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NWh. , n chill. is, . .5 w' ..I NORTH TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY DENTON TEXAS PRESENTS THE SEVENTY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY ?gagA 1965 Copyright North Texas State University 1965 CONTENTS Introduction History Administration University Life Honors Yucca Beauties Onstage Organizations Greeks Departments Research Sports Classes Indexes Editor: Dick Beene Assistant Editors: Cragg Hines Suzanne Selk Adviser: Smith Kiker, Jr. 75th Year celebrations failed to overshadow North Texas State UniversityTS preparations for the future. Students, administra- tors and professors took a hurried glance at the institutiongs history in 1964-657 then looked ahead to more decades of advancement. Student interest in North Texas7 past and future was apparent in the fall of 1964, months before the 75th anniversary was to be observed in the spring. A seven-memberr student committee, selected by President J. C. Matthews, joined faculty and Board of Regents committees to help plan. programs in keeping with the yearTS basic theme, dubbed by USNT iiSpirit 75.77 Though the activities selected by the committees were commemorative, they were designed to begin traditions that would be followed by future North Texans. The committees7 objectives were pointed out by Ben H. Wooten, chairman of the Board of Regents, who said in a statement observing the opening of the university,s 75th Year, WFruly, the challenge of tomorrow is greater than the achievements of the past, and it is in the field of tomorrow that we shall make our greatest progress." Soon the anniversary committees, ideas crystallized, suggesting that stimulating activities were in store. The student committee, hoping to maintain a precedent set in the spring of 1964, planned a Scholarship Week to bring students into campus life and emphasize a high level of academic achievement. A formal academic convocation, a regional business and profes- sional leadersi symposium and a combined Honors and University Day were announced in October by the faculty committee as 75th Year activities intended to set a precedent for years to come. The 75th anniversary and a steady increase in enrollment tfall total: 11,878y spurred NTSU to expand in many areas in 1964-65: 0 New PhD. programs in biology7 chemistry and physics were initiated in the fall semester, and a doctoral program in business administration was planned for September, 1965. o The first wing of the new Student Union Building opened in September, offering improved post office and snack bar facilities. 0 Maple Street Hall, the newest womenis dormitory, opened in the fall to 524 coeds; work was begun on an annex for 176 more. 0 And plans were approved for construction to begin during the year for a 500 capacity girlsi dorm and new biology building. From the beginning of the 1964-65 session, one could sense it would be a time worth remembering. The quickened pace and invigorating goals combined to suggest that 1964-65 could be Viewed In a burst of exuberance during an Eagle game, years later as the debut of an era called The Big Push Forward. two cheerleaders demonstrate a tricky yell. The blare of John Catchellis trumpet daubed the night air at the Lab Band tof Which Gatehell is a membeH is so famous. 11Jazz at State Fair of Texas With the jazz for which NTSUis One OiClock the Coliseumi, was the theme of the Lab Bands performance. Colored penlights perched atop the hats 0f the 112-member NT U in darkened Fours Field dlring thP halftime show for the Bowling marching band, directed by Mauric McAdow, form a bright rainbow Green football gam The band played h mewhere Over the Rainbow." Blurred figures which seem to be running: in a harum-scarum daze are in reality a group of fraternity boys in an intramural football game. Experimental labs like the biolog green 11 use enable students to turn khbouk knowledg into practical applications. The Administration Building houses the key men and toll the Westminster strike from 8 am. to 8 p.m., reminding women of the university. From its imposing tower, chimes students of the hour for both classes and activities. For those who have time, the North Texas blackland with rolling hills anti afternoon. In a racy sports car or a model of an older vintage, or on scattered clumps of trees provides the setting for a fast run on a sunny weekend or weekday, tlme spent outdoors makes everything easxer. , , 1:? gtwr' t t . The University: h t H "t , ' "t Places to GO, People to See M4; Stroll by the campus pond some autumn day, when the sun is bright and the scent of dead leaves drifts through the air. You,ll meet couples talking quietly and others laughing and joking. BELOW The serenity of a peaceful afternoon at the golf course provides a relief from tedious classes. RIGHT: The yucca, easily recognized by its