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-"f f' AR X ' X 45 i ,E x f 9-nw we Q wx 'QQ' .1 ' 9.31, Qa.'!-f' 5 In I W ax Ii fl, 4 I 1 SW? W iii 90109 o 4' 5: 1 ,WJ ee N ww. . A wx N X Q II any 5 X ff 'f -rf , We , ., in I QLD- f lf' fl --w.....-Q..- Q ... xii' A' W., 1 164.555 SW' 'Q V if, yn! W SQ Th. hw-nw v 1,,." . 5 -L' . ,QQ S old gold IOWA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE l 955 CEDAR FALLS, IOWA published by l'he sl'uden1's of iowa sl'al'e leuchers college volume 49 .,- o , ' 'x ,-1 v: fx,-K "- - - F 4 I P 3' I. V I -.1 .n' I' It . 11" . - - J. - . . 2. -" ' -f - f ff. out 'q -. ,, .- Q A K - ,'. N' 5, 'M 1' 1 - I. ' an N l I G 'IT' 3 "Q sf ,.. ' . . XS AQ' . , 14- 4- ,'I,' -' ' 9 Q. T . y Qi' 'L 1 'Q N, " X IU.. ' ::'i lg ' I A zum., 1 ' - " 1 x .J ,If I , V . , -P g I ' ' .0. ab' libs 47'-L. 1. .-. - E . at 4 5 ' 3 1' ' , ' y 'Levy' I It DQ.. . .xxx .v ttf 3' wr. s. . H N 'Q ' .S 11 r' ' l, 1 v I. gy ' 6 ,I -'lf' 4Q ,' . x .F 4' . N 1 , ', ' 1 A4 ' 4 Y' 1 X I, I 'Q I a 1 4-".g:2'l: xg! n A. 4 ' 'Ms-4 ' f Q ' ,J M 'W ' ."' f f' 1 j,'-Tl Q' V' f,-z.f'- f" 'N'-'P Q "A " ,T 3413, 1'-E1 . 'PQ '-'L-' 5 - .. 1 ll, x- 'd k+,v '. Q... , 2- 5 N' 1' 5 Q '.-x , 1 yi' ' X , K .Q . K .-'A-W! , - ' :,?"e X ,H ..,1',+""' if , ' 2.-x., if A. Ib 'Q ,. 5 A' Qu' X 'Q' A ..- . ""f":1+2fTI" I .-' X . N v 'W' F ,ix r- it A -4 1 N dbg ii V L -rl ' y., v 5, 4,4 A l . I Q .wfvf . n.'f' W V pf- 1421+-' ' ,.-.' ." s ."- ,, -"x"x v. ,-5 I k x ' -I ' -v 1 .- r vvv.',q , . 1-:..:3Li' g-v W7"'if4'35FQ 4- Lili. 1' ' 'f .r f - ' . .' ,Q :iv 1 ,f r D cs' 1 . .f -Rl' if-. '-aff' gf N ,.. 51 Q.- f,":1U", - . V"- , 5 . R . 9, . 4-. 'Mx-4.' ' ' r Q - Q, 94 :A Q! I . 1 ',- , n - -- g 5 A .Kyiv ,L ., P. 4 -,, . "ye , ' 25,5533 x.f"'?, :IE l J . aiu J' ' :I fu vu A V. N ff' , ' 'ITA ' f ' 54 3 , J? .iw V Q , yi . . A K uf- L 0 v ' I - l O sg' ' 5? H I :A ' 4 ' 1, L q '- -I L' . , Q "1 1 L 1 Q ' V231-4-: ,,, - L, ,A,, ,N-1:2 ' ' " A"- "Y 4---1... - vi Q- ' --.. .......--..a-1. ..."" x ! 5 .- ,.- i 1... il., -- 2 ix 'QOL , 0 :Yr 'Qin-- 0 Q. Q. 1 - 1 I 4 3' 5-1,- X- .f U K I xy- k'1' il .. ' 9-1121+ N ' 4 ', . ' 1 . x. ,-. x 5' 1 -ff' l I 'v Q" ..1' .I gg Riga. 9-t :-'H . 1, -,, , , . 1 - E nr' V" . 'X Q san- .. ' -Q . - . , . 5-J 'Q s M . f fi' " 'A-v 'gl , ' , .ef ' -,x'ii5! . w.-IG'8N' a Q x ql-'51 ff c" J ap' 2 xx ' . ix Lx. -I, x 5-U ' 1 Q 6 I A z rl , A- - 1 .W -- 2 ,fr 1 A 'P ' aff., - ge, ' , 'A 1 ya..-"- N.-K. aim E, ia wwf, ' - . f " .1,'i , 'a -in-q,,gg,..f, r- Jr- 1 ,..f:- --- , 'Q.A, 1 , , ' .-o . '..,. -"-qvvv n ,V is-. Q... .4 1955 old gold JAMES LOCKWOOD execu+ive edi+or DAVID CARRICK associafe edifor MARLYS McGARVEY business manager EDWIN HARRIS Iayouf edifor foreword: Xve looked, we thought . . . then we de- cided to make three changes in the format of the Urn Goin. First we changed the size to give us more room for group pictures and informal shots. Then we enlarged the traditions section and :irranged it so that the events of the year ap- pear in the order of their occurrence. lve di- vided this section into three parts-Spring, Fall and lvinter-and renamed it "The Year." YYe felt that the Ol'Q21l1lZllflUllS section could he improved so we added an informal picture lor each organization. lVe hope that these changes will make the ULD Ciorlm more memorahle. The Sfoff ond Advisor contents THE YEAR . . 14 ADMINISTRATION . . . 66 DEPARTMENTS . . 78 ACTIVITIES . . 94 ATHLETICS . . . . I40 ORGANIZATIONS . . . 180 GRADUATES . . . 254 COITIITIOYIS Cenfer of Campus Ac+ivi+y 'Bu W-N ima Y' 111111 rf'-L-'E' :gn MII Iiiiiii Afjrer Game Dancing x'.,w'3 .v knew-an-v...-. Dining in Hue Commons Reiaxinq on ine Mezzanine I,,, science labora+ory Facili+ies for Agriculfure, Chemisfry, Physics Sorfing Grain Disfilling Wafer Tesfing Elecfrical Equipmenf Looking Over Filmsfrips e o I V.. Reviewing Curreni Evenfs I0 S S OCIAL :Af V 7 Working in Speech Correcfion A '01, aucliforium Courses in English, Educa+ion and Social Science X . 1' ,.- - "4-ss-...,1,4 ' . Q, , ,iff - i::R591 s 'x ,kit-N'1 - ','.f'! Q L Q- 'WO Qs Q Y Ki, ? My .,... . u. Q , -V, .fs . ,,Q, ,:5,Lv,5f 00" '--- .1 -pil"- Bl Q54 'K vii fy I voc:a'rionaI Depar+men+s of Mafhemafics, Science and Home Economics Working in The Mafh Lab Checking The Finished Produdr Disecfing a Bobcelr fi , ,. 6 df- Q X X f 5 5 Q J" X X M l 'loft' fo u 'X W' 'o"W0 on 03" iq 0 i Q 7 E lr 'fc x , o 05 . ,fei 61,0 'fo 'J ,' fi ods' ejx :of 9.nQ flu' KJ 'i' 5 , ' 4 - li so 4' , , 0 O U iz. Q 4 1 .E- A 0 0 of: .'.s Kali 'I .N 'Q ' nfl 7 . . 0 , o 0 , soul, me Q U A I, . 'fel 4 Ifl 15 1.92.0 9 . n O 0 n . Q jgryir ' ',' J . v.. I-'Agia O Q I King George and Queen Barbara reign over Hue "Greek Hop." spring George Chambers, Phi Sigma Epsilon, and Barbara Norris, Tau Sigma Delta, reigned as king and queen of the Inter-Sorority and Fraternity Dance which was held April 10, in the Commons Ballroom. They were selected by an all-campus election held at the Cross- roads. "Greek Hop" was the theme of the dance. Decorations were bunnies adorned with Greek symbols and the official puddles of the nine sororities and four fraternities. llarilyn Rosene sang during the inter- mission, and Armand Baker was the master of cere- monies. Karl Dunn's dance band provided the music. "GREEK HOP" THEME OF FRATERNITY, SORORITY DANCE SPRING BRINGS MARDI GRAS TO TC "Come to the lllardi Gras," the old song says, and TClers did so for the third successive year. Reigning over the 1954 lllardi Gras activities were Queen Brenda Beneke and King Ron Brinkley, selected by the student body. Each organization which entered a concession booth was eligible to nominate two candi- dates for the royal ballot. Seventeen booths lined the midway with sidewalk cafes, golf links, and side-shows. This event, sponsored by the Social Life Committee, was highlighted by the awarding of a first prize to the best Concession, the Alpha Chi Epsilon and the Delta Delta Phi's House of Horror. Russ Hansen won a Hash camera as the door prize. The organizing com- mittee Consisted of Bob Jones, Darlene Larson, Frieda Sehlaman, Dennis Boyd, and Ruth Radloff. 'SN an Hail King Ron and Queen Brenda! Ken Rowe and Wes Sferner are barkers for the Sig Tau and Pi The+ boo+h. .-I 1 ' lf: 1? .".. . 1 . Q5 I , . A H' Qagi ' it l- 5 1' f ..,. ' ,,Ws:,g-,,f13w ,W gin' 2 Q3 53 ,W ,i as 'EW - Q i .,, y John Proctor defends himself agains+ the accusations of Deputy-Governor Danforrh and Abigail Williams. SPRING AND SUMMER PLAYS CONTRAST IN THEME Lord Porteous looks on as Lady Kitty fakes a senti- mental look a+ pictures of her girlhood. In the spring of 195-l the department of Languages, Speech and Literature presented Arthur KIiller's play, The Crzzribfv. It is based upon the Salem VVitch Hunt which was an authentic event in American history. The Crurilfla' presents many implications of our pres- ent-day problem of ignorance and superstition. Direc- tion was by Hazel Strayer and the stage setting was designed by Stanley XVood. Costumes were under the supervision of Ifvelyn VVood. In contrast to the seriousness of The Crucilzle, this department presented its summer play, The Cirrle, a comedy by Sommerset llaugham, which has come to be accepted as :1 masterpiece of modern drama. Direc- tion was by Stanley XVood, scenery by Norman Kaiser, and costumes were designed by Katherine Adamson. TC's OTHER OF THE DAY PRESENTED Each spring llother has her honored day, lXIother's Day, at Iowa State Teachers College. Registration be- gan the 1954 activities after which many organizations and dormitories held teas and open houses. lXIrs. Nlaurice Alborn, mother of Pat Alborn, was intro- duced by President llaucker as the llother of the Day at the afternoon variety show. She was presented a Hawaiian lei. The Commons served a special :Hoth- er's Day dinner, The llarlins water show and the spring play, The Cruribfv, climaxed Saturday's activi- ties. lXIother's Day Chapel was held Sunday morning and concluded a busy and memorable week-end. Amy Thuirer was general chairman of the committee which scheduled these events to give llom an opportunity to eat, sleep, and be entertained on campus. Congratulations are in order tor Mrs. Maurice Alborn and her daughter, Pat. y V , :'v .f ...,.f,w,.,,.s..,,,.,, 4..,a..,1f....,. Tfvq ' .ggi he 1 1:2 r, : 'J- e it ' s ,NM 3. 5 5 1 - x Wim . V President Maucker presents an orchid lei to "The Mother ot the Day." The Sig Tau's and the Pi The+'s provide some harmony. The All-College Sing is a tradition in which all or- ganizations on campus are invited to compete. This spring 17 groups entered the event. The winners were the Delta Delta Phi Sorority and the Alpha Chi Epsi- lon Fraternity. They sang "Deep River" and "The Lord's Prayer," arranged by Roger hlaxwell. Larry hlattox directed the group and hlarilyn Russell played the piano accompaniment. The Bartlett Hall Chorus and the Pi Theta Pi--Sigma Tau Gamma group tied for honorable mention. The judges were Ellen Aali- vik, hlrs. Karl Holvick, and VV. Keith hlacy, all of the music department. Sponsors were Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Blu Alpha Sinfonia, and the Social Life Committee. Charlene Guthridge was the general chairman. SEVENTEEN GROUPS COMPETE IN ALL-CAMPUS SING The Alpha Chi's and the Del+'s win first place in the All-College Sing. MARTERIE PLAYS FOR SPRING FORMAL Ralph Klarterie and his orchestra provided the mu- sic for the Spring Formal, lllay 22. This was the first time in several years that such a well known band has appeared at TC. lklarterie, sometimes known as "the Caruso of the trumpet," organized his seventeen piece orchestra only three years agog the group is now ranked as one ofthe leading new bands by disc jockies and music critics. Among lVIarterie's many presentations were "Once in a While," "Street Scene," "Caravan," and a concert version of "VVarsaw Concerto." About eight hundred students enjoyed the evening of infor- mal dancing. Jim lklaltby was master of ceremonies during the intermission. The Social Life Committee and Doris Long, serving as student chairman, planned the event. .rx Ralph Marterie "sends" the danc- ers with one of his renditions. fall m aaa-5 ,Ti- 4g 4 ff' 'ft ' Il 'ij' .A xx- x 1 ,I , .. h Q., .:, i -4:f:.,,. ,, Y Ha- - A V. cake- 139' A I ,, , ,.4e-'-La.:-1 .Lg4sl-,'il'Q.xs4"' I':!-v-, A new freshman s+udent ancl her family unload Iheir car and start fhe task of moving in. ORIENTATION ACTIVITIES Orientation week began llonday, September 6, as new students arrived and began to unload. That eve- ning they attended their first convocation. The hectic week continued the next day with the first sessions of placement tests. ln the evening the men attended a 1Ien's Lvnion dinner and A.XV.S. sponsored a Chuck- wagon Picnic for the women. XVednesday, after finishing their placement tests and registering, they enjoyed themselves at the square dance held on the women's tennis courts. Friday found these new students in their first TC classes. That evening at Church Night they were informed about TC's reli- gious activities. The Newcomers' Variety Show enter- tained new and old students Saturday. The following week was highlighted by the A.XV.S. Convocation and the Klatrrculation Convocation. The orientation program for women climaxed three weeks later as a cheering crowd of freshmen threw their green beanies in the air at the ofhcial decapping cere- mony. The men were initiated October 8, when they were required to wear their clothes backwards. They joined in a tug-of-war against the upper-classmen and later attended a mixer on the indoor Stadium track. Orientation activities were under the direction of the A.VV.S. and lIIen's Union Qrientation chairmen, Shirley llahannah and Neil Yer Hoef, and Don Kley- ers, lIIen's Union Traditions chairman. 22 INITIATE FRESHMEN A counselor gives her counselees some pointers on cam pus life. A facuH'y advisor approves a new sfu- den'r's schedule. CHECK Parf of regis+ra+ion af l.S.T.C. includes a quick pho+ogra ph. ,,4.J' The check-ou+ line comes a+ lasi' and regis+ra+ion is over. Dick Lieb, S+uden+ League Board presidenl, addresses fhe faculiy and s'l'uden+ body af fhe Fall Convocafion, 'Phe firsl' all-campus evenf 'For fhe year. Gene Laclcore leads in 'I'he group singing of "Deep and Wide" al' All-Campus Church Night Jenise Schnur presides a+ fhe A.W.S. Convoca+ion. S Hi li Facully members "s'real 'lhe show" a+ fhe Sfudenf-Faculiy Mixer. Performers reappear for +l1e New Comers' Variefy Show finale. Senior and S+uden+ Counselors model ap- propriafe a'Hire for chapel a+ +l1e Sfyle Slnow. L M' Newly orienlalecl women s+uden+s pledge +l1eir loyally +0 +l1e "liH'le green beanie" before clecapping Upper-classmen versus 'Freshmen +o climax 'I'l'1e men's ini+ia+ion-Backwards Day. TC DADS HAVE THEIR DAY Dzulm were hoiiorenl on the Iowa State Teachers College ezuiiplis on TCR Dzuhs Day, October Qrh. Orgzuiizzitiom :xml iloriiiitoriea helil coffee hours Sut- urrlzzy' nfteriiooii as the fathers hegzui to arrive. At 4:30 p.m. the clzuls were iiiviteil to see Il variety show in the Couiiiiom Hzillroom. After 11 special D:1c1's Dui' flimier prepzireei hy the Coiiiiiiom' fooml service, stil- fleiitx, fzitheix, :mil faculty were on hand for a non- eoiifereiiee foothzill game hetweeii TCR Pzuithers :incl , Drake. :Xt half-time XII: llzirshzill Torgersoii, ,Ierry's ilzui, was nzmiefl Dail of the Day. Informal flzmciiig in the Commons followerl the gzmie. D:ui'5 Day activities were eoiiehuleal on Suiiclziy with zi Npeeizll ehzlpel service. During the fall quarter the department of Lan- guages, Speech and Literature presented The Playboy of the W'esterrz Wyorld, a poetic Irish comedy by John lldillington Synge. The entire play takes place in a country public-house on the wild coast of llrlayo in which Snyge portrays the simple earthiness and vitality of the Irish people. Hazel Strayer directed this three act comedy and Stanley Wood was the designer and technician. Charlotte Lawton designed the costumes. Playboy Christy Mahon, played by Lyle Fisher woos Pegeen Mike iLaVonne Gross, with prom- ises ot a lite ot adventure and romance. IRISH COMEDY CHOSEN FOR FALL PLAY The village girls, played by Beverly Carpenter, Evelyn Psaros, Audrey Hayes, and Liana Christot- tersen, urge Christy Mahon to come with them and take part in "The Games." ' ' l .. r' There were symptoms of school spirit for the 195-l Homecoming week-end as early as Thursday night when enthusiastic snake dancers invaded the dormi- tories, Commons and the library. Students were excused from Friday afternoon classes at which time a pep rally was held on the lawn south of the Commons. Coach Starheck told the group what student-support means to a team, and Dr. Rath empha' sized the importance of real spirit. After the variety show Friday evening, the students gathered for a bon- fire hy the men's tennis courts. Crackling flames. cheering, and singing made the cider and doughnuts, which were served afterwards, taste especially good. The arrival ot Saturday brought many enthusiastic parade viewers to watch the variety of lloats, clowns, hands, and the Homecoming Queen and her attendants. The Homecoming enthusiasm was climaxed at the game with South Dakota C. Between halves Home- coming Queen Klary Conrad and her attendants were introduced to the game spectators. Although TC lost hy the close score of 3-l-33, everyone agreed it was a "thriller." Saturday evening found TC students and "alums" dancing to the music of jimmy Smith and his orchestra. Homecoming events were concluded on Sunday with a Homecoming Chapel and Concert. Cheerleaders lead a snake dance to inifiate cuf day 54 Dr. Rafhuexplains fhe importance of Cheerleaders bring on the players 'through a student tunnel af the Homecoming game. If 30 school splril' to fhe Homecoming crowd Q 9 Alpha V . V V I, ,,-....- -- AI .:,,.,Q.""' -'F-,,,,,..,--f"l' Lambda Gam slaves pull fheir firsl' place floaf. Campbell Hall exhibifs fhe winning house decora+ions. Chi's lake second place honors in fhe floaf con+es+. , ,211 i Campus ofiicers serve supper +o s+uden+s on "cu'r day." The performers receive +he iasf round of applause af+er H-me Homecoming Variefy Show. P .I 1, A S+uden+s and "alums" enioy Hue Homecoming Dance on Sa+urday night yvifa aw-L0 'nr' U ,- D ,," .3 Homecoming Queen Mary Conrad graciously accep+s +he honor and flowers presenfed 'l'o her. 4? Queen Mary reigns over 'rhe I954 Homecoming evenis. LECTURE-CONCERT PRESENTS READINGS AND OPERA Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn One of the foremost acting couples of the American stage, Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn, brought forth enthusiastic responses from a packed auditorium on the first night of the regular Lecture-Concert Series. They presented a delightful program of varied reading ex- cerpts fl'OIl1 many selections of both prose and drama. The program ranged all the way from "Hamlet', to "Streetcar Named Desire" and was designed to satisfy all tastes. The program was described as exceptional and was greeted with genuine applause. The second in the series of the Lecture-Concerts at the college featured the Goldoysky Theater which pre- sented the famous English version of Rossini's opera, "Barber of Seville." The cast and orchestra for the performance were made up entirely of members of the theater group founded in 1946 by Goldoysky, The performance was judged as "first-rate" by members of the college music faculty. Goldovsky Thea+er TC DANCE -- DOGPATCH STYLE Couples, literally clothed in rags, were dressed ap- propriately for the traditional Sadie Hawkins Day, November 19th. The featured event was a dance in the Commons Ballroom, Dogpatch style. Highlights of the evening were the many mock weddings performed by Marryin' Sams, Fred Loffredo and Gus Gattog picture taking by a Dogpatch photographerg refresh- ments, and a contest for best costumes. Donna Isaac- son and "Swede" Rosene won first place and received tickets for the Christmas formal. Bobby Andrews' or- chestra provided the music. Bud Ball was chairman of the event sponsored by the Social Life Committee. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA PRESENTS JAZZ CONCERT Phi Klu Alpha Sinfonia presented "Dimension in jazz No. 6" on November 22nd and 23rd in the col- lege auditorium. Dean Landfear, who has his own disk jockey show on XVKIT, Cedar Rapids, acted as master of ceremonies for both performances. The mu- si-: of well-known American jazz artists was featured with special arrangements hy members of the Beta Nu Chapter of Phi llu Alpha Sinfonia. Larry llattox, P. bl. Kleliehar, Darrell Seott, and Bill Olson were in charge of arrangements. Special guests were vocalists Betty Olinger, a freshman student, and Roger llax- well, a TC alumnus. 36 i Bud Boughfon, Armand Baker, John An- dersen, and Norm Egli sing at fhe Jazz Concert. FACULTY HAS FIRST OF THREE YEARLY DANCES Under the co-chairmanship of Dr. and illrs. Lyman Peck, the faculty dance club arranged the fall quarter formal for faculty members. Since it was organized in 1952, this club has arranged three dances yearly, all of which are formal. At the fall formal, faculty members danced to the music of the jamvets. Intermission en- tertainment featured lyliss Ellen Aakvik at the piano. Particularly enjoyed by the faculty was the game "What's Bly Father's Linef' in which a panel tried to guess the fathers' occupations of various faculty mem- bers. winter lllembers of the Alpha Chi Epsilon fraternity, Delta Delta Phi sorority, and Lawther Hall Chorus heralded the forthcoming Christmas season at the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. This was the first of the many traditional holiday festivities. Students and faculty huddled together on the south lawn of the Commons as President lllaucker flicked the switch which set aglou' the Christmas tree lights, Near the tree a nativ- ity scene took on a deeper meaning as carolers sang the seasonal favorites. Mr. Redner and instrumentalists lead student carolers. TREE LIGHTING HERALDS CHRISTMAS SEASON The Alpha Chi's, Delt's, and Lawther Chorus carol to the students at the close ot the tree lighting ceremony. 'i N suv A - F:-.!, - ' 'f :ZTQQHI mx sixffqyggt E, ' -A W - 9:4 5' J 'YM , ' 4 fig X Q .. fs xx Q li - Q82 ws, vi 1' s --2. -A 'T' Fllllwi g, I Ml - A Less. l ELF' ,I -wfglml 1 Q ' ja ,,, xv 3. tsl! 45 ' ',a.lf.': A, fin I h' ,' -, 'i.N-- I' I Q X 'Q .Ji ,Ag 4 Ki' X..,'- ' gl..-' Q' . Xia, -,' Q Q wiv 'QA , Q -X6 x N ia' ff' ' 5 'x f SOCIAL LIFE "THROWS" SNOW BALL Social Life "throws'l snow ball-hguratively speak- ing, that is. Sponsored by the Social Life Committee, the Christmas formal had chosen for its theme, "Snow Ballf' Greeting the winter quarter at the dance, TC students and friends danced around the specially con- structed snowball decoration in the center of the Coni- mons ballroom floor. Dancing under soft lights to the music of Larry Barrett and his orchestra, TC'ers agreed that the dance was very successful. 5 Q , TWO ORATORIOS PRESENTED AT CHRISTMAS CONCERT For the annual Christmas concert, the department of Klusie presented the oratorio "Childhood of Christ" in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of thc Composer, Berlioz. In addition, there was the tradi- tional presentation of Handel's "ll'Iessiah." About 200 of TC's vocalists and instrumentalists united their talents during many hours of rehearsing to make the program a success. Dr. Nlyron Russell conducted the oratorio chorus and the College symphony orchestra while an appreciative audience looked on. - ,. -'M Sfudents and faculty eat Christmas dinner together in the Commons dining room. TC'ERS ENJQY CHRISTMAS DINNER AND CAROLING Honorary music fra+erni'I'ies sing Chris+mas carols +o TC s+uden+s. Turkey and all the trimmings were served Decem- ber l-l-, by the Commons food service for the tradi- tional TC Christmas dinner to which students, faculty and members of the staff were invited. lllore than 1,800 people enjoyed the meal, Following the dinner, Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Blu Alpha Sinfonia, hon- orary musie fraternities, presented Z1 carol concert in in the Commons ballroom. "NOT BY BREAD ALONE" THEME OF RELIGION WEEK During Religion-in-Life YVeelc, January 9 to 12, a campus-wide effort was made to present to students and faculty the religious values in life. The theme was "Not By Bread Alone," and the leaders were Dr. VVilliam Donald Il, Reverend Robert Larson, Father lllanternach, and Rabbi YValter Plaut. The week opened with College Chapel on Sunday with Dr. Donald speaking. Highlights of the week's activities were the fireside chats in the Georgian Lounge, informal Buzz Sessions in the dorms, an All- College Convocation, lllorning llleditations in the Rabbi Plaut, Dr. William Donald, Dr. Bernhard, Reverend Robert Donald, Father Malernaclt and Marybelle Chase plan the religious activities schedule. college auditorium, and classroom sessions. Activities were brought to a close by an All-Campus Communion Service in the auditorium. This annual event is pre- sented by the Religion-in-Life Commission of the Stu- dent Council of Religious Activities. The college clergy awail' the communion service. The shepherds and shepherdesses dance gauly un a woodland glen. MUSIC DEPARTMENT PRESENTS TWO COMIC OPERAS Two short comic operas were presented by the de- partment of hlusic this year. The first, lXIozart's "Bastien and Bastiennef' was the fanciful story of two lovers who had a misunderstanding and the sorcerer who brought them together again. The part of Bastien was sung by Barbara Priest, Bastienne by Sylvia Lar- son and Alphy Adams, and the sorcerer by Dave Liljegren. The second opera, "Comedy on the Bridge" by Klar- tinu, depicted several people who were trapped on a bridge by two opposing armies. All had humorous per- sonal problems to solve while the battle roared around them. The lead roles were sung by Beverly Hilmer, John Van Epps, Jerry lX'IcRoberts, hlary lWcClure and Keith llloreland. The soldiers were played by Dave Liljegren, Russell King, Richard Frantz and hlal Brinker. WARFIELD AND CERF. WINTER CONCERT PERFORMERS William Warfield The third in the series of Lecture Concerts featured llr. Bennett Cerf, a gentleman who braved both ice and snow and foul weather to make his scheduled ap- pearance at Iowa State Teachers College. After being unable to make an appearance the previous year be- cause of the before mentioned bad weather, he brought to the college audience a warm smile and an evening of enjoyable humor. Cerf lived up favorably to the repu- tation already gained through his writing and his ap- pearance ou the well-known TY program, "XVhat's My Line," Perhaps one of the most impressive performers of the 195-l-1053 Lecture Concert Series, both on and off the stage, was Klr. lVilliam Vvarfield, famous Negro baritone. lVarfield, already world renowned from his appearances in the opera and movies, held the audience A emotionally bound with selections from both classical and light opera. His program was concluded with the inevitable "Old Klan River" from the movie, "Show Boat," which literally brought down the house. Benne-H' Cerf Mrs. F.D.R. graciously mee+s the TC student body at a reception in the Georgian lounge a'H'er her lecfure. MRS. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT VISITS TC The fifth in this year's series of Lecture-Concerts featured an address by lVIrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, "Do Americans Fancy World Leadership." Although llrs. Roosevelt is kept extremely busy with touring engage- ments, column and book writing, and keeping up on world events, TC found her to be a most cordial, warm-hearted woman. After giving her lecture in the college auditorium on February 15, lXIrs. Roosevelt at- tended a reception given in her honor in the Georgian lounge where she met and shook hands with her many TC admirers. The Apollo Boys' Choir presented a concert during the spring quarter. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt ALL-COLLEGE AUCTIONS FUND HITS NEW HIGH Ron Roslcens auctioneers while Mr. McCue and Miss Wilson appear on stage after switching attire. "Sis" Siemens asks Dr. Brothers to "Give Me A Little Kiss, Will Ya, Huh?" The All-College Auction is another traditional event on the l.S.T.C. campus. Faculty members, students and organizations donate everything from wire sculp- ture to Turkish massages to be bid on by enthusiastic buyers. The sky was the limit, and all the funds were given to disease fighting associations. Auctioneer, Ron Roskins with his "triple tonguedu bark, stimulated buyers to keep bidding higher, and as a result, TC broke all previous records for collecting money at the annual auctions. Coeds demonstrate the latest dancing techniques with C. T. Leavitt, M. J. Nelson and C. l.. Starbeclc. Ralph Flanagan, his 13 piece orchestra, vocalists Kee Largo, Johnny Amoroso, Val lllartinez and Flanagan's Ralph Flan696n'5 V0CallS+- Kee I-GTQO. Sings +0 6 FSCGP- Flatbush Five presented a concert in the Teachers five TC audience. College auditorium on February S. lXIr. Flanagan is known to many as "America's No. l Band Leader." Qne of his numbers that was received with great en- thusiasm by the TC audience was "VVhen the Saints Come lllarching ln." lllr. Flanagan chose the four OLD GOLD Beauty Queens during the intermission. All ten beauty finalists were invited to be his back- stage concert guests. FLANAGAN PRESENTS CONCERT AND CHOOSES QUEENS Mr. Flanagan and fhe beau+y finalis+s enjoy a backsfage get-+oge+her during intermission. Of fhe 79 en+ries in 'Hue OLD GOLD Beauty Confesf, fhese 25 were judged finalists. OLD GOLD BEAUTY AND POPULARITY CONTEST A yearly winter event at TC is the OLD QEOLD Beau- ty and Popularity Contest. Of 79 beauty entries, 25 were judged finalists to be put on the all-campus ballot. Of these 25, the student body narrowed the candidates to ten finalists. During the intermission of the Flana- gan Concert, llr. Flanagan selected, with some dili- culty, the four beauty queens. Of the 25 popularity candidates sponsored by various organizations, the stu- dent body directly elected four winners. The winners of both the beauty and popularity contests were an- nounced during the intermission of the OLD QEOLD Beauty Dance by enicee Larry lviedmeyer. Beau+y candida+es anxiously awaif +he confesf judging held in Gilchrisi' Hall. Candidafes Be++y Vance, Gloria Johnson, Brenda Benelce and Joan Plummer were chosen by Ralph Flanagan as +he l955 OLD GOLD beaufy winners. Elecied by +he s+uden+ body are popu- lari+y winners Mary Ru'l'h Culberf, "Teg- gie" Fuiimura, Ron Brinkley and Gus Gallo. Miss Gloria Johnson HUMBOLDT, IOWA 5I ,,,,, ,Ag OLD GOLD BEAUTY Miss Joan Plummer LE MARS, IOWA is i 2 si:-,az-:EW AW. wig Y w x., as Miss BeH'y Vance MORAVIA, IOWA 53 Miss Mary Conrad LUCAS IOWA ,Q -fm-si A , F A1-,. A Y ,, q . , y - :f ,Q it, ,.f. ,K ": ' - -1 K fs ' ' 4-H .S .. i A Miss Jeannine Lo'F'I'us FORT DODGE, IOWA BEAUTY COURT ' Miss Jane? PlaH'e WAVERLY, IOWA Miss Barbara Teig AMES, IOWA Miss Joan Su'Ffern OELWEIN, IOWA x L . .15 5- - --xy.. - -, 9' 49' 'u Miss Anna May Wes+phal A A '-'Q'-,.-km: :'- '3'2.f':?:8"'1,rg ' , .':3,1-4,415.23 5' vi' . :I w.1,:,:,5: 1 . u, - - , , , ' Z, '- ' A, . . 1, CEDAR FALLS, IOWA Q. Ron Brinkley DES MGINES, IOWA SPONSORED BY SEERLEY HALL b . Mary Rufh Culberi' MARION, IOWA SPONSORED BY LAWTI-IER HALL OLD GOLD POPULARITY OLD GOLD POPULARITY Teggie Fuiimura WAIALUA, OAHU, HAWAII SPONSORED BY BARTLETT HALL Gus GaHo CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA SPONSORED BY NEWMAN CLUB Emcee Larry Wnedmeyer m+roduces the beauty queens selected by Ralph Flanagan. CLD GOLD SPONSORS BEAUTY DANCE An annual TC event held after the OLD GOLD Beauty and Popularity Contest is the OLD GOLD Beauty Dance. This year's theme was "February Fairylandf' The unusual decorations created by Ed Harris featured paper birds in balloon-suspended hoop and string cages. Couples danced to the music pro- vided by Vance Dixon and his orchestra. During the intermission, emcee Larry VViedmeyer, who was in charge of the OLD CEOLD Beauty and Popularity Contest, introduced the ten beauty finalists, four of whom he announced to be the OLD GOLD beauty winners as selected by Ralph Flanagan. The four winners of the popularity contest, elected by the student body, were also announced. Roses were given to the beauty winners, and the popularity winners re- ceived gifts. Additional intermission entertainment in- cluded two numbers by the "Four Collegiansl' quarter, Bud Houghton, Armand Baker, john Andersen and Norman Egli. Chairman of the dance committee was llflickey llflc- Garvey. Committee members were Larry Wiedmeyer, Edwin Harris, Nlary Lehrer, Norman Walter and Gloria Johnson. l Tegeus, fhe Roman guard played by John Andersen, and Dynamene, lhe widow lElizabel'h Billlel drink a 'ioasl' 1-0 life. assisfed by Doro lLiane Chrisiof- fersenl, who approves of leaving Deafh and +he Tomb.. TWO ONE-ACT WINTER PLAYS BY FRY .ln Evening with Christopher Fry, produced in Feb- ruary, included two poetic comedies by this British dramatist. J Phoenix Too Frequent is laid in ancient Rome, and The Boy lfith il Cart has medieval Eng- land for its setting. Fry usually expresses himself in the form of comedy but his comic spirit is founded on serious themes. He is concerned with the mystery of life and death and the redeeming nature of love. lNIod- ern critics have welcomed him as the most refreshing and stimulatingvoice to be heard on the stage today. l A kindly villager lKenne+h Rowel invi-ies 1-he Boy lRober+ Hellandl and his mo+her lEvelyn Psarosl fo +ake up permanenl' residence. Betty Vance crowns Del Nicklaus the "most eligible bachelor." WOMAN'S WORLD --THEME OF FEMMES FANCY This year's "Femmes Fancy" entitled "lt's a VVom- an's YVorld" featured entertainment and decorations Covering literally the whole Hworldf' Bobby Andrews and his orchestra played for the informal dance. This is one of the two events during the year to which the young ladies may invite the elusive young bachelor of their choice. Awards for the most original eorsage and "most eligible baehelorn were presented during the course of the evening's activities. Each woman pays the expense and presents her bachelor with his eorsage. The most original eorsage was made by Shirley Gard- ner for Richard Starr. Del Nicklaus was declared TC's 'lmost eligible baehelorf' Dick S+arr's corsage, made by Shirley Gardner, wins firsi prize. if -:n'-55':"'- -5 if'-Q 4. 'A ' 53' 1" U 5 3 F, Q Q, ,I fy "oxN ? 4' 'NES-1' is 'Kl- r T B ai CAMPUS RADIO STATION MAKES TESTS Plans for a campus radio station, KYTC, Know Your Teachers College, went into testing stages during January and February of 1955 when a booster unit was installed in Bartlett Hall for testing purposes. After a year of planning and equipment building, the campus radio committee saw their plans go into initial operations. The transmitter, situated in llflr. Hake's radio and TV studios, was built by Ed VVest with sug- gestions from NIL lllatala of the Industrial Arts de- partment. VVith the cooperation of Bartlett Hall listeners, the testing equipment was perfected enough that the cam- pus radio committee approved the ordering of addi- tional equipment necessary to provide transmitting fa- cilities to the remaining dormitories. When and if put into daily operation, the station, staffed by students, will be used for a laboratory for those students inter- ested in this area of communication. Marilyn Turnquisl' interviews assisfanl' regisfrar Merrill Funk about prereglsfrahon LIBRARY HOME OF FACT AND FICTION The Teachers College library has long been a center of study, research, and reading. XVirh the addition of the graduate degree the excellent resources of the building have been used more than ever. Students gather there to use references and collect material and ideas for papers, projects and classes. You can always find someone escaping the wear and tear of classes and studies by reading a good novel or magazine. The fourth floor, housing the college museum, has every- thing from stuffed moose to Indian relics. VVhether you are checking a date, making a date or meeting a date it can be and is done at the library. ,.-f .-' aw 65 I i S A W 3 4 1 2 I! administration 1 67 WN5Wq WM PRESIDENT STRIVES FOR "DEDICATED COMMUNITY" President yl. YV. III:iucker, fifth president of Iowa State Teachers College. assumed the responsibilities of college :ulministrative head in September of IQSO. In the past live years Dr. XIaucl4er has not only served as a capable representative of the college to the public and the State Board of lfducation, but has also proved to be a true leader to thousands of young men and women who will teach or are teaching in the classrooms today. Dr. Klaucker has devoted a large share of his life to the improvement of the American system of education. He believes that students, faculty, and administration of ilieachers College should strive to make the college a "dc-ilicateil community," a community dedicated to the service of society through the improvement of one of its basic social institutions-the public school. Dr. IXIaucker has said, "Our most important task is to develop a unity of spirit, a unifying sense of mission -and that unifying concept for us lies in recognition of a fundamental obligation to support, interpret, and assist in the improvement of the American system of free public schools." Since his graduation in 1033 from Augustana Col- lege, Rock Island, Illinois, Dr. hlauclcer has met the obligation from more than one direction. He received his master of arts and doctor of philosophy degrees from the State University of Iowa, where he worked as a graduate assistant in education. His experience as an educator-researcher includes former positions as re- search assistant in tests and measurements, assistant professor of education, extension specialist, superin- tendent's assistant, and personnel research officer in the Bureau of Naval Personnel. Dr. Martin J. Nelson Dean oi lhe Colleqe, Dean oi Instruction ADMINISTRATION HAS NEWLY CREATED FIELD SERVICE College administration procedures were facilitated during the past year with the creation of a field service division coordinating the activities of the extension ser- vice, placement bureau, alumni bureau, public school relations and radio-television. Under the new plan, the number of administrative officers reporting directly to President VV. hlaucker is reduced from 11 to four, providing better integration of related activities and speeding steps in policy making. The divisions of student personnel service, instruc- tion, and business and plant continue largely under the same organization, with a few changes being made for better correlation of activities. Dr. Daryl Pendergraft is head of the field service division. Other division heads are Dr. Paul Bender, dean of studentsg Dr. ll-'I. J. Nelson, -dean of instruc- tion and dean of the collegeg and Phillip Jennings, business manager. Included under the division of field services are Dr. Pendergraftg Herbert V. Hake, director of radio and television, Dr. Raymond J. Schlicher, director of the placement bureaug lllilo Lawton, assistant in charge of alumni activitiesg Richard Rowray, public school re- lations counselor, and Robert E. Davis, radio assistant. Dr. Joseph Gamet, director of the student health service, passed on in mid-February. Dr. Gamet had headed the college health division since 1945 when he came here from Janesville, VVisconsin, where he was on the staff of a clinic. Dr. William C. Lang wl ..,..smamra Coorclinalor of Curriculum, Assislanl io Dean of lnsiruclion Dr. Marshall R. Beard Regislrar "M-.q.a" 'N-1 Dr. Tom A. Lamlce Coorclinaior of Research, Assisianl' +0 Dean of Inslruclion L Q... Dr. Paul F. Bender Dean of Sfudenfs Dr. Daryl Pendergra'F+ Diredor of Field Services ' 1 A i I 1 aw ' 1 Dr. Marian McBrair Associafe Dean of Sfuderfrs 'Wi 1 1 ,Fu Dr. Paul C. Kelso Coordinelor of Sludenl Counseling i 4 I 1 l I 1 i . i A Philip C. Jennings Business Manager and Secrelrary H. V. Hake Diredror ol Radio and Television ii 'll YY' W , li ll Kfi Xf' 'YP Dr. Raymond J. Schlicher Direc+or of 'rlme Placemenl Bureau Eldon E. Cole Direcfor of Deparlmenlr of Physical Planf George H. Holmes Direc+or of College Relalions 1 .4 f S .JK V vas- l ' Q 4-qi 1 . I ' see ck Nr.:-mfr' Dr. Herberf M. Silvey Direcror of Research Dr Harold E Bernhard Dlrecfor of The Bureau of Rehgnous Achvmes Dr. Joseph H. Gamef Direcror of Healfh Service X "-sy Margaref Fi+zgerald Direcror of Food Service X "Nw-.g,f, -X QNX 'F , ,RQX ns , . YW V Head Librarian .H .i-,,r.J,?V7H.:V ,V.V Y - Donald O. Rod ui' iw nl -Y ' Qld? in Dr. Guy Wagner Direcfor of Curriculum Laborafory 76 X V A mon+hly even+ for TC faculiy members is a mee+ing in which 'rhey help clel-ermine some of 'lhe educarional policies ol' 'rhe college. GRADUATE COUNCIL-Lang, Rod, Thompson, Nelson, Bishop, Russell, Reninger, Van Engen, and Beard, noi picfurecl. The Graduafe Council makes decisions concerning siandards and policies relaling fo 'I'he func+ioning ancl improvemenl' o'F +he new gradua+e program. 77 E E Y A 5 Q, 2 E 2 5 9 F z 1 MQ? fa .gg ' gin Vfffffffsfg Lf '17 .z fillezi X35 r , -A .r 4w16nhVfv10rf8fc2:!2Alv,fMM ww num.: X my nf ff Q 'S ,im-dwawwai :mai w.M47.4,,4.,7,7aN fb, X 5 s Q Si 4. 1 i 'Q 2? ,s Q 4, ,ow .. 3 wk- me Q A '- W' M.. ,IM- we 'fin -fiv sg ., ,Q I N: 'L , . . , '-A-' , 'ww-agua, ,, 4-ff., f ' -f " o V "?5?ww,, partments 79 vit ,, ART-ROW I: D. Delafielcl, H. GUILLAUME, C. Herrold, R. Haskell. ROW 2: C. Fowler, J. Page, P. Smith, G. Pappas, K. Gcgel. ART PRESENTS VARIOUS EXHBBITS Dr. Harry G. Guillaume looks over +he projects +ha+ Nancy Hicks and John Roche are working on in his Man and Materials class. Q. 9 my Every student has the opportunity at some time to become acquainted with the Art department through the general education course called Klan and llate- rials. An attempt is made here to develop an under- standing of the relationships between art expression and the Clllflll'C' in which it was developed, with em- phasis on modern art. Other courses offered by the Art department include basic drawing, designing with materials, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and metal and jewelry work. In addition, specialized Courses are of- fered for elementary teachers. During the year the Art department sponsored nine exhibitions. BUSINESS EDUCATION HAS VARIED TRAINING The department of Business Education trains stu- dents in all a1'eas of business from administration and accounting, through advanced secretarial education. A comfortable and pleasant working atmosphere is pro- vided in business education courses by modern ollice machines, cheerful blond classroom furniture, posture chairs, and adjustable typewriting desks. Business edu- cation students also have the opportunity for actual work experience in offices and stores. Dr. Lloyd Douglas ins+ruc+s Mary Heisler and Rurh Bergman in +he filing duhes of sfudeni' assisfanfs in Ihe depar+men+al of fice. , BUSINESS EDUCATION-ROW I: A. Lebeda L DOUGLAS K Humphrey ROW 2 J Blanford P Haines MarieHa. kd 'Z -3 3 K7 EDUCATION-ROW I: E. Boehlie, C. BISHOP, N. Hampfon, M. Buswell. ROW 2: E. Hulf, R. Balmer, M. Price. E. Denny H Knutson ROW 3: W. Silvey, H. Riebe, G. Rhum, O. Thompson, E. Ferneau, A. Brown. EDUCATION STAFF CONDUCTS FIVE CONFERENCES This year the department of Education began the direction of the Educational Clinic with the assistance of Dr. Kliles V. Zintz. The clinic works with reme- dial problems of children and acts as a referral agency for college students who desire help. Dr. Albert Ceck- er, a clinical psychologist, and two graduate assistants, Klr. Ron Roskens and Klrs. Sylvia Hazama, joined the staff this year. llemhers of the staff conducted five conferences: the lflementary Tfducation Conference, the Secondary Tfducation Conference, the Elementary and junior High School Principals and Supervisors Conference, the American junior Red Cross Confer- ence, and the Parent-Teacher Conference. Two work- shops, The Teaching of Reading and The Junior High Curriculum, were held last summer. Dr. Clifford Bishop and Dr. Albert Uecker look on as Dr. Miles Zintz demons+ra+es +he newly purchased Key stone Flash-mefer. .x f O Dr. Elisabefh Sufherland and Lavonne Wenger watch Joan Landman pu+ fhe finishing 'touches on her ginger- bread house. The purpose of the Home lfconomics department is to provide a well balanced background for the future teachers of home economics. The areas covered in this department are relationships in the home, textiles and clothing, foods and nutrition, and methods of teaching home economics. The home-management house is in full operation again this year and provides practical experience on campus. Another program begun this year is the nursery school for use in child development classes. This plan facilitates learning about children and provides a nursery school for near-by children, many of whom are residents of Sunset Village. HOME EC. OPERATES HOME-MANAGEMENT HOUSE HOME ECONOMICS-ROW I: R. Allen, E. Shores, L. Buckingham. ROW 2: J. Yeager. O. Holliday, E. SUTHERLAND. 4? 3 be I I S INDUSTRIAL ARTSiROW I: H. REED. ROW 2: W. Wagner, H. Palmer. ROW 3: R. Mafala, E. Crosby, L. Wright. INDUSTRIAL ARTS EMPHASIZES PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE Practical education and experience are stressed in the Industrial Arts department where instruction is of- ferecl in technical drziwing, graphic arts, electricity and radio, metzilwork, XI'O0lIXYOl'IC, :incl transportation. Be- sides teaching these courses, various members of the staff :llso serve the schools of the state throughout the school year as consultants through the Extension Ser- vice. During the coming sunnner session, the clepzirt- ment plans to offer two worl-zshops, each two weeks in length, in zultlition to the regularly offered courses in ilrnwing, inetzilwork, Illlll XVO0LIXI'0l'Ii. Dr. Howard Reed demonslrafes +he proper mefhod of sharpening a bif as Frank Carfhey looks on. LANGUAGES, SPEECH AND LITERATURE NEWLY FORMED LANGUAGE, SPEECH AND LITERATURE-ROW l: E. McDavi'H', M. B. Smith, H. Strayer, H. RENINGER, E. Miller, W. Fagan, L. Wagner. ROW 2: E. Maurer, E. Fossum, M. Hanawalr, T. Thompson, R. Flowers, A. Hanson. ROW 3: J. Schaefer, J. Fox, E. Smith, H. Bernhard, D. Williams, J. Cowley, L. Taylor. Dr. H. W. Reniger discusses future graduate work with Paul Sfanwood, graduafing English maior. ii' x The department of Languages, Speech and Litera- ture is a new department which incorporates three for- rner departments: English, Speech, and Foreign Lan- guages. During the year a committee has been working on the development of a new communications program of which the first two pilot courses may be taught dur- ing the fall quarter of 1955. Dr. Josef Fox presented a course in Humanities HI, "Ancient Times to the Renaissance," on station VVOI-TV. The department sponsors two interest organizations, the Speech Activi- ties Club under Dr. Lillian R. VVagner, and College Players, directed by Miss Hazel Strayer. Six faculty members received a raise in rank, effective September, 195-l. 1 i 1 if llainy iinprovements have been made in the college lIbl'2ll'j' this year. The inside of the building received n thorough repainting. The old ezlrd catalogues were re- placed :intl new fluorescent lighting was installed. Al- most one hundred new subscriptions were added to the periotlieul list and twelve years each of the Nvzz' Yorl' YIIIIIKX :intl the Drs .Iloimx Rrgistw- were zulcletl to the inierolilni files. Thur more students are making use of the improved facilities is evidenced by the fact that en- rollinent in library orientation classes has doubled since last year. Donald Rod and Sandra Eisele read a microfilm proiecfion of a newspaper. LIBRARY SCIENCE IMPROVES FACILITIES LIBRARY SCIENCE-ROW I: L. McCusker, E. Mullins, G. Voelker, A. McLeod, M. Dieferich. ROW 2: E. Noonan, F. Cram, D. ROD, I. Harl, R. Johnson, M. Fullerton. Q MATHEMATICS-ROW I: A. Schurrer, F. Lott, G. Gibb. ROW 2: L. Peck, H. VAN ENGEN, I. Brune. MATHEMATICS SPONSORS SUMMER WORKSHOPS Dr. Henry Van Engen demonstrates the opera tion of the quadrafrix to John Newton, Sallly McCartney, and Mary Ploog. Faculty members of the llathematics department have been busy both here on campus and in national activities. During the summer, workshops in arith- h an metic and secondary mathematics brought visiting lec- I turers to our campus. Dr. H. Van Engen was ap- pointed editor of Zllathenzatics Teacher, the official journal of the National Council of Teachers of llath- ematics. Dr. Glenadine Gibb completed her third year as a member of the Board of Directors of the Central Association of Science and Mathematics Teachers and also received her doctorate from the University of VVis- consin. Several members of the department presented papers at national meetings and wrote articles which were published in various mathematics magazines. Dr. Lyman C. Peck and Dr. Augusta Schurrer were pro- moted from the rank of "instructor" to that of "assis- tant professor." 'Ar-,. f 1" Siu' 4-Q.-, MUSIC ROW I J Birlchead E Bock O Barlt r M RUSSELL J Maxwell J. Mauclr. ROW 2: A. Reclner, R. Horcl, F. Hill, E. Aalxvilr, W. Latham K Holvik R Baum ROW? J Burns W Macy W Coleman R Ruegnifz, H. Holsf, M. Howe. i MUSIC PRESENTS MANY CONCERTS A highlight in the year's activities of the the Klusic department was the presentation at Christmas of "The Childhood of Christ," by Berlioz. This presentation, featuring student soloists, was given in addition to HI1I1LlCliS "lIessiah" which the orchestra, choruses, and faculty soloists present annually. The department also sponsored several orchestra, band, and choral concertsg operasg faculty and student recitalsg and, in coopera- tion with Phi Blu Alpha Sinfonia national honorary inusic fraternity, the illusic department sponsored the annual jazz conce1't. Dr Myron Russel conducts 'rhe orchesfra as if prepares or 'the Messiah. 