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EM Contents Foreword . Aclminisiraiion Tradiiiens . Aciiviiies . Aihleiies . if' f C7 ' 'I 1 if Q44 Q-fl '53 Lfkekm QQ Q jsLfvi i5QM' 1038 A 4 lb 30 74 IZQ Qrganizafions M2 D epafr+m en+s 230 Gra-dudes 248 Index . 290 ' F, Ti , , 5 ,A - X T. F I Rf X A' Q-xx A X A fix V xl. i ,I-ny. ' 4 Nw, Q gf-fx, ,Ax ,lflfp x ' .' , if Y I x' . 'AN' , 4 ' X44 ' F ff' 0 mf Q x - X mf .fm-I H 1' Y ' x N dxf- nf! L' 1--7 nm rp! X XX ,K ,N Y -J " 1 . M' , W fy Y I Jn h A. In 'xr U J N X " I . 2 " A, 1'-1 ,?'R,Y 4 N, an ' f ' "Wx Af x . - , N ff A x,,. ' ' ' ,. I X A fffft W A .EN Fx ' KJSN Xin' f Qxf K! Q 'V "1 ' f ' yr , Q ' A A QQ W ff- X !A'-,. nl' . , lkv. 4 5 , qxso- -W.-dql Z-XQNO vmbh WBMVNI-I-00 WN-WIUQW-I W-pq-FW QED 1 4-au..t1 ' 'I-www I ..,, Z :ll U I ' nu., ' 'jf-,L,,,fq',, - ' I3'W+'f1'----.,.4 .H - - ..-we .3 .k.., r if V- V "ffi.'?2'?.?""Q, 39'f95ifN-- K, lkuu H, WM, ,Wim , "' im, "" wwf,-ff ...f --X V L -4-. xff 1 RICHARD LIEB Execufive Ednor CLARA PEDERSEN Managing Edi+or GLADYS MEIER Business Manag DAVID BAKER Ar? Edi+ 5 X f ? N vw Xxx. It .-4 6 4, 1 ,d,,,, 4 , N... i X, , N: E P 4' 593. X ..... Wifi wax -uu- 44 i-,fx a A gem: 3 v N T 1-wg-:X,,., Xwfpi-N3 -cw. X., X S n i X , nw Q new X ' X ,X . 4 8 .S .. A M., ' s . f4:X,mX I, .AN ,, . Q NS. Q ,.,, x.-.C X' .. . wb' ' -. -"Xe ,Sv . X , .. - N 5 Q ' V, A .b A -E 3' E , . ,., ri . .. ,xr K Q Afiiif , ,- rgygl- I 9. ug- Hi, ' 1 ,, ' ' J'x A . '--x X 1 ,X ff.., i . ...Rb X W ,X V X9-.-'9,.'.-- ,z.X,,v , . Kc- Q 1 XXJQQQMQN-Nwe-:Q " , XXXQ N. 5 -- ' '--fwqx... V ,.N,M1,X. . . "- sk .W ,.... wir-q1,.-Q-. .XXX .3 " 5 -'fx 5 , Xga-vwwzyw-.XX XX gan- Q G SWS? . X ., wi X X X X XXX my ..,,.-. 45 6 if wav , zz' " -, 1 . U9 A l -8 . 315' f S 4 s ,fi bf ,... X , QX , ,X-IV.: 3g,,,XQx -, ww X ., ,ww ew. 3 :Q :Q .. X .,,. Xvfw., - X 5 ' X . l .X 1 X f -x.-x X X, XX , Q O v FOREWORD - ' ' Our davs at eollege are like a ' bending road-leading tmvard our individual goals. This year the OLD GNJLID has luuilt a rea d on ivhieh veu earn infvtwr back into the vear's records. A pebble, me-1'aek, or lxend is a dav of elasses, aetivities, or traditional events: it is a gained experience with elassniates, fat-ultv and adniin- istration. Our road is rather straight: perhaps a bend new and then to piek up neglected hits of learning. It is rather plain, leaving you to till in the nieniories as they are recalled. Vile give von a "road" that will he traveled often-at road reniind- ing von of College. The Sfaff and Advisor R X N 'E x 5- Elemen'rary Laborafory School ' X Men's Gymnasium 7 1 ll Seerley Hall E,,,w ,, N ,. X ..??.f1'Tfs?'ffff I ' .wwhg A-mmmxm.. V f- ' " - p'xfYwwribm-wmw- ,Y,y,m,.,.-w..,ox.,.,1-N ., . ,, . . , . 4. .4,wef.:m,-ww, .A-A. Lawfher Hall N xx X X , Q. x - x ,Ei , 5.7- ! xl -.Q Qsgfigg ,1 f, . F5 ' Nt ,J-Q-, A' 44 1-' 'Qt ,,-3 . i m- rf K , L Jggvf V4 . 5, V rr O W 5 ,'44..' .V ,' Q -I .,Q+- 'L x N ,,-' i ', I' X! ff. B, 3.1: , Ui. ' 1+ ,f 'f it ,K JF 1 , I 5, y V Q lx " , ., ".,- ,. ,vit ft Q 38051 'R A fl X , Y' P-X 2 A XQN2 1 A s Qi , A aff! ' 1 ,xx N- A Y iv. , Wg' 'rw va 3, 4 2 M -dm Q, Q .2 I, s -, 5 i I IE y Q 1 X Commons Womengs fdfiw 1 I 1 'U I ' .1 1 Q I 1' A ' 3 Qu "P Q, , X , ' f.1 - A. 5, E2 Off , 9 - . ,f 4 Q"-X Les- y ,-3 f, QL. 'A ' A Q .-.r 4 rw . T . I-,Y ,E I -Q, SN -f , . 1 N x. . Q... 1-.. A 1 I.. 'Gymnasium if ' 'S "Q ,- , I-.I ,4 fl l . 5 l . 41 The Ar+s and Indusfrie s Building , Q .rs- 3' BarHeH' Hall 1 1 s z z ix wi Af-'Q""" N . www-5 ' Y ' ,:,, r Q.,,,,y.,.Qn w- -. - fue-1-f:::'-: V '- . l ,......,.V:, A , ,. 4 ' '. Q . ., ""' , v . A ,,, Q N 0 ' "' ,.,::" h 5 , S Q ' 4 I f X f I .fl 5. - x Administration - - . R . ,. -, aff fi ' T . NN X e Q X ., X, x 1 -.,,, ' ., W I 1 . .RH -:YI . -A ' -3-D w 1 ' ,:'-1 gd' 24- -W----.., ' -. QNX- wx f ,,,-x .A 115. V N LQSSYN wx 7g ,vii V 6. . 35,-i K V .ia-Y 2 X ' uw "" . -, ' ' V ,- X. -13,511 j V -3.1 D:...3.: , . - x , ' N X ff" .. f i - . ' Ni' M .- , iP4 f:f:-- - - . ' 41- "' M-- . LI 2,11 ffe:'1 e4z"'? ,:'P"'1'Yi:-,. I W, W QM - '-Q1 fs ,-- 11,4 :-..::4"x' ' A - ' ' vvqij ,QF1-.-zg' :rm 3' N ,ce . V ' -wit! 2- ' ., '21 ' Lv 'Q Q. :. . . . 1 I N gg. Agvw, 1' ,J N .. -- 'X-f 14- 1,--,. . an-?r-'L 'w fa' , ..'. ,KALL -' KLM' ,, 1' I 'WS?1.:5. ' I .M Hit rv ay, R we I .., 5 Z THE PRESIDENT' MESSAGE I have come to appreciate the opportunity which yearbook editors have af- forded me in recent years to say a few words regarding the nature of a college education in general and of our program at Teachers College in particular. But l must admit I was stumped when Dick Lieb informed me that the theme of the yearbook was to be "The Road to Success." It seemed to call for a de- scription of a college education as a multi-lane turnpike, complete with clover leaves tand toll charges on entrance, of courseb providing an airline course straight to the city of lights and the pot of gold. And, of course, it is part of our American folklore that college is a magic path for many to ease, prestige, prefermentM we are characterized as a people by a11 overwhelming, and ofttimes none too critical, faith in education. Hut candor requires us to recognize that there is more than one road to almost any goal, that each of us must inevitably chart his own course from infancy to adulthood, that at best we travel the college highway for but a portion of our total journey. And we run immediately into the necessity of clarifying the meaning of the term 'tsuccessf' This is no place to-moralizeg sufficeth it to say that if our no- tion of success includes sufficient emphasis on development of maturity, enrich- ment of personality and service to others, then a college education, if it is worth its salt, should be relevant, should p1'ovide at least a portion of the road to that end. Even in college, of course, we take somewhat different. routes-scarcely two students follow exactly the same path. It is the conviction of the general faculty at Iowa. State Teachers College, however, that for at least a part of the way we ought to all travel the same road -hence the general education program requir- ing that in effect for one half of the four-mile journey to the BA, we all rub shoulders together, climbing the same hills, viewing the same horizons- learn- ing through common experience to know something of the countryside in which we shall live and of its inhabitants, especially its children andyouth. Though the roads we follow must inevitably separate as we leave the college highway, we hope this book will re-enforce our memories of that portion of the journey which we have taken together at Iowa State Teachers College. .um J. W. MAUCKER Dr. M. J. Nelson Dean of Facully gsm Dr. Daryl Pendergraff Curriculum Coordinafor Dr. Paul F. Bender Dean of Sfudenfs Dr. J. B. Paul Research Direcfor Irving H. Hari' Archivisf Dr. Marian McBrair Associahe Dean of Sfudenii ' ' Dr. He-rber'I' M. Silvey Assisfanf Diredor of Research Dr. Tom A. Lamke Assisfanf Direcior of Research Dr. Elmer L. RiHer Extension Direclor 22 Merrill F. Fink Asslslanl Reqisfrar Dr. Marshall R. Beard Reqisfrar Fred D. Cram Exiension Assisfam' Lou A. Shepherd Exlension Assislanl if Elizabe1'l'1 Rowley Social Life Direcfor Eldon E. Cole Building ancl Grounds Superinfenclenf James L. Bailey College Treasurer Dr. Paul C. Kelso Coorclmafor ol S+uden+ Counseling Philip C. Jennings Business Manager 23 Dr. V. D. French Assishanf Healih Direcfor Dr. E. W. Goe+ch Placemeni Consulienf Dr. Joseph H. Game+ Healfh Diredor 24 Er. Raymond J. Schlicher Dr. Harold E. Bernhard Placemeni Diredor Direcfor of Religious Acfivifies George H. Holmes Direclor of Public Relalions and lnformafion Services Milo Lawfon Dire-clor of Alumni Affairs Donald Kelly Publicalions Herberl' V. Hake Radio and T.V, Dlredor Carolyn Ladd Public School Relations Mary Ann Conley lnlormafion Services James Clark Sporls lnlormalion Special Services ,A Margaret Fitzgerald Director Fnml service is 1n'm'ide4l for all students living on 0311113115 at the t'n1n111o11s znnl tfanllpbell Hull food d6DH1'Ul1Pl1tS. The fund sc-rvice is also 1-xtemlecl in the t,'o111111rn1s to El fountain 1110111 and caters for student znnl faculty 01'ga11izatio11 events. y .ex-u..,Nx. , mme xwmwwxxw New Qwew ffffwa-mumq FOOD SERVICE Maude Haines, R.N Head Nurse The Student Health Service is iuaintained for the health care of all students. Each student is required to have an annual health check. Student fees entitle each person with five days free hospitali- zation each quarter and medical care for minor illnesses. A doctor. hospital nurse, and a dormitory nurse are on duty at all times. . HEALTH SERVICE ww ., ,1 v Dr. Guy Wagner Director T1111 t'111'1'i1'11111111 IJ211JIl1'El101'y 11t 111w11 State Te111-11111-5 1"1'11111,Q'0 is 111111 of the 11111s1 L'lllllll1t'tt' 111111 ilt,'f1VG 111 tl111 1111ti1'11 L'Ul111TI'j', ltx 51-1'x'1c1-x 111'11 11s1111 115' t11111'11111's tl11'1111g'111111t t1111 st11t11 111111 1111ti1111. 11s W1-11 11s 115' 1111.111 st11111111ts 211111 1'EIC1111j' 1111111111e1's, A1111'111g' t110 wi111' 1'Zl1lQ1't' of t1-111'11i11g' 11i11s 1111111111110 111'12 llI'11l1Ut1 1'111'1-ic11111111 Q'I11l1CS, 111111111-vis11111 11111tv1'i111, 1111111-11ti1111111 1111l111ti11s, p1-11f11ssi111111l tests, 1'1111t1 111'1-1111111i11g' 1'fl1'1llS, tvxts, 31111 w111'1ibo11ks. Ext1111s1Ve 1-1111s111t11tive x1-1'x'i1-11x 1111 4'111'l'1L'1l111l1l 111111 111111111-vis11111 p1'o1J111111s 11111 111'11x'i111111. CURRICULUM LABORATOR ' , .. : Sllhflllizi: -V fm 3 ' grim I' ' Ig, ,Lf fi' ,, ' ":::i1w" 2 ,- ' -:if -. 3:51 X , , A I ' 'iifiim f- 'f .' 732+ ' 2I2ZIh--'ES-'iil-"--' IOWA rsncngqg Ili ' EW 5 35 . .. 55' 'I i f 1: ::: M r. . . . f osrunnu 'fi' 22 I: IIIID1 ,, H on h :sg fz' gsilfifls Z1 'WM' 131 X' "" ' 'j ffff'-V . :ff ::::::::: .::::::TTTm.ggg 'FK The Bureau of Public Relations and Information Services, directed by George H. Holines, is responsible for disseminating to the public. news and information concerning the college. Assisting Mr. Holmes is Donald Kelly, assistant in charge of publieationsg Mary Ann Conley, Information Serviceg Jiin Clark, Sports lnforniationg Carolyn Ladd, Public School Relationsg and Milo Lawton, Alunini director. INFORMATION SERVICES Q K 'Q-Q.-.....h, N,- Xx Q3 ri Y f Traditions ORIENTATION V N' Y k. . ,TI . b . If . - P ' f ft 5 f , Q ' gs .Ne J 5 -.-,,,f i av- ,f - W.. mmm? f7 ff' t UL.. Watermelon Feast Teachers College has at nationally known Ori- entation NVeek.' It is a seven-day affair when prospective freslnnen are assembled, processed and accepted as full-fledged coeds of the college. It is a hectic but enjoyable week for all inconi- ing freslnnen, who at the sanie tinie, are being' faniiliarized with the campus and dorniitories. The freslnnen are assigned a counselor who supervises and directs the first week 's activities. A long'-standing tradition is the green beanies worn only by women students for a few weeks. The Men 's Union dinner, the Clinckewagon pic- nic sponsored by tlie Association of XVOHICH Stu- dents, and the all-college waterinelon feast are traditional liigllliglits of Orientation NVeek. Freshmen Decapping Traditions HOMECOMING X .,, x,.:. xwls s. ggi ix vb? QQ ..,. Q: ii SA , K X :. X Q Q Campbell Hall Decorations llmiivconiiug' 1033! This yvar's L't'lClJl'2lllHll began with the S9VC'lllll aiiiiual ll0lllPC0ll1ll1g.1' parade thruug'h tlowntown Veclar Falls witl1 the Alpha l'hi-Delt float taking: first prima The theme for the fvstivitiex, "Panther Prowlf' was appropriate for the llallmwvn weekeml. EVKIII thnugrh it was t-nhl aml gloomy, thx- spirit was high as 23,000 fans clieerecl the kick-ot? of thv Iowa T92lk'l1G1'S- BI01'lllllQ'Slllt' gainv, which the ch-Teiwiiiiiwl Pauthvrs won ii-I-20. At, thv lialf-time Mary Powers was crowiwml lloiiievmiiiiig' Qiim-11 hy President Main-ker. llvr 2llff'Ill'l2lIllS w'vrP Joyce Dy-Vail, Kathy Hhlotiu and -lan Sawyer. Alpha Chi-Delta Homecoming float . . . Q Homecoming Monument' designed by Jan Sellers . lv 11. Cf C43 N17 df M l. "'l5.ii W QM' ll Phi Sigma Phi-Phi Sigma Epsilon Second place float . . . Dean and Sally Flanders in modern dance routine al Variety Show . . . During' the weekend festivities, alumni were honored at teas and cotfee hours, and the drama departinent presented the play. "Harvey," Highlights of the entertainment and social activities during the HO11l6COH1i11g' weekend were the Variety Show, with Jim Maltby master of ceremonies, Hlld the Homecoming dance, which featured Jack Oatts' orchestra and student talent. The Queern and Affendanfs . . I953 Homecoming Dance 37 ,- xx . , + Q X Motlicfs Day is an annual event in which "3l0il1G1' lilecmiws A F1'vslnnan" and has an Olll101'l'llllily to enjoy lifv as a cainpus vu-1-fl. 'l'hv vwiits spoiisuwcl aw clesigiiml T11 give Mothers a chanel' to lwcrniiv acquaintval with f1'lPllllS, professors, uoiliisvloiw, anll the phases of collvgre PllVl1'0l1Il16l1i- which niakv up Thv life of their suns or llElllg'lll91'S who live and learn at Teacllei-s Collegv. Activitivs for the 153533 weekend hegan with 1'eg'isT1'a- tion in the lknnnions. Upvn house- was niainfaincil hy many mlepartnients and lmiisiliir units. Canipns cwgraiiizatioiis held was. Motlwfs Day llinnei' was hvlcl in thv l'o1nn1mis and Cainphell llall. Anrmtlivi' featurv of the wvvkeiiml was The preseiitatiuii of an Hawaiian lei to Mrs. -lllQ.'g'Gl1ll9l1llG1' in honm' of he-1' being cliosvn "M0tl1e1- of the Day." Thi- climax to the weekend was thv pwsviitzitioii of the spring play, "A Millsuninivi' Niglitk lYJl'6'2llll.H MOTHER'S DAY MESSIAH The Messiah !one of the oldest. traditions here at Teachers College-was iirst. given December 22, 1909, hy the College Chorus. It was not until 1924 that the presentation of the Uratorio heeaine an annual oeeurrenee. This year's Mes- siah featured the College Symphony Orchestra and the combined chorus of three hunmlrell and fifty voices including the A Uappella Choir, the College Chorus. and the Wo1nen's Chorus, all under the direction of Myron Russell, inusie de- partment head. Soloists were ineinhers of the lnusie faculty. E-2gi.t,fy-' ",- V, ' TREELIGHTING The lll1I'lSUl1?lS Treeligliting t"e1'en1m1y is an inipressive tra- flition which hegins each year's holiday festivities with the L'G1'6'l110lll2ll lighting' of the Clll1'lN3illlHS tree south of the Coin- nions. The 1953 vereinony was opened with an aclflress by Toni Drake, president nf Men's l'nion. The large tree was otlieially lit by President Maneker. Then carolers froin the residence halls, Sunset. and wtf-cainpus presented their harinonious strains. 'llhe tree reniaineml lightecl for the reniainiler of the Cliristnias season. Christnias caroling-the traditional week of carols in the Connnons was observed this year. Concerts by Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Alpha Chi Epsilon were pre- sented in the Georgian Lounge on successive evenings. Numerous other groups earoled on campus and in Cedar Falls residential areas. CAROLING 'iss N,6,.,., Y K LJCL' La wwe' +5 Y " il ii' 'B-13-f Q .3. N, Q . if if is H+, ,, vp' 2 V V. .-.-.' . -mx..5,.,:,:,::..,1,,,,1x-.,. hx .,.. , .,v. ,s5 0-wwyazzgi mms avmwmam ALL-CAMPUS CHRISTMAS DINNER . Another Teacliers College tradition is the Cliristinas Dinner held each ye-eu' before The l7GQ'l1111lllg of C'l11'ist111as vacation in the gaily mlecmaterl nliuiug' romus of the Comiuoiis. The delicious Turkey iliuuei' with all the trinimiiigs was greatly enjoyed by both The faculty and The stiuleiit holly. This dress-up affziir put all in the true Clirisfnias spirit. e - 40 MARCH OF DIMES AUCTION "lVl1o will bid 345.004 r145.UU-, one, two. three, gone." That, was Ron Roskeus, former Student League Board preaident and a graduate of Teachel-'s College. 9ll1Q96l11g' for the All-College Auction which took place on January 29, at the Coninions Ballroom. Students and families crowded the ballroom to hid on, among a great variety of things-cakes, dinners and dates-forlthe 195-1 Polio Fund Drive. High bidders and cooperative college guys highliglited this traditional auction at Iowa State Teachers College. Mary Swanson and Don Holland, Mardi Gras Royalty The Mardi Gras is a gray festival which marked its Second anniversary in 1953. Pie throws, games of chance. and girlie shows helped to make np the twenty-one booths which operated on the Stadium midway. Besides these eoneesf sions sponsored by oragnizations, door prizes, balloons, and lights added to the carnival atmos- phere with Donald Holland and Mary Swanson presiding' as royalty of the Mardi Gras. Coin- inittee ll1Pll1lJ91'S for this project sponsored by the Social Life tfonnnittee. were JO Nordly and Gary Yan Slyke, eo-ehairinen, and Ellie llardie, Denny llnnt, Marilyn DHllll9lllJ61'g', and Ralph Parry. MARDI GRAS Sig Tau's winning booth-Fashion Parade . . . L The All-College Sing is a coinparatively 116W college tradition in which all organizations on campus are invited to enter and compete for a winning trophy. This year the Delts and Alpha Chi's sing won first place. Fourteen groups par- ticipated in the annual affair sponsored by Sigma Alpha Iota, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and the Social Life Connnittee. Judges were Jane Mauck of the music department and Mr. and Mrs. VVillia1n Hinson, nienlbers of tl1e Waterloo symphony. ALL-COLLEGE SING Preliminary iuclges look over 'four candidates . . . OLD GOLD BEAUTY AND POPULARITY CONTEST The OLD GOLD Beauty and Popularity Contest-a tradition in wllicll tour Students are chosen for popularity and ten for beauty- is held each winter. Front a field of 75 beauty candidates, preliminary ,ilnlges Don Holland, Dr. NVillard Poppy, Gary G0l'l12l111, Chuck Pecina ovsliy, ,lean McGrew and Dr. Xvilliain Lang, selected 25 girls. After the field was narrowed to ten by student vote, Mrs. Gust Ulson, Jr, NVaterloo, and Mr. Ri. M. McNally, Cedar Rapids, niade the final selec- tion of the four queens and their court. The four popularity winners were elected fronrtbe field of 28 candidates sponsored by various organi- zations on campus. OLD GOLD RoyaH'y: BeHy Wieslramp, Margaref Kring, Mary Carrofhers and Esfher Hicks . .zg,3g51+,a,- i ,J X . gi , ..-. -,.., ic Y' " , a. F ' lv a . X Margaref Kring Bloc-minqion, Winois QLD GOLD Bkeaufy Winner 4 5 a '-N115 4 2:-,ff"i X P- up , 21,55 'Q ? 52 Mary Carrofhers Charles City, Iowa CLD GOLD Beaufy Winner gg.. My 'L . f "i w .. . .,s-S..3g:mgE3Q7' BeHy Wieskamp Wes? Liberfy, Iowa OLD GOLD Beaufy Winner Farfh Hoium 54 Mm- A Joyce Dyvad BEAUTY COURT Gloria Johnson Regina Miller Beffy Vance Shin-lee Vogelaar Jane Baldovi OLD GOLD Popularify Sponsored by Barfleif Hall , : vw - ' . ffif' -. I' , i J' Roberi Elmore OLD GOLD Popularify Sponsored by Baker Hail and Plwi Sigma Epsilon Lois Lis+er OLD GOLD Populari+y Sponsored by Campbell HaH, KPBA, and Pi The Roberf Sabus OLD GOLD Popularify Sponsored by Newman Club OLD GQLD BEAUTY DANCE ULD Go1,D Beauty Dance-The 195-l 'tMoo111ig'ht and Roses" sponsored by the OLD Got,D staff with Gladys Meier as chairman, hig-lilighted the social year. Ten beauty winners and four popularity winners were presented during- the interiuissioii program of the dance. Mrs. Gust Olson, Jr, and Mr. R. M. McNally were beauty judges and Jim Maltby enieeed. Couples danced to the music of the Varsity Club orchestra. If V . ..,,V 1 ' W L',f1'T 47 ' L " 1 W: i WA A- :iv . V M 1 Q V b FE ,... I. 6 I Spring Fll1'll1H1f2i cmllpzlrutivcely old campus traditioll. 1l1El1'k9d its txwnxty-vig'l1tI1 iil1lliVP1'Siil'j' in 1953. "Rhapsody in Rhythm" featured dzlmfillg to Bill lXIl"?ll'l10ll7H o1'cl1est1'z1. During il special ll1'OQ'1'H!11 enjoyed during the i11f6I'l11iSSiOll, Armzmd Baker served as Master of i'Gre111011ieS. Thv A f'?lDDf'H?l Qllaldwtte. and J'c1'1'y McRobv1'ts and Donna Te-gall fur- nished vocal music and Judy Gwvlx did a lllllderll dance. Chiliflllklll of the daucc was Doris Long. SPRING FORMAL 43 ,. 1 , ss?4.fff?f2amgis,f-. The always presenl group of sfudenfs dancing in +he Commons affer a home game . . . Nw , . ,, x College llaiiuvs-Saclie llawkins Day, l1'v111111vs' Famry, illlllll'-Qilllll' dam-vs, and llll:0l'l11E!l Sovk lflnps wv1'e illllflllg' the Ilt'l't'lllll2il daucvs held in Tllv llHlll1ll0l1S l1all1'r1u111, liotli Tlw Sadie llawkins and tln- l5'e111111Ps' Fancy dances are events to wliivli the gals ask 1119 fi-ll011's. The Sadie Hawkins' dauw with ljillllllj' Alidrews' 4ll'CllGSll'2l was ling- patvli style with 'dw lmest-dressed L'0lllllQS wi1111i11g' prizes. Mock 111a1'- 1'iag1'v licaiises. plll'L'l1ElSQCl Iul'0lI1 Social Life, made app1'op1'iaTv tickets fm' lliis owasimi with Al2l1'l'yl1l' Sain roles be-ilig' played by Fred Lol'- fredo and Gus Gallo. The Fviiiiues' Fam-,V with tlw lluwie l'111'tis quintvf called fm' cn1'sag'es XVllll,'ll the girls madv fm' their datm-sz The l:lll1lllt'l' the lveltvi' To win a prim. As is The l1'2'lfllll0ll, girls call for their dates, fu1'11isl1 ll'2illNl1U1'lilll0lI. and font bills fm' The 1lHll1'l?. Fred Loffreddo pronounces Carolyn Henderson and Gary Bush man and spouse. 63 JAZZ CONCERT T110 Jazz 14011C0l'f of 151:33-,j11st mm of the lllklllj' t1'amQ1iti011s 119113 at T1-11c:111-1's College. This yea1"s "Di111e11sio11s i11 Jazz" iuarks the fifth 21111111211 p91'fo1'111a111c-1' of the Phi Mu Alpha Siu- fouia c'rj1111:v1'1. I'PQ21Tll1'Qd 011 the 15153 prograiii wwe Roger Max- we11's z11'1'z111g'v111e11T of "I XVc11111e-1' NV1l61'9 Our Low Has Gone." D211'1'1211 SL-1111's "L'u1Jz111a iXI1ll0l'.,i and Jim Maltlifs KLDPQIB P111'p1e'." 1,4111 13011, Station KRNT disc jockey, 211111 DG2111 Land- fezug disc ,im-kf-y of st11tio11 WMT, acted as inasters of ce1'e111o11ies C1111'11lg' the 'rwn tWO41lOl11' shows. b iffiff FOREIGN EDUCATORS Sixteen fn1'eig'11 9llllC2ifOl'N 1'0Il1'GSl'l1tilljI elvyell tor- eign countries atteluhld Tvaclwrs l'nl1eg1'v on the visit- ing' teacher p1'0g1'z:111. Ueyhm, Austria, Filllilllll, Indo- nesia, the NPtlltl'1'lH11dN, Greece. Nig'c1'ia, Egypt. Italy, the Philippines and Mexico wore the countries rvpre- seutod by these eclueators. They wvl'e f1'PL1lllAl1t guests at dfl1'1l1 g'et-t0g'ethe1's, Coffve hours, and fireside chats, Vfhile they found out about llletlwtls of eduvatiou in our country we 11'H1'l1Pd about theirs. 65 PURPLE EY Purple Key-a recog'nition fraternity established by the Student League Board and sponsored by the Student VVel- fare Board for the purpose of honoring outstanding stu- dents. To be eligible a student must be a third quarter jun- ior or a senior. and must have a grade index above the average of the senior class. Awards were given on the basis of significant aehieveinent in scholarship, participation in extra-curricular activities and leadership. Members were selected upon a point basis by a eonnnittee of tive and ap- proved by the Student Vlelfare Board. Katherine Adamson, Ce- dar Falls, majored in Speech and was active in dramatic productions. 66 Kenneth Andersen, Har- lan, was active in debate and dramatics. His major was Public Speaking. ' 'l Ns -wav-"1" GREY .Q -' 1c1lif.s3I-tai' i' 'fi 1 ' gf". 'V , " ii' W -. ...r w ix-. v::.:-'ETS' .s.:a-- fi" t V i s s, X? X Mary Jane Arnold, Ames. participated in music and student government activ- ities. She majored in Music. Dolores Beckmann, Mo- line, Illinois, worlced on dramatic productions and majored in Speech. Marybelle Chase, DeSo+o, Elemenlary Educalion ma- jor, was acfive in music and religious organiza- lions. .LJ Joseph Fisher, Iowa City, majored in Elemenlary Educafion and was aclive in religious aclivilies and sludenr governmenl. ,N . LaRoy Horn, Dubuque, parlicipaled in sluclenl governmenl, baseball, and baslcelball. Social Science was his major. James Handorf, Dumont was aclive in religious and business organizalions and majored in Business Edu' calion. Charlene Gufhridge, Mo- ville, belonged lo live honorary organizalions and majored in Music. Florence Garland, Sum- ner, majored in Elemen- lary Educalion and Libra- ry Science. She was ac- live in organizalions ol her fields. 67 Lois Lisler, Eagle Grove, Kindergarlen-Primary ma- jor, was aclive in sludenl governmenl and social organizalions. Beulah Yanney. Renwick, Music major, was aclive in music and educalional organizalions. 68 Richard Lynch, Cedar Falls, majored in Music and was aclive in sludenl governmenl and music aclivilies. Brooke Workman, Mar- shalllown, parlicipaled in sludenl governmenl' and religious organizalions. His major was Social Sci- ence. Gladys Meier, Sumner, had an edilorial posilion on lhe OLD GOLD all jour years. l"ler major was Business Educalion. Elwyn Websfer, Waverly, worlced on dramalic pro- duclions, ollen in The casl. l-lis major was Speech. Joan Nordly, Cedar Falls, majored in Social Science and was aclive in srudenl governmenl and organi- zalions in her field. Mona Van Sfeenbergen, Prairie Cily, was aclive in sludenl governmenl and religious organizalions. Junior l-ligh Educalion was her major. Be'H'y Norris, Oflumwa, was in flie opera casl lwo years and acfive in music and social organizalions. Music was lwer major. Gary Van Slyke, Cedar Falls, belonged io organi- zafions of his majors, Sci- ence and Agricullure, and worlced in sludenl govern- menr. Norman Pease, Sergeanl Bluffs, parlicipaled in re- ligious aclivifies and or- ganizalions of his major, Business Educafion. Jenise Schnur, Walerloo, Music major, was aclive in music and religious or- ganizalions. Kaflwryn Speed, Knoxville, majored in Music and was acfive in sororily and mu- sic worlc. Roberr S+ark, Peru, Malli- emarics and Science ma- jor, was acfive in music organizalions, as well as rlwose of lwis fields. REMEMBRANCES OF THE YEAR Presidenl and Mrs. Mauclcer and family . . . Highly spirifed fans 'Formed a'+unnel 'ro welcome an inspired Panflwer eleven before +l1e '53 Homecoming game . . , .... SQ .v...,,.L.., ,, 70 Dean Bender and 'Three ofher unseen faculiy members led a cheering crowd af fhe homecoming pep rally. .. TY - IJ f, ,,,?,- A lively pep band was made up of s+uden+ and fac ul+y members . . . I A fe-L I if Mary Reed, Jim Buclrels, Fred Loffreclo, Chuck Papouselx, and Karl One of fhe mos? popular places on Campus is fhe newly ao Rauch sfop befween classes for refreshmenfs af fhe Commons' quired TV Room .. . founfain 72 Harry Sianfon shows a fellow sfudenf a good buy a+ fhe Sfudem' Boolx Exchange. The Book Exchange is sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega . . . . Sfudenfs and faculiy have +raveled ihis well-worn pafh be- Presidenf Maucker addresses fhe s+uden+s and facul+y during 'Phe fween fhe Library and ihe Adminisrrafion Building offen . . . fall convocafion . . . Cards seem +0 be one of H-me 'Favori+e pasfimes of sfu- denis. Here a group of sfudenfs are enioying a game of pinochle . . . A xg ix , as I Us Us Q Acfivilies . ., Government lion- I: l'. F51-ruler, T. llnnsnleier, H. Roskens, .P1'f.x ,' S. Flinn, P. Guyer. Ron' J: M. Howe. M. Bailey, S. Dutton, S. Blt'llIIl'l'll0.V, IL l.:nrsm1,-M. Arnold. Hou' J: .T. Fislu-i', H. Lyneh, D. 'l'nrnei', J. YVhite, N. l'iL'lL'lll'lllJPl'g, T. Drake, E. llII1'l'lS. STUDENT LEAGUE BOAR The Student League Board is eoniposed of the presidents of A. VV. S. and Men's Vnion, the housing unit presidents, and the chairmen of the four stand- ing eonnnittees. Ron Roskens, president of Student League. graduated at the end ot' the fall quarter and Tom Hansineier, former vice-president, succeeded. The objectives of this group are to further inipleinent and integrate the eo- operative student-faculty relationship: to provide a living experience i11 self- groverninent for participating' studentsg and to represent the student body in the determination of eollege policy. 76 Row 1: P. Bender, L. Horn, V. Pres: T. D1':1ke,'Pr6S: J. MCGTQW, SPC.-Tl'l'tl-9: R, B'IeCiu'. firm' J. Duns- nlill, C. Johnson, C. Bull, G. Aituhison, A. Schultz, NV. Morris, J. 3lL'RlDI.lL'1'IS. Row J: H. Nelivk, N. BIllIlllg1ll'I, T. Hunsnieier, P. Stainwood, T. Yuger, B. Worknnxn, J. Mnlthy. MEN'S UNION The Association of YV0111911 Students and the Men's Union co-o1'di- nate all activities on campus and act on legislation which is necessary for the welfare of all students. Purpose of these groups is to increase the intellectual and social growth of the students. Ron' 1: M. MeBrui1', A. Thuircr, Sec: P. Guyer, Pres: S. Dutton, V. Paws: P. Gruuzui, Trf'z1.v. Hou' 2: S. Bfilllflllllilll, M. Arnohl, M. Howe, E. Hicks, C. Guthriclge, D. Grove, J. Srhnur. Ron' J: D. Steege, L. Lister, S. Bll1'IJ8I', M. Builey, MeC:'lrtney, S. Flinn, M. Philips. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS 77 Ron' 1: R. McCue, P. Stanwood, V. Presg S. Reichenherg, Pres: D. McCalley, Sec: R. Potts. Row 2: D. Nelson, J, King, J. Bovard, I. Stoner, J. Hanrlorf. R0-uv 3: XY. Morris, C. Greve, T. Yager, B. lVO1'k11lEil1, R. Lielim, L. Peart. . SEERLEY HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Seerlev Hall started the year oft with a series of proposals aimed at making- the dorrnitory a more enjoyable place in which to live. llnder the guidance of our new house director, Robert McCue, such proposals as installing television and creating a "date nighti' were acted upon and carried out. Seerley had a stag' banquet during' the fall, quarter and a forinal banquet dur- ing' the spring. Several open houses were held during the past year. These are products of the planning and work put forth by connnittees composed of the residents who have representatives in the house Council. 1 in I ! I :Q Xxx "' 'fer 1""' .Q l,,.Q.g?g -1 A Dick Lee, Don Brendel, and Gordon Johngon are cafching up on +I-le Fefesi' news and Funnies. Hoping for a leHer from home, or 'rha+ favorife girl, are Dick Landry and Duane Polka. 79 Nou' l: V. Lake, P. F11g':11'ty, J. Ainlersrvii. J. Hralettiiiger, M. D:11111e11live1'g, Src'-T1'rr1.w,' B. Hall, Presg B, Hurt, V. Prfx: l'. l'1'i1'e, M. illlllll1l'f, H. Lnnil. Ifflll' 2: A. Alwmlem-ly, S. ZIllgQ1',Il.1'IU1'!l,Rl.RUllliillg',Ii.SE'llSt1'Ulll,C. Ringgen- bc-rg, J. Mosley, J. Pattee, M, Strike. L. Knight, K. Green, B. Arink, J. Bright. Ron' 3: M. Piper, M. Faaborg, G. Thompson, J. lleiinies, E. H1-rr, H. Huggins, ll. Xewlnnal, ll. Dakken, H. IIIISIIIJZIIII, J. Bishep. J. Janssen, D. Schultz, D. Howe. Rua' 4: K. Heilinn, C. Fey, H. Muiitgninery, H. tirzxskewii-z, J. SOFUIISEII, A. Allen, J. Atliertoii, K. Kessler, D. Fox, P. Pisney, J. Pahner, D. Nailing, J. Eiigstler, if. Mzittliews. Ifnu' 5: B. Lucas, N. Ford, P. Lake, B. Im1'11l.111sel1, S. Hynes, M. Hmeiiimltl. N. No1'g:'1:11'1l, X. Kahl. P. Hake, U. -l1lt'kSU11,l.J. Light, A. Neff. Bl. l'1'iu1'. P. McGill. BARTLETT HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Bartlett Hall. the oldest and largest of the xV0lllt'll,S residence halls, houses 350 freshman students anml their 55 senior. counselors. The euiiiiselors filleml the offices until the end of the tall quarter when new freslnnan oftieers were eleetetl. l,l1'0CtU1' of the clorni was Sue Lund. Volette Lake acted social tlirem-tor. Bartlett activities for this year ineludetl several coke teas. pajania parties. inusie hours on Jlemlay eve- nings, and Snnmlay morning breakfasts. 80 'F 5 5,-f Homeward bound are Ruin Daman, Carmen Lighfer, and Mary Conrad. Seeing ihaf 'rliey are properly signed owl is Miss Madigan. Shirley Svensen, Alice Caudle, Joyce Wiese, and Pai Lynch are 'runing up, while Shirley Gardner accompanies fhem. 8I Fiftevu reshleufs of Fialllim' llall collwtitllte the llouse Council. The council uumists of electvfl nfficers, CO1'1'lClO1' and uo1111uit'fee ullairnwll along' with Mary 3lL'N2llIl?l1', 4ll1'PCTU1'1lf the hall. lllSf?lllHl'lO11 of 21 telv- visiml wt in the lounge was mm of the HIHJOI' zichlitirms to the hall. llllliflllilllf zuftivities fm' thv year iuuluclml l1muecm11ing' alvc01'atio11s, a choir tn sing' at The L,'ll1'lSllllElS trvv lightilmgg thv 'frzlcliliollal C'l11'ist11ms pzlrty, thv l'lZllili'1' 1l?ill4llllIIPl'?lllll llHl'l'lClll2lflf'll1 in the intel'-do1'm QHH19 vmlfest. BAKER HALL HOU E COUNCIL Hun' l.' KI, xll'N!IlIl1l1', T. HIIllSlllPl4'l', V. Prw: J. llzllwnml, PMN: A. Baker, S1l',' ll. He-sSe11ius, Trnzx. Ifnu' 2: C. Jolmsu J. 3l1lllUlll'1IN, W. Al11le1'su11, J. llwlmlg. L. Hom, L. l,0ll'l'SUll, L, Te1'williggel', H. Nxllllllilllll. X N fm. N ' l 39 Comparing lab no+es are Gary Gorham, Lonnie Ripperfon, Rod Tangeman, and Tom Norman. Merlin Fruehling and Jay Hemphill are enioylng a game of eighf ball ,av Run' J: A. Bit-kal, J. Torkelson, J. Taylor, S. Barber, V. Pres: S. MvCartney, Pres: L. Bottorff, See.-Treasg P. Bt-nter, M. Stable, B. Clark. Hou' 2: D. Hollingsworth, J. McDonald, S. Clark, Z. Cliristensen, P. John- son, L. f'l11'isti:u1sm,-11, E. Corpuz, J. Barlow, M. Ham, V. Anderson. Ron' M. Lehrer, R. Zeigler, D. Lind, C. Bulger, N. Jones, B. Hobart. S. Renznnler, R. Fellows, H. Norton, N. Davis, E. Beatty, P. Phelan. ,Row J: K. Swain, B. Vallee, D. Franke, K. Kilpatriek. F. Billerbevk, C. Pedersen, J. Shoot, M. Wilson, XV. Shaffer, D. llnlnn'her, H. Overturf, M. Campbell. LAWTHER HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Lawther Hall, the sophomore XVOIHCIILS dorm which housed approximately -L00 sophoniore wo111en this year, had one ot' its biggest years. Among the many activi- ties were several pajaina parties, eottee hours, Sun- day morning' breakfasts, and special week-end festivi- ties. Some of the other service aetivities during the year were. a t'hristn1as party for the under-privileged ehil- dren, informal get-tog'ethers with fellows from the dorms. a winter party. dorm sings, inter-eorridor parties, Law- ther Hall dinner, and lessons for bridge and knitting. The residents' counselor and advisor was Elizabeth Clark. . qv Q x' A my ' s X. X 3 . , . wg? ' I Agni f .- 45334, Relaxing wifh affer dinner music are Angela Blong, Helen Halvorson, and Virginia Augusfine. Spending leisure lime in Lawilier Library are Nancy Thompson, Mary Zurmuehlen, Mary Ann Power, and Wanda Shaffer Ifflll' 7: R. Clcvelnncl, V. PM J. LZlllgllB1'y, Src: D. Doerznnln, Prm: R. I r s X 1 x f X 0 lion' J: E. Harris. H. PIll'l'l'i1lgtJ, W. Nielsen, D. Bress. Hou' J: L. Hill, D -Xlluns C Petinuxsln llzlnslmw, G. Aitvllisnn. STADIUM HALL HOUSE COUNCIL This year soniething' new was added to the Stadium Hall prograin of activities. Twice a nionth a movie was shown for the benefit of the residents, and un alternating weeks a faculty or guest speaker gave an address on some topic of current interest. Niel Ver Hoef, Ed Harris, Gary Aitchison, and Les Hill were the student counselors in residence. These inen lnade up the house council lllltll the new officers were elected. linportant activities for the year included a booth at Mardi-Gras, a Sta- diuin llall dinner, and a chorus which sang' at the All College sing- and at the Christinas tree lighting. Clinton Wolf was the director. 1 nf-' , aw I 3 fl , 'f " .L Lf' , fr!! ,I Ja 'Nfl N If X If , f' Q. ,, Q I y 'I xx I ID fl! Q-,ll if LJ I , J ' ' '-f N 7 I ,1 , ' ' V M I x, , J! I ff!! 3 'X' .'I f fY fj -af' J ' 'W - r 4,1 'N pu X U ff ,Wim U 1.213 'uf X. JJ, U, ,, U ff, ry ,JW df ,. x' ,-L' H-,V V1.7 ' , ' ,A-1 ,xf f x A. ,ff-I 'V' .V ,Nhv xJ J ," 5 .xg-f' ,LriV,'f I V-J .livd ty 'A .Ml A' IJY Iliff! . J, x I I 'J' UO!! AV r, ' ' .1 'A 'X , 1 " V -, , 1 If 'VV , 'J s 'L " :JW 0 ,. -H H f K' Fxfyx V lr Rf' J 'Q XJIK "A '- ' ,j, -X NEI, X1 i- . X, , . X 1 A box o fudge fromlhome is shared by Jlm Ericson Rich Whife, Carol Smifh, and Tom Cameron. 13' , r Y ,I .1 - 5 . ,, f ' v jf",-V4 v 4 , gkfll Browsing fhrough fhe currenf magazine XRS v J f x. .,"' Campbell Hall, residence hall for junior, senior, and gradu- ate wonien, is the newest housing unit on campus. The social program included the faculty-guest dinner night which was held once a inonth on Vwlednesday evening. These were followed by coiitee hours in the main lounge. The residents also held special dinners for the Dad 's Day Vlleek-end. Christmas, and Motheris Day in addition to special dining room parties for the residents. The council was composed of the officers, six standing coinniittee chairnien and six wing representatives. The dorniitory person- nel director was Jean Hinds. CA PBELL HALL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Lou D B X B L Ir-tt r, V. Pres: M. Bailey, Pres: ff. Larson, 4ql"l'.'Tl'f'll-9: M. Jaeohsoii. Row 2: S. 3 flslllllliill L Bllllllllftl P X tes L Jellies, J. Hinds, L. Cil'lJPllUXYOll,l, M. 1lCIi9l'l'llL'l', B. Smith. ' ,::, Helen Mifsuda, Vernie Phipps, and Donna Bailey are scanning +l'1rougl1 flue lafesi fashion magazine 'Qs Helping serve family sfyle is Eleanor Carr in +l1e new Campbell dining room. Hour I: R, McCue, R. Lyneh, Presrq M. Blair, V. Pres. Rau' 2: R. Pfl1'1'y, J. Andersen, J. H:1nsen,'Se0.-Treas J. xIl'cl1'9W, VV. Olson. CEDAR FALLS MEN'S HOUSING UNIT Among- those known as "off-eanipus students" are Those men from Cedar Falls who live at home while attending Teachers College. The Cedar Falls Men 's Housing' Unit the g-overning' body for all these men living' off-eainpus in Veflar Falls, either in the homes approvecl by the college or in the homes of their parents. The group shares a lounge in the basement of the audi- torium huihling with the hVHl91'l0O off-campus men. The students make good use of the lounges during noon hours and during' the ilav for casual Q-et-tog'etl1e1's, stuclving. and rela xation. Rrru' 1: J. Mt-iiiders, V. Prfns: M. lluwe, Prvx. Ifnu' 12: J. llznriitd Nl XII Hrzxir, C. Bliillflll. ago- CEDAR FALLS WOMEN'S HOUSING UNIT The Cedar Falls XVo111e11's Housing' l,'11it is C0111- posed of Cedar Falls WOIIIGII living' i11 their own homes, i11 college 1'oo111i11g houses or ill homes in which they work. The officers of this group had as some of their duties represeiitiug their 111e111be1-s i11 student g'0V61'11111911t, e11eou1'ag'i11g- pa1-ticipation in ext1'a-cu1'- ricular activities, and giving- theigirls a feeling of beloiiging to the college. ApP1'OXl111Hl9lj' 100 w0111e11 are living Ott canipus i11 this area. YS' 'H av' an Ifuu' 7: J. XYl1itu, Pl'l.Y,' R. M1-l'11u. Hun' 2: .-X. 1111111111115 1wl'l'.'Tl"'i"Vf F- Bl'i'l4'l1- J- Buugh' ftlll, L. Mnttox. WATERLO0 MEN'S HOUSING UNIT This yf-111' 21 l111111g'11 for OH'-02111111118 111911 was c1i1111pl11tv1l 1111 the 511-11111111 Hum' of H111 11111111111-111111 l111ildi11g'. Last s11111111e1' tl1e111e11 111111111-fl 1110 walls 111111 study Tables light g'1'ee11, and got b1'ig'l1t f'lV91'NfllH'Pll f111'11i1111-1-. Pop and candy bar 111211-11i11Ps werv aflmlvd. 'FI111 l111111g'e- is 11se4l d111'i11g' the 110011 1101115 211111 lllll'i1lQ.l' the day for 1'z1s11a1l gulf-t11g1'e2tl11'11's, studying' and 1'0sti11g'. 'l'l1v 11111111-il, 001111708641 nf elevteml officers and C0l1ll11iff043 0l1a1i1'111e11, L1'0X'Pl'IlS Ill!-'ll s1111I11111s living ill xVHt91'lO0. The lvaterloo XV0l11911'S Housing' l'11it works together with the Cedar Falls XVOIIIPIIQS Housing- Unit. This year they recleeorated their Ol'l:-UH1l'l- pus Lounge which is located on the ,Q-round floor ofthe auditorium. Activities 0ftlllS0l'QHl1lZi'lfl0ll included the all college eottee hour at llmueeom- ing and a party with other Ott CZUIIIIHN g1'rou1ms. WATERLOO WOMEN'S HOUSING UNIT Hou' 7: Bl. Blt'B1'Plll', ll. Grove, V. Pl'f'.V,' N. Fllllll, Pl'f'.w,' ll. B11l1111:11111 T11 It Ill Sheeley, R. Evens, D. All2llllS, C. :XllIlt'l'H0ll, R. Br:u'ls 17' '31 INF 94 The Village Vonneil is eoiiipusetl of ll-l'111G1HlJQ1'Sg ofliee1's, wartl nieinbers, and eonnnittee elniirnlen. The purpose of the Coun- cil to eocmclinate and knit 11101'E' closely the 'relationsliip lne- tween the Village and the College itself. Reeent projects of the Vonneil inelntle two new pnrliing lots. i'esii1'faei11g' and ini- 1'D1'OV6'111G11l of the streets, and installation of traflie signs at all entrances to the Village. A new ruling' of the Founeil gives faculty' inenibers residing' in the Village the privilege of vot- ing' in the spring elections of Village Connell ineinbers, SUNSET VILLAGE COUNCIL Row 1: J. Fisher. D. Fett, D. Turner, Prex: A. Schultz, C. Lzigerqnist. U. Joneliini, R. Dugstznl, H. EL'llt'll32ll'g91'. Ron' 2: Fzigle, W. Daley, N s R010 7: F. L:1k1,-. B. K111'11111:1vy, B. 1,i11s11, A. '1'l11111'1f1', ll, A11111111, V. Prrx: R. Kiwis, SI'l'.'TI'1'll.N,' P. K:1spe1'1,1:111e1', XV. T:11ty, L. liurifz, S. I.u1111. lion' !: ll. W:11'11, XY. H111'111:1111, J. R1211:11111, J. 1i11'l1'y, H. Do111:11-, D. 1,1,'1G1'SL'l1, E, Wi1-sk:111111, J. S1111111111111, N, L:111111111, M. 'l'11I1i11. lime' H. 3l:1ts1111:1g:1, P. I111s1-1:1111l, 1". G111'1:11111, T. 1l1'itz11u1', J. 311'f'1,'l', P. H1':111:111. J. S1-l111111'V, E. H1:1tt111-1', Y. 1l1S11, P. H1'1111'11, 11. fQ'1'c'f1'11111'. lfrrlf' 4: 11. 1V111't11111gt1111, P, Hutt, M. L1-wis, V. N11111111111s, M. J111111, M. 111s11, 1. Hung, M. 1'11:1s1', A. Pz11'k1'1', X. H111'11:1111. 19. Meivr. Rflll' 5: M. 111'Q1,1, K. 1,1:11111y, J. Dyvzul, N. 1Vy1il11'1Iy, D. S11-1-ge, 11. 1,:11's1111, J. 11I1'k111, S. 1111tt1'111, 11. 1111111-y, B. 1Vi11k1e111:111, H. 1'i11T:111A, J. 1J1161'1'111g. SENIOR C:ouNsE1.oRs Senior 111111 ST11111-11t 1Q'111111s11101's are 111111e1'1:1a1ss1111111 11111111111 111111 1111111 st11111111ts 111111 act us big' sisters 211111 111'11t11e1's 111 f1't1S11- 1111111 51111161115 11111'111gI the fall q112l1'191'. '1'11ey 211-1111211111 the 111-11' S1'l1C1E'l11H 111111 2111 111121595 of 131i111eg'1J life. 11O1l1lS810I' L'?lllC11L1?I16S :11'v se-16131011 fl'l1l11 z1111111caTi1111s 111111 1'ec11111111e1111z111o11s. T1111 1'9- s11111:11v11 1101111 1111'6L'1Ol'S. 111'1e11te1tif111 1-l1z111'1111211 111111 faculty 111e111111J1's must give their 2lI'1I1l'flVE11. ,11119 15153 1'11'11J11tz1Ti1111 1311z111'111e11 w1J1'11 Maxine 111111 111111 T11111 D1'kl1it'. STUDENT COUNSELORS HOU' I: G. Yun Slykv, J. 1Jz111s11i11, J, MrH1'c11', XV. R11'11'1'is. ROIl' N. B:111111g:11'1', L. 11111, T. Yuger, '1'. N111'111:111, R. Roskens, G. Ait1-11iso11. H11 W 1 ru' I: V. Giltliriilgv, B. l'loix'l1-y, ll. L:l1'soix, l'll1',' ll. lli-isler, N412 Hou' 3: IC, llivks, H. Jones, NV. Morris, R. Sulvus, l', Rall, ll. liong. SOCIAL LIFE COMMITTEE Plaiining' and org-aiiizing a well-integratecl social D1'0g1'1'Eil1l is the film-Tioii of the Social Life Il011l11llllPt'. All types of eiitortaiiiiiieiit sucli as squarv mlaiioiiig, formal aml iiifornial claiiciiig, Variety shows, play iiiglits, mixers, aml various other events ai-ef iiiffluilell in plans to help stmlelits obtain an amlequate social l1l'0lQ'l'?ll11. The Coiiiinittvv iiiclumlc-s a 1'6'l11'9S9lll2lllVL' from Meifs l'11io11. the Associ- ation of XVOIHPH Stmleiits, 1'lJC1't"Hfl0ll cliairiiiaii, and six lllt'1l.llJ91'S selei-toil froiu applications. Elizaluetli Rowley, social director of the collwgo. is advisor to the Q,'l'0llIl. Q ME.-T 377. . Q.-ms: -ww 1:1 1' iii: 'A 'iff' :iff 1 453' Q. 55,1 v .. 5 . z' 4. fb iiphblications 'fayf ' ' , 431. yy! ' ' . 'f' M.-.--...-..-V .hm - - .- R ..,. . . .... ---..-. ..---..-..-.., W, .. Rf71l' 1: E. Rath, -T. Clark, Src., A. linker. Hull' ,.'.' C. Bull, J. Hcskett, J. Bailey. G. llolnxes. BOARD OF CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Five students. four elected at large eaeh spring and one appointed hy the Student League Board. along' with four faculty ineinhers compose the Board of Control of Student Publications. Important functions of the Board are to se- lect the major staff officers of the ULD GOLD and lwllvgyc Eye, to let Cllg'1'21YlllQl', pliotograpliy and printing' contracts for publications. The general policies for these publications are also set up by the Board. They aim to see that the stu- dent publications rctlect accurately to the Teachers t'ollegre eainpus. Arinand Baker was president and -lane Clark was secretary. Hon' J: E. Vlfest, G. Cias, J. Hovelson, D. Higdon, K. Jacobson, J. Schnui H lhl'llSl'lllHg'1 I B ilnlou R COINYIH How 2: J. Nord, S. Horn, M. Lehrer, B. Lucas, J. Bishop, V. Pitsenbargci B Smith 9 Kuns B Runlei P Cliint land. Hou' 3: S. Schug, D. Tll2lyCl', I. Hoag, G. Gaffey, K. Andersen, D All uns L Buiinhtei B Rasmussen, L Knight, R. Olsen. , COLLEGE EYE The clicking- of typewriter keys, making' up of page dum- mies, writing' stories, and selling ads are just a few of the li1'Plll1lll1?ll'lQS which Eye' staff inenibers engage in before the paper goes to press late Thursday. Before noon of the next day it is printed and distributed. It contains articles about scholastic, athletic. and social activities on the canipus, items of state and national interest, and illustrations of humorous incidents. GCG SDH STAFF Dale Higdon . Kafhy Jacobson . Helen Mafsunaga Barbara Smi+h . Jerry Cias . . Ed Wesf . Janie Baldovi . Don Briggs . Ai Zarifis . . Richard Braddock Higdon flu ai! 6 SLH16 6 . Execu+ive Edi+or . Managing Edi+or Business Manager . News Edifor . Sporfs Edifor . . Pho+o Edifor Circulafion Manager . . Ad Manager . Ad Manager . Advisor Chs Bdggs ari is Bddo VVed OLD GOLD "hVllli'1'6 are those Lllll11llllPH.7H "Have you got that copy written yPt?" Hxhvllilt mliml you do with those ltl6'11iS?l7 l'This tyiwwritoi' iiowi' will work 1'i,ql1t!" "lVho took lllj' layouts T" "Print those pictures as soon as you can I" Tliese anguisliecl l,'1'lt'S issued f1'01ll the ULD Gow otiice as the staff nieinhers workmf-rl HQ'2lll1St time to g'ot'tl1e hook to the publisher. Al- tliough they were long, tvtlious hours of work put in and 111U1'G than just 21 few llE'EltlElt'llES. tho fun and frieiitlsliips inatle dui'- ing' tho your are the things that will he 1'Pl1191l1l791'E'tl hy the 1. 