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041 gza 1946 IUW!-X STATE TEAEHEH5 EULLEGE Cedar Falls, Iowa Wfigqi The ULU BULB Ut lf-145 O hold the essence of one year of a col- lege education . . . that memory may be refreshed when years have faded the rec- ord of the faces that smiled on us and the happiness we knew . . . that we may show our successors what college students were like in this hrst postwar year . . . We have pre- pared this record of lowa State Teachers College. Lois BARR, Editor JEAN HENDR1cKsoN, Managing Editor THELMA FLIEMING, flrl Editor SHIRLEE HAUSER, BlI5i7I6.Y5 Alanagw' RICHARD S1MPsoN, Photographer vewov' Navq Hue and Mauna ener a'f'xon Vnak ' kodaq Camp Mom kqac, . . aq ko Q, ar xs aqs o p e are re- 1 us . .. Yeks. okovl 51 eac, X0naXCx 'co 'ds and spot Sow Ywknq aim We w Xes Xxneq . q ' Prom 'Y-sxm ' n dan 'ng aq ' 'co-kno skkomn green 'co XeRk 'che P-menca 'oveaimq ranks and Xearm ' a new dekevrffxnaixon 'oom m coXXeqes 0? Pxmedca . . . que 'nq . pXann'mq,. W M W v 55 S 320 ,ga A A ' 4 9 3 , - I X ff T XNXXXYN Runfmq 'co We fcadmq Stacks . proxox fm, V'iW1'W.m W .:g,,:f LW mmf i .,.. 1. we , V 122 f VV A X-,.f A X - :fi Ki ' 1 2 my Y s ' , g , "u g h-M' X1 ' 5 1 iw f ,M 1 M fs Q. f 9 'wi . ' Hy M ,. ,+- " K? iw f?f'W'f' if X. A. K V, wg ,fx ,fwif , ,V , 2 Wi ' in Qi. K A .. Q? A A V ,gk jwggg f 1 i '1f,4,,,w 5, 'Fw' Jw f' fw q fs 5-fiff fs , A f fg "A . ffw"'P . M ' A Q K, iw ywwqww WMS W . V 1 I :WJ jp Ev , e - . - QM W ,Q WMM. b I if , MN , 4, k ,W ' ' P- :gum ,K f "'r,,.U,.Ji42?Q,gk, ff., , A " ' A mf, 4 ' 1 lf, , 34 f - W ix 2' ,,MaW5n.v" A ,! W r Q . "WW mf M W S A ,ff J 5 if ff , 3 b , -0 gr Q I f MM, , 5 3' E Y i i i l i i Bob Kindig resumes h f d 5 2 EN-uv BS DEDIE To +he veierans of World War ll, men and women who leff classrooms where 'l'hey were s+uden+s or +each- ers, 'ro gain a new and deadly knowledge, we dedicaie 'rhis record of a year al' lowa S+al'e Teachers College. Whefher you are faculry or s'ruden+ we have said, "Glad +o have you back,"-and meani' ir. We appreciale fhe new seriousness you bring 'io 1'he campus, fhe 'Fac+- 'Facing quesfions you ask in class, your quickness +o pierce sham and lay an issue open. We wan+ fo go wiih you inio +he fufure, educaling Young America for +he posiwar world. -411 Nag Veferans Lyle Dodd and Bill McMurray bear down on lhe books. ATIU ,l935 we T221-if Egan 311,21 W AI Towne and Dale Cons+an+ine view college service flag. 6 Administration ..... Departments nt instrnetinn Paenity ....... Veterans . Seniors .... Special Events . . . Urqanizatinns . Heiiqinus Lite , s 4. fi Q1 it N t ,gjfigef ff-. less. lasts - ' - . M tffii-f w..s, My-We iliigligse f 552 N55 A. Q Ag' 3: , P Spurts ..... . . itll? Student Activities .... 2 Uutstendinq Students . . . E Lectures and Concerts . . E Uurrnituries ...... . E Around The Eenipus . . . E Index ..,..... E jlw jrdf Snow O! Wafer 55 Tweniy-Third S+ree+ Enhance ?1fw X le, gf , W? M' is Ei, , Y xi Q 4122 2 A9116 e Diagonal AQ gommolfw Where "Ed" and "Coed" Meei' They dance and dine and """""1-N-f.,... coke and ioke, play bridge and sing or read a book HXIIQX 5 fnXXlX,XNll XI HXIIQNIS :gigs I ----Mlff1m-14fM'b'f"W"'lKf:-- 'MUS' Y :"1TJ1mfv4f21zf+w' 1m:p:::4:.n1zw,zar mzunmc-,.,m wwM fwm .Am,mwm.-WL. .wHw,W.fvw,.wW,,,mff mmm -V W A , Q., pew "fix 3 G, , -Q, arm tx 5,1 Q qi. Q K .gms .... R Q . f1,,. - ., 'ig Q, -Y ' f v , 44 Xi D G Q Q A 1, ' JQY 1 "W 'V qv, Q KH' ' iw ' Wx K .wif ' fyigfgf' - ' Q! V W, ,w 332 JPQQV mf 1' M f 1- .Ql,w.ff:wA24f?51 pw V V 1' .r x nf Q KMWMMQW uwwwwo awww :ww If Q M 4,A. A , ,,, if sw . , , . jg: A lag 1 4 - Q if qfawpf, ' Aff hz , 7 L Aa Q?-if jgw. .,y..4. I Q dministratimn 1111111'111'.rI1'111'z'o11 fx lI4"7'Kl' IIII UIIX-V irzxk, 111' lflaf fflpltfllfj' 1'111'1'r'11.v1'111f v11r'off1111f11f of 7't'lll'!It'l'.X' Coffvgu j71'v.w11fs II ivfzoff uma' A'l'l'l-t"X of j1mf7fv111.x'. f1llTI'IZg fora- w1'11 the 116601, our t'Xt'l'Ilfl.'Z'F.Y l1111'f' faux lll1df"l' way for 1'11111p11x e.xpf111x1'o11. PRESIDENT MALCCDLM PRICE The Presidente Message NCE more wilhin ils hislory, The lowa Slale Teachers College welcomes home from dislanl lands Those who have successfully waged war againsl aggression and inlolerance. We reioice al your sale relurn and your splendid accomplishmenlrs. Vlfe remember lhose who have nor come back, lheir hopes, Jrheir aspiralions. Their sacri- lices weigh heavily upon us as we realize our good forlune in lhe preservafion of our nalion and peoples-our very cam- pus and all ils lacililies from lrhe ravages of war. To you who have relurned, I lrusl lhal you have already sensed our welcome and apprecialion. May lhis college be of 'rhe ul- mosl service lo you as you conlinue your preparalion for lhe work of life. ln Jrhe name of Those who have fallen, may all of us worlc relenlrlessly for a beller world in which such sacri- fices will no more be necessary. Wa A0 fm Mice Marlin tl. alsan 96111, of jdCMAg Nlartin Nelson, Dean of the Teachers College Faculty, supervises and administers the institutional policies adopted by the faculty. The correlation of the program of instruction with other college activ- ity, and the supervision of plans for registration and the maintenance of scholarship regulations are among the chief responsibilities of Dean Nelson's oflice. lYith a comprehensive knowledge of all college de- partments, he handles student appeals concerning ad- justment of their special curriculum problems. As:- sembling information for the annual college cata- logue is also included in his list of duties. For diver- sion, he enjoys golfing and gardening-and finds relaxation in working on standardized tests. lVIARTIN J. NEI.SON Sadie B. Campbell 66Ll'L 0 mmen Sanus B. CAMPBELL The leader of all women's activity on the Teachers College campus is Nliss Sadie B. Campbell, Dean of Wlomen. Her's is an executive task including the supervision of a program of social development of all women students, guiding them in their scholastic and cultural growth. She takes a keen interest in the housing of the women, that they may learn how to live better individually and among others. Super- vision of nutrition also enters into her sphere. She is alert to special economic needs of students, having developed a plan for part time employment. All in all, she serves the best interests of the students as individuals and as a group. Page 20 Gurdon Ellis if mi Nlzirch iirst. liusialcs zulininistrative llunctions hc will hc sonzil zincl social prohlcms. Goiumox ICi,i,1s Leslie l. Heed eau of Wen l.cslic l. Recd, rctiring Dcan of Nlcn, has had Zl line rccortl as LlLllNll1lSfl'21t0l' and lllfCl'INCQll2II'y hctwccn the collcgc anti the nicn stunlcnts. Supervising housing conditions :intl nienls social and government groups, hc has playctl an important rolu for mam' wars. Lasurz I. Riaizn Philip ll. Jennings l ff zfwinerid anczger Philip C. jcnnings, llusincss lXf'lZ1l121gCl', is thc oflicial sccrc ' tary anal trcasurcr of thc College. All Collcgu income ana cxpcnsus pass through his oiiicc, ccntrulizing thu rcsponsi bility for thc cars ot all funds. This inclutlcs supcrvision o stutlent organization linzinccs us wull. l'I1ILIl' C. jiaxxiisfzs Page 21 Cioralon ljllis ussunicil his tlutics :is ncw Dczin of Klan on supurvising Nlcn's Llnion, lHYCI'-l'll'21fL'Tlllfl' Council, :intl othcr lNCl1lS groups. llt- will also assist nicn stutlcnts in tling part-tinic eniploynicnt, anal zlCt us counsellor in pur- t arshall H. Beard lagidfrar Nlarshall R. Beard, Registrar. is in charge ol' keep- ing complete academic records ot the student body. Continuous contact is maintained from the time the potential student shows an interest in attending Teachers College. when the registrar provides in- formation and answers to all the students questions. to the time the student has completed the requisites tor graduation, or transfers to another college. ln case of the latter the registrar is responsible for transferring' the credits from this institution to the college or university chosen. A more recent respon- sibility of this ollice was created by the various Vet- 4? N1.XRSII.'XI,I. R. BEXRD eran's education bills. I liwifziri' K. C'i'R'rIs Dwight H Curtis Eirecfor, .ggowfenf Zac ing Dwight li. Curtis, head of the Department of Teaching, directs the stall ol' the Campus School plus the college appointed supervisors of alliliated schools in neighboring areas. Ur. Curtis is also the director of student teaching and it is in this capacity' that most students come to know him. lle advises each col- lege student who has completed enough class hours to be prepared lor student teaching. As director of the Campus School. Dr. Curtis strives to make the school as much like actual teaching experience lor the student teachers as possible. This is accom- plished through student observations. actual teach- ing, and contacts with public school situations. Page 22 JOSEPH B. PAUL Joseph B. Paul ibirecfor, gureau 0 Mriearc -loseph B. Paul is the Director of the Bureau of Research which administers examinations including placement, normal training, science. and medical apt- itude tests. lrle works with members of the teaching staff in the construction ofcourse examinations and in the correction of them. His bureau conducts the an- nual sophomore study, the grade point study, and a study to determine how much and what kind of teach- ing service is being rendered by former students during the nine year period following their original enrollment at lowa State Teachers College. The bureau also conducts an inquiry to determine what is being taught in the intermediate grades in the town and consolidated schools of lowa. E. W. Gneteh ibirecfor, facemenlf gurean lj. XV. Goetch is director of the Placement Bureau. This department keeps a record of credits. personal information, statistics, and other data relating to graduates and prospective graduates. It assists in placing every prospective teacher. lr gives informa- tion concerning written and personal applications and compiles credentials to send to reported vacancies. Nlr. Goetch gives personal council to students and prospective registrants as to the most desirable teach- ing fields and teaching combinations which will make for better opportunities in teaching positions. lle serves the children of our public schools by recom- mending the best available qualified candidates. Page 23 Ii. VV. QIOETCH I i lr ing H. Hart Cibirecfor, L7Yt8lfL5l:0l'L eruice lrving H. Hart, director ot the Bureau of Extension Service, guides the out-reach ol? the college through this bureau giving opportunity to everv teacher in lowa to improve methods ol' instruction. lfach term from ten to fifteen members ol' the campus staff are transferred to this bureau to travel to dillerent schools and make suggestions for improving the teaching program. This service is available for im- proving the teaching eliiciencv in every school in the state. Ot a similar nature is the correspondence service which has had as many as 1145 students en- rolled from all over the world. lVlen in the armed services have benefited greatly from this service. IRVING H. Ham' erntin P. Bndeiri ibirecfor, M igioow .fgcfiuified Vernon P. liodein is the Director of the Bureau ol' Religious Activities in which is centered all of the 15 VERNON P. BODEIN campus religious work. Student religious activities are carried on bv the bureau working through the Student Christian Association, membership in which is open to all interested college students. Courses in religious literature and philosophy are offered and receive lull academic c1'edit. The college chapel service on Sunday mornings is conducted in coopera- tion with the College Hill Interdenominational Church, of which Dr. Bodein is also minister. The bureau has a close and harmonious working relation- ship with the various denominational student centers. Page 24 GEORGE H. HOLMES lbert E. Fuller irecfor, .fdfftmni eruice Geerqe H. Holmes ireclfor, gnreau of lyuggcafionri To George ll. Holmes, Director of the Bureau of Publications, goes much of the credit for recognition by the public of the excellent reputation which Teach- ers College has earned in the lield oli education. Nlost of the publicity concerning the college, as well as the news stories about outstanding Teachers College students which appear in their home town newspa- pers, are released through this oilice. The editing. publication, and distribution of departmental folders and booklets, college calendars, and other college publicity material is supervised by lVIr. Holmes. Also published under his supervision are the College Eye, weekly newspaper, the ULD GOLD, college year- book, The Prozel, sports magazine, and The Illum- mls, alumni magazine. Albert C. Fuller is the Director of the Bureau of Alumni Service and Public School Relations, a de- partment which gathers and records the location, oc- cupation, and accomplishments of each graduate. mlihe Alumnus", a thirty-two page magazine con- taining college information and alumni news, is dis- tributed four times each year to all graduates. This publication, which is edited by the Bureau of Publi- cations, promotes alumni activities, including Home- coming andthe annual alumni reunion held each June. Complete records of former students serving or hav- ing served in the armed forces are kept in this orlice and are available at all times. Through this service, the alumni bureau has been of great assistance to the Teachers College service men. Page 25 ALBERT C. FULLER Max L. Uurfee x ireclfor, ,JQQLLAA egzruice llax l,. Durfee. Ilealth Director, in supervising the health contlitions of all campus school antl college students, contlucts annual phvsical examinations anal immunization program for all stualents. lle visits and gives treatment for college stunlents conlinetl to their rooms luv illness. Two college hospitals are maintainetl untler his supervision, one for general use anal the other for isolation of contagious cases. Five tlays of hospitalization and treatment are pro- vided, if neetletl, to each student without charge. To maintain a high standard of health throughout the school, health examinations are macle of all em- plovees hantlling llootl on the campus. Max L. Dunne Eldon E. Cole mfoeruidor, Zzfaifofingd an gnome 4 limos li. Cr lflclon lj. Cole, Superintendent of Builtlinvs int Cirouncls, is in charge ol' the supervision anal care ol' twenty-six major huiltlings inclutling the heating anal poxver plant, various shops, janitor service, trans- portation service, the campus. the college gartlens, anal the recreational park. The college maintains an atltlitional area of seven acres which is tlevotecl to horticultural anal hotanical gartlens, a forty acre golf course, and a farm. Campus policing antl lvuiltling maintenance, repair, anal remodeling are also in- clucletl in his responsibility. The general attractive- ness ol' the campus is clue in no small tlegree to Mr. Cole's planning antl constant ellort to keep it looking its lwest. Page 25 arybelle Mrljlellantl X irecfor of .jim eligrary To hflaryhelle Nlcclelland. head lihrarian, goes the tremen- dous task of maintaining and enlarging the excellent Teach- ers College lihrary, a lihrary which also features a magnifi- cent exhibit of prints ol' the Works of the world's greatest artists, found on the first Hoor hall of the lihrary huilding M.XRS'BEl,liE ML'Cl.EI,li.XYD Herbert V. Hal-ie mfof of JOKE! l lerhert V. llake. assistant professor of radio education and director of the Teachers College radio station, Kxliil., is particularly well-known to the listening puhlic as the "gent" with the cheery "Good afternoon," and the excellent taste in radio entertainment. As radio program director he chooses and presents a varied program, of interest to the large KXHI. radio audience. Ileknekr V. HAKE Gu W. Wagner eylfwfrzmcfionaf Waferiag oZi1L0ra1f0ry Dr. Ciuy XYagner is director of the new lnstructional hflate- rials l,ahoratory. This lahoratory collects the hest ideas. methods, and teaching aids employed in the puhlic schools of the nation and makes them availahle to students and fac- ulty of lowa State Teachers College and to other schools in the state. Gm' VV. XVMQNER Page 27 SKI Tufw roms: XVall:ic'c, Keel, Owen, Martin, Constantine-, Edgar, VVoolvc-rton Suomi rr'f.,c: Hollis, Dailey, Dr. Douglas, Simpson, liinpey, -lt-well llnflnm rrmc: Nagle, Sage, Bro, Fagan, Herrnanson Student Leaqua Board OFFICICRS l.EosA liao President 'Vliirm VV.Xl.l,.XCE Secretary A-XDVISICRS l.resr,n2 I. REED I.. Y. Dotoms rirzsov P. Bomsix ll. A. RIEIIZE MM' Sxlrrri me B. C'.xMPBE1.r, Stutlcnt League is a form of Skill.-QOYCI'l1lI1CI'lf coniposctl ol ruprcscntativcs choscn from cacli of tlic following groups: Nlcirs Union, XVoincn's lxaguc, cacli nlorniitory unit, anal cacli ol' tlic four Class units. Thu prcsinlcnt antl other otliccrs ol' thu lcaguc arc clcctccl from tht- rcprcscntativc nicnilicrs. l.cona Bro is tlic prcsiclcnt this ycar. rlllic Stuclcnt l.cag'uc is tlcpartnicntalizcnl as a nicans ot sharing rcsponsiliility. illliis arrangcnicnt inclutlcs a faculty-stunlcnt relation chair- rnan, a social litc cliairnian, an organization chairman, an oricntation cliairnian, and a lccturc anal cntcrtainnicnt chair- nian. rlilic luaguc aims to scrvc tlic bust intcrcsts ol' lowa Stats Tcachurs Collt-gc ln' improving stucly Connlitions, class- room contluct, anal stutlcnt-faculty rclations. It also sccks to corrclatc tlic activity ol: all cxisting organizations of thc collcgc. Page 23 O lf l-'lC'l:1RS Crier: M uziix PI't'5lLlClIf iw Rusmiwi ll.u.i. vlCt'-l,l'l'rlLlL'llf REM I'i,tx'1'lilal4s Sevrrtar-x Ruin C'fm1,Rx , I-lil't'IlXlll't'!' i Top rum: Csmhurn, Nlartin, Yicltwy, Cilczisnii Tf1inl1'0u'.' Sipplv, Smith, Nl. Mitchell, l.ugnn, Flzltlwi' .hl1'l'Ulliil'0fZL'.' Truulicty, Uzlsser, Orr, Bzlrc, Prism Fffxl 1'fm,:.' llzxll, lfzirnum, l.lllClt'lIl1lIl, Kepler 1 r 1 , , . , . , . . . lht- Xlmiicn s l.C21QllL', with Qluo N'I21l'Illl as prusulunt, zunls thu intclluctuzll :incl social cluvclopincnt ol evcry girl on thc campus. llrcslnnzui Uricntzition, traalitionul cvcnts in- clutling thc l'lL'llllllL'lS lfzincy :mtl Chuck llvngnn Picnic, untl lioruins on study hahits 2111: nnportzlnt parts ol thu progrzun. 1 i l l , XVith int-inhcrship stczulili' ll1Cl'C21Sll1Q, A'lL'lliS Union unalci' tht' zlhlc guitlzincc ol' thc Dean of Nlcn Zlllll Prcsitlcnt Keith Kat-l, ussuniud thc status ol- an uctivc campus UI'Q2lIllZ2ll'lUll. This organixzition pan-nlluls that ul' lYcmicn's Lczlguc in helping ncw stunlcnts adjust tw czunpus lifu. S1'lilIII4II'lIQX,',' Ny rturu, Nluellcr, Hnlstslll, Nlziyn Iflfjf ru-mx' llfilll Ru-tl, llzmsnn, Steplienson, Keel OFl'lC'ERS limi n Klein. Prvsinlent -IUSEPII lVllQIil,l.IiR , . , . lice-l resicluut C'iixi"mx Rxxiaxii. Secretary nloux llixvsnx 'l'rcaisurer 'llojv IVIQLI' l73l1rmlx', XXYIIALCIVFT, You lingcli. Paul Srfnllif rrfqyj Hmwiu, Ruwcll, Hurt, l.m1t7 firxf rfm:,',' Km-ltring, XVhirc .Ynlfvi1l11l'1'J.' Nli'C'lc-llzlml Educational Polioiaa llotooiittaa 'llltc lfklllillflilllill l'ulicit's L'47IIllltllfCL' is manly up fat- wvuii HlL'lT1lM'l'S t-ltwrotl lu tliu lacultx aml tour clmscn in a omit im-t-ting ut tim l'1't-siilcrtt, Dunn ul lacultx. anal flu' suwii utltcl' iiiuiiilwiw. lllux :tru at ulclilwrzltiiig atrial pnllux Iuriiilng grutip wlmsc klL'L'lSlUIt5 aim' rt-mimm-mlott tu tht- lllflllff Sultlltu. Educational Pohlioatiooa Eotomittaa tht' l4.ittit-am-tml llLllWllL'1ttl1Jlt8 Qlllllllllffff umiisists nt flll'k'x' wx wffzum mum- lwlx zlppoiiitul tu tliu lztwulty st-natty ami limi' wtliui' muiiilu-1's aippointtxl lay uirlmt-r that Kttlfltltlfllfltlll 411' tht- IM-sitlt-imr. rllllu eiigxlrtifgtlirmii is iwspfmmilwlu Im' imrmtiriiuliilliig PLllWllL'l1tltJItN utliui' tlizm tllu wtlirlal lwullctllis. N'.fm1.f rw-14' ll.lIl, Riglw, Nlflgiivl' Iffml rms' l,11::t1. Paul. llnlnwf .X nl finlurv ti: Sli-C'lt-llzxml Nelson, MCclll'll21llll, I,arsun .Yni firlll1'mf.' Vvellliorn, N11ljL'I Independent Stud Committee The lmlepemlent Stuily Cuiiiiiiittee supervises the wm'l4 elmie hy senior stu- nlents ut oiitstziiicling ziliiliti' anal zieliievemeiit who are earning ereilit hy incle- pemleiit study in ai pzirtieulai' lielil in which they excel. Also. they :ire iii charge of woi'lqsliops helil especially during the suiiiiiiei' periml. Student Weltere llemmtttee 'llhe Stuclent XYeltzii'e Comiiiittee was ereziteil lim' the purpose nt eunsialer- ing problems ol stuilent lilie uutsicle the eurrieulzii' tielil anal mziliing proper VCU7INIllLflltl1lfl4JllSOli all kinds ut stuileiit activities. They' serve iii an ziclvis- X nrv ezipzieiri' to the Dean ot' Men unit Dean of YY4mieii. Xerolfif rome: Hmleiii, Riehe, Uuuglzix I-'iryl rrmc: Smith, Reeil, Czimphell Tufw rfmcx' l,illvln-i, Nelson, Hkllfll, Vllgllll linflnm rffacf Slltlrvrlnml, Hl'1IXVI!, Sp:1rrms Curriculum lfuuururrcc Ilrc CLll'l'iL'LIlLllI1 Crmrnaittcc cmrsists ut' thc- Uczm of thu I'121L'LIlU and four uxrrlwrs of thc inst1'L1cti1mz1l I-LICLIIU zlppuirmtul lu thc l'1'usinIc'r1t. lr Inu c- pmvcl' tn INZIIQL' 411' suggusr L'll2lHQ,L'S I'L'Q21l'kliI12' tlrc UJLIVSCA uHc1'unl to Ntllnlunts ut this umllcgc. Iusrrucuuual Research Ihr- Cmnllrittuu un lI1SfI'llL'fiOll2ll Rusuzrmlr is zlppuilrtul by thu l'l'usiclc11t 21 wrwcs :ls aulxiscl' tw thc' llrxwctwl' nf Rusc'z11'n'l1. As such, it ulw suggusts tw thc lfucultxg SCHLIILZ or oHicurs ul' ,Mlministrutirm, pmlwlulns wrmlrcctul mth 5fI'lIL'IiiJH1ll pr'mulL11'c' that it wmlld scum plwiitzllwlc to atmly, K1rUIlrfIHiL.' Dnxmy, Paul, lfm-urn flllfl rims: IDCVIUIIQV, Hull, Kin-tvlxvll Xu! f'i1llH'l'rf.' Yvlwn Top rrlfw: llolmes, Jennings, Struekhein Michel, Reed, C':nnpluell, 'lennings Iiollnm rome: Terry, Knight Xu! ffi1I11f'r.i: llill .N'11lfif1tll1l'1'1f.' Ruth, llezlter, Nlerritt, Sage Board tn lfontrol ot Student Publications The Hnartl in Control nt Student Ptlhlieations, matle up ol' live stuclents anal tour liaeulty meinlvers. acts as atlviser to the Director nt' Publications in the supervision ot student puhliezttions. the selection ul' etlitors antl other personnel, anal in other liunetinns. Student Loan Fund E.UH1H1lllEE The Student Loan lfuntl Cnnnnittee which consists nt six nielnhers nt the aclininistrzltion :tml faculty supervises the giving' ot uid tn those stutlents tountl in neetl ol hnuneiul assistance. tlrlotto Board ,lille Athletic livin-tl is at committee nt seven niemlwers which has general supervision nl' thnse matters pertaining tn athletics which are not untler the enntml nl the Department ul' Pliysieal l'lLlllCElflUl1 lim' Nlen. Sfllllld rout Denny, jennings, Pzxliner Fzryl rms: Roth, lTllllI'lH3f, Kzltlc-sell, Nlenclc-nhnll 6 E P V I . i I 5 I x F 1 i 1 i Q 1 4 i M 2 1 1 f I 1 1 I F , 1 X Q ' 4 L . . Departments nt Instrnnttnn Eazilz of the d6'pll7'fHl6llfA' of l.l1.Yl'l'llCfl.0I1 ix alert to ille needs ana' ll,f:'1TlII7ld.Y of future tenclzerx in its flvfllll. ,ill are equipped ivfllz plant and f1u:z'l1't1'e.v to inert tlloxe 11ee12'.v. lfeflzoafv and fx- perz'e11ce.v create Il CIIl5.Y1'O07lI lzwifrzge uxefzzf in ilu' 5tua'ent'.v fufzlre life. HT Thu Classes in Art :intl in lnthistrizii Arts ziru Yury chrsuly rclzitctl, hoth hcing Iioiisctl in the xnczition huihling :intl huth doing crczitivc work. Aiming the zirt courses orfwcil arc Art ,Xpprccizitiun, Urawing and Painting. Nlarioncttcs, Nlzisks, and Shathmws. included in tht, Industrial Arts cuursc :irc such classcs us Nlctzil XYork, Wvnotl Turning, Nlcchzini- cal Drawing, Architectural Drawing, anti others ticuhng with the pliilosophy and ohjcctivcs of in- dustrial arts anal thu probicins of organization anal instruction which thc tcachcr faces in his work. Large lzxhorzitorics :irc cqiiippcti with wuothvorking lathes, shcct nictal tuols and machincs, welding, forging, casting. and other usscntiai tools. Fave F Stunlcnts ul' the Co1iimu1'ci11l Dcpzirtiiicnt luzu-n tliu tcclmiqucs of tlicir futurc Voczltirm by using nimlcrn cquipmcnt: typuxwitiiig is taught with cxcullcnr typc- writcrs aml correct p1'ocualu1'c: alictuting' mzicliincs :irc usual lim' supplciiiciitmy drill in sliortlmml and tw prcparc thc stualcnts l'u1'pi'z1ctiCz1l liusincss cxpc1'icnL'c, null mmlcm lmokkccping ziml calculating mucliincs virulizu iiistructions in l1L'COLlHflllQ anal murclizimlising. Ificlcl trips to lizictorics ziml storms lwroziclcn thc stu- clcnts' pructiczil kimwlcilgu lui' tlicii' futurc liusincss juli, or pmvialc inlicmiizitimi to pass on to tlicii' Iiuturu stuclcnts. lfvcry stuclcnt lveccmics pmlicicnt :is ll typ- ist, stcliogi'upliu1', lwokkgcpcr, :mil gcncrzil ullicc workci' tlimugli lu-1' claissworli cxpcricncc. lu rhf lJx'IW1lI'Illlx'l1I nl l klllfllllllll gnu rhf task ui 1 'A g LIN ul- knmvlulg pu1l1rim4 um fllx'lHL'1ll15Hl.ll1Ilxll1 1lk'KIllII'L'Ll m rhf utlmpl' nh-pix' rhmhts. l'.x'u'yxlLulu11I IH flu' Ulllcggv Urlhrx In rhas llk'P2ll'flllk'llf In kllsunul hmx' tu prnvnmt his lT1ll'Ilk'lllill' sLllw 1L-ct til-ld IllI'UUQl1 CULIVNCS fwtnrul IH muthmls HI 1r1str'Llrt1m1. supcrx' sum anal 1lkl!1llI1l5fI'1lflUl1 ll1flIL'lllSlUI'X fmt Cllllfllfltlllill hlmm-h1c11ts. rhf llltflllbllh ul'1hu11sL11'h1g,1 stlulunt prog rm-ss. zxml IH thu psxclmlugx :xml l5llllU54lpllX umlurh ing our uluczlthmzll systmh. l IL-rf rhf lhururu tczxcllcl guts his l521CliglI'ULlHLl lm' rhl- L1mlu1'stz1mlh1g ol' sclmul L'llllLll'L'H. schlml pruhlcms. :mal sclmol 1lklH1ll1lSfI'2ltlUH l hc Dupz11't111u1tut l'.klLIt'2lflOl1 has un hnpurtzlnt tuslx :mal thu hlgh stumlzxrnls ul lL'2iClIL'I'S Qnllcgc zum' nm huliczlricm ul' itw prugulss. 'T , . 4 ' 51 nf ENGLISH XYM1 nm- ul thy hm-X1 wlluctmm ul l1tu1'z1lL11'u m thu Kliclnilv Wvwt. ilu' 5f1u:1cl1u1's Cwllcgu lfnglislm LIL'IW2lI'I- IHUHI ohms L'llllI'Sk'S in lzlngualgu. k'I'L'llfiN'C writing. l1tu1'z1tL11'u. uml spcuch. IIICILILHIWQ Ull1SIl'LKfiYL' spuucll. spucch L'lJl'l'L'CflrJH. 2lI1kl LlI'1lIN2lflC5. Impnrtxlnt llfL'I'2l- . , . . ,. tum' ot thu AICQIICYHI, lxum11ssa111cu. Romzxntlc. Nu'- UJVIRII1 :md Xlmlurn pg-rlmis zum pm-surmtul. Suulmt L'l'c1lfiYL' mark is CIlL'UllI'21QCLI in must of thu wL11'scs. AXx'z1ilulwIc to all stunlcnrs un thu czxnnpus is thc lfng- lish Spucizllty Romn in which is found Rl 1'ucul'Llplz1yc1' amd rcwulilugs nt' 9l1z1kusppu11-2111 alrumzx. puutry. amd uthur litcrzlturu. Them' arc also cupius uf wczltiw wrltlng m thu INZIQHIIIICS :md umllugu l1tu1'z1ry pub- liczltirms. 'Q 14' .291 HUME EEUNUMIES llmnu l'lconmnics stutlcnts lCL1I'll hx' tloing przlcticzil juhs in wull uqtnppt-tl lz1lmi'z1tm'ics, tlcpartincnt class moins, zintl the zipartincntkzill locutctl in tht- voca- tional huilcling. Cuurscs such as Clothing Pmhlclns. lfoml llrohlcms, lloinc Nlzinzigcincnt, anal Nutrition otlcrctl in this tlcpzlrtnicnt arc plunnctl to pmvitlc lin' tht- hcst pnssilwlc clcvcloplncnt of much ll1LllYlQlLl21l stu- tlcnt anal to assist thc stualcnt in prcpziring for touch- ing as at L'2l.l'CCl'. lfroin tht- time thc student is ai fI'L'Slllll2lll until shc hccoincs ll scnim' shc is living ht-r futurc pmlicssinn through hcl' tluily clzlsswork in honic cconmnics :incl rclzltctl lielcls. Page 120 Page 41 sw www!! Y LA GUAGES The Department of Languages serves the interests of all college students desiring the liheral culture of classical study of languages while at the same time preparing him to make use of important technical publications in many fields. Diction courses designed for music students are ollered in this department. Courses in four languages, French, German, Latin. and Spanish, are offered. lt is the desire of the de- partment to furnish a thorough knowledge of the grammar of the language, practice in conversation. and advanced study in the literature. Such a study is help ful to teachers since a knowledge of a country's language is important in understanding its people and its prohlems. MATHEMATICS 'lihc l3cpui'tmcnt ut Xlzltlit-matics with its t-xtt-llunt i instructional stall is it-rx' wcll cqilippt-tl to train tcaclicrs. liitcrcstcml zmtl cupulwlt- zulviscrs prmitlc stutlcnts with instrumunts, such us transits. Y-lcvcls. scxtunts, plzinimctcrs, :mtl computcrs. with which to i work out the iiizitliciiiaticzil prohlcius cmifrmiting them. Courscs ollcrctl lw this tlcpartmcnt inclualc Survcy ol' Cullcgiutt- Nlathcmutics, Collt-gf iXlgchr:1, 'l1lAlQ0I1OlNCfl'f', Calculus. Nzivigzltimi, Siirvcying, NIU- chanics, Astrunmuy :mtl :nanny othcrs. A'I21fl1Cl1l2IflL'S stunlcnts arc om' of the iiiujoi' nccnls ul' the luturc worltl. Nlatliciiiutics stutlcnts hzivc ll plact- in niany i licltls. husialcs tcucliing toniori'ow's Clfl!,Cl1S. MUSIC 1 .X QL'HL'V'lI lWl1L'kQl'4lLlHLI in 111LnsiUz1mT1ip is Zlfflllll- Q plisllul tl11'wL1gI1 thu uwnllww in ,xlII'llI 'I-Imam. llglr- mmm. CfwL1v1u-rpuirut. llixrm-5 wiv XILNQ amd l.irw1x- 1 tulw, IIHLI ntlrcvs. l,I'21L'fiL'2ll ux1u'x'iu11u' ix guimxi YITVHLIQII mlm- xvpukly lwcitalls. Sfllllilllillf lllACIlL'SfI'2l. , ru11u'1'tlw:1ml. rI1r1rL1s. ll czxppzllzx ulwimx mlm. armlllyl' X umuxnlwlu work. and rim upIw1'tL11xity ui' lWl'Ul1Llk'2lSfil1Q f.l'UIIl the mllfgu studios ut' liXlfl.. Music stmulmts. LIHRICI' thu 5LII7L'I'X'lSlllIl ull cxpcrts wlw hunk guinul 1111114111111 1'ucc1g111t1m1. llzlu' ill' KIM'1lINlWUI'IL!I1lflL'5 lxstul Qxlwvc clurmg then' ycars In-rm. plus lifflllll ICZICIIIHQ CXIJCl'lL'HL'k'. Xlsu ut thslr allspcmll zum' thu hm' musl- C211 l1lw1"11'x. PI'21L'flL'L' Iwmzxxn. 1'cum1'4I rwmxm. 11ml Instru- IHCl1fS. 1 Ph sical Education int Man The Department of Physical Education for Wien provides actual training for men who plan to go into the held of teaching physical education. included in their course of study is classwork covering the funda- mentals of various sports, as well as psychology, an- atomy, and health problems. The return of football last fall brought new life and spirit to this depart- ment and to an enthusiastic student body, while bas- ketball came into the limelight during the winter quarter. Every man is given an opportunity for ac- tive participation in several sports. Nlajors and minors in physical education are very adequately pre- pared to coach and to teach physical education in schools after completing the prescribed course. 1 ws . Ph siiial Education lar Women XYoincn in thc physical cnlucation clcpartmcnt arc training for work with activitics that hring a glow to the checks, 21 sparklc in the cycs anal shouts ol' joy from happy, busy chililrcn. Their program is full of physical actiyitics alcsignccl to cquip thcm with many sports annl acaclcmic skills, and thoroughly ac- quaint thcm with thc csscntial actiyitics of a monlcrn program ol physical cnlucation anal rccrcation. Fa- cilitics availahlc on thc campus for thcir training in- cluclc thc largc gymnasium, swimming pool, playing iiclils, tcnnis courts, putting grccn, anal golf course. Also proyialccl lior thcm is complctc cquipmcnt for hiking. skating. skiing, roller skating, anal othcr sports. EQD Sixty-t-ight st-pqirutc coursus ol instruction 21 ru ollcrctl tluring the yuan' towring' gcncrul licltls of SL'lL'l1L'C- clit-niistry, physics, hiology, ht-alth ctlucation. czirth scicncc, gcogrupliy. noology, hotuny :incl zigriculturu. lfxccllcnt luhorutorics arc provitlt-tl for cxpt-riniunts which tcntl to Sfllllkllllfk' thu stutlcntls work. The niuscuin untl tht grccnhousc arc also usctl in connec- tion with many of thc courscs. Vlvorltl prohlcms to- tluy atlortl many opportunitics for witlu 2lXY21l-KC young scientists. 