stems, adds a rustic air to the campus. TOP: Cactus plants and a wrought-iron grill frame a coed as she leaves her classes, perhaps to engage RIGHT in academic dialogue or collegiate chatter. The University: Behind the Scenes Bathed in a sorrowful light which reflected the spirit of sang his soulful songs as the featured entertainer 0n the his songs, folk singer Josh White played his guitar and 1964 U-Day show, held May 8 in the Main Auditorium. .A. BACKWARD GLANCE Edited by Dick Beene Big Ideas Ignited DGH'I'OI'I in the spring of 1890, nudging its citizens into approval of a plan that would still look appealing 75 years later. The ideas belonged to Joshua C. Chilton, an educator from Indiana who proposed to operate a normal college if Denton would provide a building. tA $15,000 bond was soon approved for a building, and several months later a 10-man syndicate arranged acquisition of a 10-acre tract west of t0wn.1 Chilton,s proposal now seems unassuming, unimposing, at least on first glance. A look at a 1931 photograph of the first classroom will explain why: Classes, begun 75 years ago in the fall of 1890, were held for one full year above a hardware store on the city square of Dentonea town with 2,558 inhabitants, eight saloons, no sidewalks, no bridges, n0 electric lights, no telephones, no water works. Nearly one mile west of that unlikely site sprawls the campus of North Texas State University, which Gov. John Connally,s Com- mittee on Education Beyond the High School has designated as one of five state universities in Texas, plan for higher education. On Feb. 21, 1891, the cornerstone was laid for the first building, the only campus structure until 1903; classes were first held there in September, 1891. Only the buildings cornerstone, displayed in the Museum in the Historical Building, can be found today. Since 1890, North Texas has been led by eight presidents tsee pages 24-251 and has had six names. When Chilton became the first president, the school was called Texas Normal College and Teacher Training Institute. In 1894 the normal was authorized to issue state teaching certificates in a bill that accidentally called the institution North Texas Normal College - its first name-change. With further state support and recognition, other names evolved, including North Texas State Normal College 119011; North Texas State Teachers College 119231; and North Texas State College 119491. By sheer coincidence, on May 8, 1961, exactly 71 years after foundefs day tMay 8, 18901, Gov. Price Daniel signed a bill which gave the school its present name and university status. Appropriately enough, the name-changing measure tHouse Bill 6451 was intro- duced in the legislature by Rep. Joe Ratcliff, a former North Texan. The Depression Crushed Plans Of A Now-Prominent Architect, O1Neil Ford RECREATIONAL CENTER NORTH MAS STATE TEACHERS COLILGE mm O'Neil, FORD -Ancmrm North Texas Began Simply Enough: First Classes Were Held Above A Hardware Store, Which Later Become A Grocery Mart ,ka . w n ,,ss v . m - ax Construction Has Advanced From Occasional Spurts to Frequent Outbursts 1919: Aerial Photos, Buildings Were Scarce Age Dian Matter in the Early School Days A, wxm' a s RippedwKansas Teachers 28-0 From Warhoops to Belfries Twenty-eight Creek Indians from the Indian Territory just north of Denton helped boost the enrollment of President Chilton,s normal college to 131 in early Decem- ber, 1890. Many printed works describe tales of a30 Indians? and their firewater antics at the local saloons. If any Indians remained in 1913, they saw the first intercollegiate football gameeeagainst Texas Christian. Intercollegiate basketball bounced along in 1916, tennis and track came in 1922 and golf competition in 1939. Besides Indians and sports, a curfew bell, installed in 1891 in the Old Normal Building, added to the atmos- phere of NT1s early years. A legend quickly developed: 9N0 one, not even the bravest of boys, would go up into the bell-tower 0f the old Normal building at Denton after dark. The place was supposed to be haunted . . P The annual April Fool prank, removing the clapper of the bell and hiding it, once resulted in a two-year loss. Finally a reward was ottered and the clapper was recov- ered, after which it was securely welded into place. In May, 1962, the Talons removed the bell from the power plant, its lodging since 1915, mounted it on a trailer and renewed the tradition of ringing the bell after sports victories. Students now call the curfew bell, a relic of the Old Normal Building, the Victory Bell. 1962: Tulons Transformed The Curfew Bell of 1891 Into NTSU1s Victory Bell Besides Pat Boone, Actress Ann Sheridan, LBJ Aide Bill Moyers, Pianist Ivan Davis And Author Bill Brammer Have Attended North Texas Tobacco, Not Coeds, Was Ruled Taboo The rustle 0f coedls skirts has drifted across campus since North Texas, first year, when President Chilton made clear his Views on coeducation: 950 from our edu- cational horizon are the cobwebs 0f superstition and prejudice being swept7 and this institution joins in the advance guard by admitting ladies to all classes . . 