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 - Class of 1956

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University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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als-1 5 IULIIE uh 3 1 '73 Q,-x if 'U .QF-ali? nmwbw wi 'I 1 :A :vig QAQ 4. 'Lux I'- 44 C LX rx. As ! -I Q! g FP P' 'Uni rs or-s vi "I in n "J .5-A 53:hF"5 4' 15 31-u va-. K . g-15-If-'fp W . . I . 1 ' . ff ' ,' 34.-Jaw:-1.5 ' gg" ' 9 " ' " . f nu- ' .- -mr' -wa' I r n '- T mv' wth' ,'lL."5!e ,.,.. K 35. Q- ,.. , ', . X I 4 , kv. X' ' X k mi 'lxff + 0 1 . 5 as 3 , . X! 1 Q s Q rf L' sr - .- w ', X . ,. , 4 N v q . Vxk ,wk E ! W 1, A X4 l mf. A .-.54 ' , -bk .1 N' x - 1 ,skit f rf' If . X " ,oe A , 19, f 1 ,UH 4 3 .,,. 2995 " Y -A ' . ef '54 Mgt?" I . 2" 'TIS . ,Wi s, ' .f - M '4 N' 'F W EFX, ff., ii., rf , gl' Q 1" 4,-bmi? 3 A was My K . '. "T-' I A9 I Aff I, NSI.:-SE, ..-. ,- I FEEEFZL51-I . LS" It 'L I gg-:,g5::-.:i - 5 Q ff A I Aw L I 'F A X I , 3 ,...q...............-. ' I ,N ' 'S -, . . N... K 1 . N, ,. 1- .-af I., . N A y. - A If' F 144:12 I '::13"rn, S3 gy .i l A- ix I I ' x ' N- . .A - .- .-y-,,-,-. - -4 ' ' 7 " . .Q . . . V, '. .iv N H at , - 1 I I V lI,, . A " - ,.................... ,,,WA Wm, ,. 1 A ggi ' ' Q ' . .. W , . ...L 'L . Sy9S:.'A,...L A I V - t H i- r. ---F .-, -.....-.,...,...'. . Q WW.-w...S,..........f -- - P- -. A I - - 1 -I I I -.i k,.,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,.,,g +I - -..zj,5:g3j:g3ii I I--fp.-.Q-.........1..-...-.-9-.Q-... 'DT' I....n-....,...........,...! ......,,,,,,,m,M i I i- S-I '-RL ' I I i . I THE 1956 OLD GOLD IS DEDICATED TO STAFFS OF PAST YEARBOORS. IT IS OLIR FEELING THAT RECOGNITION SHOLILD BE GIVEN TO THOSE IVHO HAVE SEEN THE NECESSITY TO CARRY ON, LINBROKEN, A RECORD OF EACH YEAR,S EVENTS. THERE COULD BE NO BETTER DEFINITION OF PURPOSE THAN THAT HERE OLIOTED FROM THE 1907 OLD GOLD: ITHE ANNLIALD . . . RARTARES OF THE NATLIRE OF A SOLIVENIR I. If ..-..... -L A WHICH IS INTENDED TO SERVE AS A REMEM- BRANCH OF ONE'S ALMA MATER WHEN SCHOOL DAYS ARE PAST.H IT IS THE WISH OF THE STAFF AND ADVISER OF THIS GOLDEN ANNI- VERSARY EDITION TO SERVE THE STUDENTS AND FRIENDS OF I. S. T. C. AND TO PROVIDE I LIST SLICH A HREMEMBRANCEH AS SET FORTH IN THE FIRST QLD GOLD. ADVISER AND STAFF I I I I I I I I II II I 'J .N TABLE OF CONTENTS The College . . . 8 The Year .... ua Faculty and Stall . 78 lDlfl'XR'l'Ml:N'lx . 0 Q D . ACTIVITIES . . los S'l'LIl1l5N'Ik Covrlrcm 6' . Rl1NIlll5NlXl5S . Al'l'l.Il-ll SKILLN . Sports . . so lrool mr I, . 0 l3rxsr4lfrrsxraI, 0 XX . .66 H . 72 l . 78 7 . 84 Ullslt .... . 86 lN'r'R.x.x1LrR,xrs . , . . Organizations . . 92 llUNHR .... . 94 lxrrrerlsl .,o, , Rrrlrglotr . , Sefilrllf . . . . 248 Graduates, . . 262 Advertising . . 286 Indices . . . 298 THE COLLEGE -,V fwgjl, .f f 'H' . .1 , ' ' f 1 ' , , f ,t',: f-.X ' 41, V 3, ' B I, A 1 J I rf' 4 f' A-If 1 X.-.f x.- s C nun lniiul I VIE!! 21 um "ff -:fi sl: + im 2 ag 'J ,, ,. grfiivf is .2 1-, 5 4,. ' , K' i -JJ' i .,, fr' 'J V M: ,, , 1 "Lv I 'ia' I , Q ..1, s -., ' ' The College-lowa State Teachers College- home and workshop of approximately Sllilll fu- ture teachers. Un its campus the leaders of to- morrow prepare for a profession that calls for the best they can give. From the shadow of the Campanile to the bright hall of the Commons TC students live and work and play. Familiar to each student are the six dormitories, which many call homeg the Auditorium Building with its well-worn steps and well-known classrooms -some old, some newf the Administration Building and Cilchrist llall with their ofhces for securing information and counself the Li- hrary with its l4H!lHlil volumes and oliii peri- odicalsf the Science and Vocational Buildings with their lahoratoriesj the modern Arts and Industries Buildingf the Campus Laboratory School where four years of college comes to a climax in student teaching-these make up a campus of which each student is proud. iE"5""' fi 2 I 5 i 1 I . AP , vMx5::m'1'fs 13139 Am' In 45" I 4 .,,i.,. k 4.3, 4,1 -.or f , ,. ,QWQLQAA -A l , , in U . . , ' 45.1535 QA Q . g,r., 5,. - A . . 0 f V ?.Q,,A-,- 'Q Q I 1' , A :I V 0 W . 21 - . . .nr - ' J. Ai- ,.34i"9.:f 1 fffvgj fyhfggxi fy',.,A.1L',, 1 . X, if MQ- ffl- - V ,X1 --zff' A ' ' , X 22 3 P , 1 .- ,fr :A 5 A f' fm ' . 921' , ' - n 7 1 7 ,J-",' ,,.' 7' L--1" , I TH I O L ' s I I :Fish .. n " Y 6 5 If Cxmv hw:- za-5 , . I xW"""" 'W . 's - - 1 , 1 X X . Ai, I r - 5 - e 7 Xl 6.9 - .3 Q' AA 4- 9 W - N ' , ,M Q.. . , 1 , 9 Ja 1- -, W , 'X ' ' F 35 ,'4,.'-9-1 A u . 'TDXL 'HJ " l' hw..- " . f ' 0- -7' p I1 -ga 4 ' ' ' if ,., ' r' ,f f Y we 'W 1 jf ' if 9 ' f- " K , U A V P, lx A F , www it 1-sign Emwpm-vw an-,Iam swim . ii-if 1 I , . Q 'ill 5' 'Ill Ii illl L 1 Ili Ili ,A Fl- . V Yllli gi Elll ' gs Ill L Ill ill ' ' I' Ill j lf .Ilf Q- Ill - il. Ill 2 . ' . , :A .2 . . 'F' 'F -ew . F IQ Ja? 1 . gs- fi 1-Q F 'Q-3 Y H53 .kb -TQ, q , P - - -- , N- ,,, f-kr H' 1 f.-I , , , 1' p A I F 5' i d Y' 'R -.gif " L- Q", AJ i.4,k.J'E593,.n-JQMQQ QS ns" 'w - ff .i ' J i 'Mall Q L E: Q ' ' . A-A I-V, K f Vg- U W ,T glnl 1:11 9 llfl M IT 3 T. .9 , Q . 7 :lg 1 g A- - ul ii - A ' ' 555' A P '3i Q I ' Y I -- " :-1' - K SA ' ' v . ' ' , ' fi X 1 ' i1Lg1a:4i.iv,f4.1Q-,iii .X., 2 1311- , f W A' P. -A:-4-Nw:-fri A'X'- '-'- x - W -. X' ' X'x'- "" 1 'A' f ' ' AQ ' " 'f' , ' --' . " ' - ' ' , iff 5-Y,-Q S 5 ,z x K -1.-.Q ',A., 5 4 - ,fn .,,, f-,.:1 '9:4xfifxw,'t3E.QLi'i THE COMMONS ,,,,,,.--.,.. .. .... .,,.w--..-N BARTLETT H.XLL 'wl l 1 1 V ' .. viii'-'IN in N xg - h e' A . M,..,,.x-..s-...., , , Af - U- - .... lr-l s . ' -1 an , A-R.. rf U - ' .3 . I - 4 " yer".-yr Q , z v-41-fr, vf- . .. , - -- + www --f""-""'f""'VL ' "N .',,..1.m-..f,g5u'Y ' x- ?:.if23,ZA'?fivf 'T' """". fr'f'g,f-Q-fww ,- - -, YW, W ' A1-L "L " - "'fS1'fp-f"I.'fl"-xfielika.-4 :S '-'2fQ,?' , . ml' Ae, f-L+-v-f 'apt'-. ' 1 A I I . .., W - k yi I w?Y:,J .- Q Mm - n :fav .-. . Q... 5:4 A .uma fi ' ., U H I . ..-'muff - ,sv - A , ,N , ,J W it ,V . .......... S Y x WHS, 54 Qi 9 , 1 ,,, ,Wm W ' 'A . ix , 'mix 'Ai' ""' X '-' -ss V, -R l 3: V " .:........i- ' 'nr """'vv M... ! g .K ,,,..- if g-p. , dz , 4- jg .1 1 x...f N , , xr - 4117- r , me W,,,,w, ii. gm Q.. , 5 I - X A N! iv I gf-.mixib ' L-1----+ , ig Suu xx an W 52. . ,xxx 1 -' . . " , I 4 ' w sw. ,X -- . - ' V . X 1 , , 1 . , , 1. 11 , A . . - N 1 'WTR ' wh . ,H ,. , 'I X' H ' 5 , nap-3 -' ' Q- -' N SMT- ,a::f5-rsrv - .V ' 'x 1' L Yip. "' R 5 fa if f' ' fi wil'Ti?flQ'f5"i:'fE3'- ' ' ' ,. 1 . ' - -Sul' 'jEj- , -- f P' M 1 " 5 .A ' - -f C9Y ,g:Q-3- , 'f-fm -1., 3 . ,., ,. , 1 Hsgni- X N -- iff - 'QQ fi '+L' b f ' -, ,: .,.. 12 " - ' . , ,, .-' '- , ' -P ' f 'Ti-E I ' H A ' ' 'I 5' " 'N L. jf ff' ' -5-. "6 Fx 'S ' E is " " Q-if 'ian' -M - .. ' I 1 K f' , 1f-b-V-'e-f ' Q - x ,. Q Q, - wh.:-g1v2Q",',.41m :.f ., if " 1. 1 xxx -X .- , 1 .' fi X 1 . A 5' A X ,F A 'N xt? A -A",--T4 ' .2-,H 5, . f.:2a.':'Z2 ' N "" - ' JZ 5? ' 2:32311-1'5M 'W , ' ' - "" -' Wil?" M54---f A "Nl, ' 15:L'Ii3'fj"', , 16,11 H ff, .3 ' E 'lx ,. 5 L -as s1y.:,4V V- , Q-'QB ,I . , , - V V. L .X 'mf 1 , X-xx ' L ' A Q W Ui iz 3 E B , K I ' ." J ,pdl :fl X M' l 1 ,ighf I- I '-rg-. . -15 x,,-.W,--f-- - , 4, N : -L .f.-: if., ARTS AND INDUSTRIES BUILDING v..- hui ,e.......-in-I 1 J I 1 S f '. 'L ,J I 1 Q G- ., .l Q KX- -.wx -I I -, , ' f.4p,,II :MII II Q Y-. ,,- ""' ' -4... 1 . . -fb - "7----N-4...,,N -n..,.T,j "s I qv: . , . I ... ... ..4. N-Iy,II-. ' I , . I A--,III , I...-, Ii I . . V- -- II A I .Q---'Q-u.. q-.II:-94:,'x,'f'y3- HI ' 1 xx 9 2 ' " ww - I , 1-nqjff' -,.+,,,,,,-- j II ,,W,,,,, , . I, I I---QI., , L .,....,--. 'N I .II .I Y, .....- A---M --Q-.T "fI'j,L3, 5.6.1, ., ., .vi-1'-1'-N'-'-"""""""""".' wi.-,A,.L,,L,, ' ' ' . wr 'v , V ., ""-Q' 4 . W , --vgf'f'1- -4 ,., 'H' -X jg, '- 1. 1, , "WI, ,en ' """' ., , 5 I T-', ,..,3v:g3,iwIe2g A - .LX " . , -1133. Q , .-J'v4'.-1Jf5n"" -' 4 1 - - 4' -- f- .. - -V -A - .fb . ' ' ww. .x 1 "' 'V' rf nl ' X Q- " ,Xi . ' , -.'- f 'vwfqdng ' X' -- 'J 1. I -xx- v'f ' . I -. , I -,Il - I I I'.3I,,I.IITv35w IZFZIEKQQEL3 1- . - fs I ' I. . '.':,--..:,'S-- ,-ix 4,-px-'5-f'.g-Z: S ' - -A ' x , 1 ' Mtv' p "' ' . ' . I k I II III MI I, ,IIN '.III, .f . I IXIDQ Ifqqsc. I , - , - - fx, puj4':.4Ji" - ,.c9i35f:gTi?fg-ivr 4 ,, . . W . i ' V , - '- -7w...ii5.f .-.QQ -A '-V' .int ..-41' 4'-'Wtihs -1: in I SLINNIVI' V1l.L.xczlf N 1 Lux mm H.x1,1. I N N W V , l 1' 1 - - :J 11... "fx: , --H2ix,iQi.N i 'J' 'L' x . ' . - .. 'ff 'Exit I -- - 5- I I aK6,3Q!"w,. I ,IIMj1II -- -M J ua I 'T J' .' . ' I , ' In -f "'1- -" - - ' "A X ' . -Q. A i nw-9 , A --H r-' - 1. an - Y ,I-45,5 ,.'I ' 'k-,3,gTII5.2'.,---- -f -. Q I- ,Q vw- :nr ' ' .,.--, -A IMUNII II II -AIII 4' I .III . . Y fl' ' -Q. X 'su -. .. fx' v I 2 .5 uf 'S' N- , - ' ' X, -as .Aff-' .AISI v--v L I 1 R' Siam Aoabav-se.-Mvamss-'fsvs A as' , , ,, - i. . L me V55 f -. 1. Nasa is -s -V L 1 . is L V555 Y Q: Q. t Z .pgs X ...-...- V053 .4 I""1ms-1 'N lvlorning and evening the Chimes of the Campanile ring OLII over the campus, send- ing students to and from Class. Dedicated to the founders and builders of Iowa State Teachers College, the familiar landmark has stood in the Center of the Campus since 19211 Its builders set as their goal a tower whose hells would "quicken the steps of even the lowest plodder, and stir the heart of every son and daughter who attended the College." f i a Q. N 4,3 -li-qifN "' I Af,-t,,,,,.,, -I i ii"-up i, L., ,-,gf-.uf 'f - ' . vi kwa tg frw-s..:,,,. FX uw X N ., M 1,-tr. N 'A .usa " '-fgvw i ,.??3ff-fgifllfff Ei-N51 :QQ ' N I Sift? S95 5 risks? .R , M35 I , aa .- ri. g -- t l as " yqg:y , f1 ggi: t Tw, ' 1351 Fr 3355: N' " ' ' ' ' 5 F217 f .. wi,2ff5l,f? 55,-A 'Kg X I :Avis I :iufiiyf Av" igxf. "1-A, 3 i .gltl ' N1 -.r :' ., ,AQ ,, 'V' " swf' '- '.'. ' 'ff :I ..:.,- f s- - ' W2 -V f 3 fffi--31 i -sr, '31 . :L '-19" ,i X' , : .i,, tg site, , M63 4' itffmhiii r . '1 --,Xi a-i3 HN k .. ia ffffftj 3: E , g ' ' ' ' 1 Q X. 5, If 3 wa. , '- , 'ff-as i 1 2 Q I gi i' 'aiifwitli-ml A L,,f, ,, 'Qu I3 g I vifll lliu iulli-gc pwpiilatinii is iiiuuiwiiig, and x iiiiruiw rliu wlli-gc itwll' must L-xpniid. ii- nw .iililirii-ii wiimmtiiig llalxur and Sccrlcy Ilall will liousu l4lJ morc mcn students in tlic fall. Anotlicr building proicct on Campus was the rcniodcling of tlic Old Campus School. ,H 5: . A 4 -sl wg: I '2 .. ff-V-. , .- ,imllg-1' ,l 1 'aduiisai-'if 5. . i f 2.4 . . . VI N Iuqlrilvjgli' 'D J H V' A ""s. ig FRAMEWORK OF NEW DURM 5:3n HI 5-, vg,,,.3 '1 --' m , . fg , .- . 53-1. -4 , H Zahn! v A r X: lv . :C .I V M ,- V "2 I ' l i V ,f -. Y K ' ' 9 .1-T'Jl3 . :'a . 1-' ' 7" 1' Vi 4-. . 1 " 'W ' 'f 5 ' l if F , 1' IA , A+-A. '. -WL, 2. ,mg . z ' 1 "x Eu,-A-5 xsl- ARTS .mn INnLIS'1'R1r5s EN'1'R,xNcr2 ,.. if I ask: ' - : I Mfg 25723521 wg 5 4222 i 555 Q . Qi W' 5, 'ij , ff- !V af 1 . ' 5- ' -V H A, V .amy . .Y - 1'ffaf552f"1 , .A . A -. , A J.. J. I . -55, ,,:.gjL. AL . -hqiyw , , xg, Q ,. rr D M ,gif ,U-Q E' ' 'CIM 1 4 ' -1 1 9. 1 jj-if-IA-I -mi? ML 4, . ff Z- in-Ak .Q X -W I' ' . -:,7 N',, -: " A "auf 4, Ly: -.1 gggf- 'f'5?3"4"d.W-, .-'QQ THE LIBRARY .I5 Un a quict winter niglit tlic silcncc on tlic lS.T.C. campus is often broken by the loud clicurs of basketball and wrcstling fans in tlie lVlcn's Gymnasium on tlic wcst cncl of tlic campus. The Spacious gym also Scrvcs as tlic nice.-ting place of tlic whole collcgc family dur- ing quartcrly convocations. - l .. 1 A V ' 3 '-,.,' - ' ' 4 I: -Illia: - -51' ,.:Z:- " ,Y-151 : r 13.2, iff- 4 ff:-AQ: U '- " " 1 211 ' '22 2-QLEQQE-.' ' ' ar 'f' ' ' ' . ' i' ii-ea . a -1. -- ' a - "a li' - - -5. 'u' '- fa- -7 - V 1 :'a1E F-"'a'f"-,.-1?, ,, nr- -n. -.- "W" ' - ' 4 - , 413.1 .r fl' ,.-' -'f' W-'U . -, 111. -- 11 gi -a ibdb' fa-S' 1 ' J 7 an W -+414 - -4 - 'M ,Ti-15'-22 5:1-221 f igyg ,W N-N, :-.,K U ,T -"E-f'TTf2-f-""""' '12 Qi 7' " nn! .f- I lipll' ' . 3x'5"':'- v , -fnllffli ,. Ad, I I S"s?a.....'-- HJ Ft' ' 4 I Y A, fr- yy ,FA L I '.-'- A xii, ,, ff' "" yi ' p ' . . ' . :QCJ 'ww-gf.- ACT' V' r r rr rr Fr V'r 'fn Z- " -.u:ui'F""""M' I ' ' ""fl in1vP2"f9"" 4 XJ ""i 0 by ,pf QQ X nl f . 'U " l x. 'A 4,,x alibi, Q : EA X, A lf? it y- if rilki -ity, V - sf, -io - - We- 1 4'4-'!o Q 'Hi ' L ' I.-. i - - -pz 1--r A., ,, . .- ,X . -L IQ I' ' 1 Q-. ,931 . ,ag - - f gf? ,,-f ,fp-.:,-gb, .ff.-.2.i L 9 l " --qi-12,42 ' , Q- ', 0 , F , , , 'f q,-Q' F-' 'B' A- W JJ., 1 ffif' . A'-J Q-I! 42 ...J 17 ff, 'I ifgf-f J 'I --c M 259- ,fa-' - ' if , -,l ' x 1 , XD.. , . v X-at 1 ',w v U Q' ln' it H 1 r D 4 e ' -L J A . "L . -. .:. fx -QA . 1 ' 'f" ' -'...: 1 ,gn ' I -, ,F ' . 53-yi-Q1 -.' v' 9 -if '.f-. : if' li?-'fa in 1'-t' I, . .1 'frgw ' ,-15' V - L92 ' A iff 4 .'f.g " f5'g 4 5' K - , 1 . ,.-. 1 bf' J ...N ,. 5 ' ff ' HN J! . ,K 1 53 L - .5 Fi .1 " " . if 1 , - .3 , W L 4- ' f A gr X . - '.- ,.,-k- X, . .. N 'W . ,ff ,Q xx ,- rf-X! - fi:-. ' 4 S -f zz in me W 511 Q 3 Lf' A L W., '1-f. N " 1 '1 " , rv . -9 aw C.x1xwm1Ll. HALL 5 .. ' 5 X V :fn H r V , X , ' s 4: - 'L f' fa. '-.:,, ., ,: '-.ww-f, ' ' J.--. ,. 1 f 197.2 , -,113 r,-35 4- ",' 1. g-144 A ggaeg - 55' ' 1? f.1i'fL35ff-f- ir" gf 55? '1 9 Hi ggs' BP' ' X -'- Li-' 1fi' 4-1 W 4 , Q ffkx . -s.44:i,g:,ff.if.." , sf. --f' , J- I- N, k.,.,,p..?: Q 1, 5 5: -3' -f 'sf -'-f 4- --?E:f:a:1 1 ,4 Q fp S ' 'Y JA 'wg ' "' 5 Q5 E-".Q,.2', Xfiifflfg iff' 2-1?-3, 2i'j"I-f ffilfi -'Ja' ngzl , -.,.'x'?:f 'lsglrfj-1 5?-ii' '1? Qi-f- '11-S ' V " ' .-A-xg-gn:-:V - :+,-f is -1: AC'--J 1, ,f- -. 'Lg-X -1-:-P5 " "'m '-"- I-i s A: 1 I Erfi., - N ' ' . f 7 EAST ENTR.xNciE TU C.x.xwu9 BAKER HALL dl v -. SPRING Spring .ring . , xxitltxxglrinwu.itlici'C3I1iL'tunnis, golf and suntans . . . Canoeing and picnics . . . l.itti niglrtx . . , Npring it-wi' and cutting tliixm . . . tliu spring tnrnial . . . finals and graduation . . tintl xtitiitiuii . 4 , l'i pni,rriirii- ti-i tlit' 'iiiixil fri llii- quui-ii nl lliu ixlniitlx I-t-up 'lin rrriixr lin-x lwlini- lk-li' tliit-.ittiiix tri tlwtiux' tlirir tillage Greeks-Hawaiians N-inttliing rrltl zintl winstliing new was pru- -rgiitiqtl in tliu Spring. .lin .innuiil Litluir, Ciicul' ll Lil' 'r.-..ix tliirmxutl xritli Ill! trimiiiiig nl in- iigr' lr11tt-i'iiity iintl snrrrrity lxing zintl fitiuuii Lit tlir. fiimtl-.L Hill. fiiiry Cirirliiiin .intl Hrtntl.r llc- 'iiglw rtigmtl mt-r tliti tliintu xritli intisic lining piwi'.itlt'tl by tlitt llfrniiiu .bXtl.iinx Hi-tlit-tri-.i. il lr' Xiriii1.'lliiIi!Iit'Rx urn tlitr l liixi'.iii.iii stutltntf pri-rrit itirrn nl Viiriiiliw lliiluiiiiiul itiiliir- . , r , 1 tizl .intl i't-lrwwliiiig play lust-tl rin ii lcguml urn- trrnin: l liivwiii K liru untltlws l'1:lt'. 'Iilit' iititiw lirlrirna llir'r.r.t'i'K Lind alumna Liirriutl tliriiugli tlif tliriiii-g nl ll,ir.i.iii, lYflllYL'N LlJI1Ci: In Ilppcmc tllc lin' gwnltlcw Pt-lv NU Nlk' xiill lC?4YL' tliuir pnintliw nr tht- lwnw ut rlit- volcanic mountain unlmi'inctl, Sttitlcnzx tlnnu' tu tlii- inuxic nl Riniiiic Adninx nt rliu Qlruclt Ball. dr l 1 The mean duke examines the iewels that Hagga cried as the Golux, the prince and a spy look on in the play "The Thirteen Clocks," Kay Honohan and Liane Nichols listen to the prince, ,lay Dilxlxers. The Thirteen Clocks fllie flliirteen Clocks, a delightful fantasy, was a feature of the 22nd annual drama conference in April. Approximately Sllll high school students and their directors were guests at the matinee performance of this play. lncluded in the 25-member cast were a prince disguised as a minstrel, an aggressive duke who put a spell on his niece, a princess, spies who scouted the area about the castle lor enemies of the Duke, a woman called Hagga who wept iewels instead of tears, and a golux who helped the prince in the performance of his task. Unique scenery and lighting effects were designed by Mr. Stanley Wfood, james Thurber, author of the book, gave his permission for the dramatization which was done by Miss Hazel Strayer, director. +25 xv ., a p .7 ' X ' ., 3' ,+V ' A 0.1 ' ' XL' " f-'35 i M l-fl is ii 17 1 ff 1-Q i 'fl , z iw f Lf','f'i 'lf-i'Fi3.5i.-fl! J.,,l,.? J if -ls ' -V xlg +4 H1 A., -. -Gp an """".?. -1:-a ll Rtlqtt Ulglqliit xmntl nr nitvntiim tluiing ilit' llng mixing, ,Inn Buutli grnciuuwly ncccptx licmm' of lmving lu-cn acluctctl Relays in the Rain .-X wltl wrt min tl.1inpciicd spirits and crasctl tlit' pt-wilwility ltlr tmy nt-xv track rt-cmxls tn lx' wt tit tlwt' tmmiiil lf lhllzw on April ll. To titltl tw lurtlit-r tlistippmntim-nt, Ur, ll. Earl lllitli li mgmlwgr tml' lima Tt-utlwrs lLlCLllty liar 34 yt-tirx wlltipst-tl wliilu wntcliing imc ul rlw twuiits. Ur. Ratli suctumlwctl to gi licart attack gn YIILIYL' til tlqg lwspitill tluspitt' Iltc clglurts ull ltlt.1l liiuiiuii. llix lim is dnt-ply liult cm tlic ttiriiptix, 'lilit-rt' wurc lwriglit sputs during Spring W" llmzllwr Ptfliiw, Art lliclxinwnk tliimliitls tripped lmir lirsts, lllur stunitlg, and ritiriitgiwltix tliirtlx. limits lilmtlt frmn Wflsli- mgtlln rt-igmtl tix Spring Nl" Cflulw qucun and lwruxutl tlit' xwtitlicr with liur LlffL'llLlLlI1fS, Rus- .llirg fiilwlw lil llrmliiic, nllmyic Slicllclllvcrgcr flllll ,ltiii l ltlNIlllQS, lwrli ful XY'Qitcrlim. lSTCf Rclnyw quccn fullmming licr crmviiiitg lwy Dcnn Nt-lwn. lli' lznil Rntli, n rugulm' nttcmlcr nt all ol tlic l.S,'l.C.. sport- TI l ll .1 nctivititw, mntlu liix Hnnl nppcnrniicc Ik' H155 lxL'Flyx. mf .3 .nh .1 Sk ' f? ' Q- 'DQ .- N .ww . x ,lm lwulu Spring "I" Qllu-I1 ring "I" Club qucun ,Inn Buutl1 and In-r Jfldlidflllh ,luycc Sluullulmlwugux' R1nN?1IiL'Qil1lWN, and Alan Hmringx xcign wwf' the TV Rclnyx I 1 1 i x ,V j.-.w , . . RX R -, 'Q YO 9 Iv 'N jlxld' '--- .N Q v ,, , ' l' ' 'V Iv A I 9. , ,. bv i 4,A du. . Sk wvlz 6' .qu gi lan. 5, . ' x , 0. - 4 .-,-,,.,r,g.x, l'iwiili-iii Xlaiulwi pin-wiiix inxi-xinX1ix llnhn Cinil mlm um nninud "Xlmlicr nl the Uni" tlnniigli I1 lcttui hy hm' ulnuglitui, ,lv lVIother's Da a Success HX din-Qt xrixiiglit-lnruarcl lcttcr which stated: l..iiilxing 'milk nn thi' sxicriliccs shu hai inaclc lni' hw linnily and all thi- xwnclurlul things she hm Llnnn lnr incl l lu-l my inwthcr clwcrxu thy limi-1' nl hung .Nlntliur cull rlw llay '," hrnuglwr Nliw lliihn Xl. ll-il thu titlu ul MiN'lntl1L'r ul ilu lliiy l,9.'l',i1., Vigil' llur clauglitcr, simplici- iii-im lnni l luinniul, mis l.n'gcly rupcwiisihlc fur thu liiinni' ln-i.1iiw nl rhf luttur shc wmtc rhi- llorlm N lim finiiiiiiitti-L-. 'lihu pruwntatimi 'T .Nliw fiwwil fill llw Nlninu 9ldTIL'Ll pi'rmLL'L'cl- nw during l,S.'lq,lf.A innnml fllollwrk lim' -.wgliimluliipli imludfdii nnirimty slum-,JIo1li U ir X lmn ilinnurx Lit thy lfnininniis gincl Cfainp- hill llnlll thi' Spring pliiy in thy Auclitnriuin ii' iii Qitiiixliiy, iinul ,llollwr ii lim' Qlmpi-I in thu "Q ' -XmlitnriiirnfinhLImliivin:1rninQ, in Cfuil, Hhlnilivi' nl thc Day," rcccivu cnngrntlilniiun V' , ,A ,'-, A-A g 45K 3' xx I il l it ' 2 iss. 1- 11 i l 1. l 1,,,1' An-st-5 -' grill, r is 4 ,lay McShann at the piano and his hand from Kansas City get ready tu uiump the hluesu for the 11155 Spring Formal, "l"inlx l'relutle." The Spring Formal-Spring Highlight Students dance to the music of ,lay NlcShnnn at the Spring Fur- mal, Highlight of spring social life on the campus was the 1955 Spring 'Tornml LII1ClCT the theme of "Pink Prelude," "Pink" turned to Hhlueu as the man who iumps the blues, ,lay lVlcShann and his hand from Kansas City, displayed their wares before the l.S.T.C. crowd. Besides play- ing good and clanceahle music, ,lay and the band marched through the dancing audience while playing an appropriate tune. Much cre- dit must be given to the Social Life Committee for planning and putting on such dances as this during the year. Their value was evident in this case as they acquired a good band almost at the last minute after the originally scheduled band-The Commanders-cancelled their en- gagement. 'i - -rw 1-fig. AZN: ,AEN ep Vu ff sw yrffigiiis. A4 l 25 . ,,,,gT I i l Q .5 1 "4 A . , J, I f' . I i N i 1 I l :gf Nh tllatlxs Xt-lson, lova IiL'PICNL'lllJYiYL', ntltlresses tht- XX ni -n s l7ax eonxoeanon on "What s .-Xheatl for Today! finl- ' Q lt t XX-init-n omen Look head XY'ith a theme of "XY'here Do Wfe Co From Here?" the annual llllouiens Day was held April 30, ISN5. This Associated Wfomen Stu- dents' sponsored event is a day set aside for recognizing women on campus who have ex- celled in scholarship and leadership during the year. 'll'onien's Dm' activities began with the Chimes Tapping ceremony, a flag raising cere- mony, campanile concert and coffee hour. The highlight of the day was a convocation ad- dressed hy Mrs. Gladys Nelson, representative in the lowa legislature. Following the speech, new memhers of the women's honoraries- Purple Arrow, Chimes, Torch and Tassell- and Purple Key were presented, and women students' ofhcers were installed with Miss Betty Vance in charge. m -n stlltlellts gather in the Cfoinmons for a convocation as part of the XVoinen's Day activities honoring outstanding students. 4 , .1 2 6 l SUMMER AT A GLANCE XY'irh a warm and dry Iowa summer, another active summer term at I.S.T.C. terminated. The campus played host to SMU Iowa Girls' Staters and Still junior Classical League mem- bers. A total of I2 workshops were held to supplement summer quarter learning activities. The music department presented the summer band and orchestra concert, and the l.S.T.C. community chorus presented another mid-sum- mer concert. The drama department came forth with Arthur lVliller's Pulitzer prize- win- ning play, "Death of a Salesman," under the direction of Miss Hazel Strayer. To climax the summer session, l.S.T.C. graduates re- moved their Bermuda shorts and donned rolaes and mortar boards to climax their college Careers' nit t x sent in 1 tip :inn at sumn Q Playing the lead role of Xlfillie, Elnyn XY"ehster trudges acro s tit ta in o tnin scene o clit summer p at Death of 1 Sailesinaii fi, , 41: FALL A nw mhoolyc.1I'.1l1ttl1Ux'facts . . . oricntation . . . football brought Crisp air, Dadk Day and Holm-touting . . . the Hgold ttiggtfrk' bull . , . N111 Pcnnypnckcr . . . Dimcnsions in jazz No. 7 . . . A twrmnxk .ittcr txvclw wccks of books . . , pri' Ib qi, . 'aiu ilk A if Ji' 3?-54 A' - ,N vs be "Qui, is x .- t 'g,f'.q S! f i ' Ns '+o., 1, 3 'ba 't -K 4 5322 ' '91, 5 f , ti 'L .filil E A 'Eg ' We 5 .445- i W ', ,J K 1 Orientation of ew Students 28 xv' M in T ' f N NN! fx A 1 1 N 4 t 4 V , 5:1-ss: 4+ . 1: . ' . . tr..-4.s.,,-,Q , Q . K3 Q'-I asf Duane Schroeder, Men! Union president, explains stu- lce coltl waterinelon is a treat seivetl to students during the fall orientation dent government in an address to all new men stuclellts Busy, confused, and more than a little exhausted were the freshman and transfer students as l.S.T.C.'s vigorous Orieiztiilioiz kept them mov- ing at a rapid pace through the first week. Start- ing off the chain of events were the placement tests, Associated XY'omen Students chuck wagon picnic, the dinner for new men students, spon- sored by the Meii's Union, and the traditional square dance. The next few days were proba- bly the busiest and most enioyable in the life of an l,S.T.C. newcomer. Registration began with all its aches and pains, and the little purple and gold beanies werent needed to identify the bewildered faces of many freshmen. Many tal- ented students were chosen to perform in the variety show. Among the culminating events of the week were the Xvomanls Recreation Asso- ciation's mixer and the all-campus watermelon least. The beginning of classes cut short this steady stream of entertainment, and found tired, but well-oriented students eager to settle down into a less strenuous schedule. -Q v-...Q ..,,,,.., A, YH, I . , , Hwy, . W.. .... W, - V .., .Tl . Q- .-xg. ,- ,, AL. Ilnp mr JIIII2 .ur H '.L-:mum A prm 1- A 'xilllxu imx lwnlwy :mfr 1mxqllm'u" in lccmxll'mntrn11ilm'fm XvI1l'iL'Ij'Sl1IJXk, I XJ if Q v , ,634 Nrmfvnl- 'mrlmvx wlulvidv ui SIHLMLIIU Hall iuL'l!i4JX' T111 L'NL'I1iI1QlDt hm fu?lNtil1gu11 dulicimlx picccs uf wan-1'1m'Im1. T' pwv11fmm,i' rmn tm nllfu-him-11multlnwh'rwtllLlv11tx nt tln- mmunl lrI'lk'llIfllIHI1 Squaw llnncv m thu xmnucn N IUIHHN Crm Ulplc and gold beameQ d1st11wL11Nl1 flCNhI'l1'll! xtlldvnts funn up uc wwxmn dunmv hen hu r mul Cl ..-, Q + Y ABOVL Perfolmens at tln Vmlgq Slum -um mu' SIULILINN 1 pnunu 0 what to expect when tlny hut Nlklt thy Study-nr Ilmllh fum: RICHT Rxta Larsen and lm Adwmson do 1 nmdun dwg murmg fm the Nenconxers Vanety Shou ax thy CTIIIPTIIIIL gun Indy It tulw Nm: IAQ: F- 1 I X X K um- Xmmx Slum lmng lmpk lNL'lU1JliL'x uf tlww :mul nhl dnyx Xpunt IH tlu- lmlu mul N und nr 51-Xf111lHM-111 :lu xm IuI?lIxL'Il1L'il plnu-Inman lwtx 1 Z 1 AJ 'N .A--'- --.QL N -2111 clmulhmlw. IILWIIIUVII gnihvn in mln' Cfllllllllrllx In lwm' nlmut Ntudum gUYL'I'l1' IUUHI ll TVN el 'tx . Y Y N W 'f 9 ,g,. 'J' 45 W gxf' - N ' f,Yr' ' , Q ,D , ,. X-I ' 'x ,"'w J ' jo' ', L X . f . g... f' . 1.5, in 1, x 1 f ' fltlfxvf' A 1 4 .13 .f A 1 X 4 . ' N ' ni U11 David Hluhm ndulrwwx Ntudcnrx and Npvnnmx nf crunpux I'L'ligjIUllX nctlxiriux Lluring K-IILHLII Nlghl, n pmt uf mu-lmmtnm Adel Hcrlvr and ,lim XY'l1cclcr Maw tlwim purplv and :wld lwnnlcx duzmg thu rrqulitiuml du-mpping u-n-:mummy im ilu-lmn Uihuy Say lt! XYilIl'lklCl'flll,H xingx ,lolm Yan Epps ns Bm'- Nnzp' 1, 1, Vitkttt h.1lIix lit! hiv ht-th imnit-tl "Und nt tht- Uziy Q' hmm Prior tnkw in t-vt-ry xxmmi nt thu Variety Slimv. it i 1, i t f ' 9 i i i ,.,N 1 i 5 Eygfy f, . 'Q f - nn I . hum Q , F Q!! 4 I ' 1 , 55- 4 'Em-s"' L" 5 1 3 i NN X ' Pi. t.i,X,x X , E' X -X "V X A IH IAC.. tiatix had than' titty im Uctohcr I5 xvlicii iimiiy prwitid titttlmw .1ppt'.1rt-d tm ctmipus to hc htm- iirtti mt-mtti xtith it Yt1I'iL'If' slum' iii tht' Cimiiiimis high- hfhtt-ti hy' tht uiixtiiling tit thc mm UgL'L'i7LII'gI.ii After .i i'tmthur xitttirx' .it tht' lS.iii.C. vs, North Dakota lhiit imiliw-viii. iltirlipr .Nhi lmuis l.. Pickett was iimiicci .ix lS.'if4f. N Iltitl fit tht' IJ.iy'i .md was prcwlitcci thirmg that htihitimt' LL'I'L'INHI1y .tt thu game. Nh. Pic- l.ttt ww tliiitth fm tht- htixix tit his S1JH'S pt-rhmrmzimc "Ii t. Qtuthtiit hfirh ttiiftitixtittilly .mtl wtitnlly. vljtllllii Um' .ittixititw tliwtl mm Sumltiy with tl thapcl scrvicc in tht .-Xtllkiilftfllllll. Aiiritliui' stitttwttil wcckcmi hir nf Xhylr 1, X .S-wi X Da for Dad c 0 , during tht, uuckriiti. .IJLHJNN Um' Ltctivitics Cum- , . . trxity gtiiiitq tl titimtt mu htiltl in tht' Ctmitiimis miptix, I lit wir Pt-tu has lwtui tm ciutstzmdiiig A mth'-'Vg MLN 9"mPlVIVd Mid hupw lim' high fur muff Lumix L. Pitkctt "Und nf thtt IJIIYN ix cmigrntulntut Iii Um mtg hy i'rwitlt-nt Mriuclwr nx Mrs, Pickett hmkx mi a, i iw X 6'-13i::i1f:i1,ifv?:-:Q-,mv ---- We ,5"". . nmgf - . , . 4.14-:3" N' - ., , ,. I ' ,' ,b uv- , ., N , .. -.-' 3 Q. . , 55... G ----ffl i ., ' .v V X. ,4 . A' ,.:S55,- 2 q V v -9,5-I i ., - ' rx,-5 ' 5 fig, . i . M , Q .M -., M . , W ., A i' - .,. 'Wjxwa ,,, gt f , 1- ' A-.g X 'Wi - 4 --Mr: ' - satis' '- xgrty , ---N. -W .M '-N-41. J , in ' t ' .' 41' -- vm. 1 cf. "KN-.xV'Q ' wx -- ' lx V-M " ..., ' , -4' -ci , WS as . 1 . ., - 1 5, , , QA, seg.,-K as-3 "FR X ? r g.,.,..q 7-Q4--"tif: """"' ' 1 ,. ,...v K FF - - ' H V A H- W Q X H .I b W. , .Ya .3--2-:grxtxg m """' X f 1 it " . . -M -, ,,,. 4 .. il A Q .Q , " 3 Varied hand hirmationw givu halftimv n muxical touch. Squad iiiuiiilwiw xt air tt-:manly in lucid-1' rmuii lit-fum gamt- ht-gim, On and Off the Gridiron 44 ' 1 -f -X evils: 4.1--1-Q r , . t. , . , -,ag5,x1 f ' 'ff 4 - i xaahiaarm Coach Buck Starheck and assistant Conch Chuck Cacck anxioubly "Swede" Rosenu uatchm alcrtly at he guts rcady to cuter ganic, watch their team play during the Final quarter of a hard game. i H H ll ll ll ll ' ll ll '-U' -' Ill ' l'l FUI! Isl W-h Us 1'vi.9'R'K' 4 x P oilgt' 1 lu-1-,li hling ,intl hintl playing nm not ul tht' lloint-Corning acriviriw ax Ntmluum :nth forth ro a pup rally. Homecoming-Spirit, a Queen and Victor Spiritx lor rhg IWW l loim-coming were cvidcnt carliur than usual this year. The dc- munt of Nlllllt' lllll mun studcnts on thu women! dorms XY'cdnr:sday night initiated tht: Npirit that was owriutl on through Thursday and Friday with a growing anticipation of Sattmlay. l5ridayK partial cut day, rousing pep rally, variety show, traditional bonfire: with firm-worlxy Saturday! paradc, ganic with tht- l.S.T,C. victory ovcr lvlorningsidc, th:tlamtgamlSuntl.1yk qlmpul scrvicc and Concert all Contrihutcd to tht' ugpirit of 'Siu VI, nh i ln' ly lloiiiwtoiinng xpnir, xrutlt-nrx throng iogctlivr lllllll clawu to raltc pmt in a rouiing pup mlly V? ,,. A, X .- L. 4 BL.: T41 '. I.. 'C' . 5.-. 1.-. I I 4 egg, 'if' 1- Q - hi V . 'ggi p , -.. ,pe 5 v 1 4 4 rs ,,,-4 xg thu nrmnl uf ffm Day 1111 LJINPII1 Student-faculty pup lmml hvrnldx E?'i'UR'w - ll' flu' umm nm ,W ...,.,,, Stuclcmx mm- clwurx in n llmncclmling pop mlly zu NPL , .,v, b A P Q , VM rl X K W A 1 1132: f-ir' gf: H ' - .." ' wi ' I i 'EESH , 1 fl .:"a1-, 51- ML- :Na ,. fr - ' -- -- f . - --- -f::-..- ' . A -4:'1:, ' ,,A x A ' . ' " I QET?i?fT?' 5Q5 I s:f4'ffif44"f F Li' " N - 1 I W5 I A ' , Ar-Y: Q -'f X Q we 1. 'i 'I' I Fi fi ' ff.:-'lf . 'f'::s""'f'-rr" XX ,,"a"il'lX,.: FA N v ie r 'Q 1 fr Q---cf,--- , . 3"iE'Q'5J?: fish" A rf. A ' D9 -5 1, .X . -1 fm' ' 'r':TEi"l"-. 'T ' -.5 . H25-79 1 f, fl, .-K f-rl : - Z .. ' r E1 - l 1-, ,ls tu rv W .- if -- - A I . 1 qw 'U' .iv ey 4 -.,--, fl :ii The Cumn ix In-ld nur tu quulrn CHIMIILITITUXZ Hmlw Tum, xxllllffl Wkxtplmwl, Hurry Ynncc, and H11-mln Hum-lw il whfh 1' .7 1 4 I A'-n-, MN Iwll I Olin-In Um II In Hx PI 8 , l X' II-.l I IfnmwlxuilmgImdgvImCIM-1'11m'IIm-glm ru X' 'i', l I 'I X L 3 5 f 'iv' Q 0 , Y 'N Ilulnccuming quuun BL-tty Vnncc, crmvncd Ivy PrusiLIcnr A1HllCIxL'l', tlmnkx thc xtudcnr lmdy who L-Icctcd hcl' quucn fl'4llI1 25 "I" Cllulw IIHIIIIIICCN. rwidclmt Mnuckur and Iiinn Erickwn, Mumni Awvcinriun prwidulmt, x Qx "D- q 1 s , x VX - Pa Pennypncl-ger lllave Beuterl asks the youngest ol the hrood han tlnn l llllxl to e 1 ui lVlr. Pennypaoker and Family Homecoming and The Rt'll1t17'L'tll7lt.' fllr. Pen' nypaeker proved to be an excellent combinae tion. The Friday and Saturday performances were sparked by the responses of l.S.T.C. homecomers as they alternately laughed and sympathized with Mr. Pennypacker, who tried to make his conduct as a "freethinker" Clear to his family. The extent of Mr. Pennypackers freethinlting involves two families, one in Wfilniington, Delaware, and the other in Phila- delphia. This is the situation Liam O'Brien has used for his farcical comedy, also a recent Broadway hit. The comedy, in its 18911 set- ting, was directed by Miss Hazel Strayeri with Mr. Stanley Wfood in charge of scenery and Charlotte Lawton in charge of costumes. IZ1111' l l11Ily11111-1111111's1111.1l11i11s1111-s1-1111111Cuorgu ll1f1'11.11'1l Sl1.111's U1111 illlalll 111 Ulqllw 1112111 Q11- 1l111si.1sIig 11111lic1111' .11 1111- i11itig1l p1'og1'L1111 of 1l111 QLlY'I'L'!lI l.L'kkILll-K' lfo11yu1't scrics Octolwcr 24. Al'l1uy' p1'1'su111u1l tl1c play from four l1igl1 stools 11ml 11111- lou s11111l o11 II11' 111111111 ol tl1c stage. - f X11u1s1Ll1 kllllkll-llfkl 11 1l11ql l1u111u'11 lQiul1g11'1lo Nlontal- 31.111 .1s l31111 -lLl11l1 .1111l R1-gi11.1l1l D1-1111y as tl1c lf-111111111111l.1111. l3otl1 WLTL' liillccl witl1 Don ,luan going 111 l lull 11ml tl11- Co111111g1111lL111t to l1uax'c11. H1-1l1 1111111 1l1ss41t1sl1:1l and cally-cl upon tl1c lluil pl.1yul l1y liurt li.1:11L11', to lmlp tl1c111 1-xpl11111g11 pl.11'1-s. 'l'l1: lo111'tl1 111c111lwu1' of tl1c mst 1111s .Xl.lI'X' .-Xs1o11 11'l1o g1ppuL11'1.'1l as lD111111L1 .-xx!ll'I.i 1l11L1ggl1t41' ol tl1u K.11111111a11cl1111t. X 1111s 111' su111u1Ay XYLTL' usp-Ll. Thu story ID1111 VllIJIl, p111'11'n51-Ll l1y lCicI1n1'1.lo XlllI1IIlllYH1, is Llisplcnsml 11i1l1 l11s llL'Xx l1111111' lll llvll mul nslw tl1c D1-1-il to gm l1i111 to lla-:1x'1'11 Don Juan in Hell F9 X x X .., fx ff T 1 v--I ,-l 1 1 p111111x1l of 11111 rulcr of lI11111, X111 l1 1ll Xl 11 1' 11, ,111 .X 1111 1 1l11 11l1111111l:11l111-ll111f K1111 li.1:11n1, 111 A mI1:11'1o11-, 111l11s 11141 tlllx L llu ol 1 '11 l1'l111 'Ilkl lllrll l11'111 11 11l1111: 111 1l11 1l1-f11I111tl1111I1 1l111 I111-11-1 1-1111l1l, 11111-s 111 all ' ' 11" " Wu , 1 7 1:1 1' - f1:21?4 ,. ffl! " 1117111 1111 un1tl1 The much awaited Paxil llmper, interna- tionally knnwn interpretive dancer, xtarred in the second Lecture-Concert series pro- gram nf the seasnn. Assisted hy the concert trio, Bill llughex Bill Palmer, and Len Nlannu who played two aeeordiiins and a Contra ham, they proved what they have long xaid: even classical music can he played nn the accordion and haw. XY'hen the final Curtain was lowered the perform- er9 were awarded with genuine applaiwe. Mr. Paul Draper 1.4.1 Y '5yp, his Q 4: .'.' 'if T LT iiaag, ' - M-- oi ,QNX Via ii Q flat ' H - F, f qrrhnv il " A ' li -- .i ! IW ' ' hirf 'xiq-,r ' , t N , 'i f N Qt A t -+,,-f vw' t B li' 4' - fi I , . , x 2 D - Pe ' ily: s .4 3 L ' x 59'-' " Rei, L 'J L Y K. I .-' ' :fi O i L ' .ni 8 loi'.t'iII1iI Leo lloenh til Iona addresses a fall Alllfollege Convocation in the inen's gyinnasiuin on "Puhlic Education in Today S-ieittx Fall Convocation "Upon the teacher lies a grave responsibility, and you who have chosen to become teachers have shown yourselves willing to accept the responsi- hility for helping to preserve those principlesfi gli stated lcixxglls Governor lteo lloegh in his ad- dress at lhflflffs alll-fiollegje C oiinocnlioii during the fall riuarter. ln ohseryance til: Veterans' Day the governor stressed that leadership has enabled to sueeeed in the times of crises. lle stated, Hlt is the teachers' duty to mold the youth of today into leaders instilled with the principles of iustice and treedomf Previous to Governor lloeglrs address, Ur. ll. A, Riehe, past connnander of Cedar Falls American Legion Post, spoke hrielly on the topic, ' Veterans' Day and You," and President l. XV. iNlaucl4er asked the audience to stand for a mo- ment of silence in reineinlarance ol Veterans' Day. Governor lloegh states "America is a great land because of its people," in his first address on the l. S. T. C. campus. 'a i il I 1 Derby hats, bright vests, middy blouses, fancy garters, and a variety of other "2H's" costumes were to be seen at the Qolrla'igger's Ball, held on Saturday, November 12, 1955, in the Com- mons Ballroom. Even the band, led by Don Shaw, was dressed for the occasion. Prizes for the best dressed boy and girl went to Dick l Criliin and Martha Allbee. Second best went i to Bill l-lolmes and Camilla Pain. A style show, held a week before, gave a preview of what could be worn. Both the dance and style show were sponsored by the Social Life Com- mittee with Mickey' Lowman acting as chair- man of the event. y yyyy yy A couple out of the twenties suing into the filiailesroii dance. 3 Skidoo XVinners of "those roaring txxenty costumes!" smile uitli delight as they open the prizes given to them during the Cinltltliggens dance. L37 as , 1 "' I W E vs Y Y. Jazz at LS. T.C. Autumn iii l.Sfli.C. lwrfmglit uml brag-iw, falling lcuws, and Ll imirxut iiwmiig and ilinzuimozzs in ju: No. 7 brought liot and iiwl wuiidx Qraizy rliytlim, and "iXf1mnigIwwf' Phi Nlu Alpliak Nusuitli wmwt pmxul tw lm- ummtlicr mmdcrfiil slump This year tiiigy XXf,'I'L' lwluwd in having thi- 'Xdisc iuckcy mf the your," Mr. Iliiig Miifiiiuliiwi Marriii mf Vadim stzitiim XYi'XY'l, Num' Orleans, ix iiiiiiw, firigririaility, in thu fimrni ui umipusitimis and zirrangc- :wmv Pi.1f,'L'Li.l lwic mln in UU No 7. luck 'limcy Down lim!! ziiiiiir .ittiimlml XNY'k'LiIWL'SLiL1f' niulitk susaiiwii and praisud rliu mark i I i.9.'l'.l:. 'N igliiimiii in liix ilumliiiwr issue. A miiliim wiwrds iiiiiiiiiir wgpius iS.'l'.li.'s iippmpiiitirwii for audi ll fini- xpcctaiclc limi A1177 No 7 xmsi but fum' um my- it was cowl, mon, mal WN'iiii Quo Dick Mnriin iiizmdiicw lin-tty Uiingvr nt "I7i111i'1ixinm TAN V ucnlixt in hz: Crouiicr-arrniigcr Rug Mnxxwll sxvingx our n Phil Siiyilcr uri- Bury Qliiigci' lmldx thu turcli xinging mlm ax xhu llipx cu-1 x ginnl cnllud "Ami" during his wvciitli ini: Cimccrt nppunrniicc. lmily with Ni-ilwn nrinimuiiiciit "My liuimy Ynli-iirim' J Scar man 'mcnlixt Dm' Bnlcliiilgc lean-X uvciyuiic gasping on J Rllyllllllffl1L'lWTlClxl'VIHL'4llElly'lfllllbllllllI'll1Lll1L'I'k'lllL'llllxlll ltd-l14Jf,l41l1llNCllNllIlIIITIIIIQKJIHCIIIUfUl,,lH'L'xlCfll'LL'TlYlJ MQ " Alpha Sinfimin rhythm xi-czwii "lu-an nut" thy hnnl xirmlili: WI TER XY'inter hegan with the traditional tree lighting . . . the winter formal . . . Christmas carols and the Messiah . A . a hreak to greet Santa . . . the FourFreshmen sang . . . an opera, Gianni Schicchi , . . Religion-in-Lile . . . anything sold at the auction . . . beauties, popularity, and Billy May . . the winter play, Lady Precious Stream . . . ' ww-lr Q F ' 1 N .X cappella collvue and voiitenk chorus nieinhers itith the oichestra under Myron Russell present the "Mc-ssialiw and Christmas Ora- fiiiirf The nnualCHwBUnas Vlihe annual fliristniiis ioncer! was Niven on llecemher IH to a warmly receptive audience in the Mens Gymnasium. Comhining into one massive chorus were the A Cappella Choir, .Nlixed Clioriis and lX'omen's Chorus, accom- panied hy the College Symphony orchestra un- Conoed der the direction of Dr. hlyron Russell. Besides the traditional singing of Handels "Messiali," the 275 students and faculty members this year presented "The Christmas Qratoriom by Saint- Saens, providing a truly impressive program for the holiday season at l.S.T.C. .ni f .Q il T Q ' 43-.n5,Q1"S'j . 'Pgyfi 9 -fi Q 4 ii 5' Nlembers of Sigma Alpha Iota under the direction of Shirley Steh- Mr. Art Redner directs the Tekes as they sing "Lo, I lim n Rose- hins, sing "The Birthday of the King" in the Cenrginii Lounge. Eel' Hlooitiiiigu at the annual Chiistnias Il't't' lighting cereniuny. A Dinner, Carols, and Prett Lights A down-the-line Christmas dinner features turkey and ttinnmngs, irgta 's 'QQ . '-,mf -suv-' " Christmas season on the campus of I.S.T.C. was olhcially ushered in by the tree-lighting ceremony. This year's ceremony took place December IR, when President gl. XV. Nlaucker threw the switch that set aglow the huge ever- green located near the Campanile. Through- out the following week many annual Yuletide activities occurred on campus. The music hon- oraries and other organizations held choral concerts. The student-led Christmas Chapel service was held the Sunday before vacation. The "Down-the-Line" Christmas Dinner, was highlighted by turkey and all the trimmings followed by an all-college coffee-hour, 1. 1 A P 11.1 Iilll A 'Q ' nv .,,,.y, --"' - I I 5. muh. e ,- S-Y 1111'111 -1.111:g11111111g111111'11111-111113 1111lll1Q 1111-J111111m1 11. Fantasy In Frost 1.111111w 111 11-1111 11111 t11L' 1111-1111 1111- 1111- 1 111111111111 1111111111211111111111-1111y1111'S1111111 1-111- C 11111111111l,L'. A1-111' 1111-1111 111111 1-111-11111-ly 1111-1.1111 41111 115' 1111: 1111111 5K11LA111L'. .-X 11.111111111y 111 111111- 1N111' 1.-.111I1' 111111 N111 1'1' 1W1'1'X'.1111'11 1111' 111111111 A 1.11111 1111.11111: .11111111: 111111118 1111 1111' 1-.111 111111 1 1111 11-111111111111 111111 1111119 111 L'X'1'1'Q1A1'1'11H 11111- 1111-11 11111111 1111111'11111t1-11 111 1.11'1'v111g 11111 1111- 1111".'1.11111 .11111 1-111111111 11131111-11 115' 1111- 11 K1111. 111' .N11'N11.11111 .11111 1111 11111111 111'111'1111-11 1111111.11111 11111-111 1111- 1111- 11S11'I11I1Ql .11111 11.1111111g 11-111111 '111g1-11111 1111- 11111 11g111x .11111 1111- 11111- 11111, 1'11X'1111111 11711111 I111' 11.11111111.1111- 1111- 1-1111- 111K 111111Q','111k1l'11, F 1X 1' riff: 11111.11 H1V.1l1Ifl1j Ill l111' 151'1111" 1111111- ,1.1y A1CS1lflI1ll 1111111111-X I111' 111.1-111-111 1111-111111111111111111111-1 1111-1111111-1111.111111-1111111 11.1111f 111g .11111 11.11111 1111- 11111-111111111111 111111511111 :11 1111- 1111111-1 1111111.11 ? rv- 'fb - 1 "ff"- A ,1,, , , 1 1 1, .Y 1 -1 1 +514 -,,9 1 X , iirvi-. in v u1: .- iii 'NYQT1-" ' x N XQS ww A. v. 'fc -v s--. -es.. X- N ' 11. . X ,.f-:-Q' ' '-fxwtfe-. . we . in 2 ix .vie ...Nair ,X - 1: -19' a. . -. 911, , l K g jgig, ,Q ,gs 4 , 5 3 V X V 3' . rits Q- f- Dr. llnlmer, llick Starr llleligiimn in Lite XVL-ek eliairinnnl, lnrliei llenle, S I , Di lit-inlimtl, and lin l5nrrell discuss the xii-cl.Y sclietlule, Rosemary Burke, Dick Starr, 'lan l'?itteePi11tl Ui. llnwltl lieiixllaitl lfmk over n poster ul' lleligirin-in-Lile-Xveek tm' flmssinatls is ff 55.5 7 3 '1' h ,c yi'- ' :r.. - - ,I ,sr-I, Religion in Life ,Religion1'iiLile'llleelsiil 1950 began with Sun- day morning services in the Auditciriuni on Vlanuary 22, and tlimughuut the week discus- sion groups were held in the dnrniitnries and student Centersi An all-College Cniixwicatimi was held nn Monday nl the week with Ur. Paul lalnlmer, professor uf philosophy at the Uni- versity of iviinnesnta, presiding as the main speaker. Qther prominent men who led eamf pus religious activity during the week were Dr. George Forrell, professor of religion at the University of lnwa, and Father Rnhert llenle S. l., dean of the graduate school at St, l,nuis University. The week nf special worship ended on Tuesday evening with a Cnnimuniiin Ser- vice. 'Iihe I I-in I iexliinen, RIN .ind Ihin Iinilmin, lien Ifrrnir and Iinh I'Innignn, neeuiiipniiy tIieinxeIvex ftstI1ey Ning their hit tune "Day hy IIN The Freshmen Entertain Never heh-re nn the I.S.'I'.C. eanipus have tour Ieast as the iiFl'CK17IllCl1 hrnught forth niziny en- IrexInnen he-en received with mnre enthusiasm inyahle sounds. Ineluded in their repertoire than nn VItinu.iry IU when the 1I:oin' 'iFl't'5iIlI1t'i1 were 21 sprinkling of Comedy, 3 few modern ver- whim ed their warex in the Auditorium. 'Iiiekets sinns of folk tunes, and nf course must of their were wId nut in L1 nititter nf ahnnt three hours more faninns recordings. and IieIxeI hnlderx were nut distippninted in the Y L'. ' .- f , so 1 - y 'Ihf Inn: Iii' hnien punt- then in-irirnientnl ,ihilny ne wt-II nr The Innr I5it-xhnien let gn with "it never necurred tn INC. . . that tin, ,I I-ini., 1, H H.,lr Ilg,m3,m QW. wilt! fill .i liniiiIiiii1t-xnIu wine day yin: might prefer to he. .. in Nuiiiehotly else! nuns." Ron Roskins offers a wedding dress to tlie highest bidder. ,wi sw-it - 'ff ' ffl' ff""': grrr ' ' . Q Q i :2wgs'iESi- rl-ft i 5' l. V a il its-of .3 1 1 F s ' l ,gn-bXfTfl S :'iSSl-E-ifliiifi :E s l . i ft grams 1: -' 0 - t. f ... s, jfs .wt K Z is 'r 1: . sf .:. .tg-fs 4' , .Q rg 1 s KJ s -:ag X N , Q ' N .s - ., A 5' " sf - Q? Y' F 'Q .fl 55.55 .: X "M - X as-x gs tgfbipg., sf :C -ez .'- F i , as ' fi ix: mrs..-....,-.... I a.vs::x:'T.""i' Exif. ,.,, "-- :: - li ii ti A. X xxi ,fl F, Y, vs, M i Addd i in .ix mgegffllgr' . - dd d - lm. Mr. Tom Hansmeier and a group ul personnel assistants from Baker Hall pose for a picture Mr. llansmeier bought from the Our Coin for 511 nt the Auction The "l7our l7resliwoinen'l imitate the "Four lTreslimen" during intermission. Sold at the Auction Going, going, gone! Tliese were tlie tlieme words ol tlie auctioneer at tlie annual lienelil ,fliiclion in tlie Commons Ballroom, February -l. The liundred arti- cles and services sold lvrouglit in a total of 59484.75 Ellie liigliest amount paid was 542.1113 by Bartlett l lall lor tlie services of Mr. Hola Mclntire, director ull Stadium llall. The bidding was broken up lwy various skits, including a big liit by tlie Four Fresliwomen, Mrs. Etliel Wlinier, Miss Ellen Aalivilt, Miss ,lean Xllfilson and Dr. Marian McBriar. Tlieir pantomime did mucli to enliven tlie auction. The proceeds of tlie auction went to tlie Wforld University Service, wliicli administers a program of material assistance and education for international understanding. gjgrf, we 'f-, N ','.'1 ,Li i,,. yg'uQ,' '.,, av" 505' .If -5 5 ,xr L., ll ii lhesitlvnt Xl.'1llclxeI'.ll1tl ,Xlr lfels triulitl enruy a iulte with Elaine Rwlsturi, Run lirinltley, Mrs, Paul Bender, Len liroyen and Dun .Xtlanis The Presidents Dinner 1 frff- - 1' the l'rrs1tl 1'1w ln llinner int-et in the K' 1xA1f ILIIJII Lwunge Si 4, 1 Approximately ill organization presidents at- '-' -1,Q tended the annual llresia'enls' Dinner ,lanuary E ll in the East dining room of the Cnnnnnns. Apt 1 ,W ' This year! program featured Mr. Don Eels, " 'Q' 1 " ' Cedar Falls businessman and a former student V' A. cut l.S.'li.C. lVlr. Eels spoke on "The Forward , , lenolqf' lle was introduced hy Len Eroyen, , president of the Student League Board which I sponsored the dinner. Special guests present ,, were President rl. XV. Nlauclier and Dr. Paul E. Bender. lVlenihers of the Student League Board Qrganizatinns Committee who planned the dinner were Sue Cordon, Ron Brinkley, Witt., s Elaine Rolstnn, Roy Veggesser, joy Schwab, v.. Al 4 and Loretta Nliddletnn, K . e ww, .ff 'shi ,lohn liiclters, one of the preliininarx' iutl-'es in the U! it fvtll ll Beauty contest, enioys hnnsell mth the hnal 25 folliminu luduinu, The Search for Beaut and Popularity Approximately 75 beauty candidates and Stl popularity candidates were nominated by vari- ous persons and organizations, as the search for beauty and popularity got underway during the winter. The 75 candidates for beauty hon- ors were narrowed down by a committee of judges which consisted of members of the stu- dent body and the faculty. They reduced the list to 25 candidates and out of these 25, ten were picked to be finalists by an all-campus election. Gut of the Htl candidates for popu- larity, four were chosen finalists in the same election. I HUGHES m ana L Nrml. nv Qlinu-mf'1'PlUl1lv- uf thu Ti U1 lr Uni 11 lwnury' cnmlulwu-X lwimx- lluy In-gin mmlximg rlwir lwnllutx In ducidc un mp tcn. Thu x1llfLL1n1pL1s uluthm for mln- Wlrpmm- uf S" wlurilp47111C1vIIvl1L'LlLIty.lI1Llp1wpLlll1l'itX fmuliw turmd nut rw lx' Ll tr'u1m'mluL1x x Luk m tlmt ut wt K1 mm' rrund for an c ti+mfnYitki11d. lgitur 1 I1 L1 ' , , N dump .1PIWI'1ulQl1L'k, . Q Q - Tlxrmd Billy .Way rmr'cl1ustr'L1 sclcctk blur tmp IWL'dl.IfiL'H from thu tcm H1121- IJUTIHQ IHICTININNIIPII ' . Ihmy thug hwur www prx-smwtcd mlm with the iwur' ulcxtud pcmpultlrity fini? IM' Hlluws mf- TIM' PVUIWL' fur 'L 1' L p4+pul.,1r1tv KAN IMA .uttrllwulud tu I,S.I.C 'xtuduutx - "' 5 th- xlnmnls ummwitu-uh wlw nwtivutcc If-.fxU-11IL-xtvk1mltf1SL1rn lJHl1Lll1LIt.'i1I1dfl1L Hllly Shy fn'd1ut111, xvlw diumxcd up ' tif,- with L1 xwmlwiL1l slum: uh-ntx um lmllmx hw U1 ll flillll lu-amy nml pupulmiry cnmlulntw, .H Z1 -- P M 54 x 1, ,..' : i , H X I -3 F' f Q3 w 'n -L z R jf Qual k 4 5 Q iff: a- Q .-. r 5 1Q!r'f'91"'S tl-Y' fu ' 4 Hz? 'Z ,la 'A' 1 I ..-.C zizgsf is ' ' f QQ ,251 'V i V T X 3 K V : 3 . 1 ' x 9 f , 1 N 51, u vm' 454- At n tL'21 in mlm Comnmnx, Sam Dmmlmv xirx nnmlxt thu len lwnury cnndidnu-N clwwn lu llmv xrmh-1111 lmdy lu-hm' lu- xclucrx mp tour, An nrmhrl 111 ,1 Qlngcn mal rum-X nm! A puny laugh! xm,l,- 3,1- vxlmwuml In flllv fvtllli Htfllllj' flllflllxlx Vlfxcluc Mnulwu, VIUHIIHIIIL' Luftllx, Ilmmn Imncxmu, and Btllj' Qlingun, ,,,. J-. r' ' . - ,X , .fnwg y. 1-'nit-H. rl Q -U . -v qt' -v, fer, 7... ,K ,Je w - QV x 4. , lg ' I, ". , -, ' fs.-,K J M - 4 M 'I r , .-I has y .1-,Q ' K L, ,A hglv V A 4 l ,J ,Q ph f A ' A ,. E 7 Q. fx C23 Xl BEAUTY Donna Isaacson Cl1,xR1,1fs CITY, Iuxxtx vx Jeannine Loftus Foul' DKJIDKQII, Iuwtx BEAUTY Jackie Maulson Mxxm 1HAv1 r1R, Imxxx G?-X if-4? -rf A '44 'kv Q' wg? 4: Q' 42421-.1 ,H+ It xt' ,W 4 Betty Glinger CEDAR FALLS, IOWA . , 'QM X ..- Carol Conrad Denise Dennis I, ii' in x Inn i XY'4x'i1'le1.nn, lmxxx """-film HQQUCH Pat Peirce 5 4 UI-N Mmmbx, lcnxhx BEAUTY COURT Jean Hansen Diane Lindstrem CEDAR FAxLLs, Iowix HLINIRLTI m' Imvx Doris Reed Cmzwnex, Imxxx l PGPUL RITY 4 w Don Adams LISCOMB, IOWA Sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma .- wg 29 Barb Lowell F.XlRFlEl.D, luwtx Sponsored by Bartlett I tall, piTl1LAtLl Pi POPULARITY Dave Beuter SUIMN, lmvx Spfmwrcd by thu NCXVINLIIW Cfluln Barb Lucas HARLAN, Iuxxix Sponsored by Chimes, Pi Tau Phi '51 1 K5 pa .fm le Q,-f" fl F F ' 1 f Q K n, ,. .kr W 1111 111111 N111 H11111-X111 1-.1111 Sfllll 1711111111111- play 1111-13 IlllIN1C .11 1111- 11111 Q.-lll,I1 15:111u', H1-C17l'lIJ1Aj' 1jI1llIflN1R,H Q1-tx lll1L1L'lA may 111 1111 1111111111111- Februar Fantasia '1 111- 111111111111 11111 .N1.1yk 11.11111 LlI1C1L'I' 11111 L11I'CC' 111111 1111 9.1111 1511114111110pr111'1d1-11 t11c music 1111' 11111 y11111w 1J1,11CQ111.11 131111111 '1JtH1L'L', UFL'1WI'LI- .11'y 171111111111' 1J11r111g 111t111'111iwi1111 1'111c1-c PC1111 51111111 111.11 63111.11 11111113 111t1'11n1L1ccQ1 t11u tc11 111-.111ty 111111111115 11111 1l1U1' 11'111111'rs, L1.111gL'11 by 511111 1J1111n111L1L'f 111111 1111- 111111 1111p111411'ity 11111- 11lf1A'N 1-1111111 111' t11u wt11111'11t 11111132 111tcr111issi1111 11111-1'111i111111'11t 1I1L1L1L1L'L1 111119 115' 1311111 1'11icst, 1111,11111111111i111 115' A1111 11l'1I11'iL'I'. C111111'111.111 411. 11111 11.111111 Q111111111ttl'L' 11.1s XY'11I11Ll 1V1c1.11c11. f.1'111111111K'l' 111L'1111WL'VS 1114111 .-Xr111'11 S1111iu11, 5411151 1 11-111 131111, 151111-1' 111111 C111111 1.L'1111115. O1 Il 1.111 11 1'11p111n1'i1x' 1111111-N1 XX'1l1l1L'IN, 171111 ,X11n111N, Daw 131-11- 1111 n1111 11111111 Lucnx 7111- 1111 1LI1llI1L' 13111111 L'lY1x'XKL'L1 1111' 1'n11i11 113114111 KYTC 115 x wx., Ann R xi i Clulls x L i el "lm queen inllnuiii eiimning hy President xi3lILlxL'I' Winter ul" Queen Presented at the final basketball game nt the seasnn against Morningside were the tour W'inter "I" Club queens. Queen nf queens, blond and blue-eyed Niiss Ann Rydberg, a sophomore heme ecnnninics maior from Shenandoah, was tianked hy her attendants, Miss Carol Shuinaker, a sophomore froin Arnolds Park, Miss De- nise Dennis, freshman from XWaterinn and Miss Diane Lindstroni, freshman frnni Humboldt, during the halftime Cereinnny, Miss Rydberg was crowned by President EI. XV. Maueker and was presented a dnzen red roses by Roy Vnggesser, president of the "IH Ciuh. I he I"L'.ILIIIILII muxii of In-IiimI .md In-r pwpli- was plug-iiruI hy thu Iridi Twliiuzl Siiiiiuv VIHIILILITX In in thu Aud ituriilm .is ihi- third Wrogitiiii of thi' L -- I . . . . 5 I,uiti1m Kumi-it wings. Ihr I4-im'i11Ix-1' group, 1iwiiip.uiiuiI hy thi- Irixh harp and dm-uri-d hy Iiirry U'kfiiIIi1gIii1ii gain mmiy ditIui'i'nt prcscntn- ri.-mx xuph .xv pIi1ilitiwmM pgitiwtisiii, iimtnlgia, .iid wiiiuIy. Si-im III thi- imirc noted works pic' CHIQLI xx'L'I'L': HIQNINIH IDL1gI1,H HAII C0siI'L',H JNCI IIN IIUIV C iI'ULIIIL'I.II XY'IiL-m-wi- iicccssgirym thc Cidulig I.uigL1.igi- mis uwd tu add IIzivor. This in-up has tr'awIuLI Im' .md widi- .md has gippfmui im I mist of the I mm, Music from Ireland vgi, ,I Ir "I.. fi. I -E-:F':1f" 1 ,. I I AY fi. I If W z' X 1 " I 2 a A , f1 '1 A f ' '.' . J' A, T 1 f ' ...- ,,,1 , Q- .- . 'Q . ' ' F , 1 . K N" X N .iff x - T h 5 I- 1 1 X N '-L' --1' If 'fi' 4' I Irixh Illllwlf is pmvidi-d hy thi' harp nt fl Iccturc cunccrt Ihi Ii I-Ii Ii mal 'wing--ifiv.uii1ip.1imxIhyrliv Irixh II.i1'p, hiiiig thu mu in f QC ,... Q3 14 ,- i M' uf Iivlnnd tu thc cnmpux in thu third Icctiuihu-cuiicwt :gt Q X Highlighting the fourth program in the lklio Lecture-Contcer Series were the JJIIIIIIJI-'TKtll71lL'i' Dancers. This ancient japanese dance drama, presented by 25 dancers and musicians under the direction of Madariie Tokuho Azunia IV, was part of a worldwide good will tour. Using gestures, dance movement, music and dialogue, the flftilmlci Diziicers told stories dealing with the life and legend ot Vlapan. The performers are considered masters of their particular Style of Ktilviiki dancing and musicianship which -f-.-Lad passes down from generation to generation. "U hlatsuri N0 Hi" i-, prexented aa a finale hy liahuli danceiw Dancing From Japan An ancient japanese puppet cornea In life ax twocaar IllL'IIllWL'1iNll'UI11 the Kahulxi dance: N pei torin ngninxt n ehen i y lwlowoin hackgiountl. S ak . ' ' irc ' , 5 .V ' 5' f.'Yp:,..-'g K ' 4.3 f ' . J ': .V X Q .y .QTL LU f t lf -'Ji ,A 3. Xi pk 'Ig Nix, t W. 6 . it ,. 1 'Q Q - 1 ls 3' L. N -1 .en t Q- - ' 'f- .rf ,, V N, 'ff Ty X ,Z X . -., .fe ,fs .. . -k., N., , .6 - QR- Y Q . v , 3, X! ,I - ' Qw .'i,9-'f... fi ' Q" , ' ' ' , W ' eil i. 1. N Q ' :Q l t R I -. . as '- L s , N -'i -' f i . , ' N,-3 .3 -If - 'xr 'X it , Q Q "fr.