw key blocks. ISTC I9 North Dakota 20 A weak pass defense and inability to score when the opportunity arose led to another Panther football loss in North Dakota land, 20-19. A desperation 64- yard pass in the final minutes led to TC's first loss to NDU in 18 years. ISTC 27 South Dakota State 3I Fundametal errors and more poor pass defense were instrumental in the fourth straight Pan- ther loss in the conference. Trailing by 12 points with only four minutes to go the charges of Buck Starheck were in too deep a hole to fight their way out. The result 31-27. ISTC I9 South Dakota 20 Again the identical score, 20-19. Again the game was lost in the final minutes via a des- peration pass. South Dakota U. was outgained by a good 75 yards hut still came through on the top end of the score. Pat Halligan carried for all of TC's touchdowns. ISTC I3 NDS and Lady Luck I9 How did it happen? You tell us. With one minute and some odd seconds remaining in the game the Panthers led 13-6. A quick pass by NDS minus the extra point made it still only 13-12. North Dakota recovered the onside kick- off. Two passes . . . touchdown . . . extra point! This touchdown helped the Panther football team win a 4-4--26 decision over N.E. Missouri Teachers. With the hall is Halligan .. 4u it vxmrwwff' 'umru' :wsnnn .au :nzrvm-3.Enn.x'x:t r clr1nnn1r.xQJTnd1rv" nag-a.a:.lm3Kt:4'i. They Watch . . . Expressions from the bench are anxious ones. There are ones from regulars who are taking a Well- needecl rest but urge to return to the field. Serious glances toward the chalk-lined turf. And there are those from team members who only see football action during the practice session. Hopeful and sometimes bitter glances toward the gridiron contest. An important play during the Homecoming game. Just before halftime, the Panthers have scored a six-pointer and the extra sf Q V , - 'ff' Phil- ns.. - 15 I' 'rio r Y . 1 X ' ffkffr ' PE rl P H 1 H-Qi 5. 'E 1. S -. 1 if ' 0 , v 99 A 3 ' 2,3 '5 "1 In "- Q .1 W' W! . W if ' x Kgs' . fx I 'X Q. "' '.s Q I 'lar-' 4'-' The Coach Coach C. L. "Buck" Starbeck Dick Formanek l No other football player in Iowa Teachers College history had played every single second of every game during one season until Dick Formanek accomplished that feat this past season. The durable guard led the Panther line play all season and was given All-American honors by the Williamson Rating System. The Williamson team included players from medium sized colleges and universities throughout the United States. Spinback Ron Brinkley was given honorable mention on the same team. Ron Brinkley passes for a first down to Stan Norenberg before being smothered by a host of Morningsede Maroon tacklers. if Del Nicklaus leads the Panthers to the Hardcourt. Panthers Wm I 2, Lose I O The 1956-57 addition of the Iowa Teach- ers Panthers came through with 12 victo- ries against 1O defeats during the winter months. Coach I im Witham kept the ISTC hardcourt squad hustling all season long and With a few of the right breaks a much more successful season could have been had. Filliman rockets skyward to score two points. his FG-FGA FT-FTA Frank Stotts ,,,.7.,w 118-288 Del Nichlaus ,,,,..,7 116-329 Gene Nichols ,,,,.... Clark lVlcCleary ,,,7 Dennis Filliman 1. Vern Ogden , J ack Mully ,,,,....,. Dick Strub .,,.YY,7.ww. Gary Muhlenhruck Others ...w77,,,,, 74-224 66-201 57-132 58-139 19-51 12-39 7-17 9-4-0 84-126 53-102 65-100 53-75 59-76 44-57 17-26 6-9 9-11 29--L1 Stotts Tops Panther Scoring PCT. 41 35 33 33 43 4-2 37 31 41 23 TP AVE 320 15 285 14- 213 10 185 8 173 8 160 8 55 3 30 2 23 2 -L7 2 Senior center, Del Nicklaus, fires his famous jump shot. 1956-57 BASKETBALL TEAM-Gene Nichols, Brandt Stum, Joe Hauser, Vern Ogden, Dennis Filliman, Milt Johnson, Coach Jim Witham, Frank Stotts, Clark Mc- ln the beginning, the Panther team took three straight losses on the chin while on the road. One of the reasons for the slow start could be contributed to the pre-season loss of senior center Ray Nissen. Nissen suffered a serious knee injury days before the season commenced, and his loss was definite- ly felt. As conference play began, the boys warmed up. North Dakota U. and North Dakota State fell to a balanced ISTC attack on the road. On home ground, in non-conference action, Kirksville Teachers succumbed to the Panther onslaught. .lim Witham's charges took command in a Wartburg- ISTC invitational tournament by wins over Luther and Wartburg. Clearly, Gary Muhlenbruck, Ralph Voith, Jack Mully, Dick Strub, Bob Isenhower. fNot shown, Del Nicklaus.J LaCrosse State Teachers became the fifth Iowa Teachers victim before the Panthers were downed twice on an- other disastrous road trip to South Dakota and Morningside. Powerful South Dakota U. invaded the campus with an undefeated team and downed the Panthers in the final minute of play after our team had led through- out the entire hard-fought contest. A slump followed as ISTC lost three straight hardcourt tilts to South Dak- ota State twice, and to Augustana. The NCC title was out of the question, but the Tutors regained their poise to take three out of four remaining games and tie for third in the conference. 'cTime outn is the time for rest and strategy. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Season's Record Teachers ...,.v., Teachers ........ Teachers ........ Teachers ........ Teachers ........ Teachers ,.,.,,.. Teachers ........ Teachers ..,,.r.. 60 Teachers ........ Teachers .....,,. Tea che rs .,tt,... 7 I Teachers ........ 5-2 Teachers .s...,.. 62 Teachers ........ 53 Teachers ........ 67 Teachers ........ Teachers ....,... Teachers ...,.... 5 I Teachers ........ 76 Teachers ........ 88 Loras ............. Cornell r..,.,....... Winona Teachers N. Dakota U. N. Dakota State N. W. Missouri State LaCrosse State , S. Dakota U. Morningside ..... WaHbu1'g ......... N. Dakota State S. Dakota U. ...., S. Dakota State S. Dakota State Augustana ....... Cornell ..,,sts, Augustana ....,,. Morningside Grinnell .,......... N. Dakota U. --- v I -0 a ,Ri Q.. .. as s -- ,f v f vb f! ly C I ?' S smu J Wx sa sat.,-1-3 '- 4? .W F ST :1.' T.-a-H" 1 W! .Ns F? Wlfiwf 1.-4...-..,,, -ncllf' QI -F -is ,A . ,.,-nu. -11:5 1,18 Q, af' y .1 if f' Wrestling ,,,.,..- "' ' .. .4 ...,- X by Halligan tumbles an opponent matward. Tutor Mat String Falls Although the 1956-57 Iowa Teachers mat season appeared to be a highly successful one, there were some dark spots included in the whole picture. The Panther matmen were victorious in six of nine dual meets and took three individual championships in the Iowa Teachers invitational wres- tling meet. As this annual goes to press, the NCAA competition has not yet begun. Therefore, we have no results of any Tutor wrestlers in the 1957 NCAA action. The powerful Minnesota wres- tlers upset the applecart on January 26 when they snapped the long standing dual meet winning streak of Bill Koll,s matmen at 14-. Michigan State added salt to the wounds by edging our boys, 16 - 14, the following week. And on February 16, Mankato State Teachers romped over the Tu- tors, 22 - 6, at Mankato. I67 ,-.,,.-' 'NVQ' 4 li' I . f ' Pg so Qi A ' M t i 'VJ --'1 2 '-"' 1 , i Qvxiwgs q 6 H ' ,.,g.t. .W ' v' F fi? i I-nv., - :1'25f'Hwp4 T I' 1 W I68 .. Ng.. 0. Dick Heaton rides his opponent on the mat. Dick, one of the most dependable ISTC wrestlers. lost two matches this season X, The only Panther grappler to go through the mat season without a defeat was little but mighty Eddie Masteller. On the left are three examples of Eddie in action. Formanek's Loss Felt Another blow to the Panther mat squad was the loss of 177 lb. Dick Formanek near the middle of the season. Dick suffered from a blood condition which kept him out of action for the remainder of the sea- son. He was undefeated in competition before he became ill. Along with Eddie Masteller, who was the only matman to complete the season undefeated, and Dick Heaton, Formanek gained a championship in the 177 lb. class in the 1956-57 lowa Teachers lnvitational. Masteller, Heaton and John Vovos were the mainstays in the 1956-57 chapter of TC wrestling. Heaton lost but two of his matches in competition, and Vovos with a late start became a steady Winner as the mat season progressed. Don Corrigan, Tom Murphy. Pat Halligan and Sonny Tgiros also turned in fine grappling performances. John Vovos receives congratulations after a successful mat pin. - ' ' 130 lb. John Vovos maneuvers for a takedown Halligan punishes his opponent in mat action Trying for the pin is 177 lb. Gerry Gienger .1...... el-J kj-X J! 'Q y X355 tr,- K 5 Q 2 'Sha M - t gow, ijt, if ' if +37 ' 1 W: A, - A 1- ' ' x I C ' 1' mf ' f-. u . A X.. wt ,mx M""m.,, Q 0 Front row: Bill Gardner, Ed Gourley, Don Corrigan, Gene Plath, Ed Masteller, Larry Guldberg, Dick Templton. Second row: Ed Lyons fAssistant Coachl, Dick Trotter, Chuck Fletcher, Charles Riker, Jerry Lane, Darrell Salmons, Al Kinzler, Don Maze, Don Grant, Coach Bill Koll. Third raw: Charles Patten, Larry Poock, Dick Bain, Lennie Masteller Lead- Matmen Win 6 Lose 3 ISTC ISTC ISTC ,..... ..... ISTC ISTC ...,.. ..,ee ISTC ISTC ---114 1,127 311- South Dakota State 16 ' ' 19 ,e---17 Wisconsin .e.., Mankato Teachers ISTC 6 ISTC t..... ...D 28 Luther ,,,...,e....eee. 8 Minnesota .e... , .- Michigan State ....,...., 0 14 11 Cornell .,eeeeeeeee .,.... Kansas State eeee e,.... 1 2 22 16 Nebraska .................. 3 22 7 bil to 4. 1 i. ' .1 Vg Lc- . 6 1 mf ,K "I-IQ .L 1 , 'L as 11: 1 3 v 2 -f .. ' , X an M 3 F . 5 3 . 5 e P, my 1 J, My-M , .6 ,ix " '. Q ,fa f .M ,E Roach, Joe Antone, Sonn D A . Y ick Formanek, Lou M h, Jer HTS Tg , Ron Heaton, Dale Dye. Back row. ry Ray, Tom Murphy, in-frger, Jerry Ohm, Ron Roderick, Paul Reiter, Tod Stastny, Dick r G ea on, erry Gienger. 956- I 957 Squad Wins Losses Draws Falls Points Ed Masteller ........ Dick Forrnanek Larry Guldberg ----2 ----2 Sonny Tgiros ...... 1 Ed Gourley ........ Dick Heaton ........ 7 Gerry Gienger ...... Don Corrigan ...... 5 John Vovos .......... Pat Halligan ........ 2 Dale Dye ........,--- 1 Tom Murphy ....., 3 Jerry Ohm .......... Chuck Riker ........ O Syd Morris .......... O Lou Marsh .......... 0 Totals .......... 41 O O O 0 0 O 0 1 O O 2 0 2 O 3 1 2 1 1 1 4 O 4 0 6 0 1 0 1 O 1 0 27 4 16 169 Yes, head over heals during a grappling match Tom Murphy and a Cornell man battle. f A Luther man gets the works from Dick Heaton. M-'W '1 s f , .. - - s-..,,,,-N. Haseba!! QM, 7"'.4f"p,u. 5, ..,. 3 ,-. ' - .1 X f , . 'Q-Q' 4 , xxvl pl .'lgwp4i1h8 A l Tutors Finish Strong Weak hitting and cold Weather contributed to seven straight Panther baseball losses dur- ing April. HMon" Whitford's crew warmed up considerably during May and burned up opponents, base paths with nine straight triumphs. Right hander Gary Bush broke the seven game drought with a 4-3 victory over Coe, and from then on the Panthers totaled 77 runs to their opponents 39 in the remain- ing eight games. Bush and Bob Boderman led the mound staff with 3-1 records. uLefty', Carman topped the hitters with a .392 mark. Dick Beetsch climaxed four tremendous ath- letic seasons here with 8 RBls and batting 278. ,-5 E 1 35 . a .Q-, .'vi I, ,W .g 5 - fl fe f ,Q 'ir' ni - i- T' 1-"Z: i 4 .-..:' 1 '. " ---v--GJ ,ff ' ' W.. --.-.uf 3,-ff? - . -""'f.. auf'-4-i""fl-G ' " f...-...L V , KMWMW- - ' 'i 31i?.2.-.,, . ' ' ' """if--..,..., Duane Carman loosens up before a batting practice. BASEBALL-Front row: Warren Malles, Dick Lanigan, Don Holland, Duane Carman, Darrell Richardson, Gary Bush, Lee Kuch, Brad Bauman, Bill Whighting, Dick Rehons. Second row: Larry Stewart, Dick Beetsch, Rich Kodbeck, Bob Elmore, Howie Pigg, Bob Tschirki, LeRoy Mitchell, Jim Berry, Coach Mon Whitford. Back row: .lim Schnieder, Harlan Bigger, Merle Carman, Larry Poock, Dick Strub, L. R. Smoot, Bob Boderman, Bob Hensley, Jerry Rehons, Don Moody. Jia '16 Wie. A' ffyff. -, l gl: .1 X , i Leftyn Carman snares a throw and tags the ru 1111812 Season Scores Iowa Teachers ........ 3 Iowa State .....,........ 5 Iowa Teachers ........ I Loras .......... ....... 8 Iowa Teachers ........ 0 Loras .......... ....... I 4 Iowa Teachers ........ I Minnesota .............. 7 Iowa Teachers ........ O Minnesota .............. 6 Iowa Teachers ........ I Minnesota .............. II Iowa Teachers ........ 1 La Crosse Teachers-- 6 Iowa Teachers ........ 4 Coe .................,...... 3 Iowa Teachers ..,..... IO Drake .........,.......... 8 Iowa Teachers ,,...... I3 Drake .................... 4 Iowa Teachers ........ 8 South Dakota State-- 3 Iowa Teachers .r...... 5 South Dakota State-- 3 Iowa Teachers -------- I0 Wartburg -------------- 6 Iowa Teachers -------- 18 Wartburg -.-----.-----. 13 Iowa Teachers ---.--.. 7 Mankato State -----.-- 1 Iowa Teachers -------- 6 Mankato State .---.--. I Won 9 Lost 7 I Lanigan takes a cut .I f gf! if ,........... I , -' . - ,-'sq-Q,-,3 - ,::, .-,- 1 a?1: :t:1:.u. ,x,,,,,1 , , I I :Z . ,M 'ff's.,,g'.,,fa.f-'.F'f::fSi1:-,521 I-xfzx.. 1 , IX 'X fe W? :img-1, 53 , :TQZ 4, , ' o '- G .. Kuch rotates the lumber - - .Li ' fiif o X. , vs , 5. ' .,,,, . -ff , xll, Q. Aw 4K.v,.w'94 :.,,,,,Q- , From the mound, Bob Boderman fires a pitch. Bob won 3, lost 1. Dick Beetsch heads for home. .gn-ar -' W- M'o .. "" - . ' 1:1 , bb M ,A P - , H M F. .,,. V , M, X N , Qfrggitx " 'QL .45-Z-Q' m ,fm ' TE ,iw cz- V, Q" .VM r ,. mi, - K ,- W M- ,, V. ' A - ,.' X - -f' ff -'lvl'-f' gk -'43-' f ,,, ,. , .. , A.. .L N. A Y I-: , 4-' -f f' 'X- - W .. ' " f WZ- .sa Q ' A .1-gf, , ,, ,f " , 0 ' A N s 3: . Fc, -Mgt' x.. 4 .. 'wp-v .. '- I H ' M N- -3 , I paint- n rw' ' n ,- - ...... - A ,I N J' : x A 1 , , if ,ff .- -' " 5 -uv ' - M ,., , ., ., . ,Q ,---. Q uf- .-, --- z., - K A . .. I75 mv ,.:,V 5 3 Xa. Tw W " W 7' 1956 TRACK TEAM-Front row: Arnie Westphal, Charles Novotny, Roger Freeman, Pete Towne, Stan Higdon, Darrell Conway, Bill Fisher, Jerry Thordsen,,Roger Leary, Wilbur Fleming. Second row: ,lon Swenson, Ron Salmonson, Richard Olsen, ,lim Bryant, Terry Brown, Earl Sidmore, Ken Barry, Bob Lang, Cary McAvoy, Frank Robinson, ,lack King. Third row: Jerry Smith, Bill Nielson, LeRoy Dunn, Merlin Aller, Marvin Giebelstien, ,lim Gardner, Don Kolsrud, ,lim Amfahr, Bill Bell, Richard Ransom. I956 Season's Record Harriers Undefeated Iowa Teachers ,.,. 76 Iowa Teachers .... 119 1f2 Iowa Teachers .... 1 13 1f2 Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers .... 93 North Central Grinnell ----24 Wartburg --11 1f2 Upper Iowa-33 Coe ............ 3 1f2 71 1X3 Grinnell Cornell Conference: TC First CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-Roger Burkhart, LeRoy John Peterson. The Panther cross country team was undefeated in five dual meets. Darrell Conway, placing first in four meets, set the 2.5 mile course record with a time of 12:01. The five teams suffering defeat ----57 2f3 from the Tutor harriers were Loras, Dubuque Uni- ------38 versity, Luther, Grinnell and Wartburg. Crawford, Charles Noneman, Darrell Conway, Jim Gardner, Arnie Westphal, Rudy Kubik, l l jim Lundquist is Over the bar at a TC track meet- Toby Robinson finishes third in the TC Relays 100-yard dash. Panthers Capture Conference Crown After going undefeated in all indoor, dual and tri-angular meets and competing successfully in several other meets including the 34th annual TC Relays, Art Dickinson's thinclads journeyed to Brookings, South Dakota, and brought back the NCC track title. The Panthers copped a crown which in the past four years had been worn by South Dakota State. Top Tutor scorer for the season was sophomore sensation Ron Sturch with l061f2 points. He was followed by distance man Darrell Con- way with 79 points, hurdler Pete Towne with 63 points. weight man LeRoy Dunn with 57 points and sprinter Frank MToby" Robinson with som counters. Credit and praise should be given also to the Panther crack mile relay team composed of Chuck Greenwood, Jerry Thordsen, Jack King and Dick Olson. A first at the highly touted Beloit Relays was one of their accomplishments. The 34th annual Teachers College Relays was packed with thrilling competition as we see here from our view in the stands. - .417 ,tw pf' Ei Q' if -I' V .ta M 1 ' g!"'s'.vr if ' I as if .. T..ffl!lK"' . Jim Rosien clears the bar. S ummm E Q t---.QQ il Towne and Sturch lead the high hurdles compe- tition. S 3 5 o Coach Art Dickinson. Ron Sturch and Bob Tay lor are awarded their rib bons. ,,.,... W n Pz.fc.,,.m,,.x -,. .V 1 . .....,+,wyw.4.mvxu.w.fzfn--ww:awm... f-vf2w::1"vc:,..f.:r nc:--ap ry.- "Kan9wu':::l1.w.z 5 A. ,lin f--W. i""M V. VV Q: ,gms Q QM .,,, Q- M ' , 16 -W .. 1 l fs .1,, t r fi 2 M .g 1. S in -1-W.-..,,, ,A Aft :f i . E 5 X4 2 lf if 1956 TENNIS TEAM-Kosei Higa, Bill Kibbie, Phil Davis, John Van Epps, Ben Strifert, Bob Bourne, J im Logan, Stan Miles, Coach Bill Koll Netmen FlI1ISh Second I n Conference Kibbie Singles Champ I 956 Season's Record After a somewhat dismal net season, winning only two matches and losing four, Bill Koll's netmen perked up to finish a strong second in the NCC tennis meet. Bill Kibbie, sopho- more from Cedar Rapids, smashed through all competition to cop the NCC singles crown. Kibbie was the Panther's top netman through the season losing only two matches, and when teamed up with senior John Van Epps in doubles, the pair only lost one match. In the conference meet Iowa Teachers almost regained a net title absent since 1954 as they finished second, one point behind North Dakota State. Iowa Teachers ....,rr, Iowa Teachers ........ 6 Iowa Teachers ........ l Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers ........ 7 Iowa Teachers .,,r.... 6 2 . Iowa State Luther .... Season's Record 2 wins, 4 losses Grinnell ........c..,. . Luther ...... .,...... Wartburg ...,....... V Wartburg ............ North Central Conference Tournament Iowa Teachers Second 5 6 7 2 'fb 1 I Sin xi F wg? 3-Q . D' If 4 X ' n if 3 I N Y Q nf' fngs' If Linksmen Win Two, Lose Three After running through a cold and windy spring golf season at a 2-3 pace, the Iowa Teachers golf team placed third in the NCC golf tournament. It was a close third, however. Only a few strokes kept the Panthers from another North Central golf crown. Rollie Wiley, twice NCC medalist in 1954- and 1955, was lost by graduation. With Wiley, the linksmen may have copped their Finish Third in NCC I956 Season's Record IOWaTeachers1,..1 Tlfg Vifartlyurg rrrrwv ,,,s!L1f3 Drake Tourney Iowa Teachers Fourth -3 , 19 61f2 Iowa Teachers rr.rrr 3 Grinnell Loras rrrr., rr... Iowa Teachers .rrrrr 51fg Iowa Teachers .rrr .113 Wartburg -- . . . I ' 1 . 1 . eighth conference golf crown in the last nine Owa Teachers "'ss' 5X3 Drake '-"s 6 X3 . . , . years. Mainstays of this year s team coacheduby North Central Cfmference Jim Clark were Bill Ross, ,lim Johnstone, Dick Bruns, and Marlo See. Iowa TC3Ch61'S Third 1956 GOLF TEAM-Bill Ross. Dick Bruns, Marlo See, Jim Johnstone, Coach James Clark. ii i in , .- 'I' N f'i'fff" .. is I 'Q ' V ' lwfffi' Q J 2 ' V- f . V- ,C I , . wk as , ,,.,, 1 H ww ,. ,.,:. ,.. .. ,-. is I ' V ,ia ,li A, Q , , .,,, V gg, 2 h , U L: M A rg? wt.: -'E:,:. -E I W5 Hs I I" , if 3'g?,p"I kai - Q N2 , af, z I - . - v, , T 2 I ' I if I A Q JT.:-5 T' ITT 1 .fe vs '. ' . f,,Ww1 331' , .- H 'nik 'LW-. '-' X LN""I1"g?'-' '2 v S..-r .wS'xfii'.s'-isf,'xhf.i-f'FPi'iG..:', 'fu '25 'f N. E. !'Q4N -..J 4 -.. 6 . -A , -abs., ,, t ' -fs!-.5 X Y'?Q9'g mf.,-qv't"Wi', sw' ,. J ,. 1. A if , 'BYQ'-, V 3, I -an ff-F4 eX.1'?l" - .af ZX. M tv L' -A -fi lv" 1 ,""' .. Y V5 V QQ.-Q K - Q.. .f wwf 'ff' , f.. ws- WV f 'fi is .I-4 ggifxiggfg K " ' ! :AM , ",gJ-Q'1?1'-f- , "" N. ff., . in Q ,gui .L - - Qgighi. M ' ,-' - .- Q ?"f'- . i 'k'.. -l A h V 'yy ,I .- .yt-x ,..5.:,.'- 77,931 vi. A v., ,if-LM.. -,TA A 41 if f'3fgf'5: .m5Qu?Y, az. . . wr f -'hp . f . . 'pf . . I ' 'IQS-QP' -' 'F . - - dxf, .- .iw " " r-"aw 1-1I"'i"-H, '-A , r - ' .sf . , f ... ". 'Q wg- - 1 -, N' . N -4' . V GSH' q -x ' ,- A , 'I V 5 ' id., ,.-41 .NM f.'Y,j .Ax yr N. .14 5f',f,-X141 4 rv: , .,.. V.. .R . -cw l X , .. . 1 I , x:-.I .L in , ,. - Q . ,1 . it-.4 ,Lp K. ,-,5 f .I - - A, V I r Q I ,,5,,., ,-fn' Def. "-fa' ,. fr'-f'f91'-."' 5' affff - ' A 1, ' -1,1-lx . - W ,kb 4. f + -' - . X ,, , g ., , . . X .. , . . .. . z.. . . , , . 1 ., , , 1.4 ,NM-1, Q g - .vi 4 , 5 - , . . - 1.-S , jf.: - - nr, - 4 ' , ,lr lik LM . , 1 , , f - ,434 . ,':"5 1 'V .. '.' u . ' . --V, '- Kmsfv,-Q-w . " J.. . .9 -. - D . 1 I .4 xg.: ' .. ,Kunz .ary E,-'r ,. .6 ..,,:!..x, . Q , M, n 4 V MVS, fm IFN? , 1 -at l., , - 1 l:,x,.,H r ' 1 fx! 4 1. . K A x W... :L ' ,L tt , i 4 , vjf.. x . 4 V . -'-,,, lyx., - .Y-, . Y.. . M1 ,-., - -- ' ' '41, ,M 4,-v.4'V . f ' Lf ,, Ja,-.J 3 .gp ' ' I , vi., A my , 1. x : .1 ' ' V ,4 . s nl l 1 'Jf,a,tA 4., ., . H Q., x x x . .f , - , 'li'-tthyxlff L ,f I ,,.-Ibn, I 5 V 4 . .f,,.. , v x , . .f-- .11 ff' A '5"'E,1 ' ,- "?"1 ' sg 1 ' -,Q . 'P , N1 . f - . 4 ,V ,Ps - " F' o w 7' ,..-I' ' N A - 0 . . ,, X . . -.N . ' - o l , ,v ' .1 45" . . I 1 6,4 ' X fx ' " .I , .1 ' ,An N.-1.14 'K , X.,- ,'C , 1 fl" .: - K 1 1 a . , ', .j' Q . M" ' 1 .V n' 4, u , 3 4' . , . ' ' 5 . A ' H ' V - S ' rf - r .4 J- 1 ' 7 Af! 1 ' . 1 y ' , Yu ' . 1 ' 1,-.' ' . "Q ' 5. ' . ' ' Q W" ' 'F' 7 . 5, A. 1 I '- , V .' A x . - .1 - v . . ' . 1 .L .40 4 , - Q I , . I' 1 urn, I ,Y , 4. "J, .HI A S 'p H ' 1 8 4 L ' 4', ' . L 1 r l' I ' . ,S 4 f fs, ' 5 ' . M. , 1 . -'H E, 1 - , .l ,f - :gf l A ' .vff "' I- - I . , fl- '- ' , I ' " , n . Here is one feline slugger displaying correct batting form in a hotly contested girls intramural softball contest Intramurals - The Active Activity For those who do not participate in varsity ath- letics, and for those who love to participate in athletic activities, an active intramurals pro- gram is promoted on the TC campus. Both men and Women can take part in the program here all year round. Both individual and team sports are offered, also. Men compete in touch football, basketball, and softball in team sports. Individ- ual activities include chess, checkers, ping pong, pool and billiards. Men's intramurals this year were directed by Dennis Jensen and Donald Tyrell. Team sports for Women which are spon- sored by WRA are field hockey, soccer, basket- ball, and volleyball. Other individual sports in- clude golf, tennis, tumbling, swimming and cycling. PEP f'lOL'Nflll.-Serzlefl: Roger Elf-Q-ke-r. Daw- Cr-erpe-r. Robert Happel. Roma Westplial. Bobby Kenny. Standing: Vera ,lonkm-r. Barb Peterson Peg Nl:-yer. :Xnn Ryflln-rg. Nliss Xlolin. Nlivkcy Lowlnan. ,lim llrunner. Jerry Foster. Pep Council Promotes Campus Spirit With a task of creating and promoting campus spirit on the TC campus ahead of them, the 1956-57 Pep Council dug in and worked to the fullest in order to fulfill their purpose. Membership in Pep Council may he described as representative. Representatives may be sent from any organization on campus. and if anyone is interested in promoting campus spirit, he may join. Organizing pep rallies. selecting cheerleaders. and selling homecoming buttons are just three examples of the many func- tions that Pep Council must perform in order to reach their goal. Pep Council is a fairly new organ- ization on campus. Organized in 1955, it is in its second year of operation. It replaced the former pep organization Tau Chi Eta. Sponsoring this yearls Pep Council was Miss Mardelle Mohn of the women's physical education department. A Busy Year for the " " Club The WF' Club is a self-sponsored organization on the TC campus composed of men who have earned either a major or minor letter in athletics. One of the many functions every year for the NIU Club is to select the fall, winter, and spring CT, queens. The fall or Homecoming queen and her three attendants are elected by the student body after ten nominees have been selected by the MI" Club. The spring queen reigns over the annual TC Relays. At all athletic contests at TC one will find a refreshment stand being run by men in purple and gold sweaters. Officers this year for the ul" Club were Frank HToby" Robinson, president: Ron Brinkley, vice presidentg Bill Nielsen, secretary, and Ron Salmonson, treasurer. lVlr. Ed Lyons of the physical education department sponsored this year's club. "I" CLUB-Front row: Larry Poock. Bob Taylor, Cary Bush, Frank Sovich, Richard Koolbeck, Stan Norenberg, Bob Hensley. Second row: Kosei Higa, Larry Stewart, ,lerry Jones, Bob Sharp, Sonny Tgiros, Ron Salmonson, Pat Halligan, Darrel Richardson, Bill Kibbie, Dick Reyhons, Merlin Aller. Third row: Rog Freeman, Stan Higdon, Tom Reynolds. Vern Ogden, Dick Formanek, Merle Carman, Bill Nielsen, Bob Knock, Pete Towne, A1 Arends, Brad Bauman, Lee Kuch. Toby Robinson, Jerry Thordsen. Fourth row: Ron Sturch, Jim Hershberger, Jerry Foster, ,lim Gardner, Clark McCleary, Darrell Conway, Ray Nissen, Del Nicklaus, Charles Greenwood, Dick Strub. Af KN fm?- keg X v 9.7759 V isiailx an Q bt 45" 1 ' ,. A L X I iq, f .l,., X X 3' 5 if ' x u. 1 'W' , .. . f gf? 1 - -- ' -fa vtmuv-49" 1-Q' '45, ug. .A ? ' Q in rf X ,4- fx 0 gazfzi afio . I, f X fy ' 'X . ' 4 1 ,. , p, '-' 'V , ' 1' 5 L? 70 , " fn 4 Jw, -73 i Keligiaus SCRA Sponsors Religion-in-Life Week As stated in its constitution. the purpose of the Student Council of Religious Activities is Hto be a deliberative body determining the policies and plans which will serve the religious life of the college community." Activities promoted by the Council are channeled through commissions on Worship, religion in life. and publicity. The major responsibility for the year is Religion-in-Life Week. HReligion -So What?" was the theme for this four-day event held in January. The purpose of this Week is to make students more aware of God in their lives. One of the specific goals for this year was to enable the student centers to become better acquainted. Other activities sponsored by SCRA included brotherhood trips. a Weekly radio program on KYTC. college chapel services, morning meditations, and responsibility for the nativity scene at Christmas. The Council is composed of three officers, two members at large. and a representative from each student center and religious organization on campus. SCRAYSe11terI: Sharon Benjamin. Alice Young, Hope Liebsch. Barbara Parsons. Kathryn Milius, Tam Crist. .lean Golclapp. Margaret Ellen. Back row: Donald Larson. presidentg Dave Camarigg. Mary Lou Bottorff. Glenda Wilson. Delores Mason, Robert Halstead, Dr. Harold Bernhard. sponsorg Phyllis Fisher, secretary-treasurer N 1- 'f w r. 'rm l 3. Q K -- "' K T ..r, lllll' its was 1 . x -L, .ARK 'fe' if R N I ipqu"1IGi ROGER WILLIAMS FELLOWSHIP-.4t left. joregrounrl: Roger Bridges. presidentg Glenn Osborne. Standing: Dorothy McConnell, Carolyn Bruce. Gloria Nelsen. Dr. John Baad. sponsor: Almira Oyakawa. John Newton. Janice Kiser. secretary. On steps, first row: Ann Carter, Joyce Redenbaugh. Jean Nakasalo. Mary Lou Bottorff. Second roto: Janet Jenkins, Kay Zeller. Jacqueline Rissler, Myrtle Shimoda. Az right, standing: Betty Kodani, Jane Graves, Margaret Takemoto. Alice Bunn-ell. Kneeling: Elton Dresselhaus, Donald Lawless, Dennis Buckley. On porch: Joyce Dresselhaus. Marlene Vogt. Sue Newton, Shirley Crwklin. Judith Hayden. Mrs. John Raad, sponsorg Mary Garoutte. Holly Raad, Judith Smith, Barbara Crowe. Wanette Moyer. Kenneth Bridges. Two Qrganizations Serve Baptists Spiritual, leadership, and fellowship needs are the areas around which the Roger Williams Fellow- slzip centers its activities. The purpose of the Baptist sorority, Theta Epsilon. is to Work out a sisterhood whose ideals and roots are in Christ Himself. As one of its projects the sorority Hadoptedw a girl from a children's home. THETA EPSILONMAI left, standing: Dorothy McConnell. Carolyn Bruce. Gloria Nelsen, Almira Oyakawa, Janice Kiser. On steps: Janet Jen- kins, presidentg Kay Zeller. secretaryg Mary Lou Bottorff, vice presidentg Alice Bunnell, Margaret Takemoto. Un porclz: Marlene Vogt, Shirley Cocklin, Judith Hayden. Judith Smith. Mrs. John Raad. sponsor: Wanette Moyer. Betty Kodani, Myrtle Shimoda, Jean Nakasoto. XS-Tqlif 'f , .1 '- W' ffm' VJ' Catholics Follow Three-Fold Program "Heart Speaks to Heartf' the national Newman Club motto, is the theme followed by the local group of Catholic students. Their program is composed of three areas-religious, educational and social. Regular Sunday activities are supplemented by retreats, national and state conventions, lecture series, and banquets. NEWBIAN CLUB-Seated, front row: Marjorie Powers, secretary: Ann Kidwell. Verna Schiefelhein, Barbara Herron, Helen Busch, Marlene Hartman. Louise Crogveek, Mary McCreevey, Therese Hanzelka, secretary: Mary Rivers, John Heying, David Heil, Don Corrigan, Paul Smith, Collette Novak, Sara Porter, Delores Delphey, Margo Happe, Judy Wiedner, Mary Ann Ahart, Mary Christen. Standing, second row: Regina Miller, Roberta Kenny, Carol Hand. Judy Hinde, Katherine Riha, JoAnne Winter, Sally Haworth, Darlene Kessler, Nancy Peterson, Patricia Chang, Judith Ellis. Rose Mary Ryan, Mary Barrer, Madonna Ryan, Karen Wenzel, Leona Reyhons, Rose Dohrer, lla Christianson, Joan Dahl- quist, Myrna Tucker. Joanne Toedt. Second step: Leah Wand, Nancy Miller, Jeanette Stalzer, Annmarie Nolte. Third step: Marie O'Conner, Ruth Dickson, Alice 0'l'lare, Alice Kamp. Fourth step: Wilma Hron, Mary Biwer, Mary Shold. Fifth step: Mary Radl, Carol Goetz, Marie 0'Toole, Lavonne Matern. Gail Giblin. Bark row, on porch : Ernest Fuhs, David Camarigg, Thomas Casper, Leonard Harrington, Richard Tracey, Francis Fulis. vice president: Carol Tracey, Father Gregory, sponsor: Charlene Kipp, Rudy Kuhik, Gerald Bradley, James Schneider, Mike Steffen, Marilyn Hala, Nancy Rhodes, Dorothy Davitt, David Puff, Richard Ivey, Gerald Hime. Back row, right: Eldon Holl, Joseph O'Rourke, Philip Sclirag, James Dunlavy. 17, X W- ' A 4' - 'I13' 34. - J aff "Raffle D . -'h gym tag a. ' ' ' Sviz . '- S il- :Ji '4' i -L' Q 5 K " ' e 5 ii: .' I lla 'v 'M 'Q Q ' - f is X. - . -" ', Liwiifii' - "L 'gi-f . A La' Lit' 4 I , l , , , ,f l ls 1 '. AV ff,-l 1 1 v . .., ... . 1, I I I QA 78. .i v:,' 'J ' ..' "vsw,,,"?g.:l'Ly:5-C ' " -- 'L . i.,'f'! f ' ily ' 'V 'D ' s , B li' :gp-.N N 1. , x k X' lv. -Q 1 H" 'xi Q t" ' 3' fr M... ik b r.-,hive gxefg ' -2 Q 'A' W. is ' inf! ' 'S g "ff .'fsg,qfL': Y Christian Fellowship Visits Churches The Christian Student Center gives to young people from Christian Church homes, the opportunities for fellowship, worship and fun. The activities of the center include the student-led worship serv- ices on Sunday evenings supplemented by discussions, speakers and movies. Other activities were retreats, parties, dinners, banquets and deputation work. The deputation teams visit churches in the surrounding territory, telling them of the student center work. The Christian Student Center, under the direction of the lowa Christian Missionary Society, is open every day. The center provides a place for relaxation and study. A kitchen, ping-pong table, radio, record player and a room for study are provided. Transportation is arranged on Sunday mornings so that the students may at- tend services at the Cedar Falls Christian Church. Officers were William Emry, presidentg Terry Halstead, vice presidentg Charlotte Loose, secretary, and Shirley Martinson, treasurer. Sponsors were Hershel and La Vonne Craig. CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP-Seated, front row: Terry Halstead, ,lack Weddle, William Emry. Second row.' Marie Barger, Linda Peterson, Nancy Wallace, Donna Gardner, Nancy Brow, Charlotte Loose, Lois Dunlap, Shirley Martinson, Martha Potts, Nancy Aldrich. Standing, at right: Phyllis Waite, Joann McBride, Marjorie Grammer, Barbara Bradley, Donna Mesler, Janice Freeburg, Back row: Hershel Craig, La Vonne Craig, Warren Biggs, Eva Lou Runyan, Fred Swartz, Bertha Aldrich, Linda Marken, Joann Westfall, Jerry Raines, Janet Wikel, William Verbrugge, Carol Finney. ., sf. s. ' 5' Q.. Y? I-NNI! S., E ,f '1' K,- .fe , ' gf' gf? ,va " ,nn "' .4 ,rw 1 .- lv vf 4 1 , l 4 E153-Q ' ' -., , g- L w-....,T" .... " 'im ' u.. Yi.- t Z? V -,-1 N' as ..:'f" --.,.,"' 'wa ,,. "Qu, 'Ls ?..": Q. ,,..-- vu, 'vu' -gk. ih- ' Ng, ,,..- ff . .-7 Z, ,,fi1'? .,f,f'af f elffsstfpfe' we ut' 5 " .' sf'-f .Qf-YN? ' at JIM fktciwxo 2 v'F"?-ff' Q .L f .K IN Kgs, . F51 if, We .. -X 1.-2' ,Sv . 'k -mf ' ., -, :1 fx':lx.xLs.- - " .if 1 'figax ff' .'-.. PLYMOUTH CLUB-Seated, front row: Kay Whitten, Jean Leith. Second row: Karlene Hansen, Ramona Thurloff, Barbara Harris, ,loy Harris, Jerry Fuller, Ed Raffensperger, Marlene Egger, Marjorie Mindemann. Standing, back row: Janet Adamson, Randolyn Hoeg, Eleanor Wilkans, Marlene Smith, Audrey Stumbaugh, Robert Peters, Norman Nevenhoven, Ruth Ann Wliitten, Sue Sprague, Kathryn Korns, Myrna Latch, Vir- ginia Benbow. PI mouth Club Follows Three Commission Plan Programs for the Plymouth Club, made up of Congregational, Evangelical and Reformed students, are arranged according to the three commission plan, Faith, Fellowship and Action and include re- treats and rallies, resource speakers, group discussions and special programs. Officers were Jerry Fuller, president: Virginia Benbow, vice president, Audrey Stumbaugh, secretaryg and Ed Raffen- sperger, treasurer. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Parry. I94 9 I M . ' x ......... t. Z .W ,- . t K 1 p 541, J " ' -fi: V ' "' t ' t - '-- .f ,.e.:-,,.- z ' wx i? W 'Vins rtsai J .Y New ,,... M'-' . :,g1g:,: gram 1.7 tm. us, N . 2 S Q ' ,ll . , -'4- ',,,, 3 2:4 ,sr ! 5 2 swims 5 Igjf P 2 " vzcam was Q. Wzm 1 - . , . SIGMA ETA CHI-Front row: Geraldine Paton, Bernadean Tiarks, Randolyn Hoeg, Jean Leith, .Ioan Schmidt, Evelyn Wiehler. Second row: Muriel Naito, Alice Young, Eloise Hoeg. Back row: Ardella Thede, Eleanor Wilkans, Patsy Hollingsworth, Sandra Platner, Norma Strever, Gloria Mangold, Karlene Hansen, Janet Rohweder, Virginia Benbow, president, Dorothy Rohweder, Betsy Emura, treasurer, Ann Lesch, vice presidentg Sandra Bravener, Judith Oshiro, Audrey Stumbaugh, Ramona Thurloff, Ruth Ann Whitten. Sigma Eta hi Adopts Schools HI-Ier candle goeth not out by nightf, This was the motto of Sigma Eta Chi, sorority of the Con- gregational, Evangelical and Reformed Churches and other interested girls. They carried out their motto through worship, group discussions and study groups. Activities included parties, working at a gift bar in the hospital, fellowship suppers and recreation. Service projects this year were the adoption of Lotts Creek School in Kentucky and a mission school in Mexico. --. nu-an nu, in,a. . . CANTERBURY CLUB-Miss Augusta Shurrer, Father William Bagby, Miriam Underwood, Allison Mukai, Ruth Ann Eifert, Robert Tschirki, Charles Riker, James Ingram, Nancy Gaunt. Cathryn Campbell, Kaye Shively, Constantine Tgiros. Canterbury Club Encourages Parish Life The student organization for Episcopalians on the TC campus is the Canterbury Club. ln co-opera- tion with St. Lukels Parish of Cedar Falls, the Canterbury Club offers a program of worship, study and social life designed to give students as complete a part in parish life as possible and to offer a pro- gram fitted to their age and interest group. To provide a program centered at God's altar, the service of worship each week includes Sunday services of Holy Communion, morning prayer and evening prayer. Discussion sessions include programs on current books of religious significance, as well as plays, movies, novels and courses of instruction which illustrate or challenge Christian doctrine. A part of each year's program is spent in preparation for 6'Religion in Life Week." One of the most outstanding features of the Canterbury program is the continuous association with members of the TC faculty who meet regularly with the club and participate with students in worship and discus- sion. The Rector of St. Luke's Parish was advisor to the Canterbury Club and chaplain to the Episco- pal students. Officers were Kaye Shively, presidentg Constantine Tgiros, vice presidentg and Robert Tschirki, secretary-treasurer. Inter-Varsit Welcomes All Students Inter-Varslhty Christian Fellowship is an inter-denominational, student-led group with national and international affiliations. The chapter on the Teachers College campus has for its members the goal to learn more about Christ and to make Him known to others. All students on the campus are in- vited to attend. During the year Inter-Varsity sponsored a homecoming tea, a spring banquet and several seasonal parties. Other activities were daily prayer meetings and Bible study groups in the dormitories. Each spring and fall they participate in state-Wide retreats. The Weekly meetings, held in the faculty room, consist of guest speakers, panel discussions and films. Officers this year were Dennis Buckley, president, Phyllis Fisher, vice president, Dorothy McConnell, secretary, and De- lores Bell, treasurer. Inter-Varsity was sponsored by Dr. Caryl Middleton. INTER-VARSITY-Front row: Virginia Garoutte, Mary Gury, Daniel Decker, Richard Olson. Second row: Elizabeth Tennant, Karen Tweeten, Mary Lou Bottorff, Edna Wood, Joyce Morey, Dennis Buckley, Darwin Bang. Back row: Phyllis Fisher, Dorothy McConnell, Pauline Uuskallio, Delores Bell, Robert Peters, Karen Homolar, Cheryl Bordwell, Hope Liehsch, Jerry Wallentine, Eljean Pechacek, Walda Remington, Kathleen Kading, Doris Loynachan. it :Z it ,-1 nr I a --.vw . ii. , it 5 i xii' ll P A ix .f-'T I , . L 3 , x ix . ff t 2, 4 N ln' X f It l LSA-Seated, front row: Joan Weltha, Doris Niklasen, Jean Weltha, Jean Goldapp, Sandra Otteson, Esther Kling, Karen Groe, Sylvia Vedvik Second row: Marilyn Nelson, Marva Muench, Elna Mae Peterson, Bob Wise, Donald Kramer, Laverne Odell, Marlene Christensen Gwendolyn. golz, Nancy Westohal, Betty Bahnsen, Carolyn Fausch, Marian Denkinger. Back row: Marie Gunderson, Frances Ogren, Georgena Peters, Keith arter, Doris Gerlina, Gordon Odebard. Margaret Ehen, vice president, Roger Johnson, Kathryn Fleming, presidentg Arlene Cumpton, Marcia Eggland, Susan Tjernagel. LSA-Seated, front row: Carolyn Peters, Mahlon Hill, Richard Leet, Susan Stroh, Sally Stroh, Victor Diercksen, Jane Alcorn, James Lippe, Elaine Odegard, Nancy Moeller, Leona Anderson, Amy Nojiui, Mary Jean Nelson, sponsor. Second row: Karen Oestreich, Sue Peterson, Kaye Erickson.. Merna Folkers, Lorraine Rohwedder, Joanne Kragenbrink, Margaret Meyer, Darwin Bang. Back row: James Bunkofske, Daryl Bucholtz, Albert Ciddings, Eldon Meyers. Robert Lemke, Richard Wheeler, Walter Frank, Julianne Heft, Melvin Schroeder, treasurerg James Helvick, Larry Holtan, Donald Herbold, Dean Odekirk, Myrna Bradley. I It lf- IK K Tl SA Emphasizes Evangelism The Lutheran Student Association has a two-fold mission: to continue ministry of the church to stu- dents and faculty within the Lutheran Church, and to confront the unchurched with the Gospel. This work is carried out through worship, study, evangelism, service and recreation. Activities include student-led matins, vesper services, a spring banquet and the LSA Spiritual Quest. Gamma Delta Assists Mission Church Cnosis and Diakonia, knowledge and serviceg these are the guiding words of the Missouri Synod Lutheran students. During the year, get-togethers with the congregation were held to become better acquainted with them and to foster a spirit of co-operation. The main project of the year was to can- vass for and help the Mission Church in Waterloo. Other activities included morning matins, guest speakers, exchanges with other lowa colleges and Christmas caroling at hospitals. Officers were Rich- ard Kapfer, president, Donald Larson, vice presidentg Carol Bowedder, secretaryg and Lois Lettow, treasurer. Rev. Edgar Brammer was the sponsor. GAMMA DELTA-Seated, front row: Sandra Otto, Shirley Schwake, Viola DeBoer, Joanne Dohrman, Beverly Dornhusch. Second row: Gordon Loeschen, Donald Larson, Leland Kuch, Douglas Doerzman, Anne Shafer, Philip Kapfer, Patricia Solberg. Standing, front row: Dorothy Horn, Darlene Barlow, Joan Rolland. Second row: Carol Rowedder, Carol Antone, Shirley Carlson, Tamma Jo Crosley. Back row: Delores Wilkins, Rosalie Eichacker, Carolyn Hoeft, Kay Rayment, Barbara Vogel, Delores Heins, Shirley Janssen, Sandra Fillenworth, Caryl Haberer, Carol Eick, Janet Else, Leon Kloostra. X ,ff l SIGMA THETA EPSILON-Front row: Gordon Mixdorf, Neil McGuffin, John Peterson, Roger Hazen, Arlan Peters, Terry Bakken, Dr. Arthur Redner, sponsorg Earl Fredrickson, Rev. Preston Cole, sponsor. Back row: Jerry Curry, William Wright, William Hartman, .lack Weida, Theo- dore Pfeiff, presidentg Larry Cox, Stanley James, Donald Cory, James Hess, William Blake, Clifford Scott, vice presidentg Roger Brockmeyer, Ronald Rath. Methodist Groups Train Christian Youth HWesley Foundation is the Methodist Church on the campus." Two divisions of Wesley Foundation are Kappa Phi, a national religious organization open to all college women of Methodist preference, and Sigma Theta Epsilon, a similar organization for Methodist men. These organizations strive to train Christian young women and men to serve the church of tomorrow. 