3, College rules were often quite strict. In 1893 the use of tobacco on campus was prohibited, as were Visits to town during college hours and social calls on class days. Attendance was required at all class meetings and exams, and at each of the daily chapel periods. lln 1916 William Jennings Bryan was guest chapel speakerJ Burdened by the schools lack of funds, Chilton retired in 1893; he died in 1896 thinking himself a failure. But financial dithculties also troubled his successors, especially during the world wars. 1n Wforld War 1 President Bruce directed all departments to refrain from buying supplies and equipment unless absolutely necessary. World War 11 made more than financial demands on NT: 2,530 students, exes and teachers served; 101 died in action. In 1949 the new Student Union Building was dedicated to North Texans who gave their lives in the wars. A few weeks before the United States entered WW 11, North Texas adopted a faculty committeels proposal to expand the fundamental purpose of the institution. Besides developing educational leaders, the committee stated, NT should lgcause students to acquire an appre- ciative understanding of the broad, liberal culture basic to a democratic society,77 thus taking into account those not planning to enter the teaching profession. This was one of the most abrupt signals of change in NT,s history. After the war more changes came, includ- ing the first doctorate in 1953 and university status in 1961. More changes tsee page 41 are now being planned. Deb First Doctorate Awarded in 1953 I I S -legends Setters Have Been te Dressers Ion Early 1900 Near North Texas Coeds As Fash Colleg ince the S 7 3 9 .l S A IV. r a E S A e g a m is T N n e ll h g .n B d e In. e H d n a B e g a II S .5 H d n a m a In a r G r o s S e w... iece P IOI'I ill Always Serve As A Good Conversut p a e H d U M A r e 9 n 0 II- 0 N A e U n e V A Well, Things Back Then . . . They Were . . . Just Different In 1909 North Texas was a glorified high school, com- mented DR. C. A. BRIDGES, former history professor. He is qualified to say so; he was a student here then. In fact he has graduated from NT three times. His scholastic progress followed the name changes of the school: When a new degree was offered he worked toward it. In 1911 he received histeaehing certilicate from North Texas Normal and then his BA in 1916 when North Texas was a junior college. In 1920 he received his permanent teaching certificate. llMany outstanding people then held no degrees. Dr. Bruce was probably the only person with a PhD. llFinancially, things were rough back then...Mrs. MeCracken, one of the first librarians, jokingly said once that her entire budget for the year from the state was two cents? the retired professor said. IcStudents came to school then. They werenat sent. They came from between the corn rows and the cotton rows. llWhen you look back, there is a certain amount of pride that you were one of the ones who laid the founda- tion on which the college was built? Dr. Bridges added. DR. C. A. BRIDGESH ltThe came from between the corn rowsf, y IlThat summer session of 1919 when I first came here was, as usual, larger than the regular term? said E. H. FARRINGTON, now director of placements. IiThe sum- mer normals were flooded by teachers trying to get a certificate." LcBack then? Farrington recalled, "we had to do a lot more than just teach. We had to find rooms for both boys and girls. Since there were no dormitories, every- one had to have a place off-campus to stay. In the early days we worked 13 months a year? Farrington remembers the 7:30 p.m. curfew and lights out at 10:30. clIf anyone wanted to stay up later and study, they had to burn a candle. But if Dr. Bruce saw the candle burning, he wanted to know what was going on. He was really coneeznedf7 On Sept. 14, 1914, BEULAHVHARRIS landed, as she put it, in Denton. She was the 17th faculty member at North Texas. There were fewer than 600 students. MiSs Harris taught all the physical education classes, for both men and women, in the basement of what is now the Historical Building. llThe building, as is all Denton, was built over run- ning water and sand," Miss Harris recalls. llSometimes we would go four to six weeks without RE. classes because the basement would be flooded? Miss Harris can remember when the football field used to be where the Lab School field is now. To prepare the field for play, a French teacher lined up all the boys in his class and marched them across field, picking up burrs. MISS BEULAH HARRIS- ltSometimes six weeks without RE? E. H. FARRINGTONe A 7:30 p.1n. curfew. ROY 0. HATLEYe A 131 because of the Chat. WFhere