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1 .4-r .. ,NYY -I .51 'I iff- , . gn :A N 'Y fn" ,gr . , 1 , , .J f-,-. .Lys- - Q w- '- 4, g.,, - 1 -,-:rf , . . .. 4,2 .Q Q I-.g -ll- -an 'F . f ,.,, , , ,H J , QT '?r'fg5,?g ' A,:'fI,f-Yiiiha f -f'Luj'.'f'f 1: .-13, -,.'.f'x' lm, - 2132 -3 ,,-1 , f,-5. . :' ' '4- fxf-'-' lf'7"4 L-H3 .5 g -ifffif ' N .IL 'Z -, - ff' 1 4, ' -- Lf-?1?.FfE 24.51 - 5. Y ,J ,'.u:L,i J' l1:'E"f if if , .W.?',,5-,V+ 3.5 H','E-im, . 'r:3'4.'Q':!iA , '- , 1174211 ., - ,-.-1-133.3 X .. aku -5 :LGF I. ,, L1:D1jgf,ag:E' V 221-:1 I 4' - -W.: ,,, A-Q, . H. ,.-- , ,, ' " " -1:-1-4. - '-1m'!lfSE'fQ'. - ,ans-'WP wggfl-aim ' ' 13:1- I --..-, Jeni-- f.- Q Laing! 1. -:fr-5: - I-F3 . +14 'Z"',: .- rin-543 ' : 0193- - 'L 1-1:1'f12:f,'Elz-4.14: f 5 ,gf-'L'..,a , Q: Wyg., '15, Hip, 5, .Bs , - J.i,,N L+ -Gif .--4 '-131:21-'Qi'-' . .uns 1 ,. , . . 'Wif- ,L , ., ,,,A .. Q- 'M . '. Y . x - -17 ""-514 U. . -L . 1 - :fi -af.-1,531afI3g.'1i, 1 f - - -- -v.- ,I ' J- W:-2-ii'1F'- A I " V' ' gpiwfmwp' 1'44--A-':'-159,-ii-Jifwlgifw Y j' '5f1.'.f' 5f6E3'f'.i?"ffE!ffa'?-fr ' ' ' f , ' -' Jdffif-NP, ' ' 1 1 y,e51'n.4La... fl ,W -s If ,f .'?r.Ju 51... ..:-1 Q"H37A- an 5- -721, 'f.51:7'E': 9 1 111--4-'2.i-me-111 vm-1: ff, Ani . ff ACRE. -HM a- ? -- yeygrigiyx 5 ' 'f - -- , .- I " . . , , 9. . ix,-ijt: ,V -,-1-L., . . .. .q Lzrzibmi ' . D-xi-,fgwf-E:--1' fa- 31 , 4?-iiff' if . V i-fi.--,iz-Z.: .3 ff: ' LJ . - -'.".,j?,'j .1?-Lrsrrx.- ,. ,, 53.-.-ff-'.-1' T ,.,, .,.4l,.., 1, l - ,az-.1 -H-.Nfl .1 , , .,.4,. 1- ..,, , L, ff: 3? 3- ffi f a I I l 5, f F 711 I1 11 x L, A' -+L 21 f 1 J 1.,7 131 4 H. I - I 1 1 l-'I f, , .,--. 1,1--4 A -rm ., . ji xiii ' . '. gz- P ' 611. ,. j,-3 Lv i-'14 .:7i'f'z1"5'u-"ff'i'Zr'!' -' 'iff-' '. '-,fl -ix 3- Q? 5 I M ' 'UM wa: -5 NV N ,J W. ' J 1 .-ww T ..., if. J' .J ' . ,gm 4 I , . ,. .943 - , .Par ,I T162 :lf ., . ,,, , . ,fn ini? f E. ,4,,--3 .-gr. . J. ia. f'- - Q1 :iff ,. i' ii ' -, A L f 'V fl-:.a NLE? L . -, i ,N , , 1 'fri A W 2 ,.Lrjfp'. :l1'4.1.-. i2:ri?i!f.5 - . ,. -'L . v K X , , ' -, '-': X w ,' '1 ,Q g my jf V 4 w, , V-'xg 1 ,, .1 4 , Q'1,1j:3 1' 1 :'Kf."'iU4i .-L.-A5 :am F- A- - ' -Yfixizb'-:V-"3 ,, yn. QM,1:f,L,,:'3L,-, -. . 1,' I' klffi-.. -y ' - . ?wL?1s:3Eg21'7fg: -. 'f u:nS27!M:,- '- fl mgglvw -1.3 . pl, ,xgygljw-4. ' 5 . , .. - r -Q1 vm' v- fu uf ala-,1,H pyxnvgii' ij Q, W. 4 x f ., ,. ll.. ,- 5 QL- .4-111.1'f,-:QL 1 1' . 1-11-frgw"?:'wr?3zi. trfmvrfrl 4 1 sr-32.14 ' , . . . J, . , " .., 'Q K 11 1 A I c: 'XR " V f ,W , w Aw I , ,, I ' 1 r ' v THIRTY NINE COPYRIGHT 19139 IOWA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE CEDAR FALLS, IOWA CALVIN CHASE, Editor in Chief LEO STROUP, Mdnoqinq Editor EUGENE BOVEE, Art Editor f ' ROY OLSEN Business Mcmcrqer MARK YAGGY Photographer DR. E. J. CABLE DEDIC i 'A'A , . ',efi'Ef-A55V11Qf5.Q": Q ,", A " A . "7'fY 5 -gsvivif' ' fi ls- HTWQQW -'Tw 'Y fig s? M1 ,Ai 742 ' ' r 51 Q' sq X' .fngg isfhu 3 5 6 A Q Ci, i x sw. 4 ' ,N Q ,Q Q fr- if z , A 1-1-,Stl X ,Qs 4' ,I 1 V 5 t Q , X wg x NS W. 1 I . . . member of Phi Beta Head of Science Department Kappa, Sigma Xi and Tri Beta . . . on campus thirty- two years . . . Wife a tormer student . . . cherry pie his favorite dessert . . . Woodworking and raising fancy tomatoes his hobbies . . . tarciiness his pet peeve. ATICDINI Hunt points the way. '1 College life is a series oi pictures-some hazy, some clear- cut. Pictures oi registration confusion, l-lell Week night- mares, pep meeting enthusiasm, smooth swing music, homecoming frenzy, "Liloe" olating, committee meetings, exam cramming, anol commencement finality-all this shown in the pages of your l939 QLD GOLD. 4,14 gi.- 'Mi ,i,:-,:- '- Q, vp V ,fl 1, R l , , l . xox V If J ,Ln xi V, ix i , V-U K. N! V , . , ,. ,-., BUCK x CQNTENTS BUCK 2 Class Presidents discuss pertinent questions , "', L3 '-" WW. EW fhniwlwh we J 'Shui-fs: , .-.' 3 iifi zf1:+:i7gf3g:4 "', 'Q , X i5i':3fi':'fa' '-" 4 lf- WT ' "1-A "Fi: Iii?-FY' 'f' 'Tu 1 " "' " A -'1?::1vif1'rwrf- ...W NWAS , ,.,.-,., ...., ..,.. .- , -FY Y.T.'v1L.'. , V -1- f Q11-i V H-H' - WH- -- -A-w w- CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION STUDENT ADMINISTRATION FACULTY AND DEPARTMENTS OE INSTRUCTION AGENCIES I-IONORARIES GRADUATES EEATURES iw w- fl A. fa! 'by 11' 3: y BN by f YQ j P J V 6? Q :1 L 54 n if X' yr QK Ei H3 M' i WK, y. QQ l3J,z.,Aq Q-1J,Qx WNX Page 14 Page 15 --, .A., , . Ha., zf J' 5 J 1 V , ,-1151 ,-. ,l 'T 1 I Presidents daughter comes home. Recently released from the press comes a volume entitled "The College Tourney," in which the author informs prospective stu- dents concerning the total scene that lies before him. From the standpoint of making one sense the joys of acquaintance with human knowledge, the author has made a significant contri- bution. That acquaintance with the arts and the sciences, and the tools of a particular profession is a fact of Which an ad- ministrator may never lose sight. As one looks back upon a college career, it is for this acquaintance that one is most thankful. Yet one's most pleasant recollections frequently come from some trivial incidents only remotely connected with the pursuit of knowledge. To preserve the memories of col- lege life is the distinctive function of the college annual. The editors of the l939 CLD GCLD have so truly caught the spirit of their opportunity and responsiloility that for the students of the lowa State Teachers College, the book might well loe called, "The College Tourney." amz Wm., LARSQN BQARDMAN COLE PQ NELSON CAMPBELL REED in .2'M"'w.,9 ., l 3 It qi "ri" 'fre .1 f' tv. 2' gtrrf Y r fix lx N y lx l 2 fx it f Af? 4 . ZXSK vt , .iv 1 v X- ,I -i. WR I flu' 'x N'-ef xxx EX. aff' E E dj I ! I . lx .fl xf H Y f' if ltf- A' o5::U EQEW CDHSDE oFbZ QEO0 'QT UUE new 25105 E251 oss: D2 CDQQQ Gmac: Eillcnw sofa Q34 9.43 3520 mile Eos BZ QQQ. asf? Q05 CD33 SSE- 335 rov- 325 855' 89,3 or Eg? rgrsr. :S CPEQ . .t y, I, l N DEAN GE WOMEN-Miss Campbell takes upwards of one thou- sand girls under her wing, finds work for them, keeps them from getting homesick, and helps them lead normal college lives dur- ing their stay here. ln fact, Dean Campbells office buzzes with workl DEAN OE MEN-Dean Reed, likewise, holds a very important position. Keeping nearly seven hundred fellows within bounds is enough. l-le also assists in sponsoring college dances and he acts as adviser to the lnter-Fraternity Council and to Men's Union. BUSINESS MANAGER-lf you once possessed a Model T that rambled right along, you might become business manager some day. Mr. Boardman got his start that way Now he wrests room rents and college fees from coinless college kids! lt can be done, you know. REGISTRAR-Mr. Larson keeps track of those elusive credits earned at the institution and prepares interesting little balance sheets. To careless students he may pro- nounce, "Thou shalt not graduate! " SUPEFHNTENDENT OE GROUNDS-Mr. Cole has some- thing to do besides putting up signs that say "Please" With the rapid strides he has made in the way of land- scaping, he can take pride in a campus beautiful. P 17 BENDER, DOUGLAS, SMITH, CAMPBELL, REED STUDENT WELFARE COMMITTEE The Student Welfare Committee is a committee appointed by President Latham "to advise the dean of men and the dean of Women on all matters pertaining to the general Welfare of students." ln carrying out this purpose this committee functions also as an ad- visory committee to the student council for projects on Which they are Working or which they Wish to initiate. They have been particularly interested this year in helping the council in their project of developing a point system for extra and semi-curricular activities. This committee is the one which select- ed the list of student Who's Who from a group of sixty candidates prepared by the OLD GOLD. Dean Sadie Campbell is ex-officio chairman and Dean Leslie Reed is ex-officio secre- tary. The faculty members Who are elected for three year terms are Miss May Smith, Mr. L. V. Douglas, and Mr. Paul Bender. Page 1 8 r. Denny expounds his 'pet' theory. 1'. the Cable and Miss Lambert verify rules. New Cborn November, l937D, the Faculty Senate has the general responsibility for determining the educa- tional policy of the college, subject always to the ap- proval of the State Board of Education. The Senate is composed of the heads of the l4 academic depart- ments, and a group of lil professors, associate profes- sors, or assistant professors elected by the entire fac- ulty. The Senate meetings are open to all members of the faculty, and the minutes of Senate meetings are sent to all of them. Meetings are held at the call of the President or Dean of the Faculty. The Senate was created to replace the faculty in policy matters be- cause that body's efficiency was hampered by its rapid growth. However, the faculty as a legislative body has not been discontinued, it is normally dor- mant, but still can assemble and legislate. Page 19 Decorations for Homecoming. Relaxation in the Rose Room. GREEN, HAIGHT HILL, MOIR PECK, SMILEY Page 20 Petey pours Miss Peck entertains. BARTLETT HALL Page 21 CE ALL SAD WORDS-Those girls who live in Bartlett Hall are fortunate to be living in a dormitory with all lcinds of conveniences. But they have their troubles! There was the time when one of the fairer sex there felt an urge to alter the furnishings in her room. She hailed a neighbor to help. Manfully, they wrestled with cords, and presto, out Went the lights in the reception room! For ten minutes all was in blissful darkness! Was it ten? No, just ra little tiny bit after. What a boon it might have been for that 9:5235 goodnight. So We maintain that-OE ALL SAD WORDS GE TONGUE OR PEN, Tl-IE SADDEST AEE THESE ' " " WHERE WERE THE MEN ? Musi have been cz miscue. So thcxfs Where they get their clothes ' AKER Taking it easy. Page 22 EOR MEN QNLY-Some hundred bundles of brain and brawn for Mrs. Madge Bock, director, to control. Some hundred electric razors to start capering in the midst ot a good radio program. Some hundred beds to be slipped surrepitiously out ot rooms when the occupants are absent from home. HAM. MRS. BOCK, Direct Page 23 EOR HEAVENS SAKES-So said Seerley l-lall when Baker l-lall stole its tug-o-War trophy. A ducking ot the Balcerites was threatened. A general alarm was sounded, but two diplomatic presidents de- clared a truce. Later, the trophy Was returned at the Men's Union dance in the fall quarter. EOR PERFECT ElGURES-Baker l-lall tussles with Seerley in impromptu football games beneath the flood lights ot the campus. While the Baker Boys do not expect recognition in Who's Who as the greatest tootball squad ever known, neither are they tearful ot Seerley usurping the honor! M 1'.,' E 'xi . Decorating for H Getting omecoming ready for the hop. Penny cmte. Boland shoots-misses. s Y N X Y . . fi F. , V.. , w ,u HAM Page 24 Peters calls 396. HERE CCMES THE PARADE! What must Mrs. lasmann, director, think of this? Paiama-clad-pedagogues-in-the-making start on their nightly trek. No need to be disturbed, however, for it is just a case ot those meanies at Baker Hall breaking in the Seerley tire alarm. Seerley Hall wouldn't do that! Oh, no, no, not Seerley Hall must have more real he-men than Baker Hall, as is evi- denced by their victory in the tug-o-War this year. They also must be more artistic, for they won the trophy for homecoming decorations. incidentally, it was immediately placed under lock and key. Seerley Swains aren't distrusttul of humanity, just cautious. To many men on the campus, Seerley spells "Home, Sweet Home" g to the women, it spells "Home of Eligible Young Bachelors." Mirror illusion. MRS. IASMANN, Director Page 25 Stags, Miss Smiley kniis to relax. Van de Water gets goodly portion. Tau Sigs around piano. Page 26 V 1, . .1 , i , , -, . l . .3 it ' V z 1. ' , -. , ' ' "Some line!" she marvels. Soulfully, she searches the eyes of Big Blue-Eyed Blond. Guilelessly, he spreads it on. Dancing at noons and evenings finds them floating around the ballroom, lost in love's young dream. A smooth, polished floor makes dancing at the Commons enticing. "What a linel " he mutters. Hundreds of famished femmes and fellows crowd the foyer. Hot, juicy steaks, vegetables, cool salads, and desserts, a la divine, entice the collegians to the Commons Cafeteria. "Not a line!" she mumbles. Sorrowfully, Bartlett Hall Beauty peers into an empty mailbox at the Commons. Disgustedly, she turns away. "Hold that line!" she -murmurs. Hurriedly the operator finds the room number. Buzz-buzz-"Theres your party! By means of the Commons' switchboard, Bartlett Hall Beauty is on the wire and Big Blue-Eyed Blond negotiates a date for that all important week-end event for does he?D. "Lovely Lines," they mention. Visitors praise the Commons building from without and within. The commons, truly a thing of beauty and joy. HO hum Hqghf Skips The masquerade isn't o Hobbies Mirage? Miss Peck, director Page 27 lt's possible to study this Way. Whc1t's the use? Miss Duncan, head librarian " 'Two Women Before a Mirror' stumps mel" Students en route to a study "date" or just to study puzzle over the modernistic cre- ations ot artists or revive their interest in the old masters from the pictures that cover the Walls ot the lower floor of the library. Be- sides the large reading room and the general library there is a fiction room tor those who have spare moments, a music and art room tor the artists, a luvenile library tor the prospective primary or grade school teacher, and an education room for the whole population of the College. What's in the rooms? Hundreds of books, besides tour-thousand new ones bought this last year. Page 28 l Page 29 Crcrming for tests. 5" Admiring the pictures in the 'Libe. Bill Richards picks cx bodk. ry and Cub ew . Cid troplcol room th Umm Ve TY P tt Y mire e Schoot under qtdsst P-rtrtod hronqht to 'towdt Turttes exposed to eduodttont The conserydtory ts d trtpte thredt tnstttnttont The new qreenhouse, Whtch wth be GXXTXOSY "Ptdnted" tn two yedrs, oontdtns tour tob- ordtortes, ot troptodt qdrden with two ptdnt houses tor retuvendttnq sprtnq teyer tn wtnter, ond or work- roorn to qtddden the hedrts ot tonddtnoy Burhdntcs. ' n dthqdtor, "Pdhe" hors rvdtory s treshrnd ' recent Cot- The conse qdtned odrnpns-wide reooqnttton rn oi teqe Eye tedtnre story. THE NEW Men. Your chotnce! By the summer of l94O there will be room on the cgrnpus for two hundred ctnd ninety-four more delights of cz rndn's eye. Putting ctbout four hundred thousand dollctrs to work, the new residence is being built in the some style ds Botrtlett l-ldll. Looking with ctn eye to the future, the ddrninistrgtion provided thot the new wing, west of the present residence hotll for women, cdn be eX- pcznded when necessity insists. RESHDENCE HALL PCR WQMEN Bartlett Addition rises Desol .tion, or Worr And h h . led cf t ey ou omother load ow y Top Row: Sawyer, Graber, Quirin, Atkins Second How: Ballou, Brouillet, Colburn, Cowan Third Row: Cupp, De long, Fisher, Gilbert H N R Fourth Row: Glade, Llewelyn, Kenderdine, Knostman, Kreussel FRAIERVHTY t CQUNCH Fifth Row: Parrott, Schuchert, Shugart, Smith Tonsfeldt wif 1-:R 5. 'ii gi r 1 -I . HQTER S Q, Q R U Top ROW: Schley. Shuqfrrt Second How: Lundquist, Hunt ' Third Row: Benz, Chase, Irwin V Q Ll N H Li Fourth Row: Iordan, Riebe, Taylor Each oi these heart throbs and sweet young things represents a soror- ity or a fraternity. They decide how much lcindling rnay be used in hell-week fires and how much the ilarnes may be fanned. Besides, they supervise all parties and dances given by sororities and frater- nities during the year. With Harry Schley and Eileen Sawyer as pres- idents oi the two groups, the social organizations were active through- . out the year. Behold the high and mighty rulers of the campus sister- hoods and lorotherhoods. Page 34 1 l 'UDENT OUIXICIL XID CMMITTEES ln an effort to stimulate interest in Stu- dent Council work, this year's student governing body, led by President loe Beavo, initiated the practice of publish- ing the Minutes of the Council meetings in the College Eye. The broad objectives of this year's Stu- dent Council, were a more efficient stu- dent government and a greater partici- pation among students in campus activ- ities. These objectives were carried out by students chosen at large. ln the Spring quarter a new permanent com- mittee was added to investigate and in- stitute school customs and traditions. Again, Mothers Day, Homecoming, Dad's Day, and a truly novel Recogni- tion Day were supervised by special committees of the Council. Stand up and cheer for the standing com- mittees! lt takes stamina to stand all year on a committee! Doris Kirgis head- ed the Organization Committee, which produced a comprehensive plan to en- courage wider student participation in campus activities. Bigger and 'better elections were a cinch with Andrew Roeder at the helm of the Elections Com- mittee. lnterest in lectures and entertain- ment was greatly stimulated by Chair- man Dorothy Wurtzer, while Catherine Spooner, Social Life Committee chair- man, efficiently kept the social cycle whirling. loe McPherson, key man of the Orientation Committee, deserves much credit for "opening the doors" of college life to bewildered Tutor Cubs. Page 35 Top Row: Beavo, Colburn Second How: Lambertson, Bovee - Third Row: Cross, Dycus Fourth Row: Kendle, Mast, Pollins t Iohn Cross, next year's president is interested. ,i v- 1, L, It df. 1' 4 f., fi i it F' "-f W f' " f 5' "' lt' 3, fx li -, 2, l X I-yi Q2 ,A p li, fr, 13' l -11.1 9 5 .ls J 1 v - 1' 1 -e ' 5 9 v li F ' ' ' a ,. . i g 4 - l l I, ' .. E. U N -'14 . - --Y. Feast your eyes on this galaxy of genius. Now you are looking at the femmes who lead the women to their places in college life. Many of the worries are about Fannie the Frosh when she makes her col- lege debut. After they get the wide-eyed newcom- ers settled, they calm down to quite an ordinary existence again. However, all is not lost, for there are always important meetings to keep the officers dashing. Social standards are regulated by a com- mittee centering its attention on campus etiquette. Another committee works on customs and tradi- tions, in an effort to make the college something more than just a collection of buildings. Senior women who were outstanding in student and cam- pus life, were honored this year at a special eve- ning ceremony. An impressive induction service, including a formal dinner, was on the schedule of spring activities. Every woman student in Teachers College automatically becomes a full-fledged mem- ber of the Women's League when she matriculates her first year. Page 36 Page 37 .1 ,ax Top Row: Lund, Kuoche, Brindley Second Row: Boardman, Harman, Horqcm Third RoW:. Iohnston, Kenderdine, McKe11ips Fourth Row: Newton, Odlcmd, Shuquri, Smith Top How: Olsen, Krcxfit Second Row: Muir, Dix, Benz Third Row: Bovee, Garrett, Legler Fourth Row: Maurer, Pattee, Sims Page 38 Page 39 MENS Nl l With unprecedented vigor, the Men's Union, head- ed by Roy Olsen, stepped in line with the College program at the beginning of the l938-39 school year. Aid to incoming Freshmen Was extended through the efforts of Earl Miller, representative to the Stu- dent Council Orientation Committee. An appeal to all college men was made in September through the Men's Union Play Day, featuring a Baker-Seerley Tug O' War. Continuance of this fun fest is assured, judging by its great success this year. Another in- teresting activity, which Went over in a big Way, was the conducting of several basketball broad- casts-one at the Winter Dinner and the other dur- ing a Saturday Night Varieties program at the Com- mons. Eugene Bovee gave the body able represen- tation on the Student Council. Delegates to the Stu- dent Council's standing committees were Bob Pat- tee, Social Life, and Dugan Laird, Organizations. Both of these men are deserving of much credit for their untiring efforts in assisting the respective chairmen. PRES!-IMAN AND SGPHCDMORE .A A..,. x "' CLASS OFHCERS Pa CLASS Oi-HCHQS JUNKDR AND SENQQR I A. Q, FULLER DirectOf St friend DYQGYV finds Marr Emma of me Alumni in khe llles RU t?tfAt.l QT? ALUMNI AWARE Lost: one friend and his address. Where to find him? ln the files of the Bureau of Alumni Affairs and Public School Relationships. Any graduate complete with name, occu- pation, date of graduation and whereabouts in the files may be the one you are looking for. The Alumnus, which roams around to more than fifteen thousands persons, is the magazine which each term lets the world know about some of the graduates and about the present state of af- fairs at the College. The Bureau, five years old next Sep- tember, helps to sponsor Alumni groups in Chicago, Oma- ha, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. In addition, this Bureau does field Work which includes the finding out of what high schools think about the lowa State Teachers College. Page 44 G, H. Direg-1 HOLMES u Y and Burrell pfepcz PY l 1 X , Y EUR Page 45 EAUCWlWJHjCAlKNNJ The Work of the Bureau of Publications is to put the name of the Iowa State Teachers College on the map and keep it there. Under the direction of Mr. George Holmes it Writes, issues, and does some more issuing. Stacks of "Alumnuses," l5,000, flood the country four times a year, booklets featuring college life, 30,000 circulate among high school seniors, programs that help the floundering football fan to pick out his favorite pigskin carrier, and handbooks of College programs and events are given by the Depart- ment to the inquisitive College-goer. Besides publicizing the College's Co-eds and Eds, this department also pro- vides supervisory assistance for the proceedings of the College Eye, Student newspaper, and for the CLD GOLD. DR' G Director Erbe participate in G d b I GH Grant, ijiixiisglission at torum pane BUREAU OF PEI-ICICI,IS ACTIVITIES "And where is the division between the director of reli- gious education at lowa State Teachers College and the pastor ot the lnterdenominational Church?" That is a question unanswered, even by the Bureau of Religious Activities. This Bureau supervises the United Student Movement, makes a place for religion on the campus, teaches religion and philosophy by means oi studies in the curriculum, and through the director Dr. Knott, gives individual counselling. Among the prominent speakers brought to campus by this department oi the College were Edward Steiner, ot Grinnellg and Paul Popenoe, oi Los Angeles. Also presented were the early Wednesday morning services during Lent, and Sunday evening all- college forums where anyone can present his own views on social problems discussed. Page 46 ERALD KN OA? Page 47 Director The Bureau of Research is a service bureau. Shalcy fresh- men are "snapped" by Dr. I. B. Paul's camera on registra- tion day for future reference, and just before school begins, new students run through extensive placement tests pro- vided by this service. Professors who wish it, may come to this bureau for help in constructing course examina- tions for their many students. And, as the name implies, it is a research bureau. Soph- omores help the bureau in its research function by taking tests, the results of which are compared with the results of sophomores in other institutions. This data is the basis for suggestions submitted to the faculty. The latest study be- ing made is for the development of a plan whereby new students can reasonably judge their potential success in the field of teaching. BlclRFAt,l O RESEARCH K CQQFYH Hiller ma S College f V915 or Tests are The quick CO1'reCfed WQ Y i HART .. - ectgl' i J te ains the reading rest chart tPiTlErlNilSllffDlXl lfllvlilflixl The extension service is a great power line which reaches out and carries the influence of lowa State Teachers Col- lege to the farthest corners of the state. This service doesn't count its work in mere numbers of hundredsg more than seven thousand teachers and forty-one thousand pupils were directly reached during the past year. Work is done by extension class work, correspondence courses, and consultative service. A departure, involving work of a different nature has been initiated this year by the assignment of Dr. E. H. Henrilcson to direct a speech correction program involv- ing all the teachers of the town and city schools and a few of the rural teachers in Mitchell County. Page 48 DR. F. N DfTeo!oyEAD Page 49 We Briggs: Pulse rate normal, temperatu high. t . 1 t '- ' 't ,Q ff 1, lmE"i6 Elm' 5 Ext m It if II ,-I F ll G3 1' lg Qu 't x ,J .1 "H, W' 1,3 "1-, t U rem if 4 '. 1 Hwy LM, L -i W 1 wmif ite: the hospital if you Free: Your health and five days in ' h With two doctors Dr F. N. Mead and Dr. Anita wis . , . Green on the campus, lowa State Teachers College is "healthfully" provided. ln order to aid the student sorne- d t health and good what in starting 'on the right roa o des the Health Service gives each student a thorough QTCT 1 physical examination at the beginning of the year. lf rse comes to worst during the year, an efficient staff at wo either of the two College hospitals await the patient who lc the trip there When the usual galaxy of conta- ma es . gious diseases appears during the winter, the l-lealth ' h Service Staff imrnunizes free of charge those students w o wish to have it done. Flu victirns this year filled the hos- ' ' d ital to overflowing, and life for the doctors an nurses P alike became very active. . CH xv. GOET DR' E Direcfof ion Cards' Ycctt hacks me Opp 1 Miss Gump C PLACEMEIXI BUREAU This world is a game of chance, and a better chance you have, says the Placement Bureau, if, when teaching you can be the person on whom everyone piles the jobs from playing on the faculty badminton team to icing a cake for the lunior-Senior Banguet. After your grades, person- ality chart, and list of achievements are filed away in a cabinet, you are ready to sail away to some superintend- ent's office to be interviewed. The Bureau hit a ten-year high of finding positions for 97.46 per cent of the students who graduated in l937 and l938, and during the ten years, there have been twelve thousand placements in lowa, one thousand outside of the state. And where else do they go? Well, Alaska, Burma, Egypt, the Hawaiian lslands, Philippines, and Panama Canal Zone. Page 50 1 'K 1? 1 1 1 'l' V g X X ' X 1 1 1 1 W z,- 1 ' V1 , ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 - V ,,,, ' L 1, if-1 ., f - 'M 1- 1, 11" 1 1 1 1 11 93, 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 " 1 1 1 ." 1 1 '1 1 '11 ' I Ry ! ' 3 ! 1 1 gf I 1 11 1 ' "Q 1 1 1 1! 1 . 1, 13 ' ' 1 1 Y L J ju 47 , 1 L A XYTVV L ' 1' - 11' - 1 1 11 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 X 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 1 X X J 1 1 1 1 pf' 1 J W , 1 X Y X 1 1 1 ' 1 f 1 1 ' 1 L , 1 ,,,11 if ! 11 6 x w , 1. " W K L. -f ACULTY R. L. ABBOTT, Professor of Bioloqtfi B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.S., Ph.D., Unis versity of Wisconsin. ALISON E. AITCHISON, Professor of Geography: B.S., State University of Iowa: M.S., University of Chicago. MARY C. ANDERSON, Assistant Professor of Teach- ing: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., State University of Iowa. AMY F. AREY, Associate Professor of Educa- tion: BS., M.A., Columbia University. WIL- BERT C. ARNDT, Instructor in Teaching: B.E., Mankato, Minnesota, State Teachers College: M. A., University of Minnesota. CHARLES H. BAILEY, Professor of Industrial Arts and I-lead of the Department of Arts: B.S. Columbia Uni- versity. OLIVE L. BARKER, Instructor in Voice: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia University. RUSSELL BAUM, Instructor of Piano. MARSHALL R. BEARD, Associate Pro- fessor of History: M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. LOUIS BEGEMAN, Professor of Physics, Emer- itus: B.S., M.S., University of Michigan: Ph.D., University of Chicago. PAUL E. BENDER, Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men: BAL, State University of Iowa: M.A., Columbia University. BERT E. BOOTHE, As- sistant Professor of English and I-Ieacl of the Department of English: B.A., Central State Teachers College: M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan. A. E. BROWN, Professor of Education: B.S., Baker University: M.A., Yale University: Ph.D,, State University of Iowa. ELISEBETI-I BRUG-GER, Instructor in Teaching and Director of the Nursery School: B.A., University of Nebraska: M.A., Columbia University. H. S. BUFPUM, Professor of Education: B.A., M.A., Pli.D., 'State University of Iowa. Page 52 KATHERINE BUXBAUM, Assistant Professor of English: B. A., State University of Iowa: M.A., University of Chicago. EMMETT I. CABLE, Professor of Earth Science and Head of the Department of Science: B.S., M.S., Cornell Col- lege: Ph.D., State University of Iowa. MARY P. CALDWELL, Assistant Professor of Teach- ing: B. A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia University. MARY I. CAMPBELL, Instructor of Home Eco- nomics: B.A., M.A., State University of Iowa. IOHN W. CHARLES, Professor of Education: B.A., M.A., Haverford College: Ph.D., State University of Iowa. AGNES B. COLE, Assist- ant Professor of Art: B.Ph., University of Chicago: M.A., Columbia University. IRA S. CONDIT, Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus: B. A., M.A., Parsons College. COR- LEY AGNES CONLON, Instructor in Art: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia University. LOUIS CROWDER, Assistant Pro- fessor of Piano: B.A., Carnegie Institute of Technology. HARRY C. CUMMINS, Associate Professor of Commercial Education: B.Di., Iowa State Teachers College. VERNER D. DELANEY, In- structor in Music Education: B.A., M.A., Uni- versity of Washington. E. C. DENNY, Profes- sor of Education and Head of the Department of Education: B.A., Indiana University: M.A., University of Chicago: Ph.D., State University of Iowa. ARTHUR DICKINSON, Instructor in Physical Education for Men: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., State University of Iowa. MARGARET DIVELBESS, Assistant Professor of Teaching: B.A., Grinnell College: M.A., .W Columbia University. ANTHONY DONATO, Assistant Professor of Violin: B. Mus., M. Mus., Eastman School of Music, University of Roch- ' ester. Page 53 F!-RCU LTY .3 I L. V. DOUGLAS, Associate Professor of Corn- mercial Education and Head of the Depart- ment of Commercial Education: B.S., M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. CARI- I-I. ERBE, Professor of Government: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Ph.D., State Uni- versity of Iowa. W. B. PAGAN, Professor of English: B.A., Earlham College: M.A., Univer- sity of Kansas. RALPH R. FAHRNEY, Associate Professor of History: B.A., Mount Morris College: M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. ETHEL M. FITZ- SIMONS, Instructor of Teaching: B.A., Hastings College: M.A., University of Nebraska. MYRTLE E. GAFFIN, Instructor in Commercial Education: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., State University of Iowa. BEATRICE I. GEIGER, Professor of Home Eco- nomics and Head of the Department of Home Economics: B.S., University of Chicago: M.S., Columbia University: Ph.D., University of Wis- consin. ROBERT W. GETCHELL, Professor of Chemistry: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. WINI- FRED M. GILBERT, Associate Professor of Bi- o1oqYi B.S., M.S., Iowa State College: Ph.D., State University of Iowa. MARTIN L. GRANT, Assistant Professor of Biology: B.A., Oberlin College: M.A., Ph.D., University of Minnesota. NELIUS O. HAL- VORSON, Associate Professor of English: B.A., Luther College: M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. HERBERT V. HAKE, Assistant Pro- fessor of Speech: B.A., Central Wesleyan Col- lege: M.A., State University of Iowa. ROSE L. HANSON, Assistant Professor or Teaching: B.S., University of Nebraska: M.A, State University of Iowa. VVILLIAM E. HAYS Assistant Professor of Voice: B. Mus., Chicago Musical College: M. Mus., DePaul University. IUNETTA I-IEINONEN, Associate Professor ot Teaching: B.A., M.A., University of Michigan: Ph.D., University of Chicago. FACULTY Page 54 FACULTY versity. versity. E. H. HENRIKSON Assistant Professor of Speech: BA University of Oregon M A Ph.D., State University of Iowa S FREEMAN HERSEY, Associate Professor of Physics Em eritusg B.Ph Beloit College FRANK W HILL Instructor of Violin Viola and Theory B Mus M. Mus., Eastman School of Music University of Rochester GEORGE H HOLMES Director of the Bureau of Publications BA MA University of Michigan HARALD B HOLST Assistant Pro fessor of Voice B Mus M Mus American Conservatory of Music IOHN W HORNS Instructor in Art BS Universitv of Minn sotap M.A Columbia University DOROTHY HUMISTON Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women BA Univer sity of Minnesota M A Columbia University Ph.D., New York University MARY B HUN TER, Associate Professor of Economics BA Iowa State Teachers College MA Umversity of Chicago CYRIL L IACKSON Associate Professor of Teachirg and Principal of the Col lege High School B A Grinnell College M A State University of Iowa W. H. KADESCH Professor of Physics BS Ohio Wesleyan University M Ph Ph D Uni versity of Chicago DORA E KEARNEY A sistant Professor of Teaching B A M A Uni versity of Minnesota GERALD E KNOFP Director of the Bureau of R ligious Activities B.A., Southern College BD PhD Yale Uni DOROTHY MAO KOEHRING Assistant Pro fessor in Teaching B A Kai as State Univcr sityg M.A Columbla University Ph D Yale University EDWARD KURTZ Professor of Violin and Composition and Head of the De partrnent of Music B Mus Detroit Conserva toryg ' M. Mus Cincinnati Conservatory of Music: M.A State University of Iowa EMMA F. LAMBERT Professor of Mathematics B Ph State University of Iowa M A Columbia Um Page 55 FACULTY LILLIAN V. LAMBERT, Professor of English, Emeritus: B.Ph., M.Ph., University of Chicago. FLOYD W. LAMBERTSON, Professor of Speech: B.A., Albion College: M.A.,'Northwestern Uni- versity: Ph.D., State University of Iowa. C. W. LANTZ, Professor of Biology: B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois. INGEBRIGT LILLEHEI, Professor of French and Spanish and Head of the Department of Lang- uages: B.A., M.A., University of Minnesota: Ph.D., University of Illinois. EVA MAY LUSE, Professor of Teaching and Director of Student Teaching: B.A., M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. SAMUEL A. LYNCH: Professor of Eng- lish, Emeritus: B.L., University of Missouri: M.A., University of Chicago. AGNES MCCLELLAND, Instructor in Home Eco- nomics: B.A., Hastings College: M.A., Colum- bia University. DAVID H. McCUSKEY, In- structor in Physical Education for Men: B.S., Iowa State Teachers College, M.A., Columbia University. GEORGE R. MACH, Assistant Pro- fessor of Commercial Education: B.S., M.S., University of Illinois. EDNA MANTOR, Instructor in Teaching: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia University. I... L. MENDENHALL, Professor of Physical Education for Men and Head of the Department of Physical Education for Men: I..L.B., M.A., State University of Iowa. FRANK IVAN MERCHANT, Professor of Latin and Greek, Emeritus: B.A., Shurtleff College: M.A., Ph.D., University of Berlin. DOROTHY MICHEL, Instructor in Physical Edu- cation for Women: B.S., University of Minne- sota: M.A., Columbia University. EDNA O. MILLER, Assistant Professor of Latin: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia University. MAUDE E. MOORE, Instructor in Physical Education for Women: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia Uni- versity. Page 56 IULIA M. MYERS, Instructor in Commercial Education: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia University. OLIVER M. NORDLY, Instructor in Physical Education for Men: B.A., Carleton College. RICHARDS C. OSBORN, Instructor in Economics: B.A., Stan- ford University: M.A., University of Southern California: Ph.D., University ot Illinois. OLIVE PAINE, Assistant Professor of Teach- ing: B.Ph., University of Chicago: M.A., Colum- bia University: Ph.D., Yale University. HAROLD G. PALMER, Instructor in Industrial Arts: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., State University of Iowa. BERTI-IA L. PATT, Professor of Art, Emeritus: Des Moines Academy of Art: New York Art Students' League. MARNA PETERSON, Associate Professor of Teaching: B.Ph. University of Chicago: M.A., Columbia University. ERMA BELLE PLAEI-IN, Instructor in Teaching: B.A., Cornell College: M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. ANNA- BELLE POLLOCK, Assistant Professor of Teach- ing: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., State University of Iowa. E. GRACE RAIT, Associate Professor of Teach- ing: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia University. H. EARL RATH, Associ- ate Professor of Health Education: B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State College. O. B. READ, Pro- fessor of Chemistry: B.Ph., Hillsdale College: M.A., University of Wisconsin. M. MILDRED RICE, Instructor in Teaching: B.S., Ohio University: M.A., Columbia Univer- sity. H. A. RIEBE, Professor of Education: B.Ph., M.Ph., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. SARA M. RIGGS, Associate Professor of History, Emeritus: B.L., University of Michi- gan. Page 57 FACU LTY E. ARTHUR ROBINSON, Instructor in English: B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University: M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University. GEORGE C. ROBIN- SON, Professor of Government: B.A., Univer- sity of Wisconsin: M.A., Ph.D., Harvard Uni- versity. IDA C. ROHLF, Assistant Professor of English: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., State