-gf, , -:j?f?2,":'i: ' 1.24" ' "" My" W :ii ' f -4 N . - 049336 X if 3 tn 9' X6 xx viii Q ke X we at M ei 'N K t QQ X-K QQ. e 4 Y -z X t N A ze X Q! ie "' Q e Ni . , W . wx -. ' - .. viz' Os.. l Q .4 X - .,.,t -ki K 4 1, 'xp f, fl, , +P . . ff "-' 3- S 1 55 E' R il .fi-: ' 5' 'Hz' jk Q -' 9 X 5 , ' + Q. w -V FS B. Qxiii'-1xg.iO r- if xp"-1:' -: , tp., . , 'f -uv., ,, .0 Q ge., Q, 1: V a, 5, R. Q ww: is 'fha 1 x .p 4. xi :n ah N.. .V - x 1 9 ' to . Q ' X f' if lx' . .. I I X 5 . . I f . 3 -N ' ,gf Q, , l 'W J? ' AG-t a i. 'g - ' il.. 4 U- mm -5 . if yi x Q, Qi Q t 4 WM my 1 ' 111111111 115' L1l.l11I11 5111111111 xxfl-L' 11111 1111111111111 111.111-.11 111 11111-111 131111111 111 t1111111111111t11 111111- 1115' 111111111 511':11111 XN1-1t1L'11 111 1f11g11s11 111111111111 1'11111111. 1111-11.11111 1'.1111111' 111' XXvl11l.1111 NXI1111-11 11.11 PI'1'NL'I1I1'11 .11 11 p1'11.111 111 1111 1-1111131 111 I111' .-X11111t111'111111, 1111111'L1111'v I 111111 1. 1,11Ak'k1111! I111' 11111111 11'1'1'1' .N11w 1.1111 1111'11111,111.11111X11'. I1.11.1111II1-l1111'11l1M1: 11111 1111 11.111111 1111111L11t111g I111' 111'1111wt1'11. '1111' 11.11- 111 211111111 111k'111L' 11.11 1A1'111111'1t11111s 111 .1 gm 11111111 111111111111 1111- 111L'II113k'1'S l11:Sk'111l11.1,14K11L' .1v111 11111 L111'k'L1L'L1 111' S1111 1N1411'y A1111 1111tt1'1'f 11111111 1f111111111t111g 1111- 1111111-111.1 11111 1511 .N1511111 1i. 1111111-11. 1111 111-11111, 1111-1111111 111 fJIC1lL'N1N, P1'I'1:l1I'Il1x 111 Ballet 17.163111 The Opera Gianni Schicchi 111 .111 11111-1:1 1111111111 1111111 111-1111-11 lL'flL1N 111311111 Scl111c111R Imt 11111 A1111 I1-Ntn1111'11t 111 1111- str11'111'11 711111 11Ul'l'111k'L1 1'1-1711111-1 flVllllI1L1 111111 ,A 111 l' mily 111111 ed 11 q e s 1s 1 xc enq inalxes plans for a New Year! rea paity in the gaiden Q Lady Precious Stream Drama we11t to the orient for inspiration dur- ing tl1e winter quarter a11d tl1e result was the a11cie11t Chinese play, Lady Precious Stream. Authentically produced, tl1e scenery, costumes, a11d style of acti11g were all in the tradition of the Chinese theatre. The result was a gentle, charming and colorful production, touched with pathos a11d humor and always a delight. Lady Precious Stream was played hy Lia11e Nichols, a11d ,lay Dikkers had the part of Hsieh Ping liuei, the gardener who became a king. The play, presented by the Department of Languages, Speech and Literature, was dia rected by Miss Hazel Strayer witl1 scenery de- sign lay Mr. Stanley XY"ood and costumes hy Charlotte Lawton. 4 Mm. Q 5 k' ':q,.- U . 1. , - 4 ' rf-131 x . .. , h 5 -,.. 4 ' -'- - ' . 4 ' - N Hi, '- N Q1 ,:,5-'L:,- -' , , 2131- L-1' .QA 4 ' , 3 V.. - 1, - "Q ,SJ V ' Nwrfi ' I-1 'x-l., -Q gym. 1- . ,S ff 'f ' "QW A Y- ll- 5 1 N , --.... 215- gd-, " ai". fi , x N X iw: fmt 'It fl -rmlum I-gnplwvu x xwnk mu mln' Nklliillill' wx-inm ulmcrc thu common pmlwlcmx llfIL'f1Chil1g.I nrudixCL1swd. SE IN AR xx.. . 5 'XS 1, 515 is .ai v t 'Q f' " ' . 1 Q ' Q x x l A I TJ! A F ar' ge, wi ! . . . . X X"X ,' X SX i ' - g r . T M . L Y, Q if , .1 I if . 9 E 'r 'T N .i Student teachers discuss the various techniques ol working with mater Une more seminar. That last conference with your supervisor. Then grades. Somehow you donit worry much about those grades now. The important thing is that in three more days youll have your student teaching behind you. You think back to the beginning of student teaching. You remember how you nervously put on your best duds that first day. You met your class and they either looked you over-but good- or they completely ignored you. You discov- ered that nice, inconvenient little closet called the student teachers' lounge. lt had a deck of cards, a temperatnental radio, and ashtrays. The day came that you were to do your first real teaching. You counted every minute in that ials used by children in the campus school, during art class. period and you thought that clock would never move. Somehow the period got over and you were bushed. Youll never forget the day you helped that little girl-she really understood when you explained. You felt like you really might be a teacher. Funny it happened the very day you got your larst big chewing-out from your supervisor. Now the day is here. You clean out your stull and lug it up that walk. You meet that "little brat". You figure he'll really take it out on you now that you don't have anything to do with his grades. Funny, he iust says 'Suppose you're glad to get rid of us, aren't ya? You really werent such a bad guy, though. See ya." You sorta glow. A teachers understanding and patience are helpful traits in teaching children industrial arts and in gaining then complete trust. 'UD' , . , M if' "' Q ' -'I : :gk-2 .-Qiffrftn ' 5..t " -- . '. xii ..v- 3. ,' 'is CS, T' XX In-lv Jw I wx m-xr' Inn n Nrudvnt lmclwrk mmd can gn lwlnnk Tha- untchful cyc uf thc Ntudcnr tunclmcr givus rhe xtu- dcm thc wif-cm1Hdu11cu In-ada-d in physical cducnrirm, iv-rmmg du-um-J Nur by .1 -LIPLTNIWII ix lncximlwlv fm nu- klvm 1.-,ulxvr , lm: rlmvy null pmht funn in in thu iuturc, Student tcnclu-rw gather nlmut tu cnjuy J game of cnrdx in they rclnx Q: "'- 'lb ' L .f K , -- if, 9 VZ' ' 2 jsvxi' ini -flu .- I VLA' I 5. '44 33' li 'A'-:". 1 45' r ,M :B .il - 1 -L 1 K I x , r :fy . Q- 74 'ILII' oun IOLIIILLL durmv 1 lwruk hum Clusu Ill fwnipux Qclwol 'WD-N, .m y 3' F! A 79 L ,E X3 ,,, wil ,x , '-. .. 5 5' P 1 V' ATI +5 0 XY"l1c11 lunch trmn lull 11 mum ll 1 thy Iuclu xtuunt tuck: mlm J hm mum duty en lu C111 pt luttu wcqwuntyd ultm thy xtmluutx 4: gi Ilfm C1111 xuwpct 1 Lnvuv' num sum N au tu tmch I. Y MXN IM- -l1f,,1.mmIp,mH1 wxn-nu' U lim' IW xXI'x'YlI1MHI X 1 nnw nluw tu xrmlcnrx in tlu' lnlmmmuy Hx thu Ntmlunt IL'f'll.l1CVKlll!XXX IIIUIU hun ru fmkl unter pro f 1 N ,f m . U x S' mul, fl Xrmlvnt :Lulu-1' X 'Inu n hlm Rx n mr uf hm training in xixunl nidx lv '11 'mini xx-11.11 l.ll H! flu- mmgu I xl mt 1 LII p P . .,-,x-35-'Bbw Q59-1-ii: rl 1 f 5-555. , ' 'Zz Vik' Q "f n , Q . , 'iv , A- 1 A: x-., . . , :s -'- ,.f- 7' 2.5. K. fl.. X L ,- -1-- ,. I 4 5' 6 X -'Xa Yr, : 1 , NJN rs-xwgx Y' fx xY N xi 'xg SL is ' .N K . ES E Q? Q - xsr - "O 7 gi? . , "xt Q '-. ra-554 QQQQ Sim x 1 Q 'N rx Zgiieif N K, - - fb lf? '. T X -, 2 . i 5. ' if - 1-1--Fwy , 'K lit ' f The last day of xtudenr teaching has hnnlly nrrivod, and nov. Hx you walk dom n the hull for that lmr claw you I'CIUL'Il1I3t'I' In nervous you Merc that hrxt day uhcn you faced the clnv, and you think that it wnm'1 actually Nuch fl long QLIHVTUI' After all I ' R22 I YI' ' ,A- , w ks. E wi, ' IA, ,N V .jjf . 1 'f h . 'Q ln their robes and mortar boards President Presitlent Maucker points out expected enrollment increases to Piesitlent hlaucker and former president Malcolm llollis Cfasu ell llettl and 151' Paul Bulger ol lfolumhia Llniversiiy's Teach- Price chat before going to a convocation ers College, and Dr. Nl. l. Nelson ol l S, T. C' at an October meeting. Presidents Message lt is a pleasure to join the stall of this Filth anniversary edition of the QLD Colm in extending a friendly word of greeting to all members of the l.S.T.C. family. The in years during which the Gum Coin has annually made its appearance have witnessed numerous important changes in the college, three of which may be worthy of special mention: I. What had been known for a third of a century as the lowa State Normal School became in 1909 the lowa State Teachers College, under the control of the State Board of Education tnow the State Board of Regentsl, and thus became legally a sister institution of the State University of lowa and lowa State College as an integral part of a system of higher educa- tion in lowa, 2. The college expanded its facilities markedly-from 411 acres, IH buildings and a teaching and administrative stall of o4 in Niro to 3-HI acres, 27 buildings and a teaching and administra- tive stall in excess of Rott in l95o. 9. The college has taken its place among recognized, fully accredited four-year colleges and has since 1952 olstered graduate work for the professional degree of master of arts in education, thus rounding outa complete program for the education of professional personnel for the schools of lowa. It would be interesting to know what will appear to our successors 511 years hence to have been the significant developments in the next half century. ln any case, we hope that this picture record of the ISHS-io school year will serve to keep alive tm memories of friends and incidents at T. C. in the years to come, President 8I rf ., ,fr ll l iris ggi i -ff fl . 5. - Nl 'ill lLl'XlJlJ Ul lQl4,lXlN lett to iruhl X' li llaniillon, 1 lxrloitl Rll.'lXKl11.Nl, .Xlrs Willard ,Xxel1ie, llxsiglil Rxtlti, tliairninn, Rox Qtevens ll llr,r"'rn 1 l lrttliitlsstn ldicliartl l'Iatlt, Xlrs lianls llriarlss Board of Regents Vlilte administration of puhlic higher education in the State of loxva is placed hy law in the hands ol the Slate lioard ol Regents. lvlemher- ship consists of nine members selected hy the governor lor six year terms from the state at large. Serving as chairman of the lioara' this year was Mr. Dwiglir C. Rider of Fort Dodge. Un March 7 the lioara' held one of its regular meetings on the lS.T.C. campus. 'vl"'xlJLl'xill 1IJLlXf ll flrftlnist ll XY lhninuer, f lillortl Hisl lngi n XX illiam l ang, 'xlxrrin Russtll Graduate Council The Qradiaate Council, a permanent faculty committee responsible to the Faculty Senate, makes decisions concerning standards and poli- cies relating to the functions and improvement of the graduate program. The program is de- signed to prepare professionally competent teachers, supervisors, and school administrators. Une graduate degree is conferred, the profes- sional degree ol Master of Arts in Education. 1-rp, Xlaislmll Heard, Tom lamlse, Donald Rod, Donald Howard, llenry Van '1 i X i 2 t 7 g . . 'l . l- ' 4 l l l 7'V I-an 64, M1 ,V hint s- I ' 'X' ,775 'Xrssg 1, kg ,si f Q - y . V 4:.r.: I .-'Li as his s. - fl' A :.- A 1 -' -: 'Ig--3 '- ' P' Q ss., f- . , Lsf. V A' - ' -fs' .' K" ' hi Ls" N". 5: . 4 ' v. . 4 .yr - .,? Q fm ' . . 5 wa. 'fit A, fra -'iz""' . . s -o - ' qs, Q' 4' ' f. -, f . .. . ., , Y, . - - ,,v ,., 7 ld fir lla 'Se . - J.. . --,,., 4 DR. MARTIN J. NELsoN Dean of the College Dean of lnstructinn The administration of l.S.T.C. contains four divisions with the head of each directly respon- sible to the president of the college. The Divi- sion of Instruction and Research, under the di- rection of Dr. M. J. Nelson, includes instruc- tional and academic reords, admissions and aca- demic guidance. The Division of Student Per- sonnel is concerned with such student services as recreation, housing, counseling, religion, and health. Under the Division of Field Services are the extension service, radio and television, 5. . fs' dministrative Divisions placement bureau, alumni affairs, and public school relations. The Division of Business and Plant includes the Business Qlhce which keeps track of tuitions, fees, and business affairs, and the Physical Plant which keeps the buildings and grounds in good condition. ln addition to the four divisions, the College Relations Bureau and Information Service, under the direction of Mr. George H. Holmes, is directly responsible to the president for all publications and public relations of the college. Dr. Donald Howard and members of the Faculty Senate discuss the Fall 1957 change from quarters to semesters at ri regular meeting. i l I A V , . r " Illlll i 5 Q Q " Y X ' Dre. Mrxrm1.xLL R. BEARD Instruction and Research ' DR.TDM A.LAMKE Cuzn'dil1nmr of Research Awixtnnr rn Ucnn ni Instruction V ,.... .... .....-.......- , Lf , gn., ,,,.,.--- HMA. K . -qg4:Q.,.''JT.L:::ESQM,- A Q fs' An' 'f15f" F , 7 .4 5 X E- gef V. A i X . Swv-""' XX f. X XX DR. DUNALD F. Hmvxmu DR. I h1RBr2RT M. SILVIAY Coordinntm' nf Clurriculum, Awixmnr to Ummm uf IHHIVIICUUII lllzvcmr uf Ih-wmclm MR. Domum O. Run MR, IXAIARRILL F. PINK Ill nd Libra: inn JZSEV4' ,lil- IXNNFIIIIN Ra-gim'n1 , . .em , 4 N- '-v. . x - M. " f 5. ' VI.. -ro , Field Services 4 1' V 'N DR. D.XRX'L PENDERCRAFT Uircctm' of Field Scrvicce Ns 'Fwy 5 Q ,ii 1 86 Vx Q ,, ,if .f x 9 A MR. R1c3H.xRn DLIANE Roxw'R.w .wx Mxzz N in 2-:Nb--b-5 'X ' ..w.ww...,M MR. H. V. 'WAKE Dil'x'Ctru' of Rmlin and Tclcvixiull MR. RUBIERI' E. Dxvls Rildiu AwistFlI1I f ff",- A , if ,vs fs f MR. Mlm L,XNY',I'UN f" A X, ,E ,ff XN-, Awixtnnr in fflmrgu uf Alumni fXHnirN " , ,.,- 'N , -. VZAWHA V Cb' TS 'SQ 4 3 4.1.4 hx ' . ,A l 7 ' xxx S+' X V 'A X A N 3 Public Sclmol Rclnriuns Counxulur V W' ' 1 1156 91 V w ' I-P is 1' it QM. X q XXA IDR. PXLIL IT,IfINIH4R IDR, A4ARLXN DAc13Rx1R IJ' .an nt Nrmlvnm- Awminlc Ik-nn uf Sxmluntx Student Personnel llllxx K E I5 Wr+----we -- BLRNH IDR.llxRoLn E Iburcclnr of Blll'k'f!ll f I I1 1 u Acliviti U Qu "1 LN V. D. FRENCH, MD. Director of Health Service 'N' an.. " " " xg- .v .. A A 'V X XX ft - , 5 f -M, V 5 ,:,'e4,,5-.V ' -N... A A " 'N ,, 3. ,gs t - 5 ff, vga, ' DR, PAUL C. KELSO MR. HARRY T. MQRLEY Coordinator of Student Counseling Awixmllt tu Nifillxw Huuxing, Bnktfr-St-f:l'luy Diructur 1 5 - Q... ---......... ---...- -L... ll 'Q' 'lig- L'-' ig '-Ewivig '-"Whig 'il N Y. 4 X E 1 ! 1 ' 59 1 AH. f raging- r.- X 1' .,.., i 0 .1 Wm I..- Buildings and Plant 10g -5 A "'llIluug,q., . MR, PHILIP C. ,II2NNlNcgs BlINiI1L'w Mnnngm and Sccrutnry Q 1 ' -X .55-1--iffy' "W:-,X 'g - ', :-A- t "2 ' ' x t Lx., I 'LT1FgRi.. I f , :ff - c X t. .4 MM .h ,,L , I VV' in x f y -'1 ,, .1 , ' v - ' ' J f1"L"V'-A-er: ,V "Pb, ,f-wx xi ' 5 5 .fl ,f 'L .' ' 51" "H K -59 ' .. " -'L' ' V' 2 N 527: s . 1 sf. my fl 3 ,,'." dI1'. lf. ' NX XX X 1 fic 1-.f ef J- ' -- ,. , Q, 5 - ,l wf qihi L 'r-ADSL? Neg, NU' linux IH. Cfml MR. 'I.X.NlIfN L. BMIJQY I Irv v wt IP'-g'1VINfrx'ut Wu lull l'I'1m ,Nwixrwumt Buxinuw .Ninnngur nml T!'L'flNlIl'Cl' 90 L... fi-A K 1 eil X MR. GEORGE H. HCJLNIES Director of College Rclnrimmx -gr. -FS., . H1 College Relations MR. CHARLES C.xc2ER Mm BEVERLY DELUMQ Sports Infm'nmti4m Axsixrnnt IHflJI'lllf1Ii4'Jll Awixtnnr in Cullugc Rulnmmx vm, we-A MR. -IUHN H. BIlxKFRx Awwixtnlmt in Plllvlicntinm is I Au.. 2 V .. Y! ik DEPARTMENTS f J l ,L,- lf ,- T-fr 'L' : J I l.. i Q F I 2 Q r Z . XZ. i ,l lll l l lNll Xl Kuna J lion lane in 1 laxton lr-wler, ll.'Xl4llY fILIll l .'Xl,lSll7, .Xlariorie fiarnphell, lhxicl llelanelil Ron' 1 inliflorcl Her- el Lit, ran rr or lniil Nnrrih, lohn liige, l-lalph llaslsill rt l br llarrx tlinll nun-N eht tlis the selnilixle tor coming art exllllaits, Two new faculty memhers were aclclecl to the flrl Department this year: Mr. Roy Cinstrom and Mr. D. C. Finegan. This year also marked the heginning of the Art Fair, an exhibit in which high school stuclents in lowa showed X3 5 their work. Another unprececlentecl event was x' the presentation of a television program in- T V' structing in art. Besides ofiering instruction in art, the department sponsorecl art exhibits in its newly reclecoratecl gallery. The department, ' T through its Mari ancl Materials course, at- 'fv-'f tempts to develop an unclerstancling of the re- ' aff-. i lationships hetween art expression and the cul- ,il " u ture in which it was developed. f , i u ' ' I ' li, ' s l 'W Xe g 92 a -Xu, -L W-..,.4f Y Y X . 9 2 5 S l Nr WJ:-f r. A N is BLlSlXE'qS EDUCATION DFP.'XRT,NlENTfRiv11' I Katherine Humphrey, ILOYD DOLIKZI AS, Agnes lebeda Run' Z -lames l'ilJi1lui'd, Harlan Samson, E L Marietta The Business cfdiicaiiou Deparliiieizl trains stu- dents in all areas of business, from administra- tion and accounting through advanced secre- tarial education. lylodern olhce machines, blond classroom furniture, and adiustable type- writing desks were recently added to create better working conditions in the department. Qne of the highlights of the year was the an- nual Business Education Day. At its banquet, Mary' Squires and Betty Vance were honored as outstanding senior business students. Une new member, Mr. Harland Samson, was added to the staff this year. Peter C. Haines and Agnes Lebeda received their Doctors Degrees. Business Di Lloyd Y. llniiglas and Mary Xlcfinlley go mei plans ini' D ay. 'vw 3" t ff! 1.-4 93 'Fw llflll 't'lI!1X lJIl'W.l3TXIlXl' llun' i X11 l'1iti, X1 i Xhiios Hui XX'oode-tels,l 1 ll lltclor l l Ninrliiidale, louis ll Education if l fl"i 2 -3 i -"FOV", a. if X 04" emu -Xlherl Hiown, llnlw :Fl ,f tlunrtt liuswell, ,luha Sparrow, I l IHORD HINHUP, Irene Croom, Nellie Hampton Run' 2 Malcolm ennx, Miles lfintz, lloxsartl Knutson Run' i Xlfrfvx' Silvey, H A Rithe, Oscar Thonipsoii, Alhert url Adnan li: flifioitl liishop signs his appioxnl ol a schedule chanue, l E gtg. i' w o.'L"- AA ., . ' Stl I ' 'ffl . . . I f ,. Ai I . ' N ' f if 9 - ' 'ii 'L' 1 il I 4 "A A' " i E 1 The Department of Education welcomed four new memhers to the staff this year: Mr, Rob- ert J. Adrian, Miss lrene D. Ciroom, Dr. Ar- thur lienze, and Mr. Louis H. Hoover. l ligh- lights of the year included the sixth annual Elementary and ,lunior liigh School Educa- tion Conlerence concerned with i'Challenge in Education," and the Secondary Education Conference. The department was also host for the State Convention of Iowa Congress of Par- ents and Teachers Uctoher ll. Topics dis- cussed included "Curriculum in the Schoolsf' and 'il low Wie Can l lelp lmprove Our Schools." The 6iC1lliL'1lll'Ol1 Uefmrlnienl is plan- ning a complete revision of curriculum which will go into eiiect with the semester plan. S s N ,is + t at 'c fzwfaw oiwvfzm- fa v Q .s 5 S Q l 6 ---any 3' W- i . ' ,mf x, N.. mae 'QS NW M 'rum-ffm' -. fff P it 2418:-1, HOME ECONOMICS DEl'ARTMIiNTg72ivn' I Virginia fiamnnll, lil ISAHPTII NUTHERL.-XXII, 'lost-phint Yeauti, Fdnr Slit-rcs Run' 2 li-na Buclsingham, Olive Holliday The purpose of the fhlome Economics Depart- ment is to provide a well balanced background for future home economics teachers. The areas covered include textiles and clothing, foods and nutrition, relationships in the home, and methods of teaching home economics. Begin- ning this summer the department will offer a Vocational Home Economics major which cer- tifies students to teach in schools that have fed- eral reimbursement for home economics. Adult Education and Problems in Home Economics are two additional courses oiiered on the sum- mer program. A workshop will be held again this summer for teachers in the area of cloth- ing and textiles. Miss Virginia Cammill joined the stafi this year. 95 Home Economics Ur. Elisabeth Sulhei land and her secretary, Ardys Meyer, confer. be , ,r glfff' 2' v.g.u, ",.I K ,.,.. . ' '., 'Q 7 HTA! QQ f-'3 .. 5391... at 'Q' - , F G i s Q. ,Y 3, un- 'f--..,-, . ? X X f i co i 1 Q VI: .rw . ..x l l. fa spa. 3 l. s if lNlJLlNllllXl Xl3lN lion' r Iinmltl l'1liner, llOXY'.Xl4lJ Rllfll XY'nltei Uitiler Ron- 3 Rayniontl Nlalala, Lawrence XY'rigl1l Industrial Arts lJi llox-.aitl U l N fi-5' is! Lk Jeeil ui-ts inlormation lioin his liles for class ildfrs s 4 This year the industrial Arts Dcpurlnieiit ol- fered, for the first time, a course enabling pre- engineers to take a drawing course which can he transferred for credit. The department is also planning to begin offering worlc towards the lVlaster's Degree in the summer session of lhlqfm. Emphasis was placed upon electrical work in the lndustrial Arts Conference Qcto- ber 8, sponsored by the department. Practical education and experience are stressed in tech- nical drawing, graphic arts, electricity and ra- dio, metalwork, woodwork, and transporta- tion. Dr. llarold Palmer has been listed in the current edition of "XY'hols XY'ho in Amer- ical' and Ur. lloward Reed, head of the de- partment, was made an honorary member ol the "Twenty-liive Year Club," an award pre- sented by the lowa lA Education Association. s 'N'-'L' we gs, . as K, L-V L... L.,,, X L L. K , , mf' i 5' Dr. ll XY, Reninger gixes his secretary, Dorothy Miller, dictation Languages, Speech and The Deprirlinent of Eiziigiiages, Speech ana' Eilemture this year conducted an experiment in the communications Course to determine the best program to oller college students. XY'ith this purpose in mind, the committee headed by Dr. Elaine McDavitt and Mr. Ross ,lewell set up an experimental course of six sections in basic Communications for a three quarter se- quence involving 1213 students, and a control course oi six sections of English l, ll and Speech ZH for IZH students. The department sponsors two interest organizations, the Speech Activities Club under Dr. Lillian R. XY'agner, and College Players, directed by Miss llazel Strayer. Dr. Norman Stageberg returned to the stall this year alter a year of study in the Netherlands on the Eullbright Scholarship, Dr. ,lohn C. Queenan, Dr. Edward Thorne, and hir, liernard C. Del loil were added to the department stall. Literature DEPARTMENT OF L.'XYfiLl.'XCE9, SPEITII .NYU LITER,-XTLIRI7-Ron' I Marx Hanaxxalt, lianeine Margulles, lla:el Strayer, ll XY' RI-XIX' GER, Louise Forest, Xorman Ntaezeberu, l'lalne .NleDax'itt, Lillian XY'agner Run' 3 X1 B Nnnlh, lohn Queenan, Alden lrlanson, Riehartl ljlimeis, Bernard Del-loft, Edwin Nlaurer, Qtanley Wirrril, ,losei Qchaefer, leo Coggin, R-rss Vlexsell Run' I lrduard Thorne, Harold liernhartl, I -rien Taylor, E f liiisstlrn, ,lohn gtuart, Thomas Thompson, Daxid XY'illianis, ,lohn fflrultx, lrancis Smith, ,lostl lox 1I11 L11'1.111 511111111 ID1'I1111I1111'11l 1'1111sixlx 11i1 .1111 LIIIILILIII 1111111111 1I11' l.1I111111 .md I1I111. 1 XLILIIKL I'11tI1 I11'.1LIuI INV ID1111.lILI m' I' I . 11 1111111A111111111-1111 111 1I1u L1I111111' tI11x VLAL11' 1111I11.I11I .111111I111' 11111111-III111 I'L'.1xIL'I' .md 1111 111 1i1111I1111I 1.1I1I11 111' 1.11'1'1-IIN 111 INLIIQL' I111' 111kiu1' xf111I1'111g. 'II111111-1-1111111.11111111111 I1.1xI1cc11u1111- 11I111Iy 111.1111111'1I 111 I.11'1I1t.1t1'1111111-u111t1'11I .111cI ' 1 1t1.1Ix1 1111111 p111'1111I11.1Ix 1111111' L111cssiI1Iu ISL I 1.11111 11I II11' 11111 gl 1 I 11' 51111111 O. RMI. -11LILl1I1 1 111 KIM' I11111I4 fx .111I 1111'1111I11,1I I1111Ig1'1 I1.1x g1111c1111. 1NI1ssI..1111'- 'I 'I 1 .1t.1 .NIA 11NIx11'11111t11I111t11I .1 1I1a1prc1't1141I11111I4 I II I.1I11p11'1' I31I11111t11111 put 11111 IW tI1c C.11IL1111- 111.1 II111111'111x' IJIALNN I.1 ' 4. S I f K, X' 1: 1II6 1 5 1 as vfl tai' ' V A ,yr- xr 11111111 L. ww Library Science 3.1 3.1, 111 111 11.1. '11, 41 NI11 I7111mI1I U. IQ111I, Iufnd I1I11n1'1n11, LkI1L'CIxN pn-1 imlicnlx PlII'CIlIlNk'LI. 1 4. I11If 1I.1 NY II X1 I III IWIIINII XI R1111 I Ilnm II11u111.111, I11'1IfIm111, IJUNAI I3 HUD, I II II.11l, NInrx IJILILYILI1 Run' Z' Iaurutta Mg- ' I I 11 Xl11II1 I1I 1 'X 11111 I'1 I1111I I I111x1111, IJ-11-1lI1x' I.11x1'11, f1L'I'lI'llLIL' V111-IIXLI, .MIA .N1LIc111I 1 1 1' I f 1 I 1 1 . I I ' I ', 1 I K 1 . ' ' X as I ,. ., 1 A, , I 4 A495 -r QW! H1 ,J.4- punts fmt .-. me , ...s"'." - . 'T .v at mm .. .. , Q -sw ' Q . . t -sv, N kts ts., Y. te --are t iiffiie-taxi-sffrf " ii, fgfxatix, " Nagar , J 1 , a..e::::-at -- . .NN "S :,. . x. .X ,. . dxf" e 1 G, , ,,,,,,,-N. ,Q ...M -se 1 -t Dr. Henry Van Engen makes plans for a meeting with stan I bers. The highlight of the year in the Tllatlvenmiics Depnriuient is the National Nlathematics ln- stitute to be held on campus this summer, The institute, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, is the third to be held in the na- tion and the first to be held in Iowa. lts pur- pose is to inform high school mathematics teachers of modern mathematical development, and to develop new subject matter in order to modernize the high school mathematics cur- riculum. The activities of the Depnrlnzent of fllatlvenmtics center around the training of fu- ture instructors. ln addition to class instruc- tion, the department gives students the oppor- tunity to further their interests in mathematics through the Math Club and liappa Mu Epsi- lon, national math honorary. Mathematics MATH DEPARTMENT-Run' I Augusta Neliurrer, HENRY V.-XY VNUFY, Lxnian Feels Run' 2 lred l.1rtI, Harold Trimble, lrvin Hrune, F XY' Hamilton The fllusic Department, under the direction of l Dr. lvlyron E. Russell, literally hummed with 5 activity this year. The many recitals and con- , certs sponsored by the department throughout XJ the year gave students and faculty alike an op- portunity to display their talents. This year, in addition to the traditional presentation of L 1' llandels "lVlessiah," Saint-Saens' "Christmas Oratoriou was presented in the annual Christ- ! ' mas program. Mr. Charles Matheson, direc- tor ot vocal music, and Mr. Dean Sanders, in- ? structor in music, were added to the stall this l year and Emil Bock received his Doctors De- gree. Noteworthy was the publication of sev- eral ot Dr. Xwilliam Lathams compositions .44 and Dr. Russells text for music courses. recital- tl tt 1+ f.,. .tc lane sawn, .xivnox Russiiii., ja .vts Birkht-ntl, Arthur Rai iit- f, Karl mint ,H N, WM, ,, r .t L,m.a,, ,nuns srmteii ze .,.4, f ifmnk Hill, xvaltef Coleman, XY'illiam Latham, Haf- l ' l J , V i Iii? i F., N Q, t ' Supervision of physical education, recreational leadership, and fundamentals of athletics are the main areas covered by the Department of physical Erlucntion -for jllen, The department follows up the theory angle of physical educa- tion with practical application of coaching tech- niques. Besides turning out coaches, the de- partment provides facilities for physical activi- ties to all men students through an extensive program of intramural and interschool athle- tics. The department sponsors all varsity teams and the ul" Club for lettermen. Chuck Cacek served as assistant football coach, being the only new member of the department. MENS PHYSIK.-Xl, EDLICATIUN IDlil'.-XRT.X1liX'lY Rena 1 l XX' Clark, C I. Stnrbeclx, Art Dickinson it '-.: 5 li 5 5 s 2 l if 1 A I f MQ. 1 I jf L l. l. .Nlendenlifill help- llimrntl llounian plan his sclietlllls en's Physical Education XX'hllfnrtl, l l, .Nil XIJI NH U l , K-lilllltf' llall, XX ilhavn I-mill Rim' 3 lanu Z . ff ' P, Q. . gb .2 1 I .A f- I., 5 44- '+I 1 x.. -i - x 5.-,. X K' ' QM W ' 'Nfl N N VHNNI4 Xl IULI4 XTHJX Ill I'.'XR'IXIl XT Kun' Y Nlnllux IM-,-,.v1w, UAH MII, ,HgcXN HUNTX, -lnvilllwmklu Vfrllut, flltum' Yan Xcw ' 'U'--Y ' XX1wMrg Xlnrx Unk Illlllxr-.H-rlh, Huw 1' 1 r.1xxYuxd, llulx Nxxmm--nw, Ynrgunm R:n1s.1x, 'Uwlnma Slum VVomen's Physical Education Iiwidw X-Ill-1111: Jaw imtruLti4m in group and g , b , , , x , , , IJ1, I. Ivan Iwm: lAL'lflXL'N nr lu-1 Llwk nm-I n dny ui runclnng. umm xpwrtk lmllvldlml .md dual f1Cf1VlflL'K rlwytlwmin nntiviliwh lwdy lmmlmllics, and H D' - im! mlLul1tifw11 im' Npminl QITHLIPS, thu Ylufmrlr iv-v-5 , wuz! ul Wvwrmf ffflzmllml for 7l'on1u11 prof 3' txdw nmmy r'uu'u.1tiw11,1l ,utivitiu and if-JKiHfiL'Y, KLILT1 LIN uf1L1ip1nunt fur lwinydilwg, xvintcr spurts 09 ' Q-C, .md pimipinu. Thu dy-pL1r'tmunt spmmsmk sm- uh ,'f'4j.0 km! imtuwt 1n'g.1x1i:Q1tifmm imluding thu Physi- :A '- ml Iidmatilm Club Upm In all physical udu- 9' 9 mtiwn llmwrx -fr' n1irwrwg Hrdwwis, Ll nwrmdcrn Q-N ,Q-'A mul i11tur'pz'uriw dklmc gmupg Marlins, L1 -up 7 X '.A, immin: grwupg and II1LAXYYHINL'l1'S Rcgrrzltimm .N- -fm.,1ti1'1w. Ur. .Nlnry Hull, IJr,YIug1r1cttu Put- O A M .mx Shirluy www ml MN vi,-gi 1 6' f ' I-fmuxj: um- .xddud tw thu dup.1rt1m11t thi- ' vu Y r 1 s i s : 1 it 'V K , I' . s S ff -- t 5 5 . f .x Xci. any E S , V :Q ce l ' X ' ' 'QQ' VUL". Nil DLPXRTXIIXT Ri 1 Uk e Niiiei f XX I XXTK, lfrnesliiii 5l1.1ll1, ll-th-it IJ.-:en Wwi' 2 l,el.ii:i,l N.Yilsi-ii li xil Run' I I.ei-me Vaneli, Xtilin Lei fhailts .Xllt,it, liiuuiii Science The Science Dtipiii'iiiit'iii, as one oi its projects, hacl a summer workshop on "The Use of Ra' clioisotopes in High School," with Dr. Blames liercheval as clirectorr Each spring the depart- ment sponsors the Science Fair for high school stuclents. Dr. Dorothy Nlatala was one ol the chosen representatives of Iowa to attend the National Association of Biology Teachers at Douglas Lake, lvlichigan. Dr. George Patten, assistant professor of earth science, Dr. Rich- ard Lacey, instructor ol biology, Dr. Leland XYe'ilson, assistant professor of chemistry and physical science, and Mr. Verlin Lee, assistant professor of science, ioined the stalji ol the Science Depiirtiiieizl this year. t 1 S . x , b , 'll lXl S' ll Xl l llll Xl lXll Xl Rini' I lxman ilaiiis, Ctorge l'oaue, XVII l l,-NM IJXXC, lfrrna l'lat-lin, George Robinson, XY'illiam Dee ,. , lli ivltl lli at im' lli .for lliilirrmn, liillis li-ulttna, fxl-irr-s f iaxilord, l,tlanrl Sage, llerlwert fXl:.ruulit-s, Hoxsartl Tlwmpstni Social Science lli XX I l,.'lllLlI'Ic'VJlk'S iiiaterial lor a social science It-tone wg During the past summer ill students, accom- panied hy Dr. M. R. Thompson and Dr. Ly- man H. llarris of the Social Science Depart- ment, spent six weeks studying at Ashridge College in England! then toured the Continent. The department is now planning a Social Sci- ence Sociology tour to Mexico. The new fac- ulty members this year were Dr. Nllfallace Farnham, assistant professor of history, and Dr. llerbert lvlargulies, temporary instructor of economics. Mr. lvlorris Crawford was pro- moted to assistant polessor of economics and Dr. Louis Bultena was promoted to associate professor ol sociology. A book entitled "The Biography of Senator Allison," by Dr. L. L. Sage of the department, has been published. TEACHVYC DEPARTMENT-Ruif' I Rayniond Martin, Lloyd Stwlsslacl, Luis iheltt, Robert Tiaulsivn Gene bheplweid, Yeiiiim Miiilx, .Xivr Stone, Lucile Anderson 'Run' 2 Mildred Waller, ,lune Cutleneeht, Hnvinrd Yantlerhetls, Xlbert Putter, Nlelxin Nelwneidtr, .Nlalael Hroun, Evelyn Campbell, Edna Mantnr Run' i Alta XY'ilmarth, Cer-rgia Adanis, Harold XY1-ber, XY'xllinm XX',ilsh, Richard l Allin, Randall licbh, ,larms Winlxleman, C L jackson, A C Mmm, Carolyn Hntiman TEACHING DEPARTMENT-Pow I Eduard Human, .Xiaiilvn Stlilernnrer, Eulalie Turner, Huber! lvnch, Ri-bert Hrimni, Phyllis Mcffnilliy, Naomi Schneider, Caryl Midcllctwn Rini' 3 Diff-wtlwy K-iehrmg, Ruth Hutcheson, .-Xliee llnllsen, Rose Dolan, lrlinnor Nlcliride, -losepliinc Bmnczylt, Helen Broun, Florence Kasiske, Margaret Dixelhtss Ren' 4 Ruth Selah, .Nlilrirtci Heiiet-mi, Helly Nlailss, ,lane Parrett, Walter Cohman, Agnes Cullickson, ,Nlarguirette Qtrnble, Corinne Harper, .Xlari Margaret Schmitt, Yi-ia 'Yelsen An active year in the ffeacliiizg Department included formation of a research group by 45 members to explore Professional Laboratory Experiences in Teacher Education. Qver 25 members of the department served as consul- tants, participants, and administrators at the meeting of the National Association for Stu- dent Teaching in Chicago in Eebruary, 1955. Teaching The Iowa unit served as host for this meeting. The first Beginning Teachers Wforkshop for Music Teachers was initiated jointly by the music staff from the Department of Teaching and the Conservatory stati. Twelve new mem- bers ioined the department this year and three, Caryl Middleton, Peter Mazula, and Ross Nielson, received their doctorates last summer, ilu ! I P Y 'if-U I 1- ?'5i-. Q L+ STLIDE T GCVERNMENT l - Y Y . v Nllllll XI ll Hill MFXHJ New I lluant Nelirot-dei, Ruth lit-llou-, ,None Uliritn, len lioytn, Donald .fXtl.mis, Rogei llutcl1ins:on Run' 2 lun' s lltmstlrnan, lnnly lolinsi-n, I :rrx Kiunnn, Dale ling Nu:annt Cordon, Dalt rlolinson Ron' 6 Dennis -ltnsen, janet Vlnlle, Patty llalxe, ,lack l-it llnutr lkti l'nLett, Nlmlvx Nlae R-ynandei, Dianne llielw, Rulli Daman Student League Board IJ x I 1-'owl x Yutl' nt I-i.1unt- lioaitl l'lR'alt 'rl "3 " fg- , , . K A 4 X 5- 0 Student fuagiie liotird, the main student governmental lwody, controls and coordinates tlie activities ol organi- zations on campus. lncluded on tlie board are the presidents of Associated Xwonien Students. lVlen's Union and the housing units, and cliairmen of the standing committees. All social life activities, organi- zational matters, student-faculty relations and ap- pointments to all student-faculty and administrative committees are tlierefore LII1ClCI' tlie control of SLB. Eacli year S.f.l3, presents the Purple Key award to a select group of students. Len Froyen was president of tlie student body and tlie Student League Board and Don Adams was vice-president for 1955-So. Secre- tary, appointed by the Boarn', was Anne 0'Brien. IO8 CX :wr-. 3: If Social Llfc f,kUHHllIffUt' nlcnmlwcrs Bcttinnn Hnlvcrmn, Sally GrmIxsmiC:, Dun Moody, Cary Buxh, Larry Krumm, Run ,lnrclnny and Brenda Benckc discuss plum for getting n nnmc lmnd nt thc nt-xt f4JI'IT'lTlI dnncc ulnlc Mickey Lmvnmlm Clmcclw the file fur pertinent in- formation. kkmbers of the Slmicnl Lctnlm' Humt! x orgnnizntionx Connnitteu Thy xtudcnt faculty Cummittcu ut thc Stlzticnl Lmtlm' Hutnti xncvtx Check and rccllcck the votes in the all-cnmpux xpring clcctiun. tn illlpmw rulntiunx bctwccl1 wtudcntx and faculty IUCIUI5L'IAN . .V Ag A-K , Q, I09 XII N N UNH ix Lg,,, 5 f..iiv Vuvlw I-ilin lirmvii, lun Tiiiigurwii, IJLIJIR Ncliiimitr, Run Hrinixlrx, Dcnnix .lv-mt-n, ,Nlivlmul Nlvurs Run' 3 Run Niww -- Intl 1 hun llitlv Ninir Riiiwit f1utI.imi, li.1iix Nlwrltv, Vl.irx ivtxii-'lily Di-iiniti Xlinitlx' rlqitnu lgniiiimliv IVIen's Union Ii Si giifiiiiy if 'ki ii Uiiiniii'1f i.iint R ,- ,-V 1 J ii jIL'll'STlll1'Ol1 is an iwgaiiizutinii nf all tht- man wtudcnts nn tuinpus. Tlic cxtultivc board is uiiiipnst-tl ni thc prwidcnti viuc-prcsidciit and st-Qrctary-ti't'1isL1rci', clcctcd by tlic nit-n of the wilt-gt-5 tlit- x'itc-pirsidciits of thu various incnk Iinusing unity thu timiriiit-ii nf tht- standing ixniiiiiiittcug and the iwpin-st-iitntivus from thc Studcnt Cfnunuil nt Rcliginus Activities. fxiiimiiig its niiinv iupiiiisilwilitiu art' thc cstah- lislinicnt ui rules ini' living l11ii'iiiuiiiuLlsiy and clit- L'liUmLll'LlgL'lNL'Iit of Iiigliui- standards in all iiwpt-cts. C Diiicuiw xvuix' Utmiic Sdirncdcr, prcsi- tluntg Run Briiikluy, vicc-pix-sidciitg and ,larry 'l'nrgcrsmi, st-crctzlry-truasurur. ASSOCIATION OF XY'OMl'Y VI l.llJIiN'IiS-Pon I ,lean laws--n, I --nnie Itrinlv, far-il Davis, Ruth lellows, Phyllis Irench, Marv Squires 'Row 2 Mary Conrad, Loretta Niiclclleton, -lane Ilallser, Sally 1.rasIsewic:, Hexvrly Hurt, f'I1.1rlotle liiehn, loraine Douglass Run' I Mayrose Lane, Betty Vance, jackie Vander XX'aaI, Marx Ruth fiulheit, Ianet I'Iatte, Patty Hake, Annette Allen, Ianice Torlaelson, Martha Marsh, Shirley Mae Renander Associated Women Students The flssociated llbnien Students is the women 's governing body to which all ISIC. women belong. Its main purpose is to increase oppor- tunities for the social and intellectual growth of the women on the campus. Through its pro- gram many women gain experience by partici- pating in and directing group activities. A few of the activities sponsored hy fljllfg. are a tea for new faculty and women students, Christmas caroling and a 'tgirl invites hoyw clance. UH? cers for fl. tlll. S. this year were Ruth Fellows, president, Phyllis French, vice-president, Mary Squires, secretary, and Carol Davis, treasurer. Adviser was Dr. Marian McBrair. Ruin Fiiioxxs ssocirnetl Woinen Students President sv! RESIDENCE IL '-." III I I IIXI I I IIIIXNI I I II-'N Rini' 1 .Xliw ,It.iii XY'iIwn, Inu I'vtIi-Itx, Iiviiinniimi Sutton, N.iIIx' fii.1xINuuit:, .'XIIi-H11 NIuIxni, 'Inn I'.1rIxinwn, fri "wi It l,,iII--vwix Xhw I-I I Ihrii XXiIwi1 R.-iw 3 Nlaix' Iviliiiu, Uixiu I,.isImxwIxi, I4.1rImr.1 IuxwII, I5Inlnc RoIsl-in, I.--is IJunI.ip, .XIniini1imIIoIi1ui', 1,viI Ihr 'vim-iii Iiinirlx Xmi-liwiii, I ,ir--Ixu Iliiuuln-ilx, Xoiuia XXX-l:uI Run' I Iam-L .'XItIriLh, Nmiq' I.ini1c, Dmt- ffrmlny, NInriIx'n I,ownmn, Iizx I':ih"i-.mir Iiarwi Iiixli-ip, Ioxtt 4.i.imI:t--:gtg Iit-lu Nlnrtin, Xhliiriit- Raimi, VI-'Annu .-XItIrin.I1 Run' I Iiuwilx IIL1rt, Nuinnm' II-vrtIon, .Nlnriu rem i X rm.: XIII .1thv.iii IiiiIx Ixiiifgi-In Ihiiix light, Ruth I,imI.mmu Iimiim' II.iiti1mn, ,Icon Iii-Idnpp, Iiliylm MiLILIIclun Run' 7 Marx' II.1hn- im' Ili I-" w.i N-huh: Xliivx II.iuiIxim 1-IIIL-vii I.1tIxwn, Ruth xILIiIlllI..IL1, Ruth I,, 'wuxnn HHSIIIIIN, Mau Ruth IQUIIM-r'l, IJui'olI1x' Siniiwu, Iuis II II Counselors NI: ' Iwii ,mil I1i,Xmii- XX ilxini gliiih' IIiiitIutl Lfilllm-Ioix. C' nf 5, WI. . Early in Scptcmhcr, as tht' ht-wildcrcd Ircshmcn ar- I33 I-2,4 rim- to hugin tht-ir Iivcs as I.S.T.C. students, thcv 949, ' . ' Kyo arc grcctcd hy thu xmilcs and cncouragcmcnt of a group of uppcrcluseincii-tlic scnior and student CULIIINCIUIAS, During Uricntution Xvcck they help tht iit-xv xtudcnts through such things as registra- tion and plncumt-nt tt-sts. Tlmt- Counsclors live with thu Ircslimcii during tht- cntirc year, hcIping with thu im'vitz1hIcproI1In'l1isoItI1c first ycar of CoI- e I Icgc, Pt-rlmps thc higgcst ioh of all is to guidc thu Irt-sliman in acccpting thu rcsponsibility of SuIf- gowriiiiiciit through thu t-Iucrirm ot thcir own gov- x urning hody. 1 J. . ,-1 W ' '. , 'if fr' V i M' I ' 'H . v I ,Xu f .V ' ., b X 4 '4 . v' I ' A I I' f--' , xx ' f.t? ,. "' . ' ' .if . i , V .. H V . ,,.- L ,Q-,bi N V Mug Q I 1 yr -- . I. h i : ,f-1. I VIA tl- A ffff- Zi . MENS ffOLINSELORSf'Ruu' 1 Duane Paulsen, Ardun QUHlL'Il,IJCfll1iS Qlunwn, R-lnald Nalin-vmwlw, Lum Iruyun, Ruby-rl Mklrwlllu, Kqnncllx l,mf,f H.1rryMnrluy Run' 3 Riqlmrd RIggIL','lJFI1L'N Hcinsclnmn, Uuug Dm'r:m.m, l,.1rry ffamplm-ll, lm'-.' KLILITV lurrv Twrgurk-111, l'l1nl l,I!l1I1II1lQ, Umm Liljcgrun Run' i Richard Nrtm-r, Dun .Nlw-vdx, Dun Adavm, Yun Oudun, Ilaxui Hum-r, Lum-X Hghnuidur, R--lwrl Ylvunu, Daxnd Halwr, Eau Nm-nu bsrgur, Larrv Kmmrn L.-XXVTHER, CA.NlPBELL, av1d0f5F-VQVXNIPLIN XY'O,X1FY f,OLlYNl'Lf'iRNf' Run' 1 lxalhlnum Xllfrrxx, Xiarnlxn Turnrplusl, :XIHIUIIC .Nllvry Nlnxl-N Lane, Phyllu qlacobwn, 'mndm XY'aldrm1, I,I1I'JlI'1lQ Dnuglmx, l'hyll1wPl1-IIJ1 Row 3 Nxlxm Alwl'1nwn, dludnlu Aluhnwn, Xlgry funrgdr Vlummn. Carmthurs, Harb Luca-V Suxan Hamun, Xl:-rmn Putur, Fmma X1-sl, .Xlarnlynn Dfmlnng Pun' 4 Vnrgmm Hudwn, Shmrlux Inw, Hulty Ulunggvv Marian Pippitt, ,loan Adams, Ardith Muffy, Slmmn Samlcrs, Patty Hake, Mxulv. lbruu 2-.1 lfilsl IJ HUUNI f HLIXVII Run' V I'hll I-inning, Richard Starr, Pete Pielietl, Ruger Leary, Thiirnas llansmeier 'Run' 2 Dudley Stringer, Xvnit 'lrhi mps-in lhcls I hute li-hu qlnvnts, U4-n Kiilsrutl, Halt lwlinwn Run' I XY'enclell Ulames, james 'l'hUr11pctin' Ijggn Ijayyggn' Paul Smith, Im,-ii. f.arni.m Ixeilh farnex, I'.'lll I Baker Hall Nh' ln-.i llxxs-,ai n 1: IYHLLIHI lil lifllsml l at :J I I I ixx I .."X 'Q 'fic Y.. .. 'S linlcer fllnll, accmnmoclating lil! men, is the olcl- est men's dormitory on campus. lts recreational facilities include a cmnfcmrtably furnished televi- sion lounge and a library for cliversifiecl relaxation. Important activities during the year incluclecl the llnmecoming Tea and decoratitms, a Christmas party, a lVliitl1er's Day tea and meetings with fea- tureel speakers. Tom I lansmeier, liulcer Tlalls new clirectmir, with the assistance of the oflicers, Pete Pickett, president, Dick Starr, vicerpresident, Phil Lcinning, secretary, Roger Leary, treasurer, and the house council, planned and carried out the years activities. i lv Q1 i I 4 , . If ii 'Q s Q2 , I x 'a 3 K ., ,awe e L .Q Q X z be Y 1 3, in ist'-f'f 1f' Xti sr e Yi- se! f Baker Hall reQidents gather in the dorm tu spend I1 con1fU1'rnNe and eniwynblc evening unrching n fnmrne TV prngrnnu, X Don Ramus gives advice to Bob Hensley in the "Finer artxf' lt! H nm. fcn'Bol1 Lang, Blake Bm Y l X XA V !f?g,?'g2fE .-9 e ff f -. :ffm . fm f e- ' i, 45,1 i-"ee-iw,-A lsr M is .Mk 5252 .k ic L: libz- N if fi N N' ' kv' 5 'gf - Jl? 75121111 :I -- -fg v .1 .nr Q-::'1'f': v 15 A 1 ,j e fra, h i . ' ll-:??'LIf.,, I . ' e.f +Gwi'bf I WY 'll n H xiii, M 4 I e , sa! F ' l i AT f'!'1,-F' 521 .KZ ' ' -fa L1 , 23' gf-5 I S ' ETiTf i:' I 5 .ef-Llaalw - V ' :.'.s2:12?E we-21285 ' 1- P' A., ,, ,- I , :V 1- if-sew! fn' 3 , P-mama ' N l 5 3 MQW' Q ""1 'KY Q A fy an . SZ I . 'f I' I , f if ,F ' nm.,- x K xv xn, and Ron Gonder. 'f LW e e mi, 5.552 P3 42 ,we 'Q' ,ff J, f an be , X N. 5 II5 1 1 1,1-r Q . . -OG w"' ll Xl-Ill l lil lltll ll1lLlNl 1 ULIX4 ll Ron' I ,ludx limnain, Kallwryn Korns, Dianne lliighy, ,lannnn Kellogg, Alice ,lane liorreq, llgiln ljifglqild Q I I-xnien lsnehtnreuihtr, loxet- Xltlennin Damn lixans, Hail llillman, Helly Peterson, Dorothy She-Ilndy, l'r.1nees Green Run' K Carolyn liiute Nlaliel ltnnteltl, Xhrmin l,lIttlerxxmiel, sally llureh, Hail .-Xnnahle, ,Xl-'lFl'lK'l1 jaclsson, Carol liappc, Shirley lhrtli, Carol lfimiexy Ron' 1 Nlmriin Xiefice, l',1ul,1 Xxiflfllel, lxaina ,-Xldrich, Namlra l'reslon, Pauline Lluslsallio, Victoria foie, Sherrill fflails, Carol l'3eNlaris, .Nlary Calloway, Ntistn Ritek Bartlett Hall Xtiss Ii xx Xtnsox 1 lllltlllll 'il l'n.1!lli.'Il X N A,Q?ug,4 sl - if 4 4: -S: x i fx -2 i, ':- A eu! 4,-.55 , ' f ff' A , ,X 'P .I 1,44 f il i s ' X 3 H' X' iii: ' at Q' l il 4 x' xx ii. - . i J .X Y il fr 4 'S 9' ,.I J' I litzrlletl 314111, the oldest residence hall on campus, housed ooo freshman women this year. Dormi- tory personnel director was Miss ,lean Wfilson and social director was lX4iss ,lo Ellen Wfilson. 'liarllelt residents provided their own fun in the spread and recreation rooms. Social activities for the year in- hli n eluded paiama parties, Sunday morning breakfasts, , meditations, and inter-dorm parties. Freshmen ' elections were held shortly after mid-terms of fall quarter. Until then 4o counselors helped in ori- ',' entating the freshman women. Qlhcers elected were Dianne llighy, president, lanann Kellogg, 4 vice-president, and Alice Forrest, secretary. l I6 2 Q x A ii .. " atb 535533 .risk X321 , Q EE 'A W? K Elizvil i ' x -Efs N' " r ff" ' ' ' N. and A 5 4k5, ., ,xl x. x N x x t x ., "' ,,..v-- ,1- lt'S "dcStination hill" for Dorothy Simon and Virginia Kay, "Bartlett, Bartlctt, Bartlett, our ilorin! xt u xx ill lm lot al In you." Nlary MCC-rum' Room. VI K4 m :s D. Q 0 ff I ff. :z 1 F. f ff , , 3, g: :T fl 7 :J :a .. I.. 7. 'C 5- :i .. :.: : f ff :: ff 7 ff Q.. 7. 5 : rf 1 if I Ll 7 5 .. L: ,.,..., A Q tru awignmcnt uitli Marilyn ,lacltwn and Clmrlom- Lowe. i Q. . no XX ft' ,A - s.. rt-Q N-,.-t " X :Q .Lk - lx II7 J A - ' 4 ,i fi e if 'si ' A 'vo-' 36- , il wif? R' S. XJ 1. X N xi' e l .s ' l .51 X fun? 1 XXll'lLl l l ll 'ill 1 xl lNl l Run V Phyllis I hanllaml, Zelda f.l1iistensen, loiaine lhouelass, Nlllflty Nlae llenander, .Xlarilyn Turnquist, Ruth Htfiiiiil Roi. I llullrs lat-'lws-in, Xlarx l'Ql1lt'l, Ht-wilt Dornlwuseli, Nlary llays, Pal l.alte, Mildred llarllaeels, loan l,.1mln1an Campbell Hall lknetioi ol lamplie Miss Rom liixxuo ll llnll 4Q 9 Ciimzplvell fllall, dedicated in 1954 to Miss Sadie B. Campbell, former dean of women at l.S.T.C., houses iunior, senior, graduate and transfer women students. lts government is carried out by a cab- inet, general assembly and unit meetings which meet alternately every two weeks with town meet- ings heing held when necessary. Special functions ol Cmiifwlwll jliall are its faculty guest nights, cof- fee hours, all dorm parties and special dinners such as Dads Day, l lomecoming, Christmas, and Nloth- erls Day. CitHllf7l1L'll ollicers were Shirley Mae Renander, presidentg Loraine Douglass and Pa- tricia Rust, vice-presidentsg and Marilyn Turn- quist, secretary. Miss Ruth Renaud is the director of Ciamfvlvell Null. l i l i i l l l i l l i l in Y 7, .Aff . HQ?- H' x alif Hfgiil' ll, 3, . w ms i 'Ya N K ku- -,Y . 1 .Q 154 Tr-WWPN .. ' t ' AI :J 2.4 "i ,A -K V Q Z.-5,41 ffl'-f',?"J. " 1 5.5. L, -. v cw. , I 3 '. j?Yf !2.,i 1 1 , 1 1, ' -I ff - 1 -A, , . , ' z . M -.3 x ,l F A 9' -. ' A 'Q ,rg ff' L t . ' 3,581 Qu QQ' wr. ' jr xgfky, 1112? Y,fM?:.. , D Lx,--5.51. Agri ,MN .QS-WA r L' frny, .b g . 5 , .41 , 41, V, A rw, " ' ,P e J 4 ' vrff Q A k L ' " ,if r .sv ' 1' ,, :L L1 , X L., ' N 1 5 '- -z?"Yfi.Qi,-':- '21 Y, l., J' K. 1 .- L- '- Pi, ..'.-x kg- f.. .. , - A.. an -W1 -' ai-Eye 'Z'-A5- "- ' ,A -' if ,lil 5 63' Q ,,-f T. .age -+ve' 1: 139-52'i b:'i' P13 - ' '1 V A fa' i 5.. 2215? Qui' , Lt, Pi.. Q :K i ' 1543.559-5 A . jvifi 3:45 A '-x.. ' ' X: r 3 Q. ' f x ciwlx .X N , . , ' , . I :I 5 rg: .A e ., fx-Q k g zixggixi .j.'gf, t '-.43 - . ' iz-, -T 'N T' Sif t---.-1 -5. - :. ,T i A X Q, B .X t X A Vi Degoei' Checkx n meeting time by phone Hx Dumthy Hmm lixtem in E Y' -N-, 'N t fl. 1 J 5 ,,. ltiiirblwll Hull hmmm XX IDIHCII. e ut iuniur, xeniur and tinmtei Campbell rimrunmrex Betty Vance and Martlm Mnrxh "pup n batch" ut It! recurd time hu' ENfi1L'l Freeland and Rom Sylvexter. corn. - , ,e gfiizfi - g A -'ifil " f - fi ' 2' ,175 if-'25 ' . Qffg 53 il ' fi. 3,7255 Q -11 :. - 2 ' :..L1fi--S , F' 43, f-V E?-yfi. ' - - li-+6155 .1 .. v-3 A 3.71, ,V - "' ' i '-1 H5"A'f5 . . -. 42 ff-"" .,- - V , D 1 in ?Ti.i5ALt , . LQXVSTQ' ,gqf :xg un'lmim, Mu i ifx.. Q3 flif f'-1 !.Q'-f'- 'M ' I, X ' 'm , it , fri - 1. my. 1' fr-J: ' v gf 5 - A. 'K mf' -1 t fix' ' ' NJ ,uf L 1- ag, .44 .- 1-, .1 , .- K .f - .,-Vey, ,if , ,-V ' 55 . " M tw gl w .3 Y wi ,,, . g Q95 i " . A - :- wh -.-dv 109 ' ... . , 1 X , . . V ax-Q. I 0 ,yall , is' 'i ' 'TA' i i i ,EIA ' vip ' , I ,K X 1 ' xx 'Q N C1 4-K Fr A N if ,i .-1 t ,fn 1 , ,A 1 34 1 'Q' Q Q' , -"" ' " '9 , . . M219 -113,25 Q iff- "Sip 4 1 'Yi-1 'U' J., ,--' 'E "V 'Q 'gal' X gl , E is Cx! v-GNZ I ,A ms-QL ' 1494, . u ,-1 , v....-P .un V. II9 .A -5 XXN Illllf Nf1l'llUNt4Jl-il HULIKI fUL1XfII--Rim' r lltln1lor1uNlml1lZ, ,Nlarlcm Eniglnnd, Martha ffl:-uw, lit-th Taltott, Ylancl Platur, ,lean -ki ri Xl 'rx I-ru lr lrrtlt tn I-ian llwlinutr Run' 3 Doris lli-lu, llum- -liJl'xRf'l!lX'fl, -lam' Allison, Mary Graham, 'Norma l'nhm, Sylvia Crassliclal, N film laililroti, Hou Nh 4 f nn: lmyva' Nl.11', llellx N11 Xi' -it ,- it i l ir Y' up ii t Hrinlx,NlarilxnXY'11,lxl.mtl,Yirglina Poll.-LL 'Ron' i ,Nlarilxn Nlnrctllus, wlanc Heals, Annu Ullriun, llolalay .rilxn lull, Ixax flnilt, Nanny .Mining larlt-nu Shourn-lx, Darla fgnltington, Sally Nlroh Row 'I .Nlary 'liorl-iclson, Mary XI rl n I-li, Ninn Xl.'lI'lI!'1, lam Humnian, Nlnrltx VMI, Nlaruarit Nlumlt, llainc lluun, flrntu Nlntlwn, fionnic Tcnnant, Karalnc La ther Hall Niiw I li if- mimi Sli 'iN l ln' i 'oi MI l.,iv. Ili-r l l ill 4 init 1 .. l 1 3 " 3 ul 1 A -'f j pf i' ,. I , - f N" K :X , ' l w In-' lo if I i X A Q Actix'iticQ within ff1ii'llwr'jln1llit-pt tht- sophomorc womcn husy all year. Thc fuzvlhcr Clinncr Cli- inaxutl the ycarl activitics. Miss l it-rmionc Shantz was thu naw dircctor and Miss ,loan Rolingcr, as- sistant dirt-ctor. Thy sophoniorc womcn governed tliciiisulvcs through a housc Council hcaclcd by vlanct Plattu, prcsiclcntg ,lean Lawson, vicwprcsi- dcntf and Mary Lou Frcdrickscn, sccrutary. Thu lirwhman Exuftltivu Council of fawllwr was or- ganizcd for tht- lrcshman womcn living thcrc. 'lihcy ht-Id "inet-tinge of thu mohn twice a month instcacl of corridor meetings. Freshman olliccrs wcrc Emily johnson, prcsidcntg Carolyn Niibu, vice-prcsidcntg and Paula Xwilcox, secretary. IZO 4 a,5f ui 'g225,55::j? ": ,P 3, -as V 4 4 - . l . x .ff ' ' - f -.x A 5 r ' Yi.-. 4 - Z: f A X X 3 325 RM 1 L X . 3 1 1i?i.'-iq , . ' in b x 'Q x T ai, Ziff' 1- f xe veil? L fb. 5 -an nf! ' ,Q , 3 . ... 4'-ic-52 . - - . V ' . 9 8.55 K Y -Q , 'iaiisk 'flf"' Haw - 5 ,XI-. "Dorff you think irk tw nicu n day ru gm I-1 dmfw Mnrlmu Hllrrmw and flu-rylu Twmm- du xxyvlxly clmru LAXYTHER FRESHKI.-XY HULJKE CULINVIL-Rvu I P'au1n 4XY'1lgux, IYHIIIN lwhnwn, filmlxn Kllhll, HLYU1l1lUL' Shanti Run' 1 f in Rfmcddcr, Rubens ffnmrnan, 'lan Hillmmn X Eg ' 'A 3-3 I 5-,Q 1.3' iz A el-,z-Q v -vii ,g I 8 Il '32 F WYE E - 1. . Q K . is ' 5 -w ui w '23 .LA -7--2: NY RUIUXI HXII IIULISI fULIXf ll - limi 1 Nlilw liivrlwu, IJ-in iliyirvll, ,hm D-mr:nmn, Vlullip iinglnnd I-1-uh Nliliitixu Run' 2 U-:ug Uiiurz- '1'v Ui 'ww I-,vuiu llivimhi Xiimin Ibiilmhi NIU-iiix,l.1iix ixlumni, ,Xliicu Niuliiuli i Xia- I-iw. X11 i'xIll-'I Ili:-xi-il HI fiimlzuiii lliiil -l,y+g,v FE " s 3 A -221 MYR! . i j-1 u ,"iL? ov.: Y Qfff1E"'+ ,Q , .qs Hia' ' - 4, 5 , ,," 9 , .,1. dh, . ,- b , . .4 , "-1':1,' '73, U It aj?-. 5:7 , 1 ,1,.hN:TJ. X.. ,--.Y:lf- ' ' U- if-' iii" ---'--? -Jfif -. -' 33. -gg: . - -'- : , U 1- -- . ' , - if- 123, - 'i t 21311, -- :hi is ,l .gifs A. W". . L f ' -4 - v?f- A .. Mi- ,fx-:gg- ff, "'-E' ' pf , 353 '-"-S 'q' . -,,:-t"f-1f'.- 32 Exif- V, '-, Ek'- ,. l- Q. -.. A -el fa.. .1 'cy 7-95. 'Mlm' Vw,- N.:-g. 1 .1535 ff , . "2,"'f-Q.,w1hg qjlrf' ..r.-,nf ,-05 ,-.-5: fcilfla 1.15-,i... - . I .f ','3A.!- ',- . -V -ui-VN: -- .M" 'f'4f,-lv 1.44 .mf -- tiff I L2x,:fQag Slmiiuni H1111 housed IH-1 frcshman mcn studcnts directed hy six counselors. Stadium: providcs a study morn cmnplctc with ciicyclopcdizls, n TV IULIVIQL' and Ll hiungc for rcfrcshmcnts and rclaxa- tiem. Dorni cxchangcs with Bartlutt and Lawthcr frcxliniaii wimicn, Slmiiiani Jia!! cliimcr and data iiightx wurc includcd iii this ycnris activitics. Bah Nicliitiru, dircctur of Stmiiizni, togcthur with thu rifiicuiw UL-nnis Vlcnscii, pri-sidcntg Dim Moody, vicc-mwidciitg Ardun Sollicn, sccrctaryg and Doug Diwrziiigm, trcusurcr, Coinpuscd thu Council. This was rrpliiccni at thu i'JtJgiIlI1iI1Q.1 of thu winter quarter hy Hcslinicii ,lim Docrzmgm, pix-sidcntg Chien Ty- rull, vice-prusidcntf Mikc Horton, sccrctaryg and Phil England, treasurer. xx X xx A j N :YH R Qing-5, ,ix- QNF 115 xi air" xixuzsilfr if -' .kewl fr' X Television, complete with its exciting hoxing 1l'lJlCl1CN, prmillcx ciitcrrniinneiir fur Shiiiiuni inun on XY,CL.ll1CNLlflyx I ., -I xx l N. 3, nf. ,.ll'VI Stiuiiunz men takc Z1 study hrenlx and :apply the piinciplcx of Xtnrixricx learned in ccmioiiiicx and nintlicninricx clnxwx. "XVish this rn: 78, - 4 'SP'-xx F 2? or were sharp . . "-not really n complaint-just the Smdnun men going through their daily ordeal. Q3 Nllleflli llXll ll1lLlNl' f ULlXffll Run' I llnrrx .Xlolley l-lormlcl knlmonson, Vlnmes Heinselman, Lelrml Tlwnismw, W'nrren Fry, 'Run' 2 im!! Vinrp lu lxueli llielinrcl llrlner, Dunne Vriulsin, lloyd l-luliell, Ronnlil lerry Row I llaxicl ffm-rpir, l,ee filwrisliansen, fllnrli Klcfileary, Lv-.lcf l-'-illx lim Rielwl Seerle Hall Nlif llu,i.fif'. NlllllllN ll!l'kl il or Sei-ilu llfill .dl-- "vf. D t I ,,r, X i H -""w'Q Y New ' . ' ' " 1 ,Q 4 A 0- 5. I' :pu es" , , ' ,n -s-- "' 7' ' "1 . . , gl I iw f. 43, Y " '1 i if Y A i i i 1 A 'lj X ' ' Sig: ' X, X - ...Fi l 4 Seerleu' flnliill, wliicli is tlie newest of the nien's clor- mitories on campus, is directed by Mr. llarry Nlorley. Tlie elirector also sponsors tlie house council consisting of tlie elected ollicers, six stand- ing committee cliairnien, and tlie corridor repre- sentatives. Activities of tlie clorniitory tliis year incluclecl tlie annual Cliristnius partyg coffee liours for friends, parents and alunisg a spring banquetg gincl iniornml social activities sucli as lilnis, sings, speakers, ancl cliscussion groups. Seerleyk several lounges provicle relaxation, witli tlie TV lounge lweing especially popular. Ullicers this year were ,lim lleinselman, presiclentg Ron Salmonson, vice- presiclentf Lee Tliomson, secretaryg and Wfarren Fry, treasurer. l iiL .J'Q' N PCl'5OHl16l nssixtnntx hold n weekly NCIIUIIHI and LIFCLINN mcnnx uf IIIIPIWIYIII Brad Andenon and Dux ey Hadley lenw chccrfully for their Claw Mu IL .. f' Nm wan :Si asm mv 25 P V H'-,,,'T .Jmwl if we r 9 I PB' - eg! , ,Q I 13" S -iw'-' -Q. -N . a Il I v 1 --n. Q men! lL'NiLlL'IlCC lmll PI'4lgI'Tllll un thu I5 T ff, cnmpux W Half mum lx-frulm tlwxllwlu-N nr Llurrnk milk nmclmim' 4 ' 45 Mark S- - 1 i i l x I l SUXSIT Ylll .XMI VKWLINVII Ron' 1 lxle Dnrlnnd, Ri 'xl' rms XXilli.1ms latls XYilson, ,larms luntlriuist, Carl Nli Sunset Village l4ui,ii'llii1iiiixsnx l'rt--itlent ot Sun-et xvlllflllk' IZ6 rx, is 1 I ers E5-s "' ,.-Q leer Hulclnn-sn-n, Ri-hurt Cleveland Run- 2 -It-lin l'lnnsl'q', ,lack Daniels, ,lon Mills, ller, YL rnnrd lwistt r Representative of the residents of Sunset Village, the Sunset 'Village Council strives to coordinate the activities of the residents with the activities of the college, to develop interests, sociability and or- ganization among the residents, to cooperate with the Dean of Students in matters concerning the housing unit, and to provide for the general wel- fare of the residents. The sponsor of the unit is Dr. Paul F. Bender, Dean of Students. Qlilicers for the 1955-So school year were Roger Hutchin- son, president, Bolo Cleveland, vice-president, and Carleton Andersen, secretary-treasurer. Commit- teemen were Carl Miller, lack Daniels, jon Mitts, Morris Wfilliams, Stan rlacobsma, and jim john- stone. . l' ,V V x ...H vu. 'fn L ..1.....4-. .4 :1" ' M -.lA ' Aww -gig Tll IDT! K 'x . v' . 4 . xi x MXN MX X 'Y N xx .x Nxwx xx , X... .W X . W... W W dnb .- mgw.--.m: -ge. -, . um-.WA -Mu 0. . .-.vw .www-Q savanna-xxx X My-ww' .-,xx-N-Aw w uf.-.xv M X .-:- N msec ,-www ., Mww nw -ummm .-wx-wmv -Q.