University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA)

 - Class of 1937

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University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 296 of the 1937 volume:

E5 ,, X I 447 7'- aa 1 .Q I M . .El g ' WF 5? Q G ' FTA I ff , I k , ' fi N ap, R 522 4 1 52 rg. V9 il: Q1 S25 5? if Z8 ,Q4 Yi '1 'L z1.,f,4.-I-l, -f.,:,,.,, Q' I, ','. C,"'f ' ,, 'VA , ,- . f f. jj.- zffzf-1-fzwzrf1.11351-.fsf' ,--24' . , g Y I , . 'lf 1462? 6' fb .Vx V 'P if W wr, ',., lin is :Bias X966 YPXNOQ- Q4 +V LW S' 0 qw Q Qx SY Q- A SQ- ff f8S'0Q' Q' S W A f Y 43' 0 o X Q QP Q 14, N A Cff ff! fo CD CEDAIL Q. --ig' Qgvii, g -Uv ' - V .I P 12 - '1 '5.1"x. wfflfi- fp? 'f ' mg: W' f , fm, W, ,fp.'.x .5 'lf 41, iw-,J ,Z-,. . K V. ,M ,',. .W , 1 'S 1 -wp., , V - 1.-" ' , 'V . P 4 Q HHSi?iP0Z1DF!bE ill? . .lllflnfilv , ' " x , 'Z ' ,. I ' 1' " 7 ' ' 5. , 'lA'n".,! "JRST'YET-'w.,f-'El it ,Q ' .nf .,-zu' 1' K' . -, 17154757 K .f, . Ziyi' .,., L, ,iGgf,,Li 4 J, ,-, ,, 7- Em? . . M Q. . f, vw,-,wet , fix Q. H, Yi I lfffi MW hi! S 4 .Z an 74: nw ' ,yy 'fm I 122 1, gf f 17. 5 V. 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I i V A 1" fi ,I V , Af ,- ,-'.f' ,IV ,',f' -' 1' 1 31" . ,I .N , if -, ':, ,- XV I ju V, I, ".,,-j ',..,"fj: -,'f.f",".-lf rg ,, I. fm,H.,. 145.-gg j',,,i,,1, ry-ly. af,- f,r 1' "I, wtf. 11' ' 'Z-:ff L.'.'!1'-' L15 ,.f. L. ,..:.,f,.C -2--fl JK, V ,,.,,.,...................--....-- .- -. - 4- .--f-- -7-- .,V-.1: -.- 1: Q1 -'5-"f4f5t-"' 'VA mf" V N . 5- -V,x.g V-,-- n- -- 1 u',q "'1'-J 5 .- S ' ' P K- .V.:g .'.'-.-.j-- ., - 35, rj-.,,1',gL ' , AVL ...vw .. - .. f nf- V-. . -V.,-fy 11- 'KV ' 'Sq' yy: - f , , ,YY1-.1-..-qv-'."i .','.""- .f 11.557-4."'--,.1--V.,-L' Vgg, '- -1.1 4 V ,, .V Y, ,.J..f ,-7 -,-,z 75,1-.57-gf-,,.,7.Ag,JL.-.Ay-'J.4.,-,-1. 2,3-. ,, . - . V.. .-3, 1. .f ,. . 5-'K-'gn-.A A .'. -M' r--4-Pj., v-..,-,- HQ.--, -f.--,:'-"g-,V--.'.v,- 1 -. ' :1 Q. . -I I --- g-.-4,-X ..g., 1y.,f-.-- ff ,.--,--- .. 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' ' .:"'-.JV-' 'T' " x 'X 2 4, 2 ,ff A H Nix f f Xa A 'A wi 34 , '7 , Af 1 Qi 1 V, 'TW WY ,ff ., -X New studeniS anew Cilmpl lecm to knC dent, the and the Ad' cies. Studs iects them- Cmd its 1 LSQQUG cm Classes Q11 bers Qi tm New students on a new campus - they learn to know the Presi- dent, the Administration, and the Administrative Aaen- oies. Student aovernment ai- iects them-the Student Council and its Committees, Women's League and the lVlen's Union. ln classes all learn to know the mem- bers ot the Departments oi lnstruotion i i v 4 1 1 i i r i W Z 4 QD pls W'- me Q Q W SS AG f 1 I i insiiiuiion ouico e ' NE The deveioprneni oi or disiinciive sid e ' ' ' ' is o qredi cooperdiive enierprise. ii is ihe rn hv ihe hodv poiiiic ond oi cedseiess eiiori rd ond ihe oiiicers oi ddrninis- i propheiic vision, The P educdiion enerous suppori i ihe qoverninq hoo ' -ii is ihe produci o d sdcriiicioii idediisrn. dspirdiions oi Q oi Q ' e pdri o ' uciion. i' ence, on rns ond ,r r i on ih irdiion ond insir ' iireiess indusirv, suhiirne pol i end resuii is on ernhodirneni oi ihe dreoi iis iounders, sponsors, idcuiiv, siudenis ond diurnni. F Durinq ihe curreni dcddernic veorr ihe 'iowd Sidie Tedchers Coiieqe hors ceiehrdied ihe sixiieih crnniversdrv oi iis ioundinq. Tn conneciion wiih ihdi rnernordhie eveni severoii disiinquished I 5 educoiiors ioined wiih ihe idcuiiv in review inq ihe pdsi, survev- 1 E inq ihe preseni, dnd porirdvinq ihe iuiure. Ti hors heen reccriied AS 5 A ' ihdi ihe insiiiuiion wds horn in or period oi qreori economic i , siress, ihdi ii hos endured rndnv suhsedueni periods oi or criii- cdi ndiure, ihdi ii hds overcorne couniiess ohsidcies ond preiu- dices, oznd ihdi ii hos heid sieozdidsiiv io ihe hiqh purpose ior which ii wds esidhiished. Todorv GS ii heqins iis sevenih decode oi specidiized service io iowd ond ihe noiion ii reioices in orn dhie dnd devoied ioc- uiiv oi M50 rnernhers, in or siudeni hodv oi 2008 hiqh-rninded YOUHQK men ond wornen, in cr phvsicdi pidni vdiued in excess oi 333,000,060 in o. qroup oi iovdi oiiurnni TEBDGO sironq, ond in C1 hdcicqround rich in disiinciive dchievernenis ond ireosured iro- diiions. , Such oi heriidqe speiis iorqe responsihiiiiv. Prii eves, ihere- iore, dre io ihe iuiure. New chdiienqes ore dppedrinq on ihe , horizon. New condiiions crre ccriiinq ior inierpreidiion. New Q l prohierns ore derndndinq soiuiion. New opporiuniiies ior serv- 1 ice 'ore heciconinq. e ediior oi ihe i937 QLD GOLD hos coruqhi ihe siqniiicdnce oi ihe siiudiion ond hors rnoide d serious oriiernpi io inieci W5 YDSGYHUCJ Gnd spirii inio his hdndiworic. Thdi he hos succeeded io cr rerndricdhie deqree is evidenced ihrouqhoui ihe hook. Whoi couid he rnore indicoiive oi ihe iuiure sidius oi ihis coi- di scherne oi ihis cornrnonweoiiih's GTTGTTSX s l Th E 1 i r ieqe in ihe qener Cflff "aa...f f' 2 ' QMEI3 - Q Q z ' af in -if ,3.'A:::1g5':.?M1' ,rf M 674 10.122 .37 ., ., 35 Qi f if. , ' 1 5 X f, .,. 4 Qi?" 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The coiieqe cataioque, puioiished eariier than usuai this vear, is compiied under the supervision oi the Dean oi Eacuitv. Student re- quests tor irrequiarities in reqistration are acted on bv this ottice aiso. . . . DEAN OE WOiXfiENfStudent advisorv work has been the main proiect ot this oiiice durinq the past vear. The resuit has been an increased proqram Oi personnei work and activities, and in addition to qivinq ireshman vtfomefl qreater heip in adiustment to coiieqe hte, the pian enaioies upper-ciassvtfomen to qain experience in an advisory' capacitv. . . . DEAN OE MENfSupervision ot the new Georqe T. Eaicer 'ifiaii tor Men IG- auires much oi the time ot the Dean ot Men. ide is aiso cooperatina with men STUd9Yt-'QS to Promote the qrowth ot the Mens Union, a comparativeiv new OI- ' ' i addition, the Dean oiters advice to underqraduate men who qanization. n h'm tor quidance. come to i ADWNSTYQ i- ' . -Ngo' -A I -'-:L g , il l tit AWN usmeg in , t t ul 1 el f i B' . . . . BUSYNESS MAN P-iGEPifYiesponsibiiit'y' ior the coiiection ot tuition ond other student tees tdiis to this otiice. Debts oi the coiieqe ore potid throuqh it ond detdiied records ore kept concerninq the tinctncicti rnotters ot the coiieqe. Student Workers ozre pdid throuqh the Business Ottice. . PtEG'iSTPil3!i3i AND EXPiMiNERfit is the duty' ot this ottice to quide students which wiii count towotrd the requirements tor qrodud- 'n coiieqe is kept here ozs Weii os d nq tor courses t edch student i in reqisteri tion. The schoiotstic record o record ot his hiqh schooi credits. . . . SU'PEPiYNTENDEN'i' OF BUiLDiNGS AND G?iCDUNDSf.lXn unusuoiiy idrqe proqrctrn ot buiidinq dctivity hos kept this brdnch ot the ddrriinistrotion busy durinq the post yedr. in dddition to iondscopinq dbout the cornpus, oz new idundry' buiidinq ond ot conoeinq dnd ice skdtinq pond hdve been cornpieted. Work hos recentiy been stctrted on the construction ot d swirnrninq pooi ctnnex n's Gyrnndsiurn STQATXCDN BENU-XMXN BO ARDMAN r Business Mdnoqe ADWNX ES S COBY CHARL . d Exorniner Pmeqistrotr on ELDCDN E. COLE ' tendent ot Buiidinqs Superin ond Grounds BUECH ADAMS ANDERSON HINSHAW TRUNNELL CROSS TELLEEN GRABER sroAN Q' lfl 614i Ulf! VLC L O ARVIL HINSHAW . - President WAVA TEUNNELL . . . Vics-Pfssiftem MARY IEANNE ADAMs . - SSCFSYGIY LEsiiE EUECH . - TIQGSUIGI Under the direction oi the Student Council and through a program su1opOItGd bi! them, Student government at lowa State Teachers College has reached a new goal. The Council's activities l'1GV9 been many and varied. To assist it in carrying out its broad social, educational, and gOVGTHfl'19UlU1 programs, it has selected six permanent committees to Work under its supervision. Richard l-lalliburton, W in October under the sponsorship ot the Committee on Lectures and Entertainment. ln l:ebruarYf Stu' de t dt n s an aculty were again iortunate in having the same committee secure Rudolph Ganz, Dfesldem oi the Chicago Conservatory oi Music and tamed pianist. Randall Hartlieb was the chairman ot this committee and was assisted by Lois Rragonier and Don Bald orld renowned adventurer, lecturer, and Writer was brought to the campuS Win. ln an eiiort to bring some uniformity in method and to have a central authority tor election disputes' the Student Council chose Ralph Smith to organize the Committee on Elections. The Committee MIS conducted extensi ' ' ' ' ' ve investigations into solutions tor election problems. The tirst election supewised by the committee was the Beauty contest at t he invitation ot the officers oi the CLD GOLD. The Committee on T3 Of thi? GHUTG DTOCJTGH1 in II1OiliiHQI Cifl early study oi ireshman interests. This was only one phase of this committees work as it continued the classification oi oiticers on the campus and conducted CI1'l extensive investigation pre ar t ' ' D CI OTY to chartering Worthwhile organizations. Curricular Activities headed by LeNora Dippel ertormed an impmlam part Page 25 burst l t Cent r lower my em studen twmes hav 0 the cam? ebruuIY ' nz preslde o LIIHGT1 of t1o'1 dlspu Ommltiee I A z ovemmeni f I Q I 5 - V is , ' X 'Q v A - f . . fi? -LD. , . , 3.6, I 45.411 1 p i I o QW ,si R 3 Q V H '57 l 3 F 1011 supef m ordfl one P u . C011 -Y ,f X Z7 A f W , 1 y , y .Y . " ",J4, ,ly ,.f- 'gi' 1 "' V s 3 f . 64 am , ,mm ' Z, f X 9" an 4 W, 1 WW. fv e f' , , W, X X 1 1 , X M , f if f SLOAN P dent Annual Get to gether resi EALY MOON PATTON MAK IONES FREET Mc AGUE SMITH ll mm 4 LEAGUE Women s League the organization for all Women on the campus has been very active the past year. ln addition to its regular Work of orientation laboratory Work in various types of social usage tradi- . tional social events leisure hours and a series of vocational dis- 35 cussions Women s League has carried out a great number of other , proiects lt established a Bartlett Hall Council Senate and an Off-campus gi Council Senate for carrying out the social regulations Which were the 7. Dr WW tr W gr uf W Uv Q nr. A Hi outgrowth of study by various committees of Women's League. A Women's League Conference was held on the campus March l3, at which representatives from the Women's self-governing associations of various colleges and universities of Iowa were present. Mrs. Chase Going Woodhouse, head of the Institute of Women's Professional Relations, l Greenshore, North Carolina, and Miss Bess lohnson, Principal of the Smouse Opportunity School, Des Moines, were the speakers. The conference, the , theme of which was "Self-Realization ls My Goal", Was the culmination of l several months of intensive study. During this preparatory period, Dr. Harold Bosley, Dr. Dorothy l-lumiston, and Dr. H. A. Riebe, all of the College, and Miss Ethel Kawin, of the laboratory schools at the University of Chicago, l cooperated in the preparation of the program. Page AN' --y. xflllll. aqe 29 7 Men's Union, the organization for all men on the campus, spon- sored for the first time this year a lVlen's Orientation Program. Features of this program were talks given by President Latham, Dean Reed, and Dr. Bosley, explorations by small groups into the Drama Shop, the Publications, Music, and Science Departments, and the Heat- ing Plant, and general advising by upperclass men. ln the fall, a lVlen's Play Day was held at the lVlen's Gymnasium. Class supremacy in pie-eating, kittenball, three-legged racing, balloon bursting, Wheel-barrowing, sucker-sucking, and peanut racing were the , features of the day. Dad's Day, an annual event sponsored by the lVlen's Union, was held October 31. Approximately five hundred "Dads" were honored at a luncheon, football game, open-houses, and coffees. lVIen's Union also helped in planning for Homecoming, which was November l3. A Men's Union dinner was held in the Commons February 4 to aid in establishing closer friendship and loyalty among the men on the campus. May l found the Commons the scene of the "Farmer's Frolic", the annual lVlen's Union dance Where students frolicked in gingham dresses and overalls. HANSON CHENEY KADESCH ANDERSON BALDWIN HARP Food for Thought HUGHES GRABER, President Q : ' ""' .5:T:l7:kk-Tb xr ., , is? E5 gs ' .1 Ei at 1 if faculty room Center: The faculiY mom Lower: The ball IOOITL ln the four years since its construction this beautiful building With its Com- pletely equipped fcod service department and its spacious lounges, club roomS, and recreation hall has contributed substantially to the joy of living at lowa State Teacher C ll " " ' s o ege. From open house for freshmen on the first day of the i937 college year to the "cap and gown breakfast" for graduating seniors on the morning of the 'last da the h V y re as been a succession of formal and ili- tormal activities. The recreational dancing hour on Monday evenings, the Saturday atteIlf1OOU reception honoring ne w women students, new faculty women and new faculty' wives, the Pep lamboree sponsored b Rh y o Epsilon Rho, Frosh Night, the Sixti- eth Anniversary Conference dinners and rec eptions, the Dad's Day Luncheon, Top: A cosy corner of the PCIQQ WIS il " ,. Auf J., .fm C A 1 Ml ii ll f'g:,G-Fi 1 E " lll. tf.f,i: U 1 , 'EQ 'lf Smit QM ff ff t fri2'ViC15 Dupfi' ,...-W V -X fn A--LC 1 NM is 3 .EWU - 41 1-'WITC tr. V , ... ww w-limi LEG w'f1Hif , ...,.. , ifnntlwflmiv f.....u ...NH--f' ..4- , 1 ' ,STC 'fljgilflg '.'m..v Eigatd this spun :las for the i W time '.-:ze . V V an I. G Page CCWWCNS President Latham's dinner parties ior campus leaders and for iootball and band men, as well as l-lomecoming activities and the annual Women's League and Mens Union dinners crowded the tall calendar. Sunday afternoon leisure time hours, the Christmas Carol Service and the Christmas Supper Party, with the Senior Prom, the Washington Ball, the Old Gold Beauty Dance and the lnter-sorority and lnter-fraternity dances sand- wiched in between Tutor Tickler practices made the Commons a busy place during the winter season. Announcement oi lectures, teas, dinners, dances, style shows and committee meetings where something else was being "hatched" have iilled the Bulletin Board this spring. Soon the terrace will be bedeclied with gay chairs and um- brellas ior the joy of summer students. The Line when it wasn't crowded The Georqicm Lounge Miss Works, the director o Commons f the 5 .4 vp 3 2 2? Zz V wszsu .sm :.1.g,gN .3 ze s-2 E3 ft if 13 55 4 x if! E 1.2 sr f 521 s-1 3 45 :3 ..4 +: 351 32 ,As BAKER HALL AT NIGHT 60? 5 . BAKETQ MALL Baker Hall is the newest building on the The new building contains a recreation campus. lt tirst d 't d - ' ' ' ' opene is oors tor occu room with billiard and ping-ponq tables a pancy by the men students ot the campus solarium, and lounge tor the leisure time at the opening ot the summer term. ot the The George T. Baker, President ot the lowa State to occupants it has housed such distin- Board ot Education. Mr. Baker has been guished guests as Richard Halliburton P 'd ' ' ' resi ent ot the Education Board since it tamed lecturer and explorer, Nat S. FinneYf WGS HIST Orqanized. city editor ot the Minneapolis Star: RudOlDh residents. dormitory has been named tor Since the dormitory tirst opened its doors Ganz, renowned pianist oi Chicaqo: GQOIQG ln May, the man ior whom the new build- Yates h t h t h D lVl ' GS I - , p oograp er or t e es 0111 mg was to be named, along with oth ' ' 91' Register and Tribune, and the debate team members oi the Board ot Education, came from Oxford University at Cxtord, England. t th ' ' o e campus tor the dedication. Mr. Baker was guest of honor ot the C ll o ege Dean Leslie L Beed, Dr. l-larold Bosleiff during the celebration ot the opening oi the and Coach Clyde L. Starbeclc were chosen ne ' W men S ClOfm1TOfY- to act as the sponsors ot Baker Hall- Pgqe 9 is. xjjti Avy, ' VN Afxxxlvl wt im 75 , ,I I 1 Q, will , jj "HX E iff .S-aw 1 A . fx wg.-jg - , ski 1 xl' 3 N ,f -4' wg J si - if '1'2?4?ff, 7 Qxfifigfc fi V . Q '?f5?'f' " , S s , 3,2 ,gh 24 QM rib A. v ,-' .F vm, ,, Hi, 1, N F. 17 4 513' . f? -4 ., 1,--af if fx Q 4 ff- A E QQ ,Z , I gr: :Wm fm mga -in 1, 1Qi"iff'1g ,- lb". p7 -.'--we . -'UA , 1-2 9' t. L- H: W ' f. ,uw 3 .. In 4, J" f wg. 1 .4 5 , Wa.-Y ,., , fl ,f hu 1 X E Q 5 E932 mdk I QQYZU Qyfil 1, rf ,Zi 9,459 'f lrwli V 552041 QU N44 .,f.-nam. 7 f W uv 3,4 yzbagna ,pun ' 11737 fff A favorite corner in the Green Living Room RAVQTLETT MALL Greater responsibility for student conduct and the division of living groups into a freshman and an upper class section have been this year's new contributions in attempts to make campus living contribute the maximum to college education. GREEN, HAIGI-IT MARTIN, MOIR SMILEY, WORKS The director, the resident physician, the assistant in personnel work, the director oi social lite, the night clerk, the housekeeper, together with a full statt ot student representatives, have been responsible tor a happy year. Page 34 9 To serve students who use the tac1l1t1es ot the Llbrary about forty student asslstants are employed ln add1t1on to elqht staff members The Lrbrary' now oontams a total of one hundred thlrteen thousand one hundred and thlrty tour vol umes 1n add1t1on to l1VG hundred Page 35 ANNE STUART DUNCAN Llbrarian and elqhty nme current perlodlcals and some ten thousand pamphlets ln add1t1on to the qeneral llbrary there are speolal l1brar1es dealmq Wlth art musrc tlctron educatron governmental documents and Juvemle llterature LHEVQAVQY Busy hours at the Library ff of wig: tr , ng ' Q fl 0 ,, W M Z V M54 Q AAAA K ,Z I L ff, . i 2 Z? 7+ ff W 7, f f Z f W if of Wy , Z J 5 4 ln the capacity ot a service bureau, the Bureau ot Research administered a battery of tour tests to one thousand six-hundred four- teen enterinq students during the past year. ln its capacity as a research bureau, a comparison was made of the attainment of our sophomores with that ot sophomores in other colleqes, universities, and teachers colleges in several subjects. A study ot alumni participation in community reliqious activities has also been made. if HJQEQAJ QESEAQCM Evaluating results DR. l. B. PAUL Director Page 36 gi . , , Q S l Director l I N Page 37 36 1 DR. F. N. MEAD Students in need ot medical aid during the school year may use the facilities ot the Student Health Ser- vice. Under the direction ot Dr. F. N. Mead, two separate hospitals with a corps ot trained nurses are maintained for ailing students. Sunlight for the athletes MEALTM SEVQWCE Dr. Anita V. Green assists Dr. Mead in looking after the health of women students and in giving com- plete physical examinations to all students entering the college tor the tirst time. A Ready for a friendly conference 'II U Q TEA U VQUVCICUS ACTWWES The United Student Movement and the College Chapel Service, held each Sunday in the College Auditorium, are sponsored by this department. An interpretative reading of "ldiot's Delight" by Robert E. Sher- DR. HAROLD A. BOSLEY Director I i, wood was given by Davis Edwards, of the University oi Chicago. Prominent speakers at the Chapel Services included Bishop Cf. B. Oxnam ot Cmaha, Rabbi C. E. Shulman, lewish author and lec- turer: and Dr. Burris lenkins ot Kansas City, Missouri. l i l 38 Page page sg Lumina. Q39 An increase in the use oi news pictures illustrative oi the activities ot the College has marked the ser- vices oi the Bureau oi Publicity tor the past two years. Some 500 separate illustrations were used by lowa newspapers this year as well as approximately l,2OO separate news stories. Page 39 GEORGE I-I. HOLMES Director During the year the Bureau super- vised the activities oi the "College Eye" and the OLD GOLD, issued iour iootball programs, tour editions oi the Alumnus, the Student Hand- book, and had charge ot the publi- cations and publicity tor the Sixtieth Anniversary celebration. EOVQEAU Qt DLJEK lCllY Local and state news stories ss , VL: , , fy f X W f 4 if ,524 f W ,Z 2 X 5 ,, ff? l 1 Z , ff Q Every year, prospective gradu- ates and many alumni look to the Placement Bureau for teachinq posi- tions in schools throuqhout the country. The credentials of all subscribers to the services ot the Placement Bureau are kept on file and sent to school officials who are interested in obtaining teachers from this institution. Last year every county in Iowa obtained services from the Bureau as Well as thirty-one states and territories other than Iowa. ELACEMENT BUREAU DB. E. W. GOETCI-I f . Q l r E1T1P1OYe-rs meet prospective teachers Director Page 40 Pqfle X . It lf alle I. H. HART Director Page 41 Through the Extension Division during the past year, thirty-two faculty members ot Iowa State Teachers College gave correspon- dence courses to one hundred forty- tive students. Nineteen ot these students were from states other than Iowa. .- The Division's Secretary EXTENSQN DIVISKDN ln addition, the Extension Divi- sion, With a statf of seven instructors under the direction of Mr. l. l-l. l-lart, engaged in school service Work throughout the entire state. lt en- deavors to serve both teachers and pupils interested in the tield ot education. A complete record of all graduGlGS here Alumni Affairs GW Duhllc School Relations fps A. C. FULLER UTJQJ U O Director Complete information on present location and occupation of the six- teen thousand graduates of the col- lege is the object of this Bureau. The alumni activities fostered in- clude the formation of local alumni clubs and the promotion of reunions, both upon the college campus and elsewhere. The Public School Relationships are cared for in field trips, giving personal contacts with high school executives throughout the State of Iowa. Page 42 lute ,-..1v,.,?f' rxqe ln the tiles oi the Clerical Divi- sion, under the-supervision oi Miss Anna R. Wild, is kept a complete record oi information required ot the student by the college. At the end oi each term, student grades are recorded, compiled, and Page 43 ANNA R. WILD Executive Secretary circulated through this otiice. ln addition, bulletins, cataloques, and pamphlets concerninq the colleqe are sent irom here. Several student Workers are em- ployed, as Well as the regular staff, to complete the work of this oiiice. CLEVMQAL DIWSIQN A general record office 1 H i. ,,. - u ,- ,- .,-.-LQi'f1:l. - , 5 ' 'ri uE-',4- ,,,,,,i ' Y - - v - 1 5 3 -3 5 wi ,, ig, Q BAILEY, Head, COLE, CONLQN HORNS, PALMER, PATT 35 :-e f 1 1 3 53 1 Q -4 fi E 2: 2 4 2 l it 4 2 i ,N l - 11 it 4 l 5 3 2 4: sf: il 5, i 2 25 3 at 2 y E E .a S l Interior Decoration ls a Featured Art Course JQHQBS A color tree, the only one ot its kind known to be in existence is that made and owned by lohn W. Horns, who joined the Arts Department this year. lt is used tor the portrayal ot a complete idea ot the organization ot color. The remodeling ot the exhibit room with new display boards and more windows represents another chanQ9 in the Department. For teaching aids the Department hOiS a lantern and slides, a Balopticon and mounted clippings, and many available reproductions of exhibitions in the CUT centers, textiles, ceramics, casts, Pfmlsf and most ot the current art maQfCfZm95' Page 44 N IQ in t 114315 and 'able 9 aft fj1'1iS, ines- rqe 44 EDUCATNCN This year, in an attempt to make the distinction clearer between the protes- sional requirements for elementary and those tor secondary teachers, the Depart- ment ot Education added several new courses. Similar changes have been made in psychology requirements. President C. R. Latham has placed in ettect the recommendation ot the anniversary survey staii that the in- structors see how pubQic school teach- ing is actually being done throughout the state. At the request ot the super- intendents, Professors A. E. Brown, C. C. Todd, E. C. Finlcenbinder, and E. C. Denny have visited in the schools at Carroll and Belmond. ln both cases re- ports ot observations were tiled. lt is hoped that such visitation will establish better contacts between teacher training and actual classroom conditions. Newest Types of Tests Are Conceived and Administered DENNY, Head, AREY BROWN, BUFFUM CHARLES, PINKENBINDER RIEBE, SLACKS SMITH, TODD WALTERS, WILCOX . mug... e.d51-.,,'.....m . .V - , AJ... ,, . Y . Three new members, Dr. Bert E. Boothe, Dr. A. Ulric Moore, and Dr. E. Arthur Robinson joined the Enqlish De- partment this year. Miss Hazel Strayer, who was on a leave of absence last year, aqain resumed her duties. Ten additional spot-lights and some new equipment tor the Drama Shop have facilitated teaching the technique of the theatre. The Department spon- sored many inter-colleqiate debates ENOLNSM and major and minor dramatic per- tormances. Two debate tournaments, one fgf high schools and one for junior col- leqes, were held. In the seventh gm- nual international debate two Teachers Colleqe students met representatives of Cambridae University and upheld the two-major-parties theory of American politics. I Research Opens New Fields of Knowledge LYNCH, Head, BOOTHE BUXBAUM, FAGAN I-IALVORSON, HOLMES LAMBERT, LAMBERTSON MOORE, ROBINSON SORENSON, STRAYER TERRY ,mf MJ' V, D. ,-M1 Ml nflfligll fit' TIHQS De 'ii 1CV he SC in lltftd t. M its let mm' Clit MX: 1 ,w , Q QQIS, D xlib 1 lljgd U tm iv 47 GEK3ER,Head ALLEN REYNOLDS VVeaving a Revived Art MQME The primary purpose of the l-lome Economics Department is to train teach- ers for the schools of iowa, but many interesting and valuable courses are also offered to those who are not major- ing in that field. These special courses deal with textiles and clothing, clothing selection, clothing for children, nutrition, child care, personal and social relation- ships, food preparation and meal ser- Page 47 EQDNQMKE vice, food for the family, Weaving and home crafts, personal and family finance. This year the weaving and home crafts equipment was moved from the Vocational Building to a room in Gil- christ l-lall. This new arrangement makes possible a better organization of the division. I 5 A T 2 , 1, --ee-J -.-qv, rdf... ' f it yi at gg l W Z ' ii 4 17 V, if f, 4 -1 1 il fl S ia Ei E: it l l 1, i t it gi 2 i 4: 4 1 i 3 13 it E , f? E2 - i 2 if F if il EI EF 2 ,, LILLEHEL Head HADDOX MERCHANT MILLER SCI-IAEFER THOMES Mmxw Modern Foreign Periodicals Are Part of Instruction LANGUAGE Recently several hundred volumes have been added to the library oi the Language Department, which now con- tains more than tour thousand French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Latin books. The new slides tor France and Spain have made possible illustrated lectures on their geography and arts, The Department subscribes to a daily French paper, a German paper, and U19 leading foreign magazines. The Romance Language Club SPOU' sored the French film, "La Maternelleu, and the Mardi Gras, a costume ball CIT the Commons. "WalzergriefJ", Of GST' man musical comedy iilm, was shown by the German Club. Pcgge llitleim NCS in hlq mv ' ,L-wfiiiiells fiiluiis damn eniflilce rel Ol G qenelol LiWc1ticS is ln Onierence tic WGS we :mime , . mal C gzeidents. Pima I .WS and clcssr 'nfl , Cl V, , I ,. LSA. Jn, . 7 1 nity il' It QONI CUM GAF LAL li A t lilY SK W .4-L-nn-i---lilillillllllill gt the 5pOI'l' alle' 1 Ill at GGY' LOWD ge 48 Mathematics and Commeiscial education The mathematics staff is studying re- aoljustments in high school and college curriculums demanded by changes in college entrance requirements. The re- vision of a Qfeneral course in freshman mathematics is in progress. The third annual conference on the teaching of arithmetic was Well attended by super- intendents, principals, grade super- visors, and classroom teachers. The commercial education division has conducted and is publishing a sur- vey of consumer buying in this terri- tory. The first conference on high school publications conducted in co- operation vvith the English Department struck a popular note and will be con- tinued. The department is cooperating in a movement to establish state stan- dards for certification of teachers of commercial subjects. Problem Solving Made Easy CONDIT, Head CUMMINS GAFFIN LAMBEET MACH MYERS SKAR WATSON WESTER -W M r 1-:uw , 4 i 1 :- -4 2 v Si :i -1 5 xg . 1, , lil e 4. is is e ll n. :-: is ft 'fi Pl 9 lg X lg LL 2, 5 'Q 5 ' l E ffi i 5 t 6 Q, I fe' 5' if 8' it l il 2, 5 it T it a ln order that the music student may learn through the experience of partici- pation to become as confident here as he must necessarily be in the teaching field, musical organizations of the De- partment present programs throughout the year. The Thursday afternoon reci- tals give the student further opportuni- ties to appear before an audience and also provide him with a broad acquaint- MUSC ance with music in other fields than his specialty. This year, Harald Holst became Cm assistant professor in the Music Depqm- ment. l-le took the place made vorcqm loy the resignation of Dr. Luther A. Rich- man. The sudden death of Miss A1151 Freeman, a member of the music faculty for the past fourteen years, shocked friends and left a vacancy in the Music Department hard to fill. fy 7,712 W JMZL Av f y, i ff , f r X A, .ffl ..,. I Q! f Z , fdw WW an i? i Qt - 1 KV ff ' I f A172 ff ,f M. U, f, ,.-ff-' . P7 J A Sie Auditorium Console KURTZ, Head, BARKER FREEMAN, HAYS HILL, l-IOLST MAYEIELD, RUEGNITZ w""""f 9 f!234f"'1, , RUSSELL, SAMSON SEARIGHT, WIRTH .1 .,... . f, , A-ff., 3 .. ,X ,flfy ,, ., , X Q wx fy? 5 5 fffzl' Q' w af, gig? Q 1 3 , , iw , W , ff if ZW my 'Q W fi si ft 5 WQLFE -f f- H, ., , ,:- ,,, 2 , 1 V - f V- ., , pf in .dx V-it , ,y 'lg SMH li . 1 Wx HQ, ' Yi -'xii 'sl H15 ti lx X .Alhl , v l. leuchqls CC l ttf f, WC ,www ll' llslll in . t.L.HSyy, X A -,JZW ' Stills Qi it , tllfllle. N E4 ' t ,A 'DHQQI Ti Sqfgd , T -5 . in Us S W mils H QR tht. l Ph , T9 U1 'X XJ his UU Dart- tant lich. Alta rulty :lied Qusic rt 'z MENDENHALL, Head BENDER DICKINSON MCCUSKEY STARBECK Wl-HTFORD tvwsvchl rioucmnom sms Coach Clyde L. Starbeclc experi- 9HCed his first season here at lowa State Teachers College this fall as head football coach. His team came onto the field in the opening game with new suits of white and north- western purplg, 111 the winter the basketball team Cfppeared in new suits also. The l1Ome suits were dark and the travel- me Suits light. Bright gold warm-up Pflqe 51 suits were provided for the team as well. o f The spring term found a great deal of activity in the Physical Education Department. Baseball, track, and tennis were given the usual attention, and in addition, spring football prac- tice was held by Coach Starbeclc. A football game was held in the spring with Drake University. J ,f "' to 1' WILD, Head HUMISTON MICHEL MOORE SHORT VAN NESS DlAYSlCf1XL lgoocmnom tw WWW lt is the aim of the Department ot Physical Education tor Women to otter such a varied and attractive program that all who must participate in it will feel that benefit and pleasure have re- sulted, and that many ot whom partici- pation is not required will spend a part of their recreational hours at the Gym- nasium. Men and Women enjoy the acilities ot the Gymnasium toaether each Wednesday and ThursdCIY nights at which time badminton, shuttle boar? volley ball, table tennis, darts, CID roller skatinq are parTiCiDUl9d in' Men and Women have WOfkQd Toi Qlether in the reqularlY Scheduled sociad and tap dancinq ClCfSS9S and G ,mme volley ball tournament WGS Caffled on durinq the Winter term. Pgqg OI in tht tion 1 and qulI6 suCC' adde Dr the prole -up 4 1 ,, i l -Mi ' V465 Q qhts ard, and to- cial ixed on Q52 SCIENCE One of the outstanding innovations in the Science Department is the addi- tion of survey courses in the biological cmd physical sciences which are re- quired of all freshmen. lf these prove successful, similar courses may be added in other departments. Dr. Martin L. Grant this year joined the Science Department as assistant professor of biological science. ln an attempt to make the museum one of the best in the state for educa- tional purposes, it was extensively re- organized, new cases were built, and exchanges in both the biological and geological fields were made with other institutions. Eggs and gizzard stones of dinosaurs were interesting additions to the collection of the museum. Learning Blood Analysis by PraCtiCtS i i CABLE, Head ABBOTT, AITCHISON BEGEMAN, GETCHELL GILBERT, GBANT HEBSEY, KADESCH LANTZ, BATH, BEAD SCOTT, UTTLEY SOCIAL SOENOQ This year Dr. Roscoe Arant took the position of Dr. Robert W. l-larbeson and became an assistant professor ot social science. Dr. I-larbeson is at Rutgers University writing and teaching gradu- ate work. During the year plans were laid tor the teaching ot a course in contem- porary affairs to begin in the summer term, 1937. This course attempts to stimulate the student's interest in the major social, economic, and political problems of the day. Since all kinds of tests have shown a detinite need for this sort ot course, an effort has been made to otter it to all students on all curricula without interfering with other required Work. Two-'year graduates must complete two terms, While degree students are required to take tour terms. V 'M '.,r, Q T' , t ' ' ig ,S1A,9i' gig: lgfjmglxl, H rv W 4 DOSTDOHE 5 ,fue if ,wr rsfrf' i , Ms'w'H5M'Q ' iw UF 1 t W I , ,,,, 53595 53 ' " t,,,,, U5GQ.Q!l,,,W ,,,,,,, Amfnnftrtrfrrf A 4 we 4Av' ?Wf2Tf5 " 'tim 't't u'f.:t2:tE:mf5H't5i16Tsvfzt.1g Taxi AFQQH 'sf TALE'LEM'i,'2f5"A'i A ii li" 'A A ALTEQ smilies OF smut? gzifggylfqggg Q QA7fifY on Qamffzzzm Smicm. Ono UQ SMUAL nisfcznn GQ i52,S9EALNB,2D 11955 I-mMmA Posraozvf wfcrisfs on Au,mUgv,m5m.5 REE URSTRXBU PER CEM T PER CENT ' 5ZiE9??A??f35, CS??TTE?iY?f .WTHDUT A, Home + 5 e 1 Q I I , 3.1, f f ww 3: 4 , nw- M A M ,."'?+xWrJ ' 5 , 5 Q .' 1 wuz masts rise ti 5 A Chart Helps Make an Abstraction Concrete THOMPSON, Head ARANT, BEARD ERBE, FAI-IRNEY HUNTER, RIGGS ROBINSON, SAGE WELLBORN IACKSQN' ll KEAHNEY' K FOLLOCK' l ltr. HUP? SCHNEIDER. still. Sli gmuati. t af' t 4 4. , , as H 'v " r I xr 'J r"' 'rw -. . The DE Sludelllg 4 fltid mm Dfiictiqe lSQt mu, All Witt The Dig. IQDIQSS Chtfokt l00, qu Pqfle 5 Q te :tl of or an ill .ST ,SS LGS HS. .Of 352231 -B JQB SMA M ge-3 Ti? yiirrgsrs LUSE, Head, ANDERSON BRUGGER, CALDWELL DIVELBESS, HANSON IACKSON, IENKINS KEARNEY, KOEHRING MANTOR, PAINE PETERSON, PLAEHN POLLOCK, RICE RAIT, RUPPEL SCHNEIDER, SMITH STARR, STONE STRUBLE, WATTS Teachers and Students Receive Training at the Pre-School The Department of Teaching helps students to meet problems of instruction and management and to apply in actual practice what they have learned in sub- ject matter and professional courses. All work given in public education from the pre-school to the twelfth grade is represented in the laboratory schools in Cherokee, Mason City, Hudson, Water- loo, and the Teachers College Campus Page 55 School. Under supervisors employed by the college, student teachers receive training in teaching subjects which are included in their major or minor fields. Dr. Erma Plaehn and Miss Ernestine Smith, supervising critics of social studies, and Miss Maxine Watts, critic in science, are new members in- the Department this year. 1 ' QQ 4, - Q ,ff-'.,",,."-,, ..,, , , , ,45 . V- 1 V. . ,. -N. V x NW, ., f , . . 'ffyf lf' ' ww f N' 'ff fa2zf,Wfff', . 'wwf ', - - , , ,M MMM Vw' Ay mgwyfff W, MM. ......f --., ,,,..,-- ---ffrrf' -,,Q,, "1 ,' ' 1 ,w ,,, 4 ,fy "" ' f ' ' ' , fa , rkgaxg ' ' 6 .T,., 14 in this SGCT appears the Team thatf? ers their iii: athtetics. hrated its white the ties heqg activities Oiticers ihem by I 1 ln this section appears the Football Team that aave newcom- ers their first taste of colleae athletics. The College cele- l brated its Sixtieth Anniversary While the Fraternities and Sorori- ties beaan their round of social activities. The newly elected Class Officers took over the positions voted them lov the student loodv . . . ASSISTANT COACH P A N T H E R A new coach, a new stadium, Cr hiqhly son-football in l936 at the lowa State Teachers College. Displaying some of the finest football seen in recent years, the l936 edition of the Purple Panther grid machine swept through l936 season with a record of five vic- successful sea the tories, two defeats, and two ties. They could finish no better than fifth in the North Central Conference, however, but one loop tilt. Loop foes handed the team their only two setbacks, while cz rence opponent accounted for winning third confe one of the deadlocks. Clyde L. Starbeck, brought to the Panther coaching staff from North Dakota Univer- a difficult job as he called the gridders together for the first time. e of the best pivot men ever to represent Teachers College, and blocking back, were sity, stepped into Melvin Nelson, on Keith lVlcCabe, veteran th only two regulars left from the l935 e eleven. There were, however, seven return- termen, anxious to take over a requ- ing let lar berth. l l d d among these seven were Lloyd nc u e Gnagy, Bernard Schmidt, and Paul lones, all of whom came through for the new mentor in grand style. Gnagy turned OUT - ' ' the to be one of the best kicking backs in ' turned country, while Schmidt and lones THE LINE HOLDS ELET int at the 9 ovposmq bn lhg H1Ylh the SGUSI Gnrlfll mg duti out lflhl 5mql9 P Scored points l pressiv durinq Holm more the sr MCCG ttctir versc rich runs suer Western State Te um' Q h' .. 1 test ,HQ inest tom. Wepl lllllluql .d of tive vie 193. f then iii it CQ, ltoweiie, D foes hqndei Gcksr Wlllle C CC0UHied ic: to the Pqmhg tcrkotc Univef wb as he ceiie: the iirst tire nest pivot itat Coiieqe, tri inq buck, we:- irom the iii lr, seven ret: ce over e rel ren were lic? nd Paul lOl? ii ior the HS' ggy ltlflted lg backs lilf gl Iones ttltif HOLDS ELEVEN WINS FIVE into regular demons in the line. lones' play osition, where he smeared opposing plays with almost uncanny regu- larity, brought him all-conference honors on ical eleven selected at the close oi at the end p the myth the season. Gnagy, in addition to handling the kick- tor scorers to nose out lohnny Magovich, a newcomer, by a single point tor the season's total. Gnagy and converted lO extra ing duties, paced the Tu scored 3l points oints trom placement to chalk up an im- P pressive record ot Zl hits in 27 attempts during the last two years. lohnny Magovich, a l45-pound sopho- 'd d more from Virginia, Minnesota, provi e Il ll the speed necessary to click with Pete McCabe's stellar blocking and Gnagy's nusually kicking to give the Panthers an u versatile backtie ld. The tleet-tooted Mago- vich scored tive times during the season on , outdistancing pur- runs ot over forty yards score on a sensational spring oi suers to 82 yards against Western State. ted lowa h an opener as any Opening against the highly-tou State team, as toug coac Cl h could want, the Panthers showe a new-iound spirit trom the outset to battle the Cyclones through sixty minutes oi gruelling football on a mud-soaked iield. The conilict ended in a scoreless deadlock. ove to Waterloo lor their 'Forced to m home opener by delay ot work on their new stadium, the Panthers gave the home i ns lenty oi thrills to snow under the C1 P Scarlet and Black Warriors trom Grinnell by a 24 to U margin. North Dakota University coupled with Fritz Pollard, dusky Nodak ace, put a damper on the Tutor's North Central hopes ched by when they handed the eleven coa their former mentor a l9 to U setback. The Panthers came back on the rebound, old Coe "jinx", however, to break an age dedicating their new stadium with a Zl to ' 'dd rs. O victory over the Cedar Rapids gri e achers was the next victim going down by a single touchdown margin at Kalamazoo, Michigan, l2 to 6. Entertaining an lndian team tor the iirst d th time, the Panthers all but scalpe e oti the gridiron reserva- l-laskell "Redskins" to hang up their fourth win ot the tion season 2l to O. GOOD INTERFERENCE MAKES FOR GOOD GAINS - J LCJSES TWO OUT CF St te a big bruisinq ball South Dakota a , club, battered the smaller Tutors into the frozen turf at Brookings, South Dakota, the d the Starbeck following Saturday to han coached eleven its second straight North Central loss. The Panthers topped off a jubilant Home- coming celebration to thrill 4,000 home- comers with a 6 to 0 win over Morningside, their only loop win, the following week. Starbeck uncovered a promising sopho- ore back in Cyril Cranny, who broke rn loose to gallop 50 yards for the only score of the day. A dust storm threw a dark cloud over here they battled to a 7 to 7 tie with Omaha Municipal University in a conference game. the Tutors finale at Omaha, w A heavy windstorm during the summer New Stadium when it reduced the of l935 paved the way for a at Teachers College stands to a pile of kindling old wooden wood. The new concrete stadium was used for the first time y the Panthers b a capacity crowd when scored their first win in five starts against Coe. Three hundred and four ' T h with ten tiers of seats eac capable of holding 200 fans, the new o 'll at 2000 people and are s feet long, stands wi se , constructed that, when more money be- comes available, they can be enlarged to " ' " l a preciated h ld 6,000. The scribes aso p o the change which brought a modern glass enclosed press box, set atop the stands on the fifty-yard line, where they could do their work with solid comfort eve n on the coldest days. The special section reserved for the band was built in the lower part along the fifty-yard stripe, with an exit providing easy access to the field for marching between halves. Gayly colored p colors of each North C school floated from the flags back of the stadium at each home game. OFF FOR FIFTY YARDS ennants bearing the entral Conference taffs along the NINE t wa Taflchers o lotta State towalwchers Grinnell ' Iowa Teachers North Dakf Iowa Teacherf Coe N tooo Teacher Western towa Teache Haskell Iowa Teach South I lowa Teacl Momtt towa Team Omal TI-IE I936 SCHEDULE GAMES ' Iowa Teachers . - - . U Iowa State . . O Igwa Teachers . . 