'ljhuy must hc "on thcir tocsu to kccp up with rapitlly zulvancing :intl cvcr-clianging theories. l'i21Cldl ol' tht- mcinhcrs ol' the faculty trics to lcccp his stutlcnts prcparctl to mcct thcse cliallcngcs. SUEI L SUE EE 'lil11' ll1'11111't1111'11t 111' S11ci11l S1'i1'111'1- 11111-rs us 1111111111 1 . liul1ls 11l' st111ly: l1ist111'1'. gllx'Ul-lllllfllt. 1-1'111111111i1's. z1111l s11ci11l11g1'. 'l'l11' stunlunt i11 this 1lu11111't1111-111 gains ll clc111'c1' viux' 11l l'CSfCl'Ll21f'lS l1z111p1'11i11gs, 11l tmluyls 1 c1'111'iz1l 111'11l1lu111s, 11111l 11 glimpsu 111 wl111t must lw 1l11111' t11 s11lw 11111' s111'iz1l issucs. 'lil1c l1ll'QCSf class in l the 1111111-gc, c1111tc111p111'111'y z1t1z1i1's, is 1lcsig111'1l 111 z1w:1liu11 the wh11lc 5111111111: l1111l1' 11111 111 tllc 1'1111ti11u 111 clusscs with rcvicw of L'Lll'l'L'llf w111'l1l l111pp1-11i11gs. lr 1 giws such 5111111-111 ll l1z1clig1'1111111l IQ111' l.LlfLll'C 1-111115 1 llllll l'111' 11111lc1'stz1111li11g thc wc11'l1l in wl1icl1 I'llL'l' liw. 1 lfvcry studcnt in the s11ci11l scicncc 1lcpa1't111c11t will me 17 lu' 21 f111'cc 11111-111-11 l1ctt1'1' 1lc111111'1'z1tic living. TE CHI E 'lihu llupartincnt OliliL'21ClllllQKllLlCI'S initial classroom uxpcrit-iicu to our liuturc cclucators. l'lx'c1'y prospcc- tin' tcaclici' is given a chance to tuach suhjccts in his or hcl' major liultl in an actual school systcni. Thu campus school, anal other surrountling schools, are usual lor tht- ohsurvation ol' tcaching anal liOl'tllL'g11lH- ing of cxpuricncc in classroom instruction. Dirccting thu pupils' CXUY1-Clll'l'lL'LIl21I' activitius, antl tlcvcloping tht- rclationship of tht- school stall to thc community is also accoinplishctl hy tht' Ucpartincnt ol' Tcaching. 'lkwlw wculas ol actual cxpcricncc with chilalrcn will placc a niorc self-Conlitlcnt gratluatc in a tcaching position. 'W'-. 375, Bill Hl'ifSIrIl In Z1uStil'iIJklSU Klomi Qlmirlcy Wvinn PllI1iSl1i'S thc livybozinl You fam kick ft. but NYZIITI1 th: N hands! age 4:7 f 1 1 4 7 , k X L V, . wfvgqg, , ,K Liwu.: 'EE W N w ' l r 1 . x A 1 ..-,,,,,,,., ,,. 1 1 .' 1 5 , L 4 Q . -.wr f ' " + X -x , Y r , 1 I . 1 '4 i , i 1 5 I l ...ln 1 'x .,Qrf7 A"1?w.." 9 my s N 83: L Q R55 , k - ' ::':L:5:3 -U , Y . ., , v. Y - k L-Q ,QSM 'N1' 4,.,,-: :.tE,, W I V Q iii? f' 5 V -' i 1 A gif.. 5 1' - - , fl' v , F - , . 0 , 'M,12i?m:gEw t 5.7, J K JMMQ . x K K. K -V A 1 A it ML! 4 3 fe. "- x 'f JA, rwsbigqg .V Y J- ' ' ,H , , , ' K,Jxwl,w--"' T1 .9,, ,,iwiM?:x".,-15" 3 X . A IQ 1 L ' f X X, ,-'ww-z V . -I , .-wr 1 AY 4 , V 'Q-,. A' f- 5-1 K- X -fp f - f Q W A 1 'wg :sh av f- ' X1 .1 -1 .Y w axle:-W-:re-iyux-IS'F:ixf1QA", .LJ-'J V I Y + - - LA ' AV' - ' ' Pacult Xl'-u' man ann' 'ZE'UHI!'lI fn:-zu' benz added to flu' flllflllf-Y io kevp up infill .vtzlffezlf rrzmlfnzwzt. The nfvri nm: I-0,1715 f!IF'Y l7l'l.I1!j TL'l'f!I flIt'HI, 1111111 ffm' m',f1e1'1'w1rw1'i'1'v-nav of flz 1' offfm' mem- fwrx, flafp mrzkr 7vt'll1'!It'I'.Y Coffqfv tha p1'ogz'm1v1'-z'v .wfzoof fl fx. ABBO'l"1', ROY L., Ph. D., Professor of Biolovx' b. AITCHISON, ALISON, NI. S., Professor of Geography, Emeritus Part-time Service ANDERSON, LVCILLE, NI. A Instructor in Teaching ANDERSON, NIARY C., N'I.A Assistant Profcssor of Teaching 1 v v 1 AREY, AMY li, KLA., I'1'ofcsso1'of Educzltiun BAILEY, CHARLES H., B. S., I rofessor of Industrial Arts, Emcritu Part-time Scrvicc Q 5, C t All Set lrm' Denvcr lrlp N 1 III 1 111 BARKER, OLIVE L., NI. A., Instructor in Voice BATH, RLSSIQLL N., M. Mus., Assistant l'mfesso1' of Piaiio BATMAN, ARCHIE E.. KLA.. Instructor in Art BAVNIANN, VVANDA C., Nl. A., Instructor in Teziehiiig BEGICSIAN, LOUIS, Ph.D., Professm' of Physics, Emeritus, I'z1rt-time Service BENDIQR, l'Al'L, lid. D., Assoeizite l'r0fesso1'of Physical Iidueation for Nleii U. H. Holmes Praying for P t Page 53 62 iw BERRY, Bl'RL V., B. Instructor in Teaching BIRKHEAD, JANE, NIA., Instructor in Voice BLIESE, AICJHN, xi. A., Instructor in leaching BUCK, ENIIL VV., NI. Nlus., Instructor in Violin BC JDEIN, VERNON P., Ph. D.. Director of the Bureau of Religious Activities BROVVN, A. E., Ph. D., Professor of Education BROVVN, bl. ELIZABETH, NI. Ph. Instructor in Education BRKGGER, Bl. ELISABETH, KLA., Assistant Professor of Teaching and Director of the Nursery School BI'FFI'NI, I-II'GH S., Ph. D., Professor of Education Bl'XBAI'N1, liA'l'I-IERINE, NIA., Assistant Professor of English CABLE, ENINIETII KI., Ph. D., Professor of Earth Science and Head of the Department of Science CALDXVELL, MARY P., BLA, Assistant Professor of Teaching Y Pug jaculfy, .-.. CHARLES, JOHN VV., Ph. D.. Professor of Iiduezition CONDIT, IRA S., KLA., Professor of Alnthemzities, Iimeritus. Part-time Service CONLOX, CORLEY, XI. A., Assistant Professor of Art COVVLEY, FIOHN, Ph. D.. Assistant Professor of English DlihIONGIi, NIANIES -I., NI. Klus.. Instructor in Nlusiezil Iiduezition DHNNY, Ii. C., Ph. D., Professor of Iidueation and Head of the Department of Ifdueaition DICKINSON, ARTI-IVR, KLA. Assistant Professor of Physieal Ifduezition for Nlen DIVHLBESS, NIARGARET, NI.A.. Assistant Professor of 'leaching DOVGLAS, L. V., Ph. D., soeiate Professor of Commercial Iiciuezitio and Head of the Department ot Commereizil Education ERBE, CARL H., Ph, D., Professor of Government FAGAN, XY. B., KLA., Professor of English FAHRNEY, RALPH R., Ph.D., Professor of History D e55 ss it gr 7 wt? faivm Q R X 1 is 'dv' vkmmw .,.,, , ..., . W, - 'Q 55551 I In M25-I FISHER, NIARTHA, Nl. A., Instructor in Art FOSSIAI, ERNEST C., Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Spccch GAFFIN, MYRTLE E., NIA., Instructor in Commercial Education GATES, GEORGE G., M.A., Assistant Professor of English GETCHELL, ROBERT VV., Ph. D Professor of Chemistry GKIERDE, VVALDENIAR, NI. A.. Instructor in Teaching GRANT, MARTIN L., Ph. D., .Associate Profcssor of Biology HAKE, H. V., BLA., Assistant Profcssor of Radio Education T and Radio Program Director HALVORSON, NELIPS, Ph. D., Associate Protcssor of English HAMPTON, NELLIE, Nl. A., l Instructor in Education HANSON, ROSE, NI. A., Assistant Profcssor of Teaching HARRIS, HENRY, B.Nlus., Assistant Professor ot Piano Faq 5 HARRINIAN, VIVIAX, li. Eil Instructor in 'leaching HAYS, XV E., Nl. Mus.. Associate Professor of Voice HELFF, BERNICE, Nl. A., Instructor in leaching HILL, FRANK VV.. BI. Mus.. Assistant Professor of Violin. Viola, and Theory HOLNIBLADE, AMY AIEAN, B lnstructor in Home Economics HOLMES, GEORGE I-I., M. A Assistant Professor of English HOLST, HARALD B., NI. Alus Associate Professor of Voice HLYFF, CLIFTON B., Ph. D.. Assistant Professor of Education HLLT, ESTHER Nl., Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Education Hl'N'l'ER, MARY B., KLA., Associate Professor of Economics IACKSON, CYRIL L., Bl. A.. Associate Professor of leaching LIOHNSON, ALMA E., Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Speech Pqe 57 k W 'SHR' X ..:., , - 'ou ox KADISSCH, VV. H., I'h.D., Professor of Physics KELLISY, NIARGARE1' NI., KLA., Instructor in Home Economics Ki-XSISKE, FLORENCE XI., NIM-X., Instructor in Tcziching KOIQHRING, DOROTHY, l'h.D., Associate Professor of Tczichirig KEARNIQY, DORA, BLA., Assistant Profcssor of 'fczicliing lil'R'l'Z, EDWARD, D. Nlus.. l'rofcsSo1'of Violin and Composition and Head of the Dcpartmcnt of Music i X 'fr there, says Nina Niwhel. D331 X 4 Vt 8 LANTZ, C. VV., Ph. D., Professor of Biology LVCE, KIILDRHD, KI. Mus.. instructor in Teaching LARSUN, SELMER C., Ph. D.. Professor of Education MAXTOR, EDNA, NI.,-X. Assistant Professor of Teaching LILLEHISI, I. L., Ph. D., Professor of French and Spanish and Head of the Department of Languages MAYER, FORREST L., M. S., Assistant Professor of Commercial Education Mr. Uowlev and son lack witl I ieiding e59 1 ill, cgw 'b' 'nw-vu ,KK 4 1' NICCUY, AIRS. BERXEICE, HA., Instructor in leaching NICCOY. LESTER, Nl. Nlus.. Instructor in Klusic McCl'SIiIiY. DAVID H., NIA.. Instructor in Physical Education for Alcii AIENDENHALL, L. L., Nl.A.. Professor of Physical Education for Nlciz and Head of thc Department of Physical Education tor Alcn NIERCHAXT, F, I., Ph. D.. Professor of Latin and Greek, Emcritus. Part-time Service MICHEL, DOROTHY, Nl. A.. Instructor in Physical Education for XYomcn MILLER, EDNA O., KLA.. Assistant Professor of Latin MOORE, NIALDE E., NI.A.. Instructor in Physical Education for Vhincn NENVNIAN, NIAIHILDA, NI. Ph., Instructor in Teaching NORDLY, OLIVER, B. A., Instructor in Physical Education for Alcn OLDENBLRC3, ELIZABETH, B. A., structor ' hysical Education for Vlmnici PAINE, OLIVE, Ph. D.. Assistant Professor of Teaching PALMER. H. Ci., NI. A., Associate Professor of lndustrial Arts and Acting Head of the Department of Arts PAT'l', BERTHA, Professor of Art, Emeritus, Part-time Service PAl'LlN, CAMERON, Ph Assistant Professor of Art . D., PETERSON, AIARNA, ALA., l Assistant Professor of Teaching PLAEHN, ERAIA B., Ph. D., l Assistant Professor of leaching l ifoLi.oci4, ANNABELLIQ, xi. A., Assistant Professor of leaching RAl'l', E. GRACE, KLA., Associate Professor of Teaching RA NDOLPH, NI RS. N IARGARET, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Home Economics RA'l'H, H. EARL, Ph. D., Professor of Health Education RENINGER, H. VVILLARD, Ph. D.. Associate Professor of English and Head of the Department of English RHODES, ,lOSEPH, AI, Ph., lnstructor in leaching RlEl3E, H. A., Ph. D., Professor of Education ,vii X J RI I I LR, It. L.. I Ii. IJ., Prnfcssnr of LIQCLICIIIIIQ ROBBINS, IANIC, NI. Nlus., Instructor in IJIQIIIO and Dcpnrtnicnt Accoinpnnist ROBINSON, GISORGH C., Ph. D.. I,I'0I:CSS1H'0Ii Gnvernmcnt RI'IiONI'I'Z, ROSE LIQNA, XI. Mus.. Assistant I'rnfcssIn' of Pizinn RIISSELL, NIYRON, AI.AIu:2., Associate I'rnfcssnr of VVIIIIII VVinII I Instruments , , . SAUL, L. L., I'li. D., I I'rIIfcssnI' nf History I SANISON, O. IV.. Instructor in Organ and I'izInn I I SCHAIfFIiR, IOSHF, I'Ii. D., I Assncintc I'I'nfcssnI' nt Germain I SCHNIiIDIfR, NIIIILVIN F., I3. Mus., , IiistI'uctnI' in 'lieziching I SCOTT, VVINFI IAQLD, I'Ii. D., , I'1'IIfcssIn' nf Agriculture SIiARIGH'I', ROLAND, KIA.. Associate Professor of Vinloiiccllo and Conducting SHARP, LI'CI'I'I"I'Ii A., AI. Ph., Instructor in 'licaiching I f I I A0 SHORT, THISLBIA, KLA.. Instructor in Physical Education for Xyonien SINIONSON, SOLOMON, Ph. D.. Assistant Professor of Speech SIERES, LOUISE, NI. Ed.. Instructor in Education SKAR, R. O.. Ph. D., Professor of Commercial Education SLACKS, xlOHN, hI.A.. Professor of Rural Education, Emeritus. Part-time Service SMITH, ERNESTINE, ALA.. Assistant Professor of Teaching SMITH, MAY, KLA., Associate Professor of Education SONSTEGARD, NIANFORD, NI. A.. Instructor in Teaching SPARROVV, EILLIA, XI. A.. Instructor in Education STARBECIQ, CLYDE L., B. S.. Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Hen STONE, KIYRTLE, Ed. D.. Associate Professor of Teachinv A AYliR, HAZliL B., NI.. ., :il Q in tl! H 3 WE. s ff? sl R A A X Y gas es A Q fi, ,gi 2 A ocii ch 1 ' ' . ww . ss 'Q te I rotessor of Spee' S'l'Rl'BLli, NlARGl'lRli'l"l'li, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of leaching Sl"l'HliRLAXD, liLlSABli'l'H, Ph. D Associate Professor of Home Economics and Head of the Department of Home Economics Sl"l"l'UN, HAROLD, Xl. A., Assistant Professor of Art 'l'liRRY. SliLlNA. NI. A., Professor of English THOKIPSON, Nl. R.. Ph. D., Professor of lfconomics and Head of the Department of Social Science TRINIBLE, H. C., Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Nlatheniatics 'l'l'RNliR, lil'LALlli, Nl. A.. Assistant Professor of leaching l"li'l'LliY. NIARGI 'liRl'l'E, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Geography VAX ENGIQN, HENRY, Ph. D.. Associate Protiessoi' of Alathematics and Head of the Department of Nlatheniatics VAN NESS, GRACE, Xl.A.. Assistant Professor of Physical lftlucation tor Vlionien XYACJNICR, VVILLIS H., Nl. lid.. lnstructoi' in lndustrial Arts Page t VVATSON, Ii. Ii., NI. S.. Professor of Nlatheniaties YYIiI,C'H, DOROTHY -I., XI..-X., Instructor in Teaching YVICLLBORN, F. VV., Ph. D., Professor nt History VVHITIQ, DORIS, NI.A.. Associate Professoi' of Physical lfdueatimi for Wvnmen VYHITFCJRD, LAXN'RIiXCIi, NI.A.. Assistant Professor nf Physical Iiducatinn for Alen VYII,Bl'RN, D. BANKS, D. lid., Instruetrn' in Nlatheniaties YYILCOX, Nl. sl., Ph. D., Professor of Iidueatinn VVILD, NIUNICA, Ph. D., Professor of Physical Education for VVnmen and Head nf the Department nt Physical Education for VVomen XVIXD, HELEN Nl., Nl.A., histruetor in Teaching VVINSBISRG, SHIRLEY, NLS.. Instruetni' in Physical Tidueatinn for XYonien VVIRTH, CARL A., NI. Mus.. Assistant Professor of Brass Instruments and Theory XYONG, LILLIAN, B. S., Instruetor in Teaehing 65 XLMME 'SN .W..M,? V ,.w.m,?,,,, jx X, . ,R iw fn If . V I A w e I ' f I ,' N 5 5 - 1 J ,f Q f A ,- ,I ,J I! f J 1 f g f -W ' : Q f 1' ' ff " ' ' if A ji in . if ,, , fl I .' - '- ? 2 A , lf ,I .v 1 , ,- f 3 , , ' S. z 4 f' '1 : f f! 1' K , f ., Q, , X. ., . Ufvfvw' fwfr-V'-Kliss Smith looks the world Q Ifjwfvvr rightfxliss Klillvl' at hcl' miesk. Slmzmml mm-' ' Cwziw' riglzfflfr. Plllkl' on the air. ozwr fvff--XIV. Sutton zuhis il hit more . Lozwr l'iU1lffDl'. Douglas xx ith his pipe clay. t'oI1c-Utirm. .4-uv HN. ' Ujffvzfr ff'f-I'-IJl'. Slltl1l'l'l2lIlil explains the . Lozwz' ff'fffKI1'. lllcfiislccy I51'C'l32l1'C'S to china display. invvt the class. . Ujwfwr rzfzzrw'-Di'. Lirbc at registration. . L X v . , f"l't'I' 'min '- 'oi 1' 21 I0'7I'Zl7ll, HIL Q Ljwjnfr rlghf-Dr. Qlizirlvs about to fall M 1 Q 3 I I H Z' I , Holbt. it 21 day. Q Cffzzlw'-Di'. Trimble explains how ir .Lozwr riglzl-lliss Peterson koi-ps her works. plants wzitc-1'ml. Page 67 s I i 4A ffl A2 gn K I 4 I 1 W l , .,,, 1 1:2 ' - M -V swf, .... '-"'- X was N A-,. 1 A .-,- T - 5 M 1 fx 'W Y my Veterans There are .vfrolzgf uma' lIlIlld.V UII Ifze VKIIIZX of .Yflldfllf ff0'l'Kl'I1Hll'Ilf, and Illl- f1llIIl'll'I1l' nmlr 'Z'0I.l't'.Y in .Yflll1I6IZf pur- feyx. The 1'vfw'f111x are Imflc, and f!lt'l'l' I.lIf7'llt'lll'c" lzffpx Io r4',vfor'f' ll iuefrofrlr INIIIIIIVL' fo our foffege U11 mp ll.Y. l'wf.' Im' Nlllrllvl' 'l'fff'.' Unix Vxxrtvl' ffllffm: Hzxrrix, xll1tAHQ'I', Yvxxlxxrg Iiff!lfff11.' lxzlwimx, Prx1'x4'1', Uxxv Hu' P1111-X cu urgzln- ful III Suplmxlxcr. , x K . L xxlx-nt. zmxi nn lk am , mx xx xx x mx plmidmt fm' If 4 1. PGTIE .: . ar W .W I . ' L . hx H IM l'fm-V1 fx l'fm,qll!1If1Hn , '1 ,v . ll'w1'lfl IIWI1' flfffl ffff 11' .win ' Shih Tlflfll' ' lr Uni! pw flu mnlfml uwlfrlrf uf llfix fnfff yr rlml Sfzlfff nl' V: If If um mmf lu ,wmmhfl 11.11 mf Hrmzffifffl l',ffrfm.Q fffllflll. flu mvlufn mul fslrrlflixlf IM.: ,' HIM. gg OI' Axtcll talk it mx-x'. U Alliflfllf' Nfl- ,' ' lem- 1,0111 ppm' ffffixxviljllk' Cola' :lu al Nlilfillll .Lorem fff-fflilll fJbl'l'IIHiI1 :xml xlilfiljll XxviSI1l'I' rc-lux bc-tow flu- hu-. Illllml Dwkmwn :mtl AML Ol Nur 11gfl1f Umm num md lm lend Buss looking owl' c?l'1l!'Qi2lI1 .1.orx'1'r z'i,rfl1t-'V-Hvillis Culvillc- lczlws his mga-. 1-11-wn o'clm'k. V ' ,f ' W' A ' , . N me ..:.t -. . -4- P ' - ' 1 Q f -. , ' 5. , ,g Q' L.: k A E ...M .... ,. ., .Q v s',::. I ' QE - K ""i"' .. ' ' I , , ,,,,., F: W , , K ,. ,H 9 ,,...:., . Q K i k I Veteran llain 'I'ocltl goes to V ' ' ' I I , K ig' s if 3 3 if xt I 'als 'f in 'R B, if I ,I Q! 55 ia iinitlzinee i':-ntrr, Y 'I JW, ,i 2 I f "-" ' .. 12 ..,. i i I It 5? fl I if I My 1 f ..f: - - M CENTER -s is K ,.., , I Smfllf -I 2 ft j i Q ' , s eivggfft i 'f7"f5EfT I-fi-.1 ' l - 1 ' - - y .I is llere on the campus ol Iona bfllft I euchers Qol- flfqi, ,K lege we hzivt one ol the hve veterans ffuitlzince -f-V , ,V.. ., I K ' . . . U centers in lowzi. Iwo governinent-scleetetl men, wait-. 'flnfiai - ' I+' Q ,gl hlr. XX. l. Sayre, Uuiclzlnce Center chlel, anal Nlr. :K-1'f,J'Wrw's t . - ..-af ' .i. 1 ' M ' - 5 'H' t '+ L 6 l V kiwi' ' "" 7 "" tv "kv i'!?"K'5E:"-' 5-2115" 7 N . . .' . ' ' . Q . . .' . l L. R. l loustnizin, assistant ti tuning olhcei, assist in meeting the neeals ol ex-G.l.'s. These men. chosen hecziuse ol' their excellent ecluczitional training zxntl experience in consultation with veterans :intl in intlustry, not only zulvise zintl guitle tllS2ll3lCtllllCl1 in their choice ol' a vocation, lHLlf1llS01lSSlSf1ll1y returneal servieeinun, whether on this campus or in this section of lowzi. They interview the veteran in regurcl to the training neeclecl. suggest the type ol' training, :incl the ohjective to he gziinetl. The zulvice the applicant receives is contlitioneil hy the results ol' tests untl inlorinaition concerning the veteran hiniselt. The centerls chief concern is with the inen receiving Xllfllfllllllll training untler Puhlic l,z1w Io. to I which only veteruns receiving 21 pension are entitletl. Vlihis lziw provicles Iior ai larger monthly zillotnient, with the length ol' training not necessarily tlepentling upon the YL'fCI'2llIlS length ol service. Xlr. Sayre emphasizes. however. that all ex-servieenien who neetl help shoultl leel liree to cull on hnn at any tnne tor any zissistance which he is zilile to give. XV I g'lYVL' ii-lvisc-s lIl51lt'llCI'S follcge yelerzlns. ,vw -WW le U'- --vw--Q-Mfr-M 1--M --f-f-----fn -1-fm--bv--K-Q..--w:..x.a-u,.f::::..r,Y ,Qu-.-W fgiwm ,,Y, , ...,. mn 1, vp:-. away 4-,,--..-.1-R.-. , -.. --,191 xv . Y - 44.1-,Lv ,Jw -,-A. vig., . ...L ,- Q 1.5.5 :U f .Y,M..A.f W -A ..-,. nm- vw,-Q W.. .. ...W . it ,,-,.,- ,..h.,,1 ,',,.f,M1,'.. Manga . -www .-.,-f....wmv-,-W11?-V-f4f,L.,....-W.,UM- WM. -M--mu-.vwm ..w..A,.NN fuk.,-...m. -M.. f..1,,m,.fmMw.-1 aww... f my ur- V W. rm... ..........,:1.N.W,,.,.n....,...1..,.,.4.,.....,,-.w,....! ..,... ,..,....,..f...-,.n..,mw.,.........f--rv.. -V f.--..W . , . 1 , 1 if A,-avr. :,,...,-.L.,, My . ... Wx, ,.-, i,g.,,..,,.YZ,,,,,,,,, ..-,-.f n... v..--M, .S ww N- w ,. M, M1-fn' www. ,..m-Q. -W-W-. W N ,.., ...M - -A fn -- :M umgf--f.--.J.,..::,.:4 iw U I'jvfwr figflzf--"'1'L1p, ir's okzlyf' says R215 Hc'l'x'y mul IlC'l1l'j' Kfilh-1' to liilflllki Schluidt. Qlfizlzlfwflfs crihbzlggc gumc :uni nukes for z'oo111ruz1tcs Ycrxu- B1'0u'c'1' :md Harry Uillcspiv. 'Lawn' flflflf-Xlllfh takes rmvc-V for Cxlcu XViSfL'j, csflftiflll -ICIISVII, :mal Nob .Loznfr f1'flfNIo1'nilw UJHUQ fm' LCIEIIIQI IJICIQIHSOII, -'IIN c3bt'l'I112lIl. :xml Rob Ifsziu. ff' ,.v"X .sf if ...gil K M, ,, A, 3 'sf lx lun-...., .Ilf7f'I'l' lrfi-Xvalllcs for N111 :tml Klrs. .lvfwjwr l'iffllf+m1l'. zlml Klrs. XVillis Col- Georgc' Clark. villt- :mtl Qlonni look over the rc-nt mls. QLflIi'l'I' frflglvicky is Dzultly AI 'll0XYI1l'lS . L0'TZ'l'I' I'iKllIff'-KIT. :xml llrs. Robert ,lonn- littlc lu-lpcr. son lwlp czlclm otlwr with t'o1n1nc'rcl:1l ,Z60QIA2lPl1j' lessons. l U Hume, Ijving in anything from l7ZlSCl!lCI1f to attic, in 21 house or in 21 one rooln apurtlncnt. tht' l Veterans and their wives arc rczulily zulzlpting thcrnsclvcs to college life. Nlany Ci.I,'s arc performing two jobs. that of being "man of the houscl' and that of bcing ll collcgc student. Page 7 Pave 75 w flu- , Q 'ww i s 1 . lvfjvw' fvflflfr. :md KIM. Bob lliitsuorth do thc' fzlmily wzlshillg. .I'f7f7l1' riyh ob F0111 gives l':l'IlCSf Sixtzl IibI'2l1'j' iIlf0l'Ill2ll'iOll. .1,0'zz'w' ffff-I.Ol'iIlQ "L'r11'lq"' C ul . - v . y f hvlps wlrh IilSlN'S. .Lo-zur 1'l'llfL'I' -f'- -Robe-rt Nun Houtcn washes dxshes at livrgs 111 Rurnu. ' I.0'N'I'I' rifflzff--lim-itI1 H:uHm-3' is thc' hillldy man :it Q'0I'Hl'I' drug. 1 we ULU BULB 911 fu ' fl 1 1: -fr"!i35'X"5'm1f2i 5 ...nssinoohhiioww --, 1241. N111 Kukcsll suwcnl in clC4Jl'Q'L' Q,1IlI'1i. I3 X '46 wx' 111lI'I'1LL1 to lflrmisc l12ll1SL'l'1A. 'I3..X.,'-11. Xzmvc lu-1' S 194' XI Cl 1 111 . J, .f V. 2lI'1i was Rl pilnr 01' P 18' h -. s II1 thc 1X1'111y .Xir 1'-UI'L'L'S. 1.L'lJHlll'l1 Kukwl 1' N ' 1. LA. '4I+. was mall'- I'lL'K1 to Dm-urhy lfuwcr. 1,CCCl1111Cl' 77 c ' 1 mu-L1 Status .'xl'1111'. bv' bu Scth Cs. XYlf11L'l'S. HA. '47, was max'- rical to 13ctty 1z1nc Nlzlutnmlnl, Suptum- lu-1' 1. 1945. S1-th surxul 411 munrlu in thc zlmwmnl infwntrx 37 nf x11L11 . ,... X'1' XYCVL' 8156111 111 l'1Lll'1lI1L'. 1015111 D. 131lll11Ol'k1, 13.91. '45, was I11I1l1Lk11'0 13 ttx 1111 uhmk X1 . u .' 4 ' nym- " 4, 1945. X111 l31zu11'm'n1 SC1'Yx'L11l1 thu Xlurinc Cnrps. thc 3" Puqe I1 1 li R01 A llbzferans QAM , fr fffl-Umm 'lqmuy :xml Lillkiilll Srhzzffu fm nlmvll thc lmv. 5 l Mfr rizflzff--Hin lillllfillgffill :mul LXIZQTUIT FL: 1 ' J x 1' v - - problm-mms. l.xf11 hun NIHNNLI Lhululm mpc Stcrling :mil Hill l5r'itx4n1 on C4 lx:-11 mum bzllcruly. nctll flfifhll :md juz- xv2l11'IlT2l get 1 vnkv in Baker Hull. ck Yan Xm'1u:111. Arr Bra-xick :mal AIillll'lk't' W 115011 hstcxl to thc nvws. Xi'I'k'l'2lllS hI'l'2lk12iSf IIIICIIP. Us-r111" IXCIIIZIII am! "Chz11up" Nlilfffll takc' up knitting. gzu' Iit'I'lll2ll1Il thlnkf II mvr. and lxI2ll'fiIlllSC'll and "Fritz" Cohcn Il W lax OH IIN'XZ2lI1lIll'. Fin K i wg , Xfiifg ,i A 4 , 26? Vs V x Q, A 'W ff? ,sf ifggffg gi Q AQ, 'f xy Maw -f! 4 ' N f . sk w if! fi is Q . X 4 LQEQ fs? fi f 1 A 4 1 . r P Y Seniors The Jflllflfllfj' of the inn' yenrx are to- lllllyyj SKlll.07'A'. Their college c"0,IlCI1fl.Oll began 1.11 days of war ana' Clldfd in flays of pezlmf. Tlzfy learned from fen- xorea' feitwxv ns well as from texfboofzs, from ffrzg-.vizzdded nmpx as fweff ax from .vclzool m:fz'fuz'ties. UNkwgu Rhnudes1i4enftorhe1u1wtiivn R11'11,-11111 15111151.15 . . 51111111 111-1111. 11141. 1111111st1'1:11 Arts, 1'111s11'z11 1'f11111':1t1011 .AXXA A-X1.1.1sox ...... 112111111111 1i11111c'1'g:11'te11-p1'1111z11'1 BI.XRY:XNNAAX1JlZRS1iX . . 1g1l1'1111g1TU11 R11111l'l'Q211'I'C'l1-131'1111?l1'j 1,1115 A111-31, . . . . X111-11 5111-1119 :X1l1S1k' QTXRUI, 13.111114 ..... L1111211' 1921115 C111111111-1'1'1' 1,015 13.1111-I ...... 11111e111'11111-111'1- 51101111 St'1l'11L'l' XI.111G.1R1:1' 11.111 1115.xx . . NY11r1-1-1011 1'i1l'llK'l1f2l1'j -1m'1'15 11151'14.x11xN . . . . 1111111111011 KIllS1k' 1.1115 111f11N1-111 ...... 112111-1'1o11 SUL'1Il1 S1'11'111'1' 3111111.1's15151u:s'1'11o,x1 . . . L'f't1211'1'12111Q 50111211 S1'1c'111'1' .Ir1x'1'15 1g1iR'l'X1iSS .... Sioux Rapids 1f11g11s11 1J111111'1'11x' 111.11-I . . . . xv111f011 1':1K'111Cl1I21l'j 1'1lN1C1: 13o1i111,j14: . . . . S111-H511-111 L1U1l11l1k'1'CL' 1,1 L'11.1.1-I liuxc ...... L'11Cl'll1iL'f.' 1i111111'1'g5z11'tc11-p1'1111:11'y AR11111: 1311'1"1'11111-'1f . . . 1Vc1wsrc1' City 5011211 SL'1l'11k'K' Pnqe 3 -lam' Butterfielml relaxes in the Ueurgian Lounge. Physical l'itlllL'2lfl0l1 SHIRLI-Lx' lil 'ruik .... Daveupm-t lfnglish nl xxr: l5L'r'1'mu-'ir-31.1n . . . Lemlar l'alls Hmm- lfufrllrmxxmics "1 .XXX Qfxkswz-31.1. .... :Xlvxamlvr V Social Science ll ..-- :XXXA CI'l.XPlNl . . . . Cvclar lfalls W., -Ax'-t V '5 clEURGlf L1l,.XRK ..... Cellar lfalls V Klatlu-matics Q RLTII LiUl4l'RX .... l,aPm'tv City liaglish, spa-Q11 V 'A , XV.u'N1i Cmai . . . . Slater llistury H f A 1 Q Z, 5HlRl.I-QY IJ,Xll,liY .... Sioux Raplmls b. ' P115 sical l'lllllL'2H'lUIl 5 X 15Rx.x Ill:-:clam-xx . . . I1 2ll'lll4'1'SlWlll'g J lil 114lc1'g:1x'tn'11-p1'lunary lf xki. DL NN . . . . 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' lvfvjwr right-Bartlett Hzlllis funeral for the Alaek- rabbits. 1..,,- as-..,,,,,,, I-ICDME 'fJl'IIfc"f--I3.Ckl'Hbbif stew at Seerley Hall. ollom 3 Shirley Dailey, Lawther president, ac- cepts cup for winning dorm decorations. Page 106 f BFI!!! ' lvfwfuz' ffff--fuzxch Sf2ll'hK'L'k :uni l'1I'ZlIlk If. . Top Vtllftl'--' South IJZlk0T2l Stzift' :md tlw P1lI1I'ht'l'S1iQhf itmxf. . I up riyflzf-"I" f3llt'L'I1 HL-lan Schmidt ami csmrt -lim 1XI2lK'fZUll!. I ff rf l1feI'ff.'Xllll11S l'l'Qi5I't'I' for IiflIUl'L'0lNiI1!. C Lora 4 1' ffff--Nlisf BiI'l'iIll'HK! plays fm' fHI'Illl'l' 'lf C.- CIE. K M. ''u' 14ffflIffI'iIIQjliSh IVJi'IU21l'fIIN'1lf uclcrmws alums. Page CCDMIN W. , kfkgjfg, Z2 My K 3 Q I K Mfaffaiivm 1 1 + f ' av ,.f , 1 ' f A Y .0 an , ,f I 9 A 1 4' . bi' W Q 5. ,,,M,a ' . f , I. .0 , Ayn n fm, ' W W r .'rg, ,W My ,-W Vupffw , ' 'Q ip-X ,cp ,K , ,. M X ink ft J , " 'har 5' K uh M" ,, ,,..f "I A, iw, ' 'wghx-' , L' I 5' Nm.,-K ft 4 ,X fn, nmvvx -'i .. 1' r 'avid M5 MP 4 Q kt "7 y 1. X W1 val.. ' sf,y hi K . 4 wsqg Q N 1 ' gif' '1 W . xl'3"x 9 2 , " QW, fr 1 xc A ' fav! ,, 5+ ww Wu 25" Q M, -. WN 1 , , w wf' 1 ,gn Q 'if 9 W A o ". - Jn" " X, 4: Q 1 ' Q, ,ig-vga S' ' Q , N Q ' 'NS wx fl qw ' MVA N' gf- ' ff fi M' ff' Kf5,w,l',-2 5, , AT3' V Y, Txkiw .K f ' iv- 'X , bin U Q lop ftfffkwl11lI'll'I14' xXvfDUfl'I1 :md PM xlllfphj wir by Qlmfzqfr rifflzf-fb -lim l'I2nI'I'iIlQfUIl upvm pI'l'sl'IlT if Nu LYUINIINIIIN trrv. Ivy Hull party. up 7kiff!lffkvl1I'iSTIIHlN UINPVIIS :lin-m'rc-41 by livwrlx f l-ozq1r rirfllf-XYl1irv C1111-tmmmzix rm thc- vamp X' illkxvllf. --Jlol' .5'lf'f7p1'11gf out io fflr fm! forzzzfzf fffznm of lflv ymzr, N15 "Silo-u' Huff", fzofffffz-x fvonnff .YfIlffc'I1l.Y .YflI.l1, lfw'1'y C,v!Il'I..YfIIll1X mm' Gomffw-W fo 1015, to flu' HIIl.Vl't' o liar! Dunn and fzfx lmzzrf, 115 VHVIIU , D H111111135 P31113 Tf11'1'1".1 f1m'11 V11111' 1'!I1Ill1fc'.Y 111111f1'," ,1'1'11f11'11' 1f11' T. C owl' l!!70llf l"1'f11'11111'-1' 1.11, 11.1 .vf11' 1'o1'111'1'1'1f f11'1' 1'Il 1'1'1 111 111111'-1"'. 1-1u1'.111'11 fl!-.Y 111'111, j11'11111vf 1111 11 1.1 1111111 1111 11 111111'o11,1 1'o1'.1'111f1' of 1'111'1'o1.1 111111 f1'ff1l1'1', 1111'k1'11' 11-In !Il'.Y 11-I.'kI4'111'11' 1'11.1'11'111111'111.1 of !7t'11llf'Y 1'1'f1111'1' 1.11 flzl 1-I'1'111'111f f71l1f. Klllrll ful' 1'11'111 0111 for 1f11' flblivl' 11111111 111 1f11' 1"1'1111111'.1 1'x1I111',X'. -'11 Iv'111 R'111fo111 pun :1 L'l1I'SZiU'L 011 11111111111 sTl'IlSt'Il. -In-1111 Hc11d1'1cks1111 calls fm' 521111 Ifnlgzu' at HZIIQVI' Hull. Page Q If 46' 0 Uyflfl Dfrk .llwlv llY-x1l!J'fc'I' of f,'1'n'121o111'm' and ffl 1' IIIIIXIIV 1, f .l1'n1n11Av f1yllf0II'X Um'fzw.vf1'f1 ffirm' f11llIlfI'n'fi folrjvfm' f'11foy4'1fIf1w l7lA!f!flYX,lll1Hlxl, of lflr VVUKII' ff14' ULD GOLD lg1'1IIlfvS 191111112 glflwr ffm' 1'l1fr'off11rl1'm1 of Ihr f70f7IlfllI'1'f,X' 14'1'1111f'1'.v ll fIIl.YlI1'lj.YI.ft'll1'f' gfrwvluff Hn nznxfwr of m'1'f'rz1ol11'v.v Il.Y ffm' f'o'I'w' of ilu' vwflr book .Y!frL.'!.Y opulzwf W-I'n1fl'11ff ffm' four f7z'lIIlf'Y nuff four fmjr11fflr'1'l.x' KIz'1'l1l1rr'.v of 10,10 ..'wAaTf1!- KN k 4 Q 5 Efi . S x 4 rf , " 1 iw I ' -1 fggiq 'iv mb? cJI'Chl'SI'l'2l Lcmlcl' .Iimmy Czitou chooses BIZIYQ' XVombolr, ll beauty from rhe Hoof. Dick Abvlc- presents the four pm'- sunality winners. unfnnnsnm-mf-:vmamwnf mvmw-ww wwww-an--mann-awnfmvvrvw wwmvmwvmsfnwwwlfuwwvmwwwrmsmvwwmwv-rm-wir, ...aaisamw-11-.Q-we-,r.:ffw-vww,.' 7:, 13 ww-wr, ns-anew:-1-nw:-sf ..w,,.4-1 5 Q , -1'-uw -1--244-wuwn Mwmwf .aswfmawvnmeuas-fs zmufwvpm-avfwmwsnmwwwfw new-mw,eanvmuw-wnfw+::fwmfswfrwzmnvwpwwvmmmwnfqwww-ma.wfwfvnwxwa.-:mm-v:wv.c ww ww-bw.-v-A-my-n v-.x 2-wr.-wwnw-unnnnuuu - ----1-: - ann-r:-xg--:1fnzp..Qge1-fffamxc : .1:-.:u-::::::1:,:- gf:mq.::..::,.4si.-w,.-...' -Awa-N-2-urn.:::::.v:a.m,n:1unnu,:Q.:,e:e-.::.-:-::5:::4::.:: :A 1: 11.-:Lux-A - -1::.::r was nv::4Lia3afmrmw:mwMmmmw,w-wwumcamzvmun 5...--.-.grggzg - ---::vT,1.-gg:g4..nn.1f.i:..z..:::'-Ms:-:::-,uf-"::4::A-1-4-1-1 4 i 1 :+:.::-zf'-11:5 v..., .-,.:vu-1-::.-zmrzx, if-' '--'ML' 'MMA'-'h"' A'-'-"M "1-"A A' 'W' A"-'-" --'-------'-----'---- "M --M----'f-M -f1'--'--- ni I r Q 1 F-1- Q 5 i s 'Q' 1 gx R w ,fgrine ma -Xnlunc Buss, ULD CQULH liczluty cum, was spmmmrunl by thu Twin- xg ll' lflullmclutzllq' Club and Campus 411. Arlum' ns IVUIH Uczu' Inky. Lllfbef gd!K6lgA8l' fJI,D Gow Beauty Queen, janet Cizxllag'hcr, is from Edalyville. She was sponsored by Bflclfs Union and Futurc Busincss 1. 6 21 d c 1' s 0 f Amcriczl. QB M, E 'Q 2 1 1 Y 5 12 A K Y QS if Qimqg E 44 5 5 as IX, ,,,mgN,g5w, M- .A , 1,. . -1 iw- Mfwm, ,QS e , 223 9 5 Qt? 1 ' 2 ,ww 1: lm 1 ,fa zwcufz Jofufwon Susan .lohnsrm was sponsmwul by Bartlett Hull for ffl.IB Beauty Quccn. SllS2ll1'S homc town is lmlcpcmlcncu. Mi, ww y W .LIJMLA 5f'sf 1 ,,:1.2 33 ,Q .A 52, .. 'HW df? l"6ll'LC8f5 Nlary Fl'21l1CCS Xvmubolt, of Rcd Oak, was pickcal by Jimmy Caton, orchcstra lcadcr, for the fourth fJl.D Gow BL-nury. + 2 J ,ag-55. ,WP , Y' , inw- wr" ,an my rm ,xglfwferdon Nlury Ann .Xmlcrson is one uf the most popular studcnts on thc Cum- pus. Choscn by stuclcnt Vote, Nlarx' Ann is frmn Hurlingtcm. Shu was sponsrwcnl by the Kimlcr- gartcn-prim:11'y Club. ,53 4 ' -3.- img... fE0l"0fAg 52,4 Anothcr popular girl on Clllllpl Dorothy 'Spucplu lfzlst frmn Nloincs. Hur sponsor was Hut IL-tt llull. X ,1,.4,!f,,' ,A A 15 , 5. ' ' g 34 W ,W W V f 1. Q., .3 -9 :M jg 1 , Y 1 , R . f Y-Lie . ' V 'ff f Q, .. viii , 2 ' N "if: 1 F Q ' Q , iigfivi' A is " .Emilie 'f -?'E': 1 ' 1-6 5, .ws fzf,-.43 ' , L mtv-L 4 A 1 Fx. f 'V qw ., 'W ,..s...L-,., - . - ,M v. : " 'f 11 I ' 4 +r H 1 Q 19 I 5 Er M ww-A mf' ,.. X k x ff M-Q1 M 5 52, is wg Q ew ., f: 4' L .L f 1 Viv - Qgiiyg. gg Q , ,f Nu, :" .,,, r V i --I, . ,mf 1: ' 1 f 1 , Q 1, Y 3? Q . 9 if Y 1 5 4 X . t VL Ls X Mx. f im ' L s, 'K .L A ,W 81" gs X Q 2 in ,W , XM A 124-L. V ., Q. fy 5, ' . fgf'1w,A, -w fi V' ,ww fb .CV 4 4 4 ' I . ,....l Mali .fldfflleff Robert "Shaky'l H a rm e s was elected one of the popular men on the campus. Sponsored by Phi Nlu Alpha Sinfonia, "Shaky" is from Hamburg. ,W A, fi. pau! ,Sig in Students voted Paul Siglin of Cc- dar Falls as unothur popular man at Tcuchcrs Collcgc. Paul was sponsorcd by NIcn's Union. fr.. ,fd be Q 'A QU! I 1.5. v rx w Q -if , vc M J Q1 'gif . J .despair 5 4 ,AX R P Q, W 1 v. .Q A A :ww---. ,MF . , ,M ,..+J'ffqNwE' ,N- ,, -I . , in X, Q- 9-35, 'Kg 'wi ,a, f' 2 , v A A A , ig ivhfyswi .TM C Q V - f f We. 'lib 5 , '-3" ' , L , '95 -Nw ,xv , Sym ,. , Q 2. ,, 2 5 , TK' My as f 'VG ,,q , :,2 1.1A , A 'Rx A . ' Q58 if ,gr f ,L 4 F , .FWNH W M 5 W' fi ui 1 , wp - A, 'vm Q -A gg ..-f gn. 4 wi Q gg SV 3' Sb. . , 6927, if if 1 2 sf 'I M A lg' Q f 3' 5' W X f N A , '--', ' i .ea "fl A ' ' " . l Q - aw 4 Iv. , -wr gf!-E ig 4 I' "fl, 1 5 pl zf i fg .V , ,1 ,I wg, 5, f gy , . .Wi I , , , ,-- W ' LAx3W:pfiIf k J, ' ff? mm. mm. Wa I 1 ,z 1 ' gg 313. M f "'i3f'S'fQ M ,f.-W y? 1 5 v o 6 a t , . 