-.X -f P X- a fi ' , U Q. 2 Na ! Ink n IllI'IlRbClllI1CIl10Il6l ww that Alim Foy uct- llix daily uxm uw- "My linger sure tmtci good," thu xnmllcxr Rninlmxx wllx ilu- P1 u nw Q xv N K fd Iwmnlm Xxx 14111 3 ' I 'E 4 a -M 3 "Q . -1'-M D 1 5 4 'U C' 5 x . i 4 1 I 'qri vnu,-Q-wa: fi, f . Q hi -1 D. , Q1 . .-1 ,l Wt I fl 1 l Z' Q .9 I i A4 ' if! ' T11 "" : ' . T ' l ' - A .T ' . l I ""' I "' H Fi if 1 . Q i -I I ' 'I .b , ,. i' I H 5' ., f ' a I i ua nl! , 'T ' 7 f' 7' " "57'Tff ' if it wsu F 5 , i . 1 F 'QR V1 4'-' lf tl i 1 i ,i f 1 pg 95 ,ti 3, ,A 1 ,N . ID' i . ' Y 47 V ML '. fr N' 1 I , S 2 9' 9- .5 V ' , s A P P Wi. ll1Xl lXllN XIINNHULINIX4 LlXll R iii 1 w . u li- N.. fx 'VS qi fm fi0fLilII1 liultuim, luriniul liiurlxluml lhlt- llxu, Xlitlm l ,Xlyt-ix R.-iw 2 lit-Xinyliti Yynmnn, Cedar Falls lVlen's Housing Unit Clfl l5llli fniiipiix -llltlvlitx mlm- .1 uitlcu lwix-alt nt l'nul X Rtxllll' ,fff X l ol-IES SM , sow BF95 v HST ' 1 5171555 mio ' i l lro R. 7' 5 it - .Q nie, ,fgfulizoea V Q l 'xv xx ' Www rm: M CY'Wm, -ww Llfii 1- - :gifs 4 2. 551 J fl' 4 iv ,: ' E1 . i QW. 'n'H4x Tlic Durposu of tliu Cieziar 'Bills Zllwfs jloimizzg iliiil is tu stimulate iiitcrust for tliu cxtra-Curricular activitics of tlic Quilt-gc in thu olJi-Campus men stu- dcnts. Sims tht-y live at liomc and commutc to sclmul, tlit' main olviuctivc ig to lwlp unitc tlicsc studuiits, Activitics carriud on by this organization tliis yum' wcru parties for tlic off-campus men :incl wmm-n stuclcnts, cntt-ring a lluar in tlic Homccom- ing pamtlu and sponsoring a Coljicc liour following tht- ifmrlmll gains. Ulliccrs who lcd this ofi-Cam- pus wrganizntifm wt-rc Dale Dyc, prcciclcntg Mikc lklcycrs, viccfprusidcntg and Don Rckcrs, Sucre- tai'y-trtulstircr. Spmism' lor tlic cirfflldl' Tails flleii was Sli: llnrry Nlivrlcy, I28 XYHXTERLOU .XIEXQ HOLIQIYQZ UYIT- Ron' I Richard leel, Vlfielx Rohnger, Xlil-I 'Ntil-gntic, Robert 'lrmtlen Run' I Wnrrcn liiclasiin, lmnls aterloo The 'Tllizterloo flleiis Housing Tlizit represents the off-campus men from XY'aterloo and endeavors to integrate them into the life and activities of the college, The groups campus lounge provides a place to relax between classes and to get informa- tion on student government and college activities. Each year the members, in cooperation with the Cedar Falls Unit, sponsor a Homecoming tea. Participation in intramural athletics is also part of their yearly activities. This year the unit was lecl by jack Rolinger, presidentg Tom Cain, vice-presi- denti and Milo Sulentici secretary. The sponsors of the unit were Dr. Paul F. Bencler and Mr. Harry T. Morley. I29 Q 0 0 Men 5 Housing Unit Xlfnterliiii students make gootl use ul the college parking lot A' 7 9" .a -'FV--Liv-9-Pwvwg-slcQgQLaQ i fltfg , 'wfyfv ' TfT?f ,, .. ffll l- ,, 1 , , . ragga.---'V ' . , T ' ,X gg ' 'V L ' ui: K' r X s v L Q 1 :L U 'Lf-..-'sf rnfffidfgb, bmi i hiv ku..-:fill A, Q ,e C51 qua., X , Q, as-ff -"'-,lHs?Seff1.,pgg the rf-1. , V -p I QA QB All 1-WX, .gn I ,, Exit 'Figs 1 it Q i , ,, in " JT? ' V, iq . V Q I 'fix , V -A ,.,,s... 'Y .A CX.f4fQY . 's.2f.,,-2 fx f-gl - 'A 't "3"fQJ . .s a " Q 12:5 T. ,ggi , i i' i TW A., ' ,ivy -ilr In A X ,... .Q-ff' 1 f'-P a . A A 'nf U " Y' ,t'.. ' "" v ' 'S "-. ' , 4 21 f ..,. V 'gxw LL sins Qii K f i Q 4 i " 1.Hiipi'i1N 71X nun lools 11XL'I tht- tiny! notvs in thi-ir iiillllli GH-Campus Women UH-Ciiiiizlms i7iiOIHL'll handlc thc on-campus prob- icms of oft-campus womcn and sccurc rt-cognition and rcprusuntation for thum in thc Central studcnt govcrninunt units of tht- collage. This year UH- Cimnfms 'flioimwi conihincd forccs with GH-Canr pus Mm at In lomt-coming to sponsor an all-Collcgc coijtcc hour and to huild a Hoat. Another accom- plishment was huying hccispiuids for the Cots in tht' Uflslimiifviis 7l'ovm'nis Loungc, their on-Canr pus study hull, lunchroom, and gossip ccntcr. Dr, Miiriaii hicigrair, as ndvist-r, assisted tht- ofhccrs, who this ycar wurc Patty linktj, prcsidcntg 'Iam- liaiisur, vice-prcsidt-nt, and Sharon Sandurs, suc- I'L'IC1I'j'-Il'L'L'lSLlTCT. 1 ' WIN XX 1 'NH N 1.1 WXI IJXNH Xi i-I1 PI FN Novi 1 Nh.iii1n Nnmhrs, Lint ilniistr, Valli l1.xi.t .Xlsrugii XliHmir Nui: 2 Nhtrviil Ru- . N 'r, XX ihivi 1' linix Xoyiiii, 1 .intl I-ihnsou - '. W W ' ' " rom' H' 'f' 7 v f' ' ' ' ' r i . ' 4 4 2 I L 2-I ' f ' E 1 S 1 2 if ' 1 1 1 - gg 3 v ' 2 , F ' '- I ' r i Q - - as lv. v 130 r Q ... fa n.. f 'WN i 4 i i i i 1 i 1 personnel Jlssistnnts are student members of the college adminstrative stafl, selected on the basis of scholastic standing, resistance hall ex- perience, integrity, interest and understanding in people and participation in campus activities. They serve as a link between the residents of the men's halls and the college. Qne of the most important phases of their work is orient- ing the new student to the way of college life. ln addition, it is their responsibility to secure cooperation within their hall regarding athletic and social participation, creating harmonious personal relationships and maintaining good study conditions. ln the expanding residence hall program, the Pflfs are playing an impor- tant part in providing the necessary leadership. .. ..,.e e-ft ll 4 U.. v.,.,e.. .,.,. , , Ni ! , ,, Q. xl, K- .. -s ,vigsq 1 -e. . V' . i lhritl Liliegren checks out a pool cue hom ,lim Sclinenlei O Person nel Assista nts PERSONNEL .-XSSISTAKTS-Ri-iw I larry Krurnm, R-fnnltl Nairnonson hour ltnrx, ,lnints Ntliniitltr, Larrx 1 .nnpl-til, l'l'nl l-inning Kun' 3 ,lim Heinsislman, Len Fioxen, ,lerry T-irgcrson, Doug Dotrinmn, Dennis linscn, Rithartl Urtnir, ,Nrtltn Niillltl' Nou 1 Vlnxitl Halttr, llnii Nloocly, Lee Christiansen, Thomas Hnnsineitr, Hain 1 able 3 .Nl-iilex, ljonald Aclanis, Yun Ugtltn, lf-dn rt Xleliilirt I Q 35 if L, i , Z , A i fn Q, 'Qi' APPLIED SKILLS Ilxx' I.11.f'xm III C XIIIILNN IIIIIIIE-I Iilllll IS-nuns: 'La F5 5 It el- Q ,.. L , fu. 2 x ,Q .as ,,.,.-X, E ,. 51 A ' -. I K., I Nh, I 'I 1 '-ag: fi " IIIINXIIV Nxxm IQIDIIIIII IIHII ml' Inns ,IUNIN Purple Key 'Ilw yur IIN m3 ktL1LIunts pigturcd can tI1csc pagw rufixm-QIP1IrfwIu7iwrmwgluirimn,rI1fI1igI1- wtAXMIVQIJwtL1LIuI1tLJI1 rupulw at IS. I I.. P1411 DIL' -KU IM 11 IXLIIQIIIIIIJII IrlltrrliityL11I'II1mL'WI14m Imam Immm HLIINIIIIILIIIIQI in IL-.1LIcrsI1ip and pzlrticif pxti-In In L'xtmILlrriLL1I41r amd LICLILICINIC uctivitics, ,md I.I. Im, Imxu slnmn Lug-IIL-run .md sinccrity in I'IINI.l.lx C'll.xx11 xxn , if N' 434 T57 X v,x 15'- X . -, IA . IXIQK IQINI. fd' 'XkIIHIIII"wIIIIW. 'IU Im- LIigiIwIL4 Ll stL1LIunt must IM' .1 tI1irxI fqmrtu' junim' fn' LI scniwr and Imw .1 A :r.ILIf.- pwmr I-I 25. 'I'Iu' 3.3 stuclcntx xvcru rc- IW. wgrwizn-Ll Amd VQLQIX uILL'rIIIILI1tu I1ttI1u AII-fjwI- Iwi mm 1-- II.-:fg IIIIIIIIIW IYIIIXMLIIIIIIII in IIM- spring. 32 Z1 um lixm. CIIRISII mm N DmeN1'1f1.n Wm. vs Q fb: ss F:-Z . 1' . fs-'X , ' 1'-f-fr - .WA I ...r , K, I I I fx "" 'wx M.x1zx Dom III Llumu Llxlf E ,gg-!,' 'as vm- ,7 ,1 -. I I N-n-v I U ,w ,I I 1. , L. Y1 lexux IJL1.xNl Rm: xr SLIIRUI Ill I.: RUTH FELLOWS ivfi :Q L ' PHYLLIS FRENCH fb .R .cfeiii 'rv is rf '-fffis? , SALLY NUQCARTNIQY ,lLR..xL1n GRALTZ '22 ',, I Wh in ,,, 4 1 'Q'-fx Q 5 . Rv, , 1 1 A 4 , J' H ' NMLIPRLD JOHN H..xR'1RrjCR H1,1m,N ,l.-x.x11,s HLIMI LMAN 1' - Qi , ' ' ,. M g1f'- 2? :,,.fl?'f Q 15 .. . ,.. 5 W . 1 9, V X I SN 7,55 I , R ,E R If -41, 11 ,. . wx 'K 1 K ag, fhm, , 9-5 .5, R:--9-. lf . JN, -'-kv ' a V , X . X - Q,-:Ld X R , -xx'-3-fr ' .f:"I'x ,H - ' ,.V,X . .1 Vvrq WILMA MCLLH N X- ,Q..rbA Dox,xLn Mijn, R ALLISUN P111 MLIRM PHJRIJII w fy.-f yivnv XX JOY RICHARD K.-xx' SCHWAR STARR SWAIN LELAND BETTY THOMSON Vmuili SIHRLI Y Ri NANUI R A " ' Ii ...f , R F , ..,, , ..,,., a rl or 4 N ' VAN E1-PS l33 A . C .1 " -, i i li, li lll 1 l S. J i x l l l i ll l l A 1',r' ' , 1 nn A , , 12 i :1 il f in" ' -3 l I , . J. g . . 6 l l Y N 'u ' -1 e .i . ' i' V . Y . 1 , l 1 1 , .l -1, - ' 5, jc' i - 1 l I 1, Q , l A . - 1 - 1, .1 E l.- J.. 4 in L 1 li Nl l 1 l li llld K1-41 ' l1,imil- lilivlil-,.1il lJ.1il.1 4 -vlimgi-fin, ll--ilx Hlsviwin I, Vluxu XY'-isiilm, Xlililn l mils, 'li-.iii Kirk, Klilniis .'Xmlui's1m j N11 y N l ,vm l'iiix ll.il1v l.1ui1-un lliimsxiilglr Nlml,-X xiplwluns, l xilxii HI1-ml, Liwlxii l1g:glg-swim, l'.1l llnnscii, Ylanul .-Xmlcrsuii Run' i i' 'il 1 I, wg Niwwii lliil Xml-l1,1 liluls Xurxwllil, luiix l'l1--ulsvn l.imqXl.u1LIs Chapel Choir Ex my Sumliiy muriiiiig at tlic Cwlll-gf llill lim-rf lluiwriiiimtimmal lfliurcli surviccs, tlic lwcautilul Iiiusig is sung lay K lmpi-IC lioir XYylfl1lXllSH,l3llL' .Nlauals as Lliix-atm, tlic Qlmir liclps In malic tlic sui'viLu mwst iiispimtiiwiial. Nlr. CL-rirgc Saiusuii is 1-rgiiiiist. Capella Choir i 'liliis yum' hi sclcctcd studcnts wcrc Chosen to l participate in Jl Clippcllii Clroir. Under tlic di- 1 ruutimm ul Nlr. Cliarlcs lvlatlicson, tlic Sli mcn and 39 wmncii sang in appruximatcly ZH choral umcurts, including tlic :annual tour in April and A variety ol lncal ccmccrts in CL-dar Falls. ' l l l l 3 lllllll' -1 ' l ',i' ii1ii ll1ix1iv- Xl,ii4.1i:l Xlilliiiiiw, Xlplix X1l.iii1s, Xlnlx fuviinplf Xl.1iL'x llxu-ns, ,Xliiii Ninn, liaxlr l'ilu' l 11- l'i1 llivi 111 l1 X"i:1 lxwlils 'lux Nld lim, lx.rx 'Nxx.1iii, limii llnmlsurii, lf Xml llivlscii, ll.1llml.i ll.1lNHl1N, 'wliillvx llriupniil, Nlixriim l l H l' L' , 1' l1f11i-1: ll min N-liiillz, luilx NY'uiLl1,fi1i.xli1' X'ii1:il.1.1v,'s.1mli.1 l'ui-ill, Yxi-liiivlli-.ilyl.iiwlHgl1ullu, l-Us 1 i lv l111'y1f Xil1 vi. l',iil,-v l',ii l'1iiis-:ii liailmui I--xwll, N-ima lJ.wxis, Xnmx l.iilLs Rim- I lm lulllivll, Milan l ' 1' '- -11 '1' l1ivx funn l11ii lL111'm,iv1 I ii11lxii l:gl1sl--iv, Nlml x NulwlunsvlwlxnSl1i111L, l.um1u.1llmnsu-lil, ln-l.iml llulqlun, lJ.1'.il I lu' li i ll '1l l1l11,'i1 w '-' 41'i J linux lliis-sn lD11ii.vlil l--xsmaii, Nlili' ll-illmi, Hull Ni-lwlw, lil-lm llnviilsi-ii,,l1il1i1 .Nlnlli-i, lluigui lilimlv 1 'i ' In-11 L11 l l l i l l l - A .... 1 ' ' COLLEGE CHORLIQ-Run' I Donna Cates, .Xilcen 0sl'mIl1,wlH Adel lrlerlw-.L Xl'lI'lHfIL' l'i-vers, Di.:-:thx Horn, liexeily Qlewarl, Alnnet Hcrgel, Phyllis Klein, Qhirley Nelson, Myrna Bradley Rim' J Hernatline Sutton, Twilln Xlfeelss, l4el!y Rlwdes, Nnnex l-lalyerson, ffarol fnllins, Nlarilyn Turnquist, jackie Rissler, Mary Wiuton, ,lanice Riser Ron' J ,lohn Peterson, Vlerry Curry, .-Xrtlen Si-llien, ,lt-rrp Huss, Donald lownmn, 'Xlelxin Schroeder, Stanley Ilanies, Hen H-velmnn, Dayid Rath, lox 'l'vt:loH Rim- l Mike lslorton, Roger flaniphell, Roger Hrocl-unewi, Hutl Yolili- Xlfilliam Sprole, Dennis johns, -lerrx Olnn, john Miller, .Xlal hrinlser, Carroll lgenio, Richard Henals COl.l,lfGlf CHORLIS-Puri' l Harlaara ljarlss, ljonrtte l,ent:, Sally Ntroh, lllen Tilp, ,lutlx Huyels, lG.ul'mva laxle, Xlaix lrngellsing, .Nlniy lrifilwnclorl ,l-lyce Hentrntt Run' 2 l-my Zeller, ,Xlarilyn Naxery, Paula, Diane lirulyow, Laiolxn Hill, .Xrlane Nu-xmitl, 4 oleen XYM-itlt-icls, Rornn 'Neliliss l- man, Clenda .Nlorlitt Run' 1 C3ri1lel'lJrI'ls,Y.3I1cj Lange, Carolyn lloslsens, .Nlaicia luglaml, Hxth Wllwhi-r, sally Nlnnie, -lnnvt lrninnu, fmol Moore, ,loan Plummer, Nancy Xlelrfise Rim' J fa:-il haunt, l,-iletta firahain, lean Rylsvn, Ruth lxntlanian, lrietln 'Nclil,iman, loxct liunilling Susan Hoskins, Dorothy .Xlcffrc-sth, Ruth Xlcljuigg, lxathryn llc-ming, Xlary lam Une of the largest musical groups on campus is the College Cliorus, Approximately I-lil men and women students blend their voices as they practice each Tuesday and Thursday evening. The group, under the direction ol Mr. Charles Matheson, gave two outstanding performances College Chorus this year. The first was the presentation ol Han- del's Ulvlessiahn which took place lust helore the Christmas holidays. Their second and final performance was their participation in the Spring Choral Concert. Any college student who is interested is welcome to ioin the group. .v a .7-6, 1- 4 'T 9 .V . x- on NQL 4 ' Iv l I i Xll1N1l N N f ll' JHUN R--iw 1 lnlm 1 lxnuerrniuny lan llanssen, IJ4-rollw XY'tixi4ei, Hnrlmrn Vogel, ,lane .Nlnutly Karen lQrue,finIlIlX'l1 llrute, IM-Inn-s ln ll lh:.ilnIh N1-llormltl Pon 2 f .illurlnt lxemptr, Nlarltm Y.m.-Xulsen, linda l'vlerson, Karrol llosexsnll, lieverlx .Nlllehlellmlep Barham Moore, 1 i 'Urn llngeur Nnnlri N1.1s--n Sharon lx-tri, Nlnxilxn Nlnreelllls Run' 4 ,Ninrlt-ue Smith, .loanne Tr-tdt, Virginia Cinroutte, Itlnn Patton, Patriclsl lm 1 h. rlt tn W .uelty I-snnn XY'tn:tl, Marx lou Nldlrrtxex, ylmnee Vmne, fllntlys Kemper, loan H--ltnpp Run' 1 XlRfIlYI1 ,lnel-sson, Ylctoria I ill 1 .wrolxn I, Inn llullxuus, lturlmrn llielsslimnn,'Ntxs.1l1'l'1ellmpel, Alum- Steege, l'nulim' Uuslsallio, 'loan Selnnult, Karen ltkles, lierllm Altl- '-. li f,iir,wvw.1 l't lx rs fl'-ll I N f ll! PPIUN P. it f 4 .wr-il R- sttdtltr, 1 htrxlt loiim, Huulx lirxn1tr,fi4'orui.1 Nlasclen, H.1rh,ir.1 Mitlerson, Indy I'iIlXXll1llII1L',Vlllllllli lim' no ln ' 1 ilu l-Jlnnr -, li-ui. Nlmnri: Ruin 2 l't.1rl linls, lnnlx lolmson, Susan llnxilnnsl, Ions llunlnp, ilnol l'rel:, llorolhx llagg, Karen Kuelien- linrt 'nun v- lov lvfuhl, ll: Nun.: XXunhlun Ron- 4 Nlnrlxs Vitls, ll:-rtnte ilinshiro, Mabel Rnnleltl, lxt-lm Xlfielwler, Snmlm limit-ner lv I:-2' l,:revvn.- Xl us- lion-llux Imlwl, Xnmtlt Xlomutz, lt.xnnlm l'tels, l4.2rh.1m lrulsson Run' l Rosernnrx' 'wtunmpel, ,Nlarilu Hetzer, ir lr ft 1 irrmi ll tlflmt llxlnirzs l.n-'list-11, Ruth 4 l1r1-Inn'-mil, N..mli.1 l'nst--n, lxnx' l4rX,f?lll'lXI1,llWxly f lmlloltt loose,.N1nrtm lltnstl, 1 l,f i W 9 , A desire tu sine is the only requirement for ad- the tlireetion of Miss ,lane M21LICk, combined nnssion tu lllnntn s Clwwus. 'lin interest and with the A Cappella Choir and the College ,teqtitiiiit tht memhers of the group with music Chorus in the presentation of llandelk great for 1,-,oinen s voices is the mann ohieetive ol this oratorio, the "lVlessiah." Participation in the -ireznnzgition. 'lille chorus of I IH women, under Spring Choral Concert clilnaxed the year. ., f -. 1. -V 4. HI pn . if , 5 -li -, .-,rt X.. s ,, MARCHINC BAND-Row I Karl Holvils, Barbara Lowell, Dt-loy Davitlsen, janice Broun, Dixie Crosley, Sally McClure, lfd Rainbow Ron' 2 Mary Lou Mamminga, janet Berger, Dennis Clausen, Qylvia Crasshcld, Richard Sullixan, Richard Art-nds, jcrrv janssen, john Russell, Ron Kralt, Dar, lene Paul, Rota' i Madeline W'hite, jo K--his, janann Kellogg, l,L'Al1l1 Dielsen, Margaret Kynett, :Nudrcx Stout, Martha lou XY'll1llL', Marilyn lfidt-, Sylvia johnson, Faye janssen, Ardella Cullen, janet Duliois Row 4 Carolyn Bruce, janet Else, joan Mutt, Grace Madson, Ronald Garrison, Har- old james, Curtis Noble, Robert Snell, Philip Faabi-rg, Sharon Moon, Lois Held, Paula Hunt, Suzanne fwtoklta Row 7 Marian XY"illiarns, Dolores Mason, judy Cutler, Charlene Seam-r, Iiob XY'isc, jack King, Ted Howell, Ted XY'ilhitt-, Karen Hartacht-ls, Marilyn 'Haw-ry, Sheryl Mnldt, Carole Hagan, Donna jean Robinson. Row ri joyce Crandgt-urge, Cari' Bucher, Hill Fmry, Spencer Pink, Hob Bourne, jerry Raines, Keith Harker, john jones, Clifford Angell, Marilyn Sadler, Phyllis Spiegel Run' 7 Vt-rles Haugc, Susan Paulus, Dennis Smith, Patricia l-xt-llv, George W'halt-3, Ct-orgia ,Klas- clcn, Sonya Davis, janet Koch, joann Halupniclt, Mari' Russell, Marilyn Landgral, Ann Higgins, Linda I,arnb, Kathryn Crupp Row N Ralph l Wldeking, Robert Gustafson, Charles Mandcrnach, Charles Fuller, Philip littlkttiaii, Larry Trenary, Arnold Rant, Vlerrv Curry, XVarrt'n Erickson, Ron Hall, Hill Hartman, Laurctta Hrunsvold, Tamma Crosley Halftime entertainment and much enlivenment were provided during all home football contests by the l.S.T.C. Wlarclaiizg Bfiiid, under the direction of Dr. Karl Holvik. The Bama' was host at the an- nual Band Day in Dctober when 450 high school musicians from 14 Iowa towns participated in a colorful parade and presented a mass concert with the l.S.T.C. Band at the halftime of the Hastings Marching Band game. The Btiiml also led the annual Homecoming parade. ln the spring the annual tour was taken and the Baud appeared at the l.S.T.C. Relays. The 93-member band was led by Del,oy David- sen, drum major, Dixie Crosley, assistant drum major, and twirlers Barbara Lowell, Sally Mc- Clure, and janice Brown. Mr. Edward Rainbow served as graduate assistant to Dr. Holvik. Symphony Orchestra IIHLILAV IIIL' LIi1'uIi1m UI IJV. Ix'IYI'l'JI1 E. IQLISSL-II, thu I.S.'I'.C. SYHIIIIIOHJ' Ur,Imtn1 prcwlmd quarterly wnccrts. Cudnr Falls and XY'arQrI4m resi- dmtk Iwimml mlm xtmlmtx at thug PL'FIilJTl11LlI1CL'N. Thu Sw'u1pIvom' Ur- LIuwtm1 pQ1rtiLipk1tL1I in thupm-wuwmrimnfIIandulk'I1Nf1ussial1"andSaint Mum I K1I1ristn1Lu C Ir11rm'iff' at Clwrimmms, and in Pucuinik opera, 'ACi- .mm MIMLIIIII' and XY11Itm1k UI3dCLlLIL'H in FL-I1rL1m'y. The UrcIwSlm IIIW pu'IMr'rm1I JI wxu11I umxmutium during thu yuar. If 1-'- I .MII I.!1JI I'. IIM4 I- IJr'Iv'1,NpflIv, Iww , ,XImN Ilwxl-X, 'wlr1IwIu', IG-nlmfr, I' IxIL-mx Nlxlnm-I, I v' "I gn r NII'wIv.1: I I ImI1 In YIIII X IIIII, IIUIXIIX, f.f:uIwl1, 3.lmIrls, IillxI1L'v III I I II I -I I I Mir er- I. H' I V19 H I UIII v, I 1 I-I I, Vuvlws N I IJIYK, ILXN5 I'f.1lnIwv, ,XIII-I1 IIARI' I II II- Ivw rw I I IIII I' "- vu, I'vI1HwvUN XYINII NIH JI Ixnmg, XYIIIIIJIHNI N1nnu1unu.1, Nflwn II' II' ' w'IIv Iw ww -I' IIN,-I 'IX Iw.IIII IHHIUN, I .1mI1, Smlllx, I mutt, Ih'l1m1ul1m f I ,VXIQIXI 'I' "K Im' ff I- ' IIII- vw lim- IL XXX' ll V. I1,1vl.II,Im-L 'I I4IIXII'I 'I M-mtl, XY'iv1l--lx, I'I.1mIn-LIX, Nm'LIL'r 'II'U',IIZ'V.I '. II If' I.I'IfIv IImg , Ir1f,I-Hu, ICAII 'IIIIGX Il.1Iw 'IINIIWNI 'lnIIwt I'I II' V'I--IVV. "W -'I IL-vi Concert Band The 87-mcmhcr Ckonccri lgtrnd, under rho dircction of Dr. liarl Nl. l lol- vik, spent an activu year prcscnting Qoncurts Besides performances at thc Fall and Honors Convocations and Commencement, the Cxorrcwi Band prcscntcd thrcc honrc conccrts and took its annual tour in lvlarch through parm of lowa and ncarhy status. Associatc director was lvlr, Edward Rainbow, Qihccrs wcru -lohn Niulscn, prcxidcntg ,lcrc Craut: vicc-prcsidcntg and Darrcll Scott sccrctary-trcasurcr, VIRNUXYKL- llLI'll A l'IVf'UlU lnlrnwn, XXlnln Inl. Hnrlw Hill!! A IXMLINH HURX lxrnu, Yolwn, Vullt-r, Xlfllllllllllfd ILXNSKMFN llulwrlwpt Paul, li.1rt.ul1tlx 4 l,,XRlXlT 1 ull. n XYMQ, lltlliorx, laalwrg, Xluyur, llnllur, lamwn, X-rlwlt-, lxullngg, Hunt, Xlmlwrr, I-IW, Rnlrxwtltlr-r, lirutt, Ht-ld, ,Xin-tn lvvhlx, Urtlttn, XX'hrlt, larntw, S-tllwtk NXV5l'llflXl Nu--rx, XY'rll1rtv, Xlnlrlt llatqan, Ncaxur, .Xlnx--n, XX'rllran1y Rnlnrwtrr lRl,XI ll HURX XYl1altx, l'PlIlLIx, lanrlw, Synrlh, land- gral, Ktrllv, Hruqlnx 4 URXFT Nurll, f-mul, ll4'llI'l1x', Xp:-gvl, loruw, Haunt N, frramlgtwtrgt, Ilnrl-r Sadlur, Prnlx 'l'lCLlXIl'l"l XY'1rrlury lrnrx ICXRITOXI In-nth, liall, llalnprrrtlx, lhxry Xlaxtltn Ylrllt Hll-SUYF Nrtlwn, lrrtlxwn .Xlnrrtlrrnatlr I rrwltx I nllvr, Hang 'lL'I1X Hahn 1-.rrtln-fr ,l'run.1rx, l-lulwrnan l'llClkLlNSlflX Xrt-nd-, Rtlvtll, 4.r,rwh-'ltl, Htruvr, Nnllrxan lhltw, 'lnlln-' ilnuwn N'l'RlXt,l1,XSN l3arnlww,.Xlltn llXlKl' In-lx 1 -1 11111ll 111 1 jf 1' ' ll' h ' gg: 1251 fi - lllll ll 1 ' 71"5f'1?Vv'U c IIIIII1 II: 44, v 1 :it -,A MI ' N . 4,5 ,f ,.1'QE,':1 A 11. gf ,exit is ','-,tgu ,3- Lf Q lltlwteis 1111111 lier11.l1v1's Vollege get Itflklf' to leave for a tliree-day debate and discussion confereiice at Xhi,lNC0I1Nll1 State College in l,1llI 1 lane ln atltlition to the bus klI'lYL'ly students and faculty spoiisors are, left to right: ll. M. llougen, Bob filevelaml, Mrs. bob 1 I1-11-laml, X'1cl1 lJlL'l'ClxNk'I1, U11 Lillian XY'ag11e1', ,lolinny lones, Neil Ver lloei, Esther Kling, KayXVi11te1',SliirleyW'l1an11el, Dr. 'xl Ii S-inith, N11 llichaid l-l11lKl'lK, Dean l7i111l1, Richard l:l'I1l1II,ROQ,1 liarley, and Leo Munday. I11 l1:1t111's 1'111h11sias1111n1111nts as the 1l1-hating NL'flNUI1Lll'fUNNl1L'IlI'k'l. "Resolved that the non-agricultural industries should guarantee their employees an annual wage" was the debate topic this year. Approx- imately 211 students, under the direction of Dr. Lillian R. Xllfagner, attended IU conferences throughout the Nlidwest. Besides these! they e, 2 ' .1 sponsored two conferences at l.S.T.C., the lnter-Collegiate Conference in November, and the Brindley Debate Tournament in january. llome debates against foreign teams and i nearby schools were also included on the year's program. The purpose of debate and forensics is to offer training in public speaking and to develop an interest in current national and international topics. -5' I40 -Q wwzmgf ,Y LL BOARD OF CONTROL OF STUDENT PLIHLICATIONS-Row1 David lieutel, Onm Clwdx Ron' 2 ,lnrnes lhiley, Pete Vielsett, Gerald Reyhons, George Holmes The Board of Control ol Slmlent publications is composed of five students and four faculty mem- bers. Its duties include selecting major staff oth- cers of the OLD GOLD and College Eye, award- ing their contracts and setting their general poli- cies. Oflicers were David Beuter, president, and Oma Chody, secretary. Boards of Control The Boom' of Control of the Stmlent lirotitlctist- ing Jlssocialiorz was set up in September as the official governing body of KYTC. It consists of three faculty and three student members with the station manager of KYTC as an ex-othcio member. Mr. Herbert V. Hake is adviser, and Loretta Nliddleton served as secretary this year. BOARD OF CONTROL OF STUDENT BROADCASTING AQQOCIATIOY-Row 1 Loretta .Nlltldlt-ton, Sally Horn Ron- 3 Nt-il Ver Ht-el, Herbert Hake, Raymond Matala, james Hailey N-...v as pn.. af-- an- uw ,I'ht- Wth t1tmix't'tw.trx' t-t tht YY5l,lHCUl.l1tl1HCCl for tt higgtt tmti htttttt' ytxtthtttwkt w tht' t'xt-cutivt' mtmhttx .tt tht Nttttjt Nttt out th tttttwmphsh this Uttrittg tht- xtttmtl wt-t-k ut sthtsttl tht' stat? httlti tm ttpth httttxtt fmt' .all it1tt'rt'wttAt1 in working tm tht U1 ll tmttlv, Iwtm: tht-ttwlttttI1ttxtt'tlat1 imt-r- txt tht tttnitw' Nutt Mm thmt-u. Aftttr tht- xtaH post- ' tttthx Nxt-rt' hlltttl mt'mhtAt's tt- tNt't'I tlt-.ttllitttw XY'ith tht- ttmtttsitm ut sthttlttl- my .mtl taking grtwtlp pittttrtts tht' ttdittttt pt't1tt'ss wt tt tttxttt' t-thtt1tt't tmtl with pittttrtw, lttytwttts, and ut-rt givt-n .tssignmt-nts tt-tty tht--thug tht' plttttt thtt twfhtt' was tm ttrt-at ttf "QL S thttgtxtitttt. Hth-t't' tutth St-ttitm was ttwmplcttd pf l .mtl Ntht ttf tht printt-tw .md t'ngt'ux't-rs, many hung ,gs M- K htttttw wt-tt HPUII in tht' ULU Cttlh wfhtt' hy tht- St xhik 1 i n xtttrt pnttitttlarly tht tthttwrs. M 'fX3"-'- , ft? -f' l'xttt, Stunt OLD GOLD UI Il lt1llIl Rm. ' fmtw lthtmy NHL Hu htm, Iitttxtf hnhtt, XX'IIl11J N1LlllL'l1,I5JNL'f Artith lwttlln .Nl1titllt'l1tt1, Nallx IIUl'l'I,VlIfUHl'll!'II1k'l',l5JXk' 1 'r-1 'tht-t vt Nlttlmt Rwzt 3 Nhttltx XX.ttt1tmht, lgttttt Ht-xtttltv Nlntgnzttl Spray lhtrt-ntt Trtshtttt, Knthrxn ,Nhhtty Ywrmn Whllt-r, lxaxt- ! 'tit I-:X Iltmhtp 'ttwt Uhr:-'rv, Nhxrltw Ilrtnn, 'Truth fhwmttm Run' t Ynntx Yttrxtllf Utxtt- Phillipx, Ummm ,lt-hx1xm1,,lnt1t'l Out-11, Nnnty' X , Watt !Mttw.t 4..tttYLt Htltx I 1-ht r, ,lam I md, Tarn-,tm 4 rut, fluttt Httl: Run- I I t-it I-xwhllwf, But' I tntllny, Nnthnt Dnvts, .Xlnryhrtt Mt- ' -t -- htztv 'tltht I,txt lffttttwtr Xiatthu HMA, 'Nhtthx NIM Ht-nnt''t, .Mm Nvtlht-tg, Dt-ru fluthng, Htx' llttrnhtltth, Mnrit' Hntgtt' 'Rttlt' 3 " Hwv' Il:.t:':w HIJNV lmnlt Html tL U tu ' Vttlttr Ih th,-mt 'J Nt tr Wtnxtyl 'Xltll H.1llm.m, Nlilhttti XY'h1ttltNt'x, lnrtx ll-lllnn, Ilttttg Stull, Mlttn Rt-mhntg, 142 U fl ff- XVILM,-X IWCLLIVN OLD GOLD Staff PAUL SMITH . . EIYITOR DAVE CARRIIOI4 . . . FALL EIIIIOR XYXILMI-X MILLIEN . BLISINENS MANAOER LORETTA MIIIIILIITON . Aww IAIE EIIIIOR DAVE BAKER . . ARI' EDITOR SALLY HORN . . CUPY EDITOR SUK HO KIM . . . PIIOIO EIYIIOR JIM BRLINNER . TRAOITIONN EOIIOR ARDEN SOLLIEN . DI5RARI'N1EN'I EIIITOR MILT HALLNIAN . . Ar1TIvI'IIEN EOITOR ID.-AVE COERPER . . . . SIIORTR EIYITOR QRGANIZIXTIONS EDITORS SHIRLEY XXI.-X'I'AN.XBE . . . HONOR EDITOR MARILYN SCHABACRER . INTERENT EDITOR CYYEN LEIINLIS . . . RELICIULIN EDITOR KATHY MILILIS . . SOI IAL EDITOR PLO CIIANEY . . . . GRADLIATE EIYIIOR ALLISON fV1UK.'AI . . FALL CRAIJUATE EIJIIOR DEAN XXXEAVER . . . . AO MANAGER JOHN I-I. BICKERS. . . AIJVISER I43 LORI 'I IA N JL. If If I 1 . dw-. -1 X i, DAYI BIXIQI R 1 ' 'II'E fi 5 in I VJ I -4 Y SAI I Y HORN ,Tw X66-lgL,j' 9 ' ' . ' QQ? - 1 I . I S3 . X , V,,, . -,.I,vl.Qg , A RD NL., N H E'-5122 5 9 ' 'F" sit! r 1- X -,...-4- -x -. ff- 77 1 -cg XY 1. ' 419- Nw, H11 141-11 I'1111 I111111111., B111 S1 1111111 Ill 11 D111 C1111 11111 11, X'11ex11x Rus 1 . ' . . ' , I1x1Iw1:11xx11-:,.X1111 Il111x11x,I111f11xx11,.1X1:111x SIPIIII x Z1 ,, S ,1 ' 4-ggi x F ' 1' ."'11 I ' lx X 'N 9 N Y f1"11'. l,111x11s, X1X111INX 51 1111111 111 11, 5111111 IB XX11.xr.,x111, K11111 1 - .xill 1111, , 4-JO V4 ff, x' 1 , ! B -5.5 , si." X X 3 A 1 X 1 ,awf 01111111 1111111 Copw 1111111111 111 11111 1111111 LI 11111 1111111-11 N111 1 1 1111 Ll Ill 1 1 1 LL 11111 11 11111111111111 111111111111-X ,,,.-1 -1 an, '1,1si 1111111111111 QLILLI T111 1111 111111111 11 1111X111111111111 111111 1111- OLUCQOLID111111 1x N11 11111111111 111 111111 3 I 1111 I 1 H1 111111 C11111111111N1 31111 1111111 1111 1 1 111111 L1111'11n N1111111111111 1111111 111111 1 111 1 1056 3 4 5 6 7 91011121314 161713192021 232425262723 3031 Sally 1111111 N 11111 1 111 pic1111'1- 1 1 11111 11111 11 p1111 Xlwwt' ,xii College E e gl -1 Num, x'it'w5, licatlliiiu Lind dcaclliiics kcpt the Clolltglt' 5 Tn' stall ztctiw wuclt alter wccli. Cct- ting tht- iicxvs was iust the hcginiiiiig ul unch paper. Typing, wpyrtnitliiig, I'L'WI'lfll1SCI, pmol- rutitliiig and mnliiiig up pagcs all had to hc umipliftctl lit-lm-tt thc piipcr totilt physical form Latch Tlitirstlaiy at thc priiitcrs. 'l'lit- many liiiuix of xmrlt tht- stall PLII in unch week Cuim' out t-ncli Friday iiitiriiiiig iii the lorm til xix, night, ui' tcn pagus. This yczii' an "Extra" cdi- tiiiii rlit- 'lilitlrsdny iititiii lwchiix- lltmiccoiiiiiig .iiiiiutliicctl tht- idt-iitity ol tht' qtlccii tu the stu- tlcnt lwtly. Eqitli wt-nlt tht' i'l3catL1rc Pngcf' inf itiutt-tl this yt-my pwst-iitctl at variety of mlm'- mtititiii tm timcly uaiiipus activities or Campus ptti-wimlirit-s. ' ltl ll'-l l il R X i iii l ll tlk ll iii XXLNMI, lt.ii.iii lwixh p t tix ltxii-X' Nlaiilxii Nxl1.!lWALl'xxI, lifhn Nnigci Run' 3 .Xitlt-ii Sivllit' 1 . l l 'L 4,-,-.i Iiizlwiiliiilii, llii ili Ni iii limi lv 1' ltvr liii,ix l if .rg Hx 1 my lliil Xu vll, liiiiii ll-iklmll, Ummm lmiu, Slitiiill llvviiivlclt, lliitlullt-t-i:i1i.1ii Run' I Rithaitl tliinua, ltixitl 1 iiiipti, Nlmi-in Xiiitlrix, than .Xl.ulwii, l'hxllis li-litr, 1 .ii-il 'wmilh lll l l i i i all rw lil l l Fil 1 L' NJ I46 ii, College Eye Staff fXf1.XRlLYN Sc3H.xR.xrRR Cm' LEWIS . IEANNE BNIRHI. HARRY NIMMII . VIRGINIA PIILLQKIQ -lux PXRRIELL . FRANK PIMIMBEVK DE.XN XX'I5,xvI5R . RON SANIJELL . XYMRREN FRY . JIM TIIIIMRRON . DICK LEET . . FR EXIEKKLITIVE EIIIIIIR . . FALL EIII'I'uR BLIsINI2ss MIINIIQIIR MANIIIINIL EIIII'eR . News EIIIIIIR SIPIIRTS EIIIIIIR . PIIIIIU EIIIIUR . AII fNA.XNV1llR . . AII lX"1.XN.XfQFR . CIRCLILIIIIIN MIIRIIQER BERNARII C. DEHIIII VIRGINIA PIILLQCIQ 'Q-I-uf . FI5Ix'I'LIRI?EIII'IeoR . CxR'I'mINIs'I' , AIIx'IsER J.-1-s-J R I" ww 'X ' I f 'RI 'fi"'-' fx X P 43211 :,:f,a,.psx5-- is E. R -' - 1 2. '13 '-'sv if.. 1, , ,V I ,,... . If' " I X x V X ev 4 f 4 e' 'Q vlmxxl BINIIIII' .I U I S IJ LL TJp1415161T . -J-1e,,2324 ,,f2T2829 wg- Q 5 .. I I IIAIIRY Nlxmn l,xI'IQ FIIIIRI l.I. .-. ,. A t I' 5 ' ' W' I 1? , I 1 oN. A A 1 . I f 1 4 - ei x H I47 B L I e N I vf, r . s x 1 5 I1 xv Ilxmmv I-wlsxXux1.11:, IHLH lx flllllli N 1 -'1 """1 J lm Ilwxwwx, Im lx Llll -W XX wx -. I1-mlivvx Sxxm I 1. -ldi- 'BNI mx 'EQ f .fllcllw 5 W xmri IIIUIIIIWUIN pnwfrmd gnlluy, n ucvkly XY'cd1u-Ndny night iulw Srnfi nwlnlwuux tnlw tum- UH f I , i , i ,, ,TE . -'K ,yi 18 ' 'li' 1 sis-f ru J lltllw cxurciw lu-ffm lncuting dcndlimw YS 'F' . K rj ls. KYTC-Ron' I Pob Tschirlti, Robert lllingsunrtli, Dean Runway Leu 'slr-an, lloyd Hulzell, Milford XY'liittlc-sey Pun' 3 Donna Robinson, Marilyn jones, Nancy XY'allace, Barbara Antler-son, Hexerly Stearns, Phyllis Fisher, Herbert Hnlxt Ron' 4 Sharon Sanders, Sylvia llrasshvld, Sheridan Strayer, Ed XVc-st, Ted Houell, Richard Nnllixnn, Trans Smiley, hub Lakin, Ruth Darnnn, Tom Cain, lt-anne Bishop The newest medium of expression for the stu- dents on the l.S.T.C. campus is fKQ7'ffC, carrier current radio station which went on the air on a permanent basis November 20, 1955. "Know Your Teachers College" is the motto which stands behind the student radio station. UOVC serves as a laboratory for students interested in radio, and as a channel of news, information, and entertainment on a college level for stu- dents living in dormitories. Ed Wfest, origina- tor of the idea of a campus radio station at l.S.T.C., served as station manager during the past year. Chief engineer was Floyd Hutzell and program director was Carol Collins. Mr. Herbert V. Hake was station adviser. KYTC Ed XVesr and Floyd Hurzell experiment with special ei-it-cts on the control bnartl of the campus radio station KYTC. 1uz1ssws.-19. . -- 'ct-. 'vm ' 13 hw? av. Ill - I " 4 t KE ' f.--'ci - -9-... ,fi .Q ,. AJ' X e I N au A 5 ,,Qf3,v5' ' , I ,. W ya- . .- H f S' : vqgwg . ., ,Q I-I I' , .V .,, A. .- , ., I is I MM ' 'AP 541 'I Ss 5 -.uhm :Q ,K vi. .-4. C a I 1 Q vi .ff A ff , we :-l.1,.f - v 'as ll xff'St:v.g'f'-x" I W ff. '.., f ' 1f"' 1 -- J - f. .' ' . .H .1 , gi ms! , f,. fwd 'gpg fa ' rg , . I flu. ',. J + 5.1.1 1 .. -.4 T, FOOTBALL Kia izkac 2210.-2592183 ?1'ZX'IiW.i'Z'2Z922Z'E EXEC -.i'I'.Zit ?-215 1, TX' 'TB I 'Ty 1 " V fi K I 5 5 If H iwsf34sf'-te1t9si4aws1, iiieeiiiyesiemsi su, ,gr T F .,v . Vg fm, ,mg 'mi as XX?-is , if y E pq' T 343 ,SBU 1311 237451 3 E' 1l35e his ,W ' li T I 'l f I it 5 mr-if L ereolei-20 15 815557 1 323521529 ,924-ssaefe3f:1sQ71.-aS4a:sa,a14: n ,.: AV ii, QQ, V Q' , A ' 1, D fd 1 it' 5 ki TN .f - .'.. if if ' ia 1. as I955 FOOTBALL TEAM-'Rau' I Dick Lanaghan, Bud Bitcnn, Don Kolsrud, Leroy Dunn, Don Fisher, Ollie Isaak, Dick Beetsch, Roy Vogges- ser, Chuck Novotny, jerry Reynolds, Vern Rosene, ,lim Rosie-n Row 3 Pat Halligan, Blake Brown, Don Cabrielson, Frank Sovich, Morris Wil- liams, Dick Braunschweig, james Johnstone, Bert Field, Dick Formanek, Ray McKenzie, Bob Knock 'Row 4 Marv Mikesh, jirn Beisner, Ron Sturch, jim Hershberger, Leland XY'it:el, Ron Brinkley, Roger Freeman, Mari' Sloan, Clay Thomas, ,lim Net-ssen, ,lon Swenson, ,lack XVilson 'Row -I Paul Carney, Ray Theesfeldt, Ben Riekena, Stan Xorenberg, N ,lim Hoagland, Merlin Allers, Bob Taylor, Marion Ruehcl, Keith Bahren- fuss, Roger Smith, Scott Scobell Panthers Finish Second In Loop Buck Starbeck's 1955 team posted one of the finest seasons in recent school history by winning eight and i losing only one. The Panthers were labeled as one of the pre-season favorites in the North Central confer- i ence and they lived up to expectations by posting a 5-1 mark in conference play, which enabled them to finish second behind the defending champions, South Dakota State. The only loss of the season was at the hands of the conference champs. Victims of the Pan- ther onslaught included such perennial college powers as Hastings, Drake and Morningside. Being consid- ered for post season action in the Mineral, Tangerine, and Refrigerator Bowls was a fitting climax to a highly successful grid season. fxvs 3 LLEL ,., fri IQ wr Xlnlxf.-11,s+: l'mrlxv1 lxlflyl-.1Il'1lW1Llx ,mul vml llulx lick" all LQf'llIU Ullnl :A lmmw lwnll 1g11inxl zlllgllxlmm, Xll lfmtf-If mf lull-. l,.lx:x 'liulw llllkdll lm-.xlv l1m'.vu11,1 Ifw u ml .laxlm xlmr "mv rlwv- l'nmlu-xx 1 ll-T xnumy mm-1 Nfnrlm f lnyxtfm 'llwm.1x, llfmllu-r Il-tm llflll'lW.'lClx, gm-X Uri mclllv ngninxl lllllm ll ,Xl1gl1Nr.m.1 llln- l,Rl1Il1LIx lluxmml thc Yillingx IH-7 -,,,., 'M-1 I ' -y Dick Beetscli, holder of two all-time srmll-college pass-carcluni Qllie lsaak, Panther taillwaclt, smashes through lor a touch- ICCUIITN, grabs a pass down against rxlIL1lI'IJl1Tl Panthers Compile 8-1 Record The Panthers opened the 19155 campaign on a happy note by smashing highly rated llastings 26-7. l-lastings, the defending lvlineral Bowl champs, could not contain the devastating run- ning attack that was to feature Teachers games throughout the season. A had schedule break forced the Tutors to journey to South Dakota State early in the season. The lackrabbits were tabbed to retain their North Central crown and they exhibited some of their power in stop- ping the Tutors 34-21. The Panthers virtually fumbled away the game and the crown by losing the elusive pigskin nine times in this en- counter. Football fortunes picked up momen- tum in the next two games by surprising Drake 21-14, and crushing North Dakota State 32-H on the road. Tliis win was the first victory since 19-18 lor the Tutors in the long series with arch-rival Drake. The Panther power- house continued to roll on by stopping North Dakota Ll. and Augustana in conlerence action. An exciting 13-12 victory over lvlorningside kept the chilled fans on the edge of their seats throughout the wild contest in the .wth annual l-lornecoming. A 33-2o win over South Dakota University closed the 1955 conference season for the Panthers. ln the season and horne hnale Nlankato fell victims to the bowl-minded Tutor, 23-7 : uf' XV- I? ' , . I--" 5 . . mv is ' ' X1 mn- ss - ' W, -A .Q ?,.,-.,--,-g....L..-.4,..1. - , ,I sq. ,-SQ.,,, SnetIe" Ilosene tackles a Mankato player with -ome help from Par IIaIIiuan, Dick Beetsch, and Dick Formanek. I nn " Si .. Jn 0 ik ,,a J ox Pat Iialligan oc over for a touchdown against Mankato I - I , 1955 SEASON'S RECORD T " Iowa Teachers . Zo Hastings . . . T iT 5 . T' Iowa Teachers . 21 S. Dakota State . I.. Iowa Teachers . 21 Drake . . . 4 , ' Iowa Teachers . 32 N. Dakota State I -eo III- 4 Iowa Teachers . I3 North Dakota LI. - Iowa Teachers . 28 Augustana . . M, I A I Iowa Teachers . 13 Mornirwgside . -e Iowa Teachers . 33 South Dakota LI. av M ff-f' -- Iowa Teachers . .ws Mankato State . INon-conference games Conference record: 5-I mi TotaI record: 8-l State 7:11 34 14? U 7 7 I2 26 711 I .L 1-:-:xv " ,... 4 . 4 iz' - , . -' "T s::-:::1fQ1.NlL,. .. Q - , . - K - X - -W - ,N 'it f NW? Frank Sovich, Panther back and extra-point specialist, getting bumped out-of-bounds against Mankato. f from Fifi! 's X 3 .5 X .A may 4 W?5'F' saw 7 Dick smithgOahig11forH,MHgamryiofninggfaa W 'q W CONFERENCE STANDINGS TEAM STATISTICS Won Lost Tied Rushing Carries Yards Ave South Dakota State I 5 O 1 Larry Bitcon . . . 138 639 4.6 y Ollie Isaak . 94 Q74 4.0 IQWA TEACHERS . 5 1 0 Pat Halligan . . 127 610 4.7 Morningside ' ' 2 2 1 Ray McKenzie . 28 130 4.4 South Dakota U , Q, Q Q Dick Lanaghan . 13 47 3.6 North Dakota U . 2 3 O Clayton Thomas . 55 278 5.1 Vern Rosene . 2 8 4.0 Augustana ' ' ' 1 5 O Ron Brinkley . 9 92 10.2 North Dakota State . O 6 O Dick Braunschweig . . 22 31 1.4 " . .4 if 2 A gg QQ K 1. 1 N? Q if 555' '3 F' ,S , 135355 f' r F - A x Q' I 4 V Q ' 1 - 1 . A f 1- . 'X v . .v 1 ' .f A 'V Q U y 1 in I A 'I Qi It ' ' ' V t' Q 'r ,Q 1 'fl .2 W" 11" if 1 ii' A " 'E L 14 - "' J , X . I , A 9 .L . A .4 uf x :N . f . 1 -0 F . l -3 4' A: .v ' 0 , k ff' K ' " " I . v y -P ,. X' 5 . ,5 I V' 555. M. 1 ,. 4 1' . , :T if an f ' - . - gl ' ' 4 ,544 if .1 . sf. ' y X tr 5 1 Sr . -v y if - . gl' ' , SAV, ,',,g.ik1 ', Q . .K S, W v A 'O . L. J ' 6 "f " ' L .- N-' 'R 'kk 4 9 " Q .I A . .' . ' ' do N K J' f . . 9. " , , ' x - . 'Ji' 41 "' " 5 Q. .. N1 t., tl , ' ' 'QM - ,EQ . , 1 '- - ' ' fi 1 4. ., ., , l 1 5 . . Qmgiw Q ' Y rf 1 V ' . ' ' ,r '. 1 ., - A ' . H. .....-..v..J.4 '.'..'5,i..g ' ' ' . V ' FH 1 .V .' '. -. . . yt' , A, lvnk Smiclm Imam nu uxrm-point m thc Pnutln-rf rout of Mankato Smtu, 3a-T. All-cmlfurcncu und -lim Rmicn holds hack the Amin: Xinnlxnm duh-wc Did. I-IIlI1'lfH1L'lx lk-ndx thu play nx Pat I Inlliuan guw nruund vnd. A lacy NUCIQ is tlmrrmn by Don Visln-l'. 5 ' . '34 1 , ' . . 'Q ' , -, R 'Y 1 v T.?ffaL.:.'f. v . 2 ":. -4 'ki - .Q nf . ' u ' f 4 gl, . K' X v -9 .Ne ul N Xl 5 1- My . ,Qi '5 A .udp-ill at xx X Mx wesb f 2. X t ' X Roh N X Q t N Sli. QQ 3 B' 5 X N N X , s 'xsx W by N i st 'f NX xt t e s X - . Xymss xX s, 'Www' Lixizm' Brrcox l..lfRllY DUNN ,Im Rosiiai Dick lTORMiXNlQli Four Tutors Un All-Conference Team Iowa Teachers and the conference champions South Dakota State dominated the 1955 all- conference team by placing four and five men respectively. The Panthers honored included seniors Bud Bitcon, LeRoy Dunn, and lim Rosien. The lone junior honored was Dick Pormanek. Dunn received the highest individ- ual award in the North Central Conference by being chosen the most valuable player. l-lis outstanding work on offense and defense en- abled him to gain all-conference honors for the third straight season. Dunn was also men- tioned on several Little All-American teams. Bud Bitcon is no newcomer to all-conference teams in the North Central conferences. The hard-charging halfback was named to the Dick Beetsch and Frank Sovich break up a possible Mankatn pass. ' i 551' A A -iii ' 3:5 5 frr 5 . HS.. ra. es, .... . Yr. e- ....,e , 'M Q t-,-'N . arrr Y. V .Vs.. ig .... NL S IH' if is ew 11 p xxx honor team in 1953. Bitcon scored 55 points in conference play to finish second in the North Central scoring derby, and his defen- sive play made him a standout in the Panther secondary. jim Rosien, after a slow start, came into his own in the Drake game and pro- ceeded to spark the Panther attack with some fine pass-catching and tremendous defensive work from his end position. He frequently was tabbed as the fifth man in the oppositionls backfield. Dick Formanek was one of the mainstays in the Panther line throughout the whole season. His speed and desire made him a valuable asset on both defense and offense. All-conference tackle Leroy Dunn pounces on a loose ball against Mankato State as Don Fisher looks on. . at 5. Ms -Q ..... 5' -t-' - as . ,..... fp, . if t ........ . 7 er- ww- all- f fe-5 T am me -1,3 it Q-iq-A g - ,, T' e-' 5 M. '5 1 ,,,,g,m,,.,, iii!! 'ggi , , .-,RQ .i...-:-revs-.N , . y ew T pm as-is i . . I 1 K f ' 'T a N -' ' 1 1 ' , V MZ. ae' L W we 1 i is f A Ya I 1 s -'J lad 'F' , E ww V 15,5 " ,i',.,,, . M 1 I V 'I A 6,4 .nh 4 - a 'V Q ff. .. .V . ,'iixf?,,H, 9 1 X, avg: , I 'Dx A- vQgM -,-:Qin . .wr x L y ll BASKETBALL ' A i s. 'S s: :ag f WEEK la Z E 1955-56 BASKETBALL TE.-Xhlfllou' 1 llenny Nichols, Dick Struh, Ray Xis-st-11, Dtl Xiclslaus, Den l-liillantl, Dick lieelvcli, Hob H-vtlerman Run' 2 Don Relters, Larry Garland, Clark Mcffltary' Ron Ntuieh, lst-ith Vahie, l-had Bauman, Merle Carman Ron' 4 Vern Ogden, Ron lirocl-uiieyer, Ray Nichols, ,lon Swenson, Ron Brinkley, R+-get Broun Panthers Complete Season With B-ll Mark Wfith seven lettermen returning from the 1954- 55 season, hopes were high for a successful bass ketball season this year. Thirty-one candidates reported to Coach Stan Hall for pre-season work- outs. Absent from this years squad was high scoring Howie Pigg who broke all existing LS. 3 J, W' 3. T.C. scoring records during the 1954-55 bas- IU In ketball season. Piggs absence, injuries, and the inability to win on the road seemed to be the "5-1 factors contributing to the Panthers up and down season. Center Ray Nissen and guard Bob Bo- derman missed encounters because of ailments. Qnly one contest was won on the road during the 1955-56 season. ' ' ' U.,-ze:-av ,f IJ vi X-"" x., I. Don Ilollancl -.lmes tor the sllllt 'wannst South Dakota Llnxver- ffenter Del Nicklaus hghts for the rehountl against South Da- sny a- I lark .Nltl leafy gels in 1 nn n lor the IUINIIIIMI. kota State. Q l955-56 SEASON'S RECORD Iowa Teachers . 75 Cornell . . , 72 Iowa Teachers . 52 Grinnell . . . 80 Iowa Teachers . o3 XY'inona Teachers 52 Iowa Teachers . 711 North Dakota LI 75' Iowa Teachers . 7o Wfartlaurg . . . 91 Iowa Teachers . So LaCrosse State IUZ Iowa Teachers . SI N. Dakota State Sox Iowa Teachers . oo North Dakota LI 8755 Iowa Teachers . HI South Dakota U 58x Iowa Teachers . 7o N. Dakota State 71 T Iowa Teachers . 79 Loras ..... o9 Iowa Teachers . 59 Augustana . . 721 I 5 V' Iowa Teachers . 5o S. Dakota State 9334 Iowa Teachers . HI Augustana . . owe Iowa Teachers . 713 S. Dakota State S85 Iowa Teachers . PPI lvlorningsicle . . o7T Iowa Teachers . o4 South Dakota U 73x Iowa Teachers . H8 Nlorningsicle . . INT Iowa Teachers . 75 Cornell . . . 90 mlertnct- fI.1n1eC lov ntl Incl Iltvr fh I 1--ft r- .I lay-up again!! South Dakota Cfmfcrcncc Record 7-S we Total Record 8-ll I62 :"-sr-slwkft f 2 X A 2Q"" i:5: 'Q Clark McCleary tries n tip-in against Augustana. Dick lieetsCl'i tlrives lor the shot, CAGERS FINISH 5+h IN N.C.C. INDIVIDUAL SCORING The Dakota schools, South Dakota State, South Dakota Ll., North Dakota Ll., and North Da- kota State, dominated league play in the North Central Conference this season by finishing first, second, third, and fourth respectively. The lowa Teachers Panthers finished filth with Augustana and Morningside in sixth and sev- enth. A slow start and two disastrous road trips led to an l.S.T.C. record of live wins and seven losses in N.C.C. play. Panther con- ference hardcourt play commenced with three straight losses to the North Dakota schools. After the three-game deficit, Stan Halls charges finished the remaining league contests winning five and losing only four. Dick Beetsch . Del Nicklaus . Ray Nissen . . Don Holland . Bob Boderman . lienn Nichols . Clark lVlcCleary Dick Strub . . Don Rekers . Keith Pahre . Roger Brown . Vern Qgden . Merle Carman , lon Swenson . im 2591 2112 l7S1 315 2115 45 52 42 7 H 33 23 2 I I-1. Q7 S11 H2 99 73 I4 21 211 2 'D 3 I2 111 11 Il P11 S2 411 415 Rl .311 Rl 411 48 2 9 38 313 4,2 11 11 TP 2155 232 243 251 ISP2 -1 1 .WJ l11 45 111 9 38 25 II Il .XV l l l I I ! 9 I X e'p RSI 41 4 1 . 1 ' 1 4 111 1 11.11 X1'11'11 1.111 11111- 1111 113311111 111111111111 1Jlk'1x 5111111 11111 n11a1' J 11111111 11111111gn11111Cf111'111-11. iekleus Sets Conference ark 15111 X1111111111, 1111- 1111111111-141 1-L1!ElL'L1 11 4" 1111 1111111 kkht 11111 N111111 i1L'11t1'1l1 C11II1'1'I'1'I1CL' 1'1- 1N111111K1 1111111111 11LII'IIIQ 1111' IWW-511 1111111 111: N1114' 111 11111 1411151411 1111 1111- 1111111 11111111 '1 ' 1 IWW 111111 111111 11111 111111 Iver 111 1111111111111 11111 1'1'1111111111111g 111'1'1u1g1' 111-1 Q111111- 111111 111,11 111 1111 111111. 1111' X111111 1111111111-1' lK'11tL'1,, 11111 111111 11L'1-1111 111 N111x111111 111 11111 1111111'1'1'1111' 1-L'15111111K1' 111: 111.11111111111111 111111 11 1111.11 111 142 11111111111 1l11L111Q111111 .111'1'.1g1' 111 IIN. 111 11,1711 111.111 1511111 111'L'1NL,1I XX111l1 11.11 111'1'1'1' 111111111 ,1 111111314 1111111111 111111111 11111' 111 11111111 171' 111 11111 111111.11111 .1 111111 XL 11 111111 IH " 1 .1 1111111111- 111111 I'L'S:ILI1L1I' 111' 11'i1111i11g 11111i1'ic111a1 scoring 111111- 1111 111111 L1 1111111 111: 2112 111111111 BUCISC11 WM 1111111111111 111 1111- 1c11r111g 111' Ray 1X1111c11 and 131111 111111111111 XV1111 11111111 111 251 111111 243 111111111 1'1'111cc111'1'11'. 151111 B11L1L'I'INZlI1, 111111 1111111-11 11111 g.11111'1 11111- 111 Ll 1111611 IIIIUTY CIIIC1 11111 11n111pc1'u11 111' 11111 11111111 i111111'y 111 11111 11111cr QZ11111-1 11111111cc.1 1111- 111111111 111111 ll 1111111 111 2115 111111111. Guard 1D1C11 9111111 111111 1111- 111113111 11ig111'11 s1111111111g 11111'cc11111g1' 111111 11111111-C11-11 1111 -1S"t, 111 1119 1111111. C1I'llL1LI2'lf1I1g SC111111'5 1111 1111 111111111 II'lC1LIC1L'L1 Uick 13111111111 U1111 111111.11111 131111 B11111'r111a11, :111c1 K1111111' N11111111. Dick Beetsch is surroundcd by opposing Morningside players. D011 Holland shoots a jump shot from the sidc ax Del Nicklaus and Clark Mccleary get in powitiun for thc rwlmund. Bob Bmlcrnmlm drives lwy oppming plnyurx fm' a lay WMS- -' "Lx W K 'I , 101. j, a9 .bf I a I W- 3 A 4 A 'K . . v . , . 1-.3 , , . . -.A M' " gi -.,.y1g -.3-.bgilgi ,-'gg 5 1 ' 73- -. ' "wig: , , . , W4 .-. 1 r JUL WRESTLI 9 rs . rw i , S ms x 5,3 tit 'X if t x i i I l X MN, F .A V V A i X A5 l l y i N- Si A f if PNA p E i p +A' N gl , K I X H A i K x if 1 ' X x . , i , fain ' - V i si.. ar 1 il ..i.. .. , r., Sami .ali 1055-56 XVRESTLINCI TEAM-Run' I Chuck Ricker, Don fa rrigan, Chuck Pinch, -lnvhn X'-mis, Pnl Halliuan Row 2 larry lhotk, Di lx H it i Keri Salyer, Don Mortimer, Dick Formanek, ,lohn Rnclit- Ron' I Neal .XlCf:LlllTl1, Tom Xlurplix, Dave Rose-iilae1'uei', 'lack Smith, .Nli Il S Gerry Ciungcr, Ed Gourley Puri' J l-lonnit' Rath, Fred ll-wing, Dick Hnnnaman, ,I-re .Xnti-ne, lux Marsh, Clilltls lltltlitr With the exception of one junior, Coach Bill Koll led his sophomore laden wrestling squad through an undefeated season of ten victories. Facing stiff competition throughout the season, the Panther grapplers spilled four Big Ten opponents, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Minnesota, and Illi- nois. The Kollmen also took on one Big Seven school, Nebraska, and defeated the Cornhuskers 'll-13. ln their only match against North Cen- tral Conference competition the Tutors shutout the lackrabbits of South Dakota State 30-tl. Wrestlers Undeleated CCJAFQI I BILL lit DLL 1 -JJ , Y ,ugarzl-h tg- 3-of X if V l Q I , 3 . , ,R , -, -N" ' 7 If 1 -" eu X A ' 4. ' ff - ,Jn 8 "-.. . l l l ln l l l l I l I lim Snlyur nppliw nn arm luck mm lim ' l,L'LlL'l'N4lll ul rlmc Llnivurkity uf XViscnn- ' win, Snlym- pinmml laik man in -4:41 liick llunmn :cu-uw hix npprmcnt -lack llcnwu umk ilu' mln-cmmx 3-I. Ulwn ul tlu' l.ll1lYL'lNlIy ul XY'ixuvmi11. TUTORS SEND 4 TO NCAA I955-56 SEASON'S RECORD llwur N-.1'wtluw llipk l51n'nmm'k, Kun S.1l5'c1', lllulx llpllrm lmgl Ylllllll klmwlxs, L41lNpI'lSL'Ll rlu- lllillllltl' Llululdlirsll tcm ilk' NC,-krk wlksfllllg rlmlrrmmklut Iuld m SUllXXJfL'I', UklL1l11mm fm N - ' Xl.u1l1 Ir llml I-1. Ink lwmlmm-k, xvlw mu Lzmldmtul m tm dual nmtuluu during tllu Scu- wm um tlu' l'.mtl1qr curry in tlmc I77 puuml lllwx. lUlmmmk was LlL'LlHlUI'lL'Ll 7-5 by llipk l-Swmmi Ml 'l MMI-X in flu' lint wuml. lim Sal- '.nr tlul lutw' untry in ilu' IMT puuml Llglv, -.AX kluml'-iwwul in tlwu lint rmuml lwy lil lJckY'itt Ml lJllI'NlWLIY'! ll-N Ink llulxtlml wnmputung 111 mlm I-lf pmzml .law Nw-11 In LIQLISIHIN m tlu' lnwl Y7'l.lllxl lwt plum-Ll in tlwu wwml lwy lful l.Ik,lM'llWL'l!L'T :ll lylnglw Ill 1 Ulu. ,lmvlm Vrwm, rwfrlm: .at IW pwumls was pmmml m thu lu'-I rmuml lwjs lifvlw .Nllxlwulw fall ligamus Stuff lm IFN. lllkklll lllkk lmvu llm ltlwd lllkk' lmmu ll ww lllkk lmx 'l'cucl1u1's 'l'uaCl1L-rs 'l -caclucrs Tcaclwcrs 'llczlclmx 'liuaclwws 'll-Liclucrx 'lqcaclmx lL'acl1urs Tcaclwcra . 23 . I9 . li , flu . ll . 26 1 , ,ull .Ii .24 .21 lllinuis Normal XY'isumsin . Nliclnigan Stars Nlinncsota . Nlzmkato Statc . lllinois . S. Dakota State Lurncll . Lutlwcr . Nclvraska . Season! record IH wins and U losses l l Fl ll Il 'D 5 10 8 l ll ' l sw l 8 l 13 l ll l l -ii L4 ,....- Dick Formnnek pins Dick Rohrer of Mnnkntn State in 5.53 Ken Salycr going for the pin ngainxt Dcunix x1CCHl'l'lll1 of Illinoib in 8:05. ,, ,...-V f 51' S5 ,, 11,1 9 5 Vlclwy Alfur,-X rullx over Davy Vriclwr wi thu Uniwwity uf Illimlix. ,lmmw pinuul lm man with wx wcumlx IQ-fr in thc match. ,M , "N-'qf:.p,.A .. FN I.-wx' Mm- l,1Ix1'N LI4mn Hun llnnmlnwwi mln' Ll111w1'x11x'uI XX1 I Formanek Leads Grapplers In Scoring UMR I:HI'ITlllI1L'Ix Ku1SL1I5'u' . Irrrx' Ilmw Ed .Nlkmyllw , IQILIi IIKXIIIIII , ,IUIN1 NIIXIIN , Ulm .XIHI'fIlT1L'Y Ibm f.1wr'r'1gI1m Ihr II4III1:4m . lilwuds I'imI1 . Ifilm RIMM- . 'Ilmlx . l7O INDIVIDUAL SCORING IJQL. F.1IlsIJr-am Imsxw. PMIIIIH -I-I 3 U Sli IW QQ 35 IH w 'W i i H ILP Don Mortimer decisions Don Pierre of the University of Illinois 5-2. f X2 W i.,, " . ' ' -3.1 -1 i 'T i XY XLMQWM. Q " W' Ken Salyer drives Dennix .Xlcfnmni of the Llniversity of lllinoib into the mat, Snlyer pinned McCm'ron in 8105. Q . . A' ,.:1i,-,Qi X Dick Heaton decisions ,lack Anderson of -f ' ""g Mankato State 6--1. , I 452 l7I 55 -- Y r N li.. .0 up .A-A-lib?- N, -' N . i, X 1 .v rx ' tw-5 v . 55, , ,UE , 4,11 -un.'g-u.wuyks"'v4Rv-PPIWRGCQ ,,,.,,. .., - . .. Q v.x,.. .Q -A - -f-4' .vii vu- n" f . . f - H1 " W ' , , ,,.,,,.,,. , 'X K. .. .V ' . ji '-' "Na x ' 1- ' '! . 4 x'N. 5 'ng r ks- 'awk' -if " M,,.v rr , . X , ' 1 4 f"' - .. W . I E - I ' . Q-ff'-flv Y , f-Q12 pam! v ' . an." -Q, ffwqi. gk -1 +I .-' --.-4-'vel ,N Lf-K". , J .- ' 535'-:,?fvi4,'-sf5g'?A,q5' ,L - A 1.Afg5.-.'g.M W- I , , K g,- A-Q ' 5 ' Zia? 5f,4b"f'Qa A , .. 5,-:f,:'1'N.'ks. """,-- 4 X. - ' Tffl Y .4 "U 1. 'U . W, K . '-. -. .Ivy - . ' -K i W? 'L , x K. .wt-Y b 1 M, "fp .Jr - f , '.i'4"f.1' -,- - ' J 31.-. "H 1. ' X- "Q ,ual - . N H , L, V, ' --'ZC45-,,, " f 'A ,v ' 1 J-. Y h 1 "F-'lin-FAI . V , .J 1 I 1 ,fgx A. L BASEBALL 'Q "-"5,.33.7 ' ' ' - , 5 5' gfE..f y X ig.,- , . .. ... ct.. .... ,, . ,ix--iq "l'ss:w9l31I'f:1fQQ'El ' 5 N S, , ww -e ,. -,, , , .af A' H: . . 1 r-- X I ts: 3? Q. Vffif 5 I, ff, 'S st, 5, gl rf f we s - "af 1:11. -E 1:-1 WZ- ff, ,P I 2 , - . '14 I ' V e 'fi . .,., . I I' I w i ' -:wif 5 ., I , F 5 f ' L L . fit' ,, s sr l f"f1, Q14 - 'If 5' 'F' sa: Qs, is , . V: X , L -"f,, f " "I 1 - 3' . , P J f -li 5 ,, in .. Z' 1.15 .4 -f 1 ,, S.. kg-:.:f '- 5 - f- . it Y W- T HF Nl -A7 x' bfi t xQTj?a I A ' I 5 , , ids: k . ' :" ' 4, , . ., . v 5 , v .V ,.'.v,,Q A ' Ly, , , 5,-:gp Q- ,4 N- V as , , X V Q INV ArQ'l.." vlgfhlgf glshrfwi 1 N V I f-,ffl 1835 'Stiff' ST Y A Xiu. 4 . L wr . fr ,rf In TH NKIHI ' Q X, jf , My ,ity M-IHIQ4 NN. 10, XQ j-J',f' I Ib- 'fr . , .Q ' , h If . X. , bxjl, r vxllillf' 'Simi I , -'14 as 1 '59 g ' fs: 54 tiff. s xt' 'TWD 5 ' - - H . -M. ' - ' we' I . f' s I - f '...'L-,,.-I, , P""li1ree-at 'Vi , dai -,,,.,, . ,, , ' l - ii," xyk' .' P' l xg , -'A' and L can Jw- l Eff. ,sw -- guise.- J'- ' s 1955 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-Run' J lohn XY'atson, Brad Bauman, Huh Iltnsley, Dick Ianaghan, Chuck Rahev, Iliad Anderson that Imyl, Darrel Richardson, Hill XY'hiting, Leu Kuch, Cary Hush Run' 2 I-Gob II-'dt-rman, Hob Huntington, Snnnv Horn, Dt-vald Sw-islier, ll-mic Vigil, Hob Elmore, Ron Sandell, Coach 'Xlunu XY'hitIord Run' I Dunne Xewt-in, Lt-R-rv Nlitchell, Dale Iilacls, Dick Strub, Duck Heetsch, Duane Carman, Don Holland, Diamond Squad Has Imp Wfith L. XW. "Mun" XY'hitford, the Panther base- ball coach for 27 seasons, at the helm, the 1955 baseball squad had an impressive record of 12 vic- tories and five defeats for the season. This banner year for Coach Wfhitfords Panthers included double victories over South Dakota State, Qmaha, and Drake, with single wins over Nlankato Teach- ers, Wfartburg, Loras, Iowa State, LaCrosse Teachers, and Coe. The five defeats came at the hands of Wfartburg, Iowa State, Wfinona Teach- ers, Loras and Coe. Derald Swisher was the Pantherys ace pitcher with a record of 5-2, and Duane Newton had the best batting average with .4l5. 32 ressive Season 3' 5 9' ft f fi- Q, 5, 5 'I iv' I D I73 Leading The Attack Throughout the season the Panther mound .. ,,-.. corps turned in sparkling performances. Der- 5 ' 1 ald Swisher, the Tutor ace, had a record of 5-2, 1 V1 K . s" Gary Bush had 3-2, Bob Boderman had 2-U, and Darrel Richardson compiled a record of 2-l. Qffensively catcher Duane Newton led the team in hitting with an average of .415 and also led in runs batted in with 27. Sonny Horn, who finished second to Newton in hit- . ting with an average of .383 and second in runs HTA." batted in with 21, was the team's leading home run hitter with 4 to his credit. Defensively hrst baseman Howie Pigg, who played all 17 games on the schedule without committing an 3.3 error, was the defensive standout with a per- l'ircher liarrel Richardson tlirim in the Panther hull pen, Centagc of limo' Tl1sSsfHCf0f5 Cmqtributed to the highly successful season for the Panthers. Bula Botleiinan triples against Omaha University to help lowa Teachers win both of their games against Omaha. GMRS -8- ,- 'I-.1 t' '- ., ,ef , " - - - -- "1 . -. . v .. . H -.I X Q -If "',f "yi" ""lif-P.'n'Mf" -1322 'isgfvg' "Qi-""9-2' 'HQKQ .' Y- I-.Q ' -4,-.. - , 1 . ' f 3- i .' A ' ., V -. Jw M 'U' 1' t'. 'f E: :rl-. . l 'I"h"3". , .525 4. ' ' Hs'-Q' ' I74 Howie Pigg stretches for the put-out against Iowa State. Panther ace, Derald Swisher, warms up. X lv - .. 1- ' ,, eiaxijzab' , ,S -. -S f . I ff'-azwigszize-Q-1,1if-, .5 5. I- in ' of ,, WN. XMWMX ..,. ., X . aa.,. P 1 - S, "S 5 ,wef"" v .. M. 1 A,,.1j-f- . 