1 q-. - 411.11 Goin stent ot 0.3-114. How 1: .l. Lot-kwootl. E. lbornfvhl, 1f'. -PUflt'l'SK'll, H. Livh, G. Meier, D. Banker, M. Iflso. Ron' J: D. Freel, Gorwloii, L Dlllllilp. V. B:1i'on, L. Mitltllcton, N. Bottorff, J. Heiinivs, M. Davis, A. Ahoelecly, M. Stzxhle. RUII' J: F. GZll'l211l4l', S 1:L'llIl1l4'lf'1', H. IlUl'1lllllSl1, G. .ToI1nso11, H. Biinting, J. I'12'l.Utlfll'f, M. Estes, A. Nl6llXX'9lll1lllS, G. Johnson, G. Knight. STAFF Richard Lieb Clara Pedersen Gladys Meier Marlene ldso Dave Baker . Earl Dornfeld Jim Lockwood Roberl' Krafky Ellen Peiersen Donna Freel . Execuiive Eclifor Managing Edifor Business Manager . Copy Ecliior . Ar+ Ediior . Phofo Edifor . Phoio Assisianf . Sporis Ediior . Senior Edi+or Organizaiion Edifor Margare'r Siahle . . Depar+men+ Edifor Arlene Nieuwenhuis . . Tradifions Ediior Shirley Bergman . . Aciiviiies Ediior Ralph Parry . . . Ad Manager Don Kelly . . Advisor ldso Pefersen Krafky P l i l .sA .. Jenise Schnur Maureen Jesserv Editor, Student Handbook Editor, You at T. C. OTHER PUBLICATIONS The first of other publications, The Stuflcvzf Handbook, was previously two separate pamphlets, the UI'gfI'Il.'l'ZCIfI'0'IIS Hundboolf and the SfZldt'lI'f Ilfzmllmuk. A calendar of campus events assists the students as does information on student government, activit- ies, regulations, administration and all the special services. Thr Pruwl, edited by -lim Clark, sports informant, takes tl1e form of a. sports handbook and game program. Copies are sold at each home game. Home and visiting teams, player statistics a11d information about the coaches are listed. Many helpful suggestions about living' in Bartlett Hall are listed for freshman girls in Your Af TC. l"'9T Hn nm: Ralph Parry Prowl Business Manager uAf""s SENIOR ART Before graduation each art major is required to give an art show. The show is given to provide the practical experience a student receives from actually planning and executing an exhibit. Among the other reasons are that it gives the student a chance to show what he has clone and others to see what he has done. Ceramic ware, sculp- ture, weaving, jewelry, paintings, silk screening, metal working and etchings make up the student's exhibits. Iflfll' 7: KI. Kivssvrli, A. Bnhis, M. R4-:111i. P. iilflllflll, 1'. R1l'UXVPI', A. 'I'lmi1'z-1', F. Yun Iiiigeii, J. Hziwyvr, I". Be-iitor, C' ,hll4it'l'Nlll!, J. Niuuvk. lion' K'. H1':i11rlt, Rl. XIvNutt, J. Wm-ith-rt, W. Buvyiiik, BI, Lzllie, J. Shout, H. Shofik IP, Nllllff-it'I', I'. Hnkm-, B, Vcfstul, KI. Williams, X. Nlwtc-iisvii. llrfu' i: V. IAlg4JI'lI1liSf. ll. Hvliiwifier, G. Thrnln, G. Num sun, H. Hturk, li. Me-Iiitiiw-. J. l':1l'ks. J. Dunsniuiw-. CHAPEL CHOIR , 1. . ,,- . . t hzipvl 1 hmr is wfuiiipnswl of 3.1 lll0ll1il0l'S who sing' tm' the weekly l'il2lIl0i seiwiu- :mel pruvifle thv music fm' iJ2lt't'2ii2llll'l'Ht9, -Iznw Mauck directeil thv 4-hoir mul the o1'g'auist Weis Gvoi-gv HHIIISUII. Bvsitlvs an student recital pre- SPlli't'fi hy the- A Vappe-llai t'hni1': il thi-Q-v thly tour of Iowa high schools. and ei l,'tllll'l'1'f in April. www tht- mftivitivs umlvi' thv 1li1'9c?timl uf Keith Macy. A CAPPELLA CHOIR mv It H. llnfstml, 1'. Himmuiis, II. Kvlsvy, A. i,l'fl'I'SIlIl, 4', l'gll1gL'l', M. Nikqiilllltly, XV. Navy, N. hv0l1DUL'lll'L'Il, ll. Her- ring, P.. lx:ii':lm1trns, H. Norris. XX, ZIlilllf'll, J. xhllltil. lion' J: A. 'l'huirt-r, BI. M1-Nutt, K. Amlzinisnn. Y. Crt-s:i1n, M. Xulli-uwviilwig .X. Vnlnirxi. R. Vril-st. H. Winklvinrin, KI. Iluhliins, P. Yntm-s, I'. llutt. 1.'rJ11'.f: F. lliitvlious, H. Mclntiro, I. l'It'+'i1su1i, li. Klum-l:1111l. H. M4-livk. .l. Nvlsrm, H. Klimn, H. 1'ln1'isti:u1snn,.l, DllllSlllUl'l'. Inlllll' 1'.' J. IIoidm1,G. Lzuckurc, l. .X!l'il'l54'll, V. l.l1i11llwi'g', V. Hllstzlrl. ,X. H:lka-V, .T.H1':u-TX, T, ll:-iwlvs, L. Klilh-1.14. Jminlqilil. I04 p 1 - V 1 -, - , - Imu' A .' J. All4iL'1'QUll, L. Brinlsvulfl, A. Lv01'l:u-lu. M. 1 UWJIII, N. 1 4m1':l1l. I . II:1i1:ls:ikv1', L. D11-ke.-11, I. I,1'llilIlgfQl H, Alnlgy-Sml, 11011-25 M, i':1hmks-y, R. E-vililu, .l. i'iI'11l'l1illg', M. 13uttm'lT, A. Allvn, KI. H:nl1mhn1'f, R. ,Xlm-na S. Beflllllilill, A. Hzilos, A. Bm-x':l1'. HHH' -3: BI. llnlisvn, J. Huivlml, I'. Ilansnfii, S. Ilmv:n1'1l, If. Evmls, M. Ilitm H. Bcisuvr, M. EVIIIIS, M. Fisvh, B. Kupcrky, H. .I:1misnn. Hou' J: V. 'lblfm-fl, D. NIv1'w:ntl1, M. 1'ullwr1, 1 Jolmsoii, G. JlDilllSlrll, J. iik'Ill'It'll, N. Huskilis. BI. Ilnlah-ii, M. Lum-, K. iil'SSil.'l', .T. Kuhls, H. Hihhs. hVOl11911iS i1il01'llS. uiimlm' The direction of Jane Mauck. crmsists of approximately one huiidrecl x1wn1be1's. Special activities of This group are pamicipatiilg' in the annual pei'foi'1na11ce of Ilamlehs Oratorio. "Thv Messiah" and the spring' clmral c011cei"f. Huw 1: B. Stewart, L. Pllillillllllll, D. Sk'Vt'l't', J. Vllcrich. M. Nelson, B. Shunka. L. Live, N. Olson, R. '1':1yIo1'. ROII' N. Wetzel, D. XV4mlwo1'th, J. Mychzih-k, M. McBurney, M. Messvrli, N. Mutt, H. Miller, C. HiI1Qg'1,'lliJQ:'1'g, P. Piiffvr. Hou' J: J. Wliitxnm-P, X. Sl'ill'1lt'l'lllIllll1, S. Payton, H. Smith, E. Pi-ti-l'snn, W. Rubinsmi. N. Usher, D. Lydon, N. Lange, E. Dlvlillill. Rau' il: V. SNYIIIISOH, P. Lakv, f". Olsnn, Y. Mmm-, N. No1'gu:n1':l, W. Shaffer, S. Szimlcrs, D. Schultz, D. Wusolm. S. Youing. H. Yafige. WOMEN'S CHCRUS Hull' I.' l'. l"1'1-111-lu, B. Hillwrt, ll. 1iillp:xt1'il'k, T. Gl'itZ11Q1', A. lVJlll'llPl', R, Follows, M. .xlll'9llS, M. Bekmueier, S. Bouclier 7 W.M:1vy. lfuu- 3: M. Vmnp.-r, f". Friar, XV. Boeyink, M. lflmsv, RI. Hurtbw-k, B. Brown, V. Bird, M. Cornelius, ll. llukkvn, N. H:l1wl:wl', V. llzlw. Hun' 3: U. BI'1JXX'El', P. Hake, D. llulnzu-lu-r, M. Gnrtz, J. Eckel, P. Banker, K. Groellewulul, i 1, lflgglvstull, IC. ll:u1s1-r, S. Alulorscli. Ifnw -I.' B. AICIJGIIS, R. Murplly, U. MrC:1llL-y, L. Miell, C. Noble, YV. Holmes, R. Brillklvy, H. Kniglut, J. Hump, L. lllrffllll, J. Dlll1Elll1'P1'9. llwlr I: S. Rlylm-, N. Nc-lsuu, N. LlllllClll1ll1ll, L. SllllllUl, A. TJlllliL'l'l, J. Jn-115011, S, Vugvl:l:11', S. Kuus. J. Sl1Pll:1l1:1l'gv1' lfmr 2: IL Hl'lllll'SHl4'l', H. Vestal, A. 1',2ll'kL'l'., H. Mm:1'll11'0, K. Muirn-, ll. QlVl'l'flIl'f, R. X1-wlnlill, L. lY61lgQ1', V. Jensen, N KIu1'te-llsn-ll, li. .low-s. lfuu' -3: N. Tlllllllll5fP1l, S. lllllflll, J. Hil-11, M. Pippitf, ll. NlL'lllllll', J. 3l0SS6l'SCllll1ltlT, H. ll,l5llSt'l', S. Ntvhllins, Rl. Husm-ll, K. Swain. Hou' 4: E. Sluimk, J. Uslu-im, B, Kline, E. Ji-well, J. Shoot, M. Van Steeubergen, D. .lm-nsvu, IP. Hillllnll, ll. lil'llSlllQt'l', D. LOXYIIIIIII, J. Ruliisml. COLLEGE CHORUS Approxilliatvly mu' llllllll1'Ptl nwiiilmers compose the College Cllorus which was unflvr the direction of Keith Macy. During the year the group ll1'9S911l94l a spring' L'0llCL'l'l' and joined the A Cappella Choir and lV01l1G1liS L'l1m'us in the preseutatimi of Handelk "Messial1" alt Cliristiiiais. Row I: B. Lowell, D. Evans, ll. Andrm ws, J. Berger, K. Bltll'l'l2lllll, ll. Heimlen, li. Vrosl:-y, L. llanslmw. ll. l'lv:1ns, ll. Smith, Nl Yvallnsley. Hull' J: S. Sl'l1l'2ll1llll, H. Youngren, B. XvL'!ll'lbllS. K. Groeln,-wolll, M. lirrett. l'. Hahn, J. Kohls, L. llit-ken, M. Sll6llIlI'4l G. Sm-hwab. V. Bl2lIlt'll1ll'll, M. Olsen, J. lbnbois. Hou' J: P. l'eterson, H. .lillIl1l4'l'i, B. lllDlll'2l4l, li. llOl'lllllISt'll, Bl. Vllasm-, N. Hansen D. Light, S. Jones, F. xYEllC1'11lllSf, Y. llennings, K. Ubye, Bl. Hlizek, S, Wluannel. lion' J: H. l'Illl1lHIl'tl, lb. NllIll'1l, KI. Siek, 19 Woodring, L. Wenger, V. Dt-Boer, P. Manalil, .l. Shoot, M. John, X. Russell, H. Yogelaar, H. Bt'llllZl. Ifou' 5: S. l,1'lf4'll2lI'll, Cf. hum niey, K. Swain, R. Paxson, D. Mickelson, J. Graetz, C. Lutz, J. Laughery, C. tillfl1l'l4lg'l'. RI.. Orr. C. All4lL'l'S0ll, li. Mosby. Hou' fi C. Bode, D. Lynx-h, R. lVedeking, R. SllIll'0ll, G. Jlllltlillll, A. Schultz, H. Elscott. L. Miller. A. Blankers, ll. Tice, l'. I'll'l'llt'lI, Hull' I R. Gibbs, E. Drape, L. Heath. MARCHING BAND Perforniing' at the O. H. Latham Stadium at each home football game was the I.S.'l'.C. March- ing Band under the direction of F. Earl Dunn, graduate student. Special 1HI'O,fI1'3111S were pre- sented at the Hornet-oniing' and Dad 'S Day games. This year the old I.S.T.C. tradition- Band Day-was revived. High school bands of Northeast Iowa were invited to take part in an afternoon parade and also at the T.l'.-XVestern Michigan game. I07 CONCERT BAND Activities of the H0 piece eoneert hand. under the direction of Karl Holyik, inelufled a Pops Concert i11 the fall, winter and spring' concerts, playing at all-college eonvoeations, and a tour day tour of northwest Iowa, southern Minnesota, and South Dakota in the spring. Ofl'i0e1's were Dick Lynch, presi- dent. Betty Hubbard, viee-president, and Donna Sharp, seeretary-treasurer. Meinbers of the hand council were Gerald Jonrlahl, Larry Mattox, Larry Miller. and Darryl Scott, lion' l.' ll. -BIIVIIVX, l'. X ates, A. llemlner, N, Jones, I. Hong, F. llill, ll. -l:ll'ZlllIlll, NV. Cole- nmn. Ifrru' 2: ll. ll2ll'1'lS, 'l'. tlslnilnu-ln, l'. Hlllllllltxy, B. NkllUlt'l'. Iillill' J: M. Speth, C. Steele, ll. Fowl, A. Ntrilmloy, J. llitlfhell, P. Klein, l'. lluhn, ll, John, P. llannhl, J. King, S. X'tlg't'l!Ill1', H. Horllon, J, lV'2ll'lL't', li. Blankers, F. Yun Engen. lion' J: J. hlililllf, J. Ritz- man, M. 4"l1:1se, li. Sharp, J. Maltliny, P. Ha-hnunin, N. Russell, B. ililllJliHll'4l, I.. Heath. Ifou' J: N. l,l'll'll2Il'4l, E. Dunn, J, Eveneon, TJ. Kvnnefly, M, Dilley, J, Nielsen, R. Maxwell, A. T:1lnlme1't, R. SllJll'lllI, li. Theno, K. Blorelalnl, E. Rainbow, ll. Allen, ll. Arnolnl. Hou' 1? .' C. Klollonlioif, W. Bevker, IF. Nvott, U. Hutlnrillge, L. Sutton, J. lleinlen, ll. Lentz, ll. Evans. Hun' I: .l, Nulflry, B. IIuInIr:ml, II. SIlIll'1l, I.. Muffux, I', BI::11:1I1I, V. Fisvln, K lh'uvl1vxx'uIml, H. HI-I11':11m11, Il, ISI-utlvy, II. B111'gg1':1:uf, II. I':1xsm1. lfuu' 2: .I. Hlmui, .I. Kuhls, G. Svlxwzlb, N. Fnlvk, V. HIIl1lt'IlIll'lI, I.. Ilivkn-11, B. Ya-:11'u11s, KI. SI14-lmlel. .I. DuBois, M. Olson. lfuu' J: BI. IIIIIJINU, H. I'IZlIlSL'l1, N. Hussvll, Xl II. St'Yl'l'1', K. Swain C. SIIIIIIIIUV, N. I1'i1fI1:l1'4I, J. ISV:-llsml, II. Dillcv, Y. Ilvn- ' . 1 v , , V mugs, Ix. lblayvl, II. Bllzvk, N. XXI1:11m1-I, BI. S 0IIllQl'l'lI, I-.. Im1'uIm11SvI1, Ia. IXllil2l4'I'i, I5. Liglli, N. ,Iuuc-s. Iffwr J: I". Dunn, K. Iflulvik, N. Vugg-Izm1'. -I. King. ll I1l'Zl1II1'.Y, KI. hwk, R. Vrlglaf, I.. Mlvll, X. IWI-lm-1', I'. Ilukv, A. HVIIIIIIZ, .I .Ithll4IIIIlI, II. Nxlylmg II. I.yIlt'Il, Il, 'Fix-1-, I.. Milk-1', I'. I'Il't'lll'Il. H1lll'.I.' l'. Hutll riflgx-, XY. I-In-vk01', D. Hvuffl, l'. .Xn4Ivl'suln, KI. Orr, IJ. Blivkm-Isun, II. Mosby, BI Yun Sivklv. J. IJilll,QIlt'I'V J. Hrm-Tx, I.. Blzlllkvrs, I.. HIWIIINVHIII, II. WMI:-king , 1 II. BI:1xw1-II, limi' lf: Ii. SI1:I1'u11. I'. I.11111II,rL-rg, II. I'IIsvufT, II. Gibbs, I.. III-:11I1, I.. IIIIIINIIIIW, J. I':ltt0v, C. Hull, II. NIIIITII, IJ. I'Ix':ms. .I. Igl'I',Q4'l', C. 1,i:l1'wl11v1'. I'vmIzu' Fnllx and NN am-1'Imn 1'l'NI1IQIlI'S IHIIIGII s1mIvnTs 111 1lII2lI'Il'1'IY , . . ll0l'I:0I'Ill2Illl'l1S of The I5yIllIDIIUl1y H1'4:I11-stlwz, WIIIUII was LIII'PL'I0lI Iny Dr. M 5' l'0II Russell. ORCHESTRA DEBATE An active debate program under the direction of Dr, Lillian R. Wagner was successfully carried on this year. Special events sponsored by the Speech Activities Club, for high school debaters, were a discussion conference in November, and the annual Brindly Debate and Discus- sion Tournament in January. Besides sponsoring high school events, Teachers College debaters also provided for an Intercollegiate Debate and Discussion conference in November. This year Teachers College debaters niade trips to conferences at the l'niversities of Iowa, Minne- sota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. They also debated at Iowa State College in Anies, Midland College in Fre- niont, Nebraska, and Eau Claire, lVisconsin. 1,5 OPERA "The Consul" is the second Menotti opera to be presented by the music de- partn1e11t in two years. Last year 'tThe Medium" was presented. "The Consul" is the story of John Hllll Magda Sorel, played by Jerry McRob- erts and Elaine Hofstad. Sorel is a member of the lUlClH1'g'1'O1llltl and has to tlee the country to avoid capture. He tells Ma,-Ida to go to the consulate, get a visa and join him. At the consulate tl1e consul 's secretary, played by Betty Norris, prevents Magda from seeing the consul. Magda meets others who are in trouble and need the help of the consulate. All of these people are applicants for visas and are frustrated by the red tape and the documents which they must till out. Sorel eventually is captured by -the police and Magda commits suicide. The production was directed by Harald Holst. Jane Birkhead is assistant di- rector and Russell Baum was conductor. Members of the cast created their own costumes and the music department made the sets. The orchestra personnel provided the music. X 1- g 3 I at . V 4. Y 5 . , f 5 e. Hs: 1 .- - T ji . ,. E 3 V. - E, " V. ' I 1-,,v"""Q., W I I K-. . 5 -A f xv'-f -A :qv Q-1.119 Nag. ,,,,. L 5 MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM In the magic inoonliglit of A :IllilINIlIlIHlf'I' AYl'ffllfiN IJVCUIH pre- sented in the spring quarter we were treated to a rich and varied synthesis of poetry, coinemly, 111llSlC, dance, and color. The fainil- iar classic came Yihrantly to life in the rollicking tone of the pro- duction. Froni the gossanier charnis of the moon-lnad lovers to the outrageous lmffooiiery of Bottom and his cohorts the cast de- lighted the audience. In keeping with the rapid-nioving style of Shakespeare 'S original manner of production. the fanciful scenery was shifted in View of the audience as the action changed: a castle melting' into a wilclwood in a inatter of seconds. Mendelssohn incidental niusic was interwoven through the eve- ning and provided the inspiration of the original dances hy Sen- ior tlrchesis. Direction was by Stanley XVond, scenery by Rich- ard Arnohl, and dance hy Jean Burgess. MISALLIANCE George Bernard Shaw. draniatist. critic, and writer on public affairs, ainicd at the niinds of playg-oers when he used the stage as a platform for the transinission of his ideas. In Jl1'sfzll1'fr1u't', a farcical comedy. he discusses not one idea but several, and each subject is flavored by his wit. Marriage, parents, and children, inanners, inorals, sociology, Hllll political economy, are among' his subjects. One of Shaw's critics has said that "Shaw has innnensely enjoyed his Irish gift of interminable speech," and in Jlis- ClH'I'CI71lfP the result is an entertaining' and stimulating' play. Junior, senior, and graduate students collaborated to make Mzf.sr1lIz'a11ce a highliglit, 'of the sunnner quarter. Direction was by Hazel Strayer. Stanley NVood designed the amusing 1909 English country house i11 which the action occurs. HARVEY Few plays iii Anierivaii Tln-atrv history have a 1'Pk'01'll of pap- ulariiy tn lfU1llllill'P with Ilffrrry, by Mary iYlll?lNG, lt was first p1'ml11c1'4l iii lf?-l-l aml Tllv llE'2ll'l'-XY2H'lI1lllQ' fantasy about Elwood P. llnwml aml his frivml llarwy. La lf'oolia. and in this iusfaiiuv a six l'uu'r wliitv ral1liit.J caught lliv lllt9l'USt and ziffevtimi of tlw pulmlin' aml the critirs. lt vmitiiiuecl tu play 011 lrirnaclway for 1.775 IH'l'l'Ul'lll?lll4'l1S, 1'eCeix'4-fl tlu- award af The Pulitzer Prizm-. aml was also maflv intu a sllvvvssfiil film. lIr11'r1',11 was 'fliv 11353 lluiiivwniiiiig' play aml tliv vast. crews, and alulieiiovs were equal- ly Oiifliusiastic aml apprvciatiyv. lJi1'e-ctimi was by Hazel Strayer. aiiml tln- NC1'lll'1'y lay a stuclviif llt'Slg'llGl', Dolnrvs Beclcmami. super- visml lmy Hfanlvy NVuml. Cnsluiiies for 1'l1m- play wvro miller the s1ip4'i'x'isim1 of EYi'lyll VN'uml, ' THE SHOEMAKER'S PRODIGIOUS WIFE For the tirst timu O11 our stage we wcre priyilegrerl in the winter quarter to see thv work of Freclerico Hara-ia Lorca, a uiuclvrn Spaiiish poet and tlramatist. His highly original iiuaginatioii aucl si-use of humor gavv to Tiff' S110v11111L'1'r'.s P1'0fl1'g1'n1rs ll'1'ff' an iucliyirlual uoyvlty and charm. In brilliant Color and flashing' ll1OVUlllt'1ll the Cast tolcl the farcical story of the little slioeniaker aml his teiiipeimiiental wife to the harkgrouiul of Andalusian music. Spanish song' and clauce eurichecl the stylized pe-rforniaiice which was frankly theatrical in contrast to our usual diet of rvalisiu. Direction was by Hazel Stray- er and scenery hy a stucleiit-mlesiguer, -Irie Zeuller, super- vised hy Stanley XVoocl. Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo .Former UN Secretary-General Trygve Lie' I I6 LECTURE CONCERT SERIES This year's lecture-concert series provided six outstanding one-night programs for the purpose of broadening the cultural background of the stud- ents. Included were the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo: Charles Laughton, actor of stage, screen and radiog 'l'ryg've Lie, the first secretary-general of the Vuited Nations: Alec Tenipleton. pianist and composer: Bennett. Cerf. columnist, author and tele- vision pauelist: and Bidu Sayao, Brazilian Metro- politan Opera star. General admission tickets were available to students at reduced rates again this year. The conunittee making' these programs pos- sible was headed by Herbert Hake and Stanley NVood. facility advisors, and Elaine Hofstad. C0111- inittee chairman. Hther connnittee lnelnbers were Don Kelly, -lulie l-Zailey, Jiin Maltby. and Shirley Mahannah. The lncomperable Pianisl and Composer Alec Templefon ,nz K ,--"'Z Q Columnist Aullwcr and TV Panelisl BenneH Cerf 'bs' Mefropolifan Opera Soprano Bidu Sayau S+ar of Siege, Screen, and Radio Charles Laughfon FILM CLUB The Film Club was founded in 1119-19 by Stanley Wood, assistant professor of English and Speech. The club was started to satisfy a demand for fine examples of cinematic art at Teachers College. The group is a non- profit. organization and therefore, cost of inenibership is low. Members include people from the surrounding coni- ntunity as well as students and college personnel. The selection of films is based on quality rather than origin, and in the past many films have been foreign. Each winter and spring- quarter the nienibers vote on fihns suggested by the president. NA 'W Y . I X Six 5 '5'- 'I-" f . xxx ff-A xk3,j,-1 Q 5 M .QQQ gfizlqhl -Aga gif A xx X ff' , K 1-qu .X .Q "N, . X. 3 wx Jig Hs . . 9 X N X Q13 T A , L f ?' Athletics' , A i w , 'lf ,f lg ,.., I va , , f V . 1 4 .fdffga ' '- - . if. - fg 11 . TQ' , ' 5 , X y, 5 ., V, I I , N ..'5'::if',' 'J' 5 , Tri., . , 2 f F3-"'-'f' A Jr. t ,J .alfa - :+I 2:1 ,fzgz Pe . j. --if Q, :ggi A . dgvgzgfzir- 1-x'7..Q.5 ' , A Yr' 123' TL ' ,g 2-Q. 4 ,, L ' . -1-5: . .-52-5" " its J . - . 5-1. P+, s , .ii 4. A vi if if 1 ' "P A ' 'Q' 'lasik ' - .. 72.951 '- .. ?- f' 1211-"' ,--' ., 2+-L.: nw- f 111.2 .g.-5 '- . ' 1, ' Q A "31::1'fi' I-F ' i A-f' Q--wifi: A . V' fl . -' ""' " -1 ' ' V -- Wt ff V 'L 'Cul ,-'li' 31- 5 'zlr ',,g'1:'?.7' Wy .-'fi 'W 2 I -f' -. X ' fs' f 58'YfTii'Q :im ., 1 7212211 QE2115- f V- Q21 - A fl rf, ,v i fa P- ' :fi ' if - 2 -ak: 'ri ' X' I - -1 2 5. 5-rl, pl , 35 : , I.: 9,7 I ,"::i:-55554,-:ET ,fic -k ,,, 1 ' ' 'A 1 ' sb 1 fi ., - 11 X ' H 1' f ff f. .api Q1'1r'.:wL.A'2 35 :sp A' .5 H: .4,,,,1.m.y.-- ,::.-an ,L -' 5 - 5. , "1 'J , Effie I I 2 nf 'HH " I ' W2 NIE . U33 iii? IU? N12 Qs 2 ' f -'T f. 7 197- X 1 -""' " 1.. ?K -fi aw. . A' gpgjz' ':I'Z:.A l V rw- i ,DM M--1 'WT' E e,,, 3 ' fi W ""7"'?57':-... .. .. ,zz f . , W :A 79 'N 51 uv, , A HH s um Till ,NU Tl 11 H - - 'jg : .g 1111 1141 5. Q I ,, .t . 3- -H i. Q ,U ' F264 -'fm , -- 4. 11 : f .pg , L Tj, U ,N S 1. . -. w ,'x 'KY Q S x L Football Row 1: L. Bitt-on, C. I1f1l'f01'll, R. Tlioinpson, A. Lauuwlau, R. Greenlee, P. Field, D. Crnuner, J. Wziclieuln-im. Hou' 3: M. Lukenbach, R. Capitani, F. Loffredo, L. Bitcon, K. Rauch, D. Stephens, R. L2l112lg'll2l1l, D. Meyer, D. Butler. How D. Fisher, C. Clawson, L. Dunn, D. Tollefson, R. Kratky, L. Rohlfsen, R. Hoogland, D. Kolsi-ual, T. Walker, M. Aller. Row ai: R. Beetsch, G. Gorham, L. Smith, J. Rosicn, J. Foster, C. Stevens, R. Elmore, C. Roselle, J. Reynolds, R. Voggesser. PANTHERS SECOND IN LOOP RACE Although the 1953 Panthers were the defending champions of the North Cen- tral Conference, the odds seemed to be against Coach "Buck" Starbeck and his team as they faced defeat in their first. two outings. NYitl1 a team frequently flanked with more sophomores and juniors than seniors, the Panther g-ridders went on to win six straight games before they were stopped by the Drake Bull- dogs. Built around a speedy running' attack and terrific passing combination. the team set records which placed them in the top ranks of small colleges in the nation. PANTHERS POST GOOD SEASON The tirst granie ot' the season saw the Tutors facing' a power- ful and experienced Ventral Michigan squad in a contest which they lost 3-t-20. Seoring' three touchdowns in the third quarter South Dakota State handed Teachers College their second defeat, 32-lil. Takine' advantage of a fumble and pass Z' interception, Teal-hers College won their first of the season by heating' Foe 21-T which started a six-game winning' streak. Spurred on hy a spirited Hoineconiing' crowd the Panthers ' swept. past Morningside 234-20. However, in meeting' their traditional rival. Drake, the Pantliers fell 27-20 after leading T-li at the half, thus making a reeord of 6-3 for the Tutors. Coach "Buck" Starbeclc Capilani to Beetsch pass completion in the Teachers College-Morningside game . . . one of the numerous made by the small college leaders. SEASON'S RECORD Iowa Teachers . . . 20 Cenfral Michigan Iowa Teachers '. . I9 S. DaIcoI'a SIaIe Iowa Teachers . . QI Coe . . . . Iowa Teachers . . 27 N. Dakofa S+a're Iowa Teachers . . 34 Norfh DaIcoIa U. Iowa Teachers . . 39 Augusfana . . Iowa Teachers . . 34 Morningside . Iowa Teachers . . 34 Soufh Dakofa U. Iowa Teachers . . . 20 Drake . . . 'Non-conIerence Games CONFERENCE STANDINGS W Soufh Dakofa SIaIe . . 5 Iowa Teachers . . 5 NorIh DaIcoIa U. . 4 Morninqsioe . . 2 Soufh DaI4oIa U. . 2 Norfh DaI4oIa SIaIe . 2 Auqusfana . . . O Dean Cramer, halfback, Iries Io avoid a would-be +acIlIer from Augusfana. Tuior halfback ArI Landau fakes a hand-off from spinback Ralph Capifani againsf 'the BuIIc.Iogs of Drake U. Landau IecI 'rhe 'ream in fhe ground-gaining depar1'men+. ?' ze E' Haltback "Bulb" Bitcori runs through the Morningside line and into the secondary with guard Jim Wachen- lieim leading the way, GRIDSTERS SET RECORD STATISTICS Finishing- the season with a 6-3 record the Panthers established three teain and four individual marks. lfsing bullet-like passes, Ralph Capitani hit receivers 97 out of QOH times for a' total of 1,4-l-l yards. YVith his total ottensive mark of 1.755 yards he had top national honors for small colleges. Dick Beetsch made 5-l receptions for H37 yards and nine touchdowns to also lead the nation in that division. Art Landau set. the fourth inarlz by scoring' fourteen touchdowns for a total of S4 points. In beating' South Dakota ll., Iowa Teachers passed for a total of 23-L yards. The yard passing' for the year netted 1,437 while the total offensive mark was 3,169 yards, all new records. First Downs . . Yards Rushing . . Passes Attempted . Passes Completed . Yards Passing . Net Yards Gained . Scoring Passes . . . Conversions Completed Total Points .... Art Landau grits his teeth as lne attempts to avoid six Morningside taclrlers. TC lol I73I ZI6 99 1438 3169 I3 26 248 Opp. IO3 l704 I32 54 878 ' 2582 8 2I 207 PQ Tii .ss Ralph Capi+ani skirfs around end for ano+her gain. I27 Sophomore end Dick Beefsch gefs by an Augusiana man and +ak2s in a pass. Panfher halfback L. Bi+con fries io use his free hand fo avoid a Cenfral Michigan fackler as he refurns a punf. Halfback Bitcon meets man to man with an opponent from Morningside. Jim Rosien, substitute end, nearly takes in a pass while a Drake man closely guards him. I28 SIX TUTORS PLACED ON ALL- CONFERENCE TEAM ln placing second in the conference, six Tutor football players gained berths on the honorary All-Conference teain selected by the coaches: Senior Jim Vllachenheini played guard, tackle, blocking back, and also kicked extra points and kickoffsg LeRoy Dunn, whose defensive play was always evident: Dick Beetseh, who fre- quently surprised the fans with his ball catching antics: Ralph Capitani, whose bullet-like pass- ing and ball carrying spnrts were a great asset to the team: "Bnb" Bitcon, who had the knack to run back punts Rlld tackle yiciously, and Art Landau, whose ability to rnn through the op- posing line was often a deciding factor in win- ning a game. MEMBERS OF THE rg E E ALL-CONFERENCE TEAM Guard Jim Wachenheim I 3 End Dick Beefsch Halfback Larry BIfCOf1 .wpffe Halfbaf-If Aff Landau Fullback Ralph Capifani Tackle LeRoy Dunn 0 "QW ,AW 1 HK ii? 9 FQ' 325 WW 919: nb. 52 QQ, , -4 x ff-ff . . ,M 'ggfxbf fefiigi-fhx2waf,m fr-i fp b x' "9-2,fs:Qe.'1!L1,f3g'2, -, . ,, Zak , ,wk .- . xf' gg! ' ? -T 403' 4' Q Q , :L.g,vp-.-rw.--..q... , .. ,, , 'fs' mr?-Sv:-:2-af1.:g::,:.1:t- fg,,y.z- '.'qj"!w 1 :Qtr gf.,-vi, , fi .N . Ig., 'Q is 2 I ,,- :Ll .. iw X ffl' ' 144:54-Ei X Q Kb , I Xb? 75.96 ,Q w 931 Q Nz? 1" .- ' 5 ' 5 ,R , 1 , 6' .X 'Q 19 J, ,Nl N Y 5 , K 3 ,av , ,Q X G , + uv -- i-zf' Q C. WE: Q-'52 '- Wit?-'f-' 'sf :Q-.,,..1E:ETf15E5E1i? A .- 425 Ka ffm W ' sg ' '4Y'!fu:,:wMi.y1j1:-- w:g,.4.i., Vt- xi X ,, 5 3 vs S. wg ,R Q , n ' 5 if fi su Q me ' ' Q Q :V x X A 'xx Basketball R010 1: L. Hlavk, R. XViley, R. Rmlt-i'iu:iu, Il, I'Ioll:iutl, K. Nivliols. H. Wt-lvlu-r. lion' J: .l, Hlllllllillll, .I. IiUl'llflllI, Ii. PIILIISGII, D. Hruuig, I.. Iloru, D. Bt-etsvlm, H. Co1'1'it'k. PANTHER CAGERS FINISH FIFTH Due primarily to lack of height, the llauther haslcetliall team tailexl to llefeucl the conference urowu it he-lil the previous year. Thi- 4-agers couipleteal their twenty-one game seasou with a 6-I3 record autl split even iu t'tllll.L'I'9lIl!P stautliug- to give theiu titth place. The Tutors dill not break iu the wiuuiug' t,'0lll11111 uutil the iuitial game of the new year when they upset South Dalcota l'uiversity ti-I--IH. This was followed hy still auother wiu over the league leaders, North Dakota Vuiversity, til-53. After that short victory spurt, the Panthers split a pair with North lla- kota State. The last C0llf6'I'f'llk'C wiu for 'I'.t'., whieh was from Augustana 87-63. gave the team au eveu ti-ti l'U4,'O1'l,l. lVith a tall aucl powerful freshman teaiu, the Panthers hope to he hack iu the race for that coiifweiufv title uext seasou. I3I I I I LeRoy Horn, Panfher guard, is abouf 'ro I-:and-off 'rhe ball fo +eamma+e Lou Paulsen during an early season game wiih Warfburg JIm.S+anard thief an under-+I'1e-baskef sl-no! agamsf Mornxngslde. Dick Bee+sch , LeRoy Horn , Don HoHend Lou Pauken . Bob Boderman Ken FUchok , Don Randg Dick C3ordck . Uoyd Bhck Jhn Sfanerd Seorqe VVebber Saw Gomam FG5Px Pct 289 343 259 37I 253 372 ISI 384 I33 323 64 344 4I 390 44 .409 68 206 33 333 8 4 .500 5 I .200 Avg. I 3.1 I l.2 I I.O 7.6 9.I 4.0 3.8 3.7 4.I 4.4 4.0 I.O I32 Coach "-Hon'i Nordly CONFERENCE STANDINGS Pd. OFF Avg Norrh Dakota Uf 750 74.0 Norfh Dakoia Siafe, , 750 77.I Morningside , ,. 667 77.5 Iowa Teachers . 500 63.8 Souih Dalcoia U. 4I7 62.I 5Ou'rh Dakora Srafe 4I7 65.2 Augustana .,,,, 000 60.0 g 'N.D.U. won play-off from NDS. 96-65. Def. Avg. 63.4 68.5 73.3 63.5 66.6 63.6 8I.0 Sophomore cen+er Lou Paulsen ou+iumps his opponenf from Warfburg as his reammafes iclockwisei: Carrick, Horn, Bee+sch, and Nichols eye +he aciion of fhe ball. D Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers SEASONS RECORD CorneII . . . Warfburg . . . NorIh DaIcoIa U.. Loras ..... S+. Thomas . . S+. Thomas IvIacaIes+er . Sou+h Dakofa Norfh DaI4o+a Norfh Dakofa Soufh Dako+a U.. Sfafe Sfafe U.. Morningside. . . Grinnell . . Augusfana . . . Soufh Dakofa SIaIe Morningside . . . Soufh DaIcoTa S+a+e Augusfana . . . Mankafo Teachers . CorneII ,... Bob Boderman Iefs go of a iump shof as he fakes ouf a Soufh Dakota U. man. N 4. 14 VY' Sophomore cenier Lou Paulsen jumps up and aims +oward fhe loop. Lloyd Black breaks ihrough fhe Wariburg defense and scores. I36 mms! 1.1 TUTORS STOP NDS 73-65 'l'v:iul1e1's' must tznlliwl illllllll hzislqe-tlmll gaim- was llll'll' Til-65 will ovvl' Xortli Dzllmfzl Stahl. Tliv liisml, who lml by l2ll'g1'0 lll2ll'g.l'll1N llll'UllQ'll1llll tlw first' tllrw- ljllH1'T91'S, hail Tlivii' leml slinidrvm-il tu 50-47 all tlw . , . , . . 151191111151 ol' tliv lust pm-riml. NX itll llftlv niurv Tllzill Tlm-4' llll1ll1lPS 1'e111z1i11i11g' :mel Tliw sm,-www still iii fzlvm' ol' tlw Iiiscm 58-57, tliv 'l'11tu1's lli?Q'2l1l hitting' with em 2ll'l'll- l'?l1'f'tllEll ceaswl tu stop until tliv final si-vmuls of play wer? m'e1'. This wus Tlw l'zil1Tlw1's' mrist l1IbSPlllIlQ' Ylk'lU1'j'. Don Holland, Panfher guard, le+s go of a shof from oufside of fhe Soufh Dalcola Shale defense. Dick Beelsch fries, in vain, +0 fip in ano+luer goal I37 my wwwwmwfkgwlwhmgi .X X EEN? ' Ex ' -fs- N x Q z Y ax ff' - , - WN! , . U' 'Rx X wg. qi .N . 1 - -, Nw-. 'x fi -wwik . by .. wx xx wxg!XgN.9v ..,qx: - A. H 'EW ' ,QI '-E -mx X -FQ'1i"'5: :2.. -Exiffxk f X. ....., X. .x -:uf Q. .xv , . S '. f -if "ts V J ggxf .A ,.:.x N Ag:-35 - . ww' I Q. 3 f . ix -X bv-,sk , N F2MtEqQ,Mx :K x Nl X K VS X X .. X ex - X fx fm- X Q ix 3 X sg Row Z: D. Brown, R. Hansen, E. Masteller, J. Case, R. Hall, C'. Tgiros, D. Cook, G. Koch, M. Huniilton, V. H:u'ford. Hou' A. Halsne, A. Swartz, F. Loffredo, J. Farrell, K. Young, B. Ccilley, C, England, R. Sliarp, U. Pinch, ll. Olson, J. Harn Row 3: G. Kueh, R. Forxnanek, K. Greve, L. Smalley, E. Ewolrlt, U. Pznpousek, A. Gatto, E. Blnser, P. NVhitnnore, D. Rnsn sen, D. Garinan, R. Jones, Coach VV. Koll. WRESTLERS TAKE THREE MATCHES Coach Bill Koll 's Panther wrestling team won three of its seven matches to post a fair record for the season. The Tutor grapplers started out hy narrowly beating' Purdue 1-L-13, but that same match weakened the team 's future en- deavors due to the loss of Pat Mc-Carron, However. the team went on to wrestle South Dakota State to a 19-10 victory before ineetinjg their first defeat from a strong' Mankato Teachers squad. Une of Bill Koll's most proniising teaiu nienibers was Jerry Koch, who won his first three matches in varsity competition a sopliomore. Not until Michigan State handed Teachers one of its worst defeats C24--lj was Koch stopped as a result of a dislocated shoulder. Other scoring' threats on the Panther team were -national champion Jim Har- mon and lieavyweight Gus Gatto, I39 .4""' lv Panfhers' na+ionaI champion, Jim Harmon, Iries +o escape Bu Purdue in fhe I57-pound class. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers SEASON'S RECORD Purdue .... Soufh DaIcoIa S+a+e IVIanI4aIo Teachers Michigan Sfafe . Lufher . . MinnesoIa . Cornell . d Weick of .I3 . .IO . . I4 . 24 . I3 . 22 . I9 Bob Hall, wresfling in 'rhe IZ3-pound division, a'HempIs Io pin his ManIxa+o opponen+ buf gefs a hand in his face. Heavyweighf Gus GaHo escapes Russ VoeIIz of Mankafo G-aHo decisioned his man 3-0. I40 Top: I30-pound Jerry Koch works over Vern Whifney of Purdue who loses by a 4 Io I decision. BoHom: Fred Lolifredo, I67- 2 2 5 3. Coach Bill KQII pounder,-'fries Io puf a hold on his opponenf in fhe T.C. Invifa- flonal Meef, Dale Cook, I37-pounder, afiempls recovering a hold affer es INDIVIDUAL SCORES Gus Gallo . , Jim I-Iarnnon Jerry Koch . . Fred Lollfredo Dale Cook .. Roger Hansen Larry Smalley Bernie Ceiley Bob I'IaII . . . Keilh Greve Bolo Jones . . Wayne Seslcer Dec., Falls Draws Losses Pls 2 3 2 O 25 5 O O I IS 2 I O 2 II 2 O 2 3 IO 2 O I 4 8 2 O O 2 6 I O O O 3 I O O 5 3 O O I I 2 O O O 2 O O O O 3 O Oool'O caping John Kelley of Manluafo. f 'fx S5 ' y. ,-Mu ,gl .N .X -s , .J ?x:Z,"v, ' ' ' wmv 'N -. wick - -zu.:-, RL! Q. 'Af-2.15 W'-5 Tri" f-Us ,,: .a,A 4 "z-,:'- 1' ?! -:-,'i'.:a,' A , nw. ,- ,.. f 11,3 , '1.I"?' i- 3 ' sw .f xv.gQ4X-Agcgx V xx l , I ' 5 M. f ,-k 1. V ' -- X . ' . Vg ,A ,R N Q ,Iii ,VE .vaigkik i?:?k,,tJ X- . yy, ,Q V rig' x 1 , Q, . X .. V ,es . -"s:35s4 .b 21: 'fx 'f"ffR,xi 3 A- w:--it-Q .M ' , . F f-"VF . QS ' X -f'.:3:.' 1 :, - ribwkw 'Era-AH -J .Av qw., x 1 -'QW Ng,-5.33 w ig Q . km - ' W "Q ' 13 - .- 1 . yd M8195 Q f' A - ws., N- X. 1 -31-.I A-by SH, ,.,.::'1-,..b-- 2-, Vx ,- -f " 'g,,4.x " 551 X-W - 1 ' X'-' 5, -:-,lg--"E Q, , . E' If . F' X Al' my 4,-"f,l?1f.Q:.' NF 'T ' x, A ' ,,, .ex 'X-f' xg, xxx X' -'4g1g'1.'f!A.Qg5S,i .. . .3 sjf V .,,.-wig , 5 i ,Q , Wife? + . K N, .E .. f . -' 1 . ' xx f- .3 'ia-1 iii?-f : -, - -. x . ' :Q , K , .1 xml I ., 6 Y'-ivy , if - P, ' ,. " f Q fw . X 1 . ' . f 'Q--'X . W W- t X ,.,, . , 5. . QQ 'f H a qrg- ".:g.1.-w: ., N-my , .' , wx K 'wwf -r -Wzv wa- K ' x - b, w5Sf,f.w:1....v-,,'x.1sgQ.fgif2,f'. Y .. -.1-Sf " Nsigf 1, -Q , , -s:fv1. -l-- , Q f X mf'-QM twm' w P X fwww- -X , , ,A Q S X , ' f- ,,,.-Rf' 'N+,M1sf.'-', . ' 'F i '-.X - .-VN Q rw : w. N, Q -. Nw' . ,X 'W' t x svn Q N - fgghgffri-2'.,f:fK.Q.' , 'Vx 1 .Sl-ik , gf, :-5 W' X-N X N 5 kbaxvgl ,, My... , .V K .. I rx, gn., Q X k E vgkikmi. . . . .K xg. X 5, Q Q K , K , X 1 X, Fixkff ,' .V - W uf . 4-. .- uf 4 , 5 5 Yu 1 K .. ax , X , l . , P , V , . -vt -13 , w +1 Q," - ff w 1, .. X - . ,. YY K . r V' Q79 T J ' if -. . Nmwfk.-A1.3'Xif Slfl-.R - Q"PSNQj'X' X 'F ' -X .QS-NA Sm., f M. ,Q-1 1, 1' W, - L: 2 XO' , N Ab-N, ' 'x W .W ,Q K --H254 ' - ,sf-' W -' vw, A-ff"-ex w - .. fi ' W . .5 X '- swam, x ki fx X X N 1' - if . X S X , W, " P V , ' , 'HE-rw, , wem3Q,,.., 5x+0"N.5, 1 X t ,S ' . , N, -YI. -1-5, 8 JS' . A .. Q D. - K-,x :A , , ":.v,. g ,wcmpl . , A ' ' X Qs , R.. Q15 .-s.. ' X ' ..i M., , . . a L , -S., ,,- ,N x hsskwr QS.,-ye ,Sw N . +' :MQ f , , . , N ,, Q ...Q , ,U N KS, by V , f " i -- v -- Y' .... - X ., 'Q' " ,,.. ,AIR .f ,QV-vi"'I2'W .sn QM , .,,. Baseball DIAMONDMEN BREAK EVEN Despitv the 11111'11'e1lictz1ble Iowa w11athe1', the 19513 1liz111111111l 1l1l'l1 1112151111 16 of th11i1' 19 s1'l1ed11l111l gaiiies. XYillllil1Q' H t'111' Zlll 1111111 .5110 ilVt'1'HQ'9. IJll1'iI1Q' th11 tw1111ty-tive years that "Mun" XVi1ii'f0l'ti has f111z1cl1111l the Pklllfiltml' hz1s11ball t11z1111. his sqliads hz11'11 w1111 half 111' lllf11'G of their 51-z111111s tw6111ty-111111 times. It was i11 th11 fifth Qlilllllll 11t' th11 s11z1s1111 with Coe that T11z11:l1111's College won its H1-st 512111111 3131 with left-l1z111ded l11tte1'111a11 Dick Koch gr11i11g- the diSiilllCk'. F1'11111 that 1111i11t the bas11hz1ll team w1111t 1111 to wi11 f1.1111' 111111s11c11ti1'e g.l'illll1'S. The teachers ended the seas1111 hy tz1ki11,Q' th11 s11Q11111l Qjillllt' of El tw11 gains se1'i11s f1'Ol11 the N111'the1'11 Illinois T11z11-l1111's 3-2 as Riiltii 'l'11111g11- 1112111 Illiltitl 1111 i111111'11ssi1'11 5-2 1'111-111'1l for th11 y11a1' to tz1k11t1'111 11it1'hi11g' ilOl101'S while Clllffitliiilll' D1111 t'Ie1yt1'111 1101111111111 1'111t tw1111ty'tw11 l111s11 hits ill NiXfj'-IUOII1' t1'i11s at hat f1'11' il .34-L 2iYk'1'ilg1'P. R016 1: P. Ri1l1le1', B. Mzizuizl, B. Mess111', H, Riggw, B. B1111l111'i1-k, J. A111l111s1111, D. H11ll:1111l, B. H1111ti11gt1'111. 11'1111' ,'.' N. Rlliiljktll, D. Koch, E. Stewart, H. T:111g11111:111, B. XVz1ts1111, L. I111111, IJ. l'l:1yt1111, ID. H111'1111si111, BI. 'l'l11111111s1111, 1'11:11'h "Mun" NVhitf01'1i. Hou' 19: B. SI1:1ift'111', D, S:11'1-hut, B. B111l111'111:111, 11, Ll11y1l, A. 1-X1'11111Is, D. 111111-ts1'l1, I1, A111l1-1's1111, B. ISE!li1OXY0l', E. D11111l1i11, D. Mi11111'. uf Ouifielder Paul Minor slides across home pIa+e fo score anofher run againsf La Crosse Teachers Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa I44 Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers SEASON'S ...O . I . . O . . O . . 5 . . 9 . . 9 . . I O . . 3 . . 2 . . I . . 8 . . 6 . . 4 . . 5 . 3 RECORD Iowa Sfaie Iowa S+a+e Omaha . Coe . . Coe . Drake .... Drake .... La Crosse Teachers Winona Teachers Warfburq . . . Luiher . . Morningside . Morningside . WarIburg . . . Norfhern IIIinois . Norihern IIIinois . Coach "Iv1un" Whifford Regular Tuior Ihird baseman, Bob Hun+ing+on, fakes his cum' af 'Phe ball againsf La Crosse Teachers in an aHemp'r 'ro bring his Ieammaie home from second base, al ' Mm: NAL... Anofher base hit for Bob Wafson, dependable Tuior baclxsfop, who baffed ou+ a .233 average for lhe season. -ffl i , . 'f.i,,g:-4.9. ,, vf ,.o vs., Firsl baseman LaRoy Horn fakes in fhe fhrow +o make ihe out Besides building a .293 average, he did one of +l1e finesl field- ing iobs on 'rhe feam. Bob Hunfinglon, Pan+her fhird baseman, shows pifchers Dick Koch and Rod Tange- man fhe grip he used on 'fhe ball when he plays fhe hof corner. I45 18" 1 f . ' ,SL-wi-'lr' ' ., ,rf , , f . xf:g5w S - if' I 'A - X, , U 1 .- N '-'1lf:ff"5f1 ., .N 'i' . N' - ,fi f kygflg. A ,f .y,.14..-'35 '- H, F?" . ,pf Q 5 ,- ,.-'iJfv, :fy-L,.W,v 2' ,, sv:--3 Q-11", " Y '. I . , , ,f."?gN.qlf:.',:wiv-4 "x3 Q.f.x:-' ' qnigkl- ' W ,Q . gn ,f ' 1.- , 'r ' f5,liff ' T17X 'll''Y?5.3'.'iffv.1f?-ff Eff 9?Q'35Af:TV WW, , " - Q. ' H r . .X ,ff Q Q,.,.:,.?,x-Y X ' 'FK' ,r 1 N F . x V X, .l , 5 'Y . ' ' ' .witlfwijyl T5--gli -N ' - 6 , 4 T if . M wif ' ' -v wiiiriw , , Qv?:.:x5,,2k'ge P- gygli, ,' , 'X B' , . f- , ' w 3f'-,QffJ-s1e- 1'i'. R' -L., Q, 'YQS9-'i.Tfr'liW2,5,i.xj .xi ' .,v5,'l- 4 .- " M. J ' .1 -vis. " -1: 3-A, arg. ..-ft-1" ' f,-F1,:1f"1I5f7-.' L P f' v . 'W , xx .- 'V - N 'W T ?wT1TQN.2-4.ff3':-.. 29: Q-sf. . ' 4 . A f ., 'f 'ffgj ,K fi'.,,,. 'Q ,Q - -' g ,,""?t-wt 'Qhij -T. ' X -314, -Q 4 w,yN 'fXxQ:. vga- X. .4 '4 '. - ..s.-u.'- - HW' - ' , wif x rm, M ,.,i.6e3v-f.w.1sm.' f 'I N' ' ,: -,-I .. 5? 1 f'N:f'E , . H wffiiiir x.,.,v w'e-s.- ..'-'sv " ., , 'xfw -.2 N-N X . .:.,q,...A x K xx XX' N ' x xi Q S w N x ytwfxl., V Q Track TRACK SQUAD SETS RECORDS The '53 Panther track squad had a successful year. taking- secmid in the N.L'.l'., Teachers College Relays. Drake Relays, and winning every dual and l1'l?ll1QIlll2i1' meet. Ray Hles in the Carleton meet threw the jave- lin a record distance of 19?-l feet, 21,3 inches, assuring' the team a hi?-62 victory. The squad was led in scoring' by middle-distance runner Hay Eiben and hurdler Toni Reynolds. Eiheu ran the H80 yard run in 1:53 to break his own ret-rn'd. and also set a new mark in the 440 yard run with a :51.5. The till yard low and high hurdle marks of :OT and AIT. H, respeetively, were tied hy Reynolds while sprinter "Toby" Rohinsnn equaled the time of 106.2 in the 60 yard dash. In the Teachers Hills-ge Relays, the relay team of NVells. Gerken, Morris, and Eilwn set' the tast- est mile medley time of 3-:35.6. Hou' 1: IJ. Tolly-fsmi, Il, f'1'illll0l', R. Nelnnanu, B. Fisher, ll. Ntzunln, J, xVJlL'lIt'lllll'llll, ll. Hester, G. Glalr, M. XYells. limi' R. Kratky, H. Hardin, W. Gerken, J. Bueki-ls, XV. llurris, H. Eilw-11, J. Klillor, klUJll'll llivkiusuu. limi' J: F. Hnlriiisnii, lb Cliufrch, R. Leary, B. Holmes, H. Oles, VV. Lee, L. Pzullseu, D. llunt, .l. XV-0l'klllIll1, H. Gorlunu, T. lim-yimlxls, J. 'l'l14n'ds HUIL' 4: J. Harmon, D. Kolsrud, R. Ransom, .T. Haslvy, C. Peuiiuwsky, F. Riney, Julnu White, F. Sm-lun-Ikzi, l'. Vnnlt-y. .. ii' Y' .Q ,, .J r' ., Ch My X W-N.. N.. ,. FS KR rf " Rx . 1 Q- 1 . x ...X ,- ,. - - -rm g i: . 1 X r .f' .... -- ,,.,,,.. 2 -ll FF Q x Y 9 -- vxvs-5?'x"x F . Sprinier "Toby" Robinson fakes firsi in fhe IOO yard dash fo beai CarIe+on's Marv SmoIIer. Robinson also ran on fhe 440 yard sprinf relay feam. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa SEASON'S RECORD Teachers .... 5 I Whifiier . . , 4I X Teachers 55 Dubuque . 45M Teachers 69 GrinneII . . 30" Teachers 65 Carleion . . . . 35' Teachers -67 Norrfh Dakofa U. . . Zlx Teachers 69 Carleion . . . . 62 Teachers 89 Luiher . . 42 Teachers 93 Grinnell . . 37 Teachers . IOO Warfburg . .... 3 I Teachers 73 Luiher Wariburq 8M Teachers 6l Omaha Soufh DaIco'ra U. 27" Teachers . . Tied for Iirsf in Sioux Ciiy Relays Teachers ..... . Firsi in Miciwesi InviIaIionaI 'Telegraphic Meejr Hlndoor IVIeeI' Coach A. D. Dickinson Panfher mile relay feam of Denny Hunf, Jerry Thordsen, Dick Sehmann, and Warren Morris in acfion af Carleion. Teachers CoIIege Iosf fhe eveni' by a yard afrer mainiainingia slighf edge for mosf of fhe meer. I49 . +:feA-: N-M.--Q-" -+ 4, .eq , .:v:i-ar fzfzww' - zxeswvw '1--111'-' ' -- t,- -4-V15-3:-wa: f' '- N, F S X ,ki Tenni rsumsmsn srm rm.: XVit11 1'et111'11i11g' lettm-11111411 Rogm- l1Z11lS1iB, Dave S111iT11, 211111 Hagel' 111-sse11i11s, the 12153 Tennis 193111 0011111111111 a se1a1sr111's l'1i1UU1'11 of 1f41111' wins 211111 1111116 lossvs, GHl1S1ilA 1611 the Pz111t11111' SC111'111QQ El11i1C1i with ffllll' 1'ivto1'i11s in xiugles 211111 11111 11'i11s 111 c1c111111Ps, Ne-11'1:r1111f11's 111 11111 511112111 11's-re -11111 Lijjjilll, .1U1ll1 Yam Epps, T0111 Yager, 111111 13011 11I'Gll11G1. rP11l' Xo1'111 l1f'll11'H1 1'011f1-11111011 ul1z1111pir111s11i11 11'e111 to 110111 101111 Tvz1c11e1's H1111 A11g'11s1a11z1. Ganske 111111 11111 singles 11-11111 M01'11i11g'sir1e's -101111 11?i11COC1i 6-4, 6-1 11111111 -11111 140112111 211111 -1411111 Yam Epps were e1i111i11a1tP11 111' South 13211111111 's 'r11'os0111e 111 the s91111fi11z11s 2-6, 6-2, 6--1. The 8621801118 1'BCOl'f1 was T11t1'11's -1, 1A11'21S 231 Tlltors 5. XV:'11'T1J111'g' 11: '1'11t01's 11. 1011521 S1210 T: Tutors T, L11f1lG1' 2g '1'11tc11's 11, 111'1l1ll011 Sl: '1'11to1's 4, V1'z11'111111'g' 31: and '1'11'fo1-s 3, 11111116-1' -1. Left In riylzf: D. Smith, D. B11-114191, R. HUSSL'll1lIS, T. Ynger, R. G:111sk1,-, J. L1'1gz111. C0ill'11 Bill Koll. GOLFERS CONFERENCETCHAMPS Coach "Hon" No1'dly's '53 golf team opened their sea- son by placing fourth at the Iowa Intercollegiate meet at Ames. With a score of 73, Ralph tfapitani stroked his way Iowa Teachers ' I2 Warlburg ' 3 into a tie for top honors of that day. During the remainder Iowa Teachers v I I Drake - . 4 of the season, the quintet of golfers, handicapped by bad weather, established a -L-1 record. Consistent golfing by Iowa Teachers ' QV? Wariburg ' SV? Jim Kopel enabled l1im to capture first place scoring honors Iowa Teachers I 7 Qrirmejl r 3 on the team. The Tutors successfully ended their schedule of meets by taking the North Central Conference crown for 'Owe Teachers ' QV? LOVES ' ' SV? the sixth consecutive year. Iowa Teachers, Fourth in Iowa Intercollegiate Left In right: M. Blair, Coach "Hon" Nordly, B. Darland, R. Capitani, J. Kopel. WWW I52 ,Af ,,,--"" . .w , su, ,ln . - ' I X v :IS 9 gf' , 1-. . 3, 5 J' ,yfe , X W' YN E .1 ,. f l xii, is -My " 5 L "" Qf' V K . N ..- P xN:NxiS.e:m.x.. . i NX. x -, f . M :SSRN J Eli:- ii x Q Q.. ., 1 - Men from the three dormitories and various fraternities formed themselves into competitive teams last fall. More than one hundred students played each week of competition. The games were played on the dormitory fields under the direction of student captains. Ten teams competed with each other with the Sta- dium Stags C10-lj winning' the play-offs from the Baker "A" team Q9-QD and the Seerley "B" team. I55 The NVo1ue11's Rvecreatiou Assoeiatitm, assisted by the XVfl11lE'11,S Physical Education faculty, sponsored the i11tl'El1111l1'Hi D1'OQ'1'H111. Une iueiuher of the board is 1'espo11siIvle for 01'g'tl11iZi11!C1' the iiitraiimral 1'D1'0g'1'El111 for each particulai' sport, Every interested woman stu- dent is given an 0Dl301'tl11li'fy to participate in the F90- reatimial aetivities of her choice. T .i KQXQ X N. - ,MH-ex., "Xe . W " Ji-1' ' 'l' 'Ni ., K ' s3XAX' , ri5RiSL.J'i.NLi"-Q. .XS This year niauy 111911 at Iowa 'llvzicliwx lwcaiue participaiits instead of slwctzltolx hy joiiiiiig' an l1li'l'2lll1ll1'2il team. 'Fhv spm-Ts I11'0Q'l'?llll, which iii- Qlumlvs football, lmslcvtlnzill. and sufthzill, was uu- clel' the clirection of coavli Buck Sl'2'll'lPPL'li and student cliairmaii xVZl1'l'l"Il 1l01'1'lS, Thv baseball C'l12l1l1lll0llSlllD went to thv Phi Sig"s Hi-01, while thv hasliethall crown mmf to the Sig: 'l'au's of the Aniwicam Leaguv zmcl The Lauihilzi ii2l1l1iS of thv Nzltifmal Leagiw. B. Culp, B. Vestal, K. Rowe, B. XVIIIIUC, R. Norton. CHEERLEADERS A regulaij squad of cheerleaders is assisted hy a group of freshman students who are chosen each year. 'l'og'etl1er they work at 1b1'0l1'l0Tll1f,2,' spirit at all ath- letic functions. Tau Chi Eta, a pep fraternity, consists of students who are interestetl in creating' pep and spirit on the campus. The group, advised by Dr. ll. E. Hath, sponsors the annual wateriuelon feast and all pep rallies. TAU CHI ETA lfnu' 7: Fl. Kath, Sponsor: L. lll1l'l'll'llfUl', J. Cory, R, Nnrtml, Pres: B, Vestal, B. Vallee, N. Ford, J. P2Illll4'l'. Hull' J: D. Xvllilllll, B. .xlllS1lQ1l, J. f'nrnwell, B. Ramler, E. Beatty, J. Xiilbillllll, A. Witt, R. Lvl-. Ifnu- J: S. 11141114-sxivy, F. Hoiuin, L. Clll'lSllilllSF'll, A, Johnson. IC. Hasse, XV. MeLuen, N. Cllillllllfl, l. Lents, M. Otto. 1.'nu' J: H. Novak, J. l,l'SR'll1lIlg, R. Young, B. Lucas, M. Calnphell, C. Brower, II. Uverturf, S. Martin. lfnu' 5: C. Telfmwl, E. Peterson, J. XVei1lert, Bergman, C. 0'Xeill, K. Kilpatrivk, H. Holtlen, P. Rush, YV. Burinxlhl. l58 Hou' 1: XY. Koll, S1l0lI.WH',' R. SQl1111:11111. G, 1,lUl'll1llll, Tl'f'tl-N: J. XVilt'llUllll0ll1ly V. Pres: R. Tllllglqllilll, Prwsf J. H1ll'lllt7l1 SH Bl1'lZl1lll, J. Butler, J. Clark, Spnnxrw. Hou' J: F. I1t1ll'1'q-110, W, Sf0l'llK'l', D. Ctmk, A, Gutter, XV. lhirkeu, W. Mu1'1'is, lx R 1111 L. Bituon, W. .All4l0l'S0ll7 F. C':n1'tl1ey. Huw J: D. 1iUlSl'll4l, R. Hulxtiugtnu, B. l7:11'lz1111l, IP. Hollauul, R. Vnggesser, A L1111 L. R0lllfS9ll, L. llllllll, D. 