1' f ------ -L pf, WESLEY FOUNDATION COUN- CIL-Sealed, front row: Roger Brockmeyer, John Focht, Gordon Mixdorf. Second row: Glenda Wil- son, Nancy Fearing, Roberta Pax- son, Jerry Curry. Back row: Janet Berger, Clifford Scott, Gail Rider, Donna Meinhard, Charles Lind- gren, Richard Henak, Dale Wood, Theodore Pfeiff. Standing: Donna Kimrey, president, Mary Beth Nelson, Jo Kohls, secretaryg Roger Hazen, Mrs. Nellie Harvey, spon- sorg Norma Prehm, Ardith Merry, Ellen Tilp, Mary Schoonmaker, Donald Rohwedder, Rev. Preston Cole, sponsor. vig fl' KAPPA PHI-Seated, front row: Susan Paulus, vice president, Mary Schoonmaker, president, Norma Prehm, vice president. Second row: Eve- lyn Bergh, Roberta Paxson, Rosemary Russell, Mrs. Nellie Harvey, sponsor, Georgia Masden, Carol Cox, Gail Rider, Glenda Wilson. Third row. Alice Jane Forrest, Mary Beth Nelson, Donna Meinhard, Barbara Erickson, Barbara Cowell, Joan Meyer, Judith Hawthorne, Jane Amesbury, Elaine Takano. Kneeling: Faye Renner, Barbara Denburger, Diane Bisbee, Ardith Merry, Ellen Tilp. Bach row: Shirley Young, Nancy Fearing, Deanna Werner, Mary Holmes, Kay Fox, Marilyn Levene, Jo Elyn Whitman, Jackie Krava, Donna Kimrey, Karen Hansen. KAPPA PHI-Seated, front row: Elizabeth Sage, Eunese Smith, Patricia Kucera. Second row: Jeanne Foland, Audrey Moulton, Carol Hatch, Mary Lou Ankrum, Marvel Carnes. Third row: Kay Whitney, Janice Nesbit, Kay Lorenzen, Mar- lene Blumer, Judith Boyer, Kay Bently, Carol Atkinson, Diana Johnson. Fourth row: Darlene Spies, Karen King, Marilyn Wilkening, Mary Corder, Barbara Powell, Doris Neil. Bach' row: Virginia Wright, Kay Gilliatt, Mary Varley, Mary Ella Reutinger, Janet Nelson, Corrine Muncy, Beverly Fancher. ,za iii ff -f"' as Y , F716 'A ',,,f. ,lan-f"'4 Presbyterians Visit Chicago The Presbyterian Student Center forms the nucleus around which a community of committed stu- dents continue their search for a vital, living Christian faith. A study program consisting of Bible study. discussion of theological problems and other topics chosen during the year is being developed for interested students. A new group added to the centeris program has been the married couples who meet once a week for a pot-luck supper. The spirit of fellowship was increased through weekly coffee hours. holiday chocolate hours and dessert hours when the directors, Rev. and Mrs. Richard Nelson, shared a social hour with new students and council members. A highlight of the year was a study trip to Chicago where students were given an opportunity to observe the work of the church in a metropolitan situation. Physical changes at the center were changing the social room and the chapel to increase seating capacity in the chapel. Officers were Gerry Cline, moderatorg John Miller, vice-moderatorg Marolyn Oelberg, stated clerk, and Carole Hagan, treasurer. YVESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP-Seated, front row: Rev. Richard Nelson, Patricia Florine, Gary Ammeter, Allen Severn, Willard Howell, Glen Carmen Smith, Carol Nellist. Edwin Clopton. Second row: Sandra Jepsen. Kay Block. Shirley Peterson, Mary Jane Morford, Karen McDonough, h B l Rh' Standin back row Carol Watson 'Nlarcia Nleyer Louise Noack Clione Cooper. Carol Berkler, , Rita Krambeer. Jean Jean Smith, Martha Lou W ite. every mes. g, ' ': e . i i , , Margaret Fischer, Patricia Gardner, Mary Anne Lindlief. Marolyn Oelberg. Linda Grimmius, Martha Allbee, Zoe Thoreson Wombolt, Dorothy McCreath, Carolyn Kemper, Ann Strain. Betty Irwin, Mary Lou Fredrickson, Gerry Cline, Barbara Wallace, Gwen Lehnus, Ruth Klar, Vera Jonker. -'sf2'fQ--ii7'x 'ii s r M f t ' t' A t't?i3xi'75'4 viz.. 511.411 ' " lv- " ffl '3 ' -f- it .,i. Tb-L"u S Xxxei ' ' ,In 1:55 v ii ""'4--all xxx. sw M . -'sq ""lV"iw-...'f x fa V " X isa i W- ifila -' A 56-T! ' V i 0 ia' O Y 5 I - 1 ' llfi 'llfl A uw in , 202 Phi Chi Delta Studies Christianit Phi Chi Deltais aim is to help its members see their lives on this campus as an integral part of the church. The organization plays an important role in the total program of the Presbyterian student Center, giving its members opportunities to gain experience in leadership and to share in fun and fellowship with other young Women. Anyone who is interested and will be active in the program is invited to become a member. Pledging activities culminate at the Rose Dinner held in January, at which time the pledges become active members. The theme this year has been '4Christianity Goes to Collegegn through this study the members tried to understand more clearly their role as Christian students on the TC campus. Phi Chi Delta had as its main project this year the gathering of visual aids and teaching materials for a Presbyterian mission school in Lebanon. Officers were Ann Strain, presidentg Dorothy McCreath and Carole Hagan, vice presidentsg Mary Lou Mamminga, secretaryg and ,lean Wombolt, treasurer. Mrs. Dorothy Nelson was the organization's sponsor. PHI CHI DELTA-Front row: Gwen Lehnus, Barbara Wallace, Rita Krambeer, Mary ,lane Morford, Sandra Ladehoff, Janet Overeen, Sandra Jepsen. Second row: Gerry Cline, Delores Mason, Carol Watson, Carmen Smith, Sharron Strayer, Sharon Ryan, Mary Lou Mamminga. Back row: Mary Anne Lindlief, Mrs. Dorothy Nelson, Shirley Post, Elaine Emmett, Myma Jespersen, Carol Berkler, Ann Strain, Margaret Roose. ffzfnor Alpha Phi Gamma Holds Open House Among its activities this year, Alpha Phi Gamma, a national honorary journalistic fraternity, held an open house for students interested in journalism during the Prospective Teachers Day at TC. Each spring there is a publications picnic and an annual Gridiron dinner. The officers Were Loretta Mid- dleton. president: Barbara Lucas, vice presidentg Lois Dunlap, secretaryg and Sally Horn, treasurer. Their sponsor was Miss Beverly DeLong, assistant in information services. ALPHA PHI GAMMA-Seated: Shirley Watanabe, Lois Dunlap, Loretta Middleton, Sally Horn. Standing: Marilyn Schabacker, Florence Chaney. Harry Nimmo. Sharon Sanders, Beverly Dornbusch, Milton Hallman, Beverly DeLong, Suk Kou Kim, Dorothy Horn. El ,J 47 Q L, J Beta Beta Beta Takes Field Trip Delta Iota, local chapter of Beta Beta Beta, is a national honorary science fraternity, open to stu- dents who are at least third quarter sophomores, with a 3.0 average in 15 hours of biological science and a 2.5 over-all average in college work. Activities for the year included individual and group projects, speakers, and early in the fall members were shown by graduate students how to build models pertaining to the human body. Last summer an extensive field trip to Arkansas was taken for one and a half weeks. Officers for the year were Janet Pattee, president, Richard Sherer, vice president, Mary Ann Biwer, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Charles Allegre was the faculty sponsor. BETA BETA BETA-Sealed: Marian Peter, Janet Pattee, Mary Biwer, Loraine Douglass. Standing: Virgil Dowell, Charles Allegre, Leonard Snowden, Patty Johnson. CHIMES-Seated, front row: Constance Brink. Sandra Ladehoff. Second row: Joyce Grandgeorge, Shirley Post, Grace Madson, Roberta Kenny. Standing: Judith Nordly, Norma Prehm. Chimes Honors Junior Women Chimes, a national honorary society on TC's campus, recognizes junior women for their high scho- lastic achievement. Breaking an exciting period of waiting, women eligible for Chimes are tapped on the morning of Women's Day in the spring. To be eligible, points are given on religious and so- cial activities, interest, leadership ability and participation in honor organizations. They must main- tain a 2.80 all-campus grade average. Traditional projects include an information booth at Home- coming and arranging the program for '4Coffee and Carols" before Christmas. This group also car- ries out various service projects. Officers for the past year were Connie Brink, president, Grace Mad- son, vice president, Joyce Grandgeorge, secretaryg and Roberta Kenny, treasurer. Their sponsor was Miss Barbara Yager. QP '1'c:' , . DELTA SIGMA RHO-Seated: Howard Thompson, Lillian Wagner. Standing: Leo Munday, Shirley Whannel, Robert Davis Delta Sigma Rho Encourages Forensics Wllo encourage the highest quality of participation in debate and other forensic activities" is the pur- pose of the TC chapter of Delta Sigma Rho, a national honorary forensic fraternity. This organi- zation is open to all junior and senior students with a 2.5 grade point average who have partici- pated in debate or other forensic competitions and who are active in the Speech Activities Club. Iowa State Teachers College is the only teacher's college in the Whole nation which has a chapter of this fraternity. Although no specific projects are performed, sponsoring forensic activities on campus is the main activity of this organization. The only undergraduate and officer of this club was Shirley Whannel, president. Their sponsor was Dr. Lillian Wagner. Kappa Delta Pi Hears Guest Speakers Kappa Delta Pi is a national honorary fraternity in education open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have a 3.0 average in ten hours of education. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high professional, intellectual and personal standards in the field of education. The main project of the year was to look into the little known facts about TC. Presidentl. W. lVlaucker started off this project by discussing the topic, 'GTC On Top." Other speakers and the topics they discussed included Dr. Dwight Curtis on HNew Procedures for Handling Student Teachers at the Campus Schoolf' Mr. Herbert Silvey on Mllesearch at TC,l' lVlr. Philip Jennings on HHOW Our Business Office Operates," Dr. Daryl Pendergraft on 'llfxtension Services," and Dr. lVlarshall Beard on "The Semes- ter Plan at TC." Other activities of the year included the two initiations and the annual banquet. Members receive a subscription to The Educational F oram, a leading professional journal published by Kappa Delta Pi. Officers for tl1e year were Lyle Dorland, president, Phyllis Anderson, vice presi- dent, Annette Allen, secretary, and John Jones, treasurer. Dr. Oscar Thompson was the sponsor of this organization. KAPPA DELTA Pl-Seated, front row: Jack Farrell, Daniel Decker, Beverly Andersen, Edgar Epperly, Richard Phillips, William Stock. Second raw: Lyle Dorland, Terry Bakken, Norma Wetzel, Patty Johnson, Sally Graskewicz, Annette Allen, Carolyn Dougherty. Third row: Marjorie Moehn, Elinor Moon, Eva Lou Runyan. Gloria Nelsen. Fourth row: Sally Hom, I..aVon Benson, Sheila Rychnovskyy Jeanette Sorenson, Helen lnamasu, Isabel Pattison, Mildred Sweeney, Diane Sorenson, Patricia Drewer, ,loan Bell, Beverly Dornbusch, Sharon Logan, Phyllis Anderson. Standing: Franklin Carlson. William Guenther, Dennis Buckley, Willis Proctor, Jack Logan, Oscar Thompson. ng, X! Kappa Mu Epsilon Sees Beaut in ath To develop an appreciation of the beauty of mathematics serves as the motto for Kappa M u Epsilon, national mathematics fraternity. The Iowa Alpha Chapter, second oldest chapter of Kappa Mu Epsi- lon has a four-fold purpose: to further the interest of mathematics in undergraduate schools, to help the student realize the important role of mathematics in the development of the western world, to develop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics and to provide a so- ciety for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics in the undergrad- uate level. The fraternity holds biennial national conventions which are attended by students and regional conventions during alternating years. Students with a 2.5 over-all average and seventy-five quarter hours of work have met the first requirements for membership. Officers of the Iowa Alpha Chapter were John Newton, presidentg Jack Richards, vice president, and Susan Hansen, secretary- treasurer. Mr. Fred Lott was their sponsor. KAPPA MU EPSILON-Seated: John Newton, Sally Hom. Standing, front row: DeWayne Nymann, Mary Ann Ploog, Harold Trimble. Second row: Diane Sorenson, Richard Crumley, Fred Lott, Irvin Brune, Charles Wright, Jack Richards, Richard Schnell, Augusta Schurrer. w,w4 . 1 . ' L '-' ' . :.f, bv Q5 KAPPA Pl-Standing, front row: Clifford Herrold. Annmarie Nolte, Carolyn Dougherty, Glenda Wilson. Ruth Lee Kao, Richard Leet. Second row: Richard Arends. Milton Hallman, Neal McCuffin. Kappa Pi Promotes Art Interest The Beta Rho chapter of the Kappa Pi, national art fraternity, has as its motto: 'GAS the sunshine colors flowers, so art colors life." Its purposes are to promote an art interest among college students, to bring art departments of various colleges closer together through its activities, to know the work of other students through the exhibits and the national publication SKETCH BOOK, to stimulate higher scholarship and to recognize potential and professional ability. Some special events included a Christmas party. a student sponsored art show during the spring, and a ceremony of installation and honors. Panel discussions are held every quarter. The officers were Richard Arends, presidentg Mil- ton Hallman, vice presidentg Annmarie Nolte, secretaryg and Glenda Wilson, treasurer. Mr. Don Finegan was the sponsor. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA-Seated, front row: William Hartman, Jerry Raines, Dennis Smith, .lohn Heiden, Donald Winters. Second row: Charles Mandernach, Franklin Koch. Standing: Darrell Scott, Charles Matheson, Larry Miller, Richard Sullivan, Douglas Eitzman, Charles Ful- ler, William Emly, Richard Arends, Arnold Rabe, Deloy Davidsen, Jerry Curly. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Is Active To further the cause of music and to promote the general Welfare of music students is the purpose of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, national music fraternity for male students on campus. This honor or- ganization is not restricted to just music majors but is open to all who express some interest in the furtherment of music. Perhaps the three most common events in which they take part include the annual jazz concert, the Christmas concert, where they work in co-operation with Sigma Alpha Iota, and the Continental American Concert. Among some of the services they provide is the ushering at various musical events held throughout the year. Officers for the year were Darrell Scott, presi- dentg .lohn Heiden, vice president, Donald Winters, secretary, and Curtis Noble, treasurer. Their sponsor was Mr. Charles Matheson. Pi Gamma Mu Has Strong Purpose Pi Gamma Mu, national social science honor fraternity, has as its colors blue for truth and white for light. lts motto is: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." The three-fold purpose is to inspire social service to humanity by an intelligent approach to the solution of social problems, to engender sympathy toward others with different opinions and institutions by a better mutual understanding and to support existing social science organizations by promoting social abil- ity and attendance at meetings. Such problems as the Suez Canal and the national election were discussed. The group usually met twice a quarter. For the second meeting of the spring quarter a picnic was held. Officers were Richard Wood, president, Earl Shepard, vice president, and Howard J ones, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Howard Jones also sponsored the organization, and was the faculty representative to the executive council. PI GAMMA MUsSeated: Richard Wood, Dennis Jenson, Franklin Carlson, Forrest Buck, Victor Diercksen. William Lang, Gordon Mixdorf. Slanding: Howard Jones. l gl 1-.Z PI OMEGA PI-Seated: Marie Barger, Donna Madsen, Dorothy Hanus, Marilyn Moeller. Second row: Shirley Young, Darrell Jones, Beverly Dornbusch, Frederick Humphrey, Lois West, Agnes Lebeda. Standing: Norma Prehm, Katherine Humphrey, Lloyd Douglas, Roy Plant, Terry Bakken. Pi Omega Pi Sponsors B. E. Day In carrying out its purpose-to establish and direct chapters engaged in business teacher training -the Gamma Chapter of Pi Omega Pi at TC sponsored a Business Education Day, assisted the F .B.L.A. with the Homecoming alumni tea and added interest to the bulletin boards in the Business Department with various decorations. At the yearly banquet, recognition Was given to various out- standing business students. This organization is open to juniors and seniors with an over-all grade index of 2.75 and 3.0 in business courses less than 30 hours, or a 2.75 in more than 30 hours of business. The officers for the year were Beverly Dornbusch, president, Marie Barger, vice presidentg Marilyn Moeller, secretary, and Frederick Humphrey, treasurer. The club was sponsored by Mrs. Katherine Humphrey. Purple Arrow Encourages Scholarship Outstanding lresliman and sophomore women are represented by the honorary organization, Purple .lrroux This group places special emphasis on the achieving of a 3.0 cumulative grade average for two consecutive quarters. As this is a service organization, one of their most important jobs is the lreslinian orientation program where they plan the various activities and help carry them out dur- ing the lirst week of school. They also operate the guide service and have charge of Dadis Day registration each fall. This organization met twice quarterly. Officers for the year were Miriam Un- clcrwootl. president: Pauline Uuskallio. vice presidentg Judith Branam, secretaryg and Tamson Crist, treasurer. Miss Betsy Roth was their sponsor. l'l'ltl'l.lC ARROW S1'11ll'1l,ff0III row: Sandra Platner, ,lanct Koch. Second row: Mary Ann Lane, Eloise Trinstra, Shirley Carlson, ,lanyce 'I'lior-on. Mary Sholtl, Shirlcy Cot-klin, lit-tty Irwin, Betty Schwartz, Lois Lcttow, Edna Wood. Third row: Irene Holland, Shirley Jones, Gwen- tlolyn loncs. Miriam llinlcrwootl, Carol Rowi-tltlcr. Fourth row: Dawn Evans, Virginia Benhow, Dorothy Stone, Carolyn Bruce, Delores Bell. Fifth row: lliana Johnson, lit-llviiv Schultz. Pauline Uuskallio. Standing: Mary Ann Abbas, Carolyn Niibu, Janice Crush, Marie Dickson, Elaine Matyk, flliw- N oung, Kay Howl:-ll, Carol Mt-llcs, Rose Ann Dohrer, Joan Holtapp, Bonnie Van Wyk, Susan Tjernagel, Arlene Sdhutte, Delores Hein, Lois Currie-r, llail 'l't-niplvman, Doris Loynachan, Tamson Crist, Charlotte Nichols. --apo. q-anppfgaa ZI4 1 'fi S . ' -'air L-42 3 Si ma Alpha Eta Hears Guest Speakers Sigma Alpha Eta, national speech correction fraternity, aims to provide a medium for enriched pro- fessional and social experiences through co-curricular activities. Speech correction majors who have creditably completed at least one course in speech correction, have an all college average of 3.0, and have been an associate member for one quarter are eligible for key membership. During the year the Chi Chapter entertained at least six professional speakers, most of whom were graduates of Chi Chapter who are now Working in the schools of Iowa. Officers of the year were Judith Nordly, president, Donald Braden, secretary, and Robert Cody, treasurer. Their sponsor was Dr. John Williams. SIGMA ALPHA ETA-Seated, front row: Loren Stouffer, Harold Webb, Donald Braden. Second row: John Focht, David Williams, Ernest Fos- sum, Judith Nordly, Sally Moore, Carol Gaunt, Robert Tegeler. Standing: William Glassell, Lester Parry, James Steffen. if l D' Wil?" 1 xnfvlllj ' , is 1 ig L gl 5 . ' 4 1 qw , f J 'X ,V l if it . N 2l5 Sigma Alpha Iota Llpholds Tradition To maintain and uphold the standards of music in the community and the World is the purpose of Sigma fIIpI1a Iota. the honorary music fraternity for women. The qualifications for membership in- clude a major or minor in music, a 2.80 average in completed music courses, and a 2.40 average in academic work. Eligible members must also be of good character and secure faculty recommenda- tions. Sigma Alpha Iota participates in an annual Christmas concert with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the men's music fraternity on campus. Another tradition of Sigma Alpha Iota is to hold a musicale at the homes of the chapter's patronesses. Officers for the year were janet DuBois, president, Carolyn Eggleston, vice president, Charlotte Diehn. treasurer: and ,loan Olson, recording secretary. This organization was sponsored by Miss ,lane Birkhead, Mrs. lvone Maxwell and Miss Patricia Brown. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA-Seated, front row: Sylvia Larson. Norma Wetzel. Charlotte Diehn, Janet DuBois. Second row: Lauretta Brunsvold. ,Io Anne Kohls, Rose Klaire. Roberta Paxson. Standing: Alphy Adams, Joan Olson, LeAnn Dieken, Mary McClure, Carolyn Eggleston, Doris Dickin- son, Sonya Davis, Marilyn Savery. 1 if F- 9 A6-4 Theta Alpha Phi Stimulates Creativit Iowa Beta Chapter of Theta Alpha Phi is the honorary dramatic fraternity on the TC campus. This organization can be located in colleges and universities throughout the country. Eligibility for membership is based upon a high standard of achievement in theatre art and is a recognition of unusual service to local college drama. Purposes of this organization are to stimulate creativeness and foster artistic achievements in all of the allied arts and crafts of the theatre. Pictures from productions at TC have appeared, over a period of years, in each issue of The Cue, the official pub- lication of the national chapter. Virginia Jordan was the 1956-57 recipient of the Iowa Beta Alumni Chapter's annual scholarship. Officers for the year were Audrey Hayes, presidentg Virginia Jordan, vice presidentg ,lay Dikkers, secretaryg and David Bueter, treasurer. Their sponsors were Mr. Stan- ley Wood and Mr. James Clay. THETA ALPHA PHI-Seated, front row: Virginia Jordan. Second row: Audrey Hayes, Stanley Wood, Elaine McDavitt, James Clay. Third row: David Beuter, Joy Harris. vm-mssffafkzzrxaev::Weis2v1mwf.z.v:-. 2- sw ---- - ff: .. . ,. aff V - .1 - - w ' f .- -,,s,::fv---'.1'.':-f -11-vzrzrf-'--, ,H ,vw W- .-.N H . -. ' L 'lt 1 -LZ-ii" 'rr w "' X ' li i V I A ii I Y va , f sri ' if ff T as lf. ri 5 ' ' t .,, .4 If, -- 1- I-Mfg IVV --5 -' el L lfQ g -1 'X 7 t JQ -I' .4 -' If .- .- 4 4- K -rx . .- 2 Q .t 5 .fl -4 -if fl.-Q' -. .gt Y 5, l 9 .. -4 qr Y F- -44 ff - " ' Q3 ' ' ,,,,, nn. .,...,,-... 4-l gf W gg .. ....... J -1 Y q,,.:,..5.a. - W.. W i Q--A ...-..x..a.:1..u..iaL,s..-. t... -. . ...arf THETA THETA EPSILON-Sealed: Emily Yeager, Alice Patricia Pierce. Elisabeth Sutherland, Edna Shores, Mary Lou Bottorff, Donna Kim- rey, Doris Light. Sue Hoskins. Standing: Olive Holliday, ,lane Hauser. Theta Theta Epsilon Honors Seniors Members of Theta Theta Epsilon, the honorary home economics organization on campus, worked for its aim-to promote scholarship and leadership among students in the home economics depart- ment-in various ways. They were in charge of the teas held in the Home Economics Department, served as official hostesses of the department and sponsored the annual lVIother's Day tea. ln the spring, the Senior Home Economics Dinner, honoring all senior home economics majors, highlighted the events of this club. All junior and senior women eligible for membership must be active in the Ellen Richards Club and another college organization. and have an over-all grade point of 2.5 with an average of 2.8 in 25 hours of home economics. The officers were Doris Light, president, and Sue Hoskins, secretary-treasurer. Their sponsor was Dr. Elisabeth Sutherland. P .311 . , - Q., 5 NK -'Y' 51 'R' V -.fa .1 -,xr . -1 t .r K 5,-3'5" 'Cf' - x sv . N TORCH AND TASSEL-Seated: Carolyn Dougherty, Sharon Sanders, Barbara Priest, Sally Horn, Barbara Lucas. Standing: Patty Johnson, Suzanne Gordon, Sally Craskewicz. Marie Barger, Beverly Dornbusch, Donna Schultz, Marian McBrair. Torch and Tassel Honors Senior Women Torch and Tassel is an organization honoring senior women for outstanding ability in scholarship and leadership. The grade point is based on a 0.3 above the latest published all campus average. To be eligible she must also possess qualities of leadership, interest and be eligible for membership in another honor organization. The new members are tapped in an impressiye ceremony on Women's Day in the spring. Worthwhile services are sponsored each year in co-operation with other service organizations. The officers for the year were Suzanne Gordon, presidentg Patty Johnson, vice presi- dentg Barbara Priest, secretary-treasurer. This organization was sponsored by Miss Marian McBrair. 2l9 f x 'N Jaffray! lpha Beta lpha Concludes Year Social gatherings, guest speakers upon subjects relating to librariansliip, and a day for high school students to visit the campus are the projects of the year for Alpha Beta Alpha. This organization is for students of any classification who plan to major or minor in library science. lts purposes are to further the professional knowledge of its members, to promote fellowship, to promote wholesome recreation, and to serve as a recruiting agency for librariauship. It is affiliated with the National Un- dergraduate Library Science fraternity as Xl chapter. Serving as officers for 1956-57 were Lois Purhman, president: Patricia Maxwell, vice presidentg Cecelia Doran, secretary, and Marjorie Powers. treasurer. The sponsors were Miss Gertrude Voelker and Mr. Everett Howell. ALPHA BETA ALPHA-Seated: Cecelia Doran, Patricia Maxwell, Gertrude Voelker, Marjorie Powers, Nancy Moeller. Standing: Tamson Crist Franci Green, Eloise Hoeg, Dorothy Larson, Mary Gugeler. 1it 1 1 1- 1 5 .f - 1 ALPHA PHI OMEGA-Seated, front row: Gerald Re Lon, John Newton, Tom Wright. Second row: Tom Casper, Daniel Decker, Milton Hallman, Dick Daniels, Jack Armstrong. Standing: Robert Peters, Duane Thompson. Alpha Phi Gmega Serves Purple and Gold Men who are interested in upholding the principles of the Boy Scout movement are members of this local chapter of the largest national service fraternity in the United States. This is a service organization and not an honorary or social fraternity. Service projects in the areas of student body and faculty, youth and community, members of the fraternity, and the nation are carried out every year. The activities of Alpha Phi Omega include ushering, providing leaders for local scout ac- tivities and presenting a traveling trophy to any outstanding citizen of Cedar Falls at an annual rec- ognition dinner in the spring. The 1956-57 officers were John Newton, president., Jerry Fulon, vice president, Tom Wright, secretary, and Duane Thompson, treasurer. The sponsors were Dr. Rhum, Dean Bender, Dr. Bernhard, ,lack Armstrong and Richard Daniels. Art Club Pursues Their Interest Talks by faculty or community members, discussions by Art Club members and participation work- shops are the activities in which members of the 4rt Club participate. The talks and discussions are centered around all types of art and are frequently illustrated by slides or movies of people who have traveled or from the audio visual collection of Art Department. The workshops include work with any media the members.wish to see. Such projects as making a modern film, designing and executing pieces for the Nativity Scene for the Commons lawn, and taking field trips to museums and places of artistic interest are included in the Art Club program. Officers were Frank Manos, presidentg ,leanette Jarvis, vice presidentg Pat Shuster, secretary-treasurer. Mr. John Page, Mr. Paul Smith and Dr. Edward Thorne are sponsors of the group. ART CLUB-Seated: Sharon Benjamin, Jeanette Jarvis, Veronica Saftig, Mary Gugelar. Standing: Miss Constance Schraemeyer, Mr. John Page, Milton Hallman, Daniel Boyd, Patricia Shuster, Ronald Hotek, Frank Manos. Vx P 222 C7 BETA ALPHA EPSILON-Seated: Millie Okumoto, Helen Yamamoto, Almira Oyakawa, Nancy Lange. Beverly Anderson, Esther Freland, Fusako Yoshinaga, Amy Yasukawa. Ellen Pearson. Standing: Maurine O. Thorson, Merna Folkers, Jean Goldapp, Douglas Doerzman, Dr. O. Thompson, Georgianna Davenport, Betsy Ann Emura, Ruth Abe, Helen lnamasu, La Von Benson. Beta Alpha Epsilon Cffers Gpportunities Beta Alpha Epsilon is open to any student on the four-year program who is majoring in upper ele- mentary or junior high education. Full membership is obtained by attending three meetings per quarter. Under the auspices of the education department, BAE offers both educational and social opportunities to its members. The primary interest of Beta Alpha Epsilon is to prepare the stu- dents to become better teachers for upper elementary and junior high level and to meet the many challenges they will encounter when teaching. A newsletter is sent out each spring to all former alumni. Guest speakers demonstrated and informed the organization of their subject-matter field. Parties, picnics, and a spring banquet are some of the social events of the year. Serving as officers for BAE were Fusako Yoshinaga, presidentg Beverly Anderson, vice presidentg Helen Yamamoto, secretaryg and Almira Oyakawa, treasurer. Dr. Frank Martindale and Dr. Oscar E. Thompson were sponsors of the group. mv -fm -an-wr 'L . lj .sfif-9 if -f LM :Q ' 'ii ' 15 C9 E' 4-H-Seated, front row: Linda Marken, Betty Irwin, Beverly Robbins, Beulah Johnson, Janice Hovey. Second row: Marcia ,loan Meyer, Catherine Kemper, Janet Jugenheimer, Gloria Mangold, Barbara Denbur,-zer, Delores Heeren, Doris Cassens, Carolyn Fausch. Standing: Karlene Hanson, Joan Drenkhahn. loan Robinson, Marlene Hartman, Merna Folkers, Diane McNeese, Dora Dohler, Dorla Coots, Camille Buckner, Diane Dunlop, Irene Takamiya. The Four H's Is Their otto Founded to help former 4-H girls find their places on campus, the Campus 4-H Club serves pri- marily as a social group. The collegiate Campus 4-H members strive to further their basic ideals which include clearer thinking, greater loyalty, more service, and better living for the community, the country, and the world. Various demonstrations are held at the monthly meetings on such topics of interest as gift wrapping and food preparation. They have many- social functions during the school year. The formal intiation banquet held each spring is the focal point of the year. A picnic is also held in the spring. Former 4-H girls or any Women students interested in the organization may join. Officers were Janet Jugenheimer, president, Gloria Mangold, vice president, Barbara Denburger, secretaryg and Catherine Kemper, treasurer. The group sponsor was Dr. Elisabeth Sutherland. COLLEGE PLAYERS-Seated, front row: Carol Hatch, Patricia Kucera, Veola Bainter, Janet Adamson. Second row: Randy Hoeg, ,Ioy Harris, Nancy Norvell, Loretta Middleton, Virginia Jordan, Nancy Wallace, Connie Tennant, Sandra Humeston. Standing: Keith McClellan, ,lay Dikkers, Milford Whittlesey, Wayne Hascall, John Benser, Kay Young, Mr. S. Wood, LaVon Benson, David Beuter, Glenn Nellist, Mr. Clay, Audrey Hayes, Dick Oberdiear, Cliff Scott, Marilyn Carson, Victor Diercksen, Mary Schoonmaker. College Players Star Throu h the Year To increase interest in drama is the main purpose of the College Players. A planning board sets up the weekly meetings which include study and Work projects. The projects serve to acquaint the members with well known playwrights and their plays, with plays that TC students have written and with problems of producing a play. Any student interested in drama may become eligible to this group with full membership attained upon completion of requirements set up by regular mem- bers. Members of the group have the opportunity of participating in the group's four major dramat- ic productions presented by the department of Languages, Speech and Literature each year, not only in acting but also in the scenery and costuming. Serving as hosts to drama conferences of high schools is another part of College Players. Officers were Virginia Jordan, president and Joy Harris, secretary. Mr. Stanley Wood was the sponsor. Elementa Ki Promotes Fellowship Any person on the two-year elementary curriculum may become a member of Elementa Ki. The object and goal of this organization is to establish and maintain a wholesome social and professional fellowship among students on the elementary curriculum. New officers are chosen every quarter except for the treasurer who is elected on the yearly basis. Sponsor was Miss Nellie Hampton. ELEMENTA KI-Seated, front row: Mary Daufeldt, Ruth Iiifert, Patsy Carey, Sharon Strayer, Carol Melles, Kay Hewlett, Mary Mohror, Eloise Burkey, Marlene Blunier, Eloise Tuinstra. Standing: Karen Homolar, Program chairman: Karen Nord, Lois Nesmith, Carol Smith, Henrietta Steffen, Gloria Lage, Margaret Baekhaus, Beverly Fanehi-r, Diana johnson, Dolores Shipley, Publicity chairman, Marcia Egglands, Secretaryg Lorraine Rohwedder, vice presiclentg Julia Kingslaver. Treasurer, Dellene Schultz, President, Marcia Fritz, Lois Armentrout, Sherrill Clark, Sharon Moon, Doris Neil, lrnia Hamilton, Margaret Ferguson, Becky Polluck, Carolyn Neff, ,lane Zwanziger, Judith Folk, Shirley Greiman, ,lan We-ltha, loan Weltha. Sandra Elsing, Ruth Abe, Betsy Ann Emura, Mary ,lane White, Susan Tjernagel, Nancy Aldrich, Doris Johnson. S xx ,XX I!! llli We Homemakers Broaden Their Field TC named its home economics club after the founder of the field of home economies in the US, Ellen Richards. lVlembership is open to anyone interested in home economics. Goals set by this club are to promote home economics, promote leadership and responsibility and to promote home eco- nomics in different angles. ELLEN RICHARDS-Seated, front row: Eleanor Wilkins, vice president: Janet Else. Second row: Jo Whitman, treasurerg Rosemary Russell, presidentg Jacqueline Krava, secretary. Third row: Jean Farland, Shirley Jantzen, La Vonne Matern, Miss Yeager, sponsor: Janirc Hovey. Fourth row: Katherine Rina. Dorothy Hanus, Judith Boll, Valda Evans. Bonny Sharp. Fifth row: Theora Schimliurg. Eileen Matzen, Margaret Kuhn, Corinne Muncy. Sixth row: Carolyn Runyan, Asako Ito, June Takamiya. Standing, at left: Joanne Sander. Darlene Spies. Myrna Jesper- sen, Janice Swatosh, Patsy Seki. Standing, at right: Nancy Day, Ann Rydherg. Jane Hauser. Sharon Smit, Marlene Eggek. Fae Fraser, Audrey Maulton, Sue Hoskins, Donna Kimrey, Doris Light. r 'er' r-4' A ' ' W C ,W 1 1 A A . 3 Q u ,.1 ga vu 1 pn al FBLA Develops Leaders at TC llllll' Fulizrf- l311s1'111'ss I1I'I1llf'l'S nj ,fln11'ri1'f1, ll 11z1ti1111z1l l111si11esS 1n'g1111iz11ti1111, strives to 1level11p future lt'Llt'llt'l'S llillll 1-1111 pr11x'i1l1- p1'11l'1-ssi111111l l1s111l111'sl1ip lm' l111si111'ss 1111111-11ti1111 11111l l11'1'l1111'c tlwee stuflents lm' I'11t111'11 1l11li1-s 111 111lx'is111's 11l' l'illl,A f'llll1S i11 l1igl1 s1-l11111ls. llliss joy Sl'llWllll. Ll V956 g1'111l1111te of lil. was 11w111'1l111l l"lll.,'X's l1igl11-st I11111111' wl11'11 sl11v was H1,'l4'L'l.t'Il Miss F11t111'11- llusinefss Executive of 1 1 ,xllll 1'i1'a1 ut tl11- 1111ti111111l 1'1111x1-11ti1111 i11 J111111. Nl111'ti11gs 1111: l11-l1l 111106 Ll Illlllllll with tl11: lJI'0g!'Lll'I1 1'1-11t1-1'1-1l Lll'Ullllfl tl11f l111si111'ss l'i1-l1l. Sp1111s111's w1:1'1: Miss Agiws l,11l1c1l11 Llllll lVl1'. DLll'l'Cll ,l1111es. lilllpl Swllwfl, lrnnf fltIl'.' xllllll' ll:11gg1-r. Ill'l'Nl1l1'lll: ll1'Y1'l'ly' lllil'lllPllNt'll. 5111111111 r1111': fllariv lllflifllll, Karen xVl'IIll'll, Carol Vogt. Tlzirrl row: xvltllll ll1' llm-r, lfr11111-111tl11111pl11fll, N1-1-r1't111-y. lhul. rnuig H1131-r Ill-111-k1111-y1-11. ,l11y1'1- lYi1'l51111. Slrunlilrg, fron! row: Faye R1-11111'r, Nunvy F1-arirlg, 111-1-1'li11 llllfitll, ll:11'1'1'll,l11111w. llllllllv I.111111i11g1. 