42:9 .I , ,I vb. xN Dick Strub makes the force-out at third base against Iowa State, as Iowa Teachers split the two-game series. I ' F Y S--.....,,-A li,-igf D4 I ,Ai 07" I A- ry:-" el' u L. Iuoh Iioeiernian and Duane Newton talk things over w ith Coach Xiu ii" Xkihittorei. l955 SEASON'S RECORD Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa TITCHCIICTS Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers In AN' a Teachers I I I SJ 5 9 2 fa 4 I I 3 'H 7 v 7 7 4 si 'H LJ Season is record : Mankato Teachers 2 South Dakota State 4 South Dakota State 2 XY'artburg . . . 3 XY'artburg . 3 Iowa State . . 5 Iowa State . . . 8 XY'inona Teachers . 8 Iooras ..... III Loras. . 4 Dniaha . 2 Dmaha .... 4 Lacrosse Teachers . 4 Coe ..... I2 Coe . . I Drake . I Drake .... 4 I2 wins and 5 Iosses .-.V-L , - -- ..... s- be .N .F Q 2- Lg' wi, ..- S , , as., Boh Bocierman tires a strike by an opposing XVarthurg player. - . ' :Q 1- Q wiv-Fa' f H, X. E 9. A., ,,,, -" ' -- L , .V ,Ii ' A I ' .-. 4-i sh, "P "' T'fh " QT- Q ' r A - zz.-U - 5 3.4-fa." L1.L1'.J."'i.A-.2 zbsf' , ""' ' ' A A 'fe-'fit IU I 'A I - S f I ,J J " . vb I 1, JI ,- Q - , -W , . z. ie FV eg I L .Q ., . Q , ' I ' T ' ' I - '4 1 - gm q- , ,. I I. x ' fist --Q . 4 6' gl. Q I V- A 1- -4--if-.Q-'-ss A -..- :ZF Q3 T3-g'3tL'fz ' . . . ' . 214.1 .4-.5 1 TQ . , I we I-ifge sg ., A tv-Q 4: is- '11-g M 1- ,L aff-Q , ,. , .igggigg ffegi g j5i,,,, 5353- . " Jer 1-'fe'.5f..'t.,'::1 f ' N, fa-as K3 . x -in , 4 :Fig .K . .af .beg intgfiigz-,613-fix-1:A-f v1.5 if Qs . 2.4523 .: F-If '."' qiff' '- ' 'H' 'f 23 1' - QfJ'f2Q"'.7f' 'fl ---- - ' A hase hir ia registerecl against the Panthers hy an opposing Loras hatter. Sonny Horn rounds third after hitting homerun against XVinona Teachers. .P f A. . 3 ' Q 1 V fx " . x D A ' A-kg: , xx - 'Fi' ' .. V ti '- 3,1 Q' .' ',. . ' 'N ? , QV A ' v Z . . . , N fi ' , FQ. 4, Q . ' N VERY- - Q fi-fl ff T K: -.ff:S.'5 Y 1, z, 94' , S 1 ,fp ' st" 'Q fix "M -712 ' g S- - C W: M -fi " '- f J' 'Y ..,. .. 1 " ' ' if . . Q 'o 'ik ' K , , -N , , vw 'M' , W ,W ,.,. ,, - E ww I W. , -N , , - 1 h V ,MQ ,. N... , -M .. ,Y , N, V ' 1 . ., , , Q 5, I . .W.1""" ' . ' " ' 'S 3 ' " ' ' .. 5 x ' 0 ' V, i" , " - wr mb L, Y -,N . " gf ,. i-f . 5 -1 'Q A V4 x-, .TA , - Q fu -Y ... ' ' Q 4..w..-.-3.1 P 1 .A LL T -Kris Sk ,... J .. 'Y ni h A , V A , 4 Y H . Y ,ff .Qui ,. d I ' ' .sf QI.-.,',, , -' . .. - .,4.,., . ' ',,,'..4 g"' 4 h ,, ', h ' .-'-'-LQ -f r A -'W -n :1 -3-.. ' . . M '-- 4 N' -,' f-".V W --V -. -1 f , '.-" . Rig-1--...,,. ' "T A N. 5 an . xx sg- . K: A-, -r.Fw:f.f 1 Q - H , 'Aix L , . , -- f . y-.. 'f '- fa N .wr f M -., . sn-' ."- ..-,, ,. . 1- -. "' . ' '.-- " "-X' -M - "' ."- .'."-15 .-'I " - - A " .V . - I "x W ix .- Am,-- bwxsrr. -V 5-5-q.g?lm. M , pp. f"...,- ,. ' - - , - -,- .qc 5 H-.Qf"D"' ' -'-.,,,1' . - 1 --1 .QV V X 1. - V '. - - -:H--1 5- 1 5--f' . -N, Y-.1-" V , ' "Q, - ' x ,A X-' 3 Q- 4-7 ' -'N' ' ,,. - . - . .5 . , ' f., ,-, 1 .. . -, -.v ,. aw.. , ., H ., , .- , -. - 4 1 - --Y' ' 1-Q. ' .:-.':-- -.M :A 4, ,, , A. A : ' ' V - ' ' " i .:':'... T' 4" - 2, , fu-br-, Q '-r- ' -' f 5'-,g ' Sonny Horn takes a powerful cut. ,, , f, 1 . .X ,f .A , '.l! fi' yi pf . , '16 SSX ' h ' ,,,,.:Qv" I x 2-2 ff: ,V 23 ,. ' 3QE,y "?":i1- , 457153: ' ' - , ,. l - .311 , .. 4 ,g ' ,fm '- ', - "cf: .:.- ,5,,," -1 '- 41 .,.,.,,, ., '- in 9 W ". f Q ' 'A . X-" nm idimaitir. 5 -- Qs F - V ' " LL.:-.g..:,L '.,IQ..'-.9'.gEgs ' -,?E?:1Qi.-N. .4.i .- .'- , if-,, f .I ',,,M,,.,,,,, ffl' -',' . xv: . ' , f'igij"' ' 1 . 1 f - n b i" gv:w..:,,,', Af' . 31 '. '?:.4 - t' T "' S, .,- Q' In 'ww' I L - V, ' 5't1"'! 'ffl " ' ' v ,. --. 1 . -. 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'.,'. f'q-- ' ' x ,I -,, - -. .1 X A9 A - V 1 " , ' MO.- .'.. ' al-5? V' H. f A 31.'nI..n2o , 1' ,Q -' ' :'- 134' , -- 1 - - , . Q . ,Yr Q. - - ' - -- - ,- ' . W - ' - , it X. , . , -. ' . Y A . V 5. gl- .7 -f ". 4 . ' r- I' ' - D, .h -14. ,rf if -gi..-1-:Q . k3fE,.', -,.:j,,, . ,t 5' -. V' -'xi-T7--J". 'jg Q. .' -. 'L'-' - L , .' 13.3- .A I '!1 n ,L -l 1 Af-7' ,',1,A'.-?.?i5J,1N , Nur. . .,. ,, . N.,-,1 Y - . f. ,,-'- 'f"1'-Af ff-.-, 1-ff 5:13 .f-, ,w,. .QL ,Ll r Q M .. .tg .,.' ., .,,,' 15,3 Q-v,,, U .. It Q -5 P.. ., . - 4.0-. .A 5. , WV 5, ,.- .4-I ,. ' ' ' ' 1 f' 'z ' "" "u '77,-s-." .' Y. -J Aff' . 1 A ,- '- - -1 . 1: Q.. "' 4544" '.-'EW-. '-"' A- ,,.'1,iif1f',,g3,. '.L ' --,'. .A - 1 .4 ff. 4,4 'PAQ ' ',g q ' ,f , ' : k f-f 1 , , '15 .5 .'1f.P"',' 111,575-'f 0 ' P' '-1-AG" fi- V.: .i?,, "6 - f ,- Y ,.,4.,gb,.4s1r.,1-,-,fe: :iff ,,.. ,, J dw-, Wfq-4:37, ' - , Q, ,, -- -. . - -42" - I, .. - ,rs , . .,' -. -.-vt M. '11-?1gAE,'Qa,v1l6'Af:,f-v' --'lm .,:3F,.,.'.,! , ,. 445. 2, - -. - V . ,Q 'f ' - ,. .-'Lf .24 ' ,- " . 1 :-, , A' ' 'units' .. ' ff? " -Egjylbfzff --5-'f'.'L3':"?hvJ"'v'3:-EzQ'.4f+f .f--2-,..p - . . fb ,T ,..-Q 'bg' Lf. ,Q .,,, auf-7 ,xfffjl ' -. 21445-fa: 1.f:.4ff: -' A - - P nv -- J- E E ' ., ,A -., -. H 4 .- f ' Q . 'r '--g ' '.1f+5:-mlm f zafari , -:.1L- -r 'ae' n 1 sg .,-. its wk, ,Q , , Wm ,NQSASQE s'f",3.i'i ta: TRACK i I ' l 3 Sc-Lag W '+I mam 1' 1 ,. if 5.-mutt 'usa -sg, E39 " sm" ,T T. ,. 1055 VARSITY TR.-'WIK TEAMMRnm I 'Stan Noiulthurg, ,lack King, Hon Snliiioiisini, Ron lwiiv, Doug Hutler, Hill lisher, Larry Kruni, Hill Nielson. Row 1 Holi Lang, Leroy Dunn, Pete 'l'owie, Clitiek flieeiittt-nil, 'lim Roslyn, fuuck ll-tii1nukx', Roger Imax, Cary Mcflvny, Hill Holmes Run' 3 W'nyne Cerlwii, Huh Taylor, Nrnie XY'eslphnl, Dean 4 Ianni, Cary Clrirhnin, lim luntlqin-sl, Dick Raiiwn, Dau- ffoeipei, f,n.ith Art Dickinson Thinelads Second In Conference Track coach Art Dickinson led his Panther thin- clads through a highly successful indoor and out- door season in 1955. The Panther indoor record was 3-1, with victories coming at the hands of Cornell, Coe, and Xlffartburg. The lone indoor defeat was at the hands-of Grinnell. ln the Mid- Wfest Championships at Naperville, Illinois, the Panther delegation placed Sth. The Tutor out- door season was highly successful with a record of 6-0 in dual and triangular competition. ln the conference meet at Fargo, North Dakota, the Panthers finished second. The team finished the season with a record of 9-1. I79 4 , H,- Jon Kolsrucl, Panther weighnnan, tlirous the shot. I955 SEASON'S RECORD Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers 74 49 72 88 911 71 89 56 701 78 Cornell . Cvrinnell . Coe . . . Wfartburg Coe . . . Crinnell . Augustana N.Dak.Ll S. Dak. Ll Wfartburg . Upper Iowa . Rl V43 Solfzx Sllfgx 03 ff 43 I 30 5873 42 rr olfz l 1,143 Indoor Meet? Telegraphic Meetxx Mid-Xlffest Championships: Iowa Teachers Eighth North Central Conference: Iowa Teachers Second , -anim J ,lack King passes the against Grinnell. v V X baton to Stan S' l , X l f 'X ws- . i A 1, .:.. b jg i I Q i .4 -, his ' . ' mn. x . " F :1 5:45 . .5 5' 135, .L 5' -WA 4. vs. ri, x fi ' x XX P Y ' Q , 1 R ' .1--W-L, i- 'ks X4 1 ,X 4 , Y 'ina lf., , flv' I J. f...--A V S 'Y , . ,Q Xn,,- v - ' 21 7 ' ' -s Ni- , Z J i- 1' Q - ,-...W -v - Norenberg in the mile finish line. W ' :ff -A 4 .. ,. rf! Bb.. ..., gt , .,.-,..n6b--fs - 1 -, ,.., ..., ,, ,4v3A- 5 ,vb S. "' ,Q si V' ,- 'QNR , Q vial. ."'.rv is Q QQQLSQQQIP X ,g f N" : .i?E'. ' i 'Riu , ."V:1..g , 'WZ'-f"il.-I"'f-f'1-f'ffI5'ZIf 1Q3"prf:m1F1K-. L '-'-, Q' 'Q a- ' Swan? -rf J: A ,::?gi'f'f:M?ff3.:. ' vw. '--' .. -Qwfakffr-P ,fn , -Q ' I -firm, .1 .s,va.1.m5 - -' 'fI"l.1 if31:591:13h+Q??fr"'f3444-Y-iJ5:r5,, : "'- fr F.-, 'Leyii,:g,,- V , ,:g3",4, cw- ,,0,,3,.,.A. I V cj. A iffy" ' ' J ' ,, - al. 1- . , L , A 1 X, . V 'lfNfff:.'.4,'Y".' .V 1, 1 1 A f:Q1i9'?3li7?"Y' K.,,f4f',4T:,gffe5i:f-4, -V , 5 . ..-'Qi relay It looks easy, as clistnncenian Darrel Cfmuriy Crowes the v ' 'H Q' ,wi iv A, . -47 2f5l.Q,l i. f i, Q ig, Q ' v 15-f i -ff' L'iT 1 , ' s T. Vi gfn u K- ,Q-A 1 4 iff -haf if 4' .. 5, . f s V . , ss!-wifi' 'nz . .-N,N ff, 2 .9 i. ,,.. Q 'N Hurling the discus is Panther iiciglinnzm Don Kolsrud. , .-,, ml' I8I S xx xxx -,.,,,- il" " q xi I1111 lv-x11-11 knlv IIIQII 111 ch-11 thc lmr in thu high iump ill thc ,lim Lundquixt clciux thu l1n1' ill rhc pulc vault i11 fl nig I1 M1111 C ullvgu Rulux mcct with Cfuc. llnry Cl111l1n111 !'111iNl11-N N1-un1d in the hlll'LllL'N ngninwt C11'i1111cIl. 1955 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TE.'XXl-LflI'I'j l lotfer, hill Xu-l-ini, ,lim Clartliiivr, llnrel Voiixiay, XY'ilhui' Pleining Harriers Split ln Dual Meets Gut of the nucleus of 22 runners, Panther cross country coach Art Dickinson selected a quintet of liarriers that had a 2-2 record in dual meet competition. This quintet was made up of Darrel Conway, Wfilhur Fleming, Larry lloffer, Bill Nielson, and lim Gardiner. Conway was the out- standing runner on the squad, placing first in three out of the four dual meets. ln the first meet of the season the Panthers captured the first three places and defeated Luther IH-37. ln the seasons second meet the Tutor harriers were de- feated by Loras 24-35, hut Conway captured first place for individual honors. Grinnell de- feated the Panthers in the third meet of the sea- son 20-38. ln the final dual meet of the season the quintet of Conway, Fleming, Gardiner, Neil- son, and Terry Brown took the first five places to give the Tutors a 15-35 win over Xlffartburg. ,lack King starts out on the first lap of the mile i lax L , AZ. 'GI -Y - - f . i33"?,-V is, 1' 55 ff-.' 13 41 , Q al tqiittiff' 4 -i erra- r'iii'f - f' -M 2 ir, t,,,, T --.3 rf K , 'xii li i' bv i , ,..:,.....m.,.,,,- , ,, 'jf ' a, , . , -' - - -, .hmm , . W V' ML' ' ' -54:44-V - .V 1 .ix -W ' .fl T 'v,'L,:-,- ' 'F' " LLLQ Q 4-of.. -ana-4 QOCQ-- - ,866 ' "' 'i"f4f'C'-l'o-..c.... N ,, , A-an agxg, 'N ' 7 't'?""v-v-w-..-ff-v-.N . A . KA W -,R .M- M. A C -,X 4. 1 N .X X l 1.43-.4-'x' 'Zip XJR 4 ' . . , x . Q -x. - , , . -- .A xr. ' .A r - -. - ,"' 5' Y' 1."i5k.f-, wg. gui. Q. :,gf,',i?' 1 A',,'j 5 -. y- 1-, 2,5 AVSSJQ. tg .1,!AQc..,.-:ir-,fu 1,,k, A .fx-wi lv- -H . - .vs -1 -. , W .w -J, r '-- ,Q .- . ' fi . 1 ' LN... J"-'V , wr -52.13-.3i2!.4.,g.I'i,g.,, 1 A :ff-"N-L! xx.-1? X M ',j,:jv 5 .Dx - ,.. f-1' . - ..1:x f,s 1. vlfgf... x . , , . - - L.. . ." as N.-YQ. n.,.'-M, .. -1 -5- f' . - . 4.5. in , 4 'Q 2:-f'-34 'LI,p5"L .lisa ' ' . 71. - 'Qt A SQ-. 25? . . K + ' . Ac Semi Af- ' fn ,rig-J x " ilzil t 0, V ,K 5. .. N, .. ,, ..-.Q 4 I , 8 hx - . , . . . I' , 9 -. .., NN ix? N'-.5 ' -'Q,,, X ' ', 1, 5 x ,Q ,.,,s A - -' 'za I " 2- AP Q -EQ '- . 0 ' ' "Q , J 'Off' - 'V Q Er ' sQ:f..:".7'. Q ai - 04" . f'y'-V54 ,, . e ,A ,sh - N Q x L-4A 'By Q'+'f" ' LAK. ., rkfi-TIC a .,A . . AA v ,- ' v 4- 1f4::11'fwf, - , f -hr ' VXI . K NX m C., 'O fr- , r . , ,-5. 3-. - ' 14. , .. ' - nn- . - -r' q ' 17:56 --X N iz"-'Z 1 , X-X H, X'- 551 4 1."3'41 N "'..L -4 .1 ' ma? I 5, ' Q . - . 5 , W . 3 -' - 4 "',-:Q "Aj, - . x .':..,' -V.--' ff..-I- k - ,l .w,,. . w ' . X 'P , -,T,'L i, 11,4 , b P 15624 X 4, -AX' '. .: '.'kLlii..: in fl . ny' ' 1'-s. is . .. ., -C. s.. 'Wre--,.A -1 1' v 'Q K 'Q' 0.9 G x . ,.gmyg4,K "f-iwlrlf V .fx Jfqf.,-5 1, ,. Q1.jK slag... 5f5fl" RQ.:-M 'r n , -Q. ' - rl nf ' S'-J 'jet' nu- f.-4y-.w-4- T4.fiSf'.:S ' " J? .. 2, Huw Xb.. .xg 1-.5 gf . , . . "9 ' , 111-xy ' . 4- z . , 'lem ,LN my ' 4 1 I A -.X 'Wa ' wg' '-lgigq. ,, 4 '. I - , rg... .M Us '36 , ,.w,.1wA X ' ' ' , 35:81 uv-.S ,., Y ,W -wg P A 'I lie-,'.,s . nga 1'-Siu , ,gvufi G M- View V, ,: TENN S " . ' '1:'.f35'1H. ' ? . ' ' - - 11:35 t -X New ,,',.,, . bt Q4 ea.: . N' -fffff' H-S ' Gi ,. in.:-wi-"2-'iz' s , . 4' .4 :::Q.fQs3fQ7":fb--3:-' ' sssvgqjs - rjr- ., -4-::', 'bats ' .- .PI--,IP .M s Q . . 'frs-Rf. ' ' ii.: ., . .. ...t. X . . iss ' - I I - .X -:f - ' T. q.5gbi1..:'Q : fri- -ft., 'I:"??- .. Se'-I f'ii5e115""": . . X WI" -.N l?1:1--fSr.... ' -. .1 , 1 5 " ' ' ' "" 3' I - ,. b e A ..:.:.,. Q- .Q ' Qlxglplzlg-gig KW.. Si., gs mwmw wm t .g A -... . . ., , .. . .. . .. -. . ,, ,,4, ,, MN xxx.,-.:,,,..,..,,.N,.,w,5-5x.,., '.N..s, ..Mn ,Iv N -A ,Nx.':1e' . Nf.e..,avm... ,. . g . . ,..,,,.,. 45 ..,, x,,. 1 A Eff ifxil ., in T "" - t ggi-ig' .g ag . .Q .. riff, I A . -is ' . as . R . gpg- if .. -: A .- .. .. . .......A...... M. ......- -Iohn Van Epps and Bob Bourne made up the Panthers top tltnulwles comhination during the 1055 season. if etmen Third In Conference Coach Stan Hall, who took over the reins of the tennis team from Bill Koll, guided the Panther net- men to third place in North Central Conference standings in his first year as tennis coach. Coach Hall had the services of three returning lettermen from the 1954 conference championship squad, Roger Hessenius, Frank Carthey, and john Van Epps. Bob Bourne and Paul Melichar made up the rest of the squad. Having an up and down season the Panther netmen finished with a record of 3 vic- tories and 4 defeats, In the conference tournament at Fargo, North Dakota, only Frank Carthey and Paul Melichar were able to gain victories, The Panthers failed in their defense of the conference title and finished third. l955 SEASON'S RECGRD Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers Iowa Teachers . 2 ,II . 5 'X J . O , U , 8 Upper Iowa . . 7 Crinnell . . D Wfartburg . 2 Upper Iowa . . 4 Loras . . . I Iowa State . . 8 Nlffartburg . . l North Central Conference Tournament: Iowa Teachers Third I85 nj, 1 K F v . 0 . 'r '1' I o :Q TJ- . . Q Q. xl . I , . ,, Qs . Q gw - , ! Q . , ' 'Y ' Chg I . O l ' , I V o N ' 'W ! - qv- . , 1 - . of' ' -if A ff" .KI N Q -, . Q Q .QQ Y- ' ' Q rl . Q , -.Q ', W' f, I . .- ' Q '- Q 11 ' ' . 'fn' ' ' -, - ' V ' V" n x . A 'ins ' 7 ' -Q Q0 - x-Q Q , . -' .- - f , 1 f -. H ,NJ , g - -' Q 1 Q- Q 4 'nb Y In v , Q QQQ .. .QQ , - if mQf CN ' Y -'Y' - X, " - lg' I- ' ' - - . ,L 'QAQ ' '-r'Q - - 1, ' , J' .QQ K 1 ' 5 f,Q ' , 'Y - ' , 'x' " ,, R-1 . ' . -' .i ' N1 . 1 - ' Lo 1, . 4 ' L .f ' O, . I ' 4 ' A , 1 , -Q!! . - Q,-, 1 , ge' .' QQ -, Q H ,. ,j. ,, . -1 ' ' ' 0 ' - ' ' K - , Q Q. QQQ Q if . A- Q 'ls . -ffw ' 1 , .. .' ' . , ' 2 3 t 1 Q, Q Q Q J., , Q,. Q Q .Q,-. Q Q Rl , Y ,QA - K Q QQN . I - ' . ' " ' ' A , 4 -5, Q t , . lr, 1 - " .U .ggwff f-' 1 . '..L-7414,-.A., Q . . - 4 - 1 Q QJ: l ,A Aw,-Qyi-Q ,Q-QVJQQ Q Q4 ig. v K -' " fx K . 1' 1 ' '., , Q , - , - U g . 3 ,QQ Q- Q Q- .Q ,,4.1' yn Ki , ,-Q1 N , . , 'Q-"' n ' f "Q -s' 1 x4 ' r . f. -. A f- 1- ' . , fff . n "lf" Q "4 ' 7 'AZ' 'N' ' Q? , . ,Q . Q - , -, . 4 . Q Q . -,-:- "Gs f. .Q-'fr M ,, 1 - - , F ! .- ' .xi 5, ...,xsQ,,.-., Q 'Atv . .. Q Q x QQ'-a Ny: I .- ,, Q ,. -1 Q-QQ. ' Q I .,. - - ' ' ' '. if 1' .' Ha- 'f.f.,f.-.-"?'1'N ..-V-if' ' - . -"' . ---F .- - x -if-f ' ' Af 1 : .1 . 4 : ,, Q '. - Q ' Q w . 1, K X' Q . Qfn Q Q J , Q QQ " vi? -QQIQQ kxyi, QS,-1 'Or A .1 , 1 ' -Q "I - ' , " ' ' . . . v Q S. I I , - Q, lj Q, 4 I,,- iv' ' -,'4',- ' ' Q ff. ' -f , ,.Q, ', -Q .. Q -Ts. ' . . :.QQf9,a:Q'1 QL, - ,if QL: K Fl-A -2.1 QlQ3QQlQ?Q,FQE: Q, Ji .A QQ QQ4ff5..QQ ' -5" ' ' ' " "xref ww: ' r f 1- "" ' ' Q, , Q ,. ' Q ,J T. Q . QQ,',Q Q, Q.: QQ. .4 ' Q . 5, - - . . . - - f' , ff' -f Qd -bf-f.!'m k ',.1- ,h - Q . ,Q QQ Q- , . 1, ,Q .rf 0, , Q 4 ,Q W - t -451,0 QQ,-, ' , ly,4Q ' 'u -xy ' 4 'iq' . '1q,"4f-. Q - .Q , .49 A . H .3 ' 'A F pi'ff' gl 'gf' ' uf" ,..: I'-f"n"??' ' ' , 'ki 0 ' - Q91 --4 Q 0 yn ., - Q ,, Ag- t . . ,-'- , ,.'-9 fb. . ff'-,,-, " 'f ' N 1 ' 'li I 4 - , ..- f . Q--. g . -a' ' - ff Q. A , v 5 My . A. - 1.2 A .' 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I -v-s 4 ' I f' ' 2 A. -' .swf 1, .I-5 .- V.-f 1 '- ' -r, 4' , I ' 'F - x 'S 2- ' ' ' QA Q Q. kv ,, , , QQQ Q . - " -1 - ' - L. . -f QQ Q . .. ,. , - Q .Ing QL , Qi ,Hb 'J' ,. - .- ' if. ,. - , . n " - -' "' L ' 1. N t Y' ' ' - W - "Nat - A- 1- , av - - .. . ' ' 2 Q .M , ,- f "' . ,'..' ' Q' 'ffl v '- X- -- ' . " ' f- .Q , Q , , , QQ Q sb - Q 125. AQ ,Q Q Q QQ- 'WJ Q ,Q fc'-v " Q P ' 4 'S+':. .' f .Q - ' ' '5 ,-. - Q' . 'u. N 4' 1 Q If A" Q l . - ,.L' 'f 'v . . ' sf ' ' f " - - - ' '-. ln . . Q Q A ,Qu Q Q 'Q , Qui, ,QQ Q 5 0. ,SQ-Q.Q . Q . QQ, Q -,.,h 21,16 I Q,, I . Q - ,Q 0- . ' .- .""5 A - if ,Q.,"., 'L - "' . . '- '1 . - . QQ Q' A . 1 'Q aff' , . 'j' 1.51. ' . ' Fw, y .. , ' " ' - , ,, , ..- ' -3.41 ' , -fl . 1 1 - ,Q M - . , ' , :wgg f - . ' Qc- ' 'T . . 5 ' l VS-- - -- 1 T Q .Q-Q Q- -. . Q - . Q- . Q - .1 "-' X, - 1 o-f.' 'r .Q ' . , , Qi-Q4 ' ., 1 .' A GOLF '54 s-., f l Q. .., -I-x-e' 'Y N . ,V Z., si :K "U ' f r f . , .hgz-3 3-.ilgw K va . Q iv-.'iXfL1ukg,,, 4, .vez 2, 1 .,,.x , JL. ,. -..C -g,.+.-x...-.La ... , ,..' -- '...',,.....,- ,,- .J ,,, ., , V.-'xRSlTY GOLF Tlfflihlflhlph Capitanl, Bill Darlaml, Rollie XY'rley, Coach lun Vlnrk, liutl Hlnrr, Dick lynch Golfers Second ln Conference After a seven year reign as golf champion of the North Central Conference, the Panther linkmen were dethroned by the Bisons of North Dakota State. lim Clark, in his second year as golf coach had the services of three returning lettermen from his 1954 conference championship squad, Bill Dar- land, Rollie Wfiley, and Dick Lynch. Rounding out the Tutors, quintet of golfers were Dean Cramer and Ken Morgeiisen. After a slow start the Pan- ther golfers hit their stride and finished the season with a record of 4 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. ln the conference tournament at Fargo, North Dakota, Rollie Wiley took medalist honors for the second consecutive year with a 27-hole score of Ill. The Panthers failed in their defense of the conference title and finished second in the tournament. lowa lowa lowa lowa Iowa lowa lowa l955 SEASON'S RECORD Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers 5 lfj fa H lfg llllfw SV2 f SW: . Ill Crinnell Luther . Drake . Wfarthurg Loras Luther . Wfartburg North Central Conference Tournament: Iowa Teachers Second o V2 0 Al lflw -sf- 1 'fr Ulf? ZW: o I87 - fi 'i a . N f . 'fa Q 4 .LX Y 'i Y' . ' - A ., I '- -ra. .. ,f J " 1,011 . , K-pls! ,' 4- Q ,f 1 A' ?j, rf", " f - A .' 1 ' " 5 . " ,K ' x" I 1931: -,. A, . N N ,-. ' 1'8" E, M y i :I i . - 9 ' F. -- V Q Q' 74, ' 'bf' iv r I' a ,f 3. if .A Ne i -. -I " . ' - - T' " 1- N . 1- it V- " ?. ' - -- it in.. ' ... if -a i 1 i .A K Ffa. v AY' 'Z A. I 'A ,,,. ...PW ln... an If Y 5' -I X N 1 L- I .- L an - V Y. l - - 7 lllfi!-UL - -M i rr 1 A mn 'A ii: -, i vt I A v xi.-N. . . 4 . ,s Y ,a Q A 'i i ' S ' li 3 ' 3 .3 N , 2' If 'i h . .' I 'Q vi 4 , 559.-fr' ' I O1 A ,ix 4: I . . . .Q W, . 1 ' X , .51 ., , . 4 .. ' rn V i . A A. N- , " , Y -. ixlIQ:miiim'l'i.1N in iiixnlxui ix NxiugliaiilllillL'HII1XiNUIliL'. Participation In Intramurals Grows Hntii init-rwt and partiuipatinn in mcnis and xwimiik intramurais gram' wmidcraiaiy during thc paw yfar. Under thu dirt-ctinn of Dunnis -lun- wn nu-n wtiitium wart' ainiu tu takc part in both train Npnrts audi ax touch iciimtimil, bziskctiaall, and wttimli and imiividtiai contests such as chew, tiiuixt-rw pfini and iviiiiards, The mcnk intra- mtniii prngrain Ntivrrti as a happy mudium lnutwt-uri mmity xpnrts and iust iwing L1 spuntatnr. Under Wf'.iQ..,X. tin' X'.'fJiiiL'I1iS intramural priigram in- tiutit-tl iwtli tt-inn and imiixfidtiai xpnrts. Tcam Xpiirrx intiudud fit-id i1nti4uy, wccur, baskutiwali, and w-littyimiii. Imiixitluaii spnrts inciutlt-cl gait, Iuliiiia xttmtk .ind tumiwiing, tycling and Qkiing. Piiywitai igdutaticwn niairirs and minnrs survcci as mann watiiu during tin- intramural wawns. I88 ,-Xcrinn umiwr ilu- lwnnrdx L-xt-iiiplinw the Npiril ui the monk iwmkt-llmll prngrnni. bt ,r ..,-.f ..,- ,am kewl" BM- ' u- Ron S3l1l1UI1N1lIl uf Sccrluy Ilnll rlwmw n lump paw ru ,THIN Unxpux Pu- Dnvu C1JCI'IWCl .lf tlu' TQ-llw trim ru lwunlx up mln- play Going fm' the rulwfmml-lwndwrlwnll um only unc ul rllu many nctivitiex fm the mum-uk inrranluml PIUQITIIIX ,ax- .: xx lf f , I X A . : , ' X ax . f , Q 3 Q I. V, H E,-L Ella 1 . 'if A x .Q xr- . 1 4 ,. ' ' - , 'U . , . . .- - . .N v .., ,V A IW' k..,.M '-frw-mexxbff-V VM f- - .mess 1 ' 1 y-- - .-1-. 1: U I -A ,::,yz4ub- -'fu-. 'S i F' WV' , 1 Xin . ,g, ' , my 4 , 5, . f x X 3, Q' ' Q 2 , -EQ MQ? x i N A f' ' W . I an ,, . 1 ' X N' xg, 5 y 3 ax Q' 5 if ,X ' K ,Q I P ,N h, ,, .Q N Q N , 4 ,X X r S, .., 9 Y 3'-'FH .ix ,Q X H 'S 5 1 x e :- Q :,, - lv? X- ,fl .N , + X if Li X X PQ' . fag R 'Q' x l, fx X v N J T-Hill Unxpur PIFIWWIQX ru gn nmuml L-ml mx fl ' filif I T XY'r1gl1: rlmmx A lwy lwlfml imu an uplmxiug plnym lhlpll Ymrla pun rlu' lull on Hulv limulm Hx ln- flllk'lI1PfN rn xunu -, -surf ' 'c S T v, " Y'l",:1 . I1 V 'f7!'ax1": 3,515 :Q V 5, .H ' X - r. ul.!'iKQ f - .rv ,xv wx'41,fl1.: a ':. 'l', I' 'X ' W ' ' 'l'Vl. ' Elly ' ' 1 71. Nuff?-lf" -'U ' . .-', Au, f, ,-,f'1!l'aJ 'al 4... "Ja.fmus:- wry- r 5-F25 . I '.r vm 2 1.f"'."" -,Iy'1h"":ln:.g.' '. ff' ' ' v-fA'w..'s' ef.-lf.,-.f" - ,Cl-:gil -S-.-:.'14.I:e.u', -'N J .K ' 7, -' -- 1 A ,wah - . -'za' es .'v.,: -' 'nwavlff x S-eflelzlw--,f11v.:f. l 6, J, ,,,-,yy wlvv-,, -K '... -un. .-... fs..-if 'mv 11, .. , Wxznlm- may 1'-Arima f-v, - 1 u 'FF v S 7 Y, 43,3...,, Lg,-. xggyfi .gil :3,1t.'7qv- Zi f -::1':?E3f:"f A .1fvln:w1'nvfw'f"g,g' .Yilukpl-s'f 'fi' 21- ' ' f ' I H24 , H ., ,,:-bg 1avan'2:vs.:'.:Q y'2.- 34: gf' ' .13 it -.Qxi4:a5.noAg.sulili5:l 5' Lfl' If , 111. , Y A Q Q Q' 'S-!x5W." 'V l - 2, il ' qfglf, msn 'ff .. -41, W H l .,.-fn , numfatzf: :rf .L- l' 1' 4 'r , .1 g- W'Ksa.Q::: ' ' , R , 1 . , , -f-vw? L, ,,: . - -- , , A - ,V ,V V, f , V A - , I -. U. p 1, ,, pf I L ,J X ., 4 ' 1 '.-, - , gl ' -pw -K f'-- , 'Ks Q - l ' 1 I' : ,Q ,r --5 , . . if I I. 1- , . I . -1 xi., F 'C 4' Nl l x , "'f"'e--l'f" :,, . 1 I - ' , , P 4 Q .73 " 1 xi ' . A 'f " . 'V' , 'V 1 s' J L 1 fwf.. s . f ' x P V f o M ., .l 1 ..,,,,mw I nf , ws.-L5-L ji .f .J 5- ' "H" . f x. ' 4 A ' ' I . ' ,-, , ,l , A g. ,, . -A.. mm- 4.-1" Entntiraging pt1rticip.1tinn in wllt-gt .ictiviticsr wpcti.1lly athletic units i5 thc purpnst- nf Pup L onnpzi tl nut nrgtniizatinn nn CLIIHPLIS. fX"lc1n- tmtiwliip imltidu tlimu who arc intcrcstcd in wh 4w.w I nctixitiw and school spirit. St-lling liniiiufniiiiiig lwuttnnx spniisnriiig pup rallies .anti wlugtiiig tlicurltutlt-rw wt-rt' this year! nc- tixitiw. Spf.-cial .ictivitiw incltldcd writing thc wiixtitntinn .ind ixwisitig .1 plain for thc sclcc- tinn nt glitult-atit-r's. Thu council wants ulcctcd riiuiiilwik for linuxing units, varsity cliccr'lt'Q1dur's .intl thu Nl" flulw. Utiiccrs for thc yum' www .Xinilyn l,tmint1n prwititntg Hurlw Lucax, vicu- pim-xitluiit: -ltint' .-Xlliwn sccrctaryg and XY'ilniz1 .N1t'l,L1ttn fI'L'tlNLll'L'I'. Pep Council PIP' 1 mtLIXf ll R. V 5 Rntiw Iminnn I-Lnii intm, Xlmiixn lm ni in X t L 11 1 Y xhlIl'l1'!lxLl Ylri' f.i liimltf, Xiinnii bidi Rninrm l'xunnx, Rnnm XY ulplml, lmnli 'Xin i't If 1 7' ' ' 1 vi ti . i 5 5 I .- sw - g. 1 . L "L .61 . O , ,, 4' 'l" CLLlH-Run' I Ytrn-in Rose-ne, Duane fiairnnn, lit wer me in i n t i King, Darrell Richardson, Richard lsnnnuhan, Patrick Hilli an lx ii ll niltl li her lim ii Charles fireenxmntl Run' I R--her: Sharp, lranls Rohm in in rt en it mm ley, Dick Struh, ll-ter Towne, Rnheri Tail-ii, firm Hu li ti it x ,lim Rosien, Larry H-itler, Hill Nielsen, lion llollancl, lx htrt iz In Promoting athletics, loyalty to l.S.T.C and to the ideals and character of its members is the purpose of the Clulv, the lettermen's organization on campus. Annual activities were nominating homecoming queen cancliclates, electing winter and spring "lm queens, holding a Homecoming collee hour for gracls, and selling concessions at athletic events. Qflicers for the year were Roy Vogges- ser, presiclentg Ken Nichols, vice-presi- clentf Roger Leary, secretaryf and Don Kolsrud, treasurer. Sponsor for the or- ganization was Mr. Stan Hall. tiff g Tx fx Q, A GNOR N if Z! iogr s..' , '-.ll'llK l'llI MXXIXIX Rim' ' l'aul Nmitli, Hvx llivllilallwli, Nallx Horn, Hu llclong, Daw llalsci Run' 1 Suzannc- fioitlon, Dorolliy lli 1:1 Xiiwnia l'oll-mls, I-tis llnnlap, Wilnia 'Xlcl mn, .Xlaiy Ithitii Ipha Phi Gamma l'.3l1l Ninitli l,oii-tm Nlitltllt-ion antl Sally lloin look on .1 XX ilina Xlclaiuii uint- out hu plutlging cxainination g l ii , ,L - if J v V ,-l I94 Acliicx'c-incnt and ability in iournalism is rccognizccl hy ,lllplm Phi Qiiiiiimz, honorary iournalisni fratcrnity. 'llic organization strivcs to promote college wclfarc through journalism and to unitc studcnts ancl faculty who arc intcrcstccl in iournalism. Thu Jllplm Uincga Cilmplur' is open to all stuclc-nts who have worltcd on puhlications for thrcc quarters, including a stall posi- tion, and who arc- c-ligihlc scliolastically. l lighligliting tht- yt-ar's activitics wc-rc tht- spring picnic and tracli- tional Cricliron Dinner honoring publication staffs. Ulliccrs wcrc Sally llorn, prcsiclcntg Ed W1-st, vicc- prcsiclcntg Bcvcrly Dornhusch, sc-crctaryg and Allison lxllllilll, trcasurc-r. Flihcir sponsor was Miss Bcycrly llclong, assistant in information scrviccs. i BETA BETA BETA-Run' I Charles Allegie, janet Vattce, ltatty Hnkt, Doris Smut i x l lxrchait Kurtz Leonard Snimden, Ruth Daman, Yoshiichi Tanalsa, Nlarian liter, Bt-xcrit-c Rarnlei Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta, national honorary biological fra- ternity, was reactivated this year at l.S.T.C. after a dormancy of two years. The Delta loin Clmpler, which is the oldest teachers college chapter in the country, recognizes scholarship and promotes bio- logical research and achievements among both un- dergraduate and graduate students. lvlembers must have a minimum of 15 hours of biological science with a 3.0 average. Activities of the year included a meeting with Mr. Roger Tory Peterson, world renowned bird authority, author, and Na- tional Audubon Society lecturer, various Held trips, experimentations, and research work. Uth- cers were Patty Hake, president, Robert Taylor, vice-president, janet Pattee, secretary, and Dr. Charles Allegre, faculty treasurer and sponsor. I95 di, 1 lt! I litl lnlw 1111 11.1111111.11 111111111.111' 111'g.1111:.1111111 1111' 111111111 1 1.1111 111 11:1 11111 . 1.111111111 IN L11111111. A IN ' .111 1111111111 g1'.1111' .1XL'I'11'L' 4 11'1111'1'111111 111111111 11 ' , 11.111111 1111 1111L1,L'NI 1'1-11gi11111 .11111 11111111 1111111111-11 I A' .11111 I 11.111111 1111' 11.111111111111111 111 '111 111111111 1111 1111 39 N K 111 N 111111111 .111 11111 1-L'fl1111AL'111L'11tN 1111' 1111'111111'1'111ip. . 1' 1 11111111111 .111 1111113111 111 1111111111 1 11-11'1111111v 1111 NX111111111 11.111 .'X11L'1A 1111111111011 111111' .111 1111111 "' 111111111111 111 111111111.11111.11111-1'1111'11111-v1'111'. 1DLII'iI1" 1111 11.11 1 11111111 111-1111111 111111 1111- 11111114 1'x111.111g1z 11111111111111 .111 1111111'111.1111111 151111111 .11 11111111-111111111g. 11111 11111 .1 VAR12 11.1111.1g1-, 11111kL'145 1:1114 1111' y1'.11' 11111 1'i111'11.11'.1 1.111111 111'1'11111'111g Sally C1'.11111'11'i1: 1. 111f111'111111'111: .-1111111111 .N11111111 11'11'1't111'yg111111 1-111- 11111 .N1111111111111 t1Vk'11NL11Ak'1V. 111111111111111.1r11111 M111 1Q11111 1Q1'11.11111. Chimes N. 11' 1111! 1 1 1 1 .11 111111111 111 L.1.1111 Ng -1 ,J 11111111-11 13n1'11 l-l1cn1, L11r1111n X11111111111111, Sally 1-1111: A1111 11-J11111' 1111111111 1111151111 1111- 11111111 1-x 111.11131 1 1 1 11 X11 1111 1111111 1111 N111 f1111111x111' X111 11 V111 11 V111 1 11111 H11 W 1'.11l1 N 11111111 6 ? I sv' Toni Handlcn and Lua Xlunday discuss campus lov cn-ic activities xiiih Dr. Lillian XY'ngiiui' llcllii Ni nni H spnllstll' Tlic I.S.T.C. chaptcr of Della Signiiz Rho, na- tional honorary forcnsics lratcrnity, originated oycr forty ycars ago. This chapter is thc only chapter in thc cntirc nation locatcd in a tc-achcrs collcgc. Dtflzii Siilimz Rlio rccognizcs junior and senior students of good standing, who liayc par- ticipated in forensic coinpctition, haw a 2.5 gradc aycragc, and haw participatc-d in thc Spccch Ac- tivities Club. Qponsoring forensic actiyitics is thc main activity of this organization and its purposc- is to cncouragc thc highcst quality of participation in dchatc and othcr torcnsic activities. Ulliccrs wcrc Phyllis Crcggi prcsidcntg Toni l landlcn yicc- prcsidcntg and Luo Nliinday sccrctary. Ur. Lils lian XY"agncr scrycd as sponsor. Delta Sigma Rho Dl5l,T.-X NlliNl.X lJHf'lf Ron' i lill-an XY agncr Iii-llis lilo-: Kon' 3 loin llanilltn llolnit llmis, lio Xlnntlax ,if 'ir Q., .,, I, . pf: 1 -- . fi 16" 'v """"lln-1- , - 1 - -Y . I97 uf In imiiixtiiil ntx and xwmiitinimi udiicntinn ti-iiiiii-ix. They .iiwwmiiictud11-waitii in tcacli- ing imftiindx and !NJfL'!'i.1iS. Oliiccrs fin' thi- yunr unix- Qi.lI'iIUI1 Aiiiiuiwuii, prcsiduntg Ccnrgc E Hunn, xiii'-piuiiil,-nity and .lniin Ycagcr, sccrcf ' anyftimmiiiri'. E imiun Vi inn thu iiitui' iiniini'zn'y-pm- Twxiniiiii iixitwiiity' ini' xtudcnts intcrcstcd in in- - diixiiiii .nm .ind iniiustrmi uducatinn X iiiix .i riiiu-ii-id piirpim: It inuludu rcwgiiitinii X wi rin pimp ni xkill pwiiintiuiiuiwci.1iz1mipi'ix- il-winimii pix-fiiiuiiq' Lind thc fostering and rc- xiniiiiig ni I'L'NL'J"L'i1. A iunim' nr wnim' innjni' xiiiii .1 3,41 gixuiu inilux in pi'nicssinii.1i Cniirscs . ind .1 IF imiux ini nwr-iiii qnlli-gn work may min tiiix i'r'.m-riiity. .VXI imiutings tiiix yum' thc imiiiiwn uxpl--:ui iimttuw ni piwufcwiniial intui- L i i V i ' 3 is V Y f i 5 ,wb , - nfl. ' , 'I i ?x.- - 1. ll ' f i-- 1 1 A N Dr. ll. Ll, Palmer xiisClIvCN current puliciu mth ilnyn1idStnnMiiuN flII1I1illiUl'II1I1if!. 1 in Ti Tim min Epsilon Pi Tau HNIIHX Pl TXLI Rim' i luin liniiwii, Ruxsill Iullhrigiwt, flarlii-n Amiurwn, john Ycaqur, H C l'nlmur Run l ilnri Iii Ninn Ninnlm Xlili-N, Ilnn Hay, Dun liuliur K.'XRP.fl DELTA Plfllilir' I Oscar Tliompwn, Slielin Irish, Robert Riiuslw, ,Nliltlred llallhecls, Xlflflllllt Lernaiielt, Ztltln 1 lnisteiisen, llelxly Henson Run' 2 Hitlt-lui Toyama, Allison Nlulmli, ,loan l,JIKl!11.'ll1, Al-vt Nchxsnh, Xliltlrccl XY'wotl, T'-it-sn Crilznel, .Xlnrilyn Klrexe, Xoirnw Flaucher Run' f ,lwmes l-le-in-elrnan, lflaim ,-Xtlolphwn, Rwn Svlxtsttr, l,.1X'--n lflqlisiiii, lrtlrn H-iult Kay fnloitlsex, Ruth lt-ll--ws, l'l1xlli Herge, Daxid lfagle Run' 4 Patty Hwls Duane liuhmmn, Richard Nelson Kappa Delta Ri, national honorary educa- tional fraternity, has for its purposes to en- courage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards, and to recognize outstand- ing contributions to education. Members re- ceive a subscription to the Efdiaciilioii Torimi, a leading professional iournal published hy Kappa Delta Ri, ln the spring, members elected a delegate to represent them in the Kappa Della Pi national convention which was held in Stillwater, Ultlahoma. Another activ- ity was the initiation banquet held at the Hotel Russell Lamson in Wfaterloo. Olhcers for the year were Mildred Hartbeck, president, Rob- ert Roush, vice-president, Mariorie Zemanek, secretary, and Zelda Christensen, treasurer. Dr. 0. E. Thompson was their sponsor. . e, Dtiimld Ash, I litlt- firm -, liortlon lllIll','!1R, Nlaiirice Gaulle Nlerlxn fmtiiiimings, Xlfilliam lt-hr U Kappa Delta Pi i .Xlemhers of Knppn llellii Pi listen attentively as President Millie Hnrtheclx clisCllssL's plans for the spring conventiiin I 1' .La C . .ML , 4 lvl! 'D' iq , sl K l fr' ir W Nl'l'X XILI ll'NllHN 744444' I lied lon, Nallx' lloin, l3eXY'ayne Nyrnann, Leonard Snoxsden, Henry Van lingen, Augusta Schurrer. Run' I lJ.l - n l'ltns4 n, lxman l'ecls, llaroltl ,lAl'l1'I1lWlL', XY'4ll4a1n Xlaricle, Richard Kliens, lrxin l'illlI1L', li W' Hamilton, ,lames Heinselnmn lim lltin tl ln-Itl Loal- at a Ktllvlm 'll44 fjwlon lI1L'L'flIl" in Xlr - s f man explains "lhe lieolnetric Approach to . . , l on s lronn' l 4 ' 4 4 Kappa lVlu Epsilon 'lf44pp415ll44 Epsilon is a national fraternity for Students who have a maior or minor in mathematics. The pur- pose of this organization is to further interest of math- ematics in those schools which place their primary em- phasis on the undergraduate program, to help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathe- matics has played in the undergraduate program, to develop an appreciation of the power and beauty pos- sessed hy mathematics, and to provide a society for the recognition ol outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics at the undergraduate level. Un Noveinher 17, Ur. Rohert Seler from the University ol lowa was the guest speaker at a dinner held for all mathematics maiors and minors. Qllicers were De- W'ayne Nymann, president, Leonard Qnowden, vice- president, and Sally llorn, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Fred Lott was sponsor. 200 4 l l l 4 l 4 l l l 4 4 4 l 4 l 4 l 4 i -ii l KAPPA Plfllflll' I Constance Scliraenieyer, Dorlliv Peterson, IJ-inetle lentz, Xlarioric Xt-inanels, fililli-rd Heiioltl RUN' 2 fiaiolvn Uougli- ertv, Phyllis klacolason, ,lornna Yungelas, llolaert XY elcli, Heltx llirlse, Xliry loop, Riilli lxao Rent' J ll- laeit Trad'-n, lionaltl Krtnivi, l-lieliartl Arends, .Nlilt Hallman, lliel1ard5eagrtn, David Halver, ,lolin Hrovsn K P' Kappa l'i members study tlie meclianies ul puppet pio- D D duction, A The newest lionorary fraternity on tlie l.S.T.C. cam- l 1 pus is tlie Beta R110 Clmpler ot flfiippn Pi, a national l, - . . ' t honorary art fraternity, established two years ago. 5M i Q jg This fraternity is open to men and women interested I in tlie field of art. flftipfm Vi is dedicated to promote understanding and interest in art in tlie community and among college students, to luring tlie art depart- ments of various colleges closer togetlier, and to recog- nize potential and professional ability. Activities in- cluded various art shows given in Cedar Falls, one being featured at Pauls Restaurant. At an initiation banquet in tlie spring, new oliicers are installed and outstanding art students are lionored. Qtiicers for tlie year were Donette Lentz, president, Marilyn Seaver, vice-president, Mariorie Zeinanek, secretary, and Dortliy Peterson, treasurer, Co-sponsors were Mr. Paul Smitli and Mr. -lolan Page. gciiii ' i , . I ' i .f gl ' XJ llll Xlll xl lll.X NlXllJNl.X 13.1144 1 liunalil l-ixsnian, ,lulau lleiclen, llairell Suvll, -laels King, David lllICl.IfL'I1, liranli l'laml'iecl4, lirwin filiris- l 1 Y lzinsi-r' limi- 2 lliiimltl Xhiiterc lianlslm I-weli, Rielmrd lraniz, Arlliur limry, Ralph XX"eilelying, lliil lfaalmirg, Lily Tetzliifl kim' f Har- rz-i ii llfiiiglvifiu llntl Xiililv, Irie 1ir.itl:, Rielitrcl Nullixan, llielwaril .Xremly ll-mug l'llZl11?H1, fit-urge XY'li.ilt-yy Rulwert l'h1urne, Duane livans Y liucly Xlaiiileiiiacli impim plfilut- an QNA is traelitiim un a Mllrh 5 The national lionurary music fraternity on campus open tn men interestecl in music is plii flfu Jllplm Sinfonia. Purposes of tliis fraternity are to further tlie cause of music and to promote tlie general welfare of music students. Activities presented tliis year incluclecl tlie seventli American ,lazz Concert in tlie fall. The plai flln ,Lllplms were also cu-sponsors, witli Sigma Alplia luta, of tlie annual Cliristmas program ancl tlie Ameri- can Cimipusers' Concert in tlie spring. The fraternity traveled tu Spillville, luwa, tliis spring and put on a cuncert of music lay llwvrali. ln aclclition to its own concerts, tlie fraternity usliers at all musical functions im campus. Ollicers for tlie year were ,lack King, presiclentg David Liliegren, vice-presiclentg Darrell Seutt, secretaryg ancl ,lolm lleiclen, treasurer. Mr. Artliur lleclner spfmsiired the fraternity. Pl GAMMA .Nll.I-Run' 1 Xlfilliam Lang, George Virage, lyrnan Harris Mary lehrer, Leland 'Sage-, fitnrge Robinsoii, XY'illinni Dee Run' 3 J D Y Philip Snyder, Don Doyle Brown, Pete liclietl, Yoshnchi Tanaka, Leo .Nlunelay, Rayniond Hall, lfrma llaehn, Qtanlex' Yan flatten knit' 6 Fd gar Epperly, Richard Wlwod, Dale Knesel, Dick Starr, Donald Howard, johnHrieltner,Clydt-tlrevt-,Teil.N1nH1tt Pi Gamma Mu Promoting scholarship in social science and furthering the study of human problems is the two-fold purpose of Pi Qnmnm Win. This honorary national fraternity is open to juniors and seniors with 341 hours of 3.11 or above in the social science field, Two meetings are held each quarter. An initiation dinner was held in the Commons in the fall and at this time prospective members were introduced to the fraternity. Programs during the year included discussions and films on cur- rent problems and slides were shown from the social science trip to Europe. Spring activities were high- lighted with the annual picnic. Pi Qiznnmi flirt also gave an award to an outstanding social science major. Qfhcers for the year were Mary Lehrer, president, Leo Munday, vice-president, and Dr. Wfilliam Dee, faculty secretary-treasurer and sponsor. Ma side nf social science with Dick Starr and Pete Pickett Ili l in 203 ry Lehrer appears engrossed in the current events f' 1-1 LN1,11N11N11 .11111 1111111 111.11111'1w 111 1'1 11111111111 1'1 111 k11111,'5.l1,'N .11111 11111Yk'1.N111L'N u11g.1gu11 111 11L1s1f 11111 11'.11111'1' 11'11111111g 11 1111- p111'1111-.u 111' 1111' 1-11111 111 111111111X .11111 1111111111 111111 .1 g1'1111c 111111-x 111 ITQ 111 1111111 11111111111 111111 g1'111'1'.11 Ll111L'gL' N111w1l'k1N. .-X11 .1111111.11 11111111111 1211111111i1111 1511 111111 11L'1k1 1111111 111 131-111'11.11'1' XN'1t11 11111111111 111111 '11LL'1111!X. 1jI'1Z1'S 11'1'1'1- 1111'.11'111'11. .-X1 11 1WdI1' 11L1k11 .111.11'111 XXL11' g1X'L'I1 111 1111- 11111s1.11111f11g 11111111111 11111111111 1111' 11111111111 111115t 1i111'1y 111 111111-,1l ,11111 11111111111 111111 1'.111111'11 111Ef1'1L'51 11111111111i1.1111'. 111111111 111-11' N111'111.1 5111211111- '1111 1"1'L'N1k1L'111f 1.11 11L'111'1Ij', X'1L1"pI'L'N111L'l1Ig -111V 1 511111111 1111'111111'1'p 111111 151111 11111, fl'L'l1SLII'L'I'. 91111111111 11.11 N11's. 11.11 1111111p111'1'y. 'X R, xv.. 1 1'1 1 111111111 V1 1111-111111-1w NfII'lllH x1C1EHC11l'f'Il1, Lu' 1 1'111'111 n1111 .1L'flI1 u Q IQ111- 111111111111 111111 111 1111' 111n11y 131111 l't'qll1l'L'k1 111 111111 I'L'gll1f1I' I I I G l 1111-111111111 11 1IX111111 11 131-111 ' 11111111 I'51.111111111, 111-111 XQ11111, I111 N11111.111, 'N111111.1 Nl11'n1.11r.1n, 1,1--Q 1l'11x'1ly, 1311113111 11111, K.1l111'r1111' 1111111111111-1 R1111' T X111-1.1 XY11111 NL1111111 X11111111, X1,1r11 14.11q11, 11111111111 11.1!1LIN, 11-.111 R111- 'R1111' 1' 1 1 ,N1.1r11'lta,A1g111-s1,1-111-1.1.1,H1-1'u1'1y1311r111'111xc11,linrlmra P' "1- 1-1.11 V1111111 1111111 lJ1111u1.11 1 1 1 1 V11 E 1 1 1 ' 1 1, 121 11, as all-f Q3 -a Q-4 X1 204 Fi V s E : E P s 5 . fi 1 7 r 'lv-'L gf PLllll'l,l: .XlilIOW'--Roni' I Naomi lariill, .NunNtrxilyfiviol4'-aLilii,'ali.1i-iii ll'lel1, liaili f oili-wut-iii, Xiintln, Hrllin, Vlutlith Nloeiinii Rim' 3 Xlqyf garet lfhen, ,laniec K'lnei't, l'hillis liigtls-ln, lan ltiivics, fitilliitle Hall, Xlarx liixvti, fliilruele 1..1ll-max, Xlniilxn Ntlinlxitlui l-'mi' I ,lacqutlxn Xlvllvi Shirley Grant, Allairc larroxx, ll-Ace lvraniheei, Vizuinii loitlan, l'1onn:t I arlson, lirina Xlctrtlinly, .Nlarilxn XY'ootl, .xit1.ll,i finllvn, N-rnxn lrlaxis Ron- I Shirley Hinds, Hlilh Xlfaiien, Yvonne' l-lealx, lou: flramlqeoiqe, lxalhrxn llrrmnu, lnnei l'l.1'le lhttx Xlailin, 1 arolxn 4.illil.1nil, Nami l't.1e'-tl, lhililea Havens Run' 3 .Xlaix Cirahani, Xlaiolyn fialniel on, lin ln ll-tires, lton.i Haiti liver. li-lnullizte, Miner Xlntlson, Nsllx Nl Qvwv ie, l or-fl li-ali, I .ii--l 'Xlr--tit Eloise l'e'llcll PURPII .'XlZROXY'flQuii' I Vriiiniv Hrinls, iliac-e Hirlyenholtzr fmt-n lelrniis, ldelsle Yanthi XX'.ml, llnrlmm l'J!wril-.I .Ioan ,Xltliiely Yiiuiniri lhrlloels Ron' 3 Kiren Yloliiisiiii, l-'ranne lxvauenhrinls, l'.lLllJ Hunt, Yann llavvlas, .Xlaiilxn Nxrilwiwl, llettv Ulinuti, live llientnmn, lint-t liullo, liitlilli Imilr -un 'Row I Susan Paiiliis, Nanilia Lawlehotl, lxathrin lohn-.i- n Nlviiex losiei, Xnn Xlaiii Nollt, Nhiiltx Post, liavhari fowl' Xiruinia lliitls-in Ruth Xlcljuisg, Nlarcile Vvisge-rlir-t To encourage scholarship among hesliinan and sophomore women is the purpose of the honorary organization purple flrroiv. A 3.4! gracle point for two consecutive quarters is required lor mem- bership. This year's activities included taking charge of registration for Dacls Day, furnishing Purple Arro guicle services for all campus activities ancl helping with the orientation program for freshmen. Ulh- cers this year were ,lacliie Vancler XY"all, presiclentg Barbara Parsons, vice-presidentg Gwen l.ehnus, secretaryg and lVlarleen Anlterson, treasurer. lvliss Eclna Miller was their sponsor. 205 111-ld 111 s11111l1 1111'r111t11111 is thu purpcmsc mf 511111111 Xqllllxv l111111l11Q111111-11. M1A111l111'sl1111 is bg1s1-11 1111 tl11'111' Il'XL'l5f 1.lKSllQi11tLA, 141-y 111111 l1111111r. A f111'111Q1l 111111111111 1- 1111111 111 11111 spring 1111111 Q111 LIXN 11111 is given 11111 stu- 11T sp1'1'1l1 1111'1'1'1t111I1. X THi11'1's 1111 tl11' X'1'111' w1'I'1' N411- 111'1'1l XX'11111l, 111'1's11l1-11tg Rug' 'I'11111111111s, 1'i11'-p1'1'si- 1l1111tq I111l1ll1 'I'41x'l11r NL'LTL'I11l'Vj 111111 Robert Cudv, 5 ' 1 9-6 .zu My N11 ,XIX XI VI I X I I X 14.1111 1 l3nx11l XX'1ll1.1111s, XXYIHIJIIT fll.1ss11ll, llllklllh T1Xl111, .Xl1l1lr111l 11.11111 V X1 1.11 I5.1x 1, I1.11l1111 X111l11s1-11, 1.111111 ,I1-11l1111s, Yludy 'Xurdlyy H1-v111I1' Sluxmrl, R XX.1'111 X11111Ls! 141111111 T1:1l111', l1111 Nl1H111, Y1'1l X'1'r H1111 Sigma Alpha Eta 1 Ei P- 'I-1 111s11-1' 111111 11111111tL1111 p1'11f1'ssi111111l gr11wtl1 111 thc 3 , 1 ' 1 N 111111111 5111, sp111l1 1111'1'1'1ti1111 l1f'5I11lI'3Yy ffLlIL'I'I11fX'. IINILA 1 111 f 111111111 1'st.1l1l1sI11-11 111 Wil 111111 tl11- unly u 1 11111 111 its kind 111 l1m'11, is 1111111 111 st11d1'11ts 111t1'1'1'st1'1l f 111 1-1111111111111 1111 II11' sp1-111l1 LXL't-L'CfiX'L' 111111 tl11'ac1111st1- 1l111t 1-.1111 is .,11t11'1' 111 H111 f1'11t1'r11ity .1111l 111 tl11- 111111 1 5 XX'11111l, Rnln-rt 511115, I' IQ l11ssu111 R1111' 3 wluralzl 11111111 R11gl11 7411111 I l.Ir111l 621111111111 I1-su-r Vany, A V 4 I' gg V X11l1l1'1'1l XY'11111l giX'1's fl lip r1'n1li11g I1-ss1111 111 XX'ny11u Monks Y 1 , 4 . 11. 1 11111, ,fl s1 1111s111s XNLI, Dr. P.. C.. P11 LII11 11111 and MIN Ilwhm SIM, m tht Imdwx Cullum Spun 1 X111 11111111 XX 1H111111s. Clinic, ch fl Sigma fllplm Yom State Day brought one hundred musicians from lowa colleges and uni- versities to the campus November 19. This honorary fraternity for eligible women music majors and minors has as its purpose to main- tain and uphold the standards of music in the community and the world. In addition to State Day, this year's program included a Christmas caroling tour to Independence Hospital and a spring picnic. An American Composers' Con- cert was held jointly with Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia, honorary music fraternity for men. Oth- cers for the year were Phyllis French, president, Carolyn Bolger, vice-president, Nancy ,Iones and Carolyn Eggleston, secretaries, and ,Iudith 'xY7urch, treasurer. Sponsors were Mrs. Karl Holvik, IX4iss lane Birlfhead, and Miss Connie Brooks. Sigma Ipha Iota ' il I 1 E S I yeIx'n Slronlt, Shirley Stebbins and Pliyllis Iireneh check a score Im' tht priwrain ol tht annual spain" Arneiican fmnposers QUIT. rr rx fion- fi """""""'v -vw-mu.....,.... .,. ,4 I harlotte s SIGMA ALPHA IOTA-Run' I janet Dull-vis, Carolyn ffgglest--n, Carolyn Holger, Phyllis I3rer1CI'X, NHHCY .If'nw, .IUKIIIIW WIUILIW. A 9hi-t-Ix gh' I x 'lt bbins IH Xnr KIII Is H1 ham I'rie l Ron' 2. Phyllis Klein, janet Anderson, D--mite Le-nt:, Axis Exe-Iy, Iixelyn . ', . ir er' . Q , V ,- we 1 , .r Diehn Nl tt iki N' H Xt! HUXUNN Huw- I W'ilh.1m inns, lit.-I lxmm H tri Xlilx H i.i,.' i'1i'i'f' Iliiw Iliixh Hitt-,-tu lmti IMP-'tl X..xhiitlt- iniilxt li Xlumnx 3 N ut iLi1rdXX ilsii ixmxti IJiJNt.ii1 I-thu iiiithitti, 1 hd- firm., ltd Xhithtt S 0 I S . N I Sotitii btztiitt' iioztorv wat. mtgattizcd in IHS! tin' tht' ptirptm' tit ciicutlragiiig ex- tttlltttit gitliiumitftit iii wqigtl stiumc. Ru- ftttiim-imhtx hit' inuiiihui'xh1p itichtdc wm- ph-tit-ii -it ,211 hiturx tit Wtitil suiuncc with L1 SAI uixidt- imiuxi This iwrgutiizutitm has tt-iiputnttt-tl xtith tht liitwtitititmttl Rulzititms fhth ttmi P1 fitininitt Siu tm mmm cat its ptwiitttx. Attivitit-s fit tht- yuair inchidud tlixttwiiiii typc mint-tings wiidtlctctl hy thu iiitmht-rw tlit-iiiwlxu. Cluut spt-ttkuiw were .ilw imhitlutl iii tht' ptwwuittiii this war. Ot- titigri xvwt- fihairh-N Clixwltiy, prwidt-nt, and iiit,-f-tifm' .Niiilhtt tits-pi't'sitluiit. Ur. Wil- hiim hm: XIMtHk'lY'k'Li this fwgtiiiiztititm. 208 ey XY'nud, ffarl .Xlnert, .Xl.ile Vzeht, llarm Nlellaxni, ,Xlret Nlaruaul llaxrs Liane Nichols, Hazel Strayer and Rolwerr llellantl lools mer a ref cent issue of Tlw K ue, official publication ol Tlvelu ,llfvlm l'lu Q- I' U S Q ' ,K s , ' -3 ,gum ,- I .5 4 is X S. . T A R V QIEIE,-2311 All., I . 3 . . J .5 . ,J Theta Alpha Phi lmva ,Held Cylulfalel of fllrr-1,1 fllplnr lllri, the national honorary dramatic fraternity on cam- pus, is active in all dramatic activities at l.S. TC. The purpose of the organization is tu stimulate creatiyeness and foster artistic achievement in all the alliecl arts ancl crafts of the theater. The Cine is the otlicial publication of the national chapter, and pictures from col- lege productions at l.S.T.C. have appearecl in each issue of the magazine over a period of years. Auclrey Hayes was the 1954-55 recipi- ent of the lowa Beta Alumni Chapters annual scholarship. Officers for the year were Liane Nichols, presiclentf Liz Bittle, vicefpresiclentf and Robert lclellancl, secretary-treasurer. Sponsors were Miss Strayer and Mr. XYi'ood. ,Q ,mi . V I ig A . 41 li I sf 1...-9 llll l K llll'lX ll'NlIHX ll.-ii lim Nlwiis Kilim lliilliilax lu L 'v H-1-, 3 'vs Qi w v- 17 1 lnmu 'lhilsr-lsiiiw, Nlnrgu Xlimiu, 'Nlwirluy' Xian Ri-immlnr, llisnlwlh Nulliulnml limi' I lamlnmn, in lliv alsinglmm, Xilhllml llalllw Theta Theta Epsilon Nl'lli' l l,iirl'i il,, Xlfll ui' Nlw-iv, :mil Slmlvx' Xian' lil-iifiii' lfi ill 1111111-ii.iif. slsill lin gill um: .111 IIIIIIICIIYQ' IIll5lk' ll 3. - X ' -"fgi..+f ' ua l 'v 2lO lhc lnmwrnry lnmic tuiliimlillcs iwgglnizntion im Cam- pus is 'Tlwm 'llwtu Flpsiloiz, All iunior and scnior mum-ii with L1 28 Qlvcrngc in iwcr If hours ol homc Cuilllliiilkk and Ll lil ovcrglll will-gc grads point are L-ligihlf lm' mumhursliip. Thi- purpiisu of illwlu illwhz 5' jvsiloii is lu pruvidc an intcrust in thi- hcld, in civic giml iiitwiigitimigil rulatiimsliips, in rccrczitimm and in thu grmvtli of this imliviclilul. A my-mhur must hc an liutivc mcmhur in thc Ellyn Riiliards Cluh and zmothcr Milli-gf Hfgllllilldiiflii. 'lhuy hi-lp with thi- Scniur l lomu liumimiigslbilmcrliulicwlllgL1llsL'l1irn'l1mNc cummnics imiiws during thi- spring. A Nlcmtlicrk Daw Tun is iimmtlicr limctirm ul' this ingzmizzltimi. Thi- olliccrs xwrc Margic lvliimxg prcsiclcnt, and Shirley Maur- Run- amlcr, scurctury-trcasurcr. Spimsor is Ur. Suthcrland. , 1 if U- TORCH AND TASSLI.-Ruta' I Helly Vance, lrslher lalitlss, ,Nlarv ielirei, Zelda Vliiisleiivii Run' I Mary Squires, Ruth lellilus, .Nlilili Torch and Tassel An organization recognizing the senior women who are leaders in scholarship and in many other organizations on campus is Qlorcli ima' Tassel. An overall grade point of 2.5, including live leader- ship points, eight interest points, and eligihility for membership in at least one honorary organization are necessary requirements for memhership. Break- ing an exciting period of waiting! women eligihle for Torch ima' Tassel are tapped in an impressive ceremony on XWomen's Day in the spring. Qlorclv and Tassel helps with coffee hours and cooperates with Chimes and the Student League Board in the hook exchange. Qlllicers were Mary Lehrer, presi- dentg Zelda Christensen, vice-presidentf and Liz Bittle, secretary-treasurer. Sponsor was Dr. Mar- ian McBrair. Zll Phyllis l reneli, C molyn Holger, and Li: Hnlle nialie vi cation plans as they look loiwiziiml to :i nice long suinmti . I ' I ii? V- 3 rm .I Q' X? su V - v- C. 5731 -:is-'adams . X , 51' p i 4 X X El . i, 2 -rs' , A ..., fx. :wi - ,, ,. 3 : -I A' i iw 5.27 ifiiuff' V .-.- M ,LI X YY -53,53 :4gg..:" 3 ' , il 4 . ' e. :iw , fffii' ' . A , ' .. L' i . F 5 X l Vx- N x . jiri X X ,f ,f . - V1 , - 51: - A .X i A f .' f se.-r' I TEREST ,Rl if lil fa? . rp Nc' Xi 1 L 'ul l'll llfl 1rX1l 1 ,X R 'iw J llaniel limtllex, Marx nhlelnwvi, ,laniex flleen, lluane 'llinmpa-n Run' J rl-vhn Neuluii, lhmnrd Vander Beelx, Riel--ri l-1-,gh li-hn .Xvnwti ng R.-xr I 'lh--rnnx iiaxper, 'l'l1-mins XY'right, Herald Ru lun, Ruherl Pelerx, Millun Hallman, Keith Crew 'W ' Ipha Phi Gmega .7 - l '-v - - . . , EW I I-I ffl F", --1 On hand to serve in any way at all times are ,H-if e' - - 1 ' 1 1 , . ' W ' ' t f B l the members of Jllfvlm phi Unzega, national HEI, service fraternity. The organization is made I f 1 4 , - X up ol college men who have Come out of the Buy Scout movement. Annually, the fraternity 3 , spnnwrs the Best Citizenship Award which is I 4- ' ' presented to the outstanding citizen in the ' , f f N Cedar Falls community. This year memhers helped with tratlic during Homecoming, ush- ered at college chapel and worked at the Cedar Valley Service Center. Otlicers were Richard , Riggle, president, ,lnhn Newton, vice-presi- ti B: dent, and Dan Bradley, secretary-treasurer. sk 1, 1 Ur. Paul Bender, Dr. lluward Vander Beek, Dr. Cnrdnn Rhum, and Dr. Paul Kelso were f' spmiwrs and Dr. llarnld Bernhard served as In lltvnlmtl iiit l ,lfjtfua l'lw H iiif' Ill nn-mlm-it plan a werxiee Cllllplalll' Vita, w l X .- Tilt .Q 5'-v: lf'-,Q 'ls YQ4 I wffgl Q Milton Hallman, Carol Thuesen, and Marjorie Zemanelt decide on a film to show at the next ,lvl 1 lull meeting, J-lrt Clulv otlers any interested student an opportunity to further investigate various aspects of art. A few of the proiects this year included workshops to encourage students to develop their abilities by working on any phase of art which appealed to them, a special group proiect in which members made new lilms from old, and their entry in the Final Fling. The ,hlrl tilulv to- gether with the lndustrial Arts Club took lirst place tor Homecoming decorations this year. Qllicers were hflariorie Zemaneli, president, Belya Keith, vice-presi- dent, and Dorthy Peterson, secretaryetreasurer. Dr. Clidord llerrolcl sponsored the club. Art Club wo' -YT' 2l3 ART Cl.UHfPou' I Robert W1-lch, Mary Higgins, .Xlarjorie Zernanels, Dorthy Vettrson, Glenda XY'ils-tn, fflitli-rd Herrolel 'Run' 2 Nlnrlex' Hinds, Carol Thuesen, Gloria Donn, Barbara DLHaven, Phyllis lacohson, Kathleen .Nl-vrris, Nancy Forrester Ron- : laX'on l-lt-nson, Richard ,lahnlce Sharon Benjamin, Ylarnes Eisentrager, Donald Kremer, .Nlilton Hallman, ,lo Ann Meyer, YlCZil1Lllk' -laixis l',' 2"7X! 'Y' V' i'f'3A"V his X Buillu cxtcmding thu L'LlLlCf1flOI'lLll intcrcst of its Nll ' l ' . Y rmrnlwrx, Harm ,-llpluz Epszlurz utlcrs mclal oppor- l WJ runitiu w .xx to JCfILl.1lIlIL1I1LlLlllllj'fllL'gFOLlP. Any n f xx lumix-r ur NL'I1lOI' wlw ix IN.llUfll'IgI in upper clcmcn- mry ur iuuiur high Cxlklhlflwll ix L-ligilvlu for mum- lwrxlrip. llmh Npring thu ISWJAE fs sc11LloL1tul1uwS' lum-r imlulling thc .mdglmxw of grndL1atcs to all lwrrmr rmmlm-N, Ax hu' wcigil lily in thu QIVHLIP, ummlmrs chilly such my-nuts .ls sr-axonal partics, n xprihg plum and A l7.lllfll.lL'f. Ullicurx xvcrc Shirley HIXILIN prwillultr Elizdhctlr liahlc, x'icc-prusidcntg Slm-ll-y l..lIlll", wu'ut.1r'yg411ul Donna Hramlt, trcas- Lmrr. llr. l5r.mlx Martimlalc and Ur. O, E. Thomp- wm Xpwmwrul thu gruup. Ur. E. C. Denny was lu-rm-r111'y xplmwr. lid.: ,llplm rl,7xllUH lm-lnln-rx rl-nd lcttcrs from stntc nlur Illll B t AI h E 'I lLl l X Xl l'HX l l'Sll1JX - R-ln 1 llxgnr 'lh-lnwpwn, Phxlhx Vlmnllaml, lfluzalu-ll1 Knhlu, Shnrluy Hmun, Sluirlay l,nmh, Dunna Brandt, If C Denny l'f:. 3 ll.1:r-l Kam-slm--, lusnk-I YwsInn.1u.1, Hcvrrly Amlvrwvm, Vnul Yap, Hr-lun Innnmuu, Arm' Ymukawa, Almirn Uyakawa Run' f Mi .ini Nl-,w1ww llglm Yavmmrnuw, Irma Mum' .Xlnrian l'lPpCll, Rum Sylwxu-r', lk-nu Cwlglnpp, Saclic Tamura, .Nlargnrct M31-rs ZI4 N it s f' -,mv . .FEA . .. ,s '. 