1 1 i i 1 i 4 l UrgamzatiUI15 Every .Yflldfllf takes part in an UI'-011111,- zfztfon. That l-.V tha 1'dz'f1l of fIl0.Y6' who 'lffflllfj .wr tim! Tefzfilzwpv College grfld- zmles flare u'elf-rounded f?E7'.Y0lIIl1l.fl'E.Y. R4'cognz'lz'o11, XOITIIIII, and lfIlft,'I'l'.Yf grollpx profz'1'de Il 1c'1'd4' rnngr in 'DZ'lIl.C!I efuvry .YfIlI1IL'Ilf ran ffm! his plum. +.J Top rms: lirimlley. Van Nmrmzm, Ruth l'yIl'.Yl rfmag' limi, K1lNkIl, N1c'K:lp UVVIVVRS I-'nhl trips to Iizlcklwm' mul llixlwfs parks. pnmls rm A mu-nxt LliSUlX'L'l'iL'S in lwiulugy, mul guwt SpL'2lkL'I'S 1ll'x V" "mf Mdxh alll ll part of' thu "bill ul- I4z1l'u" for thu Tri Burns Presldcnt . , , . . . . W My-1'u:l1tl1 Nlnlxuy IS thu prusulunt wi tlxls wclrly mah hxxrxx , . . . . U ,-U. wlncll :uma tu clcxulup souml schnlzllwlllp, cllwlllzltlulw Nun I lkXldi'HI 4 I h Q I A h , ul Sfltllflflk' lmtlm, and thy IH'UlNOU1ll1 ui l'CSU21l'L'll IINXPIII- Ipxlf V1 I n I A A ,H.m4,,5 Hmsu sucklng HLIINISSIUH must Imw I5 lmurs nl lu nlugy, an 21L'l1LlCIl1iL' QIYCITIQL' of mar less than 2.2 um am zlxwugu Ill lnlulmgy ul 2.13. ami hu ut Must tlmwl turlu wpl1u11mrcs. lzluctucs z11'c 1'um1111m'mlulIn thy lwinlcmgy I-Zlfllllf' zlml fllusm by L1 cun1mittuc of mum lu-rs, l3llflNLlSflM' z1pp1'm'cnIlwx thu Iucultx :md thu mal AIUVIU ui rhf group. UV. I,1mtf spr111sm's the srmlcty' 'J-Q' Top l"'IqL'.' Freclr-rick, lizirck, Szuiders, johnson, Sknr, Gallagher, Boehl-ie, Allziral Firsl I'0'LL'.' Blesiu, Uusser, Yagi-I, Truesdvll, Dir-klnzlnn, Reeve, Hendrickson Q KGJQVL of Jgg Unc ol. thc uniquc l.C1lfLl1'CS ol' Ciolalcn Lcclgcr is its limitcnl mcmbcrship. Only freshmen and sopho- inorcs who haw L1 thrcc point zlycragc in tcn hours of commcrcc Zlllkl ll two point zxycragc in othcr sub- jects, arc cligiblu to bclong. juniors :incl scniors rc- tain thcir nicnibcrship, but are inzictiyc. Sponsorctl by Dr. Skzir Zlllkl hczulutl by -lanct Ciallzighcr. thu purposc of Goltlcn Lulgcr is to proyidc scholastic rccognition for beginning coinnlcrcc stutlcnts, :intl to tlcyclop fcllowship zunong tht- thrcc connncrcu or- ganizations. Nlccting uvcry thrcc wccks in thc coni- mercc tlcpartmcnt. :mal joining with Pi Uxncga Pi :intl l'.B.I,.A. in pzlrtlcs zlnil picnics. Cioltlcn lmtlgcr has had 21 busy year. Page 133 UPI-'ICIQRS ,l.XXli'I' fiXl.L,XIIHER President Dokxxu SXLLXRD Viva' PI'k'5illL'llf Boi: jonxsox Secretary xl,XL RIYE DEXVI Vi Trealsiirex' Ol-'IfIl'IiRS RL III Corn RX Prwidt-nt Xluonf Borlom Yicr PI'CNidt'1lI 'XRLUIIF Bon :om NL-vrctnry-'1'n':ht1 Tnjw rout' Boxtorff Hrs! V05-L'.' Coburn, .lohnxon Q3 A QW wt XVUI'-I'-L'-L' cxcltx-Llsnu-tlmt's tht' honorurx sotictx tol t tlchutcrs. Hcsiclcs hun1gonc ol' hut tllrcc in Iowa, If t awccpts only juniors who hznf won thrcc nlthutcs with X I lngh-stamling LlI1iYL'I'SifiCS or have won clistinction in Y uxtt-nmpcJrzlnccnls spc11kn1goronltoriczll vontusts. Thu 1 only thzlptur on ann VIiCl1L'IlCl'S Collugc cznnpus. thu "V group has as its purposc thu nuuntzmining oi' torcnsics ut thu highust possihlc lt-wl. Ar llOlNCClllI1il1Q th C Il1L'INbCI'S and faculty zltlvisul' sponsorutl 21 "cider 'n tlonut spurs" for uhnns. XYith tht' cznnpus fast rt'- turninff to nornmlcy thu group hopcs to Imam' III H L'I'L'21SL'll zlctivitics as wt-ll as n1clnhcrship. Faqs 134 Poqe J 7 T011 rofw: Hall, Edgar, Martin, lorter, Dunn, Riebe, VK hire .hllffllld rofLL'.' Bro, Fagan, Dailey, Gleason, Flathers, Nagel Firxl rnfrci llenry, Kepler, Jewell own cle-Lcfiem Jimi lowa Teachers First has as its high ideal the promo- tion ol' Teachers College through an able and coni- petent student botly. New members, elected each quarter, are consitleretl on the basis of recortls in scholarship and participation and leanlership in activi- ties on the campus. antl must be at least seconcl terin juniors. They are noniinatetl by the organization K antl electetl by the Stutlent League. Nancy .lewell has been chairman of the group this year, with Presi- clent Nlalcolni Price anal Dean Saclie H. Campbell as honorarx' members. anal Dr. ll. A. Riebe as Iiacultx' aclviser. 135 OFFICERS Nixcx' .liewrii President limurrm' Naomi. Vice President Dovxx Gi,E,xsoX Serretary-Treasurer 1.J Top ro-'u:.' Behner, Dr. Charles, Sanders, l3ieckman Third ffl'LL',' VVallace, Sending, Richardson, Barck, lfa fa gn l Sffllllil rnfze: lioehlje, Gasser, Frederick, Nlcliay, Sage, Bertness Firxf l'fIfLL'.' Hottorff, Nlirnhach, llolthaus, hVt't'lis, Hendrickson ' l t . OFFICERS Cxitoi, SAGE President Lois FREDERICK Vice President Lois Bunxrzk Secretary Iiixxok Classix Treasurer Training for democracy while struggling to preserve it-Kappa Delta l'i continues to uphold its aim ol' consecration to social service through education. Pledged through informal initiation each quarter. neophvtes, who must he juniors or seniors with at least 2.S average and with ten hours of educa- tion, are required to give short talks on some inter- teresting phase of their major iield. rlilhree meetings are held each quarter, with a formal hanquet and il picnic in the spring providing the social atmosphere. Leaders in the education field provide the programs for these meetings. By the fusion ol' the various study lields this organization helps to correlate the total suhject matter of education. Page Top l'0'LL',' Russell, Hill, Hays, Palmer, Clark, Schueiiler, Kuiw, Searight Srf'om1rrm:.'.' Mcfoy, Holstad, Steele, Dunn, Anderson, Kokesh First roauz' McDonald, Gard, Primmer, liiclae W onioz During the war years all students became unaware of the existence on this campus ol' a chapter of Phi Nlu Alpha Sinfonia. But this ycar tht- national music fraternity. which is tlctlicateil to thc fostering and promotion of liner music, hccamc an active group again. After a .lanuary initiation, which inclualctl a musical act at a haskethall game anal a jazz hand at Llinner in the Commons, this organization anlcletl twelve new mc-mht-rs, including two of the faculty. Any man who has expressed his interest in music is eligible for mcmhcrship. Prospective initiates arc sclcctcal hy tht- active mcmhcrs. Page 137 OFFICERS lfluu. DU N x President Gizokce C'1..uuQ Secretary GEORGE Cmiut Treasurer Tap rmuz' Isaacson, l7r. Thompson, liehner, llnelsheck, Sanders Firsi rnlux' VVeeks, Frederick, Hall, Bottorff, Peters UFFICICRS Lois BEHXER President s P' gamma The Pi Cianinia Nlu is an organization of stuclents who have maintainecl a "B" average in thirty or more hours of social science. The society motto, "Ye shall know the truth anal the truth shall make you free," reveals the purpose antl itleals of the or- ganization. l,ois Behner, presitlent of the organiza- tion this year. has contluctetl the various activities ol' the cluh with the capahle assistance ol' Dr. lfarney antl Dr. lfrhe. Dr. Farney has heltl the position of secretary-treasurer this past year. To lnecoine a meniher ol Pi Ciamnia hlu is the aini ol every intlus- trious antl Iiorwartl-looking social science stutlent. An organization of a truly nohle purpose, the Pi Cianiina Nlu is a creclit to lowa State 'lieacliers College. Page Top rr1fL::.' Allard, l7eXVitt, Dr. Douglas, Barck, Gallagher Sfflllllf rofw: Sloan, Boehlje, Carlin, Frederick Firyf rofw: llendrieksnn, Sage, Nagel W QW. Pi Omega Pi. with lfunice lioehlje as presiclent anal Nliss Clatlin as sponsor, is a national eonnneree or- ganization, open to all junior, senior, antl graduate eonimeree students. Sophoniores who meet the re- quirements are pletlgetl every term and are initiatetl when they heeonie juniors. Pi Omega Pi is well rep- resentetl throughout the United States, with sixty chapters anal seven thousantl nienihers. Dr. Doug- las, the heatl of the tlepartnient. was national presi- tlent for three years. anal Nliss iiallin was the first national presitlent of this organization. Pi Unit-ga Pi joins with Golden l.etlger and l'l.l3.l..A. in spon- soring all-commerce picnics anal in holtling Halloween anal Christmas parties. Page l39 OFFICERS liexics HOEIIIJE President .Trix lliixnizieicsox Vice President C.-XROI, HARCK Secretary 1.015 FRIYIBERICK Treasurer rp L i T011 rom: Renal, Kziltcnlmauli, Uffringu, Polkinghorn, Childs, -Inns Yillillf rufw: Keen-, Tjepkrs, lic-lls, Reed, Kaflolph, Humphreys Xf'1'fIIlilI'II'LA.'.' Bentley, lirhe, Richl, Carney, Kelly, Dickinson, Deliostcr Hrs! rnmct' Reeve, Lucius, VVithaz4rd, Kruggel, Davis, Bentley UIfFlQ'liRS Rosmf un' Cuts EX President Gyn, l'i.XlJOI.l'll Vive President NI.xk1.x's jxxs Surrctzl IAf"'l'I'CZl5Ul'l'I' MPP! APOW 'lihc l'urplc Arrow is :in honorary socicty coinposcnl ol frcshnmn zintl sophoniorc girls who have il grzidu ZIYCIYIQL' of .3.Ull, llcgulair nicctings arc hclal tht- scycnth aintl clcvcnth wcck ol' catch quzirtcr with Nliss Nlillcr :is sponsor lor thu group :intl ROSCIH21l'y' Cur- ncy as prcsitlcnt. ljicnics. initiation parties, guest spuakurs, social cntcrtaiinniunt. anal alinncrs ure wel- coinctl occasions each ycar for Purple Arrow incin- hcrs. rlihc purposc of the organization is to proyitlu an opportunity lor two-yczir stunlunts to rcccivc rec- ognition lor outstzzncling ahilitius, thcrchy promoting scholarship, uncournging high Sf2lllLl21I'KlSOli incliviclual aintl connnunity living, zlnnl striving to liurthcr thc hcst intcrcsts ol' lowa Stats 'llcaicliws Collcgc. Pcqe Tap rofw: Moore, Sterling, Ilzimiltnn, Runlt, llumiltnn, llumpliry, Apu-l Tfuril l'fI4'LC.' Yinrcnt, VVOmholt, Uillon, Ritz, Fisher, Royer, PK"1ll'0l'lx .S'ffm1i11'rmc: Hllll5El, Heffnc-r, VVnml, glohnfnn, Duilley, Hnlthzmx Firm' rofux' l.ind, Bentley, Phillips, Bn-vkinzin igma jolfa UIJCC-LlLIIN-Lllllll-LlUOLlf'-llll-Llll-Llllu rings nlnwn thu wr- 1nfFIc'I3RS i rimlnrs in 21 niclmlious whisflu 11nsn'urcil in thc saunu 1 inzinncr hy "l hczu' that cull", ruvcziling thu piwsuiicc lsuuiuu wlonxsnx l of SAYS. Them- young wmncn. CllLlC2lY0l'll1Q to up- l""-'fiflfm hnlnl thi- liighusr in music n'oi'k nn thi- czunpus, lizwc Iwxvzexiz Run hznl ten hours ol' music with 3.0 2lYL'I'2lQL' zmnl 2.5 VW' P"1'fifl1'1" i zivcrzigc in nthui' suhjccts. Tlwy meet twice monthly NWN' WWII 4 - - - SfCI't'fIll'X to plan rzulio l5!'U?lLlCZlSfS zmnl x'zii'ious musical lunc- ' - rf - - V - Sl,1'l'ilfl tions. lhcx' furnish huclagruuml lm' lloim-ruining Milli: mimk ' ' :N 'cr inusicalcs :mal lizivc lnrmxll initiation lor pled---cs. H 5 l3.ucn,xi:x R111 Nlciimrulwlc zunnng this yuan' s cvcnts wcrc Xx2lSS21Il Chaplain with Phi Nlu's :it Nliss li2lI'liL'l'lS ziltcr Cliristinus Islam llixwinu cziroling anal ai "l lnhn l'z1i'ti"' lim' thu music lliciilty. 5lA"g"'ll In 'lrmx ge Ml Top rome: Bm, Rlmmlcs .h'1'l0lllif!l1L'.' Butler. VV:1ll:1s'e, l'llllIl1t'l'5, lin-rtllcss Firifl roms: Martin UIFFICICRS REHX Fu.,x'1'n1zks Prcsimh-nt SHIRI,IiY BL"1'l.lzK Vive Pr:-siflcnt Nl.XRl2XRE'I' Rnrvxmgs Secrctzlry-'l'rez1sure1' Llfoxx Bran lllSIOI'l8Il JOYCE BIERTX liss Mzlrshnl Lglflflfd LZ E A This National l'lOHOI'LlI'y linglish l'lI'2lfCl'lllfl' nn-cts oncu unch month to ruul anal kllSL'LlSSfllQOI'lQll1lll pm- nluctions ol' the Inclnhcrs. lts purposu inclualcs lmrh the c11cuL11'z1gcn1c11t ol clultiw writing anal ll lostcr- ing' of lcllnwslnp znnong stualcnts on thu cznnpus who are uspcciully intcrcstcnl in lfnglish. hlulnhcrshlp is lnnitcnl to LIpPCI'ClilSSlIlCl1 who arm lnujorlng in lfng- lish, who lmu' ccnnplctul ll spucihcnl nulnhcr nl' courscs, anal who shun' supcrim' zxhility in c1'uz1tix'u writing. 'llhc Ol'Q,f21l1lfl1flOI1 puhlishus Tlnf Pm, ll publication ol crcntiw XYI'lflllgS hy TL-uclmurs Collugv stualcnts. Nliss 'llcrry is thu sponsor ol' thy gmup which this yum' has sewn L1mlc1'grzulL1ut-.' 1nun1lu-rs. Page l-4 Tnjv roar: l"l'eclc-rick, llzill, Peters, Szinclcrs Sm'011ilrr1fLc.' VKX-eks, Isaacson, Rizint, Bnttortf Firsl romcf Dr. lhmnpson, Bc-liner, lluelslweck Oda! ,Science onom ln spite of ll low nicinhcrship in rcccnt ycars. intcrcst sliown at nicctings of the Social Scicncc llrmnors Club has not mlroppctl. Discussing currcnt atlzxirs, hcuring spccizil ncws hrozulczists, anal listening' to lccturcs hy faculty mcmhcrs, inzikc thc nicctings ol' mluc to futurc citixcns. ln thc cvcn-numhcrccl yczirs a "must" is to gut together Zllltl hczil' thc clcction returns. Nlcnihcrs niust have at lC21Sf thirty hours ol' social scicncc work with ll "H" zlvcragc. Undcr thc lczitlcr- ship of tht- Prcsitlcnt. Clara Nlayc lsazicscan. :intl with the help of Dr. Tlionipscm. sponsor :intl faculty' adviscr. this club holtls much proniisc for thc- futurc. Page l 4 3 OFFICIQRS C'1l.xit.x MMF lsucsrm K l,I'6HlClEllI TQORIVI.-X Piiialzs Vice Prcsitlent Nl,XRY C.Yl'llIiRIXl'I VVEICKS Sccrctury Nlxiu' fl.X'IgI-IIQRINE VVEEK5 rllI'6Zl5L1I'L'I' Tnfiru1C.' XVy::tr. llerniziiismi .Nffn11.frnf.:.' Hull, Nlzuiseii, Crlls-cl' f'i2'.vl1'nQL'.' H1itI:'i'H:'Id, Dr. SL1Thl'I'iIlIILi, lfvlhiws, Filgllll jaefa jaefa glilffii UI-'IflK'IiRS Ut' iiituim-st tn thc iiiuiiihws ul' 'lhutu 'Ihutn lfpsihiii, illlI1Hl'lll'f lhmiiir lfuuiiimiiiics r1i'gz11iif,z1tiw1i, is thi- ilis- ,li-M Flflil-"NW cussimi of thu liuiiiciiizikiiig pmhhiiis limi iiiuziiis fi!- P"Ni"""' piwiiiiuliiig iiimhfrii iiiutlimis in this tiflil. Thi- pur- I!iRR1I'1'I AIWJNN pusy ful' this group is thc iwccmgiiitimi of high schnl'1i'- 1-1-Him-li-eiis ship :mal li-iiilwsliip ziiiioiig hmiic ccuiiuiiiics suuhwits. To lwumiiiu gi iiiuiiihur, imp must hu L-mliu-ii with ii llmiiu lilmiiiniiics ziwinigu ut' 2.8, ami 21 iii Lili ntliui' wursus. Hthui' imwiiiiiwiiiuiits iiiuliiili- zicriw iiiuiiihiisliip in the Iilh-ii Ricliziiwls Chili ami imc utliui' i cziiiipus Ol'g2lI1i!11tilJl1. ziml thi- zippi'ux'z1l iii, rcgulzii' xiiicl l1UllIJI'21l'X iiiuiiihcrs. Alcan It-llmvs is prusiiiciii ziml Dr. 5LlfhL'I'i2ll1Li, liiniil ul thu uh-piiifiiiuiit, is Faculty zulvisi-i'. Prime 4 Tuff rrmc: lfagali, Frederick, Martiii, Boehlje, Nagel lfilifl roar: llenry, Butte-rfit-ld, Sage EWCA unc! 2558 "Pss-stl YVhy's shc wcaring that whitc mortar hoard?" "Uh, shc hclongs to iliorch and Tasscllu Ycs. Torch and Tasscl, the organization for third- term junior and scnior women with a 2.5 grade point. who havc shown outstanding ahility as lt-atlcrs, have taken part in intcrcst groups, and arc cligilwlc for at l least two honorary socictics. ln kccping with thcir principal aim, scrvicc, tht- mcmhcrs sponsorcd the salc of Christmas Scals. as wull as othcr similar projccts. Sponsors arc Nliss L'rtIt-y. Kliss Plachn. hfliss llult and Dcan Camphcll. Page 145 UI-'lflC'liRS CARUI. Sam: Prvsitlent Doxoinx' NACHI, Vice President H XRRIEVT IIENRY Secretary Lois l:REDliRlCK Treasurer F1120 N1.XR'l'lX Sergeant at Arms Top l'll1L'.' VILXIIQCII, Sutton, IILIIISUH, Pzllim-1', Schcrirh, Kiihl llfiliffr I'fl1l.'.' Brown, limuliillg. hliillwii, Hviplc, Pickurnl, Cirusslvcvk, i'h:ili1pskx Iiolfnm rvmc: Bezxsiep, Nliiiihzwh, Kimlwzdl, Nlimre, l,:lmmc-rs, Vziiitwimiuir XYitIip1iiiitlii'iisli iii lixiiiiitlicixrt l,u1lg'Lluilzlsiilllsilui f"""f'VR5 mum ll gan spot iiim this xcziris czuiipus highlights. i ' ' l' A ' I I-fxiiix Suiiifkiili Iliu Lcaiguu WLM 11-spuiisilwlc tm' thi- publicity :md p,.K.,ide,,, Q .iualging ul- nluumiwitiuiis Lit Iimiiucwiiiiiig. .-Xiiyuiiu Num Nlfiiiiuf . . . . . . . X". p gg iiitcimstuil may join this Ufgillllfllfltlll, wliimsv chiui W Num . . . iixixii Ilifimi iims 1111- tu Clwzltc bcttur social imlzitiimiisliips lwutwcuii Smwm .lit stunlcnts and iw21CLliff' and tu pi'm'idc 11 timv and ini-K Aww, I . . , . A - A 1 I ll -1 all - . plum' tor artists tu work. Ar wuckly stuilio iiiuutings. U y M5 mmm cli studciit, umlci' thi' lczulursliip of Dr. l,21Lliill. his his own chzuicc to grow in skill and kimwlcilgv oi tcchniqucs and to auiwxiicc in thu tiuhl oi' fins arts. Page I-id Top row: Barak, DeXVitt, Davis, Leo, Towne, Constantine, Frederick, Boehlje, Green, Sloan, Gallagher Tlfirii rnfw: Jenner, Main, Hinderalxer, Keel, Niaver, Simpson, Jenks, Lynn, Nagel, Reed Swconil ro:u:: Borden, Brandhorst, Allard, Bergmann, Davis, Kiser, Zimmerman, flute, Reeve, Sage, johnson Hnltnm rofw: Schiller, VVesterberg, lleadington, lilesie, Chapler, '1'runkev, Mitchell, Hendrickson, Shover. Uiekmann Page 147 ajfzfafvwe OIVFICFRS Cutoi. Bxkcia President HEi,Ev Davis Vice President Dokrvr Ai.i..uum Secretary wI,xvE'r CLXIAIUXCIIER 'I'reasurer zfwinedd KL Jem ofjgmerica lfuture Business l,eaders of America. a national com- merce organization open to all commerce majors and minors, is sponsored bv the National Council lor Business lfducation and is the only chapter organized in lovva. lfducational meetings have been held once a month and have consisted ol' movies, talks bv mem- bers of the department, and interesting lectures bv various business men ol' Cedar halls and Yvaterloo. The organization also gives aid to high schools ol' loiva in organizing chapters and in training leaders for these chapters. Picnics and seasonal parties make up the social meetings which are also held once a month. Nlr. Nlaver acts as sponsor for this group which has about li ftv active members. V fn ' ' ' ' f roxy: Rmvgrrx, RVIIIIIZIIT, Arnr, Hglllm, Fudd, HCllI!lllQt'I', Ilmm-I, SIIIVAVH, XYxrirk, l'i1'l1vr, llww 'l4ffir.i r'ff1:.' Nlvliridr, R1-my, Igi.1I41, Ifixmfh, Vasu llmm-11, Sl1r1'ufmd, H:11'x1hn1't. Iligfgim, Ywt, fQl'ilIHl1, c.IlII11l!ll'lI, .Xllru NUMIJ rnqc: Cizlllup. Rvex, Il:1HhiH, Q9llllillgt'I', KlliNl'I', Kirk, SK'Nlx!I', Hzuriwn, Srutt, Iimxn, Phillipx, R411l1111elsIuerg ffm! fffm may ,IQIIYIIQQ blnlmwn. C'hri-tumwn, Ilzlviuxggzs. lan-nh-1111. Ye-Iwn. f'JlIl!PIYl'H, Svlmmlttillggzx, Rim'lx:x1's!, MIVIINVII, Smith I. 'lhp rung: Stnltl, Nlyrirk, Illlnlphrryx, Yivkvr'y, l,HllLfNIi'Il, llxlrtkumjxrr, I'cu-1-vnu, llmtmu. NYriLght, Nzlxh, I7um':m, Hum lff1r'J1'ffq:: Hllr, PHIklIlQh1!II1, l'ffIur'. Ulwn, .Xllung IVPIILHII. Sim-gfrivd, Nlillnr, Um ull, RIIHNU, XY:-hu' Vrrflllf I'fIiL'.' Hulvingrr, Ruttrr, Yzllfic, N1cC':xl1e, Ilxlrlzm, Bus-, Trxkhrim, liclmx, cpflhllllk, .XlHit'I'NUll, Nic'l'l1t1'I1em1 liullum IURLQ' Nhrlwl, H11l11pl1raj., RHI-tml, Iix':ll1NtiIe1', l'wk. U'llwIr, Hum, xIiI!d!'ii'h. lMHllII'i. l,ik"IIItJI', X1lus,KZldHIph Page I Page 149 Set Top rrm.:.' Nielsen, Kennedy, Denny, Muerke, Flurn Ifoilnm rofw: Grnnzow, Gleason, Koltvct, Xvillxnutt, Lindberg Ella 59554 Ul"Fli'PRS lrnmx xx N11-'mlm Pix-siclent Nlxiunx lim xrm Vice Pfktwliltjlll l.L'CIIll,H NIL ICCK li Hl'llL'lllCIlf21I'y, niy kltlll' Xlvutsun, liour-yczii' ulcniun- tary." Cnulcl hu hc was thinking uf joining tht- l3.A.lfI.'s? Uh, l sayl Ncvt-rtliclt-ss tlIL1fiS what ll stuclt-nt must ht- to -iuin this social Zllltl cclixczitioiiul rwgzinixzltimi. ln zultlition it is nuccssary tn am-ntl nit-stings for unc quurtci' lwlinru htcing ztcccptccl. Stu- .,.L,m,.,,il-m,,u,.H. tlcnt cuinxnittccs sulcctt-tl l-ruin znnong the actiycs plan thc prngrzuns tm' thc group lrmn yuan' to ycur Nlcinhurs ol' this yt-111' ll1lVL' pleasant incinnrics ol such big cycnts as tht- l"uln'u11i'y lwanquct, thc tca given hy Nliss l'ctt-rscn, zinnl cspccially thc annual Uctolucr picnic at the Collgg-tl golf course wlicrc Dr .lcnscn slimyccl picturcs trmnn South Anicrica. i v1Vf!f'7'UiL'.' Struxr, Huck, RJlNlI1l1NI'Q'Tl, 5IuIlL'1',,l1H1z'N, Y.m Yrgnlxlwu. Hllktl, llfvllhni-, 1Qutc,i'mm 'l'lzir'.l1'rm:.' Ulwn. Nvlwu, Hwk, Hull. Frrrix. Ymith, Alxlvzlx, Mzlrvum. Vcnk ,Mf1f1I1frr1iL',' Snmv, Silulvtx, Hurxt, Rirhnrt,.'Xpplctm1, IILIHNHH, l.m'ln', Mzllluy, Huhn'1x1:111l1 lfwltfffu rum' St'l1INt'IYk'1,,lxt'HY. llzmrrlwwk, Su .lI11, i':1lt1'is1rl, lirulvlw. Klwrrht, SvNic'Yur lnfff wig: Umlsl, NYUH, Xxv00If'I'x,'h1!, Cirmrdixvicly XYiIli:n11N, Rmlmam. IvIltIL'I'btJI'j,f, XX'fmdunx'Il1 lvllifxi rrmax' Krxrlmn, l5Q'l'l'xQ'l', Zcllrr, Spxwrmx, 111111, Hug Vwlc, Chlnlxxcll Mff,11.lrm:.' Ihrlxxlni-vm, Lla St. Vxxrx. Luhrx, Nlzlrliu, l'uwing, lwrnmgm, HI'2l!lIt'l'. Pvttx lfflffffzz l'fmc.' l,IlfI'i1'k, lxllmclm-L-xl. xIIlI'IiI1, VViIhurxpmux, XIUIIIINIIII, I7r11'sxIl1c M Tuff roar: Schhy, Chilclx, Ulxstzlfmlm, Kimlmll, Sheppard, Nlmggnlm, Shcldnn. PIITSIIIIN 7'l1inIrfms: Dillon, Smith, llzmla Stevclnsmm, Griflin, 'I'hmnpfm1, lirrm'11c, NIIIIIHIIII .Yrflfllkl r0Q:.' BLHIIUZIH, B05 er. Schultz, 'l'hm11psu11, Kivingsr, Crwdrr, Niiddmwtx, Niorr Iinlfnm roar: For-ter, Meyuhrmltz, Pnttrm, Thmnpsfm, cpillitffxtill, Jensen 2146! Mar Qndergarfen-Qfimary Tap runs: Hiillllllkllllllll, Clmrirtclmv-11, Ckxlherrwn, Drilling, XVe5tf11H, fuller, Ruvlmtvkr, Clmzxlupxklx, Xurri- Tffinf fume: Hzxumzm, l'ear1'e, Daniel-, Bentley, 1AiIldl'II1Zll1, Young, Uickinxmm, l5NChllL!f'I1 Nrflllld rvmc: Miller, Richl, Lucas, Briggs, llznnplun, Childers, johmun linllnfn rfmxf Swwtr, ,I4l1UFSCIl, Qvhrnuth, Bl'l'fIhIlllL'l', Phlughaupt, PfI'iII1VlH'I' Page 15. Top rr1f1:,' VVngoner, Hansen, Jorgensen, Allisnn, Baer, Nelson ,Vlidiilv r0u'.' Mimbach, Mitchell, Hnlnig, Jewell, Andersen, Scinling liotlum rn-u'.' SXYZIIISUH, l,l6ClLIl12ll1, Orr, McMilla11, Bring Nlcn1l1crsl1ip in this l5l'lJl.USSlUl12ll and sucial U1'QLl.l1lZll- tion consists ol' girls who lmw co111plctcnl tllu two ycur liin1lurgz1rtcn-prinniry cmirsu, 2ll'L' ul' junior stzinnling, z1n1l l1z1x'c ut lczlst 21 2U'Cl'11gL' scholastic 1'1-c01'cl. Tlwir prograni for the year, alrzurn up us ll unit, is lurnicil l1l'ULllNl swim-cc11tc1'1ml intcrcst. l his 31-z1r tlicy W1-1'c zulilrusscil by Ur. Curtis, llcllal of thu Caunpus S1-lmnl, zunl wcnt on ll tour nl' lniigfcllmx' Sclinol in Xxv2lfCl'llJU. l'lz1culty zulviscrs, Bliss Arg angl Bliss Smith, pz1rticiputc in lui-inontlily Lliscussions. rlllmc 'l1ll21HliSglX'll1Q Dinner as will as the Nl1xtl1cr's ljllf' Dinncr for IIlOfl1Cl'S, nicmbcrs, z1n1l faculty zul- Viscrs are incluilcil in their scllcalulc of Cvcnts. UIfFlCfliRS Mun' Avx Axiniiksnx President Mlrnknn 01:11 Vice IJl'C5lLlf'llt Rtrn S11 .xxsox Secretary l.L'L'Il.IrIi Bow: 'Ixreasurer limisn BAIQR Social clllillflllilll GRACE Hicks Alumni Secretary Page 15 Page 153 Top rofv.'.' l'mhaugh, Frank, Nelson, Sluiter, Hult, Pzlulsen, lirnns Third f0Q,L'.' Thern, Dawson, Haffner, Mtmeller, Borg, Mt'Cue, Miller, Brouwer Sfmmi rofw: Burg, Ellis, Stork, Port, Champion, Olsen First rofw: Gangstzld, Coohey, Brooklzlnd, Hz-itz, ljttell MPR! QELCAQP5 A Olfl7lC'l-QRS Vim I-I. L 1.x srzsrxn l,I'C5lClC'Ilf N'lARr:ARm PoR'1' View Presiclcnt .'XRI.liYE NlIl.l.ER St'Cl't'lZll'f' Yvosxlz fJI.SEN Treasurer Stutlcnts cspcclully intcrcstcal in rural ctlucation on those who arc rcglstcrctl on 21 rwclvt--wuck normal training or Ilour-quartcr rural course arc cligilwlc for nlcmhcrslmip in thu Rural 'llczlclwrs Cluh. Thu pur- posu ol the mcctlngs hcltl on thu llrst Zlllll third Tucs- clay ol catch month, is the stutly' :mtl lmprovcmcnt ol' rural ctlucation. 'llhc Clulw is uniquc in that it is ncwr uhlc to luring all its mt-mlwcrs togcthcr :lt ons tlmc sincu some are tcachlng Cach quzlrtcr. The prcsitlcnt for tht- full quarter was Nlury lfluinc NlCCuc, unml mcmbcrship totalctl llfty-foL1r. Nllss llulr, of tht- Departmcnt of Etlucation is thc faculty sponsor. i , Top rnfw: hlllllgkll, K:1ltc11h11cl1, Klohs, cwtlhllfll, Uffringu, Mnrlem Tfzirul runs: H:11nilt1m, Prism, N11-ukirk, Xvililfk, 5111165.21-I. rlllill, Bll .N'r'1o1111' r'wu': llylvn, Brnwll, LUIIJC, Rz111s11111, Pres, N1111o1', Iiifil rrmr: Vvhitlcy, Kruggel, HllXX'kN, C'f1pf'la111l, Pugh C fdge pfdygfd l.1gi1tsf Q'111'1z1111f .Xftiunf 11's C11llugfl'l11y111-S 101' UVl"4'VR5 yy'l1z1t1-yu' pl111s1' 111 1111111121 may 21ffI'2lL'I yfllll' 1l1fL'l'k'Sf. - 1 1 - , ..- R1 111 fvfllll RX Um Q1'1m11p 111 I11t111'c-I11'1'11l1z11'1lts-111z1ylw ls upun to , . A U - Ch:111'm1111 .111y1m1- sl1my'111g 1111 z11'r1y'1' 111tc11'st 111 plays 111111 tl1u11- , - 1 - lvl-Un Imuyyx 111-. Ihr l'lz1y1u1's, yylw 1-I1-ut 11H'11'u1's cz11'l1 1111111'tu1'. SC'K'l'L'T1lI'-X l1.1y'c ll st111lc11t plz11111111g lwzxml 1'vsp1111s1lylc I'111'yy'1-fkly 111-1 up 1111111x11 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' l'11lwIi1'i1y Q'h1111111111 Q1-ss1o11s yy'l11cl1 111cl111lc study 111111 Zlkflllg p1'111u1'ts. I hc 11111 11-1'111 was 111-ywmtul to lf11g'c111' ffxyill 111111 his FH lR1,l-IX 151 11.1514 , . , Rlklll R11'11.y141ms plays yy'1tl1 study 111 11tl1u1' L'lll1fL'll1pKJl'1ll'y' 11lz1yyy'1'1ghts 15,5R,RL,,F Imam 1'11llmy'111g. 'lqhu full lWI'OtILlL'f1Ul1, 11 1'z1111p11s I1111111- P'1"1"i"1 H"1"'d c11111111g l11QI1I1Lgl11 11111111 thu 1111'uc11o11 ol lluxd IS. SfI'21y'k'l'. was A11111mgu1111y"s "l.1stc11. l'1'1J1'cssr11"1. Pune 154 ge 155 Ulf VI CIC RS l7rn4fm'1'm NIIQUQIRK Piwsitiviit Run Com RY Vice President Br:'l"l'Yi2 full-KRINCX Pnhlicity' Chziirznzin Nl.xRc:.xRE'1' BEA M H isturiain Taj- roar: Piilfhll, Kahenhzicli, Cohnrn, .lunge-n, Offringa, Childs NIYIIII11 rnfw: Read, Schle-gel, Benn, VVnll:1ce, Paton, Sc-zigrzlves first mu: Buttorff, Nienkirk, Mnntzig, Buckingham, Krnggcl amiffon A tiuis and gzils with ll gift 0' gzlh gut their CiI21l1L'LT to cut insist' when Athcy hccnnic utiilintt-tl with this group whosc iciuail is tht- uncuLii'z1guincnt of iincr puhlic speaking. Bcsialcs Iiortnns, rounnl-tzihlus. trigger talks. and tichzitus :it tht-ir hi-nicmnthh' niuuts. thc cluh sponsors the Alitcr Dinncr Spcziking Contcst and the lirintlicy Dt-hutu iliournznncnt with 21 thnncr in tht- spring hmr thc Hrintllcy tichzitcrs. A Spuzikcrs Uu- rt-au iurnishccl stutlunts to nczir-hy towns lor pro- grams zintl inuinhcrs of thc tlchutu squziti pzirticipzitc lll l'HLll'H21lNL'l1I'S hfiti Ill Y21l'llll.lS l1l1lYCI'SlflL'S llliti COI- lcgcs in tht- hnitul Status and Cumulu. 1-Ilf7l'0iC.'.' Nlriiallmcy, Kuhl,ZiI11m':rm:1ll, Hcll, '1'm'krr, Ifullm W 7'l1irJfnfLu: Brmhzlr, Bun-, Bmwn, Potter, Chitty, Fagan .S'r1k0I1J V'Ufll.'.' Nlrmrs, Hifw, Lynn, Kimlu.1H, liclmm l"1l'5r lvlfwf VVy11tt, SIINYXCT, VIUUIIN 1 ' l ' 1 i. , f ,O It sv ,"' ff' ' f " M .' Y f J I x Tofv Hmzs: Hllttcrfield, Iilwllijl, Nlxlnlsen, Ifdwzxrds, Fc-lluwa, Nlurlmxc, Seilwrli :- x Tl11r.f 1'oaL'.' XxYU1?lVt'I'f0Il, Ii:-H,, Hnlcum, f?IlFNCI', -ILICOIWS, Slwvur Vnu11JrfmU.' ixgllll, ,Iei'fL-rx, 'I'runkcx', Pnrwn, I'1L'I'II'IZlll5!!Il first rams: Ifntz, Ifrlw Page ISIS ge i57 T015 l'fMi.'.' Hillsten, Ur. Van Ifugen, Kavka, Trimble, Storei Siizozlti rflfwf Sloan, Sieglzllf, XVatson, Lund, Martens I-'lrfl roar: Burnett, Olmsted, Mitcliell ?W6LlfAemaficd A OFFICERS Nl,lXIYE M.xR'riaxs Presinlent Nl.KR12ARE'I' Nlllflllil Yicc Prcsidt-ut 'I'o:x1 fiIl3XEX St'1'l't'I2lI'Y"Iil'l:'Zl5llI'6' ,I 1. 'lihc Nlathcinatics Cluh works to stimulate intcrcst in ll hcttcr system of teaching inatht-niatit's hy showing the relationship ht-twccn it antl othcr courses. Nlcni- ht-rsliip is opt-n to all who arc intcrcstcml anal havc liw hours ol' crctlit in inatlicniutics. 'lihc group liolals two husincss meetings cacli quartcr anal two or tlircc social activities mach yt-ar. A visit to the Reg- istrar's ollicc in tht- fall showcal the liinal ol' mathe- niatics lacing usual tlicru. Plans arc lacing inaalu for cntcrtaining gucst spcalicrs anal lor ohtaining various inovics rclatctl to niathuniatics. Nlaxinc Nlartcns was clcctctl prcsitlcnt in thc fall. anal Dr. Yan lilngcn sci'i'us as sponsor ol tht- Club. Top rnfw: Miller, UeVVitt, Fast, Kzivku, Czisliman, Orr, l':dVVllI'd5, Madsen 71!liI'til'01,C2.' Hoos, Sykes, Miss Nlichel, Heernzin, Joyce, Johnson, Simpson, Steffi' Sl'l'fllli,l'01L'.' johnson, Heater, Knight, Vvilillk right, Trc-keH, Miss Oldenhc-rg lfillvf rrrmc: Nlzirtin, NBlliT6l'k?l', Miss YVinsherg, Miss VVhite, Royrr LLJCL vin? 01795 Stutlcnts who Iiziu- passccl thy Rt-tl Cross scnior lin-- sziving tcst are Qligilnlti for niunihurship in the'c Saving Corps. Thu organization hohls xrccklr incct- inws thirinw' which tht- inunihurs przicticu torni, rules. 25' 3 zintl tcrliiiitnius. Nliss XYhitc. ont- ol' tht- four pcr- sons who orgziiiixctl tht- original corps on tht- czinipus. is sponsor of thc group. The Lite Sawing Corps is tlctlicuml to hulping others. It has ai thizil purposu: to I-urthcr szitcty' in thu wzltcr. :incl to kccp nicnihcrs in good form. Thr- club pruscnts 11 wutcr pagczint cvcry two rcurs as u IHCQIIIS ol' promoting its wzitcr SZIICCQ' prograni. Thu Saving Corps tlcsurrus prziisc and honor for its Yllilllliih' szituty program. Ul4'I-'ICICRS Pxi Kxirzni l'i'cs1nlc'i1t N1 xuiaiw: DEXY1 Y iw Prcsidcnt Xxoxii Um: Sn-c'l'n'l:l1'y Page E53 Tufw faux' Inmhextsnn, Miller, Sznnivuld, Price, Terpatrzl, Kriegc, Hclizlw, Bc-hl1er, Ilnber, Hum Tfzimf !'flil.'.' johnson, Duljrec, Hart, Foster, MLN XKvillSbQff2,', Miss Short, Fzmux, Bm, Brzlzwk, wluycc Srfwnf rrmx: Muntgmnery, Ilfwvcr, NVQ-nger, Yun Anne, Trckell, .XndcrNun, Nliv Ulclenlu-rg, Heernun lfirxf l'fFLL'.' Srruhridge, Dclnpstcr, Porn-r, Carney, johnson, Mzlifeld fgfaydlfcozf Eobccafion A G Tuff rfmc: Mnrphx, l7cXYitt, l.2lIlgl'Hi'l'i, limi, Kzlvku, Smith, Sykex, lirnnnvr Tflifnl' I'fl1L'.' Nlurritt, Nliff VVild, Nliss XVhirr, Nliv Nlnurc, Nliw Nlichrl, Orr, XVlIillNl'iQhI, Ilvzltrr' .Yw4n1nf1'n1L',' Stcffy, Simpsnn, Knight, Putter, Mllllzlln-5, Henry, Kindwilll Firivl l'Il1L'.' Nlnrtin, Divtv, Nelxheckvly Rflf cr, Nliw Yun Nw- Top rnftc: llzill, Ilnns, East, Merritt, Orr .Wmllii rwuz' Kintlwall, Heater, Miss Michel, Miss XXvill5lWt'I'j.f, -loyvr. llcnry lfirsl rofux' Steffy, Dietz, Knight amen 3 ecrea fiom Mociafion lhis is ont- ul tht- nrgzinizzitimis wlncli cx'cry girl in the college is t-ligihlti to join. Vllith the ziini nl' los- tcringg' intcrcst in uthlctics :intl grczitcr pzirticipzitinn on thc part of woincn stntlcnts. the XY.R.A. Cnuncil sponsors ai witlu prngrznii. lnclntlutl in tht yczifs activities are inti'zinnn'zil spnrts, tonrnznncnts anal play tluys. Thu wtit-kly im-ci-L-atimml swimniing anal play nights art' plillllltkl ln' this group, wlicn the wonicn's gymnaisiuin is opcn lm' ll witlt' vziricty ul' zictivitics. Nluinhtrs may hulong to :in activity clnh ni' hc ai rcgulzii' palrticipzint in thc i'cCi'czitioiizil pm- grznn, :intl the social xailucs tlici' nhtuin nizikc XY.R.A. 21 mlimlwlu part ol' cznnpns lift-. UI-'I-LICFRS .-XL mu IIE XTER President ll xRR1E'i'i' llaxiu Yire Presitlent Page 160 Tnjv rms: Storey, Schlegel, Pohlmann. Turnei, Hass .Sifrnzil ro-tc: VVeiss, Bentley, Masteller, Sehoenhack, Sehlofeldt, Knrkosh Thin! rfme: liarnliartlt, Nlillilxzm, Dr. Bailey. Ur. Getchell, lierge jimgic Cf A UFFIUIQRS Fkrnrkick XVXIJE, Catalyst Page 161 Nleeting weekly in the Commons for luncheon, the Alemhic Cluh has heen a part of life at Teachers Col- lege for over fifteen years. It was inactive during the war, hut since resuming meetings last fall, it has a growing anal enthusiastic memhership. Serving the purpose ol' vitalizing Class ancl lahoratory perioals for chemistry students, it is open to any stunlent inter- estecl in keeping alert to the n'oi'ltl-witle tlevelop- ments of science. Reports on new scientific iliscoy- eries anal their inclustrial signilicanee, anal tliscussion on these and other topics ol' interest to the stuclents, form the eore ol' each meeting. The opportunity to know faculty anal fellow science students hetter is not the least ol its values. TflfV7'01L',' Ifiala, Back, llolrhnis, Gnstufsr-11, l'mhan,qh, Kimhall, Peter, Ilurnphrvys, Grirlin, Broun Third roms: Rees, McBride, Sparrow, Lovke, Hanson, McC'ormic'k, johnson, VVilli:ims, O"l'oole Sl'l'f1llii rofwf Bliss, Ferris, Bauman, Bentley, Linrlesmzln, Bauman, XVcher, Burg, Young I-'izivf r'f11L'.' Rickard, Petty, Pzltrivk, Kaclolph, Kruggel, lluinphrcys, Diemer, liottorff ampm 4 JU lformcr 4-ll girls nt-ul not losu thuir atliliations with U1'Vlf'l5R5 tht- organization whun thcy cntcr 'l1L'21L'l1CI'S Collcgu. - Thu Campus 4-ll cluh otfcrs them many opportuni- NIXRILH CiLlS1'H'S tics to form ncn' liricnnlships, anal to upholnl their l"'C'i'le'1l purposc to promott- hcalth for hettcr living, to Llc- JVNH Nlvfnkvlfh vclop hearts for gruatur loyalty, hancls for grcatur Vim' P"v'idl"'l scrvicc. antl huatls lor Clcarcr thinking. Nlcctings I'?I1.HlfY BHY'I'1H of a social naturc arc hultl cvcrx' othcr XYcLlncsclax'. 5fl'm1"'5"li"f'W'"'' Although thc mumhcrship totals sixty-livc girls. this group is ahlc to get togcthcr anal carry out a yuarly program of ctlucation, scrvicu. anal social lille valu- abit- to with girl. Thc sponsor is Nliss lilifahcth Nyholm. clictitian in tht- tootl scrvicc tlcpartmcnt of tht- Commons. Page I62 i J Page 163 Top roms: Cliailiipsky, Vhilals, Hall, McQuigg, Hughes, Gritlin, Locke, Hunt Tlzfrtz' l'll1L'.' Kinclwzxll, Allen, Kindwzill, Pulmcr, Zinunermun, Yickery, Mcliuj' Swifzzztl rnu: VVyriclc, XVm'den, Bznunizln, Hesse, Spzlrrnw l'ir,vl roast' I'l0lTlIlgt'l', licrtness, YVenclel, Olmsted, Phillips, lfluhrer OVFICI-1K5 Rnsr-ixuiu' Hx Prfssiclent mfzfwe eacfiem of America l jnvcn Bam x Rss Secrt-tary Sniuconc oncc szucl 'Sclwnl licllcs are tlic licart-lmczlts of 21 nation." llcll pmlmlwly just llllcl ll look at one of thc: must inllucntiul Ol'Q21lH7,Z1tl0l1S nn our campus. the iuciulwcrslup nl' which is grantccl to anynnc pm- licssionzllly intcrcstccl in tcacliing. illlic sponsors urc- Nlcssrs. Scott, Dcnny ziml l'almci'. illhcii' aims are iuzmy: to acquaint tczichcrs with tlic history, ctllics. auicl progrzun ol' organizcnl teaching: to give practi- cal cxpcricncc in working on thc prulwlcms of 11 coni- iuunity: to intcrcst young penplc- in cclucutinn as a lifc cz11'cci': zuicl to cncnurzlgc careful sclcctinn nl' pcrsnns aclniittccl to sclinols which prcpzlrc tcziclicrs, thc- ciuplmsis bc-ing nn clizirzxctcr zuul sclinlzirsliip. 