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f as , . Q , 'P I. 3. I ' w . '. I , I I a Y . w , sf- U lf 'I .r 1 v a . Y 1 N . 1 Q L! f V f VV ' f LG I: U I f ,L I . 1 . Ie I' i r I A 'Q 4, 4 P 5 4 1 - . F x E l , INTRODUCTION fw T -Q ,HJ If 'X f' QQ I I xl l ,731 i J . wwf ,bf 3 ,593 2. 1 2 .5 ' ." S If Ty? gr: if .gix K F. "1 ag -EF LN: if 35 FE: F? F2 .1 E ::, ff ,QA EWS' xii 'F .Ki tv, S' ,Z :, r c:- M47 .in wud. 1 51 U,-f Yi' :Eli .1 Af f 1 ' ' 1 x w 1 3 '.Xi WW W . Q.. , , , .,. V1 Q Lin X X -QU f ixj. v L , V , .f,. . - b . V. pf VT, , ,, .5 .IW vx xx. 'W - X- It pig -w .. 0 ., 5 -A W , . I , I 'gif ,, " 1 'w .1 A V. ' .f A x . My v ' .ff f' w X . .g ty 3,4-'f L. 1 ,, 1, M 4 Us-'.'f..A ..l,"v.'' . ,X -1 1 f 1 f ' ' ',-5.:4.fww-.,- 3 '-: .mf 'V X- w. . 3"?l'f ' 'lffakzz Nik ' . , "",g--ff, 0- - I v " x, mn " 'J' 4. , " nr, ,J if M ,,, . . 4, Q. 1 f .f '..V.--v,.,,,--j , x ' Q, , ..m,,M,4x 1 L W W"f1"','.,,'.-'11 -v - . ze, A.: 4, 1 5,2 A ,c-,'x1,:', ' E. 4, , 214, J., 7,1 .MY ' A, My M.5,.,, 1 Q:-fy ge. ,W-4 . : , . .5 K J QF. .J A 1 .K 5 ' ,N 1,-.',1r,'f..,:,1, -- ' ,, .. ..1'-Qfeyw 'VZ ' :ji M :ww "If L, ...f-1'-5+1',' ::v1li:'fj??,524gLf" 5 -+ d.fCf',,X-,., 1 Q . ssfxt-W' 5 ,QT Miakgry, 'uf ' , .vE:-4 if -1-2 I -'wfmf -Q2 qu 4. -,. gc 'W ' Q.. 'TQ-.M HZ. '53 If ..f: ' N ux V: W, ly, .. " Q ms 4, , A Zi., 1, 1 ,lvgg 'wd?iT!13Qa'f"j3Q:.g1' fa "5 W' .P K --4 , ff, . '.!mvj..17 Q 1 'fx -,Mr Q W ,9a1,,v, ,L '4 ' L'-'fe "gf-1 4 ,Mv?,, . . -.52 ,,,,f,1 , 'e 1 f Q, J ., , .lil ,if vm 1,1 , L -, .il-1 I 'fy-,4., I W ' 68,55 . af E, ,,.1,,A, Q A , , Gi,-i -:Mari JV' f-- ' ff 1 , , f ,J flif' ,f -ff f' ' 7'-.J J 1, 4 lbwjff-f x , f ,, ,U 1, 1 f fgffi' f'9Wf"000"t I V VV up df 116111 .,'4,fJ 'J la.: .1 f if Lfii. 3 ip 1 . 5 . f E'z,Q.f l , 1 I f -1 'T af ati' 'O , -wwf A L., , Q- We 1 1 v ef Y . X 11 llllicliitatttil . . . IVIr. Irving 1-1. I-Iart, and to the spirit of educational ser- vice which his thirty-Iour years with the Teachers College ex- tension bureau has exemplified. Mr. Hart, who went on einer- itus status luly 1, 19413, continues to serve the college as oHicial archivist. Born in 1877 in Grinnell, Iowa, where his father was a school superintendent, 1VIr. Hart was graduated Iroin Grinnell College in 1898. I-Ie taught, did graduate work at the State Ilniversity of Iowa and served as school superintendent and county super' intendent in several Iowa towns before coming to the Iowa State Teachers College. Mr. I-Iart joined the extension service in 191-4 and worked as a field supervisor until he was appointed director of the bureau in 1916. Since assuming charge of the extension service, lVIr. Hart has been largely responsible for a great expansion in the bureaus activities which now reaches directly from 60 to 80 per cent of Iowa teachers every year. si "-.1W'fiW Mr. Hart works on the college historical records in the document roorn of the library. w Q X 'N ,uf 4 , M M 6 , , .f9g,.,, Mi QL - .,,,, . W ' 7 , 7 ..0"if'ff' V '-PM , f f ,,, V xr x' , 5 ,ff , lvwfffwf f. Q ,, ,f ,wffw .v s J: ex' i fr rt t f lfwwa any te MJ or gf at ljfieafm . ,i ,V l f ,K J- N.. Q., rf 'l nf " 1 V t 1 5 ' l ,ff gs V J '. :KV . if . F' 5Qfv:ii,,W jf--N' 'f rf' ig' W -,,- -Laval-v f X iii rwtf?r1i?e', l J'."' V Sv , V 9 ,345 v-flffi. " ' if I .X I f E026 'QW5 O . . . the l948-L19 school year has been chuclcfull of memorable events on the campus of the purple panthers. Strange people and unfamiliar surroundings greeted some fifteen hundred freshmen in the fall. while a like number of upperclassmen re- turned to continue work on their diplomas or bachelors degrees. lt will be the seniors who will first realize that some of the happiest times of their lives were spent at the parties. dances. games and dormitory bull sessions this year. lt is for these people, the two- and four-year graduates mainly, that this chronological picture-story of the year's highlights is presented, Many things that one wants to remember about college life do not lend themselves to a chronological arrangement. These things, which include organization meetings, classes, and faculty and administration personalities are such a fundamental part of college life that they fit in anywhere-at any time. The Teachers of Tomorrow You guessed it? lilaceinent tests. H AY., if ,,, ,441 waiting lor her date which was a 33 to 7 . K l J i' ,xr,e.z.'3 I 5 ui' U- tg: ' t -I V wg t ' MT! i . '- fri ' t Y l Z -"'4'b , L,1"'-swim' , t , A s, 3 i ' .'t....,a 1 -rnv""'?' "1 ' - Jkt is ,1 GCTOBER B, golden 'iinuinw tied with purple ribbon and worn tt to nd is as typical ot tall on the Teachers hw ti pre 5' ' 'L M - , ' A ' l' , eleven huddled wus 'is the biilliant to iage e college cainie 5 t- 'f ' - Nliss Shirley l ti shinen girls green caps. inen, and tie 'er K V e " " d-blown hair loud stands with nm Carter troni Ames, Q, - ' ' ' b ll e, tor the Homecoming foot a gam victory for the Panthers over the ta State eollege. The Hcast- ature of the homecoming festivities greatly enjoyed by freshmen women. lacltrabbits of South Dako ing oil of the green" was a fe JANUARY Bare branches and brown lawns swept by wintry winds meant a discontinuance of many out-of-doors activities and a Ureturn to the books". A dash to the dorm, sliding on the little patches of ice along the dia' gonal walk, or gettin' gruesome at the grappling meets was all part ot the term which formed the middle of this school year. Parkas, like the one xx orn y student from West Liberty, Iowa, were popular apparel lor lteeping ears warm. Pour girls were chosen at the ' b Charles Wolf, freshman A i T299 annual QLD GQLD dance to take their place beside the beauties of the past. if MAY lo nittny Teachers College students spring means q the nearing ol a goal sssthe liinal days of work needed t to t-turn a diploma or a bachelor ot arts degree. To g Hlllt'l' students the lengthening days mean spring fever, lill-Hits. hast-ball on the college diamond, a renewal til ilit- tolorlul leachers College relays and day mins ol sttinniei' vacatioii, hflargaret Harries, senior V vtotiottnts inaior troni Sutherland, lowa, poses tllill tit Jl,l 3 photographei' in the costume ghe - ,--.gtizitg '.i, hen she receives her degree at the 1:1-Qtit ufl'ilClll t'f-.eitgige-5' lfLtI'0 T E P P C C l J l urn ers .led rley Iair me, the ast- ling intry ioors J the : dxaf neets lle of hman nparel at the aeside 11163115 Ieeded e. To fevef, :n6W3l I d2Y' Senior p05CS ne She at the THRO GH THE SEASO S Cynlfroalowfion TITLE PAGE ....... DEDICATION ....... A A FORWARD .................... , A MEMORIAL ..............A......,....,,, - PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE ....,....,....,,,, ,hhh OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION .,,..,.,,,,.,,,.,,,,-,,,,,, .-.,,., 1 4- STUDENT GOVERNMENT .......,.,...,,..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,,,,,. nllhnhn 2 2- 24- FACULTY AND DEPARTMENTS OF INSTRUCTION ,,,,,,. .,.,,,,. lf! FALL CONTENTS PAGE ..... ,-..,,,, 52- ' 62- SORORITIES ...,,,,...,..,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,.-4-- FRATERNITIES ..,,,,.,,...,.,,,,,,,.,,,, ,...,..- STUDENT HOUSING UNITS ,,,,,,, ,-,,--,- 6 3- DRAMATICSA ,..,,,I,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,.,,., -..,,-,, 3 2- GUEST ARTISTS ...,......,. ,,,,,,,, 3 4- MUSIC .........,,..,,,,.,,.....,,,,,, ,,,,.,..- 3 6 PEP CLUB AND I CLUB ..... ,.,,,,,,, 88 SPORTS-FOOTBALL ,,.,.., ,,,,,,,,, 9 2 Wnter WINTER CONTENTS PAGE .,... ..., . RELIGIOUS GROUPS ............ .,,...... 1 O0- HONOR GROUPS ...........,. ......... 1 O9- DRAM.A'PICS .,..,.... ......... 1 28- GUEST ARTISTS ..,...................................... ......... 1 30- MIUSIC ,.....................,.............,........,..............,............... ....,.... 1 32- SPORTS-BASKETBALL AND WRESTLING .................,........, ......... 1 34- OLD GOLD BEAUTY AND POPULARITY CONTESTANTS ....... ......... 1 46- ,wing SPRING CONTENTS PAGE ....... INTEREST GROUPS .,...........,.. -.-.--- 1 66 190 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS ...... ....... .......196 DRAMATICS ........L... ......,...... ................... MUSIC ., ..................,..,.....,...................--.------ - SPORTS-BASEBALL, TRACK, AND MISC. ...... ....... 2 02 WHO'S WHO ......... ........................---,------- ------- 2 1 6 CAMPUS PERSONALITIES ...,...............f.. ....... 2 21 FOUR- AND TWO-YEAR GRADUATES ....... ------- .......2OO 224 ,T '1 1 A if ' v A mM?ivMf.g VV fv- Office of Dear Friel How filled with challengef Dum Yet We m sown Witl to be acb future sez The have mac campus. which wi in our pt ated Witl yearbool pleasant recordef and aut Winter c IOWA STATE TEACHERS CGLLEGE CEDAR FALLS. IOWA Office of Jrhe Presideni' May 15, 1949 Dear Friends, I How appropriate it is that a college year ends upon a vibrant season filled with the satisfaction of a year of accomplishment and the immediacy of challenges 'to greater achievements while life's springtide is still before us. Durin our ears together on this campus we have gained in stature. 9 Y Yet We must all realize that true learning and understanding have only been sown Within our mindsg the flower of promise and the fruit of success are yet q o a , . f to be achieved in the sunshine and storms, the trials and opportunities o future seasons of maturity. The many successes achieved by students in varied Helds of activity have made this cycle of seasons a pleasant and profitable year upon this . . . . 1 d campus. Real leadership has been shown and abilities have been deve ope which will carry over into successful professional service to the young people in our ublic schools. The faculty deems it a privilege to have been associ- P ated with you and to have had a friendly interest in your accomplishments. Into this A college Without memories is a college Without a history, yearbook have been garnered the memories of a year of interesting and l ciations Each succeeding year will intensify the value of the p easant asso . recorded activities, lndividual successes will be traced through life's summer and autumn and become satisfying recollections as the dormancy of the Winter of life shrouds all, leaving only memories. Sincerely, I MALCOLM PRICE, President. . if ,..,--. DR. M. J .NELSON DEA 0F THE FACULTY A worried looking student rushes along the hall of the Administration Building, turns the knoh on at door hearing the impressive title "Dean of l':ziculty" with treinhling hand. und disappears into the "inner sanctumu. liive minutes luter he emerges. triuniphzintly waving gi tinv hut important white slip of pgiper. und hregitlies ai deep sigh of relief. "'l'li4ink heaven. l had :ill my cuts used up in course: l just 11.141 to have nn excused Qilwseiiu '." llesides such petty :innoyzinces as the .ihovtx Ur. hl. Nelson is kept lwusy giving .itnideinic guidance to students und maintain- ing scliolurship regulations, and compiling the class schedule books and college catalog. He is also a member of the editorial board of the Iournal of Educational Research, the executive committee of the National Society of College Teachers of Education, and the executive committee of Teachers College Personnel Association. Dr. Nelson is co-author of several text- hooks used on both the secondary and col- lege levels, including the workbook currently in use in the "Statistics" course at this col- Dean lege. Besides being an essential person to in the the operation of this institution, he is known Center t throughout the country for his work in the the best held of education. Viduals Page 14 page 15 1 M SADI DEF Together ' the Women' men Sadie out a prog students of the opport intellectual ers Colleg Miss C housing her staff by upper men beer from hon Successful out of Other pry catal09' itorial board Research, 'the ional Sociefi' lion, and the College ICIS several tex? law and CO, Ook Currerlflf 2 3 .31 persOf1 to . known hg is . he wofk mt Page '- 1, P' M I: ,ss Ml I - my 'sl 4V A ri, fl.: ,-, A K , viii: ul, .Q , X gg., I pf 4244 V -Q ',,- V iflffk, I ,in ' aezffmq 5,-:f::'c'f":Afp:!,4":"'f ' ' - ,- V' . ., fQ?iNg . fl 'T' if :wupw::41.,, , Q H L ff"'f"w A ' V. 1 1"" f hfvr-"'. srwvvey VN ,K i ,. .11-v-fr . , in f ' "g'-9543" We 'iff , 3432 Q, gr g 115. , 4 ' , . - ' 5-fi 5 f, 42, c r t- 425' if r :1 zg'f4,ZrxfqZQf.2'ig4ga!Ls2-V 4 f f 15- 1' .iff rf if fi xl f 'J' if . '54 ' I il .-M.. . Mtv. 1 1 if .. 1 .. , MY ,hi I il ,' . , , ',,"fY9f , f Z if' 1. -V J' 3- M fir ,wil il Q5-f?,fli,u.' . 3-' ,F" , -'fifth ,Q-4-iff! it SADIE B. CAMPBELL G. GORDON ELLIS .fgcifminidfraford DEAN 017 0MEN Together with her staff and the officers of the Women's League Board, Dean of Wo- men Sadie B. Campbell helps plan and carry out a program which challenges the women students of the campus to take advantage of the opportunities afforded them for social and intellectual growth while they are at Teach- ers College. Nliss Campbell takes a special interest in housing for the women students. She and her staff inaugurated a system of counseling by upper-class women to help freshmen wo- men become oriented to dormitory life away from home. Evidence that this plan has been successful is the fact that fewer girls drop out of school because of homesickness or other problems of readjustment. Dean Campbell also takes a lot of interest in the student food service and recreation center, the Commons. All in all, she serves the best interests of the students as indi- viduals and as a group. Page 15 EAN F ME "When a fellow needs a friend," he goes to the Dean of Men's Office, where Gordon Ellis has been counseling men students since February of 1946. ln addition, the handling of veterans' problems and all personal rec- ords, men's housing, employment, and ab- sences were among his duties. ln spite of this busy schedule, Dean Ellis found time to be the adviser to the Student League, house councils, and social fraternities. Dean Ellis left Teachers College at the end of the fall quarter to accept a position at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. At the beginning of the winter quarter, Dr. Paul E. Bender, professor of men's phys- ical education, assumed the duties of Dean of Men. He is the sponsor of Interfraternity Council and the Student Welfare Commis- sion and is now trying to revive the Mens Union, which has not been active since 1946. BUSINESS MANAGER Philip . i S manager has a very responsible of Teachers College, Q h job. His office must keep track of tumon payments, dormitory room rents. and other fees, as well as the many details of C lennings as busines college veterans' tuition, All items of expenditure and income are carefully checked by the staff of mathemat- ical experts employed in the Business office. Trust funds for more than one hundred stu- l it and faculty organizations are handled C CI cmiually, and all financial enterprises such as d 'ublicfitions the fountain room and foo I, or , tervice are directly responsible to this office. Among the many other duties are the pur- chasing of supplies-accomplished through a system whereby materials are requisitioned. l d administra- Students as well as facu ty an tion employees are very conscious of Mr. ' ' ' d ' ' t atorl Iennings capacity as payroll a minis r REGlSTRAR Registration days, those immediately foie lowing, and the day grades come ont, find the Registrars office a beehive of activity Marshall Beard who is the head of this nfgcg is in charge of classification, registration and compilation of credits. Among the records kept by Dr, Beard is the scholastic standing of each student in college. Dr. Beard's office lets the student where he stands by the publication gf his "credit balance sheet" when the student know is in his junior year. Une of the many prob- lems of the staff in the Registrars office is making sure that all elusive errors are cor- rected so that the student is assured of grad- uating with the correct number of credits, his ade average, and his correctly recorded certificate. ln addition to all of this, the office supplies many records for former Iowa State Teachers College students. requisite gr .fdcfminidfralfom MR. PHILIP JENNINGS DR. MARSHALL BEARD Paqe 15 t N 3591 44 we f ' ' M R . BUILDII Superinteg behind the S 5 hundred malfif build Chinery are devoted to denS and a P0licing an bllitigs, MY' Cole gram 'yvhich the new ac Arts II pfOP0Se5 a gafaggv a CE . The 9Qne IS due in no H1119 and CC best. PCGS if f R nrnediately mu Come Out, find activity, ead of this Office registration and tive of br Dr. Beard is each student in lets the student the publication of when the student JI the many prob. egistrafs office is ve errors are cor- is assured of grad- riber of credits, his and his correctly dition to all of this, records for former Ilege students. ALL BEARD page .. K "'-+- . , MR. ELDON E. COL'E MR. A. C. FULLER .fdcfmzfnidfralfom BUILDINGS 81 GROUNDS Superintendent Eldon E. Cole is the man behind the scenes at Teachers College. Over a hundred acres .of grounds, twenty-seven major buildings and efficient modern ma- chinery are under his care. The college maintains an area of seven acres which is devoted to horticultural and botanical gar- dens and a forty-acre golf course. Campus policing and building maintenance, repair and remodeling are also Mr. Cole's responsi- bilities. Mr. Cole is in charge of the building pro- gram which saw the completion this year of the new addition to Lawther hall and the Arts and Industries building. This program Proposes a new men's dormitory, a college garage, a campus school and a health center. The general attractiveness of the campus is due in nov small degree to Mr. Cole's plan- Eillg and constant effort to keep it looking its est. Page 17 ALUMNI SERVICE Albert C. Fuller is the director of the Bureau of Alumni Service which has two purposes: it supplies the new graduates or the various departments with information about the old graduates, and also sponsors and directs all the alumni activities both on and off campus. Une of its special events of the year is its annual springtime reunion on the campus. At this time two groups are recognized, the persons graduating twenty- five years ago and those graduating fifty years ago. The national average for any class reunion is about ten per cent of the total living class. ln the past an average of fifteen percent of the past graduates have been present at this reunion. The Alumnus, a thirty-two page maga- zine, edited by the Bureau of Publications, is distributed four times a year to all graduates. lt contains college information and alumni news. HEALTH SERVlCE Dui-ing the hustle and bustle of registra- h tudent hies himself tion in the fall. eac s river to the Student Health Service to be checked for tuberculosis and diphtheria, and to be vaccinated for smallpox. This, how' ever, is only a small part of the major over- all program of the center. The hospital, stall-ed by Miss Haines and three nurses, has twelve beds, an X-ray unit, and handles all minor surgery and simple fractures. All those requiring major surgery or having a long illness are sent home. Dr. lohn S. Gif- lin, who started the year as director of the health service, resigned in lanuary to accept ai position at Gregon State college. Dr. Don- ald l-l. Boettner was engaged to fill the va- cancy caused by Dr. Giffin's resignation. Nurses in the dormitories assist the director ' of the of the health service by taking care or ailments of students in the dorms. A new health center has been pro- many min posed to fill the needs of the increased en- rollment. EXTENSION SERVlCE The Extension Service, headed by Dr' E. L. Ritter, guides the outreach of the col- lege by giving opportunity to every teacher in Iowa to improve his or her instruction, This service was organized to give assistance ols of the state, from the smallest one- teacher school to a large city system. Among the types o tive, evaluative, remedial, extension class These services are free to to scho f services offered are: consulta- and advisory. those who ask for them. Members of the staff are drawn from the regular campus faculty for a term or two or even a year. They are selected on the basis he field and are scheduled ahead for a quarter by the extension office. All ex- penses while in the field are paid by the of need in t college. The industrial mobile arts unit was in the field for the first time this year. lt has been quite popular and effectiveg it has worked mostly in ru ers. .xdcfminiulrafom DR. JOHN S. GIFFIN ,M . 'X , . Il I i ' I Tl . if . ,Q . , 1 - -1 pl Q We . DR. ELMER RITTER ral schools and with rural teach- Q ,,,,,V,.,.,A .fair 2 Q .V . ll ,g sisvm " ' ' sc, . A ,Q Q yhiyfrf .... , . - ,ip j ff 1 A 1 ff I DF PL! The l tion of l of seven its, pegs data re graduat this OH quarter teachin Office t Cancies mends intervi Qfaduz Which recom l'1iStOr' Dr. Of sul denff teach Page PCIQQ ict 2 fd hh' Dr, of the Col. 'QTY teacher instruction, YQ assistance smallest Que, tem. Among YC1 Consulta. ieiision class are free to Ewii from the erm Or two or 6 on the basis hetiuled ahead office. Allex- c paid by the uni: was in the lt has been 1: has worked ,ith rural teach- Q 1 TT ER s 1' v V itil n , .fc ai- i ' Y 3 1- . 1 f, , ' J . 'Q i I ' 1 , 1. . ' 1 i?E'lt t I 3- g ,- l . . Z V' .'-'JA . I , ' -1, , . iff-i , 1, -'-'rt Y , l ,, ' ' ' Fjiiibi I. ,Ja , 5 .4 .. ,I i ' kr-tx , tl. fl X. Xx "S---, 1' . 'l' , Q .5 " '. ,Z 1' -Q 'tai DR, E. W. GOETCH MARYBELLE McCLELLAND .fdcfminidlfraford PLACEMENT BUREAU The Placement Bureau, under the direc- tion of Dr. E. W. Goetch, consists of a staff of seven members, who keep records of cred- its, personal information, statistics and other data relating to graduates and prospective graduates. All students must register with this office before they complete their last quarter, so that school superintendents and teaching agencies can correspond with this office to find available graduates to fill va- cancies in their schools. The bureau recom- mends a student who then has a personal interview with the superintendent. Each graduate has a folder on file in this office which includes twelve copies of credentials. recommendations, photographs and personal history, Dr. Goetch counsels students in the choice of subject combinations which aids the stu- dents chances of eventually gaining a good teaching position. Page 29 LIBRARY The library, headed by Miss Marybelle McClelland, is one of the busiest places on the Teachers College campus. Qpen 80M hours per week, it has 9 trained librarians, 3 clerical assistants and more than 30 student assistants providing books, newspapers, peri- odicals and other library aid for the knowl- edge-seekers. Approximately 330,510 pieces of reading and reference material can be found in the library, which truly makes it a "store-house of knowledge". The entire building has a seating capacity of 550, the largest room be- ing the main reading room, although the doc- ument room, educational room, catalog and reference rooms, art and music rooms, juve- nile library and fiction room attract many students and faculty members. Classes in geography and the new library science courses are also taught in the library, tion WQI S l Ill? radio is Darticu. IQ I3UDllC for md Hcellerit These radio 10 college for tiblic interest, in V as well as are broad. s each day and Ther. per, nt includes Mr, news analyst, stones of life in 1'-'sz Mrs. Lorti Qontrol operator, fr.: assistant. zizo courses of- aiio practice and i :art fall. DR. VERNON P. BODEIN RELIGIOUS LIFE Dr. Vernon P, Bodein leads a busy life as Director of the Bureau of Religious Activ- ities. Besides preparing and delivering a ser- mon every Sunday in the College Chapel, Dr. Bodein sponsors the Student Christian Association whose best known activity is the weekly coffee hour held in the Commons. DR. GUY WAGNER OOGI . 't,'-I'-Wi. I. ffluv H S I WIP DR. J. B. PAUL Inspirational talks during Religious Empha- sis week, another project of the department, will be remembered by many students. RESEARCH BUREAU The Research Bureau, headed by Dr. B. Paul, has the tremendous job of testing which the College carries out each year. In the fall, batteries of tests are given to freshmen to help determine in what class sections they should be registered. Sopho- more tests make up a good deal of the Bu- reaus activity during the spring. Aptitude tests given to veterans occupy the staff of the Bureau from day to day throughout the year. TEACHING AIDS The Teaching Aids department is better known to most students as the curriculum lab. Under the direction of Dr. Cfuy Wag- ner, this laboratory offers many aids to stu- dents training to be teachers. Courses of study, radio transcriptions and other re- cordings, lists of educational motion pictures. and graphic aids are only a few of the many aids to teachers that can be found in this laboratory located on the second floor of the Administration building. ART DEPARTME T 8- MR. H. 6. GUILLAUME Head of Department CORLEY A. CONLON, Assistant Pro- fessor of Art CHARLES W. FROTHINGI-IAM, In- structor in Art ETI-IEI- O. GERGELY, Instructor in Art CLIFFORD H. HERRDLD, Instructor in Art LUTHAR D. KRUEGER. Instructor in Art LQAMERON PAULIN, Assistant Profes- sor of Art NUT SHOVVN THOMAS LARKIN, Instructor in Art As the result of a desire to strengthen the aft pm- gram at the college, the Department of Art was divided from the Department of Art and Industrial Arts last fall and set up as a separate division. Harry G, Guill- aume was appointed to direct the art program with the aid of seven instructors. One of the outstanding events in the short history of the newly-created department was moving into the beautiful new Arts and Industries building. At the beginning of the spring quarter, the first art classes were held in their new home-the second lloor of the most modern building on the campus. At least one wall of every room is composed of floor-to-ceiling windows, providing an abundance of natural light. The large rooms also afford the much-needed elbow-space for students in drawing, painting, designing and other art classes. Q65 I TZSti CWI Page 24 Under the DO out COmpCtCII job will iI1ClU his 6C0n0miC telligence, 2111 for those wh The paSt in the Busint hundred buf has extende their needs. business law curriculum oflice machii advertising . subjects. I: part of the which the st x 'iipug Id nl . the Qani. S anti S the fepfg. allate Xleii. tlti ' l :- IGQ Qollage f ? .I j i J 5 svt26LMbiZ8 VVomen's League, estahlished in l93l, is the organization nt the loxvn Stale Teachers College especially designed to increase opportunities lor the social and intellectual development ol the xvonien students on its campus. The carrying out of this pro- gram is made possihle through the organization of the housing units. Each ol these housing units is represented on the execu- tive committee hy its vice-president since the president is a member and attends the meetings of the Student League Board. In addition to the four oflicers elected at large-president, vice- president. secretary and treasurer-and the housing unit vice- presidents, the executive committee includes the chairmen of the various standing committees. The elected officers of the executive committee for the 1948-49 college year were: Wanda Wordeii, presidentg lune Thomas, vice-presidentg Dorothy Sea- right, secretary: and lean Ray, treasurer. First' Roni: Sadie B. Campbell, Advisor: VV. Wlorden, Pr night S c V 3 Second Row: D. lr ringle, R. lorgensen, M. Schmidt. M. Trclxtll M Andtrson Third Row: G. Eppard, Empey, M. Dougherty, B. Reigclshtrgtr R R n d Xl Rllsxtll I I , ,-. Az QTL. M 4 s-JJFN fz. -' lvVs...-,4. ffti 17-J- ts -.,,-..p ,., -.g,.gj' f. 'ffl' t-f V "TM s..f' L: .- .f 'ffqss K' s-fl-if-A fp j ,5,.",c,- A in jr" .Q-im , Slutiitlilsl' C5OVERNlvlcXU if CATIO Every Teachers College student who wishes to enter the teaching profession, eventually becomes acquainted with the Department of Education. Courses offered in this department give the future teachers background for understanding school children and their problems. These courses reflect the new trends in education in methods of teaching, supervision, administration, vo- cational guidance, visual education, measuring student progress and the personality development of children. This summer will see the inauguration of a new plan in the education department. The greatest changes will be made in the two-year elementary and kindergarten- primary curriculum which formerly allowed no elective courses. With the new plan these students will be al- lowed 13 to 16 hours of elective courses, thus providing more observation time in the Campus School in such courses as psychology, reading, music and art. The de- AMY E. AREY, Professor of Education, Emeritus REBECCA BAKER, Instructor in Educa- tion ESTHER BOEHLIE, Assistant Professor of Education A. E. BROWN, Professor of Education H. S. BUFFUM, Professor of Education, Emeritus IOHN W. CHARLES, Professor of Edu- cation NELLIE HAMPTON, Assistant Profes- sor of Education ESTHER HULT, Assistant Professor of Education LEO T. PHEARMAN, Instructor in Edu- cation GORDON RI-IUM, Instructor in Educa- tion H. A. RIEBE, Professor of Education ,.f DONALD R. SCOTT, Assistant Profes- S Sor of Rural Education Page 25 unenf f' Rig" child Dr. E- C as H memk relinquish I tember 1. ant profesi attained IU of the depi ing field ht in rural sc giving UP the classrc New rn+ year are IX Kolstoe an MAY SIN l'IELIVIEl Prof- IULIA E of E GSCAR fessor M. 1. w BERTR. in S Phy the an pro. was divided Arts las, G- Guill. with the short history of il'll0 the building, At the 2 first art classes econd Hoot of the tus. At least one of floor-to-ceiling natural light. The lftdid QllJOW-Space iesigning and other pafle li BU I ESS ED CATIO Under the capable guidance and direction of Dr, Lloyd V. Douglas, our Business department is turning out competent teachers of business subjects, whose big job will include contributing to pupil understanding of his economic environment, developing occupational in- telligence, and providing sound, practical skill training for those who want a career in business. The past few years have witnessed rapid expansion in the Business department of ISTC. With over three hundred business majors at present, the department has extended its facilities and oiferings to cope with their needs. Besides the traditional typing, shorthand, business law, and introductory business courses, the curriculum includes courses in advanced accounting, office machines, merchandising, retail selling, insurance, advertising, office procedure, and teaching of business subjects. Directed work experience, a relatively new part of the program, provides actual job-training for which the student may earn credit. 73er- Q gl I - ,.:s A b ' SQL--ffl.. A sa -N -Q l QQ, seg, , .-ss s .4 -N- at c s t Poge 25 DR. L. V. DOUGLAS Head of Department IAMES T, BLANFGRD, Instructor in Business Education MYRTLE E. GAEEIN, Instructor in Busi- ness Education MRS. KATHERINE HUMPHREY, In- structor in Business Education LEQNA B. MEECE, Instructor in Busi- ness Education MRS. MURIEL MOE, Instructor in Busi- ness Education M. D. POTTER, Associate Professor of Business Education R. D. SKAR, Professor of Business Educa- tion NCT SHDWN ROLAND WICK, Instructor in Business Education Pat Martens and Mrs. Moe-checking an assignment? fl' ig 'T 's tw DR. H. W. RENINGER Head of Department GLI ll Since English I and ll are required of all students and English III of all four-year students, the English de- partment, headed by Dr. I-I. Willard Reninger, has had to expand this year and several new faculty members have been added to meet the needs of this year's in- creased enrollment. Those who are new this year are: Wallace Anderson, Richard Bergstrom, Louise Forrest, Louise Goble, Winifred Hart, Edwin Maurer. and Morla Timberlake. The first three English courses are designed to give the student a background in the fundamentals of com- position, literature and drama, which provide a stepping stone for more advanced exposition and literature courses. These courses include works ranging from the writers who wrote prior to the Elizabethan period, Shakespeares plays and Sonnets, and Romantic and Victorian authors and poets. Several courses are in- cluded which trace various phases of American litera- ture from 1765 to the present day. IOHN COWLEY, Associate Professor of English W. B. FAGAN, Professor of English 5 af MERRILL F. PINK, Instructor of English W, - 'A W i Jil KL MRS. LOUISE FORREST, Associate Professor of English ERNEST C. EOSSUM, Assistant Profes- sor of Speech IOSEE W. FOX, Instructor in English ROBERT GREEF, Assistant Professor of English CHARLES BOYD GUEST. Associate Professor of English ALDEN B. HANSON, Instructor in Eng- ' l1Sh ELAINE E. McDAVITT, Assistant Pro- fessor of Speech EDWIN MALIRER, Instructor in English JosEPHiNE SIMONSON. Assistant At ,L pfoftssofofsimfh Page 28 The stude poets ancl VV appreciation more COIHPl9 in class. Th and Speech creativ2lY th stories. The annually thr beginning of in which W3 The spee drama as W and interpr speaking. It is the a provide the to aid him ta NORMAN Profess EVELYN English I-IAZEL E Speech MRS. M tor in RGBER lish STANLI NOT S LESLI LOUI BARS, I Ilter c acquainted Offered in Pmblemsb Education in student 'em of Children, JH of a new plan test changes will Hd kindergarten. l0Wed no elective udents will he al. -ts. thus providing us School in such : and art. The de- zssor of Education. lnguuctor in Educa- Assigant Professor mo! of Education :lessor of Bunn S. ProlesS0f of Edu' Q Assistant Proles, fesS0l Ol , O egxstanf Pr f Insn-uct0 , du in Edu' ct' ED CATIO partment feels this affords students a better chance to "see" children rather than just read about them. Dr. E. C. Denny, who has served Teachers College as a member of the education staff for 23 years, will relinquish his position as head of the department Sep- tember l. Dr. Denny came to the college as an 'assist- ant professor of education in 1923. A year later he attained full professorship and in 1934 was made head of the department. During his long career in the teach- ing field he has taught and held administrative positions in rural schools, secondary schools and colleges. He is giving up this position in order to devote more time to the classroom. New members in the Department of Education this year are Miss Esther Boehlje, Gordon Rhum, Oliver P. Kolstoe and Frank Martindale. MAY SMITH, Professor of Education HELMER E. SORENSON, Assistant Professor of Education IULIA SPARROW, Assistant Professor of Education OSCAR E. THDMPSON, Assistant Pro- fessor of Education M. WILCOX, Professor of Education BERTRAM L. WOQDCOCK, Instructor in Safety Education insffl-lc . . . . Phyllis Stover looks on as Miss Boehlie explains. Education Ol' nf ' r AS5'5wn ,Hon let' it pad Page 27 1,-9-Q Dr. Wilcox gives a student a little extra help. '56 i-is 5:9 1-aa Bl!-'-1 f HOME ECO OMIC 4.5-0 MISS ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND Head of Department EDNA G. ANDERSON, Assistant Pro- fessor of Home Economics MARY I.EAI'I BQULDIN, Instructor in Home Economics ANITA LOUISE DQWLER, Instructor in Home Economics KATHERINE GENEVIEVE LINE- BERRY, Instructor in Home Econom- ics LELA MAE PING, Assistant Professor of Home Economics NOT SHOWN RUTH A. ALLEN. Assistant Professor of Home Economics Men who want to marry an expert in the field of homemaking should look to the home economics de- partment, for in this department meal planning, food preparation, sewing, child care and family relationships are dealt with under the direction of Elizabeth Suther- land, head of the department. This year saw the completion of the new Arts and Industries building which alleviated the crowded condi- tions of the department, and allowed the needed expan- sion. There are now two clothing and two food labora- tories, classrooms for child care and family courses plus home education workshops. This summer the depart- ment will present a series of workshops in different areas of home economics for teachers, which will in- clude new methods and up to date information on sub- ject matter. Last fall Miss Anita Dowler worked on extension service, visiting various schools in the state, working with, and advising their home economics pro- grams. A A - i Qf rg Q, ,6 K A ,, 5? f -Zf , T 1? 4-7 " ' :we elf-wwf ' V 1' 1- I-NI .tt sc, Page 30 The Ii come tru their fi1'S1 tries IDUI modern 1 p1'0gI'3.II1 great dei dent enrc Seeing arts, last Arts det of the gurating brought school 1: Palmer, received county s -,X-, 1 9 1 f ?" ,QT 1 Z C 1 2 M w, P students and English is lger. h ilt ' as had h - . are: ouisg F orrest, hlaurer, and 51123301 to gm itals of com- lie a stepping ai: literature ranging from rethaii period, Romantic and rurses are in- ziiericaii litera- Q Professor of , Y- . jf Lnglish is:-r of English T Associate ,sfgnt Profes- ' Lf. Engllsh pfoieswf f 3iSS0flafe , -gfl ,flqf -QA Efttillfll Q. -H Emir ' ggisifinl E GLI The students come in contact with a great number of poets and writers through which they receive a greater appreciation of these works, as well as inspiration for more complete study of works that can be only sampled in class. Through The Pen, a publication of the English and Speech department, students are allowed to express creatively their own ideas in the form of poetry or short stories. The English and Speech department produces annually three all college plays, and this year saw the beginning of an enterprise called the Childrens Theatre in which was presented A'The Sleeping Beauty". The speech department offers courses in speech and drama as well. Qther courses include those in reading and interpretation of literature, discussion and public speaking. It is the aim of the English and Speech department to provide the individual with a cultural background and to aid him to discover for himself a well-rounded life. H , A l t , , " .'3'5,P I i 'g5'zf7'5fi7'! 'T 1 1. 'CFP T"I'.s,1J 1 llgfgpqw ' .,,-gmggss . M A n u. t if lk .tf- 'ff I-' T -1: s i ,,,- , , -...A -?4fQ'.l Y 1 -aqfafxga I I J gr. ,tx xgfw. Q psssn'4 a V ,JL if g - 'V f uv., L ,Q H U5-. : L '-- . 1 A A' 3 '.: J X- .A t , . 'i14?.G..w A .vis N s , ! l, Q ii,f1.n,.:3x1 -..L.Q'?Qt 4 tvs.-1 elf , K. . A- 5.-1.7 ,, L we A ' .-. , , s .I wig -si. - 'A iii ' 'l.,'p5pf"' 1.t.. fv." ' 1' . A sf , ef W 'af' i I dll s ' r 1 I r' L mg, ,Mp ' L - ,sw , 5' 1 1 3 r s Q 'r H in I K S x :gn 'I . . , sf A f A s ' , ' A students theme gets ti thorough examination by Mr. frlrinson. NORMAN C. STAGEBERG, Assistant 1 -2" Jigs-A, A, Professor of English "ii' I "Ti . ' ' I EVELYN E STARKEY, Instructor in eg., ,af ,ffsg sv, :ii-I ,Q :TLA English " HAZEL B. STRAYER, Professor of Speech T A 1-Z-1:1 'A L , . 1, ..- ..r. L ss. g.T,.",As..t MRS. IVIORLA TIIVIBERLAKE, Instruc- tor in English -1- ROBERT VV. WEBER, Instructor in Eng- 1 J lish ,-, 5-scilft ' XX Lf VX' 4.-yi . ' ' I . ' , Ll . . W' i 7 7 145 - 7- f l. ,-., , , 1. ,-rm-I iqvwf K? 9:-'tk ,-V xyfggg' NJQN 'J .A - A'- :" " - va Y -T, l 'fig 'xi' f il f" r V v . 4 ' t , , STANLEY Cr. WQOD, Assistant Pro- 'CC' ll L fessor of Speech 1 , :.fw , .5 , L L L.- i.i. ss '3 .1 ""'4l'a..,.,,,, 'Sq D" 1:",'.-i Nor sHovvN WALLACE ANDERSON, Assistant Pro' I s..s T is . g 'mg I fessor of English sz? A if RICHARD BERGSTRQIVI, Instructor in Mi QW ,I4 P347 swat I ,resAsssAsseps1ssg rsfyf LESLIE P, BIGELQW, Associate Profes- "fm--VE? X M ' it ,I sor of English i,l tiff' 1 I LGUISE GCBLE, Instructor in Speech f lt- df '. i MRS. VVINIFRED HART, Temporary , - Instructor in Speech If ff 1 IVI. B. SMITI-I, Instructor in Speech 'tb' ffl: sf ff, fx gfsx ' s A 5 55E?gii9Qf.tH??5--+r s t er r s3,w' Mr. Srageberg tplaid tie, mustachel and Ieanne ., ,'. -if'-xxsxfgdf Morris reading poetry, l f fl? ,.'f, fl .'.' , S ' Page Q9 ANGUAGE The study of modern language is an attractive COL not only because the student achieves the ability to read mtejligibly gqigntific works written in German Qf the great novels and social treatises ot French writers, but because he gains some knowledge of customs, traditiong and ideas which make up a may of lite different from our own. Germans Italian and French are ottered along with courses, t the ancient philosophers. besides Fighting the Gallic wars, the so-called dead language, Latin. ln Latin the student arrives at the ideas ot some o Along with providing intensive study for those whg desire it, the department offers courses in diction for those who wish to have a speaking knowledge of French, German or ltalian. The modern languages are practiced and made prac- tical by newspapers. magazines and books written in foreign languages, which circulate among the students and help to broaden their cultural background. s -1.-f? Q I. ,W . N Hi .f - mir g Q .383 , -.w . ' ' , ,:aW2i,P- fiv 1511 f ' it K' 2 K i QQ Qi. t f I I '42 tights. .S R E. M mm ' i 1 1, x sg , ff ,ae is in . Mi 4 .pf N elf 'fm'-N ,aw . 4, , X c 3 AA Q 5' Q,Mgmt'-it'yfdsggrsgBagefgfgtee2g3mgw5ta'ww? fms-:awev-we-w-W'-w i i rfb Q -2 -.K QTY' 'XE - ' .X ' ., , v, fi W Lwww -afiss -f-H X- H Ms -i- s awaranazaafnam -renew-----asw -M-me-WW rm'M""' Q' nv' rs I W , 'f'Xg"g3,,' ' 6-V'-fin E' ,5 K . r 2.b J 'Lili Kg, . -, , c I , ff . , C. :J,Q,,'tFv ft .aw ati in f Q i 5 . ,ye 1' yi' Xcel? K fzsgf X iv f it if i i gyte ri gt 1 rrpiffif i ' . Lg e . 3,te'H,..-1 ' abkkf ' G ff ei i 1 'eiiiszi e ' . is S r. it riff-f me ' W' i f r -ff ',XXt:"6fl i l A " til iiy, , 9 is A 0-ll b 'il ' 17- 3 ,fQij:f' f r l V 'gb 1 ., 'i ,,, ' be W. Page G5 L IFSQ sxhich will in- the field of JUOIHICS de. Ulllng' food .elationships Deth Sutllef- ew Arts and Wded Condi- Gedecl expam- 1 food labora- s courses plug 'I the depart. S in different nation on sub- er worked on s in the state, economics pro- 'N Q. Q gut fu. ,L 1-K , - 4-f . i. ff' W X 2 pt . Sf. XX H fx I f -f 'QE M ,J ' 'l 1 ' .1 NVE!" 'af' , px' A N USTRIAL A The Industrial Arts departmcnt will see a dream come true this summer when faculty and students hold their hrst classes in the beautiful new Arts and Indus- tries building. Planned along functional lines. the modern structure is the first of the post-war building program of the college to be completed and furnishes a great deal of added space required by the increased stu- dent enrollment. Seeing the need for a stronger program in industrial arts, last fall the college divided the Art and Industrial Arts department into two separate departments. Une of the first projects of the new department was inau- gurating the mobile industrial arts unit which has brought the machine age to more than 1,800 rural school pupils. Under the supervision of I-Iarold G. Palmer, head of the department, the mobile unit has received wide-spread attention and encouragement from county superintendents. me .fl-ffl! ft ' 5 fr, t z t 7954. 'Swim 1 1' New its -I 'tn 'E - t ' ' YI' - ,. Y, . X ,--.A-N t my - W , vf:,Q.' c ' , , 'A . ze .af ,-79 vi N- V2.1 Self:-3" v f "' f'lff?f"9 rt-f'?f.g" el If-'f'," "ff-k2'f'?' fi 2 12-521'-3-rg fi::,2-'gif 2 mr ' ,qg.1vs1wzi.'3.-gm k , ,. Wm-T238 l i i l t t I I I -1 , Q ,. ,, , ,,,.,.,.. ,.....,,. ...r..-..g:-4. .4..-. -,- . ,..J DR. H. G. PALMER Head of Department CHARLES I-I. BAILEY, Professor of In- dustrial Arts, Emeritus LEWIS CALL!-XHAN, Instructor in In- dustrial Arts EDIVIUND D. CRQSBY, Instructor in In- dustrial Arts IVVALTER E. DITZLER, Assistant Pro- fessor of Industrial Arts RAYMQND E. IVIATALA, Instructor in Industrial Arts WILLIS I-I. WAGNER, Assistant Pro- fessor of Industrial Arts 3 . x Y i ' '-4-A.4f?ti.'2 -4 tl' . a.,. 4 xr I I J It Mr. VXIagncr shows Ramon Kuhns drawing board techniques. f l ., J , if .M ,,.. - . f my M MQ ,,...g Page SI M SIC DEPARTIVIE T DR. EDWARD KURTZ Head of Deparimeni' Q8 F, E The Iowa State Teachers College Department of Music offers the finest in musical activities to the student body and other enthusiasts. The department on the whole can be described as an outstanding con- tributor to the nation in the field of music. Students from all over the world come here to further their talents and musical appreciations. Instruction is of- fered in voice as well as in nearly every instrument. The department under the direction of Dr. Edward Kurtz is staffed almost entirely by specialists in their respective fields. Concerts are presented throughout the year by the college symphony orchestra under the baton of Dr. Kurtz: the college band directed by Karl Holvick and the college chorus and A Cappella Choir, both under the leadership of Maurice Gerow also present pro- grams. An annual highlight of the department is the ELLEN AAKVIK, Instructor in Music OLIVE L. BARKER, Assistant Professor of Voice RUSSELL N. BALIM, Assistant Professor of Piano IANE BIRKHEAD, Assistant Professor of Voice EMIL W. BOCK, Assistant Professor of Violin MAURICE GEROW, Assistant Professor of Music Education MARY GREEN, Instructor in Theory and Harp HENRY HARRIS, Assistant Professor of Piano FRANK W. HILL, Associate Professor of Violin, Viola and Theory HAROLD B. HOLST, Associate Profes- sor of Voice KARL M. HQLVIK, Instructor in Wood- wind Instruments ELWOOD KEISTER, Instructor in ii.. Voice ' 1, Page pfeseni bined 4 the SYI of the ular C featuring concert minors iS recitals in ience in an ina majors sent a A few all majors Harmony, MRS. GI. Music DAVID Musik WILLIAIN Brass RJANE MRs.1v Instri IDI-IN Y Musi ROSA 1 Prof MYROB of V GEORG Qrgi ROLAN fesst YDALc Page 35 factive ability to read Gfman or the 'Il Writers, but nis. traditions diiierenf from fd along with Latin courses' ol the ancient wars. lor those whit s in diction for knowledge of and made prac- Dooks written in ong the students tground. f . 4 ..,,.. it' ll' tt 6" u .Q it '41 ' u fx f 'I 4. 1. ' 4" . 51 A 'V "f" 5' 5' -' -I ' Q ff- tg ,1 A jf ' A :TY '- Pl 3, I ' - - .A 5.2 .. .Q-If ' , -t,.,.Lg,g-Q54 WJ? M THE ATIC ln view of the continuing demand for mathematics teachers. this department has recently witnessed an in- creasing number of those choosing mathematics as their major field. This increased interest can possibly be at- tributed, in part, to new activities instigated in the de- partment. The geometry classes have been stressing the use of visual aids in the teaching of mathematics. Permanent models are made by each student, illustrat- ing algebraic and geometric principles. A high-light for the mathematics teachers of this year was the state-Wide conference which was spon- sored by Teachers College on March 5. Several widely known speakers presented interesting topics in the fields of elementary and secondary mathematics teaching. During the Spring term, 1949, the mathematics de- partment moved into more spacious and satisfactory quarters in the Vocational building. 4 . : "Shi fi 4 g7f.fL,l . '. Q is 1 mix I - , fs' . as if A I I ' 4' iv . Q i ' I ' "' 'fir ' if we t df . t i-,rf f , s.. ...l -if 'Nh I x. E fix I iii: its' T 'F' iEQ.'?h5, g g' -Qu., xi VIP. te. N tssxfft. t ,weffws 1 asv 31 A.. '21 'V A 'fiir' 1' f ., fx' . ri : f 5 N , ,,...f. , .. M-, . Hi' ' A l islglrs . i ,lug iw . V:- A. K .. V J gi g u. ,Mn A 'fl ' -'vw ' . . , fr-Q W--a : fs ..-uftl -Fm 5 - f gem, t ,L f , , ' ! .,, 1 I. ' - ,-xx ' Q-U..-ww T "" W ' me seyae f. My News I ' ff I - .- A . 5 'ig N .r Tgftj.,-.+.i. ..'2.',.?i,-Q',f'Qfqs. 5 I A 16? ' 33553 9 jiirg-,214-158 . . 'iff g if . , x '. ,' i.-. it V . ' 5 V . .g. , ' . no Qi w I. .A easfnttt. -S ...Mi fra ...A - x. ff 13 I - In , 1- 1'-',33f-ai. . , . . 'A 'f-egiliq-lliifig., - ss . K- r . . fi..--.Q-.Ax . Tia I ' 'TTT A 1-- 4 i. I ' ft t , .,. ff , . A . ..t.Y M. I ---ss t s it aitqe fix . -'Fi . t qfi-Lai' L . ':g'vc.- 5 nv' rf., . gg. 1- . , ' Wlgi' i 4 NX 1 14- Qkttns. . ' W' ' if - .term 1. lf iw tx , ai w . we 1 ' . . NH - J. 1 l J. - . ' 5 ,LQ -Q X nf. f,, J-G . ........g....'....t .,---.VAL f f f of -A -f 9 fig. ft ' :is .-"5-'fi . 9 '15 ,ist 35 r . . n, , T 5.1 . ii 5 - I, . :ff"":SrL Q .7 52:-Lf li", 'l.f'f ' I ,-J.. .J A . gg 5- t.ii' j g . ri 53.5 Xffwf M,?AQHigg at Q L X X To I fig 'ft' 9 1 , rsh. I V1 -. I. it - t is--1 sz L R A ' L if i Q. Q ,Y ""'f'7 P34479 X 5 iff! iff ' ,sf .L-.rf any .-...J A e - A Page Sf 1 i It , .jk - I V3 7- ,f.'.'Q1?.r . . A ,I Alix,,,- ' 1 . 1 K R -',J,Q.-,v 5 Q y - I ,. 'gxtxwix .,., ,, 3911.-I I - I ' fl:Vi"l,9 I 4 - uf-. -, ' N . ' -., - X . .4 +I iii it P ' Q I L Q ' nigh V: QF . WW Q , , T' , ' ,T Q- Wig" V ., Q -'-"I 4 , glfg-ati " DR. HENRY VAN ENGEN Head of Department MRS. RQBBIE LGU ASHWCRTH, ln- structor in Mathematics EMERY BLIESMER, Temporary lnstruca tor in Mathematics PERRY CHAPDELAINE. Temporary Instructor in Mathematics DQRGTHY DEWITT, Instructor in Mathematics PAUL KELSQ, Instructor in Ihflathematics GEORGE I.. KEPPERS, Instructor in Ivlathematics RQBERT LANKTGN, Assistant Proiesf sor ol Mathematics DELBERT WALKER, Instructor in Mathematics lame-s Barlow, Miss DeYYitt. and Gerald Boddicker --grouped around a goose egg. ME ' PHY ICAL ED ATIO ,Q DR. L. L. MENDENHALL Head of Department DON BARNHART, Instructor in Physical Education for Men PAUL F. BENDER, Professor of Physical Education for Men ARTHUR DICKINSON, Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education for Men DAVID H. IVICCLISKEY, Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education for Men OLIVER M. NORDLY, Assistant Profes- sor of Physical Education for Men CLYDE L. STARBECK, Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education for Men LAVVRENCE W. WHITEDRD, Assis- tant Professor of Physical Education for Men II s .ill scrloixsiicss with Dave Funk, Coach NOFCHY .mtl Z-:ka Hogciimdl Many of the excellent high school coaches of our state have received their training in the Mens Physiqal Education department on the Teachers College campus, Included in their course of study is class work covering the fundamentals of various sports, as well as psycho- logy, anatomy and health education. The physical education department for men is housed on the West side of the campus in the men's gymnasium, which boasts of three basketball floors, a swimming pool, and a recreation room, besides practice rooms for other sports. The gymnasium has a seating capacity of 3,000 and the D. R. Latham stadium, where interested spectators cheer "Bucks" football teams on to victory, seats 5,000. Headed by L. L. Mendenhall, the department is recognized throughout the country as being among the best staffed and equipped for a school of our size. ff? Page 35 Any Teache of the Ph on the CHIUPUS "events of f Every WedneS night" and the badminton enfl 3 week the sw ment is provid 3f1CC the sports. During the sponsors a up high schools, besides many 1 Students ma for leadership teach children department be gram is an imp Pflge 37 further th of t0 the depaflmgnt on. tlldcntg eir ruction is Of. instrument, f Dr. Edward ialists in their he year by the e baton of url Holvick Dr. and ioir, both under so present pro- epartment is the ctor in lVIl1SiC sistant Professor ssistant Professor istant PYO fessor Ol -tant Profess0f Ol 7 issistant PY :tor in The istanf Pfofes Oeiare Pfo 'he0I'Y A550551 Ofessor ory and 50I of fesS0f of te Prfiles' in Wood! jitfllctor me Inst s rudof I page EA M SI DEPARTME T presentation of Handel's A'Messiah" by the com- bined chorus and A Capella Choir accompanied by the symphony orchestra and featuring the members of the faculty as soloists. In addition to these a reg- ular concert series is arranged by the department featuring the country's foremost concert artists. This concert series is supplemented by faculty recitals. A curricular requirement for all music majors and minors is attendance and participation in the Friday recitals in Gilchrist Chapel. These provide exper- ience in performing before an audience and serve as an indication of the students progress. All music majors, during their senior year, are required to pre- sent a complete recital in their respective fields. A few of the basic required music courses which all majors and minors must take are Aural Theory, Harmony, Counterpoint and the History of Music. MRS. GLORIA KEISTER, Instructor in Music DAVID E. KENNEDY, Instructor in Music WILLIAM P. LATHAM, Instructor in Brass Instruments R. IANE MAUCK, Instructor in Voice MRS. IVONE MAXWELL, Temporary Instructor in Music IOHN W, MITCHELL, Instructor in Music Education ROSA LENA RUEGNITZ, Associate Professor of Piano MYRON RUSSELL, Associate Professor of Woodwind Instruments GEORGE W. SAMSON, Instructor in Organ and Piano ROLAND SEARIGHT, Associate Pro- fessor of Violincello and Conducting YDA LOU SCHULTZ . 11.3. Individual instruction takes up much of Mr. Russell's time , ,Winn K I -4 3 r Q N af WN , 1 I ri' 4... - , ,Y A ' ggi- D ' ,ELLA '-f ,. ...L 4 rl ,- 1 Q 1 'fa 411-:fx 'Y S . J' A I -,fwhir K -1 .. .ff 417-7 v as is I M f i . ms 'H fllf f . T V 'ls Page 35 -i .f , Z . 4? f ' QV 3 fr .him , fr 'K , IE CE Dr. Emmett Cable, who had been head of the science department for twenty-one years turned over his duties this year to Dr. C. W. Lantz. Dr. Cable now has assumed an emeritus status and has the title of curator of the museum which is on the fourth floor of the library. The science department on the Teachers College campus fills one complete building, a third of another building, a three unit green house and spills over into a temporary building, the biology annex across the high- way from the campus. Many students are finding a science background helpful in many courses being offered now, and helpful in keeping them up with the times. The aim of the department is to give the student a wider knowledge and to help him gain a clearer under- standing of the phenomena of science. Courses of in- struction include those for future teachers in rural schools, kindergarten-primary grades, elementary ROY L. ABBOTT, Professor of Biology ALISON AITCHISON, Professor of Ge- 1 X V ography, Emeritus LOUIS BEGEMAN, Professor of Phys- ics, Emeritus EIVIMETT CABLE, Professor of Earth Science, Emeritus QL RUSSELL C. CALKINS, Temporary In- structor in Chemistry ROBERT W. GETCHELL, Professor of Chemistry MARTIN L. GRANT, Associate Pro- fessor of Biology W. H. KADESCH, Professor of Physics ARON LAIPPLE, Temporary Instructor in Biology DOROTHY C. MILLER, Assistant Pro- fessor of Biology Page 38 d hii grades an who intend to teaching Pfofe sciengg tl'lI'OuE sciences and th of all students Demonstratii as well as text instructors ofte they can make oratories stude piece of bacter embryo at var: sciences and health educatic New instrui Aron Laipple. Rhoda Stratto: GILBERT VI Biology EARL H. RA ucation OSCAR E. I Of Agricu ROBERT A. sor of Pl LARRON H Physical WINFIELD culture ERNESTTD S013 of C RHODA 5 logy MARGLIEI Geogra LEONAR SOI' of PQ99 39 hes of our S Physical 99 Campus. Tk C0Verin9 as PSYCIK3- en is housed. Qymnasium, 21 Swimming ce rooms for Capadty Qf re interested nn to victory, lepartment is 11g among the our size, pafle ll WIIME ' PHY ICAL ED CATIO Any Teachers College student realizes the import- ance of the Physical Education department for women on the campus as a center of recreation when he views the 'Aevents of the week" bulletin board in the Commons. Every Wednesday night the department sponsors "play night" and the gymnasium is open to all students from badminton enthusiasts to roller skaters. On two nights a week the swimming pool is open: all sorts of equip- ment is provided for hiking, skating, skiing and other sports. During the year the physical education department sponsors a "play day" for all girls from surrounding high schools, a folk festival and an orchesis recital, besides many other activities of individual classes. Students majoring in physical education are prepared for leadership in all forms of recreation and are able to teach children from first grade through high school. The department believes that a ,well rounded activity pro- gram is an important factor in the college curriculum. lg lr 6 gt: ' , L Page 37 .IQ s 1 MRS. MAUDE MICHEL Acting Head of Department IOYCE ANDERSON, Instructor in Phy- sical Education for Women DORIS LUDTKE, Instructor in Physical Education for Women MYRTLE MERRITT, Temporary In- structor in Physical Education for Wo- men DOROTHY L. MOON, Instructor in Phy- sical Education for Women PHEBE M. SCOTT, Instructor in Phy- sical Education for Women THELMA SHORT, Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women GRACE VAN NESS, Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women DORIS E. WHITE, Associate Professor of Physcial Education for Women SHIRLEY WINSBERG, Instructor in Physical Education for Women Y, OCIAL CIE CE Dr. M. R. Thompson, head of the Social Science dc- partment is scratching his head these days. lt seems that he couldnt deduct payments for social security from his income tax. What he is wondering. is why? Aside from tax manipulations and hypertensions in- duced by election returns, one is apt to see Dr. Thomp- son bending over backwards to study the federal debt, A closer examination would reveal the answer, Dr. Thompson has constructed a chart of the national debt that runs up one side of the room and across the ceiling. Dr. Thompson wryly stated that if the chart had con- tinued on the same scale as that with which it began, it would be looping the room. So, if you are losing sleep, or wondering if and when we are going to pay off the debt, you are cordially invited to come up. trade guesses, and shake heads with Dr. Thompson. Cn the serious side, Dr. Thompson, along with a very capable staff, heads up one of the most important phases of higher education. You may ask, Hwhy the im- IRVING F. AHLQLIIST, Instructor in History LOUIS BULTENA, Assistant Professor of Sociology CARL H. ERBE, Professor of Government RALPH R. FAHRNEY, Professor of His- tory l LYMAN H. HARRIS, Associate Professor of History lv DONALD F. HQWARD, Assistant Pro- ' fessor of History A . ..1 UI' llwwiirti with the paper and Cal Hiizznaii with tlit' l't'psc:rft'iit smile. 9 J p01'lElIlCe 0 out, social most in events Cla such Comn zin2S- Th than ever 1 Here at I lieves that lege studei end, each temporary jectives tl Social So nomics, h wards th Well edu ingly edu democrac MARY l of CHARL fessf DARYL Pro ERMA of C GEORC Go' LELAN RGBEI 0114 Dr, pe. Place 41 ad of the I-'fled Over Cable now he title of uh HOG! of IS College of another Over into a ss the high. re finding a rurses being up with the he student a learer under- ourses of in- iers in rural elementary rr of Biology tfessor of Ge- ssor of PhYS' essor of Earth I'emp0fHfY ln' gg Pf0fesS0f Ol Associate Pro of PIIYSICS .sor trudof JIHYY Ins 1 Assisfa page nf PIO, CIE grades and high school, as well as for those students who intend to use science vocationally outside of the teaching profession. All students are introduced to science through two survey courses, the physical sciences and the biological sciences. These are required of all students working for their degrees. Demonstrations and laboratory experiments are used as well as text books and visual aids. In spring and fall, instructors often take their classes on "field trips" where they can make a closer observation of nature. In lab- oratories students view everything from the most minute piece of bacteria seen under a microscope, to the human embryo at various stages. All phases of the biological sciences and physical sciences including courses in health education and nature study are taught. New instructors this year include Russell Calkins, Aron Laipple, Oscar Reece, Lahron Schenke and Rhoda Stratton. GILBERT W. MOUSER, Instructor in Biology EARL H. RATH, Professor of Health Ed- ucation OSCAR E. REECE, Assistant Professor of Agriculture -.