'l'ollefsol1. Roll' J: P. lqllffllll, J. ldbgillly R, Koch. L. Horn, D. B1'e111la-l, R. Ilessc-llius, T. X lbtl, I Foster, C. Pupo11sok, J. But-kels. "I" CLUB 3.lG11ll3P1'Slll1J 111 the "I" l"lul1 is ul1tai11ecl lmy all 111e11 who 9H1'll El major or llllllfll' letter. The t'lub is Ntllf-Slllbl1UI'l'E'fl by the help of its 111e111l1e1's who 111ai11tz1i11 a c011cessio11 staml at most athletic contests. The 1l1Gl11lJ6'1'N also give time and help i11 1'u1111i11g' off la1'g'e scale 0011- tests such as the I111'ite1tio11e1l xNlI'9Sl'lll1Q' 1l1EllL'll and the Tea1el1ers Col- lege Relays. AllOTllGl' job of tl1e "I" Club is the selecting: f1'Ol1l tl1e student hotly an queen and three z1tte11flz111ts each fall. NVlllT91'. illlll sp1'i11g' to reign over the sp01'ts tl111'i11g' that qua1'te1'. Coaclws A. D. lDlClil11SO1l aufl Bill Koll are udvis01's to the l101l0l' o1'g'a11izati011. BeH'y Vance Spring "I" QUEENS Mary Powers Fall Margarei Kring Winfer ATTENDANTS Q 13 'I 3 5 5 E Spring E Fan Kring, Rauch, Carrofhers, Amsden, Embree, Sawyer, M. Russell, Vance. :Q -'E Ohlog, Dyvad, Sawyer, M. Powers. 3 5 W Y : 1 1 fi Win+er I 6 I Q 'iv x 'KG , X 112355, , . ' X is ' f 4 f 5- , 1, . fag , 912-5. , A .nw 4 gg-tty,-,..' ' - V .rw , w is fa X 5 .3-W 8, Z, S5525- f' 4155 dsl-' f t xk ff 2, va .. 'V 'f bfi g,swg . ., , egg .C+ A 0 ffl bf' ff li --1 . :Q 5 ff,- .XX 76657 ,f' --L!!! in - H Q-Y - V . - -4 V , , if . :LQ - t . , ,Defi ' "' ,-, '- V ,, Pig", ,+'z7'J' : 1555-4' V ,, M. Q: ' 12" 32212, ,,, ffqrgb - ' v '. Z Q. WE !',,, MZ i , LQ.:-h::k:gaj..1 - K ff Q K ,, W,-, - FT wr' N mb -- f .f'1:QiNz":11 f, .X ..,g:3.,J -ff. . ., ff 4.1 MA W ,R fu- .?..mi,,:, ,V F MW ,-f ,- -1-Q--J' ,fs-, .1 QPAV f3fg55Q?ms:"' M ' - 2, IJ.,-, ' ? "ff'-w-'f:f.- J. ...f- '+"'l.- rzizzfw-' .g 7.5 M., V. '--s -K-.Xi--. xx.. . xx . ,il ,. A X W' -., . X-,, ,jg 191 X .. -X.. xxx x' X, "-N XN'x--. .S V -X . , fix -NNN .V Q, . Am 'ga-, ,N K 1 'XX "'-NN H -, -' - .,k f , .x..A- A S.. - , L., K V -,.u-, ,- s a 5 I V . Q.- ,-f' rgani ation Sllllllgll, lb, Frm-I, M. Imlsu, C. Puflv1'sc'1z, A. Ni0llWl'lIllHiS, E. PL'T01'SL'll, RI. Sfalllhn Roll' J: J. Lockwood, I Higdon, IC. XYvst, ll. Livh, J. 1I!ll1lllbl'f, H. l,Ul'1lf9I41. ALPHA PHI GAMMA Alpha Phi Hiillllllil. Ili-lfifillill IlUl10I'?lI'j' on-educzxtimml ,iOH1'1lilliSTiC fl'2lfl'l'llity, is opvu tu Those who llzlve worked nu publivatimls for threv tlllH1'T4'1'S, two q11zx1'tv1's in il lllkljfll' staff position, and lli1V0 a svhohlr- ship zzlmw collvgv 2lY0l'3g'C. Thv Oll1'Sf?lll1Hl1g1' student in juu1'11a1isn1 is z1wz1x'1hwl thc tlwulitiomxl Nil Van at the Zlllllllkll 1fl'illil'Ol1 Dinner llflllfllillgl' the pv1'sm111vl of 'fhv 'l'c1z1cl1e1's l'nllQg'e puhliczltiolls. Alpha ,Phi Gilllllllil. spmxsor was Donzlhl Ke-Hy. Honorar '64 Ifuu' I: li, K:-lly. J. Ruhlmwi, Hu-5 tl, M.-ip-1', Pwuw J, TIUV1'lS4,7ll, V. I'rf'x5 J. D1lllSllill, Trffls. 1Inu',2: H. Mat 7 Q7 Q "-:T Ifnu' 1: H. Lewis, Src: N. Klrllililllllilh, Prfsq IW. Ntt-eg:-, V. Prfs: L. Lister, Trfus, Hun' J: M, A111011 1"ll:ise, E. viill'ki', L. Blll'l'iL'llfL'l', C. Larson, P. 191':L11:11l. CHIMES Chimes, H. nzitional honor O1'g'H11iZ?liiOll for junior women. reeogiiizes outstanding' leadership and service. Memliersliip requirements are ai 2.8 grade average, four leadership points, six points for interest, religious, and social activities, and two points for participation iii honor organi- zations. XVOIIIUII meeting' these reqiiireniellts are tapped on xVOl11L'l17S Day. Tlwiditioiial projects sponsored by Chimes are the iiiforuiatioli booth at Honieeoniiug' and "Coffee and Carolsw at Christnizis time. Barbara. Yager and Elizabeth Clarke were sponsors this year. DELTA SIGMA RHO I.. lilll'l'll'llT0l', V. Prfs: K. All4ll'l'St'll, Prius: L. XYilglll'I'. The local chapter ot Delta Sigma Rho, national society for debaters, has the tlistinvtion of being' the only chapter in a Teachers College in the lfnitecl States. Any junior or senior stnmlt-nt who is outstanding' in forensic contests, maintains high schol- arship, and leadership. is eligible for ineinhersliip. Delta Sigma Rho cooperates with the Speer-ll Activities Vinh in coiitlnctiiig two yearly Qoiifereitc-es tor high schools, one for colleges. and a ninnher of eanipns forums. Dr. Lillian XYag'ner is sponsor of Delta Sigina Rho. EPSILON Pl TAU Epsilon Pi Tau is the national honor fl'iltG1'lll'fj' in l11lll1Sl1'lEll arts and voczltiollal industrial education. Its purpose is the recognition of skills and 1'9S62l1'Cl1 in these two fields. Epsilon Pi Tau is open to any junior, senior. and graduate nmjor llHVl11g' u 3.0 grade index in professional courses and a 2.5 grade index for over-all 1-ollegre work. Also eligible for 1116'11llJ91'Slll1b are TCElCl191'S College alumni who have made culfstamliug' contrilmutious in the industrial arts Held. Sponsor was Dr. H. G. Pkllllllll' Hou' 1: H. Eelxellnu-ge1', TI'I'lIS'. C. J0ilC'llllll, V. P1't"S,' C. Lugerquist, Pres: E. Arxustroug, Swv. Ron- ' Ditzler, .l. Sf11ll1llt'j', D. Lloyd, R. M:l'f:ll:1. Kappa Delta Pi is a national honorary fra- ternity in education for juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have a 3.0 average in ten hours of education. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high professional, intellectual and personal standards and to recognize out- standing- contributions in education. Each quar- ter Kappa Delta Pi gives a banquet at which the constitution and the traditional rose are presented to new nleinbers. Sponsor of the organization was Dr. S. S. Davis KAPPA DELTA Pl How I: O. Thompson, H. 'l'oy:nn1:1, U. Gl1llll'l4lg't', B. Yuunu Plrs I' C111fZ11E'1, SPO I Culintl Trfcls -X Cc net. Rffll' J: H. Yoshimori, J. Nchnur, D. Sorenson, R. Hint! 1' Steele H Juhl In IL 0 L Robex, C T1 or, H. Johnson, D. Kehe, T. lI2lIlHllll'll?l', J. DeJong, K. Anzlerstn J -Xntltisou KAPPA MU EPSILON uw 1: F. Lutt, D. Reeves, V. Ill'1'N.' R. Sturk, Pl'1'N,' T. Yugur, Sn'-Y'1'ff1.wg H. Nvlnwizer, P. Mullzuwy. Frm' J: l. PE-ck, D, SUIWRIISOII, M. XVl1itt1m-sf-y, A. Scl1ul'1'e1', J'. BIZl1'llnbl'f, B. 'I'lni41h-11. !.'n1L'.J: E. Iiillllilffbll, ll. Vuu Ellgllll, D. Kehe, J. DcJuug, G. JOIIHSUII, I. Bruno, H. Trimhlv. The purpose of Kappa Mu Epsilon. 1121001131 llnuor fraternity in mathe- matics, is to promote iutc-rest in thu study of 111ElH1K'Il12lfiCS and to 1'ec'oguize and encourage a high scholastic stalulard among' the students. A pledge to this f1'i'lf91'l1ifY, who must. be a l11Hj0l' 01' 111i1101' in IIIHTIIQIIIHUCN, is required to write 21. research papa-1' ou some ?lllVH1lCGd tivld of 111at11e11mtic-s Ive-ture he may become E1 HlQ1'l1lJP1'. Dr. Henry Yau Eugen was sponsor of the f1'ute1'11ity. Row 1: J. MvRobr31'ts, Svc: R. Stark, V. Prrs: J. Malthy, Pres: VV. Olson. R010 3: E. Chl'iSfiFil1S01l, C. H?1I'f0l'fl, L. Heath, P. Molichar, J. King. Row J: D. Evans, P. Mzuiulil, L. Miller, J. Graetz, J. Heskett, W. Punke. Phi A111 Alpha Sillijfllliil, iiafirmnl f1'z1Te1'11ity for 111911 iiiterested i11 111usiC. is cledicatml to 151'01ll0fillQ' finer music: in 4hl11Pl'i1'2l. To he eligible for 111611111612 ship, ei stmlvnit must lmw au HV61'?lg1P scholastiv l'PC'01'd. 1h1111011sT1'ate i11te1'9st ill music and llH1'fiL'ill2li'tJ zivtively ill cnllege music Q'1'01lllS. A C0l1ft'llllJ01'H1'f' A111e1'imfz1l1 Jazz i1fQl1li'lJl'f- is lmiwiseiitvd aiiiiually hy the Phi Milk. Spoilsm' this yczli' was Elwood Koistcr. PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA The purpose of Pi Gannna Mu, national honorary social science organization is to further the study of human problems. This is done by panel and group discussions and guest speakers. Juniors and se- niors with thirty hours of "BU or above in this field are eligible for inenlbership. Sponsor lhis year of Pi Gannna Mu was Dr. M. R. Thonipson. Pl GAMMA MU Row 1: R. Strain, P. Allen, T. Hansnieier, Prwsg H. Toyanlrl, V. Pres: E. Pl2'l9llIl, C. Philleo. Row 3-' C. Leavitt, L, Peterson, B. XVOl'k11lIlll, M. Thompson, E. Railllrow, D. Briggs. limi' J: D. Fett, L. Sage, J. DeJong, L. Bul- tena, D. Kehe, L. Horn, XV. Lang. Pi tnnega Pi, of which Gamma is the local chapter, is the national honor fraternity for business education majors. This organization is open to juniors and seniors who have a grade index of 2.75 in both business and general college subjects. The aims of Pi Omega Pi are to create, encourage, promote and extend interest in scholarship. They also aid civic betterment of schools, and encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professional life. Publishing' "Gamma Progress," Gamma chapter yearbook, was the main project. ot' Pi Omega Pi. Members also assisted George Chambers, Xational Student Representative, in publishing a yearbook for all Pi Omega Pi Chap- ters. Mrs. Katherine Humphrey was sponsor. PI OMEGA PI Fon' I: N. Pease, 1'l'l'llN,' G. Meier, V. Prrs: K. Humphrey, L. Lzigerqiiist, SPV: J. Handorf, Prrs. Hou- 2: U. -lows. P. lltvlltgolllwy, U. Ntevgv, L, AIUlll', V. Taylor. Ifuw J: J. Blzunford, E. Blzirietta, G. Cll2llllbQ1'S, I7. ,Keht-, lx. Hvliwietert, L. llllllglilS. i l I72 Lrru' 1.' li. Pilzlttlu-r. li. Bittle, f'. Bulger, Trf11.s,' ll. Xiebulnr. Prix: Bl. Ottu, Sw: H. Ft-llnws, Bl. ll-lS4l, la. Bm-attlv. H0114 J: ll. ll9l'1'lIlg'. K". 1'lIlllI'Ullkl'UQ', P. French, ti. Hl'l,'llllIIll, li. l-3uttm'li', J. fl2ll'lPl'l', ll. flilllbll' key, J. 1'urnwell. lion' J: KI. llnlu, A. Hznrrett, ll. l'lV.IllS. U. Huettselu, li. Briggs, ll. llilnlrs, Z. Clll'l5l4'lISl'll, P. Kupeeky, P. G1'e9'1f. lfrfu' I: E, Hieks, V, lluuwlliug, Bl. ll:l1'tln-ek. J. lim-kel, ll. Jessen. Xl. l'3ueve1's. rv- 4'. llruke. ll. Dreelislt,-i', Xl. Hl1ll'lll, Rl. Hilrsun. mv 1: P. XVYIIIOTP, J. Barlow, N. Reed, H. lk-deity, 1leAuley, H. Mohler, M. New-1'uss. Hou' J: ll. Xvilllgf, J. Xvzirren, J. Hife, D. Wusulm, N. Bl4'E2lL'lll'IlIl, G. Heliwali, Bl. MeG:il'Vey. Hou' 3: B. Stueek, 7. Lentz. E. Peterson, H. Pietun, J. X: lsun, Rl. Kutz, M. Nlu-p:u-fl, ll. Lind. Hou' J: J. I'etei'sm1, ll. Tim-. li. Hlumk, K. Prupst,'M. Sweeney, J. Ntllllulllilll, P. Hush, C, Keith, B. Vuuee. PURPLE ARROW Purple Arrow is a service as well as an lionor organization. Tliirml quarter freslnnen and soplioinore wmnen who have Cmn- pleteml two consecutive quarters with a cumulative 3.0 point average are eligible for ineinlmersliip. As a means of fulfilling' its ann of 'rleveloping' active interest in Iowa States Teacliers Follegre. Purple Arrow has a guide service for people visiting' the eanipus. Edna Miller was Purple Arrow sponsor. SIGMA ALPHA ETA Hou' 7: O. Hkalbevk, V. Arthur, Prfsq L. Robey, Sec: B. Sage, V. PI'FSVf J. Hoffman, Trans: E. Fossuin. R011 J. Taylor, D. Smnnlei-rlorf, J. llolnn-s, U. Gehring, M. C'h1'istensen, E. Hieks. The Chi chapter of Sigina Alpha Eta is a national honor organization for students interested in education for the speech defective and for the acousti- cally liainlieapped. The organization has two levels of inenibersliipg key nienihers and associate inemhers. Key inenihers inust in addition to being speech CO1'1'PCl'l01l majors, have a 23.0 gracle index in the major and an over-all college average of 2.8. Anyone who is interested in speech correction may become an associate ineinbei-. D1-. Ernest Fossuni was sponsor. Sigma Alpha Iota is a national honorary music fraternity for women with either a music major or niinor. Meniliers must have a 2.8 grade index in music as well as a average academically. Presentation of musical works of eonteinporary American composers and carrying' ouf a well planned program of inusie education are the objectives of the fraternity. Hignia Alpha lota Tries to maintain and improve high standards of both the indivimlual and the lllIH15'ft'1' in music and scholarship. Sponsor of the group was Ellen Aakvik. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Row 1.' M. Russell, C. Guthridge, V. Prrw: B. Norris, I'rf'.v,' J. S1-hnur, Sw-5 D. Sharp, Trans. Ilwu' 3: M. Sheeley, P. Hutt, C. Ninnnons, B. Yunney, T. Gritzner, P. Brown. Ifozv J: P. Yates, ll. John, B. Winklemzin, E. llufstad, I. Hoag, P. McDonald, H. Arnold. Social Science Honors is an organization for outstanding social science majors and minors. Membership extended to students who have completed thirty hours of social science with a "B" average or above. Discussion-type meeting-s under direction of special speakers or students and faculty mein- lwers aided the prograin and provided for both professional and social gath- erings. There are no dues or initiation fees. Sponsor was Dr. M. R. Thompson. SOCIAL .SCIENCE HONORS Holt' Z: Bl. Tll0lllI'DSt'll1, ll. Toyalnu. L. PL'l'L'1'SlJl1, V. Prfs: P, Allen, Prrts: D. Briggs, Sep-T1'ec1s,' C, Philleo, E. Plnclni. Hou' 3: R. Strain, E, Huililnow, N. lgifllllllgflll, D. Fctt, B, Workinan, L. Horton, J. McGrcw, H. Sperry. How 3: NY. Lung, L. Sage, D. Kehe, R. Roskens, T. Hansnieier, L. Bnltena., L. Horn, D. Turner, C. Leavitt. I7-6 lfuzv I: H. Strayer, E. NYebsti-r, Prex: K. AtlIlIlIStPll, S6'l"1ll'l'tlN. Ifuu' JJ: S. Wumlg D. Bet-kniann, J. Allen, E. Mcllnvitt, L. Lee. THETA ALPHA PHI Members of Theta Alpha Phi. national ll0ll01'H1'j' tlra- inaties fraternity, must have made high achievements in all phases of dralnaties. The organization strives to in- crease interest, stimulate ereativeness and foster artistic aeliievement in all of the theater arts and crafts. Theta Alpha Phi cooperates with all dramatic activities on CEIIIIDHS. Stanley VV00cl was sponsor of the organization. 1-1'l:1111l, Nl, 5111111-, S. l,11w1s, Pl'1'.s,' 1', x1il11ll3XVS, 11. 311'1i0l'K'll4'1', Nr 1'-T1'1'11s. TH ETA THETA EPSILON 'l'l111 l11111111'111'y 111111111 G1-11111111111-s l'1'2ll't'l'l11fj', 711116121 T111-T11 E11s111,111, w11s 111'g'1111- 1Z11l1 111 11111'e11'1l1 scl111l111'sl1111, ll"21flt'1'Nl11lJ 111111 111'Oft'SS101l?1l 11t'11t111111s 111 111111111 1-1-1111111111cs. 1111111 1'11'g'11111z11111111 is 11x1'1111111111 to '111l1101' 111111 s1-111111' w111111111 w1111 Z1 2.8 11v111'11,Q'11 111 twe11ty-five l111111's 111' 111111111 111'111101111cs 111111 il 2,11 111 1111 11111111- 1f11111's11s. M1111111e1's 1111181 11ls11 1111 111111111 111 11111 Ellen H. R1Q11111'11s 1111111 111111 111111 11tl1111' 1'111111g'11 1'11'g'11111z11t11111, 111116121 lll1'I1l1,N11'N s111'v11 11s 116101111 1111stess11s 111 1111 s111-1111 f1111ct11111s 111 111111111 1111-11111111111's 1l11p111"11111111'r. D12 E11s11l1et11 S1111l01'lElll41 w11s SlH'l11SIl1'. 1 7 w , Row 1: M. J:neobso11, C. Guthridge, T1'f'n.s: X. Arthur, Sm: B, iimut. Hou N. M4-B1':1i1', K. Adamson, M. Bailey. TORCH AND TASSEL Torch and Tassel honors senior xvoinen outstanding' in scholarship and leadership. Services significant to the development of a better eanipns life are sponsored eaeh year. To be eligible for inembersliip these women inust have a 2.5 grade index. have five leadership points, eight interest points and be eligible for ineinbership in an honor organization. Eligible ineinhers are tap- ped each spring on XV01'I19ll7S Day. Sponsor of Torch and Tassel this year was Dean Marian lNleBrair. LIUII' I: H. Hfilllflhfl, T1'f'11.v.' J. H:1111l111'f, Pres: ll. I'1JlI1SQll, F. xIl'Cl'2lCkt'Il, R. Jobes. Hou' J: N. P0:1s Iill1g'llf,G. Ait1'l1iso11, V. P141 .w : D. rxllilllli, 17. Wu111boIt, Sf1':J. M:11h1111':1s. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alplm Phi f,lI1PQl2l 111111110168 ftjlll' 11111jr11' hellds of ElCtiViTj'7Zidl11i11iSf0l'il1g 21111 to thv sT111h111t hmly 111111 filtlllfy, to tho 111111011 as pz11'ticip111'i11g' citizens, To yflllfll and th11 Cflllllllllllify, 111111 To the 111V111b91'S of the f1'HfC1'llify leaders for 1110111 scout activities. :XII 11111111211 se1'vi1'0 of The L'll2lPt91' is the ll1'9S9I1TRTi0l1 of 11 t1'z1x'1'li11g t1'11l1l1y to an o11tst11111h11g' Cifillxll of f'0tlHI' Falls at il 1'6COQllifi0ll 11111111-1' ill the Sp1'i11Q'. Thix year the o1'g'z111izz1ti011 has tilkell 1111 the YGSPOIIN- ihility of r1p111'ati11g' the Book Excl1a111g'e, The spo11s111's for Alpha Phi O111eg'z1 2ll'0 Dr. H0l'l10ll lqlllllll. L11o11111'd 'l'1'i11p, Zlllll I'I0wz11'1l Xvkllldffl' Beck. Interest 180 ART CLUB Me111be1's of the Art Club iucluclv art 111uju1's and 111i1101's fill' amy- onv i11te1'este4l i11 z11't. M1-etings ot' thv chllm were hclml every Ollllfl' 'l'111,-sclay night, with guest spvalieix, films ui' slides mul 1,llSk'llSSlO1lS. Trips to l4'o1't Dodge, Des Moi11vs, Iowa City :mil otlwi' 1,-itivs to View art exhibits amd, sclimnls werv taken lay thv 1,-lull. llll the- wwlcs which lllPl'k' w01'0 110 111evti11g's, the cluh haul "xx'o1'k sliopxm wliic-h zlllmw,-il st1lmle11ts to 001119 ill and 1vo1'k in XVll2lTItVtl1' tylw nf art i11te1'0st1-ml tl1e111. 'Fwo of the big events wen- thv Slll1ll?lli Art Slum' mul thv Mzmli Gras. This was the first YWII' tlw Art Cluln hull l,N'l'll l'6Ill'1'Sl1llll?Ll at the Mardi Gras ziml in lim-piiig' with their llllQI'PNl. 1llt'l1lllUI'S of the cluh sketched Ca11'i0z1t111'Qs nf the IPZltl'UllS. Paul Smith was spo11sn1' for the year, ll' 1: J. Amli-1'su11, D. Stn-vgc, B, Krivulilzivy, J. Bovzml, V. Prws: ll. Bukvr, Pros: R. Olsen, Su'-T1'cz1.Q ,- X Icy, ID. Leutz, B. Howvll. Hull' J: J. 1-illl4l1lQUl', B. Davis, E. Il0fl'l'Sl'll, B. l74'l1lPSft'l', K. Quinn. A. Emily, lt fllufl, .l. T1':lg'1,-1', ll. Fhullu, f'. llm':111. Hou' J: F. N1-l1l:1111:n11, L. SU1'PllSt'll. J. Llillllvf, ll. Sxllrus, ll, Kl.1tt Nl ll:1ll111:111, D. 1l:ll'Sllilll, L. Toom, L. fi!'lWlll'W0lll, B. Hull. l8l Beta Alpha Epsilon, the professional organization for four-year students majoring- in elementary or junior high school education, promoted both a professional and social fellowsliip among its members. Meetings included Speakers, fun nights, a spring' banquet and preparation of the BAE Newsletter for alunini, Full meinbership attained by attendance at three meetings per quarter. This year the sponsors of Beta Alpha Epsilon were Dr. - U, E. Thoinpson and Dr. E. C. Denny. ETA ALPHA EPSILON Hou' 1: 0. Thompson, R. Curr, H. Juhl, V. Prem B. Higdon, Prcx: M. Doinae, Suv: F. Garland, Trans: H. Mat- sunaga. E. Denny. Ron' J: P. Yap, B. Nelsen, J. Anderson, J. Peterson, M. Lewis, B. Prehm, C. Stoner, X Ilulver, M. fil0lll'1l1l. lion' J: R. Lonning, R. Dunvznn, D. Kahlstorf, R. Gibbs, D. Hanson, D. Strub, C. Rorem XY. Hoeyink, L. Sorensen, ll. Chase. Hou' I: M. NVillesm'n, H. lfalonkm-y, L. Ali'Pllll'llfl', Nl.. .Tessa-n, V. Prfx: Nl. Hum, Prfsq XV. Robinson, T1'r'u.w,' ll. xVl'll'TlIlllgf4l1I, Swv: H. IilL'lllSL'llllIl4lf, H. Lee. 11'ou',!: M. Youngreii. B. fll'0SNlllIlll, L. Boftorff, S. Braun, M. llannel, Y. IJlfSE'lll'Hll'1-'Cl' H rs w - Krainer, E. Beatty, J. Rvllllllfl, H. Pvulelty. Hou- J: C. Kruse, J. Braseh, M, Meinl-ke, li. Kinney, N. Hays, I'. Anil:-rson, E. Puvk, S, Olson, H. Peyton. Hou' 1: B. Powell, ll. Estes, N. Gi-llrillg, R. FL'IlSl'Cl'll12lllll, V. O'Ne:ll, .l. Na-lson, l'. Bode, J. Fnhlman, D. Siilrlull, D. Roose. CAMPUS 4-H The purpose of Campus 4-H is to help foriner -l-H girls find their place on campus. This organization fune- tions priinarily as a social group, but also serves to help the members solve problems which they may encounter in leading- 4-H groups. Meetings are often held jointly with the Junior Farm Bureau of Black Hawk county. Menibersliip in this organization is not limited to former 4-H nienibers, but any girl interested in -1-H work may join. Higliliglil of the year was the spring' banquet. Rose Hanson was sponsor for the group. lfnw lg S, XVWNI, Ib, Ht't'kIllIlIlll, li. Lee, Prfnsg L, Fislier, Sfl"2ll'fllN,' I.. Gross, K. lIHllUll2lll, M. Hart, J. Harmon. Huw 2: l', 4'lmntl:m1l, 'I', 'l'1':u'is, M. Jai-uhstnl, R. Mayer, M, Lani-, K. AllI1lllSUll, IC. Hittle, S, Refshnuge, Mahannah, J. Lusson, NI, Ntallle, lion' ,fy ll, Imggn-tt, E. Webster, K, A1nle1's4-11, H. Ilznnsemun, l'. SfIIllXYHlHI, ll. Klxltt, H. Luntle, R. Hklllilllll, K. Phelps. College Players, rlraina interest group, is open to any student who is interested in lll'HIl1HflL'S. Une quarter of apprenticeship is required of new members before joining' the group. Members assist the various crews during major productions of the English and Speech depart- lnents. The players add to their theater kiiowleclge by presenting' portions of plays, discussing' scenes and studying' acting' techniques. Sponsor of Vollege Players was Stanley XV00Ll. COLLEGE PLAYERS ELEMENTA- KI Elementa-Ki was organized for the purpose of establishing and maintaining social and professional fellowship among students on the elenientary curriculum. Meetings are Hlled with group discussions of school problems, special speakers and recreation. The main event of the year was the spring banquet, when the graduating members told of their plans for the future. Dr. Nellie Hampton a11d Dr. Julia Sparrow were sponsors. R010 1: D. Anderson, C. Anderson, D. Frank, V. Pl'f'.Y,' Y, Fuleher, T1'f'u.s,' H. Hain, P1'f.s:,' Y. :Xlll'1,'1lS, D. Freel Sec: C. Pedersen, R. Ahrens, J. Akers. Row 5: J. Jesser, B. Dralle, B. Grossman, E. Beatty, M, Balnnlorf, L. Bottorft', Y. Bourne, V. Blaneliard, D. IIPIIIIUI, M. Calunkey, J. Ealy. lffru' 3: Burris, J. G1'J'lGtfll1g1Q'1' M. Dillon, R. Clnxrbon, M. iY'Ill'l'UtlI0l'S, H. Ditzel, J. Burger, L. Bering, J. Bell, B. Burns, R. Greenfield. B Halverson. Rfill' -I: M. Evans, A. Girton, J. Eckel, M. Estes, D. Burklnn-t, H. Abbas, H. Beisner, l'. Durkop U. Barker, E. Herr, A. Blong, B. Blaekert, D. Jones. Hun' fi: U. llnvinark, J. Kotz, D. Kehe, H. Huggins P. Hall, D. Hooper, L. Gingeriell, C. Hundling, J. G9l1l'll'll, N. Gehring, R, Ft'IlSiFl'lll3lllll, N. Ford, J. Fnhlinan D. Fox. D .e Row 1: S. Turbett, J. Rittenhouse, S. Lindelnaini, V. Augustine, V. Pitsenbarger, Wigton, L. Papke, M Rohlfing, K. Lothringer, B. Taylor. Row J: D. Patton, L. Purdy, R. Irving, P. Soethout, C. Mossnian, C Kruse, M. Spaiglxt, I. Lents, KZ Zink, B. Wolff, E. Krug, M. Miller. Rau' 3: D. Nading, C. Pals, J. Hey tllaler, J. Yungelas, K. Kessler, J. Nonenlan, C. Wieland, F. Parker, S. Martin, S. Schug, H. Vaage, N. Read Row 4: B. Roberts, M. Todd, M. VVillesen, S. Thompson, D. Tice, J. Shelgren, D. Roose, D. Franke, S. Novak J. Kuehl, H. Hulvorsou. Row 5: M. Oste1'cainp, C. Neil, D. Schaeffer, M. Morgan, D. Johnson, N. Kahl, M Kleen, J. Wicks, W. Stamp, E..Witte, C. Olsen, K. Shultz. I85 1 ELLEN . RICHARDS CLUB Ellen ll. Ricliainls. The honie econmnics elnh on campus. and alliliated with The Anieriean Ilmne E1-fnimnic-s Association. offers many activities to niajors and ininors in this field. Annually The elnh features a bake sale. style show. anml llt'll2il"fll1UllTHl open house. The purpose of the giwmiip is to provide an interest in the field, in uivie and internatirnial relationsliips. in 1'9C1'l?HTl0l1 and the gg-iwnvtll of the inelivimlnal. Ruth Allen was the spmisoi- of the Ellen ll. Riullaiwls l'lnlJ The past year. Ull' I: li. Allen, J. 'l'n1'kels4ni, ll. Nl4'lil'l'llIl,'l', ll. Vnllins. V. Prix: H. Brisel, l'rr'x,' H. RCIlIll1tl0l', Sw: H. Lewis, Trrfmq C. hlIll'll4'WS, H. ll:nr'Tln-ek. Hula' .,': l'. .lnln1xtin1, M. Toluin, l". 'l'4n'igue. l'. Fhnnl, M. Have, S. Bf'IllllIIlllI, li. Erbe, K. Land- : . -. . V "N, -. . z '.ui'f. lflfll' J: N. Ahlrns, A. Parks, S. Brnuii, A. l,lK"l'l'P, N. Jnlnissni, ll. Bnhinann, P. Hahn, l'. nun T Nliimhix I Nl 111' fnlnisml, ll. Klmwe. M, Tlll'lllllllSf, BI. lduttn1'W. Hun' I: N. fVlIlllIIgll4'l', J. lleinnlers, F. Weilerqiiist, H. livens, D. Kinney , , N . , Y Y . I ll. lwml, lu. l2lii'ke, Bl. llosknls, N. xXIllfl'l', l., XX Cllll-,:'F'l', ll. lilght, l . Luke. I86 ' Ifwu' I.' l'. :xlll'lllilII, H. Axun, J. .Xtherl'4m, Sn-,' J. lfiuttlesuil, L. Luv, l'rr.s5 H. llzlsse, V. l,l'IN,' H. 'l1illllSUlI, Trfusg Rl. Viilln-l't, Rl. .Xn:1st:nsi, l'. :xlHl1'l'SUll. Ifuu' .'.' B. H1-neke, N. Ginn, H. Bmll, J. Farley, M. Imhlt-nt-, AI, 1211-fpy, - w - . v . B. .Xl'lllk, M. Adzuns, IJ. lavzms. lfvu' J: J. Tgflgllf, X, l'lIllISL'lI,'-T. llllIIll1l1IlQ,l'S, J. 4'l:1nssen, J. 1'lell:znd, M. Van'- mtln-1'S, S. flllillllllll, H. A-Xgilll, B. l3l:u'kert, J. lilillllllllg, Xl. AIl4l!'Q'WS. Ifnu' 1: l'. l'lZlIlllS2Ik0I', H. llynes, S. llivks, E. llerr, N. Hnnsen, J. TV'lUl'lTllll, J. Gross, ll. lll'1'IIlYPll, l'. Fug:11'ty, ll. Gibbs, U. Fwy, M. Hrlllu-l'. Hun' .7: A. .l'UllIlS0ll, 0. Klnver, l-3. Kllmwk, S. Tillllllllilll, H. JUllllNOIl, N. Jrmt-s, H. llm-ifner, Y. ll1'IllIlll,Q'S, BI. llulmlen, J. Ilen- nies, H. liIlIllH'l, I.. llillegns, f'. llc-ndel'sm1. Lillll' 1: N. XY:lt:1l1:1l're, L. Kurknslx, Rl. Rulvilistm, ll. Yniillglx-11, H. Yezmnis, M. Slllllll'l'SUll, S. Rll'l'll'Ill, J. Nenlmnni. Run' J: N. SL'Ill'L'j', P. Putter, A. Mol'111'rly, U. Hlllg'QL'lllN'l',Q.', A. Quinn, H. lil'2llll9l', ll. Xulnle, ll. Slmw, A. Witt. Hou' J: D, Patton, J, Sienknecht, I", Nelson, Y. Morrissey, K. S1'llSTl'Ulll, D. Tll:lye1', H. BlUIlfgUlIl0l'j', XY. Svllnnirlt, A, XVest, B. Rznnler. Hull' J: M. Petvrsml, N. Young, P. I'1'iw. li. Rlllligllll, B. Powell, L. Heellelg J. llvHrirle. N, NVE-iss, L. Kuehl, U. Swanson, L. llm-dini, Ilou' J: A. Neff, ID. Ninmn, U. Olsen, X. NHl',Q'Il1Il'Al, S. xVIlll'l'lllIIll, ti-. Lesher, H. Pumth, M. Ohlson, B. Webber, N. Meineke. FIRST YEAR K-P CLUB Any freslnnan who is enrolled in kinde1'g'a1'ten-p1'in1a1'y education is eligible for nieinhei-ship in' First Year K-P Ulub. The purpose of the urganizaticm is to arouse interest, provide 1'ee1'eati011, and acquaint its nieinhers with their future activities and respqnsibilities as teachers. This, is accmnplislied with movies, guest speakers, guided tours during' the aeadeinie year, and one party each quarter. The 01'g'anizati0n elects new oilieers each quarter. The club is sponsored by Dr. Rebecca Baker. FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB Row I: l-I. Miller, S, flruskewiez, V. Pickett, V. Pf'f's,' D. Adams, Pres: L. Peurt, SP0-Trer1.s ,' A. Allen, J Sclinefvr. Rflll' 2: Y. Huslmgeu, F. Doran, E. Kzuauuitros, D. Horn, F. Gllflilllll, O. Clioily. M. Jacobs F. Cliupmziu, P. Wyuiorv. Row 3: L. Clnristoffersen, L. Duulup, T. Flack, G. Gznffeyl, L. Kussutz, S. Flinn D. Reeves, L. Midllleton. Hou' 4: J. Krieger, L. Horton, R. Potts, B. xv01'kll11lll, C. Pet-iluwsky, J. ll'l1ite D. Turner, ll. Dugstml, S. Szuulc-rs. Foreign Language Club is open to any stucleut who is taking or has taken a foreign language. Interests in languages, literature. history, and customs that stu- dent linguists have acquired through classroom and personal experiences were trans- ferred to social iueetiugs. Movies, songs. records, clemoustratioiis and informal lectures by meiulmers and guest speakers provided eutertailiuieut for the parties. picnics, and social hours. Eclua Miller was the sponsor. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Future Business Leaflers of Ameriea, a national business or- Q'Hl1lZ?lll01'l, has memlmersliip npen to all husiness majors anal minors. The aim of the group is to establish and maintain social and prufessional frienclships ainongr the members and to help them gain a better umlerstaurling ot' business and industry. Films, fielfl trips, speakers ancl informal parties erunhine to atlil interest to the meetings. Carole Davis was eleetetl national treasurer at the National F. B. L. A. l'm1ve11tim1. Agnes Lehemla anml Dr. Fl. L. Marietta were sponsors for the org'anization. . Hou' I: L. Douglas, N. Willis, V. Davis, G. Aitehisun, T1'rus,' J. llarvey, Pres: .l. lI2'lllllUl'f, See: N. NValter, V. Pres: G. Meier, E. Marietta. Hou' 2: E. Messerselmiitt, S. Leighton, H. Ralston, J. Haffner, M. MeGarvey. P. Cline, I". Mont- goniery, M. Heisler, F. Hl1fL'll9l1S, H. Peilelty. Rim' 3: l'. XVymure, J. Janssen, N. 3Il'E2ll'l1l'2lll, C. Taylor, B. Vance, C. Bode, W. MeLuen, B. Darnlulseli, M. Barger, J. Rife, G. Seliwali. Rau' I: B. Wittmer, R. Mvlntire, L. Terwilliger, N. Pease, R. Meliek, D. Adams, D. Brenilel, R. Seliwietert, D. Yau Langen, A. Henning, J. Reenl, L. Mohr. I89 Open to all industrial arts majors and minors. the Industrial Arts Club promotes interest in the various areas of 'industrial arts. pri- marily those not stressed in the classroom. lt is a student-afiiliated body of the national organization, "American Industrial Arts Assoc- iationf' the professional group of American industrial arts teachers. The general activity program of the Industrial Arts Club includes professional speakers, practical applications of class work and parties. The club proper sponsors a "club within a club" for ineinhers inter- ested in a special type of industrial work. The sponsor of the lndus- trial Arts Club was ll. G, Palmer. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Hou' I: W. Ditzler, D. Butler, Treus: I. Stoner, P1'f.s,' F. Loffredo, R. Sasaki, R. Matalzx. Hou' 3: C. Lagerquist, G. Waldon, H. Staunton, E. Armstrong, H. Press, D. Meyer, J. Stundley, R. Em-lie-lb:11'ge1'. Hou' 3: D. Lloyd, D. Bircliurd, L. Holter, f". Joacliim, R. Burkgreu, L. King. i 'vw J: J. Hzindorf, B. Krivolllzlvy, B. Belson, Srrg IJ. .IC-nsm-I1, Prrzv: B. Howell, 1:1 rs 4 nn Nl. .Tam-olrson, U, Stoner, H. Hare, M. I'I2lllCk, N. Nelson, P. llolltgoliu-ry, M. Sanliorn. Membership in l.F.T.A., the largest professional organization on campus, is open to any student who is interested i11 teaeliiug. Meet- ings are designed to establish professional attitudes and stimulate the growth of high ideals ot' professional relations. It is affiliated with the Future Teachers of America, a department of the National Edu- cation Association. Membership in the local chapter includes mem- bership iu the state and national organizations also. This chapter. which is largest in the nation, sponsors lneetings which are planned by nienibers to be of benefit to all future teachersi Dr. NVray D. Silvey sponsored the group. IOWA FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION le A Row 1: P. P2l1'l2111l,l, E. Cretclie1', F. Corbett, T1'ens,' P. Roselanil, V. Pres: M. Howe, Pres: J. Pratt, S647 H. Okai, D. Ken singer, M. Mallette. Row 2: B. Shelton, R. Casebolt. H. Ing, E. Steele, R. Hintz, S. Carbaugh, J. Nord, D. Petersen, B Dingnian, H. Mitsuda. Row 3: N. Xelson, C. Bcnseh, C. Davis, M. Petersen, D. Bailey, N. Hauber, F. Weclerquist, A Tluiirer, A. Sunelquist, D. Sorenson, M. Herron, M. Shalla. 150-14' 4: R. Orvis, M. Wood, B. Belson, L. Lister, D. Jensen A. Nzulolski, S. Hipke, B. Hipke, S. Baclier, C. Telford, P. Sc-harf, V. Partridge. KAPPA Pl BETA ALPHA Kappa Pi Beta Alpha is organized for women students enrolled on the four year kinclergarten-1mrirnary curriculuni. In order to become an active, one quarter as an associate nleinber is required. The purpose of the organization is to promote intellectual, professional and social interests of its inenibers. Each year the programs center around a unit ot interest, with faculty lI19ll1l36'1'S and students as speakers. Annual events for the group are a fall picnie. Christinas party, Mothei-'s Day luncheon and the spring' banquet. This year the sponsors of K. P. E. A. were Ainy Arey and May Smith. LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS mu I D lem ll it 1 ri s NI Philips, Pres: B. Sage, Trms: D. Sorenson, Sw. Iffrzt' J: D. Slnaw, F Iuucr NI Ltlnei T Piepu Nl Kotz NI Nostrom, M. Calonkey. All wmnen students on campus are eligible for memher- ship in the League of XVUIHPH Voters, the newly fornieil Teachers College Chapter of the League of Women Voters of the United States. The purpose of the league, a none partisan oranization, is to promote political responsilnility through informed and active partieipatiml of citizens in our governinent. At the regular monthly meetings the members listen to speakers and cliseuss a current pi-olmlein previously decided upon hy the D1'0Q'l'?l11l committee. The sponsor of League of XVOIHPII Voters was Dr. Ernia Plaehn. I93 H1110 1: R. JUIIIISUII, M. Ilumm-, Trf'u.wg J. CllllIl9l'g, SW: F. IIJlllilll4l, Prfx: M. Keulptoll, V. Prws: D. Gl'UVL', J. Slmot. R016 2. .T. A-XTIZIIIIII, E. Morik:1w:1. S. Klyhrv, II. Hiutz, C. BIUCII, B. Rflllrll, H. Julll, K. H:1111u1I:1. Hull' 3: A. Lllll4IIJLiI'k, M. NOSITODI H. Fisller, Z, Tl'l'IllIl', H. lwwlxllillg, l'. Hrvvv, E. Bugle, M. Shelvzxrll, IC. Umpllz. - LIBRARY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION I1II'1l'2l1'j' Stmlvnts Amsm-iatiml, 1'll'Q'2ll1lZPiI To furtlwl' illtvlwxt in lIIl1'H1'f' wol-lc, is npvn To all IIIJ1'?l1'y science lllajors uufl 1llIIlU1'S and lIIl1'Jrl1'j' EINNISIZIIIIN. Ewell yvzu' Tlw 11111111136-1's svrve as hosts for the Illllllvtllllllllg' tml: help with the IAGCIEII' Falls lflook Falirg SINPIISOI' an lligrll svhool SIIIIIUIIISI "I1lIJ1'H1'IHll fm' El Day" p1'nje1'T: mul work with tlw IlilI'Q'IlI-TViICI19l'S Associzxtiull and lm-nl vivic QITIIIIIS, clisplzlying- tmmls lw1'tz1i11il1g' to lilmrm-y svience znml flis- cussillgg' Illll fllllvfimls of tlw IIIll'?ll'y. Tlw g'l'0llII'S SIHIIIHUI' was llfmalll -IIIIIIINUII, I94 MARLINS Any girl who has her Senior Life Saving Certificate is eligible for inenibership in Marlins. It is a life-saving' corps, which strives to further swinnning possibilities as a means of art expression as well as a form of recreation. The Marlins presented a spring' water show. At weekly meet- ings in the women 's pool. inemhers practiced life-saving techniques and perfected water show stunts and routines. Barbara Yager, won1en's physical education instructor, was last year's sponsor. Row 1: S. Higilon, D. Laiidsherg, M. Martin, P. Hilev V. Prrsg B. Jones Pres' N. XVVll0l'llV, Sw-1'rr11s: N. ll2llIlSl"ll, B .f 7 1 ' . . Ynger. Row 2: L. Miller, J. lVestln11'y, M. Vv2'll1l1SlGy, M. Beebe, S. McClure, S. Hutchins, N. Paponsek, B. Lowell, J Barlow. Hou' C. Larson, A. Sunalquist, M. Minier, M. Dillll1C1llJi'l'g, M, Sinionsen, S. Dutton, VL. Mussm-tt, ll. .Flllllfl M. NVcber, P. G1':1n:'1u, MATH CLUB Aug' studeut who has five hours of math may join the Math Club. This eluli is orgaii- ized to stimulate 311 interest in matliematics and to demonstrate better teacliiiig' methods. Activities such as lectures, l11f01'111?ll discus- sious and deiiioiistratiousg also picnics, play- uights amd liauquets help make the year's pro- grauu au interesting' and lively One. Sprmsor uf the gi-wiuip was Dr. Agusta SL'l1ll1'1'61'. HHH' 1: A. 'Scliurrer R. Andrews R. Stark D. Wmubolt Prex' J. Mzmrdorf Sec'-Treus: F. Hutehens A. Kilmer ' 1 1 v 1 v v 1 lion' J: D. SUVPIISUII, D. Reeves, H. Sl'lllVUlZ0l', N. Hansen, J. Loukwoml, V. Bird, G. Meier, S. Horn. Ron' 3: F. Lott L. Peek, I. Bruue, H. Vnu Eugen, J. llwluug, H. Juluiscm, R. Lieh, E. Humiltuu, H. Trimble, B. Thieleu. MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE Music Ecliic-z1tc11's Naitimizil l'fl11f01'91lCl', 411149 of 'flu' iiewly ffl1'!l1l't1 01'g1'z111izatio11s Oll C2l1l1ll11S, is open To any stiimlmit who is -l1ll01'GSlPI1 111 ll1l1NlL', This c,11'g'a11izati011 was L'1'P?1lt'L1 to 1110111019 f111'tl1v1' iiitervst 211111 f1'l9l1l1Sllll1 a1111111g' the 1111-111- hers. 3It'llll11g'S were helrl l1101l1l1lj' 211111 111011111611 avtivities such as films, slides, disvilssioiis 211111 slmvailcws. The high- light of The year was thv lll11'lSlll1HN party. Al'lll1ll' 11111111111- XYHSSIl0l1SU1'f01'l1I. E. N. l'. A R010 1: A. Remluvr, L. Shiniol, M. Dobbins, P. Yates, V. Prfus: D. Petersen, Svc-T1'w11.s,' B. H11hh:11'f1, A. TJfll'1ll3'1', A, Nieuw huis. H011' J: J. Billick, M. Al'll4llll, A. Tubbi-rf, A. C0blIl'll, D. H8lkPlIll, T. Gl'll'Zl1l'l', M. Blfxlltl, V. STIIIIIIUXIS, .l, lj1l'l'1V Row 3: B. Gillncrt, lvl. John, A. lively, R. Lynch, NV. Punke. 11. Blziiikcrs, N. Russell, PI. Jmius, lf, tiiitluriulgv, B. Yuniiey The purpose of the Orehesis club is to further appreciation of the dance for both the participant and the observer. In or- der to do this the members presented a variety of modern dance numbers at their major recital and performed once a month on the TV program, "TC on TV." The major objec- tive this year was the formation of a dance symposium to interest. high school students in modern dance. In order to beeoine a member a student must, have two quarters of modern dance or its equivalent. Sponsor this year was Miss Mary Aliee Butterworth. ORCH ESIS 1 ll u LINXUI 1 T T IIIOXX I". 1-il'2lIlIlll, V. Pr:-.xg V. Idso, Pres: N. Pziulsen, U. Anderson, N. Dugger. Lou s 11 xsstork, M. YVelwr, V. O 'Neilh N. xVyi3U1'Ily, H. Norton, J. NVQ-stl1111'y, J. Pratt. l Hou' 7: J. Bmifz, P. Gl'flll2'lll, L. Pl11'isti:111s1111, M. NV1-l'1Q1', Prws: L. Millar, T1'fu.w,' J. lluo1'1'i11g, Nw: N. Beclw, Y. lflso Ifnu' 2: M. lhipullsek, J. Bl'll'lINY, B. .Tolls-s. P. Riley, J. i,ii2lSS'Q'0L'k, G, Hiugsf, N. Hevljl, M. 1iUllliSill'4'lk, L. Lutts. Roll' 3, Y. D:11'1-, F. B61'Il!ll'Il, D. BIOOII, B. Dial, R. SWYIIIISOII, M. BllffE1'lX'lDI'tll, H. Yngvr, ll. White, N. Stew:11't. Hun' J: J. W1-st l1111'y, I,. Yun Borg, D. P0111-111, S. McC:11't110y, S. Stunipf, M. 111-1-vs, R. Pwlvii, H. Nurtoii, L. f'm1pu1', M. Muintgmiu-1'y Ifozv -5: M. Fllllk'l', L. RillSSl'ff, M. Mi11i1-1', M. Si1111111se11, N. P:111ls1-11, M. Wilson, S. ll11tto11. X. XVyiNPl'l1y, 1'. L:11'S011 Bl. BIlll'Sll. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB The l7lll'1l0SH nf The Pilj'Sll'2ll EllllL'2'lTlllll l'l11l1 is to sTi11111lz1tv iiiterest lll the Held of Ibllysllfili 4'1lllL'illlfl1l l1o'fl1 p1'1i1fvssi1,111z1lly and socially Zllllllllll' tlw st111lv11ts. The activities of tliv PilySlK'2ll E1l11cz1ti1111 l'l11l1 i11- clilflwl Tlw fall 1111-nic. the 21111111111 C'l11'ist111z1s ID2ll'fj' 111111 lm-1:1111-vs by o11Tsta1111li11g' 1t'2l1l9l'S ill tlw fields of health. pliysical ecl11c'z1tiu11 and 1'Pc1'11z1Tio11. All physi- cal wl11cz1tir111 111z1jf11's, 111i11o1's e111cl 1le11a1't111e11t fan-lllty 2l1'9 1-ligililv for l1ll?l11iD6'1'Nill1l i11 the ululu. Dr. -lvan Ilomz. lwzul of the 1ll"l5?l1'fll16llf of llilj'SlL'ill e1l11Qz1ti1,111. was xlmiislmi' of the club. I99 I lfllll' I: ll. Hl'Illlt'y. I.. .Xll1'llll'lL'l'. K. Uhlut't', B. H:m1lvl'. Bl. Buevers, Prfs: A. PII1'lit'l', V. PI'f"S,' J. l'vtc'l'sm1, .Nfl-5 ,L Bfyphg. lvk, Bl. Hulk, Ifnuf J: IJ. lIulli11gswm'tl1, Bl. Rlvssvrli. ll. Linfl, J. Javklvy. J. Hmlsuu, Il. tf,'011g'vi', A. Jfnliilsuu, P. CilStIlQ1', -T. CZll'Ill'l', F. l"l2llll'Cllk1'tlQ,f. Hou' J: l.. lilll'llZ, D. Mitrln-ll, J. Musst-l'svl1r1ui4'lt, M. NlJlllllCl'SCllt'l1l, V. Hill, M. Campbell, J. Hrasvln, A. lillllllillllly T. Hittiligvr, N. Bakker. W. I-iurmahl. Hou' fl: ll. Hilrhs, J. Meyer, M. lluken, D. Lmvmaii, M. G1-In-I, H. IImv:u1'4I, B. Habla, M. Jossell, BI. lmyntjv, M. lill!SUll, A. li!ll'1'1'll. Ifuw I: Bl. Sllllllllfll, J. NWHIISUII, J. Sl'lll'Illlllll, R. Yl'l'lllDll, J. Sawyer, I-3, Nwllwinglv, J. 'Illnm-SUN' ,Il Wyniore, F. Sj'lV9StB1'. limi' J: IJ. 'l'llUl'SUIl, Xl. 'l'uillio11, B. Nvul1:r1't, M. l',lll'l'L'll, M. XVfII'llllll2'l0ll. G. PL'llllllllIlll, V. Swansoii, J. Sll0ll1llJill'gGl', M. Ottu, N. Sillllllllil. How J: L. Rcssle-r, G. Nei-lst-11, E. Pvtvrsmm, D. Siumpstm. C. Routvr, J. Smith, W. Robinson, W. Talty, J. Rk'Il2llltl. Hou' 4: M. lla-am, R. Taylor, M. Roseiui, U. O'Nv:ll, J. Slumt, N. Hrhmirlt, B. S2llllllt'lSUll, H. Pl9lZll1, P. Nielsen, ll. UVt'l'l'lll'f. SECOND YEAR K-P CLUB All SUllllflll10l't'S lllEl,l01'lllQf in lilllLlt11'Q1'H1'l0Il-lJ1'llllH1'j' vclucatiou are' Q-ligrihlv for llll'I11llCl'Sl1lp in the Secmul Year K-I' Ulub. 'l'l11'oug'l1 edu- vatirmal spvakers and cliscussion plus vocational films, the ll1G1l1lJ61'S of the QTUIIII gain a. wiflei' perspectivv of their field of teaching. The Club aims to pimimte profvssional interest and social lite of its lI1t'1l1b61'S. Home of thai social activities of the' club are a Motller-Dauglitel' tea, talent. shows, picnics and 0a1'olli11g:. SIHOHSUI' ot' the Q'I'0llll was May Smith. i 200 Tho purposo of Sigiua Ganuiiei Kappa is to promote fellowship among- Hgl'1'it'U1tll1'l' majors and minors. It has two main aims: to develop the ineiubers professioiially and iiicrease their tvacliiiig ability. This is accomplished fil1'0llg'i1 the spoiisoriug of films and Talks by outstanding ag1'iQi1lt111'ists. Hthei' activitivs of tho o1',Q'a11iza- tiou are sqiiare dzincos, picnics, :mil annual "stag"' parties. fiscal' Reeco was sponsor of Tho group. SIGMA GAMMA KAPPA Hou' 1: I. Stoner, V. Prfs: G. VVi1l4Io11, Prfxg G. Van Slykv, 0. Howe. HOU' J: R. RIIIISOIN, C. Joni-liim, C. Rustnd, L. Alberts, D. Bircharil. SPEECH ACTIVITIES CLUB Each year thc Speech Activities Club slmiisors three lllkljlll' C01ll'P1'PllCt'N. the High School Discussion Confer- ence. the Intercollegiate Speech Conference and the Brintlley Discussion and Delmte Tournament. Another nnnjor activity was the Speakers Bureau, which provided student speakers to mgaiiizatioiis i11 the f'Olllllllll1lI'y. The pnrlnose ot the O1'g'2l1lIZ3fIOll is to further speech ac- tivities on cznnpns and serve as a home base for prepara- tion for intercollegiate speech conlpetition. Melnbersliip in the Speech Activities Vlnh is open to any stnclcnt who has an interest in speech activities. Dr. Lillian VVag'11er and M. B. Smith were spfmiixulw for the 01'g'Hl1lZ2Ifl0lI. limi' I: Bl. Smith, R. Helluntl, l'. Gregg, Sw: l'. Allen, Prrsg X. Yu llmt I Pits I Ii R N lt I II tg Hou' J: N. Klct'Iu-sliey, E. Knox, Bl. Tnrnqnist, K. Illblltbllilll, B. tv uv ix ' in ru D Bllztl E. C'u1'1n1z, E. Bri,qgs, M. McClure, l'. Yates, IJ. Fuss, E. Psfiros, A Nlnln I thi s tnxnn 1 I DLBUQ1 D BIOXIH L. Munnluy, lt. Rcilllv, M. llnllnnin, R. .I'Itll1St'111IllI, K. Anwlcrscn, H. Luna t I Bnilu 1 ei Rniv 1: J. Bzlrlow, P. G1':111:'u1, M. Minicr, V. Pros: J. Glnsstsork. Prw,w,- S. Dutton, SFI'-Tl'f'LISV,' Y. Inlso, D. Moon. Row CUPIPIIZ, X. Stewart, H. Pollen. J. II0C1'l'Illg', C. Lzirson, M. Marsh, D. Sorousoii, M. Iitlllllilllflk, L. Lutts. WOMENIS RECREATION ASSOCIATION The purpose of XVOIHGIIIS Recreation Association is to provide every Teachers College XYOIIIHII a cliaiime to participate in various sport activi- ties and 1'ec1'eatio11al g.1'231ll1t'S. YY. R. A. bourcl sponsors f0lll'l1HIl1t'Ul:4, weekly play nights, 1'cc1'ez1tio11al swinmiiug' and high school play days within the collvgre area. Each season W. R. A. sets up an llll1'Hl11ll1'?ll p1'og'1'a1n of hockey, tennis, golf. basketball. volleyball, hacluiiuton and softball. Meiuhersliip inc-luclex all women students and active iiieziiher- ship may he gaiiietl hy pa1'tit-ipatiug in any W. R. A. spoiisoi-ml at-tivity Shirley XVi1isbu1'g' was sponsor. TUDENT COUNCIL OF RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES Hou' J: V. Pirkett, D. Jensen, R. Melick, Ser'-Tl'f'11.s,' J. Fisher, Pres: N. Pease, M. Van Steenbergen, V. Presg D IlIllllSt'll. lion' 2: X. lluber, M. Pippitt, E. Blflllvll, R. Lieb, G. Lmrkore, B. Grant, M. Arnold, Ji. Gulclager. The Student. Council of Religious Aetivities consists of representatives from the nine student centers, lnter-Var- sity IIIl1'lS'I'lH11 Fellowship, l'nitarian Youth Fellowship and two nienilmers at large. This group coordinated all the cam- pus religious activities, planned "Religion in Life NVeek." pulmlislied the student. religion handbook and sponsored weekly meditations. They also assisted with 1'9g'lllH1' col- lege cliapel services. Dr. Harold llernliard was advisor for the group. . During- thc week of January 10 tu 13, Iowa State Teachers l'oll1-gc ohserved a R:G1ig'iOl1-Ill-Lif9 NVeek. The religious leaders for the we-ck wcre Rabbi Irving A. XVeinga1't. Reverend Charles F. Jacobs, Father James McGuire, and the featured speaker. Dr. Fhad XVa1sh, The activities began Sunday evening' when the leaders spoke to various student centers, and continued tliruugli thc wcek with tireside chats in the Georgian Lmnige, a11d informal g'l'0llp sessions in each of the dorms. Un Tuesday Dr. NValsh gave the principal address, "The Gods You Really Believe In." at an all-college convocation. NVedncsday evening' the activities of the week werc cliinaxed hy an all-campus connnunion service. RELIGION-IN-LIFE week y. ti Bi fi Pls Pi in Q t fa QS? fp. Hon' Z: R. Hrisel, M, RIUTQHII, J. Bwwxmvll, Sm-5 P. Soeflmllt, V. Pres: D, Mzngve, PWS: D. Cave, Treasg M. Mouser, S. Kuns, Mrs. Hillis, Slmnxur, Hou' J: J. M1-L:1i11, J. :X1'h'lltSUll, N. Huber, D. Hibbs, H. Mikkelsoll, E. Hicks, J. ,xI1llP1'F01l, P. MOGiH, K. OXCl1f01'tl, J. Jvusflll, C. IJOTIIII. Hou' J: M, Evans, M. OSf91'l71lll11P, F. Sc-l1l:'1111z'u1, D. Kahl- sturf, IJ. .Ul't'4'1l9lL'l', J. Bl'L1llCl', B. Punks, L. I'I01'fUIl, J, Nolson, A. :D1l1'1lt'l', M. Ream, C. Kelso. BAPTIST STUDENT CENTER THETA EPSILON. BAPTIST Ifwlv 7: P. Suvflmllf. KI. lV,StlJ1't'2llllP, T1'f'u.v,' S. Kuns, V. Prfwq H. Hmgalll, Prrs: M. RIUIISOP, Sw: D. Cave, Hrs Hillis, Spmfsnr. lion' J: V. I,lr'v1':111, J. Jonsvn, P. MvGill, C. Kulso, J. :X1'CIlfSU1l, J, Brownell. Rau' 3: H. Mikkelseu K. fJXUl1f4I1'l1, J. AllKll'1'SUll, D. IQIIIIISTOIJE, M. 'Ev:ms, M. RGIIIII, N. Hulmur. Hou' I: Fzltlng-r Slmhn, Nll1PllSUl'f M, M1-li:11'VL-y, M. Bulk, R. Lim-lr, V. Prfxf L. Hvrlth, Pfvx: IP. L1-lltz, Nw: F. I.wi1'1w-du, Tnzmq U, H1'UiIlt'l', W. Olson, H. Allxlvrsml. Hun' J: J. Jvssw, .l. liuly, N. ITHIIIII, N. Burris, H. l'm'pl1z, Y. AIIQIISYJIIU, N, Hivkfulwl, M. llillun, P, l"1'm-lu-ll, ll, JUIIIISTUII, Xl. Uvinfz. lfifll' J: V. Fisvh, M, f.vl1r'vl', P. .Xllm1'n, V. H:u'mn. V. F11-ml, J. Ellgstlelg H. Knnll, l'. Kz1s1nf1'ln:1110r. F. fillillllllilll, J. Gl'2lt'fTillgl'l', J. I31'11vl1i11g, H. Kl'ivnl1I:u'y. limp J: IJ. l,y'l4m, F, 12:11-. JIIIHI, F. Hum, K. HIlllllglVt'l',, U, fhlSf1lfSUll, J, Fox, Rl. Dvlnlwy, J. Vlm-llzlml, A. laliillg, M. Hmlstn-znfl, M. Blwfmliv, Ii. Burns, H. Allzlstznsi. Ifuu' 5: H. Hvnsle-y, J. 1qIit'Q'L'l', N. Ilulllwr, ll. Pllilips, M. th-hall, H. Vim, J, Iluslc-y, I.. lIu1'I'1-1-, lb. fglllllllbll, J IP, If lgv, S. L4-l',g1l1:u1, ll. Lukvn, B. Kuvsv, T. l4IlWl'l'lIl'l'. .Q Aw f5'4'f"f"'Q',f'Qv,,"ff ' ' JVM! J 'W WMLZMZZN 'V NEWMAN CLUB. cATHouc J ' JM! ' . 