24 GrinneII . . . . U Iowa Teachers ..... . O North Dakota University .... I9 Iowa Teachers ....... ZI Coe . . . . O I2 Iowa Teachers ....... Western State Teachers IICaIarnazooI 6 Iowa Teachers ....... 2I I'IasIceII . . . O Iowa Teachers . . . O South Dakota State . . I3 Iowa Teachers . . . 6 Morningside . . O Iowa Teachers . . 7 7 Omaha . . roUcHDowN ON SAME PLAY I ON ES INDVIK KELLY MAGOVICI-I MECKLENBURG MCCABE NELSON REYNOLDS SOI-IIVIIDT STOUT TEEZE YATCI-IAIC Top: Zook, Iudd, Gilmore and Friley Center Lett: The Procession to the Con- vocation Center Right: The educators Bottom Left: Attention While the faculty enters Bottom Right: Brurnbaugh and Seaton Bsqimnq with Cm impressive procession made colortul by robes ot the niasterand doctorate, students and faculty, together with distinquishefll guests in the tield ot education and state otticials, joined in ohservinq T-V19 Slxueth AUIUVQTSUTY Of the fOUHCliDQI ot lowa State Teachers College OU Qdober 8, 9, and lO. ln the convocation program a new era seemed to be prophesied tor the seventh decade-a feeling which changed the almi- versary outlook trom one Of T911-O spect to one ot prospect. Laika ' Inf? toil COW J Y tr? lawn telffl pgpl still ,tively L C icti'i'lll95' iiererififlsol , 1',GQOlq9 Q, 9 , I Ci Students, L VATJOV were simdinq I iii Hemi Ol 5 Education, tmiqh, Cmd Email, all G. Chicuqo: PWS Slim Cclleq Felt, Univers 'X it T' ' tiesicsut L. t State Univers dent Charles State Colleqe Neilson, cmd laihqm, ol lc Colleqe, -egg l tit M : Ji lille Sibslol A .Sill ,545 x lit Fight Pr Qlliii Cfhktigtf- D, Czhla' ' W1 lqhir iiffgxi Emu mllflll QKQI 'riley he Con- faculty Seaton 0 te td te in zo .i- Pour conterence sessions were held, at which time members of the taculty and administration heard papers prepared by a survey stait which had been selected to study the college plant, faculty, tacilities, and activities. The reports ot the stati, headed by Dr. George A. Works, Dean ot Students, University ot Chi- cago, were made by such out- standing men as Dr. Charles l-l. ludd, l-lead ot the Department ot Education, Dr. A. I. Brum- baugh, and Dr. William M. Randall, all ot the University ot Chicagop President I. L. Seaton, Albion College, and Dr. W. E. Peik, University ot Minnesota. President E. A. Gilmore, ot the State University ot lovva, Presi- dent Charles E. Priley, oi lovva State College, and Dean M. I. Nelson, and President C. R. Latham, of Iowa State Teachers College, each presided at one oi the sessions. Top Lett: The Convocation Top Right: President Latham and a guest Center Lett: Dr. ludd speaks Cemef Rfqht: George T. Baker Bottom: Entering the Gyrn for Convo- cation exercises l mei an my This year has seen a departure from the original purpose of the Council. lt has turned into a governing body making plans, with the cooperation of all the fraternity presidents, to make the merits of the fraternities of the campus more objective. Steps were taken to elimi- nate much of the useless activity which has heretofore characterized fraternity "hell weeks". The plan has met with the approval of all the fraternities. An Inter-Fraternity smoker and play night was sponsored by the Council during the year, and the annual Inter-Fraternity Dance was held at the Commons in March. Officers during the year Were: Robert Barnes, President, Phil Connell, Vice-President, Paul Tones, Secretary, and Dean Alderman, Treasurer. Dean Leslie l. Reed, Dr. A. E. Brown, and Dr. Leland L. Sage served as advisers to the Council. The Inter-Fraternity Council was organized on the campus for the purpose of providing a common group Where the prob- lems concerning the fraternity system at the College could be Worked out. The Council is composed of two men from each fraternity, and a meeting is held on the second Tuesday Of each month. Members: Barnes, Connell, lones, Alderman, Boysen Carrothers, Case, Eggers, Cstrem, Smith INTEBMISSTON AT INTER-FRAT DANCE Inter-SC eleven SC PtThetc:1 pc1styGGI The CC inthe lou extended campuss An lute sorority E The oi when so the lhter entertain Jerez- Jcafeznif CQ N Cl L Cjnfet g0'C0'CLt CCUNCJL Xp new . ,MM if .XX . xr -xr is A FALL TERM TEA Inter-Sorority Council is composed oi the presidents oi each of the eleven sororities on the campus. Esther Sperry, the president ot the Pi Theta Pi sorority, presided as chairman of the Council during the pastyear ' The Council began its campus activities With an lnter-Sorority tea in the lounge oi the Commons September l3. This tea was a courtesy extended by the sororities to all freshman women, senior advisers, and campus sisters. An Inter-Sorority dinner was held in the Commons December 2. All 1 sorority sponsors and advisers were guests at this dinner. The organization's biggest social event occurred on February l3, when sorority members and their guests gathered in the Commons tor the Inter-Sorority dance, at which George Cervenlca and his orchestra entertained. The custom of an annual Inter-Sorority Scholarship tea was xmpus Pffib' carried out this spring on May l3 in the Commons. Two lld be scholarship trophies were presented at the tea for high aca- each demic standing, one to the sorority Whose actives had the .GY Of highest scholastic record for the year, and one to the sorority Whose pledges had the best record. Members: Sperry, Atwood, Dilger, Abben, Bowen I I Dunlcleberg, l-liatt, Ostergard, Snyder, Stoddard, Williams PUQS 67 Manship, Bailey, Poppenheimer, Hinshaw, An- derson Armstrong, Bacon, Benz, Bolinski, Boys-en Brandt, Buchwald, Carrothers, Chase, Cheney Coburn, Dailey, Dodson, Drilling, Feldman, Freeman V. Freeman, George, C. George, Giaratano, H. Hinshaw, Hopper Hoxie, Hughes, Kensinger, Lawton, Madsen Miner Monroe, Nash, Natvig, Olsen, Perry, Pingel Price, Pritchard, Roberts, Roeder, Boss, Buthven Seeley, Shank, Smaha, Smith, Stroup, Strunce Trotto, Vaala, VanDeest, Varner, Weaver, Wyth 1 The Alpha Chi Epsilon fraternity elects a presi- dent for each term. The three presidents for this year were Glenn Smith, Norman Manship, and Glenn Smaha. Other officers were Charles Poppen- heimer, secretary, and Arvil Hinshaw, steward. The twenty-six members added twenty-two pledges to their number after the pledging smokers, and all attended the pledge dance at the Masonic Temple in Waterloo. Raymond Pingel arranged the dance and approximately seventy couples were present. Later in the term, the fraternity nominated Myrtle Telleen for pep queen and entertained her at a din- ner at the Commons. After the Christmas party at the fraternity house, the fellows sang carols at the homes of President O. B. Latham, Dean M. I. Nelson, Dr. E. l. Cable, their adviser, and then serenaded the residents of Bartlett Hall. The Boiler Makers' Brawl took place at the Armory in Cedar Falls and many alumni returned for it. The fraternity also nominated Myrtle Telleen for beauty queen and cooperated with the Kappa Theta Psi sorority to produce "The Case of Mother Goose" for Tutor Ticklers during the winter term. Milo Lawton, an Alpha Chi, was a co- director of the annual student production. Plans were made to have the spring formal dance at the Masonic Temple shortly before the end of the year. ANNUAL CAROLS BY THE CI-HS , ,ALPINA CMI I I AL 014 PRIZE WINNING I' Burch, AIIOHI L- Burch Verp Cqmnqlon Dovmhig Gner, H Kfldeschl mfr. III Son' Oven Rider' Sh Speck, 3 ton' Um I I i ALIDI-IA nam l G!! A. 1 I PRIZE WINNING I-IGMECOMING DECORATION i Donald Burch was president of the eighteen active members of the Alpha Delta Alpha fraternity who registered for the fall term, and the other officers were Russell Verploegh, vice-presidentg Qrville Thurston, treasurer, Rupert McNally, secretary, and Claude Heddens, pledge-master. , The fraternity moved back to their former residence and it was there that the smokers for the rushees were held. Alumni returned to attend the pledge dinner at Turnbulls, and the twenty-three prospective actives were special guests. The annual pledge dance was held at the Masonic Temple in Waterloo. The prize for the most original house decoration for Homecoming was awarded to the fraternity, and that evening seventy-five guests attended the dinner which was held at the Black Hawk I-lotel. Raymond Nelson acted as toastmaster. The fraternity also won first in basketball intra-murals, with Russell Verploegh acting as manager for the team. Marietta Ketchen, whom they supported for beauty queen, was elected one of the twelve beauties by the student body. ' Raymond Nelson was one of the co4directors of Tutor Ticklers, and the con- tribution of the fraternity was "Simple Simon Comes to T. C." The spring formal dance, which took place at the Masonic Temple in Water- loo, was the main event of the final term. Burch, Verploeghi MCNGHYI Thurston Alton, Anderson, Beavo, Berkshire L. Burch C I arrmqton, Case, Cheseboro Dix Downing Ferr I ' . ' GTGY, Foster, Greany, Grier, I-Ieddens If . Gdliich' KlmkePb0TQ, Larsen, Linda SOnnfOMCGatf1n, Minnis, Mohr, Nel- ' Verqufffd, Parrish Rd ISF' Sherwood, smith, R. smith Peck, Tqylor ' ton' Uricel WGd1eOmPSOH, L. Thurs- PUQG 69 K V 3 l .2 ,fi K... Q . , ., mfg ' is It l J l C 1 l l l S ' I LAMBDA GAMMA OFFICERS PLAN THE MEETING Lambda Gamma Nu, which is the youngest fraternity on the campus, had its fourteenth birthday this year. Thirty-two members returned to college this fall. The officers were Gordon Blanchard, president, Dean Alderman, vice- president, Iames Iordan, secretary, Eugene Coon, treasurer, and Donald Bald- win, social secretary. The fraternity entertained the rushees and pledges at six smokers that were held up to the time of the Homecoming dinner. The committee in charge of the arrangements for the alumni reunion included Gordon Blanchard, Phillip Con- nell, and Merton Blake. Blanchard was toastmaster, and talks were given by Connell, Harry Burrell, and several of the alumni guests. lntra-murals took much of the time during the winter term, and Iames lordan and Thomas Hanifan were managers of the teams. The winter dance was held at the Masonic Temple after Christmas vacation. Mary Kern, the Lambda Gam candidate for beauty queen, was selected as one of the twelve by the student body. A stag party at the house was an event of the spring term, and an annual weekend camping party on the Cedar Biver was planned. The spring favor dance was held at the Masonic Temple in Waterloo. Bichard Zellhoefer and Eugene Coon made the arrangements. Advisers of the fraternity include Dean Leslie l. Beed, Mrs. N. O. Schneider, and Mr. Harry Burrell. Blanchard, Alderman, lofdcm' COO? Baldwin, BSDZ, Bishop' Blackmc Blake, Bowen . Brown, Connell, P. Connell, Cogiiigl Cranny, Diers, D1-msmore' Fowler, Gibson, Gusterl, HCIUHSIE' Ive! man, Hughes, Hutffhlsonf fs 3' MurrY, Newhouse, Nlchols' Quinn, Robinson, Schultz, SHG 'Vind -ff I Urquhart, brook, T1 Cilglgfmsl Zeuhoefer Page Weiner, Wil I I Eaton Enderlien Huf. son, Kagan ' yn, Knowles, Lund, Lundqulsl' Mak' 1631191- son, Orr, Peterson H Stain. ZTINQ, Y COOH1 QCICITIUUI fosiigfm DYCUS' In, Hui' V311 Iver' Mafllni Nichol- ll Stcifl' Vingll, 0 lohn Harp was president of the nineteen original members of the Phi Siqrna Epsilon fraternity this year. Assisting officers were Keith McCabe, vice- presidentp Griffin Eggers, secretary-treasurer, and lames Bush, corresponding secretary. The frater- nity was organized to promote a spirit of fellowship and brotherhood among a large group of men stu- dents and to direct activities toward a Worthwhile and full life along all lines of activity. The first gathering was a "get-together" smoker at the fraternity house on Twentieth Street to which all active and prospective members were invited for the purpose of getting acquainted. The commit- tee in charge included Alfred Comito, Griffin Eg- gers, and Kenneth Weatherwax. Twenty-seven guests later announced their intention of becoming pledges. Formal initiation took place at the house shortly before Christmas vacation. The informal party of the fall term was held at the lVIen's Gym- nasium. A Winter party was also planned. The fraternity was represented in Tutor Ticklers by William Sims, and the group as a Whole sup- ported Buth Broughton for a beauty. She was one of the six who were selected by George Yates. The spring formal dance took place at the Ma- sonic Temple in Waterloo. Dr. M. B. Beard and Dr. H. Earl Bath were the faculty advisers. A SESSION AT TI-IE PHI SIG HOUSE Harp, McCabe, Eggers, Bush, Anderson Bacon, Bahling, Blue, Bogott, Breitbach Bute, Calhoun, Church, Comito, Cross Dodd, Gilles, Gnagy, Heggen, Hummel Indvik, lohnson, Kahler, Kuhn, Le Beau Magovich, McLelland, Ostrem, Powers, Babey, Bechenmacher Reynolds, St. Clair, Schley, Shirk, Sims, tewart S Terze, Torrence, Trefzger, Weatherwax, Webber, Yatchak PM SICMQ KAL OWL S' Long Hanson Iones Dubes Barnes Brennecke Church Collard Cook Curtis Decker Fishman Gaffey Gilluly Hamersly Hunerberg Ia obson Kan Kelly Kullberg Leach McCord Mc Donald Matthews Miller Mohr Orton Peterson Reimer Qurgley Sachse Qchrnidt Shu gart Smith Taylor Vaughn Werner Wilson Twenty-one members of the Xanho fraternity re- turned to college this year. Richard Long was the new president. Other officers were Norman Han- sen, vice-president, Paul lones, secretary, Wilmqf Dubes, treasurer, and George Mohr, social chair- man. Robert Barnes, the Xanho representative to the lnter-fraternity Council, was selected as its president for this year. The first major event was the pledge banquet at the Mandalay lnn. George Mohr made the ar- rangements and invited the twenty-one new pledges. Richard Long was the toast-master at the annual Homecoming banquet, which was also held there. Robert Barnes made the plans and wel- comed the alumni. Cards and dancing furnished the entertainment at the fall party in the Yellow Kitchen at Bartlett Hall. Thirty-five couples at- tended and Dr. and Mrs. George C. Robinson were faculty guests. The winter dance was held at the Women's Club, and the winter party was held at the Yellow Kitch- en. The spring formal dinner dance at the Masonic Temple in Waterloo was the last important event of the season. Whether the Xanho or the Phi Sigma Epsilon fra- ternity is the older has long been debated, but never decided. The Xanho fraternity is forty years old this year, and has as its purpose the furtherinq of fellowship between students and the faculty in all activities. THE XANHO DANCE LUNCHEON IN t XANMG Dufllelbg Adam? . USYOI1 Seen . hum ll9'W11 QLDMQ BEM Hilflfblflflii LUNCHECN IN THE SMALL LCUNGE Dunkelberg, Nordskog, Hellen, Hanson, Adams, Ballantyne, Coontz Ebers, Haubrick, Hogan, Holmgard, Huston, Kerr, Mak, Bice Scott, Shugart, Streeter, Stuart, Steuben, Thorson, Wehrle, Willoughby Page 73 Genevieve Nordsliog was the first hostess to the Alpha Beta Gamma sorority this year when she entertained the fourteen active members and their rushees, eight of Whom pledged later, at a Candlelight supper in her home. The president, elected the preceding spring, was lean Dunkleberg, and the other officers were Genevieve Nordslcog, vice-president, Alice Hellen, secretary, and Lois Hansen, treasurer. Thelpledges entertained the active members at a spread in the Yel- low Kitchen and were themselves entertained at an informal dance at the Wom- en's Club in Cedar Falls. Thirty members and alumni attended the Homecom- ing dinner at Tally Ho. Members of the sorority and eight guests exchanged Christmas gifts in the East dining room of the Commons before vacation. Four girls became pledges after Christmas and they entertained the actives at a buffet supper. The Winter formal dinner dance was held at the Gold Boom at Hotel President in Waterloo. lean Dunkleberg, sponsored by the Alpha Beta Gamma sorority, was chosen as one of the six most beautiful girls on the campus at the Cid Gold Beauty Dance in February. The annual spring formal dance and many spreads and luncheons filled the calendar during the last term. DELTA Dlell QM, MUSIC BEFORE DINNER The rushing party for the Delta Phi Delta sorority was a formal buffet supper at the home of Miss May Smith and Miss Amy Arey. Many alumni attended. Thirteen pledges increased the membership to thirty-one. The new girls or- ganized, choosing Dorothy De Baggio for their president and Virginia Breiten- bach as secretary. Early in October, the pledges entertained the actives at a dinner in the Commons, and sixty guests attended the Homecoming dinner. The active members entertained the pledges at a Christmas party and favors were exchanged. Formal initiation took place at the Commons early in Ianu- ary, after which the girls attended a dinner in the guest dining-room. Two new pledges were announced at a High Tea in February and all attended the con- cert by Rudolph Ganz. Mary Kern was hostess to the girls and their friends at her home in Cedar Falls later in the month, and the winter dance was held at the Masonic Temple in Waterloo. Mary Kern, sponsored by the sorority, was elected by the students as one of the twelve Old Gold beauties. The spring term was filled with spreads, picnics, and many other informal gatherings, as well as the spring formal dance late in May. Mary lane Snyder was president of the sorority, Margaret Patton, vice-presi- dent, Clara Mae Rath, secretary: Gretchen Champlin, corresponding secretary: and Rosemary Iohnston, treasurer. Snyder, Patton, Rath, lohnston, Afchef Benson, Breitenbacn Lynch, Marston, Merriam, Mi11ef,Mmef Patterson, Peterson, Seliene Shannon, Sipes, Smith, Vcmdfwvifg Waterman, Watters, Wesiphc' lits page A K. Brundctqe, Cameron, Ch-Ump1in'DeBGS' Qio, Dunlop, Goettler, Kem' Km man I Pnl Archer' 3 ller 3 a 'e df Epsilon Phi Epsilon, social sorority, has been es- pecially active the past year. The officers of the organization were: Verjean Dilger, President, Bo- gena Gentner, Vice-President, Buth Nylfivist, Secre- tary, and Mary Brown, Treasurer. The theme of the fall dance was "pink ele- phants". This was planned by Agnes Lynch, the social chairman of the sorority. ln November, all returning alumni were entertained at a dinner at Mrs. Turnbull's. Other activities of the fall were picnics, spreads, and a Thanksgiving party held at the home of Verjean Dilger. After Christmas, a hard-time party was held at the home of Agnes Lynch, featuring games and dancing. The winter dance was held at the Wom- en's Clubhouse in Cedar Ealls, the theme being "pennies from heaven". Representatives from each of the other sororities on the campus were guests at the dance. The Sunnyside Country Club was the scene of the dinner dance in May. Other features of the spring term were a Mother's Day Luncheon, a the- ater party, and several Weiner roasts. With these activities, the Epsilons completed their year. 1 DANCE AT WOMEN'S CLUB Dilger, Gentner, Nkyvist Brown, Anderson, Barragy Bosworth, Carver, Davis, Eby Fisher, Kenner, Knowles, Knudson Leary, Leemon, Lynch, Morgan Myer, Smith, Weaver, Wirth -EDSMCN DMI AL C714 i Q s 5 z 3 l z -::ff.msf1.f.,.- ., J Stoddard, Anderson, Byers Todd, Baird, Bragonier Brown, Burch, Coburn, Franklin Gronberg, Hernsworth, Kuschel, Land- graf Malueg, McMillan, Norris, Ok-erstrom Peterson, Sloan, Spooner, Thurston KNPPN TMEUX ii Fifteen members of the Kappa Theta Psi sorority returned to the campus in the fall, and eight girls became pledges after the rushing party at the home of Miss Olive M. Barker. The officers, elected the preceding spring, were Margaret Stoddard, president, Kathryn Anderson, vice-president, l-lelen Byers, secretary, Harriet Todd, treasurer, and Cath- erine Spooner, social chairman. The first official duty for the pledges was the planning of the program for the Homecoming din- ner at which the alumnae were guests. The preps were then entertained by the actives at a Christmas Candlelight Dance in the Gold Boom of the l-lotel President in Waterloo. Later Margaret Thurston was hostess to the girls at the Christmas party, an oyster stew, at her home in Cedar Falls. Other ac- tivities of the Winter term included a taffy pull, a theatre party, a bobsled party, and the production of an act for Tutor Ticlqlers entitled "The Case of Mother Goose." The Alpha Chi Epsilon fraternity cooperated With the sorority and entertained the members at a party after the final performance. The spring events were a Mother's Day luncheon, the spring formal dance, and the May breakfast for the Seniors. Advisers of the sorority included Miss l-lazel Strayer, Mrs. Paul Bender, Miss Olive Barker, Miss Marybelle McClelland, Miss Corley Conlon, and Mrs. l. l-l. l-lart. THE KAPPAS MEET PHI Sli l f 4 97. ll .ll A it it OSTGIQQ d Aulcf 'VG Dlliley I Dierks' Duffus Howard' H leetch Crsmieogt len ' 1 Dui srcwx W PHI SIGS AND GUESTS Fourteen members ot the Phi Sigma Phi sorority returned to the campus in the tall. The officers elected were Genevieve Cstergard, president, Margaret Gump, vice-president, Merle Iverson, recording secretary, Harriet Huntley, re- cording secretary, Marian Yarcho, treasurer, and Donna McCreary, social chairman. Att-er the rushing party, which was held at the home of Mrs. Craig R. Ken- nedy in Cedar Heights, ten names were added to the roll. These pledges elected lune Cse president and made plans tor a party which was held later at the home ot Mary Lou and Virginia Auld. They also entertained the actives at l a spread in the Yellow Kitchen at Bartlett Hall. 1 4 Virginia Warren was in charge of the arrangements for the Homecoming f dinner at the Commons. A dinner party was given at Tally Ho in honor oi , Marian McKitrick, an alumna who was to be married. Aj . j T The Christmas dinner was also held at Tally Ho, and it was at this time that ' two girls became actives and all members exchanged gifts. The Phi Sigs pre- ' sented an act, "Studiology," tor Tutor Ticlclers and later entertained the crew ,, and managers at a sleigh-riding party. The winter dance took place at the fy? A fl Russell Lamson Hotel in Waterloo. 'll The Mother's Day luncheon and the spring tormal dance completed the year's fl program. Ostefqfiifd, Gump, Iverson, Yarcho, Auld, V. Auld, Atkins, Behrens, Dailey Dierks, Duffus, Ealy, V. Gump, Hizey, Howard, Huntley, Kincade, Knowles Leetch, Leonard, Ludgate, Lund, Mc- CTGCIIY, Oleson, Orsinger, Ose, War- ren Page 77 D I W PM! at W.. Mrs. C. S. Cory was hostess to the five returning members of the Pi Phi Cme- ga sorority at a dinner in her home, and this event preceded by only a few weeks the Oriental tea at the home of Mrs. Homer Haddox. Iessie Hiatt, presi- dent of the sorority, made the arrangements and invited rushees to the tea. Six girls became pledges. The next event was an induction service for Mrs. lohn W. Horns, who became a patroness of the sorority. The pledges furnished en- tertainment afterward, and also gave a feature skit at the Thanksgiving dance at the Cedar Falls Women's Club. Novelty footballs attached to purple and gold ribbons bearing the sorority crest were presented to the alumni cmd guests who attended the Homecoming open house at the home of Mrs. Haddox. Mrs. C. L. Iackson entertained the girls at a Christmas dinner party and at this time gifts were exchanged and two more pledges were announced. The winter formal dance, held at the Gold Room in the Hotel President, had for its theme "Winter Wonderland." A theatre party completed the winter pro- gram, and picnics and spreads were frequently enjoyed during the spring term. The May Breakfast and Mother's Day luncheon were followed by the annual spring dance near the end of the year. Helen Stricker was vice-president of the sorority, and Harriet Hammel was treasurer. WMANN PART OF A DINNER PARTY Hiatt, Stricker, King, Hammel, Clflllsen Coppernoll, lohnson Kroeger, Larson, LeValleY, 3053 Thayer Whannel, Williams, W1lSOf1 Page 78 - .RTY Frances Williams was the president of the Pi Tau Phi sorority this year, and the other officers included Zoe Cleveland, vice-president, Martha Peterson, secretary, and Marjorie Hovey, treasurer. The first get-together of the year was a steak-fry, and a few Weeks later Mrs. I. W. Charles was hostess to the girls and their guests at a rushing tea in her home. Pour rushees were pledged at the home of Naomi Boslough, and four others were added later. The girls and their friends were invited to the Medical Lodge in Cedar Heights. This was followed by an informal gathering at which Virginia Landsberg was hostess. Mrs. Buffum entertained the members of the soror- ity at a Christmas party. Other events of the Winter term included a sliding party, a roller-skating par- ty, and a dinner at Neely's Cupboard in Waterloo, the theme of which was a "Winter Wonderland" planned by the pledges. All attended the theatre afterward. Frances Williams, sponsored by the sorority, Was selected by George Yates as one of the six most beautiful girls on the campus at the Old Gold Beauty Dance. A St. Patrick's party was the first event of the spring. Other activities Were a scavenger hunt and picnic, a Mother's Day luncheon, a party for the girls who graduated, and the spring formal dance. Advisers of the sorority were Mrs. H. S. Buffum, Mrs. I. W. Charles, Mrs. E. L. Ritter, and Miss Mar- na Peterson. 3 THE CAMERA CAUGHT HIM 91, Cluu most, TW' 1. lson . Williams, Cleveland Peterson Hovey, Boslough Carl Peller, Pilloon Griggs Heineke, Landsberg Leak McKellips, Pfaltzgraf M Pfaltzgraf T Wiz Smiley QU Sperry, Robinson, DeBuhr, Rose Anderson, Arney, Boardman, Charlson Ennis, Frieden, Henderson, Kenderdine L-entz, Nelson, Oleson, Rosenberger Speelman, Starr, Teale, Webbekinq Dt TMETA L The nine active members who returned in the fall entertained their rushees at the home of Mrs. M. I. Nelson. Seven girls became pledges afterward, and four others were pledged later in the year. Es- ther Sperry had been elected president the preced- ing spring, and other officers were Monica Robin- son, vice-presidentp Lorraine De Buhr, recording secretary, l-lelen lane Kinderdine, corresponding secretary, Marian Rose, treasurer, and Marian Nel- son, social chairman. The pledges chose Ruth Boardman as their president. Their first activity was entertaining the actives at a picnic. The annual Homecoming dinner was held in the East dining-room at the Commons, and Miss Alpha Mayfield and Esther Sperry extended the Welcome to the alumni, each of Whom responded with an ac- count of her activities. Bushees and patronesses were guests of the sorority at the Pledge dance at Neely's Cupboard in Waterloo. Many alumni re- turned for the event. Mrs. Ella Wooten was hostess to the girls at the Christmas party and Mrs. Benjamin Boardman helped with the arrangements. Clarice Anderson planned the February rodeo party, a costume affair for the girls and their guests. A formal dance was planned as the chief event of the spring term. Miss Alpha Mayfield was the faculty adviser. WAFFLE PARTY AT BOARDMANS esrolt FOHMA flbben 1 Ed Bffmd dl Btwn' TAO SGW! jeffd BEFORE FORMAL INITIATION Zelma Abben was president of the thirteen members of the Tau Sigma Delta sorority who returned to the campus in the fall. Other officers were Ruth Eddy, vice-president, Genevieve Kuhl, secretary, Mary Tripp, treasurer, Lois Glade, historian: and lean l-lorgan, social chairman. Twelve were pledged after the "political" party at the home of Mrs. Lillehei. Their first big duty was enter- taining the actives. They planned the I-lallowe'en party, at which all guests met at the home of Mary lane Brindley and were led by a long route to the home of Kathleen Biebe, where the party was held. Twenty alumnae were guests of the active members of the sorority at Home- coming dinner at the Commons. lt was at this dinner that plans for an alumni organization were laid. Mrs. Oelburg, of Cedar Falls, was elected the first pres- ident. Dorothy Carritt was chosen secretary. Some of the alumnae returned a week later to attend the sport dance in the Gold Boom of the Hotel President in Waterloo. The last event before Christmas was a buffet dinner and an exchange of gifts, and a week after vacation, formal initiation services were held at the Commons. Perhaps the most important event of the winter term was the selec- tion of the Tau Sig act, "Noah's Lark," as the prize-winning presentation at Tu- tor Ticklers. Ruth Broughton and Lois Glade were elected as two of the twelve beauties to be presented at the Old Gold Dance. The formal dance at the Sunnyside Country Club in Waterloo and the Moth- er's Day luncheon were the main events of the spring term. Abbeli, Eddy, Kuhl, Tripp, Blesie, Brand, Brindley, Broughton BTOWI1, Drury, Fetzer, Glade, Hiler, Horgan, Knudtson, Lee, Marshall N'9lSOH, Peterson, Riebe, Scherf, See- manrl, Sexton, Siesseger. Tabb, Tutt PCIQe 81 I w .2 TMIQUX CAWWA '7 . - , ::.Q, THE FALL DANCE Eight members of the Theta Gamma Nu sorority returned to the campus for the fall term. The officers, selected the previous spring, included Norma At- wood, president: Francis Bradley, secretaryp Doris Kirgis, treasurerg and Doro- thy Burroughs, social chairman. Following the informal get-togethers of the first week, a rushing party was held at the home of Mrs. N. O. Halvorson. The ten girls who became pledges following the party quickly organized, selecting Erma Guckenberger as their uc SU costuifl rr mr so 1 1 eun Ear, the qir mas 1 Alter Kitche Aff president. They entertained the actives at a Halloween "backward" party, which was arranged by Marietta Ketchen and Velma Henningson. The an- nual fall dance took place a few weeks later at the Women's Club in Cedar Falls. The pledges also planned the Homecoming luncheon, which forty guests attended. Norma Atwood was hostess to the girls at the Christmas party in her room at Bartlett Hall, and Viva Irwin and Mary lane Stewart assisted her. This was followed by the winter dance, which had for its theme "Theta Gamma Nu Heartbreak". Mary Iane Stewart announced her engagement, and Dorothy Burroughs announced hers at a luncheon on the same day. Other big events of the winter term included a sleigh-riding party and a hard-time party to which Quests were invited. Norma Atwood directed the Theta Gamma Nu act for Tutor Ticklers, "Pandora's Box". Viva Irwin was elected one of the twelve Old Gold beauties. The annual spring dance was held at the Masonic Temple in Waterloo. lllfm dcmcr most HIGH' Tr pres Bret sure lll Mr i : I sr it T Atwood, Bradley, KITQISI Burrouqhsf Barnes, Detwiler, Guckenberqef Henningsen, Irwin, lG1'I19S, Ifme Chen, Knoche, Mitchell Moulton, Rapp, SCIWYQTI Schultz' Stew art, Wells, Whitelock Page s, KST' Burroughs' befqef 011951 Kell Llllzl Slew' B82 Miss Sara Biggs was hostess to the V. C. V. Sig- ma Phi sorority and its guests at a formal buffet supper late in September, after which thirteen girls announced their intention of becoming pledges. They quickly organized, choosing Beth Cole for president. A few weeks later, the members were entertained by the alumni association at a Bridge- Luncheon at Black's Tearoom in Waterloo. Mrs. E. I. Cable invited the girls to her home for a pot- luck supper. This was followed by the l-lallowe'en costume dance at the Cedar Falls Women's Club. Virginia McGee made the arrangements. The girls also published a sorority news letter to be sent to all alumni as a preliminary to the Homecoming Beunion. Early in the winter term, lane Cotton entertained the girls at a potluck supper, and the annual Christ- mas party was held at the home of Lois Adams. After vacation, the girls had a supper in the Yellow Kitchen at Bartlett Hall. A Mother's Day tea and the formal spring dinner dance at the Sunnyside Country Club were the most important events of the spring term, though many picnics were also planned. The officers for the year were Mrs. Lois Bowen, president, Miriam Feldman, vice-president, Evelyn Bretthauer, secretaryp and Thelma Peterson, trea- surer. INFORMAL MEETING IN ROSE ROOM fm., . Bowen, Feldman, Akin, Peterson Adams, Bretthauer, Cappel, E. Cappel Casey, Christensen, Cole, Cotton Cretzmeyer, Edsall, Feisner, Gibson, lacob McGee, Nehlsen, Noble, Palmquist, Pfefter K. Peterson, Rust, Wilson, Wymore, Zack V. C. V. SIGMA Wh 'WB' I QV Q ggvkgm FAT fam m W, Eu 1 1 1 1 1 it 54 H 1 5 I 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 X. 1 1 1 ,, in fi , 11 Powers, presidentg Robinson, vice-presidentg Roth, secretctry-treotsurer Dycus, presidentg Dubes, Vice-presidentg Zellhoefer, secretotry-trecrsurer Clotss officers dre rising in importonce on the lowot Stdte Tectchers College cctmpus. Durinq the potst few yedrs, the officers hove been omitted from the yeorrbook, but this yedr they rise oqdin to ct plcrce of prominence in the Annuctl. The motin function of the freshmotn cldss wds ot "Frosh" potrty held in the Commons in the fcrll to endble the freshmctn student to become better crcquctinted with his fellow- students. It wcrs CI very informorl pdrty, fectturinq dcrnces, sinqinq, crnd stunts. The sophomore clotss, under the leddership of its clctss officers, sponsored the Sophomofs Cotillion, dn dll-college donce in the Commons in Cctober, where they froliclced to the music of "Doc" Lctwson dnd his bornd. Page 84 EU Q8 unuocw and Senlotc Gilluly, president, l-lutchison, vice-president, Natviq, secretary-treasurer Pinqel, president, Dunlcleberq, vice-president, Baldwin, secretary-treasurer The junior class sponsored one of the most important functions of the year, the Washington Ball. This ball was held in the open to the entire student body. A junior couple, dressed as Georqe and Martha, was chosen by the officers to lead the grand march. Ianuary found the senior class officers busily enqaqed with plans for the Senior Prom, the all-colleqe dance honoring the senior students. ln addi- tion to the Prom, a class supper party was held in the Yellow Kitchen of Bartlett l-lall. Commons, and was Page 85 3? :mf X f, in ,Y if '- , 49 A, A Y 52 , XR, nhl A 496-EE?" ff. A fwmm , ByNoven1b917 the shldenf wmeloknom OUfbGGUhhl' oitheHonor- Qun their an lhe Symphq certdurinq Bm muff iween hi! Sevefqy 0 sented sir By November all the students have come to know and admire our beautitul campus. Some ot the l-lonorary Clubs have be- aun their annual proarams and the Symphony presented its con- cert durina the month. The Colleae - Band marched tor the last time be- tween halves ot a football aame. Several ot the Departmental Clubs pre- sented sianitioant proarams . . . VUQUZVUQCD U gwfucfamf il fl one Yun cn ine Cofnfn Dad e Dey' Xiononex 'Yne Theeidenkf e Home 'Yxne Tnnn oi G Line Uinf e Uni ?ep Wofnokete Bowen Pxqoin Xnek ci Snack Eeiore XG ' eval T:5n'neinnQ T. C. Greeks ,One Enqnen Debokere Ev enfnodq NneXps Penn ,Onie is 'Yeknenncnl Bacon 0 Sxjnonxjrn Sox Y? ep e YNxnoXe 'Yenfn o3Qns Koi 'Cn Tw s A Session, Hun? Shouldo Known Better Comlous Leoder Some Twister Mojor Dornos Better Keep it Cn Sophgmgfe Cmmion Yohhh, Windy Douioie-Iointed Mighty Clever i W'ho:t's the Deioy The Big Porofote Some Crowd GQ UQHZIQLLQ fs Such o business W IFXIQ, V ?f 1 5 yn? w L , : 62 .5 . X, 5: 'fa J . Q nmliillx , new , , I s Z, m , aw ,, , Q lf , b V147 1, A W , ' " f - Q ,,, f .fVI:,, Wfsiflf . .Q p . ff: .,,?.., vs, ' , 4' 'A , , Q 1 : 2 3,5 , f Q : gf: v X x V , 5' SZ' f 'J Q X ,W I , f Z P 1 rw - in M ,AL , , Mg, fs X ,f L, V my ,mi K 1 Zak .,, , 3 ,MM MWQW. A CO 1 ii lt ' fy: I t I , 4 1 1 i E ' 3 2 PURPLE ARROW 1 4 i ' i . A Q BERNITA BRUNDAGE . - - Pfesldem , RUTH RALEIGH . . . . vice-President 5 lj SUE LUND . . . Secretary-Treasurer l EDITH PINK , , , . Sergeant-At-Arms V f 5 Miss EMMA LAMBERT . . . . Adviser l 7 A it A , - - ose Of Purple Arrow, women s honorary organization, was 'formed tor the pufp . . . . omen encouraging and recognizing scholarship among freshman and sophomore W . 1 1 E I 1 , . Il ll ' ' k. and for honoring all women who have attained a B average in their class wOI . - - - - d The group also aims to encourage and promote high standards in individual CID mmunity living, and strives to turther the best interests ot the collefJ9- . A regular meeting is held the seventh week of each term, and new members are t initiated into the organization the eleventh week of each term. Other activit1eS L sponsored by Purple Arrow this year were a Christmas party, whiCh was held lfl ' A 3 the recreation rooms ot B artlett Hall, and a Mothers Day Tea in the small lounge , F K j MEMBERS: Brundage, Raleigh, Lund, Anderson, Ball, Beye, Bishop, B1'iDdlGY ot the Commons. l . E E. Cappel, Christophel, E. Cook, Dieckman, Edwards, Pink, Forsyth, GlaClG i Hamer, Hoover, Hudson, lohnston, Kirgis, Krumm, Mather, Cdland, CSG , E ROhd9f Ruifhenbefq, Smith, Stewart, Sutz, Teter, Thomsen, Wessels, Lambert C li E i t, , 'M Paqe 94 me oi men work. and 5 are vities ald in nunfle Paqe KAPPA DELTA PI TCM LAMKE .... . . . President VIQLET WILUMACK . . Vice-President ALETHA FREET . , Secretary ARMIN GRABER . . . Treasurer RCDWENA EDWARDS . . l-listorian Perhaps one ot the most active honorary organizations on the campus this year was Kappa Delta Pi, the national honorary education fraternity. lt attempts to encourage a higher degree ot devotion to social service by tostering high intel- lectual and personal standards during the period oi preparation tor teaching and recognizing outstanding service in the field ot education. During the year the members have sponsored educational movies which were open to all students on the campus. They also sent delegates to the National Kappa Delta Pi convention at Des Moines during the Winter term. New members are formally initiated at the beginning ot each term. ln the spring, the initiates were entertained at a breakfast. MEMBERS: Lamke, Freet, Graber, Bergstrom, Boysen, Brandenburg, Buck, Buftum, Burch Burroughs, Charlson, Cross, Davis, DeBuhr, Eby, Ellis, Feldman, Hamer Hiatt, l-lundley, lndvik, Kuethe, Kuetz, Larson, Mak, Marshall, Moore Moritz, McNally, McNutt, Neal, Peter, Rath, Reynolds, Rothlisberger, H. Rothlisberger Schmitt, Smaha, Staley, Steuben, 'Vande Waa, Weaver, Wescott, Williams, Wool- verton, Finkenbinder Page 95 94 L-il' i l? it e l, .4 5- , ,g l l it t tl I t I' 1 1 ' l s ' l 1 l, .N 1. l I 1 w 1 is , 5 . 