-r . .. Lr..,r,,:...., - WL ROBERT A. ROGERS, Associate Profes- sor of Physics LARRON H. SCHENKE, Instructor in Physical Science WINFIELD SCOTT, Professor of Agri- culture ERNESTINE SMITH, Assistant Profes- sor of Geography RHODA STRATTON, Instructor in Bio- Iogy IVIARGLIERITE UTTLEY, Professor of Geography LEONARD WINIER, Assistant Profes- sor of Biology Page 39 CE 1 A lg ,sf it Dr. C'rant's subjects arc biology "be kind to dumb animals." 5- T and DR. DWIGHT CURTIS Head of Department rf' TEACHI G The Teaching department, headed by Dr. Dwight Curtis, is one department of the college that every stu- dent becomes acquainted with sooner or later in his col- lege career. Each student, during his required work in the department, is given the opportunity to observe teachers leading a class and then to do actual teaching in his major field. Several laboratory schools are used for this purpose. Lowell, Edison, and Hawthorne schools in Water- loo train many student teachers every year. The school at Hudson, ten miles south of the campus, trains teachers for teaching in elementary grades and also for teaching business education, mathematics, science, men's physical education, and social studies in high school. A complete laboratory school located on the campus directs students in the needs and problems peculiar to nursery, kindergarten, primary, intermediate, junior high and high schools. In addition, two rural MARY C. ANDERSON, Assistant Pro- fessor of Teaching RANDALL R. BEBB, Instructor in Teaching MRS. MILDRED R. BLACKMAN, In- structor in Teaching RICHARD BRADDDCK, Instructor in -I Teaching ei LDLA BLIRFORD, Instructor in Teaching 5' WILLARD E. BURKE, Instructor in Teaching . E MARY P. CALDWELL, Assistant Pro- fessor of Teaching IOHN DAHL, Assistant Professor of Teaching MRS. ARLINE GILCRIST DAVIDS. In- structor in Teaching MARGARET DIVELBESS, Assistant Professor of Teaching IZETTA FRAHM, Instructor in Teaching E. CLENADINE GIBB, Instructor in Teaching Page 42 ools, Gfeel sch I are preparing The 1948f Hudson const regular coll29 tin has held 1 teaching in b' He has also I portation Whi that elements for 10 hours secondary to cave Mr. Lattin department 4 Hudson teac College studs the supervisi' ROSE L. I-I of Teac CORINNE Teachin FRANK C. Teachir VERNON ing BERNICE of Teal HOLBERT Teach MRS. MA structc THOMAS sor of Colleg CYRIL L, sor of 1 Teach DORoT date MRS. 5 Teac FLOREN P PQQe- 43 if Cience de, - It Seems al security gf is Why? ensions in- re Thomp. ederal debt. IISWQL Dr. ational debt the ceiling, rt had con. ch it began, u are losing going to pay -me up, trade ton. along with a ost important "why the im- Instructor in ant Professor .f Government mfessor of His' riate Profess0f Xssistant PIO' 'th :ai Billmfm WI page ff 0CIAL CIE CE portance of Social Science?"g here's why! Year in, year out, social interactions and implications remain fore- most in people's minds. National and international events claim our attention in every walk of life through such common mediums as radio, newspapers, and maga- zines. The magnitude of world wide events is more than ever claiming a place in our educational curriculum. Here at I.S.T.C., the Social Science department be- lieves that one of the essentials of a well-rounded col- lege student is familiarity with current events. To that end, each student is awakened to world events in Con- temporary Affairs, a course which accomplishes its ob- jectives through weekly lectures by members of the Social Science department. Wide offerings in eco- nomics, history, government, and sociology all point to- wards the goals of educational and social progress. Well educated social science teachers mean an increas- ga. A ra. S Dr. Thompson shows Gordon Stra er his hobb Y Y- ingly educated public and a healthy, strong, advancing democracy. MARY B. HUNTER, Associate Professor of Economics CHARLES T. LEAVITT, Assistant Pro- fessor of History DARYL PENDERGRAFT, Associate Professor of History ERMA B. PLAEHN, Assistant Professor of Government GEORGE C. ROBINSON, Professor of Government LELAND L. SAGE, Professor of History ROBERT E. STRAIN, Instructor in Ec- onomics ' Q fu--xg fl' ,Q-.5 ' Dr. Pendergraft locates the Cumberland gap for a social science student. Page 41 .sf A TEACIII G tiltv .ind receive expert guidance with problems which .irise in actual school situations. Xlany new people were LICICICCI to the StarT of the teacliing department this year to meet the needs of an increased enrollment in the grade and high schools and Iti train the increased number of student teachers. The Campus school offers to its pupils many advan- tages and opportunities which most public school stu- dents do not enjoy. Pupils have access at all times to the facilities of the college library and a special iuvenile room is maintained in the library for them. Athletic events are held in the college Fieldhouse and on the same fields and tracks which the conference-winning college teams use. Its very nature as an experimental school means that the campus school naturally is the proving ground for new ideas and equipment long before the average pub- lic school. Audio-visual education, for instance. is in- creasing in popularity throughout the country as its I,UIS IEANNE LONG, Temporary In- structor in Teaching EDNA IVIANTUR, Assistant Professor of Teaching MARDELLE MUHN, Instructor in Teaching I3HYI,I-IS Mt:CARTHY, Instructor in Teaching Q1 CARI, B. NELSON, Instructor in Teach- 'f ing EINIIXIA UPPER. Assistant Professor of Teaching IXIARNA PETERSON. Associate Profes- sor of Teaching tiEtIlI. I9I'III.I,II3S, Instructor in Teaching NIRS. HELEN IDI-III.I,IPS. Temporary In- structor in Teaching .'Nl.liI:l2NI' A. IDUTTER. Instructor in Teaching 5 Q- .. lilifllllf If. RAIT, Associate Professor of ITL'-tcliliig " is XIARY XIARCEARET SCQHMITT. In- strutfor in Teaching value is fecogniz been used f' are being utilize: Mr' the au is Constantly beii of IIIOVTII have variety ' projectors, Wire playbacks, Pom and a variety Of required to learr effective use, 6 them in their pl lists and catalog sible film and rf With progre: ing department and turns out i for the schools I IVIELVIN F. E Teaching MRS. IVIELV structor in BETTY SHA in Teachir IVIANFORD Professor DORIS STEI of Teachi MYRTLE M. sor of Te. MARGUIRE' sistant Pr HOWARD X in Teachi WILLIAM V ing MILDRED ing NUT SH RQBEQTOQ ea ' IAMEEIQF F WILLIAM P PAGTCIISTQF ELSIE V f MRS. ALT IVIILDREDA ix ALFR IRVIINTTBA pQ9e 45 r. Dwight eVerY stu. in his Col- . ifed Work to Observe al 'teaching ls are used in Water. Th? School PHS, trains nd also for 'S, science, lies in high ated on the id problems ntermediate, 1, two rural ssistant Pro- istructor in KMAN, In- lnstructor in r in Teaching lnstruct0F In .ssistant Pro' professor of QAVIDS ln' 5 ASSiSlant r in Teafhing in I nstfuctor Page 42 TEACHI schools, Greeley No. 8 and Benson, train students who are preparing for teaching country school. The 1948-49 school year has seen the principal at Hudson consolidated school become a member of the regular college staff for the first time. Mr. Richard Lat- tin has held this position and has coordinated student teaching in both the elementary and high school there. He has also been responsible for student teacher trans- portation which is no small problem in View of the fact that elementary teachers spend a half day in Hudson for 10 hours of college credit while time spent there by secondary teachers varies as does the credit they re- ceive. Mr. Lattin, who works with the staff of the Teaching department on the school curriculum, has all of the Hudson teachers under his supervision. All Teachers College students doing their practice teaching are under the supervision of regular members of the college fac- ROSE L. HANSGN, Assistant Professor of Teaching CORINNE D. HARPER, Instructor in K At 5? x Teaching FRANK C. HARTWELL, Instructor in t Teaching ' 162-1 VERNON HEADE, Instructor in Teach- ing BERNICE HELFF, Assistant Professor of Teaching X f HCLBERT HENDRIX, Instructor in Teaching MRS. MARIORIE B. HOLMBERG, In- structor in Teaching THOMAS D. HORN, Assistant Profes- sor of Teaching and Principal of the College Elementary School CYRIL L. IACKSQN, Associate Profes- sor of Teaching FLORENCE M. KASISKE, Instructor in Teaching DCROTHY MAY KQEHRING, Asso- ciate Professor of Teaching MRS. SARAH LAFGY. Instructor in Teaching Page 43 nr : .,1,. N 1Mz:lvrOf Industrial of his DFOK f X , X' "jg . L 4 F '+L M I if mmox' Main does mu, Mr. Mouse 5 Which Of -the ds of an ools and ers. Y advan- hool stu. l times to l juvenile Athletic d on the ce-winning means that ground for 'erage pub- ance, is in- ,ntry as its nporary In- Professor of structor in nstruc'f0f In Professor of Jciate Pfofes' in Tgatlhing r fempofary In 'n If1SU'UCtOr I I , Professor 0 HMITT' ln' Page 44 TEACHI G value is recognized. Various audio-visual teaching aids have been used for years in the Campus school and more are being utilized all the time. Under the leadership of Mr. Dahl the audio-visual branch of the Campus school is constantly being expanded: equipment now includes a variety of moving picture projectors, slide and film-strip projectors, wire and tape recorders, disc recorders and playbacks, portable movie screens, opaque projectors and a variety of maps and charts. Student teachers are required to learn the operation of all these aids and their effective use, and are continually encouraged to use them in their practice teaching. Constantly up-to-date lists and catalogues are maintained, showing every pos- sible film and recording available for school use. With progressiveness and thoroughness the Teach- ing department brings the stuclent's education to a focus and turns out well-rounded, up-to-the-minute teachers for the schools of Iowa and the nation. MELVIN F. SCHNEIDER, Instructor in Teaching MRS. MELVIN F. SCHNEIDER, In- structor in Teaching BETTY SHALLENBERGER, Instructor in Teaching MANFORD SONSTEGARD, Assistant Professor of Teaching DORIS STEFFY, Temporary Instructor of Teaching MYRTLE M. STONE, Associate Profes- is sor of Teaching 'A MARGUIRETTE MAY STRUBLE, As- sistant Professor of Teaching HoWARD VANDER BEEK, instructor H- 5 in Teaching WILLIAM WALSH, Instructor in Teach- - - ing 4 - MILDRED G. LLICE, Instructor in Teach- .al ,,.. K ing NOT SHOXVN ROBERT P. BRIMM, Assistant Professor of Teaching IAMES V. FARRELL, Instructor in Teaching WILLIAM P. I-IAPP, Assistant Professor of Teaching PAUL E. HARRISON, Instructor in Teaching ELSIE V. HOLLIDAY, Instructor in Teaching MRS. ALTA HOVVELL, Instructor in Teaching MILDRED Cv. LLICE, Instructor in Teaching ALFRED MOON, Instructor in Teaching IRVIN RAMSEY, Instructor in Teaching LLOYD STOKSTAD, Instructor in Teaching Page 45 ff ft 'Q-. A grade school pupil learns arith metic and blackboard tcchniqucs M- T3 .QA 1 N 1 . wmv' g . , ri ' 5 A , 1-ll kd ,V - 't M H J r ch, gives Don Gm tis starting form. c ser up equipment is to disatifee with ghinq class. ,4 .f ? fi' sf K t K , il J r -Q ,',gx,,'f'1.7 '. , X A . -f ' ' 1' ,i-L'4ff't , I, Q' L3,ll-'J'-.f.'1ffx"'-g,.g.ffgg'tK':7f'f,." 4 ' V '1-, lifts," 1v'fj.fQ','r.'w,fqgf . -M t t A ,, QitAll3H?Y?5ffT?fijQ1-,Eli?'.ff."i'f3'W -- 3?wff.'1f"541:'ifgQ'7- MV. Ditzlw' of Imiustrigil Arts talks with twO Its gill Sharps amd Hats to N111 Iicxlxik .mtl ifl1:.i1n-tim Yivt of his protcgcs. ,S?lfLC!QlfLf QIZLPQVLCQJ . CClfL,9g 6LCbtAg lflcimoi' Iviiiiii docs hor practicc tcziciiiiig in typing imdcr Mx: Pliillipw. Pmclow: Nil: Moiisci' tclls thc Nature Study class about tht- birds and A stiidt-nt .mti Klum Kit-iz-xii ti: ri w ti1tV'B's". Pf1I'tIHt'I1l tiixtxiw phrzx i itiii i, x N. r 1 S If 5 N 50 51 -61 L-as . 67 ,S-so . ax .Si M8 84-E 86- 88- 90- 92 .ix The lntersorority Councils purpose is to promote friendship and co-operation among rhe sororities. lts membership consists of so- rority presidents and officers elected by the sororities. This year Fran Neessen was pres- ident. Cfarolyn lVlacy was both secretary and treasurer while Pat Broshar did the social job. Meetings were held every other week at which such problems as the winter rushing program were discussed. The rushing pro- gram included the tea held on Sunday after- noon, lanuary 9. for all girls who were eli- gible to be rushed by a sorority: the Rushee Romp held on Monday night in which all sororities gave a short skit: and the week of rushing parties which was climaxed with preference parties from Ianuary l4 to 17 for the girls whom the sororities wished to pledge. The council also sponsored the tea for so- rority sponsors, the dance held this year with the fraternities late in March, and the annual spring scholarship trophy dinner at which trophies and honors were awarded to those sororities with the highest scholarship records. Who's Wlro in Sororities, a booklet pub- lished for all rushees, was edited this year by Marjorie Richardson, who was assigted by lane Falb. It contained rushing rules and procedures and the names of all girls who belonged to sororities. The council feels that they had a success- ful year as well as an enjoyable one. A great deal was accomplished through the co-opera- tion of all sorority presidents and the indi- vidual sororities. Inter- orority Council 1'-'frf li'-'Hr' lf Neessen, Pres.: C. Macy, Sec.-Treas.: P. Broshar, Soc. Chairman: M. Doty, Ray. Si-.tirnl lr'uu': M. Ciiipin. N. Lauer, R. Rickabaugh, "B" Lowry, B, Swan, B, Bfaaqk, Y c The MDE pug, during the sororif5 the spring ' the best flo Other n Deltfand-ll larious H211 the Homec dance: the Friday cokf Marg D Wycoff wa retary, and During t Phi Delta t a new alurr of promotir First' Row: M L. Collin Second Row: M. Dixo Row: F. Willi Fourth Row: Palmer, .- ,gg S gt? g i X K is nv 5 - A 'gl ,Viv ? C7 4 2 a ' .' Ljri' '-vs fi ' - " - I . .Up vig, ,. Page 52 ,dj i ly: . lD"v . Fa leeds three hands' VVhile the English staff fSimonsen, Greef, Guest, Cowley, lVlcDavittl D. Bondcrinzin and M. Sniicrii r't-u-ixv struggles through registration with a couple of students- Htl105Q" Qglrdg from Clggrgyl N1CCjg,11l,m. Qgidfrafion an jmf ja!! Cfcwried 0 Donna Sharp, N. Hesseltine aand T. Hoffman look just a little too happy as classes begin. Below, D. Porter discusses the summer Shirley Fuller and Beth Rice take ti dimn 'eshman meds dinner, vacation with Patti Leese and Tom Maetzold. view of the return of St-ptt-iiiher, ick-WHQOU PW' I ..r it -H ,,., . f . L l 1 t t f 't ,I '51 y fix felt? If ' 4, lik ' ' "Y , lx 5 A s, z 5 V ' Q A 5. '- it Nff' Niece. it l r M X' 4 if Kappa Theta Psi, one of the pioneer sororities of Iowa State Teachers College, this year topped all previous records of five- pound parties and weddings. The fun-packed year opened with a Homecoming breakfast honoring all returning "alums." Other highlights following included bridge parties, an unfgr- gettable hayride, the beautiful annual spring dinner-dance and a party for the sponsors, Miss Esther Hult and Mr. and Mrs, Cscar Thompson. The Kappas saw the new year in with winter rushing, featup- ing a chile pot party, coke dates, "rose" party and climaxing with the traditional "preferred" party. Terminating the weeks of pledgeship came "hell week," followed by the impressive formal initiation, The capable ringmaster of all activities was Marilyn Crane and her assistant trainer was Norene Smith. Ticket-taker Bev- erly Handschin had charge of all funds and Meriam Reynolds booked all events. Iackie Ioens took care of the entertainment, Claudyne Sauer collected the fan mail and Marilyn Broshar patrolled the activities. Kappa Theta Psi FU' F Rou N Smith Vice Pres.: M. Reynolds, Sec.g W. Rittgers, M. Harder, Ioens. Suond RO" L Kupka C. Cortwright I-I Floerchinger M Broshar M Kenyon Page 4 From U10 ' been 3 full C breakfast at year. fun. There s most of the f VanderheYd' lowe'en rnasc trying to apl ished off the the sorority I prepared for "be kind to 5 dinner. Ruth Ann filling in Wh' corded the he ley Ashley Glenita Dale First ROL11: R. 1 Houts. Second Row: 1: ' ow- Thzrd R , D. page 55 X c X - 5 DF 50- year ld the ner at ClQd 'to larship it pub- iS year assisted iles and rls who success- A great o-opera- the indi- I. Ray- Page The "Dating Deltsn became the "Rating Deltsu around cam- pus during 1948-1949 as they walked away with the plaque for the sorority having the highest grade point among its actives in the spring of '48, and then again captured first prize of S25 for the best float at Homecoming. Other never-to-be-forgotten events of the year were the Delt-and-Date marshmallow roast at the golf course: the hi- larious Halloween party with the Alpha Chis and Phi Sigs: the Homecoming brunch: the Christmas party: the winter dance: the gay rushing parties: the spring formal, and the Friday coke dates with the fraternities. Marg Doty served as president during the year, "lame" Wycoff was vice-president, Lorraine "Iessie" Weil was sec- retary, and "Lee" Dodds was treasurer. During the year, the sorority changed its name from Delta Phi Delta to Delta Delta Phi, revised its constitution, adopted a new alumni program and pretty well lived up to its purpose of promoting stronger bonds of friendship among members. is, NW' 'Mi-,M Delta Delta Phi First Row: M. Doty, Pres.: M. Wycoff, Vice Pres., L. Weil, Sec.: L. Dodds, Treasq L. Sunday, V. Woodbrirri L. Collins, M. Dougherty. Second Row: P. Arildsen, I. Hall, I. Anderson, M. Boyd, R. ie son, . amm N 1 H H ond, Moburg, M. Frcttcm M. Dixon, E. Woltman. Third Row: B. Nelson, M. Iakobs, A. Phillips, D. Sharp, D. Saul, M. Hovland, P. Howe, D. Moore, M. Hoyt F. Williamson, S. Feldt. Fourth Row: S. McElroy, B. Morrow, Plowman, D. Hill, M. Schmidt, M. Palmer, R. Rhoads, P. Dorsey, I. Hauter. Lillehei, Hook, Y. Peterson, H x Page 53 The can-can girls of the Gay-Nineties Revue climaxed a biq h' h started the ball rolling for the years week of fall rushing w ic I9-48 and 1949. Homecoming saw the Phi Sig's entertaining the "alums" at a coffee held at the home of one of our sponsors. L V Dou las and the girls on the float battling with the Mrs. . . g . high wind. Miss Ioyce Anderson, our new sponsor, was hon- ored at the annual fall picnic. A Shanty Town theme was used at the dance where the Phi Sigs, Delts, and Chis collaborated for a wonderful party. The fall and spring overnights at Hart- man's, strictly stag affairs, provided the Phi Sigs with firelight atmosphere, good food and entertainment. "Hell week," coke d t 'cnics informal dance winter rush- dates, pledge parties, a e pi , , ing, and the annual Spring Formal also kept the A'peppy" Phi Sigs busy. ' ' C l President Nan Lauer used the ivory gavel with aro in Macy as her relief and the pledges aid. Secretary Martha Headington and T the records and budget. reasurer Io Mullins were the A'doctors" of O O O Phi lgma Phi I M H adin ton Sec' I Mullins Treas' I Hebel, D. Harness The Pi Pl'1i,5 breakfast at 1511 with their float svfead in Law ' d ner Qnteftalfle by qaroling. Winter quar Card parties, 'fl We all welcorn A formal dance d fa grads 3. fO1'1 Margaret G Stratton, vicefl many things V work, finally g our social life new pledges. Fir.-r R twrt': N. Lauer. Pros.: C. Macy, Vice lres.: . e g , ,, , , ,, , S1'1'Ufllf R ciit -: N. VVidc-ncr, M. Larson, G. Hanson, B. Decker, I. Harlan, I. Northwall, A. Beck. First Row: M 7-limi R tiii-: M. Martin. I. Cornclison, N. McGaw, L. Harlan, I. Lerdal, E. Vosseller, I. Armstrong, P. Broshar. Second Row: 1 A d ' Third Row: l Al h O I Em e G Swanson R Strickler N. Anderson, M. n er Fourth Ron-: S. Rigdon. li. Drury, ara ains n, . p y, , , , V F. Gilp SUD llll l Page 56 PQQQ Wa State S Of five- H Opened alunisf' H ulllor- ance and and Mrs, g, featup. climaxing the weeks impressive lyn Crane taker Bev. I1 Reynolds ertainment, Jn Brosliar L. i f png! , From the coke dates to formal pledging, the VOV's year has been a full one. Welcoming the alums to homecoming with ai breakfast at the Blackhawk was the lirst major event of the year. Right around the corner, fall rushing provided plenty of fun. Theres nothing like combining business with pleasure so most of the planning was done at a luncheon given by Eugenia Vanderheyden at her home near La Porte City. With the Hal- loween masquerade party came sheet and blanket clad rushees trying to appear as ghosts and Indians. Cokes and songs lin- ished off the week. Formal pledging at Mr. Cables home gave the sorority six pledges who have not forgotten the skits they prepared for every sorority meeting for the actives, the secret "be kind to your daughter" week, and the paddles presentation dinner. Ruth Ann Rickabaugh pounded the gavel with Lena Abbas filling in when she wasnt there. Eugenia Vanderheyden re- corded the happenings. Betty Iones balanced the books. Shir- ley Ashley kept the historians scrapbook up to date, and Glenita Dale planned the social events. 0 ' 'gms Ph' First Row: R. Rickabaugh, Pres.: L. Abbas, Vice Pres.: E. Vanderheyden, Sec E ones Tri. is ll fohtl M Houts. Second Row: D. Staves, H. Stride, S. Ashley, H. Doyscher, G. Dale. Third Row: D. Baier, P. Wilson, M. Whitely, M. Peterson, D. Bader, L Morischt S Bollhoeftr Dihins K. Nakama. 5 Page 5 5 -4 M .L,,-,,,i.,-- Lffg.. This has been a wonderful year-full of fun and gaiety and P T b bblin over with memories cherished by all the i au's. RQ- U Q member how we honored our Dads with all those doughnuts .-"M , how many did you take home?" Those man hours put ac in on our Homecoming activities . . . the ' Cats and Meows en- joyed at the midnight show on Halloween followed by a slum- ber party at the Baileys' with Io Kunze rating the couch while all the rest of us slept on the floor . . . that traditional Christmas d' ner at the home of our sponsor, Mrs. Buffum . . . our big in Mothers Day Banquet and a host of other informal get togeth- ers. "B" Lowry was prexy assisting. while lean Gabel pushed the pencil and lane Falb counted the money. From the sound of things we have clone nothing but play, but we havent. You should recall that scholastic cup that floats from room-to-room won by our preps. We are proud of you, every one, and when we think back over our college days the thing that will stand out mos long and good luck to all the future Pi Tau's. with her shadow, Flossie Owens, t in our minds is P1 Tau Phi. So Pi Tau Phi V P .z I. Gabel, Sec., I. Falb, Treas., L. Gilchrist, R. Copeland. First Row: C. Lowry, Pres.: F. Owens, ice res M. Otto. M. Ewzild J h M R ' h bacher, A. Shea, M. Templeman, A. Wickham, C. Gray, S-fcolzd Row: VV. lbippen, S. Lottic , . eic en Collins, Bauer. B. Bramblett. S h Ch , M. Ellis, M. Dloughy, M. Humphrey, M. Nanninga, Third Row: M. Wfcems, M. Bauer, yn orst, ase li. McDonald, Kunzc. 44,141 V. It was de H0mGCOminf Christmas CJ fun went lea as thgy p3.I.'l realized anc Chosen fOf three of the Reigelsbergl 35 treasurer tary, Thfei leadership 2 possessors c Especially 1 party at Bla to be the bw at informal, at Searight First Row: I. Leni Second Rou P. Lur Third Row: i 1 2 LZ a W p Q3 Uqe page 59 dabig The Pi Phi's started this years activities with an "early bird" ie rtalliiig breakfast at Island Park. Homecomingnfounduthem struggling Donsors, with their float and entertaining their alums at a midnight with the spread in Lawther. Fall quarter was ended by an informal ,as hon- dance at Hartman s. Mrs. C. 'L. lackson and 'Mrs. Guy Wag- Vas used Ter entgrtained them at a Christmas party which was preceded ay caro ing. 212012553 Winter. quarter started in earnesthwith rushing, teas, dinner. .HRH ht card parties, theater party, sleigh ride and secret sister week. lk,, QV We all welcomed spring with a cold picnic and more parties. ' ' Coke A formal dance at the Womens Club was the way we bade our Lter fush' grads a fond farewell. ppy Phi Margaret Gilpin was president of our sorority with Lois Stratton, vice-president. Delores Kemmerer kept notes on the 1 Carolin many things We did and Leora Locker, through many hours of Y Martha work, finally got the books to balance. Ieanne Nugent planned actors" of our social life and Gloria Gray was pledge captain for all the new pledges. meg Pi Phi 0 it fl' D' Harness. First Row: M. Gilpin, Pres., L. Stratton, Vice Pres.: D. Baer, Sec., L. Locker Trcas Nugent C Cvriy h Second Row: A. Danielson, Campbell, S. Fry, A. Ashbacher, M. McClintock I Dirsheid N Hudtk ll Robison lil' P' Bros ar' Third Row: D. Harlan, Fye, M. Parsons, D. Bredall, H. Shellbarger, M White D Kemmcrcr Schcllinq ion, M. Ander- F. Gilpin. af.,,,f.,,,,. page Page 57 As time goes by the plans and activities of the Tau Sig'5 roxx bi ger and better This year with Betty Swan, president: Q ' Q - Arla Dickinson, vice-president: Mary Cvarver, secretary, and Beth Rice. treasurer, seeing that there was never a dull mo- ment, the gala program got under way with the annual fall picnic, the Homecoming dinner and spread for alums, and the Halloween dance held with the Lambda Gamma Nu fraternity at the Womens Club House. Swany's five-pound party after her engagement to Bill Brown, a farewell dinner honoring Mrs, Ellis. and a dinner for the grads were the highlights of the year. Christmas parties and caroling, teas for the sponsors, rushing -week" activities, and the chorus line added page after page to the 1948-49 book of Tau Sig memories. Business meetings were held every two weeks with a social gathering on the other weeks and coke dates in between. At these "get-togethersn and always, the Tau Sigs endeavor to further the aim of their sorority: to establish friendship and a bond of social welfare among their members. Tau igma Delta First Row: B. Swan. Pres.: A. Dickinson, Vice Pres.: M. Garver, Sec.: B. Rice, Treas.: B. Iohnson, D. Britson, M. Flinders, ll. Neesscn. Srroncl Row: R. Hiatt, I. Tesmer, P. Iohns, M. Elderton, M. Miller, I. Barton, D. Ratner, F. Bilek, H. Wither- spoon. G d M W lk A Ta lor, M. Etchison, K. Thompson, S. Third Row: M. Gee, S. Keding, M. Lempares, D. oo , . a er, . y D1lY. V. Popoff. Fourth Row: l. Bucks. D. Ragnn, M. Lansrud, A. Daasch, S. Peterson, I. Redden, E. Ellis, M. May, P. Edgington. lil-gn Page 60 With tlf Gains l'1EW with fun. meant get standout v the parade A watermi forgotten i and song l more part: new pledg place som' en's Club ' "Sum" pilot and watched c we end or lots more First Row: R. lor Second Roi Karkc Third Row P. He l A LQ z 2 f E Pflqe 61 and - Re- hnuts I'S put SH en.. slum- while iSUI1aS ur big Ogeth- Wens, 6 Falb t play, at floats of you, Hays the Phi. So Copeland. 1, Grays V' Nanninga. Page It was definitely a "rushing" year for the Pi Thets with the Homecoming get-together, dances, bridge parties, spreads, Christmas carols and the laugh filled gab-tests. Along with the fun went leadership, for the Pi Thets were seen all over campus as they participated in many organizations. Their efforts were realized and appreciated when Ioy Sires and lean Ray were ZX chosen for "Who's Who". They were also proud of having- three of their girls on the Womens League Board, with Betty Reigelsberger as chairman of the Study Committee, lean Ray as treasurer, and Pi Thet Beauty, Dorothy Searight as secre- tary. Three Pi Thets served as senior counselors. Besides leadership and social activities, the Pi Thets were the proud possessors of the Lady Victory scholarship trophy for the year. Especially remembered to all the girls will be the Halloween party at Blanford's, Where Ioy Sires and Pat Carmichael proved to be the best "apple bobbers", and the singing of Io Capesius at informal, the dinner at the Log Cabin, "around the Hre" fun at Searights, and the Christmas dinner together. Pi Theta Pi First Row: Ray, Pres.: B. Reigelsberger, Vice Pres., D. Searight, Sec., P. Martens, Treas.: P. Carmichael I. Lennarson, Sires, B. Voorhees. Second Row: G. Whitmer, Thiele, L. Hill, P. Molyneux, Capesius, L. Searight, D. Bergman, B. Sayrc P. Lundeen. Third Row: Walton, D. Rasmussen, B. Dana, N. Clayton, M. Rector, B. Pitcher, N. Rohlfs, N. Lockwood. ,P , 2. ,. g l Page 59 The lnterfratcrnitv Council is composed f ' ht members' each of the four social fra- o eig .. ternities elects two representatives to the council for a term of four quarters. This years representatives inclucle: Alpha tlhi Epsilon, Ted Herbst and Wendell lohn- ' ' nd son: Lambda Gamma Nu, Dick Gage a liill Brown: Phi Sigma Epsilon. Lowell Segar and Calvin Grosshuesch: Sigma Tau Gam- Tom Clay and Ed Goldsberry. ma, X The objects of the council are to provide an organization representing the fraternities ll throu h of the lowa State Teachers Co ege g which all matters affecting them or the fra- d nity system shall be handled, and to stu y ter . the various campus fraternity problems, initi- ating and fostering whatever may tend to- t f ward the best growth and developmen o the fraternity system. The powers of the council are to govern nd regulate constituent members in all mat- a ters not assumed by the college authorities, and to make rules, enforce penalties, Fix dues, nd levy special assessments. Also, the a council has the power to decide the dates of eriod of pledgeship, the dates of smokers, and anything else which is a problem during pledging or any other time. The annual social function of the Inter- Fraternity Council is the sponsoring of the Inter-Fraternity dance. This year the counf 'l members along with the lntersorority ci Council voted to combine forces and have a joint informal Intersorority-Interfraternity dance March 19. pledging, the p lnter-Fraternit Council R. Gage, G. Duvall, L. Seger, D. Wegner, I.. Kerr. p 2 'l V qw! ' 4 1 ' 5. 9 V i A 1 - if gwxqii 1' 6 X' 1 E i "3, QW1 5 i, 17? 1.94 t i gg -5- C+ 7' it e -' f A ,4""' T ff i - - L . lk., X x . , 1 ,Y l til E l i l Records letter fratel Chis have founding' f branch Of 1 only one oi The Chi coming bai eral sorori mas caroli: year the C are a f6W Red Ell Langrock Cabalka li of the mC year and pective pl longest. First Row Trea Second Rc Third Roz FOI.ll'fh R4 Kne Fifth Roi smii H Page 52 Pig? Slg's Sldent: . and ll mo- al fall and the laternity W after '19 Mrs. he year. rushing .ed page a social teen. At eavor to ship and , D, Britson. I H, Wither' thompson. 5' P. Edqinqfon- P099 60 With the theme in mind, "We Love You Truly", the Thgm Gams have reached the end of another successful year filled with fun. Five pound parties, dances, spreads, and dinners have meant get-togethers we will never forget. Homecoming was a standout with a brunch for the "alums" and building a float for the parade honoring "Sum", our president and Fall Ml" Queen, A watermelon feast at Ruthie Iorgensons, and our never-to-be- forgotten hell week with Knicks cat tail attached to a dead cat, and song fests topped off the fall quarter. With the snow came more parties and winter rushing. What fun planning for our new pledges. And finally spring with the new actives to re- place some of our graduates and a formal dance at the Wom- en's Club with the pledges putting on the show. 'iSuni" Braack carried on as pilot with Ruthie Sloan as co- pilot and Myrt Moar kept the minutes while Bert Colville watched our expenses. So with new ideas and hopeful hearts we end one happy year and look forward to another year with lots more parties and fun for all. Theta Gamma u g S First Row: B. Braack, Pres.: R. Sloan, Vice Pres.g M. Moar, Sec.: B. Colville, Treasg E. Behmcr M Rich irdson R. Iorgensen, M. Westfall. Second Row: M. Holderness, C. Schlattman, N. Cave, F. Peters, O'Boyle, N. Friedrichscn D Elthon M Karkosh, M. Theissen, R. Wiggins. Third Row: M. Hurlbut, L. Knicker, A. Schuldt, T. DuPre, D. Miletich, Tonsfeldt, M. lmdrich R Siplon P. Helling, C. Lake, M. Huntington. Pfrfqe 61 Th L mbda Gamma Nu fraternity is comparatively ygung e a gn the Teachers College campus, having been formed in l923, It has always had as its ideal a brotherhood made up of men in every branch of school activity, thus making it a well bal- anced organization. Naturally, since h ctivities as the Homecoming dinner at the Chesterfield suc a Club, the Halloween party with the Tau Sigma Deltas, dinner- ics, smokers, and their annual graduate it is a social fraternity, the "beans" enjoyed dances, sleigh rides, picn dinner. Active in intramura spor s ball championship last summer and completed a successful basketball season this winter. They were led throug Carthey, who was assisted by Ray Spencer. lack Hoon kept the record of proceedings and Iohn Raines had charge of col- lections. All members enjoy advisor, lim Gwen. l t , the Lambda Gams won the soft- h this most successful year by Will ed their new and very competent Lambda Gamma ll First Row: S. Brown, Social Ching l. Carroll, Hist.: M. Parsons, Pledge Master, W. Carthey, Pres.: R. Spencer, Vicc Pros.: I. Hoon, Sec., l. Raines, Treasq I. Owen, Advisor. D. Sci-ond Row: I. Kerr, L. Santee, E. Bayne, I. Young, K. Kephart, B. Sensanbaugh, C. Hadley, M. Long, lfiscnlzmcr. 'Third Row: C. Graham, M. Greene, D. Gage, R. Wise, M. Lechore, L. Cook, C. Eliason, E. Meier, D. Wisch- lllk'lCI'. Fourth Ron-: B. O'Bricn, D. Bochelman, Bayne, B. Ryherd, I. Walston, R. Welch, D. Marston, B. Brown, D. Colson. Filth Row: B. Bcrghcfcr, T. Stclovich, D. lacobsen, Heath, B. Smith, D. Euchner, D. Morrison, McClintock, D. Christians, l. liland. Page 54 The Phi S bond 31110119 into more 111 the QBLISC of af3tiOI1 is de is to develol to furth and Physica The frate 1926. The Some Of dinner dam and Sponsored l brings all fi nity's POPU Education Dutcher, 1 lames, seci First Row Sgt.- Second Ri Third Ro Fourth R We PQQ1 QOVQII1 all mat, horities llX dues iso, the dates of he dates ich is 3 ier time, ie Inter- g of the he coun- :rsorority ,d have a fraternity 1 ! PUUE Records show that Alpha Chi Epsilon was the first Greek letter fraternity on the campus at Iowa State Teachers College. Chis have been true to the ideal which was the basis for - their founding, that is, maintaining a group of men made up of every branch of school activity rather than men who are interested in onlv one or two phases of college life. The Chis really had fun this year starting with their Home- coming banquet and followed by a hard-times party with sev- eral sororities. At Christmas there was the traditional Christ- mas caroling and in Ianuary the Boilermakers Brawl. Twice a year the Chis attended chapel services in a full group. These are a few of the reasons why the Chis had such a good time. Red Ellertson was president for the fall quarter and Karl Langrock took over when Red couldn't be at meetings. lim Cahalka kept the "minutes" and Whitey Thompson took care of the money. George Mach kept the social calendar full all year and Max Akers passed around the pledge cards to pros- pective pledges. Bill Damon is the Chi who has been "active" longest. Alpha cm Ep iron First Row: M. Akers, G. Mach, Cabalka, Sec.: R. Ellertson, Pres.: K. Langrock V Pres W Thompson Treas.g C. Birchard, D. Meyerholz. Second Row: R. Laird, C. White, B. Damon, K. Lemke, T. I-Ierbst, W. Threkheld L Klar Third Row: F. Alhelm, T. Kubik, M. Klepfer, R. Beach, W. Iohnson, L. Smalley L Luwe R Knudscn Fourth Row: K. Beckman, G. Duvall, B. Thorns, G. Nelson, Slyfield, M Wissler P Knipe I Yungcl is O Knee, UE. Hanlon. Fifth Row: O. Hargens, D. Porter, H. Bartlett, P. Palmer, D. Bode, L. Eilers I Kingman C Crowell R Hockrr smith, I. Bouslog. Page 53 l Y0UI1g in 1923. T Of men yell hal- enifvyed esterfield Q, dinner. graduate t the soft. successful I by Will floon kept :ge of col- competent 5.g R. Spencer, y M, Long, D- rier, D' Wlsch' ston, B' Brown' In McClintock, Pm19 The Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity strives to promote a closer bond among men students of education as a science and to enter into more intimate fraternal fellowship with those dedicated rg the cause of teaching as a profession for which specialized prep- aration is deemed imperative. The purpose of the organization 15 to develop the bonds that exist in the profession of education and to further promote the ideals of intellectual morale or social and physical development. The fraternity was organized into a national organization in 1926. The local, Theta chapter, was founded in 1938. Some of the activities the members enjoy are Smokers and dinner dances in the fall and spring, and various athletic events sponsored by the fraternity. The annual Homecoming reunion brings all former members back to meet the actives. The frater- nity's popular sponsor was genial Bert Woodcock of the Safety Education Department. Qflicers for the year were Bob Dutcher, presidentg Don Abney, vice-president, and Byron Iames, secretary-treasurer. Phi igma Ep ilon First Row: B. Woodcock, Sponsorg B. Iames, Sec.-Treasg D. Abney, Vice Pres.: B. Dutcher, Pres.: R. Gam, Sgt.-at-Arms: R. McAdam. i Second Row: B. McCabe, R. Matter, B. Vrbicek, Walker, E. Barr, Fisk, B. Krumm. Third Row: C. Mealy, D. Deloger, F. Hogeland, R. Buchman, W. Case, D. Iacobson, D. Potter, H. Sorenson. Fourth Row: G. Brookhart, H. Burdick, L. Seger, D. Foth, M. Mabie, M. Locke, W. Gisel, D. Larimorc, L. Wachenheim, D. Silker. Pflqe 65 V -1 1 4, il , V a so ff 331' Cm 'K - del' lgr 'P' ' W V CaI'Q of . 3 ,m llfy and 1 u c- t "nh 1 Offlqgt , 1 ' ff' ' 'fha th H all iff! 1 ASQ! U 3 T Q e annual " ' 9 d lor the a Qlave held J ln spring ' hoosinga gma Tau" 1 lt replaced xfth D. . Q U I 51,111 ldl'l1XKll. lloyd llk'I'g1llL'lL'l' and Don Cl111xti.111s 1ll11I ll: l..1111l11l.1 41.1111 l11'l'1' lk- - e1111,11l.1x xx1tl1.1 lux' luke-s. E 111 A1111 IJ11, 1,1 ,1 1, jraferncfg .iboangd All Mew ,Mg L IN. B Momagy fllplm Cllils Hzxllowcycn party: lack Slylicld, lxlklfy l-c111p.11'cx, l2.1lpI1 l 1l1 1 1 LJ l..111'd, Doris H4101 and Bob Hockcrsmirlm, Bottom: Slglllhl 'l'.111S l"1'.111l1 lw- C 1' lJ:11 4 :XlUl'l'lSOIl, Ivan Spcnccr, lid Goldsbcrry amd Bud Nlnvlcs try lllL'II' l1.1111lx Wm' A .at cards iman' ElllOll, Hme. NC.. -,QOH E1 Golds- 14, ,1-, new ' ' 4 .Av - f . Q ' a 1 a I all 114: 'I 1 ll L. 1 . u, 1 l 'Will fr' T' Nav-1 M? L,-1 fly' B. Pishney, vu, B. Atzen, ark, M. Roe, Van Soelen, 1. Rector, O. 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EU 1:5-n -- pnrvnfnmr--nnnnnpugnnn-nrnnunnnp-...q. -:......- sri'-.r nf- P ff., ' '44 M. I 2 Sl UE 51"-H4 . .- .- il ll W 1 H- H i we ffl' ,.s,, ,pw , ,Xa f X, .1-ef? Q ,-M, Cn- Yi'-,313 ' 1 . H4 +V Q Qww- " W, ef. Qs, Ll., 'V r, N-w,..fI',,, Q. . -., 1 Qs' - xxx., f ?.w. ,,,,., . . xx., , ,, .xir H 1- Qg d,ld.1 aff , xp w ff x is flfgfw .K Ng: 4. kv , .Q , Q9 Hin ' L ,", ? , 'wx ,134 " ak-'ik-'fy' Www . ' . sv I Q35 MQA PGge 71 d if 'N Q, I Q 1 QA -w-s A rf an ' Nui P hunt.. fn 1. ig' d. " 1 ',.l' . Q 4 km A l . KKA, 1 ' 2-ua -xii f ' Q . K " . I d "'. s 'V' IYQ1- . vi ri . A ui fm: I K 1 L--4 mg 3 ll 2, iw. , 1, ., mv. L x I ' N Y' 21 Z Fx ,L , "a A k.x.!:,' , ,fx X-:E x - x X55 15 T, fi V - X x l - ,.. fe gif' A ' X' ar. ,T N, - Q .,. " d-- 1 - . x ' -- 5 S ag M x :M ,SQA g,wVtl S :1 'j' K ' 5 1 K SS, . . 7' . ' , t ,X jx . SHN' 5 , fn, A...,. -,g.4.A V . '5i"SLX,.i.M.df44,,.., . LAWTHER HALL- Home of ?!69,D6P-64155 OWLQ VL A. .4 ,, 1. A Q' 0 . ff' A,f: 14 t 4,23 ' .Q . 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VVegner, Coun- Siadium Hall Council LULU MANSON Director ff' A Each fall quarter the residents of Stadium Hall have an ad- vantage which no one else can claim. If rain, snow, or a cold wave suddenly materialized during a football game, the Stadium residents had only to go a few feet to get the needed extra lwlanltets or raincoats and not miss any of the game. Having a foothall field in your front yard has its advantages after all. Stadium Hall is the newest men's dormitory on campus. It was opened in the fall of 1947 and accommodates 90 men. Most of the residents are freshman students. Their needs are supervised by Mrs. Lulu Manson, assisted by 4 upperclassmen counselors who live in the hall. 1.-i li--it hi Ili l.ikx I S liclix' ly ', " , -- -,uw . ,.KJi i , . l ,,.. ,.l Kltfizlltuuilx l' Vieliox- .intl 5 . li XR ' 'i t--ustrut i .i slut'llll1e lui' llfilmiiiitlllllij xli'tihl'.illtul1, St f zitlium men lvelow Hinake like study." IQ- ' lf 72 WE. f H Prige 76 Pqge 's 44 X.: S f WV!!! the same o admin promote residents natty the Juses. N of Men year are uwe and of interest lwison Q .9 qt .4 N 1 I V. 1 F , .1 S 1-.,,,, ' if" V , , . f 43 1 A f ' F q 5 .4 "F - ' -I upt- ., 3 ,ws 2 ' HW . 3-we, , 112 J, W 2 1 5,5 . 1 f 32 f 1 2 ff, f r-js, .J ' :msn Wm . ' ,Sz ,M-.. --54? 1'f,?T'Z' . Nl rr-ff, -rf we 1 1- ,1 ' "3 Pu w . f , ' 710155 I' - fr wg zy- wm 15. 5' 'W A wwf 1 films sf, 1' C Q 7 . - sf vf N W""mmw'w"" C -',g,M.,A39"' W ,.,. .... ,L H 1' 'V -f 'M ' .if .. - ,wg H , sq J: , ,E X my i , ,YW Q: W me , n fd 1 ,, X .F L' , , 'I' 0- Q fp F" vim, Q il, .. K -A . ? l Y . A S -Q ' A A A wg: i X X . A ' A 4 4' - Q Y fe 3 f ' X , . , gf W xeg lx . X' v s X ,Q '- N up 2 Q I xw.,l, X X N in - -'Sm 1' --:f-Q V N s ' 'sf we M s X X N We is TH '-s.V 1 xee s " I 4' 4 e ' X wg X is 0 .. 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If 90 men. needs are fclassmen f, ' ww 6 may - P09 f P75 5 ., - Q A X O C .6 r .E -Q49 Qvtv ,,,..0.-.Q ' " -Q. ..,.,., """"1llu,v- "'-- "M fb ' "'1-1 Dig 'Cin-ag. t, 'r ' Z A- -V ' " ""'.h-on Q'-""f""' - ' ."i".,-.I "Fill:- "' 11 and " 0- "P""0-f-o.t ,., 0"""" 'l: -J-+1-' "' fans 'f - - ' ""' " - -'Q-.F "' ,.. .-.,,.Aw..,..-f-4- , Witwluvus- - .... "VW" 'QYVJA-'Any I uf. "'?b-my ' "Q" - - - ,l ,.,. fa--t--Q , ' - 1 """'!" " s ! -,,,.an..',,...,.---....---..4-p-.-.!vr-v-f-J-p,- ' , ,,,, ., - - -1---vw-M "'r"""'-"v" ,, .. f 1.1, -v"'r'-"fe" V , - U 0 D . -1 ' U5 5 I . 'A x. V .- I I f-111 ' ' 'M a Q ' V a a- I tual """"5' 1 """ ,,....,,.:i,...,....a.,!,.,..,,.....,..-.,f K K A . , , - I vatdg, ,, I , , H +..,,...5.-l .Y V I U , ,..-..,-...L . H 1 , a ' 1 N - "" -' a Hpawxqawh? E A V 31 V Q -rw, 4-Ya--.W I -.-,-...,-..-y-- ,..--Q-sq-. K . ' V...,.,..-.Af-..-.v.?.,.,,V.A,,-..,--..f....,.,,...,.....,..a,.:,...?...,.,....,...,..,...,....,...,, ' , , , .W -a+.,..-ng..-. -V-A-A-,Q-1-vf.-,..,w fy.--4--.-5---.fl Y V. 1 - ' ' ., , . . . V vo .,5-m'--r-- 1 Y-wr-0 ..,.4. , ., I I A . , I I -veif,--'1"' - ra-r , S S I ' 4 A ..,.,.r,.,, I- M 1 . -qw ,T-WM4.,--avfvhvqf-, , A. nw...-w-...... V A A Lv-.-Y. rv-q-A ' I . . K +.Qqw MWA h J, aa.. V -. ' U , I 4- N., - -ww , ' f 1115... ' I 4 '10 ,W I: a 1 , , , , . - , X V -V M- b f -- M W--V--V--.....+- -.V ,. .,, -,-L,,.,,,,,,,, 11 - 1 ..,... .X MN , - V X.. .-, f. ' 4 Q -1-Jw . , , N.. .,.--. .-' ' up s1-,....f ' ' - 5... A.. STAD UM HALL-Home 0 page 77 jrdf-year en 55,15 7.15, Z.. i . ...Q iq ' ..7g. 1 , I L Q ,' .Q . .y M ., if? ' Z l i i l 1 2 . ,. .WMV iA,.i, ,f.,V,M. 5, , I O V., , ,.. .xy E Q . , 1 . . , , , 1, Qi ff' lffr.-1 Ruiz? R. Dolan, Pres.: I. Paulsen, Vice Pres.: B. Rogers, Sec.-Treasq G. Dale. Suuoml Roux' E. Truclo. S. Lottich, M. Dloughy, M. Peck, Pierson. il. xvme. Iowa Tw Walerloo House Council , Few people play ing, M. Hanse: Qwitf s Cedar Falls House Council : f ,., cw ,N x . . A M x CfVf"V:l3-'lfi'-' l1h'l1Sy.l2. lorgi-nsen. ' Keith Kuck, right, shows Bill Mincks his 1 ., ,,fV . ---. . ww .nltlmclx V. Dczxclrlck. L. Scott. favorite record. t A A Q. f ll 1 . 2 10 K f ' . l I V 5 IO lx 70 f il' C :ff 5 ,. I 1 'x . l , f 1 , f r ' X . 4 . , . l me l D 2-QI ,. Page dU Q 2 2 1 Jfeeny racks, mar- , who chool illage e col- illiam surer, and ,1 f, i fix, 1 f Ji. . ig me 78 1,5 ff ,af -,few-"""'f, P' Jr...,,...,,L. . 54 J - , SUNSET VILLAGE-fmffzere Arm, an pcgexg QU? ALM? --vw'-f SGW .Q . .R-I 'Q V 3 -1? .Ai 1'1 . sr 4 . 9? jx i .I ,-Y ,. N r 'xlr l' 'r' lNlI'Hlll 'Xlr XYoo4l .mal Mxss McDux'itt look ovvr ax minizxturc stage sct. . H1 ... Q Q Q4 N . -. .NY Recognize d undispufe greatest En' Scl1O0l fef L edy revealir of the eight produced was Ofigina it was fem as ll'16T1, de dred Yeayrs Sheridan S Althougl for the 1110 joyed the liant and 2 DRAMA DIRECTCJRS l -l.mlm. mo m.l11-1' .lllll klllfllflll was clircclcel lwy Nlisg Stmycr. Sv! '- lilrlli wlwol lllpmmltnw llIlglS wsu' de-sigm-fl lwy Stamlcy Vlfoocl, cos- ' luelxon kiwi-wl lw ilu-' lour Iurnus lw lliclmrcl lmrgslroxn znml proc ' ,vl ff ' Vlcllgnvill. This policy WH5 I 11' -ll' WH Nl all ell-t.ulx lwx l lnm 'N 1 l.,l ll.. 4... . l" "' le "ll KI'-'-wl1 lolloxmxl clurmg ilu- yvaxr lor ilu- tlmru' otlwl' 5 ' fl " f-ml: flu.-mwlx.-X pl,.ye pl'UQlllk'L'Ll. "YUz1l'S Ago." Uficluool ll l - V X " ' "U 5n.1ml.ll . mel "'l'l1v Slvu ming l5L'illllY.H , I V V D 1 XX l " I I ll-lf 'ffl"'7zI "7 '-ll' vfllll mln- pxxwl-ntgllion ol Mlllw lrogem lr 1' A NYM! 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The auditoritim jan1-packed wit11 11111sic-lovers enjoyed every note-lilled 111i11111e by Nliss Tourel who sings 111 seven languages and 111ree vocal ranges. Especially well received were her "Ave Marie" by Schubert and se- lections by Debussy. 0 CERT LW Qpening l tab wa M lla voice Out his debut af 1944 35 Pell Hide," one most demal rhen he haf ances thr0US This bafil acl to be E1 P was accom? 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Nancy licrnlwroclt, llaulinc Bocliin, llatricia llallt - n P 511' ll--z1gl'Lz.t, Ea' iiliaxiiilfr, lfiaiziv llntlfvv, Klux-ri lfppartl, tlrac-3 lfclilnntl. li-:ssic l:invr. Mari liostcr. Lon Gil- Wllllams' N -l-zz ' l'.-"T-. lnzal ll.-:::i.t lavay fN''.' llwxlaml, l2ulwi'ta llnrst. llcvcrlx' lrwin. Nlary lcnnings, llctty lonvs. Luella Arm' ll-1-1. l'tf-"' l -fY"- K-1f71i'lWl'- lafv-"1',iliii liintixtall, llt-in'n-tts Kolb, l,cara lmclicr. Collt-rv Lake. llarlw Lcnnarson. TENORS' Klart. lil:-,.v lw:z:.t fXl.i:t-'zz-, Iwazzizt- fX'l.ixlivltl, Clirul Millvr, l.oras Morisclic, Virg Nlcycr, Marilyn Nanninga, Aftliolfma ML-'rm fi 11, lrl.:'.1'.'- Nivl--Air lfainv Ni-rtliuall, lfliz Ot-lriqli, Phyllis Olilantl, Mary Parsons, Doris Pattcrsoii, sek. Walla' ll-:i:..t :'l-p,, zz:-: S11.i:p::-- i'--it-r-Q-in, E'lv.llix S.nnitlvrx, lluttx' Schutt. Artlua Scliwcmlcinann, lfvclyn Sicpcrt, Rosc- BAS5E5f :naar-. 5:3 '.-- :,, livlliu' S1--tzzzr., l'-mix Snntli, Rliriain Sit-nilvrmi, lirina Sit-lfciis. Lcnora Sunday, Gloria Swanson. D0I19l50Uvl fiiattzzi- Nab Kat 'lilu-ring'-i-xx, l-i-.U 'llmxtt-ltlt. Nlarilvn lnttlt-, Vvralwllt- XK'clwlv, Catlicrinc XVlialin. Naiicy GOYCIOU Pe XXMQ-':g-r I-.aim XK'iltt::Q.t:1, lit: XX'1Ili.miwxi, l",li:.ulu-tli Yoclzvv, Nlary llanscn lack YUHQ' 54 7l'l3-"Nftill5 f'-if-il'-H 4'-'HP-'r, .-'Xriii.ilwllt- 'l't-nlwtwr, Dolort-5 Alliinan. Aric, Valdcnc Tclforcl, Maric lim.:-, MH'--'xx Kraft, Salk. lflil-'r-., XN'.intl.i Ktllvv. ,Xl 'VHS 32.1 ,Mil .", .f'Xl1r.ili.nnwn, Marg Allvn. luycv Aniunclson. Gloria l'mkt-liotis-:. Mary lllcick, Marg l""'t" ff ll" l"f17""U li'-H1 l'1urnvttt', laula Cain, llmiiiit- Carnian, l,t-ula Clartcr, Nancy Cfavv. Natalic Clayton. ll"f1"1f'i l"2'-F11-f l4'2'i lllil-"liar, Nl.ititl-.n lilwtwii, xliiFllX'H lilimlcrs, l,ilt'.ili liiirgcrauii. lili: Clull, llarlv t.:.1:. -1. li-1.-:L-. waitin. ,Nmir---. tant-mlm. r, ljnviia llt-tlrnl, luvtv llwrttm, Marilyn llouts. Annis lluwt-ll, Milclrvcl ll.,-.t., .. l uw ' fc- -:,: .... -1. lzil. :Q ni, ,t-.1 it-orgiia l.anritlsrn, Ciract' ' l ff. lug' 1:7 iz. Kllerzazz larx:-, llwt I--nniiiqx, Url lxtliqmlty' Ithm hunnl' Q l l l l i l x 'Nlaiar--r. xl-lI'llX'Il Nlviitlvll, lanvt Klulmrtq, Virq Nltwllcr. lfstlirr lN"lum, l ' N " lf" ' 'X-H '--' lie' fi 1' r lam-t Cllii--y, llul wa, f....,. .. .. . .. I VNU wrt-x Oinar, Slnrlvx' Oilinn-r, Clract' lt-tt-rm-ri. , l . y H. Q. K. y . " ' " 3' ' ' " ll-' - li-4"i'--Wi "'- :'l'n-n 'Nlur l l R ttir.fNlarx Ri l ,Q 1... 4'...i4 qdmi, liunnit- Ritcliart. I t-"M i 1 Ml PQQe 4 9 C0Hcert formance famous tr0POlilan debut in miqug in Sl'lQ has Ctober gf -H Concert i and the Ymplwny. ourel on rth of the fied with note-filled o sings in :ee vocal :ived were rt and se- Warfiaf 3113 er Ups-ning the lf?-lhfl tmritt-it ht-ritw nt lrmni Htatte 'l't'ttfliet's titilleqe tin lit' tulwr I2 wus lN'l.irti:tl Sintilier, l:I't'Iltll lm1'ilurit', hflr, Sititiliex' who is lulled .ix "gt voice out of tht- golden titled ni.ide his tlt'lNll :tt the lNleti'upolit.iri llpeixi in ll?-H its ljellezis in Hllellezis .ind hlelis- ilIlCll','i one of the operatic I't'DCI'lOI'Y'S most denmnding nssitqrinieiils. Since then he has niude some -ltltl zippenr- uricex throughout the country. This lmritone who originally intend- ed lo he at professor of niodern French was nctonipnnied hy Paul Ulzinoxvslqy. An appreciative audience received hi: line :ind varied numbers. The program included serenudes by Mozairt and llrnhnis in addition to such lovely selec- tions as "Don Quichiotte ai Cfuleincen hy Ravel. if AUTU N C0 CERT 84 :ace S5 Paqe 8l'f SAGW CAOPLZ L speem m t , . . xti . . . , , 1 .. progmni me . nm . . it . . H i ., . 1' light in the ll?-Hi-U Liomt-r't series . .tu .5 .0 Lglt L . O . ti tt Old - . t t 5a in ol hluwit. No ortlitstm uns us , .in tight plete thtnnihti inusit tnsenihlt supplemented the 32-vciiee group. The eliomlt optntd with numhtra lu n tl nlnk A .ixteenti tentuix. ri t wings .ind fNttgrospiiitt1.ils auth .is lf I . ret.. ..t . XLLI1 e5DLxltl I' ee he , th l it ot wings intluded suth lotclx shui.-. 1. i . .inc ieie ivxnen, Balk, u Gil- lones, iarson, iininga, terson, Rose- 'anson, Nancy Marie , Marg lla tOI1, , ,lgarb Jlildred Grace - Moss. etersen. itcharf. Al-TOSf -Barbara Rowley, Lois Searight, Donna Sharp, Harriet Shaver, Ruth Sloan, l..iur.i Steinbeck, llexerlv Swering, Ieanne Shafer. ljmeverly Tyler, Marilyn Van Steenberger, Nadine XVt-ber, XX'ilin.i XX'ieint-rs. Marx' XNiIlianis, llat VVilson. Luanne VVoodruff, Delina XVright, Mary Teinpleinan, Darling, Dorothy XX'.ill1er. Luella Armstrong, Corine Swenson. ' W 'l'liNORSa Robert Arnold, XVilliani Barnett, Marvin llerginann. lint C.ib.ilk.i, George Cfanlield. Roger fftifley, Art Hoffman, Quinn Hrudka, Mark McCarran, Dwane Mickelson, David Miller. lloward Mullens. Iaines I'.ipoii- sek, VVallace Roscoe, lirancis Sabus, Ioe Siplon, Iaines Bliss, XVilliain l'rotlieroe. liASSliSW-'Roger Atz. Ross Bachtell, llhil Barck, Doug Brandt, Iames llryan. liuiidy, Toni ljtllllltl. Ron Donelson, lim Flinders, Alex Gale, lohn Haack, ilerle Haggblade. Dick jones, Ted luel, XX'ick Klalin. Don l'etcrs. Gordon Petersen, Phil l'ringle, lolin Reninger, Dale Rice, Laverne Rohlfsen, C. Vandcrbrook, Roger XX'.rIkt-r, lack Yungclas, Vt-ryle lfldsinoe, lack XVing, Dwane Mickelson, LO! 298 CAOPMJ Anyone who might have been walking around the music de- partment at Christmastime would have been thrilled at the sound of 185 voices blending together on the "Hallelujah Cho- rus." This was the College Chorus preparing for their annual presentation of Handels "Messiah," This year for the first time, not only was the chorus completely rohed for their Mes- siah appearance but the performance was held in the men's gymnasium because of its larger seating capacity. The A Cap- pella Choir also added their voices to the chorus for the "Mes- siahw. ln addition to the good times had bv all with their director lklauric: Gerow, nienibers of the chorus learned a great deal of musical facts and had an opportunity to let forth their emotions in harmonious music. The chorus also presented a spring concert in May at which the guest artist was George Samson of the college music lac- ultv, One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the Bach "cinin4r:n". ln this concert also the chorus ap- peared in their new black robes purchased this school year. I 1 1 -cheers wlmih drum for 1111- d. rs while mce. S 1 . .Q L K , . i - R., . s ., 'J' ',,. . -Q .U rw! grfnt . V' Y xi 'ji xxx! zen: f'L'll'-.!.In?3!.-...-'....'Lg. 1 f' 4 3 f ' , , I .V I 'I .' W Q Q F5 1 'O W 111 , an . r 4- ' fl " ,,w1f 4 ' f I Y , Y .fl . , .-M I x '1 In ' .JIM . 1'111.i' 5f111'11 X K 0WLQCOWLLl'l,g . UHf-l'f'!,1 . 111115125 11 1111111 q11vv11, 11w.v11x 151111, Ilsin' .1 111: 111111 ' 1 1111 11:1-1:11111-X X1.1x K1.11'11. 1x1 1i11:::'1:' 11111 1131'- l'11.1111'1. 13111 11-xx.1 -51 1.1xx111-'1 111111211 1wZ1w111.1:. x 311' 1111-11 ' 1 .'v,1 1 L 1 sl . Q I f A . ,A "1 A -W . ...--an-Q J P!! f 7' , 1 V . !S'v': 'AV I 1 E an Ld ' I KbJ,,,,--- X X EB .P 1'-'Jig - J 1-4,-f I' ,,.,,,,...-1' !l Bl El El 21 11 11 12 1. 1 15 115 11? 1111 1 I . 1 1 1 .51 11 is any rl' .fl . 1 8,411.1 41 ,A f I I N 1 ,1fX1I11I1II1 1111311 111111 1114 I 1111x1 l1x1111 lx I1 II 1111811 IIx1'1 xx 121111111 12111111 1 I11 P1111 IXlc11111x1 N Jw? Aw men. fe in oveen and 1t of ere'S inf0 iary. r, the line- s Set gave g the stein P0199 Top Row TIILODORL IXJAI R WfxL1l R bm nxmx C H xm 1 5 Som xwx Bottom Row CARL MILLIIXAN LMI RNI Rom 1 sr x Dux XI no I XRINIURI Bob L s s off 1 my x s r lt ou ,SJ ,, H' pl 'nf 04 'Q 'Fm . I 2 .Y 'Yi' 555 'S :Y ,Jax g 7 4 1? 1. .15- 'Mari W .ff 1 iw? ' if 51,10 W :Af Lu it l'.111!l11'1's l.1l111- .1 11.1111 11111111 1111111 Iflw' l31.1P1 H KI11' 17 I3 l.1 ,11,, 1.1 .. Q , anflhlmj I Top R1111'.- I,1i1i VV.1x1i111-1x111-11x1. R11111i11'1' 5111111-xx L11 1 XI IJ XX1111 13111111111 R1111w IDONNI-11.1. A11x1-11' ' 3 . SIXNIIN I51111xx XXN1 111 V111 X 1 1 TGV -w '5 v- 5 4 v K Q ""-'xr 'sl 'W 57' DC Nw JVOMQA we fel' Religious Groups ...... 98-106 Honorary 0rganizations . . . 107-123 Religious 81 Honorary Group lniormals . 124-125 '6The Sleeping Beauty" ...... 126 Hlleep Are The Boots" . . . . . . 127 Winter Coneerts ...... 128-129 Chapel Choir 81 ACapella Choir . . . 130 Women's Chorus ........ 131 Basketball ..... . . 132-137 Wrestling ........ 138- 143 0ld Gold Beauty 0ueens . . . 144-151 Beauty Candidates ..... 152-155 0ld Gold Popularity Winners . . 156-159 Popularity Candidates . . . 160-161 ' v4 43" firi. i 0- '.- '-0 ik! 5 X B N0r H-L SH GQAy 8 M TON 'UE : L4 R PpE O-U Page 94 L" . T11pR11111: W1LL1.mx1 RA1x111111', I1111x XNvII.l.I.'XX1S. 1I11.1111,1-Qsl V111 B 1X1l1'1 Il1Il11 11.1s11 111' 111111 1'1s111-1' 111.11 S1-111 1111- 1110111 11l'f1117lR111l': EL1'1N G1111111'1N. 111111 s111111'111 XK'11.1,1..111 1111111111 111111 1X1l1.I.1-Il. 111111 G1zx1Y'1'oN IJ1111112. 1111.111 11111111-s 111111 1111- 70-111111, 11.11110 XXIII' 1111-11-.11'.11111 11.11 X1-11-111-11 1111 YII1' :X-11-11.1'--1 11 '- 1'1'1-xx NK.K1111K1 1.11110 .1111 .X1111111... .1.1 1111511 1111111-.111-11 111111 1111s1'111'1-11 1111 111'11111'11s 111 15,11 111g' 1111.-111,10 111.1 .1.-1.11111-,, 1.-1,111 1 XX'1CSlCl'll 1N111'11i11.111 1'1'.1s1111111 111111-11 111 111-10.11, ..1111.-1-.-11..- 1.1.1. 11.-1 1.-1.-1 .1 I 111,111.1 l1.1X'.,,, 1:111' 1110 sixth1-1111s1-1'11111'1- 1'1-.11' 1111- 121111111-1' k1l5l1k11111 .11111 111111--1 1111. '111- 1--1:11--1 111111111-1's 1.1111LxL1 1111-1' .111 N111-111 L11-1111.11 111111- I U. ,, 1-U1'Q11k'C 1111-s 111 s111111 111 11-111 111th 10.111110 111.11111 11-111110 11-.1111 1111111511111 11 1'.11s1-s 1110 1111111-11-.111-11 1111111-1' 1,-11,-1 1 1,-11 9.1,-3 01100 x11-11111 111 10.111111-111-111111111-1-.111-111-1-.11 N.-1 1-31,113 ,Z 51,11 121.. 1- PCl'10k1. 1'-11111-1 11.111' 1 11111 1 1-'1110 111111 1 -4-' 1-1'.::1.g 1111 1111- 11111110 110111 1110 51.11111-1-L 1111-11 1-1 '- 101111011 1111-11' 1111111 s11'11111 111 NK 111s 111 Q11 111' 11111 x1c1.1:111q N111111 17.111111.1 51.110 .11111 51111111 11.1 11.11 .X 11111 :tif XX-lN1"I' 1101.1 51.110 111-S1111-s 11011111111 11110111 1111110 .11111 Il.-gp 111- - X 1: NXVLXSILXYI1 1X11011111.111, 1111-sc 1.181 11111 111111101 j 1, '.,b K. yu.-. jj NYCYC 1110 111.11111111'.11 11111111 11.11111-s .11 11. 11. :Q 11,19-1 11 1.1111111111 1:10111 ,. 111-di. 11 11151111 1.111'111g 11'.1s 01111s1-11 111' 1111- 1 11.. 1 1 5 1111? FTW-' T 01100 0114101105 115 1110 11111s1.1111111111 111.111-1' 1 1 111'-T 1111-11 - 'Dis 12' ,g 1 X--11-11111. 11111111 111X.111.11111XN.11!:- :ft 11:11-1: ' 1 111- I1--X 1 11-1 .-1 1'-'- 1' 11 1'--1 11. f'f111r- 1 1... 11: ,X'1i"' ,..x,,.11 mx.. swu" MABEL ORMSTON DR. VERNON P. BODEIN ua- 165 .5 Ji jf A Cgllncmnf Cdridlfian ddociafion The Student Christian Association minis- ters to the religious needs of all students, re- gardless of denominational lines. Sponsoring various activities designed to acquaint stu- dents with modern social and religious prob- lems, the S.C.A. did practical work such as making possible student absentee-voting in the I9-48 national election. It also gave op- portunity for intensive study through the an- nual Religious Emphasis Week, Religion and Social lssues Conference, and the Inter- Faith Conference-three highlights in the Flrff Nou-5 li. Aschinger. Sec.: M. Martin, Second V ston, Pres.: Clark. Vice Pres. S year's program. Wednesday is really S.C.A. day at the college, with student-led medita- tions in the morning before classes and the afternoon Coffee Hour from 3:30-5:00. This popular function gave students and fac- ulty a chance to get together each week and discuss in an informal manner problems of interest to the college community. "Brother- hood Trips" acquainted students with the position of minority groups in the country. Students were given a chance to contribute to the welfare of students in other lands. ice Pres.: Dr. Vernon Bodein, M. Orm- .I-iiiml Rona' H. Lanuners, B. Godfrey, M. Eggleston, A. Mumby, P. Fenton, Moore. Tliirrl Ron-: D. Schramm, R. Green. H. H , B. R enry oss. M. Lund. Q9 401 Y T f' P0219 First' R01 Second f Third RC Wc Fourth R M. Bapl Thef. First' Ron L. I Second R Third R0 Hur Fourth R vo-I If ll than Q. LlP"v. am, W-4 adn. f 1 ' 1' fi I XXTQ:-E: I Clllwili- Rl. XYcr'iici'. R. Kirsclilmiiiii, N. Aiinc. H. Rcigelslvcrgcix ::-- l N lzzmtii-'i' , 1.1 Ani, IJ lim... I3 l'ix'l-1x'I'IIl.lH, M. lfugcii. li. Hiidck. D. Qwlloolc. Nl. lfgaii. L. Kuplm. R1 illivziwz. il Iwi' l Xlimiiilz... lf. l'.ii'i'i-ll. D. Doll.ii', l. Zi-iiiziii, S. Dunn, A. Cain, Nl. lilzilicrty. ll e':xl::.-', I qfffi IU.-if IJ lwilil-i, li Vi- liupiu. M. lilciuli, N. Huduk, Scliuin.iclici'. Elsingcr, ll. l.ii1.g:.Qii Xl XY.-lu-ix li V.iiinlixvi'. lXl. lVl.ii'tiii. l":"'i li'--if I XX'iiiil.-rx. l". l..iiii.iiisky. ll. Siiick, R. Liiiiiiiisky, H, Roiisc. A. Shui, Nl. Frcd- fizil. It Swiiiiiii-i'ilui'l. Niigiuiit, Schilling. Newman Club RELIGIO GROUP Newman Club lfirxr li'-wr M. XXX-i'iici'. Svc.: Ci. Schmidt. D. liotli, Father Michzwl, Sponsor: Fitzpatrick iliiiuu. 'li Kiilwik, lN'l. Nlccliiltucli. 51.--ml Rini- ll. lliiiiul, M. lflsciilxist, M. Kciiiicy, E. Hilgcr. A. Forbes, M. YVciiclt. H. Kcl wx, V l.iiu-r, l.. liiirgcrxoii, 'l'!mil lil-'rr K1 l'liiiili-rx. S. XX'uml, R. Kcsslcr, lf. l'Lircs, ll. Scliiicpf, C. Plizilcii, R. Kam-. li Nliliwiiv. Xl Ufiuxiiiuii f"'11rfli li'-wr ll Ui-tvi'ii1.iii, M. DclN'lciilcri.iQi'c. H. Kopriui, B. Oliricii, H. McCairx'illc. l ll.iNIiiiq. l' l'm.ill4, Nl. Vl'IIILll'lCl1. K. XVlicclcr. l'i1'fl1 NUI' ll Qiilrli. Scliiictli, ll, XVcriici'. D. Coiizctt. B. lirondic, M. Qliiigcr, liliiiclcrs l llilx. XX' Nviixtruiii. ll. liroiiiiiivl. ... j First Row: E. Gates, Z. Barton, Sec.: H. Shafer, Pres.g A. Epp, Vice Pres.: D. Wright, Treas Second Row: Niles, I. Benson, P. Davison, Boysal, A. Ballantine, W. Dawson, D. Hahn. Third Row: W. Wood, O. Miller, E. Christiansen, G. Peterson, L. Kindwall, F. Wolff, Mrs. Wood, Director. Fourth Row: R. Kegley, A. Ten Boer, P. Cocking, L. Pierce, B. Brown, L. Lawless, R. Attig M. Bruene, A. Shakespeare. Bapfisi' Sfudeni' Cenler RELIGl0US GROUP Theta Epsilon First Row: Mrs. Wm. Wood, Sponsor, L. Silver, Sec.: L. Pierce, Pres.: M. Bruene, Vice Pres. L. De Vries, Treasq Mrs. Irving Ahlquist, Sponsor. Second Row: E. Trabert, D. Elthon, W. Dawson, E. Gates, A. Ballantine, I. Niles. Third Row: M. Lindhart, P. Davison, N. Lindhart, A. Ten Boer, G. Peterson, O. Miller, M Huntington. Fourth Row: Hamblin, L. Kindwall, P. Cocking, C. Riddle, M. Novak, R. Attig, R. Kegley H-al- xgJr'r4 5 4 Nt A V n ff 4, i1,I ,Li tl I 'ka 1 ",' ' .N If 'xI NI-,XI-rm, I. Ilixvn. I. Sln-Id.aI1I. 