5545... Huw 7: I'. 1,ill'killSUll, N. Silllbllfll, J. Miller, M. Shzlllu, M. Sf2llllt', KI, XY:l1'xl, M. 'l'uIvin, .X. Quinn, H. Hilllvll. limi' J: V. Talk:-s, M, Tuillium, M. Rll'Gllil'l', R. Mill:-ly L. BIUIWIJIIJ, Y, AYU1'l'iNSE'y, 43. Sl'Illl1illkl', P. I'uH'm-V, K. Wivsk:1n11+,J. Xuml. Hull' 3: YV. Tallty, P. Yates, N. Nzllldf-lsclleixl, S. Bfillfilt, J. RU!-illlllll, P. Thm'lr:ll1l, M. I'HXYt'l'S, K. Quinn, F. Hl'Tfl'lllllHiK'l', V. PiSll0j', J. PPss'l1:111g'. Ifuu' J: B. Shflllkll, D. Th:1ye-1', P. xVll1lI?l'l', B. Pmwll, H. :Xl'IlfUl', H. HUIIITHII, J. Vullstwlf, H. BI:lT' Suu, D. S0lllIlll'l'llUl'f, J. NV:1tSun. Hou' 5: Nfumpf, B. Ne-lsun, D. Bukvr, R. Nfrulv, D. Ntrulr, H. R--illy, I.. XYIIITUII, L. Pete-rsml, M. M:n'1'ism1. D. Sinmn, J, Wicks. 207 Ima' 7: X. Lange, D. Tivv, R. XYU11l?ki11g, L. Shime-1, 1'1'f'41.v,' G. Lflckuru, Prws: A. Nieuweuhuis, SECII L. Tetzloff, M. Hum, Hrs. Pzuwy, Npnnxn1'. .How J: D. W11mlw01'tl1, M. f31'llbt'1', K. H91-llllll, B. Hurt, D. Shaw, A. BICCIIITIY, M. Hcssmerli, J. Ilmluies, H. rrllyillllll. Huw 3: V. PIIl'f1'iLlg't', C. Sc-1101-s, B, Rilddelllilllll, J. P:'1lmQ1', D. Franke, G. Johnson, M. Brown, N. HJlllSL'Il, L. Km-hl, JI LI6illSCllllIlll, J. Sienkllccht. L'0ll' -1: J. XYeStbu1'y, E. Abbas, L. Bu1'1'iChte1', J. Ilulmvs. L. Blzmnkers, U. Noble, A. HIIlSI1L',-T. King, P. Purcell, E. Witto, D. Meyer. PLYMOUTH CLUB. CONGREGATIONAL SIGMA ETA CHI. CONGREGATIONAL' .ffl Row J: M. Scl1mi+lt, J. XVvstbu1'y, A. Nif'11wv11l1111s, Tl'1'tI.S ,' V. P:z1't1'im10'e, Prfsq M. Mcsserli, D. Tice, Mrs. Pil1'l'5', C' Simlmw. Hun' 3: ll. Shaw, J. Davis, A. 1I1'Cl1l'41y, B. Hurt, B. Riw.lvm:11111, K. HL-dum, M. G1-uber. Rau- 3: C, S91- ln-rs, S. llnlm-11, 1', Purvell, L. Bu1'1'im-htur, D. Fl'Ill1kH, E. Abbas, J. I":1ll1101', M. Brown, D. B1':1114lt, Swv. . w..- T? , W Q I 208 Huw 1: ll. Boevvrs, J. I,lM'l'l'll1g, H. L1lPtllll, Miss BLl,ll'tVL'lll', Spvn.w1': S, 1::l'll2I1llll'1', Nw: J. BL1l1'llHl'f, Pl'f'.Y,' A. Hullllmp, V. Prfs: H. BlI1'l'igl'0!l, N. lV:1lTe1', S. llyllro. Ron' J: A. Hululllng, N. Willis, M. llulnzw, A. 'l':1lrlue1't, I, SXYIIIIHHII, K. Nvllsflhlll ll. Dzllnlexw, A. Lumlllcuk, J. f.llll4l2'lgt'1', I". Clmlltlznlxml. Hou' J: C. llfllllflllll, A, Jullusull, H. Potm-1'sv11, 41. Puls, N. lll1llP1'U, W Sfmup, J. Meyer, K. Swain, H. Yzlrlgv, B. Wollf, J. C'l1lllJ91'5I. Rau' I: X. lICElll'lll'IlIl, M. I'JvIIz1u-11, J. Kuf-hl, L. Bl'llllSY0l4l, L GlllgE'l'll'll, M. Ditzvl, D. Burkllzxrt, G. Jollusou, L. Loc, M. I'cte1'so11, G. Bozxl, B. H:ms111ussu11. RUIL' J: J. 1'ctl,-rsmx, D. llJlllSL'l1 K. L0l1I1ll1g,- M. f,'1N'klIlg', K. 1lill1SCll, C. L,C'dCl'Sk'I1, R. Clurlwlls, J, Wlnitv. N. Nm'g:1:11'ml, B. Bulrlal, Bl. Cl11'ist1-xlsvll, A. Olson C. Olson. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION GAMMA DELTA, LUTHERAN lffllll 1: Z. C'l11'istcx1su11, Pricm. L. Cll1'lSti2lIlS9ll, R. Pulnusky, Sw: .I. l'm-lvrsmn, Prfsg KI. .ll-ssl-11, Trrnxg ll. lV'illllSU1l, V. PHS N. Scllug, D. Krug, E. Hnssv. Hou' J: ff. Rll1g'Ll'L'lllJI,'l'g, ll. Iloru, A. Gt'I'lIl4'll, S. I33v:1111v:1i11, S. Hum, Al. Otfu, A. Witt. X. Yun Doellrcll, M. Olson, ll. Evans. Hou' J: B. Kulrvn-ky, XY, Htllllllgflll, H. lilllIIll'k, Al. XYillm-sen, D, Nll'lIllllI', L. lim-k, M. Hingn-l J. L'll01'iL-ll, L. 1"ul11'l11:l1111, M. B1ilttlDl't:l-, Y. BlilIll'llIl1'4-l. Illlill' i: H, llupyel, 4'. Hvlllcr, ll. Fowl, ll. Duewzluzlxl, H. Knvll, lf Lillclblom, B. Elzrko, L. Kusszllz, X. Russell, K, Srlluliolt, ll. 1'JIlilllU1'Q:, D. lJl'IllllL'y. Ifnlr 5: H, Nvllult, H. llfl'l'llllllSI'll, N Struuck, R. Trzavis, X. Billllllglfill't. B. :xllll1'Il1f-lil, J. Turks-r, V. lJeI3uc1', M. Gzlrtz, J. Wurvln. A. Ljillllllx L. Mullr. l l Hou' 7: N. I'Iill'V1"y, Sjfmlmrq J. Hauilorf, V. Prwx: M. Hartbeck, T1'c'z1.s,' B. XVOl'kI11i'lH, Pres: J, McGraw, M, Van NI'lA0l1llOl'tQfGl1. H. IVl!l1llP1'01I. Ron' 3: ll. Sasaki, V. Cresap, D. Liiirl, D. Butler, L. Bottorff, N. Nelson, J. Dulismore. Hair Q25 V. Moorv, S. Haiwlmhr, li. Hvfliu, N. Poasle, if. O'Nual, R. Evens, M. Lewis, J. Messeisf-limidt. WESLEY FOUNDATION COUNCIL, METHODIST SIGMA THETA EPSILON. METHODIST Hun' I: L. l"vm'k. Spm1.wn'5 J. MvGrew, V. Prr"S,' K. Heliin, PMR: N. Pease, T1'f'as,' F. Hutcheus, A. RCCl1lE'l', Spmz mr. Ifnu' J: ll. Sasaki, D. Nelson, P. Pl'll'l1211'4I, R. Ferry, J. Lockwood, J. :Ill11lSlllOl'L'. Hou' Q71 R. C':l11ie1'0'l1, B xY0l'kIllIlII, .l. Brivkiicr, G. :I,sIlL'kU1'C, G. Yan Slykv, D. PL'it'l'SU11, G. Fuller. 2IO KAPPA PHI, METHODIST ROII' I: Mrs. IIZIPVUY, Spm:.w1',' J. Hanwyclq H. 'I':uylm', B. Yvstzll, V. 1'n'.s: N. Xvlsun, Prfs: J, B111-11 ll, Swg V. Bulgm-V. TITIINQ B. B1-lsou. J. Fury. Iilflll .': J, 1Ivil11l01's, L. Erlw, P. Allvn, D. Julluson, B. P1'PllIll, M. XV:1ssu11. V. Russ, Il. :Xl1d0l'SDl1, N. Braun, ll. Juhl. Hou' J: S. LillllC1'l1Illlll, H, Bl'1'llIl!lll, S. Hunt, B. Fislwr, M. L4-wis, N. Burlnaml, 1'. U'N1-:1I, P. tXl'L'l16l', D. NUYQIISUII, J. S111-ll:1l,n:11'g1-1'. linu' J: A. Ayulu, V. Tvlforfl, V. Moore, li. Builvy, B. IIulv:11't. V. llmkv, KI. Idso, ll. Lzmv, C. K1-use, M, Gibsun, M. Mullvttc. lfnu' J: V. Cwsallr, R. Eveus, M. I'I:nrtln-vk. V. N1-il, H. Bittlf-, li. Kilpatrick, N. Van SfGO11bG1'Q:4'!l, M. Hoskins, A, Ewly, C. Mutlu-ws, P. Hush. f". Gutlll-idgv. Hou' 7: J. NNVIUISOII, M. Hum-k, S. NY:11t01'. V. Bausch. il. Fmx'lv1', H. fVJYPl'flll'f, J. Ewkn-l, D. Huw-re. lfuu' J: B. H:1ml1-1', B. RilllllE'l', A. :xl1l1L'2ll'y M. Elli11gs011, K. Guy. A. Pivrrv, A. Vnrks, H. BIHIIIPF, lb, Cullins. lion- .75 N. I,l'il'llJll'Il, V, Nikir, A. NVOST, D. f'011gG1', S. C4lll'lll10l', L. Purdy, D. Hanson, K". Nolsml, B. AIIISJQII, V. Allmlursull. lfnu' J: l'. ftlillly N. Young, P. Hamseu, X. TIIOIIIPSOD, M. ROSQIIO, S. I'IlNYill'd, f". BIUSSHIZIII, M. fV'fl1'1'UfllUl'S, S. Vllilhlliil, W. BIVLIIGIY, E. f:1il'l'!'lN. How 5: B. Bailey, B. YVC-bber, P. 1j0lllil1g0l', N. Fowl, B. Hivks, P. Hrukv, J. H2ll'llL'1', Y. 1It'llllillg'S, L. Gmlfwy, N. Novzlk, J. Jzmssen. 2lI 1 . Arillk. limi' I: J, Sll1'I'Q'I'L'll, L. Nmwm-11. P. L,Il't'l'll, ll. Hrm-zwwulrl, ll. Orvis, N. Hfvlnlvins, M. ESU.-S, L. Rvving. D. Helkmm, l? 1'frlv I: Mrs. Ellglisll, T. I.Il'lfZl1L'l', U. .luI111suu, H. Orvis, R. llj'lll'Il, V. Prvs: L. SU1'0IISL'll, PHS: T. Hllll1Ill.'1l, Trffus: M. 1100113 rv: D. XYUIIIIPUIT, I'. Bltillfglllllvl'-V. Hull' J: M. Ginn, ID. E1l,!'il1gfm1, H. Mullfgmm-1'y, E. Knox, S. Vrng0l:1:11', O. Klavvr, M. Il2lj'lOl', D. l'm-h-rsvll, 1'. IIlQllll. Ifllll' J: l'. NUIIIIIISY, R. G1'w11fiwl4l, B. Fisluw, M. Slnep:m1'rl, L. Guritz, M. Blllllllllllll, D. Holkeun, X. IJ2l1'kl'l', J. IIIIIIIIIIIIIQS, J. Tl1u1'su11, K. Ziuk, E. Bvuffy, J. Myvllzllck, J. I12lI:fllL'l'. Hou' J: L. DlL'kC'l1, H. Fellows, D. Schultz, Y. A1111-ns, J. Nllvlgn-11, L. Bvving, M. Estf-S, P. Greun, S. Htwlrlmins, M. Julm, M. :Xl'llUIlI, J. Ogden. D. B2llZE1'. Hou' 5: D. NI:-4Q'1x-axtln, A. Illyilllg, H. HIl1lfIllg'flbll, tl. McAmy, R. Mvlim-4-, R. RIIIISOIII, R. Huskcns, W. Nielsen, M. Olson, R. Mclutire. D. XI1'Ir1lllllS, J. IAIlllgIIUl'y, M. Lv1'00110wul4l. PRESBYTERIAN FELLOWSHIP PHI CHI DELTA. PRESBYTERIAN nn' I: J. 'l'luursun, V. .xlll'1'lIS, J. AIyl'IlElII'I'i, L. Gurifz, V. I'l'r'.wg A. Pll1'kl1l', P1'ruv.' IC. I3l:1tt11n?1', Nw: Mrs. linglisll. Spm1.wm'. nw ,': l', lYj'IllHl'1', 0. IiIIIYl'I', J. IIIII'I'lll'l', l'. BIIlllI',2fllllll'l'.V, J. Illllllllllllgg, N. XvUIQ'4'IflIll', H. Gl'Q0lllIl'llI, H. Iglilffy, D. IVIPIOYSVII, l . Dip-lm. limi' J: 'I'. H1'ifz11v1', Xl. Blows-. D. IgIlIZl'l', V. Sllllllllvy, IT. Follows, ll. Iglllllllllllll, l-3. 1'1lSlIl'l', BI. .X1'11ulml, II. N01'c1'0sS, .N-lnultz. 2I2 Run' 1: P. Stotts, A. C'0Im1'11, Mrs. Romiuv, Spm1,wm'g F, I-Iutvllf-ns, V. Pnx: H. IIIIZISU, Prfxg L. Cfmk, Su'-'I'1wf1.Qg M1 IIUIIIIIIQ, Spnll.Gm',' H. T11l'1l111lISAL', M. CQIIUIIICPY. Hou' 2: IP, Frevl, J. IiIIl1'IH'l', C. All4IU1'SUll, L. DIIHIEIIU, M. J5IIl'gk"l', 1 J Il'Il1lIlllIlll, L. Alfullwip-1', I.. f'OU1M'I', X. f':11'111iula:u-1, A. Bulss. Full' J: H. III'UU1l0VPI4I, L. xYl'llgl'1', C, Bmlu, H. IM D. .-XIIIIIIIS, H. Heliuk, R. NIUINIIIZIII, K, I1l'1lllSf,KI, I'iIm1'uitf, Il. Smith. CHRISTIAN STUDENT CENTER INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 15010 1: YV. Mnvy, Spumwr: R. Boll, M. NYilsuu, V. Prom G. JUIIIISOII, Frm: M. Mmlsvlg Sw: J. Fulk, Trfu.w,' D. Kahl- storf. Rau' J: A. BIll'I'IIlg'E1', R. Bl'I'l4ISIl:lXI', J. .-IQIISUII, J. B1'4YXI'IlPII, J. Awlltwll. D. CLIVE, B. NPISOII, P. Norm-y. RHIC J: G. I3I'UCl1CVt'IlI, N. H2lllIll'l', J. Hifff. C. Russ, E. Fillfllvy, G. Knight, N. Hrzlun, H. Kznlll. Hull' J: C. IIIITII' ridge, J. AlllIQ1'Sll1l, H. Mikkelsuu, M, I'Il'IlilI.1l-I, V. Dzlviwls, KI. Mc'L'll11'u, N. BllIikt.'I', L. I,IllHlYt?1', S. Kulls. l1'ull'.'F.' L. Robcy, M. Mu1'1':1, D. Dl'tI4'IlSIQl', L. BIIlllkPI'S, D. I-31911111-l, J. B1'llllPl', KI. Dmltjm-, l'. Humllilxg, B. IYinkh'l11:111. ZI3 How 1: M. Lewis, P. Grzxnau, R. Olsen, M. Yan Stuenbargen, Pres.: Yoshiuiori, S00-Tr6aS,' M. Mc-Brziir, Spon- .wr,' N. Ne-lsou. lion' 3: G. Gillis, L. Lister, A. Nawlolski, D. Stoego, M. Dziiinenborg, ll. Reeml. lion' J: V, l,il1Htl1SL'li, Pl'f.'f,' X. Vol' lloef, V. Prrus: R. Mn-Cue, Spmlsor. Hou' J: C. Ball, R. Yoggesser, R. Lieb, F, Sulnn-lkfl, R. Bro. INTER-SORORITY AND FRATERNITY COUNCILS The general 0l3jE'l,'tlVl1S of the lllftll'-Fl'Hl61'11llj' and lntei'-Sch rority f'onncils, which are the CO0l't,llllEll'lllg' bodies of Iowa State VllPHCll9l'S t"oll9g'e's nine- sororities and four frateriiities. are es- svntially the sauna Each 0l'g'kllllZElllOl17S Q,'Gl1E'I'i'll purpose is to encourage lasting' personal frieiitlsliips. The stantlarcls of both inclutlo trientlliness. Qooperatioii, reliability, lvatlersliip, Charac- ter, and scliolai-sliip. The elected 1'eprese1itatives of each frater- nity and sorority are the Il1Ql11l391'S of the two councils which each spring' co-sponsor the lntei'-Frateriiity-Soi-oi-ity dance. Social A coke dafe a+ Olsen's wifh fhe Phi Sigs and Sig Taus The Tau Sigs and Lambda Gams socialize on a coke dede . . . - How 1: D. Johnson, J. Stowell, D. Briggs, H. Sperry. Hou' J: L Nlittox D NlcCillex Nec L Qlnfilley, V. Prev: J. Dansrlill, Pr'-.wg A. Zarifis, Trru.w,' D. Lloyd, J. Brnnt P011 J If Nhuellxi D YY olnbol , Lange, N, Smith, T. Norinnn, J. Hidore, A. Baker, D. Jensen, H. Pie ALPHA CHI EPSILON Une of the liiglilig-lite of the year for the Chi's was their Spring' Orchid Formal at the Hotel President with Ed llarris chosen as outstanding' ineniher. The llonie- eoniing' dinner for alnnini. the building of a Hoineeoining' tloat with their sister sorority, the Delta, "Coke" dates, stags and smokers, animal blood donations during pledg- ing, and coinniunity projects were some of the activities of the year. The Beta Fhapter of Alpha Chi Epsilon, the oldest Greek letter fraternity on campus, has as its goal the promoting' of true brotherhood and lasting friendships. Dr. E. J. Cable, Dr. E. L. Marietta, and Mr. Peter Haines were fraternity sponsors, "Always in action" describes the Delts for the past year. Among inany of the eyents sponsored by this sorority were the annual IIO111E'COl11l1lg' tea held at the Cedar Falls NVO1116'11lS Club, annual spring forinal, Mother 's Day brunch, picnics and "coke" dates with fraternities. This sorority Captured the inter-sorority scholarship award. NVith the help of their brother fraternity, the Chi they won first place in the Hoineeoniingi' Float contest. Their sponsors were Mrs. Kay Humphrey, Dr. and Mrs. H. VV. Renninger, Dr. and Mrs. D. F. Howard, and Mr. and Mrs. Vtlil- lis Vllagner. DELTA DELTA PHI Row 1: E. Cloud, P. WVest, T. Travis, J. Barlow. Row 2: L. Erbe, M. Jacobson, Treasg J. Kurtz, Secg M. Dan- nenberg, Pres, J. Clark, V. Pres: M. Bailey, M. Herring. Ifoiw 3: S. Linn, D. Adams, E. Creteher, G. Anderson, N. Freshwaters, V. Arthur, J. Enibree, C. Clark, P. Johnson, M. Russell. Activities on the Kappak social calendar this year included overnig-ht parties, "coke" dates. rushing. picnics, formal gradu- ate dinners, five-pound parties, the traditional M0ther's Day lunch, II01116'U01lllllg hreakfast, a booth at the Mardi Gras, par- ticipation in the Campus Sing, and secret-sister week which culminated in a Cliristmas party. Highligliting' the year's ac- tivities was the formal dinner at Ti-Pi-Tin Inn preceding' the Spring' Formal. Kappa-sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. C. G. McCollum and Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Phillips. KAPPA TH ETA PSI Kult' I: A. Johnson, Rl. Krebs, L. Sutton, Sec: M. Lewis, Pres: S. Flanders, V. Pres: M. Pullngos, TI'f'tlS,' B. Lutz. Hun' J: S. B1'l'2llHll1, M. NUStl'Ulll, R. Madsen, H. Yun Sickle, J. Hfiffner, E. f.'Ul'1lllZ, P. Archer, J. None- nizin, M. Si-lnniclt. 2I8 LAMBDA GAMMA NU N' Nw Hou' l: V. Pickett, W. Sesker, C. Ball, BI. Aller, F. Carthey, R. Huntington. Run' J: P. Rlaznlu, R. Bro, R. Farnner, Svc: li. llessellins, PI'fJ.Sf H. Talngeimnn, V. Pres: R. Jones, R. Strain, Npm:.wm'. Ifwu' J: L. Hmlley, IJ. Garimui, D. Nt'l',Lfk'1lllf, ll. Remus, ll. Tvetlt. L. Horn, C. Pecinovsky, A. Arennls, .l. Klzlltlwy, F. Locke, H. Nnlnns, V. liullixlsoll, IP. lklggett. The purposes of Lanilula Gannna Nu are tn mlevelnp and preserve strmig' t'eelin,Q's of lmrotherly love hetween the meni- bersp to work for the aclvaneenient and tlevelnpinent of lowa State Teachers Vollegeg tu preserve at all times the high character and glorious traditions of Lanilnla Hannna Nu: and to carry out a varied and extensive social prog-rain. There are five kinds of nienibersliip within Lainlnla Gannna Nu. They are: pledge, associate, lionurary, inactive. and ae- tive. This year's activities began with the Fall Smoker for prospective plec'lg'es..Otl1er highlights of the year were "coke" dates, parties with sororities, "stag-s," and the Sweetheart FO1'1l1i'll. Peter Maznla was sponsor. ffllll' l: J, A1'iz11111i, 'P. J1111se11, M. F1111e1', V. Pl'l1-9.' D. N'r111Jg1', Pres: F. xxY041Pl'11l1iS1, S603 3. Lewis, TVHIS Y11s11i111111'i, K. H:1111:111:1. HIPII' J: T. L:111'1'11111'11, N. 'I'111111111s1111, G. Meier, B. 3YZlIl11lS1l1ti1, S. Myhrc, H. Okai H11111111:111, M. B1:11111'-. P. 1111,-i"111Io1-11, B. TJe111ps101'. NU SIGMA PHI " 111 11111011 there is S1l'9l1Q't1lH is 11111 1110110 of 1111- N11 Sigs. The 3111111211 spring 1'01'111z11 1,111111e1'-11z111u11 111111 T111' g'1'a111111tes' 11i1111e1' 11ig111ig'11te11 The year of 111-tivitivs. II111111'1'1m111i11g- 111'o1'i111111 21.11 0p1101't1111i1y for z111Ti1'11s 111 Q14 111g'1Jt11e1' with N11 Sig H111111S, 11'i'f11 11111 11111111111 Sllllihlj' 1111'11'11i11g 111'1'z1kfz1xt. Each 1-11- t111'11i11g' 21111111 was 111'1'se-1116-11 a "11111111." IJ11l'1llQj 11111 XY111191' Q11211'1'H1' 11111 211-tives were kvpt busy with 1.1111 i11T111's01'111'1ty 11-11, 1'11s11i11g' 11e11'ti11s and 1'01'111111 1111111g1i11gg'. "1,'01:11" 11-as, 111621111 11e11't111s, 171011105 111111 s11111111111' l1El1'1'1ff'S 1-1'1111111eTe11 the social C?i1911C1H1' fm- t1111 yez11'. Spo11s111's we-1'11 Ruth 1X119ll, Ellen Aakvik, B112 111111 Mrs. 111?ll1f0I'C1 S1J11st1eg'a1'11. 111111 Dr. 111111 Mrs. E. J. C'z111111. The Theta Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon initiated a varied program of social activities during' the past year. Included in this prograni were the usual pledge initiations in the fall and spring- quarters, and such events as the Hoineeoining dinner at the President Hotel. and the Spring- Banquet. The Phi Sigs teamed up with their sisters, the Phi Sigma Phi 's, to win second prize in the Honieeoining float contest. The Phi Sigs took second in their contest for the fraternity 's national scholarship trophy. Mr, Bert XVoodeoek and Dr. Vllilliani Dee are the Phi Sig sponsors. PHI SIGMA EPSILON Row 1: R. George, R. Thompson, D. Kolsrud, L. Dunn, R. Lang, J. Logan, L. Biteon, R. Kratky. Row 3: VV. Mazula, K. Rauch, J. TVi'lC'llGl'lllQT111, WV. Gerken, G. Chiunbers, Pres H. Klutt, See-Trez1.9,' J. Buckels, V. Pres: W. Dee, Sponsor: D. Keoppel. Row 3: F. Loffredo, J. Reynolds, R. Cross, R. Ehnore, W. Lee, J. Sjobloni, R. Vog- gesser, M. Halter, J. Husley, C. Papousek, G. Gorliznn, T. Haudlen, A. Hay. PHI SIGMA PHI The Phi Sigh year included niany activities ainong' which was a Mother-Daughter banquet, a Hoineeoniing' coffee hour honor- ing' the alumni, "coke" dates, a booth at the Mardi Gras, over- nights and a graduate banquet. All these events gave meaning' to the Phi Sig motto, "We build for character and not for fame." Phi Sig Sponsors were Mrs. Bert XVoodcoCk and Mrs. Marshall Beard. Ifww 1: L.Vl'hristi:nnst-11, M. Osti-om, B. Higtlou, V. Prr'x.' A. Xxulolski, Pzfx: H. Olson, Swv: P. McHenry, Trfzzxg S. B:1rbe1'. Ifmv ,JJ H. ltefslznilgv, L. llelfoek, R. llmlmule, M. I3I'1HllllL', J. PCSCIIIIIIQ, R. Xvllll, S. Prieui. M. Howe, A. Parker, N. HL-Guire. 222 Promoting a closer hoiitl aiurmg' the ineuihers and furthering' the social and intellectual growth of eaeh member was the theme arouucl which the Pi Phi activities were Centered. Activities iii- cluclecl the planning' and niakiug of the llmueeoniiiig float. Home- coming' brunch for the alliniui, lfliristinas cliiiiier, Mother's Day luiielieoii. secret-sister week, tive-pmiiitl parties and overuiglits. Pi Phi SDOIISOYS were Mrs. Guy lVag-ner and Barbara Schiielle. PI PHI OMEGA Row 1: N. Willis, K. Swain, P. French, V. P1'es,' G. Gillis, Prrus: A. Ayala. Sw: S. Walter, Treus: E. BlOl'lk2'lWfl. Rrfzt' J: C. Telford, D. Horan, P. Castuer, XV. Burmahl, D. Hu111u1ertl0rf, J. Meyer. Building' and broadening of friendships was the purpose of the Phi Tau's. This purpose was fur- thered by Ueokell dates, spreads, oyerniglits. secret- sister week. Mother '5 Day luncheon, and the annual Christmas party. This year the alums sponsored a farewell dance for the graduating' nieinbers at the XVOIHEI1 'S Club House in Cedar Falls. The alumni were informed of Current activities by periodic newsletters. Jane Mauek. Mrs. Elmer Ritter, Mrs. Perry Grier, and Mrs. Paul Smith were sponsors of Pi Tau Phi. Pl TAU PHI Row 1: D. Foss, J. SCl1I'3.1'I1I'1'1, V. P-resg P. Granuu, Presg L. Fong, Seal: L. Ressler, Treats. Ro-w 2: M. Ward, D. Holliiigswurtli, M. Shepard, B. Hobart, J. Taylor, Bl. Otto, X. Formaro. 224 Hou' Z: B. Norris, Bl. BL-Kerel1e1', L. Miller, M. Mat-e, D. Sorenson, D. Beckmann. I1o1l',,'.' XV. Tulty, l'. Brown, V. Pflrtrinlgc, T1'r'11.w: .T. Grewell, V. P1't"s,' L. Lister, PWM: H. Fellows, See: S. RL'llIlll4lPI', B. Schwinglc, B. Davis. Row J: K. Shupe, E. Fomlroy, B. Briscl, J. Torkelson, C. O'Xs-ill, K. .-x1l1ll11SH1l, S. M4-f':u't11ey, B. Sage, li. llappel, D. Roose, S. Mahannali. PI THETA PI Friendship. co-operation, and enthusiastic support of all campus activities is the goal of the Pi Theta Pi sorority, The past year has been crowded with such events as the llonieconiing luncheon. the Cliristinas party. the Motherk Day luncheon, the OYHI'-lllQlliH at 11311111311 's. the "c0ke'7 dates with other sororities and fraterni- ties. and the parties such as picnics and hayrides with their broth- ers. the Sig Tau's. Major projects this year included the printing' of a pledge manual and an alumni news letter, and the writing' of several new songs. Sponsor for Pi 'l'het's was Thehna Short. Row l: J. Heskett, R. Lanaghan, D. Cook, E. Christianson, E. Armstrong, D Butlei ii Steinei, J Y fin Epps J Hinsen Hou' 2: R. Selnnann, K. Rowe, E. Nichols, Sec: C. Davidsen, V. Presg T. D1 Plfs J Puks Tzeas I Nllfirl xx Roskens, E. Dornfelil. Row J: L. Ripperton, L. Terwilliger, R. Bagley, L. Hill R Lnb D Sclnoeclei, f Rosent, I Hovel son. N. Bauingart, G. Van Slyke, D. Mickelson, N. Ver Hoef, R. Johnson. SIGMA TAU GAMMA Numerous stags, parties at Meswarlfs ranch, dinners, smokers. dances, and other social events with various sororities and fra- ternities served the purpose of achieving' Sigma Tau Gamma 's aim of promoting' lasting- friendships and true brotherlioocl. Uutstancling at-tivities included the Homecoming dinner. the annual XVhite Rose Dance and several parties with their sister sorority, Pi Theta Pi. Major advancements during' the year were the esitahlislnnent of a workable executive committee and the execution of a plan to include all members in the planning of some important event. Sponsors were Dr. NVillard Poppy. Dr. Erma Plaehn and Herman Nelson. 226 TAU SIGMA DELTA The aim of the Tau Sigfs is Hi:1'i911tiSiliI1 and SE'l'ViCt'.H This was fulfilh-cl hy having' Uculqen dates with Othvr sororitivs and fratcruities and hy ilEJlVillQ' inzmy picnics and parties with thvir hrother fi'z1tv1'1iiTy. The Lillllibiifl Gziniis. Other activitiex which iuzule the yvzir vvelitflll wvre the f'lYP1'11ig'iltS at 1Ia1't111a11's RQ- seiwe, rush partivs and spreads, and Thv amuual Ilmiic-uniiliiig' ewilts. Smile Of the spevial 0CCi'lSi0llS This year wore the Iloilwcrniiiiilg' tea for Thv 1'k'tlU'1lillQ' u3i1llllS,H M0tl1er's Day i1l1lC'ill'Ill1, the g'1'auh1z1Te diniivr, The seiwiizimle for thc llll'1l studvnts, illlfi the FaTl1v1"s Day votive hour. Spolimrs were Dr. mul Mrs. xviiiiillil Dee, Dr. Elaine My-Davitt, and Pillliillll l'llfiP1'iJ1'il1k. Row 1: J. Fury, D. Lung, J. 1IE'SSOl'Sl'illllifit, J. Rogers. Run' J: H. XViesk:lm11, J. Dyvml. G. Gustzlfsml, 11. Lz11'ss.m, V. Prrs: M. Recd, Prix: B. Norris, Ser: R. Zoigler, TI'f'll.Y,' S. LI'llIi1lP1', J. Sawyer. Hou' J: J. 1i0iIll-il'l'S, P, I'l1ol:111. P. Hililll. B. Stueck, J. Edge, E. Hia-ks, K. Kilpatrick, C. Goetteu-li, J. McDon:zhl, J. Lussuu, N. fY'i2l1'k. 227 l l Rau' I: H. Mutsunugu, S. O'Cru1mu', B. Elliott, Ser: D. Bailey, Pres: N. Nelson, V. Presg D. Lentz, Trans: M. Hurtbec RWTH' J: G. Bl'l2IlllIlll, M. Mursll, M. Yun Steenbel'ge11, C, AIIIHIGWS, M, Lehrer. THETA GA MA NU The TllL'l'?l Gi'l111,S activities this year i11c-lutlerl five-pound parties, sprezuls, seeret-sister week, parties llOllU1'll1g' the Spon- sors, over-nig'l1ts. "coke" flutes, and the I101l19COI11ll1Q,' dessert lmurmriug' the u?lllll11SH tu fulfill the PEIIJQ'-El-1I1Ol1fll plan. Special 0CC'2lSlUl1S were the Cll1'lSfll1?lN dinner at the Log Valmiu, the au- nual spring flinuer-dance at the COl011j' Club, aucl the Motherk Day ll1'llllCll. SIDOIISOPS were Dr. alncl Mrs. LG0l1il1'll XViuier and Dr. and Mrs. Usear Reece. 228 The Pi Thai' pledges 'furnish enfer+ainmen+ for fheir acfives and Hue Chi's Exe Fun wifh fhe Tau Sigs and Lambda Gams A f' -M., Nu -'Y ,fl Q ,E ' -?'fai5HfS1I:f' 'cm-fa-, ami: A x x pix - X1 V 2, 'E P-111 Xxx I fn 1 ' W ' ' ba g ' ' M... . X s Mruvmupp -fw,,w,..-1 .',.,,..., ,.. 'wvc..A, kiwi f. . 1 -imgmg if Eiil:-:1i1" gf-:bil-:h2i'.:-' s 659: sl' Q' 1 W , l l 1 J i Departments ,,ff" ,-'MA w..f'h I fini' Q Q, Mfw- I pf' . gi. 51.212 ,, 1 A .9 se'-1Qzkz-iw-1.a.f: ws. f f V yr, -Sf: .gg-,: .'.1:f:,- -42. ,V 1 ,M-.1.:::. 1. 1 f f- , '- f fsf' 'gf :,- .- .. , . . , 6,--ff... ,: 5, ,N-91? , '5 N- +f'i'4zNg:, :.,:g- ' f 0' M -,' ' 1119, .5gsz.: :::.' 9' 22::'--- - - 4 , , .5 'ii wr- . 2 1 Q3 A '69 :Sw ,Nan ,V Q 4.4 -' q 3 -.wa 1-.1 mw- Roll' 1: C. FowlQ1', IT. Glliulllllllm Hemly: D. D1'i0sh:1vk. Hou' 9: XV. Daley, P. Smith. Such courscs as chlsiglm, sculpturv, ceramics. toxtile, and metal craft aro offered hy the Art 1t1'lJtl1'f1l16'11T. Thom- providc a Variety of ex- 1lPl'if'l1C9S which lwlp develop c1'eatiw expres- sion, the main purpose of art. instruction. The Art tllllikllfllltxllt presented Sk'Y91'?ll ox- hilmits ilu-h1di11g Modern Styles, Europe, Tlw Now Gellerzxtion, Dosigll in lndustry, IT1ld01'- standing' African t'u1tur0, Art 1jPllkl1't1l10llt Stat? Show, Iuvitzfltiou Painting and Sculp- ture Show, amd the fifth 3111111211 Student Art Show. ART Ro-w J: L. Meece, K. Humphrey, A. L0l'J6flfl. Hou' 2: J. Bl itoul N 1 P H11 , L. Douglas, Head. BUSINESS EDUCATION Shorthand, both Thomas and Gregg, typing. of- Hce machines, business law, accounting, salesinan- ship, and many other courses are designed to edu- cate teachers as coordinators between business and education. This program is planned so that stu- dents in high schools inay receive training for johs other than secretarial 'positions Dr. Lloyd V. Douglas is president of United Business Educa- tion Association, which sponsors Future Business Leaders of America. 233 Tlieories of teaching' are taught in the Education departnient. Educational psychology, personality development of children, tests, inezlsurenients, and inan- useript writing are some of the varied courses which are offered to prospective teaeliers. These courses otfered reflect the new trends in education, and the ex- periences gained will he useful in real ehissrooin situations. The nienibers of this departnient. are busy with the many workshops, conferences and nieetings they attend. EDUCATION Row Z: C. Bishop, llfrnlg F. M1u'ti11d:1le, NY. Silvey, H. Knutson. R010 J: J. S172'll'1'0W, E. Hult, R. Baker, N. Hump- ton, E. Boehlje M. Smith. liow 3: M. Zintz H. Riebe O. Thom Json A. Brown, M. XVileox. J I 7 l. J The English department presents Courses in speech, draniaties, religion, philosophy and phases of English. Extra-curricular activities initiated by the English department this year ,ffmx were the establishment of a book discussion group under the guidance of Dr. H. W. Ren- ningrer, and the publishing' of a literary niaga- zine under the direction of Noi-nian Stagrebei-gn Six nieinbers of the staff have been elevated in rank since last year. Published recently by the Anieriean Book Voinlnauy was the book, Iluwfry -Cl' .lx E.I'lJl'l'Ii6'lIf'l', written by two of the Engrlisli stat? nieinbers, Mr. Stageberg' and Mr. Anderson. ENGLISH AND SPEECH N 'N Ilnu' J: M. Smith, Il. Strzxyer, II. Reninffei' Ilmfl: L. Forest, N. Nf:m'ebe1'0' IC. llvllavitt. Pon' J: L. XYIIQIIUI' . :nv r- aw ' O. Skzllbeek, B. Anderson, XV. Fugan, S. lVood. I.. Guggiii, ll. LlIlIlilW21ll. Ifllll' J: E. 3l1llll'L'l', ll. Be1'nl1:11'd, XX Anderson, F. Smith, J. Fox, R. Braddock, H. Jewell, A. lluuson. 235 0111s, 31, Ig4l111l1111, E. Sl1f1lt'l'12lIl41, Hfml: 0. 1101li41:1y, 11. A11011. HOME ECONOMICS 111111 ilrz H6C0llL1El1'j' suhoo The 1JHC1ig.1'1'0ll!1l1 01' El 1101119 QCHIIOIIIILN teac11e1 111 cludes a. w011-11z11a11c1111 111110111111 lll the suhgegt d1Gfl5 01' 1'e1ati011s11i11s 111 the 1101116 The house and 1111111811 ings: 111a11z1g1'e111w11t 111 the 1101119 t1xt11es and 010111 1IlQ.l'l f0011x 211111 1111T1'iti011 and 1ll8f1lOL1N 01 TGAC11111-1 1101119 ec0110111ius. Axll 1l1l1OXdT10ll thu xefu 15 t1e practice tvz1c11i11g' at the 011 cd1111111x tGaL111110 0611161 111 111ll1SOll. '1'1'z1i11cd 111 the field 01 1101110 eco1101111u any qllalifiwl tea1c111-1' has OPIHOITIIIIIUQN and L1101C8 uf j011s. 11e1vi11g' 011tz1i11e1 1101 T1f11111110 the home Ul,'UllOl111L'S tn-an-11e1' is 211110 t0 teuh A111111 Chlsses as Ill I XX X I0 1, P 111111 H 11: L. Wright. Rau' J: R.3I1lf1'll2l,xV.TTifZl91', E.Cmsl1y. INDUSTRIAL ARTS The I11d1,1st1'ial Arts dt'1JZl1't1119l1T p1'0vi1les p1'aCtical vx- pe1'ie11c-cs 111 Plillfillgj, radio C0llSt1'11Cti0ll and se1'vici11g', XVO0lTXV01'k and elect1'1c1ty. The 1Iepa1't111e11t has a new send- ing' 111111 1'eCeivi11g' short Wave station which is 1111chJr the di1'ectif111 of R. E, Matala. Dr. Walter Ditzler and Dr. H. G. Pillllltxl' were 011 the P1'f'lQ.'l'2ll11 for the LXIIIGFTCHII 11111113- trial Arts ASSOCT2ififJl17S Natirmlml 1l169tTl1lQ' T11 Los Alurcles 011 BIHITII 23 to 26. Ill March Zlll T111l11st1'iz1l Arts C0llft'1'- ence was held herv. The depz11't111e11t 's plans for the s11111- 11191' quarter include a. th1'ee-week WO1'kNl11'lp for Il1dl1N'fl'iZll Arts teaQl1e1's and El radio course. 237 l. Lillm-hm-i, .T. S1-llzwft-1', Hemi: li. Milli-V. LANGUAGES ln ffXlk'lllllllQl' the limits of thv l'U1'lll21l educa- tion ntteiwwl at this collvgre mul in lmi-oacleiiiiig' the views and iiiicleistzilicliiig' of its students C011- C01'11l11fl' fm-vigii atlliiix, the Fm-eigii Lziiigliiagle Ll91D?ll'l'llll'lll plays an lll1l'l0l'f2llll mlta That si gviiviwil iiituiwst in the culturvs and laiigiiages of utlivi' ljHlll1ll'll'S is Q'1'0XYlllgl' is shmvii hy the iiitmrliictioii of iforeigii la11g'1iz1gre l1lSl1'llCl'l0ll even iii the t'll1lllUlll?ll'j' gmicles of smuv sclifmls. The lQz111g'11:1g'vs tlvpmtiiieiit. realiziiigg' thv need for tezicliviwz 4-quippeil to carry on such il D1'OgI1'H1l1 as well as the 1-ixistilig' foreign l?l1lQ'll?lQ.1'l' Ib1'Og'1'H1'11 iii high smflmnls, utters work in Fiwiicli. Ge-rinaii, Lzitiii and Sl7ZllllSll. 238 R010 I: D, Rod, Hwul: E. Mullins, ll. Dim-tun 1 n mnsnn nu NIM uskti NI u Igrtun, I. Ell1'9Sil1lllll. LIBRARY SCIENCE Studies of the use of the Various parts of the library with thv view of institut- ing such changes 1l9C'PHS?ll'Y for the lwtf ternient of service to the students and faculty lad to many Cll?11lQ't'S in the li- brary and library science clepartnient this year. One l113j01' change was tho nioving of the juvenile collection, fm-- merly housed in the lilmrary. to the new campus school. Anothei- change undvr- taken hy the clepartnient was the re- vamping of the 1'PS91'YP hook system. 240 me ft' MATHEMATICS Two members of the lll?ltllG1llHllCS department received their Doctors' degrees during' the sum- mer of 1953, They are E. Glenadine Gibb and Lylllilll C. Peek. Dr, Peek. Dr. E. XV. Hamilton and Dr. Il. l". Trimble attended the Iowa Asso- ciation of Teachers of Mathematics in Des Moines in November 1953. These members and Dr. l. ll, Brune also attended the National Council of Teachers of Mzitliematics held in Cincinnati in April 1954. Dr. H. Van Eugen, the head of the Mathematics department. is the editor of the .lllIf1l6lillIfl.l'S Tef1c'lzc1's. 130211 1: A. Nt'lllll'l'C1', H. Van Eugen, Head: H. Trimble. Hou' 2: F. Lott, I. Bruue, E. Hamilton, L. Peek. Row 1: XV. Ct'Yl0lll2'lll, O. Barker, M. Russell, Haul n .ou 1 1 1. Aakvik, D, Kennedy, H. H:u'ris, A. Rellner. Departnn-ut activities included: three operas, three orchestra and hand concerts: and the A Capella and band tours. There were seven faculty reeitals aucl thirty-four student recitals. The clepartnrent co-spou- sored the Jazz Foucert presented by the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia inusic fl'Ht9I'11ll'j'. Besides an instrumental conference and a string conference. the department was host to the Northeast Iowa High School Baurl Masters Association for their annual elinir-. The Men's Physical Education department offers courses i11 thirty-Tln'ee different subject areas. Among- them are recreational leadershipq silpervisioii of Physical Education: and funda- mentals of diijferent Sports, which include wrest- ling-, football, basketball, and track. This depart- ment trains XOIIIIQQ men to hecoine coaches and also provides physical activities for all men students. PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR MEN 111110 I: XV, Kull, li, hlt?ll4lUllllIlll, llwmlg A. Dickinson, Iluu' ,jg H. Nurelly, L. Wllitfm-11, J, Vlzlrk, l'. Sturheck, 242 4' nf "F, S N: The XVUIHGIIVS Pllyxical Eclucatimi clcpartmeiit encourages student participatimi in the 1'GC1'i'El- tional, activities 011 campus as well as pa1'ticipatiou in college play-days. Its reci-catimmal lll'0g'l'H11l in- cludes: play nights, 1'ec1'eatim1al swiminiiig, xviutci' sports activities, and malting' equipment available for picnics. By having' many 1'ec1'eatim1al activities and 01'g'a11iZatitms open to the stutlents. tlie tlcpart- ment feels that it can oltl-1' every stmleut an equal upportuiiity to participate in some leisure-time activity. PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN linu' 7: M. Rllfft'l'XN'1lI'ill. T. Slmrt, J. Bfhllfl, Hf'fl1l,' U. XVl1ite, F. Bt-1'n:ur1l. linu' ff H. llizxl, Il, lltmn, Ii. Yager, B. Nwallsu 243 . nv xi: x ' ' on-rs. Hou' 3: l'. Mm' Collunn, XV. Poppy. E. Ruth, J. Shannon, ' ut 1 I ll I qu udt, NN Delioek, D. Barry, H. Nelson, M. Grunt, E. Smith. SCIENCE The Science depzlrtinent which offers three ina- jO1'N-HQ'1'lCllltll1'9, earth science, or science with emphasis on biology, eheinistry oi' physicsfhas two new ineinhers o11 its staff: David Barry in biology and Jerry Shannon in elementary science. M. L. iil'Zi11l' will he The 'l'eache1's College instructor at the Lakeside L?llJO1'Ht0l'y at Lake Ukoboji next suin- inel' XVllEl'9 faculty and students from the three state colleges do researeli and graduate work. The depzlrtinent was awarded 0116 of the five Ding Dar- ling' Coiiseiyaitioii Fellowships of 341000 by the Aineriean Wild Life Federation, l11 the spring' the departinent conducted ai science fair for the high schools in northeast Iowa. SOCIAL SCIENCE mm 1 onipson, G. Robinson, R. F2llll'll1'V, XY. live, R. Strain, E. lllilklllll. 1.'n11' V. Leavitt, H, lllilll' In un, D llou url, H. Crnwforll, NY. Lang, li. Sngc. One of thin yea1"s most iniportanf ac- Tivitics in The Social Science ilG1lH1'llll1'l1l was the liegiiniing' preparation for tllc Social Studies Seminar at Ashridge Col- lege, l391'kl10l1lStt'Cl, England. The trip, planned for 1955 will carry nine quar- ter hours of credit, and will cover a period of eleven weeks. Another of the ll9PH1"fl116I1llS activities This year was XVillian1 Lang's evening' connnnnify course in Humanities. The departmcnt sponsors two honor organizations, Pi Gamma Mu and Social Science Honors. Hou' I: D. Vurtis, Iirufl: V. Adney, L. :xll4l0l'S0ll, M. :xllflUl'S4lll, H. Bvbb, E. Crlllllvllvll, M- Divelbe-ss, W. GOIIIIIHII Hou' f: D. Kuellring, J. Brom-zyk, L. Hznnmn, M. J:1L-ksml, C. Heiplc, C. Illbfflllllll, E. Ennis, F. Kasiske, C Hpiple, I. Fraxlnn. lime' J: E. Muntur, M. Blzu-knnxn, M. Bl'llXX'l1, A. Gnllivksun, L. Gillolcy, A. Emmons, G. Hen llf'1'SOIl, M. 1I0lIl1lJl'I'g', C". 1'I:n'pe1', R. I'I1lllSOll, H. I'IllfL'llCSUl1. lion' -I: J. Hull, fl. Nh61PllPl'1l. C. Jackson. M- HOSiC1' L'. Halrtwell, D. IIu1'1'ivk, H. Lutfin, A. Loelsunl. W. Kmlnw, C. Ness, P. BIZIZIIIH, E. Floyd. ww I: M. Ntrnblu, H. Pvt'-rsun, IC. TllI'llUI', A. Xvillllillfll, M. Ntunv, E. Opfor, A. Strung. lion' J: F. Hiller, . Sl'IlWk'iZl'l', H. Nm-, A. M:ulul'v, M. Wultvr, E. 1IuBri1l0, D. HvNI:lllun, P. Mc1"n1'tlly. Hou' J: N. Mzulore, M. Xmlivkxn. li. Urr. H. Weber, W. NI:nrirl1-, S. 1,I.'2lVQ'f', W. Vim-yanxwl. IC. Hunlun, L. Stokstzul, IC. Nf0illi11gL'l'. Hou' 4: 1' Mimlnlh-ton. H. Lym-lr, U. Phillips, J. xvillkhflllllll, W. I'l:rp1v. Il. XYi11rfkv, I". Brinnn. A. Pnttclg M. Schultz, H. X lll4lt'l' I-lm-k, D. Ruthe. 246 vi' ,M "'-' Faculfy members a+ an informal luncheon served in fhe Faculfy dining room of 'rhe Commons ...nv-rf Q'-7. ,. . kd' 5' L 1" 11 .X ff 'iiggxz 6 W1 P fi ' Q5 1 1 1! 'T law? -QE' I i llfxi 4 ax Q 5 xg 1 . 4 ' . ' ,M AL 5311.51 fi, if-U Efxiffi-,-.L"p , 11735: ' .1 'ff-g:3'?L 2, -gwwegzf, lffvffw f - 'ive 1-' -52 'JC L' P?f5S,z',fg4, 1 r gf: ,33,fEggiy '-f PVT? 5:.f?5'v5.: ,k V .,.,A , . . , flfwi ., .. - E12 X2 -E z. -:W S: ' Q li kv! -. ' ' 7' 1 :f'iff"' . 4 5- ev ' 3. 'Q fu x g? X W, YQQQQ X Q X 4. N + X , Q my - EFMQ , , X -..-'X-f.,.' , - V :M wiv. ww ' A Y 157513 3' : 1. :'5m.:',:g55ff z.- 'f?1",A-H' , 1552 53412 -1' 1:"':-.ff-vw 'Q .Q .,:fs.'f:,:.-1,3 x , f Avi: Q31 1 I -X ' S ., ., - 2. ' G15-'-1 4 X x X , . VYLQ' .xv . , 1 3 , . 'wig A -,Nr givlgisf' Y- ,Efw A? wpw 1, 1. ' , avi U , WF' S , ' Q1 X X u ffqpji. K P . ., -T? - .-TT -. - - ,. 'SPF f',4'5' 4 'T-3' ",1'5u",2'.-'ZS-'25-'.-5A,..? ""'3-17.1-v' "S--La SC' "Q51"Tm ' ,aagigfj-'pr! '55 ,gp-9" "' .3",,.'1'3""fL"'2'f""' 0.1"V' NJ""..:'.p"T1f"xfL ,vm-quvmn-.o, -.fifnvffgnaquafcgaunwm .,4w-'mugs-1-Y -'mn-ww-.p,w,.,. -Ny' ,.-. -fu--. .-Q .0-f-.---.. 'W' .ay ,wi .,.w,.., ., M,-K ,...,..+.,.5...-.. ...,-Q.. ,...g..,..c..... N.. M M. ,Q ., M, . . ,, , . , . .. ,,. -.--,.a-..-.-....v.-,..--.p..-..--.::-...-.-..m.f..-.-.-..-...-.-..f.,-ff .... ..,. M.. .,,f,..,,.. v M. ...MZ ,Q .M-...... ,.-- .-..- A ..- -,.-o .-,.-1.-..m,.,,.-..-,-.-.-.....,.w.g..f-h- ,.,1.-W... 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Adamson, Kafherine A. Allen, Jolnn L. Allen, Pairicia J. Andersen, Kenneilw E. Anderson, Jolwanna H. Arizumi, Janel R. Armslrong, Eldon K, Arfhur, V. Joan Bailey, M. Laurine Baldovi, Jane A. Barreft Claire E. Baumgarl, Norberf K, Beclcmann, Dolores J, Be-mer, Alberl' L. Bensch, Carol L. Benz, Richard D. Birclward, Dale W. Blair, Maynard F. Brendel, Donald L. Briggs, Donald C. Brisel, Beffy L. Bubb, Lois J. Buclwels, James O. Carr, R. Eleanor Casebolf, Roxie F. Chambers, George A. Clririsrensen, M, Elaine Classicli, Clnarloile C. Clime, Max E. Corba-H, Florence E. Crelclier, E. Robe-rla Cross, Raymond L. Croucln, Rufli E. Curlis, Rol:-erf L. Dannenberg, Marilyn M Dansdill, J. Edward Davidsen, Carlyle D. Davis, M. Clwarlofle DeJong, Jolwn H. Dernps?er, Bonnie M. DeNeul, Donald D. Dolphin, Euqene M. Dornae, Mildred M. Dralce, Thomas J Duncan, Roy K. Eclwelbarqerl Roberf V. Enqlnolm, Arlene M. Ewaldl, Edmund R. Fall J, Duane Farmer, Riclward G. Fislwer, Joseph E. Flinn, Sheila B. Fong Lenore l.. Fowler, Genevieve V. Franlf, Luane C. Fulcuda. June K. Galley. Grace A. Ganwel, Joanne M. Ganslce, Roger C. Garland, Florence l-l. Gillis, Gloria A. Glasscoclc, Jewell J. Goelwring, Marlon G. Granf. B. Jean Gray, Gladys M. Grewell, Jollne A. Grifzner, Teresa A, Groenewold, LaDonn Grove, Darlene E. Guflwridrge, Charlene R. Guyer, Pafricia L. Harlner, Jane B. l-lalfer, Merrill D. l-lamada, Kafnleen K. l-landorl, James L. l-lansen, Kenneflw L. Hansmeier, Thomas W. Hanson, Donald L. l-larf, Marqarel L. 32 . 4. , Y I, i Q In ...V K . "lV . .. 4 . 5' pa ids., H' it Q A ff l isx wr W .....r.. V A5 N J ..4f- . X 1 ' 'N : M sms -.' V 5'-j-. V L .,.-. .2 ". A Xb . " .. 1'. ' 1 '.-,, , 'xii . a',, tif A'- ln E ' ' A J N ,V . vi 3594 '-JW: Q l ' im K' rs- It -ea N-ur l ff 55- 11.3 4,13 'g . 'if' A -av ' ., Q. ' i f-. ' - - ' Sffirvtz' " Q. i -fn, sv fi . :-: L 5 xi Q . l 51-: WM" ' X .4 ,.,.. f 1 f' V . 1 A l N' -1- A "" Abit . Y l . ,,A -rfr A v' . l CAA 5 J Y 5, l . . N 1 -1. . i f. ' 1 . J , ,,,Q ,. , l l , -s li :sy l li .i,. l i .X I . E y 'vw' - af - i s l l sexy r. M. ! ms Nu -. X Lx-Qgf Q v , . X . . V XX N XM.. .. 'mia 11. . gn 5 --A , af R qi ir-fs' fQ55..5.., N A . Nw 'Q X .X 1 e. BACHELOR OF ARTS CANDIDATES l-larvey, Jean M. l-lauber, Norma J. l-lealh, Lenard D. l-leflin, Kennelh L. l-leslcell, Jin-i L. l-lidore, John l-l. l-liqdon, Barbara L. l-linlZ, Rulh A. l-lolsfad, Elaine C. l-Iornpland, Henry J. l-lowe, Margarel' A. l-lowell, Beverly J. Huber, Norrna F, l-lull, Maxine L. l-lulsr, Niclcolas R. l-lun'r, Dennis W. l-lulchens, Franklin lnq- Rira M. Jacobson, Marion E. Jensen, Donna J. Joachim, Johnson Johnson Charles W. Curlis A. Gordon E. C. Johnson, Marilyn R. Jondahl, Gerald R. Jones, Belly L. Jones Darrell G. Juhl, l-larriel E. Kehe, Donald W. Kelsey, Rufh M. Kempfon, M. Evelyn Kensinqer, Dorolhy A. Klaas Richard L. Klein, Carol A. Koch, Richard D. llrallcy, Roberl C. Krivohlavy, Barbara A Laqerquisl, Clifford D Laqerquisr, Lydia B. Landau, Arlhur L. Y ss 5 X S x W .5 if 'S' D if v 5 , l ' ',fffK.t X 4 Rs' '82 Landry Rnchar A Lee, Lrnda M Lewis, Sylvua A Linlfyls Gene L Linslrorn William Llnlhlcurn Wllllarn Llayd, D an R Lonnlnq Rog r Lower, James Mace, Marulynn A Madson Joan E Magee Dan P Mallby James Marshall Davrd E Malhews Charlolle L Malsunaga Helen Y lvlaffox Larry N Maxwell Roger A Mayer Roselyn M Mazula Wulllam Mel-lenry Pa rxcla A MCKE-rcher Marqarl' McNul'r Marilyn B Meewes Pafnma Meier, Gladys M Mellclr Meyer Meyer Miller, Minier Morris Warren G Mullaney Pafrwcna J Nadolslm Audrey J Nelson Nannefle Nichols Edward C Nordly Joan G NOrrlS. Belly R Olrai, l-'lelen T Culoole Mary E Papouselc Charles BACHELOR OF ARTS CANDIDATES Parlridqe, V. Maxine Paulsen, William R. Pease, Norman F. Pefersen, Ellen l. Peferson, Joyce A. Peferson, LeVere M. Pelrolzl, Dorollwy G. Phelps, Roberl F. Philips, Mary A. Philleo, Clela M, Phipps, Vernie L. Pierce, Roberl G. Praff, Jane? S, Punlce, William J. Rallwieny Neal l-l. Rauch, Karl J. Reiclwenberq, Sieqfrie Riley, Palricia E. Ripperfon, Lonnie R. Roberls, Arlene K. Robey, Lola J. Robson, Norma J. Rogers, Mildred D, Porem, Cliarmayne J Roseland, Patricia A. Roskens. Ronald W. Sage, Barbara J. Sclwuellca, Francis M. Sclriull, Raymond Fl. Sellers, Cary J. Sells, Gary D. Slwerrill, M. LaNelle Sides, Audrey M. Simmons, Carmen L. Snullier, Harvey D. Sorensen, Louise M, Sorenson, Diane L. Speed, Kallwryn A. Sperry, Harvey L, Sfandlelf' Jolm W, 254 d . ' fi, E as 05 , X X N 5 'RN il , x P ,-2 , .- r ,,...,,.. , 9 -Jr -'r 4 A r iQ? ,S s gi ' " EH X , M., .- v.,.......,-. -.Q -- 'fr.r..,-.- fait' ii 't We X VIFWS- 2' ' l X N N mm a' 5 I is-:"r:?cgl-ae. . 1. " 1 " X Q. ' N. A ,.xg,,. ,., . 1 A +4 Q wx? ms. xx -. ., ., 0 W f xwxxxx -.f X. xx X L fm N vi xx X Jw. ' QM X?'SNfgffr .N . , gp 3. x . 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Toyarna, l-lidelo Traqer, Janef M. Van Lanqen, Donald K Van Siclcle, Barbara B. Van Sickle, Marvin A. Van Slylse. Gary L. Van Sleenberqen, Mona Waclnenlweirn, Jarnes Waldon, Gordon R. Weber, Marie L. Websler, Elvvyn G. Wederquisf, Florence While, Delberf F. N D Wlwillleseyi Marilyn J. Williams, Rosemarie B. Winlclernan, Beverly J. Willrner, Barra J. Wyborny, Novella D. Yaqer, llwornas E. Yanney, Beulalw l. Yo5l1ir'nori, Sylvia l-l. Zalwnen, W. l.ois TWO YEAR DIPLO CANDIDATES Abbas, Ellen J. Ahrens, Vonda L. Aiken, Mary L. Akers, Judilh A. Albers, Conslance Almelien, Donna J. Alrmeier, Lorraine Arnrnerrna n, Caroly Andersen, Sharon K. Anderson, Carol J. Anderson, Donna J Anderson, D. Carol Anderson, Geraldine l. Archer, Palricia A. Auqusfine, Virginia Babb, Beverly A. Bailey, Phyllis L. Baker, Judilh C. Baker, Parricia L. Bakker, Norma J. Bale-5, Alice E, Balk, Madonna A. Barber, Suzanne Bealfy, Eloise A. Bekemeier, Mary L. Bell, Jean A. Be-nler, Phyllis M. Bergman, Shirley A Bevinq Luella M. Billerbeck, Frances Billiqk, Joyce G. Bilfinqer, Thelma L Blanchard, Verneva Blallner, Eva B. Bloe-rn, Marquerire Blong, Angela M. Blood, Vesla M. Bock, Lois M. Boeyers, Mary E. Bolton, Dolores D. 256 MA C. C. I , , 1 n I-' K . -' Qi i l ii l r A -V L. ' . . A . M. V, , . Y f, A K r k I Q .- ,. S 'il' J. ,Q 'S X Q r ,, ew L. .,.x K isis.. 4 X -Q Bonnallie, Ann M. Bofforif, Louise A. Bourne, Virginia Bradshaw, Roberfa A. Branch, Elizabelh H. Brasch, Janer S. Brecher, Joyce E. Brennan, Geraldyne K. Brewer Beverly J. Broaclie, Mary J. Brower, Carol L. Brown, Bernice C. Brown JoAnn Brown Mary C. Brown Phyllis J. Brubaker, .Mary L. Burharn, Nancy E. Burrnahl, Wanda L. Burns, Barbara A. Buflerlield, Marqarel Caclmley, Marilyn E. Calonlcey, M. Kay Carper, Joyce N. Caslner, Pahicia A. Cave, Donna R. Clarlc, Shirley D. Conqer, Doris C. Cook, Leah J. Cornwell, Jean A. Cory, Joan P. Cresap, Virginia l. Cullberq, Jean E. Culp, Bonnie D. A. Cunningham, Charlene L. Cuffill, Margaref E. Dandy, Kaihleen L. Davids, Violel M. DeJoode, Rosemary l. Dillon, Mary E. Dolan, Nancy A. 257 ., 3 K , ,"'1vw25x1-r.f"f:"L.,1--if ,V-, i . , ., 5' r f.,y: .o,,r,f, :Q-1 -2 1 . . " ' frpu' -ff- ,.,.. -L ,- E "' i x .rr em Q , -V-,,.,. 6 . . '-,,- -nr -W Y 'za ., ,,.,. , isle .XX 'xx' .-.-:NN I AI 1 y Q55 5: -'X Ll X iffaii. lt .y-1 . rf , ' H. ' i 1 1 'YZF-73' i M .ref-l 136+ '4 sf 'Q is .. X Rx fi i I 5 i 4 M 1' -.--Q' .- fx.. Jr af. . P.. .Sex W 'Q' M Fri . A , V X.. A .M Q, X . 'fair 'K x Q Q- ff.. Y A A .QYY Q4 QS' ,,, if gt" sf' W sa. .-r, N, 4.5, lx R f .r !'-X in-if ...Q E. A 1 A :V-Swine . . 'NR , hi A X. -. I X- I ' UQ. 'x 3. 'bar .X X X -' QQ.. --5 WW Sr- ws...,,.,. hy zyrvzgwzfi' ,.fw:'-?z,gv1-'-21'-vw-,vc'1, ., 3,'-".',,j.'-fy ff erm, . fj,3a5.,f3gfyg1'5-4.1.5.f -.., f mr .:f.,..1?ff sfrffT145frkgQ1,4T:gT r- f,g:-.wr ' f 1 .u -. ,, A fi K. 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Sim' CANDIDATES Donlje, Marflwa . Dralce, Carol L. Drecnsler, Diana A, Dunleavy, Ellen J. Dyyad, Joyce A. " . my A .. TWO YEAR DIPLOMA L .f ar 'R 43 is A V 1 Eclcel, Jane A. Edge, Joanne E. Ernbree, Jo A. Eyans, Mary E. Falirenlcrog. Corene Fisch, Marilyn L. Flanders, Sally M. Fondroy, Eleanor L. Forrnaro, Nancy A. Eranlc, Donna D. Franlce, Doris J. Freel, Donna P. Freslnwafers, Nancy Frier, Cnarlotfe J. Fry, Therese E. Eulwlman, JoAnn Eulclwer, Vivian W. Gabby, Marilyn J. Gardner, Dona J. Garrels, Ella M. Garrelf, Anila F. Garlz, Marlene l-l. Q-ebel, Mary R. Gibson, Marilyn L. Gingericlw, Laurel R. Gifzy, Jo A, Goeflsclny Clweryll A. Green, Palricia S. Grofewold, Ramona Gulbro, Norma J. Gurilz, Lois l. Guslalson, Gail J. l-lalslead. Phyllis B. l-lalvorson, Helen N. l-lam, Marilyn J. A L. J. Happel, Grace G. Harfing, Mardene C. l-lauclc, Marjorie' R. l-lay, Joyce J. I-leinfz, Mariorie M. Hibbs, Dorofhy C. Hicolc, Mabel M. Hill, Vernice A. Hobar'i', Barbara J. Hollinqsworlh. Diane D. Hooper, Doris A. Howard, Shirley A. Hudson, Esfher C. Hum, Frances L. Hundling, Carol L. Hunf, Sarah A. Idso, Marlene J. Irving, Rulh C. Jaclrley, Joan D. Jensen, Barbara V Jepsen, Helen J. Jessen, Maureen C. Jewell, Elaine V. Johnson, Aileen C. Johnson, Darlene A Jones, Dolores L. Kasperbauer, Pafricia A. Kehe, Darlene J. Kehe, Jacqueline L. Kelso, Carolyn N. Kirlcpalriclc, Valena Klinlc, Frances A. Knoll, Shirley A. Kopeclcy, Bertha M. Kofz, Marcella M. Krebs, Marilyn R. Kruse, Carol J. Kurlz, Joy K. Larson, Darlene L. Lauber, Susan J. 29 B. -3 '2: Q.. X ,,, ff 'li W . ' 4 A . , , ig: f as v . ' - ' ,.,, ,,, .,,,,.y , . , P S 5 . . , QF". :vlh W Q S b , L xx fb ' . S A., ,mx J XX I ' 1 , . 'F' 7 -.Aw .X 3 I 1 X . ,, 4, V+. -,L 1.1 , aw 4 r rp., am .x ,Ha 4 if fi . w., fr .. M x xv A 51 .P 1 X gy? vw X iiii ' if is V i vi - - A . rrr .. . J . I ',.. , ...,.,.,. VA,,, ,P A, . , I .. QE 'X X . ' fr ' Q.. . 5 Knnr J f-3' nw 5 1 3, , "i' ' , ..,: ' V 'i-- gr 'vi wx vi! ' x P 1 I ,P W , V' M 'N . -Qi -- l Q aw ! 