'if 5 MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION-ROW I: L. MENDENHALL, A. Dickenson, C. Sfarbeclr, W. Koll. ROW 2: W. Whirford, J. Clark, S. Hall. MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION TRAINS COACHES L. L. Mendenhall clemons+ra+es +o Tom Holmberg and Bob Hansmeier, members of his games class, +he proper me+h- od of stroking the handball. In addition to its specialized program of training I future coaches, the department of lX'Ien's Physical Edu- cation provides physical activities for all men students, The main areas in physical education covered are recre- ational leadership, supervision of physical education and fundamentals of different sports such as football, basketball, wrestling, and track. Klr. Stanley Hall was 3 added to the staff this year as basketball coach, re- placing Hon Nordly. WOMEN'S PHYS. EDUCATION SPONSORS MANY CLUBS Dr. Jean Bonfz poin+s ou+ an importani' technique in playing badminton +o Marjorie Simonsen, Lucille Miller, and Martha Marsh. The department of Physical Education for VVomen offers a broad instructional and recreational program. The opportunity to participate in a wide variety of leisure-time activities is provided by classes in individ- ual and team sports, aquatics, and rhythmic activities, and by a program of recreational swimming, winter sports, and provision of picnic facilities. The depart- ment also sponsors several interest organizations in- cluding the Physical Education Club which is open to all physical educational majors and minorsg Orchesisg Klarlinsg and YVomen's Recreation Association. WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION-ROW I: S. Winsburg, M. BuHerwor+h, J. BONTZ, W. Wesley, G. VanNess. ROW 2: T. Shor+, B. Swanson, E. Crawford, D. Moon. ' J ' - .. .JA2 1? rip sq. 3-Q2 ' 531 Y' ' b -iz EF ' ,-Marty 5 SCIENCE-ROW I: M. Grant, R. Getchell, C. LANTZ, E. Cable, H. Rath, E. Smith. ROW 2: H. Fowler, R. Rogers, P. Sauer, C. Mc- Collum, M. Uttley, W. Poppy, J. Shannon. ROW 3: J. Kercheval, C. Brothers, E. Wittlalre, H. Nelson, O. Reece, L. Winier. SCIENCE SPONSORS CONSERVATION CAMP Dr. C. W. Lantz examines bacterial cultures with Mary Hurlbul' and Charles Anderson. The Science department includes the fields of agri- culture, biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. Special attention is given to conservation education in the field work offered at the Iowa Teachers Conserva- tion Camp at Springbrook State Park. In recognition of the work done at this camp, the National Associa- tion of Conservation Education presented the college a certificate award this year for "outstanding leadership in advancing conservation education." Other special projects for the year were a Science Fair, an Atomic Energy Workshop, and a Field Natural History Course covering the Northwestern section of the United States. The college was also a host this spring to the lllidwest College Science Teachers. SOCIAL SCIENCE PLANS EUROPEAN TRIP Sz- Dr. M. R. Thompson looks over a popula+ion map with Karen Knox and Russel Pieper. The Social Science department for a long time has been carefully planning a summer seminar in England and on the Continent. The plan will be realized when approximately thirty-eight students accompanied by Dr. ll. R. Thompson and Dr. Lyman H. Harris set sail for Ashridge College, Berkhamstcd, England, where the first five weeks of the seminar will be spent. This will be followed by a twenty-day motor-coach study tour on the Continent. The staff hopes this trip will be as profitable as last yearls traveling seminar which was spent in the Southwest United States. SOCIAL SCIENCE-ROW I: L. Sage, G. Pooge, M. THOMPSON, R. Strain, M. Hunter. ROW 2: L. Harris, W. Lang, C. Leavilf, D. Howard, P. Bradley. ROW 3: W. Dee, L. Bullena, M. Crawford, H. Jones, R. Fahrney. TEACHING-ROW I: E. Manfor, M. Slone, C. Jackson, D. CURTIS, R. Bebb, M. Schools, N. Schneider. ROW 2: E. Sfeininger, E. Camp- bell, E. McBride, R. Hanson, H. Brown, F. Kasislre, J. Bronczylr, E. Ruman. ROW 3: L. Stolssfad, J. Przychodzin, M. Hosier, C. HoFfman, M. Sfruble, P. Mazula, F. Feiler, G. Shepherd. ROW 4: A. Emmons, M. Lindeman, D. Herrick, B. Roth, R. LaH'in, D. Winelce, C. Harper. TEACHING SUPERVISES STUDENT TEACHERS Under the supervision of the department of Teach- VVaterloog Greeley's rural schoolg and the Indepen- ing, every student has the opportunity to do actual in- dence schools, Independence. Section B of the new class teaching before graduation. This experience al- campus school, which has been under construction dur- lows the prospective teacher to gain self-confidence and ing the past year, will be ready for occupancy by the capability and prepares him for his teaching position. high school this fall. Physical education facilities will Student teachers are trained in the campus schools: be needed to complete the building. Hudson School at Hudson: Edison Elementary School, TEACHING-ROW I: D. Koehring, L. Harmon, J. Winlxileman, M. Brown, C. Phillips, M. Divelbess, L. Sheffe. ROW 2: R. Hutcheson, F. Seeber, M. Holmberg, M. Walter, M. Schmitt, A. Madore. ROW 3: E. Opfer, V. Mork, W. Gohman, A. PoHer, H. VanderBeeIc, R. Paulson, A. Wilmarfh. ROW 4: M. Schultz, F. Hartwell, G. EIIio+'r, P. Brimm, W. Walsh, W. Maricle. 1 ty -v-wwsp A s' k , 2' . ,N s V , :bu Y Y? R. Q .7 S l M ar Lx " , 5 ' . M L -4' I ' 'R . '5 1 cj 1,3 sed.: iw"X ' 'Q 'YK Y. 'Sf . J'..J'i!f',',g, 9? ' fu ff, X' P "Wi Q is Y? U f ff.,-Q' 'F' Fw? Nw 'Y , - , VL "' B Q, P' 1, -Yhr 'fw 7 H" l , U ,, I' ' ' ,.. ', J R . .W-fri P"'j "" k :A , Mn- yf v.,ng':1T'fb' ,' "l A ' f ,ss ' Q . ,fp ,X --a5.':aL?i'.ggiq . VAS, S. 3 X' 54+ I 11 2, y 4 if , Q .,,, 1 4 X 1 Tfif is A' 752' V. Q.: .: 'gc , 1,5 T 0 activities governmeni The Student League Board, organized in 1943, is the coordinator of all student government groups and a mediator between the administration and the student body. Presidents of all housing units, A.XV.S., KIen's Lvnion, and the chairmen of the four standing eommitteesAorganizations. social life, lecture-concert, and student-faculty relations-are members of the Board. Hon'ever, meetings are open to any student or faculty member who is interested. The olheers this year were Dick Lieb, president: Don Holland, vice- presidentg and Shirley Klahannah, secretary. Members of Ihe S+uden+ League Board discuss a curren+ question af a mee+ing. THREE MAIN GOVERNING BODIES REPRESENT STUDENTS STUDENT LEAGUE BOARD-ROW l: Marian McBrair, Don Holland, Dick Lieb, Shirley Mahannah, Jean McGrew. ROW 2: Mary Heisler, Pal Yafes, Mary Ruth Culberl, Sandra Waldron, Jenise Schnur. ROW 3: Charles Ball, William Olson, Don Wilschulz, Gary Gorham, Don Laughlin. i X Y MEN'S UNION-ROW it Robert McCue, Jerry Reynolds, Jean McGrew, Bernie Thielen. ROW 2: Don Meyer, David Baker, Dick Milfs, Dale Black. ROW 3: Don Adams, Vern Rosene, Duane Schroeder, Dick Starr, Bob Jones. The Association of VVomen Students and the lklenls Union coordinate all activities on campus and act on legislation which is necessary for the welfare of the students. The Style Show in the fall quarter was spon- sored by the two groups. Officers for A. VV. S. this year were -lenise Sehnur, president, Ruth Fellows, vice- president: Betty Vance, secretary, and Patty Hake, treasurer. For the lNIen's Union, oHieers were Jean lXICG1'ew, president, Neil Ver Hoef, vice-presidentg and jerry Reynolds, SCCl'Cf211'y-U'C8.SLlI'Cl'. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS-ROW I: Marian McBrair, PaHy Hake, Jenise Schnur, Ru+h Fellows, Betty Vance. ROW 2: Joeffa Mosley, Phyllis Johnson, Pai Yates, Pat G-ranau, Anne Parks. ROW 3: Kay Calonkey, Beverly Hurt, Sandra Waldron, BeHy Ves'l'al, Shirley Mahannah, Mary Heisler. ROW 4: Mildred Harfbeck, Dolores Sommerdorf, Shirley Renander, Marybelle Chase, Mary Ruth Culberf, Corrine Larson, Lavon Burrichfer. X r w E i '17 A i BAKER HALL HOUSE COUNCIL-ROW I' Dick S+arr, Sem Masf, Gary Gorham, Duane Schroeder, R. Ruff. ROW 2: Al Zarilis, Don Kolsrud, Jerry Reynolds, Erwin Chrisfianson. POW 3: Frank Hurst Charles Ball, Bill Anderson, Duane Wombolf, Fred Lollfredo. BAKER HOUSES 130 MEN IO:I5 finds Jack Nielsen making lhal' lasl' minute call Baker Hall, which accouiniotlates 130 students, is tht- oltlm-st mt-n's dormitory on campus. Time for rc- lnxzarifm this year fouml Baker Hall residents in their lmingc, which is pwwitlcd with lzirgc, soft chairs, an V' zrssmtiiiciit of hooks, qi phrmogrziph, :mil ll TY set. Im- X ef piirtaiit zrctivitics for the year inulurlcml decorating for llorncwiuirig, the Bzikcr Hall cliimcr, and pzlrticipzition in intrz1m1ir:rl sports. llrs. Rzrxmonml Rutt was Baker A llzrll's new mlircctor. Olhccrs this year wcrc fizrry fior- hzrm, pi'm-sitlciitq IJIIJIIIC Schroctlcr, vicc-prcsialc-lit: Sam Klint, sw'1'ctrri'yg :incl Dirk Starr, f1'CZl5l,ll'Cl'. 41- Baker Hall Vance Paulson, Pere Towne, and "DuFFy' Chris+ianson hurriedly shave before +heir eighl' o'clock. A ,M Es e. A tryin., ywfrffffx-." 'K'-.?5.ii!'hs5-Q r , Don Holland and Darrel Richard- son shoof a game of eighl' ball as John Brown and Wendell James acl' as referees. BARTLETT. HOME OF FROSH WOMEN Hzirtlvtt Hull, the oltlcst zmil largest of the woiiieifs l'CSltlCIlL'L' halls, lioust-ml 700 fivsliiiiziii women this year. Previous to the election of freshman corriilor cliziirmcn, fifty-live iipprrclziss women served :ls corridor chair- men :intl senior counselors during the full quarter. The dormitory pcrsonm-l director was Sur- l,iiml, and Shir- ley Pom-ll scrwil :ls lgzlrtlcttls social ilirector. lizirtlvtt rcsiilcnts proviilcil their own fllll in the sprcziil :intl rccrczitioii rooms hy playing ping-pong. czirils, cliuckers, :mil inning evening snacks. Other so- t-itil zictivitic-s for the year iiiclinled pzijzimzi parties, Sun- day morning hrczikfzists, :mil mcditzitions on Xvcnlnes- drip' :mil 'lihursilziy evenings. The corridors also were hosts or gnc-sts to other corridors in the dorm for parties. Teggie Fuiimura honors Joan Plummer in a mock ceremony for the "l Love You Queen" af a Barl- leH paiama parfy. BARTLETT HALL HOUSE COUNCIL-POW I: Shirley Powell, Sherris Pierce, Phil Tienon, Roberfa Kenny, Beth Talcoll, Janef PlaHe, Teggie Fuiimura, Barbara Teig, Connie Tennant, Sandy Ladehoff. ROW 2: Beverly Buffon, Evelyn Connor, Bonnie Carfer, June Talxamiya, Joyce Grandgeorge, lone Jacobsen, Cynfhia Olsgaard, Lois Held, Virginia Kier, Marilyn Slamp, Donna Gardner, Jean Lawson. ROW 3: Alphy Adams, Nancy Newton, Elaine Ruen, Lorna Tiffany, Mary Graham, Diane Krulcow, Carol Pelerson, Elva Smilh, Lois Wilson, Donna Madsen, Shirley Henfzelmen, Virginia Pollock, Phyllis Pearson, Earlene Shourelc. POW 4: Jan Piper, Virginia Douglass, Barbara Nagel, Sue Jean Simms, Marian Shindoll, Nancy Tanner, Jackie Vanderwaal, Annmarie Nolle, Vonnie Olsberg, Kay Woody, Marlene Lehman, Judy Bernhard, Carol Moore, Marjorie Lawson, Marilyn Car+er, Wava Palmer, Berry Molloy. ROW 5: Ramona Vanicelr, Elsie Neve, Nancy Recror, Anifa Fouls, Ellen Pearson, Avis Haller, Sylvia Grassfield, Nancy Kaslzadden, Joy Lemley, Marleen Anlcerson, Marcile Wisgerhof, Pal Sfewarf, Karalee Champion, Carolyn Hill, Marlene Dunlap, Donna Linden, Camilla Fain, Janice Dickey. Erlene Poppinga and Cla- rine Nilles have a bile 'ro eal' during a s+udy break. Bar+leH Hall .lf X Janice Anderson and Arlene Les+er play an evening game of ping-pong. fi! 1 5 61 kt? 6 'vs YZ? E te wwf CAMPBELL HALL HOUSE COUNCIL-ROW l: Joy Schwab, Pat Yates, Phyllis Johnson, Ruth Renaud. ROW 2: Phyllis Gregg, Dorothy Sleege, Ruth Gibbs, Beverly Belson, Sally Maslre, Norma Abbas. CA PBELL IS DEDICATED Campbell Hall, the newest housing unit on the eam- pus, was formally dedicated in December, 195-l. Sadie li. Campbell, who served as Dean of lVomen at Iowa State 'll-achers College for twenty-three years, was guest of honor at the dedication ceremonies of the dor- mitory named in her honor. Campbell Hall was named tor bliss Campbell by proclamation of the State Board ot lfdueation as a "lasting memorial of her service" to the college. Kliss Campbell, who retired in lqil, IIOXY lixes in Denver, Colorado. Campbell Hall was first occupied in September, 1952. It is the residence hall for junior, senior, and graduate women. This year, however, sixty freshman women lived in Campbell Hall because of the in- creased enrollment, Patsy Yates was president of the hall this year. Other members of the council were Phyllis johnson, - vice-president, and Joy Schwab, secretary. Also in- cluded were six standing committee chairmen and six wing representatives. Director of the hall was Ruth Renaud. lO2 Miss Sadie B. Campbell holds a bouquel' of red roses presenled to her a+ the dedicafion by lhe women of Campbell Hall. s .--f aan V f F3 4' P an f' -nap -' -'fQQ F?-2125:-?1':!lfi sz A' - " -f'- f' Emwi 1,4 Pa+sy Yafes, Dr. Maucker, Mis s Campbell, Mrs. Maucker and Mrs. Kyse-H1 mx sii' beneafh Miss Camp- beII's picfure af+er +l'1e dedica+ion. Q--any LAWTHER WOMEN HAVE BUSY YEAR 'iVhen stepping inside the doors of Lawther Hall, 5 which houses approximately 400 sophomore women, there seems to prevail an atmosphere of "rush." Law- therls many activities this year included pajama parties, coffee hours, Sunday morning breakfasts. and special .ki week-end festivities. Also included in the program were meditations on Thursday evenings. informal get- togethers with the fellows from the men's residence halls, dorm sings, inter-corridor parties, and birthday dinners. Informal "gah" sessions at corridor meetings, with a little food on the side, are a favorite pastime. -lean lVilson was the new director ot Lawther Hall and Klary Brandes, the assistant director. House Council was composed of the corridor chairmen, com- mittee chairmen and othcers, Klary Ruth Culhert, l president: -loetta lllosley, vice-president: and Sally Graskewicz, secretary. Ann Kidwell and Mary Lou Lovejoy discuss the day's events as Mary Lou catches up on her ironing. LAWTHER HALL HOUSE COUNCIL-ROW I: Jean Wilson, Allison Mulcai, Sally Graslrewicz, Mary Ruth Culbert, Joefra Mosley, Sandra Schram, Nina Kahl, Mary Brandes. ROW 2: Adele Abodeely, Mary Ella Youngren, Jenine Anderson, Patricia McGill, Carolyn Dougherty. Suzanne Gordon, Shirley Kleinschmidf. ROW 3: Herberfa Huggins, Patricia Carothers, Patricia Price, Barbara Knaaclx, Honorine Husmann, Mary Larson, Sharon Jones, Mary Conrad. ROW 4: Beverly Hurt, Shirley Zaiger, Mariorie Nelsen, Velma Quackenbush, Marilyn Lowman, Annette Allen, Shirlee Vogelaar, Carol Pals, Gail Thompson. ROW 5: Donna Schultz, Pat Lake, Kay Ford, Frieda Schlaman, Beverly Dorn- busch, Doris Light, Barb Hall, Ruth Radlol'l, Kathryn Quinn. I04 Myrna Mapes and Arclis Wesf discuss where 1'l1ey wani' 'l'o feach. LaVon Benson, Miss Olney, and Shir- ley Wigfon have an affernoon chef in Lawllfne-r's main lounge. Anna B. Lawfher Hall 5 Kei' This yezu' Stadium Hull zietoniinodated llO fresh- niziu inen students. lizieh of the twenty-tour rooms of the converted stadium facilities was oeeupied by fire nien. This dorm provides study rooms for its residents tn efiteh up on homework, and a lounge :ind TY set sire I1Y2lllfllWlL' for relaxation :ind entertziininent. Activ- ities included xi dorni exchange with lizirtlett Hzill, 11 booth :it the Klzzrdi Gras, :ind 11 Stadium Hall dinner. Gary Yan Slike served zis director of Stzidiuin Hall this year. The olheers were Len Froyen, president: Don Adzuns, vice-president: l,zirry Krunini, seeretziry: :ind Dennis xlenseu, treasurer. These men made up the council until new otlieers were eleeted truni Stadium Hull freshnizin residents. Stadium men enioy an evening of television. STADIUM HOUSES FROSH MEN STADIUM HALL HOUSE COUNCIL-ROW l: Wilbur Fleming, Arden Sallien, Sam Walker, John Schwieberf. ROW 2: Len Froyen, Donald Moody, Gary Van Slylre, Larry Campbell, Larry Krumm. ROW 3: Dennis Jensen, Phil Koofer, Don Adams, John Lindblom. -:YPD nr- IO6 Sfadium Hall 1' Lee Wi'I'zel, Jerry Lambert Lyle Oswood and Dennis Jenson ca+ch up on sfudies. .. , w,:1:,I5L Y S . :::L1L L1f 1 - :,:1. -L g lv ,, ,, 5 wx ,P Q A " .. :.-..:.- ., .,., , .-.:h'.- 1 ,'V.,,x,V,,,- ,V :-. L X 7' . " ,W - 1 : .L '- ff: 2:1 1' .- ' L , . V ,,,, y L- A'n' 1. . 4'-3' --'- . ,,,, A 1 'f f LL , J Arai 5EQQ?2353f1' ' " '-'L'Ii2'W24' ' . L ' 1 1 L :Lg 'Q L.x:L.,Q L, L. .QL-1:,L:'r. L: ,I 1: 5: L' L If L 'L vQ:"':i1 . - ' ' A ,L g . lx , .L-:1..,.:g,, A L -- L .,,-. X .,,, - Sw L.L:,'-:'fsf'ejL" 'Q ,. L, , .. ,. c.:' .3511 3333 , " L " A L V- 1 1 .22-info - I ' , '- , ' , .::.,. :'-M: I+'-' :VU-012-i'1 ' 'I L - - Li' ' I 1 .- -fa?" " .L HQ. ,. . M.,-, ,s ., . . , 3 -.-.. - .. .L ' . L , 12 L " . , LL ' 'Nile M' . - ,x A A . H Q I ., ,bg D , Q- in ,. . :EF gy, ' ' - L' A . ., ffWv'f- A , .L . M Q fe L +L ., Na , H x I f. N , .,., ----we 'A'k- -L frm' X L . T" L ' ,.: ' "" if--:"" , ., ..,,,,.-...Q.L4:.4..w....,,,,q W. - H. , Roommafes Elwin Sievers, Lyle Por+er, Lyle Oswood and John Slobodnik ad- mire one of Gerry Nishi- mori's picfures. I07 I 5 D l 3 E -1-95" SEERLEY HALL HOUSE COUNCIL-ROW I: Doug Tvedf, Dave Randolph, Don Wilschulfz, Dick Mills, Roberl Mc- Cue. ROW 2: Doug Butler, Clark Roberts, Leland Thomson, Don Meyer, Jim Heinselman. ROW 3: Larry Wied- meyer, Franlr Quirlc, Don Anderson, Vernon Rosene, Dave Carriclr. SEERLEY, NEWEST MEN'S DORMITORY An alien from Baker Hall, Bob Boderman, gers clipped by Ron Bro as Don Wilschuh looks on. I: The newest of the men's dormitories on Campus is Seerley Hall of which Bob lNleCue is dorm director. :Xt any time of the day or night several Seerley resi- dents can be found in the comfortable lounges provided for the me-n's relaxation. Television enthusiasts spend many enjoyable hours viewing the TV set bought last year. Don llvilsehultz was president of Seerley Hall this year. Other ollicers were Richard lllitts, vice- presidentg Dave Randolph, secretaryg and Doug Tyedt, treasurer. Among the many dormitory activ- ities for the year were the annual Christmas party, fall and spring quarter dinners, and coffee hours for Dadls Day, Homecoming, and lllotherls Day. Reading fhe papers in Seerley lounge are Don Sfrub, Raymon Kleinow and Earl McCaus+lancl. 225554 Qgiggiiy B., N hxkh mliilily X i.lMiw Seerley Hall X - Don Sfrub, Bernie Thielen, Dick PoH's and Duane Paulsen wail' for 'flue morning mail +0 come in. CEDAR FALLS MEN'S HOUSING UNIT-ROW I: William Olson, Robert McCue, Danny Boyd. ROW 2: Doug Eifzman, Gordon Bulfena, Jack Shearer, William Bell. CEDAR FALLS MEN REPRESENTED BY HOUSING UNIT Two Cedar Falls men 'Find +l1e off-campus lounge a good place for studying and ea+ing. IIO The Cedar Falls BIen's Housing Unit represents Cedar Falls men students living in their own homes and those living in approved off-Campus homes. The purpose of this unit is to make off-campus men feel they are a part of the campus through their representa- tives to TC's student governing bodies. These repre- sentatives keep Cedar Falls off-campus men informed on campus activities. The odieers for this year were Bill Olsen, president, Dan Boyd, vice-president, and -lack Shearer, secretary-treasurer. Those who served as eommitteemen were jerry Case, Gordon Bultena, Dale Dye, Bill Bell, Don Fisher, and Doug Eitzman. WATERLOO AND CEDAR FALLS WOMEN'S UNITS COMBINE l ll Mi a Doro+l1y Keough and Barbara DeSmid1' 'I'ry 'rhe milk from I'l1e new machine installed in the women's off-campus lounge. The IVaterloo and Cedar Falls VVomen's housing units were combined in 195-l to form the "OH-Campus XVomen.,' Off-campus women are those women living in their own homes, in college rooming houses, or in homes in which they work. The off-campus lounge in the auditorium building is provided for these women. This room usually bustles with excitement around noon and between classes. XVhen it is quiet the girls settle down to study and relax. The ollicers of the off- CHIUDLIS women encourage off-Campus students to par- tieipatc in extra-curricular activities and make them feel more a part of thc College. Ofiicers for 195-I-55 were Sandra YValdron, presidentg Anne Parks, vice- presidentg and Sharon Sanders, seeretary-treasurer. lllarizin Klclirair was the sponsor of the g1'oup. OFF CAMPUS WOMEN'S HOUSING UNIT-ROVV I: Anne Parks, Sandra Waldron, Sharon Sanders, Marian f McBrair. ROW 2: Sherrill Reynolds, Jane Hauser, Virginia Husl'1l1agen,Jane1' DuBois. s ' 39 l 1 N 2 .l f X Frank Briclen and Dick Ransom of Waferloo engage in a chess game during 'rhe noon break. WATERLOO MEN'S UNIT HELPS COORDINATE ACTIVITIES Reading fhe paper and Iasf minufe s+udying is a com- mon pasfime in Ihe men's off-campus lounge. 'lihc IVati-rloo Henk Housing Lvnit is the 1'epi'cscii- tzitivc hoily of all hK7ZltCl'I00 men living in their homes. The student govcriiinciit groups on campus work with the ofhccrs of the Housing Knit to coordinzitc Campus anal off-campus activities. The Xvatcrloo :mil Cuclzll' Falls men tzikc thu responsibility for the off-campus lounge loczitcil in rho IILIQIIIOFIIIIII building. Ofhcers for the orgzinizzition wc-1'c' Don Laughlin, presiclcntg Don Curr, x'icv-pm-siilciitg zinil Riclmrml Crinigan, secrctzlry- tl'C1lslll'CI'. Thou' who sc-rvcil as committccmcn were Goin- licnnctr, Dzilc Clrzihinski, jack Smith, and .lack Rolingcr. II2 Muriel Robinson, Sylvia Johnson and Janel' DuBois enioy a noonfime snack in lhe oFF-campus women's lounge. Nooniime in fhe oFF-campus men's lounge also brings lunch 'lime for many. All "M -s ,,, ' 1 r SUNSET VILLAGE COUNCIL-ROW I: Charles Tabarella, Jack Reed, Ari Schulfz, David Fagle, Bill Sioclr. ROW 2: Merle Schramm, Gerald Fam, William Lehr, Mrs. Gohman, Derald Swisher, Jim Sherman, Virgil Fry, Alvie Kelley. SUNSET VILLAGE HOUSES MARRIED STUDENTS Marilyn and Charles Clubine, boih TC sfudenfs living in Sunse+ Village, find 'rime ro play wi+h rheir clog. g II4 The Sunset Village Council represents all residents of Sunset Village. It is set up to take care of problems which arise among the Villagers. When questions arise, it is the duty of the Council to solve them. Also the Council plans picnics and get-togethers for the en- tire Village. Sunset Village, along with the other housing units, is represented in the student governing bodies on the campus. Oliicers for this year were Art Schultz, presidentg David Fagle, vice-presidentg and jack Reed, secretary-treasurer. Those who served as committeemen were Richard Phillips, Bill Stock, Jim Sherman, Dei-ald Swisher, Dick Lynch, and Charles Tobaralla. ...---Ee On 'rheir way 'lo 'Phe hill +o do some shopping are Jo Roberfs and Roxie Caseboll. Village residenfs make 'rheir way home affer a hard day of classes. Tv? I ss r s Pee -1929- G9 X S fix Q? xr-lg, ' x M is Xl X X Q . . 0 i if-Y 'f U is 'A . SPSS'-4 5552, H ,, Q., .-11, 1 ia 'i' ' ff? iii "-i 5 - 5 .-'s1 ii' if 1315555 if ff X,'.gL2!'sgi, g ,' faxiiebvfilwifaw K "s- is -Aw., SENIOR COUNSELORS-ROW I: Shirlee Powell, Barbara Wolff, Jan Torkelson, Eloise Knox, Mary Heisler, Shirley Mahannah, Dorothy Nad- ing, Elizabeth Corpuz, Carolyn Bolger, Sue Lund. ROW 2: Zelda Christensen, Joy Schwab, Norma Walter, Jean Greaftinger, Betty Vance, Kay Calonkey, Janet Swanson, Mary Ann Papousek, Ruth Matsui. ROW 3: Anne Rohliing, Karen Hedum, Beverly Carpenter, Kathryn Zink, Corrine Shimel, Mary Jane Arnold, Roberta Zeigler, Linda Neuharf, Jackie Bright, Mary Lehrer. ROW 4: Sandra Hutchins, Dolores Sommer- dorf, Betty Vestal, Wilma McLuen, Barbara Smith, Pat Hahn, Corrine Larson, Greta Johnson, Mickey McGarvey, Kay Swain, Audrey Johnson. ROW 5: Jan McBride, Esther Hicks, Mary Campbell, Audrey Ayala, Ruth Fellows, Carol Brant, Nancy Mortensen, Sherry Hynes, Linnea Loe, Martha Marsh, Marybelle Chase, Gloria Johnson. ROW 6: Ruth Madsen, Judy Taylor, Mayrose Lane, Shirley Renander, Janice Shoot, Joan Tucker, Elizabeth BiHle, Sally McCartney, Beverly Belson, Mildred Hartbeck, Kae Kessler. COUNSELORS AID FRESHMEN Preeeding Orientation TV:-ek of the fall quarter sen- ior and student counselors met with the Orientation chairmen to review plans for their big week. These counselors were upper class women and men students who took the responsibility of aequainting freshmen with all phases of college life during the fall quarter. Counselor candidates were selected last spring from applications and recommendations, and were approved by the respective dorm directors, orientation chairmen, and faculty members. STUDENT COUNSELORS-ROW I: Loren Horton, David Baker, Kenny Lind, Lee Thomson, Dennis Jensen. ROW 2: Frank Hurst, Jerry Tor- gerson, David McCalley, Doug Doerzman, Ron Salmonson, Bob Mclnfire. ROW 3: Don Lange, Gary Aifchison, Don Adams, Don Anderson, Duane Schroeder, Tom Handlen, Don Meyer. u 587 if ve? SOCIAL LIFE COMMITTEE-ROW I: Marg Herring, Jane Hauser, Charles Ball, Corrine Larson, Marilyn LaNeIIe Taylor. ROW 2: Bob Jones, Ethyl Winier, Bob Sabus, Larry Hoffer, Jenine Anderson, Dale Bress. SOCIAL LIFE SPONSORS MANY ACTIVITIES The Social Life Committees function is planning and organizing a well-integrated social program for the lowa State Teachers College students. All types of entertainment, such as square dancing, formal and in- formal daneing, variety shows, play nights, and mixers, were included in the plans to provide students with an adequate social program. The Homecoming variety show, the Sadie Hawkins dance, and a sock dance were but a few of the activities that were sponsored by the Social Life Committee this year. Rlembers of the Committee included a representative from lIIen's Union and A.W.S., and six members selected from applications. lIfIrs. Ethel Wi1iie1', social life director of the college, was advisor to the group. Dale Bress, Jane Hauser, and Bud Ball of 'Hue Social Life Commi++ee decora+e Ihe Georgian Lounge Christmas free. SLB NAMES 25 TO PURPLE KEY Purple Key is a recognition fraternity established by the Student League Board for the purpose of honoring outstanding students. The Purple Key honor is awarded for leadership and participation in extra- curricular and academic activities, and excellence and sincerity in scholarship. Eligibility requires that a stu- dent be a third quarter junior or a senior and have a cumulative grade point ot 2.5. A Purple Key awartl committee, appointed by SLB, reviewed applications and recommended 25 students. These students were recognized and received certificates at the All-College Honors Convocation in the spring. Ruth Gibbs, a transter trom Cottey College, she is trom Strawberry Point and is a Junior high major. She joined the marching and concert band, was active in Beta Alpha Epsilon and was a member ot the Campbell l-lall l-louse Council. Phyllis Gregg, one ot the two juniors honored on Pur- ple Key, she comes trom Oakland and is an, English major. She has been a mem- ber ot Purple Arrow and Bartlett l-lall House Council and has worked in student government organizations. John Anderson, a music ma- jor trom Cedar Falls, he has been an active member ot A Cappella Choir and Phi Mu Alpha Sintonia and has received recognition tor his activities by the l-lall ot Rec- ognition and l-lall of Schol- arship. Esther Hicks, Women's hon- orary organizations, Bartlett l-lall Council and religious activities were among the activities on her schedule. She comes trom Des lvloines and is a Kindergarten-Prh mary major. Armand Baker, the president ot the Board ot Control ot Student Publications tor two years comes trom Sugarland, Texas. and is an English ma- jor. A Cappella Choir and Alpha Chi Epsilon were among his other interests. f-. Beverly Belson, a kindergar- 'ren-Primary maior from Clin- 'ron, she has been a senior counselor for Two years, headed Jrhe IFTA and was a member of fhe KPBA, Kappa Phi and Tau Chi E+a. Arfhur Blankers, a Music ma- ior from Archer, he included among his inleresis Jrhe play- ing of ihe Campanile bells. Besides being a member of Jrhe band, orchesfra and choir, he was aclive on The College Eye and in religious organizafions. Kay Honahan has aclive parlicipanl' lege Players, Nu S Theia Alph Phi and Lavon Burrichfer, a Speech and Social Science maior from New Albin. Aclive in speech acrivilies and promi- nen+ in public speaking, she was a member of SCRA, Plymoulh Club and honorary organizalions. Jane Clark, ihis Cedar Falls English rnaior was infersor- orily presidenl and member of 'rhe Board of Confrol of Sludenl Publicalions. Purple Arrow, AWS Board and Col- lege Players place among her organizalion in+eres+s. been an in Col- igma Phi, Orchesis. Boone is her home Jrown, and Speech is her maior. Loren Horlon, This Social Science maior from Jurray has been recognized by Pi Gamma Mu and Jrhe Hall of Recogniiion. l-lis olher or- ganizalion inieresfs included Kappa Della Pi, A Cappella Choir and chorus. I S Ar+hur Schulh, a Music ma- jor from Eslherville, he was aclive in SLB and lv1en's Union. l-le played in bolh concerl and marching bands. T' df' N752 2 A' I fi-1 f f 11 A l2O Pafricia HUH, a lvlusic major from Madrid, her inleresls locused on chorus, A Cap- pella Choir, senior counsel- ing, Sigma Alpha lola and LSA. Dorofhy Sfeege, a member ol all women's honorary or- ganizalions, has served on lhe AWS Board. She is a Business Educalion major from Waverly. Corrine Larson, a Physical Educalion major from Aure- lia who has been aclive in lhe womens srudenl govern- menl oroanizafion and rec- ognized Tor achievemenl by The Torch and Tassel. Douglas Tvedf, lv1en's Union and Sladium Hall counseling were included in The aclivi- lies of This Business Educa- lion major from lvlonlour. l-le was aclive in lnlerlraler- nify Council and Lambda Gamma Nu. James Lockwood, a lvlalhe- malics major from Pomeroy, he has been aclive in pub- lica+ions, serving as edilor of +he OLD GOLD. l-le has belonged lo lvlalh Club and has been honored in The l-lall ol Recognilion. Be-'Hy Ves+al, a Hasfings Business Educalion major, she has parlicipaled in music and cheerleading. She served as a senior counselor and was a member of Purple Arrow, Torch and Tassel and Kappa Della Pi. Shirley Mahannah, a Keokuk English maior, she was presi- denr of The Barrleri Hall House Council. She has been presidenr of several or- ganizalions and member of all women's honor organiza- fions. Jean McGrew, a Cedar Falls Social Science maior, he has served as presidenr of Men's Union and presidenr oi Sig- ma Tau Gamma. Hall of Recogniiion, Pi Gamma Mu and social science organiza- Jrions have recognized his Jerry Mc:Rober1's, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, A Cappella Choir and opera produc- iions were among The infer- esrs of Jrhis Music maior from Wa+erIoo. He also served in Men's Union. Norman Russell, c o n c e ri band, marching band and symphony orchesira look up much of rhis Music maior's lime. He is from Ossian and belonged io Gamma Della and lhe Hall of Recogniiion. achievemeni. Neil Ver Hoef, a junior from Spencer, Public Speaking is his maior. He has been ac- Jrive in srudenr government Sigma Tau Gamma and Speech Aciiviries Club. Marilyn Workman is from Waierloo and is an El- emeniary maior. Three women's organizaiions have claimed her membership and she has been a member of 'rhe Lawfher and Barlleli House Councils. Palsy Yafes has been aciive in many s+uden+ govern- ment religious and honor organizaiions and has been presideni of Campbell Hall and MENC. Ailanfic is her home and Music is her ma- ior. '99 es., I22 publicaiions T The blinding glare of a tlashbulb and the click of a shutter attempt to catch some of the activities on the Campus. The clicking of typewriter keys pound out the story behind that blinding glare. A weary editor glances at the calendar and is reminded of those near- ing deadlines. lffforts are refocused on editing a bigger yearbook that stresses informality and gives a com- J plete picture of TC life for the past year. Confusion is :xt hand as countless photographs, copies, and draw- sp ings litter the desks. Out of all this excitement the 1955 OLD GOLD, with its new eight and one-half by eleven dimensions, was born. The stalf of this 1955 OLD GOLD has tried to present the yearls happenings in spite of all the Chaos and the long, tedious hours of work. VVriting, typing, editing, drawing, and that race to meet the deadlines were pulled together, and the l955 OLD GOLD finally went to press. Marlys McGarvey, James Lockwood OLD GOLD DIMENSIONS INCREASE OLD GOLD-ROW I: Gloria Johnson, Ed Harris, Loretta Middlefon, David Carrick, Jim Lockwood, Marlys McGarvey, Larry Wiedmeyer, Earl Dornfeld, Mary Lehrer. ROW 2: Joan Hennies. Nancy Newton, Constance Weslcolf, Linda Neuharl, Jane Ford, Sue Gordon, Donna Gaulke, Gail Srrunk. ROW 3: Pauline Beeson, Wilma McLeun, Norma Waller, Rurh Warren, Gwen Lehnus, Greta Johnson, Marie Berger. ROW 4: Lois Dunlap, Beverly Dornbusch, Mary Campbell, Delores Wilkins, Marjorie Johnson, Marilyn Estes, Eileen Malzen, Ann lnnis. ROW 5: Dale Bress, Kenneth G. Rowe, Colleen Jackson, Dale Higdon, Leona Baier, Dick Lieb, Shirley Mae Renander, Ed Wesl, David Coerper. David Carrick LoreHa Midcllelon Vs 'QV .gl , Edwin Harris 'WJ-huns., old gold s'I-aff James Lockwood . David Carrick . Marlys McGarvey LoreH'a Middleron Edwin Harris . Earl Dornfeld . Larry Wiedmeyer Allison Mulcai . Gloria Johnson . Mary Lehrer . Suzanne Gordon Joan Hennies . Grela Johnson . . Marilyn Es+es . Leona Cooper . Dave Coerper . Wilma McLuen . execufive edilor . associale edilor . business manager . copy edi+or . layoul eclilor . pho+o edifor . sporls edilor . senior edi'l'or . 'l'he year edilor . . ad manager . depar+men+ . . ac+ivi+ies inleresl' organizalion honor organizafion religious organizafions . social organizalions edilor ecli+or edi'I'or edi+or edilor edilor . assisfanl' business manager Marjorie Wighfman ...... advisor Larry Wiedmeyer I23 '-Nl Deadlines draw near and acfivify speeds up in +l1e OLD GOLD office. Earl Dornfeld Mary Lehrer Gloria Johnson l 15 LT Qs, I24 Y 4 u .4 1 Ig . ...L-1 BOARD OF CONTROL-ROW l: Phyllis Gregg, Armand Balmer, Diane Sargent. ROW 2: H. Earl Rath, Vernon Pickett, George H. Holmes. BOARD OF CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Diane Sargenl' and Dr. Rath, members of the Board of Control, discuss the literary sec+ion for fhe "Col- lege Eye" with Ed West and Jerry Cias. Five smdents, four elected at large each spring and one appointed by the Student League Board, and four faculty members compose the Board of Control of Stu- dent Publications. The "big business" of college stu- dent publications on the Iowa State Teachers College campus is controlled by this board. These publications include the college yearbook, the OLD GOLD, and the weekly newspaper, the College Eye. Important func- tions of the Board are to select the major staff officers of the publications and to award engraving, photogra- phy, and printing contracts for publications. The gen- eral policies of the publications are also set up by the Board. They aim to see that the student publications reflect accurately the Teachers College campus. T tv .. -nw' 35. COLLEGE EYE-ROW I: Doug Doerzman, Barbara Smith, Jerry Cias, Sally Horn, Jean Bishop, Mary Ann Conley. ROW 2: Phyllis Chant- land, Janef Roslien, Dorothy Horn, Gladys Knight, Jack Farrell, Suzanne Gordon, Mary Lehrer. ROW 3: Grace Birlcenholfz, Virginia Pollock, Opuien Lehnes, Barbara Nagel, Sharon Sanders, Barbara Lucas, Janet Kraft. ROW 4: Viola De Boer, Dale Higdon, David Balmer, Arfhur Blanlrers, Paul Sfanwood, Ed West, Dean Weaver, Annmarie Nolte. EVERY STUDENT RECEIVES COLLEGE EYE Gerald Cias, Barbara Smirh From late one Thursday to the next, a good many hours of work go into each edition of the College Eye, TCE weekly newspaper. This year, instead of students buying subscriptions to the College Eye, the paper is being distributed to every student enrolled in the college. "Nothing eyer happens on time around here." "lVhere is the copy?" These are a sampling of the cries that ring from the Coflege Eye ofhce late Tuesday evenings. Before an issue goes to press, news stories and editorials must be written, advertisements must be planned and sold, copy must he corrected, and a number of other details carried out. Yes, the Eye stall burned midnight oil more than once to complete its mission. Despite all the befilam, the staff managed to distribute its copies to all TC students on Friday mornings. A I26 Jerry Cias . Sally Horn Barbara Smilh Jeanne Bishop . Doug Doerzman Ed Wes+ . . Dean Weaver . Al Zarifis . . execulive edilor managing edifor business manager . news edilor . sporls edilor . pholo edilor circula+ion manager . . ad manager Mary Ann Conley . . advisor college eye slaff Sally Horn Jeanne Bishop Edward Wesf 'R ,..,....-eww'-""' Doug Doerzman Al Zarifis Dean Weaver in ELLA Dean Weaver and Ed Wesf help Jeanne Bishop in "laying ou+" Hue paper. L-0-' ,.,,4f J Q , 9 5 ...HRS I .L Y .l Pa'H'y Hake 5 H .,., , r 3 f j Q' Q l ,is f ,,,, W aw? r gwvf' x F HANDS ov' Jean McGrew STUDENTS EDIT THREE OTHER PUBLICATIONS l 1 -fm' 'lil at Gil: sifonlg The Student Hmzzlbook, edited by Jean lICGrexv, is the Combined Organizations Handbook and the Stu- dent Handbook. A calendar of campus events assists the students as does information on student govern- ment, activities, regulations, administration and all the special services. The Protvl, edited by Larry Vviedmeyer, is in the form of a sports handbook and game program. Copies are sold at each home game. Home and visiting teams, player statistics, and information about the coaches are listed. You Ill' TC, edited by Patty Hake, is a booklet Con- taining many suggestions about living in Bartlett Hall. This publication is helpful to the new students who live in the hall. Larry Wiedmeyer SENIOR STUDENTS EXHIBIT ART Lee Toom, Be+'ry Rasmussen, Mary Hurlbui' and Bab Sabus cas+ approving glances af a senior's oil painting. Mary Hurlbui' adds 'rhe finishing touches Io an "originaI." Before graduation each art major is required to pre- sent :ln art show. These shows are given to provide students with the practical experience needed for actu- ally planning and executing an exhibit. These exhibi- tions also give the student a chance to show what he has done and at the same time provide an opportunity for fellow students to see his accomplishments. Ceram- ic ware, sculpture, weaving, jewelry, paintings, silk screening, metal working and etchings make up the students' exhibits. l30 CHAPEL CHOIR-ROW I: Helen Pope, Barbara Teig, Marcia Moore, Darla Cottington, Shirley Hicks, Frances Van Engen, Mary Cowan Joan Kirk, Carol Kirk, Sheila Irish. ROW 2: Chloris Anderson, Betty Skinner, Doris Severe, Valda Evans, Jan Piper, Ella Jones, Pat Hansen, Jeanette Trueblood, Janet Anderson, Janice Kiser. ROW 3: Marlene Dunlap, Evelyn Shook, Shirley Stebbins, Patty Hake, Mayrose Lane, Norene Norgaard, Marjorie Simonsen, Carolyn Eggleston, Roberta Evans. ROW 4: George Samson, Leon Webb, James Gardner, Art Blank- ers, Lyman Peck, Jane Mauck. CHAPEL CHOIR SINGS AT SUNDAY SERVICES The Chapel Choir is one of the most familiar and most appreciated groups on the campus. Its beautiful anthems and solos add inspiration to the lnterdenomi- national Church Services held in the college auditorium every Sunday morning. VVednesday evenings this mu- sic organization, based on voluntary membership, re- hearses under the direction of jane hlauclc. Accom- panying the group with the organ is George Samson. Besides singing for the weekly chapel services, the Chapel Choir provides music for baccalaureate. A Cappella Choir consists of sixty selected members -thirty men and thirty women most of whom are up- DC1'Cl?lSSIHCI'I. A cappella singing is the most ditticult, since it is done entirely without accompaniment. Therefore, it demands higher professional and artistic achievement. The Choir took a tour to Vinton, Cedar Rapids, Tipton, Davenport, Bettendorf, Clinton, Nla- quoketa, Anamosa, and lllonticello in the latter part of lklarch this year. Some of their other appearances included local concerts in Cedar Falls and a perform- ance on VVOI-TV. A CAPPELLA PERFCRMS ON TELEVISION A CAPPELLA CHOIR-ROW I: Phyllis French, Elaine Kiger, Lynne Sutton, Elaine Heral, Joanne Dyvad, Carolyn Bolger, Nancy Von Doehren, Margaret Herring, Bonnie Manahl, Mary Lou Dobbins, Phyllis Rogers, Shari Andersen, Mary Avery, Mary Ann Ponder, Patricia Brown. ROW 2: Wm. Keith Macy, Evelyn Shook, Patricia Peterson, Barbara Preist, Betty Vestal, Lauretta Brunsvold, Rose Maire, Kay Swain, Audrey Cohurn, Shirley Gardner, Patsy Yates, Marliss Corneliss, Donna Schultz, Bonnie Brown, Ella Jones, Virginia Jensen, Judith Wurch. ROW 3: Phil Sny- der, Don Lowman, Richard Franti, Bob Mclntire, Jerry Harmon, Loy Tetilotit, Bill Emry, David Rath, Richard Johnson, John Van Epps, Gene Fortune, Erwin Christianson, Johnny Jones, Loren Horton. ROW 4: John Newton, John Andersen, John Heiden, John Boughton, Keith Moreland, Robert lsenhower, Philip Kapter, Armand Baker, Roger Brockmeyer, Malcolm Brinker, Russell King, Norman Egli, David Liliegren. WOMEN'S CHORUS PARTICIPATES IN SPRING CONCERT ,-Xpproxiiimtrly one litimtit-tt members make up the XVrniicii's Clirmriis which is llIlkit.'!' tht- iliitvction Ot ,lime Klzuivlc. :X low tor singing is the only i'cqui1'e11iciit tm' ziiliuissirm to this group. The :tim nt the XVmucn's Clwi-its is to acquaint the im-iiiheis with choral litera- ture mi' xvoiiivifs vrricvs. Ont' ut their most popular :mnunl zippcarfuiccs oc- curs just hctritc tht- Christmas holitlziys wlitin they Dill'- ticipntc with thc A Cappella Choir :mtl tht- College Clirmis in thc prcseiitzitirm ot Hzuutt-l's "Ries:-iz1h." The other oiitsfzimtiiig pt-i'foi'i1i:1iicc of XYOiHCI1'S choir is tht- Spring Clinrzil Crmccrt. WOMEN'S CHORUS-ROW I: Mary Laughlin, Ann Schlitter, Bette Young, Janice Bruening, Phyllis Woodall, Aileen Osborn, Virginia Thomp- son, Cheryl Trumbo, Joan Hennies, Jane McCauley, Barbara Parsons, Virginia DeReus, Sally Shaver. ROW 2: Barbara Fisher, Norma Vanness, Gladys Kemper, Dorothy Hagg, Janet Leith, Lillian Conner, Sue Singer, Beth Talcott, Jean Lawson, Diane Krulrow, Mary Torlxelson, Mary Lou Bottortt, Shirley Olson. RONN 3: Angie Zirltelbach, Beth Webber, Marlene Dunlap, Shirley Lauer, Marlene Anlrerson, Ruth Lindaman, Barbara Kyle, Marilyn Marcellus, Janice Kiser, Sarah Schooley, Valda Evans, Nancy Grover, Lornea Tittany, Nancy Mackintosh. ROW 4: Ann Lesch, Donette Lentz, Arlene Miller, Patricia Dinsdale, Patricia Savereide, Sally Moore, Donna Linden, Joyce Hundling, Sue Hoskins, Ann Kidwell, Marie Kaslca, Linda Jones, Katherine Gross, Hazel Porath, Ann Sowers. WOMENS CHORUS--POM! I: Patricia Brown, Cecelia Doran, Alphy Adams, Donna Gates, Julia Clingerman, Kay Schaeter, Gertrude Gal- loway, Joyce Krambecr, Virginia Weiss, Patricia Havens, Twilla Weeks, Jane Mauck. ROW 2: Kay Norton, Marjorie Shinn, Allaire Farrow, Shirley Hickey, Marjorie Alberts, Louise Fondroy, Mary Irvine, Marianna Hatner, Ardeth Annear, Dianne Damro, Karen Swanson, Nancy For- rester. FO!! 3' Donna Bain, Nancy Failes, Nancy Freese, Joan Ernst, Marilyn Bitner, Evelyn Bergh, Nancy Rector, Sandra Pursell, Sally Stroh, Elsie Neve, Joy Harris, Kay Zeller, Judy Bernhart. POW 4: Ruth Warren, Kathryn Fleming, Estelle Henrich, Ellen Marker, Janice Faust, Mable Johnson, Leona Baier, Jane Genrich, Connie Tennant, Barbara Bowlin, Rema Schlesselman, Joyce Wiese, Sherris Pierce, Margaret Clark, Arlene Steward. l COLLEGE CHORUS-ROW I: Norma Welzel, Mary Ellen Bahndorf, Cynthia Olsgaard, Doris Carolus, Vesla Pifsenbarger, Marcia Ahrens, Marlys Pitts, Arlene Parker, Margy Owens, Roberfa Evans, Mary McClure, Margaret McBurney. ROW 2: Carol Bucliman, Marlene Holden, Janel' Garlon, Colleen Dugger, LaRae Kussalz, Patricia Lake, Elaine Ruen, Carol Collins, Marilyn Turnquisf, Joan Hodson, Doris Severe, Betty Olinger, Rila Beisner. ROW 3: Shirley Stebbins, Marybelle Chase, Norene Norgaard, Janice Shoot, Ed Burton, John Newlon, Arnold Rabe, Bill Smith, Arden Sollien, Philip Davis, Barbara Kline, Nancy Kaslxadden, Ruth McQuigg, Sharon Sanders. ROW 4: Paul Davis, Floyd Hulzell, Loren Horton, Lloyd Barfen, Jim Schnecklolh, John Lindblom, Kenneth Jensen, John Schwieberl, Wayne R. King, Bud Noble, Tom Holmberg, Richard Phillips, Theodore Pleiff, John Kafalinich. COLLEGE CHORUS-ROW I: Virginia Kier, Mary Lou Weber, Shirley Beaupain, Ann Gerlach, Shirley Lewis, Janice Booth, Roasalie Gibbs, Gayle Price, Nancy Lange, Vera Geotsch, Susan Hamann, Nancy Malt, Shirley Grant, Sheila Irish. ROW 2: Mary Conrad, Gail Thompson, LeAnn Dielien, Patricia Puliler, Barbara Lowell, Patricia Hansen, Kathryn Dalrymple, Beverly Stewart, Carol Moore, Annelfe Allen, Shirlee Vogel- aar, Janet Anderson, Yvonne Healy, Phyllis Carlson, Carol Brandt, Charlotte Diehn. ROW 3: Marilyn Savery, Glenda Morfiff, Barbara Furga- son, Janel' Gordon, Patricia Wright, Delores Lydon, Jean Beaving, Joan Beed, Anita Fouls, Nancy Morlensen, Sharon Hatch, Mary Engelliing, Joan Olson, Linnea Loe, Lois Mitchell, Maurine Stephens, Jan Boies, Sylvia Larson. ROVV 4: Marilyn Wendt, Beverly Jamison, Murial Robin- son, Dorofhy Hubacher, Janell Morrison, Frances Lennier, Carolyn Egglesfon, Dorothy McCrea+h, Wanda Boeyink, Shirley Waterman, Pal' Hake, Carol A. Olsen, Coralee Vriezelaar, Shirley Zickel, Marian Pippill, Carol Ellen Tilp, Dorothy Fox, Janet Harriman, Dixie Crosley, JoAnne Kohls. COLLEGE CHORUS OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS The College Chorus, under the direction of X-Villiam capable direction of Klr. Klacy and the informal atmos- lllacy, is composed of one hundred and forty women phere of rehearsals provide a pleasant time as well as a and men students, It is one of the largest of the mu- worthwhile educational experience. sical groups on campus. The chorus meets each Tues- One of the most popular performances of the Col- day and Thursday evening to blend their voices in the lege Chorus, to which everyone looks forward, is the reading of choral literature from all periods of history presentation of Handel's great oratorio, the "KIessiah," of music. just before the Christmas holidays. Their final per- The chorus is open to any college student who en- formance of the year was the Spring Choral Concert joys singing and is interested enough to try out. The given in lllarch. CONCERT BAND TOURS CENTRAL IOWA D11 Klyrmm Russell was nlircctm' of the Symphon f,l'k'hC5l'I'2l this ji'1ll'. Rcaidcnts of xXv2lfC'I'l00 and Ccdzu lfnlls juilwd TL' students in the Dk'l'fU1'IN1lllL'CS giYL'Il bk rlu- 0l'L'hl'Sl'l'Il. The group, w111pnsn-Qi of :1pp1'oxim:1tclx xixty I11l'II'lbCl'S, z1ccmnpz1l1icnl vlu- L'hOl'llS in the prcscn rxzrifm of I1Zllll!K'I,S "NIL-xsizllf' :lt kihI'iSfll11lS :md thu upa'1'z1 in -Iilllllllfy. Other app:-:11':ulccs music by thc 01' k'llL'Nfl'1l um-1'c :xt mmucslrium :mel l1llIll'U'l'ly L'U1lL'CI'tS. The Concert Hand, under the direction of Karl Holvik, is composed of zipproxiniately one hundred Inenibers. Activities of the group this year included playing for convocations and presenting a winter and spring concert. One of the main highlights of the year was a t0L11' through central Iowa in the spring. The band performed :it several schools, some of them being Roosevelt of Des lloines, Adel, Newton, Grinnell, :ind lfldoru. The group also appeared on XYOI-TY in Ames. ORCHESTRA PRESENTS QUARTERLY CONCERTS I35 MARCHING BAND-ROW I: Graeiz, V. Whiimore, Grandgeorge, L. Wagner, E. Connor, Grassfield, McKi+rick, lnnis, Sullivan, Arends, Ber- ger, J. Russell, Pembroolr, Winfers, Egli, Ronald Broclzmeyer, Emry, Mickelson. ROW 2: Reece, King, Sfrayer, Huebsch, Mason, Beniamin Anderson, M. McClure, Bourne, Fran+z, Seaver, Savery, Wise, Fromm, M. Williams. ROW 3: D, Robinson, Lohmeyer, Ma+fox, Jonlcer, Sfoermer Susan Hansen, Bergh, Vogelaar, Sexfon, Cufler, Zeran, J. Olson, Jackie Hansen, Eide, S. Larson, S. Johnson, Nuifing, Norma Thompson, Harper POW 4: Lenglas, M. While, Cullen, Ziclicl, G. Madson, Hunf, L. Harfman, Swan, Kohls, M. England, Dornbusch, Wai+e, Schwab, Hoskins Hennings, Noble, Schaper, Dieken, DuBois. ROW 51 C. Blizelr, Whaley, B. Parlcs, R. Lynch, A. Schullz, Ehen, Grey, Hauge, Sell, Judy, Brunsvold Pos+, Vanicek, Merry, M. Bradley. ROW 6: Day, Wedeliing, Erickson, Blanliers, Hoobler, Wood, CoHing+on, Peferson, Crosley, Lowell. French Rabe, Davis, Gibbs, Har+man, Monks, Ploog. MARCHING BAND PERFORMS AT FOOTBALL GAMES 'lihv I.S.'l'.L'. AIIll'Cl1illj1 liziml, umlvr thi- ilircction ul lizirl Hulvil-', pcrfm'1m'ml at 1-:ii-li hmmm- football gzum' :ir O. R. I,zith:im Srzulium this year. Special progrziiiis xxvrf- pi'c-sviitvil by thi- mic liiimircml :mil tum pivcc' bllllli :ir Uzulk Day :mil llrimccoming. Again this year Hziml Uni was Z1 highlight of thu season wlicn high school hnmls from ll0l'fi'lCZlNf Iowa xx'c1'c invitcal to thc 'lil' vzmipus. Ihr-3 trunk part in :ui ziftciwiuoii pzirziilc :mil zi spcvizil I7l'0Ql'Jlll1 :it thi- 'lif-Xrirtii Ilzilmtzi State- foot- hull 3:11111-. I36 Debate, under the direction of Lillian R. YVagner, is composed of approximately thirty students including freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The pur- pose of Debate is to provide training in thinking, in speaking through analyzing problems, and in weighing and presenting evidence to an audience. This year the debaters attended twelve conferences in the lI'Iidwest, including those at the Universities ot Iowa, VViscon- sin, lIIinnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. They also debated at VVisconsin State Teachers College at Eau Claire, YVisconsin, St. Thomas College at St. Paul, lIIinnesota, Grinnell College at Grinnell, and Iowa State College at Ames. At Central College in Pella they took part in a debate tournament. ' Phyllis Gregg represents Teachers College in a debate against the visiting Iowa State team. DEBATE. TRAINING IN THINKING AND SPEAKING A group ot interested TC speakers discuss the national discussion topic: How can the American Educational System best meet the needs ot our society. ' -? ,TH I FILM CLUB. CINEMATIC ART AT TC In order to satisfy Z1 demand for time examples of cinematic art at Teachers college the Film Club was founded in 1949 by Stanley VVood, assistant professor of English and Speech. The group is Z1 non-proht or- ganization. The selection of films, many ot which are foreign, is based on quality rather than on origin. lfnch winter and spring quarter the niembers vote on films suggested by the president for presentation. Klembers include people from the surrounding com- munities as well as students and college personnel. wx-gow The End 1 'El Barbara Parsons sings a+ a music reci+al 'Vx sam,- y,'fx 1 4 Q 1 xx 1 Q N N ,f"'Qw .. 