University of Iowa. ROSE LENA RUEGNITZ, Assistant Professor of Piano: B.Mus., Northwestern University: M. Mus., Cosmopolitan Conservatory. MAE E. RUPPEL, Instructor in Teaching: B.A., Carthage College: M.A., Columbia University. MYRON RUSSELL, Instructor in Wood-Wind Instruments: B. Mus., Kansas State Agricultural College: M. Mus., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. LELAND L. SAGE, Associate Professor of His- tory: B.A., Vanderbilt University: M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois. GEORGE W. SAMSON IR., Instructor in Organ and Piano: Iowa State Teachers College. IOSEF SCHAEFER, Associ- ate Professor of German: State Examination, Ph.D., University of Freiburg. WINFIELD SCOTT, Professor of Agriculture: B.S., MS., University of Illinois: Ph.D., Iowa State College. ROLAND SEARIGHT, Assistant Professor of Viollncello and Conducting: B.A., Grinnell College: M.A., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. THELMA SHORT, Instructor in Physical Education for Women: B.S., M.A., Columbia University. R. O. SKAR, Associate Professor of Commercial Education: B.A., M.A., St. Olaf College: Ph.D., State University of Iowa, IOHN R. SLACKS, Associate Professor of Rural Education: B.Ph., M.A., University of Chicago. ERNESTINE L. SMITH, Instructor in Teaching: B.A., M.S., Uni- versity of Michigan. MAY SMITH, Associate Professor of Educa- tion: B.A., Coe College: M.A., Columbia Uni- versity. ANNA MARIE SORENSON, Associate Professor of English: B.A., M.A., State Univer- sity of Iowa. CLYDE L. STARBECK, Instructor in Physical Education for Men: B.S., South Dakota State College. FACULTY ACUI. Y MINNIE E. STARR, Assistant Professor of Teaching: B. Mus., M.S., Northwestern Uni- versity. MYRTLE M. STONE, Assistant Pro- fessor of Teaching: B.A., Washington State College: M.B.A., University of Washington. HAZEL B. STRAYER, Associate Professor of Speech: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.A., Columbia University. MARGUIRETTE MAY STRUBLE, Assistant Pro- fessor of Teaching: B.A., M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. SELINA M. TERRY, Pro- fessor of English: B.Ph., M.A., Hamline Uni- versity. ISABEL TI-IOMES, Associate Profes- sor of Spanish and French: B.A., University of Kansas: M.A., University of Michigan. M. R. THOMPSON, Professor of Economics and Head of the Department of Social Sci- ence: B.A., Western Union College: M.A., Ph.D., StateVUniversity of Iowa. CHARLES O. TODD, Associate Professor of Education: B.A., Indiana University: M.A., University of Chicago. MARGUERITE UTTLEY, Associate Professor of Geography: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College: M.S., Ph.D., University of Chicago. HENRY VAN ENGEN, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department of Mathematics: B.A., Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- versity: M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan. GRACE VAN NESS, Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women: B.A., Cornell College: M.A., Columbia University. E. E. WATSON, Professor of Mathematics: B.S., M.S., State University of Iowa. G. W. WALTERS, Professor of Education, Emeritus: B.S., M.S., Iowa Wesleyan College. FRED W. WELLBORN, Associate Professor of History: B.A., Baker University: M.A., Univer- sity of Kansas: Ph.D., University of Wiscon- sin. CHARLES W. WESTER, Professor of Mathematics: B.S., University of California: M.A., Ph.D., 'Washington University. M. I. WILCOX, Associate Professor of Educa- tion: B.S., Cornell College: M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. DORIS E. WHITE, Asso- ciate 'Professor of Physical Education for Women: B.A., Simpson College: M.A., Colum- bia University. LAWRENCE W. WI-IITPORD, Instructor in Physical Education for Men: B.A., Iowa State Teachers College. CARL A. WIRTH, Instructor in Brass Instru- ments and Theory: B. Mus., M. Mus., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester. Page 59 Painting toward the future value DEPARTMENT CDF ARTS AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS "Oh, boy! Wish l could draw like Tune!" Many a wish is Whispered soulfully to the evening breeze as one of the girls in the "dorm" exhibits her paintings. Over in Seerley or Baker Hall, one of the fellows is carefully Wrapping the lamp that he has made for his "best" girl. The art depart- ment brings "art for art's sake" to the cam- pus by exposing the students to all kinds of artistic exhibits. lt is the Art Department, too, that through posters never lets us for- get about the Washington Ball or the Lei- sure l-lour on a Sunday afternoon. Page Hughes cr Ind s t The commerce department Calmost a superior college in itseltl is the place Where six-day typists and lightning-swift shorthand marvels are made. Besides learning the regular routine oi com- mercial education Cthe S. A. T. prescription, shorthand, account- ing and typingl, students indulge in classes Where secretarial training experience is gained and where birds' eye views ot business are captured. Ctten torgotten, a table just outside Mr. Douglass ottice holds current magazines and pamphlets, which review recent trends in the business World. Failure is almost unheard of here, tor there is a tale oi a lOU per cent placement ot 1937 and l938 graduates. DEPARTMENT CCMMERCE Hardin prepares to be a machine accountant DEPARTMENT EDUCATICDN A student doesn't "have" his education until he has completed the courses required in the Education Department. He is sur- prised to find here how he has been taught, how his teacher knew Ways to "get around him" when he was a bit naughty, and how he will have to parcel out his little Wisdom that he has hoarded. With rapidity, the Department involves the student in the latest statistical methods in education and the most approved school methods of instruction. Page 52 DEPARTMENT QE ENGLISH There is multitudinous knowledge stored in the sections of the English Department. lt is divided into four parts. First, there is the dramatic section, part of which-the Drama Shop, had its face lifted by Mr. Hake this year. Second, there is the speech section, home of crack de- loaters and "sure-fire" orators. Third, there is the section where Shakes- peare resides, and Where potential future poets grind out their dittiesg and fourth, there is the section of re- ligious literature and philosophy. records the voices. Miller beckons, children give forth. Yo, heave, ho! Yo, heave, ho! Hear your Voice as others hear it. Kamm -Q w,,4.. H .--, ,. W .-1 qciret Thurston works to an ther first prize DEPARTMENT I-ICDME ECGIXICDMICS Tlf19TGIS no need tor the feminine aen- der, or the masculine side ot the tam- ily, for that matter, to ao unskilled in the culinary arts. They can find their means to an end in the home econom- ics department which is very much alive with cook-books, taslrion reviews, and general social improvements. An- cient skills are perpetuated in weav- ing and home cratt classesg budgets are balanced in class 7 dresses that will rival Adrian's are conjured up. Cakes and cookies are baked that would take blue ribbons at any competitive contest. Pg 4 Weaving "lt must be the Tower of Babel l hear."-Oh, no, just the very ef- ficient language department of the College. l-lere are dispensed generous portions of the most beautiful German, French, Span- ish, and quantities of time-mellowed Latin. This department is a vice versa mesa where Latin can be brought up to date as well as seen in the eyes of the dim past, and where the modern lan- guages can throw spells of mystery over times gone by. Occa- sionally classical-minded students band together to study Greek. But it is to the surprise and the good fortune of many a language student that he discovers many new angles of his own English language. McDonald studies-Ouil O I DEPARTMENT LANGUAGES Right side up? Mabel Anderson uses the slide rule DEPARTMENT CDE , MATHEMATICS Mr. Wester delves into calculus This is the place Where girls and looys can learn to count their shelcels to best advantage, Csave money on a heavy date, tool, because they are under the supervision of Mr. Van Engen and his fellow followers of the digits' trade. There is variety in the mathematics department: everything is found here from Survey- ing, Calculus' Cl, ll, and HD, and theories of equations, that turn some heads grey, to the teaching of modern methods of "Math" instruction. Page 65 DEPARTMENT CDF MUSIC The music department is one of the most important on the campus. Like Topsy it has "just groWed" to be one of the largest departments. Aspiring artists, aided by the sympathetic faculty, tore their hair and chewed their nails in a frantic effort to find practice rooms before nine new pi- anos were purchased this year. A piano and voice teacher were added to the staffg ot girls' marching band was organized, and department- trained flag twirlers added to the attraction of football games. Dorothy lane Wilson and Brahms. Mr. Russell instructs. Page 67 'EPARTMENT CDE -IYSICAL DUCATICN 'OR MEN Brain plus brawnl No athletic, but dumb men for this department! Besides turning out winning basketball and football, track, tennis and Wrestling teams, the men's "phys ed" department has a habit of grad- uating every year a bunch ot top coaches, some who never played an inter-collegiate game in their lives, yet produce the finest high school teams. And, too, men students, who are not physical education majors get their full quota of basketball, Wrestling, volleyball, swimming, tennis, and even badminton! Page 68 ims McCu key if 1 is , Modern Dianas in modern garb fearfully sguint at distant arch- ery targets. Maidens deftly paddle canoes on the College pond and pat a little White ball on the golf green. ln addition to providing bases for physical fitness, the department outfits those mosquito-fighting picnics up the river and provides care for those skinned knees and cut fingers that only roller skates and bicycles can bring. Ever since the time when girls Wore voluminous "shorts" until the present day of unadorned simplicity, this de- partment has grown in popularity With every girl, and every fellow, too, if attendance at social dancing classes can be taken as any indication. 'EPARTMENT CDF -IYSICAL DUCATICIXI 'OR WCDMEN Bull's Eye Wir An experiment in chemistry W Plcrnt Study lt is cr potent olepcrrtnient-Where interest is given to the student by everyone from the rnost leozrnecl professor to the storing owl in the corner oi the biology "lcrb." The prescription for success given by this ctll-powerful section of the cotrnpus is to give prgcti- col ors well ons intellectucrl experience in science. Who will soon forget the snctggecl hose on the "frog trip", the explosion in the chemistry lgborortory, thctt "heotvenly" trip gt night to see the workings of the sky, or, Cput on the lightsll the skeleton in clgss! Page 70 DEDAVQTMEN CD5 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT CDE SCDCIAL SCIENCES Q mf 55545152 5155 2,55 r 555 'SQ' gjivfityi 1 ggrsfiggfg zmkfgigggdfsffv - Being a social science major or just being around the social science de- partment is like going to a movie. Daily, on the third floor ot the "And", students relive ancient governments, battles ot medieval times, social conditions in New York City, and see the World ot economics in charts. Recently added, is a special "news- reel" Contemporary Affairs, a halt hour course presented every week in which are interpreted the trends ot the World: What did Hitler and Mussolini do and Why? Dr. Erbe must he thinking of the Court-Packing Bill Dr. Thompson is awed by government expenditures , aw , ngmfw L5 75251419 . , , ,A A r Q90 , g5fM2-W551.- 07155 ,ww gff,f,,,ra52jt' li5ggwf2Qfv'fQwEZo15 T HAJ4j,J1Y S' 9.0 rz,,1f27H1GD5 UN? .. ,-1 , 'E T5 al , f' M - FS'5f3i'7r - g 5509! ifgiiftfffrfff it " Qgffg' ,TU A rffxr mari 5 ,we ..- fy ,fi vs -wwf:-..ii.... u're right, but I believe this would be easier DEPARTMENT CDE TEACHING "l am doing my student teaching this terml " Gasps oi "Oh-h-h," lifted eyebrows, and words oi sympathy follow. Will she teach seven subjects in No-Mans-Land or two courses in a metropolis next year? Whether she gets an A-or an F-under Miss lma Critic may tell the story. So, if ever a best toot is put forward, Betty Co-Ed puts it there when she prepares to teach the little cherubs in Waterloo, Hudson, Mason City, or in the Teachers l-ligh School on the campus, because a good grade in teaching helps so much in getting a good job. lab c ica Page 72 7 , l ,FV 1, V N, W L 1 , W y 1 v W , 1 ' , Y 1 , , ' N 5- 4 ,M L L Mg . L J if 'NYHY w BETA BETA BETA To those Whose interest in science has inspired them to a grade point average of 2.75, Beta Beta Beta of- iers membership, on completion oi 20 hours of biol- ogy. Elections tor selecting eligible students are held three times a year and those selected duly ini- tiated. Active this year with bi-Weekly meetings, "Tri-Beta", as it is popularly called, varied its pro- gram with supper parties, selecting speakers from local professors of science. Crowning event of the year was sponsorship of an address by Dr. O. B. Sweeney, head of the Chemical engineering de- partment ot lowa State College, in collaboration with Lambda Delta Lambda and Gamma Theta Upsilon. Page 74 Top Row: Shugart, Brower Lounsberry, Myhr, Alton, Bah cock Second Row: Bovee, Dix, Erd mann, Grady, Klein, Legler Third Row: Munns, O'Banion Putman, Puck, Soenke, Went Dr. Lantz Page 75 BLUE KEY " 1 , .1- , P , l lie ' mei, AM, ,Q ' . f X E x Q -Q , , , 1 r A hi' , 4-e ' 14.17 4, 1 4 1 67' ! if Y K! 2' I 9 lj ,C 1 ' :QQ A- rm, 29 if ,g my 5 ,fm ,. ,es ff f J , fy f W 1 Q4 ,afjfs - ,yf 1--V , .. My 1 ' f 4 it ,, ff' fi? fc, f 'fxyyj fffd 4 , fe , f f lg of f , ag, J 1 , N1 3 l . 1 ' ' ,. f ' , ,Z " 11, , 1-.t . 1 ' 4' . , , 415.12 Q X, A fl f,,,3' ,5--1 'Q .Q ,t fr m f, ,,,,,:f'Z ifvff 1-vw V. 154- I' ffm f ...,. ., t , , . . .- . 1 J, ,v-W., 4,W rf-, M , wwf- .af Wim' ' sa f r if 1' ' v 22213 ' '5 gy, t ,M 44, ' - , -1 - I: -Vg -1 5 .f 33 11- we 'ami -1. -1- ' wo' , , gglr, r Vflx--M, f" 'X' 1 If fT5'2'2r7E.1'i-f--.-, t ' f'4w,gg::-925.zZr.',:' H ,PML . ,,, of ' - LWJ. . ,-1 K, I 4 , , I fl 5:3 A I, 4 VE, J 4- . ly 3 H . -:Lb 31- ' V , ' -A - ' f - if ,g:-:::f- .. ,,f:5,1,yii'-W .1113-12. .1 , R Top Row: Benz, Touchae, Dycus, Chase. Second Row: Alton, Aupperle, Beavo, Bovee Third Row: Cross, Dix, Easter, Hutchison Fourth Row: lordan, Kagan, Mast, Miller Fifth Row: Mueller, McPherson, Olsen, Stroup, Dean Reed Laughter mingles with sounds ot rattling dishes. Delicious aromas Watt upstairs into the lounge of the Commons. A descent to the dining hall below reveals men, men, and more men. A passing lous boy, upon loeing questioned, announces that it is the Blue Key's dinner tor new men on the campus. l-le adds that Blue Key is an honorary fraternity for men who are outstanding in serving the college and above average in curricular and extracurricu- lar work during their college career. Blue Key's monthly honor roll lists outstanding students of the previous month. The British are coming! The British are here! People are streaming through the auditorium door. Faculty and students are filling the seats. lt is nearly 8 P. M. What is going to happen? Who are the people on the stage dressed so properly in black and White? Someone rises on the platform and be- gins to speak. Two debators from Qxford Univer- sity are introduced as Well as two Teachers College debators. Eyes focus expectantly on the debators with a "What have you got to offer?" look in them. Then begins the evening of debate sprinkled with sparkling, Witty repartee from the British. Oxford debators come to the campus at the invitation of members of Delta Sigma Bho, national speech fra- ternity. ' DELTA SIGMA RHCD Kirgis Spooner Dr. Lambertson Page 76 Top Row: Kruse, Herwiq, Benz, Healy, Lampman Second Row: Miller, Moser, Wilson, Mr. Bailey, Mr. Pal- UIGI' EPSILCDN PI TAU Page 77 Brrr-Zing! persisted the annoying rattle of an alarm clock. A man's hand jerked sleepily out from the bed blankets. l-le looked unbelievingly at the time. What on earth . . .? Then recognition came into his eyes-this was the day tor the trip to Colum- bus, Ohio, tor the lndustrial Arts Fraternity Conven- tion. The convention marked the tenth anniversary of the honorary group's founding, and was attend- ed by T. Cfs Professor Palmer and ,tive leading in- dustrial arts students. This year, a precedent was set by the local organization ot sending out re- search articles in a news letter to alumni and stu- dent members. Membership is open to lndustrial Arts majors with a B average in lndustrial Arts work. A GAMMA TI-IETA UPSILCDINI Top How Odland Belthius Peterson, Harding Second Row Abram Addey Bassel, Gronstal Thlrd How Hiller Hudson Isley, Koos Fou th Row Lambirth Lund Mathers, Newman Fifth How Paclovcm Swanson Walk, Miss Aitchison Do you know how much corn is raised in Iowa? Do you know the point farthest west in the United States? Such questions are asked initiates of Gam- ma Theta Upsilon. Several pledges bluntly answer, "N o," but several make stabs at intelligent answers. Membership, however, is not extended by this hon- orary geography fraternity upon ability to answer such questions. High scholarship in earth sciences determines eligibility for the organization. Each month a business meeting is held in the geography room in the library. At a meeting this year, one student told about her trip to Panama. To prove that all is not business for the society, a Homecom- ing dinner was given tor the returning alumni. "The River," a movie depicting erosion in the Mis- sissippi valley was shown to interested students. Page 78 The eastern sky is a rosy red. As yet, the early morning quiet is unpierced by human activities. lnside a nearby rooming house, an upstair light glows hazily. A pajama'd figure slouches sleepily over a bunch of papers. She selects several close- ly Written sheets, then discards the remaining. She accurately transfers these thoughts to a clean paper, which she carefully places in her brief case. This paper contains notes on recent developments in her major field, and before her membership into Kappa Delta Pi is secure, she must present this speech. l-ler election into Kappa Delta Pi repre- sents many terms of high quality scholastic work. Kappa Delta Pi keeps active throughout the year with dinners and regular discussion meetings. KAPPA DELTA PI Top How: Glade, Carl, Kreussel, Lounsberry, Parman, Alton Bassel, Blaufuss, Bovee Second How: Brindley, Brundage Caslavka, Coffman, Colburn, Cross, Cutler, Warran, Prude- gar Third Row: Hansen, Heron, Hoist Hoxie, Huus, Iohnson, Johnston Iorgensen, Karnrn Fourth How: Kenneally, Kirgis Larnpman, Lund, Matthias Moser, Newman, O'Banion, Od- land, Rohde Fifth HOW: Roupe, Rutherford Schive, Seybold, Siglin, Stuts- rnan, Sutz, Wittmer, Wylie Charles Page 79 hr' . ""' I ,f . , - ' ,-:ff I Q ef: f -,ze ,,1.:s.. .mm ,fm-arf ge. fff 5:15 ' ' -.r " , 14-w -,tt,::--,f J A "" - f .fa -v - - mf . : V -rf' rw-w.i',:1- ' r f . 'z faith" 1-vrliffif -.117 1' V ' - ,f ft L-gy., , 1 -,,,,,,,4-M ,- ..,., , M. ., I f,vmM,. A , V: I 0 ft , . f,. . . ,A .,fo4.,,,. f ,Jn , ., , ,. . ., . .mf , W, ,.., f. f'- 'fi' -i f - f - . 1 ,sg Agwj 5 '.r,,:,v,'1v,e1fff f ,.-- .f - -' ' ,sr-, " f,,,f- ,mf if ,,,.-, ,,f ,U M-4i.,',f. , f tr,-r, ., , ,,. wwwmf r .1 . .- Af ,.,,-Ht ,?7,w,,,,. ,, , .,1-:L . . " ww "x-,L f 'tw-f .1252-1 -V aff' -aff hm 5: fm:-: ' ., - mmf V' ' 2 Q 'V " wif-V as . +2-:s-2 112" Qf 4:9 far 1--,Zu -. -Lf rs: -' ,- . 1 .,g.5 .,.,fv:1.v ,,- 14 Iggy! V A Q -wgfmlg EUQQQY 5, , 2 ' f . f ' "" , -"' " . ' - ' v':ff',uw'g -. tg W' S117 -f-:w,.' f , ,vw ,. .wo-742- s if --,4 :gL,,:.f-:5 ,,,:.,,--. 'G iff .L-L ' my f - 'J fQy1:j:ffg',' -9, . ' . ' f - t ' , . 'V ' Q " , V' , 1 . ,,' . " It 141229 -P2P'+f--M 1 ' 'W' - "M " " M"""f' " . ., ..,., . , , . MV, gf - ' :t ' - ' A ' ' -"' 3 V , i.f ,. '-1 - w Mi f ' "f f, -nf "" ' 'ff' - ' 3 . " E?" if-5'?j:'f "-4' ' ' A , I .. . 6:1415-1 ,.., Vx.-.Q .-' - ,. A1-.-,:' . M :iff-C .. Nw' ., -'us L f , f'..'1..f, -, A 1 ' tg, ,I :, , . , . ny, ,f ' '--9 yaqff 4 ' v 1 eh: ,r-M f -' , if ' .rf 4- I i f f- .- I ,J if -f-5 ff- im , ,V . v y.- gg.,--4 - ,W 'ig .5 '1- gif V ,V ,I . ,M .. , , W , ' my' 1-' 2' -' ' 1. 52.-' 1 "ff 3 A Vw i' 'P ' -E'.n1:- 9- '. 5. gf, C" - Qi. . W' E. ' , - 'lf '51 iffrf 4' f W' 1 If -Y ' 42" fl., f io ,, ' ., ' f - ft t r' ' 1-la.: ,1 1, W '79 '- , 2:-1 M- M' f-' ' , L,- " 2 if 2- ' A if ' .AL ' P " 't if " ' s Top Row: Parman, Knostman, Hiller, Cross, Anderson, Davis, Dubbert Second Row: Guetschow, Holst, Iorqensen, Kamm, K i r g i S , Lampman, Miller Rathbone, Rohde, Seybold, Vogt, Miss Lambert KAPPA MU EPSILCDIXI Doors slam, voices rumble and lilt through the hall on this early Saturday morning. Would-be late sleepers consent to tolerate it, tor Homecoming comes only once a year. One active group last Homecoming was Kappa Mu Epsilon. Members brealqiasted together in the Guest dining room of the Commons, where pumpkins and kernels of corn spelling Kappa Mu Epsilon decorated the tables. Throughout the year meetings were held regu- larly, centering about new wrinkles in the scope of the mathematics field. Would-be members ot Kappa Mu Epsilon, attention: invitations to mem- bership are sent to those having a grade average of three point in twenty hours of "math", and a two and tive-tenths average in all other subjects. Page 80 Third Row: Peter, Pritchard, -AMBDA DELTA .JXMBDA Top Row: Miller, Dubbert, Harris, Simonsen, Iohnson, Klipping Second How: Knostman, Long, Moore, Mueller, Rohde, Dr. Getchell Page 81 A ringstand, a screen, a Bunsen burner, and a beakerl What would you do with this kind ot equipment? Conduct an experiment or cook a meal? Members ot Lambda Delta Lambda chose to have a supper in the chemistry laboratory ot the Science building. Perhaps some of the students were neophytes in culinary artsy each one, how- ever, cooked over his individual burner an experi- ment which resulted in a supper of bacon, eggs, hot chocolate and other foods. Membership in this fraternity is not based on cookery prowess, but on high scholarship in physical sciences. A new award has been created based on scholarship and personality which will be extended to the most promising student in chemistry. Calling all members oi Pi Gamma Mul Special meeting in the auditorium today. Members with serious and purposeful faces march in. Several history and government teachers adorn the gath- ering. Evidently the meeting is connected with social sciences. The meeting begins and candi- dates for membership are discussed. After an open discussion oi their scholastic achievements and participation in social sciences, the candidates are selected by taculty members. Students With a "B" average in at least twenty hours of social sciences are eligible for membership in this honorary social science fraternity. PI GAMMA MU Top Row: Bickenbach, Murphy Bovee, Caslavka, Frost Second Row: Hoxie, Iorgensen M. Lund, S. Lund, Newman Pritchard Third Row: Stroup, Thierrnan Williams, Wurtzer, Dr. Beard Dr. G. Robinson Page 82 1 1 1 1 .t -'Zi we '5Z ?.'Qf'1' su. 4 1-2--l"2Qi1,151s' f 'E-1 .v,,' musty? gf Ht hyfa.1f,f . X "'f F' il I , W A 5-Li " ,J 1 ,-a Q Vrfff 7 .' v .. ' , .f4"5'vi:t0'1?w,v. . " I " fwfr '. ?r'1F45 T,- '1-iifsf' " -2 ,ffr.z.f, -4- ' ' 1:-:it X, ww - 1+ - LW .,.,5,..,, ,gm .1 . '-1-1' f-'ff . '41'-.1-:J 1 -mia sv- ' .. , BV? wf,.2v-1 ,, Avsafx pays, . , ., -' , '- K r I if-ff P , , V I Qvvsfw. :LQ-it - ., 3 -. -, ',,.,,1:yg:,:q.. 9i2:- ,fm , , 'V 1:1 , V ' ' '1.5:e1r1y'?f"-2211123 ,Lyn-.-' - - ' til 4 1 ji if y, 1 1f,w, ,. ' - iz-., 1" . - .Mg-' W. ' 753251-"5 . 7 'WV ?i5'525.,' 'gli tiizfii' M . 12--s V fwbt--Q -L. Wu. , , M , , f f-iw., . -rift " -9115- -Q 51.1,-1 4 . - I T' , - i it u -' , , ffl L1 " 1 . L A ' " wif 'SW' sl . f, Q 1 'QVW' UQ , , X ,f "wt " 4 .,,,, . , - pi. ,V - ,, 1 . is' V 2- my J.. - 01" aMw,.1.zZ5 f 4522.14 z- ' ft .f ': with tiff . 5, .iv 1,- ' ,- Q V '22 '1,-51, " ' -"n',, .. ,V -'V' f- -7 , . .1 , ,ji . .. f- -my , 41-, V ... f,:::f:- " ' . :- F P , ., ., ii , ' wars, - , I ':zar.-rf5.'-w:.-my 1 2-Wt-,,.,. .,.. J ,,,, f' 'N -ly. - , t 1" '- , '11-52"-1" .V-it w V. -but . ms, V. -, . 1 "' 11. '-" '-nC.I:"" " .--'-'-T::1" ,-" . J: .- Zhi' mi N .f.. , . ,. ..,.. ,-Q .. "" F . , is . -1 ..... H, .,.,, .1 Top Row: Guster, Cassacly, Burrow, Aupperle Second Row: Baker, Boshart, Bruns, Bush Third How: Butler, Corton, Cummings, Dennis Easter 5 I I Fourth Row: Downing, Dubbert, Dycus, English, Page 83 Fifth Row: Freeman, Hitch, Hobson, Iochumsen, Krafft Sixth Row: Lund, Mahaffey, Miller, Mitze, Nuss Seventh Row: Wedeking, Weir, Van De Water, Mr. Donato, Mr. Hill Music groups can get lost on a busy campus, but Phi Mu Alpha has been a very active organization this year. ln the tall the group was enlarged by eighteen new members, who were selected to this National Professional Music Fraternity because oi their special interest in music. The formal initiation tor these neophytes in the fall marked the initial wearing oi newly purchased robes. Following the initiation, a banquet was held at Turnbull's with George Dasch, conductor oi Chicago and Water- loo Little Symphony orchestras, as guest. Presen- tation oi the Alta Freeman memorial piano schol- arship to an outstanding piano student was con- tinued. A new precedent was set by the presenta- tion oi an act in Tutor Ticlclers. Rows of flat oak desks stand gleaming in the early afternoon sunshine. The sound of a buzzer inter- rupts the quietness of the room. A group of stu- dents charge into the office. Desk lids are flopped open and typewriters pop out. Drawers are banged in and out. Papers, too hastily inserted in the typewriter, are torn out. That blond fellow is having a hard time. l-lis flying fingers strike in- accurately at the keys. His neighbor has typed a full page of material with composure and accuracy. This composure and accuracy are noted in ac- counting and other commercial subjects also. Perhaps he was just born smart, or else lucky. With his high scholarship, he is certain to become a member of.Pi Qmega Pi, national honorary com- merce fraternity. Pl CDMEGA PI Top How: Brindley, Har lohnson F. Sacloff, Ure, Wurtzer, Douglas Pczg 84 Williams, C r o s s , Ham lt n Second Row: Muller, B. Sa off Top Row: Decker, Bolihoeter Seton, Hull, Ballou, Bredben ner, Clausen Second Row: Cooper, Edgar, Fisher, Graber, Hanisch, Iohn son, lensen, Kennedy, Lie we-lyn Third Row: Lundy, Martin, Mat thias, Miller, Muller, Nicola Olsen, Ouirin, Richards Fourth Row: Rickert, Scanlon Schuchert, Stevens, Tesmer, Thomas, Thompson, Tostlebe Miss Lambert PURPLE ARRCW , Page 85 v i I-lomecoming! Football games! Thanksgiving! Home and turkey dinner! Christmas vacation! New year and the return to school. Students re- turn with a let-down feeling, but eventually new inspirations and activities seize them and pep them up. February comes with its many valentines and parties. One Valentine party was held by members of Purple Arrow at Miss BuXbaum's home. After a buffet- luncheon, members sat by the fireplace and exchanged views and ideas on common interests. To become a member of this honorary organiza1 tion one must have a B average for two consecutive terms in all courses. Since this group is for fresh- man and sophomore women, one must strive to attain a high scholastic average at an early date. SIGMA ALPHA ICDTA l Top Row Carl Baker Sutz Brundage Second Row Ballou Behrens Bowie, Cooper Third How Crowell Glade Ha'xsen, Kelly Fourth Row Knudson Kruse Leak, D. Miller Fifth Row I Miller Moen Rector, Schultz Sixth Row Smith Thomas Valentine, Miss Barker Stage fright needs to be packed with the laundry and sent home. At, least, it is not a welcome visitor when auditions for Sigma Alpha lota are heard. Women with exceptional musical aloility, high scholarship, and a pleasing personality are se- lected for tryouts for memloership. They may he either vocalists or instrumentalists, but they must warlole willingly and well or play perfectly and pleasingly if they seek memloership in this national music organization. Numerous social functions and a program ot music at Christmas in which each member performed were included in their year's activities. Each year an outstanding wom an piano student is awarded a scholarship in memory of Miss Alta Freeman, late teacher of piano here. Page 85 SIGMA TAU DELTA Top Row: Rutherford, Landgraf, Horgan, Bovee, Coffman, Entz Second Row: Hansen, Isley, Kru- essel, L i f f r i n g , Lounsberry, Moessner, Riebe Third How: Richards, Roupe, Schive, Smock, Thomsen, Skike, Miss Terry Page 87 Upper classmen with unusual writing ability iorrn a select group known as Sigma Tau Delta. l-ligh scholarship in the field oi English, as well as in other academic pursuits are reguisites for mem- bership in this national honorary English organi- zation. New members are initiated each quarter at a formal ceremony iollowed by a banquet. At the meetings held once a month, members entertained by reading works oi their own and reviewing writings oi past and present literary leaders. Projects oi the group this year included the publi- cation of "The Second Book oi Student Verse," and the sponsoring oi a Visit by Paul Engle, lowa poet, to the campus in April. Mr. Engle spoke on con- temporary poetry in lowa. hinney, Easter Strayer Tl-IETA ALPHA PI-II Lights! Music! Curtain! Action! The lights are dimmed 5 the orchestra plays soitlyg the curtain rolls up 5 the play has begun. Characters move about on the' stage, calm and collected. Backstage, how- ever, there is bustling activity. The stage director moves feverishly about giving terse commands. The play director is also available behind scenes, hoping that everything Works out perfectly. Light and technical directors dash busily around. The Wardrobe and property mistresses consult lists and lay out the required materials for the scene. Fi- nally the last act is given. The thunderous ap- plause pulsates through to backstage. Theta Alpha Phi is the national honorary dramatic frater- nity aiding in the maintenance of a high standard for dramas. Pa Top Row: Burger, Cutler, MCEI Second How: Kamm, Sirnp Steinkamp, S W a rx s o n , Mis ge 88 SOI! Ti-IETA Tl-HETA EPSILCDN Dean, Harris, Wright, Geiger Page 89 l-lomecoming activities were buzzing around the campus. Qpen house was being held in the home economics department. Many girls were in the various rooms. Some were exhibiting features of the newly equipped kitchen, others were showing visitors the clothing room with apparel exhibits. Une attractive apartment is a model for home economists. Sitting in the living room surrounded by a group oi students and alumni was an instruc- tor. She was explaining requirements for Theta Theta Epsilon, honorary home economics fraternity which fosters high scholarship and leadership among home economics students, to the new stu- dents and to many non-members who were inter- ested in styling and in homemaking. Q 1 1 1 RUTH ANDERSON, Cedar Falls. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. MARY THAYER BADEN, Guthrie Center. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Lutheran Student Association. LILIAN E. BARGMANN, Rodman. Elementary. Elementary Clubp Lutheran Student Association. MAXINE BEDNAR, Manly. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. ELDA BEKEMEIER, Hubbard. Elementary. Delta Phi Delta: Elementary Club. HAROLD BIEDER- MANN, Independence. Elementary. DOROTHY BISHOP, Rowley. Elementary. Trapezoid: Ele- mentary Club. ALICE BIORNSON, Goldfield. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. AGNES BLEEKER, Steamboat Rock. Elementary. Elementary Club. ALICE BLISS, Central City. Elementary. IOSEPHINE BLUMGREN, 'Odebolt. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Wornen's Band. KATHLEEN BOECKEMEIER, Dumont. Kindergarten-Primary. MARIAN BOHSTEDT, Cedar Falls. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. REBECCA LAVRINE BOLTON, Estherville. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Camera Club. MELBE K. BOWMAN, Utopia. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. LILA BRANDRUP, Webster City. Elementary. Elementary Club. 1. S I Page 92 Page 93 NOVELLA BREDBENNER, Klernme. Elementary. Elementary Clubg Purple Arrowp Kappa Phi: Wesley Foundation. ELEANOR IUNE BRIGGS, Sutherland. Kindergarten-Primary. Tau Sigma Delta: Kindergarten-Primary Club: Rho Epsilon Rho. INGWARD BRO, Kimballton. Elementary. Elementary Club. BETTY BUDLONG, Fitonka. Elementary. Elementary Club. MARY IUNE BUTLER, Mechanicsville. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Catho- lics Student Association. GWENDOLYN CAKERICE, Eldora. Kindergarten Primary. Theta Gamma Nu: Kindergarten-Primary Club. LEONE CHADWICK, Sibley. Elementary. Elementary Club. EVELYN CHALLE, Iewell. Elementary. Women's Chorusg Elementary Clubg Lutheran Student Association. HARRIETT CHILCOTE, Iowa Falls. Elementary. Elementary Clubp Rho Epsilon Rho. MURIEL CHRIST, Lake Park. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. GRACE CLANCY, Hardy. Kindergarten Primary. Kinderqarten'Primary Club. HELEN RUTH CLANTON, Cedar Falls. Ele- mentary. LOIS CLAPSADDLE, Conrad. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. ANNA CLAUSEN, Dexter. Elementary. Purple Arrow: Elementary Cllrb. PEARL CLAUSSEN, Ricketts. Elementary. Elementary Club. EUNICE CORDERMAN, Waterloo. Elementary. Orchestra Club. BETTY COWAN, Waterloo. Kindergarten-Primary. V. O. V. Sigma Phi: Kindergarten-Primary Club: Cecilian Glee Club: College Singers. HENRIETTA CREES, Atalissa. Elementary. 4-H Club: Elementary Club: Kappa Phi: Wesley Foundation. DOROTHY DAGGETT, Sanborn. Elementary. Elementary Club. PHYLLIS DAUGAARD, Onawa. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Lutheran Student Association. THERESA DAVIES, Worthing, S. D. Elementary. Rho Epsilon Rho: Lutheran Student Association. MARY M. DEA, Shelby. Elementary. Catholic Student Association: Elementary Club. GRACE DECKER, McGregor. Kindergarten-Primary. Pi Phi Omega: Kindergarten-Primary Club: Purple Arrow, President: Hamilton Club. RUTH DE HAAN, Prairie City. Kindergarten-Primary. Kinder- garten-Primary Club. IEAN DENKER, Lester. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. RUTH DENTEL, Faulkner. Kindergarten-Primary. Alpha Beta Gamma: Kindergarten-Primary Club: Rho Epsilon Rho. MARTHA IANE DICK, Wyoming. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. HELEN DODD, New Hartford. Elementary. Kappa Phi: Elementary Club. lANE L. DROWN, Curlew. Elementary. Elementary Club. BETTY DUNCAN, Waterloo. Elemen- tary, Alpha Beta Gamma: Lite Saving Corps: Elementary Club. FREDA EDGARL Massena. Elementary. IOYCE EDGERTON, Cedar Heights. Kindergarten-Primary. Alpha Beta Gamma: Kindergarten-Primary Club: Cecilians. IA l 1 ,. Q sq, nies-.L ll l i I 1 T l Tee l 1 i Query' ,I J geese. 'I l l l l E, .kb in -I Page 94 wx Page 95 MARY ELAINE ELLERBROCK, Yetter. Kindergarten-Primary. Phi Sigma Pliiy Kindergarten-Primary Club, Rho Epsilon Rho. IEAN ELLIOTT, New Hartford. Elementary. Elementary Club. KATHRYN ELVIDGE, Burt. Elementary. Elementary Club. ALVINA EVANS, Linn Grove. Kindergarten- Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. . WILMA C. EVANS, Casey. Elementary. Elementary Club. DOROTHEA I. FANDEL, Rodman. Elementary. Elementary Club. MILDRED FISHER, Renwick. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten- Prirnary Club: Purple Arrowg' Theta Epsilon. MARIORIE ANN FOLKERTS,'Allison. Elementary. Elementary Club. MAXINE FOSTER, Cedar Falls. Kindergarten-Primary. Life Saving Corpsp Kindergarten-Primary Club: Wesley Players. EVANGELINE FRENCH, Prairie City. Elementary. Elementary Club. HELENE GASKELL, Belle Plaine. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. DORIS GEORGE, Springville. Elementary. Pi Theta Pi. MARIAN GOODENOW, Battle Creek. Elementary. Women's Band. MARIANN GOODRICH, Council Bluffs. Kindergarten Primary. Pi Phi Omega: Kindergarten-Primary Club, Cecilian Glee Club. HARRIET GOUGE, Corwith. Elementary. Elementary 'Club. VIOLA M. C.-RELL, Ventura. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. fig.-,, ,7' MAXINE GREGG, Oakland. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. MYRTLE GRUM, Siqourney. Kindergarten-Primary. Writer's Clubg Kindergarten-Primary Club. BERNICE HAGEN, Van Horne. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. BETTY HAMILTON, Baxter. Kindergarten Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. EVELYN I-IANISCH, Grundy Center. Elementary. Purple Arrow: Cecilians. ELEANOR HANLON, Stanwood. Elementary. Purple Arrowp Elementary Club. SELMA HANSON, Lennox, S, D. Kindergarten-Primary. Lutheran Student Association. LOLA MAE HARBAUGH, Waterloo. Ele- mentary. Elementary Club. A ELEANOR HARTZ, Marengo. Elementary. Tau Sigma Deltap Rho Epsilon Rho: Elementary Club. MARY IRENE HARTNELL, Stacyville. Kindergarten-Primary. ERMA HASTY, Callencler. Elemen- tary. Elementary Club. LOLA MAE HAUSER, Van Horne. Elementary. Elementary Club, Vice- President. AVIS HAYES, Hazletown. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. VERDA VEONNE HIDDLESM, Rippey. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Prirnary Club: Wornen's Band. VIR- GINIA HEMER, Arthur. Kindergarten-Primary. Women's Chorus: Kindergarten-Primary Club. IEANETTE HIERSCHE, Early. Elementary. Elementary Clubg Women's Chorus. Page 96 x M U ,- V Hv' f 4'-15" "fl '. 1 ' K. ,Cf 'l t t , ,-, ,' Y lc-'l lr . t " - l gg , ,. il 'wx ll if ' . J W ill I .4 .T .x, . 2-. 1 ' J V W f-:five , ... I . 4, lx . . 'wafer '7 3. '51 Vi 'JJ .X If lf E lm f if f 71' . tl I , Vi J T. A v ELEANOR HILL, Maquoketa. Elementary. 