'f .YAG ' 'VW .' . ' '. ' 2 f ' 'wx53?2u ,yy , wp... .34 .V 4 ...vw .4-1, ., HJ 3, 4 ...J J, uw-.,-.gag 1,4 A- in . .Q " ,V A ZW A,.., wi f ' , W 4. J r ' gf" ..,' U v.51,M, , -.xv ' .,:. - : . I 5 ,5- I. ." 'Q , .ff .Q "' , --. rw V fEQT"v. Q, ie.-FM . ' ,.-, -- HB1 ng L '- xuib ' f xf v , A , i A f f i , A' ll? . ' . ' I J"-" TTL.. I " 'x " AM" l . 1 5 - , l .""s.' l Z: A ' 1:, , A 'JF . '96 3 A '.S,'f,',"'W. , NV ,. Y Fa, lk . .-, , .,. - ,W- X. Q I , ,,., y 'A in-. 32-m ,. e-rf' ' Q 'my .. l ' - 'l . i - 'P .. -if g aze, 5 -rue? N i s 2 N - KY rd XX Y' X Q XX K 5 ",:! N Q l l l l an 4.5 .:, e I 5 i X 'TW YA 1 fi Rx P . . . X x is Q V Q '1 X. wx NQQ x AN NN X fx QM A Im xxx 1' "- Maxi ff N 55:-0 5 - 5 Q Q X X X , X x fm x V 'Q 2 x w X X X SX X. " Wlggg X X . xxX ' . . Sl:v.,.w,..-,' fe. Q69 gr' "Q . ' ' a A. Q7 ,X Laue, Myrna M. Lawrence, Theresa M Leminq, Jean M. Lenls, Irene D. Lind, Donna M. Lindemann, Shirley J. Linn, Sharon F. Linse, Belly A. Long. Doris G. Lowman, Darlene V. Lulcen, M. Ramona Luft, Bonnle M. Manderscheid, Madonna A Marlin, Carole R. Marlin, Sandra L. Maison, Rosellen l-l. McAuley, Sally A. McCulloch, Phyllis C McDonald, Janel C. Mehlhop, Allce G, Meldrurn, Judy M. Messerli, Mary E. Messerschrnidf, Jaclyn D Meyer, Jeanelle E. Miller, Marilyn A. Mllchell Donna M. Mohler, Roberla J. Moore, Virqinla A. Morey, Palricia J. Morgan, Mary P. Mossman, Carole A. Mouser, Marilyn A. Murra, Marjorie A. Mychalek, Joyce M. Neil, Carole F. Nelsen, Gloria D. Nelson, Bonnie L. Nelson, Janef M. Nlebuhr, Donna M. Nielsen, Phyllls M. X H :WG .W '- J. A I . N., -s, n e. fs-gf. 5.57 ' V .xxx I an ' 1 ., V. ,J .. V N JI.-1 .FQ x 1 Q cf. gig, if Y. J. iiwsf S- 4., .. ., .,., x..,',1.. I., -f-Q. x.m13G ' .. I, Q ,. - im... .. , '..a1-.f,.... :1-,Lm4f -.. :Elaine TWO YEAR DIPLOMA CANDIDATES V f . 3.":f'f N 5- ' - '-'- .A Nieuwenlwuls, Arlene J. I Z' M y fa- . Nonernan, Judiih J. ,is N, V N gl. Norcross, Margery A. V 'if Nordrnarlf, Anne M, - l Norris, Barbara J. ,l nsll , -I Ncsfrorn, Mrldred E. 4 ....--. Oberrnan, Belly J. , xt L, Ogden, Jane? J. ohm, Kathleen D. l ' Clnlson, Joanne C. I J l Olson, Alice M. l A r 'ff f U OMara, Florence A. , Qi L ..4 j O'Neal, Clara J. l off, Mallee I ., .. - 1, Q l X - Osfercarnp, Marle A. -1 .-, .,, .,, "hw 3, M iki ' Ollo, Marilyn R, V V 'H ff Cyerfurf, Helen l.. M'-Y an Oxenford, Kaflwryn A. -' Parlcer, Audrey B. Pedersen, Clara M. L A 5 A ' Rennlrnan, Glenda l. .R 1 - 1 2 I . .1 mx I fig.. l pelersorll Evelyn q J s K sy . . :iw -. rl ' Feferson. Jaleen A. ' 6' " ' V . l' iz' WH ' , Plefan, Helen A. I i f y 1 XR : J ,v-' I I-,MAA :gg V 2.3 ,, ,I . ., A 'A,r, 1 X'-,..11,f wx , Q , V ' SH , . V ,E .E Piper, Lorraine W. -E it . , V .9 ,. . -f gvgxx Q. owers, ary , g. ' . - . if ' 3 Primus. Helen F. i ' ' .V 5 3 ' Pr-opal, rarmeen J, . ' . Purcell, Madelyn R. E V, E , ...if I b Purdy, Linda L. fl . I SQ7 .K . 6 L A I Ramlerx Beverlee J. 1 .Q . ' Si , . f 'R ll.. . A' A R WSW Maw A- -""'- f "' ' "' ' 'e" - ' "'l"' A " , ' r R' Rearn, Mary M. Reed, Mary L. Renaud, Janice M. Renaud, Muriel J. Ressler, Lols R. 26l Reiienrnaier, Frances M r Reufer, Carol J. 1.1 I is Ries, Mary A. Riffenlwouse, Joyce L. H ii ,,,,, Robinson, Wilrna M. ii i """ 1. ' Rodman, Joan M. Roose, Donna B. Rosene, Marilyn L. Ross, Carol J. Ruslw, Pafricia A. Samuelson, Beverly B. Sanborn. Margare +L. Sanburn, Slwirlee M. Sawyer, Jane? L, Sclwaeller, Doroilwy M. Scl1mid', Marilyn Scnrninlce, Carolyn Sclirarnrn, JoAnn Scnuessler, Donna Shaffer, Wanda L. Slwellabarqer, Joyc Slninn, Marilyn J. xr , N, u M 4.1. Q 6 ii. ' 5- ' e f , ' ,W . Z in ,V 'Q 'Ir ii: X vb' W as . 3 KMA s Q, " WEEK Q A. N A X . M. ' , . . e J, Slmupe, Kafhleen S. Siddall, Donna M, Simpson, Diane Slaoog Mary A. Srnid, Joan M, Smifln, Evelyn M. Srniilw, Judilli A. Soelnour Palricia A. Sp-aiglnly Mardella Sfanle, Marqarel J. Sfarnp, Wanda L. Sfewarf, Mary C. Sfofls, Phyllis J, Srueck, Belly M. Swanson, Virginia Tally, W. Joan Taylor, Rafricia L. Taylor, Ruflri E. 262 R. -, Q-N... X . "' .1-'x-, --en. , L A , Q N3 N ,S-' as . i V N X x if RQ sw x E Y ' iz. A . 'S ' vw Q Q , Ig 3, -F' i H: Qf 0 l - 'X' , 3' X Ya JR i .Nun-'Fi Q' 'ii 2 in X x EV: , X ' U ,, fx NN V XX TWO YEAR DIPLOMA CANDIDATES Telg, Caroline J. Tlworson, Delores E. Thorson, Jane? K. Tice, Doroflwy C. Toillion, Margarel L. Trende, Zuella 6. Trowbridge, Eleanor R. Turbe-H, Slwlrley A. Ullericlw, Jullann M. Vaaqe, Helen J, Vaughn, Jackie A. Vernon, Rullw A. Vial, Rullw l-l. Vollenweider, Marlan E. Vopava, Mildred M. Ward, Mary A. Ware-berq, Nancy A. Warren, June M. Wasson, Myrna L. Welderl, Joan K. Werland, Carol L. Wesfrum, Marllyn E, Wlwalin, Dorollwy A. Wlzlcs, JOdn L. Wleland Jean D. Wieslcarnp' Elizaloeflw A. Wlnlcie, Beverly K. Winlers, Joylyn M. Worllmlnqlon, MaryAnn Wosoba, Dolores A. ' Wyrncre, Janice M. v,- ' - - ' 1 w f ' ' L -2 .1325 ' ,- - -7 5 x dx.-g 51:1'iQgQG':,SfmvM:'Gx.Q:ggL' X QL.,-.19 "yy 5Q.LLgk,,.:..,mT .ygfrggtg Egg ii4,g.,3", -Q W W y .I ,A zf., gy. fs: -A -' 1 -M . ... 2 4. f- W' -- A xx ...., - .A A . ld. 5, L E i .- . - y 5, 5 1 ,hi 1 . , .E -ff' gk .. W--' 4. fl- - "- . H 3 oo.:- y ii, W V V 43.-L , .9 X I . - 6 g H sw y 6- V 5 I ' 'gb-2 'K 'V ftp 'rf' f 'S -- , I -V ef. .gg . -X , IL Q .-.rfvx -5 12 W H 7 2 so Q10 L A sz- 1' fi Q .B Q 22- , . , . 1. -, s! 2 ,h il- ,I i x I ' , 1 A ' "" f Q , ,K VV H , if f gf RQ. .- . .--mfiib M ,,.. 3 . . i i ' . , ' 961' ' 'A ' - g. -.B Z -- 'Y --3 ,- , D"-.W 'F - - ,. 'f . , J ,, ' .. 'W if-2 ,,.. 5 I .J-K. , 6 -- , ar ww. .1 'N - ,JS ' S4 . 19.45 11+ ' :gf-if n 'M " K l Q -,AGN i '75 . A l in " -- .. ,Q JG- rj? "' .P SR -f: - B "-1'9"-, . fe: 5 .- A 1 . ' " K' ' "f u f VT: '-N xx A p l l --Q'---T--.1--'-7--ff-'-'W r W ' '- ' ' ' ' ""' - " i . 1 A . P Q 1 vt-'-"-f""""" N f A Adams, Darlene M. Waterloo, English. Delta Delta Phi 2,3,43 Waterloo Women's Housing Unit 3,4 lPresident 373 A.W.S. Board 33 Student League Board 33 Purple Arrow l,23 Foreign Language Club 2,3,4 lPresident 473 l.F.T.A. 4. Adamson, Katherine A. Cedar Falls, Speech. Pi Theta Pi l,2,3,43 College Players l,2,3,43 Theta Alpha Phi 3,43 Chimes 33 Torch and Tassel 43 Senior Counselor 33 College Chorus l,Z3 A Cappella Choir 3,43 Plymouth Club I3 League ol Women Voters 2,33 Student League Board 33 Concert Band I. Allen, John L. Algona, Speech. College Chorus l,23 College Players 2,3,43 Film Club 43 Sigma Theta Epsilon 2,3,43 Theta Alpha Phi 3,43 Wesley Foundation I,2,3,4. Allen, Patricia J. Lucas, Social Science. Film Club l,2,3,43 I.F.T.A. 43 Kappa Phi 2,3,43 League of Women Voters 3,43 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 Social Science Honors 3,43 Speech Ac- tivities Club 2,3,4 lPresident 47. Andersen, Kenneth E. Harlan, Speech. Speech Activities Club l,2,3,43 Delta Sigma Rho 3,4 lPresidenl 473 College Eye 3,43 College Players I,3,43 Film Club l,2,3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Presbyterian Fellowship 3,43 Stadium Hall House Council I3 Hall of Recognition l,2,33 Hall ol Scholarship I,2,3. Anderson, Johanna H. Miller, South Dakotaj Elementary. Kappa Della Phi 43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 43 Theta Epsilon 2,3,43 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 2,3,43 Rural Community Leaders Club 23 Baptist Student Center 2,3,43 Bethel College. Arizumi, Janel' R. I-lilo, Hawaii, Social Sci- ence. Library Students Association 2,3,43 Nu Sigma Phi I,2,3,4. Armstrong, Eldon K. Dawson, Industrial Arts. A Cappella Choir 33 College Chorus l3 Ep- silon Pi Tau 3,43 Industrial Arts Club I,3,43 Sigma Tau Gamma 2,3,43 l.F.T.A. 4. , Arthur, V. Joan. Cedar Falls, Speech Correc- tion. Purple Arrow 23 Torch and Tassel 43 Delta Delta Phi 2,3,4 lVice-president 373 OLD GOLD 2,33 Sigma Alpha Eta 2,3,4 lPresident 4l3 Cedar Falls Women's Hous- ing Unit 2,3,4 l'President 373 A.W.S. Board 33 Student League Board 33 University ot Iowa. B Bailey, M. Laurine. Sioux City, English. A.W.S. Board 43 Chimes 33 College Players 3,43 Della Della Phi I,2,3,4 lPresidenl 3l3 Film Club 43 Inter-Sorority Council 33 I.F.T.A. 43 Law- lher Hall House CoLncil 23 Lutheran Student Association l,2,3,43 OLD GOLD 33 Purple Arrow 23 Student League Board 43 Symphony Orchestra l,23 Torch and Tassel 43 Campbell Hall Executive Council 4 lPresident 47. Baldovi, Jane A. Kuiaha, Maui-Hawaii, Eng- lish. Lawther Hall House Council 23 Theta Gamma Nu 2,3,43 Alpha Phi Gamma 3,43 Senior Counselor 43 College Eye 3,4. Barrett, Claire E. Cedar Falls, Science. Math Club 3,43 Iowa State College. Baumgart, Norbert K. State Center, Social Science. Sigma Tau Gamma l,2,3,43 Men's Union 43 Baker Hall House Council 3,43 Gamma Delta l,2,3,43 Student Counselor 43 Social Science Honors 2,3,4. Beckmann, Dolores J. Moline, Illinois, Speech. Bartlett Hall House Council I fPresident I73 Student League Board I3 College Players I, 2,3,43 Lutheran Student Association I3 League ot Women Voters I3 Pi Theta Pi I,2,3,4 lVice- president 373 Lawther Hall House Council A.W.S. Board 33 I.F.T.A. 43 Theta Alpha i 4. Bemer, Albert L. Palo, Science. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,43 Alpha Phi Omega l. Bensch, Carol L. Decorah, Kindergarten-Prh mary. Kappa Phi l,2,3,43 I.F.T.A. 2,43 K.P. B.A. 3,43 K-P Club I,2. Benz, Richard D. Mystic, Social Science. Cen- lerville Junior College. Birchard, Dale W. Eyerly, Industrial Arts. ln- dustrial Arts Club I,3,43 Sigma Gamma Kappa 2,3,4. Blair, Maynard F. Cedar Falls, Physical Edu- cation. I Club l,2,3,43 Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unit 3,4 fVice-president 4l. 264 BACHELOR OF ARTS INDEX Brendel, Donald L. Mason City, Physical Edu- cation. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 3,43 I Club 43 Tennis Team 33 Concert Band 33 Marching Band 33 Mason City Junior Col- ege. Briggs, Donald C. Plainfield, Social Science. Alpha Chi Epsilon 3,43 College Eye 3,43 I.F.T.A. 43 Pi Gamma Mu 43 Social Science Honors 3,43 Warlburg College. Brisel, Betty L. Marshalltown, Home Econom- ics. Baptist Student Center 3,43 Ellen Rich- ards Club 3,4 lPresident 4lf I.F.T,A. 43 Pi Theta Pi 3,43 Campbell Hall House Council 3,43 Marshalltown Junior College. , Bubb, Lois J. Fort Madison, Music. Kappa Della Pi 3,43 Sigma Alpha lola 3,43 Purple Arrow l,23 Christian Student Center l,23 Col- lege Chorus l,2,3,43 l.F.T.A. 3,4 CVice-presi- deni' 473 Theta Gamma Nu l,2,3,43 M.E.N.C. 3,4. Buckels, James O. Jewell, Business Education. Tau Chi Eta I,2,3,4: Phi Sigma Epsilon 3,4 lVice-president 4l3 I Club 2,3,43 F.B.L,A. I,2,3,4. C Carr, R. Eleanor. Mechanicsville, Elementary. Elemenla-Ki l,23 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,43 l.F. T.A. 2,4. Casebolt, Roxie F. Ackley, Kindergarten-Prh mary. A Cappella Choir 23 Marching Band 23 Concert Band 23 l.F.T.A. 3,43 K.P.B.A. 43 Elmhurst College. Chambers, George A. Keofa, Business Educa- tion. F.B.L.A. 3,43 Pi Omega Pi 3,43 Phi Sigma Epsilon I,2,3,4 fPresident 47: Student League Board 33 Football l,23 Track 23 Hall ot Recognition 2,33 Seerley Hall House Coun- cil 3 lPre5ident 37. Christensen, M. Elaine. Waterloo, Kindergar- ten-Primary-Speech Correction. A Cappella Choir 23 Sigma Alpha Eta 3,43 College Chorus I: Film Club 4. Classick, Charlotte C. Sibley, Kindergarten- Primary. K.P.B.A. 3,43 K-P Club l,23 Kappa Phi I,Z,33 College Chorus I. Clime, Max E. Brandon, Industrial Arts. ln- dustrial Arts Club 2,3,4. Corbett, Florence E. Mason City, Kindergar- ten-Primary. K.P.B.A. 3,43 Newman Club 3, 43 l.F.T.A. 43 Clarke College. Cretcher, E. Roberta. Cantrill, Kindergarten- Primary. College Chorus 33 Dellu Della Phi 3,43 K.P,B.A. 3,43 Senior Counselor 43 Wom- en's Chorus 23 K-P Club 23 Stale University ot lowag Parsons College. Cross, Raymond L. Adel, Business Education. Phi Sigma Epsilon 3,43 F.B.L.A. 43 Boone Junior College. Crouch, Ruth E. Gladbrook, Kindergarten- Primary. Curtis, Robert' L. Cedar Falls, Social Science. D Dannenberq, Marilyn M. Storm Lake, English. Purple Arrow 23 College Chorus 2,33 College Players 3,43 Della Della Phi 2,3,4 lPresident 473 l.F.T.A. 43 Film Club 43 Rockford Col- le e. Dangdill, J. Edward. Thornburg, Business Edu- cation. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,4 lPresident 473 Alpha Phi Gamma 3,43 College Eye 33 Baker Hall House Council 33 Student Coun- selor 3,43 OLD GOLD 43 Men's Union 4. Davidsen, Carlyle D. Ottumwa, Science. Sigma Tau Gamma I,2,3,4 CVice-president 373 Kappa Della Pi 2,3,4- lVice-president 473 Symphony Orchestra l,2,33 Concert Band l,23 Men's Union 33 Inter-Fraternity Council 33 Hall of Scholarship 2,3 4. Davis, M. Charlotte. Marshalllown, Kinder- garten-Primary. l.F.T.A. 43 Marshalltown Junior College3 Drake Uniyersity. DeJong, John H. Orange City, Mathematics- Social Science. Alpha Phi Omega I3 Baker Hall House Council 43 Chapel Choir l,23 College Chorus I3 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Kappa Mu Epsilon 43 Lambda Gamma Nu l,2,3,43 Marching Band I3 Pi Gamma Mu 3, 43 Stadium Hall House Council lj Social Sci- ence Honors 3, 43 Math Club l,23 U. S. Coast Guard Academy. Dempster, Bonnie M. LeMars, Art. Art Club l,2,3,43 College Chorus 23 l.F.T.A. 43 Kappa Phi l,23 Lawther Hall House Council 23 Nu Sigma Phi l,2,3,43 Purple Arrow l,23 Chimes 33 Wesley Foundation I,2,3,4. DeNeui, Donald D. Wellsburg, Business Edu- cation. Ellsworth Junior College. Dolphin, Eugene M. Primghar, Physical Edu- cation-Business Education. Baker Hall House Council 3. Domae, Mildred M. Wailuku, Maui-Hawaii, Junior High. Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,43 Li- brary Students Association 2,3,4: Senior Counselor 33 I.F.T.A. 43 Lutheran Students Association 3,4. Drake, Thomas J. Sutherland, Science. Sigma Tau Gamma 2,3,4 fVice-president 2, Presi- dent 37: Beta Beta Beta 3,43 Men's Union 3, 4 lPresident 473 OLD GOLD 33 Student Counselor 33 Stadium Hall House Council 33 Student League Board 43 Hall of Recogni- tion 3. - Duncan, Roy K. Columbus Junction, Junior High. Washington Junior College. E Echelbarger, Robert V. Cedar Falls, Industrial Arts-Science. Epsilon Pi Tau 43 Industrial Arts Club 3,43 Sunset Village Council 43 Buena Vista College. Engholm, Arlene M. Fort Dodge, Art. New- man Club 3,43 Art Club 3,43 Kappa Della Pi 43 Fort Dodge Junior College3 Iowa State College. Ewoldl, Edmund R. Wall Lake, Physical Edu- cation. Football I3 Wrestling 3,4, Track 4. F Falk, J. Duane. Stanton, Social Science. Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 3,43 North Park College. Farmer, Richard G. St. Louis, Missouri, Busi- ness Education. Lambda Gamma Nu 3,43 Winona State Teachers College. Fisher, Joseph E. Iowa City, Elementary. Christian Student Center 2 CPresident 273 College Players I3 Elementa-Ki I3 Men's Union 23 Student League Board 23 Student Counselor 23 Hall ot Recognition 23 S.C.R.A. 4 CPresident 473 Stadium Hall House Coun- cil I3 Kappa Della Pi I3 Sunset Village House Council 43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,4. Flinn, Sheila B. Waterloo, English-French. A.W.S. Board 3,43 Foreign Language Club I,Z,33 Waterloo Women's Housing Unit 3,4 lVice-president 3, President 473 Student League Board 43 Senior Counselor 3,43 Purple Arrow 2. Fong, Lenore L. Honolulu, Hawaii, Kindergar- ten-Primary. K.P.B,A. 3,43 Newman Club 3, 43 Pi Tau Phi 3,43 Senior Counselor 43 Univer- sity ot Hawaii. Fowler, Genevieve V. Grinnell, Business Edu- cation. F.B.L A. l,2,3,43 l.F.T.A. 2,3,43 Kappa Phi I,2,3,4. Frank, Luane C. Cresco, English. Newman Club l,2,3,43 l.F.T.A. 4. v Fukuda, June K. Hilo, Hawaii, Kindergarten- Primary. K.P.B.A. 3,43 Kappa Theta Psi 3,4. G Gaffey, Grace A. Waterloo, English. College Players I, 23 Newman Club I, 23 Senior Coun- selor 43 Waterloo Women's Housing Unit 4. Gamet, Joanne M. Cedar Falls, Art. College Players l,23 Ellen Richards Club l,2,3,43 Della Delta Phi I,2,3,4 lVice-president 43: New- man Club l,2,3,43 A.W.S. Board 33 Cedar Falls Women's Housing Unit 3 lVice-presi- dent 371 Art Club 3,4. Ganske, Roger C. New Hampton, Business Ed- ucation. Garland, Florence H. Sumner, Elementary- Library Science. Newman Club l,2,3,43 Col- lege PIaYers l,23 Purple Arrow 23 Elementa- Ki l,23 l.F.T.A. 23 OLD GOLD 2,3,43 March- ing Band 23 Women's Chorus 23 Bela Alpha Epsilon 3,43 Kappa Della Pi 3,43 Library Stu- dents Association 2,3,4 CPresident 4lf Senior Counselor 4. Gillis, Gloria A. Mound City, Missouri, Mu- sic. Pi Phi Omega 3,4 CPresident 473 March- ing Band 2,3,43 College Chorus 23 Christian Student Center 3,43 M.E.N.C. 3,43 l.F.T.A. 43 Northwest Missouri State College. - Glasscock, Jewell J. Greenfield, Physical Erl- ucation. W.R.A. l,2,3,4 tPresident 455 Physi- cal Education Club 2,3,45 A.W.S. Board 45 I.F.T.A. 2,45 Orchesis 3,45 Senior Counselor 3. Goehring, Marion G. Libertyville, Mathema- tics. Sigma Theta Epsilon l,2,3. Grant, B. Jean. Cedar Falls, Science. Wom- en's Chorus I5 Beta Beta Beta 2,3,4 lPresi- dent 455 Cedar Falls Unitarian Fellowship l,2,3,45 Cedar Falls Women's Housing Unit 25 Chimes 35 Film Club I5 Foreign Language Club I5 Purple Arrow l,2 CPresident 255 Sen- ior Counselor 25 S.C.R.A. 35 Student League Board 35 Torch and Tassel 4. Gray, Gladys M. Waterloo, Music. Pi Phi Omega I,2,3,4 CVice-president 455 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Purple Arrow 2. Grewell, Joline A. State Center, Music. Pi Theta Pi 2,3,4 CVice-president 455 Tau Chi Eta 35 College Chorus 2,3,45 I.F.T.A. 3,45 M.E.N.C. 4. Gritzner, Teresa A. Marion, Music-Elementary. Bartlett Hall House Council I5 Women's Chorus 25 College Chorus 3,45 Elementa-Ki l,25 I.F.T.A. 2,45 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Phi Chi Delta 2,3,45 Presbyterian Fellowship l,2,3,45 Purple Arrow l,25 Senior Counselor 45 Sigma Alpha Iota 3,4. Groenewold, LaDonn. Sibley, Art. College Chorus l,25 Chapel Choir l,3,45 Marching Band I5 Art Club 35 A Cappella Choir 35 Phi Chi Delta I,45 Campbell Hall House Council 3 Grove, Darlene E. Waterloo, Library Science. OLD GOLD 3,45 Wesley Foundation 3,45 Li- brary Students Association 2,3,45 Waterloo Women's Housing Unit 4 lVice-president 455 A.W.S. Board 45 Senior Counselor 4. Guthridge, Charlene R. Moville, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota 2,3,4 CVice-president 455 Purple Arrow l,25 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Chimes 35 Torch and Tassel 45 A Cappella Choir 35 A.W.S. Board 45 Chapel Choir 25 College Chorus l,25 College Eye 35 Concert Band l,2,3,45 I.F.T.A. 25 Kappa Phi l,2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 M.E.N.C. 3,45 Senior Counselor 35 Symphony Orchestra l,2,3,45 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 3,45 Wes- ley Foundation l,2. Guyer, Patricia L. Cedar Falls, English. A.W.S. Board 3,4 Cpresident 455 Cedar Falls Women's Housing Unit 25 College Chorus l,25 Foreign Language Club 2,3. H Hatfner, Jane B. Cedar Falls, Business Educa- tion. Cedar Falls Women's Housing Unit 3,45 F.B.L.A. l,2,3,45 Golden Ledger l,25 Kappa Theta Psi I,2,3,45 Library Students Association I5 Math Club l,3,45 Phi Chi Delta I,2,3,45 Presbyterian Fellowship 2,3,4. Halter, Merrill D. Melbourne, Physical Edu- cation. Phi Sigma Epsilon 3,45 Marshalltown Junior College. Hamada, Kathleen K. Hilo, Hawaii, Kinder- garten-Primary. Library Students Associa- tion 2,3,45 I.F.T.A. 45 Nu Sigma Phi l,2,3,45 K.P.B.A. 45 Film Club 4. Handorf, James L. Dumont, Business Educa- tion. Alpha Phi Gamma 3,45 Film Club 2,3, 45 F.B.L.A. 2,3,45 OLD GOLD 3,45 Pi Omega Pi 3,4 CPresident 455 Wesley Foundation l,2, 3,4 fVice-president 455 Hall ot Recognition 35 Sigma Theta Epsilon l,2,3,45 Seerley Hall House Council 45 Alpha Phi Omega l,2,3,4 fPresident 455 I.F.T.A. 2,3,4. ' Hansen, Kenneth L. Callender, Business Edu- cation. I.F.T.A. 3,45 F.B.L.A. 3,45 Alpha Phi Omega 3,45 Waldorf Junior College. Hansmeier, Thomas W. Waukon, Social Sci- ence. Baker Hall House Council 3,45 Foreign Language Club 25 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Men's Union 45 Pi Gamma Mu 3,45 Social Science Honors 3,45 Hall of Scholarship 2,3,45 Stu- dent League Board 4. Hanson, Donald L. Callender, Junior High. Hart, Margaret L. Centerville, Speech, Mar- lins 35 College Players 3,45 Centerville Junior College. Harvey, Jean M. Fort Dodge, Business Educa- tion. Foreign Language Club 25 F.B.L.A. 3,4 lPresident 455 Tau Chi Eta 3,45 I.F.T.A. 3,45 College Eye 35 Eagle Grove Junior College. Hauber, Norma J. Ames, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Newman Club 3,45 K.P.B.A. 45 lowa State College. Heath, Lenard D, Clinton, Music. Newman Club l,2,3,4 fVice-president 3, President 455 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 3,45 Concert Band l,2, 3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Symphony Or- chestra 3,4. Heflin, Kenneth L. Harlan, Business Education. Film Club l,2,3,45 F.B.L.A. l,25 OLD GOLD I5 Sigma Theta Epsilon l,2,3,4 lPresident 455 Hall ot Recognition 25 Wesley Foundation I, 2,3,4 lVice-president 2, President 355 Oslo University. Heskett, Jim L. Cedar Falls, Business Educa- tion. Board of Control ot Student Publica- tions 45 Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unii 25 College Eye 2,35 Concert Band 25 iviarching Band 25 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2,3,45 Sigma Tau Gamma 2,3,4. Hidore, John H. Cedar Falls, Ma.hematics- Science. Alpha Chi Epsilon 3,45 College Players 35 Foreign Language Club 35 March- ing Band 35 Tau Chi Era 45 lowa State Col- ege. Higdon, Barbara L. Ottumwa, Junior High. Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,4 QPresident 455 l.F. T.A. l,2,3,45 Bartlett Hall House Council I5 OLD GOLD I5 Phi Sigma Phi I,2,3,4 lVice- president 3,455 Tau Chi Eta l,2,3,4. Hintl, Ruth A. Monticello, Kindergarten-Pri- mary-Library Science. Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Library Students Association 3,45 Presbyterian Fellowship 3,45 K.P.B.A. 45 Coe College5 Burlington Junior College. Hotstad, Elaine C. Cedar Falls, Music. A Cappella Choir 3,45 Sigma Alpha Iota 3,45 Student League Board 4. Hompland, Henry J. Gaza, Junior High. Shel- don Junior College. Howe, Margaret A. Cedar Falls, Kindergar- ten-Primary. K.P.B.A. 3,4 CPresident 455 Kappa Phi l,25 Phi Sigma Phi I,2,3,45 Stu- dent League Board 45 Cedar Falls Women's Housing Unit 4 lPresident 455 Tau Chi Eta 25 College Chorus 2. Howell, Beverly J. Rockford, Art-Elementary. Concert Band I,2,3,45 Art Club 45 I.F.T.A. 3,4. Huber, Norma F. Washington, Elementary. Washington Junior College. Hull, Maxine L. Waukon, Kindergarten-Pri mary. A.W.S. Board 3,45 Bartlett Hall House Council 4 lPresident 455 Board of Control of Student Publications 3,4 lPresident 455 Cheerleader 35 Chimes 35 College Chorus 25 Phi Sigma Phi l,2,3,4 tVice-president 255 ln- ter-Sorority Council 3 tPresident 355 Law- ther Hall House Council 35 Senior Counselor 35 Sigma Alpha Iota 3,45 Student League Board 45 Tor-:h and Tassel 4 fPresident 45I Women's Chorus l. Hulst, Nicholas R. Hospers, Physical Educa- tion. Sheldon Junior College5 Westmar Col- lege. Hunt, Dennis W. Sibley, Business Education. Sigma Tau Gamma I,2,3,45 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2,3,45 l Club 2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3. Hutchens, Franklin C. New Providence, Busi- ness Education. A Cappella Choir l,2,3,45 Christian Student Center 4 lVice-president 45: College Chorus 2,3,45 Film Club 2,45 F.B.L.A, 3,45 I.F.T.A. 45 Math Club 2,3,45 Seerley Hall House Council 35 Sigma Theta Epsilon 2,3,45 Wesley Foundation l,2,3. Ing, Rita M. Honolulu, Hawaii, Kindergarten- Primary. K.P.B.A. 3,45 College Eye 45 Uni- versity of Hawaii. J Jacobson, Marion E. Waterville, English. Lawther Hall House Council 25 Bartlett Hall House Council I5 A.W.S. Board 35 Senior Counselor 35 Delta Delta Phi 2,3,45 Gamma Delta l,25 Purple Arrow l,25 Chimes 35 Torch and Tassel 45 Campbell Hall Executive Council 45 I.F.T.A. 45 Marching Band I. Jensen, Donna J. Story City, Kindergarten- Primary. I.F.T.A. 2,3,4 CPresident 455 Stu- dent Christian Association l,2 fPresident 255 S.C.R.A. 3,45 K-P Club l,25 K.P.B.A. 3,45 Women's Chorus I5 College Chorus 2,3,4. Joachim, Charles W. Cedar Falls, Industrial Arts. Sigma Gamma Kappa 45 Industrial Arts Club 2,3,45 Epsilon Pi Tau 3,4 fVice- president 455 Sunset Village House Council 4. Johnson, Curtis A. Red Oak, Science. Lambda Gamma Nu 45 Presbyterian Student Center 3,45 'Men's Union 45 Science Club 3,45 Morn- ingside. Johnson, Gordon E. Oskaloosa, Mathematics. l.F.l'.l-N. 25 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 2,3,4 lPresident 3,455 Industrial Arts Club 3,45 Math Club 3,45 Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,45 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Kletzing College. Johnson, Marilyn R. Albert Lea, Minnesota, Home Economics. Elten Richards Club l,2, 3,4. Jondahl, Gerald R. Hampton, Music. A Cap- pella Choir l,2,45 Marching Band 4. Jones, Betty L. Ames, Physical Education. Marlins l,2,3,4 lPresident 4, Vice-president 355 P.E. Club l,2,3 lVice-president 255 W.R.A. l,2,3,45 Speech Activities Club I5 Tau Chi Eta 3,45 Bartlett Hall House Council I5 Lawther Hall House Council 2. Jones, Darrell G. Mason City, Business Educa- tion. Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Pi Omega Pi 45 Hall ot Scholarship 3. Juhl, Harriet E. Plainfield, Elementary. Col- lege Players I5 Kappa Phi l,3,45 Kappa Delia Pi 3,45 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,4 iVice-presi- dent 455 Library Students Association 45 Purple Arrow I. K Kehe, Donald W. Nashua, Business Education. Baker Hall House Council 35 Kappa Delta Pi 3,45 Hall ot Scholarship l,2,35 Pi Omega Pl 3,4. Kelsey, Ruth M. New Hampton, Music. Col- lege Chorus l,25 A Cappella Choir 3,45 M.E. N.C. 3,45 I.F.T.A. 3. Kempton, M. Evelyn. Corning, English. Li- brary Students Association 2,3,4 lVice-presi- dent 455 Film Club l,2,45 I.F.T.A. 45 Foreign Language Club 3. Kensinger, Dorothy A. Manilla, Kindergarten- Primary. K.P.B.A. 3,45 I.F.T.A. 45 K-P Club 3,45 Women's Chorus 3,45 Tau Chi Eta 35 University of Colorado. Klaas, Richard L. Laurens, Physical Education. Sigma Tau Gamma 3,4. Klein, Carol A. Austin, Minnesota, Science. W.R.A. Board 2,3 QVice-president 355 Or- chesis 3,45 Newman Club I,2,45 League ot Women Vote's 2,35 P.E. Club 2,3,45 Senior Counselor 35 Bartlett Hall House Council I5 Lawther Hall House Council 2. Koch, Richard D. Hudson, Physical Education. I Club 2,3,4. Kratky, Robert C. Berwyn, Illinois, Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club 3,45 Phi Sigma Epsilon 3,45 Football 3,45 Track 3,45 OLD GOLD 45 Morton Junior College. Krivohlavy, Barbara A. Marshalltown, Art. Art Club 3,45 Senior Counselor 45 I.F.T.A. 3,4 lVice-president 455 Newman Club 3,45 College Players 45 Marshalltown Junior Col- lege. L Lagerquist, Clitford D. Cedar Rapids, Indus- trial Arts. Chapel Choir l,2,3,45 Industrial Arts Club l,2,3,45 Epsilon Pi Tau 3,4 lPresi- dent 455 Film Club 45 I.F.T.A. 2,3,4. Lagerquist, Lydia B. Rugby, North Dakota, Business Education. Lutheran Students Asso- ciation 2,35 Pi Omega Pi 3,45 F.B.L.A. 2,35 Minot State Teachers College. Landau, Arthur L. Waterloo, Physical Educa- tion, Football 2,3,45 I Club 3,45 Lutheran Students Association 45 University ot lowa. Landry, Richard A. Fort Dodge, Science. Gamma Delta 2,3,45 Math Club 2,3,4 lVice- president 455 Football 25 Marching Band 35 Fort Dodge Junior College. Lee, Linda M. Ruthven, Speech. Kappa Theta Psi l,2,3,45 College Players l,2,3,45 Theta Al- pha Phi 45 College Eye I. Lewis, Sylvia A. Colwell, Home Economics. I.ti.l'.A. 2,3,45 Nu Sigma Phi 2,3,45 Theta Theta Epsilon 3,4 lPresident 455 Ellen Rich- ards Club 2,3,4. Linkvis, Gene L. Clearfield, Physical Educa- tion. Sigma Theta Epsilon 3,4. Linstrom, William E. Cedar Falls, Social Sci- ence. Linthicum, William C. Creston, Business Edu- cation. Newman Club 3,45 Creston Junior College. Lloyd. Duane R. Eagle Grove, Industrial Arts. Alpha Chi Epsilon 3,45 Baseball 35 Epsilon Pi Tau 3,45 Industrial Arts Club 2,3,45 Eagle Grove Junior College. 265 Lonning, Roger D. Waukon, Junior High. Beta Alpha Epsilon 2,3,43 Lutheran Students Association I,2,33 Library Students Associa- tion I,2,33 I.F.T.A. I,2,3. Lower, James M. Cedar Falls, Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu 43 Coe College3 Moody Bible Institute. M Mace, Marilynn M. Moville, Home Economics. A.W.S. Board 33 Ellen Richards Club I,2,3,4 QPresident 353 I.F.T.A. 3,43 Lawther Hall House Council 23 Pi Theta Pi l,2,3,43 Theta Theta Epsilon 3,43 Campbell Hall House Council 3 tVice-president 353 Bartlett Hall House Council I. Madson, Joan E. Lake Mills, Social Science. Magee, Dan P. Dunkerton, Junior High. Bap- tist Student Center l,2,3,4 CPresident 453 Golden Ledger I3 Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship l,23 OLD GOLD I3 Wartburg Col- le e. MalPby, James D. Eldora, Music. Marching Band l,2,33 Concert Band l,2,3,43 Symphony Orchestra l,2,3,43 Phi Mu Alpha Sintonia I, 2,3,4 tPresident 453 Lambda Gamma Nu 3, 43 Men's Union 43 Student Counselor 4. Marshall, David E. Bedford, Art. Art Club 3,43 F.B.L.A. 4. Mathews, Charlotte L. Mt. Pleasant, Home Economics. Theta Gamma Nu 2,3,43 Ellen Richards Club I,2,3,43 Theta Theta Epsilon 3,43 Kappa Phi I,2,3,4 fPresident 353 Wesley Foundation 33 Senior Counselor 33 -I.F.T.A. Matsunaga, Helen Y. Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii, Elementary. Alpha Phi Gamma 3,43 Beta Al- pha Epsilon 43 College Eye 3,4 tBusiness Manager 453 Senior Counselor 43 Theta Gamma Nu 2,3,43 University ot Hawaii. Mattox, Larry N. Waterloo, Music. Waterloo Men's Housing Unit I LPresident I53 Student League Board I3 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia l,2, 3,43 Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,43 Concert Band l,2,3,43 Symphony Orchestra Maxwell, Roger A. Boone, Music. A Cappella Choir 3,43 Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,43 Chapel Choir 43 Concert Band l,23 Marching Band l,23 M.E.N.C. 3,43 Symphony Orchestra l,2, 3,4. Mayer, Rosslyn M. Washington, English. For- eign Language Club I3 Film Club 43 College Players 3,43 College Eye 43 Wesley Founda- tion l,3,4. Mazula, William S. Waterford, New York, Physical Education. Baseball 2,3,43 Phi Sigma Epsilon 3,43 Seerley Hall House Coun- cil 3. McHenry, Patricia A. Maquoketa, Elementary. Newman Club l,2,43 Phi Sigma Phi l,2,4. McKercher, Margaret E. Manly, Home Eco- nomics. A Cappella Choir 2,3,43 A.W.S. Board 23 Ellet Richards Club l,3,43 Lawther Hall House Council 2 fViC6'Df9SlQefIi 252 Pi Theta Pi l,2,3,43 Theta Theta Epsilon 3,43 Campbell Hall House Council 43 Bartlett Hall House Council I. McNut'r, Marilyn B. Goodell, Music. A Cap- pella Choir 2,3,43 M,E.N.C. 3,43 Chapel Choir l,2,3,43 I.F.T.A. 4. Meewes, Patricia J. Dike, Elementary. Purple Arrow l,23 College Players 23 Kappa Phi l,23 Elementa-Ki I,23 l,F.T.A, 23 Library Students Association 2. V Meier, Gladys M. Sumner, Business Education. OLD GOLD l,2,3,4 lBusiness Manager 3,4, Managing Editor 253 College Eye 2,33 F.B. L.A. l,2,3,4Q Campus 4-H I3 Math Club I3 Alpha Phi Gamma Z,3,4 CVice-president 3, President 453 Pi Omega Pi 3,4 lVice-presi- dent 4l3 Nu Sigma Phi 3,43 Golden Ledger 23 Senior Counselor 43 Chimes 3. Melick, Robert K, Liscomb, Business Educa- tion. Christian Student Center l,2,3,4 fPres- ident 3l: F.B.L.A. 2,3,43 College Chorus 2, 3,43 A Cappella Choir 3,43 I.F.T.A. 43 S.C. R.A. 4: Men's Union 4. I I Meyer, Duane D. Grundy Center, Junior High. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,4. Meyer, E. Mariorie. Exira, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Iowa State College. Miller, Mary P. West Liberty, Home Econom- ics, Ellen Richards Club 3,43 I.F.T.A. l,2,43 University ot Iowa. Minier, Marleen E. Brookings, South Dakota, Physical Education. Marlins 2,3,43 Orchesis 2,33 Newman Club 2,3,43 P.E. Club 2,3,43 Pi Theta Pi 33 Senior Counselor 33 W.R.A. 2,3,4 lQVice-president 453 South Dakota State Col- ege. Morris, Warren G. Boone, Physical Education. I Club 3,43 Men's Union 43 Seerley Hall House Council 43 Student Counselor 43 Track 3,43 Social Lite Committee 43 Student League Board 43 Basketball 33 Wesley Foun- dation 43 Boone Junior College. Mullaney, Patricia J. Waterloo, Mathematics- Science. Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,43 Lambda Delta Lambda 3,4 QVice-president 353 Pur- ple Arrow 23 Newman Club l,2,3,4: Math Club 3,4. N . Nadolski, Audrey J, Rochester, Minnesota, Kindergarten-Primary, K.P.IS.A. 3,43 Iau Chi Eta 2,3,43 'Phi Sigma Phi l,2,3,4 QPresident 453 Inter-Sorority Council 43 College Chorus 2' I FTA I 4 Nelson, Nannette. Mediapolis, Kindergarten- Primary. Iheta Gamma Nu 2,3,4 LVice-pres- ident 453 Women's Chorus I3 I.F.T.A. I,2,3, 43 Kappa Phi Z,3,4 QPresident 453 Wesley Foundation 43 College Chorus 2,3,4. Nichols, Edward C. Knoxville, Science. March- ing Band I3 College Chorus I3 Sigma Tau Gamma l,2,3,4: Men's Union 2,33 Stadium Hall House Council 3 LVice-president 353 Baker Hall House Council 43 Student Coun- selor 3,43 Chapel Choir I3 Inter-Fraternity Council 4. Nordly, Joan G. Cedar Falls, Social Science. Cedar Falls Women's Housing Unit 23 New- man Club I,2,3,43 Phi Sigma Phi 2,3,43 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 Social Science Honors 3,43 Student League Board 33 Social Life Com- mittee 33 l'au Chi Eta 23 Torch and Tassel 43 University of Iowa. Norris, Betty R. Ottumwa, Music. Pi Theta Pi I,Z,3,43 OLD GOLD I3 A Cappella Choir 2, 3,43 Bartlett Hall House Council I3 Chapel Choir I3 M.E.N.C. 3,43 Senior Counselor 33 Sigma Alpha Iota 2,3,4 lPresident 453 Wes- Iey Foundation I,2,3,43 I.F.T.A. 4. O Okai, Helen T. Honolulu, Hawaii, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Nu Sigma Phi 3,43 College Eye 43 K.P.B.A. 3,43 University of Hawaii. O'fooIe, Mary E. LeMars, Kindergarten-Pri- mary, K.P.B.A. 3,4: Newman Club 3,43 Ros- ary College. P Papousek, Charles J. Clear Lake, Business Ed- ucation. Baker Hall House Council 23 I Club 43 lntertraternity Council 43 Newman Club I,23 Phi Sigma Epsilon 2,3,43 Track 23 Wres- tling I,2,3,4. Partridge, V. Maxine. Marshalltown, Kinder- garten-Primary. Chapel Choir 33 K.P.B.A. 43 Library Students Association 33 Pi Theta Pi 3,43 Sigma Eta Chi 3,4 lPresident 453 Campbell Hall Executive Council 43 Mar- shalltown Junior College. Paulsen, William R. Chicago Heights, Illinois, Social Science. I Club 2,3,43 Phi Sigma Ep- silon 2,3,43 Social Science Honors 2,3,4. Pease, Norman F. Sergeant Blutt, Business Ed- ucation. Film Club l,43 College Chorus lj Foreign Language Club 33 F.B.L.A. I,2,3,43 Pi Omega Pi 3,43 Alpha Phi Omega l,2,3,43 Seerley Hall House Council I,33 Sigma Theta Epsilon l,2,3,4: S.C.R.A. 3,43 Wesley Founda- tion l,2,3,4 tVice-president 353 Hall of Rec- ognition 33 Student Christian Association I, 23 Inter-Varsity Cnristian Fellowship 2. Petersen, Ellen l. Exira, Art. Foreign Lan- guage Club I3 Women's Chorus I3 College Players I,23 College Chorus 23 OLD GOLD l,2,3,43 Art Club l,2,3,4 tVice-president 3l3 Nu Sigma Phi 3,43 Lutheran Student Associa- tion I,2,3,43 I.F.T.A. 3. Peterson, Joyce A. Osceola, Elementary. Gamma Delta I,2,3,4 lPresident 3,453 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,43 Senior Counselor 43 S.C. R.A. 33 I.F.T.A. 4. Peterson, Lavere M. Shell Rock, Social Sci- ence. Newman Club l,2,3,43 Pi Gamma Mu 3,43 Sigma Tau Gamma 3,43 Social Science Honors 2,3,43 Baker Hall House Council 43 Hall ot Recognition 3,4. Petroft, Dorothy G. Cedar Falls, Home Eco- nomics. Lutheran Student Association I,2,3,4. Phelps, Robert F. Hudson, English. College Players 43 Cedar Falls Unitarian Fellowship 3,4 QVice-president 45. Philips, Mary A. West Union, Science. A.W.S. Board 43 Concert Band I,33 Foreign Lan- guage Club 2,3,43 League ot Women Voters l,2,3,4 CPresident 453 Math Club l,2,3,43 Newman Club I,2,3,43 Purple Arrow l,23 Symphony Orchestra l,2. Philleo, Clela M. Altoona, Social Science. l.l-.I'.A. 43 Pi Gamma Mu 43 Social Science Honors 43 Grand View Junior College. Phipps, Vernie L. Fort Dodge, Elementary. Fort Dodge Junior College. Pierce, Robert G. Cedar Falls, English, Alpha Chi Epsilon l,2,3,43 Cedar Falls Men's Hous- ing Unit l,2,3,4 CPresident 353 lntertrater- nity Council 23 Men's Union 23 Student League Board 33 Hall of Recognition 33 A Cappella Choir l,2. Pratt, Janet S. lndianola, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Baptist Student Center 3,43 I.F.T.A. 43 K.P.B.A. 3,43 Orchesis 3,4: Ottawa Uni- versity3 University ot Minnesota. Punke, William J. Corwith, Music. College Chorus 23 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2,3,43 A Cappella Choir 33 Baptist Student Center l,2,3,43 Foreign Language Club 23 Marching Band I3 M.E.N.C. 3,4. R Rathien, Neal H. La Porte City, Physical Edu- cation. Baseball I,2,3,43 Basketball I. Rauch, Karl J. Chicago Heights, Illinois. Business Education. Football l,2,3,43 Phi Sigma Epsilon 2,3,43 I Club 2,3,4. Reichenberg, Siegfried M. Cedar Falls, Art. Art Club 3 CPresident 353 Film Club 3,43 Lambda Gamma Mu 33 Student League Board 43 Seerley Hall House Council 4 fPres- ident 45. Riley, Patricia E. Waterloo, Physical Educa- tion. Marlins I,2,3,4 QVice-president 453 Orchesis 33 P.E. Club I,2,3,43 Senior Counse- lor 23 Waterloo Women's Housing Unit 2 tVice-president 253 W.R.A. l,Z,3,4. Ripperton, Lonnie R. Onslow, Physical Educa- gign-Business Education. Sigma Tau Gamma , ,4. - - Roberts, Arlene K. Atalissa, Elementary. Kappa Delta Pi 43 Muscatine Junior College. Robey, Lola J. Boone, Speech Correction. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship l,2,3,4 lVice-president 453 Purple Arrow I,23 Wom- en's Chorus I3 Baptist Student Center I,23 Sigma Alpha Eta 2,3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Senior Counselor 4. Robson, Norma J. Waterloo, Physical Educa- tion. I.F.T.A. I,43 Library Students Associa- Eign I3 Marlins 43 Orchesis 2,3,43 P.E. Club , ,4. Rogers, Mildred D. Zearing, English-Speech. Foreign Language Club I3 I.F.T.A. I,43 Speech Activities Club 2. Rorem, Charmayne J. Radcliffe, Junior High. Beta Alpha Epsilon 43 P.E. Club 3,43. Lu- theran Students Association 3,4: I.F.T.A. 43 Augustana College. Roseland, Patricia A. Clear Lake, Kindergar- ten-Primary. K.P.B.A. 3,4. Roskens, Ronald W. Spencer, Social Science. A Cappella Choir 2,33 Chapel Choir 2,33 College Chorus I3 Men's Union 2,33 Presby- terian Fellowship I,2,3,43 Student Counselor 43 Sigma Tau Gamma I,2,3,43 Social Science Honors 2,3,43 S.C.R.A. 3 tPresident 353 Sta- dium Hall House Council I fPresident I53 Student League Board I,4 tPresident 453 Purple Key 33 Hall ot Recognition 2,3. S Sage, Barbara J. Waterloo, Speech Correc- tion. College Chorus l,23 College Players I3 Foreign Language Club 33 I.F.T.A. 43 Kappa Phi l,2,3,43 League of Women Voters 2.3,-1 tVice-president 453 Pi Theta Pi 3,43 Senior Counselor 33 Sigma Alpha Eta 2,3, 4 fVice- president 453 Speech Activities Club l,2,33 Wesley Foundation 2. Schuelka, Francis M. Donnellson, Science. Al- pha Chi Epsilon 2,3,43 lnterfraternity Council 43 Track 3,4. Schult, Raymond H. New Liberty, Junior High. Gamma Delta 4. . 266 I Sellers, Cary J. Oak Park, Illinois, Kindergar- ten-Primary. College .Players 43 Sigma AI- pha Eta 43 Sigma Eta Chi 43 Northern Illinois Teachers College. Sells, Gary D. New Hartford, Science. Sherrill, LaNelle H. Cedar Falls, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Pi Phi Omega l,2,33 Purple Ar- row I3 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Wesley Founda- tion 3,4. Sides, Audrey M. La Porte City, Elementary. Elementa-Ki 3. Simmons, Carmen L. Denison, Music. A Cap- pella Choir l,2,3,43 Senior Counselor 43 l.F. T.A. 43 Marlins I3 M.E.N.C. 43 Purple Arrow l,23 Sigma Alpha Iota 3. Snuttier, Harvey D. George, Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club 3,4. Sorensen, Louise M.. Algona, Art-Elementary. Art Club 3,43 Elerrienta-Ki 23 Phi Chi Delta 2,3,43 Presbyterian Fellowship l,2,3,4 QPresi- dent 493 Purple Arrow 23 S.C.R.A. 33 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,4. Sorenson, Diane L. Spencer, Kindergarten- Primary. Pi Theta Pi l,2,3,4: K.P.B.A. 3,43 K-P Club l,23 W.R.A. 3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 I.F.T.A. l,23 Kappa Phi l,2,3,4: League of Women Voters 2,3,4 Math Club 43 Purple Arrow l,23 Senior Counselor 3. Speed, Kathryn A. Knoxville, Music. A Cap- pella Choir l,2,3 fPresident 373 Bartlett Hall House Council l3 Lawther Hall House Coun- cil 23 Sigma Alpha Iota 3,43 Christian Stu- dent Center l,23 Tau Sigma Delta l,2,3,43 I.F.T.A. 33 M.E.N.C. 3,43 Senior Counselor 33 Torch and Tassel 3,4 lVice-president 47. Sperry, Harvey L. Charles City, Social Sci- ence. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2,3,43 Tau Chi Eta 3. Standley, John W. Cedar Falls, Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau 3f4: Industrial Arts Club 3,4. , Standwood, Paul G. Des Moines, English. College Players 3,43 Men's Union 43 Seerley Hall House Council 43 Speech Activities Club 33 Hall ot Scholarship 3,43 Film Club 43 Grand View College. Stark, R. Wayne. Peru, Mathematics-Science. A Cappella Choir l,2,3,43 Baker Hall House Council 33 Chapel Choir 3,43 Film Club I,2, 3,43 Kappa Mu Epsilon 2,3,4 fVice-president 3, President 413 Marching Band l,23 Math Club l,2,3,4 CPresident 313 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2,3,4 CVice-president 433 Hall ot Recognition 2,33 Hall ot Scholarship 2,3. Steele, E. Joanne. Centerville, Kindergarten- Primary. K.P.B.A. 3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Centerville Junior College. Stoner, Caroline J. Peterson, Elementary. l.F. T.A. 2,3,43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3,43 Tau Chi Eta l,2,3,43 College Eye I. Stoner, Ivan K. Davenport, Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Club l,2,3,4 fVice-president 433 Sigma-Gamma Kappa 3,4 CVice-presi- dent 4t3 Seerley Hall House Council 4. Stowell, Jack D. Cedar Falls, Physical Educa- tion. College Chorus 23 Alpha Chi Epsilon 43 Emrnetsburg Junior College. Sundquist, Aries A. Sioux City, Kindergarten- Primary. Tau Chi Eta 3,43 K.P.B.A. 43 Mar- lins 33 University ot Iowa. Swanson, Glen E. Waterloo, Art. Alpha Chi Epsilon 3,43 Art Club 43 I.F.T.A. 4. T Talabert, Annamarie. Osage, Music. I.F.T.A. 3,4: Lutheran Student Association I,2,3,43 Foreign Language Club l,23 Marching Band I3 College Chorus 43 Symphony Orchestra l,3,43 M.E.N.C. 3,4. Tangeman, Rodney H. Guttenberg, Physical Education. l Club 3,4 QPresident 433 Lamb- da Gamma Nu 3,4 tVice-president 433 Base- ball 2,3,4. Taylor, Carlos D. Charles City, Business Edu- cation. Cedar Falls Unitarian Fellowship 43 F.B.L.A. l,2,3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 43 Seerly Hall House Council 4. Terwilliger, Linden R. Afton, Business Educa- tion. F.B.L.A. I,2,3,43 I.F.T.A. 3,43 Baker Pall House Council 43 Creston Junior Col- ege. Torigoe, Florence S. Olaa, Hawaii, Home Economics. Purple Arrow l,23 Marching Band 23 Ellen Richards Club 3,4. Toyama, Hideko. Hawi, Hawaii, Social Sci- ence. Pi Gamma Mu 3,4 fVice-president 473 Social Science Honors 3,43 I.F.T.A. 43 Ply- mouth Club 43 University ot Hawaii. Trager, Janet M. Oelwein, Art. Pi Theta Pi 33 Art Club 43 Bartlett Hall House Council I3 Foreign Language Club l,23 Newman Club 43 Purple Arrow 2. V Van Langen, Donald K. Kamrar, Business Edu- cation. F.B.L.A. 43 Presbyterian Fellowship 43 Webster City Junior College. Van Sickle, Barbara B. Cedar Falls, Kinder- garten-Primary. Women's Chorus I3 Phi Chi Delta l,23 Kappa Theta Psi l,2,3,4 lVice- president 333 Math Club l,23 Purple Arrow I. Van Sickle, Marvin A. Cedar Falls, Social Sci- ence, Marching Band I,Z3 Concert Band l,2. Van Slyke, Gary L. Cedar Falls, Science-Agri- culture. Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unit 2, 33 Men's Union 2,33 Student Counselor 3,43 Beta Beta Beta 33 Sigma Gamma Kappa 3,4 tVice-president 3, President 3l3 Sigma Tau Gamma 2,3,43 Sigma Theta Epsilon 3,43 Hall of Recognition 2,33 Kappa Delta Pi 4. Van Steenbergen, Mona A. Prairie City, Jun- ior High. A.W.S. Board 3 lVice-president 3l3 Bartlett Hall House Council I3 College Chorus 2,3,43 lnter-Sorority Council 3,4 lPresident 413 I.F.T.A. 2,43 Kappa Phi I,2,3, 43 Lawther Hall House Council Z3 Marching Band l,23 Senior Counselor 33 S.C.R.A. 43 Theta Gamma Nu l,2,3,4 tPresident 353 Torch and Tassel 43 Wesley Foundation l,2,3, 43 W.R.A. 2. W Wachenheim, James N. Chicago, Illinois, Physical Education. Phi Sigma Epsilon 2,3,43 I Club Z,3,4 CVice-president 433 Football I,2, 3,43 Track 2,3,43 Inter-Fraternity Council 33 Tau Chi Eta 3. Walldon, Gordon R. Waterloo, Industrial Arts. Sigma Gamma Kappa 2,3,4 CPresident 433 Industrial Arts Club 2,3,43 Winona State Teachers College. Weber, Marie L. New Hampton, Physical Edu- cation. Kappa Theta Psi l,23 Bartlett Hall House Council I3 Lawther Hall House Coun- cil 23 Marlins l,2,3,43 W.R.A. l,2,3 fPresident 393 Newman Club l,23 Orchesis 3,43 Senior Counselor 33 P.E. Club 2,3,4 IPresident 43, Webster, Elwyn G. Waverly, Speech. College Players I,Z,3,43 Theta Alpha Phi 3,4. Wederquist, Florence D. Malvern, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Nu Sigma Phi l,2,3,43 Baptist Student Center l,2,3,43 K.P.B.A, 3,43 March- ing Band I,Z,3,43 Theta Epsilon l,23 I.F.T.A. 3,4. White, Delbert F. Waterloo, Social Science. I.F.T.A. 3,4. Whittlesey, Marilyn J. Sanborn, English. Math Club l,2,3,43 Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,4: Speech Activities Club 33 Purple Arrow l,23 College Chorus 3. Williams, Rosemarie B. Gruver, Kindergarten- Primary. Gamma Theta Upsilon 3,43 West- minster Fellowship 3,43 Trinity University. Winkleman, Beverly J. Buttalo Center, Music. Sigma Alpha Iota 2,3,43 Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship 2,3,43 M.E.N.C. 3,43 Baptist Student Center 2,3,43 College Chorus 23 A Cappella Choir 3,43 Senior Counselor 43 I.F.T.A. 3,43 Wheaton College. Wittmer, Berta J. Monroe, Business Educa- tion. Women's Chorus I3 F.B.L.A. 4. Wyborny, Novella D. Mason City, Physical Ed- ucation. P.E. Club Z,3,43 Kappa Phi 3,43 Marlins 3,43 Wesley Foundation l,2,3,4: l,F. T.A. 43 Bartlett Hall House Council I3 Senior Counselor 33 Orchesis 2,3,4. Y Yager, Thomas E. Burlington, Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,43 I Club 33 Hall ot Scholarship 33 Tennis 33 Men's Union 43 Seer- Iey Hall House Council l,43 Student Counse- lor 43 Burlington Junior College. Yanney, Beulah l. Renwick, Music, Senior Counselor 33 Pi Theta Pi 2,3,43 Chimes 3 CPresident 353 College Chorus 33 I.F.T.A. I,2, 3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 lPresident 433 Kappa Phi 2,3,43 Marching Band I3 M.E.N.C. 3,43 Purple Arrow l,23 Sigma Alpha Iota 2, 3,43 Women's Chorus 2,3. Yoshimori, Sylvia H. Wailuka, Maui-Hawaii, Kindergarten-Primary. Nu Sigma Phi Z,3,43 Kappa Delta Pi 3,43 Campbell Hall House Council 43 Inter-Sorority Council 43 Drake University. Z Zahnen, W. Lois. Sioux City, Music. Sym- phony Orchestra 3,43 A Cappella Choir 3,43 Phi Chi Delta 3,43 M.E.N.C. 3,43 Presbyterian Fellowship 3,4: Briar Clitf College. 