'f 1 A., -fx Twp mar: I7uww, fam-5. K'nlwm'n, lfwmgl-zxwlu, NIL-4'umly, Nlxnrlmw, Ihllinix I .51'1I11I.l7'lf1L',' lm-uvll, Iznrf, W IlL1llllL'l', Nlaxlwn, l'.aInIl1'clx, L wvlr, I-vlm-Im I .. . . , . .. , . , . ku I-1f.rlfffQL.' 5l1'nln'1cIgr,NIMl41m,,InImwn, X1m'vl'I, Ivltlt, IIIIIIIIIIUIIIIZIII, I znwnnx. I Vnn QZM XQAQZM XVIII always 1x'1nu111lwc1' . . . Um' Splunk Spun' nlzxmx' zmnl .lynn Almlmsm1R IILIQL' punmkm . . . tlmm- fini ponml pzxrtius with .lum- , , , . Q-ttf Izntf zmal Ixurlm Qnlwurn . . . flu- urcus spmunl with pualnuts, pnpwrn :mul upplus zmnl tlu' lCUp2ll'Ll slim on tln' wall . . . rhfm- painful wuccls llllkl pipc - - vlpzlmkl' mun as cu11tc1'pn-cus at the DL-Irs alum tcu . . , l.Hl'IN21l lniriutimm In tllc small lcmngp . . . cut- mg Imt dogs anal cnkcs at tln' party m lrunc Inlm- sunk llpillfliltllf . . . thu plulging ul' llnpu Sterling IH thc small lounge. -r 16' Page 155 Tuff rnfw: Burg, Allluee, Bryant, Shaw, Key, VVille Sfjfrlrzil rofw: Ilaurum, Gleason, Kingman, Hicks, Runft, YVoolverton, -loyce Flrxi roms: Kelly, Benoit, Grillin, Nh-yer, Bernlwrock, Dwliiiden JQW AM ,V-.I ,- ., 1. K ' Qjib f h. Y jaefa Qi XVC hopc you won't llorgct . . . That full picnic honoring our lmsclmll "Carccr girl". Pat ,loycc . . . our plcnlgcs USL'l'1lfCl1lIlQH thcir way through hcllwuck Ccoulaln't hzivc hucn thosc wool bathing suits. coulal it?l . . . zincl thcn the imprcs- sive formal initiations that maalc the plcnlgcs rcally 21 part of us . . . wclcoining' our alumni luck for llomccoming with 21 lunchcon and mum COl'S21gL'S . . . thu all-collcgc 'lllmnksgivirig Dinncr "clown thu lincn with our sponsors as our gucsts . . . Nliss l lart cntcrtuining us at 21 lowly tczi . . . anil all thc othcr good timcs wdvc haul togcthcr . . wc hopc vou won't forgct thcni. 1,4 'l'f1f1 111:15 1'l11rl111, 1N11:11w1111, 151-11. Kl1l1x,kI1111g1'11, H1111 N'1fw11f H1v1z'.' l"1'w, U1ll:111n1, Sulvlyx, 1'llllll'I', 11Q'l'lI1I111NUIl 111112 unc: lillgll, 1gUK'Il1l'L'1xt', 111111-x W Omicron ma W 1lM'I'L'll l11'1111 l111'gctt111g . . . 1llL'I1lCl-illlg LII C11'11cc l"L1llc1"s l-21I'l1l 111111 x1'u111u1's I'U21SIL'kl 11x'1'1' 21 s11111l1lu1'111g 1119 111 tl1c11111111111gl1r . . . CL'lC1WI'21f1l1Q 11111111018 sp111'kl1-1' . . . Rugwts 111 1.11- l 112115 g'11111g 1111111 to Llll1L'llQH . . . 'l'l1c 2lI1I1Ll11l xlilfll- L'I'lS 1,211 1111111 . . . 13l1l'tK.'11llL'l' 131111 1111 111 11111111 lw- 4. 1111111 Roxiuls 11111 Zlf fllk' RL1sl11-1' R1111111 111tc Clllll . . . X 1311-ps taking us on ll fl'L'ZlSllI'L' l11111t. llllllilllg s11111c '15""lJ 1l1'css. sl1m1'c1' 111111 s11'1111 to tl1c 111i111llc 111, tl1c 1111111 lm' 11 cluu 111111 utlwrs SL'l'L'l121Ll1l1Q linker . . . Nlums at 1111111cc11111l11g 111111 ylllllllly SpI'L'1lLl for l'o1'111c1' V1 DYE . . . Spo11s111's' 111111111 11t 1,11g C11l1111 .... X 111111 S1g1'l1l's xXv21fL'l'lUO 11111-tics . . . Big 4111 Cl11'1s11111s p111'ty 111 34 csc! A1111 tl111t fl'2lYL'lll1Q 1li1111c1'1 FGQ9 155 Page I57 Tojv rofu.'.' fVIeli'tire, Pedersen, lfmpev, KHlICI1lW1ll'h, Nlellaw, Hamilton, Peters, Potter, Fagan Tl1in1'rofw.' Hansen, Dillon, Henry, Iilllflllll, Rhoamles, Sage, Kintlwzall, Carney, Neuheelxer Sawnzd l'0'lL'.' Nieukirk, Stetfv, Bentley, Schnehel, Bieher, Christensen, Svherich, Iluwks, Fenton Firrl rout Broshar, Rxinsoni, llezulington, Martin, NVolt'ott, Hull ,Sigma lYe'll have memories of . . . The havrinle purtv at Carol SZIQLRS farm . . . cocoa with hot dogs we rozistetl over an open tire . . . Pie- nies at Dry Run :incl songs around the eanlplire . . . Rush Ylveek with late nights spent slaving over invita- tions . . . Night Cluh in the Lzlwther Rec rooni if with 21 har, black silhouettes 'n everything . . . The i -'ff hox social :incl frillv boxes with lunch for two . . . An afternoon at the Nlarali Urns with French nlolls, Hoating Howers anal . . . llonieeoniing-Phi Sigs freezing together ut the eolclest, most surprising game of the year . . . Dinner with all the ulums at the Tavern on the Green. r Y Y, 1" A , Jw""""-J' Twp runs: lillYlxIl. Nugent, YV:irmAr, Hmiiiicr. Struck, ,lumix l"H'5l l'fI'li.'.' lla-:Arm-, Riehl, Sfllllllllll, Sffflllfill, M'liuin:1i'l1vl' W' Omega lYhu wulil llurgct . . . Thur l linmcmning pzincuku lwiwuklust at Xlrs. Xlvzlg- in-i"s . . . 'lima preps trying to ITIINJYL' Stix-ziiiii-i's lrmii 21 lzzmp-pust, lu-gging thu zissistumm- ul' ll full insti'uctur, than mliscuvcring it's rlic wrimg post-:mil all on ai frigid lluy '... illlicn 11 whiz-hung party at thc illzxvurn on thu cll'L'CI1 . . . Ciuclgur 11ml Nlairgiu 'Ffa Q t, hcing pluilgcnl in nlizipurs ziml gurturs :incl linishing up -Ziff. in thu hospital . . . Louise l'circc's poiiml-unlaling i live-puuml party '... ilqlmsc popcorn puppings l1l.fL'l' thu gamcs . . . Ciuy Cliristmas fcstivitics :it Xlrs. XXYZIQIILWJS . . Thu lim cvuyoiic haul LlllI'lHQ "l lull- wccku, Page 269 0-1 f ic I ' 5- B 9 il 4 1, 9 Top rofw: Hoover, Clialilpsky, Nystuen Srmrlii rn-u.'.' Read, Buehner, Sheldon, Wlolsted Fin! rofuz' Strivkler, Miller, Parsons, Collins, Peck, Thompson !Q. ji Pi Tzlus will not forget . . . llonieconiing with their football hero swinging on Ll lump post and the mystery of the diszippezlrance of his shirt and jeans . . . hair-raising llalloween party where everyone seared everyone else . . . their movie production stuclio lor the rushee romp with Alean S. untler the hlzlck curtain . . . little pledges polishing the hallroom lloor so they Coulal alzince, and showing off the latest in heal clothes . . . linker Boys' lJ..l.'s . . . the room for their pirate party looking like ,Iohn Silvens tlen, Cilzulys axntl Alys wearing black eye patches . . . Nlary l,ou's lovely luncheon . . . grziml Ch1'istn1z1s clinner, gift ex- change at Nlrs. BuHum's. , Top rnfw: Garrett, DeVVitt, Davis, Sipple, Gallxigher, Seiherling 7'l1im1rnn:: Rity, Logan, Fisher, VVood, llillmzin, Reeve Srrolnl rams: Kepler, Moore, Smith, CEJIXNEY, Nagle, Chapler Fin! rmux' Hendrickson, llillgeson, Parry, Blesir W fjkefa I9 Remnants lor Reininiseing . . . Pi Thetes laughing over such hilarious times as the llalloween party at Trimhle's anal thrills to the hoogie woogie of Nlrs. 'llrimhle . . . Activities ol Rush lveek with everything from eelehrutions of oltl Nlexieo to arrival of Santa clown the fireplace in l29l'l . . . The Christinzls festivities :it Nliss Short's with euroling anal eollee . . . Delicious chicken :lt the Log Cahin following zi whee of 21 time at zi the- atre party . . . Valentine party for the sponsors . . . hive-pound party for Dorothy Nagle and the terrilie ten-pound one for ulums Uorothy Dietz anal Ruthie Gulhranson. nz' I l 6 1 '!'Ts""'g" rt"'i' .i 9' mv . N ok -A! 35 . Q., Page l7O W Page !7l W Tnjv rnfw: Sloan, Iiulthziua, Cirnnvmx, Butterfield, Rilllll Srmml rn-1c.' ilyifll, vlcfferx, Rive, McC'ullfvch 1'iII'.Vf l'0i7.L'.' jviincr, VK'eisa, Davis, XVilheiwpum1 igma leg Wvho mould furgct . . . C2ll1llCil1Q up CL-miami' River, curing hot dogs gzirnishcni with szmii :mai watching Liz' suh-num dip . . . rhi- high Iii Q yuihm' hows ut .li-an Davis' Iivu-poumi party . . cimstituticm sprczul at luis IJHQZIHIS . . . Luc' grunt rcmiitiun of thc imyaity Song . . . Open housc tual at I iclcn Ricds, honoring thu sponsiws . . Nuontinic guthcrings niuwn at Cicrt iiyicnis . . . Thi- supcr hay rinlc plzmmml hy ami 1lINi.lC11l1HC . . . Piczul- ing with D. for Hlihmd in thc Szuhlicn . . Drix' ing Huiah cralicr with bills. l Top rrmc: l3ul're, Priem, I.llIlgI"Dl'li, llzill, Smith, Sykew, Dillon Third roms: FI'j:'pkva, Flzithers, Barr, juries, Heater, Paton, llrr, Humiltnn Srrnml roaz: Merritt, Rnyer, Hauser, klolmson, Briluck, Simpson, Dailey First rnmcx' Dnntlwn, Nlzirtin, 'Iill5ilIlg,f, hlulniwii, lirrtm-NN, lienncr wfefd 6LlfIfLl'1fL6L Ihr-ta Clams will rcmurnhur . . . ilihcir lavish zlutulnn formal tlinncr in tht- gucst din- ing room . . rugulzlr XXvCLll1L'Stl2ly night hzish-it-out mcctings . . . Rchzfs singing "Picture ll Girl" with humming uccmnpzlnixnunt . . . inliurnml tlinnt-rs, ont' with rzuliu tlinncr music, in thu lfast Ronin . . . rating gf it if apples zxrountl tht- lircplzicc at Ur. Sllfl'lL'I'l2lIMllS . . . gf Y. Smith, our "Uptown Girl" . . . thc hig' shin- :gift tlig at ll2ll'Ull21I1Sl Rcscrvc in tht- spring . . . Shir- lcy l7z1ly's tlaily lingcr uxci't'isu-two lingurs up, two sitlcwisu . . . :intl all rhnsu scruinptitzuis tirnura :it pic- nics, thczltcr pairtlcs zintl guncrail unit-twgutlxcrs in tht- Cmninuns. fume Twp I'IliL'.' Read, Brunner, Ihllfifrllll ,Nifrzllii VUILH' Nagle, Nierritt, Hviary, Rizint I-Irs! row: Alcxwll, Ht-1'tncss, llilhnzin ,ylfLf8I"-f5Ol"0lf'Lfy QDLVLCL Sct up for tht- purposu of huihling Zlllli inert-using i loyalty zintl iiricntiship hctwccii iI1LiiYiLill21l sororitics PC7179 I 73 and to promote intcr-sorority intcrcst :incl co-opcrzi- tion. thu lntcr-sorority Council sponsors thu Rushcc Roinp for fl'L'Sil1l1L'll during tht winter quzirtcr anti pruscnts thc scholarship trophy in thu spring to tht- Ciruck organization having tht' highcst scholzistit' av- cragc. Thu int-inhcrship ol' this group is coinposcnl ol' the prcsitlcnts ol' the council. clcctcti hy ull soror- ity incinhcrs, and tht- prcsidcnts of thu nine sororitics. Iiusitlcs sponsoring tlinncrs Zlllkl tt-als and giving for- mal purtics tint-li spring, tht-y L'Sf2liW1iSi1 rushing rulcs and incct cvury othur wcck to talk ovcr thu prohh-ins of their i'cspt-ctivt' groups. , Ny X if73f'f'1ff 4 1 ' ll a -, E.,v,,,f ' . f , Q k ' jN,, , f A ' 'T : , NNW: pp- f fi- , a-.-5.3 wifi?-f fi vm . + 1239 fw i ,., 24, " . W .N , W. , .A.,,.,AM,,. ' MmhW: Mnwn-r .-w.........,.........- 1 w 4 4 5 1 , . 1 ,KH Heliqiun Un the Campus Coflvgr ywzriv are q1w.rf1'fnz1'r1g HYKIIVX. Youllz .ufefcx fIl1A'TL'L'l'X to U'I'4'l"Yf!Il,II!j, fn- flu f1'1'11g H1 ff .Yf7l'l'I'fllIl! !7fIXI..S' of ffff' zfwff. yyfillfll t'fIfj4'Vf-V cfxpform' and !l..YfL'IlA' ax .YOIHIKII fKlIl1lL'7'A'!Il'f7 g111'a'v.v fllilll 1.1110 op- f70l'fIllll.f1.KJ' for c'Npc'l'I.t'l1Ifc?. l i 'I of H1143 flIilWl1l'lI, Nlzirtixi, liolleiii, lfzlxt, lirliiier N'1rfflIilVfl1L.' blzsllx, l'rivm, llzxll, linux' l'lI'.VI inns: lxirllxxooll, llvllfrl' MN Pl, fxllefxmm UR- HUDHN The Stualcnt Cliristiam .-Xssociaition czihinut, cxuciiriu' committcu ol thu orguiiifaition. ull-cml us its prusillunt. Doris l,l'lL'lNI vim pissi- nlcnts. Lois I5ul'inQr 11ml Dorothy ltust: anal Nlary ltva linux- :is scr- l'ct21I'y. Auxlrzi l IL-urcr is In-all of the Chupcl Commission which pro- villcs ushcrs for Sumlay scrvicus. Roscniury llull Ingalls thu Chris- tiam lfuith Commission which inclunlcs Nlcclitutions, lloly Xlfck swviufs, ziml Rcligious lfmplizisis Wvccli. 'l1hcSocial lssucs Commis- sion, umlcr thc alircction ol, Nl2lI'lf'S uns. inclullcs thu Coflcc llour, thc XYoi'lal Scrvicc Srulll-nr lfuml :xml thu lirothcrhoonl Trips. Ruth Coburn is in chzirgc ol mcmhcrsliip, Cleo Nlzirtin ol' publicity, zmnl l.L'OI12l Bro ol cziiiipus rl-lations. IJ Page i A r ct 3?-rr M ff? farms 2 fini' rum, f10l'fZl11Iltlf.' Mr. Hill xpeziks III Coffee Hour. YVednesd:ry morning meditations. .hiflkflllli rofwx S. C. A. Retreat :it Hartmxin Reserve. Ready to lvzive on S. C. A. trip to Boone. Third rn1u'.' E. Stziniey jones visitf cznnpuf. Doris Prism :ind Knut xlohzinnsen tzilk. VVorld Stuclt-nt Service FL donation center. l90lfL60l"8J M I. D . niong tht- zictivitius sponsorucl hy tht' Stuclcnt C,i1I'lSl'l1lll Association this ycur. wurt' tht' rt-zrt zit I lU.l'UIl2ll1 Rt'sc1'x't' during' tht' full :intl tht- jOLll'l1L'y to 11 COl1iiL'l'CI1CC lwltl in Hoonc. :X lccturt' "Thu ljill' lfzistu was giwn hi' Dr. lf. Stzinlcy xloncs, ruturnt-ti iiiissioiiziiq' liroin Inthzl, at :in alll-vollcgr conroczition on Uctohur 31. Dr. tlonus is tht- author of such hooks :is U,xiULIl1Li21l1f living" zintl "Christ ot' tht- fXIHCl'iClll1 Rozulu. ,-X short pcriotl or nictlitution anti song was In-ltl t'z1ch XX'L'Kil1CSLi1lf hclioru chlsscs in thu ziuthtoriuni untlcr tht chrttction ol' ' 1 - . . v - - stuclcnts, anti tht: Longo llour. sponsort-tl hy 5. L. :X t-11t'h V ctliicsalziy ziitt-rnoon. onttmtl il thzinct- to discuss prohlcnis confronting hoth stuth-nts anti fzitulty. .X stirring rin-ssugt' hy Knut Llohzinnsun. profit-ssor of N4JI'XX'k'Qi2ll1 :it the lvl1iYL'l'Siff or Vvisconsin, was iiC21fUl't'ti nhl Ftige ring tht- S. Qi, .X. sponsorcti tlrivu for tht- Xyorhl Stutlunt Scrvicu huntl. 177 in IHS iii K--V ,i Urothcrhootl Nights, fczituring trips to YZ1l'iU sponsorctl hy tht- Stuclcnt Christian :Xssociati Thcsc trips NYCVLT Qirrangctl hy thc Association tht- hcliulis anal ritcs of alitfcrcnt rcligious g coinplctu rchgious and rzicial timlcrstzimliiigs ... Y I .fr s I - 163215-5'-1 if? it'iwi'ygfi 15,53 Yggfgiji 'Citi i 5 i 5 .3 , . i g V E Qin f2i..ii:i.. ,. 1551, X, us churtihcs of tlincrcnt tlcnoininations, Wcrt' on on st'vci'al Ifiitiziy nights during thu ytillf us an zittcnipt to tiznnilizirixc thc stutlcnts with roups, zintl to lay tht- Iiounthitions for n . . u . , N - . . haunt lzitricks Qhurch in Qulzir I'z1Hs was tht' stunt- ol thc hrst of thu scrn-s ol lirothur- hootl trips nizuh: Fzitliur A. P. Wvhitt' mx phlint-tl thu siinhohsni Zllki tlot'ti'iiia1i hciiufis of tht- Lwllfillliik' Xlziss to tht- stutlcnts. lhtt hluwish byimgogtit' in XX ziturloo wus tht' sccnu ol' tht- st-tontl lhothcrhootl trip. 'I'ht group utrtntltitl tht- rt-gulzu' liithiy uvuinng st'i'x'ict'. zikitur which Rzihhi lfpstuin :iiiswwuti stutlcnt quustions conct-rning tht' blt-wish rt'- hgion. Ihti stutlcnts wsu' thun nivittttl to join tht- t'ongrt'gzition in ai socizil hour. Iht' thirtl hrothcrhoopl trip took stutlunts to thy Lvnion Negro l3z1ptistChurt'h in Wvaitcrloo. Thu pastor spokc to tht group and tht- chorus sting at group oi' negro spirituzils. Ycrnuttzi Cook, nugro student zit Tuzichcrs Collegc. spoke on "Nt-gro Scicntists' . Page 175 NNI' sun 3,1 J. A Y ,A FATHER XVIUTE Iles ROUERlS,XYD Pluxygygk Crexi Rreuvrr '1'ATN Kixxxvoon lleliqieus Emphasis Weels xlziiiuziry 6-8 wus the "high spot" ol' 5. C. Afs year. Dr. Neal Klausner of Cirinncll Collcgc, l"z1tlicr A. l'. Wlliitu ol' Cellar lsiulls, Nlr. Clarence lflliot ol' tlic National Y ,XI C X .. . . . ,. ,- . , . . , , stall, Dr. llavicl li. Rolvcrts oi Lmon lliuological Seminary in Xen' lork I aml Szirzili "l ntl' Kirkwooal ol: Tczichcrs Collcgc were tlic cliscussion lcziclcrs. They met with groups in the clorms cvcry night to talk over toxlziyls religious problems. Breiherlieed Week ln lxlviuirx' Rabbi Normziii ll. Dizmioml of Temple Hllllll .lcliosliuzi in Chicago was ai guest on the campus. llc ailclrcsscal many groups of stuilcnts ziml li-il discussions on -lcwisli trzulitions anal problems. Rabbi Diamoml scrvcs on the Alcwisli Xlflfzirc liouril llllkl is ai speaker lor the Cliiczigo Rounfl 'Ihlvle of the National CiJlll.Cl'Cl1CC ol' Cliristizms ziml Page 179 CXYS. .NuaheHu Hogg Udksxvhh Ruhhillhunoud lh vsc :irc your student cviitc'i's: Baptist, Catholic, QiOIlg1'Cj,f2lIi0I1Zli. mc-i'ic:ln I,uthe1'zui, Kli-ismiri Lutheran, Klcthodist, Pifshytvrian. The Studlant Renters i Klzmy of thu churchcs of Ccnhii' I-kills hzlvc ustzihhshcnl SfLlkiL'l1IS ccutcrs on Collcgf llill, whcrc stuclcnts nun' must with groups of their own alciioiiiiimtimi hai' uvciiiiigs of worship and fclhmwship. Dcvotionui shrviccsz :irc hi-ld in which spccizll spczikcrs talk with th Q groups, hmchcs :irc scrvccl, 211141 informal chsciissions on the spiritual and social! prohlcms facing' culicgc students :irc comhlct-qui. Pace 180 TnfvHf1L': Yclxfm, lfcllrms, Klohr, Ruuft, Nash Tffinl' rrm,c.' VVrighr, M1'I7owcll, l?I'CSk'lll!0I'g, Mrx. VVier, Cllllfit' .S'ffr111J1'rmc,' I"ulle1', Davis, Srhlichcr, Uroeshcwk Ifirxl rnG,L'.' Bm'h'je, BI'IHYllil!gI, JUIIIISUII, Xxvfllf? Theta Epsilon ewman Club Top romx' Van .-Nuns, Kuvku. N1urpl1y, lI1lllNl1ldt'l1, Mnrlmw, Kricgc, lun en Tflilul I'fl1L'.' Knight, NT1'G1'1'ex'5, bloycv, -Inhxlllnca, Xveher, flllfllflj .Ywfgffrzkf rfmc: Pzltrirk, Read, fXmlcrsrm, cEUHIlY1llIX, Tussing, Mmmtzxg l'1il'.Yf roar: N1l'cwIll3C, 5l'l1l'Illlfh, Rickard, Ria-hl Inf rfmcx' NTa'rlxrl, N'i1!l't'llIIl, H1'fIlt'X, Nlilflill, K'r1zlnlv1'l1uHA 1'.fff'ffiL.' IS:-lun, Slmcppzxrd, l':1x'1'x, liurrurhf, Slwxvr Sigma Eta Chi Pl mmuth Club ' lffl may Hurtlmrff, Nlzxrtixx, X1llNlls'I'hllH N m11.ffrm:,' Nlerkvl.Ulwn,Nlur1-uuu, lfllllll, ll1lfIlt'K,SllUXL'l I'1r I rum: Shuppzxxwl, l':1l'1'y, Iivlmx Twp rims! Nlltvvkt-, Watt, Hrzlllmtur, N165 ur, lfhlm-rt Sflfllltll rnaci R1lI'!lYlH'lNlN6'I'Q, Nleivr, Sl'lll'1lIlHIl, Svllsilttlwzmglt, Ulztxxwtxtt, llzlrlkclmxal I-'frxl rflizl' l5l'L'YTl1lI!lC'l', vlcmcn, B1-rg111:sn1t, Nlfmrr, cllllW6'l'TX0II, Gamma Delta Lutheran Student Center Top rofux' Sumlvll. Klatxcn, Mcsserli, Mezulmw, Slillf, Sclllcge-I, lmwix, ixlllilbll, RZINIIIUSNCII, .link Tfzirtl rrmc: Barge, Kultver, liaxrck, xllll'4ll3hHIl, Stoltz, liuhl, Ilwst-, Mcwwli, Dudley Sz'Hl!I4f7'fli1L',' Rullnml, XxYC'NlC'I'l5L'I'g, Nath, ,'Xltmzm, 'l'lmrsrm, Scott, Flultsirlger flrxl rnqv: llmmpwn, Olmn, l,lIlKll5t'I'g', Nlttclu-ll, I uderl1erg.:, lllItIlIll6lTIl1lll. fhl'lNfCIlNt'll, VS ll tt-lmlt, Xvillizxms, Nlitrhr-ll Top P'07fL',' Bare, Humphrey N, Mzlidrn, l,IlVi5, filhlilffibll, liner, Davis, Nillllllllil, jam, Luvkc Third rnicg Iluxtrm, Muiizxhey, Terpatru, Rindwzlll, Nimll, lix'adtrv1'd, Ilulme, Richards, Llllilllv Hnlth ,S'f'zf111.I1'wu'.' IHCIJIIYIIII, Hits, lluskins, ,'Xuclclwun, Daniels, Ritz, Uvrsenm, Nlirnhzwh, Vasu l'111vlrff1a': C'npel11mi, I.'111dn-en, limi, Alnlmmun, Cirnvzxtt, Plmlughzlnlpt, Hriggx, Ymmg, Uruig Kappa Phi esle Council AINUfVl'II1L',' xxvillillllly Kflhfllfvlll, BI'1lLH1ll'ki, Ilustnlx, l5:niN,Klllhl1xnI1 .M'm11JrfmL',' C rzug, N1l'IllW1H'h, Imgzm, N uung, R111 lfiryf r'f11c.' Ikjkllliflg Hvmllhzlue ' tw , B15 cf 214 if aw: U, , 2:2235 ' xv ' Kwik V ,. ,... 5' 1 va .ww 5 A ,N K. A ' ggsff.,s: ge f ,, f A, 2 ,M M 1 -4 Mr,- mv, Q ,Q 5' wf f U H X f :bf ww 4 Y M211 . :.. -If X3 , x . 4 s Q , swf . ,iw , W wwf - .K ,fran 0 Hfqw. WWA - 4 .ig , - . - Im., gtg: gag izgE.?,A vfjegwigfmggf, . -1 ga -ww gg ,gy N 5 Q 'M' f my MW: X - an 1. ,,., fy . Qlvu gb: ff-4Qg5'2iqQ Q- -1- f A fi!! Z 1- 4 .mf -Q ak. ' -. L. gt' -i ..-,- '- .-rf' ' - -- A .,., i' , gp ' gg: ' , --f" x ,I f " X ' " ? - ' ' ' f X if ., 1 e 3 x f gf f 2 X X J ' jk! v A X'-1' af ' 3 E1 'J' M I , , A5 P 13 3 Q ' ,.,. f f! - - W im? K 1 G f I V 4 w .,.: - Qs ' fx + WL Mya W .- .. 1 Q, I xx .. I ..... R ,W 5352? ., I 1 I f"' 'EY ,A ' x 2' -T' Q.. . J, -'V 'uf X ,L M Q m 4? I 2 iz: K' gm .ww ,Q X v .yew ' S 4' - ,,,,J mb' Coffega l'L'5IlH1l'0' I'f.Y fflllil-fI'0I1fI! PHIITOI Ifzfx year rm' iIlfl?l'l'0!l6'fjI.llft' .vjmrfx re- iurrzffd to ifze c'f1n1jJ1z.v. Tfzr l.Hlf70l'flllIlTt' of .vpmiv IlI'fl'T'l.fl.c'.Y in any pfffzzre of Young 41l7lt'l'l-ffl !7t'IYIlIll' 1'111'1'e11.x'1'11gf'x npparelzt Io riff of zu' dIl1'l'll!j the arm yenrxv. ee 'ggltlrlalili ' Q8 ge , gina:-w - mm, A I ummm S 5 3 W e, ll A S R., 't 3 iz. -, . - .,,..,. - ,,.,.. s 'd ff ' e gm- V- V, A - if, E ., ,,.,4g.,N ..,. QW4 A i n W 1,5 M V mv L 1 ' s N4 uw J ,s . i-AF satis A A X 1 """ X-Crifp' 1G?,.'1 sw g:fim2wkQ':QE'x3v: hJ-Mft, 'XQQY' A59-' -fm .ru 'm9"'M.r1f I f- og V' K M an f 714 1 sawn f 1 gag, A, , - ,Aga 1 E V 1, We M,, in A 5 ,gf , es Q A. f w ai' ' ""' 'W if 45 , , ,wg 1,3 ., V. 1 Q51 'r LMQQY1' ,ld Mums .V 9,3 7 ,'g3 ACHER4 2 1 vwtei-ai' ' ' 'ff LLB 1 aw- , 1 Front rnfw: Selken, Rolotf, Crihhs, Dutvher, XVhite, Brandt, Fox, Kuhl, VVirhers, Nlohling Sffflllcf rout Snell, Pc-terrnan, Edgar, Devine, Nickerson, Plzigrnan, Bicrmzinn, Chamhers, Herner, Strider, Sieglatf Tlx nl rnlw: Thierer, Smith, Richardson, Kosht, lianse, Dickinson, 'le-psen, 1121l'l'v Nt'W11CfL.Z. 176 V311 1 Fnznxfi rfnxy Stover, Mortimer, Pals, Palmer, Alexander, Fay jluzlf "1-iL'CK" S'l1xicnEeK Coach 5' Ihe hrst Panther athletes to greet the re- turn of peaee with the resumption of inter- collegiate competition alter a two-year wartime Iapse were the men ot' Coach Clyde l.. Qliuekj Starheelis gridiron crew. Three letterinen Ilroin former Panther elcvens, a few upper-classnien with no pre- vious college experienee, and a delegation of ex-servicemen and lireshnien made the season a sueeess as far as home fans were eoneernet1. but only half successful when three roac1 ventures are eountenl in. Aniong the aeeoinplishinents on the hright sitle of the 1ea1ger are the 38-14 defeat oli Central eollege in the opener. the 19-14 vietory over l.oras in a 1Jat1's clay game, and the 58-7 tlruhhing of South Dakota State hefore 3,500 honieeomers. Hut on the roatl, the 1'anther tlelieats were equally as tleeisive as their victories at honie. They suceunihetl to 1owa State. 48- 13: 1'1llII11lI1C, 21-1: anal Drake, 93-6. Page 158 lX'11'111" xxwlliff' cxlruluw 1111 1111 Tl1l'sINl1'TN HUNT-. Q X l11t 111 4Tlll3lI1QTfll' l'i1ll Kf1'1l1l1x. 0 I1111 lux fc1Ax1-5 1111 411 ll1v l'l1llf11lv. 0 l'z111l Uv X :111 Ullfllli " L "1 Q llzilu 1' l1lw. O D011 lil'LlI1LlT sl111r1t111g :1 gz11111- 111 pmol. 0 IPZIIWIHBU lJlITt'llL'1'l4 N111 lfww. J fx M 5' f x L f f , Mfmfkf F J XXDI f'l1w1'lez1alr-1's: l31':1:1vk. fN1itcl11-Il, NI11rpl1y, ,l11h11s1111, linighl, 'I'1'vkeII. jim Panfhm, Jhclf, fimrgu Iyllfflltf. at 29 uz11'11cnl hmm- 11111111s 111 thu 11pp1111c11rs hzxckhuhl. uralhh' 111c11t14111 1111 11111 1945 hrrlf Hz11'lz111 Ruhmft, 1411411111 11s "l3cui'y", ixll-.xll1Cl'1L'2lll squaul. suhh1111 haul :1 111111, hut wI1c11 his Hill HCI'l1L'l'. tiruhfss xx'111ghz1ck kupt 2141 1111L1111ls l1gu11111u 111'11L1sul, np- 4111 1'L11111111g 01111 whu11 h'11x111g rhf p1111c11ts sc11ttu11'1lf 111-hl. Hill Crihhs, is Ll l1z11'1l-1l1'1x'111g full- D1111 SYLILICV. thu sqL1:ul's only ful- lmfkw1111w11l1lrI11-1111-11111111 :1 1111h-. lu-ual. was llllflllllllf culhxl uxvlllln. N1Jl'lll1lI1Xxvllift,L'21HL'kl51Ql1l1lS I-H1111 1511111 S1-HQ111, spmr 11111111 111'tu1'- h1spr1s1f11111 11s u'11n-1: GG Twain Nuwhcrg, Ll11LlCl'-SfLlLllCkl Xlvhitc, as ccntcr, antl also was one ol' tht- squatlls uljappicsf' Don llrantlt, was thc squatls most inalustrions stntlgnt, liin "Sh" Fox, liupt up tht- inoralt' with his quiut lirtlt- storius ruplutu with tlialcct. Paul llcllan. was quiut in classrooms hut turnutl on tht- sp uctl in lioothall. hlclvin liuhl saw mort- action than any other squatl incinlui. Scth YYithci's ruportctl latc. hut took OYCI' a starting position. Dalc 'l'ii1n-t-is antl Max Smith as taclilcs put up plcnty of rcsistancc to thu opposing tcanis. Hill Chainhcrs, thu tot' ol' tht- squatl. i'ux'ix'ctl tht- lost art ot tlropliicking antl hccainc known hy his tcannnatus as "auto- - 1- INQIUC. Cl aunlu Snell. as liullhacli, conltl hc huartl harliing signals lroin anyplacc on thu campus. liaclis, Pcturinan. l'ltlg'ar, anal lim' KLM' Stover all saw action with thc M"""Nl' N"M'l"1'l' l,2ll1fl1L'l'S. lJllllNCl', hay, Dil- l,E"'E'mM' R'HA""' lavou. antl Nlohling chalkctl WMX' Sl'l'I"l" SMH ll, 5YFl.I, U73 t toints lor tht' tcain tluring ' 1 S'1t'nER, 'I'nnaRm: scx'ci'al g2lINCS. lhusc art' tht- XX init, XX IIHEIL4 incn who hrought hack loot- i V hall to 'l'CllL'llCI'S Collugu in th t' liall ol' 1945. Cowen Livnia "I3t't'K" S'I'.XRlHCCR 7. f Qi Hi 1 E .. 1, P Ycix rrow U5 Y, Queen. XII' 1, if ' 1 : NHS Vrecn ' ' ' V Prex 3 r.1.Ex 'X 2111 ' , 7945 +2gA ,fXE:.ij ' - . xl Rf ll0I'l1L'C4JlNil1UA, 1945, wlmnumolwxtcnl thu l7iftictl1 Awnin- ilx 'q 3 ,5 -A mm of thc UI'iQiH2ll Xlightx' Kliplgcts. Ifrunk lf. Cirucn. rmlx W ' n I Q ' n I . - ' aw? known llX'lI1"' mumlwr ul that Ol'l0'lH2ll fL'ZlIN was ll1U'OLILlL'LLl 5 2.5 f H N , f during thc hzxlftimc by Pl'CSiLIL'l1f Price: also intrmluccni wx '1jm'c'ttf's: N1:ldSen and Fclwardx Xfliss llclcn Sdlllliklf nl' Roclmcstcr, Nlinncsota, who, Ill1Yil1U lu-cn L-lu-tual by thc "I" Club, ruigncd us Hmncwluing Quu ol 1945 INH li MARCIIING BAND LH Top roar: Iixirlantl, lirnns, Pals, Ifrmler, Segal' .S'fro11l rms: Siglin, Hivler, lensen, Coaeh Nordly, Oherinan, Colville, Harrington K . P' . Ifizzvl rofzc: llannn, Titswortli, Iisan, Dnteher, Mulli, Maetvold LL gl Q MLW fA8l':5 f f, - H e f 'llhose who watehetl the 1945-46 Panther The teain finally gainecl national it haslieteers as they progressed through reeognition as it turneal on an their first cage season since wartime eontli- unheaten lowa Pre-l"light quin- tions lioreetl the ahantlonnient ol' eonipeti- tet which had a string ol' 21 tion in 19-13, would enthusiastieally sup- straight victories to elelieat the i 'X port this teani as one of the greatest in a Seahawks -Huw-12 in a thriller lmm TwKDl'l long line ol' line haskethall quintets pro- whieh tlelightenl anal ainanetl niore than clueetl hy Coach Oliver Nl. Cl lonl Norclly. 4.550 Iians at the Nlen's Uyninasiuin. llrospeets lior a sueeessliul season looketl 'llhat victory eliniaxetl a season which lea- gootl from the start as niany Iiornier turetl teain play that was a trihute to eaeh p ilieaehers College letterinen antl a nuniher of the live starters: l'iOl'W2ll'LlS, ,lini Nlaet- ol' prominent neweoiners returnetl froin foltl anal lioh 'l'itsn'orth. Center Don the ranks ol' the arinetl liorees, hut the Uuteher, ancl Ciuartls. lioh Ifsau and Uel squatl's lack ol' size was the clark note Klully. 131' that live, only Titsworth eoin- which prohihitecl over-optiinisni. 1 low- pletetl his college eoinpetition. ever, a hrilliant passing gaine anal a torritl shooting percentage which rangecl up to 37.1 per eent in a gznne against Simpson eonvineecl fans that this "little'l hall elnlw woultlnlt have to hon' its heatl helore niany' Uhiggerll teanis. dcvqe 1 ,,,,.....4. 'M' K' HICLER Foixnii Iixutxxn ljllCHFN KSXI Foxx was llxuxx IEXSEX Nlxnrzoin Nhiia k5nuRxiXx SEWER buaix larsnlnrrn Ewleflaf, 1945 Alini Hfooiny" hlactfoltl took nothinp flat to i't'Cox'c1' his 'S haskut cpu ill-YCI' untling 52 missions in thc Air Form: I Y lx lmoh lltsworth, tt-amt-tl with Xlactfoltl at lo1'n'a1'al. ho hatl a shooting :1x'ci'agt' ol' 48 pci' cunt, which is ons hcltl goal lor cYt'l'y two shots. Don llutclicr, tht- only six-liootur on thc starting lint-up, ht'- caniu a hnu tlutt-iislxt' rtihountlt-1'. Uullvt-i't Klully. a cluatlh long-shot 21l'flSf. KlL'L'LlSilll1llllf'Il1UX'Ctl liroin guartl to l-UI'NY1lI'Kl wlicru ht- provctl cqually skilllul. Uoh l'lsau's XCZII' ol' Navy sclvivt' took litrlt- liroin this lor- nnti' all-Xorth Luntral L'Ol1lCI'L'l1k'L' guarnl. ln atlthtion to his guzirtliiig, his hrilliant passing was thc kcy' to tht, 'FL'2lCllL'l'Si sct ollcnsc. Paul Siglin lwcainc a valuahlc utility man, alter' shaking on tht- ellccts ol I'CfLll'I1ll1Q malaria attacks early in the season. tlixn Ulwrinan, llixtclicns umlcr-stutly, took over against Simpson after in-iurics hatl wt-akt-mtl tht- squacl anal l tcanfs scoring. Utl tht- Boh lliglcr coultl ht- callqtl on for uithcr l'orxx'ai'tl. guartl or ccntei' tluty as wfll as a laugh or two in thu tlrcssing Thu shooting at't'Ln'aCy ol' llannn antl liruns gainccl t spot on thc Tcaclicrs Collcgc haskcthall squatl. room. hum a Page i9 ,,.,,A.,..,.3 - J i. i. ...,A..,., ma., f. .113 -e mile, A ,, ,gli All lu. Page 195 n After ll lizuwl practice, l-Ul'XY2ll'Ll HUB rl1I'l'SXVOR'1AII. relaxes in the Coninlc lblil, NlI'I.1.Y, QLl21l'Ll, gets Vezuly lm' Z1 big evening. Dux lJl"1'c'liIiR, center, swings out on "Back Beat Boogie." Thur "million Llollzu' smile" from the Pz1nthe1"s Qflllllll, BOB lfS.'Xl'. ZUOMYH lXfl:Xli'l'ZUl.D, forwzird. cleals them out and makes his hid. National fllmmp, Germ Leeman, Comes from lwehind to gain :1 hold on Russell Bush. 1 f 6 WA Alfgng A hanalliul ol' War Vctcrans brought thc art of wrcstling hack to the Tcachcrs Collcgc sports picturc this winter alitci' a two-ycar wartimc lapsc. and from an inauspicious start hack in carly Dcccmhcr, closctl thu scason with thrcc national in- tcrcollcgiate champions anal thc rccognition as sccontl hcst wrcstling team in thu nation. Thu Teac-lwrs squanl wrcstlcal an unhcatcn clual scason, hy clclicating Nlinncsota, lowa Statc, lllinois, lncliana. anal tic- Dmn Md-ESM. ing Nlichigan. lllcachcrs cntcrctl thu National Collcgiatc Athlctic association with an outside possibility of tlcthroning BML the tlcfcntling champion Oklahoma A. anal Nl. tcain. 'lihcy inisscnl hy onc HARD point, 25-24, by carrying on the most individual lirsts. Gui-altl l.ccn1an, A 7 , 1-5-pountlcr, won thc trophy for tht- hcst wrcstlci' in thu mcct, and Bill Koll, 145-pounnlcr. won thu trophy for the quickest tall in thu must. 5 lirsn C'.xR1,sox C'.xL1,o1-x' Fmuus jEPsEx -55.3, 41 U ...,.. Ae WW? jam Cecil bflott, at 121 pounds, is the lirst ol: Teachers' quartet ol mighty mid- gets. Undefeated in his weight, he brought the National crown to Teachers. Gerald 1,eeman was considered the best wrestler in the National tourna- ment by coaches, climaxed his career by winning the NCAA ehampionship and remained undefeated at 128 pounds. Russell Bush, a freshman, wrestled to second place in the National and re- mains one oli the two unbeaten 136 pounders on the Teachers, roster. Harold Bard is the other 136 pounder who alternated meets with Bush until he left for the army in Nlareh. Bill Koll is a peppery 145-pound national champion, who spends as little XVISTEY time wrestling as possible. He won the tournament trophy lor the lastest mm' fall in the meet. One minute, 10 seconds. John Hall went undefeated at 155 pounds in dual meet competition. lle wrestled through the National tourney with a severe head injury. 