4-I-I Club. MADONNA HOLLAND, Decorah. Kinder- garten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Catholic Student Association. KATHARINE HUB- BARD, Sioux City. Kindergarten Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Women's Chorus: West- minster Student Council. HAZEL HUMES, Independence. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten- Primary Club. MARY MARGARET HUMPHREY, North English. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. INEZ V. IVERSON, Jewell. Kindergarten-Primary. Lutheran Student Association: Kinder- garten Primary Club. MARY LOUISE JENNINGS, Marshalltown. Kindergarten-Primary. Kinder- garten-Primary Club. RUTH JENSEN, Eldora. Kindergarten-Primary. Pi Theta Pi: Kindergarten- Primary Club. ARLENE JOHNSON, Cresco. Kindergarten Primary. Phi Sigma Phi: Kindergarten-Primary Club. ETI-IEL V. JOHNSON, Lisbon. Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Phi: Kindergarten-Primary Club: Or- chestra Club: Wesley Foundation. MARIE JOHNSON, Mount Pleasant. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. MARY B. JOHNSTON, Birmingham. Kindergarten-Primary. Kinder- garten-Primary Club. RUTH CHARLOTTE JOHNSON, Havelock. Elementary. Lutheran Student Association. BEATRICE JONES, Williamsburg. Elementary. Elementary Club. ELIZABETH GARY JONES, Champaign, Ill. Kindergarten-Primary. Vocations Committee. BETH JONGEWAARD, Sioux Center. Kinder- garten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Women's Chorus. am'r2'nlm-sf:-1.ssaa1usa fw-zfvrm lzs1wmmif' f.f-r- 1- '41 ' 'vm NEOMA F. IUNKERMEIER, Ledyarcl. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Clubp Trape- zoidg Westminster Student Center. IANICE IUNKIN, Earlham. Kindergarten-Primary. Kinder- garten-Primary Club. MARGARET ALICE KAIL, Spencer. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten- Primary Club: Wesley Foundation. VIOLA KAISER, Aurora. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten Primary Club. MARIAN KENNEDY, Manchester. Elementary. Women's Chorus. LOIS P. KIRKPATRICK, Keota. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. MARGARET I. KLINE, Montezuma. Kinder- garten-Prirnary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Literary Clubg Trapezoicl. EDNA KNOCK, Holland. Elementary. Elementary Club. LEONA KNOCK, Holland. Elementary. Elementary Club. BEVERLY KNUTSON, Des Moines. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. ZELMA LAIPPLE, Hampton. Kindergarten- Prirnary. Kindergarten-Primary Cluby Women's Chorus. PAULINE H. LARSEN, Cedar Falls. Ele- mentary. Elementary Clubg Writer's Club. EDNA LEE, Morning Sun. Elementary. Elementary Club. EDYTHE LEINBAUGH, Clarence. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Euterpean Glee Club. RUTH LEINBAUGH, Clarence. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Cluby Orchestra Club. IEWELL LEMLER, Manly. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. I I l ' 5 . l :JH NH-. . X 1 e 1' -.f Page 98 i Page 99 CLARA LINDAMAN, Ackley. Elementary. Theta Epsilong Elementary Club: 4-H Club, Womerfs Chorus. ROSEMARY LLEWELYN, Bloomfield. Elementary. Elementary Club: A Capella Choir. VIRGINIA LOY, Dunlap. Elementary. Elementary Club: Catholic Student Association. DAGMAR LUND, Hampton. Elementary. Rho Epsilon Rho. Elementary Club. CATHERINE MCGOUGH, Ackley. Elementary. Catholic Student Association, Elementary Club. MAXINE MCLEOD, Hawarden. Elementary. LUCILLE MCMULLIN, Casey. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary. ALETHA WILKEY MACY, Lynnville. Kindergarten-Primary. Kinder- garten-Primary Club. ' FERN I. MANGOLD, Coggon. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. LILA GAY MARK, Casey. Kindergarten-Primary. Kinderqarten7Primary Club. I-IARRIET ELLEN MARSH, Greene. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club, Cecilians. LEORA MARSHALL, Cedar Rapids. Kindergarten-Primary. United Student Movementg Kindergarten-Primary Club. MARIORIE MATHER, Laurens. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club, Theta Gamma Nu, Treasurer. MILDRED MATTHEWS, Eldora, Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. RUTH CHARLOTTE MEYER, Eldridge. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. M. BERNICE MEYLINK, Hull. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: College Choir, Rho Epsilon Rho. MARTHA IANE MICKEY, Clinton. Elementary. Elementary Club. ADELINE L. MILLER, Mannina. Kindergarten-Primary. Pi Theta Pi, Treasurer, Purple Arrow, A Capella Choir, Kindergarten- Primary Club. ALICE MILLER, Grundy Center. Elementary. 4-H Club, Secretary, Women's Band, Concert Band, Orchestra Club, Elementary Club, Kappa Phi. VIRGINIA MISSMAN, Britt. Kinder- garten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. LUCILE MITCHELL, Eldora. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. AMELIA PAYE MOORE, Wadena. Elementary. Purple Arrow. GAYLE R. MORSE, Hardy. Kindergarten-Primary. ISABELLE MOWBRAY, Waterloo. Elementary. Epsilon Phi. Epsilon, Trapezoid. MARIORIE MUIR, Iowa City. Kindergarten-Primary. A Capella Choir. WILMA MULLER, Ackley. Elementary. Elementary Club. VIVIAN MUMBY, Churclan. Elementary. Elementary Club. ELEANOR MYERS, Colo. Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Phi, Kindergarten-Primary Club. NELDA MYRICK, Estherville. Elementary. Elementary Club, 4-H Club. FAN NEILL, Council Bluffs. Kindergarten-Primary. Pi Phi Omega, Kindergarten Primary Club. LILLY NIELSEN, Racine, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. ROSEMARY NEVILLE, Anarnosa. Ele- mentary. Catholic Student Association, Elementary Club. S I... A Page 101 DOROTHY L. NICHOLS, Clarion. Kindergarten-Primary. Purple Arrow. DOLORES NYBERG Postville. Kindergarten-Primary. Tau Sigma Delta. KATHLEEN OLIVER, Lester. Kindergarten- Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Women's Chorus. VERNICE OLSEN, Kimballton. Elemen- tary. Kappa Theta Psi: Elementary Club, President: Purple Arrow. VERNAL G. OLSON, Cedar Falls. Elementary. Elementary Club: Lutheran Student Association ELAINE OPPEDAL, Story City. Kindergarten-Primary. Cecilicrns: Kindergarten-Primary Club: Mixed Chorus. DOROTHY LUCILE PALMER, Waterloo. Elementary. Elementary Club. DOR- OTHY EILEEN PARKER, Russell. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. ELSIE MAE PAULSON, Peterson. Kindergarten-Primary. Lutheran Student Association: Kinder- garten-Primary Club. ARLENE PETERSEN, Elk Horn. Elementary. Elementary Club: Womens Chorus. MILDRED M. PETERSON, Lawton. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Phi Sigma Phi. SELMA PETERSEN, Ottosen. Elementary. Theta Epsilon: Women's Chorus: Ele- mentary Club. - VERDA PIEPER, Vail. Elementary ERNA PIOTTER, Manawa, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary. Kin- dergarten-Prirnary Club: Lutheran Student Association. CLARA PORTER, Iowa Falls. Kinder- garten-Primaryx Kindergarten-Primary Club. VVANDA PORTER, Cumberland. Kindergarten- Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. I1 N VIRGENE POTTER, Coon Rapids. Elementary. CECILE PRATT, Boone. KindeTQCfffeU'Pff1'UC11'Y- AGNES PUEGGEL, Clear Lake. Kindergarten-Primary. Epsilon Phi Epsilonp KinderqartenePri.rnary Clubg Lutheran Student Association. DELORES PULLIN, Waterloo. Elementary. Elementary Club. MILDRED PUTNAM, Montezuma. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten Primary Club: 4-H Club: Wesley Foundation. GRACE RALSTON, Earlham. .Kindergarten-Primary. Tau Sigma Delta: Women's Band. ROSE REASONER, Roclmon. Kindergarten-Primary. ARLENE G. REHDER, Glad- brook. Kindergarten-Primary. Women's Chorus, Kindergarten-Primary Club. MARIE RICHARDS, Clarksville. Elementary. Elementary Club. IUANITA RICHARDSON, Clarion. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. MERIGENE RIEDINGER, Maquoketa. Elemen- tary. 4-H Clubg Elementary Club. MAXINE RISHER, Lynnville. Kindergarten-Primary. Kinder- garten-Primary Club. DOROTHY ROSE, Manly. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. CAROLYN ROYER, Woodbine. Elementary. Elementary Club. MARGARET RUDE, Mapleton. Elementary. QUEN- TIN SAWTELLE, Latimer. Elementary. Page 102 YW WARREN EVERETT SAWTELLE, Latimer. Elementary. MABRYN L. SCHAEFER, Lake Park. Kindergarten-Primary. Theta Gamma Nu: Kindergarten-Primary Club, President, Trapezoidp A Capella Choir. ELEANOR SCHNEIDER, Stanwood. Elementary. RUTH SCHOW, Garner. Ele- mentary. Elementary Clubg Lutheran Student Association. MARY IANE SCI-IOWALTER, Keokuk. Elementary. Pi Phi Omega: Elementary Club, Women's Chorus: Rho Epsilon Rho. BARBARA SCHRYVER, Gladbrook. Elementary. Elementary Club. ESTHER SEEFELD, Algona. Elementary. Elementary Club. IRENE SEEFELD, St. Ansgar. Kinder-' garten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. DOROTHY SETCHELL, Ackley. Kindergarten-Primary. AGNES SIMONSON, Rolfe. Elementary. Elementary Club. LUCILLE SIMPSON, Iowa Falls. B. A., English. IUNE STALICKY, Mason City. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Clubg Lutheran Student Association. . VIOLET SKOVGAARD, Ringstecl. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Clubg Lutheran Student Association. LUCILLE SMITH, Auburn. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. MARGARET ETHEI.. SMITH, Macedonia. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. MARY ELIZABETH SMITH, Alden. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. Page 103 I N t W -I-I F... lr- l EVELYN MAE STAUB, Wever. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. PAULINE STOUFFER, Buckingham. Elementary. MILDRED STRAND, Primghar. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. LEONARD STRANSKY, Toledo. Elementary. Pi Tau Theta. EDITH STREET, Grand River. Elementary. ARLENE A. TAPPER, Kamrar. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. LORRAINE TAYLOR, Steamboat Rock. Elementary. Theta Epsilong Womerfs Bandg Elementary Club. ALICE THOMPSON, Shell Rock. Elementary. Elementary Club. CATHERINE THOMSEN, Laurens. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club: Wesley Foundation Student Council. HELEN TINNERMEIER, Newton. Elementary. Pi Phi Omega, Secre- tary: College Choirg College Singers: Ceciliansg Elementary Club: Symphonia Choir: Rho Epsilon Rho. BETTY LEE TOWNSLEY, Iowa City. Kindergarten-Primary. ADELLA ULLERICH, Van Horne. Elementary. Elementary Clubg Women's Band. DOROTHY UNDERWOOD, Albion. Elementary. Phi Sigma Phi: Elementary Club. PAULINE VARCE, Bristow. Elementary. Elementary Club. GENEVIEVE VARLAMOS, Denison. Elementary. Elementary Club. EULA VEENSTRA, Klemme. Elementary. Elementary Club: Women's Band. Page 104 MURIEL WARNOCK, Coggon. Elementary. NEVA N. WATROUS, Coon Rapids. Kindergarten- Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Clubg Women's Chorus. BETH WEAVER, Hawarden. Kinder- garten-Primary. Phi Sigma Phi, Secretary. . MARLYS WEBBEKING, Waterloo. Kindergarten-Primary. Pi Theta Pi, Secretary: Kindergarten! Primary Club. TRACY WEBER, Charles City. Elementary. Elementary Club. EILEEN WELCH, Afton. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. LUCILLE WELCH, Afton. Elementary. HAZEL VIOLA WHITNEY, Adel. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. HELEN WIEBEN, Dysart. Elementary. Elementary Club. CATHERINE WILEY, Littleport. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. MARIORIE WOOD, Prescott. Kinderqarten4Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. ALICE WRIGHT, Stanhope. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary Club. MARGARET WYKERT, Columbus lunction. Elementary. Elementary Club: College Symphony. MARIORIE ZEIGER, Garner. Kinder- garten-Prima1y. Pi Theta Pig Kindergarten-Primary Club. I .V if ll J. ,lx j un' ,ll at W ' I W. clit lf at if 1 .Q X- ,f. -L12 F rl il tl '1 'Y ll it 1 it -- gen: A 1 I 4 I 2:11, l I I W I ,435 K tl ,j ii 3 I r my-.-in A -,L . .ia 2 ANN ABRAM, Cedar Falls. B.A. Elementary. Wesley Players, President, Kappa Phi. EDITH AKIN, Waterloo. B.S. Home Economics. Ellen Richards. EVERETT ALTON, Waterloo. B.A. Mathematics. Alpha Phi Omega, President, Kappa Delta Pi, Mathematics Club. MABEL AN- DERSON, Port Dodge. BA. Mathematics. Mathematics Club, President, Kappa Mu Epsilon. MARIAN ASHLEY, Cedar Falls. BA. English. Lite Saving Corps, Biology Club, W. A. A. Council ROBERT N. AUPPERLE, Idaho Falls, Idaho. B.A. Music. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Stowaway, President, Minnesingers. KATI-ILYN BACON, Marshalltown. B.A. Public School Music. Symphony Orchestra, Women's Chorus. MARIE BAKER, Waterloo. B.A. Music. Sigma Alpha Iota. HELEN BANK, Detroit, Michigan. B.A. Elementary. Art League, Elementary Club. ELAINE BASSEL, Waterloo. B.A. Elementary. Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Elementary Club. IOSEPI-I BEAVO, Dike. B.S. Commercial Education. Student Council, President, Blue Key, Board of Publications, Inter-Fraternity Council. MARY LUCILLE BEESON, Red Oak. B.A. History. LYDA BELTHUIS, Parkersburg. BA. Elementary. Gamma Theta Upsilon, Elementary Club. LA VERNE BENZ, Randalia. B.A. Industrial Arts. Alpha Chi Epsilon, Blue Key, President, Inter- Fraternity Council, Men's- Union, Epsilon Pi Tau. CLETUS BERGMAN, Waverly. B.S. Biology. ESTI-IER BETZ, Maynard. B.A. Home Economics. Ellen Richards Club, 4-l-I Club, OLD GOLD. 1 r-i,. ' I. ARNOLD BIDNE, Northwood. BA. Commercial. Alpha Phi Omega: L. S. A. MERTON BLAKE, Volga City. B.A. Earth Science. Lambda Gamma Nu. IEAN BLAKELY, Dumont. B.A. Com- mercial. Commercial Club. DOROTHY BLANCHARD, Wapello. B.S. Physical Education. W.A.A.: Life Saving Corps. FRIEDA BLAUFUSS, Burlington. B.A. Public School Music. Kappa Delta Pi: A Capella Choir. IANE E. BLOCK, Aplington. B.A. Commercial. Theta Epsilon: Commercial Club: German Club. RUTH BOARDMAN, Cedar Falls. B.A. Home Economics. Pi Theta Pi: Cecilians: Ellen Richards Club: Womens League Council. DORA BOERS, Milford. B.A. Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha. L. LLEWELYN BOONE, Dows. B.A. History. Romance Language Club: Wesley Foundation Stu- dent Council: Pi Tau Theta. GERALD D. BOSHART, Wayland. B.A. Band and Orchestra. Phi Mu Alpha: Orchestra: Minnesingers: College Choir. EUGENE BOVEE, Sioux City. B.A. Biology. Alpha Chi Epsilon: OLD GOLD Art Editor: Student Council. MIRIAM BREEDEN, Kellogg. B.S. Home Economics. LOUIS BREITBACH, Masonville. B.S. Physical Education. Phi Sigma Epsilon: "l" Club. ROSE- MARY BREWER, Tripoli. B.A. Elementary. Writer's Club: Orchestra Club: Women's Chorus. MADELINE BRIGGS, Waterloo. B.S. Home Economics. Ellen Richards Club. MARY IANE BRINDLEY, Cedar Falls. B.A. Commercial. Tau Sigma Delta: Pi Omega Pi, President: Kappa Delta Pi: Playcraft Club. Hmmm iw' geMzI1:r-:xv-'sis sbirmiwsx EVERETT BROWER, Lake View. B.S. Physical Education. Beta Beta Beta: Minnesinqers, MABEL BROWN, Augusta, Ill. B.A. Commerce. Ceciliansg Commercial Club. MARION BROWN, Cedar Falls. B.S. Home Economics. Kappa Theta Psi, Ellen Richards Club. BERNITA BRUNDAGE, Waterloo. B.A. School Music Vocal. Delta Phi Delta, President, Sigma Alpha Iotag Kappa Delta Pig Ceciliansg College Singers. IEAN ANN BUCHE, Mitchell, S. D. B.A. Physical Education. Life Saving Corps. HELEN BURGER, Cedar Falls. B.A. Speech. Theta Alpha Phi, President: Playcratt Club. MINA I. BURT, Clemons. B,A. History. GORDON BUTE, Wahpeton, N. D. B.A. Physical Education. Phi Sigma Epsilonp "I" Club: Alpha Phi Omega. CLAUDE CAMPBELL, Des Moines. B.A. Public School Music. Minnesingersy Catholic Student Association. IANE CARL, Waterloo. B.A. Applied Music. Sigma Alpha Iota, President: Kappa Delta Phi. LAVERNE CARPENTER, Randalia. B.S. Commerce. Alpha Chi Epsilon. CALVIN CHASE, Greeley. B.A. History. Alpha Chi Epsilong Blue Keyp Editor OLD GOLD: Social Science Honors. HAROLD C. CHATFIELD, Winterset. B.A. Industrial Arts. Minnesingersg Playcraft Club. TILDA CHRISTIANSON, Scarville. B.A. History. LAURA CLOSSON, Waterloo. B.A. Kindergarten. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha: Women's Chorus: Orchestra Club. MARY KATHERINE CLOSSON, Waterloo. B.A. Social Science. Theta Epsilon: Women's Chorus: Social Science Honors. PGQG 109 DORIS COPFMAN, Richland. B.A. English. Kappa Delta Pi, Women's Chorus, Sigma Tau Delta, MARY ELIZABETH COLBURN, Sioux City. B.A. English. Kappa Theta Psi, Student Council, Hamilton Club. CARROLL COOK, Dexter. B.A. Physical Education. Xanho, President, "l" Club. HELEN F. CRANE, Waterloo. BA. Latin, Epsilon Phi Epsilon, Classical Club, President. CYRIL CRANNY, Cedar Falls. B.S. Physical Education. Lambda Gamma Nu, "l" Club. KENNETH CROWELL, Cedar Falls. B.A. History. MARY IEAN CROWELL, Mason City. B.A. Publi: School Music. Sigma Alpha Iota. College Choir, Cecilians. RUTH CULBERTSON, Rockford, Ill. B.A. Primary. Tau Sigma Delta, President, College Eye Editor, Press Club. l MERRITT CUMMINGS, Maynard. B.A. Public School Music Instrumental. Phi Mu Alpha, A Capella Choir, Stowaway, Symphony. ELINOR MAE CUTLER, Nora Springs. B.A. Speech. Delta Phi Delta, Playcraft, Kappa Delta Phi, Theta Alpha Phi. CHARLES DAYHOFF, Kirkman. B.S. Phys- ical Education. Wesley Foundation, Pi Tau Theta. CARROL DEAN, Waterloo. B.S. Home Eco- nomics. Pi Tau Phi. V GENEVERA DEVITT, Worthing, S. D. B.A. Elementary. Catholic Student Association, President, Mathematics Club. MEREDITH N. DIX, Cedar Falls. BJ-l. Science. Alpha Delta Alpha, President, Men's Union, Tri-Beta. HENRY DODSON, Marshalltown. B.A. Chemistry. Alpha Chi Epsilon, Chemistry Seminar. ROGER DOWNING, Mason City. B.A. Public School Music. Phi Mu Alpha. MARIORIE DUFFUS, Eldora. B.A. English. Classical Club. DOUGLAS DUNSMOOR, Fort Dodge. B.A. Commerce. Phi Sigma Epsilon: College Eye. LEVERNE DUNSMOOR, Strawberry Point. B.A. Commerce. Lambda Gamma Nu: "I" Club. IAMES T. DYCUS, Hammond, Ind. B.A. Public School Music. Lambda Gamma Nu: Phi Mu Alpha: Board of Control, President: Student Council: Blue Key: "I" Club. HOWARD EASTER, Cedar Falls. B.A. Music. Theta Alpha Phi: Phi Mu Alpha: Bertha Martin Scholarship: Freeman Piano Scholarship. ELIZABETH EDMONDS, Miami, Mo. B.S. Physical Edu- cation. Orchesis: W. A. A. MARIORIE ELLIOTT, Marshalltown. B.S. Physical Education. Orchesis. ALBERT ENGLISH, Clarion. B.A. Instrumental Music. Phi Mu Alpha: Symphony: Minnesingers. FREDERICK EVERETT, New Sharon. BJ-I. Social Science. Alpha Chi Epsilon: Social Science Honors. IEAN EVERI-IART, Charles City. BA. Music. Orchestra Club: A Capella Choir. MIL- DRED FARRAN, Cherokee. B.A. Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Delta Phi. HELEN FENNEMA, Monroe. BMA. Physical Education. Physical Education Club. MAX B. FERGUSON, Oskaloosa. BMA. Physics. Varsity Wrestling: Band. AMASETTE FISHER, Waterloo. B.A. Social Science. Epsilon Phi Epsilon: Westminister Student Center. MARIE FRANKENFIELD, Charles City. B.A. Commercial. Commercial Club. RUTH FROST, Fort Dodge. B.A. Social Science. Pi Gamma Mu: Social Science Honors. leaf' 31 l ns.. l H t...1.o 4 I I r. xlxqbj.. .X-TM' i J- 1,2 Page 110 Page 111 IANET FRUDEGAR, Burlington. B.A. Kindergarten-Primary. Phi Sigma Phi: Kappa Pi Beta Alpha: Kappa Delta Pi. ERWIN GAEDE, Tripoli. B.A. English. United Student Movement. ARTHUR GAFFEY, Riceville. B.A. Biology. Xanho: German Club. RICHARD GIBSON, Sioux Rapids. BJ-l. Social Science. Lambda Gamma Nu: Romance Language Club. KENNETH GILBERTSON, Bladensburg, Md. B.S. Biology. Stowaway: A Capella Choir: Marching Band. LOIS GLADE, Hartley. B.A.Music, Vocal. Tau Sigma Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Sigma Alpha lota: Cecilians: Women's League Council. HELEN GMELIN, Elkader. B.S. Physical Education. Orchesis: W. A.A. HARLAN H.'GOLDSMlTl'l, Clarence. B.A. Mathematics. Mathematics Club: German Club. V DONALD GREEN, Rolfe. B.A. Physical Education. Lambda Gamma Nu. WENDELL WALSH GRIGGS, Cedar Falls. B.S. Biology. Alpha Chi Epsilon: Stowaway: Football. WILHELMINE GRONSTAL, Estherville. B.A. Earth Science. Gamma Theta Upsilon. HAZEL GUETSCHOW, Paullina. B.A. Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon: VV. A. A.: German Club. RUSSELL GUSTER, Denison. B.A. Instrumental Music. Lambda Gamma Nu: Phi Mu Alpha, Presi- dent: Symphony Orchestra. OPAL HALL, Creston. B.A. Vocal Music. College Choir: A Capella Choir: Orchestra Club. MARY HAMER, Waterloo. B.A. Music. Womens Chorus: Orchestra Club. GENEVA HANSEN, Palmer. B.A. English. College Singers: Cecilians: United Student Movement. MARY, HANSEN, Cedar Falls. B.A. Music. Kappa Theta Psi: Sigma Alpha Iota: Kappa Delta Pi: Symphony Orchestra. MAYNARD HANSEN, Central City. B.A. Mathematics. Alpha Chi Epsilon: Men's Band. SALINA HANTELMANN, Fenton. B.A. Critical Training. College Choir: Lutheran Student Association. RUTH E. HARDING, Rockwell City. B.A. Commercial. Pi Omega Pi: Gamma Theta Upsilon. METTA HARMAN, Sac City. B.A. English. Pi Phi Omega: Women's League Council. VELMA HARMAN, Sac City. B.A. History. Romance Language Club: International Relations Club. MATTIE HARMS, Allison. B.A. Commercial. PAUL HARMS, Allison. B.S. Physical Education. IOHN ALBERT HEALY, Mount Auburn. B.A. Industrial Arts. Industrial Arts Guild: A Capella Choir: Men's Band. VERNICE HELLESTAD, Unity, Wis. B.A. Kindergarten Primary. Pi Theta Pi: Lutheran Student Association. ROLLAND HELLWIG, Keystone. B.A. Social Science. Social Sci- ence Honors. SOPHUS HELM, Ventura. B.S. Commercial. Commercial Club. GEORGE HENNEY, Denison. B.A. Mathematics. RUSSELL HERSCH, Big Lake, Minn. B.A. Mathematics. Mathematics Club: Industrial Arts Club. B'ANN HERON, Galena, Ill. B.A. Kindergarten-Primary. Alpha Beta Gamma, President: Kappa Delta Pi: Kappa Phi Beta Alpha. ROGER HERWIG, Council Bluffs. B.A. Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau: Industrial Arts Guild, President. . Page 112 1 .il it A Page 113 KATHRYN HILLER, Letts. B.A. Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon: Gamma Theta Upsilon. DOROTHY HOEFFLER, Sioux City. B.A. Physical Education. Orchesis: W. A. A. MIRIAM HOLST, Keystone. B.A. Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon: Kappa Delta Pi. IEAN HORGAN, Postville. B.A. English. Tau Sigma Delta: Sigma Tau Delta: Romance Language Club: Women's League Council. BERNICE HUDSON, Dougherty. B.A. French. Classical Club: Gamma Theta Upsilon. BERNARD HUGHES, Lime Springs. BA. Physical Education. Alpha Chi Epsilon, President. LOUISE HUSER, Schulenburg, Texas. B.A. Home Economics. Ellen Richards Club. GEORGE HUTCHISON, Lake City. B.A. Physical Education. Lambda Gamma Nu: Blue Key: "l" Club. ALICE ISEIVIINGER, Hudson. B.A. Commercial. Commercial Club. WILMA ISLEY, Cedar Falls. BA. English. Sigma Tau Delta: Gamma Theta Upsilon. LEROY IENSEN, Massena. B.A. Math- ematics. Mathematics Club. FLOYD IOHNSON, Kiron. B.A. Physics. Lambda Delta Lambda: Chemistry Seminar: Mathematics Club: College Orchestra. LEEVERN IOHNSON, Earlham. B.A. Commercial. Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Omega Pi. SHIRLEY IOHNSON, Missouri Valley. BJ-l. Social Science. ROSEMARY IOHNSTON, Waterloo. l3.A. Home Economics. Delta Phi Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Women's League Executive Committee: College Eye. IAMES IORDAN, Waterloo. B.A. Social Science. Lambda Gamma Nu: Blue Key: Social Science Honors: Press Club. ROY IORGENSEN, Eagle Grove. B.A. Mathematics. Kappa Delta Pi: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Pi Gamma Mu. ALLEN KANE, Farmersburg. B.A. Industrial Arts. "l" Club: Industrial Arts Guild. ELEANOR KELLY, Waterloo. B.A. English. Alpha Beta Gamma. ANITA KENNEALLY, Elkader. B.A. Mathematics. Kappa Delta Pi: Mathematics Club. HELEN IANE KENDERDINE, Dickens. B.A. Commercial. Pi Theta Pi: Bartlett Hall President: Women's League Executive Committee. NORMA KILLAM, Otho. B.S. Commercial. Cecilians: Commercial Club. DOROTHY ELIZABETH KING, Waterloo. B.S. Home Economics. Ellen Richards Club: Theta Epsilon. DORIS KIRGIS, Bouton. B.A. Mathematics. Delta Sigma Rho: Theta Gamma Nu: Kappa Delta Pi: Debate. WALTER KNAPP, Waterloo. B.A. Social Science. Social Science Honors. HELEN KNOCHE, Clarksville. B.A. Commercial. Theta Gamma Nu: Life Saving Corps: A Capella Choir: College Choir. IUNE KNOWLES, Waterloo. B.A. Physical Education. Epsilon Phi Epsilon: W. A. A.: Orchesis. CATHARINE S. KOOS, Lamotte. B.A. Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Phi: Kappa Pi Beta Alpha. ' LEON KRAFFT, Cedar Falls. B.A. Instrumental Music. Alpha Delta Alpha: Phi Mu Alpha: Minnesingers. ELEANOR RAE KREUSSEL, Lamont. B.A. English. Epsilon Phi Epsilon: Sigma Tau Delta: Kappa Delta Pi. HELEN KROEGER, Preston. B.A. Music. Pi Phi Omega, President: Cecilians. MABEL KRUSE, Holland. B.A. Music. Sigma Alpha lota: Cecilians: College Singers. 1 1 Si I Page 114 Page ll5 VERNON W. KRUSE, Chapin. BS. Industrial Arts. Epsilon Pi Tau, President: Industrial Arts Guild. GENEVIEVE KUHL, Ida Grove. l3.S. Home Economics. Tau Sigma Delta: Ellen Richards Club. MARY IEAN LANDGRAP, Waterloo. B.A. English. Kappa Theta Psi, President: Sigma Tau Delta. ROSE MARGARET LEAK, Williamsport, Ind. B.A. Music. Pi Tau Phi: Sigma Alpha Iota. IOSEPHINE LEICHTMAN, New Hampton. B.S. Home Economics. Ellen Richards Club: Theta Epsilon: Chemistry Seminar. WILLIAM LENZ, Dubuque. B.A. Music. Symphony: C. S. A. MARVEL LESCH, Osage. B.A. Elementary. Beta Alpha Epsilon: L. S. A.: P. E. Club. FRED LIPFRING, Waterloo. B.A. English. Sigma Tau Delta. CLARA LOUNSBERRY, Marshalltown. B.A. English. Kappa Delta Pi: Sigma Tau Delta: Beta Beta Beta. SUE LUND, Rockford, lll. B.A. History. Phi Sigma Phi: Women's League President: Pi Gamma Nu: Kappa Delta Pi. ROY LUNDOUIST, Denison. B.A. History. Lambda Gamma Nu: Social Science Honors: Inter-Fraternity Council. MARIORIE LYNCH, Cedar Falls. B.A. English. Epsilon Phi Epsilon. IOHN MAGOVICH, Buhl, Minn. B.A. Physical Education. Phi Sigma Epsilon: "I" Club. lOl-IN MAMMEN, Palmer. B.A. History. Social Science Honors: L. S. A.: Mathematics Club. DOROTHY IANE MARINAN, Waterloo. B.A. Commerce. Epsilon Phi Epsilon. CAROL MATHERS, Cedar Falls. B.A. Earth Science. Gamma Theta Upsilon. t GERTRUDE MATTHIAS, Anamosa. B.A. Primary. Kappa Delta Pi: Kappa Pi Beta Alpha: L. S. A. CYRII.. MEYER, Elkport. B.A. Commerce. Lambda Gamma Nu. DOROTHY E. MILLER, West Bend. B.S. Physical Education. Orchesis: Life Saving Club: P. E. Club. EARL F. MILLER, McGregor. B.A. Chemistry. Lambda Delta Lambda: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Alembic Club: Chemistry Seminar: Band. HUBERT MISSILDINE, Dumont. B.S. Physical Education. Alpha Chi Epsilon: "I" Club. MARY ELIZABETH MITCHELL, Gooding, Idaho. B.A. Primary. Theta Gamma Nu: Kappa Pi Beta Alpha CLARK MITZE, Cedar Falls. B.A. Music. Phi Mu Alpha: College Symphony: Band: Playcraft. MARIAN MOEN, George. B.A. Public School Music. Cecilians: Sigma Alpha Iota: College Singers: Band. HARRIET MORRIS, Sioux City. B.A. English. Classical Club: Romance Language Club. EVELYN MOULTON, Waverly. B.A. English. Theta Gamma Nu: Cecilians: College Choir. KENNETH MUELLER, Maguolceta. B.A. Speech-English. Alpha Chi Epsilon: Minnesingers: Tutor Tickler co- director. RICHARD MUNNS, Kansas City, Kansas. BA. Biology. Beta Beta Beta: College Choir. DALE MURRAY, Lamont. B.S. Commercial Education. Lambda Gamma Nu: Golden Ledger: Commercial Club. DOROTHY MAY MYERS, Cedar Falls. B.A. Home Economics. Kappa Phi: Ellen Richards Club. DERWIN MYI-IR, Cedar Falls. B.A. Biology. Beta Beta Beta: Band. ELIZA- BETH MCELHINNEY, Buckingham. B.S. Commercial. Commercial Club: Foto Forum. Page 116 Page 117 MARGARET MCELHINNEY, Buckingham. B.A. Speech. Playcralt: Theta Alpha Phi: Cecilians. EVELYN McKELLlPS, Lawton. B.A. Primary. Pi Tau Phi: Orientation Chairman: Kappa Pi Beta Alpha. FLORENCE NEUMEIER, Gladbrook. B.A. Piano. College Symphony: Art League: A Capella Choir. PEGGY NEWMAN, Waterloo. B.A. Social Science. Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Gamma Mu: College Eye Staff: Press Club. BEVERLY NEWTON, La Porte City. BA, Art. Phi Sigma Phi: Art League: Romance Language Club: Women's League Council. IEANNETTE NEWTON, La Porte City. B.A. Kg. Primary. Phi Sigma Phi: Kappa Pi Beta Alpha. VALBORG NIELSEN, Cedar Falls. BA. Elementary Ed. L. S. A. IAMES NORTH, Vail. B.A. Agriculture. Westminister Fellowship, President: Stowaway Club. DAN OAKLEY, Cedar Rapids. B.A. Social Science. LAURA MAE O'BANiON, Le Mars. BJ-l. Elementary. Theta Epsilon: Cecilians: College Choir: Mathematics Club: Elementary Club. NOR- RTNE R. ODLAND, Clarion. B.A. Elementary Education. Gamma Theta Upsilon, President: Kappa Delta Pi: Senior Counselor: Executive Committee. ROY QLSEN, Waterloo Rd. BA. Commerce. Alpha Chi Epsilon: Men's Union, President: OLD GOLD: "l" Club: Blue Key. LEO OLSON, Ames, B.A, Social Science. TOM ORR, Cedar Falls. B.A. Mathematics. Lambda Gamma Nu: Mathematics Club. KENNETH ORTON, Williams. B.A. Social Science. L. S. A.: Industrial Arts Guild. EDNA PADOVAN, Numa. BA. Commerce. Commercial Club: Gamma Theta Upsilon. LEE F. PARMAN, Cedar Falls. B.A. Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon: Kappa Delta Pi: College Singers. DALE PARRISH, lonia. B.A. History. Alpha Delta Alpha: Band. MIRIAM PETERSON, Madrid. B.A. Commercial. Gamma Theta Upsilon: Commercial Club. EDWARD I. PHIPPIN, Estherville. B.A. Biology. Phi Sigma Epsilon: "I" Club: Track. GERALD PIERES, I-Iudson. B.S. Commercial. Xanho: Golden Ledger: Catholic Student Association. NORRIS PRITCHARD, Dike. B.A. Social Science. Kappa Mu Epsilon: Pi Gamma Mu: Forum Com- mittee. SUE ALICE RECTOR, Odebolt. B.A. Music. Sigma Alpha Iota: Orchesis: Cecilians: Sym- phony. EVELYN REHN, Miles City, Mont. B.A..Physicx'1l Education. Orchesis: Camera Club. MARGARET REINHART, Ridgeway. B.A. Music. Cecilians: College Singers: Orchestra Club. ORRA REW, Lamoni. B.A. lndustrial Arts. Phi Sigma Epsilon: "I" Club: Industrial Arts Guild. BILLINGS RICHARDS, Dubuque. B. A. English. MARY RICKEY, Washington. B.A. Mathematics. Trapezoid: Mathematics Club. 1 CARLETON RIDER, Gilmore City. B.S. Physical Education. Alpha Delta Alpha. I-IAZEL RILEY, Corning. B.S. Commercial. Tau Sigma Delta: Commercial Club. VIRGINIA F. ROHDE, Davenport. B. A. Music. Kappa Delta Pi: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Concert Band: Symphony. RUTH OLIVE ROSEN- BERGER, Cedar Falls. B.A. Music. Pi Theta Pi: A Capella Choir. PC1912 119 .l V--41 .t l. v t l I RICHARD ROUPE, Ames. B.A. English. Sigma Tau Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Alpha Phi Omega. CHARLES RUGGLESS, Prairie City. B.A. English. Romance Language Club: Writer's Club. ALETA MAE RUNKLE, Pisgah. B.A. Music. Cecilians, IEANNE ELIZABETH RUSSELL, Winfield. B. A. Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha: Cecilians. EILEEN RUTHERFORD, Greeley. B.A. English. Sigma Tau Delta, President: Kappa Delta Pi: Theta Alpha Phi: Old Gold: Symphony. BEULAH SADOFF, Clarion. B.A. Commercial. Pi Omega Pi: Commercial Club. FRANCES SADOFF, Clarion. B.S. Commercial. Pi Omega Pi: OLD GOLD: Womerfs Band. EILEEN SAWYER, Iewell. B.A. Music. Theta Gamma Nu: Orchestra Club. ELIZABETH SCHEIBE, Mason City. B.A.-History. Cecilians: College Singers. MAXINE SCHIVE, - . . N Fort Dodge. B.A. English. Kappa Delta P1: College Eye: Sigma Tau Delta. RUTH SCHLESSELMA , Laurel. B.A. Physical Education. W. A. A.: Life Saving Corps: Orchesis. HARRY SCHLEY, Cedar Rapids. B.S. Physical Education. Phi Sigma Phi: Inter-Fraternity Council President. 4 1 U ik, il ". fi' WM., I .Lim Legg.: V wi , I I ' It ,, ,, I s Lf , W HH,- rf-1 ll :Z - I ,..,,.," MARY MARGARET SCI-IMITT, Alta. BA. Art. Art League. RUTH SEYBOLD, Ackley. B.A. Mathe- matics. Kappa Delta Pi: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Commercial Club. VIRGINIA SHANNON, Washington. B.A. Primary. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha: Art League. LUCILLE SHAW, Boone. B.A. Mathematics. Mathematics Club. RAYMOND SHEPARD, Hastings. B.S. Commerce. Alpha Chi Epsilon: Press Club: Seerley Hall, President. ALICE SIGLIN, Woodworth. B.A. Elementary. Kappa Delta Pi. LAURA SIMPSON, Cedar Falls. Bjl. Speech, Delta Phi Delta: Theta Alpha Phi: Verse Speaking Choir: Playcraft. RUSSELL SIVERLY, Mount Union. BJ-I. Commerce. Commercial Club: College Singers. LEONA SMITH, CorrectionVille.B.A. English. Pi-Tau Phi: College Choir: Inter-Sorority Council: United Student Movement. HUBERT P. SMOCK, Keota. B.A. English. Sigma Tau Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Romance Language Club. LELAND SNELL, Plymouth. B.S. Physical Education. "l" Club. CARROLL SOENKE, Stockton. B.A. Biology. Chemistry Seminar: Tri Beta: Alernbic. Page 120 CATHERINE SPOONER, Storm Lake. Kappa Theta Psi: Commercial Club: Student Council. CHAR- LOTTE STEINKAMP, Seymour, Ind. B.A. English. L. S. A.: Phi Sigma Phi: Drama: Playcrait. LORRAINE STRINGER, Rockwell City. BJ-l. Commerce. Golden Ledger: Women's League: W. A.- A.: Physical Education Club. RALPH STROUP, Wapello. B.A. Commerce. Alpha Delta Alpha: Com- mercial Club. VERA STUTSMAN, Washington. B.A. Primary. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha: Kappa Delta Pi. NORMA SUTZ, Davenport. BJ-l. Music. Sigma Alpha lota: Kappa Delta Pi: Orchestra. OZZO TAYLOR, Alden. B.A. Commerce. Xanho: Inter-Fraternity Council. DOROTHY THOMAS, Lime Springs, B.A. Music. Kappa Theta Psi: Sigma Alpha Iota: College Singers. MARCIA THOMSEN, Laurens. BA. English. Sigma Tau Delta: Mathematics Club: Women's Chorus. MARGARET THURSTON, Cedar Falls. B.S. Home Economics. Kappa Theta Psi: Ellen Richards Club: Rho Epsilon Rho. ED TREFZGER, Inglewood, California. B.A. Physical Education. Phi Sigma Epsi- lon: "I" Club. MARCELLA TROTTNOW, BA. Commerce. Commercial Club. NEVCA TROTTNOW, Dysart. B.A. Social Science. 4-I-I Club.: Trapezoid. ANTON TURKAL, Bessemer, Mich. B.A. Social Science. "I" Club. AVON TURNER, Belknap, B.A. English. Mathematics Club. SAM URE, Riceville. B.A. Commercial. Pi Omega Pi: Commercial Club: Mathematics Club. 0 MARY VAN SKIKE, Ireton. B.A. English. Sigma Tau Delta: A Capella Choir: Classical Club. MERLE VAUGI-IN, Benton. B.S. Physical E'd1.1caiion. Xanho. WANDA WAINRIGI-IT, Superior River. B.A. Physical Education: W. A. A.: Life Savings Corps: Physical Education Club, President. WILMA WALTERS, Little Sioux. B.A. Commercial. Commercial Club. OREN WEIR, Cedar Falls. B.A. Commercial. Alpha Chi Epsilon: Phi Mu Alpha: Orchestra: Band I-IUBERT WI-IITE, Hamburg. B.A. Commercial. Golden Ledger: Commercial Club: Stowaway IEANNETTE M. WI-IITE, Badger. B.A. Elementary Education: Commercial Club: 4-H Club. WINI- FRED WICKEBSI-IAM, Melbourne. B.A. Commercial. Commercial Club: German Club: 4-H Club EDNA WILLIAMS, Bronson. B.A. History. MARY K. WILLIAMS, Marcus. BA. Kindergarten-PIL mary. Westminster Student Council: Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, Trapezoid. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS, Fort Dodge. BA. Commercial. Pi Omega Pip Hamilton Club: Pi Gamma Mug Debate. GRACE WIL- SON, Grinnell. B.S. Home Economics. Ellen Richards Club. '5- LLOYD R. WILSON, Mason City. B.S. Industrial Arts. Delta Sigma Phi, Epsilon Pi Tau: Alpha Phi Omega. ELIZABETH WITT, Elkader. B.A. Kindergarten-Primary. Orchesisg Kappa Pi Beta Alpha. WILLIS WITTMER, Crawfordsville. B.A. Music. Kappa Delta Pig Mens Bancly A Capella Choir. ORLIN VVITTRIG, Washington. B.A. Commercial. Commercial Club. DOLORES WOITO, Alqona. B.A. Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Pi Beta Alpha. EDITH E. WRIGHT, Osage. B.S. Home Economics. Ellen Richards Club. DOROTHY WURTZER, Fort Dodge. B.A. Commercial. Pi Omega Pi: Hamilton Club: Debate: Pi Gamma Mug Commercial Club. IOE YOSELOFF, Mason City. B.A. Social Science. Social Science Honors. 5 L E 5 I A If U in , 1 c in M V ALPHA CI-H EPSILCDN A brown-eyed blond! Sponsored by E I- N 0 R Afetfliilmihlig, A221223 01121521 CCDLLMAN ,Q iS1'l'1. OLD QLD BEAUTIES QLD GCDLD BEAUHES Xanho and Alpha Beta Gamma pre- sents Ieanne Leo, all that anyone LE C could ask for in fraqile loveliness. I ALPHA BETA GAMMA, XANHO OLD GOLD BEAUTY DANCE A comeiy Kappa Theta PS1 XL flashes a mosi allurmg srmle G A Q She captlvated the Judge at the OLD GOLD dance GOLD BEAUTIES Dolores Nyberq, cr ravishinq red-head, G O represents Tau Slqmcl Delta. She fcrirly sparkles with piqucmcy cmd pep. E E A U E S DCDLORES NYBERG TAU SIGMA DELTA ,JQE -2-eff Lg'ig?','lw' Wi' .u?'4?f.-.l . I - larva-uf 4 e1':.'1Qff.:'1 we A-'. iuziff. DD QLD GQLD BEAUTIES VERA STUTSMAN K1t3fSit?55iiTBEEtli?B?tt3,Et5 Grace good looks, and poise! All these has Vera Stutsman Kappa Pi Beta Alphas stately beauty QLD GCDLD BEAUTIES Personality, beauty, cmd charm de- F scnbe come-ly lss Flora Worden W 0 R D E N PHI SIGMA EPSILGN .- x-my wp . .. , 4 ' ' rwqaf24Q'fw3X9-'f2,smg3f9fef35g:g1 I . , '5gny.L1L,,,:,:.x-V Q Q' . A commerce major, 'MAB-Y IANE BBINDLEY is president of Pi Omega Pi, secretary of Women's League, and a member oi Tau Sigma Delta, Kappa Delta Pi and verse-speaking choir. Efficient 'ACALVIN CHASE is the l94U CLD GOLD editor, besides belonging to Blue Key, Social Science Honors,, Alpha Chi Epsilon and lnter-Eraternity Council. Peppy 'MARY "LlZ" CCL- BUBN is one oi the representative stu- dents. She is vice-president oi the Stu- dent Council, member of Women's League Executive Committee, Kappa Theta Psi and Hamilton Club. sgxlfi Raef -, WHC Gila W H C' S 'ABCBEBT AUPPEBLE is the serious lad leading the list. Perhaps he Won- ders, as he sings, it it pays to be presi- dent of Baker Hall, Minnesingers and Phi Mu Alpha. "Behind that band saw stands LAVEBNE BENZ, president of Blue Key, chairman of the Student Be- lations Committee, an Epsilon Pi Tau, and lnter-Fraternity Councillor. 'That loolc: of rapture belongs to ICE BEAVC. His companion may be praising him for being president of Student Council, vice-president of Alpha Delta Alpha, and a "Blue Keyer." A Y, 1 vw 1 I.. U 'lntent upon her music is BCSEMABY ICHNSTCN, organist. She edited two student handbooks, besides Working on the "College Eye", executive com- mittee, and being a member of Kappa Delta Pi. 