5 F , I l lil it w A.. rl l t LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA GUNNER ovEReAARD . . Pfwident IVAN MOORE . . . Vice-President RICHARD KADESCH . . Secretary RoBERr CLARK D. . . Treasurer DR. R. W. CETCHELL . . A-ClViS91' The national honorary physical science fraternity, Lambda Delta Lambda, has been actively engaged this year in the promotion oi interest in and study' Of the various phases oi science. Each month the members ot Lambda Delta Lambda meet together tor dinner- At most oi these meetings an outside speaker is asked to appear beiore the group and address them on some branch ot science. ln addition to their dinner meeiinqf the fraternity sponsors the Alembic Club. This group meets for weekly' luncheons and round-table discussions. Alembic was chosen tor the club name from Cm old word given to chemistry apparatus. Pledges are taken into Lambda Delta Lambda three times a year. Pledgeship consists oi a two-Week period during which time a paper is prei3Cff9d OH G Subject ot scientific interest. MEMBERS: Cvergaard, Moore, Kadesch, Clark, Charlson Graber, Hinshaw, Miller, Thalman, Wilkinson, Getchell .cms he lGI. Jllp HQ I OHS C111 ship nlecl Paqe 96 BETA BETA BETA ROBERT KDHNSON - . Vice-President CLARA MAE RATH . . Secretary . . , Tfgggufgf EMMETT PCLDERBCER .... . Historian DR. E. l. CABLE, DR. WINIERED GlLBERT DR. C. W. LANTZ, DR. H. EARL RATH . Advisers At the first meeting of Beta Beta Beta, national biological science fraternity, Dr. C. W. Lantz, of the Science Department, spoke on his findings during his trip to Florida. At another meeting Dr. Martin Grant, also of the Science Department, spoke to the fraternity on the "Experiences of the Biologist in the South Seas." Beta Beta Beta, together with the other two science fraternities, sponsored a lecture in April on the "Newer Aspects of Heredity." Professor Lindstrom, of lowa State College, at Ames, was secured to deliver the address. Reference hooks in biological fields, sterilization, and birth control were dis- cussed at the other meetings of the fraternity, as well as the discussion of papers prepared hy pledges who were entering the organization. lnitiation into Beta Beta Beta is held the first meeting of each term and the pledges are picked from outstanding students in Biology. MEMBERS: Wilkinson, lohnson, Polderhoer, Rath, Ball, Brown, Charlson Disney, Franklin, Hiatt, Hundley, Manship, Misner, Lantz Page 97 1 i w l KAPPA MU EPs1LoN JEROME C3035 . . President PRIEDA PETER . . Vice-President TOM LAMKE . . . SSCTGTCTTY HAZEL ROTHLISBERGER . Treasurer N MISS EMMA LAMBERT . Adviser At various times during the year, usually once a month, a QIFOUD Of Young mathematicians gather together for a meeting. This group is organized under the name of Kappa Mu Epsilon and is the national honorary mathematics fraternity here on the campus. Each term promising young students of mathematics Wl'1O have met the necessary requirements of grade points and term hours of credit are given invitations to join the fraternity. E or those who accept the invitation, CI Period of pledgeship must be served. During this period, pledges are required to write Ci research paper on some advanced phase of mathematics. Informal initiation into Kappa Mu Epsilon is held each term. Each informCfl initiation is followed by a formal initiation and a dinner for the members and initi- ates. A news letter is published b y the fraternity each spring and coDi9S me Sem to the alumni of the organization. MEMBERS: Cross, Peter, Lamke, l-l. Rothlisberger, Arns, Bowers CCiTTiHQTO1fl, Hamer, Kadesch, Reimer, Rothlisberger, Stinehart, Lambert Page 98 GAMMA THETA UPSILON CLARENCE HACH . r President LUELLA KUETHE - . Vice-President MILDRED RESSLER . . secretary BUPERT MCNALLY . . , Treeeurer Miss ALisoN AtTcH1soN . , Advreer Gamma Theta Upsilon opened its program with a project for the utilization of land in Cedar Heights. This was completed at the first meeting in the fall, which was held in Cedar Heights. This project and other field trips during the year aided in the purpose of the fraternity to further the interest and knowledge of geography among its members, and in the discussion of current geographical problems and techniques. Gamma Theta Upsilon fraternity also gathered all available information that could be obtained from the soil conservation committee of Black Hawk County, and in addition to this work, investigated the contributions which were made by geo- graphers to the conservation work carried on by the government in various lines. The fraternity joined in the Homecoming festivities and prepared a breakfast for all alumni members who returned for the celebration. MEMBERS: Hach, Kuethe, Ressler, McNally, Birchard Hudek, jackson, Lamke, Mathers, Matthews, A. Miller Miller, M. Miller, Moore, Urice, Aitchison, Uttley Page 99 t l ymyw an Syst CD VQCMEST TQ!! lx The College Symphony Orchestrot is composed oi outstctnding musicicrns in the College. To become ot member ot this group one need not be ct motjor in the field of strcrte his otbility gs g musicictn. Try-outs dre held once g music, but he must demon yedr otnd the new members ctre picked by the music professors. Th ' ' e Thecrter Crchestrot is mctde up of g picked group from the members of the Symphony Qrchestrot. They plcty tor Tutor Ticklers, the Qperct the College SinQI9TSf ond tor the thecrtricgl productions on the cgmpus. Ncrdine Borden i the President s ctnd lctmes Dycus, the Secretctry. First Violins: Sutz, Sutherlotnd, Bohde, Cotrl, l'loXie, Moor, Krumm, Ptctltzgrcttt, Wiler Pcrncrcttz. Second Violins: Behrens, Mueller, Bosenberger, Schultz, Miller, Hctnsen, Blesie, Miller, Gronberg, E. Miller, Eppinli, Cunninghctm. Violas: Wirth, BubYf Steuben, lohnson, Neumeyer, Eby. Cfellos: Borden, Willidms, F. Schultz, Stinehdrt. Brunddge, Miller. Basses: lones, Cctrpenter, Lenz, Downing, Le Vdlley. Flutes: Strunce, Mctynctrd. Oboe: Mitze. Clarinets: Dilger, Bowley. Bctssoons: V. Miller, Yousling. French Horns: Dycus, Guster, Bohde, Gctlier. Trombones: F. lohnson, Trotto, Freemdn. P' - ' ' iano. Bitter. Tympam: Bode. Percussion: Dennis, Dubbert. Page 100 'nv' I 9 The Men's Rand is responsible tor much ot the pep that has been evident at the various athletic contests that have been staqed here on the campus durinq the past year. The orqanization excels as a marching band and combines with members ot the Women's Band to make a superior Concert Band. Mr. Myron Russell has di- rected the band and is responsible tor all the marching formations. First Row: Cross, Youslina, Downes, Knostman, Munqer, Driscoll, Morris, Miller, Dennis, Dubbert, Miller, Hcover, Benz, Taylor. Second Row: Knapp, Strunce, Herwiq, Hoqshead, Mueller, Knapp, Powers, A. Kruse, Getchell, Dycus, Weir, Thompson, Landon, Roberts, Kamm, Foster. Third Row: Heddens, Kraiit, Nobel, Pritchard, Gaden, Nuss, H. Hinshaw, Walton, Wolte, Rowley, Rovee, Housen, Aupperle, l. Mueller, Fishman. Fourth Row: Parrish, Ehrler, Greany, Lampman, R. Guster, G. Guster, Dunn, Hin- shaw, V. Kruse, Lund, Rorher, Rruns, Pritchard, Clark. Fitth Row: Hamersley, Kwalek, lones, Trotto, Brower, Freeman, Teeter, Ridenour, Cumminqs, F. lohnson, Rlolier. MYRON E. RUSSELL Director 0 Z RAND K l 6 t -. 4,. RI-IO EPSILON RHO The members of Rho Epsilon Rho, campus pep promoters, opened the year's activities when they sold caps to the freshmen on Registration Day. Following this, they sponsored the Pep lamboree, the first all-college dance of the year. The fraternity supervised the transportation and the parade to the West l-ligh stadium in Waterloo, Where the opening home football game was played. They also decorated the campus and sold megaphones for the Homecoming game sponsored pre-game pep rallies, performed a stunt at each home basketball game, and for the first time continued their meetings through the spring term to inspire pep for the track meets. I Mr. Erbe was the adviser for the club and the officers were Russell Verploegh, president: Coralie Coontz, secretary, and Noel Bacon, treasurer. Front Row: Trunnell, l-lopper, Marsten, Bacon, Rath, Coontz, Dunkelberg. Second Row: Akin, Broughton, Bradley, Stroup, Feldman, McGee, Qnorato. Third Row: Connell, Anderson, Kadesch, Burch, Eddy, Tripp, Cameron, Tutt, Sherf. Fourth Row: Benz, Varner, Collard, Brown, Vaala, Chase, Monroe, Graber, Weller. Page 102 l r CLUB The "l" Club is motde up of those men on the ccrmpus who hdve ecrrned votr- sity letters in dthletic competition. The members get together ecrch spring dnd elect their otticers tor the following yeorr. Lorst spring they elected Melvin Nelson to be their presiding otticer tor the current yedr. Pdul lones wcts elected cts vice-presi- dent dnd Hcrrold Church ds secretotry. The purpose ot the "l" Club is to credte cr better understdnding crmong the "l" men. A new project, to be executed next torll, hds been begun this yeotr by the mem- bers ot the club. Cne tootbcrll gdme will be set dside during the sedson dt which dll former "l" men will be honored by the college. The "l" Club will hcrve chotrge of ctrrcrngements tor this event. The members ot the club sponsor Plcty Ddy, which is held edch tdll term, dnd Pldy Night, which occurs edch winter term. ln ctddition, this spring they hctve been sponsoring bi-monthly mixed swims. Fourth Row: Cfnctgy, McCctbe, Stout, Hdrp, Nelson, Torrence, Cfilluly. Third Row: St. Clctir, Cstrem, lones, Hutchison, Weiner, Kelly. Second Row: Aldermcrn, Snell, Long, Anderson, Cheney, Nottvig. Front Row: Eggers, Curtis, Schmidt, Blotclc, Smith. Page 103 UNITED STUDENT MOVEMENT Stanley Benz was the president of the United Student Movement for this year. Other officers included Gwendolyn McCague, vice-president, and Marjorie l-lovey, secretary. The first activity ot the year was a ireshman orientation program during the first three Sundays of the iall term. Religious Forums were planned each Sun- day evening. The committees tor the iorums changed each term to give all the members an opportunity to take part. Religious Emphasis Week was planned by a joint council made up of repre- sentatives ot every religious organization on the campus, and consisted of special Services in The H1OTHi1flQI. The cabinet planned the two big all-campus parties, the PGH Fun Fest Gnd The Spring Fling. Many smaller groups met to discuss problems Of DGFSOHCIUTY Cmd legdership, both spiritual and social, in ways that could brinq about UDUY Of purpose and a genuine appreciation ot creative lite. fgont ROW' HSHCUSTSOH, l-lovey, McCague, Bosley, Buxbaum, Todd, Poppenheimeff enz. Second Row: Smith, Hillerson, Frampton, Charlson, Barnes, Mcliellips, COlbUm' Landsberg. Third ROW: Graber' Brown, Bmndenbufq, Stout, Charles, Vigars, Wilkinson, Miller. Pcrfle 104 ? l t . t wx ti THETA EPSILGN Theta Epsilon is the sorority tor Baptist girls. The president tor this year was Nedra Stevens. Other otticers were Nina Bowers and Dorothy Crowell, vice-presi- dents: Mildred Teter, secretary and treasurer, and lune Croft, historian. Freshman guests were invited to a rushing picnic at lsland Park and later they attended a tea at the home of Mrs. C. M. Weir. Atter the Homecoming breakfast, the girls attended church together, and Mrs. Weir was hostess to the girls at a Thanks- giving dinner in her home. Their Christmas party was held there, and the formal initiation services followed an annual dinner at Trumbull's.' The social function in February was a Valentine Party, and a St. Patriclds Day party was held in March. The annual ,birthday dinner planned tor April, a Mother's Day tea, and a picnic completed the year's activities. The sorority also completed a project for the White Cross. . The general topic tor the study meetings ot the year, "The Miss-Fits in Lite, was studied from the spiritual, emotional, cultural, social, and physical phases. Front Bow: Walsh, Stevens, Weir, Teter, Croft. Second Bow: Coontz, Boberts, Van Deest, Platt, Bentley, Crowell. Third Bow: lohnson, Block, Bergstrom, Anderson, Bowers, Miller, Campbell. Page 105 -lu KAPPA PHI The traditional lohn Wesley tea was held to introduce the freshman Methodist women to the Kappa Phi Sorority. Regular supper meetings were held twice a month. In December the group had their formal dinner and initiation, and a senior breakfast and installation was held in party in February at the Y. M. C. A. camp on Morris lsle. After the Heart of Hearts party for members of all religious foundations, which was held in February, refresh- ments were served at the Wesley Foundation. May. The group also sponsored an out-door The officers were Erma Brouhard, president, Annie Baker, vice president, Mar- garet Mclfllhinney, recording secretary, Hazel Rothlisberger, corresponding Secre- tary, and Richie Church, treasurer. Miss Helen Plank was the adviser. Front Row: Baker, Mclilhinney, Brouhard, Plank, Moon, Church, Rothlisberger. Second Row: V. Baker, S ee H by, Morlocli. Third Row: Boardm McCray, Tuthill, Benek Fourth Row: Spain. p rs, ansen, Howe, McNabb, Maurer, Myers, Willoufyll' an, Clden, Willoughby, Cardiff, Tonsfeldt, Miller, Comfort, Q v. Reed, Vass, Lister, Peet, Stewart, Kubcheclc, Reece, Ruthenberg, D9 Fifth Row: McElhinney, Runkle, Rothlisberger, Knoedler, Young, Ehrensberqef Wardman, Abram, Lyon, Brown. Page 106 PI TAU THETA Organized to promote Wholesome social activities and to develop tuture leaders in the church, the Phi Tau Theta has helped a great deal in promoting a feeling of friendship among the members. Old members and prospective candidates met early in the tall to elect Duane l-loepiner president, Lloyd Ruby vice-president, Norris Pritchard secretary and treasurer, loseph Stone chaplain, Harold Charter historian, Charles Dayhoii pledge- master, and Steve Sanders social chairman. Mr. Boardman and Reverend Baker served as advisers oi the group. P Dads oi the members were ieted at a Dad's Day Banquet held at the Wesley Foundation, and the Kappa Phi Sorority girls and their fathers were also invited. Several parties were held throughout the year, including one joint meeting with the Kappa Phi. Several members attended the National Conclave at Lincoln, Nebraska, in November. Weekly meetings tended to keep the members closer together, and to help the newer students orientate themselves into a seemingly complex college lite Front Row: Stone, Ruby, l-loepfner, Pritchard. Second Row: Newsum, Butler, Rowley, Sanders, Bucher. Third Row: Charter, Walton, Barber, Pawlak, Richardson, Dayhoii Page 107 , l ,iii- PHI CHI DELTA Phi Chi Delta, club for Presbyterian women, met each Wednesday during the school year at the Westminster l-louse. The first meeting of the month was for busi- ness, the second for worship, the third was a social meeting, and the fourth was mainly a program of entertainment. Special meetings included a homecoming breakfast for the alumnae, a green and gold tea for Presbyterian freshman women, the annual lndian hike, the annual scout breakfast, the Twelfth Night party, a rose dinner, fall pledging at Founder's day anniversary time, winter ceremonial and initiation, spring breakfast for lVlother's day, and a Senior farewell breakfast on the last Sunday of the year. Yda Schultz as president was assisted by Leila Miller, secretary, Dorothy lVloW- bray, treasurer, and Mrs. Nell W. Black was sponsor of the organization. Front Bow: lacobs, Clsen, Schultz, Black, Miller, Fisher, Mowbray. Sgcfmd BOWI HCITHS, Trottnow, lvl. Trottnow, Stevenson, lrvine, Miller, Beecher, Shoemaker, l-lostetter. Third ROW3 BiSl'1OD, SCYIWCINZ, Hamer, Shafer, Parker, Bacon, Bristol, Fulton, Freri chs. Fourth ROW: LYON' VCfSl911hOUi, Delbridge, Clark, Nelson, Eppink, Strohkarcli, DUTSL Bppink, lones, Pringnitz. STOWAWAY Cfficers for Stowaway Club during the school year were: Carlton Dailey, presi- dent, Fd Lund, vice-presidentp Carroll Soenlqe, secretary and treasurer. Mrs. Nell Black served as adviser for the group. The group, organized to promote fellowship among Presbyterian men and their friends on the campus, meets once a month to enjoy an informal dinner at the Westminster Student Center. This year has witnessed more activity than has ever been evident before. The whole year's activity centered around the theme: "Problems and Philosophy of College Men," and various faculty members have spoken to the group to enable the students to come to some worthwhile conclusion and develop a satisfactory philosophy of life. Faculty members who have spoken are: Dr. Beatrice Geiger, C. C. Todd, Dr. l-larold Bosley, N. C. Schneider, Miss Rose l-lansen, Dr. Marshall Fl Beard, Dr. F. W. Lambertson, Dr. H. A. Riebe, and Dr. Roy L. Abbott. Front Row: Freeman, Soenke, Dailey, Cross, Kruse. Second Row: Aupperle, Cross, Chapman, North, Burch, Kracalilq. Page 109 V , 1 Z 7 ' l' Q H? l...,, . ' 22?- Z ': 5 si Z B n .. if K . E u '4 LUTHERAN STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION A reception at the Martin Luther Foundation opened the year's activities and introduced Lutheran students to the organization, which resulted in a membership of fifty-five, the largest the association has ever had. ln November delegates were selected to attend the Lutheran Regional Conference at La Crosse, Wisconsin. The group had l-lallowe'en and Christmas parties, and in February held its annual banquet at the Commons, using the L. S. A. automobile as the theme. Rev- erend H. W. Siefkes, a former student pastor, was a guest at the dinner. 1 The regular meetings every two weeks were carried on under the leadership of Dr. R. O. Skar and Miss Anna M. Sorenson, advisers, and Reverend Arthur Holm, the student pastor. The officers are Ruth Matson, president, Edwin Schreiber, vice- president, Ruth Raleigh, secretary: Martha Semm, treasurer, and Pearl Fossel, reporter. Front Row: Aron, Kurtz, Semm, Larsen, Raleigh, Fossel, Steward. Second Row: Hetzler, Carlon, Nielsen, Bugh, Aulerich, Grimm, Anderson. Third ROWI TGHdCIll, PUGQIQSL Grimm, Rath, Bergstrom, Lee, Clark, Sanger. Fourth Row: Lars GU, Norman, Shumwav, Ose, Pedersen, Kruse, Thada, Ieqtevi Mueller, Erickson. Pqge llo CAT HOLIC STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION ln the tall the Catholic Students' Association adopted a regular program of study club activities to be planned by ditierent committees tor every other Sunday. The intervening Sundays were iilled by social activities, which included Hallowe'en and Christmas parties in the Y. W. C. A. rooms. Evelyn Sernett, who was nominated by the Association, was chosen one oi the six beauty queens, and the group selected Paul Wadle and Erma Cfuclcenberger for representative students. V Paul Wadle was president, Tony Giarratano, vice president, Mary Elizabeth Hawkins, secretary-treasurer, and Leon Strain, librarian. Miss Corley Conlon was the adviser. Front Row: Carroll, Lenz, Hawkins, Wadle, Giarratano, Strain, Byrne, Erusha. Second Row: Conway, Martini, H. Erusha, Edwards, P. Erusha, Guckenberger, Bova, Wentz, Henderson. Third Row: McCarthy, Chapman, Zlatchlavek, Russell, Heuring, C'Brien, Stringer, Miller, Kilcoin. Fourth Row: Cronin, McCabe, Schaai, Handtelt, MacDonald, ToSaw, May, Onorato, Dolan, Sullivan. Page lll Fitth Row: Gretter, Scholten, Costigan, Craft, Kenyon, Dolan, Cfaraghty, Trotto Leyden, Fuegen, Ptemke. l X ', f f mx f 4 I 1 A. S ,. if f ,M.n...sumw- ' X 0 fy if gf , WW ' 2. 1 ' M, ,f,Q f , ff: , 1 f , ' , 4, . MWQQXW, A . , , ,,,, ,nf ' 1, W' " ff, ,Q , ' ,.,, ,, ,, W .M t- V K k , fm, ' P, ' g,fgW4M,,,,6,,,,x . H , f KfCf,,f..fx4 ,. .. A , A f , , I ., A , ,, , , ,,,, Q, ,f ,, ,, ' ' W, , . rf ,,A. , ,, K , 1 hu ,, f Z, ,, . ,f g , K. K W, , ,, f I x f Wm W 11 , f .,. ...V ff-----.7 ,.., , "' i ' A 0' , ' s gf., , . ' 1 The Teen sche Cen mom C5510 Tere por im Tom W th The Basketball Team began a heavy schedule in the North Central Athletic Conterencep more of the Honorary Clubs en- qaaed in activities to further in- terest in their special fields. De- partmental Clubs, too, played an important role in December. Cra- tory, Extempore and Debate Teams were busy with their schedule that led them into several states and Canada COACH DICKINSON .- 4 '- .. EP I Llw f f' ,, - -' 'f +1 I .. 5" ' 3 V-44 f ' f-1 Q ,,,, . M 1 , .' Q 41: H 2 , fke ff . ff 4' Vw like V' f f . M '- 33, ,, A I ,H z P. .,,, ,,,.,. . . It YATCHAK X , ,. I . L I. .. . 1 ' X f f -' fc " ' LW? , f Q. 5 ., WZ.. i I 5 1 f PANTHER CAGE RS TIE O OURTH PLACE IN LOOP Playing over a tough twelve-game route, including eight North Central Conference tilts, the l937 Pan- ther basketball team emerged with a record book showing five wins and seven losses. The Tutor quintet broke even in non-loop games winning two and dropping two. In league competi- tion, they won three and lost five to finish in a tie for fourth with South Dakota University. Seven veterans, including three regulars from the l936 five, greeted A. D. Dickinson as workouts started, and the Tutors got off to a good start, nicking Grinnell 22 to l8, for Victory Number One. Coe College turned back the Panthers in the next game, pulling through in the final seconds to win 22 to 2l, in a game that had plenty of thrills for the peo- ple in the stands. Opening their North Central campaign, the Purple and Gold battled North Dakota University, the pick of the conference, on even terms for nearly 40 min- utes, only to lose 25 to 23 in the waning minutes. The N odaks went on to finish the season undefeated to win their fourth straight league title. Grinnell extended the Panther losing streak to UWTGG QIOIIHGS, piling up a 46 to 38 margin in a rouqh and tumble affair at Grinnell. Dflffell Black, clever loall-handling guard, handed the Tutors their first conference win, droppinq i1'l Cf 1OT1QI shot in the final 20 seconds to heat out South Dakota State 36 to 35. Twice in Quick succession, the Purple and Gold took it on the chin, losing two games in three dCIYS d io Morningside College. The Maroons, who pushe North Dakota University for the title, won 25 to 22 CIT homef and 1'OmD9Cl over the Tutors 32 to I6 at Cedar Falls. 5. I . E. ls Q7 I l I P I s K 5, I l I 1 Cmaha U. was the victim as the Panthers collected their second loop win, beating out lohnny Baker's quintet 33 to 24. The Tutors wound up their home conference season, losing a hard-fought game to the powerful North Dakota State five 28 to 23. The Panthers stayed out in front most of the way, but the Bison forged ahead on a pair of quick baskets in the final minutes to win. The next game, the highlight of the season, saw the Tutor five shake an ancient Coe "jinX" to nose out the Kohawk quintet 35 to 34, in one of those games that had the fans in hysterics. The lead changed hands 2l times be- fore Bob Curtis dropped in a shot from the front court to put the game away in the final minute. Swinging around the south end of the loop, the Panthers rang down the basketball curtain, breaking even in two loop games. They lost to South Dakota University, but chalked up their second win of the season over Omaha, 46 to 31 in the finale. Bob Curtis, lanky center, led the Tutor scorers for the second straight year with a total of ll6 points in l4 games. George Pederson, veteran forward, finished in second place with 74 points. Curtis and Darrell Black were picked on the North Central Conference honor selections, and Curtis was named at center on the Des Moines Begister's All-State basketball squad. DELTA SIGMA RI-IO PAUL BoYsEN. . . - Preedent DR. P. W. LAMBERTsoN . . Adviser Delta Sigma Rho, national honorary forensic fraternity, is the oldest debate fraternity in the United States. lts history has been in the making since l802. The lowa State Teachers College is the only institution of its kind in the country that has been granted a charter by the national organization. There are but two other institutions in lowa which have been granted a charter by the Delta Siqmel Rho Fraternity. Students of and participants in debate must meet a number of reauiremenie before they may be admitted in the local chapter. One of these requirements is participation in debate in at least three major schools of the country. A student must also be enrolled as a junior before admittance. H Members of the fraternity also participate in the tournament that is sponsored each year by Delta Sigma Rho. MEMBERS: Boysen, Brandenburg, l-leuring Nordslcog, Woolverton, Lambertson Page l. THETA ALPHA PHI MARGARET GUMP . D president RICHARD BERGSTRQM . . Secretary MRS. l. H. HART . . . r Treererrrer MISS HAZEL B. STRAYER . , Adviser Theta Alpha Phi Fraternity is the organization to which all outstanding students in dramatics belong. Exacting requirements are set up for all candidates for mem- bership, and only those who can meet these requirements are admitted to the group. The fraternity meets each month either in the drama shop or at the home of one of the members. This year Theta Alpha Phi took an active part in the orientation program planned by the Student Council. Freshman students were invited to visit the drama shop and special guides pointed out and explained the drama facilities on the campus. The program was planned not only to acquaint the new students with opportunities for development here on the campus, but to help each student find a field of activity here in college. The fraternity also assisted with the Homecoming play and the entertainment of the returning drama enthusiasts. MEMBERS: Gump, Bergstrom, Baldwin Lawton, Stoddard, Strayer PC1139 119 . . r 5. mg..,..:..,,.,t, , ,. . --v-. - ..... -.W ,... f .,,..,,,, V .rm-V -.,"11T r,,IJ1Z.,.,.p-:' 1 - ,, . , , . f -.--... .. -f l 1 l 9 V l 1 I FIRST-YEAR PRIMARIES The First-Year Primary Club has for its purpose the creating of interest and unity among the girls interested in professional problems. The regular meetings were held every two weeks on Monday, and during the year the girls had several spreads. lust before Thanksgiving they joined the Second-'Year Primary group for a dinner in the Commons. The officers of the club were Mary Patrice Schaaf, president, Theda Van Patter, vice president, and Alice Frederickson, secretary-treasurer. Miss May Smith and Miss Amy Arey advised the group. Front Bow: Bristol, Brodley, Case, Brown, Pfaltzgraf, Bost, Russell, Clarke, Knudson, Schaaf, l-lolngard, Cunningham, Sass, Larson. Second Bow: Baustian, Bake, Elleson, Chrestensen, McCord, Steward, Bouse, Fisher, Shoemaker, Van Patter, Bova, Newcomer, Charlson, l-larris, Long, Brown. Third Bow: Beecher, Phillips, Klassie, Bugh, lakeman, Smith, Carlon, Griffen, Wymore, Blesie, Pfeffer, LeValley, ffeiny, Lister, Potwin, Cole, Quasdorf. FOUTTT1 ROWS PGJISTSOD, Laughton, Ericksen, Beibesheimer, Appleton, Conrad, Olson, l-lettler, Brechner, Luft, l-luglin, Searles, l-lizey, Carver, Freeden, Nichols. Fifth Bow: Det Brewer, Matson, Nehlsen. wiler, Nelson, Fetzer, lones, Leonard, Miller, Cook, Grimm, Thilifeff Page l2O ...f .1 'VJ aff ,,.-ff ,,...-M-' ,,,..r , SE' l Miss Wor schc new a t Fri W S f I' SECCND-YEAR PBIMARIES During the year lune Cse was president oi the Second-Year Primary Club and Miss Amy Arey and Miss May Smith advised the group. ln the tall Miss Ianet Works, social chairman, and Mr. I. H. Peet, superintendent of the Cedar Falls public schools, talked to the girls, and during Book Week Miss Amy Arey gave reports on new books. , Social activities tor the year included a Thanksgiving dinner, a Valentine party, a theatre party in March, and a May breakfast. Front Bow: Voigt, Semple, Westtal, White, Hamilton, Findlay, Stewart, Clause, Wolary, Boers, Diechman. A Second Bow: De Baggio, Morlock, Smith, Cook, Bigelow, Howe, Muckler, Koos, Holmes, Peterson, Hamer, Tuthill, Wendland. Third Bow: Blattspieler, Carditt, Aron, Smith, Glasnapp, Boberts, McCreary, Seleine, Dunlop, Carr, Gillham, Bector, Hetzler. Fourth Bow: Bomine, Bath, Andersen, Cappel, Dwier, Strader, Nelson, Taylor, Christophel, Fulton, Becker, Mcliellips, Sexton, Conklin. Fitth Bow: Seemann, lenson, Primus, Archer, Vastenhout, Schatter, Schadel, Wil- liams, Phillips, Kuschel, Strong, Ewing. Sixth Bow: Marshall, Becker, Iensen, Wetherbee, Brandenburg, Beed, Ketchen, Wagner, Husmann, Lehr, Siesseger, Strayer. Seventh Bow: Anderson, Masteller, Beard, Boyer, Magee, Youtzy, Eppink, Haaland Siemens, Ose, West, Ligget. Page 121 - KAPPA PIL BETA ALPHA This year Kappa Pi Beta Alpha enjoyed the largest membership it has ever had. The group consists ot junior and senior primary girls and was created to develop the students intellectually, professionally, and socially. During the year various taculty members talked to the girls, and members ot the organization gave reviews oi new books tor primary children. ln the spring Ruth Vande Waa directed a verse choir rehearsal. , ,TWK wt' wif' ELE ln A the l9II Darien the QF l t The group had a l-lallowe'en party in the 'Yellow Kitchen and a Christmas party in the alcove and small lounge of the Commons. ln May the club had their annual alumni banguet. Alice l-lagenbuch was the president and assisting otticers were Evelyn Stiles, vice president: May Cravon, secretary, Lucille Neal, treasurer. Miss May Smith and Miss Amy Arey advised the group. Front Row: Erickson, Bechtelheimer, Vande Waa, Stiles, l-lagenbuch, Gravon, Neal, Welch. Second Row: Peak, Nelson, Mitchell, Marshall, Morlock, Share, Spraqq, PGTGTSOD' lones. Third Row: Luse, Curless, Roark, Lincoln, Carver, Cappel, Christensen, Hlllefson' Colton, Parker. Fouflh ROW3 GTUGHGU, Blidgett, Roseman, Parran, De Buhr, Meyer, Petersen, HOQUD' y Hiatt, Lyon. Page 122 ll WGH l Front Shot Sect Ber mc Th O. F. F l PQ, r r I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I I I I I 1, MI Uni Q I I I I I .4-+-'Qi' I rf, I ELEMENTARY CLUB ln the fall the Elementary students had a picnic at the Golf Course. Later in the term they elected Wilma Wikert as president: Erna Wiechert, vice president, Darlene Shook, secretary, and Edythe Zimmer, treasurer. During the winter term the group met tor the annual dinner in the Yellow Kitchen, and in the spring they went on a picnic. Dr. H. A. Riebe and Mr. C. O. Todd advised the club. Front Row: Knipe, Beed, Kvidera, Raleigh, Croft, Teter, Zimmer, Wikert, 'Wiechert Shook, Tripp, Pollock, Scull, Varner, Carlsen, Fink Second Row: Swarner, Lee, Ramge, Freeland, Rutter, Iacobia, Edwards, Welton, Beneke, Patterson, Feller, Downs, Zahniser, Trottnow, Willoughby, Tesser, Hassel- man, Kenison Third Row: Ball, Bentien, Comfort, Iacob, Winnie, Odland, Evans, Aden, Erickson, Olsen, Fossel, Voss, Miller, Nielsen, lrvine, Askelson, Weller, Weisbark Fourth Row: Rogness, Bushnell, Oftt, Dolmage, Taylor, Heritage, Mueller, Krumm, Rainbolt, Carlson, lohnson, Kuil, Havlichek, Kern, North, Gran, Pettis Fifth Row: Roudabush, Cfriemann, Keplar, Russell, Ruthenberg, Reece, Crow, Filloon, Sullivan, Raben, Campbell, Lark, Iohnson, Keebicek, Weitenhagen, Knud- sen, Mellem, Brashear, Till Sixth Row: Pixler, Baker, Oesterreicher, Bergstrom, De Koster, Coppernoll, Vande- haar, Ecklund, VanEngen, Tendall, Forsyth, Veit, McCarthy, Reed, Miller, Halstrorn, Stevens, Brooks, lessen, Siglin, Halliday Seventh Row: Beye, Thiesen, Thorson, Smith, Bishop, Smith, Drews, Hanson, Ruy- mann, Arnold, Holden, Walsh, Pladsen, C. Pladsen, Anderson, Haney, ToSaw, Iohnson, Mowbray, Thada Page 123 . I wx ,I-,T X5 ' ---gif 15-111.237, .n i- E7: Lf-, .- HAM Orqf Nordslw trectstlft' loundel debate J debut 1 SOCIAL SCIENCE HoNoRs lit but The Social Science Honors Society is composed of men and Women students Cm who are academically superior in the field of social sciences. The organization, as the name suggests, is an honorary club. Scholarship of a high rating in social science is the requirement for admission. O To become a member of the Social Science Honors Society it is necessary for E a candidate to have taken thirty hours of Work from the courses offered in the Social Science Department and to have maintained a "B" average throughout the courses. There are about twenty-five students Who have met the requirements of admission set up by the organization. The Social Science Honors Society has made provisions in their constitution for alternate members. These people do not gain the status of a full member, but may be admitted after taking only twenty hours of Worlf: instead of the thirty hours re- quired of full members of the organization. Ardys Smith has acted as president of Social Science Honors Society the paST year and Frieda Peter has filled the position of vice-president. The secretaryship has been taken care of by Arvillamae Chick. Third Bow: McNally, Stout, Strohbehn, Brandenburg, McNutt, Hutchison, Decker, l Bush. Second Bow: Miller, M. Miller, Bishop, Byrne, Urice, Alderman. Front Bow: Beard, Arant, Peter, Smith,,Chick, Thompson, Sage. l 4 P099 124 4 p We 1 ff 2? 5 HAMILTON CLUB Organized early in the tall term with Bandall l-lartlieb as president, Genevieve Nordskog vice-president and program chairman, and Erwin Gaede secretary and treasurer, l-lamilton Club has been active in all lines oi forensic activity. lt is founded with the purpose in mind to encourage interest in public speaking and debate among the students on the campus. Meetings were held at bi-monthly din- ners at the Commons, and at each ot these meetings the program consisted of debates, after-dinner talks, or orations. This club sponsored and promoted the annual International Debate held in November between teams representing this college and Oxford University oi Eng- land, the oratory and extemporaneous speaking contest, the Brindley Memorial De- bate Tournament, at which three scholarships were given to high school students, and the first lunior College Debate Tournament to be held on the campus. Members in the club receive actual training in judging all types oi speaking contests, and throughout the course oi the year various schools in this part of the state employed the services of these students as competent judges. Front Bow: Caede, Lambertson, l-lartlieb, Nordskog, Weaver. Second Bow: Freet, Kirgis, Boysen, Snyder, Wescott. Third Bow: Benz, Connell, Brandenburg, Burger, Telleen. ,-. ..-M- Page 125 V 57" ' W : 'J --1':. 2' , Q' i KIRGIS STRAIN wa' ENZ B Mull C0 TCUCHAE RTLIEB HA HEURlN Sl CRAIG IQY an EXTENDS QE Iowa State Teachers College has long had a repu- tation for its top-ranking speakers in oratory and ex- temporaneous speaking. In oratory the speeches are written and delivered by the students themselves. Extemporaneous speaking requires long and careful preparation on a li-mited field of topics and gives the participants extensive training in rapidly organizing and delivering speeches. its f "At Whose Risk," an oration by Lawrence Touchae, won iirst place in the state Peace Oratori- cal Contest held in Des Moines. Leon Strain for the men and Doris Kirgis tor the women eCiCh won third place in oratory with their sel t' t h I ec ions a t e owa Forensic Association meeting. Mr. Strain also represented the college in extemporaneous speaking at the Iowa Forensic Association meeting, winning iirst place. Miss Kirgis won third in the same division. To H to debq. Where 1' Uflivers A Wm lhe Wor Clflllfjn Cflrleim Ghio Vx, Page 125 ,A H1 P 5 '5- BENZ BRANDENBURG CONNELL DIPPEL GAEDE HARTLIEB HEURING SNYDER WOOLVERTON COACH LAMBERTSON DEBATE One of the most extensive debate programs of any school is boasted of by lowa State Teachers College. During the year twenty students participated in over one hundred debates. The highlight of the local season was the annual international debate which brought a return trip by R. U. P. Kay-Shuttleworth and at v A. I. Greenwood, representing Oxford University, to debate with the Teachers College representatives, Randall l-lartlieb and Phil Connell. To Ernest Brandenburg and Stanley Benz goes the honor of being the first Teachers College speakers to debate on foreign soil. The annual trip during the Christmas holiday took them to Toronto, Canada, where they met the team from the University of Toronto. Other teams which they met included Cornell University, Western Reserve University, and a radio debate against Swarthmore College in Philadelphia. A women's debate team was sent to Northeastern State Teachers College at Talequah, Oklahoma, and the women's team of LeNora Dippel and Mary lane Snyder tied for first place at the lowa Forensic Asso- ciation Meeting. Some of the other schools met in competition during the year were Drake University, Carleton College, Maine University, South Dakota University, Alabama University, Purdue University, Ohio Wesleyan University, and the University of Minnesota. Page 127 1 As. 2 N , zu. Z4 gf we 4, - Z X f W WWIW Wf Mwamdfwmwxm A f .- 5, , fx. ie, Ha, Y -C "Vx 'E .. .W 4,5 LL W, 1 142 if-0' h f. Iauwu time the campus uit and ushered in t athietic, social, t activity. Depa were busy, the Diuyed at the and the Wret month. Tutor ht the student Clubs were I lanuary blanlceted the campus with snow and ushered inamonth of athletic, social, and academic activity. Departmental Clubs were busy, the Women's Band played at the basketball games, and the Wrestling Team met a great many of its opponents this month. Tutor Ticklers was presented by the students and again the l-lonorary Clubs were prominent . . . . . . . Mm. f my qonsnww awww f ffww Q, XWMAQMW . , ". - 2.55 ' -. 13:- 1 , -, f , ,.., f-., .-,. .,,,,, ,.,: . V :L A , .. . ., .- 1 1 " -1 1 2' 4 .- f.-I-,3 . . . f P , 151: ""- 5 fal-Z4-, I ff. , ' 'ff - 1. , ,f 7, -,. , 4.1 ' v,- .-,, -,,1.-gg. . , f '.:,-. 1 ju. . :I -, ':- fn.-.. -,jug 'YA - . tg. ',v,.f::gf' Jig ,. ...V-, . .ffm .f I, .,,., I,-.wvzvt ,A .fQ,., J fn, ,,v....,f,',,,,, -,L . ., ,,.v . 1 f . f..--'ZJ'f'xf""': " f- . - -.ff V 1 , , f-I--f, .-.., 4. -.-,,.gf--'4....., X A fm- - ,f,--. ,, 1--. -- -:us . . f-f. , . J .-'.Jf'v'-- . -fm "H ' -. Q.: 4- .-' .-- 1,.f.JT --J-.'f'-' --f ,..,'. , .,.,, , ,.. ,.., ., P , ,, , ,-... f,. 1 M .n -4,-'x ..'- '.'--"'x.'.- -'.' . .., - -,r-. -':'.. 'vu' s Q, - ,,.', 1, - . .,,.. . . .I 1, f,. , r Q , l , 1 ' 'Z ff --gn.-, "1"f-"'j.,.'jf-V-,"f4!,-'.1,7', .w,.. .- .,, .r .-,Q Q ,fx .-.---f- -fr' - 1. K'-7.4 hw,-33: - .. . - ...,.., ,.,,f.: ,., V,,.,,...,.-,,,,,,.,-v,UMV.,,.. . uf- 1- H.. .,,.g,,.,',r.,.,v,Ns,,..V.. ,,.,.. ,.,,.5,,v 1-,VL , ,',,, xc, wi. -U ,.,,..,,L. , , ,, 1 , if-'-?1.Ifwfff'.2f2Y-Lf.f.ff'v2 524- 'z ,1L',1,.U: '-: 543:-1: x -,f.--'3.'J.',T,F.?3.-'11.f3'.:41"fvg'2-UQ: ' ,af f V ,p'r5,.,4 -',-njzgguqjfz.-,..f' .-,JJ ,' ',, '1 ': 4 , 2-' f..-J'.f,...- J-,'g,-ww-. .1z-'.-:4g-- :Ang -,".."..1-. ,:- 1 .2 f ,v.A1..g',xu ,gin p.,Ly.4-'.-,v. W w. 1,. 'il-.-. .-..-.: fi -, 'vgr ,. --1 .. .,,'-nm, Fl", v.. '. .1 ....,, :.'...., , - ,. ,-,- 1 4.3-' 1,-., ',. ,N . . -, -,,- .,-, A-..,,.. -Z-.-.ii B , ,A ...- ,. .f ,A 1-if 5,g,f...,.,,1.,,f:.,fQ,-g4,:,,9p-y.,- VH 1. . .f,,.,,:g, ., ., 3 .-,.,,.1 N, 4. I 1, ., , f. ..,. ,. . f , Q 4 Ja.:':hf.'r--'FF.f.'..Qi.-':-f.v'.':-Q 1.-'-5:2-Z1r'."4 "?31".-.::g.fJ5:i"1l:l-f3i441a1hg1v.Lx11.z-I LnJ.1li.Q,-.g X 0 , f iff ,, ,, , fy 4 fs. if S iw The College Singers A Brawl, huh? The Washington Parade C. K. Let's Go Blue Key throws a party A mean sax 'VV anna' say l-lello? T. C. scores The sixth beauty The Beauty dance lntra-mural Wrestling Bartlett Bustles "Dave" Kangaroo Court Watch your step l-lang on girls Ch good, a prize An Xmas party T Christmas music How tired l am lntermission What'll you have? V!ai 43 E 2 5 I fr 1 iv? fa . E1 2 ? 5 ? 2 1, l F Z 5 1 E F K 3 s f E illfii 35 1' and 3 LEFT: lt doesn't make sense . Yea, Bubber Salesrnanship Whoops lVI'Dear Blue Key Tourney , Yates goes through the line Walltlowers Two heads are better Caroling at the X-roads Whoa, now Who's sorry now Blue Key Formal Etiquette BIGHT: The quests After the game Basketball by Wire Beauty at the polls A Man's best friend Still ot the night All's Well now Trudge, trudge Good form at T. C. . , . - PLAYCRAFT CLUB Plctycrctft Club is orqotnized dnd mcxintctined by ct qroup of students on the cctmpus who crre interested in drormdtics. The club meets twice edch month durinq the yedr in the interest of furtherinq the interest in otnd dppreciortion of drctmd. At their requldr meetinqs the members present skits, sometimes oriqinctl, reordinqs, ploty reviews, ond from time to time severotl of the members get toqther ond present CI scene from d pldy. Not only modern plcrys otre enctcted for their mutuctl enjoyment otnd otpprecidtion, but scenes from Shctkespedre dnd the other mcrsters in dromor ore presented. It is intended thott throuqh these informdl meetinqs otnd presentdtions the members of the Plctycrotft Club will be permitted to qotin otn insight into some of the problems in pldy production ons well cts to qcfin further orppreciottion of drotmo, both modern dnd cldssicctl. New members crre qctined by invitcrtion. Before one mcry become ot member in full he must crecxte dnd present in coopercrtion with others dn oriqinorl skit. The officers crre Don Boldwin, president, Richdrd Berqstrom, vice-president, otnd MCIIQICITGT Viqotrs, secretcrry-tredsurer. Front Row: Berqstrom, Bdldwin, Viqotrs, Telleen, Stoddctrd Second Row: Freet, Olson, Burroughs, Gump, Brotndt, Slootn Third Row: Anderson, Buffum, Stout, Votn Deest, Wood, Buffum PCIQQ -av SHAKESPEARE!-KN CLUB Since l883 the Shakespearean Literary Society has been meeting in the in- terests of cultivating and promoting the literary talents of its members and those with Whom they come in contact. Literary meetings and social activities comprise the greater share of the club's activity. At the start of the new year the club elected Frieda Peter for its president. They also elected to the office of vice-president of their organization lune Soren- berger and the secretaryship was voted to Phyllis Lang. The Shakespearean Literary Society meets regularly in the Shakespearean Hall and at every other meeting the members make literary reports to the group. The society has held a number of social affairs during the course of the year. The first social event of the year was a picnic held at Washington Park. Anestel Qlson was in charge of arrangements. At l-lalloWe'en time the society had a l-lalloWe'en party. Entertainment consisted of card games. Arvillamae Chick was in charge of the arrangements for this affair. Front Row: Lang, McCutchan, Peter, Sorenberger Second Row: Flynn, Olson, Chick, Burger, Bancroft Page 137 . t i l : A l 4 , L si t 'y , .X t dent cluf l Ulf f l ,...-... ,,.. .. .. E 1 ,- :fu 1 . f , , A rr It l CLASSICAL CLUB t l Marjorie Dolan was president of the Classical Club this year. Other officers were Vernell Faught, vice president, Edna lseminger, secretary, and Robert Larsen, treasurer. Miss Edna C. Miller and Dr. F. l. Merchant advised the group. The club was organized for the purpose of promoting interest in Latin, and the members consist of instructors in Latin and students who are taking or have taken Work in Latin at the Iowa State Teachers College. During the year they studied Roman lite and customs. This included a discussion ot the Roman gods, reviews of Latin books, slides of Roman life, and reports on Octavius Augustus. The group sang Latin hymns at the Christmas meeting, and in the spring they had a picnic. Front Row: Larsen, Faught, Miller, Dolan, lseminger, Vogt. Second Row: Thomsen, Porter, Dolan, l-lock, Mather, E. lseminger. l 2 l l 1 l Page138 to " P. GERMAN CLUB The German Club of this year started with twenty-eight members. The presi- dent, who Was selected the preceding spring, was Albert Brauer. Other officers in- cluded losephine Frerichs, Vice-president, Clarence Reimer, secretary and treasurer, and lohn Drilling and Charles George, reporters. The first club was organized in l93l, and it now meets at least once a month. At these meetings, lectures and special reports dealing with various phases of Ger- man life are given by the members. The chief aim is to acquaint the students with the language, literature, history, music, habits, customs, and social life of the Ger- man nation. In October, the club helped to make possible the presentation of the German film, "Walzerkrieg." This was an outstanding contribution to the cultural back- ground of the students. Front Row: Muller, Brouhard, Brauer, Schaefer, Frerichs, Reimer, Brand, Entz. Second Row: Wickersham, Schlesselman, Kruse, Hughes, Wheeler, Coffman, Neu- meier, Wessels. Third Row: Flvett, Gaffey, l-lagenbuch, Boysen, George, Moeller, Iuhl, Behrens, Riebe, Block. Fourth Row: Baumann, Falk, Drilling, Wyth, Freeman, Diers, Mammen, Dunlop, Bruns. Page 139 .nom tr, ,lt tl "f. t F51 5..