1.eon "Champ" Nlartin completed his college competition at Teachers this Narsov winter, alter losing only one match in his career at 175 pounds, that was in the linals of the NCAA meet in 1942. jouxsox Kola. Ltcriyrxx' lV1,XR'I'IX U Mori' 1 X, if 1 fx 5 Q 1 1-.1 " af H ,rm Coach Dickinson gives pointers to his men. The first track team at Teachers College since 1942 was oil to an early start thanks to unusually mild hflarch weather. Coach Arthur D. Dickinson hegan molding the more than 40 UW" DWKIXSON candidates into a promising' squad. The sprint relay team was ahle to get in some competition prior to the Teachers College relays at the Holstein, loxya, relays where it placed in the SSO-yard and mile respectively. The Teachers relays, highlight of the annual spring sports card, this year were open to college entrants for the hrst time since 1942, and in the 23rd run- ning ol the annual sports carnival, a near record numher ol' entries were received. Nlore than a dozen midwestern colleges and hetween 40 and 50 high schools from three states entered individuals and teams. Two other home meets helped inaugu- rate the return of Teachers to a normal track program with Xorth Central confer- ence competition slated to resume next year. Page 198 Ci, not l'l,XI.I, Hiiiuirxsx Ilirrmsnor 5 , l'Tighten 'em np, men." TL kxra Yax KA 51 if v A jfacg palfzlflaem A sprinkling ol' returned letternien, and a scattering of outstanding high school material ol' last season helped make the track outlook at Teachers far from dark. Among the veterans reporting to Coach Arthur D. Dick- inson was -lohnnv Clark, Panther record holder in the 440-vard dash which he ran in 49.2 seconds. Clark was the leading candidate on a squad which showed a wealth ol? sprint material. Clarence llightshoe, a letterwinner. .loe Nlueller and jack Selhig, numeral winners, also were sprinters while among the outstanding newcomers were Bob Ryan, state champion 220-yard high school dash man. and Paul Van Kamen. The middle distances were well taken care of and Teachers appeared ready to lield a good two-mile relay team which would include Lionel Lieberman, a letterman, Bill Berner, Dick Gorman and Selhig. Among the field events, the high jump and broad jump and pole vault were strongest. Vllillis Colville, a letterman, and xlesse Palmer, winner of the pole vault event in last vear's Drake relays in high school, were showing promise in that event. Don lnman in the broad iump and Xllarren Turner. the high jump, also were gain- ing recognition. Page 199 Llcixnkmxx Moms NlL'El.l.FR P.x1.MER Summa: Snnzx Snxv l Kg 'HQQW aiilif' 5 1 4 ' 4229 an wer ASPN WW rllflff Merritt, Davis, lluns, johnson lfllfflflllf Heater, Hall, Stelly Wumenls lntramurals That interest shown in girls' intramurals aluring the war years still lives was evi- tleneetl hy the women's intramural tourna- ments this year. During the lall there were goll' anal ten- nis tournaments lor those talenteml in those activities. But the real sports event eame with the winter quarter anal the haskethall struggle. A large numher ol' stutlents par- tieipatetl-lighting it out either on the lloor or on the sitlelines. The hasliethall tournament was organ- izecl into two lCllf"lICSk-l,L"1U'l.lC l anal rv ' 5- League Il, with live teams in each. l.eague l inelutletl, in the ortler ol' their linal stantl- ing, the Klorphites, llustlers, Rogers. llowitxers. anal lflashes. League ll m- elutletl the 'll-Seorers, Ramhling Roses, lf Jl'ls, Pantherettes, and Dl3Ts. 'lihese two leagues fought it out among themselves lirst. with the Morphites. the ehampion- ship team the last two years, antl the 'li- Seorers the winners ol' their respective leagues. ln the linal game, the elosely-matehetl teams eame out with a tietl score. Since the National ,X. A. li. rules eliminate the overtime perionl. hoth teams were namenl the winners lor the 19-lo season. Pnqe .7 1 Nw F S Top r'mw.' Clizinilwera, Schaffer, Nlohliug, Sell, Abc-le, Gorman Ballon: rms: l'lerrmi, Hnlateen, Kulil, li lliCI', Nlziclfen Meds Intramurals The powerful College llill Nlerclizmts team which playeal as 21 unit in Z1 xXv11fCl'lUO lmlustrial league lwreezed tlirougli am eight-game schenlule to win the Nleifs ln- rriunuml liaslcetlmll pi'ugi'z1ii1, which alum- inutenl the winter intrz1mu1'al C1llL'l1Ll1ll'. Nlanuged by Freil Sell, the team easily' out- nlistzmeeil eight other teams ineluiling tlie Clzis llouse Ching :mal tlie -Iuycies, who struggled to 21 seeoncl place tie, Seerley lfirst :incl Seerley Seeoml l7lc1wi's, the Seer- lex' l lurnets, Baker lfirst uml Bzlliei' illliiixl lflours zlml the Green lllzives. Paqe ZOI l,yn Sclmflei' :mal llill Clizmilners workenl the number one foiwvzlrcl spots for the champs with Paul lloliling ut center, :mal Dick llolstien :mal Nlel Kulil, the guarals. The league competed on Sziturcluys anal rlluesnluys umlei' tlie alireetion ol' Dave NlCCusl4ey. ln Nlzireli, an inti'z1mui'11l track meet was eomlueteil umlei' the ilirection of 'llrueli Couch Art llicliinscm. Prospective eumli- Llutes lm' the x'1l1'sity track squzul were un- eoverenl unwng tlie men. .ff ., W... ,f N sw , .1 ,Y X I . ,il , V - N ,4 ,M . 4- , 4 ' .fp " fy. K, fl: pa 1 .X 1 A 'SR 3 . QQ 3,1 .QA QSM ,f 4. 31 1 Mm ffl' ,mx x f'+ 3m Q-gf 'fi r ,. 3 Q S X g....i E , , 5 I 1 , ,Tia , xg I . , 5 if 'ff' ' Fifliv ' f "' : w . X N 1 M ' l ,Q . ug 41-Sq, A - lm., A g , ww, Ljfj v f 11 k ang Q 7-1, . 1 ,, TY? sf'j4'L,4 -w1f"lj'ff ,fig ,?'i",, ,X w.-f,,r ,K 1,2 ,wif .wig-1Qf,f:,: . ,px my N 4 ,.w.f,q-N f' ,ii X ' 1 Q W-.54 ,AQ nf' Qsff, 4 W?3'gff',j-Q-gffffg-U -5:1 fiffif-1, - feiiiz yzf-,film :S Sigpffff . M' FRF ,Q M 'STSQEQ fl ,f 7 5-Q-,w',,i Q. YQ, Y fw ffP1Qsfu'v' Q. 1 fwrxcx f A ., ,4 W, X ,. . J , - V3.9 fQ,,ffg,.' , 1-V, - x 1.,ff's.h 1. M5,,fga K-AQLQL I' in A A nw , ' My Q 1 My V s X :six fsp f,,.- Q I 2+ W.,z,,f-,fm ff-'A , ,A-'M-":,. 2 x ,gf glis ' , Mg! wel, ,tub 1' 'F .,-,gg '.. 33-.xg mffg,S5'zmL.'. f 'Q f"': f -z..,,J'ii .457 f f mf UN! , 4, ,Lf jpw Lvgzqf-554, l ,. f W V2 f f'i,u5W -' f W 2 N, Q, - 1:11553-14?':QlsH5A3 V 4V.49f,VfV?,,,,Z'Taz,-r L '5g',.Qf' 93,1 V w l i P nfs! 5 ' . ii T . 5 ' qw 3 A . - '7:95Zs?f?W:?3E2',lf ' ' x ' " 1 . 4 'in x if 9 W ' W 2 V W ' A .. ,,. ,R .i..3 , .. . . X , - 1 ' . 5w f ,.,, , V X .,.,, .A ,, A 'K' W V L..g,.A X 3' A 'I' T Lilcv II ave!!-f1'llwi Czzfeieria tray, the A'fIldl'IZf'J .vcfzezfule of llCfl.Tl.fl.i'.Y 1'ej7411ri.v flze fllI'll.ClA' he fifces bexf. Tfley pro1'1'de him 7.E'l.flI ujJjJ0rizu1z'fz'e.v for nmc' ex- I5t'l'I.t'I1l'L'5, and many fflzzzlzzfzif to iL'I'L2,l'IZ Ifzv .wfopff of lzfx f2'1'e11dsf11'j2.v. Y -Y-Y ..l.lL-1 R The ULD BULB .IRAN HICNDRICKSON KIAXINIC GRIQBB . . ISICTH OLMSTICAD I I3IC'l"I'Y OFFRINCIA . HICLICN DAVIS . BI-ITH CHAPLICR . Lors BXRE, Editor-in-C'hief -IFANICTTFI BIQNFIIR RUTH RICHARDSON RLISSICLI, SMITH . LI-ILAND DICKINSON BARBARA KINDXVALL Campus I,C'1'SOll2lIIf. I DI IURIXI. LUIS Ii,-XRI'f .... Dcpzwtnwnrs STAFF . Editor'-ill-Chicf . RI2lI12lgII1g' Izditnr . Copy I'.cIItO1' of Instruction Ifclitor Organizations Ifditor . Senior Fditor . Faculty Ifditor . Feature Ifditol' . Activitics Ifditor , Sports Ifdiror . xYCI'l'l'2lllS I.cIit0r ru Ifditor CIXVICN IVOLSTIQD . .-Xrlnministrwition Ifditor 'Itypistsz Sylvia :Xnn Kriegv, Iris Xvillsey, Iune L. Linn jaw Ilnxnlucksox 'I'nm.MA Frmnxf SHIRLEE H.xL'sHR Nlzlnaging Ifdilor Art Iiditm' Business MZIIIHQEI' RICHARD Photog Smvsox rzlphcr L..T+ Page 254 Ui 1945 32 A SHlRl,lflf HJXlfSlfR . . Business lXI2lllflf,fL'l' linsincss Stall: Xzuiry KIQGAW, Put lg1'0Sl'l2ll', Tliv- onc' Dn Pre, Bcx'c'rly lirzizick 3 X Tha- Staff :lt work THELIIA FLIQBIING . . . Art Editor Art Assistants: Lncilli- Vvolcott, Klilmlrc-il linlil, 3I2ll'QC1'j' liczislvy, Betty Abbott Assistant l l10t0,Lfi'2lI7l1K'l'SI Klnnrinc Dt-Hvitt, Klaric' Alulinson, Dolores Simpson, Dennis Pvtt. Loring Cn rl l Ili work rczillx' lvcgun lust sprinfr, sliortlx 21 litcr thc cilitorinl statt was nznnul. Hy lizlll the layouts wcru fL'llf21flYClf' slcctcliccl. thc sales stratcgy was planned, thu contracts uwzirnlcal, Zlllkl tllc first ussigmncnts wcrc rczuly' tn lw hzlnclcal ont. ljliotogiwiplicrs wcrc sown ntl to tht- linotlwull ffznncs. to tht- Cmninons, to the Rl!lI'lllS-NYl1L'l'L'YCl' 21 froml uicturu inifflit lw snu 1 meal. 31 I5 3 Copy writers wcru wcziring tlicir pencils to tlic crziscr in tlicir uttcnipts to conjure up ncw ways nl reporting facts. Long hours wcrc spent nlcvuluping zintl printing pictures. pasting thcni on layouts, rc-skctcliing tht- lziycmnts, rczuling proof. :intl arranging group pictnrcs. llczullincs lizul tu lm niet. anal lust-lninntc l'L'YlSlOl1SH12lllL', but finally thc lust of thc cupy was on to thc printcr. ililic juli was linishunl. lift' :it Tczlclicrs Collugc for tllc yczir 1945-46 had lu-un pcwtrzlyul. Page 235 Thte lffIH.FVF EYE KAY ROUGH . I , . A K t ICDITURIAI. STAFF . Executive Ifditor AIR.-XX .Il.'NGI'fX . . . Nlznnagiug Ifditor I usim-ss Klanagvr RL'SSIfI,L SKIITH . . . Sports Ifditor XIARY HFNUIT . . Society Ifditor KM Koran PFGC H' BUIfKIIfL'KIf . . . Copy Ifditor I4'dm"' Reporters: xxvilllllil Xxvilfdvll, Ruth Hzmst-11, Don Porter, Billet- Kzxltn-rrbzxch, Nancy . Bcrnbrock. Klyrtlc Ha-rritt. Pvg l'fclw:1rds, Dorothy c:l'C'l'll. 5 . ,. RIZIVIHIX Russell, :mtl Iicttt- H rsvmzul Jaxx -Irworx Pmm' Bmamscm 1,ljCII.l,E Rlxrzcxxrarakr Russ SMITH illlilgillg Iiditor Copy Editor Blhillllbh Nlanzrger Sports Editor 2 otrt o or Q ' M Page 206 A., ,ff I.f'-ff lap lv lm.'fo111.' Reporters at work. Lucy takes an "ad", Kay and .lean plan a layout. Riyllf, zlllfwfz' Mary Benoit whips out society, while Russell hats out :1 sports yarn. For those students who enjoy meeting important people, nliseovering and reporting Campus events at Iowa State Teachers College, and interpreting stuclent icleas and suggestions, the doors of the College Eye are open. This six-page Chronicle is tlelivereml to all college suhserihers every Fritlay morning. lt Contains news of Celehrities on the Campus, assembly programs, plays, Concerts antl-a new feature alter two teamless years-news ahout foothall, hasketball, wrestling, track, anal hasehall. Nlost people fail to realize the work which goes into this paper in planning of assignments, the hurrying from interview to interview, the hurning of mitlnight oil in writing Copy, the reading anal re-writing of copy, and the clistrihution of the papers to the proper addresses. Page 207 . if . . , In xc Iiertmf 'md Xivllw W 'xllwrc Lwmifw xxmth .Xclvlwr IBIIXIWZIIHII. 4 4 1 5 4 1 ' ' " , - Cllflllll wlmsc pm' ' 's ' vs x cm' 5 fm" -5, NJUINS. um usmys SLllW1l1iYfL'Ll by stmlunts. Ir is spun .,. A 4 .L , x 1 'iz ' ', l iSSIi2lfI1L'l'il1C Uux K 3 lmum as thc llzlclllty zulviscr. The Art Dc - pmtmcnt umpwzltus in KlL'SiQQI1il1Q' thc ww' CF Iirirclxlzss 211111 Ihc Sptfizll pl2lfCS. Ifnli We ,tmlunt with 21 story plot Illlllllfillg lmim utry may lw thu tulunt XYIIICII I5 mxmlul su it is In QHL'ULll'1lQL' on-zltixr writing h SYLIKIUIIYS. Pulwlisllul qL1u1'tL-fly, it ,wmwzii-'- ' ... Rosemary Kepler, ICH? Hendrickson and Dorothy Phillips choose the pictures. The freshinunls bible is his Stuclent llzmcl- book. Sponsored by the 'llrzulitions :mil Customs Committee. this little white book- let gives him 21 preview ol' what life at ill. C. will mean. It introcluccs him to some ol: the people he will wzmt to know anal the ones who will wzmt to know him. It 2lCqll21ll1fS him with all the facilities at his nlisposzil uncl clcscribes the many groups he inui' join. It even helps him plan his social czllentlzlr by giving him 21 complete scheclulc of events for the yezir. Page 209 Rosismnu' liEPl.ER lfclitor 31 1 6 . E L Hath month many hastily scrawlcd cards arc scnt hy studcnts to friends and rclativcs an- nouncing their forthcoming appcarancc on the "lowa State Tcachcrs Collcgc ol' thc Air." Studcnts-faculty mcmhcrs, too-arc hcard on thc air in the hand, orchcstra, Chorus, discussion groups, and spccial fcaturcs cvcry wcck day on station KXEI.. Thu two studios and tht- Control room of the studio arc locatcd on tht- third Hoor of thu auditorium building. llcrlwrt Y. llakc, program direc- tor for thc campus station, plans and partici- Y patcs in thu programs produced. Nlr. llakc HERBERT X' HAKE is also instructor in Radio Survcy and Radio Pratticc. Thu Radio Stlrvcy toursc is organ- ized to cstahlish a hasic understanding of radio program production and to rcvcal tht- pi :ssi- hilitics of radio, hoth Commcrciallx' and cducationallxy liwrx' Saturdav morning' thu class mccts in tht- YYatt'rloo studios with dcpartmcnt hcads ol' the commcrcial station, and cvcry Ylfdncsday night finds thcm in Studio A at Ccdar Falls uxpurimcnting with cquipmcnt prcparing programs for broadcast. is Radio Survey fllllss watches Mr. Hake at the controls. and Page Zlf 0 . . , . . II1t' I111iioLlxInILit' Xutxxork It'1itL11't', ,Xiiit'V- ILU15 Ioxxii NIt't't11ig ol tIit' -X1V. ima ioi1itIx Npoiiso1'titI Iwi ataitioii IiXIfI. gtml tIiu Iowzl Ntutt' Itniuliuix Lollt-gt-. .Xt Viglit. UV. XI. IQ. Ihoiiipsoii, Iiuzitl oi' tht' Souizil Sciuiitm tIt'p1tVtmciit, XIV. XYzix'ui'Iy Root. I-otuigii uwi'1'uspomIuiit, KIM. Kit-oVgc Y, Uciiiiy. IV., and XIV. Ciuorgc Y. IJUHHI. Iirzmcis Al. Colm, am ziluiiiiius ot' thu Vzulio not ight. I7oIIowing Iiis complction oli thu ttlvzimctl coursc in Rzulio IJl'1lCfICC, XIV. Colt- was otturcd 21 position :is zmnouncur it station WRICN in I.z1wVcm'c, Kzmszis. I Iu is now cmpIox'ctI as iicwsczlstci' for stu- tioii XYFIUI5 in Iflint, NIit'I1igz1n. ' ' 1' 1 2' , 'Z - -I-V .. . . - ' Y V . ' M ' x" 4 I - - -' I . 5' -, plum -1' 2 5 f'14'k,,1'L' fl - 'uiiiuiitz ' 'tzitir ,. , Vit .hz 1.- tui' ol' c't'i't'1iioiiics, ImiII, guitzti' atccoiiipziiiist. 1iitI Hun. 5poVtw ziiiiiotiiicw. I L WV. 4.7, iVst's att 'IX-ziclit-i's Collt-gm, is pictuVctI ut -I-HXKII Nlwring of tht' .Xir vers J. Cow, Radio .Xiinoum 'I'hr NIvK':ilvr Hrothvrx fj0VlII'f5 l'iI'1llll'L'b :Xltnian lilisc llllllt'IlUL'I'f Yerlyn Collins lfilecn Cnx Sarah F. Daxis lie-tty DeX'anl llugh l-Iivkc .Xutlra llratrr VVaItf-r lleycnga Dean llolstatl l,c'e llillsten llolnres li6llllllf'I'l'l' l,ms l.axsnn Rnsc Nlaiclrn Patricia 'lieflt Stella ililinrsnn Nornia Thurston Rnlwrt Vcrluriiggt- Rita VVa-her I.'!z1ri11l'I,f Hari Baker Virginia Gihson Russell lleitlancl lievwly Nlrvriw A-Xliw Nil-ull Rohn-rta Reckartl Ramona Rust! Ruth Riuliartlsnn Virginia Vklsstfzill The Concert Band gli,-rg-H Y. , W tl'-Q i i'. 'sw Y' S ms f :wx li. Rtssiii., Cmitliivmr .llfn ffftlflllri' lflisaheth Kaltcnhach ,lt-an licnnvr Nlarjnric' NVintlicr Hays f.'fm'l1ll'I Sliirluy' Be-cman I'il'1'll1fI IInr11.f l,nis Nnrtnn lfllnirc Pc'acm'k f'll1lI'lt'llC hhvU17Il'll rfllfili klnan lfees Nlargaret Vey .'xlllll'K'f Civlirlw Ruth llanscn lieth Olnistvd liarilnnf 5 Rohcrt .Xhkvs lileanm' Anderson clllfllilflllt' Briggs Nnrtna liutlvi' Kathryn Lumen Wliilnrs Nlvllnnalcl Ruth Nltfillllvj Grrald Svhlvgel Paul Van Kamen .N'11xnfwf1o11f ,c Stanley liairtl XYantla XVilli: Rnllantl lirtmncll livtty lfinks Drwrotliy ciI'SQ'lN' llnris ll1lIlI7X'k'l' Nlerl ,lavnlwscii lt-an ,lenks lillgL'lll' lNlt'irr llnrotliy Phillips lit-raltlinc Rulla Nlarria Svhuttit l,ms Strange Qxlflllll' Stocks llllstlll 7if0llI,HllII'.Y C'hai'lc-s Main Nlariler- l'hlt'nhupp liz1,v.w'A' l,ennal'tl .Xntlersnn Cllr-nn llI'lIIllIlt'l' 'liunney Zahrt Bfllj Nanry licI'Iila1'm'lx Natwy XVnntl I'wr't'115sinl1 Nlaurinc De XVitt Phyllis fl1lll1lXN'1lX XVaync Gard l.enna1'tl litmlwsli x1I'f'lIllIl Rittcnlmnst P. Nlary' Strock lfranves 'lilinnipsnn .Xngclu Van ,-Xnnr ,loan Yan yI'2ll1lxt'I1 Drum .llujnr llarl Dunn Drum .Hz1jnn'1'lf.v llrlrn Nlatlst-n Nlargarct lfcluartls 'liiL'll'll'l',f Nlaxinc- Dillon llcluris llrss Anne 'l'imim'rman PC1519 fl, The Symphony Urchestra SHn41,ex' Fisnisrz, Manager of Personnel HOPE S'1'ERI,INf:, I,ihrar1'1n C0111'4'r'I N1 zzytfr' Ifmil Bock .lssixlanl f.v0lll'6'l'fll1!l5fI'l Mildred Luce l'i0lin5 Nancy VVood Cprincipall Nlelvin Schneider Cprincipalj Betty Miller Emmett Steele Marlysrae Purvis Capt. Gordon Hoxie A111115 Stribly Niarjorie Smiley Mary' Strock Magdeline Popofif Shirley Fisher Cecile Craig Eunice Ryan Harold Leistikow Ruth Helen Nordskog Donagene Runft Clara Koehler EDVVARD KUR'I'Z, Cond uctor Violax Frank VV. Hill lprincipalb Betty Jeanne Humphry Ruthanne Brady Letha Holthaus Flutes Carol VVils0r1 Elisabeth Kaltenhach Audrey Gehrlie janet Pratt Pirwzlo Audrey Gehrke flllllff Dorothy Phillips Myron E. Russell Shirley Barker English Horn Nlyron E. Russell f:ftll'i7ll'f5 Earlene Trump Doris Hatwieh Russell Heitland Crllo Roland Searight lprincipalj Nlary VVombolt Gene Nleadows Junealiee Hillman Danny Lynch Betty Anderson Rotha Turner Bmsfs Gene Allen Cprincipall Glenn Primmer Naomi Schneider Barbara johnson Maxine Pitts Valara Maidell H1155 Clarirzrt Russell Heitland 13115500115 Donna Hansen Nancy lVIcC'oy Frwzfh Ilornev Earl Dunn Charles Hansen Beverly Fairlie Eunice Peacock Nlerna Truesdell Tru nzprfev Dean Holstad Hugh Eieke Lois Laxson Rose Nlaiden Thelma Nieyer Tro nz brnuxv Charles Mayo Kathryn Lomen Norma Butler Tuba Leonard Anderson Harp Beth Schwerin Piano Jeanne Dudley 1'n'z'u5sion Phyllis Galloway Leonard Kokesh VVayne Gard Virginia Rittenhouse Page 2l3 u -I Top ruKu'.' Nlclntire, Henry, lVlCf'urdv, Nlaiden, Vllestphal, Caltlwell, Van lfleet, I Striekler Third !'Uf'LL'.' De St. Paer, Peacock, Cantrell, Vincent, Lagerquist, llunt, Barker, Dudley Slll'0lld rofux' Craig, Sterling, Sawyer, Ilillgeson, Hargan, lieckinan, Dillon, Heflner Flrsl r0fu.'.' Branstiter, Bentley, Apel, Miller, VVhitney, Copelantl Linder the direction of hflr. llaraltl H. Holst, the College Chorus meets every Tuesalay and 'lihurstlay evenings for re- hearsals on classical music in preparation for programs given at intervals through the year. Nlost traditional ol' these is "The Messiahl' presented at every Christ- mas season. Radio hrozulcasts anal puhlic concerts also give the public aualience a chance to enjoy the chorus. HAR yrn Horsi' Taj' rome: Vhlenhopp, Davis, llansladen, Kimhel, Runft, Nelson, Davis, Amlerson, Boehm Third ro-ut -Anderson, Sipple, Nielireevy, Dillon, Mey er, lerpstra, YVright, Hamil- ton, Englehorn Swollri rofw: I.. Davis, llolcorn, Granzow, Ritz, VVomholt, Logan, Ilansen, llamilton, Brady Firxl roiux: Jeffers, Fisher, Holthaus, Hollis, Blesie, liuroyv, johnson, Stumherg Page 214 Tnjw l'lJiL'.' Owen, Isaak. Gilbert, liriinm, Hays, 'I'hm-w, Clar X nn5.,t i Tllzrif fofw: Van Norman, Nlnrgaii, S:-aright, Simpson, Gartl K Ort P H11 tnn, Lainluertxon, olnmm lhvit I '1 sl'l'0lI1I' rruuz' Moore, Cllllfflllj Thnnipmn, Benfer, Belt, Peak, lluntu Xl ol tctl Slim Pfriznmci' lui! mlm. liranstitcr, Bentley, Brady, XX efterlu-i'g. Olson. Clirlt Piton Cin lleffncr, lir:nnc'r THE IIHUIB l'lx'cry Sunday' morning thu Cnllt-gc Choir, Coinposctl ul' inun anal woincn stutlcnts on thu campus intcrestctl in Vocal music, pro- vitles tlic lltlllifll-lll acccmipaniincnt for scrviccs in thu Collugu Chapul. lfvwy' YVctlncstlay night, their voiccs :nay lw liczlrtl ringing fllI'KJLlQll tht- cinpty autlitu- rium as tlicy prcparc tht- following wufkk progrznn untlcr tht- tliruction of ljrufcssor ll illiain l lays. liI.l.XM li. I age 2 I 5 N fff Thv N1 wU'1l1 f,l'i'hL'NIl"l :md C'lwruX ,. . , KH. iiucmrg I'I'lCklI'lL'lI llumluls llm Kluw- Sl'lllH was p1'cscl1tul by thc Collugc Sym- I7I1ll my fJI'L'IlCSfI'll ami CIIKJVLIS. umlur rln- ali- lfff! fffif, N11-. IM-,l1n1gv, Nlr. INIIVII, Nh-, llnlxl I'L'L'flUl1 ol UI. l,nlxx.11cl IXUITI, IH ilu url 'Hum rrmci Xliv ISi1'klw:ul, Him I"l'llT7lxt' lugs Zlllkliftllikllll un llucmwlwx' sixtcuntlm. llzxmhl Ii. llwlsr LIll'lJL'fL'kl thu I'Cl1C21I'SlllS ui 1n1xuLIfl1m'L1s. Hu' wlulstx of thu u1'z1tux'm lllflllkltll Nlxsx Blum' HlIklil1L'llkI. wprunw: Miss Xluriu Iflutflau, L'4Jl1fl'Z1lIlJI Alnum-s IL-- klcmgc. tumor: xlml XIV. llwlsr. lmss-lwz11'1- tulle. Pnqe 216 Page 217 Orehesis, the pursnlxificzitiuix of rhythm and grave Swuying and hemling, graceful girls interpreting the immortal musical heauty oi' lDehussy's "Clair tle l,unt-H :mil Ciershwin's "Summer- timeu, is the essence ol' orehesis. Nliss Nlautle Nloore, of the wom- eifs physical etltiezitimi alepz1i'tment. tlirects the zietirities ul these stu- ilents ul' mmlern tlzmee, assisting them in the iiiipmveiiieiit ol' their skill in ecmoixliiizitioii. Girls whose creative intei'p1'etz1tifm11s ol' musieztl Compositions tlisplziy poise. rhythm mul grzlee are eleetetl to the organ- ization hy the current members. This yt-z1r's spring Orchesis per- l.UI'lIlllI1CC, like the recitals ul' pre- eetling years, ziehievetl its ohiieetive in the nlerelopment of the social :mtl cultural St21llLl21I'klS of the pair- tieipzmts. The tlelightlul move- ment zmtl ehztrming music were liusecliiitu11perfectzlestlieticwlwle. cziptivziting the capacity ziumlit-lice in the Xymiieifs cif'll1l12lSllllN. Anyoiie with ciwzitive ability in nimlei'n tlnmct- is eligihle to join. Debate L'mlcr tht' gtiitlziiictt ol' uncrgutic Ur. Alma Alolmson. tht' ticbatc tennis mzulu st'vcl'al trips this yt-ar, gaining ncw cx- pcricncc in tliscussions and tlulmtcs. Stutlciits nun' to thu activity and some who art- "old il21llLiSn :lt it. took part. ,Tilt iirst trip was to thc Lil1iYL'I'Siff' of Iowa for tht' Intcr- L'lJHL'gi2lfL' CCJl1IiCI'L'lIL'L'fJl1Tilt' Prolilcms of l'cz1t'c. lit-onu Bro spokc cxtcmporunuously zmtl Clco Slztrtin gum' ll prcpurcti sptrcli. Nlargarut Bean :mtl Virginia Ret-tl iiorniuti thu alt'- baitc tcum: Nlurgnrut SL'Ql'i1YCS, slczm Alungcn, :mtl lfiiiiiictt Stcclt- took part in discussions. Bill Bil'Cl1iUZlllIN, l.ois Tlioiiipsoii, Nlclliu XYz1llz1t't', Virginia Rccd, :mtl l3i'L1ct- NlcQuigg fl'2lYCik'Li to thu Lvnivcrsity of DL'l1X'L'I' Ior tht Rocky' Nlountuin Spccch Coi1l't'i'cmc, pur- ticiputingg in 21 scrics of tliscussions umling in lt-gislzitivc-typc tlt-lwzitu. CIE Talk? We love tn! Chicago wus the scene of the next trip. Cleo Klurtin, .lean slungen, Catherine Czlslnnun, Nlarguret Segraves. anal Yerzi Chiltls were in cliseussions anal alehzltes at Northwestern, anal tliseussions on Peneetime Nlilitzlry Training at the University ol' Chicago. Two teams ot' men-liruee NIeQuigg', Robert Harines, lill- liot Olson, zintl lfvzin Taylor-traveletl to College of St. Thomas in St. Paul for the Northwest Dehute Tournament for Nlen. Rezul. NleQuigg. Cushman and -lungen clehutecl :lt the State meet at Coe. all coming through with excellent ratings. Dor- othy Sipple :incl Aleun .lungen reeeivecl ratings ol' superior, Dorothy in poetry reading anal radio anal -lean in utter- tlinner speaking. Un two occasions the college was host to other klClJ2lfCl'S. The Northwestern Varsity Dehziters were guests for 21 series ol' cliseussions zintl llClU21fCS. The Brinclley Scholarship Tour- naments were held here at 'IiC21ChCI'S College. liight high schools participated in this event and were juclgeal hy Teach- ers College tlelmters. Set-nes from the clchzlte trips. Ilwilm, A 5 , x llrlll-QIA Ii, S :Ru PR lwn' tlmc hrst tum- Ill txwm warsrl1QwmnunuI lmxxl State 'I1C21Cl1L'l'S Cwllfgu lmvu llllkl lH2lSCLlllHL' ussis tance in rhl-ir lwlllml-tllu-stzlgu xwwli in tlmc Urumax Slmp. lJI'OLllICflOH crcws llzuu lwcn 1'uumlunl out lwy strrmg-zlrmccl mum willing :mal cupzllvlc ol Lltllllf' -. tllc llL'11Yl' jobs, whill- tlw girls xx'm'kcnl on cu-ry tlnng lmm make-up anal cnstulmlmg to thu lnglmtul ccmstructlfm work null tllu painting' ul' acts. XYitl1 thus In-W mzxlu IISSISUIIICC an tllu lirzlmu Shop :xml tall-m Lll'21Wl1 from flu- slullml lmlly zmnl tlmu lun ulty, Cwlll-gf l'l1lyl-I-S SPUHSlll'L'Ll lwrlx Ilzlll xml spring prmlllctium. 'XICS FROM "l'NC'l,li HARRY" 19-H Spring l,l'1lIYl11 l'rmlm'tifm vw'-:L mas'-'PT ,X ' JJ fm, Q0 eww llu' lllll-llll' p1'mlL1ytim1 pu-sulltul klLll'- lllll421lkl llulst ol' rlml- Xlualu llllflllll ing tlmu lull llll1ll'lL'I'XX'1lS "l.istc11, l'm- plzlyul tllc tltlc mll- :mul lfmmk llill l.L'SSlH'H lwy -XlL'X1lIlLlL'I' .Xliuwgulwmp ulw ol' tllc Nlusic clupz11'tlm'nt. plnyfll Vlxllc Russian plz1yw1'igl1t's LlHklL'l'5f2lIMl- ilu' aluctmt llfllCl' llhlllll' rm-lnlwclx ing ul' alll Illl'L'L' gu1u'1'z1tlnm nl Smiur fmt' tllu rust lllflllkltkl -Il-gum Rurmnn lily tmlaly is 5ll1lXXIl flll'lPLlQll tlmc SEVLIQ- Y. .X l,. l.1mlc1'. Curl Sl1Jl'L'l, zum glu lwtxwuln rlml- pxmll-sw1'. lmix llzlugll- liuris Pril- ftl'-lll-l2UY. uml luis grzlmlllzlllglmtw. C xml 'E High srhool students help entertain. my my l A Llay ol' laughtcr :mtl rccrcation for thc high school girls of northcust lowu, Play Day is ' sponsorctl catch YCZII' tluring thc wintcr quarter by thu Xvomt-n's Pliysicul lfducation Dc- l purtmcnt. Schools participating scml rcprcscntzitivc lwaskcthull YCZIIHS. and opportunity is l provitlctl for rccrcutional games, swimming anal rollur-skating. i eniom any i A prcvicw ol' lilic :it lowu Stutc Tczichcrs Collcgu is givun to lowzfs high school seniors each April. Sponsored hy lowu 'ilC2lCllL'I'S First through thc Coopcrution of thc whole stu- tlcnt hotly, intercstctl st-niors are invitcd to spcntl onc thrill-puckcil tlay on thu campus. The clay hcgins with 21 convocation anal I'CgiStI'21fi0Il of thu Visitors. Alitur lunch in tht- Commons tlcpartmcntail tours arc concluctctl hy sclcctcnl stuilcnts. Nfuurinc Dc VVitt shows seniors points of interest. 'KI' Page H Shirts Zlllil jenna were proper zlttire for clzinvf. A JI Z uifwllilfaf Thu Folk lfcstivul, pruscntccl annually for thu public in thu XYoincn's Ciymnasiuni, fcn- turcal stunlunts in coincaly 2lS wcll :ls nlorc serious llzmccs. Spuctators and purformcrs alike worm QIVCH un opportunity to p21I'flClp2lfL' in the dancing. A Wafer Karnilfoz rlilic lwicnniul wzlrcr carnival, sponsorual by the l.ifc-Saving Corps, unnlcr tllc direction ol' Doris Ylvhitc, was prcscntcil llarch 22. Alitcr 21 brief ilenionstrution of swimming strokes und life-saving carries, the group presented conwdy skits of "thc old swinnnin' hole" and HFOIHZIIICC in Z1 canocf' Following lilllifj' diving :incl synclironizcd swimming. thc linzile of the show was prcscntcil in an iniprcssivu sccnc ol' graccful swinnncrs Carrying lightccl cancllcs in the ilarkcncd pool. Swirmne-rs execute czlrnixull f0l'l1lZlflllH5. V 5 I K V, ivy ' M-I. wxruf' . 3' ff- , ,. , -. . , h ,, iam Page 523 'W' ' 'W my - wif,?,., V ,mms ,r 2 -'E ,X M , , A Q ,,A5,,g.y ,. , ,Rf t , my +4 Am ,,, ,, 136 fm ,,Q, fr. ' W gf. f g f ,wx . 5' ,Q ..X. ,EA ,r wg. al ' , v afm X 5 R451 i t V ,www- It aw f- . -"' ' ' ., . :,.k,.k9.11 ,., ,.J-, ,1fQt:, . 1 U F- . ,.., fl , -. ...., wh" " ., i ...... , 5 i 4 my QQ, , , Y f we . 3' ,B N H, 1 V Q sf f, Q V 42 'F Fw 1 1.- 1 M 4 0. A 1 ! ,Y .. , . 29 'A S E W Jw ' R 'QI mf f ,, ,y wk NA ggi "2 Q 'Rf Q, 3 4 vii: W3 f ...fd ,Y I -1 IQ 0 Q , 23. ' - W' -. 4. , - rw 4 V, 3' 'if , K 'wi Y, - ML, - +215-w w ? '- Q as Q , -2, 5 .X ,g it W, F5 f A Q K. We Q It . Z 1'-is 1 M 9 'Y 5 .wb 1. " 4 if 3 4 'H' uw 'Qt -'Q sf. 1 if 34. 'EQ . ,K Q K K I Nr F fe r ,V,. .,,,,,1,,. . 'F 4 i S - af- c. jk f ff ,.':: . ., 0,55 Myj 2, "f--,swag ,, Sv 2 5 355 ,. , A T . " my ,. WM ..,, 'A' Q fig? ,-,. ez , 1. Lf' K3-' -f- Jsqgzi' Es., eff' ,Mr W 1 ,J :Mb f X-5, 2' W- A TK!-X ' ,ff :QQ xf. fi , -ra, , 'G wiv' Q N'-'5A., 1 4, rw. .rf 3' x 1' "Win, ff New 1, xxmgigx g fe , MQJT 4, .5 M.Qf?,i,r 5 9 , ,W rw fm , ' '-.Q W 5 3 gs. M:-Q . ?5,k'M:mX,",j,,fY , K M A54 fx"-t, , " 4 ini: ff.ii,,W 2 Wh , , , f J f QQ 4 X-, , - "f ' ii "Yer, Fm , N., if p sw f pg A. 'P Rh ah , 1 '52, " ' ,f 'vff fr' x .mn W ,'?y.f' ' ' ,E V4 f WfA, Q.,-,N 'nj -,S A gg, , -ff., f H ' ,X hh ff N A, 3. x X ,ar M3 1 . . L S4 5 ., 'Z' , Y ,M Ki sei Y 'Q V, "Ar an wg? ,. -- X x 1 . X, Wu 3 + 1? , Q , M Q Q1 Q' mia, , , ,, , , WH Y +1 Q .YV EQ L. 2 J.: Uutstanding Students faux .wenm to kzzomx Tfzvre arf IIIIHIKX t"I'l'I'yUIlt' r'vmg111'zw'. Tlzerw ure Inlllllll' i'1'f1'1mfx zzffnzfrefl by all who kiwi: lfzrm. Tfzuw arf ffm o1zl.vIf111d1'11g .Vill- ffe II fx. "VVho's YVho" group gathers in Dc-:in C'amphell's oH'ic'e. WHUS WHU . ln American Colleges and Universities Xational XYho's Xvho i'epi'esentatives are heing leaturetl in the OLD GOLD this year for the thirtl eonseeiltive time. Outstanding stunlents who were previously eleetenl to "YVho's Wlho at Iowa State rlleaehers College" are now eleetetl to "VVho's VVho among Students in American Lniiversities and Colleges". Eighteen Teachers College students were seleetetl this year on the hasis of Char- acter, scholarship. leatlership in CXfl'2l-CLlI'I'lCLllZ1l' activities, aml poteiitiality for fu- ture usefulness to husiness aml society to he honoretl hy this national recognition. The selection was manle hy the Stuilent lvelliare Committee, Comprisetl of Dean Sadie B. Camphell, wx njfifio, Dean l.eslie l. Reetl, secretary, ax of7'ivi0, Dr. L. V. Douglas, hliss Nlay Smith, D11 ll. A. Riehe, anal Ur. Y. P. llotlein. Page 226 Lois Bxiu: . . . UxXvllC1'C'S that copy?" "Have those pictures come up from the clark room yet?" These familiar questions cstahlish the presence of lfclitor Lois liare as she proceecls with her claily work in the LJLD fiOl,l7 ollice. She is a history' major antl a memher ol' the 'liheta Gamma Nu sorority. Yllonienls League, Stuclent Christian Association, and was a senior counsellor this year. Lois is from lnclepenclcncc. Lois Bialixiaiz . . . Pi Ciamma Nlu presiilent Lois Behner has maintaineal active memhership in Social Science Honors, Stuclent Christian As- sociation, Kappa Delta Pi, VVomen's League, anal Future Teachers ol' America. She also participates in lillen Rich- arcls Club in her minor helcl anal last year was a senior coun- sellor. She is a Social Science major from lYaterloo. l'ilfXIC'L1B0l2Hl,JI2 . . lfunice, a competent commercial eclucation major, is this year's president of Pi Omega Pi, national Commercial lfclu- cation honorary. She is also a member of Torch anal Tas- sel, Kappa Delta Pi, Theta Epsilon, ancl Future Business Leaclers of America. As president, she has heen Very active in the stuclent activities at the Baptist Student Center. Li-iorsix liao . . . Prexie Bro, l9-15-46 presiilent ol' Stuclcnt League, is a very versatile English major from lfxira, lowa. Sigma Tau Delta, Student Christian Association, lowa Teachers First. llamilton Cluh, anal lvomenls League are incluclecl among her many activities. She was also active on the house coun- cil in Seerley Ilall when it was occupiecl hy the fairer sex. Leona gracluatenl at the encl ol' the winter term. F"r' as l is Htxs Hxiuzimi Vioxx I wil Di xx . . . Iltxiuuiaii' liwixx' . . . Xlacstro lfarl Dunn, with his campus haml. lt's sclnloiii that wt' nloift liiitl llai'1'iutt l his t'utci'taiuctl maui a 'l'uzu'liui's Collugu working with social stautlartls. Ks origin touplt- with "music plan-gl tht- collugiatu atoi' ol thu lfili plan lor huiltliiig up social i w ii" lor tht-ii' nlauciug plczisiiiw. As prcsi- stamlartls on tht' taiiipus, shu took thu lcatl tluiit ol' l'hi Nlu Alplia Sinfonia, llUl11H'2ll'l iii tht- social stautlartls coiiiiiiittuu ol uiusic lii'atci'iiity'. hr is iriw tlcsciiiiig' ol' Wvoiiit-ii's Luaguc last XCLIV. Shu has also ltanlursliip Vcfogiiitioii. lfatl spcluls uiuch lwcli activc iii l'hi Sigma ljhi. ilioiwli am I his tiuiu with his haml, oi't'lit'sti'a. aml iliasst-l, Iowa iliuaclit-i's lfirst. Kappa Ut-Ita tht' chapcl choir. l lt' is also a iiiuiiiliui' ol- l'i. anal ,Xluiiihif Cluh. l.ast XCEII' l larrictt Iowa 'l't'atlitii's lfirst, Xlziiicliustui' is his spciit much tiiiiti working with tht- Hipaa h mu' tow ii, ifatioiis Coiiiiiiittcu in Nuclciit l.uagLiu. ffzr Irfan of lmllorzzlf r't'f'ogl11l1o11 for .i'l11zff'11l.w, fzlmwzff of fJ0!IfIr'.K', IiIII.fI'flf1.Ul1 fmav, ami f!1l4'.Y, frrli' l'0lIt't'I.7't'fl' nzori' lfmn I-It'f'f'i'v -Yt'!l7'.Y 1190. ,. . . . . . .zflvr muflz l't'.Y1'll7'l'!I and 111fi'1'1'14'-tw 'u'1lf1 foffvgi' offzwzfzfx, fn'r.m1111i'f 111f111z1gi'r'.i', fluff oif1i'1'.i', lfiw pfnn -Quia' fn'5ff1111'm'f1'. Rcha, au 0llfSIl1HkllIlQ, sciiioi' lfiiglish uia-ioi' l liroiii Xlarshalltowii, Iowa, has lwcii this i'cai"s pix-sitlciit ol' Sigma iliau Us.