'IAMES ICBDAN, micro- phone-gripper, has designs on the law profession. He belongs to Blue Key, Social Science Honors, Press Club, and formerly edited the "College Eye". "HELEN If-XNE KENDEBDINE is vice-president oi the Women's League executive committee. She is also a member ot the lnter-Sorority Council and Commerce Club. 'HBUTH CULBEBTSCN, Editor," reads the "College Eye". "Cubby" is the past president of the Press Club and of Tau Sigma Delta, as well as a mem- ber oi Purple Arrow honorary group. 'Trumpeter IAMES DYCUS heads the Student Board oi Control, serves on the Student Council, besides belong- ing to Blue Key, Phi Mu Alpha, and Men's Band. 'Beneath the lovely coif- iure is IEAN HCBGAN, Women's League Becreational Chairman, and a member oi Sigma Tau Delta, Tau Sig- ma Delta, and Bomance Language Club. ,jf X "Putting on the finishing touches, EABL MILLEB prepares to strut his stuff. Besides his drum major position he belongs to Lambda Delta Lambda, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Men's Band, Alem- bic Club, and Chemistry Seminar. AKEN MUELLEB, co-director of Tutor Ticklers, sketches a design ior the show. l-le is affiliated with Playcratt, College Choir, and Commercial Club. ABC-Y CLSEN, Business Manager ot the CLD GCLD, smiles at the sale receipts. l-le is president of Men's Union, and a member of Blue Key and l Club. I My W Wt-lC'S wHo "All dressed up for Work, DCBIS KlB- GIS gives someone a refill. She is not only a member of Delta Sigma Bho, Kappa Delta Pi, and Kappa Mu Epsi- lon, but Chairman ot the Organiza- tions Committee. fSmiling SUE LUND, a member of Pi Gamma Mu and Kap- pa Delta Pi, is Women's League Presi- dent. Sue also serves on the Student Council Lecture and Entertainment Committee. TCE MCPHEBSCN, co- director oi Tutor Ticklers, holds the line. l-le belongs to Theta Alpha Phi, Playcraft, Blue Key, and is chairman of the active Orientation Committee tor freshmen. WW' ' ffl W HCS 'As Society Editor of the College Eye, MARY RICKERT keeps herself busy. She is also president of Press Club, secretary of Student Council, and a member of the Romance Language Club. 'RAY SHEPARD reclines and reads. Besides holding the presidency of Seerley Hall he belongs to Golden Ledger, Commercial Club, and Press Club. 'Beaming from behind the desk, CATHERINE SPOCNER com- ments on social life as seen by her committee. She belongs to Delta Sig- ma Rho, Hamilton Club, and is a Bart- lett Hall Senior Resident. 'CHARLOTTE STETNKAMP is one of the leading drama students, but finds time to be a member of Phi Sigma Phi, Playcraft, Theta Alpha Phi, and Lu- theran Students' Association. As head cheerleader AALVIN WELLER helps to fill up his spare moments. But still he belongs to Alpha Chi Epsilon, lVlen's Union, and to the Crientation commit- tee. 'DCRCTHY WURTZER one of the team that met the British debators, fills the dates on her calendar with mem- bership in Pi Omega Pi, Hamilton Club, Commercial Club and the Stu- dent Council. Puri-Q Coiieqe Eye ediior-in- Prs ciniei, Ruin nas made cr 'promineni pierce ior iner- seii on 'Cne campus. She ciaims Tau Siqmci Deiic JAIXAES ioi which sine is presidenii i cis ner socicxi sorority, and 'I O R UA N is C1 member oi ?urpie Arrow. She is gg pggx "Kim", as his iriends know presideni oi 'One Press him, is ci ieiiow who "qeis Ciub and durinq me year c1rOur1d." A Socicii Sci- XQ37-38 was mcincxqinq GHCG Tf1C13OI. C1043 C1 P051 ediior Qi me "Eye," ediior-in-ciniei oi an Piii- Prmericcxn Coiieqe Eye, rs, i y ine new iinds 'nis iime con- iw w Ae. K' sumed wiin membership , X 5 i y .W ,X in Lambda Gamma Nu , y V gm' socicii ircxierniiy, Eine A J Key, Sociei Science Hon- - ierniiy Coun- ors, 'inier Frei ' i cii and Press Ciub. REPRE STUDENTS Prnoiher person who can do a hundred ihinas is wmv and inaenious Mary "Liz." The vice- presidency Ol KGPPC1 Theia Psi social sororiiy and ihe same oiiice on ihe Siudeni Council help while avvay her iime, GS does membership in ihe 'Womens Leaaue Execu- iive Commiiiee, Llamilion Club, and ihe Uniied Siudeni Nlovemeni. ls busy as anyone could ne, Roy is a well-known liqure on ihe campus. Alpha Chi Epsilon social iraierniiy, lVlen's Union presidency land, inci- denially, presidency oi ihe execuiive board oi ihis oraanizaiionl, CLD GOLD Business Mana- qership, Blue Key, Press Club and Commercial Club help him io make use oi every hour. SENTVATQVE ROY OLSEN MARY ELHZAEETH CULBUQN lnteresting Students and Faculty INTRCDDUCING TO YOU: "SO- PHUS HELM, the radio ham. With his receiving set in his little room over on Olive Street, he tunes in other amateur opera- tors and contacts similar souls all over the United States. "GENE BOVEE, the Woodcarver. First, he carved a Wooden neck- lace for his girl. Then he added some sharper arrows to his hand-carved how-and-arrow set to Ward off rivals for either her or the necklace! 'HERBERT l-IAKE, charcoal artist. Clubs clamor for Mr. l'lake's talks made vivid by his deft strokes with a piece of charcoal. Audiences marvel at the technique displayed in his hurriedly sketched characters. 'CONNIE SCHAEFER, canine collector. Connie, when still a Wee lass, hit upon the idea of making stuffed dogs and giving them to her friends. Now, she has an assortment of all kinds of pups, from china to calico. felfeafing aglklfwfenfri MLM acocf 'RQBERT KRULISH AND I. B. PAUL ll, camera fans. Krulish keeps the college betore the public by sending his pictures ot campus activities to the Des Moines Register. Paul takes all kinds ot stills, including dramatic production scenes tor the college drama department. 'DONALD DUBBERT, Xylophonist. He belongs to two honorary organizations, the College Band and Orchestra, and makes practically straight Al 'MYRON RUSSELL, wood-turner. Mr. Russell has made chairs, tables, writing desks, and hobby horses. Now, he is working on an oboe. 'RQGENA GENTNER, penguin admirer. Rogena has ninety-eight specimens of these Antarctic towl. When Richard Byrd showed her a live one, she de- cided to collect them as a hobby. i'lVlARGARET Tl-IURSTON, dress-de signer. Margaret gained campus recognition by winning a hundred dollars in a contest, with an originally designed and hand-made dress. 'DR. LLQYD V. DCUGLAS, with one hundred and twenty-tive pipes! Dust is not allowed to settle on any of the treasure collection adorning the Douglas mantel--"A pipe for every mood," says Dr. Douglas. Top Row: Krulish, Dubbert, Russell Bottom Row: Gentner, Paul, Thurston, Douglas Beans say, "Skunk 'em!" A D A's first place winners. Chi's sponsor, "Wrong way Corrigan." Welcoming alumni: Bond Marches ony After the game. Homecoming! Hundreds of "grads" stop Work tor a Week- end, pack up their bags, and journey to the great event of the year at Iowa State Teachers College. The theme of this year's homecoming was reviving and rebuilding in- terest in the college and its Work. To start the Week-end right, a Zippy pep-meeting was held Friday night, October 28. After that, Maxwell Anderson's "Star Wagon" enter- tained the "alums" at its second performance of the The alumnae battle in a game of field hockey Peanuts-popcorn-cracker jacks Week. As a check-up of the great number who came, and as a means of hunting lost friends, registration was held from nine A. M. until four- thirty P. M. on Saturday. Alumnae of the Women's physical education department played their annual hockey game in the afternoon. At the same time the general alumni association held a business meeting in the Commons. A highlight of the day's program was a homecoming luncheon with Dr. Eva May Luse as speaker. Homecomers' enthusiasms were more pepped up by the Morn- ingside-Teachers' College football game and by the snappy men's and Women's bands which paraded be- fore the game. Saturday was brought to a close with social and The band welcomes the alumn Get that man! honorary organization dinners, and the annual Homecoming dance. Sunday, a special service was held for all homecoming visitors. 1 J . 1 J "' fl 5 ' t 1 v 2, 1 1 "xy l' tg , , e l. .eg N--Mc, -Mf J li 'x r 4 il sk.-L CA PUAS LEADERS' ' e President pct DINNER Qver one hundred students Ccgrnpus legders gs they were known gt the eventl were present oft the gnnugl campus legders' dinner given by President 0. R. Lgthdrn. Dr. Lotthgrn spoke on the Hlntegrottion of cornpus orggnizgtions for the good of the corn- pus os g Whole." A surprise tribute by Ruth Culbertson to President Lotthorm in behotli oi the student body ond the cotrnpus legders, was one of the high- lights of the evening. lt Wgs given in gloprecigtion for the work done by Dr. Lctthgrn while gcting gs President gt lowot Stotte Tegchers College for the potst ten yeotrs. Jthum greets Mr. McPherson five queens-a real handffull. Formal dinner, Elesie and Bovee bored? First beauty appears. Intermission-the Georgian lounge. Chase worries. The lucky Miss McMillan and Mr. Clayton. Presenting Miss Slutsman. Who shall I vote ior. 4' 1 N X 5 ' W 9 : 1 . 5 FURO Olfxxfl f I 11 Pooled: Two hundred Teachers' College dancers until the middle ot the dance. lrnagine their surprise when they discovered they were not listening to the right orchestra! Dick Hendricks had not come! At this one dance of the year, where attendance of iloeautiiul co-eds is assured, six beauties were chosen to grace the pages of the OLD GGLD. Preceding the dance a dinner with Ruth Culbertson and larnes lordan as hostess and host Was held in honor of Mr. Kenneth Clayton, judge oi the six loeauties. Mr. Borwxck- Mr. Benz Will it be my girl friend? Steinkamp and Milze watch the band Q-:ch vi ,N -fun. 2 --ego - - , ff-'an ics ,. y , A . , ' w in l An . 1 7' if W 1 t , , i , . , F l' - ', ' , , ,- , ' . I sf' ,,,- -Wu .,v,,,. A , ,,,, W , 4 X L , my ,.,,,,, lnformal and formal! A remarkable dance! Members of the Blue Key were distinguished from their fellow students by the matter of a "tuX." Taking time fromutheir scholarly and honor- ary duties, the members, along with their guests and many in- formally dressed colleagues, danced to the music of "Doc" Law- son and his orchestra. A "feature" of the feature dance Was the grouping of Women in the Commons' lounge and of men in the balcony above fthe-reversal of Shalcespeares lorocedurel, after which both groups joined hands as the lines entered the middle door of the ballroom. ' McNally has a Whee of a time. George and Martha lead the grand march Martha and George had really Come to life! The annual Washington Ball was again the scene of private conver- sations such as these: "lt's his voice, all right, and l can guess who Martha is." "Do you really thinlc it's Eleanor?" Well, it Was! Eleanor Collrnan and Dick Britson reigned as the two famous people over the junior dance oi the year, Where Wally Wallace's orches- tra gave the dancers the treat ot their lives. Coleman and Brilson alias George and Martha Don Nelson and Dvonna Vaughn swing out. Snyder, Huppel, Dycus, Wilson enjoy tete a tete at intermission There W e r e dances when the girls gave vegetables to the men to Wear anol there were dances when the men Wore tuxes, but about the best one of the year was the lnter-sorority clance. This was a turn about clance-and what a crowded floor! Members of the eleven sororities viecl for a "fel- low" to take to this an- nual classic. Gene Peiper's orchestra playecl for this tradi- tional affair with the girls exchanging dances With members of other sororities. i i 1-A1 w -. , a. M . t . 1. it ' ti ,- w it ii Y 'J L. l. ., .. , '. , , 1... . Members of the Alpha Chi Epsilon, Alpha Delta Alpha, Lambda Gamma Nu, Phi Sigma Epsilon, and Xanho fraternities were all present at the lnter! fraternity dance on a Winter night in February. At the Commons, soft or- chestra music floated out to the guests arriving in the lobby, a few couples were already dancing in the pale, subdued light of the ballroom. During the evening, members of the various fraternities exchanged dances. Spe- cial guests at the dance were the president and his Wife, faculty members, and the advisers of the fraternities. Bogott helps out. Baird, Connell and the Beans. Don't Shove It's the Phi Siqs tum now Turn around Chase. The Chi's dance. Camera-shy, Stroup? Men's gymnasium, student, p o p 1 G13 trees 7 1 I ,.. 1 1 f- y! fra ff' fy ft ' ! K , f' ,fm Jwv I ff f f f 1 ,fx Twenty-Third Street Walk past Bartlett Hall Beautiful Baker Ten minutes lute lo class Autumn stroll past C umpcmile North End of Women's Swimming Pool Pcrtinq of the ways Baker Hull from the tennis Courts -- Presidenfs home, East ccxmpus A'22f:2N . '.. ' W. ..-smbvw,-Q, X-.q.'1swQ'3-ge'.v.- .Q-hm :sz-3'-my? ,-.A 34 -wifi-ff"' 'W' 7"i : "W ' YW ' ' W! 1 7 W WZ? " ' ff? 0,9 s va -1 f' 2 .Q f 1 1 f 1 fy ,Q ?fQg?f Q2 9153.3 'Q M ??1"3fj Y lx A fy 9 f f ff'gf4'Wf4W J w V X' fy Q 3 ' ? Ei? Nl' " Yi? W .. ,.1e,, f" --x ' -, Q .w ,f'1' .Jw swzxfgdy? ffi ,.,ofC:.,,3.., ..,. ik ,.,. U.:-.1 94,1 5 -.W UW 7 f . 14 , WMM ,-I ' 4 , X , .' ,'a,W.'fQ.. Y . ff-Pqffx.. , X , ' " , , 7 J ,f f as 1 if f Y 'f We f M f:,W5'A Af 'aff' W 'if 545 f ffygfff' Y ,fn f M ff ff A 3f df W ?' Aww, ff fy, 1, , 1 , 1: .R ' "f'Q:ig1.f.5,5g-Q,f' 'iggfg " ,lj-,fi :.',1'.fgfaQ'5:12..niggaZ..-'aff X eb.. ., ' Hfzf ii Z KM- 71 Billowy clouds over Rose Living Room v,,, Students stroll town the Rose Livi' Room Maqovich, Brown and the Commons The ever pczjclmcid Shep 5 M, V , 1 f V , - V V - -V - --------- - -- Y ,...Y! Y. ,,,, . L.. ,,- -- ,W , ,,,,, ,A, ., -..W ,--- -------4-----I L CONTENTS SPORTS FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES DRAMA PUBLICATIONS MUSIC AND FORENSICS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES Page 161 W.. T52 Ee " I mm yytfigixi? The Loyalty So ng peels forth gets in shcr . H-E-LAL-O. Miller pe. Knostmurx, Nissen Mr. Ru ' . ccimpcmile. ssell dlre cts Page 162 L ei Page 163 L r l ,g W Si ll ll? llllill llx il NH R"-r:.,,:311 l al Xl m1zl,,,,,,,,fl in-Na ,I Q if 'Yagi LJ 2 gmfff ..,,,fl MEN'S BAND "Let the spirit of State Teachers College,-" says the loand. Loyalty, pep, school spirit, these are the bywords of the Tutor marching players. Athletic field or men's gym, it makes no difference, they're there to do honors with plenty of style. Chiefly thought of as "on the march," this versatile band also takes time out to join the Women's Band in presenting several formal concerts during the year. lnspired loy the energetic loaton of Mr. Myron Rus- sell, it performs clever parade formations which are fast becoming a popular specialty. Purple and gold marching--. Look, folks, here comes the band! WOMEN'S BAND "Give us a toot on the tooter, Tessief' is a command the fifty co-ed members of Womens Band can ful- fill with ease. Marching down the athletic field, with dark skirts swishing in line, the lolue and gold capped and jacketed girls follow their high-spirited drum majors to show the campus what co-eds can do With color, music, and pep. explains fundamentals. Burckhard in Morningside game. Monroe goes up in the r .-l-ffwf :':I:1i1z1:..:a1-We-.... T ,icy L, A, , ,, ,- -, . . ,--, -.JA .-., Lew, v , Le 1- -w Li-- "Fall, l938" will not go down in Teachers College history as a particularly successful football season. However, new improvements in equipment and a new high in school spirit serve to mark the past year's gridiron activity as at least a "moral" success. Due to the bad weather the at- tendance suffered. Confronted at the beginning of September with a squad of but thirty-three men, Coach Clyde L. "Buck" Starbeck spent a great deal of the season experimenting in an ef- fort to find the right combinations of certain key linemen and backs. The Panther eleven, dogged by numerous in- juries, captured three victories as compared with five losses during the l938 season. ln the opening home game against Grinnell, the local squad turned in a promising performance, stifling the Pio- neers, 10-O. The Tutors then dropped a 20-U decision to Pcg Page 165 Top ROW: Boland, Breitbach, Burclchard, Cook, Dutcher, Kagan, Kane, Lyons d How: McCabe, Podemski, Rabey, Riebe, Roberts, Schley, Shirk, Stainbrook. Third Row: Talus, Coach Starbeck, Coach Nordly, Coach Dickinson, Turlcal, Wright Western State Teachers College at Kalamazoo, Michigan. Meet- ing North Dakota State College at Pargo in its first North Central conference game, the Purple and Gold team lost, lil-7. Home game number two saw the Teachers College eleven talce the measure of Coe College in a Well-played contest, lil-U. The fol- lowing Week the Morningside Maroons invaded the Panther lair and stopped Starloeclds men, lil-7, in an aerial contest. The Teachers College football squad traveled to Emporia, Kan- sas, the next week to drop a tough Kansas State Teachers Col- lege eleven, lil-l3. -The conference champions from the Univer- sity of South Dakota came to Cedar Falls seven days later and Whipped the locals, 26-2. ln the final game of the season, the Panther lost to Cmaha University at Omaha, l3-6. A tie for fifth place in the North Central Conference was the loest that the Teachers College gridmen could accomplish during the season. Leo Kagan, center, and George Dutcher, halfloaclc, were named to the official All North Central Conference team toss tt t'oo'l'BALL X The Homecoming crowd. The Morningside - game. After the game selected by the coaches in their annual meeting in December. Also outstanding consistently during the season were l-lugh Roberts and Howard Rabey, a pair oi Watch-charm guards that played practically the entire sixty minutes of every ball game that the Purple and Gold standard bearers participated in. An- other outstanding but little heralded figure in the game for lowa State Teachers College was Anton Turlcal of Bessemer, Michigan, who played steady but unspectacular ball in every game. Starbeclc held six Weeks oi strenuous grid drill during the spring. All the men who will be back to form next year'steX- Page 165 perienced group, together with the preceding season's outstanding freshmen, took part in the daily Workouts. Fundamentals ot every kind-blocking, tackling, passing, kicking, and running-were stressed particularly in the drills, and a renewed interest in the football enthusiasts of lowa State Teachers College was the outstanding tea- ture of the spring grid activity. The athletic department released one of the stittest schedules in years for the nine- teen thirty-nine season. The spring gridiron practice raised the hopes and amloi- tions oi both the coaches and fans at Teachers College tor a very successful l939 season. Due to the tact that many experienced men will loe returning to the Panther den, and that a good group ot light but fast men will be moving up to varsity competition, prospects tor next year seemed very much brightened. K and Dutcher. What's the matter, rel? The Panther kick off, Podemski and Rabey Watc Block that kick Enthusiastic Cortor1'P . 1 - httly Gersemcr scores again. Up and ln. Is Dodd doing the big apple? ln the l938-39 Teachers College basketball season, the Panthers retained second place in the North Central conference standings, Winning five and losing three games in that potent circuit. Failing to Win consistently on foreign courts, the Tutors showed a season record of nine victories and eight defeats, which was under the high standard set lov Coach Nordly's first Panther tearn. However, several sophomores obtained needed season- ing. Beginning the- season with a rush, the Tutors Won four out of their first five garnes. Among their early' season victories were Page 8 ,f .i , Y. -,,,,N ,.,, ...T r, ,Wh M-. l t ' ' ' lf TD , it Page 169 . ,V ' ,, l N t t , ' l .1 ' t -V g F H gmt -Y . -- J. . r H - '--- V -W.. ..-' included such top-notch teams as Western lllinois State Teachers and lowa State. Only Hamline was alole to stop them, yet the highly touted Pipers won loy only two points in a tough game. Grinnell dampened Teachers College spirit by defeating the Panthers, 52-36, for the first loss of the season on the home floor. This defeat seemed to drop the Tutors into the doldrums, and they won only one game out of the next seven. A six-game road trip did the damage-six defeats-and showed weakness on other courts. Still, all games were hotly contested. Fred Lofguist captured the individual conference scoring title and loroke the school record with l94 points. Lyle Dodd, ll2, Ed Olson, 58, Merlyn Gersema, 57, and Bill Close, 47, followed in that order. Lofguist and Dodd gained all-loop mention. Several weeks of intensive spring drill were held as Coach Nordly put his l939-40 hopefuls through their paces. Numerous freshmen and a good loatch of upperclassmen reported. Bolt, Buchwcrld, Close, Dodd Gersema, Hunt, Lofquist, Olson Sims, Coach Nordly, Trefzger n 1 ei Top Row: Bcxhlinq, Bolinski, Breitbcxch, Cook Second Row: Hcrssmcrn, Hummel, Iscracson, Iensen. Third Row: Lund, Coach McCuskey, Roberts. Close to cr fall Bolinski-muscles. Page 1 70 Page 171 lQ38!3Q VVHESTL QQ Coach Dave lVlcCuslcey's Teachers College wres- tling sguad experienced one of its finest seasons in recent years during the l938-39 grappling cam- paign, winning four matches and losing three-all of which were closely contested affairs. Two Big Ten schools-Wisconsin University and lowa University-fell before the tough Panther mat- men during the course of a stiff seven-meet sched- ule. Besides these two rugged opponents the local team defeated Cornell-perennially a strong wres- tling school-and Grinnell, a traditionally tough rival for Teachers College. The three losses were all close. However, the Tutors fell victims to lllinois, Minnesota, and lowa State. Despite these three setbacks, however, the Purple and Gold standard bearers put up an eX- cellent battle in every match, proving to all spec- tators that they were one of the staunchest mat groups in the Middlewest. Delbert lensen, sturdy little l26 pound grappler led the individual Panther wrestlers through the season with an undefeated record. Gnly when he had reached the semi-finals of the National A. A. U. tourney-a post-season affair-was lensen defeat- ed, and then by the title holder. 1 . , - , 1 1 1 TQSQ BASEHAL Opening the schedule on April lil against lowa State, Coach Lawrence Whitford's baseball sguad looked forward to a successful season with nine lettermen back to help bolster the year's team. The l938 infield reported back to Whitford when he issued the call for candidates in late March. Two new- comers were hot on the heels of two veterans for sev- eral infield positions, Keith Van Winkle and Lee Pol- ley, lettermen, fought it out for the first base job, while Art Borwiclc, slugging sophomore, exhibited plenty of class to make things uneasy for the veteran shortstop, Louis Breitbach, around that key position. The mound staff was composed entirely of veterans and had high hopes of displaying lots of class during the fourteen game season. Lettermen Lyle Dodd, Ed- die Puclq, Lefty Dunsmoor, and Allen Kane ran true to form in this department. Bill Bolt, peppy understudy to George Hutchison during the l938 season, toolc over that graduates catching duties in a lively fashion. ln the outfield, Whitford placed his hopes on Bernie Hughes, Don Dilly, Paul Haflie, and Forest Hanifan, Hughes, l938 reserve, was the only returning varsity man of this slugging crew. Pug Page 1 73 Top Row: Bolt, Borwick, Breitbuch, Dodd Second ROW: Goodman, Kane, Missildine, Polley Third Row: Puck, Couch Whilford, Snell Missildine slides home Breitbclch gets ready to slum the long one. ust cz little farther, Turk. H939 TRACK AND HELD Up and over Athletes clad in beautifully colored sweatsuits, jog up and down the cinder track loefore the crowded grand- stand. A lolaring loud- speaker orders the track cleared. Tense runners crouch at the starting line. The starter's gun cracks and eager trackrnen are off to victory or defeat, and perhaps to a new record. Arthur Dickinson for the fifteenth year trains his men on one of the fastest tracks in the Midwest. Veteran letter-men return- ing to the wars were: Green - conference half rnile champion: Lundguist - guarter rnilerg Phippin- distanceg Rew - sprinterg Bender, coaches the shot put. Page 174 Page Rogel and Clark - middle distances, lenkins - distances, Bredow-hurdles, Eells-loroad jump, Lenth, Marsden, and Vaughn - weight men. Returning varsity sguadmen and promising candidates Were: Cranny, Bovee, and Swanson- sprinters, l-lerdman and Wheeler-distanceg Kerloey and Bogott -pole vaulters, Kagan and Boclcelmann-weight men 5 Dayhoff, Sims, and Kruse - middle distance men, Turlcal - hurdles 5 and White - distance. The Panthers' early spring record indicated excellent prospects for a conference Win. ln the Naperville Re- lays, lenlcins, Mayer, and Rogel combined to score fourteen points to take fifth place in a classy field of sixteen colleges. The same men, along with Clark and Megson, placed fourth in stiff competition of twenty-one colleges at the Chicago Armour Tech Relays. Clark, Dayhoff, Dycus, Eells Green, Ienkins, Mayer, Olsen Phippin, Rogel, Coach Dickinson, Vaughn I .4,. -mv' WOMENS LTTE SAVTNG CQRPS Eoltom How: Guets h c ow, Cupp, Schlesseiman Bakke, Wainwright, Shostrom Second Row: Elliott B . . , Blanchard, Erickson, 1155, Difks, Ebefs. "i-fiaWatha"-- This was not a Wild West show, but the iife history of Hiawatha as performed by the Life Saving Corps in the Spring term. So popular that two performances had to be given, the acts provided entertainment of fancy div- ing, games, canoe racing, music and comedy. This year the Corps sponsored a Water safety course, Which, when the students finish, will equip them with enough knowi- edge so that they may become water safety instructors. This organization is composed Wholly of Senior Life Savers. Page 175 WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Bottom Row: Miss Van Ness, Ebers, Miss Michel, Miss Wild, Miss Short, Wainwright, Miss White, Miss Moore, Miss Hum- iston. Second Row: Hockert, Wack, Schlesselrnan, Sherman, Rehn, Killam, Muskopi, Edmonds. Wentz, Robinson. Third How: Knowles, H o u c k . T h o rn p s o n, Jensen, Cupp, Elliott, Gmelin, Stringer, Guet- schow, Haiqler. Fourth Row: Dirks, Clark, Hill, Kufner, Williams. Lesch, Bliss, Norton, Laipple, Marten, Blanchard. Fifth Row: Hoefiler, Van Deest, Grow, Bakke, Fennema, Harris, Erickson, H o w e, Gronberq, Hanson, Baver. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC COUNCIL Bottom Row: Dirks, Michel, Guet- schow, Howe, Knowles, Miss Humiston Second Bow: Blanchard, Ashley, Grow, Harris, Bliss, Schlessel- man. "Phys Ed" majors and minors have the aayest oi times at the parties this Club sponsors. Celebrities in the form oi "So What and the Seven Don'ts" Cin reality, Miss White and her oohortsl were present at the Christmas party, and a breakfast was held at Dead Man's Island in the tall. Even with the aymnasium under construction, the oraan- ization planned a normal program for the year. W. A. A. coUNcrL N A This group is the power behind the womens intra-mural tennis and baseball tournaments. Page 177 Page 178 " .,"'!- ., ix ,. 7 f I 'J ff f X ll I Af f I '1' sf' Qrchesis, under the direction of Miss Maude Moore, was rather hindered with the Women's gymnasium under construction most of the year. After Christmas, however, intensive hours of practice Went on in the Men's aym and in the Bartlett Hall recreation rooms. The Humphrey-Weidman Dance Company served as quite an inspiration to Orchesis members, Who, for several Weeks after the concert could be seen trying many of the techniques that had been performed lov these professionals. The climax of the airls' efforts in the interpretative dance was their annual Qrchesis 2. recital presented May l Page 181 I I "Q v 1 f K fgfi 'ffl 'ff-3 W Q W- X Y Y .N Y , X N Mi. E: V-L:-i.Ti i 5 , ' 4 J M -,' " f 1 -3118, M N in X Y' X was Wykgj--1 ,A VA - 5 45 3 fl ' X 4 Q4 Q 2359 'qw M l if W J l' W I '-it W' 2 N 11, 6 LH-Fi l' V 1 4 V, V' X I1 fi 7 YI ii, ,FI xi, di-74 . ' TM X ' F-1 '.'. -V' J ' h Q -: '1-4.11 r ' ' 1 'H ' 1:14 .ff -. r- 1 1 Q X fer 14.6. . ..,..,.,,.,... . W ml am MTV? 'ws ,, ,. 5 My if xi mm it "'f' .gt5i:Q: ,. 5 5 Q1 A , '- -- -' .-1. . 1 111, 161. 5 , f.31- .zr . .. 1- ..'-11.-.Asp -,xy :g r .-44.1 - Q V , - :1r:.::.:s1v re.,-111. y e- '11:..,: . 51 1255133-., ,171 , 1 1'1'2f'i . . . 1, fixa 2595 5 . 11, 1 1, -'gfw'g1..: :5:15fg,fz5f-. ',:,. 3524525555 ' -" W " ,.gf.rff:f:1E5Q5z-- i52i,E53Ef 1,11:. ,, ,. , . f".:1-, ' 111 . fn-1 :zr1f.. 12 .1 . ..-' 5-1 ww-. 1 ,J hr: ik 1. 19.1. .Z:::rf1 A532 1, - -Qs-. 4s:r:1:s::r:2:':2:1.r. q21:.1.:. cms.. 1.116 1.5.21-1 "wg-1.w 1:1211 . :-Q: 1:z1'1:ra :v:1:':.-- -1... . 114- . -151,15 .11 . 1, .irsru f '. 11... -- 11g1:1g1:1g1-'rd-1.. -' - ..1f.r111g.:g.,f:. .- -1135155 .. 1, x :5:5:5:5:531 .,:5.:':1- 11 ' -. 1- " 1 A ' A ' .11 . -P:?f1..E9f' " fl .1-:f 2:55:51 :itil . -559512222222' ZFI.:5Ei5!5Es:5552:f ..2ir2:'L.i1 .---.-:,15-l,.51r1.'.:.- 1 -115.1 :5:1:2j.3:j13.. -2355-:f:.g:,2::."a2.A:?a:5E2 '-f:aS2:1' -.::5:21Eg5:11:i52 2.-1'-2' .Hy fffgsf '-'.f.'-gn . ' -1: :1 ...f1' .5511-' '.'-2..g,:i-15:11 ' 2f-.:sa1f-f1:-1- , :-,:r1:13.,111f-1 , " 1'1:2,s,2.s5:,'5:eg5 ..-F-t:f1:.5.1-1' ":1f:21+'f:2-212' 15:35-we f as ' , l ' f " . - 0 ' '- . - '-" t . - .. . 1 ' -'-' 4 11 1 -. 17.5. 1- 13111 . -:zg fiis sgfgagzgsg., 1:1:15.5g5515a,1g ,z:35. . 1 L12 125. f51:f..'.'I - Z1 '1.1-'f f 6. X 11fie?535:5. "?43E1f:2:f::f 4,-gg , 5 'r1ff'f"'-'-5-im ' 5 : 255:-:I U iliifzilfirifu, 455:-.flgi iififf' . , 1ffZ:E:.5i5QDf 'EEE'fE52-IEFW 1:2fj'jEj5ErEIffS.fqS1j73E'jI:I:Ef:"' ' '39 ., ..:2I'E.2 zf' Vf,2i'-If , 'j'155E5E5:13.2:, A 11 14, . .f , ,,,,,,,,.:,1,g11 , 1 ,, , .,,q,.15..., 5,,.,..,.,1.- 5.1.1 -Q. 1.1.1 ...111'g.g+ :ra-:1:c-11 ' -1-.1 .1-11-11.1...:1.-13.-1-1,"..,2:-:- -. 0.9.2. 1 2v:.:,:.,1:-:1' 5 .:4.zf11,:..,1--549-1. 1:...:a::,-1g'.x.. --:-1,112 ..,1r1:-5:61:51 .- ,rv .1 1-1r.p11..1..14 41.1 I I - 1 1 11 4 1. V vw fp.. - 1 - 5 - s111 :i.1:S:.1-: ,. 1. - 3:1-.1. ,1:1:1:1: .f:..- -- 4 .-, 1 Uv- . . EA:-.1 i. A :ivy I ,.5.3,5,,:,1:, ,-. pg 1 1 . . -"-" ' 1 -' tt" " 5' 1 - 7 . '15311 1i" .1 .:''T wi' ' ' 113523: 3,-:a., . - -. ' 1 -' . 'W , 312 -- 1 ' .f fp-1 1 1 - .- . - . .... 1- .- -- Rr' , W .1 .,.. -A .2 , v , X ,.,. ,, .4 x . 1 ' 1 ., , .. , ,, . , , .. .. 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":1E2 I-I " '- '1.:.i " A . - ' . . f' ,IZ-: 7 ':-'A5 " 15,54 ' A-S' ' ex 'A v- 4, N' f 'acl-li Qt ., N x t Qt' f f . 8 56 'Y-7 9 1 Qt it Q ' 4 . .qv , ' l 3 '11 I-'.,f':.'Zg3', . + - W 1 Af - 5 F' R : K 1' h, L ler, Slater, Carpenter, Aschenbrenner, Benton, Benz, Bolinski, Bovee, Britson, Buchwald irst ow ru IS eg Second Row: Carney, Chase, Colville, Connolly, Cronk, Dettmer, Dodson, Ellison, Ellwoocl, Everett, Fliger Third Row: Foster, Freeman, Fry, Goslin, Griggs, Hamilton, Hansen, Hogshead, Hudson, Hoxie, Hughes Fourth Row: Irwin, Iones, Kendle, Kienzle, Kurtz, McDonald, McPherson, Marquesson, Michaelson, Missildine, Moore 1 ' ' ' ' S h l Fifth Row: MOSIGT, Mueller, Olsen, Roberts, Shank, Shepard, Shively, Snyder, Spooner, Steinkamp, tep enson Last How: Stroup, D. Swanson, I. Swanson, Templeton, Troy, Van Arkel, Vaughn, von Lackum, Weir, Weller f ALPHA Cl-ll EPSILCN Smoke filled the roomy secre- cy pervaded the atmosphere. The Alpha Chi s quiz with the W1 answers lying unguarded on the desk. What is a cure for seclusion? Smokers. How can we please some ot the girls? invite them to our tall dance. ' What are traditional activi- ties? Founders' Day banquet and Christmas party. ls eat- ing worthwhile? Depends up- on whom you take to the Boiler Makers Brawl. Final doings? Mothers Day loan- quet, and dance. Pace 182 1 l 1 7 U 5 , , . .si M, Qs., . , 4. X s X X A ez Q S QL Y-K .Q wb Mgr!! X1 S, 39. as-sis w 'Kgs -5 s I 4, 3 1 P lb 11 x xc 1 l I I1 11 l l 1 1 1 l I 1 1 1 1 ll ff? aff .. V, 21 if Did an innate love oi fotrming prompt the rurctl scene which grabbed oii top honors during the Homecoming house deco- ration contest, With such a high standard setting the pctce, they Worked out the re- mgining activities oi the yegr. The winter dance gt the Mor- sonic Temple drew out mem- bers and their best girl friends. lust beiore Christmas they Went exclusive with a storg pcrrty with sponsors as guests. ln the spring come or formal dotnce. ALPHA DELTA ALPHA Top Row: Dix, Beavo, Maurer, Gosline, Alton, Bloeser, Dalzell, Ellertson Second Row: Evans, Fisher, Gidley, Haahr, Irwin, lurgemeyer, Kepler, Kingman Third Row: Klipping, Klinzman, Krafft, Kruse, Laird, Lee, McGaHin, McKeever, Mason Fourth Bow: Miller, Monroe, Moore, Morphew, Muir, Mueller, Pattee, Richards, Rider White, Yaggy. r' ,,,, ,, y 7 n amed f X0 V, 53,22 JV Urice, I Fifth Row: Riebe, Runft, echlichiing, Simonsen, Siroup, Todd, 1 E f V .-V 1 'f'lf'5 ,f 'f ffgx ff MH X9 51401 ff ff ' Z' 4 QQ ' in lg X tm' 1 1 , f A f fy WW! if J 7 is if , , V ' ,5:- , -.ii-':p,rV 539.557 4 ' V I -1 'fr 241 f .,V ,..., , ,. V , ,. MZ Q0 I , , J 2 if .Q 2 'W ,LW ef I H-A filly' ' 527 if ngjgffrflf I!!! Zz 45 WWW x ,inf 'W , ,f I' X ff Cru! m , , ww- Q , .,.. , . ,,,L,,va: y If wr-Q 9 I J 'QQ e V-'57 Mw- i W if f fig! A ,, fa ff dim, X .1 1 wx 25 :W 34? A 9 :Wi up 'Ui of aw Wi- gg 1 .4 t ff 42. I f, 'Q' ,, 4? I ' fpff 1 I 5264 I? 'ii w we Y V 'rf 1? JI ftw 4 1' ,- ff f ,.., .- " ,QEQEI 3 --vt' l -' , + My VV. , ff' 1 f 92 1 .5 Q M 7. M 1 I, Y, w , ' K Page 183 .f , ff 1 Q. " ,W , - 2 VV:-4 - -. V fi. .3 V I . 'f'7f'77:'7 3"ZZ'f7ff'.-4'2?75'7 ff?" ' ,'V 'gfffigli'-F' . 'ff' V, 'f -YFVV5'-1W" ' 'g1'. Vi, S4191 'fii'?? Y4?f27"?7W'9i4""94"" ' 7:"Z"24'7L1:-i'." 'I VV- 4 "' . KW'JI'V.J!,V,'I.-. J' - V. .,,V:1zyv'-.14-y Vf,.,V,z ,V-,-asv -gi V.-W. if ,1,w:y.-MVV1 wir," 0+-X ,.: V b y-' ffl, :,.:'- 5 . ' W -- ' , VV ' V . ""i:V WWI-'13 4' , Vs, :' -.f,5Q?"j" "' . - . ,. " . -QW ' ' -' -j , ""EI:V:i , 1V . - A fV -' , Q3 ,.., se-3-:rpr2.' --. 3' V" . 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'N f X W 4 9' ' Va,-fs' V -5.11 ' ' 'fsiigff' -.,g-g.,t,g':'1V-i5.1, , ,g,V-,.g-3.-- , W 4 fl if ff -f f X - MN we- -:zf::':" 'igf ,, Q 'V 1,-'2'-g.,'-' 3 " . ,. ' 'ffm ,J,,"g' "f 1 1'-':1V,: . N , - - . -. " -IQMQQS' ,, J.3 ' jeg., 'V 5 " ' - 1 rf - . ,., f f' ' , ' at if K " ' ' gfffV.fm5 f - sas' -V .. . " fl - ," 5 ,Sz ' .LM -V..V .,-,-'. . . , . 7-,H ,- gs---, , if- -QII 53,04 g A, J , . 17' ., ,- - . . ,,-- if 92, V W , 3 ,as ,, .W 5 , f V " . ,. :-.Iv f if f' fa V, f 8 ,ig-swf., nl- N J A I l ,I ,NV ,,,l , fi g, 1 1 K , I . V:-in ' 'I H,jiZ,g ze,,,V2 Z, g Zig ' '. :VM A Y if ,vq I , .Sw . t ' si f 1 'ft , pg: V- 3.5: agus' ' z, yfclvg - - f "The Beans Say Skunk 'Bm," l-lomecoming slogan for Lambda Gam decorations, Won second place for them. Banqueting at the Black- hawk climaxed the activities, Evidently, they like to dance, too, for they sponsored one at the armory, together With Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity in the Winter. Another fling was taken at Sunnyside Golf Club - in Waterloo. They decided to elect officers every term, and to form an alumni association. LAMBDA GAMMA NU Top Row: Wheeler, Meyer, Kagan, Bolt, Althouse, Baird, Bayevsky, Blake Fourth ROW: D. Iensen, M. Iensen, lesperson, lones, lordan, Lund, Lundquist, Fifth Row: Olson, Orr, Puck, Rotell, Schmidt, Schrader, Snell, Stainbrook, Todd Second Row: Bishop, Ccmwelti, Close, Connell, Cranny, Dennis, Dunsmoor, Dycus, Erdman Third Row: Gibson, Goodman, Grady, Green, Growney, Guster, Hcmifcm, Harper, Hutchison Murray, Nus L f f A . Q 3 H f ' qw" ' 'S' V - 4' .,..,. f ,, fl - -Vf , -1. . . a -- " .. ' ir.: . '. V Q ' .. K 1 ,V--ww t- -V .- ' N : --gag:-'5w.g egg V -. ':-.:. ' . :,i-.-eDK3 .- U V ' -1' si, rpg - . -45 ...N .. -gg 'I A . - . 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'1't ery ! -.V-war:-:me nw .. aux -V Ns Q - v 9 ' .- V. t ' . 6 ', . .. ' -1:5:V:"' , ' ,:5:q:3.g:gs-fr-1' , '- 5 ,1- r .- x'EE:Ee-" 5-:-5 . sgrsw .1 ' g.5':N4:"'t ,. .,..,. . , , .,,.,,,,. g.,h,,.4f44 ,. . ,.., , ,... wge., . . . . .K V . V' A, : . V ' ' -. .. - -"-' -'--' '- . .- . f ' .. Y. ,. Vf' :af f , ' 1 212 ' 151 if 11. 5 ff :- vs-:f tffii' V' QV. V' if .. . . V-rw IL xiii- i . , .. f.:2s:5 :L,. .. it V V ' . fe- sw" -' fr. "f I ., :?.f.- -J,'f5:ETfV. VVJ7. I 3192 - 242:77 9. fl- L 'fc "H If" 'FI ND .' 'L 4 f. 'Ht-' 52. - ,A ' , 1, .ft 43 51 -:"'g!g2 ' " ""3S'LC,15iL:-"" 1 . E. .53 :G :-1-.- fr . . g r if . ,. -:--1-zz 1 . Ai- r.. 6-4:1-:N .- w ,- 'V -:- . N- -- z:-.-:-:- -. -:N-rv '- wx 212 .1-922: -.fwfr 'J " 'V if 'f-1.1,-iff - ' f , -H::Vfa.'QeQ . 2. 