- we th ,, t,- J., , . iz,- 'ti' Tx . . ,PL if' Hlf fit: xi- rg, 1 1, ,, IWC bf.. 1 in V. .If ,,., i ,ff 4. t tl 4. ,. "ix "I wg . , ki S E - , , 1 , 1, 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ,V 1 1 , 1 1 I 111. ' 11 1 1 11 1. 1 ,1 1 21 . , 1 l 1 1 '11 1 ' 1F311 1 ' S1 , 1 51 f 1 3 2 ,, 5 - ', t 1 1 1 111 31 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I 1 " 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1, , 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 t l1 1 11 1 1 l l 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 il" 1 1 1 2 1 E'1.' lf ' 111 1, 111 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 "1 111 1 1 11,1 It 11 .I 1 1 1 ,1 1: 1 11 11 1 1 11 , M. 51 1 1. , ii , ,1 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 11 1 , 1, 1 11 1 1 ,, 1 1 1 - 11111 H, ok 1 WOMEN'S BAND The W'on1en's Band is a growing organization on the campus. lt is under the direction ot Mr. Myron E. Russell, who also directs the Men's Band. The band meets once each week tor rehearsal in preparation for concerts or basketball games. This year the members of the Women's Band bought yellow sweaters to wear at basketball games. On some occasions the band joined with the men's organiza- tions to supply pep and at other times the Wonien's Band pertorrned alone. Under the direction of Mr. Russell the girls in the organization perfected a tlash card trick tor intermission at the halves ot athletic contests. Purple and gold cards were manipulated in such a manner as to spell out the names ot the com- peting teams. First Rows: Ruyinan, Bosworth, Sadlott, Dilger, Larson, Meyer, Moessner, Cunninq- ham, Tvodt, Moon, lflfardman, Chrisiophel Second Row: liiather, Brouliard, Le Valley, Ennis, Teale, Bradley, Hiatt SuiherlaDC11 Nooiioy, Chapman, Reed, Orns ',l'l1i1d Row: Russell, Loltort, Halliday, lilliantei Clark Hot.-re RfcNoQcb, Ralston, 'llOllS1Olrll, llllOl', KNOX, l'lOl'llqqQ Bglkbi' Bigdggjj llOi1l'lll llow: S1i1itl1,l.oats, liuudtsott Rohde Xfusolzex-.'ske Quit Hifris 135335991 Xl'o1're11, llusluioll Glade Roof- Tusk O FOUR-H CLUB Cnce a month during the past year more than fifty girls on the campus who had been members of the 4-l-l Club met to continue the work of the national organi- zation. At the first meeting in the Yellow Kitchen, Florence Loveland was elected president. Cther officers were Winfred Wickersham, vice-president, and Georgia Shettle, secretary-treasurer. The group exchanged gifts at a Christmas party and at a meeting in March made plans for their annual spring dinner. Four delegates were sent to Ames for the May breakfast sponsored by the campus 4-l-l Club at lowa State College. Front Bow: Bose, Brown, Oman, Wickersham, Bannister, Betz, Clause, Croft, Downs. Second Bow: Elliot, Butter, Hoover, Loveland, Fincham, lacobia, Veit, Shettle. Third Bow: Laurens, l-lenkle, Christophel, Davis, Moon, Bishop, Becker, Mueller, lohnson. Fourth Bow: Weatherbee, Nelson, Randolph, Haney, Bogh, l-lintzen, Moeller Mumby, Teter, Till. .--.......1'. Q. ----W . .M--.,...., H - - - S- -Q. Mm-ww ws.n.+.- -... . wmv-ww Q .M -1 , '. N.,-rwwvvmh.-.w .nfs--eww'-no. .4 .....,,. .... ff -.. . v., n .zu 7 a-4 . .-axnpn Awful.-n .sn-vq::,.p-4 -iff.,:q-4. fx L:-1q:-:-gr-ng:Qz:4rr-e- nys-nqazwsinnn-A::.f: mfr: r.:-anc-,, .Y .,.. , , , Page l4l Wt, ,Y , . 3 f ' Z .1 -. 55 , ,lp 4 7,11 N 4 -f"- " .a5:f,"sl. .f ' .- 4 Q gg 1 31 2 fg 'I 1 f 2 f ,4 E iq f f J 7 ttf W ff ,Q X W 2 A gf f 4 ' f f ' X Q, 1 ' Q ,if":.:.,5g: . ff f, f 2 -. wr,-:-:fin 21,51 Q , f f f f 47 f f x SQ'b gg. ff y a NW f fa' :.--..f .- ..f. 7 - 7,2 WU., f if!! A 1 j 4, f ffyyf V j I X X f 1 ff ff- lv if f f I COACH MCCUSKEY BUEGHLY Cl-IENEY COOK DUBES MATl-IEES MOORE N ATVIG NELSON RECHENMACHER STAINBROOK STEWART CMENEY A national intercollegiate champign- ship, added to a record of four Wins, two losses, and a single tie over Q tough schedule, made l937 one of the brightest Wrestling seasons for the Panthers in recent years. Ray Cheney, brilliant l35-pounder, after going through a season winning seven straight matches, beat out Villa Real, Oklahoma Wrestler in an over- time bout to bring the Panthers their first individual national title. The Panther squad tied with Minnesota for third place in the national meet. The championship was a fitting climax for Cheney, who in three years of competition, won l8 matches, lost but one and tied one. lvan Moore, stellar 126-pound grap- pler, likewise finished the season with- out a defeat in dual competition, al- though he lost his first bout in the na- tional. Davis Natvig, classy ll8- pound performer, lost his first and Cl-IENEY, NATIONAL COLLEGIATE CHAMP YQ? l l l r r A 1 i i 1 I l r l WINS NATICNAL only match in two years in the initial meet of the season with Iowa State. Natvig won second place in the na- tional ll8-pound contest. Opening against Iowa State, one of the toughest squads in the Northwest, the Panthers went down by a narrow l6'f2 to ISM margin. Melvin Nelson, veteran heavyweight, challced up the only Panther fall. Kansas State fell an easy victim to the Tutors in their next match, going down l7'f2 to IOM, as the Panthers collected their initial win. The next week, Coach Dave Mc- Cuslcey's matmen really hit a snag meeting the University of Minnesota squad at Minneapolis. The powerful Gophers, headed by four undefeated regulars, turned back the Iowans ZOV2 to QM. A lopsided victory over Wisconsin gave the Purple and Gold an even count with Big Ten schools. Losing only two bouts, they scored 24 points to IO for the Badgers. I Cheney evened an old score in the next meet, when he tossed Dale Brand, Cornell Olympic star, to help the Teachers squad beat out Dick Barker's Cornell College team 23M to 1l'f2. ' The Purple failed to win a match, annex- ing their few points on draw bouts. Winding up the season at Iowa City, the Panthers battled a strong Univer- sity team to a I6-I6 draw. Cheney with 31 points over the season led the Panther scorers, fol- lowed by Natvig with 28, Moore with 23'f2, and LeBoy Bechenmacher, a newcomer to the squad, with 14, in the first four places. WAITING FOB A FALL ufo 'z Sa QQUSM YQ 7 1,32 K A 1,4 I Noah s Lark Panolora's Box Snnple Slmon meets Mae St aoholoay A Beau anol a Belle Behlna the scenes Our fnenol Krna Cole A new versron ot Chlnatown C for a sallor War horse Watson l Wish l were Allaohn Ana these lrttle lolas Late permits for one anol all Senous lousrness 1. E E NW i s i 5 is iii r i t l r 4 'a lt u ti at t i ,Wi . -, BLUE KEY RAYMOND CHEN EY . . President DONALD STOUT . . Vice-President ARMIN GEAEEE . . Secretary AEVIL HINSHAW ...... . rreesurer j DEAN LESLIE 1. EEED, ME. A. c. FULLER . . Advisers Although Blue Key recognizes leadershi p among men in colleges and univer- sities throu h t h ' g ou t e entire country, the lowa State Teachers College is the onlY school of its kind in the United States to be granted a Blue Key charter. The local chapter holds meetings bi-monthly The first meeting of each month is given over to the business of the fraternity, while the second meeting is a dinllef gathering. This year Blue Key has undertaken several projects that ,would seem to better the institution as a whole The b . mem ers assisted the faculty in the prepCITCftiOU and planning of the activities for Dad's Day and Homecoming. The fraternity CIlSO held a dinner for its alumni who returned for the l-lomecoming week-end. Other pro'ect J s were the Blue Key formal dance, a bridge tournament, a winter skCftiDCJ carnival, and assistanc 'th ' ' e wi the Freshman Orientation Program. MEMBERS: Ohene Benz, Boysen, Burch, Connell, Feldman, l-larp K d ' ' a esch, Lawton, Beeves, Smith, Weaver, Be y, Stout, Graber, A. Hinshaw, Anderson, Baldwin ed Page 146 'Yi' niver- t only month dinner better :xrottion ty also Qther skatinq Paqe 146 SIGMA TAU DELTA VIRGINIA LANDSBERG . . President MARGARET SCI-IMITT . VtC9-P1-egidem DOROTHY BURROUCI-IS . . Secretary DOROTHY BURROUGI-IS . . Treasurer MISS SELINA TERRY . . Adviser We can thank the Lambda Beta Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta for a medium oi expression for our literary enthusiasts here on the campus. Sigma Tau Delta is a national honorary English fraternity, and its members assume the responsibility of producing the Purple Pen, a literary magazine for the printing ot student prose and poetry. Oualitications for membership in the fraternity are outstanding ability in creative Writing and high scholarship in English. Activities tor the year other than the publishing of the Purple Pen consisted of several meetings at which some of the members read their original compositions in either prose or poetry. During the year open house was held at the Commons on two occasions and any interested person was invited to attend and read. On these occasions the members ot the Writer's Club were asked to help and to read their Work before the group. A formal initiation and dinner was held in lanuary. MEMBERS: Landsberg, Burroughs, Calhoun, Preet, Hach I-lamer, Lamlce, Reynolds, Westcott, Terry Page 147 ' ' 1 l ti .v , 4 I in 1 ' 1 K4 .1 , Ez . 1 E ,F gr ga a i .1 Z 1 X :jr 5 . ,-1 tu i L PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA All it P RALPH Momrz . . President I Bos AUPPERLE . . Vice-President ,if GAYLEN STHUNCH . . secretary lft if if HoBHHr MoHH1s . . . Treasurer l i , 'Q MR. MYRON RUSSELL ...... . Adviser r A .fur A ' W M Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is an honorary music fraternity for all men who have ,lr . it - fi ' A y distinguished themselves in a musical activity. The fraternity has as its LOUIPOSGS 5 tit ,W , 1 g to promote the cause of music in America, to foster brotherhood of students of musiC, 1 ty 5 I I , and to encouraqe loyalty to their Alma Mater. These purposes are furthered by Oi td M 1 luncheon once every two weeks, at which time the men are qiven a better oppO1'- 's -. tunity to become acquainted with each other and with the possibilities in the field of music. V A , A V 5' Throuqhout the school year Phi Mu Alpha lans methods for aidinq and Spread' , rr 1 p A, inq the appreciation of music, both amonq music students and amonq those Who A4 M ' are not actively enqaqed in musical affairs. All r TOQIGther With Siqma Alpha lota, honorary music organization for Women, ihe My y members of Phi Mu Alpha sponsored a recital. , me A lt ,ri A 1 MEMBERS: Moritz, Aupperle, Strunce, Morris, Dennis, Dycus, Feldman lg Guster, Kraft, Pritchard, Quinn, Rowley, Sluter, Russell it i Page148 t P r ltr' 1,3 mgr !"t ll! 'z 'W' have noseS 1usiC, by G ppor- field ,read- e Who ri, llle we 148 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA PAIGE WILLIAMS . , President DOBOTI-IY OELBICI-I . . Vice-President MABIOBIE BUCK . . . . Secretary BLANOI-IE PFALTZGBAEF . . . Treasurer MISS OLIVE BABKEB . . Adviser Sigma Alpha Iota, national honorary music traternity tor Women, meets each month for the purpose of developing a greater interest in and appreciation ot music. This year, following the death of Miss Alta Freeman, ot the Music Department, the fraternity established what has been named the Alta Freeman Scholarship. It is to be given each year to a girl student of the piano. The fraternity gave an exchange program with the Waterloo B Natural Club and in the spring joined with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, men's music fraternity, in a party. Three times during the year Sigma Alpha Iota pledged and initiated new members into the organization. Each ot the initiation ceremonies was tollowed by a banquet. Miss Gertrude Evans, head ot the national organization, ot which Sigma Alpha Iota is a member, visited on the campus this year. Miss Evans was on a tour ot the chapters that are chartered by the national ion. MEMBERS: Williams, Buck, Ptal Kracht, Maynard, Sch Borden, Dilger, I-Ienderson Vande Waa, Warren, Barker Paqe 149 I E f ffffTf:',,eQ 4 fin . , ' 1 7 f ' 1 0 I ff M: ef. .X mm, if , gg, ,nwgwa fff, , ,f .,, f,,,,. . :mmf 'f' ' - ,f ,,,f, - , 1 - 1 1 M4 . , mfffp-H. L, ' w'?52,4 , 1 , . ,,: 'gf' , ,.,, , N N - f Zi? W I I .5 f -JJ f , ' y , Q 45 b Vf J , 4 4 '- ,317 ' ,Wm f 1- 1 , .X , 1 W, ' '.y,7,ff ff' f ,154 X K g 5,9 f ,fgfzwgqx 7 'WWQWQQ , ,mil ' V9 -fr ff ' ff , f Rudolph qppearer pus duri the OLE nual George pus to s Beauty Drama Dfeduc aaamf alive - Rudolph Ganz appeared on the cam- pus durinq February and the OLD GOLD held its an- nual Beauty Contest. Col. George Yates came to the cam- pus to select the beauties at the Beauty Prom in the Commons. Drama held the spotlight with its production oi "Kind Lady." The'De- partmental Clubs still kept the campus alive with business ............ KDDCEUUVWW I I I I ,' I I I I I I !1 1 II I I I I I I s 5 5 1 E e 1 1 1 I I 1 I 1 I I 1 1 I 1 1 I 12 I 1 I I 1 I 1 II' '1 I I1 1. I .1. I I , i I 1 1 I I 1 115 II 3 r ' 1 ' 1 I I1 1I I ,Q I II 1 2. 51 a. 1 I iII I 1 I 5I I I 1' II IIII I I1 I1 I1 1 II I III1 I I I I1 I1 Ii II I I, II 1 1 1 I: Ii 11 II 12I I 1 I I I I 1 1 I 1 1 . 1 I . 1 I i . 1 I E S I iII I PHI SIGMA EPSILON FRATEHNITY s W sv , A , 1 X 1 E. W ak Q N W . 'NM .A SW fx. 5 I ,Q L wk? W- Mfxzgfx wx- Q is .- S X - Rx , QQ .Q X 4 f X pw, .. MX -ws , -w 4 , F E' kia f X 3 , X WM, - 0 T TS ,K " ' Fm, X. 4 X MMA SC OLD GOLD BEAUTY PROM EAUTY PHO M ffsmff f , M, ,fl - Wf, 1 a0Q7 yW Setting By Davidson,S NTS' A If ff! ,ff f QILON FRA VZ TL ff ffl , M f f f 'rf f' f , ,f M f Q ,f ,ypw , ,V fy, ,, X, jf O X f fff ff ff X, , , V ff' ff M 70 ,W ffl , f if 1 X Setting By D21X'iC1SOl1,S f 'iff i -, ' I PI TAU PHI SORORITY SOHORITY fwf A W N M, , Z V K N, 1 Y K 4 ff, ' ' M97 Wwlsbf ff, f ,,, M fw f NA Setting By D3.Y'iC1SOl1'S Thomas or Becket surrounded by cr sol- dier, women of Canter- bury, ond o tempter C"Mur- der in the Cothedrglul. "Bury the Dead," cr shrewd theoter piece crnd or fiery protest ' V ' ggginst wcrr wors produced by some sixty students interested in drctmof under the versortile direction of Miss l-ldzel B. Strcryer, who returned during the foll from or yeorr's legve of crbsence. Slowly poking their heords out of freshly dug groves which were intended for them, six Americorn soldiers killed in the second yeorr of the Worr thort is to begin tomorrow, sfcrnd up cmd refuse to be buried, thus crecrting the situcrtion used by lrwin Shdvv in his strong indictment orgctinst wcrr. lt is cr thecrter piece with the mgrlis of thecrter upon it from the pdrting of the curtgins to their fincrl drorwing. Mr. Cdrl Wirth, of the Music Depcrrt- ment, composed music especiglly for the l ' . , p cry estcrblishing the mood vividly with soft trumpets ond drums before the first curtgin Techni l . cg Work under the direction of Dr. Ulric Moore proved most unusuol cmd striking Chgn e f . g s o setting were lctrgely brought crbout by chgnges of color ornd lighting. The choice of "Kind Lady" for the mid-winter play was a happy one, setting a mood vastly different from the preceding plays of the season. The "Kind Lady," acted by Margaret Stoddard, is betrayed by a seemingly well-meaning beggar whom she befriends, but who in reality is leader of a band of rogues who attempt to rob her of her valuable collection of rare paintings. All of the scenery, furniture, costumes and properties were designed and made in the fascinating and slightly confusing realm of the Drama Shop, affording all students interested in theater craft a chance to obtain first hand knowledge of actual theater practice. For this particular play it was necessary to make copies of Whistler's and El Grecco's paintings and to model several statues in clay. Miss l-lazel B. Strayer skillfully Sgt the pattern and mood of the play, and Dr. Ulric Moore planned the technical phase of the show. The Conference drama, "Murder in the Cathedra1." brought to local theater goers a new thrill in the revival of the old Greek chorus. The story was a dramatization of the life of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, after his return from a seven-year exile in France. The beautiful lines of the play, which were in blank verse, carried the listeners into the same emotional tone as if they were a part of a true reincarnation. The performance was under the direction of Miss Hazel B. Strayer. Dr. Ulric Moore planned and supervised the construction of the set and Mrs. l. l-l. Hart designed the costumes. The complicated lighting system was handled by Frank Brandt. Upper left and right: Margaret Stoddard as "The Kind Lady." Lower left and right: From the war drama, "Bury the Dead." l WRITER'S CLUB Writer's Club is an informal organization that is sponsored by those students on our campus who are interested in creative writing. Through this club they are afforded the opportunity of association with people who have the same interests and ambitions. A Af 9 This organization has no entrance requirements except an interest in writing and its problems. Those peo le h members of the club. p w o attend meetings regularly are regarded as The second week of the fall term the group holds its first meeting. At thflf time new peo le ' ' p are invited to attend and get acquainted with the members of the group and what they attempt to accomplish. The club holds its meeting every' two weeks from that time until the end of the year. Programs of the Writer's Club are V l t oun ary and consist of the readinq Of original compositions by members. Each composition is discussed by the QIOUP after it has been read. Once each term Writer's Club joins with Sigma Tau Delta, national honorary' El'lqliSl'1 fraternity, in holding an open house for all students who write or GIG interested in writing. - Front Row: Tonsfeldt, Macy, Whiteilock, Wescott, Crow S ' ' econd Row. Hawkins, Entz, Holt, Hamer, Peet, Byers Page 170 ge ART' LEAGUE The Art League met every Tuesday evening during the year to Work on pup- pets, oil painting, water coloring, and clay modeling. The group hired a model tor sketching and painting, and in the spring had their yearly picnic at the farm home ot Dorothy May Wilson. "The Creative Approach to Art Education" was the theme oi the third annual conterence in March, and tor the tirst time an outside speaker, Elizabeth Wells Bobertson, was engaged. The students also gave an exhibit oi work done during the year. Mr. lohn W. l-lorns, Miss Agnes B. Cole, and Miss Bertha L. Patt are the ad- visers tor the League. The oiticers are Bobert Currey, president, Miriam Feldman, vice-president, Lois Hanson, secretary, Faith Frampton, treasurer, and Mary Mar- garet Schmitt, recording secretary. Front Bow: l-lanson, Sperry, Bailey, Cole, Horns, Currey. Second Bow: Feldman, Perfect, Miller, Pollins, luhl, Sigler, Schmidt, Gronberg. Third Bow: Laipple, Sherwood, Wylarn, l-lawks, Quigley, Buwe, Neumeier, Brones. WM .555 Page l71 l i L t MATHEMATICS CLUB The Mathematics Club, composed of faculty members and students who have h d ' a at least two terms of college mathematics, celebrated its twenty sixth birthda - Y this year. The club strives to interest the students in mathematics from a practical standpoint by giving them an opportunity to demonstrate theories which they have developed. Velva Klaessy was president of the Club this year. Other officers were Dorothy May Myers, secretary, and Tom Lamlce, chairman of the program committee. At ' ' one of the meetings this year Dr. Eva May Luse told the members of the Club about her trip to Norway, where she attended the International Mathematics Conference at Oslo. Other speakers of the year included Miss Emma Lambert and Miss Dora Kearney, who described the work of the Natl .nal Council of Mathematics Teachers. Tom Lamlce also explained a method of graphing that will simplify linear and quadratic ' equations, as well as shorten the four fundame t l - -A- n a processes picnic was planned for the spring. Front Row: Arns, Carrington, Cross, Klaessy, Myers, Thomsen, Alton. 390017143 ROW! , , u Z, othlisberger, Oman, HOISL Mather. Tuner, l-lamer Thompson Sch lt R Third ROW3 CTOSS , , er, orter, Rothlisberger, Guetschow, Layne. , Ellis, Miller Kramer Wheel P Page lst. 1oW. ?cfJ9 1 COMMERCIAL CLUB Ovey Vaala was president ot the Commercial Club this year. Cther otiicers were Claude Heddens, vice-president: Clay Varner, secretary, and Marlys Kane, treasurer. The total membership tor this year was sixty-six, which made this club one oi the largest organizations on the campus. A debate by Leon Strain and Ernest Brandenburg, a party at the Yellow Kitchgn just before Christmas, and a mock trial planned by Leo Stroup, Wilma Hinkley, and Bupert McNally were the most important events. Front Bow: Thomson, Carrington, Monroe, Coburn, Warner, Skar, Vaala, Heddens, Kane, Lynch. Second Bow: Bowling, Simpson, Anderson, Miller, Biley, Wickersham, Elder, Leit- man, Myers, Hawkins, Sadott, Swanson, Beohm. Third Bow: Van Deest, Hinkley, Stephenson, Anderson, Ennis, Bishop, Kerr, Del- bridge, Cman, Stringer, Mcllrath, Coburn, Trottnow, Clden. Fourth Bow: Clark, Patton, Knocke, Schultz, Becker, Bandolph, Bowers, Wardman, Pieres, Yarcho, Asmus, McElhinny, Spooner. Fifth Bow: Hamilton, Norms, Natvig, Giaratano, Kinderdine, Walters, Bosworth, Kramer, Hansen, Engelkes, Leary, Meyers. Sixth Bow: Spurlock, Burch, Erler, Boysen, Whitelock, Durst, Smith, Thurston, Pingel Van Deest, Black, Thurston, Gilluly, Ealy, Ostergaard, Block, Olthott. Pcrqe 173 BIOLCJGY CLUB The Biology Club, under the leadership of Edwin Ball this year, was organized in l923 for the purpose of keeping its members in touch with all biological problems of modern trend and creating a deeper interest in biology. Qther officers during the past year were: vice-president, E et P ld mm t o erboerg secretary-treasurer, Sylvia Bogh: program chairman, Bobert Wilkinson, bl' ' h faculty adviser, Dr. C. W. Lantz. Throughout the year the club ha d pu icity c airman, Marian Ashley, and s sponsore several interesting lectures. Br. l-l. Earl Bath lectured on "The Effects of Chronic Fatigue," Dr. M. L. Grant talked on The Biology of the Hawaiian lsland ' d S s an . I. Sluter led an interesting discussion on the "Becent Advances in Bone Surgery." Biolog Club l T ith y a so coopera es w Beta Beta Beta, the n t' l ' ' ' ' ' ' ' the campus. aiona biological science fraternity, in bringing speakeIS Front Bow: Bath, Bogh, Ball, Bath, Ashley, Schultz Second Bow: Krumm, Boers, Leichtman, Gabel, Layne, Miller Third Bow: Weitenhagen, Bates, Lehr, Miles, l-liatt, Disney, Kubicek Fourth Bow: Fink, Wilkinson, Sluter, Collard, Dubes, Hawks, Ellis, l-lamersly to 6 NR, l CHEMISTRY SEMINAR Chemistry Seminar elected Carl Kunstling to the presidency of the club at their first meet last fall. The other officers elected at that time were Melvin Case, vice- president, and Meredith Dix, secretary. Since that meeting the club has met twice each month in the interest of furthering the study and knowledge of chemistry among the students enrolled in the club. Membership is open to all students of chemistry and about twenty--five people have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by the club. At each meeting of the Chemistry Seminar a lecture or paper is read. The subject of discussion is always along the lines of chemistry. The programs are not entirely the work of either students or professors, but the business of preparation and presentation of lectures and discussions is undertaken by both students and instructors. During these lectures and discussions many problems can be con- sidered that are impossible to take up in the classroom or the laboratory. The officers of the Chemistry Seminar are elected to hold office for one full year. Front Row: Powers, Morehouse, Myers, Getchell, Leichtman, Case Second Row: Mueller, Sluter, Soenlie, Fishman, Alton, T-Ieggen, Thalman Pcqe 175 J-lf '.,,g A g aff., , 'l,A I, , ' rl 11 V, rf ' V.. sf' 41 1- ' ' III III Ei. 2! .1 I U 1 'I ! 1 . ' 1 I1 1 ' 1 I 1 'V 1II. 2 I. if '11 1' 1 3, if Y 311111 I I I 'I ff I ,"1 1' 1. .. .II II I 1. II M 11 I I I If 1 I 1 1I1I" If I 1 1 .1 .111 11 11. 1111! Ii1I.' 1.1 rl-I '1.II QI I 1 1 1 11 11 ILII' I I1IlIIIf II I1 Inf 11 1-1IiI I,, -3 1 1: l I 'I I 1 I' ' ' '1 I' 1 I 1 ' I .1 ,, J 11 II I II 1' II 1 11 I1 I. 'N 1' 1. I L. Ii 1 1 III I 1 11 I III I I :X ,1 I 1 I II I I1I' II I1 I 1 I QI If 7 1 11" I I1 2 IIi11III I I III I. 1 I FII. 1 11- 1.1 1 II I LII '111'I KI ' I 1" 1- I I I 1. 1 41 I I I 5 I 1 I I I I 1 . I, '1 1 1 ' "I I 9 I ' ' I I I 1 1 1 15 1 ' I: 1 1 I' ' 1 1 I I 1, 'I ' 1 "Im ' 1 1!! 1 ,, ' '1 If? 1 1 . ,px '. 1 "-1 .1 gl I 21 1, 1 I 1 I I 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 . X - II 1 1! II 1' . I IZ 1 IW1' 1 IIN I I g-1 . I I I . 1 1 1 1 Q, 11. I Q-IIII I --1 1 "I 1. 1' 1 II1I1 1 'V 1 March presented "Co:rmen" to those who enjoy operd. "El Toreoi- dor" brought sunny Sgodin to the Colleqe Auditorium. The Student Weltdre committee se- lected the l938 Who's Who to ctppedr in the OLD GOLD ds Coim- pus Ledders. The Depdrtmentdl Clubs were still otctive oind the Cflee Clubs on the coimpus oippedred in the round oi dttdirs. The Representative Stu- dents Were dlso selected by the Weltdre Committee oind Orohesis pldyed its pdrt in oolleqe lite .............. . . . MERLE ANDERSON . . . Merle is G member of Blue Key, Student Council, Men's Union Executive Council, and Al- pha Chi Epsilon. In his spare time he barbers and makes puns. NOEL BACON . . . Surely you remem. ber Noel "Are You With Me" Bacon He's the fellow who does cart-wheels and hand-springs, He holds member- ship on the Student Publications Bog-Hd and is an Alpha Chi Epsilon, DONALD BALDWIN . . . "Don's" long suit is dramatics, but somehow he finds time to belong to Theta Alpha Phi, Blue Key, Men's Union Executive Council, Lambda Gamma Nu, and he's secretary- treasurer of the Seniors. STANLEY BENZ . . . Black Magic is "Stan's" favorite pastime, and when he isn't pulling rabbits out of hats he is busy belonging to Blue Key, Lambda Gamma Nu, or else he's away debating. PAUL BOYSEN . . . Paul belongs to Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Sigma Rho, Inter- Praiernity Council, Blue Key, Alpha Chi Epsilon, and acts as Business Manager of the College Eye. LOTS BBAGONTEB . . . Lois receives our nomination for haviflq The nice smile on the campus. She belongs to Kappa Theta Psi and Spends most of her spare time with her violin. st lvl OH. em. els ber. Grd ic is an he he is mbdo ating. tCGiV65 nicest nqs to iost of t80 "Fail-ff l I LESLIE BURCI-I . . . "Les" is an ener- getic fellowg skeptics look at this list. Past editor ot the College Eye, member of Alpha Delta Alpha, Blue Key, Stu- dent Council, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Board of Stud-ent Publications, Rho Epsilon Rho and OLD GOLD sports editor. RAY CI-IENEY . . . They called him mild-mannered in the Eye, but he's Na- tional Collegiate wrestling champion as well as President of Blue Key, a mem- ber of the Men's Union Executive Coun- cil and Alpha Chi Epsilon Fraternity. PHIL CONNELL . . . Comes now a fel- low student we all know. "Phil" writes "The Line" in the College Eye, debates, is a member ot Blue Key, Inter-Prater nity Council, Student Publications Board and Lambda Gamma Nu. IEROME CROSS . . . "Ierry" has the intelligence we all prayed for when we took "Statistics", I-le is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and president of Kappa Mu Epsilon. In spite of all his "A's" "Ierry" likes to play. LE NORA DIPPEL . . . Le Nora is a star member of the women's debate team. The Student Council Committee on Ex- tra-Curricular Activities has been under her direction this year and she has put in a lot of work on that committee. FREDERICK FELDMAN . . . "Freddy" is always in a hurry and why not? Look at this list of organizations to which he belongs. Kappa Delta Pi, Student Council, Blue Key, Phi Mu Alpha, and Alpha Chi Epsilon. Page 181 v ABMIN GBABEB . . . Armin seems to have what it takes to make things go 'round. I-le is President of Me-n's Union and a member of Student Council, Blue Key, Kappa Delta Pi, and Lambda Delta Lambda. CATHERINE IONES . . . "Cotty" is our most enthusiastic sports fan, and may- be that accounts for her healthy smile. She is a member of Theta Gamma Nu and the Womens League Executive Council. IOHN HARP . . . Iohn's prominent fig- ure is seen all over the campus. I-le's the President of his fraternity, Phi Sig- ma Epsilon, a member of Blue Key, and also on the Men's Union Executive Council. TOM LAMKE . . . Tom hasn't let his "A's" keep him out ot activity. l-le is Business Manager of the Purple Pen, President ot Kappa Delta Pi, and CI member of Sigma Tau Delta. KCIPPCY Mu Epsilon, and Gamma Theta Up- silon. ABVIL HINSHAW . . . "lim" is Presi- dent of the Student Council, a member Of Alpha Chi Epsilon, Blue Key and Lambda Delta Lambda. ln his spare moments he dashes off jingles. MiLo LAwToN . . . A11 the worlds G stage to Milo. He WGS CCVMGHGQ- a the Tutor Ticklers 'this Year' He 15 member of Theta Alpha Phi' Blue Key, and Alpha Chi EpSilOU- er Of Pcrqe 182 ld'S 0 ge is U KEY' rot 182 'llf!'xls I RAYMOND PINGEL . . . "Ray" is the 1937 edition of the Modern Business Man. When he has nothing else to do he is busy being President of the Senior Class, President of the Publications Board, or being a member of Alpha Chi Epsilon. STANLEY REEVES . . . "Stan" came from fame on the tennis court to Managing Editor of the College Eye. He is also a member of that organiza- tion of notables called Blue Key. IEAN SLOAN . . . lean is a purposeful young lady, always on the go. She is President of Women's League, a mem- ber ot the Student Council, and belongs to Kappa Theta Psi sorority. MYRTLE TELLEEN . . . "Myrt's" fame spreads from Poetry to Punning and from Old Gold Beauty to Representative Woman. She is a dramatist, having won the Bertha Martin memorial schol- arship. ln addition, she is a member of the Student Council. PAUL WEAVER . . . We owe this book to Paul, but editing it hasn't taken all his time. He belongs to Blue Key, Kap- Pa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, and Alpha Chi Epsilon fraternity. Page 183 GWENDOLYN WESCOTT . . . "Gwen" is our lady of the press. She has the editorial responsibilities for the College Eye, is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, and of Kappa Delta Pi. 'EW AEOLIANS The Aeolian Cflee Club this year had a membership of ninety girls. Alice Fredriclcson, the president, had as her assisting officers Adelaide Patterson, vice- president, Maurine Qualley, secretary-treasurer, and Ruth Raleigh, social chairman. Miss Alpha Mayfield directed the group. Folk music and traditional melodies of eleven different countries were sung by the club at the annual concert in February. Ruth Behrens was the accompanist and lean Willoughby played a piano solo for the concert. Front Row: Van Deest, Arends, Chapman, Conway, Case, Crene, Fredriclcson, Raleigh, Patterson, Behrens, lohnson, Rost, Czuclqenberger. Second Row: Thayer, Murray, Hamer, l-lolmes, McCord, Baker, Miller, Mayfield, Carl, Blattspieler, Curless, lohnson, Huntrods, lfenkle, Veit, Blesie. Third Row: Reece, Smoley, Tonsfeldt, Peet, Tharp, Ruthenberg, Aden, Bentren, Cole, Carver, Long, Grimm, Carr, Aulerich, Kiewiet, l-lasselman, Stewart. Fourth Row: Grimm, Lehr, lohnson, Phillips, Hansen, Andersen, Milbrandt, Coffman, l-leuring, Potter, lohnson, Tabb, Miller, Miles, Gran. Fifth Row: Lund, Schmitt, McDonald, Teter, ToSaw, I. MacDonald, Nelson, Rgflkf Heuring, Perry, Rogness, lugl, Bente, Mellem, Schadel, l-luntington. Siifth ROW3 YOUTZY, Lenuis, Beye, Grow, Randolph, Farran, Sawyer, Blodgeit, Thada, lohnson, Griffeth, Peterson, Walsh, Beed, DeVries, Linman, Anderson, Bowers, Becker, l-laney, Primus. Page wr, 184 KL-154 EUTERPEANS Dr. lrvinq Wolie directed the Euterpectn Glee Club, which hdd ct membership oi dpproximdtely titty students. Old botllctds, Germotn tolli sonqs, ctnd modern compo- sitions were studied in preporrdtion ior the otnnuctl spring concert in Mdrch. ln otddition to requlctr weekly meetings, the qlee club hctd ot mixer in the Yellow Kitchen in October dnd sponsored orn entree dct, which wots presented in Tutor Ticklers, the dll-student vctudeville show. The otticers oi the club were Buth Mdtson, president, Nom Edwdrds, secretcrryg Kdthleen Meyers, trectsurerp Mdble Kruse, librorridn. Evelyn Smith wots the otccom- pdnist, otnd cr brdss choir directed by Mr. Cdrl A. Wirth, dssisted with the spring recitctl. Front Bow: Biebesheimer, Arney, I-letzler, Edwotrds, Smith, Wolfe, Mcrtson, Meyer, Kruse, Moulton. Second Bow: Smith, Strctchctn, Schultz, Kviderd, Speers, Cunninqhdm, Mitchell, - Peterson, Wessels, Hctmer. Third Bow: Brown, Bctpp, Arots, Brown, Killctm, Totlbott, Knoche, Bishop, Grdvon, Kurtz. Fourth Bow: Felter, Gdrmire, Pollins, Neumeier, Mcllrotth, Coppernoll, Wikert, Shum- , wcry, Willictms. , Fiith Bow: Vctn Slcyke, Knudtson, Boberq, Bunkle, Liqqett, Whiteloclc, O'Bctnnion, I-lotnsen, Dolotn, Vctn Deest. 4 i Page 185 i ltltllszf f iWi.,44 1 Vi 4 - no 5 L ,r, ' l v V 1 1 4 v ...B-v ,.-,- - T.--, . v wt, up ll V 1 V 1 t s. V 'f ,im 4 V, r l ,. t J 'S WWW 1'-rv-v if ix 1-L . 4 t , ' t t , K : 1 ' l BEL CANTOS ills it llil ' if ll it t l H1 5l'n , tilt ,, 3,,: A yi ,M Miss Alpha Mayfield is the second director that the Bel Canto Glee Club has had since its organization twelve years ago: the first was Elizabeth Burney Schmidt. s, tri l' .tl The membership is limited to forty. The officers were Thelma Henderson, president, ,:t4' M 14 1 ir ,lu tt, EI, Bernita Brundage, vice-president, Anna Blesie, secretary, and Blanche Pfaltzgraff, ft ll T accompanist. P" ,T ll The glee club sang for the Music Meet in March and gave their annual concert l T l 3 M Ly in the auditorium March 25. Robert Morris, baritone, assisted as soloist, and Norma 3 I 1 Sutz and Lois Bragonier, violinists, played an obligato. The club also sang in the 1 Q chorus of the Christmas oratorio, "The Messiah". X 1 First Row: Frank, Pfaltzgraff, Brundage, l-lenderson, Blesie, Reinhart, Nelson Second Row: Dunlop, Miller, Carver, Eby, Schlesselman, Mayfield, McElhinney, ,ii it Nelson, Share, Christensen , Third ROW3 PCYTIW LCIYH9, Ewing, Staley, Van Engen, Clause, De Buhr, Boardman, l l l l 1 l - i l 1'tl ,. ' : ,, it 3 yi , Leak lg tl ,T Fourth Row: Robinson, linipe, Eairman, Eggleston, Thomsen, Vlotho, McMillan, ll, Borden, Kerr, Willoughby, l-femsworth fl ,f , l 9 its 1 , lag l E Qt if , it fi V t PC1qel86 it L l t 1 I N , , l , , . I l tilt ,li t -willy, 558, l CECILIANS The Cecilians, leadinq women's alee club, is now almost titty years old, and this year the membership list ot thirty was chosen from over one hundred and seventy-tive applicants. ln the tall election l-lazel Swanson was chosen as president ot the orqanizationg Leone Steuben, vice-presidentg and Norma Atwood, secretary- treasurer. Mary Ballou was the accompanist. The aroup joined the other three major alee clubs, Bel Canto's, Minnesinaers, and Troubadours, ior the Christmas Cratorio, "The Messiah," by l-landel. They also sanq tor the Music Conference in March and qave their annual recital in April. Miss Clive Barker directed the group, and Norma Atwood and Marqaret Van- denburqh were soloists trom the Cecilians. Lois Braaonier and Myrna Maynard assisted with instrumental solos tor the sprinq concert. Front Bow: Ballou, Steuben, Mak, Barker, Atwood, Todd, Miller. Second Bow: Hanson, l-loitman, Maynard, Bosenburaer, Greaq, Crowell. Third Bow: McCurrey, McCaque, Malueq, Schmidt, Bradley, Warren, Brouqhton. Fourth Bow: Cameron, Kracht, Vande Waa, lacobs, Frerichs, Kroeqer, Eddy, Buck l PC1CJe 187 y 4 TROUBADOURS The Troubcfdour Clee Club is dn orqdnizcrtion tor the men on the cdmpus who ctre interested in sinqinq tor enjoyment dnd tor individudl improvement. Rehedrsdl hots been held ectch Week tor the members, dt which time they sctnq selections from the operd thott Wots presented in the colleqe ctuditorium before the entire student body ond mdny oi the portrons oi the college. There were CI Qredt number ot the Troubotdours who sornq in the operor chorus. Mr. W. E. l-idys is the director oi the Troubddours ds well cts the Minnesinqer Glee Club ornd mctlies dn eiiort to trotin his sinqers in the Troubotdour Club tor membership in the Minnesinqers. Tryouts tor the Troubcrdours is held the beqinning oi ecrch idll term ctnd mOSl oi the members crre selected dt thdt time. Anyone who is interested moiy SQCUTG permission from Mr. l-ldys to tryout dt ctny time. Kenneth Mueller is the preSiClGHT oi the Cflee Club, Howdrd Eotster the vice-president, ctnd Rondid Moeller secretory. Front Row: Moist, Moeller, l-lctys, Mueller, Chdrters Second Row: Phillips, Crdin, Foster, Price, Dcrvenport, Mctthre Third Row: lohnson, Bctrlqer, ljdlli, Lodis, Lund, Bdrber, Ptichctrdson the PGQQ 6 1, ana,-1-,.. ' l MINNESINGERS The Minnesinger Glee Club at the lowa State Teachers College is the high ranking men's glee club on the campus. The name has been taken from the name applied to the medieval lyric poets that roamed over Germany in the same manner ' ' that the Troubadours traveled through southern France. l. Wesley Pritchard has acted as president of the local organization oi Min- nesingers during the year just passed. Lloyd Brower has iilled the position oi vice-president and Iohn Forrest Charles has been the secretary. Donald Stout and lohn Forrest Charles were the business managers. ln April the club gave a concert at the college auditorium, and a iew days later started on a concert tour that kept them away from home for a week. All arrangements for the trip were made by the business managers. MBMBBBS: Aupperle, Brower, Pritchard, l-lays, Charles, Buiium, Shaeiier Clark, Charlson, Builum, Gaden, Downing, Miller, lones lsbell, Shank, Fuegen, Nuss, Bloker, Sluter, Morris Freeman, Cvergaard, Winterbottom, Mohr, Parman, Taylor Steinbeck, Stout, Brower I i l l Page 189 5 COLLEGE SINGERS Although a comparatively new organization, the College Singers have assumed a position of importance in the musical activities on the campus. The members of the organization are selected by the director on the basis of their ability and willingness to take part in an activity which renders much in cul- tural richness and provides practical experience in appearing before the public in concert. This year has witnessed a full program of events for the members. They par- ticipated in the fourth annual Christmas Carol Candlelight Service, and afterward S attended a party at the home of Miss Clive L. Barker. At the Spring Concert in May the group presented half of the program in Sacred Music. The other half consisted of the Bach Peasant Cantata presented with full costume. The officers for the year were: Frank Quinn, president, Buth Broughton, secre- tary, Esther Miller, librarian, Bob Aupperle, business manager, and Miss Clive L. Barker, director. Front Bow: Stueben, Broughton, Aupperle, Barker, Quinn, Miller, Todd. Second Bow: Hoffman, Maynard, Cameron, Vandenburg, Geode, Atwood. Third Bow: Lawton, Strain, Vande Waa, lones, Caden. Fourth Bow: Charles, Nuss, Steinbeck, Parman, Morris, Shank. Paqe 190 9 SE Tp' 1 l COLLEGE CHOIR The College Choir, directed by Mr. W. E. Hays, led in the singing oi hymns during the year and gave a special number each Sunday tor theflnterdenomina- tional Church services in the College Auditorium. ln the tall all students interested were allowed to sing in the choir, but because oi the unusually large turnout the number was limited to titty. Rehearsals were held every Wednesday night and Sunday morning before the regular services. Mary lean Crowell sang several solos and she and Frances Bradley sang a duet during the year. Miss Bradley was elected president oi the organization. Front Bow: Perfect, Blesie, Smith, A. Blesie, Crowell, Bradley, l-lays, Frank, Vande Waa, McCague, Church, Schultz. Second Bow: Felter, Whitelock, Schabel, Baleigh, Pollock, Coppernoll, Layne, Barnes, McCurry, F. Layne, Staley, Eddy. Third Bow: Van Engen, Biebe, Strunce, Mohr, Phillips, Charlson, Downing, Buiium, T. Buitum, Foster, Kroeger, Nelson. Fourth Bow: Aupperle, lsbell, Gaden, Bichardson, Freeman, Nuss, Taylor, Loats Stout, Brown, Stinehart, Clark. l PGQQ 191 QU mr Q 1 , TMQ ' 1 1 , 1 t ' ', , l it tri if 1 H E I , z 1. 