1l1'l'illll 'l'111'g11-rf1111, lll'l1'Il llllflllil, ll111'11tl1y ll111111s, Nl111'gar1't xvvllllti, M1-lvi11 Sl1r111-1l1'r. Bark row: llllllllil Nlu1ls1-11, ll'4'1lNllTl'I'Q Allvn lll'tIlllll:,L, lii1-l1111'1l Wlu-1'l1-r, ll1111ul1l l,1111111if, lJ11l1' lla1rri:-1111, lJ111ll1'y Stringer, ,lack Mcsser, H0111-rt johnson, NIl'lYlll l.a111',,lt11111w Lulirs, Carol AIIII lluml, xlilflllil H111itl1, Ntltllltl' llaxis, ,l1'llIl Stulmlw, vice pr1'si1l1'nt. .WT 45 ,p-1-f -1 1 X 5 'N Y HAWAIIAN CLUB-Seated, first row: Trudy Onomura, Claire Nakashima. Muriel Naito, Amy Nojiri, Carolyn Niibu. lean Okumoto, Judy Oshiro, ,lean Nakasato. Second row: June Inoshita, Margaret Takemoto, Myrtle Shimoda, Irene Takamiya. Evelyn Yamada, Pat Chang. Betsy Ann Emura, Ruth Abe, Florence Tashiro, Betty Kodani, Naomi Tanaka. Third row: Shirley Watanabe. Patsy Seki, Naomi Moriguchi, Thelma Muramoto, Helen Yamamoto, Helen Curtiza, Lorraine Miyasaki, secretaryatreasurerg Cathy Murola, Almira Oyakawa, Doris Tanaka. Elaine Takano. Back row: Chuck Hazama, presidentg Clarence Juan, Mike Tsuda, June Takamiya, Millie Okumoto, Amy Yasukawa, Charles Espcras, Tommy Konno, Gene Tsuhaku. Hawaiians Color Campus HParadise Unliarmedf' a program presented on the TC campus two years ago, has led to the de- velopment of this newly organized club. Anyone from the isles of Hawaii is recognized as a member. The organization boasts a membership of about fifty. The Hawaiians have no feature program, but members enjoy outings and get togethers with other students from Iowa State College and the State University of Iowa. The primary purpose of the club is to make the Hawaiian students feel as much at home as possible and to inform their folks back home as to what they are doing. The group com- municates with major publishers in Hawaii on group achievements and activities. Officers chosen were Chuck Hazama, presidentg and Lorraine Miyasaki, secretary-treasurer. Q 'IR e ' INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-Seated: Shirley Whannel, Terry Halstead, Pat Maxwell. Standing: Cliff Scott, Sharon Thudium, Tom l'ri l'l'. International Relations Reorganizes T his year International Relations Club was reorganized by the students and faculty of Teachers Col- lege. The club is open to all students of the college and any member of the faculty who is interest- ed in the events of the world and the stories behind the headlines. lts purpose is to stimulate its members with active interest in all world affairs. One of the activities that the club had this year was a letter written to Prime lVlinister Nehru of India which was received with various responses. They also helped with the drive held for Hungarian relief in December, and had an important part in sponsoring the first International Relations Week in lVlarch. lVlr. George Poage sponsored the group and the officers were Cliff Scott, presidentg Terry Halstead, vice presidentg and Tom Price, Nt't'l't,'llll'Y-ll't'iISlll'CI'. S N se self? E? ' ESQ .JN YN ii, X W'-MA x, 4-a-IIQQE INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB-Seated, front row: Richard Bailey, Bradley Anderson. Edward Ranney, James Mentzer, Jack Weddle. Second row: Richard Claypool, Jerry Maynard, Francis Giebelstein, Jay Mullar, James Brunner, Donald Hart, Robert Sharp. Third row: Donald Sims, Robert Nystrom, Ronald Hoffman, Harry Stanton, Dr. H. Reed. Fourth row: Robert Skinner, Delmar Larsen, Lorimer Bjorklund, Howard Hecker, Charles Feller, William Verbrugge, Gerald Long, Mr. La Rue. Back row: Bill Stock, John Plummer, Jr., Neal Peny, Joseph Antone, Charles Val- ley, Leon Kruse, Dale Gootee, Jack Logan. Industrial rts Club Promotes Growth Industrial Arts Club organized for any student interested in this field, provides an informal atmos- phere so members can pursue their interest. ln October, 1956, they sponsored the annual lndus- trial Arts Conference for teachers all over the state. Mr. James LaRue sponsored the club, and of- ficers were William Stock, president, Donald Hart, vice presidentg William Rustemier, secretary- treasurer. IFTA Becomes Professional Iowa Future Teachers flssociation, whose purpose stresses interest in the profession, is open to any student on campus. The club meets twice a quarter and membership is maintained by attending one meeting per quarter. IFTA has no major project for the year, but every spring a banquet is held for the old and new cabinet. Other activities include assisting at the Prospective Teachers Day and sending two delegates to the state conference in February where state officers are elected. Be- coming a member of IFTA entitles one to membership in l.D.B.S. and NEA. Officers were Nor- ma Prehm. president: Frances Ogren, vice president: Grace Madsen, secretaryg and Joan Bell, treasurer. Dr. W. Silvey, Dr. H. Knutson and Dr. DeKock were sponsors of the group. IFTA-Sl'f1Yf'0h NOTYUH Pffhm- Sfllndfflgf DF. W- Silvey, Dr- Knutson. .loan Bell, Grace Madson, Dennis Buckley, Jack Weida, Frances Ogren. ami n an sam an .leffersonians Speak for Democracy The leffersonian Club, which is affiliated with the Young Democrats of America and of Iowa, is engaged in a two-fold program of stimulating political interest on campus and directing support to the Democratic Party. This organization is open to all students who are interested in the house- keeping aspects of democracy in action. Opportunity for experience in practical politics is also avail- able through cooperation with the Blackhawk Democratic Committee. The feffersonian Club boasts an active membership of six years. Officers of the club were Vernon Ewell, presidentg David Far- rell, vice president, Carol Ann Hand, secretary, and Robert Lemke, treasurer. Sponsors of the club were Miss Erma Plaehn and lVlr. Edwin Maurer. JEFFERSONIANS-Seated: Marie Dickson, Dorothy Horn, lola Kain, Phyllis Bowman, Kay Darnell, Janice Christenson, Sara Kaye Porter, Joyce Nielson, Suzanne Cordon, Ann Kidwell, Shirley Van Engen, Donna Gardner, Shirley Whannel, John Jones, Jerry Welden, Ronald Hotek. Stand- ing: Margaret Moehn, Cecelia Doran, Carol Ann Hand, Barbara Denburger, Judy Hawthorne, Robert Lemke, John Gregory, Mr. Maurer. s fmmi. KPBA Takes Interest in Children Kappa Pi Beta .sllpha is an interest organization for junior and senior girls majoring in kindergar- ten-primary education. The year's program consisted of guest speakers in kindergarten-primary field. social functions and student panel discussions. Each year the activities are highlighted by a Christmas dessert party. the dinner honoring graduates and the Motherls Day luncheon. A news- letter written and published by the girls is sent to alumni each yearg it includes alumni news, book reviews and the activities of KPBA for the year. KPBA was organized on this campus in 1928 and has been active ever since. Officers of the group were Jeanette Sorensen, presidentg Allison Mukai, vice president: Shirley Struncli, secretaryg and Carolee Swanson, treasurer. Miss M. Smith, Miss A. Arey and Miss E. Boehlje were sponsors. .lf-anne Palmer, Frances Ogren, Cathy fllurota. ,lo Doris Trunnell. Trudy Ononiura, Shirley Strunck. Kl'llA--Serzlefl: Margaret lilivn. Donna Gardner. .lo Roberts. Sharon Logan, jam-I Buckels, Qarrotho-rs. Nlary Ann Bancl-as. Jo Wt-stphall, Lorraine Miyasaki, Shirley Foster. Stamling: Carfllvf' Fwallwn. lvaiwttv Sorenson. Janice Kisf-r, Jo Ann Dohrman. Ill' it 1 H P' Q? '41 I 1 5 234 11 gif U Ki Prima Ki Tops Enrollment All freshmen and sophomores enrolled on a kindergarten-primary curriculum are eligible for mem- bership in Ki Prima Ki. Its purpose is to further the studentls interests in the teaching area and acquaint them with activities in their chosen vocation. This is done by various programs planned by the program committee. Many resource people gave their time and effort to inform the group of matters pertaining to their field. Miss Campbell from the art department gave an informative speech on elementary art and Dr. Ruman, a student teaching co-ordinator, spoke on "Etching as a Personnelized Process." Regular meetings were held every two weeks on Tuesday evenings in the Gilchrist faculty lounge. New officers were elected each quarter. Sponsors for the group were Miss M. Buswellg and Miss F. Hanson. KI PRIMA KI-Seated, front row: Sally Shepherd, Phyllis Petersen. Margaret Speas, Darlene Krampe, Ardith Mairs. Evelyn Hansen. Joan Hol- tapp. Second row: Madonna I-Iasttedt, Nona Wasson. Janis Mutum, Georgian Masden Fern Barringer. Diane McKinney, Sharon Head, Lois Let- tow. Third row: Arlene Jansen, Della Turvold, Dixie Laws. Rita Krambeer, Bernice Beeson, Ursula Roberts. Fourth row: De Anna Wuebben, Alice Young, Jean Leith, Marjorie Mindemann, Lorraine Fletcher, Mary Ellen Corder. Fifth row: Joy Fenton, Mary Eta Solbeck, Marva Jean Muench, Elna Mae Peterson, Mary Shold, Janet Angell, Lora Grow. Sixth row: Katy Lahmann, Arlene Schmidt, Lois Currier, Barbara Den- burger. Seventh row: Dorothy Stone, Edna Wood, Bethel Klahn, Gail Templeman, Jo Ann King. Eighth row: Sonya Crawford, Dora Weidemann, Linda Morlan, Viola Fairchild, Wanda Olson. Ninth row: Arlene Cumpton, Beverly Smith, Doris Laynachan, lla Christianson. Tenth row: Rachel Nixon, Judy Jungusen, Mary Lou Reynolds. Eleventh row: Margaret Kinkade, Jo Hickman, Shirley Jones. Julianne Heft, Doris Gerling, Loretta Heiken. Twelfth row: Maryann Abbas, Carolyn Niibu, Doris Alsager, Iolene Severseike, Arlene Schutte, Shirley Nielsen, Bonnie Van Wyk, Helen Lange, Linda Parkison, Patricia Robovsky, Kathleen Kading, Janice Freeburg, Gayl Lundhlad, Kaye Erickson, Donna Heiken, Nancy Dwigans, Collette Novak. Standing: Beverly Smith, Phyllis Molenkamp, Shirley Cocklin, Betty Irwin, Dawn Evans, Marilyn Torneten, Vienlyn Speaker, Igarenlfoster, Janyce Thorson, Shirley Carlson, Phyllis Machovec, Sue Peterson, Darlagene Rich, Loretta Gannon, Gloria Mangold, Miss Margaret uswe . 415, ,. K mu if Li I, . n Marlins Swim Through the Year The prime objective of Marlins and the "minn0ws" is to learn synchronized swimming skills and good sportsniansliip in the water. Highlighting the year for Marlins was their big water show on Nlotlieifs day weekend. which presented all of the swimmers. Officers were Shirley Barth, president: Margaret Kynett. vice president: and Kay Detlefsen, secretary-treasurer3 with Miss Barbara Yager, sponsor. NIQXRLINS fllmre: Karon Kelly, Judy nlllieon, Sharon Ilelming. Oli-mla Rm-ns. Martha Lindholm. Karen Hanson. Karen Leas, Janet Salisbury. Barbara Fialzi, Shirley l'ritvlictt, Joanni- 'l'ovill. lie-verly Floshnf-r. Nlary Holm. Ifarlr raw: Sharon Small, Lois Brown, Judy Bertelson, Virginia lllagoon. Kathvrini- Shlcugvr, Pat lIlinton, Nlaxino Boi-ginan. Joan llahlquiet, llail iiihlin. Miss Barbara Yager, Shirley Barth, president. Third rout Harriet .lorgt-neon. llvth Nlcljliillips. Cathryn lfaniplmell, Barbara Crowe, Kay IM-tl:-lei-ii, secrctaryg Annniarie Noltc. publicity: Barbara Her- roll. ,lane ll:-als, Nancy Rhoads. Sealezl, xrrorzrl row: lit-Ili Talcott. Kay lloile, lVlargai'e'l Kynett, vice presidenlg Mary Sulht-rs, Phyllis Schat, juily Nlillvr. Nlarilyn I.awre-iicrif. Doris llit-lu-ne-oii, Kay Falk:-, jane Cravvs, Sarah Hauff. Maxine Main, Sandra Mclnlosh, Pat Florine. Seated, front row: Suv Urippvn. Gwen Holz, Alja lsenliart, Sandra Beckenridgv. In pool: Karen Kauffman, Mary Randall. ' I Ll- "X athematics Club pplies Principles The Mathematics Club is organized primarily for all who are interested in mathematics, and are interested in furthering their knowledge of mathematics. The club meets once a month and usually has a speaker who is often a professor or a student. Picnics in the fall and spring are held with Kappa Mu Epsilon. Dr. Augusta Schurrer was the sponsor of the group and officers were Jerry Ohm, presidentg Sandra Ladehoff, vice presidentg and Mary Biwerg secretary-treasurer. MATH CLUB-Seated: Sandra Ladehofl, vice presidenlg Sally Horn, Marilyn Hala, Marilyn Wallace. Susan Rock. Seated, front row: Oma Chody, Iola Kainz. Second row: Fred Lott, Larry Collins, Eldon Meyers. Harold Trimble. Dc Wayne Nymann, John Shuler, Augusta 5-Churrer, sponsor. Bark row: Roger Brockmr-yer, Richard Crumley, Jerry Ohm, president: Larry Holten. Henry Van Engen. Irvin Brune. 23a , MENC Develops Interest in Musi Any slmla-nl wlm is fwnnmlln-sl in zu music 1-rllnznlimn lYUlll'H15 ur in il lnzlrzlner mlmxulioll department qu:nlil'iml lu grmluzulu pulnliaf svluml music luzufllms may juin ilu: Mlzlsir' Ilflllll-l'llf0l'S National Confer 1'lll'4'. 'l'ln- gmul ul' fVll','fVl,' was In impruvu music: 1-slmwulimu in llnw sl-lumls ul' luwn. Un lllu IVIIJNC . . . . . . . . , . ng:-mln Im' llus ye-nr we-rv 'mm-l allsuussmns, an jmnl nn-1-lnnggg wllll llnw Wlll'llllll'Q,f f.l1:1plur auul ll lflll lu ll nw-gimml mnw-nlism in llnmlul. 'l'ln- lllulllllly nu-1-liugs ul' lllis IQITDIIIP, spmlsurucl lay lVlr. Artllur llwlm-r, pmville-el :un nppurlunily lm' Ie-sling :mal elisc-ussingg Ilu- lulersl in loan-lling mcllmfls uml mu I1-riuls. llI'I'ir-1-rs vve-rv llnrlmru l,nw4-ll, pn-siflmnlz .lam-I lln-rgm', vim prusiflunlg :Incl Carolyn lfgglcs lun, S1'l'l'1'l1lI'Y-ll'I'ZIfilll'1'l'. MICNKI Smlfwl, lrnnl mum' ,Inna-I llu lluw, l'uIri1'i:l llunwn, Kuy fl-llc-r, lfnrulvn llrup.lmnmu'r. Sawornl row: lVlurilyn Suvvry, Snuyu lluvls. Mui' lllllllun-, Mmv lm: lXlnmminp,n, lllmllm l.uu Wllils-. Mlll'V llvla-n Sl!!-lllll, ,Imam-I lla-11.51-l', V1-rl:-H lluugo, Nlyrllu llrulllvy, Alpluy Alluma. Slnmlillg l,:- 'lun lhrlwn, lllr. Alllllll llwlm-u, lfuva- .lzuus-+1-ll, ,lzuu-I ll1lll'Nl'll, Kurul We-ipvl, lfnrolyn llrnm-, Kllmrlvs l"nll:-r, ,lnnivv lluvkwvll, lfurolyn 'l'ln-is lllll"lYll l'lHP,ll'll'll. 'lllll'lll lllllN'..llllllllI'1' llvlnla-1, lVlllIHllI'l'l Slrilw, ,Im-rrv llninvs. liluim- Appl:-luv, lla-luv llnviwlm-n, llosu- Nlnrlu-, llurr--ll Smit llnlluun lla- llnvvn, lllmllw llluu1l:'umu'll. l,llllll'llll llrune+vnl:l, llnlwrlu lllllwpll. Nurmn Wm-lm-l, lflmrlulll- llie-lm. qv fan 'K f.. ORCHESIS-Seated, on floor: Barbara Lucas, Beverley Buss. Second row: ,lanet Gelder, Regina Miller, Nancy O'Conner, Janet Adamson. Third row: Roberta Kenny, Ceorgena Peters, William Hartman. Grchesis Develops Creativit The purpose of Urchesis is to increase skill in modern dance technique and choreography and to further knowledge and appreciation of the art itself. Any interested man or woman, with or with- out experience, may join Junior Orchesis. In addition, try-outs are held from within this junior group to detect those most proficient in dance for Senior Orclzesis. Individuals and small groups within the organization took part in Various school and community programs including performan- ces during intermissions of formals and informal college dances and a few selections in one of the Waterloo Symphony Orchestra concerts. The group, sponsored by Miss Mary Butterworth, was host to an inter-college dance symposium. Officers were Barbara Lucas, presidentg Marilyn Ray, vice president, Beverly Buss, secretaryg and Georgena Peters, treasurer. PE Club Explores New Trends Preparing its members for their teaching positions, stimulation of student-faculty and interdepart- ment relationships and several social activities are the program of the Physical Education Club for PE majors. minors and faculty members. "Fun nitesf' weekly coffees and parties were part of the program. Miss Skittery, an exchange teacher from England, spoke on the American and English systems of physical education. Dr. J. Bontz sponsored the club, and officers were Bev Buss, presi- dentg Karen Eckhoff, vicc president and ,loan Abbott. secretary-treasurer. PE CLUB-Seated. front row: Phyllis Klein, Beverly Buss. Karen Eelchoff, Joan Abbott, Joyce McLennan. Second row: Marlene England, Doris Kahl. Sue Crippen. Mary Barnett, Charlotte Miller, Linne Howe. Standing, first row: Mary Sulliers, Jeannette Potter, Roxanne Shope, Margaret Meyer, Kay Korns, Lois Wagner, joan Bell, Patricia Drewer, Janann Kellogg, Dolores Green. Second row: Phyllis Schat, ,lill Clapsaddle. Shirley Winsherg, Delores Bogard. Olive Reid, Sylvia Ve-dvik, Suzanne Lueek, Deanna Broekmann, Sharon McGee. Third row: ,lane Beals, Patricia Florine, Mary Anne Lindlief, Margaret Roose, Dorothy Moon, Virginia Ramsey, ,lean Bontz, sponsor, Mary Bell, Marilyn Lowman, Shirley Posson. .-H.. v'ws.i.-f n.' . ..:1 -:avi nun. wil: . 'v.. lips at v' E 5 SPEECH ACTIVITIES CLUB-Seated: Miss L. Wagner, advisorg Dorothy Weise, Robert Cleveland, Theresa Hen- zelka, Kay Falke, James Bunkofske, William Blake. Standing: Marilyn Turn- quist, Shirley Whannel, Edward Klop- ton, Mr. Richard Flowers, Dean Funk, Larry Whistler, Dr. Edward Thorne. vfeiv X 0.--. Speech Activities Club Arouses Forensics Speech Activities Club is an organization open to any student who is interested in forensic activities. The speech group traveled to the Universities of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota to participate in the debates. A number of home debates were also held among the TC club and other colleges of Iowa. 24I 'S WRA Offers Activities For Coeds The Wonzerfs Recreation Associatiorfs main objective for their organization was to obtain interest and participation of college women in all types of sports and recreational activities, such as bas- ketball, swimming, hockey, tennis and other unending sports. WHA also sponsors weekly play- nights for both men and women, ping-pong and other tournaments, playdays in which various schools throughout the state participate. all intramural sports and special all-college playnights during the year. By organizing an intramural program, including any sport from basketball to baseball and from tennis to golf, it is able to further recreational interest with fair competition. Each woman student is automatically a member and is invited to participate in all activities. Miss Shirley Winsberg served as faculty advisor. Officers for the group were Marilyn Lowman, president, Nancy O'Connor. vice president, and Patricia Maxwell, secretary-treasurer. WHA-Seated, front row: ,lane Beals, Patricia Dre-wer, Nancy O'Conner. Second row: Phyllis Klein, Patricia Maxwell, Ruth Daman, Dolores Bo- gard. Back row: Maxine Lohmann. Marilyn Lowman, Roxanne Shope, Miss Posson. Karen Eckhoff, Patricia Rust, Marlene England, Lois Wagner, Mary Lynn Howe. x 65 N. Youn Republicans Choose Ike A newly formed organization on campus, established in the spring of 1956 is Young Republicans. The club is open to all students of TC who are interested in the Republican Party. lts purposes are to bring young people into the Republican Party and to provide an opportunity for them to find political expression and recognition. To foster and encourage the activities of the Republican Party, to promote its ideals and to collect, analyze, discuss and disseminate information concerning political affairs are other objectives. The activities of Young Republicans included talks by various faculty members and Republican leaders, working in coordination with the Blackhawk County Re- publican Headquarters and sponsoring an annual faculty tea in the fall. Officers of Young Republi- cans were Gordon Mixdorf, presidentg Patricia Maxwell, vice presidentg Frances Ogren, secretaryg Mary Higgen, corresponding secretaryg and Larry Holton, treasurer. Dr. George Robinson was their sponsor. YOUNG REPUBLICANS-Seated, bottom to top: Larry Holten, Tony Cook, Gordon Mixdorf, Nancy Wallace, Vivian Goss, Mary Lou Bottorf, Carolee Swanson, Janice Cerdes, Carol Hatch, Diedre Miller, Elinore Kruse, Victor Dierckson, Mary Ann Bancks, Mary Higgens, Frances Ogren, Barbara Hill, Virginia Wright, Naomi Harold, Marva Nygaard, Eunese Smith, Dale Hanison, Ann Farmer, Elizabeth Ann Sage, Mary Christen, John Messer. Standing: Charles Santee, James Helvick, Robert Carter, Edgar Epperly, Wilbur Fleming. Lois Roberts, Nancy Brown, Sally Gieseman, Joan Schmidt, Marlene Van Aucken, Patricia Maxwell, Jane Amesbury, JoAnn Sheeley, Virginia Hudson, Esther Freeland, Mary Ellen Corder, Helen Ziegler, Marilyn Jones, Nancy Lange. -maf -.-NM . ,SM t.szv1us,--xw- -' ' ' +-e , 'Q A-Hi. I U A' ,..' lf nrt-+ , Q ' "' 1: F l lf! s iv' INTERSORORITY COUNCIL -Front row: Donna Schultz, presidentg Beverly Anderson, Beverly Dornbusch, Martha Clouse, social chairmang Vir- ginia Jordan, Patricia Rust, secretary-treasurer. Back row: Donna Gardner, Delores Mason, Margaret Meyer, Lavon Came- ron, Jacqueline Vander Waal. - Virginia Hudson. Slffillf Councils Revise Constitutions The nine sororities and four fraternities of Teachers College are united by their representatives on Intersororily Council and Interfraternity Council. Both groups have worked this past year on re- vising their respective constitutions to meet the present situation. Jointly these two governing bodies sponsored Greek Week held in the spring. Sponsors were Miss Marian McBrair and Mr. Harry Morley. INTERFRATERNITY COUN- CIL-Front row: LeRoy Craw- ford, secretaryg James Ment- zer, Constantine Tgiros, Mr. Harry Morley. Back row: James Schneckloth, treasurerg Clark McCleary, president, Robert Lakin, vice presidentg Richard Grove. Delts Feature Spring Dinner Dance 'LTO promote stronger bonds of friendship among its members, to provide opportunities for social experience, and to help each member become a finer woman whose poise, sane judgment. good taste and unfailing courtesy bespeak a college woman" are the goals of the Delta Delta Phi sorority. To carry out these goals, thirty-three Dells participated in the following festivities during the year. a Homecoming tea, ru'sh parties, a Christmas party, and caroling party with Alpha Chi Epsilon, their brother fraternity. The Dell dinner dance is an event which all members eagerly anticipate each spring. Revision of the constitution and pledge books, the writing of official song books and Greek letters constructed of wood for display purposes were the main projects of the Delts this year. Officers for the year were Virginia Jordan, president, Roberta Kenny, vice president, Marilyn Jackson, secretary, and Juanita Williams, treasurer. Mrs. Katherine Humphrey, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Wagner, Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Howard, Dr. and Mrs. G. R. Poage and Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Lee sponsored the Delts. DELTA DELTA PHI-Front row: Regina Miller, Virginia Jordan, Georgia Masden. Second raw: Judith Nordly. Mary Ann Bancks, Marlyn Ray Sally Graskewicz. Lois Nesmith. Third row: Roberta Kenny, Roma Westphal. Back row: Alice Jane Forrest, Marilyn Jackson, Dixie Phillips Mary Lynne Howe. Jaunita Williams, Patricia Peirce, Jane Hauser, Donna Linden, Beth Talcott, Marcia Moore, Harriet Tschudy, Nancy Swick Jeannine Peck, Marlys Struck, Marolyn Oelberg. V7 T T px E .wif Urg- 246 xf . KXPPX 'l'HlQ'l'.-X PSI Vflfronl rout Rose Nlaire, Dixie Crosley, Phyllis Anderson, ,lo Anne Kolils. Seronfl roir: Carole Hagan, Sandra Platner, I Xlary tiury, lalricia Rust. Smrerl, fell: Dorothy Dahl, Nancy Dwigans.Baf'lr row: Theresa Ginger, Shirley Post, Mary Lou Fredricksen, Donna Xlailsen. Patrivia llinsilale. lflizalwth Skinner. Anne- Stock, Delores Mason. Sealed, right: Gerry Clin:-. Ann Kidwell. Kappas Celebrate Golden nniversary Congratulations are in order for the Beta Chapter of Kappa Theta Psi as the close of their golden anniversary year draws near. They have launched a very successful year through sponsoring a Home- coming float, rush parties, overnight parties, coke dates and a Mother's Day dinner. The highlight of the spring was the Kappa Sweetheart dinner for members and their escorts held at Black's Tea Room. Throughout the year, the twenty-five members have emphasized promotion of their goal, "To develop through its members strongly knit friendships and to strive to promote on the campus lietter relationships both socially and scholasticallyf' The Kappa sponsors for this fiftieth year were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Phillips, Dr. and Mrs. Seymour Fowler and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Arand. The officers were Delores Mason, president, Shirley Post, vice presidentg Patricia Dinsdale, secretaryg and Nancy Dwigans, treasurer. NU SIGMA PHI-Seated, front row: Tamson Crist, Marilyn Jones. Mary Frances Campbell, Beverly Dornbusch, Judith Hawthorne, Marie Barge-r. Second row: Dellene Schultz, Doris Light. Back row: Mrs. Ellen Jones, Shirley Foster, Miss Eleanor Merritt, Patricia Ann Strain, Alice Steege, Faye Renner, Lois Dunlap, Mary Russell. u Sigma Phi Sends Round Robin The Nu Sigma Phi sorority, founded in 1896, experienced a full schedule of activities which included overnights, secret sister week, bowling parties, theater parties, coke dates and a spring dinner dance. Participation in all-college activities found the N u, Sigma Phi float in the annual homecoming parade and they also held a Mothers' Day dinner. ln the summer the organization keeps in touch with its twenty members with a round robin letter. One of the goals of the sorority has been to further scholarship, and the pursuit of this objective can be recognized, as the sorority received the lnter- sorority Scholarship Award for three years. The officers of the Nu Sigs were Beverly Dornbusch, president, Lois Dunlap, vice president, Marie Barger, secretary, and Doris Light, treasurer. Spon- soring this group were Dr. and Mrs. Howard J ones, Dr. and Mrs. Howard Knutson and Miss Eleanor Merritt. Phi Sigma Phi Wins First at Homecoming 4'To promote scholarship and friendship," and GTO build for character, not for fame," is the goal and motto of the Phi Sigma Phi sorority, founded on the Teachers College campus thirty-eight years ago. Working together with their brother fraternity, Phi Sigma Epsilon, the Phi Sigs sponsored the first prize winning float of the Homecoming parade. A few of the many scheduled activities the Phi Sigs have held during the year have been rush parties, coke dates, overnight parties, a Home- coming tea which was held in the home of Mrs. Bert Woodcock, a Christmas party which was held in the home of Kathryn McDaniel, a Motheris Day luncheon and a graduation dinner. Projects for the year have been to further a more constructive pledge period with special emphasis on assigned library hours to promote scholarship. The sponsors for the sorority were Mrs. Bert Woodcock and Miss Augusta Schurrer. The Phi Sig officers were Jacqueline Vander Waal, presidentg Carolyn Dougherty, vice presidentg Joan Adams, secretaryg and Bernadean Tiarks, treasurer. PHI SIGMA PHI-Front row: Mary Brackin, Joan Adams, Carolyn Dougherty, Janet Hilleman. Second row: Betty Olinger, Carol Rowedder, Kathryn McDaniel. Third row: Melva Miller, Bernadean Tiarks, Judith Hinde. Standing: Judy Cutler, Waneeta Bergstrom, Sharon Luther. Susan Hansen, Jacqueline Robinson, Carolyn Kemper, Kathryn Monson, Shirley Carlson, Jacqueline Vander Waal, Mary Lou Bottorff, Susan Haller, Jeanne Palmer, Emily Johnson, Betty Hildebrandt, Marilyn Kintzel. E HSw?f'a 'i K FR ,jg , Ran E.,rfGx.ea.! M 5823531 8 Sim I i tfsszia H .. . ' 2 as mm mt 1 , i Lfi' J -pkg X - gs vii Z E SE-i f - Y 4 X PI PHI OMEGA-Seated, front row: Rosemary Russell, Judith Miller, Shirley Whannel, Donna Gardner, Marilyn Hala. Back raw: Alice Carpen- ter, Marcia Hensel, Elaine Takano, Carol Davis. Pi Phis Initiate Mascot Pi Phi Omega celebrated its forty-first year on Teachers College campus this year. Throughout the year the Pi Phis fulfilled their goals which are Hto develop socially and intellectually the mem- bers of the sororityf, Highlights of the year were rushing parties, coke dates, secret sister week, overnight parties held in Lawther Hall, a party during the Christmas holidays, a banquet in honor of Mothers' Day and a dinner for the graduates of Pi Phi Omega held in the spring. The official mascot, HPi Phi Petef, a zebra done in the official pink and White colors, attends all the meetings. One of the projects this year was for each member to duplicate the mascot in miniature size. The fourteen members of Pi Phi Omega were united together supporting their officers who were Donna Gardner, president, Shirley Whannel, vice presidentg Rosemary Russell, secretary, and Marilyn Hala, treasurer. Miss Loretta lVIcCusker and Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Shores were the sponsors for Pi Phi Omega. Q 2' -'rg-f--- f.1,.......ei95--.,- ' V- f y Pi Tau Phi Alumnae Receive Newsletter The Pi Tau Phi sorority is not only concerned with the campus knowing about its fun and activities, but through a yearly newsletter the alumnae are keptwell informed about the group. Other emphasis has been on keeping a more complete record of parties, so that in years to come reference can be made to these records. ln carrying out their motto, "To thine own selves be truer and it must follow as the night the day. thou can not then be false to any manfl the Pi Taus participated in college activities by capturing the third prize with their Homecoming float, a sorority overnight party, alumnae breakfast. Mothers' Day luncheon, graduates dinner and a Christmas party at which time the traditional Christmas ceremony is presented. Helping carry out these many activities are Mrs. Perry Crier. Miss Jane Mauck, and Miss Shirley Posson, sponsorsg and Mrs. Elmer Ritter, patroness. Officers were Beverly Andersen, president: Marilynn Dowling, vice presidentg Jane Ford secretaryg and Judy Stoermer. treasurer. Pl TAF PHI-Sealed, front row: Beverly Anderson, Gloria Mangold. Janice Otto, Abel Herbst, Karen Lawman, Jean Harwell. Second row: Joyce MCL'-nnan, Maxine Lahmann, Carol Delllaris. Marilyn Lowman, Marian Peter. Standing, left: Joyce Hurt, Carolyn Bruce, Marlis Bock. Standing. right: Doris Reed. Jane Ford, Martha Clouse, Joyce Porter. J W M n I ,x n R L. 2' .L---if A- 1-txai-,1- .. Pi Thets Vacation at Clear Lake A weekend at Clear Lake last summer got the Pi Theta Pi sorority off to a good start on the fun they would have throughout the year. Among the social activities promoted by the Pi Thets were the Sorority Sip honoring alumnae at Homecoming, a Fathers' Day coffee hour, a Mothers' Day brunch, frequent coke dates and parties with Sigma Tau Gamma, their brother fraternity. Overnight parties were held periodically in Lawther Hall and a round robin letter kept the members in close contact throughout the summer. ln the fall the Pi Thets challenged the Pi Tau Phi sorority to a game of flag football. The thirty-four members emphasized their motto "We give to girls the de- votion of girlsf, in working together in close harmony. The compiling of Pi Ther Song Books was one of the projects completed for the year. The officers of the Pi Thets were Lavon Cameron, presi- dent, Nancy Lange, vice president, Esther Freeland, secretary, and Sally Bruch, treasurer. The sponsors were Miss Thelma Short, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Lacy and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crumley. PI THETA PI-Seated, front row: Kathryn Milius, Shirley Creedon, Karen Wemer, Deanna Werner, Sylvia Webbeking, Barbara Wallace, Janet Adamson. Second row: Constance Tennant, Roberta Reimers, Sally Bruch, Jean Lawson, Jo Ann Lassen, Karalee Champion. Third row: Gail Annable, Donna Schultz, Joy Redenbaugh. Faurth row: Frances Green, Nancy Lange, Mary Galloway, Barbara Lowell. Standing, back row: Ellen Pearson, Lavon Cameron, Joyce Smidt, Judith Hotz, Sandra Ladehoff, Carol Gaunt, Louise Crogveek, Janice Linder, Victolia Cole. 55255 H ? B8 .. ,aa 6 -3 EEE? Eli iii 9558821 Rim? B 4 iSS8 St if Him 31 Sasmm :,S N293 l El ,f I f K X My , W"'5W""' " Tau Sigma Delta Sponsors Scholarship Founded in 1920. Tau Sigma Delta marks its thirty-seventh year on campus. Their motto, '6Friend- ship and service." is carried out in all of their many activities during the year. ln keeping with their colors of yellow and white. the talisman rose is their official flower. Coke dates and various par- ties were held often with the Tau, Sig's brother fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon. At Homecoming they held a tea for their visiting alumnae. A dinner dance and a Christmas party were the highlights of December.. Other activities for the year were an overnight party, a Mothers' Day dinner, a din- ner in honor of the graduating members and a Thanksgiving dinner. Keeping an up-to-date alumnae file and sponsoring the Tau Sigma Delta Scholarship were the projects for the year. Officers for the year were Virginia Hudson. president, Jayne Barker, vice president: Susan Findlay, secretary, and Gayle Price. treasurer. Mrs. William Dee and Miss Elaine lVfcDavitt were sponsors this year. T.-KU SIGMA DELTA-Seated. front row: Gail Thompson, Susan Findlay, Judith Johnson, Mary Etta Solbeck, Nancy Squires. Second row: Garolyn Bunyan. Joan Meyer. Denise Dennis. Third row: Dixie Seitsinger, Joy Fenton, Gayle Price. Back row: Barbara Priest, Mary Helen Sisson, Nancy Norvell. Virginia Hudson, Dolores Shipley, Janet Owen, Marilyn Scott, Audrey Gunnell, Barbara Cover, Marjean Sheckler. a- --f-us.. -Q- Nm WE -IK 'wma nam, -wrlnssam 4- 34 9 MZ' , I , 'E THETA GAMMA NU-Seated, on steps: Nancy Westphal, Jane Beals, Margaret Meyer, Sally Stroh, Jeanette Jarvis. Standing: Grace Madson, Roxanna Shope, Marie Gunderson, Judith Zuber, Sharon Benjamin, Marilyn Synhorst, Shirley Martinson, Joanne Winter, Jean Goldapp, Susan Tjernagel. Back row: Marcia Eggland, Nancy Day, Colleen Jackson, Sharon Slawson, Deidre Miller. Theta Gams Promote Friendship '6These things l command you, that ye love one another. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend." This is the motto of the Theta Gamma Nu. sorority. Through- out the year they fulfilled their aims which were to promote friendship, leadership and scholarship. This is the thirty-first year on the TC campus for the Theta Cams and they have twenty-four mem- bers. The highlights of their year were the spring dinner dance, the Homecoming teas and the Christ- mas party. During the summer all the members got together for a Weekend or an overnight. The sponsors for Theta Gamma Na were Dr. Elisabeth Sutherland and lVlr. and Mrs. Robert Paulson. Officers were Margaret Meyer, president, Constance Brink, vice presidentg Carol Lapel, secretaryg and Sally Stroh, treasurer. L. ,V ,. . W.. , - ,....,,g, W , . ., . va, .... i - ..,: "lv-+ . . Ts.. r, 't 'fern --Q A Q . .-we--m,...,. .- . 'H' . , ""'-W' ' ' H' M, ' ' " ,-agiean., -'fqhy-' , "P - S. "" A- .f-Y ' " W " ' ,. f ' -.: fi . Wg.. 'gif' 'P ,A A1T..:lg4T- . "' .f V W xhexw-Y,,r , J .. nf, K ..- ,, -L - . 'xl' lex Q.. --I4 I , . f' .A f'-A-rg . V, -,fri M441 "' A- ' , - , , - A "" w3'fffE-.'2" sim ,U M , ?"',,.1. :f?29"g,! ' aqua, xg --.T .. ., if g :yew gif.:-,figk qw ,N.Qx:, ..nNp-- - 2, ew Mg,-:xx . ...Tw T ,f 2 - , ' -' N 5 W' ' . ,- -' 2 . ' . -:V -- --1'-eye, ...' . -1. ' - h...0 - ' " . -, -4? - f-: ' N:-1f'5".:1f.f. ...a.zffw'9-rl-A 'fe Q, ,J1:x,.l'f J , -.N 2ef:.:'f'e'. Hilti, . - was ' ' .35 -4iR,,- e ALPHA CHI EPSILON-Front row: Victor Diercksen, Glenn Nellist, William Emry, Clifford Scott, Spencer Pink, Richard Leet, Arnold Juhler, Sheridan Strayer, Carl Hays, Richard Cohman. Second row: John Miller, Dale Wood, Norman Smith, Kenneth Lind, James Schneckloth, Paul Prichard, Harry Lind. Back row: Dr. Howard Jones, Kenneth Jensen, John Benser, Larry Holtan, Terry Halstead, Donald Kramer, Jay Dikkers. Ipha Chis Feature Summer Stag Party The members of the Beta Chapter of the National Alpha Chi Epsilon fraternity can readily be sighted on campus when they sport their official black and gold fraternity jackets. This closely knit group, in pursuing its goal of creating better brotherhood among its members and preparing for social life, sponsored a homecoming float with their sister sorority, Delta Delta Phi, which this year was awarded second prize. Other activities included a homecoming dinner, a Christmas dance, a winter party, coke dates, picnics and the annual Drchid dinner dance, at which time one member of the thirty-five is selected as the outstanding Alpha Chi of the year. ln the summer, this fraternity meets for a stag party which is held the week of advanced registration. Alpha Chi Epsilon actively par- ticipated in intramural athletics, and as apservice project the group donates blood each fall and spring. Officers of this organization were Victor Diercksen, presidentg Harry Lind, vice presidentg Clifford Scott, secretaryg and George Laipple, treasurer. Sponsors this year were Mr. Emitt J. Cable, Dr. Howard V. Jones and Mr. Milo Lawton. PHI SIGMA EPSILON-Front row: Rudy Kubik, John Peterson, Eldon Peters, William Ketch, Darrel Conway, Robert Elmore, Jerry Duea, Gerry Gienger, Richard Trotter. LeRoy Crawford. Second row: James Hershberger, Donald Kolsrud, Vern Ogden, James Gardner, Robert Taylor, David Koos, Robert Lang, Norbert Hoogland, Ronald Salmonson, Gus Pappadackis, William Ahnen, Robert Hahn, Edward Gourley, Leon Tollefson. Back row: Roger Freeman, Brandt Stum, Donald Gabrielson, Stanley Norenberg, Glen Borland, William Nielsen, Marvin Westphal, Dennis Pea- cock, .lon Swenson, David Mace, Laurence Sabus, Gerald Thompson, Gary Muhlenhruck, Arland Waters. Phi Sigs Stress the Golden Rule Celebrating their twenty-fifth year on campus, the fifty-four members of the Theta Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon spent a busy year with many activities. Among them were the fall smoker, a Home- coming dinner held at the Waterloo Elks Club, the winter forinal dance held at the President Hotel at which time a Phi Sig queen was elected, a spring banquet and the Father and Son dinner for graduates. With the first prize money from their Homecoming float a chili supper was held with their sisters, Phi Sigma Phi. The Phi Sigs emphasis on brotherhood is clearly shown in their chosen motto, HDO unto others as you would have others do unto youf' The pledge period was one based on constructive work for sponsors and for other deserving organizations. The Phi Sigs were represented at a regional conclave held in Maryville, Missouri, where eleven different chapters met. The ideas gained at this meeting were incorporated into this year's events. Officers for the Phi Sigs were Ronald Salmonson, president, Gerald Thompson, vice presidentg David Mace, secretaryg and Marvin Mikesh, treasurer. The sponsors were Dr. William Dee and Dr. Bert Woodcock. 255 Sig Taus Attend ational Convention The National Sigma Tau Gamma convention held in Kansas City was attended this Winter by repre- sentatives of the Alpha Eta Chapter of the fraternity. Attending the convention helped the Sig Taus to carry forward their purpose of promoting lasting friendship and true brotherhood. Social activi- ties featured by the Sig Taus included a Homecoming float sponsored jointly with their sister sorority, Pi Theta Pi. Other activities included a Homecoming dinner for members and their dates, coke dates, a fall and spring smoker, the annual White Rose dinner dance at which event a queen is elected, a Christmas party, a hayride and a farewell party honoring the seniors. The furthering of a constructive pledge period was emphasized throughout pledging. Dr. James Blanford and Mr. Lee sponsored the Sig Taus. The forty-five members were united together supporting their officers, James Luhrs, president, Dale Dye, vice presidentg Michael Horton, secretary, Clifford Angell, treasurer. FICNI.-X T.-Xl' CAlNIfNIAfSea!ei1. lronl muh Mr. james Blanford, Dale Dye. Philip Sproulv, Roh:-rt Sharp, Lvn Froyen, Sefond rgwg Thgmag Casper. xlll'hHl'l Horton. james Luhrs. Donald Lawless. Stanley Harai. Ne-al Nlcfluffin. Third muy' Dick De-rlvy, Ronald Jarchow, Sul-1 Ho Kim, Robert Roach, Adolph Knobloch. Fourth raw: Roger Campbell, Keith Harter, David Camarigg. Standing: Clifford Angell, Ronald Garrison, Den- nis Jensen, Douglas Scott, Phillip England, Larry Bruner, Melvin Schroeder, Gary Hogue, Jim Lennie, Fredrick Allen, Ed Raffensperger, Donald Adams, Robert Young, James Hazlett, Wilbur Fleming, Arden Sollien, Lawrence Campbell, Jack Weddle, Will Smith. :tg J t- ' - . ' 'XG ' PM" 'W' "Y- " ,f , ,.... "YM, f Q.. Q... -. .3. 31... ...Ig 0-M -M-1 - . , - sf -Q-. We 4 6 ..... .- 'W' P- 5 A : - . "" 'ww I if 1 T'f.........-Jr' -r:"4:ir.,' , fi fa-13 wi-0' dikn.--M: .fy L....1......:r '-""""" O , , H . - , -W-nw- .- sg .... .. .----:M ,f " 1. .....-.ww-w,,..,.,... ..............-u -- -few: 1 ' W... ., -v -ff ...C -W. U-,,,w mp.. fmt hw- J ----N'-ex'-u a , . ...- . 1... -.. sign! mal lrlhza EEE! Ty., n-n rn-rl 31 P in-T "'f J . --i in? A- ri .A 'X - -. 9' i -if ii? 'Q ' X 11 as fi 3' ' T ff' 2 'ii' 1 M " 3 -r 'qu F1 Q! 91 - " 5QT.:lfi,"3s -g1- .,, ny, - ' - --4' 'Ljq 'fe 1 V Ji, N xiafsfrg i3,+i.v.i?.,l-1- .LV- . ,J .-fs 5, ig-2 ' ' .ak nal'-V ,nh - 1 efdwi-Y. 54 a, L-, A.,.n-ggesfgfygsr Q?'1:..,,.-.i'-,,: 4 -,?'5,.l:5-mm - f-'g m 1".y -"T,4-' L- " - -- J! if' "" A' ""' 41'..'f' " Q, ' 14' V,-,,, , A Q: .,L,VY,f., N, -f , , Y 's-'rf J , 'P 1 -' ' f .. 'ff 'JOY-. 