32221232 .. - rf , , -Lk. 1-.2 . -wi, N , . .4 H ' " Page gl 84 Top Row: R. McCabe, Sims, Trefzger, Dunsmoor, Buhling, Bowen, D. Breitbcrch, L. Breitlooch Second Row: Bute, Conry, Dodd, Erbes, Etzel, Fisk, Hamilton, I-lcrrtmcrn Third Row: Hummell, Hunt, lndvik, lohnson, Keyes, Lewellyn, Linn, Lyons Fourth Row: B. McCabe, Mcrgovich, Megson, Mueller, Patterson, Phippin, Porter, Powers Rczbey Fifth Row: Rew, Reynolds, Schley, Selby, Shimp, Shirk, Wegtherwax, Wittmon, Wright The Phi Sigs relox lt wgs the igll term. The Phi Sig's president cglled cr meet- ing. The secretgry' cgme with g blgnk sheet oi pgper. As the meeting progressed, the pg- per begotn to look lolotchy. Upon closer inspection, the lolotches loecgme intelligible. They were the yegr's pro- grgm. included on the yeotr's cglendgr were two smokers, CI porrty for new pledges, g Homecoming dinner for glum- ni, pgrticipgtion in intrg- murgls, Winter pgrties, gnd or spring dgnce. Top Row: Cook, Shugart, Isaacson, Lenth, Bidne, Bockleman Second Row: Borwick, Brundage, Clark, Gafiey, Honsbruch, Ienkins, Kunkle Third Row: Lieberman, Perrin, Peterson, Pieres, Rogel, Taylor, Vaughn The Xanhos can bring them out even on crutches XANHG The Xanhos swing out in full fraternity fashion! This Was at the semi-formal ball in the spring. Campus belles were also fetecl at the Winter ban- guet Where faculty members were guests as well. l-lazy looks on freshman faces! Per- haps they were due to the many smoke rings blown at the two smokers for pledges during the fall quarter. So go the Xanhos, the fraternity Whose activities clate farther back than any on the hill. Page 186 Donning their cutest sweaters for their fall Sweater dance, the Ganirnas commenced a new social season. The "Homecoming Circus" was a dinner in honor of the alum- nae. Before dashing horne for Christmas, they exchanged gifts at a buffet dinner. Their representative dinner - dance in the Gold Roorn of Hotel President, a spring tea for the sponsors, Mothers Day lunch- eon, and a dance closed sor- ority activities. ALPHA BETA GAMMA Top ROW: Heron, Shugart, Blough Dental Armstrong Crlssrnan Second Row: Duncan, Ebers, Edgerton Hackett Kelly Law Bottom Bow: Martin, Meylink, Nafus Roberts Schuchert Smlth Page 187 lniormcrliiy, fun, oind food, lieynoies oi iheir iirsi Wiener rocisi, continued durinq the yedr. The dinners di ihe Loq Corbin, crnd the Blue Plcri- ier, ond oi ieor di Tcilly l-lo were qoy scenes. The Homecom- inq dinner ior orlumnoie, the Sundoiy lO1'GCIliTOISl, crnd ci por- iy Cll Tolly Ho were followed loy ihe winter donce cri Mcrsonic Temple in Wdierloo. A Tuior Tickler cfci, cr lVloiher's Doiy Luncheon, oind d dornce Were spring crciiviiies. Zcrdcx ond Barb-stock cornpony DELTA Pl-ll DELTA Top Row: Brundcrge, Knostrncxn, Mouser, Scanlon, Adams, Anderson, Bczrker Second Row: Beclcerneier, Cutler, Donovan, Edwards, Gormire, Catherine Gilbert, Charlene Gilberi Thzrd How: lohnston, Loy, Roach, Shcmnon, Simpson, Stokes Page 188 Top Row: Fisher, Mowbray, Biclcenbach, Marinan, BarrCfqY, Crane Second Row: Gentner, Kelly, Knowles, Knudsen, Kreussel, M. Leemon Third Row: V. Leemon, A. Lynch, M. Lynch, Murphy, Muslcopf, Pueggel, Schaeffer EPSILCDN Pl-ll EPSlLGN Epsilon formal ' 'mEsx These girls held a meeting and decided to jolt old mem- bers into a sudden realization oi another year by having a dinner-dance at Neely's Cup- board. l-lomecoming alumnae cannot be ignored, so plans for a breakfast at Tally l-lo were jotted down. Between the Christmas parties and the Winter dance, allowances 'Were made for spreads, teas, and luncheons. The final memo on their social calendar Was a spring dinner-dance. i..' .. V.Q MW' I 5 i ,... Q V --"vV.:J-:x-:- tw. . ,. ' ZMV ' ' -r:+.,:'- '-V. '5 ' .521-, -gig f V, Y: 1:52, n - s. ew: v 4- V uf . e,:..- . . ' ,K 9:-1:-::f.:-1:2 , , . -.V-' If":- , .' V-,:i,1?fV15.5+' 5:5-rg: - , S--fi' Jr. 4 ,113 ,j.:V X' ' -V -- " ' , 1 - . . ' ' Q o- 1 or ,f . .M 5. . .. ' 5 -:i:..,- . - ,,,.3.Vg.x . ,g df gs - .g:,.:r:::ig:Va,1:V, V:g:r,2'Wf:1-'.. Z -1 V. .,.:s- -.P-. V VV 'V W V ' - f - . ., ' V ' ' -' -X 4 ' . .:V-2: V mag. . serif - sizss. -QW V - - x.V.::r:2zw'Si:w3gh -219 My-4 -::' Vs 4522-lV1z1111-xiritrizriivs if N21 -" f1f.?V x-,- . ' zefzss' y W ' . 1 ' '- ,' . ' , Vw WV! VfV V. . . V V.r4:.mVp- -- :-, f:--eV- .M..V...g4.V.1Q-at-1-1? 51' 'G' "i xr.-1 T' '12 .V .W '-1?:.,2EVf2'f1f' 'Fai-i"2i': ---- - -if ,fr 1 -. i ., 1-1-' -."2:2 M51 33:1 52,231 as V T . , - Q..-:fl I . 5 .-V--is .,.,.. V - A ' ' -V " , f , ' f ' Vw F V . 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V .-1 . - H" ,gif- , ., ... ,e , .. 1- .sv , 'f- :V - ,V i -.. if ..Vfy , .' , V V Vx ' X '-9 - T 51- - 4, .V ,. 1 rr- 5, .V ' , V-wir , 1 .g . ,, V V. -V-Vx - V-:,f'f1' :Vgeiw V -1. 22 - -vf' . ' if-it Q, ' -- 2 gifts:-t:fg5.'--' f V--WS- ' V WV21 Q' ' ft - . "" :V: s- lg ' QM: X ' Y .. A . 2, V..l ity.: . V' .1 if 1: : i - wit, . M ,Q , . fi, :gy Q -gg ,gy A V1 :tw -13V Top Row: Landgraf, Colburn, Thurston, Hansen, Pollins, Baird, Blunt Second Row: Brown, Cooper, De long, Dycus, Fockler, Griffin, Gronberg Third Row: Guenther, Hubbard, Levsen, McMillan, Olsen, Rickert, Ftuppel Fourth Row: Spooner, Strube, Tesmer, Thomas, Tostlebe, Valentine, Wilson, 'Wood KAPPA Tl-IETA PSl Krulish and Rickert are the center oi attraction Beauty gueen! Career girl! The Kappa's have candidates. lncluded on the social calen- dar for the year was a repre- sentative sorority dinner in the Commons, a Fall Frolic and a Homecoming dinner were crammed in, while plans were underway for the Kap- pa-Chi act in Tutor Ticlclers. A Christmas party and a for- mal dance were Winter activ- ities. Teas and luncheons during the spring term were ended by the last iormal dinner-dance. Page 190 "Beg, buy, or borrow" may have been the guestion both- ering these girls when select- ing outfits for their fall Sweat- er Swing at Cedar Falls Club l-louse. A Homecoming din- ner and informal parties as well as their formal Christmas dinner in the Commons with an exchange of gifts, were tucked in before the holidays. They proudly modeled new formals at the winter dance, and with that Christmas check splurged for the important spring dance. Pl-ll SlClVlA Pl-ll Phi Sigs on Green Living Room Porch Top Row: Duffus, Newton, Weaver, McLeod, Anderson, Atkins, Behrens Second Row: Cupp, Dailey, Dirks, Ellerbrock, Gump, Iacobsen, lohnson Third How: Lund, Newton, Peterson, Scott, Steinkarnp, Frudeger, Underwood Page 191 Teas, plain or fancy, are good get-togethers. This sorority honored their alurnnae at one during l-lomecoming. ljall picnics were then followed loy the Christmas party at Mrs. lohn l-lorns' home. Dressing formally, they danced at the Cedar Falls Woman's Clulo House in the Winter. Suppers, teas, and luncheons dotted the spring term. Before spring exams, they had their last fling with another dance at the Wornan's Club. fnmg, you singer Pl Pl-ll CMECA Top ROW: Kroeger, lunkin, Tirmermeier, Llewelyn, Ballou, Bishop Second Row: Caslavka, L. Claussen, M. Clausserx, Decker, Goodrich, Gregory Third Row: Harman, Herwig, Lund, Neill, Parker, Schowalter Page 192 Dinner Deluxe Top Row: Stevens, McKellips, Carl, Leak, Cummins Second How: Dean, Graber, Halvorson, Harris, Iohnson Third Row: Looft, Powers, Sigler, Smith, Strom, Whetstone Pl TAU Pl-ll Amid preparations for tests, the Pi Taus had an Autumn Hustle at Cedar Heights Med- ical Lodge. When alums drifted in tor l-lomecomina, they dined at Turnloull's. A later dinner was held at the Commons complimentinq the patronesses. The annual Christmas dinner and carol- ina were held at the But- tum's and Charles' homes. A dinner-theater party, Mothers Day Luncheon, and another dance were Concludinq nota- tions, in their date-loook. " AA was Top Row: Teale, Vogt, Webbeking, Miller, Boardman, Bottom Second Row: Brouillet, Denny, George, Hellestad, Hess, Holmes, Huebner Third Row: Iensen, Kenderdine, Lenz, Lindeman, Rosenberger, Wyland, Zeiger What! No boy friends? Pl Tl-lETA Pl A loevy of co-eds hurried down the hall. They dashed into a room decorated with Pi Theta Pi paddles. Amidst the buzzing and chattering, plans for the year were discussed. A new adviser and the other advisers were to loe honored at a fall buffet supper, Horne- coming alumnae would loe given a dinner, a Christmas party would be held, the sponsors planned a tea, dances during the Winter and spring terms would end the season's events. Page 194 li it is ingenuity you Want, see a Tau Sig. A unique progres- sive party in the fall kept them and their guests hopping one evening. Pulling their alum- nge from loed during Horne- coming, they honored them with lorectlctast. Winter dotys of practice tor the Tutor Tick- ler act, "The Legend of lndio- swincrctsyf' Wgs relieved hy their Pica Prom. Zippy, inter- esting parties held during the spring were clirnaxed by a torrnctl dance. Haahr and Wanda in perfect style TAU SIGMA DELTA Top How: Culbertson, Glade, Briggs, Riley, Blesie, Briridley, Bujer. Second Row: Carter, Connell, Crabill, Cummins, Faris, Hartz, Horgan Third HOW: Knutson, Kuhl, Lambertson, Lillie, Littlefield, Lohmiller, Nyberg Fourth Row: Parrott, Prichard, Ralston, A. Refshauge. H. Refshauge, Riebe, Shaw, Smith ' - ' . --'. tv.f4:"4vf't f dr-SLM: .,v. Page 195 I Antique Antics, a novel tall party started the Theta Gam's social whirl. The Homecom- ing dinner with horns-ot plenty was the result of hours of Work. ln dormitory rooms they planned their winter dance. This get-together oc- curred at the Cedar Falls Woman's Club House. When try-outs were -held tor Tutor Ticklers, the Theta Gams were present with an act. Tutor Ticklers over, they re- laxed and made plans for a dance at Sunnyside Country Clulo. Theta Garn's Representative Dance Tl-lETA GAMMA NU Top How: Orr, Sawyer, Mather, Cakerice, Collman, Gore, Hass Second How: Ives, Kirqis, Knoche, lacobson, Iustus, Mitchell, Moor Third How: Moulton, Quirin, Raymond, Schaefer, Schultz, Stubbs, Van Deest, Wallace Page 196 Top Row: Feisner, Wilson, Aclarn, Abram, Akin Second Row: Bliss, Brickley, Cowan, l-lyke, Klein Bottom How: Mullane, Palmquist, Petersen, Raver, Tonsieldt, Wood NU QMICRCDN NU SIGMA Pl-ll V.O.V.'s go formal A rnoon, a river, and alooat- ride started an adventure- sorne cruise for these girls. Eerie spooks invaded their Halloween masquerade. When Homecoming activities prevailed, the group enter- tained alurnnae at dinner. Farther into the year, plans were organized tor a Christ- mas party with exchange ot aitts. ' Other parties, the tor- mal winter dance, and the spring semi-formal dance were gala atiairs ot the year. Page 199 .J . fa, .I if , 'Wim- Zw "uf 7 It ., , a V ff I , A i f A 5 iq I f F ff' 'a A X 1 '-1 qs 1, Yvbilli- Q, JM 9 5 P ' , Lf " E451-V25 L' "The city ot masterless men Will take a master. There will be shouting then! Blood after." Thus the voice ot the dead Woman announced the theme and foretold the tall oi the city in this radio drama which was presented in Sprina ot '38 featuring the Verse- speakina choir. Masked identity. More of the same. Splendid settings 25 .wh 4 W5 i i i,,, ,et c . . Time is like the banks oi a canal, and people are the boats . . . now it We have a Way ot makina our boats ao back and forth in the canal" -Steve finds a Way. A press of the button and the Star Wagon sends us back into the gay nineties oi horseiess carriages, bicycle bioomers, choir practice, and ice cream socials - Remember? F a ll show . . . 1938. Pg 201 Church Ch It's cr maste p Poll ns YOU CANT TAKE ll WITH YOU Essie dances and makes "love- dreams" 5 Ed pounds away at the Xylophone, Penny Writes awful plays, Grandpa collects snakes and goes to commence- ments . . . Crazy? . . . Maybe . . . Money? You can't take it With you-so Why Worry about it? With a dozen people in the same house having this philoso- phy, something is bound to happen. lt did! And We loved it!-Yes, Winter, l939. And of course you had your favorite line . . . Maybe it Was, "Ed, play that Beethoven thing you wrote" . . . or, "Ch, l don't know, Mrs. Sycamore, it's been so long" . . . and then there Was: "Oi course you can-Why any fool could play this game, Mr. Kirby" . . . Fun, Wasn't itl Page 202 Page 203 "De Pinnd' Houpt goes boom!" Blczckfcxce. "Safe cmd Some" Brindley. "My brother een Russia Food for the fcrmished, "Once more -one! two! Page 205 1- T T ? ' W A4 -I Aff: Q LQ. , L 4' ' Mfg wg? if 332 'ff . , in 4 A 1' NI ' 'Q .1 'K wg 1 ' VI , ' 1 ' fb W' ' In VY 1 N f ii all 1 Ari Editor Phoiographer Business Manager Eciiior-in-Chief fam? Managing Editor .X.. Page 207 LD GO OR !939 A voluminous volume oi vitgl, vigorous, vivgcious events oi the yedr! There you hotve gn OLD GOLD! Tmotgine dn editor striding obout keeping the good work going. Picture g mon- otging editor With g frown dnd tousied hotir trying to keep his stgtt moving. Picture ct business mgngger rolling the shekeis for countless copies sold, gn ctrt editor sketching viciouslyg ond g photogrgpher, ever on the run. There you hctve the mctkings of otn OLD GOLD! Think oi o cgpotbie, coopergtive director in the person of Mr. George H. Holmes, ond ocompetent Bootrd of Oontroi. There you hove the power behind the OLD GOLD! Top How: Anderson, Betz, Boqott, Dygert Second Row: Kendle, Lohmiller, McDonald, Lund Third Row: Rutherford, Scrdoff, Tostlebe, Vcm Duyn, von Lackum THE Q19 v Editor-in-Chief Behind a stacked desk in a private office sits the diminutive, dynamic executive editor Whose barbed editorials connote a persuasive logic. A sports editor "hot" on the trail of the latest "dope" in the athletic field buzzes aroundg the managing editor holds court in the outer office and attempts to maintain order amid the confusion of clattering typewriters and constant chatter of an "ad-minded" business manager. With Mr. George l-l. l-lolmes as director and Maxine Schive as copy editor, the College Eye continues to be a leader in college newspapers. , ,ywufw , . Next years 9d1lO . . 1 1- bl , h 1 Managing Editor mos VG W 'jyorli CCN .l .ECE EYE The College Eye sees all, knows all, tells all. As up-to-date as tomorrow, as full of news as Winchell. That's the College Eye! There are pictures, clever columns, the Tutor Timetable of com- ing events, and all the features of a modern newspaper in this very energetic, "streamlined" publication. The "streamlined" feature, introduced two years ago by Publications Director l-lolmes, merited a feature article in the "Scholastic Editor" and is partially responsible for the top-notch ranking of the "Eye" among college newspapers. First How: Anderson, Goslin, Hardin, Irwin, lohnston, Kepler Second Row: Michaelson, Newman, Rickert, Riebe, Schive, Swanson, Temp 11 A 1 - MW?6.Si1Gv2'BP!T3Sz - Open the paaes oi the Purple Penl Poems dance beiore your eyes, stories speak to you, and essays chuckle at their own sub- tleties. Great Writers-to-be aet their early manuscripts published here. You may have sat next to a future novelist in one oi your classes. Por the iitth successive year, the Purple Pen was awarded first place by the Columbia Scholastic Press Associa- tion this year. its attractive cover and Wood-cut trontispiece, alona with the quality of student verse Within, are enough to make Miss Selina Terry, adviser, and Rae Kruessel proud of it. THE PUEPLE PEN RAE KREUSSEL Editor-in-Chief Purple Pen meets the deadline L .. Look at these people carefully. A collection of perfectly harmless- looking ladies and gentlemen, We'll grant you. But when this body sets its foot down, even the editors of the OLD GOLD, College Eye, and Purple Pen take notice. Behind these bright and shining faces is a determination that baffles even the bravest. Men and women who save their money, behave Well most of the time, and know their jour- nalism are selected by this body for staff positions on the OLD COLD College Eye, and Purple Pen. The faculty members on the board tend to keep everything in balance. TI-IE STUDENT BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS . IAMES DYCUS President P ge 211 Page 213 TV V-s3i7sn"'A'a 'QT' E11 Q gil , 112 'qi J, I J , 1. . W H -K 3 4 . if img xy, ,:A X .N W JR w '13 M 4.55251 ,Ql vf , 1? ,iv X, L 'iff' H: Kirgis Speaks "Speak the speech, I pray you,"-Shakespeare's lines trorn "Hamlet" aptly set a stage for the orators of Teachers College who placed in the oratorical contests. Dugan Laird Won third place in the lowa Peace Cratory contestg Doris Kirgis placed third for Women, and Bill McGahey Won first place in the rnen's division in the state original oratory contests. Clem Morphew represented the College in extempore speaking. V KIRGIS, MCGAHEY, MORPHEW, WURTZER Pcrg Top Row: Kirqis, Laird, Lund, McGahey, Morphew, Mueller, Parrott Bottom Row: Scanlan, Schuchart, Spooner, Williams, Wurtzer, Zimmerman, Lambertson T... F... ' 1 V With the proposition, "Government subsidization ot private in- dustry should cease," the debate teams of lSTC came through with loig honors. Second ranking was gained by Laird and Mueller at Winfield, Kansas, and by Laird and Zimmerman at liirlcsville, Missouri. Virginia Williams and Dorothy Wurtzer met an English team here, and Doris Kirgis and Catherine Spooner travelled to the Atlantic coast. Mr. Sage pronounces the benediction. The English deloater signs another autograph 561,41 Bottom Row: Mr. Donato, Sutz, Carl, Rector, Mr. Kurtz, Conductor, Neumeier, Mr. Hill, Lichty, Mr. Searight Second Row: Hoxie, Bowie, Blesie, Smith, Mercer, Wendell, Tostlebe, Leemori, Bentzinger, Strube, Metz, Marshall, Bodby, Schultz I. Miller Third Row: Behrens, Sparks, Hansen, Eclcstein, Nafus, lensen, Hitch, Holler, V. Miller, Slcow, Mr. Russell, Mitze, Hilton, Bosworth Krattt, Tarr, Wykert, Van Deest, Mcliinstry, Mack, Owen, Knudsen, Wight, Corderman, Moor Fourth Row: D, Miller, Valentine, lulius, Dycus, Bishop, Ward, Anderson, Lois Knudsen, Long, Brink, Van de Water, lochumsen William, Guster, Boshart, Nicola, Rohde, Mr. Wirth, Weir, English, Burow, Iochumsen-Wilma, Freeman, Gordon, lohnson Mahattey, Lund, Cummings Fifth Row: Woodyard, Nagle, Baker, Borofi, Lenz, McDonald, Bode, Hanson, Moessner EDWARD KUBTZ Director , I I, I Vx Y,,,,, W we 1.-, U.. , ,, is About forty-tive bow wielders, a score ot wood-wind manipula- tors, fifteen brass blowers, a powertul percussion depart- ment, a harpist, and a pianist are the cogs ot Tutor symphonic interpretation. Guided by the inspirations of its composer-con- ductor, Professor Edward Kurtz, the orchestra practices three times a week to prepare tor term concerts. This year's Ver- sion ot the orchestral program attracted attention by bringing betore the public, compositions ot instructors. Page 216 Mr. Myron Russell wields the baton! Men and women musi- cians blow, beat, and draw the bow across the strings! The outcome is an overture by the concert band. This musical or- ganization is made up ot select- ed players from the men's and women's bands. Featured at their spring concert were Curtis Mahaiiey, tenor, and a group oi young men from the band who formed a glee club. The band went to Waterloo one evening and gave a program at the East Waterloo high school. MYRON RUSSELL Director Front Row: Conductor Myron E. Russell, Hilton, Bosworth, Mitze, Skow, Frost, Strube, V. Herwig, R. l-lerwig, Leern n Second Row: Tarr, Lamprnan, A. Miller, Blurngren, Eckstein, Baird, Brink, lochumsen, Guster, Nicola, Boshart, Rohde Baker Hitch Hofler, V. Miller Thlrcl Row: Hansen, Lewis, Bush, Lindsey, Lomen, Goodenow, Chapman, Ward, Biclne, Pritchard, Sadoff, Peterson Burow Dycus Bruns, Betz, Anderson, Wittmer, Van Duyn Fourth Row: Hoover, Baker, McCowen, Molurnby, Cummings, Bode, Cooper, Sheldon, Dubbert, lohnson, Bac n Lund Moen Mahafiey t , ,X 1 r , X, Bottom How: Dtx, tiobsorx, Cassaay, Mr. Hayes, Boshart, Dowrrtrxa, Shtvety, Davenport Second Row: Butter, Schoot, Weaektnq, Moser, Maurer, Kratt, Erxqhsh Third Bow: D. Orton, Ntoetter, tiarrtataer, Van de Water, Yaqqy, Doro-N, L. Orton, Pruppede Fourth Row: Baker, hoahy, Cortort, Yuttertorr, t5!XcCowen, Ntahatteq, Ntuetter, Netsorr, Fatt: rr the orthj aTee ohio tor rrterr at the Tow a State Teachers Coheae. Not ttorr ot boys, you wth aaree. Not a haa sort ot atreotor, Thetr oustorrtary tour thr ouah the rrortherrr arta earea th corroert, was trrotaaea trr Tow a Cttrj XN ere three ot Prprtt tw errty- aer- Gaze apo a had-Toohtrra coheo Mr Wttt Hays, they wttt aaree. arts ot 'tow a, Where they app Washtrratorr, Prthsworth, arra rt ot the ohio was atverr OD serr strra ers, urraer the tea eatest assets oh the a eech ae- trat rv es corroe tt cho the ar art sp rraer south-cert thetr sprtrta aottvttt . thetr ertaaaerrterrts. The horrte severrth. Thts aroup, composed. ot ttrre, we shtp ot a taterrtea arra capahte rrxah, torrrts orte ot ooheae carrtpas. Operas, torrrterhj sponsored hy' the rrxusto partrrterrts, have setectea att thetr roaTe teaas trorrr the acttve tblttrrrrest aTe e ohio. Page Page 219 Behold the Cecilians, an exclusive hand oi songsters! Made up of selected singers, this glee club functions under the direction ot Mi'ss Olive Barker. Their Golden Jubilee concert was given in March, with the girls roloed in gray sillf costumes ond the light- ing done in modern style. A dance with violin and vocal accom- paniment was featured at the performance, along with several soprano and con tralto solos. Florence lensen, pianist, and Dor- othy Tostlehe, tlutist, assisted. The staging and light' directed by Herbert V Hake of the English Cr crevv of students. The G glee club fo ing wer depart eciligns r r women handin e Inent, aided hy epresent the lnost advanced and give trained singers the privilege oi g together to produce the very highest type of ID usic. Bottom How: Hansen, Denny, Cutler, Brown, Marian Moen, Ballou, Miss Barker, Baker, Kruse, Glade, Lillie, Killaln Julius Second How: Russell, Lewis, Marsh, Moulton, Holmes, S. Moen, Maxine Moen, Hanisch, O'Banion, Tinnenneier, McEIhinney, Cowan . Third Row: Nasby, Mercer, Edgerton, Oppedal, Kroeger, Dolce, Scheibe, Kamprnann, Reinhart Brundage, Rector, Hunlcle, Thomas, Heide, Goodrich Garrnire, QQiQi,Hf:if SRNCQ-RRS M is M Boiiom Row: Giode, McEYninnei1, Boiiou, Miss Bonner. Kruse, Hansen, Cowon cond Row: Marion Moen, Hoirnes, Moraine Moen, S. Moen, Nosby, Tinnerrneier, 'Vnoynos Bniier, Moeiier, Bmndcxqe, ilroeqer, Heide, Scfneiloe, Mercer, Sdnooi, Prupperie iie-1 iiodby, Porrnon, ?reernon, Corion, Baker, McCovIen Coiieqe Sing ers pro- ' cg on iine Se, Third How: Fourth Row: Mono , i Service , 'One ' ijeorr. Sinqin 1' iiy oesiqneo 'iii ' Cinrisirrlos Coro iorrnonce iinis oi or sei specio iced Xnouse wi ixneir 'or per ' ironi o poo ressive pro rx 'One ous ior sixperi rrlons rn 'Cnriiieor Bn irnp os i OIG noixner e Corn ixneij rois. ierw or ' Xnoroi cinceo. o ' e oi 'Cn . iioice, ' rnors co ' 'no oi i in c ciirniij iii sioq onceri by Mr ' oi ine Cxnrisi wiixn soii sinqi iinq ine Xoes 's orqonizoiion ' oriij iine c XGXLOYX ionoi ?resen bie ixni heir if e ior iineir inierpre cessionoi ono. o recess corridor oooeo rnore ioeoniy. ' s oiirorciive o rrlonner os possi , ' Oiive Boricer. Besides sinqinq i oi singers oppeoreo oi specioi oi iine ijeor iN ere inioxn- services. rrlusic in o 'Nos oirecieo by' Miss corroi service., ixnis piciceo qroup rneeiinqs upon requesi. The socioi evenis iiqinieo. by o wossoii poriij ioiiowinq iine Onrisirnos Page 220 Cast a glance at these songsters. They are members of the largest glee club on the campus. The girls malce a fine showing in their darli gowns and white neclcpieces at their concerts in the spring. They meet once a weelc with the director, Miss Clive Barker, and accompanist, Florence Iensen. Besides regular try-outs held during the tall guarter, additional ones are sched- uled later for the purpose of better classifying Voices for the en- suing year. The Women 's Chorus otters a majority of the women the privileges and compensations accruing to group singing. t Bottom Row: McCrea, Manz, Menzel, Lunclvall, Miss Barlcer, Iensen, H. Matthias, Miller, Mauclc, Martha Dick, G. Matthias Second Row: Nieman, Oliver, Laipple, Smith, Rehn, Challe, Watrous, Guenther, Sherman, McCormick, Marian Dick, Moessner Third Row: Van Engen, Siepert, Stewart, Tietgen, Veenstra, Mortvedt, Esther Evans, Swanson, Edith Evans, Fuller, Holroyd, Allen Fourth Row: Millman, Stanford, Hubbard, Risser, Knoer, Hantelmann, Scott, longewaard, Lewis, Dahlgren, Coffman, Lindeman, Rouze, Kurtz Page 221 Bottom Row: Petersen, Miller, Bucher, Refshauge, Bujer, M. Johnson, Leamer, Strube, Von Ives Second Row: F. Anderson, Wendell, Wagner, E. fohn- son, Lunoe, Huehn, Scho- waiter, E. Iohnsen, Pappas, Hamer Third Row: Sprole, Leo, Bil- stad, Quirin, Braun, Prich- ard, Thompson, Pearson, Rude, Seybold, Littlefield Fourth How: Lamer, Shel- don, Whetstone, Peterson, Gntjes, Lolcen, Dycus, Mary Kennedy, Sutton, Woldrorn, Kelsen, L. Andersen, L. Closson. Filth Row: Iverson, Nissen, Long, Hylce, Marian Ken- nedy, Hefner, M u l l an e , Rehder, S p a r lc s , Larson, Barnett, Roach, Wiley, M. Closson. X Bottom Row: Coaies, Haii, Weraei, NicDorxaTa, Worden, Miiier, Xlrroche, Wericheiser, Hairrorsorx, Eiesie Second Row: Graber, Miiier, Srrxiih, Buiheriora, Bohrxe, Dehaies, Larson, L-TQXNQTXID, Kennedy, Barker, Kviaera Third Row: Schaeier, Cress-eq, Diiaer, Hikch, Neisorx, Wiiiiams, Terrrpieiorr, Niiiier, Bruhs, While, Muir, Swanson, Myers Fourth Row: Smith, Overaaard, Hoche, Wiirmer, ifieaiy, Carrrxichaei, Lomeh, Currxmirxqs. ?hiiiips, Giiberisorr, Bechier, Lurxa, NXoicXebusi, Wiiiiams, Van Dee-si Mr. hiaraia i'ToTsi preserris ihe a cappeha choiri This sirrairra soci- eirj is Composed oi rrleri aria worrieri careiuiiy' Cho-seri ai ihe Toe- airrrriha oi ihe schooi year. MQGTTHQ every Thursday riiahi ior rehearsai, ihe aroup aave a proararri oi rrurrioers ih ihe sprirra. e corrxposiiioris variea irorrx ioreiari iohr. sorias io Nearo spirii- sohas. Procorriparrisi ai rehearsais was Nlarauariie Taoea upori proper iorrai aeveioprrierii, rrxpiriess aria reauiar aiieria- arri iaciors irr proa- a io iaice Th a Torre was p ?ro 'rilpori o urae ri, as uais ah Keiiq. Emphasis aooa aiciiori, aria proieciiori. arroe ai rehearsaie were sires-sea as i ress ih a sirrairra oraarrizaiiori. Nlerriioers were ais oui copies oi rriusic ior praoiice ihaiviauahrj. Yiora Worae iibrariari, supervised ihis pari oi iheir proararrx. Page 1 -' '-.,, ' JJ K , N. .?. J 1 H z. if-fi 'QP if I Page 223 rn I 'I " 3 LN 1 L1 w I L, A , , 1 3' :1 IQ M? ,,. ,S ,vi 5' ,- M Q1 54" I .4 1 '.T'v w - W7 J, 6.5, W 1 fl ' . , 1 fy , ,I Q 'GA - u , ALEMBIC Bottom Row: Mr. Read, Catherine Gilbert, C h a rl e n e Gilbert, Knostman, Miller, Getchell Second Row: Diekmann, Stokes, Mason, N o r t o n , Carrothers, Hasbrouch Thrid How: Long, B a u m a n n , M u elle r , Soenke, Dubbert, Schmidt, Harris CHEMISTRY SEMINAR Bottom ROW: Mr. Read, Knost- man, Molumby, So enke, Mueller, Mason, Klipping, Mr. Getchell Second Row: Dix, Diekrnann, Mil- let, Harris, Sirnonsen, Maurer, Long, Hasbrouck Third Row: Baumann, Dubbert, Schmidt, Marqueson, Muir, Roecler, Pond, Lytle, Wahl, Nelson 4-H CLUB Bottom Row: Bogh, F. Norton, Hill, E. Betz, Hass, Miller, Grange, Trottnow, Wicker- sham Second Row: White, Manz, Ham, Warnock, V. Norton, Whitaker, Young, F. Betz, Paine Third Row: Baetke, Lukehart, R i e di n g e r, Skaar, Swope, Miller, Tatge, Engstler, Hosier, Trottnow Fourth Row: Bohne, Mumby, Lindaman, King, Schutt, Willits, Tarvin, Iacobs, Crees, Powell Page 224 ELLEN RICHARDS CLUB Bottom Row: Williams, Moor, Harris, Dean, Dr. Geiger, E. Betz, Kuhl, Wentz. Second Row: Strom, Iohnsen, Wright, Fuller, Carrothers, Willis, F. Betz, Thurston. Third Row: Coates, Leichtrnan, Gillespie, l-lalvorson, Ramsey, Burley, Norton, Brink, Kelsen. Fourth Row: Huser, Esther Evans, Edith Evans, Edgerton, Orr, Kronenberg, Ernith, Kuf- ner, Askew. Fifth Row: Gronberg, Burger, Workman, Rambo, King, Wagner, Arnold, Breeden, Owen Roach 1 CHEMISTRY SEMTNAR-Trying new things and repeating the old were the activities of the Chemistry Seminar. lntroduced for the first time this year, a Professional Round Table afforded an opportunity for majors and minors in chemistry to discuss informally their problems. Some of the topics of discussion were "Colloids" and "Electro-Chemistry." ALEMBTC. Eat, and learn chemistry! The Alembic, a club which is open to all who are interested in chemistry, meets every Thursday noon in the Alcove of the Commons for lunch and informal discussions of current events in this field. Highlights of the year were Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. Dr. R. W. Getchell and Mr. C. B. Read are sponsors of the club. FOUR H CLUB-Knitting? Yes, that was the project of the cam- pus 4-H club for this year. Meetings twice monthly were devoted to worthwhile activities. As a special feature, the meetings of the spring term were purely social. A Christmas party and a banquet were the outstanding events of the year. ELLEN RICHARDS CLUB. This year, the wide-awake Ellen Richards Club sponsored a Social Service Project. The sixty members participated in many activities: A Homecoming Tea, a Thanksgiving Dinner, Valentine and Christmas parties, a se- ries of faculty coffees, a Mothers Day Tea and panel discussions. Page 225 ROMANCE LANGUAGE CLUB Bottom Row: V. Harman, M. Harman, Schuchert, Miss Thomes, Peet, Wendell, Smack. Second Row: Moore, Minnis, Miller, Nagle, Werdel, Brewer, Guenther. Third Row: Barker, Sheffler, Gib- son, Scott, Ruqqless, Lund, Morris, Leamer. Fourth Row: Miller, Van Deest, Boone, Branaqan, Lctmbirth, Hoxie, Bosworth, Hudson, Church. GERMAN CLUB Bottom How: Guetschow, Dick, Smith, Molumby, Bolhoefer, Mr. Schaefer, Landsiedel, von Lackum, Hoxie, Werwheiser. Second Row: Wickersham, Val- entine, Holmes, Iochumsen, Cullison, Bundy, Carter, Wilkie, Metz, BarraqY, Entz, Trottnow. Third Row: Simonsen, Hobson, Fagan, Schlichting, Iones, Borchert, Pritchard, Roeder, Mammen, Smith, Block, Gray. MATHEMATICS CLUB Bottom How: Dr. Van Enqen, Mr. Watson, Miss Lambert, Anderson, Hiller, Mr. Wester, Miss Kearney. Second How: Shaw, Kenneally, Seybold, Devitt, Goldsmith, Hull, O'Banion, Turner. Third Row: Stroup, Guetschow, Overqaard, Iensen, Rickey, Holst, Dulobert, Wollesen. Fourth Row: Hersch, Cross, Ash- ley, Parman, Iorqensen, Ure, Munns, Falk, Vogt. Page 226 GOLDEN LEDGER Bottom Row: White, Gump, Mul- ler, Bosworth, Kerr, Dr. Skar Second Row: Blough, Sherman, Rasmussen, Lenz, Olden, Sadoff Page 227 ROMANCE LANGUAGE CLUB. The Mardi Gras, colorful, all- college dance, climaxed the activities oi the Romance Language Club this year. France, Spain, and Spanish America are pre- sented by the club through travel talks, skits, and movie films. "Carnival in Flanders" and "Mayerling" were movies shown. GERMAN CLUB. W-hether you speak German, or just have "taken" it in a class you may belong to the Deutscher Verein. The interested members learn about the language, literature, habits, and customs of the German nation. This year the organi- zation sponsored the German iilm, "Singing Youth." MATI-lEMATlCS CLUB-Wirth a big spring picnic, the Mathe- matics Club ended a very successful year. Besides providing instructional interests, including demonstrations of various me- chanical computers, the club, one ot the oldest on the campus, enjoyed a Christmas party and a steak try. GOLDEN LEDGER. As the name implies, Golden Ledger is a group of outstanding commercial students ot freshman and soph- omore rank. Organized as a protege of Pi Omega Pi, the group meets every three Weeks and plans at least one social gathering each quarter. lt was organized in l937. Bottom How: Muskopf, Bell, Bujer, Riley, Dr. Douglas, Mueller, Ref- shauge, Lenz Second Row: Bogh, Briclcley, M Moen, S. Moen, Davenport, Killarn Hull, Denny, Williams Third How: Kerr, W r i g h t , Eells Nissen, lohnson, White, Spooner Walters, Wurtzer, Blewett Fourth How: D. Orton, Schuchart K. Orton, Dougherty, Ure, Ashley McFarland, Colville, Wilson, D Orton COMMERCIAL CLUB Bottom How: Sherman, Schlichting Lund, Nelson, Muller, Feisner Gore, Iseminger Second Row: Klein, Knoche, Rey- nolds, Hutchens, Hadley, Pado van, lohnson, Sadoff, Sprole Third Row: L u n d y , Rasmussen Helm, Kruse, Block, Bosworth Nissen, Tesmer, Trottnow Fourth Row: McMillan, Scott, Wil son, Lofguist, Short, Frankenfield Wittrig, Lomen, Peterson, Harries Meet a "get-acquainted club"l This big organization of one hundred commerce students, majors and minors both, is the Commercial Club. Since no scholastic qualifications are set up, a large group is thus insured. Among the exceptional meetings held by the organiza- tion were educational films on coffee growing and an interesting address on mailing problems by C. A. Showers of the Cedar Falls post office. An atmosphere of friendly fellowship was provided by big get-togethers, with games, dancing and other diversions at Bart- lett l-lall's Yellow liitchenga successful Christmas party, and a lively picnic at the end of the year. Page 228 Pep! lt is easy to make your guess about this organization! Bho Epsilon Rho, oi course. Growing bigger and peppier under the lead- ership of Kathleen Biebe, the club stimulated greater enthusiasm and pep than had been known to exist at the lowa State Teachers College. They sponsored the traditional Pep lamboree during the fall quarter, had charge of the concessions tballoons, gum, candy-"come and get it"J at "lumbo," the big circus oi the year, sold souvenir tootballs and gaily decorated the campus at Homecoming, presented stunts between halves at all home athletic contests, and manipulated the purple and gold cards during games. RHO EPSILON RI-IO Bottom Row: Dygert, Gruver, Otte, Anderson, Green, Wheeler, Brown, Shostrom, Chilcote, Nielsen, Ar- chamlooult Second Row: Wack, Bower, Ebers, Carrothers, Bailey, Lund, Muntz Dirks, Smith, Lillie, Refshauge Mauck Third Row: Marshall, Bengston Damman, Raymond, Kluckhohn Iensen, Crabill, Erickson, Baird Kurtz, Stroup, Brasted Fourth Row: Davis, Rayburn, Rich- ards, Marten, Hansen, Fleming Taylor, Law, McGohan, Leo Wright, Meylink Fifth Row: Baver, Hanson, Meyer, Rambo, Cressey, Winslow, Blies- rner, Colville, Mack, Parmeter, Wescott, Kendle, Olson, Prichard Thurston Page 229 1 1 I 1 1 Bottom Row: McCrea, McGaff1n Stokes, Fry, Riebe, Monroe, Loh- miller, Kroeqer, Peters, Blesie Second Row: Blunt, Shaw, Cummins Wickersham, Llewelyn, Hackett lunkin, McLeod, Carter, Gump Anderson Third Row: Shaw, Connell, Edwards Davies, Schaefer, Buier, Pearce Hall, Leamer, Lynch, Schowalter Tinnermeier Fourth Row: Ellenbrock, Wagner Enqstler, Roach, Dentel, Hubbard Foster, Loy, Nyberg, Worden lohnson, Hartz, Brown Fifth Row: Heron, Harper, Haahr Wheater, Workman, Olsen, Slater Helmke, W h i t n e y , Norton Weaver, Atkins, Briggs PRESS CLUB Bottom Row: Scanlan, Siroup, Ewing, Culbertson, Mr. Holmes, Rickert, Mast, Chase, Lohmiller Second Row: Shaw Sn der Rich- , Y 1 ards, Kreussel, Kendle, Bovee Lenz, Lounsberry, Schive Third Row: Goslin, Templeton, Hud- son, Krulish, Olsen, lfVheeler, Landgraf, Shepard, Colburn HL'CLUB ' Bottom Row: Snell, Goodman, Tret- zger, Sims, Kagan, Kane, Phippin Second Row: Cranny, Bute, Bolinski, Missildine, Polley, Rabey, Rew Third Row: Lund, Lundquist, Green, Lee, Puck, Cook, Olsen, Dodd "I" CLUB Pick a gueen each term! This novel idea was the "l" club's Way ot honoring the fairest ot the fair on the Teachers Campus. A get- together in the men's gym after the Homecoming game, a winter dance, and the annual "Butchers-Maulersu farce between halves ot the Teachers-Cmaha basketball game Were big events of the year. PRESS CLUB Franliness flourished and pertinent topics were given the once over, in the Student-Faculty Bull Sessions sponsored by the Press Club. Freedom ot speech reigned supreme at the "Gridiron Dinner." With Ernie Spinozetti's Place as the scene, taculty and students, joining the "cafe" society, were embarrassed by a "G-man" raid and enjoyed the entertaining program oi "raspberry" skits. Page 230 Unity makes strength! This great club is open to membership to any girl enrolled in a two-year primary curriculum. Through the various activities of this organization, girls are helped in making adjustments to campus lite and in forming closer friendships. Regular bi-weekly meetings are devoted to topics ot educational and professional inter- est. To become further aitiliated with the Second Year Kindergarten Primary Clulo, this club joined with the more advanced group in sponsoring some of the major events ot the year, such as the Butus Rose Marionettes, a Thanksgiving dinner, and a Mother's day din- ner. Miss May Smith is the organizations adviser. FIRST YEAR Bottom Row: Bray, Green, Archam- boult, Hamilton, Telleen, Iustus, Leo, N i els e n , Coleman, Ives, Hagen Second How: Leasure, Richardson, Wiese, Peterson, Bean, Irwin, Scott, Pappas, Maurer, Raun, Korth Third Row: Hass, Stout, Wolfram, Tranbarger, B u c h e r , Parrneter, Iverson, Risser, Lindsey, Powers, Molle Fourth Row: Swope, Bilstad, Bernice Hall, Lewis, Mack, Missman, New- endorp, Morrison, Kramer, Rush, Looit Fifth Row: Plaehn, Skaar, Betty Hall, Butler, Porter, Willets, Ran- kin, Norby, Kragness, Pearson, Cutler, Schmidt, Tuttle Page 231 PRIMARIES Wheater, lacobsen, Bohne, Cres- sey, Dunn, Cummins, Hawkins Thompson, Ahrens Second Row: Manz, Hankner, Dam man, Otte, W il l i a m s , Marks Crouse, Fraser, Rankin, Felton Cameron, Chase, Scholten Third Row: Iverson, Tyler, Picht Hora, Hanson, Hushaw, Mickel son, Miller, Logan, Barker, Pierce Smith Fourth Row: Siemen, Chase, Dahl gren, Swanson, G alla g h e r Cooper, Gebert, Mortvedt, Mc Gohan, Bachman, Wilaby, Frantz Rigby 1 SECOND YEAR PRIMARIES Bottom Row: Daugaard, B ri g g s , Thomsen, Gaskell, Mather, Schae- ter, lunkin, Ellerhrock, Bowman, Miller, Staub Second How: Putnam, Iohnston, Baxter, Laipple, Cakerice, Baden, Kline, Rose, Blumgren, R. Lein- baugh, Dick Third Row: Paulsen, Fisher, Christ, Nyherg, Reasoner, Grum, Loken, Wright, E. Leinbaugh, Wood, Bednar Fourth How: Meylink, Kail, Weaver, lohnson, Miller, Richardson, Hol- land, D e n k e r , Rehder, Dentel, Tapper, Foster Bottom Row: Decker, Oliver, Mar- shall, Mather, Ralston, Edgerton, Hiddleson, lochumsen, Lemler, De- Haan, Parker Second Row: Cowan, Myers, Welch, Pueggel, Watrous, Iennings, Mary Smith, Bjornson, Margaret Smith, Skovgaard, Marsh, L. Smith Third Row: Risher, Bolton, Whet- stone, Piotter, Neill, Grell, Seefeld, Macy, Humphrey, Mitchell, Hayes, Hagen Fourth How: Arends, Clancy, Strand, Atterberry, G o o d r i c h , lohnson, Knutson, longewaard, H e m e r , Oppedal, Trottnow, Whitney ELEMENTARY CLUB Bottom Row: Ullerich, Wickham, Peters, McKane, Hauser, Olsen, Myrick, Lee, Seefeld, Hartz, Evans, Gidel Second Row: Gruver, Voss, Taylor, Schroeder, Simonsen, Schowalter, Nieman, White, M. Lund, Har- baugh, Larson Third Row: Rauscher, S to u ft e r , Schow, Devine, Elvidge, D. Lund, Mickey, Wegand, Bredbenner, Whitaker, Wakeman Fourth Bow: Welhousen, Daggett, Crees, Gulbrarison, Knock, Hand- bury, Chadwick, Wieben, Clausen, Bear, Fandel, Bargmann Fifth Row: Pieper, Christ, Wintak- ger, Miller, Helmke, Heilman, Bleeker, Hiersche, Oetken, Lampe, Ontjes, lohnston, Parrott