5 , 5 t ' ' , ' l E' , l F , z i ,, ,,,, ...... ... I t i , , . W L , A t'Q ' tl l !L i T 1 1' F 1 fit L qlt 1 ll 2 f , yt ROMANCE LANGUAGE CLUB l 5 N t t A 1 l,W 9 ,T The Bomance Lanauaqe Club was oraanized to aive the students a better under- T standing of France, Spain, and Spanish America. The club has one meeting each term. ln the tall term Professor H. C. l-laddox tallied to the qroup, and a French play, "La Maternellef' and a Spanish traveloaue were sponsored by the orqani- 5 l t zation. 1 ,l. Mit? H W The outstandinq event of the year was the annual, all-college costume ball, the t , el .521 ' 1 1 y 5 M Mardi Gras, of which Phyllis Moon was selected queen. wt R 1 IV osemary lohnston was president oi the club, lohn F. Charles, vice-president: li and Thelma Peterson, secretary-treasurer. 5 l , 4 - l I l 1 W 1 l ,tr 1 ,112 E! A I5 t Front Bow: Freet V M , Bath, lohnston, Thomes, Charles, Haddox, Boone, l-TOQICIH, Lund' Second Bow: Simpson, Leitman, Turner, Fauaht, Bothlisberaer, Chapman, HUIUPP' l 5 1' 1 H Z rey, udson, Kubicek, Smock. I E , v , 1 'i'1,g . 1 4lt , y y Third Bow: Gentner, Cabel, Peet,LMu H Myer, orton, Boberq, Brindley, Ebers, HCITVUOU' 1 lil , Fourth Bow: Beynolds, Land i K X Qira, reussel, Flalstrom, Grimm, Byrne, Stiles, Decker' , it Bothlisberaer, Brandt. -l 1 , , Fifth ROW: Miller' HQHQUI. Statlord, Sperry, Leech, Lindquist, Cross, Moore, Hansen' l A Poppenheimer. , . i A - ' ti ' l 1 Q l 2 ' 1 5 4 , V 5 5: jill ,T Ii PaQ9192 tt, lla fl i 'lf 9 1,. ELLEN RICHARDS CLUB Fifty-six girls interested in home economics as a life vocation became members of the Ellen Bichards Club this year. Martha Petersen was president, Frances Wil- liqms, vice-president, Carrol Dean, treasurer, Marjean Orr, secretary, and Miss Bernice Allen, taculty adviser. ' A freshman tea was the first event ot the year, and at the next meeting the year's theme was disclosed: "What the Home Economics Girl Should Stand For." A Dad's Day coiiee, a Homecoming tea, and a Thanksgiving banquet completed the activities of the iall term. Miss Mary Smiley, Mr. lack Logan, and Dr. Beatrice Geiger talked to the girls, and early in April the group entertained the high school clubs. The mothers of the members were invited to an Open House, and at the end of the year a farewell picnic was given tor the girls who were graduated. I Front Bow: Trunnell, Bowling, Dean, Williams, Petersen, Orr, Gibson. Page 193 Second Bow: Akin, Schultz, Coontz, Gillespie, Leitman, Myers, Speer, Calderwood. Third Bow: Williams, Mauer, Flynn, Layne, Sigler, Bishop, Miller, McNabb. Fourth Bow: Miller, Briden, Hoover, Betz, Boardman, Iacobs, Heuring, Kuhl, Ehrens berger. 5 5 t IEAN SLO!-KN . . . was chosen os one of the most represen- totive Women on the campus due to her scholastic ond extro curricuiotr ctctivities. leon wots President ot the Womens Lectque this yeotr otnd ex-officio member of the Student Council. She cdso belongs to Piotycrcxit otnd Kctppct Thetct PS1- tQtet3lQleSleNUXTWt2 LESLIE B our campus: always pleasant and always busy. Burch is an ex-editor ot the 'Calleae Eye," a member at Blue Key, Student Council, Pi Omega Pi, Publication Board, QLD GOLD Statt, Kappa Delta Pi, and Alpha Delta Alpha. UECH . . . is one at the most familiar figures on 4 STUDENTS MYRTLE TELLEEN . . . has been prominent in many activities this year. She was awarded the Bertha Martin speech scholarship, acted on the Women's League Executive Council, the Student Council, l-lamilton club, Playcrait club, Rho Epsilon Rho, and was chosen an CLD GOLD Beauty. 1 A lQlel5lQl-SleNlAllVE ?wl,'g5'ff-:f 'S l w l l J l I l 1 l ARVIL HINSHAW . . . has earned a place among the Rep- resentative students of our campus by engaging in a variety of activities. Hinshaw is President of the Student Council, Treasurer of Blue Key, a member of Lambda Delta Lambda, Men's Band, College Symphony, and the Steward of Alpha Chi Epsilon. STUDENTS QVQCMESB 5 V l F I X 4 Tjrmlc Qweelwesis vamlqs lwiglw in melcidgic achieve- memlc amomg Qlwgemlc evgamlzoalciems is aluJce9feJ JSO Eg five weeeeplciem 0? julie veellcal as one 0? Awe IOVGM' 5 Q. esfemtevfmimmemfsamemgiLweCmW1PU9PTOJUC 'Om 14 .IlKl' 118.75-EVE: 'Yl.4 'N D GHS mcg as Q me mf EUMQ Om pmcipkg Of wmlwmac PGM, EQJL4 mwemgmf, ang mlm! Jggign JCQWJWOJ Amie Qompggsfm which Jwas awwiliqenf meaning Jw fm Wig who Pave CWGGJCGJ them 0 19561-X57 5 10 Malay we M if ,652 , fl Q72 f ww, ' VJ, ff, Vfkfl. O iffy W! ,f, 4 3 ---J 1-, Lui L With the April showers began the spring life on the cam- pus - spring dances, picnics, outdoor activities aalcre. A whole galaxy oi athletic events -Baseball Games, Track, and Tennis Meets -formed an endless round ci fun for the sports fans. l-lonoraries initiated new members and the Departmental Qraanizaticns carried out their varied activities ....... gwfddillf life Plcxyinq ostrich, huh? Lunch in The fountain room The Mardi Gras qcrnq Qgljxi-xl' 1 Painting on the Spot Getters et the news A Major-Dome rehearsal lust a latte please lt pays te advertise What happens new Gretna Home? The Queen et the Mardi Gras l-ler loyal subjects me New Ztwtitf' ' " ' "' 1 """Y"""Gnf"""""7"' ' srgg, . fimgglg Q X XX e ff 1 7 it Q ,Q si E Efmwssw gifg tl L. L 5 Q Thdt's g lot ot tgpe there WW if it A hgir-dressing demonstration And he never misses F red gnd Ginger inoognito At the gdtes - or something The Dgy' Begins The hot-ioot The prgctiodi knowledge of surveying A hgdminton bug Between numbers Pcqe 207 t2W ,if COACH WHITFOBD BLAKE BLANCHABD . f 1 EGGERS HUTCHISON MANSHIP MOI-IB NASH PERRY ST. CLAIR SMAHA SNELL MoHR AT BAT VETERAN Thirteen lettermen on hand, eight ot them regulars, and a fourteen-game schedule-that was the prospect as the l937 baseball season got under way. A squad of 38 men greeted Coach Lawrence "Munn" Whittord as he started indoor workouts, workouts which lasted indoors until aiter the first ball game, be- cause it was too cold to move outside. Two oi the returning veterans, Mert Blake and Gordon Blanchard, the Tutors' heaviest hitter and leading pitCl1GI in 1936 reported for the pitching staft. ln addition, three promising sophomores, Al Kane, Glenn Smaha, and Lu'V'erne Duns- moor, appeared capable of doinq Theif share oi pitching for the Panther nine. Without the benetit oi a decent outdoor workout, the Tutors moved in on Ames for their opening game aQfCii1'lSl IOWG State. The Cyclones, taking advantage Of a Teachers' error, pushed across the OI1lY run of the ball game to win l to U. The Cyclones repeated their feat the next day sending the Panthers dowfl 10 fi 5. The Tutor squad garnered 3 his to for lowa State, but couldn't conVeft thgni into the needed runs. A wild fourth use ning, in which five runs crossed the pw tor the lowa State nine, COS a victory. t BlanChUfd vw 5 5. art rs' in - ln lil ms- their tdoor Ames lowd C1439 Ol 9 Ofllll eat the m 10 lo its to 5 art them with in' the Pldle .tarwwl A SAFE HIT NINE RETURNS The Panthers, aided by the big bats of Glenn Smaha and Kenneth Perry, turned on Simpson College to score five runs in the seventh to win the home opener 8 to 4. Perry connected for a home run with one man ahead of him to start out the "lucky seventh," and Smaha followed suit with another circuit clout with two men on bases to clinch the game. Wisconsin State Teachers of Platteville, Wisconsin, was the victim as the Purple and Gold evened the count for the season at two wins and two losses. Behind the pitching of Blanchard, who went the full nine innings, the Tutors collected five hits off the visiting hurler to score 7 runs, win- ninq 7 to 5. Two sophomores beat out veterans for infield positions as the team hit its stride. Glenn Smaha took over the first base assignment when not on the -mound, and lohn Costigan, a slightly built newcomer, Qot the call consistently at third base, moving Iimmy Manship, last year's requ- lar, around the "hot corner" to shortstop. Hubert Missildine, another newcomer, showed plenty of promise in the outfield, replacing Eddie Nash in the earlier games. George Hutchison, one of the best catchers in the history of the school, was in at the backstop post all year, hittinq the ball with plenty of power. "Smiling" Griff Eggers held down the second base job. In the outfield, Ken Perry, one of the leading hitters on the squad, got the regular call at left, Melvin Mohr at center, and Ed Nash and Hubert Missildine alternated at the other out-A field position. The l937 Schedule: April 9-Teachers U, Iowa State l. April IO-Teachers 5, Iowa State lO. April I9-Teachers 8, Simpson 5. April Zl-Postponed, rain. April 23-Teachers 7, Platteville Teach- ers 5. April 30-Augustana at Cedar Falls. May l-Augustana at Cedar Falls. May 7-Western Illinois Teachers at Macomb, Ill. May 8-Western Illinois Teachers at Macomb, Ill. May 14-Augustana at Sioux Falls, S Dak. May 15-Augustana at Sioux Falls, S Dak. May 22-Alumni All .Stars at Cedar Falls. . 'May 28-Western Illinois Teachers at Cedar Falls. May 29--Western Illinois Teachers at Cedar Falls. I f 4 f x5 ,. fi V 1 7 I7 , f ' f 1 ' f f 1 ,KZ A Z , ff li , , i,i,,,,ur r THE BROAD IUMP GNAGY HEAVES ONE OUT UP AND OVER PANTHERS Nine lettermen, including George Peder- son, North Central conference high jump champion, and Lloyd Gnagy, the best javelin tosser ever to don a Panther track suit, headed a list of 44 candidates working out as the Panther squad prepared for a tough ten carnival assignment. Opening in their first indoor meet on March l3 in the Naperville Relays, the Tutors were to meet the best of the crop before winding up their season lune 5 in the Marquette relays. The Panthers, however, minus the services of more than half of ship squad, faced a stiff job as they headed for their third straight loop title at Grand Forks, North Dakota, May 2l and 22, last year's champion- Nine veterans were back this year but another nine were missing, and A. D. Dick' in- son, the genial track mentor, experienced more than a little trouble filling the gqps they left. Tak e an array of stars like Roland White Graham l-love R - Y, Cty Ebersold, Lewis Lakel, DEFEND Carl Speck, and Stan Schmelling from any track team, and it really leaves a hole. The return of Reuben Tesch, stellar dis- tance runner, made that department one of the strongest on the l937 squad. Tesch, along with Merle Wiener, another award winner, and a group of aspiring newcomers, including Harvey Hinshaw, james DYCUSI Paul Skarda, and Donald Green, were ex- pected to garner their share of points in the longer running events. Don Stout and Pete McCabe, for two Years the mainstays of the broad iumpinq depart' ment, along with Cyril Cranny, SOPhOmf3Te star, were expected to pick UP Cf few points in the broad jump, and Pederson, helped along by George Miner and Dick Loiiqf made the high jump another P0iUl'geHmq affair. The loss of Ebersold and jerry Pfilmef veteran toppers of the high timber' madilgf hurdle outlook gloomy. MCfYUCffdd to be house and Dick Zellhoeffer GQPGUFG tops among the squad in both the hiqh G low hurdlers. nd 5, 5, X- T16 urs art- tore iints lped .OHCII attinq glmef de the New' , to be sh fmt P4169 210 TIME TRYOUTS CROWN "Dusty" Alderman was the only veteran sprinter back, but lohnny Magovich, toot- hall speed merchant, promised him plenty of help. Other men who appeared certain to get a chance in the shorter races included Roy Lundquist and Arvil Hinshaw. Lloyd Gnagy led the candidates for the javelin, but Henry Loats and Roy Olsen, up from last year's freshman team, pushed the veteran tor honors. Ralph Smith and Merle Wiener, along with four new candidates, Charles Dayhott, Ver- non Kruse, lim Dycus, and Don Green, appeared to have the half-mile taken care ot. Three newcomers, Tommy Nicholson, Stephen Sanders, and Bill Devine, fought it out in the mile and longer distance races. George Miner helped the pole vaulting cause when he switched to track from tennis to compete along with Dick Long, the only veteran vaulter returning. Page 211 COACH DICKINSON ALDERMAN DYCUS GN AGY GREEN I-IINSI-IAW' ISBELL LONG LUN DQUIST IVIAGOVICH NICI-IOLSON OLSEN Vik SMITH STONE STOUT TESCH TROTTO WIENER OVER-AND THIN CLADS FACE TEN TRACK Foss The l937 Schedule: March 12-North Central Relays at Naperville, Ill. March 20-Armour Tech Relays at Chicago April 10-Grinnell College at Grinnell April l7-Teachers College Relays at Cedar Falls April 23-24-Drake Relays at Des Moines May 1-Dakota Relays at Sioux Falls, S. Dak. May 8-Coe, Cornell, Teachers Triangular, Cedar Rapids ' May 15-South Dakota State at Cedar Falls May 21-22-North Central Conference meet at Grand lune 5- THEN SOME Forks, N. Dak. Marquette Relays at Milwaukee, Wis. ii 42 f 3 X Q X, 2 542 wi f , r Mfzfwf, SINGLE V TERAN ON TENNIS SQUAD Cnly one letterman greeted l-lomer C. l-laddox as he started molding the l937 edition of the Panther net squad. Eight tough matches, including the de- fense of the North Central Conference champion- ship, were included on the schedule as the season got under Way. Bill McNabb and Stanley Reeves, veteran loop champions Wound up their careers last year, and Darrell Black and George Miner, counted on to fill the number one and two gaps, failed to report, leav- ing Haddox only Dick Kadesch from the l936 team. Two promising sophomores, however, made the early season outlook bright. Ed Trefzger, Califor- nia netmen, and Bob Huffman seemed assured of varsity berths, before the first meet. Cther men counted on to make strong bids Efor first team posts Were Iohn Forrest Charles, Ed Lund, and lohn Wyth. Cf the three, Lund seemed the likely choice for the fourth post on the squad. The Tutors were scheduled to open the season April 24 against Cornell at Mount Vernon, but the meet was postponed on account of rain, moving the opening date back a Week. The Purple and Gold defended their North Central titles in both the singles and doubles against the pick of the loop, May 21 and 22 at Grand Forks, North Dakota, in the annual loop meet. VETERAN OF THE COURTS COACH HADDOX CHARLES HUFFMAN IORDAN KADESCH LUND TREFZGER WYTH . ! 2 ,. l it W ,V I . 1 I ,. E . li l I ll . - l I . 'A I I Q if 1, I 37 , 'ls 1 1 l, I W Vi f t It Q: 3 l lj l in 1 . t 5 w a 'a t t l W 3 V , , 3 -1- . . ax 1 f 1 t t, ,f ,V 'f t.. it V PI GAMMA MU t .itll ui, RUPERT MCNALLY. . . - PI9SiCl9T1'f tlfful .lvl firm Q ADELA WOOLVERTON . . Vice-President V K . it DR. F. W. W ELLBORN . . . Secretary l Wir" 1 DR. F. W. WELLBORN . . Treasurer Q W Hal. . M t, ,i 1 DR. F. W. WELLBORN . Adviser Q dvi g llyti t It , gil lit .4 ill! .sl it-g . 1 ,, Q, , Pi Gamma Mu is another of our national honorary fraternities Whose mCi11'1 . ,. I f 3 ff K . , . ., Purpose is to recoqnize hiqh scholarship in the social sciences. Dr. F. W- Well' K ' I M fb i bOI11, of the Social Science Department, is the faculty adviser of the fraternitY- I :'i Membemhlp 111 P1 Gamma Mu is obtained only by invitation. PledQ'GS We fi A L S quired to Qo throuqh both a formal and an informal initiation. At the informal 111995 ' 'i W W t 5 IHC! active members of the fraternity ask the pledqes a battery of questions in IQQCIT W if W . J to social science matters. 7 i I The formal initiation follows the informal meeting and all p1edfJeS Who havi SCfl1SfCfC'fOf11Y met the requirements of the informal initiation are allowed to q , - Q . lhmuqh the formal initiation. Followinq the formal ceremony, old actives and new y dine together. Y . 4 MEMBERS: McNally, Woolverton Br 4 , andenburq, Brauer, Bush A V BYFHGI HSUNHQ, Peter, Reimer, Smith Touchae, Urice, Wadle, Weaver, Webber, Wellborn 'll' N main Well- IIG Ie' , meet reqflfd J We to QC id new 4 Pulte ll PI OMEGA PI AXEL ANDERSGN . , President CLARICE ANDERSGN . Vieepfesietem HOWARD TOWNSEND . . Secretary LAWRENCE Tl-IURSTON . , Treasurer LAURINE WEBBEKING . , Higtgfiqn MISS IULIA MEYERS , Adviser Pi Gmega Pi, national honorary commerce fraternity, has taken over the organr zation of a new club in the Commercial Education Department for the furtherment of interest and achievement in commercial work. A new club fostered by the group this year has been named the Golden Ledger and is made up of freshman and sophomore students who have declared majors in the department. T ln addition to the sponsorship of the Golden Ledger, the fraternity members have originated certificates of membership which were presented to all the active members and all the alumni of the fraternity. Among other activities of the fraternity is the publishing twice each year, in December and again in May, of its publication, "Gamma Progress," a magazine for commercial alumni. The fraternity also holds an initiation dinner each term that there are students eligible for pledging. MEMBERS: A. Anderson, C. Anderson, Townsend, Thurston, Borden Burch, Hovey, lndvik, Webbelcing, Meyers Page 215 ,,, W,.H . . , 1 ft! 1 I 1 1 r i T rl? +I . rl it l lr 1, 5 Qgy f Q. 'l I t I THETA THETA EPSILON rr. .wr 4 v 4,1 1 T : r lr ,. . 4 4 . ,. T r Theta Theta Epsilon has been established on the Iowa State Teachers Colleqe 't 'T t -E f, l campus as an honorary home economics fraternity. The organization is a com- T , zos CLEVELAND . . President 5 MARTHA PETERSEN . . Secretary j MARTHA PETERSEN . . Treasurer DR. BEATRICE GEIGEB . . Adviser . 1 V"i"" if zrt Girl l l will i Q ivriri E A 51 i t 1 .l i it ' 1 5, Q 1OCfTCfTiV9lY new one here, but has demonstrated to advantage its Worth in the Home 5 if , A .Q ECOHOITUCS Department and to the students enrolled in the courses offered here. l pledging is scheduled to be held twice each year. Following the prescribed I ga 3' 'yyt rr term of pledgeship, prospective members are initiated into the fraternity Wllh Cm it if informal CSTQTHOHY. Eollowing the initiation, a dinner is usually held for membefs P. q Gnd initiates. ln order to be received into Theta Theta Epsilon a student is reqklifed ' 1 , to fflC11fl'fCI111 ct grade point average of 2.75. The person must be either a iL1H10f'Of senior student, and must have completed 25 hours of Work in the Home Economlcs Department. ? 15 D Each Year Theta Theta EDSUO11 fICIT91'11iTY Presents a gift to the Home ECOIAOYIEZ 1 epmtmem' USUUHY S0119 object of value to students enrolled in courses IU 'Q department. MEMBERS: Cleveland, Petersen, Widmer, Geiger E i . 4 i U i . ' V Poqe 216 T r lieqe com- iome I ,. :ribed th GH mbers quired tior Of ,Omics 1orr1lC5 in The ie 216 LIFE SAVING Every Tuesday night the fifteen members of the Bed Cross Life Saving Corps practiced life saving methods in the pool at the Men's Gymnasium to live up to their motto, "Every girl a swimmer! Every swimmer a life saver!" Life savers are classified into two groups, the junior and senior life savers. Each girl aims to re- pass her life saving test each year. ln March, the Corps gave its annual life saving demonstration, and for the first time men were invited to assist in the work, which included stunt diving, life saving techniques, and formation swimming with candles. Every spring the men and women on the campus may take tests for examiner- ship, which are given by a national examiner secured by the group. The advisers are Miss Doris E. White, Miss Dorothy Michel and Miss Thelma Short. Officers are Maxine Hunter, presidentp Barbara Howard, vice-president, Mary Brown, secretary-treasurer, lane Cotton, captain, lune Knowles, mate. Front Bow: Howard, Brown, Hunter, Cotton, Edwards. Second Bow: Michel, Lund, Zlatohlavelc, White, Short, Auld. Third Bow: Patterson, Buche, Ashley, lones, Petersen, Siesseger. Page 217 .- R WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB 2 i The physical education majors and minors, who compose the Physical Educa- tion Club, met in the Women's Gymnasium once a term for the purpose of bringing if the girls of the department into a more unified group. FS Miss Thelma Short was the group's adviser. The officers were Dorothy lean Peterson, president and senior representative, Mary Brown, junior representative, g Ruth Schlesselman, sophomore representative, Betty Ebers, freshman representa- .W tive, lane Cotton, social chairman, Helen Bancroft, minor representative. The years activities included an initiation picnic at the golf course and a Christmas party at the Commons. The group also sponsored a sports movie of golf and swimming. lf, L Front Bow: Van Ness, Michel, Short, Moore, White, Petersen, Brown. Secfmd ROW3 Auld, Bancroft, Schlesselman, Ebers, Stringer, I-loward, Wainwriqlllf Elliot. Q Third Bow: Zlatchlavelc, Breitenbach, Boberg, Franklin, l-lunter, Stephenson, Eflck' son. l Fourth Bow: Enqen, Buche, Cotton. HOWS, Hoeffler, Guetschow, lones, Nylcvist, Christensen, Kessler, Van Li Page 218 WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women's Athletic Association is open to any college girl for the purpose of increasing interest and participation in athletics and recreational activities. Every Wednesday one member of the group had charge of Play Night for boys and girls, and in the fall the association sponsored a series of six lessons in social dancing, which ended with a party at the Commons. The class had an enrollment of three hundred. The intramural sports in which members may participate include hockey, B basketball, and baseball. Golf, tennis, and volleyball tournaments were also held during the year. For the first time, the association captured the prize in the Tutor Ticklers with its entree act, "Tintypes." A Miss Dorothy Michel advises the group, and the officers are Virginia Auld, l president, Catherine lones, vice-president, Barbara Howard, secretary-treasurer, and Dorothy Miller, historian. Front Row: Iones, Michel, Auld, I-Ioward. Second Row: Brown, Franklin, Nykyist, Ashley, Petersen, I-laubrick. t, , :k- 5 Ian P we 218 Cfqe 219 2 X A ff' ff 'f Q1 ,' 45 Ji ' 5 ZW 4 , 2575, fi' f f Z, N Q Ax W V Q . ,L sw Q 2 752 yi AN , .Wh sg 5 WY, 'vi 's 4-my fif ax 2-2 ,, , 4 U., X f -vim f f 2 My m flflind XA, 'yi 'Q A x U fyyn, f f 7 QW .ww W? av' A si, VT? .- amz Mya Neff ' f 7 Q' Q. g 5 1 Q55 2 if Q. 4 W f ML,--M. 1 nm. J, . WSW 1 .-if ww, ff? f ,N 55 W QQ ff 'WWE W fwj ff, f f f W ,X Wy ff ZW! , W MZCW Aff fm 7 yffe 1, 4, - fax Wf Q . ff, , fww f f f fff ff f f f Off QM ff fw ZX My f , W X WWW, !Wf f W 7 W WW Q? wwf W f f Z f f MW K 'of 0 W! X 1 W Z W X W f MW X 4 WW f X f W!! f HW J f A A fi Wy gym M W iz y X7 wfywf mf W fff ' fm, X702 MW 7 ZW 4M X ffC f fw !f f ff ff! X M f fix WM f f X WW f , f Wx ff !ff fffw if fyf 'W fp W W ZW! WW ff W, www W fff W ,WW X , Wmwffffww MRM ,W W fa ffff WN ,M ,wwf fm-AW, W awn- K I N fW7k 'fax' fSSWMlf ff MW ffm , Af f .nl XX-X Xxx May-the cllrnax of a busy year The OLD GOLD lS publlshecl whlle the College Eye looks back over an eventful year The last number of the Purple Pen lS lssued, and the Boarol of Control elects new louloli- cations officers. Ana last, tl'1e araclu- ates leave the campus for a new aol- venture . . 'Bill- . E c Qu tu Q at 'r X. ,I I 1. k. 3 I PAUL R. WEAVER y , t Editor-in-Chief H 1 1 if BERNARD M. HOPPER 6 if I Business Manager y p l MAXINE BRAND 2 Managing Editor 5 TQ' ESTHER SPEBRY L Art Editor ' lv i TE l lv 3' 1,, 15? '1' ffl iz if A H To produce a book of great interest to the students at Iowa State I y Teachers College has been the paramount interest of the staff of 1 , F the 1937 OLD GOLD. Plans for this year's annual have been f 3 -under way for over a year. The result has been this chronological V yearbook presenting the highlights of the year's activity in pictures E and story combined with color and beauty of layout form. The I 1 w 1 M major staff which conceived the book as you have it was elected i bY the Board of Control of Student Publications in A ril 1936 BG- , f I 5 , , 9 ' ' sides planning for the current year, great thought and care have b99I1 M Q, giV9Tl in DTSDCIUHQ a staff for the following year, so that the OLD 1, GOLD office has been at the same time a workshop and a laboratorY tg f V for the new staff. 1 if I ' E P I -l T ,Q , f T 1 Y I 1 'v ,tate ff ot teen ical ures The cted Be- neen ULD mtory 'RSI 193 7 Ou Qu 5.55 The thousands of details which go into the makeup of a modern annual must be done by a capable group of assistants. ln carrying these out, these staff members deserve special recog- nition, for Without their complete cooperation and assistance, an annualof this type would never have been possible. The head photographer, Harvey Hinshaw and his assistant, I. B. Paul, Ir., have endeavored to cover all major campus activi- ties and bring you pictures that were vital yet dif- ferent. The color plates on the various athletic sec- tions have been drawn and hand-cut in chalk by Eugene Bovee, assistant to the art editor. The busi- ness staff and salesmen who assisted in the various sales campaigns and built the Annual sales to a new high must also be extended our heartiest thanks. The typists and copywriters and other assistants have also contributed an essential part to what We hope is a successful OLD GOLD. 2 i Top: Preparing the student directory Center: Layouts carefully planned in art department Bottom: Photography makes the modern yearbook BOVEE BROWN BURCI-I CHASE COLBURN CROWELL FREEMAN HINSHAW KIRGIS MONROE MOORE PAUL RAPP STEEL 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 51 11 f, 1 1 2 1 1 141. 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 16 C111 56 1 .1,4 ., ,, GWENDOLYN WESUUU Editor-In-Chief NEYQ the t aii-around coiieqe n " has worked tor a Rated the hes state this year, "The Coiieqe Eye two-tcid achievement. The stati has attempted to pub- iish an etticient, unbiased newspaper, and at the same time to train students vvho may he iournaiists or advisers tc schoci papers. Staii members have striven not oniy to produce an exceiient paper, but aiso to huiid an oraanization that wiii make possihie more ot ' ' "Coiieae Eyes" tor Teachers Coiieqe the pr in ewspaper in ize-vvinninq the iuture. ,..W,iwf1i1:em1Qg11gHE12 7 1 7' P AUT. BOYSEN Business Manager lvlflllu-9 -, ' W ,fag , ine r cr Jub- :Lime 5 or riveii iso to tore Ol jolleqe -Mwmwwmffzmwwf ffm t Sf., Y KJLJL.-1.21 , VV, CREADY, l:lOBlN5UlN1, vv rrrr,....v -1 FIESNER, GEORGE, IORDAN, Mc WS- lt takes hours oi work, week in, week out, irom Eriday to Friday, to make a ne paper. There must be planning and interviewing, soliciting and writing. Hours at the print shop and copy desk go into each "College Eye." Many oi the stati members who make each issue possible receive little ior their eiiorts but the knowledge ol tasks dwell done and the thanks ot iellow workers. All have a chance to receive direction and experience that is invaluable in this day oi high school newspapers and an increased demand for college-trained journalists, photographers, and business men. Under the present oiiice set-up, today's assistants and reporters are being trained tor the statt positions in the years to come, so that future "College Eyes" may be even better. College newspapers oi tomorrow will be diiterent The "College Eye" is attempting to build an organization that will lead the procession in modern methods d attainments, and be more adequately prepared to put its finger on the pulse oi an a modern middlewestern College E NEI-XRS 'THE CCDPY DEADLIN fix t 1 1 r , , 9 ,H 5 . .I 1 11' 3. 1 it QT, E rm l 2 l I JEAN REYNOLDS Editor-in-Chief Wm e DEN Tl-IE PURPLE PEN PREPARES FOR THE PRESS . . ' Novem- The "Purple Pen," student literary magazine, was issued three times this YGCIIU ln be F ' r, ehruary, and May This m - raIY . agazine is issued by Sigma Tau Delta, the national lgjigsgpini English fraternity, under the direction of Miss Selina Terry. lean RGYUOHS Served as Chief this year, and T V ' b mem- om Lamke as Business Manager. lt is necessary that the STCIH 9 bers ot Sigma Tau Delta. The materials for the magazine Were cho t . 'tteol by i sen rom stories, poems and articles Subml students on the campus a d lo ' ' ' n y alumni who are interest ed in creative writing. Page 228 -g VGIH' JICITY 01'-lfl' fnefil' ad bY P069 228 sown Ot Qgfmtmf Dusucmloms RAYMOND PINGEL President CONNELL, BACON, BURCH, WADLE BOARDMAN, HOLMES, BATH, TERRY The Board of Control of Student Publications is made up of four faculty members and five Students elected each spring by the students of the college. The members of the board make- klp the qOV91'fli1'1Q body for the publications operating on the campus, the OLD GOLD, the Colleqe Elie," and the "Purple Pen." v U The Board of Oontrol is responsible for the appointment of staff officers on the publications, iileififin of candidates being made on the basis of scholarship, experience and all-around .er1, tl ln addition to the above duties, the Publications Board shapes the policies of the publica- long Cffld awards the contracts. Pflqe 229 , .--..,....-..--fy, DEAN ALDERMAN Brandon B. A. History-Lambda Gam- ma Nu, Vice-Presidenty Inter- Fraternity Council, Treasurerp "l" Club: Social Science Hon- ors Societyp Student Council Committee on Curriculum. DAVE BAILEY Cedar Falls B. A. Chemistry- Alpha Chi Epsilon, Chemistry Seminar, Chemistry Alembic. ANN BECHTELHEIMER Waterloo B. A. Kindergarten-Primary - Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, AXEL ANDERSON Des Moines B. S. Commercial Education -- Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, "I" Club, Blue Key. DONALD BALDWIN Waterloo B. A. Speech -Lambda Garn- ma Nu: Theta Alpha Phi, Playcraft, President: Secre- tary-Treasurer, Senior Class: Executive Board of Men's Union: Student Council Com- mittee on Lecture and Enter- tainmenty Blue Key. STANLEY BENZ Charles City B. A. Economics and Sociol- OQY-Lambda Gamma Nu, Blue KSY: U. S. M., President, Hamilton Club: Debate. Marching Band, D - I fum MaJor. CLARICE ANDERSON Gowrie B. S. Commercial Education - Pi Omega Pig Commercial Club, L. S. A. lEANNE BALLANTYNE Waterloo B. A. Kindergarten-Primary - Alpha Beta Gammay Kappa Pi Beta Alpha. RALPH BIRCHARD Cedar Falls B. A. Earth Science-Gain ma Theta Upsilon. SENIORS KATHRYN ANDERSON Primghar B. A. English - Kappa Theta Psi, Vice-President, Playcruft. ROBERT BARNES Cedar Falls B. S. Commercial Education- Xanhop Inter-PraternilY Colin' cil, President: Commercial Club. GRACE BISHOP Elliott B A History D sOc1a1SCiegi? . . ' 1 Honors Society: Phl Delta. Paqe 230 ERSON ppa Theta Playcrutt. RNES ills Education f 2I'I'1llY Colin' Commefclal ISHOP ll I me ?tJClGgJ5C1eChi pafie 230 DARRELL BLACK Cedar Falls ,s. physical Edifffiffon- B GDM, Alpha: 1 Club: Al h Coiqmercial Club- NEVIN BOWEN Cedar Falls B. S. History - Lambda Gam- ma Nu: "lu Club- EARNEST BRANDENBURG Tripoli B. A. History - Kappa Delta Pi: Delta Sigma Rho: Hamil- ton Club: U. S. M., Social Science Honors Society. 1936-'37 Page 231 GORDON BLANCHARD Lone Rock B. S. Physical Education- Lambda Gamma Nu, Presi- dent: "I" Club. FRANCES BRADLEY Newhall B. S. Music-Theta Gamma Nu: College Band: College Choir, President: College Symphony: College Chorus: Cecilian Glee Club: Opera Club: Ladies' Band: Rho Ep- silon Rho. ALBERT BRAUER Keystone B. A. History - German Club, President. NADINE BORDEN Waterloo B. S. Band and Orchesr t a - Sigma Alpha Iota: Pi Omega Pi: Purple Arrow: College Orchestra: Orchestra Club. LOIS BRAGONIER Cedar Falls B. A. Band and Orchestra- Kappa Theta Psi: Cecilian Glee Club: College Sym- phony. ERMA BROUHARD New Hartford B. A. Music- Purple Arrow: German Club: Kappa Phi, President: Wesley Foundation Student Council: Wesley Players: Ladies' Band: Col- lege Symphony: College Choir. LOIS BOWEN Cedar Falls B. A. Nursery School-V. O Kappa Pi Beta Alpha: Inter Sorority Council. ALFRED BRAINARD Delta B. A. Music - Orchestra Club: College Band. LLOYD BROWER Lake View B. A. Band and Orchestra. V. Sigma Phi, President: KEITH BUEGHLY Conrad B. S. Physical Education - "I" Club. IAMES BUSH Sundance, Wyoming B. A. History - Phi Sigma Ep- silon: Social Science Honors Society. lOHN CHARLSON Dows B. A. Physics-Kappa Delta Pi: U. S. M.: Minnesingers: College Choir: Chorus: Chem- istry Seminar. TOM BUFF UM Cedar Falls B,A, Speech - Playcraft: Min- nesingers: College Choir. HELEN BYRNE Moorland B. A. History -- Romance Lan- guage Club: Social Science Honors Society: C. S. A. HAROLD CHARTER Cedar Falls B. A. History - Phi Tau Theta, Historian and Alumni Secre- tary: Wesley Foundation Stu- dent Council: Troubadours. LESLIE BURCH Pollock, South Dakota B. A. Commercial Education - Alpha Delta Alpha: Pi Omega Pi: Kappa Delta Pi: Blue Key: Student Council: Board of Student Publications. MARIAN CALDERWOOD Traer B. A. Home Economics - Ellen Richards Club. RAYMOND CHENEY Greene B. S. Physical Education- Alpha Chi Epsilon: Blue Key, President: Men's Union, Sec- retary: "I" Club: Student Council Committee on Curri- culum. - .... -v--A-..i DOROTHY BURRQUGHS Tipton B. A. English-Th t Nu, Social Chaifmeqgfllgcinmu Delta P1: Sig T ppq Playcmft. mu C111 Delta: MELVIN CASE Marshalltown B. S. Chemistry - Alpha Delta Alpha: Inter-Fraternity Colm. Gil: Chemistry Algmbic. Chemistry Seminar, Vigel. President. ARVILLAMAE CHICK Cedar Falls B. A. History - Hamilton Club: Debate: Social Science Honors Society, Secretary: Shakespearean Literary So- ciety. SENIORS Page 232 Ht lt B.S. l Phi Slq 3-All ll9SlI14 B-A lqyy EHS Dellflg 1 hill Delta Y Conn. Alembic: I VlC9- THICK imillon il Science Secretary: erury So- l P 1936-'37 HAROLD CHURCH Inglewood, Calif. B.S. Physical Education- Phi Sigma Epsilon: "I" Club. IULIAN COLBY Waterloo B' A' English - Playcraft: Min- nesingers: College Eye Stgff ALICE CROW Aurora B- A- Elementar .im C1 u .Y - Elemen- Y Hb. Writers Club, Page 233 I RICHIE CHURCH Cedar Rapids B.A. Commercial Education - Commercial Club: Romance Language Club: Kappa Phi, Treasurer: College Club. VICTOR COLLARD Manchester B. S. Physical Education- Xanho: Rho Epsilon Rho: Bi- ology Club. EVELYN DAVIS Red Oak B.A. History-Kappa Delta Pi ROBERT CLARK Lake View B. A. Physics - Lambda Delta Lambda: Commercial Club: Orchestra Club: Band: Min- nesingers: College Choir. ALFRED COMITO Des Moines B. S. Physical Education-Phi Sigma Epsilon: Football Squad. REX DECKER Hedrick B. A. History-Xanho: Social Science Honors Society: Ro- mance Language Club. ZOE CLEVELAND Cedar Falls B. A. Home Economics - Pi 4 Tau Phi: Theta Theta Epsi- lon: Ellen Richards Club. EUGENE COON Des Moines B. S. Industrial Arts - Lamb- da Gamma Nu, Financial Secretary: Industrial Arts Guild, President. VERIEAN DILGER Waterloo B. S. Band and Orchestra- Epsilon Phi Epsilon, Presi- dent: Sigma Alpha lota: Wo- men's Band: Concert Band: Orchestra Club: SymphO1'1Y- :az I Pafie A ""' LENORA DIPPEL Marion B.A. English - Hamilton Club: Debate: Student Coun- cil Committee on Activities and Organizations. l ANE EBY Waterloo B. S. Band and Orchestral Mu- sic - Epsilon Phi Epsilon: Kappa Delta Pi: Bel Canto Glee Club: Orchestra Club: College Symphony. EUGENE ENGEL Brighton B.A. History-Orchestra Club. DORIS DUNHAM Waterloo B. A. Mathematics - U. S. M.: Orchesis: Mathematics Club. RUTH EDDY Swaleclale B. A. Music-Tau Sigma Del- ta, Vice-President: Rho Epsi- lon Rho: College Choir: Ce- cilian Glee Club: College Chorus. VERNELL RUTH FAUGI-IT Charles City B. A. Latin - Classical Club: Romance Language Club: W. A-A-: Euterpean Glee Club: Inter-Church Council. IEAN DUNKELBERG Waterloo B. A. Public School Music- Alpha Beta Gamma, Presi- clent: Vice-President, Senior Class: Romance Language Club: Rho Epsilon Rho. GRIFFIN EGGERS Dubuque B. S. Commercial Education -Phi Sigma Epsilon, Treas- urer: "I" Club. VIRGINIA FEE Waterloo B.A. Art-Art League. SENIORS IANE EALY Belle Plaine B. S. Commercial Education- Phi Sigma Phi: President, Bartlett Hall: Vice-President, Women's League. GORDON ELLIS Sioux City B. A. Mathematics - K G P P Cf Delta Pi: Biology Club: Bela Beta Beta: Mathematics Club. FREDERICK FELDIVIAN Cedar FallS B. A. Band and Orchestraf Alpha chi Epsiion: Blue Kill' Kappa Delta Pi: Phl u Alpha: Student Council C0111- mittee on Social Life: Mmnel singers: Band: 5YmPhOnY' Chorus: Romance I-Gnquaqe Club. I Paqe 234 9 lucation - President, -President, .LIS - K fi P P U Ilub: Bela ztics Club- DMAN .S -Cheslfa I Blue Keyl PM MU 1I1Cll Oom- te: Minn? Ymphotltl Lanqudfle sell ELLEN FOLLMER Blyihedqle, Missouri EIA, Mathematics. ALETI-IA FREET Cedar Falls B.A. English-Kappa Delta Pi, Recording Secretary: Sig- ma Tau Delta: Playcraft: Hamilton Club: WOTHGHIS League Executive Council. MAYBETH GASKELL Belle Plaine B. A. English - Playcratt. 1936-'37 iL Page 235 FAITH FRAMPTON Appleton, Wis. B.A. Art-U. S. M.: Art League. DORA MAY FRERICHS Dysart B. S. Music - Cecilian Glee Club. Tl-IELMA GASKELL Belle Plaine B. A. English -Kappa Delta Pi: Sigma Tau Delta: Writ- ers' Club. VIOLET FRANKLIN La Porte City B.A. Biological Science- Kgppa Theta Psi: Editor, Wo- men's League Comment: Biol- Ogy Club: Beta Beta Beta: W. A. A. Council: Physical Education Club: Chemistry Seminar. lOSEPl-UNE FRERICHS Grundy Center B. A. English - Phi Chi Delta: German Club. RUBY GENTRY Corning lAMES FREEMAN Newhall B. S. Physical Education- Alpha Chi Epsilon: "I" Club: Minnesingers: College Choir: German Club: Chemistry Seminar: Stowaway Club. FRANCES GABEL LeMars B. A. Elementary - Biology Club: Romance Language Club. RCBERT GETCHELL Cedar Falls B. A. English. B. S. Orchestral Music - Play- craft: Symphony: Band. lll"'i' cflfewlh R. L. GOWEN MARIORIE GIBSON Spencer Cedar Heiql'1'fS A History - Alpha Delta B. S. Home Economics -- V. O. B- -' V. Siqma Phi, Rush CCIPTCHUF Alpha' Ellen Richards Club- ARMIN GRABER Nashua B, A, Physics-Men's Union, President: Blue Key, Secre igryg Lambda Delta Lambda: Kqppa Delta Pi, Treasurer: Rho Epsilon Rho: C. S. M.: Baker Hall House Council. DUANE GREANY MARGARET GUMP Wellsburg Cedar Falls B. A. Mathematics - A l p h a B. A. Speech - Phi Sigma Phi, Delta Alphap Mathematics Vice-President: Theta Alpha Clubp Romance Language Phi: Playcrait. Club. FRANCES HALSTROM Cherokee B.A. Elementary - E19-men tary Club: Romance Lan- guage Club. LOIS HAMER Waterloo B: A- English - Kappa Delta P15 Phi Chi Deltap Kappa Mu E 'l - ' PS1 on, Sigma Tau Delta: Writers' Club: Mathematics Club: Aeolian Glee Cluby Westminster Student Council, President. CLARENCE HACK Cedar Falls B. A. English- Sigma T a u Deltay Gamma Theta Upsilon: Writers' Club: Classical Club. THOMAS HANIPAN Swea City B. S. Physical Education- Lambda Gamma Nu: Basket- ball: Baseball. MAY eRA.voN Worthington, Minn B.A. Kindergartenprjm Kappa Pi Beta A1 h UWT Phi: Euterpean GESGEIEEDPPG SENIORS ALICE HAGENBUCH Riverside B, A, Nursery - School- Kinder- garten-KOIPPC1 Pi Ben Ag' pha, President: German Clu . Lois HANSON Mgson CNY B. A. Afz-A1phU Bela Garg- ma, Treasurer? All Leaqu 1 Secretary. MARY lEAN HEMSWORTH La Porte City lRENE HEPKER Marion B. A. E ' A l Hqlrsh Kappa Theta B. A. English. Psi, Bel Canto. ARVIL HINSHAW Cedar Falls B.A. Physics - Alpha Chi Epsilon, Blue Key, Treasurer, Lambda Delta Lambda, Stu- dent Council, President, Col- lege Symphony, Men's Band. MATYNE HOGAN Waterloo B. A. Nursery - School- Kinder garten - Alpha Beta Gamma, Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, Ro mance Language Club. RD' ttml HELEN HARDESON IOHN HARP rung ' , -1 Hawthorne, Cal. WX Climbmq H11 Q? Kqpp, ,my - Classical B. S. Physical Education - ' Club. Q B.A. Elemen President, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Club- "l" Club, Blue Key, Vice- President, Men's Union. WILHELMINE HEURING lESSlE H1-ATT bedar Fans Rockwell City E' ' - Ellen B. A. Primary-Pi Phi Omega, glfhcivggnfijlulgtlncliilqeglan Glee President, Kappa Delta Pi, Ci b' C S A' Biology Club, Kappa Pi Beta u' ' ' Alpha, Beta Beta Beta, Wo- men's Band. HENBUCH I it K 19 3 6 - 3 7 School - Kinder I B9lCl Gerrndn Club' I l ANSON . OSBORNE HUMMEL 10130 GJ, IoHN Hotr Lots Hos'rETTER MARVILNHHUDEK Sterling' HL ohfl 42 Northwo d d C ter O e ' ' ' E - - Led? ' O Grurl Y en ' -. B.A.H1story-Ph1S1gma P f tl BIOIOQY-Biology ctub, B. A. English-Phi chi Delta: B- A- Eaffhfclence Gamma Silon' ' 'A' Commercial Club: Alpha Lil' Them Upslon' Pafle 2:0 Page 237 erary Society, 4-H Club. GAYLORD INDVIK Forest City RUBY HUNDLEY ROBERT I-IUNERBERG EDNA ISEMINGER Aurora Parkersburg B S C ' 1-Ed tl Hudson 8. A. Critic Training- Kappa B. A. Economics-Xanho. PM .sisnmiiugigrsrgonl lrfilllgii' A. Elementary N Clqssi Delta Pig Beta Beta Beta. Pi: Kappa Delta Pg: NIH Club. Elementary Club: GARELD IACKSON MARIORIE IAMES CATHERINE IONES Iowa Falls Thornton Sioux City B. S. Commercial Education -- B. A. English - Theta Gamma B. A. Physical Education - Gamma Theta Upsilong Com- Nug Playcratt. Theta Gamma Nu: Women's League Executive Council: W. A. A., Vice-President: Physi- cal Education Clubp Life Sav- ing. mercial Club. LAVENDA IUI-IL MARL-Y-S KANE Adair IO P H MARGARET KING B. A. Art-Art Leagueg Gef- BHS' Commlfgcdcgsuc tv La Porte City man Club: Aeolian Glee Commercial Club T cr ion - B. A. English - Pi Phi Gmeqgl Club. , reasurer. Secretary: Women's Band. ERWIN JONES Fort Dodge B. A. Orchestral and Band Music - College Band, C01- leqe SYmPhOf1Y2 Minnesinq- ers? Colleqe Si1'1Q9TS: College Choir. SENICJRS VELVA KLAESSY Spencer B. A. Mathematics' GIGS- matics Club, President? - . Sh kespearedfl sical Club, G Vice Prem. Literary SocietYf ' - dent: Women'S LGCIQUG Execu tive Council. ,. Mathe- Pcfqe 3 A Club AIP B De Tc lo U rn B ER hiljsiig ES 'md Band Ufld: Col flllnnesinq. S7 Colleqe RSf LAESSY Cer . dh? ics I M jeSl 9 6,111 1ha14eSPet1:.r. ni: Clog' . P N lrgacltliseificuv Pafle 238 HOPE KRACHT LOIS KRAEMER LUELLA KUETI-IE MARIE KURTZ Sigourr1GY G1 B A M th ATI M h Waverly DOWS . '-4 Cecilian ee . .. Q GIITIQ ICS k Qt 9- T ' I Agfjfestra Club: Sigma glaics Club: Commercial Trainingicdgimsqietg Ellilnenijq? - Kappa f u . - : Alpha Iota- silonz Kappa Delta Pi. Club: GermanuGlEEEIrE. SQAPG 1936-'37 TOM LAMKE Waterloo BA. Mathematics - Kqppq Delta Pi, President: Sigma Tau Deliflr Kappa Mu Epsi- lon' SQCTGTCITYJ Gamma Theta UPSIIOHJ Writers' Club: Mqthe. mullcs Club: Purple Pen, Business Manager, VIRGINIA LANDSBEPLG Britt B. A. English-Pi Tau Phi: Sigma Tau Delta: U. S. M. Playcraft: Writers' Club. SOPI-IIE LARSEN Schaller B. A. Latin - Kappa Delta Pi Classical Club: L. S. A.: Bo mance Language Club: Mathematics Club. I PAY LAYNE MARroR1r: LEBERT RICHARD LONG B A Mwebster CNY Clarion Monticello Plr1,'Cg1tf1emQUCS I' KCIPIDCI B. A. Commercial Education B. S. PhYSfCC11 Education- matics Clelie Chou? Mathe- -Commercial Club. XCU'1hO: "I" Club- Clubn W U 1 Bel Canto Greg ' eslet' Players. Pm 239 MILO LAWTON I-Iawarden B. A. Speech - Alpha Chi Ep- silon: Theta Alpha Phi, President: Blue Key: Hamil- ton Club: Tutor Ticklers Director: College Singers. KATI-IRYN MAK Waterloo B. S. Home Economics-AL pha Beta Gamma: KCIPPCI Delta Pi: Cecilian Glee Club: Ellen Richards Club: WO- men's League Executive Coun- cil. HELEN MARSHALL Sibley B. A. Elementary-Tau Sig- ma Delta: Kappa Delta Pig Rho Epsilon Rho. ESTHER MILES Clear Lake B. S. Opportunity Room Edu- B. S. El cation - Biology Club 7 Or- Theta Epsilon: Theta Epsilon. chestra Club: Aeolian Glee Club. RALPH MILLER Stockport B. A. Mathematics. SENIORS MYRA MAYNARD Hawarden B. A. Music - Sigma Alpha Iotap Cecilian G-lee Club: College Singersg Symphony. MAURINE MILLER Whitten B. A. History - Gamma Theta Upsilong Social Science HOU' ors Society. oEoRcE MOHR Estherville B. S. Industrial .7-INS "XanhO' Minnesingers. Paqe 240 3, S. phi: tive B. S. Siqrr :IIN 1 N B. S. Phi Fmt RD .a Alpha ae Club: mphony. LLER nmg Tlield lence Hon' OHR le S, Xdnlwl marie 246 LA VETA MOON Cedar Falls 1 Y -- K Cf I9 p G livli Council: 4'H Club' KEITH MCCABE Naperville, Ill. B S, Physical Education - Phi Slqmg Epsilon, Vice-President: "1" Club. MALCOLM MCLELLAND Cleveland, Ohio B.S. Physical Education- Phi Sigma Epsilon, Inter- Fraternity Council. 