'Ie Kai'-'ffkws' IP' N"'- 7 1- 'Q ni' "' i 3"- ' . -S -Z ' gmt ' -f 'Le '. -4- ' ' gb .A'Eflfa.1fSL,'.'45"" A '- 1' I 'Y TAU KAPPA EPSILON-Front row: James Schneider, Wayne Sesker, Norman Nevenhoven, Jerry Jones, Kent Fromm, James Oleson. Second row: Philip Lonning, Richard Chute, John Messer, Dudley Stringer. Third row.' Malcolm Brinker, Gerald Reyhons, Larry Krumm, Merlin Aller. Fourth row: Loren Olson, Keith McClellan, Robert Brooks. Back row: Glenn Jensen, John Lindblom, Jerry Kleymann, Loren Parker, Wendell James, Robert Tschirki, Douglas Doerzman, Jerald Torgerson, Robert Cleveland, David Coerper, Donald Larson, James Steffen, Clark McCleary, Ralph Voith, Merle Garman, Warren Fry, DeWayne Stroud, Donald Loomis, Darrel Egemo, Thomas Jones, Donald Moody, Lee Christiansen, Gary Bush, Carroll Egemo, Roger Carlson, James Mentzer, James Doerzman, Karl Beyer. TEKES Hold Red Carnation Ball The members of the National Tau. Kappa Epsilon enjoyed many and varied activities during their second year on campus. The ringing of the TEKE bell which helped to increase good spirit at foot- ball games and the Homecoming dinner for alumni were two big events during the fall. Stag parties, smokers and coke dates were also held. The annual French Underground Party held at Byrnes Park, a pheasant supper, and Christmas caroling with the members of Tau Sigma Delta, their sister sorori- ty, highlighted the winter months. The TEKES climaxed a very busy and enjoyable year with their Red Carnation Ball and the crowning of the TEKE sweetheart. This event was held in the spring. In intramural athletics, the TEKE team won first place in football. Once a month the whole fra- ternity attended churches of Various denominations in the TC area. During the pledge period spe- cial emphasis was placed on the goals of pledging being clearly stated and that they be of a construc- tive nature. This yearis officers of Tau Kappa Epsilon were Glenn Jensen, president, Robert Tschir- ki, vice president, Gary Bush, treasurer, and Gerald Torgerson, secretary. Mr. Arthur Redner and Mr. Harlan Samson were the faculty sponsors. . 1 , 5 S .,, . -1 ,.-1 1 r-.r-. -L ww-V+., ' , .r .. :1-gigs.. . 5 aw-vi' .4 "M: '-- ,A -we 1, 71- s 1-S 4- 1- -. if - .r,,:'f1 -fi-ffrfvx-... ' ,alt pf lc. Qi: 1 , ., -, ...rf uf: . 1 , ,,,. ...-L ?f.', , . .1 he X-.A x Q 5 1 . " A , 1 3 Qf v A . me kxbxk vi Q U if x WX Qi... gg, 5:-. .-x 16" Q? " 3 4 14 X Q 5? X. .sq ? W A K Q . f KK , lv' r 4 YS., X - XOP Rf R XX X KX, ff K 6 'I WI ,f Graduates Bachelor of Arts ADAMS, DONALD V.: Liscomb, Business Education. fNlen's Union 1, 2, 3, 4, SLB 3, Vice President 3, Chris- tian Student Center 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, Student Counselor 2. 3, Vice President 2, Head Resident of Seer- ley-Baker -1-, FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Life Committee 4, Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2. 3, 4, College Eye 1, 2, IFTA 4, SCRA 3. ALLEN, ANNETTE C.: Hazleton, English. Bartlett House Council 1, Foreign Language Club 1, Womens Chorus 1, Lawther House Council and Execu- tive Council 2, College Chorus 2. 3, Purple Arrow 2, Student Counselor 3, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, President of Lawther Freshmen 3, IFTA 3, 4. ALLEN, J. FRED: Ames, Upper-Elementary Education. Sigma Tau Gamma 3. 4, Football 3, 4, Ohio University, Iowa State College. ALLER. MERLIN E.: Keota. P.E. Football 1. 2. 3: Bas- ketball l: Track 1, 2, 3. 4, Newman Club 4: "I" Cllulm -1: Illterfraternity Council 2, TKE 1, 2, 3, 4, Lantha Gamma Nu 1, 2. ANDERSON, BEVERLY J.: Walker, Upper- Elementary. Student Counselor 3, Purple Arrow 1, 2, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, BAE 3, 4, Vice President 3, Pi Tau Phi 2, 3, 4, President 3. ANDERSON, BRADLEY G.: Parkersburg, Industrial Arts. IA Club 2, 3, 4, Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4, Luther College. ANDERSON, PHYLLIS E.: Crawfordsville, Kindergarten- Primary. Purple Arrow 2, Campus 4-H 1, 2, President 2, Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Kappa Theta Psi 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi I, 3, 4, KPBA 3, 4. ANDREW, EARL E.: Grand River, Science. Graceland Junior College. ARENDS, ALAN B.: Stanhope, PE and Social Science. TKE 2, 3, I4, "I" Cluh 4, IFTA 4. ARENDS, RICHARD R.: Hansell, Art. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2, 3, 4, Kappa Pi 2, 3, 4, President 4, Concert Band 2, 3. 4, Marching Band 2, 3, lf, University of Dubu- que. BAETH, HAROLD L.: Moorhead, PE. Graceland College. BAHNDORF, MARY ELLYN: Amana. Elemen- tary. Women's Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, IF TA 1, 3, 4, Gamma Delta 2, 3, 4, Elementa K 1, Student Coun- selor 3: BAHRENFUSS, BENJAMIN K.: Cedar Falls. PE. BAI- LEY, RICHARD L.: La Porte City, Science. University nf Iowa. Cornell College, Wartliurg. BAKKEN, TERRY D.: Rutland. Business Education. Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Sigma Theta Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Ele- menta K 2. E 'Flu -0-in T' ...Y ,ff . '12 'V'-'Pit 0- . - 'N .--7 yy ,Quan . . l . I M' K' ib- t ' we ra- iiffws 'ff ,, Q N---f ' 2 xg E wg .-,,,, 5, +L gs-sw.. J' -fri' :Q if . lv 3ilQsw f -3. -3,555.1 1 5 x mmf A if may I ' gl i Q -V T - 44f14.i4q, : U b , . ..VA A E . A yb.. ' .1 t Y , 3 , Q 4 . A :'- u s- .. 1 A. ,,1' ' .r'- BALL, RAYMoNsD:,Lehigh,fs0cia1 Science, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4. BARGER, MARIE D.: Osceola, Business Edu- cation. Student Counselor 3g FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Pi Omega Pi. 3, 4, Vice President 4, Nu Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, OLD GOLD 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 43 Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Torch and Tassel 4-g IFTA 3, 4. BARR, DONALD D.: Cedar Falls, Business Education. . g . BAUMAN, BRADLEY D.: .Rock Valley, PE. f-V' Club 2. 3, 4g TKE 1,'2,'3,'4g Baseball ".'r' 15,29 3, 4,g'BaSkefba11 1, 3. 4, Wesley F0l1i'1dati0n 41, 2, 3.' BEAL,-,RAYMOND E.: Creston, P.E, Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling, 1, 2, "I" Club 2, 3, 4. -BEAUPAIN, SHIRLEY, Hubbard, Home Economics. Pi Tau' ,3,.i1-'Z ,wqguenls Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus QQSQEEQQQE Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3,4-4-g :.', ,t' 4. BELDEN, LELAND'K4:j,Dayt0ug TA 1, Della Sigmas R310 1:4 ASME.114.''Sismag4ffQeiE1i4,gi:Ei5silon li A Cappella ,Choir-93,15 ',.i,.- P.E. IFTA 3, 3, 4, Marshalltown Qllinior .v"' M.: Mason City, English. Chi Epsilon 3, 4-g City., 'i -i-' , 31 iff?3533,-"2iiililiifizfi'ff-ff.iQ5:QQ lf! 73 ,lilizf-iiliiisiifif, ff . f i l3EN50N,f KHPPH Chris- tian College- BERRY, 5CifHCf- Track l 5 f f Solon, -liiiiiof Club lr 2- 3, KGY 4? Board of, f.l 1 fesiflenf 3, 49 lv 25 College .V 13? 7 -1 i55'5"'i5f5"fi' ifiliffififfiififf BIWER, MARY A.: Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Purple Arrow 2g 4, Library Stu- dents Association 3, Beta Beta Beta 4. BOELMAN, Music. A Cap- pella 2, 3, 4: MENC Delta Pi 3, 4, Elmhurst Collegeg, ,,, LOU: Park- wood, Home 3, 43 Theta Epsilon 2, 3, 41 l'il" GOLD ll Plii Sigma Phi 1, 'i" IT"'2"g Ellen Richard's Club 1, 2, Baptist Fellowship l, 2, 3, Republicans 4. 'ia- Jr- ix.: A: 'fi ,f l .,, . Y-. fi 3.4. 'Q ' .,.'2 I ' if 'kv M , R ,A I , HY BOYD, DANIEL S.: Cedar Falls, Art. Off Campus Men 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4. BRICKNER, JOHN R.: Teaneck, N. J., Social Science. BRIGHI, ROBERT J.: Fort Dodge, Speech Correction. Alpha Phi Gamma 2, Sigma Alpha Eta 1, 2, 3, 4, TKE 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, lnterfraternity Council 3, Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tau Chi Eta 1, 2, President 2, College Eye 3, OLD GOLD 2, Sports Editor 2, Student Counselor 2, Cheerleader 1, 2. BRINGOLF, JOHN: Mason City, Library Science and Science. BRINKLEY, BRENDA L.: Cedar Rapids, Junior High Education. Delta Delta Phi 2, 3, 4, Social -Life Com- mittee 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, Pep Council 3, BRINKLEY, RONALD E.: Des Moines, P.E. Men's Union 3, Vice Presi- dent 3, "I" Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, TKE 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2. BRUNNER, JAMES E.: Boone, Mathematics. Pep Council 4, OLD GOLD 3, 4, KYTC 3, 4, R and G Club 2, 3, 4, Head Resident 4, Seerley House Council 3, Wisconsin Club 3, 4, Seerley Yacht Club 3, Boone Junior College, Iowa State College. BRUNSVOLD, LAURETTA P.: Kensett, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Women's Chorus 1, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, MENC 2, 3, 4, IFTA 2, 4, Chapel Choir 3, 4. BUCK, FORREST T.: Cedar Falls, Business Education and Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu 4, LSA 4, Debate 1. BUCKELS, JANICE J.: Jewell, Kindergarten-Primary. K-P Club 2, KPBA 3, 4, IFTA 3, 4-. BUERKENS, BRUCE Q.: Pella, Junior High Education. A Cappella Choir 3, Central College. BUNN, GEORGE W.: Warterloo, Industrial Arts and Mathematics. Epsilon Pi Tau 2, 3, Vice President 3, Kappa Delta Pi 2, 3. BURLAND, THOMAS R.: Perry, Social Science. Interna- tional Relations Glub 4, Grinnell College, National Univer- sity of Mexico. BUSH, GARY: Colesburg, P.E. TKE 1, 2, 3, 4, Seerley House Council 1, Social Life Committee 3, "I" Club 2, 3, 4, Men's Union 3, AMRH 4, Vice Presi- dent 4. BUSS, BEVERLY A.: Aredale, P.E. PE Club 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, Tau Sigma Delta 1, Orchesis 2, 3, 4. BUTTERFIELDQ DEAN L.: Independence, Business Educa- tion. IBEA lg UBEA 1. CAREY, JEAN T.: Northwood, Business Education. UBEA 4, Grinnell College: Oklahoma A8zM. CARLSON, FRANKLIN D.: Gowrie, Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Sunset Village Council 4: IFTA 4: Fort Dodge Junior College. CARLSON, ROGER E.: Keokuk, Social Science. Keokuk Community College. CARNEY, PAUL H.: Cedar Rapids, P.E. CAROTHERS. M. JO ANNE: Charles City, Kinder- garten-Primary. Elementa Ki lg Kappa Phi l: IFTA 3. 4: KPBA 3, 45 Tau Sigma Delta 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Counselor 3. CHANEY, FLORENCE: Lake Geneva, Wis., Kindergarten- Primary. OLD GOLD 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor 4: College Eye 3, 45 IFTA 2, 3, 4: ICEC 3, 43 Alpha Phi Gamma 3, 4: KPBA 4: Wisconsin Club 3, 4, President 3. CHODY, OMA R.: Kalona, Mathematics. Foreign Language Club 1: Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 43 Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4, Math'Club 3, 45 Board of Control of Student Publications 3, 4: IFTA 4. CHUTE, RICHARD G.: Mason City, Social Science. TKE 3, 4: Board of Control, Baker House Council 3, Men's Union 3g Hempstead House 4, President 4, Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Mason City Junior College. CIAS, GERALD W.: Wauwatosa, Wis., Social Science. CollegefEye 1, 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 1, Executive Editor 2: -,GOLD 1:, Track 1, 2: Newman Club 1, 2: Sigma Tau Gamma .,2, 3, 45 Jeffersonian Club 2, 33 Alpha Phi Gamma 2,glSocial Life Committee 45 KYTC 3, 4: Wisconsin State..13g?3:,,CLAPP, NEIL G.: Charles City, Upper-Elementary. ,-'- B T.: Iowa Falls, Business Education. BEA 45 :Junior College. Q . CLAYPOOL, RICHARD 11134: Cedar Falls, Industrial Arts. CLEVELAND, ROBERT':.f'Cedar Falls, Business Education. CLINE, BETTY Castalia, Kindergarten-Primary. Kms. u-:,,N- - -Ll. 'iii' f I'51 5':,f,g.,Q,,.- F2 1 , W' A im' 'X Fir 263 COERPER, DAVID L.: Wauwatosa, Wis., Social Science and Earth Science. Seerley House Council 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2: OLD GOLD 1, 2, 3, 4: College Eye 3: KYTC 2, 3, 4: TKE l, 2, 3, 4: Pep Council 4: Christian Science Club 3, 4: Sigma Theta Epsilon 3: Wisconsin Club 3, 4, Vice President 3: Seerley Yacht Club 3. COONEY. DARRELL L.: Muscatine, Social Science. Muscatine Junior College. CROSLEY, DIXIE L.: Eldora, Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Theta Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Senior Counselor 3: Bartlett House Council 3: KPBA Club 4: Intersorority Council 2. CULBERT, MARY R.: Marion, Social Science. Pi Theta Pi 1, 2, 3, 4: IFTA 4: AWS 2, 3: Student Counselor 3: Bartlett House Council 1: Lawther House Council 2. DAGGETT, DUANE D.: Waterloo, Speech. College Players 1, 2, 3: Debate 4: KYTC 4: TKE. 4: Lambda Gamma Nu 3. DAMAN, RUTH A.: Des Moines, P.E. WBA 2, 3, 4: PE Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Counselor- 3: SLB 3: Pep Council 3: Beta Beta Betaf3, 4. DANIELS, JOHN B.: Lehigh, Science. DAVENPORT, GEORGIANNA: Tama, Upper-Elementary. IFTA 3, 4: Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, 4: Bacane College: Colorado Col- lege: University of Chicago. DAVIS, CAROL E.: Cedar Falls, Business Education. FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4, State Presi- dent 1: Pi Phi Omega 2, 3, 4: AWS 3: IFTA 4. DAVIS, LEE J.: Waterloo, Business Education. DEBOER, VIOLA M.: Granville, Business Education. Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1: College Eye 2: Speech Activities Club 1, 2, 3, 4: FBLA 2, 3, 4: IFTA 4: OLD GOLD 4. DECKER, DANIEL W.: Marshalltown, Elementary. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 3, 4-, President 3: Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Grimes House 4, President 4: Baptist Student Center 3, 4: AMRH Senate 4: KYTC 3, 4: Young Republicans 4: IFTA 4: Iowa State College. DICKINSON, DORIS C.: Cedar Falls, English. Sigma Alpha Iota 4: Marlins 4: Orchesis 4: Chapel Choir 4: Iowa State College. DIEHN, CHARLOTTE A.: Ottumwa, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota 2, 3, 4: MENC 2, 3, 4: West- minster Foundation l, 2, 3, 4: Phi Chi Delta 1, 2, 3, 4: Phi Sigma Phi 2: Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Col- lege Chorus 2: SCRA 3, Vice President 3: AWS 3: IFTA 4. DIEKEN, LE ANN M.: Grundy Center, Music. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chamber Band 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2: Sigma Alpha Iota 3, 4: Westminster Fellowship l, 2, 3, 4: MENC l, 2, 3, 4: IFTA 4. 'vp-C5 qs x . ff' i .,,l , 2, 4+ .lm 'IR ?.,... 'ie + also L 31,54 M I L af" vc' ...I 'CN .23 . . fi 1 uf- " 'in' ., . W, "o-na., zxvvw , .,, ...cama- S 4 re ' ' l', .,.. ' 5253 la dll -z m ,,, DIERCKSEN, Social Science. Alpha Chi Epsiloh 3, College Players 2, 3, 4, LSA 2, 3,"4lg Vyr' 'iMu 3, 4, lnterfra- ternity Council 3, Vicelfresident 3, SLB 4, Student- Faculty Relations, 4,-- Committee 4-g Young Republicans 3, 45 Debate Team 33 Luther College. DIKKERS, JAY F.: Lamont, Speech,-Alpha Cl1i,Epsilon 3, 4, College Players 2, 3, 4, Theta Phi 45 Bethel College. DOERZ- MAN, DoUGLAS',5,,135,g,j,,3s1airsg0wq,,Junior High. SLB 1, 4-, President 4, '.io 'i:.- ouncil 1, 3, President lg Gamma Delta 1, 2, TKE 1, 2, 3, 43 SCRA 2, GOLD 4-3 Alpha Phi Gamma 2, 3, 2, 3, 4, KYTC 2. .-R.-,gag-w.:.,,.1.,,,,,..,.-,,- .f. . Ei., ff-5 ',ff,55fi-1.,",', 2, , . 1 -' ,gp ,. 5-. . W-,5,,1g -, -- , , X21i:fffifsieis'f:s.z"'s-'-,f.:rE2?,5Eefr-2':',Z ' fr , ,. -:ze-,,1,s.,,,,i,-142,-, . -, ,,.,. 41, - , DOHRMAN, J ifKmdofoafroo- Primary- DURAN, CECEUA ,," Srofloor Corllor 1, 2- 3546 1, 2, 3, 4-, Vice President',S Chorus l, 2g Jeffer- sonians 4g .gg Alpha Bora Alpha 4: 2, 3, 42 OLD COLD Falls, 500121 r f' Viuago - ', '-"- :H +3s,:,,-'x :zzz-M35 3 Ml' ': ,.,, 2 ,-,,, am: ,:.:.,1.,f Coooorl 3, ,,,e 4 .,.,,. 3, 4, IFTA 3, -- roo- riorr- FBLA 1, 2, Kappa Arrow 1, 2, OLD GOLD 1, Council Colm' oil 14 President 4, AWS 4, Vioo Prpeiiii. Arrow 2, Im 3- DOU Prrrplo gffowb gi rd og 4, amp C 'CSI em 4: Beta 4 WHA Board 3 rr. ,,,o2fig:,.s,.e,-. we-4 953432919-. r AQQS. CRM- ..-.,.-. -.,, S pf - - DUBo1s lf V -campus Women pha Iota Dolro 3, 4: - ef: ..,, . - CIW, B 4' Vroo ' 3nsf:,p5,,,,, 1- Qty,-We?,:,,5ge,,-,-t.fE.v, UG. M99 my-,.,,,.,.,, , ,am . DU NLA ngua ge. F owgn 2, 3, 4. , reef - Vroo Pro o plro Plrr -,...,,,., ..,,.,.,.,.f,:-,-..,... . - ,-,-.. Gamma 2, 3, 1 '-2-, '- f- N' ol rus 3. , px, ,,, ..... 15.vasik-1s,1,1:1:fsr:gg?-tefiay-we EaIfr5rErli'3fXZE1-5 'abfmlzrq-1S..e':3xSF,E ,Arr-'-wmv: . r-Metso EATON, ERIC ial Arts- Alpha Plrr Orrrogr 1- Slow Crrv, lo- dustrial Arts. College. EGEMO, DA , Industrial Arts. .. , 4. ' TKE 3. 41 - Collogo, Iota 2, 3 4 Music. Sigma Alpha 3 4' Chapel Choir 1 2 2, 3, 4: MARGARET , . EHEN, YW 2, 3, 4, Vice 1 LSA 1, Band 15 IFTA 1, 4, SCRA -Ou-J -CNW? ROBERT E.: Des N: 3g Phi Sigma bl - 5, I' 2 an 5 -.... JV , ' 'Q 'Y -31 en. ,,.4-f" Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 2, 3, 4g Football Delta GOLD Life 45 Baseball High. College Eye C 3 4 D CHARLES oxr 14 College , FISHER, 2, 3, 4g Kappa lub , 3 OL h 8 f' V. "1 "W Clb vm b H FBLA Arts. "I" E Foot- Km' .iv 04--X UOII FRUEHLING and Social cation. Junior High. Seerley-Baker KENT F.: College. House Sigma Tau 43 Orienta- Eye 4-g Business Education Business Edu- J.: Eddyville, 4 . Head Resldent of 'At A 266 GABRIELSON, DONALD L.: Des Moines, P. E. Phi Sigma Epsilon 4: "IH Club 3, 4. GANNON, DONALD L.: Colfax, Science. Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3: Newman Club 1, 2,'3, 4. GANNON, MARY E.: Delmar, Business Education. IFTA 3, 4: FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Colorado State College. GIBSON, RALPH K.: Mediapolis, Industrial Arts. "I" Club 3, 4: Burlington Junior College. GIEBELSTREIN, MARVIN L.: Ames, Industrial Arts. Track 2, 3, 4: Iowa State College. GILBERT, RONALD E.: Cheyenne, Wyoming, Junior High and Science. University of Wyoming. GILPIN, LARRY L.: Fort Dodge, P. E. Football 3, 4: Simp- son College. GOLDAPP, JEAN: McClelland, Elementary. Theta Gamma Nu 3, 4: Counselor 3, 4: Barlett 4, President 4: Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, 4: LSA I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2: OLD GOLD 4: SLB 4: AWS 4: SCRA 3, 4. GORDON, SUZANNE: Newton, English. Purple Arrow 1, 2: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Chimes 3: Torch and Tassel 4, President 4: OLD GOLD 1, 2: Department Education 2: College Eye 2: Alpha Phi Gamma 2, 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Plymouth Club 3, 4: Jeffersonians 4: SLB 2, 3: AWS 4: Lawther House Council 2: Senior Counselor 3: Phi Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4: Speech Activities Club 2, 3, 4: IFTA 3, 4. GRADY, MARLIN L.: Muscatine, Social Science. Muscatine Junior College. GRASKEWICZ, SALLY A.: Decatur, Illinois, Kindergarten-Primary. AWS 3, 4, President 4: Senior Coun- selor 3, President 3: Orchesis I, 2: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: IFTA 3, 4: Delta Delta Phi 2, 3, 4: Bartlett House Council I: Lawther House Council 2: Chimes 3, Vice President 3: Torch and Tassel 4: Purple Arrow I, 2: KPBA 4: Plymouth Club 3, 4: SLB 4: Social Life Committee 3. GREEN, DOLORES: Rm-mlmramlt. P.l-1 PE Club 3. 4. Vim' President 3: Graceland Junior Collegv. GREENWOOD, CHARLES S.: Cedar Falls, Business Educa- tion. Phi Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4: "I" Club 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. GRIFFIN, RICHARD L.: Stuart, Industrial Arts. Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3. GRINER, E. DARLENE: Cedar Falls, Kindergarten-Primary. College Chorus 2: Campus 4-H 2: K-P Club 2. s x 4 K -S 33 ,X I4 t r X 4 , ,,QE.i ::,K, 1.-.1 ., ,...:..--,za-7. 5 X? 'Q 55: 1 I bm, P Q tg W t at? .- Q W .PG S s se flir- Q K mf- X N gg, ,, img if Q I was -Ir- ,... . 5 1 ,H . , X, I is X 5 lx A X feel.: 113253 41" . WAR " WST ., E . Ii, . 2 2 N GRINNELL. HELEN: Dunkerton, Business Education. CUENTHER, WILLIAM R.: Vinton, Mathematics. Kappa Delta Pig Iowa State College3 Kenyon College. I-IAKES, SHIRLEY V.: Cedar Falls, Kindergarten-Primary. KBLA 4: Mankato State College. HALL. ROBERT E.: Chicago, Science. HALLER, MAR- VIN D.: Denver, Junior High. Muscatine Junior College. HALLMAN, MILTON A.: Iesup, Art. Art Club l, 23 Alpha Phi Omega 3, 43 College Players 1, 2, 3, 4g Kappa Pi 3, 4, Vice President 4g KYTC 2, 3, 43 OLD GOLD 3, 4, Acting Editor 43 University of Iowa. HANSEN, DONALD J.: Council Bluffs, Social Science. Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Phi Omega 13 LSA 1. HANSEN, PATRICIA L.: Lu Verne, Music. MENC 43 IFTA 43 Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3g Chapel Choir 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 3, 43 College Chorus 2, Wornen's Chorus 1. HANSEN, SUSAN A.: Pewaukee, Wis., Mathematics. Student Counselor 33 Phi Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4, President 33 Math Club 13 Kappa Phi 2g WRA 43 Wisconsin Club 3, 4, President 4. HAN US, DOROTHY B.: Traer, Business Education. New- man Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Pi Omega Pi 2, 3, 4g FBLA3, 4. HARAI, STANLEY F.: Kealakekua, Hawaii, English. Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 23 ,leffersonians 13 IFTA 1. HARNED, JACQUELINE L.: Cedar Falls, P.E. Women's Off Campus Board 23 PE Club 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 1. HARRIS, .IOY A.: Grinnell, Home Economics. College Players 1, 2, 3, 43 Women's Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 33 Theta Alpha Phi 43 Plymouth Club 2, 3. 4. HART, DONALD E.: Clinton, Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club 3, 4, Vice President 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3. 43 Football 43 Track 3: TKE 3, 43 Clinton Junior College. HAUSEN- STEIN, MARY E.: Tracy, Mathematics. William Penn and University of Arizona. 'PQ' 1 1 -nr .5-' of-X 'vi -4:- sis t Q 7.7 .9 fi' t sk' X Q ' I-is 1 , 1 S.--56,-my-A K ,H .gm ,, , 11. HAUSER, E. Home Economics. Delta Delta Phi' 1, 2, 3, Ellen Richards Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Theta l'-' Thet5355iEpsilon 3, 4-g Social Life Committee 2. HAYES, AUDREY J.: Cedar Falls, Eng- lish and Speecl1.,Theta Alpha' Phi 3, 4, President 4g College Playersfwl, 2, 3, 4, President 3, IFTA 45 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, HAZAMA, CHARLES K.: Kahului, Maui, Social -Club 3, 4, President 3, 4g Grinnell -' ,,gg,:'fiigf5.:-315:14 - N-RXEJ.-R'::X-risk X Y N .Mc rbilijfgf :.-: .4 A 1-----. -r , i -f-M1 ' X 1f'ffgewaipwfwi--a.-yr:rr:--in g :- 1:- ,Q KSb .Q:ESMS awe. X ., , x x 9 i New W ":: A Arts. HECKER- .." ,,,,,.g.,r. ,.,,,,,, ,.,,.,.,., , ., Industrial Denison, Music- 1- 2- 3- 4, Vice 1- 2- 34 A 11 HOUSE - Q. , "" ,"'3'Wi-fi-?E"f if X .. COHHCII 34 J AMES ,n--1.-w:f--Q-..'1:: " " X Y-J ,-:f,,- . L-2 Wavfr1Y,-5QiGl1GGi'iQ5sS' x tg befr- i'-' K -:-:H I- 24 , . - -:L ley Hall 3, Pgesilibgitz-.26--1 , Kappa - , "I 2':?1""Z'V'X-4351i QS .. " X:Q??g15':5:4-i.?sag, Delta P1 Q x- , gg-1, Kappa , -K' -. , - , x .3 --1. 2- ., t -cc -P",-Atgggx -4 M11 - Q,--req-2 ' ,1- Yfg',fsgq:-M:.z'-.-.r1---v-ahgyfkvfrQW.QQ-.-s:r?9:f5,SEm.-maskiffl' new.: - , c'. x-zqmesfkss-Wir. : egwwfibffmfr--s.:::fax.2s:ss?ax naw? - , ' P - .. HEL ,-'Af-A QB! 3 ' IFTA ,W ,gag . ,. - 2, sl chow- - '- ' elf- f. 3: f "if-:fs-92 . -is-pgs' t- ., 3, Bartlett -House. g Wes- ley Bel- mond. Scxenggegcgglgiggg Spgigfsgg f RLAN E- c stal ihemamm 'Y Q- - -ar:-,ew-:fre ---f--if-fzmegf-:mix-Q., ,Qaxxif : Q " Club 'X ' U- Q rf, QMS' N. ' if 3. 4- 6'1" W' 1 N' if a me 1, 2, 3, Club 1. l sg P -'x mr 6, is , as- - 4,14 mar-M:-E:.wk,'1:ss:::a:a.,.1-:-M - ,- " iw.-mr.-A - ie . 15' - Te Ki Ae Q 1.-.+.-,.-..r,s:1.-..-A,XQ5.f.:-5.-,-.-.N-.s2.s.. X g., ,swg-ff.-s...:.-cam: -.e.-..:-:- . ' Q' ' - . -'- P- if gs ., full Nqr. N W-' W X X W X ' N 5: NM, X .Wim - 'M hX X 1 - e.-H.-....,..m-Q-.-, .-.-. .x .- X -.::-:-.-vm:-.:zf-f I-if-W-:1.'g:e'-w . I-"QQ m K. " 'fi NA if wx x X wx X X X M , M 9, an ' HIGDON, STANLEY and Social ' ' ' ' E.: Cedar Science. ' I' ' ee Falls, Science. J.: Waterloo X Y,.,t. 3 N 'rl A! : 4 v QR 5 Rv 'sr LK' 'sf' Q L: ,,,.. hz N , :,1:q . - - me , - 1 4gE:gfQ!-QL?-'fs-:Sz YE: Spf-1:1 ' , .,.,,,.:,.,: . 4 ....,., , JM' ,Q F' "'.'7' av' i ....-0' ,J ,e of , sri, L Y 1-...-94 'amp 3 'V' HIMES, ROBERT J.: Liscomb, Junior High. HOLLE, JAMES C.: Clinton, P.E. HOLMES, ARDIS M.: Montour, Kindergarten-Primary. K-P Club 1, 2, Kappa Phi 1, 2, IFTA 1, 2, University of Colorado. HOLMES, DONALD K.: Cedar Falls, Junior High. HORN, DOROTHY l.: Fort Dodge, English. Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Purple Arrow 1, 2, Foreign Language Club 1, College Eye 2, 4, OLD GOLD 3, Alpha Phi Gamma 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, Jeffersonian Club 3, 4, Campbell Hall Social Regulations 4. HORN, SALLY E.: Fort Dodge, Mathema- tics, College Eye 1, 2, 3, 4, Managing Editor 2, 4, Purple Arrow 1, 2, Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Torch and Tassel 4, Student Counselor 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Mu Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Alpha Phi Gamma 2, 3, 4, President 3, Board of Control of Student Broad- casting Association 3, 4, OLD GOLD 3, 4, Editor 4, KYTC 4, IFTA 4. HOSKINS, M. SUSAN.: Richland, Home Economics. Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, IFTA 3, 4, Ellen H. Richards 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Theta Theta Epsi- lon 3, 4, Women's Chorus 1, 2, College Chorus 3, 4, Marching Band 2, Campus 4-H 2, Senior Counselor 3. HOVELSON, JACK V.: Waterloo, Social Science. Sigma Tau Gamma 2, Alpha Phi Gamma 2, College Eye 3. HUDEPOHL, ANNETTE R.: Oxford, Home Economics. Ellen H. Richards Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. HUMPHREY, FREDERICK J.: Wadena, Business Educa- tion. Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, College Eye 3, Business Manager 3, FBLA 4. HURT. BEVERLY F.: Davenport, Library Science. Bartlett Hall House Council 1, Vice President 1, Plymouth Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, President 3, Lawther Hall Executive Council 2, Senior Counselor 3, Campbell Cabinet 4, AWS 1, 2, 3, Sigma Eta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, SLB 2, 3, 4, Alpha Beta Alpha 3, 4, IFTA 2, 3 ,4, Purple Arrow 1, 2. HUSS, GERALD L.: Royal, Science. A Cappella 3, 4, Alpha Chi Epsilon 3, 4, Newman Club 3, 4, President 4, St. John's University. HUTZELL, CAROL J.: Algona, Art and Kindergarten- Primary. College Chorus 2, 3, KYTC 3, 4. HUTZELL, FLOYD Jz. Algona, Industrial Arts. KYTC 3, 4, College Chorus 2. INAMASU, HELEN S.: Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, Upper-Elementary. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, BAE 2, 3, 4, University of Hawaii. -. -' gf. JACKSON, COLLEEN T.: State Center, Business Education. Bartlett House Council 1: Senior Counselor 3: Theta Gamma Nu 1, 2, 3, 4: OLD GOLD 2, 3: FBLA4: IFTA 4. JAMES, WENDELL E.: Boone, Junior High. TKE 2, 3, 4: Baker House Council 3, 4: lnterfraternity Council 3, 4. JANS- SEN, JERRY: Mason City, Science. Newbold 4, President 4: Marching Band 3: Mason City Junior College. JENSEN, DENNIS P.: Sioux City, Social Science. Men's Union 3, 4-: SLB 3: Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4: Counselor 2, 3: Pi Gamma Mu 4. JENSEN, GLENN B.: Elk Horn, P.E. and Mathematics. TKE 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. JOHNSON, BETTY L.: Crawfordsville, Kindergarten- Prim- ary. Delta Delta Phi 2, 3, 4-: University of Iowa. JOHNSON, DONALD R.: Chicago, Science. Alpha Chi Epsilon 3, 4: Wilson Junior College. JOHNSON, PATTY HAKE.: Cedar Falls, Science. Bartlett House Council 1: Theta Gamma Nu 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3: Kappa Pi 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3,,4: Purple Arrow 1, 2: AWS 2, 3: Off Campus Counselor 2, 3: SLB 3: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Beta Beta Beta 3, 4, President 3: Chimes 3: Torch and Tassel 4, Vice President 4: Off Campus President 3. JONES, DREXEL-E.: Pine Rivers. P.E. JONES, JOHNNY K.: Cedar Falls, Music. MENC: A Cap- pella Choir 1: Baker Hall House Council: Band 2, 3: Alpha Chi Epsilon: Speech- Activities Club 2: Forensics Debate 1, 2: Kappa' Delta Pi: Jeffersonians Club, Wesley Foundation. JONTZQQQDENZE R.: Rockwell, Science. Mason City Junior CollegeQjAJORANKO, MERLE W.: Waterloo, Social Science. Pi Gamma. Mu. .L . , A JUHLER, ARNOLD P.-:' Waterloo, Business Education. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,,A3,'4g. KAINZ, IOLA M.: Elkader, Mathematics. Newmagl 1,,'C 1, 2, 3, 4: Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Jeffersonians RUTH L: Cedar Falls, Art. Kappa Pi 3, 4: eggs, 13, 15, V . .rx A T ' 5' X ,QEQQ ., in 11.5, -. 'Ee X X , 9 , my 1 'X , 5 . , i X X. we and N Q S we ni sl X 2 N X Q t Q 5 r 21 Ms, .L .., Nha... ' . 1 'A we wgpw-4" .Q x ' - 11..a f J 2 7 I KAPLAN, CLARK: Moorland, Mathematics. Iowa State. KERSTEN. RICHARD L.: Dysart, Social Science. De- bate 43 Young Republicans 43 University of Iowa. KIMREY, DONNA R.: Woodward, Home Economics. Kappa Phi 1, 2. 3, 43 Ellen H. Richards 1, 2, 3, 43 Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 43 Campus 4-H l, 23 Theta Theta Epsilon 3, 4. KLEIN, PHYLLIS W.: Burlington, P.E. Kappa Theta Psi l. 2, 3, 4, President 3g Sigma Alpha Iota 2, 3, 43 Inter-Sorority Council 3g College Chorus 33 MENC 1, 2, 3, 4g College Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 WRA 43 Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3. KOCH, FRANKLIN W.: Tripoli, Music. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia l, 2, 3, 4. KOHLS, JOANNE R.: Strawberry Point, Music. Kappa Theta Psi 1, 2, 3, 43 Sigma Alpha Iota 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Choir 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 23 Women's Chorus 13 IFTA 3, 43 MENC 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Wesley Foundation 1. 2. 3, 4. KOLSRUD, DONALD H.: Kewanee, Ill., Business Educa- tion. "I" Club 1, 2, 3, 43 IFTA 2, 3, 43 Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 43 Baker House Council 3, 4. KOOLBECK, RICHARD R.: Gamer, P.E. and Mathematics. "I" Club 4. KRIENS, RICHARD D.: Belmond, Mathematics. Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 33 Kappa Mu Epsi- lon 3, 4, ' KRIINIM, LARRY D.: Grinnell, Business Education. Stadium House Council 1, 2, 3g Student Counselor 2, 33 TKE 1, 2, 3, 4, President 33 SLB 33 FBLA 43 Social Life Committee 2, 3. KRUSE, LEON E.: Tipton, In- dustrial Arts. lndustrial Arts Club 2, 43 Iowa State College. KUCH, LEE E.: Van Home, P.E. "I" Club 43 Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 43 House Council 3. KUHN. MARGARET M.. Calmer, Home Economics and Business Education. Ellen H. Hichards Club 3, 43 Mt. Mercy Junior College. KUNKLE, PAUL H.: Charles City. Business Education. BEA 4. LAIPPLE, GEORGE R.: Faulkner, Business Education. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4, FBLA 3, 43 ABEA 4g IFTA 43 NEA 4. We-al 2 a--nga Q' 2 we .5 ga- 'v"? ,gf 1 V'TI'..'3' . .. . r' xg,' ., LAKE, Economics. Ellen H. Richards 1, 2, W0men's Chorus 19 Mixed Chorus 2g Cabinet 3. LAMB, SHIRLEY: Marshalltown,Eleriientary. Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, 4g IFTA 3, 445 lMai'shalltoWn Junior College. LANG, ROBERT P.: Chicago, P.E. Football lg Track 2, 3, 4, Phi Sigma Eipsilon 1, 2, 33, 4, Westminster Fellowship 1 2 3 4 2 , , , . r rf- .Q 'Nia . . . '--. ' . . .. if..Q'I-DQ3:3':-'51-::"X.C?5'3f -12 . ' -5.. .5,,., . .- .Q"'I-Rklglfb' 5:.yQ.RffIf I . K P A-11:-'E-IY:tt5S'2E'2E:': 1. -. K LANCE, Pi Theta Pi 1, Z5 "1, 1, 2, 3: Plymouth Club 15,2,5.i.g3,.1-Ai2i'sf1izi,g4iif33135hgise1gii 3, IFTA 3, 45 BAE 4-. ,LAPEL,'f,QC2XROLfAAf'5i'Deitiisoiib Business Education. IFTA 3,'4'g'FBL1'L l,'2,' 3,43 Theta Gamma Nu 2, 3, 4, Ellen .Richard-3, 4.3 LARSON, KBGER F.: Forest City, Business Educagionafwaldorf College. , '- ::..:j:-:..','-rg,-5.-..-2f.a,5fj . . wg,- B LAUTERBACK, JAMES ,.L.:' Waterloo,-'Busineis Educa- tion. Omega Pi,3, Lisbon, Home.jt'iEconom1cs. - Bartlett '- House Council' 23 .Ellen '-:', Theta Epsilon 4, 'PresidepfggI4,5,.--my ,,, Band 1: Wesley'Feundatiliniiil5IT51ffQ5?33E2ig?5i?fijfE3i.f15sf'1FI7A l'ei 152. 3, 4- LIN D, HARRY' ,L.i' -'2:', Blisilicss- Education. Alpha Chi EPSi1on'2, glhdustrial Arts Club 2, TFTA 4. . . . .. . ., . . .. .N 1 Y. -f f V- 124s-2-,-.-:V . .1,-pairs.4w-g-',- :.-,:--- Q 1 ,sc - -' .. -,.::s-'s:f2fqfx:w1 1.--1.-.-1:44 Us-gf -V -1ras.:-5:-:1:e,'+v:f.-.. ' ':::.' ' ,--.sf f ' . f' R JN?-.1 'I Cx-' '-'7"'S' I"" -.,.:b II .4 eiiif' -"S.'.tZi.L i-'-:- -Sf.-H -31+ ' ,X .... N. .. ...V ,.-... , ,..,.... , .. Q. ,,., 4 ..,x.:,,,,.. ,,,V .....,, , i , ..... ,, ..,.-.., .,.. VJ, ,.,. , .,,,, .,,. ,ae ,,.- . ,,,. .,,,,,,,, :. ,., UND, and Earth lay, P-5 C011ffaff K-2 cedar "t' 3, 4. S.. .ie J 1-' ,'.'., '- " I' e A ee LOHR. RONALD science. Infer- varsny 2, 3, 4, GERALD D.: Lehigh, Science. Iowa NING, PHILLIP E.: Waukon, 1, 2, 3, 4, Head Resident 43 39 Men's Union 4. .,,,.,.,.. .,,.. , .,., ,.,,. ..,.. ,,.. .,..,,. . . 5i3"I,5v-Q1i.:i?i5'I5Eff i .-14212, -f-1.62. - Q- J- i:r?.2'.L":5S . 1- '. wysgzgfj1.'.-fzzissiisg i ' 3:b::Av ' - 'F-:G"" X 575 '.-5"".'f"wriN. '. S' ur-f s 3' 'RTP' s. .1 91- .sir 1 --1' Q I vu -4041 Ybof 'I' 1 N4 LOWELL, Mixed Chorus Vice President 2, Algona, P.E. WRA 3, IFTA 3, 4, PE Clu er House Council Junior High. Nu Epsilon 3, 4 LUCAS, 2 3 4 2, 3, 43 Social Life 3, ' b 1, 1: C Band 1, 2, 3g 4' Orchesis 1, 2, 43 Pi Theta MARILYN J.: 43 Pi Theta Pi 4, Pres'dent 3 4' 1 , a 3 5 Lawth- JOAN: Colfax, Beta Alpha College Players 1, 33 Orchesis 1, 2, Tor h and Tassel 4, Kappa Delta Lawther House Co WRA 2, 3g PE 1 Club Vice Choir 1 Wesley Springs, Council 3 Sigma Chorus 1 Pe p Council 3, H.: Aplington, REVERDY 4, Waldorf Alpha Iota ,rus 1g A MALLAS, JAY: Iowa State. Mason City MASSEY, Junior E. Phi Sigma 2, 39 Varsity Humbolt, Music. Women's Cappella 3, 4, MENC 3g Mu 4-,S USTLAND, EARL: Lime eerley House Rockwell City, Music. Choir 3, 43 College 4, Band 1, 2. McCREATH, DOROTHY: Hamilton, Illinois, Business Edu- cation. IFTA 2, 3, 4, Women's Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Chi Delta 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Campbell Cabinet 4. MENTZER, JAMES R.: Cedar Rapids, Industrial Arts, TKE 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4, Coe College. MESSERLY, ROGER R.: Buckingham, Art. Iowa State College. MEYER, BONNIE: Reinbeck, Kindergarten-Primary. Art Club 1, 2, Westminster Foundation I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Iowa State College. MIDDLETON, LORETTA L.: Betten- dorf, English and Drama. Nu Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Purple Arrow l, 2, Chimes 3, Torch and Tassel 4, Alpha Phi Gamma 2, 3, 4, President 4, College Players l, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, OLD GOLD 1, 2, 3, 4, Copy Editor 2, and Associate Editor 3, College Eye l, 2, Foreign Language Club 1, AWS 3, Student Counselor 3, KYTC 3, SLB 3, 4, IFTA 1, 2, 3, 4. MIDLAND, DALE L.: Eagle Grove, English. Kappa Delta Pi 3, Speech Activities Club 3, Eagle Grove Junior College. MILLER, REGINA A.: Marner, Business Education. Delta Delta Phi 2, 3, 4, FBLA I, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, IFTA 3, 4, Orchesis 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Life 4. MITCHELL, JOSEPHINE S.: Reinbeck, Junior High. Cornell College. MITCHELL, MILDRED C.: Buckingham, Upper Elementary. Kappa Delta Pi 2. MITTS, JON W.: Lake Park, P.E. and Mathematics. Sunset Village Council 3. MOEHN, MARJORIE J.: Danville, Kindergarten-Primary. IFTA 1, 2, 4, KYTC 4, KPBA 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Senior Counselor 4, Campbell Cabinet 4, Burlington Junior College. MOELLER, MARILYN I.: Palmer, Business Education. Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, FBLA 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Iowa State College. MOON, JERROLD B.: Davenport, Social Science. MOONEY, JAMES A.: Waverly, Social Science. MOSER, ROGER C.: Greene, Science. M Yi 0 ' l 1-., gg? . New 'g.,fx fs, E' -... I Ll -q-M 'Qs' .,,,i2,F??, I 1, ' 4 GV I Q ' xt i V . ,., 5 .. : j- i , .L ,sy.y,..', airf- .I kos'-" 1"" MUKAI. ALLISON Y.: Sprekelsville, Maui. Kindergarten- Primary. Alpha Phi Gamma 3, 4, K-P Club 2: KPBA 3, 4. Vice President 4g Nu Sigma Phi I, 2. 3. 43 IFTA 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3. 43 Student Counselor 3g Lawther House Council 2: Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 41 OLD COLD I. 2: Chimes 3g Purple Arrow 1, 2. MIQLLINS, DARL V.: Chariton, Business Education. Central College. NAI..- LY. THOMAS V.: Scranton, Junior High, NELSON, GLORIA D.: Newell, Kindergarten-Primary. Purple Arrow 2g Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Theta Epsilon 45 KPBA 4-g Bethel College. NERO, JOHN R.: Cedar Falls, Social Science. NEVENHOVEN, MERLE J.: Aplington, Social Science. Ellsworth Junior College. NICHOLS, KENNETH M.: Cedar Falls, P.E. Phi Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4, "I" Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. NICKLAUS, DELBERT: Parkersburg, P.E. HI" Club 2. 3, 4, 2, 3, 43 Central College. NIELSEN, WILLIAM P.: Paullina, P.E. Football 1, 2g Track 1, 2, 3. 4, HI" Club 3, 43 Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, 4. NIEDERT, RICHARD H.: Cedar Falls, Science. NIS- SEN, GEORGE: Oelwein, Science. ANISSEN, RAY L.: Oelwein, Industrial Arts. "I" Club 2, 3, 4, Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4g Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. NOBLE, CLRTIS C.: Riceville. Musie. College Choir I, 23 A Cappella 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 4: Plymouth Club l, 23 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2, 3, 41 Chapel Choir 3. 4g Played Companile 3. NOLAN, PATRICK V.: Emmets- IJUUL. P,E. Emmetsburg Junior College. NORENBERG, STANLEY L.: Keota, P.E. Phi Sigma Epsilon 2. 3, 4, "I" Club 2. 3. 4: Parsons College. 'Gi' 'SP' "30592:'s E' R- .,. Q V -iff-1 - - f.:-211,sfze.fs.:y.f 4 has-v YYTH- 7' I Q13 ,.-.ev -vc... .,., ... mar ff-w if . 'Q' K Q z 3 ,mv , 'X' 1 in ,4- 0 4-E' i f', NYMANN, Falls. Mathematics. Kappa Mu 5 11 3: Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4, vice President OIZONNOR, NANCY: Chicago, P.E. 4,'i'VioE'?fPresident 4g Orchesis 3, 4-g Hillsdale College. OCDEN, VERNE B.: Odebolt, Busi- ness Education. Phi Sigma,-Epsilon 1. 2, 3. 4g "IN Club we , - 341. 3, 4g AMRH iwprestdent-49 SLB 44 FBLA 3, 4, West- , ..,., rnmster Q, -. , .,v t .xg:.I'fg,.'l: if '- .t.Kiwi5,FS3'1.1"-':'1i'-T' " . .. e , 'tw-I -'ff -"- .,.g,. ' rf'-:'-me-::'.-1111:- . OLESON. OPHEIM, M OH- ORT- I NER' lay House Cwrwll 3: t r ' ' ' .- si Ie' A- :, Sii1s.5Q.,.,.sq.--.- wm,-,..M,.- --M .at ' SE: -1 3551?-4 21'-lamp s' .e4E'? :C X KE 22+ F , we 4:p4'..g':si.-x w:i,sv:f.z-FW, .4 ,e-4? 4 , 1 await' a -, 891.2122 fs-f -+-:-- 1-v..1,?',.feast:-1 , vw--: -. usez::f,::':f":-f':x.f.s2::q--lwi- I it :fsea:'.sw,4:f4a2.: '51-'-zzrfas Lx 4+ OS . , science. f "" 1 . "" .-,.f'-?'1E."e,,'-1" " ..31t,h.,,x5 - - ss:-.-2353 OWEN, - Si t-5: 4g3'v ?'Q5 3 State 3: f5I"-"JMC WISTFQ., v ., 1 "V 'Ti' , 5- ' ' " College- Club ' " . 1 ' 5 0' , I iiizilfi' wa We - 4. . x. p- 1 ' D'-.44 - 4 - :-F . ' . ' .- - ,. :52lf'335131i"'f""i' ary. 5 . 2. 3, 4: 1 ew 4 1. i:5LEE4 ff-ft -V ' 4- ff - KPB4 LESTER E.: Lim Ela 3, 4: Luther Silas Raplds, JCff6fS A 2, 3' mt afl ggs::fs.iz:::fsca:::sm,g -. ::k1'ex-N 4 Beta B .... ,..., ...... ....., M .,.r ..4...t, ...lotus Swv ., ,.. '-"'- ""' ,- ,Y , :1 :r-1,2-S: 2 V-: -'ixfr'-:f.2:6r:1:':rS:-::rs-1:1.rEf: - .,,, - .-xv ee-z-:--g:.,1.:.1-g-za:-: za:-1-:+ -f.'- :I me -:rzr - 1-r:-fri. ':::f-.:.:s:::-arf-i: -' MQ., -9 -we.-sf,Q-1-ssyq:,:.s,:f,:::t,s- .::. :iq ztgqivik-1-1:g3,.5 zip. szg:-44:24 2.4 .V :- :EEE22:S5if57X"5F5i'fI?E:E1: .53 ,.,. ,.5.,. . V----:1:::::-a.. . ,, .A PATTISON, ISABE ford, Elementary. Kappa Delta 3, V' IAVQA, UI'liVEI'Sll.y of Iowa. PAXON, ""' Richland, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota 3, ,,., 5 V21 .ll Vice President 3, Symphony Orchestra Band lg Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 ,..f:' 3 A IFTA 4- PEA' COCK. DEN ial Science. Phi Sigma Epsilon. "'l' 5' Vice President 4? Grand ' tte' mb -sd' new .bf PETER, MARIAN M.: Lime Springs, Home Economics. Pi Tau Phi l, 2, 3, 43 Ellen Richards Club 3, 43 Beta Beta Beta 3, 43 Purple Arrow 23 Marlins 33 Student Counselor 33 IFTA 4. PETERS, ROBERT J.: Ames, Social Science. United Student Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4, State President 33 Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 43 Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship 3. 43 IFTA 2, 3. 