1 -I E It -1, T- fi! 1 , , J 5 1+ -A 5 - Yr Za' Q ,Q 'Ei ii ii ' N i ffy:- . .i -1' M .5 A -f 'L ...J 'fi 5: I f ' . s H ' VE fizinluis 'Jill members maintain an active interest in sewing Campus 4-fll Clulv functions primarily as a social group, but it also helps members solve problems which they may encounter in leading 4-H groups. At the monthly meetings demonstrations on such subiects as food, clothing, and home furnishings were held. Nlembers also enjoyed parties inter' mittently throughout the year. Former 4-l l girls and any other women students who are interested may join this group. Highlighting the yearls ac- tivities was the formal banquet held in the spring. Serving as olhcers for 1955-io were Carol Bode, president, Helen Pope, secretary, and Gladys Kemper, treasurer. hiiss Virginia Cammill was the group sponsor. Campus 4-H CAMPUS -l-HfRou' I Virginia Carnmill, Gladys Kemper, Karol Hode, llelen lhipig, Nlaiilxn Nlareellus Ron' 3 Delores lieeren, .xl.1lg1.'lI'L'l l'hen, Gloria Mangolci, ,loyce McLennan, Hnrhara Denburger, Mildred Brett, Paliiem flhnie Row 6 Vaiw-I l'ret:, 1 alherine Kemper, l-'nine Ijelosst, Kathryn Fleming, Virginia Kay, Nlarlene Lehman, Darlene Limlerbaum, ,lam-l -lLl,Lk'I1l1n.'IIUxf l'i'tiiiit-titiii til tht- lift ul tliniiiia ix tht- iimiii pttrpim- -it L t-lltittt lllm nv. lts iiiuiilwiw dt-lu' into all pliixw ul .trtx lrum pl.iywi'iglitx tu Actual ttiwtltlplittlix .X luctillgw .irc lit-ltl utury tttlit-r wcQli tt ith Nttttlciitx xvliit wiiiplt-tt' um' riiigirtyi' ul' npprcii- titwliip ttligililt- lin' iiiuiiiln-iwliip. liwitlu tht-ir rug- ttliii' .ittixtitiw tht' im-iiilmw IVY to go as gi gfttllp tu wt .1 piwtlwxiiiiiiil CHRI pruwiit ti plan' tluriiia tht- 5't4ii'. tolltilt llliiiww gilw play limts to clraiiia -t-iiltit-iiuw. MN l lnztl Stimiyui' and Mr. Sttmlt-y W'-tml v L-ru thu liiiutilty spitiiwrs lm' thix iirgniiizzi tiiiii. llllicuiw umm' tilt-ttutl midi qitttrtui' with Au tlim-5' lltiyw st-rxfiiig .is pix-sitluiit lull fittzirtci' and li: liittltt tluriiig wiiitui' qitnrtt-11 l-iwi'ctta Mitltllc- titii ,mtl Harb l.uQgu it-i-intl .ix wci'cttii'iu. College Pla ers . iq 'rx . 1 , X -1 1 i,, ' ,lay lliltltt-ix kllNCllNNL'N acting tt-cliiiiqtit-N with Betty Sltiiinci mul ,lim cil'L'Cl1 :ix fl 6 .wllyigii l'Iiivt'i x iiiuctiiig guts umlcrxxny. f'l l l l il ll Nl ld Ri ,i i Nhiiiltx XX.-mtl, lxtlxii lxniiig Xuigiiim litrtlan, .-Xualicx' llnyt-s, lim-lla ,Nlitltllt-mn, Vail .-Xlht-it, Hnzfl Slraycr, VH I l'hxlliN tli,iiitl.iiitl, Nl.ivilxii Mli.ili.itlxti, 7iltl,i fliiixltiiwti, Yiigiiiin lhtllmlx, llfirlmm l.uLnx, Chau Hii'lwiiliiilt:, Nanny Y-irwll, Ni wz- H lli lfmx-in l.itlt llaiiiitfii lfwu I Yithitlxy Vmiiixv 'l'ui1ii,i'il, liliznhulli lliillt, lJJYlLl l't'Litci, Xliltwn Hallman, -lay' Dilxlv.-ly Yu:- ti: llititlwiiw, lltiluit lltll.iml, l.iX'iin littiiwii, -lily ll.iriix Fl.EMl?N'llA Klflluii' A Helly' ,XlTlTlII1, .Xlildri-tl Hrell, Hull! XY'arien, Nlirrmnnn llalnei, Nhul'-x llentzelnmn, 'NLIL' Simms, lulm Spsii--xx Run' 3 Marilyn Kintzel, Nancy l'ent.oels, ,lr-yee Cramlgeorge, I.1X'onne Kills, .Xlwsnne ,Xie-ans, lutluih l', Helen lllioatles, ,Xlavilxn 's.iIslni, limi, Hodges Roni' f Dolores ylensen, ,loanne Sheedtr, vlanxee lxunerr, Susan Haxilnnil, Shirlex XY'Jlsen1.1n, XXiJI7Ll.1 XY'ill, H.iih.1i.1 lxxle, Xilene Nlixsnitl, Nancy Crmer, Elizabeth Inmh IELEMENTA Kl-Run' A llnine l,e Hrun, janet Kielt, .Xinilene l,e!im.m, lions lvunntl, lleanor Umm, ,lfmnne lianels, Ioan Hnliipniels Run- Shirlcy Heppc-rle, Sharlene Troester, fnrolxn Yefl, .lulia Kingsvilxer, Harem lgglnnii, Niisnn Tieinngel, Ro-,nlei llflflWJLI!l1, ll-llene Nehulli, lsaien Hurnular Run' 6 D--lures Shipley, Vl.1elsIe lffilmiwvi, lhilllklfl liilkin, Xliilene Dunlap, 1 lmrloili lsrlsnels, luilnlw Nlohni, llnini llilriest, 'Xltinn Follxcrs, lfvrraint Ri ihw edder Establishing and maintaining social and profes- sional fellowship among students on the two-year elementary curriculum is of prime importance to Elemeiitii Ki. Notices concerning the organization are sent out in the fall to all two-year students and a picnic is held for prospective members. Programs Elemen a Ki feature panel discussions, special speakers and pro- fessional movies. Sponsors this year were Dr. Nel- lie llampton and Dr. julia Sparrow. Fall quarter officers were lvlarianna Hafner, president, Sue -lean Simms, vice-president, Ruth W'arren, secre- tary, and Mildred Brett, treasurer. ll ' l X l lhll llll llx 4 lllll Run V l.lm llauwr, lluuw .lull ul Xlwrx' Inu Ill-llurll, Nur lllVNl.Il1N, l'.1l lnlic IDUIIS light, Pal llnlm lbw 3 lxlllth Xldlslll Imam lnmlmnrw, ,lump 'l'nlx.xm1xn, .-Xnmtlc lluLlcpnl1l, -lnm' fllfllltf, ihlrlcy licaupnin, l.nx'n-unc Xlalcrn, Norma Coppur- tl vw ll Nl- ' 'lhwm 'mlumlurg Sarah Nglnmlyy, llnlrnqn lllL'fCL', lag l:l'IINQf, Milnlrcnl Hnrthuclc, l,L'Ul1C livnns, lnuisc Rickcrs, lllunnnr W'il- -z"N lllixlulh Xln.l-,V Xlmx lll-xwll R nu- 1 Kathy Nlrljnrwiul, ,lunnnc Samlcr, jL.dilh Hull, vlacquclin Kmva, ,lanut Elm-, Shirlcy Mac l x l r Xlu furmul hlm, llllwrnary Ruswll, llutly Iihrlw, Donna Kimru Ellen I-l. Richards Club ,lv v' .l , . R 1 V ll an x ' Llxllllllfllll pnupim' fl cl-nuts: il :ff- ,i- All girls inturcstccl in hmmm cccmmnics arc cllglhlc In hmm clllcu Jl. R1clmn1'9 Chalk XY'ith cwutsiclc prulcssimwal lwlp, mumln-rs curry wut Ll prugrzmm of demonstrations and xmr'l4slmps. 'l his yy-ar thc cluh gpomm-cd im annual lligl1SQl1lml Day at l.S,T.C. for stunlunts illtcmxtucl in hcmw CCOI1UlNlC's, and was lmstcss fur thu Stats Day muy-ting call all clulm nlliliatul with thu luwa llumc Eco- mmlics Assuqlutimy Olllccrs wcrc Sue l lus- kim. prusinluntg Pat l.al4u, vlcc-prcsidcntg Mary lmu lluttmll, wcrctaryg and Doris light, ll'L'llSLll'L'I'. hlrs. l.L-lm BLlClill1gl1LllN, assistul hy Mrs, bluscplmim- Ycagcr, spun- wrud thu gmup. 2l8 l:Ll'l-LIRE HLlSlNlf'N9 LEAlJLR9 Ol A'NllfRlffiXf-Role' l .Nuiies l..elM'il.i, Lei- lk-rleltx, lielly Yame, ,lfiy Sclixxalw, Cary Ailebisiiii, XY'ilni.i Xie Luc-ri, Nancy Fearing, Leone Evans, L. L Marietta Rau' 2 Doris llnlt r, liner' Nielsen, .Ninn fi.inn--n, Karen XVeiiier, Ruth livrgiiinn, lit-ei Miller, Norma XY'illis, Pat XY'est, Marilyn Moeller, ffnr-il Y--et Run' 4 Xniinn XYnlicr, Xniiim Nlclntlimn, lean Alanssen, ,lean Rift, lin Renner, Beverly Dornbusch, Marie Harger, Donna Nladsen, Ruth Klrernpl, Rulli Quant, Xlary Vanipb-ll Run' I .Nlariean Nlieclyler, N4 rmi Prelim, Carol Lapel, Donald Hill, Melvin Schroeder, ,lean Nlubbe, Vloliii Houghton, Richard lmeey, ,lnrnes tilt-wit, ll-in Nliclselsoii, R4-it Ahrens, Viola Delloer, Carol Daxis Future Business Leaders of America Tlie Tlllllfc' liiisiizess fenders ol ,flinericii are concerned with strengthening tlie con- lidence of young men and women in tliem- selves and tlieir work and developing coin- petent. aggressive business leadersliip. Stu- dents enrolled in any business course are eligible for ineinbersliip. Annually inein- bers lielp in printing a bulletin wliicli is sent to every business teaclier in lowa. Qt- licers were Gary Aitcliison, president, joy Schwab, vice-president, Xwilina lXflcLuen. secretary, and Betty Vance, treasurer. Dr. E. L. Nlarietta and Dr. Agnes Lebecla sponsored tlie group. Vnrnii' liiisiiiws Luiilris prepare publicity lor state eoinieiitioii ,V ., ,lk +1 mf V' 2 ' ,- iii ,lp-tl, 4. llillllll' ...E I Al W- -me it 'lf f'-'4 i ' -A 94 0, '4 ls Lf lXlJLlVll-IlXl XlJ'lN f llelli Run 1 Ktnmtli ,Xl.iupin, Daniel l'li:idlex, Slnnlu Miles, Don liutler, Don llny, H C llalmer Run' 1 Robert lirnts Rolmvi Xliiens Russell lulllnielil, Waliiarn llolines, It-on llansen, 4.arlton Andersen, Russell XY'all4er 'Rini' J Rall-li Clilason ,lnels Logan, ' N l 'Xl ur llari lt. inn liilin Maur, l--rirnti l-ly--ilslund, ll-flu-rl Hnppel, Uonalt . I d t ' l Arts Club Zg-Y ff... g, - V --i-Tlfigikl 4' , , 11,1-1 Y Glyn if as A I M! .fad i A 'Y . l sg-X ' "' , X I ., r . is ,,-an-' Mrf-H rj' 5. w 's 'Tun-z ., ' e ' 1 1 ft gl . , Sqkiwi' I ' s , ' ll, 1 . 'Q H e J - -4-ii, ..- X - 'L I J :L -Y 1 l' , ' .V I f '-'li 'W I ,e .' A " 'X ' lf! l ,, ,, l in mlm I prepareroeliwelmllirfi moi-n onai11Xllinanf1l3:ei' One of tlie maior concerns of tlie flminstriul flrls Cflzilv is providing opportunities for in- dustrial arts maiors and minors to participate in activities outside of tlie Classroom tliat will promote fellowship and professional growth. Exemplifying one of tliese opportunities was the annual Industrial Arts Conference in QC- tolder wliicli was Centered around tlie tlieme of electrical engineering. Addresses, given by ex- perts in tlie field, panel discussions and demon- strations marked tlie one-day event. Dr. H. C. Palmer and Dr. Howard Reed were spon- sors. Ollieers were Don Butler, president, Donald l lay and XY'illiam llolmes, viee-presi- dents, Stanley Miles, secretary, and Al Selimoranz, treasurer. , , l INTERX.-XTIOXXL Rf:l,ATlOX.S IZUARUW Lell to Riiyltl Leo Xluntlax, ,Xloiiis Vrauloitl, Roh'-rt l'tlt-rs, Don Xlielselson International Relations Board i i r . i l 1 l 'PJ' Mr. Morris Crawford and Bob Peters discuss speaker candidates for spring quarter meetings of the liiteiimtiontil Relations C111 A l l A mock United Nations Conference in Qcto- laer highlighted the activities sponsored by the liilerimlzoniil Relations Clult. UH-campus in- terests included sending a delegate to the Stu- dent UN Conference in Madison, Wfisconsin, and sending a group to the Midwest Interna- tional Relations Club Convention in Minneapo- lis. The main purposes ol the club comprise tlie tostering of two types of interest in interna- tional relations: interest in foreign prohlenis as international unity, and interest in foreign travel and culture. Mr. Morris Crawford sponsored this group. Qlhcers were Robert Peters, presidentf Donald Mickelson, vice- presidentf and Janet DuBois, secretary-treas- urer. 22I iii-ipiiig pi'wpuuIix'u IL'.1Ci1L'IN tw huuiiiic profus- and giving thnm thi- opportunity to xwiiix iii .md with thc piwwfwsiwii hcfiirc hcccmiing iiili-ihmigud iiigiiilmx .irc thi- giims of thi- iowa Timm Tpiifi-we 7-iwmiiilioii, Thix is zicliicwd liiikillgii um imiwi' iiiuutiiigx pu' riiimtci' xvliuii iii- mrwtiiig PI'Ui-L'NNiUH.1i Kim-gilwiw aim' iiitmdLiuud, Of Xiu-pi.ii iiitwwt this war' was .1 uiuiitv hullctin iwiiimi pi'-visit. Othui' .igtixitiu iiiuiudcd Iiulping hi-'h Kilim-lx wt up 'ilnigiici' Ciuint Clubs ami IF. ilf.-X, kfhihx .md giwixtiiig .irrhpI'iwpurii'i-'I1-ndi- in Um' .md thu uiuimiitaiy and smuiiiiiuiy um- v if Iuriiin. Sp-iiiwix hir ilu- iwrgaiiizzltiiiii were Ui' , H ., XX ixix' Siiwv ,md Ur. I liixiuixi iiiiutwii. Ofiiccrs viii- .Niaiy luiiirii piwsiduiitg Alaiiut Aiidcrwii, iiku-prwidriitq Siiiricy Laiiih sg-ci'ctai'yg .mai X-ii'iii.i Pi-Lhiii timpisiiirr. Ioa " i 4 'ii-ZIXI I Rim , ,ia "" .rf lima Iiutuim- Tcnclicix iiixclw mlvniimgw of rhuii- fuuiu KJl'L'L'iv X-iiiiin Viihm, Xlnix lihiii, Nhiihix lniiih Run- I Hmmm' i'.uilNin, Vnrul vihiiuwxi, Svlxm firaxxfichi, Nlayr-1 i,iv',k r,i i.ii,ixii4 im iiimii, iliiii 'Xligiuixiiii fi 4- 'vu i 6 'E' x -"'K tl X .xx ss tr. ""' :ES " SW... , .jfww is 3"--Q 'i .,.ll "1 ' l . we tr.- -A . X ,WN W gift r, 'J X Nw . ' . . R. Bruce Huglies introduces Clyde llerrinu to lellei winiuis A two-point program of organizational aim for tlie jeflersoninn Clulv is to promote interest in political affairs on campus and to cliannel interest towarcl tlie Democratic party. This year tliey sponsored a mock presidential primary election at tlie Crossroads. During election campaigns tliey assist tlie Blacliliawli Democratic Committee. Eacli year members attencl a state Young Democratic Convention. Tlie group is open to anyone inter- ested in learning many ol tlie aspects ol political science. Qllicers ol tlie club were Leo Munclay, presiclent, Donalcl Brown, vice-president, Donna Branclt, secretary, ancl Vernon Ewell, treasurer. Sponsors were Mr. Nlorris Crawford ancl lVlr. Edwin Nlaurer. Jeffersonian Club ,IEFFERSONIAN CLUB-Row l Vernon Ewell, Dorollax' Horn, Kai Lal--nlttv, Paul Nap, lin .Nlun,lay, Don Hr--un, Nlanley Harai, Xlarlorie Kain: Row 2 janet Patlee, Raymond Hall, flus lhppaclaclos, Tlieotlnre Nlottitl, Don Mielstlson, Kola lernl-te, llnunce lam--uieux, loln Kainz Poli' 1 Duane Fulirman, Roycee Taelx, Charles Atlanis, lolin Houulilon, .Xlorns flmwl-ml, Dale lxnesel, Dick Starr, lklwin .Nlaurer SILPINIIIQ wut xxitI1 74I'I9,I'I um tI1ix y'ua1'l ' ' v IImrm- Im' IIN Imzfwfnz II: Int.: ,AIIINIIII xwuucn. IILIII11g11Ig iw tlw MIIIIPLIN I-1'g.1ni:.1tim1 xwlm' IIIIIIUI' .md wnim' IiimIc1'gI1rtul1-I'l'm1.x1'y ma! ww I I1gI1IIgI1tN -II tlwuir JIIIILIJI Plligilllll were IIII' II.I1mI--mmmilmg IWr'u.1I4I,1stI lfIn'iNtl11as party, XIIIIIIQI' N IJ.1y' IL1mI1w11I .md tI1u Spring Iim- In , 'nf , ' - 5 fguut. AIIUIIIQI' pn-Iut UI Ix.I3.Iz.A. was rlu- muw Iqttu' wut wut tp alunmmk- of thu urgnni- :Ili-ww. IIu.1LIing rlm gmup tlwia year wcru 2 .XIAIN Iwu IQL-uw, PI'L'SILIL'IIfp Imis Erlxy visc- pu-XILIQIII: II-w.muu Iludwn wcrctaryg and Klux-I 'l'I1L1wm II'L'L1NLll'L'IA. INfIiss Amy Army and .NIM May Smillw spmwwxul tha gmup. fkajqv I'Iv'I'--Iz,1IpI1.1 Kappa Phi Beta Alpha -A Ya, 111vn1Iu-qxIL'n1'l1nun nmliu viNuaI tcdmiqu Ix 'xI'I'X I'I III I X ,XI I'IIX Yiwu' I ,Iam-I I'.1Ix, Ylwln ,NIM IIIINILI, Ilumllwy' Iirfl-vlw, fm!-II TI1Llg-sn-11, Mary Inu Ru-xc, Inix Ann l:lIw, .NIM 'I-M I wx Imam Iimlul, NI1xrIIx XY',1lnr1.'In Run' 3 lam-1 Sxxnlmwuy Ifwmlwq Sxxnnwu, Vlwyllnx .'XmIcrwn, ,Iu.111ullL' Surcnwn, IfIainu AduIpI1 Klux f.LmpIxII, ILIIIX 'I ulur, Null! IIII-my .XLIIIH-x .'XxnI.x, I1mI.1f ITTINIIJHSUII Run' I .If-nw Ivwmw XX u,I!.1II, ,I,mlu- SIM'-vl, I'.1Ir1g1.1 f,I,1xIvuru, Um:-lI1y Slnmlx, I1ywrIx' IM-ML-II 'f Ii rf II-,I fI JIS, 3 224 f Nnmx 'Ilmmpwry ,I-mmm' fQmmlI1crx, I,aYvn1m xlsirlfy Strumk, Pntrium Ruxt, HL-Icn Klavcx l'lll XIX 9TUDlXT XSS F i I i ltihiininn, litlia lioglt, lltllx lishli Ianni- Sho--t Xhti Isnt loiii--,i Librar Students Association The Lll7l'til'vY Slziiieiits ,Llssocintzon helps to hring hoth lihrary science niaiors and minors and those working in the library together in a social way. This year second prize was awarded to the group for lioineconiing decora- tions in the house division. Some of the other accomplishments of the year were setting up displays and materials for library science teachf ers on special occasions, sponsoring a day lior high school students to visit the lihrary, and having a picnic and Christmas party. Under the direction ol? Miss Eileen Noonan, the fol- lowing served as ollicers: Edra Bogie, presi- dent, Betty Fisher, vice-president, and Lois Puhrmann, SCCfCI3i'y-ifTC8S'Il'Ci', 225 X1'-.1',1IXN 10111 ' X 111111111 1-111111, X1.1rl11n X1.11x11, 131111113 1..1111111-, .Nxix H.1111i, ,11'n11111'14i111-111, .X11111 01111111 .X11IlRI1 1'1'l11, .111111 11111111111-1,.1111' 111111 ig X.1111x -X11,1111- 111111 J 1.111111 111111111111 11115 11.111111g.11I111-r, 1LI11X N111111, 41111111 111111, ,11'.11111i111- 111111111 f'.1i1111- 1'111i11111, 511311111 1'1al111, 1 "'w 11.411 N1.11x S1111111x, N111 11111 1-1.111 11111111 Xl.1iu.111-1 1'ix1111ll, 1'nl X'.1111J1111'11 R1111' 1 11111111111 x1l111lN, 3.1111 N11f'11111', 1111111 T311-vlt, 111-11-11V 1 1:1111 11:1 1x111:i11.1i1 Y1111111 1511111 1.111111 X'.111111i XX .1.11, 41.111 ,Xi111.11111, XA1111111 S11-un1'1, l11-1.11111111- I 111l1111, Il111111.1 .N11111-1, 11111x.1 1331111111 1111111 I 1111 1 4111111111 11,111 1L1111i11.1i1, 1 11!IN X.111'1111i11', ,X1111 X1.1111 X111l1-, NL1:.111111 1111111, Xl,1ig.111l X111i1111, 5.11.1 1'1-1111, .N1.1ix .N111111 1111111111 X-111111-1 1'l1l' 111.11 11111111 1111111 11:1 11111111111, N1x11ix1J11xy11-.111XX111111 arlin 1111111111 1111-111111-ix P1'I'11'Cl 11111 pyin111i11 111i'i11n1i1111 111 11111 11111111-11K PU411. 1111111111 is 1111 11rgg111i:11ti1111 1111 1111111111 st11111'11tQ 111111 11.111 t11L'11- 1111w.11'i11g 11'1'ti11111t1's 111 swi111- :,:T,,,,,,,,:x:,-,,,,T-.,-.,x-..i,:,.-in M- 111i11g. 1111 111.11 this YCLIY was L1 111-11' c1111stitL1- s'7fM'u,,'jj -M -3 W 111111 p1'111'i11i11g 1i11r .1 111111111 L1LI17 111111111 1V1i11- A'-7' --gf:-fs-f'nf'L' -E'.gl:3.3-'Lx-fMf'Q3f1'?1'Qg"'1-'TJ 1111X'.5, 1J1'1111111st111ti11111 111' 11111111111 1111111111111-s 16 111111 .1 8111.111 S111111 spring 11.1111 1111111 w1'r1' prc- kL'111L'K1 115' 1111111111 1111111111 PI'l1YL'S 1111 11L1t11't 111114 XX11111K'11 1111L'1AL'K1K'Q1 111 swi111111i11g s11i11s, 1'., ,uf 1 M 11.111111 xy111111'1111i:1'11 X1-Ji111111i11g 111111 spurts- 1 1 'ff x r ,M - ig - . 1 111111111111 111 1111- 11'11t1'r. 1111111-r t111' sL1111'rx'isi1111 .,M..1f1,f,if"'ffL'?1" i'w1Tf,f . . . tr: ix- "A-1 Fir' 1 .11 1111 S11111151 11 1111111-rg, 11111 1111111x1'111g 11-rv1111 'jf . ,-'W ,iv-T. :7ff'1'1r ge,, b i 1,11 1111i1111w: 11'.111111- 13111111111 pr1'si111'111f A11111' "4 1 -,A ' 3 1113111111 1.i111fpr1wi111111tg 111111 Avis 111111111 211- Q G' ' 1 7 I, H-'N-M, A .4 1'111.11'yf11'1u1x11r1'1'. wi 'LXR-- '-,rg figlgaf' '-L. ' X . v7 ' 1 1 , i 26 M.XTHlf.Nl.-XTIVN ffI.LlH- Ron' V l,vrnan Feels, .llngusla Nelulrvei, Xt-ltla l l1llslxI1'kl1, ,lolin Nexxlon, l5eXY'a5ne Yvvnnnn, l XY' llannllon, llenix Van lingen Run' 2 ,lames lfleinselman, Sally llorn, lla lain l"llllU.'lI1, lrt-tl lull, lrxin lirnnc, llarolrl Trimble, 'sanilm latleliotl, Xlarx l-lint' llela-5' Henson Ron' I Ronald ltrrl, Rxtlwaid llllnlr, Rncliartl lxruns, lm 1 lirisltnstn, R-'url liiotlsnnxti, llennis Hiielsllx, ll.n-.lil Halstr, lion Hatllev WB' Dr. Lyman Peck clisClIsses ineteoiologv at ,Wliirlveiinilits flul' meeting. 'A ' 1fii."3Qe11,Q5+t Qf'Cff"i'f l' , V- -5 V L54 s f - ...fffifgfg " - , ' --f' ' ' . "ze " ft F' - :A ---- 1. , - - f- ' ,?fr,fL.' 3. ,ff 5. A im.-fs.. -s -s ,12i3Ez5:e- , f f '- ' iwrfre"'ffw ti-'kg' :T 'Sl 1 s Q: l - '. , "1 ,.S,., li - " J ,H--Y V, ' Xi' ii Lis - l 'I 'EL s- .fy i , l V 3 ' 1921 L ,, - "-495' ... 1 1 fi t A -.F ' .WAI-' 1 q A .s,5'f4u,. , ..,.- 6 ,- - -m , 2- 1 , My I " j ,fig xl fel " - a'?g'?-3.4, - ' ...L , -,V ' ' ,"."f..-frf' :sal . -gs ,. ""-' gl!" a,,Y c ,ff ,L . 1 ' vL,A5.,.:,Ef1'. I A " ' A tg: , 173,-YV 3' 'f 'Z, : ' 'L i Ze, '3 . ' . Tv, 1 t A me? A Q V. athematics Club To give students a deeper interest in matlie- matics is tlie main purpose ol tlie fllfzllveiiifitzcs Clulr. 'lilie members of tliis clula learn to un- derstand tlie application ol matliematics and its principles. Among the clulfs activities for tlie past year were tlie annual fall and spring picnics. Special speakers from various indus- tries around l.S.T.C. were invited to come and address tlie group as to liow matliematics serves in tliat particular field of business. The group also made trips to places of matliematical im- portance. Qliicers for tlie year were ,lolin Newton, president, Devlfavne Nymann, vice- president, and Zelda Christensen, secretary- treasurer. Dr. Scliurrer served as sponsor. 227 Iv 1 J I . , 1 V :if Kr S , 5 53' .. . F1 as Ioww, Ilnln-11,1 Vnxwn, Yornm W1-IZL-I, IIKIIIR' T.1Ix.1no, f.I1.1rIotlc Diclm N Ilnuux, 'mIxl.1 ,IlfI1nwn, Ir.Xnn Iluglwn, Innnl .'XmIuuwl1, Ilmlun IR-ly-rw X12 X IC -- ' I'I1'II1NIH1xI' I .41-XIII! IZHIQII, IuIx1xSIw.vIx, Xanu " ' ' I. In ' IU 'f I ' IvIo1:x Mn?-rwn NImIu XrIwn YlIIx Iwv' ' I' .-III Xlwgwl XIKILL-vnu lnml IJuI-hm R.-11 , .Xlaum Stud I I'-pl: Xl.-I nw I IIIvnI:v HIIMILI I'LuvII, Ioan I'Iumlm'x, Iam-1 Klxfl Im, Row XIJIIU, l.xurcll.1 I'llllnxxoILI, YI-v.Xnnu KoI1Iy IIIIYIIIN KIuin Nlmxufn IIJILI1, NINIIL-y llindx Kun' I .Mx-v Iwly, SITIIILW' Slvlwlw u .IV ' , , .- S, I uv . unnvl, In,nn IIoLIwn I .t' I I' I v' I ,QIIXI--I XIIH' I- II-all I-f..lpIv XX.1I4L1n:, II.urnk--n Ilnu In n IxuI11rcI X1 ml I4I1n Haul n Vatu NL 1 YI. MJ Im. Music Educators National Conference IIN PIIIINISL' 'II IIN fIInm fffmulors Nf1l1on41I I UIIILILIILCIN to IMIIW tI1cxIL1dcntx I'3L'I11IIEllII!UIfIIL orgumlzatif-n Im- Iwurtcx' prcparcd In tcadw music uI1cn tI1uy QIXILILIJTL' .-Xnyonc who has a naturaI IIIIQIALNI III :num :my mn. Iluc group Inu-is once ,1 rn-IntIv and is momorul Iwy Mr. Arthur Rulncr. A-X ua Xx-, IIN !lI,LlI III IIN I.1II flL1artcrIor' LNIV. I Icnry I I.,u'r'ik. Izorrmr' pI'uIwsmn'.1I I.S.'I'.ii. II1is clmptcr -II IIM .III NI , new Izoat IMIIWQJII-st.1fL' mu-ting Inn' in I1Iwr'u.11'5'. IS.'I'.f QA dmptcl' aIw sunt LIcIc- Lliw to IIN IIJIIIIIIAI IlIIII.'L'IIIIHII IMIQI at St. IJHLIIS, .NIiMou1'1, in .AXpriI. IJIIILL-rx Im' thc ycar xvcrc Nanny ,If-nw pm-sic,Iu11tg IQoIM'r't11 PLIXSUII, vinc- prwidml: and IEYQIXII SIMIIIQ, SLKI'L'IL1I'f''TVL'llSLlI'L'I'. 228 .XII Iiulnw gum-N IXINL-N ,Iomw and Paxton nn Auto-Imrp IL-N xnll I I IHS. via,-V-wgm ' T 5 s s K ' x ,,.ywf -1-,ff 'Qi' v, N., t ' 5 i X E it u. if 5 ' 1 if: ' ,t' 1' Sk? 6-1 'Z WB-1 Y-.' t - 0RCHfSlSf Rona I ,lanice l'l-nes, fiarolt Oxtrili, lu Xlrlltr, Xlaiy, lirxs, limnnt llalna-1 Run- 3 4 lklllivlli' XXrtls-t, lwlnitn Imnnx, l'.,ixlm1.r Lucas, Martha .Xl.1fNl1, Regina Miller, .Xlarlyn Rat Urcliesis, a nioclern dance organization, otlers women the opportunity to participate in mod- ern clance techniques and choreography, ancl to experience their own creative outlets. This modern clance club, which is cliviclecl into ,lun- ior and Senior Urclvesis, puts on an annual spring show. Urclcvesis took an active part in other activities on and off campus this year by appearing in the 1955 Homecoming Variety Show, helping high schools with their modern dance clubs, and dancing in the opera. Serv- ing as ofiicers this year were Lu Miller, presi- dent, Carolyn 0'Neill, vice-president, and Mary Hays, secretary-treasurer. Miss Mary Butterworth was sponsor. Q15 X55 . Urchesis I-Lnli Lucas, ,Xlnrzlia Xlfllxll,IllLll4k'QQ1lk'xlIllx'I express ilieinsi-lxes eatiwly in inotlt-in dancing teclnnques cl--iiioiisiiatetl in rmlnsis ,,,.:........--'- 229 M11 uluuxtiuu IllI'UllE.1l1flk'UNL'Ul:gLlL'HfNPL'l1liL'I'S, pamlx .md Llmwxium, 'lwluis UI'E.IJI1lZLlIlUIl nlsu xrrixw lur' lwtlu' wtLulu11t'l.uL1lty rclatiumllips. Klullu' lwllrs .ur In-ld in tlu' XYlUINL'l1lS Gym - lilu'.u'y mall xwulx lm' HlL'INl3L'I'S, wlw includc lll xl l-:mn plwyxual L'ClLILL1f1OI1 lwmwrs .md mm- MN ax ul-ll as tlmu lALlCLIlIf' mcmlx-rs of tlwc dc- p.uAt1m-m, Ur. Alum Hunt: scrwcs as spunsur. l ltliluw fur tlnix www lxlllfj' lluys, prcsi- ' dum- llulurw C111-11 x'icc-p11-siclmtg and Mar- llu lllwsrull flluuzlxolz lllll7L1flUI'ClN its INCID- lmx flu' HNN'Y'ILlIllIY tu further cxwlurc 1 - ' ll . lux l Pr'wl'wxiu11.1l trumlx .md wginl lllfL'I'L'NfSlI1Pl1yNl' lum llllgldlkl, wp rutary-tr111sLlrcr. 5413-J , A r l ,I,-,,A.- , l' 5 4 lIIl'Il1k'H1lWL'lNIfllxL'IlIUk'lllIIlI'4lll1fllNL'L'IlI1Q,QIUNfII1lPlC unl'lcc Physical Education Club ":Xl' Nl llllll XllllX f lllli Pull V llulvm Slwll, Ihlxn llnmlm, Nlnxlxm- luglnml, .N1.nx l'I.lXN, llul--lu flrwn, Virunnnx R.1mx.1y, Umm 'R - LU-l S l'L-In f-fmml Nm lllll, ID-'mm R-llwmwn, MAH Nlulllu, Huxx Hlwpc, Xlnrlxn Rav, Duns Knlwl, 'Xl.1lx' xLlll1L'!'N, lnraxm 'W L' :I 2 lil-min Nplllllll Xluxllm Xlnulw, l'.wtrxu.1 llu-xml, Nlnlx lilqulwn, I sux W'.wm'r, Y.1Llll1-'31,-xmzll, xlXIllN lhvu, llumm flnullw, l ,, ll: ' l'z:-Qwxwfw Um- 1 lfnnm linxlw--p 'Xl.1rxlxnlmun.11w l''.1r.1 luuw, Nlmgvul Xlmll, llutlw linman, ll-lx' R.1l11v1n-lxlulu, Karyn ll' " ll'l 1- lkrzxwv lllvxllw-X Mlml, Iwm I1--ll, -lam Hulk , , Y. ,V . ,, ' , 9 l lil l 1 I - x ' l , I 5 t l l ' 1 ."- l ,- N1 s 1 "f C' X X Rural Coinunmily fenders welcomes as members all students interested in teaching in a rural or small town community. Through movies, speak- . ers, and discussions, the group becomes better ac- quainted with the situations and problems they will meet as rural teachers. Interesting talks were given by former club members who are now teach- ing, as well as an informative speech on reports to ' parents, presented by an experienced teacher. Some members attended the County Council meet- ing held in Cedar Falls. Sponsor for this organi- zation was Dr. Wfilliam Dreier. Qlhcers this year were Sue jean Simms, president, Nancy Hawks, vice-president, and -lo Beardmore, secretary. Nancy Hawks, Mary Nairn, Ann Marie Nnlte and Sue ,lean Sunnis decide on ri speaker for a spring f urnnnnnly Lwinlei it meeting. Rural Communit Leaders RURAL COMMUNITY l,I5.-XDER9 Run' I Sue Ninnns, .hmnn H-.artliim-lie, Xnnq ltlaxilte Run' 2 .Klan NJIIH, Dnisx' lknnsleel, Wulliani Dreier, Marjorie Hi'-nestifel, Betty' Tennant ,F -rr- 23I Ffuul' lplivzliw L liil' Iliix f'L'JlA p!'0X'iLlul Ilia' I Weill .aspen lm' stmlciits iiiturwtcil in lorcmic iiyliviliu. .Nluiiilwik ul time glulw nwistcnl .it dc- lxite .mil Llmiwiwii miilciwiiccs tlimiiglimlt rhe- yeii' in wiiiiimriwii with their lim-imc Llctlvl- iiw. Nlrctlligsnl.ilu'QLVULIPL1I'cCL'l1IL'l'L'LlQlrulllill xtmlmt piwwgixiim iliscimimi groups, faculty iiml yuwt ein-.ilu-iw. Special diimcr meetings i.-.ure liulil in tliu Cmiiiiwm unch flimrtcr. l ligli- liglitiiig tliu wuiiil agtixitiw ix tliu Lllillllill spring! pium at xvliigli m-xv officers are elected. Fac- ulty xpiiiiwrx are Ur. Lillian XY'agncr and D1 .Nl ll. Flmitli. Ulliwrs for this year were Mari- lyn VllLll'HflLIlNI prwiilciitg -lurry RL-ynelCls, vice- iiiewiilciitl xml ,liwlm ,lwiisx wcrctglry-truasiircr. 4 ' Sinn lv ,li Iiriliu K lHl7l1L'TlklN get tugvtlici' final plan l'L'Ul'gIll1iIIlIl0l1. Speech Activities Club Nl'l " ll X' llX l'l ll N 1 lllli Rui- 1 l illilm XX .mmix Nliiilux' XX'Imi1i1.l,lQ.M- Nlnix Xlfilliniiis llf' ll i liwzliel Xl ll Nimili Him' 2 Vlwxm' lxiiilul, finnil ,Kim llaiyl, lsllu-1 liling, lx.1 i',1-l' il' Y www: I-' ii- 1 l-ii Xluiiilnx, Yi-il.: lllliwi, 'llwiims ll.1mlli ii, I1-iiiglni. NliX'QHx, Ri, N' il lli.iiii Ylliwliip-,ull I, e,ee , HI l iq, lorry RL-yiwlclx, .Xlniilrn 'l'ui'nqL1isl, ,lwlimiy ,lum's, I u Riiiixnn, l-mlliiriu XY'inirr, Suzanne fliirdmi, I1 rt 1,11-vi-lnml Riinnlcl R l uillx, Pliil Muliinga, Annu e 1 X 232 XY" R A -Ron' I liclsv 5.1 nmd, Lora 1 liiislmnwn, Xlarlhi X1msli,,Ic.inm- liisliup, l'.1l ,Xlcxxitll Row 3 loirim llmlgln-s, I .violin lhouqliem RUM Sliopc, .Xlnii Nulliers, ,lam lltnls, Xfmx XY'.ilu lion 2 Xlnlx Nluilen, 'Xlsrilxn Ioiiiimvi, Ninii Ruth fulheli, liuih lrnnnn, li.lIi".11'1 Xnu-gl, linilmm lucas, l.u .Xlilltr Omeli S Providing organized recreation for men and women on the l.9.T.C. campus is the purpose of the '-llloiiieiis Recruztiori flssocmlion. Aim- ing to fully utilize the equipment, 'llf R fl. has charge of events such as recreational and co- recreational swimming, weekly playnights, spe- cial all-college fun nights and seasonal intra- murals for women. Approximately 55 dele- gates from I I lowa colleges attended the state convention of the Iowa Athletic Federation of College Wfomen held last fall on campus under the theme of "Fun in 'll'.R.Jl. Activities." IS T.C. served as president school for the federa- tion with Beverly Buss as president. Qlhcers for the group were Martlia lvlarsh, presidentg Jeanne Bishop, vice-president. and Beverlee Ramler, secretary-treasurer. Miss Shirley Pos- son served as 'll7.R.fl. sponsor. ' Recreation Association A dl D ra .R L . gl - K. . 1 Qfilfifi Tf. 'll' R .J :Y -As K, , ineinheis evaluate nnnunl campus rr-crentioii JCliYlIlt's 4 RELIGIOUS ll ll ll Nllllll Xl I lllIXt ll Ill ICI l IMIUIIN .XI 'l'IYl'I'lIN Kon' 1 lhtls Nutr, Vl.1mt I':ill-e, Norma XYAIIL-r, Dale lohnson, fllinrlolte Diehn, lean it lr ip Ili'-If llirnluml Roo- P XI.iix .Xnn l'loo:, 4 lnitnte lnntouieux, llosemnix lsuilse, ilnrx ,NIe,Xxox', Ilonnltl .Ml.1ms, 1 omlee Yrit-:elanr ls: l' :rl l'--Ito lx, lllitlllNtI1l.lInUn,NlilIl.x fIl.1i1l Student Coun il of Religious Activities lht Ntmlenl tonntil ol Ilelnlzoiis flelirulies is toinhosetl ol three eleeteel ollieers, two memhers ,tt lout tintl one representxative lrom each ol the reliulous oru.ini:t1tions on etnnpus. 'llhe CIOIIII' til worls uirh the llureuu ol' Religious Aetivities in Assuming' the responsihllity lor planning and e promoting It metmmulul progrxim to serve the rtliuious neetls ol the eollege tommunity. Ae- titlttts to serve these needs are ehqtnneleel . .. ff I ,,. . iltrfitlijlt Iyimmisslnilis ral NX rxrslllp, I'XL'IlI.IIUII'III' l.1le .intl ltuhlitity. lhese .ietivities inelutle the Iiollf any I lill lnterclentnnintitiongil Cihureh, xvhieh provieles elmpel services each Sunday at lllzrlli gpm. in the Auditorium for people ol all Clenom- intitionsj Religion-inrleile Xveelt, held in Vlanu- ttry this year under the theme, "The Courage to Bef hrotherhoocl trips to churches of various elenominatitunsg morning meditations in the Au- elitoriumf liresicle Chats and an annual hymn festival. Ur. llnrold E. Iiernhard, Director ol Religious Activities, is the adviser. Ollicers elected lw the student hotly were Dale johnson, presidentg Charlotte Diehn, vice-presiclentj Norma XY'alter, secretary. RQCER XY'll.l.liX.'XlS H:l,l,UXX'9lBlll'flQuii' I .Nlrx ,Xdn llillix, Lim Riclvlicifl, .Xl.ir1iirlu liiiiuwlwgl, Vuulin Diimui, XX'antl.i lliinlwrx, Unix fiilarlx, linger Bridges Run' 3 l,4iri Ht-ll, KM lfnulisli, Mary U'BiALlmicl1, Nliirluy lilwlwllli, l-kit-:Ii .NlLltlilillmlt'i, ,Ituin Rilu km fuller, Nnnq' Pun- Cnclx, Run' 6 Dnrlliy' Pt'IcVNniI1,'4vlN!1 Bructg .Xizn f-SHUT, Mary l,IILl Biiltiirfl, xlnxint Xlinnx, ,lnnui Klwr, fmxlu lliufln, Dm-x liiiiiuti-ul, ,lcanutla Trklclwlmutl, Vlmiyci- .Xldiill Run' I X'iiuinin Y'--ll-tk, Xlarilxn filnrlx, lI1L'tlJ gCl1l.1IH,'1IX, fiinml l'i,-IZ, Biinnit fi liiixltmt-11, lm llilxlwrx Donald Lawlt-ss, ff-irnluu X'i'ii,-:t-lanr, Snmlrn Clnilwn, .Xlniult XX'ixgt-rliiil, lm' Rtilunlmiigli, X'iiginm flnri-iiii-, lnnvi li-'ilxiiix Baptist Fellowship Heading Baptist students nt tlic ,l2oi1i'r '7l'i1ImiiiQ fFelloin5l2ip this year were XY'anda lnlcinlwry president, Cecilia Doran, vice-prusiduiitf Mai'- joric Boncstccl, secrctaryg and Luis Rcilwliiilt treasurcr. lX4rs. Ada Hillis iQ sponsiur. Theta Epsilon Spiiiiwirtl lwy Bliw. lvlary Urcici' and lvlrs, Ada llillis, fllwlii Eifwiloii, Baptist wrwrity, ufliccrs wart- ,lanicc Ruswll piuitlciitg Virginia Piillock, vice-prusidcntg Ilixiu lnslwxmslxi, SL'CY'CfZ1I'X'f and MMV U'Bradcwiclim truaixiirw. 'IIlI'T,-X ll'Nllf3N Riva' I THX ,Xil.i llilllg lf-lx llltlilwfl, Ylviilix lfvtlxlin liixli liixlwxixl-i, Xllllltlil l'.-IIWL, Xl,ilx lhllmiliixiili, Xlix Xlqrx lrllriul' Run' 2 Nancy l'v.u-mlx, fmt-li.1 Di-mn, Xllflllllk' li:-iwslttl, I .infilxn liinti, lliiixx Ihiiiiwlvil, ,I-'uv Xldiill, lxnx ft-llti lwiii 1 Ili' urly' Xlml1lutl1alu,,lm QL-tluiilinizgli, Xlmtilt' XX ixuiiliiil, XX Am:nllu1wlirx, linit linliing 4 iixli liiu-in, Xlmiilxn 1 lvilk, Xlnix Inn liiitl-ull ift-+ Z 4 l111.-1 l11l11, llnev lJ1l1-11 f.1111l .'11111 ll.1111l, lzllxu liv11m'1lx, f l.1111. 111-xllq, R1111.1l1l llmlly, .Xl.11y .Xl11111n11, Rulu-11.1 1 '.11.'l'lll V91- " ,'-'1 ll1l.1 l111x Mlm-ll l-1l111 f.1Xg111x Run- 3 liv X1111.1 XY111 lvlu-11, l11.1111 l4u11null, Xnm- l3'll111'11, ,l.111u .lllxwnf llww lxynn, Xnlnni '11-1 1'l '1'1 l'l1-.ll1 l11111l1, l'.111:11.1 lx1111:, l.111-1ll.111111111, Xlwlunlll lxulm P1111 1 l4111l11-llr l11l111x1-11, 'Xlnm' il"l41111l1, llnllvm' "' M111 '1l1,11l, Y11,1l1 lam Nl1..1, l111l11l1 X1111lx111g11, xl.IIX 11111111111 lP111111l1x XY'1,111w1, I.1x1111 Nl.1l1111, lux 'Xlnkul-rlnxv L J l11111l-1 lI11111x, Xl.11l111111.1 lQx.111, l',1l1111.1 llxnn, X1111 XI1-lxlwllx, ll.14l111N11111x--11, lJ1l-111xl.1111p1 lx.11u1 XYlLllILl, Nlmf , ' Nlux lL11,--1 l l111l11ll1 XX'11lAx,f IJ11111 Nnllu, Nl111l1.-1 lllppl-:lv IQ1111' 7 llum l-11111, Xl.11xlf111 'Xldl111'u'x,l11.Xl111XY1l- l 11- l 1 1 .11lx IH x',- , -ll ll-1111ll1x N11111111, l'.1t111111 lx111x1ll.1, lJqq1'.111n111v1, f .1111l llI1111,,l11.1m-111 Stalin,,Xl.1111111viQ1.1ll, lnm- ll.1u1gl1, l l llw, l ' " 1 lllli 1 l,.11 l l.-l-. l-1X111'- XX 1111-1, l111x llulwl, X1n111- IJIKLN1111, Xlwx l,1:l111q, livllx Xlflll--1, ,lunlillw lllmlu, R1-xv A1111 llul-11.-1, 1 1 'K l'11ll11 l'.111111.1 l',11l1111k1111 R1111 I Nllxlll ll,1m..1111, Xlufl llll.111, l11l,1 lxnmz, l,11ll--rn Xldlml-111, lllllmul Urlmw, Ylllll ' ' Xl 1' '-.1111lM111 '1'--11-11 Nlullw l'l1111wll.11111llN.1, R1111' 1 lxnx flllrll, l11u1NL vlvllnrllg l11,111m' Vllwull, lnvum- ,Xl.11l1w11, 11.1 12 ' 11111134 l'11l1111.1 lmllu, Xl,111l111lSL1-l111,'Xl1111111 01111111-, l11l111 ll1x111: llvu 1 .X111u- Sl-ml, lllln lu111.111l, .Xlnlv Slwlcl, 1 lv' 'N.l11111! 1 lf1-l11111l l'1.w11, I11111 l'.111l11, 5111.1 l'111l1r, lil-111.1clcllv Nldlmlxlx lewman Club llll' N111-1111111 l lllll l11st111's rlm spiritual, intul- Pl'L'SlLlL'I1fj lJ11l1illCl Ccwrrigall, 1'icc-prcsidmtg 11.1l .1111l k1111.1l 11111-run 11l the Cf41tl111lic stu- Mary Lou ll-iting, sucrctaryg and Erncst Fulw, 111 Ill- .11 l8flflQ, 'll11- lllllllllll l3111'ty l luurs llc- ll'L'LlsL1TCl'. 'l'l1is fall Futlwr lolm Crcgory was 11111111 1lllLl I'L'lI'L1ll urn splrltulxl lm-111-lits ul tlu- nppcaintccl rcsidcnt clmpluin to ruplacc Fatllur X 11111111 ll11l1 lllllucfk NNLTL' Rrmgllnl l-hilly, Spilllll. 1 l 1 l 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 l l 1 I l l 4.4 Cl'lRl5TlAX FELLUXY'NHll'- Run' I Heishel fhmig, lltlen llimie, limi lun Runvin, lDonil,l loxuimn, 'Xiihur lnnx, Yxonnt lleilx, lcnel Wiilvel Rum 1 Phyllis lrerguson, Slwirlgy fxlpntinwii, Ynney XY'allJce, 1 h.n'lotle- loose, leono ,leixn 1 oopii, liviee Knaiiilqtovgt, Iieiihn lon illthnh, I-nel Amleisnn Ron' i Inns Dunlap, .'Xl.nn' liaiuel, Yanex lmles, Xlaix Russell, liiix ll.wlsle.itl, lionaltl Xti.1ni-, 1 heixl lxuhs, Xl,, I'ippnl, Nlalx Ann l ane, ,lonnn Xiesllall The sign on the door of the Cihrislimz Stnrienl Center spells welcome for all students who are interested in its program. The youth take an operative part in the planning and organization of numerous proiects and activities. Included in this schedule are bake sales, car washes, and deputation work. Religiously, the group strives for greater faith through worship services, re- treats, and youth conferences. Recreation in- cluded seasonal parties, banquets, and daily re- laxation and companionship. Oihcers for the year were Don Lowman, president, Wfilliam Emry, vice-president, Yvonne Healy, secre- tary, and Eva Lou Runyan, treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Craig were the directors. 237 Christian Fellowship .Xleinhers ill the f lnislnin Vellnnwlnjv plan fl Sunday night menu E...- X -' , Ng, ., ,r ..........., 4, 4 . N VVVV tf'f'9fE251:gffg5ff ... .. ,NL - , fa.,-2 5,24 ,qw ,4j:ggy:::.:-z,fj'-:-:- , t.vY6::f, .f .' 'f.'.'qr?'-'zwwrli-.rv-'vt ai - 4a',f:1:H':Y1'2f 1291 .. ,QA 555 j, ,4- i ,, 2 3 T I 'fag t Q4 at ! 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Thu advisers are Mrf.. Otto Frcdtr- iksun amd Mrs. 'l'hmnas AVL-ry. f CONCiRl5Ki,'X'l'lC5N.'Xl. l'X'ANf'llfl,lC,'XL AND Rl'liflR,Xil'lJ- Run- 1 lllilufil lluix, lllxxaul R3HL'l1kPk'IgLI, liailmm I-ilmlin, I-ix' 'll-l:l4-H, Rnml-ilvii lrlwug, Hcurly Hurt, Rim-ninl'y' Hullw, Yurm Nuxulilwxuil lfllim' llmg, Klix 4 l l'.1iry Run' 2 lxnivn lllix, fXlnxinu l'i-'luring' lr,.m lnxswu, Klarlxw limb, Kathryn Kurns, Russ l uf Klxnlx, Ummm- lD'lU1TU,SJI1klI'J l'lnlmi, Yililxn Hplnkri, Yirgium Hunlmxx, Hutlx' llilrillwmmll, lixIll.lLllIll' Nlllliill, vllulitli Oxhrrli Run' 6 l'lulKy .-Xnu lfmum .Nlary .Xnvi Knmpk-L, ,Xl.1rmn Slwulull, 'xlhix Uulls, fill-rua Xiangi-lQl,Nnmlx.1 li-.1l'1i.uim-I, Ibm I uiilw, l.Tl1INl,llIMl' grun, Butnnnu Clmluii, Sallx' llriixl-W-xxicz, Nancy Nlulmw, ,lan livin, lxJll1lu'H HM, ik-1'i1,niuav1 Tmrlm Kun I lliau-ii XY'ilL.1i1y Nami ll-ippv, lm Harriv, My rms l,JlLh, Ruthnnn ll-llims, Drannfi XY'JrrLn, Nliinm NlIkKk'I, lnuut Xnln.1w-11, Ynnu' Lang, .Xiiw M-1111141 l.uiw ffulwn, XY.1lLluwu Han- sun, fflmrlwllg Vnglux lima' 1 llclvn XY'irlHlLr, liimlm- W Allwn, llumim ll-mgmr,N.1mlrn llximj, l'Al Xluni, llIxllll1 Xliilm., Xlmgux Xlimlurmmn 4lmXnn NIL-yur, PM Dinwlalu, Knrwlyn Schimglx, 1 null 1 ufnmrl, Xun lwkli, l'.1lxx ll-ill-iiuwlwllw limi' 1- .'Xillpll.1 'llu-li, Nnllx lliuili, l-inn Mlmmll, l-imma.fXl1lricl1,U-innlrl,Xlmwj R.1lpl1XY'uclulxinu, lnmw luhxx, liw-pl1I1l.1IMllx, lllix lullu, lxuth llmrui, Xlili' Nl-im, llrilw Xllllii1g,Nlw.N-inNlaxx' Nun, 'lam-l Rulmmlux Iymouth Club Sigma Eta Chi Thu ljlymoullv Cilulv, made up of Coiigmga- Sigliim lla l lvi, mmrity hir wiiimn ul thu Con! tional, Evangelical and Rcformccl stmlciity this grugatiimal Cliurrli, is .iutiw in twii nutilmal year hcgzm inn-grating high sclwlil aml wllggi- inixsiim pmiucts, Utliur gutivitiw include plcdg- activitius. Olhccrs were Bcv llurt, prcsinlcntg ing, muutings with Aims, tcm iiml hrunclics, aml Ruscniary Burke, x'iCc'prc5iClcnt5 Randy lluug, ,1 formal lluumlurs Day llinmr. Ulliccrx hir sccrctaryg and Norm Ncvcnlmvcn, truasilrur. Higimi 5 liz lilvz wr-rc Hurniulim' Suttrm, prwidcntg lVlr. zlml Mrs. Clifhirpl Parry www xpmiwrs. Mary DCM, yiu--pi-L-sirlciitg ximl Aim lfsglr scurutary. aimm Viux fiH1 R iiii- i R4 i.1L 14,1511 rim-gi .i1. 1 ii limi., i'.1i..i..1 llimrlnlr, ia. ..ii1. L fair. ,.i, .i .i.i ilxlii, ni- , 1 .iii xi.ii.,.i, Axim im, im lim liiml ..1, M,-N fi i in iri- i R iiii 1 mm ifiii, x.imi..i ifinimi, iam ii.,ii..1w.ifiIi, Huw. ir, I-xlllilx, Xliu Y -iilii Q, 14.1.1 ii-im, xmmin 1ir.ii1,.r, Cliirin klnnglild, mild r-,1 LU Hmm-mr, 'lan Hi-ii-5, Vlum H.-rg, luiliilm flxh iiii R .iiii 1 .Xlary Ann Kmpilx, linux .X vwiw l iiwiii 1, lhflwm Wniwlw, ,I-wfl , fhlsriiwli, Rullmmi H--lmw, Hciimnlusn Tinrl-lx, N-lima Stu-wi, YI:-.111 Srlmmll, Yl.lI1L'l lx-iliuigglxr, ,Xillxll.1 'Il1lf.ll, Nlllx' l'iI'LlLll, luglxn XYirlwlvl', l'3uwlly llurl, lElL'HIVlI' XY'lllfnnx M-.vm -:A iw . l 5 Q 3 if i if S " I l l 2 i l'i'ilW 4 xma:alml14"A .. .Aa 4 inn. has 1:15 nxal5x:an!xz'r"1nmz mf. J . . , I i I 4 i A 155- N.4 v .tyiii ,- it , 1 l, , f r 2 I 5 fv . , K 1 IU t Ili 7 P i i i Xiiii li I il Xiiri ri Mrittiiw, ll,i7tl lxniiwiiir--, flnrtmv lnitzi-trrt.iiiX Kun' T ttrmtnritiiu ' . r i ' .rt it .iz itwl ,.. t ig' Xliil, i lititrti-it HAH Xtiilrrx Miriiriiil, XI.iitr.r 'NlltnHIX,XXIii'II1 Xltlliimrrlll I-:lm Hwtlilltlivri Canterbury Club II.,V 1,..i.t limit mtl Xiiigir mirttrii pl.iii -'mtv --irmiiivi nntp flirt 4' 'lim t'rrrrlL'r'l1irw ffirlf is thc mgztiiizatiriii for the Epiwipaiiuii studciits rm the l.S.'I'.C. cam- pua, 'lilit' club lwlds Sumltiy xvmsliip surviccs and is tilw nvtiiltilwlt' tri tht' studuiits tm the cam- ptiw during tht- wt-ck. Thu must imprirtztrit ac- tiyity tif tht' C izrrlwlvirw f lirlvwllstI1L'ir'L1lmLILtl iigitirmtil uiiiyciitirm in Aim-s. Aiiritlicr trip tttkun lwy thc grriup was tru Ct-dur Rapids wlicir they lt1ii'i1ud tlit- suiwiccs of tlicir club. iltliur tictivitius iitcltitlutl L1 Cliristmas party tmd mamy disctmitm grtiups, Ufiiccrs x-:src Mztrjtwic Critit-ii, prusidciitg Hazel Kancsliiro, yitc-prusidcittg Ami Bicknl, sucrutaryg and Utivc Piursrm, trczistircr. lNTER-V.'XRQlTY ffHRlSTl.fXN l3El.L0W'Sl'llP- Run' I ,lean Rile, Kay Seliaeler, Kay XY'ootly, llanrel Decker, Sally Xltfiarlnex, ,leanella True- lalood, Row 3 Lorri Hell, Carol Pretz, Betty Tennant, Virginia Garoutte, .Xlarilyn Clark, Marolyn flalwrielson Hope l,it-hsch Row 4 Dale Peter- son, Pauline Lluskallio, Coralee Vriezelaar, Donald Lawless, Dennis Buckley, Sandra tfarlson, Phvllis lrsher, ,Xlaieile XY'isgerh-il Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship The most important traits an iiiler-li'iir'sz'l3' member should possess are a sincere interest in the group and plenty of enthusiasm for its activities. This organization is a chapter ol the inter-fllmsity Clirislmiz liF6llOlllSl,7lP, a student- led group with national and international arhli- ations. Throughout the year this group spon- sors seasonal parties, skating parties, and wei- ner roasts in addition to their weekly meetings and daily prayer services. A Homecoming tea and a spring banquet added to their list of ac- tivities. Qfhcers for the year were Dan Decker, president, Sally lVlcCartney, vice-president, Kay Wfoody, secretary, and Kay Schaefer, treasurer. Sal Mcffaitiiey, Kay XY"oocly and Dan Decker plan ri 77' ,P-, ,, IJ- r""""",....... ,,..... :,.......- l-, l -qfs pmgmiii lin' WCA HOTEL I ildiqu 5 t I Ni ' 3. lr.: V, - 2-'av , f 4 V 1 if 5 ' 7 J b ' - 1 - -f' oil QE blue 5 ,V , , v "Agfa , Z, V r 24l 4 I'IIIIII 'X be I I. I A i , ,I 1 .N I I i K? 1-. I 'I ffv Q' PII K I IIIII 'xI XXX! ll 'XIII IX I-'.IIw I I IIQIIII IJIIIIIII III I IIIIIIII I -IIIIIII, XIIIIII.I XX.',ltr,1-tru IIIIILIIII, Xl.1Iu.1IIl IIIIIII, ,Innn fluldapp I,'I-I 'I' Ig- I-IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIILI NIIIIIII IJIIIIIIIIIII I.IIIIIx It-IIwII IJIIII' 3 IIIII-III Klt'.IIIIy XI.IIIIx'I1 Xt-Iwn, IIIJII ,IIIIInwII, SyIxin IIIINIQIIH I. 'I'I- II It II NIIIrIII XI IXIIII, I-IIIII IIIII.IIIII, XI.IIx IxIIIIu, Itwxx NIII-III, IJIIIIIIIII IJJIII Run' I -I.III .Xlult-IXIIII, IIAII ,XHI1JIWIk',IN3IIYSlII'I1,:Xl1 ' XII 'I'-1 XI ,II IIIIIIIII III II IIIIII- II- IIIII: XIII III I wh I, NIIIII I-I I.IIIg III.IIIm IiI.1QvIII-IIIIIX, XIAII' 'IIIIIIwIwII, I IIIS NAIHIIIII, XIJFIIYI1 Mar' L. II I I IIIIII IU IIIIIIIQI 'II-IIQI Im IKII Ik, ID.IIIIIIt I-IIIII1I-III, NI-.III 'IILIII,Ig-II, I'I1xII1- Ikltlxuw, IJIIIMII IIIIIIII, .NIIIIIII1 NIIII-utIur, I J- I I I I 'I 1II, II1II. XIIII XI.IIIIx:I I-IIIIIIIII IJIIIIIII SIIIIIIIZ, XIIuIIII.I Ix.Ix, I.1IIIIxl.I XX IIIIJIIIXN NI.IItI.I I:yInnII KIIII' I- KIIIIII YI 'ANN IYII4 PX IIN-:I ' IIIIIIlII I'.IIIIx-III, RIIII II.I IJ.IxIy IIII--l IIIIKIIQII, IJI-IIIlIII Xuwn IhIIIIIw IVIINVII, I'IIyIIIs f1I1JIII' I WI" II -II III It KIIIIIII XX IIIII XIIIIII XII.IIIIx, I.xIIII IIIII: IQIIII 3 HIIILIIII XY IILLIII, IIIIIIII SIIIIxIxIII,III.1I'IIg:InIXLlIIII,IXLIII-IKImIg,I'InIIII. I I' I- II II 'III I II IIIIIIIIII, , I -IIIIIIII NIIIIII--IIN IIIIIifI.I.IIIII XI-IIII.I XILI .lxI1lJI1, I'IIxIIIx NIIIIIIIIIINJIIIII, IJIIIIX XIIII .XImIgr1, .-Xrtlun NIII- L' I- III -IgII I- III: 'IIIII I' IQIIIIII IJIIIIQIIIX N-III! YIIIIII IPIIIIIMIII, IxIIlII II.IIlI-I, IIIIII IIIIIIXIIIIN IJ,IIII'I IQLIIIII, IIIIIIIJII1IInmI,Npu1uI I I I I I ,III ru'-I IIII IIIIIII' II'I.IIIII I-.IIII-IIIIIII, ILIIIII IMIIII Lutheran Student Association IIII' LIIIIILIIII: NIIIZLIII -IIIIILIIIIIIIII IILIIXLN IIS WIIIIII I,IIIItIIII,IIIIIx II1II-LIQIIIIIII IIIQ xwuk. Sun- III2' prII:I'.IIIIN II.IIIy IIIKLIIIIIIIIIII .I IIIIIIQ study :I'III:It If-.III IIIII IQII' QIIILI IIu'I4Iy Iupt-I' wrI'iccs I II'-tItI.ItI IIII' kI-ILILIII. IIIIII'-II-IIIIIIIIII P.1I'IIL'H tIntI .I spring ImIIIIL1ut IIigIIIigIItutI Wtiul activities I IIIIQL-rs IWIII SIIirIcy Mau RLIIIQIIILIQI1 president Iig1tIII'yn I:IL'IIIIIIg, x'iccfprcsiLIcIItg Imargarc IIIICII, SL'U'L'IllI'j'g and ,Immw Icnscn, trcasurcr I'tIstIImI 11cIx'iscr was Rev. A. C. Schardt. 1 t PL-. v--p --r is . C.-XKIMA Dlil.'ll.'XfRnii' I Annette l-ludepohl, lilean-rr lietlsnian, Xllllllli'mclwr, Darlene llailoxx, lttxeili llninlwusch, l'l1llIj'3 lxapler, ,lu ,-Xnnt Norman, Doris Lingo, ,lanicc Kuneit, liclgar Hrnrnmer Run' 3 Nallx lelorn, Rcbccca Hltssing, ,lanti lxieit, Nlnix linliml-ai, lnis Vuhrnmnn, Shii- ley Carlson, Ruth Crempel, Patricia Qolberg, l.ois l.etti-xi, 1 .iiol Rox-,etltltr, Kathryn Xhliiis, ,Xlaix Ntll, lloinlhx Il-lin linux 4 inrolyn 'l'heis, Phyllis Dornbu-sch, lflaine Kroemer, Donna Tollness, lbtlf-rcs XY'illsin, lane! Platte, Rainona kliennell, ,lnnel I-Ist, Yoinm 'llioinpsoir ,lo,'Xnn Sanclei Donna Kummer, Doug Doerzman, .Nlaicia Hensel Row I Rnvm--ntl llittsleltl, Donald lars-tn, lJ.ix1tl Hath, lutlilh Worth, Viola Ilelloer, lin' Doerzman, XVilliain Albers, Richard Kanter, keith Tatet, Dunne Vaiilsen, lnrncsl lxelso A wide scope of actiyity is oflerecl by Qmnnm Della, the otlicial student organization of the Lutheran Synodical Conference, at the College Hill Lutheran Church. Throughout the year a well-plannecl program of religious ancl social programs are promoted, including initiation banquets in the fall and installation banquets in the spring, caroling to shut-ins at Christmas, and various inter-chapter activities such as pic- nics and seasonal parties. The oilicers for the year were Phil Kapler, president, Dick Polan- sky, vice-presiclent, JoAnne Norman, secre- tary, and Beverly Dornbusch, treasurer. Rey. Edgar Brammer was the sponsor. Gamma Delta ir tfinnvnii lulmns ny out lor ont-,act coniecly "My Wilt llenry . .wire , .. :xi-f-m.,., ' 'ilifflvs' ' If 'l 1' l , f if F ,A N t, r f , gl . 7 , vf' A.. , -1 1. 1 l 1-11 5 1 Xl 1 ll'llXllXllIlX I ULIXJ ll R1111' I ll1ul1111 1 11le, f n11 l111 ls l ei, l'l1vll1x .X11tle1w11, l311111m Klnirey, lxeniielli Rnxxe, ,loA11ne Knlilx l111.111 l11l1:1111:1 X1ll11 ll.11x.x H1111 3 Xlxin liiatlltx, liA1l1.11.1 lln1x1111N, R1-x N.1N.1lx1, l'l1yll1x Klein, ,lanel lieluel, Hliirlty Cmnt, 'lam-l Sxxniisnii, ll ' -1 lH111 R111 1 l.111.1 l711rl11 lue1.1 l'111l1nNlx.1, 'Xln11111111.1 llnlnei, l111'11.1 Tillnnx, XY1l111.1 Nlcl uen, lillen Tilp, l'.1l1iei.1 l.lIllilI'l, llloise l'1-llell, l11.-an Xl,lP1111.1l1l 0111.1 ll111tlx Kwai' J I1-.111 ,l.111w.-11, Nliltlietl llnrlldeelx, linux l11Ll1t, l7.1le Vl11l1l1w11, Pele l'ielxetl, 'l'l1eml11re Plt-iff, -lqnie-N ' l 111 l'111l l'11.,l11e.i X11l11l1 Xltiix lx.1ll1l1'e11 Xletlmn, Xl.11x Ntlii-11111111L,11 Wesle Foundation Stuelmitx Clireeteel hy Rev. bl. Preston Cole and .Nlrw Nellie llarvey eonduct the program at the lllwlm 'fFo11111l11!1o11 Ollieers were Ken Rome prexideiit, lionna liimrey, vice-presideiit, Phyllix ,-Xiideiwoii secretary, and ,lo liolils, llAL'tlNl.ll4L'l'. Sigma Theta Epsilon Heading Slrfllllfl fllrelu Epsilon, Nlethodist fra- ternity, this year were Duane Fulirnian, presi- dent, Paul Prichard, vice-president, Bill llart- man, secretary, and Roger Brnckmeyer, treas- urer. Dr. Lylllfill Peck and Mr. Arthur Redner XYCI-L' Qplillhlirh. 'l11" fill l E l l'Xll 1 IX V111 i11tl1111 H11l1111, l'11N1-111 4 11l1, l.11111 X N11Iw11lx1111,l'.111ll'11el1.11tl,l511.111el11l11'111n11,XX'1ll1.1111ll.111111a11,l411ge1'llroelx- 11 l 11 1 l'11l- P1111 I ll1l111 I1-l111N1111 1 lill-111l 'Moll ll-11 N.1x.1lK1, lJ.1l1' l11l111w11, X1-.1l Xlt1.11ll111, ,lnelx W1-1tl.1, Ken llfme, l,1leUW11111l, l411l1 1 ll 1i 1- llzqg ' l1l111 l'1111 1111 101111 1 l1xl11- 'l'1111111, 'll1-11111 Xl 111' 1N, l41111,1ltl l!.1ll1, ll--1111 ll11:1-11, XY'illi,1111 l1ll.1k11,'ll11111l111't1 l'leitl, Don .1111 1 1 , - 11 111 ll11111l ',11'111 Nl1w111r X1l111l1i11X ll.1111l1,l l'..1lN11, l5,1x11l f111'1p11, ll111111.1xl1-11ea A .1 KA . 11-L nr h xQl 1 :L K.'Xl'l'.-X l'lllfR-vu' I XYAXA l"almel', lane! Sualiwii han XX't.iitl.1, Rolmrtn Vnxwn, fiirolxn Holger, XY'ilrn.1 Xltl in-fn, Suxnn Hoxlxin-, Slit-:ln lllkli Paula Hunt, Nellie Haney Kaur 3 Rovilin llui-nttlt, han lanwtn, ltone lxanx, ,luililh Hlinlel, Xmwu 'lI1..mpwn, lxtlxn Htiezh, fmolet Yxxanwn, Xl."II.TIUlE Hnfntr, Yaney Holuh, Xanex lamina: Pon I Htxtrlx funnier, Xoinm lxlint, ilnm f hoilx, f..iil Nirtinlx, Htlh XY'tl'wl'iex Xiang firoxtr, llltn Tilp, Lon Htld, ,lot lnxlto, llonnri fvmillxt, Nhnltx liinun, Ned' II llnnnntr Rox: V 'Xl.nx Xlmlin, Xlnyioxe lhznt, Xlildrtt Hnrtheelt, .lidith Xltriy, Kathleen XltehAn,Nl'm1on livnmnnn, Xlnix Ntlioonlndloi, Nallx Nlwvrt, l,ton.1 Hmti, llonnli lxnnitx Norma l'it-hm, Helly lixher, Swan Paulus, XY'JnCl.3 XYIH l-x.l.l'l'.X l'Hlf Ron' I ,lam 1 ulur, f.nll Rider, Mtoium Xlmdtn, No-:xg lkixix, l'.iL XJnl,J:iitn, lx,ilinRtn1ilr Xlmx llllllllx, Xlaixmtli Xelwn, l'-nl ham lfrielnon, .Indy Haulhoine Ron' 2 .-Xnn Huh, ,lo llxn XY lntinnn, Nh-,rxl ,Xnn Xloltll, lxnx lox, Xlmilxn ltxtni Xlmilxn Smut, Hnilmrf liinnxell, Carol fox, Hen-fly' ,NleLmn, .XlHfIlLl Htlztr, l,oii'Aint lletehei Ron' r Glenda Wilwn, Rim law n, Mloim Nuvll, lane! fleltltr, Dtannn XY'erner, line limser, Dliflx Trunntl, Yalda liXJ!1N,YlLJlKllL IJIXIN, I Allonn-. 4 Jrxlulx, Hnrhnm llenlfvurun r, Nlnilu X'X'lmnnll Kon' I .Xlxxt .Xl--hr, .Xlnlwl Ranleltl, Nlaiolvn finhrielwon, 'Nhirlex YHl1Il!,NlHIlkN flixix, Xleier, fnrolin Sexton, Hitt lnnt Ioyitei, ililhtn Hugger, 'Xlarlini Hoxkin-., Kayt Runner, Rosa Xylxwtir "Every woman in the university world today, a leader in the Church of tomorrow '." With this purpose in mind, fffappn Phi, the Methodist womens sorority, sets about to fulfill its proi- ccts. Activities included the Motherls Day Kappa Phu hrealifast, Yule Log Ceremony, and the Linnuial meal in the Upper Room. Olhcers were Caro- lyn Bolger, president, W'ilnm lN4cl-Lien, vice- president, Sue Hoskins and Sheila Irish, secre- taries. lN4r5. Nellie llarvey was the sponsor. NXl9llXllXNll R llllUXXNllIl' lltlw 1 Rex Rtthnrtl Nt-lstwn, Cary Mummy, Carolyn l't-unucls, llortltwn Bulterm, Leland Fl'lmn1stm, Ruth liel le A.4, s 1 tttmtt llvmls! Xlnrx ltttt Rttxt New 3 lennnme l'etls, Httlelu- 'l'nymn.1, Rtelmrcl Riggle, Gerry flline, Namlra Iqtlthtwll, Ctvnnie Tennant Nl.-vu l.xttgl1htv,4 .nhl litntlsmmv Var-'le llaeen, liextvlx Hlnnt-s Run' I XY'nml.1 Olsen, Vlnttclin llinman, ,lttyce l'wrter, ,lean XY'umlwll, Elmne lint- -uzt tt 1 .trttlxu lstmptr, Xllll1IItl XYl1rttlest-t, Xlnrere NIH-wrt, 'lst-rtsn lllllllltf, ,lmxe Kmmhetr, .Xlnry lane Xl-vrlurtl 'fxlNlXllXsllll lllltHXXNl1ll' Run' V Nlatx Rusty lltvmm lletlsen, f .tml Smnlh, .Xlarx .xlJI11l'llll1gIl, .Nlarian XY':lli:tn1s, Rita Krnntheer, llelen l-sl mtv 1.,stvt lelmtts, Xlrs ltttlmttl Xtslsttn Run' 2 Nmnx llrenter, ,lnnet Uxfsreertt, Xlnrtlvn Whtllnce, D-'unit RI1-ttlt's,I'3twlttres Mrtstml Mflrgnret 1 lstl Ntwtx l-'tttttt li--htm Nthttllz, ll.tth.1r.t Xagtl, XVIIQIHIJ lttrtlan, Nlnrgx flvensy llrxle ,lenmngs Ruta' 4 ,Xlmv Anne llmlltel, ffltris Val- vtmf Xlmeft-I ltttttst' l5.1rlmr.1 ll.1lpnn,f.1.1ee Xl.ulsttu,Nlnrle5 l'-lst, Yum ltmlst-I, Nlterttlnlt Ntruxer, .Nl.1rlt-en ftnltersttn, lhtlttem flartlner, lltmrullty 'wlt' f- -'h but Xtrtm It 'mn I1ttL..u,Nl1ttIt-t Klart-"llwt11y1s-vlt Westminster Fellowship lftttth 1 ltttrettlt lk-ll-ttssltip ttml Stexvttrclsltip l'XY'lmt ls A Cfl1ristitttt7" Utlieers this year were these ttrt' the lftttr pillars ull -lllL'NllllllZNlL'V' 'Pele l-ee llttmtstm, mtttlertttmy Sheridan Strayer, ltttwlttftttlltltelJt't'slUXIeTl.tltlll1LII'el1. Sttppttrtetl vice-mtmtlerntm'5 Ctmrdtm Bultena, stated Clerlig hy' thtse tht' 1-tpttttiitttitttt trietl ttt elisetwer Ltt1tlCLtt'ulyt1 ljetmtweli,treasurer. Newclireetors thtt-meh tht-ir .tttluities the tmswer tw its theme, were Nlr. and Mrs. Richard lslelstm. PHI Cl-ll DELTA-Razr' I Mis l-liehartl Nelson, Viinnie Hrinls, Marx' Rose, ,Min itmin, Iboli-res Xlawn, fiuen lihnus, lliiiiillix' Mm. MCCreath, Mary l'li:aheth Laughlin Ruin 3 Carole llagen, ,li-ree krninheer, Kolene Dittrieh, ,l,-.innine Puls farnl Huelsinan, ,lnniei I I Kloosler, Beverly Rhines, Claudia Hinman, Wniicla Olson, Marx' ,lane .Xi--rf--:tl Row f Ruth lkllow., l-arharn Nigel, Donna Rliodes, ,lean XY'omholt, Carolyn Kemper, Nanci' llrenier, Vlriyce Porter, Elaine lirnmetr, Helen Klaxer, Nita Kmml-ei-r Pow I Donna lliilseii, Vfniol Smith, Donna Schultz, Mary Xlnrnniiiiun, ,lanel Oxeretn, Nancy Reel,-r, Qhirln IH-st, Yxonni XY'iedtvi1-xiii, f',,m,,L 'l'i,1,m,yr Row I Grant Cline, Chris Valentine, .Xlary .Xnne l.indli-'f, XlJflgCLI'i,'l lfoose, ffqriiliii lqvnmiek, swmli-3 ldqilrtlnirl, Xlarlttn Xiilwrsiin I'.ilricl1 Iinrtlnel "XY'omen in the Church-Nationwide to Fireside." Around this was arranged the years activities of Phi Chi Delta, the Pres- byterian girls' service sorority. Through study and fellowship the girls strive to learn of and share in a Christian life. Annual events are the Rose Dinner, Christmas party, Motlier's Day breakfast, and pledges' service projects. Dflicers for the year were Dolores Nlason, president, C-wen Lehnus and Ann Strain, vice-presidents, Barbara Wfallace, secretary, and Dorothy Mcffreath, treasurer. Mrs. Richard Nel- son was the sponsor. Ph' Connie Brink tells a "Big his Delta tory. to lhi K hi lreltii inenihers vw 7 iz f, fn l l' 1 1 ra l - fllllllfv ,,-- -f L. I. . 1,5 C l l ll lllXllN 1 ULINI ll l- I lu llu mv 11 l Il l llll R114 D Dall- ,lulwx vruw ,ll.1IlX Xlwllyx, lxll-n llullnml, Xvlllllillll lyu, Rulwrt 5 Q I lnterfraternut and lntersororlt Councils nlcntg Mm-y Srplircs, NL'Ll'L'I1ll'y'tI'L'fiSUTCfj and Mary' Czlmplwcll, social Chairman. lnlcrlmlcr- mill' is maclc up ol two rcprcscntativcs from uaclm lrntcmity. Olllccrs ware ,lcrry Tlmmpson, pres- iglcmg Run Rcilly, vicc-prwiclcntg Bolw Lakin, sccrctnryg and liwlw Briglni, trcnsurcr. l ll' 'flf llll 'fll N' ll L l NIH f nm l ll l uw lll1 w Nllux Sflulnx, xlfllldll Xltlllflll Run' J Nunn.: XX',1llur, Nnmv Tlwmp- V3.0 3- 9 V ' , 6. Celebrating their fortieth year, the Beta Clmp- ter of jllplm Chi Epsilon, oldest fraternity on campus, launched another successful year with a variety of activities. The Jlxffs won sec- ond place in the Homecoming float competi- tion with their sister sorority, Delta Delta Phi. Diligent pledges could be seen in their beanies patiently carving their pledge fathers initials in Jllplm Clai Epsilons own "Chi" rock located north of the campus. Anniversary ol'hcers were Lee Thomson, president, Norman Smith, Vice- president, Ron Baldwin, secretary, and Bob Squires, treasurer. Sponsors were Dr. E. L. Marietta, Dr. P. C. Haines, and Dr. E. ,l. ,sq X Cable- .ellplui llvik entertain their sistt t 1 Q lpha Chi Epsilon ALPHA CHI PEPSILON-llnri' I Arnold qlulileit, Dale XY'nod, Richard l'ol.mwlsx, Richiiril 1--ilunan, lnhn loin'-s Hill Iinix llllt l hn n liul lap Laverne Hueholt Ruiz' 3 Vlirnrny lint, Don Lnwman, Donald Xlexer, Ni-rnmn Smith, ltland 'l'li-finwii, Ronald li ildx in lx ltit Sqinits xii Cally, Harlan Bigger, Harry Lind Run' 1 Larry Hnllan, Shtridan Straxer, Dau Llay, lun Rowe lranlt lriritlen f L ree lwiwu 1 L lxinrn r lay Dilxliers, Ronald Reilly, Donald ylnhriwii, Ylarnes Kchneelalntli, xl-vhn llainet, llniriwn Hniiulitnn, lliwnnltl llm lanies x c ljici sen, Kenneth Lind , - . .J ' ' Af' 1, N .1 " X - x an vi A1 - 4 -1'f.hiMi xulx Xlxmm XI vnu-, 1.111 I'1p:'1, Y1rQlx1l.1 .lu1J.1n Run' 3 .Xlwry lullng, P.llliLI.1 l'lcr'u', ' W 5 1 W I II ww II1 1 ' 11' ll 4 up mu ludx Xwrdlx Run' 1 Rwlulln Kg-nm, I-111-mb Iiurwulw, H.nP1.1m Tug, umm rlxn I wx, Hmlll Txifurll, If-:N .XHII lrlw, Hmmm XXX-xlgvlwnl Dull! and ffhnk mlw limf wut hu' n mack nr tha- A A R cnfc, iq RF' VT' 1 ' ' N " ' 1 Q ' ' ' v'f"A'a ! .sl 1 J 'gl W Q . 