page 232 ELEMENTARY CLUB Bottom Row: Varce, Mayer, Knock, D' tz Van En en B 19 , g , r e W e r , Palmer, Schutt, Riedinger Second Row. Corrnick, Miller, Cooper, Fettes, Edgar, Clanton, Warnock, Chilcote Young, Hosier, Mc- Gough, Kolind, Dubbert, O'Banion, Dawson, Warnock, Smith, Ward, Christensen Third Row: Fourth How: Veenstra, L n , h le , Devitt, Royer, Iones, Richards, Biebe- B' T ' sy eimer, arvin Fifth Row: Siglin, Curtis, Olson, Traeder, Mullane, B r o c k II1 a rl, Stransky, Lindaman, Kennedy, Muller, Mumby, G i l k e r s o n, Clausen Page 233 SECOND YEAR KINDERGARTEN PRIMARY. Cne year older than the Elementary Club, which the girls belonged to as fresh- men. They continue the activities and advantages gained in the First Year Kindergarten Club and perform practically the same functions. Taking more of the responsibility, however, they pro- moted such activities as bringing the Rufus Rose Marionettes to the campus and a Mother's Day Dinner, and supporting a candi- date for the Old Gold Beauty Queen. Among the speakers who addressed the club were Dr. E. W. Goetch, Mr. G. H. l-lolmes, Dr. Tunetta I-leinonen, Dr. Winifred Gilbert, and Miss Richards. A variety of other meetings was held. Two of these were a Story-Telling program presented by the B. A. Story Telling Class, and an interesting puppet show, "The First Christmas." ELEMENTARY CLUB. Attention, all girls enrolled in a two-year elementary course! Here is your chance for more friends, more fun, and more information. Meetings are primarily devoted to problems that may arise in a teaching career. This is not the only activity which the club promotes. For instance, there was the big picnic held in the Fall, a Thanksgiving party which fol- lowed one of the regular meetings, as well as the support given a candidate for the Old Gold Beauty Contest. ln keeping with an established practice, three local speakers were included in their frequent get-togethers. They were Mr. Todd and Dr. Riebe from the education department of the college, and Mr. Raymond Pederson, a member of the teaching staff in the Cedar Falls l-ligh School. Matthias, Challe, Mc- Baker, Bishop, Kurtz, a e C es y ' KAPPA PI BETA ALPHA Bottom Row: Miner, R u s s e ll, Frudeger, Huus, Witt, McKellips, Shannon, Closson Second Row: Boers, Koos, Bristol, Newton, Gill h a m , Matthias, Gregory, Blesie, Mitchell Third Row: W i 11 i a rn s , Woito, Hellestad, Carstensen, T a y 1 o r , Addy, Farran, Stutsman, Crull, Heron, Brouillet TI-IETA EPSILON Bottom Row: Mather, O'Banion, Fisher, Leichtman, Mrs. Weir, Block, M. Closson, Taylor Second Row: T. Hash, Iennings, Nasby, L. C l o s s o n , Peterson, Kennedy, Barker, F. Hash Third Row: Oetken, Maddoclc, Linde- man, King, Smith, C r e s s e y , Murnby, Ontjes, Loken CATHOLIC STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION Bottom Row: Killeen, M. Chapman, R o e de r, Devitt, Ruppel, G. Chapman Second How: lustus, W e n d e l l, Coenen, Rotell, Kenyon, Kvidera, Murphy Third Row: W i t t m a n , Wickham Pieres, Peterson, Roach, McEvoy, Neville Fourth How: Butler, Conry, Lynch, Bellock, Boland, Podemski, Finn, Mitchell, Ward Page 234 KAPPA PI BETA ALPHA. Dolls for K. P. B. A. This year a col- lection was shown to the group by Miss Merrill of Hawthorne School, Waterloo. This club of Primary B. A. students built its program on the theme, "A Teacher and Her lnterests," played ghost at their Halloween Party, and bangueted in the spring. THETA EPSILON. Activities of Theta Epsilon, national Baptist sorority, were tvaried. A Christmas party in the Commons, a Valentine party for Bachelor Boys, a Mothers Day luncheon, a Farewell party for graduates, and a formal initiation with "Ships" as a theme were included on their calendar of affairs. CATHOLIC STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION. Combining religion and recreation, the C. S. A. began the fall quarter with a picnic and treasure hunt, and followed it up with a greeting to the new priest, Father Mauer. The club's efforts were greatly responsible for increased attendance at monthly communion services. LUTHERAN STUDENTS' ASSOClATlON. Busy as bees were the members of the L. S. A. A Bible study class was organized and met on alternate Sundays. A get-acguainted party was given in the fall, fun was had at a Christmas party, the annual banquet occurred March l7, and a meeting for formal initiation was held. LUTHERAN srUDENrs' Assoc1Ar1oN Bottom Row: Neeman, Bundy, G. M tth'a W li K Orton Nel- cr 1 s, y e, . , son, Pueggel, Steinkamp, Iverson Second Row: H. Matthias, Daugaarcl, Menzel, S lc o v g a a r d , Kallem, M o r t v e dt, Anderson, Skaar, Challe, Lemler Third Row: Lesch, Larson, Swanson, Hanson, Hellestad, D. O r t o n , Wink, Chris tensen, Iohnson, Baden Fourth Row: Danielson, Kragness, Piotter, Hantelrnann, Huus, Blies- mer, Mamrnen, L. Orton, Telleen, Iverson, Olson Page 235 STOWAWAY CLUB Bottom Row: Mast, Cross, Swanson North, Griggs Second Row: Porteous, White, Gil- loertson, Lenth, Chapman, Falk TBAPEZOID Bottom Row: Bristol, Arnold, Rickey Iunkerrneier Second Row: Mrs. Black, Kramer M. Trottnow, Isley, Fuller Third Row: W. Trottnow, Fisher, Schaefer, Clark, Cooper, Kennedy Schwartz PHI TAU THETA Bottom Row: Barber, Brown, Day- hoff, Davis, Muntz Second Row: Butler, Arends, Bullis, Stransky, Ashley, Eells Page 236 KAPPA PHI Bottom Row: A. Miller, E. Myers, Dodd, Abram, Olden, D. Myers, Tonsfeldt, Peet, Hodder Second Row: Koos, Cooper, Berg, Erickson, Humphrey, D. Miller, W ilk i ri s o n, Frost, Bredbenner, Richards, Marks Third Row: Bernd, Taft, C r e e s , Knoer, F e n n e rn a , Iohnson, Folkerts, Heilrnan, Hiersche, Grell, Haigler Page 237 STCWAWAY CLUB. Presbyterian boys "stowaway" their friendship in an organization for their exclusive use, the Stow- away Club. Bountiful suppers always precede the snappy meetings which are held several times a term. The year began with a "Get Acquaintedn supper and wound up with a banquet in the spring. TBAPEZCID. Sounds like a mathematics club, does it not? Your guess is wrong, for the Trapezoid is an organization for Presbyterian college women. During regular weekly meetings a four-fold program of study, fellowship, worship and service is followed. A highlight of the year was a Homecoming breakfast. Pl-ll TAU THETA. This national organization for Methodist men had its busiest year in a long time. Besides its bi-monthly meetings, the club was host to the fourteenth annual conclave and sponsored a series of discussions on "Boy-Girl Relations." This chapter contributes to the magazine, "Philoi." KAPPA PHI. "Waterways of the World" was the theme this year for Kappa Phi, national Methodist girls' sorority. Besides the regular bi-weekly meetings, the club had fun at a Pop Corn Pop, a Sweater Party, and a Rodeo Party. The annual Senior Breakfast brought the year to a close. COLLEGE CHOIR Bottom Row: Blesie, Coates, Hall, Sherman, Holmes, Mr. Hays, Moklebust, M. Iulius, L. Iulius, Knoche, Wallace Second Bow: Tinnermeier, Rehn, Rutherford, R e ct o r , Davenport, Aupperle, Hanson, D o w n in g , Meylink, Smith, Diclc Third Row: Foiles, Brown, Christ, Muntz, Goldsmith, Burow, Bennett, O'Banion, Mercer, Graber, Moulton Fourth How: Smith, Quirin, Kramer, Cassacly, Hamaker, Lund, Butler, Hobson, Risser, Hantelmann, Lillie Fifth ROW: Shaeffer, S W a n s 0 n, Scott, Van de Water, Todd, Baker, Maurer, Wedekinq, Falk, Cressey, Kroeger WESLEY PLAYERS Bottom Row: McCormick, Hodder, lohnson, White, Abram, Anderson Second BoW:. Mcliane, Stout, H, Williams, Iones, Smith, Foster WESLEY PLAYERS "The Unknown Soldier Speaks" was one oi the outstanding plays produced this year by the Wesley Players, National Methodist or- ganization oi drama, two dramas, a comedy, and tour skits were among the plays given. Highlight of the year-the local Nu chapter was host to the iirst lowa get-together of the Wesley Players. COLLEGE CHOIR What would chapel be without the college choir? Between iiity and sixty men and women sing in this group each year. While member- ship is voluntary, admittance is gained by a process that is some- what elective. With Professor W. E. Hays as director, the choir sings each Sunday morning. Page ORCHESTRA CLUB Forty playing as hard as they cant Forty of them. Forty What? One guess, and it is the personnel of the Orchestra Club, which spends its time becoming familiar with the best that there is in orchestra litera- ture. Between practices the members took time out for a gay and coloriul theatre party. ART LEAGUE Learning various kinds of self-expression, which they ordinarily would not get elsewhere, the Art League members meet often and absorb much art from practical experience. Their eiiorts in Wood- carving and sketching oi the human figure were exhibited in the Vocational building during the spring term. ORCHESTRA CLUB Bottom Row: Owen, Thomas, Kolind, Closson, Hobson, Werdel, Holmes, Blesie Second Row: Kvidera, Eikleberry, Bilstad, Butler, Pearson, Knudsen, Sheldon, Molle, Bachrnan, Hamer Third How: Cooper, Bucher, lacobs, lohnson, Phillips, Heide, Wilke, Iurgemeier, Kelsen, Leinbaugh ART LEAGUE Bottom How: King, Gronberg, Miss Conlon, L a ip p l e , Mr. Bailey, Schmidt Second How: Sutz, Everhart, New- ton, Koos, Kennedy, Bank, Baum- gartner Third Row: Horns, Neumeier, Macy, Maddock, Wylie, Bernd, Wollesen, Norton Page 239 INDUSTRIAL ARTS GUILD Bottom Row: Mr. Palmer, Lctmprnan, Wilson, Moser, Herwig, Miller, Kruse, Healy, Mr. Bailey. Second Row: Gray, Bragg, lohnston, Bolinski, Rew, Hershire, Bro, Brown Third Row: Chattield, K. Orton, D. Orton, Van Arkel, Iohnson, Ware, Kienzle, Loonan Fourth Row: Hersch, Porter, Etzel, Benz, Donaldson, Bidne, Fisk, Kone, Lyon SOCIAL SCIENCE HONORS Bottom Row: C a s l a V k a , Lund, Murphy, Bovee, Hoxie, Dr. Thomp- son, Dr. Erbe, B ickenbach, Newman Second How: Lundy, Ouirin, Martin, Lund, Stroup, Chase, G i b s o n , Hellwig, Burt, Walk Third Row: Closson, Yoselotf, Knapp, Everett, S c h l ic l'1 t i n g, Orton, Marnmen, Lundquist, Fisher, Frost PLAYCRAFT CLUB Bottom Row: Thurston, McElhinney, Simpson, Hoover, Burger, Brind- ley, Kerr Second Row: Steinkamp, Evans, Gibson, Cutler, Cupp, Stokes, Pollins Third How: Easter, Kamm, Mueller, Mitze, M c P h e r s o n , Coffman, Cooper Page 240 INDUSTRIAL ARTS GUILD. New, but growing! The Industrial Arts Guild, only two years old, increased greatly in membership this year. Work in upholstery and metal spinning were studied in weekly laboratory meetings, and talks on industrial subjects not offered in the regular college curriculum comprised the sub- stance of most of the organizations programs. SCCIAL SCIENCE I-ICNCES. Stellar students of the social sci- ence department are honored by invitation to join this organi- zation. One of the most interesting projects carried out this year was a poll on student reaction to the European crisis. Another activity was a joint banquet with Pi Gamma Mu. PLAYCRAET CLUB. With sixteen new members this year, the Playcraft Club began its activities in grand style. Both formal and informal affairs filled the calendar. A December formal party contrasted with an informal party in the Yellow Kitchen, the spring term picnic, and farewell breakfast for seniors. I-IAMILTCN CLUB. "The British are coming!"-but not for war -merely for a battle of wits in the annual British-T. C. debate tournament. The Hamilton Club assisted with this debate. Other events that kept members busy were the Brindley Debate Tour- nament and the second annual Iunior College Tournament. HAMILTON CLUB Bottom Row: Laird, W ill ia m s, Wurtzer, Mueller, Kirgis, Decker Second Row: Spooner, Lund, Zimmer- man, Colburn, Parrott, Olclen Page 241 CLASSICAL CLUB Bottom Row: Caley, Hudson, Duffus Miller, Iohnson, Sexton Second Row: Church, Morris, Vogt, Swanson, Hull, Holroyd, Dycus Third How: Van Skike, Landsiedel, Bush, Van H o u t e n , Iacobs Richards, Peterson WRI'1'ER'S CLUB Bottom Row: Miss Terry, Moessner Tostlebe, Kepler, Larsen, Hosier Parman Second -Row: Rauscher, Schnepf Tonsfeldt, V. Kerr, H. Kerr Holroyd, Murphy Third How: Harshbarger, Barry Welho sen M M dd lc u , acy, a o c Schuchart, Christensen, Hilton, Grurn 1 1 WRITER'S CLUB Students with poems, students with stories, students with interest! All these are welcomed to the Writer's Clulo. Whether trying to find a correct word in his bit of "modern" poetry, punctuating a mood sketch, or finding the right ending for his story, the optimistic writer gets valualole information and tips through criticism. CLASSICAL CLUB Promoting the greatest interest in the study of Latin and Greek the Classical Club Ccomposed of any students who have studied Latin or Greek at Teachers Collegel met twice a term. Through interesting talks, illustrated with slides, the club studied the provinces of the Roman Empire. UNlTED STUDENT MOVEMENT. Gotyety! Confetti! All these bring botolc memories of the Egll E un Eest otnd Spring Eling sponsored by the United Student Movement. Through forums led bv legders in the field of religion, the movement brings to the students otn gwgreness of problems thot force the World todgy. ALPHA Pl-ll OMEGA. Former Boy Scouts on the Cotmpus join Alphd Phi Omegg ond perform their good deeds gs Betot Epsilon chgpter members. One of their services this yedr was ctcting ous stgge crew for the Tutor Ticlclers. Though only g vectr old, the chgpter extends g helping hgnd to otll. When in need, coll upon gn Alphot Phi! UNITED STUDENT no , crmpm n, lVlcCreu. mon, Tonsteldt. Hilton. Second Row: Marshall, Seybo ol Ford, Colburn, Bottom, K t MOVEMENT Bottom Row: Smith, Goede, D K ft L cr Sconl 11 M ZtPlc Third Row: ercer, in Z, Erdmcrn, Brctncrgon, Stew L1 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Bottom Row: Mr. Butfurn, Over- gctord, Alton, Rayburn, Mr. Slcrcks. Second Row: Bragg, Bute, Ycrg- gy, Yeorncxn, Wilson. Third Row: McDowcrll, Bronc- gcrn, Schlichting, Ellison, Wahl. Page 243 If a 24 H in :S 'f ' v H 91 Vi 35 E U 5 F G 5 77 fd Ii 211 E 1 E if 5 ni Q if S5 E 4 Ii 3 97 W Na I 5 Q, H 2 E 3 S E n Z I 5 s 0 Q I f 5 i 7 I s I E Q I E F i I i W 4 Y l til X ww if M16 l lf . ,F E rtfwi AX Krulish escorts the Queen. Prize winning cos- tumes. Faculty members? Couldn't have been K. Riebe and Zada Swinging midst serpentine streamers, college celebrities at the colorful Mardi Gras Ball had a gala time. With Dugan Laird as master ot ceremonies, Mary Riclcert, in White chiffon and regal cloak was crowned queen. Attended by Cleo Lenz and Betty Schuohert, she reigned tor a night. A mystery couple dressed as reversible rag dolls cavorted about along With their colonial cousins. Even St. Pat came. r I , la T T 1 T l l The Campanile strikes a mid-afternoon hour, interrupting its concert. Several groups of people pass it to visit the two new men's dormitories, Baker and Seerley Halls. The attractiveness of these prompts one to utter a wish that they could call it "home" ln Baker Hall, the spiral staircase is a fascinating object to many. The modernity of the living rooms, sun porches, and student rooms leaves one breathless. Return- ing to the north end of the campus, one enters Bartlett Hall, dormitory for women. Here, elegance is also found in the striking Rose and Green living rooms. Tea is served to the visiting fathers, mothers, and friends in the Yellow Kitchen. In Bartlett Hall. Oh! To be Patty. Before five o'clock. What? No music. An extra cue in the game. The rush into the new Seerley Hall SCl'1l1Cl'll1I1Q and partner take the lead. Pie face. Slick and Betty enjoy Watching. The three legged race. Mast sees that all is fair. Must be good. Dean Reed caught unaware. Wedeking is left holding the sack. No cheating. gf it it pt t l 1 v . , ,,:, A y . LJ . ' -Q. 1 1 .1 . ' ti fs i . . ., it t A , t N , 1 v , X P I 't lf il ll ll . tw ' l f I vr l l ln ll l , l t l l l X l l i X 2 JS l qt 1. Q ,, 5, ji A 1 v. -5- Y L 1 ' 4 ' - .:'..': t.. 4 ,. One hundred men and-l A sunny Saturday afternoon with fun and laughter in the atmosphere. What goes on here? Studies, Worries and dignities forgotten, these men gathered West of the Commons for an afternoon oi playing. Gunny sacks lying in a heap Were picked up by contestants as a gunny-sack race was called by the starter. For those with a yen for choco- late pie, a pie eating contest was staged. A tug-oi-war between residents oi Baker versus residents ot Seerley resulted in a vic- tory for Seerley l-lall. A travelling trophy was presented by Men's Union. 'L 1. Page 248 G-MAN WILLIAMS ,AN V- 3-, u ,. I tt", ji 1 it l. 'z g fur M it ll ff ffqri L Y, Q, T J' it , iw N V, , it 5 if- tl rw V. ii. ' V 1, 1 is 4 H .L lt " 1' N .f rp 1, A ,l H tg , t , , V t . it 'S 'F 'v ' X s y L .F 'I it 5, 31, gli, Qt, 1, l -1 -. .Q J -K ,I - Page 249 xv 5 -1 v-fit .kr llhe annual lVlen's Union Dinner, held during the Winter quarter, was high- lighted by an address on the require- ments, training, and problems of the Federal Agent, given by lit. A. Williams oi the Federal Board oi lnyestigation, located in Des Moines. Following Mr. Williams' colorful address, the listen- ers took the opportunity oi Cross-eXam- ining the government agent by tiring questions rapidly at him. This lively procedure was out short by the tuning in ot the Teachers'-Coe game. Mr. Hughes responds fwhite streaksl. Listening to the Coe game What's the matter, Snooks? Blesie helps Olsen Talus accepts Oops! A little higher please. Crowded? Yes Fancy a femme escorting a fellow to a frolicl That is just what happens at Femmes Fancy! Brave females ask mod- est males for the privilege of their com- pany, and then proceed to send them lovely corsages of fragrant cranherries, popcorn, and powder puffs. Not only do they call for "his nibs", but upon arrival, struggle with top coats and galoshes, en- route to the check room. The men reserve the right to do the leading in actual ball- room procedure, but they are willing to concede their partners the right to furnish refreshments. Ah, what a night for the chosen heroes! Polly flirts with "de mugs." Pete and Repeat Gilberts .--ev rw ' C' 7' 4 ll . .2 'X .7 lt J t' '-Eh JJWL 1 X I ,V 'w.r" 1: -'11' V tk ir -1 T .1 .,-ff. ls xv, 1' l .' x',,. ni' A at N it it Q i T x, gil ' ' ' L 'Q fl 2. lt -f 5 l w Ch, you variety shows! And what variety! Saturday night rendezvous- ers at the Commons were royally entertained by student talent. The "Prot. Quiz Hour" launched the pro- grams, Where people selected from the audience at random answered questions. The Winner consumed a hot fudge sundae as a reward for his efforts. One night Charlie Pas- torino brought down the house with "The Popcorn Man" and again Betty Hall enthralled them all with "When Pa Was Courtin' Ma." A lit- tle old-fashioned technique in the art of courting was demonstrated in a scene from "One Sunday After- noon." 189O or 1939? Cummings, blow that horn. 15 il ,, ll ' -V, V ' M 1 ,, Q I y. it c ,t n W I ., ,L 1, . I , , I , ,f ' uf: 1 u...:.1 'fs-1 .' nur' . ill f I A F ,...s,, inner J N M K V M 5 I I 4 N 4 it it 3" ., it s-" I ..4,. r , , .L Lg um at V , Don't put a slug in the slot ludging hy the success of the "Kanga- roo Court," the annual "l" Club dance was one of the successful dances of the year. The informally dressed crowd danced to the music of Paul Moorhead and his orchestra. During the "Kangaroo Court", or in other Words the feature dance, several in- dividuals were called from the floor, "charged" with a certain crime, and "sentenced" to dance together. Spe- cial guests were the faculty of the men's physical education department. l-luhert Missildine was general chair- man of the dance, Was assisted in planning and carrying out the dance loy officers and memloers of the Tutor athletic organization. Wait for the photographer, Hon' Kangaroo Court. Paul Moorhead puts on an act Page 2-52 1 it 1 Purchasing gifts, packing holiday garb, arranging transportation home -all these student and faculty preparations signify the approach of Christmas vacation on the T. C. campus. One of the activities which re- lieves the tension of the few days preceding departure is the annual Christmas Carol Service. Students and faculty fill the Commons audito- rium at an early hour. Black-robed College Singers march in and step upon the tiered platform where, at a signal from Director Barker, they carol Christmas tunes familiar to all. Watch your step. Dean Reed listens to the College Singers. Carney fades out. 5 T TUTCDR TICKLERS 1, ,. r W , 4, Kroeqer in pigtails Gaede'P Or Scarecrow? ls that a jug of good ole corn? Shep, Blesie and their little dummy Hoover and Kamm pull a few fast ones J I ' r Were the chickens crowinq? Were the cows mooina? Or Was it just the Farmers Frolic? Everyone at this annual tarmyard swing of Baker and Seerley l-lalls lets his hair down for a grand time shuiflina and scuiiina to the music of Oren Weir and his or- chestra. Endinq at ll:5O Cpractically in time to ao to loed with the roostersl the dance swung to a climax With a Broom Taq Dance introduced by a cop with his prisoner on the string. Add- ed attraction: Connie Schaefer and Harlan Peters as the prize hayseed couple. Page 255 The Auditorium lights flicker, grow dim, and fade into an inky blackness. A glaring spotlight suddenly pierces the enveloping darkness and focuses upon the director who steps gingerly to the platform, flashes a smile at the silent audience and about faces. l-ler uplifted arm signals, the curtains part, revealing to many pairs of expectant eyes a scene of uncommon beauty. Three tiers of young ladies in flowing gray robes, sit shoulder to shoulder, alertly waiting their leader's signal. The shadowing flicker of colored lights plays across the group. The director's arms sweep up, and forty-two clear voices ring out in vibrant unison to in- troduce the fiftieth annual appearance of the Cecilians. X., Tn.. .wc H , V, , , , , ,z J it l aft. G Q t if """- it lt , l. ,fi -1 R 'i it t, 2, t '1 M tj ,Q ,, ky 3' 'T 5 kc, g...i mu... t ln., ll 1 H. : Li. uc-. L lf - - fig- min. f T, ,Ki .-.N E 1. t 1 1, wf t .I-. H, W ,X -- X X I, l 1 T ,1 T 1 I .- X i Q ,.- 1 'W -.i, t t W t T, 1 . 4' I ' t . , , 1, Q 4 t I 4 Q V i. . . , Mr. Fullerton finds an old acquaintance Cutting the Anniversary Cake Past member reminxsce Page 257 0lICLlISl0 Another year has slid past, another year filled with crowded happenings. Another CLD GOLD is yours another yearbook recording for you many of these crowded events as seen through the lens of the staff photographer. Our sincere thanks are extended to the following people, their splendid workmanship and counsel played a big part in making your l939 CLD GOLD a reality-Art Segal of The Bureau of Engraving at Minneapolis, Mr. Karl Clayton of lahn and Ollier Engraving at Chicago, the Economy Advertising Company at lowa City, and the staff of A. Dupont Studios at Waterloo, lowa. The l939 CLD GCLD is yours, and it is our sincere wish that you will find in it cause to make it always a cherished treasure. 1 1 11111 1 H 11. - 1 11 1.1 r ,1 1 1. 7 11Al 1 1 1 1.522 1. 1 .1 .X1 4,111 1. 111. , .1 1 11,1 -,1- 11 1 1 1 ,.1 .11. 1 ,.11f. 1 1 . 1. ,2-. . 1 11 If, 111' 11 1, 1 111 1.11 .11 l ' '1 1:-' " 1.1 . 1 1- - 1-11' 1111 11111, 111 111, 1 1 .1111 11921 .1.1 iff 1 11-. 1' T 11 '-115 1,9153 s 'A111 1111 1 -1. V1 ,.g1, 1 1 1-411 -. ' 31' . 11.1, . 11, 1. .1 . 11 .1111 1.111 .-17 " -. 1 ,. 11111 1 .mmf 311. 1- Qi.. . 1, 'i-1."'1'-1 'E' 1- 11111. 13' . '11 11lf.j ,-1111 1111.1.11-12, 1.11 1111 - 5f11'1'lS1i51f1 11111 1 1f1111111:1.:-1 -..1'fm 11 ..1 1. 1.111 :-,1 .. 1 1 1 .. , . . .11 .1 1,..:. ,1. 1- 11 1.1 1.111-.,11. 111! V1 - 1..-3 ,I V 411311 '11 1111 I-11-1 " - 1.11 .1 11711.11 , 1 ,1 .1-11 1 1 1 lj-111. 1 1 1. 11 ,1,11,. 1. .. 1 11-'.11 ,1 1: 1' 21 1-1 11 -- 1 . 1- 111 . -1 1 1:11-1 1 1 111 1 1 1 . 1. 1- 11 .. 1.11 . 1 1 1 - '1 1 1 1 11 1. 1 '11 1 .I 1 I A 1 1 1 .111 . 1 X 111 -1 11 . 1 111- 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 11 V 1 . 11 - 1 . 1 1. -11 . 11, - . 1 1 1 . - 1 . 11... W Ju... ,. 1 1 1 .1 11 1- 1. 1-- 1 11 1 1 1. 1 11' 11 1 11 1 .. 11- 1 111 111 1 1 1 .1- 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 11. 1 1 V1 1 .11 . 1 1 11111. 111 I 1111 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1I1 '1 ' I 11 Y W 11 H. 1 1' V 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- . , 1' ' 1 .1 " 1 1 1 . '11'11. 1 1 1. . . 1 1 1 1" 1'1 - 1 1 1 1 1 11.1 - -. 11 , 1 . 111 1 -1 .- 11, 1 1 1 . H.. 16 1 . 1 . . 11. 1 1 11 1 - 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ' 11 . ' 1 .11 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 , 1 U" 1 V ,. . 1 11 1 1 3 .. 1 I 1 1 11'-1x1 1 V 1 11-1 11 1. 1111 1 A 11 '11 .1 1 1 .. - 111- 1--,ax 11 1 1 .11 1 11 .1 1. 1-1. - 1' ' 11-- 11 1 1 '1 . . 1,1 H1 .1.. X vt I 1x I . 1.1: ,, 1 1 , .41 . W., '-V1 1 4 41 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1.111 - 11.1 . 1 1 . 1 1 f:111"1'1 W ' C11 1 11 1 .11.1::',111 11 11 1 1 . .1 - 1. 1- 11 .1-' '1 11 11 A 11'1,11-1 1 111 ,. 11,1 -,1 1.1-1 5,--.1.1 1f 111 1 .,.1i ..-..LJ g,...--.-....1.. ,.11...L. SQQ1, -14 11.-1.11-:11 f... .1-. . .. -- .,.. .1. . 111' f '1 1---11 ,311 . ..1..1.11 1 1 1 -. - .11 11 1 111 11 , 11 . 11.51 1112.1-, ..1 1-11:1 . 1, x15g1l.1n11v1.f,1 1511.2 1 1 1.11 I1 1112 1 1 1 ,.'1'1. -M. 1 1 1.1 1 15..l'1'1.1.g1,. ,611 ru 1:1711 15111 s'-,fl 1 A11 .5-1 111, 1 .LT 1 11 -,. 1 .111, 111... , qvvv .1 1 1 1... 11 1.1, 1 U - , 1, . , ,.,."x11Q11-1 11 '11-5 '.f'.'- " .J 111 ' -1 11 1 'f 41 - '1-.11 " A11'.'.-',"ULf1 "tix '- " 'fl' -"lil 7 " ' 1 115111, 11: 1 ..1 , . , 1 '1 . 1 ,1,-, 1- 1 1:31 1 - 111...-. 11-. -11- '1:--1 115. 11 1 . 1- -11 -11111 ,, 11 111 1.11 1, 1- - 11- 1 ' 'Z'-fl 1 ..1 .1 1.1 .111 1 ,. .1. ,11. .,.. 1 . - 11-71. 1 1' 1... 1 1 11 . 1 1 P 1.-12211 .1 -1,11 -.-1 , U ..1 1131 11111131 -1 1.. 1.11111 w 1. 1111 p . 1111"-T. " '.11 .GL 1 .V .. .111 "1'1 -..11 fx- . .1 171: --. 1 .11 111111 -1111-1 1 .'.11'1-1111111 A 111 ' ' I 1 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1111... 11 11, 1 1 '1:-1- --1- 1 f .11 1. 1 .1 A-,..1.., 1 41 pw " 1111 11 VL., 1 I ','-11- -1... - .-.1 1.11 119,11 1 A Capella Choir . . .Administration Heads Alembic .... Alpha Beta Gamma . Alpha Chi Epsilon . Alpha Delta Alpha . . . Alpha Phi Omega TOPICAL INDEX . 222 . . 16, 17 . 224, 225 . 187 . 182 . . . 183 . . . 243 Art and lndustrial Arts, Department of . , 60 Art League ....- . . . . 239 B Baker Hall . . . . .22, 23 Bartlett Hall . . . . .20, 21 Bartlett Hall Addition . . . 31 Baseball .... . 172, 173 Basketball . . 168, 169 Beauties . . . 126-131 Beta Beta Beta . . 74 Blue Key . . . 75 Blue Key Formal ...... ' . 144 Board of Control of Student Publications . , 211 Bureau of Alumni Affairs . . . 44 Bureau of Publications . . 45 Bureau of Religious Activities 46 Bureau of Research . . . 47 Business Manager . 16 - C Campus Leaders' Dinner , . . 142 Campus Scenes .... . 148-155 Catholic Stidents Association . . . 234 Cecilian Glee Club . . . . 219, 257 Chemistry Seminar . . 225 Christmas Services . . 253 Class Officers . . .40, 41 Classical Club . . 242 College Band . . 217 College Choir . . . 238 College Eye Heads , . 208 College Eye Staff . . . . 209 College Singers . . . 220 Commerce, Department of . 61 Commercial Club . . . 228 Commons I , . . 26, 27 Conservatory . . 30 Dean of Faculty . . 16 Dean of Men . . 16 Dean of Women . 16 Debate . . . 215 Dedication . . 4, 5 Delta Phi Delta . . 188 Delta Sigma Rho . . 76 Drama Fall of the City . . . . 200 ' Star Wagon .... . 201 You Can't Take lt With You 202, 203 E Education . . . . 62 Elementary Club , . . 233 Ellen Richards Club . . 225 English . , . 63 Epsilon Phi Epsilon . . 189 Epsilon Pi Tau . , 77 Extension Division . . , 48 F Faculty Senate .... 19 Faculty Welfare Committee . 18 Farmer's Frolic . . . . 256 Femmes Fancy . . . 250 First Year Primary . . 231 Football .... 164-167 Foreword . . . . 6 Four-H Club . , . . 225 G Gamma Theta Upsilon , . 78 German Club . . 226, 227 Golden Ledger . . . . 227 H Hamilton Club . . . 241 Homecoming . . 140-141 Home Economics , . . . 64 I "1" Club ..... . 230 "1" Club Dance .... . 252 Industrial Arts Guild . . . 240, 241 Interesting Students and Faculty 138, 139 Inter-Fraternity Council . . . 34 lnter-Fraternity Dance . 147 lnter-Sorority Council 34 lnter-Sorority Dance . . , . 146 K Kappa Delta Pi . . . 79 Kappa Mu Epsilon . 80 Kappa Pi Beta Alpha . 234 Kappa Phi . . . . 237 Kappa Theta Psi . . . . 190 L Lambda Delta Lambda . 81 Lambda Gamma Nu . . . 184 Language, Department of . 65 Library ..... . .28, 29 Life Saving Corps . . . - 175 Lutheran Student Association . - 235 Page 250 M Marching Bands . , Mardi Gras ..... Mathematics, Department of . Mathematics Club . . Men's Union . . Minnesingers . . . Music, Department of . OLD GOLD Dance . Heads . Staff . Open Hous Oratory . Orchesis . O e at Dorms . Orchestra Club . P Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia . Phi Sigma Epsilon . Phi Sigma Phi . . Pi Tau Theta ..... Physical Education for Men . Physical Education for Women Pi Gamma Mu Pi Omega Pi . . Pi Phi Omega . Pi Tau Phi . . Pi Theta Pi . . Placement Bureau . . . Playcraft ...... President Latham and Message . Press Club ..... Purple Arrow Purple Pen . R Representative Students . Rho Epsilon Rho . . . Romance Language Club Page 261 . 162, 163 . 246 . . . 66 . . 226, 227 38, 39, 248, 249 . . . 218 67 . 143 . 206 . 207 . 247 . 214 . 178, 179 . 239 83 . 185 . . 191 . 236,237 . . 68 . 69 . 82 . 84, 177 . 192 . 193 . 194 . . 50 . 240,241 . 14, 15 . 230 85 . 210 . 136, 137 , . 229 . 226, 227 S Saturday Night Varieties . Science, Department of . Second Seerley Year Primary Hall . . . Seniors, Four Year . Seniors, Two Year . Sigma Alpha Iota . Sigma Tau Delta .... Social Science, Department of Social Science Honors Society Stowaway Club .... Student Council . . . Student Council Committees . Student Health Service . . Superintendent of Buildings and Symphony Orchestra . . . T Tau Sigma Delta . . . Teaching . . . Theta Alpha Phi . . Theta Epsilon . Theta Gamma Nu . Theta Theta Epsilon . Track .... Trapezoid . . Tutor Ticklers . . . U United Student Movement . V V. O. V. Sigma Phi . . . W 'Washington Ball . . Wesley Players .... Who's Who . Women's Athletic Association Women's Chorus . . . Women's League Wrestling . . . Writer's Club . X Xanho . . . Grounds . 251 , 70 . 232 .24, 25 106-123 . 92-105 . 86 . 87 . 71 240, 241 236, 237 . 35 . 35 49 16 . 216 . 195 72 . 88 . 234 , 196 . 89 174, 175 236, 237 254, 255 . 243 . 197 . 145 . 238 132-135 . 177 . 221 .36, 37 170, 171 . 242 . 186 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION DIRECTORY A Abbott, Dr. Boy L., 52 Professor of Biology Aitchison, Allison, 52, 78 Professor of Geography Anderson, Mary C., 52 .Assistant Professor of Teaching Arey, Amy, 52 Professor of Education Arndt, Wilbert C., '52 Instructor in Teaching B Bailey, C. H., 52, 77, 230, 240 Head of the Arts Department Barker, Olive L., 52, 86, 212, 219, 220 Instructor of Voice and Music Baum, Russell, 52 Instructor of Piano Beard, Dr. Marshall B., 82 Assistant Professor of History Begeman, Dr. Louis, 52 Professor of Physics, Emeritus Bender, Paul F., 18, 52 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men Bock, Mrs. Madge, 23 Director of Baker Hall Boardman, Benjamin, 211, 216 Business Manager Boothe, Dr. Bert E., 52 Head of the Department of English Brown, Dr, A. E., 52 Associate Professor of Education Brugger, M. Elisabeth, 52 Director of Nursery School and Instructor in Teaching Buffum, Dr. H. S., 52, 243 Professor of Education Buxbaum, Katherine, 53 Assistant Professor of English C Cable, Dr. E. J., 4, 5, 53 Professor of Earth Science and Head of the Depart- ment of Science Caldwell, Mary P., 53 Assistant Professor of Teaching Campbell, Mary L., 53 Instructor in Home Economics Campbell, Sadie B., 16, 18 Dean of Women Charles, Dr. I. W., 53, 79 Professor of Education Cole, Agnes, 53 Assistant Professor of Art Cole, Eldon E., 16 Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Coridit, Ira S., 53 Assistant Professor of Mathematics Conlon, Corley Agnes, 53, 239 Instructor of Art Crowder, Louis, 53 Instructor of Music Cummins, H. C., 53 Associate Professor of Commercial Education D Delaney, V. D., 53 Instructor of Music Denny, Dr. E. C., 53 Professor of Education and Head of the Department of Education Dickinson, Arthur, 53, l55, 175 Instructor in Physical Education for Men Divelbess, Margaret, 53 Assistant Professor of Teaching Donato, Anthony, 53, 83, 216 Assistant Professor of Violin Douglas, Dr. L. V., 18, 84, 139, 228 Head of the Commercial Department Duncan, Anne Stuart, 54 Head Librarian E Erbe, Dr. Carl H., 54, 240 Professor of Government F Eagan, W. B., 54 Associate Professor of English Fahrney, Dr. Ralph R., 54 Associate Professor of History Fitzsimons, Ethel, 54 Instructor in Teaching Puller, A. C., 44, 45 Director of the Bureau of Alumni Affairs Fullerton, C. A. Professor Emeritus G Gaffin, Myrtle E., 54 Instructor in Commercial Education Geiger, Dr. Beatrice I., 54, 89, 225 Head of the Home Economics Department Getchell, Dr. R. W., 54, 81, 224 Professor of Chemistry Gilbert, Winifred M., 54 Assistant Professor of Biology Goetch, Dr. E. W., 50 Director of the Placement Bureau Grant, Martin L., 54 Associate Professor of Biology Green, Dr. Anita V., 20 Director of Health of Bartlett Hall Page 262 H Haight, Mary E., 20 Director of Bartlett Hall Halvorson, Dr. N. O., 54 Associate Professor of English Hake, Herbert V., 54, 138 Assistant Professor of Speech Hanson, Rose, 54 Assistant Professor of Teaching Hart, I. H., 48 Director of Extension Service Hays, W. E., 54, 218, 238 Assistant Professor of Voice Heinonen, Iunetta, 54 Instructor in Teaching Henrikson, Dr. E. H., 55 Assistant Professor of Speech Hersey, S. Freeman, 55 Associate Professor, Emeritus Hill, Frank W., 55, 83, 216 Instructor in Violin, Viola, Ensemh Instrumentation Hill, Susan B., 20 Personnel Assistant Holmes, George H., 45, 55, 211, 230 Director of Bureau of Publications Holst, Harald B., 55 Assistant Professor of Voice Horns, Iohn W., 55 Instructor in Art Humiston, Dorothy, 55, 177 ' ' du Assistant Professor of Physical E Hunter, Mary B., 55 Associate Professor of Economics I Iackson, C. L., 55 le, and cation for Women Principal of High School and Associate Professor of Teaching Iasman, Mrs. Nina, 25 Director of Baker Hall K Kadesch, Dr. W. I-I., 55 Professor of Physics Kearney, Dora E., 55, 226 Assistant Professor of Teaching Koehring, Dr. Dorothy, 55 Instructor in Teaching Knoff, Gerald, 46, 243 Director of Religious Activities Kurtz, Edward, 55, 216 Head of the Department of Music Violin L Latham, Dr. O. R., 14 President of the College Page 263 and Professor of Lambert, Emma Ft., 55, BO, 85 Professor of Mathematics Lambert, Lillian V., 56, 226 Professor of English Lamloertson, Dr. F. W., 56, 76 Professor of Speech Lantz, Dr. C. W., 56, 74 Head of the Biology Department Larson, Dr. Selmer C., 16 Registrar Lillehei, Dr. I. L., 56 Head of the Department of Languages and Professor of French and Spanish Luse, Dr. Eva May, 56 Head of the Department of Teaching Lynch, S. A., 56 Professor of English, Emeritus M Mach, George R., 56 Assistant Professor of Commercial Education Mantor, Edna, 56 Instructor in Teaching McClelland, Agnes, 56 Instructor in Home Economics McCuskey, David, 56, 170 Instructor in Physical Education for Men Mead, Dr. F. N., 49 Health Director and Professor of Physical Education Mendenhall, L. L., 56 Head of the Department of Physical Education for Men Merchant, Dr. P. D., 56 Professor of Latin and Greek, Emeritus Michel, Dorothy, 56, 177 ' Instructor in Physical Education for Women Miller, Edna, 56 Assistant Professor of Latin Moir, Mrs. F. C., 20 Housekeeper in Bartlett Hall Moore, Maude E., 56, l77 Instructor of Physical Education for Women Myers, Iulia Mae, 57 Instructor in Commercial Education N Nelson, Dr. M. I., 16 Dean of the Faculty Nordly, Oliver M., 57, 165, 169 Instructor in Physical Education for Men O Osborn, Dr. E. C., 57 Instructor in Economics P Paine, Dr. Olive, 57 Assistant Professor of Teaching Palmer, Harold G., 57, 77, 240 Instructor in Manual Arts Patt, Bertha L., 57 Professor of Art Paul, Dr. I. B., 45 Director of Bureau of Research Peck, Catherine, 20 Director of Social Life Peterson, Marna, 57 Associate Professor of Teaching Plaehn, Erma, 57 Instructor of Teaching Pollock, Annabelle, 57 Assistant Professor of Teaching R Rait, E. Grace, 57 Associate Professor of Teaching Rath, Dr. H. Earl, 57, 211 Assistant Professor of Health Education Read, O. B., 57, 224 Professor of Chemistry Reed, Leslie I., 16, 18, 75 Dean of Men Rice, Mildred, 57 Instructor in Teaching Riebe, Dr. H. A., 57 Associate Professor of Education Riggs, Sara M., 57 Associate Professor of History Robinson, Dr. E. A., 58 Assistant Professor of English Robinson, Dr. George C., 58, 82 Professor of Government Rohlf, Ida, 58 Instructor in English Ruegnitz, Rose L., 58 Assistant Professor of Piano Ruppel, Mae, 58 Instructor in Teaching Russell, Myron, 58, 139, 216, 217 Instructor in Woodwind and Dire S Sage, Dr. L. L., 58 Assistant Professor of History Samson, George W., 58 Instructor in Organ Schaefer, Dr. Iosef, 58, 226 Associate Professor of German Scott, Dr. Winfield, 58 Professor of Agriculture Searight, Roland, 58, 216 Assistant Professor of Violin, Cel Conducting Short, Thelma, 58, 177 ctor of College Band lo and Orchestral Instructor in Physical Education for Women Skar, R. O., 58, 226 Associate Professor of Commercial Education Slacks, Iohn Pt., 58, 243 Associate Professor of Rural Education Smiley, Mary, 20 Director of Foods Smith, Ernestine, 58 Instructor in Teaching Smith, May, 18, 58 Associate Professor of Education Sorenson, Anna Marie, 58 Associate Professor of English Starbeck, Clyde L., 58, 165 Instructor in Physical Education Starr, Minne E., 59 Assistant Professor of Teaching Stone, Myrtle M., 59 Assistant Professor of Teaching Strayer, Hazel B., 59, 88 Associate Professor of Speech Struble, Dr. Marguirette, 59 Assistant Professor of Teaching T Terry, Selina M., 59, 87, 211, 242 Professor of English Thomes, Isabel, 59 Associate Professor of Spanish and French Thompson, Dr. M. R., 59, 240 Head of the Department of Social Science Todd, C. O., 59 Associate Professor of Education U Uttley, Marguerite, 59 Associate Professor of Geography V Van Engen, Dr. Henry, 59, 226 Head of the Department of Mathematics Van Ness, Grace, 59, 177 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women W Walters, G. W., 59 Professor of Education, Emeritus Watson, E. E., 59, 226 Professor of Mathematics Wellborn, Dr. F. W., 59 Associate Professor of History Wester, C. W., 59, 226 Professor of Mathematics White, Doris E., 59, 177 .Associate Professor of Physical Education for Women Whitford, L. W., 59, 173 Instructor in Physical Education for Men Wilcox, Dr. M. I., 59 Assistant Professor of Education Wild, Monica R., 177 Head of the Department of Physical Education for Women Wirth, Carl A., 59, 216 Instructor in Brass Instruments Page 264 STUDENT A Abele, Barbara-Knierim Abele, Richard Weaver-Waterloo Abram, Elizabeth Ann-Cedar Falls, 78, 106, 197, 237, 238 Ackerman, Russel Cornelius-Pecatonica, 111. Adam, Lois Catherine-Cedar Falls, 197 Adams, lune Rose-Waterloo, 188 Addy, Lois L.