were no professors, n0 departments, just teach- ers-and only about 16 of them," .1. W. FENDER, for- mer head of the government department, recalled. Fender came to North Texas in the summer of 1912 and returned in 1913 as a full-time faculty member. llOnce when the state committee came to inspect the academic conditions at North Texas," Pender said, gthey told Dr. Bruce there wasnlt enough scholarship here. Dr. Bruce told the committee that if he had to dismiss any men to get the committees approval, he wouldn,t do it? North Texas growth is gcnatural and normal;7 Pender said, adding that he believes some of the teachers1 col- lege atmosphere will always remain at the institution. Pender can remember the first intercollegiate football game North Texas played. It was in the fall of 1913 against Texas Christian University. J. W. FENDER 1 9N0 profs, no departments, just teachers? When returning for Homecoming last fall as a mem4 ber of the honored 1914 class, ROY O. HATLEY was overcome with the growth of his alma mater. Hatlewaho edited the Chat in 1920t later taught journalism in San Antonio, and retired recently from the San Antonio Express as political writere was especially impressed by four areas of NTSUls progress. tlThe distance up, in the scholastic world, is what really impresses mef, Hatley said. 911m also impressed a though not surprised W by the broadening curriculum and the tremendous building program? Hatley was also awed by the student body growth. 111 remember Denton as a cozy little county seat just plugging along? Hatley said. He also remembers receiving a cB7 in English because he was up late working on the Chat. ADMINISTRATION g My: ,5 Joshua C. Chilton: 1890-1893 J. J. Crumley: 1893-1894 Menter B. Terrill: 1894-1901 75 Years, Eight Presidents A short, bearded Yankee in a Prince Albert coat convinced Den- tonites in 1890 that their town needed a college. Joshua Crittenden Chilton of Indiana, with no college degree, opened classes over the B. J. Wilson hardware store in September, 1890. Maintaining a stu- dent could stay the 40-week school year for $148, Chilton and his four-member staff began with c4nine full courses:7 including teachers, training, scientific, classical and music courses. Soon ill health and his sch0017s financial problems broke Chilton, and he asked new faculty member John Crumley to see the 1892-93 year through. In the spring the trustees asked Crumley to continue. Recently President J. C. Matthews praised Crumleyis tenure, end- ing in 1894, in a letter to Crumleyas son: cTor every institution which lives, several die in infancy. This would have been the fate of this institution if it had not been for your fatherf7 In 1894 Menter B. Terrill of Tennessee assumed leadership of North Texas Normal College, so named when Crumley was president. Changes appeared: The school had been authorized to issue state teaching certificates the year before Terrill took over; financial troubles were eased with Terrillis enrolling students below the college level; the governor signed a bill authorizing the creation of a state normal college on March 31, 1899. State support and a new name, North Texas State Normal College, were official in 1901 and J. S. Kendall became principal ttitle of leaders of state normals until 19111. His successor, W. H. Bruce, described Kendallas curriculum as 4Lthat of a high school," but Ken- dall worked diligently to improve NT7s physical facilities. After KendalPs death in 1906, Dr. Bruce, age 50, began a 17-year tenure that included the rise to a junior college and then to a senior college. With no dean 0r busineSs manager for several years, Dr. Bruce was nearly a one-man administration. In 1914 the Training School Hater called Demonstration SchooD was opened to aid practice teachers and prepare pupils for entrance into NT. Dr. Bruce wanted NT to be a strong teachers7 college and got what he wanted in 1923: North Texas State Teachers Coilege. 9Know the past but . . . live in the present," President Marquis said in the 1925 Yucca. His philosophy is we11 illustrated: In 1925 his school became a member of the Southern Association of C01- leges and Secondary Schools, and the college was relieved of all preparatory work by the formation of the 11-grade Demonstration School. Consideration Was later given to offering graduate work. The graduate school which Marquis had planned and worked toward was approved during the administration of W. J. McCon- nell, named president after Marquis died in 1934. The first 27 master7s degrees were awarded in August, 1936. Reorganization of the college gradually became necessary, and in 1946 a plan was adopted that remains the general basis of the universityis present organization. Dr. James Carl Matthews, named chief executive when President McConnell retired in 1951, is the first North Texas graduate to become president. He was an