'n, Q ' ' ' ' '. Y 1 , , rf? h L 5 , V 4 1 I , + . x m I 1 A 1 n . 5 4 5 1 Q III!! I in v 'T gd' K.-NFPA 'l'l'lF'l'.'X VXI-Run' I Nally Nlmxtr, Dixie 1 wsley, l'Iixlhs Kltm, Nhirln l'-tsl, lltimm Xlatlsin Run' J lan lhiilsius--iw, llizalulli 1 -iipui, ,lw.fXnne lftvhls, Divlmes Xlnmn, ,lams Ctltllealaer, l.itrliit'ly'i1 .'XIillt'1, ljtvfls I in-lit Kappa Theta Psi Ktifvfm Tliefti Vw rushees Cimie tn party in Faculty Rimini in tlis- guise. Taking mi the big ioh of revising their Cmisti' 521 tution this year did not slow clown Kappa i t i Them Psi in other activities, They still had a il W P llmnecimiing cimilee lwur and float, a St. Val- l- , N ii f " ' 1 eritinel Day Sweetheart dance, a Nlotlierl ' ' E dy i f. l 'l Ti " Day hriuicli, and a gracluatiim climier, Fttllitw- -Aw if ' .E A ing their mottu, A'XY"e strive fur all that is true H' P, - A 'i and niwhle in xmiiiaiiliiwmlf' the Hlfizjvfm s 3.4 1 , T ' fl ilaliwu, A f axvarcled the girl with the highest grade average - ' J!! ' 3 -iii at the end of each quarter with a seliolarsliip t 72 CI W, T i ' sv hraCelet. flfiihlm lllwliz Pits iwflicers were Phyl- F X lis Klein, presideiitg Peggy llix, vicefpresideiitg jgiv T X1 Dixie Crosley recording secretaryg lVlarle1ie 4'bAl Af Q. ', . Dunlap! corresponding secretaryg and Shirley in Qkqlq ' , Y. Post, treasurer. The llxtzpjm s apimsnrs were Mr. and Ivlrs. Cecil Phillips. 25I 5 ai sr-A sir I .- .- -- -F I -, -W A 'l , Q' V' I I N I I II II NI IIII Ibn ' ltvntt NIMIIIN-III XI.:Ix fnIInntIIItn Xnntx IIII-rnpw-II, N.1ntII.1 Xlxlnt- .Inn X.IytIIy.tu.1 Run I InIu'lIIIvlI1,IIIrt'llA " NI. III IIJIQ I VIII NIIJIIN N II I.II:nII.I, XI.1Ix 4Il.tII.InI, I-In I3tIIIInp I fI..II. IIIIII IIIIIIIII. VII'-ItII'I1I pnwt-Inx tht- ILIIIIIAINIIIII N Vx . IIIIIII III .II MI I I IKIIIII XI.lllIX!1IllIIL'l .'ttxLI1IIIg1IxInp LIIIIHVI, x Q- 1 :IA 'J'-GM gl! I Undcr thu traditional Cnhurs III royal blue and I whitt-, N14 Signm PIII spcnt annthcr ycar dum- nnstruting their motto: "In union thcrc is , strcngtltf' Activitius included tt IIOINCCOINIIIQI Ihmt and Iwrcukfast, CIn'istmas dinncr, rush wct'Ii, sL'crct sistcr wt-tk, IVII'ItI1ct"s Day dinnct' and at spring cIinnt'r-dance. For the past two NPI'Il1t1S,jXIII SIIIIIIII I'IIiI1t1s hucn nwardcd Intcr- wrnrity high Nclwlatrsltip rucognitinn. Unity is IIILIIIIILIIIIQLI during tht stnnmcr hy Z1 Sutnmcr Round Ilnhin. IIIIILQIK thi5 yum' wort- Nancy 'IIIIIIInpsIIn, pI't'sitIuIttg Sandy Myhrc, vice- 4 Im prwidt-ntg Mary Zurtnuchlcn, sccrctaryf and Hu' IDcIrnhusch, trcasurcr. Spwnsnrs wcrc Miss EIIcn Aulwik, Dr. Irt-nc Crown, und Dr. and NIM. I IIm'ard Knutson. 252 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I t . -ry .su 2 .s....ff' .53 .e ,i .asus ,...L ,i PHI SIGMA Fl"SILOXfllou' I Palrlels Hlruxe, lpllox' Dunn, lllelmitl Hraunselwweiu, XY'illiam Hell, Rolaeil Taxlor, .Xlarxnn Xlilsesli, lllayton Timoni- as, Ollie Isaak Rau' 2 Ronald Salninnson, Donald Ulsen, lranls Planilaeels, Don lwlsiud, Vlerry Rexnolds, Tom Handlers, XYllllI.'!!11 Aritlerson, Cary Mcfhoy, Darrell Conway, Roger lieeman Rim' I ArnneXY'eslpl1al, Roy Youuessei, Vleirx' Case, Roluvt lang, lgfiiy IH-oels, Kilmrles Riker, .lolan W"atson, Darrell Richardson, XYlllllA!'l'l Ross, Hlalse Hrown, lxaxe Y-lun: Row I 1 liavles fiieemxoopi, Rolwerl lilmure, ,lames Rosien, Ulanles Gardner, Wlilliam Lee, Vlerrx Duea, vlerrx Tlwnipsnn, Rnharti laison, Donald l-lelseis, -I--lan Nlolal-vin, john Swenson, Ronald iionder, Vern Ugden Klemlaers of Vlu Srtlnm l'PNIlUll enioy a game ot Cards in rlie All lflltqtllldlllg ltatulx of tlll- llll 5lfllll'l EPS' Comnions. lon fraternity s activities tlie past year was tlie V "" ' 'f - '- incorvoration of two new honor awards: a V -qmgrasfmi X t L 1 i Y Q A I Scliolarsliip Award and an Qutstanding Pledge Award." To furtlier emphasize the ,Q 'lBrotlierliood" ol tlieir fraternity, the lllwz' figs varied social functions included tlie annual il? ' liomecoming Dinner, tlie Wlliite Tea Rose - 3 l Dinner-Dance, a spring laarlaecue, the Stag Dinner, tlie Pledge Dinner, and tlie Senior Din- ner. The fraternity lias won tlie intramural softball elianipionsliip tlie last tliree years in succession. Ollicers were ,lerry Reynolds, pres- ident, Toni llandlen, vice-president, Bill An- derson, secretary, and Don Kolsrud, treasurer. Sponsors were Dr. W'illian1 Dee and lVlr. B. L. XWoodcock. 11h-:rl 3.15 253 254 ,S 3 . ft! ., ' ' A L - I' "jd lllf Nll .Nl R !'lll Nwzl ' Xlhx llwllwlll, Nlmwn Nnmhry Numlm XY'nlllwu, Suxnlm ll.1uwu, XlI'1,RI1l1g' ll-llllmy l-.II'Ult' XYX-.lm-111Lx'u1' Run' 3 liny Nh' V '- ' lvlfl l'lv.llw 9,1-,fflw-wx lwm 1 lwvzxlu.1wu1, I .mllxn Ihuxuluru, llanm- I'.1lmul, Ikttx Ulmgu Try xmlmgnwg lhix unc-l'lu Nm plcnlgw think it! n lilllu lnrgu Strixing rl-mml thuir' muttu, UXY1' huild fur ' 'xi llmmptm' xml mst hu' lmmgl lllvz Sfglnm lllvi -fx: , - mlk put m m.m5' xpxmml Jntwvltxw. Ihuy had . A MB l l , . . - . .1 l llmml-mnng tlfm mth thulr lW!'HIl1L'Y' l'l'LllfL'I" 'W' mty Phi Qignm llpsilun .1 dinm-r in thu Cmn- nwm with thuir hxmllmw :md spmwwrs, rushing lwrh fall .ll1Ll xvintzr' flL1llI'fL'I'S, Ll unnhilmtimm llltimtiwn .xml lilwrixtnms party, Jml UiI1LllILlL'Ll Il1L'lY' lmlxiriw with .1 nlimmr'lfurtlu-gr.1QlL1L1rimg l'l'1 X111 N 'l hu ull plulgl- glam wax kupr husy rmlgm: .e yu-xx Lhust lm' thu Sr5T'4lI'lfy, Ulliccra ll l'l11 Whmz lllw xxuru Sumn llumun, prwi- Jimi: gillkll f ll-l. llhlrhu x'1lu prw1Llmtg Slnmm Nlmlur- tu-.mxxmgrg ,ln-,l Suu fmmllwlwl NL'U'L'Ii1I'j'. Nh' . lin-rt lXX"4-rmluml-1 nml llr. rxllgllhfll Slllllf- an um Ihl l'l1: Fm X Kpl-nwrw. W li, , a Q-' A.. .- , 9 s . i I Whoever wrote the words 'ismall but mighty" could easily have had Pi Phi Qmega in mind. Although there were only seventeen Pi Pliis, their calendar was crowded. Rushing parties, 'icokem dates, Secret Sister Wfeek, a booth at the Final Fling, a Homecoming float with Nu Sigma Phi, and a spring banquet to honor graduates are some examples of their activities. These helped carry out their aim, uto promote the social and intellectual growth of each indi- vidual memberf' The Pi Pliis pledges were well informed this year due to special, new pledge booklets. Qflicers and sponsors of this sorority were Lois Puhrmann, president, Hazel Kaneshiro, vice-president, ,lanice Shoot, secre- tary, Carol Davis, treasurer, Miss Lauretta McCusker, Mr. and Mrs. Harland Samson, and Dr. and Mrs. Guy Wfagner, sponsors. V1 l'lu X elect IIRIL' the tree ni n party lit-ld at finrol Davis' Iioine Pi Phi Umega Pl PHI OMECAfR0u' 1 Betty Fhrlfe, Lois Puhrmann, Hazel l'Q3!1usl1lIu,Nl1lrlc'5' Wlmnnel Ron' 2 Donna fiardner, loan Frnst, Carol Dans, Aud- rey Ayala, Alyse Mohr, ' . 'si ggg, g '1 "' f . ef' 4531 'vw 6 l l .V :' Q23 Q, 1, '. , ?,,,,,,. .F , ,X ,. , i .1 - . Ix4.4f El 'O x1 "1 Vin plrrlgv- min snnlvs twin ihvn' in I U pl Ta u Phi I .,g ins at a plcdgi- iinw-tiiiu A wi-L-kmd at Cluar Lakc last suninicr got the Pi Tim Phi sorority nfl to a good start on some nl thi- fun thuy would have throughout the ycar. l lighlights nl! thu ycar wcrc winning first placc nn their lmnrh for thu Final Fling and winning third place nn thcir Homecoming llnat. Outstanding cycnts of the year xvcrc l lninccnining hrcal-ifast for thu aluninac, Christ- mas party and Carnling, and Mothcrs Day lunch. The llz' 'Tails patroncss was Mrs. Elmcr Rittcr. Thcir sponsors were Mrs. Pcrry Criur, Miss lam- lvlauck, and Miss Virginia Cammill. Olliccrs wcrc Barhara Lucas, prcsidcntg Norma lylclfachran, yicc-prcsidcntf Marian Pctcr, scc- rctnryg lylarlcnc England, trcasurcrg and Mar- garut Mundt, corresponding sccrctary. l'l 'l'.'iU l'lll lf-'ii' v lan lirvnunan, rlram' llaxis, 'samlra l'L1rs1.ll, ,Xnnrltc Hi,-lhn, lllxiu laslmwslxi, l'l-qvurly Andcrsnn Run' 2 Marilyn Iw.yvi..1vw X1.trl-.n .lnlx-r-fm, Xnrwa Xlrl aplwian, liarhara luuis, Nlaxian Vvtar, Xlarlcm- lzngland, .Nlarlha flluusc, .Nlargarcl Mumlt Run' 6 Marie llr lwri, 'illwivi larinxy Nlwvl- x llimls, liuurlx Su-xxarl, filuncla Nlurhll, -ludy Slncriiicr, Alam' liwrd, Marian xvilllldliis, Myrna latch . --in F71 lilrrf l I i l ,. x 1 Under the banner of Pi fflaeta Pi, 40 l.S.T.C. women strove to accomplish the goal of "friend- ship, cooperation, and enthusiastic support of all college activities." The Pi ffliels promoted such social festivities as an alumnae Homecom- ing tea, a Mothers Day brunch, a booth at the Final Fling, and a Christmas party and caroling with their brother fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma. The traditional engraved peach seed necklace was given to the pledge with the highest grade point for the year. Qflicers and sponsors of Pi 1Tlietn Pi were Donna Schultz, president, Nlary Hawkins, vicefpresident, lone Vlacobsen, secretary, Marilyn XY'ood, treasurer, Miss Thelma Short, Dr. and Mrs. Richard La- cey, and Dr. and Mrs. David XY'illiams, spon- sors. I P . Q H - ., ig ' s.W"'avr i X 'f-vs. nw" 5143 K r ' '. ' l ' V f' W' T l L. . ' 'NG l -i r--'cO,. T ,. 'Xl ' , ' " 23 1.0 ' V f --J is . .3-HSS , ,. , , . . ,A , gy if - T . e .--za-. T . ,mu - 'v " . T ' 'VT Q'-n il? 'N "st -- -.- o :Pig vi 'L , ' ls0u4s.' fion a : X . ,mr ., 5,' J 'Q M , L lite: -v "9,Zf'1 'sz ' . ' gn45gg.le: 'M "ix r"- , uf -an-ui-.Q-si '- . vigrx '--' - Hug ., k -z.. l I A - -. ir ,gi-gal Jo QSMJ , 3 ,guys ..,' -Z lx "T l 'W 3 T". .' Q '.- X X.. .. Virol U'Neill and ffamilla lain are suiirnrntletl hy Ileverlee and llelxa llaniler at a lispountl party for three Vi Tlrrls in the tall. Pi Theta Pi PI THl:TA Pl-Run' V .Xlary Squires, Nanci lange, liexerlee Raniler, lielxa Harnler, Sharon llalth, lri.innv Hartrnnn, Shirley 4 it-edon Roni 3 Barbara Wallace, Harhara lowell, lone ,lacoli-en, Donna Nchrrlt:, Xlarv llaxxlsiiis, klein Iawsori, jane .Xllisr-n, Tlairie lfmrlslrm Raw : l,lml,1 Christians-in, Carol flaunt, Harhara Nagel, fnrrile U Yeill, ,lanice T--rlselwn, Nhirlex Nlae Rt-narrtler, Klart Ruth Vtrllaerl, Sandra ladr-lwH, llrrrfilhi Simon, Svlxia Crassneld, Connie Tennant, lfllen llearsrrn, Ruth lull-'ws r 1 257 'l'l1e,'llf1ln1 1' ln Ciluzpler nf Siglnm Qluu Qarnimi carried forward its purpose nl promoting last- ing friendships and true lwrutlierlinncl. High- lights ol tlie year included tlie Homecoming dinner, tlie Cliristmas party, tlie annual XY'liite Ruse dinner-dance, and tlie spring party for graduating seniors. Among tlie activities and .icliieveinents nl tlie year were tlie furthering I 5 ul' an alumni chapter and the pledging Hltelpi' --f 1' Xveeli. Dr. Alames Blanlnrd, Ur. llerman Nel- snn, Ur, XY'alter llitzler, and lVlr. Lee Miller were the Sill lTtlll is sponsors. Officers were Len lirnyen, presidentg Sonny lgirns, first vice- presidentg Bold Sliarp, second vice-presidentg Arden Snllien, secretaryg and XY'illwur Fleming, N 'ni :ii ingeilni mili s-trinity iusliees in ilu- Vmiiiimns A A llL'flSUlL'l'. Sigma Tau Gamma NIMXIX I 'ill MXXIXIX Ishii i Raxrnnml Nlclxtnzii Mull Ncwlwell, W'illi.irn lxilvlwii, limdlex' flnilerwlt, 'lack XYeclille, Bull llu Kun. RUN' 2. ll! 'W-3,3 R lxws Xml Xltfiutltn llinms ltnsivw Xvil Xu ll-rel, lliclmiil lieln, .Xlfled lxiislf-nsen, Dun Xliclsels-in, Urinal lillegrin, Dave Carrick 1' 1, Il. Xlillti lm Nlitiilul:-1, Ritlinrtl lxms, lin ly-Qin, Iinxitl Halter, R--lwert lnlsin, Ycrmm Rusellef R-'lic-rt Young, flemlcl fims, Donald llwnst it will n Nwllnn l.inns lilnnlwlcl 4411- Carrying through the tradition of fTim Kiippti Epsilon, the Delta Tau Chapter, in its lirst year of affiliation with the national organiza- tion, placed particular emphasis on singing. This included a get-together with the Pour Freshmen. At the annual Homecoming alumni banquet, nine members of the former local chapter were initiated into QTUQE. The chap- ter also won the Homecoming float competition for the second consecutive year with the help of their sister sorority, Tau Sigma Delta. Uth- cers were Pete Pickett, Prytanis, Dick Starr, Epi-Prytanis, Lee Christiansen, Crammateus, and Ray Schrepfer, Crysopheles. Sponsors were Dr. Peter lX'la:ula and Mr. Arthur Red- ner. TAL! KAPP,-X EPSlLOYf'Ruiw 1 Richard Olson, Di-nfiltl Holland XXti 1 t ints t ylames Schneider, XY'illiani Holmes, Daxici Snrchet, finrx Hush Ri it 1 L tn ri inc wini David Cnerpcr, Richard Starr, Ycrnfvn Piclftett, lic fhristiansen xit L X cirtpltr t rx c ix r u t Rini' I Rnhert Htvdernian, .Nlerlin .-Xller, Richard Nliuh, Larry H Tlcr f ltnn It c 1, it ar Xlt t Xorm Nevenhoven, Warren Try, Donald .Xin-utly, R+-naltl Nturch R ii I lxlt lx hc it c i c tx 'Ninn L c s i Xlesser, Eugene Ruehle, james .Xlc-nl:cr, Pohcrt Hrighi, liill Vfhitivip lhi HI c ur 'it cX rx n 11 Hrit tx Bauman. M f- A A f- A . Iwfmtlu IIIIIL' IIIL' Ilmm-um11I1g IIII.1t wmv pftmllwm I-.IIII IIIQII' Iwrwwtlwr' II'I1lL'I'IIIIY, Iau Ix.Ipp.I IINIIIIII. 'IIIL".ILIlII'X"xM1k u'IuI1I11tuLIIw prwulwmr I'.Itr1II,I IfII1yIvL1rg, viyu-pr'uiLIcr1tg XIIIIIIIII' I!rw'.11 I'II'I'L ,IwmIiIIg 'XLU'L'f.lI'f'g Pm IVIIIII II.IIm uw-r1IiII:: Lurm-tar'yg amd Gail 1-Irv XII-, Y IIIIIIIII IMI .md IDI. Izlamu .NIL- In III. ' I -- .-- I I I Q a A I WM I 'III UI KI IIII I I Lhzf- ' I-If lax l Um.uI Iwm Ilumm-I, Irmmlu I .lvl-lllurw, Y1Iuu1m Ihulk-ln, RIIIIICX' Iaxu, .Xlulxrx flunm-II, Hnllmm I'1iuxI K' 3 Ilwxufx IZIIIIUI. IIIIIIII IIIILIII I'.m1u.1 I Inxlwuru, Xl.11g.uL-l Mu-rs, I'.1lrnu.1 l'I.1I1ll, Hall 'lilwlxmps--11, ,Indy YIUININHII Run' I ,Innul Ilngun Y .I I1 XIII' I III-1 vai Xmy. XIIIMII II.1m-- Ixxwl IMI.-III I Iallw, Ixxumlm I-dluy llnxh- Pulau, Xlmgu Ihmxn, Hcxvllx' linux, VII-up SI1.,'IlL-n- Q Tau Sag ma Delta Ilu- pIuLIgw pny mln-ir Inxr xiwr to J TIIII Nnlnm IIIIII1 nu-L-ting I LIIIIIIIIIU its IIIIIIN I III'IL'IILIHIIIP and SL'I'X'ILk',U If I IL Inu NIIIIII1 ,IMIII1 Npunt .1 IWLIHB' f'L'I1I'. Iligha HX IIQIII III YIM' yuar ww NNIIIIIIIIQ Im' tha wwmI T4 5 I vim -p,IvIu,tti LIIIIWIZ 'IIIIX yy-I11'K IIIIILUN II Inu 'mlrmz IJQIIII xwm' .kNI.II'QlIlI'L'I INIXL-Vx, I IIIIIIIIIMIII Ir'I,ImI1'I'I1 SIWIIIINIIIN Im' tlw vuar M535 x7 f-.1 THETA C.-X.Xl.Xl.,X NU--lion I ,Xlirilvn filarls, Xanex Vctevwn, Croce Xiatlsnn, 'Xlnlw lelncr, Xlmi- XX'itllss, hl.'llQ.1l'k'l Nlixei Non' 2 Gertrude Hall, Connie Hrinlx, Roxy Nliope, Xoinm Xlnller, l'JllX Halw, 4 .mil 1 .ilrmnn Ran' c Nillx Svvnh, ,Mis lxelx, 1 ollten lJLlxsiiH, fiinrul Lapel, Nancy Day, Kenny Rector, lieniiice lhnlss, Iiilii llollitln Ml:riendship, scholarship and leadershipfi the goals of lllietu Qmnum Nu, have heen hrought out in the social events of the year, Some high- lights were the traditional Homecoming dessert honoring returning alumnae, a Mothers Day tea, Christmas dinner, graduate party, Dia- mond tea, and a dinner-dance. Sponsors for fflieta Qamnm Wu are Dr. and Mrs. Qscar Reece, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paulson, and Dr. Elisabeth Sutherland. Qfhcers were Norma Wfalter, president, Patty Hake, vice-president, Carol Coleman, recording secretary, Millie Hartbeck, corresponding secretary, and Connie Brink, treasurer. Tlitm tnnnrni heta Gamma " ' ' : 1 Nu memlwus luirlx mer posters lor puhlicny pin'- 1-21 " H TDTFYQ ' J., L ,, .if 1 4, .ya cf . 4 I - l A,:-ms-5:-5 f' 1:1 5 .-tiff-4+ U"Qr:'1 i in., Y. , i 54.-. H, . , J Q., - .ig i . w , ., , ,1 . ,- ,- 4,5 L .4 3 ' ff: g ,fffjl jf g . ,aj . .fffzrz -, i i fa-M I I ' gf, i J it , ,. ,Z V X ,- Nl.. X. ,S Q, L f- 1 ,, ,,-,.,, ,, , 5 gin -'fb " 31 s -v -1 - I x , 1 H527 f 'fs-N. J ? Q. ., ff , .Q -gf -N, , '. -f'-ef - A pr JI r N 3-f ' "1 ' . 1 ,I Al BACHELOR OF A x.'5 vlpgf I T' 4 1 Af .LFFEII ., I A H Ia, Q-- Q, ' I 1' X 1 m , ,- r ..,::- J: 3-. ik N. 3 I 1 I 2 'R ag J YI , , . 264 ?y-'65 r 'X --q-X 7 A 'Z I. 1 rw- If Q9 rw-1? RTS DEGREE ADOLPHSON, WILMA E. Spf,-my I-fImde'v'3az"v3n-Fri -ram, IFEA 3-1' Kar-pa LI-3IIa PI 4' Ifhfxvons CcIIeI:e. AHRENS, ROBERT V. I-Iafvwpffn, Bugwrxess Educnfwon. EELA 43 IHCILIQIIIAI Ariz CILJIJN 43 Iowa SIHTE CQIIEQE, AITCHISON, GARY L. CCF.-.IIh Bus,In0s.s EduCaIIOn. 'V I LELA E234 IF--gg 4I' A EIN-3 F'mOfw,1f, I L 34 ,PI-pg, FI' Ev.:-'rf-P' li' .J-:f 33 S'.-IICIIUWI I-II-u-Ii Ci.J"flI 2. ALBERT CARL P, A" 'uv 1 Sw-','rI, AIU-'I PM Omega IQ, Tw'-Q Au-fa PM 343 CVIWCJE' F'Iayer5. I,2 3,47 Q-Q'v:'v:a Def'-1 IZ3,-I' Sfafimm I-ICIU 'w"' CCUVIIQII I. ALBRIGHT, RAY E. VV,a+e'IIIf IncIu1.IvmI Ari. AL- CORN, DENNIS E. CL- 'cf' IvdI.s'fmI Ave, IE-afww I: 511,-3 .A.-I S'f'If1 Cc If-imc. ALLEN, GENE T. W. Wffvef 'If Musw' Ev crew' Ymmn UP ANDERSON, CARLTON D. D-:vIIwe-1, Inf du-'I-13 Ava. ANDERSON, CHLORIS V. SIvaIIord, 3' f' I- Eqfci I234, Ciice P247 VVf"1ef"'2 CMMS I' IETA 34' MEIXIC 4. ANDERSON, JANET A. CI"'IvI'Cr' Mu-.wg IETA 34 IV, V.-5 4Ig MEIXIC Yi-1gVV-'f.2n'Cr'fvu5 2, CIDIIQQG CI' Z1 A Cffpsp-Urn ffov 41 C,I1fI1.I:f1n Sfudffmf Cen If-I 4, 'Q-'i:"fm AI!"-fx I' I1 3,43 CIIFIQQI IfIvrwiv' 3,4A Eds' ,-f III MINI,-f U' .'f- ANDERSON, WILLIAM L. 5 n- ry: S 1.3 S --wi,-, FYI SIJJVYII Epsuiwm 234' E.-nf' I-II I, I- Qfun II 13, ANDRADA, BLAINE C. W':,.I'-I IvfIv"', vI,."" I-Iii. ARMSTRONG, CHLOE W. WIIVA-rI f',-1' Ervi1II5n ASH. DONALD E. B1IvI?f-Imp S01-PII S05-vw I-. Kappa DQIIA E 41 r" f ,Im " C: V ASPLEAF, SANDRA L. 'Q ' .f If A". 'a N. V. 6 I I ,E ,. I F 5 . -N ,J -'O an x. , '. .I .7 K.- Q la AA- 195 N 5 xx- . 9 J' - I 1' G' fa I , Y I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I, 1 , A.-M, gy -Q,-. J, 3 .f'2'Nn.. ,. N..........,. X-. X ' sk Q, 'km .1 "'w-..-,-- .. 3 N x . -J "Q- :. 'WN AYALA, AUDREY E. Cutujufi IlmQe':1fwef-Pfr-au., Pr PM OWEQG I,2.3,4 Iprei. 3I, Ir1'+9rfSf-vcfufy CIjuwQwI 3' Senior Coume-I-av' 3, Tau CII. Em I- IFTA 4' Ifappa PM I,2, BAKER, DAVID W. Qndew, A4 Av? CIutT IDR, Ipfes, lIq Nez-.fnan Cwuc IZZ4: Pasta Fw 2 34: Sblfra Tau G-afvxrva 23,4 Mens Ummm 3151,-'Uf-, I-Iouse C13unciI 2,33 OLD GULLY 2,4 Colbe-ge Ev: 3: Ji-Ifefggrwiav CMI: 3' AICM5 PM f3'3"'rvv1 4, BAKER, FRANCIS C. VVQ'fVfi Mffwf' 1' ' BALL, CHARLES A. Wa',-1' ' Spa' f-,'VT1- Im Inopi Ecwcf 123-4 SIT B551 5 Ifuu- I Qmczem' Fur11,e'I:f 12 7' ZH' MI" U' ' 2. SLB 3: SIMM Lwfi- CA"T"Hf If? IIN' 13 Env I-Ifwuae Cfur'1:wI 3 BEETSCH, RICHARD A. rxAm'II-,Im Mmf, Fmt 13 ECI-,1 W'-'N P1 'II-1" IQE4, LW Myra Tffw I Q ?4, 51'--C1 vf '23 -1, 1.4 IZ 34 BEHRENDS, KARL E, MW' 1. " fX'I',. BENDER, CATHERINE A. Nf wr' :I fr I wwf IFTA3-1, IDEA 4, M. C I.: 34 M Me-Ni, if' f 1-2 BENSON, DELOY V. LM- iw M1'f-?"f1'1', NIE" C UI 3 4 PQIija ,L "1 I ' Iuppa Mu EL-S t" 34 BENTLEY, JAMES M. 1 Fi Iwi. " 5 A", BERGE, PHYLLIS E. Ei:-:I I. '- I-I .' fum 1- ' Parris lL'i E 3-1' LSA 'Qui BERGER, JANET E, Lf'-In fwf- 9 P' 'R+'-' .1 Q'?4, E-md IZ3,4' 0'f"v"v'2 I,Z,3-I IFIA 4, Ll'-fv, Sm Jem? Amffxarff' 4- MEIIC Q 34, WI- 1, Vim :wx V Y-1 Pauli D" 4 C' i'i'. UH BIGGER, HARLAN W, ' wf ' 71 " ,A rf -- CN EE f 4' 1 BITCON, LAWRENCE E. 'i-ffffen F2, 5 zuna' Mfw I:fC'naI1 Team I Z 3 4 I Qlur 1234 BITTLE, ELIZABETH A. Iif,-1 Fa If E" '11 sh -if-1 Slifer Cf "Ge Faye? '23-if VB: Ein" 11 N, 34 Tfwe A51 Pb! 4 IV Wea. 4I' Fuse A "'. -, I TH'-if efa T1 ,e 42 Semi' CCM-5'-If 1' 3, I-appa Dew F- 34 ruzipa PM Ep-Qufr 2,34 We-,'P, I:Cu'T1aIf1V I,234j SCPA 41 IFTA 4. BLASER, EUGENE W. Cfefi, fri e Si ' We f ,IHA 'JY N . .. .X - wwff., -il: ff E 2 E I f ? ,' 4' gk -Q b Q , , vga. fvf gi xg' Ig' If f' N gig ' ' -, - -13, ff A ,'2" 'f-Y ,. 2 A ,I,. ' 1-snags! II' . ' A12 . N Q :fl fu? 3 'fin F' QI? "II I . 'QS ,. fi -f --fa y , .R , .X I I., , ,fri,14. I . ,.,, QW' 4 '25 .V. 'Dx tw' .in -Q., - bw-f N, .., fi' 'QR -X .- Lf ,-, v V 14 '-1 I .f71?'T"f -. - A- ws. , v N I lags- sf, X -x .1 R .: -:.. 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Cfwcagxfx, I'I PIWSRGI ECIUIQHIIC-U, ' I I CILIE 2,341 FocIIbaII Tvam 2, WresIIimg Team 21,4 INCAA Cham' pwfri 2,3I. WELCH, ROBERT L. Cedar FaIIs, Ar' IFIA I21 Ar' CIub I,2,3,4g Kappa FI 3,4 CIQIIIE-ge Exe 3,43 IeIII3rLcInlam CIub 3,43 AIDIIa PIII Qmeqa 4 . ,L .ff QI f '. ' r In sw QI U 'xx 1' - Af I . .Zh , ,f .ka I , RQ, , I9-,Ig,'55V,,' x Y. . . .A Yi I" gm-L 'PX wr- 1. X V ff:-X 'iw' ,ig-I v A il l. 'Fw- flqg ., ' 'I 6-., - Y '-nn--' . 33173-:. , 1 'I gy 5. I U if I- 'asv' , 2.1 -If'yX:-'jail AI. '-2, ,rf -. 24- 3:- ff. , . X -A QS. . , '+- K a A , ar W' . Q Q, f ' if H .A AL I ,F- ,E , ,, , Sr :iff V- I J LI F 'qx1i"iH' ,:,?'5:'u.yggf' . ,,,,.. , Av 'X V I QI Q r 5-if A, 9 K ,M--..J M I ' ,1,,,L.L, ,. I , X y IJLPBV ' , ,V V 'E rv I T. - if ' -1, ,,, .1 lI I 5 3 Nxd, ' 0 nr WELSH, ROBERT L. Faurk-anI, Junior I-IIQII and SCU.,I S,I9rwuQi-, NIL-I-.wmv CIuk 2 34' Upper Igvwa Univorslty WEST, PATRICIA E. VVaIf3-rIoo, Business Educafion FELA 43 IFTA 43 DQIIQ D15-IIA Phi 3,4 IV. Pres. 31 WESTFALL, JOANN M. Iowa CIW, KIrvdQrQarf-'fnfI'vI wavy IFTA 4 LIVHW,-r5,IIy FII Iwwq, WHITCOMB, MARLA E. Omni-, Music. Or11I'm-:Iva 4: Mrghman Shah? Univergifyg Danbury Teachers CQIIQQ.,-. WHITMORE, PAUL R. ICI'ed0 Businesi. Ifduffxhf-n WILCKEN, WILLIAM W, Wah-rlmiu Buslrwss Eduuy 'vw I'Ivrp'A DI'-Im PI 43 Ufvwwvnufy OI Iowa. WILLIAMS, CRAIG E. Luvvw Spvwqg, Bugins-may Eduff, Min, FBLA 4 LIIIIM-r Ccllme, WILLIAMS, MORRIS V. BMI, F'IvysucaI Eduuaimn, Sunsvfi VIIIQQQ I-Iwnzw COuvwwI 41 BNN Jumor CQII-3114, WILLIS, NORMA A. CIQIN LI1I.- Eugmess Ifducafmn PI PIM Omu-QQ l,2, FBLA l?,:I,4, LSA l,2,3,4: Pr Onwf-'la px 3,41 IIZIA 4 WINTER, KATHERINE L. Wf1fgII-m1 Drama, Umwm-,lIy fI Uukuqufj' WOELBER, LLOYD P. I-IUII, MaIIw+3WfsIw',.. Ntfnwl "'. Ifwrw Juwifr CFIIIQ-1:11 WOOD, MILDRED H. Cf-dar Fffllk, Imderqarterwpvwmmy and Spcech Cfxrvf-1 mf-n I' I' CIuI'- I,2 Iprfw. 21, IIN-In Eps1Irvn I,Z Iprf,-',, 21, FPBA 3,45 Swfgma AIpIm LIH 3,4 Iprea, 4Ig I'Hxpp.x IM Im PI 3,4 WURCH, JUDITH E. BImvf.I'-uvg, Musm, Swqma Alphfr Iffn 2,14 A CI-Ipp-f-IIf1 Chfwiv I,2,3,43 IFTA 3.4: Mad f1mI 22,43 MINI: 3,4 Girvwrrm II--IIA I,Y,3,4. YAP, PAUL K. I-IffvIuIu, I-Iaffau ,Iumwr I-IIQIW, Bf'fIfi AIOIV1 Egiavww 21,4 AIVPW, CFI Epgwlfin 343 Ie-IIE-rsfbnmn CIuIf H4 YEAGER, JOHN W. Smuv CNY Ifwdu1,hmI AvI, f'I"1-- LW- 41 IWCIUSIHII Ar?-, CHL' 43 Ep3IIf1r1 PI Ilu 4 I' wa SMU' CGIIWI-?. , 5' -W 6. . ,V I I "-gf ,,,, 4? ? -YH" w V254 sq-- X NX " .- I 1 if x'9,.1'f3:- . I ' A .I-if x B f N, YUNGCLAS, JOANNA E. Renwick, Arr. Elernenta Ki Ki 2 lpre-5. Qli Ari' Club 3,4t Kappa Pi 3.4, IFTA 43 lowa Slare College. ZEMANEK, MARJORIE F. Mason Cily, Art. Kappa Della Fi 3,4g Kappa Pi 3,4, Ari Club 3,4 lPres. 4l: IFTA 3,43 Mason Cily Junior Callege ZERRIEN, DONALD C. Clinlan, Business Educalicin FBLA 4, Clinion Junior College. Srafe College. ZURMUEHLEN, MARY J. Burlinqfon, Kinderqarlen Primary. Nu Sigma Pnl 2,3343 ll:lA 2,143 FPBA 14' Ellen H, Richards Club 4: Cnriglian Sale-nlisl 4 lllrek 4lg Builinalon Juni-31 Ccilleaep Colorado Slale Colle-de of Educalion. . ., -. .,,....ibQ N is ., B i. . 5 la r: aux. . 4.-X -, --l.-.4+..:,:, X ...xl-. . " ' x' vi N, nh X 1. Q 2 v L 5 ,wx . .A i - 4 1 ,-9 m R f 'X '. ,KR N- 'Nw s MASTER OF ARTS DEGREE FAGLE, DAVID L. Cedar Falla, Science Kappa Della Pi 43 S'adiurn l-lcfuze C-:iuncil lg Seerley House Council 23 Sunsel Village Council 2,14 lV. Prea. 4lg Alpha Plii Grnaaa I, Bela Bela Bela 4 lawa Sfale leaclie-ru Col' leqe BA. JONES, DARRELL G. Cedar Falla, Busineuy Educalion, lovva Slale Teagliers Colleiqe BA. PLAM- 42? '54 BECK, FRANK T. Davenpcrl, Music, Phi Mu Alpha 4 "0-'i Sinfonia l2,3,4, Cvracluafej Plni Sigma Epsilon 3,4, "xx "' ml Gradualeg OLD GOLD Gr-adualeg A Cappella Clwozi , 4, Giadualeg Band I,2,3,4, Graduale: Oriilweslra I,2,3,4, -fi as 'i,f-i5,'3,iQ1g,i Gradualej lfiwa Stale leathers College BA ' " Hggfiii if "" 1 SEHAPAYAK, SOMBOON. Ban-qliolv, Tliailand, Science. 3 W, ' Cliulalonqlorn University, Bachelor oi Science, Bachelor pi Educalion. WORKMAN, J. BROOKE. Marsliall- Mi lown, Social Science. Iowa Slale Teaclners Collece BA, ' Q xcff ., gi-.g.'55E512e'1 ,Q 285 Q-1 in Jw' - N Q . X rf 5-v .J .ea Q' iw. KK , le, wi, lfgf lf , , W . - . v u. I .41 if . "'9 -s S . ,gp-rx I 4717325 1.5 " e most flavorful meats on earth come from out where the tall corn grows they're missing from this picture. don't let them be missing from your table! BCJYSEN'S SHOES FLATS - SPORTS - CASAULS SEE THEM TODAY! 1 TNS S 98 s 95 CEDAR FALLS Illb A 305 MAIN ST. 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PHONE OOLPAX 6-0223 III I'u1LIulsu I nIIvI1mnI Flu' In thu I,I'k'SlkI1,'I1I IIOMI Bldg XYATISRLOO, IOWA BR0WN'5 S 81 H FIRESTONE STANDARD 5 E RVICE HOME and AUTO 2004 College St. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA SUPPLIES Authorized Maytag Dealer vi. ,,, COLLEGE EYE 290 TENENBAUM'S JEWELRY WATERLOO and WAVERLY WATCHES - DIAMONDS Engraving Free on Any Purchase DIAMOND SETTERS AND G-OLDSMITHS JOHNSON-CHRISTENSEN COMPANY 0 HARDWARE - HEATING - PLUMBING 0 312 MAIN CEDAR FALLS We Give Green Stamps CEDAR FALLS TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK ESTABLISHED IN l888 The Oldest Bank in Black Hawk Co. Don't Do It Yourself Don't Send It Home To Mom Bring Your Laundry Io BIake's Automatic Laundry College Hill 7:30 Io 5:00 MARTIN BROS. Distributing Co. 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WATERLOO 29I I4i!'LVf1iUN UH HMM fHI11c'N AHL' l1'0'iL' "UPN fJ"'O .ItLl'LYfINL4L HI OHV 101171111- ml H0 .ut wzxlzml 1041211 Ultlxnfqff .fm :Mu mfx of Imfm mmf for some of Umm lfmr mix 11: flu' IUU7 Ula' LIUIJ 1907 TOWNSEND tk MERRILL CO BANCROFT'S GREENHOUSE Headquarters for 'CUT FLOWERS' Catalogue Free l2+l'1 8: Tremont Cedar Falls Lumber, Coal and Wood Cedar Falls - lowa 1907 TOWNSEND UH HI 81 MERRILL CO. rllxf HI rj1l,1L 7TT' LUMBER - MILLWORK - COAL PHONE: CO 6-356I 602 MAIN STREET CEDAR FALLS, IOWA FONG LEE LAUNDRY lSRAEL'S II6 W. 4fl'u Sheet Your Clothier and Furnisher CO 6-4864 for Men and Women's Work 55 Years Satisfaction Guaranteed! H- ISRAEL 292 CEDAR FALLS IOWA CEDAR FALLS DAILY RECCRD All the News of Cedar Falls and Vicinity Let us do Special Work for you I I3 Wesl' 3rd Cedar Falls The Cedar Falls Record Daily and Weekly All the News of Cedar Falls and Vicinity 010 The Record Job Department is thoroughly equipped for all kinds of Job Printing FANCY PROGRAMS MENUS and CARDS SPECIALTY HIEBER DRUG CO- Complete Drug Stock Paints - Cosmetics - Drugs Hospital Supplies CO 6-358I 222 Main 29 CEDAR FALLS 3 ormal Students S215 exlenwl to you all a cordial imitation to xisit our store while in the city. You are .iIn.iy, wt-Icuriie. IVIaI-te it a place to meet your friends an-I wait lor the car. Anything in our Iine that you may rieetl, we are sure that We Can supply your wants .ind as cheap ns any other firm in the city. We only carry the Iiest of everything. Our Soda Ifountain and the refreshments xshith we serve from the same, have the undisputed reputtif tion of being the most delicious and relreshing ol any olitainable in the city, always ice cold. We use only sutli supplies as are guaranteed under the pure Iood .intl tlruglaw. IIIE.I5ER'S FAMOUS SODAS are Icnown all over the state. LOWNE.Y'S FINE CANDIES. Our drug stock is complete. Anything you may want in this line you will be sure to hnd it at our store. We pride ourselves on our large stock of toilet arti- cles, fine perfumes. - In these we carry only the best. We have a complete Iine of manicure articles. Eaton I'IurIIJut's fine stationery that is always cor- rect to do your corresponding with. We solicit your tratle. Vlfe appreciate your patronage. BOTH PHONES HIEBER DRUG CO. 222 Main St. CEDAR FALLS, IA I Q Lf v X. . 5- . ' . -....,. - a .I , '-,rr 1 . ., , , .Q , I ., -' - 'W I .- I r ' , v ,. - , , FINEST IN PHCTOGRAPHY Gradua+ion Phoiographers Wedding Specialis+s Family Groups Child Siudies Wafionaf xgifvwko ATERLOO PHONE AD 4 Y 'I t4 I fx I ff S A m ug Jw We 0mylhaQ: X X all-' ERQX "We Give ScfzH Green Stamps" WATERLOO IOWA FALLS MASON CITY MARSHALLTOWN CEDAR FALLS CEDAR RAPIDS A?uifA Jewezy Gnmpang MIIzl1I1xI1cII III rw-I ZZ! XY' ITIPIIYIII Sr XYA'I'IlRLUf D, IOWA GENE'S D-X STATION 22nd and College Cedar Falls, Iowa EXPERIENCED TUNE-UP Gfld BRAKE SERVICE HURWlCH'S O 500-508 Lafayette sffeef WATERLOO, IOWA O Waterloo's Oldest Furniture Store World's Largest Producer of Rotary Pumps 0 VIKING PUMP COMPANY CEDAR FALLS, IOWA THE MUSIC CORNER "I:'verybody's Music Store" Wesf Perl: ancl Washingfon S'I'reeI WATERLOO, IOWA 295 I C3-1 I 'Innin- JENNEY RECORD CO. PaQII.:I and Records THE BOLSER CORPORATION 271Iw and Main Menufaciurers of Truck Flares Qflwer Truck Safefy Equipmenf ,afwag IW" "ff-1-I Int Tlx IIl'.'."IQ' .UI Finesi of Home Cooked Foods Air Conditioned W 4+I-I Sfreef Waferloo, Iowa 1 It's The Talk of The Town! u NUTRITIOUS 0 DELICIOUS Y p , , .AA Tf d , I A.d.o,.,d, ,..., ,,V,.dIQJ,,, . Q Q0 w b NOW U I I f fldi To I W In 2,273 :AVI HVVA J . if o,,, 4AVW I I Vl:AA N AA1. B A K E R I S THE FRESHEST THING IN TOWN! ALSTADT 81 LANGLAS BAKING C0. WATERLOO, IOWA 296 O ond Fashioned - comfy S+yIe ICE CREAM I CEDAR FALLS, IOWA le 1956 UL! QE! Printed and Bound by The Clio Press Year Book Division of the Economy Advc-zr'rising Co. Iowa Cify, Iowa Topical A ,-X Cappella Choir Agrkihes ,V Pxdmirislralive Division Aoherhinq 'Xlpha Chi Epsilon Alpha Phi Gamma Alpha Phi Omeqa Applied Skills Arl' Club Art Deparlmenl Asfocialecl Women Sludenls Pxlhlelics Auchon Bachelor ol Arla Degrees Baler l-lall Baplrisf Sludenl Cenler Barllell Hall Baseball Baslfelball . Bela Alpha Epsilon Bela Bela Bela Board ol Conlrol ol Sludenl Publicalions Board ol Conlrol ol Sludenl Broadcasling Associafion W . W Board of Reqenls ,,,, , Buildings and Planl . Business Educalion Deparlmenl C Campbell l-lall , ,, Campus 4-l-l Club , . Canlerbury Club , Cedar Falls lvlen's l-lousinq Unil, Chapel Choir Cheerleaders Chimes , Chrislian Fellowship Chrialian Scienlisl-3 Chrielmai Aclivilie: College Choruz Colleoe Eye College Playerc. College Belalionf, Concerl Band Cowocalion Counselors Dad s Day Debale .. Della Della Phi I34 IO6-I49 83-9l 286-297 249 I94 A 2I2 l32-I49 ,2l3 92 Ill l5O-I89 5I 264-285 II4-II5 235 II6-II7 l72-I77 l60-I65 2l4 I95 I4I I4l 82 90 93 ll8-ll9 ,, 2I5 , 240 I28 A I34 l9O I96 . 237 238 , 47 I35 I46-I48 2I6 9I I38-I39 . 42 ll2-II3 , 34 HI40 , 250 Index Della Sigma Rho Deparlmerils Educalion Deparfme-nl . , Elemenla Ki .,,,. ,, H, Ellen l-l. Richards Club , Epsilon Pi Tau . ,, F Facully and Slall , Facully Senale Fall ...., ..,...,, Fall Play ,, Field Services Foolball . ,,,..,,, , ,, ,, ,, Four Freshmen ,, ., , Fulure Business Leaders ol America G Gamma Della Golcldiggens Ball , ,, Golf , ,,,, , Graduale Council . Graduales , ,, Greek l-lop , ,, H l-lawaiian Show ,,,,,,,.,.,,, ..,,,...,., Home Economics Deparlmenl ..s,,, Homecoming , c,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,,,, , , l-lonor Organizalions -, I "l" Club lnduslrial Arla Club ,,,, , ,, lnduslrial Arls Deparlmenl lnslruclion ancl Research , lnleresl Organizalions , lnlerlralernily Council , , lnlernalional Relafions Club lnlersororily Council . , lnler-Varsily Chrislian Fellowship lnframurals , Iowa Fulure Teachers Associalion J Jazz Concerl' ,, ,,,,..,.. .. Jelzlersonian Club .,,... ....... K Kappa Della Pi . , Kappa Mu Epsilon ,.cs l 1 l .. ,YI97 , . 92-l05 . A , 94 ,, 2l7 ..,..2l8 .-.MI98 78-l05 , ,, ,83 ,, ,,,.. 28-45 , , 39 ,, 86-87 35, l52-I59 ' 50 2I9 .. 243 , 43 , I86-I 87 2 , , . 82 , 262-285 , 20 3, 20 2 95 l ...W36-38 i ,, ,I94-2ll i l ,l9l ,220 96 ,,..s,84-85 , ,2l2-233 , 248 22l ,, 248 24I I 88-l 89 , 222 ,.s.,.,,,,223 I 99 .....,,20O 2 Kappa Phi .,,A.,,,,,,.,,,., ,, 245 Kappa Pi , ,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,, , ,20l Kappa Pi Bela Alpha , , ,, ,224 Kappa Theia Psi , 25I KYTC .,.,,, ,,,, ,,,, l 4 9 I. Languages, Speech and Liferalure Deparfmenl 97 Lawlher Hall ,,,,., ,..., . ,, ,,,. .,,,. , l20-l2l Leclure Concerl Series , ,, 40. 4I, 68, 69 Library Science Deparimenl' , ,,,. 98 Library Sludenls Associaiion , , , 225 Lulheran Sludeni' Associalion , 242 Marching Band ,..., ., . . Marlins ...A ,,,....,, L . Masler of Arls Degrees , Malhemalics Club ,,,, ,, Maihemafics Deparlmenf , Men's Union .,,, , ,,,,,,, , Messiah L ,,,,,,,, , ,, Mo+her's Day ,,,. , A Music Deparlmeni ,,,, Music Educalors Nalrional Conference Newman Club Nu Sigma Phi O Off-Campus Women , OLD GOLD , ,,,,.s,,,.s,,, OLD GOLD Conlesis ,,,, OLD GOLD Dance Opera ,,,.,,.,..,.s Orchesis ,,,,,, Orcheslra ......, Organizalions ,,,, Orieniaiion .,,,, P Pep Council s,,, A,A,A, ,,,, Personnel Assisla nfs Phi Chi Delia ,,..,,. ,.,, , , Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Phi Sigma Epsilon , Phi Sigma Phi . ,,,,,, .. Physical Educaiion Club Physical Educaiion Tor Men Physical Eclucalion for Women Pi Gamma Mu ,,s,,,,,,,s,,,,, ,,,,, , ,, Pi Omega Pi s,..,..... Pi Phi Omega ....,,,s Pi Tau Phi .....,..,, Pi Thela Pi .,,,.,,... Plymouih Club ,..s., Presiden+'s Dinner ,,,,, Presidenl"s Message .,,., I37 . H226 , 285 227 99 I I0 46 L 24 IOO 228 236 252 ,, .,I30 ,,,,.,I42-I45 , 53-65 ,, , , 66-67 . ,, 70 s,,,,229 , ,HI38-I39 ,, I92-26I , 28-33 . l90 ,I3I , 247 202 ,253 ,254 , 230 ,,lOl ,I02 M203 ,,,. .204 .,,..,,,s255 ,, ,.,,,, 256 ,, ,,,,, 257 72,239 ,, 52 8l Purple Arrow ss.,, Purple Key ,,,,s,, Relays , , ,,,,,A,,, Religion-in-Life Weelc Religious Organizalions Residence H , ,, Rural Communiiy Leaders S Science Deparlmenl , Seerley l-lall ,,,, .. Sigma Alpha Ela , Sigma Alpha lola Sigma Ela Chi , , Sigma Tau Gamma Sigma Thela Epsilon Social Organizafions , Social Science Deparlmenl Social Science l-lonors Speech Aclivilies Club Spring , ,, , Spring Formal Spring Play Siadium l-lall Sludeni Council of Religious Aciivilies Siudenl Governmeni Siudenl League Board Siudenl' Personnel Sludenl' Teaching , Summer Sunsel Village , T Tau Kappa Epsilon , , , Tau Sigma Della Teaching Deparlmenr , Tennis -VVV , The College , The Year ,,,, . Theia Alpha Phi , Thela Epsilon ,, Thela Gamma Nu Thela Thela Epsilon Torch and Tassel Traclc , W Waierloo Men's Housing Unii Wesley Foundaiion , . Wesiminsier Fellowship Winfer ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s, ,s,,, Winfer Formal ,,,,s, Winler Play ..,.,. Women's Day . ,,.. .,.. . , Womens Chorus ,,,,s . ,,,. , Womens Recrealion Associaiion , . . Wresiling .,,.,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, . L , 205 l32-I33 22-23 H 49 234-247 Il2-I3I 23I I03 I24-I25 206 ,207 239 258 244 248-26I IO4 208 232 20-26 25 2I I22-I23 234 I08-III l08-I09 88-89 72-77 , 27 I26-l27 ,,259 U .260 , ,IO5 I84-l85 8-I7 I8-7I 209 235 ,26l 2l0 2II I78-I83 l29 244 246 46-7l ,, ,, 48 7l 26 ,,l36 233 I66-I7l A Fxal. I, Elan IRI., 5l, 252 Roof-r', Rey L. -'xdfims Georgia, I05 -Xdney Verna J. 'X-Jrrar, Robert, 94 r'X9CL'r.orr, AIILOU Aldiicn, Join F. Alegre, Charles F., I03, I95 Ariderwqn, LLICile E., I05 Anderson, Wallace L. Arey, Amy F., 224 Aarand, W'.ayne B Ba ley, James L., 90, I4l Balker, Alice, I05 Barker, Olne L, Berrelf, Jane. I05 Baum, Russell N., 70, I00 Beard, Marsliall R., 27, 82, B4 Bene, Randall R., I05 Beilkman, Mary G., I00, IJB Be-rgemam, Louis :'ell, Alice Bell, Mary, IU2 Bender, Paul F., 52, BB, I26, I29. 2l2 Bergffin, Mildred M., I05 Bernhard, Harold E., 49, BB, 97, 2l 234 Bulb-rg, Jolin H., S3 9l, l43 Birlkiead, Jane, 70, l00, 207 Brelwop. Clillord L., 82, 94 Blackman, Mildred R. Blarigrrd, James T., 93, 204 25B Benford, Mary F. Blulwn, David. 33 Boardman, Beniamin Bock, Emil W., l00, IJB Bneble, Eillver Bfnfz. Emily J, l02 Brirnrn, Robe-rf P.. I05 Bronczyk. Josephine A., I05 Ercols, Connie Brrmr-, A. E., 94 Broun, Helen, I05 Bf'r'rn, Mabel, I05 BH."-2 lr-fin l'-I., 99, 200, 227 Buiclinqfarn, Leng, 95, 2l0, 2IE EJIILIFTI, Eulfena, Lcoig, IU4 Burrz, Jo:ep5 Bri.. -r'f 2ll. M. Margafel, 94 Bdrfeffforlln, Mary A., 70, I02, 229 C Cable Emrnerl J., l03, 249 Cacek. Cnarlez. 35, 9I, IOI Camabell, Clara F., I05 Carnobeil, Mariorie D., 92 Carmizkae, Emfly C. Caffne, Harry Faculty Index Casswell, Lucille Clark, James R., IOI, I87 Cole, Eldon E., 90 Coleman, Waller, l00, l3B Conlon, Corley A. Cowley, Jolin P., 97 Cram, Fred Crawford, Elinor A., l02 Crawlord, Morris, l04, 22I, 223 Curfis, Dwiglwl K. D Davis, Roberr, 87 Dee, William L. J., I04, 203, 253 De Hoff, Bernard C.. 97, I47 Delafield, David, 92 DeLong, Beverly, 9I, I94 Denny, E. C., 94, 2l4 Dickinson, Arllwur, 22, IOI, I79, IB3 Dielerich, Mary, 98 Dilzler, Waller E., 96, 258 Divelbess, Margaret, I05 Dolirrnan, Henry T.. I04 Dolan, Rose M., I05 Douglas. L. V., 93, 204 Dreier, William H., 23l E Flirefsman, Irene A., 98 Ellifil. Gaylon Emmons, Ardilli L. F Falirney, Ralplw R. Farnlnarn, Wallace, IO4 Feiler, Fred Fineqan, Don G., 92 Fink, Merrill F. Firzqerald, Marqare-I Flowers, Riclward, 97, I4O Foresl, Louise T., 97 Fossurn, Ernesf C., 97, 206 Fowler, Claylon, 92 Fowler, H. Seymour, IO3 Fox, Josef W., 97 French, Valianl D.. 89 Fuller, Alberf C. G Gabel, Theresa Gammill, Virginia, 95, 2l5, 256 Gelclwell, Robert W. Gibb, E. Glenadine Gilloley, Laura K. Ginsrrom, Roy, 92 Gierde, Waldemar Goerclw, E. W. Gogel, Kennellw Gogqin, Leo P., 97 Golwrnan, Waller J., I05 Granr, Marlin L. Groom, Irene D., 94, 252 Guillaume, Harry G.. 92 Gullickson, Agnes, I05 Gurneclir, June, I05 H Haines, Maude Haines, Peler G., 93, 249 Hake, Herberl V., 87, I4I, I49 Hall, Slanley, IOI, I6l, I63, I85. I9I Hamillon, E. W., 99.200, 227 Harnplon, Nellie, 94, 2l7 Hanawalr, Mary W., 97 Hanson, Alden B., 97 Hanson, Rose L. Happ, William P. Harper, Corinne D. Harris, Lyman H., IO4, 203, 208 Hari, Irving H., 98 Harfwell, Frank C. Haskell, Ralph, 92 Hearsl, James S. Heipple, Clark Heipple, Cleobell Helfl, Bernice Henderson, Geraldine Henze, Arfliur, 93 Herrald, Clifford, 92. 20I, 2l3 Hill, Frank W., IOO, I38 Hoklman, Carolyn, I05 Holliday, Olive J.. 95, 2I0 Holmberg, Mariorie B. Holmes, George H., 83, 9l, I4l Holsl, Harold B., 70, IOO Holvik, Karl M., l00, I37, I39, 207 Hoover, Louis H., 94 Hosier, Max Howard, Donald F., 82, 83, 85, I04 203. 250 Howe, Marvin, IOO, I38 Howell, Norma Hull, Esllwer Humphrey, Kallwerine, 93, 204, 250 Hunler, Mary B. Hulclieson, RuIl'i, I05 J Jackson, Belly Jackson, Cyril L., I05 Jackson, Mary A. Jennings. Philip C., 90 Jewell, Ross M., 97 Jolinson, Riclward, 98 Jones, Howard V. K Kasiske, Florence M., I05 Kelso, Paul C., 89, 2l2 Kennedy, David E., IOO, I38 Kerclieval, James W., I03 Knufson, Howard T., 94, 222, 252 Koelwririg, Doroflwy M., I05 Koll, William, lOl, I67, lB5 Kurrz, Edward L Lacey, Ricliard J., IO3. 257 Lamke, Tom, 82, 84 Lindeman, Myrna Lang, William C., 82, l04, 203, 208 Lanlz, C. W,, IO3 Larsen, Dorolhy, 98 Lalham, William P., I00 Lallin, Richard T., I05 Lawlon, Milo, 87 Leavill, Charles T. Lebeda, Agnes, 93, 204, 2I9 Lee, Verlin W., IO3 Loll, Fred W., 99, 200, 227 Lynch, Herberl L., I05 M Madigan, Genevieve Manlor, Edna, I05 Margulies, Francine, 97 Margulies, Herberl F., IO4 Maricle, William D., 200 Mariella, E. L., 93, 204, 2l9 Mariella, Neola Marlcs, Belly, I05 Marlin, Raymond, I05 Marlindale, Franlc E., 94, 2l4 Massman, Sylvesler Malala, Dorolhy M., I02 Malala, Raymond E., 96, l4l Malheson, Charles, I00, I34, l35 Mauclc, R. Jane, I00, I34, I36, 256 Ivlauclcer, J. William, 24, 27, 34, 38, 42, 47, 52, 67, 8I Maurer, Edwin J., 97, 223 Maxwell, Jvone L., I00 Mazula, Peler M., I05, 259 McBrair, Marion, 5l, 88, Ill, l30, 21 I, 248 McBride, Eleanor, I05 McCarlhy, Phyllis, I05 McCuslcer, Laurella G., 98. 255 McDavill, Elaine E., 97, 209, 260 McLeod, Ada, 98 McMahon, Della L. Mendenhall, L, L., IOI Merrill, Eleanor Middlelon, Caryl A., I05 Miller, Edna O., 205 Milchell, John W. Mohn, Mardelle L. Moon, Allred C., I05 Morlc, Vernon N., I05 Morley, Harry T., 89, lI0, II2, I24, I2B, l29, I3l, 248 Mullins, Evelyn J., 98 N Nelsen, Nova, I05 Nelson, Herman, IO3, 253 Nelson, Marlin J.. 22, Sl, 83 Nielsen, Ross A., I05 Noe, Roloerla Noonan, Eileen F., 98, 225 P Page, John, 92, 20l Palmer, Harold G., 96, I98, 220 Parisho, John R. Parry, Florence, 239 Pallen, George, I03 Paulson, Roberl L., I05. 26I Pecla, Lyman, 99, 200, 227, 244 Pendergrall, Daryl, 86 Phillips, Cecil K., 25I Plaehn, Erma B., I04, 203 Poage, George R., l04, 203, 208 Poppy, Willard J., l03 Posson, Shirley, IO2, 233 Poller, Alberl A., I05 Poller, Jeannelle, IO2 Price, Malcolm, Sl, 94 Pnychodzin, Joe Oueenan, John T., 97 R Rail, E. Grace Ramsay, Virginia, IO2, 230 Redner, Arlhur, 47, I00, l38, 202, 228, 244, 259 Reece, Oscar E., I03, 26I Reecl, Howard O., 96. 220 Renaud, Rulh, IIB, I96 Reninger, H. W., 82, 97, 250 Rhum, Gordon J., 2l2 Riebe, H. A., 42, 94 Riller, Elmer L. Robinson, George C., l04, 203, 203 Rod, Donald O., 82, 85, 98 Rogers, Roloerl A., IO3 Rolinger, Joan Rowray. Richard, 87 Ruegnilz, Rose Lena Ruman, Edward L., I05 Russell, Myron, 46, 70, 82, I00, l38 S Sage, Leland L., l04, 203, 208 Samson, George W., I34 Samson, Harland E., 93, 255 Sanders, Dean, I00 Sauer, Pauline, IO3 Schaefer, Josel, 97 Schilder, Louis O, Schlemmer, Marilyn, I05 Schlicher, Raymond, 86 Schmill, Mary Margarel Schneider, Melvin F., I05 Schneider, Mrs. Melvin F., I05 Schraemeyer, Conslance, 20l Schurrer, Augusla L., 99, 200, 227, 254 Seeley, Virginia Selah, Rulh, I05 Shannon. Jerry, l03 Shanlz, Hermione, l20, l2I Shelle, Lois E., I05 Shepherd, Gene, I05 Shepherd, Lou A. Shores, Edna A., 95, 2l0 Shorl, Thelma, I02, 230, 257 Silvey, Herberl M. Silvey, Mrs. Ina Mae Silvey, Wray D., 94, 222 Smilh, Ernesline L., l03 Smilh, Francis E., 97 Smilh, May, 224 Smilh, lvl. B., 97, I40, 232 Smilh, Paul R., 92, 20l Sparrow, Julia, 94, 2I7 Slageberg, Norman C., 97 Slarbeclc, Clyde L., 35, l0l, l53 Slolcslad, Lloyd J., I05 Slone, Myrlle M., I05 Slrayer, Hazel B., 2I, 27, 39, 7I, 97, 209, 2l6 Slruble, Marguirelle May, I05 Sluarl, John, 97 Sulherland, Elisabelh, 95, 2l0, 261 Swanson, Belly, l02 T Taylor, Loren F., 97 Thompson, Howard J., l04 Thompson. M. R., l04 Thompson, Oscar E., 94, I99, 2l4 Thompson, Thomas H., 97 Thorne, Edward J., 97 Tielz, Elsie Trimble, Harold, 99, 200, 227 Turner, Eulalie, I05 U Uecler, Alberl E., 94 V Vander Beelr, Howard, I05, 2l2 Van Engen, Henry, 82, 99, 200, 227 Van Ness, Grace, l02, 230 Villars, Lawrence Voellser, Gerlrude, 98 W Wagner, Guy W., 255 Wagner, Lillian R., 97, l40, I97, 232 Wagner, Willis H., 250 Walsh, William J., I05 Waller, Mildred M., I05 Weber, Harold, I05 Whillord, Lawrence W., l0l, I73, I76 Wilcox, M. J., 94 Williams, David, 97, 206, 257 Wilrnarlh, Alla L., I05 Wilson, Jean L., 5I, II2, II6 Wilson, Jo Ellen, II2 Wilson, Leland L., l03 Winelre, Dorolhy E. Winier, Elhel, 5I Winier, Leonard Winlrleman, James, I05 Winsberg, Shirley, IO2, 226 Willlalre, Eugene B., l03 Wood, Evelyn S. Wood, Slanley G., 2l, 39, 7l, 97, 209, 2l6 Woodcoclc, Berl L., 94, 253 Wrighl, Lawrence S., 96 Y Yeager, Emily J., 95, 2l8 Z Zinlz, Miles V., 94 Bauman, Bradley D., Roclr Valley, I6I, l73, A Abcas, Mag A., Geneva Aobol, Janice C., l"lai-.ilieye Ahbarf, Jaan K., Vinlon Ace, Rurh M., Paia Maue, Inlay-.aii Abilene, Fabian V., Zamboanga Ciry, Philip one Islands Acler Befly L., Wlaferloo Adams, Alphy M.. Nei-Jon, I34, 242 Adams, Charles W'., Des Moines, 223 Adams, Donald V.. Liscomb, 52. 62, 66, IU8, Il3, I22. I3I, 234, 237, 258 Adams, Jane? E.. Des Moines Adams, Joan M., Walerloo, II3 Student Index Andersen, Darlyne A., Cedar Falls, 206 Andersen, Donald J., Cedar Falls Andersen, Norman E., Walerloo Andersen, Ruih D., Allanlic Andersen, Thelma J., Manning Anderson. Barbara L., Thompson. I36, I49 Anderson, Bradley G., Parkersburg, I25, I73 258 Anderson, Charles R., Phillips, Wisconsin Anderson, Chloris V., Sfrallord, I34, 228, 264 Anderson, Frances M., Garner Anderson, Jaclr F., Bagley Anderson, Janel A., Charilon, I34, 207, 222, 22B. 237, 264 Anderson, Janice W., Goldfield, 242 Adams, Nancy L., Websler Cily, I20, 226 260 Adams, Ronald D,, Eagle Grove Adams, Slanley Fl., Walerloo Adamson, Janel T., Cedar Falls, Bl, 239 Adlins, Donald G.. Cedar Falls A dolphson, Wilma E., Sperry, l99, 224. 264 Aegeiler, Lauern T., Alpha Aeschliman, Augusl L.. Wes? Llnion A hair, Mary A., Ames, 236 Ahlrichs, Beverly J., Palmer Ahnen, William D., Orienl Ahrens, Roloerl V., Hamplon, 2I9, 220, 264 Aifchiscn, Gary L., Corn-filh, 2l2, 2I9. 264 A A Lana, I-lenry K., Paia, Hawaii llerrnan, Donald D., Cedar Falls A'baagh, Joanne R., Mechanicsville A A lbaugh, Sandra K., Mason City llseri, William J., Grand Mound, 243 Aloe-rl, Be-My R., Eldon A A A A A 'bert Carl P., Amana, 209, 2I6. 264 'bert Arnold F, Waferloo oerfs. Lyle K., Grundy Cenler Ibrghl, Ray E., Walerlrgo, 264 L .rr Den'ii E., Creslon, 254 ldiicli, Beriha L, Waulee, I36, 237 Anderson, John D., Thompson Anderson, Phyllis E., Crawlordsville, 224, 244 Anderson, William L., Blalcesburg, 253, 264 Andrada, Blaine C., Wayzala, Minnesola, 264 Andresen, Parricia K., Graellinger Andrew, Earl E., Grand River Andrews, Harold C., Walerloo Andringa, Phillip J., Sparla, Wisconsin, I46, 232, 236 Angell, Clifford, Albia, I37 Angell, Janel E., Delhi Anlrerson, Marleen, M., Alla, I36, 205. 246. 247, 256 Annable, Gail E., Des Moines, II6, 226, 242 Anonson, Marilyn K., Joice Anlone, Joseph A., Iowa Cily, I67 Archer, Clarence M., Bloomfield Arends, Richard R., I-Iansell, I37, II9, 20l, 202, 228 Armenlroui, Lois A., Spiril Lalce Armslrong. Chloe M., Walerloo, 264 Arp, Larry W., Toledo Ash, Donald E., Cedar Falls, 199,264 Ash, Dorofhy C., Cedar Falls Aldich, . Jan-ef L., Toledo, II2 Aldrich, .Joan L., Belrnond, 205 A'd"Cl. Joanne C,, Toledo, II2 Alidficl- Varna L.. Garmin, II6. 239 ffdfich, lslancy K, Waulee ,1-llba.: e., lvlarlha M., Cedar Falls, 43 X-like Gran? K, WalerliJ'J A'ler Ann-elle C., Haze-lion, Ill. II3 Allen, Ge'-ff T. INal-erlofi, IKE-3, IEW, 264 A er-. Jzhn F., Ames X-'lan llarfy S. Cedar Falls A en Orrille L., Grundy Cerilei X- Philip M., Ames Filer, Merlin E., Ileofa, I53, 259 A l"'.' Jane E., Greene, I20, 190,236 257 F' 'i'.3n, Theodore M., Walerlrio ffzager, Dari: A., Padclille. 242 Arnole Dafd J., Vvfalerl-30 Ame-3 Jzhri G., llazhua X-rriiahr, Jame: B. Jezup Arderz, Dean A, Cedar Falls ffnderzer, Beverly J., Waller, ll2, 2l4. 256 if-rderieri, Carlrzr D., Cedar Fallq, I9H, 220, 264 Aspleal, Sandia L., Sioux Cily, 264 Ayersa, John F., Oelwein Axberg, Anna L., Fredriclrsburg Ayala, Audrey E., Dubuque. 224, 255, 265 Ayers, Dorothy L., Ryan Baarson, Paul S., Ellendale, Minnesola Backhaus. Baelh, I-Ia Baellre, EI Bahndorl, Margie L., Manly rold L.. Soldier len S., Waverly Mary E.. II2. I35,-243 Bahnsen, Belly J.. Wyoming Bahrenluss, Benjamin K., Cedar Falls, I53 Baier, David P., Sumner Baier, Lea na J., Fonlanelle, 205, 245 Bailey, Julie, Cedar Falls Bailey. Richard L.. La Porle Cify Baker, Alice M., Cresco Baker, David W., Ogden, 66, Il3, I3l, I42, l43, l94, 20l, 258.265 Baler, Francis C., Waferloo. 265 Baker, Ha rold D., Eagle Grove, 227, 244 Baker, Laverne R., Cedar Falls Baker, Margarel L., Washinglon Balmer, Vila M., Cedar Falls Balelren, Terry D., Rulland Baldridge, Darwin R., Walerloo, 45 Baldwin, Deanna J., Panora Baldwin, Ronald F., I-larnplon, 249 Balhorn, Vincenl S., Walerloo Ball, Dale D., Tiplon Ball, Raymond R., Cedar Falls, 203, 205, 208 223 Ball, Ronald K. Hudson. I37. I38, I39 Ball, Charles A., Waferloo, 265 Balvanz, Carl H.. Readlyn Banclrs, Mary A., Monfpelier Banlrs, Palricia A., Winlersel Bappe. Carol A.. Nevada, II6 Bappe, Janice L., Ames Barber, Arnold E., Mason City Bard, Donna M., Walerloo Bare, Keilh L., Independence Barger, Marie D., Osceola, ll2, I42, 204 2l9, 237, 252 Barker, Barbara J., Davenporl' Barker, William H., Lime Springs Barlow, Darlene J., Schaller, 243 Barnell, Donnie G., Walerloo Barnharf. Elaine M., Greene Barr, Donald D., Cedar Falls Barrer, Mary E., I-ludson Barringer. Fern A., Rulhven Barlachelr, Karen J., Belle Plaine, I37, I38, l39 Barrels, Leroy C., Greene Barfh, Shirley J., Des Moines, II6, 226 Barflefl, Curlis D., Walerloo Barron, Dennis M., Des Moines, 259 Bass, Glenn A., Waferloo Bass, Harold R., Walerloo Bauer, William H., Norlh English l9I, 259 Baumgarlner, Floy E., Clear Lalre, 226 Baumgarlner. Jean A., Cedar Falls Baxler, Barbara A., Allanlic, 250 Beach, Belly P., Waferloo Beals, Ellen J., Newlon, I20, 226, 230, 233 Beardmore, Joann R., Ira. 23I Beaflie, Claud A., Cedar Falls Beally, Blair B., Gullenlderg Beaupain, Shirley M., Hubbard, I34, 2I8 Beclr, Maurice G., Reinbeclc Beclr, Sheryl E., Gulhrie Cenler Beckham, Donila S.. Cedar Falls Beclrham, Thomas W., Marshalllown Beclcrnan, Philip M., Middlelown, I37, I39 Beclrmann, Eleanor A., Bennelf, 243 Becvar, Donald R., Colo Beener, Roberl l'l., Walerloo Beeson, Bernice R., Earlham Beeson, Pauline B., Earlham Beefsch, Richard A., Cedar Falls, I53. I54, I55, I56, 157, IS9, l6l, I62, l63, I64. I65, 173, I9I, 265 Beghrel, Florence B., Cedar Falls Blome, Marilyn J., Oswego, lllinois Behrends, Karl E., Jesup, 265 Beier, Donna M., Reinbeck Beinlce, Ellabelle S., Walerloo Beisner, James D., Tripoli, l53 Belden, Leland K., Minburn, I34 Bell, Delores L., Ferlile, I36, 235. 24I Bell, Joan P., Marshalllown, 230 Bell, William L., Cedar Falls, 253 Benbow, Virginia A., Green Mounlain, 239 Bender, Calherine A., Cedar Falls. 265 Bender, David F., Walerloo Beneke, Brenda L., Cedar Rapids, 20, 37, l09, l90, 250 Benham, Phyllis L., Reinbeck Beniamin, James M., Walerloo Beniamin, Sharon J., Winlersel, 2l3, 245 Benning, Maxine E., Ackley, 239 I39, Benson, Delay V., Lake Park, I99, 200, 227, 265 Benson, L. Donavon, Lake Park Benson, Lavon A., Forl Dodge, I99, 2I3, 2I6 238 Benson Roberl W., Walerloo Benser. John M.. Mason Cily Benl, Carol P., Tama Benlley, James M., Cedar Falls, 265 Benlroll, Joyce M., Clarence, I I7. I35 Berg, Marvin L., Daylon Berg, Norman W., Walerloo Berge, Phyllis E., Bode, I99, 265 Berger, Janel E., Walerloo, I34, l37, I38. 228, 244, 265 Bhimbhayaiunlr Vachri, Chachoengsao, Thai Bergfalk, Kalhryn M., Cedar Falls Bergh, Evelyn A., Wayland, 245 Bergman, Rulh L., New Harliord, 2l9 Bergslrom, Waneela R., Pocahonlas Bernhard, Judilh C., Cedar Falls Berry, James R., Cedar Falls Berry, Kennelh R., Des Moine Besh, Ann H., Denver, 245 Besh, Joyce B., Cedar Falls Bells, Mary I., Walerloo Beuler, David A., Solon, 39, 64, 66, II3, I32 l4l, 2l6, 259 Beyer, Herberl J., Bulialo Cenler Beyer, Karl K., Epworlh land Bickal, Frances A., Forl Dodge, 240 Bieber, George M., New Hamplon Bigger, Harlan W.. Rulhven, 244, 249. 265 Billerbeck. Francine F., Reinbeck Billhorn, Don A., Manchesler Billings, Bruce H., Cedar Falls Billings, Duane R., Walerloo Bird, Dale l., Woden Bird, irma M., Woden Bird, Madelyn H., Walerloo Birdsall, Doralhea W., Walerloo Birkenhollz, Grace F., Iowa Cily, I46, 205 2l6 Bisbee, Dianne E., Cedar Falls Bishop, Jeanne P., Cedar Rapids, 66, II2, I46, I47, I49, I96, 226, 230, 233. 248 Bilcon, Lawrence E., Greenlield, l53, l54, I57, 159, 265 Bilcon, Marilyn W., Cedar Falls Billle, Elizabelh A., Iowa Falls, 7l, 132, 209, 2II, 2l6, 234, 256 Biwer, Mary A., Elma, 205, 225, 227, 236 Bionerucl, Rulh J., Calrnar Biorklund, Lorimer R., Cedar Falls, l2B, 220 Black. Bonnie L., Lone Rock Blackledge, Leroy A., Cedar Rapids Blake, William R., Shell Rock, 244 Blakeley, Joseph W., Salem, 239 Blanlord, Mary N., Cedar Falls Blankenship, Ralph L., Walerloo Blaser. Eugene W., Cedar Falls, 265 Blau, Ruby M., Cedar Falls Blekeberg, Shirley T., Decorah Blessing, Rebecca A., Paullina, 243 Blizek, Carol J.. Maquokefa Blood, Vesla M., Runnells, 224, 266 Bock, Marlis J., Maquokela Bode. Carol E., Parkersburg, 205, 2I5 Bodenslein, Virginia M., Walerloo Boderman, Roberl J., Sumner, l6I, I63, I64, I65, I73, l74, l76, l9l, 259, 266 Bodwell, Grace H., Walerloo Boelman, Jr., Ben, Applelon, I34, I35 Bogie, Edra C.. Primghar, I99, 225, 266 Boies, Janel M., Charles Cily, 205, 229, 239 Boileau, Grace F, M., Cedar Falls Bolger, Carolyn D., Glidden, I32, I34, 207, 2ll, 228, 244, 245, 266 Boll, Judilh L., Gladbrook. 2l8 Bolslad, Roger A.. Lake Mills Bommel, Mervin D., Dakola Cily Bonesleel, Daisy M., Wyoming, 23I, 235 Bonesleel, Mariorie E.. Wyoming, 23l, 235 Boolh, Janice E., Washinglon, 22, 23 IB5, 202, 266 Bordwell, Cheryl L.. Belle Plaine Borland, Glen D., Primghar Boslinelos, John, Walerloo Bollorll, Mary L.. Packwood, 2IB, 235, 254 Boughlon, Harrison C, Ida Grove, 202, 228 249, 266 Boughlon, Jolwn M., Walerloo, 2l9, 223, 2413 266 Boullon, Gerald R., Mounl Union Bourne, Roberl L., Cedar Falls, l37, 139 Branlland, Elaine J., Eode Brallon, Merlon J., Cedar Falls Braun, Shirley M., Nichols, 2I4, 245, 266 Braunschweig, Richard, Primghar, l53, l57. l9l, 253, 266 Bravener, Sandra L., Fredericksburg, l36.239 Brechl, Elodie M., Walker, 260 Breckenridge, Janice D., Kellogg Breckenridge, Sandra 5., Clarion Bremer, Nancy K., Lawlon, 246, 247 Breneman, Darrell F., Lowden Breneman, Faye E., Grinnell, l20, 205, 256 Brennan, Geraldyne K., Carlisle, 222, 266 Brell, Mildred L., Spiril Lake, 2l5, 2l7 Brickner, John R., Teaneck, New Jersey, 203, 208 Briden, Frank E., Walerloo, I29, 249 Bridges, Roger D., Plainlield, 235 Brighi, Roberl J., Forl Dodge. 