'I'r1-ns.: M. Alton, Svc.: K, Tjornchoj, Rrvs I' Iiry' '.K1ex1n', Ynv I'r.-N.. C1 Iir'nIcnIv.n1gI1, A. Ilnnclson. R. Sorcnscn. N.. inn XI II..nx- n. If. III-Inwm. R. I.nnd. IXI. Vfilcfvx. Ii. Miller, H. Nelson, A. GrifIitI1, ID 521+ R .f'hI'I.nnI, 'l4f.ff,! 1,211 II Ilmwgl-ur, II IH-tcrmrl. V, Krnnnlvccr, D. Nelson, D. Iohnson. I. Klnscn, B. Ilinnn II Grow. IU, IIuIsI. V. Olson. lf :nth IV- ll A RnIl.n1QI, S. XX'n-ncrr. VV. Larson, R. Hcinrich, L. Lockcr, E. XNIIIIIINIIIII, D. N.-Iwn. I Anmnndwn, I II.u3Iord, ID. Rnsnmusscn. V. Hcrnlanson. I-Mgrh lx'-In' I 'Ilmxh-Idl, CQ, Ixnscn. C. Hnngcn. H. XVI-sscl, P. House, K. Carlson, B. Thorns. A XK':IIrnx, Ii Ch-nrlclm. R. Opin-nn. A. Klnscn. I'. Dohrcr, D. Hk'FIl121IlSOIl. Lufheran Sfudeni' Associa'rion RELIGIO GROUP Gamma De-Ha l'lf'I IXIUII' IS I.n-sclml-ic, D. HL-idcpolu-, Dnlnns, Pres., L. Morischc, Sec.: IVI. Knrdul, I' Nvllm' NNI NUM' If., V. Ilnnsvn. R. Soclcln, C. Schcfcr, IVI. Hurlbut. Rcutcr, D. Iicrgnmn. First Seco film! N-ln' I3 II.n'n.ngk, 'If NI-Ilnr, A. Schnldt, R. Smith, N. KLIIIIIIIEIIIII, IVI. Iiodcrlnzmn, If. I.lx'Ilm'IlI.1IIIl. XI CIIAIINVII. I' 'rfffff IXIUII' Ii SWIIMIIIIMILIQIII. RiIwIu-ck. A. Hcldt, I-. IVIe1rtcns, If. Clausen, V. Hcislcr, M. I',.'r.nn.n1n. A. I'mlwnn', IU. Sclnnnnxn -L --' Q L. fr' .AG ick iel- B. n I ers, 1 1Q 'Q 7 dl I-fb K -'ln First Row: Mrs. C, lf. Parry, Advisor: Picrcu. R. XXX-mlm-l, D, llvqq--n, l'r.-1., 12 5.1-.r ll Vice: Pros.: L. Carlson. Scuond Row: Clark, B. Chapin, ll. Uvlriclm, ll. Clmllrvy. N. llulmlll.-rg. Nl xxllllllllxl l Moclcr. Third Row: L. Landon, S. Bollhocfcr. B. Pitchcr. I.. XVomirnlf. l.. Nlhnrr-r, ll if-rlfnhn l llrchn. Fourth Row: G. Laxson, G. lippzxrd. l'. Uottsclmllc, M. Vunllnnwn. l' ll.nx'rs. ll Sr 5 XV. Bcckcr, B, Crosscr, C. Bcrkstrcsscr. Plymouflm Club RELIGIO GRO P sigma E+a cha First Row: G. Sawtcll. Trcas.: C. McCann, Vice l'rcs,: Mrs. C lf. l'.nrry, A. lI.1.rk1nswn. l'n-sp G. Swanson. Soc. Sccond Row: K. Nall-iorna, Nl. Xvhiting. A. lluntcr. R. l'rcl1n, A. Third Row: S. Bollhocfcr, G. Eppurd, L. Carlson. L. XK'nonlrufl. lt. Ol-Idrlclm. T 'O' -xp' V3 43-W5 Q-11 I : ' M' 4. I N- :f?..-. mm C' Iwxwx X I'r'vs,. Cf. I..l5I1Ix'I', Svc.: Ii. Ifxmms. 'I'r'c.xx.: D. ' .- -: IQ I Up, :..i II Iumw, .-X XXwtpI1.II. II. Smith, Mrs. IfIl.I IgI'.lkIIOI'L'I, Sponsor. ' . H ff C I..I.:'.u:, IJ NI-Ivm. KI SIIIICIII. IU. HumIcrm.m. K. Lomcn. If. INIcinIw, Ii. X'1':..:t XI XX'--:rw I SII.II.-Ig X IUv.uI1'1LI4. XI. Iarxix. Y im! lf. 71 I IIwIIx:.---. .-X IQII-Armuvn' I NI-armxs, Ii. Lama, IXI. In-rxon. D. Su-pI1unsun, C. fI'.::A1-1.--1. R SIIIII'II-13 I. IIIIIIIMIII, Ii. C.I.lI'Ii. II. INIIIQINII. IXI.1xIIcILI. I :.-:'f. 16.11 I5 Ihxxwzm. I' XX'lIII.I111Nm1, XI. Idugc. ID. Stiff. Dirks. I.. CIwnImII, Ii. IXIIINH- r.:-5.1 5 .f'MI:IIx. F' IIv1w. I II.I1Iu11. IN. Chu-, XI. Iiurncrr. Kappa PM RELIGIIIU GRO P Kappa PM lflfaf fx'-N11 Y XY.-IIvmIur'I R RI 1mIvs. R. Siplon. M. N.mr1ingn. H. ZIm1m'rm.m, If. Cflutv. O I IIIIIWIIX. It 5ItlIIIIlMI'. I XXVIILIIIIIIH. Ii. Brown. Y . , . .NMI '.If fx-'H IJ 5.ImIx-'11 I' IDI ldlvy, M. I..uII1r0p, It. I'1sI1, M. Hmxcr. VV, DcXVitt. Ii. IN'IuIImx. I II-IIIII. 5 SIII-1111.111 I Iiruarlmlvy, XV. I'umII-r. "ZUJI I 'M' II' " II AXWI"I"Il"' I SKII-IIN. S, NlJI'IIlx'X'. If. Iicll, K, Doylv, NI. Hollis, S. I.mku-IMI. II IINIPYII-'I I7 Ihfnm- I 'NI.uIIIm'I4s, R. II11rsr, R. SXYIIHSOII. .,'I I fx I III r: KI Iwmff I X II III- I.1mIv11 R RUIIIIIILI, I, III.1ss, INI. IXIcIXlII1p, NI. INIUIIIII, NI I II-:f Firs Sccc i lelr 'QITIBI1 nn: E' F err M' F F Fil'-Yf' Row: lVlrs. Ella Bradford, Sponsor: l-. limlw. Svc.: 'lf flux, l'r,--., A l'f.-ri.-,HL-A X, l Pres.: D. Rouse, 'I'r1-us. Svf0f1f1'Rouw N. Cavs. H. Pctcrscn, L. Holmcs. l.. XX'lnxlvr, V, lhmx.-, if Nnrrh.-K Third Row: K. Kuck, D. Picrcc, D. Stiff, D. Lloyd, I. Synlmrxt, li. lil-rmm, H I2w.xI.-N Me+l1odis+ Sfudenl' Council RELIGIO GRO P Della Sigma Tlwela irsr Row: A. Ohl, Sec.: R. Armstrong, I. Blumcr, H. Pct-srxcn. l,I'a.'5.L I. Cmxg, Vmcu l'rL-X. T. Smiley, D. Rodgers. ccond Row: D. Vancc, R. Hoover, D. Brandt, R. Dcnl, D. Moss. 'l'. Clqy. B. Cfldm, , Third ROu': K. Kuck. B. Benton, D. Picrcc, I. Siplon, Young, H. XVhitc. B. ll.nym-N. ourtlx Row: B. Braband, B. Hall, B. Thalackcr, Rydcl, B. llctcrscn. lf. fNlcNlurrv. lf. llxxl-icv. E. Vickroy. iftlx Row: E. Docringsfcld, B. XVilson, M. Curr, G. York, XY. Mindes. D,, R. liurmrtf. D. Gilkcrson, V. Paul, QP .Of 3 l -V V- W , J First Row: A. La Foy, First Vice Pres.: l. McCabe, Pres.: Mr. G. H. Holmes, B, Denniston Sec -Treas' E Main Second Vice Pres. ' ' " ' ' Second Row: V. Poulsen, S. Thompson, G. La Foy, Hauter, W. Sherren, D. Whiting. Third Row: M. Russell, G. Strayer, O. Knee, T. Smiley, C. Birchard, D. Herrmann, W. Carthey. Pfrfqe 107 onorary rganiza. fiom ALPHA PHI SAM MA One of the newest honorary organizations on campus is the national journalism' frater- nity, Alpha Phi Gamma. Although it was newly organized last spring it has already taken an active place among the older hon- orary groups. One of the club's chief aims is to further the cause of journalism on campus. Of its many activities the annual "Publications Ban- quet" in the spring is perhaps the main event but coming a close second is the fraternity's sponsorship of Hlournalism Day" for nearby high school journalists. lack McCabe has served as president of the Alpha Phi's for the past year with Au- brey LaFoy and Eleanor Main as first and second vice-presidents, respectively: Betty Denniston as treasurer, and Orval Knee as bailiff. The sponsor of the group is George Holmes. Clute .ullinS wood rt, M- 1 no First Row: C. Ascliom, A. liciim-tt, Vic: lircsg S Siu-ili. 'l'i'v.i-. ll l..iiiii:i.4i-. S-4. l' Xl llrvs.: D. Icniiings, lf. Smith, Sccoricl Row: N. l'lziffncr, lf, Mitclwll, D. lflilriilgv. l' ll--ui-ll. I Silii-if..--i M liilfli- A. Hutclicroft. D. VVliiting. Third Row: M. Stutzinzm, D. Riiclwl. ii. lll.m-r, ff, Volix, S. Klhiiiiii--ii, ll li ii-.-'i:. Y Xl I:Olll'fll1eOll'f N. Dursclimidt. D. lVlcKv.iii. l'. llilmlii-ck, XY. XX'oulw.. lf. ll--izil-'iw--iz. li Nl I. Faircliild. Filth Row: M. Raiiiiscv. A. Norton. l'. Cicouyv, l'. Clmlwli-, ll Klux.-ip l' lliiiil--i. l" Iii B. Dcnniston. Presbylerian Fellowship RELIGIO GRO P Pre-sby+erian Fellowship Firm Row: Rcv. G. Stcclc, Built-y. R. Ross, K. Ciissuiis. Nl. l.iiml. cidllll, Xlrx. lffl-Jllxll qUfO7ld Row: C. Drcbcnstcdt, M. Stutzmziii. M. Uilkcy. D. Brock. 5. Cmopi-ix l l3H1ll-'fi M Hurdcr. Tlllbfll Row: M. lcnnii1QS. Bzilwlw. U. lzmsoiiius. ll. Di-Kosicr. C. Slicliloii. l,'li-x. Y Pnl-, E. Moss. , ' I FUIIFUI Rviv: M. Moulds, K. llzirkcr, M. Ructor, ll, Cin-vii. lf. ll.ii-lm-r. ll 5 -I-iff' XX lV-Wllf S. llctcrsoii, B. Smid. dvi- : 84. I.. f- L 1 I big- 'erage - Beta 5 their searqh hip, EIB in- ussion Olllef- ology, , IHU- BOYE111. or Dr, inther sidentg nd Le- ers. 1 JH. Page 108 Epsilon Pi Tau was founded at Ohio State University in the year 1928. It has as its purposes the recognition of the place of skill in industrial arts and vocational indus- trial education, promotion of social eiliciency. and fostering, counseling. rewarding. pub- lishing and circulating the results of research efforts in the helds of its interests. Activities of the year included professional meetings, the initiation of new members at the state teachers' convention in Des Moines and the dedication ceremony for the new Arts and Industries Building. Dfiicers for the year were: Arnold Pier- sall, president: lack Hauser, vice-president: Don Wood. secretaryg and Harold Baer, treasurer. The faculty sponsor for the organ- ization is Harold G, Palmer. EPSILON PI TAU onorar r cmiza,fi01fL5 First Row: A. Piersall, D. Wood. H. Baer, I. Hauser. Second Row: D. Bachman, D. Loomer, I. Semi-sr. L. Collopy. ll. l'.ilinvr. Third Row: W. Wagner, E. Crosby, L. Callahan, XV. Ditzier, V. lit-rg. R. a Ti .i 4 -'if' x pGQe 109 in- li IOWA TEACHERS FIRST The only student promotional organiza- tion on campus is Iowa Teachers First and, as their name implies, they are a group of outstanding juniors and seniors interested in securing an able and competent student body for ISTC. Dr. Riebe is their faculty Spon, sor and President Price and Miss Campbell serve as honorary sponsors. Their Home- coming breakfast for all ITF "alums" and the initiation of new members each quarter were the highlights of their social activities, Their duty as members is to help promote the college by being leaders in the various organ- izations to which they belong. Serving as officers for the year were Iohn Nydegger, president: Ieanne-Marie Empey, vice-president, and Ioy Perry Sires, secre- tary. o 0 OlfL0l"6l,l"g l"g6LlfLLZ6LtL0lfL15 Fir t Row: I. Nydegger, Pres.: Empey, Vice Pres.p Sires, Sec.: H. A. Riebe, Sponsor. E Ell' M O mston G Strayer K Shaw M Trekell Second Row: . is, . r . , . , , , , , Third Row: W. Worden, N. Van Anne, I. Eland, Raines, W. Waack. A twoffnmul d 3 banquet an . . sive initiation by Kap quaffef ' ucatioll Soclety . ude ization 3 St have 3 25 gl credit in 6 the 'teal ducz prOV6 high idealS, 3 1, intelle and to recO9U This year Sponsor, Wh0 was elected 1 siona First Row: F Woodbt Second Row: Sayre, l Thi:d Row: Anders: Fourth Row: C. MCC Fifth Row: F. Erb I 1 Page 112 We 11 Page First Row: D. Handorf, Pres.: V. Peck, V. Pres.: P. Arildsen, Sec.: R. Claus, 'I' K. l'.irI-1.-iy Second Row: K. Casscns, Allen, D. Stephenson, L. Wfesterherg, M. Nloar, S, Smith. Third Row: B. Standley, L. Cadwell, R. Christianson, E. Opheiin, B. Haynes, lf. V.ii1tlt-rli.-ui.-ix, i' Stiizifpy FUUITII Row: L. Luwe, D. Clute. E. Peterson, E. Main. 0lfL0l"6Ll" GOLDEN LEDGER 'N . -'N -s " -s-Qs .4 rga1fLizafi0n5 Golden Ledger members have reachecl one goal when they are accepted into the organif zation. As freshman or sophomore com- merce students, they have a three-point grade average in ten hours of commerce worl-1 and a average in other suhjects. Their second goal is to fulfill the orciani- :ations aim of developing tl spirit of cos operation and service ainonti students of the business education lield. The chief social functions of lllm'UftltlIll1.l' tion are its fall and sprinci lorinal initiation dinners. Meetings are held inonthlv. Qllicers for this v.'ei'e: pi".-sztleiit. Doris Hanclorl: x'ice-president Yiraiiiia Peck: secretarv. Pat fltrilclsen. .mtl freasiiiw-i' Robert Lflaus. liaciiltx' atlusoi' zs liz' Reli- ert Sliar. r -Digi' 313' First Row: G. Mach, Pres.: 0. Knee, Vice Press L. Abbas, Sec.: H. Van Engencsponsof? G- K9PP91'5f SPOUSOF- First St-t-ond Row: M. Burnett, B. Sayre, Ulch, McGrew, W. Boettcher, D. Whiting. ' Second RO? Tlzircl Row: G. Gibb, R. Ashworth, D. McClure, C. Peters, B. Boslough, R. Lankton, P. Chapdelame. Third Row l:fj11ffll Roni: C. Iacohson, D. Bockelman, L. Sheldahl, Bartlett, R. McLennan. B' Sk Fourth Roz A. St 0 f 0 OlfL0l"0'Ll" l"g6LIfLLZ 61 LOVL5 A homecoming breakfast started oif the social activities of Kappa Mu Epsilon, honor- ary mathematics organization. Drganized to create an interest in and to develop an ap- preciation of mathematics, the group holds monthly meetings at the home of their spon- sor, Dr. H. Van Engen. Discussion and re- ports are presented at these gatherings which terminate in a social hour featuring refresha UlUlll5. llrospeclive candidates must not only pass the matheniatical requirements for entrance but also present original mathematical theses to the group at the time of formal initiation. George Mach is president: Qrval Knee, xitt-pirsitleiit: and l.ena Abbas. secretary- lllt'-lSlll'L'l'. P099 H4 po Q9 Qaniza- rst and' YOUIJ QI ested in ent body IY Spon- Hmpbell Y Homg- IHS" and li quarter activities. omote the ous organ. were Iohn rie Empey iires, secre- L lSOI'. P GQ? I A two-minute initiation tallc, a red rose and a banquet are all a part of the impres- sive initiation ceremony that is held every quarter by Kappa Delta Pi, the honorary ed- ucation society. To be eligible for the organ- ization a student must be a junior or senior, have a 2.8 grade point and have 9 hours credit in education. The purposes are to im- prove the teaching profession by spreading high ideals, and to encourage high profesa sional, intellectual and personal standards and to recognize outstanding honor students. This year said farewell to Dr. Charles. sponsor, who retired. Dr. D. E. Thompson was elected to be the new sponsor. PI" I" KAPPA DELTA PI OVLO cz y ganizafiond First Row: R. Cvamm, Pres.: W. NVaack, Vice Pres.: B. Patrick. Sec.: XY. Kraut , ' hhloodburn, B. Showers, O. Hargens, R. Smith, D. li. Thompson, Advisor. li lrt-.i Xl l r N Svconcl Row: R. Copeland, R. Gibbons, Cv. Eppard, E. Iamison, D. Haiist-n, I. l'h.Ilii l Nu i I N I Sayre, F. Peters, K. Zabrt. 775.11 ROIU: E. Fosselman, P. Boehm, Allan, K. Kuck. C. Cregerst-ii. I. Allvrec Anderson, D. Blankenhorn, M. VVagner, VV. Slierren. Fourth Rout: E. Fish, D. Scbramm, A. Parclieta, G. Knaphus, A. Piersaill. Qi. lk-tt-rsoii C. McCallum, L. Fink, N. Van Anne. Fflfll Row: B. Iames, C. Billman, G. Strayer, B. Rellihan, R. lXflcLeiin.iii. l O tl- F. Erbe, L. Luwe, I. Semler, A. Ohl. .. L .L s r V1 lit l l.otti li l C u Nl R. Nltl iii Ilili l l fxl. ll l i ll l . 7 A .5 '-. lil. l PI GAMMA ' MU 'AThe United Nations is an unqualified "The United Nations is an un- qualified failure" -and away go the social science students on one of the favorite topics of the year. They take the subject apart, scrutinize every angle, and try to put it back together again. This is just an example of of the Pi Gamma Mu meetings. Other subjects discussed during the past year have been the Berlin crisis, the social studies cur- riculum of Teachers College, the Palestine problem and municipal government. To become eligible for this national hon- orary society a student must be at least a junior with 30 hours of "A" or "B" work in the social studies. Dr. Charles Leavitt is sponsor and C. Billman, president. success" - one onomrg rganiza fiom Fir.1 Row: C. Billman, Pres.: W. Waack, V. Pres.: C. Lavitt, Sec.-Treas.g D. Wegner, Std. Rep.: B. Showers, Prog. Clirm.: B. Reigelsberger, Soc. Chrm.g R. Rellihan, C. Erbe, M. Tompson. Si-t-ond Row: A. Epp, E. Fish, E. Murphy, Griflith, A. Ohl, Fitzpatrick, G. Strayer, L. Galvin, E. Fosselman R. Recd. Third Row: L. Roberts, S. Lund, C. Harper, E. Plaehn, P. Lundy, j. McClintock, F. Erbe, R. Wise, R. Smith. D. Lowe. A. Bristow. ' D. P ter, Ifourflz Row: G. Bocck, R. Nelson, I. Cummings, D. Howar I. Alilquirt. D. Pcndcrgraft. d, I. Thomson, R. Morrison, R. Gamm, or - N..-. .f..,. .. : BUSY l member? 311111131 P electing fyaternifl Gamm national nity, has ing of am0HQ 5 educatioi ment in Fall 2 and for were inf Lelani man, viC tary, an First Ro Second J Third R. l B. f 15 hge 1 Psfqe . T- H, F 5 Spgngorl Fira! Row: G. Daanlzap, Prvs.: B. Kraatz, Vicc l'a'cs.: Yaaaaaaclm, Sa-pg IJ, H.aaaNaaaa, 'I'r.'.axV I, liaaaaga, if 5 Pafle D. Simpson. Yawawacl Row: H. lfickc, N1cDonzald, Bliss, Mvrrill, li, Daasha-cl-1, ll.-Jail-aaa, A A Ma-ar.-aa Third Row: Griffith, R. Klaahn, D. Conrad, M. Isacolasa-n, D. Macka-lwaa, R,, If ll.aaa5-aa: 'I' H B. Shafer. l:Oll!'fl11eUll'f M. Dickinson, R. Nlcdlacrry, A. XVillans, C. Saarcaasaaaa, R Ha-aaI.aaad, I .'XiaL'a'X-, R Iwar.-EE, I X1-a-wa onorary r 6'LlfLiZ6Lfi0lfL5 aw aa' Phi NIU Alpha Sanfaanna xmas faaaaaada-al an Boston by Ussagan E. Malls an 1805 .anal aaaalm- haw faaaaaf-aaa-a- claaprvrw wattcawd alma' aaqla- PI a. Lag V . .,. aa- MU out thc coaanta'v. Tha- ISTQ. Ha-t.a Naa a'h.apra-r as sponsorcd bv Ha-nav H.aa'a'as. The zaclavatacs faaa' alaa- vc.aa' aaaalaaaia-al .a canal of aaa' caaaaapaasaraaaaax lax' staaah-aan fgacaaltv aaacaaalu-a's, anaaaarhlv auaaiaaa lm-.aaia .and aaslacraaag .ar thc caaaaa'a'a'a fa-an-N. The fa'4atca'aaatv Imax .as als paaapaax-'N Inv xnaaagcaaacaat of naaasau. thu alma-laapaaaaa faf .a fa'- and was .aaif Vlla' faxat-:a' sparaa .aanaan,a an :aaa-a:aPwa'N .and 'Paa- caaqoaaanaguaaaa-aaa aaf laaualav aaa fha- .Mazza XI f-at Ia .also fustcrs the 'a.a. a'' ,araaf fazwafaaf caaaaaaad aaa fcllaw. aaaaafac vaaaivzaw a The aatfaqvax ua. vz'-1 If llzzzala XY."gM. ifrtf I Nllff. taax .Nha ID H411 1 'a'. axzza'-' N 1" I Rm, M Flinders Pres' G Laxson Sec.: K. Cassens, Treasq S. Keding, Babb, S. AShl6Y, B- RiC9' .KD ,, . ,, ., . , 'ds , E. H k. Pi ANI Sm aac C B ks M Hoopman M Bruene D Stephenson, P. Folkens, R. Wendel, -i ...KI .. ,- f' f' humid RON' Vi Rouge I asen ' mo hk W. DeWitt, E. Vanderheyden, M. Ellscott, Third Row: B. Nelson, L. Dukeshier, M. Segerstrom, B. Iaesc e, D. Harnaek, P. Goodell, I. Maddocks, N. Westendorf. onomr rQ0ufLizaLLi0n5 Any freshman or sophomore woman who has a three-point average or above for two consecutive quarters is entitled to member- ship in the Purple Arrow. This groups pur- pose is to enocurage scholarship among PURPLE ARROW freshman and sophomore women, to promote high standards in the individual and to fur- ther the interests of the college. The initiation dinner in May is the big- gest event in the year which is supplemented bv lectures, picnics, a talent show, movies, .intl other recreation. Ollicers were: Mari- lvnn Flinders, president: Enid Roth, vice- president: Norma Bethenod, secretary: Kath- leen Riussens, treasurer, and Miss Edna Q. Miller. sponsor. First ROW Trea Second RC Third Roz Fourth RC Page 11 3 Page l uflqllalified IS an un. the S0cial , Q l0DiCs led apart, put it back Xample of 95- Other Year have ludifis cur- B Palestine rt. tional hon. at least a B" Work in Leavitt is rit :nt. B. Showers. 2. Fosselman. se, R. Smith. rr, D. Porter. 6 Page ll llusy this year were tlie lo tiniega l'i rnenilvers editing fI.imni.i liz'-rtjrtkws. their lug annual publication sent to all alumni, .intl electing and coaching tlieir delegate to time fraternitv's national meeting at Detroit Gamma, the local chapter of l'i Uniega lin, national honorary scholastic lwusiness frater- nity, has two major goals: to foster a feel- ing of fellowship and professional unity among students who will be future business educational teachers, and to further develop- ment in the field of business education. Fall and spring pledging and initiation. and formal national initiation ceremonies were included in this year's activities. Leland l-uwe was president, Earl Fossel- man, vice-president, Margery Burnett, secre- tary, and Iune Thomas, treasurer. onorary rgcmiza fiom First Row: L. Luwe, E. Fosselman, M. Burnett, M, Foster. V. Peck, XV, Krautli, Mrs llnmplirt-x Second Row: A. Bennett. Sires. R. Gourley, Gourley, L. Cadwell, Allan. li llantl-wrt, K Km? Tliircl Row: H. Mccarville. VV. Tollefson, E. Hutclrcroft, M. Locke, D, liuclmt-r. tl, Nlctlt-.-, if I--xi-.--in lx B. Haynes. l l 7' vs,-. PCGS tW . --f TRLIMAN ELECTED!!! The laces of the members of Social Science Honors who sat up listening to election returns began to reflect varying degrees of gloom or gladness along toward the wee small hours. Never- theless, there was popcorn and excitement enough for all listening to the historic elec- SOCIAL SCIENCE HONORS tion upset. Social Science Honors is a campus organi- zation to promote interest and study in prob- lems of contemporary society. Membership is open to social science majors with 20 hours of UB" work in social science. Dr. M. R. Thompson is the sponsor. This year's officers are Fred Erbe, president, and Lois Cvalvin, secretary. onorar rganiza, fiona First Row: F. Erbe, Pres.: L. Calvin, Sec.: D. Porter, McClintock, B. Showers, D. Lowe, M. R. Thompson. S onsor: Mr. Erbe, Sponsor: Mr. Leavitt, Sponsor: Mr. Ahlquist, Sponsor. . . h P Second Row: E. Fosselman, I. Reed, V. Rouse, V. Collins, V. Woodburn, R. Rellihan, D. Schramm, R. Smit , r C. Sparks, A. Epp, E. Krumwiede, Clark. Third Row: G. Strayer, I. Griffith, A. La Foy, W. Carthey, I. Walston, D. Gilkerson, P. Lundy, C. Billman A. Ohl, A. Bristow, A. Salz. Fourflz Row: R. Richardson. R. Camm, I. Eland, D. Brinton, R. Morrison, R. Knoweles, R. Rohling, K. Kephart. li. Oglcsby. R. Claus, W. Ames, E. Fish. Filth Row: B. Rcigclsbcrger, C. McGee, E. Bruner, I. Thomson, E. Barker, G. Boeck. ,llll ! Page 120 StarfY'e 3, lOIl Alpha Ph! fefillw' Awards 4 doors. bu A11 drami accepted 1 the idea C This 01 ol Plal' I ing to W Each YU an alurm Mrs. l. message: year's O dent, N' fred Ha tL1I'I1 First Rc Second PQQ .R1Ce. First Row: li. Iwjernzigcl, Pres.: N, Bernbrocl-i, V. Pres.: D. llginsen, Rt-ctl. St-tx. ll. lXnlliI Corp 5,-, I t,.,,1p i 'l'rt-ns.: G. Eppzird, Chaplain. 2. Wendel. SL'L'OHCl Row: A. Gclirke, E. Engelhorn, Cady, E. Stelfens, lf. Moss, l'. lieiiton. R Cop.-l.,1,,i A- Ellscott. Third Row: B. Ioncs, B. Evans, D. Hanover, C. Brooks. M. Hovl intl, llemlixeii. Nl. Oriiiston, R tiililioi-A page FUUFYII RMP: F. Owens, P. De Koster, D. VVriglit, K. Lonien. ll. Bot-liiii, Nl, Morris, l', liollf.-ot onorary if cmizafiond SIC-BMA ALPHA IGTA 'K v -as . .,,g,: . ei . AAs Any girl of outstiintling .ilwilitv with ai three point .iveriige in IO hours of music and ai 25 ziverzige in iituitleniie worl-1 is eligible for nienihership in this worn- en's music fraternity. Twice .i eligihle girls are rushed iintl aititlitionetl ht-lore st- lection for initiation into the group. Activities for the year were gi monthlv niti- . , f siczile, Lhristnigis Xespers, enrol singing .it hospitals and eountx' homes, ushering for concerts. enterniinment ol otliters and :in open eonteniportirx' nitisie, The OI'QQlHl'.ILllltiHlS ollieers ineltitlv llorg- hiltl Tiernzigel, president: Niiiiev lit-ihiihrotl. vice-president: Delores ll.inst-n, Nt'x'l't'lt1I'N', and lovce Gqiiilt, tre.isiirer, Kliss lone liirlf hegitl is the sponsor. 113 l First Row: A. Haakinson, Pres., M. Broshar, Sec.-Treas.: Moore, Alum. Sec.3 K. Zahrt. F lb. Second Row: P. Broshar, I. Benson, M. Blankenhorn, F- Peters, 3 Patrick, M. Wagner, R. Rickabaugh, F. Kuhl, I. Blass, D. Walter, N. Friedricksen. Third Row: B. onomr r oznizalfiolfw ? 9 The A'Sugar and Spicersn of Theta Theta Epsilon, honorary home economics organiza- tion, try to achieve scholarship, leadership and high professional ideals through a varied program of social and academic activities. Meetings are held monthly, usually di- vided as follows: the first meeting of a quar- ter devoted to a business meeting, the second to initiation and the third to honoring grad- uating home economics seniors at a breakfast or luncheon. Qfliccrs of the group for this year were Arlene Haakinson, president: Marilyn Bro- shar. secretary-treasurer: lane Moore, alumni secretary, and Dr. Elizabeth Sutherland, fac- ulty sponsor. THETA THETA EPSILGN Page 122 Fi page 1 lam ot OPS who Egan to ladness Never- Cltement I'lC eleq- Organi- II1 prob. Imbership 20 hours 013 This dent, and Thompson. R. Smith. H. Billman. V Kephart. P099 llll Starry-eyed, all neophyte drama majors turn a longing gaze upward toward Theta Alpha Phi, national honorary dramatics tra' iernity. The campus has no Academy Awards or gold stars on dressing room doors, hut it does have Theta Alpha Phil All drama majors covet the honor of being accepted into this group as much as they do the idea of clutching a little gilt "0scar." This organization is active in every phase of play production from acting and direct- ing to wielding a hammer or paint brush. Each year after the fall production there is an alumni reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. l. H. Hart which brings alumni and messages from all over the nation. This year's otllcers were lohn Nydegger, presi- dent. Norman Kaiser, secretary, and Wini- fred Hart, treasurer. OWUVQV7 I" CLVLLZQ LOVLJ l"iI'bfR011'.' Nydegger, Pres.: N. Kaiser. V. Pres.: M Dotx li lloii U Sr ix Svcoricl Row: D. Bush. XV. XVaack, D. Blankenhorn. 2 itiqstron S out ll 1 K f S hem Q s. l p- 'f . Gee ill P aqe I Paqe 123 AQ I t 41 b ofpt, A First Row: W' Worden' Treas-3 Empey, Sec.: M. Ormstou, Sgt.-at-Arinsg Sires, V l'r.-N Unorar If anzfzafiom TORCH AND TASSEL Each spring. senior women who liave shown outstanding ability in scholarship and leadership are tapped by Torch and Tassel From the time of tapping to formal initiation the initiates are required to wear their white mortar boards. This years Torch and Tassel memherslup consisted of the following senior women: President lune Thomas, Vice-President lov Parry Sires. Secretary Ieanne-Marie Empev. Treasurer Nlahel Ormston and Sergearit-.iv Arms YVanda YVorden. Misses l'lult and Plaehn were advisory memhers: Miss Camp- hell an honorary member. Ar homecoming. the group not onlv served as campus guides hut also as luncheon hos- tesses for the ollicial guests from the 5liii-I Legislature. .W 'G-1' ' 11 fi 15111-111l1v l'111sl1. as 1111' wicked fairy, makes a drainatic exit in The Sleeping Beauty. 4 M.11'ci.1 Drake reads bad news to Charles Lamb and lVlary Boyd. W 1 N T E R P L A Y S jk .gzefoing eaufg 1111- 11-si 111 11 s1111'1'ssf11l Cl1llCll'CIl s play is 111111 I1 Khmlll 111- 1'11111v1-11 Utlllillly 111-ll .11111 l1v1l11l111A1-11. lllhv .xhlflvilfllllf fi1'.i11111, 1111' llllllill proc . . ,Q f-v 11 v a du 111C 111111 111 1 l1111l1'1'11 s 1111' 1111' '11 lt"lt'11CI'S Lol , 1 1 1 11-111: 1111-11111-11 llllv 111'.1111x', kings, L1Llt'CIlS. 1,1s111-s, 1.111'11's, lllflxllllfl llA1'1'S and 111111-1- 11kl1l1ll1ll1'll1 111 .1 1.11111l111 lNl1'1l11'1'.1l lift- 111111 .1 11111111111 1"'.Klllll11 s1111x11 .111111'.11i1111 111 11111se 1111111 11.1s1 1111- 111111111'1's11111'.1s 111-ll.1si111l11 11111111111 1111'111s-'11-.'s, 1111' 1'11n1.11111' .11111 L'11lL 1-'.11 1111.1l111. 111 X1-11'1' Xvxvi' 1.11111 v.'1'1'1' 111.11:111t11111. 11111-'1111'11 111 1111- s1.1111' 111 1111' 1.5111 11. 1' -11 1111111-ss '.1, 1111 1114111111 111-1 1111 . .1 11-' 1 sl-'111 1111' .1 111111111111 ' 11111111 .1i111 1-1.11 1.1.11-11' 1 1.1111 ll:1.1 .11111 1111' tanit, the wicked fairy who was responsilwle for l5ea11ty's long sleep. But since this was fairy land the good fairies, including Love, Courage and Beauty, were in the majority. As in all fairy tales the evil eventually went down to defeat before the evening was out a11d Il1e good reigned triunipliant. l2e111iniseent of tl1e days when fairies gave siicli gifts as lweauty, trutli and courage WSIS 1111' niagic forest XK'l1lCl1 grew lvefore 1l1e eyCS 11f 1l1e audience and later melted away to sl111w 1111' 15l'lllCL"S liiss of love wliicli awalc- 1-n1'11 1111' Sleeping lieatity. lt was 111e comlwi- i1.1111111 of all 1111-se 1111a1ities wl1iel1 added 1111 111 11lX't' 1111' 1'l1a1'111 111 Ilie stories wlwieli begin 1.1.1111 '111111' 11111111 a time." fe Deep A with . the Negro U T he Well' orne In 1 111 3 cont in the h home fro future 01 1 harmony' ln ffYm9 which he 1 gg3lIlSt the' ,the Sout. Negrdg ple to see that n01jpI6'EC1'1d presented S PC1963 127 0 i . tv 1 A 1 llllffi 1' may pizza ow 7 The 19418-1949 concert season closed is at the college with the brilliant Russian violinist, Tossy Spivakovsky, who ap- peared Nlarch 21. Qne of the few top concert violinists in the country who have risen from the orchestra ranks, Spivakovsky was well-received by the audience who especially enjoyed his rendition of Tschaikovskys Concerto. Acclaimed for his Hunfailing beauty of tone," Spivakovsky came to the United States in 19411 and for three seasons held the position of concert- 47? 4 g master with the Cleveland symphony, His high-elbow bowing technique leads orthodox violin teachers to instruct their pupils to "listen but don't look" when they attend his concerts. 1-lis violin is the famous Stradivarius of 1721. jlte paganini Qozarlfef The Paganini Quartet provided on Ianuary 12 an exceptional musical treat for the Teachers College concert-goers. Haydrfs "Quartet in G Major, Opus H f 77, No. 1" and "Quartet in C Minor, Opus 51, No. 1 by Brahms were part 0 the selected program given by the chamber group. ' ' Formed in 1945 by Robert Maas, former cellist for the group, the Paginml Quartet takes its name from the four famous Stradivari instruments which they . . . - - ' t use and which were owned by the great violinist, Nicolo Paginini. The quart? members are native Belgians, Violinists were Henri Temianka and Gustave . . P - h Rosseels. Robert Courte was violist and Adolphe Frezin was cellist for E 6 new, but already famous group. . ,--' ,a . is.f .f-'Q -- - i.,,,,- ,.,--' ,,-,... ..., - i , -in I -1----' ',,.,4:,. x,,.- L ,..- -- ,,,- - v 1 1-,. .- . a A ,.,,.:n, - 1--- I .1731 -V5-5 lie lice: T: 1- .-Vt.- - -.t.. -... ...,..-...- i we - .. Q -'-. --, 1--- ,.. "---Qi- -ig , LN' "" ' " .:-,,f":' -',-f' -, .,-,.. --..- , 1 , .W-A --a---L-v. PUQG 129 129 1-4 ,rt y011SilDlC his WHS J Love, iajorify' ly Went vas Out es gave ,ge Was he CYQS Way to await' Combi' ,ded UP h bggiI1 P099 IJCCP Are the Roots was a prohlem play with 21 contemporary thenieee the story of the Negro in the South today. The well-educated son of a Negro servant in the home of a Southern senator arrived home from the army with high hopes for the future of the two races living side hy side in harmony. ln trying to apply the ideals of equality which he learned in the army he ran up against the traditionalism of the Old South the South which had definite ideas of a Negros place in society and was determined to see that he stayed there. The authors did not pretend to offer a solution to the problem presented since that would he to recommend A ..y -1 pr'otir.iin ol .ittioii loot, ,, '. .- i force the .ititlieitce in f.,k,- in .- terms. llltist' aspects oi it-.,l,gt, gg., them would t'ert.uiilx' li.i'i.t- poi.-ii.-. nore. lliev prelerretl simply fo .i.-ii 1 cliaiiiatit ttimsi the lort-'X ltvl't3titvi1 , - which on every side .ire tlointi l'.i7Il-' moral, social and llisloittal .ill.-timii. liy personalizinu tht- prolwl--iii .intl ii it home to the .uidiente they li.o..- tri: tit serious thinlxinu wlut-li is the lirst X ti ward the solution ol .mv prohleiii, The authors are titiotl tliziiiiatists .is ll i high-spirited iotiriialists: lhwp .'lr-- rfi was effective hoth as tht-.itre .intl .iinium n which the authors intentletl that it shoultl li WINTER PLAYS 82,9 .fdfe we pooh Percy Harris is welcomed home hy Lileah lfurgerson .ind Marv lloxtl. t ll il lie ii' .1 V in f 1 C i 190 ' V D lfirsr ldnn- B Xnlirr. L. Cain, B. Bramhlett. N. Vxfidener, V. Iones, N, Suck, Gahel. Fmt Row: s',,.iml lcon-P D. lf-.-mon. li. Yockey. P. Molyneux, M. Gerow, I. Hopkins, A. Gunther, D. Hedrick. S,Ehlf l'1,,,,,1 jg..,,-5 I-Q, Oslmrn, M, Howland, B. Hill. D. Simpson, I. Bliss, L. Searight, P. Goodell. I. Northwall. Sggond Rou -Lnfrl, lain- V, Sn-wart, C. Bcrkstresser. I. Grolt, VV. Roscoe, B. Standley, D. Peters, I. Siplon. R. Ania, li, M. Acl Cloll. R. Sloan. Third Row: Iqffj, N,,,,,. yy QV KOSI,-I-1 P, KQHQQQ, E, Hanlon, R. Yager, M. Lackore, E. Dunlap. P. Palmer, Yungclns. Cartel ll. Ross. Lillie. Fourth ROW. Anders UI I Q Fifth Row: ape Olly Renter. A Cappella Choir was organized in the spring of 1948 by Maurice Gerow with a charter membership of 50 upperclassmen. This years choir of 70 made concert appearances at Grundy Center, Charles City, Renwick, Oelwein and Sumner: their campus concert was given February l-l. ..,fA 2 ciE5i11Zwf962l?Q6ll 4iiEi4lC7Ll' I'-lfxf lr'-ina D. R.inii-r, D. Penton, F. Pattigraw, C. Lashier, M. Otto, M. Weems, P. Molyneaux, Gault, M. Womens lllilvnliopp. CQ. Volis, B. Long, R. Rector, B. Iensen, D. Hansen, E. Englehorn. Chorus S-.null li'+'H': l. Ytwiroiis. P. Porter, B. Hill, Synhorst, P. Fenton, R. Frye, E. Hanlon, D. Gunderson. ll. liiistlietli. D Snnpson, R. Attig, M. Morris, I. Ainundson, I. Ioens, E. Adams. Chapel 'Illini Noll: lf laimson. S. Olt-son, D. Searight, B. Evans, D. Herrmann, A. Blome, Strain, P. Knudtson, li. Choir 4 Srnitll.-x, XY. 'l'lu'elki-ld, H. Blzickladge, N. Clayton, D, Rasmussen, V. Gaslavka, L. Searight. lv sffff. fxliill' ll Dvliostt-i'. M. Grmston, T. Meyers, S. Palmer, V. McGowen, M. Akers, A. Willriis, R. Ahkvw. ll ll.-nit. Nl lf.nsIvr, M. lnicore, M. jacohsen, R. Wilson, R. Medherry, W. Wells, W. Kellogg. MISS Jr Dlfgcl-Or OF MAURM V ol Gm Q. Difedo 4 iualowl? Cert Seas C brilliant RUR' Hkovslty, wha U0 ol th the country I. orqh V on Cla far ll-received by Ysky S C0nceii unlillllllg lies ky Came to Tl and lor llii sition .eland Symphon 9 technique leap is to instruct the' rlon't look" wht tts. His violin is of 1721. tal musical trtai G Major, Opuf ms were part of tp, the Paginini gnts which tlttt' Hi, The quarttt a and Gustatf cellist lor flif Page ll: el T ur .-s Cllillorrl Curzon, pianist, made er- ' ' Ol Contiz' KWH! Curzon T r Strains of cihopms "Tarentelle" and mumta, li Minor" by lsiszt filled the ins appearance on lanuary 17. This y,,mtytl artist is said to have "conquered 'lus country twicent-Mindeed a great tt-it. lslis lirst debut in the United States was at the Town Hall in New Yorl: in l939. He won a tour-contract, but his plans were changed by the war .intl he returned to England. Almost nine years later he made his Hsecond tleluit' with the New York philhar- iimnic symphony at Carnegie Hall. l.tmdon-born Curzon has played with the Royal Philharmonic and the lllltl Symphony. and has toured Eu- rope under the auspices of the British tfuuncil. His talented performance was t-ntliusiastically received. jhe .xdgeneri rio The Albeneri Trio, one of the best ensembles of their kind in the coiintrv. made their appearance at Teachers College on February 15. The program enf toyed by the audience included A'Trio in G Major" by Haydn. "Trio" bv Ravel, and A'Archduke Trio" by Beethoven. Each member of the trio holds an outstanding rank in his own field and together they are superb. Erich ltor Kahn, pianist, is known as one of the greatest ensemble pianists in lltc world today. He has been considered 'Ain New York" the number one .it- "mPi1I1iSt. Giorgio Crompi, violinist, made a successful debut in 1938 in this 'm'mVY- The cellist, Benar Heifetz, is the first chair cellist in the Nliti symf Plwlly' orchestra. K u S 'N 3 fl rf ,Q I Z' l it N 10 ets a shot away against the Iackrabbits of South Dakota State. Tom Chandler, o. , g f, la W - X ' FF' Q' 3, xl. " '- 5 COACH NORWX w .SP -way W ' Ml li lx l fl' i 'iw N ll l lr il il ri, full? at .ia nut In the season's final game, with the league crown hanging in the balance the TC cagers roved beyond any doubt that they were su- P preme by hanging a 62-42 pasting on Morn- the second North Central ingside. This was Conference crown ina row for Coach "Hon" Nordley's Panthers. Norm Iesperson continued his record shat- ' W tering campaign of last year by setting HC t349l, offensive marks in individual scoring average tl5.9j, and most buckets tl32l- The team also topped those departmentS plus breaking the g Winning 16. ames won record of 14 bY tConfinued on page 1373 Page Left: Nor 132 PQQG I 4 u at U 3 I f I H I l. Xttig, E. 'ungclas. charter Grundy february Gault, M- mderson. B' 1 R- AbkeS. g. f'H'wf RUIIH' Nl. NI0llfgI0ll11.'l'y, l'r'lCl'L', 5Ilk'll.IlMlI'gIt'I'. lr't'.iN. I'', Sm K Illlz--'tip--i:: 5':-" In ll-I I S. lilmlers, A. lelutchclioft, ll. Ilowell. . I . 1 - 1 ' . . .St-corn! lww: A. M. DUNS. C. Cooper. M. XXL-ntl.mtl, I., lxupl-:.i, A XKr.ix, C Heil. .X II..:n.,'n:1 NI 5y..L.f M. Acliey, V. Iones. Thin! Noun- li. Stump, VVierson, R. Moeller. ll. Meyer. A. Stuck. S. NI.nnni.'n li I'.br.Ir--.ozi NI Hr.-.t..I.t', 5 Carter, D. Alliinnn, R. Zuugg. D. Qrnlq. I.. lloyd, IXI. Inlil. Ci, lllnwr Fourth Roux' D. l:urmzm, Tliiele. M. De Meulemiere. M. Ruiqli, I., liecl-1, Cf Stli.i!.'r. I l'.lIllIILm'I 1' lu..-. f-Q I Allclvrson, Nl. I... DLIICIICF, KcL'lIIlL', D. hvnllier. C. Scliroclcr. I. I.r'lgIll, I3 Il-lIlhlII- Fifth Row: M. A. Nelson, NI. Coglilun, ll. Cloodell, ll. Smith, I. llnnwn. I. liizilw I. Il- lf.-it-. IJ NIU.-fnl. I Renter, ll. Mitchell, G. Loehr, R. Kessler, S. INIcC1illig.iii, M, O Conntr. ' Cl. OWLBVL 5 Ofbtd Women's Chorus Chapel Choir The chorus otllcers are Kathleen Thompson. presitlent. .incl Pauline Hobhab. secretary-treasurer. The chorus prt-at-im-tl .I Christmas concert. which was also lwioaiclcuist over the college radio network. It also played ai major role in the Spring lflwml Concert. Since the retirement of Profesor XV. llnvt-s, the thoir li.xN been under the direction of lhlgnirice Ut-row. XK't-tlriestlnv we ninqs the choir rehearsed for the Sund.1vmorinn,Itempt-I-er-.ite MISS JANE MAUCK DIVSCTOF ol XIVorne-ni Chorm MAURICE GERQW Dlfecior of A Cece-lla Choli- Gnd Chanel Cho? ,,i ,vi K . ff N 12 and Norm lespersen watch the ball head for the basket as the 'l'om Cliandler, No, IO, Walt Kochrie , o. , llnntlit-rs battle Ithaca College. Right: 'Zeke' I-logelancl, No. 23, jumps high to get a shot away against River Falls Teachers as Norm Iespersen waits for a possible rebound. Cage Coyotes 60-46 OSTER, FREDERICK MCN EAL. Top Row: RICHARD GARTH, KENNETH DEK Bottom Row: FRANK WHITELY, ELLIS TUEVANDER, DONALD ERICKSON. Q .,,,, ,Z VV x x H? . Wax A A I 'V fifbzfffixf ,m',,,ff W I , Wlfflwk' ,:x'LX'x Q as W, ,.,, M .,,, L, warms- Charlie Ri T B 5 irfeif M fi J'- Q4 X ,, eaguf gagers fe su- Vlorn- gntral 'I-Ion" 1 shaf' 6l'15iVe Q 132 J' Lments 14bY fp S Pafye 13' ,.- ,.,,.- -f- tv -P'4 ' fi J. s Sf 'Q I 1 ' 1 a "- ' if-my Y . Wammff E7 x MTF .--519' mir 3 . W ,bu wr, Q N 1 A 5 Si' Q' f - -ish I 2' R ST' AL '54, ,s M ! 1' A 5 'Z V '75 H' ing E 3 V4 r !r""3 -1 "H . Y- .- 5 ' W W I any ' Q' A 5wf" 213 1 in 1 1 ' A It ' jf ' f Jr" ' A' 1 I 5: j an 2' Q 5 gf? - Q Y 1 "' 1 "'q 'ff f 34 Q N Q i gy! r I' , - X ' ' V v"-'MX--- --gf Q- j k g j' Top Row: WESLEY I-Ioczramxln, Imuis I,umax1.-xx, Xlxx Limmx Bottom Row: BILL YORK. Crmnu-is Rum, Ilxvxlm Ifuwx. if F ' -R flx T 5- ,- Y-4. l 'z , Q. ' X N ' ' ' A A Y! X W X si.., .. ak X.y.,.1 . kv-, ,7 Ng - M., Q, N: I Luft: Norm Icspurscn lays one up .ns Tom Chnmilur lu hvllm-. m 131.gif XY- ' H. . against thc ui North Ilnl-tum lima-'rk.x'-. iw" i I ., ...K u Q .QQ ' J' V A M A ' ire all '35 3 fl" ' A. J 1 I .1 'W' 4, 8 We , f tu M,If"f,5 1 iw, f H... Q pf 1? '. 'f Q, I , - In lk 5 " 4,14 wx' I If . , 'I ai ' I f f -J' lx..,..,.g.. gf, N i J . 1 avg, 4 . . -H. .. .x..-,gs Qt Mix -effigy. ' A If ' 'ff L qi' ,X x K . ' ZX 1 f ff' X Q7 Kg - "" gr? X' Y 0- -Afiwivg-31+ - Top Row: RICHARD CLILVER, WALTER KOCHNEFF, WILLARD GISEL. Bottom Row: Tom CHANDLER, KEITH TRAVIS. I :I I I C I. . ff, vig A QE. If ,gg I'-1 1, IH? .J- I Ppt I , f? if Vu if! .3 i Z7 M 24' Zeke" Hogclemd shoots in the league champion-deciding game with Morningside College. Right: More action ' ' ' ' ' h d d hot. in the Morningside game as Walt Kochneff jumps high to push In a two an e s Peqe 135 X Q ,K Y S eet 1 I I 1 t . N i A ix X , K ,, A t Q3 I' 'Z 'ti I I 2-Q fs ' ' I gs Norm Ies In leagu eight and Over-all ret Iesperso Walt KOQ Combs Wi Riek, Deg Consisrenrl hill Lu Funk, Die Travis als Spirit a keY I0 the mdiVidua15 Out. Tom the dIiI'i11I b? 'Walt Shots from of the im QOHQH- UDDQI IO. South D- C ...I-'-""" thc l I1 nrliu Rick, No. ll, Completes 21 fake as Norm Icspcrscn, No. I9, PLINIIU5 ilu- Iwi 1 -v ' N Ir ivcr -A .a-,.n,., Dump Duhawks bl-52 . I , . . Top Row: FRED HAVEMANN, IAMES Smsloxs. Norexmx In-.w111Nw. Bottom Row: X7V'ILLIAM RAINBOW, Fmiu Bnowr-nz. Imam' YW 'Wy' O,f Qq5.r'x' 1 K .fl r'f Ov ' , , 1 , V ,. A wmv mu gl- ,, 'kk , DO v-of-::N..-L: I .' - .-.,....V.. V' ,,j'L, . 5, x'9:. fF.',..... '- A -."' ""- iI..M?T . ,,, S QQ ' -2219. --T wr' E "' . Av-on Lulrmu 5, , ,gf A. -an' 7' -'N y sc ... W.. ..... y 3.0 L Q vz Q , ,.,. ,M 3' A K 1, 'ul 'N 'TZ' .-Q qs- 3' . D A, aw .Jr w f ' P9 K ...J fix , Q I XS N yi-. ill Nelson pinned Nebraska's Al I ohnson in 1 minute 28 seconds in the sixth meet of the season COACH MCCUSKEY W llwgllliillil As long as there's a Dave McCuskey there will always be a Champ Martin, Cecil Mott, Bill Koll, Gerald Leeman, Russ Bush or Bill Nelson. This year the TC matmen under the ex- pert tutelage of Coach Dave McCuskey again took on the nation's best and Uwhupped 'em all," in typical TC style. Included in the string of victims were Wrestling powers such as Michigan State, Cornell, Illinois, Minne- sota, Qklahoma and Nebraska. Even the most rabid of Panther Wrestling fans probably could not have predicted that the team could lose such key men as Bill Koll and Gerald Leeman and then complete a nine dual meet season undefeated. Yet, that is just what they did. Keith Young, Bill Nel- CConfinued on page 143l Page 133 P T B lohr We 139 action PCG Q 130 Norm Iespersen, No. 19, and Walt Kochneff, No. 12, get set for a follow-in shot against ltlmr Vamp Vikings Sl-34 ln league competition the Panthers won eight and lost two and had a 16 and six over-all record. Iesperson was aided in the scoring by Walt Kochneff with 280 points and Van Combs with 176. Tom Chandler, Charles Riek, Dean Hogeland and Willard Gisel consistently played good floor games. lim Ludeman, Fred I-lavemann, Dave Funk, Dick Garth, Fred McNeal and Keith Travis also saw action during the season. Spirit and teamwork were obviously the key to the team's success this year but the individuals composing the team also stood out. Tom Chandler's defensive rebounding. the driving shots of Norm Iesperson. tip-ins by Walt Kochneff and Van Combs' push shots from way-y-y out are all characteristic of the individual and will not soon be for- gotten. T.C. UPPQI Iowa QHD . . . 63-35 South Dakota U. QI-ll . . 60-416 PCGS 137 Nebraska U . . . . St. Olaf fl'll .... Ithaca. New York, College llcll Kansas State ..... Mankato Teachers . St. Iohn's, Minn. . . North Dakota U fl'll South Dakota State CHD . Augustana . . . SDS ....... River Falls, VVis., Teachers IH I NDS . . . - NDU . Carleton . Nlorningside . Loras ll'll . - Augustana ll'll - lxflorningside ll'll . - River Falls. W'iS-, Tfilfhffg Emporia .---' .1 College 32 -if 'll -47 515 UU if al? 42 S-I 53 Tl 51 Htl ii lil 51 If MS an lvl 55 'lil 34 52 45, all SS 40 -in .W 52 likl .ig 'U 17 1 .27 ' A li I7 X-Nix X Luvcrne Klar decisioned Bob Yambor, 1948 Big 7 champion from Nebraska, 3-1. fi? qu :QR 'N FQ ' -f X' - ms? Owen QFUSOQGFS 2, Top Row: MAX LONG, LEE WACHENHEIM, IOHN HARRISON Bottom Row: FREDERICK ROCK, IACK FISK, DUANE SMOLIK F5 I v.J I 'x Y 2 ,A V vw'- V, T' r ,4 ZZ' skey Iecil Bush : CX' skey Wd 11 the such illlle' 5t1iI19 1 that 1 Koll etc 3 , that 1 Nei' Page 1 lk!! Q5 k'-,fe fQ 'QV q., ,f lf i bn?" L Ja 5, A' 4 4 'V va, 6 .X T53 NN Q 4 1 ru JAR Top Row: CHARLES EDWARDS, LUVERNE KLAR, Bwox I.-un R Bottom Row: WALTER SOLON, KEITH Youxcz. Fumn 0111.1-N1 x A 1 ew 1 'N Nix +2 Hx ly nf' -a wp: 2, 11 N I ' 1 E1LJQ11'14, QQQ111 Q11 1 1 1 1 Iohn Harrison Hnally "broke the bridge" to pin Carl Gunderson in rl 1 rn tu1!?zVx 1.'1'. 'F :Ewa rw ME, 199 ,a""'f. -...,,,,.bvwwN-bnhkr F, -gg-n-ti ,o 0wN'- Qlf 'I '. r ,V ,gr ,-,.A 5 NOT E ww' V A if 1 ' x , HB I Q N "- 1 ,, xx 1 ,J wi u" P a, Q Qt: ' is Z 3 G J . H A I , LM 4 , - . - V Pllbq mv, ,..,.,. P . 4 gk fr J' 37 I N , V 1 V ,, nv- -V M- v is , V or 1, ,,, 5? Vrr, 7 ,4 Ji - t' Qf V .1 " L 'Sf W7' I f ' Q A 6, Q fi M 01 f A t f ' 1'-5, ,., f 'CY 4 E , fs it Z 3. M 4 uv- ' mx if Q . Top Row: RUSSELL BusH, DICK BLACK' BU-L SMITH' M Bottom Row: BILL NELSON, FRED STOEKER, tf1Of Shownt DON ILLER' Fred Stocker charges Mike DiBiase in the heaVYWeiQht match with Nebraska' QM ? son and T pound C team, rer son in th record o Klar haf division. ROUI11 Oglesly, 136, Di the fini: Prob feaehec against meet 'I pitting COIning YOUHS PWS 143 .--,,-.,,.- -,.,--4 Anothcr Ncbrazfta man. Earl Sclmeidx, was pinncd by Keith Young an ru mxrmrw, if, 1 : 1 ' 3 VT 1 J ffl Q1 ' . 1 il 4 , J Q2 '. J- ' J I 1, 'Lf To Row I-IARLAN ROLQPF DEWAINE SILKER Romim' Sununav. p : , . Bottom Row: IIM IENSEN, LOWELL COOK, FRITZ Nrmsrax. ,.. 4,1 SNL 'SL Xqf ISX 'Yr Jean jngebrifdon A pretty brunette with hazel eyes, lean Ingebritson is a freshman voice major from Crystal Lake, Iowa. lean belongs to mixed chorus, Student Christian Association, and Interuarsity Christian Fellowship. She likes to play the piano and sing, as well as rollerf skate. fean's biggest ambition in life is to be a radio singer, .but she is also interested in dramatics. fudge George Yates, Of fha Des Moines Register and Tribune, Pidfed lean as one of the final winners on the basis Ol her poise and personality, as beauty. well as her P096 145 Page 145 ,f""r B'1l N . 1 elson won the above match with Wheatoi1'S pcm Xvmson' -5 U. KID P,-QI CR F1 I J: la xii HQ: ,gl slay' is V3 fl .' 'mg rs,i1gtf,,ct514t f,,,,1',,,f.::,ie-15 A f..f.i - - w' L u sv' A Ln flax wt son and Bill Smith in the 155, 165, and 175 Fgund Classes respectively, also, like the sgnnzlm iimained undefeated. Iohnny Harri- record O? 221 pound class had an impressive Klar h d WIDS and 1 loss and LuVerne d. . . 3 3 6 and 2 record in the 128 pound tvision, Ojgsbndmgl Oullt the team were Floyd 136' Diljelg-7l21C1I1g the injured Russ Bush, at the Finish v achk at 145 and Fred Stoeker at Probabl mul Q lleavylwghl Spot' reached iy he high point of the season was againstoulg tt 9.l1I1al meet of the season meet TC tr Eaditionalnrival, Cornell. In this pitting Keri 93' 8-5 with the 155 pound dual Coming u Ioung against Lowell Lange Youn d H 61 brilliant performance 9 eeated Lange 4-2, thus handing Free 143 Lange the first defeat ol his career .intl .tl- lowing TC to go on to victory. This year the Panthers took the AAU team championship and live iiidivitltml championships at Cedar Rapids to rliiiiax their most successful season. lohn llurisozi Russ Bush, Keith Young, llill N-'lst-n .iiiti lit Wx Bill Smith were the lI1LllX'lClll.1l t..n:i 5 th 'tlsti .. .. li" Ts 11' Young, Nelson. and mi . i-on ..s . the NCAA tournainient wliere the l,.f:z'l1.'t's finished second as a team. Here are the seasons results. 19 Illinois 10 24 Nuht L-l - 15 N1ich.State 9 Irv lo '.'. 1:5 141 Xllllll-fr" 32 Qlila. Tech. O . 1, Ltirzw., 22 Olilahomgi LI tw 29 'XYheaton D JOAWJOYL A blonde, brown-eyed sophomore from Hampton, Iowa, Betty Iohnson is a two-year elementary student, and belongs to Tall Sigma Delta and Elementa Ki. Being picked as a final winner in the OLD GOLD beauty contest was the second honor Betty received during the winter quarter. She was alS0 chosen by the "I" Club to reign over all win- ter sports, and presented as their "Queen" during the wrestling meet with Michigan State. Betty is especially fond of football' darwing, swimming, and knitting, and P13715 to teach in the fourth grade next year. Page . jean 'from mixed 1, and 2 Hkcs roller- ? to IPC 'iw' in ze Iles i lean asis of as her P 5:1 Er ana, We aan Cedar Falls can once again boast of an OLD GOLD Beauty winner in the person of lovely Berdena Nelson, Berdena, who is a sophomore business education major, has brains to equal her beauty. But this beautif ful blonde does not spend all of her time poring over text books. Berdena is active in Delta Delta Phi social sorority and she at- tends most of the sports events held on cam- pus. She says her favorite sport to watch iS football and her favorite game to play is tennis. Reading is Berdena's favorite indoor hobby. Page 1 2 from fOfyCa1' O Tau picked beauty eceivecl as also all win- Queen" 'ichigan ootball. cl plans lf. Pa 7 DLQZVL5 BETTY ANN SIVIITI-I Rockford, Iowa RAMOINIA IXIIELSEINI Sioux I:oIIs, SouII1 DoIcoIo BARBARA ATZEN AIberI Cijry, Iowa 152 Page Pvqe 1 from her oz'cs is a and 'an1c. , is a zaliry ' fUfO iIl be HEX! FOSS' EN 14 '?' UQ' qs? Zbllflffy ELQISE BECK I'oIec:Io,Iowa ARLA DICKINSON SoIcIIer,Iowa DGLQRIES HANK INS SI'1enancIoaI1,Iowa AUDREY GUENTHER I3orI Dodge,lowa MARY ANN LARSON QIaI, Iowa BARBARA GQLIGHILY Van MeJrer, Iowa L I L A J O H N S O N ArmsIronq, Iowa L G I S K U N E RT HumboIdI, Iowa RHYLLIS FENTON WaIerIoo, Iowa Page 154 ED page HH W 's a has uti- fime e in at- 'am- ih is y is ioor Page 9"' 1 wr' it 1 P A U L D E V A N Des Moines, Iowa Sponsored by Baker Hall jim Qeaenfo JJQI Olftff TI LE Ce ar Falls Iowa BETTY EVANS Llme Sprmgs Iowa WANDA BRQWN DysaI Iowa PGqe 153 PAT ESE d I .. 'T- 11.9 M ' 3' ' .A , -- ' Lv X ks 'Q CYNTHIA "B" LGWRY Pembroke, Nor+h Carolina Sponsored by'1er Hall, Pi Tau Phi, and Business Ed. Dept jfbe W re4en,1f4 . ,-,gi P619 Canhjafed MARY LEMPARES EorI Dodge, Iowa RUTI-I RI-IOADS Sac CIW, Iowa MA RY PARSQINI S SpirII Lake, Iowa EDIXIA MAE VQSSELLER Waverly, Iowa MA RC I A D RA KE WaIerIoo, Iowa LUIS MERRILL Cedar EaIIs, Iowa MARGARET DQTY Oelwein, Iowa D Q N N A S I-I A R R Mason CIW, Iowa JCDANNE BENDIXEN Sioux CIW, Iowa 6 154 Page 155 fn ff' fo' '!"? 4-.45 WSJ ololfafarilf BOB ARMSTRONG I-Iampron. Iowa ELEANCDR POI-IL Gowrie, Iowa BERNARD O'BRIEN Ger1eva,Iowa LOIS DUKESI-IIER Red Oak, Iowa BORGI-IILD TJERNAHGEL Iowa Ciry, Iowa DONNELI. ABNEY MarsI1aIIIown, Iowa DOROTHEA STAVES BurIinqIon, Iowa J E A N N U G E N T Davenport Iowa RAMONA WIGGINS Prairie CiIy,IoWo FRAN BILEK Ames, Iowa 61 DO JA AI? JEAI KAT M A f pm' Page JJS WILLARD "WHlTEY" THOMPSON Cylinder, Iowa Sponsored by Seerley Hall Olfllflffdl' sg?-0LJ8lfLf5 .7ler01fLg9, ,granny Interest Clubs ...... 164-186 Interest Groups lniormals .... 187 Student Publications . . . . 188-198 ffMaebeth" .... 9 . . . 194 HYears Ago" . . . . . .195 Marching Band . . . . . . 196 Symphony 9rehestra ...... 197 Tau Chi Eta and Ml" Club .... 198-199 Spring Sports ....... 299-299 1948 9lympies ....... 219-211 lVlen's and Women's Intramurals . 212-218 Who's Who ......... 214-218 Ciimllus Personalities .... 219-221 Bachelor oi Arts Candidates -1949 - 222 - 252 Two-Year Diploma Candidates-1949 . 253 - 297 Q x i TED HERBST Algona, Iowa Sponsored by Alpha Chi Epsilon popmfar ,gimjenfd 11 Fifsf Row: Rev. G. Civey, D. Him! CY' 2 Y kl C. Pesch, L. Bundy, R. Klahn, Ii. Dliesmer. Second Row: O. Miller, R. Lux, P. Chapdelaine, I. Ahlquist, P. Doerr. a A, V nNorman, R. Crown. Third Row: R. Damberg, E. Dav-S. I. Goetchi H D 11 , D. Andersen, E. Steele, D. Price, W. Ames. Fourth ROW: Blllman, i CY ALPHA PHI OMEGA The true measure of a successful chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is the service it renders to its campus and community. Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity Whose chapter activities are directed to benefit a.ll. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to as- semble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship, and to promote service to humanity. Activities of the Beta Epsilon chapter in- cluded ushering at football games, ushering at college chapel and providing leaders for lo- cal scout activities. As a service to the stu- dents of the campus a non-profit book ex- fllfmQC WHS Organized and operatedoff cam- pus. ,gn fem! Cf do First Rou, Second R Third Ro LJ bt PGQ9 154 PC1Qe 193 194 196 199 - 9 211 13 21 21 25 . 267 6 9 4321, 3 . , I V Y 1 'Q , , I ' N ' H I , 'I 9 A ' ,af , Y' ' N -- . f ' , - ' Ju' f . f . ,A " . , 4 Q ' - .1 :E P . '- ' , . - - - ' 'J 'h ,1 2 2 'f 9 W A ' . ff' 4' ' 9,9 ,v , 1 9. 9 , . -r ..,s,p gg, --4 u-gf, W 121 f I , "W A ' " -S .1 N33 4 .o Q f " Vs' ' ' 1' ',gg4fffF'3Ii" 9 fm " ' Q , -V . 1 f 'KVI ' "T, 'I 1 ' , JM ,gh V 79.413111 ,. .,I,.Vz,"fVi - f V if . -. ' A' Q: ,, , July - .1 H' -.M 9 Nw If-ef X N 15 ygg eww! A b 1. x N' it 1 .f A 4 .. A 1 9' 1 ..,.,,.. -f-' A '...4n 1 4,. 32 . ,X - ,9 , N ,, .Wg ' , ' wr. - ' 1' 1 1 ' .V .. 'B' M, V 1 ww ' 5 A. -O ' " ' A L lv -07 ' gy, ' ' -l N9 ,vy Y f v H., glib 5953. 75:9 l 4 B3 x 'ffl-' 'SQ r T, new W' ff 9 Q iq ..x l'M.4 f',,. u- ! , 4 ' .2 Fifi ' WN ,J 3-1 ni' 1 s J A f-I 1-7 M D ' l E Hill L Locker, Z. Gillmore, M. Holland. l I Y. 1 ' ' ' , lgggnliogfow: E4 5-13235 M. Powley, E, Farrell, Schrader, R. Stillman. I K d . , -d Y . S h 'b , , I. Iones, E. Oetken, F. Fuglsang, . 60129 Y' l'g3:1rj:llRp2Z21!j-Nblgugsclglgngyl Af: i-ities, A. Klasen, C. Gregersen, G. Sothman, L. Finke, O. Thompson. BETA ALPHA EPSILON 'Better Accomplishment Ever" really fits Beta Alpha Epsilon, the organization for four-year elementary students which is de- signed to extend the professional interest of its members and encourage their participa- tion in civic groups. Betas have had many interesting speakers during the year, both student and profes- sional. They have enjoyed such social func- tions as picnics, parties, HHobby Night," a banquet. and a formal initiation, Oiiicers for the year were: Leora Locker, ,Qu ferent CM Pl'CSidCnt: Zelda Gilmore, vice-presidentg Eleanor Hill' SCCFQYHIYJ Margaret Holland treasurer, and Yvonne McDaniel' historian. Page 1 EZ PQQS re 154 jntmaf CLA. The reorganization of the Art League lust fall resulted in the organization known as the Art Club and consisting of art majors who are interested in exploring the various air! experiences. The group holds weekly meet- ings for the purposes of widening the meni- bers' interests in art, encouraging art achieve- ment and promoting fraternization among art students and faculty. The culmination of the groups work is an exhibit sponsored each fall, winter and spring quarter at which each member dis- plays his work. Sponsors for the club are Miss Ethel Gergely, Miss Corley Conlon and Thomas Larkin, faculty members of the art department. ART CLUB First Row: F. Laury, Ray, L. Collins, Miss Conlon, H. Steege. h R R naud, B. Lennarson, L. Harnack, M. Long, Second Row: A. Ballantine, C. Lake, S. Soeth, Step enson, . e P k, M. Homeier, B. Florence, A. Coon. D. Seziright. Third Row: G. Hanson, T. Larkin, I. Reninger, I. apOuS6 L. Allison, C. Drebenstedt. pC1Qe 165 1 -f ' ' B. eschke, Sec.: L. Dukeshier, 'l'reas.: C. Kamp. D Eldrid e M Bleich M Steinbron, Ia First Row: Barteau, . Q , - f ' k b C. Harper, H. Hecker, L. Whisler. hiiis, V. Pres.: M. Bruene, M. Ia o s, I Rou B Smith A Miller, F. Myres, I. Walton, B. Atzen, B. VeDepo, E. Osborn, M. Ewald, N. Schut- Scconc 1: . , - ' S. F ldt, D. Dietz, M. Morey, D. Gove. tinga, P. Howell, e Third Row: D. Larson, E. Behrens, M. Kadolph, M. McClintock, V. Iuel, L. Armstrong, B. Craig, I. Pals, M. Etc ' D. Hedrick, P. Brinker, S. Dunn, Twachtmann, L. Oakley. Fourth Row: M. Stevenson, M. Wiese, B. Clark, P. Edgington, D. Rowe, B. Bosworth, C. Swenson, M. Egan, A. Powell, K. Swanson, l L. S ith, D. Nietert, D. Waters, A. hison, D. Landis, D. Bergemann, W. Wiemers, M. Roe, I. Schroeder, D. Keller, D. Ho st, m Diltz. d P L ren S McGi1ligan R Stover, D. Bader, S. Soper, Fifth Row: I. Cherveny, R. Iohannsen, A. Wenn t, . ang , . , . N. Davis, E. Genrich, L. Schmidt, M. Templeman, F.. Willmann, A. Heldt, N. Newman, C. Gray, I. El- singer, D. McCauley, A. Kuehl, I. Soukup. ELEMENTA - KI First Row: M. Achey, I. Spillers, I. Fairchild, D. Kerr, R. Sorensen, B. Wadsworth, E. Pohl, Pres.: G. Spencer, I. Sedgley, B. Hollaway, B. Meyer, M. Henderson. Second Row: M. Flaherty, A. Marshall, F.. Abbe, L. Grasham, L. Landon, B. Nelsen, R. Wendel, H. Barker, B. Finer, H. Mitchell, S. Hansen, N. Fossey, N. Girton, L. Eide. Third Row: R. Strong, M. Hurlbut, N. Koester, N. Miller, B. Iensen, I. Mullins, W. Reid, D. Hubbard, R. Dial, Q M. Iosten, M. Ruigh, G. Hawley, I. Milton, V. Wellendorf, L. Leigh, N. Champion. Fourth Row: B. Mullins, F. Lamansky, M. Weber, A. Wickham, B. Baldwin, D. Gregg, E. Kube, L. Ulven, A. gli? L- ROUSFYS, I. COWan, D. Fisk, L. Morische, V. Krambeer, P. Hubbard, M. Heath, S. Cooper, V. Ciippers. Filth Row: M. Elscott, D. Rosel, M. Moulds, L. Ott, M. Keck, P. Weltz, I. Tonsfeldt, P. Kersten, M. Linder, ' lf d, D. Daniel. D' Hmmngonf E- Clausen. L. Hruby, D. Ferns, M. Howell, B. Smid, M. Garloch, V. Te or ht. C ,4.1 ful First Row: N horn, L. Second Row: P. Bros Third Row: I. Falb Fourth Row Harne Fifth Row: B. Pai PQQQ-3 eQ1f1.fere5f UM LADIES AND GENTLEMENI Step right over here. This way to the greatest little show on earth. All you frustrated Ciceros can learn to untie the knots in your vocal apparatus and talk to your hearts con- tent, and learn something on the side, too. about government, labor, the United Nations and politics. We don't offer sideshow bark- ing, but we do have poetry reading, discus- sion, extemporaneous speaking, oratory, cle- bate and after-dinner speaking. lust think, all of this and travel. too! The activities of the Speech Activities Club carry members away to such places as the Univer- sities of South Dakota and Minnesota. Drake, Illinois State Normal School and other mid-West campuses. Sponson S vi. Dutcher, SPEAKING ACTIVITIES ,,hd.Hemh . Harlan. First Row: Miss Goble, Sponsor, M. Wassenaa1', I. Harlan, SGC.: D. WiSChm9i9fi PWS-5 P- Linde' VICE PWS I. Zeman, M. Humphry. K Second Row: O, Miller, G, Crandall, Synhorst, V. Gibson, B. Cameron, L. Pearson, D. Dummermuth, B. tmp Third Row: H. White, T. Stecher, W. Bichel, W. l-lauQ9f1' G- McGee' D' Lloyd' I' Soladay' H' Holm' Page Page 169 l First Rowg I. Niles, I. Woodstock, M. Beach, B. Decker, Vice Pres.: M. Franklin, Sec.g M. King, I. Capellen, B. Iones. Second Row: M. Merrill, D. Stage, F. Grotjohn, F.. Rentsch, D. Dickson, B. Robb, Bell, M. Mendell, Third Row: I. Forwald, I. Watson, Y. Christiansen, I. Wierson, D. Ruchotzke, S. Howe, M. Danks, C. McLeod, N. Strayer, K. Augustine. Fourth Row: D. Kraft, B. Godfrey, D. Delker, D. Fairchild, M. Steward, L. Boyd, Engelking, M. Rigdon, L. Iohnson. Fifth Row: E. Eddy, M. Eggleston, B. Dana, F. Gull, M. Hansen, M. Holbrook, S. Lawrence, E. Meinke, N. FIRST-YEAR K. P. CLUB First Row: A. Stuck, Lindrall, R. Rhodes, M. Molfitt, Treas.: M. May, Pres.3 D. Schipull, O. Miller, L. Ioy. SCCOnCi Row: I. Mouchka, R. Mills, N. Haffner, R. Hiatt, D. Holmes, D. Brooks, D. Alliman, V. Meyer, B. Spain, C. Godwin. Third Row: M. Hoffmann, C. Schaefer, G. Noe, B. Martin, B. Dwyer, B. Hudek, R. Ashland, A. Dodge, A. Fos- ncss, D. Peterson, Moburg Fourth Row: D' Walker, Philp, B. Sinek, M. Griffiths, IVI. Frederick, P. Deterinan, F. W Sommerclorf, Schafer. , ollf, D. O'Toole, E- Fllfll ROW 5- L0CkWOocl, R. Ireland, D Foust, B. Fritze, L. Wigen, I. Hayford, M. McCuskey, M. McKilliP- I. Dobson, H. Voorhees, D. Bonderman, D. Schumacher. 'MMM l if., Chi First Row: E Second Row: Third Row: I Fourth Row: Pqqe 1 5 f 2 1 Z C. Kamp- N. Schut- Pals, M, itrnann, L, M. Egan, Vaters, A. S. Soper, 'ay, El- 3. Spencer, H. Barker, -d, R. Dial. Ulven. A- Sooper, V' M, Linder, Daniel. ul-lomeyu is the word for the Ellen ll. jors and minors study everything llifilll the latest fashion trends to planning .111 attrrtc- SQ Richards Club, for in it home economics 111.14 nfereaf - tive, nutritious, low-cost meal. The first of the bi-monthly meetings is .1 tures demonstrations, such as pottery for table appointments. At one meeting the girls A business meeting, and the second one lea- Wrapped Christmas gifts to be sent overseas. Elected to the clubs offices this year were: Bette Halterman, president: Martha Wag- ner, vice-president, Mary Ruth Harder, sec- retaryg Irene Bloss, treasurer. ELLEN H. RICHARDS CLUB First Row: V. Moncrief, C. Dryden, M. Lempares, M. Harder, M. Wagner, B. Halterrnan, I. Blass, M. Bl1111ke11- horn, L. Silver, R. Strickler. Second Row: S. Cooper, R. Prehn, B. Velman, B. Korns, N. Fredrichsen, H. Higgins, I. Derschcid, F. Williirrnson P. Broshar, M. Iackson. 