4: Iowa State College. PHILLIPS. RICHARD A.: Cedar Falls, Elementary and Speech Correction. Kappa Delta Pi 23 Sigma Alpha Eta 1. PIERCE, ALICE PATRICIA: Cedar Falls. Home Econom- ics. Delta Delta Phi I, 2, 3, 4g Ellen H. Richards Club I, 2, 3. 4: Kappa Phi I. 2, 3. POLANSKY, RICHARD: Cedar Rapids, Business Education. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 43 Gamma Delta 2, 3, 4, President 2, Vice President 33 SCRA 3. POLKA, DWAYNE G.: Tama, Industrial Arts.. Stone House 4, President 43 Football I, 2. POWELL, BEVERLY A.: Harcourt, Kindergarten-Primary. Newman Club I, 2, 3, 43 ,Ieffersonian Club 33 KPBA 3, 43 K-P Club I, 23 IFTA 3, 43 Campus 4-H I, 2. POWERS, MARJORIE A.: Duncombe, Library Science. OLD GOLD 43 Kappa Theta Psi 3, 43 Library Students Association 3, 43 Newman Club 3, 43 Webster City Junior College. PRIC- HARD, PAUL N.: Fontanelle, P.E. Alpha Chi Epsilon 1, 2. 3, 43 Sigma Theta Epsilon I, 2, 3. 4, Vice President 3g Baker Hall House Council 33 Wesley Foundation I, 2. 3, 4. PRIEST, BARBARA J.: Cedar Falls, Music. Tau Sigma Delta I, 2, 3, 4g Sigma Alpha Iota 2. 3, 43 Torch and Tassel 43 Purple Arrow 1, 23 A Cappella I, 2, 3, 43 MENC 23 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Student Counselor 2, 3g Opera I, 2, 3, 4. PUHRMANN, LOIS M.: Paullina, Library Science. Gamma Delta I. 2, 3, 4g Women's Chorus lg Li- brary Students Association 3, 43 Alpha Beta Alpha I, 2, 3, 4, President 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Pi Phi Omega 2, 3, 4, President 33 IFTA 3, 43 Counselor 33 Purple Arrow I, 2. QUACKENBUSCH, VELMA: Vinton. P.E. PE Club I, 2, 3, 43 Phi Chi Delta I, 23 Bartlett House Council I3 Lawther House Council 2. RAMMELSBERG, FLOY J.: Vinton, P.E. PE Club I, 23 Sigma Theta 23 IFTA 3, 43 Valparaiso University. RICH- ARDSON, DARREL L.: Des Moines, P.E. "I" Club 3, 43 Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, 43 Drake University. RIGCLE, RICHARD R.: La Porte City, Art, Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4, President 33 Westminster Foundation I, 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Counselor 3. ROBERTS, LYLE E.: Dexter, Business Education. TKE 1, 2, 3, 4: FBLA l, 2, 3, 4. ROBERTS, M. JOANNE. Cedar Falls, Kindergarten-Primary. KPBA 3, 4: K-P Club 1, 2: Boone ,lunior College. ROBINSON, FRANK B.: Des Moines. Social Studie-s and P.E. "I" Club 2. 3. 4. Presiale-nt 41 Kappa 515,113 P-ig Track 2, 3. 4, lhiwr-ily of Iowa. ROLLINSON, CURTIS A.: Cedar Falls, Junior High, Mis- sissippi Southern. ROLSTON, H. ELAINE: Adel, Business Education. Pi Theta Pi 1. 2, 3, 4: FBLA 1, 4: IFTA 4: Couns--lor 3. ROOSA, DEAN XI.: Lehigh. Science, l-Sort Dodge junior College. ROSKAMP, RUTH: Cedar Falls, Business Education. FBLA 1, 2, 3, 43 Delta Delta Phi 2, 3, 4. RUEHLE, EUGENE C.: Ruthven, Mathematics and Industrial Arts. TKE 3, 4: Seerley Yacht Club, Wisconsin Club 4: Waldorf Junior College. RUNYAN, EVA L.: Woodbine, Junior High. Christ- ian Student Center 1, 2, 3, 4: Speech Activities Club 3: Math Club 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. RUSSELL, ROSEMARY H.: Corning, Home Economics. Ellen H., Richards 1, 2, 3, 4, President 43 Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4: Pi Phi.Omega'3, 45 Tau Chi Eta 2: Campus 4-H 1, 2g Young Republicans 3, 143 Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4. RUST, .PATRICIA N.: Davenport, Kindergarten-Primary. KPBA "',, 3 , ,.,, 45 Campbell Cabinet 3, 43 Iowa State College. WILLIAM: Bancroft, Industrial Arts. New- man j2,:3, 4, President 35 Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3.4. ,"' i"" , 1 . ' '.', ' ' V' ' I 1' -'1- RYCHNOVSKY, SHEILA Li: Cedar Falls, Upper Elementary. College Chorus 2: Chapel Choir 2: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4g Kappa Theta Psi 2, 3: Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4: Fort Dodge Junior College. SAILOR, WILLIAM D.: Lisbon, P.E. Buena Vista College. SALMONSONQTQRONALD W.: Kiron, P.E. Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Seerley Hall 3, Vice President 3: Men's Union 3,gQQ,'f:3Pfesident 4-3 Carpenter House President 4: Counselor 2, f'I375?Club 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. .W-li Q' f A f 2 co p vb of- NSS" 4-eff' , SANDERS, SHARON L.: Oaklawn, English. IFTA 3, 4: Chimes 3: Torch and Tassel 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Womens Chorus 1: College Chorus 2: Phi Sigma Phi 1. 2, 3, 4: Off Campus Wo1i1en's Housing 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4: Westminster Fellowshipfl, 2: Kappa Delta Pi 4: College Players 4: College Eye 2, 3, 4: OLD COLD 2: Purple Arrow 1. 2: Student Counselor 2, 3: Film Club 1. 2. SCHAUDT. GERALD: Slater, P.E. Grandview Junior College. SCHLAMAN, FRIEDA M.: Hampton, Art. Art Club l: College Chorus 3: SCRA 2. 3: Lawther House Council 2: Baptist Student Center 1, 2, 3, 4: Purple Arrow 1. 2. SCHOMBURG, WAYNE C.: Latimer, Mathematics. Cam- ma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4: Lambda Delta Lambda 2, 3, President 3. SCHREPFER, RAY S.: Fort Madison, Junior High. TKE 2, 3, 4. SCHROEDER, BERNARD W.: Ruthven, In- dustrial Arts. OLD GOLD 3, 4, Art Editor 4: College Eye 3, 4: LSA 3: Waldorf College. V SCHULTZ, DONNA M.: Postville, P.E. Phi Chi Delta l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2: Pi Theta Pi 2, 3, 4, President 3: Inter-Sorority 3, 4, President 4: Chimes-3: Purple Arrow 1, 2: Torch and Tassel 4: Bartlett House Council 1: Student Counselor 3: Lawther House Council 2: P.E. Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Women's Chorus 1: A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: IFTA 4: Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. SCOTT, DARRELL L.: Eldora, Music. Phi Sigma Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: MENC 3, 4: Math Club 2, 3, 4. SCOTT, JOHN A.: Cedar Rapids, Business Education. Kappa Delta Pi 3: BEA 3: University of Iowa. SEEMAN, NORMAN W.: Waterloo, Business Education. Off Campus Men's Union 3, 4, President 4: SLB 3, 4: KYTC 3, 4. SELBY, ARLENE Liscomb, Music. MENC 2, 3: IFTA 1, 2: College Chorus 1, 2: A Cap- pella 3, 4: Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4. SHARP, ROBERT E.: Clarion, Industrial Arts. Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4: "I" Club 3, 4 Industrial Arts Club 3, 4: Seerley House Council 3: IFTA 4: Wrestling 1, 2. SHELTON, RONALD E.: Fort Dodge. Social Science. Fort Dodge Junior College. SHEPARD, EARL R.: Dunkerton, Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Vice President 4: iowa State College. SHIPLEY, WILLIAM R.: Ute, Elementary and Earth Science. 3 fi' 'NS fv- A. qw. "Ov-QCP '-Q iv' : 'iw .,J3 'iv ...ff Q-- N are W X Vx 'si'-'T 1 ff , :S 2 ,- SIMON, Newman Club: !'5' Pi 1, 2, 3, 4, K-P Club 1, 2g KPBA 3, Eye 1, Library Student Association 2g.MSgudent'.Coutisolor. SKOG, CLARENCE R.: Keokuk, Soiial Sciende. Keokuk College. SMILEY, L. 'l'RAVlS:,,,Qedal' Falls, Industrial Arts, Alpha Phi Gamma 23 1,'2. sow? 5 Q--QR-X V.: X. 95:2 fs-:E AUM' SMIT, Economws. - - "'- W., . P1 P111 21 37 42 Kappa Phi 4- 1 , f' -Zi-25. I-".-.fiffifgrfi '?'5:23.'?Lif?Sze.-555-'gizlialfzfffqzjgi . SMH H, Chl Epsilon 2, 3414? F-2 Cnflnf Falls, Pl 3, 44 Pi Onnfsn 3, 1 S- Knnnn M ll TLT Ia, Beta ,X 5-1-,1:,.wj:w1:'::A3y - "" nh k '-"- 3, N 5 TTE l-I Aiwa, A 2, 3, ,,WA..:::-:.., 4. .Xa-. .,-,I 4 9 f if dent 4 2 1- 1.1 -"gg, .1-.5 -WE. E., , , N ffwfnnn Q - " I 1 , f1-rr.1s-1s-l:---sw-an , 5. ns - g:1:s-2, :'f'X2wwsgg."SsS-. i " -.M-. bin ' 531 ' i 'J -- . Ji - STEFF nnnnnnn- Lambdafgm , Eta S, 44 4: -,- -so-2 -Q ' in -2-l Newmaifiw MES W arerlor f EWART, LARRW1 ' - A 'N f n ln 1 Gnnnna ' 4' j r f 13:-'. ' Q -V . N- lm-1 -. S-"Z ' ---' . q Q: - LTOCK, WILLIAM Industrial Arts. Kappa Delta Pi 3. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4, illage Council 1, ' - 'fxls W, 'si'-.:Y2Qsi55--:':5l'iE2EE- - - 4. STRACKBEI 1or High. Chapel - -' 1 - Choir 3g , Qe'sfw3'tsQsiSii35P1J:p of Colorado. -v.-45553315139-an wghxmhx X .K . STRIKE, MA N, f QXBN.-Lrfjjglgl-fQl3.lI1CI'l13.tlCS. -f-ef.: ., 1 - 4-P. fs.--We . Q, Q 21.525 Sai, bgsgzw:-:Q-:-.m-Q 4 - 1. .-:-. .-.'.:s1Er.f "5'fIfIiS:5Ei-'57f55E5f9 3:S'?fYf:fr??t1fE:5f:fE25IfEi2i::If5E5EE-IIEF152 i mx A 41' .- W4 STRINCER fl" 5. W ,NA Amkgstwie rv 4-9 3 its su., :sf Q. , rib gliffi ess Education TKE 2, 3, 4-g FBLA IFTA 4 STRUB Clu 4, KPBA 3. 4. IFTA Kindergarten-Primary. 1 . House Council 3g PE. TKE 1, 2, 3, A.: Davenport, 33 IFTA 1, 2, 3, Arts. LSA 1, Delta Pi 3, 4g CAROLEE. Ot- 1, 2g KPBA 3, 4-5 1, 2, 3, 4-g IFTA , MILDRED A.: Delta Pi 3. Education. "I" Club 2, Beta Beta 3, 4, Waterloo, Speech E511 1 a , , ,.,. ,.,.,,, , 'Y Wesley College. CON- 2 3 4 Sigma y Club Council 4- fl ,dsx Y-1v College Kappa Phi fa' 6 Council 1' '4 , Track , ,A Junior Dodge Kindergarten-Primary. Delta 1, 2, 3, 43 4, Bartlett House THORDSEN, JERRY Chapel Choir 1, 2g O.: Fort Dodge, 3, 45 BAE 43 Fort TORGERSON, ,IERALD M.: Northwood, Business Education. TKE 1, 2, 3, 4, Men's Union 2, 3, Vice President 3, FBLA 2, 3, 4, Head Resident 4, Counselor 2, 3, 4. TOWNE, PETER R.: Mason City, P.E. "I" Club 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3. 4. TRAVIS, RAY M.: Jefferson, Art. TULLBERG, ROLAND H.: Cedar Falls, Science. Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3. TURNQUIST, MARILYN: Des Moines, Speech. Speech Activities 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Campbell Hall Cabinet 3, SLB 4, College Chorus 2, 3, Womenis Chorus 1, Debate 1, 2, 4, Counselor 3, IFTA 1, 3, 4. VAN DEPOL, MARGARET W.: Cedar Falls, Elemen- tary. William Penn College. VERBRUGGE, WILLIAM E.: Humboldt, Industrial Arts, Sigma Theta Epsilon 1, College Chorus 1, 2, 3, A Cap- pella 4, Industrial Arts Club 4, Symphony Orchestra 3, Christian Student Center 2, 3, 4. VONK, CARROLL E.: Lester, Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club 3, Drake Uni- versity, Augustana College. WATANABE, SHIRLEY S.: Lihue, Kauai Hawaii, Kindergarten-Primary. OLD GOLD 3, 4, KPBA 3, 4, K-P Club 1, 2, Alpha Phi Gamma 3, 4, Pi Phi Omega 3, 4, IFTA 4. WEAVER, DEAN: Dana, P.E. WEST, LOIS G.: Cedar Falls, Business Education. Pi Omega Pi 1, 2, FBLA 4. WESTERGAARD, MARLENE A.: Waterloo, Upper Elemen- tary. IFTA 4, BAE 3, 4. WETZEL, NORMA J.: Kirkman, Music. Purple Arrow 1, 2, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Iota 3, 4, Counselor 3, Mixed Chorus 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, MENC 3, 4. WHALEY, GEORGE B.: Monroe, Music. Phi Sigma Alpha 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Opera 2, 3 4, A Cappella 2, University of Dubuque. WHANNEL, SHIRLEY M.: Traer, Public Speaking. Delta Sigma Rho 4, Pi Phi Omega 2, 3, 4, Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation 4, Band 1, .leffersonians 4, College Players 1, Speech Ac- tivities Club 2, 3, 4, IFTA 3, 4. xx 5 W LSA' ss., .f ,APR t vwt"53E' ' ' 'ev-B , ' - "'t 'TEL , ie' : ig ,..,.. Q, gg ,V Y Z- ' .33 'PN , Y . , I Pg., , ,-fzggx - l ,wma-M WHITE. KAY: Cedar Falls, Public Speaking. Phi Sigma Phi l. 2. 3. 4. WHITING, WILLIAM E.: Ruthven. P.E. TKE 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2, 3. WILLIAMS. CRAIG E.: Lime Springs. Business Education. FBLA 2: BEA I. 2: ISEA 2. WINTERS, DONALD L.: Fort Dodge, Music. Phi Mu Alpha 3, Fort Dodge Junior College. WISHMAN, MEL S.: Ruthven, P.E. WITHERS, COLBY C.: Webster City, Junior High. IFTA 1, 25 ISEA 1, 23 Webster City Junior College. WOOD, RICHARD W.: Albia, Social Science. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, President 4-5 TKE 1, 2, 3, 4-g Parsons College. WRIGHT, C. THOMAS: Ogden, Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4, Iowa State College. YOSHINAGA, FUSADO: Honomu, Hawaii, Upper Elementary. IFTA 2: BAE 2, President 2. Master of Arts GOSLIN, HARRIET K.: Cedar Falls. Science. Beta. Beta, Beta 1. 2g Iowa State Teachers College B.A. GARCIA. FILICIT.-KN: Ames, Kindergarten-Primary. Maryknoll College BA. INAMASU, HELEN S.: Kahului. Maui, Hawaii, Upper Elementary. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4g BAE 2. 3. 4: University of Hawaii: Iowa State Teachers Col- lege-BA. t-,,5..,.-v X 3 IM' , ft if-,L ,ti W I IF N 'If I , I-,f .1 ,"-355-' '-r:gi'if,, KOEVENIG, JAMES fIfJ.'ifPOStville. Biology. University of lowa B.A. LOGANQQ-JACKSON L.: Waterloo. ln- dustrial Arts. Kappa Delta Pi 4, Graduateg Epsilon Pi Tau 4, Graduateg Iowa State Teachers College B.A. LONNING, ROGER D.: Waukon, Elementary Adminis- tration. Iowa State Teachers College B.A. if -wg I 1 ' LUKEHART, BILL. ",' 54, saignce. sun- set Village Council- f4gf'fYiceZ'gP:eSiderif,7f4ji ,..l Qbster City Junior Collegeg, was-'stars ffeizchers -,,'A' C Mc- CORD. E. DARLENE: .Dowdsf'BuSiness IFTA Craduateg BEA Gracluateg A,.4. 95955332lMA52?5'E!fif5Ck,1 Hsin State College BQS. Elf'memafY SHG Teachers College pencer, Elementary. Iowa State? : ff .1 .ss ..h':L.f',j ' . , .LM-cv: " , we ..-..,,,--..-f-.M . , -xq,.:,,.:.1,gf' H , . -,y,4,',,:.,,..:,, . 4, me-1... Q ,::.g,i511g!1i1g'I.12g 1 1' '-'Ig I. 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NUTRITIOUS DELICIOUS CO. The Freshes+ Thing in Town Do a Sound Business Wi+h Us! 81 HI-FI PHONOGRAPHS AND RECORDS CQ. 2I9 Wesf 4Ih Waierloo, Iowa Wa'rerIoo. Iowa HOLST PRINTING CO. CEDAR FALLS TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK Esfablished in I888 THE OLDEST BANK IN BLACK HAWK CO. ISRAEL'S 'Your Clofhier and FurnisI1er" DRESS RIGHT- You Can"r Afford Nof 'Io HARRY N. ISRAEL 207 Main Sfreef HIEBER DRUG CO. Complefe Drug Sfock- Painfs-Cosmefics-Drugs Hospifal Supplies Co 6-3581 222 MAIN Cd F " ' CEDAR FALLS Prinfing Typewrifers Office Supplies and Equipmenf FINE CHINA, GLASS POTTERY AND GIFTS 2II Washingfon Phone CO 6-0223 4I3 Main Cedar FaIIs JOHNSON-CHRISTENSEN CO. , FONG LEE LAUNDRY II6 W. 4fI1 Sfreef CO 6-4864 Hardware-Heafing-Plumbing Men and Women-S Work ' Safisfacfion GuaranfeecI! 3I2 MAIN CEDAR FALLS We Give Green Sfamps HURWICH'S TENENBAUM'S JEWELRY WATERLOO AND WAVERLY O 500-508 Lafayeife SI'ree+ WATCHES-DIAMONDS WATERLOO Engraving Free on Any Purchase ' DIAMOND SETTERS AND GOLDSMITHS Wa+erIoo's OIdes+ Furniiure Sfore Smarfly Dressed Men Prefer io Shop a+ fhe S+ore for Young Men LARRY'S CLOTHES SHOP aio-E. 4TH sr. WATERLOO THE BOLSER CORPORATION 271'h and Main O Manufadurers of Truck Flares and O+her Safefy Equipmeni' BOYSEN'S SHOES MARTIN BROS. , , , Flafs-Spor'rs-Casuals Dlsrrlbuhng Company "NoEI'heasI' Iowa'Z Leading Rjsiaurani' ui n an Foo r uc q pme +Dis'l'ribu1'or" P o Is To . Feafufing CEDAR FALLS Equlpmenf and Food Producfs D for School Lunch Program 305 Mam Kijfzfil ""' W' I922 Main cedar Falls. Iowa JACOBS' PET SUPPLY for Goldfish' Tropical Fish, and Esfablished in I894 22I W. FOUI'I'I'l Sf. WATERLOO. IOWA AII Pei' Equipmeni' Visirors Welcome 2220 COLLEGE CO 6-5324 29I -fel ' W RMXWW. ' ' ff -if .wi 3,5 M. is e 1 w i 'ld-4 f Rf the most flavorful meats on earth come from out where the tall corn grows they're missing from this picture. don't let them be missing from your table! TOWNSEND 81 MERRILL CO. "The House of Qualify" LUMBER-MILLWORK-COAL Lon Gleason, Mgr. PHONE: CO 6-356I 602 MAIN ST. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA WorId's Largesf Producer of Rofary Pumps VIKING PUMP CC. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA BROWN'S STANDARD SERVICE 2004 College Cedar Falls GENE'S D-X Service -Offers- Generafors and Sfarfers Experienced Tune-Ups Brake Worl: Prod ucfs AII D-X GENE CANTY. PROPRIETOR 22nd and College CO 6-99 I 0 Buy a Porfable Typewrifer Now! Use If fhe Resl' of Your Life! ALL PO EASY PAYMENT PLANS LATTA'S Complefe Ouffiffers and Office 3 STORES TO SERVE YOU PULAR MAKES for School 909 W. 23rd . 2218 S. Main 521 Lafayeffe CEDAR FALLS CEDAR FALLS WATERLOO FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES S. 8: H. FIRESTONE R. A. Sfeffensmeier L. A. Holmsfrom 2I9-22I MAIN CO 6-266I CEDAR FALLS, IOWA 82 Years-Esfablished I874 "BANCROFT'S" Flower Shop and Greenhous 6 CO 6-352I 4I6 W. l2I'h OWNER: MARION BANCROFT 293 .f 1 fl Z tif- v -45 I-41170 THE sruoenr voice or lsvc SULLIVAN'S FLOWERS Cedar Falls' Newesl Florisl' WALTER J. KRAFKA I08 Easl' 2ncI Slreel CO 6-9402 BUY YOUR I958 OLD GOLD NOW! I owne gwnq, WHEN YOU CHOOSE A KEEPSAKE! LADY DIANA 5225.00 Also S350 and 500 Wedding Ring 5l25.00 o gu I d p fed by Ke p k G If P Q EASY fc cusmr mms Prices include Federal Tax COLLEGE HILL JEWELER Wall Merrill, Jr. WHERE SERVICE SELLS AND QUALITY TELLS Flallop Special SIMCOX BARBER SHOP II09 SouI'I1 S+. Walerloo, Iowa BeI'I'er Because l+'s Fasler Fasler Because II"s BeHer LICENSED QWQM F I 0 C I I I qualify conlrollcd cleaning "' RIA NGLV IAUNDERERF ' " EANEP 'F RRIV' C D , Ephff. FSSLS6-2QZVA COLFAX 6-9313 2209 coLLEeE ST N ,... . - ,. . ,ze 1, ., ., -fr, -Nf5,yg5.: QM.:-:m,, .MM .k..L 1, Q an ,, , ?i3,',N':,v.3Sr ,. 3' .vial ,'-,+-15:5 f ,g.g.1,. ,,g -.z J- - X. -, , ,, sz,-pgtiws.-fer .1 ., x 'ww-1g:"Q "'Af:-ffgfi. x N ' 1 .,-.. ,,,,,,,',, A, , 5 gf- v,1,5-VX,-5,., ,:,fv:, VI. Qqmz, , 2 ' 1-1-1' ,R ,. X 'u..g,1-Wy , Q X fm X ' " 1 -f -1'-,ssc-rmgfsfr,:g':...'. 2 , .w: 'r,:x1f--3 -. 1 g1,1::ga?i1.?i2 ' - Yfffi' -X52 It21:23xf1i1sx : 355 fv- , A. ,... 1- , ,. mn M J - V55 , vwt 9 ' r' Topical Index A E A Cappella Choir ,,,7 .,.,... Activities ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Administration . Advertising ,,,,,t,,,, Alpha Beta Alpha ,,,, Alpha Chi Epsilon ., Alpha Phi Gamma Alpha Phi Omega Art Club ,,,,,,,,., .,,Y,,,,,, Art Department ,,,,,,,,...,,.ttt,t,,t,.,,....,,,,, Associated VVomen Students ,,,,A,,,,...,.,,,tt t.r, .Association of NIen's Residence Halls ,,,,.. Athletics ..vs,,,,,..VVs.YsssfssssVV..V.V-7VVVV7......VV.... Auction .. ,ss,.VsvVV .......... V.7Y7V7VV V V B Bachelor of Arts Degrees e.,.s,,. Baptist Student Center W Bartlett Hall , ,.,,,,,i,i , Baseball .,,s,s,.,sss,,s,,. Basketball s,,,,,,, .,,... Beta Alpha Epsilon .ss,,,,,,,.,,,, Beta Beta Beta s,ssss..,..,r,,s,s,s,,ss,s,,,s,, Board of Control of Student Broadcasting Association ,,,,s,,,,,.,,,,ss, Board of Control of Student Publications Board of Regents ....,.,,e.,,Y..,........,,..,,.,,,, Buildings and Plant ,,,,,,,ss,s,s,ss,,,,,s,,,s,s Business Education Department e,Y., .Y C Campbell Hall ,...,.. ,..,,.. Campus 4-H Club ,.... Canterbury Club ,,,s,s, Chapel Choir ,,,,,,.,,, Chimes ,sss,,..,,,. ,..,.....,s. Christian Fellowship ...,s, Christmas Activities ,,i,,, College Chorus ,,,.,t College Court .,,,V. College Eye ,,,.. College Players ,,,. College Relations ,.r, Communications ,t,,. Concert Band ,,,,t, Councils ......,,,,,, Counselors ,s,, D Dad's Day ,,tst,t t,,,., ,,,,,,, Delta Delta Phi .,,t,tt,,, Delta Sigma Rho ,...te.,V 132 104-149 28-55 286-295 220 254 20-L 221 222 42 Wiiiiio fffff. 119 150-185 102 258-284 191 124-125 172-175 160-165 223 205 138 138 41 33 43 128-129 . .... 224 196 131 206 193 86-87 132 131 144-146 225 40 138-149 135 114-118 1 12-113 74 245 207 Education and Psychology Department Elementa Ki ,....,.e,..sV.......V,sssVs,,s,ssVs,....,...,r., ,. Ellen H, Richards Club .....s..,s.,svss,,s F Faculty Senate .,..,,V Fall .,.......,..,,.,.,....,t.., Fall Convocation ,,e.......t,e Fall Lecture Concerts .,..,, Fall Play .,,,,,..,..,,tt,..,1,. Field Services e,,.,t,,t,,, Final Fling i,,,....,,.,t, ...,.............. Football tt,,,,,,t,,,,t.,,,,,t..,.........,.............. 226 227 41 70-80 80 79 34-35 152-159 Future Business Leaders of America ,.tt.. .r..,..,.,,, 2 28 G Gamma Delta .,., ,.,,t1t Golf ,,.,.,...,....., Graduates ,,,,t,. Greek Week tt,tt, Gridiron Dinner ...,,tt H Hawaiian Club ,,,,,,,,...,.,.,,,.s,,,,,, Head Residents ..,......,,,,,t,,...,,.,,,,. Home Economics Department .,,..,. Homecoming ..,..,.....,.t.,,,,.,ttt,,,t,t,,. Honor Organizations ..... Honors Convocation ...... HI" Club ,ss.sssssssss.,..,......,,... Industrial Arts Club .1,...,,...... Industrial Arts Department ...,,, Instruction and Research ,.... Interest Organizations ..v...,..e..1.. lnterfraternity Council ....,,.......... International Relations Club .,......... Intersorority Council ....,..,...,e...,..,..... 199 182-183 258-285 62 229 119 45 75-77 204-219 187 231 46 36-37 220-243 230 244 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship ....,... ........... 1 97 Intramurals 1.......,......,e....s,,...................., ........ Iowa Future Teachers Association ,,.... J Jazz Concert ...,,,,....,... ..,.... .leffersonian Club ........ ....... K Kappa Delta Pi ...,....,,...... ....,.. Kappa Mu Epsilon ........ Kappa Phi ........,........ 184-185 232 82-83 233 208 209 201 Kappa Pi ..,.........,.,,......... Kappa Pi Beta Alpha ....... Kappa Theta Psi ,,,,,.,,,. K1 Prima K1 ..,.,......... KYTC ,,,,...A......... ....... L 210 234 243 235 147-149 Languages, Speech, and Literature Department ............ 4-7 Lawther Hall .....,.,..l..,......ww,,A...........f4,f.. ..,........-..A. Library and Library Science Department Lutheran Students Association .a.,.......f.V...... M Marching Band ,,,i...... ,,,.A.. Marlins .,,v...........,.......... Master of Arts Degrees .. Mathematics Club ...........v,7.... Mathematics Department ...,... Men's Union ,.,......VV,,.,.......... Mother's Day ..,,..........,..... Music .....t,t.......,..V..t.........-.-...f............ Music Department .................-....,t........V Music Educators National Conference .,.. N Newman Club ...,... ,,,.,,. Nu Sigma Phi .,... ....... O Off-Campus Women .............,,. OLD GOLD ,............,.,.,,............. OLD GOLD Contest Winners ,.... OLD GOLD Dance ....,................ OLD GOLD Elections ............ OLD GOLD Pageant ..,..... Opera .....,......................... Orchesis ......................... Orchestra ....,,. Organizations .... Orientation ........ ,..,.... P Pep Council ..................., Phi Chi Delta ..,....,..........,,., Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia ...... Phi Sigma Epsilon .............. Phi Sigma Phi ,...,.....,...,.,..... Physical Education Club ....,,,,... Physical Education for Men ......... Physical Education for Women .,....,, Pi Gamma Mu ..,,........... - ............... Pi Omega Pi .....,......................... Pi Phi Omega ,..... Pi Tau Phi ........ Pi Theta Pi .,........ Plymouth Club ....... Presidents, Dinner Purple Arrow ........ Purple Key ..... - 126-127 198 136 236 284-285 237 49 111 63 132-137 50 238 192 247 116 139-142 92-100 101 91 .- 84-85 89 239 134 188-259 70-73 186 203 211 255 248 240 51 52 212 213 249 250 251 194- 81 214 108-109 R Relays Queen ........,.,.cc............, Religion-in-Life Week ...... Religious Organizations ,.c.. Resldences .tt,........,..... ...... S Science Department ,,..r. ..,.... Seerley-Baker Hall .....c,i Sigma Alpha Eta ....,, Sigma Alpha Iota ,,,. Sigma Eta Chi ,,,,,,i,. Sigma Tau Gamma ..,.......... Sigma Theta Epsilon ..,....cV,,,, Social Organizations ........,........ Social Science Department ,,,,,r,. Social Science Honors .......c.,. Speech Activities Club ..... Spring ..,.,,,,,.......,................. Spring Formal ..,....,................ Spring Lecture Concerts ,,t..., Spring Play L...,,.,,...,.........V..V..,...ii..... Stadium Hall ,..........,.,,,.,..,.,..,.,,.,.,..,.,,. Student Council of Religious Activities Student Government ...t.......t.,....,........... ...... Student League Board ....,,.. Student Personnel .,tr.,..,., Student Teaching ........c Summer ...i,,........,.., Sunset Village .....,.. .c.,.,. T Tau Kappa Epsilon ....,. ....... Tau Sigma Delta ,,,,..,,,,,.,.. Teaching Department ..,.., Tennis ,..,,......,....,...,,..,.. The College e...,.......... The Year .,,,,,...,.,..,,.,, Theta Alpha Phi .....,. Theta Epsilon ....,.,.,...... Theta Gamma Nu ...,.... Theta Theta Epsilon ..,.,. Torch and Tassel ,..... Track ...........,..,....... ....... W Wesley Foundation .,.............. Westminster Fellowship ...,.... Winter ..,..................,....,....... Winter "1" Queen ,............... Winter Lecture Concerts ..,..... Winter Play .,...,.....,......... Womenis Day .,..........................,.... Women's Chorus .................,...,......... Women's Recreation Association ......... ....... Wrestling .........,.........,........................ Y Young Republicans ......... 88 190-203 112-131 120-121 215 216 195 256 200 244-257 54 212 241 -- 58-67 65 59 122-123 ,- ..,.,,... 1 90 106-111 106-107 -. 38-39 18-27 68-69 .---. 130 250 252 180-181 7-17 56-103 217 191 253 218 219 176-179 200 202 86-103 102 103 90 133 242 166-171 243 -A, Adams, Georgia, 55 Adkins. Julia. 49 Adney. Verna J. Adrian. Robert. 44 Aldrich. John F. Allegre. Charles F., 53. 205 Anderson. Lucile E., 55 Anderson. Wallace L., 47. 138 Arey, Amy F.. 4-4 Aurand. Wayne -B- Bailey. James L.. 33. 41, 138 Bakken. Alice. 55 Barker. Olive L.. 50 Barnes. Alfred A., 44 Barrett. Jane. 55 Barron. James. 43 Baum. Russell N., 50. 89 Baumgart. Norbert K., 35 Beard. Marshall R.. 36, 37. 41, 208 Bebb. Randall R. Beckman. Mary Green Bell. Mary, 52. 240 Belson. Beverly. 124 Bender. Paul F.. 38. 41. 81 Bernhard. Harold E., 39, 47, 190 Bickers. John. 40. 62, 140. 142 Birkhead, Jane. 50. 89, 216 Bishop. Clifford L., 41, 44 Blackman. Mildred R., 55 Blanford, James T., 41, 43, 256 Blanford, Mary E.. 43 Biuhm. David. 47, 132 Bock. Emil W., 50, 136 Boehlje, Esther, 44 Bontz. Emily Jean. 41, 52, 240 Brimm. Robert P., 55 Brown. Helen Brown. Mabel Brune. Dorothy, 237 Brune. lrvin, 49. 209 Buckingham, Lena, 45 Budensiek, Harold Bultena. Louis Burns. Joseph. 50 Buswell. Margaret, 44, 235 Butterworth, Mary Alice -C- Cable, E. J.. 53 Campbell. Clara Evelyn, 55 Campbell, Marjorie D., 42 Clark. James R., 51, 183 Clay. James, 47. 78, 217, 225 Conklin. Suzanne, 50 Cowley, John P., 47 Cram, Fred. 48 Crumley. Richard, 49, 209, 237 Curtis. Dwight K.. 55. 208 Facult Index -D- Dankleff, Richard, 47 Davids, Arlene Davis, Robert, 35, 47, 207 Dee. William L. J., 41. 54 De Hoff. Bernard C., 47, 144 Dekock, Walter. 44 Delafield. David D., 42 Delong, Beverly, 40, 204 Denny, E. C., 44 Dickenson, Arthur, 51, 178, 179 Dieterich, Mary, 41, 48 Divelbess. Margaret. 55 Doehring. Dorothy, 55 Dohrman, Henry T., 54 Dolan, Rose Marie, 55 Douglas. L. V., 43, 213 Dowell. Virgil. 53, 205 Dreier, William H. -E- Ehresman, lrene A. Emmons, Ardith L.. 55 -F- Fahrney, Ralph R., 54 Finegan, Don G., 210 Fink, Merrill F.. 36 Flowers, Richard, 47, 241 Forest, Louise Tumer, 47 Fossum. Ernest C., 47. 215 Fowler, Clayton, 41, 42 Fowler, H. Seymour, 53 Fox, Josef, 47 Fred, Bernhart, 136 French, Valient D., 39 -G- Gable, Theresa Getchell, R. W., 53 Gibb. Glenadine. 49 Gillolev. Laura K.. 55 Gjerde, Waldemar Gogel, Kenneth, 4-2 Goggin, Leo P., 47 Gohman, Walter J. Grant, Martin L.. 53 Guillaume, Harry G., 42 Gullickson, Agnes, 55 Gutknecht, June -H- Hake, H. V., 35, 84, 138, 147 Hall, Ruth E., 45 Hamilton, E. W., 49 Hampton, Nellie, 44- Hanawalt, Mary Wheat Hansen, Russell Hanson, Frances F., 44 Happ, William P. Harper. Corinne D., 55 Harris, Lyman H. Jr.. 54 Hartwell, Frank C. Haskell. Ralph, 42 Hearst. James S., 47 Helff. Bernice. 55 Henze, Arthur, 44 Herrold, Clifford, 42, 107, 210 Hill, Frank W., 50, 136 Hoffman, Carolyn Holliday, Olive J., 45, 218 Holmberg, Marjorie B. Holmes, George H., 40, 138 Holst, Harald B., 50, 89 Holvik, Karl M., 136, 137 Hosier, Max Howard, Donald F., 37, 41, 66 Howe, Marvin, 50 Hult. Esther, 44 Humphrey, Katherine, 43, 213 Hutcheson, Ruth, 55 -1- lmmerzeel, George, 55 Iverson, Marjorie, 50, 136 -J- Jackson, Mary Ann Jacobson. Bernard, 44 Jennings, Philip C., 33, 208 Jensen, Verner. 53 Jewell, Ross M., 47 Jones, Darrell G., 43, 213, 228 Jones, Howard V., 54, 81, 86, 212 254 .K- Kacere, Joan, 42 Kasiske, Florence M., 55 Katter, Nafe E., 47 Keefe, Leonard J., 43 Kelso, Paul C., 39 Kennedy, David E., 50 Kercheval, James W., 41, 53 Knight, Kieth, 48 Knutson, Howard T., 44, 232 Koehring, Dorothy May Koll, William, 51, 167, 170, 181 Kurahara, Ted, 42 -L- Lacey, Richard J., 53 Lamke, Tom, 36, 41 Lang, William C., 54, 212 Langemo, Amanda, 47 Lantz, C. W., 53 La Rue, James, 46, 231 Latham, William P., 50, 136 Lattin, Richard T., 41, 55 Lawton, Charlotte, 47 Lawton, Milo, 35 Leavitt, Charles T. Lebeda, Agnes, 43, 213 Lee, Verlin W., 53 Lindeman, Myrna Looby, Arthur, 44 Lott, Fred W. Jr., 49, 209, 237 Lynch, Herbert Lewis Lyon, Howard, 53 Lyons, Edwards, 51, 187 -M- Mahon, Ruth Mantor, Edna, 55 Margulies, Herbert F., 54 Maricle, William D. Martin, Raymond. 55 Martindale, Frank E., 44 Matala, Dorothy Miller, 53 Matala, Raymond E., 46, 138 Matheson, Charles, 211 Mauck, R. Jane, 50, 132 Maucker, J. William, 30, 31, 41, 60, 66, 77, 80 81, 86, 208 Maurer, Edwin J., 47, 233 Maxwell. Jvonne L., 50 Mazula, Peter M., 55 McBrair, Marion, 38, 107, 116. 219 McBride, Eleanor, 55 McCarthy, Phyllis McCollum, Clifford G., 53 McCusker, Lauretta G., 48 McDavitt, Elaine E., 47, 217 Mclntire, Robert, 111, 112, 122 McLeod, Ada Mendenhall, L. L., 51 Merritt, Eleonor, 247 Middleton, Caryl A., 55, 197 Miller, Edna O., 47 Mohn, Mardelle L., 55, 186 Moon, Alfred C. Moon, Dorothy L., 52, 240 Mork, Vernon N. Morley, Harry T., 111, 112, 119, 244 Mullins, Evelyn J., 48 -N- Nelsen, Nova, 55 Nelson, Herman, 53 Nelson, Martin J., 32, 81 Nielsen, Ross A., 55 Noe, Roberta Noonan, Eileen F., 48 -p- Page, John, 42, 222 Palmer, Harold G., 46 Parisho, John R. Patten, George, 53 Paulson, Robert L. Pendergraft, Daryl, 34, 128, 208 Phillips, Cecil K. Plaehn, Erma B., 41, 107 Plummer, John, 46 Poage, George R., 54 Poppy, Willard J., 53, 136 Posson, Shirley, 52, 240, 242 Potter, Albert A., 55 Potter, Jeanette, 52, 240 Przychodzin, Joe, 55 -R- Ramsay, Virginia, 52, 240 Redner, Arthur, 50, 107, 136, 200, 238 Reed, Howard O., 46, 231 Renaud, Ruth, 116, 128 Reninger, H. W., 47 Rhum, Gordon J., 44 Riebe, H. A. Robinson, George C., 54 Rod, Donald O., 37, 48 Roenigk, William, 43 Rogers, Robert A., 53 Roth, Betts Ann, 44, 214 Ruman, Edward L., 55 Russell, Myron, 50, 80, 86, 136 -5- Sage, Leland L., 54 Samson. Harland E., 43 Sanders, Dean, 50 Sauer, Pauline, 53 Schaefer, Josef, 47 Schilder, Louis O. Schlemmer, Marilyn, 55 Schlicher, Raymond, 34 Schmitt, Mary Margaret, 55 Schneider, Melvin F., 55 Schneider, Naomi, 55 Schools, Marshall Schraemeyer, Constance, 222 Schurrer, Augusta L., 49, 107, 196, 209,237 Selah, Ruth Shantz, Hermione, 126 Shefte, Lois E., 55 Shepherd, Gene Shirley, Gerald, 42 Shores, Edna Anderson, 45, 218 Short, Thelma, 52 Silvey, Herbert M., 36 Silvey, Ina Mae Mrs., 49 Silvey, Wray, 232 Skittery, Josephine, 52 Smith, Ernestine L., 53 Smith, Francis E., 47 Smith, M. B., 47 Smith, Paul Roland, 42 Sonstegard, Manford Sparrow, Julia, 44 Stageberg, Norman C., 47 Stiglgeck, Clyde L., 51, 153, 155, Steininger, Earl W. Stokstad, Lloyd J. Stone, Myrtle M., 55 Struble, Marguirette May Stuart, John, 47 Sutherland, Elisabeth, 45, 218 Swatts, Robert, 55 Swota, Andrew -T- Talbott, Nathan M., 54- Taylor, Loren F., 47 Thompson, Howard J., 54, 207 Thompson, M. R., 54 Thompson, Oscar E., 44, 208, 223 Thompson, Thomas H., 47 Thorne, Edward J., 47, 241 Tietz, Elsie Trimble, Harold, 49, 209, 231 Tulasiewicz, Jan Bruno, 54- Turner, Eulalie, 55 -V- Vander Beek, Howard, 55 Van Deusen, Jayne, 124 Van Engen, Henry, 49, 237 Van Ness, Grace Voelker, Gertrude, 48 -W- Wagner, Guy W. Wagner, Lillian R., 47, 207, 241 Wagner, Willis H., 46 Waller, Evelyn Walter, Mildred M. Wendelberg, Norma, 50 Whisner, David, 50, 136 Whitford, Lawrence W., 51, 173 Wikstrom, Thomas, 136 Wilcox, M. J., 44 Williams, J. David, 47, 215 Wilmarth, Alta L. Wilson, Leland L., 53 Wine, George, 40 Wineke, Dorothy E., 55 Winier, Leonard, 53 Winsberg, Shirley, 52, 24-0 Witham, James, 51, 162 Wohl, Edward L. Wohl, Harold Wood, Stanley G., 47,'61, 69, 77, 217,225 Woodcock, Bertram L., 44 Worley, George, 53 Wright, Lawrence S., 46 -Y- Yager, Barbara, 52, 206, 236 Yeager, Emily J., 45, 218 -Z- Zintz, Miles V. 1X Abbas, Mary Ann. Geneva, 214, 235 Abbe, Opal Thompson, Waterloo Abbott. Harold Lee, Conesville Abbott. Janice Claire, Hawkeye Abbott, Joan Kay. Vinton, 114, 240 Abbott, Marilyn Joyce, Ames Abe. Ruth Mieko, Paia Maui. Hawaii, 223, 226, 229 Abel, Ruth Ann, La Porte City Adams, Alphy May, Newton, 132, 216, 238 Adams, Charles Willard, Des Moines, 147 Adams, Donald Van. Liscomb. 106. 108, 112. 119, 256. 260 Adams, Janice Kay. Waterloo Adams. Joan Mildred, Waterloo, 107, 113, 116, 248 Adams, Larry Eli, Marble Rock Adams, Rosemary Estell, Ames Adams, Stanley H., Waterloo Adamson, Janet Temple, Cedar Falls, 90, 91, 94, 95, 194, 225, 239. 251 Adkins, Donald Gene, Cedar Falls Adkins, Geraldine Anne, Grinnell Aegler, Darlene Frances, Cresco Aelmans, Harrison Henry, Cedar Falls Ahart, Mary Ann, Ames, 192 Ahmann, Roger Dale. Hawarden Ahnen, William Dean, Orient, 255 Ahrens, Margaret Ann, Washington, 115, 124 Aidinger, Shirley Ann, lowa Falls Ainslie, James Edward, Cherokee Akana, Henry Kalani, Paia Maue, Hawaii Akkerman, Donald Dale, Cedar Falls, 131, 153 Albaugh, Sandra Kay, Mason City Alberts, Lyle Kenneth, Grundy Center Albright, Charles David, Waterloo Alcorn, Jane Claire, Underwood, 139, 198 Aldrich, Bertha Lou, Waukee, 132, 193 Aldrich, Nancy Kay, Waukee, 193, 226 Allbee, Martha Marie, Cedar Falls, 132, 202 Allee, Grant Kosnar, Waterloo Allen, Annette Caroline, Hazleton, 108, 208, 260 Allen, Gene T. W., Waterloo, 136 Allen, John Fredrick, Ames, 256, 260 Allen, Nancy States, Cedar Falls Allen, Orville Lee, Cedar Falls Aller, Merlin Eugene, Keota, 177, 187 257, 260 Allison, Judith Rae, Charles City, 236 Alsager, Doris Ann, Radcliffe, 235 Amble, David John, Waterloo Ambrose, Mary Virginia, Woodbine Ambrosy, Galen Joseph, Waterloo An5esb111'Y, Jane Maree, Titonka, 201, 43 1 Amfahr, James Bernard, Jesup, 177 Ammeter, Gary Lee, Coggon, 132, 202 Anders, Dean Arthur, Cedar Falls Anders, Duane Charles, Cedar Falls Anderson, Beverly Jean, Walker, 208, 223, 244, 250, 260 Andersen, Darlyne Anne, Cedar Falls Andersen, Phillip Rube, Cedar Falls Student Index Anderson, Bradley, George, Parkersburg, 231, 260 Anderson, Carl Henry, Spirit Lake Anderson, Donald Jerome, Emmons, Minnesota Anderson, J. Howard, Waterloo Anderson, John Dennis, Thompson Anderson, Judith Elaine, Rembrandt Anderson, Leona Marie, Thompson, 198 Anderson, Margot Marie, Cedar Rapids Anderson, Marilyn Lee. Sperry Anderson, Phyllis Elaine, Crawfords- ville. 