206, 248, 259 Brines, Donald L., Walerloo Brink, Conslance L., Sioux Cily, III, 120 205. 246, 247, 26l Brinker. Malcomb M., Auburn, 66, I34, I35 Brinkley, Ronald E., Des Moines, 52, lI0, I53, l57, l6I, I9I, 259 Brill, Glenn A., Glidden, 259 Brock, David L., Walerloo Brocka, Emma S., New Harllord Brocla, Kalhleen A., Walerloo Brocka, Marlene R., Parkersburg Brocker, Donald H., Plymoulh Brockman. Deanna L., Walcoll Brockmeyer, Ronald K., Slrawberry Poinl, l6l Brockmeyer, Ronald K., Slrawberry Poinl Brockway, Elsie J., Grundy Cenler Brody, Joseph L., Walerloo Brody, Una Belle M., Walerloo l85, 202, 266 Bowlin, Barbara R., Council Blulls, 239 Bowman, Leah J.. Ames, 226 Boyd, Daniel S., Cedar Falls Boyd, David M., Cedar Falls Boyd, Verlaine L., Cedar Falls Boyles, Eva L., La Porle Cily Brackin, Mary F., Elgin, 230 Braden, Donald E., Walerloo Bradley, Daniel L., Houslon, Texas, 2I2, 220 Bradley, Gerald T., Sergeanl Blull Bradley. Myrna M., Slrawberry Poinl, 135 244 Braga. James D., Iowa Falls Bramer, Beverly A., Harlan. I36 Bramer, Gerald M., Cedar Falls Branam, Judilh A., Earlham, II6, I36 Brandhorsl, Charles F., Reinbeck Brandl, Dale E., Dysarl Brandl, Donna B., Dubuque, 2I4, 223, 266 Brandl, Jacqueline J., Cedar Falls Brooks, Bob K., Garner, l89, 259 Brooks, Conslance A., Cedar Falls, 100, 207 Brooks, Donald D.. Coon Rapids Brool-s, Dorolhy F., Des Moines, 224, 266 Broshar, Harvey J, Walerloo Brown, David B., Forl Dodge, ll5, l53, 253. 266 Brown, Dolores F., Hudson Brown, Donald D., Leon, 203, 208, 223, 266 Brown, Donald R., Davenporl, l6I. I63 Brown, Dorolhy L, Leon Brown, Faye A., Foil Dodge Brown. Janice M., Poslville. I37 Brown, John C., Coggori, IIO, 20I, 266 Brown, Mariorie A., Cedar Falls, 260, 267 Brown, Mildred L., Grimes Brown, Nancy l., Newlon Brown, Richard A., Hudson Brown, Roberla M., Malcom Brown, Terry D., Donnellson, IB3 Browne, Bernard F., Walerloo Brownell, Marian K., Spencer Bruce. Carolyn A., Hamburg, Il6, l36. I37. I39, 235 Bruch, Sally E., Cedar Rapids, II6, 239 Brune, Dorolhy M., Cedar Falls Bruner, Larry R., Toledo Brunner, Dorolhy A., Cedar Rapids Brunner, James E., Boone, l42, I43, l44 Bruns, Richard A., Jr., Cedar Falls Clausen, Dennis R., Lake Park, l37, l39 Brurssaid, Lauretta F., Kensett, I34, l37,22B Bryan, Shirley M., Allerton, I42 Bryant, James J., Hartley Bucher, Gary Arlan, North English, I37 Buck, Donn J., NVaterloo Buck, Forrest T., Davenport Buck, Feder, Miles Buclels. Janice J., Jewell, 224 Buckingham, Donna J., Humboldt Buckingham, Edward D., Cedar Falls Buckley, Dennis L.. Forest City, 227, 24l Buckrnan, Carole A., West Liberty, 246. 247 Buerlens, Bruce Pella Buttinqton, David L., Titonka Butta, Janet S., Selma, 205, 244 Buhrnann, Marlene R., Waterloo, 267 Bultena, Gordon L., Cedar Falls, I28, I99 246 Bunn, George W., Vwaterloo, l9S 7 Bunnell, Joan M.. Davenport, 236 Buroess, Donald R.. Cresco Burqus, Beverly M., Osceola Burke, Rosemary E., Rock Rapids, 49, I39. 234, 239 Burkey, Lois E., Salem Burkhart, Robert E., Buckingham Burkhart, Roger L., Woodward Burland, Thomas R., Perry Burns, Sharon S., Cedar Falls Burraclr, Constance J., Aurora Burrows, Donna M., New Hartford Burrows, Marlene V., Traer, I2l Burt, Donald R., Truro Burton, Ed-.vard L., Coltax Burton, Lillie B., Marshalltown Busch, Yvonne R., Lost Nation Bush, Gary E., Colesburq, l09, ll0, I73, l74 I9l, 259 Busher, Marilyn R., Ottumwa, I38, 236 Buss. Beverly A., Cedar Falls. 260 Campbell, Mary C., Maquolceta, 2l9, 224, 248, 267 Campbell, Mary F., Audubon Campion, Bill T., Des Moines Canheld, Carol J., Cedar Rapids Canny, Phyllis F,, Little Cedar Carey, Patsy A., Columbus Junction Carey, Yvonne C., Ottumwa Carlson, Bonnie B.. Madrid, 205, 239 Carlson, Clarice J., Boone, 239 Carlson, Franklin D., Gowrie Carlson, Gladys T., Riverside, California, 267 Carlson, Jack E., Humboldt Carlson, Phyllis E., Marion Christensen, Wendell H., Cedar Falls Christensen, Zelda E., Riceville, IIB, I32, I99, 2ll, 2l6. 227, 267 Christian, Marvin E., Roland Christiansen, Lee E., Harlan, I24, I3l, 227, 259 Christiansen, Lora M., Estherville, 230, 233, 254. 267 Christiansen, Erwin D., Lake Mills, 202, 267 Christianson, Linda N., Charles City, 224, 257, 267 Christianson, lla M., Chester, 236 Christopherson, Grace, Dorchester Chute, Richard G., Mason City, lIO, ll4 Carlson Carlson Carlson Roger E., Keokuk Sandra S., Kiron, 235, 24I Shirley M., Storm Lake, 243 Carney, Keith T., Emmetsburg, II4, 267 Carney Paul A., Cedar Rapids, l53 Cias, Gerald W., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin l46, 258 Clabby, James J., Waterloo Claney, Barbara J., Clarence Claney, Donald L., Cedar Falls 244, 259 Busslo Butler. Butler, Butler. Butsch hl, Cleo J., Sioux City Donald C., Rocktord, l9B, 223, 267 Eleanore B., Waterloo Mary Jo A., Marshalltown y, Robert W.. Cedar Falls Butterfield. Dean L., Independence Button, Beverly B., Adel, 260 Button , Helen M., Waterloo Byers, John L., Primqhar C Cacek, Arlene M., Cedar Falls Cagley, Charlotte L., Ionia, l36, 239 Cain, Thomas M., Waterloo, I29, I49, 267 Calder, Arline B., Guthrie Center Cald.-fell, D. Maurice, lonia Calentine, Robert L., Emr-netsburq Calhoun, Paul C., Cedar Falls Callah Cailah an, John W., lndependence an, Phillip A., Waterloo Cal'iqan, Richard A., Waterloo Carpenter, Alice F., Dayton Carpenter, Dolores E., Fort Dodge, 226, 236, 250 Carr, Betty L., Manchester Carr, Donald L., Waterloo Carrick, David H., Keokuk, I42, I43, 258, 267 Carrothers, Mary J., Charles City, II3, 224, 260 Carson, Carl E., Troy Mills Carson, Janice A., Scranton Carson, Walter P., Evansdale Carstens, La Vonne J., Alden, 224, 245 Carter, Ann M., Humeston, 235 Carter, Marilyn J., Davenport Cary, Robert B.. Janesville Casberg, Noma M. Brown, Waterioo Case, Jerry L.. Cedar Falls, 253 Case, Hazel L., Corning Casebolt, Gordon J., Cedar Falls Casey, Duane J., Cascade Casey, Joseph C., Cedar Falls Ceilley, Bernard M., Cedar Falls Cerney, Alice B., Cedar Falls, 267 Chamberlain, Willard F., Waterloo Champion, Karalee K., Ankeny, l20 Chandler, Karen W., Nashua Chaney, Florence E., Lake Geneva, Wiscon sin, l42, I43, I44, I45 Chantland, Phyllis L., Humbalt, llB, I32, 2l4, 2l6, 232, 242, 267 Charter, Paul A., Adair Chelstad, Loretta M., Somers Chester, Carol A., Clarksville Chestnut, Sheryl J., Waverly Chihak, Gerald J., Waterloo Childs, Jean A., Manchester Chinqren, Gerald W., Fort Dodge Chmelar, Franklin J., Washington Choate, Glennadene, Grundy Center Choate, Jeanette E., Washington Chody, Oma R., Kalona, l4I, 244, 245 Clapp, Neil G., Charles City Clapp, Verna M.. Oxtord Junction Clapsaddle, Jill, Algona Clark Clark Byron J.. Iowa Falls . Gary M., Waterloo. 235 Clark, Gertrude J., Cedar Falls Clark James A., Elma Clark Kathryn S., Cherokee, l20, 236 Clark, Margaret A., Waterloo, 246 Clark, Clark Clark , Stanley E., Jetterson Clark, Marilyn J., Grinnell, 235, 24l, 26l ,Sherrill A., Ashland, Oregon, ll6 Willis N.. Manassas, Virginia Cal-Jnkey, Martyn K., Woodward, I99, 223 267 Cannarrigg, David G., Correction'-ville, 236 Camerori, Lucy L., Bloomtield Cameron, Thomas K., Newton Carribbell, John P., Toledo, 135 Campbell, Lafrrerice L., De-lot, II3, l3I Christensen, Alma H., Cedar Falls Christensen, Bonnie E., Irwin, 235 Christensen, Eilleen C., Waterloo Christensen, lnez B., Waterloo Christensen, Robert G.. Waterloo Christensen, Russell L., Dakota City Christensen, Ruth S., Humboldt, I36 Clarke, Beverly J., Cedar Rapids, 260 Clarkin, Liane A.. Sac City, 236 Clarksean, Dorothy J.. Gladbrook Clasen, Mary Lou S., Iowa City Clasen, Robert B., Cedar Falls Clausen, Audrey J, Gladbrook Clay, Dave H., Cedar Falls, 249 Clayburq, Patricia E., Mason City, 224, 260, 268 Claypool, Richard D., Eldora Clearman, Alice J., Buttalo Cleland, Shirley D., Beaver Cleveland, Robert L., Northwood Cleveland, Robert W., Pleasantville, lI0, IZ6, l4O, 232 Cline, Geraldine M., Ottumwa, 246, 247 Clingerman, Julia J., Eldora, I36 Clopton, Edwin R., Cedar Falls Cloud, Elsie L., Fort Madison, 250, 268 Clouse, Martha J., Panora, l20, 256 Clubine, Charles N., Cedar Falls Cochrane, Clarke H., Des Moines Cockerham, Louise M., Union Cocklin, Shirley L., 235 Cody, Robert C.. Wichita, Kansas, 206 Coerper, David L., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, l24, l42, I43, I44, I46, I79, l89, 238, Cole, Bruce, L., La Porte City Cole, Perry C., Greentield Cole, Victoria A., Sioux City, II6, l33 Coleman, Carol K., Olin, 26l Collins, Carol J., Algona, l35. I49 Colton, Geraldine R., Independence, 226, 242 Colwell, Michael C., Walerloo Combs, Clarissa P., Ames Complon, Clifford F., Cedar Falls Conklin, Arlene B., New Harriord Connell, Richard F., Newlon Cenlre, Massa chusells Conner, Conrad, Conrad, Conrad, 260 Evelyn A., Glidden Carol A., Lowden, 60, 239 Elizabelh J., Lucas, 230, 233, 260 Mary L., Lucas, III, II3, I34, I96 Conway, Darrell E., Walerloo, IBI, I83, 253 Cook, Anlhony A., Fremonl Cook, Donna L., Marengo Cook, Richard E., Cedar Falls Cooney, Darrell L., Muscaline Cooper, Leona J., Albia, 237, 268 Cooper Marvin M., Marshalllown Cooper, Rosemary D., Albia Cooper, Susie C., Cedar Falls Cooper , William W., Walerloo Copenhaver, Lucille A., Oelwein Cordes, George C., Eldora Corkery, John A., Fayelre Cornell, Flizabelh M., Walerloo Corpuz, Elizabelh E., Kauai, Hawaii, 232, 25I, 268 Corrigan, Don L., Rockwell Cily, I67, I70, 236 Corwin, Janice A., New Harliord Cory, Donald E., Rochesfer, Minnesola Cory, Karen L., Coon Rapids Coiler, Vernon E., Walerloo Corlingfon, Darla M., Jewell, I20, I34, 205 Collrell, Ronald P., Walerloo Courbal, Marjorie F., Allison, 268 Courlier, Mary B., Boone Cover, Barbara A., Walerloo, 205 Cowell, Barbara A., Aurora, 245 Cowley, Helen, Cedar Falls Cox, Carol E., Dana, 245 Cox, Garnell K., Sform Lake Cox, Larry D., Keswick Craig, Hershel D., Cedar Falls, 237 Cramer, Dean W., Cedar Falls, I79, I87, 268 Crandall, Bruce J., Wesr Union Crane, Janice E., Spencer, I36 Crawford, Belly, Hampion Crawford, Karen L., Lone Tree Crawford, Leroy E., Davenporf Crawford, Sonya M., Arlingion Creedon, Shirley L., Davenporl, 257 Crinigan, Richard H., Warerloo, 268 Crisl, Tamson, Perry, I42, 225, 238 Crilelli, Joseph V., Des Moines Croir, Marion H., Cedar Falls Crogveek, Louise R., Oelwein Croll, Sondra M., Walerloo Cronk, Carole E.. Indianola Crook, Carole J., Mason Cily Crosley, Dixie L., Eldora, II2, I37, 25l Crosley, Tamma J., Eldora, I37, I39 Crossell, Rachel R., Wellman Crossman. Roberla J., Charles Ciry, l2l Crow, Lelia E., Winlhrop Crowe, Richard D., Reinbeck Crowley, Claire V., Des Moines, 236 Culberl, Mary R., Marion, III, II2, 233, 257 Cullen, Ardella J., Spencer, I37, I38, I39, 205 Culver, Jacquelyn A., Des Moines Culver, Jane A., Dickens, 245 Cummings, Merlyn F., Oelwein, I99, 266 Currier, Lois J., Monroe Curry, Jerry L., Bradgale, I34, l35, I37 Curlis, Conslance S., Cedar Falls Curlis, William E., Cedar Falls Culler, Judy M., Walerloo, I37, l38, I39, 228 Culsiorih, Virgil P., Lawler D Dahl, Dorolhy J., Slaler, I36, 242 Dahl, Harrier J., Cedar Falls Dahms, Richard L., Traer Dailey, Marilyn J.. Balavia Daman, Rurh A., Des Moines, l08, II2, I49 l90, l95, 230, 233 Damro, Dianne M., Vkfalerloo, 229, 239 Danberq, Sharon L., Cedar Rapids Daniels, Jack B., Lehigh, I26 Danielson, Richard L., Cedar Falls Darrow, Roberl L., Clin Dauleldi, Mary L., Morning Sun Davenporl, Georgianna, Tama Daviclsen, Deloy K., Ollumwa, I34, I37 Davis, Carol E., Cedar Falls, Ill, 2l9, 255 Davis Carol M., Chariion Davis, Lee J.. Cedar Falls Davis, Nadine K., Hamplon, I42 Davis, Neva C., Harnpron, 206, 268 Davis, Norma J.. Oilurnwa, 256 Davis, Philip M., Ankeny, 259 Davis, Roberr E., Cedar Falls, I97 Davis, Roberta A., Northwood, 242 Davis, Sonya R., Slrawberry Poini, I34, I37 I39, 205, 245 Dawson, Lyle D., Spencer, II4 Day. Nancy S., Ollumwa, 26l Dean, Jane K., Pelerson De Boer, Aalfie T., Forl Dodge De Boer, Viola M., Granville, II9, 2I9, 232 243 De Boom, Darrell G., Archer De Camp, Harold, Redfield Decker, Daniel W., Marshalllown, 24l Decker, Howard W., Walerloo Deiosse, Elaine F., Mediapolis, 2l5, 2I7, 242 De Graw, Ruth A., Delmar De Haven, Barbara A., Des Moines. 2l3 Delis, Mary L., Gladbrook, l20, 239 Deloshmull, David D., Onawa De Maris, Carol A., Carpenler, II6 Denbuger, Barbara J., Gslraloosa, 245 Denger, Addison D., Dows Den Herder, Sleven E., Boyden Denker, William E., La Porle Ciry Dennis, Denise, Walerloo, 60, 67 Denlon, Roberl W., Marshalllown Densler, Roberr J., Cedar Falls Derby, Dick S., Albia Delleisen, Kay M., Clinlon, 226 De Vaul, Charles M., Cedar Falls De Veny, Dixie J., Walerloo Devereux, Ruby L., Truesdale Devine, Duane C., Algona De Vries, Velda M., New Harlford De Winler, Rochelle E., For? Dodge De Zuba, James M., Slerling, Illinois Dickson, Rulh M., Wood, So. Dakola, 236 Dickson, Sandra J., Cedar Falls Diehn, Charlolle A., Oflumwa, l I I, l38, 207 228, 234 Dieken, Le Ann M., Grundy Cenler, I34, I37 I39, 228, 246 Diekman, Harvey F.. Parkersburg Diercksen, Vicfor W., Manchesler, I40, 2l6, 242, 249 Dieslelmeier, Dean A., Walerloo Dielrich, Kolene K., Vicior, 247 Dielz, Eugene W., Waverly Dikkers, Jay F., Lamonl, 2I, 7l, 2l6, 235, 249 Dilcher, Leona F., Dysari Dillavou, Sandra S., Glenville, Minnesola Dillman, Vernon S., Hardin Dinsdale, Palricia L., Websler Cily, 239 Dinsdale, Shirley L., Traer Dirks, Donald C., Cedar Falls Diflmer, Norberl A., Slrawberry Poinl Dix, Parricia K., Janesville, I36 Dixon, Larry F., Bloomfield Doalc, John L., Grundy Cenler Doan, Gloria F., Iowa Falls, 2I3 Doerzman, Douglas D., Blairslown, II3, I22 l3l, I46, 243, 259 Doerzman, Jimmie R., Blairslown, I22, 243 Dohrer, Rose Ann F., Iowa Cily, 236 Dolan, John M., Casey Donald, Phoebe A., Plainfield Donlea, Sherrill, Jesup Donn, Ronald L., Pisgah Doran, Cecelia A., Perry, 225, 235 Dorhoul, Lawrence R., Sioux Cenler Dorland, Lyle T., Cedar Falls, l26 Dorman, Howard G., Truro, I0l Dornbusch, Beverly A., Paullina, IIB, I42 I94, I96, 204, 2l9, 243, 252 Dornbusch, Phyllis J.. Paullina Dornield, Earl W., Cedar Falls, I32, 268 Dornield, Mary A., Cedar Falls Dorsey, Virginia M., Des Moines Dosral, Malvin F., Clulier Dougherly, Carolyn A., Cedar Rapids, II2, 2OI, 233, 254 Douglas, Joseph H., Hudson Douglass, Loraine F., Malcom, Ill, ll3, IIS 230, 233 Dowling, Marilynn J., Lake Cily, II3 Downey, Karen D., Algona Doyne, Mary H., Davenporr Doyne, Raymond F., Clinlon Dreessen, Annelle D., Toledo Drevs, Myrlis V., Maville, II3, 226, 230, 268 Drewer, Palricia A., Burlinglon, 230 Driscoll, Berry L., Warerloo Dubois, Janel' M., Cedar Falls. I37, I39 207, 22l, 228 Duckelf, Janel' L., Sianley Duea, Jerry M., Dunkerlon, 253 Duiiy, Richard P., Cedar Falls, 268 Dully, Roberl D., Whiilemore Dugan, Charles J., Charles Cily Dyvad Joanne K., Storm Lake 242 Dagger, tvlariorie C.. Rose Hill, I36, 245 Duhrtiopt. Sally A., Sumner, I39 Dunahoe, Sheryl K.. Maxwell Dunbar, Mary H., Cedar Falls Dungan, Robert L., Waterloo Dunham, Mary C., Cedar Falls Dunlap. Jean D.. Waterloo. 268 Dunlap, Lois A., Sioux City, lI2, I36, l42. I94, 237, 252 Dunlap. Marlene E.. Dysart, 2I7, 25I Dunn, Leroy W., Manly, I53, 159, I79, l9l, 253. 268 Dunnette, Rosalyn M.. Shetheld, 245 Dunsmore. James L., Corydon, 268 Di.-rigans, Nancy J., Des Moines Dwyer, Mary A.. Creston, 236 Dye, Dale L., Cedar Falls, 108, l28 E Ealy, Janet F., Belle Plaine, 224, 236 Easler, Robert E., Waterloo Easley, Norris K., Fort Madison Eason, Donna R.. Scranton Eaton, Eric G.. Cedar Falls Eclrhott, Myone K., Annes, 230 Eckles. Karen N., Glenwood. I36, l42 Edrnan, Zepha M., Cedar Falls Egeland, Irving H., Story City, 242 Egerno, Carroll O.. Story City, l35. 242 Egerno. Darrel D., Story City, 242 Eggland. Marcia l., Roland, l35. 2I7, 242 Eggleston, Carolyn M.. Conrad, I34. 207, 228 Egli, Norman D.. Manson, 269 Elven, Margaret A., Harcourt, 205, 2l5, 242 Ehlers. Nancy A., Atlantic Ehrte, Betty l., Cedar Rapids, 20l,2l8, 255. 269 Eichorst, Marcella M., Waterloo Eide. Marilyn A.. West Union. I2O, I37, I39 Eitert, Ruth A., Waverly Eisele, Sandra J., Spirit Lalre Eisentrager. James A.. Alvord, 2l3 Eitzrnan, Douglas D., Cedar Falls, l38, 202 Elbert, Carol A., Corwith, 236 Elliott, Earlene Z., Paclrwood Ellis, Judith A., Ostaloosa Ellis, Karen E., Belle Plaine, 239 Ellis, Robert M., St, Joseph, Michigan Ells .-.- crth, Marilyn A,, Pine City, Minnesota Elrnan, Janet K., Buttalo Center Elmore. Robert E., Des Moines, I73, 190, 253 Else, Janet J., lda Grove, I37. l39,2IB, 243 Elzing, Sandra K., Geneva. 239 Emmett, Elaine A., Cgden, 246. 247 Erviry, Arthur W., Fairiield, I34. I37, l39, 202, 237, 249 Ernura, Betsy A. H., Kelraha. Kauai, Hawaii 239 Engelling. Mary L., Hubbard. I35 Engen, Richard E.. Clarion England, Jacqueline J.. Keystone England. Marlene L., Iowa Falls, l20, 230, 256 England. Patricia l., Van Meter England, Phillip E., Van Meter, I22 Engle, Lowell L., Waterloo English, Kay L., Arthur, 235 Epperly, Edgar V., Leon, 203, 208, 269 Erbe, Lois A.. Cedar Falls, 224, 250, 269 Erbe, Mary Frances W., Waverly Erdal, James B., Waterloo Erickson, Barbara J., lndianola, I36, 245 Ericson, Caryle R., Sawyer, Michigan, 235 Ericson, Curtis P., Denison Erickson, Tommy M., Huxley. 242 Erickson, Warren A. C., Waterloo, l29, I37. I39 Ernst. Joan M., Roclrtord, 255 Erpelding, Lois S., Dilre Erwin, Mary E.. Mt. Pleasant Essig, Jimmy D., Fort Dodge Etringer, Reynold L., Nevada Evans Evans Evans Dawn M., Dumont, II6, I46 Donald D., Dumont, 202, 269 John R., Des Moines Evans Leone M. B., Mason City, 2l8, 2l9, 245 269 Evans. Valda J.. Marshalltown, I34, 245 Evely, Avis A., Waterloo, I3B, I39, 207, 228, 26l, 269 Even, Patricia A., Vilaterloo Everett, Kaye K., lda Grove, I42. 226 Ewart, Elizabeth K., Mt. Pleasant, 39 Ewell, Vernon A., Missouri Valley, l90, 223 Exline, Norma J., Charles City, 245 F Faaborg. George P., Kimballton, I37, l39, I44, I4-5. 202, 269 Faas, Richard L., Victor Fagerlind, Dean A., Waterloo Fagerlind, Paul S., Cedar Falls Fagle, David L., Cedar Falls, l95, I99, 285 Failes, Nancy J., Runnells, I34, 237 Fain, Camilla A., Humbolt, 43, 25l Fain, Eldon H., Waterloo Fain, Gerald U.. Cedar Falls, 269 Fairbanlcs, Charlotte R., Waterloo Fairchild, Kenneth L., Kimballton Fairchild, Laila B., Boone. II6, l46 Fancher, Beverly A.. Webster Fanton, Elizabeth A., Marshalltown Farina, Gene R.. Cedar Falls Farley, Doris M., Lalre City Farley, Roger D., Perry, I40 Farrell, David S., Barnes City Farrell, Jaclr R.. Northwood, l47 Farrill, Naomi A., Readlyn, 205, 236 Farrow, Allaire J., Ledyard, 205, 256 Fay, Carroll D., Waterloo Faye, Albert R., Waterloo Faye, Clitiord W.. Cedar Falls, 269 Faye, Shirley A., Waterloo. ll3, 260 Fearing. Nancy L., Sioux City, I38, 2l9. 245 Feldotto, Elizabeth l., Cedar Falls Feldotto, Elmer E., Cedar Falls Feldpouch. lrva D., Waterloo Feller, Charles K., Kanawha Fellows, Ruth L.. Sidney, lO8, Ill, I33, I99, 2l l, 224, 246, 247, 257, 269 Fennell, Vernon R., Cedar Falls Fenton, Joy K., Des Moines, 226 Ferguson, Everlee J., Grand Junction Ferguson. James M.. Chelsea Ferguson, Margery R., Evansdale Ferguson, Phyllis A., Laurens, 205, 237 Ferguson, Warren M., Vinton Ferry. Ronald P., Harlan, l24. I79, 227, 269 Fie. David L., George Field, P. Bertel, Decorah, I53 Fiene, Irma H., Charter Oak, 2I4. 269 Filliman, Dennis E., Ottumwa Fillmore, Bernard A., Waterloo Finders, Glenn F., Waterloo Findlay. Susan J., Ottumwa, I42 Finlr, Delmar A., Westgate Finlr, Pearl l., Harrisburg, South Dakota, I36 Finke, Arthur J., Wellsburg Finney, Carol S., Eldon, II6 Fioii, Sharon R., Ames, I36 Fischer, Marian C., Sioux City, 269 Fischer, Robert L., Meservey Fish, Marjorie A.. Maynard Fisher, Barbara A.. Rolte Fisher, Betty J., Independence, I42. 225, 245, 269 Fisher, Billy C., Oslcaloosa, I79 Fisher, Donald D., Cedar Falls, I53, l58, l59 l9l, 270 Fisher, Emerald A., Broolrlyn Fisher, Lee l., Aclcley Fisher. Phyllis J.. Ida Grove, I46, l49. 24l Fistler Doris H., Grundy Center Fitch. James J., Fort Dodge Fitzgerald, Lyle L., Fort Dodge Fitzgerald, Rosemary J.. Mason City Flactitt, Bette J., Mitchellville Flater, Doris A., Waterloo Flaucher, Norma l., Waterloo, I99 Fleming, Janet C., Strahan Fleming, Kathryn J., Albert City, l35, 205. 2l5. 242 Fleming. Robert E., Bloomfield Fleming, Wilbur L., Bloomfield, I83. 258 Fletcher, Charles E., Carlisle, I67 Fletcher, Lorraine K.. Low Moor, 245 Flinn, Alice H., Waterloo Flint, Howard R., Lalce Parlr Fober, Deane M., Plaintield Folrlren, John R.. Havelock Follcen, Delores M., Anamosa Follsers, Merna K., Scotch Grove, 2I7. 228. Folkestad, Marvin L., Ellendale. Minnesota Ford, Doris E., Marion Ford, Jane T., Cedar Rapids, l42, 256 Forde. Jewel A., Decorah Formanelr, Richard L., Tama, I53, I67, l68, l56, l58, I59, I69, l70, I9I Forrest, Alice J.. Manchester, I l6, 225, 245 Forrester, Nancy L.. Tama. 2I3 Fortune, Gene M., Waterloo. 242 Fossum. Julia S., Cedar Falls Foster, Janet A., Oelwein Foster, Shirley M., Alexander, 205 Foster, Vernard E.. Des Moines, I26 Fowler, Virginia C., Cedar Falls, 226 Fox, James D., Waterloo Fox, Kay A., Dallas Center, I27, I36, 245 306 l 45. Fox, Wayne G., Walerloo Foy, Jimmy R., Wyoming, I27, 249, 270 Franey, Charles J., Jellerson Franlz, Richard P., Alla, I38, l40, 202 Fraser, Fae J., Mason Cily, I38, 2l8, 245 Fraser, Richard Q., Algona Fredriclrsen, Mary L., Grundy Cenler, I20 Fredriclrson, Earl D., Cedar Falls Freebern, Lucille S., Quasquelon Freeburg, Janice K., Spencer, 226 Gardner Palricia M., Council Blulis, 246, 247 Gardner, Ronald D., Walerloo Gardner Shirley L., Walerloo Garland, Larry D., lowa Falls Garman, Duane S., Brill, lI4, I6I, I73, I9l, 259, 270 Garman, Merle A., Brill, l6I, I63 Garoulle, Mary V., Adel, I36, 235, 24l Garrell, Jaclr E., Walerloo Gordon, Suzanne, Newlon, 52, I08, ll2, l38, I94, l96, 232, 239, 254 Goslin, Harriel K., Cedar Falls Gollleaber, Janis L., Monlicello, 25I Gould, Jannace L., Conrad Gourley, Edward A.. Corwilh Grace, Polly J., Greene Grady, Gerald M., Muscaline Grady, Marlin L., Muscaline Graellinger, Jean M., Graellinger Freeland, Eslher A., Cambridge, ll9, 242 Freeman, Roger K., Ml. Vernon, l53, 253 Freese. Freese, Nancy J., Hubbard William C., Wiola Freilag, Arnold J., Wellsburg French, Eleanor D., Clarion French I34, Frerich ,Phyllis A., Coggon, III, lI3, I33, l39, 207, 2ll, 228, 236, 270 s, Melvin J., Cedar Falls Frey, Edwina K., Pleasanlville Friar, Shirley L., Walerloo Friedman, Mary C.. Halbur, 236 Frilz, Marcia J., Greenfield Fromm, Carole J., Eagle Grove, 226 Fromm , Geraldine G., Mason Cily Garrison, Ronald D., Ollurnwa, I37 Garlon, Janel L., Alla, I36 Gary, Millon E., Cedar Falls Gasper, Thomas P., Albia, I89, 2I2 Gales, Donna M., Independence, I35 Gales, Janice R., Marcus Gales, Roberl G., Mason Cily Gaulle, Donna J , Clarion, I42, 226, 230, 245 Gaulle, Maurice L, Aclrley, I99, 270 Gaunl, Carol A., Sl. Anlhony, I35, 205, 257 Gearharl, Karla R., Manchesler Gehring, Uriel C., Elgin, 206, 270 Geiler, Carllon V., Florence, Arizona Gelder, Janel C., Hamplon, 245 Graelz, Jerald M., Soldier, I33, I39, 202, 270 Grall, Marjorie H., Mallard, 236 Graham, John F., Cedar Falls Graham, Kalherine L., Des Moines Graham, Lorella B., Gilman, I35 Graham, Mary L, Cedar Rapids, I20, 205, 252 Grandgeorge, Joyce F., Webslei Cily, II2, I37, I39, 205, 2l7, 237 Granger, Gerald R., Canby, Minnesola, 206 Granl, Shirley M., Wesl Bend, 205, 234, 244 Graslewicz, Sally A., Decalur, Illinois, I09, Ill, II2, lqb, 239 Grasslield, Sylvia, Walerloo, I20, I37, I39, Froning, Janel C., La Porle Cily, I35 Froning, Lyle L., Walerloo Froom, Kenl F., Pomeroy Frownleller, Forresl W., Creslon Froyen, Len A., Clarion, 52, I08, II3, I3I, 258 Fruehling, Donald L., Fl. Madison George, Gerdes. Raymond E., Cedar Falls, 270 Mary R., Brill, 242 Gerdes, Theodore H., Dilce Gerling, Doris A., Mediapolis, I42, 242 Gibney, Thomas C., Walluns Gibson, Ralph K., Mediapolis, 220 Gibson, Ronald L., Keolrulr I49, 222, 257 Grassley, Barbara R., Cedar Falls Grassley, Charles E., Cedar Falls, 208 Graves, Max R., Melvin Graves, Richard G., Harlley Gray, Darlene O., Dunlap Gray. Judilh F., Sheldon Fry, George E., Kalona Fry, Ja ck R., Vinlon Fry, Kalhleen A., Walerloo Fry, W 259 arren D., La Porle Cily, I24, 147, l48, Fuhrrnan, Duane D., Arlinglon, I99, 223, 244 Fuhs, F rnesl J., Fddyville, 236 Fuhs, Francis E., Eddyville Fullbrighl, Russell W., l9B. 220, 270 Fuller, Maralyn A., Winlersel Fuller, Michael J., Grinnell, 239 Fuller, Palricia E,, Murray Fuller, William C., Blue Earlh, Minnesola, l37, l3B, I39, l48 Fullon, Bill A., Walerloo Fullz, Ronald H., La Porle Cily Funlr, Dean A., Walerloo, I40 G Gaarde, Cheryl K., Armslrong, 242 Gabrielson, Donald L., Des Moines, l53 Gabrielson, Marolyn L., Daylon, 205, 24I, 245 Galbrailh, Donna S., Gibson Gallaher, Dave L., Vinlon Galloway, Gerlrude A., Laurens, II2, 205 Galloway, Mary A., Walerloo, II6 Gamel, John P., Cedar Falls, 249 Garino n, Donald L., Collax Gannon, John T., Collax Gannon, Mary E., Delmar, 219, 236 Gardner, Donna M., Humeslon, 255 Gardner, Dorolhy J., Farrar Gardner, James B., Swea Cily, 134, l39, IBO. l83. 253 Giddings, Alberl W., Clinlon, 242 Giebelslein, Marvin L., Ames Gienger, Gerry L., Walerloo, I67 Gieseman, Sally A., Sumner Gilberl, Ronald, Cheyenne, Wyoming Gillelle. Charles C., Fosloria Gillelle, M. Diana, Cedar Falls Gilliland. Carolyn M., Walerloo, 205 Gilpin, Larry L., Forl Dodge Ginger, Theresa A., Spencer Gissible, Leona L.. Massena Given, Duane S., Cedar Falls Gierde, David W., Cedar Falls Glaspie, Phyllis J., Cedar Falls Glassell, William L., Garner, 206 Glawe, Muriel A., Corwilh Gleason, Roberl D., Cedar Falls, 270 Glime, Palricia A., Van Horne, 2'I5 Glorleld, Louis E., Walerloo Gode, Janel K., Clinlon Godlredson, Rila M., Swea Cily Goebel, Palricia A., Tripoli Goeclre, Palricia A., Walerloo Goelz, Carol K., Wesley Goelzinger, Charles E., Marble Roclr Gogel, Kennelh G., Cedar Falls Gohman, Phyllis R., Cedar Falls Gohman, Richard W., Cedar Falls, 249 Goldapp, Jean, McClelland, II2, ZI4, 234, 242 Gonder, Ronald W., Des Moines, lI5, 253, 270 Gopperlon, Norma A., Pelerson, 2l8 Gordon, Belly J., Manly Gordon, Helen T., Walerloo Gray, Louis G., Charilon Greelis, John R., Walerloo Green, Dolores L., Rembrandl, 230 Green, Frances J., Ames, II6 Green, James R., Washinglon, 2I2, 2l6 Greene, Maurice E., Rulhven, 236, 270 Greenwood, Charles S., Winlersel, I79, I9l 253 Gregg, Phyllis L., Oakland, I97, 2l I, 270 Greiman, Shirley L., Garner Greiner, Oma J., Lisbon, 2I8, 270 Grempel, Rulh F., Websler Cily, 2I9, 243 Gress, Maralyn R., Cedar Falls Greve, Clyde L., Cedar Falls, l99, 203, 208. 27l Greve, Keilh E., Tipfon, 2I2 Greve, Marilyn S., Cedar Falls, l99, 27l Grillen, Marjorie A., Sioux Cily, 240 Grillin, Richard L., Sluarl, 43 Grillilh, Ronald L., Walerloo Grim, Clarlc W., Fddyville Griner, Eva D. K., Cedar Falls Grillon, Marilyn J., Iowa Cily Grilznei, Teresa A., Marion, I99, 246 Groe, Karen N., Norlhwood, l36 Groolers, Lyle E., Cedar Falls Gross, Don F., Des Moines Gross, Kalherine E., Wellsburg Grounds, Wallis B., Greenfield, 238 Grove, Aline V., Walerloo Grove, Mary A., Marshalllown Grover, Nancy L., Clulier, 2I7, 244 Groves, Nancy A., Whal Cheer Grupp, Kalhryn, Cedar Falls, I37 Grush, Janice l., Websler Guenlher, William R., Vinlon Hatner, Marianna O., Letts, ll2, 2l7, 244, culdberg, Larry D., Hampton G-undacker, George G., Readlyn Gunderson, David S., Lake Mills Gunderson, Marie C., Lake Mills, 242 G-annell, Audrey F., Waterloo, 240, 260 Gwtiza, Helen, Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii G-cry, Mary D,, Belle Plaine G-ustatson, Marian E., Waterloo Gustafson, Robert A., Madrid, I37 G-utknecht, Arthur J., Hudson Guyer, Patricia L., Cedar Falls H Haack, Joanne E., Williamsburg, 2I7 Haberer, Caryl J.. Waterloo Hackerson, Rosemary, Des Moines Hadley. Leon D., Richland, l25, 227, 259, 27l Had-tiger, Eugene M,, Waterloo Hatfner, Zona P., Cedar Falls 245 Hagan. Carole A., Shellsburg, I37, I39, 246. 247 Hagedorn, Barbara A., Carroll Hagedorn, Betty M., Toledo Hageman, Richard D., Estherville Hagg, Dorothy L., Algona, I36 Hahn, Patricia M., Ottumwa, ZIS, 260, 27l Hahn, Robert D., Mason City Hake, Patty M., Cedar Falls, l08, lll, ll3, l33, I34, l95, I96, I99, 26l Hala, Marilyn L., Tama, 142,236 Halierty. Stanley G., Chariton Halihill, Myrle N., Hopkinton Hall, Gertrude A., Cylinder, 205, 240, 26l Hall, Jerry L., Anita Hall, Robert E., Cedar Falls Hall, Zula R.. Cedar Falls, 27l Haller, Avis AW Des Moines, 226 Haller, Marvin D., Muscatine Haller, Susan, Ottumvfa, I39 Halligan, Patrick A., Fort Dodge, l53, l56. IS7, ISB, I67, l70, l9l Halligan, Sidney J., Moorland Hal'man, Milton A., Jesup, l42, l43, I44. 20l, 2l2, 2l3, 216 Halstead, Norma J., Coggon Halstead, Robert T., Marion, 237 Halsted, Claudia K., Chariton Halterman, Joyce A., Waterloo Halupniclr, Joan M., Traer, I37, l39, 2l7 Halferson, Bettiann, Dysart, I09 Halverson, Nancy L., Mclntire, l35 Ham, Shirley A., Manilla Hamann, Susan A., Rock Valley, 236 Hambly, Oliva R., Cedar Falls Hammer, Janet A., Bode, 236 Hammer, Ronald J., Swea City Hammer, Seclell M., Swea City, 245 Hand, Carol A.. Charlotte, 232, 236 Hand'en, Thomas G., McClelland, l97, 232 253, 27l Hannaman, Richard C., Blue Earth, Minne- sota, I67 Hansen. Alice M.. Nevada Hanzen, Avcinria A., Waterloo, 27l Hansen. Donald J., Council Blutts, 258 Hansen Helen A., Cedar Falls Hansen, Jean D., Cedar Falls, bl Hansen, Karen M., lowa Falls Hansen Leon R., Cedar Falls, l98, 220, 27l Hansen, Madelyn F., Manilla Hansen, Margery A., Hartley Hansen Marvin E., Boise, Idaho Hansen Patricia L., LuVerne, I34 Hansen, Roger D., Manilla Hansen Roger L., Cedar Falls, 27l Hansen Susan A.. Pewaukee, Wisconsin. ll3, 254 Hansen Waldene K., Peterson, 239 Hansmeier, Thomas W., Waukon, 5l, II4, l3l Hanson, Jack J., Elgin Hanson, W. M., Waterloo Hanus, Dorothy B., Traer, 204, 236 Hanus, Sharlene A., Tama Hanzelka, Therese A., Tama, 236 Hapgood, Gregory O., Blairstown Hapgood, Jon K., Blairstown Happe. Margo J., Spirit Lake Happel, Robert D., Marion, 220 Harai, Stanley F., Kona, Hawaii, 223 Harbaugh, Rosalee A., Jetterson, 2l7 Hardacre, Barbara A.. Cedar Rapids Harder. Harder, Doreen K., Washta Robert O., Cedar Falls Hare, Leonard J., Battle Creek Hare, Robert L., Waterloo Hartst, Kenneth P., Muscatine Harmon, Jack K., Chicago, Illinois, 2I6, 259, 27l Harned, Jacqueline L., Cedar Falls Harned, Ollis H., Jr., Cedar Falls Harp, J Harper, Harpin, ack B., Cedar Falls James M., Waterloo Barbara J., Creston, 246 Harr, Helen D., Cedar Falls Harriman, Janet M. Council Blutts Ha rrinqton, Carol, Eldora Harrington, Pauline A., Independence Harris, Barbara L., Ralte Harris, Carole D., Cedar Falls, l35 Harris, Eddie C., Moulton Harris, Joy A., Grinnell, 2l6, 239 Harrison, Joyce A., lndianola Hart, Donald E., Clinton Hart, Jane J., Charles City Hartbeck, Mildred l., Colesburg, ll8, I33, I99, 2IO, 21 l, 2l8, 244, 245, 26l, 27l Harter, Harter, Dorothy A., Logan Robert K., Rockford, lllinois, I37, l39, 239, 242 Hartgrave, Beverly L,, Hampton Hartman, Luanne C., Waterloo, II2, 257 Hartman, Mary L., Burlington Hartman, William D., Creston. I37, 244 Hartwig, Jean M., Waterloo Harward, Roscoe W., Cantril, 27l Harwell, Jean J., Waterloo Hasstedt, Madonna J.. Ogden Hatch, Sharon L., Central City, 205, 226. 228, 257 Hattield, Emma H., Waterloo Hauge, 228 Verles E., Lake Mills, I37, I38, I39, Haugh, Irene F., Ayrshire, 236 Hauser, E. Jane, Cedar Falls, lll, l30, 2l8, 250 Hauser, Joseph F., Burlington Hauswirth, Norma J., Havelock Havens, Patricia M., Montour, l34, 205 Haviland. Susan B., Eagle Grove, l36, 2l7 Havlik, Helen J., Waterloo Havran, Dorla J., Keystone Hawkins, Mary M., Davenport, ll2, 257, 27l Hawks, Nancy A., Council Blutts, 205. 23l Hawthorne, Judith A.. DeWitt, I36, 245 Hay, Donald G., Marion, l98, 220, 249, 27l Hay, Kathleen M., Anamosa, 239 Hayden, John L., Cedar Falls Hayes, Audrey J., Cedar Falls, 39, 2l6 Hayes, James H., Waterloo Haynes, Monte J., Garwin Hays, Carl H., Dallas Center Hays, Mary A., Dallas Center, ll8, 209, 229 230, 27l Hazama, Charles K., Cedar Falls Hazen, Roger D., Washington, 244 Hazlett, James A., Monona Head, Carolyn J., Toledo Healey, John T., Waterloo Healy, Yvonne D. A., Vinton, I34, 205, 237 Heaton, Richard L., Cedar Falls. l67, l68, l70, l7l Hebbeln, Wilbur R., Waterloo Hebner, Delores J., Jetlerson Hebrank, David R., Strawberry Point Hecker, Howard J., Audubon Hedger, Lawrence W., Crawtordsville Heeren, Delores J., Jewell, 2l5 Hetternan, Jean G., lonia Hetlin, Annette M., lowa Falls, 205, 256 Hett, Charlotte Sue, Oakland, 226, 230 Hett, Julianne E., Hancock, 242 Hegarty, John D., Cedar Falls, 272 Heid, Larry D., Dike Heidecker, Irena A., Graettinger Heiden, John H,, Denison, 70, I33. 202, 228 Heiken, Donna J., Gray, 246, 247 Heiken, Jerold C., Gray Heins, Delores J., Victor Heinselman, Donald R., Waterloo Heinselman, James L., Waterloo, l08, ll3. l24, l3I, l33, l99, 200, 227 Heinzeroth, Barbara L., lowa Falls Heithott, Donna M., Reinbeck Heitland, James E., Forest City Held, Lois l., Geneva, II2, I37, I39, 245 Helland, David L., Belmond Helland, Robert J., Cedar Rapids, 209, 2l6, 272 Helvick, Don A., Fenton Hembry, Wanda L., Lamoni, 235, 272 Hemminqsori, Jimmy C., West Union Henak, Richard M., Lahrville, l35 Henderson, Jeanie M., Rolte Hennagir, Richard L., Charles City Henningson, Roger J., Graettinger Henrickson, Dennis R,, Cylinder Henry, Edwin E., Winterset Henry, Gloria J.. Cedar Falls Henryson, Thelma A., Story City Hollis, George H., Hudson, 272 Higa. Kosei, Cedar Falls Hensel, Marcia L., Auburn, I36, 243 Hensley, John R., Liscomb Hensley, Roberl L., Cumberland, ll5, 173 Hensley, William F., Cumberland Henlzelman, Shirley M., Davenporl, 2I7 Henze, Mary V., Cedar Falls Hepperle, Shirley A., Forl Dodge, 2I7, 236 Herbsl, Josephine A., Algona, 33, I34 Herman, Frieda Z., Cedar Falls Hermann, Erwin L., Cedar Falls Hermeier, Gene H., Walerloo Hershberger, James M., Kalona, l53 Hess, James M., Clinlon Hess, Ronald L., Marion Hesse, Arlyn A., Tripoli Heslon, Janel S., Keokulr, l42 Helzer, Marilu, Tiplon, I36, 245 Heuer, Edilh A., Brislow Hewlell, Kay C., Pomeroy Heying, John C., Ionia, 236 Hibbard, John F., Cedar Falls Hiclrey, Shirley A., Sanborn Hickman, Jo A., Sheldon Hiclrs, Fslher E., Des Moines, 2ll Hiclcs, Nancy L., Cherolcee Higby, Dianne R., Keolruk, 108, II6, I42 Higdon, Slanley P., Walerloo Higgins, Ann M., Norlh Henderson, Illinois, I39 Higgins, Mary A., Traer, I37, 2I3, 245 Hilberl, Frances B., Cedar Falls Hilberl, Waller E., Cedar Falls Hildebrandl, Belly A., Tripoli, 239 Hileman, Shirley G., Walerloo Hill, Carolyn l., Manly, I35 Hill, Donald G., Eslherville, 204, 2l9, 272 Hilleman, Janel M., Marshalllown, l2l Hillman, Gail E., Slanley, II6 Hillygus, Janel L, Marshalllown, I36 Hilmer, Beverly J., Walerloo Hilmer, Louise M., Walker Himan, Leland H., Palmer Himes, Roberl T., Liscomb Hinde, Judilh A., Epworlh, 236 Hinds, Shirley J., Norlhwood, 205, 2l3, 228 256 Hinman, Claudia R., Council Blulls, 246, 247 Hinlon, Doris J., Holmes Hiserodl, Donald D., Algona Hile, David C., Vinlon Hix, Margarel A., Slorm Lalce, 25l Hoagland, Norberl J., Orange Cily, I53 Hoare, Helen J., Somers, 237 Hobarl, Marie A., Emmelsburg, 256 Hodges, Doris M., Marble Roclf, 2I7 Hodson, Joan C., Plymoulh, I34, 224, 228, 272 Hoeg, Eloise E., Reinbeclc, 239 Hoeg, Ona C. L., Reinbecl: Hoeg, Randolyn L., Reinbeclc, 239 Hoepner, Virginia M. K., Reinbeclc Hoerman, Vern L., Clarksville Holer, Doris M., Tama, l20, 2l9 Holler, Larry E., Cedar Falls, l8O, I83, I9l, 259, 272 Hollman, Carolyn A., Hudson Hogue, Gary E., Odeboll Hogue, Sandra K., Eldon Hohl, Marlene L., Donnellson Hoing, Willard L., Shell Roclt Hall, Eldon A., Dyersville Holland, Donald L., Roland, l32, l6l, I62, I63, I64, I65, I73, I9l, 248, 259, 272 Holland, Irene M., Dexler Hollander, Carol A., George Holle, James C., Clinlon Holliday, Julia A., Glenwood, 26l Holliday, Paul J., Walerloo, 272 Hollingsworlh, Palsy A., Blairsburg, 239 Holmes Donald K., Cedar Falls Holmes Mary K., Wyoming Holmes Rulhann, Grinnell, 239 Holmes, Suzanne lvl., Cedar Rapids Holmes, William B., Grinnell, 220, 259 Holmes, William L., Boone, 43, I79, 272 Holmslrom, Donald O., Wesl Union Hollan, Larry L., Lalre Mills, l42, 242, 249 Hollapp, Joan K., Slorm Lalre, I36 Holub, Nancy J., Wyoming, 245 Holz, Gwendolyn J., New Hamplon, l42 226, 242 Homan, Ann H., Oxlord Junclion Hurley, Francis P. J., Des Moines Hurley, James C., Evansdale Hurley, William C., Des Moines Hurl, Beverly F., Davenporl, lll, ll2, 239 Hurl, Joyce N., lowa Cily Husmann, Anila P., Clinlon Huss, Gerald L., I34. I35 Hulcheson, Veda M., Murray Hulchinson, Roger L., Marion, l08, I26 Hulchison, Bernard D., Marlensdale Hulzell, Floyd J., Algona, I24, I49 Huyclr, Judilh A., Toledo, I35 lllingsworlh, Roberl N., Newlon, I49 lmmings, Belly J., Aplinglon lnamasu, Helen 5., Kahului, Hawaii, 2l4 lnsko, Joy A., Manson, 245 Irelan, Evelyn J., Bloomlield lrish, Sheila L., Forl Dodge, I99, 245 Irvine, Mary E., Walerloo Irwin, Belly J., Bellevue Isaacson, Donna R., Charles Cily, 55, 56, 250 Isaalr, Oliver F., Tripp, Soulh Dalola, I53, l55, I57, l9l, 253 Homolar, Karen A., Flberon, 2I7 Hoppe. Alice J., Gladbrooli Hoppe, Nancy E., Anamosa, 239 Horn, Dorolhy I., Forl Dodge, ll9, I35, l42. I45, I94, 223, 243 Horn, Janel F., Rowley, 252 Horn, Sally E., Forl Dodge, 66, l4l, I42, I43, l45, I94, 200, 227, 243 Horlon, Michael W., Des Moines, l22, I34, I35 Hoskins, Marlene E., Lone Tree, 245 Hoslcins, Mary 5.. Richland, II2, I35, 2I8 245 Hosleller, Roberl A., Cedar Falls Holz, Judilh A., Forl Dodge Hougen, Howard M., Walerloo, I40 Houlahan, Carolyn M., Walerloo Houslon, Philip F., Muscaline Howe, Mary L., Ames Howell, Alwilda D., J., Walerloo Howell. Mary L., Nashua, 2I8, 272 Howell, Ted A., Washinglon, I37, I49 Howell, Willard J., Columbus Junclion Huclrins, Dorolhy A., Cenler Poinl Hudepohl, Annelle R., Oxlord, 2l8, 243 Hudson, James E., Des Moines Hudson, Virginia A., Walerloo, II3, 205, 260 Hueholl, Laverne H., Ml. Pleasanl, 249 Hullman, Harry D., Spencer Hugen, Leonard P., Bussey Huggins, Wendell R., Bloomlield Hull, Joyce, Carlisle Hullman, Charles W., Weslgale Humble, William D., Walerloo Hummel, Joan E., Des Moines, 24, 226, 260 Humphrey, Fredericlc J., Cedar Falls Humphreys, Dale C., Wyman Hundling, Joyce E., Breda, I35, 205 Hunl, Paula J., Des Moines, I35, I37, I39. lsenharl, Alia J., Davenporl lsenhower, Roberl W., Marshalllciwn lsley, James D., Carlisle llo, Asalco, Hilo, Hawaii J Jackson, Colleen T., II2, l42, l45, 26I Jaclcson, Marilyn J., Waulfee, II6, II7, I36 Jacobi, Eslher B, Walerloo Jacobs, Barbara J., Buckingham Jacobsen, Curlis D.. Cedar Falls, 272 Jacobsen, Jacobsma, lone R., Meriden, 257 Slanley R., Cedar Falls, I26, 272 Jacobson, Delores A., Ames, I36 Jacobson, Mary C., Cedar Falls Jacobson, Phyllis M., Emmelsburg, ll3, IIB 2OI, 2I3, 225.254, 272 Jahnlre, Richard, Muscaline, 2l3 James, Harold H., Ollumwa, I37, l38, I39 James, Slanley R., Mounl Vernon, I35 James, Theresa O, Cenler Junclion James, Wendell E., Manchesler, II4, 259 Jansen, Arlene J.. Blairsburg Jansen, Darlene A., Tama Janssen, Faye B., Goodell, I36, I37, I39 Janssen, Jean I., New Hamplon, 2l9, 244, 245, 272 Janssen, Jerry F., Mason Cily, I37 Janssen, Shirley A., Rodman Jarchow, Ronald D., Oelwein, l09 Jarmes, James G., Poslville Jarvis, Carlene R., Cedar Falls Jarvis, Jeanelle A., Auslin, Minnesola, 2l3 245 Jay, Joanne A., Forl Dodge Jellords, Louise E., Forl Dodge, 2I8, 236. 273 Jenlfins, Janel J., Council Blulls, 206, 235 205, 245 Hunler, Judilh M., Wesl Liberly, 244 Hunlsberger, Margarel, Wellman Jennings, Dixie B., Columbus Junclion, 246 Jennings, Frances E., Tiplon Jensen, Delores D., Honey Creelc, 2l7, 242 Klein. Doroihy M.. Marengo Keller, Mary C.. New Virginia Kloosler, Janice L., Algoria, 247 Jensen , Dennis P.. Sioux C-ry, IOS, IIO. II3 I22. I3I, ISS. 255 Jensen. Jensen, Jensen Jensen Jensen Jesse, Jessen. .Iehar-S Johns, Johns, Johnso Jchnso Johnso Johnson, Glenn B., Elk Horn, 259 James P., Waterloo. 242 . Joyce A., Daylon . Kennerh G., Independence , Kennelh G.. Wesr Union Leland E., La Porte Ciry Lauren A., Walerloo en, Harold D., Coulter. 27? Dennis A.. Zearing, I35 Flizabelh A., Milan, Missouri n. Belly L.. Crawlordsville n. Carol A., Waferloo, l30 n, Coralie C., Readlyn Dale L., Lirlle Cedar, IOS, II4 234, 244, 248. 249. 273 Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson. Diana L., Keoliuli, I42 Donald R.. Chicago, Illinois, 249 Donna J.. Dows Doris M., Dows Eldon M.. Janesville, 244 Emily L.. Piloi Mound, l0P, l20 I2I, I36 Johnson, Johnson, Evelie H.. Cedar Falls Glenn F.. Missouri Valley Jnhnson, Janice D.. Des Moines Johnson, Joan R., Ne.-. Harnplon, 242 Johnson. Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. I 38, I Johnson. Judirh L., Cedar Falls, II3, 260 K. Rochelle, lrvinglon. 236 Linn M., Newron Lois A., Primghar Lucille E.. Greene Malcolm K., New Hamplon Mariorie M., Tripoli Miliron D., Offosen Norma J., Waferloo Richard A., Walerloo Roberl H., Cedar Falls Sieve-n V., Cedar Falls Sylvia M., Cedar Falls, II3, I37 39, 228, 242 Wendell R.. Clarlnsville Jghnslon, Kaihryn A., Horniclr, 205 Jnhr-sion Johnslon Johnsfon Jones, D Jones, D . Mary E.. Janesville . Ray S., Janesville e, James E.. Boone, I26. l53, 273 arrell G., Cedar Falls, 285 revel E., Manly Jones, Gwendolyn l.. Olin Jones, Jerry R., Nashua, I69, l7O, 259 l4fJ, 232, 249 Jones. Joan M., Mason Cily, 273 Joreg, John K., New Albin, ll4. l37, l39 I40. 232, 249 Jones. Linda L.. Wall Lalre. 205 Janes, Marilyn B,, lrlewion, I49 Jmrej, lndarilyn S., Cedar Falls Jones. I-I ancy K., Forl Madison, I32. l3H, 207, 228, 273 Jones. Reber? C., Be-lmond, I32. 220. 273 Jones. Roberl, Cedar Falls Jcneg, Shirley M,, Daylon Jones, Thomas H., Ogden, 244 Jonler, Vera M., Orange Cily, 246 Joni l-Aflflyq lvi., Primghaf, 239 A Jf-nz, Dgnzgl Rh Rfsigluell, 242 Jnanlfo. Merle W., Cedar Falls Jordan, Belly N.. Walerloo Jordan, Virginia A., Linn Grove. 205. 216. 246, 250 Jorgensen. Barbara A., Calamus Jorgensen. James A., New Harflord Jorgensen, John M., Gan-.fin Jugenheimer, Jane? A., Davenporl. 2l5 Juhl. James K.. Cedar Falls Juhler, Arnold P., Marne. 249 Jungersen, Judilh A., Inwood, 242 Jurgensen, James C., Waierloo Jufling, Eldon J., Buffalo Cenler K Kading, Kalhleen Y., Knoxville Kahl, Doris A., Ida Grove. 230 Kahle, Elizabelh A., Mason Ci'ry, 2I4, 273 Kainz. Iola M., Elliader, 223, 236 Kainz. Mariorie J.. Ellnader, lI2, 223, 236 Kindslrom, Jo A. C.. Bricelyn, Minnesofa King. Angie M. Z., Cedar Falls King, Jaclc B., Clinfon, I32, I37, l38, I39. I79. IBI, l83, I9I, 202. 273 King. James W., Clarinda King , JoAnn, Nevada King, John Richard, Waierloo King King King King . Wayne R., Clinfon land, Norma Lt, Foresl Cify solver. Julia A.. Tabor, 2l7 sion, Belly G.. Carroll Kinkade, Margarel F.. Milford Kinneiz, Judilh A., Calmar Kinsella, Palricia A., Des Moines, 236 Kalianov. Nicli R.. Evansdale Kaminga, Shirley K., Cedar Falls Kaneshiro. Hazel R., Honolulu, Hawaii, 240. 255, 273 Kao, Rulh L.. Cedar Falls, 20l Kapier Kapier Kaplan Philip G., Denison, 243 Richard G., Denison, 243 Clarlc, Moorland Karlson, Everell L., Denver 2I4 Kaslcadden, Nancy J., Oelwein Kay. Virginia A., Davenporl, II7, 2I5. 242 Kayser. Larry R., Waferloo Keehn, Jay D.. Grundy Cenler Kegerreis, Sylvia J.. Keolrulr Keilh, Belva E., Walerloo, 2I3 Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, Alvie E.. Cedar Falls, 273 George P.. Ames Richard Y., Des Moines Kellogg, Janann A.. Slrawberry Poinl, II6. l37. I39 Kellogg, Roberl W., Des Moines, 273 Kelly, Parricia L., Davenporl, I37, I39, 236 Kelsey, William G.. Walerloo Kelso, Earnesl L.. Ernmersburg. 243 Kernery, Kennefh K., Burlingion Kemp, Floyd R., Cedar Falls Kemper. Carolyn, Sharon, Pennsylvania, 246, 247 Kemper, Calherine A.. Muscaline, I36, 2l5 Kemper, Gladys B.. Muscaline, I36, 2l5 Kenison. Marqarel C., Flandreau, Soulh Dalrola Kennedy. Janice L., Grand Junclion, 236 Kenny, Roberfa L., Walerloo. 70, l20, I90. 229, 236, 250 Keough. Doroihy A.. Cedar Falls Kerslen, Richard L.. Dysarl Kefch, William C.. Des Moines Kibbie. William L.. Cedar Rapids, 258 Kier, Virginia R.. Tiplon Kies, Leroy T., Walerloo Kies. Mary A., Walerloo Kiger, Elaine. Spencer, 260 Kills. Lavonrie R., Arnolds Parlr, 2I7 Kim. Suk Ho, Seoul, Korea. I42, I43, I44, 258 Kimmel, Judifh F.. Sheldon Kimrey, Donna R., Woodward, 2lB, 244. 245 Kinlzel. Marilyn A., Clarence. 2I7 Kirby, Delores M., Lalce Ciry Kirk, Joan L.. Sioux Falls, Soulh Dakola, I34, 225 Kirliharn, Nancy J., Anila Kirlrpalriclc, Mary A., Cedar Falls Kirlin, Hazel R.. Buclcingham Kiser, Janice A.. Willon Junclion. l35. 235 Kifzman, Belly K., Cedar Falls Klahn, Belhel E., Whearland Klalf, Sheryl A., Slale Cenler Klaver. Helen M., Kamrar, 224, 246, 247, 273 Klein, Doris J., New Virginia Klein, Phyllis W.. Burlinglon. l35. l38, 207, 228. 244, 25l Klemulc, Daniel R., Cedar Falls. 244 Kleppe, Bille K., Evansdale Kleymann, Jerry A.. Marfensdale Kline, Barbara J., Malvern, 204,273 Kling, Eslher L., Newlon, l4O, 232, 242 Klinlr, Rose L., Ellrpod, 239 Klisarf, Joel H., Ossian Knesel, Dale R., Walerloo. 203, 208. 223. 273 Knobloch, Adolph L., Alvord Knoclc. Roberl' D.. Marengo, IS3 Knorr, Mary M.. Boxhalm, 242 Knufson, Karen K., Jewell Koch, Franlclin W., Tripoli. 202 Koch, Gordon C.. Hudson Koch, Janef L., Clinron, I37 Koch, Marian V,, Hudson, 274 Koch, Paul O., Preslon Kochel, Marcella J.. Council Bluffs. 232 Koclr. Don C.. Rockford Koerberle, Annelie J., Sumner Koeloed. Callefa P.. Cedar Falls Koenig, Fredericlr E.. Elysian. Minnesola, I67 Koesller. Dale A., Cedar Falls Kofron, Philip R., Cedar Falls Kohlhof, Lea D., Anrhon, l42 Kol-ils. Jo Anne R., Slrawberry Poinl, 25. I34. I37, l39. 207, 228, 244 Kole, Marius L.. Cedar Falls Kollrer, Janice L., Gullenberg Kolsrud. Don H., Kewanee, Illinois. II4, l53. l8O, I8I, I9I. 253 Konarslra. Charles R., Gulhrie Cenrer Kool, Joyce D., Sanborn Koolbeclc, Richard R., Garner Koos. David E.. Shelby. 242 Kopecky, Norman W., Clufier Korns, Kalhryn J.. l-larfwiclc. II6, 239 r i I I I i l 'i iu . 7 Lane. Korver, Margarel L.. Cedar Falls Koslcovick, Dennis E., Des Moines Kough, Max A., Walerloo Krall, Adrian R., Maplelon, 137 Kragenbrinlc, Joanne L., Earlville, 205, 242 Krambeer, Joyce C., Luana, 205, 246, 247 Krambeer, Rila M., Luana, 246, 247 Kramer, Donald H., Allison, 242, 249 Krampe, Darlene D.. Baxler Krapelc, Mary A., Osage. 239 Krause, Janel' M., Spencer Krava, Jacqueline M., Le Claire, 218 Krebs, Cheryl A., Colfax, 237 Lampe, Delores M., Palmer, 236 Lamprechl, Sallie J., Dysarl Lanaghan, Richard C., Clinlon, 153, 157, 173, 191. 274 Landfair, Roberl' G., De Will Landgrai, Marilyn K., Odeboll, 137, 139 Landhuis, Lesler V., Sheldon Landman, Kalhleen J., Keolrulr, 118, 199, 210 218, 274 Lane, Gayle M., Manchesler Lane, Jesse M., Eddyville Lane, Mary A., Onawa. 135, 237 Mayrose, Waverly, 111, 113, 134, 222 Leirh, L. Jean, Manson, 239 Leiling, Mary L., Maple River, 112, 236, 250 Lemlce, Roberl E., Dows, 223, 242 Lenharf, Joan L., Tama Lennie, Jim X., Albia Lenlz, Doneile C., Marshalliown, 132, 135, 201, 207, 275 Leonard, Carolyn J., Minqo, 136 Leonard, Rifa C., Solon, 236 Lesch, Ann E., Forl Madison, 239 Lessin, C. Larry, Davenport Lessman, Wallace B.. Walerloo Lesfer, Arlene E., Goldlield, 242 Krebs, Donald L.. Colfax, 274 Krefl, Janel' R., Yelfer, 146, 217, 228, 243, 254 Kremer, Donald K., Burlinglon, 201, 213,274 224, 245, 274 Lane, Michael J., Walerloo Lane, William E., Cedar Falls Lang, Roberl' P., Chicago, lllinois, 115, 179, Lellow, Lois R., Alden, 243 Lerz, Carl R., Winlersel Levene, Marilyn R., Pocahonias, 245 Lewis, Eugene C., McCal1sburg Krieger, Judilh A., New Hamplon, 112, 236, 274 Kriens, Richard D., Belmond, 200, 227 Kris1'ensen,AlTred D., Hudson, 258, 274 Krilzman, Lois A., Oilumwa, 226 Kroeger, Edna B., Belmond Kroemer, Elaine L.. Lowden, 243 Kruliow, Diane S., De Will, 135 Krumm. Larry D., Grinnell, 108, 109, 113, 122, 131, 179, 259 Kruse, Elinore R., Grundy Cenler Kruse, Leon E., Tiplon Kubili, Rudy R., Clufier Kubuli, Tony L., Clurier Kuch, Leland E., Van Horne, 113, 124, 173 Kuchenreulher, Karen K., Algona, 116, 136 Kuensilling, Alberla 1-'l,, Walerloo Kuhens, Galen E., Harpers Ferry, 274 Kuhn, Margaret M. A., Calmar, 236 Kulper, Roberl' A.. Colesburg Kummer, Donna L., Sou1hAmana. 243 Kunerl, Janice A,, Hurnboldl, 205, 217, 243 Kunlile, Paul H., Charles Cily Kunz. Pafricia J., Emmelsburg, 236 Kussalz. La Rae J., Osage Kyle, Barbara J., Greene, 135, 217 Kyle. Donald D., Walerloo Kynell, Margarei C., Clinlon, 137, 226 L Ladehoil, Leila W., Sfoclclon Ladehohl, Sandra S., Davenporl, 120, 205, 253 Lange, Helen M., Sulherland Lange, Nancy L., Decorah, 112, 135,239,257 Lange, Shirley A., Winfhrop Lanqholz, Mariean A., Calumel Lannigan, Carol J., Marshallfown Lapel, Carol A., Denison, 219, 261 Larringlon, B., Jean, Charilon Larsen , Eslher B., Cedar Falls Larsen, Rila L., Cedar Falls, 31, 245 Larsen, Volney L., Walerloo Larson, Beverly A., Clear La1e,226 Larson, Chesfer L., Walerloo Larson, Donald J.. Alden, 243 Larson, Leo R., Waferloo Larson, Mary L., Knoxville Larson, Richard C.. Mason Ci1y,253.274 Larson, Roger F., Foresl Cily Larson Lasale , Sylvia J., Elgin r, Ada M., Sigourney Laslcowslri, Dixie L.,Shehl1e1d, 112,235,256 Lassen, Jo Ann, Springville Lalch, Lalhro Myrna L., Spencer, 239, 256 p, Roberf D., Monroe Lauier, Karl A,, Gladbrook Laughery, Kalharine N., Gulhrie Cenler Laughl in, Donald L., V1!a1erloo Laughlin, Mary E., Balavia, 246, 247 La uler Law, L Lawles bach. James L., Walerloo loyd J., Gideon, Missouri s, Donald J., Maclcsburg, 235. 241 Lawman, Karen R., Laurens Lewis, L. Guy, Cedar Falls, 146, 147 Lewis, Richard M., Sabula Lieb, Richard D., Pocahonlas, 258, 275 Liebsch, Hope B., Perry, 241 Lighf. Doris E., Lisbon, 112,218,244 Liliegrerl, David E., Dayion, 113, 131, 134, 202, 258, 275 Lilly, Joyce A., Ames Lind, Harry L.. Cedar Falla, 249 Lind, Kennelh E., Cedar Falls, 113,249 Lindaman, Rulh l.,Ac1r1ey, 112, 135 Lindblom, John P., Waulcon Linden, Donna L., Kiron, 250 Linder, Janice A., Oelwein Linderbaum, Darlene A., Cresco, 215 Lindlieli, Mary A., Slorm Lalre, 226, 246, 247 Lindner, Jaclc B., Walerloo Lindsey, Charles F., Cedar Falls Lindslrom, Diane, 1-lumboldl, 61, 67 Lindslrom, Franlclin F., 1-lumboldl Lingo, Doris E., Marengo, 242, 251 Linlr, Nona L., Arrnslrong Linn, Harry L., Gilmore Cily Linn, Sharon F., Cedar Falls Lipperf, Richard J., Warerloo Loclcwood, Theodore R., Pomeroy Loilus, Carol A., Forl Dodge, 55, 57 Lollus, Jeannine M., Fori Dodge, 226, 260 Logan,Jac1son L.. Cedar Falls, 198, 220, 275 Logan, James E., Cedar Falls Logan, Sharon G., Cedar Falls Lohmeyer, Darlene L., Walerloo, 242 227, 246, 247, 257 Lage, Gloria J., Gladbrooli Lahrnann, Kalherine K., Denver Lahma Laing, nn, Maxine J., Denver Mary B., Cedar Falls Laipple, George R., Faullrner, 249 Lalre, Pally l., Manly, 118,217,218 Lalrin. Roberr F., Des Moines, 149, 248, 258 Lamanslcy, Marlha E., Pleasanl Plain, 274 Lamb, Elizabelh L., Des Moines, 217 Lamb, Ellen L., Chelsea Lamb, G. A., Janesville Lamb, M. Linda, Cedar Falls, 137, 138, 139 Lamb, Roberl L., Eldora, 244 Lamb, Sharon L., Cedar Rapids Lamb, Shirley L., Marshalllown, 214,222,274 Lammerl, Duane H., Cedar Falls Lamoureux, Clarence E., Des Moines, 110, 223, 234. 240 Laws, Dixie F., Maralhon Lawson, Jean C., Marion, 111, 120,239,257 Leary, Roger D., Jesup, 114, 131, 179, 191, 274 LeBrun, Elaine A., Ceylon, Minnesola, 217 236 Ledesma, Jose B., Dao Anlique, Philippine lslands Lee, William D., Sform Lalxe, 248, 253. 274 Leeper, Terry L., Washingfon Leerhoiil, Rulh E., Cedar Falls. 274 Leer, Richard E., Waferloo, 129, 146, 147 Lehman, Marlene M., Brandon, 120, 215, 217, 228 Lehnus, Gwendolyn M., Rolle, 66. 142, 143, 144, 205, 246, 247 Lehr, William A., Lisbon, 199, 275 Lehrer, Mary J., Sfillwaler Minnesofa, 118. 132. 194, 203, 208, 211, 222, 261, 275 Lohr, Ronald M., Corona, Soulh Daliola Loisell, Nancy J., Des Moines Long, Gerald D., Lehigh Longman, Janice K., Lyllon Loning, Philip E., Waulcon, 113, 114, 131, 259 Loomis, Donald J., Des Moines Loose, Charlolle L., Waulree, 117, 136, 237 Love, Alvina M., Lansing Lowe, Marlene, Toledo Lowell, Barbara J., Fairfield, 63, 112, 134, 137, 228, 257 Lowman, Donald E., Laurens, 134, 135, 202, 237, 249 Lowman, Marilyn J., Algona, 112, 190, 230. 233, 256 Lowry, Eugene E., Callender Lowry, Helen J., Mingo Lowry, Melvin D., Callender Loynachan, Doris L., Pleasanlyille 311 Lubbs, Eugene K.. Cedar Falls Lubbs, Norma J. B.. Walerloo Lucas. Barbara A., Harlan. 