-Marcus, 78, 234 Ahrens, Norma Iune-lewell Akin, Akin, Allen, Allen, Edith-Waterloo, 106, 197 Marjorie Lucile-Storm Lake 'Ted-Muscatine Velma Belle-Manson, 221 Althouse, lack Marvin-Waterloo, 184 Alton, Everett Donald-Waterloo, 75, 79, 106, 183, 243 Andersen, lla Loraine-Dike, 191, 221 Anderson, Franchion Lenore-Marcus, 221, 229 Anderson, Hazel Mildred-Radcliffe, 235 Anderson, Lynn M.-Waterloo, 80, 217 Anderson, Mabel 1...-Ft. Dodge, 103, 226 Anderson, Mary Eunice-Cresbard, S. Dak., 216 Anderson, Maxine Charlotte-Cedar Falls, 188, 209 Anderson, Nada lean-Scranton, 229, 238 Anderson, Ruth Marjorie-Cedar Falls, 92, 207 Andrews, Elsie Maxine-Adel Archamboult, Eileen Margaret-Hampton, 229, 231 Arends, Elsie Marie-Sanborn, 232 Arends, Robert Lowell-Alexander, 236 Armstrong, Marjorie lune-Ft. Dodge, 187 Arnold, Florence May-Cedar Rapids, 225, 236 Aschenbrenner, Ralph-Dysart, 182 Ashley, Marian Louise-Cedar Falls, 106, 177 Ashley, Ralph C.-Cedar Falls, 226, 228, 236 Askew, Marjory Eloise-Stockport, 225 Askew, Winnitred Eleanor-Stockport Atkins, Ruthe Phyllis-Grinnell, 34, 191, 229 Atterberry, Huldah-Maxwell, 232 Aupperle, Robert Neff-Idaho Falls, Idaho, 75, 83, 106, 218, 220, 238 Aure, Garman Oswald-Bode B Babcock, Francis Herbert-New Hampton, 74 Bachman, Dorothy Louise-Clarence, 239 Bacon, Kathlyn Marian-Mclntire, 106, 218 Baden, Mary Thayer-Guthrie Center, 92, 231, 235 Baetke, Alma Helen-Eldridge, 224 Bahling, Merwyn-Burt, 170, 185 Bahr, Ruth Irene-Ladora Bailey, Alice-Cedar Falls Bailey, Mary Ieanne-Belmond, 229 Baird, Aleta Agnes-Cedar Falls, 190, 217, 229 Baird, lohn lefiers-Cedar Falls, 184 Baker, Doy Merl-Mason City, 83, 217, 218, 220, 238 Page 265 DIRECTCRY Baker, Lucile Doris-Winfield, 233 Baker, Marie-Waterloo, 86, 106, 216, 217, 219 Baker, Melvin-Mason City Bakke, loyce E. M.-Decorah, 176, 177, 180 Ballard, leanette Maxine-Rockford Ballou, Mary Olive-Fairmont, Minn., 34, 85, 86 219, 220 Bank, Helen Katherine-Detroit, Mich., 106, 239 Banks, Herbert Stocker-Paullina Barber, Frank Marvin-Fort Dodge, 236 Barck, Frances Ann-Cedar Falls Bargmann, Lilian Elizabeth-Rodman, 92, 233 Barker, Elva loanne-Arthur Barker, Florene Loretta-Waterloo, 188, 222 Barker, Zola Gae-Manly, 234 Barnard, Francis Raleigh-Waterloo Barnard, lohn Maurice-Waterloo Barnes, Emily Elizabeth-Victor Barnett, loyce Loraine-Atlantic, 221 Barraqy, Frances-Waterloo, 189 Barragy, Mary Alice-Waterloo, 226 Barrigar, lohn Alva-Cedar Falls Barron, Donald Wilson-Waterloo Barry, Eleanor Celeste-Belmond, 242 Barry, George Wayne-Danbury Barz, Avis May-Klemme Barz, Doris Irene-Ventura Bassel, Elaine Dorothea-Waterloo, 78, 79, 106 Bassel, Eldon-Waterloo Baum, Lois lean-Hopkinton Bauman, Leroy Edward-Waterloo - Baumgartner, Rachel Lois-Cedar Falls, 239 Baumann, lames G.-Waterloo, 224 Baxter, Loretta Victoria-Stuart, 231 Bayevsky, lesse-New York, N. Y., 184 Bean, lnabelle Margaret-Laurens, 231 Bear, Andrea Esther-Eldora, 233 Beaver, Herbert Cecil-Hamilton Beavo, loseph Andrews-Dike, 35, 75, 106 Bechter, lohn Edward-lndependence, 222 Bednar, Maxine-Manly, 92, 231 Beeson, Mary Lucille-Red Oak, 106 Behrends, Earl Anton-Wiota Behrens, Ruth Geraldine-Cedar Falls, 86, 191, Beier, Novella lda-Britt Bekemeier, Elda A.-Hubbard, 92, 188 Bell, Melvin Sidney-Williams, 228 Bellock, Cyril Thomas-River Forest, lll., 234 Below, Gertrude Hertha-Hubbard Belthuis, Lyda Carol-Parkersburg, 78, 106 Bengston, Irene Louise-Adel, 229 Benjeaerdes, Marcella Louise-Manly Bennett, William Lewis-Mason City, 238 Benson, Beverly Ann-Waterloo Benton, less Leo, lr.-Oto Bentz, Eunice Lorraine-Waterloo Bentzinger, Alverda Belle-Donnellson, 216 Benz, LaVerne F.-Randalia, 34, 38, 75, 77, 108, 132, 18-2, 240 Berg, Frances Elrene-Eldora, 237 Bergman, Cletus Marlowe-Waverly, 106 Bergum, Shirley Nathlie-Cedar Falls Bernd, Doris-Manson, 237, 239 Berntsen, William Bernard-Chicago, 111. Berry, Raymond Lewis-Vinton Berryman, Marion Combs-Waterloo Bessman, Ardis Lila-Dow Betz, Esther M.-Maynard, 103, 224, 225 Betz, Fern Elizabeth-Maynard, 207, 217, 224, 225 Bickenbach, lane-Waterloo, 82, 240 Bidne, lver Leanord, lr.-Northwood, 186, 217, 240 Bidne, 1. Arnold-Northwood, 107 Bieber, Robert Richard-Reinbeck Biebesheimer, loyce-Grundy Center, 233 Bierdermann, Harold F.-McGregor, 92 Bilstad, Maxine Louise-Callender, 221, 231, 239 Bishop Dorothy Marie-Rowley, 92, 233 Bishop, Evelyn-Braclgate, 192, 206 Bishop Maxson D.-Cedar Falls, 184 Bishop, Wanda Elaine-Mason City Bjornson, Alice Irene-Goldfield, 92, 232 Black, Evelyn Louise-Algona Blake, Merton-Volga City, 107, 184 Blakely, Doris lean-Dumont, 107 Blakely, Miriam Cable-Dumont Blanchard, Dorothy Mildred-Wapello, 107, 176, 177, 180 Blaufuss, Frieda Marie-Burlington, 79, 107 Bleeker, Agnes W.-Steamboat Rock, 92, 233 Blesie, Dolores Mae-Renwick, 195, 216, 222, 229, 234, 238, 239 Blewett, Averil Arlene-Goldfield, 228 Blickenderfer, Ruth Caroline--Klemme Bliesmer, Emery Paul-Alvord, 229, 235 Bliss, Alice Estelle-Central City, 92 Bliss, Florence-Corning, 176, 177, 180, 197 Bliss, Herald-Central City Block, lane F.-Aplington, 107, 226, 228, 234 Bloeser, lack Norman-Charles City, 183 Blough, Bettie Belle-Waterloo, 187, 227 Blue, Alice-Cedar Falls Blumgren, losephine Anna-Odebolt, 92, 218, 231 Blunt, Faith Allene-Charles City, 190, 229 Boardman, Ruth Marian-Cedar Falls, 37, 107, 194 Bode, Arnold Ralph-Davenport, 216, 217 Boeckernier, Kathleen Louise-Dumont, 92 Boers, Dora Edna-Milford, 107, 234 Bogh, Gwendolin Mae-Le Mars, 224, 228 Bogott, Donald Dwight-Milledgeville, lll. Bogott, Margaret Marie-Milledgeville, lll., 207 Bohne, Eleanora Wilhelmina Helen-Newton, 222, 224 Bohstedt, Marian Dorothea-Cedar Falls, 92 Boland, lames Art-Oak Park, Ill., 165, 185, 234 Bolinski, August Henry-Oelwein, 170, 182, 230, 240 Bollhoeier, Norma Adeline-Haverhill, 85, 226 Bolt, William lohn-Traer, 169, 173 Bolton, Rebecca Laurine-Estherville, 92, 232 Boltz, Sylvia Magdalene-Lansing Boone, L. Llewellyn-Dows, 107 Boose, Arthur 1.-Cedar Falls Boose, Sylvia Lavonne-Elk Horn Borchert, Bruce Wayne-Tripoli, 185, 226 Borrusch, Charlene-Tingley Borwick, Arthur-173, 186 Boshart, Gerald D.-Wayland, 83, 107, 216, 217, 218 Bossman, Marvel Mae-Cedar Falls Bosworth, Harriet Marie-Manly, 216, 217, 227, 228 Bottom, Mary Ellen-Wesley, 194, 243 Bovee, Eugene Cleveland-Sioux City, 35, 38, 75, 79, 82, 87, 107, 132, 138, 182, 206, 230, 240 Bowen, Robert Wayne-Maxwell Bower, Mildred Mae-Coon Rapids, 229 Bower, Thirzah l..avonnefWaterloo Bowersox, Wm. Vernon-Waterloo Bowery, Dorothy E.-Milo Bowie, Eleanor Cosette-Oskaloosa, 86, 216 Bowman, Melba Kathryn-Victor, 92, 231 Bragg, Robert Thomas-Ruthven, 240, 243 Bragonier, Frances Margot-Cedar Falls Brainard, Robt. Eugene-Waterloo Branagan, Frank A.-Manilla, Philippine Islands, 243 Brandrup, Lila-Webster City-92 Brasted, Arvilla Morrison-Grundy Center, 229 Braun, Gladys Marie-Kent, lll., 221, 238 Bray, Ruby Maverine-Marshalltown, 231 Breakenridge, William Warren-Dinsdale Bredbenner, Novella Dorothy-Klemme, 85, 93, 233, 237 Bredow, Vern Max-Waterloo Breeden, Miriam Elizabeth-Kellogg, 107, 225 Breitbach, Dean Charles-Masonville, 170, 185 Breitloach, Louis Frank-Masonville, 107, 165, 173, 185 Brewer, Rosemary M.-Tripoli, 107, 233 Brickley, Mary Genevieve-Winthrop, 197, 228 Briggs, Eleanor lune-Sutherland, 93, 107, 195, 229, 231 Briggs, Madeline Elizabeth-Waterloo, 107 Brindley, Mary lane-Cedar Falls, 37, 79, 84, 107, 132, 195, 241 Brink, Helen B.-West Union, 216, 217, 225 Bristol, Mary Ruth-Des Moines, 234, 236 Britson, Richard Earl-Roland, 182 Bro, Howard Marius-Kimballton, 240 Bro, lngward Christian-Kimballton, 93 Brockman, Virginia Anne-Odebolt, 253 Brockmeyer, Alta Mae--Bennett Brouillet, Ruth Eleanor-Dubuque, 34, 194, 234 Brower, Everett-Lake View, 74, 108 Brown, Abbie Dora-Spirit Lake Brown, Catherine Lorraine-Cedar Falls, 229 Brown, Fred George-Cedar Falls Brown, Iosephine-Grundy Center, 229 Brown, Mabel Louise-Augusta, Ill., 108, 219 Brown, Marion Virginia-Cedar Falls, 108, 190 Page 26 6 Cakerice, Gwendolyn Ruth-Eldora, 93, 196, 231 Brown, Robert LowelleCedar Falls, 236, 240 Brown, Virginia Marian-Kirkman Browning, Maxine-Hudson Brundage, Gary Quention-Ft. Dodge, 186 Brundage, Wilma Bernita-Waterloo, 79, 86, 108, 188, 219, 220 Bruns, Louis E.-George, 83, 217, 222 Buche, lean Ann-Mitchell, S. Dak,, 108 Bucher, Kathleen lo-Plover, 221, 231, 239 Buchwald, William T.-eMarshalltown, 41, 182 Buck, lohanna Margarete-Dysart Buckwalter, Arlene Grace-Victor Budlong, Betty-Titonka, 93 Budlong, Dorothy-Titonka Bujer, Barbara lean-Cedar Falls, 195, 221, 228, 229 Bullis, Marvin Raymond-Bouton, 236 Bundy, Eugene Allan-Cedar Falls, 226, 235 Buns, Edythe lrene-Terril Bunte, Harvey-Hubbard Buntenback, Elaine Martha-Klemmo Bunting, Margaret Ellen-Lamoni Burbriclge, Geraldine VernicewCedar Falls Burch, B. leanette-Madison, Wis. Burckhard, Wendlen Paul-Grand Forks, N. Dak., 165 Burdick, Richard Lyman-Waterloo Burdick, Robert T.-Waterloo Burger, Alice Mary-Cedar Falls, 225 Burger, Helen Louis-Cedar Falls, 88, 108, 241 Burley, Betty Lorain-Tama, 225 Burnett, Eugene Phillip-Lytton Burow, Burtis Louis-Battle Creek, 83, 216, 217, 218, 238 Burrell, Mrs. H. G.-Cedar Falls Burt, Mrs. Mina losephine-Clemons, 108, 240 Bush, lack E.-Postville, 83, 217, 242 Bute, Gordon T.-Wahpeton, N. Dak., 108, 185, 230, 243 Butler, Mary Iune-Mechanicsville, 93, 231, 234 Butler, Robert Deo-Buckingham, 83, 218, 220, 236, 238, 239 Butterfield, Mrs. H. G.-Cedar Falls Butterfield, Veta-Cedar Falls Buxton, Robert-Waterloo C Calderwood, Dorothy Nell-Traer Cale-y, Naomi Lee-Cedar Falls, 242 Calhoun, Lucille Mae-Algona Cameron, Margy Hazel-Scranton Campbell, Avonne Laurayne-Cedar Falls Campbell, Carol Adel-Battle Creek Campbell, Claude K.-Des Moines, 108 Campbell, Frances Evelyn-Miles City, Mont. Carbone, Thomas Paul-New York, N. Y. Cardiff, Winifred Mae-Oakland Carey, Pat 1.-Baker, Mont. Carl, lane-Waterloo, 79, 86, 108, 216 Carlson, Martha lane-Mt. Vernon Page 267 Carlson, Rachel Elizabeth-Carnanche Carmichael, Carl Denson-Pueblo, Colo., 222 Carney, Harry 1amesHNew Hampton, 182 Carpenter, La Vern Elmer-Randalia, 108, 182 Carroll, Genevieve Marguerite-Muscatine Carrothers, lna Arnette-Masonville, 224, 225, 229 Carstensen, Leone Mabel-Merrill, 234 Carter, Marjorie Lee-Elma, 195, 226, 229 Cartness, E1laeQuimby Case, Donna lrene-Marshalltown Caslavka, Gladys Helen-Clutier, 79, 82, 192, 240 Cassaday, Charles Gray-Denison, 83, 218, 238 Cathcart, Robert Durst-Cedar Falls Cawelti, Ralph Charles-Cedar Falls, 184 Cerny, Rosetta Sylvia-Solon Chadwick, Leone Faye-Sibley, 93, 233 Challe, Evelyn-lewell, 93, 221, 233, 235 Chambers, Donald EdisonMAnderson Chapman, Donald Leslie-Fernald, 236 Chapman, Gladys Margaret-Blairsburg, 234 Chapman, Mildred Elizabeth-Blairsburg, 217, 234 Chapman, Richard Lee-Waterloo Chase, Calvin-Greeley, 34, 75, 108, 132, 182, 206, 2 240 Chase, Eula Ann-Dunlap Chase, Gertrude Imogene-Center lunction Chatfield, Harold C.-Winterset, 108, 240 Chatterton, Fred-Cedar Falls Cheever, Helen lrene-Waterloo Chesley, William Kirchhof-Sutherland, 233 Chilcote, Harriett Ann-lowa Falls, 93, 229, 233 Christ, Arlene Ruth-Lake Park, 233 Christ, Muriel lrene-Lake Park, 93, 231, 238 Christensen, Helen Louisa-Gilmore City, 233, 235 Christensen, Lucille Marie-Audubon, 242 Christianson, 'l'ildaeScarville, 108 Christoffers, Esther Wilhelmina-Pocahontas Church, Helen Louise-Chicago, lll., 242 Clancy, Grace M.-Hardy, 93, 232 Clanton, Helen Ruth-Marathon, 93, 233 Clapsaddle, Lois Corrine-Conrad, 93 Clark, lohn Cole--Waterloo, 175, 186 Clark, Leona Mildred-Alta, 177, 236 Clark, Luvajean-Cedar Falls Clark, Norman R.-Wayland Clausen, Anna N.-Dexter, 85, 93, 233 Clausen, Lois Adeline-Holstein, 93, 192 Clausen, Maurine Louise-Holstein. 192 Clausen, Pearl Emma-Ricketts, 93, 233 Clay, Roger-Cedar Falls Clemons, lean--Thornton Clevenger, Charles Lamont-Keswick Close, William-Waterloo, 169, 184 Closson, Laura Turner-Waterloo, 108, 221, 234, 239 Closson, Mary Katherine-Waterloo, 108, 221, 237, 240 Coates, Garland Eurnice-Nashua, 222, 225, 238 Coenen, Irene Margaret-Defiance, 234 Coffman, Doris Elizabeth-Richland, 79, 87, 109, 221, 241 Colburn, Mary Elizabeth-Sioux City, 34, 35, 79, 109, 132, 137, 190, 230, 241, 243 Coleman, Goldaperl-Laurens, 231 Collman, Eleanor DarleneeMassena, 126, 196 Colville, lohn Douglas-Cedar Falls, 182, 228, 229 Colvin, Pauline Lucille-Waterloo Cone, Ned Scott-Waterloo Connell, Mary Margaret-Cedar Falls, 195, 229 Connett, Horton E.-Mason City Connolly, Iohn Robert-Cresco, 182, 184 Conry, Loren Bernard-Hudson, 185, 234 Conway, Lewis Warcl-Charles City Cook, Carroll William-Dexter, 109, 165, 170, 186, 23 Cook, Herman B.-Sioux Falls, S. Dalc. Coon, George Peyton-Cherokee , lean E1izabethfCeclar Falls, 85, 236 Cooper, Cooper, Cooper Cooper Mary Frances-La Porte City Miriam 1ean+Morrison, 233, 237, 241 Vivian-Melbourne, 86, 190, 217, 239 Corderman, Eunice lane-Waterloo, 93, 216 Corton, Richard V. M.-Waterloo, 83, 218, 220 Court, Loren Edward-Cedar Falls Cowan, Betty Eileen-Waterloo, 34, 94, 197, 206, 220, 232 Cox, Florence Belle-Dana Crabill, Frances Darlene-Council Bluffs, 195, 229 Cran, Carol lsobel-Rutland Crane, Helen Frank-Waterloo, 109, 189 Crane, Mary Elizabethe-Cedar Falls Cranny, Cyril Patrick-Cedar Falls, 109, 184, 230 Crawford, lames Allen-Cedar Falls Crawford, Phyllis lune-Sheridan, Wyo. Creel, Clarence Allen-Cherokee Crees, Henrietta Kay-Atalissa, 94, 224, 233, 237 0 219, Cressey, Helen Brooks-Sioux Falls, S. D., 222, 229, 234, 238 Crisman, Mary lane-Cedar Falls, 187 Crittenden, Kenneth Walter-Waterloo Cronan, Geraldine Ruth-Ames Cronk, lames Nelson-Cedar Falls, 182 Crosley, Duane-Tipton Cross, lohn F.-Cedar Falls, 35, 75, 79, 80, 84, 211, 226, 236 Crouse, Grace Aline-Adel Crowell, Kenneth-Cedar Falls, 109 Crowell, Mary lean-Mason City, 86, 109 Crozier, Otis A.-Knoxville Crull, Virginia-Washington, 234 Culbert, Leonard Cunningham-Lime Springs Culbertson, Cornelia Alice-Waterloo Culbertson, RutheRoclcford, lll., 109, 133, 136, 195, 208, 230 Cullison, Robert Morton-Dayton, Ohio, 226 Cummings, Merritt F.-Maynard, 83, 109, 216, 217, 222 Cummins, Arlys lean-Redfield, 193 Cummins, Mary Ellen-Cedar Falls, 195, 229 Cupp, Margaret-Corning, 34, 176, 177, 191, 241 Curtis, losephine Mary-Cherokee, 233 Cutler, Elinor Mae-Nora Springs, 79, 88, 109, 188, 219, 241 Cutler, Kathleen Ruth-Little Sioux, 231 D Dage, leannette Alvina--Vtfaterloo Daggett, Dorothy Doreen-Sanborn, 94, 233 Dahl, Bernett-Cedar Falls Dahlgren, Edna Lucille-Cherokee, 221 Dailey, Beth LouiseeCedar Falls, 191 Dake, Marjorie Mae-Edgewater, Colo,, 219 Dalzell, HobertfCedar Falls, 183 Damman, Wanda Nadeanelzlhocles, 229 Danielson, Ruby leanette-Nevada, 235 Daugaard, Phyllis Pauline-Onawa, 94, 231, 235 Davenport, Wayne Edward-Woodburn, 218, 228, 238 Davies, Theresa Minnie-Worthing, S. Dak., 94, 229 Davin, Marjorie loyce-Vinton Davis, Carole-Waterloo, 229 Davis, Charlotte L.-Mt. Pleasant Davis, Dwight M.-Lynnville, 80, 236 Davis, Florence Alyce-Tama Davis, Helen Ruth-Lineville Davis, Mrs. Lois S.-Victor Davis, Ruth B.-San Diego, Calif, Dawson, Melva Eileen-Audubon, 233 Dawson, Miriam Eclith-Hawarden Dayhoff, Charles S.-Kirkman, 109, 175, 236 Dea, Mary M.-Shelby, 94 Dean, Carrol Charlotte-Waterloo, 89, 109, 193, 225 De Bates, Clifton Lewis-Armstrong, 222 Decker, Grace Irene-McGregor, 85, 94, 192, 232, 241 De Haan, Ruth Genice-Prairie City, 94, 232 Deirks, Mary-Decorah De long, Doris Elizabeth-Keokulc, 34, 190 Denker, lean Florence-Lester, 94, 231 Dennis, loe Eugene-Cedar Falls Dennis, Lawrence Edward-Cedar Falls, 83, 184, 208 Denny, Eva E.-Hedrick, 194, 219, 228 Dentel, Ruth Rebecca-Faulkner, 94, 187, 229, 231 Denzin, Kenneth Fredrick-Rochester Derscheicl, lean Bernita-Eagle Grove Dettmer, Mart-lanesville, 182 Devine, Louise Deliafl-Xlgona, 233 Devlin, loyce-Ernmetsburg Devitt, Genevera Lenore-Worthing, S. Dak., 109, 226, 233, 234 Dick, Marian Farrand-Spencer, S. Dak., 94, 218, 221, 226, 238 Diclc, Martha lane-Wyoming, 221, 231 Dickey, Mary Kathryn-Ashton Diekmann, Wallace Wayne-Waterloo, 224 Diesch, Forrest 1arnes4Ecrrlville Diestelrneier, George Hurd-Waterloo Dietz, Neva-Manning, 233 Dilger, Quentin Franklin-Cedar Falls, 222 Dilly, Donald Dale-Aplington Dinsmore, Dale D.-Hillsboro Page 268 Dirks, Muriel Carlynn-Decorah, 176, 177, 180, 191, 229 Dix, Meredith Nicholson-Cedar Falls, 38, 74, 75, 109, 183, 218, 224 Dodd, Helen Ardith-New Hartford, 94, 169, 237 Dodd, Lyle Everett-Conrad, 173, 185, 230 Dodin, Clara-Wooden Dodson, Henry lames--Marshalltown, 109, 182 Dolan, Regina Helen-Cedar Falls Donald, William Michael-Ames Donaldson, Robert Vern-Hampton, 240 Donovan, Betty L,-Cedar Falls, 188 Dos, Forestine Anna-Waterloo Dougherty, LeRoy Henry-Davenport, 228 Downing, Roger Lyle-Mason City, 83, 109, 218, 238 Dreyer, Ruth Mary-Fenton Driscoll, Stanley Gardner-Humboldt Drown, Grace Marie-Curlew Drown, lane Lucille-Curlew, 94 Drury, Marguerite-Kanawha Drussell, Ruth Alice-West Bend Dubbert, Donald Rudolph-Cedar Falls, 80, 81, 83, 139, 224, 226 Dubbert, Dorothy Helene-Cedar Falls, 233 Duer, Clara Geneva-Ringsted Duffus, Esther Bernice-Newton, 191 Duftus, Marjorie Elaine-Eldora, 110, 242 Duncan, Betty Margaret-Waterloo, 94, 187 Dunn, Ella Lucile-Eldora Dunn, Mary Evelyn-Waterloo Dunsmoor, Douglas DeWitt-Fort Dodge, 110, 185 Dunsmoor, LeVerne F.-Strawberry Point, 110, 184 Dutcher, George Charles-Waterloo, 165 Duty, Ruth Elsie-Lansing Dycus, Catherine-Hammond, Ind., 190, 216, 221, 242 Dycus, lames Talcott-Hammond, Ind., 35, 75, 83, 110, 133, 175, 184, 217 Dygert, Mary Elaine-Manchester, 207, 229 Dyson, Helen Arlean-Webster Dyson, Marie Lucille-Webster E Easter, Howard Curtis-Cedar Falls, 83, 88, 110, 241 Eaton, Mary Margaret-Ruthven I Ebel, August A.-Waterloo Ebers, Betty Louise-Des Moines, 176, 177, 187, 180, 229 Eckstein, Loraine-Waverly, 216, 217 Edgar, Freda Alice-Massena, 85, 94, 233 Edgerton Edgerton Edmonds , leannette Claudia-Cedar Falls, 225 , Ioyce Laird-Cedar Falls, 94, 187, 219, 232 , Elizabeth Anne-Miami, Mo., 110, 177 Edwards, lane Louise-Cedar Falls, 188, 229 Elliott, lean Elaine-New Hartford, 95 Elliott, Marjorie 1.-Marshalltown, 110, 176, 177, 180 Ellison, Lloyd William-Mt. Vernon, 182, 243 Elridge, Kathryn Mary-Burt, 95, 233 Elwood, Richard V.-Volga, 182 English, Albert Victor-Clarion, 83, 110, 216, 218 Engstler, Betty-Garner, 224, 229 Entz, lulia Elizabeth-Waterloo, 87, 218 Erbes, Donald Eugene-Radcliffe Erbes, Kendall Howard-Rochester, Minn., 185 Erdman, Bernard William-Wesley, 74, 184, 243 Erickson, Marjorie Breeze-Chevy Chase, Md., 229 Erickson, Viva Iohanna-Traer, 176, 177, 180 Esloeclc, Ramona Luella-Exira Etzel, Kenneth Erwin-Alburnett, 185, 240 Evans, Alvina Mae-Linn Grove, 95 Evans, Edith Elizabeth-Lime Springs, 221, 225 Evans, Esther Bertha-Lime Springs, 221, 225 Evans, Robert Theodore-lefferson, Okla., 183, 241 Evans, Wilma Clarice-Casey, 95, 233 Evenson, Edward Everette-Klemme Everett, Frederick-New Sharon, 110, 182, 240 Everhart, lean Cecil-Charles City, 110, 239 Ewing, Betty lean-Waterloo, 230 F Fagan, William Brock-Cedar Falls, 226 Fagan, 'William-New York, N, Y. Fandel, Dorothea Irene-Rodman, 95, 233 Faris, losephine Helen-Cedar Falls, 195 Farran, Mildred Ruth-Cherokee, 79, 110, 234 Feisner, Dorothea Elizabeth-Waterloo, 197, 228 Felton, Hazel Ellen-Neola Fennema, Helen Gail-Monroe, 110, 177, 237 Fergeman, Dolores Lucile-Waterloo Ferguson, Max B.-Oskaloosa, 110 Fettes, luanita Suzanne-Sibley, 233 Figi, Ruth Ann-Renwick Finn, Clair Vincent-Belmond, 234 Finn, Howard-Belmond Fisher, Amasette-Waterloo, 34, 110, 189, 236, 240 Fisher, Mildred Hope-Renwick, 85, 95, 231, 234 Fisher, Thomas Paul-Villisca, 183 Fisk, Denzel Wells-Charles City, 185, 240 Fleming, Rosemary-Cedar Falls Flemming, Mary Lois-Renwick, 229 Fletcher, Ethel Marian-Dike Fliger, A1 MelvinfNew Hampton, 182 Falk, Elmer Samuel-Rockwell City, 218, 226, 236, 2 Eells, Don Holland-Cedar Falls, 175, 228, 236 Eqgland, lda Severie-Roland Eggleston, Carl George-Waterloo Eikleberry, Velva Mae-Milford, 239 Eissman, Gilbert Paul-Denison Elder, Charles-Nichols Ellerbrock, Mary E.-Yetter, 95, 191, 229, 231 Ellertson, Leonard Melvin, lr.-Lytton, 183 Page 269 Fliss, Verlie Belle-lesup Fockler, lrene Elizabeth-Sioux City, 190 Foiles, Alice LuCille-Raymond, S. Dak., 238 Folkerts, Hattie E.-Bristow, 237 Folkerts, Marjorie Ann-eAllison, 95 Ford, Robert Norman-Center Point, 243 Foreman, Walter Edward-Waterloo Foss, Gerald-Wilmot, S. Dak. Foster, Everette Carl-Waterloo, 95 Foster, Maxine-Cedar Falls, 95, 229, 231, 238 Foster, Victor H.-Waterloo, 182 Fox, Mary lane-Livermore Frankenfield, Marie-Charles City, 110, 228 Franklin, Iohn Ernest-lowa Falls Frantz, Doris llene-Martelle Franz, Dorothy Mae-Waterloo Fraser, Carmilla Mae-Burt Fredrickson, Lula Mabel-Hubbard Freeman, Virgil Meyer-Newhall, 83, 182, 216, 220 French, Evangeline-Prairie City, 95 French, Pearl Mary-Coggon Froning, Veloye Ardell-Chapin Frost, Avis lean-Atkinson, Nebr., 237 Frost, Mildred-La Porte, 217 Frost, Ruth Eleanor-Fort Dodge, 82, 110, 240 Frudeger, lanet Louise-Burlington, 79, 111, 191, 234 Fry, Leslie 1.-Fairbanlc, 182, 229 Frye, Lorraine Ethel-Randalia Fuller, Almina Kathleen-Morning Sun, 221, 225 Fullerton, Craig K.-Cedar Falls, 218 G Gaden, lack Pershing-Rernseri Gaede, Erwin-Tripoli, 111, 243 Gaffey, Arthur Francis-Riceville, 111, 186 Gallagher, Madelyn Mae-Vail Gallup, Helen Eileen-Waterloo Gardner, Faye-Carlisle Garmire, Sadyrnarie-Gray, 188, 219 Garner, Edna Pearl-Laurens Garrett, E. O.-Cedar Falls, 38, 183 Gaskell, Helene-Belle Plaine, 95, 231 Gates, 'Nallace RayburnfWaterloo Gebert, lean Frances-Boone Gentner, Rogena-Greenville, Ohio, 139, 189 George, Doris luliaiSpringville, 95, 194 Gersema, Merlyn Clarence-New Hartford, 169 Gerstandt, Elsie M.-Paullina Gibson, Richard Allison-Sioux Rapids, lll, 184, 240, 241 Gidel, Maxine LaVonne-Rockwell City, 233 Gidley, Dale-Newton, 183 Gifford, Wayne Emerson-Waterloo Gilbert, Catherine Mary-Waterloo, 34, 188, 224 Gilbert, Charlene Olive-Waterloo, 188, 224 Gilbertson, Kenneth Gordon-Bladensburg, Md., 111, 222, 236 Gildemeister, Elaine W.-Hubbard Gilkerson, Mary lean-Magnolia, 233 Gillespie, Z. Frances-La Porte City, 225 Gillham, Viola Almira-Cedar Rapids, 234 Glade, Geraldine Lydia-Arthur Glade, Lois-Hartley, 34, 79, 86, 111, 195, 219, 220 Glaza, Louis Elmer-Cedar Falls Glenafa, Sellon Rose-Nora Springs Gmelin, Helen Louise-Elkader, 111, 177 Goldschlag, Harry-New York, N. Y. Goldsmith, Delores Monica-Earlville Goldsmith, Harlan H.-Clarence, 111, 226, 238 Good, Bessie Evelyn-Lehigh Goodenow, Marian E.-Battle Creek, 95, 217 Goodman, lames William-Strawberry Point, 95, 173, 184, 230 Goodrich, Florence Mariann-Council Bluffs, 95, 192, 219, 232 Gordon, lames Leonard-Waterloo, 216 Gore, Virginia Marie-lefferson, 196, 228 Gorman, Ruth Elizabeth-Auburn Goslin, Don G.-Clarion, 182, 209, 230 Gosline, Carl Anthony-Waterloo, 183 Gouge, Harriet Margaret-Corwith, 95 Graber, Irene Marie-Nashua, 85, 222, 238 Grady, Wayne Herbert-Waterloo, 185 Gran, lnga Gunhild-Spring Grove, Minn. Grange, Shirley Mae-Spencer, 224 Gray, Robert Clinton-Mt. Pleasant, 240 Green, Don-Rolfe, 111, 175, 184, 230 Green, lohn Byron-Waterloo Green, Lois Ellen-Hampton, 229, 231 Gregg, Maxine Manerva-Oakland, 96 Gregory, Virginia Ellora-Knoxille, 192, 234 Grell, Viola M.-Ventura, 95, 232, 237 Griffin, Mary losephine-Douds Griffin, Mildred Marie-Waterloo, 190 Grifhorst, Norman lunior-Kanawha Griggs, Wendell Walsh-Cedar Falls, 111, 182, 236 Grinnell, Darrell Dean-Dunkerton Grinstead, Arlyn George-Ames Gronberg, Elsie M.-Waterloo, 177, 190, 225, 239 Gronstal, Wilhelmine M.-Estherville, 78, 111 Grosvenor, William Dean-Colfax Grow, Caroline-Rippey, 177 Growney, Louis Philip-Marshalltown, 184 Grum, Myrtle Marguerite-Sigourney, 96, 231, 242 Gruver, Annabelle-Paullina, 229, 233 Guckert, Margaret Anne-Rhodes Guenther, lacala Nadee-Waterloo, 190, 221 Guetschow, Hazel R.-Paullina, 80, 111, 176, 177, 180, 226 Guetschow, H. Lavonne-Paullina, 226 Gulbranson, Dorothy Millicent-Laurens, 233 Gump, Vona Mae-Cedar Falls, 191, 227, 229 Gunnison, Charles-Mason City Guster, Russell Charles-Denison, 83, 111, 184, 216, 217 Gute, Warren Hebbel-Glidden H Haahr, Kenneth Du Wayne-Cedar Falls, 183, 229 Haars, Roberta Louise-Center Point Hach, Merril Herbert-Cedar Falls Hackbarth, Faith Alvera-Dows Hackett, Dorothy Mae-Waterloo, 187, 229 Hadley, Robert Wilson-New Providence, 228 Hagen, Bernice Arline-Van Horne, 96, 232 Hagen, Vivian lessie-Latimer, 231 Page 270 Hager, Orville Fredrick-Ft. Dodge Haigler, Virginia Rosalind-Unionville, Mo., 237 Hain, Paul Francis-Moscow Hainline, Wallace-Cedar Falls Hall, Bernice Edna-Whiting, 231 Hall, Betty Ann-Mt. Pleasant, 229, 231 Hall, Elna Marie-Beaman Hall, Opal Clarissa-Creston, 111, 222, 238 Hall, Ruby-242 Halverson, leannette Dorothy-Osage Halvorson, Alvira-Ledyard, 193, 222, 225 Ham, Elva Fae-Rolfe, 224 Hamaker, Clarence Warland-Spencer, S. Dak., 218, 238 Hamer, Mary Eliza-Waterloo, 111, 221, 239 Hamilton, Betty Maxine-Baxter, 96, 231 Hamilton, Richard Herbert-Greene, 84, 182 Hamilton, Robert-Greene, 185 Hand, Gayland Marshall-Waterloo Handbury, Vera Clare-Neola, 233 Haney, Neil-Selma Hanifan, Forrest-Swea City, 184 Hanisch, Evelyn Martha-Grundy Center, 85, 96, 219 Hankner, Dorothy May-Tripoli Hanlon, Hansen, Eleanor Margaretitanwood, 96 Dale Emery--Armstrong, 21 Hansen, Florence Marcella--Fteinbeck, 79, 87, 219 Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, 216 Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Hanson, Geneva Lucille-Palmer, 111, 219, 220 Ivadel Ann-Palmer Mary Noersgaard-Cedar Falls, 86, 112, 190, Maynard W.-Central City, 112, 182, 217 Russell Hans-Alta Dorothy leanne-Waterloo, 177, 229 Ellsworth-Ruthven, 229, 238 Frances Alvina-Dayton Millard Arthur-Denver, Colo. Norman G.-Cedar Falls, 216 Selma Martha-Lennox, S. Dak., 96, 235 Vera M.-Britt Hantelmann, Salina-Fenton, 112, 221, 235, 238 Harbaugh, Lola Mae-Waterloo, 96, 233 Hardin, Robert-Waterloo, 209 Harding, Ruth Ellen-Rockwell City, 78, 84, 112 Hardy, Warren Dale-Greene Harman Harman Harmon 1 , Metta lrene-Sac City, 37, 112, 192 , Velma Mae-Sac City, 112 Harmon, Curtis Leroy-Hampton Rosalyn Geraldine-Hampton Harms, Mattie-Allison, 112 Harms, Paul Clarence-Allison, 112 Harned, Lynn Bernard-Cedar Falls Harned, Harper, Roberta Maxine-Waterloo Howard Deverre-West Grove, 184, 229 Harries, Kathryn Ann-Paullina, 228 Harris, Cecil C.-Latimer Harris, Doris Maye-Reinbeck, 81, 89, 177, 193, 224, 225 Harris, Helen Evelyn-Akron Harryman, Marjorie Frances-Douds Page 271 Harshbarger, Laurence Harry-Glidden, 242 Hartman, Madeline V.-Milton Hartman, William Earl-Austin, Minn., 185 Hartnell, Mary Irene-Stacyville, 96 Hartz, Eleanor Bernice-Marengo, 96, 195, 229, 233 Harward, Helen Evelyn-Floris Hasbrouck, Cecil Francis-Waterloo, 224 Hash, Florence Lucile-Corwith Hash, Thelma May-Corwith Hass, Pearl Elaine-Walnut, 194, 224, 231 Hassman, Vernon-Cedar Falls, 170 Hasty, Erma Margaret-Callender, 95, 234 Hatch, Bennard Curtis-Waterloo Hauan, Martin-Thompson Haupt, Henry McCaleb-Reinbeck Haupt, Robert Elliot-Reinbeck Hauser, Lola Mae-Van Horne, 96, 233 Hawkins, Mary Louise-Marshalltown Hayden, Marjorie Elaine-Cedar Falls Hayes, Avis Lucille-Hazleton, 96, 232 Hayes, Etta-Dike Hays, Ruth Harriett-Dysart Healy, Iohn Albert-Mt. Auburn, 77, 112, 222, 240 Heddens, Velma-Floyd Heide, Helen lo-Pomeroy, 219, 220, 239 Heilrnan, Doris Arlene-Richland, 233, 237 Heinmiller, Dermond Rawlins-lonia Hellestad, Vernice E.-Unity, Wis., 112, 194, 234, 235 Hellie, Theodore Quentin-Goodridge, Minn. Hellwig, Roland Arthur-Keystone, 112, 240 Helm, Sophus-Ventura, 112, 138, 228 Helmke, LaVonne Dorothy-Renwick, 229, 233 Hemer, Virginia Louise-Arthur, 96, 221, 232 Henderson, Artis Margaret-Mallard Hendrickson, Ianet Winnifred-Richland Henke, A. Gale-Cedar Rapids Henkle, Eleanor Lorraine-Montezuma Henney, George Edward-Denison, 112 Henrickson, Marjorie Katinka-Forest City Henrikson, Burnice Thelma-Larchwood Herdman, Robert lames-Riceville Hermann, George William-Waterloo Hermansen, Elsie May-Cedar Falls Hermanson, Irene Mary-Waterville Heron, B'Ann-Galena, Ill., 79, 112, 187, 229, 234 Hersch, Russell LeRoy-Big Lake, Minn., 112, 226, 240 Hershire, Kent-Clinton, 240 Herwig, Roger Wendell-Council Bluffs, 77, 112, 217, 240 Herwig, Vivian Marie-Council Bluffs, 192, 217 Herzloerg, Ruth Louise-Waterloo Hess, Pauline Amy-Charles City, 194 Hiatt, Betty lane-Clarion Hiddleson, Verda Veone-Rippey, 96, 232 Hiersche, Ieanette Mourene-Early, 96, 233 Higgins, Harlan Arthur-Garrison, 237 Hilborn, Harley Lorum-Rodman Hildebrand, Clarence Frederic-Waterloo Hill, Eleanor Irene-Maquoketa, 97, 224 Hill, lanet Mary-Cherokee, 177 Hiller, Kathryn Verna-Letts, 78, 113, 226 Hilton, Lewis Bouth-Cedar Falls, 216, 242, 243 Hitch, William Benjamin-Elgin, 83, 216, 222 Hobbs, Euna Marie-Atalissa Hobson, S. Gilbert-Logan, 83, 218, 226, 238, 239 Hoch, Herbert Arthur-Newell, 222 Hockert, Betty Lou-Sutherland, 177 Hoeftler, Dorothy Phoebe-Sioux City, 113, 177, 216, 217 Hoffman, Twylah lean-Cedar Falls Hofler, Elizabeth lane-Nora Springs, 113 Hogshead, Stanley Max-Hudson, 182 Holden, Helen Katharine-Scranton Holland, Madonna-Decorah, 97, 231 Holm, Agnes Dorothy HeleneHarper, Texas Holmes, Katherine Elizabeth-Ames, 194, 219, 220, 226, 238, 239 Holroyd, Margaret Ann4Albion, 221, 242 Holst, Miriam Evelyn--Keystone, 79, 80, 113, 226 Honsbruch, Merlyn Henry-Aurelia, 186 Hoover, Horace Schofield-West Union, 217, 241 Hora, Lois Fern-Clutier Hora, Luella Marie-Clutier Horgan, lean Barbara-Postville, 37, 87, 113, 133, 195 Horgen, Bernard-Cedar Falls Horns, Doris Claire-Bemidji, Minn., 239 Hosier, Marie lessie-Rolfe, 224, 233, 242 Houck, Ann Louise-Plover, 177 Howe, Virginia N.-Cedar Falls, 177 Hoxie, Ralph Gordon-Waterloo, 79, 82, 182, 216, 226, 240 Hoyman, Roberta Fenimore-Ft. Dodge Hubbard. Mary Katharine-Sioux City, 97, 221, 229 Hubbard, Ruth lane-Cedar Rapids, 190 Huber, Anita LaVonne-Blakesburg Hudson, Bernice Cecile-Dougherty, 78, 113, 242 Hudson, W. Cecil-Pleasantville, 182, 230 Huebner, Shirley Mae-Postville, 194 Huehn, Arlene Bette-Eldora, 221 Hughes, Donna Mae-Malcom Hughes, Mary Charallote-Mt. Vernon Hughes, Robert Bernard-Lime Spring, 113, 182 Hull, Ruby May-Dunlop, 226, 228 Hurnes, Hazel Ernstine-Independence, 97 Hummel, Walt Charles-Sterling, lll., 185 Humphrey, Mary Margaret-North English, 97, 232, 237 Hunelmiller, Don Paul-Cedar Falls Hunt, Hemingway-Cedar Falls Hunt, Robert Price-Rapid City, S. D., 34, 169, 185 Huser, Louise Buhr-Schulenburg, Texas, 113, 225 Hushaw, Ioyce Eleanor-Clear Lake Huston, Viola Eileen-Wyoming Hutchens, Warren Henry-New Providence, 228 Hutchinson, Richard Howard-Waterloo Hutchison, George, 75, 113, 184 Huus, Helen--Northwood, 79, 196, 234, 235 Hyke, Eleanor lean-Waterloo, 197, 221 I lndvik, Robert Lewis-Forest City, 40, 185 Irwin, David D.-Des Moines, 182, 209 Irwin, Lois lane-Early, 231 Irwin, Quentin Iames-Cedar Falls, 34, 40, 183 Isaacson, Roger Green-Ft. Dodge, 170, 186 Iserninger, Alice Pauline-Hudson, 113, 228 Isley, Wilma Arline-Cedar Falls, 78, 87, 113, 236 lversen, Guy Wittrup-Cedar Falls Iverson, Beverly lune-Manly Iverson, Inez V.-Iewell, 97, 235 Iverson, Merle Clarice-LeGrand Iverson, Signe Anita-lewell, 221, 231, 235 Ives, Mary Von-Rolfe, 221, 231 I lackson, Robert Charles-Cedar Falls Iacobs, Frances Letta-Des Moines, 224, 239, 242 lacobsen, Adeline Cora-Meriden lacobsen Loraine Marie-Cedar Falls Iacobson, Margaret Elaine-Cedar Falls, 191 lacobson 1 Phyllis Norma-Lakota laspers, Lillian Marie-Wellsburg Ienkins, William Downs, Ir.-Bound Brook, N. I., 175, 186 lenks, Kermit-Bancroft Iennings, Mary Louise-Marshalltown, 97, 232, 234 Iensen, Delbert-Waterloo, 170, 184 Iensen, Florence Elise-Cedar Falls, 221 lensen, LeRoy N.-Massena, 113, 170, 226 lensen, Milo Nelson-Waterloo, 184 lensen, Ruth-Eldora, 85, 97, 194 Iensen, Ulla Karen-Sutherland, 177, 216, 229 lerde, Donald lulius-Clarion lespersen, Glenn Edward-Cedar Falls, 184 lewell, I. L.-Greene lochurnsen, William Thomas-Cedar Falls, 83, 216, 217 lochumsen, Wilma Mae-Cedar Falls, 216, 226, 232 Iohansen, Arlene lola-Geneva, 191 lohnsen, Elva-Winfield, 221, 225 Iohnson, Arlene Lulu-Cresco, 97, 229, 231 lohnson, Doran Bruce-Estherville Iohnson, Dorothy Berniel-Marathon, 238, 242 Iohnson, Eleanor Mae-Hampton, 35, 85, 193 lohnson, Ethel Velma-Lisbon, 97, 232, 237, 239 lohnson, Evelyn Oma-Royal, 221 lohrison, Floyd Edwin-Kiron, 82, 113, 216, 217 Iohnson, Leevern Robert-Earlharn, 79, 84, 113, 228 lohnson, Loy Crummer-Pocahontas lohnson, Marie Genevieve-Mt. Pleasant, 97 lohnson, Marjorie lane-Fenton lohnson, Melvin Charles-New Sharon lohnson, Quentin Lee-Hillsboro, 185, 240 lohnson, Ruth Adele-Avoca lohnson, Ruth Charlotte-eHavelock, 97, 235 lohnson, Shirley V.-Missouri Valley, 113 lohnson, Verle E.-lolley, 228 lohnston, Mary Beulah-Birmingham, 97, 231 Page 272 Iohnston, Nellie Elizabeth-Zearing, 233 lohnston, Rosemary--Waterloo, 79, 113, 133, 188, 209 Iohnston, Stanley Farrell-Ruthven, 240 Iolly, William Bernard-Waterloo Iones, E. Beatrice-Williamsburg, 97, 233 lones Bernard-Sanborn lones, Elizabeth Gary-Champaign, lll., 97 lones Marvin L.-Waterloo, 184 lanes Robert Leroy-Clinton, 182 lones Ruby--Grand River lanes Thelma Bessie-Milford longewaard, Beth Marna-Sioux Center, 97, 221, 232 lordan, lames Richard-Waterloo, 34, 75, 113, 133, 137, 184, 211 lorgensen, Roy H.-Eagle Grove, 79, 80, 82, 114, 226 lulius, Lyle Lillian-Moorland-216, 219, 238 lulius, Mildred Mary-Moorland, 238 Iunkermeier, Neoma F.-Ledyard, 98, 236 lunlcin, lanice Etta-Earlham, 98, 192, 229, 231 lurgemeyer, Donald William-Waverly, 183, 239 lustus, Marian Alberta-Brookings, S. Dak., 196, 231, 234 K Kagan, Leo-Ozone Park, N. Y., 165, 230 Kail, Margaret Alice-Spencer, 98, 231 Kaiser, Viola Ruth-Aurora, 98 Kallem, Marjorie Louise-Ellsworth, 235 Kamm, Robert Balz-West Union, 79, 80, 88, 241 Kammeier, Iames R.-Waterloo Kamprnann, Caroline Berdena-Meservey, 219 Kane, Allen Earl-Farmersburq, 41, 114, 165, 230, 240 Kaplan, Esther Toby-Waterloo Keller, Louis-Brooklyn, N. Y. Kelly, Eleanor Ioan-Waterloo, 86, 114, 187 Kelly, Marguerite Ann-Waterloo, 189 Kelsen, Genevieve Rosella-Dike, 221, 225, 239 Kenderdine, Helen lane-Dickens, 34, 35, 114, 133, 193 Kendle, Ray Melvin-Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 35, 40, 182, 207, 229, 230 Kenneally, Anita-Elkader, 79, 114, 226 Kennedy, Helen Carol--Rolfe, 85, 222, 236, 239 Kennedy, Marian Caroline-Manchester, 98, 221, 233 Kennedy, Mary Louise-Newton, 234 Kenyon, Eileen Mary-Mallard, 234 Kenyon, Wilma Grace-Garner Kepler, Edwin C.-Waverly, 183, 209, 242 Kepler, Merle Francis-Waverly Kerbey, Bill-Cedar Falls Kerr, Alice Harriet-Hudson, 241, 242 Kerr, Marian Luella-Hudson Kerr, Marjorie Louise-Hudson, 227, 228 Kerr, Virginia Mae-Hudson, 242 Kerwin, Edward-Exira Kester, Betty Louise-Greene Kettering, Lois lrene-Lake View Keune, Mae LaVon--Cresco Keyes, Robert-Oak Park, lll., 185 Page 273 Kienzle, William Kenneth-Gladbrook, 182, 240 Killam, Norma Iessie-Otho, 114, 177, 219, 228 Killeen, Helen Warren-Mondamin, 234 Kimm, Raymond William-Iesup King, Dorothy Elisabeth-Waterloo, 114, 224, 225, 234, 239 King, Morgan-Dickens Kingman, Arthur Seward-Cedar Falls, 183 Kirgis, Doris Iean-Bouton, 76, 79, 80, 114, 134, 193, 214 241 Kirgis, Wilma Alene-Rippey Kirkpatrick, Lois Pauline-Keota, 98 Kirstein, William Fredrick-Clarion Kitchen, Dorothea Maxine-Cedar Falls Kittlescly, Kathryn-Calmar Kjarsguard, Hazel Mae-Newell Klein, Clara Helen--Ackley Klein, lean-Sigourney, 74 Klein, Kathryn Marie-Sumner, 197 Klenslce, Lee Francis-New Hampton Kline, Margaret lane-Montezuma, 98, 228, 231 Klink, Ferne Katherine-Dysart Klinzman, Bill R.-Bagley, 183 Klipping, Virgil Lewis-Grunclv Center, 82, 183, 224 Kluckhohn, Carmen LaVonne-Klemme, 229 Kluver, Viola Louise-George Knapp, Retta May-Marion Knapp, Walter William-Waterloo, 114, 240 Knief, Lotus Mae-Waterloo Knoche, Helen Margaret-Clarksville, 35, 114, 196, 222, 228, 238 Knock, Edna V.-Holland, 98, 233 Knock, Leona Matilda-Holland-98, 233 Knoer, Leona Gladys-Monmouth, 221, 237 Knoll, Reah Gene-Kanawha Knostman, Virginia Ann-Davenport, 34, 80, 82, 188, 224, 243 Knowles, Iune Adele-Waterloo, 114, 177, 188 Knudsen, Lillian Ida-lflfaterloo, 216, 239 Knuclsen, Lois Marie-Waterloo, 86, 189, 216 Knutson, Beverly lane-Des Moines, 98, 232 Knutson, Wanda-Bode, 195 Kolind, Helen Pauline-Cresco, 233, 239 Kono, Bob Alva-Cedar Falls Koos, Catharine S.