5, 1 r P75 52 '- 39, ' A X git rs? Q4 9 - 722- -., "'9.'b0C,'-I'!.'7""'li""lR. 7:4Li'S1v.1. athletics fooiball I954 VARSITY SQUAD-ROW I: Doug Butler, Arthur Kvidera, Lyle Bifcon, Keith Bahrenfuss, Larry Bifcon, Berf Field, Richard Formanek, Dean Cramer, Ralph Capifani, Don Gabrielson, Dick Lanaghan, Blake Brown. ROW 2: Bob Taylor, Don Kolsrud, Rodney Hoogland, Dave Tol- Iefson, Ollie Isaak, Dick Beefsch, John Shearer, Tom Walker, Don Fisher, Leroy Dunn, Art Landau. POW 3: Ron Brinkley, Dwayne Polka, Roy Voggesser, James Hershberger, Gary Gorham, Bill Simpson, Jim Rosien, Vernon Rosene, James Cose, Don Grove, Jon Mccuskey, Bill Nielson. PANTHERS FINISH THIRD IN LOOP C. L. "Buck" Sfarbeck, the outstanding foofball coach in the Norfh Central Con- ference. Fielding an eleven that was picked as a pre-season I favorite, Buck Starbeck's squad ran into trouble in the latter part of the season and were forced to settle for a three-way tie for third place in the Conference along with North Dakota University and South Dakota Uni- versity. The squad did, however, figure in the national statistics with their running and passing attack. The Panthers took the first three conference games with victories over North Dakota State, North Dakota Uni- versity, and Augustana before dropping the last three tough ones with Klorningside, South Dakota Univer- sity, and South Dakota State to wind up the season with :1 3-3 mark. A, Nl. I42 Doug Bu+ler ge+s a laferal pass away +0 Larry Bifcon a Jrackled in Hwe Homecoming game wifh Souflw Dakofa. Drs Hard running Ari' Landau follows the blocking of Dave Tolletson, who tries to cut clown two North Dakota State tacklers. GRIDSTERS HAVE UPS AND DOWNS Dick Beersch gives it the old college try" as a South Dakota State defender attempts to intercept a Capi- Trayeling to Central llichigan for the season's op- X ener, the Tutors ran into heat and -lim Podoley to go down in defeat, 42-21. A --l yards rushing was all North Dakota State could gain and the Panthers took their first home game the next week-end, 39-0. For the third straight year, time ran out on Teachers and 4, -'Z the Drake Bulldogs pulled a H-12 decision out of the - hre to make Dad's Day rather dismal at TC. The next week, the Panthers pulled one of their own out of 4 the fire at Grand Forks and downed the University of Q North Dakota, l-l-13, in a fiercely fought battle. Au- gustana fell before the Panthers, 50-0, for the third win against two defeats. Nlorningside outplayed the Tu- tors, 20-12, to even the season's mark for the Panthers. Homecoming proved to be no celebration as South Da- kota University slipped past by a slim margin of 3-l--33. A late rally of 20 points wasn't enough as South Da- kota State stormed over Teachers, -ll-20, in the last game of the season. af I44 End Dick Beefsch floats our fo fake a pass from Ollie Isaak against South Dakofa State. Beefsch topped fhe conference in pass catches. TUTORS RATE HIGH IN STATISTICS Although sharing a tie for third place in the confer- ence, the Panther offense boasted of outstanding leaders and also of an outstanding team showing. On the na- tional level, both Dick Beetsch and Ralph Capitani dropped out of last year's first place position, but held a secure footing on third. Capitani rolled up 81 pass completions out of 173 attempts for 1,358 yards and ll touchdowns. In total offense, Ralph accounted for a grand total of 1,568 yards for a four-year college to- tal of slightly over two miles. Beetsch, ranked third in pass receiving, snagged -I0 passes for 711 yards gained and 10 touchdowns. The combined passing attack of the Panthers completed 99 passes for a total of 1,6-I9 yards to lead the nation's small colleges. A team aver- age of 206.1 yards per game was good for 13 touch- downs. The team also stood 10th in the nation in total offense. In the North Central Conference, Beetsch and Cap- itani captured crowns While Larry Bitcon turned in a fine showing. Capitani held the passing and total of- fense crowns while Beetsch topped the conference in pass catches. His 10 touchdowns for 60 points were good for second place in the conference scoring race. "Bub" Bitcon held no firsts, but placed in three depart- ments. With a 5.2 yard rushing average, he held the Sth spot conference-wise, 6th in scoring with 3-l points, and 3rd in kick returns with a 13.-1 average. These three men were largely responsible for the team leader- ship in several categories. lklost outstanding of these was the defensive average. Leading the conference rushing defense and ending up second in pass defense, the Panthers were ranked as the best defensive team in the loop, allowing an average of only 2-13.5 yards per game. Not only defensively strong, but offensively pow- erful as well, the Tutors had the best passing offense, and second from the top in total offense in the confer- ence with an average of -I-05.3 yards a contest. Scoring also was noticeable as the Panthers captured third place with a total of 168 points for a 28 points per game average. Larry Bub Bi+con 'fighfs his way clear of llwree Dralce Bulldogs on a lciclc relurn Bilcon was llie learn s lop ruslning leader CONFERENCE STANDINGS Soullw Dalcola Morningside IOWA TEAC Soullw Dalcola Norfli Dalcola Norlli Dalcola Auguslana Wifh all fwen+y fwo players visible Arl Landau c osses llie goal sfripe lor a 'rouchdown againsl Norllw Dalcofa Slale ,V QV7 Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa TQICH ,..., . Y'-1 Ln' .-sa. i , ' '-'ls :Zum :Q32fv Lcirf' ' 11.- gwfg. Running info 'Trouble is "Bub" Biicon as he is aboui +o be dropped by +wo Soufh Dakofa Slrafe men. Cn 'rhe ground behind is guard Roy Voggesser. SEASON'S RECORD TEAM STATISTICS Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers . . 2I Cenfrai Michigan . . . 39 Norfh Dakoia 5+a+e . . I2 Drake .... . . . I4 Norih Dakoia U. . . . 50 Augusfana . . . . . I2 Morningside. . . . . 33 Souih Daicofa U. . . . 20 Souih Dakoia S+a+e Non-conference games. Conference record: 3 -3 ToI'aI record . . 3-5 lk I4X Doug Bui-Ier uses a 5+raigh-I' arm and swings wide as Don Fisher smashes a Coyofe a+ Homecoming. Pirsi' Downs . . Passes A++emp+ed Passes Compleied Yards Passing . Yards Rushing . Nei Yards Gained Fumbles . . . To+aI Poinis . TC I33 2IO 99 I649 I4I4 3063 I7 ZOI "' sefj 'vi - 1 I .. ,. f, Q 5 59 A X QQ... 555. .4 D V 5- . .5 . V -.A " . , -. ' , 1 I t M s1Sgq.:'j,, g .--gigs x s on .win --5 , fw- Opp. 76 lI2 41 759 I372 2 I 23 20 I64 if I Q Lx. Q L., , Dick Beeisch laferals 'ro Vern Rosene as he is fackled. Waiching +he play in +he Soufh Dakota Sfafe game are Dick Formanek and Rod i-iooqland. Keeping his eye on +he game is Ralph Capihani as he Takes a breafher. Capihani wound up a specfacuiar college career lasf Fall much ro +he delighi of Jrhe opposirion. Reeling off 'Five yards againsf Sou+h Dakofa is fuilback Capiiani. The fhree defenders brouqh+ him down less ihan a yard shori of a firsf and Ten. 7'QlZ5,.illKl .i,ii ' Y " ' T' ,"' ' ' 'IIAI I48 'Y " sr Dick Beetsch Ralph Capitani Leroy Dunn THREE TUTORS ON ALL-CONFERENCE TEAM Three members ot the Panther squad were picked for the honorary All-Conference team selected by the conference coaches. Tackle Leroy Dunn had an out- standing year on both offense and defense. His block- ing was jarring and his tackling was vicious. Dick Beetsch at end did more than his part in rolling up yardage and accounting for touchdowns. He ranked third in the nation in catches and this is Dick's second straight year to be picked for the coaches' "dream team." Ralph Capitani, at fullback, held third in the nation in passing and first in total offense. W'ith cool confidence he completed pass after pass to pile up 1,358 yards for the season. Almost hidden by defensive taclrlers, Ralph Capitani grinds out a tew extra yards in the last game ot his college career against South Dakota State. Running over to lend assistance is end Jim Hershberger. lun I '3 'f' 's-Bl'A.iMW.-1. , . ' 11 U baskeiball ' S -'B 4305 I I t y Lal 'Ss . vi V , I Q ,-. I l954 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-ROW I: Dick Beefsch, Bob Boderman, Don Holland, Roger Brown, Kenny Nichols, Don Ramus. ROW 2: LeRoy Horn, Don Ramig, Dick Sfrub, Vern Ogden, Ron Brinkley, Dale Black. ROW 3: Lee Mowrer, Lou Paulsen, Del Nicklaus, Ray Nissen, Howie Pigg, Keith Pahre, Dick Miles. PANTHERS FIGHT WAY INTO SECOND PLACE Surrounded by nine returning lettermen and a po- cent of all shots taken during the season. The team tent crop of sophomore replacements, newcomer Stan total of 1707 points was the highest season total ever Hall served his first year as head basketball coach at scored by a Teachers ball club. Iowa Teachers. His Tutors drew even for the season ln the North Central Holiday Tourney, the Pan- with a record of Ilell for over all play and shared a thers placed second after winning their first two games three-way split for second place in the conference with and then losing in the finals to North Dakota State. a 745 record. The Hirst and last two games of the sea- VVinning seven of their North Central Conference son saw the Panthers play a championship brand of games, the Panthers hit for 938 points, the highest hall, but in the middle of the season the team could not total ever rolled up by a Teachers team in a 12 game win consistently, even though they showed potential league schedule. Disposing of all home conference power. Fxamples of this power were displayed in the games, the Panthers averaged S5 points per game on first game of the season as the Panthers downed the their home court while their opponents were good for Duhawks of Loras I00-76, and then again later in only a 65.8 ave1'age. the season when they went even higher and defeated Included with the numerous records the team and Klorningside I03-71. Rebounding duties were divided its members broke-twenty-two in all-was the record between Ray Nissen and Howie Pigg with Dick ' broken by lanky Ray Nissen. His 3-I6 total eclipsed Beetsch sharing in these honors. In the shooting de- the previous mark tor a first year varsity ball player, partment, the Panthers hit an above average 36 per set by Jack Rolinger with 300 in 1952. W 4.2 ' ,M 3 V! wh 6 at 5 ' m sl wk 3 , 5:9 aff 551,32 1 -2 Q W ,,::x-1 W:-. xfvzw PE -5:11 W, . 4, lg of Q. w V Q' I52 SEASON'S RECORD Iowa Teachers Loras ...... 76 Iowa Teachers Warfburg .... 70 I Iowa Teachers Soufhwesfern Kansas 82 Iowa Teachers INIorIh DaIcoIa Sfaie 78' Iowa Teachers Norfh Dakora U. . 7I' Iowa Teachers Augus+ana .... 66" Iowa Teachers Morningside . . . 7I" Iowa Teachers Norlrh DaIco+a Sfafe 66" Iowa Teachers Cornell ..... 93 Iowa Teachers SouIh DaIcoIa U. . 6I' Iowa Teachers Cornell ..... 82 Iowa Teachers Loras ...... 8I Iowa Teachers Norfh DaIco'ra S+aIe 70' Iowa Teachers Soufh Dakofa U. . 68' Iowa Teachers Morningside . . . 83' Iowa Teachers Soufh Dakofa Sfafe 65' Iowa Teachers Sou+h Dakofa S+a+e 98' Iowa Teachers Auguslrana .... 86' Iowa Teachers Grinnell ..... 88 Iowa Teachers Nor+h Dalcofa U. . 7I' Iowa Teachers Morningside . . . 7I' Iowa Teachers Augusfana . . . 57' 'Conference games "Nor+h CenIraI I-Ioliday Tourney Don Holland cufs sharply Io se+ up a play and Conference record: 7-5 Io s+ar'r +he offense rolling. TOTGI record: I I-I I Leaping high wirh a righ+-handed hook againsf Cornell is Dick Beefsch, who complefed his Ihird year of varsify ball. Ray Nissen sefs for a possible rebound. PIGG SHATTERS RECORDS Returning after two years in the service, Howie Pigg immediately regained his old form and played ex- ceptional ball all season. Twice he scored 35 points, but it wasn't until the season's closer with Augustana that Howie hit 37 points to break the school record for most points scored in a single game. Aided by the out- standing screening and passing of senior LaRoy Horn, Howie connected for 15 field goals and 7 free throws to account for his record-breaking total. These 37 points raised his single season mark to -155 which broke the old record in that department, giving him a college career total of 10-ll, also a record. Along with these three, Howie also tool: two records in the free throw department. His single season mark of 137 free throws stood 28 above the previous record and his career total of 283 points from the free throw line also topped the old mark. To top all these records, Howie Pigg, scor- ing 455 points in 21 games, broke the old single season average of 18.7 points per game set by Norm Jesperson in 1950, with an average of 21.7 points per contest. Scoring leader Howie Plgg scored many of his points on drive In shots if his over-the-head shot failed to connect. l'le was able to cut through the defense almost at will 'ro score rolling up 455 points to set a new school record. - ,.-Wil The Tutors' second place scorer, Ray Nissen, puts one in against the Loras Duhawks. 7-5 RECORD IN CONFERENCE Sharing a three-way' tie for second place in the con- ference, the Iowa Teachers Panthers were only able to win seven of their 12 conterenee games but did main- tain a higher game average, 78.2 points, than their con- terence toes who averaged only 73.3 points per contest. Ut the seven games won, six ot these were on the home court hut only one victory' was scored on the road. The first conference action of the year saw the Panthers tall hetore both North Dakota State and North Dakota Ll. on a road trip. South Dakota Lv. was the first contei- enee victim ot the year as the Panthers slipped by the Coyotes fn-l-ol. XVhipping North Dakota State 76-70, in an overtime. the Panthers then ran out of gas for two games and lost to South Dakota and Klorningside, hoth away from home. Returning home, Stan Hall's quintet defeated South Dakota State but then lost to them the next week-end at Brookings. The only road win ot that season was registered that same week-end as the Panthers fought off a late rally and came out on top over Augustana, S7-36. The final three contests were played at home, the Panthers winning all three, defeating North Dakota, an upset over the league lead- ersg the thumping of Klorningside 103-715 and the victory over Augustana in the final game of the season that accounted tor several team and individual records. I54 CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L North Dakota University . . 8 4 IOWA TEACHERS . . 7 5 North Dakota State . . 7 5 South Dakota State . . 7 5 South Dakota University . . 6 6 Morningside . . . . 6 6 Augustana . I I I Southwestern Kansas downed the Tutors, but they did not stop Dick Beetsch on this drive in. Beetsch placed third in team scoring tor the season. 'Q I -! INDIVIDUAL SCORING TP Howie Piqq . 455 Ray Nissen . . 346 Dick Beelsch . 252 Don l-lolland . l9O Sonny l-lorn . lb? Del Nicklaus . 90 Bob Boderrnan 7l Ken Nichols . 6.4 Dale Black . . 24 Dick Slrub , , 23 Lee lvlowrer . I5 Roger Brown . 8 llle Tl-'low board agamsl Auguslana Climbing high on +I-ie back of 'Iwo Loras Du hawks, sophomore Ray Nissen clears 'rhe boards. Nissen's 346 poinls broke fhe olcl rec ord for a firsl-year varsily ball player i l I l i l wresiling 1955 WRESTLING TEAM-ROW I: Jerry Jones, Ed Masfeller, Jerry Case, John Doali, John Vovos, Chuck Pinch, Dennis Barton. ROW 2: Bob Sharp, Fred Loffredo, Sonny Tgiros, Larry Poocli, Neal McGuffin, Bob Jessem, Dale Dye, Jaclt Farrell. ROW 3: Bill Weiclt, Diclt Farmanelt, Gus Gaffo, Russell Seeley, Jim Beisner, Ray McKenzie, Frank Sovich, Bill Koll. WRESTLING ON WAY TO TOP Three returning lettermen fianked by five sopho- mores, carried the brunt of the attack to put Iowa Teachers back on the national wrestling map this sea- son. Facing one of the toughest schedules in many years, the Panthers rolled on undefeated until meeting Illinois in the final dual meet of the season. Returning from the service, 137-lb. Champion Bill VVeick took all corners, scoring four pins in his undefeated season. IVeick also led the team in scoring, with a total of 45 team points. Another standout was heavyweight Gus Gatto, who suffered only one defeat, by one point, in the opening match against Kansas State. The third letterman, Fred Loffredo, was usually the turning point in the matches in which the Panthers were forced to come from behind to win. The c1'op of sophomores was led by 123-lb. Ed Masteller who sported a 9-2 record for the season. IlIasteller pinned five of his op- ponents to lead the team in that department, Another outstanding sophomore was 167-lb. Dick Formanek who won seven of his eleven matches and who showed great promise. This season's record plus the amount of eager material for next year should prove that wres- tling is on its way to the top at Iowa State Teachers College. The grapplers opened the season by drawing in the first two meets, with Kansas State and then Illinne- sota. In the third meet, they began to roll as they swamped Illinois Normal at Bloomington by a score of 20-6. The next week-end they bettered this score still more and whipped the xlackrabbits of South Dakota State 24-6. A little tougher foe was found in lIan- kato, but they too went down before the Panthers. A tired Nebraska squad proved to be no competition at all and wound up on the short end of a 27-3 final score. The next two meets were crucial ones, both Cornell and Luther were undefeated up to this time. Cornell fell by the slim margin of I-l-I2 on a last match victory by Gus Gatto. Luther, on the other hand, was defeated easily the next week-end. Going back into the Big Ten, the Panthers faced Purdue and overcame an early Purdue lead to hand the Boilermak- ers a 16-12 loss. The Spartans of Illichigan State threw a scare into the Tutors but lost out in the final three matches and were downed also. At this point in the season, the Panthers were carrying an undefeated record of eight wins and two draws. In the final meet of the season, it took a Big Ten school to spoil the un- defeated season as Illinois spilled them I7-9 closing a very successful season for the Panther matmen. The "I'urkey bar" is being ap- plied Io a Nebraska wresller as Bill Weick helps The Tulors on Io a 27-3 decision over 'flue Cornhuskers. INDIVIDUAL SCORING ec Falls Draws Losses Pls. 4" O O 45 5 0 2 37 3 O l 36 2 2 2 29 O 4 3 20 2 0 5 I6 O' O 7 I4 O 0 7 3 0 O I 0 0 O I O 0 O I 0 O O l O 0 0 I 0 I6 6 32 200 Ilvlalcb won by default Wres'I'ling mos? of +l1e season af I3O Cliuclc Pinch uses a "cradle" Io pin Paul Krueger ol Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa SEASON'S RECORD Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Seasons record: Kansas S+a+e . MinnesoIa . . IIIinois Normal . . Soufh Dakofa S'ra+e Mankafo Teachers Nebraska .... CorneII . Lufher . . Purdue .... Michigan Sfafe . IIIinois ..... 8 won, I Ios'r, 2 Iied. . I5 . I2 . 6 . 6 . I4 . 3 . I2 . IO . I2 . II . I7 eavywelgI-1+ Gus Ga++o aids The Teachers' cause s+iII more waIIop1ng of Nebraska by decisioninq his opponent I, in Ihe Scrappy Ed Mas+eIIer, wres+Iinq aI' I23, seems 'ro be enjoying his nnafch againsf Chuck Green of CorneII. Masfeller wenI' on Io d ci non his man. 540. ,V,fr f . l955 NCAA I57-Ib. Champ Bill Weiclc is in his usual winning form as he does away with Fred Kuesler of Michigan Stare. Weiclc wrestled undefeated during the regular season. Another pin by 'rhe Panlhers is being challced up here by Dick Formanelc as he rolls Phil Slcatturn of Luther over on his shoulclers. Wrestling coach Bill Koll sees that his grap- plers are in lop shape for each meer. BILL WEICK NCAA CHAMPION Three Panther wrestlers made the trip to Ithaca, New York for the NCAA wrestling tournament held fllarch 25 and 26. Bill VVeick, 157 lb. champion in 1952, worked his way to the finals by defeating Nor- man Balot of CCNY, 8-lg Vincent Kelly of Loyola, 6-Og and Bill De YVitt of Pittsburgh on a refereels decision. ln the finals VVeick downed Big Ten Champ lllike Rodriguez of llichigan, 6--l, to win the crown for the second time in as many appearances in the tournament. Gus Gatto, wrestling at 191, drew a bye in the first round of action and then scored a victory over Richard Rlacaleer of Princeton -l-2 in the second round. Gatto was defeated in the semi-finals on a ref- ereeys decision by Ken Leuer of lowa who was then defeated in the championship matches. The third performer from Iowa Teachers in the tourney was 167 lb. Dick Formanel-1. ln the first round, Formanek decisioned Tony Tcocanos of Col- gate 3-l, but lost in the second round to Del l1IcGhee of VVashington State. The team total of 1-l points gave them a llth place berth in the tourney as Okla- homa A R NI, scoring -10 points, won the tournament for the second straight year. The fine showing of these three wrestlers is certainly a credit to their ability, coach Bill Koll and a performance that the school should be proud of. baseball I L' ' ,rv-gil V4 A . ii i t bi. my . I K 9 5, B f I G leg, . l' ' L' urn ' Iv Til I im- x '4 'Z 'Y s xx , I , W Lg ,uf ini, pfg, ,lmllff Y 'fI,,f saint Milf, , III, .NX 3-'W I , I Q SAC -' is y ,- 0 - l ,X 5 ' 'mp it fi MJ, I y , GN'.L:..i2,,, . ilu ' Q '. , Y ' Aa, f X 4 , , ,, Iliff' s ,' 'xr I I Ht is X I WI iihr r ' ylifff NIITHF I954 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-ROW I: George Webber, Dick Lanaghan, Vernon Pickett, Erwin Christianson, Lonnie Ripperlon, Jerry Anderson, Chuck Rabey. ROW 2: Dave Sarchet, Bob Isenhower, Don Holland, AI Arencls, Bob Huntington, Neil Rafhien, Duane German, Dave Randolph. ROW 3: Rod Tangeman, Jerry Koch, Dick Beefsch, Ken Norem, Bob Boclerman, LaRoy Horn, Duane Lloyd, Gene Dolphin, Dale Black, Dick Koch, L. W. "Mun" Whifford. DIAMOND SQUAD SPLITS EVEN Always keeping one eye on the weather, the Panther diamond squad was able to play only 12 of their 15 scheduled games, breaking even for the season with a six won and six lost record. In the opening double- header. the weatherman proved to be no help and a strong wind hampered both squads as the Iowa State Cyclones took advantage in both, 3-0 and 3-2. 'I'rayel- ing to Sioux City for another twinbill, the Panthers broke into the winning column by defeating the Illorn- ingside Klaroons twice. Rod rllangeman and Dick Koch turned in two and four hitters, respectively, for the day's performance. Number three came over La Crosse Teachers, on the hitting of Hob Huntington and Duane Ciarman who both collected two hits with Rod Tangeman again turning in a victory, making the - lanky senior's record two wins against one defeat. I6O Iowa Teachers took the measure of Drake, 5-3, in the first of a tWO-gilllle series with Tangeman making it three in a row. The Bulldogs jumped back, how- ever, and captured the second in a pitchers' duel, I-0. However, injuries in this series hindered the squad in their encounter with Coe the next week-end. A shuf- fled line-up fought hard but went down twice, both times in the fourth inning and by the same scores, both in favor of the Coe Kohawks. After a loss to South Dakota State, the record stood at four wins and six losses with fears of a below par year. The next day at Brookings, however, the Pan- thers came back to drub the Jackrabbits, and a final decision over VVartburg brought the season's mark to six won and six lost with a .500 mark for the year. 3 2 .,. mf- . W, ,- .,,,. , ge L 9 A r N 4 X 5 00 WM W f ,ww N X 4 A -A - ,gg ,Qs ., ' -: fifzfawzm ,0a,,.,, -gmg . -- aw: ., . 7 J h X W 1 X-'bw K , 1- X a ni:-sn -: , 3 , f,:.i-LM: ,Q .4 f .gw gptg M 3 . Q1 , ,1 51-'6,"f:4 '. -W.-.y f TX , -"',. H '.i' ' Vx , m-'M.A,,f , + om... ' vw- A '- 3,y:,,,Qf.,"'iff1f"1f '- "' ' , V N ,Q NASE? , , fgym. 3 wp., . nP"?'f3'w4."?fZ P' -'f , fag 'Q . . . " wmAgQS9f"x8?fsf',3, A' - i ii Gene Dolphin, bahring le'f+-handed, drives Jrhe ball sailing high and -sal far In+o fhe cuffield. Bob Hunfingfon looks on as a play is made af second base by Chuck Rabey. -fe f :Ml "Sonny" Horn s1're'i'ches for a pm' ou+ a+ firsf base in +he home confesi' wifh Wadburg. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa SEASON'S Teachers . . O Teachers . . 2 Teachers . . I7 Teachers . . 4 Teachers . . 3 Teachers . . 5 Teachers . . O Teachers . . 6 Teachers . . 6 Teachers . . O Teachers . . I3 Teachers . . I6 RECORD Iowa S+aIe . Iowa SIaIe . Morningside . Morningside . . La Crosse Teachers Drake .... Drake. . Coe ..... Coe ..... Sourh Dakofa Slraie Soujrh Dakora Sraie Warfburg . . . Seasons record: 6 wins and 6 de-Tears. ,a..a... ' ,X ..s Y X ,Nh g,,,,.,, v. ,.... . .M s.,.., .-.- no-u . , .. ..- , s.- - X Senior Rod Tangeman, lanky riqhi-hander, proved 'ro be Ihe Iop hurIer in Ihe Panfher affack. The Pan+her dug-ou+ wa'I'c.hes 'rhe play in a confesi' wifh Iowa Sfafe. Low Iemperafures and a bi'rIer wind broughf ouf only a sparse crowd. in, 4 ' fi? i 1 ' bg ' A T A I I 4 i g, - f- , . -T' -.K ' 1- if , ? iL'- 5 ' ? F ' ' f 1 6, ' ' iia' ' as s are I 'I as .r 5 ' - IQ ' - I M7415-W3 I ,, X Y x 'IKQKY3 I- I ' sz... -.if-waxy wi Iznm:-gm: -4. l s,fL,' :,m?+. .V f U.. ,-:.-5. 4' ,, r5.T,Q,LffZ?f-vmfrnewrfiv-if . , ,, ,-iff" , las' ' 11 , 55 1 - A C5v:41-'-- " ,v --- 1 1Eta.1- - wi. N ' ,.. if .A A. 614+-ff? 'L' ,1 We' 'esi'f"'. Q 'A WM - in , fi . xy...-3 1 . 1 4 ,,, 4' ' 1 If Rod Tangeman hurls a fhird s+rilce pasf an opposing barler. Y? Serving his +wen+y-six+h year as a baseball rnenlor, "Mun" Whillord sfuclies Jrhe field play of lhe Panlhers. Swinging hard buf missing as The ball sinks in +he ca+cher's miH, is lhird baseman Bob Hunlinglon. ,1- 65 . an 5 1 Q irack ,f 1 -C x!z-.i' - 1954 VARSITY TRACK TEAM-ROW I: Leroy Dunn, Roger Leary, Dave Church, James Parks, Warren Morris, Dick Sehmann, Doug Butler, Dean Cramer, Francis Schuelka, Robert Kratky, Richard Ranson. ROW 2: Dave Tollefson, Don Kolsrud, Bob Lang, Roy Voggesser, Jim Buckels, John White, John Sioblom, Francis Quirk, Nick Hulst, James Wachenheim. ROW 3: Brooke Workman, Dennis Hunt, George Chambers, Jim Lundquisf, Gary Gorham, Larry Paulsen, Jim Rosien, Philip Kofron, Don Lange. THINCLADS UNDEFEATED IN DUAL MEETS The Panthers opened their 195-l outdoor track sea- son with the Slst annual TC Relays in which a record of 83 schools participated. Three standing records were shattered during the day: these included new marks in the jayelin throw, the pole-vault and a new time in the lOl?-yard dash. The dash record was not allowed, however, because of adverse wind conditions. The thinclacls returned from the Drake Relays in Des lkloines with a tie for fourth in the pole-vault and a first in the lowa College SSO-yard relay. Following these two relays, the Panthers went undefeated in dual meets the rest of the season, downing XVartburg, Lu- ther, Cornell and flrinnell, extending the victory string to nine straight. Next came the fklid-kVest. Championships here at TC with lklankato State I64 Teachers claiming first and the Panthers holding down second place. lklilwaukee State followed TC in third place. ln the final meet of the season, the Panther thinclads took part in the North Central Conference meet at Sioux City. The squad went all out but was only able to capture second placeg South Dakota State taking nrst and South Dakota University third. Thus ended the 195-l track season with nothing but praise for Art Dickinson's thinclads. While showing all- around balanced power, the Panthers worked hard all season and well deserved the honors and praise which they received. The over-all record showed nine dual victories and outstanding showings in all contests, in- cluding duals, triangulars and relays. Lou Paulsen kicks clear oT The bar on a high iump aTTempT. SEASON'S RECQRD Ia. Teachers Ia. Teachers Ia. Teachers Ia. Teachers Ia. Teachers Ia. Teachers Ia. Teachers Ia. Teachers Ia. Teachers Ia. Teachers Grinnell ....... 27" VVarTburg 30 Coe . . 27' Cmaha . 50 So. DaI4oTa 25" Dubuque 48 Upper Ia. O' Upper Iowa ...... I NorTh DaIcoTa . . . 4I WarTburg . . 43 LuTher . . 36 Cornell ....... 46 Grinnell ....... 46 ilk 'Indoor IVIeeT Telegraphic IVIeeT Mid-WesT Championships: Iowa Teachers second NorTh CenTraI ConTerence: Iowa Teachers second vi-ff' - "' " AbouT To lei' fly The discus is Jim Wachenheim, in a PanTher nighT meeT. Don Lange sirains Tor ThaT exTra TooT ThaT would have given him a vicTory in The Mid-WesT Relays. l65 Sprinfers Larry Hoffer and Roger Leary running second and 'rhird in The Mid'Wes+ Championship Relays. Coach Ar+ Dickinson wa+ches his Jrhin- ciads as rhey work our. Leading ihe pack over rhe high hurdles is Gary Gorham, whiie a Coe hnrdler on 'rhe leir presses him closely. I66 Pole-vaulfer Jim Lundquish refurn- ing 'ro acfion Jrhis year, sails over The bar in one of his record vauiis. Brooke Workman passes the baton to Dean Cramer in a tri- angular meet with Coe and Wartburg. FIVE STRAIGHT FOR INDOOR TRACKSTERS Opening what proved to be a very outstanding sea- son, the indoor trackmeu stormed over the Grinnell Pioneers on the TC track, 73-27, in the first meet ot the new season. VVith this win under their belts, the Panthers continued the season undefeated, taking the measure of all opponents in their encounters. Victories were claimed over Wartblirg and Coeg Omaha and South Dakotag and Dubuque and Upper Iowa. A dual meet with Upper Iowa saw the Peacocks taking only one third place position with the Panthers walking off with a 94-1 decision. The final indoor contest, a tele- graphic meet with North Dakota University, also was taken by Teachers, running the victory string to five. VVith these five straight victories to their credit, the TC thinclads were ready to go outside and to open their outdoor campaign the next week-end. I67 In smooth torm, Leroy Dunn puts the shot tor another tirst place. ' .fra 1 " " iennis . -ef' we R - -V... r we .gf ,X if 'N -23 are Y' Q 37 . .r wmv s s V- .- 'R 1 l954 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM-ROW I: Coach Bill Koll. Jim Logan, Franlc Carfhey, John Van Epps. ROW 2: Lesfer Hill, Don Brendel, Roger Hessenius, Tom Yager, Roger Ganslte. NET SQUAD TOPS CONFERENCE Tennis Coach Bill Koll, working with a nucleus of six returning lettermen, led his netmen through a suc- cessful season and the capturing of the North Central Conference crown for the second straight year. The six returning lettermen included number one man Roger Ganske, VVaterlo0g Don Brendel, IX'Iason Cityg Roger Hessenius, Cedar Rapidsg Jim Logan, Cedar Fallsg john Van Epps, Clintong and Tom Yager, Bur- lington. After dropping the first contest with Iowa State, the Panthers came back strong to knock over Loras and YVartburg by lop-sided scores before falling before Luther. Defeat number three came at Grinnell before the Panthers once more downed Wartbu1'g and revenged the earlier loss to Luther. The duo of Frank Carthey and Tom Yager proved to be too much for South Dakota State's Radike and Qlson in the North Central Conference meet, by tak- ing a 6-l, 6-2 decision. In the same meet, Roger Gan- ske defended his singles championship against Lunder- ing of Augustana by scores of 6-4 and 6-3. These vic- tories once more assured the Iowa Teachers representa- tives the conference crown. The championship crown plus a 4-3 record in dual matches combined to make a fairly successful season for the netmen. Veferan ne+man Roger Ganske fakes a warm up serve during a pracfice session. SEASON'S RECORD Iowa Teachers . . I Iowa Siaie . . Iowa Teachers . . 4 Loras . . . Iowa Teachers . . 7 Warfburg . . . Iowa Teachers . . I Lufher . . . Iowa Teachers . . I Grinnell . . Iowa Teachers . . 7 Warfburq . . . Iowa Teachers . . 5 Lufher ..... . Nor+h Cen+raI Tournament Iowa Teachers hrs? S+ucIying The backhand form of John Van Epps are Don Brendel, Tom Yager and Roger I-Iessenius. All four were Iop performers on Ihe courfs during Ihe season. Q.. Z golf A. s.- 5"s 2 - y- I954 VARSITY GOLF TEAM-Ralph Capitani, Bill Darlancl, Rollie Wiley, Coach Jim Clark, Bud Blair, Dick Lynch. GOLFERS AWARDED CROWN For the seventh consecutive year, the golf team was able to come out on top and captured the North Cen- tral Conference crown. Taking oyer the coaching spot for the first time this season, Coach -lim Clark had the services of four returning lettermen in Ralph Capitani, Des Hloinesg Bill Darland, VVI1fCl'lOOQ Bud Blair and Dick Lynch, hoth ot Cedar Falls, in addition to Rollie XViley, a transfer from Boone JC. The Panthers op- ened the season with a win of C353-SM over YVartburg. The remainder of the season saw the team playing out- standing golf and going undefeated in all six of their dual contests and finishing second in their only triangu- lar meet. The wins included two victories OVCI' lVart- burg, and one each over Grinnell, Luther, Loras and Drake. The second place came in a triangular meet between the Panthers, Luther and La Crosse Teachers. La Crosse came out on top with TC and Luther fol- lowing closely behind. Next came the conference tour- nament at Sioux City. Representing Iowa Teachers in the tourney were Capitani, Darland, Blair and Wiley', with the latter turning in a 27-hole score of 119 to capture medalist honors and to lead the team to the conference championship for the seventh consecutive season. SEASON'S RECORD Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Triangular meer af Lufher. owa Teachers . ZOV2 owe Teachers . 5lf2 Owa Teachers owa Teachers Warlburq . . SV2 Grinnell . . V2 Lulher . . 4lf2 Warlburq . . 4lf2 Lulrher .... QV2 La Crosse Teachers 24'f2 Loras ..... 2 Drake ..... 5 Norlh Cenlral Conference Tournament Iowa Teachers first ff" -T2-I 1' hh .LYHE iifil .Q 513. 'iilfil-'F7fJ . WOMEN HAVE WELL-RCUNDED INTRAMURAL PROGRAM Volleyball leagues were set up and championships were played. Interest grew in all womens intramurals during the past year. A very well rounded and efticient program of wom- en's intramurals was carried on throughout the year under the supervision of various student activity lead- ers, each being responsible for one particular sport. Last fall the women students engaged in field hockey and soccer. The highlights of the winter season were contests in badminton, basketball and volleyball. Leagues were formed for these two sports and a cham- pion was decided in each league. VVith the coming of spring, such sports as golf, tennis. stunts and tumbling, and team softball were played. Cycling during the spring and skiing during the winter months were also included. Physical lfducation majors and minors served as team coaches during the intramural seasons. I72 Field hockey provides strenuous activity tor those energetic enough to talce part in the program. rf 411.-'Hutt-'rfht' 5434 of-, Owe,- '4 , 'Wan A1 l r Golf in The spring gave The women sTudenTs The chance To prove Their slqill on The Tairways. The women's Tennis courTs were usually Tilled To capaciTy during The spring monThs as The women spenT much Time using The TaciliTies. PARTICIPATION IN MEN'S INTRAMURALS GROWS be--1' Two len-team leagues played their games in the men's gym. Play-offs were held between the fwo fop teams in each league. Both interest and participation in men's intramurals grew considerably during the past year. The men stu- dents were able to take part in both team sports such as softball, touch football and basketball and individual contests as chess, checkers, pool and billiards. Last fall, many fiercely fought battles of touch football were played on the women's hockey and Seerley fields that often lasted until after sundown. The Hhlacksn came through in fine style to capture the championship in the final game of the football season with a win over the "Stadium Stars." The basketball season ran very smoothly with games being played in the men's gym. Two ten-team leagues were formed and a play-off be- tween the two top teams in each league determined the champion of the two leagues. This play-off was won by the Phi Sigs. All men's intramurals this year were handled by Vern Rosene. The ball carrier is being rushed in a game played on Seerley field. A growing interest was shown in men's inframurals this season. I74 The "S1'adium S+ars" kick on +0 begin +he championship game wi+h The "Jacks," Almosi' every nigh? lasi' spring saw soflrball Jreams in adion on Jrhe foofball pradice fields. Each Team enfered carried on a full schedule of games. I76 TAU CHI ETA-POW I: H. Earl Raih, Mary Martin, Nancy Usher, Belly Vestal, Lavon Burrichier, Barbara Lucas, Wilma McLuen, Belfy Vance. Lea Kohlhof. ROW 2: Davelfa Williams, Janet Hammer, Marilyn Wiclrland, Shirley Hickey, Carol Shumalcer, Dianne Damro, Donna Schu- macher, Dixie Jennings, Rufh Lee. ROW 3: Janice Bruening, Beverly Burgus, Lois Ruhl, Sue Singer, Wilma Wesfphal, Carole Wedemeyer, Roberta Kenny, Margy Owens, Joyce Nielsen, Earlene Shourek. ROW' 4: Joyce Jensen, Carolyn Wruclc, Marilyn Hansen, Ruih Grempel, Charleen Leaverion, Geraldine Colion, Rachelle De Winter, Leona Cooper, Myrna Latch, Glenda MoriiH', Margery Hansen. ROW 5: Peggy Siarlr, BeH'y Fisher, Sandra Schramm, Elaine Heral, Sandra Pursell, Carol Preh, Anita Fouls, Karen Eclrhoff, Ellen Pearson, Barbara Siriley, Muriel Paulson. TAU CHI ETA BACKS THE PANTHERS CHEERLEADERS-Betty Vance, Connie Clark, Carolyn Henderson, Brenda Benelce, Berry Vesial. Tau Chi lfta is made up of students interested in promoting the school spirit and to urge the Panthers on to victory. Klembership is open to anyone who is willing to lend support to the athletic teams. They usually attended these games en-masse to organize the cheering Sections, sponsored pep rallies, sold homecom- ing buttons, and did all they could to arouse the spirit of the student body. The club held cheerleader try- outs in the fall to pick the cheerleaders for the year and the freshmen altern:1tes. Sponsored hy Dr. H. lfarl Ruth, the loyalist sports fan on campus, 'liau Chi Eta's otiicers for the year were Laiion Burrichter, president, liarhara Lucas, vice-presidentg and Betty Yestal, secre- tary. -C .. -. fs "I" CLUB SELECTS QUEENS Klembership in the "I" Club is open to all men who earn a major or minor letter. The club is self-sup- ported by the help of its members who maintain a con- cession stand at IDOst athletic contests. The members take part in helping run off large scale contests such as the Invitational VVrestling match and the Teachers College Relays. Another duty of the "I" Club is the selecting from the student body of a queen and three attendants each fall, winter, and spring to reign over the sports activities during that quarter. james Clark was this year's sponsor. Officers were LaRoy Horn, presidentg Jerry Reynolds, vice-presidentg Dick Lana- ghan, secretary, and Dave Church, treasurer. "l" Club members serve the infermission crowd. l CLUB-ROW I: Frank Carfney, Dave Church, Jerry Reynolds, LaRoy Horn, Dick Lanaghan, Fred Loffredo, Ken Nichols, Gus Goito. ROW 2: Doug Bufler, Bob Huntington, Charles Rabey, Duane Garman, Bernard Ceilley, Duane Newron, Larry Bifcon, John Van Epps. ROW 3: Dale Cook, Wayne Gerken, Don Kolsrud, LeRoy Dunn, Roger Leary, George Webber, Dick Beefsch, Vern Rosene. ROW 4: Bob Boderman, Roy Voggesser, Don Fisher, Rod Hoogland, Jim Hershberger, Bill Darland, Dale Black, Don Holland, Jim Lundquisf. ROW 5: Dick Corrick, Don Ramig, Gary Gorham, Howard Pigg, Roger Hessenius, Jim Rosien, Roland Wiley, Larry Holifer. i l 2 Miss Shirley McChesney Miss Anna May Wesiphal '54-'55 "l" Queens Miss Mary Conrad Spring "l" Queen and her a'Hendan+s- Pal Carolhers, Kallwy Obye, Marilyn Walmsley, Shirley Mcclnesney. Fall "l" Queen and her aH'endan+s-Fran Baker, Jo SerneH', Marilyn Walm- sley, Mary Conrad. Win'l'er "l" Queen and her aHendan+s-Anna May Wes+pl1al, Jo Suffern, Barb Teig, Pal' Granau. 'VKX Eid B if:-?9 3' ' 557 A E 1 'e 4 v . 50 2 w x -qw: Q x ,,., V ,,,, , fs- .. 1: -Sw ,. Wgrkk, ' NPN xv - .NLQPQYQL aw QM Sifiiimbfa Wm Q 1 'z'f1!Nn J-Q21 - - X A- A. ' - , ,,.,.5,x. 1--v. ww, -3. 4,4 we V X: ,, ,,- .cu . . U '- "'l.aJ'? "Zo" organizations I8I honor l 3 5 el ALPHA PHI GAMMA-ROW l: Earl Dornfeld, Dale Higdon, Mary Ann Conley, Ed West, James Lockwood. ROW 2: Sally Horn, Loretta Middleton, Lois Dunlap, Barbara Smith, Suzanne Gordon, Mary Lehrer. ROW 3: Beverly Dornbusch, Doug Doerzman, David Baker. Gerald Cias, Jean Bishop. HONORARY JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY Alpha Phi Gamma pledges eagerly wai+ for +I-me pledg- ing ceremony lo begin. r'XI,PHA PHI Ld.-KMMA, national honorary co-educa- tional journalistic fraternity, is open to all students who have worked on publications for three quarters, two quarters in a major stall position, and have a scholarship above college average. The major events of the year were the animal Publications Picnic and the Gridiron Dinner honoring the personnel of the Teach- ers College publications. Ar the dinner special awards were given to staff members who had done outstanding work in journalism, and the traditional Oil Can was presented to the student who contributed the most to journalism. Alpha Phi Gamma sponsor was hilary Ann Conley. Olhcers for the year were James Lock- wood, presidentg Dale Higdon, vice-presidentg Ed lVest, secretaryg and Earl Dornfeld, treasurer. l82 CHIMES, a national honor organization for junior wo- men, recognizes outstanding leadership and service. Re- quirements for membership are a 2.8 overall grade point, four leadership points, six points for interest, religious, and social activities, and two points for participation in honor organizations. VVomen meeting these require- ments are tapped on VVomen's Day. Traditional proj- ects sponsored by Chimes are the information booth at Homecoming and 'lCoffee and Carols" at Christmas times. Chimes, working with Torch and Tassel, oper- ated the Student Book Exchange this year, Bliss Ruth Renaud was the group's sponsor and the oflicers were Nlildred Hartbeck, presidentg Phyllis Gregg, vice- presidentg Betty Vance, secretaryg and Carolyn Bolger, treasurer. ORGANIZATION HONORS JUNIOR WOMEN CHIMES-ROW I: Carolyn Bolger Phyllis Gregg Mildred Harlbeclc Betty Vance Mary Helsler ROW 2: Eslher Hiclcs, Mary Lehrer Ruth Fellows Ruth Renaud I83 DELTA SIGMA RHO-Robert Davis, Lavon Burriclwfer, Lillian Wagner, Kennelh Andersen. HONOR FRATERNITY FOR DEBATERS DELTA SIGMA RI-Io, national honorary forensics fra- ternity, recognizes junior and senior students who have shown outstanding ability in debate and public speak- ing competition, maintained high scholarship, and ex- hibited leadership ability. The Iowa Teachers chapter, founded over forty years ago, has the distinction of being the only chapter in the entire nation located in a teachers college. In cooperation with the Speech Activ- ities Club, the group annually sponsors forensics con- ferences for high school and college students. It eu- courages the highest quality of participation in debate and other forensic activities. Dr. Lillian VVagner serves as sponsor of the group. Officers this year have been Lavon Burrichter, president, Robert Davis, vice- president, and Kenneth Andersen, secretary-treasurer. 184 .'I E fi g 1 HONORARY INDUSTRIAL ARTS FRATERNITY Dr. Palmer, Roger Hessenius, and Ralph Long check eligibility for membership. The national honor fraternity on the l.S.T.C. Cam- pus for industrial arts and vocational industrial educa- tion is EPSILON P1 TAU. This organization promotes and recognizes skills and research in these two fields. Any junior, senior, or graduate major may join, pro- viding he has a 3.0 grade index in professional courses and a 2.5 index for over-all college work. Teachers College alumni who have made outstanding contribu- tions in the industrial arts field are also eligible for menibership. Dr. H. G. Palnier was the sponsor. Gilli- eers for the year were Roger Hessenius, president, and Ralph Long, secretary-treasurer. EPSILON PI TAU-ROW' I: L. S. Wright, Ralph Long, Roger Hessenius, H. G. Palmer. ROW 2: Earl Dornfeld, Harvey SnuH ier, E, D. Crosby, G. H. Elliot, George Bunn. ROW 3: Willis Wagner, Don Hay, Stanley Miles, Charles Tabarella, Don Hender son, R. E. Mafala. 'wh l.vpXg.I .nf JK!" "W fv' 'MA Sv' f i Q' ff vw KAPPA DELTA Pl-ROW lr O. E. Thompson, John Anderson, Irma Rice, Roberta McKee, Beverly Carpenter, Arthur Redner. ROW 2: Norma Falck, Marlys McGarvey, Neva Davis, Pamela Wymore, Jenise Schnur, Sally Carbaugh. ROW 3: Mary Jane Arnold, Pat Cline, Betty Vestal, Marilyn Gibson, Doris Carolus, Marlyn Shepard, Delores Lynch. ROW 4: Mary Hurlbut, Dorothy Sfeege, Norman Russell, Clyde Greve, David Turner, Duane Fuhrman, Loren Hoion, Marilyn Russell. EDUCATION HONOR FRATERNITY Members of Kappa Delta Pi listen to Mr. Harlan Miller, representative from session. 2, Blackhawk county, ai' an informal fv 'ar I86 KAPPA DELTA PI is a national honorary educational fraternity for juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have completed 10 hours of education and have maintained a 3.0 average in general scholarship. The purpose of the organization is to encourage high pro- fessional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Psi, the l.S.T.C. chapter, was the 22nd of the 195 chapters now installed. Prospective members must go before a questioning board composed of the actives who vote afterward on accepting these applicants. An initiation dinner and ceremony is an annual event although new members are admitted two or three times per year. Included in this year's program of speakers and films was a discussion with campus school students and stu- dent teachers to evaluate teaching. Dr. O. E. Thomp- son was sponsor. Officers for this year were Roberta Hcliee, presidentg Eli Potts, vice-presidentg Beverly Carpenter, secretaryg and Irma Rice, treasurer. HONOR FRATERNITY FOR MATHEMATICIANS IQAPPA HIL' EPSILON, national honor fraternity in mathematics, has as its purpose the promotion of inter- est in the study of mathematics and the recognition and encouragement of a high scholastic standard among the students. This organization requires that pledges must be a major or minor in math, have completed a speci- fied number of hours in math, and have maintained a 2.5 average or above in all of their subjects. The initi- ates must write a paper on some phase of mathematics. These papers are presented at meetings throughout the year. The organization had a coffee hour at Home- coming and attended the annual fall picnic jointly with the lN'Iath Club. Delegates were sent to the National Convention at VVayne State Teachers in Nebraska which was held Nlay 6 and 7. The I.S.T.C. chapter of Kappa Blu Epsilon was the second in the nation to be organized and the first in the state of Iowa. Fred Lott was sponsor this year. Qlilicers were Bernie Thielen, presidentg George Utley, vice-presidentg and Jane lllardorf, secretary. Deloy Benson and Dave Sarchel' become activated into Kappa Mu Epsilon. KAPPA MU FPSILON-ROW I: Augusta Schurrer, Fred LoH-, Bernie Thielen, George Utley, Jane Mardorf, Glenadine Gibb. ROW 2: Ly- man Peck, lrvln Brune, H. Van Engen, Dave Sarchei, DeLoy Benson, James Lockwood. 9' l. gg! NEW HONORARY FOR ARTISTS li.-XPP,-X P1 is a national honorary art fraternity open I- to both men and women of outstanding scholarship xx hose main interest is in the iield of art. Beta Rho Chapter was installed on the l.S.T.C. campus last year, 195-l. The purposes of the fraternity are to promote 5 art interest among college students, to bring the art departments of various colleges closer together, and to recognize potential and professional ability. Kappa Pi, the national fraternity, holds biannual conventions and publishes an annual magazine, Thr Slwirlz Iiaoly and a newspaper, The Skvtrh Przzl, which feature regional, national, and permanent exhibits. Paul Smith spon- sored this group. Olheers for this year were Lee loom president: Donette Lentz, secretary: and Hugo Klatt, treasurer. Kappa Pi's stop +o analyze rheir arf worlc. KAPPA Pl-ROW I: John Page, Donelfe Lenlz, Lee Toom, Hugo Klail, Paul Smi+h. ROW 2: Marilyn Seaver, Dorolhy Peterson, Jenine Anderson, Marjorie Zemanelr. ROW 3: Sue Gerbeaich, Norma Abbas, Bob Welch, Joanna Yungclas, Mary Hurlbuf. ROW 4: Clifford Herrolcl, David Delafield, Dorothy Sfeege, Harry Guillaume, David Balmer, Ralph Haskell. The Beta Nu chapter of PHI ML' ALPHA SINFONL-1. is Z1 national fraternity for men interested in music and is dedicated to promoting finer music in America. Nlembership eligibility is determined by the following: average scholastic record, interest in music, and active participation in college music groups. This group spon- sors many activities and musical groups on campus each year. One of the more prominent activities is the con- temporary American Jazz Concert which they present annually. Sponsor this year was Harold Holst. Oth- cers were Willianl Olson, president: Jerry lIcR0be1'ts, vice-president: -lack King, secretary: and Jerald Graetz, treasurer. RX, Phi Mu members Bill Olson, Darrell Scott, P. J. Meli char, and Larry MaH'ox look over a musical score tor "Jazz on the Plains." HONORARY FOR MEN INTERESTED IN MUSIC PHI MU ALPHA-ROW I: Jere Graetz, Jerry McRoberts, William Olson, Jack King, Duane Evans. ROW 2: Dave Liliegren, Norman Egll Don Winters, Robert Mclntire, Leon Webb. ROW 3: Ralph Wedelcing Frantz. ROW 4: Larry Mattox, Darrell Scott, Roger Naylor, John Heiden , John Nielsen, John Andersen, Keith Moreland, Bob Bourne, Richard , Doug Eitzman, Harrison Boughton, Erwin Christianson. S E Pl GAMMA MU-ROW I: M. R. Thompson, William Dee, David Turner, Jean McGrew, Howard Jones, Mary Hunter. ROW 2: George Poage, Charles Leavitt, Robert Strain, Mary Lehrer, Loren Horton, Lyman Harris. ROW 3: Richard Dugstad, William Lang, Leland Sage, Donald Howard, Donald Felt, Russell Pieper. RGNN 4: Clyde Greve, LaRoy Horn, Charles Grassley, Louis Bultena, Morris Crawford, Eli D. Polls, Ralph Fahrney. NATIONAL HONORARY FOR SOCIAL SCIENTISTS Formal pledging of Pi Gamma Mu seems to be an ex- tremely pleasant' task iudging by the pledges' expres- sions. ,N P1 GAAIAIA Mtg national honorary social science .nal organization, has as its purpose the furthering of the study of human problems. llembership is open to jun- iors and seniors with thirty hours of 3.0 or above in this field. The organization utilized the open discus- sion type of program rather than stiff, formal meetings, to further the understanding of contemporary human X A problems. One such discussion was on the topic of the assimilation of Negroes to white schools in the South and Fast. Pi Gamma Blu has a tradition that each new group of initiates must put on Il program for the actiyes at the time of initiation. One program was a X' -9 if ': -YL-J' - . . . . , . .-1 A 5 4 gy' f , , 1 ,a - w i ik . japanese style show and a distussion of Japanese sotia , 5 "Jimi, 1 ' ' - far. ' economic, and religious problems. Another topic was a . x, D I - 'N , ' -, ' ' three-month bicycle tour of Europe in which one of the initiates participated. Dr. ll. R. Thompson was the sponsor. Ullicers for this year were David Turner, presidentg and .lean lXlcGrew, vice-president. I9O : T5 " T- A - 2 s Pl OMEGA Pl-ROW I: James Blanforcl, Pamela Wymore, LaVonne Mohr, Dale Grabhinslxi, Pal Cline, Kathryn Humphry. ROW 2: Lee Peclelly, Jean Rife, Marlys McGarvey, Pal Montgomery, Norma Willis. ROW 3: Lloyd Douglas, Mary Heisler, Agnes Lebeda, Norma Mc- Eachran, Joy Schwab, Don Nelson. ROW 4: Lulne Klisarl, Belly Vance, Ruth Schwielerf, Dorolhy Steege, E. L. Marielfa. HONORARY FOR BUSINESS EDUCATION MAJORS Pi Omega Pi members enjoy one of 'rhe organiza'I'ion's dinners. PI OBIEGA PI, of which Gamma is the local chapter, is the national honor fraternity for business education ' majors. The aims of Pi Omega Pi include promoting interest in scholarship, aiding civic betterment of schools, and encouraging high ethical standards in busi- ness and professional life. This organization is open to juniors and seniors who have a grade index of 2.75 in both business and general college subjects. llrs. Kath- erine Humphrey was Pi Omega Pils sponsor. OH'icers for the year were LaVonne lllohr, presidentg Dale Grahinski, vice-presidentg Pamela VVymore, secretaryg Patricia Cline, treasurerg Patricia llontgomery, re- porterg and Dorothy Steege, historian. PURPLE ARROW-ROW I: Beverly Andersen, Mary Conrad, Loraine Douglass, Kae Kessler, Allison Multai, Annette Al- len. ROW 2: Norma Wefzel, Joetta Mosley, Shirley Prichard, Anne Parlrs, Mary Youngren. ROW 3: Sally Horn, Rufh Montgomery, Shirley M. Olson, Shirley Hicks, Mariorie Anaslasi, Kalhryn Zinlr. ROW 4: Dorothy Horn, Janet Palfee, Lois Puhrmann, Gloria Johnson, Liane Christofifersen, Karen Wiese, Loretla Middleton. PURPLE ARROW-ROW I: Marilyn Estes, Norma Gehring, Phyllis Purcell, Sharon Sanders, PaHy Halre, Gertrude Lesher. POW 2: Karen Hedum, Carol Pals, Suzanne Gordon, Sally Graslrewic1, Frances Chapman, Jean Graellinger. ROW 3: Beverly Hurf, Joanne Hovmarli, Janice Lamb, Joan Anderson, Barbara Priest, Donna Schultz, Barbara Lucas. ROW 4: Phyllis Anderson, Eleanor Puclr, Phyllis Durlrop, Beverly Dornbusch, Janice Harms, Shirley Zaiger, Janice Russetl, Frieda Schlaman. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE WOMEN'S HONORARY uliiiowleclge, Integrity, Loyalty" is the motto of the lJL'Ri'I.E ARRow. The ohjeets of this organization are to encourage seholarship among freshman and sopho- more women ancl to further the best interests of l.S. T.C. 'lio belong to Purple Arrow, a grade point aver- age of 3.0 or ahove for two consecutive quarters must be maintaineil. Any thiril quarter freshman or sopho- more woman with this qualification heeomes a member of the organization. Approximately two meetings are held per quarter. All meetings this year were held at down-the-line dinners. This year the Purple Arrow maintained a guide service for people visiting the cam- pus. llliss lfdna Illiller was the sponsor and the Olli- eers were Kae liessler, presidentg Loraine Douglas, vice-presidentg Nlary Conrail, seeretaryg Allison Niu- kai, treasurerg Annette Allen, program Chairmang Shirley liohning, guide chairman. V .,-' The only national honor organization of its kind in i f ,. , ,,.:.., . Iowa for students interested in education for the ' 1 speech defective and the acoustically handicapped is the V l Chi Chapter of SIGMA ALPH.A ETA. There are two levels of membership: key membership and associate membership. To be an associate member, one must be interested in speech correction. Speech correction ma- jors having a 3.0 grade index in the major and 2.8 over-all college average are key members. The Direc- tOl' of the Speech and Hearing Clinic, Dr. E. C. Foss sum, was the sponsor. Co-sponsors for the year were Lois E. Shefte and David Williams. Qfhcers were jo Ann Hoffman, presidentg llildred VVood, vice-presi- dentg Dolores Sommerdorf, secretaryg and Neva Da- vis, treasurer. Mrs. David Williams speaks +o Sigma Alpha Era mem- bers. SPEECH CORRECTION HONORARY SIGMA ALPHA ETA--ROVV l: Lois Shefte, Dolores Sommerdorf, JoAnn Hoffman, Mildred Wood, Sandra Waldron. ROW 2: Beverly Sfewarl, John Holmes, Donna Bailey, Roy Timmons, Ruth Fellows, Roberr Cody. ROW 3: Esther Hicks, E. C. Fossum, David Williams, Uriel Gehring, Judy Taylor. . I I s ' ' 4 SAI voices blend in harmony during a meefing. SIGMA .ALPHA IOT.-A is a national honorary music fraternity for women. This organization is open to music majors or minors who have a 2.8 grade index in music and a 2.5 over-all college average. Presenting musical works of contemporary American composers and carrying out a well planned program of music edu- cation are the objectives of the fraternity. Sigma Alpha lota tries to maintain and improve high standards of both the individual and the Chapter in music and scholarship. Sponsors of the group were illrs. lvilliam Latham, llrs. Karl Holvik, and llliss ,lane Birkhead. Oliicers for this year were Klarilyn Russell, president, Klary ,lane Arnold, vice-presidentg Phyllis French and Pat Brown, secretaries, and Lynne Sutton, treasurer. MUSIC HONORARY FOR WOMEN SIGMA ALPHA IOTA-ROW I1 Lynne Suffon, Mary Jane Arnold, Marilyn Russell, Phyllis French, Carolyn Bolger. ROW 2: Palsy Yales, Jenise Schnur, Patricia Brown, Bonnie Manahl, Marilyn Sheeley. ROW 3: Donna Sharp, Avis Evely, Judith Wurch, Phyllis Rogers. T 9'-5, 5 Mi I94 SOCIAL SCIENCE HONORS-ROW I: Belly Fisher, Charles Grassley, M. R. Thompson, Jean McGraw, Mary Lehrer. ROW 2: Loren Horlon, Russell Pieper, Donald Fell, Clyde Greve, Byron Thomas. ROW 3: Dave Turner, LaRoy Horn, Eli D. Polls, Richard Dugslad. Several Social Science Honors members congregale lor an inlormal "gel-logelherf' SOCIAL SCIENCE HONORS SOCIAL SCIENCE HONORS, which was originated in the early l93O's, is an organization for outstanding so- cial science majors and minors. Rlembership is open to all students who have completed thirty hours of social science with a grade of "BU or above. There are no dues or fees. This yea1"s program included discussion- type meetings led by special speakers or students and faculty members, and joint meetings with the sister national organization, Pi Gamma lllu. Some of the joint meetings consisted of a get-together on election night to listen to election returns, and the annual spring picnic. Dr. BI. R. Thompson was the sponsor and secretary of the group. Other olhcers were Charles Grassley, presidentg and Theodore lloflitt, vice-presi- dent. , A uv V-sv fs tw C3 THETA ALPHA PHI-ROW I: JoAnn Lusson, LaVonne Gross, Lyle Fisher, Kay Honohan, Stanley Wood. ROW 2: Hazel Strayer, Alice Hayes, Hugh Lunde, Elaine McDaviH. HONOR FRATERNITY FOR DRAMATISTS Several members of Thefa Alpha Phi scan a play script B rr .7 'liHE'l'.-X ALPHA PHI is the national honorary dra- H ' ' gg 2 matics fraternity nn campus. The members must have 'N r E, F 1 made high achievements in all phases of drama. Theta 'W H Alpha Phi co-operates with all dramatic activities on 5111 I lj E1 campus anal strives to increase interest, stimulate crea- ' tiveness anal foster artistic achievement in all of the arts and crafts of the theater. Sponsor this year was Hazel Strayer. Olfticers were Lyle Fisher, presidentg l,aV0nne Gross, secretary: and Kay Honohan, treas- urer. I96 ,,-- me 'sf' THETA THETA EPSILON-ROW I: Della Collins, Lavonne Wenger, Phyllis Johnson, Catherine Flood, Mary Jo Tobin. ROW 2: Rufh Allen, Olive Holliday, Elisabeth Sutherland, Edna Shores. HONORARY HOME ECONO ICS FRATERNITY Theta Thefa Epsilon hold 'their meeiings in a modern, well furnished lounge in fhe voca+ionaI building. nsm4.g.:vgp.' -J 1 ' , , ' e .. , .... Q hiv THETA FIQHETA EPSILON, the honorary home eco- nomics fraternity, was organized for the purpose of developing scholarship, leadership, and professional at- titudes in home economics. The organization is open to junior and senior women with a 2.8 average in twenty-five hours of home economics and au over-all College average of 2.0. lllembers must be active in the Ellen H. Richards Club and one other college organi- zation. lllembers also must serve as ofheial hostesses at all social functions in the Home Economies depart- ment. Dr. Elisabeth Sutherland sponsored the organi- zation. Officers were Catherine Flood, president, and Della Collins and Mary -Io Tobin, secretaries. 7 Q57 -:P f'7 gf" Nj' T TORCH AND TASSEL-ROW I: Jenise Schnur, Lavon Burrichfer, Mary Jane Arnold, Belly Vestal, Marian McBrair, Pal' Granau. ROW 2: Corrine Larson, Palsy Yates, Marybelle Chase, Dorothy Sreege, Marilyn Lewis, Shirley Mahannah. SENIOR WOMEN'S HONORARY ORGANIZATION Torch and Tassel, along wi+h the other women's honor organizations, keeps the line moving a+ Ihe Student Book Exchange. l -s. . Qi'-.,, - I98 TORCH AND TAASSEL was organized for the purpose of recognizing senior women outstanding in leadership, scholarship and participation in interest and honorary groups, and to be of service on the campus. In order to be eligible, a girl must have a grade point of 2.5 or above, a prescribed number of leadership and interest points, and she must be eligible for membership in an honor organization. New members are tapped at the lVomen's Day Convocation in the spring. In addition to assisting in the campus guide service, the book ex- change was the big job this year in which Torch and Tassel worked jointly with Chimes and the Student League Board. Dr. lvlarian lVIeBrair was sponsor. Officers for this year were lN'Iary Jane Arnold, presi- dentg Lavon Burrichter, vice-presidentg and Betty Vestal, secretary. ORGANIZATION PRESIDENTS HONORED AT DINNER Presidents of all campus organizations were feted at the annual Presidents' dinner sponsored by the Qrgani- zations Committee of Student League Board. The main address of the evening was given by Richard Lieb, president of S.L.B. Special guests included Dr. Hlarian KIcBriar, associate dean of studentsg Dr. Paul Bender, dean of studentsg and Dr. Lyman Harris of the Social Science department. LaYon Burrichter was mistress of ceremonies. Dick Lieb, president of S'I'ucIen+ League Board, speaks a+ +I1e Presiden+s Dinner inieresi ALPHA PHI OMEGA-Daniel Bradley, Duane Wombolt, Harold Bernhard, Gary Aifchison, Fred McCracken. Fra'rerni+y members get together for some informal relaxation. 200 ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFERS SERVICE Bien who are interested in upholding the principles of the Boy Scouts may become members of ALPHA PHI OAIEG.A of which Beta Epsilon is the local chapter. They willfully offer their services to the school and community and aid local scout leaders and troops. An annual service of this organization is the presentation of a traveling trophy to an outstanding Cedar Falls citizen. This is strictly a service organization and is not an honorary or social fraternity. It is the only Greek letter society acknowledged as such in the world. The sponsor was Dr. Harold Bernhard. The oflicers of the local chapter of Alpha Phi Omega were Gary Aitchison, presidentg Fred lXlcCracken, secre- taryg and john llladouras, t1'easurer. ART CLUB-ROW lr DoneHe Lenfz, Lee Toom, Hugo Klatf, Jenine Anderson, Clifford Herrold. ROW 2: Mary Ann Ponder, Janet Roslien, Bob Welch, Be'H'y Rasmussen, Dorothy Peterson, Marilyn Seaver. ROW 3: Sue Gerberich, David Baker, Bill Landfair, Joanna Yungclas, Barbara Olson. ARTISTS PLAN ANNUAL SHOW Any curious art enthusiast may become a member of the ART CLUB. lvleetings every two weeks, field trips to various art museums, and parties make up the major portion of their activities. The group encourages the development of free creative ability and, as a result of such encouragement, the annual Student Art Show is produced. This show displays the wide variety of artis- tic talent possessed by the students. At special work shops the members have an opportunity to work with any phase of art in which they are interested. They co- operate in all-college festivities by entering a Hoat in the Homecoming Parade and sponsoring a booth at the lliardi Gras. The sponsors of the Art Club were Paul Smith and Clifford Herrold. The oflicers were Hugo Klatt, presidentg -lenine Anderson, vice-presidentg and Lee Toom, secretary. Several Ari' Club members seem fo be deeply engrossed in an exhibition painting. Any student on the four-year program who is major- ing in upper elementary or junior high education is eligible tor membership in BET.-X lALPH.-X EPSILON. Full membership is attained by attending three meet- ings per quarter. The paramount interest of this group is to prepare better teachers for the upper elementary and junior high level and to help them meet the chal- lenge that exists in the teaching Held. There is never a dull moment for Beta Alpha Epsilon members with such social highlights as fun nights, picnics, the annual Christmas party, and the traditional banquet. Dr. E. C. Denny and Dr. O. E. Thompson were sponsors of the group. The oltieers were lllarilyn Lewis, presi- dent, Ruth Gibbs, vice-presidentg llargaret Conrad, secretaryg and Paul Yap, treasurer. Beta Alpha Epsilon sponsors, O. E. Thompson and C. E. Denny, enjoy themselves at the organization's Christmas party. BAE'S GAIN PERSPECTIVE ON JUNIOR HIGH LEVEL BETA ALPHA EPSILON-ROW I: O. E. Thompson, Paul Yap, Ruth Chantland, Betsy Yamashita, Donna Schlampp, Shirley Lamb, Hazel lnamasu, Margret Myers, Norma Falclr, Faye Yoshinaga. Miller, Mary Hurlbut, Betty Prehm, Kay Calonlry. ROW 4: Gibbs, Marilyn Lewis, Margaret Conrad, E. C. Denny. ROW 2: Phyllis Kaneshiro. ROW 3: Shirley Braun, Joanne Jay, Donna Brandt, Helen Elizabeth Kahle, Sadie Tamura, Lou Lennier, Marybelle Chase, Armond 202 4-H ON A COLLEGIATE LEVEL 16' ox' CAMPUS 4-H-ROW I: Ellen Crow, Joan Ernst, Ru+h Lee, BeHy Kramer, Phyllis Anderson, Donna Kimrey, Jean Barr, Josephine Yager. ROW 2: Helen Pope, Joyce Krambeer, Donna Gardner, Virginia Guenther, Allaire Farrow, Elinor Narigon, Pal' Glime ROW 3: Mildred Brett, Carol Coleman, Carol Preh, Elaine Rven, Eleanor Puck, Irene Swanson, Shirley Olson. ROW 4: Ruth Charbon, Marilyn Wendt, Marilyn Marcellus, Gladys Kemper, Myra Willesen, Beverly Powell, Lorefa Graham, Jean Edgingfon ROW 5: Marlene Lehman, Rosemary Russell, Sue Hoskins, Erlene Poppinga, Pal Stewart, Carol Bode, Ann Sowers. THE CAMPUS -l-H members strive to further their basic ideals which include clearer thinking, greater loy- alty, more service, and better living for the community, the country, and the world. Any girl may join this organization even though she has not been a former 4-H member. Discussions and outside speakers aid Campus 4-H girls in keeping close contact with the latest county extension information. At various times during the year they hold joint meetings with the Blackhawk Farm Bureau and participate in many of this group's activities. They have many social functions during the year, one of which is their annual spring banquet. -Josephine Yager was the sponsor of Campus 4-H and the officers for the fiscal year included Phyllis Anderson, president, Betty Kramer, vice-president, Ruth Lee, secretaryg and Donna Kimrey, treasurer. College 4-H'ers discuss ma+erials and ideas proiecfs which in+eres+ them. P for various 203 COLLEGE PLAYERS-ROW I: Hazel Strayer, Sharon Refshauge, LaVonne Gross, Beverly Carpenter, Elizabeth BiHle, Stanley Wood, ROW 2: Phyllis Chanfland, Mary Lou Bottorff, Shirley Mahannah, Audrey Hayes, LoreHa Middleton, Liane Chrisfolifersen, Jack Harmon. ROW 3: Gladys Knight, Evelyn Psaros, Kay Honohan, Robert Helland, JoAnn Lusson, Joy Harris. ROW 4: LaRae Kussefz, Lyle Fisher, Carl Albert. Bill Hauseman, Hugh Lunde. DRAMATISTS PRESENT PORTIONS OF PLAYS Joy Harris, K. G. Rowe, and Sfanley Wood decora+e the "green room" for the College Players Christmas par+y. The major portion of the COLLEGE PLAYERS, time is spent in discussion and evaluation of the dialogues of well-known productions. They receive experience in ZX 1 W presenting portions of plays, after which they discuss -,- the scenes and their acting techniques. Any student , interested in dramatics may become a member of this A i 3.3 group upon completing one quarter ot apprenticeship. ' ' E During a major production of the Department of Lan- guages, Speech and Literature some of the members of College Players assist the various crews. The faculty sponsors of this organization were Hazel Strayer and Stanley lVood. La Vonne Gross was the president and y Larry Hanshaw, the recorder. l li ITV- 204 ELEMENTA-KI DISCUSSES SCHOOL PROBLEMS llembers of ELEMENT.-X-lil are freshman and soph- omo1'e women interested in upper elementary educa- tion. Because many of these girls are on the two-year program, this organization features activities which will be of immediate help to them as they enter the teaching profession. Guest speakers include superintendents, board members and experienced teachers. The mem- bers are made aware of the many professional prob- lems which arise and they discuss Various solutions to these problems. Besides their social activities which highlighted an annual spring banquet, they had several impromptu parties during the year. Dr. Nellie Hamp- ton and Dr. Julia Sparrow sponsored Elementa-Ki. The officers we1'e Nina Kahl, president: llarilyn Estes, vice-presiclentg Kay Lothringer, secretary: and Carol Pals, treasurer. ELEMENTA-Kl-ROW l: Grace Upham, Kay Ford, Marilyn Estes, Nina Kahl, Kay Lothringer, Carol Pals, Joyce Kuehl. ROW 2: Jo Anne Norman, Marilyn Wood, Judy Hunter, Shirley Blekeberg, Judy Johnson, Kathryn Zink, Lola Papke, ROW 3: Marsha Prior, Elaine LeBrun, Donna Tottness, Gladys Knight, LaVonne Godtrey, Maurine Stephens, Rita Ahrens, Barbara Wallace. ROW 4: Roberta Evans, Nancy Williams, Norma Vanness, Arlene Steward, Phyllis Durkop, Ellen Baldy, Marilyn Stamp, Pat Lutkin, Carol Gaunt. ROW 5: Ruth Charbon, Kay Shultz, Norma Gehring, Mary Kleen, Joyce Hund- ling, Yvonne Wiedemeier, Sarah Roche, Kathryn Johnston. ELEMENTA-KI-ROW I: Darlene Kirkpatrick, Jeanette Moeller, Ruth Fensterman, Jane Genrich, Donna Johnson, Janet Platte, Patsy Hall. ROW 2: Pat Kunz, Dorothy Nissen, Marianna Hafner, Virginia Guenther, Mildred Brett, Jane Allison, Dorothy Heman. ROW 3: Eleanor Beckman, Betty Martin, Judy Hotz, Carolyn Swruck, Maxine Means, Ruth Warren, Shirley Wakeman. ROW 4: Janet Krett, Marilyn Jones, Rita Beisner, Mary Nairn, Barbara Kyle, Marilyn Todd, Marilyn Van Fleet, Marge Nelsen, Nancy Grover. ROW 5: Herberta Huggins, Doris Burkhart, Faye Breneman, Elaine DeFosse, Marie Kaska, Marlene Lehman, Gladys Kemper, Myra Willesen, Vonnie Olsberg, Jan Meythaler. Nu 30. 5' va 4- . 'Q L cz "7 C7 ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB-ROVV' I: Ruth Allen, Catherine Flood, Phyllis Johnson, Mildred Harlbeck, Jane Hauser, Joan Landman. ROW 2: Della Collins, Jane Mardorf, Cathrine York, Margie Moore, Annette Hudepohl. ROW 3: Anne Parks, Ruth Schnur, Mary Lou Botlorff, Norma Abbas, Mary Jo Tobin, Jean Olsen. ROW 4: Pa? Riley, Pal Hahn, Pat Lake, Doris Light, Donna Kimrey. ROW 5: Dorothy Ford, Rosemary Russell, Shirley Mae Renander, Sue Hoskin, Lavonne Wenger. ELLEN RICHARDS CLUB FOR FUTURE HOMEMAKERS Four members of the Ellen H. Richards and the lndus- frial Arts clubs become involved in a game of "scrab- ble" a+ lheir ioinl' Christmas par+y. Of prime importance to mcmhers of the ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLIP. arc thc house-hold arts, which include the sclcction and prcparation of food and clothing, manzigcmcnt of thc homc, the use of income, and the carc :mil training of children. The object of this organi- zation is to stimulate lcadcrship and responsibility in its mcmhcrs. This club, sponsored by Ruth Allen, is aHili- atcrl with the American Home lfconomics Association. Any girl with Z1 major or minor in this field is qualified for mcmhcrship. This ycar's ofhccrs wcrc Phyllis slohn- son, prcsiilcntg Cathcrinc Flood, x'icc-mcsiclentg ,loan Lamlman, sccrt-tary, :mil Klililrcrl Harthcclc, trcasurcr. ,vp 206 FIRST YEAR K-P CLUB-ROW I: Helen Hoare, Carol Conrad, Willa Stevenson, Lucille Johnson, Ramona Vanicelx, Joanne Aldrich, Marilyn Eide, Barbara Jorgensen, Jeannine Loflus, Janel' Aldrich. ROW 2: Gerlrucle Galloway, Mariorie Shinn, Kay Schaefer, Betty Molloy, Nancy Langlas, Rosalyn Dunne'H'e, Darla Colfingfon, Sandra Eisele, Lois Johnson. ROW 3: Connie Weslcolt, Janet Leith, Marilyn Stewart, Carole Kaldenberg, Myrna Latch, Wava Palmer, Jeanie Henderson, Loraine Saafhoff, Ann Sowers, Kolene Dietrich. ROW 4: Elsie Neve, Shirley Lauer, Marlene Anlcerson, Shirley Fosler, Mary Gerdes, Lois Agold, Clarine Nilles, Sally S'rroh. ROW 5: Erlene Poppinga, Ann Slrain, AnneHe Dreessen, Jean Wearda, Yvonne Carey, Barbara Bowlin, Barbara Maxson, Angie Zirlielbach. FIRST YEAR K-P CLUB-ROW I: Shirley Dinsdale, Jacqueline Jacobs, Karolyn Schnack, Shirley Christensen, Margarel- Mundi, Madelyn Han- sen, Barbara Slriley, BeHy Augusline, Marian Shindoll. ROW 2: Ellen Crow, Sharon Sills, Dixie Jennings, Julia Clingerman, Mary Laughlin, Carol BenI', Helen Pope, Janel Hammer. ROW 3: Pai' Glime, Jeane'I'+e Trueblood, Kay McSweeney, Loise Coclcerhan, Shirley Pech, Elaine Kroemer, Dorothy Hagg, Nancy Waile. ROW 4: Loretta Graham, Sara Kreighbaum, Phyllis Snyder, Mariean Langholz, Mary Stevens, Janice Kiser, Ruth Andersen, Marilyn Marcellus. ROW 5: Barbara Harris, Mary Marlin, Janine Kroeger, Joy Lemley, Rachelle De Winter, Patricia Alexander, Belly Carr, Georgiann Waskow, Carol Fre'I'z. FRDSH K-P MAJORS EXPLORE TEACHING PROFESSION The outstanding feature of the FIRST YEAR KIN- which will aid them in their student teaching and DERGARTEN-PRIMARY CLUB is that it helps all fresh- actual teaching experience. Parties are an integral part men in this field explore the teaching profession as a of their activities for they have at least one per quarter. whole with special emphasis placed on the lower ele- Esther Boehlje sponsored the First Year K-P Club. mentary level. Each year the club has guest speakers, Officers were hlargaret lllundt, presidentg illadelyn goes on guided tours, and sponsors various service proj- Hansen, vice-presidentg Shirley Christensen, secretaryg ects. The members are also given many hints and helps and Karolyn Schnack, treasurer. 207 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA -ROW I: Agnes Lebeda, Wilma McLuen, Jack Reed, Don Nelson, Mary Heisler, Norma Schmitt E. L, MarieHa. ROW 2: Lee Peclelty, Pamela Wymore, Norma Willis, Joy Schwab, Norma McEachran, Marlys McGarvey, Belly Ann Halverson. ROW 3: Doris Hofer, Patricia Montgomery, Pauline Beeson, Norma Walter, Ruth Quam, Jean Janssen, Carla Tuinslra, Marilyn Moeller. ROW 4: Eleanor Herr, BeHy Blaclrerf, Jean Rile, Pal' Cline, Donna Madsen, Delores Wilkins, Beverly Dornbusch, Norma Priem, Frances Campbell. ROW 5: Belly Vance, AI Henning, Viola De Boer, R. J. Fursf, Ruth Schwielert, John Boughfon, Carol Davis, Don Micluel- son, La Vonne Mohr, Harold Bunting. FBLA SPONSORS IOWA HIGH SCHOOL CHAPTERS Future Business Leaders, AI Hennings, John Boughfon, Wilma McLuen, and Pauline Beeson, get inlo the Chrisrmas spiri+ by decorating the tree in fhe business department. 'lil-IE FL'Tl'RE BL'siNEss LEADERS or ANIERIC.-X place deep concentration on the latest developments and methods in various fields of business. Such information is presented at their bimonthly meetings by having out- side speakers, films, and discussions. Besides business meetings, the l".l3.l,.A. members plan an annual cof- fee hour for all alunis at Homecoming. Klembership is open to any business major or minor. The local chap- ter sponsors all high school chapters of Future Business Leaders of America in the state of Iowa. Agnes Le- beda and Dr. lf. L. llarietta were the faculty spon- sors. The oliieers of the organization were Don Nel- son, president, -lack Reed, vice-president, Don Adams, treasurer: and llary Heisler, secretary. ,WT 208 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB-ROW I: Howard Reed Willis Wagner Don Hay Ralph Long Ron Bro Frank Carfhey H G Palmer. ROW 2: John Roorda, Earl Dornfeld, Don Never James Menfzer Edward Burton Harvey SnuHIer ROW 3 Don Salisbury, Don Henderson, Lorm Bjorklund, Robert Burlcgren George Bunn R E Mafala Larry Smalley ROW 4 E D Crosby Harry Lind, Warren Fry, John Gameh Bill Rusfemier L S Wright ROW 5 Kenneth Brower Bill Stock Stanley Mules Charles Tabardlla, Ray Nissen, John Yeager, Don Anderson, Curtis Rusfad CRAFTSMEN GAIN PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE Members of the INDUSTRIAL .ARTS CLUB are a skillful group of craftsmen majoring or minoring in this field. They obtain practical experience in such areas as printing, radio construction, woodworking, and electricity. These handicraft projects and special re- ports point out the educational side of industrial arts. Professional speakers describe new procedures and de- velopments, and explain opportunities in the industrial world. Various activities of this organization tend to promote a greater interest and a better understanding in the field of industrial arts. H. G. Palmer sponsored the Industrial Arts Club. The officers were Ralph Long, presidentg Ronald Bro, vice-presidentg Donald Hay, secretaryg and Frank Carthey, treasurer. 2 Y .hy QQ?- INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB-ROW I: Duane Fuhrman, BeH'y Kelly, Loren Horlon. ROW 2: Dave Turner, Morris Crawford, Eli D. Potts. CLUB PROMOTES INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Fealured speaker, Dr. Fahrney of +he Social Science de- parfmenr, falks +o the Infernalional Relations Club. 2I0 THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB tries to help the college students and the college community gain greater understanding and respect for people of other lands. In order to develop such an appreciation, the club presents travelogues of different lands of the world. International Relations Club meetings also fea- ture panel discussions on major interests pertinent to international questions. lllembership is open to any- one interested in learning about the peoples of the world. 1111 llorris Crawford was the sponsor of this organization. The ollicers who composed the executive board were David-Turner, presidentg Eli Daniel Potts, vice-presidentg and Betty Kelly, secretary and treas- urer. THE Iowa FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCI,ATION is open to all students interested in the teaching profes- sion and is, therefore, the largest professional group on campus. It is afhliated with the Future Teachers of America which is a department of the National Educa- tional Association. Rlembership in the local chapter ,,, M ,L includes membership in the state and national o1'gani- zations also. The main objective of the association is to stimulate high professional attitudes in all future v teachers. lllenibers try to fulfill such an objective X xl through various activities at their rnonthly meetings. They are brought in closer contact with the state unit by attending conventions and regional meetings held at different lowa colleges. The sponsors of the local group this year were Gordon Rhuni and Howard Knutson. The olticers were Beverly Belson, president: Elizabeth Corpuz, vice-president, Klargaret Conrad, secretaryg and Ruth Gibbs, treasurer. Future teachers take special notice ot the IFTA bulletin board. IFTA STIMULATES HIGH PRQFESSIONAL ATTITUDES IOWA FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION-ROW I: Elizabeth Corpuz, Beverly Belson, Margaret Conrad, Ruth Gibbs. ROW 2: Mary Jane Komisarcilc, Johna Harwood, Marybelle Chase, Mayrose Lane, Marilyn LaNelle Taylor. ROW 3: Lavonne Wen- ger, Wanda Boeyinlx, Marilyn Taylor, Pauline Brand, Patricia Montgomery. YW Nlf Vovfl' 2II JEFFERSONIANS WORK AT ELECTION POLLS JEFFERSONIAN CLUB-ROVV I: Jean Beaving, Carol Olsen, Kay Calonkey, Loren Horton, Duane Fuhrman, Paul Sfanwood, Leo Munday, Jane? PaHee, Edwin Maurer. ROW 2: Jack Weddle, Frances Chapman, Clarence Lamoureux, Donna Brandt, Frank Hurst, Elizabeth Corpuz, Donald Meyer, Emma Vest. POVV 3: Paul Yap, Merle Hamilton, Norman Russell, Dorothy Fox, Don Mickelson, Marvis Ohlson, Frank Moore, Paul Baarson, Robert Johnson. ROW 4: Dave Carrick, Leonard Pearf, John Hensley, Ken G. Rowe, Joan Tucker, Dave Baker, Jerry Cias, Armond Miller, ROW 5: Vernon Knighl, Clifford Martens, Ronald Akers, Paul Wilding, Curtis Rustad, Jack Nielsen, Dick Starr, David Turner. Jeffersonians enjoy a coffee break during a meeting. 'lil-IE -IEFFERSONIAN CLUB, which was formerly in existence on this campus, was reactivated this year. It is atliliated with both state and national groups of young Democrats. Any political minded individual is urged to become :1 member. The meetings feature prominent speakers, debates, and "hot" discussions. On election day some of the members went to the Demo- cratic party's headquarters in lVaterloo where they baby-sat for parents who were voting, gave voters rides to :ind from the polls, and worked with sound trucks. A victory celebration was held after the election. This group has the opportunity to learn many aspects of po- litical science. Dr. llaurer sponsored the -leffersonian Club. The officers were Duane Fuhrman, presidentg Paul Stanwood, vice-president: Loren Horton, secre- tary: and Leo Blllllllily, treasurer. 3 t7 -E3 4 Q7 5 KAPPA Pl BETA ALPHA-ROW l: Sandra Myhre, Esfher Hicks, Sally Carbaugh, Carol Telford, Theresa Hood, Mary Lou Reeve. ROW 2: Janet Swanson, Lu Anne Offo, Jean Miyabuchi, Jo Serneff, Carol Thuesen, Nancy Von Doehren, Marilyn Shalla. ROW 3: Linda Neuharf, Janice Junlxin, Nancy Thompson, Mary Campbell, Marlene Osfrom, Marilyn Gibson, Judy Taylor, Kay Swain. ROW 4: Elaine Adolphson, Mayrose Lane, Sally Bacher, Mary Jane VanderBerg, Mary Zur- muehlen, Janice Shoof, Beverly Belson, Estelle Henrich, Colleen Dillard. KPBA PLANS FOR ANNUAL SPRING BANQUET The underlying purpose of IQAPPA PI BETA ALPHA is to inform all prospective kindergarten-primary teachers about their future profession. YVell-informed and experienced outside speakers, discussions, and vari- ous other activities promote the intellectual and pl'O- fessional interests of the members. K.P.B.A. has many social activities, but the spring banquet and a Christ- mas party are annual highlights. This group, spon- sored by Amy Arey and lllay Smith, is open to all kindergarten-primary majors on the four-year curricu- lum. However, active membership is helcl only by those who hold associate membership for one quarter. The officers were Sally Blaske, presidentg Donna Bailey, vice-presidentg Sally Carbaugh, secretaryg and Carol Telford, treasurer. Kappa Pi Befa Alpha presenf roses af formal acfi- varion for several new members. 2I3 E fi 's 1 f ' N Q Q 3 x ..w , . x .ir i if uv EE, so va- Z G7 LIBRARY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION-ROW I: Richard Johnson, Edra Bogie, Clyde Greve, Annemarie Lundbeclr, Mari- lyn Shepard. ROVV 2: Joan Olsen, Frances Chapman, Phyllis Jacobson, BeHy Fisher, Lois Puhrmann, Cecelia Doran. ROW 3: Beverly Kaup, Dorothy Simon, Beverly Belson, Johna Harwood, Angie Zirlcelbach. "LIBRARIANS The Library S+uden+s Association discuss fhe la+es+ book reviews. XX,-f ZI4 -xn FOR A DAY" MAIN EVENT THE LIBRARY STUDENTS Assocmriox works in eo- ordination with the college library. The main activity on this year's program xvas the "Librarians for a Dayn which is an annual event held for all high school stu- dents in the surrounding area. ln sponsoring such an event, members have the opportunity to familiarize high school students with the basic features of the li- brary. Some of the other activities included on their yearly schedule are a Homecoming Tea and the Cedar Falls Book Fair. These are only examples of the many activities designed to promote a greater interest in library science. Anyone having a major or minor in this area or who has become interested in the field through employment in the library is eligible for mem- bership. Richard johnson acted as sponsor for the or- ganization. This year's officers of the Library Students Association were Clyde Greve, presidentg Anna lllarie Lundbeclc, vice-president, Edra Bogie, secretaryg and llarilyn Shepard, treasurer. x 55 l' 5.5 i we-fi' ,.,.. ' , P.-.,. . . -. . ...,,. i- 1 5 'N' " ' -. x-,-- 1 'I -' qu. 'if' '. 5. -' K '2 C ' 1 . .. -5: 5.5 1 J J . flfr-e ,f . : ' YY?-V. 'Pi te-W: -l Q - ' A' ixflli l bs. " 1 si . 1 . E, - i . 5 , , V f All members ot the AI.-XRLINS LLIB have their Sen- 'A 1 " . :.: . :., 1- '-.,1.."iI'':5ff5?5f5l2":-IEvirfl. s ' A J W ' ' ' 'Y - 1 ' ' A , W A'..- A ..-.: ' .. . ior Lire having Lertihcates, but thev continue to prac- -,........,,. .. ' ""f:"X:'f-1Wf'7 . i ., . ' ' tice swimming techniques. One of their main goals is to express art effectively through swimming. An ex- ample of such an attempt is the Spring VVater Show. Each girl has an opportunity to use her own creative ability in composing or directing an original routine. All synchronized stunts and specialized techniques are perfected and performed with precision and grace. Barbara Yager served sponsor of the Klarlins Club. This year's ollicers were hlarjorie Simonsen, presidentg Corrine Larson, vice-presidentg Lois llussett, secre- taryg and Patricia Granau, treasurer. The Marlins club display a unique rou+ine a+ 'rhe Sfudenr- Faculiy mixer. MARLINS EXPRESS ART THRCUGH SWIMMING MARLINS-ROW I: Shirley Winsburg, Belly Ehrlce, Mariorie Simonsen, Corrine Larson, Lois MuseH, Pairicia Granau. ROW 2: Maryann Papouselz, Lucille Miller, Vergie Jansen, Jane Beals, Anne O'Brien. ROW 3: Jody Wesfbury, Rulh Peden, Jo Ann Hoffman, Myrna Laich, Mary Sufhers, Beverly Ramler, Anne'H'e Heflin. ROW 4: Margie Moore, Carole Fromm, Karen Knox, Jeanne Bishop, Avis Haller, Marfha Marsh. ROW 5: Jackie Doerring, Charleen Leaverion, Margaret Mundi, Shirley DuH'on, Nona Paulsen, Darlys Nuffing, Barbara Breheny. fi QQ -uv Q7 Yi' cw' ,v X47 MATHEMATICIANS TAKE TIME OFF FOR PICNICS A 5 1 MATH CLUB-ROW I: Augusfa Schurrer, Norman Schmidt, Bernie Thielen, Sally Siek, H. Van Engen. ROW 2: Lyman Peck, Zelda Christen- sen, Sally Horn, Susan Hansen, Jane Mardorf, James Lockwood. ROW 3: Fred Lo'H', Irvin Brune, Duane Wombolt, Arthur Blanlrers, Dave Sarche+, Kenneth Norem, De Loy Benson. The Malh Club enioy cookies and cider as they look over com plicared problems. All students interested in the field of mathematics are eligible for membership in RIATH CLUB which was organized in 1911. To qualify for membership, pros- pective members must have a minimum of five hours credit in math. This organization realizes that meas- urements, quantities, and comparisons, all of which involve mathematics in general, are a part of each indi- vidual's daily life. The application of better teaching methods in regard to this subject is stressed through demonstrations, films, lectures, and discussions. Aside from this serious aspect of lllath Club, members rind ample time for picnics, play nights, and impromptu parties. The faculty advisor for this organization was 5 Dr. Augusta Schurrer. Oflicers were Bernard Thielen, president, Norman Schmidt, vice-presidentg and Sally Siek, secretary and treasurer. ZI6 Anyone who is musically inclined or who has a nat- ural interest in music may become a member of BlL'SIc EDCCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE. Their monthly meetings are composed of films, interest lectures on music, discussion groups, and guest speakers. Often talented members provide solos, both instrumental and vocal, and other musical selections for the programs. re- Several outside entertainers have been invited to per- form for the group. Informal parties tend to promote greater friendship among the members. The sponsor of lVI.E.N.C. was Arthur Redner. The officers for the year were Norman Russell, president: lllary Avery, vice-president, and Ella Jones, secretary and treasurer. MENC members prepare a snack tor an atter-meeting intormal. MENC MEMBERS PRESENT SOLOS MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONVENTION-ROW I: Arthur Redner, Lynn Sutton, Audrey Coburn, Ella Jones, Norman Russell, Mary Avery, Marilyn Russell, Talralro Oshibuchi. ROW 2: Margaret Herring, Phyllis French, Charlotte Diehn, Sylvia Johnson, Sylvia Larson, Bonnie Manahl, Delores Lynch. ROW 3: Corrine Shimel, Carolyn Bolger, Janet Anderson, Irene Swanson, Shirlee Vogelaar, Jan McBride, Phyllis Klein, Norma Nelson. ROW 4: Janet Berger, Marilyn Savery, Doris Severe, Avis Evely, Arlene Parlcer, Nancy Jones, Patricia Brown, Sharon Hatch, Mary Jane Anold, ROW 5: Mary Lou Dobbins, Patsy Yates, Dawn Hellxenn, Barbara Priest, Muriel Robinson, Ralph Wedelting, Ro- berta Paxson, LeAnn Dielren, Lauretta Brunsvold, Phyllis Rogers. ROW 6: Lolita Laube, Dorothy Hubacher, Norene Norgaarcl, Judith Wurch, Jere Graeti, John Andersen, Art Blanlters, Richard Lynch, Shirley Stebbins, Joan Olson, Marybelle Chase. 2I7 w--fp .- vv - is if ORCHESIS-ROW I: Mary Butterworth, Marilyn Walmsley, Nona Paulsen, Barbara Lowell, Davetfa Williams. ROW 2: Virginia ldso, Jody Westbury, Lucille Miller, Jo Ann Lusson, Regina Miller, Mary Conrad. ROW 3: Patricia Granau, Barbara Lucas, Carole O'NeilI, Martha Marsh, Sally Graslcewicz. ORCHESIS FORMS A DANCE SYMPOSIUM Virginia ldso, Barbara Lucas, and Nona Paulson of the Orchesis Club practice moclern dance routines. , p ,'.,z:V'ff'fxaG w vxf- Lg ,. .5 ll 2I8 QDRCHESIS CLUB dance routines. most of which are originals, are "strictly on the modern sidef' The girls try to help the observer appreciate the full value and meaning of their graceful movements. The idea that "to dance is to live" is brought out in their annual 1'e- cital. At this time they present a grand finale of some of the most fascinating and enjoyable modern dance numbers that they have been able to perfect during the year. The organization, of which Rliss llary Butter- worth is sponsor, is open to any girl who has had two or more quarters of modern dance or its equivalent. The officers for this year were Nona Paulsen, presi- dentg Barbara Lowell, vice-presidentg and Jody VVest- bury, secretary. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB-ROW l: Jean Boniz, Shirley Boylan, Donna Poncin, Lois MusseH', Nadine Stewart, Barbara Lucas, Shirley Dulfon, Lorraine Douglass. ROW 2: Thelma Short, Mary Alice Buflerworlh, Dorothy Moon, Elinor Crawford, Belly Swanson, Shirley Wins- berg, Mary Ann Papouselr. ROW 3: Mary Conrad, Mary Jane Komisarcilt, Mary Mullen, Norma Reed, Laura Christiansen, Virginia ldso, Roberfa Slocum, Beverly Rammer. ROW 4: Beverly Buss, Lucille Miller, Genevieve Hingsf, Mary Montgomery, Myrlis Drevs, Rulh Peden, Patricia Granau, Jody Westbury. ROW 5: Leona Cooper, Marilyn Lowman, Donna Schultz, Mariha Marsh, Jackie Doerring, Jo Beed, Jeanne Bishop. ROW 6: Corrine Larson, Rulh Meyer, Lois Von Berg, Mariorie Simonsen, Nona Paulsen, Sally McCar+ney, Ruth Daman, Susan Hansen. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB FOR WOMEN The Phys. Ed. Club gives i+s rendili-:an of T.C. physical educa- fion instructors. THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB places deep con- centration upon the professional as well as the social scope of physical education. The scheduled program of the year varied from lectures and informal discussions to parties and picnics. lllembership in this group in- cludes all women physical education majors and minors as well as the faculty members of this department. Dr. ,lean Bontz acts as sponsor of the group. The ollicers were Lois lllussett, presidentg Nadine Stewart, vice- presiclentg and Barbara Lucas, Secretary and treasurer. RURAL LEADERS SPONSOR SCHOOL VISITING DAY The RUR.-Xl, CoxmiL'N1Tv Liaixneas, which has been organized for approximately five vears, helps students understand the rural community itself, as well as the many problems that will be confronted in rural teach- ing. Their meetings are highlighted with movies, re- source speakers, and general discussions. The outstand- ing project of the year was the sponsorship of a "public school visiting day." Ar this time they had the oppor- tunity to visit several new and modern schools. The members are composed of special education ma- jors, elementary supervisors, and teachers who will be working with town and country schools. Dr. Dreier was sponsor for this interest organization. The oFficers include Ruth Lee, presidentg Frances VValle1', vice- presidentg Shirley Glson, secretary, and Eleanor Puck, treasurer. lc, Rural Communiiy Leaders discuss coffee hour plans for a Principals' and Superinfendenfs' Conference. RURAL COMMUNITY LEADERS-ROW I: Eleanor Puclr, Shirley Olson, Rufh Lee, Frances Waller, Vera Goelsch. RCW 2: Mariorie Anasfasi, Nancy Hawks, Joann Beardmore, Sue Jean Simms, Marilyn Wood, William H. Dreier. . I V? fx I 220 SECOND YEAR K-P CLUB-ROW I: Jean Afherfon, Jacluie Gross, Mary Ella Youngren, Marjorie Andrews, Barb Knaaclc, Lidia Mordini, Jannetfe Sorensen, Marilyn Taylor, Joan Tuclner. ROW 2: Joefra Mosley, Janice Buckels, Vera Goefsch, Margaret Ginn, Nola Coon, Donna Krug, Janet Ealy, La Vonne Karkosh, Marilynn Gruber. ROW 3: Mary Cowan, Betty Arinlc, Ardis West, Beth Webber, Charlotte Foy, Sally Searcy, Shirley Merical, Jean Fogarty. ROW 4: Marilyn Hansen, Mariorie Anasfasi, Marilyn Hannel, Karen Wiese, Glenda Boal, Shirley Pyalf, Wilma Schmidt, Carolee Swanson, Ruth Montgomery. ROW 5: Joan Hennies, Nancy Usher, Be'Hy Albert, Sharon Jones, Virginia Jensen, Marian Pralle, Dolores Milligan, Donna Nelson. ROW 6: Yvonne Hennings, Dorothy Simon, Beverly Powell, Ramona Mersman, Hazel Porath, Marvis Ohlson, Carolyn Bagge. SECOND YEAR K-P CLUB-ROW I: Allison Mulrai, Jan Neubaum, Marlys Robinson, Donna Shaw, Marilyn Meineke, Maxine ErreH', Sally McClure, Shirley Watanabe. ROW 2: Lou Ann WiH', Beverly Miller, Jean Edgingfon, Shirley M. Olson, Charlotte Moen, JoAnn Hanna, Rose Marie Peterson, Lila Strickland. ROW 3: Mary Adams, Esther Hasse, Ruth Johnson, Belva Ramler, Mary Jean De Haven, Phyllis Woodall, Joanne Dohrman, Delores Lydon, Barbara Axon. ROW 4: Mary Anne Wagner, Carol Matthews, Jan Robinson, Doris Dalclcen, Betty Keese, lrene Swanson, Carol Ellioff, Mariorie Carufhers. ROW 5: Janice Bruening, Marian Madison, Alyce Caudle, Norma Carmichael, Shirley Chalupa, Kay Quinn, Shirlee Vogelaar, Patricia McGill, Barbara Breheny. ROW 6: Lila Recher, Phyllis Purcell, Ann lnnis, Elizabeth Ryan, Ger- trude Lesher, Ann Kidwell, Nancy Hays, Agnes Neff, Janice Faust, Ramona Heifner. SECOND YEAR K-P's PLAN MOTHER'S DAY LUNCHEON All sophomore women majoring in kindergarten-pri- mary education are eligible for membership in the SECOND YYEAR K-P CLUB. The members of this organ- ization try to search further into their chosen profes- sion by showing films, having panel or informal dis- cussions, and inviting school supervisors, teachers and board members to speak at their meetings. This type of program brings these future K-P teachers closer to some of the problems which will confront them as they enter the field of teaching. Social interests play an im- portant part in their year's activities for they have pic- nics, caroling, parties, and an important lllother- Daughter Luncheon in the spring. Slay Smith spon- sored the Second Year K-P Club and the othcers for the year were Barbara Knaack, president: Lidin lllor- dini, vice-president: blannette Sorenson, secretary, and lllary Ella Youngren, treasurer. I Q' SIGMA GAMMA KAPPA-ROW I: William Norlhrup, Curfis Rusfad, Paul Rohwer, Galen Kulmens. ROW 2: Merle Hamil+on, Oscar Reece, Kenneth Brower, Pai Tobin. CLUB DISCUSSES MODERN AG METHODS Dr. Reece discusses farm animals with Sigma Gamma Kappa members. Anyrmc I11E'ij0I'lI111 or minoring in 1lf1I'lCUlI'll1'C is cli- ,qiblv for mcmbrrslmip in SIGMA GAMAIA li.-X1'l'.X. Its umlcrlying purposes arc- to help Il1CI1ll'1l"l'S gain 21 wider pc-rspvctix'c in this zlrwx Of tcacliing :xml to alcvvlup them I1l'Ui4'SSIOIlZillf. lfilms :mtl outsialv spt-:1liCl's kt-cp tli wt-ll vc-1'sml on tht- latest alcvcluuncnts in farm mz zign-rm-nt, on tlw in-west :mtl must mmlcrn equipment nw- tmlziy, :intl on tlw prcscnt hum sililzitlon m gmc-1'z1l. Squuru tlzmccs, picnics. :xml "stag" parties ht-:ul thc list A L" 'L' YI 'S. SC' ' "K" "5 l' ' Spf! I ' I Sigma clilllllliil lizlppzl. 'lllic utliccrs u'cl'C Paul Roh- Z-A ww, pfcfnilclltg Cullen lxulwlms, x'1uc-pmsltlciitg 21ml AIIIINUN xXvlIll'3lll'll. scc1'ct:11'y' uml l'l'l'Zl5lll'Cl'. SPEECH ACTIVITIES CLUB-'ROW I: M. B. Smiih, Ken Andersen, Marilyn Turnquist, Elizabeth Corpuz, Tom Handlen, Ken G. Rowe, Lillian Wagner. ROW 2: Betty Taylor, Jenise Schnur, Phyllis Gregg, Shirley Whannel, Betty Swan, Zelda Christensen, Phyllis Chanlland. ROW 3: Diane Sargent, Mary Cooper, Lawrence Auld, Don Brown, Lavon Burrichfer, Pauline Brand, Gilberf Clemens, Leonard Pearf. ROW 4: Edgar Epperly, Ron Reilly, Jerry Reynolds, Anne Stock, Bob Cleveland, Peggy Hix, Jim Robertson, Viola De Boer, Neil Ver Hoef. SPEECH ACTIVITIES CLUB PREPARES FOR COMPETITION Diane Sargent, Liz Corpus, Tom Handlen and Viola DeBoer of the Speech Acrivifies Club prepare for +he High School Fall Discussion Tournament. THE SPEECH ACTIVITIES CLUB prepares its mem- bers for intercollegiate speech competition which, in turn, gives them a substantial background to sponsor the High school Discussion Congress and the Brind- ley Discussion and Debate Tournament. The clubis two major divisions, debate and conference, are dealt with individually. High school students from sixteen different towns attended the Discussion Con- gress this year. They had the opportunity to work with committees on forensic conferences, discuss debate topics, and have practice debate sessions. This is more or less a preparatory meeting f01' the Brindley Tourna- ment. The tournament is set up on a competitive basis. After the students have given extemporaneous speeches or oratories, the winners are chosen and are given a scholarship to I.S.T.C. The Speech Activities Club, sponsored by Dr. Lillian VVagner and Dr. lil. B. Smith, is open for membership to anyone interested in this Held. The officers were Elizabeth Corpuz, presi- dentg Tom Handlen, vice-presidentg and llarilyn Turnquist, secretary. WRA SPONSORS INTRAMURAL PROGRAM , G 4 "Y qu vt 5 T7 'ca -vw S3 VVOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION-ROVV I: Shirley Winsberg, Virginia ldso, Patricia Granau, Jacliie Doerring, Jeanne Bishop, Barbara Lucas. ROW 2: Mary Jane- Komisarcilc, Mary Mullen, Mary Helen Montgomery, Geneive Hingsf, Beverly Buss, Mary Ann Papousek. ROW 3: Nadine Stewart, Ruth Daman, Lois Musseif, Donna Foncin, Susan Hansen. Jeanne Bishop stands guard as Eugene McGivern turns a flip at +he WRA sponsored all-college Play Night. gf, ,. THE XVoAiiax's RECREATION Assoc1AT1oN's main P1' 1 f 'yiy objective is to obtain interest and participation of col- iilli V -.ff A M J X 5 i A' f 5- "': 552' lege women in all types of sports and recreational ac- fis, -e ,. : f Mi tivities. ln doing this, VV. R. A. sponsors weekly play- tj Tfflli A nights, recreational swimming, and high school play- in ' days. By organizing an intramural program, including any sport from hockey and basketball to golf and ten- ' r nis, it is able to further recreational interest with com- 9 - . petition. All women students are niembersg however, y 4 . a only those who have participated in a YV. R. A. spon- ..'V' T sored activity hold active membership. The faculty ad- ifr ll visor of this organization was Shirley VVinsburg. Pat Ciranau was presidentg Virginia Idso, vice-presidentg J and Jackie Doerring, secretary and treasurer. -, ' S..- -.-- 224 "College Eye" s1'aFF members have an informal coffee hour for BenneH' Cerf C Governor Hoegh makes a visil' 'lo +he new campus elemenfary school wilh Presidenl' Maucker. Wi. -O' px r - - ' Yf"??si',i'fX I-1 x religious '67 T lie STUDENT COUNCIL OF RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES ROW I Bob Huntington, Mildred Harfbeclr, Pete Pickett, Dick Starr, Jean Rife. ROW 2 Leona Cooper Frieda Schlaman Doug Doerzrnan Esther Hicks John Boughfon, Gene Laclcore, Marybelle Chase, Shirley Renander, Harold STUDENT COUNCIL OF RELIGIOUS ACTIYITIES THE STUDENT COUNCIL OF RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES, consisting of representatives from all religious organiza- tions, works with the Bureau of Religious Activities in the planning and promotion of religious life on the cam- pus. Enlisting the help of the entire student body, the Council channels activities through Commissions of VVorship, Religion in Life, and Publicity. These in- clude College Chapel, Conferences, Religion-in-Life VVeek, Brotherhood Trips, Deputation Teams, blorn- ing lleditations, Fireside Chats, an All Student Center Banquet, and an annual Hymn Festival. All students are invited to participate. Dr. Harold lf. Bernhard, Director of Religious Ac- tivities is the advisor. Officers, elected by the student body, for 195-I-5,5 were Pete Pickett, president, Blil- dred Hartbeck, vice-presidentg Richard Starr, secre- tary, Esther Hicks and Gene Lackore, members at large, Shirley Mae Renander, worshipg Marybelle Chase, religion-in-lifeg and Leona Cooper, publicity. CHAPEL SERVICES FOR ALL DENO INATIONS A CollcgC Chapel service proyitlcd by the College Hill Intcrtlenominationzil Church helps maintain the church loyzilty of the student away from home. Both the choir and Congregation are made up of lnenibers of all tlcnoniinations, and scrinons preached by the Rev. David liluhm are designed to agree with all Christian fziitha Scryiccs are held every Sunday morning from 10:30 to ll :3O. E EY fi .sv av' BAPTIST STUDENT CENTER-POW I: Kay Schaefer, Maxine Means, Janice Brownell, Cecelia Doran, Pafricia McGill, Marjorie Bonesfell, John Newfon, Mrs. Ada Hillis. ROW 2: Mary O'Bradovich, Lois Riebhoff, Nancy Peacock, Marilyn Clark, Virginia Polloclr, Carol Ann Perfz, Donna Bain, Dixie Laslrowski. RCW 3: Kay Zeller, Janice Kiser, Mary Lou Bofforff, Frieda Schlaman, Joy Lemley, Angie Zirlcelback, Barbara Willifs, Janet Jenkins. ROW 4: Carolee Vriezelaar, Philip Allen, Marcile Wisgerhof, Clayton Thomas, George Cordes, Wayne King, Bonnie Brown, Robert Kiesey, Kay Woody. BAPTISTS CONCENTRATE ON CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP At the H.x1f'r1sT STUDENT CENTER everyone has the opportunity of Christian fellowship. At this student center the attitude that companionship is iniportzint in Christian faith is well supported hy the lllilllj' parties :ind infornizil gatherings. Besides these friendly gather- ings, student pzirticipation in the Sunday morning Bible study and evening services helps develop a deeper faith in God. Students :ire welcomed to use the center for leisure time enjoyment, for studying, for council and friend- ship, and for worship. Klrs. Ada Hillis is the resident director of the center. The 195-l-55 officers were Janice Brownell, president: Klona Kliklcelson, vice-president: Cecelia Doran, secretaryg :uid Pat Klefiill, treasurer. 