208, 246, 260 Anderson, Richard'Elton, Spirit Lake Anderson, Tracy Eugene, Cherokee Anderson, Wayne Dennis, Floyd Andrew, Earl Edwin, Grand River, 260 Andrew, Ronald Lynn, Waterloo Andrews, Ronald Vernon, Waterloo Angel, Donald Dean, La Porte City Angell, Clifford, Albia, 256 Angell, Janet Elaine, Delhi, 117, 235 Ankrum, Mary Lou, Ames, 134, 201 Annable, Gail Elizabeth, Des Moines, 113, 251 Antone, Carol Louree, Manning, 199 Antone, Joseph Albert, lowa City, 170, 231 Appleby, Elaine Cather, Monticello, 115, 134, 238 Archer, Keith Andrew, Glidden Arends, Alan Berkley, Cedar Falls, 187 260 Arends, Richard Roger, Hansell, 135, 136, 210, 211, 260 Arends, Ruth Ann, Hansell, 134 Arends, Sherman Paul, Williams Armentrout, Lois Ann, Spirit Lake, 226 Armstrong, Chloe, Waterloo Armstrong, Janice Kaye, Cedar Falls Armstrong, Jerry Boyd, Forest City Armstrong, Roger Dean, Cedar Falls Arnett, John Raymond, La Porte City Arnold, James Karl, Marshalltown Arp, Larry W., Toledo Asche, Carol Wayne, Titonka Aschim, Cheryl Janann, Ridgeway Aschim, Marilyn Louise, Ridgeway Ashline, William George, Waukon Astor, Gary Lee, Arlington Atkins, Betty Jean, Waterloo Atkinson, Carol Lynn, Emmetsburg, 201 Auld, lna Elizabeth, Cedar Falls Aves, Arline Bernice, Waverly Aves, Verjean, Melbourne Axon, Mary Jane, Goldfield I3 Baade, Jacqueline Kay, West, Union Baarson, Anna Wicks, Cedar Falls Backhaus, Margie Lee, Manly, 226 Badgley, Clark Dean, Estherville Baeth, Harold Louis, 260 Baetke, Ellen Salen, Waverly Bagley, Richard Allen, Fort Madison Bahndorf, Mary Ellen, Amana, 260 Bahnsen, Betty Jane, Wyoming, 198 Bahrenfuss, Benjamin K., Cedar Falls, 260 Baier, David Paul, Sumner Bailey, Mardene Hartin, Cedar Rapids Bailey, Richard Lloyd, Cedar Falls, 231, 260 Bails, Mary Ellen, Stanwood Bain, Richard Ross, Des Moines, 170 Bainter, Veola, Cedar Rapids, 225 Baker, Dale Floyd, Waterloo Baker, John Franklin, Waterloo Baker, LaVerne Russell, Cedar Falls Baker, Margaret Lucille, Washington Baker, Vita Marie, Cedar Falls Bakken, Terry Dale, Rutland, 200, 208, 213, 260 Baldwin, Deanna June, Panora Baldwin, Ruth Heanine, Clarence, 134 Bales, Alice Elizabeth, Parkersburg Balk, Daniel Lee, Dedham Ball, Dale Dean, Cedar Falls Ball, Nancy Kay, Tipton Ball, Raymond Robert, Cedar Falls, 261 Ballenger, Robert George, Jesup Ballou, Lowell Dean, Independence, 137 Balsley, Roger Lee, Webster City Baltes, Robert Joseph, New Hampton Bancks, Mary Ann, Muscatine, 234, 243, 245 Bang, Darwin Monroe, Lake Mills, 197 Banks, Patricia Ann, Winterset, 102 Banks, Robert Lee, Cedar Falls Barber, Arnold Eugene, Cedar Falls Bare, Keith Leslie, Independence Barger, Marie Deloris, Osceola, 2, 108, 139, 141, 142, 193, 213, 219, 228, 247, 261 Barker, B. Jayne, Davenport, 147 Barker, Edwin K., Indianola Barker, Robert Bruce, Lime Springs Barker, William Henry, Lime Springs Barlow, Darlene Joan, Schaller, 199 Barnett, Donnie Gene, Waterloo Barnett, Mary Lavon, Cedar Falls, 240 Barr, Donald Dean, Cedar Falls, 261 Barr, Iola Smith, Cedar Falls Barrer, Mary Elizabeth, Hudson, 134, 192 Barrett, Jane Scanlon, Waterloo Barrett, Janice Lavon, Grand Junction Barrick, Hoyt Leroy, Wapello Barringer, Fern Aletha, Ruthven, 235 Bartachek, Karen JoAnn, Belle Plaine, 135, 136, 137 Barth, Shirley Jean, Des Moines, 114, 236 Bartine, Jon Cyrus, Clemons Bartleson, Thomas, Forest City Barton, Rebecca Ann, Mediapolis Bass, Harold Ray, Waterloo Bass, Kay Leona, New Hartford Bauder, Marjorie Mae, Hawarden Bauer, Norman Jean, North English, 139 Bauer, William Henry, North English Bauman, Bradley Dale, Rock Valley, 173,187,261 Baumann, Edwin Kenneth, Madison Wisconsin Baumgart, Norbert Karl, State Center Baumgartner, Floy, Clear Lake Bausch, Janet Eileen, Cedar Rapids, 132, 136, 238 Beal, Raymond Edward, Cedar Falls, 153, 261 Beals, Ellen Jane, Newton, 113, 236, 242, 240, 253 Beare,.Lorraine Kelly, Waterloo Beatty, Blair Benson, Guttenberg Beaupain, Shirley Mae, Hubbard, 261 Beaver, Marian Elaine, Fenton Beck, Sheryl Elaine, Guthrie Center Becvar, Donald Ray, Colo Beener, Robert Harry, Waterloo Beeson, Bernice Ruth, Earlham, 235 Beeson, Pauline Belle, Earlham Behrens, Glenn William, Waucoma Behrens, Milton Ronald, Grundy Center Beinke, James Lee, Cedar Falls, 135, 136, 137 Belden, Leland K., Cedar Falls, 132, 261 Bell, Delores Lee, Fertile, 132, 197, 214 Bell, Joan Pauline, Marshalltown, 208, 232, 240, 261 Bell, Mary Monroe, Ponca, Nebraska, 240 Bell, William Le Roy, Cedar Falls, 177 Bellizzi, Nick Joseph, Des Moines Bemiss, Kathleen Marie, West Union Benbow, Virginia Anne, Green Moun- tain, 113, 194, 195, 214 Bender, Bette, Janalee, Monticello, 134, 238 Bender, David Fredrick, Waterloo Bender, Judy Corinne, Elkader Bendickson, Donna Mae, Hanlontown Benfer, Beverly Ann, Independence Benjamin, James Madison, Waterloo Benjamin, Keith, Waterloo Benjamin, Sharon Jo, Winterset, 136, 190, 222, 253 Benjegerdes, Ruth, Postville Bennett, Kathleen, Harvey Bennett, Leonard Eugene, Waterloo Benning, Maxine Evlyn, Ackley Benser, John Milo, Mason City, 225, 254 261 Benson, L. Dovanon, Cedar Falls Benson, Lavon Ann, Fort Dodge, 208, 223, 225, 261 Bentley, Kay Louise, Marathon, 201 Bentrott, Joyce Marlene, Clarence, 133 Benz, Lucille Rose, Lawley Berg, Marvin Lorimer, Dayton Berger, Janet Ellyn, Champaign, 137, 200, 238 Berges, Ruth Elaine, Iowa Falls Bergh, Evelyn Ann, Wayland, 201 Bergmann, Maxine Irene, Hampton, 236 Bergstrom, Waneeta, Pocahontas, 248 Berka, Rose Mary, Colo, 134 Berkler, Carol Sue, Cherokee, 202, 203 Bernhard, Judith Cathe, Cedar Falls Berry, Florence, Lucille, Albia Berry, Jack Lee, Denmark Berry, James Richard, Churdan, 173 Berry, Kenneth Russell, Des Moines, 132, 261 Berry, Lloyd Harvey, Cedar Falls Berryman, John Vern, Dodgeville, Wisconsin Bertelson, Judith, Missouri Valley, 236 Besh, Joyce Bliven, Cedar Falls 116 Bessman, Donald E., Wellsburg Beuter, David Anthony, Solon, 62, 90, 112, 138, 217, 225, 261 Beyer, Judith Ann, Buffalo Center, 115 Beyer, Karl Keith, Epworth, 257 Bice, Gregory Alfred, Missouri Valley Bienfang, Homer Creigh, Cedar Falls Bienfang, Rochelle, Cedar Falls Bienlien, William, Holstein Bingaman, Collene Mae, Waterloo Bird, Dale Ivan, Woden Bird, Irma Margaret, Woden Birkenholtz, Grace, Iowa City, 113 Bisbee, Dianne Elaine, Cedar Falls, 201 Bistricky, Mildred Lou, Fairfax, 134 Biwer, Mary Ann, Elma, 192, 205, 261 Bjorklund, Lorimer, Cedar Falls, 231 Black, Ronald Dean, Independence Blaess, Elaine Arlene, Boone Blake, William Eric, Cedar Falls Blake, William Robert, Shell Rock, 200, 241 Blakeley, Joseph Wayne, Salem Blaker, Larry Grant, Cedar Falls Blandau. Howard, Eldora Blankenship, Nancy Kay, Eagle Grove Blankenship, Ralph, Waterloo, 136 Blessington, Joan, Charles City Blietz, Raymond Edward, New Hampton Block, Kay JoAnn, Storm Lake, 134, 202 Blum, Sheila Joanne, Terril, 134 Blumer, Marlene Marie, Klemme, 201, 226 Blumhagen, M. Elaine, Burnside Boardsen, Danny Raymond, Clinton Boatman, Evan Stanley, Knoxville Bock, Marlis Joan, Maquoketa, 114, 250 Bockhaus, Rosella Mae, Frederika Bodenstein, Virginia M., Waterloo Boehnke, Virginia Rae, Garner Boelman, Ben Jr., Aplington, 132, 261 Boesen, Claudia Ann, Waterloo Bogard, Dolores Ann, Marshalltown, 240, 242 Bohan, John Leo, Primghar Bolin, James Edward, Cedar Falls Boll, Judith Lee, Gladbrook, 227 Boller, Francis Richard, Waterloo Bond, John Lowell, Cedar Falls Bonesteel, Daisy Marie, Wyoming Bonsall, Duane Eugene, Cedar Falls Boom, Kent Francis, Aredale Boone, Patricia Ann, Cedar Falls, 132 Bordwell, Cheryl Lorra, Belle Plaine, 197 Borland, Glen David, Primghar, 255 Bottorff, Mary Lou, Packwood, 190, 191, 197, 218, 243, 248, 261 Bottorff, Ralph, Harcourt Boughton, John Maynard, Waterloo Boulton, Gerald, Mount Union Bowman, Leah Jo, Ames Bowman, Phyllis Elaine, Webster City, 115, 233 Boyd, Aileen Kaye, Mason City Boyd, Daniel Strickler, Cedar Falls, 222, 262 Boyd, David Michael, Waterloo Boyer, Judith Jane, Sioux City, 201 Brackin, Mary Frances, Elgin, 143, 147, 248 Braden, Carole Diane, Winthrop Braden, Donald Eugene, Waterloo, 215 Bradley, Barbara Jean, Centerville, 115, 132, 134, 193 Bradley, Gerald Thomas, Sergeant Bluff, 91, 192 Bradley, Myrna, Strawberry Point, 133, 198, 238 Bramer, Beverly Ann, Harlan, 133 Brammer, Edgar August, Cedar Falls Branam, Judith Anne, Earlham, 133, 214 Brandhorst, Audrey Mae, Hudson Brandhorst, Charles, Cedar Falls Branson, Clare Elaine, Algona Bratland, Elaine Joyce, Bode Bravener, Sandra Lea, Fredericksburg, 133, 135, 137, 195 Brayton, Julia Kay, Algona, 135 Breckenridge, Janice, Kellogg Breckenridge, Sandra S., Clarion, 236 Breneman, Darrell, Lowden Bricker, Sandra Jean, Des Moines, 90, 91, 94, 95, 147 Brickner, John Richard, Teaneck, New Jersey, 262 Bridges, Kenneth Lee, Plainfield, 191 Bridges, Roger Dean, Plainfield, 117, 191 Brighi, Robert Joseph, Cedar Falls, 262 Bright, Jimmy Dale, Cedar Falls Bringolf, John Francis, Mason City, 262 Brink, Constance Lee, Sioux City, 110, 206 Brinker, Malcolm, Auburn, 257 Brinkley, Brenda Beneke, Cedar Rapids, 262 Brinkley, Ronald Eldon, Des Moines, 153, 154, 159, 187, 262 Britt, Glenn Austin, Cedar Falls Britton, Marcia Ruth, Soldier, 132 Brock, David L., Waterloo Brockmann, Deanna Lee, Walcott, 240 Brocka, Emma Susan, Cedar Falls Brocker, Donald Harold, Plymouth Brockmeyer, Roger Lyle, Earlville, 132, 200, 228, 237 Brockmeyer, Ronald K., Strawberry Point Brockschink, Nancy M., Norway Brody, Joseph Leo, Cedar Falls Brody, Una Belle, Waterloo Broghammer, Carolyn, West Union, 238 Brokken, Sonja Marie, Fairfield Brooks, Bob Kay, Garner, 153, 257 Brooks, David Gary, Waterloo Brooks, Donald Dean, La Porte City Broshar, Harvey John, Waterloo Brosz, Wilmer Chester, Waterloo Brousard, William Lynn, Cedar Rapids Brown Brown Donald Roger, Davenport , Dorothy King, Waterloo s Brown, Elizabeth Francis, Oelwein Brown, Gayle Ann, Cedar Falls Brown, Gretchen L., Cedar Falls Brown, Janice Marie, -Postville, 132, 135 Brown, Karen Irene, Forest City Brown, Lois June, Grimes, 236 Brown, Marcia Lorene, Clarks Grove, Minnesota Brown, Nancy Irene, Newton, 193, 243 Brown , Patricia Ann, Waterloo Brown, Patricia Jane, Waterloo, 216 Brown Brown Brown Bruce, , Richard Allen, Oakville , Terry Dee, Donnellson, 177 e, Vernard Francis, Waterloo, 118 Carolyn, Hamburg, 100, 114, 133, Bruch, Sally Eileen, Cedar Rapids, 114, 251 Bruene, Barbara, Cedar Falls Brugman, Sharon Diane, Royal Brunner, James Elliott, Boone, 108, 119, 139, Bruns, Bruns, 140, 142, 147, 148, 186, 231, 262 Deloris Marie, Greene Evelyn Ruth, Greene Brunsvold, Donna Mae, Joice Brunsvold, Lauretta, Kensett, 132, 216, 238, 262 Bryant, James Joe, Hartley, 177 Buchan, Joy Ann, Cedar Falls Buchholtz, Daryl Peter, Wyoming, 198 Buck, Donn Johnson, Cedar Falls, 153 Buck, Forrest Theodore, Davenport, 212, 262 Buckels, James Orlean, Jewell Buckels, Janice Joyce, Jewell, 234, 262 Buckley, Dennis, Forest City, 117, 191, 197, 208, 232 Buckley, Karen Maureen, Red Oak, 134 Buckner, Ellen Camille, Scranton, 224 Budreau, Gayle Lane, Manchester Buerkens, Bruce Quist, Pella, 262 Buerkens, Janet Harrim, Cedar Falls Buffin gton, David Lee, Titonka Buffington, Sidney, Titonka Bullen, John Bernard, Charles City Bullen, Mary Ann, Charles City Bullers, David Lawrence, Newtonm Bultena, Gordon Louis, Cedar Falls Bundy, Carolyn Kay, Cedar Falls Bundy, Marilyn Rae, Cedar Falls, 134 Bunkofske, James Allen, Algona, 133, 147, 198, 241 Bunn, George William. Waterloo, 262 Bunnell, Alice Viola, Cedar Falls, 191 Bunnell, Joan Marie, Davenport Burgess. Donald Roger, Cedar Falls 135, 137, 147, 191. 214, 238. 250 Burkey, Lois Elaine, Salem, 226 Burkhart, Roger Lee, Woodward, 177 Burland, Thomas Reed Jr., Perry, 262 Burman, John Clark, Waterloo Burns, Delores Irene, Clear Lake Burns, Joellen, Lawler, 134 Burns, Sharon Sue, Cedar Falls Burr, Rhoda Josephine, Keokuk Burr, Richard Aaron, Wayzata, Minnesota Burrichter, Arthur, Monticello, 132 Burrows, Donna Mae, New Hartford Burrows, Marlene Vera, Traer Burrows, Marlys Jean, La Porte City Burt, Donald Ray, Truro Burton, Edward Lewis, Colfax Burton, Janet Allan, Baxter Burton, Lillie Belle, Marshalltown Busch, Helen Ann, Marcus, 192 Busch, Lyman Ernest, Selma Busch, Yvonne Ruth, Lost Nation Bush, Gary Edward, 119, 173, 187, 257, 262 Buss, Beverly Anne, 239, 240, 262 Butler, Dona, Zearing Butler, Eleanore, Waterloo Butler, Marjorie Kay, Oskaloosa, 124 Butler, Mary Letta, Eldora, 115, 134 Butterfield, Dean, Independence, 263 Byers, John Lyle, Primgar Bygness, Merle Donovan, New Hampton C1 Cady, Darrel, Cedar Falls Cagley, Charlotte, lonia, 133 Cain, Mary Elizabeth, Eldora, 134 Calder, Arline Beverly, Coon Rapids Caldwell, D. Maurice, Ionia Caldwell, Reva Charlene, Ames, 136 Callahan, Maurice Marvin, Bernard Callahan, Phillip, Waterloo Callahan, Roger John, Bernard Calligan, Richard, Waterloo Calvert, Calvin Lloyd, Waterloo Camarigg, David Gerald, Correctionville, 190. 192., 256 Cameron, Lucy, Bloomfield, 244, 251 Cameron, Thomas Keith, Newton Campbell, Cathryn Jean, 115, 196, 236 Campbell, John Roger, Toledo, 132, 256 Campbell, Lawrence, Delot, 111, 112, 119. 256 Campbell, Mary Frances, Audubon, 228, 247 Campbell, Sally Luella, Anamosa Canfield, Jeanne Marie, Dunkerton Canny, Harold Jay, Ottumwa Canny, Phyllis Faye, Little Cedar Card, Idella Fae, New Hampton Carey, Jean Alice, Northwood, 263 Carey, Patsy Ann, Columbus Junction, 226 Carlson, Franklin, Cedar Falls, 131, 208, 212,263 Carlson, Gerald Eugene, Ackley Carlson, Mary Agnes, Burt Carlson, Phyllis Elaine, Marion, 133 Carlson, Richard Dean, Cedar Falls Carlson, Roger Eugene, Keokuk, 257, 263 Carlson, Shirley Mae, Storm Lake, 199, 214, 235, 248 Carlton, Suzanne Jo, Dubuque Carman, Gary Vernon, Waverly Carmichael, Treva Jane, Waterloo Carnes, Marvel Lee, Correctionville, 201 Carney, Paul H., Independence, 263 Carolan, Wanda Marie, Lime Springs Carolan, Wayne Thomas, Lime Springs Carothers, Patricia, Marshalltown, 263 Carpenter, Alice, Dayton. 249 Carpenter, Madeline D., Detroit, Michigan Carr, Donald Lee, Waterloo Carr, Kenneth Lee, Charles City Carr. Patricia Joanne, Waterloo Carrothers, Mary Joann, Charles City, 234 Carrott, Robert Eugene, Rockford Carson, Carl Ezra, Troy Mills Carson, Marilyn Sires, Cedar Falls, 225 Carter, Ann Marie, Humeston, 191 Carter, Marilyn Jean, Davenport Carter, Robert Gene, Storm Lake, 135, 136, 137, 243 Casebolt, Roxie, Cedar Falls Casey, Joseph Clifford, Cedar Falls Cassens, Doris Anne, Sigourney Cavell, Norma Jean, Lawrel, 134 Cerney, Dennis Eugene, Waterloo Chamness, Charles, Montezuma Champion, Karalee Kay, Ankeny, 113, 251 Chaney, Florence, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 2, 139, 140, 142, 143, 147,, 149, 204, 263 Chang. Patricia Irma, Hilo, Hawaii, 115, 192, 229 Chapman, Lawrence Leon, Waterloo Chase, Marilyn Joan, Volga Chelstad, Loretta Mae, Somers Chelsvig, Clyde Laverne, Cedar Falls Chesley, Richard Charles, Janesville Chestnut, Sheryl Jo, Waverly Chihak, Gerald John, Waterloo Chingren, Gerald Wayne, Fort Dodge Chipman, Marna, Anamosa Choate, Glennadene, Grundy Center Chody, Oma Rose, Kalona, 138, 237, 263 Christen, Mary Jane, Stanley, North Dakota, 135, 136, 137, 192, 243 Christensen,Marlene K., Coon Rapids, 198 Christensen, Robert, Waterloo Christensen, Russell, Dakota City Christensen, Sonja, Cedar Falls Christensen, Wendell, Cedar Falls Chi-isteson, P. Jan, Webster City, 77, 33 Christiansen, Lee, Harlen, 119, 257 Christianson, Betsy, Austin, Minnesota Christianson, lla Mae, Chester, 192, 23? Christianson, Virgil, Bode Chute, Richard Gerald, Mason City, 119, 138, 257, 263 Cias, Gerald Walter, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, 108, 143, 147, 263 Clabough, Loren Wesley, Cedar Falls Clapp, Neil Gayland, Cedar Falls, 263 Clapsaddle, Jill, Algona, 240 Clark, Avis Faye, Lake Park Clark, Betty Caroline, Britt Clark, Byron John, Iowa Falls, 263 Clark Clark Darlene Marie, Zwingle Gary Merlin, Waterloo Clark, James A., Elma Clark, Sharon Kay, Hazleton, 135, 137 Clark, Sherrill Ann, Ashland, Oregon, 226 Clark, Stanley Thomas, Waterloo Clarke, Beverly Joyce, Cedar Rapids Clarksean, Dorothy, Gladbrook Clausen, Audrey Joyce, Gladbrook Cliggen, Dennis Ray, Lake Park, 135, Claypool, Richard, Cedar Falls, 231, 263 Clearman, Alice Jeanette, Buffalo, 113 Cleland, Shirley, Beaver Cleveland, Robert, Northwood, 131, 241, 263 Cleveland, Robert Wayne, Pleasantville, 257 Cline, Betty Marie. Castalia, 263 Cline, Geraldine Marie, Ottumwa, 202, 203, 246 Clinton, Patricia Jean, Thief River Falls, Minnesota, 115 Clopton, Edwin Roy, Cedar Falls. 147, 202 Clopton, Florence, Cedar Falls Clouse, Martha Jane, Panora, 113, 244, 250 Clubine, Charles Neal, Cedar Falls Cmelik, Walter, Toledo Coady, John Francis, Melrose Cochran, Dorothy Irene, Solon Cochrane, Clarke, Des Moines, 153 Cocklin, Shirley, Grandview, 191, 214, 235 Cody, Robert Charles, Wichita, Kansas, 215 Coerper, David Lee, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 108, 139, 143, 147, 148, 186, 257, 264 Cohn, Gerald Edson, Waterloo Cohn, Norman, Waterloo Cole, Bruce Leroy, Waterloo Cole, Victoria, Sioux City, 114, 251 Collentine, John Arthur, Waterloo Collins, Donald Wayne, Cresco Collins, John Chester, Marshalltown Collins, Larry Lloyd, Cedar Falls, 237 Colwell, Michael C., Waterloo Combs, Clarissa, Ames Comer, John Edward, Albia Compton, Fred Benjamin, Cedar Falls, 131 Conrads, Bernhard Albe, Parkersburg Conter, Roger Peter, Waterloo Conway, Darrell Edwon, Waterloo, 177, 178, 187, 255 Conway, Robert Gaylord, Waterloo Cook, Anthony Allen, Fremont, 243 Cooney, Darrell Lee, Muscatine, 264 Cooper, Clione Ann, Hawarden, 135, 137,202 Cooper, Marvin Maynard, Cedar Falls Coots, Dorla Dell, Mt. Auburn, 224 Cope, Darlene Ethel, Blue Mound, Kansas, 115, 134 Corcran, Leona Marie, Cedar Falls Corder, Mary Ellen, Cedar Falls, 132, 134, 201, 235, 243 Cordes, George, Eldora Cornett, Elizabeth, Waterloo Corrigan, Don Louis, Rockwell City, 169,17o,171,192 Corrigan, Glenn Philip, Remsen Cory, Donald Eugene, Rochester, Minnesota, 200 Cotter, Vernon Earl, Waterloo Cottrell, Ronald Paul, Waterloo Cover, Barbara Ann, Waterloo, 252 Cowan, Myrna Jane, Cherokee, 115, 134 Cowell, Barbara Ann, Aurora, 201 Cox, Carol Eva, Dana, 201 Cox, Garnett Kay, Stomi Lake, 114 Cox, Joyce llene, Grand Junction, 134 Cox, Larry Dean, Keswick, 200 Cox, Patricia Charlene, Ottumwa, 135, 136, 137 Craig, Hershel Dean, Cedar Falls, 193 Craig, LaVonne, Cedar Falls, 193 Cramer, Robert Leonard, Reinbeck Crandall, Bruce Jerry, West Union Crandall, Sharon Kay, Whittier, California Crane, Janice Eleanor, Spencer Cranston, Sandra, Minneapolis. Minnesota Craven, Robert Alan, Waterloo Crawford, LeRoy Earl, Davenport, 112, 119, 138, 177, 244, 255 Crawford, Michael Earl, Arlington Crawford, Sonya Mae, Arlington, 235 Creedon, Shirley Lee, Davenport, 251 Crist, Tamson, Perry, 113, 190, 214, 220, 247 Crocker, Jerry M., Cedar Falls Crocker, Mae Thomas, Cedar Falls Croft, Marion Hart, Cedar Falls Crogveek, Louise Rose, Oelwein, 192, 251 Crosley, Dixie Lee, Eldora, 108, 135, 246, 264 Crosley, Tamma Jo, Eldora, 135, 137, 199 Cross, Harold Sprague, Cedar Falls Crowe, Barbara, Waterloo, 134, 191, 236 Crowe, Richard Dean, Reinbeck Cuffel, Jerry George, Conrad Culhert, Martha Jane, Cresco Culbert, Mary Ruth, Marion, 63, 264 Cullen, Ardella Jean, Spencer, 136, 137 Culver, Jacquelyn Ann, Des Moines Cummins, Darlene Ann, Cedar Rapids Cumpton, Arlene Grace, Bloomfield, 198, 235 Cunningham, Marlan, Belmond Currier, Lois June, Monroe, 214, 235 Curry, Jerry Lee, Bradgate, 89, 132, 200, 211 Curtis, Jon Baker, Clinton, 136 Curtis, William E., Cedar Falls Cutler, Judy Marie, Waterloo, 135, 137, 248 D Daasch, Nancy Elaine, Dunlap, 134 Daehn, Karen Kay, Wheatland Daggett, Duane Daniel, Waterloo, 264 Dahl, Dorothy Janet, Slater, 246 Dahl, Harriet Jean, Cedar Falls Dahl, Maraden, Beech Dahlby, Marian Elaine,'Kensett Dahlgren, Philip Anton, Cherokee Dahlquist, Joan, Davenport, 192, 236 Dahms, Richard Laird, Traer Dailey, Philip Michael, Spencer Dalziel, Maurice Dean, Waterloo Dalziel, Robert James, Newton Daman, Ruth Ann, Des Moines, 242, 264 Damm, Arlene Mae, Oelwein f Damon, Fred Joe, Oelwein Dandy, Cleo Maxine, Dickens Daniels, John Benjamin, Lehigh, 264 Danielson, Richard, Cedar Falls Daringer, Carolyn Jean, Waterloo Darnauer, Ruth Marie, J esup Darnell, Ramona Kay, West Union, 233 Darrow, Robert Loren, Olin Dau, Bonnie Jean, Bettendorf Daufeldt, Mary Louise, Wapello, 226 Davenport, Georgianna, Tama, 223, 264 Davidsen, Deloy Kelvin, Ottumwa, 132, 135, 211, 238 Davis, Carol Elizabeth, Cedar Falls, 249, 264 Davis, Diane Elaine, Cedar Falls, 134 Davis, Don Howard Jr., Primghar Davis, Glenda Dee, Hampton Davis, Judith Ann, Sac City Davis, Lee James, Cedar Falls. 264 Davis, Nadine Kay, Hampton, 133, 228 Davis, Philip Norman, Ankeny, 181 Davis, Rex Emerson, Waterloo Davis, Sonya Ruth, Strawberry Point, 132, 135, 137, 216, 238 Davitt, Dorothy. lndianola, 192 Dawson, Lyle Dean, Spencer, 153 Day, Nancy Sue, Ottumwa, 227, 253 Dean, Delmar William, Cedar Falls De Biaggio, Roseanne P., Carlisle De Boer, Viola, Granville, 142, 199, 228, 264 De Boom, Darrell, Parkersburg Deburr, Joanne Wilma, Rockford De Butts, Ruth Lucille, Marshalltown Decker, Daniel W., Marshalltown, 197, 208, 221, 264 Dedic, Lumir Anton, Cedar Falls Deerberg, Alice Joy, Tipton De Graw, Alan Wilford, Delmar De Groote, Virgil Glen, Waterloo De Haven, Barbara Ann, Des Moines, 238 Dekkenga, John, Matlock Delancey, Sharon Lee, Manchester, 134 Delashmutt, David, Onowa Delk, Richard Allen, Cedar Falls Delong, Beverly Jean, Cedar Falls, 204 Delphey, Dolores Marie, Harpers Ferly, 192 Delpierre, Richard, Williamson De Maris, Carol Ann, Carpenter, 250 Dempsey, Arthur Duane, Oelwein Dempster, Arlin William, Waterloo Dempster, Myrna Ross, Cedar Falls Denburger, Barbara, Oskaloosa, 201, 224, 233, 235 Denkinger, Marian, Cedar Falls, 198 Dennis, Denise, Waterloo, 77, 252 Denton, Robert Wayne, Cedar Falls, 118 Derby, Dick S., Albia, 256 Derby, Gerald C., Albia Derbyshire, Richard, Waterloo Detimmerman, Louis, Oelwein Detimmerman, Robert, Oelwein Detlefsen, Kay Merette, Clinton, 236 Devick, Donna Jane, Marshalltown Devine, Duane Charles, Cedar Falls Deviney, Ralph Joseph, Waterloo DeVries, Marian, Denver D. Happart, Clarence, Wellsburg Dickinson, Carolyn Jean, Waterloo Dickinson, Doris C., Cedar Falls, 132, 216, 236, 264 Dickson, Ruth Marie, Wood South, Dakota, 192, 214, 228, 233 Dickson, Sandra Jo, Cedar Falls Diehn, Charlotte Ann, 136, 216, 238, 264 Diehn, Linda Ruth, Ottumwa, 115, 134 Dieken, Le Ann, Grundy Center, 108, 216, 264 Diercksen, Victor, Manchester, 106, 107, 108, 198, 212, 225, 243, 254, 265 Dietsch, Leonard, Waterloo Dietz, Eugene William, Waverly Dighton, Arlene, Coggon, 135, 137 Dikkers, Jay Franklin, 217, 225, 254, 265 Dillman, Vernon Scott, Hardin Dillon, David Eugene, Cedar Falls Dinsdale, Patricia, Webster City, 246 Dirks. Donald Carl, Cedar Falls Dittmer, Norbert, Strawberry Point Dix, Patricia Kay, Janesville, 133 Doak, John Linn, Grundy Center Dobbe, Ronald Eugene, Huxley Dobson, Donald Ward, Marshalltown Dodd, Jack Levern, Cedar Falls Dodd, Laurence, Colo Doerzman, Douglas Dean, Blairstown, 106, 199, 223, 257, 265 Doerzman, Jimmie Ray, Blairstown, 112 119, 257 Dohler, Dora Mae, St. Ansgar, 115, 224 Dohrer, Rose Ann Edna, Iowa City, 192, 214 Dohrman, Joanne Evon, Farnhamville, 234, 265 Dolan, John Martin, Casey Dolan, Rose Marie, Waterloo Doll, Sharon Kay, Garner Dommel, James Homer, Charles City Donaghu. Deanna Faye, Manning, 134 Donald, Phoebe, Plainfield Donaldson, Rhonda Lea, Webb Donlea, Don Duane, Jesup Donn, Ronald Louis, Pisgah Donovan, Robert F., Algona Dooley, Dyanne, Fort Dodge Doran, Cecelia Ann, Perry, 220, 228, 233, 265 Dorhout, Lawrence, Sioux Center Dorland, Lyle Thomas, Cedar Falls, 131 208, 265 Dorman, Howard Gene, Truro Dornbusch, Beverly Ann, Paullina. 108, 116, 128, 139, 199, 204, 208, 213, 219, 228, 244, 247, 265 Dostal, Melvin Frank, Clutier Doughan, Richard, Sheffield Dougherty, Carolyn Ann, Cedar Rapids, 106, 108, 110, 208, 210, 219, 248, 265 Douglass, Loraine, Malcom, 116, 128, 205, 265 Dow, Louise Brown, Cedar Falls Dowling, Marilynn Jean, Lake City, 265 Downs, Vergie Apuline, Hawkeye Doyne, Raymond Jr., Dike Drake, Thomas John, Cedar Falls Drape, Joan Landwehr, Waterloo Drenkhahn, Joan Eileen, Marion, 134 Dresselhaus, Elton, Decorah, 137 Drewer, Patricia Ann, Burlington, 113, 116, 208, 240, 242 Driscoll, Patricia Ann, Mechanicsville Dryden, Katherine Anne, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dubois, Janet Madiline, Cedar Falls, 137, 216, 238, 265 Duea, James Anderson, La Mesa, ' California, 117 Duea, Jerry, Dunkerton, 255 Dueland, Charlene Ruth, Jamaica Duenow, Harlan Frank, Sumner, 133 Duffield, Anita Louise, Bristow, 115 Dunkerton, Margaret, Waterloo Dunlap, Diane Elizabeth, Marion, 224 Dunlap, Lois Ann, Sioux City, 139, 193, 204, 247, 265 Dunlavy, James Francis, Mt. Pleasant, 90, 192 Dunn, Susan H., Des Moines, 134, 135, 137 , Durland, Richard B., Gary, Indiana Dutton, Patricia Leone, Maquoketa Dwigans, Nancy Joan, Des Moines, 235, 246 Dwyer, Mary Ann, Creston Dye, Dale Le Roy, Cedar Falls, 170, 171, 256 9 I2 Eagle, Darlene Shook, Waterloo Ealy, Janet Faye, Belle Plaine Easley, Norris Keith, Cedar Falls Easler, Robert Eugene, Waterloo Eastman, William Lemar, Waterloo Eaton, Eric Glenn, Cedar Falls, 265 Eaton, Jacqueline Gwen, Tipton, 134 Ebner, Gene Francis, Denison Eckes, Harold John, New Hampton Eckes, Mary Kathryn, Waterloo Eckhofi, Myone Karen, Ames, 240, 242 Eckles, Karen Norene. Glenwood, 133 Edman, Zepha McKay. Cedar Falls Egeland, Irving Halver, Story City Egemo, Carroll, Story City, 257 Egemo, Darrel De Wayne, Story City, 257 Egger, Marlene Mae, Hopkinton, 194, 227 Eggert, Margaret, Charles City Eggland, Marcia Irene, Roland, 133, 198, 226, 253 Eggleston, Carolyn Mae, Conrad, 132, 216, 238, 266 Eggleston, Charles, Waterloo Ehen, Margaret Ann, Harcourt, 190, 198, 234, 266 Ehmen, Loretta Rose, Linn Grove Ehrhardt, Robert Homer, Adel Eichacker, Rosalie, Homestead, 199 Eick, Carol Ann, Waterloo, 134, 199 Eide, Jean Ann, Cedar Falls Eifert, Ruth Ann, Waverly, 119, 153, 196, 226 Einwalter, Gerald, Waterloo Eitzman, Douglas Drake, Cedar Falls, 211 Elbert, Carol Ann, Corwith Eley, Eleanor Joan, Zearing Ellerbeck, Frieda Krue, Gladbrook Ellingson, Patricia, Dysart Elliott, Dorothy, Tabor Elliott, Nancy Jo, Dallas Center Ellis, Judith Ann, Oakaloosa, 192 Ellis, Karen Elaine, Belle Plaine Elmore, Robert Eugene, Des Moines, 153, 173, 255, 266 Else, Janet Jean, Ida Grove, 135, 137, 199, 227 Elsing, Sandra Kay, Geneva, 226 Elvesether, Mary Jo, Hanlontown Emmett, Elaine Agnes, Grand Junction, 203 Emry, A. Bill, Fairfield, 132, 135, 137, 193, 211, 254 Emura, Betsy Ann, Kekaha Kauai, Hawaii, 195, 223, 226, 229 Engel, Robert Jerome, Lake Park Engen, Richard Erle, Clarion England, Jacqueline, Keystone England, Marlene, Iowa Falls, 110, 113, 240, 242 England, Phillip Earl, Van Meter, 256 Engle, Jean, Cedar Falls Epperly, Edgar Vern, Leon, 208, 243 Erdal, James Brownell, Waterloo Erickson, Barbara Joan, lnclianola, 133, 201 Erickson, Maudine Kaye, Nevada, 106, 115, 198, 235 Erickson, Peggy Lucille, Gilmore City Erickson, Tommy Michael, Huxley Erickson, Warren A. C., Waterloo, 135, 136, 137 Eriksen, Erik Brian, Cedar Falls, 132 Eriksen, Shirley, Reinbeck Ernst, Gerald Carl, Cedar Falls Ernst, Helen Lucille, Waterloo Erps, William Frederick, Durant Erwin, Frances Jean, Mt. Pleasant, 115 Erwin, Mary Ellen, Mt. Pleasant Esperas, Charles, Wahiawa Oahu, Hawaii, 229 Essig, Jimmy Dean, Fort Dodge, 142 Evans, Dawn Meredith, Dumont, 143, 214, 235 Evans, Julia Clare, Waterloo Evans, Lucille Rose, Williamsburg, 134 Evans, Valda Jean, Oakdale, 132, 227 Evely, Avis Ann. Waterloo, 126, 137 Even, Patricia Ann, Waterloo Everding, Lou Ann, Tripoli Everhart, Marla, Des Moines, 106, 115 Ewell, Vernon Arthur, Missouri Valley Ewoldt, Bruce Lee, Cedar Falls 17 Fackel, Joseph Franklin, Reinbeck Fain, Eldon Harry, Cedar Falls Fain, Larry Lee, Mallard Fairbanks, Charlotte, Waterloo Fairchild, Kenneth, Kimballton Fairchild, Laila, Boone, 143 Falke, Kay Marilyn, Sioux City, 134, 236, 241 Fancher, Beverly Ann, Webster, 201, 226 Farley, Roger Dean, Perry Farmer, Ann Lucille, Van Horne, 243 Farnsworth, Wilbu.r, Waterloo Farrell, David Seth, Bames City, 145 Farrell, Jack Reed, Northwood, 208, 266 Fausch, Carolyn Rae, Kelley, 198, 224 Feaker, Grayce Butler, Marshalltown Fearing, Nancy Lee, Sioux City, 136, 200, 201, 228 Feldpouch, Irva Dorothy, Waterloo Feller, Charles K., Kanawha, 231, 266 Fennell, Vemon Reid, Cedar Falls Fenner, Maxine Louise, Hazelton, 134, 135 Fenske, Eugene Thomas, Waterloo Fenton, Joy Katherine, Des Moines, 134,235,252 Fenton, Sharon Kay, Strawberry Point Ferguson, Everlee Jean, Grand Junction Ferguson, Margery Ruth, Evansdale, 226 Ferguson, Warren, Vinton Fernau, William Leroy, Waterloo Fette, Betsy Ann, St. Olaf, 115 Fiala, Barbara May, Mason City, 236 Fidlar, Eva Joanne, Cordova, Illinois Fillenworth, Sandra, Marion, 134, 199 Filliman, Dennis, Ottumwa, 161, 162 Finch, Lewis Wilson, Bondurant Findlay, Susan Jane, Ottumwa, 139, 252 Fink, Delmar Arthur, Westgate Fink, Pearl Irene, Harrisburg, South Dakota, 133 Finke, Arthur J., Wellsburg Finney, Carol Sue, Eldon, 193 Fintel, Barbara Bailey, La Porte City Fintel, DeWayne William, Waverly Fisch, Elna Lenore, Deep River Fischer, Margaret Mae, Lone Rock, 134, 202 Fisher, Billy, Oskaloosa, 177, 266 Fisher, Carole Ann, Cedar Falls Fisher, Emerald Asa, Brooklyn Fisher, Linda Louise, Macksburg Fisher, Mildred Mary, Cedar Falls Fisher, Phyllis June, Ida Grove, 113, 190, 197 Fisher, Richard Allen, Charles City Fisk, Roger Claire, Spencer Fistler, Doris Hobbs, Grundy Center Fitzgerald, Rosemary J., Mason City, 60 Flack, Franklyn Leon, Waterloo Flaten, Marcia Lee, Independence Flater, Doris Ann, Waterloo Fleak, Audrey Jameson, Cedar Falls Fleming, Jane Marie, Cedar Falls Fleming, Janet Claire, Strahan Fleming, Kathryn Jean, Albert City, 198 Fleming, Robert Eugene, Cedar Falls Fleming, Wilbur Lee, Bloomfield, 112, 177, 243, 256 Fleshner, Beverly Jane, Clear Lake, 236 Fletcher, Charles Earl, Des Moines, 153, 170 Fletcher, Lorraine, Low Moor, 235 Flinn, Alice Hickey, Waterloo Flint, Howard Ross, Lake Park Flint, Ronald Clyde, Cedar Falls Florine, Patricia, Cherokee, 202, 236, 240 Fober, Deane Myron, Plainfield Fober, Raylan Wayne, Shell Rock Focht, John H., Villisca, 132, 147, 200, 215 Fokken, John Raymond, Havelock, 266 Foland, Jeanne Ann, Independence, 201 Folk, Judith Ann, Adel, 226 Folkers, Mema, Scotch Grove, 198 Folks, Wayne C., Waterloo Folsom, George Kent, Des Moines Folsom, Larabeth, Mason City Foote, Grovner, Waterloo Foote, Marjorie Ann, West Union Ford, Carolyn Diane, Storm Lake Ford, Jane Thankful, Cedar Rapids, 113,250 Formanek, Richard Lee, Tama, 102, 108, 153, 154, 159, 170, 171, 187, 266 Forrest Alice Jane, Manchester, 137, 201, 235, 245 Fosselman, Thomas, Waterloo Foster, Jerzy D., Greenfield, 186, 187, 266 Foster, Karen Kay, Washington, 235 Foster, Linda Kay, Fulton, Michigan Foster, Shirley May, Alexander, 113, 234,247 Foster, Vernard Eugene, Des Moines Fouts, Harlan, Rockwell City Fowler, Elizabeth Ann, Grinnell Fowler, Genevieve, Grinnell Fowler, Virginia Carol, Cedar Falls Fox, Ann Barbre, Ames Fox, Kay Ann, Dallas Center, 133, 201 Fox, Wayne Howard, Waterloo Franck, Eugene Richard, Hudson Frandsen, Richard, Cedar Falls Franey, Charles Jerome, Jefferson Frank, Dale Robert, Cresco Frank, Ella Elizabeth, Mount Auburn Frank, Walter John Jr., Olin, 198 Franke, Mary Jean, Fort Dodge Franke, Russell, Duane, Waterloo Fraser, Fae Jeanne, Mason City, 113, 136, 227 Fraser, Richard Quinlan, Algona Fratzke, Enoch, Oelwein Fredricksen, Mary Lou, Grundy Center, 110, 202, 246 Fredrickson, Earl Don, Cedar Falls, 200 Freeburg, Janice Kaye, Spencer, 193, 235 Freeland, Esther, Cambridge, 113, 223, 243 Gerst, Raymond Paul, Oakville Grim, Freeman, Roger Kent, Mt. Vernon, 106, 153, 154, 177, 187, 255 Freese, Sharon Kay, Ackley Freese, William Charles, Wiota, 266 Frey, Edwina Kay, Pleasantville Frey, Richard Charles, Antigo, Wisconsin Fridlingron, Norma, Dallas, 115 Friedley, Bonnie Delle, Waterloo Friesner, Shirley, Cedar Falls Frisk, Mary Helen, Mason City Fritchen, Betty R.uth, Richland, 134 Fritz, Marcia Joan, Greenfield, 226 Fromm, Geraldine Grace, Mason City, 143 Froning, Janet Claire, La Porte City Froom, Emily Kay, Cedar Falls Froom, Kent Forest, Pomeroy, 257, 266 Frownfelter, Forrest, Creston Froyen, Len Arthur, Clarion, 108, 119, 256, 266 Fruehling, Ann Stacy, Ames Fruehling, Donald, Cedar Falls, 266 Fruehling, Merlin Dean, Fort Madison Fry, Jack R., Vinton, 266 Fry, Warren DeWayne, La Porte City, 257 Fry, Yvonne McCandless, Cedar Falls Fuhs, Ernest John, Eddyville, 119, 192, 266 Fuhs, Francis Edward, Eddyville, 192 Fujimoto, Fumiko, Honolulu, Hawaii Fuller, Charles, Blue Earth, Minnesota, 135, 136, 143, 211, 238 Fuller, Joan Clarice, Clear Lake Fuller, Loretta lrene, Goodell Fuller, Mary Elizabeth, Spencer Fuller, M. Jerry, Grinnell, 194 Funk, Dean Albert, Waterloo, 241 Fye, Bonnieta Bernice, Webster City G Gaarde, Cheryl Kay, Armstrong Gabel, Janice Ann, Swea City, 100, 134 Gabrielson, Donald Leo, Des Moines, 153, 255, 267 Gaddis, Earlene, Muscatine Gaffri, Mary Louise, Mason City, 133 Gager, Gretchen Ann, Cedar Falls Gallaher, Dave Lyle, Vinton Galloway, Mary Ann, Waterloo, 251 Galvin, Robert Edward, Burlington Gamet, John Pierce, Cedar Falls Gannon, Donald Leo, Colfax, 267 Gannon, Loretta Ann, Spencer, 235 Gannon, Mary Elizabeth, Delmar, 267 Garbee, Everett Lee, Fayette Garcia, Felicitas, Manila, Philippines, 284 Gardner, Donna Marie, Humeston, 193, 233, 234, 244, 249 Gardner, James Berton, Swea City, 132, 137, 177, 187, 255 Gardner, Patricia Mae, Council Bluffs, 202 Gardner, Ronald Dean, Waterloo Gardner, William Douglas, Waterloo, 170 Garman, Merle Allen, Britt, 173, 187, 257 Garoutte, Virginia, Adel, 133, 191, 197 Garrison, Ronald Dwight, Ottumwa, 117, 256 Gaskill, Beverly Joan, Corning Gasper, Thomas Paul, Albia, 192, 256 Gates, Robert Gene, Mason City Gaudes, Douglas Thomas, Cedar Falls Gaunt, Carol Ann, St. Anthony, 106, 113, 215, 251 Gaunt, Nancy Lois, Cedar Rapids, 196 Geisler, Barbara Joan, Waterloo Gelder, Janet Carol, Hampton, 239 Gerberding, Barbara Kay, Waverly Gerdes, James Allen, Jesup Gerdes, Janice Carson, Scranton, 243 Gerling, Doris Ann, Mediapolis, 198, 235 Gesell, William Edward, Cedar Falls Gibbs, Warren Craig, Humeston Giblin, Gail Patricia, Dubuque, 192, 236 Gibson, Barbara Ellen, Waterloo Gibson, Ralph Kenneth, Mediapolis, 267 Gibson, Ronald Lee, Keokuk Giddings, Albert, Clinton, 198 Gideon, Janice Elaine, Norwalk, 134 Gidley, Janet Ann, Newton Giebelstein, Marvin, Ames, 177, 267 Gienger, Gerry Lee, Waterloo, 170, 171, 255 Gieseman, Sally Ann, Sumner, 243 Gilbert, Ronald Eugene, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 131, 267 Gilliatt, Kay Ann, Garrison, 134, 201 Gillispie, Norvin, Waterloo Gilmore, Mary Ellen, New Providence Gilpin, Larry Lee, Fort Dodge, 153, 267 Gilreath, Terrel Janet, Ames Ginger, Theresa Ann, Spencer, 246 Gipple, Richard George, Columbus Junction Girard, Delmar W., Waterloo Gissible, Leona Lou, Massena Glassell, William Lee, Garner, 215 Glessner, Roy Lee, Waterloo Glidden, Wallace Ward, Waterloo Glidewell, Doris Mae, Des Moines Glorfeld, Louis Earl, Waterloo Goarcke, Ronald Earl, Waterloo Gobeli, Janice Jo Ann, Lake City, 115 Gode, Janet Kay, Clinton, 236 Godfredson, Rita Marie, Swea City Goebel, Patricia Ann, Tripoli Goerdt, Darris Lawrence, Epworth Goetz, Carol Kay, Wesley, 192 Gohman, James Dennis, Cedar Falls Gohman, Richard Walter, Cedar Falls, 254 Goldapp. Jean, McClelland, 106, 113, 190. 198. 223. 253. 267 Goodlaxson, Marlene, Creston Goodrich, Mabel Dawson, Waterloo Goodwin, Donald Dean, Wellman Goodwin, J anyce Kay, Rockwell City Gootee, Dale Francis, Manchester, 231 Gopperton, Norma Ann, Peterson Gore, Janice Lee, Ames Gorham, Richard Eugene, Washington Gordon, Betty Jean, Manly Gordon, Helen Jane, Waterloo Gordon, Suzanne, Newton, 108, 136, 219, 233, 267 Gorham, James David, Washington Goslin, Harriet Klohs, Cedar Falls, 284 Goss, Vivian Audrey, Clinton, 243 Gourley, Edward Allan, Corwith, 117, 170, 171, 255 Gowen, R. Linwood, Cedar Falls Grabe, Arno Kai, Norway Grady, Marlin, Cedar Falls, 267 Graeber, Thomas Philip, Conrad Graff, Marjorie Helen, Mallard Graham, John Francis, Cedar Falls Grammer. Marjorie. Liscomb. 193 Grandgeorge, Joyce, Webster City, 206 Granger. Jerald Roy, Canby, Minnesota Grant. Donald Albert, Corwith Grant, Genevieve. Anthon. 134- Grappendore, Donald, Waterloo Graskewicz. Sally Ann, Decatur. lllinois 106, 108, 110, 208, 219, 245, 267 Graves, Jane Lavonne, Harlan. 191, 236 Graves, Margie llale, Melvin Graves, Max Robert, Cedar Falls Graves, Richard G., Hartley Gray, Henry William, Sabula, 117 Greelis. John Robert, Waterloo Green , Barbara Louise, Sask, Canada Green, Dolores Louise, Rembrandt, 240, 267 Green, Frances Jean, Ames, 110, 126, 220, 251 Green, James Reed, Washington, 119 Greenwood, Charles, Cedar Falls, 178, 187, 267 Grego, Leroy Sullivan, Cedar Falls Gregory, John Carl, Oelwein, 233 Greiman. Shirley Lou, Garner, 226 Grempel, Rosalie Mae, Webster City Gress, Claudia Lou, Cedar Falls Greve, Keith Eugene, Tipton Griffin, Richard Lee, Stuart, 267 Griffith, Carole Sue, Sac City Clark Wayne, Eddyville Grimmius, Linda Joan, Grundy Center, 202 Griner, Eva Darlene. Cedar Falls, 267 Grinnell, Helen, Dunkerton, 268 Grippen, Suzanne, Mason City, 236. 240 Groe, Karen Nona, Northwood, 198 Groothius, Orville, Aplington Gross, Carol Jean, Grand Junction, Colorado Gross, Don Franklin, Des Moines Groth, Donald James, Denison Grove, Richard Lee, Waterloo, 244 Grow, Lora Marie, Madrid, 235 GruPP, James William, Cedar Falls, 133, 135, 137 Grupp, Kathryn, Cedar Falls Grush, Janice Irene, Webster, 214 Guent her, William, Vinton, 208, 268 Guess, Goldie Gay, LuVern Gugeler, Mary Carolyn, Burlington, 220, 222 Guhl, Glenda Jo, Olin Guldager, Lyle David, Cedar Falls Guldberg, Larry Dean, Hampton, 170, 171 Gulick, John Carr, Cedar Falls Gunderson, David, Lake Mills, 112 Gunderson, Marie, Lake Mills, 198, 253 Gunnell, Audrey Faith, Waterloo, 252 Gurtiza, Helen, Hanapepe Kauai, Hawaii, 110, 113, 228, 229 Gulv, 246 Mary Diane, Belle Plaine, 197, Gustafson, Herbert, Waterloo Gustafson, Jane Carolyn, Cherokee Gustafson, Marian, Roland Gutkn echt, Arthur, Hudson Gutknecht, Leroy, Hudson Guy, Celia Marie, Waterloo H Graham, Ray Leonard, Cedar Falls Haber, Caryl Jean, WHWTJOO, 199 Haberman, Leland John, Spirit Lake Hackerson, Rosemary. Des Moines Hadachek, Terry Joe, Dysart Hafar, Derol William, Cedar Falls Hagan, Carole Audrey. She-llsburg. 202, 203. 246 Ilagebak, Beaumont Roger, Blue Earth, Minnesota Hagedorn, Barbara Ann. Carroll Hagedorn, Mary Louise. Toledo, 139 Hagerdon, Dona Dean. Mapleton, 147 Hagge, Neoma Jean, Carroll, 143 Hahn, Robert Dee, Mason City, 111, 153, 255 Hakes, Shirley Bahn, Cedar Falls, 268 Hala, Marilyn Louise, Tama, 139. 143. 192. 237, 249 Halbert, Esther Lucille, Independence Hall, Channing Glasgow, Tipton Hall, Robert Eugene, Cedar Falls. 268 Haller, Marvin Dale, Muscatine, 268 Haller, Susan, Ottumwa, 132, 135, 137, 248 Halligan, Patrick Allen, Fort Dodge, 155. 154, 155, 167, 169, 170, 171, 187 Halligan, Sidney James, Moorland Hallman, Milton Allen, Jesup, 139, 140 142, 204, 210, 221. 222, 268 Halmrast, Sharon, Fort Dodge Halpin, Mary Patricia. Hazleton Halstead. Clara Mae, West Union Halstead, Terry, Marion, 111, 190, 193, 230, 254 Halsted, Claudia Kay, Chariton Halupnick, Joan Mae, Traer Hambly, Olive Regan. Cedar Falls Hamed, Mohamed Bob, Cedar Rapids Hamilton, Edna Suzanne, Cedar Falls Hamilton, Irma Rose, Ames, 226 Hamilton, Robin Lynn, Sioux City Hammer, Ronald Jerome, Swea City Hand, Carol Ann, Dewitt, 192, 228, 233 Hanes. Roy Charles, Waterloo Hansen, Hansen, 268 Hansen 235 Hansen Hansen Hansen 201 Hansen 195 Hansen Hansen 268 Hansen Hansen, Alice Marie, Roland Donald Julius, Council Bluffs, Evelyn Lucille, New Hartford, Frederick, Atlantic Glenn LeRo Ham ton Hansen, y, p , Jon E., Waterloo, 135, 137 Karen Marie, Iowa Falls, 114, , Karlene Ann, Gladbrook, 194, , Lavonne Kay, Elwood Patricia Louise, Luverne, 238, Roger Dean, Manilla Susan Audrey, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, 248, 268 Hansen, Verla Pipho, Waterloc Hansen, William, Waterloo Hanson, Jack Julian, Elgin Hanson, James Roger, Dickinson, North Dakota Hanson, Karen Irene, Fort Dodge, 236 Hanson, Reed Edward, West Union Hanson, Shirley Irene, St. Ansgar Hanson, W. M., Waterloo Hanus, Dorothy Barbara, Traer, 213, v 227, 228, 268 Hanzelka, Therese Ann, Tama, 113, 134, 192, 241 Hapgood, Gregory Owen, Blairstown Happe, Margo Jean, Spirit Lake, 192 Happel, Robert Duwayne, Marion, 107, 186 1-larai, Stanley Fujio, Kona, Hawaii, 256, 268 Harbach, Janice Marie, D:-lbi Hardacre, Barbara Ann, Cedar Rapids Harder, Carol Alan, Missouri Valley Harder, Dolores Elaine, Cedar Falls Harder, Robert Orval, Cedar Falls Hardy, Elona Jeanine, Clarion, 135, 137 Hare, Leonard John, Waterloo Hare, Robert Lavern, Waterloo Haring, Raymond Glenn, Clinton, 137 Harken, Richard Dale, Shell Rock Harms, Roger Allen, George Harned. Jacqueline, Cedar Falls, 268 Harned, Ollis Hayes, Jr., Cedar Falls Harold, Fern Hepker. Cedar Falls Harold, Naomi Fern, Cedar Falls, 90, 91, 97, 243 Harper, David Douglas, Waterloo Harper, James. Waterloo Harpin, Barbara Joan, Creston Harrington, Janice Lee, Ackley Harrington, Leonard, Maynard Harris, Barbara Colleen, Grinnell, 194 Harris, Joy Ann, Grinnell, 194, 217, 225. 268 Harrison, Dale Eugene, Creston, 228 Harrison, Joyce Aileen, Indianola Harsh, Gerald Duane, Adel Hart, Beverly Jean, Webb Hart, Donald Eugene, Clinton, 153, 231, 268 Hart, 'Frances Irene, Cedar Falls Harter, Robert Keith, Rockford, Illinois 117, 135, 137, 198, 256 Hartman, Marlene, Rodman, 192 Hartman, William, Creston, 132, 135, 200, 211, 239 Hartmann, Geraldine, Pocahontas, 134 Harty, Don Lester, Cedar Falls Hartzler, Dale Milton, Westchester Harvey, Cora Luella, Waterloo Harwell, Jean Joyce, Waterloo, 250 Hasbrouck, David Earl, Waterloo Hasbrouck, Donald, New Hartford Hascall, Wayne, Shelby, 225 Haselton, Bruce Edwin, Cedar Falls Hasstedt, Madonna Jean, Ogden, 235 Hatch, Carol Jane, Davenport, 201, 225, 243 Hatfield, William Kale, Park Ridge, Illinois Hau, George J., New Hampton Hauenstein, Mary E., Tracy, 268 Hauff, Sara Jane, Merrill, 236 Hauge, Verles Elaine, Lake Mills, 135, 136, 137, 143, 238 Haugh, Irene Frances, Ayrshire Haun, James Edwin, Winterset Hauser, Emma Jane, Cedar Falls, 218, 227, 245, 269 Hauser, Joseph Francis, Burlington, 162 Havemann, Ronald, Muscatine Havlik, Helen Jean, Waterloo Haworth, Sally Ruth, Grand Junction, 192 Hawthorne, Judith Ann, De Witt, 133, 135, 201, 233, 247 Hayden, John Leon, Cedar Falls Hayden, Judith Anne, Cedar Falls, 191, 143 Hayes, Alice M. Shirey, Waterloo Hayes, Audrey Jane, Cedar Falls, 90, 108, 217, 225, 269 Hayes, Donald Paul, Buckingham Hayes, James Harold, Waterloo Hayes, Robert John, Waterloo Hays, Carl Horton, Dallas Center, 254 Hazama. Charles Kenich, Cedar Falls, 229. 269 Hazen, Roger Dennis, Washington, 200 Hazlett, James Allen, Monona, 153, 256 Head, Carolyn Jane, Toledo Head, Sharon Joyce, Toledo, 235 Healey, John Thomas, Waterloo Hearst, Sarah Elizabeth, Cedar Falls Heath, Thomas Harry, Rake Heaton, Richard, Cedar Falls, 168, 169, 170, 171 Heaton, Ronald George, Waterloo, 170 Hebbeln. Wilbur R., Waterloo Hecker. Carole Sue, Cedar Falls Hecker, Howard J., Audubon, 231, 269 Hedges, Joy Iola, Bagley Hedges, Lynn Singer, Spirit Lake Heeren, Delores Joan, Jewell, 113 Heft, Julianne Esther, Hancock, 198, 235 . Hegland, Julieann, Ames Heide, Carol Joanne, Cresco Heiden. John Harry, Denison, 89, 132, 211, 269 Heiken, Donna Jean, Gray, 235 Heiken, Jerold Clarence, Cedar Falls Heiken, Loretta Mae, Gray, 235 Heil, David Frank, Mankato, Minnesota, 192 Heileman, Gene Charles, Cedar Falls Hein, Russell Franklin, Fairbank Heins, Delores Joan, Victor, 199, 214 Heinselman, Donald Ray, Waterloo Heinselman, James Lee, Waverly, 269 Heitland, James Edwin, Forest City Held, Lois Ilene, Geneva, 133, 269 Held, Virginia Lea, Charles City Heldenbrand, Judith, Booneville Helland, Chester Edward, La Porte Helland, David Lewis, Belmond, 269 Hellem, Margery Banton, Waterloo Helm, Harlan Eugene, Crystal Lake, 269 Helmers, Elizabeth Joan, Gilmore City Helmers, Harlan Harry, Algona Helming, Sharon Lee, Cresco, 135, 137, 236 Helvick, James Peter, Humboldt, 133, 147, 149, 198. 