65, 66, II3, I46. l9O, I96. 2l6, 229. 230. 233. 248, 256 Lucli, Marian L.. New Harllord Lueclc, Suzanne R., Clinlon, 226 Lulliin, Palricia A.. Cylinder, 2l7, 244 Luhrs, James E., Gaza, 239 Luilien. Harris D., Sleamboal Rock Luleharl, Bill S., Cedar Falls Lumley, Darwyn H., Aplinglon Lundbecli, Anna M., Royal Lundqren, Janis K., Olho. I36, 239 Lundquisl, James E.. Cedar Falls, I26. I79, IS2. 275 Lundy, Tom S.. Des Moines Lulher, Sharon R., Wesl Des Moines Luilord. Delores M.. Coon Rapids Lynes. Richard R., Walerloo, 258 Lynlx, Carrol J.. Vinlon Lyons. Allan F., Sl. Anlhony, 275 M MacAlIisler, Richard, Clinlon Mace, David E.. Walerloo Machovelr, Phyllis L., Cedar Rapids Maclen, Mariorie L., Readlyn MacLoed, Emily J., Greene Mac Neill, Eslher W., Cedar Falls Madden, Jerry D., Knoxville. Tennessee Madison, Agnes L., Madrid, 236 Madouras, John P., Mason Cily Madsen, Donna L., Laurens, 2I9, 25l Madson, Carol L.. Roclilord, Illinois Madson. Grace E.. Brill, l2O. I37. I39, I46, 205. 246, 26l Magee, Raleigh R., Dunlcerlon Magee, Ronald D., Evansdale Magrane. Jerry E., Ollumwa Maher, William L.. Cedar Falls Mahon. Rulh M.. Cedar Falls Maire, Rose L.. Monlicello, I34, 228 Mairs, Ardilh A., Gilman Malcomson. Clarlc A., LeRoy, Minnesola, 275 Mallas. Jay L., Cedar Falls Marnminga, Mary L., Grundy Cenler. I37, l33, I39. 246, 247 Manbecl, Phillip D., Walerloo Mandernach, Charles G., Odeboll, I37. I39, 202 Mangold, Gloria D., Ryan, 2l5. 239 Manley, Jayne K., Nevada Manley, Jean l.. Colo Manley, Richard J., Walerloo Marinenz. Connie J.. Manly I-Aanos. Franli S.. Cedar Falls Manuel, Lois E.. Lale View Marcelluz, Marilyn M., Humboldl, I20, I36. 2l5, 242 Marcuszen, Richard L.. Cedar Falls Marcuasan, Roberl L.. Cedar Falls Maricle. Eugene A.. Walerloo Marinic, James, Mason Cily MarGI:i Ralph L., Monlicello Marsh, James W., Kellogg Marsh, Levi: W.. Kellogg, I67 Marsh, Marlha L., Sioux Rapids, Ill, II9. 226. 229, 230, 233. 275, Marsh, Palsy J.. Greene Marlin, Belly J., Tiplon, II3, 205, 2l7 Marlin, Mary L.. Tiplon, I2O, 245 Marlin, Palricia A., Monlezuma Marlinez, Rulh B., Granlsburg. Wisconsin Marlinson, Shirley K., Clarion, 237 Masden. Georgia E., Cambridge, I36. I37. I39, 245 Maslce, Sally J., Oxlord Mason. Delores I., Ollumwa, I37. l39, 246. 247, 25l Mason, Sandra R.. Ames, I36 Massey, Donald L., Muscaline Masleller, Edwin C.. Independence, I7O Maslers. Paula C., Walerloo Malern. Lavonne E., Maservey. 2l8, 236 Malsui, Rulh E., Lanai Cily. Hawaii, 2I8. 275 Malylr, Elaine C.. Solon Malzen, Eileen K., Riceville Maulson, Jacqueline J., Manchesler, 55. 58 Maupin, Kennelh E.. Roclclord, 220, 275 Maxwell, Palricia J., Toledo, 233 May, Wendell L., Cincinnalli Mayhew. Elaine A, Mounl Auburn Maynard. Frederick, I-I.. Cedar Falls Maynard, Jerry A., Maquolnela Mayo. Delores A., Grinnell McAvoy, Gary P., Walnul, I79, 234, 246, 253 McBride, Frances L., Independence McBroom. Deanna R., Cedar Falls McBroom, Palricia I., Kellogg McBurney, Margarel L., Humboldl, I34, 228 McCaIley, David V., Marion, 249. 275 McCarlney, Sally A., Boone, I33. 24l. 275 McCarviIle, Charles L., Cresco McCauley, Gerald L., Wesl Union McCauley, Harry D., Van Meler McCauley, Marilyn J., Monroe McCauslland, Earl J.. Lime Springs McClain, Donald H., Walerloo McClain, Ronald D.. Walerloo McCleary, Clarlc B., Davenporl, I24, I6I. l62, I63, I65, 259 McClellan, Keilh. Tipfon, I9O McClellan, Rosalyn K., Clarence McClinlic. Jacli W., Des Moines McClure, Mary E., Roclrwell Cily, I34, 228 McClure, Palricia A., Tama McClure. Sally A., Des Moines, I37. 226 McConnell, Dorolhy A., Prole McConnell, Sandra D., Washinglon Moore, Ruth H., Cedar Falls McCracken. Fred B., Des Moines McCrealh, Dorolhy A., Hamillon, Illinois, l35, 246, 247 McCreedy, Sharon R., Walerloo McCreery, Richard D., Gladbrooli McCullough, Shirley A.. Oxford MCCurdy, Frieda B., Walerloo McDaniel, Freddie L.. Walerloo McDaniel, Kalhryn L., Walerloo, 2l8 McDermoll, Willeen E.. Sioux Falls, Soulh Dalrola. 240 McDonald. Elizabelh L. Delmar, I36 McDonald, Rulh L., Jewell McDonald. Teressa M., De Solo. 244 McDowell, Claude W., Walerloo McEachran, Norma J.. Mason Cily, II2, 204, 2l9, 242, 256, 275 McGee. Sharon A., Manchesler, II6 McGill, Joyce A.. Grand View, 235 McGovern, Bernadelle. Independence, 236 McGovern, Colleen H., Grundy Cenler, 236 McGranahan, Ramona M., Sanborn McGrane, Linlred C.. Walerloo McGreevey, Mary L.. Lawler, II7, I36, l42, 236 McGrew, Jay E., Cedar Falls McGullin. Neal L., Cedar Rapids, I67, 244. 258 Mclnlire, Roberl N., Kenl, 5l, II3, I22, I3l, 276 McKee, John H., Walerloo McKenzie, Raymond E., Creslon, l53, IS4, l57. 258 McKinley, Donald D., Charilon McLain, Beverly M., Deep River, 245 McLaughlin, Marlha H.. Mediapolis McLennan, Joyce, II6, 2l5 McLuen, Wilma L., Sluarl, 66, I33, I42, I43, I9O, I94, 2I9, 244, 245, 276 McMullen, Jaclr D., Burl. 276 McNeilus, Marlene G., Marble Roclc McNill, James W.. Cedar Falls McQuigg, Rulh A., Schaller, II2, I35, 205 McRoberls. Jerry W., Cedar Falls McSweeney, Kay M.. Riceville, 236 McVey, Earl J., Walerloo McWhorler, Thomas M., Walerloo Means, Vera M., Callender, 2l7. 235 Meehan, Kalhleen M., Madrid, 244, 245 Meelcer, Elizabelh A., Walerloo, 2l8 Meerdinlc, Lorna M., Rocl: Valley. 205 Meier, Joanne C., Garnavillo Meinders, Thomas R.. Cedar Falls, 244 Meinhard, Donna J.. Elgin, I38 Melles, Carol J.. Orange Cily Melles, Janice L., Cedar Falls Melles, Warren H.. Paullina Melrose. Nancy M., Charles Cily, I35, 239 Mendon, Gary C.. Cedar Falls Menlzer. James R., Cedar Rapids, 259 Merry. Ardilh E., Cedar Falls, II3, 244. 245 Messer, John E., Walerloo. 259 Messerly, Roger R., Buclcingham Meslad, Geneil C., Walerloo Meyer, Donald T., Pelerson. I33. 220, 239, 249, 276 Meyer, Joan E.. Oelwein, I39, 245 Meyer Jo Ann R., Parkersburg, I37. 2I3. 239 Meyer. Lorraine E., Garner Meyer, Margarel A., Waverly, 230, 26l Meyer. Palricia A., Aclcley, 239 Meyer, Sherry K., Cedar Falls Meyers. Eldon H., lonia, 242 Meyers, Gordon R., LeRoy. Minnesola Michael, Alberl C., Walerloo Michael, Richard C.. Bassell Miclc. Harold W., Slory Cily Miclcelson. Don P., Duncombe. 2l9, 22l, 222. 223, 244. 248, 258, 276 Middlelon, Lorella L., Belolendorl, 39, 52, III, II2, I4I, I42, I43, l45. I94, I96, ZI6, 238, 252 Midland. Dale L., Eagle Grove Milcesh, Marvin J., Decorah, l53, 253 Miles, Monre L., Janesville Miles, Sfanley D., Clear Lalce, l98, 220, 276 Milius, I4-4, 226, 243 Miller, Carl D., Sioux Rapids, l26 Kalhryn E., Des Moines, l42, I43 Miller, Deidre K., Washinglon Miller, Jack L., Burlinglon Moore, Norman L., Dallas, 276 Moorehead, Gerald W., Cedar Falls Moraverz, Annerre E., Ogden, I36, 242 Mordan, Charles R., Pocahonlas Morey, Donna C., Moniicello, 226 Moriirr, Glenda K., Sanborn, I35, 256 Moriord, Mary J., Davenporr, 246, 247 Morgan, Marvin C., Denver Nelson, Harold G., Independence Nelson, John L., Marshallrown, 277 Nelson, Marilyn M., Panora, 242 Nelson, Maryberh A., Cedar Falls, I38, I39, 245 Nelson, Shirley J., Fori Dodge, l35, 228, 242 Nesmifh, Lois J., Shenandoah Nesviln, James L., Wear Union Miller, Nichols, Charlolre A,, Marshalliown Miller, Jacquelyn N., Wioia, 205, 25I Miller, James A., Warerloo Miller, Jenese C., Rodman Miller, John R., Cedar Falls, I34, l35 Miller, Judiih l., Grundy Cenier, 226 Miller, Lucille J., Clarion, 229, 230, 233, 276 Miller, Marilyn A., Redfield Miller, Melva M., Manchesrer Miller, Mera K., Srorm Lake Miller, Regina A., Marne, 2l9, 229, 250 Roberr E., Olrumwa Morgan, Mary A., Hawarden, 236 Morilca 276 Morlral wa, Esrher T., Waimea Kauai, Hawaii ,Janel V., Cedar Falls Morlan, Linda A., Plano Kaihleen A., Marshalliown, ll3, 2l3 Morris. 277 Morris, Maxine J., Elma Morris, Roberf C., Cedar Falls Morrison, Charloire V., lndianola Morrimer, Don L., Cedar Falls, l67, I70, Moiiirr, Theodore E., New Harrlord, 203, 248, 260, 277 Miller, Roger H., Vinlon Mindemann, Mariorie M., Ames, 239 Miichell, Burron K.. Allison Mirchell, James L., Grundy Cenler, I73, 276 Mirchell, Josephine S., Reinbeclr Miichell, Kalherine O., Buclcingharn Mirchell, Lois R., New Providence, I34 Mifchell, Marlys M., Monona Milchell, Mildred K. C., Buclringham Mirchell, Nancy A., Charles Ciry Miichell, Richard J., Grundy Cenrer Milfs, Jon W., Lalce Parlc, I26 Milfs, Richard A., Lalce Parlr, 276 Mixdori, Gordon F., Shell Roclr, 244 Miyabuchi, Jean R., Puunene, Hawaii, 276 Miyasalci, Lorraine Y., Honolulu. Hawaii Moehlis, Ronald D., Walerloo Moehn, Mariorie J., Danville Moeller, John C., Perry Moeller, Marilyn l., Palmer, 204, 2l9 Moeller, Nancy E., Eldridge 208, 223, 276 Mohlenlramp, Phyllis J., Melvin, 242 Mohni, Judiih C., Everly, I46, 2I7, 239 Mohr, Alyse L., Terril, 245, 255 Mohrer, Mary J., Pererson Moldr, Sheryl A., Lime Springs, I37, I39 245 l7l Moser, Roger C., Greene Moss, Frances B., Cedar Falls Mowrer, Gladys S., Boone Muehleihaler, Beverly, Elgin, I36, 235 Muench, Marva J., Ogden Muhlenbruclr, Gary L., Larimer Muilenburg, Everlye M., Orange Cily, 277 Muleai, Allison Y., Maui, Hawaii, ll2, I33, I42, I43, l94, I96, I99, 240 Mulder, Molly J., Alron Mullen, Mary M., Des Moines, 230, 233, 277 Muller, Gloria B., Aplingfon Mullins, Darl V., Chariron Munday, Leo A., Leon, I97, 203, 205, 22I 223, 232, 277 Mundi, Margarei F., lda Grove, I20, 226 256 Muroia, Carherine C., Hilo, Hawaii Murphy, Carol A., Newell Murphy, Thomas E., Daveriporl, I67 Murray, Charmaine E., Warerloo, 277 Murray, Margaref A.. Buiialo Cenrer Muse, David C., Cedar Falls Murum, Janis J., Walnui Myer, Bonnie J., Reinbecl Myers, Joe R., Walerloo Myers, Joseph M., Cedar Fells, Il0, l28. 259 Myers, Margarei A., Galesburg, illinois, 2I4, Nelilelon, Mary A., Greene, 236 Neumann, Carl H., Hamplon Neve, Elsie A., Vinron Nevenhoven, Merle J., Aplinglon Nevenhoven, Norman J., Davenpori, 239, 259 Newgard, Marlene J., Manly Newman, Glee l., Fonda Newion, John G., Des Moines. 2I2, 227 Ney, John F., Waierloo Nichols. Kennerh M., Cedar Falls, I6l, I63 I64, I9I Nichols, Liane C., Cedar Falls, 2I, 7l, 209, 2l6, 277 Nichols, Merlin E., Cedar Falls Nichols, Rawmond C., Cedar Falls, l6l Nicholson, Darlene D., Manly Niclrlaus, Delberl A., Parlerslourg, l6l, l62, I63, l64, l65, I9l,.259 Niederr, Richard H., Cedar Falls Niehaus, Jean F., Mouni Vernon Nielsen, Jack G., Cedar Falls, 277 Nielsen, John L., Cedar Falls, 45. l33, I39, 277 Nielsen, Joyce M., Presion, 2l9 Nielsen, Shirley A., Moneia Nielsen, William P., La Porre Ciiy, IB3, l9l Niibu, Carolyn S., Lanai Ciiy, Hawaii, I20, l2l Nilles, Clarine E., Gilmore Ciry, 236 Nilphayagh, Vao, Ayuihya, Thailand Nimmo, Harry A., Monroe, I47 Nishimori, Gerald T., Waimea Kauai, Hawaii Nissen, Dorolhy K., Hamlin, 242 Nissen, George F., Oelwein Nissen, Raymond L., Oelwein, l6l, I63, I64 l9l Noble, Curris C., Riceville, I34, l35, I37 I39, 202 Nolle, Annmarie T, Ailaniic, 205, 226, 23l Marion C., Madrid, Nebraska Molloy, Mary E., Independence, 236 Molsberry, Ann E., Plymoulh, 236 Myhre, Myler. Sandra D., Cedar Rapids, 25l, 277 Monlrs, William W., Ellrader, 206, 276 Monson, Kalhryn E., Foresf Ciiy Moody, Donald C., Vinlon, IO9, ll0, ll3 Nadler, George W., Waferloo I22. Moon. l3l, 259 Donald K., Charles Cify Moon, Elinor, Hilo. Hawaii Moon, Jerrold B., Davenporl Moon, Roberi' G., New Providence Moon, Sharon L., Monona, I37, I39 Mooney, James A., Waverly Moore Barbara J., Mason Cily, I36 Moore Carol J., Glidden, l35. 205 Moore Elizabeih E.. Waferloo Moore Marcia L., Ames, 250 Moore, Margie A., Graeliinger, 2l0, 246, Moore Sally L., Glidden, l35, 205, 245 276 Nagel, Barbara K., Cedar Rapids, 233, 246. 247, 257 Nairn, Mary A., Maquoluera, 23l Narigon, Elinor G., Nodaway Naser, James E., Briir Nauss. Lee A., Esrherville Navin, Joseph G., Melrose Naylor, Roger A., Cedar Falls, l38 Neal Wayne L., Cedar Falls Nealey, Charles R., Wesf Burlinglon, 277 Neessen, Jim R., Warerloo, l53 Neff, Carolyn M., Williams, 2I7 Neii, J ames H., Cedar Falls Nellisr, Glenn F., Rowley Noliing, Wendell L., Walerloo Noneman, Charles H., Holslein Nord, Karen E., Huxley Nordly, Judiih A., Cedar Falls, l30, 206 250 Norenberg, Slanley L., Keoia, I53, I79, I8I I9I Norman, Jo Anne K., Riceville, 243 Norman, Kennerh J., Eldora Norrh, George F., Charles City Norrhrup, Vera L. B., Cedar Falls, 277 Norion, Evelyn K., Newion Norvell, Mary N., Cedar Falls, I42, 2l6, 260 Novalc, Collerre H., Tama, 236 Novoiny, Charles J., Lyons, Illinois, I34, I53, I9I, 277 Nurring, Darlys J., Spencer, 239, 250 Nymann, DeWayne S., Cedar Falls, l28, 200, 227 O OiBf:ldOYlCll. Mary L., Council Bluffs, 235 O'Brien, Anne, Algona, IOS. I20, I42, 226, 236 O'Connor, Nancy J., Chicago, Illinois Odell. Laverne O., Maynard. 242 Oelberq. Marolyn K.. Cedar Falls Ogden, Vern B., Odeboll. ll3, I3l. l6I, l63, 253 Ogle, Marilana. Wadena Oqreri, Frances R., Kiron Ol-lare. Alice A,, Ackley, 236 Ohlson, Sandra R., Spirir Lake Ohm, Jerry C.. Sefrendori, I35 Parker Parker. ,Arlene J,, Liscomb, l34, 228 Helen V., Charles Cily Parker, Judifh A., Anifa Parker Loren G., Winfersel Parker Roberla A., Liscomb Parkes Edward R., Waterloo Okumoro. Mildred H.. Hanapepe, Hawaii 2l4 Olds. Mariory W., Walerloo Oleson, James L.. Fori Dodge. Olinoer, Belly J., Cedar Falls 59, II3, 205, 254 2I9. 259 . 44, 45, 55. Parkinson, Janice M., Schaller, ll2. 25l Parkinson, Pafricia D., Massena, 236 Parks. Barbara J., Allison, l35 Parks, Beafrice M., Ofiumwa. 26l Parman, Sondra S.. Cedar Falls Parry. Lesier E., Lime Springs, 206 Parsons, Barbara L.. Keola, I34, 205, 244 Parlridge, Richard M.. Marshalliown, 278 Pasioriza, Rafael D., Cebu, Philippines Palree. Janer R.. Cedar Rapids. 49, I39. 195, 223, 234 Pallen. Dean L., Oskaloosa Pallerson, Hugh W., Ware-rloo Palferson, Margaret A,, Ames Pallison. Isabel B., New Harllord Paifon, Edna Y., Marble Rock, I36 Pallon, Jacqueline D,, Harnplon Paul, Darlene K.. Odeboli. I37, I39 Paulsen, Duane R., C-alva, II3, l24, 222. 225 243, 278 Paulsen. Larry J., Scolch Grove, 278 Paulson, Jerry W., Cedar Falls Paulson, Judilh J,, Clermonl. 205, 2l7, 242 Paulson, Vance K., Foresl Cily Paulus, Susan A., Iowa Ciiy, l37, l38, I39. 205, 245 Paup. Mary G., Cedar Falls. 20I Pelersen Perersen Joyce W., Dike Marylin K., Wesl Liberly Perersen, Phyllis l., New Liberly, 242 Pelerson, Linda J., Blalresburg, I36 Pelerson, Nancy M., McGregor. 261 Pelerson, Richard L., Dunlap Peierson, Roberl D., Cedar Falls Pleiil, Theodore H., Burlinqron, 244 Phelps, Jack L., Vinfon Phillips, Dixie L., Hubbard, I42 Phillips, Richard A., Cedar Falls Phillips, Roberl L.. Oskaloosa Pichi, Merle D., Cedar Falls, 209 Pickelr, Pele R., Ruihven, 34, IOB, ll 4. I33. Oliver, Laverne L., Walerloiw Olsberq, Vonnie R., Curlew Olsen. Donald C.. Des Moines, 253. 277 Olsen, Josephine P., Ware-rlno. 278 Olsen, Lois C.. Walerloo Olson. Donald J., Waierloo Olson. Frances M., Cedar Falls Olson, Gary W., Spencer Olson, Joan E., Dike Olson, Loren M., Radcliffe. 259 Olson, Richard M., Clinron, 259 Olson, Wanda N., McCaIlsburg, 246, 247 O'Neill, Carole R., Cedar Falls. 229, 25l, 257, 278 Onurnura, Gerrrude l,. Honokaa. Hawaii. I42 Opheim, E. Wayne. Bode O'Rourke, James P., Marshalllown O'R0urke, Joseph L., Cedar Falls Orfner, Richard J.. Auburn, II3, l24, l3l, 227, 236 Orum. Eleanor M., Chesler, 2l7 Orvis, Shirley J., Monona, 245 Osborn, Aileen M., Newlon, l35 Osborne, Glenn I., Omaha, Nebraska Oshiro, Judilh S.. Makawao Maui, Hawaii, 239 Oslerberqer. Kafhryn R., Malcom Owiood, Lyle D., Hansell, 244 O'Toole, Marie H.. Lells, 236 Ollo. Janice M,. Aurelia O-femen, Janei R., Poslyille, 246. 247 Overrrin, Sianley R., Gladbrook Offara. James M., Honolulu, Hawaii Owen, Janel L., Keokuk, I42- Ouens, Marqy F., Columbus Junclion, I34, 246 Owens, William W., Des Moines Oyaka-fra, Almira A., Kaumakani, Hawaii 2I4 P Pahre, Keirh H., Newfon, l6l, I63 Palmer, Jeanne J., Mason Cily, 254 Palmer, Wava l.. Mr. Vernon. 245 Panhorsr, Marcella R., Meriden Paooadackiz, lConelanfi,SiOrrv1 Lake. 223 Pardee. Joyce L., Hamlin, 236 Paxson, Roberra B., Richland, l38, 228, 245 Peacock, Dennis W., Des Moines Peacock, Nancy J., Shellsburg, 205. 2I7, 235 Pearson, Ellen M., Williamson, 230. 257 Pearson. Phyllis J.. Alberi Ciiy Pearson , Thomas E., Hudson Peck, Jeannine A,, Walerloo, l36, 246, 247 Pedelly, Harriel L., Nora Springs, lI2, 204 2l9. 278 Pedersen, Charles J., Moorhead. 278 Peirce, Palricia P., Des Moines, 60 Pellell. Eloise A., Arlanfic, 205, 244 Pernber, Mavis S.. Rock Valley Pemble, Paul A., Scranion Pennock, Carolyn E., Davenporl, 246, 247 Perry, Neal W., Cedar Falls Pershall, Eunice J., Baxler, I46 Peler. Marian M,. Lime Springs, II3, l95 226, 256 Pelers, Arlan E., Plainfield, 244 Pelers, Bonira J,, Persia Pelers, Eldon N., Parkersburg Pefers, Georgena E., New Hampfon. I36, 242 Pelers. Roberl J.. Ames, 2l2, 22l, 237, 239 Pefersen, Aileen P., Willrsn Junciion, I34 228, 278 Pefersen, Belly J,, Charilon, ll6 Pelersen, Dale F., Cedar Falls Pelersen, Dale O., Cedar Falls. 24l Pelersen, Dorfhy E., Goldiield, 20l, 2l3. 235 278 Pefersen, Elna M.. Ogden Petersen, James L.. Janesville Pelersen, John N.. Rulhven, l35, 244 l4I, 203, 208, 244. 259, 278 Pierce, Alice F., Cedar Falls, 2l8, 250 Pierce. Sherris R., Sheldon Pierson. David W., Cedar Falls. 240 Pinch, Charles R.. Waverly, I67, l7O Pink, John S,, New Harnplon, I37, I39, 242 Piper, Jan, Ames, 250 Pippilf, Marian G., Lillle Sioux, II3, 2I4 237, 278 Pills, Marlys E., Alla, I36, 236 Plambeck, Frank T., Davenporl, l38, I42, l47, I48, 202. 253, 285 Plani. Roy L., Walerloo Plalner, Sandra K., Anarnosa, 239 Plalle, Janei M,, Waverly, lO8, Ill, I20 205, 243 Plegqenkuhle, lda M., Hawkeye, 242 Plonsky, John F., Mason Cily, l26, 278 Ploog, Mary A., Cedar Falls, 234 Plummer, Adelle L., Davenporf Plummer, Joan A., Le Mars, l35, 228 Poage, Pairicia L., Cedar Falls Polansky, Richard A., Cedar Rapids, 234 243, 249 Polka. Dwayne G.. Tama Pollock, Virginia B., Springville, I20, I46, I47 ll-74, 205, 2l6, 235 Pomrenke, Eva J.. Ocheyedan Poock, Larry D., Tripoli, I67, 253 Pope. Helen L., Lewis, 2l5, 244 Poppinga, Erlene M., Hurnboldl. 242 Porl, Marilyn J,, Waferloo Porler, Joyce E., Marion, 246, 247 Porler, Paul J., Walerloo Porler, Sara K., Clarion. 226, 236 Posl, Shirley M., Marion, I20. 205, 246, 247 25l Polhosl. Ardiih L., Waverly Powell, Beverly A., l-larcourl. 224, 236 Powell, Richard H., Muscaline Powers, Mariorie A., Duncombe, l35, 225 236 Prehm, Norma M., Mounl Pleasanl, I20, 2l9 222, 245 Pre-sion, Sandra J., Laurel, II6. l36 Prelz, Carol A., Columbus Junclion. I36 2l5, 235, 24l Pribble, Roberl B.. Coralville Price. Gayle L., Humboldf, I34, 260 Prichard, Paul N., Fonlanelle. II4, 244 Priesf. Barbara J., Cedar Falls. 34, 66, 207, 260 Prilchelr, Shirley M., Wesl Bend, 226 Procior, Janice L., Menomonie, Wisconsin Rcisien, James C., Forl Dodge, I53, l5B, I59 Proclor, Willis A., Shelby, Norlh Carolina Prollil, Anila K., Des Moines Prohaslra, Lucia R., Earlham, 244 Prolsman, James R., Shell Roclc, 278 Psaros, Evelyn M., Walerloo, 209, 2l6, 278 Puhrmann, Lois M., Paullina, lI2, II7, 225 243, 248, 255. Purdy, Eunice B., Walerloo Purcell, Sandra J., Monlevideo, Minnesola, I34, 228, 256 O Quaclcenbush, Velma A., Vinlon Quam, Rulh A., Armslrong, 2l9, 279 Quibell, William R., Walerloo Quirlc, William J., Lawler R Raasch, Larry D., Wiola Rabe, Arnold F., Denison, I37, l38, I39 Rader, Alice M., Grundy Cenler Radl, Mary K., Bismarclr, Norlh Dalrola Ral'lensperger, O. Edward, Des Moines, 239 Rainbow, Edward L., Walerloo, l27, I37, l38, l39 Rainbow, Marilyn D., Rochesler, Minnesola Raines, Jerry L., Ollurriwa, I37, I39 Ralslon, Donald C., Walerloo Ramige, Donna M., Shell Roclr Ramler, Belva R., Forl Dodge, 226, 230, 25l, 257, 279 Ramler, Beverlee J., Forl Dodge, l95, 233 25I, 257, 279 Rammelsberg, Flay J., Vinlon, 230 Ramos, Pacilico A.. Philippine Islands Ramus, Don E., Des Moines, Il5 Randall, Mary E., Marengo Randolph, David W., Cedar Rapids, 279 Ranleld, Mabel I., Viclor, II6, I36, 245 Ransom, Richard L., Oceanside, Calilornia, I79 Rapp, Spurgeon J., Cedar Falls Rash, Melvin D., Nashua Rasmussen, Daryl L., Cedar Falls Rasmusson, Palricia M., Cedar Falls Relrers, Donald M., Cedar Falls, l28, l6l. I63, 253 Remcle, Karen B., Council Blulls, 245 Rerninglon, Walda M.. La Porle Cily Remling, Allen L., Dundee, l42 Renander, Shirley M., Shenandoah, lO8, lll, lI8, I33, I42, 2lO. 2l8, 242, 257, 279 Renner, Faye C., I-liawalha, l42, 2l9, 245 Ressler, Belly F., Waverly Reyhons, Gerald D., Solon, I4I, 259 Reyhons, Richard D., Solon Reynolds, Jerry D., Odeboll, IIO, I53, I9l, 232, 253, 279 Reynolds, Sandra L., Lisbon Reynolds, Sherrill A., Walerloo, l30. I46 Reysaclc, Charlolle A., Geneva, 2l7 Rhones, Beverly J., Davenporl, I36. 246. 247 Rhoades, Helen l., lndianola, 2l7 Rhodes, Belly J., Gulhrie Cenler, l35 Rhodes, Donna R., Corning, 246, 247 Rice, Ezra W., Walerloo Rich, Darlagene, Chelsea Richards, Franlrlin R., Nashua Richardson, Darrel L., Wesl Des Moines, I73 I74, l9l, 253 Richardson, Mabel B, Cedar Falls Richard son, Wayne F., Kelley Richsmann, Barbara A., Osage, I36 Riclrers, Louise A., Breda, 2l8 Rider, Gail L., Sioux Cily, 245 Riebhoicl, Lois J., Wesl Bend, 235 Riehl, J Riehle, im E., Palon, l24, 236 Wayne E., Lawler Rielrena, Bennie, Foresl Cily, I53 Rile, Jean M., Des Moines, 204, 2l9. 235 24l, 279 Rigqle. 246 Richard R., La Porle Crly, II3, 2I2 Riggs. David E., Cedar Falls Rilrer, Charles C., Cedar Falls, I67, 253 Riley. R ichard C., Des Moines Rinqqenberg, Marilyn E., Ames Rissler. Jacqueline J.. Corydon, l35 Rifler, Lu Ann, Walerloo Ralh, David R., Sioux Cily, I34, l35. 243 Ralh, Ronald E., Cedar Falls, I67, 244 Raub. Dorolhy L., Dysa rl Ray, Marlyn J.. Cedar Falls, 229, 230, 250 Reasby, Harold V., Walerloo Reclcnor, Richard L., Creslon Reclor, Nancy A., Odeboll, I34, 246, 247 26l Reden Reece. baugh, Joyce A., Slorm Mary L., Arlinglon Reed, Doris J., Corydon, 6l Reed, Francis L., Walerloo Reed, Norma J., Anlreny, 279 Reed, Richard J., Anlceny Reeve, Jane K., Marshalllown Lalce, 235 Reeve. Mary L., Cresfon, 224, 246, 279 Reeve, Norris E., Humeslon Reeves, Pearl A., Graellinger Reid, Olive M., Spiril Lalre Reilly, Ronald D., Van I-lorne, I24, 232, 236, 248. 249 Reimers, Roberla J., Davenporl Rivers, Irene M., Sioux Cily, 236 Roberls, Bonnie M., Walerloo Roberls, Leonard E., Cedar Falls, 279 Roberls, L yle E., Dexler, 259 Roberls, Ronald L., Cresco Roberfson, James L., La Porle Cily, 244, 249 Robinson. Donna J.. Hoplrinlon, I49, 230 Robinson, Donna J., Keosauqua, I37, I39 Robinson, Franlr B., Des Moines, l9I Robinson, Gerald K., Cedar Falls Robinson, Harold G., Websler Cily Robinson, Jacqueline R., Reinbeclr, 217 Robinson. Melba E. Cedar Falls Robinson, Sharon R., Cedar Falls, 209, 2l6 Roche, John F., Chicago, Illinois, I67, l7O Roclc. Susan, Cedar Rapids, II6 Roegner, Lorraine J., Aclrley. 239 Roehllc, Corrine K., Davenport Rogers, Arnold L., Spencer Rogers, Elsie M., Cedar Falls Rogers, Janel J., Cedar Falls, 260, 279 Rogers, Jay E., Cedar Falls Rohrer, Kae L., Rhodes Rohrssen, Merlin G., Walerloo Rohwedder, Donald C., Greene Rohvvedder, Lorraine A., Miles, I39, 2l7 242 Rohweder, Janel R., Gladbroolc. 239 Rolle, Shirley A., Cedar Rapids Rolinger, Jaclc L., Walerloo, l08, l29, l32, 279 Rolinger, Joan G., Walerloo, l20 Rolland. Joan M., Bode Rollinson, Curlis A., Vinlon Rolslon, H. Elaine, Adel, 52, ll2, 257 Romeo, Danle S., Des Moines Roosa, Dean M., Lehigh, I49 Roosa, Margarel A., Sac Cily, 246. 247 Rose, Jean A., Manchesler Rose, Mary E., Springville, 246, 247 Rosenau. Maria, Eslherville Rosenberger, David C., Lucas, I67 Rosene, Vernon C., Chicago, Illinois, 35, I32 I44, I53, l56, I57, I9l, 258, 279 Rosewall, Karrol R., Rulhven, I36 I79, IS2, l9l, 253, 279 Roslramp, Gresham M., Sloul Roslrens, Carolyn C., Spencer, I35 Roslien, Janel M., Manly. 242 Ross, William G.. Cedar Falls, 253 Rolh, Ronald R., Walerloo Roush, Roberl G., Clinlon, 199, 279 Rowe, Kennelh L., Coggon, 244, 249, 280 Rowedder, Carol A., Manning, l2l, I36, 243 Rowley, George J., Gulhrie Cenler Rowray, Richard D., Cedar Falls Ruebel, Marion A., Grundy Cenler, I53 Ruehle, Eugene C., Rulhven, 242. 259 Ruen, Elaine R., Poslville, l20 Ruen, Helen A., Waulcon Rugg. Beulah R., Cedar Falls Ruhl, Lois L., Websler Cily, I36, 236 RuLrin, Gerald A., Jesup, 2l2 Rulrin, Philip R., Walerloo Rump, Dolores, M.. Forl Madison Rundle, Joyce A.. Oran Runge, Jan M., Evansdale Runyan, Carolyn M., Indianola Runyan, Eva L., Woodbine, 227, 232, 237 Russell, Burlon L., Cedar Falls Russell, Janice B., Cedar Falls, 235. 280 Russell, John G., Forl Dodge, I37, 139, I39. 280 Russell, Mary J., Jellerson, I37, 237 Russell, Rosemary H., Corning, 2l8 Rusl, Palricia N.. Davenporl, IIB, 224 Ruslemier, William F., Bancroft Ryan, Madonna M., Manly, 236 Ryan, Palricia A., Manly, 236 Ryan, Rose M., Manly, 236 Rydberg, E. Ann, Shenandoah, 67, I42, 238 Rylren, Jean M., Aclley, l35, 236 S Saalholl, Jo Ann H., Shell Roclr Saalhoicl, Loraine A., Gilmore, 242 Sabus, Laurence T., Carroll Sachse, Helen B., Walerloo Saclrell, Larry H., Janesville Sadler, Marilyn A., Renwick, I37, I39, 2I7. 236 Sailor, Vvillarn D.. Lisbon Salrnonson, Ronald XV., Kiron. IIO, II3, I24 ISI, I79, ISO. ISS. I9l, 253 Salyer. Kenneth N., Vllaterloo, I67. l68. I69. I70, l7I Sa'deII. Rorald D.. Thompson, I-48, I73 Sander Jeanne L.. Loisden, 2IS. 243 Sanoers, Robert D.. Davenport Sanders, Sharon. L., Waterloo, II3. I3O, I3S I46, I49, IQ6, 254 Sandvik, Leonard E.. Lime Springs Sandal. Lois G.. Lime Springs, 242 Sa':Srd. Gordfln L.. Oelwein Santee, Luella B., Cedar Falls Santee Marianna, Cedar Falls Sarclret, David P., Burt, 259 Sasali Roy IC., Honolulu, Hawaii, 244, 280 Seaer, Edward G.. Waterloo Sa-er, Robert L., Waterloo Sa'-iereide. Patricia J., Harlan Samery, Marilyn R., Denison, l35, I37, I39 Schultz, Donna M., Postville, II3, I34. I96. 230. 246, 247, 248. 257 Schultz, Dellene E., Postville. 2I7, 242 Schultz, Mildred S., Charles City, 280 Schultz. Opal O., Cedar Falls Schumacher, Donna M., Clarion, Il3 Schute, Elaine A., Guttenberg Schutte, Arlene V., Castalia Schutte. Carol A., Postville Schutte, Carol L.. Sumner, I34 Schwab. G. Joy. Dumont, 52, I33, IQ9, 204, 2l9. 280 Schwartz, Betty J., Swea City, l36 Scobell, Scott E., Emmetsburg, I53, 258 Scoggin, Gary L., Waterloo Scott, Clittord H., Independence, 244 Scott, Darrell L., Eldora. l3S. I39. 202 Scott, Douglas J., Des Moines, I42, 242 Scott, George B.. Villisca Scott, Gloria J.. Estherville, 245 Scott, J ohn A., Cedar Rapids Scott, Marilyn K., Cedar Falls Seagren, Richard A., Clinton. 2OI, 280 245 Schabaclier, Marilyn A., Havelock. I43, I44 I46, I47, 205, 2I6, 243 Schaeter, Kay N., Shetlield, 24l Schell, J erome D.. Ogden, 236 Schaper, Sharron J.. Britt Schat, Phyllis L.. Maurice, 230 Schaudt, Gerald D., Slater Schauer, Shirley A.. Waterloo Schichtl, Wayne E., Fayette Schilder, Marian E., Cedar Falls Schilling, Joseph J., Waterloo Schimberg, Theora M., Sioux Center, 2I8 Schlarnan, Frieda M., Hampton, I35. 234 235 Schlesselman. Roma L., Oelwein, I35 Schmidt, Arlene E.. Everly Schmidt, Joan E.. Schleswig, I36, 239 Schmidt. La Vonne. Dilie Schmidt, Louis G., Reinbeclr Schmiedel, Gilbert O., Charles City Schmitt, Norma K., lo-lichols Schmitz. Philip C., Independence Schmoranz, H. Alfred. Marshalltown, 220, 280 Schnack, Karolyn A., Tipton, 239 Sctneclrloth. James D., Denison. 249 Schneider, A. James, Willmar, Minnesota II3. ISI, 236, 259 Schneider, Charles E.. Adams, Minnesota Scti-eDO, Mary L.. Waterloo Schoerthaler, Carol J.. Maquolreta Scroentrup. Dorothy W., Cedar Falls Scrornburg, Wayne C.. Latimer Sctooley, Sarah A., Deep River. 2l8 Schtionmalrer, Mary L., Waterloo, 244, 245 Sflrraq, Philip J., Waterloo Schramm, Merle D., Cedar Falls, 280 Sghre-pier, Ray C., Fort Madison, 259 Schroeder, Bernard W., Ruthven, I44 Scrroe-der, Bruce E., Wfiterloo Schroeder D. Duane, Siour City. 29, IOS. ll0, I32, 280 Schroeder, Melvin R., Doris, I34, I35. 2I9 242 Sgrjrecht, Vivian B.. Re-inb9Clt Sctiuller. Carol M., Mallard, 236 Schuller, Donna K., Mallard Searcy. Sara E., Independence Searle, Lorayne B.. Cedar Falls Seaver, Charles R., Cedar Falls. I37, I39 Seaver, Marilyn I., Cedar Falls, 20I See, Marlo G., Waterloo Seedortt, Maureen A., Lamont Seehusen, Gene A., Monticello Seemann, Norman W., Waterloo Sehapayalr, Somboon, Banglrolc. Thailand. 285 Seifert, Carl D., Waterloo Seilried, Jerome F.. Manson, 236 Seitsiriger. Dixie A., Kinross Sell, Mary J., Sumner, 243 Sentt, Robert D., Vinton Sernett, Joan M.. Algona, 280 I95, 280 Severseilre, lolene T., Hubbard, 242 Severe, Doris J., Nora Springs, Sexton, Carolyn L., Waterloo. 245 Shadle, Marjorie J., Waterloo, 280 Shatter, Sharon A., Tipton Shannon, Collette J., Cedar Falls Sharp. Robert E., Clarion, l24, I9l. 258 Shaver, Sally K., Albia, 251 Shaw, Helen I., Independence Shaw, Marjorie E.. Cedar Falls Shea, Sarah J.. Decorah, 236 Sheckler, Mariean K., Nora Springs, 2I9 Sheeder, Leslie J., Guthrie Center, 2l7 Sheeley, Jo A., Evansdale Shelledy, Dorothy J., Spirit Lalre. II6 Shellenberger, Joyce A., Waterloo, 23, 260 Shelton. Ronald E.. Fort Dodge Shepard, Earl R., Dunkerton Sherer, Richard N., Burlington, I95 Sherman, James F., Indianola, 280 Shields, Patrick O., Cedar Falls Shiels. Richard J.. Cedar Falls, 280 Shimelr, Mary A., Waterloo Shindoll, Marian R., Waukon, 239 Shinn, Jerry F., Winterset Shinn, Moriorie E., Albert City Shipley, Delores P., Griswold, 2l7 Shipley, Joanne L., Waterloo Shipley, William R., Ute Shirlc, Roger K., Ruthven r I l l Shold, Mary A., Ellcader, 236 I Shoolc. Evelyn I., Delta, I34, 207, 228, 28l if Shoot, Janice M., Manchester, 224, 225. 28I Shope, Roxanna, Davenport, I2O, 230, 233. 242, 26I I Short, Ronald F., Waterloo ll Shourelr, Earlene F., Fort Dodge, l2O. 250 l Shows, Dauye M., Kansas City. Missouri ii Shuler. John J., Keolsulc Shultz, Peggy L., Greene Shumalcer, Carol A., Arnolds Parlc, 67, l90 Siclrles. Dwight A., Waterloo Siclrles, John H.. Janesville Sidmore, Earl J., Aurora, Illinois Siemens, Darlys J, Dysart Sievers, Elwin K., Storm Lalce Sillman, Darlene R., Britt Sills, Sharon A., Nevada Silvey. Irene A., Cedar Falls Simmons, Alberta M., North English Simms, Sue J., Clemons, 2l7, 23I Simon, Dorothy M., Iowa City, II2, II7. 224. 236, 257 Simpson, Duane D.. Cedar Falls Simpson, Marlys A., Waterloo Simpson, Ruby E., Waterloo Singer, Zena S., Webster City Singlcarlsiri, Att, Chachoengsao, Thailand I Sinn, Harold D.. Boone. I98, 220, 28I Sinn, Marie J., Burlington, I34 Sisson. James A., Waterloo Sisson, Mary H., Waterloo Sisson, Paul E., Waterloo Sioblom, John V., Audubon. 253. 28I Slcaar, Alice B., Primghar Slrinner, Elizabeth J., Cedar Falls, I34, I38. 2I6, 228 Slrinner, Robert W., Cedar Falls Slcog, Clarence R., Cedar Falls Slauson. Maris J., Colo Slawson, Sharon D.. Perry, 239 Slebislra. Darlene J., Grinnell Slitlca, Yvonne M., Cresco. 236 Sloan. Marvin D., Monroe, I53 Sloan, Raymond L., Jetterson, I49 Slocum, Roberta R.. Lewis Slottag, Ernest A., Wellsburg Smidt, Joyce E.. Gaza Smiley, L. Travis, Barrington, Illinois, I49 Smith, Beverly J.. Onawa Smith, Carol D., Albia Smith, Carol J., Villisca. I46. 246, 247 Smith, Dennis J., Nichols, l37, 138, I39 Smith. Donald E., Waterloo Smith, Elva M., Nashua Smith. Gerald D.. Coon Rapids Smith, Jaclr H., Waterloo, I67 Smith, James E., Cedar Rapids Smith. Jerald N., Grundy Center Smith, Judith A., Newton, 28I Smith, Marlene. Belmond, l36 Smith, Marvin E., Milo Smith, Mary A., Central City Smith, Morris, Earlham. I67 Smith, Norman H.. Renwiclr, 249 Smith, Paul E., Superior, 66, II4, I42, I43. I45, l94, 259, 281, 320 Smith, Roger A., Vinton, I53 3l6 g ji +L Smith, Slayton S., Alton Smith, Stanley G., Cedar Falls Smith, Will C., Wapello Smolrer, William T., Waterloo Smoot, Latrelle R., Denmarlc Snavely, Robert E., Pocahontas Snelgrove, Gerald L., Waterloo Snell, Robert F., Albia, I37 Snelling, Betty J., Tripoli Stewart, Beverly A., Clarion, I35, 206, 256 Stewart Duane, Cedar Falls Stewart, James M.. Waterloo Stewart Larry R., Floyd Stewart, Nadine R., Cedar Rapids, 226, 230, 28l Stewart Wiltred G., Waterloo Stitel, Kenneth W., Grimes Stiles. Carlyle E., Charles City Snider, Snoble, Patricia M., Washington Joseph J., Hazelton Snoolr, Loring F., Cedar Falls Snowden, Leonard E., Waterloo, l95, 200 Snyder, Glen D., Elgin Snyder, Philip L., Fort Doge, 45, l38, 203 Snyder, Phyllis A., Onslow Solcolott, Philip D., Haita, Israel Solbeclx, Mary E., Humboldt, I39 Solberg, Patricia L., Denison, 243 Soldwisch, Carol L., Denver Sollien, Arden D., Spring Grove, Minnesota, 66, ll3, l22, l3I, I34, I35, l43, I44, I46. 242, 258 Sorensen, Jeanette l., Algona, 224 Sorenson, Marvella A., Crystal Lalre Sorg, Judith A., Sumner Sovereign, Constance L., Cresco Sovich, 159 Franlc S., Des Moines I53, I57, I58, Spattord, Beth M., Waterloo Sparsman, Dorothy L., Donnellson Spealcer, Vierlyn J., 239 Spears, Ronald D, Waterloo Speas, Margaret A.. New Providence, l42 Spiegel, Phyllis J., Denison, I37, l39 Spragg, Thomas R., Waterloo Sprole, William T., Dilre, l35 Sproule, Franlr P., Griswold Squires, Mary H., Cedar Falls, 93, lll, 204, 2Il, 248, 257, 28l Squires, Nancy A., Greene Squires, Robert L., Cedar Falls, 249, 28I Stachour, Judith A., Sibley Stalzer, Jeanette R., Haverhill, 236 Stanard, James A., Cedar Falls Stantel, Darlene J., Maxwell Stange, Sandra S., Davenport Stansbury, Robert D., Waterloo, 281 Starlr, Peggy E., Dayton Starlc, Russell G., Waterloo Starr, Richard J., Dubuque, 49, IIO, II4, I33, 203, 208, 223, 234, 259, 28l Stearns, Beverly K., Inwood, l46, I49, 242 Stebbins, Shirley J., Red Oalc, 47, I34, 207. 228, 28l Steege, Alice D., Waverly, I36, 239 Steege, Paul L., Waterloo Stetten, Henrietta J., Griswold Stetten, James C., Dyersville, 206, 259 Stetten, LeRoy A., Waterloo Steiber, Hazel E., Lansing Steinbeclc, Daryl G., Waterloo Sterns, Robert L., Fort Dodge, 28I Stevens. Stevens. Douglas R., Cedar Falls, 232, 2BI Mary K.. Lovilia, I20 Stevenson, Shirley M., Shell Rock Stevenson, Willa J., Traer Steward, Arlene J., Ames, I35, 2I7 Stoclr, Cyrilla A., Storm Lalce, 232, 236 Stock, William E., Waulcon Stoermer, Judith A., Spencer, 205, 256 Stolrlra. Selma S., Cylinder, I37 Stolt, Janet A., Waterloo Stone, Dorothy L., Central City Stonebralrer, Donald L., Waterloo Stonebralrer, Wanelle C., Waterloo Storie, Charles R., Chicago, lllinois Stotts, Frankie G., Marshalltown Stout, Audrey l., Washington, I37 Strabala, William G., Lohrville Strain, Patricia A., Sioux City, 205, 246, 247, 252 Strang, Elmer J., Riverside, Calitornia Strayer, Sheridan K.. Algona, I49, 246, 249 Streitberger, Eric, II3, 258 Strever, Norma J., Marshalltown, 239 Stritert, Benjamin E., Cedar Falls Strilie, Burton C., Nashua Strilfe, Marvin H., Nashua Stringer, Dudley D., Lalre Mills, II4, 259 Stripling, Dennis J., Lu Verne Stroh, Sally A., Council Blutts, I20, I35, 242. 26I Strohm, Sylvia J., Waterloo Stroud, DeWayne E., Marte-nsdale Strub, Richard F., Merrill, l6l, I63, l64, l73. l75, l9I, 259 Struck, Jerome F., Waterloo Struclr, Marlys A, Waterloo Strunclr, Shirley A., Davenport, 224 Strunlc, Gail M., Sioux City, 245 Struve, Patrick W., Cedar Rapids, 253, 282 Stubbe, Jean F., Laine Mills, 2l9 Stuchel, Ruth A., Albia Studley, Marcia M., East Orange, New Jersey, 228, 240 Stueber, Kenneth W., Elma Stuempel, Rosemary M., Dubuque, I36 Stum, Brandt L., Cedar Falls Sturch, Ronald E., Waterloo, I53, l6l, 259 Sulentic, Milo N., Waterloo, l29 Sullivan, Elizabeth M., Jesup Sullivan, Richard P., Albia, I37, I39, I49, 202 Surrell, Donald F., Waterloo Suthers, Mary L., Maquolceta, 226, 230, 233 Sutton, Albert F., Cedar Falls Sutton, Bernadine A., Grinnell, II2, I35, 239 Sutton, Stephen L., Derby Swain, Kay A., Soldier, I33, I34, 282 Swan, Betty G., Keolrulc Swanson, Carolee, Ottumwa, 224, 245 Swanson, George L., Waterloo Swanson, Harlan W., Waterloo Swanson, Janet C., Randal, 224, 244, 245, 252, 282 Swanson, Joy G., Cedar Falls Swartz, Albert E., Cedar Falls Swenson, Jon R., Lalre Mills, I53, l6l, I63, 253 Swiclr, Nancy J., Council Blutts Swisher, Derald J., Cedar Falls, I73, I74, I75 282 Switzer, Patricia A., Marshalltown Syhlman, Bill D., Cedar Falls Sylvester, Howard G., Lynnville Sylvester, Rosa M., Lynnville, II9, I99, 2l4 245, 282 Sylvester, Susanne, Spirit Lalce Syndergaard, Donald W., Alta Synhorst, Marilyn J., What Cheer, 205 T Tacli, Roycee D., Wellsburg, 223 Talramiya, June M., Lihue, Hawaii, I20, 2l8 Talcano, Elaine M., Wahiawa Oahu, Hawaii 228 Talbot, Richard N., Cedar Falls, l38, I39 Talcott, Beth J., Webster City, I20, 226, 250 Talley, Duane E., Mount Carmel, lllinois Tamura, Sadie S., Kahulcu, Hawaii, 2l4, 252, 282 Tanalca, Yoshiichi, Kona, Hawaii, l95, 203 208, 282 Tanner, Nancy L., Manchester Tanairoiana, Yong, Dhonburi, Thailand Tarlett, Ralph R., Waterloo Tashiro, Florence M., Honolraa, Hawaii, I36. T42 Tatge, Keith E., Blairsburg. 243 Taylor, Helen C., Cedar Falls Taylor, Judith N., Dubuque, 206. 224, 282 Taylor, Marlr S., Canton, Minnesota Taylor, Robert L., Cedar Falls, I53, I79, l9I l95, 253 Taylor, Vivian M., Cedar Falls Techau, Jaclr, Cedar Falls Techau, Kenneth W., Waterloo Teeter, James W.. La Porte City Teeter, Truman D., La Porte City Tegeler, Robert V., Waterloo, 206 Tegtmeyer, Jane E., Britt Teig, Barbara J., Ames, 37, 250 Teig, Caroline J., Radclitte Teisinger, Russell E., Waterloo Tennant, Constance J., Chariton, I20, 2I6, 246, 247, 257 Tennant, Elizabeth J., Chariton, 23I, 24I Tennell, Ramona L., Fredericksburg, 243 Terry, Barbara A., Waterloo Terry, Dale C., Cedar Falls Tetzlott, Loy R., Colwell, I34, I35, 202, 239 282 Tgiros, Constantine D., Charles City, l9I, 240, 258 Thede, Ardella A., Gladbroolr, 239 Theesteld, Raymond W., Webster City. I53, 243 Theis, Carolyn A., Atlcins, I36, 243 Thelen, Darlene M., Glidden, 236 Thielen, Josephine, Grundy Center Thieman, Sandra A., Waterloo Thomas, Charles W., Waterloo Thomas, Clayton F., Cedar Falls, I53, l54, l57, 253 Tromas, Gerald WH, Wafer-loo Thomas, T Thompson Thompson Thompson homas R., For? Dodge ,Arnef E., Eagle Grove. ll-1,282 . Carol E.. Algona . Diane S.. Cedar Falls. 232 Thompson, Duane G., Washingfon. 2l2 Thompson, Gail I., Hopkinfon. Il2, 260 Thompson Thompson , Gary E.. Waferloo . G. James, Council Bluffs, II4. l47 Thompson, Gerald W., Cedar Falls Thompson Thompson ,Glenn R., Cedar Falls, 282 , l-larfley O.. Lake Mills Thompson. Jerry S.. Conrad. 248, 253 Thompson, Nancy J., Council Bluffs, 224, 244, 248, 252, 282 Thompson, Norma J., Sclialler, 243 Thompson, Richard N.. For? Dodge Thornpsori, Roger D,, Cedar Falls Thompson, Russell D., Charles Cily Thompson. Shirley M., Haylield. Mirinesola Thompson, Shirley M., Miles. 246 Thomson. Leland A., Tipfon, l24, I33. 246. 249, 2232 Thordsen. Jerry L., Davenporf, I34, l9I Thornron, Rosemarie, Walerloo Thorson, Janyce B,, Nevada Thran. Don W., Cedar Falls Thuesen, Carol C., Cedar Falls. 2l3, 222, 224, 282 Tiarks. Bernadean F.. McClelland, 239 Tiffany, Lorna M., Colfax. 244 Tilp, Carol E.. Marion, I35. 244, 245 Timmons, Roy J.. Cedar Falls. 206, 282 Tiaden. Roberf J., Waferloo, l29, 2Ol Tiernagell, Rufh K.. Sfory Cify Tiernagell, Susan J., Sfory Cify, I36, 2l7, 242 Toedf, Joanne J.. Laurel, I36, 226, 236 Toffness, Donna B., Maplefon. 243 Tollefson, D-.vighf R., Cedar Falls Tollefson, Eldon W.. Cedar Falls Tollefson, Leon R., Cedar Falls Tomlinson, Gwendolyn F., Gladbrook Tomlinson, Luella M.. Guihrie Cenler, 283 Tomlinson, Sally A., Adel Tone, Maurice B., La Porfe Cify Torgerson, Jerald M., Norfhwood, IIU, II3, l3I. 259 Tcrigoe. Florence 5.. Olaa, Hawaii Torine, Cheryle L., Armsfrong, l2l, I36 Tofkelson, Janice E,, Elgin, I I I, 2IO. 257, 283 Tcrkelson, Mary L.. Rufland, I2O, 242 Tcrnefen, Marilyn J.. Council Bluffs, 242 Tcmie, Peter A., Mason Cify, I79, l9l Toyama. Hide-lro, Hawi, Hawaii, l99, 246 Tracey. Carol C.. Farley Tracey. Richard J.. Remceri, 2I9, 236 Trad., Ray M., Jefferson Trenary, Larry J., Ledyard, I37. l39 Troegrer, Sharie-ne A., McGregor. 2l7 Trofrer, Harold D.. Cedar Falls Troufman, Frederick J., Burf Trugblaad, Jeaneffa R., Mounf Pla-asanf. I34. 235 24l Trurnel. Doris A., Prairie Cify. 2I7 Trunnell, Gary T., Cedar Falls, 245 Tschirlf. Robe-rf D., Foresf Cify, l49, 259 Tac' Jdy. Harrieff L., Des Moines, 250 TcohakL Gene S., Yealakelrua, Ha .-.' aii Tufvander. Ellis A.. Hallock, Minnesola Tuinsfra, Eloise F.. Harris Tullberg, Roland H., Cedar Falls Turner, Donald M., Curlew Turner, Leslie R., Plainfield, 244 Turner. Mildred J.. Rodman Turner, Orlando N.. Cedar Falls Turnquisl, Marilyn M., Des Moines. II3, llB. l35. 232 Turvold, Della K., NOrl'hwOOCl Twefen, Olga J., Lake Mills Tyrrell, Donald R., Spencer, I22 U Ulcer, Mary E., Rockford Ulch, Jaiiyce D., Elberon Underwood, Miriam J., Davenporl, lI6 Upham, Grace E., Fredricksburg Upoli, Ronald V., Toledo Uschkraf, Carma R., Hubbard. l36 Ufley, George H., Cedar Falls Uuskallio, Pauline I., Wesf Branch, II6, I36, 24I V Vacek. Joyce J., Oxford Juncfion Valenline, Chrisiine l.. Cedar Falls, 226, 246. 247 Valley, Charles A.. Woden Valline. Daniel B., Nevada Van Auken, Anefa M., Norfh English, I36 Van Benschofen, Alfred, Plainfield Vance. Beffy A., Moravia, 26, 37, 38, 93, lll, II9. l33, I9O. 204. 2I l. 2I9, 283 Vance, Kennefh A., Clarksville Van De Pol, Margaref W., Waferloo Van De Woesfine, Roberl, Madrid. 283 Van Doren, Pafricia A.. Websfer Cify, 226, 245 Van Epps, John V., Clinfon, 34, I33, I85. 283 Vander Berg, Mary Jane, Dubuque, 283 Vander Waal. Jacqueline, Algona. lll, 205, 226 Van Eafon. James O., Waferloo Van Ee, Nancy L., lndianola Van Engen, Shirle J., Websfer Cify Van Hauen, Clark E., Cedar Falls. 208 Van Hauen, Sfanley R., Cedar Falls. 203 Vanicek, Ramona M., Traer Vanness, Norma J., Moorhead Van Wyk, Bonnie L.. Monroe Venler. Pafricia A., Waferloo Verbeek, Rosemary N., Barnes Cify Verbrugge. William E., Humboldf Veren, Virginia K., Marshallfown Ver Hoel, Neil, Spencer, I4O. l4l, 206, 258, 2233 Verrips, Sandra L., Boyden Vesf, Emma G., Vinfon, II3 Vicenre, Josefina A., Manila. Philippine lslands Vig. Roberf M., Cedar Rapids Visser, Lee E., Albia Voellinger, Conslance, Waferloo Vogel, Barbara J., Wall Lake. I36 Voggessor, Roy E., Aflanfic, 52, 67, l53, I9I, 253, 283 Voqf, Carol A., Sfafe Cenfer, 2l9 Voifh, Ralph E., Monfezuma, l89, 259 Vollenweider, Kay A., Waferloo Vonk, Carroll E., Lesfer Voorhees, James K., Cedar Falls Vopava, Clair D., Waverly Vorakancharia. Nifaya. Bangkok, Thailand Vovos, John J., Clinfon, l67, I68, I7O Vriezelaar, Coralee N., Ofley, I34, 234, 235 24l Vriezelaar, Roberl' L., Waferloo W Wagner, Ella R., Waierloo, I38 Wagner, Lois J., Dumonf, 230 Wagoner, Hurberl J., Toledo Wagoner. Maurine L., New Harfford Waife, Nancy J., Anamosa. 233 Wakeman, Shirley A., Akron, 2l7 Waldori, Elizabefh W., Waferloo, 283 Waldron, Sandra J., Cedar Falls. II3. I3O 254 Walenfiny, David L., Waferloo Walker, Carol J., Marcus Walker, Kafherine C.. Waferloo Walker, Russell E.. Cedar Falls, 220. 283 Wallace, Barbara K., Cherokee, 247, 257 Wallace, John M., Cedar Falls Wallace, Marilyn M., Vinfon, 246 Wallace, Nancy R., Ames, I42, I49, 237 Walmsley, James D.. Cedar Falls Walsh, Larry J., Nashua Walsfon, Lois A., Waferloo Walfmeyer, Vae J., Marshalllown Walfer, Norma L., Coin, I42, 2I9, 234, 242 248, 26l, 283 Walfher, Frieda E., Plainfield Walfman. Florence R., Cedar Falls Walfon, Leo H., Independence Wand, Leah K., Breda, 226 Wandro, Gale F., Calwell Ward, Laurence R., Des Moines Ward, Roy D., Monmoufh Warnecke, Sandra L., Dewiff Warner, Paula K., Oflumwa, Ilb Warren, Deanna S., Des Moines, 239 Warren, Rufh E.. Ames, 205, 2I7 Washburn, Donald L., Marion Waskow, Georgiann K., Cedar Rapids Wasser. Wasson, Joseph, Waferloo Nona L., Panora Wafanabe, Ann A., Kauai, Hawaii Wafanabe, Shirley S., Kauai, Hawaii, I42 l43, I44, 224 Wafanachinda, Nilaya, Ayufhya, Thailand Wafers, Arland L., Hampfon Wafson, Janice R., Bagley Wafson. Joann V.. Grinnell Wafson, John A., Forf Madison, I73, 253 Waffers, Dean J., Sfearnboal Rock Waffs, Donna J., Williams Wayne. John W.. Waferloo Wearda. Jean C., Sheffield, 245 Weaver. Dean B., Dana, I42, I43, I45, l46. l47 Webb. Leon C., Beaman, I34 Webbelring. Sylvia J., Waferloo Webber, Befh A., Cresco, I35, 245 Webber, George A., Cedar Falls, 283 Weber, Sharon L., Charles Cily Weber, Sharon R., Henderson Weddle, Jack R., Knoxville, 258 Wedeking, Ralph W., Clarksville. 137, 202 228, 239, 283 Wedemeyer, Carole A., Nashua, 254 Weeks, Twillo E., Coon Rapids, 135 Weick, William J. B., Cedar Falls, 283 Weida, John O., Dubuque, 244 Weidemann, Dora S., Dows Weiss, Dorolhy A., Walerloo Weiss, Florence J. H., Walerloo Weiss, Virginia L., Clarion, 136 Weissman, Roselle E., Walerloo Welch, Beverly J., Belle Plaine Welch, Roberl L., Cedar Falls, 201, 213, 283 Welker, Clillord J., Sluarl Welsh, Mary M., Cedar Falls Welsh, Roberl L., Cedar Falls, 284 Wemer, Karen K., Whal Cheer, 219 Wenger, Dorolhy J., Oelwein, 136, 236 Wenle, David O., Walerloo Wenzel, Karen A., Wall Lake, 136, 236 Werner, Deanna K., Ogden, 245 Wiedemeier, Yvonne L., Williamsburg, 247 Wiedman, Donna J., Yale Wierks, Mavis J., Hospers, 261 Wighlman, Don K., Spiril Lake Wiglon, Mary T., Grimes, 135 Wikel, Janel L., lowa Cily, 237 Wood, Eugene A., Griswold Wood, Marilyn N., Charilon, 257 Wood, Merlyn A., Charilon Wood, Mildred F., Cedar Falls, 199, 205, 206, 284 Wood, Richard W., Albia, 203, 208 Wilcken, William W., Walerloo, 284 Wilcox, Ann C., Maquokela Wilcox, Joy J., Rolle Wilcox, Paula M., Cherokee, 120, 121 Wildlang, Adoll O., Clinlon Wilhile, John T., Corwilh, 137, 139 Wilimek, William W., Walerloo Willrans, Eleanor J., Alexander, 218. 239 Wilken, Janice J., Graellinger Wilkie, Mary K., Marshalllown Wilkins. Delores D., Onawa, 243 Will, James H., Walerloo Will, Thomas B., Walerloo Will, Wanda J., Luverne, 217, 245 Willbran dl, Lloyd, Walerloo Williams, Carol P., Roclflon, Illinois Williams Williams Williams ,Craig E., Lime Springs, 284 , Juanila C., Decorah, 242 . Keilh A, Rockwell Cily Wesl, Edward W., Glidden, 145, 149, 194 Wesl, Fredrick V., Jr., Janesville Wesl, Leonard M., Elgin Wesl, Lois G., New Harllord Wesl, Palricia E., Walerloo, 219, 250. 284 Wesl, Rulh M., Janesville Weslcoll, Conslance M., lowa Cily Weslergaard, Marlene A., Walerloo Wesllall, Joann M., Iowa Cily, 224, 237, 284 Weslphal, Anna M., Cedar Falls, 37 Weslphal, Marvin A., Maquokela, 179, 253 Weslphal, Nancy A., Onslow Weslphal, Roma J., Maquolrela, 190, 250 Welzel, Norma J., Kirkman, 112, 134,228 Whaley, George B., Adair, 137, 138, 139, 202 Whannel, Shirley M., Traer, 140, 232, 245. 255 Whealon, Darrel D., Boyd, Minnesola Wheeler, Jimmie L., Oelwein. 33 Wheeler, Richard K., Slanhope, 242 Whilcomb, Marla E., Osage, 138. 284 While Colleen A., Belmond While, Kay M., Cedar Falls, 254 While, Madeline M., Keola, 137, 139 While, Marlha L., Dickens, 137, 138, 139 While Mary J., Newlon While Robin D., Walerloo Whiling, Bill E., Rulhven, 173, 259 Whilman, Jo E., Havelock, 245 Whilmore, Paul R., Cedar Falls, 284 Whilney, Elsie H., Walerloo Whilllesey, Millord P., Ollumwa, 142, 149 246 Wickland, Marilyn E., Coon Rapids, 120 Wicks, Charlolle A., Decorah, 229, 236 Wiebler, Evelyn M., Forl Madison, 136, 239 Wiebold, Carole J., Toledo Williams, Marian K., Sainl Ansgar, 137, 139, 246, 256 Williams, Morris, V., Brill, 126, 153, 284 Williams, Rose M., Mason Cily, 232 Williams, Suzann B., Ollumwa, 138 Willis, Norma A., Clear Lake, 204, 219, 242, 284 Wilson, Donald C., Grundy Cenler Wilson, Glenda S., Eagle Grove, 213, 245 Wilson, Jaclrie E., Cedar Falls, 126, 153 Wilson, Jo Ann, Osceola, 236 Wilson, Lyle E., Walerloo Wilson, Roger A., Cresco Wiman, Winilred C., Belle Plaine Winlrey. William E., Sigourney Winslow, Beniamin F., Hamplon Winler, Joanne J., Lawler, 236 Winler, Kalherine L., Wadena, 140, 232, 284 Winlers, Ardis M., Panora Winlers, Donald L., Forl Dodge, 138, 139, 202 Wirlz, Mary L., Wesl Bend Wise, Bobbie, Blakesburg Wise, Bobby L.. Ollumwa, 137, 139 Wisgerhol, Marcile F., Sully, 205, 235, 241 Wishman, Melvin S., Cedar Falls Wilhers, Colby C., Websler Will, Darrell L., Denver Will, Lila M., Osage Wilzel, Leland G., Clarion, 153 Woelber, Lloyd P., Hull, 284 Woldum, Barbara A., Osage Woll, John D., Ames Wolfe, Ellon D., Wesl Des Moines Wolle, Marlene A., Donnellson Womboll, Jean F., Red Oalr, 136, 246, 247 Wood, Audrey D., Melbourne, 249 Wood, Edna L., Dow Cily Woodcoclr, Coleen A., Aplinglon, 135 Woodring, Georgia A., Waverly Woods, John W., Fairbanlc Woodson, Vincenl D., Sluarl Woody, Kay M., Reasnor, 241 Workman, J. Brooke, Marshalllown, 285 Worslold, Charles R., Marshalllown Worslold, Lorraine E., Marshalllown Wosoba, Joyce E., Baldwin, 134 Wrage, Roger L., Gladbroolr Wren, Roberl P., Des Moines Wrighl, Charles T., Ogden, 189, 212 Wrighl, Roberl A., Garnavillo Wrighl, Roberla M., Cedar Falls Wuebben De, Anna M., Parlislori, Soulh Dakola, 136, 236 Wurch, Judilh E., Blairsburg, 134, 207, 243, 284 Y Yamamolo, Helen H., Hilo, Hawaii, 214 Yap, Paul K., Honolulu, Hawaii, 214, 223, 249, 284 Yasulcawa, Amy A., Hilo, Hawaii, 214,252 Yeager, John W., Sioux Cily, 146, 148, 198, 220 Yeager, William E., Newlon, 284 Yeakel, Nancy R., Wesl Des Moines Yeuller, Wilbur H., Hamplon Yordy, Gail E., Melbourne Yoshinaga, Fusalio, Honomu, Hawaii, 214 Young, Alice M., Madrid, 239 Young, Darrell D., Whal Cheer Young, Irving C., Walerloo Young, Judilh A., Traer Young, Kaye D., Vvfalerloo, 253 Young, Roberl B., Ml. Pleasanl, 113,258 Young, Roberla M., Ames Young, Sandra K.. Grand Junclion Young, Shirley A., Walerloo, 245 Yungclas, Joanna E., Renwick, 201, 285 Z Zahn, John G., Des Moines Zeigler, Franklin L., Carlisle, Pennsylvania Zeller, Annie C., Dysarl, 135, 235 Zemanek, Mariorie F., Mason Cily, 199. 201. 213, 285 Zerrien, Donald C., Clinlan, 285 Ziegler, Helen M., Osage Zimmer, Beverly A., Floyd, 245 Zillrilsch, David E., Algona Zuber, Judilh A., Davenporl Zurmue 252. hlen, Mary J., Burlinglon, 218, 238. 285 Zwanziger, Max D., Walerloo ITRUAXI Il IE EEDIIUR 'lille c nvn- peration ol every member ol the stall is a vital component ol any yearbook, but there are cases where this basic requirement has been met and excelled. I would like to acknowledge DAVE C.-XRRICIQ Executive Editor through the summer and fall quarters, for the organizational work and letting ot contracts accomplished during that period. Special mention should be made too, of SALLY I It IRN, always present and without a doubt a maior factor in determining the success of the 1950 ULD Cl FLD, and ELO Cl li-XNEY, who took over as Senior Editor in mid-year when this position was tacated by Al.I.ISK IN MLIIQAI. Major stall members deserve recognition. DAVID BAKER, whose previous experience led to a certain seasoned excellence in layout and to a fresh appeal in cover and division page design . . . ll URRESIAIA MIIDIPJLETGN, without whom the problems of managing the stall and the details of production would have been overburdening . , . XWILIVIA IVICLLIEIXI, Business lvlanager of the ULD COLD, whose cost predictions led to the shaping of extra qualities in the book. I am greatly indebted to ARDEN SOLLIEN who did a fine job ol managing the QLD CQLD beauty contest after finishing his required duties of Departments Editor . . . DQRQTIIY HQRN, Sl IIRLEY XVATANAISE, and MARILYN IIALA whose contributions ol time and elarort were in- yaluable to the indices and dummies . . . CNVEN LEHNLIS who, alter finishing her job as Reli- gious Editor in a creditable manner, ably handled the ULD GQLD Tea and was always available for anything that had to be done . . . BILL SCHRQEDER and PHIL EAABQRC, whose miclyear entrances to the photographic stall helped immeasurably toward finishing up the picture side of the book . . . and to RIMS eye lor quality and the unusual which put a twinkle throughout the candid sections. A word ol tribute here goes also to our contractors-Bob Coughlin, Roger Eox and Bob Purdue r1IVX.3tlIlINAI- STUDIOS, Elclretl Qlson ol BRQCK ENCRAVINC COMPANY, Tom lVlcCon- nell ol' IQINCISIQRAET COVERS, and R. VI. Collins ol CLIO PRESS division ol ECQNQMY .-XlJVl2R'l'lSlNC1 CC JNIPANY. XY'ithout the cooperation and understanding ol these men above a mere business-like basis, many features ol this book would have been impossible. XY'e also owe much to ,IDI IN "RED" ISICKERS, our adviser, whose concern for the yearbook prompted many timely and helpful suggestions instrumental in the completion of an annual in which we take great pride, Xot only to a good-humored night watchman, but to the entire faculty and staff of Iowa Teach- ers we owe much ol this years success in recording the activities and personnel of this college year. J s slain!-

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