1936-'37 Pfrqe 241 RUTH MORGAN Mason City B. A. Kindergarten-Primary - Epsilon Phi Epsilon, Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, Bel Canto Glee Club. GWENDOLYN MCCAGUE Marshalltown B. A. Music- United Student Movement, Vice - President, Cecilian Glee Club, Women's League Executive Council, Treasurer, Bartlett Hall House Council, Bartlett Hall Council Senate. VERL MCNUTT Goodell B.A. Economics - Kappa Delta Pi, Romance Language Club, Social Science Honors Society. ROBERT MORRIS Nashua B..A. Music-Phi Mu Alpha. M1m'19Si1'1QSfS: College Singl ers, College Chorus- C 11 , o ege Band: College Symphony, NAOMI MCELHINNEY Buckingham B. S. Commercial Education - Kappa Phi, Historian, Com- mercial Club: Wesley Foun- dation Student Council, Treasurer. LUCILLE NEAL Moorhead B. A. Kindergarten-Primary - Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, Treas- urer, Kappa Delta Pi. DOUGLAS MUNGER Manchester B' A- Eflqlish - College Band- Romance Language Club. I VIRGINIA MCGEE Kansas City B. S. Commercial Education -V. O. V. Sigma Phi, Social Chairman, Commercial Club, Biology Club. MARY ALICE NELSON Sloan B. A. Kindergarten-Primary - Kindergarten Club, Bel Canto Glee Club. l MELVIN NELSON Nevada B. S. Physical Education- "I" Club, President: Baker Hall Council. CLARETTE NORMAN Winfield B. A. History. LAVERN OSTREM Gilbert B. S. Physical Education- Phi Sigma Epsilon, House Manager: "l" Club: Inter- Fraternity Council: Football: Baseball. RAYMOND NELSON Ottosen B.A. Speech - AlPl'1Cf Della Alpha: Tutor Ticklers Direc- tor. RAY NYHAN Waterloo B .A. Economics and Sociology. G-UNNAR OVERGAARD Cedar Falls B. A. Physics- Alpha Delta Alpha: Lambda Delta Lamb- da: Alembic: Chemistry Sem- inar: Minnesingers: Mathe- matics Club: Rho Epsilon Rho. MAYNARD NEWHOUSE Decorah B. A. History - Lambda Gam- ma Nu. ANESTEL OLESON Cedar Falls B. A. Speech - Playcratt: Kappa Phi: Shakespearean Literary Society: Romance Language Club. MARIAN PARR Vinton B. A. Public School Music- Bel Canto Glee Club: College Chorus. oRvrLLE Nrcnotg Waterloo B. S. Physical Education GENEVIEVE OSTERGARD Cedar Falls B. S. Commercial Education- Phi Siqma Phi, President: Commercial Club. MARGARET PATTON Mason City B. A. Commercial Education - Delta Phi Delta, Vice-Presi dent: Women's League Execu- tive Council: Commercial Club. SENIORS Pcfqe 242 L.S.l DOI B. A Kfm Rho Life Edt i011 . uI,, x HARD ation L eside-mi FTON icaiion - lice-Presi 'ue Execu- ammerciul . 242 'mr' dn v t 1936-'37 i i i i HANS PAWLAK l Victor B. A. English - Pi Tau Theta: L. S. A.: Writers' Club. i i DOROTHY IEAN PETERSON Granite Falls, Minn. l B-A Physical Education- KUPPCI Theta Psi: Rho Epsilon REOP Ofchesist shteid Club: lille Swim? COYP: Physical ducation Club. EMMETT POLDERBOER B A B New Hartford ' - foloqtmzsf - i Beta Beta: TrackC'lTdlcTnT1. Bela Page 243 RUTH PERFECT Avoca B. A. English - Art League: College Choir. MARTHA PETERSON Cedar Falls B. S. Home Economics - Pi Tau Phi: Theta Theta Epsilon: Ellen Richards Club: L. S. A. CLARA MAE RATH Cedar Falls B. A. Biological Science- Delta Phi Delta, Secretary: Kappa Delta Pi: Beta Beta Beta, Secretary: Rho Epsilon Rho, President: Romance Lan- guage Club: Biology Club. CATHERINE PERRY Mason City B. A. History- Aeolian Glee Club. ALMA PFUNDHELLER Rockford B. A. History - Romance Lan- guage Club. STANLEY REEVES Cedar Falls B. A. Commercial Education - Blue KeY: "I" Club? College Eye, Managing Editor: Com- mercial Club. F RIEDA PETER Waterloo B. A. History-Kappa Delta Pi: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Pi Gamma Mu: Mathematics Club: Social Science Honors Society: Shakespearean Liter- ary Society. RAYMOND PINGEL Spencer, S. D. B. S. Commercial Education - Alpha Chi Epsilon: Rho Epsi- lon Rho: Board of Control of Student Publications, Presi- dent: Senior Class, President: Commercial Club. CLARENCE REIMER Guttenberg B. A. History' - Xanho, Pledge Captain: German Club, Sec- retary: Mathematics Club: Social Science Honors SocietY- pac : MILDRED RESSLER Iowa City B.A. Elementary - Gamma Theta Upsilon, Secretary. MARIAN ROWE Denison B. S. Home Economics - Ellen Richards Club. GERALDINE SCHMITT Alta B. A. Orchestral and Band Music-Kappa Delta Pi- Or- chestra Clubg Cecilian lGlee Club. IEAN REYNOLDS Waterloo B. A. English-Kappa Delta Pip Sigma Tau Delta: Ro- mance Language Clubg Col- lege Orchestrap Purple Pen, Editor. STEWART SACHSE Cherokee B. S. Industrial Arts - Xanho, Treasurer. DONALD W. SCHULTZ Estherville B. A. Mathematics - Lqmbdq Gamma Nu: Commercial Club: Mathematics Club. HELEN RIES Manson B. A. Critic Training - Phi Ch Delta. LAWRENCE W. SCHAEFER Waterloo B. A. Public School Music- Minnesingersg College Chorus BERNADINE SEWELL Taylorville, lll. B. A. English - Romance Lan- guage Club. SENIORS i HELEN RODGERS Centerville B. A. History - Phi Chi Delta BERNARD SCHMIDT Fort Dodqe BMS, Physical Education.. Xcmhoi "1" Club, President. IOI-IN SHVIPSON Tripoli B. S. Physical Education' Alpha Chi Epsilon- 5 SERS .e i Chi Delta. CHMIDT dqe Education ' ,I president- Mp5ON :Oli Educalioll tion. page 244 LEAN SLOAN WaterlOO English - Kappa Theta PlaYcratt, W O m e H I S League' President' GLENN SMITH Keota Ph ical Education-j lon Rho. MARION STALEY Sioux Falls, S. D. B, S. Music - Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Bel Canto Glee Club: College Choir. 1936-'37 Pflqe 245 S. I. SLUTER Ackley B. A. Chemistry - Chemistry Seminar, Biology Club, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. RALPH SMITH Grundy Center B. A. Commercial Education - Alpha Delta Alpha, Blue Key, Commercial Club, Inter-Erater- nity Council, "I" Club. LEONE STEUBEN Rockford BA. Public School Music- Alpha Beta Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, College Singers, Cecilian Glee Club, Vice- President, Women's Band, Vice-President, College Sym- phony. GLENN SMAHA LeGrar1d B. Industrial Arts-A1 1-1 p a Chl EPS-ilO1'1: Kappa Delta Pi. MARY lANE SNYDER Manchester B. A. Speech-Delta Phi Del- ta, President, Debate, Ora- tory, Extemporez Rho Epsilon Rho, Hamilton Club, Delta Siq1'I1G Rho, Inter-Sorority Council. MARGARET STEVENSON Grundy Center B. S. Commercial Education - Phi Chi Delta, Commercial Club, Westminster Council. ARDYS SMITH Waterloo B- A- History - Delta Phi Del EG: Social Science Honors OCIGTYT, Womens League Executive Council, President. MARION SPURLOCK Sutherland B. A. English - College Eye, Commercial Club. EVELYN STILES Atalissa B. A. Kindergarten-Primary - Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, Ro- mance Language Club, Or- chestra Club. MARGARET STODDARD Iesup B.A. Speech--Kappa Theta Psi, President: The-td Alpha Phi, Playcrait, Cecilian: Inter' Sorority Council. DONALD STOUT Cedar Falls B. A. History - Romance Lan- guage Club: "I" Club? Play' craft, Blue Key, Social Science Honors SocietYi College Choir: Minnesingersi Ch0TU1 Union, United Student Move- ment, Student Council Corri- mittee on Curricular Activi- ties. LEIGH STROHBEHN Waterloo B. A. History - Social Science Honors Society. HAZEL SWANSON Gowrie B.A. Public School Music- Cecilian, President, College Singers, College Chorus, L. S.A. MARTHA TIMMERMAN Waterloo B. A. Elementary. l MYRTLE TELLEEN LILLIAN THADA GAYLEN STR-UNCH Creston B. S. Music- pgphq Chi Epsi TCITYI College S me Vice-President, Megglpgony President, C011 cmd choir, opera Clillge Emi SENIORS LAWRENCE THURSTON Gowrie Garner Gdrwin I B. A. Speech - W om e n' s B, A. Elementary - Aeolian B. A. Commercial Education League Executive, Student Glee Club, Elementary Club, -Pi OIHGQU P17 Commerm Council, Hamilton Club, Play- L. S. A. ' Club- craft Club, Romance Lan- guage Club, Rho Epsilon Rho, L. S. A. ROBERT TORRENCE HOWARD TOWNSEND ELIZABETH TURNER Estherville Wgtefloo Leighton mics B: S- PhYsical Education - Phi B. S. Commercial Education - B. A. HistoIY "' Mcfgigluaqe S1qmCf EPSHOH: "l" Club. Pi Omega Pi, Commercial Club: Romance Club. Club. lon: Phi Mu Alpha Se ' 'klaigfs' ' . JOHN UHICE KEITH UTTERBACK ovEY VAALA RUTH VANDE WAA ISEDSL Garrison Waterloo New Hampton Qmn C-t hzcge- BUA. History .. Alpha Delta B. S. Commercial Education. RA. Commercial Education B A Prim ge lg . Bang' Alpha: Gammq Thelalqciflqpgnig -Alpha Chi Epsilon: Com- Delta, Kqsgi :Selig ella? Bqndi. Iona Social Science giercial glub, President: Rho lege Singers: College Choir: Soclefy, psi on ho. Cecilian Glee Club: Kappa Pi Beta Alpha: Sigma Alpha Iota. WAYNE VAN DEEST MARGARET VANDENBURGH FRANKLIN C. VARNER RUSSELL VERPLQEGH Cedar Falls Armstrong Diagonal Tjnqley B. S. Commercial Education- B.A. Public School Music- B. S. Commercial Education- B S I d t ' l A .. Alpha Chi Epsilon: Rho Epsi- College Singers: Cecilians. Alpha Chi Epsilfm, Rho Epsi- Delta Iklusilga Viclgjspr mph? lon Rho: PlC1YCfCfft Club: lon Rho: Comn. :cial Club, Rho Epsionl Rho- egoiilgte Commercial Club. Secretm-Y, Inter . pmtemity Choir' ' Council. I JBSTON ' 1 I Education I- 7 Iommerclal I ' I MARGARET VIG1-XRS ETHEL Voss VIRGINIA WARREN MERLE WATTS B A Alqonq Mqme Winfield Barnes City Art 'LAN R PlCf.YCraft Club: B. A. Elementary - Kappa B. S. Music-Phi Sigma Phi: B.A. Elementary. Movenigqflei United Student Phi: Elementary Club: Wesley Sigma Alpha IOM: CSCi1iCIf1 TURNER n' Players, Glee Club: Women's League ' Executive Council: Women's In hematici , Band: Concert Band: College Mafcngugqe ' Chorus. Page 247 me 246 MALCOLM WEBBER Lester B.A. History - Phi Sigma Epsilon. ROBERT WILKINSON Mount Ayr B. A. Biology -Lambda Delta Lambda: Beta Beta Beta, Presidenty Biology Club: United Student Movement: Student Council Committee on Curriculum. KENNETH WERNER Allison B. S. Physical Education- Xanho. PAIGE WILLIAMS Cedar Falls B.A. Orchestral and Band Music-Pi Theta Pip Sigma Alpha Iota, President: Kappa Delta Pig Sympho y Orches- tra. ' willy GWENDOLYN WESCOTT Hampton B.A. English -- Sigma Tau Deltag Kappa Delta Pig Ham- ilton Clubp Writers' Club: College Eye, Editor-in-Chief. DWIGHT WINTER Independence B. S. Physical Education. v 4 ORLIN WITTRIG Washington B.A. Commercial Educqtjqm, ADELA WOOLVERTON Cedar Falls, B.A. History - Hamilton Clubl Pi Gamma Mu: Delta Slqma Rhog Kappa Delta Pig Debfliei Social Science Hon- ors Society. .MV MRS. RUTH WIDMER Washington B. s. Home E . Richards Cluclgnomlcs x Ellen MRS. ELOISE WIRTH Cedar Falls B. S. Orchestral and Band Music - Epsilon Phi Epsilon' SYTUPYIOHY Orchestra. I L SENIORS EDITH WYLAM Waucoma B.A. Art-Art League. 1936-'37 HARRIETT ZLATOHLAVEK Cedar Falls B. A. Physical I Educagnig Physical Education Chl' I th- Saving COIPSI Women s A H letic Association: Bartlett HU House Council: C-S-A' Pune 248 R Ellen TH Band EPSllOI'lg RS ills I sd Canon? U Hub? If omenis gall Bgfilell gS-A' we 248 sla1"E'5F:4 ' A LEONA ADEN ANNABELLE ANDERSON BERNICE ANDERSON CLARISSE ANDERS Palmer Scarville Albert City Valley Spd S EN - Elementary EIGITIGIIHIFY - Theta Epsilonp K' d , 1 , nqs' ' ' gfliqenjgcgiign Glee Club' Aeolicm Glee Club: Elemenu Lgierexigfartergqilnaary-Klxglgi-I ,gmderqarten-Primary -- Km , tary Club: Purple Arrow. qmten Club f hZE1QCgten-Iglirrgary Club: Aeo ' ee u . TWO-YEAR STUDENTS ELSA ANDERSEN VIRGINIA ANDERSON ARLENE ARCHER LENORE ARON Cedar Pulls Onawa Sioux Fans, S. D. Lidderdale Ei3emG'1'1fGIY-Epsilon Phi Ep- Primary - Kindergarten Pri- Kindergarten-Primary- Delta Kindergarten-Primary - Km S1 On' mary Club. Phi Deltay Kindergarten Pri- derqarten-Primary Club. mary Club. M-A-XTNE ATKINS IOYCE AVERILL ANNIE BAKER ANNA LAURA BALL EI Fefquson jefferson Clear Lake McCallsburq ememqry' Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Elementary - KCIPPG Phi, E1em9ntUfY-E 1 e m e H t G I Y dergarten - Primary C 1 u b 7 Vice - Presidentg Elementary Club: Purple AFT OW- House Presidents' Council: Club. 4-I-I Club. PC1439 249 MILDRED BEATTY Ayrshire Elementary - Cecilian Glee Clubg College Choirg Mixed Chorus. LUCILLE BENEKE Laurens Elementary - Kappa Phig Bi- ology Cluby Elementary Club. ISABEL BEYE Haverhill Elementary- Pur 1 A LOBBAINE BECKEB Bellevue Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten Primary Club. VIBGINIABELLE BENSON Waterloo Kindergarten-Primary - Delta Phi Delta: Cecilian Glee Club: Kindergarten Primary Club. EDNA MABIAN BISHOP Rowley P e rrow. Elementary-E l e rn e n t a 1' y Club: 4-H Club. TWO-YEAR STUDENTS RUTH BECKEB Elgin Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Cluby 4-H Club. EVELYN BENTE Elkader Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten Primary Club: AGO' lian Glee Club. l..OlS Bl..AT'l'SPlELEB ManlY I Kindergarten-Primary' dergarten Prima1'Y Glu ' lian Glee Club- R V - Kin- Ilub, 4-H ITE y .- Kin- Ilub: A60 IIELER Kin' FY Z Clubi All 199 250 GRACE BOYER Cedar Falls 1- d Qrfen-Primary' - Kin- Igqglgfzlllen-PrimaIY Club- ELEANOR BROWN Turkey River Kindergarten-PrimarY - Phi Sigma Phi, Kindergarten-Pri mary Club. BERNITA BUSHNELL Manchester Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r y Club, Women's Band, 4-H Club, Purple Arrow. 1936-'37 Pflqe 251 INA BRANDENBURG Tripoli Kindergarten-Primary. RUTH BUCKMASTER Stuart Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. ELDRED CAMPBELL Madrid Elementary - Theta Epsilon, Elementary Club. ANNA LAURA BRASI-IEAR Blockton Elementary-E l e m e n t a r y Club. E. IOYCE BURRIS Mason City Elementary - Inter - Church Council, Vice-President, Wes- ley Players, Program Chair- man. EVELYN CAPPEL Independence Kindergarten-Primary - V. O. V. Sigma Phi, Purple Arrow, Kindergarten-Primary Club. EVELYN BRETTI-IAUER Alvord Kindergarten-Primary - V.O, V. Sigma Phi, Secretary, Kindergarten - Primary Club- Aeolian Glee Club, L. S. A. I ELOISE BUSCI-IING Olin Elementary-E I e rn e n t a r y Club, L. S. A. MARGARET CAPPEL Independence Kindergarten-Primary - V. O. V. Sigma Phi, Kappa Pi Beta Alpha, Kindergarten-Primary Club. WINIFRED CARDIFF Oakland Kindergarten-Primary - KGP- pcx Phi: Kindergarten-Primary Club. ELOISE COOK Marengo Elementary-E l e m e n t a r y Club: Purple Arrow. NEVA COX Farragut Elementary. CONSTANCE CARR Hardy Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club: Aeo- lian Glee Club. LUCETTA COOK Waterloo Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. l ULIA CRONIN Melrose Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r y Club. HAZEL CHRISTOPHEL Ianesville Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Prirnary Club: Pur- ple Arrow: Women's Band: 4-H Club. IMOGENE COPPERNOLL Stockton, Ill. Elementary -Pi Phi Omega: College Choir: Euterpean Glee Club: Elementary Club. DOROTHY CROWELL Cedar Falls Elementary - Theta Epsilon. l Y : c MAURINE CLAUSEN Holstein Elementary-Pi phi Ome Corresponding Secretary qu' ELOISE COUNTRYMAN ' Tipton Elementary-E19 m 9 nt Club. G TY DOROTHY DE BAGGIO Eldora Kindergarten-Primary - Delta Phi Delta: Kindergarten - Pri- mary Club. TWO-YEAR STUDENTS Page QQQ, AN ' llury EGIO - Della 'len - Pri- ?aQ9 252 15,1-' 1936-'37 ESTHER DE KOSTER Hull Elementary-E l e m e n t a r y Club. VERNA DIECKMAN Farmersburg Kindergarten-Primary - Pup. ple Arrow. LUCILLE DOWNS Greene Kindergarten-Primary -. Kin- defqarten-Primary Club. Puqe 253 PATRICIA DE SPAIN Marenqo Kindergarten-Primary-Kappa Phi. EVELYN DIERKS Lake Park Kindergarten-Primary - Phi Sigma Phi: Phi Chi Deltay Primary Club. MARIE DREWS Holstein Elementary-E 1 e m e n t a r y Club: L. S. A. LOUISE DETWILER Audubon Kindergarten-Primary - Theta Gamma Nu: Primary Club: Women's Band. GERALDINE DODSON Havis Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. DOROTHY DURHAM Lamont Elementary-E l e m e n t a r y Clubp Purple Arrow: House President. MINNIE DE VRIES Sheldon Elementary. BERYL DOWDEN Cedar Falls Kindergarten-Primary. CATHERINE ECKLUND Brooklyn Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r y Club. .........mmEE II-'- IEANETTE EDSALL Marshalltown Elementary-V. O. V. Sigma Ph' 1. LAURA EWING Crowrie Kindergarten -Primary - Bel Canto Glee Clubg Kinder- garten-Primary Clubp College Choir. EDITH PINK Manning Elementary - Purple Arrow, Sergeant - at- Armsg Aeolian Glee Clubg Biology Club: Ele- mentary Club. NAN EDWARDS ANNA EPPINK Dunlap Sioux Center Elementary-Euterpean Glee Kindergarten - Primary - Phi Clubg Purple Arrowp C. S. A.p Chi Deltap Kindergarten-Pri- Lite Saving Corpsp Elemen- mary Club. tary Club. IOLA FELLER MILDRED FILLOCN Elgin Central City Elementary - Pi Tau Phig Elementary - Pi Tau Phi: Elementary Club. Elementary Club. PEARL EOSSEL VIRGINIA FRANK Gilbert Fenton El91TlGHfQIY-Elementary Elem t -C ll Ch ' . Club: United Student Move- Bel C?a1nToYGleeOCIllgli Om ment. TWO-YEAR I STUDENTS LYDIA EPPINK Sioux Center Kindergarten - Primary - Phi Chi Delta: Kindergarten-Pri mary Clubp Orchestra Club. EVA FINDLAY Otho Kindergarten-PrimarY - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club- LILA EREELAND Dumont Elementary-E16 H1 9 H l G TY Club. Page 254 Kim deIC chi den' Elex K i Wt Pri TS . PINK enter 'imury -Phi .erqorten-Prt hestro Club, lDL1lY 10 limaft' ' LEELAND 1 110111 ,, lemenmh Pate lf Kin- VIOLA GILLAM Cedar Rapids Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. ESTHER GREIMANN Garner Elementary-E le rn e I'1 t a r Y Club. HELEN HARBOUR Rathbun Elementary. DORIS GOETTLER Cfalesburq, Ill. Kindergarten-Primary - Delta Phi Delta: Kindergarten-Pri mary Club. MARGUERITE HAALAND Cedar Falls Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Prirnary Club. IRENE HAUBRICK Mapleton Kindergarten-Primary-Alpha Beta Gamma: Kindergarten- Prirnary Cluby W. A. A. Coun- cil MARGARET GOOD New Hartford Kindergarten-Primary - Kin derqarten Primary Club. RUTH HAMER Waterloo Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary C l u b - Aeolian Glee Club: Westmini ster Student Council. ESTHER HEINZ Ackley Elementary-E le m e n t a r y Club. 1936-'37 l if A 'tx EDITH HENKLE IDA MAE HETZLER ALBERTA HEURING v1oLE'r HoLDEN Muscatine Cedar Falls Qttosen I Afton . - ' -P ' r - Kin- Ele t I , - .. K - Kindergarten rlma y men ary. if tt: Sgiiiiiffesffliffify C 1 . dergarten rimary u 2 ' C1 bi L, 5, A, lian ee u : . . . Jamal lian Glee Club. Euterpean Glee u Ehi: E TWC-YEAR STUDENTS Kinda derflf LORETTA HOLMES LYDIA HOPSON LUCILE HOWE HARRIET HUMMEL Randalia Bedford Cedar Falls Ckifkesviue Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Elementary. Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Elementary-Pi Phi Omega' dergarten-Primary Club: Aeo- dergarten-Primary Club: Kap- TIGCISLIIGF- lian Glee Club. pa Phi: Womer1's Band: Col- lege Symphony: Orchestra Club. I-IARRIET I-IUNTLEY THELMA HUSMAN KATHARINE IRVINE VIVA IRWIN Strawberry Point Center Iunction DYSCIN Audubon t Kindergarten -Primary - Phi Kindergarten -Primar -L S EI - ' d t n-PrimaIY"TheG E1 Sigma Phi: Kindergarten-Prb A. Y i Cilngjnlgaliil Chllzllgerllci-n.1Exl-Ipllrtg Iggmihiar ilu: Kindergarten- mary Club. ' ' Literary Society. Primary Club. Paqe 256 4x71'3,f - DRED IACOB ARVILLA ll-XCCBSEN MARCIA IAMERSON ESTHER IENSEN MIL Ackley Cefdqr F5115 Cedar Falls Hampton Elementc1rY f- V. O. V. EIGTHGHTCTIY- Elementary. Kindergarten-Primary - Kin. Club? - ' ' dergarten-Primary Club. Phi: ElerI1entafY RR I T S MAVIS IENSON IRENE IESSEN MARCELLA IOHNSON NADINE IOHNSON Britt Dolliver Dumont Glgdbrook KmdeIgGIfen-PfjmQry - Kin- Elementary - Kappa Phi: Elementary - Aeolian G 1 e e Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r y ' Elementar Club. Clubp Elementary Club. Club. derqarten-Prlmary Club. Y HUMMEL esville ' I 193 6 - 3 7 WA IRWIN HELEN lOl-INSTON DORIS KENISON ELOISE KEPLER MARY IEESN dubon E19 Zwmg Kensett Davenport Cedar 1G lm' D lt Auprimgwifi memqry' Elementary-E l e m e I1 t a r y ElemeI1fCIIY-E 1 9 fn 9 n t Q I Y Elementary-De ta 1 e U Kmdelgy' Club. jlub' PM Page 257 'VIARIETTA KETCI-IEN LORRAINE KIMBALL LQRRAINE KITZMAN DARLENE KESLER 1 SWGG City Emmetsburg Waterloo Beqmcm Elem? Kindergarten-Primary-Theta Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Elementary. Club Elementary' Gamma Nu: Kindergarten- dergarten-Primary Club. Primary Club. LOIS KUBICEK MILDRED KNOWLES RUTH KRUMM MILDRED KUSCHEL Spencer Decorah Cedar Rapids Canon Kindergarten-Primary - Phi Elementary'-E l G IT1 G T1 'I CI T Y EIGHYQUIUTY-E I 9 IT1 9 1'1 I CI T Y Kindergarten-Primary - Kap. Sigma Phi: Kindergarten-Pri Club: Purple Arrow: Biology Club: BICJOQY Club: Romance pa Theta Psi: Kindergarten- mary Club. Club: Orchestra Club: Sym- Language Club: KCIPPG Phi- girgary Club: Eutefpecm glee u , phony Orchestra. RUBY LEE Inwood EgfuD1f'HIlbIg3fATE1e rn e n t a r y VIRGINIA LEEMON Vinton Kindergarten-Primary - Epsi- 10,11 Phi EPSHOU, Historian: Kindergarten - Primary Club: Concert B d. W , Band. UH 1 omens TWO-YEAR STUDENTS HELEN LEI-IR OPAL LEONARD Lisbon BOOUG Phi Kfndefgarten-Primary - Kin- Kindergarten-l3If1T1UfYt'?1-PIL Clefqarten-Primary Club: Aeo- Sigma Phi: Kmdefqare lian Glee Club: Biology Club. mary Club. Kin E1 bu N HEL Y - Kap. ifffqcrlen- IPPPGH Glee MR NW ONAHD F19 I ' 1 Pl yrlimilflflrteli fl 9 Page 258 ARVEL LESCH LAURA LIGGET VIRGINIA LUND HELEN L-USE M Nashua - OSCIQQ I Kingsley Cl- t Elemenfafyf-E l e m e I'1 t a I y Kmderqarten-Primary - Kin- Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Kindergarten glgiiqn K - ' , , - ar - Club. derqarten Primary Club , derqarten-Prlrnary Clubg Aeo- Pi Beta Al ha Y appa Euterpean aiee omb. lian Glee oiub p ' 1936-'37 EMMA lEAN LYLE MILDRED MAGEE BETTY LOU MARSTCN MARY MASTELLER Adair Hartley Mason City Oskaloosa Kmdefgffffen-Primary. Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Elementary-Delta Phi Del- Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. tap Rho Epsilon Rho. clerqarten-Primary Club. TILFORD MATI-IRE DORIS MERRIAM ELEANOR MERRITT MELVA MILLER meme t SLOTY City Corwith Osage Waterloo budoul: ELEC' S' A-7 Trou- Elementary - Delta Phi Del- Elementary. Elementary-E 1 S IH G 1'1 Y CI 1' 1 e lub- tap Elementary Club. Club- PCIQQ 259 I I I I I I VERA MILLER North English Elementary-E I e rn e n t a r y Cluby Aeolian Glee Club. HELEN MUELLER Lone Tree ELIZABETH MORLOCK Burlington Kindergarten-Primary - Kap- pa Phig Wesley Playersp Col- lege Symphonyg Orchestra Clubp Kappa Pi Beta Alphag Kindergarten-Primary Club. LUCILLE MUSCI-IEWSKE Guttenberg Elementary-Elementary Elementary-Elementary Clubg 4-H Club. VIRGINIA MCDONALD Waterloo Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. Clubg Women's Band. HARRIET NELSON Cedar Falls Kindergarten-Primary - Tau Sigma Deltag Kindergarten- Primary Clubg Aeolian Glee Clubg Writers' Club: L. S. A. DOROTHY MOWBRAY Waterloo Elementary-Phi Chi Delta: Elementary Club: Women's Bandg 4-I-I Club. DONNA MCCREARY Bradgate Kindergarten-Primary - Phi Sigma Phig Kindergarten-Pri- mary Club. MARION NELSON Goldfield Kindergarten-Primary - Pi Theta Pip Bel Canto Glee Club: College Choir: College Chorus. TWO-YEAR STUDENTS MARIORIE MUCKLER Manchester Kindergarten-Primary -- Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. LUCILE MCDONALD Aurelia Kindergarten-PrimarY " Kin' dergarten-Primary Club- VALBORG NIELSON Cedar I-'allS Elementary-E19 H1 9 H I G TY Clubp L. S. A. page 260 HTS MUCKLER uhester 'rimory - Kin- lary Club. .MCDONALD l Xurelld n-PI lIT1ClFY ' rimarr Club' alls ,Elem 5.13- jedar F VY Pdg Kin SON entail l alll MARY NORTH Vail Elerr1entGIY"E l 9 m e D l G I Y Club. LUELLA OLESEN Schaller Elementary--Phi Chi Delta Teasuren -Elemenlmly Clubl Blology Cluby 4-H Club: PreS lpyterian Student Council. LORAINE PETERSON Titonka Elementary. 1936-'37 PC1439 261 NORTNE ODLAND LEOTA OESTERREICHER Clarion Titonkg ElementaryfElerne-ntary Elementary-Elementgry Clubg Purple Arrow. Club, TUNE OSE ADELAIDE PATTERSON RC1ClCliffe Marshalltown ' Kindergarten-Primary - Phi Kindergarten-Primary - Delta Sigma Phi: Kindergarten- Phi Deltap Kindergarten- Prirnary Clubp Purple Arrowg L. S. A. MILDRED PHILLIPS Kalona Kindergarten-Primary - Kin dergarten-Primary' Club. Primary Clubg Lite Savings Corps. lOYCE PIXLER West Union Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r y Clubg Orchestra Club. DOROTHY OLESON Eagle Grove Kindergarten-Primary - Pi Theta Pip Kindergarten-Pri TUCITY Club: Bartlett Hall Councilg Bartlett Hall Council Senate. LUCILLE PATTERSON Des Moines Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r y Club. CARROL PLADSEN Harper's Ferry Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r Y Clubg L. S. A. 11i?. MAVIS PLADSEN Harper's Ferry Elementary - L.S.A., Elemen- tary Club. LILY MAE PRIMUS Wellsburg Kindergarten-Primary - Aeo- lian Glee Club, Kindergarten- Primary Club. RUTH RALEIGH Bode Elementary - Purple Arrow, Vice-President, L. S. A., Secre- tary, Aeolian Glee Club, So- cial Chairman, Elementary Club. ESTHER MAE PLATT Osage Kin zlergarten-Primary - Theta Epsilon, Women's Band. MAURINE QUALLY Bode Kindergarten-Primary - Delta Phi Delta, Aeolian Glee Club, Kindergarten-Primary Club. NECLA RATH Rock Rapids Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club, L. S. A. HELEN POLLOCK Arion Elementary-E l e m e n t a r y Club. WILMA RABEN Hayesville Elementary- -E l e m e n t a r y Club. LAURA RECTOR Earlville Kindergarten-Primary - Aeo- lian Glee Club, 4-H Club, Kindergarten-Primary Club. l i ,J ROBERTA POLLOCK Akron Elementary - C011 . . Elementary Club. ege Chou' PERN RAINBOLT Ames Elementary-E l e m e n t a r y Club. BERTHA REED Springville Elementary -- Kappa Phi, Wo- men's Band, Elementary Club. TWO-YEAR STUDENTS Page qv l l l T l I 4 16,4 LOQK We Q BOLT heir menlqfy REED ville trppcr Phi: Wo- mentury Club, AR NTS P09 92 62 1936-'37 BETTY RENSHAW lnwood Elementary. VIOLET ROMINE Keota Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. ARLENE RUTHENBERG Dike Elemenfwy-E l e m e n t a r Y Clubl KGPPU Phi: Purple Ar- TOWJ Aeolian Glee Club, Page 263 MILDRED RICH Cooper Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r y Club: Wesley Players. MARIAN ROSE Sutherland Elementary - Pi Theta Pi, Treasurer. LUCILLE SCHABEL Lead, S. D. Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club: Col- lege Choir: Aeolian Glee Club. MILDRED ROBERTS Hampton Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Prirnary Club: Theta Epsilon. ELSIE ROSEMAN Cedar Falls Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Prirnary Club: Aeo- lian Glee Club. . VELMA SCHAEFER Corning Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Prirnary Club: C014 lege Chorus: College Choir: Bel Canto Glee Club. MILDRED ROGNESS Ossian Elementary - Aeolian Glee Club. RELDA RUSSELL Mechanicsville P Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r y Club. LORAINE SCHERE Waverly Elernentary-- Tau Sigma Del- ta: Elementary Club: Rho Epsilon Rho. if x x r : I I I I I 1 I I l I I I 1 l I I I I I I I ? I .E if A I 1 i ' 1 l I ARVA SCHLEUTER Cresco Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. MAXINE SEMPLE Oskaloosa Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Prirnary Cluby Al- pha Literary Society. MAYBELLE SIEMENS Coldfield Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. DOROTHY SCULL DeWitt Elementary. EILEEN SEXTON Decorah Kindergarten-Primary - Tau Sigma Deltay Kindergarten- Primary Clubg C. S. A. IEAN SIESSEGER Cloar Lake Kindergarten-Primary - Tau Sigma Deltap Kindergarten- Primary Clubg Lite Saving Corps. DOROTHY SEEMANN Bettendorf Kindergarten-Primary - Tau Sigma Deltag Kindergarten- Prirnary Cluby 4-H Club. DARLENE SHOOK Cedar Falls Elementary--E l e rn e n t a I y Club, Secretary. ALICE SIGLIN Woodward Elementary-E I e m e n t a r y Club. TWO-YEAR STUDENTS KATHERINE SELENIE Marshalltown Kindergarten-Primary - Delta Phi Deltag Kindergarten-Pri mary Club. NAOMI Sl-IUMWAY Charter Oak Elementary-E 1 e rn e n t a IY Clubp Euterpean Glee Club? L. S. A. HARVEY SMITH Winthrop Elementary. PCIQQ it HTS E SELENIE xlltown rimary - Della inderqclrten-Pu SHUMWAY rter Ofllf .E 1 e H1 9 U l all ,eau Glee Club: VinthrOP LEN SMITH LEoNA sM1TH HE I , Malcolm Corre ctionvllle ,, 1 n t a r y Elementary - College Choir, Elementary E e m e Elementary .Clubg U. S. M. Club. MABEL STRACHAN Humboldt Elementary - Euterpean Glee Club: Women's Chorus, Coun- cil Senate, Secretary. IANICE STOVER Norfolk, Neb. ElementaIY"E19 m 9 H t G I Y Club. HELEN SULLIVAN ELEANOR STRONG SGHX Diagonal Kindergarten-Primary - Aeo- lian Glee Club: L. S. A.: Klfl' derqarten-Prirnary Club. mentary Club. Elementary -- C. S. A,7 Ele- NEDR A STEVENS Hampton Elementary-E l e m e n t a r y Club: Theta Epsilon, Presi- dent. PAYE STRADER Marathon Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Primary Club. lEANETTE SWENSON P Story City Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten-Prirnary Club. MARY lANE STEWART Cedar Falls - Kindergarten-Primary - Theta Gamma Nu, Purple Arrowp Kindergarten-Primary Club. HELEN STRICKER Wellman Kindergarten-Primary - Pi Phi Omega, Vice-President. KATHRYN TAYLOR Janesville Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- dergarten Primary Club. 1936-'37 4 Pafle 25 t Page 265 , 11 , 1 ,' f 1 1 U , GRACE TENDALL LELA TESSER MILDRED TETER HELEN TOSAW - W t l 0 h Grinnell CI er OO IIICI cr, Ngb. 11, 11 -11 ,1 '11 Nevada 1,1 - E1 t u Elementary-E l e m e fl t a I Y Elementary-E1 f 3 1 Iggiiilrgfenliariypx E 1 e m e H t G I Y emen my Club: Theta Epsilong Purple Club: Aeolian Gale? GCT ts T Y bl, 1 ' ' ' ' Arrowg 4-I-I Clubp Aeolian S. A4 W, A, A. u ' C- 1111 1 ere-9 otub. 5, 1 L11 I 1 It ,,A.,,,.., , lil' I1 S11 151 T1 I l V1 1 N K TWC-YEA I H It STUDENTS 111 511 I I li15 1111 'l11l 1 X! ll 1 I .1 11,1 1,1 ' 11,1 1 ,11l lil 11,1 511' I1 1111. 1 1 I, 1 ,, tl! 1 1 1 -rf 4 Ili 1 1 ll I l- 1 T 1311 N tml 111 '21 1 ELVA TRICKEY MARY TRIPP NEVA TROTTNOW DOROTHY TUTHILL lg it K, d SIOUX Falls' S' D' Somers D'y'SC1rt Minneapolis, Minn. 1 in ergarten-Primary. EIGITIGIITCIIY- TCU-1 Sigma Del- Elementary- Phi Chi Delta: Nursery-School- Kindergarten lt I tm TIGCISUIGI: Rho Epsilon Elementary Club. -Kappa Phig Kindergarten- j 1 Rhop Elementary Club. primary Club. 1 1 I 11 Ill 11 li 11 .1 I 1 1l - ALICE URE Riceviue FRED16? VhANDEl-IAAR LELA VAN ENGEN WINNIE VASTENI-IOUT Elementary-E 1 e m e H T E itc ellville Webster City Sioux Center ,5 C1 UIY lementary-Elementary E19 - - ,p' I -e IGH' 1 lib- Club. -W-esle P1 m9f1fC1TY E l e rn e n t a r y Kindergarten IIIHCY Y Phi ley I Founditio Cfyersg Wes- Club: Bel Canto Glee Clubp derqarten-PrimafY Club nl H' Mem College Choir: Physical Edu- chi Delta: Inter-church Cir C ' . ,1 Ouncll' CUUOH Club. cil, President: Weslmm Student Council. Page 1 1 glgpal' b' ARDIS VOIGT LEONA WAGNER LAVONNE WALSH ALICE WTXTERMAN 'SCINQTY Fenton K' d tOQ3DW'em K. I lowa Falls Cedar Falls lub. C 'Primary Q Kin- 111 ergar en- rlmary - 1n- E emeniary - Thgtg Epsilon. Kinder I -P A , , f d garten - I l f I QCII GH Ilmgry - Delta ggqigtemprjmgry Club. dergarten Primary Club. girgegiig Club: Aeolian Phi Delta. TS FERNE WEISBARD LORETTA WEITENHAGEN ELECTA WENDLAND BLANCHE WEST Cedar pc-IHS Fredericksburg Ackley Haverhill Elementary-Eleme ntary Elementary -e Biology Clubg Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Club Elementary Club. dergarten-Primary Club. dergarten-Primary Club. r TUTHILL Jlis, Minn- ,1 - Kinderquflen Kindefqallen' 'ASTENHOUT :CeI1l9f Kin. 'mari' h' ESU' Chflbboilll ter-CWC 'slel t Wesltilln 1: lcil. 1936-'37 ERNA WIECHERT HARRIETT WESTFALL IEAN WESTPHAL FERN XII-IITE Melvin Le ROY Minn Stanwood Rho es I I - . ' ' , . - ' , E1 ntary-L.S.A., Eemen Igmderqarten-Primary - Life Elementary-Delta Phi Del- Kznderqarten-Primagi b Kin tcfyglubl Vice-President. Clwlinq Cmpsl Eutefpean Glee ta: Writers' Club: E1ememUTY dergarten-Prlrnary U - Pll 7 W--AM A-2 Kindergarten- Club. rlmflfy Pfrqe 267 Pafle 265 HX in WILMA WIKERT BETTY WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS RUTH WILLOUGHBY Graettinqer Milford Mqraus I Cedar Falls Elemenfqfy-E19 m e U 1 Q r y Elementary-E l e rn e n t a r y Kindergarten-Prrmary - Kin- Elementary-E19 m 9 ,I Club, Presidentp Euterpean Club. defqCIflen'PHmGrY Club' Chlbf WQSISY PlayersgnKspQ,Z Glee Club. Phil Alpha LHGTUTY Society, LUCILLE WINNIE BLANCI-I WOLARY HELEN WONDERS RUTH YQCGM Clear Lake Centerville Otho Sutherland Elementary - Tau Sigma Del- Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Elementary-E l e m e n t a r y Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- tap Elementary Club. derqarten-Primary Clubp Phi Clubg Aeolian Glee Club. derqarten-Primary Club, Chi Delta: Westminster Stu- dent Council. TWC-YEAR STUDENTS 1936-'37 lUNE YODER Middletown MARGUEFERITE YORK LEAI-I YOUTZY ZELDA ZAI-INISER Kindergarten-Primary - Kin- Elememm lg? Cedar Rapids Oskaloosa derqaiten-Primary Club: Kap- Club. Y- e m e n t a r Y lginderqarten-Primary - Kin- Elementary-E l e ni e n t a IY PU Phi: Wesley Plqyel-S, llefqfglerl-Primary Cluby Aeo- Club. 1an ee Club. ,X-J., l .44 1 I HEY 9 I1 t Q TSI Ocleiv. L l OM nd QTY N Kin- J Club. J i ,s l l It ZAHNISER , 3 1055 . llllemerllall 1 Paqe lll ..,f,1f, A 1'-1 4 1 P41 F My .V fd.L..:...A4 44, v" , IN CCNCI USICN The editor and statt Wish to thank those persons who have contrilouted much to the l937 CLD GCLD. Mr. Karl Clayton of lahn ci Cllier Engraving Corn- FCYUY, Chicago, lllinois, Mr. A. Dupont and staff oi the Dupont Studio, Water- lOO, lowa, and Mr. W. W. Mercer of the Economy Advertising Company, lowa City, lowa, have cooperated throughout the year to bring to the students a finer annual. The staff is also very grateful to Mr. A. A. Segal ot the Bureau Ol EHQTUVHUCJ, Minneapolis, Minnesota, tor his assistance in the preparation of many of the page layouts, , , r ,211 ,,, x --4. ,, ,.a.-,.. ,MA-,W ,Y .HY-W-.I A Aeolian . . . - Alpha Beta Gamma . Alpha Chi Epsilon . Alpha Delta Alpha . Anniversary . . Art .... Art League . - B Baker Hall . . - - Bartlett Hall . Baseball . . Basketball . . Beauties . . . Bel Canto Glee Club . Beta Beta Beta . . Biology Club ....... Blue Key ......... Board of Control of Student Publications . Bureau of Alumni -Affairs .... Bureau of Publicity . . . Bureau of Religious Activities Bureau of Research . . . C Campus Scenes .... Catholic Students Association Cecilian Glee Club . . . Chemistry Seminar . . . Class Officers . . Classical Club . Clerical Division . Colleg-e Band . . College Choir College Eye . . College Singers . . Commercial Club . . Commons . . . . D Dean of Faculty . . . Dean of Men . . Dean of Women . Debate . . . Dedication . . Delta Phi Delta . Delta Sigma Rho . Drama . . . . E Education . . . . Elementary Club . . Ellen Richards Club . English .... Epsilon Phi Epsilon . Euterpean Glee Club . . Extension Division . . . F Financial Secretary . . First Year Primary . Football . . . Foreword . . . Four-H Club . TOPICAL . 184 . 73 . 68 . 69 . 64, 65 . 44 , 171 .32, 33 . 34 208, 209 116, 117 154-165 . 186 . 97 . 174 . 146 . 229 . 42 . 39 . 38 . 36 . 12-17 . 111 . 187 . 175 .84, 85 . 138 . 43 . 101 . 191 226, 227 . 190 173 . 30, 31 . 24 24 . 24 . 127 6 . 74 . 118 166-169 . 45 . 123 . 193 . 46 . 75 . 185 . 41 . 25 . 120 . 60-63 . 7 . 141 INDEX ' G Gamma Theta Upsilon . . German Club . . . H Hamilton Club . Home Economics . . . I "I" Club ..... Inter-Fraternity Council . Inter-Sorority Council . . . K Kappa Delta Pi . . Kappa Mu Epsilon . Kappa Pi Beta Alpha . Kappa Phi . . . Kappa Theta Psi . . . L Lambda Delta Lambda . Lambda Gamma Nu . Language . . . Library ..... Life Savings Corps . . . Lutheran Student Association M Mathematics and Commerce . Mathematics Club . . . Men's Union .... Minnesingers . . Music . . . O OLD GOLD ..... Oratory and Extempore . Orchesis ...... P Phi Chi Delta .... Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia . Phi Sigma Epsilon . Phi Sigma Phi . . . Pi Tau Theta .... Physical Education Club . . Physical Education for Men . Physical Education for Women Pi Gamma Mu .... Pi Omega Pi ..... Pi Phi Omega . Pi Tau Phi . . Pi Theta Pi . Placement Bureau . Playcraft . . . President Latham . Purple Arrow . Purple Pen . R Registrar ...... Representative Students . Rho Epsilon Rho .... Romance Language Club . . 99 - 139 . 125 - 47 . 103 . 66 . 67 . 95 . 98 . 122 . 106 . 76 . 96 . 70 . 48 . 35 . 217 . 110 . 49 . 172 . 29 . 189 . 50 224, 225 . 126 198, 199 . 108 . 148 . 71 . 77 . 107 . 218 . 51 . 52 . 214 . 215 78 79 , 80 , 40 , 136 . 22, 23 , 94 , 228 , 25 194-197 , 102 , 192 Page 270 15 18 12 8 6 96 70 48 85 217 110 49 172 29 189 50 225 126 , 199 108 148 71 77 107 218 51 52 214 215 78 79 80 40 138 2223 94 221 .. , -K, - 'ern ' 'auf ,x"' .L Q E 7 E5 Science - ' l ' ' ' ' Second Year Pr1mafY 5 ' rs - - ' ' Slildfespeare Ciub - Sigma Alpha Iota . . Sigma Tau Delta . . - - ' 1 S 'ence - - Q - 33321 Siience Honors Society . StowawaY C1919 ' ' ' ' Student Council . I J - - Student Health Service . - . 53 . 121 230-268 . 137 . 149 147 54 124 . 109 .26, 27 . . . . . 37 d t Life 90-93 132-135, 204-207 25 gtlpfilintendent. of 13ui1dings and Grounds Symphony Orchestra . ---- 'T Tau Sigma De1ta . Teaching - - - Tennis - - - Theta A1pha Phi . Theta Epsi1on . . Puqe 271 . 100 . 81 . 55 . 213 . 119 . 105 Theta Gamma Nu Theta Theta Epsilon . Track . , , , Troubadours . , 1 Tutor Ticklers . , II United Student Movement . 17 V. O. V. Sigma Phi . . NAI Who's Who .... Women's Athietic Association Women's Band . . . Women's League . Wrestling . . . Writer's C1u1o . . If Xanho . . 82 . 216 210-212 . 188 144, 145 . 104 . 83 180-183 . 219 . 140 . 28 142, 143 . 