243 Henak, Richard Merle, Lohrville, 200 Hennessy, Donald Dean, Toledo Henningsen, Roger James, Graettinger Hensel, Marcia Louise, Auburn, 249 Hensley, John Raymond, Liscomb Hensley, Linda Schenk, Marshalltown Hensley, Marie Ellen, Liscomb Hensley, Robert Lee, Cumberland, 173, 187, 269 Hensley, William Franc, Cumberland Henry, Gloria Jean, Cedar Falls Henry, Rita A., Waukon Henze, Mary Vance, Cedar Falls Herbert, Pauline, Cedar Falls Herbleib, Gordon, Cedar Falls Herbold, Donald Dean, Correctionville, 198 Herbst, J. Adel, Algona, 100, 132, 250 Herman, Frieda Zwecher, Cedar Falls Herold, Valeria Mary, Fort Atkinson Herron, Barbara Ann, Red Oak, 100, 192, 224, 236 Hershberger, James, Kalona, 102, 154, 187, 255, 269 Hertel, Susan, Burlington Hess, Harvey Jason, Waterloo, 137 Hess, James Michael, Clinton, 200 Hess, Karen Rae, Jamaica Hesse, Arlyn, Waterloo Hesse, Ramona Margaret, Cedar Falls Hetzer, Marilu, Tipton Hewlett, Kay Carolyn, Pomeroy, 214, 226 Heying, .I0hn Charles, Ionia, 117, 192 Hickman, JoAnn, Sheldon, 235 Higa, Kosei, Cedar Falls, 181, 187, 269 Higdon, Stanley Paul, Waterloo, 177, 187, 269 Higgins, Mary A., Traer, 243 Hilbert, Walter Edgar, Cedar Falls, 269 Hildebrandt, Betty Ann, Tripoli, 248 Hileman, Geraldine, Waterloo I-lileman, Shirley. Waterloo Hill, Barbara Jane, Coin, 243 Hill, Mahlon Lyle. Cedar Rapids, 198 Hilleman, Janet Marie, Marshalltown, 248 Hillman, Gail Eleanor, Stanley I-Iilmer, Beverly Jean, Waterloo, 89, 269 Himan, Leland Harold, Palmer Hime, Gerald John, Onawa, 135, 137, 147, 192 Himes, Robert Thomas, Liscomb, 270 Hinde, Judith Anne, Epworth, 192, 248 Hinman, Claudia Rae, Council Bluffs Hintze, Rebecca, Newhall Hiserodt. Donald Dean, Algona Hodges, Dorothy Kay, Carroll, 137 Hodoway, Judith Diane, Hawarden Hodson, Larry Earl, Redfield Hoeft, Carolyn Ann, Garner, 199 Hoeg, Eloise Elaine. Reinbeck, 195, 220 Hoeg, O Hoeg, R na, Reinbeck andolyn, Reinbeck, 194, 195, 225 Hoepner, Virginia, Reinbeck Hoeppner, Eldon, Dinsdale Hoerman, Vern LeRoy, Clarksville Hofer, Doris Marie, Tama, 106 Hoffman, Carolyn Ann, Hudson Hoffman, Rodney Hill, Storm Lake, 231 Hofsommer, Donovan, Spencer Hogan, Blanche, Waterloo Hogue, Gary Eugene, Odebolt, 256 Hogue, Sandra Kay, Eldon Hohl, Marlene Lucille, Donnellson Hoing, Charles Dale, Cedar Falls Hoium, Ann Marie, Mason City, 135 Holden, Joann Evelyn, Manly, 115, 134 Holl, Eldon Anthony, Dyersville, 192 Holland, Gloria, Inwood, 147 Holland, Irene Marie, Dexter, 214 Holle, James C., Clinton, 270 Hollett, Marneta Jean, Redfield Hollingsworth, Patsy, Blairsburg, 195 Hollis, Patricia, Cedar Falls Holm, Mary Leta, New Hartford, 236 Holmes, Ardis Mae, Montour, 270 Holmes, Dennis Lowell, Cherokee Holmes Donald Keith, Cedar Falls, 270 Holmes, Mary Kathryn, Wyoming, 201 Holmes, Max J., Nashua Holmes, Ruthann, Grinnell Holmstr Holmstr 135 om, Donald, West Union om, Harold Lee, Hazleton, 132, Holsclaw, Harry, Cedar Falls Holst, Joyce Kay, Clutier Holstrum, Marlowe Dale, Stanhope Holtan, Larry Layne, Lake Mills, 198, 237, 243, 254 Holtapp, Joan Kae, Storm Lake, 133, 214, 235 Holte, Karl Emrud, Ruthven Holz, Gwendolyn June, New Hampton, 114, 1 39, 141, 142, 198, 236 Homan, Roger Arthur, Freeport, Illinois Hoopes, Hoover, David Andrew, Muscatline Janice Ruth, Marshalltown Hopp, Harold Wesley, Moville Hoppe, Nancy Joan, Gladbrook Hoppel Donald Adol h Belmond 1 P , Homolar, Karen Ann, Elberon, 197, 226 Hoogland, Norbert James, Orange City, 255 Horak, Larry Douglas, Waterloo Horn, D 204, 2 orothy Irene, Fort Dodge, 199, 33, 270 Horn, Sally Emily, Fort Dodge, 2, 108, 109, 113, 138, 139, 140, 142, 143, 204, 208, 2 Horner, 09, 219, 237, 270 Eugene Dennis, Cedar Falls Horton, Michael William, Des Moines, 112, 1 19, 256 Hoskins, Lynette, Hubbard, 115, 134 Hoskins, Mary Susan, Richland, 133, 218. 227, 270 Hostetler, Robert A., Cedar Falls Hotek, Ronald Ray, Otho, 222, 233 Hotz, Judith Ann, Fort Dodge, 251 Houg, Donovan Allyn, Mason City Hovelson, Jack Volney, Waterloo, 270 Hovey. Janice Lee, Badger, 224, 227 Howard, Donald Eugene, Ottumwa Howard, Jerry Allen, Clutier Howe, Mary Lynne, Ames, 114, 240, 242, 245 Howell, Alwilda DeJon, Waterloo Howell, Francis, Sioux City Howell, Willard John, Columbus Junc- tion, 202 Hoyer. Rita Kay, Fort Dodge Hron, Wilma Marie, Elma, 192 Huckins, Dorothy Ann, Center Point Hudepohl. Annette Ruth, Oxford, 270 Hudson, Gary Austin, Terril Hudson, Virginia Ann, Waterloo, 110, 113, 243, 244, 252 Huel, Dorothy Holt, Waterloo Huffman, Max Edward, Spencer Hugen, Leonard Paul, Bussey Huisman, Alvin Floyd, Parkersburg Humeston, Sandra Suzanne, Albia, 100, 225 Humke, Mary Catherine, Ackley, 134 Hummel, Cheryl Ann, Waterloo Humpal, Jerome Arthur, Waterloo Humphrey, Frederick, Cedar Falls, 145, 213, 270 Hupfeld, Elaine Jean, Dysart Hurley, James C., Evansdale Hurt, Beverly Florence, Davenport, 107, 108, 270, 307 Hurt, Joyce Nadine, Iowa City 250 Husmann, Anita, Clinton Husmann, Phyllis, Anamosa Huss, Gerald Louis, Royal, 132, 270 Huss, Howard William, Royal Huston, Marcia Jane, Cedar Falls Hutchins, Keith Leon, Waterloo Hutchison, Bernard, Martensdale Hutzell, Carol Collins, Algona, 147, 270 Hutzell, Floyd Jerome, Algona, 147, 148, 149, 270 I Idso, Marlene Joyce, Archer Ihle, Shirley Ann, Elmore, Minnesota Ihns, Joseph Ermal, Lime Springs Illingsworth, Robert N., Newton Immings, Betty Jane, Aplington Inamasu, Helen Satsuki, Kahului, Hawaii, 208, 223, 270, 284 Ingram, James Michael, Davenport, 196 Inman, Clara Hill, Evansdale Inoshita, June Tsuyako, Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii, 229 Irvine, Mary Elizabeth, Waterloo Irwin, Betty Jean, Bellevue, 202, 214, 224, 235 Isenhart, Alja Jane, Davenport, 236 Isenhower, Robert, Hudson, 162 Ito, Asako, Hilo, Hawaii, 227 Ivener, Evelyn Lorraine, Salix Iverson, Jeanne Rae, Spencer Iverson, Merlin Gerald, Cresco Ivey, Richard Michael, Ogden, 192 J Jackson, Colleen, State Center, 253, 271 Jackson, Marilyn Jean, Waukee, 245 Jacob, Joyce Elizabeth, Melbourne Jacobi, Esther B., Waterloo Jacobs, Barbara June, Buckingham, 114 Jacobsen, Norma Faye, Meriden Jacobson, Bernard, Fayette Jacobson, Delores, Ames Jacobson, Donna Lee, Cedar Falls Jacobson, Ronald Eugene, West Union Jacobson, Vicki Ann, Waterville Jahn, D arryl Dean Hugo, Manning Jain3es, Harold Harlan, Ottumwa, 135, 7 James, Stanley Russell, Mt. Vernon, 200 James, Wendell Elmer, Ogden, 257, 271 Jansen, Arlene Joann, Blairsburg, 235 Janssen, Bernadine, Rudd Janssen, Faye Beverly, Goodell, 238 Janssen, Jerry Frederick, Mason City, 117, 271 Janssen, Shirley Ann, Rodman, 199, 227 Jarchow, Ronald Dean, Oelwein, 117, 256 Jarvis, Carlene R., Cedar Falls Jarvis, Jeanette, Austin, Minnesota, 222, 253 Jaschen, Duane Moritz, Waterloo Jay, Richard L., Lynnville Jenkins, Janet Jean, Council Bluffs Jenkins, John Herbert, Waukon Jenkins, Marshal Edward, Waterloo Jennings, Frances E., Tipton Jensen, David Hawley, Cedar Falls Jensen, Dean Henry, Owatonna, Minnesota, 111 Jensen, Delores, Honey Creek Jensen, Dennis Paul, Sioux City, 108, 111, 185, 212, 256, 271 Jensen, Glenn Burdette, Elk Horn, 257, 271 Jensen, Gloria C., Ruthven Jensen, James Lee, Cedar Falls Jensen, Jerry Lee, Waterloo Jensen, Jane June, Independence Jensen, Kenneth George, Cedar Falls, 132, 135, 254 Jensen, Kenneth George, Independence Jensen, Kenneth Gordon, George Jensen, Ronald Lawrance, Cedar Falls Jenson, Keith Garmon, Ottosen Jepsen, David Andrew, Dumont Jepsen, Sandra Jane, Denison, 202, 203 Jentz, Janice Ann, Fenton Jespersen, Myrna Rae, Estherville, 203, 227 Jirak, Gordon Edmund, Cedar Falls Johannsen, Jon Arthur, Dubuque Johansen, Harold Dale, Coulter Johansen, Janice, Cedar Falls Johns, Phyllis Ann, Britt Johnson, Arnold, Cedar Falls Johnson, Betty Lou, Crawfordsville, 271 Johnson, Beulah Anne, New Hampton, 224 Johnson , Diana Louise, Keokuk, 201, 214, 226 Johnson, Donald Glen, George Johnson, Donald Richard, Chicago, Illinois, 271 Johnson, Doris Marie, Dows, 114, 226 Johnson, Eldon Merrill, Janesville Johnson, Emily Louise, Pilot Mound, 248 Johnson, Glenn Frederick, Missouri Valley Johnson, James Arthur, Marshalltown Johnson Johnson 252 Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson . Janice Diane, Des Moines , Judith L., Cedar Falls, 113, Harold Dean, Montpelier , Jerry Donald, West Des Moines , Joretta Carle, Waterloo Kathryn R., Irvington Johnson, Malcolm Kaye, New Hampton Johnson, Marilyn Ann, Pope Joy, 135, 137 Johnson, Marlene H., Lone Tree Johnson, Milton Dean, Ottosen, 162 Johnson, Norma Jean, Jefferson Johnson, Patty Hake, Cedar Falls, 108, 205, 208, 219, 271 Johnson, Peggy Lea, Curlew Johnson, Peter, Cedar Falls. 132, 147 Johnson, Phyllis C., Decorah Kaplan, Clark, Moorland, 131, 272 Kappes, Donald Howard, Maynard Karamitros, Bessie Sam, Mason City Karkosh, Minnie Pauline, Waterloo Kauffman. Karen Faye, Buffalo, 236 Kauzlarich, John W., Clinton Kay, Joanne Helen, Davenport, Kay, Virginia Ann, Davenport Keehn, Jay Darrell, Grundy Center Keele, Eric James, Blencoe Kehoe, Lawrence Eugene, Waterloo Kelch, Joan Eloise, West Branch Keller, Scott Jameson, Adel Kellerhals, Paul W., Tipton Kelley, George Patrick, Cedar Falls, 131 Kelley, Richard Yancey, Des Moines Kellogg, Janann Avis, Strawberry Point, 110, 114, 240 Kleym 257 ann, Jerry Arthur, Martensdale, Kline. Charles Leroy, Cedar Falls, 131 Kline. Jerold Laverene, Exira Kline. Phyllis Buttler, Exira Kling. Esther Louise, Newton, 198 Klink Donald Paul, Maxwell Kelly, Beverly Joyce, Hampton Kelly. Karen Ruth, Fort Dodge, 236 Kelly, Kelsh, Norma Jean, West Des Moines Kathryn Ann, Mason City Kelso, Dorothy Shannon, Cedar Falls Kelso, Earnest Lyle, Emmetsburg Johnson, Richard A., Waterloo Johnson, Richard Carl, Ottosen Johnson, Robert Thomas, Ottosen, 228 Johnson, Rochelle, Irvington, 147 Johnson, Roger Lykke, Elk Horn, 198 Johnson, Sylvia Marilyn, Cedar Falls. 135, 136 Johnson, Valdon Lavern, Cedar Falls Johnston, Carole Jones, Zearing Jones, Drexel Eugene, Manly, 271 Jones Gwendolyn lone, Olin, 139, 214 Jones Jerry Rodrian, Nashua, 187, 257 Jones John Kenneth, Cedar Falls, 137, 208. 233, 271 Jones, Jim Lee, Des Moines Jones, Marilyn Belle, Newton. 139, 142, 148 243, 247 Jones, Norman Wiley, West Union Jones, Robert Junior, Waterloo Jones, Shirley Mae, Dayton, 214, 235 Jones, Thomas Henry, Ogden, 257 Jonker, Vera Mae, Orange City, 113, 186, 202 Jontz, Denzel Ray, Rockwell, 271 Joranko, Merle William, Cedar Falls, 271 Jordan. Virginia Ann. Linn Grove, 108, 217, 225. 244. 245 Jorgensen, Harriet L., Sioux City, 236 Jorgensen, James Allen, New Hartford Juan, Clarence, Lanai, Hawaii, 229 Jugenheimer, Janet Ann, Davenport, 224 Juhl, Raymond Paul, Cedar Falls Juhler, Amold Paul, Waterloo, 254, 271 Jungersen, Judith Anne, Inwood, 235 Jungman, Carol Ann, Booneville Justice, Carol Ann, Rockwell City, 115, 124, 134 Jutting, Eldon John, Buffalo Center K Kading, Kathleen Y., Knoxville, 197, 235 Kading, Mary Ellen, Knoxville Kaeding, Harold E., Reeseville, Wisconsin Kahl, Doris Arlene, Ida Grove, 240 Kagnz, Iola Maria, Elkader, 233, 237, 71 Kalianov, Nick Raymond, Evansdale Kaminga, Shirley K., Cedar Falls Kamp, Alice Mildred, Dubuque, 192 Kao, Ruth Lee, Cedar Falls, 210, 271 Kapfer, Philip Gordon, Denison, 199 Kapfer, Richard Gordon. Denison, 90 Kemp, Floyd Ralph, Cedar Falls Kemper, Carolyn Lee, Sharon, Pennsyl- vania, 134, 202, 248 Kemper, Catherine Anne, Muscatine, 133, 224 Kennedy, Martha Ann, Washington Kennedy, Robert Peter, Cedar Rapids Kenny, Roberta Louise, Waterloo, 90, 97, 106, 110, 186, 192, 206, 239, 245 Kersten, Richard Lee. Dysart. 272 Kessler, Darlene Marie, West Branch, 134. 192 Ketch, William C., Des Moines, 255 Ketelsen. Evelyn Casey, Baldwin Kewley, Lois Ann, Waukon Kibbie. William Lee, Cedar Rapids, 181, 187 Kirlwell, Ann, Freeport, Illinois, 133, 192. 233. 246 Kies, Mary Ann, Waterloo Kiesey, Daniel Ode, Washington, 137 Kilgore, Robert F., Mason City Kilpatrick, Phyllis, Winterset Kilstofte, Don R., Roland Kilts, Lavonne Ruth, Arnolds Park Kimrey. Donna Rae, Woodward, 200, 201, 218, 227, 272 Kim. Suk Kou, Seoul, Korea, 2, 85, 139, 141, 142, 204, 256 Kindig, Robert Louis, Cedar Falls King, James Emery, Cedar Falls King, John Richard. Waterloo King. Jo Ann, Nevada. 134, 235 King, Karen Rae, Winterset, 201 Kingery. Betty Jeanne, Greene Kingland, Norma L., Forest City Kingsolver, Julia Ann, Tabor, 226 Kinkade. Margaret Fern, Milford, 235 Kinrade, Doris, Maquoketa Kintzel. Marilyn Ann. Clarence, 248 Kinzler, Allan Karl, Waterloo, 170 Kipp, Charlene A., Tipton, 134, 192 Kirchhoff, Stanley F., Oelwein Kirchner, Duwayne G., Elma Kirkpatrick, Mary Ann, Cedar Falls Kirlin, Hazel Rose, Buckingham Kiscr, Janice Ann, Wilton Junction, 191, 234 Kittrell, Ronald John, Waterloo Klahn, Bethel Elaine, Wheatland, 235 Klar, Ruth Kay, Grundy Center, 202 Klatt, Robert Carl, Cherokee Klatt, Sheryl Ann, State Center Klaus, Thomas Lee, Manchester Klein, Phyllis Wray, Burlington, 136, 240. 242, 272 Klcinheksal, Marjorie, Waterloo Klink, Rose Lee, Elkport Kloostra, Leon. Cedar Falls, 199 Knickman, Helen Mary, Silver City Kniep. Ronald Roger, Bridgewater Knobloch, Adolph Leroy, Alvord, 117, 256 Knock, Joanne Kay, Marengo, 115 Knock. Robert Duane, Marengo, 153, 154, 187 Knott, Mary Margaret, Boxholm Knutlson, Gary A.. Cedar Falls Koch. Charles Edward, Denison, 117 Koch, Franklin Wescott, Tripoli, 211, 272 Koch. Gordon Claire, Hudson Koch, Janet Louise, Clinton, 214 Koch, Roland Elmer, Clinton Kock. Don Charles, Rockford Kodani, Betty Hideko, Hilo, Hawaii, 191. 229 Koefoed, Calleta P., Cedar Falls Koenig, Frederick E., Elysian, Minnesota Koestler, Dale Alvin, Cedar Falls Koevenig, James Louis, Postville, 285 Kohls, Jo Anne Ruth, Strawberry Point, 132, 200, 216, 246, 272 Kole, Marius Leroy, Cedar Falls Kollman, Victor Herbert, Waterloo, 135, 137 Kolpek, Richard James, Traer Kolsrud, Charles S., De Witt Kolsrud, Don Harris, Kewanee, Illinois, 177, 255, 272 Konno, Thomas Hajime, Cedar Falls, 229 Kool, Joyce Diane, Sanborn Koolbeck, Richard R., Garner, 173, 187, 272 Koos, David Ervin, Shelby, 153, 255 Kopecky, Norman W., Clutier Korns. Kathryn June, Hartwick, 114, 194, 240 Kotscher, John Karl, Waterloo Kough, Max Allyn, Waterloo Kragenbrink, Joanne, Earlville, 113, 198 Krambeer, Rita Mae, Luana, 202, 203, 235 Kramer, Donald Henry, Allison, 198, 254 Kramersmeier, Lavonne, Buffalo Center Krampe, Darlene Donna, Baxter, 235 Krapek, Mary Ann, Osage Krava, Jacqueline M., Le Claire, 201, 227 Krebs, Luella Irene, Waterloo Kreitzer, Wayne L., Ridgeway, 117 Kriens, Richard Duane, Belmond, 272 Kroeger, Edna Berghefe, Belmond Kroeger, Kathleen Emma, Eldridge Krose, Peter Allen, Sanborn Krueger, Frederick H., Cedar Falls Krumm, Larry Duane, Grinnell, 257, 272 Krumrey, Darwin Lloyd, Charles City Kruse, Elinore Ruth, Grundy Center, 243 Kruse, Leon E., Tipton, 231, 272 Kruse, Marvin Dwayne, Waterloo Kubik, Rudy Richard, Clutier, 177, 192, 255 Kucera, Patricia Ann, Cedar Rapids, 115, 134, 201, 225 Kuch, Leland Earl, Van Horne, 102, 173, 175, 187, 199. 272 Kuelil, Henry W., Cedar Falls Kuenstling, Alberta H., Waterloo Kuhn, Margaret Mary. Calmar, 227, 272 Kunkle, Paul Harlan, Charles City, 272 Kunzman, Helen Marie, Douds Kutzner, James W.. Ventura Kynett, Margaret, Clinton, 236 IJ Ladehoff, Sandra Sue, Davenport, 113, 203. 206. 237. 251 LaFollette, Jeanne. Ottumwa, 135, 136, 137 La Frentz. Ronald A., Floyd Lage, Gloria J., Gladbrook, 226 Lahey, Patrick Andrew. Clinton Lahmann, Katherine Kay, Denver, 235 Lahmann, Maxine Joyce, Denver, 250 Laipple, George R., Faulkner, 272 Lake, Patty lsabelle. Manly. 273 Lakin, Grace Brown. Cedar Falls Lakin, Robert French, Des Moines, 143, 146, 244 Lamb, Elizabeth Louise, Des Moines, 134 Lamb, Mary Jo, Redfield Lamb, Sharon Louise, Cedar Rapids Lamb. Shirley Lee, Marshalltown, 273 Lilley, Jo Anne, Des Moines Lamphier, Darlene M., Strawberry Point Lancaster, Donald Lee, Dows Landgraf, Marilyn K., Odebolt, 113 Landhuis, Lester Verne, Sheldon Landt, William Edward, Clarksville Lane, Gerald Joseph, Oelwein, 170 Lane. Jesse Melvin, Eddyville, 228 Lane, Mary Ann, Onawa. 214 Lane, William Emmett, Cedar Falls Lang, Robert Phillip. Chicago, Illinois, 177,255,273 Langan, Dean Fredrick. Waterloo Lange. Helen M., Sutherland, 235 Lange, Lange, Lange, Herbert Donald. Cedar Falls Marilyn Long, Cedar Falls Maril n Ruth Rockwell Cit Y , Y Lange, Nancy Lee, Decorah, 223, 243, 273 251, Lange, Renita De Lee, Burlington, 134 Lange, Shirley Ann, Winthrop Lantow, James Robert, Sumner, 133 Lapel, Carol Ann, Denison, 273 Larkin, Norma Louise, New Hampton, 134 Larsen, Delmar Laverne, Grinnell, 231 Larsen, Roger Leroy, Grinnell Larsen Larsen Larson , Ruth Lynne, Estherville , Volney Lewis, Cedar Falls , Beverl Ann Clear Lake Y , Larson, Donald Jay, Alden, 106, 117, 153. 190, 199. 257 Larson, Larue Ann, Thompson Larson, Leo Ray, Waterloo Larson, Roger Franklin, Forest City, 273 Larson, Sophia K., Waterloo Larson, Sylvia Jean, Elgin, 89, 216 La Rue, Jo Ann, Dows Lassen, Jo Ann, Springville, 251 Latch, Myrna Lou, Spencer, 194 Lathrop. Robert Dean, Monroe Laufer, Karl Allen, Gladbrook Laughery, Katharine N., Guthrie Center Lauterbach, James, Waterloo, 273 Lauterbach, Leon Dean, Waterloo Lawless, Donald J., Macksburg, 191, 256 Lawman. Karen Rae, Laurens, 250 Lawrence, Marilyn M.. Marshalltown, 77, 236 Laws. Dixie Faye. Marathon, 235 Lawson. Jean Carolee, Marion, 100, 113, 147. 251 Lawson, John Allen. Ames Laylin. Richard Eugene, Waterloo Lt-aman, Don Eugene, Waterloo. 133 Leas. Karen Lorraine. Waukon, 236 Leavitt, Eloise Jones, Cedar Falls Leavitt. Nlary Ellen, Cedar Falls Lebahn. Shirley Ann, New Hartford Lee. Nola Raclrel, Waterloo Let-per. George Leland, Cedar Falls Leeper, Sharol Jean, Redfield Lt-et, Richard Eugene. Waterloo, 143, 146, 198. 210, 25-1- Lehnus, Gwendolyn M., Rolfe, 2, 113, 139, 141, 142, 202, 203 Leith, L. Jean, Manson, 194, 195, 235 Lemke. Robert Edward, Dows, 198, 233 Lennie, Jim Xavier, Albia, 112, 142, 256 Leonard, Rita C.. Solon Lepper, Lois Harriet, Radcliffe, 134 Lerdal, Judith Lee, Clear Lake Lesch. Ann Elizabeth, Fort Madison, 113, 195 Leslie, Donald Ray, Waterloo Lettow, Lois Ruth, Alden, 199, 214, 235 Levene, Marilyn Ruth, Pocahontas, 201 Lewis. Audrey Jane, Williamsburg Lewis, Eugene Curtis, McCallsburg Lewis, Sandra Ann, Cedar Rapids Liddle, Jo Anne. Keystone Liebsch. Hope Beverley, Perry, 190, 197 Liesener. James W., Cedarburg, Wisconsin Light, Doris Evelyn, Lisbon, 218, 227, 247, 273 Lind, Harry Lee, Cedar Falls, 254, 273 Lind, Kenneth F., Cedar Falls, 254, 273 Lindaman, Ruth lrma, Ackley, 133, 273 Lindblom, John Paul, Waukon, 89, 112, 119, 132, 257 Linden, Donna Lois, Kiron, 110, 116, 128, 245 Linder, Janice Ann, Oelwein, 251 Linder, Marlyn Karol, Reinbeck Linderhaum, Darlene, Cresco Lindholm, Martha Viola, Ogden, 102, 236 Lindlief, Mary Anne, Storm Lake, 202, 203, 240 Lindstrom, Diane, Humboldt Lindstrom, Franklin F., Humboldt Lingren, Charles K., Gowrie, 200 Linscheid, Clayton B., Cedar Falls Linstrom, Mary Jean, Waterloo Lippe, James Emil, Waukon, 198 Little, Larry Leo, Knoxville Livingston, Dorothy K., Cedar Falls Lloyd, Linda June, Dumont Loeschen, Gordon, St. Ansgar, 135, 137 Loftus, Carol Ann, Fort Dodge Logan, Jackson Lee, Cedar Falls, 208, 231, 285 Logan, James, Cedar Falls, 181 Logan, Sharon, Cedar Falls, 208, 233, 273 Lohmeyer, Darlene, Waterloo Lohr, Ronald Milton, Corona, South Dakota, 273 Long, Beverly Jean, Boone Long, Gerald Dean, Cedar Falls, 231, 273 Long, Paul Allan, Afton Long, Robert Ernest, Clinton Longstreet, Kathleen K., Primghar Lonning, Philip Eugene, Waukon, 111, 112, 119, 228, 257, 273 Lonning, Roger Dean, Waukon, 285 Loomis, Donald James, Des Moines, 117 228, 257 Loose, Charlotte L., Waukee, 133, 193 Lorenzen, Kay, lda Grove, 201 Lorenzen, Sandra Jean, Rienbeck Loshbaugh, Sonja Alyce, Waterloo Loudon, lrene Lois, lda Grove Loufek, Margaret Ruth, Cedar Rapids Lough, Ronald Earl, Cedar Falls Love, Alvina Margaret. Lansing Lowell, Barbara Joan, Fairfield, 132, 251, 274 Lower, James Meredith, Cedar Falls Lowman, Marilyn Jean, Algona, 106 110, 186, 240. 242, 250, 274 Lowry, Eugene Evenson. Callender Lowry. Helen Joan, Colfax, 274 Loynachan, Doris Lea. Pleasantville, 197, 214 Lubben. Lola Mae, Maquoketa Lubbs, Eugene Keith, Cedar Falls Lucas, Bar-bara Ann, Harlan, 108, 204, 219, 239. 274 Luckey, Marilla, Riverside Lueknebill, Cherry, Washington Ludolph, Cheryl Krebs, Colfax Ludolph, Jackie Raymond, Waterloo Lueck, Suzanne Rae, Clinton, 240 Luhrs, James Everett. Gaza, 228, 256 Luiken, Karen Louise, Eldora Lukehart, Bill, Cedar Falls, 131, 285 Lumley, Darwyn Harring, Aplington 274 1 1 Lumley, Gaylen Gene, Aplington Lundblad, Gayl Maureen, Milford Lundgren, Larry Jay, Clinton Luther, Sharon Rose, 248 Luxford, Delores Mae, Bayard, 114 Lynch, Rose Marie, Charles City Lynes, Richard R., Waterloo, 118 Lyons, Richard Allen, Dysart hd Maas, Gary Lee, Wellsburg Mace, David Eugene, Waterloo. 255 Mace, Reverdy Lou, Goodell, 274 Machovec, Phyllis L., Cedar Rapids Mac Leod, Emily Joyce, Greene Madsen, Donna Lee, Laurens. 213, 228, 246 Madsen, Kathleen Marie, Alden Madson. Grace Eleanor, Britt, 113, 143, 145, 206, 232, 253 Magee, Raleigh Ralph, Waverly Magee, Ronald Dean. Evansdale Magilton, Sandra Kay, Rockford Magnuson, James Delmar, Waterloo Magoon, Virginia Ann, Ames, 115, 236 Maher, William Lloyd, Cedar Falls Mahin, Joyce Ann, Albia Mahon, Paul S., Cedar Falls Mahrt, George Curtis, Cedar Falls Mahurin, Randal Kent, Vinton Main, Lois Evelyn, Independence Main, Maxine, Oskaloosa, 236 Maire, Rose Louise, Monticello, 132, 216, 246. 247 Mairs, Ardith Ann, Gilman, 133, 235 Mallas, Jay Lewis, Cedar Falls, 274 Mamminga, Mary Lou, Grundy Center, 133, 203, 238 Manahl, Bonnie Gilbert, Washington Manahl. Phillip Louis. Ottumwa. 136, 137 Manbeck, Phillip D.. Waterloo Mandernach. Charles. Odebolt, 111, 117, 135. 137. 211. 238 Manfull. Richard Dale. Trayer Mangold. Gloria Diane, Ryan, 195. 224, 235, 250 Manley. Jean Ivelle, Colo Manley. Richard Jewel, Waterloo Manning. Marlene Joyce, Booneville, 134 Manos. Frank Sam. Cedar Falls, 222 Manship, Larry Lee. Charles City Manship, Richard Lewis, Charles City Marcucci, Gilbert E., Maquoketa Marcussen. Richard L.. Cedar Falls Marcussen. Robert L.. Cedar Falls Maricle. Eugene Albert, Waterloo Marinis. James. Mason City Mark, Gerald Lawrence, Casey Illgiillen, Linda Mary. Hampton, 193, Markley. Inez Mae, Rolfe Marole, Ralph Leroy, Monticello Maronde. Marceil Marie, Lime Springs Marquis, Kenneth Dean. Iowa City Marron, Mildred Flynn, Wacoma Marsh. James Walter, Kellogg Marsh, Lewis William. Kellogg, 110, 171 Marshall. Patricia E., La Porte City Martin Martin . Elizabeth L., Waterloo, 274 Martin, Martin. Martin, Martin Donald Glenn. Jesup Melvin Richard, Buckingham Patricia Ann. Sigourney Patricia Ann. Montezuma Richard Dean, Dewitt Martin. Thomas Moore, Muskegon, Michigan Martinson. Shirley Kay, Clarion, 112, 193, 253 Masden, Georgia E., Reinbeck 114, 133, 137, 143, 201, 235, 245 Mason, Dolores Irene, Ottumwa, 135, 137. 190. 203. 244, 246 Massey, Donald Leroy, Muscatine, 274 Masteller, Dewin C., Independence, 169, 170. 171 Matern. Lavonne E., Meservey, 192, 227 Mather, Audrey Eleanor, Ames Mathes, Betty Lou, Shell Rock Matland, Richard Olive, Cedar Falls Matyk, Elaine Carol. Solon, 214 Matzen, Eileen Kirstin, Riceville, 227 Maulson, Jacqueline, Manchester Maurer. John David, Cedar Falls Maxwell, Evelyn Lamb, Fort Madison Maxwell, Patricia Joy, Toledo, 81, 113, 116, 147, 220, 230, 242. 243 May. Bona Dean, Kanawha May, Patricia Ann, Des Moines May, Wendell Lee, Cincinnati Maynard, Frederick H., Cedar Falls Maynard, Jerry Allen, Maquoketa, 231 Maze. Donald Meeker, Carroll, 170 McAtee. Judy May. Olin McAvoy, Gary Paul, Walnut, 177, 274 McBride, JoAnn Kay, Oelwein, 193 McBurney, Margaret L., Humboldt, 132. 274 McCalley, David Vaughn, Cedar Falls McCarroll, James Pat., Traer McCarville, Charles L., Cresco McCauley, Harry Dean, Van Meter McCaustland. Earl Jr.. Lime Springs, 274 McClain. Donald Henry. Waterloo McClain. Richard Lee, Oelwein McClain. Ronald Dean, Waterloo Mcflleary. Clark Bruce, Davenport, 119, 162. 164. 187, 244. 257 McClellan. Keith. Tipton, 225, 257 McClellan, Rosalyn, Clarence McClintic, Jack W., Des Moines McClure, Caryl W.. Indianola McClure, Mary E., Rockwell City, 132, 216, 238, 274 McCombs, Marilyn Sue. South English, 134- McConnell. Dorothy A.. Prole, 197 McConnell, Sandra D., Washington, 191 McCord, Darleen, Douds, 285 McCormack, Robert E., Fort Dodge McCracken. Fred Brook, Des Moines McCreath, Dorothy Ann, Hamilton, 116, 133, 202, 203. 275 McCreedy, Sally Jo, Waterloo McCunniff. Monte Joe. Cedar Falls McCusker. Robert F., Waterloo McDaniel. Kathryn Lee, Waterloo, 116, 248 McDermott, Mary K., Fort Dodge McDonough, Judith Ann, Odebolt, 135 McDonough, Karen Sue, Schaller, 134, 202 McDowell. Claude W., Waterloo McDowell, Helen, Cedar Falls McGee. Sharon Ann. Manchester, 240 McGill. Joyce Ann, Grand View McGirl, John James Jr., Waterloo McGrane, Linfred C., Cedar Falls McGrath, Agnes, Cedar Falls McGreevey, Mary L., Lawler. 192 McGrew, James Wright, Waverly McGrew, Jay Ellwyn, Cedar Falls, 118 McGuffin, Neal Lael. Cedar Rapids. 200, 210, 256 McGuire, Anthony Neal, Independence Mclntosh, Sandra Jean, Keosauqua, 236 McKean, Joyce Arlene, Armstrong McKee, John Henry, Waterloo McKenzie, James T., Knoxville . McKinney, Marilyn Dianne, Chicago, 100, 134, 235 McLain, Beyerly Marie, Deep River McLennan, Joyce, Hartwick, 114, 126, 240, 250 McLennan, Robert Lee, Ames McMillin, Darlene Mae, Belle Plaine, 135, 137 McNeal, James Francis, Ames, 107 McNeese, Diane Kay, Brighton McNeilus, Marlene, Marble Rock McNertney, William F., Gilbert McPhil1ips, Beth Ellen, Britt, 236 McQuatters, Patricia, Northwood McSpaden, Michael.D., Hampton McWhorter, Thomas M., Waterloo Meeker, Elizabeth Ann, Waterloo Meeker, Roger Lee, Cedar Falls, 132, 135, 137, 186 Meewes, Lester L.. Dike Meier, Mary Margaret. Garnavillo Meinders, Thomas R., Cedar Falls, 118 Meinhard, Donna J., 110, 113, 136, 200, 201 Melby, George Meridith, Ettrick, Wisconsin, 285 Melles, Carol Joan, Orange City, 214. 226 Melles, Warren Henry, Cedar Falls Mendon, Gary Charles, Cedar Falls Mentzer, James Ray, Cedar Rapids, 231 244, 257, 275 Merical. Ronald Edward, Adel Merritt, Phyllis Ann, Osage Merry, Ardith Elaine, Cedar Falls, 200, 201 Mertens, Jeannette W., Cedar Falls Mertens, Jerald Dale, Reinbeck Mesler, Donna Jane, Des Moines, 193 Messer, John Eugene, Waterloo, 228, 243, 257 Messerly, Roger Ray, Buckingham, 275 Meyer, Alice Burger, Cedar Falls Meyer, Bonnie, Reinbeck, 275 Meyer, Joan Elizabeth, Oelwein, 114, 134, 135, 137, 201, 252 Meyer, Lavern James, Wesley Meyer, Marcia Joan, Grundy Center, 100, 202, 224 Meyer, Margaret Anne, Waverly, 113, 186. 198, 240, 244, 253 Meyer, Patricia Ann, Ackley Meyer, Ruth Ann, Aplington Meyers, Barbara Jean, Dunkerton Meyers, Eldon Harold, Ionia, 198, 237 Meyers, Gordon R., Leroy, Minnesota Michael, Michael, Albert C., Waterloo Richard Clark, Bassett Mick, Harold Warren, Story City Mick, Nancy Ann, Story City, 135 Middleton, Loretta Lee, Bettendorf 108, 204, 225, 275 Midland, Dale L., Eagle Grove, 275 Mikesell, S. Collette, Keswick, 135, 137 Mikesh, Marvin James, Decorah, 154 Miles, Monte Lee, Janesville Miletich, John Carlton, Albia Milius, Kathryn Elizabeth, Des Moines, 190, 251 Miller, Alfred Duane, Audubon Miller, Barbara Alice, Crete, Illinois Miller, Carl Dale, Sioux Rapids Miller. Charlotte M.. Bemidji, Minnesota, 240 Miller, Deidre Kay, Washington, 113, 243, 253 Miller, Henry Duane. Cedar Falls Miller, Jenese C., Rodman Q Miller. John Robert. Cedar Falls, 119, 254 202. Miller, Judith Irene, Grundy Center, 249 236, Miller, Larry Allen. Clear Lake, 132, 211 137, Miller, Marilyn Faye, Wellsburg Miller, Marlyn E., Quasqueton Miller, Mary E., Cherokee Miller, Mary Marlene, New Providence Miller, Melva Marie, Manchester, 248 Miller, Nancy Ann, Pisgah, 192 Miller, Nancy Anne, Davenport Miller, Nancy Helen, Ottumwa Miller, Patricia, Clinton Miller, Regina Ann, Marne, 106, 192, 239. 245, 275 Miller, Richard D., Stratford, 135 Miller, Richard E., Fort Dodge Miller, Richard L., Lime Springs Miller, Robert W., Waterloo Mills, Marion Jr., Cedar Falls Mindemann, Marjorie M., Ames, 194, 235 Minshall . Missman, Eileen Ann, Logan, 134 Virginia I., Charles City Mitchell, Josephine S.. Reinbeck, 275 Mitchell, Katherine O., Buckingham Mitchell, Larry Leon, Paullina, 132 Mitchell, Lois Ruth, New Providence, 132 Mitchell, Mildred K., Buckingham, 275 Mitchell, Nancy Ann, Charles City Mitchell, Richard James, Grundy Center Mitts, Jon William, Lake Park, 275 Mixdorf, Gordon Frank, Shell Rock, 200, 212, 243 Miyasaki, Lorraine, Honolulu, Hawaii, 139, 229, 234 Mizaur, Janna Roskamp, Cedar Falls Moehlis, Ronald Dean, Waterloo Moehn, Marjorie Jeanne, Danville, 113, 116, 147, 208, 233 Moeller, Kelvin K., Waterloo, 135 Moeller, Marilyn Irene, Palmer, 213, 275 Moeller, Nancy Elaine, Eldridge, 198, 220 Mohl, Gary Edward, Lost Nation Mohlenkamp, Phyllis J., Melvin, 235 Mohni, Judith Colleen, Everly Mohror, Mary Jean, Peterson Moldt, Sherl Ann, Lime Springs, 135, 137 Moline, Jo Dene Carol, Rockwell City Molinsky, Dean Marlin, Oelwein Mollenhauer, Iva Dale, Waterloo Molstead, Joyce Ann, Waterloo Mooers, Robert Wayne, Cedar Falls Moon, Sharon Le, Monona, 226 Monson, Kathryn Elaine, Forest City, 248 Monteith, Meredith Kay, Eldora, 115, 134 Moodie, Evelyn Maurer, Waterloo Moody, Donald C. Claire, Vinton, 74, 119, 173, 257 Moody, Keith LeRoy, Vinton Moon, Donald Keith, Charles City Moon, Elinor, Hilo, Hawaii, 133, 208 Moon, Jerrold Binford, Davenport, 275 Moon, Joanne Kay, Charles City Moon, Robert Gordon, New Providence Mooney, James Anothony, Waverly, 275 Moore, Dale B., Earlham Moore, Elizabeth Ellen, Waterloo Moore, Lorelei Elizaheth, Chicago, Illinois Moore, Ruth Hill, Cedar Falls Moore, Sally Lou, Glidden, 133, 215 Moore, Virginia Mary, Waterloo Moorehead, Gerald Wayne, Cedar Falls Moravetz, Annette Elizabeth, Ogden, 133 Mordan, Charles R., Pocahontas, 118 Mores, Thomas William, Sioux City Morey, L. Joyce, Greene, 197 Morfitt, Carole Lea, Sanborn, 134 Morford. Mary Jane, Davenport, 202, 203 Morgan, Marvin C. Denver Morgan, Paul Kenneth, Waterloo Morgensen, Bethel May, Cedar Falls Morizuchi, Naomi, Hilo, Hawaii, 115, 124, 229 Mork, Nona Betscel, Elgin Morlan, Linda Ann, Plano, 235 Moore, Marcia Lynne, Ames Morris, Alvira Stock, Cedar Falls Morris, George Allen. Cresco Morris, Vilas Lester, Brockton Morris, William Herber, Cedar Falls Moschel, Jerod P., Hawkeye Moser, Cheryl Kay, Waterloo Moser, Roger Cvharles, Greene, 275 Moulton, Audrey Jo, Clinton, 201 Mowrer, Gladys Skinner, Boone Moxley, Frank William, Algona Moyer, Wanette Marie, Fort Madison, 191 Muchow, Keith Sander, Waterloo Mueller, Marilyn Elaine, What Cheer Muehlethaler, Beverly, Elgin, 113, 133 Muench, Marva Jean, Ogden, 198, 235 Muffly, Marjorie, Bellingham, Washington Muhlenbruck, Gary Lewis, Latimer, 162, 255 Mukai, Allison, Yurie, Maui, Hawaii, 58, 196, 276 Mulder, Molly Joan, Alton Mullenix, Karen Zoe, Grundy Center, 135 Muller, Richard Lee, Cedar Falls Mullins, Darl Vern, Chariton, 131, 276 Mully, Jack Ray, Cedar Falls, 162 Muncy, Corinne Rae, Waterloo, 201, 227 Munday, Leo A., Leon, 207 Munson, Norma T., Waterloo Muramoto, Thelma Tsugi, Phahala, Hawaii, 229 Murota, Catherine Chiz, Hilo, Hawaii, 229, 234 Murphy, Kay Ann, Waterloo' Murphy, Thomas Eugene, Washington, 153, 169, 170, 171 Murray, Margaret Ann, Buffalo Center Mussett, Jack Irving, Waterloo Musgrove, Carole Anne, Ottumwa Musgrove, Donna Lee, Waterloo, 102, 134 Musgrove, Theresa Lee, Boone Mutum, Janis Joy, Walnut, 235 Myer, Bonnie Jean, Reinbeck Myers, Joe Robert, Waterloo Myers, Joseph Michael, Cedar Falls Myers, Mary Joan, Cedar Falls Myler, Marion Clarke, Waterloo li Naber, Audrey Kay, New Hartford Naito, Muriel Wasako, Waialua Oahu, Hawaii, 195, 229 Nakashima, Claire Nabu, Puunene Maui Hawaii, 229 Nakasato, Jean Masae, Kahului Maui, Hawaii, 191, 221 Nally, Thomas V. Scranton, 276 Nanny, Claudette Jean, La Porte City Nash, Raymond Eugene, Charles City Natte, Roger Burdette, Sibley Natvig, Lyle Odell, Waterloo Navin, Joseph Gerald, Melrose Naylor, Roger Alan, Evansdale Neal, Constance Cecile. Maquoketa, 134 Neal, Wayne Lee, Cedar Falls Neff, Carolyn Mae, Williams, 226 Neff, James Harland, Cedar Falls Neihy, Margaret Anne, Atlantic, 115 Neil, Doris Marie, Fairbank, 201, 226 Neith, Jerry Ray, Waterloo Nellist, Glenn Franklin, Rowley, 201, 225, 254 Newton, William Douglas, Waterloo Ney, John Frederick, Cedar Falls Nichols, Charlotte Ann, Marshalltown, 114, 133, 214 Nichols, Connie Lee, Cedar Falls Nichols, Kenneth Marian, Cedar Falls, 276 Nichols, Merlin Eugene, Cedar Falls, 162, 165 Nichols, Raymond Charles. Cedar Falls Nickelsen, Eutoka Jean, Clinton, 136 Nicklaus, Delbert August. Parkersburg, 161. 162. 187. 276 Niedert Niedert , Richard, H., Cedar Falls Russell Louis, Waterloo, 276 Nielsen, Joyce Marion, Preston, 228, 233 Nielsen Nielsen Nielsen , Lona Faye, Harlan, 134 , Shirley Ann, Moneta, 114. 235 , William Peter, La Porte City, 177, 187, 255, 276 Niemeyer, Lyle Richard, Waverly Niibu, Carolyn Sachie, Lanai City, Hawaii. 114, 214, 229, 235 Niklasen, Doris Marie, Kimballton, 198 Nimmo, Harry A., Monroe, 139, 141, 142, 143, 145, 146, 204 Nissen. George F., Oelwein, 276 Nissen, Raymond Lee, Oelwein, 162, 187, 276 Nitardy, Margaret Rose, St. Ansgar Nixon, Rachel Adelia, Keosauqua, 235 Noack, Louise Elaine, Clarion, 202 Noack, Virgil Clay, Postville Noble, Curtis Cleveland, Riceville, 108, 132. 137, 211, 276 Nojiri. Amy Tamiko, Ookala, Hawaii, 115, 198, 229 Nolan, Patrick Vincent, Emmetshurg, 276 Nolte, Annmarie Theresa, Atlantic, 192, 236 210, Noneman, Charles Howard, Holstein, 111, 177 Nord, Karen Elise, Huxley, 226 Nordly, Judith Ann, Cedar Falls, 106, 116, 206, 215, 245 Norenberg, Stanley Leroy, Keota, 131, 153, 159, 187, 255, 276 Norman, Janet Lee, Waterloo Norton, Evelyn Kay, Newton Norvell, Mary Nancy, Cedar Falls, Nelsen, Everett Marlo, Dows Nelsen, Gloria Diane, Newell, 191, 208, 276 Nelson, Clara Louise, Cedar Falls Nelson, Harlan Frederick, Lyle, Minnesota Nelson, Hart Michael, Cedar Falls Nelson, Janet Mae, Cedar Falls, 137, 201 Nelson, Linda Lou, Lehigh Nelson, Marilyn Marie, Panora, 134, 1.98 Nelson, Marlys Mae, Waterloo Nelson Marybeth Ann, Cedar Falls, 136,i31,2o0,201 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Mary Jean, Cedar Falls, 198 Ross Carlton, Cedar Falls Sylvia Ann, Waterloo Nero, John Robert, Cedar Falls, 276 Nesbit, Janice Day, Independence, 139, 201 Nesmith, Lois Jean. Shenandoah, 225, 245 Nettleton, Mary Ann, Greene Neuzil, James William, Blairstown Nevenhoven, Duane, New Hartford Nevenhoven, Merle John, Aplington, 276 Nevenhoven, Norman James, Davenport, 117, 194, 257 Newbury, Louise Anna, Bristow, 134 Newton, John Graham, 191, 209, 221 90, 100, 107, 225, 252 Novak, Collette Helen, Tama, 192, 235 Novak, Robert Dee. Marengo Nowachek, Rosalie, Clara, Wyoming Nygaard, Marva Lou, Wesley, 115, 243 Nymann, Dewayne Stanley, Cedar Falls, 209, 237, 277 Nystrom, Robert Dean, Boone, 231 I1 Oakes, Lila Mae, Jefferson Oard, Nancy Lou, Mount Union, 100 Oberdiear, Richard Lee, Plainfield, 135, 225 Oberle, Robert Lee, Cedar Falls Obryon, Eleanor Ann, Waterloo O'Connor, Marie A., Donahue, 134, 192 O'Connor, Nancy Jane, Chicago, Illinois, 239, 242, 277 Odegard, Elaine M., Waterville, 134, 198 Odegard, Gordon, Waukon, 198 Odekirk. Dean William. Maynard, 133, 198 Odell. Laverne.O.. Maynard. 198 Oelberg. Marolyn Kay. Cedar Falls, 113. 116. 143. 202. 245 Oestreich. Karen Kay, Yetter, 198 Ogden. Vern Bartley. Odebolt. 106. 119. 162. 187. 255, 277 Ogle. Marilana. Wadena, 133 Ogren. Frances Rosalie. Kiron. 113, 116. 198. 232. 234. 2-1-3 O'Hare. Alice Ann. Ackley, 192 Ohl, Larry David. Waterloo. 118 Ohm. Jerry Carson. Be-ttendorf. 89. 119. 153. 170. 171. 237 Okumoto. Jean Miyako, Hanapepe, Hawaii. 229 Okumoto. Mildred H.. Hanapepe Hawaii. 222, 229 Oldenburg. Donna Rose, Marne Olds. Marjory Wright, Waterloo Oldfather, Marlys Ann. Arlington Oleson. James Lee, Fort Dodge, 257, 277 Olinger. Betty Jean, Cedar Falls, 83, 89, 132. 248 Olmsted. Virginia Jane, Des Moines Olsen. Carol Ann. Audubon Olson Olson Olson Olson Arleen Esther, Alexander , Donald James. Waterloo . Joan Eleanor, Dike. 132, 216 , Loren Merle. Radcliffe, 117, 257 Olson. Marvin Bernard, Cedar Falls Olson Olson 178 Olson. Olson, Olson. . Richard George. Eldridge . Richard Merle, Clinton, 177, 197 Wanda Nadine. McCallsburg. 235 William Burdell. Alden William E.. Hampton O'Neill. James Michael, lowa City Onnen, Marcene Yvonne, Fort Dodge Onomura, Gertrude, Honokaa, Hawaii, 113. 139, 142, 229. 234 Opheim. Elmer Wayne. Bode, 277 Opheim, Richard Marcus, Bode O'Rourke, Joseph Loras, Cedar Falls, 192 Orthel, Roberta Gail, Buffalo Center Ortner, Richard Joseph, Auburn, 277 Osborne, Glenn lrvin, Omaha, Nebraska, 191, 277 Osgood, Leland Eugene. Swea City Oshiro, Judith Sadako, Makawao, Maui, Hawaii, 195. 229 Oswood, Delivan B., Hansell Oswood. Lyle Dean, Hansell O'Toole, Marie Helen, Letts, 114, 1192 Ott, Jerold George, Des Moines Otteson. Sandra Marie, Osage, 198 Otto. Janice Marie, Aurelia. 250 Otto, Sandra Lee. Aurelia, 199 Overeen, Janet Ruth, Postville, 203 Overheu, Faye Marie, 135, 137 Overton, Stanley Ross, Gladbrook Owara. James Minoru, Cedar Falls, 131 Owen. Janet Lee. Keokuk, 132, 252 Owens, William Ward, Cedar Falls, 277 Oyakawa, Almira Aiko, Kaumakani, Hawaii, 191, 223, 229 IJ Paarmann, Joyce Ann, Maquoketa Packard. Carol Lynn, Maquoketa Pahre, Keith H., Newton, 277 Paige, Clarence Eugene, Waterloo Palmer, Jeanne Juanita, Mason City, 234, 248, 277 Pappadackis, Gus, Storm Lake, 255 Parish, Barbara Diane. Wapello Park, Charles Everett, Des Moines Parker, Arlene June. Liscomb Parker. Judith Ann, Anita Pa5k7er, Loren Glenn, Winterset, 153, 5 Parker, Robert Leo, Waverly Parkes, Edward Russell, Waterloo Parkinson. Jean Marie, Cresco, 134 Parkison. Linda Lou, Percival, 134, 235 Parks, Beatrice Marilyn, Ottumwa, 113 Parks, James Stedman, Sioux Rapids Parks, Larry Lee, Cedar Falls Parks, Polly Elizabeth, Cedar Falls Parman, Sondra Sawyer, Cedar Falls Parmley, Janet Jean, Atlantic, 134 Parry, Lester Evan. Lime Springs, 215 277 Parsons, Barbara Lee, Keota, 132, 190 Pasut, James Edward, Albia Patnaud. William Joseph, Spencer, 137 Paton. Geraldine Faye, Reinbeck, 195 Patrilla, Velmah Lee, Cedar Falls Pattee, Janet Ruth. Cedar Rapids, 108, 205. 277 Patten, Charles Alva, Waterloo, 170 Patten. Dean Leroy, Oskaloosa Patterson, Duane H., Marshalltown Pattison, Isabel Brown, New Hartford, 208, 277 Paul, Darlene Kay, Odebolt, 137 Paulk, Louella Nadine, Cedar Falls Paulsen, Beverly June, Waterloo Paulson. Jerry, Cedar Falls Paulson, Muriel Ann, Hampton Paulus. Susan Adella, lowa City, 113, 135, 136. 137, 201 Paup, Harrison Dean, Cedar Falls Pavars, Lilija, Spencer Paxson, Roberta Belle, Richland, 136, 200, 201, 216, 238, 277 Payton, William Dean, Waterloo Peacock. Dennis Wayne, Des Moines. 141. 142. 255. 