267 A Abbas, Ellen J. Geneva, Elementary. March- ing Band I3 Plymouth Club 23 Elementa-Ki 23 I.F.T.A. 2. Ahrens, Vonda L. Rudd, Elementary. Phi Chi Delta I,23 Elementa-Ki I,2. Aiken, Marylou. Marengo, Elementary. Akers, Judith A. Coggon, Elementary. I.F. T.A. 23 Elementa-Ki 23 M.E.N.C. 23 Women's Chorus I. Albers, Constance C. Clear Lake, Elementary. Elementa-Ki I. Almelien, Donna J. Lake Mills, Elementary. Marching Band I3 I.F.T.A. 23 Foreign Lan- guage Club I. Altemeier, Lorraine C. Liscomb, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Campus 4-H I,23 K-P Club I,23 I.F.T.A. I,23 Christian Student Center I,23 Women's Chorus I. Ammerman, Carolyn L. Hampton, Elementary. Iowa State College. Andersen, Sharon K. Shettield, Elementary. I.F.T.A. 23 Iowa State College. Anderson, Carol J, Waterloo, Elementary. Elementa-Ki I,23 I.F.T.A. 23 Senior Counse- lor 23 Waterloo Women's Housing Unit 2, Anderson, D. Carol. Martinsburg, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Chapel Choir 23 I.F.T.A. 23 K-P Club 23 Orchesis I,23 Women's Chorus I. Anderson, Donna J. Paton, Elementary. Ele-' menta-Ki I,23 Kappa Phi I,2. Anderson, Geraldine I. Cresco, Kindergarten- Primary, Delta Delta Phi I,23 I.F.T.A. 23 K-P Club I,23 Newman Club I,23 Women's Chorus I,2. Archer, Patricia A. Ottumwa, Elementary. Bartlett Hall House Council I3 I.F.T.A. 23 Kappa Phi I,23 Kappa Theta Psi I,23 Wesley Foundation I,2. Augustine, Virginia L. Afton, Elementary. EI- ementa-Ki I3 Newman Club I,2. B Babb, Beverly A. Des Moines, Elementary, I.F.T.A. 23 Lutheran Students Association 23 Grand View Junior College. Bailey, Phyllis L, Royal, Kindergarten-Primary. Baker, Judith C. Belmond, Elementary. Baker, Patricia L, Redfield, Elementary, Ele- menta-Ki I,23 I.F.T.A. 2. ' Bakker, Norma J. Grundy Center, Kindergar- ten-Primary. I.F.T.A. 23 Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship Z3 K-P Club I,2. Bales, Alice E. Bloomtield, Elementary. Chapel Choir 23 Christian Student Center I, 23 College Players 23 I.F.T.A. 23 Women's Chorus 2. Balk, Madonna A. Waucoma, Kindergarten- Primary, K-P Club I,2 lVice-president IJ3 Newman Club I,23 Tau Chi Eta I. Barber, Suzanne. Spencer, Elementary. A.W S. Board 23 Lawther Hall House Council 2 fVice-president 223 Phi Sigma Phi I,23 Ply- mouth Club I. Beatty, Eloise A. Shellsburg, Elementary. Campus 4-H I,23 Elementa-Ki I,2: I.F.T.A. 23 Lawther Hall House Council 23 OLD GOLD I3 Purple Arrow l,23 Tau Chi Eta I, Bekemeier, Marylou. Hubbard, Elementary. I.F.T.A. 2. Bell, Jean A. Council Blutts, Elementary. l,F. T.A. 23 Elementa-Ki 2. Benter, Phyllis M. Sumner, Kinderqarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,23 Chapel Choir I3 Bart- lett Hall House Council I3 Lawther Hall House Council 2, Bergman, Shirley A. Parkersburg, Kinderoar- ten-Primary. Kappa Theta Psi I,23 OLD GOLD I,2' Newman Club I,2, Beving, Luella M. Wellsburg, Elementary. EI- ementa-Ki 2. , Billerbeck, Frances J. Reinbeclc, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club I,23 I.F.T.A. 2. Billick, Joyce G. West Liberty, Kindergarten- Primary. Women's Chorus I3 I.F.T.A. 2. Bittinger, Thelma L. Marathon, Elementary. Iowa State College, Blanchard, Verneva L. Coon Rapids, Elemen- tary. I.F.T.A. 23 Marching Band 23 Concert Band I,23 Elernenta-Ki I,23 Gamma Delta I, 2. Blattner, Eva B. Washington, Kindergarten- Primary. Purple Arrow I. Bloem, Marguerite L. Tripoli, Kindergarten- Primary. Purple Arrow 23 K-P Club I. 268 TWO YEAR Blong, Angela M. Cresco, Rural. Newman glub I,23 Tau Chi Eta I3 I.F.T.A. 23 Elementa- i 2. Blood, Vesta M. Runnells, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I3 Campus 4-H I,2. Bock, Lois M. Carroll, Kindergarten-Primary. I.F.T.A. 2. Boevers, Mary E. Waverly, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Lutheran Students Association I,23 Purple Arrow I,23 Elementa-Ki I3 I.F.T.A. I, 23 Bartlett Hall House Council I3 K-P Club I,2 tPresident 25. Bolton, Dolores D. Griswold, Elementary. University ot Florida3 University of Iowa. Bonnallie, Ann M. Lyle, Minn, Elementary. K-P Club 23 I.F.T.A. I. Bottorti, Louise A. Harcourt, Elementary. EI- ementa-Ki I,2 CPresident llg Campus 4-H I, 23 Purple Arrow I,23 Wesley Foundation I,23 Bartlett Hall House Council I3 I.F.T.A, 23 Lawther Hall House Council 2. Bourne, Virginia H. Ames, Elementary. l.F. T.A. 2. Bradshaw, Roberta A. Waterloo, Elementary. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I,23 K-P Club I,2. Branch, Elizabeth H. Providence, Rhode ls- land, Elementary. Film Club I,23 Rural Community Leaders Club I,23 S.C.R.A. 2. Brasch, Janet' S. Dunkerton, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Kappa Phi I,23 Campus 4-H I,23 K-P Club I,23 I.F.T.A. 2. Brecher, Joyce E. LaPorte City, Elementary. I.F.T.A. I,23 Student Christian Association I, 23 University of Dubuque, Brennan, 6-eraldyne K. Carlisle, Elementary. Kappa Phi I,23 Theta Gamma Nu I,2. Brewer, Beverly J. Agency, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,23 I.F.T.A. 23 Wesley Foun- dation I,2. Broadie, Mary J. Waverly, Elementary. New- man Club I,23 Tau Chi Eta l. Brower, Carol L. Sioux City, Kindergarten- Primary. Chapel Choir 23 K-P Club I3 I.F. T.A. 23 Tau Chi Eta 2. Brown, Bernice C. North English, Kindergar- ten-Primary, K-P Club I3 A Cappella Choir I3 Bartlett Hall House Council I. Brown, Joann. Linden, Kindergarten-Primary. Purple Arrow I,23 Rural Community Leaders Club I. Brown, Mary C. Fontanelle, Elementary. l.F. T.A. 2. Brown, Phyllis J, Des Moines, Elementary. I.F. T.A. 23 Pi Theta Pi I,23 Theta Epsilon I,23 Elementa-Ki I,23 Baptist Student Center I,23 Senior Counselor 2. Brubaker, Mary L. Reinbeck, Elementary. K-P Club I. Burham, Nancy E. Washington, Elementary. Kappa Phi I,23 Wesley Foundation I,23 Sen- ior Counselor 2. Burmahl, Wanda L. Spragueville, Kindergar- ten-Primary. I.F.T.A, 23 K-P Club 2: Lu- theran Students Association I,2: Senior Coun- selor 23 Tau Chi Eta 23 Pi Phi Omega 2. Burns, Barbara A. Lawler, Elementary. Ele- menta-Ki 23 I.F.T.A. Z3 Newman Club 2, Butterfield, Margaret A. Cedar Rapids, Kin- dergarten-Primary, Tau Chi Eta I3 Cheer- leader I3 OLD GOLD I3 I.F.T.A. 2. C Cackley, Marilyn E, Keokuk, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club 23 Lutheran Students As- sociation I,2. Calonkey, M. Kay. Woodward, Elementary. Campus 4-H I,23 Purple Arrow 23 Women's Chorus I,23 Elementa-Ki 2. Carper, Joyce N. Exira, Kindergarten-Primary. K-P Club I,23 I.F.T.A. 23 Christian Student Center I,23 Purple Arrow 2. Castner, Patricia A. Searsboro. Elementary. I.F.T.A. 23 K-P Club 23 Pi Phi Omega 2. Cave, Donna R. Washington, Elementary. Baptist Student Center I,23 Theta Epsilon l, 23 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I,23 K-P Club I. Clark, Shirley D. Glenwood, Kindergarten- Primary. Tau Sigma Delta I,23 K-P Club I,23 Tau Chi Eta I3 Lawther Hall House Council 2. Conger, Doris C. Adel, Elementary. I.F.T.A. I,23 K-P Club I,23 Tau Chi Eta I3 Wesley Foundation I,2. Cook, Leah J. Laurens, Kindergarten-Primary. Christian Student Center I,23 I.F.T.A. I,2. DIPLO A INDEX Cornwell, Jean A. Mason City, Kindergarten- Primary. Tau Sigma Delta I,23 I.F.T.A. 23 K-P Club I,23 Purple Arrow I,23 Tau Chi Eta I,2, Cory, Joan P. Coon Rapids, Elementary. Tau Chi Eta I,2 CVice-president 233 Kappa Phi I,23 Tau Sigma Delta I,23 Elementa-Ki I. Cresap, Virginia I. Altoona, Kindergarten- Primary, K-P Club I3 I.F.T.A. 23 Women's Chorus I3 A Cappella Choir 23 Kappa Phi I,23 Wesley Foundation I,2. Cullberg, Jean E. Paton, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. I.F.T.A. Z3 K-P Club I,23 Library Stu- dents Association l,23 Lutheran Students As- sociation I,2. Culp, Bonnie D. Eldridge, Kindergarten-Prh mary. Tau Chi Eta I,23 Cheerleader I,2. Cunningham, Charlene E. Des Moines, Kinder- garten-Primary. Women's Chorus I. . Cuttill, Margaret E. North English, Elemen- tary. D Dandy, Kathleen L. Schaller, Elementary. Ele- menta-Ki I,23 Nu Sigma Phi I,23 Senior Coun- selor 2. Davids, Violet M. Buttalo Center, Elementary. deJonde, Rosemary I. Knoxville, Kindergarten- Primary. I.F.T.A. 2. Dillon, Mary E. Strawberry Point, Elementary. I.F.T.A. 23 Elementa-Ki I,23 Newman Club 2. Dolan, Nancy A. Anamosa, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Newman Club I,2. Dontie, Martha A. Buttalo Center, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Drake, Carol L. Coon Rapids, Elementary. Kappa Phi 23 I.F.T.A. l. Drechsler, Diana A. Le Claire, Kindergarten- Primary. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I,23 Chicago Evangelistic Institute. Dunleavy, Ellen J. Waverly, Elementary. K-P Club Ig I.F.T.A. 2. Dyvad, Joyce A. Storm Lake, Elementary. I,F. T.A. I,23 Elementa-Ki I,23 Tau Sigma Delta I,2. E Eckel, Jane A. Shelby, Elementary. Kappa Phi I,23 I.F.T.A. 23 Elementa-Ki I3 Women's Chorus I3 Purple Arrow I,2. Edge, Joanne E. Humboldt, Kindergarten- Primary, I.F.T.A. 23 K-P Club I,23 Tau Sigma Delta I,2. Embree, Jo A. Ottumwa, Elementary. Delta Delta Phi I,23 Tau Chi Eta 2. Evans, Mary E. Grinnell, Elementary. Ele- menta-Ki I,23 Theta Epsilon 23 Purple Arrow I,2. F Fahrenkrog, Corene A. Hartley, Elementary. K-P Club I,23 Purple Arrow I,23 I.F.T.A. 2. Fisch, Marilyn L. Belle Plaine, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club I. Flanders, Sally M. Cherokee, Kindergarten- Primary. Purple Arrow I,23 Kappa Theta Psi I,2 tVice-president 2l3 Orchesis 2. Fondroy, Eleanor L. Albert City, Elementary. Pi Theta Pi I,23 Elementa-Ki I. Formaro, Nancy A. Des Moines, Kindergarten- Primary. Newman Club I,23 K-P Club I,23 Women's Chorus I,23 Pi Tau Phi I,23 I.F.T.A. 2. Frank, Donna D. Pioneer, Elementary. Rural Community Leaders I,23 Elementa-Ki I,2 LVice-president 233 I.F.T.A, 23 Kappa Phi 23 Wesley Foundation I,2. Franke, Doris J. Council Blutfs, Elementary. Tau Chi Eta I,23 Bartlett Hall House Coun- cil I3 Lawther Hall House Council 23 I.F.T.A. 23 Elementa-Ki 23 Sigma Eta Chi 2. Freel, Donna P. Dallas Center, Elementary. Campus 4-H I,23 Christian Student Center 23 Elementa-Ki I,23 I.F.T.A. 23 OLD GOLD I,23 Alpha Phi Gamma 2. Freshwaters, Nancy L. Keota, Kindergarten- Primary. OLD GOLD I3 I.F.T.A. 33 Delta Delta Phi I,2,3 Frier, Charlotte J. Reinbeck, Elementary. K-P Club I,23 Women's Chorus I,23 Theta Gamma Nu I,2. Fry, Therese A. Cedar Falls, Elementary. Newman Club 23 K-P Club I. Fuhlman, Joann. Letts, Elementary. Elementa- Ki l,2 tVice-president.IJ, Campus 4-H l,2, Wesley Foundation l,2, l.F.I'.A. l,2, Purple Arrow l,2. Fulcher, Vivian W. Des Moines, Elementary. Elementa-Ki l,2, I.F.T.A. 2, Film Club I, Purple Arrow I. G Gabby, Marilyn J. Cedar Falls, Elementary. Delta Delta Phi 2, College Chorus I. Gardner, Dona J. Algona, Elementary. Tau CT Eta l,2, K-P Club I, Kappa Phi l,2, l.F. T. . l,2. Garrels, Ella M. Packwood, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I, Wesley Foundation 2. Garret, Anita F. -Keokuk, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. I.F.T.A. 2, Purple Arrow l,2, Women's Chorus I, Wesley Foundation l,2, K-P Club l,2. Gartl, Marlene H. Oelwein, Elementary. Gamma Delta l,2, I.F.T.A. 2, College Chorus 2. Gebel, Mary R. Alta Vista, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club l,2, Newman Club l,2, I.F. T.A. l. Gibson, Marilyn L. Newton, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Concert Band l,2, Women's Chorus I. Gingerich, Laurel R. Humeston, Elementary. Elementa-Ki I. Gitly, Jo A. Davenport, Elementary. Tau Chi Eta l,2, K-P Club I, I.F.T.A. 2. Goettsch, Cheryll A Davenport, Kindergar- ten-Primary. K-P Club l,2, I.F.T.A. l,2, Pur- ple Arrow l,2, Tau Sigma Delta l,2. Green, Patricia S. Davenport, Elementary. Tau Chi Eta I, Phi Chi Delta 2, Bartlett Hall House Council I, Symphony Orchestra I, Presbyterian Fellowship I. Grotewold, Ram'ona J. Lake Mills, Elementary. Women's Chorus I, I.F.T.A. 2. Gulbro, Norma J. Spring Grove, Minnesota, Kindergarten-Primary. Lutheran Students Association 2, Rural Community Leaders 2, K-P Club I. Guritz, Lois I. Spirit Lake, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Phi Chi Delta l,2, Presbyterian Fel- lowship l,2, Women's Chorus I, K-P Club I, 2, I.F.T.A. 2, Senior Counselor 2. Gustafson, Gail J. Des Moines, Kindergarten- Primary. Tau Sigma Delta l,2, K-P Club 2, I.F.T.A. 2, Newman Club l,2. H Halstead, Phyllis B. Coggon, Elementary. Halvorson, Helen N. Northwood, Elementary. Lutheran Students Association l,2, Elementa- Ki l,2. Ham, Marilyn J. Mitchell, Elementary. Ele- rnenta-Ki I-,2 lPresident 21, Campus 4-H l,2 lPresident 29, Plymouth Club l,2, I.F.T.A. 2, Purple Arrow l,2. Happel, Grace G. Cedar Rapids, Elementary. I.F.T.A. 2, Pi Theta Pi l,2, Elementa-Ki I, Gamma Delta l,2, Women's Chorus I. Harting, Mardene C. LaPorte City, Elemen- tary. l.F.T.A. l,2. Hauck, Mariorie R. Humboldt, Elementary. I.F.T.A. l,2, Elementa-Ki l,2, Women's Chorus I, Wesley Foundation l,2, Kappa Phi 2, Chapel Choir I. Hay, Joyce J. Anamosa, Elementary. Heintz, Mariorie M. Cambridge, Kindergar- ten-Primary. K-P Club I, Newman Club l,2, Tau Chi Eta I. Hibbs, Dorothy C. Numa, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I. Hicok, Mabel M. Green, Elementary. Hill, Vernice A. Brayton, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. l.F.T.A. 2, K-P Club l,2, Lutheran Students Association l,2. Hobart, Barbara J. Osgood, Elementary. Lawther Hall I-louse Council 2, Tau Chi Eta 2, Kappa Phi l,2, Pi Tau Phi l,2, I.F.T.A. 2, Elementa-Ki 2. Hollingsworth, Diane D. Oelwein, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Lawther Hall House Council 2, Pi Tau Phi l,2, I.F.T.A. 2, K-P Club 2. Hooper, Doris A. Gladbrook, Elementary. Elementa-Ki 2, Tau Chi Eta I. Howard, Shirley A. Elgin, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. l.F.T.A. 2, K-P Club l,2, Wesley 'Fcgundation l,2, Women's Chorus l,2, Kappa i 2. Hudson, Esther C. Cedar Falls, Kindergarten- Primary. Hum, Frances L. Cedar Falls, Kindergarten- Primary. Newman Club l,2, Tau Chi Eta I, 2, K-P Club l,2, I.F.T.A. 2. Hundlinq, Carol L. Breda, Elementary. Ele- menta-Ki l,2, I.F.T.A. 2, Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship I,2, Purple Arrow l,2. Hunt, Sarah A. Dolliver, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Kappa Phi 2. ldso, Marlene J. Archer, Elementary. Bartlett Hall House Council I, Elementa-Ki l,2, l.F. T.A. 2, Kappa Phi l,2, OLD GOLD l,2, Pur- ple Arrow I,2, Senior Counselor 2, Wesley Foundation l,2, Alpha Phi Gamma 2. Irving, Ruth C. Blairsburg, Elementary. Ele- menta-Ki 2. J Jackley, Joan D. Carroll, Elementary. I.F.T.A. 2, K-P Club 2, OLD GOLD I. Jensen, Barbara L. Ida Grove, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club l,2, Marlins 2. Jepsen, Helen J. Bristow, Elementary. March- ing Band I, Concert Band l,2, Campus 4-H I, I.F.T.A. 2. Jessen, Maureen C. Marshalltown, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Campus 4-H l,2 lVice-presi- dent ZJ, Gamma Delta l,2, Tau Chi Eta I, K-P Club l,2, I.F.T.A. l,2, Purple Arrow 2, Women's Chorus I. Jewell, Elaine V. Ellsworth, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Johnson, Aileen C. Kanawha, Kindergarten- Primary. Kappa Theta Psi 2, K-P Club l,2, I.F.T.A. 2. Johnson, Darlene A. Rembrandt, Elementary. Kappa Phi l,2. Jolnes, Dolores L. Redfield, Elementary. I.F. .A. 2. K Kasperbauer, Patricia A. Manning, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Newman Club l,2, K-P Club l,2 tPresident Il, I.F.T.A. 2, Senior Counse- lor 2. Kehe, Darlene J. Fairbanlc, Elementary. Wom- en's Chorus I, Elementa-Ki I. Kehe, Jacqueline L. Denver, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club l,2. Kelso, Carolyn N. New Hampton, Elementary. K-P Club l,2, Baptist Student Center l,2, Theta Epsilon l,2. Kirkpatrick, Valena B. Evensdale, Kindergar- ten-Primary, Klink, Frances A. Maxwell, Elementary. Ele- menta-Ki I. Knoll, Shirley A. Marshalltown, Elementary. I.F.T.A. 2. Ottumwa Heights Junior College. Kopecky, Bertha M. Lohrville, Kindergarten- Primary. Purple Arrow 2, Gamma Delta l,2. Kotz, Marcella M. Clear Lake, Elementary. Tau Chi Eta I, Elementa-Ki 23 Purple Arrow 2. Krebs, Marilyn R. Coltax, Elementary. Ele- menta-Ki I, Kappa Theta Psi l,2, Christian Student Center l,2, I.F.T.A. 2. Kruse, Carol J. West Liberty, Elementary. Campus 4-H l,2, Kappa Phi l,2, Elementa- Ki 2, I.F.T.A. 2, Wesley Foundation l,2. Kurtz, Joy K. Fort Dodge, Elementary. Delta Delta Phi l,2, Tau Chi Eta l,2, Bartlett Hall House Council I. L Larson, Darlene L. Cherokee, Elementary. Bartlett Hall House Council I CPresident Il, Student League Board l,2, Lutheran Students Association l,2, Senior Counselor 2, Tau Sigma Delta 2 lVice-president 27, Elementa- Ki l,2, College Eye I, College Players I. Lauber, Susan J. Corning, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Tau Sigma Delta l,2, K-P Club l,2, Senior Counselor 2. Laue, Myrna M. Lime Springs, Elementary. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship l,2, l.F. T.A. l,2, Elementa-Ki 2. Lawrence, Theresa M. Anamosa, Elementary. Library Students Association I, Newman Club l,2, Nu Sigma Phi l,2, K-P Club I. Leming, Jean M. Sioux City, Elementary. Lents, Irene D. Adair, Elementary. Elementa- Ki l,2, Tau Chi Eta I, I.F.T.A. 2. Lind, Donna M. Harcourt, Elementary. K-P Club I, Purple Arrow l,2. Lindemann, Shirley J. DeWitt, Elementary. Bartlett Hall House Council I, Elementa-Ki l,2, Women's Chorus I, Wesley I-oundation .I,2, Kappa Phi l,2, I.F.T.A. 2. Linn, Sharon F. Dayton, Elementary. Delta Delta Phi l,2, I.F.T.A. 2. Linse, Betty A. Davenport, Elementary. Theta Gamma Nu l,2. Long, Doris G. Knoxville, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Tau Sigma Delta l,2, Social Lite Com- mittee l,2. Lowman, Darlene V. Kelley, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club 2, College Chorus 2, Sigma l:ra Chi 2, Iowa State College. Luken, M. Ramona. Fort Dodge, Elementary. Newman Club l,2, K-P Club l,2. Lut1, Bonnie M. Aplington, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Kappa Theta Psi l,2. M Manderscheid, Madonna A. Maquoketa, Kin- dergarten-Primary. K-P Club l,2, Newman Club l,2, I.F.T.A. 2. Martin, Carole R, Cedar Falls, Kindergarten- Primary. Cedar Falls Women's Housing Unit l,2, Tau Chi Eta I, Lutheran Students Asso- ciation l,2. Martin, Sandra L. Volga, Elementary. New- man Club l,2, Elementa-Ki l,2. Matson, Rosellen H. Newhall, Kindergarten- Primary. Newman Club l,2, K-P Club I. McAuley, Sally A. Little Rock, Elementary. Purple Arrow I. McCulloch, Phyllis C. Kellogg, Kindergarten- Primary. Chapel Choir 2, Nu Sigma Phi l,2, Campus 4-H I, K-P Club I. McDonald, Jane: C. Waterloo, Kindergarten- Primary. Tau Sigma Delta l,2, I.F.T.A. I, Lawther Hall House Council 2, Presbyterian Fellowship 2. Mehlhop, Alice G. McClelland, Elementary. Elementa-Ki I, College Players I, Lutheran Students Association l,2 lVice-president 22, Bartlett Hall House Council I. Meldrum, Judy M. Ames, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. lowa State College. Messerli, Mary E. Manchester, Elementary. Chapel Choir l,2, Concert Band I, Sigma Eta Chi l,2, Plymouth Club l,2, Women's Chorus I, College Chorus 2, Marching Band I, K-P Club I, I.F.T.A. 2, College Players 2. Messerschmidt, Jaclyn D. Sheffield, Kinder- garten-Primary. K-P Club l,2, College Chorus 2, Women's Chorus I, Wesley Foun- dation l,2, Tau Sigma Delta l,2. Meyer, Jeanette E. Manly, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Chapel Choir I, College Chorus 2, Senior Counselor 2, Lutheran Students Asso- .ciation l,2, K-P Club 23 Pi Phi Omega 2, I.F.T.A. 2. Miller, Marilyn A. Waterloo, Elementary. l.F. T.A. I, Elementa-Ki I, Ellen H. Richards Club I, Women's Chorus 2, Tau Chi Eta I. Mitchell, Donna M. Marengo, Kindergarten- Primary. I.F.T.A. 2, K-P Club 2. Mohler, Roberta J. Maxwell, Elementary. Col- lege Chorus I. Moore, Virginia A. Glidden, Elementary. A.W.S. Board l,2, K-P Club I, I.F.T.A. 2, Women's Chorus I, Kappa Phi l,2, Wesley Foundation l,2. Morey, Patricia J. Greene, Elementary. Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship l,2. Morgan, Mary P. Stanley, Elementary. Theta Epsilon I, I.F.T.A. 2, Baptist Student Center I. Mossman, Carole A. Radcliffe, Elementary. College Eye I, Elementa-Ki l,2, Kappa Phi 2, I.F.T.A. Z. Mouser, Marilyn A. Wellman, Elementary. Baptist Student Center l,2, Theta Epsilon l,2, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship l,2, Wom- en's Chorus I. Murra, Mariorie A. Buffalo Center, Elemen- tary. Elementa-Ki I, Baptist Student Center l,2, I.F.T.A. 2. Mychalek, Joyce M. Maguoketa, Elementary. Phi Chi Delta l,2 fVice-president Zi, K-P Club 2, Women's Chorus l,2, I.F.T.A. 2. N Neil, Carole F. Nora Springs, Elementary. , Kappa Phi l,2, Elementa-Ki l,2, I.F.T.A. 2. 269 Nelsen, Gloria D. Newell, Elementary. Bethel College. Nelson, Bonnie L. Carroll, Elementary. New- man Club I,2. Nelson, Janet M. Atlantic, Elementary. l.F. T.A. 2, Campus 4-H I,2, Baptist Student Center I,2, Purple Arrow 2. Niebuhr, Donna M. Clinton, Kindergarten- Primary. Women's Chorus lg Purple Arrow I,2 QPresident 27, Gamma Delta I,2. Nielsen, Phyllis M. Audubon, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club I,2, I.F.T.A. I,2. Nieuwenhuis, Arlene J. Hospers, Elementary. Plymouth Club I,2, Sigma Eta Chi I,2, Ele- menta-Ki l,Zj I.F.T.A. 2, OLD GOLD I,2, Al- pha Phi Gamma 2. Noneman, Judith J. Holstein, Elementary. El- ementa-Ki I,2g Kappa Theta Psi I,2, Purple Arrow I,2g I.F.T.A. 2g Bartlett Hall House Council I. Norcross, Margery A. Chariton, Elementary. K-P Club Ig I.F.T.A. 25 Phi Chi Delta I,2: Presbyterian Fellowship I,2, Purple Arrow I 2 Nordmark, Anne M. Fort Dodge, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Fort Dodge Junior College. Norris, Barbara J. Vinton, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club lj Tau Sigma Delta 2. Nostrom, Mildred E. Pilot Mound, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Tau Chi Eta l,2g OLD GOLD I,2, Kappa Theta Psi I,2, I.F.T.A. 23 K-P Club 2. O Oberman, Betty J. Iowa City, Elementary. Kappa Phi 2, Wesley Foundation I,2. Ogden, Janet J. Odebolt, Elementary. Phi Chi Delta 2, Marlins lg Elementa-Ki 27 Pres- byterian Fellowship 2. Ohloff, Kathleen D. Postville, Kindergarten- Primary. I.F.T.A. Ig K-P Club I. Ohlson, Joanne C. Cherokee, Elementary. Colorado State College. Olson, Alice M. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rural. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship l, 23 Rural Community Leaders Club I,2, l.F. T.A. 23 Lutheran Students Association 2. O'Mara, Florence A. Cambridge, Elementary. O'NeaI, Clara J. Onawa, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,2: Wesley Foundation 25 Campus 4-H I,2, Kappa Phi I,2, I.F.T.A. 2. Orr, Marilee. Maquoketa, Elementary. March- ing Band I,2: Lutheran Students Association 2. Ostercamp, Marie A. Wesley, Elementary, Women's Chorus I. Otto, Marilyn R. Aurelia, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Gamma Delta I,2, Pi Tau Phi I,2, Pur- ple Arrow I,2, K-P Club 21 I.F.T.A. 2. Overturf, Helen L. Blakesburg, Kindergarten- Primary. Kappa Phi 23 I.F.T.A. lg K-P Club I, Women's Chorus 2. Oxenford, Kathryn A. Lake City, Elementary. Elementa-Ki I,2: I.F.T.A. 2. P Parker, Audrey B. Clinton, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Phi Chi Delta I,2 lPresident Zlg Phi Sigma Phi 2, Bartlett Hall House Council Ig K-P Club I,2, Presbyterian Fellowship I,2: Women's Chorus lg Tau Chi Eta lg Senior Counselor 2. Pedersen, Clara M. Harlan, Elementary. OLD GOLD I,2 CManaging Editor Zig Elementa- Ki l,2g Lutheran Students Association I,2, Bartlett Hall House Council Ig Lawther Hall House Council 23 I.F.T.A. 2, Alpha Phi Gamma 2. Penniman, Glenda I. Sac City, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club I,2, Women's Chorus I,2: I.F.T.A. 2. Peterson, Evelyn L. Mediapolis, Elementary. K-P Club I,2, I.F.T.A. 23 Tau Chi Eta I. Peterson, Joleen A. Rolte, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,2: I.F.T.A. 2, Lutheran Students Association I,2, Purple Arrow I. Phelan, Peggy J.- Mason City, Elementary. Tau Sigma Delta I,2g Tau Chi Eta lg Bartlett Hall House Council Ig Lawther Hall House Council 23 Wesley Foundation I,2. Pietan, Helen A. New Hampton, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Lutheran Students Association I,2, K-P Club I,2: I.F.T.A. 2, Purple Arrow I,2, Bartlett Hall House Council lg Senior Counselor 2. 270 Piper, Lorraine W. Dumont, Elementary. Power, Mary A. Greentield, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,2: I.F.T.A. 2. Powers, Mary L. Duncombe, Elementary. Newman Club I,2. Primus, Helen F. Steamboat Rock, Kindergar- ten-Primar . Propst, Kathleen J. Sigourney, Elementary. Elementa-Ki I,2: Christian Student Center I, 2: I.F.T.A. 25 Purple Arrow I,2. Purcell, Madelyn R. Fertile, Elementary. l.F. T.A. 2 lVice-president 21, College Chorus Ig Wesley Foundation I, Mason City Junior College. Purdy, Linda L. Fontanelle, Rural. I.F.T.A. Ig Elementa-Ki Ig Kappa Phi I. I R Ramler, Beverlee J. Fort Dodge, Elementary. Film Club 2, I.F.T.A. 25 Kappa Phi 25 K-P Club 23 Wesley Foundation 2, Tau Chi Eta 25 Fort Dodge Junior College. Ramsey, Mary A. Earlham, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Raymond, Judy A. Dysart, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I. Ream, Mary M. Chariton, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Marching Band 25 Concert Band 2g Women's Chorus 2, K-P Club 25 I.F.T.A. Z: Purple Arrow 2, Baptist Student Center 23 Iowa State College. Reed, Mary L. Clinton, Kindergarten-Primary. Women's Chorus I, Tau Sigma Delta I,2 lPresident 23, Tau Chi Eta lg K-P Club I,2, Inter-Sorority Council I,2, Presbyterian Fel- lowship I,2: Senior Counselor 2. Renaud, Janice M. Grinnell, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,2, Campus 4-H I,2. Renaud, Muriel J. Sully, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I,2, I.F.T.A. 2. Ressler, Lois R. Humboldt, Elementary. Pi Eau Phi 23 I.F.T.A. Ig K-P Club lg Tau Chi ta I. Rettenmaier, Frances M. Fort Dodge, Elemen- tary. I.F.T.A. 2, Newman Club 21 Film Club 21 Fort Dodge Junior College. Reuter, Carol J. Sumner, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,2 tPresident 25, Tau Chi Eta lg Gamma Delta I,2, I.F.T.A. 2, Bartlett Hall House Council I. Ries, Mary A. Pocahontas, Elementary. Col- lege Chorus lg Newman Club I,2: K-P Club I. Rittenhouse, Joyce L. Keokuk, Elementary. El- ementa-Ki ly Christian Student Center I,2. Robinson, Wilma M. Harris, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,2, Campus 4-H l,2g l.F. T.A. 2. Rodman, Joan M. Castana, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Newman Club I,2, K-P Club I,2. Roose, Donna B. Allison, Elementary. Con- cert Band I,2: Symphony Orchestra I,2: Ele- menta-Ki I,2: Campus 4-H l,2g Pi Theta Pi I,2, Lutheran Students Association I,2, Marching Band 2. Rosene, Marilyn L. Madrid, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Campus 4-H lg Tau Chi Eta lg Col- lege Chorus I1 I.F.T.A. 23 K-P Club 2. Ross, Carol J. Somers, Kindergarten-Primary. Wesley Foundation l,2g Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship I,2, I.F.T.A. I,2: K-P Club lg Pi Phi Omega I,2. Rush, Patricia A. Hawarden, Elementary. l.F. T.A. 23 Kappa Phi I,2, Tau Chi Eta Ig Ele- menta-Ki 2. S Samuelson, Beverly B. Fort Dodge, Kindergar- ten-Primaryj. K-P Club 2, I.F.T.A. 23 Tau Chi Eta 2, Lut eran Students Association 2. Sanborn, Margaret L. Hazleton, Elementary. I.F.T.A. I,2, K-P Club I,2. Sanburn, Shirlee M. Mapleton, Elementary. I.F.T.A. 23 University ot Iowa. Sawyer, Janet L. Ames, Kindergarten-Primary. College Chorus lg Tau Sigma Delta I,2, Kappa Phi I,2, Tau Chi Eta lg K-P Club I,2, Chapel Choir Ig OLD GOLD lg Wesley Foun- dation I,2. Schaeffer, Dorothy M. Crawtordsville, Elemen- tary. Elementa-Ki I,2. Schmidt, Marilyn A. Wheatland, Kindergar- ten-Primary. Sicima Eta Chi I,2, Kappa Theta Psi I,2: K-P Club 23 I.F.T.A. 2. Schminke, Carolyn M. Atkins, Kindergarten- Primary. Newman Club I,2, K-P Club I. Schramm, Joann. Ida Grove, Elementary. Pi Tau Phi I,2 CVice-president 23, Marlins I,2: K-P Club I,2: Senior Counselor 2. Schuessler, Donna K. Lone Tree, Elementary. Chapel Choir I,2, Women's Chorus I,2, l.F. T.A. 2g Senior Counselor 2. Shaffer, Wanda L. Wadena, Kindergarten- Primary. Bartlett Hall House Council lg Lawther Hall House Council 2, Marching Band lg Concert Band I,2, Women's Chorus I,2. Shellabarger, Joyce J. Columbus Junction, Kindergarten-Primary. K-P Club I,2g Wom- en's Chorus lg Kappa Phi I,2, College Chorus 25 I.F.T.A. 2. Shinn, Marilyn J. Albert City, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club lg I.F.T.A. I,2. , Shupe, Kathleen S. lndianola, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club lg Pi Theta Pi I,2g Wom- en's Chorus l. Siddall, Donna M. Laurens, Elementary. Morningside College. Simpson, Diane. Des Moines, Elementary. l.F. T.A. I,2, Wesley Foundation 2, Grandview Junior College. Skoog, Mary A. Dayton, Kindergarten-Primary. K-P Club lp Lutheran Students Association I,2. Smid, Joan M. George, Kindergarten-Primary. I.F.T.A. 2. Smith, Evelyn M. Nichols, Elementary. Smith, Judith A. Newton, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Tau Chi Eta lg K-P Club I,2: I.F.T.A. 23 Christian Student Center I,2. Soethout, Patricia A. Keota, Elementary. Theta Epsilon I,2, Elementa-Ki I,2: Roger Williams Club I,2 CVice-president 21. Spaight, Mardella. Winthrop, Elementary. Tau Chi Eta I, I.F.T.A. ly Elementa-Ki 2. Stahle, Margaret J. Elementary. College Eye lg OLD GOLD I,2: Newman Club I,2, Col- lege Players I,2: Lawther Hall House Coun- cil 23 Bartlett Hall House Council lg Wom- en's Chorus Ig I.F.T.A. Z5 Alpha Phi Gamma 2. Stamp, Wanda L. Spragueville, Rural. Ele- menta-Ki I,2: Campus 4-H l,2g Lutheran Students Association I,2. Stewart, Mary C. Eddyville, Kindergarten- Primary. Augustana College. Stotts, Phyllis J. Panora, Elementary. Ele- menta-Ki I. Stueck, Betty M. Vinton, Elementary. Tau Sigma Delta l,2g Purple Arrow I,2, I.F.T.A. 21 Elementa-Ki I. . Swanson, Virginia R. Olds, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,2, I.F.T.A. l,2g Lutheran Students Association I,2. T Talty, W. Joan. Corning, Kindergarten-Pri- mary. Newman Club I,2: Senior Couselor 27 Bartlett Hall House Council lg Pi Theta Pi I,2, K-P Club 2. Taylor, Patricia L. Wapello, Elementary... Taylor, Ruth E. Stuart, Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Phi I,2, K-P Club I,2, College Chorus I,2, Wesley Foundation I,2. Teig, Caroline J. Radclitte, Elementary. Ele- menta-Ki I,2, Lutheran Students Association I,2: Purple Arrow lg I.F.T.A. 2. Thorson, Delores E. Cambridge, Elementary. Campus 4-H I, I.F.T.A. 2: Lutheran Students Association I,2, Iowa State College. Thorson, Janet K. Rolte, Kindergarten-Primary. Phi Chi Delta I,2, K-P Club I,2 QVice-presi- dent IJ. Tice, Dorothy C. Grinnell, Elementary. March- ing Band 25 Sigma Eta Chi l,2g Plymouth Club I,2, Elementa-Ki l,2g I.F.T.A. 2. Toillion, Margaret L. Eagle Grove, Elemen- tary. I.F.T.A. Ig Eagle Grove Junior Col- e E. Trenciie, Zuella G. Radcliffe, Rural. Kappa Phi 2. Trowbridge, Eleanor R. Fort Dodge, Elemen- tary, Lutheran Students Association I,2, l.F. T.A. 2, Fort Dodge Junior College. Turbett, Shirley A. Tama, Elementary. Wom- en's Chorus lg Elementa-Ki I,2. U Ullerich, Juliann M. Charter Oak, Elementary. Gamma Delta 23 I.F.T.A. 23 Elementa-Ki 2: Women's Chorus 23 Iowa State College. V . Vaage, Helen J. Kenself, Elemenfary. Ele- menla-Ki l,2g Lufheran Sfudenls Associalion l,25 Purple Arrow l,2. Vaughn, Jackie A. Sioux Cily, Elemenlary. Iowa Sfaie College, Morningside. Vernon, Rulh A. Anamosa, Kindergar'fen-Pri- mary. K-P Club I,2g l,F.T.A. 2. Vial, Rufh H. Laurens, Elemenlary. Wornen's Chorus I. Vollenweider, Marian E. Moville, Elemenfary. Wesley Foundafion I,2g A Cappella Choir 25 Nebraska Slale Teachers College. Vopava, Mildred M. Cresco, Kindergarfen- Primary. Plymoulh Club I,2 fVice-presidenl' 231 Sigma Efa Chi l,2 CVice-presideni 23: K-P Club l,2g Tau 'Chi Eia l,2g Pi Tau Phi 23 Barllefl' Hall House Council lg l,F.T.A, 2. W Ward, Mary A. Waverly, Elemenlary. Ele- menla-Ki I,2g Newman Club l,2g Pi Tau Phi l,2. Wareberg, Nancy A. Irwin, Elemenlary. Ele- menia-Ki l. Warren, June M. Gilmore Cify, Elemenlary. Rural Communily Leaders Club Ig Purple Arrow l,2. Wasson, Myrna L. Columbus Junction, Kinder- qarlen-Primary. l.F.T.A. 23 Kappa Phi l,Zj K-P Club l. Weideri, Joan K. Sioux Cily, Elemenlary. l.F. T,A. 23 Tau Chi Ela 2: Chapel Choir 23 Morningside College. Weiland, Carol L. Shell Rock, Kindergarlen- Primary. Wesfrum, Marilyn E. Sfralford, Kindergarten- Primary. K-P Club l,2g Ari Club I, Wesley Foundafion I,2p l.F.T.A. 2. Whalin, Dorofhy A. Toledo, Kindergarten-Prh mary, College Chorus I,2g Tau Sigma Delia I,2. Wicks, Joan L. Decorah, Elernenlary. Ele- menfa-Ki l,2g OLD GOLD Ig Newman Club I,2. Wieland, Jean D. Lone Tree, Elementary, Ele- rnenfa-Ki 2. Wieskamp, Elizabeih A. Wes? Liberly, Kinder- uarren-Primary. Newman Club I,2g Tau Chi Ela Ig Tau Sigma Della I,2g K-P Club 23 Senior Counselor 2. Winkie, Beverly K. Cedar Falls, Elementary. Winfers, Joylyn M. Sieamboaf Rock, Kinder- garlen-Primary Worlhingion, MaryAnn. Allanfic, Elemenlary. Campus 4-H l,23 K-P Club l,2g Senior Coun- selor 21 l.F.T.A. 2. Wosoba, Dolores A. Baldwin, Elemenlary. Purple Arrow I,2g Elemenla-Ki lg Wesley Foundalion I,2j l.F.T.A. 23 Women's Chorus l. Wymore, Janice M. Council Bluffs, Kindergar- fen-Primary. Barfleil Hall House Council Ig K-P Club I,2g l.F.T.A. 2. 'Num 1 2 'us Z q . 'arfsfo 1 +I , N 'fs x ,,, 2 N S m '-is " . ia , xx V, , XA g'-Xu xt gui' Y K-.X ' X "' fix-'rx 5- 'fi-'3i?.1-ran-4 Advertising ,a::- iii,-,- , ea f ,lJ .A 5225: IAIChiH1CdCS Had a Word for It. 5 gg-'ff .. ...- 5 'E gig l ri. 'i:- IILL lift . . .-:-Eyi W M --Agn? I f u 'If - if 1 mfsssiiiiiiikziifiiii P f -W , , , :gif , , .-.151-'.:I f'A-- .sr 3? .22 ' B Ut fr , 0 ,,,, fic"-Tie? A -f - ' E Fifzf 2 QQ: ' " f 4ei1,efi.,,?e,g rise ki . :in -5 SGC? SXHIQXZDV-A J 4 -if 2 K Q54 5 .ZAR if j fx 21 6 r.. +:.:rj -, f 1 gs 6 , : K , 4 f , - E A- E,-i I A .fp e g I o Pf 5- I ' ,Q ,,,. li,lUt.., X ff. Lf :ef-M5 . -3 5 . A v QX A --as ff? ' 1-1T'lm::ii4 E i 3 fQ ' I uGf-A 4' J: .ssf ?' : f1jgffa:,f.- TE? I 6-WQILIA ees eb - - 1 T - 2' '. Hr, xg ,IIS 'I : aj '11ff?:Ef55f:f. 77 dy., , K . g - - gf fl I.-MADE,-ffm f. ft E - ' I 4' .rf gyms mgeoo. I , A- "f I I t- -- f 'ie 5 : - . l ' 'Iii E- f it Y' 1 lt ' U5 keg? ' fff' , Q L ' ., - 'iii x V ?'4'-A at f .If X , -X N f :4. , X e f If - ' I X ,A W' A X' fi - . f a: ff' I If K X SX -X 'N ' ii . .... g 'sox -gif--i XX X 'rss Q - E s ii? is X X. 'Lf--site" , Ei. e X- .,..... . If RQ-. - . . K SX f ' R"' 5 J -' . X j X-. ' gigg- .4 J ef 'I f. Tis. 'Elie cmviif Ie . 5 e 1 Xs isa it --rf 'ff ' 2 T' wt, f f g , eff Ei, it . XXX I ,HI Z emi f 17,1 if AN 3 .- f,2"'lr- Pi f x .: -f f . 1 'Z D g' 52 ' I ,ee - CSX? ig ---, ' 5 Of:f'2-lee-fe-1f2l E Vic 2,2-f,l1 X- 3 -f ff 1. E 1 20-I r -, , 4- .fe:1 f -f E Riff -,- Wrap. "-H X "' ,LQ f - f 'X s f E- me mf .- it ,ff XFN A 22, fo f2227,,,fef f f T'+ If E2 "XX ff REMEMBER Archimedes? He was a brilliant scientist and mathematician back in the third century BC. But for all his contributions to the study of physics and mechanics and fcr all his inventions and discoveries, Archimedes probably is best remembered for a trip he made-one th-at ranks in fame with those of Lady Godiva, Iohn Gilpin, and Paul Revere. That was the day Archimedes, while bathing, was fishing for the soap and came up with his famous theory of liquid displacement, which, in so many words, holds that a body immersed in a liquid gives up, or yields, as much of its own weight as the weight of the displaced liquid. lt's said that he became so excited at his discovery that he forsook the tub and, sans so much as a terrycloth towel, raced through the streets, shouting "Eureka! Eureka!" Now, even in our own radio-active age, Archime- des would be considered quite a "brain," and as such, probably would be the first to point out that his displacement theory applies to each of us in every- day life-that we get out of life iust what we put into it, no more and no less. He would probably point out the holes in the tempting "theworld-owes-me-a- living" theory, and remind us that we are each charg- ed with certain obligations to God, country and neighbor, and our success depends upon the weight we place on them or how well we fulfill those obliga- tions. He would say that such obligations are all part of the real cost of living. and we only get what we pay for. He might add, too, that when we've accepted his theory and put it in practice, then with him we can shout to the world, "Eureka! Eureka! " Which is to say, translated from the Greek: "By gum, l've got it!" J 0 H N D E E R-'E MOLINE ILLINOIS I -ij s , Quality Farm Equipment Since 1837 A ' 274, if ,., I ' K t at , 32, f' X ' . , Ag f It X, , N,- ff A ,f ' T 'Q ,. L. 5'--, r . A '7 aww' M. 1+ ' ' ,, . gf. ,,.., , ,, ,. ,,... ., ,, .K 3 , ., , , . . V. j ..,,Y.i,'. Qf5.M,,w- Wg Vg-LT, .,..,.-,Xw:Y,'- 'f -, --. -- . f ' ' iddggl V .w,.' . .w,...:':'--.f.-uw - A . ' '- S - "T I . GOODWIN MUSIC INC. 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When You Think of Flowers Compliments Think of of f 7 New vonx FASHION WLCP0 4 WATERLOO Phone 39 or 44 276 PRINTING TYPEWRITERS OFFICE SUPPLIES HOLST PRINTING CO. SHOP AT Arnolds for the newest fashions ln women's apparel Value is what counts, more than ever Ihese days. When you 2II 2l0 shop at Arnolds, you get your money's worth every time. R ' ',", -'fr --.'. I ri-uessen s ' 'EANEPH -F 'ug-ii S 1 O FOR THAT "Breath of Spring Freshness" TRIANGLES CHLOROPHYLL CLEANING 2209 College Your General Electric Store I23 Main Cedar Falls "Jarmans" are rated 'TOPS' in COLLEGE CAMPUS Styling" Buy them a'I' Wa+erIoo's Friendly Mews si-ioE STORE M 0 R E Y LAZA R Next Door to Paramounl Theatre Entrance WATERLOO, IOWA HURWICH'S O 500-508 LAFA YETTE STREET O Waterloo's Oldest Furniture Store HICKORY HOUSE Barbecue Ribs and I-lam, Slealcs, Chicken, Sea Food, and Sandwiches Open from 5 p.m. 'ro 2 a.m. except Monday 3I5 Park Road 0 Waterloo, Iowa SEE ELECTRIC COMPANY WIRING - FIXTURES - APPLIANCES Phone 57OI 86 COMMERCIAL ST. - WATERLOO, IOWA 277 BROWN'S STANDARD SERVICE 2004 College St. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA Jgfzfailfla Jewegy Established in 1894 221 W. Fourth St. THE 7-UP BOTTLING CO WATERLOO, IGWA I43O LOGAN WATERLOO For The Finest in Women' s Apparel SHOP AT WOLF'S lm EWAA For SPORTS cmd CASUALS 5293 :,. .Q "1-Q fi :"'R A 'SAS' A"S' Ag e---'- A to DDDC DDD e A Aeee S7 95 CEDAR FALLS must AND SAVINGS BANK A A SSS A S2 efSef SAA A ' SSS S M 223 MAIN CEDAR FALLS S""" ICWA' 0WN and They don'T come any beTTer fi . Q x fr is 'lfrani'-" f ' N ,mg puvon-fm nie uw 'con W-,.,..,. Z Qi, -.......,,gh I 5 x Rath Black Hawk Tend'r Mild H A M The Tamous ham wiTh The sweeTer, corn-Ted Tlavor Tinqed wiTh TraqranT Trace of mellow smoke. lT's delicious! Rath Black Hawk BACON PlenTy of lean in each choice sTrip. ' Fries or broils in appeTizinq pieces wiTh a delicaTely smoked, corn-Ted Tlavor. I? -Nik Rath Black Hawk P IC NIC 'Im' ,,5f4,QQQl2f!"dK RaTh's improved Trimming and pro- cessing meThod enhances The naTur- ally Tiner Tlavor oT This TasTe-TempTing corn-Ted pork shoulder picnic. And a complete line of CANNED MEATS RaTh makes These Trom selecTed Tine meaTs, vacuum cooks Them a special way To keep in The Tresh, corn-Ted Tlavor. .3HiE!I11, T I-l!N1'1,F,"' !EH!.k! X c , T T T FIIIE Fl! 0 . ROM DTE ' T 'iii BACON ,,,,c,,'-"TafS2 BACON ' " F llllD0 CORN Q 2...--ng ,RUM -3 .Ram BllCK HAWK 3- BLACK HAWK .... -,, ,- Pl 11- ' l -513230433 i - X mfs xx Rail: BLACK HAWK 78:1-dllmihv W i s THE RATH PACKING COMPANY WATERLOO, IOWA 279 THE BOLSER CORPORATION if " ,. A -.Iw , li Royal 27+Iu and MAIN Q E " ,,., ,Fe ,,T:. W I I 'fe' Remingio CEDAR FALLS IOWA A' .9 'L'Z-.:,.'u"n'---lj? ' A Smilh-Coro .,. L . l fli--., J-V . - I Unclerwoo Ivlanuiaclurers of Truck Flares FHRA'2I- O+I1er Truck Safely Equipmenl GET A TYPEWRITER NOW! You will use i'I' The A W C resi' of your life 651 an I 1409 Wesi lst on Hqhwcxy 2U L A T T A S CompIe+e OuHiHers for School and Office Finest of Home Cooked Foods COIISQB 5+0fB and Office Air Condiiioned OPPOSHQ 'STC C5mP'-'5 I Display Room and Warehouse Open L I I Y C 22l8 Main Sf. ' WATERLOO HOME CEDAR FALLS SAVINEESQ LOAN NORTHERN RAILROAD ' WATERLOO. IOWA WHERE YOUR SAVINGS ARE "INSURED SAFE" YOUR SAVINGS ARE WELCOME - LARGE OR SMALL O 529 Commercial WATERLOO. IOWA 280 I BAKER'S O Old Fashion - Coun+ry S+yIe ICE CREAM CEDAR FALLS, IOWA , W, . f it A A I .f,-ga I:Y,, g A lm of lsr X A JN A Q ff E X A MARTIN BROS. Distributing Co. I ,IM I ,wg BAG HAND "Northeast lowa's Leading Mgglygil Restaurant Supplier" H012 Bi?lAI.Ill7u WZ'-.gsm ,,.. ' I922 Main - Cedar Falls "We Give S :Q H Green Stamps" Wet Wash . . . 40c Extracted . . . 5Oc WATERLOO CEDAR FALLS . Dried . . . . . . 75c MASON .CITY IOWA FALLS SO-Hked ---- 'OC extra MARSHA'-LTOWN Bl.AKE'S AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY - AUTOMATICALLY YOURS Smartly Dressed Men Prefer to Shop at The Store for Young Men LARRY'S CLOTHES SHOP 3I0 - E. 4+l-r ST. WATERLOO JOHNSON-CHRISTENSEN COMPANY O HARDWARE - HEATING - PLUMBING O 312 MAIN - CEDAR FALLS ' We Give Green Stamps Buy... TOWN TALK and KLEEN-MAID Enriched Breads O GOOD FOODS BEST FRIEND O ALTSTADT 81 LANGLAS BAKING COMPANY WATERLOO. IOWA 28I W SQ 'Q' Q , . 3 -ESSQQ i 2 0 x Vx N THE MEADOWS TRUCK STOP - RESTAURANT OPEN 24 HOURS HIGHWAY ZI8 BETWEEN CEDAR FALLS AND WATERLOO NATIONAL BANK OF WATERLOO B L A C K ' S Member of the Federal . Deposit Insurance Corp. Waferloo, Iowa 283 aasuiiis QT HIE?-ihlE'iH H Jlm yz N-5652+ OZ! Woffefy SADF FINE CHINA, GLASS, POTTERY TENENBAUM JEWELRY AND G'FT5' DIAMONDS . SETTERS . GOLDSMITHS 4l3 Main Cedar Falls WATERLOO. IOWA BUY ' 5 5 h , , , " xi .L V A ' X' Xx.,-' :NY:,f,g33! 0 L D G C L D WATERLOO SAVINGS BANK ' WATERLO0, IOWA E A R L Y 284 ---U UA--- Aung I I I------i------------I I I I I I II VVVAAAA V AAA AA 'Y AAAA VV' AAAAAAAAAAAAAA A V'VA''AVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAV'A PrinIeoI and 'Bound by The Clio Press Year Book Division of Ihe Economy Adv:-:r+ising Co. IOWA CITY, IOWA 285 TOPICAL INDEX A A Cappella ChoirA A AAA Aclivilies A AA A A A A AA Adminislralion Adverlising ,..,. A A A All College Sing .,.. Alpha Chi EpsilonA Alpha Phi Gamma .,,, Alpha Phi Omega Arl Club A .... A A A Arl Deparlmenl AA A AA AA Arls and Induslries Building A A Associalion ol Women Sludenls Alhlelics .,i., A A AA AA AA Auclion .... Auclilorium A ,..,. A Bachelor ol Arls lndexA A Baker Hall House Council Baplisl Sludenl CenlerA A Barllell Hall AAA,,,.,AA 'A AA Barllell Hall House Council Baseball AAAAA A AAAAA A A Baskelball AA AAAAA AAAAAA A AAA Bela Alpha Epsilon ,AAA A AAAAAA A AAAAI04 A74-II9 AAI6.-29 272-284 47 2I6 AAAAI64 A AI80 AAAAI8I AAAA232 A I4 A 77 I20-I6I AA A45 II 264-267 AA 82 A A206 AA I5 80 I42-I45 I30-I37 AAAAI82 Board ol Conlrol ol Sludenl' PublicalionsA 97 Business Educalion Deparlmenl A A A A233 C Campanile AAA A A A A A A I0 Campbell Hall House Council A 88 Campus Buildings A AA AA 6-I5 Campus 4-H ClubA AA A AAAA A A A A I83 Cedar Ealls IVIen's Housing UnilAA Cedar Ealls Women's Housing Unil Chapel Choir A A A A A A Cheerleaders A A A A Chimes A AAAAAAA A A Chrislian Sludenl Cenler A Chrislmas Aclivilies A A A College Chorus A A College Eye AA A College Players Commons AAAAAAAAAA Concerl Band AAAAAAAA Curriculum Laboralory AA D Dad's Day A Debale A Della Della Phi Della Sigma Rho A 286 90 A9I A A AI04 I58 AAAAI65 AAAAA2I3 AA 4I-44 AA AA I06 AA98-99 AAAAI84 I3 AA AI08 28 AAAA38 I-I0 AAAAQI7 I66 Deparlmenls AAA A A A A A Drama AAAAAA A A A Educalion Deparlmenl AAAAAAA Elemenla Ki AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Elemenlary Laboralory School AAAA Ellen H. Richards Club AAAAA AAAA English and Speech DeparlmenlAA Epsilon Pi Tau AAAA AAAA A AAA. A F Eacully Index AAAAAA AAAA Film Club AAAAAAAAAA AA Eirsl Year KA P. Club. A Food Service AAAAA A A A A Eoolball AAAAAAA A AAAA A A A EorewordAAA AAAAA Eoreign Language Club A A A Eoreign Educalors AAAA AAAAAAAAAA 230-247 II2-I I5 AAAA234 AAAAl85 6 AAAAI86 AA A235 AAAAI67 288-289 AAAAII9 AAAAI87 26 I22-I29 5 AAAAI88 65 Eulure Business Leaders ol America AAAAA I89 G Gamma Della AA A A A A C5oIlAAAAAAAA Graduales A A A A A I'I Heallh Service AA AA A A Home Economics DeparlmenlA AA A A Homecoming A A AAAA A AA Honorary Organizalions A AAA AAA I 'wciub A A AA "I" Queens lnduslrial Arls Club A A A A A lnduslrial Arls Deparlmenl AAAA Inlormalion Services A A A A Inleresl Organizalions A A A Inlerlralernily Council A A A A Inlramurals A AAAAAAA A AAAA .AAA Inlersororily Council A AAAA209 I52- I 53 248-27l A 27 A AA236 AA34-37 I64-I79 AAAAI59 AAAAl60 AAAAI90 AAAA237 29 I80-203 AAAA2I4 l56-I57 AAAA2I4 lnler-Varsily Chrislian Eellowship AAAAAAA 2I3 Iowa Eulure Teachers Associalion AAAAAAA I9I J Jazz Concerl A K Kappa Della Pi A A A Kappa Mu Epsilon A Kappa Phi AAAAAA AAAAA Kappa Pi Bela AlphaA A A Kappa Thela Psi AAAAA 64 AAAAI68 AAAAI69 AAAA2lI AAAAI92 AAAA2I8 L Lambda Gamma Nu ..... Language'Depar'rmen+ . .. .....2I9 .....238 Lawlher I-lall .....,.......... .., 8 Lawlher I-lall I-louse Council ... . . . .. 