1 Third Row: I. Benson, I. Moore, M. Lage, C. McCann, D. Walter, D. Pecenka, H. Kelsey, li Beake, I. Dahnis. I. Falb, K. Zahrt. Fourth Row: Mrs. R. Iverson, D. Hudepohl, A. Haakinson, M. Lee, V. Hansen. E- Callahan' 5' Mi'd5Q"' D Harness, M. Peck, G. Schneider, I. Beeman. D1 h v F- Kuhl' L' Price. A. Taylor Fifth Row: I. Morris, A. Bobst, P. Crable, A. Daasch, S. Mabee, M. OUQ Y B. Patrick, R. Rickabaugh, M. Broshar. Pfiqe 171 1 l i First Row: K. Palmer, A. Bennett, D. Handorf, Hist.g E. Hutchcroft, Pres.: L. Westerberg, Sec.3 G. Gray, Treagg E. Vanderheyclen, D. Schramm. Second Row: M. Moar, P. Arildsen, M. Werner, N. Huclek, P. Zobel, Kregel, M. Sawyer, D. Vance. Third Row: P. Habhab, S. Bollhoefer, C. Cortright, E. Main, Fye, M. Moore, S. McElroy, Bauer, M. Whit- ing, S. Thompson. Fourth Row: W. Wooley, B. Stanclley, L. Hill, M. Peck, K. Cassens, D. Stephenson, G. Groff, K. Parker, H. McCarville, C. Elliott. Fifth Row: B. Kellogg, E. McDonald, C. Aschom, H. Howe, W. Turner, W. Krauth, Hoon, R. Hughes, F. B. L. A. FWF ROHM l. Vest, I. Faulkner, Mrs. M. Moe, Sponsor, W. Mincks, Pub. Director, E. Fosselman, Vice Pres.: K. Kuck, S. Erickson, A. Potratz. Si-cond Row: S. Smith, M. Westfall, C. Vollstedt, L. Holmes, D. Cuthbertson, M. Ruwalclt, D. Fox, P. Hilsabeck. V. Leucr. Third Row: E. Cox, E. Gates, E. Clute, M. Foster, R. Lamansky, M. Butterworth, M. Alvung, E. Miquelon, W. Rittgers, D. Blomker. Fourtl' RON' B- SCn53Ub3UQh1 W' Larson, D. Clute, M. Iverson, Gildersleeve, D. Rasmussen, L. Martens, P. Martens, L. Cadwell, E. Meier. 'W' Rwf C' Valideffifocki M. Fuller, E. Moore, B. Haggbiade, G. McGee, R. Boitofff, T. Maazoid, L. Luwe D. Pothast. C. Greene, o ,....1 VL4 fi First Row: Spicer Second Roz Page, Third Row Strast Fourth Roz Haug. Fifth Row: C. M1 Pqqe 175 - C2-lpellen, -ll. I. McLeod, VI. Rigdon, Vleinke, N. L. joy. I', B. Spain: ge, A. FOS- J'Toole, E' l. McKillip. mfereof Cl J Mi "Hola, senorita. Vous etes tres belle." lTranslated-"Hello, miss. You zire very beautifullnl This variety of language lets one know he is listening in on a foreign lain- guage club meeting. Guest speakers, informal talks by individ- ual members, movies, songs, and records are some of the activities the members enjoy. The aim of this club is to coordinate the interests in languages, literature, history and customs that the students have received from the classroom with impressions various mem- bers experienced while traveling or living in the related countries. Eugene Schmidt is presidentg Leland Ross B b Philli s, secretary- vice-presidentg ar ara p treasurer, and Ernest Hillard, sponsor. FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB B P'1'lli s Treas ' G Schmidt, Pres.: L. Ross, Vice Pres.: Keelirle. L- ROWFY First Row: E. Hillard, Sponsor, . ii p , ., . Second Row: V. Moncrief, S. Madsen, D. Lowe, D. Conklin, M. Martin, B. Rogers. Third Row: I. Schilling, G. Morgan, P. Kollasch, P. Ohland, D. Ohl. D- Siihfamm- L. Ohl. pA..-.fL on .... r' Hallman R. Showers, W. DeWitt, R. Euchner, P. House, Page 173 L k ns Pres' E Moss V Pres.g A. Klasen, Sec.g M. Homeier, 'l'reas.g C. La boy, R. Gamm, U, First Row: Y. L1 6 , ., . , ' Baker, Z. Gillmore, I. jones, Mr. Geo. Phearman, Sponsor. Second Row: D. Dickson, I. Rickman, R. Ireland, Dean Mulford, S. Richards, W. Mincks, L. Finke, Dirks, M. Moflitt, L. Eide, M. Egan. Third Row: B. Rogers, I. Bramley, B. Robb, C. McCallum, Gault, G. Eppard, M. Eggleston, L. Locker, Mullins, R. Attig, Capellen, N. Suck. Fourth Row: V. Webb, N. Durschmidt, C. Northey, S. Soper, W. Thompson, G. Smith, A. Bond, D. Squires, F. Wolff, D. Sandven, C. Harper, D. Eldridge. Fifth Row: A. LaFoy, I. Semler, O. Hargen, A. Piersall, E. Barker, E. Hutchcroft, D. Bachman, C. Iensen, L. IOWA FUTURE TEACHERS First Row: O. I. Miller, B. Varnum, D. Hill, B. Heinrich, Y. Christiansen, L. Pierce, M. Bruene, D. Daniel, M. Kadolph, N. Westendorf. Svwrld Row: D. Rawson, R. McComb, M. Mason, M. Blankenhorn, H. Grauer, R. Kessler, L. Westerberg, M Kaiser, V. luel, l. Mouchka. R h D Blankenhorn R Sloan, L. Oakley, N. Third Rowe D. McCauley, D. McDonald, I. Maddocks, . lo annsen, . , , Mm-thinson, C. McLeod, B. Chapin, G. Spencer, R. Gibbons, B. Wadsworth, D. Heath. h, V. Wellendorf, M. Wassenaar, M. MOulClS, H. Ifourrlz Row: VV. Sherren, B. Stump, D. Coffman, M. Bleig Hansen, C. Drebenstedt, D. West, R. Moeller, R. Reed, D. Holmes. ,4-QQ if Cm nie Second R011 iii P We 177 W, Treasg IE, M. Whit- Parker, H, 2. Hughes, Vice Pres.: L Hilsabeck, iquelon, W- Martens, P. jd, L. Luwe. CM. Lucky is the girl who marries an industrial arts major. No broken down tables or sag- ting a free carpenter for a husband. The Industrial Arts Club is made up of industrial arts majors and minors who are interested in putting more into the program of industrial arts than attaining a degree. The group takes field trips to nearby indus- trial companies, has special speakers on sub- jects relating to the industrial arts field and. not ignoring the social end, holds picnics and special parties. The years activities were Mr. Paul Harri- -Q ging davenports for her. lt is just like get- lfbtefeift overseen by a new sponsor. son, and by the president, Hilbert Smith. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB First Row: W. Wagner, P. Harrison, Sponsor: L. Amalley, Sec., H. Smith, Pres.: D. Beichman, Vice Pres.: Cl Spicer, Treas.: R. Matala, F. Hartwell. Second Row: E. Crosby, F. Norris, C. Piper, T. Lockwood, D. Wood, H. Baer, H. Kelleher, L. Collopy, B Page, H. Palmer. , , Third Row: H. Griesenbrock, H. Frederick, W. Woodall, W. Thompson, B. Pelleymounter. C. COllH1QL'- hh Strasburg, P. Kollasch, I. Reece, D. Richards. T gl I C. Fourth Row: D. Bray, L. Lenze, C. Pesch, W. Hebbeln, E. GoldsberrYf V- Paul' R' Bakcr' ' Uunmon' Haugen, Vilscletzery 'ZV.lRLQ?3sibeL?'Uthoff, D. Holstrum, W. PetersOr1, Evers, R' Mchlhousc' l' Hschcr Fifth Row: G. n erwoo , . , C. Mullins, K. Karlson, M. Carr, A. Piersall. Page 175 4.l11 iii- First Row: D. Hill, Pres.g M. Trenk, V. Pres.: R. I Heinrich, Sec., C. LaFoy, Treas.: E. Fry, M. Vveems, wi. Ramsey. . . Second Row: D. McDonald, M. Kaiser, M. ARCH, A- V0UfQi35f M' WYCOE' H' Wltherspoon' N' Ishlkawa' First R I. lshikawa. I Bl Third Row: I. Nelson, D. King, Z. Barton, C. Voreck, A. Tenbaer, L. Pearson, M. Coghlan, A. Cain, C. Northey, Second V. Webb. Third l Fourth KAPPA Pl BETA ALPHA This is a group of K. Pfers who are work- ing for a B. A. degree in this Field and whose grade point is C or above. It was founded in 1928 and has many traditional activities throughout the year such as the annual fall picnic, Homecoming breakfast, Alumni din- ner, spring news letter and Mother's Day dinner. lt was organized to promote professional interests and social life within the group of four-year K. Pfers. The sponsors are Miss Mae Smith and Miss Arey. Those who lead the girls as ofli- cers are: president, Doris Hill, vice-presi- dent, Mildred Trenkg secretary, Ruth Hein- rich, and treasurer, Sarah La Foy. U nferedf N Fifth I n Page 178 P019 . ..Q H1 ' Wiz. n, D. Dirks, er, iuires en, L iel, rg, M- ey, N lds, H I UM nferefif The Ielfersonian Club was organized at Teachers College in the fall quarter of l9-17. The purpose of this club is to stimulate po- litical interest on campus and to serve as the official campus chapter of the Young Demo- cratic Club of lowa. Last spring two members of the group were sent to the state convention of the Young Democratic Club of lowa and several members attended the state Democratic Con- vention. They also sponsored a mock politi- cal convention and have had several prom- inent speakers here. The officers are as follows: Edward Iames Murphy, president: Marietta Mason, vice- presidentg lov Burdick, secretary, and l'lar old McCarville, treasurer. Sponsors are Mr Harris and Mr. Guest. JEFFERSONIAN CLUB First Row: N. Norton, Burdick, Sec.: E. Murp y h , Press M. Mason, Vice Pres.: H. McCarvillc, TFCHS- QMMA Dm... mi ivr,,,,f,,n QA Knowles, R, Yager, A. Ohl, L. Wismer. Pm 177 in. --...-- O ri, D. Whiting, Sec.-Treas.g I. Bartlett, Pres.: Mrs. Ashworth, Sp n- Firsf Row: D. Walker, Sponsor: M. Marti sor: F. Booth, l'l. Van Engen. Second Row: B. Rogers, D. Chmellca, S. Wiegent, B. Sayre, M. Schmidt, R. Sloan, B. Oelrich, W. Ponder. Third Row: G. Sawtell, E, Vanderbeck, I. Nugent, D. McClure, D. Bockelman, W. DeVV'itt, A. Ashbacker, P. Gottschalk, D. Kemmerer. P ' U Fourth Row: R. Weymiller, E. Smith, G. Mach, L. Shelldahl, E. Boysen, O. Knee, D. Dill, Bob Robinson, B. Weidert. MATHEMATICS CLUB "Square" meets 'isquaren at the Mathea matics Club where mathematics majors and minors have an opportunity to meet with their fellow students in order to discuss mathematical questions not brought up in class and anything else of interest to a "math-minded" group. This year a play night in the women's gym t and a spring picnic were paramount in the clubs social activities. Meetings were conducted by lerry Bart- lett as president, Donald De lager as vice- presiclent and Donna Whiting as secretary! treasurer. Mr. Walker and Mrs. Ashworth bl' 6 act as faculty advisors for the group, page I First B ri Seconc Third . Fourth Fifth l I Page ms, M. hikawa, lorthey, Page Readyl Setl Dive! rlnliflst were ctinnn.mtlg heard often as the Life Saving Corps pu-- pared its annual water festival of conicdv and precision swimming land diving. The Life Saving Corps is composed of wonicn who have passed the water safety test and the Red Cross Life Saving test. Plivsical lit- ness and mental alertness to promote writer M, 5 safety have been introduced as "niusts" for members. This year the corps elected Cathy Shaw as president, loyce lmmerzeel as captain and Dorothy Iennings as secretary-treasurer. Faculty advisor for the group is Miss Doris White. LIFE SAVING CORPS First Row: M. Martin, Miss White, Sponsor: Immerzeel, Captain: C. Shaw, Pres.: D. Icnnings, Sec.: S. Day B. Rice. Second Row: M. Anderson, M. Trekell, N. Cave, P. Mauser, M. Kenyon, M. Alexander, lf. Mitchell. Third Row: M. Porter, C. Iohnson, I. Bailie, L. Knicker, C. Reed, E. Vandcrbeck, M. Richardson, N. lniisst-n. Fourth Row: M. Fleig, N. Smith, R. O'l'Iolleran, N. Van Anne, I. Nugent, R. Dyhx-ig. C. Vorvck, V. lim. 1 1 VV'l l', F. Scliornhorst, D. Rus Fifth Row: M. Schmidt, D. Davis, E. Behmer, M. Skouge, M. Dougherty, C. L irl mussen, E. Greenlee. kd, .. page U9 E Y !'A... f . ' ' ' s M. Oviatt, Pres., V. Bro, Miss Moon, Miss Merritt, First Row: D. White, T. Short, Sponsor, F. Wiggin , N. Lauer, B. Velman, M. Trekell, M. Alexander, B. Braack, M. Martin, Second Row: E. Trabert, C. Schlattman, F. Mitchell. M. Richardson, N. Van Anne, M. Porter, B. Swan, N. Cave, M. Anderson, Third Row: D. Harness, C. Reed, B. Denniston. . d b ck, M. Daily, C. Wehrli, N. McGaw, C. Shaw, Beeman, F. Neessen, Fourth Row: L. Knicker, D. Van er e P. Mauser, C. Iohnson. Sk e, D. Iennings, B. Brower, M. Dougherty, I. Eberhardt, E. Behmer, L. Fifth Row: F. Schornhorst, M. oug Engstrom, E. Greenlee, R. Dybvig, E. Hart. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB D L dke Mrs Michel P Scott, I. Anderson, N. Smith. FIFSF R0 llf: N. Ianssen, Miss Winsberg, Miss . u , , , , SUCOHC1 ROHM M. Kenyon, B. Bovenmyer, I. Bailie, S. Thompson, I. Stupka, B. Braden, I. Cords, Beeks. Third Row: I. Grubbe, I. Pierce, B. Finch, I. Thiele, E. Miller, M. Early, B. Darling, M. Iennings, M. Fleig. FOUFHI RO 11': l. Enqlcr, I. Wolcott, S. Kopple, C. Brodersen, S. Hickey, D. Good, B. Kyras, R. O'Holleran. ' B. M rston, D. Davis, M. Beckley. Fiffh Row: M. Schloexnan, O. Dotlich. N. Hardinger, Cole, M. McClean, a ...-1 Z PQQE pon- r, P. 1, B. 199 180 lnterpretation through the medium ul the dance is the purpose of this national orgaiii' xy zation ol which Miss Ioyce Anderson. Miss Doris Ludtlte and Mrs. Maude Michel .ire the sponsors. Une of its ohiectives is to ere ate among other students an awareness of the possibilities of the dance as a power in the field of art. 2 M! 5 The poised "Orchesisters" spend manv hours in the Vvornenls Gym twisting and turning, bending. stretching and iuinping .is they transfer personal experiences and ideas into dances which have signilicance and meaning, Culmination of this years won-lg was the recital, which was presented in the College Auditorium on March 26. Nancx McGaw served as president this year. ORCHESIS First Rowg Mrs, Michel, Sponsorg Miss Anderson, Sponsorp R. NViggins, N. McGaw, Pres.: M. Martin, D. Sea right, Miss Ludtke. M A id 'rson. Second Row: M. Alexander, M. Richardson, Grubbs, B. Velman, C. johnson. . . I L Third Row: B. Denniston, L. Knicker, A. Vourgias, I. Bailie, N. Smith, M. Fleig, N. Cave. P Mauggr N Van Anne C Vorecl-t V. Bro. Fourth Row: F. Mitchell, R, O'l-lolleran, R. Dybvig, . - . f ' - ' ' : 1 ' 'Q 'lilf , ciFt't'lllt't Filth Row: C. Shaw, M. Skouge, D. Jennings, Eberhardt, M. Dougherty, L. Bthnur. l.. l I D. Davis. PGQG 181 1---7 I F' -t Row: W. Robinson, L. Bultena, Kerr, D. O'Kelly, S. Foreman. lfb Second Row: N. Marthinson, I. Burdick, K. Yocum, S. Friedman, K. Lemke. 'A l R. Knowles, V. Fredericks. Thnd Ro wg B. Picht, B. Braband, B. Rellihan, Green y, STUDENTS FDR DEMOCRATIC ACTION Any liberal-minded student interested in blems is welcome to join ' contemporary pro the Students for Democratic Action Club. This organization is new to the campus, be- ing established in 1947 with Dr. Bultena as sponsor. The activities for this year include anal- ysis of the Democratic party platform by Miss Plaehn, a talk given by Dr. Howard t t entitled "What About Qur Civil Rights?", VL discussions about federal aid to education 'ind conservation and natural resources, and ai panel on lowa's state institutions. The ofhcers this year are: president, lack UL 6 Kerr: vice-president, Don Hugh, and secre- tary and treasurer, Doris 0'Kelly. 84 Page 1 pq Those students interested in rural eduoia tion are brought together for closer .tetitiaitiw tance and professional improvement bv the Rural Teachers Club, which holds dinner meetings on alternate Tuesdays. The activities of this club are centered around problems of rural education both in this country and abroad. ln addition to panel discussions held by the members, speakers appear before the club lfrom time to time. Picnics and parties of all kinds make up the social program of Rural Teachers Club, Eleanor Gritton was president of the elub for the fall quarter. Dr. Esther Hult served as sponsor. RURAL TEACHERS CLUB winkel, C. Burke. Fzrst Row D DQTJQU1 E Gritton N Rohlfs, M. Grou P M row C Van Buskirk D. Hahn. Second Row R Emerson A EIS Of f ' ' Q nsen P Dohrer, L. Lawless, M. Kemper, XV. Milburn. ,.l K R Nellis D Ratner I Bramley B. Chapin, G. Wallukait, B. Morrow, 1. bricke, LL. Cross. First Row: unze, . , . , . , Second Row: M. Foord, N. Westendorf, E. Bernard, Schmidt, D. McKean, E. Hilger, D. Rawson, D. Sandven, T. Chamberlin, B. Ritchart. d D. Hill, L. DeVries, B. Wise, R. Lund, F. Hewitt, Third Row: D. Britson, D. Ragan, F. Pettigrew, S. Bro erson, I. Maddock, E. Steinhofl. Fourth Row: I. Shafer, A, Dickerson, S. Northey, M. Schneider, D. Coffman, M. Whom, Heisey, E. Beck, I. Hamblin, B. Varnum, R. lames. V I P. Wooff, D, Field, L. Folkers, B. Milten- Fiftlz Row: G. Laxson, C. Rosvold, P. Cameron, L. Carlson, . ones, R. Reed, D. l-larnack, K. Yocum, V. Stewart, C. Christensen. TWO-YEAR KLINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY berger, The Second Year Kindergarten-Primary Club is for sophomore girls, whether they are on a two-year or four-year course. It is an organization devoted to the professional ad- vantages of the members. A fall picnic for old members to meet new members, a mother- jn fewest CM daughter banquet and a breakfast in the spring are some of the social activities. Those on whose shoulders rest the respon- sibility of the program are: Betty Chapin, leader: Grace Wailliikait, assistant leader: llvvcrly lXflorrow, keeper ol the books, and lxadcll Bramley. keeper of the money. Pgge l86 Marietta Mason print lean Harlan, Vic lellow member ol Lili page I I J lfLt9l"8f5f Cf.. Lf, "You going to rec night, tonight? I mul" If you're curious by this time, we'lI ex- plain that this has reference to the Wecliies- day night recreation program sponsored hy the Women's Recreation Association. It is an organization under the auspices of the department of physical education for women. The girls want recreation to turn toward individual, self-directed activities. Each spring they sponsor a play day for high school girls in the near vicinity. Qfficers include Nancy Van Anne, presi- dentg Nancy McGaw, vice-president: I-u- Verne Knicker, secretary-treasurer, and the W b nd Scott, group sponsors. Misses ins erg a WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION k N Van Anne N McGaw, Miss Scott. First Row: Miss Winsberg, L. Knic er, . , - M. A derson. C Iohnson I Immerzeel, P. Mauser, n Second Row: R. Wiggins, . , - ' M I t' e. Third Row: B. Schutt, S. Reed, V. Bro, M. Ovlatt, D- C fl If HI Page 185 I ,-X 84 A I 1 i ' 1 l Q 4. 3 M IZ i . i L ,A S e 9 5 5 S 1 2 , -f . Q E l i is Q. X. 1 :Fi Y Z ' sy. t 1 lf lx . t '95 First Row: D. Dummermuth, Mrs. M. Moe, S. Keding. Second Row: G. Holmes, E. Rath, D. Hall, McCabe. BOARD CDF CCNTROL eglmcfenf pwdgcafions The Board of Control of Student Publica- tions consists of five students appointed by the Student League Board, and four mem- bers of the faculty appointed by the college president. lt acts as advisor to Mr. George H. Holmes, Director ol Publications, in the supervision of student publications. Selection of editors and other staff mem- bers lor the QLD GOLD. College Eye and The Student Handlwoolf is one of the impor- tant functions of the Board. They are also responsible for photography, printing. en- graving. materials, equipment and supplies. ln addition to handling the business end of college publications. the members of the Board serve as "listening posts" to get Stu- dent and faculty opinions concerning the college publications. Criticisms are discussed at the monthly meetings and brought to the attention of the student editors. Gfficers of the Board are elected from the five student representatives. During the paSf year lack McCabe, a senior social science major from Naperville, Illinois, has served aS President. McCabe is a former member of the College Eye staff. Dawn Dummermutli. a junior English major from West Union. has been the Boarcl's secretary. Regular meetings of the Board are held the first Monday of each month in the GOLD Gflcice. Special meetings are called bY the president of the Board when business Of importance requires immediate atteI1fi0I1- OLD Page 188 The pen lf verS3fY thi? l 1929181161 is Yeaf by the SPeech Ol lol assistance fi bers of the T he Pufpc to P f 1 writingS 0' ' by publishm dents to pa Cfgative Star This Wint contained fi' students. rl by Bill Mil also an aff Maurer Of editorfin-Ch f0VlClC 2 PQQQ- 189 DSS. en, Jitt :ck ten ge 186 ': xx f ' ., fffm Marietta Mason and Leland Ross, members of the Foreign Language club, Magician li lu- . . -.N .- , brush up on Hel espanol." uppw,-" fr - I A A Strayer of the Shui.-urs lur ll l Ixlllllll Pfbflg 861,115 COVLAFQVLCQ57 98tl:l'L95 !0l' .yflftefefft VOMP5 r llnl 1 Alpha Phi Qlncqa rncrnlw N if It-.ui Harlan, Vick Harnack and Bill Cameron listen to Hubert White, a f K ' Bl : ald Hcriclricksori, Cal l'nlhn.m, law k A tivities club debate an issue. e ow Sponsor lk-rry C1l1.rptivl.m fellow member of the Spea ing c , Life Saving corps practice what they preach. it' xl Q ,L+ il ll l rl lg, WSG' W F ' 4 X A i Q5 H u Vp WM l it . E lf., :Q . A I x s-rv First Row: D. Dummermuth, Mrs. M. Moe, S. Keding. Second Row: G. Holmes, E. Rath, D. Hall, McCabe. BOARD OF CONTROL cglmcfenf lyoidgcafiolfw The Board of Control ol Student Publica- tions consists of five students appointed by the Student League Board, and four mem- bers of the faculty appointed by the college president. lt acts as advisor to Mr. George H. Holmes, Director of Publications, in the supervision of student publications. Selection ol editors and other staff mem- bers for the OLD GOLD, College Eye and The Student Handlwoolt is one of the impor- tant functions of the Board. They are also responsible for photography. printing, en- graving. materials, equipment and supplies. ln addition to handling the business end of college publications, the members of the Board serve as "listening posts" to get Stu, dent and faculty opinions concerning the college publications. Griticisms are discussed at the monthly meetings and brought to U16 attention of the student editors. Officers of the Board are elected from the five student representatives. During the paSf year jack McCabe, a senior social science major from Naperville, Illinois, has served 35 President. McCabe is a former member of the College Eye stall. Dawn Dummermuth. a junior English major from West UHi0I1i has been the Boarcl's secretary. Regular meetings of the Board are held the first Monday of each month in the OLD GOLD Office. Special meetings are called bl' the president of the Board when business Of importance requires immediate attention. Page 188 T h P611 is Crt T e this y6d V . d 15 PU 1923123 the E lllaeeth of Iowa assistance from DQF bers of the The repose f0Vld3 3 I to P . . till writings of S by publishing .l dentS to pam tandi? gisafi' creative S Q This Winter Cofllallled five , The students by Bill Mitch also an aft me Maurer of l editor-in-chiel Page 189 ussed Q0 the H1 the 3 past cienCC Jed 215 Jer of ymutll, lnioll, 3 held 6 OLD led by tesS 0 E OIL 'age 188 THE PEN THE STUDENT HANDBOOK its twentieth anni- Tle pen is celebrating 1 mary this yearg it was established in May T is ublished two or more times a 1929, and P b the Department of English and Y lgeilch of Iowa State Teachers College, with igsistance from students and faculty mem- of the Department of Art. bers Thg purpose of the magazine is twofold: to provide a place where the outstanding writings of students may be published, and ' h , to encourage more stu- by publishing t Cm dents to participate in literature from the creative standpoint. This winter's Pen, appearing in February, five short stories and poems by six students. The comment-eliciting cover was by Bill Mitchell, art major. Shirley Soeth, r, was art editor: and Edwin Maurer ol the English department was editor-in-chief. contained also an art majo Introducing the students to the college is the task of the Student Haricibook. whihh 15 published each summer and distrihiitt-tl to the Students in the fall when they 4ii'riw, This pocket-sized book contains into about the many college facilities lsuch as the golf course and the womens gyninzisiuml .intl pictures of some ol the campus "big win-els." Pictures of the college are also included in its pages, in addition to a brief history ol the college written by l. H. Hart. Of interest to old and new students alike is the schedule of events for the coming year. Football and basketball games and impor- tant dances and social events are all listed. Handling the work of editing the book last summer was Iulia Hauter. The iournail- istic fraternity will edit the Hnncllioolr this SUITIIHCI. .glfmcfenf pmhbcafiand To Dirks and Mr. Maurer find an interest- in article in The Pen. Editor Tulia Hauter Q types copy for the Student Handbook. PCGS 189 li, E , , 'Wi PAUL SCHENCK JULIA HAUTLER R. AUBREY LaFOY ' ' Business Manager Managing Editor "Nothing exciting ever happens around here" is the constant moan of the staff members of the College Eye. "How can we put out a paper when no one ever shoots a faculty member or sets a building on fire?" In spite of the absence of such ex- citement, the Eye staff succeeded in publishing an issue of the paper each week. Among the publications was a special Christmas issue done up in red and green ink and an Hunbelievf able" April Fool edition. Publishing the Eye requires the work of about fifty people who write news, edit the copy, sell and make up ads, distribute the paper and per- form numerous other tasks. Mondays and Tuesdays are the days on which the reporters and copy readers reign supreme collect- ing the news and editing it. The ad salesmen are not caught napping on those days either. for they must con- tact the local business men and get Executive Editor egzfacfenf pmggcafionn THE course EYE ILILIA HAUTER . PAUL ScHENck . ROBERT M. HALL . . AUBREY LAFOY . CONNIE LAFOY . . ORVAL KNEE . . ROBERT CHRISTIANSON . DONNA WHITING . . CAROL MCCALLUM, BONNI ORVAL KNEE Sports Editor LuKENs l Executive Editor Managing Editor . Associate Editor Business Manager . Circulation Manager . . . Sports Editor . Advertising Manager . . Copy Editor . Research Editors ROBERT M. HALL Associate Editor Page 190 Z ni ads from the: made up and material is se The scene to the print s downtown C proolreaders editors comp dab' evening the Press. 'l hand to adi the Sllbscrih mall bgxes The Wm Eye COIHQS must Set tc ning the nf takgn and the next smoothly I lt all S0 no one k. Staff that lgsfk win Cial first toge Q. E99 is ft e Editor g Editor te Editor Manager Manager 'ts Editor Manager gy Editor gh Editors ALL ll' Pafle A ,ls- First Row: R. Siplon, O. Knee, P. Schenck, I. Haute-r, A. La Foy, C. l-4r lioy, D. XK'hrrmrr Second Row: I. Mouchka, S. Sherman, Tesmer, S. Carter, I. Kcclinc, A. llowull, I, Scliiilrriri. Third Row: B. Denniston, B. Atzen, Y. Lukens, P. Nellor, A. Epp, C. NlcCarllrrrn, XY. Nlillirirri. C. Swenson. R P 's, M. Dloughy, D. Cflrrrstmris, ll, Fourth Row: R. Hall, D. Hill, M. Peck, Ernpey, . arrr Holmes, W. Thompson, M. Lillehei, R. Christianson Swear 'ilvleeting the deadline" are, left to right D Ch' t'ans R Darnberg and D NVhitinq. l'wl1N Writing, copyreading, writing heads fr. ' p. Paul Schenck, R. Christiansen, C. McCzrlltim and R. ll.rll pnddcafiono ads from them. When the ads are made up and the copy edited, this material is sent to the print shop. The scene shifts on Wednesday to the print shop, which is located in downtown Cedar Falls, Where the proofreaders go to work and the editors complete the dummy. Thurs- dab' 9V6ning finds the Eye rolling off the press. The circulation staff is on hand to address the papers so that the subscribers will find them in their niail boxes come Friday morning. The work is not over when the I Eye comes out, for the staff members U1i1St set to work immediately, plane mug the next issue. Pictures must be 9-.J taken and stories assigned so that the next week will proceed as 'K Smoothli' as possible. If all sounds like a lot of work, but H0 0112 knows better than the Eye Staff that it is possible to combine Work with pleasure by an occasional Zocial get-together. They'll be the gst to Confirm that working on the 99 is fun with a capital Page 191 'Si l , Kculirit-, R. ll.rll, R Christiansen, . risr . . c - . ' ' ' -Y 'ill .i 'nrt of tht-ir worlfi BILL HAYNES CARL BIRCHARD Ednor Business Manager Managing Editor Lglfmcfenf p pmdgcafiona When members of the staff of the '49 QLD GOLD were assigned their positions by the Board of Control of Student Publications in May of 1948, they accepted with enthusiasm and joy because their appointments meant a chance' to put their own ideas and plans into practice in turna ing out a yearbook that would be the "best yet". "We'll give them something new and sharp-something that'll knock their eyes outl" they said. That was early in September. By mid-Ccto- ber, after seeing most of their Uoriga inal" ideas in QLD GOLDS of former years, the staff decided to let the in- teresting and original events of the school year "knock your eyes out" rather than trying to do it by means, of layout or theme. Early in the fall many eager fresh- men, following the suggestion put forth in posters and notices prepared bY the QLD GOLD publicity division, found their way to the office to apply THE OLD C-ECJLD Editor CARL BIRCHARD . . ....... r ' p MARILYNN FLINDERS . . . MHHHQWQ Edltof BILL HAYNES .... . Business Manager K T. SMILEY, EARL MCMURRY . . - Ph0t0QfaPlf9fS BARBARA VooRHEEs . . . . . COPY Edltof IRMA MOUCHKA . . , . . Associate Editor V IEANNE-MARIE EBIPEY , . OrQaI1iZa'fi0nS Editor JANE KENNEDY . . - - Senior Editor DARREL PORTER . . ' Sports Edftor l ARDEN OHL - - - ' Drama Editor L. TRAVIS SMILEY BARBARA VOORHEES Head Photographer r COPY Edlfor Page 192 l lor unfilled positii theyearboolc. Nl: found later that classes would r spend much time nual, Neverthel live people did the OLD GoLD- less. Most of the tulties of puttii not be listed h outlined briefly Rflllgh plan of the '49 Q during the si in the ian the revised, and lute laY0Uts, 'mo H full- Tracts for C, llfaving, ant student , Writers W, l The prin l Staff illls l dents Wm K Yearbook. Te Staff 'KPPY wii pqqe Editor rg Editor Manager Jgraphers my Editor te Editor ns Editor .or Editor rts Editor na Editor KHEES Page Q9 First' Row: A. Ohl, B. R0Q9YSf T' Smiley. l'lOpkinS, Empey, G. Henderson, li. ll.ri.'rr--A.. l Mouchka. S cond Row: C. Stover, V. Poulsen, W. Ponder, D. Hankins, P. Berglund, D. D.rnu-l. I Uhr.--. e Third Row: A. Ackerman, M. Kenyon, S. Carter, Tesmer, M. Puck, C. Rostoltl, li. litrtrh- ston, M. Morey, I. Kennedy. Fourth Row: R. Siplon, Siplon, R. Spencer, G. Swanson, C. Gray, D. Turner, l'. liollnstii B. Denniston, B. Schuck. Fifth R ' ' ' tl '. ll. l 1-ul--'. W. Carthey, B. Rouse. ow: B. Decker, M. Adams, D. Wiese, E. McMurry, L. Collins. M. Dlouxr ix Business Manager Bill Haynes and Orgzmizzitions lidrtor lt-.tru the yearbook. Many of these people found later that their schedule of classes would not allow them to spend much time working on the an- nual. Nevertheless, about twenty- llve people did find time to give to the OLD GOLD-some more and some less. M0St ol the problems and diffi- culties of putting out an annual can- not be listed here, but the steps are outlined briefly, R0l1gl1 plans for the organization Ol ill? '49 QLD GOLD were made during the spring quarter of 1948. lil the fall these plans were reviewed, mused, and worked up into minia- lufe layouts, which were then built W0 21 full-sized Hdummyn. Con- lffmft for covers, photography, en- ifjgmgv alld printing were let, and xvritilld pllotogralphers and Copy The it CFS given assignments. L Stag thtlrimary consideration of the dems Shia! was to give the stu- YearbOOkaTf1h6Y wanted in their - the Staff A e book is yours, and happy Y' Sincerely hopes you re 3 With it. , Marilyn Flinders, managing e with Travis Smiley, head photographer. lor unfilled positions on the stall of M Marie Empey seem to have the OLD GOLD we-ll "in lnrntl. livl-vs ' ditor, discusses picture- .rssigruut-rr I-I 12214 Macbeth Hack Andersonl and Macduff Hack Nelsonj meer in,.. - M l s lansl chides her husband Hack Andersonl for his weakness. svttine PLAY Waaaatla Lady Macbeth Q ary the most lurid and fiercely Qften called ra id of all tragedies, William Shakespeare's P Macbeth was presented at the Annual Drama Conference in the spring term of 1948. To present Macbeth in as nearly the same manner as it was presented in Eliza- bethan England a replica of the original Globe Theatre for which Shakespeare wrote was constructed for the production. With this set the many scenes of the play could be presented in rapid succession, uninterrupted by scenery shifts. The authentic costumes of medieval Scotland were designed and ex- ecuted bv the drama department. The crashing thunder, flashing lightning and other sound and lighting effects effec- earthly tively created and sustained the un 1 h weird sisters, mood of the heaths, the t ree the apparitions, murders, and the super' natural phenomena believed in by the ancient Scots. The tragedy of Seotland's over-am- bitious king and his mad queen is the story of the gradual ruin of a man who yields to evil within and evil without. A noble Egg? eral who climbs to the crown bY Way O ' d he mUSt trayal and murder, Macbeth fm S, . U . - 1 C1 to maintain his remain steeped in bOO position. ' h lay, With deep psychological l1'1S1ght'ht Oigh to wright followed the royal coiple t I . f . their eventual tragic down 21 Yeaf5 Aff It tr llle Stage for' ff da 5 ol 1 the Y , I With NHPF bobble stiff 'Y and Suede Upl andthe Pink I. p,e,World The autobic Gordon V035 2 It was the liO she was lust l senior in 'WC ing for a car? The typica modern teen- 04 PCQ9 lv pqqe nearthli' 1 sisters, 3 Super' 6 ancient oveffam' the stofi' yields to oble QCD' E be' 3 he must ifttaiil hls 7 the play through to Pcfle ll: Years Ago hrought a tottch ol nostalgia to li-ie-ml ',.,,,c q. the stage for those who remembered hack to her to li-'toni-' .. the days ol 1913. .ind shi- i.t..ts hhzzti t Witli emphasis on realism, the days ol' the Hut stitttt'lii,t,t,, Ac t, t, L hohhle skirt, the shoes with the pointed toes .ind suede uppers, shirtwaists, Hazel Dawn and the Pink l.ady were presented in all their pre-VVorld War I glory. The autohiographical play hy actress Ruth happy resoltitttin ol h t , i i X tiordon was a recent success on Broadway, leaves tm- Nt-ttf Ymt it ,, , lt was the horney story of the actress when a famous .tetrt-ss, she was just plain Ruth lones, a high school The single set til th lot it senior in VVollaston, Nlassachusetts, yearn- ing for a career upon the wicked stage. and that new no 'l'lie typical trials and tribulations of the tnodern teen-ager also befell Ruthss- her hoy- S U M M E R P L A Y 66115 g Dorothy Bush plays actress to her parents Roher . . s Q55 letns tu th-5 ltlw til t t i prtthcttc ttititlt-'tk .i littt tit t i lathcr .tttd tht- ut-tit t' t i youth'rtetl hint thtt-tt ,lt i with the large rottud tihl tt t . t t ated the scenes til lttt t 4 tt t i marching guna! First Row: M. Karkosh, A. Wickham, Twiflersz M' M Goeldner M. Brown, Vanderloo, Clari- s Kunze, . . ts' M 0'l'laver, Bells: M. lennings, D. Rosenthal, ne , . t E. Doeringsleld, Snare Drums: Condon, B355 Drum: Sutton, Coffin, M. Potter, Snare Drums: D. S'm son, Cymbals: M. Weitzell, Bells: Horton, 1 P B. Broadie, Flutes: K. Cassens, A. Gehrke, Piccolosg I. Heddens, Twirling Drum Major: G. Dunlap, Drum Major. Second Row: Harper, S. Bollhoefer, B. lensen, R. L onard, Mullins, D. lennings, D, Young, e Stansbury, D. Conrad, R, Donelson, R. Heitland, Clarinets: R. Swale, Piccolo: lones, L. Brownlee. B. Bramhlett, L. Maurer, D. Wiese, A. Pittam, Clarinets: Hayes, Piccolo: M. Grouwinkel, S. Brock, Flutes. MYRON RUSSELL Director Lockwood, D. Third Row: L. Grasham, L. Kindwall, R. Matt, K, Kuck, Clarinets: A. Shakespeare, Cornet: M. Mikesh, R. Opheim, B. Sellman, Slyfield, Trum- h H. Eicke, T. Herbst, B. Becker, Trumpets: ts G Laipple Cornet: T. Marr, T. Stec er, lo h r, Cornet: P. Nellor, Trumpet: pe : . , S. Hahn, Cornet: D. Gunderson, Trumpet: A. Ash ac e M. Bwald, Cornet. Fourth Row: F. Altman, M. Pfeiler, Cornets: F.. Blumhagen, Trumpet: M. Eggleston, Cornet: M. Dloughy, Trumpet: M. Weiss, H. Zimmerman, A. Schuelke, Alto Saxs: B. Irwin, R. Cameron, D. Ries, M. I-lumphry, M. Wassenaar, D. loens, French Horns: F. Owens, Alto Sax: R. Welch, Baritone Sax: W. Brown, Tenor Sax: R. Kirkwood, D. lohnson, Alto Saxs. ' 't eg D. T bone' P Hilsabeck, Bari on Fifth Row: D. Brinton, Flag Bearer: N. Schuttinga, rom , . D. 'Vl' kelson, Trombones: S. Williams, Bass: C. Berkstresser ' e Conzett, W. Threlkeld, r ic ' ' K. Martin, Bass: A. Rolland, Bariton Baritone: W. Marquardt, Bass: R. Klahn, Baritone, ' ' ' V. McCowen, G. Canfield, C. B. D n, Bass: C. Thrailkill, Baritone: G. Primmer, Bass, un Sorenson, G. Worthington, Baritones: B. Eiler, Flag Bearer. v . CONCERTM Emil Bock V IOLINS Fanny l-lar Elwood Ke Lois Barrig Emmett St Ruth l'lele' Rosemary ludldl T393 Yda Schu Amos Str' Carole St l03H Kyh Nancy Vi Margaret lohn Mig Beverly : lol' Kels Ruth Gil Marilyn lane: R, Gloria C Chades lameg I- Maw E Renate VIOLA Ffank Martha Page 19 HSS wnlee. ittam, el, S. .. Kuck, Trum- umpetsz lrumpetl Cornet: rwin, R- Qwens. Iohnson, tone! D cstresser. Baritolwl iiield, C- yIflfLl9 Oily QPCA85 fl"6l TRLIMPIi'I'5 lVlyron lf. Russcll. Clsuitliittui' lfmll Bock Doris locus, lVlaii.iuvi' ol lkiwtiiiiit-l Yda Schultz. l,lltI'.lI'l1Il VIQHIAINS Ruth Ann liauinliovcr liinny Harris lflwood Kcistcr Lois Harrigar lfiltlllvtl SlL'L'lC Ruth Hclcn Sclah Ruscmary Siplon luditli Dcaton Yda Schultz :Ninos Strilwlcy Mary XVagonv:r Caryl Middleton Edwin Mclichar CELLOS Roland Scaright Lois Scaright Arthur Hodinan lfrma Stcflcns Carl li. Nulmu Dorothy UcXX'itt Alfrcd Sal: Naomi Sclilivlclvl FLLITES Audrcy Clclu'l4r Roland Sxxalc l luuh lflk l-.ti XX'illi.un lit-t l vi Stan llalui Xxlilliaxu liralg 'I'RUMlit JNE5 Cjariiioii Kit-xxtail laiiiw Nlrrrill AwwlSl'AN'l tic mNt'IilJ'l'k Xliltii--tl lu..- 'l'lll5fX XX".i:..i:. 'xl -w llAl2l'5 Nlarx lf:-wr l' Y'- l'liRt'ilwwI1 l71.i:, 51" gi 1' lhig :za lf -" Fllmlc, Swllzllll limffl' VilmlL'Vl00 lhlarilyn lloutx Uxxaizi- Xlnl.-Ki-1 l . li .: ' l"'U lxllll Torn XX'cnstrand lJwISi1' HIV-Hlll' l'111uvi:-A l'mw.tzz lluzg ll NJIW3' XVUOJ Frances Van lfnuuii lNl.u'garct Klcin EDWARD l lXl' 'l - - - . . ' Ft 'fl oisoizs vit,tiui,u Dmtof lltxtily bxxciinq , i U -h L V ,. ' l'loi1-ncc Owcn 12U1.,mi Sttai, l0X lxtlwx lopp i I 1 - A bvlxia Day lxuth Cnlwboiis N' M I: R H 1 N , Q Marilyn ROSS . lyion .. usst l?,A55Qjg jfX,5 lanct Rogcrs , x , l'1l1Sll'W' Dllfil-lil Gloria Clark liiiriii-as lizlvz' Charlcs Stcclc lxlyrml li' Rllhffll llt'u:'icZt.i llt-tit . laincs H-:tldcus f- i , ltlarx' lflluu Hom cr Hi HQN5 ' 36" A' lwuatc Rotliscliild Digit- llgkk-y DIV: Kklmzuixw . Russell Huitlanti IMMLN Him - er llalrifia lfollxum XM Skimvmfr am , X laqli Yiziiuglaw XX':.,i.i::' lit vt A 1' lirauli XY, Hill litwmi. luv Martha Holxik BASS Lll Nltlx in Schn it 9 R Ellertson Pres.: D. Staves, V' Pres.: U' -f"""H""' l OI16 1 of the " who W1 that qu. Choosin select f finalists for the tions. detidec All 1 for the Teach, Ship ir club a COl11'aS fh6 Ot' First Row: . i .Scconiiplcgdiifu L. Littlefield, S. Thompson, R. Nielson, D. Kensinger, P. Berglund, L. Wei . Third Row: N. Smith, I. Bauer, L. Sunday, M. Templeman, K. Lemke, N. lVIcGaw, M. Trekell, I. Moburg. Fourth Row: R. Laird, I. Spencer, W. Thompson, P. Knudtson, R. Welch, D. Hogeland, R. Brown, M. Long, D. Sharp. ,Q If V MARIANNA TREKELL H 1 . . ere are the pepsters of the campus. The ug ' I ' LESTER BUNDY pep fraternity, another warftime "casualty, was finally reorganized under the supervision V A ' of Dr. H. Earl Rath. Each social sorority is Q given the right to be represented by two V people, each fraternity by three representaf ' LORRAINE WEN- tives, the 'T' club by one member. Twelve persons are chosen at large from nonffraterf MARJORY PORTER nity and nonasorority students and both 5 freshmen and varsity cheerleading squads 3 W comprise the remainder of the organization. 7 ' - The purpose of the fraternity is to strive to arouse school enthusiasm in all athletic contests and in other campus activities of school interest. This is attained, not through individual attainment or recognition, but through continual cooperation of every mem' 'L f f , hu I ber of the organization. RED ELLERTSON Head Cheerleader Pao Improv TWO . the H men fillet j the fa 9 198 page 199 sl The ualtyf' :rvision ority iS yy two esenta- Twelve -frater- 1 both 5quadS izati0I1' , strive athlefiC ties Of hr0U9h n, but V mem' P099 D First Row: W. Case, R. Ellertson, B. Berner, M. lN'lzihie. Sec.: B. lliitrhi-r. l'r.--i, Nl i'ir-- Treas.: C. Collinge, B. Krumm. Second Row: L. Klar, Wliipple, F. Oglesby, L. Collopy, D. Bl.icl:, 5 lirit-ilm.m. 'l K li .- ler, D. Matter, B. Townsend. Third Row: F. Morrison, Bancroft, P. Trost, Z. Hogelund, B. XXX-sst-l. l, Sp.-mer, R lli: li B. Topp. Fourth Row: D. Abney, D. Pinkham, W. Cisel. C. Rick, XV. Turnt-r. I. Nelson, V ll:i-- I Gallagher, D. Dahlke, H. Bienfang. Fifth Row: G. Brookhart, l-l. Rolotf, P. Kalinich, VV, Kochnt-if, L. XV.icln-tile . B. Smith, Loving, S. Brown, K. Aller, M. Carter. T H E ' ' ' ' C L U B One of the more pleasant quarterly duties of the "I" Club is the coronation of a queen who will reign over the athletic events of that quarter. According to a new system in choosing the queen, the "l" Club members select four finalists from a group ol IO semi- finalists who were chosen from candidates for the honor by various campus organiza- tions. The queen and her court are then decided by a well-known sports personality. All men who have received an "l" sweater for their participation in varsity athletics at Teachers College are eligible for member- Ship in the "l" Club. The purposes of the Club are to aid and promote loyalty, to en- courage cooperation between athletics and the other departments of the college and to lmPFOVe the high standards of the college. TWO of the main activities of the year are fhe Homecoming reception for returning Ml" men in the fall and the annual spring ban- QUCE for all members. Dr. l'l. Earl Rath is the faculty sponsor. U96 199 BEVERLY BRAACK Fall "l" Queen BETTY JOHNSON Winter "l" Queen tim lf. XM- l Top Row MARTIN DITTMER DONALD KOROCH, vv Anime VW-, N hown JACK WHIPPLE GEORGE KUAACK, HAROLD LARSON. O ASEB L Hit it, boys. One, two, three, "Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd." That's the song and baseballs the game for those sport lovers who like to relax over a bag of peanuts in the Warmth ol the spring sun, and for those who like to caSf snide remarks at the boys in blue while cheering on the team. ' ISTC Pan' Un the diamond in 1948 the thers tore down the fences with a barrage Of ' ine run hits and ended the season with a n 1 ' really dentmg per game average. Thats the onlY home plate. Minnesota U. WGS ' the Panthers. team that took a series from - 1 four Final results were l2 Wins and OHY ' uld winthff losses. A percentage like that wo an year. COACH W . HITFORD American League y Qconfinued on pag Page 'lg' - . N, tv at X. 'g -.,., .kqxw ' 1 41 ,A V, , Lx v Y AZN- x X4 , bl l 3 V 'TW ' , '. Q, 'r ', - . 'J yn U 'LA I I N 5 Qx D l' 9' .BU 3 4 8 1.-' 1 nf ,ja 1 Q' :V ' . Qu: , S Q bf: ' 4- f .D 'pu . g, 4 ,-Q"-'Q F SON. lke me lrh the .l's the 3 relax ol the to cast While Q Pan' rage ol ine fun dgnllflg oI1lY anfhefs' 1ly fouf win the 16 'B 'B 'Q X 1 ,q . . W 'l X' f V J I . F 1 A-.3 e ' ,. , f7jQ 4 ,xgl 5 I x...- M 2, X! A" f7 "N5f,l:? L fl ff' , l r-A If V, ' 00, J Vfif A ' is Q -,ff ,. A 1gf:.g4'f?sl I 4 V ',4 "' Y, D Q I . g., fwm fl" -- a . . . .z--- ' 1.-,,h4.4,w - f X-" IL -Q M-.N A' D . Y ,ax gs-in . ', A Spa r . ',,, - hr! i - - 4 2. -5551 -f 4 5 4, -, 'kv IL.. r t Q 1 lQ:A.:., l oat. QV if 5 K f0..A','?.y -,,,' J i, X. ,frm 4- ,r , ,I , A 1 ,A l h A .af A f -r' N1,.f A-A, A 1 1 :mira . C 'X c:,:1-XQZTL -71.34 -,-Liv' . sbfwf..-.-'Q . - 15. ,, Ev., Top Row: RICHARD LIPPERT, MAX MABIE, DONALD DfXIlI.Kli. Bottom Row: TOM CHANDLER, GARLYN WESSEL. Romim' l4Dll'l' Bal Bulldogs 5-O Bob Vrbicck waits to congratulate Max Mabic as he crosses thc plate alll-r Qmolln-r lm or Il . 1 1 I:K,:.14, . . U I QQSN1-1 - ...isif - N fx -CCC 'TY is-1-' M ,Nf ..-5. ai Q'30".u-V Page ffl . -oA ,. ,.,.,.."A,...' ' ,..- ..1,i.L,...,.p.A..-...............,.-.,.,....p .,,.,J,,,....-,. Herb Dorsey and Don Dahlke were the mainstays of Coach 'AMun" Whitlord's mound staff with lack Whipple and Max Mabie also pitching. Behind the plate calling the curves was George Dorr. Max Mabie handled the initial sack, cavorting around second was Bud Wessel, Sol Freidrnan cov- ered short and Paul Trost held down the hot corner. Those shagging flies out in the pas- ture were Ed Krumm, George Case and Bob Topp. Chandler, Gallagher and Matter also played. Dorsey led the mound staff with a 5-1 record and Max Mabie, Bud Wessel, Don Dahlke and Paul Trost were the heavy hit- ters. Mabie had 3 home runs and 28 hits to lead in those departments. Wessel with 20 RBI's and Dahlke with a .425 average also topped departments. Most of the boys are back for this season's campaign an pared for the worst. Scores for 1943 Panthers 7-Iowa State 2 Panthers 4-Iowa State 2 ' 'd 2 Panthers l3fMOfH1HgS1 e Nlorningside 4--Panthers 3 Qjust luckyj 3-Wisconsin Teachers 1 Drake 5-Panthers O tkey players injured, Panthers 14-South Dakota State 8 Panthers 2-South Dakota State 1 Minnesota 10-Panthers 7 Qwe was robbedl 13-Panthers 7 Qsame urnpirej Panthers 1 Minnesota Panthers 13-South Dakota State 3 Panthers 14-South Dakota State 1 Panthers 15-Morningside 2 Panthers 5-Morningside 4 Panthers 4-Drake 3 Panthers 18-Drake 5 d the opposition better be pre- .lar Jaclrrahbits yy PH CAS-HMAN. S L FRIEDMAN ROBERT VRBICEK, IosE Top Row: O , GALLAGHER, LAVERN MILLER. Bottom Row' EDMOND KRUMM, IERREL l l 1 r ll ii X43-Q 9 ix . BQ 'Ak 2' ii' 1 A 5.3 0 'Sy A 10202 1' 'il fyfi . V, 7 K 1 YL?" U'P'lW"' V1L"" 1 X . .wi . v' " f.' ' 'Q 5, , ,qi The catcher waits expectantly for the ball which Paul Trost has just sent sailing. Club Cyclones 7-2, 4-2 Top Row: HERBERT DORSE Y, RICHARD MATTER, ROBERT Topp. Bottom Row: LEE BAILEY, GEORGE DORR, PAUL TROST. 'au- 1 I " N, , Y K X . , Q I ,WA .N x -R ,S ,, A x S1 kv ' a-X in . TqQ-M-Rm..m'TT-any--N,Yv.L2 WW--Y Q ' " I +11 fig. A A 1 'Tim 1 , , s 1 V ' -'ll-.T 4 A ,ET mm ,A f fish hi ?,,' f' ' , 1 Qqnfi I x ' '7 J, ' , 1 ' ' 'qu , , - T . ai ' 'fd 5 N My Q . if 1 f . X. -' - A 2,1 Q ' :mv 743' IV, X ' r' 71. hah ,.,, , L ' 55 , ,,, nw U , . VM. -5- ,,, inn ' ff' 1 Q93 R Y' , 4 -.14 h 5 ,V f - ' ' 4- i .-is '- Q' ,A 1' Y, , f f Tir. ., f' ,121 'L Yan- , .,,2i?-1' 4,::g4,r.1:Nf,yg'W, ,541 - V -,I 2, . ,Jiiiizt ,, ', 4, , . , ,, ,., .f f A . YAK f , ,f .m -Q., p.f.,g,,..j L L ' .'A:b4'1',b ,,Ql"'f'. ffvfsffl 'lf ' ' -Z'3'ff1'-,Z I A-15,',, , Q I, ,EM ,.,,My, .-,an + 'f 17,533-,, 1 S , , H ,. NV. ,. L K' - - ' ' A I .f xi gd sz- ' ,W . ..-. I A l I l ?i ll ll ! I l 1 L M El f Top Top Row: ARTHUR DICKINSON, DWIGHT MICHL, CHARLES ALLER. Bottom Row: PETER KALINICH, FRANK MORRISON, EDWARD GREEN. Bott TR CK Panthers 32M-Iowa State 2 Panthers 73-Coe 22 fState AAU meetl Placed 3rd'2l points Panthers 95-Beloit l3 Qtelegraphicl Panthers 722-Carleton 32M Qtelegraphicl . d D Panthers 104-Grmnell 27 tout OOr f! 'nk Teachers Relays Drake Relays Panthers 73-Iowa State 58 Panthers 99-Wisconsin Teachers 38M ...Znd with North Central Conference Meet 71 V Qindoorl 48 Panthers 61-Macalester 70 h Pan' Paced by hurdler Ed Herrmann t 6 ther thinclads won five Of seven dual m26tS C - 1 Con- 4 and tOOk Second In the North Centra I COACH DICKINSON fgrenqg Meet, I QCOrztinued on pafe 206l Page 204 L Page 20 5 ff 4 4 if Q l W7 ff' H nl, f'4f' I loorl JintS raphicl on asm nd with Pan' the xal meets :ral Con' Page 204 :QQ X s- N-L. xv! Top Row: DOUGLAS PINKHAM, IOHN FOWLER, EMIL HURT, G BRooKHART. Bottom Row: IVAN SPENCER, IOHN BANCROFT, ORDON Pasle Pioneers IO4-27 Emil Hurt lunges for the tape as Bill Berner an d lohn Allen follow in that order. 4.-.1-l PQQQ 205 After losing indooors to Iowa State by 40 h o ress to 'nts the Panthers made enoug pr g poi turn the tables on the Cyclones and defeat them in the outdoor session. Revelle ln the Teachers Relays lohnny broke the college record in the high jump ' 7 " A Drake, Rev- with an effort of 6 45 . t elle took a third and the half mile and mile nds relay teams each took seco . Ed Herrmann led the Panthers with a season's total of SSM points and was closely ' El fin HDutch" followed by weightman I B'll Goodvin, lohn Revelle and pole-vaulter I Weiler. Letter winners for the season were: Ken Aller, lohn Bancroft, Bill Berner, Gordon ' Church, Good Frank Morrison, lim Brookhart, lim Brown, Dave - vin, Ed Green, Herrmann, Dwight Michl, Nelson, Doug Pink- h m, Merlin Potter, Dick Purdy, Revelle, a William Townsend, William Weiler. The 1949 track team will be without the vices of Hermann, Revelle and Goodvin, ser There will be a nucleus of veterans and pyg- mising new men from which Coach Art Dick- enson can turn out a good squad. however. The mainstays of this year's track team will b bl be' Ken Aller, Iohn Bancroft, Gor- pro a y . don Brookhart, Bob Buum, Leland Crew, Paul DeVan, Don Green, Ed Green, Bob Hall Don Lange, lim Lundquist, Bill Moeh- Im lenbrock and Frank Morrison. Also, N l n, Doug Pinkham, Dick Purdy, Ivan eso Spencer, lohn Williams, Bob Wilson and Iohn Zedrow. The indoor season p Naperville and the outdoor season starts t Drake in Cedar Falls. o ens March 5th at April 9 agains sung s+a+e 72 2-3-501-3 Top Row: IOHN REVELLE Bottom Row: G , ED HERRMANN, RICHARD PLIRDY, ENE BIELKE, BILL TOWNSEND, BILL BERNER. 2 The men wk , 5 gg My I .-I .af ff Pqge ! 9, V16 ln. O... lk- er. will Jr- zw, Roh eh- lim Jan and at 3I'tS Q A X X VKX X xii X N 5 Q 6 S S' M' Q The men who made up the Teachers College relay teams: lim Saunders, Dick Purdy, Ed l-lerrm mn George Potter, and Doug Pinkham. hump Three Foes John Fowler "takes . S- . off" in an attempt at the broad-jump. tj fe Wx ,,LL 2 S62 I .' -. .kt , l .. tmxxt ,, -3211. ,. f ' 'aft ,r 1 Q-FFS vt x X ' Q 1 f ' ' . 1 DMN M A "XL, A-.Y TENN S The four men making up the 1948 tennis team were, left to right, Dick Wischmeier, jerry Ginthne and Max Carter. COACH McCUSKPY Results Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Grinnell for the season f5.... Grinnell 1 6-Loras 0 5-Wartburg 1 4 6 -Loras 2 -Wartburg 0 4-Panthers 3 r, Richard Lantz esslul The tennis team had a very succ I d Loras WIC? season defeating Warthurg an and splitting with Grinnell. ce meet ln the North Central Conferen h roi TC tooka Dick Lantz and lerry Gint ne second place be ' doubles competition. M X Cai' Those composing the team were ad Dick ter, lerry Ginthner, Dick Lantz an - McCuSk0Y' Wischmeier. The coach is Dave hind Augustana in Page ilu! COACH N4 PQQe Q09 l rd Lantz ucqessflll ras twice ice meet 1C took 3 1 do ubles VlaX Car' d Dick lcCU5key' 311 page 208 COACH NORDLY I x i T O'Malia tries for his birdie while the rest Of the Most students think of the college golf course as a swell place to have a picnic if the ground isn't wet. Not so, however, with the par busters that make up the college golf team. They're industriously practicing their drives, approaches and putts throughout the spring months. Last year the team upheld the winning tradition of TC by copping 4 dual meets and losing only one. The golf team also won the North Central Conference championship. The future Hogans of the 1948 season were Norm Crossley, Ed Howe, jerry 0'lVlalia and Harvey Wissler. The season's results are as follows: Panthers 6-Loras 6 Panthers 8-Wartburg 4 Panthers 1-Loras 14 Panthers 4-Grinnell 2 Panthers ll-Wartburg 1 Panthers 9-Grinnell 6 team look on. l l l l Page 209 GOLF , X' i L Q 194 IIIIY PIC I ti achievement in the history of In the greatest ath e ic ' wrestling team cap- ISTC, Coach Dave Nlcfluskeys ' ht first places on the Olympic tured three ol the eig The three men that accom- wrestling team last year. ' ' United States athletics were Bill plislied the ultimate in 'A " n and Bill Nelson. Koll, Gerald Germ Leema In actual Olympic competition in London Leeman won a second place for the United States. The Leeman-Koll-Nelson combination has accounted Ior 60 TC dual meet victories during their respective nd Koll were unde- collegiate careers and Leernan a ' ' ns. All three Panthers have, at Ieated in three campaig one time or another, won national collegiate wrestling titles. Koll has championships in '46, '47 and '48g Lee- ' '47. Leeman was selected man in '46 and Nelson in the outstanding grappler of the '46 tourney and Koll ' ' '48. won the honor in 47 and FAST ACTION AT OLYMPIC MEET 4 Jar COACH McCUSKEY BILL KOLL THROWS U.C.L.A. CONTENDER PGQ9 Ii, GER! B BII. ga A--1 .si Il 4 PM 41 Qs A- w GQ GERALD LEEMAN BILL KOLL BILL NELSON fm U. S. GLYMPIC CHAMPICDNS eil? H196 Zll '75 INTKA URALS ME ' S Action by the men's intramural teams got would meet in the eliminiation tournamgm under way Saturday, December ll, and con- play-offs for the championship. tinued until February 21 when the final The total number of men on the teams' Champion was decided. The season saw al- rosters exceeded 400, this being a new high most weekly games between the thirty teams for the number of men participating in intra- which were organized into four leagues. mural games. Of course, not all of the men The Commercial league was made up of saw action every Saturday, but throughgut the Demons Forney's Den, Nl. 8 Olsen's the season they all played quite a bit of Lunch, Rangers, Tessie's Terriers, Weisbard baSk2'fb3ll. Stoko and Wonder Cleaners. There WU? many' QXCVUHQ games during The housing league was as follows: Baker the season, but the final championship affair Hawks, Baker First, Baker Third, Celtics, was among the most thrilling. Baker Third, Fog Dogs, Seerley First, Seerley Third and representing the Housing league, met Rid- Stadium Hall. dell's Raiders of the Independent league The Independent league included the February 21 and emerged with a narrow 35 Band, Bombers, Galloping Dominoes, Globe to 34 win to claim the championship, Trotters, Hawkeyes, Iokers, Radar's Raiders lt was the fancy passing attack of the and Ridell's Raiders. Baker team that spelled defeat for the Raid! Teams in the Social league were Alpha ers. The winners set up many of their buck- Chi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Dmega, Delta Sigma ets, especially in the first half, with clever Theta, Lambda Gams, Phi Sigs and Sig ball handling. Taus. The big guns for Baker were Larson, who Before the first whistle blew it was def dropped in 17 points for almost half his team cided that each league should play a round- total, and Larimore with 10 more big points. robin tournament and the winner of each Pat Nolan had ll and Pals 7 for the losers. R ddell's Raiders watch as teammate Bob Nolan jumps with Niel Rasmusson tt m ts to block a shot by Left: Pat Nolan and Les Classick of i ihand on balll of the Bombers team. Right: Bob Sellman, playing for the Band, a e p Frank Sturm of Radars Raiders. -ll Ti1 ru-,f oxinnil Appf WOIUCU Pfifllijl lntramufffl J' teams Cflwwl The leagues if- Hexagon If Threersl D fgdevlls, O a Sextette L6 MS, Comets, T Double' I Shots, Bamb Squares. Teams we ing to their a other teams 1 played at lea lanuary H t games were games were The wini a round rol: Left: Dorot' lfighil of t PUQS Q v WOME ' l TRAMUR L Approximately one hundred and eighty Women participated in the 19118-419 Women s ral Basketball Program. Eighteen Qqms entered with six teams to each league. Intramu the Sextette League won the ls,,,L,,t1,,11 L.,.m,. H The 1V16tQOI'S TYOII1 tht- ljuulwlt- 'liimzitllv League were the runners-up and tht- l1.ii-.- Clevils from the Hexagon l.t'.iguc tool third 1 It - - The lgggueg were as follows: place- H Hexagon League-Mighty Mice, Dizbeis Th . , . 1 9 Coaches ol the tuuus coumsumlii it Three 5, Fzt, Fat and Flashy, Pantherettes, jumm theow . I lx, I I . 41 11' .1 Ii ' , ' . gxgk' L of Daredewlsloutcasts. I Q S '1 ing lit wi r llwmll H6Ory course. The roles ol relcret- and um Sextette League-Steelers, Eaglettes, les- .1 , . P119 WGFQ also taken bv the junior tlit-our ng ters, Comets, Denny s Dodgers, Ellzseftes. In F , ' A 1 cuss. aculty advisors were Miss ljhuulwt- air Double Triangle Leagtze-Wreclcs, Pot- Scott and Miss Shirley XV. ul U M I W 1 B , , HTSTLIEI, . 111 UN 511015 Bam mos um S eors lx Thompson was the basketball niiumgt-i' wlio hd' Squares' ' I h had the tremendous job ol scheduling tt-.un gue Teams were divided into leagues accord- play ' f 35 ing to their ability, Each team had to p1ay all other teams in their league. Thus every team 1Thf0UQh0Uf. 1119 SCGSOU 1110 4sl1'mCS WW' the played at least five games. Games ran from c ose and exciting, which provided a good. laid- lanuary 14 to FebruarY 11. Eleven or twelve Eyhiessnile' dSjOrtSmEm5h'P hm Um' 11" iuckf games were played off each week. Final 35 at 3 3 IGS' glever games were played from February 14 to 17. The National Sectional VVomen's Asso- The winners in each league competed in ciation rules were used throughout the pi-of ,who a round robin tournament. The Comets from gram. s team Joints. losers. on Lett: Dorothy Good lwith balll of the Meteors team takes a rebound in the consolation game as Bouint- XX'iggui 'sfguisb lrightl of the Dare Devils gets set to guard. Right: An unidentified member of the Mctcors tt-am shoots .i 5 O Y Charlotte Shaffer of the Dare Devils gets there too late. Page 2 PC1136 213 H0' Seventeen of this year's outstanding stu- dents will take their places in the inter' collegiate hall of fame, the "Who's Who U1 American Colleges and Universities" hand- book. These students, judged on character. scholarship, leadership in extrafcurricular ace tivities, and potentiality for future usefulness to business and society, have proved they def ' ' ' h' national organizaa serve recognition in t is tion. Devoid of politics, initiation fees, and dues, this idea of national recognition for students in the colleges and universities of the nation was conceived more than 15 years ago. Aff ter much research and many interviews with H0 college officials, p th lan was organized, Published others, e p since 1934, the Who's Who handbook is an annual compilation of uished students. The administrators have maintained high standards of qualifica- tions for this recognition. Each year's nomi- nees must be at least juniors at the opening of the fall term or students who are to grad- uate not later than june of the following year. The student welfare committee makes fi l selection of Teachers College's outa the 'na standing students to appear in this book of ersonnel managers and biographies of these disting of the organization fame. "Who's Who-er" is Calvin Bill- Our first j man, social science major from Cedar Falls. He is president of Pi Gamma Mu, social science honor fraternity, and is a member of Gamma Theta Upsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, and Alpha Phi Omega, service fraternity. His are moments are spent playing 'withfhis sp . two children. Cal is an army veteran. CALVIN BILLMAN LESLI is his full name but Leslie Eugene Dunlap to his fellow students he is known as "Gene". A music major from Washington, Iowa, Gene was drum major of the marching band H I la s a bassoon in the concert last fall. e p y band and the symphony orchestra here at Teachers College. Gene belongs to Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, national music honorary ' ' ' army veteran. organization. He, too, is an E DUNLAP . 6 if W. 1 , 214 lvan L. Eli pus leader b' ties. Ivan, sf apolis, is v League Boar Teachers Fil Social Scieni tion is wit Lambda Ga of the traflif A senior Dodge, M: leader in member of 11011 Orgai QYOUPQ lov Ofiianizatis est group, ciation, S Sigma De Pdge PQQG 21x :l d n se JH la- ni- Ing ad- 'ing tkes Out- koi ,me but Gene". V Iowa, ig band concert here at Phi Mu tionorarl' eteran. Page IVAN ELAND JEANNE-MARIE EMPEY Ivan L. Eland qualifies himself as a cam- pus leader by directing Seerley Hall activi- ties. Ivan, social science major from Medi- apolis, is vice president of the Student . He is also a member of Iowa Teachers First, leadership organization, and Social Science Honors. His fraternal affilia- tion is with the local social fraternity, Lambda Gamma Nu. He is also a member of the traflic and safety committee. League Board A senior home economics major from Fort Dodge, Mary Lempares has been an active leader in campus organizations. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, national educaf tion organizationg Purple Arrow, honor group: Iowa Teachers First, local leadership organization: Ellen H, Richards club, inter- est group, and the Student Christian Asso- ciation. She is also affiliated with the Tau Sigma Delta social sorority. Ieanne-Marie Empey has shown her in- terest and ability in journalism by having served on the College Eye as society editor and as organizations editor for the 1949 OLD GOLD. An English major from Wa- terloo, she was president of Bartlett Hall, a member of Torch and Tassel, Purple Ar- row, Iowa Teachers First, Phi Sigma Phi. social sorority, was Women's League chair- man of customs and traditions commitee, and Lawther Hall corridor chairman. A familiar figure to be seen at the library is that of Ruth Maxine Grubb, English ma- jor from Cedar Falls. Maxine was a mem- b r of Purple Arrow and Kappa Delta Pi. e honor organizations, before her graduation at the end of the fall quarter. She is now I h em loyed in the order department o t e P documentary room in the library. Her main 'b ambition is to become a full-fledged li rarian. MAXINE GRUBB MARY LEMPARES Pcqe 215 I MABEL ORMSTON JOHN NYDEG-GER As an outstanding student in the field of dramatics, john Nydegger has played many' leading roles in Teachers College dramatic prof ductions. johnny is president of both Iowa Teachers First and Theta Alpha Phi, honorary dramatics fraternity. He is also a member of College Players, interest group, and Lambda Gamma Nu, social fraternity. johnny is an Englishaspeech major from Elgin. Seeing that the college coeds participate in campus organizations is the big job which Diana Pringle, chairman of the organizations committee of the Women's League, has done this year. "Diz" is also a member of the Lavva ther house council, serving as a corridor chair- man. She has been responsible for the humor U ' ' ' ll E e column, The Line, in this year s Co ege y . A junior kindergarten-primary major, Diz is from Mount Vernon. DIANA PRINGLE RQ BERT RELLIHAN 7-f As president of the Student Christian Assof Until her ciation, Mabel Ormston helps to coordinate the Sires of Dil different denominations represented by stu- Cedar Fall dents into a unified campus group. She is a educational member of Sigma Alpha Iota, national women's ter' While music fraternity, Iowa Teachers First, and Teachers E Torch and Tassel. Mabel, a music major from tional bush Waverly, is also a member of a cappella Delta Pi, 5 choir. She spends her spare time working as Social 50f01 secretary for Dr. Bodein. COHQICQ-Bti A 1 Another social science major to be chosen to Thofiiif this honored group is Robert Rellihan, senior "Tommy, from Dubuque, Bob is a member of Pi Gamma was presia Mu and Social Science Honors, local campus organizatiq organization. I'Ie has been active in Students League C for Democratic Action and is a member of Teachersk Kappa Delta Pi. Bob was an official delegate Pi and K to the National Intercollegiate assembly of the ana Ph. E United Nations at the University of Chicago my,, Wg! last spring. Centewiu' Page 215 pq Qe 217 -.X . 1 t Asso- ate the ry Stu- he is a vomen's st, and jor lroxn cappella irking as chosen t0 an, senior Pi Gammil :al campus Q Students member Ol tal delegate mbly Ol the of ChiC2190 9 DS Paqe H0 wi ,ff- " X' Wop- g 'I .f.'iP-.rar JOY PARRY SIRES GORDON STRAYER Until her marriage last August to Paul Sires of Dike, joy Sires was joy Parry from Cedar Falls. She completed her business education major at the end of the winter quar- ter. While in school, joy was active in Iowa Teachers First, Pi Omega Pi, honorary na- tional business education fraternity, Kappa Delta Pi, Torch and Tassell, Pi Theta Pi, social sorority, and Sigma Eta Chi, national Congregational women's sorority. At the end of the fall quarter Donna june Thomas, better known on campus as june or "Tommy", closed her collegiate career. She was president of Torch and Tassel, honor organization, and vice president of Womens League. She was also a member of Iowa Teachers First, Golden Ledger, Pi Qmega Pi, and Kappa Delta Pi, honor organizations, and Phi Sigma Phi, social sorority. 'lTom- my" was a business education major from Centerville. JUNE THOMA Student League Board President Gordon B. Strayer, social science major from Drinkwater, Saskatchewan, Canada, finds time for many organizations. He is a member of Alpha Phi Gamma, national journalism fraternity, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Iowa Teachers First. Students for Democratic Action, and Humanist Club, He was also editor of the College Eye. G. B. plans on obtaining his masters degree in journalism next year at S. U. I. A physical education major from Daven- port, Marianna Trekell played a leading campus role as president of Bartlett Hall house council. "Trek" was also orientation chairman for Womens League, a member of Iowa Teachers First and the Life Saving Corps. Another activity which she partici- pated in wholeheartedly was cheerleading the Panthers on to victory. S MARIANNA TREKELL ,- 447 w5.QiSg3.,.:,-I 11, t - ,". H Q2-,-f' Page 217 ,....,...-i JEAN RAY The designer of many original posters to be seen on the bulletin boards at Teachers College is lean Ray, junior art major from h making posters occupies Alton. Althoug much of her time, she 'n s W president of Pi Theta Pi, treasurer of Women s Bartlett hall senior coun- a member of the executive committee of the art interest group. fi d her spare mo- ments occupied as social sorority, League, and .as a selor. She is also H0' As resident of Women's League, Wanda Although l Sh will not e music circles. HPPC , orchestra IH F Waterloi af as sol the Citian, lean Iota and SCI League Boar Ll Since he transferred into Teachers College p from Drake a couple years ago Bob Wil- Worden is in charge of the governing body liams has made a real name for himself on of all Teachers College women students. the gridiron. He is noted throughout the Wanda is a member of Torch and Tassel conference for his ability to carry the ball and Iowa Teachers First, local leadership through seemingly impregnable lines. After organizations. She is also a member of el graduating at the end of the Winter quarter Kappa Phi, national Methodist women's Bob assumed teaching duties at Iowa Falls. sorority. Her interest in writing is illustrated He is a member of the 'T' Club. by her poems and stories which have been printed in The Pen. She is an English maf ' jor from Davenport. Boa WlLLlAMS WANDA WORDEN A jun Cllairmal dat? Y, Sides fill 411 mittee, ' Board 5 Ord col Tom is --47" radio l Qames, Page 219 Page 21 Ianda body .dents Tassel lership ber of 'om6I1 5 lstrated ,Q been ish ma' Pczqe 218 JEAN CADY Although lean Cady graduates this year, he will not be forgotten soon among the s music circles. Iean's talents entitled her to ear as soloist with the college symphony 3PP orchestra in its Winter concert and also with the Waterloo Symphony in May. A Mason Citian, lean is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota and served as secretary of the Student League Board this year. 6LlflfLl9lfL5 8I"50IfL6t6lfiZ6 TOM MAETZOLD A junior from Red Wing, Minnesota, and Chairman of the social life committee-who dat? You're right, it's Tom Maetzold, Be S1425 filling 21 BIG job on the social life com Igltteef TOIH belongs to the Student League Oafd and F.B.L.A, Tom's hobbies are rec ord collecting and playing the trombone T . Om IS Well known to many students for h radio . . Program and for his announcing a games. Page 219 BETTY SWAN DONALD WEGNER "W " Wegner has his fingers in Don ag several Hpuddingsn on campusg Sigma Tau Gamma, Student League Board, and counsel- ling at Stadium Hall take up much of his ' Don a senior social science major, time. , ' l wa, his home town. His calls Randalia, o larity on campus is evidenced by the POPU t vigorous campaign put on by his followers who chose him to represent them as an OLD GOLD popularity candidate this year. 6LWL 145 erfvolfmgfieo Osage, lowa's, gift to Teachers College is Betty Swan, senior physical education majOr, who is well-known on campus for the "Spike Ionesn skits which she performs in collabof ration with Fran Bilek. Betty is interested in ' to sports of all kinds, and has found time ' S' a Delta social serve as president of Tau igm 't She was one of the ULD GOLD sorori y. ' ' ' this ear's contest. popularity candidates in y Page 220 Ml A gyellflil DOW, 3 jun who hails ff larity ganizations, Delta Delta Theta A119112 the fact that ity Candida Beauty Cant if, Cvid nf V ' A Popt Kochneff, from Mus VV Steve, is I hardwood ter P0st 0 the past f recreation m0ViQs. page 221 5 J 6 Iollege is on major, he "Spil4C n collabo' ested in . 6 to lditllngodal De OLD GOLD 1161? Page MARGARET DOTY A well-known personality is "Marg" a junior English and speech major, Doty, who hails from Oelwein, Iowa. Her popu- is evidenced by her affiliation with Ora larity ganizations, which include College Players, Delta Delta Phi tsocial sororityj, and h t Alpha Phi tdramaticsj, as well as by T e a the fact that she vvas an QLD GOLD Popular, t. 220 Candidate last year and an OLD GOLD ity Beauty Candidate this year. am vw emolfwadfied WALT KOCHNEFF Kcglihfsfpular .man about campus from ML: Secnior physical education major Village lie. Walt, who lives in Sunset Steve is b is wife and two-year-old son, hardvlyood est nown for his prowess on the ter post OnCc31rt.hI'le has held down the cena the past tw ant er championship teams lor recreation acl SCFTSOLIS. His favorite forms of movies' Q P aY111g golf and going to the is Walt Page 221 Lyman 43 g ACH LOR 0F RT Candicla'res - l949 jlzrouglr the .gzabond . . . jul, eniorb ou W aw 'PWR , ,, Z I A , 'A IQ Y -- fy, 4 ' fff'ff,' . swf f - D f ,. Q ' 4 jf ' M NW?" "7 -if N f e I I- if ' V' f "1 'A f f, Qu M ,fff 1-I , 1'-7 .4 I . L, f ,AU If ggi K Y, , , l , f -'P' O V grain llflinlfer, am! .bforing .. ml 1948-49 .I my ea,- ELINOR ADAMS, B.A. ENGLISH. A Cap- pella Choir 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: College Players 4. ALD I ADSIT BA SOCIAL SCIENCE. DON . , . . MAX EUGENE AKERS, B.A. PHYSICAL EDU, CATION SCIENCE. Alpha Chiclgipsilon 2, Col - h ' 1. lege Chorus 2, A Cappella Oir FRANK A. ALHELM, B.A. ART. Art League l, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 43 Inter- Fraternity Council 3. IOI-IN W. ALLAN, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCAf TION. Pi Omega Pi 3, 43 Kappa Delta Pi 4. MARIORIE A. ALEXANDER, B.A. PHYS- ICAL EDUCATION. Life Saving Corps 2: Or- chesis 2, Physical Education Club 4. LILLIAN ALTMAN, B.A. FRANCES y SCHOOL MUSIC. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Womens Chorus 2. MARY I. ANDERSON, B.A. ENGLISH. Pur- A ' ' K a Phi ple Arrow 23 Kappa Delta P1 4, app 4, Future Teachers of America 4. ARTHUR JOHN ARENDS, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 42 College Chorus l, 2, 3. DONALD RAY BACHMAN, B.A. INDUS- TRIAL ARTS. Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4? Epsilon Phi Tau 3, 4. HAROLD LYLE BAER, B.A. INDUSTRIAL ' ' - d t ial Arts ARTS. Epsilon P1 Tau 3, 4, In us r D Club l, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers of Amer1C3 3, 4. PHILIP H. BARCK, B.A. MATHEMATICS' College Chorus 3, 4. Pgge 4 IACK RAYMOND ICAL EDUCATION. Alpha Phi Omega IAMES ARTHUR ZOLA LORRAINE GARTEN-PRIMARY. dent Center 2, 3, Fellowship 2, 3, ' SHIRLEY RAE EDUCATION. F.B. 612: Band and EVELYN MARIE EDUCATION. OI-I lf 23 Physical Theta Gamma l llVl?GENE BEN s. PHN I. BERG: QYD I. BERI S NCE- Lambda ARAH IANE ECONOMICS. E NANCY LOUI SIC- Wo '. '11 S.A.I.u2fn.,i WILLIAM F 1 2 "1" Ci EDUCA-no - N. P1141 Pi Q Page 223 1 I I I I S I I A Cap- 4g College SCIENCE. KSICAL Enu- ilon 23 Col- Ir 1. Art Leaque V, 3, 4, Inter- 1 ESS EDIICPA' ,Il Delta 4' 1 BA. PHYS' Corps 22 Of' Ilub 4' MAN B-5- Q. 41 Womens ENGLISH- Pvfi PI 434113993 Ph' 1CT5.A. PHYSICFA-le Amina 1' 2' 3' ' INDU5' AN, B-A' , '1 .rts Club 2' 3 1 USTRIAL A IND B, . . I A115 4, IndUjgrfm,IIcI herS TI-IBIIATICS BBC A. W Af , Page lllIL0ll 011 RTS Canclidak-as - I949 cl Z? A jwm cm! Car, jim? Came 7 juin an aw, If If jar jlaeir allaaf Iguana! of .giucliea IACK RAYMOND BARLOW, B.A. PHYS' ICAL EDUCATION. Physical Education Club, Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4. IAMES ARTHUR BARLO-W, B.A. SCIENCE. ZOLA LORRAINE BARTON, B.A. KINDER- GARTEN-PRIMARY. K.P.B.A. 4, Baptist Stu- dent Center 2, 3, 4g Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 2, 3, 4, K. P. Club 2. SHIRLEY RAE BEEMAN, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, House Coun- cil 2: Band and Orchestra 1. I EVELYN MARIE BEHMER, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Orchesis 1, 2, 3, 45 Life Saving 1, 2: Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Theta Gamma Nu 1, 2. IMOGENE BENSON, B.A. HOME ECONOM- ICS. IOI-IN I. BERGSTROM, B.A. MATHEMATICS. BOYD I. BERGHEFER, EA. SOCIAL SCI' ENCE. Lambda Gamma Nu 3, 4. SASAH IANE BERCANDAHL, B.A. HOME CONOMICS. Ellen Richards Club 4. NZNCY LOLIISE BERNBROCK, B.A. Mu- Xlfomens Chorus 1, 23 Kappa Theta Psi Wm ' 'I+ 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4. CAELIQMSE. BERNER, EA. PHYSICAL EISII- Nu 3. 'HIHOSAIB 3SCIENCE. Lambda Gamma C ' u ' ' IEQSLES BIEBESHEIMER, EA. BUSINESS P.3CAT101fI- Golden Ledger 3, 4, Pi Omega 1 ' 4? P1 Gamma Mu 4. Pflqe 223 W au , . if TIL 41V 1,25 rv-7 .4149 .,h Ui V ...Ai I 5 IIT Canclldades - I949 JOHN WILLIAM BIGLER, B.A, BUMNESS EDUCATION. CALVIN I. BILLMAN, B.A. HISTORY. Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Gamma Theta Epsilon 3, 43 Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD IRVING BLACK, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. "I" Club 3, 4, Alpha Chi 4, DARLENE BLANKENHORN, B.A. M. ENGLISH-SPEECH. College Players 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 45 Theta Alpha Phi 4, I.F.T.A. 4. ROSETTA MAXINE BLANKENHORN, ' h d Cl b B.A. HOME ECONOMICS. Ellen Ric ar s u 3, 4, College Players 3, 4, Campus 4-I-I 3, 4g I.F.T.A. 3, 43 Theta Theta Epsilon 4. ARVIN CHRIS BLOME, B.A. SOCIAL SCI- A Ca ella Choir 3, 43 Gamma Delta ENCE. pp 3, 43 Tau Chi Eta 3, 4. WIGHT GENE BODE B.A. SOCIAL SCI- D , ENCE. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4. PAULINE VIRGINIA BOEHM, B.A. MUSIC. Band 1 2, Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Purple Arrow K a Delta Pi 2, Srgnia Alpha Iota 2, 3, 4, app 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM DAVID BOETTCHER, B.A. MATHEMATICS. Kappa Mu Epsilon 4. SHIRLEY ADAIR BOOTON, B.A. MUSIC. Ch ir 3, 4: S.C.A. l, 2, ,3, 4: A Cappella 0 Chapel Choir I, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2. 3' WICK, B.A. PHYSICAL ROY DONALD BOR EDUCATION. GH BA MATH' BRUCE EUGENE BOSLOU , - ' h EMATICS. Kappa Mu Epsilon 2, 3, 49 AIP 3 Phi Omega 2. VELMA I. ang. 2-gm? LileSavin9 Od., eds Recreation 5 41 cation Club lf 2' 3' ' AEI. BRC ILYN G MQEQNOIIICS. Student loo I 2g Water IEIIe?I7liChards Club I Epsilon 3, 43 K3PPa T PATRICIA ANN BR' ECONOMICS. Phi SIQYU Richards Club 1, 2. 3, lon 4. VERLAND C. BROX' INCL, ROLLAND E. BROXK EDUCATION. EDWIN PHILLIP B SCIENCE. RALPH EDWARD E ICAL EDUCATION, BI Sigma Epsilon 4. MARGERY IEAN BI EDUCATION, MAT, 1121 3, SGI Mu Epsilon 2, 3, -ig Phi 4. IAMES LEE CAB Alpha Chi Epsilon Q13. Mixed Choru lE?JmaK1gILILEEh Ifoard 3- P H Iota MES DWIGHT ml EDUCATION, MAX W CATlON,M. CART TCE' AIDIIH Phi 4 , 1, 2, 3' .1 IOHN C. BOYD, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. 32 qi Hter-Frater BEVERLY JEAN BRAACK, B.A. PHY?CA4Ij IOSEPHL EDUCATION. Theta Gamma N11 11 23 ' CANON 'CASH h 12 34 Lifesaving C0rpS 2, v ' NAN ' Baseball uf CY ELLEN Orc esis , , , 3 ROGER NEIL BRANDT, B.A. BUSINESS ED CATION. College Eye 2. page I IIIION' .0fChesi- 4- hfavlnsl 3 If , esle CI , l Busmess Y. Alpha Mu 3, 45 H Epsilon PHYSICAL Chi 4. iN, BA s 2, 3, 4, Jha Phi 43 ENHORN, :hards Club is 4-H 3, 4: on 4. SOClAL SCI- amma Delta SOClAL SCI- 4. , B.A. Music. purple Arrovt appa Delta P1 CHER, B-A' silon 4- BA. Music. ia Chun- 3, it jhorus 2, 3- B-A. P1-1YSlC-AL .A MATH' LILI3, 41 Alpha ou. lCAL EDUCATI PHYSlCAl- BMA' 2 3 'AI Nu 1,2' 31 Corps EDU, A. BUSINESS Page B illlllliiili ill? RT Candidaies - i949 VELMA I. BRO, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Lile Saving 2, 3, 4g 'Orchesis 1, 2, 3, 4, Wom- en's Recreation Association 4, Physical Edu- cation Club l, 2, 3, 4. MARILYN GAEL BROSHAR, B.A. HOME ECONOMICS. Student League 3: Women's League 23 Waterloo Housing Unit 2, 3, 4, Ellen Richards Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Theta Theta E silon 3, 4g Kappa Theta Psi 1, 2, 3, 4. P PATRICIA ANN BROSHAR, B.A. HOME Ph' Si ma Phi l, 2, 3, 4: Ellen ECONOMlCS. L g Richards Club l, 2, 3, 4, Theta Theta Epsi- lon 4. VERLAND C. BROWN, B.A. SOCIAL SCI- LNCE. ROLLAND E. BROWNELL, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. EDWIN PHILLIP BRUNER, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. RALPH EDWARD BUCHMAN, B.A.- PHYS- lCAL EDUCATION, BUSINESS EDUCATION. Phi Sigma Epsilon 4, MARGERY IEAN BURNETT, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION, MATHEMATICS. Mathematics Mub 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Counsellor 23 Kappa Phi 59511011 2, 3, 4: Pi Omega Pi 3, 4: Kappa TAXES LEE CABALKA, BA., SCYENCE. .pha Chl EPSHOII 2: Seerley House Coun- Cll 3: Mixed Chorus 3, 4, IEQEN KAXTHLEEN CADY, BA. Music. B333 alpha Iota 2, 39 Student League WLESEDWICHT CARROLL, B.A. PHYS. MAX WSUUCATION. Lambda Gamma Nu 3, 4. CANON M' CARTER, B.A. PHYSICAL Eou- W Qgiulglii CARTHEY, EA. SOCLAL SCI- ma Mu in 3 Phl Gamma 3, 4: Lambda Gam- 3' 4. Im' E5 3, 43.Social Science Honors 2, 3 4' ef' raternity Council 2, OLD GOLD 2 f . lossp QAT,02.LBi3iE1E71PiN3 B.A. PHYSICAL EDu- ! 9 . CATlON.EaElT1N CAVE, B.A. PHYSICAL Eou Liie Savin Cgesls -3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, Q ' 43 Physical Education Club 3 'lp W 1 Kappgsgziglflgef 4? Theta Gamma Nu 3, 4 Pqge 225 l S .-Qi SAA 111' . .1 ere ere fo Unpac , 9 rv IIIIIIIIII 0F RTS Candidahes - I949 to Wed, Sdifcaied 1:m,J ,goxed ana! jew fo 12,7 TOM I. CHANDLER, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION. "I" Club 3, 4. DONALD L. CHRISTIANS, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. College Eye 3, 4: Ieffersonian Club 3, 43 S.D.A. 3, 43 Lambda Gamma Nu 3, 4. N L CLUTE BA BUSINESS EDUCAf EVELY . , . . TION. F.B.L.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4. COLBURN V. COLLINGE, B.A. INDUSTRIAL ' ' ' "I" Club 3, 4, ARTS. Epsilon P1 Tau 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 4. LU VINNA MARIE COLLINS, B.A. ART OLD GOLD 4, Delta Delta Phi 3, 4, Art League 3, 4: Chapel Choir 4: Orchesis 4: Mixed Chorus 3. VERLYN I. COLLINS, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Pi Tau Phi l, 2, 3, 4, College Band l, 2: Social Science Honors 4. LLOYD PAUL COLLOPY, B.A. INDUSTRIAL ARTS. HI" Club l, 2, 3, 4: Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Epsilon Pi ,Tau 4. VAN P. COMBS, B.A'.7 PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Phi Kappa Tau 4, I Club 2. PELAND BA MUSIC. Sigma REMONA CO , . . 4' P' Tau Phi 2, 3, 4: Kappa Alpha Iota 2, 3, , 1 ' ' K a Delta Pi 4g Purple Ar Phi l, 2, 3, 4, app row l, 23 College Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, RELL BA INDuSf IAMES MELVIN COTT , ' - ' Club 3, 4 TRIAL ARTS. Industrial Arts - EILEEN E. COX, B.A. BUSINESS EDLICAEONA Business Leaders of America 43 an Future 23 Mixed Chorus 2. NIINOS, BA- SOCIAL JOHN HOWARD CUM SCIENCE. Pi Gamma Nu 3, 4. 922 71, jml. WILLIAM O. DAM' Chi Epsilon I, 2, 3 DONALD LEE DA CATION. Sigma T Business Leaders c MARTIN IOI-IN D EDUCATION. LELAND A, DIC EDUCATION. Lam! Baker House Cou selor 4, DIXIE Lou DIEI elgn Liinguage C IGANN DIRKS, D OLD GOLD 21 Ka if Counselor 33 1 CIHIIOII 1: K. P. RQSE MARIE DI RIMARY, NURSE ii Student Leag ALBERT D. DO. RONALD E EDUCATIQNDW II CLEDA ART- Lawth F e 471 ii? Teachi ROD ethodist 5 ENE?T DI Pug 6 Page 227 IMD 'IIYSICAL Enum- S, B.A. Souu I lellersonian Club A lamina Nu 3, tl- I I l BUSINESS EDIICI- Z lappa 2. 3. 4. BA. INDUSTRIAL b 3 4- 'Ak Ulm CII! 4. ,LINS, B-A All I Ia Phi 1 All l Oir 4: Orchesms I I AL SCIENCE- A. SOCI Band 1' 2: COIIGS-Ie l I I K A. INDUSTW F'4F Industrial M5 DI .Tau 4- JHYSICAL EDUCATION' :lull 2' 5- ma t Music. 19 33524-liil3ll lelta P1 ' 4' us 1, 2. 3' . 'TRELLI I5 A IN DUT' 3, 4' A ts Club OI. r SS Ewclgaul i E BUSIN ew 4 rs Of Am 4 I S UAL I fIMING5'B'A' 0 qu 3' I all pale ' BACHELOR 0F RTS Candidales - I949 ,7!Ie j'aJifi0na! 641164 OWLZVL ana! tlte WILLIAM O. DAMON, B.A. SCIENCE. Alpha Chi Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4. LD LEE DAVIS B A BUSINESS EDU, DONA , . . CATION. Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 4. MARTIN IOHN DAWSON, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. LELAND A. DICKINSON, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. Lambda Gamma Nu 1, 2, 3, 4, Baker House Council 3: Stadium Hall Counf selor 4. DIXIE LOU DIERCKS, B.A. SPANISH. Forf cign Language Club l, 2, 3, 4. IOANN DIRKS, B.A. KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY. CI-D GOLD 2: Kappa Phi 2, 3, 4, K.P.B.A. 3, -I: Counselor 3: Iowa Future Teachers Asso- ciation l: K. P. Club 2. ROSE MARIE DOLAN, B.A. KINDERGARTEN- PRIIIIARY, NURSERY. Waterloo Housing Unit 4: Student League Board 49 K.P.B.A. 3, 4. ALBERT D. DONOVAN, B.A. SCIENCE. RONALD EDWIN DORR, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. MARCIA IUNE DRAKE, B.A. ENGLISH. College Players 2. CLEDA ELLEN DREBENSTEDT, B.A IERT. Lawther Hall House Council 4: Iowa uture Teachers Association 3, 4, Art Group 'lt Methodist Student Center 3. RCQEEERT I. DRUSTRUP, B.A. SQCIAL SCI- Page 227 Wagon ionic for jre5Ama.n Uppers 61.55 ixern fm, ff 2 . .Y . . .1 ,Iwi J, I Cfv , ' 1? SJ ..-.ap 'C 2 J - ...gait ' - . Nik, V A .x p. V p . ,. A :Q a DMS -.19 Q ty auf?-. 3 llllLOR 0F RT Candidaies - l949 IEANNE MARILYN DUDLEY, B.A. Mu- ' l h Iota 2, 3, 4, College Mixed SIC. Sigma Ap a Choru: 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4: L.S.A. 2, 3, . LESLIE EUGENE DUNLAP, IR., B.A. MU. " Ch l Choir 4 SIC. College Band l, 2, 3, 4, ape 5 Phi Mu Alpha 3, 43 College Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. NORMA LOUISE DURSCHMIDT, BA, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki 1, 2, Phi Chi Delta l, 2, 3, 43 Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, 4, Iowa Future Teachers Association 3, 4. IEWELL RUSSELL DUSHECK, B.A. BUSI- NESS EDUCATION. Baker Hall House Counf cil 43 Chorus l, 2, Future Business Leaders of America 43 A Cappella Choir 3, 4. RHODA C. DYBVIG, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION. Life Saving Corps 3, 4, Orchesis 3, 43' Ph sical Education Club .3, 43 L.S.A. 3, 4. Y MARVIN E. EASTER, B.A. MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2, 3, 4. I EICKE BA MUSIC. Phi Mu HUGH IOI-IN , . . Alpha Sinfonia 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 4, Sym- phony Orchestra 4. BURNESS R. EILER, B.A. MATHEMATICS. Band and Orchestra 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE IOHN EILERS, B.A. IVIATHEf IVLATICS, SCIENCE. Mathematics Club 42 Lambda Delta Lambda 3, 4, Alpha Chi Ep' Silon 3, 4. LAND BA SOCIAL SCIENCE. YS IVAN L. E , . . Board 4: Iowa Teache Student League First 4: Social Science Honor Society 3: Lambda Gamma Nu 3, 4. SON BA PHYSICAL ROLAND v. ELLERT , . . A' " 3 4, Alpha Chi Ep- EDUCATION. I Club 2, , 'Et 4 Silon 2, 3, 4, Tau Chi a . BILL E. ELLIOTT, B.A. PHYSICAL EDuCAf ON. Future Business Leaders of AmerICa 1, TI 23 Si ma Tau Gamma 3, 4. Q ELLIS B A BUSINESS EDUcAf ELAINE KAY , . . TION. Tau Sigma Delta 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. 2. 31 4, Student League Board 4. IEANNE-MARIE EIVIPEY, B.A. ENGLISH. Torch and Tassel 3, 43 Iowa Teachers First 3, 4, OLD GOLD 4, College Eye 2, 3, 41 Of' chesis 4: Phi Sigma Phi 3, 4: Purple ATIOW l, 2, 3, 4. ELINOR IEANNE ENGLEHORN, B.A. ' Alpha Iota 3, 41 Coglegi MUSIC. Sigma u Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: A Capella Choir , I College Band l, 3. Page 228 . EPP, I LLEN D Atist Student Cent Christian Fellow: Mu 3, 4, Social E FREDER IC CARL Q ENCE. Pi Gamm Honors 2. 3, 4: I REYNOLD LOUI ENCE. RICHARD D. EUI ucAT1oN. Lambd ture Business Le: Chorus 2, 3. ALAN RALPH E ROBERT B. FER Alpha 4: Mixed PHYLLIS IREN Sigma Alpha I Phi 4: A Capel LOIS A. FINKE 1: Wesley F01 ls I.F.T.A. 4, I IOHN WILBEF TRIAL ARTS. Si trial Arts 1, 2' IRIS ELAINE Ilgappa Phi 1, aPPa Delta I gi P1 Gamma I EARL EDWAF EES? EDUCATI Ouslness Lear Dmega Pi 3, D elta Pi 3' 4. CQQIALD CHI SUCATION. lgma EPSIIO: WILLIA CATIONNBQSI Phi Omega Q ALICE LUCIE EERE SCHOOL H ' .P.B.A, ' OWARD IEIISTRIAL A Hal Art CR l, 2, 3, 4 It Pqge A. Mu, ge Mixed 4z L.S.A. BA. Mu- l Choir 4: astra l, 2, DT, BA. .9 Phi Chi Isilon 3, 4: II 3, 4. BA. Busr. .ouse Coun- Iess Leaders 3, 4. .ICAL Eoucii- Jrchesis 3, 4: ..S.A. 3, 4. ISIC. Phi Mu IISIC. Phi Mu Band 4: Slim' MATHEIIAIICS. , BA. IVIATIIE-' Itics Club Eh Alpha Chl P SCIENCE- ICECSS Teachers mcg, SOCICW 3' ' PHYSICAL I- Ii-iiiha Chi EP' 4. CA' JHYSICAL E953 I ters 0 f Ame!! WERE 4. L1SI'l' ' A ENG - .a.aBTe3Ch?Zfl3i 9 Y , I E:yPurP1e 'MO IIA 3LEI'IOIZlN'C0ll9Qi Ziieiii' Choir 3' BACHELOR.0F ART Candidaies - I949 ALLEN D. EPP, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Bap- tist Student Center l, 2, 3, 4: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Social Science Honors 2, 3, 4. CARL FREDERIC ERBE, BA. SOCIAL SCI- ENCE. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Social Science Honors 2, 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. REYNOLD LOUIS ETRINGER, B.A. SCI- ENCE. RICHARD D. ELICHNER, B.A. BUSINESS ED- UCATION. Lambda Gamma Nu 1, 2, 3, 43 Fu. ture Business Leaders of America 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3. ALAN RALPH EWERS, B.A. SCIENCE. ROBERT B. FERRELL, B.A. MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpha 45 Mixed Chorus 3, A Capella Choir 3. PHYLLIS IRENE FENTON, B.A. MUSIC. Sigma Alpha Iota 3: S.C.A. 1, Phi Sigma Phi 4: A Capella Choir 2. LOIS A. FINKE, B.A. ELEMENTARY. B.A.E. I: Wesley Foundation 25 Women's Chorus I: I.F.T.A. 4: Kappa Delta Pi 4. IOHN WILBERT FISCI-IER, B.A. INDUS- TRIAL ARTS. Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4, Indus- trial Arts l, 2, 3, 4. IRIS ELAINE FISH, BA. SOCIAL SCIENCE. K3PP3 Phi 1, 2, 3, 4: Purple Arrow 1, 21 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Social Science Honors is P1 Gamma Mu 4: Chapel Choir 2, I.F.T.A. EARL EDWARD FOSSELMAN, B.A. BUSI- IEESS EDUCATION, SOCIAL SCIENCE. Future usrness Leaders of America 2, 3, 4, Pi am I., I ,Ji NI by h A . - , Wm t, A I vid ,J xx "" 5 I fx 'IQ ii" U . f A X' I Q .af ... Q 6 ja' tl I 5: fi c'- I 43 - T5 l .-is 4-0 4 f '- I " P , 'Q IF ,JI ,XXI 1, , W wir' et.-.Q L A i OmeQ3 Pi 3, 45 Pi Gamma Mu 4, Kappa --6' ' Delta Pi 3, 4. DCENALD CHARLES FOTI-I, B.A. PHYSICAL p A I DUCATION. Newman Club 2, 3, 4, Phi reg Slqma Epsilon 3, 4. E WILLIAM JOHN FOX, EA. PHYSICAL EDU- f A L' A CATIONI BIOLOGY. Kappa Delta Pi 3, Alpha ' I . Phi Omega 3. AELCE LLICILLE FREDERICK, EA. NUR- ,ffl I-3' IRI? SEHXOLQ Wesley Foundation 4, S.C.A. fx ,tg v HQZZIARD CRAIG FREDERICK, EA. IN- g, .X 1 A , MBFIXAL ARTS. Epsilon Pi Tau 3, 43 Indus- J N'-I ,yi I I 1, 2, 3i't4Club l, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Phi Epsilon V LL gl I P049 P399 229 jla .Appk-pogohing 19.1.-fy H IlELOR 0F HTL Canclidedes - I949 Ol" .Sill-Cjelfltd 6111- jacwhy in fine Comzge ommorw C, WILLIAM BRUCE FREDIN. B.A. PHYSICAL X . Q . f EDUCATION. ix' L 5 SOL FRIEDMAN, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. 5 ,, I 1 Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4, I Club 3, 4: . W ERMA MARIE FRY, B.A. KINDERCARTEN W I IC. PRIMARY. K.P.B.A. 3, Orchesis 3. A ff 3 i FERN LOUISE FUGLSANG, B.A. ELEMEN- TARY. Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, 4, Gamma Theta Upsilon 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH HIGH EDUCATION. L BA BUSINESS ED- JEAN LUCILLE GABE , . . UCATION. Pi Tau Phi 2, 3, 43 Chapel Choir FULLER, B.A. JUNIOR 3, 4. E GABRIEL BA SOCIAL SCIENCE1. Q CLYDE . . . . Pi Gamma Mu 4: Gamma Theta Upsilon . RICHARD ERWIN GAGE, B.A. SOCIAL SCI- ENCE. Lambda Gamma Nu 3, 4: Inter-Prev t ternity 4. WALTER LOUIS GALVIN, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. AMM BA SOCIAL SCIENC I.F.T.A. 3, Kappa e a ' ' Honors 3 4: Bartlett House Council 4: 3 Delta 3, 4. Page E. ROBERT C. G , . . - D It Pi 1: Pi Gamma Mu 1, Social Science . A MATHEMATICS. FRANK H. GARDNER, B. . MARY A GARVER, B.A. SCIENCE. S.C.A. 3. T u Slgrfla AJ EVELYN LOUISI EDUCATION. F.B,l 4: lntervarsity F Baptist Student C AUDREY CAROI. SIC. Band l, 2, Sigma Alpha lot: RUTH IRENE C Band l: Women' Dramatic Produc 42 Kappa Delta Ieffersonian 2, 33 DONALD I. GILI' ENCE. Social Scil Theta 2, 3, .43 S HARRY S. CILLI Z lgma Epsilon 1 ELDA CHLOE I TARY EDUCATION ALONZO I. CLE EDUCATION, SOC, A I TIOIF I' GOOD' Q GAIM? .IVAN 1. S. Slgma TE FSIEAEESYD LSQCQURI 1 Olflegappi Page PHYSICAL SCIENCE. Club 3, 'li ELEIIIEN- 45 Gamma B.A. IUNIOR ESS ED' 233111 Crt SCIENCE- SI?ei2ALIPSil0n 4' 5 CIAL 55' B3A'4: Clntefffa' N EA- Sow ENCE' A SOEIAIEI Pi 1 3. - HEM . MAT J. SCIEINCIQFBE' Sigma cil I BACHELIDR 0F ART Candldafes - I949 ,JDJ 'QW Mm Cid! CLI af IAQ J4fZCf,fZ.? mfeffnean Qadt -- UTLWL - Mill- EVELYN LOUISE GATES, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. F.B.L.A. 3, 4: Theta Epsilon 3, 4: lntervarsity Fellowship 3, 4: S.C.A. 3, Baptist Student Center 3, 4. AUDREY CAROLYN GEI-IRKE, B.A. Mu- SIC. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4' Sigma Alpha Iota 2, 3, 4. RUTH IRENE GIBBONS, B.A. ENGLISH Band 1: Womens Chorus 1: Orchestra 3, 4- Dramatic Productions 3: I.F.T.A. 4: S.A.I. 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Purple Arrow 2: Icffersonian 2, 3: S.C.A. 4. 1 I DONALD I. GILKERSON, B.A. SOCIAL SCI- ENCE. Social Science Honors 4: Delta Sigma Theta 2, 3, 4: S.D.A. 4. HARRY S. GILLESPIE, B.A. ENGLISH. Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. ZELDA CI-ILOE GILLMORE, B.A. ELEMEN- TARY EDUCATION. Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, 4. ALONZO I. GLEASON, IR., B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION, SOCIAL SCIENCE. EDMLIND LEE GLESNE, IR., B.A. PHYSICAL EEDUCATION, SOCIAL SCIENCE. LVIN I. GOODVIN, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCA- TION. GIQRALD IVAN GORTON, B.A. INDUSTRIAL I RT5- Slgma Tau Gamma 3: Epsilon Pi Tau ISAQIES LLOYD OOLIRLEY, B.A. BUSINESS DUCATION. Rl-ig? Lp GOLIRLEY, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCA- P. O UFPIQ Arrow 3: Golden Ledger 3, 4: I H3993 P1 4: F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. P nf' age 9 X pw , -Sl ,I S.. - .K . up . ' ,ST A-I ,Z 3' I I! MQ Y f . lx, A j 41 A 'AIFIA N QVIII 133, 711 5' ' AIQAI ix, ,Ii : jfl- it 4Qy 'v gt ,S 1, ' ,-4 A IE 4'-:rv Lx 7..L.x.3:A. . m'li'33l3-""' A .L .. .LST . ,-fssvlsa, . fx . +V ,JN B IIllLOIl 0F ART Candidates - I949 :Alai GLORIA GRAY, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION, F.B.L.A. 4: Golden Ledger 3: Pi Phi Omega 3. RAIVION H. GREEN, B.A. SCIENCE. Beta Beta Beta 43 I.F.T.A. 4: S.C.A. 2, 3, 43 Westminster Fellowship 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY LOIS GREENE, B.A. ENGLISH. Kappa Delta Pi 4: F.T.A. lg S.C.A. 1, 2, 43 College Eye l. ELEANOR LOUISE GREENLEE, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Orchesis 3, 4, Life Saving Corps 3, 4: P. E. Club 3, 4. EY BA SOCIAL SCIENCE. IACK GREENL , . . S.D.A. 43 S.C.A. 43 Mixed Chorus 4, CLAYTON L. GREGERSEN, B.A. IUNIOR HIGH EDUCATION. College Eye 3, 4, Speech Club .3: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4g Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, 4. RANCES PARSONS GRIESENBROCK. F B.A. HOME ECONOMICS. Ellen Richards Club l 2, 3, 4: Theta Theta Epsilon 3, 4, Delta Deira Phi 2, 3, 4. ESENBROCK IR BA IN. HERIVIAN GRI , ., . . Delta Pi 4: Epsilon DUSTRIAL ARTS. Kappa Pi Tau 4: Industrial Arts Club 3, 4. SCI IAIVIES EARL GRIFEITH, B.A. SOCIIEI.. H . ' ' ' ' e e ENCE. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 4, O g Players 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Social Science Honors 4. EWALD WALTER GROSSHUESCI-Ia, EA. BUSINESS EDUCATION. F.B.L.A. l, 2, , RUTH MAXINE GRUBB, B.A. ENGLISH. OLD GOLD 2, 3: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Purple Arrow 2: S.C.A. 2, 3: Who's Who 4. AKINSON BA ARLENE LOUISE HA , - ' HOME ECONOMICS. Plymouth Club l, 2, 3' 4, Sigma Eta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4: Theta Theta Epsilon 3, 4' NEIL BLAINE HADLEY, B.A. PHYSICAL ED- UCATION. S ENCE. GORDON F. HALL, B.A. SOCIAL CI Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. BETTE IEAN I-IALTERIVIAN, B.A. HOME l d, 17 2' Ig-LCQNOMICS. Ellen H. Richar s Page 232 ARD FRANCl EITXLTOIAL SCIENCE. Al Al ha Sinfonia E515 1? 23 Orchcsi 3, 4: A CBPPCUE C DORIS LOUETIA sic. Band l, 2. 3. Alpha Iota 3. 4. CHARLES ANDRIE ENCE. Orchestra l DOLORES IEAN Sigma Alpha Iota 'iz A Cappella Ch 4: Purple Arrow HELEN HANSEN lege Band l: Sy T.A. I: Bartlett I DARYL LOREN Phi Mu Alpha 3, ORLAN EARL l IIATICS. Kappa 1 IRAN B. HARLAI Phi 3, 4: Purple 4: College Piave GORDON GLEP AlPha Phi Omg, MARGARET H, NOMICS, LOREN ers 1, QTA' HAI: Mfg E- HASBP TION, SOCIAL CARL CHE STI till? Am OHN C Mliipia CHQ? QRTHA I. Hi 1, 2, P .,......- A- li Clllllillli 0E RT Canclicla'res - I949 le.-.. 7400, jL0:56 QD! EFL, CLPWL Clgil 0 L ,Anal :ful .Shaw 'l Qmcia. anal Unoffwia '23 I ti x? P V, . I S 2 J ,Eff . ' .Y Sgr K f ,ASW V. , ix -In , 2 WN' IACK GENE HEATH, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. ll IRENE HECKART, B.A. ENGLISH. Co ege Play 1: College Eye l, 23 S.C.A. 3, 4. ILLIAM HEDDENS B A. MATHE- IAMES W , . M.ATICS. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 4: Baker Hall Council 4. NET HEINRICH BA KINDERGAIzf RUTH IA . . . TENfPI2IIvIARY. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha 3, 4: I.F.T.A. 4. GERALD E. HEITZMAN, B.A. SOCIAL SCI' ENCE. HARRIET I. HIGGINS, B.A. HoIvIE ECoNoIvIA ' Phi 2, 3, ICS. Ellen Richards Club 4, Kappa 4. DORIS IEAN HILL, B.A. KINDERGARTEN-PRI' MARY. K. P. Club lg Kappa Pi Beta Alpha 3, 43 College Eye l, 23 Delta'Delta Phi 43 I.F.T.A. 4. ELEANOR IRENE HILL, ELEIZIENTARY EDUCATION. Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, EDWIN LEONEL HILLSTEN, B.A. MATH' EMATICS. Kappa Mu Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Mathe- matics Club l, 2, 3, 4: Band 1. VERL JOHN HITE, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCA' SIGN. ul" Club 2, 3, 43 Sigma Tau Gamma , 3, 4. WILLIAM CONLEE HOAG, B.A. SPEECH. College Players 2, 3, 4, Theta Alpha Phi l, 2, 3, 4. GELAND BA PHYS- WESLEY DEAN HO , . - I , ICAL EDUCATION. "I" Club 2. 3, 4: Phi SIQ' ma Epsilon 3, 4, Tau Chi Eta 3, 4. Page onw MARGARET MARY IOR HIGH Enucm Kappa Delta Pi 3. ' IACK E. HOON. B Future Business Lambda Gamma N DOROTHY LARUL ECONOMICS. Kapp. Phi 1, 2, 3, -ig XVQ Ellen H. Richards Epsilon 3, 4: S.C.2 SYLVESTER LAX! PHYSICAL EDUCAT HELEN LOUISE EDUCATION. F,B,l Housing Unit l, I DONALD ROYAI EDUCATION, SCIE: 4: Seerley Hall 1 MSE E- HUMP ilgma Rho 3' '12 ,College Playa E338 4, Colleglll Bu ARD LEVN TSNESS EDUC 37-4 is Pi Qm, ELWIN HISTQRYEDWZ C- P ILT - IS, B DCIAL SCIENCE .. EAN ' TRIAL SEEN! Page 235 KIN SCIENCE. College ATHE BA . 4, Baker DERGAR' Alpha 3. 43 , SOCIAL SCI- ECONOM- Phi 2. 3. P' Beta Allfhtf 1Delta Phi 3' ELEMENTARY 3, 4. B.A. 2 3, 4: Mathe- pHYSi?:1 CH- B-A' SPSIEI l, Theta Alpha HELUR 0F ART Candldafes - I949 omecommg, ,Zio puma, am! ffm K9 Mn L,-e giucfd Z?a,cL . nga, ' MARGARET MARY HOLLAND, B.A. JUN- IOR HIGH EDUCATION. Purple Arrow 2, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 B.A.E. 3, 4: I.F.T.A. 4. IACK E. HOON, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. Future Business Leaders of America 1: Lambda Gamma Nu 3, 4. DOROTHY LARUE HOSKINS, B.A. HOME ECONOMICS. Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Pi Tau Phi l, 2, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4: Ellen H. Richards Club 2, 3, 43 Theta Theta Epsilon 3, 4: S.C.A. 1, 2, .3, 4. SYLVESTER LAWRENCE HOUDEK, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION, SOCIAL SCIENCE. HELEN LOUISE HOWE, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Cedar Falls Housing Unit 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD ROYAL HUGH, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION, SCIENCE. Sigma Tau Gamma 3. 4: Seerley Hall Council 4. KIEYE E. HUMPHRY, B.A. SPEECH. Delta lgma Rho 3, 4: Theta Gamma Nu 1, 2, 3, Ai College Players l, 2, 3, 4, KENNETH HUMPHRY, B.A. SPEECH. RPf?9Ch Activities Club ,3, 43 Delta Sigma ED ho 4: College Players 3, 4. BYYARD LEWIS HUTCHCROFT, B.A. TRINESS EDUCATION. F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4g LE. 34- 4? P1 Omega Pi 4, Delta Sigma Theta ELPYQN EDWARD HUTCHINSON, B.A. ORY. C. ' Ci' ILTIS. B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION, SOA ' SCIENCE S B.A. PHYS, D L . unset V1llage Council 3, 4. 2 3 4,PIIS19 HERMAN IVERSON, B.A. INDUS- W 3' 4' - L ARTS. hi Eta I 9 234 Page 235 pug vlwjffl ,CJR " ,fl . ,ii 5.5752 fa,--ie .. YJ.. A, . M- I1 A , A , . 1 'Q 54, , - ,:.,, - ' F! rg. til 3, I . 1 , Y 5... A '- ,f g a 6 Q . ,QS ,msg -1:3 -41 P? A73 NS ,N gf' ,Jiri .p Qfffih- ' ' I, al 1 , . . ..m.,.- fa CQQN j7hx - tu - f .Xp 'D-551 in 54. f xg, A '? 1 f nv-3' 035, "'f , un, - .5 y I 5' A '- B Clllilillli 0ll RT Canclldaies - I949 EL IVERSON B A HOME ECO- RUTH ETH , . . NOMICS. Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, 4: Ellen Richards 4. JANE T. ISHIKAWA, B.A. KINDERGARTENA PRIMARY. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha 3, 4. MERLE MARTIN JACOBSEN, B.A. MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 3, 4. CALVIN LAVERN JACOBSON, B.A. MATHEMATICS. Kappa Mu Epsilon 3, 45 Mathematics Club 3, 4. BYRON DEAN JAMES, B.A. PHYSICAL EDU- CATION. Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, Kappa Delta Pi 2. MARIAN LOUISE JARVIS, B.A. Music. Womens Chorus 23 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Kappa Phi 3, 4. CALMER ALTON JENSEN, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. Future Teachers 43 F.B.L.A. 43 L.S.A. 4, Pi Omega PI 4. ENSEN B.A. ENGLISH. RAYMOND F. J , Foreign Language Club 3, 4. B A BIOLOGY A. ELIZABETH JONES, . . , ' ' I 1.2, 3, 4: EARTH SCIENCE. Phi Chi De ta Tri Beta 2, 3, 4. RICHARD B. JONES, B.A. ENGLISH. RICHARD VVYCHERLEY JONES, B.A. So- CIAL SCIENCE. College Eye 3, 4. PAULA JENE JUNGKUNZ, B.A. SCIENCE. Beta Beta Beta 3, 4. MARY PHYLLIS KAISER, B.A. KINDERGAR' - Teachf TEN-PRIMARY. K.P.B.A. 3, 4, Future ers 4. KAISER BA ENGLISH. NORMAN , . . P YSICAL EDU' PETER A. KALINICH, B.A. H CATION. "I" Club 4. 236 N THURLO Epucmlox. DOLORES ANN KEN EIIATICS, SOCW' SML" 34:G3mIT13 Delia ll 213,41 Kappa A411 111 Jawa Future Teacher: KENNETH E. KEPH-E ENCE. Social Science Gamma Nu l. 2. J. 'i CAROL LUANNA I' ECONOMICS. Ellen Ri 3, 45 Lawther House JOHN M. KERR. T SDA. 2: Lambda G ROBERT B. KERR. E RAYMOND WILLIE mass. ROBERT L. KINDIC Science Honors 1, DOROTHY BERNK EARIEN-PRITIAIN. 'I l0l'lN C. KING!! ' Ampha Chi Epsiloii IQNETTE KLASI DUCATION. Social Eu? T9aCher5 A55 GEOUAL 2' 3' iz BM' 2 RSE KNAPHI 3' 4' I Beta Beta 1 . R RER? BRUCE QHCQINCE' IQSQTSO PAH HOHOIS 4. IQAEI SDEAN l T DUCATION au Gamm 3 A ,Qu Chi E213 ITH D. KGCSI- P G ag pqge 237 I, 1 fu KZ' A 04 ffwqj s J ,f.:4f., m. 'ii,5,,g, CIIIIIJIH 01? RT Candidates - I949 jj LVL the Commorw jlie gggwf Crow in eam ' ' Q at fire Jdnnuai .Homecoming CLVLCE - .4 I V . ,Zi if 'V'A f, aff A C DONALD EDWARD KOROCH, B.A. PHYS- ICAL EDUCATION. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2. WI-LLIAM T. KRATZ, B.A. MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2, 3, 43 Band 2, Orchestra 2, 3, 4. WILBUR W. KRAUTH, B.A. BUSINESS EDU, CATION. Future Business Leaders of America 2, 3, 4: Pi Omega Pi ,3, 4: S.C.A. 2, 33 Kappa Delta Pi 4, Golden Ledger 3, Westminster Foundation 2, 3, 4. EDMOND I. KRUIVIIVI, B.A. PHYSICAL Enu- ' CATION. Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, MI" Club 1, 2, 3, 4. KEITH VICTOR KUCK, B.A. BUSINESS EDU' CATION. Delta Sigma Theta l, 2, 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3, 43 Pi Omega Pi 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4, Band 2, 3, 4, RAIVION JOE KUHNS, B.A. MUSIC. IN S. KLIPFERSCHIVIID, B.A. SOCIAL MELV SCIENCE. R. AUBREY LAFOY, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. - I Future Teachers As- College Eye 3, 4, Owa sociation 4, Alpha Phi Gamma 3, 4: SOC131 Science Honors 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 4. SARAH ALICE LAFOY, B.A. KINDERGARTEN' PRIMARY. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha 43 Alpha Phi Gamma 4, College Eye 3: Iowa Future Teachers Association l, 2, 3, 4. MAXINE GAIL 'LAMBER2 ABA. ELEIvIENf TARY. Beta Alpha Epsilon , . HERMINA LAIVIIVIERS, B.A. ART. Phi Chi ' Delta 3, 4: S.C.A. 2, 3, 4. KARL F. LANGROCK, B.A. IVIATHEMATICS- Alpha Chi Epsilon 43 L.S.A. 3. Page 238 Cllacfure GRAYDON LAP TION. MARY ANN LA PRIMARY. Phi S RUSSELL E. LA CAIION. WAYNE E. LA CATION. Future 4: L.S.A. 2, 3, NANCY ANN I Phi Sigma Phi Club 2, 3, 4. MARY LEMPA Kappa Delta S.C.A. 2, 3, -ig len Richards 1 Council 4, .LELAND RIC SOCIAL SCIENK GEORGE 10 FRENCH, SOCI Club 2' 3, 4: PATRICIA A EDUCATION, College P13871 LEORA M. EFI? Alpha I I 0 S.C.AIV3, fl KZ' 31 43 Law ATHRYN L glqma Alpha and 1, 2 3 Glfhestray 1 DCANALD C TRTS, Indu all 4. Page RT BACHELOR 0F I CancIicIa1'es - I949 4.1 ', s A f mt f r W. . it c fsgff f . 5 f S EVAN EUGENE LOTTICH, B.A. ENGLISH. Delta Sigma Rho 3, 4g Kappa Delta Pi 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY GRACE LOTTICI-I, B.A. ENGLISH. Pi Tau Phi 3, 4. IASON ZENIS LOVING, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Lambda Gamma Nu 3, 4, "I" Club 3, 4. NALD M LOWE BA SOCIAL SCIENCE. DO . , . . Pi Gamma Mu 3, Mu Delta Chi 3, Golden Ledger 2g Social Science Honors 2. IA "B" LOWRY BA BUSINESS CYNTI-I , . . EDUCATION. Pi Tau Phi 3, 43 Kappa Phi 3, 4, Future Business Leaders of America 3. Col- DORIS FAYE3 LUNDE, B.A. ENGLISH. lege Players 1. u PAUL ALLEN LUNDY, B.A. SOCIAL SCI ENCE. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 43 Social Science Honors 3, 4. LELAND DLIANE LUWE, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. Pi Omega Pi 3, 44, Golden 4' AI ha Chi Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Ledger 2, 3, , p Kappa Delta Pi 43 Future Business Leaders of America 3, 4. p ROBERT IAMES LUX, B.A. SCIENCE. Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4g Beta Beta Beta ,3, 4. RAY M. MCADAM, PHYSICAL EDUCAf TION. Phi Sigma Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM I-IAROLD'McCABE, PHYS' ICAL EDUCATION. Phi Sigma Epsilon 4. ALLLIM BA IUNIOR CAROL IUNE MCC , - - HIGH EDUCATION. I-Iumanists Club 3, 42 Iowa Future Teachers Association 4: College Eye 33 Kappa Delta P1 4. COYLA ELAINE IVICCANN, B.A. HOME ' ' 4' Ellen Richf ECONOMICS. Sigma Eta Chi 3, , ards Club 3, 4g Theta Theta Epsilon 3, 43 4'H Club 3, 43 Plymouth Club 3, 4. JAMES IVI. IVICCLINTOCK, B.A. SOCIAL SCI' ENCE. Social Science Honors 3, 49 Lambda Gamma Nu 1, 2, 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4? G ma Upsilon 4 Theta am . LAND, B.A. S0- ELMER BURTON MCFAR CIAL SCIENCE. 40 Page 2 Pqge CY B. MCGAXV, I3 NPTIEN. OrchesiS.l' -2' Chi Iota 42 Ph' S'9m1'1 ical Education Club . 2. GLENN M. IVICGEE. I non. Pi Omega ,P' 4 0,5 43 Future Business Speech Activities Clu I, I, IOIIN R. MCINTYRE, ROBERT D. MCLAUC EDUCATION. Kappa I ' RODERICK COLIN MATHEMATICS. Kapp Delta Pi 3. GOLDIE ANNA Mc? oAIzTENfPRILLAI2x'. MAX H. MABIE, Bn Sigma Epsilon 2. 3. ELEANOR ANN MP CATION. Future Bus 1.2, 3, 4: Westmin: Golden Ledger 2, 3, Association 4: Coll' Alpha Phi Gamma VIRGINIA MARSTI CATION. Future Bm 3, 4: Humanist CII DALE LI. MARTII IIoN. I" Club 4. MARNIE MARTII' TON. Phi Sigma Eg' 3' 42 Physica ite Saving 1, 2' M- .T.A. 4: S.C.A. QRIAM LORRAI IASHI WOrnen's I. Ofelgn Langna . Council 45 I.F.'Ig. Players 1, 2 3M guage '2' '3 QAIIMH Club 3: c Neal- MEALY Eur, man Club, ENE K ENI' NE In SS EDUCATIOI aNU 1, 2 3 241 jf.. 12.,f,52.C ,IC lllllillll 01? RT Canclida'res - I949 . . . Jana! flee jnae Jue GWLA-apo e unc! fine C2144 Jlvlowk Que E: rw 'IN ff 4' , A -af , , 10 VW fx S S iw, S , ,Liv I f, -' ' E'-"rfb, f . A I.. - 45 f 1 f fi, gk I ALFRED L. MERTEN, B.A. ENGLISH. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 3. THELMA IUNE MEYER, B.A. MUSIC. .Col- lege Chorus l, 23 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, A C ella Choir 3, 4, College Symphony 2, 3. app BABETTE LAVINA MICHELL, B.A. BusI- NESS EDUCATION. OWEN F. MILLER, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Beta Epsilon 2, 3, 4. RUTH M. MILLIKAN, B.A. BIOLOGY. Beta B t Beta 2, 3, 4. Q 8 VAL MONCRIEF, B.A. HOME ECONOMICS. Ellen Richards Club 4. WILLIAM B. MONTAG, B.A. BIZESINESS Enuf CATION. Sigma Tau Gamma 3, . OLD IOHN MOORE, B.A. MATHEMAT' ARN ICS. Newman Club 3, 4. OORE BA HOME ECO- TERESA IANE M , . . . NOMICS. Ellen Richards Club 1, 2, 3,41 Theta Theta Epsilon 3, 4, S.C.A. 4. BERYL ALMA MORDEN, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. F.B.L.A. l, 2, 3, 4- IEANNE MARIE MORRIS, B.A. HOME ECO- NOMICS Ellen H. Richards Club 3, 49 Col' lege Players 4. RICHARD F. MORRISON, B.A. SOCIAL S1511- ENCE. Pi Gamma Mu 4: Lambda Gamma U 3, 43 Social Science Honors 3, 4- Page 242 74, goof ESTHER H. MOSS Delta Pi 4: l.F.T.A 4' College Mixed C EDWAR IAMES SCIENCE. Newman ian Club 3. 4: Socif Gamma Mu 3, -1: C FRANCES G. NEI EDUCATION. Tau E Chesis 2, 3: Intcrsc Chi Delta 2, 33 Pl 3, 4: Womens Lea ROBERT P. NELS4 CATION, SOCIAL Sr TEH 1, 2, 3, 4, p 9a9ue B d 4. CARL HENRY NE LELAND STANLE ICAL EDUCATION. CAROL E. NORTI PRIMARY, Kappa row 3: Wesley E BA- 4: F.T A 4 IOY BURDICK T EDUCATION, lege ISI Club 4 IEANNE NUGEIN , aving Co ul 2' 3? Math E IOHN L' N 3 YE TPEECH' 5201129 ea L Chefs First Q E Hmbda G LESS 3 4' WPI? A ARB 3 BA . E. 3 will EVILLII Q ' 0CIa1 c leifmena M11 3. : 1 Ollllcil 2' - 1 egg T IQIna Theta 2 Pqge F ART Candidaies - I949 Wifi-apolze jfae jon! .Z?afA',. cmcea in file Camzge Cipmmon, X, ENGLISH. Phi 3.A. Music. Col- Ihorus 2. 3, 'li A le Symphony 2, 3. IELL, B.A. Busi- SOCIAL SCIENCE- A. BIOLOGY. BW HOME Ecouoiucs. . Busmsss EDU' BA 4 Enal3l-l lVlATHEl'Al' 5 BA Holflil 5 Club Ii' 44 4: SC' A. Busuif :EN B4 l, 2' 3' 'HOIIEEQ IS. B-A' , 4: CO' lZrdS Club 3 SCI. A SWL Nu Qlllagbda Gamma O7r1orS 3' 4' Page D440 Slfmla ESTHER H. MOSS, B.A. MUSIC. Kappa Delta Pi 4: I.F.T.A. 3, 4: Sigma Alpha Iota 4: College Mixed Chorus 3, 4. EDWARD IAMES MURPHY, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4: Iefferson- ian Club 3, 4: Social Science Honors 3, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: College Players 2, 3. FRANCES G. NEESSEN, BA. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Tau Sigma Delta 2, 3, 4: Or- chesis 2, 3: lntersorority Council 3, 4: Phi Chi Delta 2, 3: Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4: Women's League 3: Band 2. ROBERT P. NELSON, BA. PHYSICAL EDU- CATION, SOCIAL SCIENCE. Sigma Tau Gam- ma l, 2, 3, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 4: Student League Board 4. EARL HENRY NEUMANN, BA. SCIENCE ELAND STANLEY NIMROD, BA PHYS' ICAL EDUCATION. CAROL E. NORTHEY, BA. KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, 4: Purple Ar- FOW 3: Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4: K.P. B.A. 4: F.T.A. 4. l0Y BURDICK NORTON, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. Ieffersonian Club 3, 4: Human- ist Club 4. lEgNNE NUGENT, B.A. HISTORY. Pi Phi L.m99-3 ll. 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Cife2Saf'1f1Q Corps 2, 4: Intersorority Coun- Y 3. Math Club 4. IOQN L. NYDEGGER, EA ENGLISH TPEECH- College Players 2, 3, 4: Iowa Leachers First 3, 4: Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4: E ambda Gamma Nu 3, 4 B.A. JUNIOR HIGH EDUCA- ASDENBA. E. lrilow 1, 2, Kappa Delta Pi WE WILLIAM OHL, EA. some sa- Gam- Social Science Honors 2, 3, 4: Pi lay ga MP 3' 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Wes- lege 315511 2. 3: Ieffersonian Club 3, 4: Col- . aye 2, 3, 4, - Sigma Thea 2,31 4. OLD GOLD 4, Delta I Pqfse 243 Q64 .. 3 . . 4 J -4' ,ff T 15 -fifiixlfrj .3 'ff A L, fx. '-Nfl.. 5' If Wgfzl gamea any li' ! I-Q GV --1? if llllLOR 0F RT Candlclaies - I949 MUSIC. Hu- manists 3 4 E OPHEIM B A BUSINESS EDU- ARL LESLI L CI ef 2, 3, 4. L.S.A. I, 2, DORIS IEAN O'KELLY, B.A. CATION. Golden e g MABEL M. ORMSTON, B.A. Music. sigma Alpha Iota 3, 43 S.C.A. 4: Torch and Tassel ' 3, 43 Campus 4-H 3 Iowa Teachers First 3 4 RL ORTI-INER BA. ENGLISH. College CA , . Chorus 2: A Cappella Choir 2. MARY MARGARET OVIATT, B.A. PHYS- SOCIAL SCIENCE. Orchesis ICAL EDUCATION, ' ' Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Kappa 3 Physical Education ' - 4. Phi 2, W.R.A. FLORENCE MARIE OWENS, B.A. MUSIC. - h t l, 2, 3, 4g Wom- Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orc es ra en'S Chorus I, 23 Sigma Alpha Iota 2, 3, 4: Pi Tau Phi l, 2, 3, 4. TA BA SCIENCE. ANTHONY T. PARCI-IE , . . L mbda Delta Lambda 1, 2, 3, 4: Kappa a P'l234 Delta I , , , . MERRITT D. PARSONS, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Lambda Gamma Nu 3, 4, "I" Club 2, 3, 4. A BETTY L. PATRICK, B.A. HOME ECONOM- ' ' P le Arrow 3, 4? ICS. Kappa Delta P1 3, 4, urp Theta Theta Epsilon 4: Ellen Richards Club 4: S.C.A. 3. MARY IEANNE PATRICK, B.A. ENGLISH. Tau Sigma Gamma 1, 2: College Players 49 S.C.A. 3, 4: Phi Sigma Chi 2. ' DORIS ELLEN PATTERSON, B.A. SCIENCE. Beta Beta Beta 43 Mixed Chorus 4. DUANE I-I. PATTERSON, B.A. CHEMISTRY. B A INDUSTRIAL VERNON LEE PAUL, . . ARTS. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. IAMES THOMAS PENNE, B.A. SCIENCE. ETERS, B.A. MATH' CHARLES EUGENE P Mu Epsilon 4. EMATICS, SCIENCE. Kappa Page FAYE EARLEN ECONOMICS. lljl Theta Theta ly Club 2, 3. 4: Kia RUTH ELLEN li HAROLD ALLEI SCIENCE. Delta Gamma ma Tau tion Council 4. MARGARET M. EDUCATION. Pi GLENN VV. F Newman Club Beta Beta l: S IEAN BEVERL Purple Arrow S.C.A. 4: S. Council 3. .BARBARA LU SCIENCE. S,D LEORA ALIC Baptist Studei silon l, 2, 3' . ARNOLD C, ARTS. Indus! Tau 22 Kapp DARREL jAp SCIENCE, All ma Mu 4. MARIORY A f EDUCATION' 312, 3, Phy Qerleadinc ROBERT C12 MATICS. CYRIL PSX Deln MQRY C. loIla4,A1pha Tlggllzxrq I: appa D .1 3'41EllQ,i Page 245 ISIC. Hu- NESS Enu- .S.A. 1, 2. PIC. Sigma and Tassel Impus 4-l'I 91, College B.A. PHYS- 5, Orchesis 3, 4: Kappa 3.A. Music. 3, 42 Wom' Iota 2, 3' 4' A SCIENCE. 5, 41 Kappa I. PHYSIEAE 'lll 31 4: I ME ECONEJIII Arr0W ' ' Tichards Club . ENGLISH- 5.A Players 4' :QC B.A. SCIENCE- .us 4. A CHEMISTRY' X INDUSTRIA Q1 I3' LA. SUE ' B A- ?'Ep'Sil0n 4' Page L MATH' BACHELOR 0F ART Candidates - I949 PAYE EARLENE PETERS, B.A. HOME ECONOMICS. Theta Gamma Nu 1, 2, 3, 4: Theta Theta Epsilon 3, 4: Ellen Richards Club 2, 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 4. RUTH ELLEN PETERS, B.A. ENGLISH. HAROLD ALLEN PETERSEN, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Delta Sigma Theta 1, 2, 3, 4: Sig- ma Tau Gamma l, 2, 3, 4: Wesley Founda- tion Council 4. MARGARET M. PETERSEN, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. Pi Omega 3, 4. GLENN W. PETERSON, B.A. SCIENCE. Newman Club 3: Kappa Delta Pi 1: Beta Beta Beta 1: S.D.A. 1. IEAN BEVERLY PHILLIPS, B.A. ENGLISH. Purple Arrow l, 2: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: S.C.A. 4: S.D.A. 4: Waterloo Housing Council 3. BARBARA LUCILE PICHT, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. S.D.A. 3, 4: Humanists 3, 4. LEORA ALICE PIERCE. B.A. BIOLOGY. Baptist Student Center 1, 2, 3, 4: Theta Ep- silon l, 2, 3, 4: Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4. ARNOLD C. PIERSALL, B.A. INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Industrial Arts Club 4: Epsilon Pi Tau 2: Kappa Delta Pi 2. DARREL JAMES PORTER, B.A. S OCIAL SCIENCE. Alpha Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Pi Gam- ma Mu 4. MARIORY ANN PORTER, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Life Saving l, 2, 3, 4: Orchesis 1. 2, 3: Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleading 2, 3, 4: Tau Chi Eta 4 ROBERT CHARLES POST B.A. 'M , ATHE- IIATICS. CTSIIII POWERS, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. MAP a Delta Alpha I. BEY C- POWLEY, B.A. ELEMENTARY. 10354 Alpha Epsilon 4: Gamma Theta Upsi- LIIIZLIAN F. PRICE, B.A. HOME ECONOMICS. HDPa D l ' . - I eta P1 3, 4, Th t Th t E Silon 3' '17 Ellen Richards Club Tal 3,6451 P Page 245 . .Q I I N I 'Q Q , If W A -a f : K" 9135-. Fx QI ff , 'x if .gun TA' 4? Newt CHllLOR 0F RT Canduclaies - l949 llfljlflz 741.4646 for jour Axon? fl. W IL ffl. gafboom .. LENN ESTUS PRIMMER, B.A. Music. G Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 43 Phi u Alpha Sinfonia l, 2, 3, 4. ARLENE RUTH PUNTER, B.A. Music. College Choir 3, 4g Sigma Eta Chi 2, 3, 4. IOHN GILBERT RAINES, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. Lambda Gamma Nu 2, 3, 4, Baker Hall House Council 3, 4. SARA LAING READ, B.A. SCIENCE. W.R.A. 3, 4. DONALD AUSTIN REEVE, B.A. MATHE- MATICS. Lambda Delta Lambda 4. KINZEY REEVES, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. BETTY ANN REIGELSBERGER, B.A. So- 4' Social CIAL SCIENCE. Purple Arrow 2, 3, , Science Honors 3, 43 Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Foreign Language Club 3, 43 Newman Club la, Z, 3, 4, Women's League 43 Pi Theta Pi ROBERT I. RELLIHAN, B.A. SOCIAL SCI- ENCE. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 41 Social Science ' 3 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4. Honors 3, 4, S.D.A. , .A. SOCIAL SCI, RALPH A. RICHARDSON, B ENCE. Social Science Honors 3, 4. SCOTT G. RICHARDSON, B.A. SCIENCE. Lambda Delta Lambda 3, 4g Industrial Arts Club 4. RUTH ANN RICKABAUGH, B.A. HOME ECONOMICS. Ellen Richards Club 2. 3, 42 Nu Omicron Nu Sigma Phi 2, 3. LEO R. ROBERTS, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE D Ita Pi 3 4' Pi Gamma Mu a Kappa e , , Social Science Honors 3, 43 Beta Beta 6 4. Page 245 if JL OX I WILL GORDON SCIENCE. Gamma Gamma Mu 3. 4 WILLIAM B. R4 ENCE. RALPH KENNET SCIENCE. Social MARIAN LUCII LISI-I. College E 3, 4: Womens SDA. 4. LEROY M. SAP Lambda Gamm HOUSE Council 3, 4. MARY E. SAVNF TION. Future E 2, 3, 4. BETTY M. 5 Igaipapphi 3: Q 3 ' . Pi 2. 1 1' A VERNON E NESS E ' if Amelbfdgi EUGENE M, . Language Clk VIRGINIA B1 ENGLISH, SOC E- JEAN B-AE. 4 SC TARY' Beta 1 Page 247 BACHELIPR 0F ART Candidates - I949 ng H ox CJQQIQJZ LSZJDQQ jeeL am! Me Haw of ESZOQJ ized our, ix, en, aug! jwggje A. Music. 43 Phi Mu A. Music. ll 2, 3a 4' ,, BUSINESS lu 21 3' 4: :E. W.R.A. A, MATHE- l. ICIENCE- x 2, B.A. 5'0- 3, 43 Social a Mu 3, -it Pi Theta P' L SCI' fiimscievfc p Delta P1 3' SOCIAL SC" 4. A SCIENCE' jusilfia I Arts B.A. HOME ub 2' 3' it 3. SCIENCE2 PJ- Mu 3, -l. 2 Beta Beta WILL GORDON ROBINSON, B.A. SOCIAL! SCIENCE. Gamma Theta Upsilon 2, 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. WILLIAM B. ROEDER, B.A. SOCIAL SCI- ENCE. RALPH KENNETH ROHLING, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Social Science Honors 3, 4. MARIAN LUCILLE RUSSELL, B.A. ENC- LISH. College Eye 1, 2, 3: Alpha Phi Gamma 3. 4: Women's League 4, Humanists Club 4: S.D.A. 4. LEROY M. SANTEE, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Lambda Gamma Nu 2, 3, 4: Seerley Hall glogfuse Council 3, 4: Social Science Honors MARY E. SAWYER, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCA- 5I05I.4Future Business Leaders of America l, BETTY M. SAYRE, B.A. PAATHEMATICS. Kappa Phi 3: Kappa Mu Epsilon 2: Kappa gega Pi l: Mathematics Club 33 Pi Theta I . VE NESS EBUCATION. Future Business Leaders 3 Amef1Ca 1, 2, 3: Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, EUGENE M. SCH RNON E. SCHLATTMAN BA Busi- TA MIDT, B.A. SCIENCE. LF. L- - 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Foreign MQUHQQ Club 3, 4. VIEGINIA BUCK SCHOENEMAN, B.A. E NGLISH. SOCIAL SCIENCE. SCI-IRADER, B.A. ELEMENTARY. IOAN EMELIA Y SCHREIBER, B.A. E I I'- TARX. Beta Alpha Epsilon 4. LEMEX page 247 Page -'sa V. 2 2 ,730 -.1 4 A -I A - LW A its' .h '75 IQ' '-43 .1 A., Q4 J -cpe A. BUSI- 3, 4. EDUCA- s 2, 3, 4: PHYSICAL 2, 3, 4. AL ARTS. au 4. IGH, B.A. I Lambda Leaders of 3: Seerley B.A. BUSI- 1 Center 3. , PHYSICAL ving COFPS ya Teachers I 1, 2, 3. 4- 'SOCIAL SCI- Z' 3, 43 Pi 3 Pi 3, '43 , 2, 3, 4. B.A. ENG' Q Arrow 32 Delta Pi 3- I4. IAL SCE ,SgCDelta Pl ocial SCIQUCC IYSICAL EDU' A- Ess EDU? IBIIICQ3 P' nd Tassel J: Lppa Delta P' XIATHEAIATICQ Club 15 42 I EDU HYSICAL 'on cal Educau Nu 34' S. .A. INDU2 B 1 2 3 -I. .ulJ"' BACHELIIR 0F Candidafes - RICHARD N. SMITH, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Kappa Delta Pi 3: Pi Gamma Mu 3: Gamma Delta 3. GLADYS MARTHA SOTHMAN, B.A. ELE- MENTARY. Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, 4: Gamma Theta Upsilon 3, 4: Gamma Delta 2, 3. GEORGE SPARKS, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Baptist Student Center 2. OPAL SPARKS, B.A. KINDERGARTEN-PRI- MARY. CARMI N. SPICER, B.A. INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DUANE B. SQUIRES, B.A. SCIENCE. Baker House Council 4: I.F.T.A. 49 Beta Beta Beta 4. DOROTHEA IANE STAVES, B.A. SPEECH. Orchesis l: College Players 1, 2, 3, 4: Nu Omicron Nu Sigma Phi 2, 3, Tau Chi Eta 4- Theta Alpha Phi 4. LAMAR ALBERT STEEN, B.A. SOCIAL SCI- ENCE. 1 EMMETT MITCHELL STEELE, IR., B.A MUSIC. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia l, 2, 3, 4. RUTH E. STILLMAN, B.A. ELEMENTARY. Beta Alpha Epsilon 3, 4. ROBERT EUGENE STOLIT, B.A. ENGLISH. Kappa Delta Pi 4: Lambda Delta Lambda 3. 4: College Eye 3, GORDON B. STRAYER, B.A. SOCIAL SCI- ENCE. Student. League 3, 4: Alpha Phi Aiamma 3, 4, PI Gamma Mu, 3. 43 S.D.A. 3, : Humamsts Club 2, 3 4- C l . , I E 2, 3. Kappa Delta Pi -I, whos wifge ye P225 JEAN STRATTON, B.A. HOME ECO- AIICS. PI Ph O . - , ards Club 1' 2,13 nfega 1, 2, 3, 4, Ellen Rich ggl15F'YE. STUTZMAN, B.A. ENGLISH. NON ESU SWAN, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCA- cami 3 Orus 3: Orchesis 3: Physical Edu- Dehn 3' 47 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Tau Sigma Arroiv Intersorority Council 4: Purple P Page 248 I age 249 l , 5, ART I949 A-Ov., J 'I sg' M 'i ! I 'QQ,s..:fy X IN I l 1 -+4 I3 CIIELOR 0F RT Canclidefres - I949 .gfwafenf jaw ing, edoon pfdnd, EOVLEFQVLCQJ . . jimi jirdf may of Zac ing , C f c , X wharf 4 , nav, SSMYAV MW 5 A ,,,, ' Agua silon 4 KENNETH TEWALT, LY A SWERING MUSIC. Chorus 3, BEVER . , 43 Orchestra 3, 43 Westminster Fellowship 'l 3 3, 4, Bartlett House Counci . . ER B A KIN ANNABELLE IEAN TENBO , . . - DERGARTEN-PRIIvIARY.' K.P.B.A. 3, 45 Inter- ' 4' Th ta E Varsity 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, , e p- ALE TERHUNE BA INDUSTRIAL ARTS. D . , . . Industrial Arts Club I, 2, 3, 4. B.A. BUSINESS EDIIA , I f I 1 ,Q , ff,,,3i, 1,91 , , pg, f , , ,, f' I ,f , of If . y 1+ , ,.,,, , ,. , 5 , ff' , 2, , bl ,, A. ,F fn I' ,Ap A I r ay! ,531 R WW 4 ,f ii- Zffi if K A , '5 4, in 'ff , f, x ,dh X, , . , 3?