170 72 25 1112 ' 192 ' Q9 'L-L!MQ.L4'wMLwL ,-,, W ,A A-S. , ,S .. ,,., ,222 I'12Tf1.'f"l'fi."ff".'i'f'ffffff-H -MW Faculty and Administration Directory A D Abbott, Dr. Roy L., 53 Professor of Biology Aitchison, Allison, 53, 99 Professor of Geography Allen, Bernice, 47 Assistant Professor of Home Economics Anderson, Mary C., 55 Assistant Professor of Teaching Arant, Roscoe, 54 Assistant Professor of Social Science Arey, Amy F., 46 Assistant Professor of Education B Bailey, C. H., 44, 171 Head of the Arts Department Barker, Olive L., 50, 149, 187, 190 lnstructor in Voice and Music Beard, Dr. Marshall R., 54, 124 Assistant Professor in History Begeman, Dr. Louis, 53 Professor Emeritus Bender, Paul F., 51 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Men Boardman, Benjamin, 25, 229 Business Manager Boothe, Dr. Bert E., 46 ' Assistant Professor of English Bosley, Dr. Harold, 38, 46, 104 Director of Religious Activities Brown, Dr. A. E., 45 Associate Professor of Education Brugger, M. Elizabeth, 55 Director of Nursery School and lnstructor in 'Teaching Buffum, Dr. H. S., 45 Professor of Education Buxbaum, Katherine, 46 Assistant Professor of English C Cable, Dr. E. I., 53 Professor of Earth Science and Head of the Depart- ment of Science Caldwell, Mary P., 55 Assistant Professor of Teaching Campbell, Sadie B., 24 Dean of Women Charles, Dr. I. W., 45 Professorof Education Denny, Dr. E. C., 45 Professor of Education and Head of the Department of Education Dickinson, Arthur, 51, 116, 210 1 lnstructor in Physical Education for Men Divelbess, Margaret, 55 Assistant Professor of Teaching Duncan, Anne Stuart, 85 Head Librarian E Erbe, Dr. Carl H., 54 Professor of Government F Fagan, W. B., 46 Associate Professor of English Fahrney, Dr. Ralph R., 54 Associate Professor of History Finkenbinder, Dr. E. O., 45, 95 Professor of Education Freeman, Alta, 50 Assistant Professor of Piano Fuller, A. C., 42 Director of Bureau of Alumni Affairs and Public School Relationships Fuller, F. E. Assistant Professor of Natural Science Fullerton, C. A. Professor Emeritus G Gaffin, Myrtle E., 49 lnstructor in Commercial Education Geiger, Dr. Beatrice I., 47, 216 Head of the Home Economics Department Getchell, Dr. R. W., 53, 96, 175 Professor of Chemistry Gilbert, Winifred M., 53 Assistant Professor of Biology Goetch, Dr. E. W., 40 Director of the Placement Bureau Grant, Martin L., 53 Associate Professor of Biology Greene, Dr. Anita V., 34 Director of Health at Bartlett Hall H Haddox, Homer C., 48, 192, 213 Assistant Professor of French and Spanish C0191 A-QHGSI 44 Haight, Mary E., 34 Assistant Professor of Art Director of Bctrttett HG11 Cole' Eldon E-1 25 Halvorson, Dr. N. O., 46 SUD-9f1f1TGT1Cl9I1T Of BUildiI1CJS and Grounds Associate Professor of English Condit, Ira S., 49 I Hanson, Rose, 55 Head of Mathematics and Commercial Education Assistant Professor of Teaching Department Hart 1. H. 41 Conlon' Corlfey A" 44 . Director of Extension Division lnstructor m Art Hays W E 50 189 Cory, S., 25 v Assistant Professor of Voice Registrar and Examiner Hersey S Freeman 53 Grim' Pied D' I Associate Professor Emeritus ssoclate Professor of Education Hitt Frank W 50 Cummmls' H' C" 49 I lnstructor in Violin, Viola, Ensemble, Cirld lnst Associate Professor of Commercial Education mentation Ill page 272 9111 ublic and W pate 272 H hues, George H., 39, 229 ODirector of Publicity Bureau Holst, Harald B., 50 Assistant Professor of Voice Horns, 101111 WH 44 Instructor in Art Humiston, Dorothy, 52 Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women Mar B 54 Hunter, Y -f 1 Associate Professor of Economics I Iaclcson, C. L., 55 I principal of High School and Associate Professor of Teaching Ienkins, Dr. Lulu Marie, 55 Instructor in Teaching K Kadesch, Dr. W. H., 53 Professor of Physics Kearney, Dora E., 55 Assistant Professor of Teaching Koehring, Dr. Dorothy, 55 Instructor in Teaching Kurtz, Edward, 44 Head of the Department of Music and Professor of Violin L Latham, Dr. O. R., 23 President of the College Lambert, Emma F., 49, 94, 98 Professor of Mathematics Lambert, Lillian V., 46 Professor of English Lambertson, Dr. F. W., 46, 118, 125 Professor of Public Speaking Lantz, Dr. C. W., 53, 97 Professor of Biology Lillehei, Dr. I. L., 48 Head of the Department of Languages and Professor of French and Spanish Luse, Dr. Eva May, 55 Head of the Department of Teaching Lynch, S. A., 46 Head of the Department of English M MCICI1, George R., 49 Assistant Professor of Commercial Education Martin, Margaret E., 34 Personnel Assistant in Bartlett Hall MCIYfield, Alpha, 44, 186 Instructor in Music Education MCCuSkey, David, 51, 142 I Instructor in Ph sical Education for Men Mead, Dr. P. N., 367 Health Director and Professor of Physical Education Mendenhall, L. L. 5l Helsrld of the Department of Physical Education for en Merchant, Dr. F. D., 48 Professor Emeritus Milchelf Dorqthy, 52, 217, 218, 219 Mlnstructor 1n Physical Education for Women Illef, Edna Q., 48' Assistant Professor of Latin Moeller, H. C. Instructor in Rural Education Page 273 MOU, Mrs. F. C., 34 Housekeeper in Bartlett Hall Moore, Maude E., 52 Instructor in Physical Edu t' f Moore, Dr. A. Ulric, 46 CCI lon or Assistant Professor of English Myers, Iulia Mae, 49, 215 Instructor in Commercial Education N Nelson, Dr. M. I., 24 Dean of the Faculty P Paine, Dr. Olive, 55 Assistant Professor of Teaching Palmer, Harold G., 44 Instructor in Manual Arts Patt, Bertha L., 44 Professor of Art Paul, Dr. I. B., 36 Director of Bureau of Research Peterson, Marna, 55 Associate Professor of Teaching Plaehn, Erma, 55 Instructor in Teaching Pollock, Annabelle, 55 Assistant Professor of Teaching R Rait, E. Grace, 55 Associate Professor of Teaching Rath, Dr. H. Earl, 53, 174, 229 Women Assistant Professor of Health Education Read, O. B., 53 Professor of Chemistry Reed, Leslie I., 24, 146 Dean of Men Reynolds, Mrs. T. Lucille McCall, 47 Instructor in Home Economics Riebe, Dr. H. A., 45 Associate Professor of Education Ritter, Elmer L. Professor of Education Robinson, Dr. E. A., 46 Assistant Professor of Education Robinson, Dr. George C., 54 q Professor of Government Ruegnitz, Rose Lena, 50 Assistant Professor of Piano Russell, Myron, 50, l0l, 140, 146 Instructor in Woodwind and Director of College Band Riggs, Sara, 54 Professor Emeritus Ruppel, Mae, 55 Instructor in Teaching , S r1.L54124 Sage, D . . ., , Assistant Professor of History Samson, Georqe W-I 50 Instructor in Organ Schaefer, Dr. Iosef, 48, 139 Associate Professor of German Schneider, N. O., 55 ' Assistant Professor of Teaching Scott, Dr. Winfield, 53 Professor of Jgqfggulilgge eari ht, Rolan , , I S Asgstant Professor of Violin, Ce Conducting llo and Orchestral 1 .131 11 11 1 1 1 a 1 '11 . 1 -1 '1 1 L 1 I 1 I t 1 F I 4 i E t 1 I x- t 1 1 1 1 1 t 1 t E ta 1. 1 l 1 511 1 1 1 I l ,11 1 1 '1 K. 11 l r 1 1 C 1 1 1 Y 1 -F1 .t.1, f1 tl 1 2, 1 15 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V1 1 1t1 ,P V1 V1 5 1 1 1 1 1 6 1 E t Sheperd, Lou A. Todd' C- 0" 45 Associate Professor of Primary Education Associate PrQf9SSO1' Of EC111CC1tiOr1 Short, Thelma, 52 Uttley, Marguerite, 53, 99 Instructor in Physical Education for Women Associate PTOISSSOT Of G9OQII'Gphy Skar, R. O., 49, l73 Associate Professor of Commercial Education V ' Slacks, Iohn R., 45 Van Ness, Grace, 52 Associate Professor offtural Education Assistant Professor of Physical Education for Women Smiley, Mary, 34 Director of Foods W Smith, Ernistine, 55 Instructor in Teaching Smith, May, 45 Associate Professor of Education Sorenson, Anna Marie, 46 Associate Professor of English Starbeck, Clyde L., 5l, 60 Instructor in Physical Education Starr, Minnie E., 55 Assistant Professor of Teaching Stone, Myrtle M., 55 Assistant Professor of Teaching Strayer, Hazel B., 46 Walters, G. W., 45 Professor Emeritus Watson, E. E., 49 Professor of Mathematics Watts, Maxine, 55 Instructor in Teaching Wellborn, Dr. F. W., 54 Associate Professor of History ,Wester, C. W., 49 Professor of Mathematics White, Doris E., 52 . Whitford, L. W., 5l, 208 Associate Professor of Oral Interpretation Instructor in physical Education for men Struble, E. Margaret, 33 . Wilcox Dr. M- I. 45 Director of the George T. Baker Hall for Men Assistant Profgssor of Education Struble, Dr. Marguirette May, 55 Wild Anna 43 Assistant Professor of Teaching Head of the Clerical Division Wild, Monica R., 52 Associate Professor of Physical Education for Wgmen 'I' Professor of Physical Education for Women and Head of the Department of Physical Education for Women Terry, Selina M., 46 Wirth, Carl A., 50 Professor of English Instructor in Brass Instruments Thomes, Isabel, 48, 192 Wolfe, Dr. Irving, 50, 185 Associate Professor of Spanish and French Instructor in Music Education Thompson, Dr. M. R., 54, l24 Works, janet, 31 Head of the Department of Social Science Social Director of the Commons Page 274 L d n 9 7' 1 1 STUDENT DIRECTORY A lma-Storm Lake, 67, 81 igginlldlzjrguerite Lillian-Garner llbmlh, Elizabeth Arm-cedar Falls, 106 Adam, Lois Catherine-Cedar Falls, 83 Adams, Carroll Eugene--Boxholm Adams, Mgry'lect1'1r1e-VV'CIleI'lOO, 26, 73 Addmglon, I. F.-Waterloo Addy, Lois Luella-MOITCUS Aden' Leona R.-Palmer, 123, 184, 249 Afteldt, Harold Walter-Waterloo Ahlers, Sister Mary Olive-Waterloo Akin, Edith Lenone-Waterloo, 83, 102, 193 Alderman, Dean William-Brandon, 66, 70, 103, 124, 211, 230 l Alqoe, Lucille Eleanor-VCI1l Allen, Alice lulia-Arnolds Park Allen, Norma Irene-Anamosa Alton, Everett Donald-Waterloo, 69, 172, 175 Amosson, Orville 1.-Goldfield Andersen, Clarisse Arletta-Vall-ey Springs, S. Dak., 184, 249 Andersen, Elsa-Cedar Falls, 75, 249 Anderson, Albert Thomas-Green Mountain, 69 Anderson, Annabelle Marie-Scarville, 94, 105, 123, 184, 249 Anderson, Axel-Cedar Falls, 60, 71, 103, 215, 230 Anderson Anderson, Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 180 Anderson Anderson I Bernice Viola-Albert City, 121, 249 Clarice Levonne-Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 80 Clarice Marcella-Gowrie, 173, 110, 215, 230 Eleanore Marie-Cherokee, 121 V Kathryn Alice-Primghar, 76, 136, 230 Lynn Marlan-Waterloo M. Merle-Hawarclen, 26, 29, 68, 102, 146, Pearl Edith-Grundy Center Virginia-Onawa, 249 Andrews, Austin David-Waterloo Appleton, Hope Lavon-Edgewood, 120 Archer, Arlene Dolores-Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 74, 121, 249 Attends, Dorothy Marie-Williams, 184 Armstrong, lim G.-Waterloo, 68 Arney, Corrine Frances-Marshalltown, 80, 185 Arnold, Evonne La Mae-Magnolia Arnold, Marguerite Rose-Hopkinton, 123 Arns, Eleanor lulia-Doland, S. Dak., 98, 185, 172 Aron, Lenore-Lidderdale, 110, 121, 249 ASMSY. Marian Louise-Cedar Falls, 174, 217, 219 Askelson, Sarah Lucille-Story City, 123 ASIIILIS, Koraleen-Galena, lll., 173 Atkins, Maxine Evelyn-Ferguson, 249 Atklns, Ruthe Phyllis-Grinnell, 77 Atwood, Norma Laura-Armstrong, 67, 82, 149, 187, 190 Auld, Marv Lou-Cedar Falls, 77 i411df,V1rq1n1e Floy-Cedar Falls, 77, 217, 218, 219 Aulerlch, Florence Pauline-Monona, 116, 184 Upperle, Robert Neff-Idaho Falls, ldaho, 101, 109, 148189, 190, 191 Avefluf IOYCG Arline-lefferson, 249 AVSTY, Eva Ruth-Tama AXmear, H azel Arlene-North English B B BSESOCK Francis Herbert-New Hampton Bacon' Dwlqhil Garfield-Cedar Falls, 71 Bacon' leswffllne lane-Hazleton, 108 H. Noel Richard-Randalia, 68, 102, 180, 229 Pclqe 275 Bahling, MerWYn Eugene-Burt, 71 BCIUGY, Clara Carter5Cedar Falls Bfllley, Samuel David-Cedar Falls 68 230 Baird, Frances Esther-Cedar Falls, 76' Baker, Annie LUCY-Cl-ear Lake ids 123 24 V ' I I 9 Esker' MTS- MCfTQCIret Anna-Cedar Falls Baker, XMarieEWaterloo, 100, 140 io a uth-Clear Lake, 106, 120 18 BCfkeY, Evelyn Lorayne-Somers I 4 H, Denotlcl Carl-Waterloo, 29, 70, 85 119 Baker, Baldwi B 180, 236 ' or , Anna Laura-McCallsbur Bell, Edwin-McCal1sburg, 97717341 123' 249 Ballantyne, leannle-Waterloo, 73, 230 Ballou, Mary Olive-Fairmont, Minn., 187 Balzer, Marie Ann-Rock Valley Bancroft, Helen Roberta-Cedar Falls, 218 Bancroft, Marian Mae-Cedar Pl-1115 Bannister, Marjorie Arlene-lanesville, 141 Barber, Frank Marvin-Graettinger, 107, 188 Barker, Loren Otto-Little Cedar, 101, 188 Barnes, Gertrude Antoinette-Duncomble Barnes, Lucile Maxine-Marcus, 82, 104, 191 Barnes, Robert Lee-Cedar Falls, 66, 72, 230 Barragy, Frances Elizabeth-Waterloo, 75 Barrett, Edgar U.-'Waterloo Barry, Theresa Aileene-Cedar Falls Basom, Francis Lucinda-Dawson Bartlett, Geraldine-Stockport Baum, Charlotte Marie-Garrison Bauman, Leroy Edward-Waterloo, 139 Baumann, lames Gerard-Waterloo Baustian, Frances Lorraine-Rock Rapids, 120 Beard, Barbara Elizabeth--Decorah, 121, 250 Beatty, Mildred-Ayrshire, 250 Beavo, loseph A.-Dike, 69 Bechtelheimer, Ann Lois-Waterloo, 122, 230 Becker, Lorraine Frances-Bellevue, 121, 250 Becker, Ruth Emma-Elgin, 121, 141, 250 Becker, Virginia llene-Bellevue, 173, 184 Beecher, Verna Mae-Traer, 108, 120 Bleed, Helen Verle-Titonka, 123, 184, 250 Beed, Ruth Frances-Hampton Behrens, Ruth Geraldine-Cedar Falls, 77, 139, 184 Beinert, Russell Floyfd-Waterloo Bell, Russell-Waterloo Beneke, Sybil Lucille-Laurens, 106, 123, 250 Benson, Virginiabelle-Waterloo, 74, 250 Bente, Evelyn Marie-Elkader, 184, 250 Bentien, Coletta A.-Monona, 123, 184, 250 Bentley, Velda Beth-CedaEr8Fcitg5, 105 Benz, LaVerne-Randalia, , Benz, Stanley C.-Charles City, 70, 101, 104, 125, 146, 180, 230 Bieohm, Virginia Arnette-EClQIeW0Odf 173 0 Bergstrom, Geraldine Fredericka-Oqdenf 105' 11 Bergstrom, Grace Louise-Waterloo, 123 36 Bergstrom, Richard-Cedar Falls, 95, 119, 1 Berkshire, Eldred Earle-WCIY1C11'1df 69 93 Betz, Esther Marile-MCIYT1C1.fdf 1411 174814 250 Beye, Isabel lean-Haverhill, 94, 123, 1 , Bickel, Maxine lfifqiniffgf-?rSE1sVe11 ' nbach, M. ane- Cf 9 Eiglisheimer, Eloise l11f1'9'Gf'-Indy Cggger' 120' 185 Bidwell, Charlotte Lorene-Wellman, Bigelow, Priscilla A.-Alden, 121 Binkard, Florence Harriet-Webb 9 230 Birchard, Ralph E-'Cedar Fans' 9 ' 127 , Bishop, Charlene-Elliott, 108, 173, 185, 193 Bishop, Edna Marian-Rowley, 123, 141, 250 Bishop, Grace Amelia-Elliott, 94, 124, 230 Bishop, Maxson-Cedar Falls, 70 Black, Darrell-Cedar Falls, 1-03, 116, 213, 231 Black, Don M.-Cedar Falls, 173 Blackmun, Robert Raymon--Eldora, 70 Blake, Barbara-Waterloo Blake, Merton-Volga City, 70, 208 Blake, Raymond Frederick-Marshalltown Blakely, Doris lean-Manly Blakely, Miriam Cable-Manly . Blanchard, Gordon-Lone Rock, 70, 208, 230, Blattspieler, Lois Ardell-Manly, 121, 184, 250 Blattspieler, Virginia Arlene-Manly Blesie, Anna Grace-Renwick, 186, 191 Blesie, Dolores Mae-Renwick, 81, 100, 120, 184, 191 Block, lane Franoes-Aplington, 105, 139, 173 Blodgett, Mary Ellen-Grand View, 122, 140, 184 Bloker, Harold Raymond-Cedar Falls, 101, 189 Blue, Donald-Cedar Falls, 71 Boardman, Ruth Marian-Cedar Falls, 80, 106, 186, 193 Bode, Arnold Ralph-Davenport, 100 Boehmke, Olive Ruby-Keystone Boehml-er, leannette Elizabeth-Cedar Falls Boers, Dora Edna-Milford, 121, 136, 174 Bogh, Sylvia Fern-Le Mars, 141, 174 Bogott, Donald Dwight-Milledgeville, lll., 71 Bohling, Cameon Rosalyn-Cedar Falls Bohling, Charles Frederick-Cedar Falls Bolinski, August Henry-Celwein, 68 Bolt, William Iohn-Traer Bonewitz, Lucile Anna-Traer Bonham, lane Ann-Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Bontrager, Elman Earle-Kalona Boone, L. Llewellyn-Dows, 192 Borden, Nadine-Waterloo, 100, 149, 186, 215, 231 Bosley, Beulah lleen-Clinton, lll. Boslough, Naomi Ruth-Cedar Falls, 79 Bosworth, Harriet Marie-Manly, 75, 140, 173 Bova, Stella Elizabeth-Lisbon, 111, 120 Bovee, Eugene Cleveland-Sioux City, 101, 225 Bowen, Lois Stiles-Cedar Falls, 67, 83, 231 Bowen, Nevin G.-Cedar Falls, 70, 231 Bowers, Nina C.-Marshalltown, 98, 105, 173, 184 Bowling, Maxine Mary-Cedar Falls, 173, 193 Boyer, Grace Emma-Cedar Falls, 121, 251 Boysen, Paul lames-Cedar Falls, 66, 68, 95, 118, 125 139, 146, 173, 180, 226 Bradley, Emily Lou-Greeley, 120 Bradley, Frances Evelyn-Newhall, 82, 102, 140, 187, 191, 231 1 Bragg, Robert Thomas-Ruthven Bragonier, Lois R.-Cedar Falls, 76, 180, 231 Brainard, Alfred lohn-Delta, 231 Brand, Maxine-Somers, 81, 139, 224 Brand, Mathilde Viola-Sully Brandenburg, Alfred lohn-Delta Brandenburg, Earnest-Tripoli, 95, 104, 118, 124, 125, 127, 214, 231 Brandenburg, lna-Tripoli, 121, 251 Brandt, Frank Erwin-Waterloo, 68, 136, 192 Brashear, Anna Laura-Blockton, 123, 251 Brauer, Albert H.-Keystone, 139, 214, 231 Brechner, Ellen Margaret-Waverly, 120 Breeden, Miriam Elizabeth-Kellogg Breitbach, Dean Charles-Masonville Breitbach, Louis Frank-Masonville, 71 Breitenbach, Muriel Virginia-Washington 74 218 A Brennecke, Harry-Hawkeye, 72 I I Bretthauer, Evelyn-Alvord, 83, 250 Brewer, Roberta lean-Tripoli, 120 Bricholz, Alma LeVetta -Des Moines Briggs, Madeline Elizabeth-Waterloo Brindley, Mary lane-Cedar Falls, 81, 94, 192 Bristol, Mary Ruth--Des Moines, 108, 120 Brockmeyer, Alta Mae-Bennett Broer, Miriam Ellen lrene-New Providence Bron-es, Lillian Emma-Swea City, 171 Brooks, Barbara Ruth-Washington, 123 Broughton, Ruth Marian-Sibley, 81, 102, 155, 187, 190 Brouhard, Erma Lucile-New Hartford, 106, 139, 140, 231 Brower, Everett Gilbert-Lake View, 189 Brower, Lloyd-Lake View, 101, 189, 231 Brown, Catherine Lorraine-Cedar Falls, 120 Brown, Eleanor Maxine-Turkey River, 251 Brown, Elva lane-Boone, 120 Brown, Harry George-Waterloo Brown, Helen Pearl-Waterloo, 141, 185 Brown, lohn Dennis-Cedar Falls, 70, 102 Brown, Mabel Louise--Augusta, 111. Brown, Marion Virginia-Cedar Falls, 76 A Brown, Mary Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 75, 217, 218, 219 Brown, Walter E.-Cedar Falls, 60, 97, 104, 191 Brown, Winifred--Sibley, 81, 120, 185, 225 1 Brundage, Wilma Bernita-Waterloo, 74, 94, 100, 186 Bruns, Louis-George, 101, 139 Bryant, Arbutus lcle-Centerville Buche, lean Ann--Lake Andes, S. Dak., 217, 218 Bucher, William lames-Tipton, 107 Buchwald, William Theodore-Marshalltown, 68 Buck, Marjorie Rose-Rhodes, 95, 140, 149, 187 Buckmaster, Ruth Boles-Stuart, 251 Bueghly, Keith Larkin-Conrad, 142, 232 Buftum, Hugh Price-Cedar Falls, 95, 136, 189, 191 Buffum, Thomas Erwin-Cedar Falls, 136, 189, 191, 232 Bugh, -Arlene lane-Cherokee, 110, 120 Buhr, Carlene C.-Readlyn Burch, Betty lean-Pollock, S. Dak., 76 Burch, Donald Edward-Pollock, S. Dak., 26, 69, 109, . 173 Burch, Leslie-Pollock, S. Dak., 69, 95, 102, 146, 181, 195, 215, 225, 229, 232 Burdick, Robert T.-Waterloo Burger, Alice Mary-Cedar Falls, 137 Burger, Helen Louise-Cedar Falls, 125 Burgoin, Bonnie lean-Silver City Burlingame, lrene T.-Fro-elich Burris, E. loyce-Mason City, 251 1 Burroughs, Dorothy Elizabeth-Tipton, 82, 95, 136, 147, 232 1 Burroughs, Foster Frederick-Waterloo Busching, Eloise K.-Olin, 251 Bush, lames F.-Sundance, 71, 124, 214, 232 Bushnell, Bernita M.-Manchester, 123, 140, 251 Bute, Gordon T.-Wahpeton, N. Dak., 71 Butler, Robert Deo-Buckingham, 107 Buttjer, Beulah lrene-Floyd Button, Carl Lloyd-Waterloo Buus, Carl Oliver-Holland Byers, Helen Frances-Cedar Falls, 76, 170 Byrne, Helen-Moorland, 111, 125, 192, 214, 232 C Cadam, Ruth Margaret-Clarksville Cagley, Leo Wilmer-Waterloo Calderwood, Marian Elizabeth-Traer, 193, 232 Calhoun, Dick Elmor-Lake Mills, 71 Calhoun, 1. Harlan-Lake Mills Calhoun, Lyss S.-Des Moines, 147 Calvin, Everett Carl-Tipton Cameron, Ruth lanet-Eldora, 74, 102, 187, 190 Campbell, Eldred Ethel-Madrid, 105, 123, 251 Page 276 232 109, 181, 147, Q6 2 ,, 9, ,- . 1, Madge Lola-State Center gggqiiil Elvina Bernetta-Story City Canfield, Marion Rose-Waterloo Cappel, Evelyn Elaine-Independence, 83, 121, 251 Cappell Margeret Lucille-lndependence, 83, 94, 122, 251 Cardiff, Winifred Mae-Oakland, 106, 121, 252 Carl, june-Waterloo, 79, 100, 184 Carl, Robert Lincoln-Waterloo Cmlonl 1ngrid Marie-Gowrie, 110, 120 Carlsen, Harriet Marie-Laurens, 123 Cadgan, lune Lavonne-Ogden, 123 Carpenter, Iohn Allan-Cedar Falls, 100 Carr, Constance-1-lardy, 121, 184, 252 Carrington, Lawrence Porter-Woodhull, 111., 69, 98, 172, 73 Calroll, Bernadette-Creston Carroll, Phillip Vail-Waterloo, 111 Carrothers, Donald Eugene-Masonville, 66, 68 Carstensen, Elvira M,-Preston Carter, E. lune-DOWS Carver, Coleen Beryle-Collins, 120, 184 Carver, Elizabeth-Burlington, 75, 122, 186 Case, Elaine B.-Manning, 120, 184 Case, Melvin Charles-Marshalltown, 66, 69, 175, 232 Casey, Helen Marie-Cedar Falls, 83 Chamness, Mrs. lva Mayo-Cedar Falls Champlin, Gretchen L.-lowa Falls, 74 Chapler, Dorothy Ann-Charles City Chapman, Donald Leslie-Vail, 109 Chapman, Mildred Elizazbeth-Blairsburg, 140, 184, 192 Chapman, Thelma Letha--Aurora Charles, lohn Forrest-Cedar Falls, 104, 189, 190, 192, 213 Charlson, Iohn E.-Dows, 95, 96, 97, 104, 189, 191, 232 Charlson, Theodora-Ames, 80, 120, 187 Charter, Harold Earl-Cedar Falls, 107, 188, 232 Chase, Calvin-Greeley, 68, 102, 225 Chase, Iean Eleanor-Greeley Cheney, Betty Anne-Waterloo Cheney, Paul William-Greene, 68 Cheney, Raymond W.-Green-e, 29, 103, 142, 146, 181, 232 Chesebro, Charles 1oe-Shell Rock, 69 . f , 1 1. . , Q . .-,, -9,1--A. ,MiLHfr.: -:Eta-zsrf, , . g 4 Cole, Beth-Cedar Falls, 83, 120 184 Collard, Victor Sylvan-Manchester, 72, 1 Collman, Eleanor Darlene-Massena COliOn, Pearl Mae-Columbus, 122 CO1T1fOfT, Bessie Louise-Zearing, 106 123 Comifo, Alfred lOSeph-Des Moines, '71, 233 CCHS, George Edwin-Dell Rapids COUGFY, Harold E.-Denison Conklin, Edith S.-Hawkeye, 121 Connell, lame-S Morgan-Cedar Falls, 70 COH1'1ell, Phil Edward-Cedar Falls, 66, 70, 102, 02, 174, 233 146, 181, 229 125' 127 Conrad, lulia Barbara-Conrad, 120 Conway, Florence Marie-Graettinger, 111, 184 Cook, Carroll William-Dexter, 72, 100, 142 Cook, Georgia Maxine-Wyoming, 120 Cook, Helen Aileen-Dexter Cook, Lucetta Rose-Waterloo, 252 Cook Montye Eloise-Marengo, 94, 121, 252 Coon, Eugene-Des Moines, 70, 233 Coontz, Coralie-Waterloo, 73, 102, 105, 193 Coppernoll, Imogene Rae-Stockton, lll., 78, 123, 185 191, 252 Costigan, lohn Clark-Elkport, 70, 111 Cotton, Iane Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 83, 217, 2 Cousins, Evadne Mae-Waterloo Countryman, Eloise-Tipton, 252 Cox, Lillus Vivian-Salem Cox, Lorna E.-Vinton, 140 Cox, Neva-Farragut, 252 Crawford, Marie Mac-Onawa Craft, Mae Valentine-La Porte, 111, 123, 141 Craft, Robert Murray-Waterloo, 101 Crain, Eldon Lewis-Zearing, 188 Crane, Helen Frank---Waterloo Crane, Lucille Audry-Tama Cranny, Cyril Patrick-Cedar Falls, 70, 100 Cretzmeyer, Lois-Waterloo, 83 V Cronin, lulia-Melrose, 111, 252 Cross, lack-Chariton, 71, 109 Cross, lerome R.-Cedar Falls, 95, 98, 101, 109, 172, 181 Cross, lohn F.-Cedar Falls, 26, 172, 191 Crow, Alice Hazel-Aurora, 123, 170, 233 18 Chick, Arvillamae-Cedar Falls, 120, 137, 232 Chres tensen, Florence Eloise-Keokuk, 120, 186 Christensen, Kveld--Cedar Falls Christensen, M. Margaret-Eagle Grove, 122, 218 Christensen, Monte Everette-Waterloo Christensen, Margaret Carol-Peterson, 83 Christoffersen, Agnes Marie-Neola Christophel, Hazel Berniece-Ianesville, 94, 121, 140, 141, 252 Church, Gilbert-Rock Island, Ill., 72 Church, Harold-Inglewood, Calif., 60, 71, 233 Church, Richie-Cedar Ra ids 105 106 191 233 Clark p I I I I , Doris Belle-Clarksville, 120, 140 Clark, Leona Miidred-Aim, 108, 110 Cklfk, Lola Pauline-Arion Clark, Maxine-Monmouth Clgglg, Robert Lyle-Lake view, 96, 101, 173, 189, 191, glause, Marietta-Grand lunction, 121, 141, 186 CEUSSH, Maurme Louise-Holstein, 78, 252 C1 usen, Robert Charles-Waterloo 9V9lC1nd, Zoe-Cedar Falls 79 216 233 gggmefl RCIYI Harold-Lytton I I ' Codgmf Same-Waterloo, 68, 173 Coffmeg, axine Harriet-Allison Coghiunglda Lucile-l-lawarden, 139, 184 Colbur, armen Della-Mason City Cong H, Mary Eiizqberh-Sioux city, 76, 104, 173, 225 Y, lullan Francis-Waterloo, 229, 233 PGQQ -.C,i,A,,L,,,.-i..-, 277 Crowell, Dorothy Eleanor-Cedar Falls, 225, 252 Crowell, Mary lean-Mason City, 105, 187, 191 Crowell, Kenneth-Cedar Falls Culbertson, Ruth-Rockford, lll., 227 Cummings, Elthea Louise--Cedar Rapids Cummings, Merritt F. Maynard, 101 Cundy, Annabel Elizabeth-Cedar Falls Cunnin ham Elizabeth-Cresco q , Cunningham, Elsie Ieanette-lda Grove, 100, 120, 140, 165 ' Curless, Addie Elva-Des Moines, 122, 184 Currey, Robert VanAnda--Des Moines, 171 Curtis, Robert L.-Greene, 72, 103, 115 Cutshall, Corrine Ioan-l'lCIZl9'fO1'1 Cutsinger, larnes Earl-Sh'eldO1'1 D D 'l , B th L ise-Cedar Falls, 77 Dcdlliy, CF1r1to1'?uM.-Cedar Falls, 63, 109, 227 k' , R th-Alberta, COlO. DgtriZn15'lort,uWayne Edward-Woodburn, 188 Davis, Evelyn-Red Oak, 233 Davis, Kathryn Elaine-Stanhope, 95, 141 Davis, Velva Esther-Waterloo, 75 Dayhoff, Charles S.-Kirkman, 107 Dean, Carrol Charlotte-WCI'fGT1O0, 193 252 D B io, Dorothy Louise-Eldora, 74, 121, e Ugg ' Alb rt Lea, M1nn., 80, 951 122, DeBuhr, Evelyn Lorraine- G 186 , Decker, Rex William-Hedrick, 72, 124, 192, 233 De Koster, Esther Lilian--Hull, 123, 253 Delarue, Helen Lura--Davenport Delbridge, Fern Opal-Storm Lake, 108, 173 DeLong, Robert james-WGf9I1OO Dennie, Iean Elizabeth-Winthrop Dennis, Lawrence Edward-Cedar Falls, 100, 101, 148, 227 Dennis, Margaret Lois-Spencer DeSpain, Patricia-Marengo, 106, 253 Detra, Cleo Mae-Greene Detwiler, Louise--Audubon, 82, 120, 253 Devine, William Byjhi-A1qOr1C1 De Vries, Minnie-Sheldon, 184, 253 Dewey, George Arlan-Waterloo Dianich, Benny-Ramsay, Mich. Dieckrnan, Verna L. C.-Farmersburg, 94, 121, 253 Dierks, Evelyn Maxine-Lake Park, 77, 253 Diers, Vernon William-St. Olaf, 70,139 Dilger, Verjean Mary-Waterloo, 67, 75, 100, 140, 149 233 Dinsmore, Dale D.-Hillsboro Dippel, Le Nora M.-Marion, 127, 181, 234 Disney, Rhea Corinne-Des Moines, 97, 174 Ditzler, Walter-Mason City, 60 Dix, Meredith Nicholson-Cedar Falls, 69 Dodd, Lyle Everett-Conrad, 71 Dodson, Henry Iames-Marshalltown, 68 Dodson, Geraldine-Havis, 253 Dolan, Marjorie Marie-Cedar Falls, 111, 138 Dolan, Martin Thomas-Cedar Falls, 111, 138 Dolmage, Eunice Lorraine-Victor, 123 Dooley, Kathryn-Aredale Douthit, Elizabeth-Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Dowden, Beryl Rosaland-Cedar Falls, 253 Downing, Dale-Adair Downing, Roger Lyle-Mason City, 69, 100, 189, 191 Downs, Florence Faith-St. Charles, 141 Downs, LaVerne-Rock Island, 111., 101 Downs, Lucille Erma--Greene, 123, 253 Doyen, Dick George-Waterloo Drews, Marie Henrietta-Holstein, 123, 253 Drilling, john-Waterloo, 68, 139, 227 Driscoll, Stanley Gardner-Dansville, N. Y., 101 Drury, Carolyn Lea-Dows, 81 Drury, Marguerite-Kanawha Dubbert, Donald Rudolph-lanesville, 100, 101 Dubes, Wilmar Clifford-Aurelia, 72, 84, 142, 174 Duffus, Esther Bernice-Newton, 77 Duitscher, Paul Wilbert-Clarion Dunham, Doris Elizabeth-Waterloo, 234 Dunkleberg, lean-Waterloo, 67, 73, 85, 102, 157 Dunkleberg, Ruth-Waterloo, 234 Dunlap, lohn Carlisle-Harrod, Ohio, 139 Dunlap, Margaret Iean-Orange City, 74, 121, 186 Dunn, Richard Lee-Cedar Falls, 101 Dunsmoor, Kenneth LeRoy-Strawberry Point Dunsmoor, LeVerne Francis-Strawberry Point, 70 Durham, Dorothy Alice-Lamont, 253 Durst, Dorothy Merl-Danbury, 108, 173 Dutcher, Geo. Chas.-Waterloo Dwi-er, Lucille-Waterloo, 121 Dycus, lames Talcott-Ham d, I du 70 84 10 148, 211 mon H ' ' O' 101 E Ealy, Margaret lane-Belle Plaine, 28, 77, 173 234 Easter, Howard Curtis-Cedar Falls I Eaton, Richard Thomas-Waterloo, 70 Ebers, Elizabeth Louise-Des Moines, 73 191 217 Eby, lane Marie-Waterloo, 75, 95, 10111185 ,234 Eckhoff, Geraldine-Charles City 1 Eckhoff, Luella Iohanna-Austinville Ecklund, Catherine jo-Brooklyn, 123, 253 Eddy, Ruth Anne-Swaledale, 81, 102, 187, 191 234 Edsall, jeanette Lucille-Marshalltown, 83, 254' Edwards, George Francis-Charles City Edwards, Nan Elizabeth--Dunlap, 94, 111, 123, 185 217 254 ' ' Eekhoff, Elizabeth-Dunlap Eggers, Griffin T. A.-Dubuque, 60, 66, 70, 103, 116 208 234 ' ' Eggleston, Marian Ella-Waverly, 186 Eggleston, Mary Carleta-Prole Ehrensberger, Helen Gertrude-Preston, 106, 193 Eichhorn, Helen lean-Malcom Elder, Kathryn Clara-Nichols, 173 Elias, Elmer Barles-Lake View Ellerbrock, Lavola Helen-Auburn Elleson, Marguerite june-Ossian, 120 Ellingson, Marjorie lngelia-Elma Elliott, Marjorie I.-Green Mountain, 141, 218 Ellis, George Gordon-Sioux City, 95, 172, 174, 234 Emerson, Thelma Irene-Toledo Enabnit, Dorys Eyleen-Swaledale Enderlein, Eugene Emerson-Waterloo, 70 Engel, Stanley Eugene-Brighton, 234 Engelkes, lohanna F. H.-Parkersburg, 173 Ennis, Edith Edwina-Baxter, 80, 140, 173 Entz, julia Elizabeth-La Forte City, 139, 170 Eppink, Anna-Sioux Center, 100, 109, 121, 254 Eppink, Lydia Angelina-Sioux Center, 109, 121, 254 Erdman, Bernard William-Wesley Erickson, Eleanor-Inwood, 110, 120 Erickson, Hazel Ann-Gowrie, 123, 218 Erickson, Ruth-Nevada, 122 Erickson, Viva Iohannae--Tama Erler, jules Edmund-Denison, 173 Erusha, Dorothy Evelyn-Amana, 111 Erusha, Helen Marie-Amana, 111 Erusha, Patricia Barbara-Oxford, 111 Esmay, Rachael Arlen-e--Cedar Falls Etzel, Kenneth Erwin--Alburnett Eulberg, Sister Mary Thomas-Waterloo Evans, Kathryn V.-Rembrandt, 123 Evans, Lucille Maxine-Swea City Everett, Frederick-fN'ew Sharon Ewing, Laura Grayce-Gowrie, 121, 186, 254 F Fairburst, Earl Gifford-Cedar Falls Fairman, Rosamond Alleen-Maquoketa, 186 Falk, Elmer Samuel-Rockwell City, 139, 188 Farran, Mildred Ruth-Cherokee, 122, 184 Farrell, Victor-Dike Faught, Vernell Ruth-Charles City, 138, 191, 234 Fee, Virginia Kate-Waterloo, 234 Feisner, Dorothea-Waterloo, 83, 227, Frederick Wil.helm-Cedar Falls, 68, 95, 146, 118, 181, 234 Feldman, Miriam Rose-Cedar Falls, 83, 102, 171 Feller. lola lda-Elgin, 79, 123, 254 Felter, Gail Lorraine-Olin, 185, 191 Ferguson, Loel Curtis-Oskaloosa Ferreter, Edward Pierce-Marion, 69 Fetzer, Sybil Iean-Ladora, 81, 120 Filloon, Mildred Maxine-Central City, 79, 123, 254 Fincham, Zona Mae-Gilbert, 141 Findlay, Eva Elizabeth-Otho, 121, 254 Fink, Edith Myra-Manning, 94, 123, 174, 254 Finn, Howard james-Belmond Fisher, Amasette-Waterloo, 75, 108 Fisher, Davida Belle-Ainsworth Fisher, Dorothy Edna-Tama, 120 page 278 17, na, 54 1 a5, 145' 11 254 ?afJ9 278 Fisher, Robert Frederick-Waterloo Fishman, Harlow Iunior-Cherokee, 72, 101, 175 Fluegel, Virgil B.-Charles City F1y-nn, Bernice Mae-Cedar Falls, 137, 193 Follmer, Ellen-Blythedale, Mo., 235 Forsyth, Verona Lois-Griswold, 94, 123 Fossel, Pearl Louella-Gilbert, 110, 123, 254 Foster, Dale-Muscatine, 69, 101, 188, 191 Fovall, William Wilbur-Waterloo Fowler, Robert Crane-Waterloo, 70 Frampton, Faith W.-Appleton, Wis., 104, 235 Frandsen, Mildred Beatrice-Story City Frank, Eleanor Marie-Royal Frank, Virginia-Fenton, 186, 191, 254 Frankenfield, Marie-Charles City Franklin, Violet Lenore-La Porte City, 76, 97, 218, 219, 235 Franz, Dorothy Mae-Waterloo Frazier, Mildred Florence-New Providence Frederickson, Alice Marguerite-New Hartford, 184 Fredrickson, Evelyn R.-Hubbard Freeland, Elva lrene-Durnont Freeland, Lila Ruth-Dumont, 123, 254 Freeman, Iames-Newhall, 68, 139, 189, 191, 225, 235 Freeman, Virgil Meyer-Newhall, 68, 100, 101, 109 Freese, Esther Lillian-Dumont Freet, Aletha Norah-Cedar Falls, 28, 95, 125, 136, 147, 192, 235 French, Ralph Charles-Waterloo Frerichs, Dora May-Dysart, 108, 187, 235 Frerichs, Iosephine-Grundy Center, 139, 235 Frese, Ella Carolyn-Readlyn Frey, Bernard Herman-Armstrong Frey, Ruth Edna-Aplington Fridley, Dale Russell-Oelwein Frieden, Eva Mae-Elgin, 80, 120 Froisland, Marcella Iane-Moorland Fuegen, Alvin Iohn-Spragueville, 111, 189 Fuller, Dorcas ldaline-Waterloo Fulrath, Marianne-Savanna, 111. Fulton, Ruth Rozelle-Le Claire, 108, 121, 255 G Gabel, Frances-Le Mars, 174, 192, 235 Gaclen,1ack Pershing-Rernsen, 101, 189, 190, 191 Gaede, Erwin-Tripoli, 125, 127 Gatfey, Arthur Francis-Riceville, 72, 139 Galloway, Dorothy Elizabeth-Cedar Falls Garaghty, Ioseph Eldon-Elkader, 111 Gardner, Clarence-Tipton Garrnire, Sadymarie-Gray, 185 Gaskell, Maybeth lune-Belle Plaine, 235 Gaskell, Thelma-Bell-e Plaine, 235 Gentner, Rogena A.-Greenville, 75, 192 Gentry, Ruby May-Corning, 235 George, Andrew George-Waterloo, 68 George, Chas. Wesley-Waterloo, 68, 139, 227 Gersema, Merlyn Clarence-Cedar Falls Gessner, Frederic William, Ir.-Dysart Getchell, Bob W.-Cedar Falls, 101, 235 Giaratano, Tony Thomas-Marshalltown, 68, 111, 173 Gibson, Florence Lillian-lessup Gibson, Marjorie Iane-Cedar Falls, 83, 193, 236 Gibson, Richard Allison-Sioux Rapids, 70 Gldletf, Dale Russel-Newton GQGUGDP, William H.-Manchester Gildemeister, Elaine Wilhelmena-Hubbard Gildemeister, Lola Marie-Melvin Gflles, lohn Robert-Waterloo, 71 Gillespie, Frances-La Porte, 193 Gfllham, Viola Aimirq-oedur Rapids, 121, 255 G1HUlY, Geo. T.-Rock Island, Ill., 72, 85, 103, 116, 173 Page 279 4 - A A Us 2 'rt on f A 4 - 1 F rttt 4 . Qian-rfrmnf'-1 Gipple, Dorothy Elizabeth-Mt. Union Gislain, Bernice Pauline-Keotq Glade, Lois-Hartley, 81, 94, 140, 187 190 Gladwin, Floyd E.-Strawberry Point I GICISUCIPP, Irene Louise-Armstrong, 121 GUUQY. Lloyd G.-Cedar Falls, 60, 71, 103 211 Goettler, Doris Elynor-Galesburg, 111. 74 '255 Goff, Iune Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 105, I Goldsmith, Harlan Herman-Clarence Good, Evelyn Laverne-New Hartfgrd Good, Margaret Geraldine-New Hartford 255 GOOCUHCIFI, lames William-Strawberry Poii-it Gott, Vivian Ioy-Mt, Auburn Gowen, R. Linwood-Cedar Falls, 236 govslglman, Vopal Adrienne-New Hartford, 255 ra er, Armin-Nashua, 26, 2 , , 1 182' 236 9 95 96, 102, 104, 146, Graber, Lyle C.-Waterloo Grady, Wayne Herbert-Waterloo Gran, Inga Gunhild-Spring Grove, Minn., 123, 184 Granby, Arlene Mae-Blairsburg Gravon, May Louisa-Worthington, Minr1,, 122, 1851.235 Greany, Edmund Duane-Wellsburg, 69, 101, 236 Green, Donald-Rolfe, 211 , Greif, Anna Lucile-Buffalo Center Greimann, Esther Ruth-Garner, 123, 255 Grell, Elizabeth Alice-Donahue Gretter, Virginia Lystra-Harper, 111 Grier, Perry . H.-Hartwick, 69 Grieve, lean Phyllis-Webb Griffeth, Ellen Louetta-Manson, 184 Griffin, Mary Maude-Montezuma, 120 Griffith, Wylie arrison-Adair Grigg, Esther Margaret-Lawton, 79, 110, 187 Grimm, Marvel Mildred-Muscatine, 110, 184 Grimm, Odette Elizabeth-Muscatine, 120, 184, 192 Grifhorst, Richard Morris-Kanawha Gronberg, Elsie M.-Waterloo, 76, 100, 171 Grow, Caroline-Rippey, 184 Gruenau, Eleanor Louise-Davenport, 122 Guckenbergier, Erma Mary-Dell Rapids, S. Dak., 82, 111, 184 Guetschow, Hazel Rose-Paullina, 110, 218 Gump, Margaret Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 77, 119, 136, 236 Gump, Vona May-Cedar Falls, 77, 101 Guster, Gerald Robert-Denison Guster, Russell Chas.-Denison, 70, 100, 101, 148 H Haack, Harriet 1.aVern'e-Wellsburg Haaland, Marguerite Lee-Cedar Falls, 121, 255 Hach, Bernard larnes-Clutier Hach, Clarence Woodrow-Cedar Falls, 99, 138, 147, 236 Hagenbuch, Alice Mae-Riverside, 122, 139, 236 Hager, Darwin Harlen-La Porte City Hake, Ralph Howard-Belmond - Hakeman, Margaret Elizabeth-Sutherland Halbasch, Verna May-Ames Hall, Elna Marie-Beaman Halliday, Wilda Maxine-Cresco, 123, 140 Hallstein, Alice Helen-Charter Oak Halstrom, Frances Iean-Cherokee, 123, 192, 236, Hamer, Lois Viola-Waterloo, 95, 98, 108, 147, 170, 172, 2 6 Hanier, Mary Eliza-Waterloo, 94, 185 Hamer, Ruth Maurine-Waterloo, 121, 184, 255 Hamersly, Wilbur Lester-South English, 72, 101, 174 Hamilton, lda MarY'WinthrOp' 121' 255 Hamilton, Richard Herbert-Greene, 173 Hammel, Harriett Sophia-Clarksville, 78, 256 Handfelt, Ruth Magdalena-Williams, 111 N ... f .mav m Hane , Mabel Ellen-PerrY1 123, 1411 184 Hanifzrn, Thomas lohn-Swea City, 70, 236 Hans-en, Cleora-Alta, 184 Hansen, Geneva Lu Cille-Palmer, 106, 187 Hansen, Margery Arline--Greene, 173, 185 Hansen, Mary Noersgaard-Cedar Falls, 100 Hansen, Maynard W.-Central City, 101, 192 Hansen, Norman-Cedar Falls, 29, 72 Hans-en, Russell Hans-AHC! Hanson, Dorothy Eleanor-Goldfield, 123 Hanson, Dorothy Lois-StorY CNY Hanson, Lois Marion-Mason CitY1 73, 171, 236 Harbidge, Marjorie lane-MHTOH Harbour, Helen Eclythe-Rathbun, 255 Harderson, Helen M.-Climbing Hill, 237 Harlan, Haleen-Waterloo Harman, Metta lrene-Sac City Harman, Velma Mae-Sac City, 192 Harp, lohn William-Hawthorne, Calif., 29, 71, 103, 146, 182, 237 Harper, Vern Orville-Waterloo Harris, Doris Maye-Reinbeck Harris, Lucille Mary-Mystic, 120 Harris, Marian Louise-Morning Sun, 108, 140 Hartlieb, Randall-Canonsburg, Pa., 125, 121 Hasselman, Imogene Elva-New Sharon, 123, 184 Hasty, LaVonne Ruby-Kanawha Haubrick, Rene-Mapleton, 73, 219, 255 Havlichek, Helen Louise-Monticello, 123 Hawkins, Mary Elizabeth-Red Oak, 111, 170, 173 Hawks, lames Merrill-Cedar Falls, 174 Hawks, Vincent-Cedar Falls, 171 Hays, Floyd Derwood-Waterloo Healy, lohn Albert-Mt. Auburn Heath, May Augusta-Waterloo Heddens, Claude Charles-Wellsburg, 69, 101, 173 Heggen, George lohn-Des Moines, 71, 175 Heide, Helen lohannah-Cedar Falls Heineke, Dorothy Alice-Waterloo, 79 Heiny, Barbara lane-Davenport, 120 Heinz, Esther Mary-Ackley, 255 Hellen, Alice Virginia-Waterloo, 73, 192 Heller, Betty Ellen-Altoona Helm, Sophus-Ventura Hemsworth, Mary lean-La Porte City, 76, 186, 237 Henderson, Don Alfred-Estherville, 104 Henderson, Paul G.-Waterloo Henderson, Thelma Marie-Muscatine, 80, 111, 149, 186 Henkle, Cora Mildred-Montezuma Henkle, Edith Martha-Afton, 141, 184, 256 Henningsen, Velma M.-Dike, 82 Henrickson, Marjorie Katinka-Decorah Hepker, Irene Mae-Marion, 237 Heritage, Thelma Ann-Ashton, 123, 140 Hermann, Beatrice Helene-Waterloo Heron, B. Ann-Galena, lll. Hersch, Russell Leroy-Big Lake, Minn, Herwig, Roger Wendell-Council Bluffs, 101 Hettler, Maxine May-lowa Falls, 120 Hetzler, lda Mae Alice-Muscatine, 110, 121 185 256 Heuring, Alberta Olga-Cedar Falls, 184, 256 I Heuring, Alvan Peter-Cedar Falls, 113, 121 214 Heuring, Wilhelmine May-cedar Pans, l84,l 193 237 H1352 Jessie-Rockweii Guy, 67, 78, 97, 122, 1410, 174, Hiqby, Seward Edward-Cedar Falls Hildreth, Geraldine Mae-Ankeny Hiler, Mildred Louise-Somers, 81, 140 Hill, Margaret Louise-Tipton Hluemcm' Bessie MGTY-State Center Hillerson, Mrs. Dorothy B.-Sioux Falls , S. D k. Hilmer, Phoebe Margaret-Keokuk G I 104' 122 Hinkley, Wilma Matilda-Charles City, 173 Hinshaw, Arvil lames-Cedar Falls, 26, 68, Q6 101 182, 197, 211, 237 ' ' Hinshaw, Harvey Robert-Cedar Falls, 68, 101, 225 Hintzen, Ruth Ramona-Mason City, 141 Hizey, Dorothy Ida-Winfield, 77, 120 Hocke, V-era Mae-Paton Hoeffler, Dorothy Phoebe-Sioux City, 218 Hoehne, Palma loann-Westgate Hoepfner, Duane Edward-Randalia, 107 Hoffman, Berniece Marie-lndependence, 187, 190 Hogan, Matyne E.-Waterloo, 73, 122, 191, 237 Hogshead, Stanley Max-Hudson, 101 Hoines, Lenora Doretta-Cresco Holbrook, Irene-Mason City Holden, Violet-Ottosen, 123, 256 Hollis, Betty Lillian-Hudson Holloway, F loye Marie-Downey Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Evelynne Constance-Gilbert Loretta'Beatrice-Randalia, 121, 184, 256 Martha Emma-Hudson Holmgard, Clara Oline-Council Bluffs, 73, 120 Holst, Miriam Evelyn-Keystone, 172 Holt, 1.-Northwood, 237 Holt, Raymond-Northwood Holt, Ruth C.-Northwood, 170 Hood, Gladys Irene-Perry Hoover, Horace Schofield-West Union, 101, 193 Hoover, Maxine Evelyn-Marshalltown, 94, 141 Hopper, Bernard M.-Mt. Auburn, 68, 102, 224 Hopson, Lydia-Bedford, 256 Horgan, Hospers, lean-Postville, 81, 192 Eva Muriel-Olin Hostetter, Lois Elizabeth-Grundy Center, 108, 237 Hough, Helene Marie-Greeley Houston, Cora Mae-Grinnell Hovey, Marjorie Marsh-lesup, 79, 104, 215 Howard, Barbara-Waterloo, 77, 217, 218, 219 Howe, Lucile Verna-Cedar Falls, 106, 121, 140, 218, Howe, Virginia-Cedar Falls Hoxie, Ralph Gordon-Waterloo, 68, 100 Hubbard, Corrine Adelaide-Rockford Hudek, Marvin lohn-Rolfe, 99, 237 Hudson, Bernice Cecile-Dougherty, 94, 192 Huffman, Robert Charles-Waterloo, 70, 213 Hughes, Robert Bernard-Lime Springs, 68 Hughes, George Bernard-Cedar Falls, 29, 70, 139 Huglin, Lois Callie-Odebolt, 120 Hummel, Osborne William-Sterling, lll., 71, 237 Hummel, Walter Charles-Sterling, 111. Humphrey, Catherine-Waterloo, 192 Hunclley, Ruby Maude-Aurora, 95, 97, 238 Hunerberg, Bob W.-Parkersburg, 72, 238 Hunter, Maxine Polly-Sloan, 217, 218 Hunter, William Woodrow-Remsen Huntington, Mabel Lucille-Hazleton, 184 Huntley, Harriet Lucille-Strawberry Point, 77, 256 Huntrods, Myrl Eileen-Collins, 184 Husman, Thelma Lenora-Center lunction, 121 256 14 2 Huston, Miriam Louise-Waterloo, 73 Hutchison, George-Lake City, 70, 85, 103, 124, 208 lndvik, Gaylord lrving-Forest City, 63, 71, 95, 215, 238 lngram, Harry Delbert-Sac City lrvine, Kathryn Marion-Dysart, 108, 123, 256 lrwin, Viva Georgia-Audubon, 82, 256 11 1Sbe11, Ralph Kenneth-stockton, 111,, 79, 189, 1911 2 lsebrands, Elisabeth Viola-Little Rock lseminger, Alice Pauline-Hudson, 138 lseminger, Edna lane-Hudson, 138, 238 lversen, Hubert W.--Cedar Falls, 70 lversen, Merle Wittrup-Cedar Falls, 77 Page 1 1 , . . W.-- 1. .1 .. , 1 o r A sf .tiitwewi 6. 8, 256 9 56 6 208 215, 239 1, 211 I k Eleanor lane Vinton lgikson, Gerald Leger-Iowa Falls, 99, 238 Iacob, Mildred Mary-Aclcley, 83, 123, 257 jgcobia, Carol Iune-Postville, 123, 141 acobs Erma Dale Paullina lacobsi Ieanne Virgnia-Gladbrook, 108, 187, 193 Iacobsen, Arvilla Martha-Cedar Falls, 257 Iacobson, Gayle Leonard-Boxholrn, 72 akeman Harriet Richards 120 Keiser Iohn Maynard-South English Keiser Wilmer Leroy-South English Kelley, Kenneth R.-Ames, 63, 72, 103 KQHGYI lf11'I19S lOSGph-Waterloo Kernpf, Earl Edwin-Victor Kenderdine, Helen lane-Dickens, 80, 173 Kenison, Doris Eloise-Kensett, 123, 257 Kenner, Sue Iris-Farnhamville, 75 Kensinqer, Melvin-Grinnell, as KGHYOH, Lyle Charles-Mallard, 111 I I " I Iamerson, Mrs. Blanche Marcia, Cedar Falls, 257 Iames, Marjorie Mae-Thornton, 82, 238 Ieanblanc, Stella Louise-Vincent Iegtevig, Criet Margaret-lewell, 110 Iensen, Esther Marie-Hampton, 257 Iensen, Florence Elise-Cedar Falls Iensen, Irene Christine-Otranto Iensen , LeRoy Neal-Massena Iensen, Verna Cecile-Waverly, 121 Ienson, Mavis Helen-Britt, 121, 257 Iespersen, Lola Bernita--Royal Iessen, Irene M.-Dolliver, 123, 257 Iewell, Iobes, I. L.-Greene, 139, 184 Grace Lila-Melvin Iohnson, Eleanor Mae-Hampton Iohnson, Ethel Velna-Lisbon Iohnson, Evelyn Victoria-Kiron, 105, 184 Iohnson, Floyd Edwin-Kiron, 100, 101, 188 Iohnson, Hazel-Early, 78, 184 Iohnson, Marcella Virginia-Dumont, 184, 257 Iohnson, Margaret-Waterloo Iohnson, Mary Ann-New Hampton Iohnson, Nadine Mae-Gladbrook, 140, 141, 257 Iohnson, Ona Margaret-Cedar Falls, 184 Iohnson, Robert Ioseph-Cedar Falls, 97 Iohnson, Sylvia Louise-Agency, 184 Iohnson, Verle Eugene-Iolley Iohnson, Walter William-Virginia, Minn., 71 lohnston, Helen Maxine-Zearing, 257 Iohnston, Rosemary-Waterloo, 74, 94, 192 Ioice, Iohn R.-Valley Iunction Jones Iones, Iones, Iones, Iones, Iones, Iones, Ion-es, lones, Iones, , Catherine Murrison-Sioux City, 28, 82, 182, 217, 218, 219, 238 Elizabeth-Havelock Erwin Oliver-Fort Dodge, 100, 101, 189, 190, 238 Esther-Leon, 122 Helen Irene-Coon Rapids, 120 Margaret 1-I.