84 League ol Women Volers ..,. . ..... I93 Leclure-Concerl Series . . . , . . I I6-I I8 Library... ..,.,,.,,.. . .. 2 Library Science Deparlmenl .,.. ,.r, 2 39 Library Sludenls Associalion. . . , , I94 Lulheran Sludenls Associalion , . . . 209 M Mardi Gras ,.. .. 46 Marlins ....,.,, ..,I95 Marching Band ... , I07 Malh Club .. ...,..... ..., I 96 Malhemalics Deparlmenl . 240 Men's Gymnasium .... . ... 7 Men's Union . ,,.. .. 77 Messiah .. .. .. .. 40 Mo+her's sDay . ,.. . , 39 Music Deparlmenl . . ,,... 24I IVl.E.N.C. ......., . I97 N Newman Club . . . . .207 Nu Sigma Phi .,., ,.., 2 20 0 OLD GOLD ,..,. .,,,. . . . IO0 OLD GOLD Beauly Dance . 48-6I Opera ..,...,.,,. ,,,. . . ...,. I I I Orchesis .,.. . I98 Orcheslra . . . ,.,.A . I09 Organizalions , .. . . . I62-229 Orienlalion . . ..,. . . ... . 32 Olher Publicalions . . .I02 P Phi Chi Della ,,,.. ' .... .., 2I2 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. .. . I70 Phi Sigma Epsilon . . . . 22I Phi Sigma Phi ,.,.., , ,.... 222 Physical Educalion Club. .. .. I99 Physical Educalion for Men .,... .,.. 2 42 Physical Educalion for Women ..... M243 Pi Gamma Mu ..,.....,,...,, ...I7I Pi Omega Pi... .. I72 Pi Phi Omega. . . Pi Tau Phi .... Pi Thela Pi ,,.,.. Plymoulh Club ...,.. . . Presbylerian Fellowship . .. Presiden+'s Message , .. , ...223 224 .225 ....'208 .....2I2 I8 Purple Purple Arrow Key Religion-In-Life Weelc . ., Religious Organizalions . . S Science Deparlmenl .. .. Second Year K-P Club .,,, Seerley I-lall ........, . Seerley l'lall House Council .... Senior Senior Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Social Social Social Social Arl ,....,.,,c.c.. Counselors . . Alpha Ela. . Alpha lola . Ela Chi. ,.,. . Gamma Kappa .. Tau Gamma .. . Thela Epsilon .... Life Commillee .... Organizalions ..... Science Deparlmenl. Science I-Ionors ,.r.. Special Services ,... . . . Speech Aclivilies Club . . Spring Formal... Sladium I-Iall House Council .. ....I73 .66-69 ....205 204-2I3 .. 244 ..200 9 H78 ...IO3 95 I74 ...I75 ...208 ...20I 226 .I3.2lO 96 2I4-229 .. .245 ....I76 . .26-29 .. 202 62 86 Srudenl Council of Religious Aclivilies . .204 Sludenl Counselors .... Sludenl League Board . Sunsel Village Council. . T 95 ... 76 94 Tau Chi Ela .. .... ..l58 Tau Sigma Della ....... . . .227 Teaching Deparlmenl . . . .. 246 Tennis.. . . l50-I5I The-la Alpha Phi . I77 Thela Epsilon . . . 206 Thela Gamma Nu . .. 228 Thela Thela Epsilon. . . . . I78 Torch and Tassel ... ....I79 Traclc ...,........ .. . ..I46-I49 Tradilions ....... . . . . . .... .30-73 Two-Year Diplomas Index. . . . 268-27I W Walerloo Men's I-lousing Unil .... .. . 92 Walerloo Womenls l'Iousing Unil , 93 Wesley Foundarion Council ....,.. . . .2IO Wornen's Chorus ....... ... ...l05 Women's Gymnasium . . . . . . I2 Wornen's Recrealion Associalion . ..... 203 ' I38-I44 Wreslling .... . . ... .... 287 A Aakvik, Ellen, 24I Abboll, R. L. Adney, Verna, 246 Ailchison, Alison Allegra, Charles Allen, Rulh, IB6, 236 Anderson, Blake, 235 Anderson, Lucille, 246 Anderson, Mary, 246 Anderson, Wallace, 235 Arey, Amy Aurand, Wayne B Bailey, Charles Bailey, James, 23, 97 Baker, Rebecca, 234 Barker, Olive, 24I Barney, Belly, IOC? Barry, David, 244 Baum, Russell, 24I Beard, Marshall, 22 Bebb, Randall, 246 Beckman, Mary Begeman, Louis Bender, Paul, 20, 7l, 76, 77 Bernard, Frances, I99, 243 Bernhard, Harold, 24, 235 Birkhead, Jane Bishop, Clillord, 234 Blackman, Mildred, 246 Blanlord, James, I72, 233 Boardman, Benjamin Boehlie, Esfher, 234 Bonlz, Jean, l99, 243 Bouldin, Mary, 236 Braddock, Richard, 235 Brimm, Paul, 246 Bronczyk, Josephine, 246 Brown, A. E., 234 Brown, Helen Brown, Mabel, 246 Brune, Irvin, l69, I96, 240 Bullena, Louis, l7I, I76 Burgner, Jack Buswell, Margarel Bullerworlh, Mary, l98, l99, 243 C Cable, E. J., 244 Campbell, C. Evelyn, 246 Campbell, Maniorie Carnine, Harry clark, J, R., 25, iso, ies, 242 Clarke, Elizabeth, 84 Cole, E. E., 23 Coleman, Waller, 24I Conley, Mary Ann, 25 Conlon, Corley Cowley, John 288 FACULTY INDEX Cram, Fred D., 22 Crawford, G., 245 Crosby, Edmund, 237 Curlis, Dwighl, 246 D Daley, William, 94, 232 Dee, William, 22l, 245 Delalield, David Denny, E, IB2 Dial, Belly, 199, 243 Dickinson, A. D., I47, I49, 242 Dielerich, Mary, 239 Dilzler, Waller, I67, I9O, 237 Divelbess, Margarel, 246 Dohrman, Henry, 245 Douglas, Lloyd, 233 Dreier, William Driesbach, David, 232 E Ehresman, Irene, 239 Emmons, Ardilh, 246 Ennis, Edilh, 246 F Fagan, W. B., 235 Fahrney, R, R., 245 Fink, Merrill, 22 Filzgerald, Margarel, 26 Floyd, Earl, 246 Foresl, Louise Fossum, Ernesl, I74 Fowler, Claylon, 232 Fowler, H. Seymour Fox, Josef, 235 Frahm, lzefla, 246 French, Valienl, 24 Fuller, A. C. Fullerlon, Margarel, 239 G Gamer, Joseph, 24 Gelchell, R. W., 244 Gibb, Glenadine Gilloley, Laura, 246 Goelch, E. W., 24 Gogel, Kennefh Goggin, Leo Gohman, Waller, 246 Granl, M. L., 244 Cruesl, Boyd Guillaume, Harry, 232 Gullickson, Agnes, 246 H Hake, Herberf, 25 Haines, Maude, 27 Haines, Pe+er,'233 Hall, Jack, 246 Hamillon, Elberl, I69, I96, 240 I-lamplon, Nellie, 234 Hanawall, Mary, 235 Hanson, Alden, 235 Hanson, Charles, Hanson, Rose, 246 Happ, William, 246 Harmon, Lela, 246 Harper, Corinne, 246 Harris, Henry, 24I Harris, Lyman Harl, Irving, 2l Harlwell, Frank, 246 Hearsl, James, Heiple, Clarke, 246 Heiple, Cleobell, 246 Helfl, Bernice Henderson, Geraldine, 246 Herrick, Donald, 246 Herrold, Clihford Hill, Frank Hinds, Jean, 88 Hlad, Isabell Hollrnan, Carolyn, 246 Holliday, Olive, 236 Holmberg, Marjorie, 246 Holmes, George, 25, 97 Holvik, Karl, IO8, IOQ Holsl, Harold Hosier, Max, 246 Howard, Donald, 245 Hull, Eslher, 234 Humphrey, Kalherine, I72, 233 Hunler, Mary Hulcheson, Rulh, 246 J Jackson, C. L., 246 Jackson, Mary, 246 Jacobs, Priscilla Jennings, Philip, 23 Jewell, Ross, 235 Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Richard, I94, 239 K Kadow, William, 246 Kasiske, Florence, 246 Kelly, Donald, 25, I64 Kelso, Paul, 23 Kennedy, David, 24I Kercheval, James, 244 Knulson, Howard, 234 Koehring, Dorolhy, 246 Koll, William, l39, l5l, l59 Kurlz, Edward L Ladd, Carolyn, 25 Lake, Collelle, 80, 95 Lamke, Tom, 2l Lang, William, l7I, I76, 24 Lanlz, C. W., 244 Lafham, William, 24-I LaHin, Richard, 246 Lawlon, Milo, 25 Leavill, Charles, I7l, I76, 245 Lebeda, Agnes, 233 Leeland, Alberl, 246 Lillehei, l. L., 238 Lori, Fred, I69, I96, 240 , Lund, Sue, 80, 95 Lynch, Lewis, 246 M Macy, William, IO4, IO6, 2l3, 24l, Madore, Alice, 246 Madore, Normand, 246 Manlor, Edna, 246 Maricle, William, 246 Marieila, E. L., I72, I89, 233 Marquardl, D. N., 244 Marlindale, Franlc, 234 Mafala, Dorofhy, 244 Malala, R. E., I67, 190,237 Mauclr, Jane, l04, 24l Mauclcer, J. W., l9, 70, 7l, 73 Maurer, Edwin, 235 Maxwell, Jvonne . Mazula, Pele-r, 219, 246 Mcl3rair, Marian, 2I, 77, 9I, 93, I79, 2l4 McBride. Eleanor, 246 McCarl'hy, Phyllis, 246 McCollum, Clifford, 244 McCue, Roberl, 77, 78, 90, 92, 2l4 McCusker, Laurella, 239 McDavil'l, Elaine, I77, 235 McDonald, Marguerile McMahon, Della, 246 McNamar, Mary, 83 McLeod, Ada Mead, Frank Meece, Leone, 233 Mendenhall, L. L., 242 Merrirl, Eleanor Middlelon, Caryl, 246 Miller, Edna, l88, 238 Miller, Frances, 246 Mifchell, John Mohn, Mardelle Moon, Alfred Moon, Dororhy, I99, 203, 243 Mullins, Evelyn, 239 N Nelson, Anna Nelson, Herman, 244 Nelson, M. J., 20 Ness, Carmen, 246 Nielsen, Ross Noe, Roberla, 246 Nordly, O. M., I33, l52, 242 O Oplier, Emma, 246 Orr, Roberl, 246 P Palmer, Harold, 237 Parisho, John Paul, J, B., 2I Paulson, Roberl Peavey, Samuel, 246 Peclc. Lyman, I69, I96, 2IO, 240 Pendergrall, Daryl, 20 Pelerson, Marna, 246 Phillips, Cecil, 246 Plaehn, Erma, l7l, I76, I93, 245 Poppy, Willard, 48, 244 Poller, Alberl, 246 Price, Malcolm Przychodzin, Joe R Rail, Grace Ralh, Earl, 97, 244 Ralhe, Donald, 246 Redner, Arlhur, I68, I97, 2I Reece, Oscar, 20I, 244 Reninger, H. Willard, 235 Rhum, Gordon Riebe, H. A., 234 Riller, Elmer, 22 Robinson, George, 245 Rod, Donald, 239 Rogers, R. A., 244 Rolh, Be+ls Rowley, Elizabelh, 23, 96 Ruegnilz, Rose Ruman, Edward, 246 Russell, Myron, l75, l97 S Sage, Leland, I7l, I76, 245 Samson, George, l04 Schafer, Josef, I88, 238 Schilder, Louis Schlicher, Raymond, 24, I69 Schmilf, Mary Schnelle, Barbara Schneider, Melvin, I04 Schneider, Naomi Schools, Marshall Schullz, Mavis, 246 Schurrer, Augusla, I69, I96, Schweizer, Helen, I96, 246 Scolf, Davis Scoll, Donald Scofl, Hazel Shannon, Jerry, 244 Shepherd, Gene, 246 Shepherd, Lou, 22 Shores, Edna, 236 ' Short Thelma, 243 Silvey, Wray, 234 Silvey, H. M., 2l Slcalbeclc, Oliver, I74, 235 Smilh, Ernesline, 244 Smilh, Frances, 235 Smifh, M. B., 202, 235 O, 24I 240 Srnifh, May Smilh, Paul, 232 Sonslegard, Manlord Sparrow, Julia, 234 Sfageberg, Norman, 235 Sfarbeclc, C. L., I24, 242 Sieininger, Earl, 246 Slolcslad, Lloyd, 246 Slone, Myrlle, 246 Slrain, Roberi, l7l, I76, 2I9, 245 Slrayer, Hazel, I77, 235 Slrong, Annice, 246 Slruble, Marguirelfe, 246 Sulherland, Elisabefh, l78, 236 Svenson, Karl Swanson, Belly, I99, 243 T Theno, E. Charles, 24-I Thompson, M. R., I76, 245 Thompson, Oscar, I68, l82, 234 Thompson, Thomas, I 7l Trimble, Harold, I69, I96, 240 Tripp, Leonard Turner, Eulalie, 246 Ulfley, M arguerile V Vander Beck, Howard, 246 Van Engen, Henry, IO4, I69, Van Ness, Grace Vineyard, Vava, 246 Vodiclca, Marquerile, 246 Von Neumann, Roberl W Wagner, Guy Wagner, Lillian, l65, 235 Wagner, Willis, 237 Waller, Mildred, 246 Weber, Harold, 246 While, Doris, I99, 243 Whiliorcl, L. W., I44, 242 Wilcox, M. J., 234 Wilmarlh, Alla, 246 Winelxe, Dorolhy, 246 Winier, Leonard, 244 Winlcleman, James, 246 Winsberg, Shirley Winlers, Dean Wolf, Clinlon, 86 I96, 240 Wood, Sfanley, I77, l84, 235 Woodcoclc, Berl Wrighl, Lawrence, 237 Y Yager, Barbara, I94, I99, 243 Yeager, Nina Z . Zinlz, Miles, 234 A Abbas, Ellen, Geneva, l85a, 208, 256 Abbas, Norma, Geneva, I86 Abodeely, Adele, Cedar Rapids, 80, l00 Adams, Darlene, Walerloo, 93, I88, 2l7, 250 Adams, Donald, Liscomb, 86, 98, I80, I89, 213 Adams, Mary, Websfer Cily, I87 Adamson, Kalherine, Cedar Falls, 66, I04. I77, I79, I84, 225,250 Adickes, Frances, Oelwein Agan, Georgia, Milo, I87 Ahrens, Marcia, Cedar Falls, IO6 Ahrens, Rela, Washinglon, I05, I85 Ahrens, Vonda, Rudd, I85, 2I2, 256 Aiken, Mary, Marengo, 256 Ailchison, Gary, Corwilh, 77, 86, 95, I80, IB9 Akers, Carol, Walerloo Akers, Judilh, Coggon, I85, 256 Albers, Conslance, Clear Lake, 256 Alberls, Lyle, Grundy Cenler, 20I Alborn, Palricia, Yale, 207 Albrechl, James, Dike Albrighl, Ray, Walerloo Alleman, Palricia, Slaler, I87 ' Allen, Annelle, I"IaZIelon, 80, I05, IBB Allen, Gene, Walerloo, I09 Allen, John, Algona, I77, 250 Allen, Palricia, Lucas, I7I, I76, 202, 2I I, 250 Aller, Merlin, Keola, l23, 2l9 Almelien, Donna, Lake Mills, 256 Allemeier, Lorraine, Liscomb, I83, 200, 2I3a, 256 Aller, Dorolhy, Parkersburg Amble, Gilberl, Walerloo Amlahr, James, Jesup Ammerman, Carolyn, I-Iamplon, 256 Ammerman, Gayle, Slillwaler, Minnesola Amsden, Belly, Scranlon, I58, l6I, 2II Anaslasi, Marjorie, Denison, I87a, 207 Anders, James, Cedar Falls Andersen, Beverly, Walker Andersen, John, Cedar Falls, 90, I04, I8l Andersen, Kennelh, Charles Cify, 66, 98, I66, l68, I84, 202, 250 Andersen, Sharon, Sheffield, I06, 256 Anderson, Carol, Walerloo, 93, I85a, I97, 2I I, 256 Anderson, Chloris, -Slrallord, 84, I04, I07, IO8,i 2135 Anderson, Dennis, Eslherville Anderson, Donna, Palon, I85a, 2I I, 256 Anderson, Dorolhy, Marlinsburg, 256 Anderson, Geraldine, Cresco, 207, 2l7, 256 Anderson, I-lelen, Dike Anderson, Janel, Charilon, l05 Anderson, Jenine, Rockford, Illinois, 80 Anderson, Johanna, Iowa Cily, I05, I68, IB2, 206, 2I3b, 250 Anderson, Mary, Ames 290 STUDENT INDEX Anderson, Marylin, Sioux Cily Phyllis, Crawlordsville, I83, I87a Anderson, Waller, Malvern, I59 Anderson, Anderson, William, Blakesburg, 83 Andrada, Blaine, Wayzala, Minnesola, 209 Andrews, Dolores, Cenler Junclion Andrews, Marjorie, Greene, I87 Andrews, Rochelle, Burl, I07, I96 Annear, Ardelh, Dedham, 2II Archer, Clarence, Bloomfield Archer, Palricia, Bloomfield, 2l I, 2I8, 256 Arends, Alan, Sfanhope, I43, 2l9 Arenlson, Joyce, I-Iarlan, 206, 2I3 Arink, Befly, Rowley, 80, l87a, 2I2 Arizumi, Janel, I-lilo, l-lawaii, I94, 2l9, 250 Armslrong, Eldon, Dawson, I67, I90, 226, 250 Arnold, Mary, Ames, 66, 76, 77, 95, 109, I65, I75, I97, 204, 2I2 Arlhur, Vivian, Cedar Falls, I74, I79, 2l7, 250 Aschenbrenner, Duane, Dysarl Ash, Roberl, Oelwein Aspleal, Sandra, Sioux Cily Alherlon, Jean, Council Blulils, 80, I87 Augusline, Virginia, Aflon, 85, I85, 207, 256 Auld, Dorolhy, Cedar Falls Auld, Lawrence, Cedar Falls Avery, Mary, Cedar Falls Axon, Barbara, Goldfield, I87 Ayala, Audrey, Dubuque, 2I I, 223 B Babb, Beverly, Des Moines, 200, 209,256 Bacher, Sally, Burlinglon, I92 Baerman, I-Iulda,'WalerIoo Baerwald, Marcia, Cedar Falls Bagge, Carolyn, Easf Moline, Illinois Bagley, Richard, Forl Madison, 226 Bagwell, Julia, Walerloo Bahndori, Mary, Amana, I05, IB5 Bahrenluss, Beniamin, Websler Cily Bailey, Barbara, La Porle Cily, 2II Bailey, Donna, Adel, 88, 89, I92, 2I I, 228 Bailey, James, Cedar Falls Bailey, Mary, Sioux Cily, 76, 77, I79, 2l7, 250 Bailey, Phyllis, Royal, 256 Baker, Armand., Sugar Land, Texas, 83, 97, 104, 216 Baker, David, Ogden, I00, IOI, I8l, 207 Baker, Frances, Decorah Baker, Francis, Walerloo Baker, Judilh, Belmond, 256 Baker, Mildred, Clear Lake Baker, Palricia, Redfield, I06, 256 Bakker, Norma, Grundy Cenler, 200, 2l3, 256 Baldovi, Jane, Pauwela, l-lawaii, 56, 98, I64, 250 Baldy, Jane, Spiril Lake Bales, Alice, Floris, IO4, I05, 2l3, 256 Balk, Madonna, Waucoma, 200, 207,256 Balkema, Mary, Dows Ball, Charles, Walerloo, 77, 96, 97, IOB. 2I4, 2l9 Balzer, Donna, Des Moines, 202, 2l2 Bandfield, Norman, Walerloo Barber, Suzanne, Spencer, 77, 84,222,256 Barclay, Evelyn, Madrid Barger, Marie, Osceola, I89, 2I3 Barker, Calharine, Keosauqua, I85 Barlow, Joan, Clear Lake, 84, I73, I95, I98, I99, 203, 2l7 Baron, Virginia, Kauai, l-lawaii, I00, 207 Barr, Donald, Charles Cily Barrell, Claire, Cedar Falls, 250 Barrigar, Dorolhy, Marshalllown Barringer, Arlella, Rulhven, 2I3 Barlholow, Mariorie, Cedar Falls Barlolo, Rosalie, Swea Cify Bales, Arlhur, Myslic Ballleson, Janice, Aberdeen, Souih Dakoia I87 Bauman, Bradley, Rock Valley Baumgarl, Miriam, Slale Cenler Baumgarl, Norberl, Slale Cenler, 77, 95, I75, 209, 226, 250 Beach, Laura, Walerloo Beardsley, I-Ielen, Livermore Beally, Eloise, Shellsburg, 84, I58, I73, IB3, I85, 2I2, 256 Beaupain, Shirley, I-Iubbard, I05, I86, 209 Beaving, Marlyn, Buliialo Cenler Beck, Arlene, Charles Cily V I Beckrnann, Dolores, Moline, Illinois, 66, I77, IB4, 225, 250 Becvar, Audre, Colo, I05 Beebe, Marcella, Independence, I95, I99, 220 Beed, Joan, I-Iansell Beelsch, Richard, Mankalo, Minnesola, I23 I27, I29, I3I, I33, I35, I37, I43 Beghfel, Florence, Waferloo Beghlel, Warren, Walerloo Behrends, Karl, Monticello Behrens, Rulh, Cedar Falls Beisner, Rila, Dows, I05,. I85 Bekemeier, Mary, I-Iubbard, I06, 256 Bell, Delmer, Davenporl Bell, Jean, Council Bluliis, l85, 256 Belson, Beverly, Clinlon, l90, I92, 2Il Bemer, Alberl, Palo, 250 Dean, Walerloo, 2l9 Regina, Belle Plaine, I05, I07 David, Walerloo Bemus, Benda, Bender, Beneke, Brenda, Cedar Rapids, I87 Benham, Phyllis, Reinbeck Bennell, Leonard, Walerloo Bennink, Donald, Cedar Falls Bensch, Carol, Decorah, I92, 2I I, 250 Benson, Deloy, Lake Park ' Benson, Dixie, Foresl Cily Phyllis, Sumner, 84, I04, 256 Benlley, Donna, Ames, l08, 200 Benler, Benlley, James, Charles Cily Benz, Richard, Cenlerville, 250 I Berger, George, Amana Berger, Janel, Walerloo, 107, 108 Berggren, Paul, Cedar Falls, 190 Bergman, Rulh, New 1-larllord Bergman, Shirley, Parkersburg, 158, 207, 218, 256 ' Berry, Jean, Cedar Falls Belhel, Georgia, Lehigh Beving, Luella, Wellsburg, 185, 212, 256 Bickal, Frances, Forl Dodge, 84 Bicklord, Sally, Cresco, 207 Billerbeck, Frances, Reinbeck, 84, 256 Billick, Joyce, Wesl Liberly, 197, 256 Birchard, Dale, Everly, 190.201, 250 Bowers, Belly, Hudson Bowers, Marlys, Dike Bowers, William, Plymoulh Boyd, Daniel, Cedar Falls Boylan, Mary, Charles Cily Boylan, Shirley, Des Moines Boysen, Paul, Jesup Bird, Violel, Mod,a1e, 106, 196 Bishop, lvan, Rocky Ford, Colorado Bishop, Jeanne, Cedar Rapids, 80, 98 Bilcon, Lawrence, Greenlield, 123, 126, 128, 129, 159 Bilcon, Lyle, Greenlield, 123, 221 Billinger, Thelma, Maralhon, 200, 256 Billle, Elizabelh, Iowa Falls, 173, 184,211 Billner, Sally, Eslherville Black, Lloyd, Farnhamville, 131, 136 Blackerl, Belly, Sioux Rapids, 185, 187 Blair, Maynard, Cedar Falls, 90, 152, 250 Blanchard, Verneva, Coon Rapids, 107, 108, 185, 209, 256 . Blankers, Laurens, Archer, 107, 108, 109, Brinkley, Ronald, Des Moines, 106 Calonkey, Marlyn, Woodward, 105, 173, 197, 208, 213 Blaser, Eugene, Cresco, 139 Blallner, Eva, Washinglon, 95, 173, 212, 256 Blizek, Marlene, Maquokela, 107, 108 Bloch, Donald, Cedar Falls Bloerri, 1-lermine, Tripoli Bloem, Marguerile, Tripoli, 173, 256 Blong, Angela, Cresco, 85, 185, 207, 256 Blood, Vesla, Runnells, 256 Capilani, Ralph, Des Moines, 123, 124, Bloxom, Phyllis, Colorado Springs, Colorado Boal, Glenda, Mounl Pleasanl, 187,209 Boardsen, -Danny, Clinlon Bock, Lois, Carroll, 209, 256 Bode, Carol, Parkersburg, 107, 183, 189, 213 Boderman, Roberl, Sumner, 131, 134, 143 Boevers, Mary, Waverly, 173, 200, 209, 256 Boeyink, Wanda, Ollie, 104, 106, 182 Boggs, David, Cedar Falls Bogle, Edra, Primghar, 194 , Bohning, Shirley, Belmond Bolger, Carolyn, Glidden, 84, 104, 173,211 Bolle, John, Janesville Bollon, Dolores, Griswold, 256 Bonnallie, Ann, Lyle, Minnesola, 200,257 Bonslead, Marilyn, Graellinger, 207 Borglum, Keilh, Janesville Bolhun, Richard, Walerloo Boline, Richard, Slorm Lake Bollorll, Louise, 1-larcourl, 84, 173, 183, Bradley, Daniel, Davenporl, 108, 209 Bradshaw, Roberla, Walerloo, 93,213,257 Branch, Elizabelh, Providence, Rhode ls- land, 204, 257 Brandl, Carol, Dysarl, 104 Brandl, Donna, Dubuque, 208 Brandl, Peggy, Parkersburg Brasch, Janel, Dunkerlon, 183, 200, 211, 257 Braun, Karl, Denver Braun, Marvin, Walerloo Braun, Shirley, Nichols, 183, 186, 211, 213 Bredbenner, Novella, Klemme Brecher, Joyce, La Porle Cily, 257 Brendel, Donald, Mason Cily, 79, 151, 159, 189, 213, 250 Brennan, Geraldyne, Carlisle, 173, 211, 228, 257 Bress, Dale, Primghar, 86 Brewer, Beverly, Agency, 257 Brewer, Oliver, Walerloo Brickner, John, Teaneck, New Jersey, 210 Briden, Frank, Walerloo, 92 Bridges, James, Boone Bridges, James, Cedar Falls Brielske, Roberl, Walerloo Briggs, Donald, Plainlield, 99, 171, 176, 216, 250 i Briggs, Eslher, Oakland, 173,200 Brighl, Jacqueline, Massillon, 80, 187 Brighl, Jimmy, Cedar Falls Brisel, Belly, Marshalllown, 88, 186, 206, 225, 250 Bro, Ronald, Exira, 214, 219 Broadie, Mary, Waverly, 207, 222, 257 Brock, David, Walerloo Broer, Phyllis, New Providence Brooks, Brooks, Conslance, Walerloo Dorolhy, Des Moines Brower, Carol, Sioux Cily, 104, 158,257 Brower, Colleen, Forl Madison, 106 Brower, Brown, Kennelh, Cedar Falls Bernice, Norlh English, 257 Brown, Bonnie, Cedar Falls, 106 Brown, David, Forl Dodge, 139 Brown, Donald, Leon Brown, Donald, Walerloo Brown, JoAnn, Linden, 257 Brown, Brown, Brown, Mary, Fonlanelle, 208, 257 Palricia, Walerloo, 175 Phyllis, Des Moines, 225, 257 Brownell, Janice, Lake Cily, 206,213 Brubak er, Mary, Reinbeck, 257 Brudos, LaVonne, Poslville 185, 210, 257 Bollorll, Mary, Packwood, 100, 105, 186, 209 Bollorll, Roberl, Truro Boucher, Sharon, Sheldon, 106 Boughlon, John, Walerloo, 92 Bourne, Virginia, Ames, 185, 257 Bova rd , John, Davenporl, 78, 181 Bruening, Janice, Lake Cily, 105, 187,207 Brumbaugh, Shirley, Cedar Falls Brumm, Barbara, Spiril Lake Bruner, James, Cedar Rapids, 206,213,216 Bruns, Paul, Walerloo Brunsvold, Laurella, Kensell, 105, 108, 209 Bubb, Lois, Forl Madison, 250 Bublilz, 1-lelen, Waukon Buck, Forresl, Davenporl Buckels, James, Jewell, 72, 147, 159, 221, 250 Buckels, Janice, Jewell , Buhmann, Marlene, Walerloo, 93, 186, 212 Bull, Eslher, Gulhrie Cenler Bullena, Gordon, Cedar Falls Bump, James, Monroe, 106 Bunn, George, Walerloo Bunlin, 1-larold, Jesup, 100 Burger, Janice, Adel, 185 Burggraal, Rulh, New Sharon, 108 Burham, Nancy, Washinglon, 95, 211, 257 Burk, Wayne, Cedar Falls Burkgren, Roberl, 1-larcourl, 209 Burkharl, Doris, Garrison, 185, 209 Burmahl, Wanda, Sprague-vi1le,95, 158, 200. 223, 257 Burns, Barbara, Lawler, 185, 207,257 Burrichler, Lavon, Newlon, 88, 98, 158, 165, 166, 193, 202, 208 Burrighl, James, Walerloo Burris, Sandra, Akron, 185, 207 Bush, Gary, Colesburg Buss, Beverly, Cedar Falls Buller, Donald, Rocklord, 123, 190, 210, 226 Buller, James, Charles Cily, 159 Buller, James, Walerloo Bulschy, Glenyce, Cedar Falls Bulschy, Roberl, Cedar Falls Bullerlield, Margarel, Cedar Rapids, 257 C Cackley, Marilyn, Keokuk, 257 Cagley, Maxine, lonia Cain, Thomas, Walerloo 183, 185, 193, 213, 257 Calverl, Belly, Viclor Cameron, Roberl, Bloomfield, 210 Cameron, Thomas, Newlon, 87 Campbell, Mary, Maquokela, 84, 158, 200 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 152 Carbaugh, Sarah, Charles Cily, 192 Carlson, Elaine, Walerloo Carmichael, Norma, Council Blulls, 213 Carolhers, Palricia, Marshalllown Carpenler, Beverly, Knoxville Carpenler, Carmen, Davenporl Carper, Joyce, Exira, 173, 200, 213, 257 Carr, Donald, Walerloo Carr, Palricia, Waverly Carr, Rulh, Mechanicsville, 89, 182, 250 Carrier, Max, Cedar Falls Carrier, Don, Cedar Falls Carrick, David, Keokuk Carroll, James, Frederika Carrolhers, Mary, Charles Cily, 49, 52, 161,185, 187,211 Carson, Donald, New 1-larllord Carson, Waller, Evansdale Carslensen, Leone, Rochesler, Minnesola Carler, Dale, Alla Carler, Marilyn, Knoxville, 187 Carlhey, Frank, Davenporl, 159, 219 291 Cory, Joan, Coon Rapids, 95, I58, 2I I, I69, I7I, I96, 250 Case, Jerry, Cedar Falls, I39 Case, Roberl, Perry Casebolr, Gordon, Cedar Falls Caseboll, Roxie, Cedar Falls, I92, 250 Casey, Joseph, Cedar Falls Casfner, Pafricia, Searsboro, 200, 223, 257 Caudle, Alyce, Williams, 8I Cave, Donna, Washingfon, 206, 2I3, 257 Ceiley, Bernard, Cedar Falls, I39 Cerney, Alice, Cedar Falls Chalupa, Shirley, Pleasanl Plain, I58, I87, 2I Chambers, George, Keola, I72, 22I, 250 Chaney, Florence, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Chanlland, Phyllis, I-Iumboldl, 98, I84, 202 209 Chapman, Frances, Belmond, 207 Charbon, Rulh, Iowa Cily, I85 Chase, Marybelle, De Solo, 67, 95, IO6, l07, I08, IO9, II3, I65, I82,2I3 Childs, Marjorie, Manchesler Chody, Oma, Kalona, I88 Chrisfensen, Mary, Walerloo, I74, 250 Chrisfensen, Miriam, Marcus, 209 i Chrislensen, Zelda, Riceville, 84, I73, 202, 209 Chrisfiansen, Lora, Eslherville, 84, I58, I99, 209, 222 Chrislianson, Erwin, Lake Mills, I70, 226 Chrislollersen, Liane, Cedar Falls, l88 Cias, Gerald, Wauwalosa, Wisconsin, 98, Claypool, Richard, I-lampfon Chrislophel, Edna, Waverly . Church, Dave, Cedar Falls, I47 Church, Gena, Iowa Cily Church, Larry, Monera Church, Thomas, Cedar Falls 99, 207 ' - Clark, Connie, Cedar Rapids, 2I7 Clark, Jane, Cedar Falls. 97, 2I7 Clark, Shirley, Glenwood, 84, 227, 257 Clark, Willis, Manassas, Virginia Classiclc, Charlofle. Sibley, 250 Classick, Leslie, Belmond Clasen, Roberl, Cedar Falls Clausen, Vaunna, I-larlley, IS7 Claussen, Joyce, Reinbeck, I87 Clawson, Charles, Cedar Falls, I23 Clay, Dave, Cedar Falls Clayburg, Palricia, Mason Cily Clelland, Janef, Forl Dodge, I87, 207 Clemens, Russell, Oelwein, 209 Cleveland, Mary, lonia Cleveland, Roberl, Pleasanlville, 86 Clime, Max, Brandon, 250 Cline, Palricia, Cenlerville, I89, 2II Cloud, Elsie, Forl Madison, 2I7 Cloplon, Florence, Cedar Falls Coburn, Audrey,, Boone Grove, Indiana, I04, I97, 213 Cocking, Mabel, Aplinglon, 209 Coerper, Da vid, Wauwalosa, Wisconsin Collins, Carol, Algona Collins, Della, Albion, I86, 2II Collins, Donald, Cresco Collins, Jane, I-Iumboldl Conger, Doris, Adel, 200, 2II, 257 Conklin, Ardalh, Cedar Falls 292 Conrad, Beverly, Wayland, IO7 Conrad, Margaref, Lucas, I82 Conrad, Mary, Lucas, 8l, IO5 Considine, James, Cedar Falls Cook, Dale, Council Bluffs, I39, I4I, I59, 226 Cook, Leah, Laurens, 2l3, 257 Cook, Richard, Cedar Falls Coon, Nola, Sheldon Cooper, Leona, Albia, I99, 2I3 Cooper, Mary, Forl Dodge, I06 Cooper, Roberl, Everly Corbelf, Florence, Mason Cily, I92, 250 ' Cordes, Sharon, Osage Cornelius, Marliss, Inwood, I06 Cornwell, Jean, Mason Cily, I58, I73, 257 Corpuz, Elizabelh, Makaweli, I-lawaii, 84, I94, 202, 203, 207, 2I8 Corrick, Richard, Keswick, I3l, I33 Corwin, Ronald, Walerloo, 98 227, 257 Cose, James, Cedar Falls Cose, Kafhleen, Denison Collrell, Connie, Vinlon Coughlin, Clair, Walerloo Cousins, Janice, Elkader Cowan, Mary, Laurens, IO5 Cowley, I-lelen, Cedar Falls Cramer, Dean, Audubon, I23, I25, I47 Crary, Augusla, Cedar Falls Cresap, Virginia, Alloona, I04, 2I0, 2I I, 257 Cress, l-lal, Riverside, I90 Cress, Joan, Applelon, Wisconsin Crelcher, Edna, Canlril, I92, 2I7, 250 Crinigan, Richard, Walerloo Croll, Marion, Cedar Falls Crosby, Phyllis, Nevada Crosley, Dixie, Eldora, I07 Cross, Raymond, Grand Junclion, 22I, 250 Crouch, Rulh, Gladbrook, 250 Crowe, Eula, Cedar Falls Crowley, Palricia, Walerloo Culberl, Mary, Marion, 80, IO5, I87 Cullberg, Jean, Palon, I94, 209, 257 Culp, Bonnie, Eldridge, I58, 257 Cummings, Joan, Malcom, I87, 2I2 Cunningham, Charlene, Des Moines, 257 Cunningham, Rea, Cedar Falls Curfis, Roberl, Cedar Falls, 250 , Cullill, Margarel, Norlh English, 257 D Daggell, Duane, Evansdale, I84, 2I9 Dahlene, Marlene, Manson, I87, 209 Dahms, Arla, Chicago, Illinois, 209 Dainly, Arlhur, Knoxville Dalcken, Doris, Lake Mills, 80, l06 Daman, Rulh, Des Moines, 8I Dandy, Kalhleen, Schaller, 95, 257 Dannenberg, Marilyn, Sform Lake, 2I4, 2I7, 250 Dannenberg, Melinda, Slorm Lake, 80, I95 Dansdill, John Thornburg, 77, 95, I64, 2I6, 250 Dare, Virginia, Crawlordsville, I06, I99 Darland, Bill, Walerloo, I52, I59 Da Da Da Da Da Da rner, ArIeH'a, Oflumwa, I06, I97, 206 vids, Violel, Buffalo Cenfer, 2I3, 257 vidsen, Carlyle, Ollumwa, 226, 250 vidson, Delores, Thompson vis, Bonnila, Corning, I8I, 225 vis, Carol, Cedar Falls, I89, I92 Davis, Jeanelfe, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 208 Davis, Lee, Walerloo Davis, Margarel, Sioux Ciiy, IOO Davis, Mary, Marshalllowri, 250 Davis, Neva, I-lamplon, 84 Dayholil, Janice, Anamosa De Boer, Viola, Granville, I07, I08, 202, 209 De Boom, Darrell, Cedar Falls De Feis, George, Waverly De Groole, Kennelh, Walerloo De I-Iaven, Mary, Walerloo. I87 Deike, Elmer, Walerloo De Jong, John, Orange Cily, 83, I68, De Joode, Rosemary, Knoxville, 222, 257 Dekker, Carol, Aplingfon Dekock, Louise, Oslcaloosa, 222 De Kock, Waller, Cedar Falls, 244 Delaney, Mary, Marcus, 207 Delker, Donna, Waverly Dempsler, Bonnie, LeMars, I8I, 220, 25I Demro, William, Nashua De Neui, Donald, Wellsburg, 25I Den Ouden, Margrella, Grundy Cenler Denlinger, Palricia, Pierson, IO5, 2II Derbyshire, Richard, Walerloo De Vries, Ona, Sleamboal Rock Diehm, Charlolle, Ollumwa, 2I2 V Dieken, LeAnn, Grundy Cenler, I05, I07, I08, 2I2 Dielz, Palricia, Walerloo i Dilley, Lavonne, Cedar Falls Dilley, Marilyn, Rochesler, Minnesola, I08, IO9 Dillon, Dale, Thompson Dillon, Mary, Slrawberry Poinl, l8S, 207, 257 Dingman, Belinha, Urbana, I92 Dinsdale, Carole, Dinsdale Disney, Cleo, Woolslock Dilzel, Marcelyn, Lyflon, IO5, I85, 209 Dobbins, Mary, Soulh English, I04, I97 Dodge, Donald, Forl Madison, 207 Doerring, Jacquelyn, Luana, 95, I99, 203, 209 Doerzman, Douglas, Blairslown, 86, 209 Doescher, Donna, Aplinglon Dolan, Nancy, Anamosa, 207, 257 Dolan, Rose, Walerloo Dolphin, Eugene, Primghar, I43, 25I Domae, Mildred, Wailuku, I-Iawaii, 95, I82, I94, 209. 25l Donlie, Marfha, Buffalo Cenler, 200, 2l3 258 Doran, Cecelia, Perry, I8I, I88, 206 Dornbusch, Beverly, Paullina, 80, I00, I07, I08, I89, 209 Dornleld, Earl, Slillwaler, Minnesola, IOO, IOI, I64, 226 Dougherly, Carolyn, Cedar Rapids Douglass, Loraine, Malcom, I72, I89 Anila, Keokuk, 173, 200, 258 Dowling, Marilynn, Lake Cily Draeger, Eslher, Osage Drake, Carol, Coon Rapids, 173, 211, 258 Drake, Thomas, Sulherland, 76, 77, 226, 251 Dralle, Belly, Brislovy, 185 Drape, Eugene, Waverly, 107 Dreshler, Diana, LeClaire, 173, 206, 213, 258 Drevs, Myrlis, Moville, 199 DuBois, Janel, Cedar Falls, 107, 108 Dulzly, Richard, Walerloo Dugger, Marilyn, Manson, 197 Dugslad, Richard, Cedar Fails, 94, 188 Durnond, Joel, Cedar Falls Dunahoo, David, Tripoli Dunbar, Paul, Cedar Falls Duncan, Roy, Columbus Junclion, 182,251 Dunlap, Lois, Sioux Cily, 100, I88, 189, 213 Dunleavy, Ellen, Waverly, 258 Dunn, Francis, Manchesler, 108, 109 Dunn, Francis, Oxford Dunn, Leroy, Manly, 123, 128, 129, 159, 221 Dunsmore, James, Corydon, 104, 106, 210 Dupuis, Palricia, Columbus Junclion Durkop, Phyllis, Maquokela, 185 Dullon, Shirley, Knoxville, 76, 77, 95, 195, 199, 203 ' Dyvad, Joyce, Slorm Lake, 54, 95, 161, 227 258 E Ealy, Janel, Belle Plaine, 185, 207 Echelbarger, Roberl, Cedar Falls, 94, 167, 190,251 Eckel, Jane, Shelby, 95, 106, 173, 185, 211, 258 Eckharl, Isobel, Olewein Eddy, Richard, Dubuque Edge, Joanne, 1-1urnbo1dl,227,258 Edginglon, Donna, Osceola, 212 Edwards, Gary, Cumberland Eggleslon, Carolyn, Conrad, 106 Ehrke, Belly, Cedar Rapids. 186, 209 Eischeid, Howard, New Hamplon Eilzman, Douglas, Cedar Falls, 109 Eilzman, Janice, Cedar Falls Eliason, Carroll, LaPorle Cily Ellingson, Marilyn, Alden, 211 ' Ellioll, Beverly, Walerloo, 228 Ellioll, Carol, Aurelia Elmore, James, Des Moines Elmore, Roberl, Des Moines, 57, 123, 221 Elscolf, Howard, New Sharon, 107, 108 Embree, JoAnn, Ollumwa, 161, 217, 258 Engholm, Arlene, Forl Dodge, 251 England, Claylon, Cedar Falls, 139 Engsller, Joanne, Garner, 80, 207 Epperly, Edgar, Leon Erbe, Lois, Cedar Falls, 186, 211, 217 Ericson, James, Denison, 87 Ericson, Marynelle, Denison Errel, Maxine, Harlan, 107 Erpelding, Lois, Dike Esles, Marilyn, Spiril Lake, 100, 183, 185, 212 Evans, Della, Winlersel, 107, 187, 209 Evans, Donald, Dumonl, 107, 108, 109, 170 Evans, Mary, Grinnell, 105, 173, 185, 206. 258 Evans, Roberla, Carson, 105 Rila, Walerloo, 93, 186, 210, 211 181, 197, 211 Evenson, John, Devils Lake, Norlh Dakola, 104, 108, 109 Ewoldl, Edmund, Wall Lake, 139, 251 Evens, Evely, Avis, Walerloo, F Faaborg, Marilyn, Jellerson, 80, 209 Fagerlind, Paul, Cedar Falls Fagle, David, Cedar Rapids, 94 Fahrenkrog, Corene, Harlley, 173, 200, 258 Fain, Gerald, Cedar Falls Falck, Norma, Belle Plaine, 108 Falk, John, Slanlon, 213, 251 Fanning, Charles, Walerloo Faris, James, Belmond Farley, Joanne, Boone, 187 Farmer, Richard, Sl. Louis, Missouri, 219, 251 Farrell, Jack, Norlhwood, 139 Fausl, Janice, Alla Fedeler, Hilda, Waverly Fellows, Rulh, Sidney, 84, 106, 173,212,225 Fenslermann, Rulh, Greeley, 183, 185 Ferber, Bob, Fonlanelle Ferry, Ronald, Harlan, 210 Fell, Donald, Cedar Falls, 94, 171, 176 Field, Berlel, Decorah, 123 Findley, Evelyn, Mechanicsville, 213 Fink, Roberl, Cedar Falls Fox, Dorolhy, Osage, 80, 185 Fox, James, Cedar Falls, 207 Foy, Charlolle, Massena, 80, 187 Frandsen, Kennelh, Cedar Falls Frank, Donna, Pioneer, 185, 258 Frank, Luane, Cresco, 251 Franke, Doris, Council Blulis, 84, 185, 208 258 Franke, JoAnn, Forl Dodge Franlz, Gaylen, Lanesboro Fredrickson, Marie, Mason Cily Freel, Donna, Dallas Cenler, 100, 101, 164, 185, 213, 258 Freese, William, Wiola French, Phyllis, Coggon, 106, 107, 108, 173 207, 223 Freshwalers, Nancy, Keola, 217, 258 Friar, Shirley, Walerloo Friar, Charlolle, Reinbeck, 106, 258 Froyen, Len, Clarion Fruehling, Donald, Forl Madison Fruehling, Merlin, Forl Madison, B3 Fry, Therese, Cedar Falls, 258 Fry, Virgil, Wesl Bend Fuh1man,Jo, Lells, 183, 185, 258 Fukuda, June, Hilo, Hawaii, 251 Fulcher, Vivian, Des Moines, 185, 258 Fuller, Gerald, Murray, 210 Fuller, Marilyn, Brooks, 195, 199, 220 Furgerson, Belly, Walerloo Fursl, Richard, Algona G Gabby, Marilyn, Cedar Falls, 258 Gabrielson, Donald, Des Moines, 87 Gade, Eldon, Clinlon Galley, Grace, Walerloo, 98, 188, 251 Gallagher, Nora, Cedar Falls, 186, 207 Galloway, Belly, Walerloo Gamel, Joanne, Cedar Falls, 181, 251 Gannon, Donald, Collax, 207 Ganske, Roger, Walerloo, 151, 251 Fisch, Calherine, Rock Rapids, 108, 207 Fisch, Marilyn, Belle Plaine, 105, 258 Fischer, Marian, Sioux Cily Fisher Barbara, Rolle, 212 Fisher Belly, Independence, 194, 211 Fisher Billy, Oskaloosa, 147 Fisher, Donald, Cedar Falls, 123 Fisher, Joseph, Iowa Cily, 67, 76, 94, 204, 251 Fisher Lyle, Elmwood Park, Illinois, 184 Flack, Tom, Charilon, 188 Flanders, Merle, Cedar Falls, 36 Flanders, Sally, Cedar Falls, 36, 218, 258 Flaucher, Velma, 1-lazlelon Flinn, Sheila, Walerloo, 76, 77, 93, 188, 251 Flood, Calherine, Garner, 186, 207 Fluckiger, Janel, Monlicello Fogarly, Phyllis, Council Blulls, 80, 187 Folkerls, Luella, Bulzlalo Cenler Fondroy, BEFHIB, Alberl Cily Fondroy, Eleanor, Alberl Cily, 225, 258 Fong, Lenore, Honolulu, Hawaii, 224, 251 Fonken, Linda, Kamrar Ford, Dorolhy, Davenporl, 109, 186,209 Ford, Nancy, Columbus Junclion, 80, 158, 185, ,211 Formanek, Richard, Tama, 139 Formaro, Nancy, Des Moines, 224, 258 Forresler, Mildred, Walerloo Foss, Donna, Adair, 202, 224 Fosler, Jerry, Greenfield, 123, 159 Fosler, Richard, Albia Fowler, Genevieve, Grinnell, 211, 251 Fox, Carole, Walerloo Gardner, Charles. Walerlool 108, 210 Gardner, Dona, Algona, 258 Gardner Josephine, Waverly Gardner Shirley, Walerloo, 81, 106, 211 Gardner William, Des Moines Garland, Florence, Sumner, 67, 95, 100, 168, 182, 188, 194,207,251 Garman, Duane, Brill, 139, 219 Garrels, Ella, Packwood, 211, 258 Garrell, Garrison, Sara, Swea Cily Garlz, Marlene. Oelwein, 106, 209, 258 Garver, George, Allon, lllinois Gary, Millon, Cedar Falls Gasl, Paul, New Harllord Gallo, Augusl, Cedar Rapids, 139, 140, 1 Gaul, Darlene, Tiplon Gay, Karen, Salix, 211 Gebel, Mary, Alla Visla, 200, 207, 258 Gehring, Norma, Elgin, 183 Gehring, Uriel, Elgin, 174 Genrich, Jane, Swea Cily, 105, 185 George, Raymond, Cedar Falls, 221 Gerberich, Sue, Cedar Falls Gerdes, Theodore, Dike, 104 Gerlach, Anne, Hubbard, 105,209 293 Goettsch, Cheryll, Davenport, I73, 227, Gerken, Wayne, Oskaloosa, I47, l59, 22I Gibbs, Gertrude, Strawberry Point Gibbs, Rosalie, Boone, l05, IO7, l08, l82, l87 Gibson, Gordon, Waterloo Gibson, Marilyn, Newton, l73, 200, 2l I, 258 Gilbert, Bonnie, Washington, IO6, I97 Gillis, Gloria, Mound City, Missouri, 2l4, 223, 25l Gillpatrick, Roberta, Ames, IO6 Gingerich, Laurel, Humeston, I85, 209, 258 Ginn, Margaret, Lucas, l87, 2l2 Girton, Audrey, Missouri Valley, l85 Gissible, Lois, Massena Gitzy, JoAnn, Davenport, 258 Glasscock, Jewell, Greentield, I98, I99, 203, 25l Gleason, Robert, Cedar Falls Godtrey, LaVonne, Adel, 2ll Goehring, Marion, Libertyville, 25l Goetsch, Vera, Cresco 258 Goetz, Lucille, Wesley Goggin, Leo, Cedar Falls Goldapp, Jean, McClelland Goodwin, Dorothy, Kellogg Goodwin, Robert, Cedar Falls Gordon, Janet, Marion, l05, I87, 2l2 Gordon, James, Waterloo ' Gordon, Suzanne, Newton, IOO, lO9 Gorham, Gary, Washington, 48, 83, I23, l3l, l47, l48, l59, 22l Gosch, Paul, Wall Lake Grabinski, Dale, Waterloo Graeber, Thomas, Melbourne Graettinger, Jean, Graettinger, 80, I85, 207 Graetz, Jerald, Soldier, IO4, IO7, l08, l70 Grat, Caryl, Elgin, lllinois , Granau, Patricia, Dows, 77, 95, l04, l65, l95, l97, l99, 203, 214, 224 Grant, Barbara, Cedar Falls, I79, 204, 25l Graskewicz, Sally, Fort Madison, 80, l88 Grassley, Charles, New Harttord Gray, Gladys, Waterloo, 25l Grayson, Betty, Hamburg Green, Patricia, Davenport, 2l2, 258 Greene, Kay, Iowa City, 80 Greentield, Ruth, Kamrar, I85, 2l2 Greenlee, Richard, Sac City, l23 Greenwood, Charles, Winterset Greenwood, Doris, Clarinda Gregerson, Suzanne, Spirit Lake Gregg, Phyllis, Oakland, I73, 202 Gregory, Gertrude, Oelwein Greiner, Oma, Lisbon, 207 Gremmels, Martha, Oelwein Greve, Keith, Tipton, I39 Greve, Clyde, Tipton, 78, I94 Grewell, Joline, State Center, I97, 225, 25l Grittin, Richard, Stuart Grittith, Dale, Coon Rapids Grittith, Daryl, Coon Rapids Gritzner, Teresa, Marion, 95, IO6, l68, l75, I97, 2l2, 25l Groeneveld, Gretel, Monroe, Washington, 2l3 ' 294- Groenewold, LaDonn, Sibley, 88, l8l, 25l Groenewold, Marcelyn, Sibley, 80, IO6, l07, IO8, 2l2 Gross, Jacqueline, Brooklyn, I87 Gross, Katherine, Wellsburg Gross, LaVonne, Cedar Falls, l84 Grossman, Beverly, Oelwein, I83, l85, 202 Grotewold, Ramona, Lake Mills, 258 Grotewold, Roger, Larchwood Grove, Darlene, Waterloo, 77, 93, I94, 25l Grove, Donald, New Hampton Grubb, Betty, Cedar Falls Gruber, Marilynn, Waukon, l87, 208 V Gulbro, Norma, Spring Grove, Minnesota, 209, 258 Guldager, Joyce, Cedar Falls, l8l, 204, 209 Gunderson, Lois, Lake Mills Guritz, Lois, Spirit Lake, 95, 200, 2l2, 258 Gustatson, Gail, Des Moines, 207, 227, 258 Guthridge, Charlene, Moville, 67, 77, 96, l07, lO8, l09, I68, l75, I79, l97, 2ll. 2l3, 25l Gutknecht, Arthur, Hudson Guyer, Patricia, Cedar Falls, 76, 77, 25l tt Haatvedt, Marlene, Callender Hadley, Leon, Richland, 2l9 Hadwiger, Eugene, Waterloo Hattner, Jane, Cedar Falls, I89, 2l2, 2l8, 25l Hahn, Patricia, Ottumwa, IO7, IO9, l86, 227 Hake, Patty, Cedar Falls, 80, lO4, l06, IOS, 2l l Hall, Barbara, Council Blutts, 80, l8l Hall, Patricia, Nevada, l85 Hall, Robert, Cedar Falls, I39, l40 Hallman, Milton, Jesup, l8l, 202 Halsne, Arlen, Blairsburg, I39, 208 Halstead, Phyllis, Coggon, 258 Halter, Merrill, Melbourne, 22l, 25l Halverson, Betty, Dysart, l85 Halvorson, Helen, Northwood, 85, I85, 258 Ham, Marilyn, Mitchell, 84, I73, l83, I85, Hansen, Patricia, LuVerne, l05, 2ll Hansen, Russell, Wesley, I39 Hansen, Sheila, Belmond, l87, 208 Hansen, Susan, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, IO7, l08, l96 Hanshaw, Larry, Fairfield. 86, l07, lO8 Hansmeier, Thomas, Waukon, 76, 83, l68, l7l, I76, 25l Hansmeier, Robert Waukon Hanson, Donald, Callender, l82, 25l Hanson, Julie, Cedar Falls Happel, Grace, Cedar Rapids, 209, 225, 259 Harai, Stanley, Kona Harder, Elizabeth, Marcus Hartord, Carlton, Maquoketa, I23, I39,-l70 Harlow, Lon, Keokuk Harmon, Jack, Chicago, lllinois, I84 Harmon, James, Waterloo, 83, I39, l4O, I47, l59 Harned, Jacqueline, Cedar Falls, 9I Harner, June, Swea City, 2ll Harper, James, Waterloo 208, 25l Hamada, Kathleen, Hilo, Hawaii, I94, 220, 25l Hamann, Charlotte, Council Blutts, 209 Hamblin, Flobelle, Manchester Hammer, William, Cedar Falls Handlen, Thomas, McClelland, 2l2, 22l Handort James, Dumont, 67, 78, IOO, I64, l72, ISO, lB9, l90, 2lO, 25l Handsaker, Patricia, Colo, l05, l87 Hanna, JoAnn, Lake Mills Hannan, Keith, Cedar Falls Hannel, Marilyn, Odebolt, l83, IB7 Hansen, Avonna, Waterloo, Hansen, Beverly, Mason City Hansen, Constance, Cedar Falls Hansen, Donald, Council Blutts, l80 Hansen, Donna, Ruthven, 209, 2ll Hansen, Harry, Dike Hansen, James, Cedar Falls, 90, 226 Hansen, Kenneth, Callender, 209, 25l Hansen, Leon, Cedar Falls Hansen, Marilyn, Greene, l05 Hansen, Maynard, Waterloo Harris, Alma, Waterloo Harris, Edwin, Renwick, 76, 86 Harris, Joy, Grinnell Harrison, Warren, Waterloo Harshbarger, Karmen, Naperville, Illinois Hart, Keith, Lanesboro Hart, James, Marshalltown Hart, Margaret, Centerville, l84, 25l Hartbeck, Mildred, Colesburg, l06, I73, l86, 2l0, 2ll, 228 Harting, Mardene, La Porte City, 259 Hartman, Mary, Burlington Harvey, Jean, Fort Dodge, l89, 2l0, 252 Harwood, Johna, Detroit, Michigan Harward, Roscoe, Cantril Hasley, James, Rock lsland, lllinois, I47, 207, 22l Hasse, Esther, Burt, l58, I87, 209 Hatch, Janet, Springville Hauber, Norma, Tower Falls, Wyoming, l92, 207,2l3,252 Hauck, Mariorie, Humboldt, l9l, 2l l, 259 Hauseman, Robert, Cedar Rapids, I84, 202 Hauser, Emma, Cedar Falls, l06 Hauslaclen, LaVonne, Waterloo Hawkins, Beverly, Mason City Hawkins, Mary, Davenport Hay, Arthur, Otho, 22l Hay, Donald, Marion Hay, Joyce, Anamosa, 259 Hayen, Doris, Scotch Grove Hayes, Audrey, Cedar Falls Hays, Nancy, Dallas Center, l83 Hazlett, Edgar, Monona Head, Merle, Toledo Heath, Donald, Oelwein Heath, Lenard, Clinton, IO7, IOS, IO9, l70, 207, 252 Hecker, Howard, Audubon Hedberg, John, Washington Hedrick, Arthur, Waterloo Hedum, Karen, Whiting, 80, 208 Hetlin, Kenneth, Harlan, 2l0, 252 Heiden, John, Denison, IO4, IO7, IO9 Heitner, Ramona, Greentield, l87 Hein, Virgina, Anamosa Heinfz, Marjorie, Cambridge, 207, 259 Heinselman, James, Clarksville, 202, 208 Heisler, Mary, Vinfon, 96, 189 Helkenn, Dawn, Davenport 197,212 Helland, Robert Cedar Rapids, 184,202 Helvick, Clayfon, Humboldl' Helvick, Don, Fenlon Heman, Dorofhy, Dedham, 185 Hemphill, Jay, Yale, 83 Henderson, Carolyn, Spencer, 187 Henderson, Donald, Cedar Falls Henderson, Mary, Cedar Falls Hennies, Joan, Donnellson, 80, 100, 187,208 Henning, A1bert'Wa1er1oo, 92, 189 Hennings, Yvonne, Elberon, 107, 108, 187, 211 Hensley, John, Liscomb Hensley, Larry, Cumberland Hensley, Robert Cumberland, 207 Herman, Frieda, Cedar Falls Hermann, Erwin, Cedar Falls Hermann, Jeannefle, Cedar Falls Herr, Eleanor, Keswick, 80, 185, 187 Herring, Margaret Creslon, 104, 173, 217 Herron, Maureen, Red Oak, 192 Heskelt Jim, Cedar Falls, 97, 170,226,252 Hess, Judilh, Ladora Hessenius, Roger, Cedar Rapids, 83, 151, 159, 219 Dorolhy, Numa, 173, 200, 206, 259 Barbara, Cedar Falls, 211 Hibbs, Hicks, Eslher, Des Moines, 49, 51, 77, 96, Hicks, 173, 174,206,227 Hicks, Shirley, Wesl Des Moines, 187 Hicok, Mabel, Cedar Falls, 259 Hidore, John, Cedar Falls, 216,252 Higdon, Barbara, Ollumwa, 182, 222, 252 Dale, Waferloo, 98, 99, 164 Higdon, Suzanne, Websler Cify, 195 Hilbert Walfer, Cedar Falls Hill, Lesfer, Coggon, 86, 95, 226 Higdon, Hill, Vernice, Brayron, 200, 259 Hillegas, Lucy, Greene, 187 Hingst Genevieve, Burlingfon, 199 Hinlz, Ru1'h, Monlicello, 168, 192, 194,252 Hiskey, Eugene, Cedar Falls Hiskey, Verda, Cedar Falls Hipke, Barbara, New Holsfein, Wisconsin 192 , Hipke, Shirley, New Holslein, Wisconsin, 192 Hoadley, Kennefh, Greenfield Hoag, Isabel. Davenport 98, 109, 175 Hobart Barbara, Osgood, 84, 211, 224, 259 Hobson, Joanna, Sioux Falls, 5ou+h Dakola Hodson, Joan, Pymoufh, 200 Hoeg, Gene, Walerloo Holifer, Larry, Cedar Falls, 190, 207 Hoffman, JoAnn, Des Moines, 174 Hofslead, Elaine, Cedar Falls, 104, 175, 252 Hogan, Kennelh, Walerloo Hoium, Faifh, Mason Cily, 54, 158 Holden, Marlene, Humboldt 105, 158, 187 Holkeboer, Winifred, Walerloo Holland, Donald, Roland, 46, 48, 131, 137, 143, 159 Hollingsworfh, Diane, Oelwein, 84, 200, 224, 259 Holm, Rulh, New Harllord Holmes, John, Ames, 147, 174, 208 Holmes, Richard, Cedar Falls Holmes, William, Monlour, 106 Hompland, Henry, Gaza, 252 Honohan, Kay, Boone, 184, 202, 220 Hoogland, Rodney, Orange Cily, 123 Hooper, Doris, Gladbrook, 185, 259 Hoopman, Henry, Janesville Horan, Donna, Terril, 222 Horner, James, Walerloo Horn, Dorolhy, Forl Dodge, 80, 188, 209 Horn, Laroy, Dubuque, 67, 77, 83, 131, 132, 133, 143, 145, 159, 171, 176, 219 Horn, Sally, Forl' Dodge, 98, 196, 209 Horlon, Loren, Murray, 106, 176, 188, 206 Hoskins, Mary, Richland, 105, 186, 211 Hosleller, Robert Waferloo 1-love-1son,Jack, New Har11:ord,98, 164,226 Hovmark, Cena, Hampfon, 185 Howard, Shirley, Elgin, 105, 200, 211, 259 Howard, Virginia, Parkersburg Howe, Dorofhy, Lake Cify, 80 Howe. Graydon, Walerloo Howe, Margaret Cedar Falls, 76, 77, 91, 192, 222, 252 Howell, Beverly, Rockford, 181, 190,252 Howell, Mary, Nashua Howery, Barbara, Walerloo Howery, Jeri, Walerloo Haubacher, Dorofhy, Monona, 84, 106 Hubbard, Bellry, Grinnell, 107, 108, 109, 197 Huber, Norma, Washingfon, 182,206,252 Hucke, Pairicia, Sumner Hudepohl, Anelfe, Oxford Hudson, Esfher, Cedar Falls, 259 Huggins, Herber'ra, Redfield, 80, 185 Hughes, Rulh, Hawkeye Hull, Maxine, Waukon, 252 Hu1s+, Gary, Hospers Hulst Nickolas, Cedar Falls, 252 Hum, Frances, Cedar Falls, 207, 259 Humphreys, Dale, Wyman Hummel, Merna, Allison 1-1und1ing,Cara1, Breda, 173, 185, 213, 259 Hunt Dennis, Sibley, 147, 149, 252 Hunt Sarah, Dolliver, 211, 259 Hun1ing1on, Robert Davenport 143, 144, 145, 159, 212, 219 Hurley, Edward, Waferloo Hurt Beverly, Davenport 80, 208 Hushagen, Virginia, Walerloo, 188 Husmann, Honorine, Mon1ice11o, 80 Hulchens, Franklin, New Providence, 104, 189, 196, 210, 213, 252 Hulchins, Sandra, Des Moines, 195 Hufchinson, William, Algona 1-1u11, Palricia, Madrid, 104, 175 1-lulzell, Floyd, Algona Hynes, Sharon, Rulhven, 80, 187 1 ldso, Mar1ene,A1-clmer, 100, 101, 164, 173, 211, 259 ldso, Virginia, Alden, 95, 198, 199, 203 Ing, Rifa, Honolulu, Hawaii, 192,252 Irving, Rulh, Blairsburg, 185, 259 Isaak, Oliver, Tripp, Soulh Dakofa lsenhower, Robert Hudson, 143 J n, Kalherine, Marshalllown, 98, 99 n, Marion, Walerville, 88, 179, 184, Jackley, Joan, Carroll, 200, 259 Jackson, Colleen, Slale Cen1er, 80 Jackson, Edward, Cedar Falls Jacobs, Mary, Jerseyville, Illinois, 188 Jacobs, Priscilla, Cedar Falls Jacobso