-' V' CATION. VERNON C. THARP B.A. PHYSICAL EDu- CATIoN. ALT ADEAN THEW, B.A. ELEMENTARY. Beta Alpha Epsilon 4. ROBERT DONALD THOMS, B.A. SOCIAL ' ' 3 4: L.S.A. 2, SCIENCE. Alpha Chi Epsilon , 3, 4. DONNA ILINE THOMAS, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. Torch and Tassel 4: Pi Omega Pi 3, 4, Golden Ledger 2, 3, 4, Women's League 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 4: Phi Sigma Phi 2, ,3, 4: Purple Arrow 2, 3, Iowa Teach- ers First 4. CAL WILLARD D. THOMPSON, B.A. PHYSI Al ha Chi Epsilon 3, 4: Seerley EDUCATION. p Hall Council 4, Industrial Arts Club 3, 4, Tau Chi Eta 2, 3, 43 College Eye 3. AMES EDWARD TI-IOMSON, B.A. SOCIAL I SCIENCE. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4: Social Science H nors 3, 4 o . ESTHER GRACE TRABERT, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Physical Education Club 3, 4- BA KINDER IVIILDRED LENORA TRENK, . . - GARTEN-PRIMARY. K.P.B.A. 3, 4: IF-T-A. 4' Pgge 250 LD TIER!! Bcgiillzilijrlpha Iota 4: lege Chorus 3. 4-4 ' ' MARIANNA Tggklg ucATIox.4'NY6w5 l, 21 3' ' Education Club I. 2 Y GEORGE HOW A9 MATHEMATICS. Mat Club 3, 4. PAUL MARTIN I.Ol ICAL EDUCATION. I DOUGLAS TRUDC Social Science Hon MARILEE LIHLEIN Womens Chorus ACapella Choir 3. ANGELA M. VA? EDUCATION. Phys 3, 4: OI-chesis l. I Purple Arrow 2: I' gllub 1, 2, 3, -iz XX WENDELL DAVI 3usTRIAL ARTS. I DONALD ARTH BUSINESS, LARRY RICHARI y NESS EDUCATION. BARBARA VELII g1ubRichard Clu ION. Clflb 3' 41 Village Council HELEN G. V01 I-FEE Saw Ica d Cfiuncil 3, uca DQRQA IIVIARC Lamkgda Zlfrple PI Gamma Mu PQQS 1 Chorus 3. Fellowship B.A. KIN- I, 4, Inter- Theta EP- TRIAL ARTS- SINESS EDU- YSICAL EDU' ELEMENTARY. B-A, SOCIAL . 42 L.S.A. 2- A- BUSINESS '4: Pi Omg? 4. WOIDGUA .' h- Sigma ,4IoE1a1T9aCh' ISICAL ?'?'I?'ElQf1fI1 .,S'C1ub 3. ' Eye 5 CIAL JSOEIQI Silence lhjglub 3' 4' 3 KINDER B A I BACIIEIAIII 0F ART Canclida+es - I949 BORGHILD TIERNAGEL, B.A. VOICE. Si ma Alpha Iota 45 Gamma Delta 3, 4: Col- lege Chorus 3, 4. MARIANNA TREKELL, B.A. PHYSICAL ED- UCATION. W.R.A. 2, 33 Life Saving Corps I, 2, 3, 4: Iowa Teachers First 43 Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Tau Chi Eta 4. GEORGE HOWARD TRIPLETT, B.A. MATHEMATICS. Math Club 2, 3, 4: Humanist Club 3, 4. PAUL MARTIN LOUIS TROST. B.A. PHYS- ICAL EDUCATION. "I" Club 4. DOUGLAS TRLIDO, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Social Science Honors 4. MARILEE LIHLENHOPP, BA. ENGLISH. Women's Chorus 1: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 A Capella Choir 3, 4. ANGELA M. VAN ANNE, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchesis 1, 2, 49 Life Saving 1, 2, 3, 45 Purple Arrow 2: Kappa Delta Pi 43 Newman .Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Womens Rec. Assoc. I, 2, 3, WENDELL DAVID VAN ATTA, B.A. IN- SUSTRIAL ARTS. Industrial Arts Club 1, 2, 3, DONALD ARTHUR VAN DEEST, B.A. BUSINESS. LARRY RICHARD VAN SYOC, B.A. BUSI- NESS EDUCATION. BARBARA VELMAN, B.A. Ofchesis -1, EI- Enlblllichard Club 3, 4: Physical Education IOFN GARLAND VEST, BA. BUSINESS ED- Cf-ATION. Ii.B.L.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Industrial Arts vb 3. 4. Ph t h Cl ' Villi-199 Councilofgrap Y uh 3' 4' Sunset HELEN G my LQ- VOELZ, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCA- Phan. lfe SBVIHQ Corps 3, 4: Orchesis 3: C0?13gTl3l3ducat1on Club 3, 4: Bartlett House D QQIQIA IIYIIIAIQOARET VOLPP, B.A. SCI- Lgmgda 2. P9 Arrow 3: Lambda Delta EDN PilG1tIlIhlr?1aVNi?BLIT, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Pcqe 250 Page 251 .44 1 JY I' af .. .....3....:... Lanz.. :af-1 fi-6, 6 . I I I 'ab - . , 'ax . - ..,. at V, Q G3 -.N-P25 1 1-at 'K' ' - "Y 'AS' -I' ffl' F3 ,FA CIIELIIII 0F IIT Canclidaies - I949 J! -1955 -f" .. 1' -' . ' I fd! I A' 'i ' .I . DARLENE WAGNER BA MARTHA , . . HOME ECONOMICS. Ellen Richards Club l, 2, 3, 43 Theta Theta Epsilon 3, 43 Kappa ' ' .A. 2, 3, 4. Delta PI 43 Purple Arrow l, 2, S.C ACK A WALKER B A PHYSICAL EDUCA- I . , . . TION. Phi Sigma Epsilon 4. IOHN A. WA LSTON, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. VERABELLE WEBB, B.A. KINDERGARTENf PRIMARY. Glee Club l, 23 K.P.B.A. 43 Band l, 23 Chorus 4. DONALD WILLIAM WEGNER, B.A. SO- CIAL SCIENCE. Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Sigma l 2 3, 43 L.S.A. 1, 2: Stadium Tau Gamma , , Hall House Council 43 Student League ' 'l 3. Board 43 Inter-Fraternity Councl ROBERT GLENN WERNER, B.A. SCIENCE. N WELTZ BA PHYS NADENE KATHRY , . . - ' l 2 3, ICAL EDUCATION. Physical Ed. Club , , 4' Orchesis l, 23 Life Saving Corps 2, 3, 4. LORRAINE HARRIETT WESTERBERG, B.A. BUSINESS EDUCATION. F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4' Golden Ledger 2, 3, 4. 1 MAE VVEYMILLER BA MATHE- ACE WINKII' WALL ,N W MARIORIE Alf p le Arrow 32 KXSPZ Delta P' 42. HARVEY LEROY Y EDUCATION. HELEN LOUISE I KINDERGARTEN-PRIX 1, 2, 3, 4: K.-P. C Alpha 3, 4. DONALD P. VVOO Industrial Arts Clu 2, 3. IOHN D. WOOD. 1 VIRGINIA FRANK SOCIAL SCIENCE. S.D.A. 3, 4: Delta WANDA LOUISE LISH. VVomen's I 2, 3, 4: Student 3, 4. DELMA G. XVRIC Choir l: Mixed C silon 2' Sigma A ROSE , . . Cl b 2, 3, 43 Math Club . I us: Student Cem IvIArICs. Plymouth u 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES E. WHITE,'B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Inter-Fraternity Council 2. WILLIAM LEE WAACK, B.A. SOCIAL SCI- 4' P' Gamma ENCE. College Players l, 2, 3, , I Mu 3, 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Theta Alpha ' ' ' S.C.A. I, Phi 4, Social Science Honors 3, 4, IOHN H. YLINCI Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Phi Mu Alpha I S.C?Ic31e2e3gh0r ROBERT P, Zp EDUCATION. pr 2, 3, 4. GWEN V. WHITMER, B.A. ENGLISH. Pi Mg:b3-4- I Theta Pi I, 2, 3, 4. K ILYN IANI BTIAIEGLZTQTEN' 3 WILLIAM S. WIESE, B.A. PHYSICAL Enu- CATION. DELORIS DELITE WILKIE, B.A. SCIENCE. I 2 3 4: Concert Band l, 2: KATHRYN ZAI I College P,ayers , , , ' CI 2 3, 4 Marching Ban , . IACK EUGENE WING, B.A. SCIENCE. Ieiler- ' sonianLClub 3, 43 S.D.A. 3, 4. Ellen Epsilon lfuifdf page 252 Pqge R. B.A. -4 Carb l. z a 1 A.2,3FTp4l L EOuCA- . SCIENCE. IERGARTEN- A. 4: Band , B.A. SO- , 45 Sigma 23 StadiIIm nt League 3. A. SCIENCE. B.A. PHYS- ,lub l, 2. 3 .ps 2, 3, I. TERBERG. LA. lr 2' 3' IA. MATl'l!?- Math Cluh .1 AL SCIENCE- SOCIAL 55" 4, pi Gamnin 'ECI Alpha ,. ENGLISH- l ' ll' HYSICAL ED IE B.A. SCIEAC :rt Band 1' 2 ff'f CIENCE' It L B CHELUR llll ART Candidates - I949 WALLACE WINKIE, B.A. SCIENCE. MARIORIE ANN WINTHER, B.A. SCIENCE. Purple Arrow 1, 2: Humanist Club 2, 3, 4: Kappa Delta Pi 4, Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4. HARVEY LEROY WISSLER, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. HELEN LOUISE WITHERSPOON, B.A. KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY. Tau Sigma Delta 1.2, 3, 4: K.-P. Club 1, 2: Kappa Pi Beta Alpha 3, 4. DONALD P. WOOD, B.A. INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, 43 Epsilon Pi Tau 2. 3. IOHN D. WOOD, B.A. PHYSICAL EDUCATION. VIRGINIA FRANCES WOODBURN, B.A. SOCIAL SCIENCE. Humanist Club 2, 3, 4: S.D.A. 3, 4: Delta Delta Phi 3, 4. WANDA LOUISE WORDEN, B.A. ENG- LISH. Women's League 3, 49 Kappa Phi I, 5. 4: Student Christian Association 1, 2, DELMA G. WRIGHT, B.A. MUSIC. Chapel Chou 1: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Theta Ep- SIl0n 2: Sigma Alpha Iota 4: S.C.A. 2: Bap- hst Student Center 2, 3, 4: Elementa Ki 1, 2. 103114, H. YUNGCLAS, B.A. MUSIC. Chapel phfygdlf 2' 3. 4: Band and Orchestra 2, 3, 4, 4. lc IF Alpha 2, 3, 4: Alpha Chi Epsilon 3, SCX 3993Ch01'LlS 3, 41 A Capella Choir 3: 2255? P- ZABLOUDIL, B.A. PHYSICAL Club 3TI2N. Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, 43 "I" N 'RLIEYN IANE WYCOFF, B.A. NURSERY, BA- 551-?RTEN. Delta Delta Phi 3, 43 K.P. KAT El1g1REShZAHRT, B.A. HOME ECONOMICS. Epsilon 3' ?1IClS Club 2, 3, 43 Theta Theta Page 259 Page 253 I , .,. " ' f :f "'-' . 43' 'uv Q' ir! 225 Pub i 5 A :QW T 0 YE li lllPLOM Cancllclaies I949 ZCtlAfI'8 oncerf l'0?I'6ll'l'l:5, pfdgilj, LLVLC! .SZBZCAZJ an fine Comge .xgucfilforizfam EUNICE MAE ABBE, ELEMENTARY. Ele- rnenta Ki 1, Zz S.C.A. 1, 2. MARIAN LOIS ADAMS, ELEMENTARY. OLD GOLD 1, 2. GLORIA HELEN ALBRECHT BEVERLY IEAN ASCHINGER, KINDERGAR- TEfPRIMARY. Kappa Phi 1, 2, S.C.A. 1. 2. V.O. DARLUS ANN BADER, ELEMENTARY. V. 2, I.F.T.A. 1, Elementa Ki l. IACQUELINE A. BAILEY, ELEMENTARY. Westminster 1, 2, Choir 1. BETTYMARIE BEEBE, ELEMENTARY. Ele- menta Ki 1, 2. RUTH LOUISE BEEBE, ELEMENTARY. Elef menta Ki 1, 2. BERNARD KlNDERGARTENfPRI- EILEEN E. , MARY. K. P. Club 2, Kappa Phi 1, 2. MAVIS EILEEN BETTS, KINDERGARTENFPR1- MARY. Women's Chorus 13 K. P. Club 1, 2. ARY JANE BLEICH ELEMENTARY Ele M , . menta Ki 1, 2: l.F.T.A. 2: College Chorus 1, ' l Hall I-lous 2, Newman Club 1, 2, Bart ett Council 2. C MARGARET IEAN BOSSERT, ELEMENTARY. Women's Chorus 1: Mixed Chorus 2: Elef menta Ki 1, 23 Bartlett House Council 2. Page 254 at Wanifke BONITA MARGJ MENTARY. Elem: IVA DELL BRA MARY. l.F.T.A. 1, 2: College Ey PEGGY LEE BF rnenta Ki 1. 2: f lowship 1, 2. DOLORES MAI TEN-PRIMARY. l Delta 2: Mixed MARILYN IEA TEN-PRIMARY. Club 1, 2. MARTHA MAl Elementa Ki I Theta Epsilon 1, 2: Inter-Vai lANETTE E. 1 K. P. Club l: PHYLLIS AN TEN-PRIMARY. R1:M?lgA cz: ' 1 IH 1 13 Elemseng-gh LUELLA Mp PRIMARY. P1 p 23 SiQU121 Et: PATRICIA 1, EQRTEN-PRH Ouse Cour BETTY IEA MARY. K. 1: TA, 2. Page 255 1 I9 ITARY. Elc- NTARY. OLD Q, KINDERGAR- 5.C.A. 1. 2- ENTARY. V0- 1 . ELEMENTARY. MENTARY- 510' LMENTARY' Eli' JDERGARTEWPM' Phi 1, 2. ARTE YES? Club 1 - C TARY- PMEN ChoruS ollege HOUSE ijtlett Ha i ARY' RT, ELEMEQTTEL- 3155185335111 2' .Pnlf N I 7 El - 1 TWO-YE R DlPLOMA Candiclaies - l949 H anfhra in aridil flee -Coffey jainf 54041 . . .SACLCJGJ of tcjufor jcAAr5', BONITA MARGARET BOSWORTH, ELE- MENTARY. Elementa Ki 1, 23 S.C.A. 1, 2. IVA DELL BRAMLEY, KINDERGARTENfPRI- MARY. I.F.T.A. 2: Kappa Phi 2, K. P. Club l, 2: College Eye 1. PEGGY LEE BRINKER, ELEMENTARY. Ele- menta Ki 1, 25 S.C.A. 1, 23 Presbyterian Fel- lowship 1, 2. DOLORES MARIE BRITSON, KINDERGAR' TEN-PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 23 Tau Sigma Delta 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2. MARILYN IEANNE BROWN, KINDERGAR- TEN-PR1MARY. Band 1, 2, S.C.A. 1, 2, K. P. Club 1, 2. MARTHA MARIE BRUENE, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki 2: Purple Arrow 1: I.F.T.A. 2, Theta Epsilon 1, 2: Baptist Student Center 1. 2: Inter-Varsity 1, 2. lANETTE E. BUCK, KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY. P K. P. Club lt Kappa Phi 1, 2. HYLLIS ANNE CAMERON, KINDERGAR- RTEN-PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. AMUNA CAMERoN, ELEMENTARY. Band il gl SYmPh0I1Y Orchestra 15 Purple Arrow 1 ementa Ki 1, LLEJRLA MAE CARLSON, KINDERGARTEN- 2, SMRY' PlYIT1Outh Club 1, 2: K. P. Club 1, Plbsnigma Eta Chi 2. ICIA IANE CARMICHAEL, KINDER- GARTEN-P . . Q House COIEZICFSIE. P1 Theta P1 1, 2, Lawther BE TTY JEAN CHAPIN, KINDERGARTEN-PRP 91121152 K. P. Club 1, 2: Purple Arrow 1, LF. Page 254 Page 255 Rein., fazzzr ART 'rv A fi - 'W 3 A7 T 0-YE R DIPII0 Candidak-as - I949 -as . . Z. Wm, .E ,fd 'ff' ,Q-Iswil '7' 1' CHARLOTTE M. CHRISTENSEN, KINDER- GARTEN-PRIMARY. Kappa Phi 1, 2, K. P. Club 1, 2: I.F.T.A. 2. MARY EVELYNE CHURCH, ELEMENTARY. Newman Club 1, 2, Elementa Ki 2. DORIS MAE COFFMAN, KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. K. P. 1, 23 I.F.T.A. 4, Plymouth Club 2. EVELYN V. CROSS, KINDERGARTEN-PRI-' MARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. CATHERINE ELMA CROUSE, KINDERGARA TENfPRIMARY. Purple Arrow 1, 2, K. P. Club 1, 2. GENEIL ELAINE CUMPSTON, ELEMEN- TARY. OLD GOLD 1, 2: Women's Chorus 2, Elementa Ki 1, 23 Alpha Phi Gamma 2: Life Saving 23 I.F.T.A, 2. GLENITA DALE, KINDERGARTEN. Waterloo Housing Unit 1: Mu Omicron Nu 2. DOROTHY RUTH DALZELL, KINDERGAR- TEN-PRIMARY. I LOIS ELAINE DEVRIES, KINDERGARTENf PRIM.ARY. K. P. Club 1, 29 Theta Epsilon 1, 2. ARLA ANN DICKINSON, KINDERGARTENE PRIMARY. Purple Arrow 1, 2: K. P. Club 1, 2, Tau Sigma Delta 1, 2. DOROTHY MAY DIETZ, ELEMENTARY. El- ementa Ki 1, 2. MARGARET ELAINE DUDLEY, ELEMEN- TARY. Kappa Phi 1, 23 Elementa Ki 1, 2: Chapel Choir 2, Mixed Chorus 2. LOIS IEAN DLIKESHIER, ELEMENTARY. E1- ementa Ki 1, 2, Purple Arrow 1, 2: Chapel 1 Mixed Chorus 2 Chorus 3 , PHYLLIS E. EDGINGTON, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki 1, 2: Tau Sigma Delta l, 2. DOROTHY AMBER ELDRIDGE, ELEMENf TARY. S.C.A. 1, 2, Bartlett House Council 1, 2' I.F.T.A. 2, Purple Arrow 1, 2, Presbytef rian Fellowship 1, 25 Elementa Ki 1, 2. 11, ADELYN AN? V . MEleInenta KI 2. NVD! Arrow 1, 2: Collcgc 1 IRCHILD. T 1012? EAPIII Chi Dclx. Whip 1' EILEFN DELORAS --I PRIMARY. K. P. Club LAIIEVA MARIE IIC PIIIIIAIIY. L.S.A. Club l, 2: Vwlomcn s MARGARET DORIP GARTEN-PRIMARY. K Phi 1. 2. IANET GERTRUDE TEN-PRIIIARY. K. I Chorus 2. ESTHER M. GENR menta Ki l, 2: I..S.C NORMA LOU GILC Tau Phi l, 23 Ele ghorus 1: Mixed C MERNA IANE GH, menta Ki 1, 2: Phi ELIZABETH IOXV. PIETEICIA LOU G IARY. P 1 2: K. P. CIIIIHPN DONNA RAE cc man Club 2: Elem DORIS IR Inenta KSNE G1 MISEQLYN IOYCI H IARY. K. P. OHSQ Council 'J IUDITH -- Y MARIE QARI, Elementa . Page 256 Pqge 257 I 1 I 1, KINDER- 2: K. P. LEMENTARY. 2. DERGARTEN- 3 Plymouth GARTEN-PRP KLNDERGAR- ,, 2: K. P. SI, ELEMEN- Us Chorus 2: amma 2: Life gN, Waterloo Nu 2. ,, KINDERGAR- QINDERGARTEN' reta Epsilon 1. GARTEN' ,KEDEF Club 1. IEMENTARY- El' ILEY, EITEMENT :ITlenf3 K1 1' 2' us 2. . . 131' ,LEMENQAHZPQ1 ow f ' XI ELEMENTARY- flg Delta 1' v, 'DGE, ELEW P1 use Council ' , Ci 2. PreSbY1f' W ' 1 2 Kif' gflta Page 256 T 0-Yll li lllPl10MA Candidates - l949 MADELYN ANN ELSCOTT, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki 29 Women's Chorus 1, Purple Arrow l, 2: College Chorus 2: Kappa Phi 2. 1OY I. FAIRCI-IILD, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki l, 21 Phi Chi Delta 1, 25 Presbyterian Fel- lowship 1, 2. DELORAS EILEEN FIELD, KINDERGARTEN- PMMARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. LANEVA MARIE FOLKERS, KINDERG,ARTENf PR1MARY. L.S.A. 1, 2, W.R.A. 1, 2, K. P. Club 1, 2: Womerfs League 1, 2. MARGARET DORINNE FOORD, KlNDERf GARTEN-PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 2, Kappa Phi 1, 2. . IANET GERTRUDE FRICKE, KINDERGAR- TEN-PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 25 Women's Chorus 2. ESTHER M. GENRICH, ELEMENTARY. Ele- menfa Ki 1, 2: L.S.C. 1, 2. NORMA LOU GILCHRIST, ELEMENTARY. Pi' Eau P111 1. 2: Elementa Ki 1, 2, Women's h0fUS 1: Mlxed Chorus 29 Purple Arrow 1, 2. MERNA IANE GILKEY, ELEMENTARY. Elef mmta Ki 1. 23 Phi Chi Delta 23 I.F.T.A. 2. 1g1Sg,ABETH IOWA GOLL PREICIA LOU GOODELL, KINDERGARTEN- 2- IQMEY. Purple Arrow 1, 23 Chapel Choir Ddmil ' Club 1: Women's Chorus 2. mana SAE GOVE, ELEMENTARY. Newa U 2: Elementa Ki 2: Mixed Chorus 2. DO mga GREGG, ELEMENTARY. Elef Xl lgsgfly 1I?YgECCYSIN, KINDERGARTENH House Colman 2-0 ub 1, 2, Bartlett Hall lUD1 TH MARIE HABERKAMP, ELEMEN- TARY. . , l. Elementa K1 23 Future Teachers Club page 257 Jwtvxg I, , T f 'v .sag .Sa 12. 1,3-, - Nsfkx Z I A, i7'?,,9- X 'J' ' 1 3. .5-47, AF' 1-4' .4-,V il I h l al 3 11123 .L-aj. 1""'!V If fi 'I 0-YE ll llII'L0lVl Canclida1'es - I949 jcwlaion Lgliowrs, air-334 Cgnzfcd, gi ge Ogeddond ana! ffm .U arm 0 H f 453' n wt 4 , , . .L " V, 1,4 , 76,3 , ,F f f - 1 VK YJ, Q if-0 P J W 7 may fm ' A fn Z MWA 932 . V "' A .A f f .f y 4. ' fax' .jp I , R., . ,!' f' :f .wx , f V T KMZA . - f-W - , ' fi X5 ' 1 I A , I L. 'ff Mm' R x N f f' R ., E A ' fy li X , xp Aj' ff 5 RV '," ,f "f3fZ,31' VNU R ef 4,2 f ,. M3 I I W om in garfiff ff . Y R for AR J Nr sf QS , ,fri QQ . A R rbi, A 5 J SZJM A 1 X , fhs-'afgs I ' ' , 2'FrK'!fl i, -' get b m4h, "' A- - 1 I!,4,f-Az? 7' is ,Q-I'.-z", ROSANNE I-IAGAN, KINDERGARTENfPRIMARY. K. P. 1, 2. LILLIAN IRENE HARIVION, ELEMENTARY. DONNA LOU HARNACK, KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. Gamma Delta 1, 25 Purple Arrow 1, 23 K. P. Club I, 2. CAROL L. HARPER, ELEMENTARY. I.F.T.A. 23 S.C.A. 2, Elementa Ki 2. DOLORES IONETTA HEATH, ELEMEN- TARY. Purple Arrow 1, 23 Elementa Ki 1, 2: Iowa Future Teachers 2. HENRIETTA M. HECKER, ELEMENTARY. Orchestra l, 23 Band 1. I DONA LEA HENDRICK, ELEMENTARY. Ele- menta Ki 2g College Chorus 2: College Chapel Choir 2. DONNA IEAN HEGGEN, KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. Plymouth Club 2. IEANNE MARISE HEISEY, KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. I. EILEEN HENDERSON, KINDERGARTENA PRIMARY. Phi Chi Delta 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 2. DONNA JEAN HILL, KINDERGARTENfPRI- MARY. K. P. Club 1, 25 L.S.A. 1, 2. COLLEEN MARIORIE HILBLIRN, KINDER- GARTENfPRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. Page 258 Pia... BETTY HoLLAv menta Ki l. 2. MARION LOUIS! TARY. Kappa Ph Purple Arrow l. I Choir l. MILDRED IONE College Chorus I PATRICIA IVIAE Elementa Ki 2: Delta 2. BERNIECE lAEf P16 Arrow l, 2: Ki l, 2: l.F.T.A. MILDRED FER Elementa Ki 1. Delta Phi 2: B1 RUTH ELEAN1 PRIMARY. K, p DOLORES RLI1 EARY. College 'A Capell c COHQQQ Bang 3 BEQITY LUCIL Qrnenta Ki I ROIEAN 4 Elementalli? MARCILLE C IIENTARY. EL PQQS 259 TWO-YEAR DIPLOMA Candidates I949 9550"l5 pfacemenf jormd fo 37 f f I1 IC nferumwj flflifle .gyufaerinfenczlenb am! rmctloa 5 BETTY HOLLAWAY, ELEMENTARY. Ele- menta Ki I, 2. MARION LOUISE HOOPMAN, ELEMEN- TARY. Kappa Phi I, 2: Elementa Ki I, 2: Purple Arrow 1, 27 College Chorus 1: Chapel Choir I. MILDRED IONE HOWELL. ELEMENTARY. College Chorus 2: Elementa Ki 2. PATRICIA MAE HOWELL, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki 2: Campus 4-H 23 Phi Chi Delta 2. BERNIECE IAESCHKE, ELEMENTARY. Pur- ple Arrow I, 2: Gamma Delta I, 2: Elementa Ki l, 2: I.F.T.A. 2. MILDRED FERN IAKOBS, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki I, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Delta Delta Phi 2: Bartlett I-louse Council 2. RUTH ELEANOR AMES, KINDERGARTEN- I PRIMARY. K. P. Club l. 2. DOLORES RUTH IEDLICKA, ELEMENTARY. BARBARA VERIEAN IENSEN, ELEMEN- TARY. College Chorus 1, 23 Elementa Ki I 22 A Capella Choir I, 2: Phi Chi Delta I, 2 College Band I, 2: S.C.A. 2. BETTY LUCILLE JOHNSON, ELEMENTARY Elementa Ki 1 2 Tau Si ma Delta 2 , : g . ROIEAN IANE IOHNSON, ELEMENTARY Elementa Ki I, 2: L.S.A. I, 2: I.F.T.A. 2. MARCILLE CHARLOTTE IOSTEN, ELE NIENTARY. Elementa Ki 2. Page 259 1 T 0-Yll li DIPLO Candiclaies - I949 VERENA IANE IUEL, ELEMENTARY. Ele- menta Ki 1, 23 I.F.T.A. 2. KADOLPH, ELEMENTARY. Ele- MARY LOU menta Ki 1, 25 I.F.T.A. 2. HUIS ELEMEN CAROL MAURINE KAMP , f TARY. Elementa Ki 1, 23 Purple Arrow 1, 2, College Chorus 2, Future Teachers 2, Wo- men's Chorus 1. ROBERTA EILEEN KANE, KINDERGARTEN- I PRIMARY. DOROTHY ANN KENSINGER, KINDERGAR- TEN-PR1M.ARY. K. P. Club 1, 2: Tau Chi Eta 2' Mixed Chorus 2. DORIS LORET TA KERR, ELEMENTARY. El- ' ' C 4-H 1, 2. ementa K1 1, 2, ampus ARLENE DOROTHY KIELSMEIER, ELE- MENTARY. MARILYN A. KIMBALL, ELEMENTARY. Ele- menta Ki 1, 25 Plymouth Club 1. ISABEL KLASEN, KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 23 L.S.A. 1, 2, Purple Arrow 1,2.s JOAN E. KUNZE, KiNDERGARTEN-PR1MARY. Pi Tau Phi 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 2. LOUISE A. KUPKA, KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY. LOIS GERALDINE LANDON, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki 1, 23 Plymouth Club 1, 23 Cam- pus 4-H 1, 2. PATTY HELEN LANGREN, ELEMENTARY. Newman Club 1, 2, Elementa Ki 1, 23 Bart- lett Hall House Council 1, 29 I.F.T.A. 2. DONNA IEAN LARSON, ELEMENTARY. Elf ementa Ki 2. BETTY IEAN LARUE, KINDERGARTEN-PRIH MARY. K. P. Club 1. K ., V , ' 4-' gi ' 5 1.2, ' in ,, .:. ,.. 1 Page 260 1...-,iiiq EANETTE PRIMARY K. lf-'Cfiif GRACE BLOW" 3 XX OHM-f 7 fflllllz, :time C Club 1,21 Siqm Y'-1 RUTH ELAINE U31 PRMARY. K. P. C11 IANE E. LENNAR MARY. Pi Them is K. P. Club I. 2. MARALYN MAE TEN-PRNARY. RUTH ARLEEN I MARY. I..S.A. l. P. Club l. 2: XR Chorus 2. DOROTHY IRE? TARY. Elemcma MADONNA ION MENTARY. Pi Pi 2: Elementa Ki 1 DORIS BIRDELT TEN-PRIMARY. C Tian Fellowship IRENE MAD MARY. Campus Purple Arrou. Teachers 2, ARDIS MAE M Qmenta Ki l, 2, ELOISE i. MIL Ig- P- Club l, tudent Assoc TARY. Elemqy BARBARA N '1EN'pRlMARY: 1' Kappa Ph MARILYN F. TEN'PRllNIARX Pqge 26 .Nr.ARY. Elc- LENTARY. Ele- IIS, ELEMEN- le Arrow 1, 'Zz achers 23 Wo- KLNDERGARTEN- SER, KINDERGAR- , 2g Tau Chi Eta ELEMENTARY. El- .H 1, 2. ELSMEIER, ELE' ELEMENTARY. Ele- Zlub DL Purple Allow 1. RTEN.PRiMARY. 1X1 ART - NDERGARTENPRI 2. :Cl Chor11S 1' '. LNDERGARTENIPRXTAR. NDON ELEM'5l1C811l' houth Club 1, ' ARI- ELiMEJl521Il' Eiemenfa IHA. 2- ncil 1' 29 ' l ARY. El ELEMENT SON' W pm. El ' KIN 993 I P11139 'L TWO-YEAR IlIPI.0MA Candiclaies - 1949 IEANETTE LALIRITSEN, K1NDiaRc3Aiz'rEx- PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. GRACE ELOISE LAXSON, KINDERGARTEN- IJRIMARY. Women's Chorus 1: Purple Ar- row l, 2: Mixed Chorus 2: S.C.A. 2: K. P. Club l, 2: Sigma Eta Ki 2. RUTH ELAINE LEERHOFF, KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. K. P. Club 2. IANE E. LENNARSON, KINDERGARTEN-PRI' MARY. Pi Theta Pi I, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: K. P. Club 1, 2. MARALYN MAE LINDI-IART, KINDERGAR- TEN-PRIMARY. RLITH ARLEEN LLIND, KINDERGARTEN-PRP MARY. L.S.A. 1, 2: Life Saving Corps 1: K. P. Club 1, 2: Wornen's Chorus lp Colleqe Chorus 2. DOROTHY IRENE MCCALILEY, ELEMEN- TARY. Elementa Ki 1. Future Teachers I. MADONNA JOYCE MCCLINTOCK, ELE- MENTARY. Pi Phi Omego 2: Newman Club 2: Elementa Ki 2: Iowa Future Teachers 1. DORIS BIRDELLA MCKEAN, KINDERGAR- TEN-PRIMARY. Campus 4-I-I 1, 2: Presbyte- rian Fellowship 1, 2: K. P. Club l, 2. IR E N E MADDOCKS, KINDERGARTEN-PRP MARY. Campus f-1-I-I 1, 2: Kappa Phi 1, 2: Purple Arrow 1, 2: K. P. Club 1, 23 Future Teachers 2. ARDIS MAE MARSHALL, ELEMENTARY. E1- ementa Ki 1, 2. ELOISE I. MILLER, KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 2: Campus 4-H 1: Lutheran Student Association 1, 2: Senior Counselor 2. HELEN LUCILLE MITCHELL, ELEMEN- TARY. Elementa Ki 1: Kappa Phi 1. BARBARA MILTENBERGER, KINDERGAR- TEN-PRIMARY. K. P. Club 2: WOIHEUVS Club lc Kappa Phi 1: S.C.A. 1: YfVomen's League MARILYN F. MONTGOMERY, KINDERGAR- TEN-PRIMARY. VVomen's Chorus 2. Page 261 mi. pil- -vi' .11 1 'Q' iq-av' 'Q ,4 sn' -J '3 A5 T 0-YE ll DIPLO Candidates - 1949 H H Wofher jfw - Comge curnezi parfy cant! fine .giaiaf prog tplgffing own jdeir airn I A ' MARILYN IANE MOREY, ELEMENTARY. LORAS ADELE MORISCI-IE, ELEMENTARY. D1t 1 2' Bartlett Hall House Gamma e a , , A Council 13 Elementa Ki 1, 2g Senior Coun- ' ' Ph' 1, 2: selor 2: Nu Omicron Nu S1gma 1 Women's Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 2. BEVERLY IEAN MORROW, KINDERG.ARTEN- . PRIMARY. Delta Delta Phi 2, K. P. Club 1, 2. BETTY MLILLINS SHIPMAN, ELEMENTARY. f Elementa Ki 1, 2, Kappa Phi 1, 2. , RUTH IGANNE MULLINS, ELEMENTARY. Band 1, 2: Elementa Ki 1, 2, Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2: D.S.C. 1, 23 Mixed Chorus 2, S.C.A. 23 A I I.F.T.A. 2. I ROSEMARY NELLIS, KINDERGJ-XRTENfPRIf MARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. BELILAH RAMONA NELSEN, ELEMEN- TARY. Elernenta Ki 1, 2, Purple Arrow 1, 2. GQ MARY ANN NELSON, ELEMENTARY. Elef , menta Ki 1, 2. CLEO ANN NEUMANN, ELEMENTARY. EI- ementa Ki 1, 2: L.S.A. 1, 2. .Ami I RAMONA H. NIELSON, KINDERGARTEN-PRI-f MARY. Mixed Chorus 1: Delta Delta Phi 1, 2, K. P. Club 1, 2. I SHIRLEY N. NORTI-IEY, KINDERGARTENA I PRIMARY. K. P. Club 25 Kappa Phi 2. I 'R IEANIE NORTHWALL, KINDERGARTEN PRI-' I MARY. Phi Sigma Phi 1, 29 College Chorus l, 29 Chapel Choir 1, 2, K. P. Club 1, 2. Page 262 ALICE NORTI K. P. Club l, l MARILYN IEP TARY. L.S.PL SHIRLEY MA PRIMARY. A Chorus 1. LOIS FRANCI menta Ki 2. GRACE ELLE Theta Epsiloi MARIORIE L' GARTEN-PRIM. cron Nu Sigr ' BARBARA A TEN-PRIMARY Chorus 23 I House Coun PHYLLIS M, TEN-PRIMARN VIRGINIA p Elementa IQ FRANCES B PRIMARY, 3 1, 2. DALE M155 Sigma The, ELEANQR PG 1 2. E Purple Arr Pqge 263 ELE TWO-YI1 Il DIPLOMA Candidaies - I9-49 S WML W0ffLer3 dy, Omenli Pllglll' ,ync!11c'f1'ulz, S7rz1r'X', LMENTARY. ELEMENTARY. Hall House Senior Coun- gma Phi 1. 2: iorus 2. KINDERGARTEN- Q. P. Club 1. 2- J, ELEMENTARY. I 1, 2. 3, ELEMENTARY. 3 Phi Sigma Ph' orus 2: S-CA' 2: INDERGARTENPRI' LSEN, ELENIEN' Jurple AYYOW 1' 2' MENTARY' Els' ELEMENTARY' El Z. .PRP ARTEN . KLNDERSQW, Phi I. Delta RTEN' K1ND?RGA EY, 2, Kappa Phi R Piu- NDERGAi1TEChori15 , K1 2112? 150335 I' 2' Page 282 gajegaf, ,iflflij anal o ALICE NORTON, KINDIiRG.NRTIiN-IBIIINIARY. K. P. Club l, 2. MARILYN IEANNE NYSTLIEN, ELEMEN- TARY. L.S.A. I. 2: Elcmcntzi Ki I, 2. SHIRLEY MAE OLESON, KINDERGARTIETI- PRIMARY. A Capella Choir I, 2: Mixed Chorus I. LOIS FRANCES OTT, EI.I13IIiNT.NRY. Eli-- uicnta Ki 2. GRACE ELLEN PETERSEN, EI.E3IIiNTARY. Theta Epsilon I. 2: Mixcd Chorus I, 2. MARIORIE LOUISE PETERSEN, Kixmzu- GARTEN-Pnimmiw. K. P. Club I, 2: Nu Omi- cron Nu Sigma Phi I, 2. BARBARA ANN PETERSON, KixmaRl:,xR- TRN-I'RmARx'. VVomcu's Chorus I, 2: Mixed Chorus 2: K. P. Club I, 2: Bzirtlctt Hull House Council 2. PI-IYLLIS MARY PETERSON. K1NmaRu.xRf TEN-PRNARY. K. P. Club I. 2: L.S.A. I. 2. VIRGINIA M. PETERSON. Ei.iixii1NT.xRx'. Elcuicnta Ki I, 2: Purple Arrow 1, 2. FRANCES B. PETTIGREXV, KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. A Capella Choir I, 2: K. P. Club I, 2. DALE MAX PIERCE. EL.12xiENT.xRY. Dfltn Sigma Theta 2. El-EANOR POHN. Ei.ExiENTARY. Elcmenm Ixi I. 2: Bartlett Hall House Council I, 2: Purple Arrow I. 2: Mixed Chorus I, 2. Page 263 1 l .3 I ge, -1 ll , 4-0 -1 T 0 YE II DIPLUIVIA Cancliclaies - I949 DONNA MARIE RAGAN, KINDERGARTEN- S' Delta 1, 23 K. P. Club PRIMARY. Tau igma 1, 2. DOROTHY BESS RATNER, KINDERGARTENf PRIM.ARY. K. P. Club 1, 23 Tau Sigma Delta 2: A Capella Choir 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Tau Chi Beta 2. DALEEN RAWSON, KINDERGARTEN-PRI, MARY. I.F.T.A. 2, S.C.A. 2, Kappa Phi 2, K. P. Club I, 2. ROMA IEANNE READ, KINDERGARTENf-PRI-f MARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. MARY IOAN REED, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki 1, 2. MARGERY ANN ROSSOW, KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. CAROL AUDREY ROSVOLD, KINDERGARf TEN-PRIMARY. Mixed Chorus 23 OLD GOLD 23 K. P. Club 1, 2: Bartlett House Council 1, 2. DORIS ALICE ROLISE, ELEMENTARY. Kappa Phi 1, 23 Elementa Ki 1, 2: Wesley Founda- tion 1, 2. DOROTHY ANN SANDVEN, KINDERGAR- TENfPRIM.ARY. K. P. Club 1, 2, Kappa Phi l 1, 2: I.F.T.A. 2. CLAUDYNE I. SALIER, KINDERGARTENfPRI- MARY. Kappa Theta Psi 23 K. P. Club 2. IOAN ANN SCHMIDT, KINDERGARTEN-PRP MARY. K. P. Club 1, 2. ANNA MAE SCHROEDER, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki 1, 2. ' V IOAN MAXINE SCHROEDER, ELEMEN-. K' lg S.C.A. 1, Phi Chi TARY. Elementa 1 Delta 1. NEOLA M. SCHUTTINGA, ELEMENTARY. Elementa Ki 1, 2: Band 1, 2. MILDRED E. SEGERSTROM, ELEMENTARY. ' Purple Arrow 2. Page 264 DOROTHY HU TEg.PRir-iAsvi'. ' chorus 1. 2: IN RIET AN HAR 7 G Band I. -2 Kappa Phi I. CELIA LOUIS! PRISIARYL K. minster 1't-Ilo'-1 BETTY ANN! rnenta Ki 2: 1 SHIRLEY IEA T.A. 2: Elem- IVA IEAN f menta Ki I. I GLORIA NOI SCA. I. 2: I.F.T.A. 2: If LETHA IAN! ementa Ki I, ELEANOR I, ?A-IETEN-PRI! MILDRED 1 Elementa K VIRGINIA I PRTMARY. 1 2: K. P. C1 DOROTHY Phi 1, 2, ALICE los RPRTMARY, UTI-I Ki 1, 37' E MARY AN Pl Tau Eta 2: Mi Page ?' -4 -N IDERGARTEN- K. P. Club XIDERGARTEN- Sigma Delti I Shorus I, 2: I l RGARTEN-PRP I lappa Phi 2. ERGARTEN-PRP s RRY. Elementa SINDERGARTEN- I I D, KINDERGAR- I 2, OLD Gow Ouse Council I. . I i ENTARY. KHPP3 Nesley Founda- LN. KINDERGIRT ., 2: KHPPH Ph' I INDERGARTE-N'PRl' K P, Club 2- INDERGARTENPRI' NTARY- LR, ELEME ELEINIEN' RY. ,. EMENIA JA. EL 2. 1' ARI' MEN ' OM, EIB Q I' T 0-YEAR DIPLO Candiclaies - I949 DOROTHY IEANNE SHAPER. Kixiaiimmiz- 'I'IiN-IJRIMARY. Kappa Phi l, 2: Mix-:gi Chorus I, 2: K. P. Club 2. HARRIET ANNE SHAVER, I'iI.liMliN'l'ARY. Band I, 2: Chapel Choir I, 2: Chorus I, 2: Kappa Phi I, 2. CELIA LOUISE SHELDON, Kixiniaiecz.-xie'i':ax- PRIMARY. K. P. Club I: S.C.A. l, 2: Vkfest- minster Fellowship I, 2. BETTY ANN SMITH, EI.i5MEN'1'Am'. Elc- menta Ki 2: Kappa Phi 2: Mixed Chorus I. SHIRLEY IEAN SOPER, Ei.EMiaN'rAm'. I.l:. T.A. 2: Elcmenta Ki 2. IVA IEAN SOLIKLIP, EI.i2miNT.-xnv. Ele- menta Ki I, 2. GLORIA NORINE SPENCER, EI.E5lENT.fXR'i'. S.C.A. I, 2: Bartlett Hall House Council 2: I.F.T.A. 2: Elementa Ki I, 2. LETHA IANE SPILLERS, ELEINlIiNT.fXRY. El- ementa Ki I, 2. ELEANOR LOUISE STEINHOFF, KINDIEIR- GARTEN-PRIMARY. Kappa Phi l: K. P. Club I, 2. MILDRED L. STEVENSON. El.ExiiixT.xm'. Elcmenta Ki I, 2. VIRGINIA LEE STEXVART, Kixusuoxirriirz- PI-IIXIARY. Orchcsis I: XVomen's Chorus I, 2: K. P. Club I, 2: Chapel Choir 2. DQEOTHY I. STIFF, ELiamizxTARx'. Kappa i I, 2. ALICE IOANNE STONE, KlNDliRG.NRTliN- PRNARY. K. P. Club l, 2. RLIQTH M. STONER, Er.EmaNT.xm'. Elemcrira i l, 2. MARY ANN TEMPLEMAN. Ei.iaxiiiNTAi:x'. Pi Tau Phi I, 2: Elementa Ki I. 2: Tau CIN Eta 2: Mixed Chorus 2. Page 265 -A 47' 'Why I-T T 0FYll ll DIPLO Candiclak-as - I949 ramming for Pj-Zinagi, ana! fire leaf prog llfljlw xcme eniord rom xamb fb ,gm , W, 9 A Z f A 'M W , -.M-I, 'X j 1 f , H f , X . 5 E ff . J ar fl p " ' ,,x' ,.a' W ,,,, I " .. -,sa ' f - - 1 pr' f,,.,:f ff., !'fl,f.f' I if " f V, gif up f,ML -A v 1 av4Y,,,,,,gr,f A. N , . 5.166 ,, Z I I H , f - R I 5 ' xf ff I y X 0 1 f " +-.. Q4 pf 1 Qhifw WKQX f ff fy L f ' W WU W XM , R. f 'f .1 ' , .fr , W ,, - wi. 1 ff f , ZA 1 E U' :ff , . - Z, N? ,V -. If.A7,,:, W I , , ff ,J H., VM, . ' W5 m , K AW gh WW Q' f Qi ' QR f fa! R I , 'K 'F' ' MZMWI MQW 5314 F 'f l r ,,,, p LEM , . 6 4, , Sao VJ, l . , wx f f'- 'Q 141 621 . .,,,,.?LU ff' Wu f fa? 1 2 W WWW 4 QW Q W7 , A M: sf , QA, . , , ,,,.,. , ,Cu , 1 QL., Ffvmfig aw " V 1.1 ,, .... ' If 'C ' ,. f"5b: " W 'fd I , Xi VELMA GRACE TERS, KINDERGARTEN-PRL MARY. K. P. Club l, 2. ' MARY KAY THORNTON, ELEMENTARY. MARIAN E. TOWE, ELEMENTARY. Elementa , Ki 1,2. MARY ELIZABETH TRACY, KINDERGAR- TENfPRlMARY. K. P. Club 2. BETTY IANE VARNUM, KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. Kappa Phi 2, I.F.T.A. 23 S.C.A. 2g Women's Club 2. MARILYN VAN STEENBERGEN, ELEMEN- 2' B tl tt Hall TARY. College Chorus 1, , ar e House Council 19 Lawther Hall House Coun- cil Zg Band 1. EDNA MAE VOSSELLER, KINDERGARTENA PRIMARY. Phi Sigma Phi 1, 2g K. P. Club l, BERYL W , . lett Hall House Council lg Elementa Ki 1, 1' Purple Arrow l, 23 I.F.T.A. 2. DOROTHY RUTHE WATERS, ELEMEN- TARY. Elementa Ki 1, 2. GRACE LOIS WALLUKAIT, KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY. I. P. Club 1, 2: I.F.T.A. 2: Gamma Delta l. RUTH LILLIAN WENDEL, ELEMENTARY. Plymouth Club 13 Elementa Ki lg Purple Arrow 1. MARY ANN I. WERNER, ELEMENTARY. Purple Arrow 1, 2, Elementa Ki l, 25 New- man Club l, 2. Page 266 ' 2. ADSWORTH ELEMENTARY Bart- 1 we li DONNA KATI PRRLARY. K. A NORMA IEA! GARTEN-PRIMA T.A. 2: K. P. LORRAINE A TARY. Purple ADALENE Y Tau Phi l, I WILMA M. I meuta Ki 1, 2 MARILYN It TEN-PRIMARH House Coun ROBERTA 1 PRIMARY, K MARGARET TARY- Elem BEVERLY 1 TEN-PRIMA5 CATHERIN TEN-PRIMA Page 267 0 :ARTEN-Pm. AENTARY. V. Elementa KINDERGAR- NDERGARTEN' A. 2: s.c.A. QN, ELEMEN- Bartlett Hall House Coun- ' GARTEN' DEI Club 1. BNTARY' Rafi' .menta K1 ' -I .RS ELEMEN- I 9 RGARTEN' 'ISPIDZQ Gamma MENTARYL ' limi: PML 1 , ELEMENESS, 3 Ki 1, ' Page TWO-YE R DlPLOMA Canclidales I949 74811 ffm omenfd 0 COIHIHlIlll'Hll'll H .!4l'LC!. . . jndf? fag llflflcjll DONNA KATHRYN VVEST, KlNnizRc:.AxRTiix- PRIMARY. K. P. Club 1, 2: I.F.T.A. 2. NORMA IEAN NVESTENDORF, KINDIQR- GAR'l'IiN-PRIMARY. Purple Arrow l, 2: I.F. T.A. 2: K. P. Club 2: Band I. LORRAINE MARIE VVHISLER, E.I.Ii5.IliY- TARY. Purple Arrow l, 2: Elemental Ki 1, 2. ADALENE NVICKI-IAM, E.LE5IEN'I'ARY. Pi Tau Phi l, 2: Elcmenta Ki 1, 2. NVILMA M. NVIEMERS, ELEMENTARY. Ele- menta Ki l, 2: Mixed Chorus 2. MARILYN IOYCE XVILCOX. KINDERGAR- TEMPRIMARY. I. P. Club l, 2: Bartlett Hall House Council l, 2: L.S.A. l, 2. ROBERTA IANE XVILEY, KixmaRuARrfax- PRIMARY. K. P. Club l, 2. MARGARET ELLEN XVILSON. Euixuzx- TARY. Elcmenta Ki l. 2. BEVERLY IEANETTE XVISE. KINDIERGAR- TEN-PRIMARY. I. P. Club 2: S.C.A. l, 2. CATHERINE IOYCE YOCLIM, KINDERMR- TIEN-PRIMARY. K. P. Club l, 2. 256 P099 267 -1 'xx gs 1- four-lm! tml fblllkllhl v A 1 'T' ma! Mini R I -"af" ' . 4 Q. M, in vw V, . .xlfx Nur XR mx-- . 1 . ..,. 1 N I J gli? KONI!!! OX EMI glfgf li.-.wax Xiu. X 1 Iflm xl! x A . V , 4 , I a x ' GN ng'-2' si - AXA A ff. gs f 9 'QA A I ,. MA ' -H- dk Q,-Jig Q, . Q S TOPICAL A A Cappella Choir . . . Administration . Alpha Chi Epsilon . Alpha Phi Gamma Alpha Phi Omega . Alumni Service . Art Club . . . Art Department . Auditorium . . . B Baker Hall .... Baptist Student Center Bartlett Hall . . . Baseball .... Basketball .... Beauties and Personalities . . Beta Alpha Epsilon ..... Beta Beta Beta ...... Board of Control of Student Publications Buildings and Grounds .... Business Education Department . Business Manager . . , C Campanile . . . Campus 4-H . . . Campus Personalities . . . Cedar Falls Housing Council . Chapel Choir ..... Cheerleaders . College Choir . College Chorus . College Eye . College Players College Services . Concerts, Fall . Concerts, Winter . . D Dean of Faculty . . Dean of Men . . Dean of Women . Dedication . Delta Delta Phi .' . . Delta Sigma Theta . . . Departments of Instruction . Diagonal ..... Disciples Student Center . Drama, Fall . . . Drama, Spring . . Drama, Winter . E Education Department . Elementa Ki . . . Ellen Richards Club . 130 12-21 -63 107 164 . . 17 . 165 . 24 2 . 72-73 . 99 . 68-69 200-203 132-137 144-161 . 166 . 108 . 188 17 25 16 . 4 . 167 219-221 . 80 . 130 , 198 . 130 . 86-87 190-191 . 168 . 16-21 . 84-85 128-129 14 15 15 5 53 . 103 . 24-45 . 49 . 106 . 82-83 194-195 126-127 . 26-27 . 170 . 171 INDEX English Department . Epsilon Pi Tau . Extension Service . F Faculty . , F.B.L.A ..... Football ..... Foreign Language Club . Foreword .... Fraternities . . . G Gamma Delta .... Gamma Theta Upsilon . Golden Ledger . Golf . . . . I-I Health Service . . Homecoming ..... Home Economics Department Honorary Organizations . . I I "I" Club . . . . . Industrial Arts Club . . Industrial Arts Department . Instructional Staff . . Interest Organizations . Inter-Fraternity Council . Inter-Sorority Council .... I Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Intramurals ...... Introduction . . . Iowa Future Teachers Iowa Teachers First . I Ieifersonian Club . . K Kappa Delta Pi . . . Kappa Mu Epsilon . Kappa Phi . . . Kappa Pi Beta Alpha .... Kappa Theta Psi ...... Kindergarten-Primary Club, 1st year Kindergarten-Primary Club, 2nd year L Lambda Gamma Nu . . Language Department . Lawther Hall . . . Library . . . . Life Saving Corps . . . Lutheran Student Association . 28-29 109 18 24-45 174 90-95 173 7 62-66 102 110 111 I 209 . 18 . 88-89 . 30 107-123 . 199 . 175 . 31 . 24-45 164-186 . 62 . 52 . 106 212-213 . 1-47 . 176 . 112 . 177 . 113 . 114 . 104 . 178 54 . 172 . 186 . 64 . 32 . 70-71 . 19 . 179 . 102 Page 270 Marching A 15.1122 mutifb "t Mathc , DL, Mathcm1illC5 Memorial ' Menfs physical l . - .a. lVlethocl1S! 5l"l"' Music DUPUVW' Cllfh . Nu Omicron 7-U offiampw H01 Old Gold Beam! OLD G01-D - Olympics. 1945 Orchesis . - Pen . - - Phi Mu Alpha 1 Phi Sigma Epsi Phi Sigma Phi Physical Educat Pi Gamma Mu Pi Omega Pi . Pi Phi Omega Pi Tau Phi . Pi Theta Pi . Placement Burr Plymouth Club Popularity Stax Presbyterian Fe Presenting A S Presidents Mg-4 Publications B1 Purple Arrow Radio Studios R99lStrar , Religious Life Religious Gmc Representative Research Bure, Rural Teacher Page 271 4 I8-29 109 18 24-45 174 90-95 173 7 62-66 . 102 . 110 . 111 . 209 . 18 . 88-89 . 30 107-123 . 199 , 175 , 31 . 24.45 164.106 , 62 , 52 , 106 212.213 , 1.47 , 176 , 112 , 177 , 113 , 114 104 178 54 172 6 6 6 4 186 61 ' 32 70.71 19 ' 179 ' 102 Page 270 M s Marching Band . . . Mathematics Club . . Mathematics Department . Memorial .--- Men's Physical Education . Methodist Student Council Music Department . . N Newman Club . . . Nu Omicron Nu Sigma Phi O O11-Campus Housing . . Old Gold Beauties . OLD GOLD . . Olympics, 1948 . Orchesis . . . P Pen ...... Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia . Phi Sigma Epsilon . Phi Sigma Phi . . Physical Education Club . Pi Gamma Mu . . Pi Omega Pi . Pi Phi Omega . Pi Tau Phi . . Pi Theta Pi . . Placement Bureau . Plymouth Club . . Popularity Stars . . . Presbyterian Fellowship . Presenting A Story of The Year . President's Message . . Publications Bureau . Purple Arrow . . . R Radio Studios . . Registrar . . Religious Life . . . Religious Groups . . Representative Students . Research Bureau . . Rural Teachers Club . Page 271 100 1511 33 10-1 1 315 103 3-1-35 100 5 5 80 1-1-1-155 192-193 210-211 181 189 . 115 65 56 . 182 . 116 . 117 55 56 57 . 17 . 101 156-161 . 105 7 13 20 . 118 20 16 . 21 98-106 . S 21 183 OCXCIIU' ljgpdg ,, O 5v.1su11.11 l11111g,,, X b1.'x'1'l1'N' 11.415 5vKilcirs Sigma Alpina lui.: , Sigma lim c,l11 . Sigma 'l'.111 l1.1:11111.1 Sororities Social Science D.-p.1r1:11 1 Social Scicucc llouur Spt-.11-ciiig Activities Staclium l'l41ll Stud-:nt Cl1rist1.111 Assncmi Student llaiitllwoolz . . Student Lcagiir l5o.1rtl . . 1 Students for DL'111k7Cf.1l1C Action Sunset Village . . . Swimming Pool, XX'o111cr1As Symphony Orcht-str.1 . T Table of Contents . Tau Chi llta . . Tau Sigma Delta . Teaching Aids . . Teaching Dcpartmciit . Tennis Theta Alpha Phi . Theta Epsilon . Theta Gziuuiia N11 Theta Theta Through Through Through Through the the 1110 llit' Title Page lfpsilon 1:2111 . . Seasons . Spring . XVint1-r . Torch and Tassel . . Track Two-Year Diploiiia Stutlc W XVaterloo Housing Council XVl1o's XVho . . - Xx7O111Cl1lS Chorus . , XVo1n1:i1's Lezigiie l1U-lful A ysical litiuc.1:11. His . XXVOIIICITS Ph XX'o1ne11's 12 111 11 X 1 11 XVrestling CCTV. U -' FV K1 1 .'1 saw .. ."i J , 1 Il, 41 gs, .6- 1.2 H IN 2121 SY 151 .711 1111 :fm U 1115 ,nl 31 s .si .' '1 l.'l lr' 1,1 1 lf. .fx U 1 x. .-I 71 ,77- 111 1 37 1 1 1.1 FACQLTY AND ADMINISTR Burford, Lola, 42 ATION A Instructor in Teaching Aakvik Ellen, 34 Burke, Willard E., 42 Instrilctor in Music Instructor in Teaching Abbott, Roy L., 38 Professor of Biology C Ahlquist, Irvingg., 40, 106, 120 Instructor in istory C bl , E tt H 38 Aitchisonf Alison, 38 h E .t aPr6fessIIr6lf16f Earth Science, Emeritus Alijsffgflfli gf Geogfap V' mm us Caldwell, Maryfp., 42 iT hn , 3 ' 1 Assistant Professor of Home Economics C 25025 eac ng Anderson' Edna G" 30 aTem 'orar Instructor in Chemistry Assistant Professor of Home Economics Cauahsn Lgwis 31 Anderson' Joyce' 37' 181' 182 Instructor in Industrial Arts Instructor in Physical Education for Women Cam bell Clara E. Anderton' Mary C" 42 . Iusenile Librarian Alffljjgintvljgjfjjiof of Teachmg camphai, share B., 15, 23 Assistant Professor of Teaching Dean of Women A A F 26 Chapdelaine, Perry, 33 rgzgfesrgci O? Education Temporary Instructor in Mathematics Ashworth, Mrs. Robbie Lou, 33, iso Chgffiifsggfgfvgguigtion . Instructor in Mathematics C , ole E. E., 17 .B. Bailey, Charles I-I., 31 Professor of Industrial Arts, Emeritus Baker, Rebecca, 26 Instructor in Education Barker, Olive L., 34 Assistant Professor of Voice Barnhart, Don, 36 Instructor in Physical Education for Men Baum, Russell N., 34 Assistant Professor of Piano Beard, Marshall R., 16 Registrar Bebb, Randall R., 42 Instructor in Teaching Begeman, Louis, 38 Professor of Physics, Emeritus Bender, Paul F., 36 Professor of Physical Education for Men Bergstrom, Richard, 168 Instructor in Speech Bigelow, Leslie P. Associate Professor of English Birkhead, lane, 34 Assistant Professor of Voice Blackman, Mrs. Mildred R., 42 Instructor in Teaching Blanford, Iames T., 25 Instructor in Business Education Bliesmer, Emery, .33 Temporary Instructor in Mathematics Bock, Emil W., 34 Assistant Professor of Violin Bodein, Vernon P., 21 Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Conlon, Corley A., 24, 165 Assistant Professor of Art Cowley, Iohn, 28 Assistant Profes sor of English Crosby, Edmund D., 31 Instructor in Industrial Arts ' ' h K. 42 Curtis, Dwig t , Assistant Professor of Teaching and Director of Student Teaching Dahl, Iohn, 42 D Assistant Professor of Teaching Davids, Mrs. Arline Gilchrist, 42 Instructor in Teaching Denny, E. C., 26 Professor of Education and Head of the Department ' of Education DeWitt, Dorothy, 33 Instructor in Mathematics Dickinson, Arthur, 36 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men Ditzler, Walter E., 31 Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts Divelbess, Margaret, 42 Assistant Professorhof Teaching Douglas, L. V., 25 Professor of Business Education and Head of the Department of Business Education Dowler, Anita Louise, 30 Instructor in Home Economics Director of the Bureau of Religious Activities E Boehlje, Esther, 26 Assistant Professor of Education Ellis, G. Gordon, 15, 22 Bouldin, Mary Leah, 30 Dean of Men Instructor in Home Economics Erbe, Carl I-I., 40, 116, 120 Braddock, Richard, 42 Professor of Government Instructor in Teaching ' Brimm, Robert P. Assistant Professor of Teaching F Brown, A. E., 26 Professor of Education Fagigfegirlif Egnglish Buffum, H. S., 26 , , Fahrney, Ralph R., 40 Professor of Education, Emeritus Professor of History Bultena, Louis, 40 Farrell James V Assistant Professor of Sociology Instlfuctor in Teaching If Nlerriil I" f if. g J., 'D-1' . I' Pllnstructfrff lin Z forest. Alvita J. Ass0ciai1' 5 V. 3 Intel A , ' ' FOSSI-lm' I r Alffttir' '-' I Assistant' RQ at Foxv Iosef X Hi' izjrrg.. lnstruirwfl 3 '4 Q H. , , A Ffahmf Hi I' K t I lnstruflor ft. 'Q frothiDQham' 1nstruCf0V 'fri I 'A. l'1 Fugfector of Ate ri .4-1 ,I.... Gafiin. MW' 'QL Instructor H1 "- Ggfgely. Ilthcl 0 - -' Instructor 'I' AN have 4' G ,-0w,Maurtce. 34. 1 9 . P fa., - Assistant T0 1 -' H Getchell. Robert VH' - Q Professor of Clwmf Gibb, E. Glenaotnr-. 4 Instructor in Irsecie Gitiin. Iohn. I5 Health Director Goble. Louise. ifffq . Instructor in Spt t C- Goetch, E. KV.. I9 Director of Placcrm Grant. Martin L.. 33 Associate Igrofcsscer Greef. Robert I.. 25 Assistant Professor Green, Mary. 34 Instructor in Theo: Guillaume. Harrx' CZ Assistant Professor ment of Art Guest, Charles Bovci. Associate Profcssoa Hake. H. V.. Zo Associate Profcssc H P'0Qram Dircctq HIHPFOH. Nellie. 26 ASS1Stant Professor HaiU5?U- Alden B.. 2 ns mcto ' E . Hanson. Rdslnlm nf HASSiStant Professog H. William p, tstant Prof , , Hiller, Corinne-CB? ,fUCtor in Tx Ham? Henry' 'IC ASISIQKR profw Hams' Lyman ljlsso Ass0Ciate Pr fu 4 Harrison Pau1OFc5SC Insffucto ' T Hart, Mrs- rxiffinrigeac Hifsporao' Inktig ell, Frank C.. IHSIIU ct ' Heade' vor tn Teac I efnon' qs Hergttgctor in Tim Asst emits- 43 Htndriiarlfl profckc Instm' Olberr, 4 H Ctof in T. elTOldy C . 1 Ht IHSITUQ H . T1 PQ9e 3 ics rounds nd Director of 1 of the Department Education for M20 , Arts Jn and Head of the galZiOI1 page 272 Fink, Merrill F., 28 Instructor in English Forest, Mrs. Louise, 28 Associate Professor of English Fossum. Ernest C., 28 Assistant Professor of Speech X, osef W.. 28 Folnsfructor in English Frahm, Izetta, 42 n Instructor in Teaching Frothingham, Charles W., 24 Instructor in Art Fuller, A. C-. 17 Director of Alumni Bureau G Gaffin, Myrtle E. Instructor in Business Education Gergely, Ethel O., 20 Instructor in Art Gerow, Maurice, 34, 130 Assistant Professor of Music Education Getchell, Robert W., 38 Professor of Chemistry Gibb, E. Glenadine, 42, 167 Instructor in Teaching Giffin, Iohn, 18 Health Director Goble, Louise, 169 Instructor in Speech Goetch, E. W., 19 Director of Placement Bureau Grant, Martin L., 38 Associate Professor of Biology Greef, Robert I., 28 Assistant Professor of English Green, Mary, 34 Instructor in Theory and Harp Guillaume, Harry G., 24 Assistant Professor of Art and Head of the Depart- ment of Art Guest, Charles Boyd, 28 Associate Professor of English H Hake, H. V., 20 Associate Professor of Radio Education and Radio Program Director Hampton, Nellie, 26 Assistant Professor of Education Hanson, Alden B., 28 Instructor in English Hanson, Rose L., 4,3 Assistant Professor of Teaching Happ. William P. Assistant Professor of Teaching Harper. Corinne D., 43 Instructor in Teaching Harris. Henry, 34 Assistant Professor of Piano Harris. Lyman H., 40 Associate Professor of History Harrison, Paul E, Instructor in Teaching Hart, Mrs. Winifred, 5 TcmP0I'3I'Y Instructor in Speech Hartwell, Frank C., 43, 175 Instructor in Teaching Hiafls- Vernon, 43 US ructor in Teachin Helff,.Bernice, 43 Q HAssistant Professor of Teaching Cndrix, Holbert, 43 Instructor in Teaching Hsrfold. Clifford H., 24 Instructor in Art Page 273 Hill, IIFIIIII-C XY., 3-i ASSUCIJIIL' ljfilfcr-stir .if X-'mtm X,', ,' , I , .u ,.t ,ihxj Hillarcl. lfrnest ll. Kil,g.,,,.l 52' U3 Instructor in l'r-1' . if '- ..,. i Holliday. Bbw Xlt I clt it t 5D.i... ai Instructor in Teaching Icloltiilierg, Mrs. Nlarynrie li., -Q3 Instructor in 'll-.icliiiig Holmes. George ll.. Qtlnlsx Director of the Bureau of l'ulti,,,, Holst, Haralel B., 34 Associate Professor of Voice Holvil-t, Karl M.. 34 Instructor in XVooelwintl Instruments Horn, Thomas D., 43 Assistant Professor of 'l'e.iching uni I' , the College Ifleinentary School Howard. Donald Ii.. 40 Assistant Professor of lclistorv Howell, Mrs. Alta ' Instructor in Teaching I'Iult. Esther, 26 Assistant Professor of Iftlucation Humphrey, Mrs. Katherine, 25, ll7 Instructor in Business lfclucation Hunter, Mary B.. 4l Associate Professor of liconomics I Iackson, Cyril L.. 43 Associate Professor of Teaching Iennings, Philip, I6 Business Manager Iohnson, Ava Louise Assistant Radio Program Director K Kadesch, VV. H., 38 Professor of Physics Kasiske, Florence M., 43 Instructor in Teaching Keister, Elwood I., 34 Instructor in Voice Keister, Mrs. Gloria, 35 Instructor in Music Kelso, Paul, 33 Instructor in Mathematics Kennedy. David E., 35 Instructor in Music Keppers, George L.. 33. ll4 Instructor in Mathematics Koehring. Dorothy May. 43 w Associate Professor of Teaching Krueger, Lothar D., 24 Instructor in Art Kurtz. Edward. 34 I E Professor of Violin and Composition the Department of Music L Laf:oy. Mrs. Sarah. 43 Instructor in TeaCl1iUQ Laipple, Aron. 35 . A g Temporary Instructor in Biology Lankton. Robert. 33 i Assistant Professor of Mathematics Lantz. G. XV., 38 , . Professor of Biolosii' and Head ef t of Science Larkin. Thomas I. Instructor in Art , L tham. XVilliam P.. 33 a . Instructor in Brass Instruments . 7 3 Leavitt, Charles T-- 'il' la. t X, Assistant Professor of is or, r QI ITL' D P Lillehei, Ingebrigt, 32 Professor of French and Spanish and Head of the Department of Languages Lineberry, Katherine Genevieve, 30, 167 Instructor in Home Economics Long, Lois Ieanne, 44 Temporary Instructor in Teaching Luce, Mildred G., 45 Instructor in Teaching ' Ludtke, Doris, 37, 181 Instructor in Physical Education for Women Lund, Sue, 68 Director of Bartlett Hall M Manson, Mrs. Lulu, 76 Director of Stadium Hall Mantor, Edna, 44 Assistant Professor of Teaching Matala, Raymond E., 31, 175 ' Instructor in Industrial Arts Mauck, R. lane, 35 Instructor in Voice Maurer, Edwin, 28 Instructor in English Maxwell, Mrs. Ivone, 35 Temporary Instructor in Music McCarthy, Phyllis, 44 Instructor in Teaching McClelland, Marybelle, 19 Head Librarian McCuskey, David H., 36 ' Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men McDavitt, Elaine E., 28, 168 Assistant Professor of Speech Meece, Leona B., 25 . Instructor in Business Education Mendenhall, L. L., 36 ' Professor of Physical Education for Men and Head of the Department Merritt, Myrtle, 37, 182 Texngfporary Instructor in Physical' Education for omen Michel, Mrs. Maude Moore, 37, 181, 182 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women and Acting Head of the Department Miller, Dorothy C., 38, 108 Assistant Professor of Biology Miller, Edna O., 32 Associate Professor of Latin Mitchell, Iohn W., 35 Instructor in Music Education Moe, Mrs. Muriel, 25, 174, 188 Instructor in Business Education I Mohn, Mardelle, 44 I Instructor in Teaching Moon, Alfred Instructor in Teaching Moon, Dorothy L., 37, 182 Instructor in Physical Education for Women Mouser, Gilbert W., 39, 106, 108 V Instructor in Biology N Nelson, Carl B., 44 Instructor in Teaching Nelson, M. I., 14 Dean of Faculty Nordly, Oliver M., 36 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men Q . Opfer, Emma, 44 Assistant Professor of Teaching P Palmer, Harold G., 31 F of Industrial Arts and Acting Associate Pro.essor Head of the Department Paul, I. B., 21 Director of Research Bureau Paulin, Cameron, 24 Assistant Professor of Art Pendergraft, Daryl, 41 Associate Professor of History Peterson, Marna, 44 Associate Professor of Teaching Phearman, Leo T., 26 Instructor in Teaching Phillips, Cecil, 44 Instructor in Teaching Phillips, Mrs. Helen, 44 Temporary Instructor in Teaching Ping, Lela Mae, 30 Assistant Professor of Home Econ Plaehn, Erma B., 41 omics Assistant Professor of Government Potter, Albert A., 44 Instructor in Teaching Potter, M. D., 25 Associate Professor of Business Education and Teacher Trainer in Distributive Education Price, Malcolm, 12, President of the College R Rait, Grace E., 44 Associate Professor of Teaching Ramsey, Ervin Instructor in Teaching Rath, Earl H., 39, 188 Professor of Health Education Reece, Oscar E., 39 Assistant Professor of Agricultur Reninger, H. W., 28 Professor of English and Head of English and Speech Rhodes, Mrs. Omar G. Director of Seerley Hall Rhum, Gordon, 26 Instructor in Education Riebe, H. A., 26, 112 Professor of Education Ritter, Elmer, 18 Director of Extension Service Robinson, George C., 41 Professor of Government Rogers, Robert A., 39 Associate Professor of Physics Ruegnitz, Rose Lena, 35 Associate Professor of Piano Russell, Myron, 35, 198 Associate Professor of Woodw S Sage, Leland L., 41 Professor of History Samson, George W., 35 Instructor in Organ and Piano Schaefer, Iosef, 32 Professor of German Schenke, Lahron H., 39 Instructor in Physical Science Schmitt, Mary Margaret, 44 Instructor in Teaching Schneider, Melvin F., 45 Instructor in Teaching Schneider, Mrs. Melvin F., 45 Instructor in Teaching Schultz, Yda Lou, 35 Music Librarian 6 . of the Department ind Instruments Page 274 .. . l" ' .wigs . 5.5-i. " 'Q it 1 it " V. at , i Scott' Cftif' .fr ' Infifu . . gg ,ti til 5Coti' Wm! Ijrolvf-Ml: , . . Vu?" ' Searlilill' ,, 5,61 Assocmtl Shallf0li"'W.g lfi . Iristrufifif R.. sim. 1 11'l'i,'Fg, 4 Q Assistant 1- ' Xklotiwti 5lmOnSOnQ,thiKTfl.'e Asgigtza o 'H Y Ui Ijlfflz Skar. R' Pfolcsw Smith-EU . A5sistzmi 2 T' ' f. . '12 319-o-'I Smith. lvffft 5' ,.,... Director 0- W' 's I smith. ti, IJ. 4 QW Instructor iz. - M . -i' Smith' WP- 1'i.,.,. Professor ot -W' SonsteQ3fG' 5l'iIl:'!7 Assistant iifvff' 'A Sorenson. Hclmvf l . ' ri ' Assistant . ron-s. L. 'W' Sparrow. lulm.. -1 1 . K 1 Assistant sircmw Stagebcrg. Norma: Assistant Profcsf Starbeck. Clvdc I. Assistant Ilrofcs Starkey. Et clys: If Instructor in lisa. Stratton. Rhoda. 3 Instructor in Bat Steffy. Doris. '15 Temporary Ins: Stokstad. Lloyd Instructor in 'll Stone. Myrtle XI.. Associate Profs Strain. Robert E.. Instructor in Ii Struble. Marquirc Assistant Profs StfaY9I'. Hazel B Professor of Sr Sutherland. Eliza Associate Prof of the Dcpa P399 275 v 1 K '-4 711 T Scott, IDUIIIIILI IZ... - ' Assistant I'rot-'-mor ot lftzrat I'.t!t:t.i! -1, ' Scott, I'lteIw KI.. 37, IHQ, I-'VS Instructor in l'lw:,it'.tt l'.ttuc.ttu-n :or Vttizzzt nd A t' - A Cmq sam, XVintit-ltl, so Professor of Agriculture Searight. Roland, 55 Associate Professor of Vrolonc-'ilo .nzti ffozz 1 , Slxallenlwrgt-r. Ile-tty. -I5 Instructor in It-aching Short, 'l'heIm.n, 37, IRQ . Assistant Professor of l'liyslc.iI I'.ti1ic.uxo:i tor XVomen Sinionson. lost-phine. Bs Assistant Professor of Speech Skar. R. O.. 25 Professor of Business lfducation Smith, Ifrnestine, 39, lltl Assistant Professor of Cl-:ograpliy Smith, loan. 70 Director of Lawther I'lall s Smith, Nl. B. Instructor in Speech Smith. May. 27 Professor of Education :ation and Soglstegard. I:!IilllIfJvt'LI, -ISM I - 1 iucation ssistant I rofessor of leaching Sorenson. Helmer IL.. 21 Assistant Professor of Iiclucation Sparrow, lulia, 27 Assistant Professor of Education Stageberg, Norman C.. 29 Assistant Professor of English Starheck. Clyde L.. 36 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men Starkey. Evelyn F., 29 Instructor in English Stratton, Rhoda. 39 Instructor in Biology Steffy. Doris. -I5 Temporary Instructor in Teaching f the Department Stokstad, Lloyd Instructor in Teaching Stone, Myrtle M., 45 Associate Professor of Teaching Strain. Robert E., -Il Instructor in Economics Struble. Marquirette May. -I5 Assistant Professor of Teaching Strayer. Hazel I3.. 29. l68 Professor of Speech Sutherland. Elizabeth, 30 Associate Professor of Home Economics and I'lea:l of the Department find Instruments 0 Paqe Page U5 I .11f5,.1.5t-: IF.. fag ., ti. ,g , , .-'xv' 'gy' '- I':::3ff', " ' l:.::: ' U Limit'-., xI,i:t,gn-'::'- tl L, .,.U,H:lH,x N , V You Ifntg--::, IIf'!tI",, ii, fi-2 JAN'-Vtl.tIv' II!-'I -"4' HI if :ltr I7-'gmriztz--zz. Xhlittlvt' I'Iri'l', II1v'.l..i!tf, w Instrtzctor ti: All--.ii Iuntg Van Nev., tlrntt-y SI' Assistant i':'t , XYo:ue:: W XN'.ngt1er,fSm' XY. fl .'-Ksswctnlt' l'I'i1ft'ssHr .uni Iliff, I..tINH'.itntY XYagner, XVII:-.1 Il., ll. Assistant Ilroftfs-,or of lutlu-itz 'x XVAIII-ter. Dellwrt 35. IN' Instructor in Matin-t:i.itit. XXIQIISII. XYilli.un. -I5 Instructor in 'I''luntg XVt-Iver. llolwrt ll.. f"N Instructor in Iinglxsh XYheeler. Mrs. Clara, ff Director of llalfier llall XYhite. Doris li., 37. ITU. IU Associate Professor of I'li'.-.1 XX'omen XVhitfortl. l..uurt-nu' XX' ,y 3'- Assistant Professor ot ziwszt if I t i - t I-I wick. i2a1..mi U Instructor in Ilusint-ss l'.t:ut.uio XYilcox. M. I., If Professor of lftlucattou XYinier. I.eon.irtl. 39 Assistant l'roft-so-r of ll:-Joi: XVinslu-rg. Shirley. 37. lf. IW Instructor in Physical l'.tt':t'.t uf Vx i XX'ootl. Stanley fi.. BN, IW. in'- Assistant Professor ot Sp---'ti XX'0otlcocl-:, llertraxn I. , ff. to Instructor in Sufi-t'.' litiue.-zz-I STUDENT DIRECTORY A Aasgaard, Andrew Owen-Wate1'lOO Abbas, Lena I.-Geneva, 55, 114 Abbe, Eunice Mae--Toledo, 170, 254 Abbe, Marshall Dean-Waterloo Abbott, Harold Lee-Conesville Abbott, james Melvin--Medford, Oregon Abkes, Iohn R.--Austinville, 115, 130 Abkes, Patricia Rae-Austinville, 86 Abney, Donnell Russell-Marshalltown, 65, 74, 93, 160, 201 Abrahamson, Ioyce Eima-Waterloo, 56, 86 Abuhl, Ruth Elga-Slater, 106 Achey, Maxine Lavon--Lisbon, 68, 131, 170 Ackerman, Arie Wanda-Charles City, 86, 193 Arildsen, Patricia Louise-Waterloo, 53, 70, 111, 118, 174 Armstrong, lean-Maywood, Illinois, 56 Armstrong, Luella I.-Osage, 86, 170 Armstrong, Robert Lyle--Hampton, 66, 103, 160 Arnold, Robert Carter--Cedar Falls, 86 Artz, IoAnne Glee-Nora Springs Aschinger, Beverly lean-Sioux City, 98, 104, 254 Aschom, Carolyn B.-Lansing, 105, 174 Ashbacher, Arlene Eloise-Lansing, 57, 180, 198 Ashley, Shirley K.-LaPorte City, 55, 104, 118 Askland, Ramona Mae-St. Ansgar, 102, 172 Asmussen, Franklin Peter-Chelsea Attig, Mary Roselyn-Renwick, 99, 106, 130, 176 Atz, Roger Dean-Hartley, 86 Atzen, Barbara Anne-Albert City, 68, 86, 152, 170, Adams, Eldon Virgil-Charles City, 66 Adams, Elinor M.-Storm Lake, 130, 222 Adams, Marian L.-Akron, 106, 193, 254 Adams, Russell Dale-Kirkman Adamson, Sharon Lee-Titonka Adolph, Thomas E.--Hartley Adsit, Donald 1.-Waterloo, 222 Aduddell, Robert Mitchel-Des Moines Ahrens, Ed C.-Waterloo 191 Augustine, Kay Alison-Ladora, 172 Azeltine, Marilee lean-Rowan B Babb, lean Marie-Battle Creek, 105, 118 Bachman, Donald Ray-Eldora, 109, 175, 176, 222 Bachtell, Ross Ladly--Waterloo, 86 Bader, Darlus A.-Dysart, 170, 254 Bm Clwdf' 12 5' Cv ' '. .. J ' ' Bean' land, 1 xc f . 1 Bcaflfy' MC,fA,l1',r 5 BCZSWW' e 5.1 Bfcy Arlwf' 3 etlf- 12. 1-. cliff' .. is 3 e ,,A,,,,,, BeCW'vi' , E Beckley- B:U,1,:,l.:1l?. Beckman' ,,.v, .gr Beebe, Br-ii.. ..-' I 1 ! Bfebc. Bum I' J ' , .lvl-3 Beflis' lC"'U..If.. jx Bremen- l:""Y . xi 1. Beeman, Slnflf' 1- H mel. Hung Xa B99 ' Belimer. l5"f'37'A!' Li A lflfret-Cl' JB, Behffff' ei, ,. , f Behrem- pkfml .. Beil. Elamv lf Beisner. R0l5'3'7l li , H BAL Cafvllf f 6 Bell, 13116110 yfic.. Belscamlwf' Rug' .' Bn1,Caf1l3' rl Benckc. Bcrrwfc lj Bender, Riflfih N' Bender. R0l"'4'f1 If Bendickson. lung Tw' Akers, Max E.--Nevada, 63, 130, 222 Akin, lack B.--Grundy Center Albers, Iohn H.-Waterloo Albrecht, Gloria Helen-Wall Lake, 254 Albrecht, Iames Edwin-VVaterloo, 113 Albrecht, Ioseph Donald-Clinton Alcock, Gloria Betty-Frederika, 167 Aldrich, Herbert Franklin-Waterloo Alexander, Gale Duane-Waterloo Alexander, Kent R.-Waterloo Bader, Harold W.-La Porte City, 55 - Baer, Doris Evelyn-Grimes, 57 Baer, Harold Lyle-Cedar Falls, 109, 175, 222 Baier, Dorothy L.-Griswold, 55 Bailey, Iacqueline A.-West Liberty, 105, 254 Bailey, Lee K.-Cedar Rapids, 203 Bailey, Robert I.-Mason City Bailie, Martha lane-Des Moines, 70, 179, 181 'r son Thomas Andrew Cedar Falls Bendixcn. Iozimzt- C . Bennett. Ardt-:li S Bennett. Dcizncf li Benson. Imogene f Benson. Sharon I Benson. Virgmsn I, Bentley. Charles 1. Bentley. lame-s M Bentlev. Ruth 5-1 Alexander, Marjorie-Webster City, 179, 181, 182, 222 Alford, Beverly-4Ottumwa Alhelm, Mrs. Beverly lane-Cedar Falls Alhelm, Frank A.-Cedar Falls, 63, 222 Allan, Iohn Wm.-Clarksville, 111, 113, 117, 222 Allbee, Nancy Anne-Cedar Falls Allen, Frank Edward-Charles City Allen, Gene T. W.-Waterloo Allen, Ianice Irene-Letts Allen, Marjorie Ruth-Nevada, 86 Allender, Robert Earl-Gskaloosa Aller, Charles Kenneth-Keota, 76, 89, 204 Alliman, Dolores lean-Wayland, 86, 131, 172 Allison, Leland Chester-Charles City, 165 ,Altman, Frances Lillian-Usage, 222 . Altman, Frank Henry-Osage, 198 Alton, Martha Christine-Ottumwa, 102, 178 Alvung, Mary Ann-Oelwein, 174 Ames, Wil liam Clifford-Davenport, 120, 164 Amfahr, Richard-Waterloo Amundson, Anderson, Ioyce Lorraine-Clermont, 86, 102, 1303 Dale William-Waterloo Anderson, Norma lean-Correctionville, 56, 68 Anderson, Carrol Wayne-Oran Anderson, Charlene Louise-Sioux City Anderson, Dorothy Mae-Alta Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, 182, 185 Ida May-Ottumwa, 53 I Ioyce Lorraine-Goldlield LeRo Henry-Cedar Falls Y Marilyn Ioan-Des Moines, 113, 179, 181, Anderson, Mary I.-Algona, 2.3, 56, 70, 222 Anderson, Norma Ann-Schleswig, 131 Anderson, Norma Isabel-Fort Dodge Anderson, Robert Eugene-Waterloo Anderson, Roger Leland-Oran Anderson, Troy M.-Grundy Center Andresen, Robert Dale-Maquoketa, 164 Angle, Iohn Ronald-Ames Arends, Arthur john-Stanhope, 66, 222 Arends, Dorothea lean-Milford Argotsinger, lack Darrell-Harlan Bai n , - Bakehouse, Gloria Marie-Sigourney, 86, 105 Baker, Donald Robert-Cedar Falls Baker, Richard Henry-Waterloo, 175 Baker, Robert George-Duncombe, 176 Baker, Robert Lee-Waterloo Balabon, Danny Richard-Waterloo Baldwin, Betty Louise-Marshalltown, 170 Balk, P atricia Louise-Dedham, 86, 100 Ball, Mary Loue-Webb Ball, Roger Allen-Eldora Ballantine, Arletta-Arion-99, 165, 167 Bancroft, Iohn R.-Clarion, 201, 205 Barck, Philip--Cedar Falls, 86, 222 Bare, Ruth E.-Winthrop, 70, 100 Barker, Edwin K.-Ackworth, 105, 120, 176 Barker, Helen Grace-Little Cedar, 167, 170 Barlow, Iack R.-Sac City, 223 Barlow, Iames A.-Waterloo, 33, 223 Barnd, Barnes, Ioseph R.-Manchester William C.-Dysart Barnett, William H.-Cedar Falls, 86 Barr, Edward B.-Dougherty, 65 Barron, James l.-Waterloo Barteau, Ianice A.-Hazleton Bartlett, Harry R.