instructor, professor, dean of the School of Education and then vice president of the institution. In the past 13 years, the school has nearly tripled in enrollment, gained recognition as a major state university, developed four new doctor of philosophy degree programs, and added 14 buildings, increasing the value of the physical plant to $30 million. W. Joseph McConnell: 1934-1951 William Herschel Bruce: 1906-1923 R James Carl Matthews: 1951- Vice-President, Regents Plan Ahead For Future Growth mA university has to be an alive and changing institution?7 With this for his motto, Vice-President J. J. SPURLOCK has led in tight- ening North Texas, academic re- quirements and in making cur- riculum Changes 4cconsistent with the changing needs of each depart- ment." As Chairman of the Faculty Council, Dr. Spurlock approved a number of new courses for the spring semester, including diag- nostic bacteriology, comparative government, advanced German. Dr. J. J. Spurlovk, VicevPresident NTSU would probably still be NTSC if it were not for the BOARD OF REGENTS, which backed the request for university status approved by the state in 1961. Though the name change is probably the most widely known success of the regents, the board, under chairman Ben H. Wooten of Dallas, is also responsible for extending graduate programs. The board recently approved $2 mil- lion for classrooms in 1965 and $11 million for more in 1968. BOARD OF REGENTS: Joe Nelson, MD, Weatherford; Carroll Sullivant, Cainesville; Ben H. Wooten, Dallas; Jack Sisco, Corsicana; Ray Cowan, Austin; David A. Kimbell, Wichita Falls; S. A. Kerr, Huntsville. Not pictured: Paul Cates, Lubbock; and Berl Godfrey, Fort Worth. Dr. R. W. Adams, Assistant to President Overseeing the Operation and Presidential Assistants Aid maintenance of approximately 300 acres and over 50 buildings which . . comprise mm 6331181111 is the In BUIIdIng Plans, Research personal responsibility of DR. R. XV. ADAMS, assistant to President J. C. Matthews. Dr. Adams also consults with President Matthews, architects, engineers and contractors on new construction. NRight now, we are shaping our plans for a new biol- ogy building and dormitory;7 he said. WI'he architects have already started their work on the biology building? In his spare time7 DR. JAMES L. ROGERS, assistant to the pres- ident, is writing a book on the his- tory of North Texas. The problem is that he d0esn7t have spare time. Dr. Rogers works with the pres- ident in preparing reports and oHiCial documents and in conduct- ing research on which decisions may he made by members of the administration and Board Of Re- gents; he serves as liaison with student government and publica- tions and is chairman of the 75th Year Committee and Fine Arts Committee. Dr. James L. Rogers, Assistant to President William G. Woods, Dean of Men Student Deansl Duties Grow As Enrollment Figures Soar Dr. Imogene B. Dickey, Dean of Women Boys just aren,t as contained as they used to be. WIL- LIAM C. WOODS, dean of men, knows this statement is literally true. When he Came to North Texas in 19377 only 700 men were enrolled and they lived in a small zone extending from Welch Street to Ave. C and from Chestnut to Scripture. Dean Woods said World War II, with its flood of ccCI students? ended the period when he knew all men stu- dents. Now over 4,000 men live off-campus in Dentone and on 200 different streets. Dean Woods supervises all activities of male students except those specifically delegated to another ofhcial. He also serves on athletic and scholarship committees. DR. IMOGENE B. DICKEY, dean of women, also credits increased enrollment for intensifying her duties. itThe problems are more numerous simply because there are more university women now than when I came in 1944:, she explained. In addition to counseling and guiding female students, Dean Dickey also works with directors of womenls dormi- tories in selecting student dormitory hostesses. Dean Dickey feels her biggest reward is the cooperation between students and the administration. 4cMy job sometimes seems only negative, but really it is positive: two people working together to solve a problem? she said. Three Offices Serve Students Both Physically and Mentally The Placement Office, under E. H. FARRINGTON, provides indirect contact between a graduate or graduate student and his prospective employer. Farrington, who organized the oHice in 1926, collects confidential apprai- sals showing studentsh personal, academic and profes- sional qualifications. His work consists mainly in finding teaching positions for students. HILDA CUNNINGHAM, coordinator of extension and correspondence, has 1,550 students enrolled in corre- spondence and over 1,600 enrolled in extension programs. gMost of these students are completing teacher certificate requirementsf, Mrs. Cunningham said. gConsequently We have more demands for history and