'THETA lQPS1I,oN sorority consists of girls of Baptist preference and is associated with the student center. The olhcers for the year were Pat Klciiill, presidentg Janice Brownell, vice-president: and Cecelia Doran, SCCl'CfZIl'5'-t1'CZ1SlIl'C'I'. The college sponsor is lilary Ifllen Dreier, and lilrs. Ada Hillis, the resident sponsor. THETA EPSILON-POW I: Donna Bain, Janice Brownell, Patricia McGill, Cecelia Doran, Mrs. Ada Hillis. POW 2: Kay Schaefer, Dixie Laslrowski, Mary Lou Bofforff, Annie Zeller, Lois Riebhoff, Mary O'Braclovich. POW 3: Virginia Pollock, Janef Jenlrins, Marcile Wisgerhof, Barbara Willifs, Marilyn Clark. NEWMAN CLUB-ROW I: Father Spahn, Donette Lentz, Pat Putter, Donna Thayer, Gus Gatto, Fred Lotifredo, Bob Sabus, Elizabeth Corpuz, Dorothy Simon, Marilyn Shalla, Regina Benda. ROW 2: Janice Heywood, Janet Hammer, Jane Allison, Mary Leiting, Betty Molloy, David Baker, Marlys McGarvey, Ron Reilly, Frances Chapman, Joanne Engstler, Jean Graettinger, Mary Bertch. ROW 3: Phyllis French, Jo Jesser, Joanne Stoterau, Janice Bruening, Phyllis Wellman, Susan Hamann, Barbara Chuck, Darlene Thelen, Anne O'Brien, Elodie Brecht, Mary Tobin, Barbara Baxter, Catherine Flood, Lidia Mordini. ROW 4: Mary Mersch, Roberta Kenny, Charlotte Wicks, Pat Alborn, Jo Sernett, Suzann Shea, Kay Clark, Carol Hann, Barbara Breheny, Mariorie Anastasi, Dorothy Fox, Theresa Hood, Margaret Baker, Carolyn Bagge. ROW 5: Marie Kaska, Mary Ann Morgan, Dolores Carpenter, Peggy Hix, Helen Cowan, Ann Kidwell, Jack Garry, Larry Hatter, John Gamet, William Olson, Helen Morrison, Annmarie Nolte, Bernadette McGovern, Anne Stock. NEWMAN CLUB SERVES CATHOLIC STUDENTS THE NEXVAIAN CLUB is the official organization of Catholic students. It is affiliated with the National Newman Club Federation which is comprised of New- man Clubs ot all state and secular institutions in the United States. A tull weekly schedule ot spiritual activities is car- ried out, including Holy Blass, offered daily and on Sundays. A course in Catholic philosophy is offered at the student center and a library of Catholic literature is available at all times. The social program of the Newman club consisted of parties, mixers, dances and picnics. The first resident Chaplain, Father Spahn, was ap- pointed to serve the needs of the student center. The 195-i-55 officers were Fred Loffredo, presidentg Gus Gatto, rice-presidentg Bob Sabus, secretaryg and Donna Thayer, treasurer. NEWMAN CLUB-ROW I: Jack Pierick, John Slobodnik, Richard Lieb, Richard Hill, Joel Klisart, Pete Husak, Richard Sullivan, Jerry Rey- hons, Bob Dutify. ROW 2: Regina Miller, Mariorie Kainz, Marilyn Owen, Gerry Lambert, Naomi Farrill, Jackie Patton, Martha McLaughlin, Roger Smith, Peg Johnston, Jeannine Loftus, Ana Quinn. ROW 3: Pat Kunz, Kay Barrett, Donna Schumacher, Donna Schlampp, Jerry Schall, Lois Ruhl, Shirley Hickey, Katheryn Osterberger, Twillo Weeks, Clara Smerud, Janie Greiner, Margaret Herring. ROW 4: Donna Schuller, Dorothy Heman, Delores Lydon, Dorothy Hanus, Audrey Hayes, Mary Lehrer, Jo Ann Wilson, Jim Wessling, Therese Stoulil, Kay McSweeney, Clarine Nilles, Janet Ealy. ROW 5: Dick Ortner, Betty Keese, Estelle Henrich, Carolyn Wruck, Elaine Le Brun, Dick Chute, Gene Richman, Leah Wand, Betty Seery, Judith Krueger, Pat Pisney, lola Kainz. Jean Ryken, Joan Klassen, Janice Kennedy, Jerome Seitried, Joseph Carney. ROW 6: Jim Riehl, Dolores Sommerdort, Elizabeth Ryan, Richard Strub, Don Strub, Carol Tracey, William Rustemier, Simone Kaulakis, Don Wilschutz, Charles Clapsaddle, Bob Welsh, Beverly Powell, William Strabala. f1V I 'Q G 35 '? we as CHRISTIAN STUDENT CENTERWROW I: Roger Romine, Norma Carmichael, Marian Pipilt, Don Adams, Sarah Ann Zaiger, Mrs. Roger Romine. ROW 2: Helen Hoare, Joann Watson, Lewis Davis, Connie Olsen, Dorolhy Howe, Chloris Anderson. ROW 3: Marilyn Turnquisl, Nancy Groves, Lavonne Wenger, Joyce Granclgeorge, Nancy Failes, Sarah Schooley, Carla Tuinslra. ROW 4: Kay Calonlrey, Janice Longman, Norma Jean Vanness, Eva Lou Runyan, Don Lowman, Lois Dunlap, Leona Cooper, Yvonne Sealy. RCW 5: Marie Berger, Arthur Emry, Shirley Thompson, Ramona Mersman, Edward Buckingham, Lyle Porler, Marybelle Chase, Delores Kirby, Marilyn Synhosl. CHRISTIAN STUDENT ' "HOME AWAY FROM HOME" Presidenl' Don Adams leads a business meeling at 'rhe Chrislian Student Cenfer. 'limi CHRIST1.-xx STl'DIiNT CENTER provides a "Home Away from Horne" for Inn ancl fellmvsliip among the Christian stnflents nn eanipns. This stnilent center has :L regular Snnilay evening worship serviee ,, and prograin as well as parties, retreats, picnics anil ,- ear washes. The alepntatinn team Visits Christian churches in the siirronmliiig territory to present the morning wfmixliip service anil tn tell nf the stnilent een- ter's wrmrlc. 'lihe Center is open all mlay, every :lay for stinlent relaxation and stnily. A kitchen, ping-pong tahle, ratliu- phunngraph, piano, ancl games are also available for use. 'lihe Christian Stnulent Center has two clireetnrs, Dfmna anrl Ruger Romine, who resiile upstairs in the eenter. The olllieers for ICH-I-33 inclnileil Klarian Pippitt, presiilentg Don Adams, Vive-presiilentg Sarah Ann Zaiger, seeretaryq anrl Narnia LiZll'l11lL'l11lt'l, TI'L'2lNlll'Ql'. l N P' ?-fa: - , 230 IC-Ce-e. C PLYMOUTH CLUB-ROW I: Nancy Lange, Bernadine Sutton, Randolyn Haag, Norm Nevenhoven, Karen Hedum, Loy Te+zIoFf, Beverly Hurt, Bob Peters, Rosemary Burke, Marilynn Gruber, Mrs. Parry. ROVV 2: Helen Inamasu, LaVonne Shannon, Bonnie Carlson, Jean Lawson, Margery Hansen, Corrine Shimel, May Sufhers, Jim Heinseiman, Jackie Bright, Thelma Fuiimura, Mary Delfs. ROW 3: Jody Westbury, Nancy Adams, Sheila Hansen, Marian Shindoil, Carol Elliott, Berniia Riedemann, Gerald Nishimori, John Messer, Karen Knox, Joy Harris, Carol Conrad, Ann Lesch. ROW 4: Ralph Parry, Lorna Meerdink, Norma Jean Schermer, Dorothy Raub, Jo Ann Meyer, Rochelle DeWinIer, Mary Nairen, Bar- bara Heinzerofh, Ann Sowers, Carole Wedemeyer, Jean Beaving, Ralph Wedeking. ROW 5: Don Meyer, Barb Bowlin, Jackie Hansen, Lavon Burrichfer, Phyllis Purcell, Bud Noble, Gene Lackore, Bill Landfain, Mary Lou Fredricksen, Jeanne Palmer, Annette Dreessen, Kathryn Johnston, Karolyn Schnack. PLYMOUTH CLUB SERVES TWO DENOMINATIONS PLYMOUTH CLUB is an organized fellowship affili- ated with the United Church of Christ CCongrega- tional, Evangelical and Reforinedj. As a member of the United Student Fellowship the Plymouth Club seeks to work and believe in the principles and teach- ings of Christ and to learn ahout the work done in other lands. lkleetings are held every Sunday night at the home of hir. and llflrs. C. E. Parry. The 1954-55 officers of the Plymouth Club were Loy Tetzloff, presidentg Bev- erly Hurt, vice-president: Karen Hedum, secretary, and Jack King, treasurer. The sorority aililiated with Plymouth Club is SIGMA ETA CHI. Officers for 195-I-55 were Jody Vvestbury, president, Jean Beabing, vice-presidentg Bernita Riede- inan, secretary, and Karen Heduni, treasurer. SIGMA ETA CHI-ROW I: Lavon Burrichter, Bernifa Riedmann, Jean Beaving, Jody Westbury, Karen Hedum, Mrs. Parry. ROW 2: Bernadine SuHon, Marilynn Gruber, Mary Suihers, Sheila Hansen, Jackie Brighr, Bonnie Carlson. ROW 3: Mary Delfs, Donna Brandt, Phyllis Purcell, Barbara Bowlin, Jeanne Palmer, Ann Lesch, Rose- mary Burke, Beverly Hurt. CANTERBURY CLUB HAS CONFERENCES ff? Gathered around 'rhe conference table are members of the Canterbury Club. The student organization for lfpiscopalians on the Teachers College campus is the CANTERBURY CLUB which is a part of the National Canterbury Association. In cooperation with St. Luke's Parish of Cedar Falls, the Canterbury Club offers a program of worship, study and social life designed to give students as com- plete a part in parish life as they would have at home and to offer them a program fitted to their age and interest group. Conferences with students and faculty members on other Iowa campuses through the lowa Canterbury As- sociation are a regular part of each year's program. The Reverend Clifford O. VValin, Vicar of St. Luke's Parish, is advisor to the Club and chaplain to Episcopal students. Ofhcers of the Canterbury Club or this year were Constantine Tgiros, presidentg Loren Horton, vice-presidentg Allison llukai, secretaryg and Clarence Lamoureux, treasurer. CANTERBURY CLUB-ROW I: Falher Walin, Loren Horton, Constantine Tgiros, Allison Mukai, Hazel Kaneshiro. ROW 2: Liane Chrisfoffersen, Roxy Shape, Clarence Lamoureux, Marcia Sfudley, Joan Plummer, Dianne Damro. ROW 3: Audrey Gunnell, Jack Minehart, John Boughfon, Janice Shoot, Rick Maynard. rQp 'sv J 232 TT A 'Viv' THE INTER-XTARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is a group of Christian students who meet for fun, fellow- ship, encouragement, and inspiration in their daily Christian lives. It is an interdenominational and inter- national group. The activities of the group this year consisted of daily devotions held each Weekday at 12:15 and 3:15 p.m., weekly Bible studies in the dormitories, and a regular Tuesday night meeting in the Faculty Room in Gilchrist Hall. These weekly meetings consisted ot panels, discussions, special speakers, and missionary challenges. About once a lUOIlfl'l an informal wget- togethern is held, and in the spring an annual banquet climaxed the yearls activities. The sponsors of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow- ship were L. bl. Stokstad and VVilliam llacy. The 195-l-55 otlicers were Donna Kahlstort, presidentg lIIona Kliklcelson, vice-presidentg YVanda Hembry, secretaryg and Leona Cooper, treasurer. The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship holds their Tues- day night meetings in the Faculty Room. INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP-ROW l: Keith Macy, John Hegarty, Mona Milcltelson, Donna Kahlstort, Wanda Hembry, Leona Cooper, Lloyd Stokstad. ROW 2: Mildred Brett, Willadine McDaniel, Carolyn Gilliland, Jean Rite, Shirley Kool, Marie Lasater, Virginia Weiss. ROW 3: Kay Schaefer, Doris Hoter, Maxine Means, Nancy Grey, Teressa McDonald, Mary Lou Bottortf. ROW 4: Shirley Barker, Betty Prehm, John Newton, Dale Peterson, Norma Prehm, Adella Buchmann, Dorothy Peterson. ROW 5: Kay Woody, Shirley Zicltl, Hendrene Te Grotenhuis, John Smith, George Cordes, Jim Van Eaton, Sandra Carlson, Phyllis Fisher, Marcile Wisgerhot. 233 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION-ROW I: Audrey Mort-fedr, Milo Sulentic, Geraldinc Colton, Linnea Loe, Ken Norem, Norma Waller, Roberr Burlcgern, Norma Willis, Shirley Renander. ROW 2. Mary Uker, Ruth Johnson, Sandra Myhre, Virginia Thompson, Janice Anderson, Margarel' Ehen, Jane Mardori, Phyllis Chantland, Anne Rohlfing. ROW 3: Phyllis Jacobson, Rose Marie Peterson, Dorothy Missen, lrene Swanson, Jacquelyn Miller, Phyllis Woodall, Karen Sellstrorn, Audrey Johnson, Janet Roslien, Sylvia Johnson. ROW 4: Sylvia Larson, Janet Horn, Jean Andersen, Karen Swanson, Laurelta Brunsvold, Joanne Kragenbrinlr, Belly Rasmussen, Mary Jean De Haven, Carol Pals, Joyce Kuehl, Glenda Boal. POW 5: Dick Leef, Vivian Loven, Marilyn Wendt, Marilyn Marcellus, Joan Ernst, Marilyn Stamp, Kay Swain, Jeanie Henderson, Ruth Madsen, Donna Madsen, Greta Johnson, Loraine Saafholif, Sally Slroh, Arden Sollien. ROW 6: Mariorie Johnson, Arlene Miller, Jaclrie Doerring, Kathryn Fleming, Shirley Christensen, Gene Fortune, Victor Diercksen, Kenneth Jensen, Norene Norgaard, Donna Linden, Erlene Poppinga, Marcelyn Difzel, Shirley Fosler, Elaine DeFosse. LUTHERAN STUDENTS CONTRIBUTE TO LSAci'ion Members of 'rhe Lu+heran Sfudenl' Associalion char over a Sunday evening supper. Seq-king to win all stiidents to :1 full 1'0mmitm1'11t to E I I J. Christ is thc basic aim of the I.1"r111iR,1N ST1'1m1cxT 1 ASS1111.-1'I'11iN. O1'g:u1iz1-1l as 21 1'l1:1pt111' of 2111 :11it011o- I rr- m011s 11:1tiu11:1l fcllowsllip, the L. S. A. 1'z11'1'ies 011 21 pm- grarn of worship sc1'vi1'11s, Bible st111l1' and 1lis1'11ssi011 m1'6ti11gs, s1'r1'i1'c p1'0j1'1'ts, and sfJ1'iz1l g:1tlW1'1'i11gs. Th1'1-1' times yearly' tl11' I,11tl11'1'z111 Sturlent Associzi- tion 1111-1-ts with otl11'1' I,11tl1c1'a11 St111l1'11t Ass0ciz1tio11s i11 1111111 for 1'1-ggimizll cri11f1-11-11c1's 211111 makes c011t1'ib1itio11s 1 tri st111l1-nts tl11'1111,ql1m1t the 11'01'l1l by LSActi011. 1 'I'h1'ri11ggl1 thc KIz11'ti11 l,lllfllCl' l'i0lllllliifl0ll of C1'1lz11' lfalls, tl11' l,. S. A. is p1'm'i1l1-1l with Zl st111lC11t c1'11t1'1' ziiirl with zi 1'1'si1l1'11t 1'ri1111s1'l01', Kliss .AlIlll'l'y fXl01't1'1-flt. L K . 1 .. .,. ,, 12 ljlllklla im t 1 11111 11111 lx111. 011111, p11s11111t, ,111- nea L01-, 1'i1'1--p1'1'si1l1-11tg No1'ma lV:1lt1-11 sec1'et:11'yg and Bob H111'kg1'1-11, U'CZlrLll'Cl'. 234 GAMMA DELT'S HOSTS REGIONAL CONVENTION GAMMA DELTA-ROW I: Edger Brammer, Lou Ann Witt, Gilbert Clemens, Esther Hasse, Sally Horn, Dick Polansky, Doug Doerzman, Jo Tucker, Elwin Sievers, Doris Lingo, Del Hoffmeier. ROW 2: Miriam Baumgart, Eleanor Beckmann, Marilyn Schabacker, Mary Olsen, Nancy Von Doehren, Jane Hebner, Janice Kunert, Annette Hudepohl, Mary Bahndorf, Marlene England, Jo Norman. ROW 3: Donna Krug, Janet Krefr, Elaine Kroemer, Donna Toffness, Myra Willesen, Zelda Christensen, Ruth Grempel, Delores Wilkins, Joanne Dohrman, Phyllis Carlson, Dorothy Horn. ROW 4: Rebecca Blessing, Marian Pralle, Mary Hurlbuf, Loretta Biorklund, Janet Platte, Lloyd Barren, Duane Paulsen, Pauline Brand, Sandra Schramm, Beverly Dornbusch, Barb Knaack, Lois Puhrmann. ROW 5: Eileen Matzen, Ramona Tennell, Carol Lindblom, LaVonne Mohr, Lorimer Biorklund, Jucliih Wurch, Carl Albert, John White, Viola De Boer, Philip Kapfer, Blaine Andrada, Arfa Dahms, La Rae Kussatz, Shirley Sirunck. One of the highlights of the year for the Alpha Sigma chapter members of GAMMA DELTA was their privilege of being hosts of the 195-l Gamma Delta Reg- ional Convention held here at l. S. T. C. Chapters represented ranged from Valparaiso, Indiana, to Stev- ens Point, VVisconsin. The first several weeks of this school year were set aside for a pledging period for prospective Gamma Deltans. The Initiation Banquet, on October Sl, wound up the pledging period. The Alpha Sigma chapter of Gamma Delta has as its goals to endeavor to conserve and develop Christian faith and to encourage Christian action among college students through a program based on Christian knowl- edge and Christian service. Reverend Edgar Brammer is the Pastor-Counselor of the-Lutheran Student Center llklissouri Synodj which is located on the corner of Seerley Boulevard and Waliitit. The 195-l-55 olhcers were Dick Polan- sky, presidentg Doug Doerzman, vice-presidentg Sally Horn, secretaryg and Joan Tucker, treasurer. Gamma DeH'an's enioy a Sunday evening meal in their recreation room. WESLEY FOUNDATION-ROW I: Eva Messerschmill, Preston Cole, Jean McGrew, Kae Kessler, Nellie Harvey. ROW 2: Marilyn Gibson, Shirley Gardner, Shirley Chalupa, Barbara Lowell, Belly Kramer. ROW 3: Marge Nelsen, Oma Chcdy, JoAnne Kohls, Phyllis Anderson, Mayrose Lane, Barbara Hiclrs. ROW 4: Donna Kimrey, Paul Prichard, Patty Hake, Bob Cameron, Betty Vestal, Elizabeth Billie, Don Butler. METHODISTS WORSHIP ililfiii XVIZSLITY For xntxnox is :1 "Home Away from Home" for students of Klethodist preference. "XVes- leyu tries to supplement the needs of the student by providing outlets and opportunities for participation in :activities of a social, zlczxdemic, and religous nature in a Christian environment. The program is conducted en- tirely by students under the direction of Reverend vl. Preston Cole and Klrs. Nellie Harvey. A student council is the governing body of the group. The progrzim vzwies in accordance with the desires SIGMA THETA EPSILON-ROW I: Paul Prichard, Don Nelson, Sasaki, Jean McGrew, Dale Johnson, Don Butler. ROW 3: Fra Kenneth L. Rowe. IN THREE GROUPS of the students from questions and discussions of aca- demic nature to deeply religious problems. The pro- gram is geared to those who seriously consider the problems of life. The Uiesley Foundation works in close cooperation with the First lllethodist Church in Cedar Falls. The 195-I-55 olhcers of the VVesley Foundation included lean Klcflrew, presidentg Kenneth L. Rowe, viee-pres- identg Brfulley Bowman, secretaryg and Kae Kessler, treasurer. Bob Cameron, Ron Ferry, Arthur Redner. ROW 2: Roy nlrie Hurst, Pres+on Cole, Gene Lackore, Duane Fuhrman, Q1 -- Iii-TWH 1 I' If ii 236 METHODIST SORORITY AND FRATERNITY ln addition to the VVesley Foundation, students of ltlethodist preference may belong to the Nlethodist sorority, KAPPA PHI, or the fraternity, SIGMA THETA EPSILON. Kappa Phi oihcers for the year were Betty Vestal, president, Carolyn Bolger, vice-president, Pat Cline, secretary: and VVilma lXIeLuen, treasurer. lklrs. Nellie Harvey sponsored Kappa Phi. Ofiicers of the fraternity, Sigma Theta Epsilon, were Bob Cameron, president, Ron Ferry, vice-president, Don Nelson, sec- retary: and Paul Prichard, treasurer. Sigma Theta Ep- silon sponsors were Dr. Lyman Peek and Hlr. Arthur Redner. KAPPA PHI-ROW I: Yvonne Hennings, Sue Hoskins, Nancy Thompson, Pat Cline, Betty Vestal, Carolyn Bolger, Wilma McLuen, Mildred Hartbeck, Belva Ramler, Mrs. Nellie Harvey. ROW 2: Beverly Miller, Beverlee Ramler, Virginia ldso, Janet Swanson, Lois Erbe, Shirley Braun, Ardis West, Della Collins, Joell Meinders, Eva Messerschmitt. ROW 3: Sheila lrish, Doris Soeten, Geraldyne Brennan, Betty Prehm, Janet Neubaum, Jean Janssen, Ruth Charbon, La Vonne Godtrey, Pat Hansen, Shirley Whannel. ROW 4: Nola Read, Doris Severe, Mary Hawkins, Kay Ford, Reta Ahrens, Barbara Hicks, Marilyn Gibson, Beth Webber, Carol Teltord, Esther Bull, Nancy Mackintosh. ROW 5: Gail Thompson, Roberta Paxson, Donna Kimrey, Avis Evely, Mayrose Lane, Patty Hake, June Harner, Shirley Gardner, Elizabeth Bittle, Susan Pelletf, Maurine Stephens. ROW 6: Marilyn Jones, Betty Kramer, Ella Jones, Betty Albert, Ellen Baldy, Patsy Hall, Susan Hansen, Rosemary Russell, Mariorie Caruthers, Carolee Swanson, Oma Chody. KAPPA PHI-ROW I: Janice Watson, Joan Bunnell, Kay Norton, Carol Bent, Betty Augustine, Nancy Holub, Carol Davis, Mariorie Shinn, Nancy Fearing, Marian George. ROW 2: Donna Robinson, Virginia Guenther, Beverly Zimmer, Sue Singer, Cynthia Olsgaard, Nancy Waite, Joy lnsko, Gail Strunk, Nancy Newton. ROW 3: Pat McClure, Donna Gaulke, Cedell Hammer, Mary Lou Swinburne, Judith Hunter, Doris Gilman, Mary Brackin, Nancy Grey, Mary Lou Weber, Lavon Cameron. ROW 4: Marianna Hatner, Wava Palmer, Jeane Davis, Nancy Grover, Evelyn Bergh, Norma Exline, Marie Hobart, Rosalyn Dunnette, Judy Hotz, Julia Holliday, Earlene Shourek. ROW 5: Annette Hetlin, Sandra Pursell, Judy Stoermer, Lois Held, Gladys Kemper, Paula Hunt, Wanda Will, Joy Wilcox, Ellen Tilp, Glenda Mortitt, Mable Johnson. ROW 6: Sally Moore, Mary Schoonmaker, Faye Breneman, Sharon Beniamin, Jean Wearda, Kathleen Meehan, Pat Stewart, Leona Baier, Ruth De Graw, Norma Prehm, Ardith Merry, Jean Bonderman. PRESBYTERIAN FELLOWSHIP-ROW I: Robert Hunfington, Ruth Fellows, Richard Lynch, Mariorie Moore, Robert Mc- Infire. Mrs. George English. RONN 2: Charlolle Diehn, Belly Ann Halverson, Mary Laughlin, Mary Lou Reeve, Jean Edg- ingfon, Mary Ella Youngren, ROW 3: Margaret Ginn, Ruth Schnur, Nancy Hicks, Ruth Greenfield, Jane Ford, Ruth Montgomery, Marilyn LaNeIIe Taylor. ROW 4: Joyce Porler, Marilyn Todd, Donna Schullz, Gary McAvoy, Carol Bode, Mary Jane Arnold, Shirlee Vogalaar, Mary Rose. ROW 5: Roberla McKee, Margaret Mundi, Duane Wombolf, Douglas Eitzman, Tom Handlen, Curtis McKee, Joyce Hundling. PRESBYTERIAN FELLOWSHIP-ROW I: Connie Brink, Arthur Blanlcers, Francis Emmelf, Jerry Reynolds, Margaret Clark, Lee Thomson. POW 2: Marsia Parlello, Nancy Langles, Marian Williams, Barbara Wallace, Delores Lynch, Carol Buck- man. ROW 3: Pauline Beeson, Ann lnnis, Roberta Evans, Margy Owens, Alberta Simmons, Barbara Fisher, Gwen Lehnus. POW 4: Nancy Bremer, Shirley Laurer, Carolyn Pennoclx, Barbara Nagel, Donald Hill, Nancy Recfor, Jane? Shelgren. Ramona Heilner. POW 5: Ann Strain, Sandra Ladehoff, Connie Tennant, Sheridan Strayer, Marlene Anlrerson, Marilyn Estes, Dolores Mason, Kathryn Gross. PRESBYTERIANS FEATURE SERVICE PROJECTS r.liHlp lYi1sTxi1Ns'1'iiR I'ii1I.1.fmsi-iii' Cor Ncii. spnne ing room, and a large basement area which includes a sors zi I5l'02l'ZllIl geared to help the college student to snack bar, fireplace and game room. better iinderstzind himself :is he grnws in Christian ex- The fellowship is under the direction of lllrs. perience :ind leadership. Service projects, worship, dis- George lfnglish. The 1954-55 nlhcers were Richard mission groups, bible sfliily, :ind recreation :ire sched- Lynch, moderatorg hlzirgie llloore, vice-moderatorg nled activities fur the fellowship. The center houses zi Ruth Fellows, stated clerk, and Pat fllontgomery, chapel zirezi, smzill lrninge, committee ruoin, social din- treasurer. PHI CHI DELTA ll PRESBYTERIAN SORORITY Phil CHI DELTA, a sorority for girls whose religious preference is Presbyterian, is a service organization , which features community projects and programs. Phi Chi Delta oliicers included Shirley Stebbins, presidentg Donna Schultz and Doris Carolus, vice-presidentsg Ruth Ann lklontgomery, secretzlryg and lklarilyn Estes, treasurer. lklrs. George English sponsored the group. Reverend Charles Jacobs, pastor ot the First Congregational Church in Waterloo, speaks dur- ing a Sunday evening service. PHI CHI DELTA-ROW I: Mrs. George English, Roberta McKee, Betty Arink, Barbara Fisher, Donna Schultz, Shirley Stebbins, Doris Carolus, Ruth Montgomery, Marilyn Estes, Ruth Greenfield. ROW 2: Evelyn Conner, Mary Laughlin, Nancy Langlas, Carole Buckman, Betty Ann Halverson, Jean Edgington, Pauline Beeson, Charlotte Diehn, Connie Brink. ROW 3: Barbara Nagel, Margaret Ginn, Mary Rose, Marilyn Todd, Shirlee Vogelaar, Lillian Conner, Gwendolyn Lehnus, Barbara Wallace, Nancy Hicks, Marian Williams, Joyce Krambeer, Delores Lynch. ROW 4: Patricia Dinsdale, Patricia Montgomery, Ruth Schnur, Janice Klooster, Jane Ford, Joyce Porter, Nancy Bremer, Margaret Clark, Margie Moore, Dawn Helkenn, Ruth Fellows, Mary Jane Arnold, Ann lnnis. ROW 5: Janet Shelgren, Connie Tennant, Carolyn Pinnock, Kathryn Gross, Dolores Mason, Margaret Mundt, Carol Bode, Patricia Alexander, Nancy Rector, Joyce Harrison, Phyllis Snyder, Lou Lennier, Sandy Ladehott, Ann Strain. 239 social 'Z INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL-POW I: Rufln Madsen, Dorothy Steege, Jane Clarlr, Shirley Renander, Marian McBrair, Elsie Cloud. PQW 2: Jan Rogers, Corrine Larson, Marlene Oslrom, Ruth Fellows, Nancy Thompson, Audrey Ayala, Mary Lehrer, INTER-SORORITY AND FRATERNITY COUNCILS 'liiiij lY'1'1iR-SURURITY :intl lX'1'lIR-l'iR.YI'liRNl'l'Y CULN- nrt- on the L'2lllllllIS, but for tht- time wlicii college days OILS am- tlu- cmmlinnting bullies for thc nine m1'rn'itic-s :irc on-1'. Tlwii' stamlzmls cmbmly fricniilincss, co- zintl funn' fmtvrnitics un tlu- linux Starts 'liezlclicrs Col- upvrzitiun, reliability, lezulwsliip, clixlizictw, :intl schol- lvgv vziinpns. 'liln-sc councils nrt' lllllllk' up ut tlw elect- zlrsliip. lillfll spring the councils L'0'5POllSOl' thc lllfCI'- ml prcsiilviits :intl ntliccrs of tllc sm'm'itics :intl the l'lr:ltcrnity-So1'n1'ity' nizincc' lllltl lirvcli Vvicvk. Alam' vli-utcil l't'I1l'L'St'l1f2ll'lXt'a of tln' tl'z1tc1'i1itics. rlillk' l7lll'l7USC Lllzlrlc :intl Dong '1'vctlt presitlctl in tlw cminvils this ut tln-sc two suvinl groups is tu tmtlivi' the frmnzition year. of Clow fric-inlsliips, not only for fllL' time the incmbcrs INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL-POW I: Bob McQue-, Larry Smalley, Doug Tvedl, Bill Lee. liOW 2: Duane Womboll, Dean Bemus, Jerry Reynolds, Dave Carrick. ' lc"-5 A,-1' ' 1- C? u-4 ALPHA CHI EPSILON-ROW I: Larry Smalley, Ralph Parry, Phil Tucker, Lee Thomson, Paul Yap, David Clay. ROW 2: Kenneth L Rowe Larry Maffox, Donald Meyer, Ronald Reilly, Carol Smith, Donald Lange, Dale Johnson, Norman Smith, AI Zarifis, Donald Hay. ROW 3 Paul Prichard, Richard Frantz, Galend Kuhens, Duane Wombolr, Robert Squires, Kenny Lind, Tom Normarid, Armand Baker, Bud Boughton David McCalIey, James Stewart, John Gamet, Glen Swanson, Jim Bruner, Dick Polonsky. CHI'S PRACTICE "TRUE BROTHERHOOD" Promoting true brotherhood and lasting friendships is the goal of the Beta Chapter of ALPH.A CHI EPSI- LON, the oldest Greek letter fraternity on campus. The Chi's social activities for the year included picnics, hour dances, "coke" dates. "stags," smokers, sleighing and skiing parties, and hay rides. Outstanding events of the year for the Chi's were the Halloween Party, Homecoming dinner for alumni, Christmas caroling, Chi-Delt Hobo Party, and the Spring Orchid Formal at the Hotel President. The Chi's were also active in various campus and community projects. Don Lange received the "outstanding Chi" award for the year. The Chi's sponsors were llr. Peter Haines, Dr. E. L. Klarietta, and Dr. E. Cable, who was one of the founders of the fraternity. Officers were Don Lange, president, Dale Johnson, vice-president, Carol Smith, secretary, Ron Reilly, treasurerg and Al Zarafis, so- cial secretary. The Chi's enioy a coke date with the Pi TI1e+'s l'Alu'ays in actionf' the motto of DELTA DELTA PHI, describes the Delt's over the past year. Their so- cial activities included picnics, Hcokel' dates, hour dances, overnights, and pinning and engagement par- ties. Outstanding events of the year for the Deltls in- cluded the annual Homecoming tea for alumnae, building of a Homecoming Hoat with their brothers, Alpha Chi Epsilon fraternity, Christmas earoling, Chi- Delt Hobo Party, lXIother's day brunch, a booth at the lllardi Gras, participation in the All-College Sing, and the highlight of the year, the annual Spring Formal. The Delt's sponsors were llrs. Kay Humphrey, Dr. and Klrs. H. VV. Reninger, Dr. and lllrs. D. F. How- ard, llr. and lllrs. VVillis VVagner. Officers were Elsie Cloud, presidentg Elaine Jewell, yiee-president, Lois Erbe, secretary, Pat Price, treasurer, Jane Clark, alumnae secretary, and Anne Parks, historian. Dell pledges provide en+er+ainmen+ for +l1e aclives dur- ing initiation. HOBO PARTY HIGHLIGHTS YEAR FOR DELT'S DELTA DELTA PHI-ROW I: Mary Ann Wagner, Brenda Benelce, Parricia West, Connie Clark, Margaret Herring, Janice Robison. POW 2: Jane Clark, Patricia Price, Lois Erbe, Elsie Cloud, Elaine Jewel, Anne Parks, Jolwna Harwood. RCW 3: Regina Miller, Liane Chrislofferson, Sally Graslcewicz, Bonnie Brown, Jane Hauser, Sally Bacher, Phyllis Johnson, Marilyn Taylor, Pa+ricia Carothers, Shirlee Vogelaar, Marilyn Carter. 242 Y' - KAPPA THETA PSI-ROW I: Marilyn Lewis, JoAnne Jerabelc, Vera Goelsch. Mary Panagos. ROW 2: Ana Quinn, Shirley Hiclzs, Patricia Pisney, Ruth Madsen, Eleanor Herr, Beverly Carpenter, Marilyn LaNelle Taylor. ROW 3: Phyllis Klein, JoAnne Kohls, Ruth Greenfield, Nancy Mortensen, Elizabeth Corpuz, Elaine Witte, Carol Brandt, Rose Maire, Herberta Huggins, Dixie Crosley. KAPPA'S STRESS SOCIAL AWARENESS Taking 'lime out for a coke, six Kappa's 'talk fhings over. "lwVe strive for all that is true and noble in woman- hood," is the motto of li.-XPPA 'THETA Psi, the oldest Greek letter sorority on campus. The Kappa's social activities for the year included 1'llSl'llI'lg, picnics, five- pound parties, Hcokel' dates with other sororities and M- fraternities, overnight parties, and graduate dinners. Other social events of the year were the Homecoming breakfast, participation in the Campus Sing, secret- sister week which culminated in a Christmas party, a booth at the lllardi Gras, and the traditional lXlother's Day lunch. Highlight of the year for the Kappa's was the formal dinner preceding the Spring Formal. The Kappa's sponsors were lllr. and Blrs. C. G. McCol- lum and lllr. and lllrs. C. K. Phillips. Qllicers were Ruth Kladsen, presidentg Pat Pisney, vice-presidentg Shirley Hiclis, secretaryg Eleanor Herr, correspond- ing secretaryg Bev Carpenter, treasurerg llary Taylor, historiang and Ana Quinn, social chairman. LAMBDA GAMMA NU-POVV l: Gary Bush, Bob Jones, Hugh Peiterson, Doug Doerzman, Duane Garman, Rober+ Hansmeier, Jerald Torger- son, Bob Mclntire, Ray Schrepfer. ROW 2: Dick Strub, Larry Krumm, Doug Tvedf, Dave Coerper, Diclc Starr, Charles Ball, Frank Carfhey, Lee Mowrer, Bob Sabus. Jack Harmon, Pete Pickeif, Bradley Bauman. ROW! 3: Lyle Roberts, Dave Sarchet, Dick Farmer, Dean Bemus, Don Wil- schurz, Howard Pigg, Roger Hessenius, Larry Holler, Bob Boderman, Dale Black, Leon Hadley. ROW 4: Bob Huntington, Dale Bress, Bill Whiting, Phil Loning. LAMBDA GAM'S G0 NATIONAL The Lambda Gam's, with the help of +l1e Del+'s, seren- ade al' Christmas. l After operating for twenty-six years as a local fra- l ter-nity, Laxiizua Gaxixia NL' has affiliated itself with Tan Kappa lfpsilon, a national social fraternity dedi- cated to personal worth and character. ln its last year as a local fraternity, the Lambda Gam's social calen- dar was highlighted with "stags," smokers, the tradi- tional Homecoming dinner at the Convair Room, Christmas caroling, a booth at the Klardi Gras, and the Spring Sweetheart Formal. The outstanding achievement of the year for the Lambda Gam's was winning the Homecoming Hoat competition with its sister sorority, Tau Sigma Delta. A party in the tradi- tional ltalian fashion was held at Byrnes Park to cele- brate the victory. The Lambda Gam's sponsors were Dr. Robert lf. Strain and llr. Peter llazula. Ollicers were Bud Ball, prcsidentg Frank Carthey, vice-presi- dentg Dick Starr, secretaryg Lee lloivrer, treasurerg and Dave Coerper, historian. 244 NU SIGMA PHI-ROW I: Allison Mulrai, Ruth Johnson, Doris Light, Nancy Thompson, Sandra Myhre, Norma Carmichael, Della Evans. RCW 2: Janet Swanson, Loretta Middleton, Marie Barger, Mary Zurmuehlen, Dor- ofhy Sieege, Beverly Dornbusch, Lois Dunlap, Theresa Hood, Jean Olsen. NU SIG'S HIGHLIGHT YEAR WITH DINNER-DANCE The motto of NL' SIGMA PHI, "In union there is strength,'y was given special meaning through the var- ied activities of the organization over the past year. Included in the social calendar were rushing parties and formal pledging, Hcokey' teas, theater parties, picnics. and slumber parties. Homecoming provided an excel- lent opportunity for the actives to get together with Nu Sig alumnae. At the traditional Sunday mo1'ning breakfast each returning alumna was presented with a "mum.'l The spring formal dinner-dance and the din- ner honoring graduating Nu Sigls was the highlight of the year. Klarilyn Fuller presided over the organiza- tion during the past year. Nancy Thompson served as vice-presidentg Doris Light as treasurerg and Sandra lVIyhre as secretary. Nu Sig sponsors were Ruth Allen, Ellen Aakvik, lVIr. and lllrs. Sonstegard, and Dr. and Nlrs. E. Cable. Nu Sig's close their meeting with a song and a circle XX STAG DINNER CAPS PHI SIG ACTIVITIES "Do unto others as you would have others do unto f'f .5 ' you," is the motto of the Theta Chapter of PHI SIGMA ,I T' I'iI'SlLON. A large spring pledge class consisting of .H twenty-two new members enabled the Phi Sig's to in- augurate a new and varied program of social activities Ki T, in the past year. This program was highlighted by tour major events: the Homecoming dinner, the winter A A ,nj and spring dinner-dances, and the stag dinner honoring X the graduating seniors in spring. The Phi Sig's were ' X also active in intramurals, and for the third consecu- X '-:v if ' ,i ,e f tire year they won the intramural softball champion- ship. During the past summer the Phi Sigma lfpsilon Q National Conclaye was held in Klilwaukee, and ,Ierry Reynolds, jack Shearer, Ray George, and XVayne Cierken attended. The Phi Sig's sponsors were llr. Bert Vvoodcoclq and Dr. TVilliam Dee. Olhcers were XVziyne Gerken, president: jerry Reynolds, vice-presi- dentg Gary Gorham, treasurerg Tom Handlen, secre- Phi Sigma Epsilons relax before Hlleir meeqring in tary: and Bill Lee, corresponding secretary. the Ott-Campus Men's Lounge. PHI SIGMA EPSILON-ROW l: Ronald Salmonson, Robert Lang, Ray George, Fred Lotfredo, Kaye Young, Charles Rilrer, Jerry Case. POW 2- Keith Keoppel, Jon McCuslrey, Roy Voggesser, Gary Gorham, Jerry Reynolds, Wayne Gerlren, Tom Handlen, Bill Lee, Leroy Dunn. POW 3: Robert Taylor, Vern Ogden, Richard Lee, Robert Elmore, Jim Rosein, John Siorbom, Richard Larson, Jaclt Wielenga, Hugo Klatt, William Dee, Jack Shearer, Blake Brown. ROW 4: Kenny Nichols, Gary McAvoy, Stan Norenberg, Bill Andersen, Donald Kolsrud, Rodney Hoogland, Ollie lsaalr, Lyle Bitcon. A CHAPTER Ptll SXEMA EPSXLBII 246 "iVe build for character and not for fame," is the motto ot PHI SIGMA PHI, and the Phi Sig's social cal- endar for the past year was organized to give meaning to the motto. The Phi Sig's social activities included rushing, "coke" dates with other sororities and frater- nities, overnight parties, building of a Homecoming float with their brothers, Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity, a Homecoming coffee hour honoring alumnae, a Christ- mas party, a booth at the filardi Gras, and the annual lllother-Daughter banquet. The year was highlighted by the spring banquet honoring graduating seniors. llrs. Bert ivoodcock was the Phi Sig's sponsor. Oth- Cers were llarlene Ostrom, presidentg Lora Christian- sen, viee-presidentg Kathe Obye, secretaryg Sandra VVC1lClI'Oll, treasurerg Klary Lou Bottorff, correspond- ing secretaryg Rita Van Dorn, social chairmang and Doris Dakken, historian. O Phi Sig's enioy a coke date with the Chi's PHI SIG'S SEARCH FOR "CHARACTER, NOT FAME" PHI SIGMA PHI-ROW I: Sue Gordon, Sandra Waldron, Kathe Obye, Marlene Ostron, Mary Lou Bottortf Doris Dalrlcen Carol Pals. ROW 2: Carolyn Dougherty, Marlene Blizelt, Betty Roberts, Sharon Sanders, Susan Hansen, Jeanne Palmer Ca+ha rine Barker, Rita Van Dorn, Charlotte Diehn. F., is 'ti' wr Pl PHI OMEGA-ROW lx Dolores Sommerdorf, Esflwer Morikawa, Audrey Ayala, Kay Swain, Lois Puhlrmann. ROW 2: Alyse Mohr, Donna Brandf, Carol Telford, Janice Sl'-oof, Carol Davis, Virginia Morrissey, Hazel Kaneshiro. PI PHI'S PROMOTE SOCIAL. INTELLECTUAL GROWTH The goal of P1 PHI fDNIEG,-X, promoting a closer bond among the members and furthering the social and intellectual growth of eaeli member, was brought out in the rn',qanization's activities :luring the past year. These inelutletl fall and winter rushing, planning and making tlie llfJIlK'COI1llllQ float, secret sister week, and tlie tramlitiunal Klutliefs Day banquet. Also on the Pi Pliils sfieial ealentlzir were rwerniglits, picnics, and five- pounil parties. The liigliliglit of the year for the Pi Pl1i's was tlie l-lrniieerniiiiig lwruneli fur returning alum- nae. Sponsors were Klrs. Huy lVagner and Barbara Selinelle. Utiieers of Pi Plii Omega for the year were .-Xinlrey Ayala, presinlentg lfster Hrnikziwa, vieerpresi- ilentg Dolores Smnint-i'ilrn't, treasurer, and Kay Swain, 7sl'lfl'L'till'y. 248 Pi Phi's gel l'oge+l'1er for an informal iallc. in 'Af .Yi 3, .f'1',ifi ' Pi Tau's ride on their Homecoming float. Building and broadening of friendships, the purpose of P1 TAL' PHI, was furthered last suniiner by a week- end at Clear Lake. During the school year the Pi T1llllS social calendar included "coke" dates with other sororities and traternities, tive-pound parties, spreads, and overnights. Highlights of the year tor the Pi Tau's were the Homecoming breakfast tor alumnae, the annual Christmas party, and the KIother's Day luncheon at the Ti-Pi-'liin Inn. Projects for the year included the publishing of a new pledge manual, and keeping in touch with former aluninae by means of a periodic newsletter published by the Pi Tau Phi Alum- nae Association. The Pi Tau's sponsors were Klrs. Elmer Ritter, Klrs. Perry Grier, and Bliss -lane llauck. Officers were Corrine Larson, presidentg Donna Foss, vice-presidentg Kay Schultz, secretaryg and Barbara Lucas, treasurer. PI TAU'S PUBLISH NEW PLEDGE MANUAL PI TAU PHI-ROW I: Anne Rohlting, Jean Graettinger, Kay Shultz, Donna Foss, Corrine Larson, Barb Lucas, Nola Read, Pat Putter. ROW 2: Patricia Granau, Marian Peter, Sherry Hynes, Judy Taylor, Marilynn Dowling, Janice Russett, Beverly Stewart, Norma McDact1ran, Marilyn Ellingson. QB, it 'Af '-E7 PI THET'S ACTIVE WITH PROJECTS AND PARTIES if Friendship, cooperation, and enthusiastie support of i i 4 ' all college activities, the goal ot P1 THETA PI, was ' 3 exemplified by the Pi Thet's during the past year. . After starting off the year with a party with their ' f,v i brother fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma, the Pi Thet's "A, ' b ' -"' bbu participated in "coke" dates with other sororities and I 3 fraternities, picnics, parties, a Homecoming tea, Christ- Q " mas caroline, and a lXlother's Day luncheon. As one ' ot their "help" projects ot the past year the Pi 'lihetls raked the lawn and washed the windows at the home i 3 of one of their sponsors, iiliss Thelma Short. Klajor projects of the year included making a sorority paddle, 1,14 9 ' , candle holder, and the publishing of a newsletter. Sponsors were liliss Thelma Short and Dr. and lilrs. David ixvilliams. Otticers were Ruth Fellows, presi- dentg Linda Neuhart, vice-president: iilary Campbell, secretary, and Rosalie Gibbs, treasurer. -!fis'?" X. 5 Q .14 , 4 I . , 5 ,j V 've Atal. The industrious Pi Thet's tinish up work on their pledge manual. PI THETA Pl-ROW I: Elaine Rolston, Bernita Riedemann, Greta Johnson, Shirley Mahannah, Donna Schultz, Marliss Cornelius, Barbara Smith. POW 2: Barbara Woltt, Barbara Lowell, Mary Heisler, Mary Campbell, Ruth Fellows, Linda Neuhart, Rosalie Gibbs, Nancy Lange. PQW 3: Sally Carbaugh, Lu Miller, Shirley Renander, Dorothy Simon, Mary Ruth Culbert, Sally McCartney, Gloria Johnson, Carole O'Niell, Jean Pieper, Jan Torltelson, Mary Hawkins, Lou Ann Witt, Miriarr Baumgart. -1 v S v '-1 250 s wb 1,1-'Jia wi-I' ff EX tk as on SIGMA TAU GAMMA-ROW I: Constantine Tgiros, Donald Hansen, Dave Liliegren, Ted Lyons, Doug Butler, Don Laughlin, Earl Dornfeld. ROW 2: Erwin Chrisfianson, Dale Cook, Dick Lieb, Vernon Rosene, Jean McGraw, Neil Ver Hoef, Dave Carrick, Dick Griffin. ROW 3: Dave Baker, Bernard Ceilley, Duane Schroeder, Donald Anderson, Don Adams, Gerald Cias, Dennis Jensen, John Van Epps, SIG TAU'S ATTEND CONCLAVE IN MILWAUKEE Several Sig Tau Brothers wail' for a meeting 'lo be- gin in 'rhe committee room of the Commons. The Alpha Eta Chapter of SIGMA TAL' GAMMA claims among its members many outstanding men in every branch of campus activity. The goal of the fra- ff V, t ternity, promoting lasting friendships and true brother- -4 hood, was exemplified dllflllg the past year by having "coke" dates with various sororities, "stags," smokers, dinners, formal dances, and parties with their sister so- ' V 1 X rority, Pi Theta Pi. Highlights of the year for the Sig Tau's included the Homecoming dinner, the annual VVhite Rose dinner-dance, and the spring party for g1'aduating seniors. Over the Christmas vacation the - Sigma Tau Gamma National Conclave was held in " , . Tx: 3' i , t-1' 'W we lklilwaukee, VVisconsin, and membe1's of the local chapter that attended were Ken Rowe, Dave Carrick, Dick Lieb, and Jerry Cias. The Sig Tau's sponsors were- Dr. Erma Plaehn and Dr. Herman Nelson. Officers were Dick Lieb, president, Ted Lyons, first 8 vice-presidentg Neil Ver Hoef, second vice-presiclentg Don Adams, secretary, and Al Kristensen, treasurer. 25I 34. '7 ,. 'Z' TAU SIGMA DELTA-ROW I: Adele Abodeely, Shiley McCI'ie-sney, Beverly Buss, Jo Lusson, Margref Johnslon, Carolyn Hender- son. ROW 2: Gail Thompson, Barbara Hall Jean Atherton, Margaret Myers, Jane+ Rogers, Mary Conrad, Phyllis Fogarty, BeH'y Rauch, Charlofle Moen. ROW 3: Carol Matthews, Sandra Hutchins, Pat Hahn, Esfher Hicks, Mary Carrofhers, Faith Hoium, Janet McBride, Barbara Priest. TAU SIG'S WIN HOMECOMING FLOAT COMPETITION Tau Sig's visir in the home of their president Jan Rogers. 1 ,UI "Friendship and service," the aims of 'llAL' SIGMA DEI.T.'X, were brought out in the social activities of the Tan Sig's in the past year. These activities included rushing, "coke" dates, spreads, overnights, and picnics. Outstanding events of the year were the Homeconiing ttkl for returning alnrnnae, Christmas caroling, lloth- er's Day luncheon, a booth at the Klardi Gras, and the rw annual graduate dinner in spring. Highlight of the year for the Tau Sig's was winning the Homecoming float competition with their brother fraternity. Lambda Ciannna Nu. A party held in the traditional Italian fashion was held at Byrnes Park to celebrate the vic- tory. The Tan Sig's sponsors were Dr. and lllrs. S... Xliilliam Dee, lllr. and llrs. lfnderbrink, and Blaine KIcDayitt. Othccrs were jan Rogers, presi- dentg Pat Clayburg, vice-president: Klarg Kleyers, treasurer, Rlaryvfonrad, secretary, ,lo Lusson, car- responding secretary, Betty Rauch, social chairman: and ,lean Fogarty, historian. 252 THETA GAM'S Pledges of Theta Gamma Nu are given +he "critical eye" by 'their ac'l'ives. HAVE A PARTY-A-MONTH In accordance with their party-a-month plan, the THETA Gxxixifx NL' social calendar was highlighted with five-pound parties, after-game spreads, secret sis- ter week, over-nights, "coke" dates with other sororities and fraternities, parties honoring the sponsors, and the traditional Homecoming dessert honoring returning alnmnae. Outstanding events of the year for the Theta Ganrs were the Christmas dinner, the annnal spring dinner-dance, and the Klotheris Day hrnnch. The Theta Ganrs sponsors were Dr. and Klrs. Leonard Yvinier and Dr. and llrs. Oscar Reece. Othcers for the year were llary Lehrer, president: Klartha illarsh, vice-president: Klildred Hartbeck, treasurer: and Don- ette Lentz, secretary. THETA GAMMA NU-ROW I: Sarah O'Connor, Marlys McGarvey, Marynelle Ericson, Geraldyne Brennan, Mary Cowan. ROW 2: Caihrine Flood, Norma Walter, Martha Marsh, Mary Lehrer, Mildred Hartbeclr, Done-He Leniz, Donna Thayer. ROW 3: Marilyn Gibson, Colleen Jackson, Elizabeth BiHle, Paffy Hake, Donna Bailey, Shirley Dunn, Carol Lapel, Avis Evely, Shirley Gardner. -0' sv 'mia 5 . ' nu, 4. -,. 1 :.v 2- Lf' 4' , Y 9 J X r 4 f KI." '5l"' Ja' 4 -yvl-',,f.QJ,1w3,-.,., . , - 'L f e . f ff fu .1 .. xv A , 5 g., x , , , wi, X ' T. 1 "A -K' . "di, x- 2' 'J N ffm- 1 ' '--.2 "H1"' " V-1151 1.. '- " Q' " I graduates n , ra 'Q . t' ' ' f 1 rf f VL' V J L V A we " so -32 V A ,if fu., 25' .-4 vg?V an gen-1 bachelor of aris y Abbas, Norma L. V I ,L Andersen, Jolnn A. fu' A l 'It Anderson, Donald W. 45' Q Anderson, LeRoy H. 1 Arnold, Mary J. l A I A s av Q is . 'SL Kg. B A . .. .Q X L A A feel B I Zz . mi' J gf 'Z -5 ,av x 1 ,. cf? - lv-my 1?-J ,,. l -J Q1 'u it ' ' .:"-Vfif V fr fy' - 5 .. Al 9 ' 1. 9 . ,.' 1 . . V. 743. ,f . ,. ,A v.,V J . 9 . Q X 2 A A L l L 6 Auld, Lawrence W. . Avery, Mary L, A ,- Bacher, Sally K. A f Bailey, Donna J. H Balmer, Armand F. .4 r A F Belson, Beverly Benninlr, Donald L. Bircon, Lyle D. Black, Lloyd D. Blanlcers, Laurens A. Boeyinlc, Wanda L. Bowers, William L. Bro, Ronald D. Brower, Kenneflw J. Brown, Donald E. Brown, Palricla A. Bruner, James L. Bunlinq, Harold E. Burriclmrer, Lavon A. Bufler, James D. Cameron, Roberf W. Carbauqlw, Sarah J. Carney, Joseph L. Carolus, Doris A. ' ' - Carpenter, Beverly 5. Carlhey, Frank R. ' Ceilley, Bernard Q y Chase, Marybelle l Church, Dave -4 ' Clark, Jane V , . T x I Mm :,:. , -'L' 5. Q N fi l .,"9,..'19' 1" i ' ,wffb 4' QQ T fi 1 W ii D" .1o ,sf'5? Q13 ,' 53, X j 'QS 'fr .v if A -.-' 2 , JF V 'N jk ii Q fig .1 ' .5 X Q. . - w.-.-X-. A. .Jai ,W is -vi i ii Y . , im , , , X 1 f', x fr... . i n ix 4 ... ' .LL . F .:..,::1. An I i :I I as an ,..A,, + wr fi- w . 2, . M. - Q A J -.557-J. 55 rg' TW bag' M v 3' V ,gi '1-' 5 -. Y .Q S4 I f "" - Q- ' H 1'+2- J A J. f ., A , ,3.,.,.. W X is Clawson, Charles F. Cline, Palricia L. Coburn, Audrey J, Cole, Phyllis J. Collins, Della L. Conrad, Marqarer E. Coolr, Dale L. Cooper, Bef+y T. Cooper, Mary F. Corrick, Richard L. Cress, l-lal J, Darland, William F. De Boom, Darrell G, Dillard, Colleen M. Dilley, Lavonne E. Dobbins, Mary L. Doerrinq, Jacquelyn Donaldson, Phyllis J Duqslad, Richard A Duflon, Shirley A. Faqle, David L. Falclc, Norma A. Farmer, Marvin Fell, Donald L. Field, P. Berlel Fisher, Lyle E. Fisher, Ramon N. Flanders, M. Dean Flood, Calherine Ford, Dorolhy L. Foss, Donna L. Fry, Virgil F. Fuhrman, Duane D. Fuller, Marilyn D. Furs+, Richard J. J fr 4 0 AKA: we at 'I . In U 'Q 5 V ,ef . H.:- r'1- .::.. if ...V Q 4- -Q31 . 1 fl -. -Q-9 X . Ji. ' 4 I 21 .4 .5 -. 'lk ' W' . . . . 590 .4 4- f . lk. v A' 2 52' 4? A U l f 2 . Z 3 if cz- , i n 5231 ,i,Q ' Sig? i ' Vg It. H - f 7 N M ls l I ., Q' . A .AL 1 ,- , f V 1' if 'fig' M 2 v ' iff f A . f F592 " . Ar? Wm BACHELOR OF ARTS Gardner, William E. Garver, George G. Gerberich, Sue Gerlcen, Wayne G. Gibbs. G. Rulh Gibson, Marilyn L. Gorham, Gary A. Grabinski, Dale L. Granau, Pafricia C. Griwcfifh, Dale E. Griflilh, Daryl D, Gross, Lavonne M. Guldaqer, Joyce R. Harlsl, Richard F. Harwood, Jorma C. Harris, Edwin H. Hausernan, Roberl W. Hellcenn, Dawn Henderson, Donald H. Henning, Alberl E. Herring, Donna J. Herron, Maureen L. Hessenius, Roger W, Hiclcs, Esfher E. Higdon, Dale A. Higdon, Suzanne F. Hinqsf, Geneive E. Hiskey, Verda M. Hoffman, Joann K. Honohan, Kay C. Horn, Laroy C. Horfon, Loren N. Hunfinqfon, Roberf W. Hurlbur, Mary E. Hull, Pafricia A ldso, Virginia L. Janssen, Lewis E. Jensen, Phyllis Jerabek, Jo Anne J. Johnson, Phyllis Jones, Ella V. Junlcin, Janice Kahlsforf, Donna M. Kiaer, Ted Klassen, Joan S. Klalf, Hugo M. Klisarf, Luke H. Komisarcilc, Mary J. Kreqel, Grace L. Laclcore, Gene A. Lange, Don H. Larson, Corrine O. Laurilzen, Jerald C. Lawrence, Marvin E. Lennier, F. Louise Lewis, Marilyn M. Linsley, Jane A. Lockwood, James R. Lolzfredo, Fred L. Long, Ralph E. Loven, Vivian D. Lundbeclc, Anna M. Lunde, Hugh H. Lusson, Jo Ann Lynch, Delores E. Lynch, Richard W. Madsen, Rulh J. Mahannah, Shirley J. Mardorf, Jane A. Maslce, Sally J. H A , " AN - 5 i. , M. N 'J :' . ,X X si? ,,,. rg ? 'bf 1 "qi, - zg, " s, A I i' .2 sf .. -1 - f -1-- -a-- V. . --e Y Vw-. .j',. ::..,.,. , , . - 1,-5 .g,5g,g,,ig "" - -. ' . ' Hu.. - ,. 11 , ---- 3 - 1 1 x ff I ,X , , BACHELOR OF M':Gar.E'u. MarLyS S. MLQGUQVH, Eugene F, MgGfe.-., Jean B. Mziiee pcoerfa J, Mclflee Foyer C. Mwles, Pwchard L. MiHer, fxrfvc-md N. Mifsuda, He-Len H. Mohr, LaVor'me A. Mon+gQ'ne'y Mary Monhggfwefy, Paint? N1-zvmfross, Carla D. Moreland Kiffh D. Musseff, Leia J. NageL Laffy D. Neison, Donald A. Nelgon. Ncrfna E. Njus, Jean L. Nerd, Juarlfa C. Navman, Wcfwas L. O'Ccrwo' Sara F. Ofson, CGVCL N. OLSON' WXLLLQVU F. Qshibujii, Talcabo O: rom, Marlene P. GHG! Lufbxnne L. Cwemz, David lf. Penagcz, Mary Pepcuzek Mary A. Parhmd, Fafrida PX. Parry PQJQH A, Paulzem Nona C. Pednofiy Chadee Pederw, PUNT A. Pefferzerv, C. Hugh 260 I-I. an A. P . ARTS I 5 S ' ,'l'x.- ' X .1 .il C E33 Y, A... ,., .- 'R ,Aw A ...wav x ., w xv 4 . ,cb X 'E+ X X 13 W . 'Er 'Wm uv 1-,- ,-T- l V' , Q!! 'Q' '3 .JV Afguinl ...I , V .1 .fs " ' Q Y 1. N ,,,. . ,X 'S X16 ,, Am fp '3 E X.. f A 8 Q -f I I WQTT .,: R. , - .N ' Y A l V ,,,4 , Q 1 :H ri 5- . is - N . V - i r' " W ' 'X I R. - ,, -1 - J , ' . A 5 fl if . Q. ly, - 'gif' I ,L Q L . wa ji 1 ,Q . i 'Y . L4 . 2 .-2. If " N' if , 3, x f , -ff sf. K pg is . PQ. JW 2 . xf T nr 4 L Q if E 'rel ,Q Z '-, s ,W , .,.,A , '.A':,.,. +A.. Q t -S.. bw is Q' .. :A 1 , -'CF' ,z J? . , i H .Z 'X 'as-si ftlkii L3 . h. f' -f 1, 'Y K 'Q . Q3 4 R 1 K Pigg, Howard D. Pipho, Julie H. Pirz, John H. Polls, Eli D. Polls, Richard C. Prehrn, Belly L. Quirlc, Francis J. Rabey, Charles M. Rainbow, Edward L. Rainbow' Marilyn D Ramig, Donald E. Ransom, Richard L. Rasmussen, Befly M Reed, Jack C. Rice, Irma J. Riley, Palricia E. Roorda, John C. Rowe, Kenneih G. Russell, Marilyn R. Russell, Norman D. Ruslad, Curfis R. Sabus, Roberf L. Sarcher, David P. Scharl, Pauline M, Scheer, Donald E. Schlampp, Donna J. Schlaplcohl, E. Kelly Schmidl, Norman V. Schnurl Jenise Schulfz, Arlhur R. Schwielerl, Rurh E. Scolf, Marlene F. Shalla, Marilyn E. Sharp, Donna M. Shea, Mary S Y '1 5 ' A .1 :a?': .1 ,k AG' .iv V-.qv .,,"' Q 'F x l 'I .ri l :Q 3 , -an Q' .ea "f Q . 'Y Y , Y A. . iw I YQ S T, lan 3 f'Q X ...- ' 'CW ,..- ,H A I .qu 9 xii' . - MEX. mga X, . .Af-2 N. 'S g ?i' 'ff .i 'Nag I... ix N i . M 6 Us lf?-' 'bi 0 gl "' JM V.. ..-Q IC! X 'nba - I 'Ned' . a--we-, O A N 1 lggfllzml I X u ' ul' A 'J' i X , , ,. ,.L,. .J -X BACHELOR OF ARTS Sheeley, Marilyn J. Shimel. Lois C. Sielc, Marcella M. Simonsen, Marjorie A. Skyles, Janel L. Smalley, Lawrence l-l. Smirh, Barbara J. Smifh, Slanley E. Sornmerdorl, Dolores U, Sommerdorl, Evelyn C. Sfeege, Dorofhy A. Slephensonl Howard W. Slerner, Wesley S. Slrub, Donald W. Sfurqes. Ralph L. Suda, Kennefh K. Sullon, Lynne E. Tabarella, Charles D. Te Grolenhuis, l-lendrene Telford, Carol J, Thielen, Bernard J. Thomas, Byron l-l. Tobin, Mary J. Toorn, Lee R. Turner, Dave A. Tvedf, Douglas A. Veslal, Belly A. VonBerg, Lois l'l. Wenger, Lavonne C. Weslbury, Josephine While' John F. Wielenqa, Jack L. Wiley, Roland L. Wilschufz, Donald L. Womboll, Duane G. Workman, J. Brooke Wymore, Pamela A. Yamashila, Befsy M. Yafes, Palricia A. Zarafis, Alexander P. f ' Q ' A ' 5' R, ..,.,, .f G9 'G' f- 2 My 1 . it J ,I M wx 'K ' A sax 5. Q. Q . X.-...N :X ...ff Q -4 .Y QR , mf, --ff , gg - X2 T Sf' - -' , W 44293 2 .. . ur r' "is-v V "A .4 . .. , X. 321235 M masier of aris Andersen, Kennerh E. V .A Beaffie, Claud A. A Hazama, Sylvia Y. Q1 - . ., , 1.- Hrskey, Eugene t Ikeda, Hiroshi 1 ,f Es A 1 'fr . f- Kezirn, Maassouma M. -qs Kimura, Morris Y. - 'Q Pefro, PETGI' K. Preper, Russell L. ' . D Rineharfl George J. Sanborn, Heren S. York, George my--K. f b fl? il STUDENT TEACHING AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE Student teaching is probably one experience that will long be remembered by graduates and two year stu- dents. Supplying actual teaching experiences with both students and instructional materials, practice teaching is taken by every T.C.'er during his junior and senior year. YVith the completion of the million dollar ele- mentary wing, student teachers found more normal conditions because of increased space and the out-of- the-way location of the school. The secondary wing is presently under construction and when completed will remove all the laboratory school students to the north- ern part of the campus. An important part of the pro- gram is the many conferences with the critic-supervi- sors. Through these discussions student teachers are able to develop better teaching habits. Addressing a group of graduates, Dr Schlicher discusses filling out placement papers. Qunr'-www: - - -us V: ' f,-f . ZRPOKE ' as" " ! Lgr I..-A 1 Liao, vac 4 1 . i :f.aPv::1u" - i f V, .z:f.i..1fgf r ,Q-S' . AI Henning, a Business Educaiion maior, 'ieaches an eleven+h and iwelfih grade bookkeeping class. ss. 'nr'---,. Q..-,iv W Charles Tabarella discusses siudeni' +eacl'1- ing wi+h his crific, Miss Mary Margarei' Schmifi. 