-lta, RPN I,-Iwmmx lziighsh honorary society. XY o iii Q ii l s Ixaguc, lowa 'liczu'lici's First, autl Ka ma It hi arc intludt-tl in otlicl'2u't1V1tit's ui which shc has participatul. Ruha has also ht-cu uni attixt ui suth tolltgt iiiusu groups as chapcl choir aml chorus. Slit- actual as husiuuss iiiaiiagui' on tht- llI,I5 fiHI,IH statt last ycar. , Alf I,o1s Piuaniaiuck . . . This most industrious commercial educa- tion major has heen an exceptionally out- standing leader scholastically. She has heen elected to the honorary organizations: Purple Arrow, Golden Ledger, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, Pi Gamma Nlu, and Torch and Tassel. Besides her multi- tudinous duties in those organizations, Lois is on the l.awther Hall house council, XYomen's l.eague, and was president of Future Business leaders ol' America last Lois FRFIHZRICK Doxva Lot' Griexsox lDUNN.Xl,f1l'Cil,Ii.XSON , . . A cheerful "Hi" and a smile is a typical greeting when one meets Donna anywhere. anytime. As a campus leader she has held such positions as president of Kappa Theta Psi, president of the Cedar halls housing unit, and president of Bartlett llall. She is a member of Beta Alpha Epsilon. ltlamf ilton Cluh, Torch and Tassel, Student League, Iowa Teachers First, and life Saying Corps. Donna, a native of Cedar Falls, is an elementary major. year. S1'111r1f 10.31 1111 11111111111 1'o111jJ1'f111'1'o11 of !J1'og1'11pf11'1',v of 11'1'5l1'11g111'.vf11'1f .S'fIlljl'llfX 1'f11'o111ff1o11t the Illlfl-Oil IIIIIA' l7L"1:'Il p11bf1'.vf11'ff. Perimlzx ll..Vft,'!j 1'ep1'1'.ve11l H112 C11ffe1j1f'.v r111Z.vi11111z'111g .vt111f1f11I.v, pole11l1'11l .S'IlI'I'FJ'.Y'fll! fe111fe11v 1.11 f711.v1'111'.s1v 111111' ,m1f1'1'ly lllflllllfllill l11'11l1 q1111f1'f1'1'11l1'o11s 11.1 H112 fNI.Yl,.f for Nt'fc'l'fI.0lI. Wvhereyer Teachers College students are swimming, golfing, or playing ball, you arc apt to lind Harriett. She is a physical edu- cation major and a past president of . XVomen's Recreation A s soc i a t i o n. "Hank", as she is commonly known on the lIAkKIE'1"1' IIHNRY campus, is kept husy with lowa Teachers l9irst. Torch and Tassel, XVomen's League, Physical lfducation Cluh. and I.awther house council. She also sang' in the chorus of the college production ol' "The Nles- siahn. This year she is president of the Phi Sigs. She comes to Teachers College lirom Cresco. i , , 5 'S' who ,ll'Nl2qXI,1C'li llll.l,Nl:XN . . . Better known as -lunealiee Carlson Hillman, ol' Sioux City, lowa, she has been the leader in the intersorority activities this year. lVomen's League, llamilton Club and Foreign Language Club are included in her other activities. June- alice is a music major and a member of Pi Theta Pi social sorority. Xi-xxcv ,I 1aw1a1.I. . . . This year's concert programs were planned with Nancy's assistance as concert assemblies chairman in Student League. As president of Delta Phi Delta and former presi- dent of the I.awther Freshmen House Council, she is one of the campus, most talented leaders. Nancy is a kindergarten- primarv student and is a native of Grosse lle, Michigan. She was graduated at the end of the winter term. Rosiaiuaav KIQPLIQR . . . Rosemary claims the title ol' editor of the 1945 TJLD Ciolp besides that of president of the Newman Club. She has helped to bring the pre-war traditions back to the campus this year by acting as chairman of the customs and tradi- tions committee of XYomen's League. Pi Omega Pi, Pi Theta Pi, Future Business Leaders of America, and lowa Teachers First are among her other extra-curricular activi- ties. CI.ILUlVl.'XR'1'lN . . . Tall, versatile Cleo has been a very active campus leader as president ol! YYomen's League this year and orientation chairman for freshman women last year. She is a member of Torch and Tassel, Iowa Teachers First, Sigma Tau Delta, llamilton Club, and Student Christian Association. As president of VVon1en's League she has also been active in the work of Student League. ...wha lD4lRU'I'IlYXAKQIJ-1 . . . Pi 'liheta Pi presillent Dorothy' Nagle. notenl lor a smile when you least expect it. is a commercial eclucation major. As chairman ol' the social life committee in Stuclent League, Dorothy' has heen husv carrying out plans lor all the college alances antl special events that go with post-war college lilic. She is also active in Pi Omega Pi, XYomen's League, antl ff 1. lowa leachers l'irst. lDoNl'oR'1'I-1R . . . A returnecl veteran ol' the Armv Air Forces, lion has affain . D hecome prominent in college activities. Formerly he was an Alpha Chi ancl in Stuclent Council, ancl now is active in Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Gamma Nlu. ancl Social Science llonors. llc is the writer ol "XYorlcl Views", a weekly feature in the College Eye. Don is also a veteran of XYl'io's Wvho, having prcviouslv heen electccl to Xlvhols lvho in 1942 anal in l94.3. Doius Panzmi . . . As a successful presiclent ol' the new Stuclent Christian As- sociation lior the last two vears, "Sue" Pricm has nlisplavetl markecl leaclership ahilitv. Theta Ciamma Nu claims hcr as an active mcmher of their organization. Among' her other activities are College Plavcrs, lfuture ilieachers of America. Wvomenls League annl l.ife Saving Corps. She was a senior counsellor last vear. C.Vu4oL Saul: . . . A leacler ol' leaclers as the presillcnt ol' Torch antl Tassel, Carol has clemonstrateal her exceptional ahilitv. This year she is presiclent of Kappa Delta Pi. anal last vcar was presi- ilent of Phi Sigma Phi. She is active in Stuclent League anal has heen on the lloarcl in Control ol' Stutlent Puhlications, in Pi Omega Pi. lowa ilieachers lfirst, anal l"uture Business l.eanlers ol' America. ller major is commercial eclucation. Rllll Crmiseks SAM Fnfuk "Coby", a translier stuclent from Uu- buque L'niversity, is among the best known students on the campus. A tal- entecl lfnglish major, she has been active in both clrama ancl clebate. She is a member of Delta Phi Delta anal this past year has been treasurer ol' VVomen's League. ll, on approaching the lJl.D Ciolb ot- lice, you have seen something flying by you, almost blowing you over, you must have been "clipped" by Shirlee. Yes, she has been the busy business manager on the f 31.15 filJI.I7 statl. Shir- lee is a music major, with notable abil- ity in her piano playing ol popular as well as classical tunes. SHIiu.EE ll.Xlj5IiR M.xiu:.xRE'r I.or:.xs we 6ZlfIfL!9lfL:5 This tlarli. hantlsome "College hloei' ' is one ol the best-liketl junior stuclents on the campus. Besitle being presi- clent ol' liaker llall, he has been ac- tive on the Stutlent League boarcl. Xlawioring in physical etlucation, he was on the liootball squatl antl is one of those very versatile basketball players. lle is a member of Iowa Teachers First, honorary college or- ganization. Tfiere will fzfitviyx be ifloxe fem' who .Vlllllllll ou! zzmong lfzeir feffow .YfIldt'IIf5 l7KlYIIl.Yt' of II l't'l'fll1.lI quflfffy fn ffzefr per- .Yfjilflllifvl Tliexe are ffm people you all LIIOTC, the people who lznfve H1111 1't'l'flII.II "1'l". Tlzexe are ffm fi'I't'Ill1,f'Y, cfierrfizf .YfIlfI't'l1f.Y Tfw1f'f1er'.v Coffege fx proimj lo cfrzfnl. You meet lfzefr rlinrnifziff .l'lllI-IFN Notecl lior her artistic ability. she has establishecl herself on the campus as the "poster maker", for she has been responsible lor much of the publicity lor XYomen's League. Nlost of the clever posters on the Commons bulle- tin boartl were ereatetl by the artistic Hhluggsf' An lfnglish major, she is interestetl in speech ancl College Play, ers, spencling much time in that tle- partment. Page 232 8l"!5OlfL6L gfzfed l-'ormerly the secretary lor Stutlent League, Klelha was selectetl to act as presitlent lor the spring term because the presitlent, l.eona Bro. was gratl- uatetl at the entl of the winter quar- ter. Nlelha is an lfnglish major antl has heen active in the proaluction ol' The Pen. She is a memher ol' Sigma Tau Delta honorarv l"nU'lisl1 orlfz - , , ' - ' U ' bln Nlic1.fsx XVxL1,.xcr1 Dick Suu s ization. 0-z'ery place on Iliff r'nn1p11.i', In ffm f'f11.v.v- roonz, the ffornlflory, lfle m'gr1l11'z11l1'm1 7Il1'f'fI.llfj,, the I7ll.Ykt'4l7llH fj1lIIIt"II!IIIOA'f llIlj'flUlll'7't'. 41!'fi'l'K in HIIIIIYV grozlps ana' llffl-'I'l'fl'L'.Y, ilwy firmw' ffI'.YfI.I1ffllIDXIIFUI filam- .i'ef1'e.i' by f!Il'l-I' I.llfL'l't'.Yfl'l1!j f7f'l'.Y0lIIl!I-fl'L'A' ana' erlll'-z'e11z'r1g nlalzner. The OLD GOLD fakes jnrfale fn fJl'1'A't'IIfI'IIff them for your renzenzlwrirlg. Pat has heen a prominent person arountl the campus, familiar to all who attencl the college games, where her peppy eheerleatling has heartenetl the Teachers College teams at crucial moments. This versatile hlonale is a physical etlucation ma-ior antl her lia- vorite sport is tennis, although she is also a very' skillful swimmer and tliver. Page 233 "Proficiency, plus" shoultl he Diclis mialtlle name: he is just that. After "taking dictation" from ollicials in the Linitenl States Navy, he returnetl to this campus to complete a commer- cial etlucation major. lle has partici- pated extensively in extra-curricular activities. This year he was ULD Goin photographer. president ol' Seerley llall. an active memher ol' Student League. Nlen's Union anal Future Business l,eatlers ol' America. lioh Owen, a veteran who recently en- rolletl at Teachers College to com- plete a social science major, has he- come one ol' the Campus' outstanding leaclers. A memher of Stuclent League lioartl, lowa Teachers First. and presitlent of otl-campus men, he was matle general chairman ol' "Se- nior Day." PAT Kxircni' Boi: QJVVFX SQ 9 XX x, , , 9 OW AY ,pf Y llt Lectures and lfuncerts "Oh yn, I XIKIIIYII him 1511611 I ions fn 1'oHeye." III llze yenrx llflfllfll, grf111'u- KIICES will fn' .Yllyillgl flllllf of ilu' great ll7'fI'.Yf.S' ana' .mlnzd flll.IIkFI'.Y, mm' 1'4'n1en1- !7z"l'l-llfj flu' lfzrffl of Hlfffllllfj and fI..Yff'lI' ing to frlumzzx ana' deffglzlfzzl pvrsmz- z1f1'l1'e.v. . 7 7 5' s7!ZCflfLl"85 6LlfL QlfLC8l"f.'5 Education comes through contact with great minds. A college may Vi- talize that contact by providing, not only books and classes, but also by sponsoring visits to the campus by great contemporary personalities. This is the philosophy back of the Lecture-Concert Series. The present series began in 1940 through the LELAXD L. SAGE great. interest of Dr. Leland Sage in bringing the best music to the com- munity, and his continuing concern has earned him the title of chairman of the l.ecture-Concert committee each year. Assisted by the three faculty and three student representatives on the committee, he is given the responsibility of choosing a balanced year's program from the great number of musicians and lec- turers in the concert field. The response to these events is an indication of their success in meeting the college community's approval of their choice. K of fvnnfa, 0 Oct. 11, 1945 Blanche Thebom 0 Dec. 12, 1945 Patricia Travers 0 Oct. 17, 1945 Jack Shelley 9 Jan. 16, 1946 Igor Gorin 0 Dec. 7. 1945 George D. Cressey 0 Feb. 4, 1946 Robert Casadesus I Feb. 11. 1946 Wvrn. L. Lawrence 'April 25, 1946 Nlinneapolis Symphony 0 Nlay 9. 1946 St. Olaf Choir Page 236 Psge 237 55' jhab Blzinclic ililiclwoin, Swctlisli songstrcss, cz1pti- Vatcrcl thc uttcntivc Uctolwcr conccrt zluclicncc with il group ofsongsl1yScrgc Rz1ch1nz1ninoff. thc lyrics translzitctl from Russian to lfnglisli by Nliss ililiclwoin licrsclf. Nliss Tlicbom. 21 p mcfzo-soprano star of thc Nlctropolitan Op- l cru association. was singing at 21 sl1ip's con- cert on Z1 trip to Swcclcn XVl'lCl1 shc was alis- covcrcrcl ln' tlic forincr ziccompanist ol' Nlurian Amlcrson. XYith rclircshing nziturul clcxzirm, Bliss 'lilicluom minglctl with stuclcnts on the campus zit :1 reception in l.z1w- thcr l lull, wcnt swimming in tlic collcgc pool with 21 group of coccls, :intl zxtc at thc Commons with tlic mcmlwrs of Sigma Alpha lotzi, womcn's profcssional music Iirzitcrnity. Nliss Tliclwom sings :incl rezuls in I-ircnch, German, ltz1liz1n, Russian, zincl Swcclisli. Tlic tour which incluclccl licr conccrt 11f'I1C2lCllL'l'S Collcgc is thc thirtl z1ncl most cxtcnsivc of licr tours. ln zxclclition to the works of Ruclimzininoll, slic sung from compositions by llaymln. Scliulwcrt, ll21lCY1'. llcrnstcin, untl Uilwlv. aww . , 4 F ll X'l1Jl.lXlS'I' Iht- Dccciiilwi' L'Ol1k'L'l'f zimliciicu t-nimt-tl tht rucitail ul' Pzitriciai 'lii'ziwi's. ,lihu 17-yuui'-olil violinist hugzm lit-r stutlx when shu was Iuui' waits ulil ziml gzivc licr first UJIICCIT ut tht- :ign- ol' sewn. Kliss Trzivurs nmilu hui' ilchut on tht- lfuiwl Nlusic llnui' with tht- Dctroit Sym plimiy. Sims thun shc has zippuurctl with l'Y"K1f'-N 'VKWFRS immy lizimous m'cl'icsti'z1s zis gut-st soluist. Nliss 'l'i'zivci's has also zippczircil in 11 motion picturu, "Tlici'c's Magic in Nlusicu. Uuring hui' stay :lt 'll-zicliws Collthgt- shc haul ilimici' tlwwn tht- lint- with 21 group ul' I3 irtlutt girls :incl with mcmhcrs ol' Sigma Alpha lutzi. They lcarncnl that shc is 11 'ci' of iiiystuiw' sturics :is wcll :is ll music luvci' ziml ciijoys both whilu un hcl' 1CL'I'f UJLIVS. liss ,I4l'llYCl'S is thu nwnci' ul' twu prucious cuiiu-i't instrumunts. ai hlosupli Ciuur- mriual alt-l Cicsu, clzltctl 1733, :mil thu l.l1lNIJUS "Tom 'l'uylm"' Sti'utlix'zii'iLis, mails in . . . , . 1132. Aiiimig tht- uutstzimling lvCLlflll'CS ot Nllss Fl l'z1vci's pCI'lOl'lll2ll1CL' was hui' lmllizmr tccliiiiqiiu. Slit- plzlxul sulcctiims lrcmi tht- umipnsitimis ut Sczirlzitti- lluilctx, Sclilihcrt, Hllfll, YYiuni1iwski. Shimstzilwvicli-170rst, Sliustzilmvicli-Ciliclmiaii. mal l'1igz1nini-lircislci'. Bas-" ix xxxtm fix Eff' 4' 'nf 5 K QF 41914 lgt v 'Q W 5? it 9401 9.0'll:I'L l3ARl'lwONl'i lgL'UI'c,iUl'll1, eelehratetl Russian-American har- itone. won the january autlienee with his su- perb Voiee anal an excellent program. A inu- sieian who is an enthusiastic supporter of contemporary composers, he is among those artists who are ahle to share their art with an autlience to the extent that they communicate f the warmth, the inner spirit, anal the human ICOR HORN qualities of the music performetl. The emotions ol the triumvirateg the composer. the performer, and the audience are fusetl into one in the artist's interpretation. Alter opening his performance by the singing of the national anthem, Nlr. Ciorinls program inelualed works of contemporary American Composers as well as those of Haydn, Scarlatti. lxflessager, Berlioz, and Vertli. During' his stay in Baker Hall. antl through his excursions about the Campus, stu-:lents Came to enjoy not only his singing. hut also the sociahility antl sense of humor which contrihute to his interest- ing personality. F N i Holrmf, 5 I i i 1'iAN1s'i' Rohurt Qziszuhqsus. thi- Iwum-li pianist ami coiiiposur, who has hucoiiiu rciiowm-nl in lfllropc, North 1Xfi'iczi. South Aiiicriczi. ami in thu l mtunl Staitcs sims his ah-hut iii 1933. aim-suiitcal thu i'iL'l3I'll2l!'X' coiiccrt. NIV. Casu- 'sus was horn into ai uiiiquu Iziiiiilx' oi musi- cizuis :uid stuilicnl ut thu ll2lI'lS L1Jl1SL'I'YllfUll'L'. Roixi-:Ri VXSXDESIS . . . QVZUIULIYIIIQ with high honors. Ili- has ll truiiiumlous tuchiiiczil coiiiiiizuinl ol thu ku'houi'iI with an occasional pumhziiit loi- uxucssixr spuul xuinl ai hruzith-tzikiiigg virility ol tom: Xlauii' tiiiics throughout rlw I5I'4JQl'21IH hc suciiicil to liccomc co-fix-zitoi' ol' thu works hu wus iiitci'pi'utiiig, llis mmm-i-r wus iiizulc up uiitircli' ot progrziiii music. iiichuliiig sclcctions from thc coiiipositioiis of Rziiiicziu. l3cctliox'un, Schuiiizmii, :uid llcliussy. ln aulilitioii to pci'- lioriiiiiig works oi' orhci' coiiiposcrs, NIV. CHSZUICSLIS has also coiiiposunl scvcitii con- fcrtos :ind sxiiiphoiiics oli his own. lnchulul in his trziwliiig higgzigc zum' his twcnty pipes whicli hc SRIXS :irc his twcnty hcsr Iiiumls-lic lamps thuiii hi' his sielv Uihfn hk' L'4l!lllHJSL'S. OLAJLLQVL dnt! OIQQPW . ,luis Siiiiiii . . . ,Xppiwmxi1ii11t't'ix 1,-WH pwph- ztttyiitlutl tht' spttth wt luck Shclhx. 1it'xx'sc11stt'1' mini wait' uv1'i't'sptmiithiit wt twritim im tht' suhitwt, flztpzlii 5LlI'l'L'l1kiCl'SH. .-Xs Ll watt urm1'1't'sImiith'iit. ht! wats ziiiirmg thust' who vit-xxutl tht th'- Vztthu Sfllfllill VXIUJ. xxhu stinky iii tht- umlhgt mth . . . . . , sti'i1t't1fm ut tht- liiztiiiluml ul hlztpnii lwluiw it xvtts wthui- -'Wx 'HHH xtlh fitrtipictl hi thy .Xlliui Iiwimms. llytwhifvIi1h'sti'Llt'- P11111 iii hwth Htliitlillllilll ztml Iiihxrm mimi tht rheiiigus which tht' AX1iit'1'it'11ii muipzttifiii hiwiught Aihrrut iii tht' -Ittpttmsu limiiuhtiitl. Ciiifiimi. D. QlxI',S5I,N . . . llhistrzitiiig his tzilk with iitllllfilllli uilm' shtlus ui Chihtfs pt-hplc and CIlLll1Il'fSiLiL'. Dr. Ut-orgy U. Cl'L'SSL'f' tztlkccl on "Xu tui'c's Ciilits To Chii1zL" cm I3t-tmiiilwt-i- sux'- uiith in thu mllugu zititlitmitiiii. Dr. Crus- sty, am ziuthority tm thc twmiitiiiuiit ol Asia has htcttiiul witlch in this CKJLII1fl'f', zmtl is tht' utitlwi-M11 l1LllYliM'l'OiA hunks. iiiclmiiiig "Thu Hztsis uf Smict Strength". ,Xt pras- unt hc is Cliztiriiizm ol' the Dcpattmcnt of fit-eulogy :mtl Ciwg'i'zipliy ut 5fI'2lL'LlSL' lfni vt-i'sitx'. , ,,,,., . XX iiiitxxi ID. IUXXYIQICXCIQ quot piutuittli W ilhztiii U. I.11xx'1't-iicc, sclcmx' tht- .XYt'iL' York Tirziwf, tuhl thu st t-tlitm ul on ut tht zttrmiic huiiih to am zttinliuiicc of stu L IIQICLIIUQ zmtl otht-1' iiitwcstt-tl pursniis in th wllthgt- ztutlituriuiii in I'xCi3l'Ll21I'Y. A I ui fu llfiltXYiHIlL'l'llllkiOHL'Uf1xlNL'l'iC11wS1 it i1itci'p1'ctci'sol'ncw sniulitihc thwclupiiit IIL' H115 OHL' of filt l1CXX'SpllpL'l'lNL'll H110 XX 1 1 tm tht- msitht ul thu hi-Mwst stoix ut th . hh. . UIUC. I71 Nl t mi D1 Vzthhl k'XllIIlil1L' um- tit Cieurge IU. f'russt-x"s sl t . llll' F 'YF ' - A fi! ii Q 1, if fi '21, 'E fm lfnnealoogo ymlo ony OrcAe4fLLra e Nllnneapohs Syinplioni' Orchestra pre- sented a concert in the Teachers College N1en's Ciyinnasiuin, April 25, uncler the tli- reetion ol' the eonchletor. Dimitri Nlitro- poulos. This year the Orchestra has ee1e- hrateti its forty-third season, having heen mmm MIA'-RWOUVUS founn1et1 in 1903. Dimitri hflitropoulos he- eame permanent Conthietor in 1931. A na- tive of .Xtht-ns. he attenc1en1 the Conservatory there and completed his stuch' in 1ier1in. 11e ernnthietetl niany orchestras in liiurope and also the Boston, New York Philharmonic, anal Clevelantl Orchestras hefore coming to Nlinneapohs. Through more than forty years ol' service the Nlinneapohs Symphony Orchestra has Won international recognition. They have inatle annua1 tours sinee 1910, hringing music of Cu1tura1 value to many' communities. Page 2 Illc St, Ulzili Chuii' oi 51. Ulziiw Collcgc. Nurtlmiiclcl, Nlinncsorzx. prcscntccl ll crmccrl in thc Alun s Cuvimizlslum on Klux' 9. liic U1 . , . . . . . . . ti mscn. sun nt I-. NICIILIS C.ilI'lSfllll1SCl1, Klux U., Ilmumlci' and fm' mrwc than thirty yczirs KilI'CCUJI'Ui.fi1CL'ilHI'1li u1'gz1nifutim1. W , . .,,, H . Vi ,.,, ' .-., . . -,..- J.. .M-,QQ L ' .fd A azfnf X Choir , . . . . mris LlI1KiCI'Ii1L' Kill'CL'flHI1 ut Ulu! C. Chris- X pmncci' in ll cuppcllu choirs, thc QVULIP N' HQ- Umi-' V, QVHRIWHXXSFX zlintziins ei high stzimlzircl in Z1 czlppcllzi ,'lI1h mg ot' szicrcil music, li isz1c'ki1mx'lcclgcci ycur c1iAfCI' vcur lu' lczicling music critics U7hc'OHL'Ui.1XHIL'I'iL'2lyS i-KJl'L'HlOSl 2Ik'21PPCiillCi1OIlN Ilic fhuir has gippczirccl in ccmccrrs lwcfurc many notzllwlc Qllfi1L'l'iHQS. givcn tlmtx hvc ccmccrts in l'iLll'lJlM' in 191.3 anal I-urty' in 19.30. During thc- lust iilitccn yc Us If luis aippczirccl ZIHIHIRIHF in ,iUil1fCUl1L'CI'fS with thc Xliimcalpulis Syiiiplmm Orc fill. IAIHC SAXIYI' UIQXIA' VHUIR 2 ....-ff Uurmihilr Life Sefozza' only lo l'!llX.W'00III.Y IIX ll .s'z'1'n111- ffzffng l.ll.HIll'Ill'6" fx our !1,Ul'll1l.fUl'y ll'-fe for here we learn Zo zrllalvmlrzlzd our- .velivx ll ffttlv fnfflw' ana' In llIlf!l'l'.VfllllC1I Ilzoxv nroznzzf ux. Om' morn wiilz ll 1'1'mL', Il r1'e.vk, Il bad, fl bookxfzuff una' our X0ll'Z'l'lI1.l'A', lnvforzzm' ffm XIKITEII of our folfvge dayx. v 1-1111111-i111 I-111141111 111l'l'l'141I' 111 H:11'111'1'1 111111 N1kX111K1'l11Y51f1,11R5 , , U1 R111 P 13211111111 111111 11115 XX'L'1L'Kl111CL1 1111111' xtu- 111-11ts ffl '1-L'2lC11L'l'S C11111'gc t11z111 11111 11111111 1111 1111- cz1111p11s. 1'11c1tu11 1.1'L'S1l 111c11 c1'1111'11 111111 lf2l11'11L'11L3Qll1l1ll1QH1 Q11 11111 l1L11lI'fL'I', 111111 r111'1111g11 t11u at 111 t11u 1'c:11' If IS t11c scu111' 111 111' 111 I11L'11' 1111111-st 111111 1l2l11111x' 1 st aura. Ir I5 1111- 11l11us1 111111 11111 1'1I'Q- wt 111 111m 11111'11111111'1C5, 111111 11:15 1 WL 111 11111 1111111 111 1014111111 19 1-1 N11 , , 1 - . . 1,11f.1111f11 1.111u1x11111s11111'ct111'. l1f 11115, 1.14, 1111',1N1111. XX.l:111'1. 131111 '11':1'1f1-1 g'Il1l11 11111111111 1 11111111-1 111'1 11111 1 I Yc'111w1'11.11', 111111, 15111111111 11 X ,N 1..1E1 1 1 N 1111111 .X11:11'11, XV1111:1:11'11. 1i1114111.111, 1'1!1'1A-. XY111111, Y1111'1111, 1.11g:111, 111111 1111 111115 111f11111'11'11-1111, 11LxY1TI, 14111, H- ', I 111111 1 .111Nl'l, l111111w11, 11.111-, 1111211 111t S5 1 1111181-'1't11Ni'l1. , , . 1 l1j mcg' 111111111111 51'1111tI1'14"1 11111 1 1111 .X11111, 1111II11. 11:15, R:111x11111, 151111 1J1l1'I4'1'. 1X1IllIIILl1'1. ' . 1 J, ,Y X 1x1111111111N11111'g 1111111111155 l.:111g1'111'11,141111111, 111111111 1111111 1i111x111, 11111 11.1, 1.111p11, 1111111111111 fi I 1111111111111 1111111111111,1111111'1'11. 1S1I1IlIll 1111111x111, 11.111, 1111111, 1.I1N11,51111L1' 1 11951 X I l3ARTLIfT'l' HALL Page 247 - .-'J 2 xi M: 'FW' ig? 37' ., if ,ef . ,W ik new 4 P if 5' ps 'fra f 15' 2' ff 'fx 1- .eff A git? i 3.114 if , .11 ,, M gimp J- .5 A v ,ff , ' 45 . ,- 4 ,V I 9 Mun! H51 if , 5, ,, . V A K , , , 5, .., 4, , ,J f 4 4'l ,V ,. 1., - LQ - , I '. ' .F is: A M ' ' '-4 f -- 1' 44 Eiuhj ,S-,wg xq51-.f-QD' 'i?..uw'fQ.1-' H""w-qw if t7w.....1-f5"w...f" W' .wff '5349' his .1'...,f' wh! ivy wmv-'f"' 5913.4 Une of the highlights ol' heing ll staph- unmre is Ql'llLlLl2ltil1Q tu the thwnntnrx' tor upperelzlss women stunlents, law- W ther Hull. It IS the newest thmrlnx- tnry on the Teachers College eznnpus, erected in 1939. Digninetl lounges. FW M-. 1" :': X -, Q ff 6 P ' mf -4 w M -' J' recrezltlnn romns and stutlx' hulls ure the Centers of much student 2lCfiYiff'. RNA yin-gfw Cirzuluzltes leave the cznnpus with '7i1'f"'m'4"f1'1'N many INL'IlNJI'iCS ol' happy hours with- in'ther's real hrick Walls. IIUVSIC COVNUII. Top rm,L'.' 'I.h0lllP5Ull, ljilkillsibll, Reed, Irunft, lloh-mn, N1lIHZll6f', Merritt, Orr, Hum Xf'un1t1' ru-ut -Inns, Muecke, Iungen, Dzxilu, Prism, Davis Hrs! runs: Kruggel, Moore, Bertnew, Beekman, Heater E M 4' 'Y' 4 'wmv ff? V! pw sl, ,W pn, 'far ,fi lv.. Z.. gfgxfiw Stcxc-iisnii, NIt'Qnigg, llnnsen, Fclgzir, St'!l!'IlIIlID, Smith, Out-n t i ifhc first niuifs tlm'iiiitoi'i' to ht' built on the cznnpus wus Cicorgc T. Bzikci' llzill. This inmltinistit' thrcc-stmw' ti0I'lNifUl'f' lics south ol' thc cziiiipuiiih' ncxt to its twin, Sccrlcy Hull. Thu lzirgtr snlziriuin with its nizigzizincs :intl rzulio anal tht' "i'ct"' morn with its pool :intl ping pong tuhlcs pmvitlc i'ct'i'czitioi1z1l zictivitics. Thu niiclnight oil burning long usually inczins "Hull St-ssirm-Do not LiiSfLll'b!H Wi"!.es. Mas. Cmktx XVIIEFIAER lni14C'l'Ifll' uf linker Hull Puqe 251 gwmwffvervw we rr fi iffvw'1'Mff"fwvw if 'wi 2i'H'1'f" iv: if-W :wwf f :fif'vwf:1-wrf"'Wfg'f2fi"ff 2'f2:' 'Tifimf' "1w'rgfvffn'affgff',xmw'f'eif?y3fgfrg"if1:fa' . iff f NW , W ' i A 'K qi fa-aiwffrgg' i,i'1'5Wf Q:,i5Q5,:'ffZ?f'b Slip 5 .3 'jiri iii-32515 ,' , 1zl'if.fg6 suing gflf E.-gi ye -4,14 1- -3,Y2.f . hf 5 gpg ,5gm, .. i' M t ' ' Y ' 'QYZ' - g t 'j ,AA -yu -- ,- 1 5 if ,ik .. 1 I -m v . G'5'M i. ,L ' , ' ff. . m .f. V.. .-,e w .ii . ui, isigw 1 A s W X ff W V ,Wm gi? wQ?e:f My as Q s ai QI5jEQ:::.4' 7E: .... a .. ,.... my SE - yum gig ily 5 .nywirkmv .NX X, x 5 7 1 Q55 if if I p " jill , . 1' V '23 VXQ ig, T 5 54 if 2. Q1 ,V-if .1 , ,fs 5 if ,332 , gif? 2 ' ig iwfw' if 35 , "gi 'S M w bf : Q gl , . E 2 fi. 5 f :1'2'-j:2',:- X fm , .. - I g ...,, ,I I I , . Q: W .,..: E is N, Z X M, fm: "" f gs AK Q A in 514' X " Q Q W A tw vivsfh i?,1 4 mum 1 ,Mgr M, R ,M qc' M m lmf ft M x ', ,M,"'AW' "M "www H' 'X 3 1 ' Y' TW " I - N f , X., ..,.:1 , nv 5 lv 2 M is 1' Nlueller, Keel, Baird, Sell, Hritson, Simpson, Overman, Nlrs. Rhodes The inirror-acccntccl lircplace of Sucr- lcy llall has rcrlcctcnl incn stunlcnts, Air Corps canlcts, cocnls, anal now oncc again tlic nicn, in thu ciglit ycars sincc the liuilnling was rrnnplctcrl. Nainunl for a forincr lvcluvcrl prcsi- nlcnt of Tcacliurs Cullegu, tlic clorini- tory is again licconiing accustoniccl to civilian nicn a litcr four years of unwr- gency housing as a girls' nlorniitury anal an Army barracks. Page 253 MRS. 6i1..fxDx's O. Rnornrs Dirertor of Secrlc-V Hall 'iv ,' iir. , We wg uw- . 7 f?'V"3?'55?55'?'f'99' -: 2- ,- : P- , A Q, feygzfm .. , - A -v f?7iS?,E21g?375W Z if '- ix 135.35 .. 5 ..,., , E 5? ... igggefzagxwymm , .,v,. ..... g.,,fw Wt K 5 W 5 ix 1 viii? . Alf P -ff nihw ,wwe-fg,'3 as W W H5 4 ilk ,if W gh A 'ww 'Sa vw Bike? , IES 4 3 3. :kr ,Q U W Z?k 21 55 1 1: wgmsw? 1 15554252 ' . hywwoii 2 Q W H25 352 E32 Y Q A 4 my ,Q A H Q a .RW 4 f Eg 5 5 EZ 5 K g 5 , 5 m - I .Q ,VHA J . ,Q A S s L 5 1 U fi 5 E Q ? 2 .,. ,.., ., X gf ' 11:27. V' f gi ,f l y Q , J mg 5255 4, X ' I f 'Zf4'?3 ' N E' mg? N ,.:.: i ..,,: f 1 1 ? x E , . A , A, IWS'?f7:'!Mf'ffiw- I 1 "geZY?e f M ,gg """..-+ ., 1 f'!5X'4ntf,.gQ , 'Y' SPY fan ., ' 'mvwqq' -5'EgiEJgiJi3414J'QQ.5 fi- , 4. 5, 3 'A ff M f cm ZfYg,5fu?x-av-f',4',.L'I., ,giugqgwgfw n 4 law 'Q .' , 3H'f,.fgW ,ww -1 Hi L--kb 1 ' i,..a', B-1-W I Z . g , , A Q it at K . wg 'G 'S ag gfl H ,, , A, ,J Y -f., A- -1 m V q, N' -,Q xg ' , , as - ' 7' ii . " ggi V' , " 52?l5E?i, L. ,, 3' U , .W .. N wg,,g,f1,: H A, Q ff ., M ' W 4 Q Qs as W Qi i A " fi M Ai M .1 4.,.,i NU' ,ff Q .Q 1 Q? Q., 5 x Y f ' x ef 3 5 ,f so .,,.6,,,3L,f 4 'QUQ Mswi Q.i 7NzA,,,,- f me Www 1 Q I 1 -1 w vw X ,N 1 mf, Mm ,az N53 . Topical Index A Administration . Alembic Club . Around the Campus . Art Department . . Art League . . . Auditorium Building . . B Baker Hall . . . Band, Concert . Band, Marching . Bartlett Hall . Basketball . . . Beta Alpha Epsilon . . Beta Beta Beta . . . Board of Control of Student Publications C Campanile . . . Campus Personalities Campus 4-H . . . Choir . . . College Chorus . Collfge Eye . . . College Players . . Commercial Department . Commons ..... D Dean of Faculty . . Dean of Men . Dean of Wlomen . Debate . . . Delta Phi Delta . . . Delta Sigma Rho . . Department of Instruction . Drama ...... E Education Department . . Elementary Club, Two Year Ellen Richards Club . . . English Department . . . F Facultv . . . Folk Festival . . Football ....... Four-quarter Graduates . . . Future Business Leaders of America . Future Teachers of America . . G Gamma Delta . . Golden Ledger . Graduates . 254 250 246 232 206, 218 220 16 161 255 36 146 -l- 251 212 2-17 193 1-19 132 33 1 233 162 215 214 207 15+ 37 13 20 21 20 219 16-1 13-1- 34 221 38 1-1-8 156 39 50 223 188 96, 97 147 163 183 133 78 H Hamilton Club ...., Home Economics Department . Inter-Sorority Council . Intramurals . . . 200, Iowa Teachers First . . K Kappa Delta Pi . . . Kappa Phi .... Kappa Phi Beta Alpha .... Kappa Theta Psi ...... . Kindergarten-Primary Club, First Year . . Kindergarten-Primary Club, Second Year . KXEL .......... 210, L Language Department . . Lawther Hall . . . 2-l-8, Lectures and Concerts . . Library ...... . Life Saving Corps . . . Lutheran Students Association . . M Mathematics Club . . Mathematics Department Men's Dinner Club . . Messiah .... . Music Department . . . N Newman Club .... Nu Umicron Nu Sigma Phi . O OLD fi0I.D . . . 20-1, Old Gold Beauties . . Old Gold Dance . 112, Orchesis . . . Orchestra . . P P471 ..... Phi Chi Delta . . Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia . Phi Sigma Phi . . . Physical Education Club . Physical Education for Meri . . Physical Education for VVomen . Pi Gamma Mu . Pi Omega Pi . Pi Phi Omega . Pi Tau Phi . Pi Theta Pi . Play Day . Page 155 40 173 201 135 136 18-1- 152 165 150 151 211 +1 2-l-9 23-1- 2 158 183 157 42 185 216 -1-3 181 166 205 114 113 217 213 208 185 137 167 159 -1--1 -15 138 139 168 169 170 222 256 Plymouth Club . . . Presbyterian Fellowship . Purple Arrow . . . , R Rural Teachers Clulm . S Science Department . Seerley Hall . . . Senior Day . . Seniors . . . Sigma Alpha Iota . Sigma Eta Chi ., . . Sigma Tau Delta . . . Social Science Department . Social Science Honors . Sports ..... Student Centers .... Student Christian Association Sludrzzf Ilalltflzovk . . . Student League . Page 257 252 182 185 140 153 46 253 222 78 141 182 142 47 143 186 180 176 209 28 Tau Sigma Delta . Teaching Department Theta Epsilon . . Theta Gamma Nu . Theta Theta Epsilon Torch and Tassel . Track .... Two-Year Graduates Veterans . YVater Carnival . VV:-sley Council . VVllo's Vvho . . . VVomen's Gym . . T V W VVomen's Recreation Association VVrestling . . . 171 48 181 172 144 145 198 88 68 223 184 226 14 160 196 7-?' 