government, modern mathematics and advanced education courses? ctWhat am I interested in?" gtDo I have enough intel- ligence for that job or a personality fitted to that workiw DR. EDWARD BONK helps students answer these basic questions in the Guidance Offlce. Besides talking to the students, Dr. Bonk, a counseling psychologist, administers personality and interest tests. Dr. Edward Bonk, Director of Student Guidance E. H. Farrington, Director of Placements Hilda Cunningham, Coordinator, Division of Extension and Correspondence Tompkins Decreases Admission Red Tape With Modified Forms Outstanding curriculum, faculty excellence, small town location and a friendly student body are the reasons JOHN E. TOMPKINS, director of admissions, gives for the yearly 10 per cent increase in North Texas enroll- ment. Tompkins, whose main job is to determine the eligibil- ity of students attempting to enter NTSU, finds most new students are surprised at the size of North Texas. Since taking his post in 1961, Tompkins has attempted to simplify the admission process by decreasing the red tape in admission forms. A $4,800 machine which can produce 500 permanent records in one hour has helped speed up the admissions procedure. A proposal to use Social Security numbers instead of permanent student numbers has been approved for September, 1965. til have seen such increases in enrollment since I have joined this administration that I now believe North Texas has unlimited potential? DR. ALEX DICKIE, registrar, commented. gThe best thing about this university is its student body. It7s better than any group anywhere. It always has been and always will be? Besides the student numbers which he introduced in 1954, Dr. Dickie credits the excellent personnel and improved equipment for greater eHicieney in his oHice. John E. Tompkins, Director of Admissions Dr. Alex Dickie, Registrar John Hargrove, Business Manager Working with President J. C. Matthews, JOHN L. CARTER JR, comptroller, developed North Texas9 current budget. Approved by the Board of Regents, the budget estimates total income to be $11,852,609 and total expenditure to be $11,300,036. The income is derived from state appropriations $5,941,33m7 tuition and fees $1,670,54D, auxiliary enterprises7 such as student activities and athletics, t$3,800,730t and service departments t$440,000t. As the university7s chief fiscal ofhcer, Carter was appointed by the Council of College Presidents to a committee which recommends funds for state college and university building programs. gWe disburse about $1 million a month of the budget;7 said JOHN HARCROVE, business manager. The money is spent for salaries, maintenance and operation of university activities, and capital expenditures. uWe try to take in money, too? Hargrove added. The Business OHice collects all fees and tuition and manages all auxiliary enterprises, including the Union Building cafeteria and men and womenas dormitories. Comptroller Plans Budget: Over One Million a Month John L. Carter Jr., Comptroller Westmoreland Named News Service Director HWhenever an article about NTSU appears before the general public, it probably orig- inated in News Service? said DR. REGIN- ALD WESTMORELAND, director of News Service and Publications since June, 1964. Dr. Westmoreland, a 1947 graduate of NTSU, came from Abilene Christian College, where he held a similar position for nine years. He holds a bachelofs degree in journal- ism and a mastefs degree in English from NTSU. Dr. Westmoreland received the PhD in journalism from the University Of Missouri. He has worked for the Dallas Times Herald and has covered special assignments for AF and UPI. In fulfilling his duties as director of the print shop, J. D. HALL coordinates the entire program of printing NTSU publications - the Chat and Avesta, 10 university catalogues and departmental bulletins. Since his arrival at North Texas in the fall of 1926, Hall has led in many developments of the print shop; the latest is the purchase of an offset newspaper press and accompany- ing equipment tcost: $50,000L ttMost people could not tell our work from a good letterpress operation? Hall said. J. D. Hall, Director of Print Shop Dr. Reginald Westmoreland, Director of News Service Rise of Paperbacks Helps Trigger Expansion of Campus Bookstores Dr. J. Harold Farmer, Director of Student Union Building The phenomenal rise of paperback books helped trlg- ger expansion of campus bookstores throughout the nation. North Texas has been no exception to the trend, accord- ing to A. B. SWENSON, manager of the University Book Store. 