-Lime Springs Marvin L. Waterloo Oreene Ferne-Waterloo, 63, 66, 72, 103 Paul Robert-Aurelia, 63, 66, 72, 103 Ruby Rozilla-Grand River Iordan, Iames-Waterloo, 70, 227 IOrgensen, Alice Dorothy-Charles City Iorqensen, Charlotte Henrietta-Davenport luhl, Kenneth Petersen-Cedar Falls luhl, LaVenda M.-Adair, 171, 238 K Kadesch, Richard Gilmore-Cedar Falls, 29, 69, 96, 98, 102, 146, 213 KCIQCIH, Leo-Ozone Park, N. Y., 70 Kahler, Orville F.-La Porte City, 71 Kllfl, Margaret Aleoe-Spencer Kaiser, Frances Iune-Waterloo KQTHTI1, Robert Balz-West Union, 101 Kane, Allen Earl-Farmersburg, 72 KUH9, Marlys R.-Iowa Falls, 173, 238 Kauffman, Lucile Amelia-Kalona Kauffman, Mary Ellen-Union 1 Keefe, Indie Rosemary-Hampton, 140 I Page 281 paqe 280 . " ' 1. if :wt .' f . -4 .1 ., - :V - ' 3 Y, -4.....J..' " ir y....,. ,w,,u1.: 1 .,.t Kepler, Eloise Maurine-Davenport, 123, 257 Kem, Mary Agnes-cedar Falls, 74, 257 Kern, Ruby Frances-Shelby, 123 Kerr, Alice Harriet-Hudson, 173 Kerr, Iosephine Mary-Grundy Center, 73, 186 Kerr, Marjorie Louise-Hudson Kesler, Marguerite Darlene-Swea City, 258 Kester, Betty Louise-Greene, 218 Ketchen, Marietta E.-Emmetsburg, 82, 121, 258 Ketchum, Lenore-Clarion Kiewiet, Aurora Charlotte-Buffalo Center, 184 Kilcoin, Abby Gayle-Victor, lll Killam, Norma Iessie, Otho, 185 Kimball, Harvey Lee-Guttenberg Kimball, Lorraine Virginia-Waterloo, 258 Kimrn, Raymond William-Iesup Kincade, Eunice Maxine-Seymour, 77 King, Dorothy Elizabeth-Waterloo King, Margaret-La Porte City, 78, 238 Kingman, Arthur Seward-Cedar Falls Kingsley, Florence-Waverly Klinkenborg, Ray Iohn-George, 69 Klisurich, Nick-Hibbing, Minn. Kinnear, Delphine Lois-Otturnwa Kinner, Mildred Vivian-Elberon Kirgis, Doris Iean-Bouton, 82, 94, 125, 126, 225 Kitman, Lorraine-Beaman, 258 Klaessy, Velva Lotus-Spencer, 172, 238 Klassie, Marion Gladys-Renwick, 120 Klein, lean-Sigourney Klemme, Elsie C.-Hubbard Klocksiem, Fern Edna-Paton Klocksiern, Ruth Eleanor-Paton Knapp, Kenneth Dale-Cedar Falls Knapp, Walter William-Cedar Falls, 101 Kneppe, Angeline Lillian-Parkersburg Knipe, Carol lean-New Hartford, 123, 186 Knoche, Helen Margaret-Waverly, 82, 173, 185 Knoecller, Dorothy Hazel-Britt, 106 Knostman, Virginia Ann-Davenport, 74, 101 Knowles, Iimmie B.-Waterloo, 70 Knowles, Mildred Iune-Spencer, 77, 258 Knowles, Iune Adele-Waterloo, 75 Knox, Marjorie Mary-Canton Knudsen, Lois Marie-Waterloo, 75, 123 Knudson, Dorothy Berneice-St. Olaf, 120 Knudtson, Wanda Ruth-Bode, 81, 140, 185 Kober, Kay Leonard-La Porte CitY Kobliska, Elizabeth Angela-Alta ViS'ffI Koch, Yvonne Lucille-Cedar Rapids Koepke, Zelma Laura-Waverly Kolhek, Mrs. Marion Ruth-WCIter1OO Kolpin, Chrystal Ernestine-Cedar Falls Kooistra, Velma Lucile-'I'CIir1iOI Koos, Catherine S.-Lamotte, 121 Kopplin, Ellen Gladys-WCIfeT100 Koster, Ruby-Blairstown Kracalik, Iohn-Forest Park, Ill., 109 Kracht, Mrs. Hope N.-SiQ01lm9Yf 1491 187' 239 Kraemer, Lois W.-Alta, 172, 239 Krafft, Leon Willard-Cedar Falls, 101, 148 Kramer, Priscilla Ann-Ackley, 173 258 ehne ohn Edward Cedar Falls, K sel, Eleanor Rae-Lamont, 192 Kiigger, Helen Iosephine-Preston, 78, 187, 191 Krumm, Ruth-Decorah, 94, 100, 123, 174, 258 Kruse, Arnold Henry-Holland, 101, 109 Kruse, Frances Eldora-Georqe Kruse, Mabel Evangeline-Holland, 110, 185 K , v W. H.-Chapin, 101, 139 K1.11liBek,eL161: May-Cedar Rapids, 106, 123, 174, 192, Ku , 1 " 71 Kuefhe, Luella Hilda-Waverly, 95, 99, 299 Kuhl, Genevieve-Arthur, 81, 193 Kuhn, Kenneth Paul-La Porte City Kullberg, Harold Emanuel-Harcourt, 72 Kunstling, Carl Richard-Waterloo Kuriger, Roger E1'nest-Waterloo Kurtz, Marie Emma-Dows, 95, 110, 185, 239 Kuschel, Mildred Anne, Carroll, 76, 121, 258 Kvidera, Mildred Lucille Marie-Traer, 123 Kvidera, Pauline Frances-Dysart, 184 Kwolek, Florian Andrew-Hammond, Ind., 101 L La Beau, Wilbert Lyod-Virginia, Minn., 71 ' Lager, Helen Margaret-Belle Plaine Laipple, Helen Sophie-Cedar Falls, 171 , Lambert, Maxine Gail-Charles City ' Lambirth, Rolland Dave-Barnes City Lamke, Tom Arthur-Waterloo, 95, 98, 99, 147, 182, 239 Lamprnan, Duncan Logan-Charles City, 101 Landgraf, Mary Iean-Waterloo, 76, 192 Landon, Max Raymond-Marshalltown, 101 Landsberg, Virginia-Britt, 79, 104, 147, 239 Lang, Phyllis Marie-'Remsen La Plount, Herman Earl-Waterloo Lark, Vera Beatrice-Ogden, 123 Leyden, ,Lorraine Mary+1ndependence, 1111 1 Lichtenstein, Ellen M.-Nashua ' Liebenstein, Phyllis Ann-Fredericksburg 1' Lien, Esther Hildred-Kanawha Ligget, Laura Ruth-Nashua, 121, 185, 259 Lincoln, Ruth Alice-Marshalltown, 122 Lindaman, Iakie-Wellsburg, 69, 184 Lindberg, Florence Irene-Cedar Falls Lindgren, Anna Gorine-Marathon Linman, Marjorie Delphine-Kiron Lister, Thelma Rae-Beaman, 106, 120 Littrel, Carrol Iean-Columbus lunctign Loats, Henrietta Martha-Cedar Falls, 140 Loats, Henry A.-Cedar Falls, 188, 191 Lohr, Arlene-Belle Plaine Long, Grace Eileen-Renwick, ,120, 137, 184 Long, Richard Alvah-Monticello, 72, 103, 211, 239 Loomis, Inez Marie-Richland Loveland, Florence Madrid-lanesville, 141 Ludgate, Frances Mary-Fort Dodge, 77 Luft, Phyllis Mae-Odebolt, 120, 140 Luitjens, Tillie Louisa-Little Rock Lund, Anton Monroe-Vancouver, Wash., 188 Lund, Edwin Reishouge-Waterloo, 70, 101, 213 Lund, Homer Leslie-Leland Lund, Margaret Sue-Moline, 111., 77, 94, 192, 217 Lund, Mildred Marie-Waterloo Lund, Virginia Van Metre-Kingsley, 184, 259 Lundquist, Roy William-Denison, 70, 192, 211 Luse, Helen Lynette-Clinton, 122, 259 Lyle, Emogene-Adair, 259 Lynch, Agnes La Vonne-Cedar Falls, 75, 173 Lynch, Winiired Hurd-Cedar Falls, 74 Lyon Lyon Lyon, Genevieve 1.-Rock Rapids, 108 Lila Louise-Schleswig Pearl Ceciel-Cedar Falls, 106, 122 Marsh, Elliott Woodrow-Waterloo Larsen Larsen Larsen Larson Larson Larson, Anna Sophie-Schaller, 95, 110, 138, 39 Doris Hazel-Keokuk, 110 1 Erna Dorothy-Cedar Falls Elsie Marie-Watertown, 120 Marion Frances-Odebolt, 78, 120, 140 Robert Eugene-Story City, 69 Lathrum, Leah Elizabeth-St. Charles Laughlin, Virginia Ieannette-Mason City Lawton, Milo-Hawarden, 68, 119, 146, 182, 190, 239 Layne, Bonny lune-Webster City, 174, 186, 191, 193 Layne, Fay Maxine-Webster City, 172, 191, 239 Leach, Vernon E.-Ackley, 72, 192 Leak, Rose Margaret-Williamsport, Ind., 79, 186 Leary, Helen--'W'aver1y, 75, 173 Lebert, Marjorie Alice-Clarion, 140, 239 Lee, Helen-Radcliffe, 81, 123 Lee, Iohn-Sac City, 116 Lee, Ruby-Inwood, 110, 258 Leemkuil, LaVonne Faye-Primghar L-eemon, Virginia Mae-Vinton, 75, 258 Leetch, Dortha Opal-Smithland, 77 Legler, Earl Robert-Corwith Lehr, Helen M.-Lisbon, 121, 174, 184, 258 Leichtman, Iosephine Marie-New Hampton, 175 Lenius, Roberta Mae-Fairbank, 184 Lennon, Maynard-Humboldt Lenz, Cleo Marie-Dubuque, 80 173, 174 Lyon, Russell Robert-Traer M Macdonald, Ieanne Marie-Marshalltown, MacKay, Archie David-Waterloo Macy, Aletha Wilkey-Lynnville, 170 Madden, Harold Duane-Riverside Madsen, Edwin H.-Cedar Falls, 68 Madsen, Iohn Kamboll-Ringsted Magee, Mildred Pearl-Hartley, 102, 259 Magovich, Iohn-Buhl, Minn., 63, 71, 211 Mahoney, Marguerite-Pleasanton Mahoney, Mildred Avis-State Center Mak, Dayton Seymour-Waterloo, 70 Mak, Kathryn-Waterloo, 28, 73, 95, 187, 239 Malloy, Ellen-Williamsburg Malone, Wanda Arabelle-Stratford Malueg, Ruth Marie-Algona, 76, 187 Mammen, Iohn Henry-Palmer, 139 Mann, Faith Hume-Thurman Mannetter, Lenore Emma-Hubbard Mannin Edith Luella-Bassett q, Manship, Norman-LeGrand, 68, 97, 116, 208 240 Marinan, Dorothy Iane-Waterloo Marqueson, Edmund Donovan-Cedar Falls Lenz, Wm. Gerald-Dubuque, 100, 111 Leo, Tresa Marie-Des Moines Leonard, Opal Mae-Boone, 77, 258 Leonard, Thelma Irene-Waukee, 120 Lesch, Marvel Alice-Osage, 259 Lessin, lola Ruth-Charles City LeVa11ey, Frances Emily-Logan, 78, 100, 120 140 Lewis, Virginia Rose-Eldora I Marshall, Helen-Sibley, 81, 95, 240 Marshall, Margaret Frants-W. Burlington, 121, 122 Marston, Betty Lou-Mason City, 74, 102, 259 Martin, Roy Iohn-Cedar Falls, 70, 116 Martin, Vaulda Maxine-Renwick Martini, Luella Elizabeth-Cylinder, 111 Masberg, Ferdinand Ioseph-Waterloo Mason, Marvin D.-Ames Mason, Melvin Elmer-Traer Page 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 B 1 1 1 1 1 1 5, 240 l"""I""T' ...uname-:gif W JA QQKRX YW -rZ"1'2':-'- . , , . , 4 ,.,., . ,L ,- ,yu - -- M Y , ,- ., ,, , , .. , ., ,., .2 ,- W Y..-, ,..-.-. , - , -' . ., -Y, - . V- .v . - V 4 Q, '15 " nr:-15511-le S" ..f,,g','1 L' '- -' ' " e -- - - ' .,. tix., L-alia..-44.u,' '1-4,,4',,,L:,u1- " T' 4'-1' ,aff-L f 'I .w' W. xi-, . - Nh 'gym'-y:J4wf' -LMf'., -l U 1 g iia, -- Mgst, Paul Harry-Cedar Falls, 188 Masteller, Mary Kathleen-Oskaloosa, 121, 259 Mathers, Ellis-Cedar Falls, 240 Mathers, Carol-Cedar Falls, 99, 142 Mather, Dorothy May-Greene, 94, 138, 140, 172 Mathews, lames 1.-Farrnersburg, 72, 99 Mathre, Tilford Herschell- -Story City, 188, 259 Matson, Ruth Marie-Cedar Falls, 120, 185 Matthiesen, Catherine Lois-Curlew Matthiesen, Frances Anne-Waterloo CIUQI' Eloise Margaret LeMars 106, 193 M 1 l ' May, Bernadette, C.-Ashton, lll Mayer, Lt. is Mae-Badger Maynard, Myra Lillian-Hawarden, 100, 149, 187, 240 Mecklenburg, lohn Orval-Morning Sun, 63 Metferd, Mildred Christine-Pomeroy Mellem, Elvira Anne-Northwood 123, 184 Melott, Captola Louise-Bemis, S. Dak. Merriam, Doris Leila-Corwith, 74, 259 Meritt, Francis Eleanor-Osage, 259 Messenger, Hazel Anne-Cedar Falls Metcalf, Malcolm Stuart-Cedar Rapids Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer Frederick Milford-Hampton, 173, 240 H. Kathleen-Holland, 185 ' Marjorie-Burlington, 122, 140 Mathilda Grace-Holland Meyers, Anna Lucile-Lime Springs Middleton Doris Ann-Waterloo Milbrandt, Edith Louise-Buffalo Center, 184 Miles, Esther 1-lelen-Clear Lake, 174, 184, 240 Miller, Alice Clyo-Kiron, 99, 105, 240 , Miller, Doris Lee-Cedar Falls, 106 Miller, Dorothy Elizabeth-West Bend Miller, Durwood Douglas-Hampton, 189, 192 Miller, Esther Borodel-Williamsburg, 100, 187, 190 Miller, F. Earl-McGregor, 96, 101, 104, 172 Miller, Galer Iacob-Hampton Miller, Helen Geraldine--Cedar Falls, 120 Miller, Herbert Alton-lda Grove Miller, lean Carolyn-Cedar Falls, 74 Miller, lean Elizabeth-Waterloo, 171, 186 Miller, 1oy Maxine-Aurora, 174 Miller, Leila Asenith-Reinbeck, 108, 193 Miller, Marian lanet-Paton, 120, 108 Miller, Marie-Ruthven Miller, Mary Elizabeth-Waterloo Miller, Maurine A.-Whitten, 99, 124, 240 Miller, Maxine M.-Whitten, 99, 124, 240 Miller, Melva Darlene-Waterloo, 123, 193, 259 Miller, Meredith Ann-Velva, N. Dak. Miller, Muriel Louise-Eldora, 123, 173, 184 Miller, Paul Elwyn-Yale, 72 Miller, Ralph Lawrence-Stockport, 240 Miller, Roy Wesley-Waterloo Miller, Vera Caryl-North English, 184, 260 Miller, Vernelle C.-Cedar Falls, 100, 101 Miller, Wilson F.-Liscomb Milligan, Harriet leanette-Dubuque 190 Minear, Byron Ambrose-Sigourney Mineck, Robert Charles-Cedar Rapids Miner, George W.-Cedar Falls, 116 Miner, Marjorie Anne-Auburn, Ind. 74 Miner, Paul Lincoln-Cedar Falls, 68 Minnis, Roy-Riceville, 69 ' Misner, Dave Edward-Waterloo, 97, 240 Missildine, Hubert Lincoln-Durmont Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth-Boone, 82, 122, 185 Mitze, Clark H.-Cedar Falls, 100 Moates, Tom Henry Ir.-Red Oak Moeller, Alfred Frederick lr.-Remsen Moeller, Dorothy Irene-Remsen Peqe 283 poqe 212 N , 1' - 2-A. , - .,'f1r,a, ,w . g -4..,,.u.n.:.--V, - --- "- Moeller, Ronald-Cedar Falls, 188 Moeller, Ruth Darlene-Story City, 139 141 Moessner, Lois Helen-Waterloo, 140 I Mohr, George H.-Estherville, 72, 189, 240 Mehr, Melvin Joseph-Preston, 69, 191, 208 MCETE1gO'S, Charles Edward-Charles City, 68, 102, 173, Moon, LaVeta Mayabelle-Cedar Falls, 28, 106 141 241 Moon, Phyllis Marcellyn-Green, 140 I I Mooney, Verla Ruth-Oelwein, 140 Moor, Marjorie E.-Laurens, 100 Moore, Doris Louise-Kent Moore, lvan Marcenle-Wadena, 95, 96, 142 Moore, Lynniel A.-Plainfield, 99, 192, 225 Moothart, Kenneth Leroy-Watedoo Morgan, Ruth Marjorie-Mason City, 75, 241 Moritz, Ralph Gordon-Waterloo, 95, 148 Morlock, Elizabeth Ruth-Burlington, 106, 121, 122 260 Morris, Harriet Elizabeth-Sioux City I Morris, Robert O.-Nashua, 101, 148, '189, 190, 241 Morse, Donald Lee-Sheldon Moulds, Eileen Eleanor-Fairbank Moulton, Evelyn Margaret-Waverly, 82, 185 Mowbray, Dorothy Elaine-Waterloo, 108, 123, 260 Muckler, Marjorie Elizabeth-Manchester, 121, 260 Mueller, Carl 1-lenry-Waterloo, 100, 101 Mueller, Helen Maxine-Lone Tree, 123, 141, 260 Mueller, Kenneth L.-Maquoketa, 101, 188 Mueller, Melvin Henry-Spencer, 175 Mueller, Viola Elizabeth-Fenton, 110 Muir, Iohn Henry-Cedar Falls Muller, Alene Henrietta-Wellsburg, 139 Mumby, Vivian Elizabeth-Churdan, 141 Munger, Dale Douglass-Manchester, 101, 192, 241 Murphy, Virginia-Dike Murray, Blanche Eleanor-Davenport, 184 Murray Ethel Leona-Wapello Murray, William Dale--Larnont, 70 Muschewkse, Lucille Harriet-Guttenberg, 140, 260 Myers, Dorothy May-Cedar Falls, 75, 106, 173, 175, 193 McAffe, Charles D.-Sac City McAu1ey Margaret Louise-Mason City McCabe, Frances Elizabeth--Council Bultts, 111 McCabe, Keith Allen-Naperville, lll., 63, 71, 103, 241 McCague, Gwen-Marshalltown, 28, 104, 187, 191, 241 McCarthy, Maxine Marian-Lakota, 111, 123 McCaslen, Elsie Marie-Grinnell McCaughey, Helen-Cedar Falls McCord, Betty Ann-Nevada, 120, 184 McCord, Kenneth lames-Ackley, 72 McCowen, Robert M.-Waterloo McCoy, Iohn Francis-Cedar Falls McCray, Marjorie Emma--Sioux City, 106 McCready, Eddy Alwin--Waterloo, 227 McCreary, Donna lune-Bradgate, 77, 121, 260 McCurry, Edna Mae-Goldfield, 187, 191 McCutchan, Dorothy Mae--DSS MOi1'19S, 137 McDermott, Leila Cecile-Lohrville McDonald, Ell-en Virginia-Waterloo, 72, 260 McDonald, 1. Ruth-Castana, 184 McDonald, Lucile Mary-AUIGUCI, 250 McDonnell, Virgil Harold-Rolette, N. Dak., 72 McElhinney, Margaret Elinor-Buclliinqlgamf 106' 186 McElhinney, Mary Elizabeth-Buc ing am MCE1hinney, Naomi lane-Buckingham, 106, 173, 241 Mccaffin, Chas Mullen-ofonsine, 69 McGahey, Helen Lucile- ic 01' . MCGQ-e, Virginia Louise-Kansas CitY, 831 121, 241 Mcllrath, Charlotte Lois-Laurel, 173, 185 McKellips, Evelyn E.-Lawton, 79, 103, 121 .-- 4...-.4.L. ... - -e - .M - ,--Q...---,,.,". .M -Lin ...av 1 1 1 1 1 1 i . 1 1 111 1 1 r 1 1 4 1 1 1 :lr McKinney, Olive B.-George McLelland, Malcolm Iohn-Cleveland, Ohio, 71, 241 McLennan, Virginia L.-Belle Plaine I McMillan, Georgiana Martha-Hudson, 76, 186 5 McNabb, Verla Gene-Britt, 106 140, 193 A McNally, Rupert Charles-Cascade, 69, 95, 99, 124, 214 McNutt, Verl F.-Goodell, 95, 124, 241 N . Nafus, Garland Ioanne-Nashua Nash, Edwin A.-Nichols, 68, 208 Natvig, Davis Willis-New Hampton, 68, 85, 103, 142, 173 Neal, Lucille-Moorhead, 95, 122, 241 N-ehlsen, Evanglyn Ruth-Cedar Falls, 83, 120 Neill, Fan-Council Bluffs Nelson, Nelson, Alice C.-Goldfield, 108 Alvin Everett-Alta Nelson, G. Marjorie-Osage Nelson, Gwendolyn Lerene-Rolfe, 120 Nelson, Harriet Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 81, 121, 184, 260 Nelson Helen-Glenwood, 141 Nelson Irene Annabelle-Missouri Valley, 120 Nelson Lyman T.-Clarks Grove Nelson Marion Louise-Goldfield, 80, 186, 191, 260 . Nelson Mary Alice-Sloan, 122, 186, 241 Nelson Melvin-Nevada, 63, 142, 242 Nelson Raymond Lloyd-Ottosen, 69, 242 Neumeier, Florence-Marshalltown, 100, 139, 171, 185 Newcomer, Hildred-Newberg, 120 Newhouse, Maynard A.-Decorah, 70, 242 Newland, Doris Irene-Springville Newlin, Pauline Margaret-Marne Newsum, Lyle-Callender, 107 Newton, Beverly Mae-La Porte City Newton, Charlotte Ieannette-La Porte City Nichol, Margaret-Yankton, S. Dak. Nichols, Dorothy Loleta-Clarion, 120 Nichols, Orville E.-Hemet, Calif., 70, -242 Nicholson, W. Tom-Waterloo, 70, 211 Nielsen, Valborg Ruth-Cedar Falls, 110, 123, 260 Niles, Chester Iames-Waterloo Noble, Mary lean-Cedar Falls, 83 Noble, William Stewart-Cedar Falls, 101 Oleson, Dorothy Marie-Eagle Grove, 80, 261 Oleson, lulano Hildegrade-Waterloo, 77 Olsen, Luella Lillian-Schaller, 108, 123, 261 Olsen, Roy William-Cedar Falls, 68, 211 Olson, Eleanore Iuliet-Bode, 120 Olson, Leo Edward-Ames Oltlioff, Harriett Louise-Parkersburg, 173 Oman, Arlene Dorothy-Waterloo, 141, 173, 172 O'Neil, Esther Winifred-Decorah Onorato, Don Frank-Forest Park, lll., 102, 111 Orr, Marjean Fate-Osage, 193 Orr, Tom M.-Cedar Falls, 70 Orsinger, Ieannette Louise-Waterloo, 77 Orton, Clifford Tosten-Cherokee, 72 Ose, Iune-Radcliffe, 77, 94, 121, 110, 261 Ostergard, Genevieve C.-Cedar Falls, 67, 77, 173, 242 Ostrem, LaVern Stanley-Gilbert, 66, 71, 103, 242 Overgaard, Gunnar S.-Cedar Falls, 69, 96, 189, 242 Oviatt, Mildred R.-Woodbine P Paist, Charles-Stanwood Palmer, Gerald-Cedar Falls Palmer, Theresa Marie-Waukon Palmquist, Marion Eleanor-Smithland, 83 Pancratz, Arlynn Alma-Lowden, 100 Paris, Leona Rose-Newton Parker, Elizabeth-Chesterfield, 108, 122 Parman, Lee Ferguson-Cedar Falls, 189, 190 Parr, Marian-Vinton, 186, 242 Parrish, G. Dale-lonia, 69, 101 Parrott, Ruth Gloria-Sibley Parry, Mrs. Florence Adams-Cedar Falls Paterna, Iake-Wellsburg Patrick, Ellen Louise-Cleghorn Patterson, Adelaide Smith-Marshalltown, 74, 184, 217, 261 Patterson, Lucille L.-Des Moines, 123, 261 Patton, Margaret Katherine-Mason City, 28, 74, 173, 242 Paul, loseph B. Ir.-Cedar Falls, 225 Pawlak, Hans Anton-Victor, 107, 243 Peak, Louisa Estella-Estherville, 122 Pedersen, Doris Bernice-Cedar Falls Pederson, George Elmer-Bode, 70, 116 Nordskog, Genevieve-Cedar Falls, 73, 118, 120 Norman, Clarette Marie-Winifred, 110 242 Norris, Iean Marie-Marcus, 76 Norris, Merlynd Alonzzo-Rowan Norris, Pauline M.-Cedar Falls North, Iames W.-Vail, 109 North, Mary Elizabeth-Vail, 123, 261 Novotny, Mary Rose-Swisher Nus, Fried Carl, Ir.-Waterloo, 101 Nuss, Dale Harlan-Lena, lll., 189, 190, 191 Nyberg, Dolores Lane-Postville Nyhan, Ray Carl-Waterloo, 242 Nykvist, Ruth-Cedar Falls, 75, 218, 219 O O'Banion, Iean Mary-Le Mars, 185 O'Brien, Evelyn Monica-Independence O'Brien, Mary Lu-Decorah, 111 Odland, Ruby Norine-Clarion, 94, 123, 261 Oesterreicher, Leota Mae-Titonka, 123, 261 Offt, Carma Marguerite-Garrison, 123 Ogren, Donald Albert-Kingsley Okerstrom, Maxine Charlotte---Cedar Falls, 76 Olden, Dona Alice-Hardy,l06, 173 Olesen, Mrs. Marjorie-Waterloo Oleson, Anestel-Cedar Falls, 136, 137, '242 Peet, Audrey Grace-Cedar Falls, 106, 170, 184, 192 Penly, Don-Waterloo Penly, Richard S.-Waterloo Penney, Maxine Marie-Little Cedar Perfect, Ruth E.-Avoca, 171, 191, 243 Perlich, Frank Thomas-lronwood, Mich. Perrin, William Dudley-Waterloo Perry, Catherine Ann-Mason City, 184, 243 Perry, Kenneth lrvin-Le Grand, 68, 208 Peter, Frank Alfred-Waterloo Peter, Frieda Louise-Waterloo, 95, 98, 124, 137, 214, 243 Petersen Helen-Cedar Falls, 122 Petersen Loren-Waterloo, 72, 261 Petersen, Margaret Katherine-Lake Park Petersen Martha B.-Cedar Falls, 79, 193, 216, 243 Petersen Mildred Elizabeth-Cedar Falls Petersen, Theresa Marie-Cedar Falls, 74 Petersen Vera Dorothy-Dike, 110 Peterson Dorothy Iean-Granite Falls, Minn., 76, 159. 217, 218, 219, 243 Peterson, Mrs. Elvira-Ottumwa, 122 Peterson Evelyn Louise-Dows, 81, 121, 185 Peterson, Henry Albert-Roland Peterson, Kathryn Emily-Waterloo, 83, 120 Peterson, Miriam Eleanor-Madrid, 184 Peterson Thelma Thresea-Waterloo, 83 Page 234 242 242 , 217, 1, 173, 192 17. 214' 243 75, 159 P699 284 4 Penis, Lois losephine-Benton, 123 Petty, Helen Clare-Viola Pfaltzgraff, Blanche Alien-Waterloo, 79, 149, 186 pflufzqrqff, Donna Marjorie-Dumone Pflgtzgraft, Meryl Frances-Waterloo, 79, 100, 120 Pteffer, Colleen Laverna-Waterloo, 83, 120 pfundheller, Alma-Rockford, 243 Phillips, Ethel Violet-Oxford l11T1C1iO1'l phillips, Iune Victorine-Kingsley phillips, Marie Irene-Oxford Iunction, 120 Phillips, Mildred Irene-Kalona, 121, 184, 261 Phillips, Thomas 1.-Deep River, 188, 191 Philson, Louree lrene-Harlan Pieres, Gerald Alfred-Hudson, 173 Pingel, Raymond A.-Spencer, S. Dak., 68, 85, 173, 183 229, 243 Pink, Helen Margaret-Buffalo Center Pittmann, Ada Anna-Kingsley Pixler, Ioyce Ilene-West Union, 123, 261 ladsen, Carrol Marian--Harpers Ferry, 123, 261 gqyfjurn' Claude 10591911-Manchester RSC enmeeheff Le Roy-Nf1pew111e, Ill., 71, 142 ecloff Laura Iesephm-9-Eufiviiie, 121, 252 Reece, Frances Margaret-Union Reece, Ruth A Reed, l'11'1-Conrad, 123, 184 Befiheleen-Sprinqv111e, 123 140 262 Reed, Bonnie Beryl-lndependencex 106 I Reed, Charley Orlando-Lenox Reed, Eleanor Mary-Cushing, 121 Reese, Della Frances-Rowan, 106 Reeve, Elizabeth Mae--Keosauqua Reeve, Gladys Lucille-Cedar Falls Reeves, Stanley-Cedar Falls, 146, 183, 226, 243 Reirf'1Zr,24glarence Frederick-Guttenberg, 72, 98, 139, Reinhart, Bernard Iohn-Scranton Reinhart, Margaret-Ridgeway, 186 Reinke, Eugenia Kathryn-Larchwood Renshaw, Betty-Inwood, 263 P Pladsen, Mavis Charlotte-Harpers Ferry, 123, 262 Plaehn, Marlys lune-Parkersburg Platt, Esther Mae-Osage, 105, 262 Platt, Helen Arlene-Hudson Polderboer, Emmett Burger-New Hartford, 97, 243 Polley, Lee Ernest-Maloy Pollins, Meriwyn Verle-Cedar Rapids, 171, 185 Pollock, Helen-Arion, 262 Pollock, Roberta Mae-Akron, 123, 191, 262 Poots, Canler-Grinnell Poppenheimer, Charles Wesly-Dancy, Wis., 68, 104, 192 Porter, lo hn Richard-Waterloo, 138, 172 Potter, Helen loyce-Brandon Potter, Ruth Eleanor-Nashua, 184 Potwin, Patricia losephine-Aurora Powers, lack Lewis-Pochantas, 71, 84, 101, 175 Price, Edwin Ivor-Lime Springs, 68, 188 Primus, Lily Mae-Wellsburg, 121, 184, 262 Pringnitz, Lois Carol-Kanawha, 108 Pritchard, 1. Wesley-Wayland, 68, 101, 148, 189 Pritchard, Norris Taylor-Sumner, 101, 107 Procter, Roberta O.-Alpha Puck, Edwin Arthur-Moneta Pueggel, Agnes Louise-Clear Lake, 110 Pullan, Harryette H.-New Market Pullman, Genevieve Helen-Marathon Q Qually, Maurine M.-Bode, 262 Quasdorf, Corinne Florence-Dows, 120 Quigley, Robert Logan-Winthrop, 72, 171 Quinn, Frank Kenneth-Waterloo, 70, 148, 190 R RCADSH, Wilma Florence-Hayesville, 123, 262 Rabey, H oward William-Belmond, 71 Rfiim, Evelyn Marie-Solon Rainbolt, Anna Fern-Ames, 123, 262 Releiqh, Ruth E.-arqmnqer, 94, 100, 110, 123, 184. 191,262 RU1S'C01'1, Grace Lucile-Earlham, 140 Ramage, Leota-Keota, 123 Rfmdelph, ve-me Lillian-McCaus1and, 141, 173, 184 Rank, Miriam Isabel-Deep River, 184 Rapp, Betty Ruth-Atlantic, 82, 155, 225 EGSTUUSSGII, Mary lane-Sioux City G525 Clara Mae-Cedar Falls, 74, 95, 97, 102, 174, 192, 39111, Neola-Rock Rapids, 110, 121, 262 Rathbone, Nathana-el-Cedar Falls aver, W Page 285 arren Edward-lefferson Ressler, Mildred Emma-lowa City, 99, 244 Ressler, Ruluff Y.-Clarksville Reynolds, lean Beverly-Waterloo, 95, 147, 192, 228, 244 Reynolds, Lester G.-Biwabik, Minn., 63, 71 Rice, Laurayne Kathryn-Waterloo, 73 Rich, Gladys Mildred-Cooper, 263 Richard, Hazel Maxine-Wayland , Richardson, Byron Wendell-Coggon, 107, 188, 191 Ridenour, Edwin William-Garrison, 101 Rider, Carleton Albert-Gilmore City, 69 Riebe, Kathleen Gladys-Cedar Falls, 81, 139, 191 Ries, Helen Elizabeth-Manson, 244 Riley, Hazel Geneva-Corning, 173 Roark, Grace Geneva-Corning, 122 Roberg, Lorraine France-Decorah, 185, 192, 218 Roberts, George Linn, Sumner, 68, 101 Roberts, Mildred Maurine-Hampton, 121, 263 Roberts, Ruth Elaine-Reinbeck, 105 Robinson, Lee Clinton, lr.-Cedar Falls, 70, 84, 227 Robinson, Monica Marie-Muscatine, 80, 186 Robinson, Opal Ruth-Colo Robinson, Walter B.-Waterloo Rodgers, Helen Louise-Centerville, 244 Roeder, Andrew-Rockwell, 68 Rogness, Mildred lohanna-Ossian, 123, 184, 263 Rohde, Florence Virginia--Davenport, 94, 100, 140 Rollins, Robert Henry-Oakland Romine, Violet Carol-Keota, 121, 263 Rose, Marian Elizabeth-Sutherland, 80, 263 Rose, Yula Lanore-Crawfordsville, 140 Roseman, Elsie Mae-Cedar Falls, 122, 263 Rosenberger, Ruth Clive-Cedar Falls, 80, 100, 187 Ross, lack T.-Keota, 68 Ross, Wilma Grace-Wellsburg Rost, Evelyn-Rockford, 78, 120, 184 Roth, Milton Edward-Waterloo, 84 Rothlisberger, Hazel Marie-Elgin, 95, 98, 106, 172, 192 Rothlisberger, Helen May-Elqirl, 95, 98, 106, 1721 192 Roudabush, Lucille Marie-Hartwick, 123 Roupe, Richard-Ames Rouse, George Alfred-Elkhart Rouse, Luella-Marengo, 120 Rowe, Marian Elizabeth-Denison, 244 Rowley, Robert Ditto-Little York, lll., 101, 107, 148 Royer, Carolyn Edna-WOOdbiI1e Ruby, Lloyd Chaney-Sheldon, 100, 107 Ruggless, Charles B.-Prairie City Runkle, Aleta Mae-Pisgah, 106, 185 Russell, leanne Frances-New Hampton, 111, 120 Russell, Relda DorothY'-Mechmficsvgfge' 123' 263 Rust, Isabelle Elizabeth-Water oo, Ruthenber , Arlene Amelia-Dike, 94, 106, 123, 184. 253 Q Ruthven, lames A.-Ruthven, 68 , . 4 , f-w--.i-1-+1-.-. . L 'gnu Rutter, Grace Lucille-SPGHCGT. 123. 141 Ruwe, Kenneth Darwin-Cedar Falls, 171 O Ruymann, Gertrude DorthY'DCIVeI1P0T1f 1231 14 S Sachse, Stewart M.-Cherokee, 72, 244 Sadoff, Beulah-Clarion, 140, 173 . Sanders, Charles Gordon-Cedar Falls Sanders, Hazel May-DOWS Sanders, Stephen Arthur-LeGrand, 107 Sanger, Mary Louise-Monona, 110 Shook, Irene Ferne-Clarksville Shugart, Cleo Mae-Sioux City, 73 Shugart, LeVan-Marion, 72 Shumway, Naomi Martha-Charter Oak, 110, 185 264 siemens, Maybelle-Goldfield, 121, 264 ' Siesseger, lean-Clear Lake, 81, 121, 217, 264 Sigler, Rosemarie-Britt, 193 Siglin, Alice lane-Woodward, 123, 171, 264 Silvey, Tinceoline-Alden Simmons, Eleanor-Cherokee Simmons, Stanley Delmond-Spender, S. Dak. Sarchet, Woodrow W.-AlQO1'1Cf Sass, Norma Marie-Davenport, 120 Saucke, Leva Aneta-Farnhamville Sawyer, Eileen Bernice-lewell, 82, 184 Schaaf, Mary Patrice-Council Bluffs, 111, 120 Schadel, Lucille-Lead, S. Dak., 121, 184, 191, 263 Schaefer, Lawrence-Waterloo, 244 Schaffer, Velma M.-Corning, 108, 121, 189, 263 Scherf, Loraine M.-Waverly, 81, 102, 263 Schlesselman, Ruth Elizabeth-Laurel, 139, 186, 218 Schleuter, Arva Ethel-Cresco, 264 Schley, Harry Alvin-Cedar Rapids, 71 Schmidt, Bernard--Ft. Dodge, 63, 78, 103, 244 Schmidt, lohn William-Guernsey Schmidt, Margaret-Waterloo, 187 Schmitt, Geraldine M.-Alta, 95, 244 Schmitt, Mary Margaret-Alta, 171, 184 Scholten, Petronella M.-Larchwood, 111 Schreiber, Edwin Martin-Delaware Schuchert, Richard Ray-Cedar Falls Schuerman, Laverne Francis-Cedar Falls Schultz, Schultz, Schultz, Schultz, Alma Georgia-Cedar Falls, 174, 193 Donald Wilbur-Estherville, 70, 172, 173, 244 Frances Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 100, 185 Yda Louella-Cedar Falls, 108, 149, 191 Schwartz, Dorothy Mardelle-Greene, 82, 108 Schwertley, Russell Robert--Traer Schwertley, Velnette Maxine-Traer Scott, Elinor Laura-Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 73 Scull, Dorothy Mae-De Witt, 123, 264 Searles, Merna Lucille-Logan, 120 See, Iames Kennith-Kinross Seeley, Warren George-Cedar Falls, 68 Seemann, Dorothy Anne-Bettendorf, 81, 121, 264 Seleine, Katherine Louise-Marshalltown, 74, 121, 264 Sell, Irma B.-Sumner Selwold, Herman Henry-Schaller Semm, Martha-Waverly Semple, Maxine Ann-Oskaloosa, 121, 264 Senne, Helena Charlotte-Woden Sernett, Evelyn Mae-Rolfe, 161 Severidt, Edith M. L.-State Center Sewell, Bernadine-Taylorville, lll., 244 Sexton, Douglas-Ames Sexton, Eileen-Decorah, 81, 121, 264 Seymour, Evelyn Hope-Marne Shafer, Kathryn Iewell-Lake Park Shank, Edwin Earl-Sumner, 68, 189, 190 Shannon, Virginia Elizabeth-Washington, 74 Share, Ruth Mildred-Webster City, 122, 186 Sharpe, Charles E.-Inglewood, Calif, Shearer, Ernest-Colfax Shelgren, Charles lay-Gilmore City Shellabarger, Verlee Wilma-Letts Sherburne, LaVonne Delight-Wqterlog Sherwood, Ronald H.-Rockwell, 69, 171 Shettle, Georgia-Iefferson, 141 Shirk, Arthur Clifford-Lake View, 71 Shockley, Herbert E.-Waterloo Shoemaker, Lois Una-Corning, 108, 120 Shook, Darlene Verlee-Adel, 123, 264 Simonsen, Stanley Harold-Corapolis, Pa. Simms, Clara May-Grundy Center Simpson, lohn Williams-Tripoli, 244 Simpson, Laura Mae-Cedar Falls, 173, 192 Simpson, Morgan Thomas-Cambridge Sims, William W.-Hawthorne, Calif., 29, 71, 116 Sipes, Virginia Ruth-Waterloo, 74 Skarda, Paul lames-Diagonal Sleper, Dorothy Anna-Titonka Sloan, lean Kathleen-Waterloo, 26, 28, 76, 136, 183, 194, 245 Sluter, S. l., lr.-Ackley, 148, 174, 175, 189, 245 Smaha, Glenn I.-LeGrand, 68, 95, 208, 245 Smiley, Gwyneth Elizabeth-Waterloo, 79 Smith, Ardys K.-Waterloo, 28, 74, 124, 214, 245 Smith Betty-New Sharon, 120 Smith Byron Saul--Waverly, 69 Smith, Charles Aubrey-Marshalltown Smith, Clara Conger-Richland, 75, 123, 185 Smith Dorothy Virginia-Waterloo, 120 Smith, Glenn Delbert-Keota, 68, 245 Smith, Harvey Pershing-Winthrop, 264 Smith, Helen Leona-Malcolm, 121, 264 Smith 264 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith 173 Smith Smith Leona Frances-Correctionville, 94, 121, 140, 191, Marie Louise-West Liberty, 120 Marion Egan-Waterloo Mary Elizabeth-Alden Milton Durand-Harcourt, 72 Ord Roger-Cedar Falls Ralph Sheridan-Grundy Center, 66, 69, 103, 146, 212, 245 Valera Evelyn-Algona, 185 Vivian Glee-Alden Smock, Hubert Francis-Keota, 192 Smoley, Alice Marguerite--Marengo, 184 Snell, Leland Kenneth-Plymouth, 70, 103, 208 Snider, Forrest Ray-Riverside Snyder, Mary lane-Manchester, 67, 74, 125, 127, 245 Soenke, Carroll Carl-Stockton, 109, 175 Sorenson, Maryon Precious-Oedar Falls Sornberger, Iune Marie-Waterloo, 137 Speck, Carl-LaPorte, 69 Speelman, Ianet Mary-Cedar Falls, 80 Speers, Rachel Dorwin-Oedar Falls, 106, 185 Sperry, Esther Lucille-Cedar Falls, 67, 80, 171, 192, 224 Spooner, Catherine Ellen-Storm Lake, 76, 173 Spragg, Doris Maxine-Red Oak, 122 Spurlock, F. Marion-Sutherland, 173, 245 Stafford, Mildred G.-Blairsburg, 192 Stahlman, Clarence Gleason--Ames Stahnke, Edna lrene-LaPorte City Stainbrook, Gordon Walz-Waterloo, 70, 142 Staley, Marion Frances-Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 95, 149' 186, 191, 245 Starr, Margaret Luella-Eldora, 80 Stauch, Barbara Ann-Whiting Stavenhagen, Lois Alma-Victor St. Clair, Leonard Randall-Conrad, 71, 103, 203 Steel, Dorothea M.-Bedford, 225 Steel, Iane-Bedford Page 286 54 6, 183, 140, 191, 103, 145, 2129 1, 192, 224 '3 , 95. 149 , 208 page 185 Q , 1 Steinbeck, Wayne Frederic-Preston, 189, 190 Steinkamp, Charlotte Elizabeth-Hawarden Stephen, Orrin-Cedar Rapids Stephen, Walter-Cedar Raplds. Stephenson, Ruby Fern-Fostoria, 173, 218 Steuben, Leone Charlotte-Rockford, 73, 95, 100, 187, 190, 245 Stevens, Nedra Maxine-Hampton, 105, 123, 265 Stevenson, Margaret Elizabeth-Grundy Center, 108, 245 Steward, Lavon Luella-Strawberry Point, 110, 120 Stewart, Edward Everett-Burt, 71, 142 Stewart, Freeda Anita-Runnells, 106, 121, 184 Stewart, Marjorie Frances-Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 73 Stewart, Mary lane-Cedar Falls, 82, 94, 265 Stieler, Maggie-Little Rock Stierwalt, Clare Eugene-C1'GStOr1 Stiles, Evelyn-Atalissa, 122, 192, 245 Stinehart, Iarnes Senior-Mason City, 98, 100, 191 Stoddard, Edith Margaret-Iesup, 67, 76, 119, 136, 246 Stoltz, Catherine Elizabeth-Mason City Stone, Ioseph Newcom-Vail, 107, 212 Stone, Marie Elizabeth-Grinnell Stout, Ailene Mary-Brighton, 63 Stout, Donald Wakefield-Cedar Falls, 103, 104, 124, 136, 146, 189, 191, 212, 246 Stover, Ianice Irene-Norfolk, Nebraska, 265 Strachan, Esther Mabel-Humboldt, 185, 265 Strader, Evelyn Faye-Marathon, 121, 265 Strain, Bernard Leon-Dunkerton, 111, 126, 190 Strayer, Martha llene-Hudson, 121 Streeter, Marjorie Paulene-Cedar Falls, 73 Strickler, Helen Pauline-W'ellman, 78, 265 Stringer, Lorraine Kathryn-Rockwell City, 111, 173, 218 Strohbehn, Leigh-Waterloo, 124, 246 Strohkarck, Helen Amanda-Davenport, 108 Strong, Eleanor Louise-Salix, 121, 265 Strong, Ruby Luella-Plover Stroup, Leo Harry-Wapello, 68, 102 Strunce, H. Gaylen-Creston, 68, 100, 101, 1 Struntze, Bernyce Lucile-Dike Stuart, Faye-Chariton, 106 Sullivan, Helen Iosephine-Diagonal, 111, 123, 265 Sutherland, Fae Alene-Waterloo, 100 Sutherland, Pauline Lois-Waterloo, 140 Sutz, Norma-Davenport, 94, 100 Swanson, Hazel M.-Gowrie, 246 Swanson, Helen Louise-Rockwell City, 173 Swarner, Bernice Irene-Persia, 123 Swenson, Ieannette Almira-Story City, 265 T Tabb, Miriam Iean-Corwith, 81, 184 Talbott, Harriet Ruth-Malvern, 185 Talley, Bonita-Newton TGPPGI, Harvey Marion-Parkersburg Taylor Arla Ruth-Newton, 121 TCIYlor, Fern-Libertyville, 123 Taylor, Kathryn Iean-Ianesville, 265 Taylor, Noel B.-Ames, 69, 101 TCIYlor, Ozzo B.-Alden, 72 TGYlor, Vernon William-Creston, 189, 191 48, 191, 246 Teale, Elizabeth-Lake Park, 80, 140 Teeter, Cecil Glenn-La Porte City, 101 Tegjgn, Myrtle E.-Gowrie, 26, 125, 136, 163, 183, 196, . Templeton, 1ean-Whiting illzendall, Grace-Nevada, 110, 123, 266 Tenet 109 1Ohn-lronwood, Mich., 63, 71 9SCh, Reuben-Rudd, 212 Tiesser, Lela Mae-Grinnell, 123, 266 '9gZEM1ldrecl Evelyn-Waterloo, 94, 105, 123, 141, 184, Page 287 Tetzner, Olive Adelle-Waterloo giafla, Lillian-Garner, 110, 123, 184, 246 a man, Lowell-Cedar Falls, 96, 175 Thflfp, Gloria May-Cedar Falls, 184 Thf3fY91', E- lune-Lime Springs, 78, 120 184 Thieking, Arland Charles-Waverly I Thierman, Florence Blanche-Cedar Falls Thiesen, Margaret Adell-Dysart, 123 Thomas, Mabel lean-Beaman Thomas, Ruth Ruby-Afton ThOIT1P.SO1'1, Helen Ruth-Buckingham, 172 Th0TT113SOI'1, 1ean Ione-Cherokee Thompson, Leon A.-Grandview, 69 Thomsen, Marcia Dorthea-Laurens, 94 138 186 Thomson, Earl Vernon-Atlantic, 101, 1,72 1,73 Thorne, Iane Elizabeth-Mason City I Thorson, Hugh Arthur-Waterloo Thorson, Irma SeDel-Radcliffe, 123 Thorson, Winifred Ruth-Waterloo, 73 Thurston, Lawrence Arthur-Garwin, 69, 173, 215, 246 Thurston, Margaret Lucille-Cedar Falls, 76 Thurston, Orville Wm.-Garwin, 173 Tiffany, William Lynn-Waterloo, 70 Till, H-elen Lucille-New Hampton, 123, 141 Timmerman, Martha Louise-Waterloo, 246 Todd, Harriet M.-Monona, 76, 187, 190 Toher, Ramona Mary-Davenport Toland, Orpha G.-Dickens Tonsfeldt, Marion Ruth-Remsen, 106, 140, 170, 184 Torrence, Robert Melvin-Estherville, 71, 103, 246 ToSaw, Helen Anne-Omaha, Neb., 111, 123, 184, 266 Touchae, Lawrence Albert-Waterloo, 126, 214 Townley, Iay Vernon-Waterloo Townsend, Howard H.-Waterloo, 215, 246 Trailer, Rosalind Virginia-Marne Trefzger, Ed-Inglewood, Calif., 71, 213 Trickey, Elva V.-Sioux Falls, S. Dak., 266 Tripp, Mary A.-Somers, 81, 102, 123, 266 Trottnow, Marcella Emma-Dysart, 108, 173 Trottnow, Neva Ellen-Dysart, 108, 123, 266 Trotto, Iames Vincent-Virginia, Minn., 68, 100, 101, lll, 212 Trow, Tommy Harold-Ames Truman, Marguerite Helen-Waterloo Trunnell, Wava Helene-Waerloo, 26, 102, 193 Turecek, Alma Iosephine-Swisher Turner, Elizabeth Ann-Leighton, 172, 192, 246 Turner, June Iuanita-Madrid Tuthill, Dorothy Hoyt-Minneapolis, Minn., 106, 121, 266 Tutt, Marion Ruth-La Porte City, 81, 102 Tvedt, Muriel-Montour, 140 . U Ullerich, Victor Ernest-Van Horne Ure, Alice Calla-Riceville, 266 Ure, Sam Ellwell-Riceville Urice, Iohn-Garrison, 69, 99, 124, 214, 247 Urquhart, Kenneth-Eldora, 70 Utterback, Keith X.-Delta, 247 V Vqqlq, Ovey-New Hampton, 68, 102, 173, 247 Van Deest, Dorothy Adeline-Cedar Falls, 1735 133315 V n Deest, Ieanne Elizabeth-Cedar Falls, 1 , Vtdn Deest, 'Wayne-Cedar Falls, 68, 135, 17316247 Vandehaar, Freda Lucile-Mitchellville, 123, 2 Vandenburgh, Marqaret 1.-ArmstrOZQ,9g?qf2g1Z49 187' Vanda Waa, Ruth-Orange City, 7 , 190, 191, 247 , Van Enqen, Lela G.-Webster C1tYf 123, 186' 191' 218' 266 ... -gnu Van Patter, Theda Marie-AIHGS, 120 Van Skike, Mary Maxine--lretorl, 185 Van Ness, Grace-Cedar Falls Varner, Fay Charlotte-Ida GYOVG, 123 Varner, Franklin-Diagonal, 68, 102, 173, 247 Vastenhout, Winnie-Sioux Center, 108, 121, 266 Vaughn, Louise-Rolfe Vaughn, Merle Leo-Benton, 72 Vaughn, Virginia Ann-Rolfe Veit, Gayle Rosena-Brooklyn, 123, 141, 184 Verploegh, Russell A.-Tingley, 69, 247 Vigars, Margaret Alice-Algona, 104, 136, 247 Vinall, Arthur-Newton, 70 Vlotho, Lorraine Madonna--lreton, 186 Vogt, Dorothy Anna Marie-Grinnell, 138 Voigt, Ardis Marie-Fenton, 121, 267 Voss, Ethel 1.-Marne, 106, 123, 247 W Wadle, Paul-Lacona, 69, 111, 214, 229 Wagner, Iohn-Faulkner Wagner, Leona Lucille-Celwein, 121, 267 Wainwright, Wanda A.-Deep River, 218 Walk, Ernest Edwin-Grafton Wallace, Evelyn Winson-Reinbeck Walsh, LaVonne Minnie-lowa Falls, 105, 123, 184, 267 Walters, Wilma-Little Sioux, 173 Walton, William D.--Cedar Falls, 101, 107 Ward, Mary Frances-Oxford Wardman, Rexine Ellen-Union, 106, 140, 173 Warren, Virginia Irene-Winfield, 77, 140, 149, 187, 247 Waterman, Alice Ailene-Cedar Falls, 74, 267 Watson, Ortis Robert-Waterloo Watters, Betty Sue-Long Beach, Calif., 74 Watts, Sarah Merle-Barnes City, 247 Way, Harold Giles-Massena Weatherwax, Kenneth Chester-Ocheyedan, 71 Weaver, Marian Iacgueline-Mason City, 75 Weaver, Paul Raymond-Ellsworth, 68, 95, 125, 146, 183, 214, 224 I Webbeking, Laurene Wilma--Waterloo, 80, 215 Webber, Malcolm L.-Lester, 71, 214, 248 Wehrhan, Marie-Allison Wehrle, Ruth Marie-Wellman, 73 Weinberg, Alvera Mary-Allison Weir, Oren I.-Cedar Falls, 101 Weisbard, Ferne Marian-Cedar Falls, 123, 267 Weisbrod, Irene Iune-Fenton Weitenhagien, Loretta Dorothy-Fredericksburg, 123, 174, 267 Welch, lim Leland-Redwood Falls, Minn. Welch, Mable Nancy-Webster City, 122 Welch, Madge Kathryn-Webster City Welhousen, Gertrude Mae-Titonka Weller, Alvin Alonzo-Dolliver, 102 Weller, Laura Louvada-Conway, 123 Wells, Frances Anea-Austin, Minn., 82 Welton, Martha lane-Oskaloosa, 123 Wendland, Electa-Ackley, 121, 267 Wenger, Mable I.-Wayland Wenig, Wilma lean-Gray Wentworth, Charles Orville-Missouri Valley Wentz, Kathleen Elizabeth-lonia, lll Werner, Kenneth Richard-Allison, 72, 248 Wescott, Gwendolyn N.-Hampton, 95, 125, 147, 170, 183, 226, 248 Wess-els, Shirley Maxine-Laurel, 94, 139, 185 West, Blanche Marie-Haverhill, 121, 267 Westervelt, Pearl Maurine-Waverly Westfall, Harriett Laura-Le Roy, Minn., 121, 267 Westphal, Elizabeth lean-Stanwood, 74, 267 Wfestrum, Alberta Georgette-Stanford Wetherbee, Margaret Marian-Marshalltown, 121, 140 Whannel, Pauline Edwinna-Laurens, 78, 140 Wheeler, Leona Marie-Ames, 139, 172 Wheeler, William Allen-Denison White, Claude, Ir.-Rolfe White, Claude Worden-Cedar Falls White, Fern Luella-Rhodes, 121, 267 White, Ruby Adaline-Cedar Falls Whitelock, Wilmetta Ruth-Des Moines, 82, 170, 173, 185, 191, 227 . Whitten, Billie Virginia-Rowan Wickersham, Winifred Ann-Melbourne, 139, 141, 173 Widmer, Mrs. Ruth Iosephyn-Washington, 216, 248 Wieben, Helen May-Dysart Wiechert, Erna Ella-Melvin, 123, 267 Wiener, Merle Oliver-Cedar Falls, 70, 103, 212 Wikert, Wilma Adeline-Graettinger, 123, 185, 268 Wildasin, O'Detta Evelyn-Moscow Wiler, Ruth-Cedar Falls, 100 Wilkie, Margaret F.-Rockford, 82 Wilkinson, Eleanor Margaret-Alta Wilkinson, Kathryn Elizabeth-Alta Wilkinson, Robert Elzworth-Mount Ayr, -96, 97, 104, 174, 248 Williams, Betty-Milford, 268 Williams, Churchill-Dallas Center, 70 Williams, Doris lrene-Persia, 121, 185 Williams, Frances Mae--Somers, 78 Williams, Gladys M.-Taintor Williams, Marion Lorena-Crawfordsville Williams, Mary Frances-Waterloo, 67, 79, 165, 193 Williams, Mary K.-Marcus, 193, 268 Williams, Paige Sidney--Cedar Falls, 95, 100, 149, 248 Williams, Robert Lee-Cedar Falls Willits, lreta-Washington, 74 Willoughby, lean Sarah-Grundy Center, 73, 186 Willoughby, Ruby Fern-Cedar Falls, 106 Willoughby, Ruth Orlena--Cedar Falls, 106, 123, 268 Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Winnie, Winter, Winter, Winter, Winter, Dorothy lane-Grundy Center loan Cecilia-Manly Pearl- Iewtell, 78 Sarah Isabelle-Cedar Falls Virginia G.-Mason City Wayne H.-Stout, 72 Wyona Ayer-Cedar Falls, 83 A Lucille Grace-Clear Lake, 123, 268 Clifford King-Tipton Dwight Stanford-Independence, 248 Hugh Wm.-Centerville Orlyle Marie-Hubbard Winterbottom, Ross Corliss-Waterloo, 189 Wirth, Mrs. Eloise lean-Cedar Falls, 75, 100, 248 Wisby, Harry Axel-Cedar Falls Wittrig, Orlin Smith-Washington, 248 Wolary, Blanch-e Amanda-Centerville, 121, 268 Wolfe, Francis Roger-Waterloo, 101 Wonders, Helen Kathryn-Ctho, 268 Wood, Wendell Frederick-Cedar Falls, 136 Woolverton, Adela-Cedar Falls, 95, 118, 127, 214, 248 Worm, Stanley Leon-Fredericksburg Wright, Helen lrene-Knoxville Wright, Robert Haven-Waterloo Wylam, Edith T.-Waucoma, 171, 248 Wymore, Orabella Rae-Barnes City, 83 Wyth, lohn McDermott-Cedar Falls, 68, 139, 213 Y Yarcho, Marian Gladys-Cedar Falls, 77, 173 Yatchak, Roman Charles-Wakefield, Mich., 71, 63, 216 Yeager, Betty Loraine-Waterloo Yeatts, Essie May-Meadows of Dan, Va. page 288 Yenle Y Yodefi York, I Yollflq Yourlll YouS You D w 1 Q... L ,:A. gr: , . 1:7-?,f-5' .' '-VV- Z .-G neva 0 Yenter, Leolcf idligerlmidl 268 Yocum, Ruth- L1 Middleton, 268 Zack, Rheon Gwendolyn-Mason City, 83 Yoder, Iune Delfcryefz 268 Zcrhniser, Zelda Frances-Oskcdooscr, 123, 268 York, Marqueflfe-Tllfggong 106 zeiihoefer, Richard Gram-Waterloo, 70, 84 Young, lone Myrtle- 512 dar Rapids Zimmer, Edythe Iecrnnette-Dyscrrt, 123 Young, Mcztrqetgililfhg'-idq Grove 100, 101 Zlcrtohlctvek, Harriett Frances-Hudson, 111, 217, 218, YOus1ir1Q, 1Ohr1 e cmcedgr Rapids, 121, 184, 268 248 YoutzY, 1-'aah Ellen- 173, 73 104, '33 9, 248 268 3 214, 248 ,3 95,11 SClI0l4 63, 216 ,age 289 Page 289 ,f . VL, ..:...k.,-.MZ 1 3,-ggu. H , So S 1 EMM '?f5SASS0C,1P31s 1 II ,11 1 11 I I '1 1 II 1. I If 11 II II I1 13 EI 1: 1 2 II' 111. In I F! I11 11 I 1 I1 1 I 1 I 1 111, I 1 1, I 1 I I 1 I I I 11 1 I ,I I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 '1 I 1 'I , 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 I I I I 1 I 1 M .,....J.-:..-f '1...,J,,A, ,L 41X1RWw ,Q .wa-A. 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Suggestions in the University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) collection:

University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


University of Northern Iowa - Old Gold Yearbook (Cedar Falls, IA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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