7' 2 Facult and drriinistratinn Director A Abbott, Roy L., S2 Professor of Biology Adney, Verna, Instructor in Teaching Aitchison, Alison, S2 Professor of Geography, Emeritus, Part-time Service Anderson, Lucille, 52 Instructor in Teaching Anderson, Nlary C., 52 Assistant Professor of Teaching Arey, Amy F., 52 Professor of Education B Bailey, Charles H., 52 Professor of Industrial Arts, Emeritus, Part-time Service Bakken, Alice, Instructor in Teaching Barker, Olive L., 53 Instructor in Voice Baum, Russell N., 53 Assistant Professor in Piano Bauman, Archie E., 53 Instructor in Art Baumann, VVanda C., 53 Instructor in Teaching Beard, Marshall R., 22, 32 Registrar Begeman, Louis, 53 Professor of Physics, Emeritus, Part-time Service Bender, Paul, 53 Associate Professor of Physical Education for Nlen Berry, Burl V., 5+ Instructor in Teaching Birkhead, Jane, 54 Instructor in Voice Bliese, john, 5-l- Instructor in Teaching Bock, Emil VV., 5+ Instructor in Violin Bodein, Vernon P., 2-I-, 31, 54 Director of the Bureau of Religious Activities Brown, A. E., 30, 32, 54 Professor of Education Brown, YI. Elizabeth, 54 Instructor in Education Brugger, M. Elisabeth, 54 Assistant Professor of Teaching and Director of the Nursery School Buffum, Hugh S., 54 Professor of Education Buxbaum, Katherine, 5+ Assistant Professor of English C Cable, Emmett J., 5+ Professor of Earth Science and Head of the Department of Science Caldwell, Mary P., 5+ Assistant Professor of Teaching Campbell, Sadie B., 20, 31, 33 Dean of VVomen Charles, ,lohn VV., 55 Professor of Education Cole, Eldon E., 26 Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Condit, Ira S., 55 Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus, Part-time Service Conlon, Corley, 55 Assistant Professor of Art Cowley, John, 55, 59 Assistant Professor of English Curtis, Dwight K., 22 .Assistant Professor of Teaching and Head of the Department of Teaching D Dejonge, James I., 32, 55 Instructor in Musical Education Denny, E. C., 32, 33, 55 Professor of Education and Head of the Department of Education Dickinson, Arthur, 55 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men Divelbess, Margaret, 55 Assistant Professor of Teaching Douglas, L. V., 28, 31, 55 Associate Professor of Commercial Education and Head of the Department of Commercial Education Durfee, Max L., 26 Health Director E Ellis, Gordon, 21 Dean of Men Erbe, Carl H., 55 Professor of Government F Fagan, VV. B., 32, 55 Professor of English Fahrney, Ralph R., 30, 33, 55 Professor of History Fisher, Martha, 56 Instructor in Art Fossum, Ernest C., 32, 56 Assistant Professor of Speech Fuller, Albert C., 25 Director of the Bureau of Alumni Service and Public School Relations G Gathn, Myrtle 56 Instructor in Commercial Education Gates, George G., 52, S6 Assistant Professor of English. Getchell, Robert VV., 32, 56 Professor of Chemistry Gjerde, VValdemar, 56 Instructor in Teaching Goetch, E. W., 23 Director of the Placement Bureau Graham, Zelwym, Instructor in Teaching Grant, Martin I.., 56 Associate Professor of Biology Page 258 Gullickson, Agnes, Instructor in Teaching H Hake, fl. V., 27, 56 Assistant Professor of Radio Education and Radio Program Director Halvorson, Nelius, 56 Associate Professor of English Hampton, Nellie, 56 Instructor in Education Hanson, Rose, 56 Assistant Professor of Teaching Harriman, Vivian, 57 Instructor in Teaching Harris, Henry, 56 Assistant Professor in Piano Hart, Irving H.. 24, 30 Director of the Bureau of Extension Service Hays, VV. E.. 57 Associate Professor of Voice Helff, Bernice, 57 Instructor in Teaching Hill, Frank VV., 57 Assistant Professor of Violin, Viola, and Theory Hielle, hfarie, Instructor in Teaching Holmhlade, Amy' Iean. 57 Instructor in Home Economics Holmes, George H., 25, 30, 33, 53, 57 Assistant Professor of English Holst, Harald B., 57 Associate Professor of Voice Huff, Clifton B., 57 Assistant Professor of Education Hult, Esther M.. 32, 57 Assistant Professor of Education IIunter, Marv B., S7 Associate Professor of Economics I jackson, Cyril L., 57 Associate Professor of Teaching Jennings, Philip C., 21, 33 Business Maiiager Johnson, Alma E., 57 Assistant Professor of Speech K Kadesch, VV. H., 33, 58 Professor of Physics Kasiske, Florence M.. SX Instructor in Teaching Kearney, Dora, 58 Assistant Professor of Teaching Kelley, Margai'et M., 58 Instructor in Home Economics Koehring, Dorothy, 30, 58 Associate Professor of Teaching Kurtz, Edward, 58 Professor of Violin and Composition and Head of the Department of Music L I,antz, C. YV., 30, 59 Professor of Biology Larson, Selmer C., 31, 59 Professor of Education Lillehei, I. L., 32, S9 Professor of French and Spanish and Head of the Department of Languages Page 259 Luce, Mildred, 59 Instructor in Teaching I.ynch, S. A., Professor of English, Emeritus, Part-time Service M Mantor, Edna, 59 Assistant Professor of Teaching Niayer, Forrest L., 59 Assistant Professor of Commercial Education NIcClelland, Maryhelle, 27, 31 Director of the Library' NIcCoy', Nirs. Herneice, 60 Instructor in Teaching N'IcCoy, Lester, 60 Instructor in Music NIcCuskey, David H., 60 Instructor in Physical Education for Meri NIendenhall, L. L., 33, 60 Professor of Physical Education for Men and Head of the Department of Physical Education for Men Merchant, F. I., 60 Professor of Latin and Greek, Emeritus, Part-time Service Michaelson, Ruth, Instructor in Teaching Michel, Dorothy, 33, 58, 60 Instructor in Physical Education for VVomen Miller, Edna O., 60 Assistant Professor of Latin Nioore, Malide E., 60 Instructor in Physical Education for VVomen N Nelson, 'Martiii I., 20, 31, 32 Dean of the Faculty Newman, Mathilda, 60 Instructor in Teaching Newsom, Allie Carolyn, Instructor in Home Economics Nordly, Oliver, 60 Instructor in Physical Education for Men O Oldenburg, Elizabeth, 60 Instructor in Physical Education for VVomen Opfer, Emma, Instructor in Teaching P Paine, Olive, 60 Assistant Professor of Teaching Palmer, H. G., 33, 61 Associate Professor of Industrial Arts and Acting IIead of the Department of Arts Patt, Bertha, 61 Professor of Art, Emeritus, Part-time Service Paul, Joseph B., 23, 30, 32 Director of the Bureau of Research Paulin, Cameron, 61 Assistant Professor of Art Peterson, Marna, 61 Assistant Professor of Teaching Plaehn, Erma, 61 Assistant Professor of Teaching Pollock, Annahelle, 61 Assistant Professor of Teaching , Price, Malcolm, IX President of Iowa State Teachers College R Rait, E. Grace, 61 Associate Professor of Teaching Randolph, Mrs. Margaret, 61 Assistant Professor of Home Economics Rath, H. Earl, 33, 61 Professor of Health Education Reed, Leslie I., 29, 31, 33 Dean of Men, Emeritus, Part-time Service Reninger, H. VVillard, 61 Associate Professor of English and Head of the Department of English Rhodes, Joseph, 61 Instructor in Teaching Riehe, H. A., 30, 31, 61 Professor of Education Ritter, E. L., 62 Professor of Teaching Robbins, Jane, 62 Instructor in Piano and Department Accompanist Robinson, George C., 62 Professor of Government Ruegnitz, Rose Lena, 62 Assistant Professor of Piano Ruppel, Mae, 62 Instructor in Teaching Russell, Myron, 30, 62 Associate Professor of VVood VVind Instruments S Sage, L. L., 62 Professor of History Samson, G. VV., 62 Instructor in Organ and Piano Schaefer. Josef, 62 Associate Professor of German Schneider, Melvin E., 62 Instructor in Teaching Scott, VVinfield, 62 Professor of Agriculture Searight. Roland. 62 Associate Professor of Violoncello and Conducting Sharp, -Lucette A., 62 Instructor in Teaching Short, Thelma, 63 Instructor in Phvsical Education for VVomen Simonson, Solomon, 63 Assistant Professor of Speech Sires, Louise, 63 Instructor in Education Skar, R. O., 63 Professor of Commercial Education Slacks, john, 63 Professor of Rural Education, Emeritus, Part-time Service Smith, Ernestine, 63 Assistant Professor of Teaching Smith, Nlay, 31, 63 Associate Professor of Education Sonstegard, Manford, 63 Instructor in Teaching Sparrow, Julia, 32, 63 Instructor in Education Starbeck, Clyde L., 63 Assistant Professor of Phrsical Education for lVIen Starr, Minnie, 63 Assistant Professor of Teaching Stone, Myrtle, 63 Associate Professor of Teaching Strayer, Hazel B., 64 Associate Professor of Speech Struble, Marquirette, 6+ Assistant Professor of Teaching Sutherland, Elisabeth, 32, 6+ Associate Professor of Home Economics and Head of the Department of Home Economics Sutton, Harold, 64- Assistant Professor of Art T Terrv, Selina, 33, 6+ Professor of English Thompson, M. R., 64- Professor cf Economics and Head of the Department of Social Science Trimble, H. C., 64 Assistant Professor of Mathematics Turner, Eulalie, 64 Assistant Professor of Teaching U Ilttlev, Marguerite, 64 Associate Professor of Geography V Van Eugen, Henry, 30, 64 Associate Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department of Mathematics Van Ness, Grace, 64 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for VVomen W VVagner, Guy VV., 27, 30 Director of Instructional Mziterials Laboratorv VVagner, VVillis H., 6-le Instructor in Industrial Arts VVatson, E. E., 65 Professor of Mathematics Vvelch, Dorothv I., 65 Instructor in Teaching Vvellborn, E. VV., 65 Professor of History Vvhite, Doris, 30, 65 Associate Professor of Physical Education for VVomen Whitford, Lawrence, 65 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for XVilburn, D, Banks, 65 Instructor in Mathematics Vvilcoic, M. I., 65 Professor of Education XVild, Monica, 65 Professor of Physical Education for Wlomen and Head of the Department of Physical Education for VVomen Vvilmarth, Alta L., Assistant Professor of Teaching VVind, Helen M., 65 Instructor in Teaching Vilinsberg, Shirlev, 65 Instructor in Phvsical Education for Wlomen VVirth, Carl A., 65 Assistant Professor of Brass Instruments and Theorr Vvong, Lillian, 65 Instructor in Teaching Pug 9 Men 260 Student Director A Abbas, Doris Elaine-Ackley, 150 Abbott, Betty Lu-Ames Abele, Richard VV.wAtlantic, 80, 201 Abkes, John Robert-Austinville, 212 Adams, Elizabeth Niary-Clarion Adamson, Ernestine VViletta-Titonka Arfeldt, Dolores Lillian-VVaterloo Agan, Dana Ruth-Deep River, 156 Albers, John H.-1Vaterloo Aldrich, Jean Elizabeth-Belmond Alexander, Kent Rollins-XVaterloo, 188 Alhelm, Frank Anton, Jr.--Cedar Falls Allard, Dorene Nlaye-Gladbrook, 133, 139, 1-17 Allbee, Mary Viola-VVaterloo, 165 Allem, Glendora Louise-Sac City, 88, 1-18 Allen, Carol Deone-Aredale, 1-18, 163 Allen, VVilliam Allison-VVaterloo Aller, Ardis Marie-Alburnett Allison, Anna Constance-Postville, 80, 152, 183 Altman, Frances Lillian-Osage, 183, 212 Amfahr, Richard Bernard-VVaterloo Amme, Nlarjorie Ann-Ames Andersen Andersen Anderson, Anderson, Anderson 213 Anderson Anderson, Anderson, Niary Ann-Burlington, 80, 122, 152 Verna Jaculin-Dike, 18-1 Betty Evonne-Aurelia, 213 Eleanor Jean-Newell, 212, 21-1 llarris Leonard, Jr.-Cedar Falls, 137, 212, K. Jeanne--Des Nloines, 159 Lois liarriett-Stanton, 88, 1-18, 181 Mary Joan-Algona Andorf, Anna Mae-Cedar Falls Andorf, Helen Dorothy-Cedar Falls Andrew, 'Flieola Christine-Mount Ayr Apel, Lois Irene-Nora Springs, -11, 80, 21-1 Appleton, Joyce LaVern-Edgewood, 150 Arends, Arthur Junior-Stanhope Arne, Mildred Niagdalene-Fredericksburg, 1-18 Asmussen, Franklin Peter-Chelsea Avery, Evelyn Rose-Clarinda, 91 Axtell, Niarion Richard-VVaterloo Ayers, Evelyn Niarie-La Porte City Aylesworth, David Richard-Sheldon B Back, Alice Lorraine-Exira, 150, 162, 183 Baer, Florence Eloise-'l'ipton, 152, 172, 18-1 Bailey, Belva Jeanne-Peterson, 1-18 Baird, Stanley Jack-Columbus Junction, 212 Baker, Arlo Mayne-VVaverly Baker, Niary EllenhSchaller, 150, 212 Ball, John K.-New l'1ampton, 196 Bandrield, Nlarcella Jean-1Vaterloo Banse, James Vernon-Vinton, 188 Barck, Varol C.-Cedar Falls, 80, 133, 136, 139, 1-17 183 Bard, Harold Everett-Eagle Grove, 196 Bare, Lois Arlene-Independence, 29, 80, 20-1, 227 Bare, Niary Eva-Independence, 156, 176, 183 Barg, Annabelle-Nvaterloo, 165 Barker, Shirley Alvene-Manly, 213, 21-1 Barlow, Vvillard Eugene-VVaterloo Barnard, John Maurice-VVaterloo Barnett, Marthenya-VVaterloo Barnhart, Gail Lorraine-VVaterloo Barnhart, Kathleen Virginia-Greene, 1-18, 185, 21-1 Barrett, Leota Nadine-lVIt. Vernon Bartholomew, Donald Keith--Cedar Falls Page 261 Bast, Alice Nlarie-Cedar Falls Battrell, C. Jeannette-Des Moines Bauman, l. Ruth-Centerville, 91, 151, 162, 163 Bauman, Laura Rae-Centerville, 91, 151, 162, 163 Bauman, Louis Herman-VVaterloo Bean, Margaret Niae-YVaterloo, 80, 155 Beasley, Margery' Laurele-Sigourney, 1-16 Bebee, Nyleene Nlarie-Robins Beck, Maracieth Lucille-Preston, 150 Beckman, Joyce Darlene-Hampton, 80, 1-11, 21-1 Beeman, Jean lN1.-Cedar Falls Beeman, Shirley Rae-Cedar Falls, 158, 212 Behmer, Evelyn lN1arie-llartley, 159 Behner, Lois Irene-1Vaterloo, 80, 136, 138, 1-13, 176, 227 Bell, Betty Louhfledar Falls Bell, Margaret Lucille-Buckingham, 156, 166 Below, Ruth Louise-llubbard, 88, 1-18, 182 Belt, Marjory Zane-Auburn, 215 Bender, Ruth Ann Hoag-Monticello Benfer, Nlary Jeanette-Des Moines, 215 Benner, Eleanor Jean--State Center, 172, 212 Benoit, Mary 0.-Cedar Falls, 165 Benson, Imogene Anna-Orchard, 156 Benson, Mtlriel Jane-Yvaterloo Bentley, Doris lWarie-Ames, 1-10, 1-11, 167, 21-1, 215 Bentley, Eileen Ann-Sac City, 91, 1-10, 151, 162 Bentley, James Morton-Charles City Bentley, Ruth Mae-Wlaterloo Bentz, Larue Crittenden-VVaterloo Bentzinger, Dorothy Nadine-Farmington, 1-18 Berge, Phyllis Elaine-Bode, 183 Bergmann, Arnelda Lucille-llampton, 1-17 Bergstrom, Nlarlys Krog-Cedar Falls, 80 Berkland, Eunice Lorraine-Cylinder, 96 Bernbrock, Nancy Louise-VVaterloo, 165, 212 Berner, Jane City Berner, Wlilliam F.-Mason City, 188, 190 Berry, Raymond Lewis-Vinton Bertness, Joyce NI.-Sioux Rapids, 80, 136, 1-12, 163 172, 173, 202 Best, Marian Faye-Aplinton Bettenga, Edward P.-Ackley Betzer, Joan Lorine-Central City Bice, Virginia Lou-Cedar Rapids, 156 Bieber, Mary Jane-New Ilampton, 167 Bierbawm, Hubert A.-Garnavillo Bierman, llarlan Lee-VVest Vnion, 188 Bigler, Robert Francis-Cedar Falls, 193, 19-1 Billerbeck, Richard Lyle-Grundy Center Billmeyer, Marjorie Lorraine-VVest Lnion Bircher, Jeanne S.-Independence Birenbaum, VVilliam lVIarvin-VVaterloo Bisbing, Florence Marie-C'edar Falls Black, Lucille E.-Shenandoah Blanford, Royal Dean-Colfax Blesie, Lorraine-Renwick, 133, 1-17, 170, 21-1 Blue, Dorothy Lucille--Vinton, 80 Bobst, Nada Irene-Dows Bock, Lucille Margaret-1Vestside Bode, Dwight Gene-Parkersburg Bodwell, VVilliam llowe-Yvaterloo Boehlje, Eunice Florraine-Sherlield, 80, 133, 136, 139 115, 1+7, 181,227 2 Boehm, Pauline Virginia-Sumner, 21-1 Boelling, Eugene Edward-Corning Boemecke, Peggy Yvonne-VVaterloo, 166, 206 Bohemann, Loretta Helen-Aekley, 150 Boldt, E. Dean-Jesup 4? 1 JM Bolin, Dorothy Ann-Manchester Bolin, Loretta Helen-Ackley Bonath, Robert Burlette-Primghar Bong, Lucille M.-Cherokee, 80, 152 Boomer, Margaret Jean-Cedar Falls Borden, VVilma Dolores-WVaterloo, 147 Borg, Barbara Jean-Lohrville, 153 Boslough, Bruce Eugene--Cedar Falls Bottorff, E. Arloie--Vvebster City, 80, 134, 136, 138, 143, 155, 162, 182 Bowen, Gordon Albert-VVaterloo Boyd, Marlys Aleen-Cedar Falls Boyer, Betty Mae-Lake Park, 91, 151 Braack, Beverly Jean-Davenport, 159, 172 Brady, Ruthanne-Nashua, 213, 214, 215 Bramer, Lila Florence-Onslow, 150, 215 Brandhorst, Dorothy Helen-Cedar Falls Brandhorst, Margaret Ella-Cedar Falls, 147 Brandt, Donald VVayne-VVaverly, 188, 190 Branstiter, Phyllis Sue-Avoca, 88, 148, 214, 215 Brennecke, Barbara Louise-Marshalltown Bretthauer, Shirley Zae-Denison, 91, 151, 183 Breyfogle, Donald Francis-Mondamin Briggs, Catharine Esther-Lisbon, 91, 151, 184, 212 Brindley, Robert William-Cedar Falls, 81, 132 Britson, William Joel-1Roland Bro, Leona ,M.-Exira, 28, 81, 142, 227 Bro, Velma-Exira, 135, 159 Brock, Jeanette Arlene-Cedar Falls Bronner, Betty Jane-Davenport, 81, 159, 168, 173 Brooke, Beverly Rae-Oelwein Broshar, Marilyn Gael-VVaterloo, 156 Broshar, Patricia Ann-Waterloo, 167 Brouwer, Norma Jean,-Sheiiield, 153 Brower, Verne Daryl-Carlton, -Minn. Brown, Blanche E.-Cedar Falls, 146, 154, 156 Brown, Doris Mae-Merrill, 91, 162 Brown, Jacqueline Joyce-Ossian Brown, Laura Elaine-Dysart Brown, Marsha May-VVaterloo Brownell, Rolland Ensley-Greenville, 212 Browning, VVanda Elaine-Davenport, 146, 181 Bruns, LaVerne-Denver, 193 Bruns, Lorraine Deloris-George, 153 Bruns, VVinifred Helen--VVaterloo Bruun, Bernice Verlee-fAudubon Bryant, Joyce Niaurine-Marshalltown, 165 Buck, Virginia Elizabeth-1VVaterloo Buckingham, Betty Jo-Prairie City, 155 Buehner, Carol Mae-VVaterloo, 169 Buitenwerf, Elise Aleatha-Prairie City, 212 Bunn, James Robert-Waterloo Burg, Dorothy Marguerite-Fontanelle, 153, 162 Burkhart, VVilma Jean-Vinton Burnett, Margery Jean-Batavia, 157 Burns, Richard WVebster-Cedar Falls Burow, Sylvia A.-Battle Creek, 214 Bush, Russell Lee-VVaterloo, 196 Buss, Arlene Catherine-Clear Lake, 88, 114, 148, 162 Bussa, Betty Lou-Armstrong Butler, Barbara Marie-Madrid Butler, Norma Jean--Oelwein, 212, 213 Butler, Shirley Verlee-+Liscomb, 81, 142, 154 Butterfield, Mrs. Helen Jane-Cedar Falls, 81, 144, 145, 156, 171 Buzicky, Cleta Anastasia-Britt C Cagley, Georgiana Joy-Charles City Cagley, Gwen Lucille-Ionia Caldwell, Geraldine Mae-Marion, 150, 214 Caltrider, Betty Ann-Casey, 150 Camarata, Annabelle-Cedar Falls Campbell, Gladys Lucille-Hedrick, 148 Campbell, Margaret Louise-Hedrick, 148 Canfield, Joyce Lulu--Dunkerton, 181 Cantonwine, M. Guinevere-Vinton, 146, 185 Cantrell, Lois Ellen-Fairfield, 214, 215 Card, Jeanne Kathryn-VVebster City, 150 Carl, Loring M.-Cedar Falls Carlquest, Theodore Otto-Gladbrook Carlson, Kenneth Emil-Fort Dodge, 196 Carney, Rosemary Kathryn-New Hampton, 140, 159, 167 Carpenter, Iris K.-Dickens Carrigg, Marian Frances-VVaterloo Carroll, Shirley Anne-Cedar Falls Carswell, Ann-Alexander, 81 Carter, Edith Eyonne-Charles City Carter, Edwin LeRoy-Hudson Cary, Eleanor Mae-Cedar Falls Case, George Grant-Kingsley Casey, Patricia Therese-VVaterloo, 164 Cashman, Catharine A.-Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 158 Chabaugh, Mary LaVonne-VVaterloo Chally, LaVonne Ardell-Stratford Chalupsky, Gladys Mae-LaPorte City, 91, 146, 151, 163, 169 Chambers, VVilliam James-VVebster City, 188, 190, 201 Champion, Martha Ann-Altoona, 96, 153 Chapin, Anna Louise-Cedar Falls, 81 Chapler, Beth E.-Charles City, 147, 170 Childs, Vera Elnora-Polk City, 91, 140, 151, 155, 163 Chitt y, Bradley Belle-Correctionville, 156 Christ, June-VVoodhaven, N. Y. Christensen, Helen Ruth-Blairstown, 148 Christensen, Oreson Herman-Cedar Falls Christensen, Peggy Elizabeth-Humboldt, 91 151, 167, 183 Christianson, Robert Elwell-Garwin, 185 Clark, Mrs. Eloise Marguerite-Cedar Falls Clark, George G.-Cedar Falls, 81, 137, 199 215 Clark, James Ernest-Cedar Falls Clark, James George-VVaverly Clark, Zeta Elinor-Vvaterloo Clayton, Virginia Lee-Cedar Falls, 96 Clemmensen, Gerald Dwight-VVaterloo Clute, Evelyn 1.-Arlington, 147 Coburn, Ruth liileen-LaPorte City, 29, 81, 134, 154, 155, 164, 176, 232 Coder, Phyllis Mae-Muscatine, 91, 151 Cohen, Fritz G.-Reinbeck Cole, Cole, Cole Cole v Jean Marie-Cedar Falls, 164 Lois Jeanne-Hudson, S. Dak., 150 Niary Lee-Corwith Vvayne S.-Slater 81 Collins, Verlyn I.-Marshalltown, 169, 212 Collopy, Lloyd Paul-Eagle Grove, 196 Colville, VVillis B.-Cedar Falls, 193, 194 Cone, Ned Scott, Jr.-1VVaterloo Constantine, Dale Harold-NVaterloo, 28, 147 Cooh ey, Virginia Mary-Cascade, 153 Cook, Elizabeth Marie-VVaterloo Cook, Vernetta-VVaterloo Coons, Barbara Ruth-Blairsburg, 150 Copeland, Remona-Libertyville, 154, 184, 214 Cox, Eileen E.-Ayrshire, 212 Cox, Mildred Rosena-Eddyville Craig, Cecile Joy-Salix, 184, 213, 214 Crane, Marilyn Mae-Cedar Falls Creswell, Marlys Jean-Dike Cribbs, VVillia1n Charles-Davenport, 188, 190 Crouter, Frances Jean-Cedar Falls Crowell, Jean VVilma-Chelsea, Vt. Culbertson, Vvanda Lou-Manchester, 91, 151 Cumming, Donna Jeanne-VVaterloo Curley, Daphine Therese-Fairbank D Dailey, Shirley M.-Sioux Rapids, 28, 81, 135 Page 262 Dale, Beverly Jean-Garden Grove Damon, VVilliam Otis-Lake City Daniels, Lila Mildred-Havelock, 91, 151, 184 Daniels, Shirlee Eva-VVehster City Danton, June Eleanor-VVaterloo Darland, Jack-XVaterloo, 193, 194 Davis Helen Lucille-Greene, 88, 184 Davis llelen Mae-Mediapolis, 147, 170, 200, 214 Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis, Jeanne-Clear Lake, 140, 171 Lorraine Niarie-Clemons, 214 Niary Alice-Renwick, 147, 181 Sarah Elizaheth-Greene, 184, 212, 214 VVilliam Edward-VVaterloo Davitti, Adolfo NI.-Providence, R. 1. Dawson, Muriel Lucille-Doyvs, 96, 153 Decker, Enla Mae-Harcourt, 150 DeGroote, Elizabeth-Cedar Falls Deines, Joseph lN1eAllister-Greene DeKoster, Judith Nlary-Hull, 140 Dempster, Sarah Joan-Cedar Falls, 159 Dennis Jose h F VV'iterloo ., . p ,.- . de St. Paer, Jeannie Lou-Larrahee, 150, 214 De Van, Paul Howard-Des Moines, 188, 190 De Vaul, Betty Niae-Rolfe, 212 Devine, Rohert Eugene-Algona, 188 Dewees, Myra Jean--Waterloo, 164 DeVVitt, Nlaurine J.-Griswold, 139, 147, 158, 159, 170, 212 Dickinson, Leland A.-Shellshurg, 188 Dickinson, Marjorie Claire-Shellshurg, 91, 140, 151, 184 Dieckman, Verna I.. C.-Farmershurg, 81, 133, 136. 152 Diekmann, Darlys Adeline-Denver, 147 Diemer, Doris Rosemary-Ackley, 88, 148, 162 Diestelmeier, George H.-VVaterloo Diestler, Julie Camilla-WVaverly Dietz, Bettv Eva-Hartley, 159, 160 Dillavou, 'Darrel Herbert-Waverly, 190 Dillavou, Jeanne-VVaverly Dillon, Maxine-Mason City, 141, 167, 212, 214 Dillon, Virginia Ann-Union, 92, 151, 172, 214 Dippo, Dorothy Jean-Oelwein Dircks, Eileen Muriel-Clarence DiSimone, Lena Genevieve-Chicago, Ill. Dittmer, Irene Lois-Grundy Center Dixon, Dayle-4VVaterloo Dohricka, Ruth Alene-Sutherland Dohson, Darlene Mildred-Garyvin Dockyvell, Betty Jane-Cedar Falls Dodd, Geraldine Joy-Rhodes, 150 Dodd, Helen Marie-Nevada Donaldson, Shirley Mae-Laurens, 150, 172 Dorr, George Philip-Marcus Dow, Virginia Kathryn-Shetiield Dralle, Vae Louise-Greene Drilling, Barhara Ann--Lake View, 92, 151 Drilling, Colletta-Cresco Dryden, Lois Jean-VVaterloo Dschuden, Beverly Lee-Davennort, 151, 165 Du Bois, Marilyn Jane-VVaterloo, 164 Dudley, Jeanne Marilyn-Manchester, 141, 183, 2 214 Duhrkopf, Don Junior-Sumner Duncan, Kathleen Ann-Cresco, 88, 148 Dunn, F. Earl, Jr.-Nlanchester, 81, 135, 137, 212, 2 228 DuPre, Theone Mary-Toledo, 159. 172 Dntcher, Donald George-Cedar Falls, 193. 194 Dntcher, George Charles-VVaterloo, 188, 190 Duvall, Ruthe Anna-VVest Chester, 148 Dyer, Ann VVadsworth-Cedar Falls E Eason, Marge Lou-Algona, 159 Page 263 East, Dorothy Jane-Des Moines, 124, 158, 176 159, 160 Edgar, Samuel Allen-Morning Sun, 28, 135, 188, 190 232 Edwards, R. Margaret-Cedar Falls, 81, 156 212 Eells, Nirs. 1Vilma Paine-Cedar Falls, 140 Ehlert, Betty Lou-Fonda, 183 Eicher, Joyce Elizabeth-Nlt. Pleasant, 148 Eicke, Hugh John-Rowley, 137, 212, 213 Eller, Dorothy Mae-VVhiting Ellis, Evonne Marie-Lytton, 96, 153 Ellis, Lynn Milford-Cedar Falls Emme, Darlene Dorothy-Dunkerton Empey, Jeanne-Marie-VVaterloo, 28, 167 Engh, Lois Joan-Goldtield, 154, 166 Englehorn, Elinor Jeanne-Lansing, 214 Ennor, Billy-George Entwisle, VVilliam Roger-VVaterloo Entz, Jeanette Sue-VVaterloo, 132, 156, 164 Erlue, Clarice Doreen-Lime Springs, 140, 15 Esau, Rohert Louis-Burlington, 193, 194 Evans, Alyce Mae-Elma Evans, Marilyn Jean-Sac City Everman, Clayton-VVaterloo F Faas, Elaine Marjorie-North English ,158, 164, 6 Fagan, Harriett-Cedar Falls, 28, 81, 135, 136, 144, 145 156, 228 Fagan, Mrs. Lois-Cedar Falls, 82, 167 Fairlie, Beverly Joan-Janesville, 213 Farnsworth, Doris A.-Primghar Farnum, Charlotte Jane-VVaterloo, 29, 82 Fay, Ralph Edward-VVaterloo, 188, 190 Faymey, Lewis Houston-Rock Falls Fees, Gertrude Joan-Corning, 154, 166, 212 Fellows, Jean M.-Janesville, 82, 144, 156, 181 Fenton, Phyllis 1rene-Vvaterloo, 167 Ferris, Leta Ruth-South English, 150, 162, Ferris, Robert Roy-Rutland, 82, 196 - Fey, Margaret E.-Scranton, 212 Fiala, Helen Louise-VValker, 148, 162 Finch, Shirley M.-Brandon, 148 Fink, Corrine Jane-VVaterloo Finks, Betty June-Dysart, 212 Fish, Iris Elaine--Lavinia Fisher, James Francis-VVaterloo Fisher, Shirley-Rolfe, 141, 170, 213, 214 Flater, Echoheth Imogene-Floyd Flathers, Reba Gaile-Nlarshalltown, 29, 82, 172, 228 Fleming, Jeanora Rae-Yvaterloo Fleming, Thelma Jean-'Cedar Falls, 204 Flieder, Donald Emil-Vvaterloo Florn, Ethel Marie-Vilesley, 82, 149, 182 Flnhrer, Elaine Emilie-Charles City, 163 Foote, Helen Ann-Anamosa Ford, Robert Norman-Osceola Forster, Lenice May-1Fort Dodge, 92, 151 Forsythe, Josephine Jane--VValnnt. 150 Foster, Barhara Rae-Younkers, N. Y. Foster, Maxine Helen-Charles City Fowler, John Clarence-Vinton, 193, 194 Fox, James Francis-VVaterloo, 188, 191 Fox, Margaret Anne-VVaterloo Frank, Betty Jane-Nliles, 96, 153 Fratzke, Marie-+Jesup, 216 Frederick, Charmion Lulu-Independence 135, 142, Frederick, Lois 1.-Marion, 82, 133, 136, 138, 139, 143, 145, 147, 229 Freed, Marilwell-Kelley' Freie, Geraldine Ann-VVaterloo Freimuth, Marion Jack-Farnhamville Fresenhorg, Mary Lou-Parkersburg, 181 i 1 M l l l :A Froning, Connie M.-Laljorte City Fuller, Grace Marilee-Cedar Falls, 156, 166, 181 Funk, Carolyn Rae-VVaterloo G 1Gabriel, Colleen Jo-Rockwell City Galer, Betty Jean-Oelwein Gallagher, Janet Nlarie-lidtlyville, 116, 133, 139, 147 Gallogly, Arlien-VVaterloo Galloway, Phyllis Jean-VVashington, 212, 213 Gallup, Norma Lee-Birmingham, 148 Gauge, John Russell-VVaterloo Gangstad, Vida Eula-Gilmore City, 96, 153 Gard, XVayne Bliss-Sioux City, 137, 185, 212, 213, 215 Garrett, Rowena Elaine-VVaterl0o, 169 Gasser, Elynor Jean-1VVaterloo, 29, 82, 133, 136, 144. Haals, Lucille Margaret-Audubon, 151 Hadley, Keith Lawrence-Richland Haffa, Virginia Shirley-Cedar Falls, 92 Haffner, Verdice B.-Cedar Falls, 153, 185 Hain, Dorothy Lucile-154 Halasey, Dorothy Geraldine-Eldora Halfhill, Gladys Louise-Hopkinton, 148 Hall, James Arthur-Cresco, 199 Hall, Maezene C.-Cresco, 29, 144, 160, 167 Hall, Margaret Edith-Cedar Falls Hall, Rosemary--Clemons, 135, 138, 143, 163, 172, 176, 200 Halverson, Helen J.-Sioux Rapids, 92 Hamilton, C. Corinne-Greene, 141, 172, 214 Hamilton, Charlotte C.-Greene, 141, 154, 167, 214, 215 Hamilton, Lester L.-Dike 156,170 Gehrke, Audrey Carolyn-Rippey, 212, 213 Geiger, Nina Mardell-Waterloo Gelhaus, Dorothy Jean-Hubbard, 148 George, Shirley Mae-Cresco Gersema, Anna Mae-Rockford, 184 Gibney, Thomas Charles-VVatkins Gibson, Florence Lilli-an-Jesup Gibson, Virginia Lee-Washington, 212 Giep, Jeanne Kathryn-Spencer Gilbert, Dean Conrad-Aurelia, 215 Gilbertson, Marilou-St. Ansgar, 92, 151, 183 Gilkerson, Donald Ivas-Magnolia Gillespie, Harry Stuart-Carlton, Minn. Giltner, John Michael, Jr.-Waterloo Girsch, VVilliam J.-Vvaterloo Glaza, John Richard-Cedar Falls Gleason, Donna Lou-Cedar Falls, 29, 82, 135, 149, 165,229 Godderz, Ardith LaVonne-Charles City Goeller, Marilyn Patricia-4Fairbank Golinvaux, Mary Beth-Wvaterloo, 121 Golinyaux, Mary Elizabeth-VVaterloo Gordinier, Karl Calvin-Des Moines Gordinier, Yelda Faye-Des Moines, 150 Gore, VVarren Young-Jefferson, 215 Gorman, Ellen Jean-Marshalltown Gorman, Richard Fey-Cedar Falls, 201 raham, VVilda L.-Barnes City G Granata, Russel James-Rochester, N. Y. Hamm, LaVerne Paul-fWaterloo, 193, 194 Hammelman, Dorothy Mae-Burlington, 92, 151, 164, 183 Hampton, June Ann-Mason City, 92, 151, 183 Handsaker, Lois Mae-Cedar Falls 7 Hankins, VYilba Belle-Sibley Hanover, Doris LouEtta-Gladbrook, 212 Hansen, Betty Lorraine-Waterloo Hansen, Betty Mac-Humboldt Hansen, Carol Dorothy-Cedar 'Falls Hansen, Hansen, Charles Andrew-Cedar Falls, 213 Dolores Jean-Humboldt Hansen, Donna Park-Odebolt, 167, 213 Hansen, Esther-Exira, 82, 152 Hansen Goldie Irene-Ionia n Hansen, Leora May-St. Ansgar Hansen, Lyman J.-VVaterloo Hansen, Maynard Francis-VVaterloo Hansen, Ruth Elaine-Vinton, 150, 212, 214 Hansen, Verna May-Cedar Falls Hanson, Donald L.-Callender Hanson, Jacqueline Mary-VVaterloo, 146 Hanson, John D.-Callender, 29 Hanson, Ruby Mae--Ames, 162 Harden, VVarren Robert-VVaterloo Harding, Jeanne Marie--VVaterloo Hardman, Harold Bruce-VVaterloo Hargan, Gloria Louise-Gladbrook, 214 Harlan, Jean Belle-Clarion, 148 Harmes, Robert Franklin-Hamburg, 126 Granzow, Jeanne Nlarie--Alden, 149, 171, 214 Gravatt, Barbara L,-Marshalltown, 184, 215 Gravesen, Erna Irene-Cedar Falls Gravesen, Etta Eleanore-Cedar Falls Gray, Gloria J.-Toledo, 147 Green, Donald Austin-Burlington Green, Ramon Howard-Rockwell City, 185 Greene, Dorothy Lois-VVaterloo, 212 Greenlee, Phyllis Jean--Correctionville Grifhn, Edna Cecille-Emerson, 92, 151, 162, 163 Griffin, Lois Margaret-VVaterloo, 165 Grim, Mary Blanche-Bloomfield, 88 Grimm, Lorane Louise-VVest Bend, 148 Grippen, Dorothy Jean-Salem Griswold, Josephine E.-Tama Groeneveld, Kathryn Ruth-Parkersburg Groesbeck, Sarah Amelia-Afton, 146, 181 Grubb, Ruth Maxine-Cedar Falls Grubb, Shirley Elizabeth-Barnes City, 150 Guldager, Lenna Marie-Ackley, 148 Gullickson, Bessie Arlouine-Ridgeway, 82 Gunn, Marjorie Ann-Charles City Gustafson, James A.-Primghar Harr, Gordon-Cedar Falls, 188 Harries, Margaret Ellen-Sutherland Harrington, Eugene Conrad-Cedar Falls Harrington, James Andrew-VVapello, 193 Harris, Jo Anne-Cedar Falls Harris, Ruth Eileen-VVaterloo Harris, VValter J.-VVilIiamsburg Harrison, Helen Florabel-Maxwell, 148 Hart, Evelyn .Louise-Des Moines, 159 Hartbeck, Joyce Virginia-Earlville, 150 Hartkemeyer, Viola-Blairstown, 88, 148, 183 Harwich, Doris L.-Lohrville, 213 Haurum, Sharron A.-Cedar Falls, 165 Hauser, Shirlee-Vvaterloo, 141, 172, 204, 232 Hausladen, Alma Ann-VVest Union, 88, 181, 214 Hausladen, Germaine-West Union, 88 Havinga, Lila Mae-Kamrar, 148 Hawks, Dorothy NI.-Perry, 82, 154, 167 Hayes, Enid Mae-Manilla, 82 Haynes, Claudia Carmen-Delhi, 182 Haywood, Minnie Corinne-Fnion Headington, Martha Joyce-Decorah, 147, 167 Heater, Audra R.--Yale, 158, 159, 160, 172, 176, 200, 212 Gustafson, Marilyn Ruth-Gowrie, 92, 151, 184 Gute, Alyce Joyce-Glidden, 150 Gutknecht, Mrs. Esther Marie-Cedar Falls Haakinson, Arlene Louise-Sloan Heatherington, lva Mary-Otho Heckart Heckart, , Irene Marie-Belknap Mrs. Nancy Nlary--Vvaterloo Heffner, Ramona Evelyn-Webster City, 141, 214, 215 Hegarty, Winifred Marie-Tipton, 181 Page 264 lleilmanxi, Celia Leota-Cedar Falls Heine, James Henry-Grundy Center lleintz, George, Jr.-VVaterloo lleiple, Clark 1.inton-XVaterloo, 1-16 lleiple, Emmy Leonora-VVaterloo Heitland, Russell 1Varren-Aplington, 212, 213 lieitz, Lorraine Joyce-Charles City, 153 Henderson, Howard Dale-Vvaterloo Hendrickson, Jean 1.-St. Ansgar, 82, 133, 136, 139, 1-17, 170, 20-1 Henry, Estell Ray-Kingsley Henry, Harriet Ann-Cresco, 82, 135, 115, 159, 160, 167,173,229 llenry, Niarjorie Ann-Oregon, 21-1 liermann, George VVilliam-VVaterloo, 199 Hermann, 1,eask H.-1Vaterloo llermanson, Ruth Ann-Ruthyen, 28, 83, 1-1--1, 156, 166 llerron, Becky Kathryn-VVaterl0o Herron, Donald Julius-Nlarquette, 201 Hersey, Betty Jean-New Hartford Hersliberger, David J.-1Vaterlo0 Herzherger, Marilyn Ruth-VVyoming Hess, Deloris Jeanne-VVin1ield, 150, 212 Hesse, Ramona iV1ar,qaret-Cedar Falls, 1-18, 163, 183 Heyenga, XXYZHIGI' John-Stout, 212 Hiatt, Dorothy Jean-Pocahontas Hicks, Grace Jean-Iowa City, 83, 165 Higgins, Norma Elizabeth-VVebster, 1-18 Hightshoe, Clarence-Oxford, 199 Hilburn, Patricia Anne-Odebolt Hill, iN1rs. Kathrrn Johnsen-Cedar Falls Hillgeson, Ruth Jane-Crbana, 170, 21-1 Hillman, Junealice-Sioux City, 83, 170, 173, 213, 230 Hillsten, Edwin l.eonel-Swea City, 157, 212 Hinderaker, Dorothy Niae-Radcliffe, 1-17 Hinrichsen, Norma Anne-Greene .Hite, Mahelle A.-Emmetshurg, 88, 1-18, 18-1 Hobson, Emma Jane-Parkersburg, 83 Hodne, Edgar Normal-Coon Rapids Hoenig, Helen Donalda-Sihbald, Alberta, Canada, 15 Hoenig, Vernona Jean-Sibbald, Alberta, Canada, 152 Hoffman, Mary Jean-Onawa Hogenson, Ruth Alys-Belmond Holcom, Niargaret Daly 1Mrs. 'VVm. LJ-Newton, 83, 156, 167, 21-1 Holler, John VVallace-VVaterloo Holley, lnez Nlarie-Fort Dodge Hollis, Niae Jeanne-Hudson, 28, 21-1 Holmes, Martha E., Hudson Holmquist, Paul Eldon-Red VVing, Minn. Holstad, Dean Milward-Lake Mills, 29, 137, 212, 213 Holsteen, Richard Elliott-Burlington, 201 Holthaus, Letha N1.-Manchester, 83, 136, 1-11, 171, 184,213,211 Holthuis, Frances A.-Gifford, 150, 162 Holzinger, Ruth Ann-Olin, 1-18, 163, 183 Holzmiller, Frances Jayne-fVIineral Point, VVis. Hook, lN1arlys Jean-Dysart Hoon, Jack Ernest-Nashua Hoos, Dorothy Virginia-Davenport, 158, 160 Hoover, Celeste Laurene-Marion, 159, 169 Hopson, Francis Nierton-Yvaterloo Hoskins, Dorothy LaRue-Richland House, Nlary Alice-VVaterloo Howe, Helen Louise-Cedar Falls Huher, Dulcie Phyllis-Gruncly Center, 159 Hudek, Isla Nlaehlaocahontas Hudson, Florence Margaret-Dougherty Huelsbeck, Charles J.-Des Nloines, 83, 138, 1-13 Hughes, Cecelia Jane-Des Moines Hughes, James Richard-Fairbury, Nebr., 163 Huisman, Alvin Floyd-Parkersburg Hull, Barbara Kay-Cherokee, 150 Hulmc, Mary Ruth-VVayland, 18-1 Hultman, Donald Henry-1Vestgate Page 265 6 Hummel, Shirley Belle-Allison Humphreys, Adeline Elizabeth-V13 man, 88, 1-10, 1-18, 162, 185 Humphreys, Jean Elma-VVyman, 88, 1-18, 162, 18-1 Humphry, Betty Jeanne-VVaterloo, 1-11, 213 Hunt, Ione Pearl-Milford, 89, 1-18, 163 Hunt, Marjorie Ruth-Shellrock, 89, 1-18, 21-1 Hunter, Donna Yvonne-Lohrville, 1-18, 185, 215 Huntington, VVilliam David-Yvaterloo Hurst, Marcella J.-Vinton, 150 Huston, Margery Edna-Hartley, 89, 1-18, 18-1 Hylen, Gertrude A.-Forest City, 83, 15-1, 171 I ideker, Alyce 1one-Lawler lngebretson, Bethel Ruth-Thornton lsaacson, Clara Maye-Niarsballtown, 83, 138, 1-13, 166 173 Isaak, Edith Allegra-Cedar Falls 1sack, lrene R.-1,os Angeles, Calif., 83, 215 Iserman, Lucille Ruth-Vvaverly, 150 Iyersen, Harold Paul-Cedar Falls I Jacobs, Bill Frank-Allison Jacobs, Mildred Lucille-Monticello, 156 Jacobsen, Charlotte Ann-Ottosen, 1-18, 183 Jacobsen, Joan Lillian-Vvaterloo Jacobsen, Merl Martin-Dike, 212 Jacoby, Anna Lee-Burlington Jans, Marlys Elaine-Reinbeck, 1-10, 176, 18-1 Jansen, Phyllis Ann-Elwood, 1-16 Jeffers, Donna J.