265 bachelor of arts index A ABBAS, NORMA L. Geneva, Home Economics. OLD GOLD 23 Ellen Richards Club 2,3,43 Campbell Hall House Council 3,4. Q ANDERSEN, JOHN A, Cedar Falls, Music. A Cap- pella Choir 2,3,43 Film Club 3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4: Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unit 33 MENC 3,43 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2,3,'t: Hall ot Recognition 2, 33 Hall ot Scholarship 2. ANDERSON, DONALD W. Burlington, Industrial Arts, Sigma Tau Gamma 3,43 Industrial Arts Club 43 Seerley Hall House Council 43 Student Counselor 43 Burlington Junior College A.A. ANDERSON, LeROY H. Waterloo, Science. ARNOLD, MARY J. Ames, Music, A Cappella Choir 23 AWS Board 2,33 Concert Band 43 Chimes 33 College Chorus I3 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Lawther Hall House Council 2 IPVeS,21Q MENC 3,43 Phi Chi Delta I,2,3,43 Presbyterian Fellowship I,2,3,43 Sigma Al- pha Iota 2,3,4 IV. Pres. 313 SCRA 33 Purple Arrow 23 Senior Counselor 3,4 IV. Pres. 313 Symphony Or- chestra 33 Student League Board 23 Torch and Tas- sel 4 IPres. 413 Purple Key 4. AULD, LAWRENCE W. Cedar Falls, English. Col- lege Eye 43 Film Club 2,3,43 Hall of Scholarship 33 Yankton. AVERY, MARY L. Cedar Falls, Music. A Cappella Choir 3,43 College Chorus 23 Foreign Language Club 2,43 MENC 3,4 IV. Pres. 41. BACHER, SALLY K. Burlington, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Delta Delta Phi 3,43 KPBA 3,43 Burlington College. BAILEY, DONNA J. Adel, Kindergarten-Primary. Theta Gamma Nu l,2,3,4 IPres. 313 IFTA 2,42 Kappa Phi I,2,3,43 Intersorority Council 33 Campbell Hall House Council 33 Lawther Hall House Council 23 K-P Club l,23 KPBA 4 IV. Pres. 41. BAKER, ARMAND F. Sugarland, Texas, English. Board of Control of Student Publications 3,4 IPres. 3,413 Baker Hall House Council 33 A Cappella Choir I,2,3,43 Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,43 College Chorus l,2,3,4: lntertraternity Council 4. BELSON, BEVERLY A. Clinton, Kindergarten-Prh mary. IFTA 4 IPres. 413 Tau Chi Eta 23 Kappa Phi I,2,3,43 KPBA 43 K-P Club l,23 Library Students As- sociation 3,43 Senior Counselor 2,42 Campbell Hall House Council 43 Film Club 3. BENNINK, DONALD L. New Sharon, Social Science. Central College. BITCON, LYLE D. Greenfield, Physical Education. Phi Sigma Epsilon 3,43 Football Team 3,43 Simpson. BLACK, LLOYD D. Farnhamville, Business Education. I Club 43 Lambda Gamma Nu 43 IFTA 43 Fort Dodge Junior College. BLANKERS, LAURENS A. Archer, Music. Concert Band I,2,3,43 Symphony Orchestra I,2,3,43 Plymouth Club I,2,3,43 Presbyterian Fellowship 43 Film Club I,2,3,43 lntervarsity Fellowship I,2,33 MENC 3,43 College Eye 43 College Chorus I3 Chapel Choir 2, 3,43 Hall ot Recognition l,2,33 IFTA 3,43 Marching Band l,2,3,4. BOEYINK, WANDA L. Ollie, Upper Elementary. Beta Alpha Epsilon 23 Mixed Chorus 3,43 IFTA 43 Iowa State College. BOWERS, WILLIAM L. Cedar Falls, Social Science. Mason City Junior College. BRO, RONALD D, Exira, Industrial Arts, A Cap- pella Choir l,23 Lambda Gamma Nu I,2,3,43 Inter- traternity Council 3, BROWER, KENNETH J. Cedar Falls, Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club 3. BROWN, DONALD E. Waterloo, Science. Newman Club l,Z,4. BROWN, PATRICIA A, Waterloo, Music. Sigma Al- pha Iota 2,3,4. BRUNER, JAMES L. Cedar Rapids, Social Science. Alpha Chi Epsilon 3,4. BUNTING, HAROLD E. Jesup, Business Education. College Eye I,2,33 OLD GOLD 2,3,43 FBLA 4. BURRICHTER, LAVON A, New Albin, Speech and Social Science, AWS Board 43 Purple Arrow l,23 Chimes 33 Torch and Tassel 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Delta Sigma Rho 2,3,4 IV. Pres. 3, Pres. 413 Speech Activities Club l,2,3,4 IPres. 213 College Eye 33 College Players 3,43 Lawther Hall House Council 23 League ot Women Voters l,2,3 IV, Pres. 313 Math Club l,23 Plymouth Club l,2,3,4 IPres. 213 Sigma Eta Chi 3,43 SCRA 23 Tau Chi Eta 3,4 IPres. 413 Campbell Hall I-louse Council 3. BUTLER, JAMES D. Charles City, Physical Education. I Club I,2,3,43 Sigma Tau Gamma 3,4: Track Team 23 Football Team l,2,3,4. 266 C CAMERON, ROBERT W. Bloomfield, Junior High. Wesley Foundation I,2,3,43 Sigma 'lheta Epsilon 2, 3,4 IPres. 413 Beta Alpha Epsilon 2. CARBAUGH, SARAH J. Charles City, Kindergarten- Primary. Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 IFTA 43 Pi Theta Pi 3, 43 KPBA 3,43 State University ot Iowa. CARNEY, JOSEPH L. Emmetsburg, Science. A Cap- pella Choir 33 Math Club 33 Newman Club 3,43 Loras College. CAROLUS, DORIS A. Buckingham, Junior High. IFIA 43 Purple Arrow 23 Phi Chi Delta 2,43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,4: Kappa Delta Pi 43 Women's Chorus lj College Chorus 2,43 Presbyterian Fel- lowship 2,3,4. CARPENTER, BEVERLY S. Knoxville, English. Kappa Theta Psi 2,3,43 Lawther Hall House Council 23 Purple Arrow l,23 Senior Counselor 4. CARIHEY, FRANK R. Davenport, Industrial Arts. Lambda Gamma Nu 2,3,4 IV. PreS. 213 I Club 2,3, 43 Industrial Arts Club 2,3,43 Tennis Team 2,3,4. CEILLEY, BERNARD M. Cedar Falls, Mathematics. Sigma Tau Gamma I,2,3,43 I Club 43 Wrestling Team 33 Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unit 33 Inter- traternity Council 3. CHASE, MARYBELLE. Fenton, Elementary. March- ing Band l,2,33 Concert Band I,2,3,43 Symphony Orchestra 2,3,43 College Chorus 2,3,43 SCRA 2,43 Christian Student Center l,2,3,4 IPres. 3, V. Pres. 213 Elementa-Ki 23 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,43 Purple Arrow l,23 Chimes 33 Torch and Tassel 43 Purple Key 33 Senior Counselor 3,43 AWS Board 2,42 IFTA 3,43 MENC 4. CHURCH, DAVE. Berkley, Calitornia, Physical Edu- cation. I Club 33 San Mateo Junior College. CLARK, JANE. Cedar Falls, English. AWS Board 23 Board of Control ot Student Publications 3,43 Delta Delta Phi l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. 313 Intersorority Council 4 IPres. 413 IFTA 43 Purple Arrow 23 College Players 3, CLAWSON, CHARLES F. Cedar Falls, Physical Edu- cation. CLINE, PATRICIA L. Centerville, Business Education. FBLA 3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Kappa Phi 3,43 Pi Omega Pi 3,43 Centerville Junior College. COBURN, AUDREY J. Boone Grove, Indiana, Music. MENC 3,43 Christian Student Center I,2,3,43 Col- lege Chorus l,23 A Cappella Choir 3,43 Film Club I 2 COLE, PHYLLIS J. Greenfield, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Senior Counselor 23 K-P Club l,23 Univer- sity of New Mexico. COLLINS, DELLA L. Albion, Home Economics. IFTA 3,43 Ellen Richards Club l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. 313 Theta Theta Epsilon 3,43 Kappa Phi 3,4. CONRAD, MARGARET E. Lucas, Elementary. IFTA 3,43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,43 Lindenwood. COOK, DALE L. Council Blutts, Mathematics. Sig- ma Tau Gamma l,2,3,43 I Club I,2,3,43 Wrestling Team l,2,3. COOPER, BETTY T. Cedar Falls, Music. Band l,2,3 IV, Pres. 313 Symphony Orchestra I,2,3,43 Purple Arrow 2, COOPER, MARY F. Fort Dodge, English. College Choir 33 Film Club 3,43 IFTA 3,43 Fort Dodge Junior College. CORRICK, RICHARD L. Keswick, Physical Educa- tion, Basketball Team 33 I Club 3,4. CRESS, HAL J. Riverside, Industrial Arts. Iowa Wesleyan. D DARLAND, WILLIAM F. Waterloo, Business Educa- tion. I Club I,2,3,43 Lambda Gamma Nu 3,43 Stu- dent Counselor 33 Golf Team l,2,3,4 Mississippi Southern. DeBOOM, DARRELL G. Cedar Falls, Junior High. Westmar College 2 year elementary. DILLARD, COLLEEN M. Dickens, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club 23 KPBA 3,43 College Chorus 23 Women's Chorus 3,43 Wayne State Teachers Col- lege. DILLEY, LaVONNE E. Cedar Falls, Social Science. Pi Phi Omega 3,4. DOBBINS, MARY L. Cedar Falls, Music. Inter-Var- sity Christian Fellowship l,2,43 A Cappella Choir I,2,3,43 IFTA 3,43 Senior Counselor 43 MENC 3,4. DOERRING, JACQUELYN J. Luana, Physical Educa- tion. LSA 2,3,43 PE Club 2,3,4 IV. Pres. 313 WRA Board 3,43 Marlins 43 Wartburg College. DONALDSON, PHYLLIS J. Bolleville, Kindergarten- Primary. Kappa Delta Pi 43 Kansas State Teachers College. DUGSTAD, RICHARD A. Spring Valley, Minnesota, Social Science. Foreign Language Club 33 Sunset Village House Council 33 Rochester Junior College. DUTTON, SHIRLEY A. Knoxville, Physical Educa- tion. AWS Board 2,3 IV. Pres. 313 IFTA 43 Lawther Hall House Council 2 IV. Pres. 213 Marlins I,2,3,43 PE Club 2,3,43 Senior Counselor 33 Student League Board 33 Theta Gamma Nu I,2,3,43 WRA Board 2,3: Kappa Phi l,2 IV. Pres. 21. F FAGLE, DAVID L. Cedar Falls, Science. Sunset Vil- Iage House Council 2,3,4 IV, Pres. 3,413 Alpha Phi Omega I3 Stadium Hall House Council I3 Men's Union 3,4. FALCK, NORMA A. Belle Plaine, Upper Elementary. Concert Band 2,3,43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 2,3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 IFTA 43 Purple Arrow 23 Uni- versity ot Colorado. FARMER, MARVIN W. Nashua, Business Education. FBLA 4. FETT, DONALD L. Atkins, Social Science. Pi Gam- ma Mu 3,43 Social Science Honors 3,43 Sunset Vil- lage House Council 3. FIELD, P. BERTEL. Decorah, Physical Education. Football Team 2,3,4. FISHER, LYLE E. Elmwood Park, Illinois, Speech. College Players 2,3,4 IPres. 313 Theta Alpha Phi 4. FISHER, RAMON N. Thompson, Junior High. FLANDERS, M. DEAN. Cedar Falls, Elementary. Phi Mu Alpha Sintonia 2,3,43 Orchesis 2,3,43 Uni- versity ot Colorado. FLOOD, CATHERINE E. Garner, Home Economics. Newman Club I,2,3,43 Ellen Richards Club 3,4 IPres. 413 Theta Gamma Nu 3,43 Iowa State Col- lege. FORD, DOROTHY L, Davenport, Home Economics. Ellen Richards Club I,2,3,43 Gamma Delta 33 Sym- phony Orchestra I,2,3,43 Cornell. FOSS, DONNA L. Adair, English. Pi Tau Phi 2,3,4 IV. Pres. 413 Speech Activities Club 2. FRY, VIRGIL E. West Bend, Industrial Arts. Sunset Village House Council 4. U U l FUHRMAN, DUANE D, Arlington, Junior High. Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 33 IFTA 43 Jetfersonian Club 4 IPres. 413 Sigma Theta Epsilon 3,43 Upper Iowa University. FULLER, MARILYN D. Brooks, Physical Education. Nu Sigma Phi 3,4 IV. Pres, 3, Pres. 41: PE Club 2,3,43 Marlins 3,4. FURST, RICHARD J. Alqona, Business Education. FBLA 4. G GARDNER, WILLIAM E. Greenfield, Business Edu- cation. GARVER, GEORGE G. Alton, Illinois, Social Sci- ence. North Park Junior College A.A. GERBERICH, SUE. Cedar Falls, Art, Art Club 3,43 Kappa Phi 3,43 William Woods College A.A: GERKEN, WAYNE G. Oskaloosa, Social Science. Phi Sigma Epsilon l,2,3,4 IPres. 413 I Club 2,3,43 Track Team l,2,3,4. GIBBS, G. RUTH. Strawberry Point, Junior High. IFTA 3,43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,4 IV. Pres. 413 Marching Band 3,43 Concert Band 3,43 Campbell Hall House Council 43 Cottey College A.A. GIBSON, MARILYN L. Newton, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Kappa Phi I,2,3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Band I3 Women's Chorus l,2,33 Purple Arrow l,23 KPBA 3,43 Wesley Foundation l,2,3,4. GORHAM, GARY A, Washington, Physical Educa- tion. Baker Hall House Council 43 Basketball Team l,2,33 Football Team l,3,43 I Club I,2,3,43 Phi Sigma Epsilon 2,3,43 Student Counselor 2,3,43 Student League Board 43 Track Team I,2,3,43 FBLA 4. GRABINSKI, DALE L. Waterloo, Business Education. Pi Omega Pi 3,4 IV. Pres. 413 Waterloo Men's Hous- ing Unit 43 University ot Iowa. A GRANAU, PATRICIA C. Hampton, Physical Educa- tion. Board of Control ot Student Publications 23 AWS Board 3,43 Chapel Choir 33 Chimes 33 Inter- sorority Council 33 IFTA 43 Lawther Hall House Council 23 Marlins I,2,3,43 Orchesis 3,4 IV. Pres. 313 Phi Chi Delta l,23 PE Club 2,3,43 Pi Tau Phi l,2,3,4 IPres. 313 Presbyterian Fellowship l,23 Purple Ar- row I,23 Senior Counselor 33 Torch and Tassel 43 WRA Board 2,3,4 IPres. 41. I GRIFFITH, DALE E. Coon Rapids, Physical Educa- tion, LSA 43 Baseball Team 43 CEHFT5l'COIlEQ8. GRIFFITH, DARYL D. Coon Rapids, Physical Educa- tion. LSA 43 Baseball eTam 43 Central College. GROSS, LaVONNE M. Cedar Falls, Speech. Col- lege Players l,2,3,4 IPres. 4l1 Della Della Phi 213,41 Thela Alpha Phi 314. GULDAGER, JOYCE R. Cedar Falls, Arl and Ele- menlary. Arl Club 2,3141 SCRA 41 College Eye 41 LSA 213,41 Ellen Richards Club 21 Grandview Junior College. H HARFST, RICHARD F. Reinbeck, Junior High. Iowa Wesleyan. HARRIS, EDWIN H. Walerloo, Arl. HARWOOD, JOHNA C. Delroil, Michigan, Library Science. Della Della Phi 3141 Library Sludenls As- socialion 3,41 IFTA 41 Wayne Universily. HAUSEMAN, ROBERT W. Cedar Rapids, Speech. College Players l,213,41 Speech Aclivilies Club 314. HELKENN, DAWN B. Davenporl, Music. MENC 3,41 Concerl' Band 31 Ellen Richards Club 3,41 Marching Band 3,41 Phi Chi Della 3141 Presbylerian Fellowship 3141 Symphony Orcheslra 31 Auguslana College. HENDERSON, DONALD H. Cedar Falls, lnduslrial Arls. Epsilon Pi Tau 41 lnduslrial Arls Club 41 Drake Universily. HENNING, ALBERT F. Walerloo, Business Educa- lion. FBLA l,2,3,41 Gamma Della l12,3,41Walerloo Men's Housing Unil l,2,3,4. HERRING, DONNA J. Cedar Rapids, Kindergarlen- Primary. Kappa Thela Psi l,2,3,41 OLD GOLD 21 College Eye 21 Tau Chi Ela l,21 Phi Chi Della l,21 KPBA 4. HERRON, MAUREEN L. Red Oak, Kindergarlen-Pri- mary. KPBA 3,41 Newman Club l,213,41K-P Club I, 21 IFTA 314. HESSENIUS, ROGER W. Cedar Rapids, Induslrial Arls. Baker Hall House Council 31 Epsilon Pi Tau 3,4 IV. Pres. 4l1 Film Club 31 I Club 2,3141 lnler- fralernily Council 21 Lambda Gamma Nu 21314 IPres. 3lI Tennis Team l,2,3,4. HICKS, ESTHER E. Des Moines, Kindergarlen-Pri- mary. Tau Sigma Della l,2,3,41 Sigma Alpha Ela 2, 3,41 Purple Arrow 21 Chimes 31 AWS Board 21 Bap- lisl' Sludenl' Cenler l,2,3,4: Barllell Hall House Council I1 College Players I1 Film Club 31 lnler- Varsily Chrislian Fellowship I1 IFTA 31 KPBA 31 Se- nior Counselor 31 SCRA 3. HIGDON, DALE A. Walerloo, English. College Eye 21314 IEdilor 3l: Sigma Tau Gamma 3141 Alpha Phi Gamma 3,4 IV. Pres. 4l. HlGDON1SUZANNE F. Websler Cily, Kindergarlen- Primary. IFTA 41 KPBA 41 Universily ol Iowa. HINGST, GENEIVE E. Burlinglon, Physical Educalion. YNRA Board 41 PE Club 3,41 Burlinglon Junior Col- eoe. HISKEY1 VERDA M. Cedar Falls, English and Sci- ence. HOFFMAN, JOANN K. Des Moines, Speech. Sigma Alpha Ela 2,314 IPres. 4l1 Marlins 41 DFBKEI Uni- versily of Iowa. HONOHAN,.KAY C. Boone, Speech. Orchesis l,21 Speech Aclivilies Club l,2,31 College Players l,2,3, 41 Thela Alpha Phi 3,41 IFTA 41 Nu Sigma Phi l,2,3, 41 Film Club 2,3,4. HORN, LAROY C. Dubuque, Physical Educalion and Social Science. Baskelball Team l,2,3,41 Baseball Team l,2,3,41 Baker Hall House Council 2,31 I Club 2,314 IPres. 4l1 Men's Union 3 IPres. 3l1 Lambda Gamma Nu l,2,3,41 Pi Gamma Mu 213,41 Social Sci- e-nce Honors 213,41 Purple Key 31 Hall of Recogni- lion l,2,3,41 Sludenl League Board 3. HORTON, LOREN N. Murray, Social Science. Bap- lisl Sludenl Cenler l,2,31 College Chorus l,2,31 Col- lege Eye 31 Film Club l,2,3,41 Foreign Language Club 3,41 IFTA 41 Kappa Della Pi 3,41 Library Slu- denls Associalion 3141 Pi Gamma Mu 41 Sludenl Counselor 41 Social Science Honors 3141 Hall ol Recognilion 41 Jelfersonian Club 41 A Cappella Choir 4. HUNTINGTON, ROBERT W. Davenporl, Physical Ed- ucalion and Malh. Lambda Gamma Nu 213,41 I Club A213141 Baseball Team l,213,41 Presbylerian Fel- lowship 3,41 SCRA 41 Hall of Recognilion 3. HURLBUT, MARY E. Muscaline, Junior High. Bela Alpha Epsilon 3,41 Kappa Della Pi 3,41 Gamma Del- la l,2,3,41 IFTA l,2,3,41 Purple Arrow l,21 Senior Cgunselor 21 Elemenla-Ki l,21 Thela Gamma Nu HUTT, PATRICIA A. Madrid, Music. College Chorus I1 Cappella Choir 2,31 Sigma Alpha lola 2,3141 Senior Counselor 31 LSA l,2,3,4. IDSO, VIRGINIA L. Alden, Physical Educalion. IF- TA 41 Kappa Phi l,2,3,41 Lawlher Hall House Coun- cil 21 Barllell Hall House Council I1 Orchesis 3,4 greg PE Club 2,3141 Senior Counselor 31 WRA oar 1 . J JAIESSEN, LEWIS E. Cedar Falls, Business Educalion. F LA 2. JENSEN, PHYLLIS A. Warringlon, Florida, Upper Elemenlary. Nu Sigma Phi 213,41 Bela Alpha Epsi- lon 41 Barllell Hall House Council I. JERABEK1 JOANNE J. Cedar Rapids, Kindergarlen- Primary. Kappa Thela Psi l,2,3,41 K-P Club l,21 IF- A I14. JOHNSON, PHYLLIS. Oelwein, Home Economics. Ellen Richards Club 2,314 IPres. 4l1 Della Della Phi 213141lFTA 41 Lawlher Hall House Council Z1 Camp- bell Hall House Council 4 IV, Pres. 4l. JONES, ELLA V. Soldier, Music. MENC 3,41 IFTA 31 41 A Cappella Choir l,2,41 College Chorus 31 Chap- el Choir 41 Campbell Hall House Council 31 Wes- ley Foundalion 2,3,41 Kappa Phi 41 Film Club 3141 Morningside College. JUNKlN1JANICE E. Earlham, Kindergarlen-Primary. KPBA 314 IPres. 4l1 Pi Phi Omega I,2 IV. Pres, 2l1 Concerl band l,21 Norlhweslern Universily. K KAHLSTORF1 DONNA M. Brill, Elemenlary. lnler- Varsily Chrislian Fellowship l,2,3,4 IPres. 4l1 Bap- lisl Sludenl Cenler 3,41 Thela Epsilon 3,4: Bela Al- pha Epsilon 3. KJAER, TED. Cedar Falls, Physical Educalion. Sl. Mary's College1 Salinas Junior College.. KLASSEN, JOAN S. Mclnlire, Kindergarlen-Primary. Newman Club I1 College al Sl. Teresag Creighlon Universily. KLATT, HUGO M. Tacoma, Washinglon, Arl. Phi Sigma Epsilon l,2,3,4: College Players I,2131 Arl Club 213,41 Kappa Pi 3,41 Hall of Scholarship I1 Hall of Recognilion 2. KLISART, LUKE H. Ossian1 Business Educalion. New- man Club 213141 Alpha Chi Epsilon 314. KOMISARCIK, MARY J. Gary, Indiana, Physical Edu- calion. PE Club 213,41 IFIA 41 WRA Board 3141 Newman Club 2,41 Indiana Universily Exlension. KREGEL, GRACE L. Garnavillo1 Kindergarlen-Pri- mary. Senior Counselor 2. L LACKORE, GENE A. Cedar Falls, Social Science. A Cappella Choir 2,31 Sigma Thela Epsilon 3141 Kap- pa Della Pi 3141 Hall of Recognilion 2,31 Plymoulh Club 21314IPres.3l1SCRA3,41Iowa Slale College. LANGE, DON H. Davenporl, Physical Educalion. Alpha Chi Epsilon 21314 IPres. 2l1 Baker Hall House Council 31 I Club l,2,3,41 Track Team l,2,3,41 Slu- denl Counselor 4. LARSON1CORRINE O. Aurelia, Physical Educalion. Plymoulh Club l,21 AWS Board 41 Chimes 31 Film Club 3141 lnlersororily Council 41 Lawlher Hall House Council 21 Marlins 2,314 IV. Pres. 4l1 PE Club 2,3141 Pi Tau Phi 21314 IPres. 4l1 Senior Counselor 41 Torch and Tassel 41 WRA Board 31 Campbell Hall House Council 3. LAURITZEN, JERALD C. Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Junior High. I Club 2,3141 Lambda Gamma Nu 21 3,41 Bela Alpha Epsilon 213,41 IFTA 2,314 IPres. 3l1 Foolball Team 21 Baskelball Team 2,31 OLD GOLD 4. LAWRENCE, MARVIN E. Corning, Junior High. Kappa Della Pi 3,4. LENNIER, F. LOUISE. Hubbard, Elemenlary. IFTA l,213,41 Phi Chi Della 213,41 College Players 2,3141 College Chorus 2,41 Bela Alpha Epsilon 41 Univers- ily of Colorado. LEWIS, MARILYN M. Walerloo, Elemenlary. Bela Alpha Epsilon 3,4 IPres. 4l1 Barllell Hall House Council I1 Chimes 31 College Chorus l,21 Film Club I1213141 lnlersororily Council 31 Kappa Phi 213,41 Kappa Thela Psi l,213,41 Lawlher Hall House Coun- cil 21 Marlins 21 Purple Arrow l,21 Senior Counselor 31 Torch and Tassel 41 Wesley Foundalion l,2,3,4. LINSLEY, JANE A. Adel, English. Women's Chorus I1 Mixed Chorus 21 College Players 3,41 Film Club 3,41 IFTA 41 Speech Aclivilies Club 2. LOCKWOOD, JAMES R. Pomeroy, Malhemalics. Alpha Phi Gamma 2,314 IPres. 4l1 College Eye 21 IFTA 3,41 Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,41 Malh Club 3,41 OLD GOLD l,2,3,4 IEdilor 4l1 Sigma Thela Epsilon l,2,3,41 College Chorus I1 Hall of Recognilion 3,4. LOFFREDO, FRED L. Chicago, Illinois, lnduslrial Arls. Newman Club l,213,4IPres. 4l1SIadium Hall House Council I IV. Pres. I 1 Induslrial Arls Club 2,3141 Phi Sigma Epsilon 3,41 Wreslling Team l,2,3, 41 Foofball Team I131 Track Team 21 Baker Hall House Council 41 I Club 21314. LONG, RALPH E. Cedar Falls, Induslrial Arls. Ep- silon Pl Tau 3141 Alpha Phi Omega I,2 IV. Pres. 2l1 Sunsel' Village House Council 31 IFTA 41 Induslrial Arls Club 41 Sigma Gamma Kappa 4. LOVEN, VIVIAN D. Waukon, Kindergarlen-Primary. KPBA 41 LSA 41 Lulher College. LUNDBECK, ANNA M. Royal, English, Concerl Band l,21 Foreign Language Club I1 Library Slu- denls Associalion 3,4 IV. Pres. 4l1 LSA l,2,3,41 Marching Band I,2. LUNDE, HUGH H. Osage, Speech. College Play- ers l,213,41 Speech Aclivilies Club l,2,3,41 IFTA 41 Alpha Phi Omega 2,3141 Film Club 2,3141 LSA I,2, 3141 Hall of Recognilion 213. LUSSON, JO ANN. Iowa Falls, Speech. Tau Sigma Della 213141 Cheerleader 21 College Players 213141 Foreign Language Club 21 IFTA 41 Newman Club 2,41 Orchesis 3,41 Purple Arrow 21 Tau Chi Ela 2. LYNCH, DELORES E. Cedar Falls, Kindergarlen- Primary. Presbylerian Fellowship l,213,41 Phi Chi Della 213,41 MENC 3141 Senior Counselor 31 KPBA 3,41 Kappa Della Pi 3,4. LYNCH, RICHARD W. Cedar Falls, Music. Purple Key 31 Hall of Recognilion l,2131 Sunsel Village House Council 41 Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unil 3 IPres. 3l1 Concerl Band l,2,3,4 IPres. 3l1 Golf Team 3,41 Kappa Della Pi 41 Marching Band l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. 3, Pres. 4l. M MADSEN, RUTH J. Laurens, Junior High. Kappa Thela Psi l,2,3,4 IPres. 4l1 lnlersororily Council 41 Film Club 3,41 LSA l,2,3,41 Barllell Hall House Council I1 Senior Counselor 4. MAHANNAH, SHIRLEY J. Keokuk, English. Purple Arrow I,2 IV. Pres. 2l1 Chimes 3 IPres. 3l1 Torch and Tassel 41 Barllell Hall House Council l,4 IPres. 4l1 Lawlher Hall House Council 21 AWS Board 3,41 Sludenl League Board 41 College Players 213, 41 College Eye 31 Film Club 3141 Pi Thela Pi 3,41 Orchesis 2. MARDORF, JANE A. Monlicello1 Home Economics. LSA l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. 2, Pres. 311 Kappa Mu Epsilon 213141 Malh Club l,2,3,41 Ellen Richards Club 2,3141 Purple Arrow l,21 Universily of Colorado. MASKE1 SALLY J. Oxford, Kindergarlen-Primary. Kappa Phi l,2,3,41 IFTA 41 Campbell Hall House Council 41 KPBA 3,4 IPres. 4l1K-P Club I,2. McGARVEY, MARLYS S. Hudson, Business Educa- lion. FBLA l,2,3,41 IFTA 41 Newman Club l,2,3,41 OLD GOLD 314 IBus. Mgr. 4l1 Pi Omega Pi 3,41 Purple Arrow l,21 Senior Counselor 31 Kappa Della Pi 3141Thela Gamma Nu 314. MCGIVERN, EUGENE F. Marengo1 Social Science. Universily of Nebraska1 Sl. Ambrose College1 Maryknoll Seminary, MCGREW, JEAN B. Cedar Falls, Social Science. Baskelball Team l,21 Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unil 2131 Foolball Team I1 Men's Union 4 IPres. 4l1 Pi Gamma Mu l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. 4l1 Sigma Tau Gamma 2,314 IPres. 3l1 Social Science Honors 31 Sludenl League Board 41 Wesley Foundalion 4 IPres. 4l1 Hall ol Recognilion 213. McKEE, ROBERTA J. Cedar Falls, Kindergarlen-Pri- mary. Phi Chi Della l,2,3,41 KPBA 3141 Kappa Della Pi 3,4 IPres. 4l1 Presbylerian Sludenl Cenler l,2,3,41 Senior Counselor 31 Purple Arrow I,2. McKEE, ROGER C. Cedar Falls, Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu 3141 Walerloo Men's Housing Unil' 41 Weslmar College. MILES, RICHARD I.. Colfax, Physical Educalion. Lambda Gamma Nu 3,41 Baskelball Team 21314. MILLER, ARMOND N. Hamplon, Upper Elemenlary. Bela Alpha Epsilon 41 IFTA 41 Grand View College. MITSUDA, HELEN H. Hilo, Hawaii, Kinclergarlen- Primary. Nu Sigma Phi 3,41 KPBA 3141 Graceland College A,A. MOHR, LaVONNE A. Charlolle, Business Educalion. Purple Arrow 21 FBLA 213,41 Pi Omega Pi 3,4 IPres. 4l: Gamma Della l,2,3,41 IFTA 4. MONTGOMERY, MARY H. Des Moines, Physical Educalion. WRA Board 2,314 IV. Pres. 3l1 PE Club 2,3141 IFTA 4. MONTGOMERY, PATRICIA A. Charilon1 Business Educalion. Film Club I13141 FBLA l,213141lFTA3,41 Phi Chi Della l,213,41 Pi Omega Pi 3141 Presby- lerian Fellowship l,213,41 Purple Arrow I,2. MONTROSS, DORLA D. Williamsburg, Malhema- lics. Malh Club 21 Kappa Phi I. MORELAND, KEITH D. Forl Dodge, Music. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 3141 A Cappella Choir 3,41 March- ing Band 31 MENC 41 Symphony Orcheslra 3141 Forl Dodge Junior College, MUSSETT, LOIS J. Walerloo, Physical Educalion. I3ETpClub 2,314 IPres. 4l1 Marlins 3,41 WRA Board 41 4. N NAGEL, LARRY D. Manchesler, Social Science. NELSON, DONALD A. Rockwell, Business Educa- lion. Film Club 3,41 FBLA 2,314IPres.4l1lFTA3,41 Seerley Hall House Council 31 Sladium Hall House Council I1 Sigma Thela Epsilon l,213,41 Wesley Foundalion l12,31 Pi Omega Pi 4. 267 NELSON, NORMA E. Manchester, Music, College Chorus 3,43 MENC 43 LSA l,2,3,4. NJUS, JEAN L. Clinton, Kindergarten-Primary. K-P Club Z3 KPBA 3,4: Marshalltown Junior CoIlege3 Mount St. Clare. NORD, JUANITA C. Clinton, Kindergarten-Primary. College Eye I3 Kappa Delta Pi 23 KPBA 43 Newman Club 3, NORMAN, THOMAS L. Thompson, Industrial Arts. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,43 Student Counselor 3. O O'CONNOR, SARA F. Missouri Valley, Art. Theta Gamma Nu l,2,3,43 Art Club 4. OLSON, CAROL N, East Moline, Illinois, Elemen- tary, College Eye 43 Graceland, OLSON, WILLIAM F. Cedar Falls, Business Educa- tion. Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unit 3,4 IPres. 413 College Chorus I3 Newman Club l,2,3,43 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2,3,4 IPres. 413 Student League Board 4. OSHIBUCHI, TAKAKO, Kyoto, Japan, Music. Sym- phony Orchestra 3,43 Phi Chi Delta 3,4. OSTROM, MARLENE R. Brooklyn, Kindergarten- Primary, K-P Club l,23 KPBA 43 Presbyterian Fel- lowship l,2,3,43 Phi Sigma Phi 2,3,4 IPres. 413 lnter- sorority Council 43 IFTA l,2,3,4. OTTO, LuANNE L. Hudson, Kindergarten-Primary. KPBA 3,4. , OWENS, DAVID K. Colfax, Physical Education. Lambda Gamma Nu 2,3,4. P PANAGOS, MARY. Cedar Rapids, Upper Elemen- tary. Kappa Theta Psi 2,3,43 lFTA,4. PAPOUSEK, MARY A. Garner, Physical Education. Marching Band I3 Concert Band I3 IFTA 43 Marlins 3,43 PE Club 2,3,43 Newman Club l,Z,3,43 Senior Counselor 43 WRA Board 4. PARLAND, PATRICIA A. Iowa Falls, Kindergarten- Primary, KPBA 3,43 Ellsworth. PARRY, RALPH A, Cedar Falls, Business Education. Alpha Chi Epsilon l,2,3,4 IPres. 413 Plymouth Club I,2,3,43 Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unit 33 College Chorus l,23 lntertraternity Council 33 OLD GOLD 2,3. PAULSEN, NONA C. Ida Grove, Physical Educa- tion, IFTA 3,43 Marlins 2,3,43 Orchesis Z,3,4 IPres. 413 PE Club 2,3,4. PECINOVSKY, CHARLES R. Des Moines, Business Education. Foreign Language Club 33 IFTA 3,43 Lambda Gamma Nu l,2,3,4 IPres. 21: Student Counselor 33 Stadium Hall House Council I3 Track Team l,2,3,4. PEDEN, RUTH A. Gary, South Dakota, Physical Edu- cation. WRA Board 33 PE Club Z,3,4. PETTERSEN, C. HUGH. Webster City, Music. Tau Chi Eta 3,43 Sigma Theta Epsilon l,23 OLD GOLD 2,3,43 A Cappella Choir 2,3,43 Alpha Phi Omega 23 College Chorus I3 Foreign Language Club I3 Lambda Gamma Nu 2,3,43 Men's Union 43 Student Counselor 3,4. PIGG, HOWARD D. Colfax, Physical Education. Baseball Team 2,3,43 Basketball Team 2,3,43 I Club 3,43 Lambda Gamma Nu 2,3,4. PIPHO, JULIE H. Cedar Falls, Business Education, Purple Arrow Z: LSA l,2,3,43 Pi Omega Pi 3,4. PITZ, JOHN H. Lamotte, Physical Education. Loras College. POTTS, ELI D. Somers, Social Science. Foreign Language Club 43 IFTA 43 Kappa Delta Pi 4 IV. Pres. 413 Pi Gamma Mu 43 Social Science Honors 43 Fort Dodge Junior College. POTTS, RICHARD C. Moravia, English. Seerley Hall House Council 33 Christian Student Center Z,3,43 Foreign Language Club 33 Film Club 2,3,43 Jettersonian Club 43 Drake University. PREHM, BETTY L, Mount Pleasant, Elementary. Kappa Phi l,2,3,43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,43 Campus 4-H I3 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 43 IFTA l,Z,3,43 Rural Community Leaders Club I3 Wesley Foundation l,2,3,4. Q OUIRK, FRANCIS J. Lawler, Mathematics. Jeffer- :onian Club 43 Matti Club 3,43 Newman Club 2,3,43 Seerley Hall House Council 43 Track Team 3,43 State University ot Iowa. 268 R RABEY, CHARLES M. Larchwood, Physical Educa- tion, Baseball Team 3,43 I Club 43 University ot South Dakota. RAINBOW, EDWARD L. Waterloo, Social Science and Music. Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 Social Science Honors 3,43 Symphony Orchestra l,2,3,4. RAINBOW, MARILYN D, Rochester, Minnesota, Music. Concert Band l,2,3,43 Symphony Orchestra l,2,3,4. RAMIG, DONALD E. Cedar Falls, Physical Educa- tion. I Club 43 Basketball Team 3,43 Clinton Junior College, RANSOM, RICHARD L. Waterloo, Physical Educa- tion, l Club 43 Track Team 2,3,43 Waterloo Men's Housing Unit l,2,3,43 Sigma Gamma Kappa 33 Presbyterian Fellowship l,2,3,4. RASMUSSEN, BETTY M. Mason City, Kindergarten- Primary. LSA I,2,3,43 OLD GOLD l,23 College Eye 33 Art Club 43 K-P Club l,2. REED, JACK C. Cedar Falls, Business Education. FBLA 3,4 IV. Pres. 413 Sunset Village House Coun- cil 4. RICE, IRMA J. Pocahontas, Elementary. Sigma Al- pha Eta 3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Creston Junior College, RILEY, PATRICIA E. Mason City, Home Economics, Ellen Richards Club I3 Christian College A.A. ROORDA, JOHN C. Knoxville, Industrial Arts. Simpson3 Drake University. ROWE, KENNETH G. Ames, Public Speaking. Cheerleader l,2,33 lntertraternity Council 43 Stu- dent Counselor 33 Sigma Alpha Eta 2,33 Sigma Tau Gamma l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. 313 Sigma Theta Epsilon I,2,33 Speech Activities Club I,2,3,43 Stadium Hall House Council I3 Student League Board 43 Tau Chi Eta l,2,33 Wesley Foundation l,2,3,4: Hall ot Recognition 23 Jettersonian Club 43 Iowa State College. RUSSELL, MARILYN R. Cedar Falls, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota Z,3,4 IPres. 413 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Delta Delta Phi l,2,3,43 Purple Arrow I3 MENC 43 College Chorus l,Z3 Symphony Orchestra l,2,3,4. RUSSELL, NORMAN D. Ossian, Music. Concert Band l,2,3,4' Jettersonian Club 43 Marching Band l,2,33 MENC 3,43 Symphony Orchestra l,2,3,43 Hall of Recognition 33 Gamma Delta 2,3,4. RUSTAD, CURTIS R. Northwood, Industrial Arts. A Cappella Choir 33 Sigma Gamma Kappa 3,4 IPres. 413 Industrial Arts Club 43 IFTA 33 College Chorus 43 Waldorf College. S SABUS, ROBERT L. Scranton, Art. Art Club l,2,3 IPres. 213 Lambda Gamma Nu l,2,3,4 IPres. 313 Newman Club I,2,3,43 OLD GOLD 2, SARCHET, DAVID P. Burt, Mathematics. Lambda Gamma Nu 2,3,4, SCHARF, PAULINE M. Ft. Dodge, Kindergarten- Primary. KPBA 3,43 IFTA 43 OLD GOLD 33 Fort Dodge Junior College, SCHEER, DONALD E. Cedar Falls, Social Science. SCHLAMPP, DONNA J. Ackley, Elementary. IFTA 2,43 Newman Club l,2,3,43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,43 Elementa-Ki l,2. SCHLAPKOHL, E. KELLY. Davenport, Business Edu- cation. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,43 Alpha Phi Omega I. SCHMIDT, NORMAN V. Dunkerton, Mathematics, Math Club 3,4 IV. Pres. 41. SCHNUR, JENISE. Waterloo, English. AWS Board 3,4 IPres. 413 College Eye l,2,33 IFTA I3 Purple Key 3,43 Presbyterian Fellowship l,2,3,43 Purple Ar- row l,23 Sigma Alpha Iota 2,3,43 Sigma Alpha Eta 2,3,43 Women's Chorus I3 Student Counselor 33 Student League Board 43 Torch and Tassel 4. SCHULTZ, ARTHUR R. Estherville, Music. College Chorus I3 Concert Band l,2,33 Marching Band l,2,33 Men's Union 23 Student League Board 33 Sunset Vil- lage House Council 2,3 IV. Pres. 2, Pres. 313 Speech Activities Club l,3, SCI-IWIETERT, RUTH E. McGregor, Business Educa- tion. FBLA l,Z,3,43 Pi Omega Pi 3,43 IFTA 3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 4. SCOTT, MARLENE F. Des Moines, Kindergarten- Primary. IFTA 23 KPBA 43 League ot Women Voters 2,43 LSA l,2,43 Pi Phi Omega l,2,43 Rural Commu- nity Leader's Club I3 Women's Chorus 23 Colo- rado State College of Education. SHALLA, MARILYN E. Kalona, Kindergarten-Pri- mary, Newman Club l,2,3,43 IFTA l,2,3,43 KPBA 3,4 IV. Pres. 313 K-P Club l,23 Art Club 3. SHARP, DONNA M. Clarion, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota Z,3,43 Band l,2,3,43 Symphony Orchestra l,Z,3, 43 College Chorus I. SHEA, MARY S. Decorah, Kindergarten-Primary. Marching Band Z3 Newman Club 2,43 IFTA Z3 K-P Club 23 KPBA 43 College of St. Teresa. SHEELEY, MARILYN J. Waterloo, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota 3. SHIMEL, LOIS C. Clemons, Music. Women's Chorus I3 College Chorus 2,3,43 Plymouth Club l,2,3,43 IFTA 3,4: MENC 3,43 Senior Counselor 4. SIEK, MARCELLA M. Blairstown, Mathematics. Math Club 3,43 Concert Band l,2,33 Marching Band l,2,3j Purple Arrow 23 Newman Club 3,4. SIMONSEN, MARJORIE A. Merrill, Physical Educa- tion, Chapel Choir l,43 Film Club 43 IFTA 43 LSA l,23 Marlins Z,3,4 IPres. 413 PE Club 2,3,4. SKYLES, JANET L. Mason City, Kindergarten-Prb mary. KPBA 33 Newman Club 3,43 IFTA 4. SMALLEY, LAWRENCE H. Osage, Industrial Arts. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,4 IV, Pres. 313 Industrial Arts Club l,2,3,43 Intertraternity Council 43 Ply- mouth Club 2,3,43 Wrestling Team 3. SMITH, BARBARA J. Marshalltown, Home Econom- ics. Campbell Hall House Council 33 Senior Coun- selor 43 College Eye 3,43 Pi Theta Pi 3,43 Ellen Rich- ards Club 43 Alpha Phi Gamma 43 Marshalltown Junior College. SMITH, STANLEY E. Charles City, Physical Educa- tion. SOMMERDORF, DOLORES U. Muscatine, Speech Correction. Pi Phi Omega l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. 3,413 Senior Counselor 33 Sigma Alpha Eta 2,3,43 For- eign Language Club I3 Newman Club l,2,3,4. SOMMERDORF, EVELYN C. Muscatine, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Newman Club I,2,3,43 K-P Club l,2. STEEGE, DOROTHY A. Waverly, Business Education. Art Club l,2,33 AWS Board 33 Chimes 33 Film Club 3,43 FBLA l,23 lntersorority Council 3,43 IFTA 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Lawther Hall House Council 23 Nu Sigma Phi l,2,3,4 IPres. 313 Plymouth Club I3 Purple Arrow 23 Senior Counselor 33 Torch and Tassel 43 Campbell Hall House Council 4. STEPHENSON, HOWARD W. Algona, Physical Edu- cation. Emmetsburg Junior College. STERNER, WESLEY S. Waterloo, Physical Education. Art Club 43 I Club I,2,3,43 Sigma Tau Gamma 23 Wrestling Team l,2,3,4. STRUB, DONALD W, Merrill, Junior High. Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,43 Newman Club l,2,3,43 Film Club 3,4. STURGES, RALPH L. Rockwell, Junior High, Mason City Junior College. SUDA, KENNETH K. Haiku, Maui, T. H., Science. SUTTON, LYNNE E. Derby, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota 2,3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 2,3,43 Purple Arrow l,23 College Chorus l,2,33 A Cappella Choir 4. T TABARELLA, CHARLES D. Des Moines, Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau I. TE GROTENHUIS, HENDRENE. Hospers, Home Economics. TELFORD, CAROL J. Decorah, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Pi Phi Omega l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. I13 Kappa Phi l,2,3,43 IFTA 2,3,43 Women's Chorus 33 KPBA 3,43 lntersorority Council 33 K-P Club 23 Purple Arrow Z. THIELEN, BERNARD J. Harlan, Mathematics. Math Club 3,4 IPres. 413 Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,4 IPres. 411 Newman Club l,2,3,43 Men's Union 43 Film Club I,2,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4, THOMAS, BYRON H. Cedar Falls, Social Science. University ot lowa3 Buena Vista College. TOBIN, MARY J. Ainsworth, Home Economics, Ele- menta-Ki I3 Ellen Richards Club 2,3,43 IFTA 43 Li- brary Students Association 23 Newman Club l,2,3, 43 Senior Counselor 33 Theta Epsilon 3,4. TOOM, LEE R. Central City, Art. Art Club 43 Kap- pa Pi 4 IPres. 41. TURNER, DAVE A. Waterloo, Social Science. Film Club I,2,3,4: Foreign Language Club 3,43 Jetter- sonian Club 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Pi Gamma Mu 4 IPres. 411 Social Science Honors 3,43 Student League Board 3 IV. Pres. 313 Sunset Village House Council 2,3 IPres. 313 Hall ot Recognition 33 Hall ot' Scholarship 3. TVEDT, DOUGLAS A. Montour, Business Education. Lambda Gamma Nu l,2,3,4 IPres. 31: lntertrater- nity Council 4 IPres. 41. V VESTAL, BETTY A. Hastings, Business Education. Women's Chorus I3 College Chorus 2,33 Chapel Choir 43 A Cappella Choir 43 Campus 4-H l,23 Cheerleader l,2,3,43 Kappa Phi l,2,3,4 IV. Pres. 3, Pres. 41: Wesley Foundation 43 Tau Chi Eta I,2,3,43 Purple Arrow 23 Torch and Tassel 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Senior Counselor 43 AWS Board 43 IFTA 33 FBLA 3. VON BERG, LOIS H. Toledo, Physical Education. PE Club 2,3,4. W WENGER, LAVONNE C. Mount Pleasant, Home Economics. IFTA 3,43 Ellen Richards Club 3,43 College Chorus 31 Theta Theta Epsilon 41 Christian Student Center 3,41 Marching Band 31 Goshen Col- lege. WESTBURY, JOSEPHINE. lowa Falls, Physical Edu- cation. IFTA I1 Marlins 2,3,41 Orchesis 2,3,41 PE Club 2,3,41 Plymouth Club 2,3,41 Sigma Eta Chi 2,3,4 lPres. 411 Ellsworth Junior College. WHITE, JOHN F. Waterloo, English. Student League Board 31 LSA Z,3,41 Alpha Chi Epsilon 3,41 Foreign Language Club 3,41 Waterloo Men's Hous- ing Unit 3,4 lPres. 311 Track Team 2,3,41 University ot Iowa, WIELENGA, JACK L. Orange City, Business Educa- tion. Northwestern Junior College, WlLEY, ROLAND L. Boone, Physical Education. Basketball Team 31 Golf Team 41 I Club 4. WILSCHUTZ, DONALD L. Marshalltown, Junior High, Seerley Hall House Council 4 lPres. 41: Student League Board 41 Lambda Gamma Nu 3,41 Newman Club 3,41 Marshalltown Junior College. WOMBOLT, DUANE G, Red Oak, Science and Mathematics. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,41 Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,41 Baker Hall House Council 41 Math Club I,2,3,4 lPres. 311 Presbyterian Fellowship l,2, 3 4 WORKMAN, J. BROOKE. Marshalltown, English and Social Science. Film Club Z,3,41 Men's Union 3,41 Pi Gamma Mu 3,41 Seerley Hall House Coun- cil 3,41 Social Science Honors 3,41 Purple Key 41 Track Team l,Z,3,41 Jettersonian Club 41 Hall ot Recognition l,2,31 Hall ot Scholarship l,2,3,41 Wes- ley Foundation l,2,3,4 lPres. 311 Sigma Theta Epsi- lon l,2,3 lPres. I1. WYMORE, PAMELA A, Cedar Falls, Business Edu- cation. Phi Chi Delta l,2,3,41 FBLA l,2,3,41 Purple Arrow I,21 Foreign Language Club 33 Kappa Delta Pi 3,41 Pi Omega Pi 3,4, master of arts index ANDERSEN, KENNETH E. Charles City, Speech. BEATTIE, CLAUD A. Bismarck, North Dakota, Music. Bismarck Teachers Collegeg Minot State Teachers. HAZAMA, SYLVIA Y. Wailuku, Maui, T. H., Ele- mentary. Nu Sigma Phi 2,3,41 Kappa Delta Pi 2,4, graduate1 Campbell Hall House Council 41 Inter- sorority Council 41 Drake University. HISKEY, EUGENE. Cedar Falls, Secondary Princi- palship. IKEDA, HITOSHI. Hilo, Hawaii, Elementary. Uni- versity ot Hawaii, BA. KAZIM, MAASSOUMA M. Cairo, Egypt, Mathema- tics, Institute of Education tor Women Teachers, Cairo. KIMURA, MORRIS Y. Kona, Hawaii, Elementary. University of Hawaii, BA. PETRO, PETER K. Waterloo, Business Education. FBLA 3,4. Y YAMASHITA, BETSY M. Kahului, Maui, T. H., Upper Elementary. Nu Sigma Phi l,2,41 Beta Alpha Epsi- lon 41 Library Students Association 21 Film Club 35 Sigma Eta Chi I. YATES, PATRlClA A. Atlantic, Music. A Cappella Choir 3,41 AWS Board 41 Bartlett Hall House Coun- cil I1 College Chorus 21 Lawther Hall House Coun- cil 21 OLD GOLD 2,31 Purple Arrow 21 Sigma Al- pha Iota 3,43 Speech Activities Club I,2,3g Student League Board 41 Symphony Orchestra l,2,3,41 Tau Chi Eta I,2 lV. Pres. 213 Torch and Tassel 41 Camp- bell Hall House Council 3, 4 lPres. 411 Newman Club l,2,3,41 MENC 3,4 lPres. 31. Z ZARAFIS, ALEXANDER P. Waterloo, Business Edu- cation, Alpha Chi Epsilon 31 College Eye 31 Baker Hall House Council 41 FBLA 41 OLD GOLD 3. PIEPER, RUSSELL L. West Union, History and Busi- ness Administration. Upper Iowa University, BA. RINEHART, GEORGE J. Mystic, Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu 31 Social Science Honors 3. SANBORN, HELEN S. Cedar Falls, Elementary Su- pervision. Luther College, BA. YORK, GEORGE L. Cedar Falls, Science. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 lPres. 411 Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,4 lPres. 411 Sigma Tau Gamma I,Z,3,41 Men's Union 41 IFTA 4. 269 S01 x . - QW' , - wmgggg . ug: - ,A " "V ' 94 4 A -up wi, 4, 5, -Yiwu,-H., ,I , , . "4 ,pa gm K wx i Vu -W u f 31 'K . ,, ax .. ' 1-funn b ,,, P - 'mn '-hw-gin-M. . ui M wan my . .,4n1f.n-agp .- -'ff'JwIm.,qgunDR.,.. V , va. --an sv' "' " ., "' - -fisf dfqm , . 9 I -5 v '1 'W' ' .1 -'Qi' 'kvfiff'-:ff Elm' nw Q, Q. V PN- 1,3915 "al-2-xi: Q t, :A .,,, .429 Q , 1 5 ' wing.. " ' 2 1. , ' . ff-ifl f -SFR,-' ,." ' ,, , if Sv af an-,aggg we an-ni' - at is :www-' . ' ig? 'Alix .k . ,, ., T , .,,.-Jw-'Dfw' A 'f,gg.v X Q. , Q' S x - Q V :xr . my-,, ' l ,Q 4 , , .wif ,, Q .. ,, , g l 6 N K , ynylhfrf' ' MJ-. 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WATERLOO, IOWA PRINTING TYPEWRITERS OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT HOLST PRINTING CO. zu WASHINGTON sT. PHONE coLFAx 6-0223 NATIONAL BANK OF WATERLOO Member of the Federcd Deposit Insurance Corp. 273 ,, I 1, , H U R W I C H ' S M 4 :K L. .. ..,,, L A: WATERLOO IOWA 1 fi I F I U 5 I :i f 500-508 Lafayette Street i 7 S A . I? , ' I Waterloo's Oldest Furniture Store il I I THE 7-Up BOTTLING CO. 1 MAKERS OF DODGER BEVERAGES PAUI.'S CAFE A Good Place to Eat I43O LOOAN WATERLOO THE BOLSER CORPORATION 27th and Main XX X 0 N -O f n 9 I If Manufacfurers OI Truck Elares g I X '-g N9 'He olllfllldfv OII1er Truck SOIeIy Equipmenf I T "We Give S cQH Green Stamps" TOM CREW'S DEEP ROCK STATION T Save 3 Ways ' WATERLOO IOWA FALLS BETTER PERFORMANCE LOWER PRICES I GREEN STAMPS I 27+I'm AND MAIN - CEDAR FALLS, IOWA MASON CITY MARSHALLTOWN CEDAR FALLS CEDAR RAPIDS 274 When You Think of Flowvrw Think nf ULIQCIWO L iff established in 187-I 416 W. I2 Street CEDAR FALLS, IOWA O Phone Colfax 6-3521 "Jarmans" are rated 'TOPS' 5 I in COLLEGE CAMPUS Styling Buy +I-lem af 1 3,4 ""'mLiLA"7gQf , f I Wa+erIoo's Friendly MEN'S SHOE STORE B L A C K ' S M O R E Y L A Z A R Nexi Door fo Paramount Theaire Enfrance VVGJI-erloo' Iowa WATERLOO, IOWA I !,1e.,'L,,1 ,xiao W V Q bl VA A - World's Largest Producer of Rotary Pumps ' VIKING PUMP coMPANY CEDAR FALLS, IOWA I I to y,,,,,,,7 tx THE RECORD ROOM Records and SI1ee+ Music Popular, CIassicaI, CI1iIdren's, Sacred, Western Record Players, Needles 'For aII Players Insfrumenf Accessories TENENBAUM JEWELRY Prop. II3 Main S+. Phone DI6mOI1CIS - Seffers - GOIdSmI'I'I'1S CEDAR FALLS Col-FAX 6-.822 WATERLOO, IOWA 275 f sl. , Q ' "' JV' L.' f" ' ,'j,-- f frm ' - + i i ,, X - 4 e-,,. - 1- " W , :Z-, as ee M--i is -ss i ' ' . ll - H -'fps-L f -ff Q ..V'-,,,,n,.,,-jkgpiggf - 353-,t.'E.7k-TQ - fff 'Q ll ,-Tr :nn-rg. it: , 2 -m..Q.:'1' neg, an E-' - " 0 ' ' 2 pane, . bra' .- s A ' ,,,,s, .,, -W fqfai M Q A W - :Y E' X Q 1- WJ N img, -. '- F' ' ' ,.4 IQ .lj aria.: ..s?La-- -:gf-,gf-',x: ' 5 ,.':......Qf'.--cwzz.--s - -. ut is . - -- - 'x Q "-'-" -f',...-jig., -'-'-2' ' '-- quick check of the local library is sure to reveal that new volumes are constantly being added to those shelves that hold the success books. For success, as you know, is quite the popular subject. And worth- while, too. But even though the thousands of published for- mulas for success, stretched end to end, would reach from here to Utopia, and although all of them differ to a greater or lesser degree, each inevitably includes one basic i.ngredient. We'll call it Element "X," Element "X" is that intangible extra which one receives in the way of reward in certain endeavors. It's a reward that is over, above, and in addition to any material recompense, a reward that is peculiar in that it can't be given or infused but must be created and absorbed out of the undertaking itself. 'Q 276 LN, e. Element "X" is the personal satisfaction one always derives from an occupation in which he contributes not only to his own improvement but also to that of his neighbors. There exist many fields from which this important ingredient may be drawn, such as the teaching pro- fession and the manufacturing of farm equipment. And throughout the country, people engaged in both pursuits are daily experiencing this great satisfaction, knowing that they are themselves contributing to a healthier, happier people, a better nation, and a better world. That's Element "X " Jon DEERE WATERL00 Tmxcron wonxs WATERLOO, IOWA Official Photographer for The 1955 Old Gold ll HCLLETT STUDIO 4025 Falls Ave. WATERLOO. IOWA GENE'S D-X STATION 22nd and College Cedar Falls, Iowa HICKORY HOUSE Barbecue Ribs and I-Iam, Slealcs, Chicken, Sea Food, and Sandwiches Open from 5 p.m. 'ro 2 a.m. every weelc day Safurday and Sunday 5 p.m. 'ro I2 midnighl' 3I5 Parlr Road 0 Walerloo, Iowa I "-x f"1L.s- , r' A S WJ: Kin' kb, It 'DA t ,V , . ?' -121.11-::,1uz::a3f,,,ggT,,,gf,,5f-,m,.gxmmd Your General Electric Store Q' ' 'YZ eng E I New I23 Main Cedar Falls BROWN'S STANDARD SERVICE 2004 College St. CEDAR FALLS. IOWA I JENNEY RECORD CO. Radio and Records 2I9 W 4'I'In S+reeI' Waferloo, Iowa 277 ,N .. i1-an-ng-5 nnnmu GOODWIN MUSIC INC. 228 Easl 4+l'1 Waferloo jfs ZZWHQ For SPORTS and CASUALS 119 , S i f ' ' ' Sm , IQQHQWM IIII IWIIIIIAI 10 . qvuu ,,. :.,. 57.95 WQEEHR 305 Main S+. Cedar Falls ..fglici14iLl!L Javed? gomloany Estalalislzed in 189-I 221 W. Fourth St. VVATERLOO, IOWA Jewel MOU West lst on Hlwuy Z0 Finest oi Home Cooked Foods Air Conditioned Open Lol-e for Your Convem n e BAKER'S 0 old Fashioned - comfy s+yle ICE CREAM . . CEDAR FALLS, IOWA 278 Ev, Royal Remingion Smillw-Corona Underwood HERM ES C-BET A TYPEWRITER NOW! You will use if +l'1e res+ of your life LATTA'S Comple+e Ou+fiHers for Scl1ool and Office College Slore and Office Opposife ISTC Campus Display Room and Warehouse 22l8 Main Sf. , ,N COLLEGE EYE Smartly Dressed Men Prefer to Shop at The Store for Young Men LARRY'S CLOTHES SHOP 3IO - E 4th ST. WATERLOO JOHNSON-CHRISTENSEN COMPANY 0 HARDWARE - HEATING - PLUMBING 0 312 MAIN - CEDAR FALLS We Give Green Stamps MARTIN BROS. Distributing Co. "Northeast lowa's Leading Restaurant Equipment and Food Products Distributor" Featuring Equipment and Food Products for School Lunch Program "We are Behind the Panthers" 922 Main Cedar Falls, Iowa Don't Do It Yourself Don't Send It Home To Mom Bring Your Laundry to BIake's Automatic Laundry College Hill 7:30 +o 5:00 Ute OL! Qffef, SZUP FINE CHINA, GLASS, POTTERY AND GIFTS 4I3 Main Ceclar Falls NOW'S THE TIME TO BUY YOUR 56 OLD GOLD 280 252525252525EQEQEQEQZQZQZQZQEQEQEQZQZQZQ me M55 Q41 gf! Printed and Bound by The Clio Press Year Book Division of the Economy Adveriising Co. Iowa Cify, Iowa 555555555555555555555555555555 5555555555 28 I lk A Cappella Choir Aclivilies Adminislralion Adverndng All College Sing Alpha Chi Epsilon Alpha Phi Gamma Alpha Phi Omega Arl Club A A A Arl Deparlmenl AA A Associalion of Women Sfudenls Alhlelics Bachelor ol Arls Index Baker Hall House Council Baplisl Sludenl Cenler Barllell Hall House Council A A Baseball Baslcelball AA A . Bela Alpha Epsilon Board of Conlrol ol Sludenl Publicalions Business Educalion Deparlmenl A A CI Campbell Hall House Council A Campus Buildings A A A Campus 4-H ClubA A Campus Radio Slarion ..,.,. Canlerbury Club A A AA AA .AA Cedar Falls lv1en's Housing Unil A Chapel Choir A AA A AA Cheerleaders A Chimes A A A A Chrislian Sludenl Cenler A Chrislmas Acrivilies College Auclion College Chorus College EyeAA College PlayersAA A Concerl Band.A A AA Dad's Day A A A Debale A A A Della Della Phi Della Sigma Rho A Deparlmenls A A AA Educalion Deparlmenl A A 282 TOPICAL INDEX AAAAl3I 94-139 66-77 272-28s A 20 AA A241 182 AAA2oo AA20I A AA.8O A A97 I4O-I 79 266-269 A 98 A A228 A AI00 I60-I63 l50-l55 202 A Al25 AAA8I A A l02 .AAAA6f-l3 A A 203 A A63 AA 232 IIO AAl3I AAAI76 AAI83 A230 A 38-4I AAAAA46 AAI33 I26-I29 AA.AAA2O4 AAAAl35 A 28 AA AI37 A 242 AAAAl84 78-93 AAA82 Elemenla Ki A .AAAAAA A Ellen H. Richards Club. AA A Epsilon Pi Tau AA A A AA F Facully Dance A A A Facully Index A Fall Play AAAA Femmes Fancy A Film Club Firsr Year K. P. Club AA AA Foolball AA Fulure Business Leaders of America C5 Gamma Della Golf A Graduales Greelc Hop A A FI Home Economics Deparlmenlm A Homecoming A Honorary Organizalions A A A I l Club A A AA A "l"Queens. "l" Queen Allendanls A lnduslrial Ar'rs Club AAAAAA lnduslrial Arls Deparlment A A lnlerdenominalional Church A A A lnleresl Organizalions AAAAAAA lnler Fralernily Council AAAA A lnlernafional Relalions Club A lnler Sororily Council AA.....AA.. lnler-Varsify Chrislian Fellowship lnlramurals AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA Iowa Fulure Teachers Associalion J Jazz Concerl AA A A A A A Jeiclersonian Club AAAA A A A IC Kappa Della PiA AA A A A Kappa Mu Epsilon, A AA Kappa Phi AAAA A A Kappa Pi AAAAAAAAAAA Kappa Pi Bela Alpha AAAA Kappa Thela Psi AAAAAA ..A2O5 AA.206 AA.I85 AAAAA37 286-287 AAAAA29 AAA.62 AAAAl38 A AA2O7 l42-l49 AA 208 AAAA235 I 70-I 7 I 254-269 AAAAAI6 83 A A30-33 l82-I98 AAAI77 AAAl78 AAI79 AAA209 .AAAAA84 .AA.AAAA.227 200-225 AAAA.24O AAA2IO ..A..240 A233 I72-I75 AAAAAA.2Il ...A36 AAA2l2 AA.I86 AAAI87 AAA237 A..I88 .AA2I3 AA.243 L Lambda Gamma Nu .,,...... Languages. Speech and Lileral Lawlher Hall House Council, Leclure-Concerl Series ,,,... Library Science Deparlmenl. , Library Sludenls Associalion., Lulheran Sludenls Associafion. Marching Band .. .,, Mardi Gras ....... Marlins .,...... ...,. Masler of Arls Index , . , Malh Club .........,.. Malhemalics Deparlmenl ,. . Men's Union , Messiah .......,. Mo+her's Day ..,... Music Deparlmem' ..,. M.E.N.C. ......,... M. NewmanClulo... Nu Sigma Phi ,.,, .,, O Off-Campus Women ..,.. Old Gold .........,.,.. Old Gold Beauly Dance ...,. Opera ...,,...,.....,.. Orchesis . . 4 Orcheslra .... Organizalions .... Orienlalion ....,... Olher Pulolicalions ....... P Phi Chi Della ...,....... Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia .... Phi Sigma Epsilon ....... Phi Sigma Phi, ........... Physical Educarion Club i.... Physical Educalion for Men. 4. Physical Educalion for Women.. Pi Gamma Mu ............,, Pi Omega Pi ,,............. Pi Phi Omega .... Pi Tau Phi ..... Pi Thela Pi ........... Plymoulh Club ...,,,... Presbylerian Fellowship . ., Presiclen+'s Message ..... . . . . , , . . . . . 244 ure Deparlmenl. , .85 ,, ... .... ,.. IO4 . A .L 34,4-4,45 ,.,..,,86 ..2l4 .. .... 