4tAs the university enrollment increases, the library becomes less and less a source for books simply because 2,700 freshman English students canbt use five reserved books in the library? Swenson said. cWVe can usually sell them the book they need for 60 or 75 cents e thanks to paperback publishers? Swenson came to North Texas in 1948, when the Uni- versity Book Store was known as the Student Trading Post. UB-goers can look forward to the opening of the entire new Union Building this very next semester ethat is, if they go to summer school. DR. J. HAROLD FARMER, Union Building director, said all construction should be completed in the summer of 1965. The Coffee Shop and the University Book Store will be located in the new sec- tion of the Union Building. A. B. Swenson, University Store Manager SOCIAL DIRECTORS: Mrs. Hermia Riley, Quads III, IV; Mrs. Mildred Dixson, Oak Street; Mrs. Florabel Rehders, Chilton; Mrs. Ruby Hollingsworth, McConnell; Mrs. Odessa Schlosser, Terrill; Mrs. Maxine Knox, Kendall. Directors Carry Out tSecond Mothert Role ttThe dorm directors are very busy, efficient women who take seriously the responsibility for the 2,914 coeds under their supervi- sionf, said Dr. Imogene B. Dickey, acting director of all women,s resi- dence halls. ttIn addition to being a second mother, the directors have the re- sponsibility of making each hall a place of fellowship and treasured memories," the dean added. To provide living space for North Texas coeds in the fall of 1965, a new 174-capacity addition to Maple Street Hall will be opened. Mrs. Hermia Riley, social direc- tor of Quads III and IV, has been at North Texas longer than any other social director. She said things weren9t much different when she came in 1956 than they are now, excepf the "mversuy has SOCIAL DIRECTORS: Mrs. Gwen Skipworth, North Bruce; Mrs. 01a U. Drig- grown greatly 111 a few years. gers, Crumley; Mrs. Lois Greenwood, Maple Street; Mrs. Virginia Dockery, South Bruce; Miss Ione Cook, Marquis. FulI-Time Doctors Coordinate University Hospital Facilities Dr. L. O. Hayes, University Hospital Physician Two full-time physicians, DR. L. O. HAYES and DR. FRANK K. THOMPSON, direct the University Hospital staff of nine nurses, a lab technician and X-ray technician. The facilities of the hospital, completed in 1958, include examination and treatment rooms, X-ray and lab .facilities and offices for the two doctors. Services of the hospital are open to all NTSU students 24 hours a day and include services in the treatment of injuries, medical advice when needed and care of students as bed patients in the hospital. Fees for phy- sicianst services and room and board while a student is in the hospital are included in the initial registration fee paid by the student. Dr. Frank K. Thompson, University Hospital Physician - x kw 1' .5 , 5 4 I 4 9 UNIVERSITY LIFE SUI'I'SCOI'Ched StUdentS survived the 19641 summer heat to become the largest number enrolled in NTSUis summer school his- tory. Enrollment was 5,791 for the first six weeks, 4545 for the second term. The campus became a political battleground as Young Democrats and Young Republicans campaigned for their presidential candidates. YRS traveled en masso to Dallas for the State Republican Conven- tion. Ashtrays shaped like. cowboy hats were sold by YDs to raise money for the Johnson campaign. Bumper stickers and signs lit- tered the campus in preparation for the November election. The Russian comedy Squaring the Circle by Valentine Kataev was presented by the Summer Theater for a two-night run. The play involved two married couples forced to share a tiny apart- ment in Moscow. Prominent US. economists spoke to high school teachers attend- ing the Economics Institute at North Texas, one of two universities holding the six'week program on a grant from the National Science Foundation. The purpose of the institute was to strengthen the knowledge of teachers in this field and acquaint them with materials in economics. At the August commencement exercises, 18 students were awarded doctorates; 614 obtained hacheloras degrees, 311 received mastefs. As Jerry Long hAbramh bemoans the plight of the pair: of Russian newlyweds in Summer Theaterhs Squaring the Circle, Jan Short hLudmiHah comforts him. Rain is a very rare occasion during the summer term. And when the raindrops A dip in the pool after steaming classrooms reminds students start to fall there are always a few students who find themselves unprepared. ifs still summer and there,s always time for relaxation. Bicycle riding eliminates problems of no money for gas, For the picnic-minded itts a popular sport because of broken fan belts, run-down batteries and traffic jams. Dentorfs backroads and good weather most of the year. Far from campus lies an escape. Whether it be a lake, a lonely country road or a direct route home, it caters to the student with the desire to get away from the academic strains of college life. The new freedom in living away from home allows the student to practice his new independence and still remain within the limits of society. tUnlike the male student who wanders freely after the curfew hourfthe coed is hindered in her actions after 10:50 