--Laurens, 83, 156, 171, 21-1 Jeffers, Sue Elizabeth-Primghar, 1-17, 171 Jenks, Jean Kathleen-La Porte City, 1-17, 212 Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, Gordon Orin-Thornton, 193, 19-1 ,, E ,L 41 Q . ,. X Cordel Fay-Cedar Falls Esther Roseanne-Cedar Falls Cedar Falls James C. Ir Maxine W ilmz-VVaterloo Jensen, Myrtle Lenora-Dike, 92, 151 Jensen, VVilma Louise-1.inn Grove, 14-8 Jepsen, Jewell, Roger VVilliam-Cedar Falls, 188, 196 Nancy-Grosse Ile, Mich., 28, 83, 135, 152, 16-1, 173,230 Jindrich, Betty Jane-Swaledale, 1-1-8 Joens, Mary Dolores-Davenport, 83, 156, 168 Johannes, Alice Julia-Ashton, 181 Johnson, Barbara Ruth-Montevideo, Minn., 1-11, 213, 21-1 Johnson, Carmen Elizabeth-St. Ansgar, 150 Johnson, Dorothy Johanna-Janesville Johnson, Frances Augusta-Aurelia, 14-7 Johnson, Helen Lu-Pomeroy Johnson, Mrs. 1rene Jeanette-Cedar Falls, 16-1 Johnson, James Riley-VVaterloo Johnson, Jean M.-Chicago, Ill., 83, 158, 16-1 Johnson, Jim Riley-V17aterloo Johnson, Jo Ann-Eldon, 215 Johnson, Lois Joan-Amana Johnson, Marie N1.-Eldora, 158, 172 Johnson, Marie Vernie-Gowrie, 92, 151, 162, 18-1 Johnson, Neal 1Jerome-Waterloo, 197 Johnson , Norma Jean-Eddyville, 159, 200 Johnson, Robert Harold-Cedar Falls, 133 Johnson , Sheila Audrey-Naperville, lll., 159, 172 Johnson, Stanley Lee-Cedar Falls Johnson, Susan J.-Independence, 118 Johnson, VVilla Mae-Essen 1-18, 181 Johnsrud, Edith Elaine-Hazleton Jones, Alice Elizabeth-Clinton, 166 Jones, Elizabeth Ann-Rochester, Niinn., 92, 172 Jones, Norma Geraldine-State Center, 150 Jorgensen, Ruth Elaine-Mason City, 152, 16-1 1 l l L Joyce, Patricia Catherine--Des Moines, 158, 159, 160, 165, 181 Jnngen, Martha Jean-VVaterloo, 146, 154, 155, 166, 181, 206 Jungkunz, Paula Jene-Cedar Falls jurgensen, Della Mae-Delmar, 92 K Kachelhoffer, James Francis-Des Moines Kadolph, Gail Maxine-Eldora, 89, 140, 148, 162 Kaiser, Katheryn Defoy-jesup, 148 Kaltenbach, Mrs. Clarice Norine-Cedar Falls, 83 Kaltenbach, Elisabeth Erika-Cedar Falls, 140, 154, 155, 167,212,213 Karkosh, Jean Lorraine-VVaterloo Karlson, Marian Elvera-Cherokee, 150 Kaufman, Betty Jane-Lansing Kavka, Dolores K.4Davenport, 84, 132, 157, 158, 159, 168, 181 Keel, Keith L.-Traer, 28, 29, 147 Kehe, Robert .VVilliam-VVaterloo Kelford, Trevor C.-Vvaterloo Kelly, Grace A.-Sigourney, 140, 165 Kemmerer, Dolores Ann-Boone, 212 Kemper, Mary Margaret-Muscatine, 96 Kennedy, Marian Caroline-Manchester, 84, 149 Kennedy, Robert William-Eldora Kenney, Margaret Mary-Vail Kepler, Rosemary E.-Excelsior Springs, Mo., 29, 84, 135, 170, 209, 230 Kerr, John Maxwell, jr.+La Porte City Ketelsen, Virginia Mae--Little Cedar Key, Patricia Ann-Shenandoah, 165 Kibbee, George Tracy-Estherville Kilburg, Leanna Elizabeth-Bellevue Kilgore, Ellvera Margaret-VVaterloo Kimball, Phyllis Lorraine-Battlecreek, 92, 151, 162, 214 Kindig, Robert Louis-Burlington Kindwall, Barbara Ruth-Alta, 84, 159, 160, 163, 167 Kindwall, Delaine Bell-Alta, 146, 156, 163, 184 King, Carol Jean-Gladbrook King, 'Robert Daniel-VVaterloo Kingman, Dorothy C.-Cedar Falls, 165 Kinn, Frances Alice-Chicago, Ill. Kiser, Ruth Lncile-Laurel, 147 Kisner, Frances Marie--Clear Lake Kissinger, Roberta Elaine-VVashta, 93, 151 Kitchen, Gertrude-Cedar Falls, 84 Klasen, Annette P.-Callender, 183 Klein, Roberta Marie-Waterloo Klohs, Harriet Alice-Maurice, 154, 166, 181 Knecht, Beth Elaine-Davenport, 93, 150 Knight, Patricia Lucille-Des Moines, 158, 159, 160, 181, 233 Koch, David Frederick, jr.-Cedar Falls Koehler, Clara Katherine-Ventura, 213 Koger, Gerald Tillman-VVaterloo Kokesh, Leonard Charles-VVaterloo, 84, 137, 212, 213 Koll, Vvilliam H.-Fort Dodge, 197 Koltvet, Eveline-Clarion, 84, 149, 183 Kos, James Harold-Cedar Falls Kosht, Richard Ray-Bagley, 188 Kough, Mrs. Arlene Rosalie-VVaterloo, 84 Kough, Kathleen J.-VVaterl0o, 206 Kraft, Joan Virginia-Wellman Kragel, Roy Fred-Latimer Kriege, Sylvia Ann-Sioux City, 159, 181 Krueger, Marguerite Ruth--Tripoli Kruggel, Peggy Sue-Swaledale, 140, 154, 155, 162 Krusenstjerna, Margaret Alice-Odebolt, 93 Kuhl, lVIelvin Albert-Vvaterloo, 188, 191 Kuhl, Mildred-Charles City, 146, 156, 183 Kyhl, Ruth Esther-Cedar Falls, 84 L Lagerquist, Helen Marie-Marion, 214 Lambertson, Dorothy Ann-Cedar Falls, 159, 215 Lammers, Betty Gean-Lime Springs, 146 Lamrners, Hermina-Sheldon Landon, Kathleen Marie-Hubbard Langmann, Dale Benhardt-Durant Langrock, Adeline-Cedar Falls, 84, 159, 172 Langrock, Avis LaVonne-St. Ansgar Langskov, Esther lVIaria-Cedar Falls Lantz, Etta lVIae-Columbus Junction, 96 Lanz, Bernice Oneita-Cresco Larsen, Jack Lyle-VVaterloo Latta, Sylvia Geraldine-Bloomfield Laux, VVilliam Jean ClVlissl--Le Mars Law, Harry VVeldon, Jr.-Burlington Lawrence, Barbara Elaine-Fnion Laxson, Lois Elizabeth-Earlyille, 212, 213 Lechelt, Frances Ann-Britt Lee, Layona Maurine-Buffalo Center, 181 Leeman, Gerald Grant-Osage, 197 Leland, Marilyn LuAnn-VVaterloo Leo, Betty ,lane-Dysart, 147 Leo, Eleanor Jean-Dysart Letch, Jean Lois-Clinton, 84 Lewis, john Lee-Cambridge, 183 Lewis, Ma1'garet Lucille-North English Lieberman, Lionel Irving--Brooklyn, N. Y., 199 Lind, Agnes Jeanette-Marathon, 84, 141, 184 Lindberg, Edith -Martha-Van Horne, 149, 183 Lindeman, Margaret Jean-Vinton, 29, 93, 151, 162 Linn, Ione Louise--Atalissa, 147, 156 Liska, Leone Ann-Davenport Littell, Doris Ruth-Maquoketa, 96, 153 Locke, lola Ruth-Packwood, 150, 162, 163, 184 Locker, Leora Marie-George Logan, Margaret Ione-Ruthven, 29, 154, 170, 184, 214, 232 Lomen, Kathryn Louise-Decorah, 212, 213 Long, VVilma Fay-Des Moines Looft, Betty Jane-Armstrong, 93 Loomer, James Albert-Cedar Falls Loonan, Lloyd Lyman-llndson Lorenzen, Minnie Ethel-St. Ansgar Lower, James M.-Parkersburg Lucas, Lorna-George, 93, 140, 151 Luck, Clara Grace-New Hartford Luck, Emma Harris-New Hartford Ludens, Grace-Lime Springs Luhrs, Arlys Lenore-Gaza, 150 Lund, Malcolm Eugene-Algona, 157, 185 Lnnde, Doris Faye-Marshalltown, 154 Lundeen, June-Montezuma Lundeen, Lois Elizabeth-Mediapolis, 150, 184 Lura, Josephine Eleanor-Roland Lutz, Dorothy' Esther-Dysart Lnwe, Leland Duane-VVellsburg Lynch, Richard Edmond-VVaterloo Lynch, Vernon Eugene-VVaterloo M Maaslie, Dwight Harlan-Logan Madsen, Helen A.-Cedar Falls, 84, 144, 156, 158, 164, 212 Madsen, Roger LeRoy-VVebster City, 201 Maetzold, james VV.-Red VVing, Minn., 193, 194 1NTaiden, Rose Irene-Bremerton, VVash., 212, 213 Maideii, VaLara Caroline-Bremerton, VVash., 184, 212 213, 214 Mziifeld, Lorraine Adair-1VVay'erly, 159 Niain, Eleanor Ann-Independence, 147, 185 Malloy, Patricia Julia-State Center, 150 Manning, Barbara Ann-Cedar Falls Marcum, Mary Belle-Humboldt, 150, 182 Page 266 Marlow, Marilyn Elizabeth-VVaterloo, 15-1, 156, 16-1, 181 Niartens, Gerald Oscar-lN1artensdale, 8-1, 157 N1artin, Cleo-Eagle Grove, 28, 29, 8-1, 135, 1-12, 1-15, 176, 230 Martin, Niartin, Martin, Martin, lsabd-Brht,150,182 Leon E.-Eagle Grove, 197 Margaret Lucille-Fnion, 150, 172 Marnie-Des Moines, 158, 159, 167 Masteller, Richard Duane-Jesup Mattke, Lois Elizabeth-Fredericksburg Niaynard, Virginia Jean-VVaterloo Mayo, Charles Ralph-VVashington, 29, 212, 213 McBride, Beth Arlene-Dike N1cBride, Betty Ann-New Providence, 1-18, 162 McCabe, Ben F.-Naperville, Ill., 85 lVIcCabe, John VVesley-Naperville, Ill. McCabe, M. Lucille-Boyden, 89, 1-18, 181 McC'abe, YVilliam Harold-Naperville, Ill. McCaleb, Stanley Clare-Shellshurg McClain, Patti Jeanne-VVaterloo, 16-1 N1cClintock, VVayne Virgil-YVaterluo McComb, David ,VV.-Fayette McCormick, Ava Mae-Rowley McCormick, June Evelyn-Clarion, 93, 162 McCoy, Hester Jane-Cedar Falls McCue, Mary Elaine-Sumner, 96, 153 NIcCulloch, Bonnie 'Jean-Wvaterloo, 171 McCumber, Nleryvin Albert-VVaverly McCurdy, Mary Helen--Des Moines, 16-1, 21-1 N1cCutcheon, Norma Jean-Goldfield, 89, 1-18 McDonald, James Alvin-Guthrie Center, 137, 'McDonald, Margaret Emagene-Morning Sun N1cDowell, Jean NI.-WVestern Springs, Ill., 181 McGahey, Ruth Ethel-Victor, 156, 18-1, 212 lVIcGaw, Nancy Bond-Rockford, Ill., 159, 167 McGrady, Jennie Irene-Woodbine McGrath, Ellen Marie-Independence McGreevy, Rita Therese-Ackley, 93, 181, 21-1 Mcllrath, -Mrs. Mary VVilson-Newton Mclntire, Doris Lou-Cresco, 167, 21-1 McKay, Meredith-Lake View, 85, 133, 136, 163 McKintrick, Roger Hobart-Cedar Falls McMillan, Elizabeth Caroline-Elgin, 85, 152 McMurray, VVilliam Bartholow-VVaterloo McNamee, Mildred Ruth-VVaterloo McQuigg, Robert Bruce-Schaller, 163 Meadows, Gene Russell-Ottumwa, 183, 213 Meier, Eugene Kenneth-Vvaverly, 183, 212 Melson, Mrs. Eva Mae-Elgin, 85, 152 Merchant, Audrey Jean-La Porte City Meredith, Jean-VVaterloo Merkel, Corrine Elizabeth-Klemme, 89, 1-18, 182 Merritt, Myrtle-Norway, 85, 159, 160, 172, 173, 200 Mershon, Jerry Lynn-Cedar Falls Merten, Alfred Leland-Garner Messerli, John llaigh-Cedar Falls, 183 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Arthel L.-Clermont Evelyn Bertha-Burt, 96 Thelma June-Vvcllsburg, 213, 21-1 Meyerhoff, Richard A.-Dunkerton Meyerholz, Myrtle R.-VVapello, 151 Michell, Babette-Rockford Middents, Margie Joan-Kamrar, 93, 151 Middlekauff, Beverly Jean-VVaterloo Miehe Miller Miller, i v Fred Burk-VVaterloo Alice Arlene-VVaterloo, 93 Arlene Marie-Muscatine, 97, 153 Miller, Elizabeth Ann-Cresco, 213, 21-1 Miller Miller, Miller, Miller Miller, u v N4Nlen Henry Charles-VVinterset, 85 Janette Esther-Aitkin, Minn. Marilyn Margaret-VVaterloo Owen Floyd, Jr.-VVaterloo Sara Jane-VVaterloo, 1-18 Twyla Arlene-Yale, 93, 151, 169 Page 267 212 Miller, Vernelle C.-Cedar Falls, 158, 159 Millikan, Ruth Maxine-llawarden Mimhach, CleoBell-Renwick, 85, 136, 1-16, 152, 18-1 Mimbach, Lola Lorraine-Renwick Minor, Bernice Elaine-Eagle Grove, 15-1 Mitchell, Aurel Anne-Cedar Falls Mitchell, llelen L.-Sloan, 1-17, 183 Mitchell, Margaret Elaine-Sloan, 157, 183 Mitchell, Martha 1.-Sloan, 29, 85, 152 Moeller, Darlene Marlys-Fairbank, 97, 153 Mohler, Meda Ruth--Toledo Mohling, Paul Louis-Cedar Falls, 188, 191, 201 Moles, Clilford Wayne-Dike, 199 Moline, Darrell Gillis-Lal'orte City Montag, Doris Margaret-Cresco, 155, 181 Montgomery, Betty Irene-Cherokee, 159 Montross, Martha Alida-Nlillersburg Montross, Norma Vivian-Millersburg Moon, Harvey lidyvard-Hudson Mooney, Joseph Leo-VVaverly Moore, Beverly Corrinne-La Porte City, 212 Moore, Dorothy Ann-Marshalltown, 1-11, 170 Moore, Mary C.-Villisca, 146, 215 Moore, Teresa Jane-Hudson, 156 Morgan, Shirley Maxine-Aurora, 93, 151, 215 Morr, Miriam Estelle-Cedar Rapids, 93, 151, 183 Morris, Clyde Lee-Topeka, Kaus. Morris, Jeanne Marie-VVaterloo Mortimer, Verrile Junior-Cedar Falls, 188 Moss, Marjorie Jean-Osage, 89, 1-18 Mott, Cecil Eugene-Mason City, 85, 197 Muecke, Lucille Nlae-Hinton, 85, 1-19, 183 Milellcr, Joseph George-Ridgewood, N. Y., 29, 70, 199 Mulcahy, Harriet Jean-Melbourne Nluldoon, John Thomas-Waterloo, 85 Mullaley, Kathleen R.-Marion, 85, 159 Mullenberg, VVilliam-Cedar Falls Mully, Delbert VVilliam-Cedar Falls, 193, 19-1 Munster, Harold Ralph-Hartley Murdock, Mary Ellen-Marshalltown Murphy, Laurabelle-Rockford, 159, 181 Murphy, Marjorie Jeanne-VVaterloo Myer, Honora Lee-VVaterloo, 165 Myers, Margaret L.-Cedar Falls Myrick, Nadine Mae-Estherville, 89, 1-18 N Nagle, Dorothy Alice-YVaterloo, 28, 85, 133, 135, 139, 145,147,170,173,231 Nargang, John Garland-VVaterloo Nash, Lois LaVonne-Marble Rock, 89, 1-18, 181 Nath, Lois Jean-Toeterville, 183 Nauman, Bernice A.-Floyd, 93, 150, 18-1 Nehas, Rhoda-VVilton Junction Nelson, Donna Ann-Alden, 97 Nelson, Evangeline Mariam-Essex, 97, 153, 181 Nelson, Gloria Anne-Alden Nelson, James, Jr.-VVaterloo, 197 Nelson, Marjorie Joyce-Cedar Falls, 21-1 Nelson, Mary Lois-llampton, 1-18 Nelson, Mildred Lucille-Goldfield, 150 Neuhecker, Gretchen Ann-VVaterloo, 158, 159, 167 Newberg, Sam-VVaterloo, 188, 191 Nicholson, Nellie LaVonne-Mason City Nickerson, Beveridge Charles-Grundy Center, 188 Nicoll, Alice Dorothy-Mechanicsville, 181, 212 Niebuhr, Marcella Leone-Paulliua Nielsen, Johanna Edna-Kimhallton, 85, 1-19 Nieukirk, Dorothy Jeanne-VVaterloo, 15-1, 155, 167 Nolte, Maurice Dee-Farnhamville Nordskog, Ruth Helen-Cedar Falls Norris, Virginia Mary-Vinton, 151 Norton, ,Lois Ione-Ogden, 212 Nothnagel, Marvin Arlo-Cedar Falls Novak, Marian Judy-Dysart Nugent, Jeanne-Davenport, 168 Nve, Annetta Maye-Dunkerton Nystuen, Betty Lou-Kanawha, 169 Nystuen, Richard VVayne-Kanawha, 29 O Oberinan, james Milton-Yarmouth, 193, 194 Odland, Elaine Jean-Clarion, 89, 148, 166 Olifringa, Nellie Elizabeth lliettyel-VVest Branch, 140, 15-l-, 155 O'Haran, Colleen Claire-VVaterloo Ohlson, Lois 'lean-Aurelia Olmstead, Ted Robert-Shellrock Olmsted, Beth King-Barrington, Ill., 157, 163,212 Olsen, Robert ,lens-Cedar Falls Olsen, Yvonne Lorraine-Council Bluffs, 97, 153, 182 Olson, Barnahetta Rae-Clermont, 150 Olson, Betty Ruth-Jewell, 89, 148, 183 Olson, Elliott Martin+Moorhead Olthotf, Norma Pearl-Lakota Omlid, Gerald L.-VVaterl0o Opheim, Mary Leith-Livermore Ormston, Mabel Marie-VVaverly Orr, Elizabeth Lee-Waterloo Orr, Mildred Jean-Columbus Junction, 85, 152, 185 Orr, Naomi Jean-VVaterloo, 29, 86, 158, 159, 160, 172 Orth, Marilyn Anita-VVaterloo Osborn, Jeanne Frances-VVaterloo O'Shaughnessy, Mary Catherine-Sioux City O'Toole, Ruth Margaret-1Letts, 89, 148, 162 Overmann, Frank Henry-Jesup Oviatt, Mary Margaret-Goldfield Owen, Melvin Reeve-Tipton, 86, 185, 215 Owen, Robert Ellsworth-Clarinda, 28, 86, 185, 233 P Packingham, Evelyn Shirley-Cedar Rapids Paden, Donna jean-Sumner, 86 Palmer, Jesse David-Hampton, 188, 199 Palmer, Lee Henderson-VVaukon Pals, Roger Gene-Belmond, 188, 193 Panagakis, Nlary-Cedar Falls Parry, Joy' Ilene-Cedar Falls, 170 Parsons, Lelia Marie-Richland, 93, 151, 169 Parsons, Mat'garet Frances-Muscatine, 156, 164 Paton, Kaye Emma-Hudson, 155, 172, 215 Patrick, Lois Ann-Peterson, 150, 162, 181 Patten, Bettv Ann-Charles City, 94, 151 Paulsen, Lois Nlarjorie-Stockton, 97, 153 Peacock, Eunice Jean-Tripoli, 86, 141, 212, 213, 214 Peak, Ruth Arlene-Viliota, 150, 215 Pearce, Alice Louise-Maxwell, 94, 151, 168 Peck, Dorothv VI.-Macksburg Peck, Marian Jean-Brandon, 89, 148, 169 Pedersen, Sally Ann-Schaller, 167 Penne, James Thomas-VVaterlou Penne, John VVm.-VVaterloo, 86 Perry, Donna Lou-VVaucoma Peter, Elaine Joyce-Syvaledale, 89, 148, 162 Peterman, Dale Dean-Monticello, 188, 191 Peters, Norma June flludyi-Marne, 138, 143, 167 Peters, Patricia ,leanne-Spragneville, 97 Petersen, Emmanuel ,less-Cedar Falls Petersen, Lucille Adeline-Greene, 148 Peterson, Kathrvn Ann-Riceville Petheram, Burnice Arlene-Hampton Petheram, Letlia Marchita-Chapin Petr, Dennis Vvalter-Detroit, Mich. Pettengill, Dorothy Mae-Villisca Pettit, Patricia Ann-Cedar Falls, 164 Petty, Barbara Jovce-Eldora, 150, 162 Phngsten, Helen Irene-Belle Plaine, 90, 148 Pflughaupt, Lois Nl.-Oelwein, 94, 151, 184 Pfrimmer, Jean Marie-Centerville, 94, 151 Phelps, Duane Ellison-Cedar Falls Phillips Phillips Phillips , Beverly Jean-XVaterloo , Dorothy Carol-Cedar Falls, 141, 212, 213 Ellene Florence-VVaterloo Phillipsi Maxine Edith-Earlville, ns, me Pickard Pieper, Pierce, , Marjorie Ellen-Hampton, 146 Lella Charleen-VVaterloo -lack S.-Parkersburg Pierce, James Leo-Hudson Pittman, Donna 'Marie-Des Moines Pitts, Marlys Nlae-VVaterloo Plaehn, Plagma Marian Lenora-Reinbeck, 155, 166 n, Vern Clair-Peterson, 188 Pohlmann, Rose june-Durant Polking horn, Delores Minerva-Sioux City, 90, 140, 148 Port, Margaret Marie-Springville, 97, 153 Porter, Porter, Porter, Porter, Donald L.-Cedar Falls, 70, 86, 135, 231 John Richard-VVaterloo Marjory Ann-Wlaterloo, 159 VValter Davis-Cedar Falls Potter, Dolores Elaine-Audubon Potter, Patricia Anne-Tipton, 156 Potter, Ruth Irene-Tipton, 86, 159, 167 Powers, Poyner, Cyril Joseph-VVaterloo James Lewis-VVaterloo Pratt, William James-VVaterloo Price, Delores Olive-Chicago, Ill., 159 Priem, Doris Ellen-Nora Springs, 29, 86, 154, 172, 176, 231 Primmer, Glenn Estus, Jr.-Vinton, 137, 212, 213 Prochas ka, Ruby Louise-Cedar Rapids Pulkrabek, Johnny Daniel-Traer Purvis, Marlysrae-VVaterloo, 213 Q Quirk, Kathleen Florence-Schaller R Rammelsberg, Lois Ruth--Atkins, 148, 183 Randall, Clifton VVayne-Mason City Ransom, 'lean Ellen-Marshall, Mo., 154, 167 Rasmus sen, Norma lN1arjorie-Audubon, 150, 183 Rathert, James Vililliam-Cresco Ray, Charles Richard-Greene Read, S ara Laing-Des Moines Read, Virginia Ann-VVaterloo, 140, 155, 169, 173, 181 Reckard, A. Roberta-Rolfe, 148, 162, 181, 212 Reed, Ramona Marie-Marshalltown, 140, 147, 212 Rees, Ir ene Pearl-Columbus junction, 148, 162, 185 Reeve, Marilyn june-Tipton, 133, 140, 147, 170 Reeve, Mary Louise-Cedar Falls, 140 Reimer, Betty Lou-Schleswig Reinhart, Marion Margaret-4VVaterloo, 148 Reinhart, Sara Pauline-Odebolt ' Reininger, Mrs. Elizabeth B.-Cedar Falls Renz, Dorothy Eileen-Donnellson, 148 Renter, Steve Charles-Sumner Reynolds, Marjorie Hazel-Earlham, 90 Rhoades, Margaret-What Cheer, 86, 142, 167 Riant, Elizabeth Ann-VVaterloo, 143, 171, 173 Rice, H elen Ruth-VVaterloo, 171 l Richards, Marie-VVaverly, 86, 184 Richardson, Mrs. Corinne Lou-Cedar Falls Richardson, Ralph Ashley-Vinton, 188 Richardson, Ruth Ann-Vinton, 86, 136, 154, 212 Richardson, VVilliam Francis-Cedar Falls Richart, Lois Mae-Vinton, 150 Rick, A rlene Mav-Shellrock, 148 Rickabaugh, Ruth Ann-Hartley Rickert, Joyce Elaine-Cedar Falls Riedl, Harold Albert-Lake City Riehl, Margie Ann-Paton, 94, 140, 151, 168, 181 Riggs, Marilyn Rae-Vvaterloo Ringgenberg, D. Lucille-Rockwell City, 206 Ritchey, Lavonne Marie-Reinbeck Ritchie, Thomas Martin-Vilaterloo Page 268 Rittenhouse, Virginia Evelyn-Monona, 86, 212, 213 Ritz, Barbara ,lane-VVashta, 141, 170, 184, 214 Roberts, Colleen Elizabeth-Des Moines Roberts, Niarlyn Gale-Royal Roberts, Morgan Lewis-,lesup Robinson, Wlanda Xiarie-Ryan Rodemeyer, Allen Harvey-Alexander Rodemeyer, Ceeil G.-Alexander Rodman, VVanda Jean-Springville, 150 Rogers, Betty ,lean-Colo, 148 Rogers, Daniel C., Jr.-VVaterloo Rolland, Geraldine Joyce-Bode, 183, 212 Rololf, Harlan Arthur-VVaverly, 188, 191, 197 Rolston, Freda Arlene-Adel, 90, 148 Roskamp, Cromwell George-Cedar Falls Roskamp, Hermina-Cedar Falls Ross, Leland john-Parkersburg Rouse, Mary Isabelle-Oxford -lunetion, 148 Royer, NI. ,lean-Cherokee, 86, 141, 158, 159, 172 Ruehotzke, Evelyn Elinore-Clarence, 94, 151 Runft, Donagene L.-Cedar Falls, 141, 165, 181, 213, 214 Russell, Marian Lucille-VVaterloo Russell, Robert Raymond-Jefferson Rutter, Grace 1.ut'ille-Spencer, 148 S Saekett, Nladaline-Independence Sage, Carol Frances-VVaterloo, 28, 86, 136, 139, 145, 147, 167, 231 Salz, Mary Margaret-VVaterloo Sanders, Dorothy Mae-Grundy Center, 86, 133, 136, 138, 143 Sanders, Frank Converse-Cedar Falls Sandvold, joan Correen-Roland, 159 Sawyer, Barbara Jane-Stanwood, 156, 214 Sehaer, Beverly Jane-Hampton Schaffer, Lindon H.-Milwaukee, VVis., 86, 201 Schear, Beverly ,lane-Hampton Seheidecker, Ruth Mary-Clarksville Seherich, Emily 'Ruth-VVebster City, 146, 167 Schiller, Evelyn ,lean-Alden, 147 Schlader, Robert Laverne-Floyd Sehlegel, Arlene Ruth-Maynard, 154, 155, 183 Schlegel, Gerald John-Maynard, 183, 212 Schlicher, Mary Florence-Ft. Madison, 150, 181 Schlotfelt, Luella Dorothea-Mt. Auburn Schmidt, Anna Mae-VVatkins Schmidt, Harold Peter-Clinton Schmidt, Helen Grannis-Rochester, Minn., 192 Schmoll, Hattie Ann-Hartley Sehmoll, Lois A.-Hartley, 94 Schnehel, Anita Carol-Fremont, Nebr., 150, 167 Schoenheck, Melvin Albert-,lesup Sehommer, Darlyn Lee--lesup Schrader, Harriet Marie-90 Schramm, Dwayne Gene-Ida Grove, 183 Sehrauth, Katherine Marie-VVesley, 94, 151, 168, 181 Schreiner, Robert John-YVaterloo Schulze, Dorothy jewel-Coon Rapids, 94, 151 Schumacher, Ilelen F.-Bettendorf, 168 Sehuttinga, Marcia Ann-Prairie City, 148, 212, 246 Sehwendiman, Betty Jean-Fayette Sehwerin, Beth Marian-VVaterloo, 213 Schwietert, Martha Hedwig-McGregor Scofield, John Campbell-Charles City Scott. Mrs. Elizabeth Price-Cedar Falls Scott, Eugenia Catherine-VVeldon, 151, 183 Scott, -lean Kathryn-Cambridge, 148 Scott, Lorna jean-Cedar Falls Sea, Norman-Sumner, 86 Sebby, Rita Mae-Clarion, 94, 151, 166 Seger, Joe Emmett VValter-XVaterloo, 193, 194 Segraves, Margaret Emily-VVaterloo, 155 Seiberling, Arlene Faye-Tipton, 156, 170 Page 269 Selbig, 'lack B.-VVaterloo, 86, 199 Selken, Dean Emery-Vinton, 188, 191 Sell, Frederick VV.-Elgin, Ill., 86, 201 Sells, Gladys Mae-Cedar Falls Semling, Evelyn A.-St. Paul, Nlinn., 136, 152 Sensenbaugh, Robert Newell--Sioux City, 183 Sesker, Shirley R.-Maxwell, 148 Sessar, Edward ,lohn-VVaterloo Seydel, Phyllis Mae-Gladbrook, 148 Shafer, Mason lloward-VVaterloo Shaw, Cathmar ,leanne-South Orange, N. I., 165 Shaw, Donna Berenece-Marion Shaw, Marjorie Elaine-VVaterloo Sheldon, Nl. -lean-Eldora, 94, 151, 169 Shelgren, Patricia Anne-Gilmore City Shelton, Dolores Darlene-Calamus Shepard, Lawrence Leslie-Vvaterloo Sheppard, Helen M.-Manchester, 94, 151, 182 Sherren, VVinifred Caryl-VVest Fnion Sherrer, Lorraine Marie-llazleton Sherwood, Barbara Ann-Grinnell, 148 Shimizu, Mrs. Kiyoko N.-Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii, 86 Shimp, Alice Jeanne-Dunkerton Shirk, Malcolm-Cedar Falls, 199 Shirk, Virginia Lee-Cedar Falls Shover, Roberta Jean-Ryan, 147, 156, 182 Shupe, Caryl Evans-Burlington Siegfried, Margaret Louise-Sumner, 148 Sieglatf, Charles Lewis-VVaterloo, 157, 188, 191 Sievers, Violet Lueille-Meehanicsville Siglin, Paul Frederick-Cedar Falls, 128 Silvey, Charles-Des Moines, 199 Simpson, Dolores Jean-VVebster City, 158, 159, 172 Simpson, Richard Edward-VVebster City, 28, 147, 204 215, 233 Sinnett, Marijean Norine-Gilmore City, 150 Sipple, Dorthy Fae-Mt. Vernon, 29, 170, 214 Sixta, Ernest F.-Cedar Rapids Sloan, Eulah R.-Cedar Falls, 139, 147, 157, 171 Sloan, Ruth Marie-Sioux City, 215 Sl11iter, Arlene Ann-Dumont, 153 Smallman, Elizabeth Cross-Washington, D. C. Smiley, Nlarjorie Eileen-VVaterloo, 213 Smith, Betty -lean-Davenport Smith, Beverly glean-Allison Smith, Bonnie Gale-Cedar Falls Smith, Charles Eugene-Silver City Smith, Frederick E.-VVaterloo Smith, Geraldine Leone-Volga, 148 Smith, Margaret Ann-Bussey, 150 Smith, 1Marilyn Rosetta-VVilliams Smith, Max Dale-Grundy Center, 188, 191 Smith, Russell Lowell-YVaterloo, 87, 206 Smith, Sandra Elaine-VVaterloo, 95, 151, 170 Smith, Verna Jeanne-Cedar Falls, 29, 159, 172 Snell, Claude Richard-Mason City, 87, 188, 191 Snow, VVanda Lee-1Lake Park, 150 Snyder, Elmer -l.-Cedar Falls Soener, Audrey M.-Independence Sole, Nellie Maxine-Earlham, 185 ' Sorenson, Mrs. Virginia Christensen-Cedar Falls Sparks, L. George-Algona Sparks, Opal Fae-Algona Sparrow, Mary Ora-Clemons, 150, 162, 163 Speck, Kenneth VVhitney-VVaterloo Springer, Nlaurice Clyde-Cedar 'Falls Squires, Donald John--Janesville Stafford, Mrs. Lueille Hanna-Mallard Staley, Rachel Ann-Denison, 185 Stange, Lois ,loan-Osage, 212 Stansberry, Claude Earl-Mondamin Staveley, Marlys ,lean-'l'raer Steele, Emmett Mitchell, -lr.--VVaterloo, 137, 213 Steffy, Doris Carol-Montezuma, 87, 158, 159, 160, 167 200 L 4 K 1 l l l L Steiner, Dorothy Mae-Monticello, 150 Stephenson, Gerald Eugene-Sigourney, 29 Sterling, Hope Harriet-Sioux City, 141, 213 Stevenson, Helen Ardis-VVaterloo, 95, 151 Stewart, Mary Agnes-Floyd Stewart, Robert H alsey-Cedar Falls Stilfler, Gloria Yvonne-VVaterloo Stocks, Arthur Frederick-Nashua, 212 Stoelting, Betty Louise-Sac City Stolte, Maxine Alma--Lowden Stoltz, VVilmeta Christine-Glenwood, Minn., Stone, Maxine Margaret-VVaterloo Stoner, Elizabeth Lou-VVaterloo Storey, Carl Michael-1VVaterloo, 157 Stork, Mabel Ruth-New Hartford, 153 Stover, Betty Jean--Anamosa Stover, Glen Fred-Hampton, 188 Strackbein, Raymond John-Lowden, 90 Stratton, Lois Jean-Cambridge, 168 Strickler, Mary Lou-VVaterloo, 169, 214 Strolrridge, Jocelyn Rae-VVaterloo, 159, 164 214 148, 183 Strock, Mary Louise-Sterling, Ill., 168, 212, 213 Strohbehn, Mrs. Helen Hood CMrs. Earlj-Cedar Falls Stroud, Roy Eugene-Marble Rock Struve, P. Arlene-Linn Grove, 150 Studer, Donald Max-Mason City, 188, 191 Stultz, Kenneth 'James-VVaterloo Stumberg, Lois Marie-Reinbeck, 214 Stutzman, -Mary Elizabeth-Lansing Sullivan, Jane K.-JElma Sundell, Marilyn June--Odebolt, 148, 183 Sunner, Harold B.-Eagle Grove Sutter, Monica Anne-West Union Swanson, Ruth Marie-Gowrie, 87, 152 Swant, Betty Jeanne-Marble Rock, 150 Sykes, Mary Elizabeth-Des Moines, 87, 158, T Tassio, Sam Charles-Chicago, Ill. Taylor, Evan J.-Boone Taylor, Vvanda Mae-Melvin Teeter, Clare LaVerne-VVaterloo Telft, Patricia Mary-Nashua, 150, 212 Tellinghuisen, VVesley D.-Cedar Falls Terpstra, Rosellen-Grinnell, 159, 184, 214 Theisen, 'Marian Lucille-Palmer Thew, Altadean-4Des Moines, 90, 153, 215 159,172 Thierer, Dale VVilliam-Buckingham, 188, 191 Thierer, Earl Ernest-Buckingham Thies, Mrs. Helen Bernice-Leon Thies, Mary Lou-Rochester, Minn. Thom, Robert Raymond-Correctionville Thompson, Alice Ada Loomer-Shellrock Thompson, Alys-Botna, 95, 169, 191 Towne, Allison Dana-Cedar Falls, 147 Trekell, Marianna-Davenport, 158, 159 Trenk, Mildred Lenore-Madison, VVis. Tritsch, Ralph Bernard-Dubuque Trottnow, Mazie Anna-Vinton, 87, 185 Truesdell, Merna Arlene-Central City, 133, 213 Trump, Earlene Margaret-Donnellson, 213 Trunkey, Maxine Jane-VVaterloo, 29, 87, 147, 156 Tucker, Faye-Carol-VVaterloo Tucker, Helen Marie-XVest Branch, 156 Tuller, Bettye Jean-Oskaloosa, 95, 151 Turnbull, Patricia-Cedar Falls Turner, Rotha Irene-Independence, 184, 213 Turner, VVanda Darlene-Garrison Turner, VVarren Curtis-Waverly, 199 Tussing, Geneva M.-Laurens, 150, 172, 181 Tuttle, Barbara Janet-Norway Tuttle, Iona Ruth-Vilare, 148 IJ Uhlenhopp, Marilee--Aredale, 212, 214 Limbaugh, Marian Elizabeth-Dexter, 97, 153, Underberg, Marion Joanne-Ottosen, 150, 183 Ifnsworth, Jacqueline-VVaterloo Fpham, Joyce Marie-Fredericksburg, 148 Nl Valde, Ruth Marie-Ellsworth, 90, 148 VanAnne, Angela M.-Rock Rapids, 159, 181, 212 Vanderhoff, Margil Floy-Sioux Rapids, 182 VanDorn, Rosalind M.-VVellman VanFleet, Ruth G.-VVaterloo, 214 Van V Houten, Beth Nadine-Corning, 148 an Houten, ,Helen Frances-Hampton, 87 Van Houten, Paul Matthews-Cedar Falls V an Kamen, Paul-Lake Mills, 199, 212 Van Norman, Richard VV.-Spencer, 132, 215 V V V V an Vlack, Carol Lee-Clarksville an Vranken, JoAnn MHYQHTCY-W71HH6ld, 150, 212 arvel, Victor Floyd-Marshalltown, 87 asey, Gloria Vera-Graettinger, 184 Verbrugge, Robert James-Dakota City, 212 Vest, Kathryn Floy-Gladbrook, 148 V V V V V V ickery, Rosemary-Ida Grove, 29, 90, 141, 163 incent, Beverly Jeanne-VVaterloo, 141, 164, 214 oga, Shirley Ann-Ellsworth ogt, Marilyn Ann-Tripoli ollink, Anna Marie--Panllina, 97 olpp, Mrs. Donna Margaret-Council Bluffs Volpp, Lorraine--Council Bluffs V oss, Betty Lou--Cedar Falls Til Thompson, Arlene Denice-Waterloo Thompson, Fern Eileen-Northwood, 95, 151, 183, 215 Thompson, Frances Jean-St. Ansgar, 95, 151, 212 Thompson, Irene Louis-Toledo Thompson, Lois Levina-VVaterloo Thompson, Shirley Anita-Bancroft Thorpe, Dorothy E.-Ames Thorson, Stella Marie-Cambridge, 95, 151, 183, 212 Throckmorton, Jeanne Patricia-VVebster City, 87 Thurn, Elizabeth Minnie-Edgewood Thurston, Melvin VVayne-Marshalltown Thurston, Norma Evelyn-Garwin, 212 VVaack, Donald VVilliam-Cedar Falls VVaack, VVilliam Lee--Clinton, 154 VVacha, Margaret Ann-Traer, 150 VVade, Frederick Calvin-VVaterloo VVagner, Mrs. Marion Irene-Council Bluffs VVagner, Martha Darlene-Waterloo VVagoner, Betty Jane-VVaterloo, 152, 164 VVahl, Roger iVVilliam-VVaterloo VVahlgren, Elayne Luanne-Fonda VVainwright, Eva Marie-Deep River, 87, 158, 159 VVallace, Melba-VVeldon, 28, 87, 136, 142, 155, 233 YVallace, Robert A rden-VVeldon Timmerman, Marlynne Anne-Shetlield, 212 Titsworth, Robert VVendell-VVebster Citv, 87, 193, 194 Tjepkes, Eunice 'Marie-VVaterloo, 140, 172 Todd, Bruce Edward-Morning Sun Tokheim, Shirley Maxine-Ringsted, 148 Tompkins, Mary Ellen-New Virginia, 97 Tonder, Helen Anne-Council BlutTs Torgerson, Joyce Arleen-Rutland Totman, Carl Alton-Edgewood YValls, Isadora M.-Dysart, 87, 166 VValker, Roger Dean-Traer 7 VVarner, Beverly June-Bettendorf, 168 7 Watterson, Helen Elizabeth--Vkraterloo Vveaklen, Clydene K.-New Hampton Vveber, Rita Mae-Armstrong, 148, 162, 181, 212 VVebster, Betty Janeva-Janesville YVebster, Edward Jack-VVaterloo Wledge, Dorothy G.-VVinthrop Page 270 Vveclge, Zinta Nlarie-YVinthrop YVeeks, Nlary C'athel'ine-llampton, 87, 136, 138, 143 Vveepie, Mrs. Rita Kane-lndependence VVeiss, Elynor Lucille-VVaterloo, 171 Vllelbes, Alvin Mathew-XVaterloo Vvelp, VVillis Fmery-Kamrar VVeltz, Nadene Kathryn--Cedar Falls VVendel, Betty Mae-Elwood, 163 VVemlel, Roland King-Meservey YVeneger, Betty Lou-Manchester, 159 Vllessel, Karla Kathryn-Charles fity VVesterherg, Lorraine I'lZll'l'1C1iCZlll8I1ClE1', 147, 183, 215 Yvestfall, Audrey Virginia-Sergeant Bluff, 151, 212, 214 VVhite, Nlrs. Helen Frances-Carson Lake, Minn. Wlhite, James Irvin-Cedar Falls, 188, 191 YVhite, Leona-Mallard YVhite, Norman E., jefferson, 87, 135, 188, 191 YVhitley, Velma Irene-Fayette, 154 Vllhitney, Josephine Ann-VVest Fnion, 214 Vvhittenhurg, Patricia Jean-Dickens Vllickersharn, -lean Marjorie-Cellar Falls VViese, ,lean Vllinnirred-Adel, 90 VVildman, Mrs. Ruth Patridge-Maynard Vllille, Marv Elaine-Shelbyville, III., 164 YVilliams, Chester Travis-Grandview, 184 Vvilliams, Vonice D.-Madrid, 150, 162, 183 VVilliamson, Vllanda Iona-Battle Creek, 212 VVillmotr, Maxine M.-Oto, 87, 149 VVillsey, Iris Dolores-VVaverly VVilson, Carol Rhae-Grundy Center, 213 VVilson, Doris Ruth-Gowrie 'VVilson, John Henry-Tama Vvindfelllt, Verla Mae-Gray, 183 XVinn, Shirley Evelyn-Oelwein VVinter, Dorothy V.-Cedar Falls VVinther, Marjorie Ann--Osage, 212 VVirth, Ruth Irene-Garwln Wliseman, Betty Lou-Rockwell City Vllisner, Marilyn E.-VVaterloo Page 271 Wlistey, Glenn Myron-Clear Lake, 197 XVithaarcl, -lohanna H.-llolland, 95, 140 Vllithers, Seth George-Red VVing,', Minn., 188, 191 VVitherspoon, llelen Louise-Evanston, lll., 150, 171 Vvitt, Nlaxine Helen-Keystone, 90, 183 Xvolcott, Lucile-Des Moines, 95, 167 VVolf, llelen L.-Luverne, 150 VVolfe, VVilma liclith-Hazleton, 90 Vllolstecl, Gwendolyn Mary-Cedar Falls, 169, 215 XVolter, Clarence XVesley-Marshalltown VVomholt, Nlarlx' Frances-Red Oak, 120, 141, 213, 214 Yvoorl, Nancy Margaret-lies Moines, 141, 170, 212, 213 Vvooclworth, Dorothy Lea-Manson, 150 Xvoolverton, Charlene Lee-Cedar Falls, 28, 156, 164 Vvooten, Lola Charlene-l'nion, 150, 712 WVordehoff, Mary Vitalis-Cedar Falls VVorden, Vvancla Louise-Davenport, 163 XVright, Delma Ci.-Adel, 90, 148, 181, 214 VVyatt, Alma lantha-Hardy Vvyatt, Alta lsahel-l'1aruly VVyatr, Dorothea Evelyn-Cedar Falls Yvyatr, Marjorie Nlarie-Uerlar Falls, 87, 144, 156 Vilyrick, Pauline-Baldwin, 148, 163 Y Yeoman, Roxie Ann Mary-Monticello York, Ella Mae-Cedar Falls, 87 Young, Mary Ella-Perry, 95, 151, 162, 184 Yungclas, .lohn llenry-Cedar Falls, 215 Yungclas, Virginia Mae-Vvehster City Z Zahnd, Margaret Emma-St. Anthony, 90 Zahrt, Fred VVilliam, jr. CTunneyD-Rossie, 212 Zeller, -Dorothy Fileen-fresco, 150 Zickuhr, Margaret Ann-Sumner, 97 Zimmerman, Alene Ruth-Cedar Falls, 147, 156, 163 Zuhak, Helen Ann-VVaterloo Zuhradt, Russell VVilliam-Alta jhan , . George l-l. l-lolmes, direcTor oT Teachers College Bureau oT PublicaTions. Gail Fluhrer, secreTary, Bureau oT Pul9licaTions. RoberT J. Collins oT The Economy fXclyerTising Company, lowa CiTy. Gwynne WesTon oT The WaTerloo Engraving Company, WaTerloo. Lois Ealrr and Joseph SeTula oT Ramsey's PhoTography STudio, Ceclar a s l-larold F. BeckeTT oT The KingslcraTT Cover Company. Chicago. The Teachers College TaculTy and adminisTraTion members. The H946 OLD GOLD sTaTT. Thank you Tor your excellenT cooperaTion anol The many hours you'ye spenT in puTTing ouT The I946 CLD GOLD. The EdiTor

Suggestions in the University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) collection:

University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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