-Delhi, 63 Bartlett, Ierald D.-Evansdale, 114, 180 Bartlett, Ierry L.-Delhi, 66 Bartley, Burnett C.-Laurens Barton, Inez I.-Mapleton, 60, 99, 104, 170 Barton, Zola L.-Eldora, 106, 178, 223 Bartruff, Charles VV.-Reinbeck Bascom, Dorothy G.-Vinton Basler, Basler, David D.-Fort Dodge james D.-Lohrville Bauer, Ioan-Millersburg, 58, 174, 200 Bauer, Mary Ann-West Chester, 58, 104 Baumgaertner, Beverly F.-Rochester, N. H., Baumhover, Ruth Ann-Carroll, 199 Bayne, Bayne, Edwin L.-Wapello, 64 Iames A.-Wapello, 64 Beach, Iohn G.-Guthrie Center, 76 Beach, Mary S.-Sigourney, 172 Beach, Robert L.-Guthrie Center, 63 Beake, Feleo-Oelwein, 171 Page 276 Benton. Robert D Bentz, Eunice L Berg, Virgil Cr 1 Bergemann. Domi! Bergen, Carter I Bergendahl. Dorm., Bergendahl. Mrs. 5 Berghefer. Boyd Berglund, Patricia , Bergman. Robert T Bergmann. Munir Bergstrom. lolm I Befgllm. Elman A Berkstreser. Caro Bernard. Eileen lf Bembrock' :fancy Brimer. XX'illiam 1: Bersch, Edward Q Bettenga. Edward B?fts, Max-is E, gichel, XX'illiam H Bldne' Bernard L. Bldne, Bcrirum T lebesheimcr, Cla: gledermafin- Lou: Blenfang- Homer Bferle- Erscl ML, lgler, Iohn XR' BM. Fran ,sig gqgn, ran ni- Bl 11195. Duane R lumen, Calx' Bl64,173.1Q? I llsland El . ' ' Eilsland: logllnxl BlBel:Fe'dinand Birch' paul Ros, Birleimb Carl X' B- ' Crno L Basie. Mildrpd gren' Paul Black D Black' Nonald L Bl .' Bm- l Hdx, RlCha:3 I PUQE 277 Benton, 111,113, 160 J-1, 254 198 118 2 10. 176 152, 170, 176, 222 222 25-1 ', 181 105 '0 176 , 170 o . 170 5 0 104 N. H., 68 3 PC1119 2 Bean, C1 yde D.. 1r.- --Cedar Rapids Bean, laines--wliagle Grove Beasley. Margery L.- --Sigourney Beasmore, Vernon NV.-2 -Lisbon Beck, Arlene M.--NVznikon, 56 Beck, Eloise l'.-- 5A7- Toledo, 15-1. 186 Becker, Elizabeth Ann-----Caineron, Mo., 131 Becker. Williziiii Rf- rrr- Algona, 101, 198, 199 Beckley, Marilyn 1.---Ames Beekman, Kenneth R.---Mason City, 63. 7s Beebe, Bettyinarie--Quasqueton, 25-1 Beebe, Ruth L.---Quasqueton, 25-1 Beeks, Ioan l.,.MnMarshalltown, 60, 68, 81 Beeman Ianice N.--Cedar Falls, 161, 171 'J Beeman: Shirley Rae-Cedar Falls, -23 105 Beghtel, Floyd VV.--Guthrie Center Behmer, Evelyn M.--Hartley, 61, 179, 181. 182, 223 Behrens, Elfriede Ann-Monticello, 102, 170 Behrens, Kenneth C.--Cedar Falls Beil, Elaine Lf-Clinton, 10-1 Beisner. Robert L.-MDows Bell. Ca rol L.--Albia, 131 Bell, lanette I.-Coon Rapids, 172 Belscamper, Robert C.--Waterloo Belz, Carl D.--St, Ansgar Bencke, Bernard D.-Oelwein Bender, Ralph W.-Cedar Falls Bender, Robert L.--Chapin Bendickson, Earl M.-Lake Mills Bendixen, loanne C.-Sioux City, 119, 155 Bennett, Ardeth S,-Dows, 68, 105, 117, 12-1, 125, 17-1 Bennett, Delmer E.-Cedar Falls Benson, Imogene-Orchard, 99, 106, 122, 171, 223 Benson, Sharon 1.-Cedar Falls Benson, Virginia L.-Cedar Falls Bentley, Charles L.-Waterloo Bentley, lames M.-Waterloo Bentley, Ruth M.-Waterloo Robert D.-Adair, 66, 103 Bentz, Eunice L.-Waterloo Berg, Virgil I.-Cedar Falls, 109 Bergemann, Dorothy E.-Welcoine, Minn., 59 Bergen, Carter I.-Waterloo Bergendahl, Donald G.-Ames Bergendahl, Mrs. Sarah I.-Cedar Falls. 223 Berghefer, Boyd I.-Belmond, 6-1, 67, 223 Berglund, Patricia A.-Boone, 86, 88, 193 Bergman, Robert N.-Maynard, 102, 170 Bergmann, Marvin G.-Hampton, 86, 102 Bergstrom, lohn 1.-Cedar Falls, 223 Bergum, Elman A.-Cedar Falls Berkstresser, Carolyn-Mt. Carroll, lll., 101, 198 Bernard, Eileen E.-Eagle Grove, 186, 25-1 Bernbrock, Nancy L.-Waterloo, 86, 119, 223 Berner, XfVi1liam F.--Mason City, 201, 205, 206, 223 Bersch, Edward G.-Muscatine Bettenga, Edward P.-Ackley Betts, Mavis E.-Cresco, 25-1 Bichel, Wfilliam l-1.-Cedar Falls, 169 Bidne, Bernard L.-Northwood Bidne, Bertrum T.-Northwood Biebesheimer, Charles VV.-Reinbeck, 223 Biedermann, Louis-Volga Bienfang, Homer C.-Cedar Falls, 9-1, 201 Bierle. Ersel M.-Lone Rock Bigler, lohn NV.-Cedar Falls, 22-1 Bilek. Fran 1.--Ames, 60. 81, 160 Billick, lean M.-NVest Liberty Billings, Duane R.-Wfaterloo Billman, Calvin 1.-Cedar Falls. -10, 113. 116, 120. 16-1, 173, 187, 21-1. 22-1 Bilsland, Elaine 1.-Archer Bilsland, lohn A.-Archer, 76 Bily. Ferdinand I.-Calmar, 100 Binek, Paul Roscoe-Wfaterloo Blrchard, Carl XV.-Cedar Falls, 63. 107, 109. 192 Birley. Vernon L.-NVaterloo Bisone, Mildred 1.-Wfaterloo Bl0Ykgren, Paul L.-Vail Black. Donald L.-College Springs. 89 Black, Norman L.-College Springs Black, Richard l.-Fort Dodge. 1-12. 22-1 Page 277, 5 4 151.1:.P't':z5:of::, l'.1.::-, 1'1,,g,,-3 1 111,1'l'. i".IL'1. fl" l1..e..fe:::z.f::., ll.-af:-1 1,2 1 1 11 , --- 1.1111 ..f,,',1fi l51.t'i1'!', lf-ff-,' :-lvl, t.,, fxfx l2111'-N lf4'!.t' l31L'1Cl1, 1,1222 Xxx,-".,i",'A 'fi Bleach, Klart' 1 31:15-g, 1 sl -, 1 , 4 Bleiedt-r:::.:::, tmrtiilg-, K N.,-Le 1 1 Blevins. .-Mieizzze ti 16.111 1Q,,:,,g, 111111161101-p, E'a::1 11 'x1.':11t--.t 5.,:.: 111152 1-HH-'N XY Clf.zrz::d.i. '-'4 1 Blount-. .-'Xrutn Cf 11ni11,,,,,5. 1, 1 , Bloinlter. Donna 1, R1:tf.i:1,i, 1 Bloom. Xlax K1 N.v.1:t:.z Bltinier. lxan, lr. Kleznsne, 1- 1 Blumhagen. Mary 1f1axne R.-at 1 Bohst, Aiiix' 31. lltnv-., Qu., if l5UCl-ieltthitl, 19un.tlt1 12. 11.z:tigv:-ig 1 1 l1ULldtC1Cer. 11x'1't1lt.l V. fletlar Rap: sa Bode. Dwight lit-ne l'.ir1 -'r-,Q-13,54 1 1 1 Boderinann, Marte .-X. l.. lfiizza, 1 Boeclt. George A. Biirlnzgt-in. 11' 1 l5Ot'Cl-C, c21lU l.. Cx'' l:.:l1s Boelini. l'anline V. Sumner. 5'-, 11 1 11 1 , li 5 l5Oe11I11ie,Rugvr l. Xhhiterlmv 1 Boettclier. XX'i11iain D. Burt. 111. 1 Bokorney. lanet A. Cedar Rapzd- Boland, NVi1liain Pt. Swea Cfity Bollhoefer, Shirley A. N-,-taxon, is 1 1 1 s gl Bolte, lohn R. Ianesxille Bond, Areule M. Arliiigton. 176 Boiiderinan, Donna l.. .'X1'c1:t'1', 1-. 1 f 1 1 Bonhg, Victor A. Osszan Bonnziter. llhyllis li. Ke-.-.t'n'1' Boone, Leonard B. Cedar 15.111-. Bootli, DeXVitt B. lill-1 llorn Booth. 1:0121 M. Carroll, 150 l500lOl1. Sllll"lL'f.' A. Cunt! ltapnis. 'N 1 Boots, Rity 0-'l. XY.iterl1m Borden, Tlioiiiarll. Cedar l1.i11s Borwielc, Roy Donald Roland. 2.1 Boslough, Bruce lf. Cedar l:.i11'-, 11 '1 Bos:-iert, Margaret lean Xlonteznn t YN Bosworth, Bonita fNl.irg.iret Aldo 1 'M Bothell, XVilliani XY. Cedar 15.111 Bottorfl, Robert M. Cedar liilis, 1 m 111 Boughton. Robert lndson XX'.tter1 1 Bouslog. lohn Larry South lfngh 1 xx XY1 1 't , Bovenmyer, Barbara e. i zz. Bowers, lean Mary llndson Boyd. li. Iaines Sibley Boyd, lohn C. Clarltsiqille, 22-1 Boyd, Lou Ella' Nortli-.vt-od. 131 1 Boyd, Mary 1ill:.thet1i Cedar l'- 'H 1 V1 Boysal, Bona loan .-Xllerton. '.' Bovsen, lilmer D. Morning bun 5 I Braack, Beverly lean l2.:M'f11"'f7 2 1 201, 224 ' , Brabzind, Bernard lloyd' l2sf1irr', Braden, B-:x'erl1.' lean lwidtaefd Bragonier, Carol l,eali XX az.-ri-it Brallier, Doris lrene l.a:i'.lo:: BI'i111ll7lL'l1, tit-mls' I-we NW 1 Bramer, Herald X1.irs1z.d1 lxll' '11 Bramley, lxa Dell Rec? 1'3-Q?'151'- Brandt,1Donglas laznes' -Ca-,:.frU1' Brandt. Roger Nei? c.t't1.ttll'.:::" Branstad. Engel Don.eEd l?:o:::g- Brant. Oren R. l:.tir1-acxl' Bratton,fN1erivn. lf 'lf't11f'f1" V Braun. lrene lil::.e1'wl?1 13' 91711 Braunscliweig, Raehard l.. .r T131 Brausev. Raiph' 1-X-ff-'Y Bray. Datid Dunn-,' lffttivflff- isffsisii. iv,-ii,-sf T11-1-"HY-1" ".' 7 Breisch. Dewex' 12.1-.':::-anti A 1.-1,211 Breisch, Donald lfarl Q.-,-.:.:r' ti Hg-gt-icl-2, Artliur C1116-1230 15111-'1 Brewster. Harold 1-X-27117-'ff' Briden, Marion 101111 1-ff1'7"1 Brink, William Warren-Waterloo Brinker, Peggy Lee-Auburn, 105, 170, 255 ' 08, 120, 198 Brinton, Bristow Donald Eugene-Cedar Falls, 1 Avon-Cedar Falls, 116, 120 Britson, Dolores Marie-Roland, 60, 86, 186, 255 Bro, Velma-Exira, 179, 181, 182, 185, 225 Broadie, Betsy Celeste-Waverly, 100, 198, 199 Brook, Charles Rogers, Cedar Falls Brock, Charles Rogers-Cedar Falls Brock, Doris Duane-Battle Creek, 105, 198 Brock, Shirley Oma-Cedar Falls Brodersen, Mary Katheryn-Harlan Broderson, Sallyette-Newton, 186 Broer, Grpah Caroline-New Providence Bromley, Flora lane-Austin, Minnesota Brommel, Bernard loseph--St. Charles Brookhart, Gordon S.-Fort Madison, 65, 72, 201, 206 Brooks, Constance Ann-Waterloo, 118, 119 Brooks, Elva Deloris-Williams, 172 Broshar, Marilyn Gael-Waterloo," 54, 122, 171, ,225 Broshar, Patricia Ann-Waterloo, 52, 56, 122, 171, 225 Brower, Brower, Brower, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, 199, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Bonita May-Washington, 182 Carol lean-Aplington Fred Wilton-Orange City, 13 Blanche B.-Cedar Falls, 104 Donald W.-Boone, 66, 72 Guilbert H.-Waterloo Gwynne B.-Cedar Falls james W.-Des Moines Marilyn leanne-Marshalltown, Robert Derrell-Clear Lake, 64 Robert Lewis-Oelwein, 99 Russell I.-Cedar Falls, 200 Stanley Eugene-Missouri Vall 201 Thomas Eugene-Cedar Falls 5 198, 255 ey, 64, 67, 93, Verland Cecil-Parkersburg, 225 Wanda Mae-Dysart, 153, 198 William Fenton-Clear Lake Brownell, Rolland E.-Spencer, 100, 225 Brownlee, Lois Helene-Villisca, 198 lm Hansen Fairfax Brownlie, Malco - Bruene, Martha Marie-Traer, 99, 106, 176, 255 Brugman, Margaret-Garner Brumble, lack Hillary-Waterloo Bruner, Edwin Phillip-Cedar Rapids, 74, 120, 225 Bruns, Alberta Blanche-Zwingle Bruns, Henry Clayton-Waterloo Bryan, lames Miner-Charles City, 86 Bryant, Dean Carroll-Waterloo Bryant, Dean Carroll-Waterloo Bryant, Wallace Bascum-Lake City Buchanan, Donald Arthur-Waterloo Bucgignan, Ralph Edward, lr.-Savanna, Illinois, 65, 2 Buck, Buck, t Elizabeth Clear Lake, 255 Ianet e ' - Virginia E.-Waterloo, 247 Buckallew, Forrest L.-Centerville Buckner, Robert Dean-Marion Buehner, Naomi lean-Waterloo Bukoff, Sam-Waterloo Bunce, Vernon Clayton-Waterloo Bundy, Lester W.-Cedar Falls, 89, 115, 164, 187, 199, 200 Bundy, Robert Earl-Cedar Falls Burbridge, Liane Therese-Cedar Falls Burdick, Harold W.-Oskaloosa, 65 Burdick, Mary Ioy-Lake Mills, 177, 184 Burke, Charles Iames--New Hampton, 183 Burke, Donald Charles-Sioux City Burnett, Margery lean-Batavia, 104, 114, 117, 225 Burnett, William Ferdinand-Cedar Falls Burnette, lean Elizabeth-Sioux City, 86 Burns, Beverly Louise-Waterloo Burns, Wallace E.-Cedar Falls Burt, Paul Dean-Rowan Buscher, Esther Helen-Independence Bush, Alice Marie-Cherokee Bush, Mrs. Dorothy lean-Cedar Falls, 125, 127, 195, 268 Bush, Russell Lee-Cedar Falls, 142, 201 Butcher, Lois Maxine--Orient Butler, Richard Ben--Cedar Falls Butterworth, Margaretjean--Humboldt, 174 Butts, Doyle A.-Fayette Bumm, Bob Meredith-Spencer Byrnes, Raymond 1.-Ames, 94 Byrns, Eleanor Elaine-leiferson C Cabalka, lames L.-Cedar Rapids, 63, 74, 86, 225 Cacek, Charles A.--Ogden, 95 Cadwell, Lester L.-Dallas Center, 111, 117, 174 Cadwell, Phyllis Frances-Fort Dodge, 113 Cady, lean K.-Mason City, 22, 68, 119, 219, 225 Cain, Angela Helen-Preston, 178 Cain, Leola Mae-Alta, 86, 100 Caley, Dick S.-Cedar Falls Callahan, Elizabeth A.-Waterloo, 171 Cameron, Phyllis A.--Ida Grove, 186, 255 Cameron, Ramona-Newton, 198, 255 Cameron, William 1.-lefferson, 169, 187 Campbell, Io Ann-lesup, 57 Canfield, George D.-Grundy Center, 86, 198 Cantine, Russell A.-Cedar Falls Capellen, Ioyce M.-Dows, 172, 176 Capesius, Beverly I.-Des Moines, 59, 70, 161 Carey, Margaret Anne-Churdan Carey, Richard E.-Waterloo . Carlson, Dean E.-Grundy Center Carlson, Keith Milton-Fort Dodge, 175 Carlson, Luella Mae-Fort Dodge, 101, 186, 255 Carlson, Lyle Kenneth-Cherokee, 102 Carman, Bonnie Lou-Cresco, 86 Carman, George Dunlap-Cedar Falls Carmichael, Patricia I.-Clarion, 59, 255 Carpenter, Gerald Lee-Newton Carpenter, Kenneth Lee-Rowley Carpenter, William Iames-Sabula Carr, Marion T.-Fort Dodge, 103, 175 Carroll, lames D.-Clarion, 64, 225 Carroll, james L.-Frederika Carroll, Ierry Warren-Cedar Falls Carson, Iohn R.-Iowa City Carter, Leola Charlene-Strawberry Point, 86 Carter, Max William-Charles City, 201, 208, 225 Carter, Robert Dean-Charles City Carter, Robert Donald-Cedar Rapids Carter, Shirley Ann-Ames, 8, 131, 192, 193 Carthey, Wilbur O.-Davenport, 64, 76, 107, 120, 193, 225 Case, Walter H.-Kingsley, 65, 93, 200, 201 Casey, Marilyn M.-Mason City, 168 Cashman, loseph L.-Masonville, 202, 225 Caslavka, Virginia A.-Traer, 68, 130 Casperson, Myrna 1.-Moorhead Cassens, Kathleen M.-Sigourney, 105, 111, 118, 174, 198 Cave, Nancy E.-Brookings, S. Dak., 61, 86, 103, 104, 179, 181, 182, 225 Cawelti, Gordon L.-Toledo l Cecchini, Mrs. Velma G. Schunter-Delmar Ceilley, Richard H.-Cedar Falls, 168 Chalstrom, lohn F.-Spirit Lake Chalupsky, Claire M.-LaPorte City Chamberlin, Theola A.-Olin, 186 Champion, Norma L.-Altoona, 106, 170 Chandler, Patricia A.-Williamsburg, 86 Chandler, Tom Iunior-Nashua, 132, 13.3, 134, 136, p 201,226 Chapin, Betty I.-Tripoli, 101, 176, 186, 255 Chapman, lack Holmes-Schaller Chapman, lean Marian--Waterloo Chase, loAnn-Lake City, 58, 68, 168 Chenhall, Louise-Spencer, 104 Cherveny, lane A.-Elberon, 170 Childers, Elizabeth H.-Waterloo 'P Chmelka, Darlene M.-Sioux City, 68, 180 Christen, lames Earl-Forest City Christensen, Alice Carol--Waterloo Christensen, Charlotte M.-Sibley, 104, 186, 256 Christensen, Curtis E.-Ventura Christensen, lames R.-Waterloo Page 278 y , . .. 1 Chfisieiwl"1,, Chrislw' J , iff - ' Chriail-f'Wl,'.' ii, - A Clirisi:.n'1"" .lr , . . I, Uerfxz. Chrwfid I fi , I Cl1ris1121llB'l',l,l- E' Chilfcll' ul' LM-" Churfll' Q .. if .1 Church, g3l'f.r,, 39, Churcho. lt:-81.1 ll -r Clark- l"lf'.H1,- id., Clark' Dciiiiihi . ' Clark. 1961111 ' I-,::.:i Clarlf- limit ' , at-I. 0 Clafl' W. -,gs Clark. 1048, ll. Clark' L"'m'li. Classiclr. lff'1"i,,, Claus. Howl' Clausen, Armin, Clausen. Elf' In Clausen- 9,1577 111 Clawson' If'il,,Iff.d Clai" ThOl3lM.M Clayton' :N2iZ1:5xZl.' Clubine. Dax ar: 1- Clute. D21f'r'l N Clute. EVfl'r'9 'A Coates. Marly l Coclcing. l'au1xr.v Collin. lames r"-f Coffman. Dorn 256 Coghlan. Margo 178 Cole, Norma ffl Cole, Robert l'r Collier. Norris l Collingc. Colbu: Collins, l.uVinn 226 Collins. V criyn Collopy. Lloyd Colson. Richan Colston, Carrol Colter. Francis Colville, Betha Combs. Van ll Compton. Rick Condon, lamce Conkey. lame: Conklin, Du.-ig Conn, Bob Ge Conrad, Bom' Conrad. Donna Conzett, Dal.: V Cook, Kcirh I Cook, Lou-Q11 Cooley. Helen Coon, Alan l COOUQY. lohr Cooper, Cari COOPQY. Che Cooper, Ray Cooper. Shir Cooper, Shia Copl d zfoan 'R Corbett, Kc Cords, juan Corneligon' Corning, B, Corsepius Coftfightf 4 Corwin' HA Cotter, VC. Corrreii, 1 Court, BO, COWBH' H E-30X.Ei1QQ 9YI1e, Qi Page 279 'x"1'f' Coffey. Riflpll R' 1 4 1 36, 225 17, 174 13 219, 225 5 , 198 0, 161 1186, 255 5 S oint, 86 101, 208, 225 92, 193 76, 30, 201 1 , 225 J 5, 111, 1181171 lkn 61, 86' Delmar 18 7 , 170 9,86 2, 133, ' 154 136 186,255 .68 68,180 9104, 186' 256 Page 2 C311I'1Slk'll5L'1l.vl2Ul-l!1Ll XX' Hurt ' " 1 Clllflall-1115, Donald l.. f1r.1ft11z1, fri, 1.,. 1'-1,1 i N Cl1rir.ti.1nsen. Dean 1.1-o O,-11.-.-.-111 Clxrixtiansen, Doris l'11,1in1- N1-xv.-11. 1111 tu, Cll1f1hI1illl5x'Il, Yvonne 11211111115 l1.1r1.111. 12.1. 117, C11rir1tianson, Rohert lf. Chix'-.1-111, IH, 1411 Church, David Berkeley 5. Cafil, Church. Larry XVi11it:. 1l.1rt11-y, 135 Church, Mary livelyiie Clllllllklll l'1111ti5, Qin Church, Rohert liliner Nl.151111 Cnty Clark, l'1arhar.1 lean Kk'KJ51ll1LllI-1, 111-1. 171' Clark, Donald Ralph XV.1tt-rloo Clark, lidith l.. Momlaniin Clark, lames liminett XX-'aterloo Clark, laines Victor Ulidden. 711 Clark, lean -lilkader. ti-H, Oh, 1111. 1211 Clark, Leona lnezr Springville. 118 l5'.'llllUllLl Classick, Leslie Glade Claus, Rohert lfugene Clinton, 1113, 111. 1211 Clausen. Arnold Victor Dnncoinhe Clausen. lilsie Lucia Havelock, 102. 1711 Clausen, Mary loan ihflary lol 'Dt-xter. 1112 Clawson, 'l'homas llranklin Cedar 15.1115 Clay, '1'homas Martinff- l'lampton, 110. 117. 103 Clayton, Natalie4'-Sutherlaiid, 59. 86. 1311 Clnhine. David Lf--lndependence Clnte. Daryl N.----Arliiigtoii. 111, 17-1 Clnte, livelyn--5--A1'lii1gto11, 10-1, 226 Coates, Marlys 111110-r"ANilS11ll2l Cocking. Pauline Mae-in-Manchester. 99 Colley, Ralph Rogerf---Garden Grove, N6 Collin. lames Arnold-9-NVater1oo, 198 Coffman. Doris Mae"--Sotith English. 101. 176, 1513, 256 Coghlan. Margaret Marie-wKankakee, lllinois, 131, 178 Cole, Norma Maew-Dinsdale Cole. Robert Francis-+Sioux City Collier, Norris Eileen-Sutherland, 172 Collinge. Colburn Va-Cedar Rapids, 175, 201. 226 Collins, l.11Vinna Marie-9-Pueblo. Colo.. 53, 165, 193 226 Collins. Verlyn l.-Marshalltown, 515, 1..tL:.-1 71 wg 1 C0110 ', Llo 'd lyllll Ewqlc Grove. 109. 115, 201. 221.1 P1 1 f 'W C. Colson, Richard loseph-V-Davenport, 6-1 Colston. Carroll lames-Des Moines Colter, Francis Leo--Wfaterloo Colville. Betha 13.-Cedar Falls. 61 Comhs, Van 12.-vCedar Falls, 133, 226 Compton, Richard Arlo--fSpringlield. Ohio Condon, lames Wfilliam-4lV1anchester, 1935 Conkey. lames Rf-fXVaterloo Conklin, Dwight E,l1lCl'SOIl-c5I'lS.XVO1Cl, 173 Conn. 13015 Gene-ljleasantyille Conrad. 13-:tty loan--5l'ipton Conrad. Donald EUQCFICA-'B-'llll'S1l2l1lIOXVll. 115. 195 Conzett, Dale Clement-9-Dulwtique. 100. 195 Cook, Keith Lyle-1fClarion Cook, Lowell 1.-1-Council Blnlls, 61. 1-11 V Cooley. Helen Margaretfffflrlowell. Michigan. 1011 Coon. Alan 13.-H-Nicl1ols. 165 Cooney. lohn XN'illiam - 5-1N'larengo Cooper. Carolyn MaeAASpringyille. ho. 131 Cooper. Chester C.- Los Anqeles. California Cooper, Raymond Harold --l'rin1gh.1r Cooper. Shirlee Dfw-Gilwsoii. 171 Cooper. Shirley Ann, Boone. 105. 170 N Copeland. Remona- Libertyville. 55. 513. 11111. 119. 226 Corhett. Kenneth Lloyd '01lll1llXK'.l Cords. lnanita- Dll17llQ1lC Cornelison. Mary lof-,Mount Ayr. 50 Corning. 131111011 Eugene Cedar 15.1115 Corsepius. Everett Dick Xkliterloo Q Cortright. Carole leannew -XX'.1terlo0. 5'l. 115 Corwin. Harold loliii----XX'.1terloo Cotter. Vernon lfarlf- Cedar 11.1115 Cottrell. hlelvin---hlaryville. Xlisso11r1. To Court. Bonnie Nlae-V-Cedar 15.1115 Cowan, H. loan'-5-Spencer. 1711 Cox. Eileen-f-Ayrshire. 17-1, 2211 Coyne. Charles li. 'ALllWl1fl1 Page 279 119. 1'- I 1 ' l':.1:1 gk , 1, l1E.t'.1.f1'f' TQ' J' . ..., .111, 1 . 1'1" ',f.-1 No.1 l -'-l- .-1.,...... .1 - 1 cum: . l,,,f..jQ '21, 'wh 11 1 '11 :::.'.z. l l.f..1:p: lk : C. .. .fllff , 1115111 cifitng' 1. 1 1 . 1 1 ',,.,,g.,,., ty ' 1 1. - ..,.., ., .. 1,f.,f K4 1 X. .,,, , .,.,f,-- ....x .YJ " l -.Q 1' 1-','S' 1 11 .U .vt 11, .fl ... tf. ., lfi-11-,-aff, . . l1,ZII". - ,.,. ffl'-' li'-1'l',lL X ll5QZflZ.1 11.1 l1fr11:,.- lm .f.l1II" 1 Cr---1-.1-".'. 28l11:::1.1r. 1. ,-.1 'K 1 Crtiig-,ty 11.1311-'ram' 1' ':111::.1 1 1 lrlflll-N1'll, 111 1 .l..1 111 ' 1 Cr11u.11. lt.,E1.-rt 11 1 .n.1 1:1 5 Ctzlxer, R1111.1rt1 1'frz.v'.' .w1.1 1 C111:11:11:1-3-., .-Vue ."x:,::-- lk 1 1 f:l1ll1l1Z11111'-.1111112l111...1,,1 1 1 1 C11n1pr,t11:1. ll--1:--11 l',1.1z:1-- 1 1 Curtis, 191711 1.l11'.'1l 1,4 6.1: 1 Cntliliertkoiz. 121-XK'.1'---1f1,11 1 Cntg-11.111, 1.1-1115 13 XX'.1tv:2 D 19.1.1-mlm. .-Xnita l. l,,1'.x:1'n1 lm f Dalxlher 1. N1-1-1.1 11 lff-wt 1 Dahlke. Donaltl li liiznrr ff Dahntx, loan li C.1111.1g111, 15 1 1 131111111 ll-tI'X.n"y' XY Shirt! 111, Dailey. xl-lfllllll 1 S11-111 11 1, Dale. 1110111111 O, X.X'.1tvr1+1- 55 5 Dalzell. D11r11tl11.' 12 llreznt f Dainliern. 1 1- 1. -- Damon. . .. R111 rt 1' 1 11 ' r 1 1 ' XX,l1l1l11l U l llc' 1 51 1 111 1 W' 1 l9.t!1.1. llrettx' 11 S Q - Daniel, Dorotliy N1 Carrol 1 5 1 Daiitelwn. ,-X115 K1 lillmm 11 5 1 19.1111-15. 5-lary .-X 111111111-. Darland. 1111111 D. 311111112 X11 r Darling. l1.1r11.1r.1 cl1'L1,l!' 11151 Datem. lin-r111 li Stale C 1 Danqs, l:ret11-rick N M111 Davix, ljUll.llL1 1., XY1:1t11-1 11 I 1 Daxtx, D11nn.1 Utt11:1a1.1..1 1 1 1 1 Davin, 1' 1r1 l.. D 1111-lf. 1' 1 Davis, 1211:-1116111 N1 .-X111-1 1 1 Davis. 111-tirqt' l'1111:-1 Nlar Dana, 1111111 12 XX.1te:111o Dams. Nlina X1 C lefzzoe- 1 2 ljtlklx, l2t11l1't'l :xlliii Daxis. hhlllll-H11 li XY-1?-' D.1x15o11. l'h','1l15, .-3. 1.X'.11,5 1 I H D.1w51111. Klarttzz 1 11111111 1 D.1xuo1:, Xxlilfll-1 1 .Xl1iI.1, 1 H l9.1'.', Sylxta A Art:---11, 1 l ' Deadrtclz, X'.11' :X 11-11-ff 1 1 Deal. Riilwrt 1. 11.1-,1""-U 1 Deati. lit-11111't11 lf 111171311 De.1t1111, 111111211 X1 5:11':1 1 ' D1-eker. 11.1r11.1r.1 13 11-1-1' 1 ' ljL'11l1'.'5, lla:-1111 xxx 1'f-A' D,-tl:-,,.,,, ltwgev 1112 -1-' :z 51 l9e:l'1.'. 12.15.1111 XX 3-lwlfif Dexlie. 11.1111-'T ll 1.1-. .17-- 191-tke, 1,1115 71.1 1-'wrt'-'Tl 193:21-N, 1111,-1g11: fx' lfff'-'I DL- l1w,,g,'7, 19.121111 IJ.-K,-tier, li-':::'.--ff: li ,S 1 D,-Ktwv--f, 1,1'f11.:.1 ll tl 1 19.-l..s ll'::1i 111i-ff'-1 1 1 Del?-rr, 171111121 1 1 121-.1. 12,151.1 1. .'x',,1r,t ' 191'2N1",L1-'IZ avr-' '51,-T HT' 121-zttzft' 152. 1' 17,-3.111-g'1t 1211 21.1 C' I' D1-::E". .31pQ':r.:. .fwfr lj -,Q,.,,. 19111111 ij., , 1 aj '1 .' , Exit 2, .1.1.N Dennison, Lorren H.-Central City Denniston, Betty A.-Davenport, 68, 81, 105, 107, 181, 182, 191, 193 Derscheid, N. IoAnn-Webster City, 171 Destival, Iris A.-Winthrop Deterrnan, lean M.-Mason City Determan, Patricia I.-Mason City, 100, 172 DeVan, Paul-Des Moines, 94, 156 DeVries, Lois E.-Aplington, 99, 186, 256 Dewey, lohn M.-Waverly DeWitt, Willa C.-Griswold, 104, 118, 173, 180 Dexter, Everett L.-Cedar Falls Dexter, Mrs. Shirley McCubbin-Cedar Falls Deyo, Richard E.-Waterloo Dial, Retta F.-Adaza, 170 Dickerson, Robert D.-Fort Dodge Dickey, Dixie L.-Boone, 199 Dickinson, Arla A.-Soldier, 60, 70, 154, 161, 184, 256 Dickinson, Arthur L.-Cedar Falls, 198 Dickinson, Leland A., 227 Dickinson, Merle-Mason City, 115 Dickson, Darlene Virginia-Cedar Rapids, 172, 176 Diedrichsen, William E.-Green Mountain Diekmann, Richard C.-Waterloo Diercks, Dixie L.dWaverly, 227 Dietrich, Marilyn R.-Van Horne Dietz, Dorothy May-Plainfield, 170, 256 Dillavou, Darrel H.-Waverly Dilley, Iohn R.-Cedar Falls, 164 Dillman, Mrs. Marva I.-Eldora Diltz, Anne-Walker, 167, 170 Dirks, R. IoAnn-Decorah, 70, 104, 176, 189, 227 Dirksen, Iames H.-Dickens Dittmer, Martin E.-Colesburg, 200 Dixon, James Lester-LaPorte City Dixon, Mary Lou-Eldora, 53 Dloughy, Martha I.-Waterloo, 58, 80, 171, 191, 193, 198 Dobson, loan C.-Nora Springs, 172 Dockum, Gerald E.-St. Ansgar Dodds, Leota-Wapello, 53, 68 Dodge, Ava M.-Lamont, 172 Dodson, Donna I.-Davenport Doeringsfeld, Ernest A.-Hampton, 103, 198 Doerr, Paul E.-Stratford, 164, 203 1 Dohrer, Frieda P.-Iowa City, 102, 167, 183 Dolan, Rose M.-Waterloo, 80, 227 Doling, Thomas G.-Sutherland, 86 Dollar, Duveen D.-Des Moines, 100 Dollman, Mary P.-Muscatine . Donaldson, Beverly I.--Webb, 68 Donet, Eugene R.-Maynard Donelson, Ronald D.-Clarinda, 86, 198 Donovan, Albert D.-Waterloo, 227 Dooley, Phyllis M.-Rinard Dornburg, Mervyn 1.-Naperville, 111. Dorr, George P.-Marcus Dorr, Ronald E.-Marcus, 227 Dorsey, Patricia Ann-Hampton, 53 Dotlich, Olga-Gary, Ind., 68 Doty, Margret W.-Oelwein, 52, 53, 70, 83, 121, 125, 135, 168, 221 Doud, William R.-Des Moines Dougherty, Lowell D.-Waukee Dougherty, Marilyn I.-Sioux City, 23, 53, 179, 181, 1 Dougherty, Mrs. Ruth A.-Cedar Falls Douglas, Charlotte I.-Malcom Douglas, Mrs. Grace W.-Cedar Falls Downs, Richard K.f-Titonka Doyle, Elizabeth E.-Hopkinton Doyle, Kathleen M.-Winfield, 104 Doyscher, Helen I.-Coulter, 55, 102 Drake, Marcia I.-Waterloo, 126, 155, 168, 227 Dralle, Rita A.-Greene Drebenstedt, Cleda E.-Burlington, 70, 105, 165, 176, 227 Drury, Edna Belle M.-Clinton, 56, 70 Drustrup, Robert I.-Council Bluffs, 227 Dryden, Carol I.-Percival, 171 Dudley, Jeanne M.-Manchester, 228 Dudley, Margaret E.-Redfield, 86, 104, 256 Duffy, Betty A.-Gdebolt Duhrkopf, Charles-Sumner Dukeshier, Lois I.-Red Oak, 86, 118, 160, 170, 256 Dummermuth, Dorothea D.-West Union, 68, 124, 168, 169, 188 Du Mond, Ieanne E.-Waterloo Duncomb, Grace M.-St. Ansgar Dunham, Barbara Lu-Rowley Dunlap, Donald C.-Cedar Falls, 115 Dunlap, Leslie E.--Washington, 198, 199, 214, 228 Dunn, Bruce A.-Waterloo, 198 Dunn, David M.-Waterloo Dunn, Shirley Ann-McCallsburg, 100, 170 DuPre, Theone-Toledo, 61, 68 Durfee, Mrs. Celia Maria-Cedar Falls Durschmidt, Norma L.-Fort Dodge, 105, 165, 176, 228 Dusheck, Iewell R.-Mason City, 72, 115, 228 Dutcher, Mrs. Grace L.-Dunkerton Dutcher, Mary L.-fRed Oak, 131, 168 Dutcher, Robert 1.-Mason City, 65, 89, 196, 201 Duvall, Barbara I.-Des Moines, 106 Duvall, George R.-Ames, 62, 63 Dwyer, Betty I.-Laurens Dybvig, Rhoda C.-Colton, S. Dak., 179, 181, 182, 228 Dyer, Mrs. leanette E.-Cedar Falls, 30, 172 Dyer, Thomas I.-Cedar Falls E Eagan, Margaret M.--Emmetsburg,s100 Early, Marjorie G.-Traer Easter, Marvin E.-Cedar Falls, 130, 228 Eastman, Patricia 1.-West Union Easton, lack B.-Mason City Eberhardt, lacqueline Y.-Clinton, 70, 181 Eberling, Carol I.-Postville Eck, Donald Devene-Waterloo Eckerman, DeLoris A.-Duncombe, 100 Ecklund, Grace M.-Brooklyn, 86 Eddy, Elizabeth-Aurelia, 172 Edgar, Cleworth B.-Clear Lake Edgar, james B.-Morning Sun Edgington, Phyllis E.-Mason City, 60, 170, 256 Edmonds, Darrell C.-Laurens Edwards, Charles W.-Cedar Falls, 139 Edwards, Donald Roy-Oak Park, 111. Edwards, Lee E.-Oelwein Y Eekhoff, Elizabeth-Steamboat Rock Egan, Marilyn R.-Scranton, 100, 170, 176 Eggleston, Betty Lou-Conrad, 193 ' Eggleston, Mary Lee-St. Ansgar, 98, 172, 176, 198 Ehlers, Sally Ann-Ogden, 86, 131 Eichhorn, Walter Frederick-Davenport Eicke, Hugh Iohn-Rowley, 115, 195, 198, 228 Eide, Lorna Bonita-West Union, 170, 1.76 Eidsmoe, Veryl-Canton, S. Dak. Eiler, Burness Robert-Cedar Falls, 198, 199, 228 Eilers, Lawrence lohn-lreton, 63, 228 Eimbrink, Zelda Laurine-Waterloo Eimers, Verda Mae-Ringsted Eis, Alice lean-Muscatine, 68, 183 Eisenlauer, Richard-Des Moines, 64 Eland, Ivan L.-Mediapolis, 22, 64, 74, 112, 120, 215, 228 Elderton, Mary Helen-Independence, 60 Eldrgige, Dorothy Amber-Vinton, 68, 105, 170, 176, 25 - Elefson, Richard Dwight-Clear Lake Eliason, Carroll A.-Mason City, 64, 74 Ellertson, Roland Vernon-Lytton, 22, 63, 196, 200, 201, 228 Ellett, Harry, lr.-Mason City Ellingson, Mary Ann-Carpenter Elliott, Bill E.-Charles City, 66, 228 Elliott, Colleen Ann-Waterloo, 174 Elliott, Dean Robert-Dysart Ellis, Elaine Kay-Mapleton, 22, 60, 70, 112, 228 Ellis, Martha E.-Evanston, Illinois, 58 Elscott, Madelyn Ann-New Sharon, 86, 104, 118, 170, 257 . Elsenbast, Mary Irene-Graettinger, 100 Page 280 i 4.. Els.iiiQ"D1,.,. " Bighorn. H' Q, ,, -1 E2'0f'ff'L" I A limmuirlrxzlzif H Emlw-1' 1 'if iw. vig . L'..- - Efwfl' . inf En9f1'1d' ,, it. if lLflQclW-'Qs Lrtrf 'P EQQWC' fair ' Englchofff' iQ.,,. raw 15... Engh5l1, .i..J Xi EHQSYYYNQ, H EPWG' 13 'N ' A1105 Q 113. lin-CiA'm. E mfs- 1 555. 1' Erbc. CW. I H Em-, XX'i3n,i:f': EriC1u,O:'r. 1?c1w:E.. Erickson. ij if Erickson. 5111-'fs Erchison. Nlfffff Etringer. Rczasir- Euchmr, Rzcmf Eufhner. Rua'-1: Evans. BVU? "' in Evers. Harm ll Eversmcycr. L' Fwald. Kiarl'-'S Evult. Nl-crftif Ewers. Alan R Evcoldt. lzcirtzz Faas. Richard Fagre. Kermvf Fahy. Robert Fairchild. DO: Fairchild. lox' Falb. lane K, Fandel. Geor Farrell. Dori: Farrell. Brel Farrow, Aug Faulkner. H4 Fay. Ralph 1 Fegtel. Roh-: Feisner. Reg Feldt, Shiric Fellmet. She Fellows. Bc Fenton, D31 Fenton. Ph' Ferguson. 1 Ferns, Dgn Ferrell. Roi Field. Delc Field. Gilb Field. Rob Finer, BCS: Finkgv Loi 176, 2243 Fischer, C FiSh, Frec FiSl1. Iris Fisher, E, Flshgr' L. Fisher, ja Fisk. Doi FlSk, Iac' Fiskv R01 Fitch, ja Fitz, Ch Fitz, D0 Fitz, Lo Fltzpatri Flaherrr P9Qe 25 ., 100 170,256 28, 124, 1111, 223 1 165, 176, 228 96, 201 181. 182, 172 S .81 , 170, 256 9 176 172,176,193 rt 196.228 I, 176 98, 199. 228 4 1 60 52, 105, 170' 176' 6 4 18 V 70, 112. 228 5526. 101118' Page 200- 280 lflsinger. 1111111 Alice Glitreiilierti, 11'.', inf, 12.- liltlion, Dorothy A1111 Fertile. til, fill lfinerson, lxnirnons, Rolierlii lX'1i1e 'l'uletl11, 183 Lillian loyrene Des 5.l11ir1t,-s limpey, leanne-Marie XX"111erloo, 23, 211, 711, 112, 123 193. 215, 2238 161. 191. l2,IIll'lCl1, Neva 1X'lz1rie6-'1'ipto11, 183 lingel, lerry Ioevff Delhi lingelking, loan lean- flda Grove, 172 lingland, Mildred-A-Orient linglehorn. Elinor leanne- l.z111si11g. 119, 1311, 22s lfngler, lla litoilevi-bliarly. 105 linglisli, Darlene --M1Xfla1clricl lingstroni, Lan VlX'1ilI1'-"l'll1ll1lJOlClI, 182 lipland. l'l2lI'lElIl Victor--1fXVaterloo lipp, Allen D.-WSalix. 98. 106, 110, 116. 120, 191, 229 lfipparcl, Gwen Yvonnew-lilairshnrg. 23, 615, Mi, 111 113, 119, 176 lipping. Richard R.,-4-M1'lartley lirh, Margaret Rutlim-lizirlliani lfrhe, Carl Freclerie-M-Cedar Falls, 113, 116, 120. 229 lirhe, XV lirickson, liriekson illiam XfXI2lI'l'CI1"-'lXf1CC1l'CQOI' Donald Cl1arles--qAnokz1. Minn. G. Roberta--XNin1ield. 13-1 Erickson, Sl1irley R11tl1wWlX'lahel, Minn., 17-1 Etchison, Margaret lean--lX'lapleton, 60. 68. 170 Etringer, Reynold L.--X1Vz1terloo, 229 Eucliner. Richard 13.6-XX7aterloo, 6-1, 117, 229 Euchner. Russell F.arl-f-XrVaterloo. 173 Evans, Betty Ann-Lime Springs, 65, 10-1, 119 153 Evers. Harm lohn-Shell Rock, 175 Eversmeyer, Lysle K.-XVape1lo lfwald, Marlys Leone'-Marble Rock, 58, 170, 195 liwalt, Merritt Arnold-Coralville Ewers, Alan R.-Albia, 229 Ewoldt, Edmund Richard-X7Vall Lake F l'aas, Richard Lavern-Victor l'agre. Kenneth Marvin-Estherville lalll R obert XV'1lter Cedar F1115 l'u. Y. c '-' c c Fairchild. Donna lean-Sioux Rapids, 68 Fairchild, Ioy lanice-Independence, 105. 170, 257 Falb, lane Kathryn-Elgin, 58, 68, 122, 171 r, Harlan loan--New Sharon. 131, 17-1 Fandel. George E.-Rodman Farrell, Doris Marie-Fort Dodge Farrell. Estelle Ridget-Elkader, 100, 165 Farrow, Audrey Ann-Ledyard Faulkne Fay, Ralph EdXl'HFd-W211CFlOO Fegtel, Roberta L.-XVaterloo Feisner, Roger XX7.--XX7ater1oo Feldt, Shirley Ann-Carpenter, 53, 170 Fellmet. Sherman Lee--Keystone Fellows, Betty lane--Fort Dodge. 106 Fenton, Fenton, Darlene Ruth-Xvaterloo, 130, 15-1, 196 Phyllis Irene-Xvaterloo. 93. 119. 130. 229 liCl'Ql1SOI1, Ilames Robert--Cedar Falls, 110 Ferns. Donna Mae-Barnes City. 110 Ferrell. Robert 13.-Brainerd, Minnesota, 1 Field. Deloras Eileen-Goldlield, 257 Field. Gilbert Milton-Cedar Falls Field, Robert laniesh-Burlington, 200 Finer, Bessie lane-Buffalo Center. 66, 170 N Finke. Lois A.-Mount llleasant. 103. 113. 131, ll 176, 229 Fischer, Geo. D.fDes Moines. 229 Fish. Frederick T.-Cedar Falls Fish, Iris Elaine--Rockwell City. 101. 113. 1.20. 2 Fisher. Eugene Levi-Cedar Falls, 9-1. 96 Fisher, Leslie K.-XX'apel1o Fisher, lames Francis-XXlaterloo. 66. 175 Fisk, Donna Lee- Spencer. 170 Fisk. lack D.-Reasnor. 65, 92, 1-10 Fisk, Robert Xxlllllillll-XXr?lICI'lOO Fitch. larnes 1.-Fort Dodge Fitz. Charlotte lanice-Miles City. Nloriturm Fitz, Dorold Keith-Bagley Fit: Lorna Carol 'nm-Miles City. 5101118110 m ' 5 , .. Flllpatrick. lames Eugene-XX oden. 7-lL 100 Flaherty. Marilyn Ann-Fairiax. 100. 170 Page 281 15, 229 1. ,130 1 20 1 , l'lf.l'11'-, l.lff1xE.l 11223 fy Q 1 1'i' I.'.,111'j,, lf 1'-' Z.f'C,l1zTT. l'l-'11 fi-1.1: 3. -,f fij-1, .'+.l:'z. Q l'l"fxlL1'C, 1.7.51 :A 1 l:i:t1:::-Q-'r 2-1, .fx 1:. 1 1211111-fy latin' xtfipgt l"l:::.1-'rm 5.1 Luz: 1:1 112, 1.15, 1112, j-13 lifiivreiizzpgi-r, 11-'Q-'zz 1.11111 l:E'lTl'Ilx'n', 11911.-' ll l'l11r:::-f, .-X11-11.1 1341 ,-:zz gg, i'i"11'R'.lXl.1:13,1:--'114.15 S : 1, -. , 11111121-rw, l..1::v'..1 f1.1,1r:f- livllwris. Klvixzzz 1111- 1 lfogirti. 2vl.lfg1.lYo"l 11-,:1:z:: -71 lrurlws, .'X1:.ig1-.1:: K1.1:1-1 1 llkflsl. 131112112 lf.1','1!111:1.l l'uren1.1n, f:l1.1r11--, l1:f1-gg . ,, , 1'ornex'. Marv l'.,1:.1:1.-21: XX 1 1 1 l:U1'Xl.'.llLl, X"vln1.1 1--.nv f liosiiess. :Xrsn-111.1 11111,-f 1 1 ti l'0rs. Dorotliy :Xian XX 1 r lwiss, Xlflll' R. XX'.1t1-1'1--6 l'uss. l.u1s l,.111,r:.- K lwmsse. l-lm.'t1 11. lx, K.-11 1r 1 url 1 XX 1 1 7 l:U5Nt'll'l1-111. lf. 'Q ' t 125, l7'1. 251 lwissey, M.1r11.1rvt .-X 1 X1 V l N 1 1 Xl 1 :ossej,'. :lUF111.t ,ir v. . 1 ' 1 1 'ost-sr. Marlorx' 1. l'.11r l'otl1, Doiialti CI 5111-id 1 '5 1 I s1D'-lf! X ll ll 1'f lfoiist, Dolmirv, . w,- l:UX. Dursitllx' : . ww Fox, XXl1lll.l11l Roelit- Xl 1 Foy, Xllftillllil Xl. UMR l:I'.i11Cl'-T, lily' D. 1211-.1.'1-f 1 franklin. Marv l.. D11.1'i, l 1 XX 17 11 15 lirqinl-ts, Clyde '. 1 lzretleriek, .'Xl1ee l.. X11 111 1 1 1 Q 1 Y L 1 l:I'n.'LlL'l'1Cl'1, l'1UXK'.1l"L1 f. liredericl-1. Xlneine :X C 1 lx 1,1 Fretleriel-is, X"1rg1111.1 U ti 1 1 liretlin, Xxlllll-1111 11 tif 11 French, Rav 11. r 1 lirericlis, ,-Xllen ll. 1'.1' , lirericlis. Cf1.1r1-:ice :X XX 1 l:l'L'llt'l11, Klart' :X cilfl l L '15 lfrieke. 1.1n1't G. 4211211-11 15 5' 5 Fridley, Rielmrtl Xl. U it liriediiian. Sol l.-is .-X' 1 C ' 5 230 lirietlrecliscii. Norm.: X S 1 l:rllZ. l1.1rl1.1r.1 1 ll-'ff 3 Fritz, Norziian 11 lion lfritzel. Do11n.1 1, 1-1'-M lirv. lir111.1 X1 Niirzm 1 2 Fri.: Sliirlex' X'1n1-11 W life,-v 121111,-r: X' 12.1111 1 17 -. . D if ,Q 1:1-1-lst,-r C,.1r1 XX :14:.1... , f 5 1 . . l:""' l11"1H1' 'X 1 l'1:111s.11:,1, 1... 1 1 ' R1'xm,'-L .1 1 -1. X1-W' I l'1111l1r11111t. -- - l'111ler.D11,1:. . -.1-1 linller. l'i.1r1 if glilyliiuff linller. ller1:1.:::. C. , 5:' 1 liuller. Xl.1r',7 l'.1::.:!'-'Tir ls 1 l:1111er. 31.15. 1302612 1 liulier, Sizzrlez' .'X:'.z1 11 . v Q 1 l'11l:o:1. 12-1:--1-rt 17.11 X linnii, 1171-1:15 19.11111 H 2 1:11:11-1. 120151 liunte, XX':If:.:::: .-X 1 1 lwzrtzerwzt, 1''::tl'.1. l51:r:::.1::. llifiiifi'-' -111' 1 1 l:::71:1:,1s1::. 1'T'fT-'Rf 5 1 121, 1.,:1-:T .-X:::1 X Cfif tliluf. 11-.azz lb. 2 klxlfrzel. if-df 1'- Gage, Richard Erwin-Manchester, 62, 64, 67, 230 Gallagher, lerrel Clark-Eddyville, 201, 202 Gallery, Daniel Francis-Waterloo Galloway, Clarus Merlyn-Charles City Galloway, Neva lean-Waterloo Galloway, Patricia Marie-Waterloo Galvin, Lois G.-Aurelia, 68, 110, 116, 120 Galvin, Walter Louis-Burlington, 230 Gamm, Robert C.-Sumner, 113, 116, 120, 176, 230 Gant, Richard F.-Hawarden, 65, 90 Gardner, Frank H.-Waterloo, 230 Gardner, William Edward-Greenfield Garloch, Marjorie Lorena-Guthrie Center, 106, 170 Garms, Eugene Warren-Mason City Garrey, Nance lane-Manchester Garrison, Richard Harold-Lime Springs Garth, Richard Lee-Clear Lake, 134 er Mar A Fort Dod e 60 230 Garv , y .- g , , Gates, Evelyn Louise-West Branch, 99, 106, 174, 231 Gault, Ioyce Alene-Crawfordsville, 68, 105, 119, 130, 176 Gee, Maribelle-Shenandoah, 60 Geerlings, Ioyce Elizabeth-Waterloo Gehrke, Audrey--Rippey, 119, 198, 199, 2,31 . Geist, Iohn E.-Waterloo ' Genck, Betty Ioan-Fort Madison, 86 Genrich, Esther M.-Swea City, 102, 170, 257 George, Phyllis lean-Keota, 68, 105 George, Robert McClellan-Brandon Geuder, Vernon Melvin-Waukon Gibbons, Ruth Irene-Moravia, 113, 119, 176, 199, 231 Gibson, Edward Frank-Waterloo Gibson, Iacqueline Iune-Des Moines Gibson, Virginia Ann-Waterloo, 169 Gilchrist, Norma Lou-Minneapolis, Minnesota, 58, 68, 86, 257 Gildersleeve, Marian Ianiece-Zearing, 174 Gildersleeve, Merlin Duane-Zearing Gilkerson, Donald l.-Missouri Valley, 103, 120, 231 Gilkey, Merna lane-Columbus Junction, 105, 257 Gillespie, Harry Stuart-Carlton, Minn., 231 Gillespie, Zara Francis-LaPorte City Gillmore, Zelda Chloe-Marion, 166, 176, 231 Gilpin, Fannie Mae-Northwood, 57, 68 Gilpin, Margret lean-Northwood, 52, 57, 68, 81 Gingerich, Rosalee E.-Garden City, Missouri Gingerich, Eli LeRoy-Kalona Ginthner, lerry David-Mason City, 208 Girsch, William lames-VVaterloo . Girton, Nadene Marie-Missouri Valley, 170 Gisel, Willard-Ventura, 65, 72, 136, 201 Glass, Robert Ivan-Edgewood Glasson, Barbara Ann-Waterloo Gleason, Alonzo, Ir.-Cedar Falls, 231 Gleason, LeAnne-Vinton Glesne, Edmund Lee-St. Olaf, Iowa, 231 Godfrey, Bernadine Ioan-Aurelia, 68, 98 Godfrey, Richard Aretos-Cedar Falls, 101 Godwin, Colleen Marie-Washington, 104 Goehring, Marion Glen-Libertyville Goeldner, Marilyn Marie-Earlham, 198 Goetch, Iames Edward-Cedar Falls, 164 Gogg, Iames Norbert-Nashua Gogg, Mary lane--Waverly Goldsberry, Edward Cecil-Muscatine, 66, 165 Golightly, Barbara Glee-Van Meter, 154 Golinvaux, Gregory August-Waterloo Golinveaux, Garry Owen-Waterloo Golinveaux, Gloria Ann-Waterloo Goll, Elizabeth Irene-Klemme, 86, 257 Good, Dorothy Arlene-Lamar, Mo., 60 'Good, Ronald Phillip-Montezuma Goodale, William Peter-Osage Goodell, Franklyn Alan-Clear Lake Goodell, Patricia Lou-Lake Park, 118, 131, 257 Goodvin, Elvin 1.--Corning, 95, 231 Goodwin, lack Duane-Sac City, 172 Gorton, Gerald lvan-Kellogg, 66, 76, 231 Gorzynski, Henry George-Rudd Gosch, Paul Elmer-Wall Lake Goslin, Goslin, Don G.-Clarion Mrs. Harriet Klohs--Maurice Gosline, Ralph Emerson-Waterloo Gottschalk, Paul George-Dubuque, 101, 180 Gourley, Iames Lloyd-Villisca, 117, 231 Gourley, Mrs. R.-Villisca, 117, 231 Gove, Donna Rae-Grinnell, 86, 100, 257 Grabe, Arno K.-Norway Grabinski, Willis Frank-Grundy Center Graham, Charles-Villisca, 64 Graham, Leslie Milton-Burt Graichen, Barbara-Amana, 86 Grappendorf, Donald Paul-Waterloo Grasham, Loretta Maxine-Wapello, 170, 198 Grassmeier, Lois I.-Bagley Grauer, Ianice Lee-jefferson, 176 Gravesen, Erna Irene-Waterloo Gray, Colene Ioy-Botna, 58, 131, 167, 170, 193 Gray, Glen Newman-Oelwein Gray, Gloria-Toledo, 57, 174, 232 Gray, Green Green Green Green Green Green, 1 Margaret Elaine-Hudson Don L.-Ames I Edward Bryan-Park Ridge, ni., 204 Edwin Iames-Clinton, 78 Mrs. lanice Stafford-Denison Patricia Louise-Guernsey Ramon H.-Rockwell City, 98, 105, 108, 124, 232 Greene, Clarence S.--Greenville, 66, 72, 174 Greene, Dorothy Lois-Waterloo, 113, 2,32 Greene, MacDonald Taylor, Ir.-Des Moines, 64 Greenlee, Eleanor Louise-Clinton, 181, 182, 232 Greenley, lack I.-Waterloo, 179, 184, 232 Greenstein, Morey-Waterloo Greenwood, Coyla Elaine-Cedar Falls Gregersen, Clayton L.-Ventura, 78, 113, 166, 232 Gregg, Doris Irene-Rockwell City, 106,s170, 257 Gregg, Marianne Maxine-Rockwell City Griensenbrock, Mrs. Frances Parsons-Muscatine, 232 Griensenbrock, Herman-Muscatine, 175, 232 Gregory, Raymond Donald-Harper Griffin, Beverly Rae-New Hampton, 86 Griffin, Arlene Evelyn-Iowa City, 102 Griffith, james Earl-Independence, 115, 116, 120, 168, 232 V Griflith, Richard Lavern-Monticello Grifliths, Mary lean-State Center, 172 Grim, George-Rochester, Minn. Griswold, Iames S.-Waterloo Gritman, Robert Dart-Walker Gritton, Eleanor Mae-Atalissa, 183 Groff, Geraldine Anne-VV'aterloo, 174 P Groff, Howard Francis-Fort Dodge Groote, Ioann Billie-Grundy Center Grooters, Phyllis Arlene-Cedar Falls Gross, Barbara I.-Ames Gross, Barbara lane-Sioux City, 102 Grosshuesch, Calvin W.-Cedar Falls Grosshuesch, Ewald W.-Klemme, 232 Grosshuesch, Mrs. Vivian lane-Cedar Falls Groth, Elden Robert-Denison Grotjohn, Florine Ioan-Alta, 172 Grouwinkel, Marion Louise-Columbus Iunction, 167, 183, 198 Grow, Ruth lean-Rippey Grubb, Iohn F.-Cedar Falls Grubb, Maxine-Cedar Falls, 215, 232 Grubbe, Iune M.-Berwyn, Ill., 181 Grubbs, Ieannette-Ottumwa Gruis, Shirley Anne-Cedar Falls Grummer, Arnold Edward--Cedar Falls Grupp, Stanley Eugene--Waterloo Guenther, Audrey A.-Fort Dodge, 86, 154 Gull, Fannie Mae-Garnavillo, 172 Gunderson, Donald L.-Lake Mills, 130, 198 Gustafson, Marvin Iohn-fFort Dodge Guy, Sallie Ann-Keokuk Guyer, Leone R.-Maquoketa Gysin, Marilyn Ioyce-Burlington, 257 H Haack, Evelyn Bernice-Vinton, 102, 118, 166 Page 282 . 1 .qfr HAHA ' Hffffl, ' Ha!'L"" .Milf 511,11-11 ' 3 1",' ring.. HJC" 1 Q Hatlm' 11"-A K ,ln 1 H4763 ' 4 ' H2193 ' Hadley. 'Tzu Y. Hzafl1.r..?2!N,Uqi Haggard. . H.,gL'CL,: ,f 1,1 " 0 Q A 'A' :ZA d 4 Hasqfw' . n , 1 , , 1 ."r , 7- . .U,.. A Hahn. S ,3., 3 Hargh. lf'-Q1 y A Hakanst-fl Q 'v' H2lW?1"f 1 Q Hallnxiir "".'1'f Ha11.D-iff "',' gy Hall- D018-1 M z. Han. cyfdggjs 7. . Har. 10 if-ij ,f Hari. Rqifldf. ,r. Halterfndn in V Halrerrnaeris 517715 Halversen. X f- Hambarf.. iff-if Hamilton. l'.11:,-'- Hamnton. 1' 1 5 199 , Hamm, Dam: f Hammond, lit. Handori. Defi- Handxlnn. ll-e Hanlnns. Deir 15-1. 193 Hanlon. 1515-M 115 137' 33 Hanover. Der' Hanrahan. Fr. Hansen. Burnt Hansen. Curl Hanan. Cha: Hansen. D030 Hansen. Heir Hansen. lcxnc Hanwn. lkrrfz Hansen. Mar Hansen. Mar Hansen. Mai Hansen. Nor Hansen. Ric? Hansen. Roi Hansen. Ro? Hansen. Ru: Hansen. Sh: Hansen. Sh Hansen. Vi Hansen. Vi Hansen. Vi Hanson, D Hanson. G Harden, D l'l3I'ClQn 1 . S. Harden. X' Harder, N Hardingcr Hardwiqk HBTQQU Harlan. I Harlan, 1 Harlan, I Harley. J Harmen, Harmon, Hamack Hmnack Harnacl Hafned. S. PQQG ZS ,. IJ. .f -1 'Q 21 3 S, 124. 64 32 , 232 257 .ne, 232 120, 1 98 166 Page 232 Haack, Iohn VI'."'arllI'2lUl', 86 1-l'akinson, Arlene L. Sloan, 1111, 122, 17 ci Habbena, Iohn L,-W-XVaterloo Haberkamp. Iuclith Marie --fflarner. 257 Habhab, 1'aulineef'1:ort Dodge -131, 17-1 Hack, Clara Isabelle-1-J-XfVaterloo Hackett, Margie Ilene---Ot-lwein Hadley. Charles Eugene-W-Recllield, 6-1 Hadley. Kenneth Lloyd-'fRichlantl Hadley, Neil Blaine-Cedar Falls. 232 Haflner, Norma lean--VVapello, 105. 172 Hagan, Rosanne-Storm Lake, 101, 258 Hagedorn, Roger F.-Toledo Haggblade, Berle Cliver--Bronson, 86, 172 Hahn, Delores Ruth-Bristow, 97, 181 Hahn, Stanley VVallace--Ottumwa, 106, Haigh, Letha Florence-Hopkinton Hakanson, Vivian May-Manchester Halbmaier, Iohn G.-Waterloo Halfhill. Geralda Darlene--Hopkinton Hall, Daniel M.--Houston, Texas, 189 Hall, Donald Clare-Clemons Hall, Gordon F.-Des Moines, 232 Hall, Io Rae-Cedar Falls, 53 Hall, Robert M.--Jefferson, 190. 191 Hall, William Robert-Decatur, 103 Halterman, Beryl Dean--Maxwell, 171 Halterman, Bette lean--Roland, 232 Halverson, Vern E.-West Union Hamblin, Ioyce lean-Manchester, 99, 186 Hamilton, Eugene Keith-Cedar Falls Hamilton, Robert Theodore-Grundy Center, 168, 195 Hamlin, Darlene P.--Stuart Hammond, Helen Mae-Cresco, 53 Handorf, Doris Lavay-Dumont, 68, 111, 117, 17-1 Handschin, Beverly lane-Boone Hankins, Dolores LaVonne-Shenandoah, 88, 131, 1541, 193 Hanlon, Edward Francis, lr.-Brooklyn, N. Y., 63, 115, 130, 232 Hanover, Doris Lou Etta-Ames, 119, 199, 233 Hanrahan, Francis Virgil-Cedar Falls, 78 Hansen, Hansen. Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen. Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen Hansen Hanson Hanson, Harden Harden Harden 1 r 1 Burdette Peter-Audubon Carl Franklin-Missouri Valley Charles Andrew-Cedar Falls, 233 Dolores lean-Pocahontas, 113, 119, Helen Mae-Burlington, 176 lcylene Mary-Waterloo, 131 Kirk Wade-Nora Springs Mareda Mae-Iowa City, 81, 102 Mary Alice-Cedar Falls, 86, 172 Maynard Francis-Waterloo Norma Doris-Waxlferly Richard LaVern-Cedar Falls Robert Young-Waterloo Roland H.-Cedar Falls Russell Glen-Cedar Falls Shirlee lone-Cedar Falls, 170 Shirley Doreen-Wilton lunction Violet May-Gray, 167, 171, 183 Virginia Mae-Cedar Falls, 102 Virginia Marilyn-Davenport Daryl Loren--Cedar Falls, 11-1 Geraldine Ann-Waterloo, 56, 165 Donna Mae-Waterloo Shirley Anne-Cedar Falls NVarren Robert-WVaterloo 1.232 198, 199 130, 233 Mary Ruth-Independence. 5-1. 105, 171 Hardinger. Naida Marie-Albia Hardwick, Mary Louise-Belmond I G Hargens, Orlan Earl-Climbing Hill, 63, 113, 116. 233 Harder, Harlan. Harlan, Harlan, Harley Dolores Ruth-Hillsboro, 51 lean B.-Dumont, 56, 168, 169, 187, 233 Lida Lee-Dumont, 56 Adele-1-lornick Harmen, Audrey Gaynell-lewell, 68 Harmon, Lillian Irene-Algona, 258 N M Harnack, Donna Lou-Remsen, 102, 118, 186. 235 Harnack, Lois Ann-Remsen - Harnack, Robert Victor-Nevada. 165. 131 Harned, Darlene LaVonne-Cedar Falls Page 283 ll.1r:ze-e 1l.1y.,g2,-I 1 K ll.1:'gw:. 12.1511 X.'ll,l.! In ll.:r511,,.' llutl, j,'5l1,K,:H!w',' lki ' flea'--f, r1.1,.,..,-,..,,-..i rf. ll.1rp1-r, f1.l.1r:l',:g I-are ll.11'r, 11-1:1f11:, t,Q,..,,1 K", ,xg ' ll.1:'.'1.-r., fxl,-f.5,,f,g 5-Q fl--ffl-H l'R:-1--ff in-.1,f:,f1: 1.1.16 l'l.1rr1s, fx1,,1,,,. I, 1,1y,X,5,,M,r 1l.!I'1'2'-. 1'--ret' ti.-51, tv"-W. 1l.1rr1s, Rtiirert ll 112353, 44, ll.1rr1s11:1, 1111.151--. 1'r.'tie::.L M fr... V l'l1ll'!'1Nl1lL, lqplggj 11513,-.L f-Uv: ,A - x l'l:11r1su11. XX'.1rr--:1 if X,K,'l,,g,.,j,,l.,ll ll.1rt. l'1ll.1 N1-lflt' Smut V35-, l'l-lfl, 1-Ixelvn 1,11u1s1- 17.--, j1,1,,l:.,. l'l.1rtl-teinever, L,-eg,-f ,XZ 1tgg,,...,1,, ,Q l"ll1l'l1l1.111. K1.1r111r1e :Xian limi: l'lI11'lI1111I1, XX'lll1.1ill lf.1r1 if-3.1: 1.11, lilxislirntick, D1111,,l1i fkhrit-It Xt".,fl.,l l"lL1Sl1I'O11Cl'1, Max lf. llrinitie 1',.,,1 l'l2lNl111glS,lUl1llc:l1.1flx'x l':1::l.l 1-1' Hatch. lames V. U,-iw.-gy, I Haugen, Carl Cfliester 14.111 1J.1,i,,.-, 5 Haugen, Merven,i lun: 11,13 Haugen, XX'il1is Lieorqe XX',.1.A,g,..,. 51 l'lE11lI'1ll11, l'l-ll'l-111 1111.3 cll'1l.tY l'.1ii-. Hauser. Iohn Charles Cfetlir l'.1fI-., 1 l'li1llScr, Lorcll A. XX,-1lx'flUU l'lz1uter. lulia Marie XX'.esl11n11t11::, '11 190, 191 l'l?lX'C1'l1ilI'l11. l'red XX. Xl11se.1n:1-4, law Flawley, Ciretchen Lee l.,111r1-n-., 1"'1, Hayes. lanice lzlleen l'.t!11, 111s I ' ' Hayes. Peter laul Mel1reg11r. 1-ll Hayford, lacqueline Nl.1r1e l..1:1111::t, 1 Ha 'nes, lirances M. S.1l111l.1 1 Haynes, XVilliam B-lCC3lt'll-111 R111i.1, R 117. 192, 193 Heaclington. lhlilflllil loyee 117.-e1-r.1i1. Heath. Aileen May Dex Kloiiies Heath, Charles 'l'homas c2l1111l1.1, Nei Heath oorts on tt' - ll W. Heath Heath, lack Gene Sioux Cnr. 'V-1. 2 . D l ul e .1 Du. Min. , Donald lirancis Cetlar 15.158 Heath, Mary liileen l'Q.1gle tlrme. 1 Heath, Patricia R. liort Xl.11E1s11:: Hebbeln, XVilhur R. Cedar l'.1l1s. lf Hebel. 10 Ann Louise fNl.1s11n V12-.', 5 Hebrank, lames M. O1-1we:n. lf-5 ' '1 Heckart. lrene Marie Dr.1lfes-.1111-, .. Hecker. Henrietta M. fxllklllllftil. 171 Heddens. lames Nxylllldlll :Nl-151111 ffm! 199, 23-1 l"lCClI'iCli, Dona l.e.1 ltl.1 llrnwc. R". ,- Heggen. Donna-lean .'Xllv,'l1l.i!!1. :fix Heidt, Ramona Darlene XX..1terL-w Heinrich, Ruth lanet lzstlierxxlze, 1-'f' 1 Heise, Friede Ann Shell Rucl-'. 1-'2. 'I Heine. lames H.f t1r11nt11.' f.enh'f Heiser, Kenneth Ralph XX'11i','Y'lUU Heisey. leanne Marist- Austzzz. 5-lan: Heisler. Violet Nl.1rie D:el'-.-zxs. E112 Heitland. Russell XX'.1rren Ailllllilq' l 2 l'1ClII111i1I1, Ceralcl lf. Or meh' Heivilin, Donna Xlxie fNl.1sw:: Helbach, Melvin Dnwll' lmfilll liwl' Heldt Anna Xlurie fN1.1ll.1rtt, iff. 1 1 Helgeson. R1Cl1.11'C.1 DL711.t'...tSZ tiff' . Hellinki. Pliyllis l',1.1u1e N'7",53'f1f1'i Hemann. Darlene fkl-1711-Eff? O'i'l"' Henderson, Ceraltlizze Klzzzzzze Henderson, I. lixleen 1l'11-'T,'tf"- 1 Henderson. Klart' l.1:ci:e ft,-MIG 1' Hendrickson. Der.11ti lx. Rest-- Hcrlckks. lflggirir' lvfliiiitf H Henkel. lean N11-ci1.m1cs'. :'1' Henry, Dale Russell Dzzzzf'-:r11i!.2. ' I-ivnri., Dkyiln AAliI:L'd llvfrlfltil. .fl Henr1'. Herbert Rv' C-.'tZ.1IfNl"'i'f'.',, 3 , b -- :A-V' 11031. '-J. "1 l'l1.rlWbI, Teel 5 ,l I XX, xl Herdman, Roberta lea: w 5 Hereid, Andrew B.-Lawler Herman, Doris May-Waterloo Hermann, Philip Donald-Waterloo Hermanson, Donna Ilo-Scarville, 102, 170 Hermanson, Vera Mae-Ruthven, 102 Herr, Gene Elizabeth fBettyl-Columbus Iunction Herrmann, David Lee-Gladbrook, 107, 130, 206 Hesse, Ramona Margaret-Cedar Falls Hesseltine, Norma lean-Webster City, 51 Hetland, Boyd Le Roy-Williams Hewitt, Floy Romelle-Morning Sun, 186 Hewlett, Evelyn M.-Cedar Falls Hiatt, Roberta Arlene-Newton, 60, 172 Hickey, Sally lean-Spencer Hickman, Gretchen Elaine-LaMoille Higgins, Harriet I.-Keswick, 171, 234 Hilburn, Colleen--Nevada, 258 Hilburn, Patricia Anne-Odebolt Hild, Betty Ellen--Fremont Hildebrand, Clarence Fred-Waterloo Hildebrand, Iohn Milton-Letts Hildebrand, Robert Kieth-Charles City Hilger, Edna L.-Hamburg, 100, 186 Hill, Betsy lane-Clarinda, 130 Hill, Donna lean-Goldfield, 178, 186, 258 Hill, Doris lean-Dubuque-53, 70, 161, 176, 191, 234 Hill, Eleanor Irene-Maguoketa, 166, 234 Hill, Lela E.-Clarion, 59, 174 Hill, Ned Phillip-Cedar Falls Hillsten, Edwin Leonel-Swea City, 234 Hilsabeck, Patsy Ann-Oelwein, 68, 105, 174, 198 Hinckley, Durward Iohn-Davenport, 164 Hinshaw, Dale Howard-Clemons Hiskey, Eugene-Cedar Falls, 66, 103 Hite, Verl john-Traer, 66, 89, 234 Hoag, Lois Maxine-Manson, 50 Hoag, William C.-Waterloo, 83, 121, 125-, 168, 234 Hockersmith, Robert C.-Bloomfield, 63, 67 Hochberger, Iohn I.-Waterloo Hockert, Howard Harry-Sutherland Hodgin, Carol Marie-Waterloo Hoenig, Helen Donalda-Sibbald, Alberta, Canada, 30 Hoffman, Raymond Arthur-Newton, 86, 199 Hoffman, Theoline Clarice-Webster City, 51 Hoffman, Marilyn Ioan-Wheatland, 172 Hofstad, Hariet Grace-Cedar Falls Hogan, Bernard George-Waterloo Hogan, Iames E.-Waterloo , Hogan, Kenneth C.-Waterloo Hogeland, Wesley Dean-Marshalltown, 36, 65, 133, 134, 136, 200, 201, 234 Holbrook, Mary Elizabeth-Boone, 172 Holderness, Marjorie Helen-Davenport, 61 Holdren, William I.-Algona Holdridge, Keith R.-Delhi Holeman, Iohn Clement-Grundy Center Holland, Margaret Mary-Charles City, 113, 166, 235 Hollaway, Betty I.-Fort Dodge, 170, 259 Holley, Marguerite lean-Carroll Hollis, George Howard-Hudson Holm, Donald Wayne4Cedar Falls Holm, Harlan Daniel-Wakonda, S. Dak., 76, 169 Holmes, Carlton W.-Waterloo Holmes, Doris Mae-Chariton, 172, 176 Holmes, George Henry, Ir.-Cedar Falls, 191 Holmes, Lois Beth-Dows, 103, 104, 106, 174 Holst, Dolores Lu-Everly, 102, 170 Holstrom, Dale Duane-Iewell Holstrom, Donald Frederick-Iewell, 175 Holt, Agnes Mary-Eldora Homeier, Mary Rhoda-Dayton, 165, 176 Hook, Io Anne-Wellsburg, 5,3 Hoon, Iack E.-Nashua, 64, 174, 235 Hoon, Mary Elizabeth-Nashua, 186 Hoopman, Marion Louise-Lime Springs, 118, 259 Hoover, Mary Ellen-Winfield, 199 Hoover, Roy Kenneth-Mt. Sterling, 103 Hopkins, loyce Elaine-Elma, 193 Horecka, Alice Roseanne-Oelwein Horton, Ioyce Evelyn-Osage, 86, 198 Horton, Ruth Anne-Calmar Hoskins, Dorothy LaRue-Richland, 235 Hoskins, Robert H,-Fairfield Hosmer, Iohn-Oelwein Houdek, Sylvester Lawrence-Lime Springs, 235 Hough, Peggy lean-Mallard House, Paul Elton--Estherville, 102, 173 Houts, Marilyn Louise-Rockford, '86, 104, 199 Hovland, Mary Alice-Webster City, 53, 70, 86, 119 Howard, Brownie lean-Waterloo, 116 Howard, Myrna Leigh-Indianola Howe, Edgar Richards-Cedar Falls, 209 Howe, Helen Louise-Cedar Falls, 174, 235 Howe, Patricia I.-Spencer, 53 Howe, Suzanne--Greenfield, 172 Howell, Annis Catherine-Cedar Falls, 86, 191 Howell, Donald Newton-Eagle Grove Howell, Everett Lester--Arthur 4 Howell, Mildred lone--Nashua, 86, 170, 259 Howell, Patricia Mae-Columbus Iunction, 105, 131, 167, 170, 259 Howell, Mrs. Phyllis Beverly-Eagle Grove Hoyt, Margaret Ruth--Iowa Falls, 53 Hruby, Lue Ellen-Oxford, 170 Hrudka, Quinn Ladd-Berwyn, Illinois, 86 Hubbard, Donna Mae-Rockford, 170 Hubbard, Keith Arlo-Waterloo Hubbard, Patricia Annette-Rockford, 68, 170 Hudek, Betty Ann-Pocahontas, 100, 172 Hudek, Norma lean-Pocahontas, 57, 100, 174 Hudepohl, Dorothy M.-Oxford, 171 Hueser, Lester Ben-Quimby Hugh, Donald Royal-Delhi, 66, 74, 235 Hughes, Beverly Ann-Waterloo Hughes, Iohn S.-Waterloo Hughes, Richard A.-Mt. Auburn, 66, 174 Hultman, Donald Henry-Westgate Hultman, Ioyce Lorraine-Waterloo Humphry, Mrs. Kaye E.-Cedar Falls, 235 Humphry, Kenneth H.-Waterloo, 235 Humphry, Marilyn Audrey-Waterloo, 58, 169, 198 Hunt, Harold H.-Marshalltown Huntington, Margaret Evelyn-Davenport, 61, 99 Huntsberger, Margaret Rachel-Wellman Hurd, Lois lean-Clarksville Hurlbut, Mary Ellen-Davenport, 61, 102, 170 Hurst, Roberta Darlene-Sioux City, 86, 100 Huss, Elizabeth Ann-Cedar Falls Huss, Richard Thomas-Cedar Falls Hutchcroft, E. Anne-Mediapolis, 105, 130 Hutchcroft, Edward Lewis-Cedar Falls, 117, 174, 176, 235 Hutchinson, Elwin Edward-Cromwell, 235 I Ihm, Ioe Allen-Guttenberg Iltis, Casimir P., Ir.-Mount Ayr, 236 Immerzeel, Ioyce Elaine--Cedar Falls, 30, 179, 185 Ingebritson, lean Marie-Crystal Lake, 86, 106, 144, 145, 197 Ingebritson, LaMae lean-Frost, Minnesota Ireland, Rachel Irene-Farragut, 68, 172, 176 Irvine, Sarah Ann-Lake Park Irwin, Mrs. Beverly lean-Ianesville, 86, 198, 199 Ishikawa, Iane T.-Damon Tract, Honolulu, T. H., 178 Ishikawa, Nancy Atsuko-Honolulu 10, T. H., 178, 2,36 Iverson, Dean H.-Indianola, 235 Iverson, Mary Helen-Bricelyn, Minnesota, 104, 174 Iverson, Mrs. Ruth Ethel-Victor, 171, 236 I lack, Hollis E.--Cedar Falls Iackson, Bruce Martin-Waterloo lackson, Burton Ray-Independence Iackson, Dean Alfred-Kalona Iackson, Harold Iames-Iefferson Iackson, Mary Alice-New Sharon, 171 Iacobs, Dean W.-Klemme Iacobs, Donna Mae-Armstrong, 50, 68, 170 Iacobsen, Donald Francis-Harlan, 64, 65 Iacobsen, Merl Martin-Dike, 115, 130, 236 ' Page 284 ow 15' K, ac- 1- .4 lzcsllil' fur. w mfg - ,2QU'.lf gy,-1 lwahfiflft' "aw, I. 1!ahQg,lf,4g ,vial 'JN F3110 "'v. Zi ,U llr, 'ZSTW5' iikgld if f-1' .Names ., ..f2,rf ,pn,,Qw,l-I I, w I uv "V 1 lang? 14.11.13 2 ' r. -5" . 3 xi f larvif. - 'l 1 736 A ig I 7 'full' 'f - , S1- ,asptn I f, '1 ' 'edlid'-iff Db' .. ,l . ff ' fnmngf, 1 Ui' I 181. lf-M' . . I .aff ' ' ' f,enfiiHQt' gdlw, 5-. lennmfif' 52 in li llennlngfh U A- f. ,..,,. , Amgen- llzsfli-174 V 4 lenS2U- 1 195. 219 lensw. fensffl- V5 ' Ri5'.'f1Zcf,'.L. l,gri56R. . enscn' Rwduf.. , emu, Ros-t..t 8.1: imnscn, XX i5't'53f if lespcfgqn, A 135,135 1.91. Hessen. liiazat'-Qffi lindrich. Marin firsa. Klan'"'f Hocus. D0rzs lim rows. lacquciafzr XOCTQCY. Af! N ff lohannscn. R015 lolms. Mcric Vs lohns. Pamcm lohnson. BIN17-if lohnson. Bev'-' 201. 259. ftffl fohnson. Co?-:tl . 16: ffohnson. Deio: 'olmsorr Dom lohnson. Don lohnson. Eido ohnson. lame fohnson. lush gohnson. Lila yhnson. Lim Dhnson, Roc lohnson. Ros Yohnsorx. XXX phnston. M lphnston. A1 goncs. Alice plies. Bem- gones. Betty ,Ones Carr, i 101195. Hclc Rimes. lda iones. lack aones, lam, tones. lam iones. Lau lones. Lcl: Pncs. Ma PHYS- Ric PWS- Ric iones- Rin pneg, V, pnes. V, PMS. XR il1Ol'dan. 1 QOYQQHSQ l0SIen. Q iotten, 1 PQQe 25 F 1-rf: If 1 I l ferxsn. lah: Us 119 131, 1, 198 . 99 1 . 174. 9, 185 06, 144. ., 199 T H -1 1 H., 178' 104, 174 0 Paqe 284 facobson, Calvin L.--Toletlo, 111, 2351 '1aeschkc, Berniece E.--9-N'Lohrvi11e. 10-1, 118, 1711, 259 ago, Earl Fredrick, 1r.----X'Vater1oo ahncke, Eugene l"1.n-VOelwein lahncke, Maxine Catharine--faOelwein 1akobs. Mildred Fern-vlowa Falls, 53, 259 lames, Byron Dean-Enunetsburg, 65, 113. 139. 236 Iames, Ruth Eleanor-Center Iunction, 156, 259 lamison, Esther--XVapello, 113. 130 1ansonius, Gloria Ardith-Ackley, 105 wanssen, Nancy Ellen-Preston. 179 larman, Barbara 1ean-Guthrie Center 1 farvis, Marian Louise-Austin, Minnesota, 36, , 236 1asper, Stanley H.-Wznterloo 1edlicka, Dolores Ruth--Tipton, 259 fennings, Dorothy M.-Cweorge, 70, 56, 105, 12-1. 179, 181, 182, 198 1ennings, Marcy A.-Cveorge, 68, 86 1ennings, Muriel Beola-Slater. 105. 195 Qlennings, Rosco Dean-Council Bluffs jlensen, Arno Lee-Cedar Falls, ll Qlensen, Barbara Verjean-George, 105, 12-1, 130, 170. 198, 259 1ensen, Calmer Alton-Forest City, 102, 117, 176, 236 11ensen, 1im C.-Cedar Falls, 1-11 ilensen, 1ohn Dotiglas-Waterloo 1ensen, Raymond Franklin--Latimer, 236 1ensen, Reid 1.-Davenport fensen, Rosmond-Waterloo Alensen, Wayne 1-1.-Waterloo Ilespersen. Norman Richard-Cedar Falls, 133, 13-1, 135, 136, 137 CSSCI1 Elizabeth Clinton 1 1 ' 1 - jlindrich, Martha Patricia-Swaledale, 61, 100 1irsa, Mary Lou-Waterloo Aloens. Doris Ellen-Davenport, 198, 199 1oens, 1acqueline T.-Cedar Falls, 22, 5-1. 80, 130 jloerger, Art Vern-Charles City llohannsen, Ro1ean 1ane-Bryant, 170, 176, 259 1ohns, Merle William-Grundy Center 1ohns, Patricia Ann-Corning, 60 fohnson, Barbara 1oan--Coon Rapids 1ohnson. Betty Lucille-Hampton, 60, 1-16, 1-17, 196 201, 259, 269 1ohnson, Colette Dorus--Albert City, 179, 181, 182 . 185 1ohnson, Delores Corrine-Decorah, 102 1ohnson, Donald Eugene-New Hampton 1ohnson, Don G.-Cedar Falls, 198 1ohnson. Eldon ames-Cedar Falls 1 1 ohnson, Iames Edward-Cedar Falls 1ohnson, 1ustene Rose-Hudson 1ohnson, Lila 1oyce-Armstrong, 10-1, 15-1 1ohnson, Linn McClary-Newton lohnson, Ronald Lee-Cedar Falls 1ohnson, Rose Marie-Corwith 1ohnson, NVendell Robert-Dike, 63 lohnston, Mrs. Marjory Guthrie-Mount Ayr 1ohnston, Arthur H.-Waterloo lones, 1ones. 1ones. 1ones. Iones. 1ones. 1ones, 1ones, flones, 1ones, 1ones 1ones 1ones 1ones 1ones 1ones 1ones lones, Alice Elizabeth-Clinton. 105. 103, 236 Betty Lee-Elliot, 70, 119 Betty Sue-Lime Springs, 86. 10-1, 172 Carroll Hewett-Lime Springs Helen 1oan-Hampton, 86 Ida D.-NVi11iamsburg. 110, 166. 176 1ack Louis-NVaterloo 1ames E.-Montezuma, 198 Iames 1-1.-'VVaterloo Laurel May-Burlington Leland NV.-Dysart Marva 1ean-Eldora Richard B.-Cedar Falls. 86. 236 Richard Raymond-Aurelia Richard NV.-lVlarshalltown. 236 Velda Kathleen-Cherokee, 136 Virginia Futh-Boone, 68. 131 XVilma Mae-Wfoolstock 1ordan, Charles Millard-Dow City 1 10l'QQnsen, Ruth Marie-Cedar Falls. 2.3, 61-. N0 1osten, Marcille Charlotte-Goodell. 110. 239 10tten, Helen-Clarion Page 285 1 1-.1-.n 1-4'-lffium' 1,1 ,- 'V 1 i., 111-'1 :XSL-l '13 ,.-. 1.5, 1 1 ,, .. 1 11151. X-.w'fv:1.: 1.173-' 4 Q-.5 ,- g 111111, 5-1.:r.g.::-'T ."1.:::. 1l1f1,,,i X, 115lls11'T1Lt2Z, i'.:1:i.: 1-':,.' K 1u::t5z::.1e:::, .7112--1:11 111931 17 1 1HN!, lutlzliz 11-.111 1l.:r:'z1- :px 1' 1111111111 11'-Neil 1'lf11::L-1 111554. 1 K Kmlnlpii, 3-1.iz".' l.-11: 1-,j,j.,,,, K.un, 111-xml-, 1.-,,,, ,X3,:,,,1I E Kaiser. 3-1.1r'.A l'11'.11:1. 13.11.15 Kaiser. Nurrzuui 1.1111 -", X',',,r Kaililmn. 1111114111 M116 1,:-2-H Kilim-.11. lk-ter .-'x XX',1f.-fga., 1 Kalis. lftlxxuxrtl :Xltred 01111.11 1 lxzuninerer, Rut1:.1n.x l.--.1 lfh: , 1Xil1l1pl1lll5-, H111 x1,lz1ggg3,- 10, f p 1XiH1L'. 121111.-rt l"r.1t1x!'. fi','1:g3.: KLHIU. 1211111-rm -". 213.15-', 1 Kanellis. Dated N if--15.11 111 Kilftlsll, A1L'lX'-I 1.11 12.11. 11151117 Karl-cosh. Marilyn 11.111 12.-an v Karr, 101111511111 'l'1inr11m.' Irv: 1 r Katnili. Ann.: fXl.:e 5.1111111411 Kayser. Maxine 1i11:.1l1t-111 ln Keck, Mzirylou Cnleslvizrq, 1 1 Ktltllllgl, Slllrlvy' 111,111 IDM.- Keeline. Marilyn 1une if-ms: 1 111 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 Kegley. Ruth Ann Ana : tv.. 111x111 1r1y Kelleher, l'1.1rult 1 ep fe. Kell D 1 ' er. orot1iyCl.r.1 xitltf 1 Kelley, XV.1nd.i Mite l1l"v'-1111 Kellogg, XVil1i.un l2.lV111U11t1 S tu. 17-1 Kelly, Lillian May .-Xrnultiw 1 r Kelsey, l'1ele!1 Nlnrie Kl.u:it11 Kemmerer. Dolores Ann 11111 KC111 11013 l,L't' XX'.lh't'l1vu 1' 1 p, . 1117, Phyllis ilarie XX'.:te Kei r1 1 Kemper. Martha LUl1lM' R-111 it 1 Kennedy, lf. 1.1ne Ogden. 1' 1 1 Kenney, Margaret Marv Vail 1 Kensint er Dorwlix' Ann 3111111 . .1 . K , Kent, Leon ltdwnrtl 1 111 C xr 1 1 Kenyon. Mary Olive 111-11. Kenyon, Rupert lftlwarti XX Kephart, Kenneth lf.. 1r. R- 1 1 Kepler. Carol 1, liniiield. 7 '1 Kerr, Doris l,orett.i ' DFZWUI1. 1 Q 1 Kerr, 1ohn Mgixwell, 1r. 1.11 237 Kerr, Robert 11. 1-. no . Kersten. Phyllis 1e.en l.Um1-Ill 1 1 3 Kessler. Rim Nlurie Carrol.. Kiefer, George l.eo XX'.1t--rl lui 1 1 Kielsineier, Arlene . 1f"m"'. K1n.'SL'Fq, lftllillllltl 1 M' N - , ' - 1. . lxilcher. Stanley 11. 'r.-.".-ju 211111 X- l 11-K ore. l'le 1- t 5 sv! f Kiinlmll. Marx 1: : ,A-'-if hllg F11 1' l 11 1 1 1 1 Kini, David Suk Chix: Sem: 1K 1 n X C" 1 1 ' hu l 1 111 I 6 1 1 5 nm. Ri yinont ' '!- UT 2, v Kindig. Robe I .. 1:ri!fl211' r l 1 1 Kindwnll. 1-.1X'.1111111:1 1'er:t 3 ms 1. King. DtmC1. 1..11'-writ' 1.121 ' KinQ. Dorotlix' 11-Jrszic-J ' 17.--A N1 King. Xlildreti .-Xrzzzv Server 1 Kinklnmn. 101111 Cfi11'1"i1 1"'1 1 1 K111t1S!v1'- Nl-Hel-iff! 1-UW". Kinney. Charles 15. lf 1-lt 15,111-Q Xk'.1m:.1 15 Kirchner. fN1.irtI-U01 1114" 1 Kirkwood. Rieimrti l,Z'Nl'-' 11 Kirsclilmzzzn, RW-.' Xl-fit' , 1 Kitterinan. Kent:-:fix C,:1.Er.-'X S Kitznmn, 11-lar'-' 10-H31 Viviun 141..,... '11-ti 1 Klaus. Rzcimrti 1., 1.l2'1?f-fjia ' 1' " S' 1. Klahn. Richarti .1212-5? - U1 11, f 111111111 1x1 1 Klar, Luverne M.-Osage, 63, 139, 140, 201 Klaren, Ferdinand H.-Hazleton Klasen, Annette-Callender, 102, 166, 176, 237 Klasen, Isabel Elaine-Callender, 102, 118, 260 Klaver, Helen Mae-Kamrar, 105 Klepfer, Marvin Howard-Cedar Falls, 63 Kloster, William Ray-Waterloo, 199 Knack, George Earl-Fort Dodge Knaphus, George-McCallsburg, 108, 113, 237 Knecht, Dorothy Rae-Davenport Knee, Orval A.-Perry, 63, 74, 107, 114, 180, 190, 191 Knesel, Dale Robert-Waterloo Knicker, LuVerne-Hartley, 61, 179, 181, 182, 185 Knipe, Paul Monroe-Cedar Falls, 63 Knoploh, Henry W.-Sumner Knowles, Robert Bruce-Boone, 120, 177, 184, 2,37 Knudsen, Richard Leon-Hudson Knudtson, Paul O.-Dysart, 63, 66, 130, 200, 237 Knutson, Norma lean-Waterloo Koch, Curtis Iohn-Waterloo Koch, Mrs. Donna Rose-Waverly Koch, Keith D.-Waverly, 237 Kochneff, Walter G.-Muscatine, 132, 133, 134, 136, 137, 201, 221 Koester, Norma lean-Duncombe, 170 Kohl, john W.