234 ....l36 ..,l7 ....2I5 UM269 ..,2l6 .U87 ...97 ,,.4O ...I9 ....,87 ,...2l7 ...229 i...245 ,...,.Ill ,..I22-l24 ....47-60 ,....43 .,..2l8 ...,..l34 ..,.l8O-253 ....ZZ-27 ..,.I29 ..,.239 ..,.l89 ....246 ..4.247 ....2l9 . .,.89 .....9O . ,... l9O ....I9l ,.,.248 ...,249 ...,25O ....23l ....238 ...68 Purple Arrow ..., Purple Key ,., .. Religion-in-Life Weelc , A Religious Organizalions A Rural Communily Leaders S Sadie Hawkins Dance Science Deparlmenl ..... Second Year K-P Club. A Seerley Hall House Council Senior Arr .,,..... . A Senior Counselors . , .... Sigma Alpha Ela .,.,. Sigma Alpha lola .,.,. Sigma Ela Chi ......... Sigma Gamma Kappa Sigma Tau Gamma ..,., Sigma Thela Epsilon ...... Social Life Commirlee ..., Social Organizalions . .. Social Science Deparlmenl. Social Science Honors s,.. Speech Aclivilies Club ,. . Spring Eormal ..,..,..,., Spring Play ...,,,.,, ,,. Sladium Hall House Council. . M. Sludenl Council ol Religious Aclivilies , . Sludenl Counselors . A ...,.,. . . . Sludenl League Board ..,,. Sunsel Village Council ...... T Tau Chi Ela. .,..... Tau Sigma Della ....... Teaching Deparlmenl ..,, Tennis ..... The Year ..,.,,. Thela Alpha Phi ,,.. There Epsilon ..... . Thela Gamma Nu 4.,, Thela Thela Epsilon .,... Torch and Tassel ..i.. Track ,........, . W Walerloo Men's Housing Unil ..,. X'Vesley Foundalion Council ,.,. Winler Play ................. Women s Chorus ........... ... Women's Recrealion Associalion ..,. . . . Wreslling ..,.......,,..,..... ..... .,,,l92 ll8-l2I ,..,.42 226-239 ,.,,22O ,...35 4...9l ,..22I ...lO8 ..sl3O ...II6 ...l93 ...I94 ...23l H222 ...25l .,..236 ,s..II7 240-253 .....92 ...I95 ...223 .....2l ....,l8 ,..,lO6 ...226 ....lI6 ..,.96 ....ll4 ....l76 .,..252 ...,.93 I68-I69 ..l-4-63 .,..l96 ....228 ..,.253 ....I97 ....I98 I64-I67 ..,.Il2 ,.,.236 .....6l ....l32 ....22-4 I56-l59 283 Jones, Howard, 92, l90 A Aokvilc, Ellen Abboll, R, L, Adney, Verna Aifchison, Alison Allegre. Charles Allen, Rulh, 83, I97, 206 Anderson, Lucille Anderson, Wallace Arey, Amy, 2l3 Aurand, Wayne B Baker, Rebecca, 82 Barker, Olive, 88 Baum, Russell, 88 Beard, Marshall, 7I Bebb, Randall, 93 Beckman, Mary Beqeman, Louis Bender, Paul, 72 Benson, Carol Bernhard, Harold, 75. 85, 200, 226 Birkhead, Jane, 88 Bishop, Clifford, 77, 82 Blackman, Mildred Blanlord, James, 8I, l9I Bluhm, David Bock, Emil, 88 Boehlie. Eslher, 82, 207 Bonlz, Jean. 90, 2l9 Braddock. Richard Bradley, C. Paul, 92 Brandes, Mary, IO4 Brimm, Paul, 93 Bronczyk, Josephine, 93 Brofhers, Chesler, 46, 9l Brown, A. E., 82 Brown, Helen, 93 Brown, Mable, 93 Brune, lrvin, 87, IB7, 2l6 Buckingham, Lena, 83 Bullena, Louis, 92, I9O Burns, Joseph, 88 Buswell, Margaref, 82 Buffer worfh, Mary, 90, 2l8, 2l9 C Cable, E. J., 9l Camp bell, C. Evelyn, 93 Carnine, Harry Clark, Cole, J. R., 89, I46, l7O, I79 E. E., 74 Coleman, Waller, 88 Conley, Mary Ann, l26, l82 Conlon, Corley Cowley, John, 85 Cram, Fred, 86 Crawford, Elinor, 90, 2l9 Crawford. Morris. 92, I90, ZIO Crosby, Edmund. 84, IBS, 209 Curfis, Dwighl, 93 284 ' FACULTY INDEX D Davids. Arlene Davis, Roberl Dee, William, 92, I9O, 246 Delafield, David, 80, I88 Denny, E. C., 82, 202 Dickinson, A. D., 89, I66 Dieferich, Mary, 86 Dilzler, Waller Divelbess, Margarel, 93 Douglas, Lloyd. 8l, I9I Dreir, William, 220 E Ehresman, Irene Elliair, eaylan, 93, was Emmons, Ardilh, 93 F Fagan, W. B., 85 Fahrney, R. R.. 92, l90, 2l0 Fieler, Fred, 93 Ferneau. Elmer. 82 Fink, Merrill, 63 Fifzqerald, Marqarel, 76 Flowers. Richard, 85 Foresl, Louise Fossum, Ernesf, 85, I93 Fowler, Claylon, 80 Fowler, Seymour, 9l Fowler, Kalhleen Fox, Josef, 85 French, Valienl Fuller, A. C. Fullerlon, Margarel, 86 G Gamel, Joseph. 75 Gefchell, R. W., 9I Gibb, Glenadine, 87, I87 Goefch, E. E. Goqel, Kennelh, 80 Goggin, Leo Gohman, Waller, 93 Grant M. L., 9l Guillaume. Harry, 80, I88 Gullickson, Agnes H Hake, Herberl, 73 Haines, Maude Haines, Refer, 8l Hall, Slanley, 89, I46. IS3 Hamillon. Elberl Hampfon, Nellie, 82, 205 Hanawall, Mary. 85 Hanson, Alden, 85 l-lanson, Charles Hanson, Rose, 93 Happ, William Harmon, Leia, 93 Harper, Corinne, 93 Harris, Lyman, 92, l90 Hari, Irving, 86 Harlwell, Frank, 93 Haskell, Ralph, 80, l88 Hearsl, James Heiple, Clarke Heiple, Cleobell Hellaf, Bernice Herrick, Donald, 93 Herrold, Clifford, l88, 20l Hill, Frank, 88 Hlad, Isabelle Hoffman. Carolyn, 93 Holliday, Olive, 83, I97 Holmberg, Marjorie, 93 Holmes, George, 74, I25 Holvik, Karl, 88 Holsl, Harold. 88, l89 Hord, Roberl, 88 Hosier, Max, 93 l-loward, Donald, 92, l90 Howe, Marvin, 88 Hull, Eslher, 82 Humphrey, Kafherine, 8l, l9I Hunler, Mary, 92, I90 l-lulcheson, Rulh, 93 J Jackson, C. L., 93 Jackson. Mary Jennings, Philip, 73 Jewell, Ross Johnson, Richard, 86, 2l4 K Kasiske, Florence, 93 Kelso, Paul, 24, 73 Kercheval, James, 9l Knulson, Howard, 82, 2ll Koehring, Dorolhy, 93 Koll, William, 89, l59, l68 Kurlz, Edward L Lamke, Tom, 7l Lang, William, 7l, 77.92, l90 Lanlz, C. W., 9l Lalharn, William, 88 Lallin, Richard, 93 Lawlon, Milo Leavifl, Charles, 46, 92, l90 Lebeda, Agnes, 8I, l9I, 208 Lindemann, Myrne, 93 Lol'l', Fred, B7, I87, 2l6 Lund, Sue, ll6 Lynch, Lewis M Macy, Wm. Keilh, 88, l3I, 233 Madore, Alice, 93 Madore, Normand Manlor, Edna, 93 Maricle, William, 93 Mariell Mariell Marlcs, a, E. L., 81, 191, 208 a, Neola Belly Marlindale, Franlr Malala, Malala, Mauclr, Dorolhy, 138 R. E., 84, 138, 185, 209 Jane, 88. 131 Mauclrer, J. W., 69, 103, 225 Maurer, Edwin, 85, 212 Maxwell, Jvone, 88 Mazula, Peler, 93 McBrair, Marian, 72, 96, 97, 111, 198, 240 McBride, Eleanor, 93 McCarlhy, Phyllis McColl um, Clillord, 91 McCue, Roberl, 46, 97, 108, 240 McCuslcer, Laurella, 86 McDavi McMah lt Elaine, 85, 196 on, Della McLeod, Ada, 86 Mendenhall, L. L., 89 Merrill, Eleanor Middlelon, Helene Miller, Milchel Mohn, Moon, Moon, Edna, 85, I92 1, John Mardelle Allred Dorolhy, 90, 219 Morlc, Vernon, 93 Mullins, Nelson, Nelson, Evelyn, 86 N Herman, 91 M. J., 46, 70, 77 Ness, Carman Noe, Roberla Noonan, Eileen, 86 Opler, O Emma, 93 P Page, John, 80, 188 Palmer, Pappas Pa risho Harold, 84, 185. 209 , George. 80 , John Paulson, Robert 93 Peck, Lyman, 87, 131, 187,216 Pendergralt Daryl, 72 Phillips, Cecil, 93 Plaehn, Poage, Poppy. Poller, Erma George, 92, 190 Willard, 91 Albert 93 Powell, Shirlee, 116 Price, Malcolm, 82 Przychodzin, Joe, 93 R Rail, Grace Ralh, Earl, 30, 91, 125, 176 Reclor, Carolyn Redner, Arlhur, 38, 88, 186, 217, 236 Reece, Oscar, 91, 222 Reed. Howard, 84, 209 Renaud, Rulh, 102, 183 Reninger, 1-1. Willard, 77, 85 Rhum, Gordon, 82, 211 Riebe, H. A., 82 Riller, Elmer Robinson, George Rod, Donald, 76, 77, 86 Rogers, R. A., 9I Root Mary Rolh, Bells Ann, 93 Ruegnilz, Rose, 88 Ruman, Edward, 93 Russell, Myron, 77, 88 Rull, Raymond J, Mrs., 98 S Sage. Leland, 92, 190 Sauer, Pauline, 91 Schaeler, Joset 85 Schilder, Louis Schlicher, Raymond, 74, 264 Schmilt Mary Margaret 93, Schneider, Naomi, 93 Schools, Marshall, 93 Schraemeyer, Conslance Schullz, Mavis, 93 Schurrer, Augusla, 87, 187, Seeber, Florence, 93 Shannon, Jerry, 91 Shelle, Lois, 93, 193 Shepherd, Gene, 93 Shores, Edna, 83, 197 Short Thelma, 90, 219 Silvey, H. M., 75 Silyey, lna Silvey, Wray, 82 Smilh, Ernesline, 91 Smilh, Francis, 85 Smilh, May, 213, 221 Smilh, M. B., 85, 223 Smilll, Paul, 80, 188, 201 Sonslegard, Manlord Sparrow, Julia, 205 Slarbecli, C. L., 46, 89, 146 Sleininger, Earl, 93 Slolcslad, Lloyd. 93, 233 Slone, Myrtle, 93 Slrain, Robert 92, 190 265 216 Slrayer, Hazel, 85, 196, 204 Slrong, Annice Slruble, Marguirelle, 93 Sluart John Sulherland, Elisaloelh, 83, 197 Swanson, Belly, 90, 219 T Taylor, Loren, 85 Thompson, M. R., 77, 92, 190, 195 Thompson. Oscar, 82, 186. 202 Thompson, Thomas, 85 Turner, Eulalie U Ueclrer, Albert 82 Ulrley, Marguerile, 91 V VanderBeelc, Howard, 93 Van Engen, Henry, 77, 87, 187, 216 Van Ness, Grace, 90 Van Slylce, Gary, 106 Voellcer, Gerlrude, 86 Von Neumann, Roberl W Wagner, Guy, 76 Wagner, Lillian, 85, 184, 223 Wagner, Willis, 84, 185, 209 Waller, Mildred, 93 Walsh, William, 93 Walton, Rila VVeber, Harold Wesley, Wallace, 90 While, Doris Whillord, L. W., 89, 160, 163 Wighlman, Margorie Wilcox, M. J. Williams, David, 85, 193 Wilmarlh, Alla, 93 Wilson, Jean, 46, 104 Winelre, Dorolhy, 93 Winier, Leonard, 91 Winkleman, James, 93 Winsberg, Shirley, 90, 215, 219, 224 Willlalre, Eugene, 91 Wood, Slanley, 138, 204 Woodcoclc, Berl Wright Lawrence, 84, 185, 209 Y Yager, Babbara, 215 Yeager, Emily. 83 Z Zinlz, Miles, 82 Marleen, Alla, I32, 207, 239 A Abbas, Norma, Geneva, l02, I88, 206, 256 Abodeely, Adele, Cedar Rapids, IO4, 252 Adams Adams Adams 230. Adams Adams Adams , Alphy, Newlon, I32 , Donald, Liscomb, 97, l06, II6, , Charles, Cedar Falls 25I , Joan, Walerloo , Mary, Websler Cily, 22l , Nancy, Websler Cily, 23l STUDENT INDEX Anderson, Phyllis, Crawlordsville, I92, 203, 236 Anderson Virginia, Walerloo Anderson William, Blakesburg, 98 Andrada, Blaine, Wayzala, Minnesola, 235 Andresen Palricia, Graellinger Andrews, Dolores, Cenler Junclion Andrews, Donald, Toddville Andrews, Harold, Walerloo Andrews, Marjorie, Greene, 22l Ankerson. Arnold, Mary Jane, Ames, II6, l86, I94, Adams, Slanley, Walerloo Adolph, Thomas, Wacoma Adolphson, Wilma Elaine, Sperry, 2I3 Agan, Georgia, Milo Ahrens, Marcia, Cedar Falls. I33 Ahrens, Rela, Washinglon, 205, 237 Ailchison, Gary, Corwilh, II6, 200 Akers, Ronald, Coggon, 2l2 Akin, Elhan, Walerloo Akkerman, Donald, Holland Akkerman, Marillyn, Cedar Falls Albaugh, Sandra, Mason Cily Alberl, Belly, Eldon, 22l, 237 Alberl, Carl, Amana, 204, 235 Alberls, Marjorie, Arher, I32 Albornq Palricia, 229 Albrechl, James, Dike Albrighl, Ray, Walerloo Alcorn, Dennis, Creslon Aldrich, Janel, Toledo, 207 Aldrich, Joan, Belmond Aldrich, Joanne- Toledo, 207 Alexander, Palricia. Cedar Rapids, 207, 238 Allen, Annelle, Hazlelon, I04, I33, I92 Allen, Gene Walerloo Allen, John, Ames Allen, Philip, Ames, 228 Allison, Jane, Greene, 205, 229 Arnlahr, James, Jessup Anaslasi, Mariorie, Denison, I92, 220, 22l 229 Andersen Beverly, Walker, I92 Andersen Carllon, Cedar Falls Andersen Daryl, Cedar Falls Andersen John, Cedar Falls, 36- 6l, lI8, I3l, I86, l89, 2l7, 246, 256 Andersen Kennelh, Charles Cily, I84, 223. 263 Andersen Rulh, Allanlic, 207 Andersen Sharon, Sheffield, l3l Andersen Thelma, Manning Anderson Barbara Thompson Anderson Bradley, Parkersburg Anderson Charles, Phillips, 9I Anderson Chloris, Slrallord, I3I, I39, 230 Anderson Dennis, Eslherville Anderson Donald, Burlinglon, II6, 208, 209, 25l, 25 Anderson, Helen, Dike, I29 Anderson Janel, Charilon, l3l, I33, 2l7 Anderson Janice, Goldlield, IOI, 234 Anderson, Jenine, Rockford, Illinois, I04, II7, IBB, 20l Anderson, Leroy, Walerloo, 256 286 Annear, Ardelh, Dedham, I32 Aperans, Agzis, Cedar Falls Aperans, Janis, Cedar Falls Archer, Clarence, Bloomlield Arends, Richard, Grundy Cenler, I39, l60 Arink, Belly, Rowley, 22l, 238 Armslrong, Chloe, Walerloo Arnold, Doris, Hudson Arnold, James, Marshalllown I98, 2l7, 238, 239, 256 Aschim, Marilyn, Ridgeway Ash, Donald, Cedar Falls Ashkenaze, Sol, Forl Dodge Aspleal, Sandra, Souix Cily Alherlon, Jean, Greenbay, Wisconsin, 22l 252 Allig, Mary, Renwick Augusline, Belly' Albien, 207, 237 Auld, Dorolhy, Cedar Falls Auld, Lawrence, Cedar Falls, 223, 256 Aves, Arline, Waverly Avery, Mary, Cedar Falls, l3l, 2I7, 256 Axline, Richard, Independence Axon, Barbara, Goldlield, 22l Axmear, Jo Ann, Keswick Ayala, Audrey, Dubuque, II6, 240, 248 Azelline, Bernice, Cedar Falls B Baarson, Paul, Ellendale, 2l2 Bacher, Sally, Burlinglon, 2I3, 242, 256 Baerman, Hulda, Walerloo Baelke, Ellen, Waverly Bagge, Carolyn, Easl Moline, Illinois, 22l 229 Bahndorl, Mary, Amana, I33, 235 Bahnsen, Belly, Wyoming Bahrenluss, Beniamin, Websler Cily, I42 Baier, Leona, Fonlanelle, I22, I32, 237 Bailey, Donna, Adel, I93, 2l3, 253, 256 Bain, Donna, Newlon, I32, 228 Baker, Alice, Cresco Baker, Armand, Sugar Land, Texas, 36, IIB. l25, l3I, 24I, 256 Baker, Frances, Decorah, I79 Baker, Francis, Walerloo Baker, David, Odgen, 97, II6, I26, I82, I88, 20l, 2l2, 229, 25I Baker, Margarel, Washinglon, 229 Baker, Norma, Newell Baldridge, Darwin, Walerloo Baldwin, Claire, Marble Rock Baldwin, Ronald, lrvinglon Baldy, Jane Ellen, Spiril Lake, 205, 237 Balhorn, Vincenl, Walerloo Balkema, Mary, Dows Ball, Charles, Walerloo, 96, 98, II7, 244 Ball, Raymond, Cedar Falls Balzer, Donna, Des Moines Barber, Donna, Walerloo Barclay, Carol, Lyle, Minnesola Barlield, Kennelh, Walerloo Barger, Marie, Osceola, I22, 230, 245 Barker, Barbara, Davenporl Barker, Calharine, Keosauqua, 247 Barker, Shirley, Des Moines, 233 Barnell, William, Walerloo Barr, Donald, Charles Cify Barr, Jean, Manchesler, 203 Barrell, Kay, Mason, 229 Barlels, Leroy, Greene Barlen, Lloyd, Weslside, I33, 235 Barllell, Curlis, Walerloo Barlon, Dennis, Des Moines, I56 Bassler, Dorolhy, Aplinglon Bauman, Bradley, Rock Valley, 244 Baumgarl, Miriam, Slale Cenler, 235, 250 Baumgarlner, Jean, Cedar Falls Baxler, Barbara, Allanlic, 229 Beals, Ellen, Newion, 2l5 Beardmore, Joann, Ira, 220 Beallie, Claud, Moll, Norlh Dakola, 263 Beally, Blair, Gullenberg Beaupain, Shirley, Hubbard, I33 Beaving, Jean, Bullalo Cenler, I33, 2l2, 23l Bechlel, Grover, Independence Beck, Arlene, Charles Cily Beckman, Bruce, Michigan Cily, Indiana Beckman, Eleanor, Bennell, 205, 235 Becvar, Audre, Colo Bead, Joan, Hansell, I33, 2l9 Beeson, Pauline, Earlham, I22, 208, 238, 239 Beelsch, Richard, Mankalo, Minnesola, I42, I44, l45, I48, I49, ISO, I52, l54, I60, I77 Beghlel, Florence, Cedar Falls Beghlel, Floyd, Van Horn Behrends, Karl, Jesup Behrens, Glenn, Waucoma Beinke, Ellabelle, Walerloo Beisner, James, Tripoli, I56 Beisner, Rila, Dows, I33, 205 Bell, William, Cedar Falls, lI0 Bell, Slanley, Waverly Belson, Beverly, Clinlon, l02, II6, ll9, 2lI. 2I3, 2l4, 256 Bemus, Dean, Walerloo, 240, 244 Benda, Regina, Belle Plaine, 229 Bender, Calherine, Norlh English Beneke, Brenda, Celar Rapids, I7, 49, 50, 242 Beneke, Rudolph, Palmer Benjamin, James, Walerloo Beniamin, Sharon, Winlersel, 237 Bennell, Leonard, Walerloo Bennink, Donald, Cedar Falls, 256 Benser, John, Mason Cily Benson, Beverly, Elgin Buckman, Carole, Wesl Liberly, 133, 238, Benson, Deloy, Lake Park, 187, 216 Benson, LaVon, Forl Dodge Benl, Carol, Tama, 207, 237 Benlley, James, Charles Cily Berg, Norman, Walerloo Berger, Janel, Walerloo, 139, 217 Bergh, Evelyn, Wayland, 132, 139,237 Bergman, Rulh, New 1-larllord, 81 Bernard, Donna, Cedar Falls Bernal, Loois, Walerloo Bernhard, Judilh, Cedar Falls Berry, Jack, Denmark Berlch, Mary, Walerloo, 229 Besh, Joyce, Cedar Falls Bells, Mary, Walerloo Beuler, David, Solon Beyer, Karl, Epworlh Billings, Duane, Walerloo Binlz, John, Cedar Falls Birdsall, Dorolhea, Walerloo Birkenhollz, Grace, Iowa Cily, 126 Bishop, Jeanne, Cedar Rapids, 126, 127, 128, 182, 215, 219, 224 Bishop, Lewis, Wesl Union Bilcon, Lawrence, Greenlield, 142, 143, 146, 147, 177 Bilcon, Lyle, Greenlield, 142, 246, 256 Bilner, Marilyn, Della, 132 BiH1e, Elizabelh, Iowa Falls, 61, 116, 204, 236, 237, 253 Bixby, Garry, Walerloo Bjorklund, Lorella, Cedar Falls, 235 Biorklund, Lorimer, Cedar Falls, 209,235 Black, Lloyd Dale, Farnhamvi11e,97, 150, 153 177, 239, 256 Black, Nell, Cedar Falls Blackerl, Belly, Sioux Rapids, 208 Blackman, Barbara, Walerloo Blair, Maynard, Cedar Falls, 170, 171 Blandau, 1-loward, Eldora Blankers, Laurens Arlhur, Archer, 119, 126 131, 216, 217, 239, 256 Blaser, Eugene, Cedar Falls Blau, Ruby, New 1-larllord Blech, Roberl, Cedar Falls Blekeberg, Shirley, Decorah, 205 Blessing, Rebecca, Paullina, 235 Blew, 1-lelen, Bloomfield Blizek, Carol, Maquokela, 139 Blizek, Marlene, Maquokela, 247 Bloem, 1-lermine, Tripoli Blong, Sophie, Waucorna Blood, Vesla. Runnells Bloxom, Phyllis, Esles Park, Colorado Boal, Glenda, Ml, Pleasanl, 221, 234 Boardsen, Danny, Clinlon Bonavia, Rosalie, Waverly Bonderman, Jean, Archer, 237 Bonesleel, Marjorie, Norway. 228 Bonzo, Palricia, San Francisco, California, 217 Boolh, Janice, Washinglon, 133 Boolhroyd, Bonnivere, Cedar Falls Borel, Janice, Clarion Borwiclc, Arlhur, La Porle Cily Bolhun, Richard, Walerloo Bollorll, Mary, Packwood, 132, 204, 206, 228, 233, 247 Boughlon, Harrison, lda Grove, 36, 89, 189, 241 Boughlon, John, Walerloo, 131, 208, 226. 232 Bourne, Roberl, Ames, 139, 189 Bowers, William, Plymoulh, 256 Bowlin, Barbara, Council Bluffs, 132, 207, 231 Bowman, Vernon, Ames, 236 Boyd, Daniel, Cedar Falls, 110 Boyd, David. Walerloo Boyd, John, Greene Boyer, Slanley, Elgin Boylan, Shirley, Des Moines, 219 Branckin, Mary, Elgin, 237 Bradley, Daniel, 1-louslon, Texas, 200 Bradley, Myrna, Slrewberry Poinl, 139 Brand, Pauline, Wesl Des Moines, 211, 223. 235 Brandes, Mary, Cedar Falls, 104 Brandl, Carol, Dysarl, 116, 133, 243 Brandl, Donna, Dubuque, 202, 212, 231, 248 Brallon, Merlon, Cedar Falls Braun, Marvin, Walerloo Braun, Shirley, Nichols, 202, 237 Brechl, Elodie, Walker, 229 Breheny, Barbara, Clear Lake, 215, 221, 229 Bremer, Nancy, Lawlon, 238, 239 Breneman, Faye, Grinnell, 205, 237 Breneman, Darrell, Lowden Brennan, Geraldyne, Carlisle, 237, 253 Bress, Dale, Primqhar, 117, 122, 244 Brell, Mildred, Spiril Lake, 203, 205, 233 Brewer, Oliver, Walerloo Brickner, John, Teaneck, New Jersey Briden, Frank, Walerloo, 112 Brighl, Jacqueline, Massillon, 116,231 Brink, Conslance, Sioux Cily, 238, 239 Brinker, Malcolm, Auburn, 131 Brinkley, Ronald, Des Moines, 17, 49, 56, 142, 143, 150 Brill, Glenn, Glidden Bro, Ronald, Exira, 108, 209, 256 Brown, Donald Eugene, Wa+er1oo,25b Brown, Donald Roger, Davenporl, 150 Brown, Dorolhy, Leon Brown, John, Pau11ina,99 Brown, Mariorie, Decorah Brown, Mildred, Grimes Brown, Palricia, Walerloo, 131, 132, 194 256 Brown, Terry, Donnellson Brown, Wendell, Newlon Brownell, Janice, Lake Cily, 228 Bru, Alice, Le Grand Bruch, Mary, Algona Brudos, La Vonne, De Solo, Wisconsin Bruening, Janice, Lake Cily, 132, 176, 229 Bruner, James, Cedar Rapids, 241, 256 Bruns, Richard, Cedar Falls Brunsvold, Laurella, Kennsell, 131, 139, 217 234 Bryanl, James. 1-larlley Buchmann, Adella, Jackson, Minnesola, 233 Buck, Forresl, Davenporl Buckels, Janice, Jewell, 221 Bode, Carol, Parkersburg, 203, 238, 239, Boderman, Roberl, Sumner, 150, 160, 177, 244, Boeyink, Wanda, Ollie, 133, 211, 256 Boggs, David, Cedar Falls Bogle, Edra, Primghar, 214 Bohning, Shirley, Belmond, 192 Bohning, Wayne, Belmond Boies, Janel, Charles Cily, 133 Balger, Carolyn, Glidden, 116. 131, 183. 194, 217, 237 Bollon, Alice, Tiplon Brock, Brocka, Brockm Brockm David, Walerloo Kalhleen, Walerloo eyer, Roger, Earlville, 131 eyer, Ronald, Slrawberry Poinl, 139 Brody, Joseph, Walerloo Brooks, Bob, Garner Brooks, Lesler, Manchesler Brower, Kennelh, Cedar Falls, 209, 222. 256 Brown, Bonnie, Cedar Falls, 131, 228, 242 Brown, David, Forl Dodge, 246 Brown, Brown, Dolores, 1-ludson, Donald Doyle, Leon Buckingham, Edward, Cedar Falls, 230 Buckley, Elmer, Walerloo 239 Bullo, Janel, Selma Buhmann, Marlene, Walerloo Bull, Eslher, Gulhrie Cenler, 237 Bullena, Gordon, Cedar Falls, 110 Bunn, George, Walerloo. 185, 209 Bunnell, Joan, Davenporl, 237 Bunling, Harold, Jesup, 208, 256 Burd, Sue, Garnavillo Burger, Janice, Adel Burgus, Beverly, Osceola, 176 Burke, Rosemary, Rock Rapids, 231 Burkgren, Roberl, 1-larcourl, 209, 234 Burkharl, Mardean, Ml, Auburn, 132 Burkharl, Doris, Ml. Auburn, 205 Burns, Phyllis, Cedar Falls, Burrichler, Lavon, New Albin, 97, 119, 176, 184, 198, 223, 231, 256 Burlon, Edward, Collax, 133, 209 Bush, Gary, Colesburg, 244 Buss, Beverly. Cedar Falls, 219, 224, 252 Buller, Donald, Rocklord, 236 Buller, James, Charles Cily, 108. 142. 143. 147, 164, 166, 177, 251, 256, Bulschy, Glenyce, Cedar Falls Bulschy, Roberl, Cedar Falls Bullon, Beverly, Adel C Cain, Elizabelh, Slanwood Cain, Thomas, Walerloo Calonkey, Kay, Woodward, 97, 116, 202, 212, 230 Cameron, Lucy, Bloomfield, 237 Cameron, Roberl, Bloomfield, 236, 256 Cameron, Thomas, Newlon Campbell, Lawrence, Delol Campbell, Mary Carol, Maquokela, 116, 122, 213, 250 Campbell, Mary Frances, Audubon, 208 287 Capilani, Ralph, Des Moines, 142, 148, 149, 170 Carbaugh, Sarah, Charles Cify, 186, 213, 250, 256 Carey, Yvonne, Olfumwa, 207 Carlson, Bonnie, Madrid, 231 Carlson, Laverne, Cedar Falls Carlson, Phyllis, Marion, 133, 235 Carlson, Sandra, Kiron, 233 Carmichael, Norma, Council Bluffs, 221, 230, 245 Carney, Joseph, Emrnelsburg, 229, 256 Carney, Keifh, Emmelsburg Carney, Paul, Cedar Falls Carolus, Doris, Buckingham, 133, 186, 238, 256 Carolhers, Palricia, Marshalllown, 104, 179, 242 Carpenler, Beverly, Knoxville, 29, 116, 186. 204, 243, 256 Carpenier, Carmen, Davenpori Carpenler, Delores, For? Dodge, 229 Carr, Belly, Manchesler Carr, Donald, Walerloo Carr, Jane, Walerloo Carrick, David, Keokuk, 108, 122, 123, 212, 240, 251 Chrislensen, Chrislensen, Chirslensen, 235 Chrisiiansen Shirley, Dike, 207, 234 Wendell, Cedar Falls Zelda, Riceville, 116, 216,223 Lee. 1-larlen Conrad, Margarel, Lucas, 202, 211, 257 Conrad, Elizabelh, Lucas Conrad, Mary, Lucas, 30, 54, 104, 133, 178 179, 192, 218, 219, 252 Chrisfiansen, Lora, Eslherville, 219 Chrislianson, Erwin, Lake Mills, 98, 99, 131 160, 189, 251 Chrisloiiersen, Liane, Cedar Falls, 29, 61 192, 204, 232, 242 Church, Dave, Cedar Falls, 164, 177, 256 Church, Gena, lowa Cify Chule, Richard, Mason Cily, 229 Cias, Gerald, Wauwalosa, Wisconsin, 126, 182, 212, 251 Clapsaddle, Charles, Mason, Cily, 229 Clapsaddle, Jill, Algona Clark, Connie, Cedar Rapids, 242 Conw ay, Darrell, Walerloo Cook, Dale, Council Bluffs, 177, 251, 257 Cook, Elaine, Waferloo Cook, Richard, Cedar Falls Coon, Nola, Sheldon, 221 Cooper Cooper Belly, Cedar Falls, 257 , Florence, Waferloo Cooper, Leona, Albia, 176, 219, 226, 233 Cooper, Mary, Forl Dodge, 233,257 Copenhaver, Lucille, Oelwein Cordes, George, Eldora, 228, 233 Cordes, Kennelh, Dike Cornelius, Marliss, Inwood, 131, 250 Clark, James, Elma Clark, Jane, 256 Cedar Rapids, 119, 240. 242 Clark, Joyce, Monlicello Clark, Kafhryn, Cherokee, 229 Clark Margarel, Walerloo, 132, 238, 239 Clark, Marilyn, Grinnell, 228 Clark, Willis, Manassas, Virginia Clarke, Beverly, Cedar Rapids Carrolhers, Mary, Charles Cily, 252 Carson, Donald, New 1-larliord Carson, 1-la Carler, Bon rry, Waferloo nie, Boone Carler, Dale, Alla Carfer, Marilyn Jean, Davenpori Carler, Marilyn Palricia, Knoxville, 242 Carlhey, Frank, Davenport 84, 168, 177, 209, 244, 256 Carulhers, Mariorie, Norwalk, 221, 237 Case, 1-lazel, Corning Case, Jerry, Cedar Falls, 156, 246 Caseboll, Gordon, Cedar Falls Casey, Joseph, Cedar Falls Cass, Richard, Jr., Sumner Caslle, Arnaselle, Walerloo Caswell, Carolyn, Coon Rapids Caudle, A1yce,Wi1liarns, 221 Ceilley, Bernard, Cedar Falls, 177, 251,256 Cerney, Alice, Cedar Falls Chalupa, Shirley, Pleasanf Plain, 221, 236 Chamberlain, Williard, Walerloo Chamberlin, Charles, Maplefon Chambers, Zoe, Clarksville Champion, Karalee, Ankeny Chaney, Florence, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Chanlland, Phyllis, 1-lumbolbl, 126, 202, 204. 223, 234 Chapin, Palricia, Tripoli Chapman, Frances, Belmond, 192, 212, 214. 229 Charbon, Rulh, lowa Cily, 203, 205, 237 Chase, Marybelle, Fenlon, 97, 116, 133. 198 202, 211, 217, 226, 230 256 Chesfer Edifh, Clarksville Chingren, Gerald, Forf Dodge Chody, Oma, Kalona, 236, 237 Clasen, Roberl, Cedar Falls Claus, Minnie, Plymoulh Clausen, Vaunna, 1-larfley Clawson, Charles, Cedar Falls, 257 Clay, Dave, Cedar Falls, 241 Clayburg, Palricia, Mason Cily Claypool, Richard, 1-lamplon Claylon, Deloris, Marshalliown Clegg, Zoe, Algona Clemens, Gilbert Walerloo, 223, 235 Cleveland, Roberl, Pleasanfville, 223 Cline, Palricia, Cenlerville, 91, 186, 191, 208, 237, 257 Clingerman, Julia, Eldora, 132, 207 Cloplon, Florence, Cedar Falls Cloud, Elsie, Forf Madison, 240, 242 Clouse, Marlha, Panora Clouser, Gerald, Gilberl Clubine, Charles, Cedar Falls, 114 Clubine, Marilyn, Cedar Falls, 114 Coburn, Audrey, Boone Grove, Indiana, 131 217, 257 Cockerham, Louise, Union, 207 Corpuz, Elizabelh, Kauai, Hawaii, 116, 211 212, 223, 229, 243 Corrick, Richard, Keswick, 177, 257 Cose, James, Cedar Falls, 142 Collinglon, Darla, 131, 139, 207 Cover, Barbara, Walerloo Cowan, Helen, Naperville, lllinois, 229 Cowan, Mary, Laurens, 131, 221, 253 Cowley. 1-lelen, Cedar Falls, 229 Craig, 1-lershel, Bloomfield Cramer, Dean, Audubon, 142, 164, 167 Cran, John, 1-lumboldl' Cranslon, Gordon, Cedar Falls Crawford, Belly, 1-lamplon Crawford, Karen, Lone Tree Creedon, Shirley, Davenporl Cress, Hal, Riverside, 257 Crinigan, Richard, Walerloo Croif, Marion, Cedar Falls Cronk, Carole, lndianola Crosley, Dixie, Eldora, 133, 139, 243 Crow, Lelia, Winlhrop, 203, 207 Crowe, 1-larold, Walerloo Cryberg, Marianna, Cedar Falls Culberl, Mary Rulh, Marion, 49, 57, 96, 97 104, 250 Cullen, Ardella, Spencer, 139 Cummings, Russell, Fairbank Cummings, Merlyn, Oelwein Curran, Florence, Walerloo Curlis, Ann, Walerloo Curlis, William, Cedar Falls Cody, Eugene, 1-lumboldl Cody, Roberl, Wichila, Kansas, 193 Coerper, David, Wauwalosa, Wisconsin, 122, 244 Cohn, Norman, Walerloo Cole, Phyllis, Bridgewaler, 257 Cole, Perry, Greenfield Colegrove, Kennelh, VVes'r Union Coleman, Carol, Olin, 21 Collenline, Roberl, Waferloo Collell, Gerald, lndependence Collins, Carol, Algona, 133 Collins, Della, Albion, 197, 206, 237, 257 Collon, Geraldine, Independence, 176, 234 Cusm Cufle ano, Nancy, Walerloo r, Judy, Walerloo, 139 D Dage, Carroll, Ames Dahle Dahlk Dahlk ne, Marlene, Manson e, Bernice, Pomeroy e, Donald, Pomeroy Dahms, Arla, Chicago, lllinois, 235 Dakken, Doris, Lake Mills, 221, 247 Daley, Mary, Cresco Dalrymple, Kalhryn, Melvern, 133 Dalziel, Maurice, Walerloo Chrislensen, Inez, Readlyn Chrislensen, John, Cedar Falls Chrislensen, Joy, Walerloo Chrislensen 288 Miriam, Marcus Complon, Clifford, Davenporl Conner, Evelyn, Glidden, 139, 238 Conner, Lillian, Glidden, 132, 238 Conrad, Carol, Lowden, 207, 231 Dalziel, Roberl, Denver Daman, Rulh, Des Moines, 219, 224 Damro, Dianne, Walerloo, 130, 176, 232 Daniels, John, Cedar Falls Darland, Bill, Warerloo, 170, 177, 257 Davis, Be-verly, Walerloo Davis Carol Elizabefh, Cedar Falls Davis Carol Jessie, Hamplon, 208 Davis Doris, Grundy Cenier Davis Guy, Cluiier Davis Lee, Waferloo Davis Lewis, Panora, 230 Davis Neva, Hamplon, 186 Davis Norma Jeane, Ollumwa, 237 Davis Palricia, Forl' Dodge Davis Paul, Monlrose, 133 Davis Philip, Ankeny, 133 Davis Roberia, Norihwood Davis Sonya, Sfrawberry Point 139 Davis Wilma, Cedar Falls Dawson, Jack, lndianola Dawson, Lyle, Spencer Day, Nancy, Olfumwa Deal, Elberia, Chicago, Illinois Dean, Delmar, Cedar Falls De Boer, Viola, Granville, 126, 208, 223 235 De Boom, Darrell, Cedar Falls, 257 Decker, Howard, Waferloo De Cross, Arfhur, Sl'al'en lsland, New York Defosse, Elaine, Mediapolis, 205, 234 De Graw, Rulh, Delmar, 237 De Groole, Kennelh, Walerloo De Haven, Mary, Walerloo, 221, 234 Deibler, Keiih, Walerloo De Laney, Jessie, Warerloo Delis, Mary, Gladbrook, 231 Den Herder, Sfeven, Eoyden, De Reus, Virginia, Mingo, 132 Derbyshire, Richard, Walerloo De Smidt Barbara, Walerloo, 111 De Vaul, Charles, Havelock De Winler, Rochelle, Forr Dodge, 176, 207 231 Dickey, Janice, Hedrick Diehn, Charlolfe, Oflurnwa, 133, 217, 238 239, 247 Dieken, Le Ann, Grundy Cenier, 133, 139 217 Diercksen, Viclor, Manchesler, 234 Dielrich, Kolene, Vicior, 207 Diefz, Charles, Elwood Dikkers, Jay, Lamonl Dillard, Colleen, Dickens, 213, 257 Dilley, Lavonne, Cedar Falls, 257 Dimmilt Wilbur, Evansdale Dingman, Belinha, Urbana Dinsdale, Pafricia, Websler Ciiy, 132, 238 Dinsda1e,5hir1ey, Traer, 207 Dirksen, Dwight Walerloo Di1'ze1, Marcelyn, Lyllon, 234 Doak, John, Grundy Cen+er, 156 Dobbins, Mary, Cedar Falls, 131, 217, 257 Dodds, Nancy, Hillsboro Doeden, Ernest New Hariford Doerring, Jacquelyn, Luana, 215, 219, 224, 234, 257 Doerzman, Douglas, Blairslown, 116, 126, 128, 182, 226, 235,244 Dohrman, Joanne, Farnhamville, 221, 235 Dolan, Rose, Warerloo Donaldson, Phyllis, Kansas, 257 Doran, Cecelia, Perry, 132, 214, 228 Dorland, Lyle, Charles Cily Dorman, Howard, Truro Dornbusch,Bever1y, Paullina, 104, 122, 139, 182, 192, 208, 235, 245 Dornleld, Earl, Slillwaler, Minnesola, 122, 124, 182, 185,209,251 Dorhout Lawrence, Sioux Cenfer Doison, Russell, Villisca Dougherfy, Carolyn, Cedar Rapids, 104, 247 Douglass, Virginia, Malcom Douglass, Loraine, Malcolm, 192, 219 Dowling, Marilynn, Lake Ci+y, 249 Dreessen, Annetie, Toledo, 207, 231 Drevs, Myriis, Moville, 219 Driscol, Palricia, Vinlon DuBois, Janet Cedar Falls, 111, 113, 139 Duea, Jerry, Dunkerfon Duffy, Richard, Cedar Falls Duffy, Robert Whilfemore, 229 Dugger, Mariorie, Rose Hill, 133 Dugslad, Richard, Cedar Falls, 190, 195, 257 Dunahoo, David, Tripoli Dunahoo, Sheryl, Maxwell Dunbar, Mary, Cedar Falls Dunbar, Paul, Cedar Falls Dunlap, Jean, Walerloo Dunlap, Lois, Souix Cily, 122, 182, 230, 237, 245 Dunlap, Marlene, Dysarl, 132 Dunn, Leroy, Manly, 142, 143, 149, 164, 167, 177, 246 Dunnelfe, Rosalyn, Sheffield, 207, 237 Dunsmore, James, Corydon Dupuis, Pairicia, Columbus Junciion Durkop, Phyllis, Maquokela, 205 Dutlon, Shirley, Knoxville, 215, 219, 253, 257 Dye, Dale, Cedar Falls, 156 Dyvad, Joanne, Siorm Lake, 205 E Ealy, Janet Belle Plaine, 221, 229 Ealon, Eric, Cedar Falls Eberhard, Sandra, Garnavillo Eckhart lsobel, Oelwein Eckhoft Myone, Karen, Ames, 176 Edgingfon, Donna, Jeanne, Csceola, 203. 221, 239 Egeland, lrving, Sfory Ciiy Eggers, Charlolle, Bellevue Egglesion, Carolyn, Conrad, 131, 133 Egglesion, Charles, Walerloo Egli, Norman, Manson, 36, 131, 139, 189 Ehen, Margaret Harcourt 139, 234 Ehrke, Beiry, Cedar Rapids, 215 Eichorst Marcella, Waferloo Eide, Marilyn, Wesl Union, 139, 207 Eisele, Sandra, Spirif Lake, 8.6, 207 Eilzman, Douglas, Cedar Falls, 110, 189, 239 Eldred, Carol, Anamosa Ellingson, Marilyn, Alden, 249 Elliolt Carol, Aurelia, 221,231 Elmore, Robert Des Moines, 246 Emmelt Frances, Argyle, 239 Emry, Arlhur, Fairfield, 131, 139,230 Engelking, Mary, Hubbard, 133 England, Mar1ene,1owa Falls, 139, 235 England, Pairicia, Van Meier Engsrler, Joanne, Garner, 229 Epperly, Edgar, Leon, 223 Erbe, Lois, Cedar Falls, 237, 242 Erbe, Mary, Waverly Erickson, Tommy, Huxley Erickson, Warren, Waferloo, 139 Ericson, Marynelle, Denison, 253 Ernst Helen, Bellevue Ernst Joan, Rockford, 132, 203, 234 Erpelding, Lois, Dike Erreft Maxine, Harlan, 221 Esles, Marilyn, Spiril Lake, 122, 192, 205, 238,239 Elgeion, Darlis, Fairbank Euchner, Dale, Hudson Euchner, Russell, Waierloo Evans, Della, Winlerset 245 Evans, Donald, Dumont 189 Evans, John, Walerloo Evans, Leone, Mason Ci'1y Evans, Roberia, Carson, 131, 133, 205, 239 Evans, Valda, Macksburg, 131, 132 Evely, Avis, Walerloo, 194, 217, 237, 253 Ewalt Merrilt Coralville Ewell, Vernon, Missouri Valley Ewing, Charmaine, Waierloo Exline Norma, Charles Cify, 237 F Faaborg, Marilyn, Jefferson Fagerlind, Paul, Cedar Falls Fagle, David, Cedar Falls, 114,257 Failes, Nancy, Runnells, 132,230 Fain, Camilla, Humboldl' Fain, Gerald, Cedar Falls, 114 Fairbanks, Charloiie, Walerloo Falck, Norrna, Belle Plaine, 186, 202, 257 Fanion, Elizabefh, Marshalliown Farina, Gene, Chicago His., Illinois Farmer, Lewis, Nashua Farmer, Marvin, Nashua, 257 Farmer, Richard, Aurora, Colorado, 244 Farrell, David, Barnes Cify Farrell, Jack, Norlhwood, 126, 156 Farrill, Naomi, Read1yn,229 Farrow, Allaire, Ledyard, 132, 221 Faust Janice, Alla, 132, 221 Faye, Cliilord, Cedar Falls Faye, Shirley, Waierloo Fearing, Nancy, Sioux Cify, 237 Feese, Sharron, Waierloo Fellows, Ru1'h, Sidney, 97, 116, 183, 193. 238, 239, 240, 250 Fenelon, Paul, Waferloo Fenslermann, Robert Greeley Fenslermann, Rulrh, Greeley, 205 Ferguson, Margery, Evansdale Ferguson, Phyllis, Laurens Ferry, Ronald, Harlan, 236 Feft Donald, Cedar Falls, 190, 195, 257 Field, P. Berlel, Decorah, 142, 257 Fillmore, Bernard, Walerloo Finlayson, Susan, Muskogee, Oklahoma 2239 Fisher, Barbara, Rolle, 132, 238, 239 Fisher, Belly, lndependence, 176, 195, 214 Fisher, Billy, Oslzaloosa Fisher, Donald, Cedar Falls, 142, 147, 177 Fisher, Dorolhy, Whal Cheer Fisher, Lyle, Elmwood Park, Illinois, 29, 196, 204, 257 Fisher, Phyllis, Ida Grove, 233 Fisher, Ramon, Thompson, 257 Fisher, Rollo, Greene Flack, Tom, Charilon Flanders, Merle, Cedar Falls, 257 Fleming, Kalhryn, Alberl Cily, 132, 234 Fleming, Roscoe, Reinbeclc, Fleming, Wilbur, Bloomfield Fliclcinger, Frank, New Harllord Flilclneme, Joyce, Fullon, Illinois Flinn, Alice, Walerloo Flinl, Howard, Lake Parlx Flood, Calherine, Garner, 197, 206, 229, 253, 257 Fobcr, Deane, Plainlield Fogarly, Phyllis, Council Blulls, 221,252 Fogle, Glen, Marshalllown Folclcen, John, Haveloclc Folkers, Merna, Scolch Grove Fondroy, Berlha, Alberl Cily, 132 Ford, Dorolhy, Davenporl, 206, 257 Ford, Jane, Cedar Rapids, 122, 238,239 Ford, Nancy Kay, Columbus Junclion, 194, 237, 295 Formaneli, Richard, Tama, 142, 148, 156, 159 Forresler, Nancy, Tama, 132 Forl, Joyce. Red Oalc Forlune, Gene, Walerloo, 131,234 Foss, Donna, Adair, 249, 257 Foss, Lois, La Porle Cily Fosler, Shirley, Alexander, 249, 257 Fosler, Vernard, Des Moines Fouls, Anila, Albia, 133, 176 Fox, Dorolhy, Osage, 133, 212, 229 Fox, James, Cedar Falls Foy, Charlolle, Massena, 221 Foy, Jimmy, Oxlord Junclion France, Ann, Cedar Falls Frane, Lesley, Walerloo Franke, Jo Ann, Forl Dodge Franlz, Richard, Alla, 131, 139, 189, 241 Fraser, Fae, Mason Cily Fraser, Richard, Algona George, Raymond, Cedar Falls, 246 Fredriclcsen, Mary Lou, Grundy Cenler, 231 Fredriclcson, Earl, Minneapolis, Minnesola Freebern, Lucille, Ouasquelon Freeman, Roger, Ml. Vernon Freese, Nancy, Hubbard, 132 Freese, William Calvin, Traer Freese, William Charles, Wiola French, Phyllis, Coggon, 131, 139, 194, 217 229 Frenzel, Slanlord, Des Moines Frey, Belly, Aplinglon Fromm, Carole, Eagle Grove, 139, 215 Froyen, Len, Clarion, 106 Fruehling, Ann, Ames Fruehling, Donald, Forl Madison Fruehling, Merlin, Forl Madison Fry, George, Kalona 290 Fry, Virgil, Wesl Bend, 114, 257 Fry, Warron, La Porle Cily, 209 Fudge, Ronald, New Sharon Fuiirnura, Thelma, Waialua, Oahu, 49, 58, 231 Fuhrman, Duane, Arlinglon, 186, 210, 212, 236, 257 Fuhs, Ernesl, Eddyville Fuhs, Francis, Eddyville Fullbrighl, Russell, Cedar Falls Fuller, Marilyn, Broolcs, 257 Fuller, Rulh, Walerloo Fullon, Jerry, Des Moines Funlc, Dean, Wa+er1oo Furgason, Barbara, Walerloo, 133 Fursl, Richard, Algona, 208, 257 G Gabrielson, Donald, Des Moines, 142 Gabrielson, Marolyn, Daylon Gallagher, Nora, Cedar Falls Gallaher, Dave, Vinlon Galloway, Belly, Walerloo Galloway, Gerlrude, Laurens, 132, 207 Gallup, Roberl, Fairbanlc Galler, Morris, Walerloo Gamel, John, Cedar Falls, 209, 229, 241 Gannon, Donald, Collax Garbers, Palricia, Garrison Gardner, Donna, Humeslon, 203 Gardner, James, Swea Cily, 131 Gardner, Shirley, Waterloo, 62, 131, 236, 237, 253 Gardner, William, Des Moines, 258 Garman, Duane, Brill, 160, 177, 244 Garman, Merle. Brill Garner, Phyllis, Ryan Garrell, Jaclc, Walerloo Garry, John, Bancroll, 229 Garlon, Janel, Alla, 133 Garver, George, Allon, Illinois, 258 Garvin, Beniamin, Walerloo Gales, Donna, Rowley, 132 Gallo, Gus, Cedar Rapids, 35, 49, 59, 156, 158, 177, 229 Gaul, Darlene, Tiplon Gaullre, Donna, Clarion, 122, 237 Gaunl, Carol, Sl. Anlhony, 205 Gehring, Norma, Elgin, 192, 205 Gehring, Uriel, Elgin, 190 Geiler, Carllon, Florence, Arizona Genrich, Jane, Swea Cily, 132, 205 George, Marian, Wesl Union, 237 Gerberich, Sue, Cedar Falls, 186, 201, 258 Gerdes, Mary, Brill, 207 Gerlcen, Wayne, Oslcaloosa, 177, 246, 258 Gerlach, Anne, Hubbard, 133 Gibbons, Richard, Newell Gibbs, G, Rulh, Slrawberry Poinl, 102, 118, 139, 202, 211, 258 Gibbs, Rosalie. Boone, 133, 250 Gibson, Marilyn, Newlon, 186, 213 236, 237, . 253, 258 Giddings, Alberl, Linlon Giebelslein, Marvin, Ames Gilchrisl, Richard, Osage Gilliland, Carolyn, Walerloo, 233 Gilliland, Ousley, Walerloo Gilman, Doris, Sluarl Ginn, Margarel, Lucas, 221, 238, 239 Gissible, Lois, Massena Glassell, William, Garner Gleason, Roberl, Cedar Falls Glime, Palricia, Van Horne, 203, 207 Glorlcld, Louis, Walerloo Godlrey, La Vonne, Adel, 205,237 Godown, Dean, Winlersel Goebel, Margarel, Aurora, Illinois Goelsch, Vera, Cresco, 133, 220, 221,243 Gohman, Richard, Cedar Falls Goldapp, Jean, McClelland Gonder, Ronald, Des Moines Gonyea, Palricia, Kenyon, Minnesola Goodrich, Mabel, Walerloo Goodsell, Amy, Nashua Gordon, Janel, Marion, 133 Gordon, Suzanne, Newlon, 104, 122, 126, 182, 192, 247 Gorham, Gary, Washinglon, 96, 98, 142, 164, 166, 177, 246, 258 Goslin, Harriel, Cedar Falls Gollleaber, Janis, Monlicello Grabinslci, Dale, Walerloo, 191, 258 Graeber, Thomas, Melbourne Graellinger, Jean, Graellinger, 116, 192, 229, 249 Graelz, Jerald, Soldier, 139, 189, 217 Graham, Fay, Walerloo Graham, John, Grundy Cenler Graham, Kalherine, Des Moines Graham, Lorella, Gilman, 203,207 Graham, Mary, Cedar Rapids Granau, Palricia, Dows, 97, 179, 198, 215, 218, 219, 224, 249, 258 Grandgeorge. Joyce, Websler Cily, 139, 230 Granl, Shirley, Wesl Bend, 133 Graslcewicz, Sally, Forl Madison, 104, 192, 218, 242 Grasslield, Sylvia, Walerloo, 139 Grassley, Barbara, Cedar Fells Grassley, Charles, Cedar Falls, 190, 195 Grassley, Lois, New Harllord Gray, Darlene, Dunlap Greenfield, Rulh, Kamrar, 238, 239, 243 Greenwood, Charles, Winlersel Gregg, Phyllis, Oalrland, 102, 118, 125, 137, 183, 223 Greiner, Jane, Lisbon, 229 Grempel, Rulh, Websler Cily, 176, 235 Gress, Maralyn, Cedar Falls Greve, Clyde, Tiplon, 186, 190, 195, 214 Grey, Nancy, Maralhon, 139, 233, 237 Grier, Perry, Walerloo Grillin, Richard, Sluarl Grillilh, Dale, Coon Rapids, 251, 258 Grillilh, Daryl, Coon Rapids, 258 Griggs, Sharon, Keola Gross, Jacquelin, Broolclyn, 221 Gross, Kalherine, Wellsburg, 132, 238, 239 Gross, La Vonne, Cedar Falls, 29, 196, 204. 258 Grove, Donald, New Hamplon, 142 Grove, Mary, Marshalllown .1 Grover, Nancy, Clulier, 132, 205, 230, 237 Groves, Nancy, Wha'r Cheer Grubb, Bonnie Cedar Falls Gruber, Marilynn, Waukon, 221, 231 Guenlher, Virginia, Brill, 203, 205, 237 Harms, Janice, Anamosa, 192 Harned, Jacqueline, Cedar Falls Harner, June, Swea Cily, 237 Harp, Jack, Cedar Falls Harper, La Vonne, Cedar Falls, 139 Heick, Beverly, Tip'ron Heidecker, Irene, Graeliinger Heiden, John, Denison, 131 Heiiner, Ramona, Greenfield, 221, 239 Heinselman, James, Clarksville, 208, 231 Guldager, Joyce, Cedar Falls, 258 Gunderson, Leonard, Forl Dodge Gunnell, Audrey, Walerloo, 232 Gulknechl, Alhur, Hudson H Hadley, Leon, Richland, 244 Hafner, Marianna, Lells, 132, 205, 237 Hageman, Richard, Eslherville Hagenson, Mildred, Cedar Falls Hagg, Dorolhy, Algona, 132, 207 Harpin, Barbara, Creslon Harr, Helen, Cedar Falls Harriman, Janel, Council Bluffs, 133 Harringlon, Palricia, Walerloo Harris, Alma, Walerloo Harris, Barbara, Rolfe, 207 Harris, Dorolhy, Renwick Harris, Edwin, Renwick, 122, 123, 258, Harris, Joy, Grinnell, 132, 204,231 Harrison, Joyce, lndianola, 238 Harler, Dorolhy, Logan Haribeck, Mildred, Colesburg, 97, 116, 183, Heinzerolh, Barbara, lowa Falls, 231 Heisler, Mary, Vinlon, 81, 96, 97, 116, 183, 191, 208, 250 Held, Lois, Geneva, 237 Helkenn, Carol, Davenporl 1-lelkenn, Dawn, Davenporl, 217, 238, 258 Helland, David, Belmond Helland, Roberl, Cedar Rapids, 61, 204 Heman, Dorolhy, Dedham, 205, 229 Hembryl Wanda, Lamoni, 233 Hemphill, Sandra, Cedar Falls Henderson, Carolyn, Spencer, 252 Hahn, Palricia, Ollumwa, 116, 206, 252 Hainer, Ann, Auslin, Minnesola Hake, Parry, Cedar Falls 97, 129, 131, 133, 236, 237, 253 206, 226, 237, 253 Harlman, James, Warerloo Harlman, Luanne,Waier1oo Harlman, Mary, Burlinglon Henderson, Donald, Cedars Falls, 185, 209, 258 Henderson, Jeanie, Rolfe, 207, 234 Henrich, Esle11e,Al'ron, 132, 213, 229 Hall, Barbara' Council Bluffs, 104, 252 Hall, Gerrrude, Cylinder Hall, Pairicia, Nevada, 205, 237 Hall, Roberl, Cedar Falls Hall, Zula, Cedar Falls Haller, Avis, Des Moines, 215 Halslead, Norma, Coggon Halfer, Adelia, Cedar Falls Halverson, Belly Ann, Dysarl, 208, 238, 239 Halverson, Nancy, Mclnlire Hamann, Charlolle, Council Bluffs Hamann, Susan, Rock Valley, 133, 229 Hamillon, Merle, lowa Falls, 212, 222 Hammer, Janel, Bode, 176, 207, 229 Hammer Sede11,Swea Cily, 237 Hand, Carol, Charlolle Handlen, Thomas, Mc Clelland, 116, 223, 239, 246 Hanes, Roy, Wellsburg, Wesl Virginia Hanna, Jo Ann, Lake Mills, 221 Hannel, Marilyn, Odebo1l,221 Hansen, Avonna, Walerloo Hansen Donald, Council Bluffs, 251 Hansen Jacqueline, Newell, 139, 231 Hansen Jane, Nevada Hansen Leon Rex, Cedar Falls Hansen Leon Thomas, Cedar Falls Hansen Madelyn, Manilla, 207 Hansen, Margery, Harlley, 176, 231 Hansen Marilyn, Greene, 176, 221 Hansen Norma, Marshalllown Hansen Palricia, Lu Verne, 131, 133, 237 Hansen Roger, Cedar Falls Hansen Hansen Sheila, Belmond 231 Susan, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, 139, 216, 219, 224, 237, 247 Hanshaw, Larry, Fairfield, 204 Hansmeier, Roberl, Waukon, 89, 244 Hanus, Dorolhy, Traer, 229 Harai, Slanley, Kona, Hawaii Harbaugh, Rosalee, Jefferson Hiardacre, Barbara, Cedar Rapids Hare, Leonard, Ballle Creek Harfsl, Richard, Reinbeck, 258 Harmon, Jack, Chicago, lllinois, 204, 244 Harmon, Jerry, lowa Falls, 131 Harms, Erna, Holland Harlman, William, Creslon Harisock, Lowell, Havelock Harward, Roscoe, Canlril Harwood, Johna, Delroif, Michigan, 211, 214, 242, 258 Haskins, Charles, Harlan Hasse, Eslher, Burl, 221, 235 Haslings, Janice, Walerloo Halrih, Jane'r, Springville Halch, Sharon, Cenlral Cily, 133, 217 Hallield, Willard, Independence Hauge, Cynlhia, Brill Hauge, Verles, Lake Mills, 139 Haurum, Harian, Cedar Falls Hauseman, Roberl, Cedar Rapids, 204, 258 Hauser, Emma Jane, Cedar Falls, 111, 117, 206, 242 Hausladen, La Vonne, Waferloo Havens, Palricia, Monlour, 132 Havens, Sandra! Walerloo Havran, Dorla, Keyslone Hawks, Nancy, Council Bluffs, 220 Hawkins, Beverly, Mason Cily Hawkins, Mary, Davenporl, 237, 250 Hay, Donald, Marion, 185, 209, 241 Hay, Kalhleene, Anamosa Hayes, Alice, Warerloo, 196 Hayes, Audrey, Cedar Falls, 29, 204, 229 Hays, Mary, Dallas Cenler Hays, Nancy, Dallas Cenler, 221 Hazama, Sylvia, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii, 263 Head, Carolyn, Toledo Head, Merle, Toledo Healey, John, Walerloo Healy, Yvonne, Vinlon, 133 Healh, Lois, Walerloo Healh, Sherri, Exira Healon, Richard, Walerloo Hebner, Jane, Jefferson, 235 Hebrank, David, Slrawberry Poinl' Hecker, Howard, Audubon Hedum, Karen, Whiling, 116, 192, 231 Heeren, Delores, Jewell Heerls, Judilh, Holland Helilin, Annelle, lowa Falls, 215,237 Hegarly, John, Tiplon, 233 Hegland, Emelie, Ames Hennies, Joan, Donnellson, 122, 132 221 Henning, Alberl, Walerloo, 208, 258, 265 Henning, Ronald, Knoxville Hennings, Yvonne, Elberon, 139, 221, 237 Hensley, John, Liscomb, 212 Hensley, Roberl, Cumberland Henry, Gloria, Cedar Falls Henryson, Thelma, Slory Cily Henlzelman, Shirley, Davenporl Heral, Elaine, Cedar Rapids, 131, 176 Hermann, Erwin' Cedar Falls Hermann, Jeanelle, Cedar Falls Herold, Rosemary, Forl Alkinson Herold, Valerie, Forl Alkinson Herr, Eleanor, Keswick, 208, 243 Herring Donna, Cedar Rapids, 258 Herring, Margarel, Creslon, 117, 131, 217, 229, 242 Herron, Maureen, Red Oak, 258 Hershberger, James, Kalona, 142, 149, 177 Hess, James. Clin'ron Hessenius, Roger, Cedar Rapids, 177, 185, 244, 258 Heywood, Janice, Eslherville, 229 Hibbard, John, Humboll Hickey, Shirley, Sanborn, 132, 176, 229 Hicks Barbara, Cedar Falls, 236, 237 Hicks Eslher, Des Moines, 116, 118, 183, 194, 213, 226, 252, 258 Hicks, Nancy, Cherokee, 80, 238, 239 Hicks, Shirley Ann, Ames Hicks Shirley Anne, We-sl Des Moines Hidore, John, Cedar Falls Higa, Kosei, Cedar Falls Higdon, Dale, Walerloo, 122, 126, 182, 258 Higdon, Slanleyl Walerloo Higdon, Suzanne, Websler Cily, 258 Hilberlr, Waller, Cedar Falls Hileman, Shirley, Walerloo Hill, Carolyn, Manly Hill, Donald, Eslherville, 239 Hill, Richard, Auburn, 229 Hilmer, Beverly, Walerloo Himan, Leland, Palmer Hinds, Shirley, Norlhwood Hingsl, Geneive, Burlinglon, 219, 224, 258 Hinkley, Ted, Renwick 291 Hinfon, Belly, Colo Hiskey, Eugene, Cedar Falls, 263 Hiskey, Verda, Cedar Falls, 258 Hix, Margaref, Sform Lake, 223, 229 Hoare, Helen, Somers, 207, 230 Hobarl, Marie, Emmefsburg, 237 Hodson, Joan, Plymoufh Hoeg, Gene, Walerloo 1-loeg, Randolyn, Reinbeck Hoepesr, Virginia, Reinbeck Hoier, Doris, Tama, 233 Holler, Larry, Cedar Falls, 117, 177, 244 Hoffman, Carolyn, Hudson Hoffman, Joann, Des Moines, 193, 215, 258 Holfmeier, Delmar, Lowden, 235 Hogan, Richard, Keyslone Hoium, Fairh, Mason Cily, 252 Holden, Marlene, Hurnboldl, 133 Holland, Donald, Roland, 96, 99, 150, 151, 152, 160, 177 Holle, James, Clinfon Holliday, Julia, Glenwood, 237 Hollis, George, Hudson Holmberg, Tom, Cedar Falls, 89 Holmes, Donald, Cedar Falls Holmes, John, Ames, 193 Holmes, Kalhleen, Slocklon Holmes, Suzanne, Marion Hollan, Larry, Lake Mills Holub, Nancy, Wyoming, 237 Homolar, Darlene, Hudson Honohan, Kay, Boone, 119, 196, 204, 258 Hoobler, James, Emmelsburg, 139 Hood, Theresa, Anamosa, 213, 229,245 Hoogland, Rodney, Orange Cily, 142, 148, 177, 246 Hoppe, Nancy, Anamosa Horn, Dorolhy, Forl Dodge, 126, 192,235 Horn, Janef, Rowley, 234 Horn, Laroy, Dubuque, 150, 155, 160, 161, 177, 190, 195, 258 Horn, Sally, Forl' Dodge, 126, 127, 182, 192, 216, 235 Horslmann, Harold, Toronfo Horlon, Loren, Murray, 116, 119, 131, 133, 186, 190, 195, 210, 212,232,258 Hoskins, Mary Susan, Richland, 132, 139, 203, 206, 237 Ho1'Z, Judilh, Forl' Dodge, 205, 237 Hovmark, Cena, Hamplon Howard, Virginia, Parkersburg Howe, Alice, Cedar Falls Howe, Dorolhy, Lake Cify, 230 Howell, Mary, Nashua Howery, Barbara, Walerloo Hruska, Belly, Sioux Cily Hubacher, Dorolhy, Monona, 133, 217 Hubbard, Keilh, Walerloo Hudepohl, Annelfe, Oxford, 206, 235 Hudson, Virginia, Walerloo Huebsch, William, Slrawberry Poinl, 139 Hueholf, Laverne, Ml, Pleasanl Huggins, Herberla, Redfield, 104, 205, 243 Hughes, Arthur, Weferloo Hull, Duane, Walerloo Hull, Joyce, Carlisle Hummel, Joan, Des Moines Humphrey, Frederick, Cedar Falls 292 Humphreys, Dale, Wyman Hudling, Joyce, Breda, 132, 205,239 Hunr, Harold, Van Horne Hunl, Paula, Des Moines, 139,237 Hunler, Judifh, Wesl Liberly, 205, 237 Hunlinglon, Roberl, Davenporf, 160, 161, 163, 177, 226, 239, 244, 258 Hurlbul, Mary, Muscaline, 91, 130, 186, 188, 202, 235, 258 Hurley, James, Evansdale l'1urSl', Frank, 98, 116, 212, 236 Hurf, Beverly, Davenporf, 97, 104, 192, 231 Husak, Peler, Toledo, 229 Hushagen, Virginia, Walerloo, 111 Husmann, Honorine, Manchesler, 104 Hulcheson, Veda, Murry Hulchins, Sandra, Des Moines, 116, 252 Hulchinson, Roger, Marion Hulchinson, William, Algona Huff, Palricia, Madrid, 120, 258 Hufzell, Floyd, Algona, 133 Huyck, Judilh, Toledo Hynes, Sharon, Rulhven, 116, 249 ldso, Virginia, Alden, 218, 219, 224, 237, 259 Ikeda, Hiroshi, Hilo, Hawaii, 263 lmmings, Bonnie, Dike lnamasu, Helen, Kahului, Hawaii, 202, 231 lngerson, Janel, Sl. Paul, Minnesola lnnis, Elizabelh Ann, Paullina, 122, 139, 221, 238, 239 lnsko, Joy, Manson, 237 lrelan, Evelyn, Bloomfield Irish, Sheila, Forl Dodge, 131, 133, 237 Irvine, Mary, Lake Park, 132 lsaacson, Donna, Charles Cily lsaak, Oliver, Tripp, Soulh Dakola, 142, 145, 246 lsenhower, Roberf, Hudson, 131, 160 llo, Asako, Hilo, Hawaii J Jackson, Colleen, Slale Cenier, 122, 253 Jacobi, Eslher, Warerloo Jacobs, Jacqueline, Buckingham, 207 Jacobsen, Curfis, Tyler, Minnesola Jacobsen, lone, Meriden Jacobsma, Sianley, Hospers Jacobson, Phyllis, Emmelsburg, 214, 234 James, Theresa, Cenler Junclion James, Wendell, Manchesler, 99 Jamison, Beverly, Sheliheld, 133 Jamieson, Eldon, Waleiloo Jansen, Vergie, Spiril Lake, 215 Janssen, Jean, New Hamplon, 208,237 Janssen, Lewis, Cedar Falls, 259 Jay, Joanne, Forl Dodge, 202 Jenkins, Janel, Council Blulzls, 228 Jennings, Dixie, Columbus Junclion, 176, 207 Jennings, Vera, Janesville Jensen, Dennis, Sioux Ciiy, 106, 107, 116, 251 Jensen, James, Waferloo Jensen, Joyce, Dayron, 176 Jensen, June, Walerloo Jensen, Kennelh, lndependence, 133, 234 Jensen, Nina, Cedar Falls Jensen, Phyllis, Warringlon, Florida, 259 Jensen, Rulhann, Ml. Pleasanl Jensen, Virginia, Slory Cily, 131, 221 Jensen, Waller, Slory Cily Jerabek, Jo Anne, Cedar Rapids, 243, 259 Jesser, Jo Anne, Des Moines, 229 Jewel, Alice, Mendola, lllinois, 242 Johansen, Harold, Coulfer Johns, Dennis, Zearing Johnson, Johnson, Audrey, Decorah, 116, 234 Belly, Crawfordsville Johnson, Carl, Walerloo Johnson, Carol, Walerloo Johnson, Carroll, Walerloo Johnson, Dale, Lillle Cedar, 236, 241 Johnson, Donald E., Auslinville Johnson, Donald Richard, Chicago, lllinois Johnson, Donna Joan, Dows Johnson, Donna Mae, Pomeroy, 205 Johnson, Eileen, Wesl Bend Johnson, Eldon, Janesville Johnson, Evelie, Cedar Falls Johnson, Gloria, Humboldl, 49, 51, 116, 122, 124, 192, 250 Johnson, Grela, Bonne, 116, 122, 234,250 Johnson, lrine, La Porfe Cily Johnson, Judilh, Cedar Falls, 205 Johnson, Lois, Primghar, 207 Johnson, Lucille, Greene, 207 Johnson, Mable, Orienl, 132, 237 Johnson, Mariorie, Tripoli, 122, 234 Johnson, Phyllis, Oelwein, 97, 102, 197, 206 242, 259 Johnson, Richard Arlen, Walerloo Johnson, Richard, Ollosen Johnson, Roberl, O1'1'osen, 212 Johnson, Rulh, Lake Mills, 221, 233, 245 Johnson, Sylvia, Cedar Falls, 113, 139, 217, 234 Johnsron, Gary, Coon Rapids Johnslon Kalhryn, Hornick, 205, 231 Johnslon, Margrel, Cedar Falls, 229, 252 Johnslon Mary, Janesville Johnslone, James, Boone Jones, Charles, Nashua Jones, Drexel, Manly Jones E11 a, Soldier, 131, 217, 237, 259 Jones, James, Monlezuma Jones, Jerry, Nashua, 156 Jones, John, New Albin, 131 Jones, Linda, Wall Lake, 132 Jones, Marilyn, Rose Hill, 205, 237 Jones, Nancy, Forl Madison, 217 Jones, Roberl' Chamberlain, Rock Valley, 117, 244 Jones, Roberl, Junior, Hancock Jones, Sharon, Olin, 104, 221 Jones, Thomas, Ogden Jonker, Vera, Orange Cily, 139 Joranko, Merle, Walerloo Jordan, Virginia, Linn Grove Jorgensen, Barbara, Calamus, 207 Jorgensen, James, New Harlford Junge, Palricia, Gladbrook Junkin, Janice, Edo De Zulia, Venezuela, 213, 259 Junko, Joanne, Lawler K Kahl, Doris, lda Grove Kahl, Nina, Rock Rapids, 104, 205 Kahle, Elizabelh, Mason Cily, 202 Kahler, Marilyn, Ogden Kahlslorl, Donna, Brill, 233, 259 Kainz, lola, Elkader, 229 Kainz, Mariorie, Elkader, 229 Kaiser, Marilyn, Arlinglon Kaldenberg, Carole, Des Moines, 207 Kaneshiro, 1-lazel, 1-lonolulu, 1-lawaii, 202, 232, 248 Kao, Rulh, Cedar Falls Kapler, Philip, Denison, 131, 235 Kaplan, Clark, Moorland Karamilros, Ellie, Mason Cily Karkosh, La Vonne, Reinbeck, 221 Kaska, Marie, Fairfield, 132, 205, 229 Kaskadden, Nancy, Oelwein, 133 Kalalinich, John, Walerloo, 133 Kaulakis, Simone, Clinlon, 229 Kaup, Beverly, Burlinglon, 214 Kazim, Maassouma, Cairo, Egypl, 263 Keese, Belly, Greenlield, 221, 229 Keilh, Belva, Walerloo Keilh, Charlolle, Hudson Keilh, Donald, Reinbeck Kellogg, Roberl, Des Moines Kelley, Alvie, Cedar Falls, 114 Kelly, Bernard, Cedar Falls Kelly, Belly, Cedar Falls, 210 Kelly, Thomas, Clinlon Kelso, Mary, New 1-lamplon Kemper, Gladys, Muscaline, 132, 203, 205, 237 Kennedy, Janice, Grand Junclion, 229 Kenny, Roberla, Walerloo, 176, 229 Keoppel, Donald, Aplinglon, 246 Keough, Dorolhy, Cedar Falls, 1l1 Kepner, 1-larold, Garrison Kerr, William, Walerloo Kerwick, Mary, Emmelsburg Kessler, Kae, Rock Valley, 116, 192, 236 Kibbie, Eleanor, Shell Rock Kidwell, Ann, Freeporl, Illinois, 104, 132, 221, 229 Kier, Virginia, Tiplon, 133 Kies, Rosemary, Jesup Kiesey, Roberl, Washinglon, 228 Kiger, Elaine, Spencer, 131 Kilmer, Anne, Forl Dodge Kim, Suk, Seoul, Korea Kinney, Roberl, Walerloo Kirby, Delores, Lake Cily, 230 Kirk, Lois Joan, Sioux Falls, Soulh Dakola, 131 Kirkham, Nancy, Anila Kirkpalrick, Janel Darlene, Norlh English, 205 Kirkpalrick, Mary, Cedar Falls Kiser, Janice, Willon Junclion, 131, 132, 207, 228 Kilzman, Belly, Cedar Falls Kiaer, Theodore, Cedar Falls, 259 Klassen, Joan, Walerloo, 229, 259 Klall, 1-lugo, Tacoma, Washinglon, 188, 201, 246, 259 Kleen, Mary, Renwick, 205 Klein, Jack, Walerloo Klein, Phyllis, Burlinglon, 217, 243 Kleinow, Raymon, McGregor, 109 Kleinschmidl, Shirley, Clarksville, 104 Klepper, Geraldine, Oneida Kline, Barbara, Malvern, 133 Klink, Donald, Maxwell Klinoll, Agnes, Walerloo Klinolzl, Jack, Brandon Klisarl, Joel, Ossian, 229 Klisarl, Luke, Ossian, 191, 259 Kloosler, Janice, Algona, 238 Knaack, Barbara, Manning, 104, 221, 235 Knesel, Dale, Walerloo Knighl, Gladys, Silver Cily, 126, 204, 205 Knighl, Lorna, Ackley Knighl, Myrna, Ackley Knighl, Roberl Vernon, Bridgewaler, 212 Knock, Roberl, Marengo Knox, Eloise, Clinlon, 116 Knox, Karen, lowa Falls, 92, 215, 231 Knudson, Beverly, Des Moines Koch, Dennis, Cedar Falls Koch, Gordon, Hudson Koch, Paul, Preslon Ladeholl, Leo, Gladbrook Laipple, George, Faulkner Lake, Pally, Manly, 104, 133, 206 Lakin, Roberl, Des Moines Lamb, Ellen, Chelsea Lamb, Janice, Chelsea, 192 Lamb, Shirley, Marshalllown, 202 Lamberl, Gerald, Maguokela, 107, 229 Lammerl, Duane, Poslville Lamoreux, Clarence, Des Moines, 212, 232 Lamson, Mary, Ames Lanaghan, Richard, Clinlon, 142, 143, 160, 177 Landau, Arlhur, Cedar Falls, 142, 144, 146 Landlair, Billy, DeWill, 201, 231 Landman, Joan, Keokuk, 83, 206 Lane, Jesse, Eddyville Lane, Marcelene, Farley Lane, Mary, Walerloo Lane, Mayrose, 116, 131, 211, 213, 236, 237 Lane, William, Clinlon Lang, Roberl, Chicago, Illinois, 246 Lange. Donald, Davenporl, 116, 164, 165, 241, 259 Lange, Marilynn, McGregor Lange, Nancy, Decorah, 133, 231, 250 Langholz, Mariean, Calumel Langin, John, Des Moines Langlas, Nancy, Marengo, 139, 207, 238, 239 Lapel, Carol, Denison, 253 Larsen, Eslher, Cedar Falls Larsen, Isabelle, Cedar Falls Larson, Corrine, Aurelia, 97, 116, I17, I20. l9B, 215, 219, 240, 249, 259 Larson, Lu Anne, Walerloo Larson, Margarel, Cedar Falls Larson , Mary, Knoxville, 104 Larson, Palricia, Woden Larson, Richard, Mason Cily, 246 Larson, Sylvia, Manchesler, 133, 139, 217, Koesller, Dale, Algona Kolron, Philip, Cedar Falls Kohlol, Lea, Anlhon, 176 Kohlmann, J. Conrad, Dubuque Krukow, Diane, De Will, 132 Krumm, Larry, Grinnell, 106, 244 Kuch, Leland, Van l-lorn Kuehl, Joyce, Elkporl, 205, 234 Kuenslling, Alberla, Walerloo Kuenslling, Carolyn, Walerloo Kuhens, Galen, Harpers Ferry, 222, 241 Kulper, Beverly, Gullenberg Kulper, Roberl, Colesburg Kunerl, Janice, 1-lumboldl, 235 Kunkle, Paul, Charles Cily Kimmel, Judilh, Sheldon Kimrey, Donna, Woodward, 203, 206, 236, 237 Kimura, Morris, Kona, 1-lawaii, 263 King, Jack, Clinlon, 89, 139, 189, 231 King, James Emery, Albia King James Wilbur, Clarinda King Palricia.A1bia King Roberl, Clinlon King Russell, Cenler Poinl, 131 King, Vera, Walerloo King ,Wayne, Clinlon, 133, 228 Kunz, Palricia, Emmelsburg, 205, 229 Kurlh, Warren, Collax Kussalz, La Rae, Osage, 133, 204, 235 Kvidera, Arlhur, Tama Kyhl, Mary, Cedar Falls Kyle, Barbara, Greene, 132, 205 L Lackore, Gene, Cedar Falls, 25, 226, 231, 236, 259 Ladeholci, Sandra, Davenporl, 238, 239 234 Lasaler, Ada, Sigourney, 233 Laskowski, Dixie, Shellield, 228 Lass, Jo Ann, Des Moines Lalch, Myrna, Spencer, 176, 207, 215 Laube, Lolila, 1-larlan, 217 Lauer, Shirley, Cherokee, 132, 207, 239 Laughlin, Donald, Walerloo, 96, 251 Laughlin, Mary, Balavia, 132, 207, 238, 239 Laurilzen, Jerry, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, 259 Laulerbach, James, Walerloo Laverly, Doris, Gilman Lawrence, Marvin, Cedar Falls, 259 Lawrence, William, Arlinglon Lawson, Jean, Marion, 132, 231 Lawson, Mariorie, Ames Laylon, Sydney, Cedar Falls Le Brun, Elaine, Burl, 205, 229 Leary, Roger, Jesup, 164, 177 Leaverlon, Charleen, Pocahonlas, 176, 215 Lee, Richard, Slorm Lake, 246 176, 203, 220 Lee, Rulh, DeWill, Lee, William, Slorm Lake, 240, 246 Leeper, Terry, Washinglon Leerholf, Rulh, Parkersburg Leel, Richard, Walerloo, 234 293 McAvoy, Gary, Walnul, 239, 246 Leierink, Joyce. Cresco Lehman, Florence, Warerloo Lehman, Marlene, Brandon, 203,205 Lehnus, Gwendolyn, Rolie. 