Jacobso 191, 217, 252 James, Lavon, Linn Grove James, Wendell, Manchesler, 87 Jamieson, Eldon, Waferloo Jamison, Beverly, Sheffield, 105 Janssen, Jean, Floyd, 80, 189, 211 Janssen, Lewis, Cedar Falls Janssen, Phyllis, Floyd Jensen, Barbara, George, 259 Jensen, Dennis, Sioux Cily Jensen, Donna, S1'ory Cify, 106, 191, 192, 204, Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, 252 Duane, Cedar Falls, 216 Jenny, Hampfon Joan, Crysfal Lake Jensen, Jeanne, Kirkman, 106,206,213 Jensen, Jensen, Jepsen, Phyllis, Warringfon, Florida, 220 Virginia, Slory Cily, 106 Helen, Brisfow, 259 Jerabek, Joanne, Cedar Rapids Jesse, Jessen, 183, 1 Jesser, Jesup, Jewel, Margaret La Por1'e Cify Maureen, Marshalllown, 102, 173, 85, 200, 209, 259 JoAnne, Des Moines, 207 Margaret Union Alice, Mendofa, Illinois Jewell, Elaine, Ellsworlh, 106, 259 Joachim, Charles, Cedar Falls, 94, 167, 190, 201, 252 Jobes, Robert Primghar, 180 John, Marilyn, Davenport 107, 109, 175, 197, 212 Johnson, Aileen, Kanawha, 200, 218, 259 Johnson, Audrey, Decorah, 158, 187,209 Johnson, Curfis, Nodaway, 77, 83, 212, 252 Johnson, Dale, Li'r1'1e Cedar, 216 Johnson, Darlene, Rembrandt 211, 259 Johnson, Donna, Pomeroy, 185 Johnson, Donnell, Paullina Johnson, Gaylord, Dayfon Johnson, Gloria, Humboldt 54, 100, 105, 187, 208 Johnson, Gordon, Oskaloosa, 79, 168, 169, 196, 213, 252 Johnson, Grela, Boone, 105, 187,209 Johnson, Howard, Cedar Falls Johnson, Marilyn, Alberl Lea, Minnesola, 186, 252 Johnson, Pafricia, Slillwafer, Minnesofa Johnson, Phyllis, Oelwein, 84, 185,217 Johnson, Richard, Walerloo Johnson, Ronald, Walerloo, 226 Johnson, Rosemary, Waferloo Johnson, Rulh, Lake Mills Johnslon, Margaret Cedar Falls, 186,207 Johns1'on, Sylvia, Foresl Ci+y 295 Jondahl, Gerald, Harnpfon, 104, 107, 108, 252 Jones, Jones, Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones, Jones Jones Belfy, Ames, 195, 199, 252 Darrell, Cedar Falls, 172, 252 David, Aflanfic Dolores, Redfield, 185, 259 Kline, Barbara, Malvern, 106 Klink, Frances, Maxwell, 259 Klinzman, Shirley, New Sharon, 187 Klisarf, Luke, Ossian U Langhan, Richard, Clinfon, 123, 226 Landau, Arfhur, Cedar Falls, 123, 125, 126, 129, 159, 252 Landman, Kafhleen, Keokuk, 186 Landry, Richard, Cedar Falls, 79, 253 Landsberg, Dianne, Brifr, 195 ' F Drexel, Manly Ella, Soldier, 88, 106, 197 Marilyn, Rose Hill Nancy, Forf Madison, 84, 109 Roberf, Rock Valley, 96, 139,219 Roberl, Hancock Sharon,O1in, 107, 108, 187 Knaack, Barbara, Manning, 107, 108, 187, 209 Knighf, Gladys, Silver Cify, 98, 100, 213 Knighf, Lorna, Ackley, 80 Knighl, Myrna, Ackley Knighl, Roberf, Numa, 106, 180 Knoll, Shirley, Marshallfown, 207, 259 Knox, Eloise, Clinfon, 202, 212 186, 220, 253 Juhl, Harriel, Plainfield, 168, 182, 194, 211 252 K Kaffoglou, Sfanley, Waferloo Kahl, Barbara, Cherokee, 213 Kahl, Nina, Rock Rapids, 80, 185 Kahlsforf, Donna, Briff, 182, 206, 213 Kainz, lola, Elkader Kalkis, Roger, Waferloo Kammerdiner, Ramona, Walerloo Kaneshiro, Hazel, Honolulu, Hawaii Kannegiefer, Elsie, Parkersburg Karamifros, Effie, Mason Cily, 104, 188 Karkosh, LaVonne, Reinbeck, 187 Kasperbauer, Pafricia, Manning, 95, 207, 259 Kafalinich, Frank, Waferloo Keeler, Winona, Forr Madison Keese, Beffy, Greenfield, 207 Kehe, Darlene, Fairbank, 185, 259 Kehe, Donald, Nashua, 168, 169, 171, 172, 176, 252 Kehe, Jacqueline, Denver, 25,9 Keilh, Charloffe, Hudson, 173 Kelley, Alvie, Springville Kelly, Bernard, Cedar Falls Kelsey, Rufh, New Hampfon, 104, 252 Kelso, Carolyn, New Hampfon, 206, 259 Kempfon, Mary, Corning, 194, 252 Kensinger, Dorofhy, Manilla, 106, 192, 252 Keoppel, Donald, Aplingfon, 221 Keough, Dorolhy, Cedar Falls Kessler, Kae, Rock Valley, 80, 105, 185 Kibbie, Eleanor, Shell Rock Kilmer, Anne, Forf Dodge, 196 Kilpafrick, Kalhleen, Oskaloosa, 84, 158, 211, 227 Kimrey, Donna, Woodward, 183, 186 King, Jack,C1in1on, 78, 108, 109,208 King, James, Clarinda, 170 King, Karen, Cedar Rapids King, Larry, Grinnell, 190 King, Vera, Waferloo Kirkpairick, Janef, Norfh English Kirkpafrick, Mary, Cedar Falls Kirkpafrick, Valena, Waferloo, 259 Klaas, Richard, Laurens, 252 Klalf, Hugo, Sunny Side, Washingfon, 184, 221 Klaver, Orpha, Jewell, 187, 212 181. Kleen, Mary, Renwick, 185 Klein, Carol, Ausfin, Minnesofa, 252 Klein, Phyllis, Burlingfon, 109 Kleinschmidf, Shirley, Clarksville, 183 296 Knudsen, Regena, San Francisco, California Knudson, Beverly, Des Moines Koch, Gerald, Presfon, 139, 141, 209 Koch, Richard, Cedar Falls, 143, 145,252 Kofron, Philip, Cedar Falls, 159 Kohlmann, Conrad, Dubuque Kohls, JoAnne, Sfrawberry Poinf, 105, 107, 108 Kolsrud, Don, LeClaire, 123, 147, 159, 221 Komisarcik, Mary, Gary, Indiana, 199, 203 Kopecky, Berfha, Lohrville, 105, 173, 209, 259 Kofz, Marcella, Clear Lake, 173, 185, 193, 259 Kramer, Beffy, Sfrawberry Poinf, 183, 187 Krafky, Roberl, Berwyn, lllinois, 101, 123, 147, 221, 252 Krause, Donna, Waverly Krause, Mary, Adaza Krebs, Barbara, Manson Krebs, Marilyn, Colfax, 218, 259 Kregel, Grace, Garnavillo Krieg, Rifa, Volga Krieger, Judifh, New Hampfon, 188, 207 Kring, Margaref, Bloominglon, lllinois, 49, 50, 160, 161 Krisfensen, Alfred, Hudson Krivohlavy, Barbara, Marshallfown, 95, 181, 191, 207, 252 Krueger, John, Waferloo Krug, Donna, Alkins, 209 Krug, Elaine, Afkins, 185, 193 Krumm, Larry, Grinnell Kruse, Carol, Wesf Liberfy, 183, 185, 211, 259 Kubicek, Helen, Nashua Kuch, Leland, Van Horne, 139 Kuehl, Joyce, Elkporf, 185, 209 Kuehl, Lois, Elkader, 187, 208 Kuensfling, Alberfa, Vlfaferloo Kuhens, Galen, Harpers Ferry Kuns, Suzanne, Woden, 98, 106, 206, 213 Kurfz, Joy, Forf Dodge, 217, 259 Kussafz, LaRae, Osage, 188, 209 Kvidera, Arfhur, Tama L Lackore, Gene, Madison, Wisconsin, 104, 204, 208, 210 Lagerquisf, Clifford, Cedar Falls, 94, 104, 167, 252 Lagerquisl, Lydia, Cedar Falls, 172, 190, 191, 252 Lake, Colleffe, Manly 1 Lake, Paffy, Manly, 80, 105, 186 Lamb, Janice, Chelsea Lane, Mary, Waferloo Lane, Mayrose, Waverly, 104, 105, 184, 211 Lang, Roberf, Chicago. Illinois, 221 Lange, Donald, Davenporr, 216 Lange, Nancy, Decorah, 105, 208 Lapel, Larsen Larson 203 Larson, 259 Larson Larson Laube, Carol, Denison Richard, Cedar Falls Corrine, Aurelia, 88, 165, 195, 199, Darlene, Cherokee, 76, 95, 96, 22,7, Mary, Knoxville Richard, Boone Lolifa, Harlan Lauber, Susan, Corning, 95, 227, 259 Laue, Myrna, Lime Springs, 260 Laughery, Jack, Gufhrie Cenfer, 86, 107, 108, 212 Laughlin, Donald, Waferloo Lauferbach, James, Waferloo Lawrence, Theresa, Anamosa, 207, 220, 260 Leary, Roger, Jesup, 147 Lee, Linda, Rufhven, 177, 184,253 Lake, 79 158, 183 Lake, 147,221 Leech, Jean, Waferloo Lee, Richard, Sforrn Rufh, De Wiff, Lee, William, Sform Lee, Lehr, William, Lisbon Lehrer, Mary, Sfillwafer, Minnesofa, 84, 98, 193, 207, 228 Leighfon, Sandra, Walerloo, 189 Leland, Mary, Waferloo Leming, Jean, Sioux Cify, 260 Le Moine, Blaine, Cedar Falls Lenfs, lrene, Adair, 158, 185,260 Lenfi, Doneffe, Marshallfown, 109, 207. 228 Lesch, Marvel, Waferloo 173, 181, Lesher, Gerfrude, Clarion, 187 Lefscher, Gail, Waferloo Leffow, Connie, Alden Lefi, Carl, Winfersef, 107 Lewis, Gracia, Wesl' Des Lewis, Marilyn, Waferloo, 211, 214, 216 Lewis, Sylvia, Colwell, 178, Moines 165, 182, 210. Lieb, Richard, Pocahonfas, 78, 100, 101, 164, 196, 204, 207, 214, 226 Ligh1', Doris, Lisbon, 80, 107, 108, 186 Lighfer, Carmen, Sioux Cily, 81 Lind, Donna, Harcourf, 84, 173, 200, 210, 260 Lind, Harry, Cedar Falls Lind, Kennefh, Cedar Falls Lindaman, Rufh, Ackley Lindblom, Carol, Anifa, 209 Lindeman, Myrna, Aplingfon J' 185,21I,' Lindemann, Shirley, De Wifl, 106, 260 Linder, Sharon, Oelwein Linkvis, Gene, Clearfield, 253 Linn, Sharon, Dayfon, 217, 260 Linse, Belly, Davenporl, 95, 260 Linsley, Jane, Adel Linslrom, William, Cedar Falls, 253 Linlhicum, William, Creslon, 253 Lisler, Lois, Eagle Grove, 58, 68, 77, 88, I65, I92, 2I4, 225 Lloyd, Duane, Eagle Grove, I43, I67, I90, 2I6, 253 Locke, Frederick, Walerloo, 2I9 Lockwood, James, Pomeroy, I00, I64, I96, 2IO Loe, Linnea, Royal, I05, I87, 209 Lollredo, Fred. Chicago, Illinois, 72, I23, I39, l4I, I59, I90, 207, 22l Logan, Jackson, .Washinglon, I59 Logan, James, Cedar Falls, I5I, 22l Long, Dianne, Duranl Long, Doris, Knoxville, 96, 227, 260 Long, Ralph, Cedar Rapids Mardorl, Jane, Monlicello, I69, I86, I96, 209 Mariella, E. L., Cedar Falls, I72 Marsh, Marlha, Sioux Rapids, I99, 203, 228 Marshall, David, Bedlord, I8I, 253 Marshall, Dwighl, Woodward Marlens, Clillord, Missouri Valley Marlens, Kay, Davenporl Marlin, Carole, Cedar Falls, 9I, 260 Marlin, Cleo, Galdlield Marlin, Larry, Luverne Marlin Marion, Des Moines, I95 Marlin, Sandra, Volga, IO6, I58, I85, 207, 260 Marling, William, Luana Mason, Elaine, Olin Masl, Samuel, Fairbank Masleller, Edwin, Independence, I39 Maslers, Roger, New I-Iarllord Lucas, Looney, John, Walerloo Lonning, Philip, Waukon Lonning, Roger, Waukon, I82, I94, 209, 2 Lolhringer, Kay, Dakola Cily, l85 Lollridge, Ronald, Sioux Cily Loveioy, M ary, Cylinder Lovelace, Jerry, Walerloo Lower, James, Cedar Falls, 253 Lowell, Barbara, Fairfield, I07, l95 Lowman, Darlene, Kelley, IO6, 200, 260 Lowman, Marilyn, Algona Lowry, Melvin, Callender Barbara, I-Iarlan, 80, 98, I58 Luken, Mary, Forl Dodge, 200, 207, 260 Lukenbach, Max, Tucson, Arizona, I23 Lundbeck, Anna, Royal, I94, 209 Lundloerg, Paul, Marshalllown, I04, I08 Lunde, I-Iugh, Osage, I84, 202 Lusson, JoAnn, Iowa Falls, I84, I98, 227 Lulls, Lois, Denison, I99, 203 Luiz, Bonnie, Aplinglon, 2I8, 260 Lydon, Delores, Greenfield, I05, 207 Lynch, Palricia, Davenporl Lynch, Richard, Cedar Falls, 68, 76, 90, IO7 I08, I97, 2l2 M Mace, Marilynn, Moville, I78, I86, I90, 225 253 MacNeiII, Eslher, Cedar Falls Macon, James, Cedar Falls , Madill, Lavon, Jesup Madouras, John, Mason Cily, 83, I80 Madsen, Rulh, Laurens, 2l8 Madson, Joan, Lake Mills, 253 Magee, Dan, Dunkerlon, 206, 253 Magsarili, Mercedes, Manila, Philippines Mahannah, Shirley, Keokuk, 77, I65, I84, 225 Maire, Rose, Monlicello, IO6 Malcomson, Clark, LeRoy, Minnesola Mallelle, Marba, I-Iawarden, I92, 2Il Mallby, James, Eldora, 77, I08, I09, I70, 2I9, 253 Manahl, Phillip, Olrlumwa, I07, I08, I09, I70 Manderscheid, Madonna, Maquokela, 200, 207, 260 Mapes, Myrna, Earlham Malhews, Charlolle, Mounl Pleasant, 80, I76, I86,2II,253 ' Malsui, Rulh, Lanai Cily, Hawaii Malson, Rosellen, Newhall, 207, 260 Malsunaga, I-Ielen, Lawai, Kauai, I-Iawaii, 95, 98, 99, I64, I82, 228, 253 Mall, Nancy, La Porle Cily, I05 Mallhews, Carol, Clinlon, 228 Mallox, Larry, Walerloo, 92, I08, 2 I6, 253 Maupin, Kennelh, Rocklord Maxwell, Roger, Marshalllown, I08, IO9, 253 Mayer, Roselyn, Washinglon, I84, 253 Maynard, Fredrick, Walerloo Mazula, William, Walerlord, New York, I43, I59, 22l, 253 McAuIey, Sally, Lillle Rock, I73, 260 McAvoy, Gary, Walnul, 2l2 McBride, Janel, Nevada, I87 McBurney, Margarel, I-Iumboldl, I05 McCalley, David, Marion, 78, I06, 2I6 McCarlney, Sally, Boone, 76, 77, 84, I99, 225 McCI-iesney, Shirley, Walerloo, I58, 202 McCIanahan, Marylou, Davenporl McCleary, Kennelh, Muscaline McClure, Mary, Rockwell Cily, IO6, 202, 2l3 McClure, Sally, Des Moines, I95 McCoy, Lois, Tiplon McCracken, Fred, Des Moines, I80 McCrea, Louis, Walerloo McCrealh, Dorolhy, I-lamillon, Illinois, I05 2l2 McCulloch, Phyllis, Kellogg, 220, 260 McCurdy, Alla, Oskaloosa, I87, 208 McCuskey, Jon, Iowa Cily McDonald, Janel, Walerloo, 84, 227, 260 McDonald, Palricia, Fairlield, I75 McEachran, Norma, Mason Cily, I73, I89, 209 A McGarvey, Marlys, I-Iudson, I73, I89, 207 McGill, Palricia, Grandview, 80, 266 McGinnis, Donald, Algona, 2l2 McGrew, Jean, Cedar Falls, 48, 77, 90, 95, 176, 210, Q26 McGuire, Mary, Brill, 207, 222 McGure, Palricia, Delroil, Michigan Mcl-lenry, Palricia, Maquokela, 222, 253 Mclnlire, Roberl, Kenl, IO4, I89, 2l2 McKee, Roger, Walerloo, IO4, 2l2 McKercher, Margarel, Manly, 88, I78, I86, 225, 253 McKinney, Maralee, Walerloo, I04 McLain, Evelyn, Emerson, IO5, 206 McLaughlin, Marlyne, Plover McLuen, Wilma, Sluarl, I58, I89, 2II McNull, Marilyn, Goodell, I04, I97, 253 McRoberls, Jerry, Walerloo, 77, I70 McWhorler, Thomas, Walerloo Meade, Norma, Denison Meewes, Palricia, Garrison, 253 Mehlhop, Alice, McClelland, 209, 260 Meier, Gladys, Sumner, 68, 95, I00, IOI. I64, I72, I89, I96, 220,253 Meier, Verla, Sumner Meinders, Jackie, Cedar Fells, I86, 2lI Meinders, Joell, Cedar Falls, 9I, I86, 227 Meineke, Marilyn, Clarion, I83, I87 Meiners, Margarel, Charles Cily Meldrum, Judy, Ames, 260 Melichar, Paul, Cedar Falls, I70 Melick, Roberl, Liscomb, 77, I04, I89, 204, 2I3, 253 Merical, Shirley, Redlielcl, I87 Mersrnan, Ramona, Eldora, 2I3 Merlens, Bradley, Reinbeck, I06 Messerli, Mary, Manchesler, I04, I05, 200, 208, 260 Messerschmill, Eva, I-ledrick, I89 Messerschmidl, Jaclyn, Shellield, IO6, 200, ZIO, 226, 260 Messier, Charles, Cedar Falls Meyer, Alice, Kanawha Meyer, Donald, Pelerson, 208 Meyer, Duane, Grundy Cenler, I23, I90, 253 Meyer, Mariorie, Exira, 253 Meyer, Edward, Cedar Falls Meyer, Jeanelle, Manly, 95, 200, 209, 223, zso Meyer, Rulh, Applinglon Meyer, Shirley, Denison Meylhaler, Janice, Independence, I85 Mickelson, Don, Daylon, I07, I08, 226 Middlelon, Lorella, Bellendorl, I00, I88 Miell, Larry, Cenlral Cily, I06, l08 Mikkelsen, Donald, Arlinglon Mikkelson, Mona, Brill, 206, 2I3 Miles, Slanley, Clear Lake Miller, Armond, I-Iamplon Miller, Beverly, Davenporl Miller, Irene, Aplinglon Miller, Jane, Palmer, 207 Miller, Jonanne. Hawkeye Miller, Larry, Clear Lake, I07, I08, I70 Miller, Leland, Hudson Miller, Lucille, Clarion, I92, I98, I99, 225 Miller, Marilyn, Walerloo, I05, I85, 260 Miller, Mary, Wesl Liberly, 253 Miller, Miriam, Walerloo Miller, Phillip, Walerloo Miller, Regina, Marne, 55, 207 Miller, Richard, Chicago, Illinois Milligan, Dolores, Collins, I87 Milliken, Irwin, Ames Mineharl, John, Walerloo 297 Mouser, Marilyn, Wellman, IO6, 206, I23. Minier, Marleen, Brookings, S. Dakola, l95, I99, 203, 253 Mirchell, Donna, Marengo, 200, 260 Milchell, Mildred, Buckingham Milsuda, Helen, Milo, Hawaii, 89, I92 Mills, Richard, Lake Park Miyabuchi, Jean, Puunene, Hawaii Moeller, Jeanelle, New Liberly Moen, Charlolle, Lake Mills, I94 Mohlil, Theodore, New Harlford Mholer, Roberla, Maxwell, I73, 2l I, 260 Mohr, Alyse, Terril, IB9, 202 Mohr, Lavonne, Charlolle, I72, 209 Mollenholil, Clair, Cedar Falls, I09 Monlgomery, Mary, Des Moines, l99 Monlgornery, Palricia, Charilon, l72, I89, l9l, 2l2 Monlgomery, Rulh, Brooklyn, 80, l87, 2l2 Moon, Jerrold, Davenporl Moon, Roberr, New Providence Mooney, James, Waverly, l86, 2I0, 2l2 Moore, Margie, Graeflinger, l86, 2I0, 2l2 Moore, Virginia, Glidden, I05, 2I I, 260 Moorehead, Ronald, Cedar Falls A Mordini, Lidia, Madrid, l87, 207 Moreland, Keilh, Forl Dodge, IO4, IO7, l09 Morenlz, Loreen, Clear Lake Morey, Palricia, Greene, 2I3, 260 Morgan, Mary, Slanley, I85, 206, 260 Morgensen, Kennelh, Walerloo Morgenson, Lela, New Harllord , Morikawa, Eslher, Waimea, Hawaii, I94, 223 Morris, Warren, Boone, 77, 78, 95, 96, I4-7, I49, I59, 253 Morris, William, Cedar Falls Morrison, Janell, Linden 2 Morrison, Jim, Grundy Cenler Morrison, Mary, Sigourney, 207 Morrissey, Virginia, Monlicello, l87, 207 Morlensen, Nancy, Moorhead, IO4, IO6 Morlvedr, Audrey, Cedar Falls Mosby, Roberla, Elgin, IO7, I08 Moser, Roger, Greene Mosley, Joelfa, Albia, 80 Mossrnan, Carole, Radcliffe, I85, 2l l, 260 Myhre, Sandra, Cedar Rapids, IO6, I94, 209, 220 Myers, Margarer, Galesburg, Illinois N Nading, Dorolhy, Slrawberry Poinl, 80, I85 Nadolski, Audrey, Rochesler, Minnesola, I92, 2l4, 222. 253 Nagel, Larry, Manchesler Nanke, Derald, Mechanicsville Nanny, William, La Porle Cily Naylor, Roger, Alberl Lea, Minnesola, I08 Neff, Agnes, Williams, 80, l87 - Nein, Carole, Nora Springs, I85, 2I I, 260 Norlhrup, William, Cedar Falls Norlon, Rulh, Sanborn, 84, I58, I98, l99 Norlon, Virginia, Walerloo Noslrum, Mildred, Pilol' Mound, I93, I94, 2lB, 26l Novak, Shirley, Marengo, l58, I85, 2ll Nurling, Donald, Cedar Falls Nymann, Dewayne, Cedar Falls Q , Oberman, Belly, lowa Cily, 26I O'Brien, Palricia, Cedar Falls Obey, Kalhryn, Eslherville, l07, I08 O'Connell, Roberl, Cedar Falls Nelsen, Beulah, Braylon, I82, 2I3 Nelsen, Everell, Dows Nelsen, Gloria, Newell, 200, 260 Nelsen, Mariorie, Dows, l05 Nelson, Anna, Ackley Nelson, Bonnie, Carroll, 207, 260 Nelson, Conslance. Ames, l87, 2lI Nelson, Donald, Rockwell, 78, 2l0 Nelson, Donna, Lehigh Nelson, Janel, Allanlic, I73, l83, 206, 260 Nelson, Jerry, Marshalllown Nelson, John, Marshalllown Nelson, Mary, McCallsburg Nannelle, Mediapolis, IO6, I90, 2l0, 21 l, 2l4, 228, 253 Nelson, Norma, Manchesler Nelson, I92, Nelson, Mervin, Cedar Falls Nelson, Richard, Cedar Falls Nelson, Ross, Cedar Falls Neubaum, Janel, Maplelon, l58, I87 O'Connell, Wilma, Fredericksburg O'Connor, Sara, Missouri Valley, 228 Ogden, Janel, ,2I2, 26I Ogden, Vern, Odeboll Ohlofzf, Kalhleen, Caslelia, I6l, 200, 26I Ohlson, Joanne, Cherokee. 26I Ohlson, Marvis, Spirir Lake, l'l7 Okai, Helen, Honolulu, Hawaii, I92, 220, 253 Olk, Roland, Waverly Olsen, Carol, Audubon, I85, l87 Olsen, Conslance, Onawa Olsen, Mary, Walerloo, IO7, I08 Olsen, Mary, Dow Cily, 209 Olsen, Rulh, Cedar Falls, 98, I8l, 2I4 Olson, Alice, Minneapolis, Minnesola, 26I Olson, Barbara, Ames Olson, Cherrie, Irwin, I05, 209 Olson, Maurice, Livermore, I39, 2l2 Olson, Roberla, Decorah, 222 209 Neuharl, Belly, Charles Cily, 200 Newland, Rulh, Balavia, 80, l06 Newman, Evelyn, Cedar Falls Newlon, Mary Ann, Walerloo Nichols, Edward, Knoxville, 226, 253 Nichols, Kennelh, Cedar Falls, l3l, I33, I35 Nicklaus, Delbert' Parkersburg Nicklaus, Garard, Shell Rock Niebuhr, Donna, Clinlon, IO6, I73, 209, 260 Nieland, Donna, Shellsburg Nielsen, Helen, Spencer Nielsen, Jack, Council Blulils Nielsen, John, Cedar Falls, IO9 260 Mowrer. Forresl, Perry Mukai, Allison, Maui, Hawaii Mulgrew, Beverly, VValerloo Mulick, James, Walerloo Mullaney, Palricia, Waferloo, I69, 253 Mullen, Mary, Des Moines Munday, Leo, Leon, 202 Murphy, James, Walerloo Murphy, Richard, Walerloo, l06 Murphy, Roberl, Cedar Falls Murray, John, Bancroll Murray, Mary, Walerloo Murra, Marjorie, Bullalo Cenler, 2I3, 260 Mussell, Lois, Walerloo, I95, I99 Mychalek, Joyce, Maquokela, I05, 200, 2l2, 260 Myer, William, Walerloo Myers, Alberr, Waferloo Myers, Dorolhy, Cedar Falls 298 Nielsen, Phyllis, Audubon, 200, 260 Nielsen, William, Paullina, 86, 2l2 Nieuwenhuis, Arlene, Hospers, IOO, I64, I97, 208, 26I Nissen, Raymond, Oelwein Noble, Curris, Riceville, IO6, 208 Noble, Harrier, Garner, l87 Noneman, Judilh, Holslein, I73, I85, 2l8, 26I Norcross, Margery, Charilon, I73, 2l2, 26I Nordly, Joan, Cedar Falls, 68, 253 Nord, Juanila, Clinlon, 98, 192,207 Nordmark, Anne, Forl Dodge, 26I Norem, Kennelh, Hanlonlown Norgaard, Norene, Harlan, 80, I05, I87, 209 Norman, Carolyn, Thompson Norman, Thomas, Thompson, 83, 95, 2l6 Norris, Barbara, Vinlon, 227, 26I Norris, Bellyf Ollumwa, 69, IO4, l75, 225, 253 Norfh, Roberl, Washinglon, D. C. Eldridge, I05, l83 Marshalllown Cedar Falls, 90, l70, 207 O'Mara, Florence, Cambridge, 26I Olson, Shirley, Olson, Shirley, Olson, William, Omori, Shirley, Kauai, Hawaii O'Neal, Clara, Onawa, I83, 200, 2lO, 2I l, 26l O'Neill, Carole, Cedar Falls, l58, I98, 225 Opheim, Elmer, Bode Opperman, Beverly, Slrawberry Poinl Orr, Marilee, Maquokela, IO7, I08, 26I Orr, Ross, Walerloo ' Orlner, Richard, Auburn, 207 Orion, Virginia, Walerloo Orvis, Roberla, Walerloo, 95, I92, 2l2 Osheim, Juanila, Walerloo, l06 Oshibuchi, Takako, Kyofo, l09 Oslercamp, Marie, Wesley, I85, 206, 26l Oslrom, Marlene, Brooklyn, 222 Oswald, Melvin, Walerloo O'Toole, Mary, LeMars, 253 Ollo, LuAnne, Hudson Ollo, Marilyn, Aurelia, l58, l73, 200, 209, 224, 26I Overlurf, Helen, Blakesburg, 84, I06, l58, 200, 2I l, 26I Oxenford, Karhryn, Lake Cily, 206, 26I P Pahre, Keilh, Newlon - Palmer, Jeanne, Mason Cily, 80, l58, 208 Palmer, Sandra, Lake Mills Pals, Carol, Lyllon, I85, 209 Panagos, Mary, Cedar Rapids, 2l8 Papke, Lola, Miles, 185 Papousek, Charles, Clear Lake, 72, 139, 159, 214, 221, 253 Papousek, Mary, Garner, 195, 199 Quackenloush, Velma, Vinlon Pelroll, Dorolhy, Cedar Falls, 254 Peylon, Sherry, Lake View, 105, 183 Phelan, Peggy, Mason Cily, 84,227,261 Phelps, Roberl, Cedar Falls, 184, 254 Philips, Mary, Wesl Union, 77, 207,254 Phi11eo,C1ela,AI+oana, 171, 176, 254 Phillips, Beverly, Denmark Phillips, Paul, Denmark Phillips, Richard, Mounl Pleasanl Punke, William, Corwilh, 170, 197, 206, 254 Purcell, Madelyn, Ferlile, 200, 261 Purcell, Phyllis, Anamosa, 208 Purdy, Linda, Fonlanelle, 185,211,261 Pyall, Shirley, Greene O Quam, Rulh, Armslrong Parkingson, Palricia, Massena, 207 Parker, Arlene, Liscomb, 106, 212 Parker, Aldrey, Clinian, 95, zoo, 212, 222, 261 Parker, Frances, Bloomlield, 185 Parker, Jacqulyn, Oelwein Parker, Roberl, Waverly Parks, Avis, Cedar Falls, 186,211 Parks, James, Sioux Rapids, 104, 226 Parland, Palricia, Iowa Falls, 192 Parry, Lesler, Lime Springs Parry, Ralph, Cedar Falls, 90, 102 Parlridge, Richard, Marshalllown, 86 Parlridge, Virginia, Marshalllown, 192, 208, 225, 254 Paslorino, Charles, Walerloo Pallee, Janel, Cedar Rapids, 80, 108, 109 Pallon, Diane, Clear Lake, 187 Pauli, Yvonne, Olin Paulsen, Duane, Galva, 204, 209 Paulsen, Larry, Scolch Grove, 131, 132, 133, 136, 147 Paulsen, Nona, lda Grove, 195, 198, 199 Paulsen, William, Chicago 1-leighls, Illinois, 254 , Paxson, Roberla, Richland, 107, 108 Pearl, Leonard, Forl Dodge, 78, 188 Pease, Norman, Sergeanl Blull, 69, 172, 180, 189, 204, 210, 254 . Pecinovsky, Charles, Des Moines, 48, 86, 147, 188, 219 Pedelly, 1-Iarriel, Nora Springs, 173, 183, 189 Peden, Rulh, Gary, Soulh Dakola, 199,203 Pedersen, Clara, 1-1ar1an,84, 100, 101, 164, 185, 209, 261 Pegram, Alma, 1-larlwick Penniman,,G1enda, Sac Cily, 200, 213, 261 Peschang, Jean, Waverly, 158, 207, 222 Peler, Lloyd, Lime Springs Peler, Marian, Lime Springs Phipps, Vernie, Forl Dodge, 89, 254 Pichl, 1-larriel, Waverly Queen, Quinn, Phillip, Grinnell Ana, Slorm Lake, 187, 207 Pickell, Vernon, Rulhven, 188, 204, 219 Pieper, Jean, Dysarl, 193 Pierce, Alice, Cedar Falls, 186, 211 Pierce, Dale, Van Meler Pierce, Kennelh, Walerloo Pierce, Mary, Brill Pierce, Mildred, Cedar Falls Pierce, Roberl, Cedar Falls, 216, 254 Pielan, 1-1e1en,New I-lapmlon, 95, 173, 200, 209, 261 ' Pilkinglon, l-lelen, Cedar Falls Pinch, Charles, Pingel, Waverly, 139 Marlys, Rembrandl Piper, Lorraine, Dumonl, 261 Piper, Marilyn, Pippill, Pisney, Charilon, 80 Lillie Sioux, 106, 204, 213 Cedar Rapids, 80,207 Marian, Palricia, Pilsenbarger, Vesla, Adel, 98, 183, 185 Pilz, John, Lamolle Plamloeck, Rulh, Davenporl Plowrna n, Laurella, Adair Podhaski, Cora, Walerloo Quinn, Kalhryn, Corning, 181,207 Quinn, Russell, Cedar Falls Quirk, Francis, Lawler R Rabey, Charles, New 1-larllord Rachuy, Donna, Walerloo Radloll, Rulh, Cedar Rapids, 181 Rainbow, Edward, Walerloo, 109, 171, 176 Ramig, Donald, Clinlon, 131 Ramler, Be1va,Far+ Dodge, 98, 158, 187, 211 Ramler, Beverlee, Forlh Dodge, 200, 211, 261 Ramsey, Mary, Earlham, 261 Ramus, Don, Des Moines Randolph, David, Cedar Rapids Walerloo, 147, 201, 212 Mason Cily, 98, 209 Walerloo, 139 Porle Cily, 143,254 Rauch, Belly, Chicago 1-leighls, Illinois, 161, 194, 207 Rauch, Karl, Chicago 1-Ieighls, Illinois, 72, Ransom, Richard, Rasmussen, Belly, Rasmussen, Daryl, Ralhien, Neal, La Poggemiller, Mark, Burlinglon Polanslcy, Richard, Cedar Rapids, 86, 209 Polka, Dwayne, Tama, 79 Poncin, Donna, Cedar Rapids, 199 Popkes, Donald, Cedar Falls Poprria, Jana, Knoxville Poralh, 1-lazel, Newell, 187 Poller, Joyce, Anamosa Polls, Eli, Somers, 188 Polls, Richard, Moravia, 78, 213 Powell, Beverly, 1-Iarcourl, 183, 187,207 Power, Mary, Greenlield, 85, 261 123, 159, 221, 254 Rausch, Robe-rl, Walerloo Raymond, Judilh, Dysarl, 261 Read, Ream, Nola, Cresco, 185 Mary, Charilon, 104, 200, 206,261 Recher, Lila, Ocheyedan, 187 Reed, Daryl, Algona Reed, Gerald, Walerloo Reed, Jack, Adaza, 189 Reed, Mary, Clinlon, 72, 95, 214, 227, 261 Reed, Norma, Ankeny, 173, 199 Reed, Qlabell, Walerloo Pelers, Charles, Cedar Falls Pelers, Rulh, Aplinglon Pelersen Pelersen Pelersen Pelersen Dale, Cedar Falls , Delores, Anlhon, 95, 192, 197,212 Ellen, Exira, 164, 181, 209, 254 Mariorie, Sluarl, 192 Powers, Janel, Cresco Powers, Joan, Cresco Powers, John, Walerloo Powers, Mary, Duncombe, 160, 161, 207, 262 Pralle, Marian, I-lamplon Prall, Janel, Indianola, 192, 198, 254 Prehm, Belly, Mounl Pleasanl, 182, 211 Price, Lawrence, Cedar Falls Price, Palricia, Sioux Cily, 80, 187 Pelersen Shirley, Davenporl Pelerson, Aileen, WiI+on Junclion, 104, 107 Pelerson, David, Roland, 210 Pelerson, Dorolhy, Goldlield Pelerson, Evelyn, Mediapolis, 105, 158, 173, 200, 261 Pelerson, James, Vinlon Pelerson, Joann, Ellsworlh Pelerson,Jo1een, Rolle, 173, 200,209,261 Pelerson, Joyce, Osceola, 182, 209, 254 Shell Rock, 83, 171, 176, LaVere, Pelerson, 207, 254 Pelerson, Lloyd, Dunlap Pelerson, Mary, Mediapolis, I87, 209 Pelerson, Roloerl, Alden Pelerson, Rose, Manson Pelrie, Ivan, Walerloo Prichard. Paul, Fanlanelle, 210 Prichard, Shirley, Belle Plaine, 107, 108, 109, 211 Priem, Sylvia, Toelerville, 209, 222 Priesl, Barbara, Cedar Falls, 104 Primus, 1-lelen, Sleamboal Rock, 261 Prior, Marsha, LuVerne, 80 Propsl, Kalhleen, Sigourney, 173, 213, 261 Psaros, Evelyn, Walerloo, 202 Puck, Eleanor, Walcoll, 183 Puller, Palricia, Cresco, 105, 187,207 Pugsley, Joanne, Cedar Falls Puhrmann, Lois, Paullina, 105, 209 Puller, Leslie, Elgin Reenls, 1-Iarriel, Wellsburg Reese, Ellena, Cedar Falls Reeves, Doris, Exira, 169, 188, 196 Relshauge, Sharon, Cedar Falls, 184,222 Reich, Kennelh, Chicago, Illinois Reichenberg, Sieglreid, Cedar Falls, 76, 78, 254 Reilly, Ronald, Van Horne, 202, 207 Renander, Shirley, Shenandoah, 84, 100, 186, 209, 222 Renaud, Janice, Grinnell, 95, 183,200,261 Renaud, Muriel, Sully, 213, 261 Renner, Jim, Walerloo Ressler, Lois, I-lumboldl, 200, 224, 261 Rellenmaier, Frances, Forl Dodge, 207, 262 Reuler, Carol, Sumner, 200, 209, 262 Reynolds, Jerry, Odeboll, 123, 221 Rice, Irma, Pocahonlas Rice, Joyce, Garrison, 106 Rich, Andrew, Sloul Richardson, Darrel, Wesl Des Moines Richardson, Mabel, Cedar Falls Riedemann, Bernila, Gaza, 208 299 Ries, Mary, Pocahonlas, 262 Rile, Jean, Des Moines, I73, I89, 2I3 Riley, Palricia, New I-lamplon, I95, I99 Riley, Palricia, Mason Cily, 254 Ringgenberg, Claudia, Lyllon, 80, I05, I87, 209 Ripperlon, Lonnie, Onslow, 83, 226, 254 Rillenhouse, Joyce, Keokuk, I85, 262 Rifz, Susan, Walerloo Roberls, Arlene, Alalissa, 254 Roberls, Belly, Keosauqua, I85 Roberls, Clark, Greenfield Lyle, Dexrer Roberls, Robey, Lola, Webb, 95, I68, I74, 2l3, 254 Robinson, Gerald, Cedar Falls Robinson, Marlys, Reinbeck, I87 Robinson, Wilma, I-larris, I05, I83, 200, 209, 262 Robison, Janice, Washinglon, I06 Robson. Norma, Walerloo, 254 Roddewig, Roberl, Freeporl, Illinois Rodman, Joan, Caslana, 207, 262 Roe, Francis, Grinnell b Rogers, Janel, Cedar Falls, 227 Rogers, Mildred, Zearing, 254 Rohlling, Margarel, Sac Cily, 80, I85, 209 Rohllsen, Laverne, Paullina, I23, I59 Rohwer, Paul, Parkersburg Rollinson, Curlis, Vinlon, 2l9 Rolslon, I-lelen, Adel, I89 Roose, Donna, Allison, I83, I85, 225, 262' Rool, I-Iazel, Cedar Falls Roren, Charmayne, Raclclille, I82, 254 Rose, Marion, Spencer Roseland, Palricia, Clear Lake, 95, I92, 254 Rosene,,Carl, Chicago, Illinois, I23, 226 Rosene, Marilyn, Madrid, 200, 2I I, 262 - Rosien, James, Forl Dodge, I23, l2S Roslcens, Ronald, Spencer, 76, 95, I76, 2I2, 226, 254 Ross, Carol, Somers, 2I I, 2l3, 262 Rowe, Kennelh, Ames, ISS, 226 Rudolph, Cloyce, Waferloo Runyan, Eva, Woodbine Rush, Palricia, I-lawarden, I58, I73, 2I I, 262 Russel+, Janice, Calmar Russell, Norman, Ossian, IO7, IOS, lO9, 209 Russell, Rosemary, Corning Russell, Marilyn, Cedar Falls, I06, I6I, 2I7 Ruslad, Curlis, Norlhwood, IO4, 2Ol Ruslemier, William, Bancroll Rulr, Roger, Cedar Falls S Sabus, Roberl, Scranlon, 59, 96, ISI, 2I9 Saeger, Mariorie, Cedar Falls Sage, Barbara, Walerloo, I74, I93, 225, 254 Sage, James, Walerloo Salisbury, Donald, Dunkerlon Salmonson, Ronald, Kiron Samson, Palricia, Cedar Falls Samuelson, Beverly, Forl Dodge, 200, 262 Sanborn, Margarel, I-Iazellon, l9l, 200, 262 Sanburn, Shirlee, Maplelon, 200, 207, 262 Sandell, Ronald, Thompson Sanders, Sharon, Walerloo, I05, I88 Sanderson, Mary, Donnellson, I87 Sarchef, David, Burl, I43 300 Sargenl, Diane, Cedar Falls Sasaki, Roy, I-lonolulu, I-Iawaii, I98, 202, 2I0 Sawyer, Janef, Ames, IO4, I6l, 200, 2I I, 227, 262 Schaelzler, Dorolhy, Crawlordsville, IB5, Scharli, Pauline, Forf Dodge, I92 Scheer, Donald, Cedar Falls Scheuermann, Nela, Ames, I05 262 Shea, Eilene, Sioux Cily Shearer, John, Cedar Falls Sheda, Dolores, Chelsea Sheeley, Marilyn, Walerloo, I75 Shelgren, Janel, Rolfe, I85, 2I2 Shellabarger, Joyce, Columbus Junclion, IO6, Shelfo 200, 2I I, 262 n, Bobelle, Cedar Falls, l92 Schild, Marlene, Cedar Falls Schlaman, Frieda, I-lamplon, ISI, 206 Schmidl, Kalhleen, Monlour, 209 Schmidl, LaVonne, Dike Schmidl, Marilyn, Whealland, 200, 208, 2 262 Schmidl, Norman, Dunkerlon Schmidl, Wilma, Ida Grove, I87 Schminke, Carolyn, Alkins, 207, 262 Schmill, James, Walerloo I8, Schmudlach, Maude, Fredericksburg, Schnur, Jenise, Walerloo, 69, 77, 95, 98, l02, I68, I75 Schoenlag, Grace, Oelwein Scholler, James, Walerloo Schrader, Conslance, Van I-Iorne Schramm, JoAnn, Ida Grove, 95, 200, 224, 262 Schramm, Merle, Ida Grove Schramm, Sandra, Denison, I07, l08 Schrepler, Ray, Forl Madison Schrock, Slanley, Kalona Schroeder, Dawson, Sioux Cily, 226 Schroedermeier, Slanley, Waverly Schuelka, Francis, Donnellson, 2I4, 2I6, 254 Schuessler, Donna, Lone Tree, IO6, 262 Schug, Shirley, Auburn, 98, I85, 209 Schuknechl, Vivian, Reinbeck Schuller, Barbara, Oelwein Schull, Raymond, New Liberly, 209, 254 Schullz, Arlhur, Cedar Falls, 77, 94, IO7, IO8 Schullz, Donna, Poslville, 80, I05, 2I2 Schullz, Mildred, Charles Cily Schwab, Gwenelh, Dumonl, IO7, I08, I73, I89 . Schwielerl, Rulh, McGregor, I72, IB9 Schwingle, Beverly, La Moille. Illinois, 200, 225 Scoll, Darrell, Eldora, IO8, I09 Scorl, Vivian, Cedar Falls Searcy, Sara, Independence, IB7 Seaver, Marilyn, Cedar Falls Seda, James, Traer Seebach, Lois, Dysarl Shepard, Marilyn, Charilon, I07, I08, I73 194, 212, 224 ' Sheperd, Cynlhia, Sioux Cily Sherman, Cleo, Marengo Sherer, Lorraine, Walerloo Sherrill, Marjorie, Cedar Falls, 254 Shimel, Lois, Clemons, IO6, I97, 208 Shinn, Marilyn, Alberl' Cily, 262 Shook, Evelyn, Della, I04, IO6, I73 Shonka, Barbara, Malvern, I05, 207 Shool, Janice, Manchesler, 84, IO4, IO6, I07, IOS, I94, 200 Shorman, Virginia, Greene Shorl, Dwighl, Cedar Falls Shullz, Kay, Greene, l85 Shumaker, Rosemary, Mechanicsville Shupe, Kalhleen, lndianola, 225, 262 Siddall, Donna, Laurens, IO6, 183,262 Sides, Audrey, La Porle Cily, 254 Siek, Marcella, Blairslown, IO7, IOB Sienknechl, Joan, Gladbrook, I87, 208 Siepmann, Carole, Jesup Silcir, Carolyn, Chelsea, 2lI Siminglon, Marilyn, Walerloo Simmons, Carmen, Denison, IO4, I75, I97 254 Simon, Dorolhy, Iowa Cily, I87, 207 . Simonsen, Marjorie, Merrill, I95, I99 Simpson, Diane, Des Moines, 200 y Simpson, William, Knoxville Sioblom, John, Audubon, 22I Skoog, Mary, Daylon, 262 Slocum, Roberla, Lewis Sehmann, Richard, Berlendorll, 83, I47, I49, I59, 226 Sellers, Cary, Oak Park, Illinois, 208, 254 Sells, Gary, New I-Iarlliord, 254 Sellslrom, Karen, Gowrie, 80, I87, 209 Sergeanl, Douglas, Walerloo, 2I9 Sesker, Wayne, Maxwell, 219 Sever, Doris, Nora Springs, I05, I08, 2Il Shaffer, Bobby, Cedar Falls, I43 Shaliler, Wanda, Wadena, 84, 85, I05, 262 Shalla, Marilyn, Kalona, l8I, I93, 207 Sharon, Roberl, Olin, IO7, I08, I09 Sharp, Donna, Clarion, IO7, I08, IO9, I75 Sharp, Roberl, Clarion, I39 Shaw, Donna, Oskaloosa, I87, 208 Shaw, Paul, Walerloo Smalley, Lawrence, Osage, I39, 2I6 Smid, Joan, George, 262 Smifh, Barbara, Marshalllown, 88, 98, 99 Smilh, Beverly, Janesville Smilh, Carol, Albia, 87 Smilh, David, Walerloo, I5l Smilh, Evelyn, Nichols, 262 Smilh, I-Ielen, Liscomb, I05, 2l3 Srnilh, I-lelen, Marshalllown Smilh, Judilh, Newlon, 200, 262 Smilh, Leland, Slrawberry Poinl Smilh, Lyle, Cedar Falls, I23 Smilh, Marilyn, Aplinglon Smilh, Merle, Grundy Cenler Smilh, Norell, Eldora, 2l6 Smilh, Norman, Renwick Smilh, Roger, Nashua Smilh, Rulh, Cedar Falls, IO7, I08 Sneed, Elizabefh, Kensas Cily, Missouri Snodgrass, Alan, Walerloo Snodgrass, Jean, Maynard Snowden, Leonard, Walerloo Snullier, I'-Iarvey, George, I04, 254 Snyder, Helen, Walerloo Soderslrum, Rulh, Boone Soefhoul, Pafricia, Keola, I85, 206, 262 Solbra ck, Shirley, Walerloo Sperry, Harvey, Tucson, Arizona, I76, 2l6, Sommerdorl, Dolores, Muscaline, I74, 207, 223 Sorensen, Jeanelle, Algona, 80 Sorensen, Louise, Algona, l8I, l82, 2l2, 254 Sorenson, Diane, Spencer, l68, I69, l92, I93, I96, 203, 2I l, 225, 254 Spaighl, Mardella, Winlhrop, l85, 262 Spain, Marianne, Parkersburg Walerloo Knoxville, 69, 264 Davenporl Spallord, Belh, Speed, Kalhryn, Speer, Barbara, Spencer, David, Freeporl, Illinois 254 Spicer, Mary, lowa Cily Spurbeck, Waller, Waverly Spurlock, Richard, Cedar Falls Squires, Roberl, Cedar Falls Slacy, Ann, Ames, l8I Slahle, Margafel, Bellendorl, 84, l00, I64, I84, 207, 262 Slaley, Marion, Walerloo Slamp, Wanda, Spragueville, l85, 209,262 Slanard, James, Cedar Falls, l3l, l32 Slandley, John, Ames, I67, l90, 254 Slansbury, Robert Walerloo Slanlon, Harry, Greene, 72, I80, l90, 207 Slanwood, Paul, Des Moines, 77, 78, I84, 255 , Slark, Robert Peru, 69, I04, I69, I70, I96, 255 Slarr, Richard, Dubuque Slebbins, Shirley, Red Oak, I06, 2l2 . Sleege, Dorolhy, Waverly, 77, 95, l65, l72, l8I, ZI4, 220 Sleele, Charles, Walerloo, l09 Sleele, Ellen, Cenlerville, I68, l92, 255 Slegen, Helen, Decorah Slengl, Roland, Waverly Slephens, Dale, Indianola, I23 Slephens, Florence, Cedar Falls Slumpl, Shirley, Burlinglon, I99, 207 Slurdevanl, Belle, Forl Madison Slurges, Ralph, Rockwell Suda, Kennelh, Haiku, Hawaii Summey, Conslance, Pineville, Missouri, IO7, IOB, IO9, 2l2 Sundquisl, Aries, Sioux Cily, I92, I95, 255 Sullon, Lynne, Derby, I09, 2l8 Svensen, Shirley, Davenport 8l Swain, Kay, Soldier, 84, I06, IO7, IO8, 209, 223 Swanson, Carolee, Ollumwa, I87 Swanson, Glen, Walerloo, 255 Swanson, Harlan, Monlicello, Minnesola Swanson, Irene, Gowrie, 209 Swanson, Janet Daylon, 200, 2Il Swanson, Virginia, Olds, I05, 200, 262 Swarlz, Albert Cedar Falls, I39 Sweeney, Mildred, Brill, I73 Swisher, Derald, Woodward Syhlman, Bill, Cedar Falls' Sylvesler, Faye, Glidden, 200 T Tabarella, Charles, Cedar Falls Tabberl, Anna, Osage, I06, I09, I97, 255 Takes, Conslance, Walker, 207 Tally, Wilma, Corning, 95, 200, 207, 225, 262 Tamura, Sadie,iKahuku, Hawaii Tanaka, Yoshiichi, Kona, Hawaii Tangeman, Rodney, Gullenberg, 83, I43, Thielen, Bernard, Harlan, I69, I96 Slephenson, Howard, Algona Slephenson, JoAnn, Lalimer Slerner, Wesley, Bado, Missouri, I59, 226 Slevens, Clark, Des Moines, l23 Slevens, Nil-a, Oelwein Slewarl, Beverly, Clarion, l05 Slewarl, James, Walerloo Slewarl, Mary, Eddyville, 262 Slewarl, Nadine, Cedar Rapids, I99, 203 Slokesberry, Janice, Oelwein Sloner, Caroline, Pelerson, l82, l9l, 255 Sloner, Ivan, Davenport 78, I90, 20l, 255 Slong, Conslance, Fredericksburg Slopperan, Lavonne, Walerloo I4-5, I59, 2l9, 255 Taylor, Belly, Rulhven, I85, 202 Taylor, Carlos, Charles Cily, I68, I72, I89, 255 . Taylor, Judilh, Dubuque, 84, I74, 224 Taylor, Marilyn, Diagonal, 2l2 Taylor, Marilyn, Charilon Taylor, Palricia, Wapella, 262 Taylor, Roberl, Cedar Falls Taylor, Rulh, Sluarl, I05, 200, 2I I, 262 Teig, Caroline, Radclille, 263 Teisinger, Russell, Walerloo Tellord, Carol, Decorah, l05, l58, l92, 2l I, 223 Terry, Dale, Cedar Falls Terwilliger, Linden, Allon, 83, I89, 226,255 Telzloll, Loy, Colwell, 208 Tgiros, Conslanline, Charles Cily, I39 Thayer, Donna, Walerloo, 98, 187,207 Thein, Roberl, Oelwein Thein, Ronald, Walerloo Theno, llaika, Cedar Falls Slolls, Phyllis, Panora, 2l3, 262 Sloul, Lucille, Cedar Falls Slowell, Jack, Cedar Falls, 2l6, 255 Slraighl, Richard, Cedar Falls Slrauss, Erwin, Los Angeles, California Slriclcland, Lila, Exira Slrilce, Marilyn, Nashua, 80 Slringer, Dudley, Lake Mills Slroud, Jack, Davenporl Slrub, Donald, Merrill, I82 Slrub, Richard, Merrill, 207 Slrunck, Shirley, Davenport 209 Slueck, Belly, Vinlon, I73, 227, 262 Thoebald, Palricia, Iowa Cily, 207 Thompson, Gail, Hopkinlon, 80 Thompson, Glenn, Thompson, Jamia, Thompson, 21 i, 220 Thompson, Phyllis, Thompson, Russell Thompson, Shirley, Hopkinlon Anamosa Nancy, Council Blulls, 85, I06, I-lumboldl Adair, I23, 22l Pocahonlas, l85 Thorson, Delores, Cambridge, 200, 263 Thorson, Janel, Rolle, 200, 2l2, 263 Thorson, Maxine, Walerloo Thrap, Gerald, Keokuk, l04 Thuirer, Amelia, Spencer, 77, 95, l04, l92 Tice, Dorolhy, Grinnell, I07, l08, I73, l85, 208, 253 Tielz, Elsie, Cedar Falls Tillolson, Donna, Jesup Timmons, Roy, Cedar Falls Tobin, Mary, Ainsworlh, 95, l86, 207 Todd, Marilyn, Morning Sun, l85 Toillion, Margarel, Eagle Grove, 200, 207, 263 Tollelson, David, Walerloo, l23, I47, IS9 Toom, Lee, Cenlral Cily, l8I Tooman, Donald, Walerloo Torgerson, Jerald, Adel Torigoe, Florence, Olaa, Hawaii, I86, 255 Torkelson, Janice, Elgin, 84, I86, 225 Torresdal, Alice, Decorah Towne, Peler, Mason Cily Toyama, Hideko, Hawi, Hawaii, l68, I7l, I76, 208, 255 Toyne, Thomas, Walerloo Trager, Janet Oelwein, l8I, 255 Travis, Ray, Jellerson, 209 Travis, Tillie, Sioux Cily, l84, 2l7 Treman, Rulh, Odeboll Trende, Zuella, Radclille, I94, 263 Trimble, Anne, Cedar Falls Troge, Jack, Charles Cily Trowbridge, Eleanor, Forl Dodge, 263 Tucker, Joan, Denison, 209 Turbell, Shirley, Tama, l85, 263 Turner, David, Walerloo, 76, 94, I76, l88 Turner, Lloyd, Walerloo Turnquisl, Marilyn, Des Moines, l86, 202, 2l3 Tvedl, Douglas, Monlour, 2l9 U Ullericl1,Juliann, Charler Oak, l05, 209, 263 Usher, Nancy, lonia, l05 Ulley, George, Manchesler V , Vaage, Helen, Kenselt l05, I73, ISS, 209, 263 Valeske, Joan, Charles Cily Vance, Belly, Moravia, 55, 84, l58, l6O, l6l, I73, l89 Van Dorn, Rila, Walerloo Van Epps, John, Clinlon, 226 Van Fleel, Marilyn, Soulh English Van Horne, Janel, Belle Plaine Van Langen, Donald, Kamrar, I89, 255 Van Oort Jay, Orange Cily Van Sickle, Barbara, Cedar Falls, 2l8, 255 Van Siclcle, Marvin, Cedar Falls, I08, 255 Van Slyke, Gary, Cedar Falls, 69, 95, 20l, 2lO, 226, 255 Van Sleenbergen, Mona, Prairie Cily, 68, I06, I79, 204, 210, 21 l, 2l4, 228, 255 Van Zandbergen, Ted, Dika Vaughn, Jackie, Sioux Cily, 263 Ver Hoel, Neil, Spencer, 202, 2l4, 226 Vernon, Rulh, Anamosa, 200, 263 Vest Emma, Vinlon Veslal, Belly, Haslings, IO4, I06, l58, 2ll Vial, Rulh, Laurens, 222, 263 Vich, Miles, Walerloo 30I Vincenl, Helen, Keola Vogelaar, Shirlee, George, 55, 106, 107, 108, 109, 212 Voggesser, Roy, Allanlic, 123, 159, 214, 22 Volding, Gary, Cryslal Lake Vollenweider, Marian, Moville, 104, 263 Vallsledl, Janice, Council Blulls, 207 Von Berg, Lois, Toledo, 199 Von Doehren, Nancy, Fredericksburg, 104, 209 Vopava, Mildred, Cresco, 263 W Wachal, Alice, Jesup Wachenheim, James, Chicago, Illinois, 123 125, 126, 128, 147, 159, 221, 255 Wagler, Rulh, Wrighl Wagner, Mary, Washinglon 255 Waldon, Gordon, Walerloo, 190, 201, Waldron, Sandra, Cedar Falls Walker, DeWayne, Cedar Falls Walker, Hazel, Hudson Walker, Russell, Cedar Falls Walker, Tom Kalona, 123 Waller, Gladys, Cresco, 189 Walmsley, Marilyn, Cedar Falls, 107, 195 Walralh, Laura, Oelwein Waller, Norma, Coin, 209 Waller, Sharon, Harllord, Soulh Dakola, 186, 211, 223 Wallman, William, Cedar Falls ' Wallon, Donald, Clinlon Wallon, Leo, Independence, 207 Ward, Dorolhy, Delmar Ward, Jeanne, Kansas Cily, Missouri Ward, Mary, Waverly, 95, 207,224,263 Wareberg, Nancy, Irwin, 263 Warnlies, Waller, Rock Valley Warren, Harold, Walerloo Warren, June, Gilmore Cily, 173,263 Wasson, Myrna, Columbus Junclion, 211, 263 Walanabe, Shirley, Kauai, Hawaii, 187 Walerman, Shirley, Slorm Lake, 187 Walers, Marilyn, Alla Visla Walson, John, Forl Madison, 207 Wealherly, Sue, Dike Weaver, Dean, Dana Webber, Wayne, Cedar Falls Belh, Cresco, 187,211 Webber, George, Walerloo Webber, Weber, Doreene, Cedar Falls Marie, New Hamplon, 195, 198, Weber, 199, 255 Websler, Elwyn, Waverly, 68, 177, 184, 255 Wederquisl, Florence, Malvern, 107, 186, 192, 220, 255 Wedeking, Ralph, Clarksville, 107, 108, 208 Weiderl, Joan, Sioux, 104, 158, 263 Weiland, Carol, Shell Rock, 263 Weinhardl, Barbara, Red Wing, Minnesola Weiss, Shirley, Rockwell Cily, 187 Welch, Roberl, Cedar Falls Welsh, Norman, Walerloo 302 Wenger, Lavonne, Mounl Pleasanl, 106, 107, 186, 213 Wenger, Mildred, Volga Werner, Lois, Walerloo Wesl, Ardis, Walerloo, 187, 211 Wesl, Edward, Palon, 98, 99, 164 Wesl, Palricia, Walerloo, 217 Weslbury, Josephine, Iowa Falls, 195, 198, 199, 208 Weslergaard, Marlene, Walerloo Weslon, Dorolhy, Dundee Weslon, Shirley, Slanley Weslphal, Marvin, Olin Weslrum, Marilyn, Slrallord, 263 Welzel, Norma, Kirkman, 105 Whalin, Dorolhy, Toledo, 158, 263 Whannel, Shirley, Traer, 107, 108 While, Dale, Greenfield While, Delberl, Walerloo, 255 While, Dessie, Walerloo While, James, Cedar Falls While, John, Walerloo, 76, 92, 147, 209 While, Kay, Walerloo While, Marjorie, Cedar Falls While, Rilchie, Crawlordsville, 87 Whilehursl, Doris, Wesl Des Moines Wihling, Bill, Rulhven Whilmore, Paul, Toledo, 139 Whilmore, Joan, Exira, 105 Whilmire, Belly, Cresco 1 Whilllesey, Marilyn, Sanborn, 169, 255 Wicherl, Henry, Walerloo Wicklund, Olive, Walerloo Wicks, Joan, Decorah, 185, 207,263 Widell, Clarice, Forl Dodge Widell, Waldo, Forl Dodge Wieben, Dennis, Dysarl Wiedmeyer, Larry, Keokuk Wieland, Jean, Lone Tree, 185,263 Wielenga, Jack, Orange Cily Wiese, Joyce, Davenporl, 81 Wiese, Karen, Losl Nalion Wieskamp, Elizabelh, Wesl Liberly, 49, 53, 95, 207, 227, 263 Wiglon, Shirley, Redfield, 185 Wildman, Rulh, Maynard Wiley. Roland, Boone Wilhelms, Charles, Parkersburg Willesen, Myra, Manning, 183, 185, 209 Williams, Davella, Walerloo Williams, Lowell, Cedar Falls Williams, Mary, Greal Neck, New York, 104 Williams, Rosemarie, Gruver, 255 Willis, Norma, Clear Lake, 189, 209, 223 Wilschulz, Donald, Marshalllown Wilson, Mariorie, Reckell Cily, 84, 199, 213 Wilson, Waller, Walerloo Wiman, Winilred, Belle Plaine Winder, William, Walerloo Winkie, Beverly, Cedar Falls, 263 Winkleman, Beverly, Bullalo Cenler, 95, 104 175, 213, 255 Winlers, Joylyn, Sleamboal Rock, 263 Will, Arlyce, Hawarden. 158, 187, 209 Wille, Elaine, Duranl, 185, 208 Willmer, Berla, Monroe, 189, 255 Woilo, Dixie, Cedar Rapids Woll, Clinlon, Hamplon Wolll, Barbara, Lyllon, 185, 209 Womboll, Duane, Red Oak, 180, 196, 216 Wood, Mildred, Cedar Falls, 192 Woodall, Phyllis, Sulherland Woodcock, Mildred, Walerloo Woolhiser, Eugene, Cedar Falls 112, Woodring, Georgia, Waverly, 107 Wooley, Elizabelh, Walerloo Woolworlh, Doris, Riceville, 105, 208 Workman, Brooke, Marshalllown, 68, 77, 78, 147, I71,l76, 188,210 , Worlhinglon, Mary, Allanlic, 183, 200, 263 Wosabo, Dolores, Baldwin, 105, 173,263 Wrider, Roberl, Cedar Falls Wrighl, Palricia, Keokuk Wrighl, Richard, Walerloo, 108 Wull, Virgil, Davenporl Wupper, Palricia, Davenporl, 207 Wurch, Judilh, Blairsburg, 104,209 Wurlzel, Dean, Walerloo Wulzke, Rulh, Vinlon Wyborny, Novella, Mason Cily, 95, 195, 198 199, 255 Wymore, Janice, Council Blulls, 189, 200, 263 Wymore, Pamela, Cedar Falls, 173, 188, 212 Y Yager, Thomas, Burlinglon, 77, 78, 95, 151, 159, 169, 255 Yamashila, Belsy, Kahului, Hawaii, 220 Yanney, Beulah, Renwick, 68, 168,A175, 197 255 Yap, Paul, Honolulu, Hawaii, 182 Yales, Palricia,Al1anlic, 88, 104, 109, 175, 197, 202, 207 Yearous, Barbara, Elgin, 107, 108, 187 Yoshimori, Sylvia, Wailuku, Hawaii, 88, 168, 214, 220, 255 Yoshinaga, Fusako, Honomu, Hawaii Young, Belly, Adair Young, Kaye, Walerloo, 139 Young, Rulhann, Fairmonl, Minnesola, 158 Young, Sandra, Traer, 105, 187, 211 . Youngren, Mary, Odeboll, 107, 108, 183, 187 Yungclas, Joanna, Renwick, 185 Z Zahnen, Wanda, Sioux Cily, 104, 255 Zaiger, Sarah, Lohrville Zaiger, Shirley, Audubon, 80 Zarilis, Alexander, Walerloo, 99, 216 Zeigler, Roberla, Carlisle, 84, 227 Zender, Waller, Cresco Zink, Kalhryn, Gladbrook, 185, 212 Zillrilsch, David, Algona Zurmuelhlen, Mary, Burlinglon, 85 Zwanziger, Max, Walerloo ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Firs'i', lo a hard working slalif who pul in much lime for This ye-ar's OLD GOLD . . . To Don Kelly, our advisor, who was always lhere wilh a helpful word when needed . . To Dave Baker for our lheme and division-page arlwork . . . To Jim Lockwood lor Jrhe redious hoursispenl in rhe darkroom . . . To Economy Adverlising Company and R. J. Collins for needed assislance 'ro an inexperienced ediror . . . To Waferloo Engraving Company for ideas, inleresl and help wilh Jrhis publicalion . . . To Kingscrafr- Covers and Mary Coyne for designing assislance and lhe produclion of our original cover . . . To Nalional Sludios, D. G. McKenna, and gang for much of fhe pholography . . . To The adminislralion, deparlmenls, organizalions, and srudenls for lheir cooperalion . . And lasl, lo a person who lar exceeded her required dulies +o help me edil Jrhis book . . . Thanks all. Executive Editor Q M... 'pw V .f Q, .yy f 45.6, .I Y V 1 "' ,, , ,.4f. .' '-id.' , T, kr my J My 1 . .. 1. ' ,- . -A , N A . . at li p 210 'Y 1 . r .I - '- 1 1 . ,A H, ff 'WNW W 'umm ff x. s. , 1-31 ' A 111 24 4 u 1 N x - ' f'- . W3 , ' "iq: E3 1 1-11. ,N Q V K 'I '94 I ' w V 4 1 H .6 , f, .qv . , I .31 , V f . .K .. ' . X 1 ' .. ' If 1' ' V . h ' 'A 'LL it . ,Q . -1. N . , i ' ' f V, X :- ,25-j , f ' . . "F , . flu . 7 , ' ' I1 X, I. W 1 'A 1 .X s' V . v? H19- IE51- ' ,Pa Q .' ' V' . " " " , it . if ' in V U 'K' 4' w c, "'- . 1 A r -4. ,. , - . -, X, J A -'lj' ' , 4, , QM. . 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Suggestions in the University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) collection:

University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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