-McGregor Kolb, Henriette Marie-Amana, 86, 119 Kollasch, Paul Ioseph-Whittemore, 173, 175, 193 Koloc, Anthony Richard-Waterloo Koloc, Iames B.-Waterloo Koobs, lack Earl-Grundy Center Kopple, Sonia Estelle-Dubuque Kopriva, Hubert Iohn-Dysart, 100 Korns, Beverly Ann-Brooklyn, 171 Korns, Charles Howard-Brooklyn Koroch, Donald E.--Benton Harbor, Michigan, 200, 238 Kosht, Richard R.-Bagley A Kossives, Andrew Gust-Muscatine Kraft, Dorlagene-Renwick, 172 Kraft, Gwen Elizabeth--Wellman, 86 Krambeer, Verda Mae4-Farmersburg, 102, 170 Kratz, William T.-Waterloo, 115, 199, 238 Krause, Donald E.-Waterloo Krimuth, Wilbur W.-Mount Etna, 105, 113, 117, 174, 38 - Kregel, Ianice M.-Garnavillo, 176 Kristensen, Donald Ernest-Waterloo Krukow, Ioyce Nadine-DeWitt Krumm, Edmond I.-Van Horne, 65, 89, 201, 202, 238 Krumwiede, Elaine Ruth-Waverly, 68, 102, 120, 124 Kruse, Bruce Thomas-Shell Rock Kruse, Gilbert G.-Chapin Kube, Elsabea Ioanna Anita-Clinton, 68, 170 Kubik, Tony L.-Clutier, 63, 100 Kuck, Keith Victor-fCedar Falls, 80, 103, 113, 117, 174, 198, 238 ,. I - Kudje, Patricia Ann-Klemme Kuehl, Alberta Helen-Moscow, 170 Kuehl, Henry William-Hartley Kuehn, Mrs. Betty Fisher-Waterloo Kuhl, Florence R.-Charles City, 122, 171 Kuhlmann, Norman D.-Schleswig, 102 Kuhns, Ramon Ioe-Oelwein, 31, 238 Kunert, Lois Ioanne-Humboldt, 154 Kunze, Ioan Elsie-Charter Oak, 58, 86, 186, '260 Kunze, Marie Ellen-Lewis, 198 Kupferschmid, Melvin S.-Oakville, 238 Kupka, Karlene Ellen--South Broadway, Toledo Kupka, Louise Amy-Tama, 54, 100, 131, 260 Kyras, Harriet Elizabeth-Perry L Lackore, Marlyn Rene-Ames, 64, 130 LaFoy, R. Aubrey-Milford, 107, 120, 176, 190, 191, 238 LaFoy, Mrs. Sarah Conway-Estherville, 107, 176, 178, 191, 238 Lage, Mary Iean-Sutherland, 104, 171 Laipple, George Russel-Faulkner, 108, 198 Laird, Ralph Ford-Dearborn, Michigan, 63, 67, 200 Lake, Collette Ioan-Manly, 61, 70, 86, 165 k M Ann Manly La e, ary - 4 Lamansky, Florence Margaret-E. Pleasant Plain, 7 100, 1. 0 Lamansky, Rosa Beatrice-E. Pleasant Plain, Lamb, Charles Ray-Marble Rock, 126, 174 Lamb, Richard Bud-Cedar Falls ' Lambert, Maxine Gail-Charles City, 238 Lambert, Reece V.-Dysart Lambertson, Robert Floyd-Cedar Falls Lammers, Hermina-Sheldon, 98, 105, 238 Lammers, Marvin Eugene-Newton Lampe, Vincent G.-Palmer Landis, Darlene Hallie-Union, 167, 170 Landon, Lois Geraldine-Marshalltown, 101, 167, 170, 260 Landsman, Patricia Ann-Chicago, Illinois Lane, Ann Louise-Waterloo Lane, Doris Mae-Harvey, Illinois Lane, Gloria lean-Algona Lane, Thomas Clyde-Mason City Lange, Donald Herman-Davenport Langren, Patty Helen-Whiting, 68, 100, 170, 26 Langrock, Karl Fred-Cedar Falls, 63, 238 Lansrud, Mary Ann-Newton, 60 Lantz, Richard C.-Boone, 208 LaPierre, Leo Robert-Waterloo Lappe, Graydon P.-Carroll, 239 Larimore, Donald Eugene-Harlan, 65, 91 Larkin, Larsen, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, Larson, LaRue, Herbert Oliver-Cedar Falls, 165 Leneen Mary Ann-Shell Rock Donna lean-Linn Grove, 170, 260 Frances Elizabeth-Otho Harold A.-Aurelia Howard William-Anamosa Martha Ruth-Waterloo Mary Ann-St. Olaf, 56, 154, 239 Russell Edward-Anamosa, 239 Wayne E.-Story City, 102, 174, 239 Betty lean--Dows, 260 Lashbrook, Durwood Elbridge-Algona Lashier, Celesta Rae-Sac City, 70, 104, 130 Lathrop, Marilyn lean-Havelock, 68, 104 Lauer, Nancy Ann-Mount Union, 52, 56, 182, Lauridsen, Georgia Ann-Alta, 86 V Lauritsen, Jeanette Bernice-Audubon, 261 Laury, Frank B.-Grandview, Missouri, 165 Laverty, Kenneth Gene-Manning Lawless, Linda Grace--Macksburg, 99, 183 Lawrence, Iohn Francis-Waterloo Lawrence, Marvin Ernest-Corning Lawrence, Shirlee Mae-Grundy Center, 172 erald Wa ne Iefferson 100, 174 0 239 Lawton, G y - Laxson, Grace Eloise-Earlville, 86, 101, 118, 186, 261 Leach, Robert Iohn-Muscatine Lee, Donald Ralph-Seymour! Lee, Gordon F.-Waterloo Lee, Mittie Lou-Washington, 171 Lee, Robert Wilson-Mason City, 91, 92 Leebl, Robert George-Waterloo Leeper, George Leland-Waterloo, 168 Leerhoff, Ruth Elaine-Parkersburg, 261 Leese, Leese, Patricia L.-Cedar Falls, 51, 153 Thomas MacLane-Cedar Falls Lehman, Eugene Ernest-Cedar Falls Leigh, Loryl lean--Havelock, 104, 131, 170 Lemke, Kenneth Harry-Sutherland, 63, 184, 200 Lempares, Mary-Fort Dodge,24, 60, 67, 70, 113, 155, 171, 215, 239 Lennarson, Barbara Ann-Gowrie, 68, 86, 165 Lennarson, lane Evelyn-Gowrie, 59, 86, 261 Lenze, Leonard P.-Mason City, 175 Leo, Phyllis Marie-Dysart Leonard, Robert C.-Ottumwa, 198 Lerdal, Claire, Iavotte-Clear Lake, 56 Lessenger, Leland Richard-Independence, 239 h rd R Ida Grove Leth, Ric a .- Lever, Virginia Mary-Mallard, 174 Levesque, George Ioseph-Conimicut, R. I., 32, 239 Page 286 r Lg-4,1-. 1'-I , Lvgglflr H4 I Llvlf- E. 4 Lit-in'fll"ll1U1. .1 Ligl1ll"i"4,, - Lillr-ln-1, -'VW Lindflil' 131. L111C,'-,,9MgH:l... Llndc' A 'Ns .- Linder. ' 0,5 if Lindlwfii Lindlmri. . .'s LindM""' Lindwll' Lininqff' I ,f Q .0 . ,, , ,i,., Lim-L I?UfE.:Lt, L1 Lfg. . L11l1e6wGf lf' Lloyd. Rgqlnzi LOCIAC. 510'-if' LOC1iC'f. LCV?-5 176. YJ?- Locltcy. Gif" L L0ckh1ar!..l'f"f' Lockwee- 75: SK LOCWUOQ' :nil L0cl:woOC, lf Loehf, Clnxrfzo Lolshuli. Staff, Lohmamn. R-1' Lomas. fN1:er'.' Lomfnl Kii11'Zf Long. Bieffe-if Long, Mzxrczr Long, Max 1 Loomcr. Dore Lorenzcn. O: Loshmzm. Gs: Loterbour. A Lotticli. live: Lottich. Shar? Loving. Blau: Loving. law Lowe. Dona. Lower. lame Lowry. Cyn 195. 240 Lubbs. Kenn Lucas, Robe Ludeman. 1: Ludley. Ben Lukcns. Yu Lund. How I-und. Mai: Lund, Rum Lund. Shirl Lundc. D01 Lundecn, 1' Lundquist. I-undvall. 1 Lundy, Pa Llmstrum, L1-ligen. R, LUWQ, Lol 174. Ht Lux. Rohr LYbb+2rt, 1 Ls-nth. D I-Ynch, XR Maach, 5 Maaskch Mabeq, 5 Mable, fl Macck, I Mach. C IXHHCQU. Blau., C LII-ldaoc 261 PGQG Q5 1 5 1 200 1, 174 170, 50 , 239 8, 186. 200 113' 5 s9 32, 239 Paqe 286 Lewis, Lou Adeline- 'A , Des Moines Lewiston, Harley junior --Madrid Lieb, Ioan Helen-MPocahontas Lienemann, Elmer Earl- Van Meter, 102 Lighthall, lean Irene-'Wl'rentice, XVisconsin Lillehei, Margit Clara- --Cedar Falls, 53, 191 Lindahl, Carolyn lune--MCedar Rapids, 167, 172 Lindhlom, Eugene Richardn -Xklziukon Linde, Patricia Ann-168, 169, 239 Linder, Marlyn Karol-HReinheck, 170 Lindhart, Maralyn Mae-Lehigh, 99, 261 Linclhart, Neoma Ioyce-Lehigh, 6h Lindsey. Charles Marvin-MXVaterloo Lindvall, loann Karlene--Clarion Lininger, Robert Carmon-Cedar Falls Linn, Donald LeRoy-Lehigh Lippert, Richard Ioseph--Vxfaterloo, 201 Litllefleld, Leona Byrdn-Clarion, 200 Lloyd, Richard Gerard-Newton. 103, 169 Locke, Melvin Edward-Ottumwa, 65. 117 Locker, Leora M.-George, 57, 70, 86, 102, 12-1, 166, 176, 239 Lockey, Cloyce Leroy-Wziterloo Lockhart, Everett Earl-Lallorte City Lockwood, Nancy Ann-Gran, 59 Lockwood, Shirley lean-Burt, 10-1, 172, 198 Lockwood, Theodore Robert-Pomeroy, 175 Loehr, Gwendolyn Mae-Moorland, 131 Lofshult, Patricia Marie-Sloan Lohmann, Ralph Donald-Burlington Lomas, Maryeau V.-Cresco, 86 Lomen, Kathryn Louise-Decorah, 70, 10-1, 119, 239 Long, Barbara lean-Ottosen, 10-1, 130 Long, Marcie M.--Algona, 165 Long, Max E.-Laurens, 6-1, 1-10, 200 Loomer, Don C.-Cedar Falls, 109, 239 Lorenzen, Ora Mae-Toledo Loshman, Gary Bryse-Cedar Falls Loterbour, Alan L.-Mason City Lottich, Evan Eugene-Waterloo, 113, 2-10 Lottich, Shirley Grace-Waterloo, 58, 80, 2-10 Loving, Blanche G.-Davenport Loving, Iason Zenis-Omaha. Nebraska, 92, 2-10, 201 Lowe, Donald M.-Waterloo, 116, 120, 173, 2-10 Lower, lames M.-Parkersburg Lowry, Cynthia B.-Pembroke, N. C., 52, 515, 70. 10-1 158, 2-10 Lubbs. Kennard VVilliam-Oelwein Lucas, Robert Edward-Burlington Ludeman, Iames E.-Waiikon, 133 Ludley, Beulah May-Manchester Lukens, Yvonne Rita-Dubuque, 50, 68, 176, 191 Lund. Howard Edxvard-Waterloo Lund, Malcolm E.-Algona, 98. 105, 12-1, 17-1 Lund, Ruth A.-Northwood, 86. 102, 186, 261 Lund, Shirley Laurayne-Cedar Falls Luncle. Doris Faye-Marshalltown, 2-10 Lundeen, Phyllis LaDonna-Red Oak, 59 Lundquist, lames Edward-Davenport Lundvall, Martin L.-Boxholm, 7-1 Lundy, Paul Allen-Zearing. 116, 120, 2-10 Lunstrum, Max P.-Forest City Lutgen. Ronald 1.-Wfaterloo 1 H Luwe, Leland D.-NVellsburg, 63. 7-1, 111. 111- llf 17-1. 2-10 Lux, Robert larnes-Mason City, 16-1, 2-10 Lybbert. Gene David-Cresco Lynch. Donald E.-Xvaterloo Lynch, Xvilliam Thomas-Independence M Maach, Mason D.-Humboldt Maaske. Dwight 1-1.-Logan Mabee. Suzanne-Union, 167 Mabie, Max H.-XVhitten. 65, 89. 171, 201. 2-11. 205 Macek, Robert Dean-Fort Dodge Mach. George R.-Cedar Falls, 63. 11-1. 150 Macon. Harold Alfred-Cedar Falls d -4 Macy. Carolin D.-Grundy Center, 52. Db- -, , Migilqkg, IreDe-Glenwood. 101, 115. 101, lm, 150 Page 287 x14l1,l'i'Ii, ", ,-xy -- :l'l'5"1:-U 11111371 11 1 1771, 1"7, fin fX1.i1x::1w-, 13112 ,153 fi, wai- fN1,i::: lff--.111 7 ."S:,:. 1:, " 5 lr'1. :fl 31.11--i--f.i.it1, 2e,e..Kf1-.- is xl-1111, 111115119 1.1.',t1.-1, . fN1.unu:-'11, 53, 1:1111 1, S' S Xlniifizll, 1,i.,-,,i,- 'i',A,, 3-1.migin, lin.-312, 1,553 t,t.'.,.,,,-1 X1.i:x-uri. Si:-1.111 1411- U, ji xlllpf'-. ll.l1?Zx1.l li-41, X1.iz'cix-.w::. li-.1-Z'.f, 11 lf.-,QM l1.nr11t-11, 5.1.i:".' li 1.X'.i1--rQ,.,. Klarl-:1:.un, 11.11-1w.iz'.i 1.-.rrzzif i!,,.,, , X1.ir1:l.int1, 5N'1'.1.i Item V327 ,L 1 M.irrZ1.iui1, XX'.if,':z.- S X'::,g,,,l h1a1r1ow, lliirit, l,,.,,,. Imw, RM- 5'l"1'l'W-'- 1111-'Cf' lHlX,U!1l1" l.-uw 131-.L M4irqu.irt1t, 1.K",'in.m ii1:.:s2 .--. 1131.41 Nlairr. vllltvwdwri' 11 11i::'lf::.g6w::, 111' B11-11311. :Y1.1f1.' Sllbllx R,gSwg.f-, Nlairnlmll. Ardi-1 X1.u' 1l:i:..:,, " N1-irslmll. Dwxglit .-'x1.i:: XX'--i,i'.i Marston, l1,1r1mr.1 :Nun li.ir11:.u:: Marston, Dwight 11 l'i-w.gZi.-, f-5 Marston, Vxrgmm 1'm:i.:1lt-, H1 Martens, lfdim 1,.iius.- 1,::u,iil::. V+. II' Nlarlens. LAM.-r.: l9.1r1v:x-' 111'--p 11:-.r Mairtens, l'.itric1.i Ann 13vt1'-.t--Zi 11:72, Nlzirtliiimiii, Nurinal-t.v,' l,.11.- 31122-., EJ Martin, lit-tty 1.1-e 1'i-rsm. 17.1 Martin. Betty Marie :'xi:rwr.i Martin. Clairt-rice lnuxioiit i1gi.v.t.1 Martin, Corinne Pxiiiii' N1.u::l'.' Martin, Dale ll, Di-ll R.ip:t:-., 5 11.11.151 Martin, tiwt-mlolvn Iran 1.-w'.ali.i Mzrrtiii. Kenai-tli Dt-.ui NYM.-r1 11 lN-1artin,Marnie 17.-s Moziiv 5' 180, 152. 2-11 Martin. Nllfl-1111 1.orr.une 11-111111--111, H E Martin. Ralph Vrcilvricl-' Dull l3.ip:ti--. 5 Martin, Raymuntl lowph Dv-1 Nlvzzzr- N1i1I'11I1g1. kV.i1l.1Cc C2 lN1U:lU:1.i B'li11'llI1Q, XVllli.un 11. l.u.en.i Martinusen, Rolaml Martzu 12-'i:::'.'t1 Mason. M.iriett.i XX'izi!1i-ld, l"'S, 17", 12 Maison. Vt-rl Clmrl.--1 ffxtx Mastain, Marilyn XX'.itt-rlim Masterpole. Toni Ot-int..-an Mather. Vt-lda lrt-nv XX'.it.'rl-wiv Matt. Rolwert ll. l..xl'urtv ifziv. 195 Matter. Riclmrtl Carl C" 13.151111 li 201, 203 Matters, Fred 1. llwt-vi: Matthews, Riclmrtl lfiuzi-:tr 11245:- Mattluus. Doris fN1.n.' l2V!1'vl:7 Ru s ll 1 Vi- I Matrox. sv -vi' '1"f11'1' Nlanclercr, Ann.: Xlac lf1s:-- law: Xlsiurcr. Lcos1.i Xlat' 'l'ig1Z-ist, "-. 1 ' Nlaurer, Ruth .-Xnsiv New 11.112511 Mauser, 1'liy1lis1t-.ui U-me-' 5 l 155 N14nwds1ev. 19olorcN 176' 11:51 . X1.ix11t-ld. lmmrine l'1-.-rthli' 111,222 ' Xlaxwell. 1,o:s Ann CA'-llffi'-i 5-lnxwcll. Klart: 1.011 V- K1.iv, h1.artli.a l51::.11wZ11 lxzzfivf x1.iX'11.H'x1. llarrx' law' l2"l'l'5'7 . xie.,x.i..m, im' M U- ,',-1 hltfffi 9' X1-:11uriw'.', 1151-nz: 12u.itt-- 1vf.fff-ff-11.1 '- X1cl'1t:rnc'.'. li.i71zrI.::'.-11:11.lliwrtt: Y XlcC.i1w, loin: XX ,. ' "L N1CC.:1w, V.':1li.a::: 11.:rw,,Z .'- '-9" 1 215 XlcC.:11, 11x'i1t".1":- v 1.1-'12 ' ' hlcfhziiizztz, farm liifff' 1' fl l 171x249 w ' ,. XlcC,an::, Xlrs, lt'-A-iff? 1 " X1cC,ar:.e:t. Nl-ff! li '1 C t , Al da Lucille-Oskaloosa 1M7:Ci11l'v11lle, Harold E.-Cresco, 72, 1001 177 McCauley, Dorothy Irene-41-larris, 170,- , McClean, Mariangigneif-1Vxq1lton lunction ,- a er oo lllflflfzglgrlsdlcklalilaldes Marlin-Armstrong' 641 110' 118' 120' 240 A C1 , 57, 100, 170, McClintock, Madonna l0YC9" U Over M6Clure, David Stanley-Lohrville, 74, 114. 180 McComb, Rosella Caroline-Randalia, 176 McCormick, Lois Maxine-Rowley McCowen, Vincent R.-Waterloo, 130, 198 McCoy, Donald B.-Crawfordsville McCright, lohn I.--Waterloo Y McCullough, Iames Edward-Tipton McCumber, Merwin A.-Cedar Falls McCuskey, Mary lane-Gowrie, 172 McDaniel, Letha Yvonne-Ottumwa, 166 McDermott, Donald Martin-Cedar Falls, 90 McDonald, Dorothy lane-IQWG11, 167, 176, 178 McDonald, Edith Marie-Waverly, 58, 174 McDonald, Gladden Clark-Guthrie Center McDonald, lames Alvin-Guthrie Center, 115 McDonald, M. Eileen-Hopkinton McDowell, Donna lane-Keswick McElroy, Shirley Anne-Waterloo,l53, 174 McEwen, Mary Lois-Traer McFadden, D. King-Cedar Rapids McFarland, -Elmer Burton-Waterloo, 240 McFarlane, Merl Lavern-Gelwein McGaw, Nancy Bond-Rockford, Illinois, 56, 70, 88, 181, 182, 185, 200, 241 McGee, Glen M.-Henderson, 117, 120, 125, 170, 174, 241 McGilligan, Sharon E.-Ianesville, 131, 170 McGimpsey, Greta Lou-Thornburg McGivern, Eugene F:-Marengo McGivern, Francis Kevin-Marengo McGovern, Virginia Mae-Waterloo McGraw, Robert Brooks-Des Moines McGrane, Clarence Francis-Carroll McGrew, lames W.-Cedar Falls, 114 McHenry, Garth Duane-Cedar Falls, 66 Mclntire, Doris Lou-Cresco, 185 Mclntyre, Iohn R.-College Springs, 241 McKean, Doris B.-Maple Hill, 105, 167, 186, 261 McKenzie, Harry I.-Cedar Falls McKibbin, Darrell Dean-Guthrie Center McKillip, Marilyn loyce-Durant, 104, 172 McKone, William lohn-New Hampton, 100 McLaughlin, Donald Paul-Waterloo McLaughlin, Robert D.-Perry, 113, 241 Mcigennan, Roderick Colin-Cedar Rapids, 113, 114, McLeod, Carol lean-Cedar Rapids, 172, 176 McMahon, loAnne-Gilmore City McMichael, L. lames-Des Moines McMurry, Earl William-Promise City, 103, 193 McNamee, Goldie Anna-Hartley, 241 McNeal, Frederick Charles-Burlington, 134 McNitt, lames Wilber-Maywood McWhorter, Marilyn M.-Waterloo Mealy, Carl loseph--Mason City, 65, 241 Mechealson, Neva Clare-Kamrar Medberry, Merl Robert-Rock Rapids, 115, 130 Meggers, Darlene Lois-Marion Mehlhouse, Robert Andrew-Waterloo, 175 Meier, Barbara Lenore-Des Moines Meier, Eugene Kenneth-Waverly, 64, 174 241 Meier, Phyllis loan-Sumner 1 Meinke, Evelyn Mae-Delmar, 104, 167, 172 Melcher, Mrs. Dassine Alfaux-Waterloo Melichar, Edwin lames-Cedar Falls, 199 Mellem, lewell Dean-Northwood Mendell, Marilyn Marie-Dows, 86, 172 Mendenhall, Neva lean-lndependence Mennen, Colleen Rena-Aplington Mentzer, Charles Raynor-Missouri Valley Merck, Vivian Ieanette-Deep River, 106 Merkey, Marilyn Rae-Ripon, Wisconsin Merrill, G. W, 1Danj-Wintefget Merrill, Iamcs C.-Cedar Falls, 115, 199 Merrill, Mrs. Lois lean-Odebolt, 155 Merrill, Margaret Anne-Ames, 172 Merten, Alfred L.-Garner, 115, 242 Meska, Elwyn Norman-Oelwein Messerly, lean Ann-Buckingham Meswarb, Carmon A.-Cedar Falls, 115, 199 Meyer, Barbara Ann-LuVerne, 131, 170 Meyer, Bonnie Mae-Kensett Meyer, Carol Irene-Muscatine, 105 Meyer, lohn Clifton-Elkader Meyer Thelma lune-Wellsburg, 242 Meyer, Virginia Eileene-Keota, 86, 168, 172 Meyerholz, F. Richard-Wapello, 63 Meyerholz, Mary lean-Wapello Meyers, C. Marleen-Laurel, 130 Michael, Albert Charles-Waterloo Michell, Babette Lavine-Rockford, 242 Michl, Dwight L.-Bettendorf, 204 Mickelson, Dwane Earl--Fort Dodge, 86, 115, 198, 199 Mickey, Edward Elmore-Cedar Falls Middleton, Mrs. Betty Mae-Waterloo Middle Miehe, ton, Randall Paul-Waterloo Fred B.-Waterloo Mikesh, Milton Rudolf-Protivin, 199 Milburn, Wanda Lou-Kellogg, 176, 191, 183 Miletich, Dorothy lean-Chariton, 61, 1,31 Milius, Paul Lloyd-Waverly Miller, Ann-Waterloo Miller, Anna lean-Manchester, 170 Miller, Beverly E.-Cedar Falls Miller, Carol Helene-Waterloo, 86, 168 Miller, Carolyn lune-Madrid Miller, Clayalyon Rose lKayel-Spirit Lake Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, David R.-Marshalltown, 86 Delores Irene-Cedar Falls Donald Eugene-Waterloo Duane Frank-McGregor Eloise loanne-Rock Valley, 68, 102, 261 Enid Mabel-Epworth Franklin M.-Collins Miller, lanet-Vinton, 70 Miller, lohn S.-Waterloo Miller, Iuanita Mae-Independence Miller, Kermit Vincent-McGregor Miller, Lavern Dale-lewell, 202 Miller, Mariestelle K.-Mason City, 60 Miller, Norma loyce-Stanley, 170 Miller, Norman Iames-Waterloo Miller Olive lean-Des Moines 68 98 99, 172, 176 Milleri owen F.-Watefioo, 164, 169, 1542 Miller, Miller, Ray L.-Ackley Robert W.-Mason City Millikan, Carl Willis-Hawarden, 91 Millikan, Ruth M.-Hawarden, 242 - Mills, Harley E.-Muscatine Mills, Rosamond loy-Marion, 172 Miltenberger, Barbara-Marshalltown, 104, 186, 261 Milton, loan Ruth-Little Cedar, 167, 170 Mincks, William B.-Seymour, 80, 103, 174, 176 Miquelon, Eleanor Frances-Salix, 174 Mitchell, Barbara lean-Sibley, 131 Mifghelkggrances Pearl-Cedar Falls, 68, 105, 179, 1, 1 Mitchell, Helen Lucille-Riverside, 104, 170, 261 Mitchell, Loretta Mae-Reinbeck Mitchell, William lames-Cedar Falls Mixdorf, Richard William-Waterloo Moar, Myrtle Lee-Melbourne, 61, 111, 174 Moburg, lanet Lou-Gowrie, 53, 86, 172, 200 Modisett, Calvin Fletcher-Cedar Falls Moe, lean Marie-Mason City Moe, Lloyd M.-Forest City Moehlenbrock, Iohn Frederick-Virginia, Minn6S0f21 Moehlenbrock, William Iames-Virginia, M1HHCS0ta Moeller, Duane Virgil-Denver ' Moeller, Ruth Adaline-Denver, 101, 131, 176 Moeller, Virginia Mae-Milford, 86 Moen, Dale Ellsworth-St. Ansgar Mofiitt, Muriel Margaret-Arthur, 104, 172, 176 Mohler, Howard Dean-Bedford Mohling, Paul Louis-Cedar Falls, 92 Page 238 4 Hag.. 11937 1'-,631 1' Ji f .w .fn -f WT 11,1-1 , 4 . U-"fl g,.,,7-'M , 1 " 1 , 1'l'l7Y,,i, 'Nl' '41, 3.102117 1151 - - l,10S75Q' ,. 1-' l1lf1'.10U:l-7' z " H" Z. 121011 1110371 1 3,,a'16,'f , W 1 810071 Afhfui- 1,105,761 1, 1 .5 Dfayfl' l wr 1 XlO07':' ., iid fylooff. kqlzngtiftf S I fa. , ,u r . 1102? may Q-:,c - ly Blow ,gc V. 1100- Qifggi., 141 1, 110019 if . ,t -1 Y MOON' . n f t . 14 ii .,-4 glow- 1.11.-1 Moore. 549, Mgfdfll .5A'rV.- F, -5, - 'X da" ' ' ' 1 Slvfil' 'cm . .1 .1 ag, .av--"" r Sicilian Xsdm, 5, , . ' ds.. - ' 'g . E-lore O-,. ,. 3 .. 1101938 I ' 261 ,Hin skim. , ' llcrr15.lf""" ,L 1 Morris. l,Cf'l'f2 'ti' 110975 Mfllkm '23 .4 f' 'Q S,LL.:YT'. HL" 15101175-' , P-y gy "K lN107TlS0fZ, l':r:..l::. V l sitfw. YM? " ,' . . Q- ng: , 5loms0:.8'C"-" . 110n'0'J-'. BY'-Cf1X if -' f iimw. iiifffff lf? " Morrow. ifau::2'-fi Morse, Oaffazzc 1 -rf' 110505. Vs':1ST..a 1.0451 r 111055. Dale RCf3"ff'1 1.1 111055. 5521241 11:16-2 3 11051, xx',1z1.,a-1-..,f-A 11011. 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Ngkama- halcn 1 Narrxlgnga- 1X1Af:l', Natxfson- Doitgei, Nan-111 ANU Kim Navmglg' RlCl1-Aft N -' Hunnr tl QQSSQH F Neu. - miicc 18, Bcity M-A Page 230 K, if vs' 198. 261 172, 176 , 186. 261 74, 176 105, 179, 70, 261 174 200 Minn2SOta Q Bdinnesola ,,176 172.176 Page Z Mohr, Loran Eugene-Preston, 200 Moles, Clifford Wayne-Dike, 67 Moline, Darrell G.-La Porte City Molyneux, Phyllis Ioan-Rolfe, 59, 130 Moncrief, Velva I. lVa11--Denmark, 171, 173, 242 Montag, Bill-West Bend, 66, 74, 242 mer Marilyn F Brooklyn 131, 261 Nellis, Dt-loris 1:10 Fort llltitivt- Nellis, Rosemary hh'-11t'f1uty 1,-,, v,, tgllellof. clone. 'in-.1 C.lh.i::t-lr tu . J. -.5 .. " " kllgirl I dtm1"'l 19-'Wh' 1,l:artvr 11.11, Nelsen, Beulah Rarnona liravzag, ' 1 1 1 V Nelsen. Mrs. Nova Mary Xie-'tile ,, Y ,H N Y' --r r M8832 Robert Wayne-Cedar Falls n, ames E.-Lacona Mcd6re,IArnold 1.-New Albin, 242 Moore, Doris lean-Burlington, 53 Moore, Earl I.--Bronson, 98, 174 Moore, Loyal Harold-Osage Moore, Margaret Evelyn-Waterloo, 174 Moore, Margaret lean-Des Moines, 106, 170 Moore, Margery C.-Letts Moore, Marilyn Rose-Hudson, 70 Moore, Owen Robert-Rochester, Minnesota Moore. Moore, Robert Eugene-Clinton Teresa lane-Hudson, 242 Morden, Mrs. Beryl Alma-Iefferson, 173, 242 aril n ane Hazleton 170 193 262 Morey, M 'y 1 - . . , Morgan, Gwynn Marie-St. Paul, Minnesota, 68 Morgan, Madge-Sparta, Wisconsin Morgan, Oliver Billingsley-Luther, Michigan Morische, Loras Adele-Rudd, 55, 68, 86, 102, 170, 262 Morris , kanne Marie-Waterloo, 29, 168, 171, 242 oren Vir il Case Morris, g - y Morris, Margaret Elaine-West Union, 68, 119, 130 Morris, William Herbert-Oelwein Morrison, Frank D.-Naperville, 64, 66, 67, 201, 204 Nelson. Berclena It-an XYatt-rioo, 53. 3, 197 Nelson, Carolyn Louise linifaln CI.-nrt-r NCISOH. Darlene lileanor -Ixiwoad, rm, 1, 4 Nelson, Donald Merle XX'att-rloo Nelson, Doris leaniieer-Sw..-a City. 1,13 Nelson, Dorothy lillen Rolant1,'l112 Nelson Georte l'l'irold C'-lir 5 " l li 1 I '3, ' .l - . F. at. . atw Nelson. Iames rl it-rce Bedford. n 1, ,t 5 Nelson. loan lxlarf-Burlington. 175 Nelson, Mary Anne- Clermont, 1112. 131, Nelson, Richard A., e'XVatt-rloo Nelson, Robert P.-f-lietlford, 22. tm. 72. 111 4 , Nelson, VVilliam loseph- -liagle Grow, 111 H1 141 Nettleton, Xhfilliain Francis' Klreene Neumann, Carl Henry' 'Cedar Falls. 243 Neumann, Cleo Ann-9 Preston. 170, 21,2 Neustroni, NVayne lohnee Marcus. lxkl Neville, Peggy Ann---'Laurens Newgard, Robert Eugenew Cedar liills Newman, Mary Ann--efClear 1.a1:t- Newman, Nancy Lou 1-'a KKK-lsstt-r Cnty Nicholson, lack Oliver -MCharles City Nickerson. Gloria Ann-H Grundy Center. H Morrison, Max E.-Keswick Morrison, Richard F.-Burlington, 116, 120, 242 Morrow, Beverly lean-Spencer, 53, 70, 186, 262 Morrow, Everett Leroy-Oelwein Morrow, Pauline-Rose Hill, 183 Morse, Corrine Lucille-Millersburg Morton, Wilma Lucille-Thornburg Moss, Dale Robert-Osage, 103, 119 Moss, Esther Hilda-Hull, 86, 105, 176, 243 Nielsen, Beverly lean-f--'Rolfe Nielsen, Fritz 1.--Algona. 1-ll Nielsen, Gerald 1:l'CClCl'lC1'C"'-Xxyillsffltkl Nielsen. Gladys Marjoriem 1-Dike. S6 Nielsen. Iohn Bennettw-Clinton Nielsen. Merlin I.--XVaterloo Nielsen, Nadine Amelia'-Hancock Nielsen, Richard XVilliarnef --Ringsted Nielsen, Roger XV.-I-XVatt-rloo Nielson, Ramona H.-fSioux Falls, S, Da 7 88 Moss, Mort, William Edwin-Camp Dodge, Grimes Harold Elgar-Mason City Mouchka, Irma Marie--Fairfax, 100, 172, 176, 191, 193 Moulds, Margery-Lake City, 105, 170, 176 Muehe, Robert Patrick-Cedar Falls Mukai, Yaeko Alma-Puunene, Maui, Hawaii Mulford, Dale C.-Stanley Mulford, Dean Earl-Stanley, 176 Mullane, Barbara R.-Madrid Mullenberg, William Michael-Cedar Falls Mullens, Howard A.-Des Moines, 86 Muller, Donald Bernard-Waterloo Mullii is, Betty lane--Corwith, 104, 170, 262 Mullins, Clayton Deward-York, Pennsylvania, 175 Mullins, Ruth Ioanne-Adel, 56, 70, 86, 106, 170, 176. 198, 262 Mumby, Anna Lee-Ackley, 68, 98 Mungoyen, Barbara lean-Ottumwa Munster, Richard Delbert-Hartley Munsterinan, Roselea lean-Waverly Murken, Arlo-Ames Murk Cn. Byron LaVerne-Boone Murphy. David A.-Missouri Valley Murphy. Edward Iames-Clinton, 116, 177, 2-13 Murphy. Edward Ierome-Reinbeck Murray, Iames Besser-VVaterloo MYCF. VVilliam McMurray-Waterloo Myers, Everett Keith-Waterloo NIYCFS. Patricia Anne-Postville MYYQS. Frances Maxine-Palo, 167, 170 MYF1Ck, Darwin VVayne-Estherville N Rllakaina, Kafen Hatsue-Maui, T. H.. 55. 101 Xlannmgai Marilyn Iane-Hawarden, 58, 86. 104 Plaryeson, Donald Dean-Forest City A ixlawlg' Ann lV1arie-Crcsco, 1-18, 149, 191 Xlauman, Richard Miller-NVaterloo N382 Maurine Geneva-Cedar Falls N Q Nvrssen. Frances G.-Tipton. 52, 60. 182. 219 ellis, Betty lean-Xvaterloo Page 289 152. 26.. A n Nietert, Donna lutieye- -f-e-- Coggon. ltw. 11 . Q' ' 1 A i , A .. , . tj 1 Niles, loyce Llaint- Missouri Vallty, 9 Nimrod, Leland Stanley, Red Gal-:. 2-13 Noble. Delores Vivian Y -Grundy Center Noble, Howard Lyle -listliervxllv Noe, Gretchen lean--Adel, 172 Nolan, Patrick Vincentf liininetsburg Nolan. Robert Charles liniiiictslwnrg Nordman, Erwin Henry Cedar 1'a1ls Noring. Audrey Louise 885:91 1-1111111-' Norris. Frank 1..-eflipton. lm i 1 Northey. Carol li' --Milford, 10.1. 1114. Northey. Shirley N.f Milford. 1i1'1.-l5" Northwall lean lfloise Reel Oak, 511. W' 7 1 X "'lt 1 unctmn, 1115. J Norton. Alice Xi or bl . V , Nile Brown 11 lfslfll 1'f"'-" " Norton. ' 9 V ' X . k ,U Q Nott, XVilliarn XX allacv. lf- X " P11114 Novak, Marv lean 19.11-'f111"f1.' 'lx' 1 I 7 , i". 1' Nugent, leanne -Daxelllmf - ' 180, 2-13 4 , ., , NYdeQQer. lolin L. lilsllll- 9'1- 243, 269 . . , .. .,--- 71, Nystuen. Marilyn lf-111111 PM ll' 11.., 1. O Oakley. Lula Lenore -'1l1llUP'1l.:' Plllwlql Olwerinan. Mrs. Arlene lane 1 2 O'Boyle. lane La lrene llorzzztf. ft... OBrien, l1crnar11 1-Hilfe l""'f". . 3' O'Bri-sn, XVilli,izn Ymccni 0'Connor. Henr'-' -91111111 CJ'Connor, Xlarian lxatzirbyrll Q'Day. Paul Stepliezz 1'F'.'sf"71Y':' Oclilerts. Donald ltfilfi XX 1.21157 -. . Oelrich. lili:.11H'1l1 ldm.. 1,8131 . " M3 Oetken. lilsie 12Qil'f'f"'- 16" 'll Ogata. Qrienne N'.1C11l'-'18 .Q ,H Ogleslwg.',1f1ovtiC,,w X1.:srw:i ,..y .. - Our-Jn. Rolwert 1,t-lt.--.uilxyvm-rg--S O'l'1ax'er. X1-HC lf-177 'NJ iv 4a t 3, 112, 116, Ohl, Arden William-West Liberty, 10 120, 168, 177, 193, 243 Ohl, Duane D.-West Liberty, 173 Ohl, Lloyd Eugene-West Liberty, 173 Ohland, Phyllis lane--Davenport, 86, 173 0'I-101191-an, Mary lane--New Hampton, 68, 168 O'Holleran, Ruth I.-New HamptOn, 179, 181 O'Kelly, Doris lean-lowa Falls, 184, 244 Oleson, Shirley--Milford, 130, 263 A Olinger, Marie Catherine-Strawberry Point, 100 Olney, Ianet Ruth-Rolfe, 86, 193 Olsen, Wilbert Charles-Waterloo Olson, Arne LeRoy-Clear Lake, 76 Olson, Bonita Vawn-Livermore Olson, Donald Otto-Odebolt Olson, Virginia Faye-Winfield O'Malia, Ierry Allen-Iowa Falls Omar, Dolores Mae-Toledo, 86 Omlid, Harlan Hauser-Waterloo O'Neill, Rose Marie-Waterloo Opheim, Earl Leslie-Bode, 111, 244 Opheim, Richard M.-Bode, 102, 198 Oppel, Shirlee M.-Fort Dodge Opperman, Iackie R.--Allison Ormston, Mabel M.-Waverly, 92, 112, 119, 123, 124, 130, 216, 244 Orthner, Carl-Burlington, 74, 244 Orton, Kenneth D.-Dallas Center Osborn, Ethel Lee-Winterset, 170 Ose, Odale Iennings-McCallsburg Othmer, Shirley Louise-Cedar Falls, 86 O'Tolle, Doris Darlene-Letts, 100, 172 Ott, Iohn Thomas-Clear Lake Ott, Lois Frances-Rockford, 106, 170, 263 Otto, Mildred Ruth-Onawa, 58, 130 eor e M Cedar Falls Pecenka, Darlene Faye-Toledo Peck, Marilynne leannine-Waterloo, 30, 80, 174, 191, 193 Peck, Virginia Lee-Garner, 105, 110, 117 Pelleym ounter, Bernard Iohn-Osage, 175 Penfold, Naomi Eileen-Cumberland Penne, Iames T.-Waterloo, 244 Penner, Lloyd Alvin-Salix, 76, 106 Perry, Kathleen M.-Waterloo Perry, Romon Gerard-Cedar Falls Pesch, Carl Herbert-Rowan, 164, 175 Peters, Peters, Peters, Peters, Peters, Charles Eugene-Alexander, 114, 244 Donald Rae-Marcus, 86 171, Faye Earlene-Keokuk, 61, 113, 122, 245 Robert L.-Cedar Falls Mrs, Ruth Ellen-Aplington, 245 Petersen, Barbara Iean-Des Moines Petersen, Charlotte lane-Holland Petersen, Gordon Holme-Waterloo, 86 Petersen, Grace Ellen-Ottosen, 86, 99, 263 Petersen, Harold Allen-Manning, 76, 103, 245 Petersen, Hilda Elnora-New Hartford Petersen, Petersen, Marjorie Louise-Stuart, 263 Peterse Peterse n, Ralph Myron-Lisbon n, William Hans-Audubon, 103 Peterson, Arlene Gladys-Delhi Peterson, Barbara Ann-Story City, 68, 131, 263 Peterson, Delores Ann-Lake Mills, 172 Peterson, Edward Dale-Gilman, 99, 111 Peterson, Glenn W.-Shell Rock, 106, 108, 113, 245 Peterson, Iames H.-Spencer, 66 Peterson, M. Suanne-Dows, 55, 60, 86, 105 Peterson, Phyllis Mary-Graettinger, 102, 263 Peterson, Virginia M.-Spencer, 263 Peterson, Wilmar lack-Eagle Grove, 175 Peterson, Yvonne Ioan-Cedar Falls, 53 Palmer Oveson, G g .- Oviatt, Mary Margaret-Goldfield, 50, 68, 182, 185, 244 Owens, Florence Marie-Traer, 58, 119, 198, 199, 244 P Page, Billy Duane-Cedar Falls, 175 Page, Earl-Dixon, Illinois, 94 Page, Frederick Benjamin-Grosse Island, Michigan Page, Iack Eugene-Waterloo Page, Roy Gean-Mankato, Minnesota Page, Warren P.-Volga Pahl, Resi Hildegard-Clinton Paine, Paul E.-Nora Springs Palmer, Harold Phillip-Cedar Falls, 63 Palmer Palmer , Helen Erlene-Waterloo, 53 , Kenneth Lee-Waterloo, 174 Palmer, Patricia Emma-Waukon , Stephen Gilbert-Cedar Falls, 128 Mrs. Margaret M.-Cedar Falls, 245 Pettigrew, Frances Beverly-Ottumwa, 130, 186, 263 Peverill, Lloyd Vernon-Waterloo Pfahning, Elizabeth Louise-Waterloo Pfahning, Ierome Edward-Waterloo Pfeifer, Margaret Ioyce-Ainsworth, 86, 198 Phalen, Colleen Ann-Mason City, 100 Phelan, Carmella Alice-McCallsburg Phelps, Reva Mae-Bayard Phillips, Arlene L.-Eldora, 53 Phillips, Barbara-Marshalltown Phillips, Betty lean-Clutier, 173 Phillips, lean Beverly-Waterloo, 113, 245 Philo, William Iames-New Hartford Philp, Marilyn Ianelle-Reinbeck, 172 Phippen, Wanda Leah-Russell, 58 Picht, Barbara Lucile-Iowa Falls, 184, 245 Picht, Merle Duane-Lohryille Pals, Marilyn Ioan-Belmond, 68, 170 ' Pals, Roger Gene-Belmond Panknen, Elmer G.-Marengo Papousek, Iames Frederick-Garner, 86, 165 Parcheta, Anthony T.-Waterloo, 113, 244 Pares, Elsie R.-Humacao, Puerto Rico Parker, Kathleen Blythe-Fairfield, 105, 110, 117, 174 Parks, Thomas A.-Akron 2, 'Ohio Parmely, Patricia Anne-Waterloo Parris, Rose Ann-Waterloo, 191 Parsons, Mary Lois-Spirit Lake, 57, 86, 155 Parsons, Merrit D.-Wapello, 64, 94, 196, 201, 245 Patava, lane Marie-Waterloo Patrick, Betty L.-Coon Rapids, 113, 122, 171, 244 Patrick, Mary Ieanne-Coon Rapids, 244 Patterson, Doris Ellen-Marshalltown, 86, 244 Patterson, Duane H.-Marshalltown, 108, 244 Paul, Robert C.-Eddyville Paul, Vernon Lee-Mount Vernon, 103, 175, 244 Pieper, Lloyd Lewis-Vail Pieper, Orlando Dale-Waterloo Pierce, Dale Max-Van Meter, 103, 263 Pierce, Ioyce Ioan-Primghar, 101 Pierce, Leora Alice-Goldfield, 98, 106, 108, 176, 245 Pierce, Roscoe LaVonne-Cedar Falls Piiiggllizgrnold Cedil-Cedar Rapids, 109, 113, 175, Pierson, Iuanita Lorraine--Waterloo, 80 Pieters, Iohn Warren-Waterloo P' no ti Louis Frank-Chica o Hei hts, Illinois 19 t 1 Q Q Pinkham, Doug-Cedar Falls, 201, 205, 207 Piper, Charles M.--Boone, 175 Pippitt, Betty Ioan-Little Sioux ' Pishney, Bess Ann-Marion, 68, 100 Pitcher, Bonnie I.-Emmetsburg, 59, 101 Pittam, Addie Mae-Hepburn, 198 Platte, Wayne Allen-Bremer Plowman, Iacqueline Lee-Northwood, 53, 68 Pauley, Mrs. Mary Catherine-Harlan Paulding, Billie Ray-Dallas Center Paulsen, Ieanette Alveda-Waterloo, 80 Paup, Mrs. Mary Naomi-Cedar Falls Payne, Dwight Arthur-Waterloo Payne, Robert James-Waterloo Pearson, Ioan-Decorah Pearson, Shirley fLee1-Hinsdale, Illinois, 169, 178 Pearson, Thomas G.-Radcliffe Plummer, Donna Mae-New Hartf Poage, George Richard-Hamburg Pohl, Polk, Eleanor-Gowrie, 68, 86, 160, 170, 263 Bonnie Corelyn-Sidney Pollock, Willis I.-Boone Polzois, Denise Marianna-Harlan Ponder, Wanda Lee-Newton, 104, Pontious, Robert Henry-Sac City Poock, Charlotte Marian-Sumner ord, 68, 86, 104 180, 194 Page 290 1 IJUQIC' 1 ,' I, 1, vow- Xi-3, , IJOpUf1,w":l rmflrlf. nv , . 1, 4. l'OY1t'f' 1:57, 4. Pofiff. 1 'A ' we hifi ' , uf'-' v 1- 1' . ,. 12811.12 1 1,011w11' 113101311 P0QfQ11:. I Polrailr 1' potter. 1 1 porter. 13' ', Xt, poulyerr. Povycilv AU" po-yells. 1411 . f'f. IOWA .r. not-1,+: Prchn' fyigafu Prcnizs. 11-V' Prcsion. D1 pl'1CC. 'VI Price. Nfl" Pnci' lit, .l .. Price. MY' .1 Prirnmcf. 1 f-' Pringlf, Pringle- 1021? Prior. DUI'--2' Profiin. Ravi! Proihcror. -1 Pumcr. Am Purdy. RGC11 Pylf. Nui 1 Quirk. Roh Ragan. Do: Rahlf. Aria Railbaclz. 1 Rainbow. 1 Raines. Io? 112. 2-26 Ralston. lc Ramsey. C Ramsey. fi Rankin. Ii Rapp. Bc: Rasmusscr 130. 17- Rasmuss-2: Rasmussen Rathcrmcf Ratner. C 264 Raun. Cc Rausch. C Rawgon. R351 lea: Rciid. lin RCBC1. RQ Read. S5 RCBIHS. C Rector. I Rector. I Rftddcn. Reece. B Reece Reed, Recd, E Recd E Recd Recd, It Recd, fl Recd, F Recs, L RQCYQ - l C . C RQQVQS P943-s Q n X 171, 245 I5 I5 263 .l3, 245 63 186, 263 S 5, 176. 245 y 113' 175. Illinois v7 68 5, S61 104 263 194 Page 290 l'KKJfL', lk'-ll! Sparhr, 'l'r:z:g."'-, Pope, XVznj.'xn- l'.mgv::-' fNl.1-.Hn C,::-.A lhypull. Volga l.N'.n:l'vq.m11. lfxzgrfz-., 1. Q if.-. l'urlvr. llxrr--l l-un---. Cvrinr lllllv, I 3. EE". f 2-5 l'urh-r. lfnnl flvwrgv Vznuvnt l'urh-r, Mnrgury Ann XX'.l:.'rin.,4 ,l 1, " l'ur!vr. l'l1yllxr. Nl.mwn Aww., iw. ll' l'u1.I,lfJ.ul1 Nw.'.ul.1 l'0hl. Rllllffl fl. lnxurvliv. 245 ' v "a l'utln.zst, lluxmlul XX.n.vrz1.', lf-1 l'urrnl:. lxfllllll' ll. X'x'lnttvzn.frv, lf? l'utr.ut:. lulmn llvnrfr Sxnnnur Pultvr, llunnlul Ray .'Xlg3un.:, 32.1.31 mf, ff l'U!l1'I', llcurglx' klclvlll XX'-lll'Y'lllU, lui 147 Puulm.-n, Vxrgginm il-.-S--11.1 Klvlclm--r. ll'I', W5 l'uwvll, Arnlys Nmlim- Cuqqmm, Inf, lfu lluwvlls, l.ccl2uj,' clll'1MlI1 XY.m-rlwu l'mu-rs, Cyril Inf-vpll XV.xh'rluu, 2-Q3 Puwlcy. Mary fl. XXyUHKllWlllL'. llv. lfvh. 245 l'rcl1n. lNl.nrgy.urL-I Ruth l'JcXN'nt, lvl, lfl l,I'x'illl34. l2.ny1numl lf. Mount .-'Kvr l'rvr.lun. lllmmld lfuglurw Xl.'1xu-rlmm l'ricc, llwirl V. Mnrslmlltm-.'n. ll'--l llriuv. 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Rose, William Dean-Cedar Falls Rosel, Dorothy I.-St. A115993 170 Rosenthal, Doughlas-Tripoli, 198 Ross, Leland john-Parkersburg, 173, 187 Ross, Marilyn janet-Epwofth' 199 Ross, Rolielrt Leslieli-Sidney, 93, 120554 R , ery nn- eorge, Rcdiilcbxllfzl, Cgfgl Audrey-Carroll, 68, 86, 186, 1931264 Roth, Betty Mae Water oo Roth, Enid joy--Fulda, Minnesota Rothschild, Renate Trude-Waterloo, 199 Roudebush, v Charles Warren-VVEEJtirl?86, 264 Rouse, Doris Alice-Albia, 103, 1 , Rouse, Frances Elizabeth fBetty1-Clarence, 100, 193 Rouse, Verna Violet-Albia, 103, 106, 118, 120 Rowe, Clair DeVere-Coggon, 170 Rowen, john T.-Clarion Rowley, Barbara jean-Hampton, 86, 103 Ruchotzke, Donna Mae-Lowden, 172 Ruebel, Donna Mae--Barnum, 105 Ruggeberg, ,Wayne Owen-Lost Nation, 175 Ruigh, Melba Ann-Meservey, 68, 131, 170 Ruppert, Darwynn Eugene-Casey Russell, Marian L.-Waterloo, 23, 107, 247 Rutledge, Allyn B.-Guttenberg Rutt, Milo F.-Mason City Ruwaldt, Marilyn Elizabeth-Beecher, Illinois, 131, 174 Ryan, james Ira-Lucas ' Rydel, john Edward-Humeston, 103 Ryherd, Robert W,-Alta, 64 S Sabus, Francis john-Churdan, 86 Sage, Mrs. Beverly jean-Waterloo Sage, Eddie E.-Waterloo Sagness, joan Marie-Cherokee Sales, Carl Eugene-Glenwood Salz, Alfred William-Waterloo, 115, 120, 199 Salzbrenner, Glen Dale-Cedar Rapids Sampson, Thomas Eldon-Greenville, 175 Sanders, Frank C.-Cedar Falls Sanderson, james Oliver-Fertile Sandt, Donald Richard-Armstrong Sandven, Dorothy Ann-Humboldt, 104, 176, 186, 264 Sandvold, David T.-Roland Sanem, Mary Ann-Archer, 104, 167 Santee, LeRoy-Sioux City, 64, 247 Sass, Marceyne Mildred-Spencer Sasse, Robert W.-Waterloo Sauer, Claudyne I,-Wate1'loo, 264 Saueresig, Iune Lenore-4Ossian Saul, Doreta Sue-Waterloo, 53 Saunders, Phyllis jean-Waterloo, 86 Saupe, Theora Betty-Sheldon Savage, Genevieve Louise-Ottumwa Sawtell, Gladys LaVern-Ames, 101, 167, 180 Sawyer, Charles-Des Moines Sawyer, Mary E,-LeGrand, 174, 247 Sayre, Betty M.-Cedar Falls, 59, 113, 114, 180, 247 Schaal, Mrs. Bessie E.-Ruthven Schaefer, Carol jane-Cedar Falls, 102, 131, 172 Schaefer, Gene Frances-VVaterloo Schaff, Dorothy Marie-Eldridge Schaumburg, Donald LaVerne-St. Paul, Minnesota Schenck, Paul Edgar-Algona, 190, 191 Schepers, Robert Hohn-Lost Nation, 108 Schierholz, Kathleen Nelda-Colesburg Schill, Frank A.-Harcourt Schilling, Betty Ieanne-jamaica, 191 Schilling, Howard Aloysius-Waterloo Schilling, jeanne Marie-New Hampton, 57, 100, 173 Schippers, Virginia Faye-Newton, 170 Schipull, Doris Alberta-LuVerne, 172 chlattman Mrs Coleen joan Ventura 61 182 S f ' '- r 1 Schlattman, Vernon Ernest-Sheridan, Wyoming, 66, 247 Schloeman, Marjorie Ruth-Norway, 167 Schmadeke, Donald W.-Waterloo Schmidt, Eugene M.-Fenton, 100, 173, 247 Schmidt, Harold Peter-Clinton Schmidt, Ioan Ann-Rolfe, 186, 264 Schmidt, Lenora Mary-Titonka, 170 Schmidt, Marian jane-Hinsdale, Illinois, 23, 179 Schmidt, Marilyn L.-Keokuk, 53, 180 Schmidt, Marlyce Louise-lda tGrove Schmidt Paul--Delhi 3 Schminke, Clarence W.-Newhall Schmitz, Loren Louis-Cedar Falls Schneekloth, Violet joy-Wellsburg S hneider, Geraldine M.-Lacona, 100, 171 Sghneider, Marjorie L.-Wagrloo, 186 ' - ll Schnell, Richard H. Cedar a s Schnepf, Paula Margaret-LeMars, 100, 111 Schoenolf, Arthur William-Waterloo, 199 Schoof, Gordon james-Cedar Falls Schoof, Harry--Waterloo Schornhorst, Florence I.-Waverly, 179, 182 Schrader, E. jean-Sigourney, 106, 166, 247 Schramm, Dwayne Gene-Ida Grove, 98, 102, 113, 120, 173, 174 Schreiber, Ioan Emelia-LaPorte City, 166, 247 G1 dbrook 264 Schroeder, Anna Mae- a , Schroeder, Connie Lou--Storm Lake, 131 Schroeder, joan Maxine-Lake Park, 105, 170, 264 Schrubbe, Richard H.-Waterloo Schuck, Barbara Ann--Iowa Falls, 168, 193 Schuck, Richard Wesley-New Hartford Schuelke R. Anne-Alta, 198 Schueth, Iames Ierome-New Hampton, 72, 100 Schuldt, Audrey Rose-Deep River, 61, 102 Schultz, Elinor Ruth-Ames, 199 Schultz, Gerald I.-Waterloo Schultz, Grant Lee-Postville Schultz, Schumacher, Bonna Lea-Guttenberg Schumacher, Dorothy Darlene-Correctionville, 172 Schumacher, Io Anne Hilda-Defiance, 100 Schutt, Betty Lou-Maurice, 86, 185 Schuttinga, Neola M.-Prairie City, 170, 198, 264 Schwab, William A.-Cedar Rapids Schwaller, Bonnie Margaret-Odebolt Schwendemann, Ardea Twyla-Lehigh, 86 Schwerin, Beth Marian-Waterloo, 248 Scott, Arlene Helen-Delmar Scott,' Mrs. Elizabeth Moulton-Cedar Falls Scott, Francis Stephen-Leon Scott, Lorna jean-Cedar Falls Sea, Darold Richard-Sioux City Seagren, Betty-Conde, South Dakota, 248 Seagijght, Dorothy Ellen-Cedar Falls, 23, 59, 130, 1 , 181 Searight, Lois jane-Cedar Falls, 59, 86, 130, 199 Sedgley, janice Bea+Linden, 170 See, Harold Eugene-Waterloo Seebach, Loren Ralph-Dysart, 66, 248 Seefried, Vernon L.-Cedar Falls Seger, Lowell Wayne-Portland, Oregon, 62, 65 Segerstrom, Mildred E.-Forest City, 106, 118, 264 Seglem, Audrey jean-Fertile Selah, Richard C.-Cedar Falls, 199 Sell, Lodyce Elaine-Sumner Sellman, Robert Troy-Keota, 115, 198 Semler, Ira I.-DeSoto, 109, 113, 248 Semler, Mrs, Virginia Hinricksen-De Soto, 176 Sensalnlialtggh, Robert Newell-Sioux City, 64, 102, Sents, Marjorie Ann-Wellsburg s M Ventura California 135 Sessions, lame .- , , Setzer, William Fred-South Amana, 175 Shafer, Dorothy Ieanne-Lake Park, 86, 265 Shafer, F. joan-Lake Park, 104, 186 Shafer, Harlan George-Greene, 99, 248 Shafer, Robert E.-Waterloo, 115 Shaffer, Charleen Lois-Mediapolis Shaffer, Charlotte Louise-Mediapolis Shakespeare, Avon Francis-Central City, 99, 198 Sharp, Donna D.-Mason City, 51, 53, 86, 155, 196, 200 Shaver, Harriet Anne-Albia, 86, 265 Shaw, Cathie jeanne-South Orange, N. I., 88, 112, 179, 181, 182, 248 Shaw, Norma Ioan-Waterloo Page 292 S'lA:'-5 A ' v-A , 1 Slit'-fi l lg., 5l3t"'l'.'t E l i w Slit'35" ' SWA" L . Sl1t'lG'f!i , , . Sliclla! - Slw?'i'lj I . ' Slwpdfulg li ' ' SliL'1"?'liL' ali, Sliffmf' ,. .. Slicffiiwl 1,- SlSt'UZ:.:1" ,il 1 H ShL'fft'!3f " 34' it Sl1t'flC2Z'i- "f Shicis. lf3'.l"7 Shinmifiv 317: Sliiplf'-F Rf 9, ShOW'f".' " 17111: .. Shuju' 51.1. - Sidd,.,3t,-'Ili 1.1: Sides, ' Slclkiefn. lf' Sicli. l',c1'5-if Sicpcrt, 111 vfj Sicwrs, lwf - - - "111-Q12l'.f Sigur i V Silliccr, DO" Sllliliiizfi, 57 '11- Silvcf. lf --1 - Sll'UITaS, l,vV 1 Simon. DC fl' C 198. 195' Simpson. Rf? Sinclz. l'ic1't'. Sinram. liz: Siplon. lwvg Siplon. l.cvr: 104. 191. Sires. Slfv 217. 248 Skain. Rafi: Skinncr. Dt Skougc. CQ, Slavcns. Df Sloan. Ric? Sloan. 121:11 2-18 Slocum. N Slylicld. lc Smalley. F Smalley. 1 Smcrdon. Smici. Bot' Smiley. L 193 Smith. Ai Smith. Fri Smllll. BQ Smith, B, B4 Smith, C Smith. D Smith. E Smith, E Smith. C Smith, 1 Smith. 1 Smith, I Smith, I Smith, l Smith, 1 Smith. Smith, bmith, Smith, Smith, Smith. Smith - PGQG. 1 3, 64 172 264 130. 199 65 L, 264 178 , 102, 9, 198 155, 196 88, 112 Page 292 Shaw, Paul hhvlilll-llll Gray, lvl, Shea, Alice Nlarie Ceclar Rapnl-,, 55, lull 1211 Sheehy. liinmett l'aul liort lijtnlqe, 2-iw Sheldahl, Loren R. Kana'.vli.i, 1132! ll-5, 1s,i Sheldon, Barbara Ann lflalurii Sheldon, Celia Louise Des Moines, IHS, ja.-T, SllelliilJ1irgjer', hilrs, l'lx'len Adelle Xhhipellu, ST, lil Shepard, Lawrence l.. Cedar lialls Shepard, Richard Lloyd XVt-st Des Nltuixe.-., Tn Sheppard, lohn XVilliam l'ella Sherman, Homer Charles Sioux City Sherman. Shirley Ann lesup, ltl-1, lfll Slierlnim, XValter Dean l.4il1e ltorest, lllinms, 'll Sherren. XVinifred Caryl lrlawlzeye, INT. ll3, lfr., 243 Sheston, XVilliam john Centerville Shiels, Richard john NN'isconsin Rapids, XX'isconsin Shinsato, liusalco -Maui. 'l'. H. Shipley, Richard D. Nvaterloo Showers. Burton LaVerne XVaterloo, lI3, llfw. l2tl, l73, 248 Shultz, Mary -- State Center Siddens, Robert S.-V 8-liort Dodge. 93, l-ll, 248 Sides, Charles A.---Lal'orte City Siefkas, Marcia Louise----Osceola Sieh, lidward Alfred Reinbeck Siepert, liyelyn Edith---Cedar Falls, 66 Sieyers, Floyd Allen fMechanicsyille Siglin, Keith lidmund--Cedar lialls Silker. DeVVaine Charles- Rochester, Minn., 65, l-ll Silliman, Patricia Nancy-fDanbury, Connecticut Silver. Lola Mae-XVaterloo, 99, l7l Simms, Leo Charles---Beaman Simon, Doris Alida---4VValker Simpson, Dean XVesley--Sulherland, 66, ll5, l3i.l. l9lS, l99 Simpson, Robert Elwinw-Adaza Sinek, Betty Iane-4-Rolfe, IUO, 172 Sinram. Harlan E.-vClarksyille Siplon, Ioseph Byron' --Yf Charles City, 56, l03, 193 Siplon, Lorraine Rosemary-4Charles City, 6l. lm, IO4. 191. l93, l99 Sires. Mrs. Icy ljarryfr-Dike, 59, ll2, ll3. ll7, l23. 217, 248 Skain, Richard--Cedar Falls. 94 Skinner, Delmar Iyanwflissex Sltouge. G. Marilynv--Kanawha, l79, lhl, IHZ Slavens. Doris lean----Aliarlham Sloan, Richard Clair!----NVaterloo -y Sloan. Ruth lN'larie--'Sioux City, 61, 54. ltlb, lib. 248 Slocum. Nellie DarleneWfSloan, 66 Slylield. Iohn Frederick-A-fMcCregor, 63. lflh Smalley, Beth Colleen--8-Vinton -- Smalley, Lee Harold' 8-Mount Auburn. 63. lfv Smerdon. lohn Eutene--Mason City lNU. J - - Smid, Betty Io Annef----XVare, IOD. lltl s - Smiley, L. Travis W-Barrington. lllinois. lib, lull l93 Smith, Allan liugene 4 ,Humboldt - Smith. Betty Ann-sffRockford. bb. lil, UO. 201 Smith, Betty lean -'Dax'enport, 2-lN Smith. Betty Lou' sXX'aterloo Smith, Beverly liaye --l'ludson. IO4. l3l Smith. Clouce lfdward-wfCouncil Bluffs Smith, Donald liugene --rrf8 XVaterl0O Smith, Eleanor lane' -Paton - Smith. lfsther Maw Battle Creel-1,-lrkll lbll Smith, Gloria Mae 8-Cuttenberg. ll? Smith, Hilbert Francis -'l'ipton. lf'H. HS Smith, loseph Paul-if -Lamoni Smith. Keith Lynn--ANashua Smith. Leland Duane- 'Manchester Smith. Lloyd Rr -,Charles City Smith. Lois May- 'e-- Perry, ITU Smith Mildred Maxine Smith Nor-:ll lirnest-fmlildora. 209 - Smith Norene A. 8-Cedar Falls. 54. lfO- lfl Smith Richard N. Claire. ll3. llti. lftl. -'lo Smith Robert R.-f'Cedar l:alls.tH-1. log. , - 1 Smith. Shirley Louise allbert City. lla. HH. Smith. Teddy AllenfAMLewis Page 293 02. 5,. .- Sith. SW 127. lily. t i will .gi 11,1-, 4 51,111-'f, lim., 1, Stu fn. 'i.l.'x..: 1- 51.'..l-I, ifzizzz. Szzztitr. lazy l:. 51.2-S-'f, lv viii. 5x tl-Ari S121 1' pf. l 5-will. gl S4'l1'fl. XXXL 'i'1" Sozzazzzvp f-.l txggi, l 1 5 ......t tit . . , , , Super Nwfe- I t N, ' u v vu .. ,, . Hu.. ll.i...l 1 1 , f.,.s, 5 5- if- U, lint.. X lx 5 Slifer:-.wry Vizar' 4 , 1 . . 2 ' 5l'flZ.!..l!.. liptyl gl 1 141, Stuiliizp, l'..t le.. 1 South, lla:-ig.: l I Spar?-V, Xl:-. fl, 1 l I l H Spencer, lem ll lx 1 l f' l Sperxcer, R.ix'n:- l z 5 fi 5 rx l 1 i 4 N l 1 l t Spilltvr, Xlargi-r I 1 V N 1 SH'.i'rvii3ti, l i. : Spam, li-'H--ev let!! 1 f Sgmrl-'-., li.-Us , it Spaultixn-5, Dan: l l 1 Sprvtl, Slllflvt' l i 4 Spencer, Kilim.: 21:1 UU, 2116 S1err'.'.ll.i Spicer. C:.:rs:zi . Splllffx l,x'lll.t lt l Spurlnclt. Rzchi: ll i Vi Stuxres, Duant- l' It l Stage. l7.irl-'nf' l l Sltlllivf, l'ltlt1.xT Stamp, lyclhvtl Sl.tllLlli'X', lli!ll'.t Staiitie, 1 .mutt 5l.tll'wl7i'lil".', 4.1. St.:nsiiur'.'. ll.-r Stantivzi. ll lit Staples, llicliar l w l Stantfcr. Klart 5l.lKi'N, ljufilfll ll lfif. l'lW. lil 5lx'CllL'!', -llilwlti Ste.-tie, ll--len Steele. lfztxzzr-'25 fill Ste--zz, la?-lar Steffen, ltlfalltrz Sat-ti-'zum l'.Tfi14! Stelfer, Xlirxlz St.-lfizw, iii:-:A-' Sz.,-zz vel, llff Sas: if, l - . 1 I y,...r. ,:, .XL 54 1... '..,..2,tr5 -,pg bn ...i l l I Su-:nl E'-:srl s .- ' S:.'pi:f:1 16 5.,.,w,, , .. in ST,-391, 51 S:---.--:r lftwle' 9' ..-, .- -'21 ful Sf,-'.-..:ri,t ful: ., 51.4-.i..:v1 ll ' St.--.t.1,t T-.lm Sf.".1.,n7' 'VIP - -- .f- Xl. 1. 1 ,..., Ni. Q ' l'l'1' i jg.-7.111 -':x' F-wr? 17 Sf1i,"'tf' li Q - Ye., w ' .. '.,,, . .i ' it . t 1 , 51:71-' 'Z H..xt!.i' l"".'f lt 1 5 , . l 4 ,, H'-tv-1.x-1 ,,i A 9 t Vandrrlip. Kia: Stoakes, Kenneth W.-Dysart, 66 Stock, Wm. I.-Ackley Stockfield, Iohn William-Oelwein Stocks, Arthur Frederick-Nashua, 115 Stockseth, Richard Eugene-Belmond Stoker, Fred Iohn-Keystone, 90, 142 Stone, Alice Io Anne-lndianola, 265 Stone, Calvin M.--Clinton Stone, Eleanor-Indianola Stonebarger, DeWayne A.-Lone Tree Stonebarger, Richard Orin-Lone Tree Stoner, Mrs. Ruth M., 265 Storey, Carl Michael-Waterloo Stott, Leona Audrey-Garner Stott, Sidney-Mason City Stout, Iohn Edward-Waterloo Stout, Mrs. Lucille Bowie-Cedar Falls Stout, Robert Eugene-Cedar Falls, 249 Stover, Betty lean-Anamosa, 170 Stover, Coletta Ann-Oelwein, 193 Stover, Phyllis Louise-Marshalltown, 27, 167 Strain, Iohn Willard-Eddyville, 130 Strasburg, William George-Cedar Falls, 78, 175 Stratton, Lois Ioan-Maxwell, 57, 108, 249 Strayer, Gordon B.-Sask., Canada, 22, 107, 112, 113, 116, 120, 187, 217, 249 Templeman, Mary Ann-Walker, 58, 86 265 TenBoer, Annabelle lean-Fulwrl, 36, 99, 1 170, 200, 106, 178, 250 Tenley, Ruth Eloise-Anamosa A Terhune, Dale Arlie-Cedar Falls, 250 Terry, William G.--Lansing G S bula 266 Ters, Velma race- a , Tesmer, Ioyce Elaine-Waterloo, 60, 81, 191, 193 TeWalt, Kenneth--Waterloo, 250 Thalacker, Robert Allen-Ottumwa, 103 Tharp, Vernon C.--Waterloo, 250 Thayer, Duane C.-Odebolt 1 Theissen, Mary Virginia-Fort Madison, 61, 68, 100 Thew, Altadean-Des Moines, 166, 250 Thiel, Donald Fredrick-Reinbeck, 131 Thiele, lean Darlene-Maynard, 59, 68 Thierer, Dale William-Buckingham Thierer, Phyllis Lorraine--Buckingham Thomas, Donna june-Centerville, 217, 250 Thomas, Tom Grant-Cedar Rapids Thompson, H. Kathleen-Hopkinton, 60, 70, 86, 131 161 1 Thompson, Iohn Raymond--Cedar Falls, 116 Thompson, Marilyn Ann-Rake Thompson, Shirley Ann-Cylinder, 107, 174, 200 Thompson, Willard Dean-Cylinder, 63, 74, 81, 159, Strayer, Norma lean-Hudson, 172 Strickler, Ruth Ann-Eldora, 56, 102, 171 Stride, Helen Louise-Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 55 Strissel, Joanne Claire-Denison Strong, Rosella Mae-Elgin, 170 Stroud, Roy Eugene-Marble Rock Struble, Ianet Mae-Vinton Struckman, Marlin C.-Oelwein Struthers, Lee Dale-Wesley Struve, Patrick William-Cedar Rapids Stuck, Annabelle-Mount Ayr, 131, 172 Stump, Barbara Ioan-Denison, 131, 176 Stupka, loAnn Charmaine-Lyons, Illinois Sturm, Don Edward-Cedar Falls Sturm, Frank I.-Cedar Rapids Stutzman, Mary E.-Lansing, 105, 249 Stutzman, Margaret Mae-Lansing, 105, 168 Suck, Nadine I.-Garrison, 86, 176 Suiter, Elizabeth-Ida Grove Sullivan, Richard Kenneth-Council Bluffs Sunday, Lenora lane-Marshalltown, 53, 86, 198 Sunds, Darlene Mae-Casey A Sutherland, Patricia Ann-Cedar Falls Sutton, Iames E.-Burlington, 196 Swale, Roland H.--West Union, 196, 197 Svgaln, Betty Lou-Osage, 52, 60, 70, 113, 161, 220, 9 Swanson, Betty lane-Mason City, 182 Swanson, Gloria Ann-Clinton, 56, 86, 101, 193, 198 Swanson, Kathryn lane-Dayton, 68, 170 Swanson, Rachel Ann-Dayton, 68, 104 Swenson, Corinne Gladys-Albert City, 86, 170, 191 Swenson, Tom Allan-Lake Mills Swering, Beverly A.-Brookings, South Dakota, 86, - 197, 250 Switzer, Beverly lean-Olin Switzer, Carole Ieanne-Fairfield, 198 Synhorst, Iune N.-Newton, 58, 103, 130, 169 T Tait, Tvenis Osborne-Centerville V hn A Waterloo Talley, Io .- Talley, Kenneth Dean-Waterloo Tallman, Norma lean-Iowa City Tanner, Richard Dale-Cedar Falls Tate, Charles W.-St. loseph, Missouri ' Taylor, A. Ann-Melvin, 60, 171 Taylor, Cecil Edwin-Hudson Taylor, Delbert lennings-What Cheer Taylor, Dolores lean-Emmetsburg Taylor, Donald Duane-What Cheer 1 Taylor, Gloria Ieanne-Cedar Rapids, 68 Taylor, loanne F.-Dubuque 175, 176, 191, 200, 250 Thoms, Robert D.-Cedar Falls, 63, 102, 250 Thomson, james Edward-Waulcon, 120, 250 Thornton, Mary Kay-Elgin, 266 Thornton, Walter Micheal-Waterloo Thrailkill, Carol lean-Earlham, 198 Threlkeld, Wallace W.-Maxwell, 63, 130, 198 Throne, Ernest Lee-Battle Creek Thurn, Betty M.-Edgewood, 102 Tierney, Mrs. Laura lean--Cedar Falls Tierney, Patrick Ioseph-Cedar Falls Tjernagel, Borghild-Iowa City, 119, 160, 251 Tjornehoj, Kenneth I.-Harlan, 102, 124 Tollerfson, Ernest Lundy-Cedar Falls Tollefson, IoAnne R.-Harmony, Minnesota Tollefson, Wendell M.-Waterloo, 117 Tone, Maurice Burton-LaPorte City Tonsfeldt, Ioyce Ellen-Remsen, 61, 86, 102, 170 Topp, Robert Ray-Sumner, 201, 203 Topping, William Merton-Wellman Tornowske, Robert ,W.-Monona Tovar, Manuel-Waterloo Towe, Marian E.-Paullina, 266 Townsend, William Kenneth-Charles City, 66, 201, 206 Toye, Omar A.-Osage Trabert, Esther Grace-Fairfield, 99, 182,' 250 Tracy, Mary Elizabeth, 266 Travis, Keith Taylor-Woodbine, 136 A Trebon, Iver Whipple-Cedar Falls Trekell, Marianna-Davenport, 22, 23, 68, 112, 179, 182, 200, 217, 251 Trembath, Richard Young-Waterloo Trenk, Mildred Lenore-Madison, Wisconsin, 110, 178, 250 Tribble, Alonza Bailey-Huntsville, Alabama Triggs, Richard Alpheus-Cedar Falls Trimble, Melvin E.-Mount Ayr Triplett, George Howard-Red Oak, 251 Tripp, Darwin Lyle-Charles City Troge, Clair Merlin-Cedar Falls Trost, Paul M. L.-Ieiferson, 201, 203, 251 Trudo, Mrs, Elynor L.-Waterloo, 80 Trudo, Grville Douglas-Waterloo, 251 Trunkey, Charles Edward-Waterloo Trunkey, Richmond Wells-Waterloo Tucker, Phillip Lee-Waterloo Tucker, Robert Gorden-Cedar Falls, 110 Tufvander, Ellis Arthur-Tower, Minnesota, 134 Tulp, Karna Helen-Rowan Turner, Alvin Harrison-Garrison Turner, Hazel Eunice-Waterloo Turner, Lois Elizabeth-Cedar Rapids Taylor, Mary lo-Charles City Tecklenburg, Duane Herbert-Dysart Telford, Valdene May-De Witt, 86, 170 Turner, Warren Curtis-Waverly, 201, 174 Tuttle, Marilyn Audrey-Algona, 84 Page 294 rw,l'Wf',t , . 'I'wfU'.' I if TV'lcwlQ f s, TW' IQQ. T5'5OUv " " 1 I lg- Uhlcpliflpr' 'EHS A, UlCh- 1081.1 fit.. Umm. lff' , 1-I ,aunt V ' ' Umbdtnl t but Und,-ra'L:f.fg S I. U1'1dt'f"'LOUb,.. an Uthoil, UN' "' " fi Anzac. f"fL3' VBIQQ, 112. Van Au? .ku mfr, Van liusmv, Vance. Du.a:.1A l Van Dffffl D' ' Van dc l.1ff5"f'l Vande-rbfvfg 1'-4 Vandcrbwffi- 1- Vandcrhf'e'C1'fV 115 114 Vandcrloo. WF Vandivcr. 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C20f'11'.'11l1S Rock Vil11L'y', fm, 17-5 VilIlC1t'f1lL'y'C1L'11, 1'I11gc11iz1 Mau 21..1 1'11r11- C211-,', 55, Ill lla, I7-1 ' Va111c1vr1ip. 1N'1:1ri1y11 Louisc 2 Dowx V2l1lL1t'F100. Iunccc Louisa: Du1111q111:. 198, 100 VilIlC11X'L'F. 13ilI'17ilI'il A1111 2B11r1i11g1o11, 11111 Villl ffschcn, 1'1u11ry222Ack11'y Villl 1isc11c11. 101111 1fdwa1rd2 Acl-111-y Vam Hou-, Nctti-:222 Stcz111111o111 Rock Villl Mctur, XVz111ur X-V. 222C1:c1:1r 1'a111x VQ111 NKDFIIIZIII. Arlzm Qllzlllf' Spcnccr. 111-1 VRIII Schoyck, M110 1111111-5 -,fQ 'XX'.il1L'I'1O0 VA111 S01-11-11. Ruth Ca1r111:rim- 21'1ca1sa1111v111c. 1.15 V.111 SfL'L'I11M'I'QL'11. M:1ri1y112 21'ra1ir1c City, 2511, 21111 Villl Syoc, Larry Ric11z1rc12222C1:c1z1r 1::1l1s. 251 VllFI1l11l1, Bctty 1llI'lL""'N1iH'S11Jl111OXk'I1, 1114, 1711. 1511. 266 V1-Dcpo. 1211211111111 A111122 NV1.-st 11r.111c11. 11111, 1711 VL'11l1i1I1. 1311r1111ra12-2Hospcrs, 171. 1151, 1152, 252 Vcngnrd, Hurry R.-225Va1pc11o Vest. 101111 c1i1F1ilI1L1 'D111SC1il1x'. 711. 17-1. 175. 251 Vickroy. Iidwurci 5511111111112 Dz111sv111u, 7-1. 1113 Vifq11:1i11. S11c222213c11c 121411111-, 168 Vi1111z1i11. Francis Do111i11ic22 21'141g11- Crux'-: Vov1:. 1'1c1cn G.22-XV1.-sl C11ic:1g11. 111i11111s. 251 Vo11s. Carol IL711115' XVcst 15c11c1, 1115. 121 1311 Vollstcdt, C11f1S1il-f Dcnison. 17-1 Volpp, Donna Mnrgnrct 2C111111ci1 11111111 251 V011 Hous1.-11. Mary 111111-2 Milford. 1111 Vo0r11c1:s, 15Ql1'1Till'il I1-.111 D.1vc11port. 50. 102 Voor111:1:s. 1'11:11:11 A111113 D.1x'c11p11r1, 172 Vorcck. 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' 1 Whiting, Donna Louise-Cedar Rapids, 68, 81, 105, 107, 114, 180, 191 Whiting, Mary Ann-Sloan, 101, 174 wenV Rolfe 59 252 Whitmer, G .- , , Whitney, Charles W.-Waterloo Wickersham, lean M.-Cedar Falls Wickham, Adalene-Dumont, 58, 170, 198, 267 Widener, Nancy lane-Corning, 56, 86 Wiegent, Samuel Charles-Palmer, 102, 180 Wiemers, Wilma Marie-Pomeroy, 170, 267 Wier, Marvin less-Humboldt Wierson, lanet Nadine-Radcliffe, 131, 172 Wiese, Dorothy lean-Cedar Falls, 198 Wiese, Edward Eugene-Elmore, Minnesota, 193 Wiese, Martha Louise-Atlantic Wiese, William S.-Pocahontas, 252 Wiesley, Melvin Louis-Guthrie Center Wi en LaVonne Marie-Ayrshire, 167, 172 Q 1 Wiggins, Ramona--Prairie City, 61, 68, 160, 181, 182, 185 Wignes, Iames A.-Northwood Wikle, Della Mae-Dysart Wilcox, Carl Ebbert-Shell Rock , Wilcox, Marilyn loyce-Marshalltown, 102, 267 Wildman, Ieanne Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 86, 104 Wiley, Roberta-Parkersburg, 267 Wilke, Warren Elmer-Monona Wilkie, Deloris Delite-Kanawha, 252 Wilkinson, lack Dale-Ottumwa Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Beverly lean-Odebolt Bob H.-Cedar Falls, 90, 92, 218 Carl Andrae-Muscatine Charles-Davenport Williams, Christine Elaine-De Soto Williams, Iohnnie, Ir.-Des Moines, 95 Williams, Margaret H.-Conesville Williams, Mary E.-Danville, 86 Williams Williams , Shirley Lou-Cedar Rapids Shirley Rosa-Rockwell City, 198 Williamson, Flo Ann-Cedar Falls, 53, 86, 104, 171 Williamson, Raymond-Montezuma Williamson, William Paul-Cedar Falls Willier, William Franklin--Waterloo Willmann, Evelyn Lorraine-Hawkeye, 102, 170 old ohn Amber 102 115 130 Willms, Arn I - , , , Willoughby, Henry De Witt-Cedar Falls Willson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson Robert William-Cedar Rapids Dean Edwin-Hackensack, Minnesota Don Eugene-Cedar Falls lack C.-Waterloo Iames Carl-Waterloo Margaret Ellen-Mason City, 267 Margaret losephine-Waterloo Patricia Lou-Dysart, 55, 86 Robert Iames-Northwood, 103, 130 Winburn, Iames Robert-Washburn Winders, Ioan G.-Dubuque, 100 Winegarden, lames F.-Cedar Falls Winegarden, Mrs, L. Ieanette-Woodcock u ene Dallas Center, 86, 250 Wing, Iack E g - Winger, Norma I.-Clarinda, 106 Winier, Mrs. Ethel lane-Cedar Falls, 108 Winistorfer, Ioseph Charles-Troy Mills Winkie, Wallace B.-Hayfield, Minnesota, 253 Winther, Marjorie Ann-Osage, 108, 253 Wischmeier, Richard R.-Burlington, 64, 169, 208 Wise, Beverly Ieanette-Barnum, 186, 267 Wise, Robert O.-Council Bluffs, 64, 116, 168 Wismer, Lavern Byron-McCallsburg, 177 Wissink, Albert Barend-Cedar Falls H v L Atlantic 90 253 Wissler, ar ey .- , , Witherspoon, Helen Louise-Evanston, Illinois, 60, 178, 253 Wolcott, Ioan Elaine-Algona, 68 Wolf, Iohn Charles-West Liberty, 8 Wolff, Frances lean-Des Moines, 99, 106, 172, 176 Woltman, Margaret Eleanor-Cherokee, 53 Woltz, james A.-Burt Wood, Donald P,-Iowa Falls, 109, 175, 253 Wood, Iohn-Estherville, 253 Wood, Samuel Edward, Ir.-Oelwein, 100 Wood, Warren Wynn-Hawarden, 99 Woodall, Wendall Warren-Cedar Falls, 175 Woodburn, Virginia Frances-Kansas City, Missouri, 53, 113, 120, 253 C d F lls 86, 101 Woodruff, Luanne Elizabeth- e ar a , Woodstock, lane Normane--Clear Lake, 172 Wooff, Phyllis Clara--Iesup, 186 Wooldridgeffhom, Robert R.--Correctionville Wooley, Wilma Christine-Crawforclsville, 105, 174 Worden, Wanda Louise--Davenport, 22, 23, 112, 123, 218, 253 Worthington, George Bassett-Havelock, 198 Wray, Alice E.--Terril, 131 Wrider, Robert George-Cedar Falls Wright, Delma G.-Adel, 86, 99, 119, 253 Wright, Roland Marvin--New Hampton Wycoff, Marilyn lane-Bloomfield, 53, 161, 178, 253 Y Yager, Robert Eugene-Coon Rapids, 105, 177 Yates, George Thomas-McGregor Yearous, luanita D.-Fayette, 104, 130 Yeutter, Wilbur H.-Spirit Lake Yilek, Leonard Iames-Clutier Yockey, Elizabeth lean-Ames, 86, 198 Yocum, Catherine Ioyce-Lang Grove, 184, 186, 267 York, George Luther-Cedar Falls, 66, 103 York, William Iohn-Cedar Falls, 133 Youmans, Edwin L.-Estherville Young, Iohn C.-Prairie City, 198 Young, Iohn M.--Winthrop, 64, 103 Young, Keith Fay-Algona, 139, 141 Young, Rosamond Ieanette-Cedar Falls Youngberg, Lucille Darlene-Red Gak Yount, Dorothy Ann-Waterloo Ylanisggclas, lohn Henry-Cedar Falls, 63, 86, 115, 199, Z Zabloudil, Robert P.-Burlington, 253 Zacharias, Ioy Margaret-Oelwein Zahrt, Beverly Mae-Rossie, 122 Zahrt, Fred W.-Rossie Zahrt, Mrs. Kathryn Sonius-Greenville, 113, 171, 253 Zaugg, Ruby Lavonne-West Bend, 131 Zedrow, Iohn William-Naperville, Illinois Zegers, Ramona Helen-Georgeville, Minnesota Zellhoefer, Barbara loan-Hudson Zeman, lrma Mildred-Tama, 100, 169 Zilmer, Dean David-Waterloo Zimmerman, Helen Ruth-Aredale, 104, 167, 198 Zobel, Patricia Ann-Garrison, 55, 174 Page 296 I Csomz FP Giirzr-mx Hmmm IQ Bsxxcnc Brake? C. 1. O Ioux If Hum-it KERxx'x 1. S. L Nssu NEW ' PEoP1 THE T Sung Seve WA1 VVES W oz Pegs IS, 60, 72, 176 75 Missouri, 6, 101 2 'Ile 105, 174 1 112. 123, 8 , 178, 253 177 14, 186, 267 13 56' 115, 199, 113, 1711253 mis nnesofa 167, 198 Paqe 296 W ere ggucafion cmc , ommerce med V PATRONS CEDAR FA1.1.s 1m1P1,Ex1Ex'1' Co. 302 S1.111- 51. 1f.f11.11' 15.111-1 111-.1..1 GERMA1N'S IEwE1.RY S'1'oRE 1111? Sv1-.111111r1- 51. X.X'.11.-11-111 I1--.1.1 HIEEER DRUG Co. 222 M6111 51. 11-11.11 15.111-. 1.1-.1..1 V ADVERTISERS B.-xN1:Ro12'1"s FLOXYER 511012 22-1 51.1111 51. 11-15.11 1f.11E1 1-1-.1..1 B1..xRE's RE5'1'.-x11R.-xx'1' 2223 1i1-l11'11v 1711-'V 1:-'51 1"""" C, 1, 0. Lo1:..11, 838 W-'f"'1"1' 101m DEERE NAf.N'1'ER1,00 71712.-X1"1'OR Xvmexs XV11"f5"" 1"""" HUGHES DRY Gooos Co. 221K 1f111l1:11v 1715-'V 1"-1111 l"""'1 KERXYINIS Ixct. 421 31.1111 lF'15-ff 1"-235' 1f"""' I. S. 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V .IUHN DEERE WATERLOO TRACTOR WORKS wA'rERLoo. lowA "Taking ct break" from their studies in G Botker Holi to enjoy or round ot SEVEN-UP orre, left to right: Cornelius VonderBroek, Dctie Moss, cmd Dick Protheroe. Courtesy of Bottling CO' Toilet Articles Sheets and Cases Hosiery Yard Goods Shpsand Gowns Yarns ' Pajamas i Blouses Notions Sweaters Handkerchiefs Slacks Bath Towels Gossard Foundation Garments V HUGHES 22l8 College St. Phone 546 Page 298 Gfirl 5gL3"f' I. nf' r' Q 'W 15795 " 555.219 Uh .r and 5" .iw-,rg :f- .- 5151 yo you can Potts ani ioque. C selecting the schc SCGRGTITZ in thas S:-. As Iowdg attention. x 'K' ,r': X is K N- ' ,ig ,sr QrJ3j:fa:ftfr rt" it V G - iii "fly s '75-411 ll- . azfiffr-' ' ' 2, 'Mg - lj in -1. 4 2 5.. VW., i 4' f 1 lr fl A 1. 11. .N l E . .3 lf you are enrolled at lSTC or teachina any'.-.fhe,-zn-t- 1: you can obtain your supplies and equipment from l.,.f3.'l"l'.f- Falls ancl pick up your supplies, or oraer from our loque. Our four salesmen cover the state of lox-.fa in selecting supplies ancl equipment. Our many years of the schools of America assure you of quality siippi economical prices. LATTAXS welcomes an opponn: Y In this spacious new plant, I. S. Latia 6. Sin .1 As lowa's Oldest School Supply Distribuicr, attention. On t Skgjis. ?'fxTT.-X 84 , "'i .. -mfs 546 s L E pn l ,., , , ' rv I 5? I R HQJN f ' -age 298 Your Complete Department Store 111 Waterloo 161 W 4th Wate11oo Iowa Satlsfactwn Guaranteed or Your Money Back a n . . ,,,i111-1- .i1-1' 0 0 I -ii-ii-1 , 0 O FOLLOW THE A WHIIEHAWKS WATERLOO BASEBALL CLUB Inc: ir Sfzecialbifi in weafulufj gfwaaeljaaifhe famine cancf '7eenacjea New Wada Qwfzian Wfaxfwzlad, fawa wir WESTERN AUTO I ASSOCIATE STORE K ONEILL and C A WOGENS A Store For Everybody 203 Mcun Street Phone 433 CEDAR FALLS IOWA Pg OU 1 A-rg.: , F7 , L f-.M , A , ,V M , Many T. atmosphere on the The WO -.H name wma lm-mdIY ic: I. . ' . . 1 1 I I . 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Bvli Cords smiles his arr- prmil ol the aolderi browri ol the :rieat dish as Marilyn arid Carol eagerly wail if test their servirias. N N ,-t - I 4 l l - ' 'J BATH Bi aC" H-' ' , ' Q THE Rini PACKING co 1 fri! YQ ' Og xr Z' Q.. i, ' H,sQgg! .Pr 1:4 gf " 71. , 1 HQ, r'-Il xl fl ' 2 4 Q- X A 'W 'fs' ,wi I

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