122, 126, 238. 239 Lehr, William, Lisbon, 114 Lehrer, Mary,S1'i1Iwa1er, Minnescla, 116, 122, 124, 126, 182, 183, 190, 195, 229 240, 253 Leiling, Mary, Maple River, 229 Lei1h,Jane+, I-lavelock, 132, 207 Lemley, Joy, Myslic, 207, 228 Lenharf, Joan Louise, Tama, 238 Lennier, Frances, 1-Iubbard, 133, 202,259 Lenlz, Donerfe, Marshallrown, 132. 188,201 229, 253 Lesauski, Felix, Walerloo Lesch, Ann, Forlr Madison, 132, 231 Lesher, Gerlrude. Clarion, 192, 221 Lessin, Lesrer, C. Larry, Davenporl Arlene, Goldlield, 101 Leffow, Connie, Alden Lewis, Lawrence, Cedar Falls Lewis, Marilyn, Waierloo, 121. 198, 202, 243, 259 Lewis, Roberl. Cedar Falls Lewis, Sandra, Cedar Falls Lewis, Shirley, Cooper, 133 Lieb, Richard, Pocahonias, 25, 96, 122, 199 229, 251 Lighl, Doris, Lisbon. 104, 206, 245 Liliegren, David, Daylon, 131, 189, 251 Lind. I-larry, Cedar Falls, 209 Lind, Kennelh, Cedar Falls. 116, 241 Lowman, Donald, Laurens, 131, 230 Lowman, Marilyn, Algona, 104, 219 Lowry, Melvin, Callender Lucas, Barbara, I-larlan, 126, 176, 192, 218, 219,224,249 Lufkin, Palricia, Cylinder, 205 Lumley, Darwyn, Aplingion Lundbeck, Anna. Royal, 214, 259 Lunde, Du Wayne, Monona Lunde, I-Iugh, Osage, 196, 204, 259 Lundquisl, James, Davenporl, 164, 166, 177 Lusson, Jo Ann, Iowa Falls, 196, 204, 218, 252,259 Lydon, Delores, Greenfield, 133, 186. 221, 229 Lynch, Delores. Cedar Falls, 217, 238, 239, 259 Lynch, Delvin, Waverly Lynch, Richard, Cedar Falls, 139, 170, 171. 217, 238, 259 Lynes, Richard, Warerloo, 239 Lyons. Allan, Sr. Anrhony, 251 Lyons, Richard, Van 1-lorne BA Maccormack, Florence, Parkersburg Mace, David, Warerloo Macek, Carlo. Forl Dodge Mack, Mary, Walerloo Mackinlosh, Nancy. Livermore, 132, 237 Macy. Dorofhie, Cedar Falls Maddy, Joyce, Eldora Maddy, Paul, Eldora Lindaman, Ruih. Ackley. 132 Lindblom, Carol, Anila, 235 Lindblom, John, Waukon, 133 Linden, Donna, Kiron, 132, 234 Lindsey, Dale. Walerloo Lingo, Doris, Marengo, 235 Linsley, Jane. Adel, 259 Lipperr, Richard. Jolley Lockharl, Everell, Oelwein Lockwood, James, Pomeroy. 120, I22, 182. 187,216,259 Loe, Linnea, Royal, 116, 133, Loiiiredo, Fred, Chicago, Illinois 35, 98. 156, 158, 177, 229, 246, 259 Lolron, Verna, Warerloo Loilus, Jeannine, Forl Dodge, Logan, Jackson, Washinglon 234 54, 207, 229 Logan, James, Cedar Falls, 168 Lohmeyer, Darlene, Waferloo, 139 Lohr, Ronald, Corona, Soulh Dakoia Long, Dianne, Dura nl Long, Eugene, Vinlon Long, Ralph, Cedar Falls, 185, 209, 259 Longman, Janice, Lyffon, 230 Madouras. John, Mason Cily, 200 Madison, Marian, Eagle Grove, 221 Madsen, Donna, Laurens. 208, 234 Madsen, Rulh, Laurens, 116, 234, 240, 243 Madison, Agnes, Madrid Madson, Carol, Rockford, Illinois Madson. Grace, Brifl, 139 Mahannah, Shirley, Keokuk, 96, 97, 116, 121, 198,204,250 Maher, William, Waierloo Mahon, Rulh, Cedar Falls Mahurin, Pairicia. Brandon Maire, Rose, Monlicello, 131. 243 Malcomson, Clark, Le Roy, Minnesofa Mallas, Jay. Walerloo Manahl, Bonnie, Washinglon, 131, 194, 217 Mann, Dororhy, Forf Dodge Mapes, Myrna, Earlham. 105 Marcellus, Marilyn, 1-lumboldl, 132, 203, 207, 234 Mardorli, Jane, Monricello, 187, 206, 216. 234 Maricle, Eugene, Walerloo Marker, Ellen, Chicago, Illinois, 132 Lorenzen, Ed, Walerloo Lonning, Philip. Waukon, 244 Loomis, Donald, Des Moines Loomis, Donna, Arlinglon Lorhringer, Kay, Dakofa Cily, 205 Loveioy, Mary Lou, Cylinder, 104 Loven. Vivian, Waukon, 234. 259 Lower, James, Cedar Falls Lowell, Barbara, Fairfield, 133, 139, 218, 236, 250 294- Maroli, Ralph, Monlicello Marrs, Marlene, Charles Cily Marsh, Marlha, Sioux Rapids, 90. 116, 215, 218, 219, 253 Marlens, Clillord, Missouri Valley, 212 Marlin, Belly, Tipron, 205 Marlin, Mary, Tiplon, 176, 207 Marhahn, Doris, Greene Maske, Sally, Oxford, 102, 213 Mason, Dolores, Ollumwa, 139, 238, 239 Masson, Arlys, Lilrlle Falls, Minnesofa Masl, Samuel, Fairbank, 98 Masreller, Edwin, Independence, 156, 158 Malsui, Rurh, Lanai Cily, 1-lawaii, 116 Mall, Nancy. La Porfe Cify, 133 Malreson, Paul. Aurora Mallhews, Carol, Clinion, 221, 252 Malrhews. David, Waukon Maflox, Larry Warerloo, 139, 189, 241 Marzen, Eileen. Riceville, 122. 235 Maupin, Kennerh, Rockford Maxson, Barbara, Spirir Lake, 207 Maxwell, Ralph, Marshalllown Mayhew. Elaine, Mr. Auburn Maynard, Frederick, Cedar Falls, 232 Maynard, Jerry. Maquokela Mayo. Delores, Grinnell McAuley, Jack, Cedar Falls McBride, Janet Nevada, 116, 217, 252 McBurney, Margaret 1-Iumboldl, 133 McCa11ey, David, Marion, 116, 241 McCar'rney, Sally, Boone, 87, 116, 219, 250 McCauley, Marilyn Jane. Monroe. 132 McCaus+Iand. Earl. Lime Springs, 109 McChesney, Shirley, Walerloo, 178, 179, 252 McC1eary, Clark, Davenporl' McClure, Mary, Rockwell Cily, 133 McClure, Parricia, Tama, 237 McClure, Sally. Des Moines, 221 McCord. David, Toledo McCoy, John, Cenrer Poinl McCoy, Lois. Tiplon McCracken, Fred, Des Moines. 200 McCrea1h, Dororhy, 1-lamillon, Illinois, 133 McCreery, Vera, Gladbrook McCue. Roberl, Sumner, 110 McCullough, Shirley. Oxford McCuskey, Jon, Iowa Cily, 142, 246 McDaniel, Kalhryn, Walerloo McDaniel, Willadine, Melrose, 233 McDonald, Elizabelh, Delmar McDonald, Teressa. De Sola, 233 McDonald, Rufh, Jewell McEachran. Norma, Mason Cily, 191, 208, 249 McElhose, Kim, Walerloo McGarvey, Marlys, 1-ludson, 116, 122. 186, 191, 208, 229, 253, 260 McGill, Palricia, Grandview, 104, 221, 228 McGinnis, Donald, Algona McGivern, Eugene, Marengo, 224, 260 McGovern, Bernadelle, Independence, 229 McGra1h, Agnes. Cedar Falls McGralh, James, Cedar Falls McGrew, Jean. Cedar Falls, 90, 96, 97, 120, 121, I22, 190, 195, 236, 251, 260 McGu11in, Neal, Cedar Rapids. 156 McGuire, Mary, Brifl McGuire, Pafricia, Mason Cily Mclnroy, Reed, Cedar Falls Mclnlire, Roberl, Kenl. 116, 131. 189, 239. 244 McKee. John, Waferloo McKee, Roberla, Cedar Falls. 186, 238, 239. 260 McKee, Roger, Cedar Falls, 239. 260 McKenzie, Raymond, Cresfon, 156 McKifrick, Lou Ann, 1-lumboldr, 139 McLain, Evelyn, Emerson McLaughlin, Marfha, Mediapolis, 229 McLuen, Wilma, Sruarr, 116, 122, 176, 208 237 McMullen, Jack, Cedar Falls McNeal, Donovan, New Sharon McQuigg, Rufh, Schaller, 133 McRo1Jer1s, Jerry, Warerloo, 121, 189 McSweeney, Kay, Riceville, 207, 229 McWhor'rer, Thomas, Walerloo Meade, Norma, Denison Means, Vera Maxine, Callender, 205, 228, 233 Meehan, Kalhleen, Madrid, 237 Meerdink, Lorna, Rock Valley, 231 Meier, Verlaine, Walerloo Meic1ers,Joe11, Cedar Falls, 237 Meineke, Marilyn, Clarion, 221 Meldrum, Judy, Ames Melichar, Paul, Cedar Falls, 189 Melles, Janice, Cedar Falls Melles, Warren, Paullina Melrose, Nancy, Charles Cily Melugin, Dorolhy, Iowa Falls Menning, Arnold, Alron Menfzer, James, Cedar Rapids, 209 Merical, Shirley, Redfield, 221 Merry, Ardilh, Cedar Falls, 139, 237 Mersch, Mary Ann, New 1-1amp1on,229 Mersrnan, Ramona, Eldora, 221, 230 Mervin, Roberl, Walerloo Messer, John, Warerloo, 231 Messerschmirl, Eva, 1-ledrick, 236, 237 Messersmilh, Mary, Menlo Meyer, Alice, Kanawha Meyer, Carol, lowa Falls Meyer, Donald, Peferson, 97, 108, 116, 209 212, 231, 241 Meyer, Edward, Walerloo Meyer, Jo Ann, Parkersburg, 231 Meyer Meyer Meyer Margarel, Waverly Rulh, Aplingion, 219 Mary, Waferloo Meyers, Marcele, Greene Meylhaler, Janice, Independence, 205 Michell, Gwendolyn, Rockford Mickelson, Don, Forf Dodge, 139, 208,212 Micou, Cliveen, Walerloo Micldlelon, Lorella, Belrendorl, 122, 123, 182, 192, 204, 245 Mikesh, Marvin, Decorah Mikkelson, Mona, BriH, 228, 233 Miles, Richard, Colfax, 150, 260 Miles, Slanley, Clear Lake, 185, 209 Miller, Arlene, Spencer, 132, 234 Miller, Armond, 1-lampfon, 202, 212, 260 Miller, Bernice, Benson, Arizona Miller, Beverly, Davenporl, 221, 237 Miller, Carl, Sioux Rapids Miller, Donald, Cedar Falls Miller, Jacguelyn, Wiora, 234 Miller, James, Sform Lake Miller, Leland, Hudson Miller, Lucille, Clarion, 90, 215, 218, 219, 250 Miller, Phillip, Walerloo Miller, Regina, Marne, 218, 229, 242 Miller, Roger, Walerloo Milligan, Dolores, Collins, 211 Millikin, Irwin, Ames Mineharl, John, Waferloo, 232 Mirchell, James, New Sharon Mirchell, Josephine, Reinbeck Milchell, Lois, New Providence, 133 Milsuda, 1-lelen, 1-lilo, 1-lawaii, 260 Milfs, Doris, Cedar Falls Mills, Jon, Lake Park Mills, Richard, Lake Park, 97, 108 Miyabuchi, Jean, Puunene, Hawaii, 213 Miyasaki, Lorraine, 1-lonolulu, 1-lawaii Moeller, Jeanelle, New Liberry, 205 Moeller, Marilyn, Palmer, 208 Moeller, Nancy, Eldridge Moen, Charlolle, Lake Mills, 221, 252 Morlarl, Charlolfe, Sioux Cily Mo1:B+, Thompson, Tiplon - Mollirr, Theodore, New 1-1ar'1'lord, 195 Mohl, Marilyn, Davenporf Mohr, Alyse, Terril, 248 Mohr, LaVonne, Charlolre, 191, 208, 235, 260 Molloy, Mary, Independence, 207, 229 Mong, Roloerl, Waverly Monks, William, Elkader, 139 Monfgomery, Mary, Des Moines, 219, 224, 260 Monlgomery, Palricia, Charilon, 191, 211, 208, 238, 239, 260 Monlgomery, Rufh, Brooklyn, 192, 221, 238, 239 Monlross, Dorla, Belle Plaine, 260 Mooers, Roloerl, Walerloo Moody, Donald, Vinlon Moon, Jerrold, Davenporl Mooney, James, Waverly Moore, Arla, Burl' Moore, Barbara, Ames Moore, Carol, Glidden, 133 Moore, Frank, Coon Rapids, 212 Moore, Joan, Colo Moore, Margie, Graellinger, 215, 238, 239 Moore, Norman, Dallas Moore, Sally, Glidden, 132, 237 Mordini, Lidia, Madrid, 221, 229 Moreland, Keilh, Forl' Dodge, 131, 189,260 Morey, Donna, Monlicello Morlirr, Glenda, Sanborn, 133, 176 Morgan, Marvin, Denver Morgan, Mary Ann, 1-lawarden, 229 Morgensen, Kennefh, Waferloo Morikawa, Eslher, Waimea Kauai, 1-lawaii, 248 Morre, Marcia, Ames, 206 Morris, Karhleen, Marshalllown Morris, William, Cedar Falls Morrison, Janell, Linden, 133 Morrison, Jim, Grundy Cenler Morrison, Mary, Sigourney, 229 Morrissey, Virginia, Monricello, 248 Morlensen, Nancy, Moorhead, 116, 133, 243 Morrimer, Don, Cedar Falls Moser, Roger, Greene Moser, Slanley, Walerloo Mosley, Joella, Albia, 97, 104, 192, 221 Mowrer, Lee, Perry, 150, 155, 244 Muehlenlhaler, Morris, Sheldahl Muhlenhaupr, Louann, Readlyn - Mukai, Allison, Maui, 1-lawaii, 104, 124, 192, 221, 232, 245 Mulgrew, Beverly, Waferloo Mullaney, Byron, Walerloo Mullen, Mary, Des Moines, 219, 224 Muller, Gloria, Aplinglon Munday, Leo, Leon, 212 Mundl, Margarel, Ida Grove, 207, 215, 238, 239 Munzenmaier, Marilyn, Des Moines Murola, Calherine, 1'1i1o, 1-lawaii Murphy, Richard, Cedar Falls Muse, David, Pomeroy Musick, Nina, Forl' Dodge Musselrr, Lois, Waferloo, 215, 219, 224, 260 Myers, Alberl, Walerloo Myers, Joseph. Cedar Falls Myers, Margarel, Galesburg, Illinois, 202 252 Myhre, Sandra, Cedar Rapids, 213, 234, 245 N Nading, Dorolhy, Sfrawberry Poinf, 116 Nadler, George, Waferloo Nagel, Barbara, Cedar Rapids, 126, 238, 239 Nagel, Larry, Manchesler, 260 Nairn, Mary, Maquokera, 205, 231 Nanke, Bernard, Warerloo Narey, James, Waferloo Narigon, Elinor, Nodaway, 203 Nau, Dixie, Des Moines Naylor, Roger, Alberf Lea, Minnesola, 189 Neal, Wayne, Wes? Des Moines Nealey, Charles, Wesl Burlinglon Neessen, Jim, Waferloo Neill, Agnes, Williams, 221 Nellor, Palricia, Charrer Oak Nelsen, Mariorie, Dows, 104, 205, 236 Nelsen, Allon, Walerloo Nelson, Donald, Alberl, 208, 236, 260 Nelson, Donald, Merrill, 191 Nelson, Donna, Lehigh, 221 Nelson, John, Marshallfown Nelson, Marion, Cedar Falls Nelson, Mary, McCa11sburg Nelson, Norma, Manchesler, 217, 260 Ness, Larry, Pelerson 1 Neubaum, Janel, Map1elon,221, 237 Neuharr, Linda, Charles Cily, 116, 122, 213, 250 Neumann, Carl, 1-lamplon Neve, Elsie, 132, 207 Nevenhoven, Norman, Davenporr, 231 Newell, Ellen, Gilman Newell, Fern, Eldora Newman, Evelyn, Cedar Falls Newfon, Duane, Rockford, 177 Newfon, John, Des Moines, 87, 131, 133, 228, 233 Newlon, Nancy, Greenfield, 122, 237 Ney, John, Walerloo Nichols, Cleo, Knoxville Nichols, Kennerh, Cedar Falls, 150, 177, 246 295 Niusl J Osborn Nichols, Raymond, Cedar Falls Nicklaus, Delberl, Parlcersburg, 62, I50, I5l Niederl, Marlys, Walerloo Niederl, Richard, Walerloo Nielsen, Jaclc, Council Blulils, 98, 2l2 Nielsen, John, Cedar Falls, I89 Nielsen, Joyce, Preslon, I76 Nielsen, William, Paullina, I42 Nilles, Clarine, Gilmore Cily, IOI, 207, 229 Nimmo, I-larry, Monroe Nishimori, Gerald, Kauai, I-lawaii, I07, 23I Nissen, Dorolhy, I-Iamlin, 205 Nissen, Raymond, Oelwein, I50, l5l, I52, is4, iss, 209 ean, Clinlon, 260 Olson, Shirley Jean, Eldridge, l32, 203 Olson, Shirley Maureen, Marshalllown, I92. 220, 22l Olson, William, Cedar Falls, 96, IIO, l89, 229, 260 Ollrogge, Ralph, NValerloo Omori, Shirley, Kauai, I-Iawaii O'Neill, Carole, Cedar Falls, 2I8, 250 OUOITIU ra, Gerlrude, I-lonolcaa, I-lawaii Opheim, Elmer, Bode Oren, Jean, Walerloo Orlner, Orum, Richard, Auburn, 229 Eleanor, Chesler Osborn, Aileen, Newlon, l32 e, Glenn, Omaha, Nebraska Pearson, Phyllis, Alberl Cily Pearl, Leonard, Forl Dodge, 2l2, 223 Pech, Shirley, Lamonl, 207 Pecinovslcy, Charles, Des Moines Peden, Rulh, Gary, Soulh Dalcola, 2l5, 2l9 260 Pedelly, Lee, Nora Springs, I9I, 208 Pellell, Eloise, Allanlic H Pellell, Susan, Hudson, 237 Pembroolc, Jean, Reinbeclc, I39 Pennoclc, Carolyn, Davenporl, 239 Perry, Neal, Walerloo Peler, Marian, Lime Springs, 249 Pelers, Arlan, Plainfield Pelers, Roberl, Ames, 23I Noble, Curlis Bud, Riceville, I33, l37, 23l Noble, I-larriel, Garner Nolle, Annmarie, Allanlic, l26, 229 Nord, Juanila, Clinlon, 260 Nordly, Judilh, Cedar Falls Norem, Kennelh, I-lanlonlown, I60, 216, 234 Norenberg, Slanley, Keola, 246 Norgaard, Norene, I-Iarlan, l3l, I33, 2l7, 234 Norman, Jo Anne, Riceville, 205, 235 Norman, Thomas, Thompson, 24I, 260 Norris, Charles, New Virginia Norlh, George, Charles Cily Norlhrup, William, Cedar Falls, 222 Norlon ,Evelyn Kay, Newlon, I32, 237 Norvelll Mary, Cedar Falls Nuss, Edgar, Gladbroolc O'Brien, Anne, Algona, 2I5, 229 Nulling, Darlys, Spencer, I39, 2l5 Nulling, Neil, Walerloo Nymann, Dewayne, Cedar Falls O Oberheu, Shirley, Waverly O'Bradovich, Mary, Council Blulls, 228 Parlridge, Richard, Marshalllown Olinger, Belly, Cedar Falls, I33 Obye, Kalhryn, Eslherville, I79, 247 O'Connell, Wilma, Fredericksburg O'Connor, Rose, Walerloo 253 260. O'Connor, Sara, Missouri Valley, , 264 Ogden, Vern, Odeboll, I50, 246 Ohlson, JoAnne, Cherolcee Ohlson, Marvis, Spiril Lalce, 2l2, 22l Oleson, James, Forl Dodge Ollc, Donna, Shellield Olsberg, Vonnie, Curlew, 205 Olsen, Carol, Audubon, I33, 2l2 Olsen, Conslance, Onawa, 230 Olsen, Donald, Des Moines Olsen, Lois, Walerloo Olsen, Mabel, Walerloo Olsen, Mary Jean, Walerloo, 206, 245 Olsen, Mary Joan, Dow Cily, 2I4, 235 Olsgaard, Cynlhia, Clarence, I33, 237 Olson, Barbara, Ames, 20l Olson, Carol, Fasl Moline, Illinois, 260 Olson. Cherrie, Irwin Olson, Joan, Dilre, I33. I39, 2I7 Olson, Loren, Radcliffe Olson, Marvin, Cedar Falls Olson, Richard, Clinlon 296 Oshibuchi, Talcalco, Kyolo, Japan, 2l7, 260 Oslerberger, Kalhryn, Malcom Oslrom, Marlene, Broolmlyn, 2l3, 240, 247, 260 Oswood, Lyle, I-lansell, IO7 Ollo, Lu Anne, I-ludson, 2l3, 260 Owen, Marilyn, Grinnell, 229 Owens, David, Collax, 260 Owens, Margy, Columbus Jcl., I33, I76, 239 P Pahre, Keilh, Newlon, I50 Palmer, Jeanne, Mason Cily, 23l, 247 Palmer, Wava, Ml. Vernon, 207, 237 Pals, Carol, Lyllon, IO4, I92, 205, 234, 247 Panagos, Mary, Cedar Rapids, 243, 260 Panhorsl, Marcella, Meriden Panlher, Dorolhy, Walerloo Paplze, Lola, Miles, 205 Papouselr, Mary, Garner, II6, 2I5, 2l9, 224, 260 Parlcer, Arlene, Liscomb, I33, 2I7 Parlrer, Roberl, Waverly Parkes, Edward, Walerloo Parlcinson, Janice, Schaller Parlrs, Anne, Cedar Falls, 97, III, I92, 206, 242 Parlcs, Bealrice, Ollumwa, I39 Parland, Palricia, Iowa Falls, 260 Parry, Lesler, Lime Springs Parry, Ralph, Cedar Falls, 23I, 24I, 260 Parsons, Barbara, Keola, I32, I36 Parlello, Marcia, Eslherville, 239 Pelersen Dale, Cedar Falls Pelersen Jean, Walerloo Pelerson Aileen Palricia, Willon Junclion, l3I Pelerson, Carol, Sioux Cily Pelerson Dale, Cedar Falls, 233 Pelerson, Dorolhy, Goldliield, l88,20I, 233 Pelerson James, Vinlon Pelerson La Vere, Shell Rock Pelerson, John, Walerloo Pelerson, Mary, Mediapolis Pelerson, Nancy, McGregor Pelerson, Roberl, Forl Dodge Pelerson, Rose, Manson, 22I, 234 Pelro, Peler, Walerloo, 263 Pellersen, Clarence, Foresl Cily, 244, 260 Pleifl, Theodore, Burlinglon, I33 Phillips, Richard, Mounl Pleasanl, I33 Piclnell, Vernon, Rulhven, I2S, I60, 226, 244 Pieper, Jean, Dysarl, 250 Pieper, Russell, Wesl Union, 92, I90, I95, 263 Pierce, Alice, Cedar Falls Pierce, Kennelh, Walerloo Pierce, Sherris, Sheldon, I32 Pallee, Janel, Cedar Rapids, I92, 2l2 Pallerson, Margarel, Ames Pallison, Isabel, New I-larllord Pallon, Jacqueline, I-lamplon, 229 Paulsen, Duane, Galva, I09, 235 Paulsen, Larry, Scolch Grove, I50, I64, I65 Paulsen, Nona, Ida Grove, 2I5, 2I8, 2I9, 260 Paulson Judilh, Clermonl Paulson , Muriel, I-lamplon, I76 Paulson, Vance, Foresl Cily, 99 Paulus, Susan, Iowa Cily Pauslian, Diane, Davenporl Paxlon, Roberla, 2I7, 237 Paylon, Beulah, Cedar Falls Peacoclc, Nancy, Shellsburg, 228 Peacock, Terence, I-larnplon Pearson, Ellen, Williamson, I76 Piericlc, John, Palmer, 229 Pigg, I-Ioward, Collax, I50, I53, I77, 244, 26I Pinch, Charles, Waverly, I56, l57 Pingel, Marlys, Rembrandl Piper, Jan, Ames, l3l Pipho, Julie, Cedar Falls, 26I Pippill, Marian, Lillle Sioux, I33, 230 Pisney, Palricia, Cedar Rapids, 229, 243 Pilsenbarger, Vesla, Adel, I33 Pillman, Roberl, Lincoln, Nebraska Pills, Marlys, Alla, I33 Pilz, John, Lamolle, 26I Planl, Roy, Walerloo Plalle, Janel, Waverly, 205, 235 Ploog, Mary, Cedar Falls, 87, I39 Plonslcy, John, Mason Cily Plummer, Joan, LeMars, 49, 52, I00, 232 Poage, Palricia, Cedar Falls Podhaslci, Cora, Walerloo Poland, Norma, Marshalllown Pollca, Dwayne, Tama, I42 Polanslry, Richard, Cedar Rapids, 235, 24I Pollock, Virginia, Springville, l26, 228 Poncin, Donna, Cedar Rapids, 2l9, 224 Ponder, Mary Ann, Newlon, I3I, 2Ol Pooclc, Larry, Tripoli, l56 Pope, I-Ielen, Lewis, I3I, 203, 207 Popkes, Donald, Cedar Falls Poppinga, Erlene, Humboldl, IOI, 203, 207. 234 Poralh, Hazel, Newell, l32I 22l Porl, Marilyn, Walerloo Porler, Joyce, Marion, 238, 239 Porler, Lyle, Geneva, l07, 230 Posl, Shirley, Marion, I39 Polif. Eli D., Somers, 86, l90, l95, 2l0, 26l Polls, Richard, Moravia, I09, 26l Powell, Beverly, Harcourl, 203, 22l, 229 Powell, Shirlee, lowa Cily Pralle, Marian, Hamplon, 22l, 235 Prehm, Belly, Ml. Pleasanl, 202, 233, 237, 26l Prehm, Norma, Ml. Pleasanl, 233, 237 Preli, Carol, Columbus Jcl., I76, 203, 207 Price, Gayle, Humboldl, l33 Price, Palricia, Sioux Cily, l04, 242 Prichard, Paul, Fonlanelle, 236, 24l Prichard, Shirley, Belle Plaine, l92 Priem, Sylvia, Toelerville, 208 Priesl, Barbara, Cedar Falls, l3l, l92, 2l7, 252 Prior, Marsha, Lu Verne, 205 Proclor, Janann, Oelwein Prolsman, James, Shell Rock Psaros, Evelyn, Walerloo, 29, 6l, 204 Puck, Eleanor' Walcoll, l92, 203, 220 Puller, Palricia, Cresco, I33, 229, 249 Puhrmann, Lois, Paullina, l92, 2l4, 235, 248 Purcell, Phyllis, Anamosa, l92, 22l, 23I Pursell, Sandra, Monlevideo, Minnesola, l32, l76, 237 Pyall, Shirley, Greene, 22l O Quam, Rulh, Armslrong, 208 Quaim, Yusul, Bahawalpor, Palcislan Quackenbush, Velma, Vinlon, l04 Quillin, Charles, New Sharon Quinn, Ana, Slorm Lake, 229, 243 Quinn, Kalhryn, Corning, l04, 22l Quinn, Russell, Cedar Falls Quirk, Francis, Lawler, l08, l64, 26l Quirk, William, Lawler R Rabe, Arnold, Denison, l33, I39 Rabey, Charles, Larchwood' l60, l6I, l77, 26l Radloll, Rulh, Cedar Rapids, IO4 Rainbow, Edward, Walerloo, 26l Rainbow, Marilyn, Rochesler, Minnesola, 26l Ramig, Donald, Cedar Falls, l50, I77, 26l Ramler, Belva, Forl Dodge, 22l, 237 Ramler, Beverlee, Forl Dodge, 2l5, 2l9, 237 Ramus, Don, Des Moines, l50 Randall, James, Mason Cily Randolph, David, Cedar Rapids, l08, l68 Ransom, Richard, Walerloo, ll2, I64, 26l Rasmussen, Belly, Mason Cily, l30, 20I, 234, 26l Ralh, David, Sioux Cily, l3l Raub, Dorolhy, Dysarl, 23l Rauch, B elly, Chicago Heighls, lllinois, 252 Rauch, Karl, Chicago Heighls, Illinois Ray, Marlyn, Cedar Falls Read, Nola, Cresco Reber, Anna, Whal Cheer Recher, Lila, Ocheyedan, 22l Reclor, Nancy, Odeboll, l32, 238, 239 Redenius, Mary, Cedar Falls Reece, Mary, Arlinglon, I39 Reed, Ja ck, Cedar Falls Reed, Norma, Ankeny, 2l9 Reed, Olabell, Wa+erloo Reeve, Mary. Creslon, 2l3I 239 Relshaug e, Sharon, Gilman, 204 Reilly, Ronald, Van Horne, 223, 229, 24l Reinders, Mary, Mallard Reiners, James, Remsen Reisner, Maxine, Walerloo Renander, Shirley Mae, Shenandoah, 97, ll6, l22, 206, 226, 234, 240, 250 Ressler, Rhea, Walerloo Reyhons, Gerald, Solon, 229 Reyhons, Richard, Solon Reynolds, Jerry, Odeboll, 97, 98, I77, 223, 239, 240, 246 Reynolds, Sandra, Lisbon Reynolds, Sherrill, Walerloo, lll Rhoades, Dixie, Forl Dodge Rice, lrma, Cedar Falls, l86, 26l Rich, Thomas, Sumner Richards, Colleen, Oelwein Richardson, Darrel, Wesl Des Moines, 99 Richardson, Mabel, Cedar Falls Richmond, Gene, New Hamplon, 229 Rickells, Riebholl, Marilyn, Walerloo Lois, Wesl Bend, 228 Riedemann, Bernila, Gaza, 23l, 250 Riehl, Jim, Palon, 229 Riekena, Rile, Jea 233 Bennie, Foresl Cily n, Des Moines, IO3, l9l, 208, 226, Riggle, Richard, La Porle Cily Riker, Charles, Cedar Falls, 246 Riley, Palricia, Mason Cily, 206, 26l Rineharl, Rineharl, Roberls, Roberls, Roberls, Roberls, Roberls, Roberls, George, Myslic, 263 Marilyn, Brill Belly, Keosauqua, 247 Bonnie, Walerloo Clark, Greenlield, l08 Leonard, Oxford Lyle, Dexler, 244 Naomi, Dilce Roberlson, James, La Porle Cily' 223 Robinson, Donna Jean, Keosauqua Robinson Robinson Robinson , Donna Jean, Hopkinlon, I39, 237 , Harold, Websler Cily , Marlys, Reinbeck, 22l Robinson, Muriel, Cedar Falls, ll3, I33, 2l7 Robison, Janice, Washinglon, 22l, 242 Robles, John' Chicago, lllinois Roche, J Roche, S ohn, Chicago, Illinois, 80 arah, Gowrie, 205 Roehlk, Corrine, Davenporl Rogers, Janel, Cedar Falls, 240, 252 Rogers, Phyllis, Clemons, I3l, l94, 2l7 Rogness, Rohlling, Rollin, Joice Margarel Anne, Sac Cily, ll6, 234, 249 Rohmer, Richard, Walerloo Rohwer, Paul, Parkersburg, 222 Rolinger, Jack, Walerloo Rolslon, Helen, Adel, 250 Romey, Rosamond, Mason Cily Roorda, John, Knoxville, 209, 26l Rose, Mary, Springville, 238, 239 Rosene, Carl, Chicago, lllinois, 97, I08, l42 l48, l77, 25l Rosien, James, Forl Dodge, l42, I64, l77, 246 Rosenkrans, Roberl, Evansdale Roslien, Janel. Manly, I26, 20l, 234 Roskens, Ronald, Spencer, 46 Roskens, Lois Lisler, Eagle Grove Ross, Leland, Cedar Falls Ross, Rose, Walerloo Ross, William, Wesl Des Moines Roush, Roberl, Clinlon Rowe, Kennelh Gene, Ames, I7, 6l, 122, 204, 2l2, 223, 26l Rowe, Kennelh Leroy, Coggin, 236, 24l Rowray, Richard, Cedar Falls Ruehle, Eugene, Rulhven Ruen, Elaine, Poslville, l33 Ruggles, Georgia, Cedar Falls Ruhl, Lois, Websler Cily, l76, 229 Rummens, Burl, Hardy Runyan, Carolyn, lndianola Runyan, Eva, Woodbine, 230 Rushing, Eslher, Clarksville Russell, Burlon, Sioux Cily Russell, John, Forl Dodge, I39 Russell, Marilyn, Cedar Falls, IS6, l94, 2l7, 26l Russell, Norman, Ossian, l2l, l86, 2l2, 2l7, 26l Russell, Rosemary, Corning, 203, 206, 237 Russell, Janice, Calmarl l92, 249 Ruslad, Curlis, Norlhwood, 209, 2l2, 222, 26l Ruslemier, William, Bancroll, 209,229 Ryan. Elizabelh, Brooklyn, 209, 22l Ryan, Palricia, Manly Rydberg, Ann, Shenandoah Rylcen, Jean, Ackley, 229 S Saalholl, Jo Ann, Shell Rock Saalholil, Loraine, Gilmore, 207, 234 Sabus, Roberl, Scranlon, ll7, l30, 229, 244, 26l Sachse, Helen, Walerloo Sackell, Larry, Janesville Sailor, William, Lisbon Sainl, Mary, Walerloo Salisbury, Donald, Dunkerlcn, 209 Salmons, Roger, Cedar Falls Salmonson, Ronald, Kiron, ll6, 246 Salyer, Kennelh, Walerloo Samson, Palricia, Cedar Falls Sanborn, Helen, Cedar Falls, 263 Sandell, Ronald, Thompson Sanders, Sharon, Walerloo, lll, I26, I33, I92, 247 Sanderson, Mary, Donnelson Sarchel, David, Burl, l60, l87, 2I6, 244, 26l 297 i Sargenr, Diane, Cedar Falls, l25, 223 Sasaki, Roy, Honolulu, Hawaii, 236 Sarrwell, Wilbur, Waferloo Sauer, Roberl, Waferloo Saul, Annefra, Cedar Falls Savereide, Jean Harlan, I32 Savery, Marilyn, Denison, I33, 2l7 Sayre, Donald, Cedar Falls Schabacker, Marilyn, Havelock, 235 Schaefer, Bernadine, Walerloo Schaefer, Kay, Sheffield, I32, 207, 228, 232 Schall, Jerone, Ogden, 229 Schaper, Sharron, Brill, I39 Scharl, Pauline, Forl Dodge, 26l Schal, Phyllis, Maurice Schaudl, Gerald, Slaler Scheer, Donald. Cedar Falls, 26l Schermer, Norma Jean, Hampron, 23l Schichrl, Wayne, Fayelle Schick, Roberla, Davenporl Schlaman, Frieda, Hampton, IO4. l92. 226, 228 Schlampp, Donna, Ackley, 202, 229, 26l Schlapkohl, Emmer, Davenporl, 26l Schlesseln-ian, Roma, Olewein, I32 Schliffer, Ann, Decorah, I32 Schmidl, Norman, Dunkerlon, 2I6, 26l Schmidl, Wilma, lda Grove, 22l Schmiedel, Gilberr, Charles Cily Schmill, Norma, Nichols, 208 Schmili, Pauline, Buckingham Schrnoranz, Hiram, Marshalllown Schnack, Karolyn, Tiplon, 207, 23l Schnecklcfh, James, Denison, l33 Schneider, James, Willmar, Minnesola Schnepp, Mary, Walerloo Schnur, Jenise, Walerloo, 25, 96, 97, I94, l98. 223, 26l Schnur, Rulh, Walerloo, 206, 238, 239 Schoenlhaler, Carol, Maquokela Schoenlrup, Dorolhy, Cedar Falls Schooley, Sarah, Deep River, I32, 230 Schoonmaker, Mary, Waferloo, 237 Schorler, James. Cedar Falls Schrag, Philip, Waferloo Schramm, Merle, Ida Grove, II4 Schrarnm, Sandra, Denison, l04, I76, 235 Schrepler, Ray, Forl Madison, 244 Schroeder, Bruce, Walerloo Schroeder, Duane, Sioux Cily, 97, 98, ll6, 25l Schroedermeir, Slanley, Waverly Schuck, Barbara, Wesl Poinl' Schuller, Donna, Mallard, 229 Schullz,Ar1hur, Cedar Falls, ll4, l20, l39, 26l Schullz, Donna, Posrville, I04, l3l, I92, 2I9, 238, 239, 250 Schullz, Harrier, Ackley Schuliz, Mildred. Charles Cify Schumacher, Dona Mae, Denver Schumacher, Donna May, Clarion, l76, 229 Schwab, Gwenelh Joy, Dumonf, I02, II6, l39, l9l, 208 Schwieberr, John, Brooklyn, I33 Schwieferl, Rufh, McGregor, l9l, 208, 26l Scobell, Scolf, Emmefsburg Scoll, Darrell, Eldora, l89 298 Scoll, Elhel, Walerloo Scoff, George, Villisca Scolf, Marlene, Legrand, 26l Seagren, Richard, Clinfon Searcy, Sara, Independence, 22l Seaver, Charlene, Cedar Falls Seaver, Marilyn, Cedar Falls, I39, l88, 20l See, Marlo, Walerloo Seeley, Russell, Walerloo, IS6 Seemann, Norman, Walerloo Seery, Elizabeih, Cedar Falls Seilerl, Carl, Warerloo Seilried, Jerome, Manson, 229 Selah, Rulh, Cedar Falls Self, Dororhy, Walerloo Sell, Allan, Tripoli, I39 Sellslrom, Karen, Gowrie, 234 Sernefl, Joan, Algona, I79, 2l3, 229 Seufierlein, Edward, Cedar Falls Severe, Doris, Nora Springs, I3l, I33, 2l7, 237 Sexlon, Carolyn, Walerloo, I39 Shafer, Mariorie, Waferloo Shalier, Sharon, Tiplon Shalla, Marilyn, Kalona, 2l3, 229, 26I Shannon, Collelle, Cedar Falls Shannon, Lavonne, Fredericksburg, 231 Sharp, Donna, Clarion, I94, 26l Sharp, Roberf, Clarion, I56 Shalicr, Roberl, Jesup Shaver, Sally, Albia, I32 Shaw, Donna, Oskaloosa, 22l Shaw, Paul, Walerloo Shea, M. Suzann, Decorah, 229, 26l Shearer, John, Cedar Falls, IIO, l42, 246 Sheeley, Jo Ann, Evansdale Sheeley, Marilyn, Walerloo, l94, 262 Sheldon, Bob, Walerloo Shelgren, Janef, Rolfe, 238, 239 Shellenberger, Joyce, Waleiloo Shellon, Ronald, Forl Dodge Shepard, Earl, Pisgah Shepard, Marilyn, Charilon. IR6, 2l4 Sherer, Richard, Burlinglon Sheridan, Olga, Evansdale Sherman, James, Cedar Falls, II4 Sherwood, Ronald, Rockwell Shiels, Richard, Cedar Falls Shimel, Corrine, Clemons, ll6, 2l7, 23l, 262 Shindoll, Marian, Waukon, 207, 23l Shinn, Mariorie, Alberl Cily, l32, 207, 237 Shook. Evelyn, Della, l3l Shool, Janice, Manchesler, ll6, I33, 2l3, 232,248 Shope, Roxanna, Davenporl, 232 Shorr, Ronald, Waferloo Shourek, Earlene, Forl Dodge, I76, 237 Shulfl, Kay, Greene, 205, 249 Shumaker, Carol, Arnolds Park, I76 Sickles, John, Janesville Siek, Marcella, Blairslown, 2l6, 262 Siemens, Darlys, Dysarl, 46 Sienknechl, Joan, Gladbrook Sievers, Elwin, Sform Lake, IO7, 235 Siglin, Roger, Ogden Sills, Sharon, Nevada, 207 Simmons, Alberla, Norlh English, 239 Simms, Sue, Albion, 220 Simon. 250 Dorolhy, Iowa Ciry, 2l4, 22l, 229, Simonsen, Marilyn, Hampfon Simonsen, Marjorie, Merrill, 90, l3I, 2l5, 2l9, 262 Simpson, William, Knoxville, l42 Singer, Zana Sue, Websler Cily, l32, I76, 237 Sisson, James, Walerloo Sioblom, John, Audubon, I64, 246 Skinner, Helen, Cedar Falls Skinner, Roberl, Cedar Falls Skyles, Sloan, Janel, Mason Cily, 262 Marvin, Monroe Slobodink, John, Neola, I07, 229 Slocum, Roberla, Lewis, 2I9 Slollag, Ernesl, Wellsburg Smalley, Lawrence, Osage, 209, 240, 24l, 262 Smerud, Clara, New Albin, 229 Smilh, Barbara, Marshalllown, II6, l26, l82 250, 262 Smilh, Bonira, Walerloo Smilh, Carol, Albia, 24l Smilh, Elva, Nashua Smilh, Gerlrude. Milroy, Minneso+a Smilh, Gerald Dean, Coon Rapids Smilh, lola, Charles Cily Smilh, Jack, Walerloo Smilh, Jerald Noel, Grundy Cenler Smilh, John, Cedar Falls, 233 Smilh, Judilh, Newfon Smilh, Norman, Renwick, 24l Smifh, PaHy, Monlicello Smilh, Roger, Vinlon, 229 Smilh, Sranley, Charles Cily, 262 Smilh, Will, Wapello, l33 Snider, Palricia, Washinglon Snoble, Joseph, Hazellon Snook, Loring. Cedar Falls Snow, Leo, Lake Park Snowden, Leonard, Waferloo Snullier, Harvey, George, l85, 207 Snyder Helen, Warerloo Snyder, Philip, Fcrf Dodge, l3l Snyder, Soeren Phyllis, Onslow, 207, 238 Ronald, Cedar Falls Snyder, , Doris, Packwood, 237 Solbraczk, Shirley, Walerloo Sollien, Arden, Spring Grove, Minnesola, I33, 234 Solliday, Mary, Modale Somers, Sara, Faribaull, Minnesola Sommerdori, Dolores, Muscaline, 97, ll6, I93, 229, 248, 262 Sommerdorf, Evelyn, Muscaline, 262 Sorensen, Jeanelle, Algona, 22l Sorensen, Marie, Cedar Falls Soukup, Iva, Cenler Poinl Sovich, Frank, Des Moines, l56 Sowers, Ann, Slory Cily, I32, 203, 207, 23I Soy, Eloise, Jesup Spafford, Belh, Waferloo Spencer, lris, Wesl Des Moines Spicher, Loren, Kalona Spinden, Elanor, Charles Cily Squires, Elmer, Cedar Falls 188, 191, 198, 240, 245, 262 Albert Cedar Falls Squires, Robert Cedar Falls, 241 Siaab, Phillip, Vinion Slacy, Ann, Ames Siamp, Marilyn, Spraguevi11e,205, 234 Slanlel, Darlene, Maxwell Slangel, Ronald, Waterloo Stanley, Roberla, Lamonl' Slansbury, Robert Waterloo Sfanwood, Paul, Des Moines, 85, 126, 212 Slark, Ronald, Walerloo S+ark, Peggy, Daylon, 176 Slarr, Richard, Dubuque, 97, 98, 212, 226, 244 Slebbins, Shirley, Red Oak, 131, 133, 217 238 Sfeege, Dorolhy, Waverly, 91, 102, 120, 186, Sleege, Paul, Walerloo Sleele, Charles, Waierloo Siensbol, Marvel, Walerloo Siephens, Maurine, Ainsworll-1, 133, 205,237 Slrephenson, Howard, Algona, 262 Slephenson, Joann, Cedar Falls Sfephenson, Sandra, Cedar Falls Slerner, Wesley, Walerloo, 17, 262 S'rerns, Robert Fori Dodge Suda, Kenneih, Haiku, Hawaii, 262 Suilern, Joan, Oelwein, 55, 179 Suhr, Robert Maynard Sulenlic, Milo, Walerloo, 234 Sullivan, Elizabelh, Jesup Sullivan, Mary, Charilon Sullivan, Richard, Albia, 139, 229 Sundquist Aries, Sioux Cily Thomas, Byron, Polk Cily, 195, 262 Thomas, Claylon, Cedar Falls, 228 Thomas, Karol, Des Moines Thompson, Arnet Eagle Grove Thompson, Gail, Hopkinlon, 104, 133, 237, 252 Thompson, George, Council Bluiis Thompson, Gerald, Cedar Falls Sulhers, Mary, Maquokela, 215, 231 Sution, Albert Cedar Falls Suflon, Bernadine,Grinne1l, 231 Sullon, Lynne, Derby, 131, 194, 217, 262 Sutlon, Stephen, Derby Suydam, Vanella, Walerloo Svaldia, Sylvia, Manchesler Swain, Kay, Soldier, 116, 131, 213, 234, 248 Swan, Belly, Keokuk, 139, 223 Thompson, Glenn, Cedar Falls Thompson, Helen, Cedar Falls Thompson, Nancy, Council Bluils, 213, 237, 240, 245 Thompson, Norma, Schaller, 139 Thompson, Palricia, Maxwell Thompson, Roger, Cedar Falls Thompson, Shirley, 1-layiield, Minnesola, 230 Thompson, Virginia, Des Moines, 132, 234 Swanburg, Donna, Faribault Minnesoia Swanson, Carolee, Otlumwa, 221, 237 Swanson, Glen, Waferloo 241 Swanson, Harlan, Cedar Falls Swanson, lrene, Gowrie, 203, 217, 221, 234 Swanson, Janet Redfield, 116, 213, 237, 245 Swanson, Karen, Alberl Ciiy, 132, 234 Swanson, Marcella, Walerloo Swarli, Slevens, Douglas, Cedar Falls Slevens, Eslher, lndependence Slevens, Mary, Lovillia, 207 Slevens, Naomi, Waierloo Slevenson, Willa, Traer, 207 Sleward, Arlene, Ames, 132,205 Slewart Beverly, Clarion, 133, 193, 249 Siewart James, Waierloo, 241 Slewart Marilyn, Decalur, Illinois, 207 Sfewart Nadine, Cedar Rapids, 219, 224 Swenson, Jon, Lake Mills Swinburne, Mary, Delhi, 237 Swisher, Derald, Cedar Falls, 114 Syhlman, Bill, Cedar Falls Synhorst Marilyn, Whal' Cheer, 230 T Tabarella, Charles, Cedar Falls, 114, 185, Trueblood, Jeanella, Mounl Pleasant 131, Siewart Palricia, Newlon, 203,237 Slierlin, Palricia, Odeboll' S1illler, Robert Walerloo Siock, Cyrilla Anne, Slorm Lake, 223, 229 Slock, William, Waukon, 114, 209 Sioermer, Judilh, Spencer, 139, 237 Slokes, Gary, Cedar Falls Slokesberry, Janice, Oelwein S'roks1ad, Rulh, Cedar Falls Slolerau, Joanne, 1-larlley, 229 Sloulil, Therese, Pocahon1as,229 Siout Lucille, Cedar Falls Slrabala, William, Lol1rvi11e,229 Sirain, Pairicia, Sioux Cily, 207, 238, 239 Sfrallon, Virginia, Cedar Falls S1'rayer, Sheridan, Algona, 139, 239 Slrein, Charles, New Hartford Sfreilberger, Eric, Daylon Sirickland, Lila, Exira, 221 Slrilert Benjamin, Cedar Falls Slrike, Marilyn, Nashua Slringer, Dudley, Lake Mills Slriley, Barbara, Toledo, 176, 207 Sfroh, Sally, Council Bluiis, 132, 207, 234 Slrub, Donald, Merrill, 109, 229, 262 Sirub, Richard, Merrill, 150, 155, 229, 244 Sirunck, Shirley, Davenport 235 Slrunk, Gail, Sioux Ciiy, 122, 237 Slruve, Palrick, Cedar Rapids Sludley, Marcia, Forl' Dodge, 232 Slurch, Ronald, Walerloo Siurges, Ralph, Rockwell, 262 209, 262, 265 Takamiya, June, Lihue, Hawaii Talcolt Belh, Websler Cily, 132 Tamura, Sadie, Kahuku, Hawaii, 202 Tanaka, Yoshiichi, Kona, Hawaii Tandy, Corrine, Williamsburg Tanner, Nancy, Manchesier Taylor, Betly, Rulhven, 223 Taylor, Judilh, Dubuque, 116, 193, 213, 249 Taylor, Marilyn La Nelle, Diagonal, 117, 211, 221, 239, 243 Taylor, Marilyn Louise, Charilon, 211 Taylor, Robert Cedar Falls, 142, 246 Taylor, Vivian, Cedar Falls Taylor, Wallace, Cedar Falls Tegeler, Robert Walerloo Te Grolenhuis, Hendrene, Hospers, 233, 262 Teig, Barbara, Ames, 55, 131, 179 Teisinger, Russell, Walerloo Telford, Carol, Decorah, 213, 237, 248, 262 Tennant Conslance, Chariion, 132, 238, 239 Tennant Elizabefh, Charilon Tennell, Ramona, Fredericksburg, 235 Terry, Dale, Cedar Falls Terry, William, Lansing Teliloit Loy, Cowell, 131, 231 Tgiros, Conslanline, Charles Cily, 156, 157, 232, 251 Tharp, James, Walerloo Thayer, Donna, Walerloo, 229, 253 Thein, Ronald, Walerloo Thelen, Darlene, Glidden, 229 Thiolen, Bernard, Harlan, 97, 109, 187, 216, 262 Thoms, Louise, Cedar Falls Thomsen, Belly, Teeds Grove Thomson, Leland, Sfanwood, 108, 116, 239, 241 Thornion, Rosemarie, Waterloo Thorp, Keilh, lowa Falls Thorson, Maxine, Walerloo Thuesen, Carol, Cedar Falls, 213 Tienan, Phyllis, Garner Tielz, Elsie, Cedar Falls Tiffany, Lorna, Colfax, 132 Tilford, Robert Clarksville Tilp, Carol Ellen, Marion, 133, 237 Timmons, Roy, Cedar Falls, 193 Tiaden, Robert Walerloo Tiernagell, Rulh, Story Ciiy Tobin, Leonard, Ainsworlh, 222 Tobin, Mary, Ainsworlh, 197, 206, 229, 262 Todd, Marilyn, Morning Sun, 205, 238, 239 Toifness, Donna, Maplelon, 205, 235 Tolleison, David, Walerloo, 142, 144, 164 Tolleison, Dwight Cedar Falls Tomlinson, Sally, Adel Toom, Lee, Cedar Falls, 130, 188, 201, 262 Torgerson, Jerald, Norlhwood, 116, 244 Torkelson, Janice, Elgin, 116, 250 Torkelson, Mary, Rulland, 132 Towne, Peler, Mason Ciiy, 99 Tracey, Carol, Farley, 229 Travis, Ray, Jefferson Trey, Frances, Parkesburg 207 Trudell, Befly, Bellendorli Trumbo, Cheryl, Allanlic, 132 Trunnel, Doris, Prairie Cily Tschirki, Robert Foresl Cily Tschudy, Harriet Marshalllown Tsuhako, Gene, Kealakekua, Hawaii Tucker, Joan, Denison, 116, 212, 221, 235 Tucker, Phillip, Walerloo, 241 Tuinslra, Carla, Runnells, 208, 230 Turnbull, Helen, Cedar Falls Turner, David, Cedar Falls, 90, 186, 190, 195, 210, 212,262 Turner, Leslie, Plainfield Turnquist Marilyn, Des Moines, 63, 133, 223. 230 Tvedt Douglas, Monlour, 108, 120, 240, 244, 262 299 U Ulcer, Mary, Floyd,, 234 Underwood, Jean, Vinlon Upham, Grace, Fredricksburg, 205 Urala, Gerlrude, Honolulu, Hawaii Waller. Norma, Coin, ll6, I22, 208, 234, 253 Waller, Sharon, Harllord, Soulh Dakola Wallon, Marcella, Cedar Falls Wallon, Mary, Wesl Union Wand, Leah, Breda, 229 Usher, Nancy, Ionia, l76, 22I Ulley, George, Cedar Falls, I87 Ulley, Harry, Manchesler V Valley, Charles, Woden Vance, Belly, Moravia, 49, 53, 62, 97, lI6. I76, Vander l83, I9I,208 Berg, Mary, Dubuque, 2l3 Vander Waal, Jacqueline, Algona Van Dorn, Rila, Walerloo, 247 Willis, Norma, Clear Lake, l9l, 208, 234 Van Ealon, James, Walerloo, 233 Van Epps, John, Clinlon, I3l, l68, I69, l77 251 Van Fleel, Marilyn, Soulh English, 205 Vanicek, Romona, Traer, I39, 207 Vanness, Norma, Moorhead, I32, 205, 230 Van Sanl, Virginia, Cedar Falls Van Slyke, Gary, Cedar Falls Vaughn, Carroll, Eldora Venenga, Margie, Wellsburg Ver Hoel, Neil, Spencer, 97, l2l, 223, 25l Vesl, Emma, Vinlon, 2l2 Veslal, Belly, Haslings, 97, ll6, l2O, l3l, I76, IB6, l9B, 236, 237, 262 Vickery, Wayne, Cedar Falls Vig, Roberl, Cedar Rapids Vinsanl, Elizabelh, Forl Dodge Vogelaar, Shirlee, George, IO4, I33, I39, 2l7, 22l, 238, 239, 242 Voggesser, Roy, Allanlic, I42, I47, I64, I77, 246 Voilh, Ralph, Monlezuma Vollesledl, Janice, Council Blulls Von Gerg, Lois, Toledo, 2l9, 262 Von Doehren, Nancy, Fredericksburg, l3l, 2l3, 235 Von Neumann, Alice, Cedar Falls Vorhies, Burlin Lee, Keokuk Voss, Elmer, Massena Voss, Merlyn, Cedar Falls Vovos, John, Clinlon, l56 Vriezelaar, Coralee, Olley, I33, 228 Wagler, W Rulh, Wrighl Wagner, Gladys, Greenville Wagner, Lois, Dumonl, I39 Wagner Wagner, Waile, Nancy, Anamosa, Mary, Washinglon, 22l, 242 Sandra, Charles Cily I39, 207, 237 Wakeman, Shirley, Akron, 205 Wakelield, Richard, lowa Falls Waldron, Sandra, Cedar Falls, 96, 97, lll, l93, 247 Walker, Samuel, Harlan Walker, Tom, Kalona, I42 Wall, Delores, Sabula Wallace, Barbara, Cherokee, 205, 238, 239 Waller, Frances, Bloomfield, 220 Wallace, John, Bald Knob, Arkansas Walmsley, Marilyn, Cedar Falls, I79, 2l8 300 Ward, Laurence, Des Moines Warnecke, Sandra, DeWill Warner, Jack, Walerloo Warren, Harold, Walerloo Warren, Rulh, Ames, l22, I32, 205 Waskow, Georgiann, Cedar Rapids, 207 Wasser, Joseph, Walerloo Walanabe, Shirley, Kauai, Hawaii, 22l Walerman, Shirley, Slorm Lake, I33 Walson, Janice, Bagley, 237 Walson, Joann, Grinnell, 230 Walson, John, Forl Madison Wearda, Jean, Shellield, 207, 237 Wealherly, Eugene, Marshalllown Weaver, Dean, Dana, l26, I28 Webb, Leon, Beaman, l3l, l89 Webber, Belh, Cresco, I32, 237 Webber, George, Walerloo, l60, I77, 22l Weber, Delano, New Hamplon Weber, Mary, Walerloo, I33, 237 Weddle, Jack, Knoxville, 2l2 Wedeking, Ralph, Clarksville, I39, I89, 2l7, 231. Wedemeyer, Carole, Nashua, I76, 23l Weeks, Twillo, Coon Rapids, I32, 229 Wehde, Belly, Tiplon Weick, William, Chicago, Illinois, l56, l57, l59 Weinhardl, Barbara, Red Wing, Minnesola Weiss, Virginia, Clarion, I32, 233 Weissman, Rosella, Walerloo Welch, Roberl, Cedar Falls Wellman, Phyllis, Wesl Poinl, 229 Wells, Marshall, Forl Dodge Welsh, Roberl, Fairbank, IBB, 2Ol, 229 Wendl, Marilyn, Shelby, I33, 203, 234 Wenger, Lavonne, Mounl Pleasanl, 83, I99, 206, 2I l, 230, 262 Werk, Rebecca, Charles Cily Wessling, James, Maplelon, 229 Wesl, Ardis, Walerloo, lO5, 22l, 237 Wesl, Edward, Palon, 63, l22, I26, I27, I28, lB2 Wesl, Palricia, Walerloo, 242 Weslbury, Josephine, lowa Falls, 2l5, 2lB, 2l9, 23l, 262 Weslcoll, Conslance, lowa Falls, I22, 207 Weslergaard, Marlene, Walerloo Wesllall, Joann, lowa Cily Weslplahl, Belly, Clermonl Weslphal, Anna May, Cedar Falls, 55, l78, l79 Weslphal, Marvin, Olin Weslphal, Roma, Olin Weslon, Shirley, Slanley Wellengel, Aris, Hudson Welzel, Dale, Murray Welzel, Norma, Kirkman, I33, l92 Whaley, Frank, Arcadia Whaley, George, Adair, I39 Whannel, Shirley, Traer, 223, 237 Wheal, llah, Cedar Falls Wherry, Marlys, Walerloo While, Dale, Cedar Falls While, John, Walerloo, l64, 235, 262 While, Kay, Walerloo While, Madeline, Keola, l39 While, Orrine, Forl Dodge While, Rilchie, Crawlordsville Whiling, Bill, Rulhven, 244 Whilmire, Belly, Cresco Whilmore, Paul, Cedar Falls Whilmore, Slanley, Cedar Falls, I39 Whilnab le, Richard, New Hamplon Wickland, Marilyn, Coon Rapids, l76 Wicks, Charlolle, Decorah, 229 Wicks, Roberl, Slory Cily Widell, Wiedem Waldo, Forl Dodge eier, Yvonne, Williamsburg, 205 Wiedmeyer, Larry, Keokuk, IOB, l22, l23, l29 Wielenga, Jack, Orange Cily, 246, 262 Wierks, Mavis, Hospers Wiese, Joyce, Davenporl, l32 Wiese, Karen, Losl Nalion, l92, 22I Wiglon, Shirley, Redlield, l05 Wilcken, William, Walerloo Wilcox, Joy, Rolfe, 237 Wilding, Paul, Missouri Valley, 2I2 Wiley, Roland, Boone, I70, I77, 262 Wilimek, Wilkins, William, Walerloo Delores, Onawa, l22, 208,235 Will, Wanda, Luverne, 237 Willbran Willesen Williams Williams Williams. Williams. dl, Lloyd, Walerloo , Myra, Manning, 203, 205, 235 , Davella, Walerloo, I76, 2IB , Keilh, Rockwell Cily Lowell, Cedar Falls Marian, Lime Springs, 238 Williams, Morris, Brill Williams, Nancy, Hamplon, 205 Williams, Rosemarie, Gruver Williams, Suzann, Ollumwa Williams , Virginia, La Porle Cily Willils, Barbara, Charilon, 228 Wilschulz, Donald, Marshalllown, 96, l0 229, 244, 262 Wilson, Jackie, Osceola Wilson, Jo Ann, Osceola, 229 Wilson, Lois, Vinlon Wilson, Lyle, Walerloo Wilson, Wilma, Cedar Falls Wilson, Wiman, Waller, Walerloo Winilred, Belle Plaine 8 Winburn, James, Cedar Falls, 222 Winfrey, William, Sigourney Winler, Kalherine, Wadena Winlers, Ardis, Panora, I39 Winlers, Donald, Forl Dodge, l89 Wise, Bobby, Ollumwa Wisgerhol, Marcile, Sully, 228, 233 Will, Arlyce Lou Ann, Hawarden, 22l, 235 250 Will, Lora, Moville 4Wille, Elaine, Duranl, 243 Willmayer, Annella, Cedar Falls Wilzel, Leland, Clarion, IO7 Woelber, Lloyd, Hull Wolll, Barbara, Lyllon, ll6, 250 Womboll, Duane, Red Oak, 98, 200, 216, 239, 240, 241, 262 Wood, Audrey, Melbourne Wood, Marilyn, Charilon, 205, 220 Wood, Mildred, Cedar Falls, 193 Wood, Richard, Albia, 139 Woodall, Phyllis, Sulherland, 132, 221, 234 Woodring, Georgia, Waverly Woods, John, Fairloank Woods, Marian, Eldora Woody, Kay, Reasnor, 228, 233 Woolhiser, Eugene, Cedar Falls Wordeholf, Mary, Cedar Falls Workman, J. Brooke, Marshalllown, 164, 167 262 Wren, Roberl, Des Moines Wrighl, Charles, Ogden Wrighl, Palricia, Keokuk, 133 Wrighl, Richard, Walerloo Wruck, Carolyne, Rockwell Cily, 176, 229 Wurch, Judilh, Blairsburg, 131, 194, 217, 235 Wyall, Mardelle, Hudson Wymore, D. Neil, Rose Hill Wymore, Pamela, Cedar Falls, 186, 191, 208, 262 Wymore, Suza nne, Ames Y Yamasaki, Ellen, 1-lilo, Hawaii Yamashila, Belsy, Kahului Maui, Hawaii, 202, 262 Yap, Paul, Honolulu Oahu, Hawaii, 202, 212, 241 Yasukawa, Amy, Hilo, Hawaii Yale-s, G. Thomas, Hol Springs, Arkansas Yales, Palricia, Allanlic, 96, 97, 102, 103, 121, 131, 194, 198,217, 262 Yeager, John, Sioux Cily, 209 Yeakel, Nancy, Wesl Des Moines York, Calherine, Cedar Falls, 206 York, George, Cedar Falls, 263 Yoshinaga, Fusako, Honomu, Hawaii, Young Young Belly Ann, Macksburg, 132 Belly Ann, Adair Young Kaye, Walerlooy 246 Young, Marlha, Marion Young Myrlle, Cedar Falls Young, Young Roberl, Mounl Pleasanl' Shirley, Walerloo Youngberg, Bruce, Walerloo Youngren, Mary Ella, Odeboll, 104, 192, 211, 239 Youngclas, Joanna, Renwick, 188, 201 Z Zaiger, Sarah, Lohrville, 230 Zaiger, Shirley, Audubon, 104, 192, 230 Zarilis, Alexander, Walerloo, 98, 128, 241, 262 Zender, W..1oseph, Cresco Zeigler, Rolserla, Des Moines, 116 Zeller, Annie, Vinlon, 132, 228 Zeman, Vivian, Cedar Rapids Zemanek, Mariorie, Mason Cily, 188 Zeran, Evonne, Walerloo, 139 Zerrien' Donald, Clinlon Zickel, Shirley, Monroe, 133, 139, 233 Ziegler, Helen, Osage Zilm, Terry, Charles Cily Zilmer, Dean, Walerloo Zimmer, Beverly, Floyd, 237 Zimmerman, James, Walerloo Zink, Kalhryn, Gladlorook, 116, 192, 205 Zirkelbach, Angie, Clinlon, 132, 207, 214 228 Zilfrilsch, David, Algona Zurmuehlen, Mary, Burlinglon, 213, 245 301 acknowledgmenisz FirsT, To an unTiring sTaTT who worked long hours Tor This year's OLD GOLD . . . To lvlarge WighTman, our advisor, and The resT oT The College RelaTions gang . . To LoreTTa lv1iddleTon and Larry Wiedmeyer Tor many hours of worlc which Tar exc seded Their required duTies . . . To Dick Lieb, '54 ediTor, who helped me wifh The planning oT The '55 OLD GOLD . . . To Economy AdverTising Company and R. J, Collins Tor Their paTience wiTh an inexperienced ediTor . . . To Brock Engraving Company and Eldred Qlson Tor The Tine engravings and prompT ser- vice . . . To T-larry l-lolleTT and The gang Tor The group and porTraiT phoTography . . To Durand Covers and Paul Nelson Tor The Tine reproducTion oT our cover design . To The adminisTraTion, deparTmenTs, organizaTions and sTudenTs Tor Their cooperaTion . James Lockwood execuiive ediior V K . 1 'fi-.1 491 1 1, I l A Lys- N .1 ' 4 A l 'ff ' -J 4 F 35+ -X vu zark., In 'I' 1V41,'-ff-'f.z"L .' I-I A AA ul-,AJ .H l v 0 n ' n 0 0 01 O 0 . J 4 J . ,ly . U Ar. An ww Mmm-ei-M' X ' ff" MA- 1-ml-Q 1 .v 3' Kar 9.4 ,-. .,..., 4.1: 'nf' ff" ll ,. V ..- ad! 4, I 1 V! fan pw . . . , ,' ,l 1' 'J I ...iff , . l,v M Q '., , ,A f J 4 v1 J 1. 4 ,sul ' 2 - ' I-' ' yf. ., - - ,., , ri 1' ',",a, ,, l,sI , fs 11, , 1 .' 4, f.' a -. ,N nf, ,- fy- I v- '31 f 4-' v . V .' . 'n A . 1.4 nf -I . , , ., A- M ,'!w, 4 ' ' 4 1 ' vm, ' L4 4 ' VL' .,,f'-,'-Vvfiil..-' X rf? ivy 1 ' f L .' 1 f uf" - ','-nf., I r 9 . , 'f -4"n,"'-f'-q." 1 1 ' 'H .,1",. -." l1'7.1 4:f.,'a"1','i '-f,.- A 'f ' ' ' ' '1 'f " f ' ' '6- f .,f'- . 'r -' 1,011 ' 1 ' , -. , ,' 'n - lv .g ,J . . Q 4, fo - , . , ' ,' , , . , .,f -.1 uzg- ' ' ,f 1-11.4 -fH,,'ff.,",. , 1 I , , . ,,' f' 2 . -I 1, IMA' W, 'IM f, , 54 ' -,K "'...fwi.,f -, I 7 "U ,'-'K1""'A" ' ' ' K' f tg 'apr ff- 4'.'it'!,,1" 'NWI "12'yf,1ff",- JY" ' ' V , I '. - 'r' 4. ff' 1".lA'f','.'I-'17 ' " I' ' "' 1' '-I ' f ' .1 - . I 4 ,,. 5 V, ---, ,um r".' in f fig- .. 5, 9 Ll'- I .A .1 I I f 'ul-'WZ' ,s 'Hn L' 1.4 , ftp,' A' ' "wi nv" 1 , I' 'viva' 1241. 1 .i -,fyrl 3151" rf, j.I'1'g,..l 4 f .Qff af., I 1 1 ' 11 f. ': ", a'.,".v ,.' ',-,A , -" '." '., .' A , -1 , ,-r.-1 -, ,,,,,, 4 ..' ' f A Q . A A Q I ,,., . I UI' fl ,J 5 I I ':,..fl.'.' 41. 1, J 'ips , f,Vx i,.J.', ,, In . I . I .0 , ' 4 ' ' ' ' . I' , - ,' I' , Vr, ,',, .A ,fb 1713, .wr ,. . , ffm I 1 . , - , u ,I - 4 f , 14 J 'L . 5. . fl , . f ,y Q . 1 . .. , N 4. 1 , 1, , f A . 4 , 4 .1 .1 . ' -.- 4fy,Je 1 1 . ' '.'.',.-f'!J ' ' u' , ,, . 2.1 Q ' v f , 1 QI" 'll 1 I 4 l"' -"f f' AR X ' X 45 i ,E x f 9-nw we Q wx 'QQ' .1 ' 9.31, Qa.'!-f' 5 In I W ax Ii fl, 4 I 1 SW? W iii 90109 o 4' 5: 1 ,WJ ee N ww. . A wx N X Q II any 5 X ff 'f -rf , We , ., in I QLD- f lf' fl --w.....-Q..- Q ... xii' A' W., 1 164.555 SW' 'Q V if, yn! W SQ Th. hw-nw v 1,,." . 5 -L' . ,QQ S

Suggestions in the University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) collection:

University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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