277 Pearson. Ellen Marie, Williamson, 223, 251 Pechacek, Eljean, Cedar Falls, 134, 197 Pecher, Betty Jo Ann, Brooklyn Peck, Jeannine Ann, Waterloo, 114, 245 Pedersen, Paul C., Cedar Falls Pederson, Herbert Gene, Clear Lake Pederson, Roger Land, Grinnell Peetz, Marilyn Claire, Clinton Peirce, Patricia Pearl, Des Moines, 245 Pember, Mavis Sue, Rock Valley Pemble, Paul Allen, Scranton, 153 Pendry, Judith Ann, Des Moines Penne, Joseph Clifton, Waterloo Pennington, Melvin R., Independence Pennock, Carolyn E., Davenport Penrose, Linda Louise, Burlington Pepin, Phyllis Ann, Cedar Falls Perkins, Carol Ann, Lyle, Minnesota, 134 Perkins, Ronald John, Moorland Perry, Ann Hamilton, Cedar Falls Perry, Neal William, Cedar Falls, 231 Pershall, E. Joan, Baxter, 147 Peter, Marian Marie, Lime Springs, 205, 250, 278 Peters, Arlan E., Plainfield, 200 Peters, Carolyn June, Woodward, 198 Peters, Eldon Nicklaus, Parkersburg, 255 Peters, Georgena Ethel, New Hampton, 198, 239 Peters, Joan Patricia, Jennings, Missouri Peters, Michael Leroy, Grundy Center Peters, Norman Jay, Cedar Falls, 132 Peters, Robert James, Ames, 194, 197, 221, 278 Petersen, Dale F., Cedar Falls Petersen, Marylin, West Liberty Petersen, Nancy Ann, Marshalltown, 90 91, 94, 95, 192 Petersen, Phyllis 1., New Liberty, 235 Peterson, Barbara Jean, Lakota Peterson, Barbara Jean, Garnavillo, 135 186 Peterson, Betty Joann, Chariton Peterson, Donald E., Nashua, 135 Peterson, Elna Mae, Ogden, 198, 235 Peterson, James Lowell, Cedar Falls Peterson, John Neil, Ruthven, 117, 132, 177, 200, 255 Peterson, Linda Joy, Blakesburg, 133, 193 Peterson, Richard Lee, Dunlap Peterson, Shirley Jean, Dows, 202 Peterson, Sue Ann, Nevada, 198, 235 Petzenhauser, Medha K., Auburn, 135, 137 Pfeiff, The0dore'H., Burlington, 200 Pfeifer, Jean Kathryn. McLaughlin, South Dakota Phelps, Jack Leroy, Vinton Phillips, Dixie Lee, Hubbard, 245 Phillips, Fern V., Cedar Falls Phillips, Richard A., Cedar Falls, 208, 278 Picht, Merle D., Cedar Falls Pierce, Alice Patricia, Cedar Falls, 218, 278 Pigg, James Donald, Colfax Pike, Richard Wayne, Cedar Rapids Pink, John Spencer, Cedar Falls, 254 Pint, Robert Frank, Waverly Pitz, David Anthony, Epworth Plant, Roy La Verne, Waterloo, 213 Plath, Gene Arthur, Cedar Falls, 170 Platner, Sandra Kay, Anamosa, 195, 214,246 Pleggenkuhle, lda Marie, Hawkeye Ploog, Mary Ann, Cedar Falls, 209 Pobuda, Kay Lavonne, Cedar Rapids Polansky, Richard Allen, Cedar Rapids, 278 Polka, Dwayne, Tama, 117, 278 Pollock, Rebecca Belle, Springville, 226 Poock, Larry Dean, Tripoli, 171, 173, 187 Popkes, Eluin Bernell, Cedar Falls Poppen, Lynn Leroy, Allison POPPY, James Dale, Cedar Falls Porter, Joyce Elaine, Marion, 250 Porter, Sara Kaye, Clarion, 192, 233 Post, Shirley Mae, Marion, 113, 203, 206, 246 Potter, Dixie Lee, Clinton Potter, Donald Kieth, Des Moines Potts, Martha Janice, Moravia, 193 Powell, Barbara Jean, Merrill, 134, 137 Powell, Beverly Ann, Harcourt, 201, 278 Powell, Grace Louise, Cedar Falls Powell, Richard Hubert, Muscatine Powers. John Hubert, Cedar Falls Powers, Karen Jane, Tabor Powers, Marjorie Ann, Duncombe, 139, 192, 220, 278 Pralle, Robert Dean, Hampton Pratt, Eugene Carroll, Des Moines Pray, Richard James, Charlotte Prehm, Norma Marie, Mount Pleasant, 113, 200, 201, 206, 213, 232 Prescott, Ronald K., Marion Presnall, Dolly B., Waterloo Price, Gayle Lee, Humboldt, 252 Price, Nancy Ann, Davenport Price, Roy Thomas, Fort Dodge, 230 Prichard, Paul Newton, Fontanelle, 108, 254, 278 I 1 Priest, Barbara Jean, Cedar Falls, 108, 132, 219, 252, 278 Pritchett, Shirley M., West Bend, 236 Proctor, Janice Lou, Cedar Falls Proctor, Willis Andrew, Cedar Falls, 208 Prohaska, Lucia Ruth, Earlham Prostine, Evelyn Ruby, New Hartford Puff, David Cleon, Manchester, 192 Puhrmann, Lois Marlene, Paullina, 278 Purcell, Gerald Everet, Woodbine Putbrese, Jimme Lee, Auburn, 132 Putnam, Donald Elmer, Cedar Falls Q Quackenbush, Robert E., Vinton, 133 Quackenbush, Velma Ann, Vinton, 278 It Raasch, Larry Dennis, Wiota Rabe, Arnold F., Denison, 135, 136, 137, 211, 238 Rabe, Ruth Louise, Northwood, 139 Raber, Joanne Joyce, Hartley, 115 Radl, Mary Kathleen, Bismarck, North Dakota, 192 Raffensperger, Ed, Des Moines, 107, 170,194,256 Raines, Jerry Lee, Ottumwa, 132, 135, 137, 193, 211, 238 Ralston, Gerald B., Beaman Rammelsberg, Floy J., Vinton, 278 Ramsey, Marl Edger, Arlington Ramus, Don Edward, Des Moines Randall, Mary Ellen, Marengo, 236 Ranfgld, Mabel Irene, Victor Ranney, Edward Lee, Des Moines, 231 Rash, Edwin Thomas, Waterloo Rash, Philip Andrews, Fairfield Rasmuson, Marilyn Jean, Britt, 135 Rasmussen, Grace E., Goldfield Rath, David Rudolph, Sioux City, 132 Rath, Ronald Earl, Cedar Falls, 200 Rathbun, Janet Marie, Qelwein Raub, Dorothy Louise, Dysart, 138 Rawson, Dorothea P., Sheffield Ray, Gerald Allan, Cedar Falls, 170 Ray, Marlyn Jean, Cedar Falls, 245 Rayment, Kay Elizabeth, McGregor, 134, 199 Read, Alma P., Fort Dodge Reagan, Barbara Ann, Iowa Falls Reavis, Eleanor F., Elkador Recknor, Richard Lewte, Creston Redenbaugh, Joyce Anne, Storm Lake, 191, 251 Reed, Doris Jane, Corydon, 114, 250 Reed, Nolan H., Vinton Reetz, Janet Lee, Charles City Reeves, Royce Roland, Plainfield Reid, Barbara Diane, Elwood Reid, Olive Marie, Spirit Lake, 240 Reimers, Roberta Jean, Davenport, 251 Reiter, Paul Henry, Fairbank, 170 Reith, Mary Ann, Oran Rekers, Donald Malcolm, Cedar Falls Rekward, Dorothy Carol, Waukon Remington, George, Waterloo Remington, Walda Mae, La Porte City, 136, 197 ' Remling, Allen L., Dundee, 132, 228 228 Remmert, Dennis L., Mason City Renner, Faye Carmen, Hiawatha, 113, 139, 141, 142, 201, 228, 247 Rens, Glenda Lea, Orange City, 236 Ressler, Betty Faye, Waverly Reutinger, Mary Ella, Wapello, 133, 201 Rex, Diana Marie, Ames, 136 Rexroat, Melvin, Des Moines, 285 Reyhons, Gerald D., Solon, 173, 257 Refgigins, Leona O., Mount Vernon, 134, Reyhons, Richard D., Solon, 173, 187 Reynolds, Mary Lou, Chariton, 134, 235 Reynolds, Thomas Eugene, Odebolt, 102 111, 153, 187 Reysack, Charlotte Ann, Geneva Rhgnes, Beverly Jean, Davenport. 133, O2 Rlacgcges, Betty Joann, Guthrie Center, Rhodes, Donna R., Corning Rlggiges, Nancy Joan, Sioux City, 192, Rice, Ezra Warren, Cedar Falls Rice, Richard Dean, Cedar Falls Rice, Robert Charles, Cedar Falls Rich. Darlagene, Chelsea, 235 Richards, Franklin R., Nashua Richards, John F., Cedar Falls, 209 Richardson, Bruce Alan, West Des Moines Richardson, Darrel L., West Moines, 173, 187, 278 Richardson, Janet Eldo, Maxwell Richsmann, Barbara Ann, Osage Rider, Gail L., Sioux City, 200, 201 Riebe, Ronnie Joe, Cedar Falls Riedel, Shirley Louise, Cedar Falls Riehl, Jim Eugene, Paton Riehn, Ronald Lee, Brandon Riekena, Edward Eugene, Wellsburg Riggle, Richard Ray, La Porte City, 278 Riha, Katherine Anne, Vinton, 192 Riggs, David E., Cedar Falls Riker, Charles Clarkson, Cedar Falls, 170, 171, 196 Rissler, Jacqueline J., Corydon, 132, 191 Riter, Leanne Harriett, Cedar Falls, 135, 137 Ritland, Michael Don, Ames Ritter, Beverly B., Waterloo Rivers, Mary Irene, Sioux City, 192 Rix, Arden Daniel, Cedar Falls Roach, Robert, Waterloo, 256 Robbins, Beverly V.. Shellsburg, 224 Robert, Mae Duffy, Hamilton Roberts, John Daniel, Waterloo 1 Robinson. Sharon R., Cedar Falls Robovsky, Patricia Lee, Marshalltown, 115,235 Roby, Rita Marilyn, Rockwell City Roche, John F., Chicago, Illinois Rock, Susan. Cedar Rapids, 237 Rockwell, Janice Marie, Madrid, 134, 238 Rodemeyer, Phyllis Joy, Coulter Roden, Daniel Eugene, Mondamin, 117 Rodenborn, Leo Vincent, Fort Dodge Roderick, Ron Raymond, Dedham, 170 Rodgers, Marilyn Ruth, Oskaloosa Roehlk, Corrine Kay, Davenport Rogers, Arnold Leroy, Spencer Rogers, Marilyn Louise, Estherville Rohovit, Tom Joe, Cedar Falls Rohr, Robert William, Clinton Rohrssen, Merlin George, Waterloo Rohwedder, Donald C., Greene, 200 Rohwedder, Lorraine, Miles, 137, 198, 226 Rohweder, Dorothy Lee, Gladbrook, 195 Rohweder, Janet R., Gladbrook, 195 Rokes, Dorothy A., Cedar Falls Rolland, Joan Marilyn, Bode, 199 Rollinson, Curtis A., Cedar Falls, 279 Rolston, Helen Elaine, Adel, 279 Roosa, Dean Melvin, Lehigh, 279 Roose, Margaret Ann, Sac City, 203, 240 Roquet, Donald Fred, Maynard Rosauer, Harold T., Denver Rosenberger, John W., Cedar Falls Rosenkranz, Lilly T., Evansdale Roskamp, Gresham M., Stout, 153 Roskamp, Robert, Stout Roskamp, Ruth Bergman. Cedar Falls, 279 Roskelley, Jean, DeWitt Roskens, Carolyn C., Spencer, 133 Ross, William Gordon, Cedar Falls Roush, Jean Ray, Newton Rowedder. Carol Ann, Manning, 199, 214, 248 Rowland, William H., Independence Rowley, George J., Guthrie Center Rowling, Douglas, Waterloo Rudisil, Charles F., Perry Ruebel, Marion Albert, Grudy Center Ruehle, Eugene C., Ruthven, 279 Ruen, Helen Ardys, Waukon Ru 'Lon.' Gerald Allan, Jesup Rump, Dolores Marie, Fort Madison Rundle, Rundle, Beatrice T., Cedar Falls Joyce Ann, Oran Runyan Carolyn Mae, Indianola, 227, 252 Runyan, Eva L., Woodbine, 193, 208, 279 Russell, Burton Lester, Cedar Falls Russell, John G., Fort Dodge, 136, 137 Roberts, Roberts, Larry Gunter, Independence Leonard E., Cedar Falls Roberts, Lois Ann, Oxford, 243 Roberts, L le Edward Dexter 279 Y 1 Q Roberts, Mary Standley, Cedar Falls, 279 Roberts, Ronald Lee, Waterloo Roberts, Ursula Naomi, Chariton, 235 Robinson, Frank Booker, Des Moines, 91, 97, 177, 178, 187, 279 Robinson, Gerald Keith, Cedar Falls Russell, John T., Independence Russell, Mary Jacqueline, Jefferson, 133, 247 Russell, Rosemary, Corning, 201, 227, 249, 279 Rust, Patricia N., Davenport, 116, 242, 244, 246, 279 Rustemier, William F., Bancroft, 279 Ryan, Larry Keith, Marshalltown Ryan, Madonna Mae, Manly, 192 Ryan, Mary Josephine, Lake City Ryan, Rose Mary, Manly, 192 Ryan, Sharon Kay, Brooklyn, 203 Robinson, Henry H., Riceville Robinson Jacqueline R., Reinbeck, 134, 248 Robinson Joan Arlene, Oskaloosa, 115 Robinson Melba, Cedar Falls Robinson, Marcia Diane, Goldfield, 134 Robinson, Mary Kathryn, Council Bluffs, 132 Rychnovsky, Sheila I., Cedar Falls, 208, 279 ' Rydberg, Emelia Ann, Shenandoah, 186, 227 Rynearson, Betty Lou, Granger, 134, 135 fi Schmerse, Sandra Joy, Spencer, 135, 137 Sabus, Laurence T., Carroll. 153, 255 Sabus, William Dean, Carroll Sadler, Marilyn Ann. Renwick Saftig, Veronica L., Burlington, 222 Sage. Elizabeth Ann, Waterloo, 201, 243 Sage, James Ernest, Waterloo Sailer. Carolyn Kay, Scranton Sailor, William D., Lisbon, 279 Salasek, Glenace L., Marshalltown Salisbury, Janet Lynn, Cedar Falls, 236 Salmons, Darrell E., Waterloo. 170 Salmonson. Ronald W., Kiron, 106, 111, 112. 119, 177, 187, 255, 279 Sandell, Ronald Dean. Thompson Sander. Joanne Lois. Lowden, 227 Sanders. Jean Ann. Sioux City Sanders. Sharon Lee. Waterloo. 108. 110, 116. 136. 204. 219, 280 Sandvik, Lois Gertrude. Lime Springs Sanford, Gordon Lee. Oelwein Santee. Charles John, Cedar Falls, 243 Sassman, Jerry Gene, Marathon Savery. Marilyn Ruth. Denison. 135. 137. 216. 238 Sawyer. Peggy Jane, Winterset Schaan. Richard Lee. Waterloo Schabacker. Marilyn, Havelock. 62, 139. 143. 144. 146. 204 Schaefer, Margaret Ann. Sheffield Schall, Jerome David, Ogden Schat, Phyllis L., Maurice, 236. 240 Schatz. Milton Carl. Dewitt Schaudt, Gerald Duane, Slater, 280 Schauer, Shirley Ann. Waterloo Scheer, Carolyn Marie, Bristow Schiefelbein. Verna M., Sumner. 192 Schill. John E.. Sioux City Schimberg, Theora Mae. Kingsley. 139, 227 Schlaman, Frieda M.. Hampton, 280 Schleuger. Katherine L.. Britt, 236 Schluntz, Christina M., Cedar Rapids, 134- Schmidt, Arlene E.. Everly, 235 Schmidt, Joan Elaine, Schleswig, 133, 195, 243 Schmidt, Louis Gene, Reinbeck Schmitt. Dean Martin. Greene Schmitz. Mary Anne, Urbana Schmitz, Philip C.. Independence Schmoll, Melva Jean, Hartley, 143 Schmoranz. Hiram A., Marshalltown Schneckloth, James D., Denison, 244, 254- Schneider, A. James, Willmar, Minnesota, 192, 257 Schneider, Donna H., Reinbeck Schnell, Richard Henry, Cedar Falls. 209 Schoentrup, Dorothy W.. Cedar Falls Scholl, Charlotte, Waterloo Scholl, Leona Darlene, Rockwell Schomhurg, Wayne Charles, Latimer, 147, 280 Schooe, Merwin Keith, Cedar Falls Schoonmaker. Mary L., Waterloo, 200, 201. 225 Schrader, Joyce Kae, Newhall Schrag, Philip James, Waterloo. 192 Schrepfer. Ray Charles. Fort Madison, 280 Schroeder, Bernard William, Ruthven, 2. 139, 140, 142, 198, 280 Schroeder, Bruce E., Waterloo Schroeder, Karen June, Ledyard Schroeder. Melvin Roy. Dows, 132, 256 Schuchart. Colleen Rae. Osage Schuller, Carol Marie, Mallard Schultz, Dellene E., Postville, 214, 226, 24-7 Schultz. Donna Mae. Postville, 108, 219. 244, 251, 280 Schultz. Ruth Elaine, Waterloo Schultz, Shirley Ann, Ogden Schumacher, Janice J., Coon Rapids Schumburg, James Leroy, Lohrville Schutte, Arlene V., Castalia, 214, 235 Schutte, John Oliver, Waterloo Schwake, Shirley Ann, Sumner, 135, 137, 199 Schwartz. Betty Jane, Swea City, 214 Schwarz, Dean Lester, Cedar Rapids Schwyart, E. Walter, Waterloo Scobell, Scott Edward, Emmetsburg, 153 Scoggin, Gary Lee. Waterloo Scott. Clifford Haley, Independence, 200. 225, 230, 254 Scott. Darrell Lee, Eldora, 108, 136, 137, 211, 238, 280 Scott, Douglas J.. Des Moines, 256 Scott, John Allan, Cedar Rapids, 280 Scott, Marilyn Kay. Cedar Falls, 113, 116, 252 Searcy, Judith Anne, Cresco Searcy, Nancy Kay, Albia Seastrom, Jackie Dean. Waterloo Seastrom, Merlyn H., Waterloo Seaver, Charlene Ruth, Cedar Falls, 135, 137 See, Marlo G., Waterloo, 183 Seehusen, Gene Arnold, Cedar Falls Seely. Claudette Kay, Algona Seemann. Norman W.. Waterloo, 118, 280 Seliapayak, Somboon, Bangkok. Thailand Sehmann, Richard John, Le Claire Seifert, Carl Daniel, Waterloo Seiler, Marilyn K., Algona, 115 Seitsinger. Dixie Ann, Kinross, 252 Seki, Patsy Kiyomi, Wailuku Maui, Hawaii, 227, 229 Selby, Arlene P., Liscomb, 132, 280 Selby, Charles Edward, Waterloo Sell, Mary Jane, Sumner Selland, Norma Cole, Fairbank Senft, Robert Dean, Cedar Rapids, 112 Sesker, Wayne Scott, Maxwell, 257 Severn, Allen Duane, Postville, 202 Severseike, lolene T., Hubbard. 235 Seymour, Ardis Lynne, Ames Shafer, Anne Elise. Hampton, 134, 199 Shanklin, Patricia Mae, Marion Sharp, Bonny Lou, Clarion. 226 Sharp, Robert Eugene, Clarion, 187, 231, 256, 280 Shattuck, Phil Byron, May City Shaw, Marjorie E., Cedar Falls Shaw, Mary Jane, Cresco Sheckler, Marjean Kay, Nora Springs, 252 Sheeley, Jo Ann, Evansdale, 243 Sheldahl, Tommy David, Polk City Sheldon, Kenneth L., Lamont Shelledy, Dorothy Jean. Spirit Lake, 113 Shelton, Bonnie Lee, Waterloo Shelton, Ronald Edward, Fort Dodge, 280 Shepard, Earl Ross, Dunkerton, 212, 280 Shepherd, Sally Jo, Sioux City, 235 Sherburne, Jean S., Waterloo Sherer, Richard Neale, Burlington, 205 Shiels, Richard John, Waterloo Shimek, Mary Ann, Waterloo Shimoda, Myrtle C., Kahului Maui, Hawaii, 191, 229 Shinn, Jerry Frank, Cedar Falls Shipley, Dolores P., Griswold, 226, 252 Shipley, Richard Davis, Waterloo Shipley, William R., Ute, 280 Shively, Kaye Joan, Council Bluffs, 196 Shohet, Saul H., Bode Shold, Mary A., Elkader, 113, 139, 192, 214. 235 Shope, Roxanna, Davenport, 110, 240, 242, 253 Short, Dwight Junior, Cedar Falls Short, Ronald Francis, Waterloo Shourek, Karen Kay. Fort Dodge Shows, Davey Mae, Kansas City, Missouri Shreve. Warren Eugene, Buffalo Center Shuler, John J., Keokuk. 237 Shuster, Patricia Ann, Waterloo, 222 Sickles, Dwight Allen, Waterloo Siddell. Ann Romelda, Delhi Sidmore. Earl Joseph, Aurora, 177 Siemens, Darlys Joan, Dysart Sillman. Darlene Ruth, Britt Silvey. lna Mae Brown, Cedar Falls Silvey, Irene Anderson, Cedar Falls Simon. Dorothy Marie, Iowa City, 281 Simpson, Marlys Ann, Waterloo Sims. Donald Leroy, Woodward, 231 Sindt, Darlene Yvonne, Ida Grove Sinkler. Gloria Joy, Nevada Sisson, James Allan, Waterloo Sisson, Mary Helen, Waterloo, 113, 132. 238, 252 Sisson, Paul Eugene, Waterloo, 153 Skinner, Elizabeth J., Cedar Falls, 246 Skinner, Robert Wayne, Cedar Falls, 231 Skog, Clarence Robert. Cedar Falls, 281 Slauson. Maris Jo. Colo Slawson, Sharon D., Perry, 253 Sloan. Marvin Dean. Monroe, 153 Sloan, Raymond Lee, Jefferson Small, Sharon Louise, Ames, 102, 143, 146. 236 Smidt, Carolyn Ann, Cedar Falls Smidt, Joyce Elaine, Gaza. 251 Smiley, L. Travis, Barrington, Illinois, 281 Smit, Sharon Walter, Hartford, South Dakota, 227, 281 Smith, Barbara Ann, Nashua Smith. Beverly Jean, Onowa, 235 Smith, Carmen D., Villisca, 107, 115, 202, 203 Smith, Carol Dean, Albia Smith, Carol Jean, Villisca, 143, 226 Smith, Carol Heckroth, Cedar Falls Smith, Charles William, Council Bluffs Smith, Charlotte R., Charles City Smith, Clyde Gale, Cedar Falls Smith, Dennis John, 135, 136, 137, 211 Smith. Eunese Ann. Hopkinton, 201, 243 Smith, Janice Kathleen, Cedar Rapids Smith, Jean Carol, Ridgeway, 202 Smith, Jerald Noel, Grundy Center, 177 Smith, Joan Ellen, Waterloo Smith, Joyce Corrine, Cedar Falls Smith, Judith Ann, Newton Smith, Judith Irene, Cedar Falls, 191 Smith, Karen Jean, Lytton Smith, Kenneth Eugene, Vinton Smith, Martha Grace, Keota Smith, Martha Sue, Cedar Falls, 228 Smith, Marion Egan, Waterloo Smith, Marlene, Belmond, 194 Smith, Mary Ann, Central City Smith, Merle Glenn, Grundy Center Smith, Morris, Earlham, 153 Smith, Norman Harrold, Renwick, 154, 281 Smith, Paul Ronald, Nichols, 192 Smith, Robert Herchel, Cedar Falls Smith, Stanley G., Cedar Falls Smith, Will Carter, Wapello, 256 Smoker, William Thomas, Waterloo Smoot, Latrelle Rhodes, Denmark, 173 Smuck, Richard Ordean, Waterloo Snoble, Elise May, Hazleton Snoble, Joseph J., Cedar Falls Snook, Joan Alberta, Montezuma Snook, Loring Franklin, Cedar Falls, 281 Snow, Gerald Allen, Independence, 135, 137 Snowden, Leonard Earl, Waterloo, 205, 281 Sobolev, Zoya, Ames Sodergren, Wesley E., Waterloo Solbeck, Mary Etta, Humboldt, 235, 252 Solberg. Patricia L., Denison, 199 Soldwisch, Carol Lynn, Denver Sollien, Arden Duwayne, Spring Grove, Minnesota, 106, 112, 119, 132, 140, 142, 256 Sorensen, Arlene Fay, Waterloo Sorensen, Dean Melvin, Cedar Falls Sorenson, Diane Lee, Spencer, 208, 209, 285 Sorensen, Jeanette 1., Algona, 113, 208, 234, 281 Sorg, Judith Ann, Sumner Sovereign, Constance L., Cresco Sovich, Frank Steven. Des Moines, 153, 154, 187 Soukup, Martha, Waterloo Spafford, Beth Marian, Waterloo Sparrow, Sarah Jane, Jewell Speaker, Vierlyn Jean, Primghar, 235 Spears, Ronald Dean, Waterloo Speas, Margaret Anne, New Providence, 134 Spencer, Vera 1., Fonda Spiegel, Phyllis Jean, Denison, 135, 137 Spies, Darlene Diane, Dixon, 134, 201, 227 Sporaa, Gerald Joseph, Dows Sprague, Sue Ann, Algona, 135, 137, 194 Spring, Lowell Wayne, Davenport Springer, Celeste C., Albion Sproule, F. Philip, Griswold, 106, 112, 147, 256 Spurlin, Ronald Gene, Fort Dodge Spurlock, Richard D., Cedar Rapids Squires, Elmer Gene, Cedar Falls Squires, Harold Dean, Cedar Falls Squires, Nancy Ann, Greene, 139, 142, 252 Stachour, Judith Ann, Sibley, 100 Stahl, Mae Darlene, Dewitt Stalzer, Jeanette Ruth, Haverhill, 192, 281 Stansberry, Claude E., Carlisle Stansbury, Daryl E., Waterloo Stanton, Harry Ambrose, Greene, 231 Starbuck, Kenneth Carl, Hampton Stark, Russell, Waterloo Stastny, Todd Franklin, Cedar Rapids, 170 Stauffer, Shirley A., Gilmore City Steege, Alice Delores, Waverly, 132, 247 Steele, Veral Jane, Waterloo, 134- Steffen, Darlene Mae, Wilton Junction Steffen, Henrietta J ., Griswold, 226 Steffen, James Charles, Dyersville, 192, 215, 257, 281 Steimmetz, Robert S., Cresco Steinbeck, Daryl Gene, Waterloo Stellmach, Gloria Jean, Milford Stephens, Dale Edwin, lndianola Stephenson, John T., Waterloo Stetzel, Anne Herriott, Waterloo Stevens, Douglas R., Waterloo Stevens, Thieleane B., Waterloo Stevenson, Nancy R., Cedar Falls Stewart, James Melvin, Waterloo, 281 Stewart, Larry Robert, Cedar Falls, 173, 187, 281 Stiles, Carlyle Eugene, Charles City Stilwell, James Clyde, Mason City Stock, C. Anne, Storm Lake, 246 Stock, William Earl, Waukon, 208, 231, 281 Stoermer, Judith Ann, Spencer, 113 Stokes, Barbara Kay, Cedar Falls Stokes, Gary Allan, Waterloo Stolt, Janet Arlette, Waterloo Stone, Dorothy Lee, Central City, 114, 214, 235 Stone, Linda May, Delhi Stone, Marilyn Louise, Chariton Stotts, Frankie Gene, Marshalltown, 162 164 Stouffer, Loren W., Wheatland, 215 Stout, Audrey lrene, Washington Stover, Betty Jean, Cedar Falls Stow, Edward James, Stout Strabala, William G., Lohrville Strackbein, Raymond J., Lowden, 281 Strain, P. Ann, Sioux City, 113, 139, 202, 203, 247 Strayer, Sharron C., Algona. 203, 226 Strayer, Sheridan K., Algona, 117, 254 Streck, Edith Yvonne, Grinnell Streitherger. Eric. Waverly Strever, Norma Jean, Marshalltown, 195 Strifert, Benjamin E., Cedar Falls, 181 Strike, Burton Charles, Nashua Strike, Marjorie Ann, Nashua, 134, 238 Strike, Marvin Hollis, Nashua, 281 Stringer, Dudley Duane, Lake Mills, 228, 257, 282 Stripling, Dennis J., Lu Verne Strobridge, Sonia Lee, Waterloo Stroh, Sally Anne, Council Bluffs, 113, 133, 198, 253 Stroh, Susan Beth, Council Bluffs, 134, 139, 198 Stroud, De Wayne Edward, Martensdale, 257 Strub, Richard F., Merrill, 162, 173, 187, 282 Struck, Gretchen Jean, Clarion, 134 Struck, Marlys Ann, Waterloo, 245 Strunck, Shirley Ann, Davenport, 234, 282 Struyk, William James, Cedar Falls, 147 Stuart, Norman Neil, Des Moines Stubbe, Jean F., Lake Mills, 228, 285 Stueber, Kenneth W., Elma Stuempel, Rosemary M., Dubuque, 133 Stuempfig, Paul E., Reinbeck, 147 Stum, Brandt Leslie, Cedar Falls, 162, 255 Stumbaugh, Audrey Jean, Clinton, 136, 194, 195 Stumpf, Aletha Mae, Rockwell City Sturch, Ronald Eugene, Waterloo, 153, 169, 170, 171, 178, 179, 187 Sturgeon, Arlo O., Cherokee Sturm, Raymond Joseph, Cedar Rapids Suda, Michael M., Haiku Maui, Hawaii Sulentic, Milo Norman, Waterloo, 282 Sullivan, Burdell W., Waterloo Sullivan, Elizabeth M., Jesup Sullivan, John L., Spencer, 117 Sullivan, Richard Paul, Albia, 135, 137, 211 Sundquist, Arlene D., Sioux City Surrell, Donald F., Waterloo Suthers, Mary Lee, Maquoketa, 236, 240 Sutton, Albert F., Cedar Falls Sutton, David Earl, Shell Rock Sutton, Stephen Lee, Derby Swanson, Carolee, Ottumwa, 234, 243, 282 Swanson, George Lee, Waterloo Swanson, Glen Elwood, Waterloo Swanson, Harlan W., Waterloo Swartz, Albert E., Cedar Falls Swartz, Fred Earl, Humeston, 193 Swatosh, Janice Leanne, Cedar Falls, 227 Q Sweeney, Mildred Anne, Britt, 208, 282 Swenson, Jon Ray, Lake Mills, 153, 177, 255 Swessinger, James L., Marshalltown Swick, Nancy Jeanne, Council Bluffs, 245 Syhlman, Bill Duane, Cedar Falls, 282 Sylvester, Howard G., Lynnville Sylvester, Max S., Nevada Sylvester, Susanne, Spirit Lake Synhorst, Marilyn J., What Cheer, 253 T Tabor, Kenneth Robert, Pilot Mound Tagesen, Virginia Maye, Mason City Takamiya, lrene Yaeko, Lihue Kauai, Hawaii, 224, 229 Takamiya, June Misae, Lihue, Hawaii, 101, 113, 227, 229 Takano, Elaine Masako, Wahiawa Oahu V Hawaii, 139, 201, 229, 249 Takemoto, Margaret M., Makawao, Hawaii, 191, 229 Talbot, Richard Nathan, Cedar Falls, 136, 137 Talcott, Beth J., Webster City, 67, 116, 236, 245 Tanaka, Naiomi, Honokaa, Hawaii, 191, 229 Tanner, Jerre Eugene, Manchester, 133 Tanner, Priscilla Ella, Marion Tanaka, Doris Setsuko, Honokaa, Hawaii, 229 Tashiro, Florence M., Honokaa, Hawaii, 229 Taylor, Jane Karen, Washington Taylor, Robert, Cedar Falls, 153, 179, 187, 255, 282 Tegeler, Robert Victor, Waterloo, 215, 282 Teig, Caroline Julia, Radcliffe Teisinger, Russell E., Waterloo Templeman, Gail Y., Melbourne, 214, 235 Templeton, Dorothea E., Waterloo Templeton, Richard Lee, Corning, 170 Tenkley, Shirley Ann, Sheldon Tennant, Constance J., Chariton, 113, 225, 251 Tennant, Elizabeth J ., Chariton, 197, 282 Terry, Barbara Ann, Waterloo Terry, Dale Carlus, Cedar Falls, 282 Tgiros, Constantine D., Charles City, 325117, 119, 169, 170, 187, 196, 244, Tharp, Max C., Cedar Falls Thede, Ardella Allene, Gladbrook, 134, 195 Thede, Diane Lee, Gladbrook Theis, Carolyn Ann, Atkins, 133, 238 Thielen, Josephine, Grundy Center Thies, Helen C., Lamoni, 285 Thoen, Sandra Sharon, Kensett Thoeni, John Elden, Monticello Thomas, Charles W., Waterloo Thomas, Clayton Floyd, Cedar Falls, 118, 153 Thomas, Helen E., Fort Dodge Thomas, Melvin Lee, Des Moines Thompson, Carol E., Algona Thompson, Darilyn Dee, Dows Thompson, Diane Sargent, Cedar Falls Thom son p Donald Lee, Dysart Thompson Duane G., Cedar Falls, 221 Thompson Eugene M., Cedar Falls Thompson Gail l., Brandon, 252, 282 Thompson, Gerald W., Cedar Falls, 111, 255 Thompson, Hartley O., Lake Mills Thompson Helen J., Waterloo Thompson, Janet M., Colfax Thompson, Nancy P., Cedar Falls Thompson Russell D., Charles City Thordsen, Jerry Lynn, Davenport, 107, 132. 177, 178, 187, 282 Thoreson, Zoe Ann, Postville, 134, 136, 202 Thorson, Janyce Beth, Nevada, 114, 134, 214, 235 Thorson, Maurine Olive, Fort Dodge, 223. 282 Thorson, Max Eugene, Laurel Thorson, Maxine Rustad, Waterloo Thudium, Sharon Kay, Cedar Falls, 230 Thurloff, Ramona lda, Clinton, 134, 194, 195 Tiarks, Bemadean, McClelland, 195, 248 Tiede, Delores S., Waterloo Tiede. Milton Gotterie, Waterloo Tietjens, Ben Jackson, Teeds Grove, 149 Tiffany, Lorna Mae, Colfax Tilp, Carol Ellen, Marion, 200, 201 Timion, Larry Eugene, Waverly Timmer, Carolynn Lou, Dil-re Tisinger. Patricia May, Tipton Tjaden, Lorna F., Titonka, 115 Tjaden, Robert John, Waterloo Tjernagel, Susan J., 133, 198, 214, 226, 253 Toedt, Joanne Jeanne, Laurel, 192, 236 Tollefson, Dwight R., Cedar Falls Tollefson, Eldon W., Cedar Falls Tollefson, Leon Robert, Cedar Falls, 255 Tone, Maurice Burton, LaPorte City Torgerson, Jerald M., Northwood, 106, 110, 112, 119, 228, 257, 283 Torneten, Marilyn J., Council Bluffs, 235 Towne, Peter Alan, Mason City, 177, 178, 179, 187, 283 Tracey, Carol Cecilia, Farley, 192 Tracey.Richard James, Remsen, 192 Travis, Ray Martin, Jefferson, 283 Trimble, James Harold, Traer Trinkle, Barbara Jean, Bussey Trinkle, Betty Eileen, Bussey Troge, Duane, Charles City Troge, Jack LeRoy, Charles City Trotter, Harold Dale, Cedar Falls, 255 Trouten, LaRita Doreen, Harmony, Minnesota Troutman, Frederick J., Algona Van Wechel, Wanda Lee, Vinton Trueblood, Grace B., Waterloo Trunnel, Doris Ann, Prairie City, 113, 234 Trunnell, Gary Thomas, Cedar Falls Tschirki, Robert Dean, Forest City, 119, 173, 196, 257 Tschudy, Harriet Lee, Des Moines, 245 Tsuhako, Gene, Kealakekua, Hawaii, 229 Tucker, Myrna Joanne, Clemons, 134, 192 Tuinstra, Eloise Faye, Harris, 214, 226 Tullberg, Roland H., Cedar Falls, 283 Tumer, Donald Merle, Curlew Turner, Florence Mable, Plainfield Turner, Mildred Joan, Rodman Tumer, Orlando, Cedar Falls Turner, Virginia C., Waterloo Turnquist, Marilyn, Des Moines, 81, 241, 283 Turvold, Della, Northwood. 235 Tweeten, Karen Faye, Forest City, 133, 197 Twito, Lucille Yvonne, Lake Mills Tychsen, Gene Edgar, Marshalltown Tyler, Margaret A., Boone Tyrrell, Donald Ross, Spencer, 117, 185 U Uhl, Marilyn Ann, Cedar Falls Ullmann, Geraldine A., Titonka Ulvestad, Carol Elaine, Maquoketa Ulvestad, Gene, Maquoketa Umphress, Marilyn Kay, Colfax Underwood, Miriam, Davenport, 196, 214 Upah, Ronald Vencil, Toledo Usclikrat, Carnia, Hubbard Uuskallio, Pauline, West Branch, 107, 133, 197, 214 V Vacek, Joyce J., Oxford Junction Valentine, Christine, Cedar Falls Valley, Charles Andy, Cedar Falls, 231 Van Auken, Marleen, North English, 133, 243 Vance, Kenneth Alan, Clarksville Vandaele, Marlett Jean, Independence Van De Pol, Margaret, Cedar Falls, 283 Vander Waal, Jacqueline, Algona, 110, 113, 244, 248 Vander Woude, Calvin, Sanborn, 132 Van Eaton, James O., Waterloo Van Engen, Shirlejune, Webster City, 233 Van Epps, John Vedder, Waterloo, 89, 181 Van Hauen, Clark Eugene, Cedar Falls Van Sant, Robert, Cedar Falls Van Syoc, Nancy Coleen, Milo Vantiger, Charles H., Holland Van Velzen, Eleanor A. Sioux Center, 115 Van Wyk, Barend, Marion, New York, 285 Van Wyk, Bonnie L., Monroe, 214, 235 Varley, Mary Esther, Stuart, 201 Varnum, Marlys K., Radcliffe Vedvik, Sylvia Joan, Oregon, Wisconsin, 198, 240 Verbeek, Rosemary N., Bames City Verbrugge, William E. Humboldt, 193, 231, 283 Varen, Virginia Kay, Marshalltown Verrips, Sandra Lee, Boyden Vest, Emma, Vinton Visser, Lee Eugene, Albia, 153 Vogel, Barbara Jane, Wall Lake, 199 Vogt, Carol Ann, State Center, 228 Vogt, Marlene, Camanche, 115, 191 Voigt, Geraldi-ne K., Algona Voith, Ralph, Montezuma, 162, 257 Vonk, Carroll, Cedar Falls, 283 Vonk, Lorraine, Cedar Falls Voorhees, James K., Cedar Falls Voorhees, Mary M., Camanche Vopava, Clair D., Waverly Voves, Velmar J., Elma Vovos, John J., Clinton, 169, 170, 171 W Wade, Maureen R,, Soldier Wade, Robert Floyd, Mason City, 132 Wagner, Ella Ruth, Waterloo, 136 Wagner, George C., Cedar Falls Wagner, Gerald Eugene, Cedar Falls Wagner Wagnerl Lois Jeanf 240, 242 Wagner Gladys R. Cedar Falls Patricia Ann Spencer 134 Waite, Phyllis Jean, Missouri Valley, 193 Waite, Nancy Jean, Anamosa, 135 Walden, John David, Carroll Waldron, Sandra Jean, Independence Walentiny, David Lee, Waterloo Wallace, Barbara Kay, Cherokee, 113, 139, 142, 202, 203, 251 Wallace, John Milburn, Cedar Falls Wallace, Marilyn Marie, Vinton, 231 Wallace, Nancy Ruth, Ames, 142, 143 147, 193, 225, 243 Wallentine, Jerry H., Iowa Falls, 135, 136, 137, 197 Walser, Kenneth Leroy, Cedar Rapids Walsh, Sharon Kay, Gilmore City Walter, Frances Burton, Denison, 132 Walter, Judith, McGregor Waltman, Florence, Cedar Falls Waltman, William George, Cedar Falls Walton, Leo Harry, Cedar Falls Wand, Leah Kaye, Breda, 192 Wandro, Gale Francis, Colwell Wantland, Lawrence M., Russell Ward, Mary Ann, Waverly Ward, Roy Daniel, Monmouth Warner, Paula Kay, Ottumwa, 114, Warnke, Gordon, Sumner Wasser, John Bertram, Waterloo Wasser, Joseph, Waterloo, 148, 149 Wasson, Nona LaVonne, Panora, 114, 235 Wastier, Ronald James, Cedar Falls Watanabe, Shirley, Kauai, Hawaii, 139 142, 204, 229, 283 Waterman, Corrinne E., Montour 132 Waters, Arland Lee, Hampton, 117, 119, 255 Watson, Carol Jean, Sanborn, 202, 203 Watson, Dixie Kay, Waterloo Way, Charles Richard, Massena Weaver, Dean Bennett, Dana, 283 Webb, Harold Thomas, Manly, 215 Webbeking, Sylvia Jane, Waterloo, 251 Weber, Mary Lou, Waterloo Weber, Sharon Lee, Charles City Weber, William S., Melcher Weber, Yvonne Jean, Breda Weddle, Jack Rex, Knoxville, 193, 231 256 Wehling, Joan Beth, Dewar Weida, John Owen, Dubuque, 200, 232 Weidemann, Dora Sue, Dows, 235 Weigel, Margaret Karol, McCallsburg, 134, 238 Weiss, Dorothy Atwell, Davenport, 241 Welden, Jerrold, Iowa Falls, 233 Weltha, David Alan, Roland, 285 Wenger, Dorothy Jane, Oelwein, 133 Whittlesey, Milford P., Ottumwa, 225 Weltha, Jean Eleanor, Roland, 198, 226 Weltha, Joan Ella, Roland, 198, 226 Weltha, Margaret B., Humboldt, 43, 228, 285 Wemer. Karen Kay, What Cheer, 228, 251 Wente, David Oscar, Waterloo Wenzel, Karen Ann, 133, 192 Werner, Deanna Kay, Ogden, 201, 235, 251 Wernli, Wallace John, LeMars Wessel, Karen K., Fort Dodge West, Barbara Ann, New Hartford West, Lois Grassley, Cedar Falls, 213, 283 West, Patricia Mae, Glidden West Ruth Marie, Janesville Westfall, Joann Maria, Iowa City, 193, 234 Westergaarcl, Marlene, Waterloo, 283 Westphal, M. Arnold, Maquoketa, 177, 255 Westphal, Nancy Ann, Onslow, 198, 253 Westphal, Roma Jean, Maquoketa, 186, 245 Wetzel, Norma Jean, Kirkman, 208, 216, 238, 283 Whalen, Sharlene Rose, Austin, Minnesota Whaley, George B., Monroe, 135, 283 Whannel, Shirley Mae, Traer, 108, 207, 230, 233, 241, 249, 283 Wheaton, Darrel Dean, Boyd, Minnesota, 147. 148 Wheeler, Jimmie Lee, Oelwein, 87, 147 Wheeler, Richard K., Stanhope, 142, 198, 228 Whisler, Lawrence A., Winterset, 241 Whistler, Shirley Ann, Toledo White, JoAnn, Fort Dodge, 139 White, Kay Mary, Cedar Falls, 284 Wgig, Martha Lou, Dickens, 136, 202, 3 White, Mary Jane, Newton, 226 White, Robert Charles, Allison White, Robert Keith, Mt. Pleasant, 117 Whiteis, Lorraine E., Iowa City Whiting, Bill E., Ruthven, 173, 284 Whitman, Jo E., Havelock, 201, 227 Whitney, Kay Annette, Garner, 201 Whitten, M. Kay, Rowan, 134, 194 Whitten, Ruth Ann, Des Moines, 194 195 Wiebler, Evelyn M., Ft. Madison, 133, 195 Wiedemeier, Lois E., Guernsey Wiedner, Judy Ellen, Harpers Ferry, 192 Wiese, Karen Ann, Gladbrook Wiethorn, Kurt F., Monona Wightman, Don Keith, Cedar Falls Wightman, Neta Paulsen. Cedar Falls Wigton, Mary, Grimes 114, 133, 135 Wikel, Janet Louise, Iowa City, 113, 193 Wilcken, William W., Waterloo Wilcox, Paula Mae, Cherokee, 114 Wilhite, John Theodore, Corwith Wilkans, Eleanor Joy, Alexander, 114, 194,195,227 Wilkening, Marilyn J., Melbourne, 201 Wilkie, Mary Kathryn, Marshalltown, 143 Wilkins. Delores, Onawa, 143, 147, 149,199 Will, James Henry, Waterloo Willhrandt, Lloyd R., Waterloo Williams, Craig Eugene, Lime Springs, 284 Williams, Suzann, Ottumwa Wilson Willits, , Duwayne M., Cedar Rapids Larry Lee, Marshalltown Wilson, Eleanor B., Cedar Falls Wilson, Glenda S., Eagle Grove, 60, 77, 90, 116, 190, 200, 201, 210 Wilson, Marilyn Agnes, Van Horne Yamamoto. Helen Haruko, Hilo, Hawaii 139, 223, 229 Yasukawa, Amy Aiko, Hilo, Hawaii, 223,229 Yetmar, Donald Thomas, Clare Yocum, George W., Pocahontas York, Marion Edwin. Burlington Wilson, Marilyn Kay, Waterloo Wilson, Roger Allan, Cresco Wilt, Janet Sharon, LaPorte City Winburn, James Robert, Cedar Falls Winfrey, Kendall Ray. Wapello Winger, Russell Ray, Griswold Wingert, Charles Henry, Raymond Winter, Joanne Julia, Lawler, 192, 253 Winters, Donald Lee, Fort Dodge, 108, 136, 137, 211, 284 Wise, Bobby Lee, Ottumwa, 135, 137, 198 Wishman, Melvin S., Cedar Falls, 284 Withers, Colby C., Webster City, 153, 284 Witmer, Dean Harland, Maxwell Witt, Lila Maysel, Osage, 133 Wittmayer. Annetta, Cedar Falls Wittstock, Fred Daniel, Waterloo Witzel, Donald Eugene, Clarion Witzel, Leland George, Clarion Witzigman, Mary Ann, Riverdale, North Dakota Yoshinaga, Fusako, Honomu, Hawaii, 223, 284 Young, Alice M., Madrid, 190, 194, 195, 214, 235 Young, Betty Jean, Clinton Young. Darrell Dean, What Cheer Young, Elizabeth E., Cedar Falls Young, Irvin Clarence, Waterloo Young, Robert Bruce, Mt. Pleasant, 256 Young, Ronald Lee, Greene Young, Sandra Kay, Grand Junction, 225 Young, Shirley Ann, Waterloo, 113, 201. 213 ZZ Wohlers, William Henry, Maywood, New Jersey Woldum, Barbara Ann, Osage Wolf, John David, Ames Wolfe. Wolfe, Joanne. Ogden, 132 Norman Gray, Stuart Wolfensperger, Karen R., Cedar Falls Zahn, John George, Des Moines Zea, David Dean, St. Ansgar Zeller, A. Catherine. Dysart. 191 Wombolt. Jean Frances, Red Oak, 133, 202. 203 Wood, A. Dale. Melbourne. 200, 254 Wood, Beverly Jean, Macksburg Wood, David Lee, Melbourne Wood. Edna Leoria, Dow City, 197, 214, 235 Wood, Judith Ann, Dysart Wood, Marjorie Ruth. Dickens Wood. Richard Wayne. Albia, 212, 284 Woodcock, Coleen Ann, Aplington Woodring. Georgia Anne, Waverly Woods, Jeane Marie. Osceola Woodward. Sharon Kay, Cedar Rapids Woodworth, Glenda Lee. Center Junction Worden. Fred Donald, Shell Rock Worsfold. Charles R., Marshalltown, 132 Zeller. Zenor, Sharon Kae. Bagley, 133, 238 Larry Dale, Lehigh Ziegler, Helen Marie, Osage, 243 Ziemer. Louise Margaret, Juneau, Alaska. 115 Zink, Larry Eugen, Beaman, 135 Zuber, Judith Arline, Davenport, 253 Zwanziger. Max Darrell. Waterloo Zwanziger. Jane Ellen, Plainfield, 226 Wosoba, Joyce Eleanor, Baldwin, 132, 134 Wren. Robert Paul, Yale, 131 ht Wrig Wright Wright Wright , Charles, Ogden, 209, 221, 284 , Dixie Lee. Earlham , Jacqueline E., Waterloo . Robert Alan, Garnavillo Wright, Virginia, Waterloo, 201, 243 Wright . William Wing, Cedar Falls, 200 Wroblewski, John J., Waterloo Wuebben. DeAnna Marie, Parkston, South Dakota, 134 Wurn, Wylie, Colleen, Pomeroy Jean Sharon, Waterloo if , Juanita C., Decorah, 245 Williams, Williams, Williams Williams Marika G., Cherokee Rosemarie B., Gruver Rose Mary, Mason City Yamada. Evelyn Setsuko, Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii, 229 FROM THE EDITOR As the hands of the clock approach midnight and time has come for another yearbook to be Hput to bed," a tired editor sits in her office for the last time and acknowledges those who made possible the 1957 OLD GOLD. First there's the staff-editors, photographers, section heads, writers and all-around Workers-who spent many long hours meeting all deadlines on the '57 OLD GOLD. Special mention goes to art editor Bill Schroeder, always present and ever dependable, far exceeding his required duties in doing whatever needed to be done. Also to be commended are photo editor Suk Ho Kim, associate editor Flo Chaney, and copy editor Gwen Lelznus for their many hours of service. Not to be overlooked is the business side of the annual with Marie Burger at the helm, and the hard-working sales crew. who set a new record this year. Then there are people not 'cofficiallyv on the staff, but who deserve a special thanks: Loretta Middleton, for her able execution of the first OLD GOLD Beauty Pageant, Ann Kidwell, for the long hours spent on the OLD GOLD Beauty and Popularity contests and the OLD GOLD danceg Dave Beuter and the Board of Control of Student Publications, for their concern throughout the yearg Floyd Hutzell and the rest of the KYTC staff, for the promotion given OLD GOLD sales and activities, and the College Eye, for their publicity space. To John c'Red,' Biclfers, our advisor, goes sincere gratitude for his timely suggestions and helpful advice, which helped an inexperienced editor over manya rough spot. There are others who deserve a vote of thanks: our contractors, National Studios of Waterloo and Taylor Publishing Company of Dallas, Texas, and Mr. Ed Harris, Taylor's representative, for every- thing he did-the trip to Dallas for three staff members, the monthly visits to Cedar Falls to see that all was going smoothly, and the help he gave when any problems arose. And last. but not least. an expression of appreciation is due to the entire student body and staff without whose cooperation THIS ONE SCENE could not have been recorded. Thank you all. Executive Editor Q u Iv 'Q' 4 .11 ,ll v I Q 1 , 1 1 ,!.r'Qn 9' a I. ll... V Q-5. ' Hu xr ,Am - -12' L I I "-V' ."' Wy' fi' F"-.."' X" 'sr,,, 4 a Q f A Q,-Jr' aim-N-2? .3 ,, 4-.e...M......E MAA, om. J.,-.-..9-.. ,L..E,,'jq,,,,, WV-'MQ-5-J--V-5 avg-yu-W QM.,a s Q L5-ix' MUSX2 ""'B4-.auuw 'AR-Af--L-,J 'S xr-fi 4-'il'-f'-4..,Q oi T'-v--LJ. Q U. isis----' QV' d'0--6 'L---Afg' M-,,,,,1A-A-wh MAJ, Q IZQAA-A, L.:...gJ.-s.- ......, EMA, 2 , S, QC-R-Gps EjL""" ' "' Q W f'-K0-4-A-4 QM-.A G::...,, W-xw..., ----Q L-'W-31 VM OIBJIA- Imax wx zum., -vy R Se- I 'V53 A L, g A's'L-nv-Ji iJ : a LL A-AEMJNX.. gp,,,,,,,,g if-..NJ..o-.... H I, , -w-l-- 'N'S'N"""'-29?-l.k. - ' wa... 1--L w-k -Q, ww Gwvafhfafx- J RM- Mwamwk -"'TT' N ., .AQ,...,-v,.h -,G-A-v1..flh-v v JsJA-s.Jx.4,, 'Q""1J"' .fi 1 'Q MAME. 3-H-0'-ig--A-Q j2,.,,,,,.io..k4.J" LHS "' M U""""" -liek d'a"1 aj- IQ4-v-'kdm ,9-.J-jn.J. Qtfwvw-I f G-"" Y Qi.-A 0.4. -3. aG..,.v--.fvf 'Q p'AJ:z"h" HoGRAPH13DBY 5 ,. . W, , S.fQ-JAIY' ,,,,.,f , 'X ,J-' ggfvvd- The arbooks creTAYLORf Aa,-1-:fo fx,v...g-Y-2,1430-,o41Q.L,Lfl 320 g'mh.p-I-s.1.GAA.-...vAQ,41rx4A., ,,fgo.J-A-- 171 I 51,3 , I-T-1 QJS- --Ni -29- ,-.Nx.J-- c.h..,X1-A-H9- """'i9i Agp", UWAAWQ s'QA"'9k J-E M . -Q Vinh-Ky - tg QQAEAZQ, ,.,,,,,.. ,,px.iX,..,,.- 'TY Q E fvvu- Qs T,,..,.E, UJL- fb-2-'- -fv---vg,L,Jx- - - lb-'v-'L-A ir? M-NK. wif-3-. 94 W ,b.k.nenvw-fww-gil jwgw- KBJN1. ff Q X X 6 W I wzenggw '95 Y 223 fi ES!4 gg' 1 4 o N ""-'f-1 Q Q 1 , ro 4 Q.. 1-A - fi?-I' I fl .. " '5. -X W 'gay Q W A " ' ,, l z ' C3 C7-i-- IME Q G90 M, n' Sq- 1 in X ' y ,jl:"5?2x. P I Z I 'K .f A733521 Q g Ai , - Q rf, 5 "" 5 5'-' 5 ' . 4,3 a ' 4 f , 1 Q " - 'ff . 8 f 1" is X in , , " E 9 f"'r, r' f , --: nnuii u ' e j . Y -: , ? f ' - Q ' .. .:.1f':S27"'ki?gf. f Q 1 . 'H Q 531 , "M a" :ig ' 'tu Z. - 2 W " 1 ii' ai ' W3 Q " 'QT--f:.'i.L - A V Y 2 - " ' 4 Y f s 1 L Q Q -' i:g ':l:.::. C s W: -3 :12 Q Q- QQ gi A I i v 1 0 . M 22-3163 ' 'F ' E :su A 6 ' THE CAMPUS of IOWA STATE TEACHERS C0ll.EGE ' Q Q tg, cam FALLS,l0WA ff T, 590 - W, X Q3 X' , Trmw fr T - i Cgtnggi ' X X .1 .. ' 'Q 1 f ,. A f M- 'I xr- f ,.J,,.- ' FEF A - Baer:-., -E E. ig Fl -IM pl lvl m i! Ill L! 71-I ru i uw 'L V F r-'rX,,f""' rn . T W if 1 r, E..T --4' U. ,G K ..:-team T ' s , , V . , W E MMM' " . Y -- f 1. "'laau"' 'r 9 ' 4 'E ' . ,.--0 if ' 2 2 Vx 0 Nw E' . T, T T QQ g I U u g V r 'W A B Q 'V V1 U, W W ' nam-rg Hr to 'I K E - B U U " 'IA I H 1 N. K G00 I' 3 - W I 4 T if '. ' - R .H W X ff tt' lx, MY, T V2 T - 1 L 'fl' -- cs 4 N we K ,ll A .df ., Z..-lill I 5 ' 'HQ N P I J 1 L' . .-' X ,, Q? 1? 371751 "" I 1 ' ' if -. . w f . rr . ' -T,-Wi if fc Q- A L. - J fl aaa f fmv rr EW? MJF f ' '15, 3 U yi A rn B 11 I r I' l.',l- .J f T if My K A., ' ,, 'Q' ' L , V 1 , M . TWQRH x 7 L jr 4 -Z h E .. .. Y We . T : 2 .. I E - ' , gjh ' 1 - I - ' Q Eg, 2 , - f , C x.::4f--- - '-, 1 c-1v.esf.'v J E f - - "Ei bf., cex.x.iGi- E T '- ,s. - . . , I I :mmm , .

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