-Larnotte, 78, 114, 234, 237, 239 Korth, Evelyn lsabelle-Warren, lll., 231 Koser, Ruth Arlene-Belle Plaine Krafft, Leon Willard-Cedar Falls, 38, 83, 114, 183, 216, 218 Kragness, Mabel Sylvia-Houston, Minn., 231, 235 Kramer, Marjorie Ieanette-Keswick, 231, 236 Kress, Pauline Alice-Quasqueton Kreussel, Eleanor Rae-Lamount, 34, 79, 87, 114, 189, 230 Kroeger, Helen 1.-Preston, 80, 114, 192, 219, 220, 229, 238 Kronenberg, Martha M.-Walcott, 225 Krulish, R. C.-Cedar Falls, 139, 182, 230 Kruse, Mabel Evangeline-Holland, 86, 114, 219, 220 Kruse, Vernon Harold-Holland, 77, 115, 183, 240 Kruse, Vernon W.-Chapin, 228 Kufner, Helen-Elliott, 177, 225 Kuhl, Genevieve-lda Grove, 115, 225 Kunlcle, lames Philip-Ann Arbor, Mich., 186 Kurtz, Glenn Robert-Eldora, 183, 229 Kurtz, lrma Salome-Dows, 221, 233 Kutish, Karl L-New Hampton Kvidera, Pauline FranciseDysart, 222, 234, 239 Kwolek, Steve Stanley-Hammond, lnd. ' 1. Lack, Harold DeaneOrchard Laipple, Aron-Hampton, 226 Laipple, Helen Sophie-Cedar Falls, 177, 221, 239 Laipple, Zelma May-Hampton, 98, 231 Laird, Dugan-Rockwell City, 183, 241 Lakin, lohn WilliseCedar Falls, R. 3 Lambertson, Ruth Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 35, 195 Lambirth, Rolland Davis-Barnes City, 78 Lamar, lune A.-Whitten, 221 Lampe, Dorothy Monica-Pocahontas, 233 Lampman, Duncan Logan-Charles City, 77, 79, 80, 217, 240, 243 Lanahan, Laura Luella-Clarion Landgraf, Mary lean-Waterloo, 41, 87, 115, 190, 230 Landsiedel, Edna M.-Wellsburg, 226, 242 Lane, Nadine Ruth-Madrid, 233 Larsen, Pauline H.-Cedar Falls, 98, 233, 242 Larson, Birdella Hester-Nevada, 221 Larson Elizabeth lane-Cedar Falls Larson, Larson Larson, Larson, Esther-Ringsted Gwendolyn Maxine-Callender Helen Marie-Des Moines Marion Carol-Sioux City, 222, 235 Lenz, Cleo Marie-Dubuque, 194, 227, 228, 230 Lenz, William-Dubuque, 115, 216 Leo, leanne Deardorii-Dysart, 127, 221, 229, 231 Lesch, Marvel Alice-Osage, 115, 177, 235 Letsch, William Raymond-Waterloo LeVan, Robert Harold-Waterloo Levsen, Helen Louise-Wyoming, 190 Lewellyn, Marvin-Des Moines, 185 Lewis, Katharine Margaret-Wellman, 221, 231 Lewis, Leo Edward-Waterloo Lewis, Virginia Rose-Eldora, 217, 219 Lewis, Vivian lola-Center Point Leymaster, Doris Marie-Charles City Lichty, Dorothy Anne-Waterloo, 216 Lieberman, Lionel lrving-Brooklyn, N. Y., 186 Liffring, Fred Charles-Waterloo, 87, 115 Liffring, lohn TateFWater1oo Lihn, Miles lsrael-Atlantic City, N, 1. Lillie, Florabelle-Guthrie Center, 195, 219, 229, 238 Lindaman, Clara losephine-Ackley, 99, 221, 224, 233, 234 Linde, Helen Charlotte-Waterloo Lindeman, Marion Adelia-Waterloo, 194 Lindeman, Pauline Kathryn AnneeDysart Lindsey, Arlene Martin-Mt. Vernon, 217, 231 Linn, Leonard L.-Parkersburg, 185 Little, William Cushman-Cedar Falls Littlefield, lessie Ruth-Clarion, 195, 221 Llewelyn, Rosemary Edith-Bloomfield, 34, 99, 192, 222 229 Loban, lane E.-Waterloo Loeb, lohn-Nichols Loeiiler, Robert George-Waterloo Loean, Virginia Glenn-Maynard Loiguist, Fred-Biwabik, Minn., 169, 228 Lohrniller, Mary lean-Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 195, 207, Laughlin, Mabel Evelyn-Selma Laurinat, Henry-Mapleton Laursen, Gladys Marie-Turin Law, Marian-VVater1oo, 187, 229 Leacox, William Brarnrner-Cedar Falls Leak, Rose Margaret-Williamsport, lnd., 86, 115, 193 Learner, Mildred Niola-Hull, 221, 229 Leask, Grace leanette-Waterloo Leasure, Eleanor Lea-Council Bluffs, 231 Lederman, Marvin-Waterloo Lederman, Miriam-Waterloo Lee, Edna Mae-Morning Sun, 98, 233 Lee, lames Edward-Adel, 183 Lee, lohn, 230 Leemon, Margaret Loretta-Vinton, 189, 217 Leemon, Virginia Mae-Vinton, 189 Legler, Earl Robert-Corwith, 38, 74, 182 Leichtman, Iosephine-New Hampton, 115, 225, 234 Leinbaugh, Edythe Mae-Clarence, 98, 231 Leinbaugh, Ruth lone-Clarence-98, 231, 239 Lernler, lewell Lois-Manly, 98, 232, 235 Lenth, Donald Arthur-Battle Creek, 186, 236 229, 230 Lohr, Arlene-Belle Plaine Lohr, Robert-Parkersburg Loken, Grace Constance-Cedar Falls, 221, 231, 234 Lomen, Allan Edward-Rolfe, 217, 222, 228 Long, Coda Aldeene-Whitten, 216, 221 Long, Edyth Elizabeth-Boone Long lack Thompson-Le Grand Long, Llewelyn Lloyd-Waterloo, 81, 224 Looft, Beulah Marie-Lakota, 193, 231 Loorner, Mildred-Spencer Loonan, Daniel Vaughn-Hudson, 240 Loucks, George Osbourne-Aurelia Lounsberry, Clara Louise-Marshalltown, 87, 115, 230 Lounsberry, lohnny H.-Colo, 79 Loy, Virginia Claire-Dunlop, 99, 188, 229 Ludke, Robert Edward-Waterloo Lukehart, lnez Elizabeth-Laurel, 224 Lund, Anton Monroe-Vancouver, Wash., 83, 216, 217, 222, 238 Lund, Dagmar-Hampton, 99, 192, 229, 233 Lund, Homer Leslie-Leland, 170, 184, 228, 230 Page 274 Lund, Margaret Sue-Rockford, Ill., 37, 78, 79, 82, 115, 134, 191, 240 Lund, Marian Marvis-Laurens, 233 Lund, Mildred Marie-Waterloo, 82, 207, 240, 241 Lundberg, Donald-Waterloo Lundquist, Roy William-Denison, 34, 115, 184, 230, 240 Lundvall, Rachael Esther-Boxholm, 221 Lundy, Arleyne Marie-Zearing, 85, 228, 240 Lunoe, Marjorie Winifred-Chicago, Ill. Luther, Doris-Madrid Lynch, Agnes LaVonne-Cedar Falls, 189 Lynch, jeanne Elizabeth-Waucoma, 226, 234 Lynch, Marjorie Mae-Cedar Falls, 115, 189, 229 Lyness, Mariam Madonna-Ryan Lyon, Robert Dale-Mt. Pleasant, 185, 240 Lyons, Edward F.-Rochester, Minn., 165 Lytle, Claude Thomas-Waterloo, 224 M MacDonald, Gladys Margaret-Scranton MacDonald, Ieanne Marie-Marshalltown Mack, Florence B.-Storm Lake, 216, 231 Macy, Aletha Wilkey-Lynnville-99, 232, 239, 242 Maddock, Margery Corey-Waterloo, 234, 239, 242 Madsen, Victoria Bogh-Cedar Falls Magovich, lohn-Buhl, Minn., 115, 185 Mahaffey, Curtis Wesley-Storm Lake, 83, 216, 218, 220 Mahler, Anna Mae-Bagley Malle, Eleanor Irene-Cooper Malrnin, Marian Arlene-McCallsburg Marnmen, john Henry-Palmer, 115, 226, 235, 240 Mamrnoser, Doris Mae-Winslow, lll. Mangold, Fern lda-Coggon, 99 Mann, Maxine Cavanaugh-Whitten Manning, Genevieve-Sac City Manning, Mary Virginia-Ames Manz, Mary Evelyn-Sloan, 221, 224 Marinan, Dorothy jane-Waterloo, 115, 189 Mark, Lila Gay Evelyn-Casey, 99 Marks, Carole Kathryn-Eldora, 237 Marold, Fred William-Dyersville Marquardt, Howard Theodore-Strawberry Point Marqueson, Edmund Donovan-Cedar Falls, 182, 224 Marquis, Richard Burling-Waterloo Marquis, Robert William-Waterloo Marsden, Clement Henry-Red Oak Marsh, Dale Eugene-Greene Marsh, Harriet Ellen-Greene, 99, 219, 232 Marshall, Leora Bernita-Cedar Rapids, 99, 216, 229, 232, 243 Marshall, Marian Rose-Waterloo Marten, Betty Ann-Reinbeck, 85, 177, 229 Martin, Archie Wayne-Cherokee Martin, Ieanne Claire-Cedar Falls, 187 Martin, lustin Earl-Bloomfield Martin, Ruth Naomi-Carlisle Martin, Vesta Velma-OttaWa,,1l1., 240 Page 275 Mason, Mason, Betty Marie-Kellogg Marion-Spencer, 183, 224 Mast, Paul 1-larry-Cedar Falls, 35, 41, 230, 236 Matheny, Margaret Louise-Newton Mather, Marjorie Laurene-Laurens, 99, 196, 231 Mathers, Carol Kenneth-Cedar Falls, 78, 115 Mathers, Mildred Elvera-Parkersburg Mathews, Mildred-99, 232, 234 Matthias, Gertrude C.-Anamosa, 79, 85, 116, 221, 234, 235 Matthia s, Helene Barbetta-Anamosa, 221, 233, 235 Mattison, Ella Mitchell-'Waterloo 1 . Mauck, Maurer, Maurer, Vlarlys Manleen-Reinbeck, 221, 229 lvan Wilbur-Renwick, 38, 183, 218, 224 Marna lean-Keswick, 231 Mauser, Wilma Merle-Waterloo, 188, 238 Maxson, Beth Lila-Greene Mayer, lack 1.--Hawarden, 175 Mayo, Leo Spencer-Cedar Falls Me-gson, john Douglas-Duluth, Minn,, 185 Menzel, Lucile Flora-Nevada, 221, 235 Mercer, Marjorie Vennon-Cedar Falls, 216, 219, 220, 238, 243 Mershon, Richard Lee-Cedar Falls Messersmith, William George-Waterloo Metz, G ertrude Elizabeth-Marshalltown, 216, 226 Meyer, Cyril joseph-Elkport, 116 Meyer, Doris Darlyne-Lake Park, 229 Meyer, Gladys Eileen-Wellsburg, 233 Meyer, Ruth Charlotte-Eldridge, 99 Meyer, Theresa Ieanetta-Wellsburg Meylink, M. Bernice-1-lull, 99, 187, 229, 231, 238 Michaelson, lerry-Roland, 182, 209 Mickelson, Marjorie Mae--Humboldt Mickey, Martha lane-Clinton, 100, 233 Mihalovich, Teresa Kathryn-Rathbun Miller, Adeline L.-Manning, 85, 100, 193, 217, 231 Miller, Alice Dove-Grundy Center, 100, 224, 237 Miller, Carl T.-Cedar Falls Miller, Doris Lee-Cedar Falls, 86, 216, 222, 237 Miller, Dorothy Elizabeth-West Bend, 116 Miller, Esther-Allison Miller, Evelyn Caroline-Shell Rock Miller, F. Earl-McGregor, 80, 81, 116, 135, 224 Miller, Galer lacob--Hampton, 77, 240 Miller, Hazel Ellen-Primghar, 233 Miller, lrene Margaret-Hampton, 224 Miller, lean Carolyn-Cedar Falls, 86, 216, 222 Miller, Lois Adra-Grand Mound Miller, Marilyn Claire-Plover, 221, 233 Miller, Milan Cleveland-Fayette, 183 Miller, Miriam-Dubuque Miller, N. leanne-Conway, 221, 231 Miller, Olavia Dorothy-Ayrshire Miller, Pauline Virginia-Estherville Miller, Roger Earl-mAlta Miller, Vernelle C.-Cedar Falls, 83, 216, 217, 222 Miller, Virginia May-Waterloo Millman, Anna Belle-Fipestone, Minn. Milloy, Louise Evelyn-Rockford Mineclc, Robert Charles-Cedar Rapids Miner, Margaret Frances-Waterloo, 221, 234 Minnis, Isabelle-Riceville Missildine, Hubert L,-Dumont, 116, 173, 182, 230 Missman, Virginia lrene-Britt, 100, 231 Mitchell, Hazel Lucile-Eldora, 100, 232 Mitchell, Margaret Mae-St. Lucas, 234 Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth-Gooding, Idaho, 116, 196, 234 Mitchell, Warren CharlieHButfalo Center Mitze, Clark-Cedar Falls, 83, 116, 216, 217, 241 Moar, Glenn-Lime Spring, 182 Moeller, Elmer H.--Waterloo Moeller, Ronald-Cedar Falls, 218, 220 Moen, A. Shirley-George, 219, 220, 228 Moen, D. Maxine-George, 219, 220, 228 Moen, Marian lsabel-George, 86, 116, 219, 220 Moessner, Lois Helen-Waterloo, 87, 216, 221, 242 Moklebust, Constance Lucille-Thor, 222, 238 Molle, Eleanor-Cooper, 239 Molumby, N. I. loseph-West Union, 217, 224, 226 Monaghan, Rita Eileen-Cedar Falls Monroe, Robert Gates-Charles City, 183, 229 Montgomery, Margaret Ricorn-Dysart Moor, Marilyn lane-Laurens, 193, 216, 225 Moorcrott, Gwendolyn Ventura-Toledo Moore, Amelia Faye--Wadena, 100 Moore, Doris Louise-Kent Moore, lvan--Cedar Falls, 81 Moore, Iulianna-Waterloo Moore, Marlin A.-Missouri Valley, 183 Moorhead, David Lincoln-New Hampton Moothart, Merle Robert-Waterloo Mortord, Maurice--Clarion Morgan, Donna Ludlow-Waterloo Morphew, Clement-Waterloo, 183, 214 Morris, Harriet Elisabeth--Sioux City, 116, 242 Morrison, Berneice Rita-Sac City, 231 Morse, Gayle Roberta-Hardy, 100 Mortvedt, Doris lune-Story City, 221, 235 Moser, Gerald B.-Sumner, 77, 79, 182, 218, 234, 240 Mosher, Thelma Kathryn-Waterloo Mosier, Robert Ernest-Scranton, 182 Moulton, Evelyn Margaret-Waverly, 116, 193, 219, 238 Mowbray, Isabelle Franciene-Waterloo, 100, 189, 211 Mueller, Carl Henry-Toronto Mueller, Everett Henry-Granville, 185 Mueller, Kenneth L.-Maquoketa, 116, 135, 182, 218, 228, 241 Mueller, Melvin H.-Spencer, 81, 183, 224, 241 Muir, Iohn Henry-Cedar Falls, 38, 183, 224 Muir, Marjorie Esther-Iowa City, 100, 222 Mulherin, Mary Adelaide-Mount Vernon Mulholland, Donald Eugene-Waterloo Mullane, Margaret Elizabeth-Aclcley, 197, 233 Muller, Henriette Catherine-Cedar Falls, 84, 85, 227, 228 Muller, Wilma Alice-Ackley, 100, 233 Mumby, Vivian E,-Churdan, 100, 224, 233, 234 Munns, Richard E.-Kansas City, Kan., 116, 226 Muntz, Elwin Clell-Mt. Sterling, 74, 229, 236, 238 Murphy, Kathleen Maureen-Waterloo, 189 Murphy, Ruth Arclel-Rowley Murphy, Virginia-Dike, 82, 234, 240, 242 Murray, William Dale-Lamont, 116, 184 Muskopf, Mabel Lavinia-Webster Groves, Mo., 177, 189, 228 Myers, Dorothy May-Cedar Falls, 116, 237 Myers, Eleanor Sue-Colo, 100, 232, 237 Myers, Evelyn May-Shell Rock, 222 Myhr, Derwin C.-Cedar Falls, 116 Myrick, Nelda Grace-Estherville, 100, 233 Myrtle, Ruth Elaine-Osage McAfee, Charles D.-Sac City McAllister, Nadine-Boone McCabe, Ben-Naperville, lll., 165, 185 McCabe, Robert lames-Naperville, 1ll,, 185 McClintic, Robert Gale-Waterloo McClintock, Roy Vernon-Waterloo McCormick, Analee-Clarence, 221, 238 McCormick, Elzora-Lucas, 233 McCoWen, Robert Melvin-Waterloo, 217, 218, 220 McCrea, Mary Helene-Charles City, 221, 229, 243 McCutcheon, Wilda Pearl-Goldfield McDonald, Dennis Keith-Waterloo, 182, 207, 216, 222 McDonnell, Glen E.-Sioux Falls, S. Dak. McDoWall, Gilbert Thompson-Gladbrook, 243 Mclilhinney, Margaret Elinor-Buckingham, 88, 117, 219, 220, 241 McElhinney, Mary Elizabeth-Buckingham, 116 McEvoy, Brendle E.-Iowa Falls McEvoy, Florence lulia-Iowa Falls, 234 McFarland, Claudia Dade-Waterloo McGaltin, Charles Mullen-Corning, 183, 229 McGahey, William B.-Clarion, 214 McGeough, Gertrude Anne-Waterville McGohan, Ruby Evelyn--Mt. Pleasant, 229 McGough, Catherine Marie-Ackley, 99, 233 McGrath, Richard Harold-Forrest City Mcliane, Pauline Mary-Monana, 233, 238 McKeeVer, Luther-Newton, 183 McKellips, Evelyn-Lawton, 37, 117, 193, 234 McLeod, Marjorie Maxine-Hawarclen, 99, 191, 229 McMillan, Georgiana Martha-Hudson, 128, 228 McMullin, Gladys Lucille-Casey, 99 McNeal, George Howard-New Sharon McPherson, loe H.-Ft. Dodge, 135, 182, 241 McRoberts, Mary Lou-Greene N Nafus, Ruth E.-Nashua, 187, 216 Nagle, Thelma Ellen-Iamestown, N. Dak. Nasby, Glaclyce Evelyn-Cedar Falls, 219, 220, 234 Page 275 Neeman, Elaine-235 Neill, Fan-Council Bluffs, 100, 192, 232 Neilsen, Lillye-100 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Donald LeRoy-Rolfe, 222 Ethel Mae-Cedar Falls Floyd Leroy--Alta Gwendolyn Lerene-Rolfe Hjalrnar Sigval-Story City, 228, 235 Morton james-Cedar Falls, 218, 224 Roy Clifton-jewell Nettinga, Susan-Hull Newbauer, Carl-Cedar Falls Neumeier, FlorencwGladbrook, 117, 216, 239 Neville, Rosemary-Anamosa, 100, 234 Newberq, Sam--New York City, N. Y. Newendorp, Gwenlyn Rose-Sanborn, 231 Newman, Marie-Farson Newman, Peggy-Waterloo, 78, 79, 82, 117, 209, 240 Newton, Newton, 234 Beverly Mae-La Porte City, 37, 117, 191, 239 Charlotte Ieannette-La Porte City, 117, 191, Nichols, Dorothy LoLeta-Clarion, 101 Nichols, Mary Catherine-Owasa Nicklus, Carolyn Mauline-Parkersburg Nicola, Ethel L.-Siqourney, 85, 216, 217 Nicol, LaVerne Earl-Waterloo Niedringhaus, K. Helmut-Sheffield Nielsen, Burnita Baagoe-Mapleton Nielsen, Lilly Mary-Racine, Wis., 229, 231 Nielsen , Orval George-Elk Horn Nielsen, Valborg Ruth-Cedar Falls, 117 Nieman , Elaine Muriel-Guttenberq, 221, 233, 234 Nies, William Albert-Cedar Falls Nissen, Nissen, Lucile DeLa:1a-Rockwell City, 228 Marjorie Mae--Alden, 228 Nitchals, Maurice Albert-Estherville Nodruit, Raymond Louie George-Strawberry Point Noon, Minnis Clark-Sumner Norby, Lorraine lrma-Osage, 231 Norris, Leona Arleen-Rock Rapids North, james W.-Vail, 117, 238 Norton, 229 Norton, Florence Audrey-Wilton junction, 177, 224, 2 Velva Pearl-Hubbard, 224, 239 Nus, Fred Carl, Ir.-Waterloo Nuss, Dale Harlan-Lena, Ill., 83 Nuss, Deane Cecil-Lena, Ill, Nyberq, Dolores Lane-Postville, 101, 129, 195, 229, 231 Nye, Helen Lucile-Dunkerton O Oakley, Dan Walter-Cedar Rapids, 117 O'Banion, Laura Mae-Le Mars, 74, 79, 117, 219, 225, 234, 238 O'Connor, William-Waterloo O'Laughman, Ann-Washington Odland, Ruby Norine-Clarion, 37, 78, 79, 117 Oehlert, Herschel Allen-Woodburn Page 277 Oetken, Elsie Viola-Rockwell, 233, 234 Oliver Oliver Olsen, Olsen, 206, Olsen, Olsen, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Ontjes, 1 Olden, , Kathleen-Lester, 101, 221, 232 Dona Alice-Hardy, 227, 237, 241 Roy-Cedar Falls, 38, 117, 134, 137, 175, 182, Robert Kelso-Waterloo Edward O.-Cedar Falls 229, 230 Tom Wayne-Waterloo Vernice Lucile-Kirnballton, 85, 101, 190, 229, 233 Alice Lorraine-Superior Arlene Laura-Terril Edward john-Red Wing, Minn., 189, 184 Leo Edward-Ames, 117 Marjorie Caryl-Clermont Robert Edwin-Kiron, 230 Vernal Genevieve-Iewell, 101, 233, 235 Eunice Louise-Aplington, 221, 233, 234 Oppedal, Elaine Elizabeth-Story City, 101, 219, 232 Orr, june Zella-Hopkinton, 225 Orr, Marjean Fae-Sioux City, 196 Orr, Tom M.-Cedar Falls, 117, 184 Orton, Dale Eugene-Williams, 218, 228, 235, 240 Orton, Kenneth Leroy-Williams, 117, 228, 235, 240 Orton, Lawrence Conrad-Williams, 218, 228, 235 Osbourne, Violet Marie-Rowley Ose, Ardis-McCallsburq Ostrus, Virginia Lee-Des Moines Otte, Marjorie Edith--Sidney, 229 Otto, Robert-Denison Overgaard, Chris Holger-Cedar Falls, 222, 228, 243 Owen, Kathryn Ioan-Cedar Rapids, 225 P Padovan, Edna-Numa, 78, 117, 228 Paine, Birdell-Hampton, 224 Palmer, Dorothy Lucile-Waterloo, 101, 233 Palmer, LaVaun Elizabeth-Dysart Palmquist, Marion Eleanor-Smithland Pappas, Dara Ieanne-Gladbrook, 221, 231 Parker, Eileen Dorothy-Russell, 101, 192, 242 Parker, Norman Stanley-Stockton, 111. Parman, Lee Ferguson-Cedar Falls, 74, 79, 80, 118, 220, 226, 242 Parmeter, Betty lean-Ocala, Fla., 229, 231 Parrish, G. Dale-Ionia, 118 Parrott, Marjorie Belle-Danville Parrott, Ruth Gloria-Sibley, 34, 195, 241 Pascal, Dorraine Georgia-Pocahontas Pastorino, Charles-New York, N. Y. Pattee, Robert Ioseph--Pocahontas, 38, 183 Patterson, Gordon Vincent-Wahpeton, N. Dak., 185 Patterson, Lucille L.-Des Moines Patterson, Marcelene Mae-Chariton Patterson, Wesley Everett-Bancroft Paul, joseph B., Ir.-Cedar Falls, 148 Paulsen, Elsi Mae-Peterson, 101, 231 Payne, Howard Kenneth-Waterloo Peak, M. Elizabeth-Estherville Pearce, Betty LaVerle-Austin, Minn., 229 Pearson, Dorothy Ellen-Ainsworth, 221, 23 Pease, Hugh-Colfax 1, 239 Peck, Russel Liman-Conway Springs, Kan. Peet, Audrey Grace-Cedar Falls, 237 Penly, Dick S.-Waterloo Perin, Doris Hazel-Baxter Perrin, lack George-Cherokee, 186 Pershing, Robert-Des Moines Peter, Frieda Louise-Waterloo, 80 Peters, Arlene Myrna-Alexander, 233 Peters, Curtis Wa1terfAlexander Peters, Harlan Roy-Belle Plaine, 229 Petersen, Arlene Dorothy-Elk Horn, 101, 221 Petersen, Einer-Cedar Falls Peterson, Ardell-Ft. Dodge, 231 Peterson, Eleanor Ann-Newell Peterson, Henry Albert-Roland, 186 Peterson, loseph Arrow-Cedar Falls, 217 Peterson, Selma Marie-Ottosen, 101, 221, 234 Peterson, Maxine Geneva-Titonka, 234, 242 Peterson, Mildred Mariee-Lawton, 101, 191 Peterson, Mariarn Eleanor-Madrid, 78, 118, 228 Peterson, Norma Belle-Cedar Falls, 197 Phillips, Travis 1.-Waterloo Phillips, William Louis-Waterloo, 222, 226, 239 Philson, Orrnand Keith-Harlan Phippin, Edward 1.-Estherville, 118, 175, 185, 240 Picht, Pearl Delores-Nevada Pieper, Verda Marie-Vail, 101, 233 Pierce, Lotus Maxine-Cherokee Pieres, Gerald Alfred-Hudson, 118, 186, 232, 234 Piotter, Erna RutheManawa, Wis., 101, 232, 235 Pixley, Margery Frances-Lime Spring Pietscher, Margaret Lee-Donnellson Plaehn, Marlys lune-Hudson, 231 Podernski, lames Thomas-Duluth, Minn., 165, 234 Poduska, Edward Walter-Cedar Falls Polley, Lee Ernest-Maloy, 173, 230 Pritchard, Norris T.-Sumner, 82, 118 Puck, Edwin A.-Moneta, 41, 74, 173, 184, 230, 243 Pueggel, Agnes Louise-Clear Lake, 102, 189, 232, 235 Pullin, Delores Arlene-Waterloo, 102 Putnam, Mildred Eileen-Montezuma, 102, 231 Q Quandt, Sylvia Maxinee-Meservey Quirin, Dorothy Annette-Marcus, 34, 85, 196, 221, 238, 240 R Rabey, Howard William-Belrnond, 165, 230 Rajcevich, Mike, lr.-Clinton Raker, Lola M.-George Ralston, Grace Lucile-Earlham, 102, 195, 232 Rambo, Nina Aileen-Keosauqua, 225, 229 Ramsey, LaVonne Caroline-Reinbeck, 225 Rankin, Genevieve Alta-Tracy, 239 Rankin, Pauline Elsie-Tracy, 239 Rasmussen, Margaret-Correctionville, 227, 228 Rathbone, Nathanael-Cedar Falls, 80 Rathbun, Wayne Harold-Waterloo Raun, Milrae Marie-Wall Lake, 231 Rauscher, Betty lane-Mt. Pleasant, 233, 242 Raver, leanne-lefterson, 186, 206, 235 Rayburn, Claude loseph-Manchester, 219, 237 Raymond, Dorothy Dean-Newton, 205, 219 Reats, Margaret--Cedar Falls Reasoner, Rose Elizabeth-Rodman, 102, 229 Rector, Sue Alice-Odebolt, 86, 118, 216, 218, 219, 238 Redenius, Ordiann-Parkersburg Reed, Faith Esther-Burt Reed, Robert Thomas-Waterloo Reeve, Gladys Lucille-Cedar Falls Refshauge, Arletta Marie-Cedar Falls, 195, 228, 229 Retshauge, Helendora-Cedar Falls, 195 Rehder, Arlene George-ann-Gladbrook, 102, 221, 231 Rehn, Evelyn Elise-Miles City, Mont., 118, 177, 221, 238 Pollins, Meriwyn Verle-Cedar Rapids, 35, 190, 241 Pollock, Doris Pearl-Cedar Falls Polvere, Mario-New York, N. Y. Pond, C. Earle-Waterloo Porteous, Robert William-Manchester, 236 Porter, Clara Irene-lowa Falls, 101 Porter, lohn Richard-Waterloo, 185, 240 Porter, Ruth Adeline-Ft. Dodge, 231 Porter, Wanda Neorna-Cumberland, 101 Posey, Genievieve-Dunkerton Potter, Mary Marie-New Hampton Potter, Virgene Louise-Coon Rapids, 102 Powell, Etta Maurine-Rockwell City, 224 Reinhart, Margaret Elizabeth-Ridgeway, 118, 219 Rekers, Dorothy Lucille-Cedar Falls Reutter, Colette Dora Lee-Ogden Rew, Orra Kenneth-Larnoni, 118, 185, 230, 240 Reynolds, larnes Edward-Biwabik, Minn., 185, 228 Rhodes, lack-Freeport, 111. Rich, Andrew-Dike Richards, Richards Benjamin Billings-Dubuque, 118, 230 , Evelyn Elizabeth-Garwin, 233 Richards, Marie-Clarksville, 102, 237 Richards, Mary Eveleen-Dubuque, 85, 242 Richards, Robert Howard-Geneva, 87, 183 Richardsp Virginia Claire-Denison, 229 Powers, Catherine Ann-Lakota, 193, 231 Powers, lohn Lewis-Pocahontas, 185 Pratt, Cecile May-Boone, 102 21 226 Prichard, lanet Helen-Storm Lake, 80, 195, 2 , Pringnitz, Doris Valera-Kanawha Pritchard, Iames Edward-Sumner, 217 Richardson, Audrey loyce-Sac City, 231 Richardson, Iuanita Avon-Clarion, 102, 231 Rickert, Mary Elizabeth-Waterloo, 85, 135, 190, 209, 230 Rickey, Mary Elizabeth-Washington, 118, 226, 236 Ridenour, Edwin William-Garrison Page 278 Rider, Carleton A.-Gilmore City, 118, 183 Riebe, Harland A.-Cedar Falls, 34, 40, 165, 183, 209 Riebe, Kathleen-Cedar Falls, 195, 211, 229 Riedinger, Merigene Elaine-Maquoketa, 102, 224, 233 Rigby, Lucile Margaret-Havelock Riley, Hazel Geneva-Corning, 118, 195, 228 Riordan, Walter Edgar-Sioux City Risher, Maxine V.-Lynnville, 102, 232 Risser, Helen Grace-Mount Vernon, 221, 231, 238 Ritchey, Ioe Raymond-Cedar Falls Ritze, Gweniverre Alene-Waterloo Rivers, Grace Genevieve-Grinnell Roach, Veronica Colon-Red Oak, 188, 221, 225, 229, 234 Roberts, Bertha Belle-Collins Roberts, Estelyn Adell-eRolie Roberts, George l...-Sumner, 182 Roberts, Hugh O.-West Des Moines, 165, 170 Roberts, Susan lane-Windom, Minn., 187 Robertson, Truman Howard-Waterloo Robinson, Helene May-Des Moines Robinson, Opal Ruth-Colo, 177 Rodby, Roeder, Walter Arthur-Virginia, Minn., 216, 218, 220 Andrew-Rockwell, 182, 224, 226, 234 Rogel, William Frank-Brooklyn, N. Y., 175, 186 Rogers, Rohde, 217 Lora Lucille-Center Point Florence Virginia-Davenport, 79, 80, 118, 216, Rommel, Dorothy Anna-Readlyn Rose, D orothy Hazel-Manly, 102, 231 Rosenberger, Ruth Olive-Cedar Falls, 118, 194 Roslcamp, lane-Grundy Center Roslcopt, Eleanor Margaret-Melbourne Ross, Gene-Mankato, Minn. Ross, Thelma Lucille-Beaconsfield Rotell, Henry George-Biwabik, Minn., 184, 234 Roupe, Rouze, Richard H.-Ames, 79, 87, 119 Freda Hill-Harvey, 221 Royer, Carolyn E.-Woodbine, 102, 233 Royer, Margaret lane-Woodbine Ruclcda shel, lrene Adeline-Rockford Rude, Margaret Marian-Mapleton, 102, 221 Ruff , Er Win L.-New York City, N. Y. Ruggless, Charles B.-Prairie City, 119 Runft, Arthur, lr.-Cedar Falls, 183 Runtt, Harold Wayne-Cedar Falls, 40 Runkle, Ruppel, Aleta Mae-Pisgah, 119, 219 Mary Ann-Springfield, Ill., 190, 234 Rush, Irma Mae-Lake Park, 231 Russell, leanne Elizabeth-Winfield, 119, 219, 234 Rutherf ord, Eileen-Greeley, 79, 87, 119, 207, 222, 238 Ryan, Iames E,-Clarion y Sadoff, Sadotf, S Beulah-Clarion, 84, 119, 227, 228 Frances-Clarion, 84, 119, 206, 217 Sanders, Stephen Arthur-LeGrand Santree, Claude Eugene-Iowa Falls Page 2 79 Saul, Carol Emojean-Reinbeck Sawtelle, Quentin Lyle-Latimer, 102 Sawtelle, Warren Everett-Latimer, 103 Sawyer, Eileen Bernice-lewell, 34, 119, 196 Scanlan, Alice Maree-Cedar Falls, 85, 188, 230, 243 Schaefer, Helen Marie-Waterloo, 238 Schaefer, Mabryn Louise-Lake Park, 103, 138, 196, 222 229, 231, 236 Schaffer, Lindon Henry-Marquette Scheibe, Elizabeth S.-Mason City, 119, 219, 220 Schellhorn, Elsie-Sumner Schive, Maxine Amelia-Fort Dodge, 79, 87, 119, 209, 230 Schlesselman, Ruth Elizabeth-Laurel, 119, 176, 177, 180 Schley, Harry Alvin-Cedar Rapids, 119, 165, 185 Schlichtirxg, Harry Fredrick-Tripoli, 183, 226, 228, 240, 243 Schmidt, Arlene Frances--Meservey Schmidt, lrene Katharine-Titonka, 231 Schmidt, Russell Allen-Waterloo, 184, 224 Schmidt, Mary Margaret-Alta, 120, 239 Schneider, Eleanor-Stanwood, 103 Schneider, Ioseph A.-Wilton lunction Schnept, Virginia-Algona, 242 Scholten, Marguerite Mae-Doon School, William Howard-Romeo, Mich,, 218, 220, 234 Schow, Ruth-Garner, 103, 233 Schowalter, Mary lane-Keokuk, 103, 192, 221, 229, 233 Schrader, Max Kenneth-Burt, 184 Schrarn, Harriet Elizabeth-Titonka Schroeder, Irene Clara-Gladbrook, 233 Schryver, Barbara lane-Gladbrook, 103 Schryver, Lyman Ellsworth-St. Anthony Schuchart, Ralph Wendell-Osage, 242 Schuchert, Betty Kathryn-Cedar Falls, 34, 85, 187 Schuknecht, Marilyn LouisefSumner Schuldt, Paul Herman-Klemme Schultz, Frances Elisabeth-Cedar Falls, 86, 196, 216 Schultz, Gene-Cedar Falls Schuster, Mildred Elisabeth-Shelby Schutt, Hattie Edna-Sioux Center, 224, 233 Schwartz, Dorothy Mardelle-Greene Schwertley, Velnette MaXineh+Traer, 236 Scott, Robert George-'West Union Scott, Velma Arlene-Central City Scott, Vera Mayona-Davis, S. Dak., 191, 231 Scott, Zula May-Powersville, Mo., 221, 228, 238 Sedgwick, Martha Marian-Hawarden Seeteld, Esther F.-Algona, 103, 233 Seeteld, lrene H.-St. Ansgar, 103, 232 Segar, Delores Arlene-Blairsburg Selbig, lack Burroughs-Waterloo Selby, Carl William-Bronson, 185 Semm, Millie-Ianesville Sessler, lrene-Aplington Setchell, Dorothy leanne-Ackley, 103 Severson, Ruth Lorraine-Leland Sexton, Rosemyra--Decorah, 85, 242 Mary Ann-Burt, 195, 222, 226, 229, 238 Seybold, Ruth Emma Maries-Ackley, 79, 80, 120, 221, 226, 243 Shank, Edwin E.-Sumner, 182 Shannon, Virginia E.-Washington, 120, 188, 234 Sharpley, Paul Rogers-Cedar Falls Shattuck, 1. C.-Waterloo Shaw, Lenora--Guthrie Center, 195, 229, 230 Shaw, Lucille Edna-Boone, 120, 226, 229 Sheafier, Helen-Martell, 189 Sheffler, Marjorie leanne-Cedar Falls Sheldon, Carol Faith-Charles City, 217, 221, 239 Shellabarger, Wilma Verlee-Letts Shepard, Raymond Rea-Hastings, 120, 135, 149, 182, 230 Sherman, Dorothy Ruth-Manchester, 177, 221, 227, 228, 238 Shiek, loe-Cedar Falls i Shimp, Martin S.-Napersville, lll., 185 Shimp, Richard Benjamin-Dunkerton Shirk, Arthur Clifford-Lake View, 165, 185 Shively, Richard D.-Wayland, 182, 218 Shook, Harriet lrene-Greene Short, Franklin Forrest-Rolfe, 228 Shortess, Edwin Stephen-Cedar Falls Shostrom, Marian Louise-Des Moines, 176, 180, 229 Shugart, Cleo-Sioux City, 34, 37, 187 Shugart, LeVan Marion-Ponemah, Minn., 34, 74, 186 Siemen, Lorraine Berniece-Stockton, 111. Siepert, Marian Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 221 Sigler, Rosemarie-Britt, 193 Siglin, Alice lane-Woodward, 79, 120, 233 Simonsen, Stanley Harold-Bridgeville, Pa., 82, 183, 224 Simonsen, Agnes Elaine-Rolfe, 103, 233 Simpson, Laura Mae-Cedar Falls, 88, 120, 188, 241 Simpson, Lucille Irene-Iowa Falls, 103 Simpson, Robert Elmo-Waterloo Sims, William Wallace-Hawthorne, Calif., 38, 169, 185, 230 Sindlinger, lohn 1-larry-Cedar Falls Siverly, Russell E.-Mt. Union, 120 Skaar, Arlet Corrine-Primghar, 224, 231, 235 Skalicky, Iune Lucille-Mason City, 103 Skovgaard, Violet T.-Ringsted, 103, 232, 235 Skow, Duane William--Council Bluffs, 216, 217 Slater, Herschel H.-Hazleton, 182, 229 Slaughter, Lee Edward-Waterloo Slawson, Agnes Faye-Lehigh Smith, Avis Winifred--Grundy Center, 222, 234 Smith, Smith, , Marion Burleson-Charles City, 225 Smith, Smith Lucille Caroline-Auburn, 86, 103, 232 Margaret Ethel-Macedonia, 103, 232 Smith Dorothy Katherine-Cedar Falls, 187 Smith, Frances Marie-Steamboat Rock Smith, Germina Sadie-Sioux Center, 233 Smith Gracia-Waterloo Smith, lvadel Betty-Cedar Falls Smith, lean Vernell-Marcus Smith, Leona Frances-Correctionville, 34, 37, 120, 193, 243 Smith, Lorna Ruth-Sutherland, 221, 238 Smith Louise-Algona Smith, Mary Elizabeth-Alden, 103, 216, 232, 238 Smock, Hubert F.-Keota, 87, 120, 230 Snell, Dorothy Helen-Sioux City Snell, Leland Kenneth-Plymouth, 120, 173, 184, 230 Snow, lean Etta-Waterloo Snyder, W. C., lr,-Manchester, 182, 208, 230 Sodemann, Mary lane-Preston Soenke, Carroll Carl-Stockton, 74, 120, 224 Sorensen, Gordon Reinheart-Cedar Falls Sparks, Eleanor Katherine-Boone, 216, 221 Spencer, lrma Eleanor-Crawfordsville Sponsler, Marie Winifred-Humeston Spooner, Catherine Ellen-Storm Lake, 121, 135, 190, 228, 241 Spooner, lack Harold-Storm Lake, 76, 182 Sprole, Mary Ellen-Hudson, 221, 228 Spurbeck, Avis Blanche-Charles City St. Clair, Forrest W.-Conrad Stafford, Bill Elijah-Audubon Stainbrook, Gordon Walz-Waterloo, 184 Stainbrook, Willis Alfred-Brandon Stanfield, Clinton E.-Union Stanford, Eva layne-Larrabee, 221 Starr, Charles Edwin-Portland, Mich. Staub, Evelyn Mae-Wever, 104, 231 Stearns, Luella Marie-Walnut Grove, Minn. Steel, V. lane-Bedford Steinkamp, Charlotte-Seymour, lnd., 88, 121, 135, 191, 241 Steinkamp, Robert Geo.-Seymour, lnd., 182, 235 Stephen, Mary Maxine-Malcom Stephenson, Robert lames-Waterloo, 182, 226 Steuck, LuVella Christine-Primghar Stevens, Audrey 1-lelayneHWaterloo, 85, 193 Stevens, Ferne Leota-Des Moines Stevenson, Fred D.-Waterloo Stewart, Eleanor Eloise-Cedar Falls Stewart, Elsie lrene-Marshalltown, 221 Stewart, Raymond Frederic-Lamont, 243 Stichfort, Lee Ray-Stout Stodghill, Dorothy Mae-Dudley Stokes, Zada Mae-Waterloo, 188, 224, 229, 241 Stouffer, Pauline Rae-Buckingham, 104, 233 Stout, Donald lonathan-Des Moines Stout, Martha Elizabeth-Keota, 231, 238 Straight, Ruth Inez-Cedar Falls Strand, Mildred Eleanor-Primghar, 104, 232 Stransky, Leonard Stephen-Toledo, 104, 233, 236 Strauloe, Ioyce Edwina-Spirit Lake, 190, 216, 217, 221 Street, Edith Merl-Grand River, 104 Stringer, Lorraine Kathryn-Rockwell City, 121, 177 Strom, Helen Correen-Madrid, 193, 225 Strong, Eleanor Louise-Salix Page 280 Stroup, Leo-Wapello, 75, 82, 182, 206, 226, 230, 231, 240 Stroup, Ralph K.-Wapello, 121, 183 Stubbs, Marilyn-196 Sturges, Herbert F.-Correctionville Stutsman, Vera Venita-Washington, 79, 121, 130, 234 Stutt, Walter Henry-Monticello Sutton, Annabelle Marie-Maquoketa, 221 Sutz, Norma-Davenport, 79, 121, 216, 239 Swaim, Lawrence Eugene-Waterloo Swanson, David Wright-Villisca, 78, 88, 182, 236 Swanson, Swanson, Francine Luella-Alta, 221, 235 Lucille Margaret--Council Bluiis, 222, 238 Swanson, Ralph lohn-Villisca, 182, 209, 242 Swope, Mildred Fay-Clarion, 224, 231 T Taft, Kathryn Lucy-Grundy Center, 237 Talus, Eino William-Biwabik, Minn., 165 Tapper, Arlene Adella-Kamrar, 104, 231 Tarr, Dorothy Mae-Whiting, 216, 217 Tarvin, Marjorie Fern--Montezuma, 224, 233 Tatge, Annis Marie-Belle Plaine, 224 Taylor, Agnes Viola-Davenport Taylor, Ann-Waukon, 229, 234 Taylor, George Dunham-Manchester Taylor, Lorraine Kathryn-Steamboat Rock, 104, 233, 234 Taylor, Ozzo B.-Alden, 34, 121, 186 Teale, Elizabeth--Lake Park, 194 Tedore, George loe-Waterloo Teeter, Cecil Glenn-La Porte City Telleen, Ruth Genieveve-Gowrie, 235 Templeton, Don Frederick-Waterloo, 182, 209, 222, 230 Terveer, Mae lrene-Alden Tesmer, Evelyn Loreen-Waterloo, 85, 190, 228 Teter, Mildred Evelyn-Waterloo Thalman, Lowell L.-Cedar Falls Tharp, Herman Sylvester-Waterloo Theim, Marie Elizabeth-Pierre, S. Dak. Thierman, Alice Marie-Cedar Falls, 82 Thierman, Mary lane-Cedar Falls ' Thomas, Dorothy Vaughan-Lime Spring, 121, 190, 219, 220, 239 Thomas, Helen Eliza1:netheTripoli, 85, 86 Thompson, Alice Meryl-Shell Rock, 85, 104 Thompson , Elaine Catherine-Northwood Thompson, Gertrude W.-McCa1lshurg, 177 Thompson , Grace Virginia-Cherokee Thompson, Helen Ruth-Buckingham, 221 Thompson, Racheal E.-Van Horne Thompson, Thomas Harold-Kanawha Thomsen, Catherine Marie-Laurens, 104, 231 Thomsen, Marcia Dorthea-Laurens, 87, 121 Thorsheim, Lloyd Milton-Thompson Thurston, Margaret Lucille-Cedar Falls, 121, 139, 190, 225, 229, 241 Tietgen, Katie Margarete-Preston, 221 Page 281 Tilden, Norma Evelyn-Kalona Tillson, Alice-Cresco Tinderholt, Elsa Barbra-Ossian Tinnermeier, Helen Dorthea-Newton, 104, 192, 219, 220 229, 238 Todd, Charles Faulkner-Cedar Falls, 183, 238 Todd, Robert Francis-Brooks, 184 Tomlinson, Grace Ilene-Casey Tonsfeldt, Marion Ruth-Remsen, 34, 197, 237, 242, 243 Tostlebe, Dorothy lean-Cedar Falls, 85, 190, 207, 216, 242 Touchau, Lawrence-75 Toussaint, Marcella Marie-Sumner Townsend, Miriam Margaret-Glaclbrook Townsley, Bette Lee-Iowa City, 104 Traeder, Patricia Marie-Odeloolt, 233 Trampel, Elmer Orvind-Klemme Tranbarger, Dormalee Frances-Conrad, 231 Traupel, William Max-Osceola Treizger, Ed Lee-Inglewood, Calif., 169, 121, 230 Treloar, Betty Maxine-Clear Lake Trottnow, Grace Elizabeth-Dysart, 122, 232 Trottnow, Marcella Emma-Dysart, 121, 224, 226, 228, 236 Trottnow, Neva Ellen-Dysart, 122, 224, 236 Troy, Harland Eugene-Cedar Falls, 182 Truman, Margaret Lucille-Grundy Center Turkal, Anton Francis-Bessemer, Mich., 122, 165 Turnball, Gordon-Cedar Falls Turner, Avon Helen-Belknap, 122, 226 Turner, Francis George-Dunlcerton Tuttle, Clymene Faye-Montgomery, 231 Tyler, Lois Winnifred-Riceville Tyler, Raymond Guy-Kelley U Ulfers, Amelia-Alta Vista ' Ullerich, Adella Marie-Van Horne, 104, 233 Ullrich, lohn Peter-Waterloo Underwood, Dorothy lane-Albion, 104, 191 Ure, Sam-Riceville, 84, 122, 226, 228 Urice, lohn K.-Garrison, 183 Uridel, Virginia Ann-Tama Usher, Barbara lean-Des Moines V Valentine, Lois Virginia--Marshalltown, 86, 190, 216, 226 Valeslca, Vernon Lawrence--Freeport, 111. Van Arkel, Robert-Prairie City, 182, 240 Van Buskirk, Fae Almina-Ottosen Van Buskirk, Mae Elisabeth-Ottosen Van Deest, leanne E.-Cedar Falls, 177, 196, 216, 222 Van DeWater, Keith-lreton, 83, 216, 218, 238 Van Duyn, Mona lane-Eldora, 207, 217 Van Engen, Phyllis Alberta-Stratford, 221, 233 Van Houten, lames Philip-Hampton, 242 Van Houten, Lorraine Elisabeth-Melvin Virginia M.-Fort Dodge, 82, 84, 123, 228, 241 Van Roekel, Clara Lucille-Sioux Center Van Skike, Mary Maxine-lreton, 122, 242 Van Winkle, Keith Merle-Webster City Varce, Pauline Lucille-Bristow, 104, 233 Varlamos, Genevieve Thelma-Denison, 104 Vaughan, larnes-eHudson, 175, 182 Vaughn, Divona leane-Rolfe Vaughn, Merle Leo-Benton, 122, 186 Veenstra, Eula Angeline-Klernme, 104, 221, 233 Vogt, Dorothy Anne-Grinnell, 80, 194, 226, 242 Volz, Doris Lorraine-Everly von Lackum, LeRoy Fred-Waterloo, 182, 207, 226 Voss, Dolores Ruth-Luverne, 233 Voss, Marjorie-Luverne W Vlfack, Anna Mae-Norway, 177, 229 Wagner, Darlene Eleanor-Ladora, 221, 229 Wagner, Wilma Claire-Fairloank, 225 Wagoner, Helen Carol-Waverly Wahl, Iohn Schempp-Cedar Falls, 224, 243 Wahl, Roger-Cedar Falls Wainwright, Wanda A.-Deep River, 122, 176, 177, 180 Wakeman, Bonnie Beulah-Otho, 223 Walk, Ernest Edwon-Grafton, 78, 240 Walker, Williams George-Waterloo Wallace, E. Winson-Reinbeck, 197, 238 1 Walsh, Wm. 1.-Bristol Walters, Wilma-Little Sioux, 120, 228 Walton, Opal Edna-Fort Dodge Wamsley, Harry-Waterloo Ward, Marie A.-Mechanicsville, 216, 217, 234 Ward, Robert Francis-Cedar Falls Ward, Virginia Lee-Garwin, 233 Warder, Ronald C.-Fremont Ware, Clyde Horner-Grundy Center, 240 Warnock, Doris Marie-Thornburg, 224, 233 Warnock, Muriel Elsie-Coggon, 105, 233 Waterman, Meryl lune-Cedar Falls Waters, Mildred Helen-Lohrville Watkins, Anita lane-Bayard Watrous, Neva Naomi-Coon Rapids, 105, 221, 232 Waulke, Lillian, Louisa-Melbourne, 222 Weatherwax, Kenneth Chester-Ocheyedan, 185 Wenger, lack M,hWayland Wengert, Avis Florence-Colo Wenig, Lucille Kathleen-Charles City Wentz, Kathleen Elizabeth-lonia, 74, 177, 225 Werdel, Mary Helen Dolores-Carroll, 222, 234, 239 Werkheiser, Thelma Lenore-Lena, lll., 226 Wescott, Margaret Olive-Sumner, 229 Westbrook, Hartley A.-Letts Westcott, loseph William-Waterloo Wheat, Mary Mae-Humboldt Wheater, Marjorie Mae-Marshalltown, 229 Wheeler, Florence LeEllis-Belle Plaine Wheeler, Vivian Margaret-Dunkerton Wheeler, William Allen-Denison, 184, 230 Whetstone, Evelyn Elene-Casey, 193, 221, 232 Whitaker, Margaret Lugenia-Grinnell, 224, 233 White, Edward Charles-Waterloo, 183 White, Elbert Allen-North English White, Hubert William-Hamburg, 122, 227, 228 White, Maxine leannette-Badger, 122, 224, 233 White, Ned Creps-Dysart, 40 White, Ruby Adaline-Cedar Falls Whitney, Hazel Viola-Adel, 105, 229, 232 Wick, Roland Edward-Waterloo Wickersham, Winifred Ann-Melbourne, 122, 224, 226, 229 Wickham, lrene Lillian-Creston, 233, 234 Wieben, Helen-Dysart, 105, 233 Wiese, Hazel Alvina-Lake Park, 231 Wightman, Vernice lone-Larchwood Wilaby, Lela A.-Dows Wiley, Catherine Mary-Little-port, 105 Wiley, Mabel Louise-Washington, 221 Wilkie, Leonard Eugene-Hubbard, 226, 239 Wilkins, Glenn W.-New Hampton Wilkinson, Dorothy Eileen-Buckingham, 237 Williams Chester Travis-Columbus Iunction, 222, 238 Williams Edna Doris-Bronson, 123 Williams Harold Webster-Columbus Iunction, 222, 238 Williams leannette Emily-West Burlington Williams Marion Lorena-Crawfordsville, 177, 225 Williams Mary Kathryn-Marcus, 123, 234 Williams Maynard George-Rockwell City Williams, Weaver, Beth Louise-Hawarden, 105, 191, 229, 231 Webbeking, Marlys Noma-Waterloo, 105, 194 Weber, Tracy Florence-Charles City, 105 Wedeking, Harold H.-Evansville, Ind., 83, 218, 238 Williamson, Florence D. CMrs.l-Cedar Falls Willis, Ruth Eleanor-Hawkeye, 225 Willits, Mary Elizabeth-Union, 224, 231 Wilson, Dorothy lane-Grundy Center, 190 Weeks, Ruth Alta-North English Weepie, Mary Bernice-Fairbank Wegand, Barbara lane-Greene, 233 Weir, Oren 1.-Cedar Falls, 41, 83, 122, 182, 216 Weisbard, Tune Marie-Cedar Falls Welch, Eileen Frances-Afton, 105, 232 Welch, Lucille-Afton, 105 Welhousen, Ruth Mareta-Titonka, 233, 242 Weller, Alvin Alonzo-Doliver, 135, 182, 229 Wendell, Mildred Lucile-Meservey, 216, 221, 234 Wilson, Grace Marguerite M.-Grinnell, 123 Wilson, lune Ethel-Waterloo, 228 Wilson, Lloyd Richard-Mason City, 79, 123, 240, 243 Wilson, Thomas B.-Diagonal Wilson, Wynona Ayer-Cedar Falls, 197, 228 Wink, Esther Viola-Moville, 234 Winslow, lack William-Creston, 229 Wintakger, Vivian Marie-Masonville, 233 Wise, Kenneth Henry-Waterloo Wisner, William Lichty-Waterloo Page 282

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