p.mJ And therejs always Dallas and Fort Worth, both within 50 miles of Denton, to help serve students, social needs. Frustration is sitting harefooted next to a golf course pond on 3 Fishing, boating and skiing are available to North Texas hot day when the sign nearby says tLNo Swimming Allowed.7y students since several lakes are within 10 miles of Denton. Students with a yen for sailboats can take advantage of White fishermen and sailor5' A limit of five horse power is placed on Rock Lake in Dallas. Regulations are enforced to protect the all motorboats, confining speeding to larger area lakes. Dallas and Fort Worth airports provide the quickest way to get Airlines give a 50 per cent discount to passengers between home during holidays or weekends. Trans-Texas and Central ages 12 and 22 who purchase identification cards. RUStiC Autumn Shed "'5 Leaves on the 75th year of North Texas, history as campus buildings and academic programs continued their dynamic progress. Only the Victory Bell, traditionally used at Eagle football games, survived the advances of modern times to remind contemporary students of the campus as it appeared seven and one- half decades ago. While students were enjoying the air-conditioned comfort of the new UB, the old part was being torn down next door. Besides air- conditioning, the first part of the new UB features piped-in music by Muzak. The building was scheduled to be completed by the sum- mer 0f 765. Enrollment reached a record 11,878 for the fall semester. Men outnumbered women 7,112 to 4,766. University Players presented a fiVe-night run Oct. 27-31 of All the Way Home, based on James Agee7s 1961 Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, 4;A Death in the Family? In freezing weather later in the fall, 367 students sped north via railroad t0 Wichita, Kan., 0n the USNT-sponsored Road TripH only to see their football team lose to the Wheatshockers 14-6. V 3 , , , rich? to, Rariiainr L or' f ?onbioh N av. 35 r, Phi;- v31 xw ism? . r4 2Y1 WHWWVK A week-night hootenanny-torchlight parade Oct. 8 promoted the Before holidays the second floor bulletin board in the sale of Road Trip tickets and the West Texas game on Ca. 10. UB is cluttered with requests for rides and riders. M Students returning in the fall watch the destruction of the while serving in the two world wars. The first half of the new old Union Building, dedicated in 1949 10 students who died three-story Union Building was Opened Aug. 3, 1964. i'; In W mwmem- ., Student Number 39323 - Where Are You? They had that ttjust boughW look about them. It happens every year: new shoes, bobby sox, linens, pipes, hairdos, billfolds, Checkbooks. Early this fall 4,003 freshmen wore that 100k on the North Texas campus. University life officially began for them at Freshman Orientation Sept. 14. Three days of registration followed. The four-inch rain on the second day of registration dimmed enthusiasm temporarily as rain-soaked coeds smiled insincerely at the ID. card photog- rapher. Was a post Office box worth waiting in line for an hour? Once the obstacles of open- ing combination locks had been overcome, freshmen discovered sprinklings of dust from the recent construction of the newly opened Union Building. Roommates met for the first time, and blind dates were full-time projects for freshmene and upperclassmenwthat first week before . . TOP: Freshma Dia e Vore consult ad iser C. E. Shuford evenlngs would be domlnated by homework. n m S V before entering tRICHTt the mad, mad maze of registration. In each freshman mind is a different hope, worry or plot at back home. Others, having discovered frosh coeds are out- orientation in the Ments Gym. Some probably wish they were numbered twoAto-one, are probably determined to stay. mzozm 254133 Chat Plays Professional With Coverage Of Presidential Election Through the night of Nov. 3 the Campus Chat office was open, ready for business. Editors and reporters mingled before televisions Cluttered with news commen- tators7 faces and blackboards daubed with names and figures. The 1964 Presidential election was the story of the semester. The Chat, with coverage of the election and its iiJOhnson By Landslidew banner headline, appeared in the Union Building the following morning. During election night7 other reporters were stationed at the radio station, the. Benton Record-Chronicle and Republican and Democratic headquarters. As returns were received, sophomore reporters prac- ticed writing election stories as they would appear in a newspaper. But the actual Chat stories were written early Wednesday morning by Editor Bill Perkins; Stan Hous- ton, page one editor; and Temple Pouncey, sports editor. Prior to the election, the Chat featured a picture page on student participation in the election and an editorial page reporting in depth the conservative and liberal Views of the electionvs political issues. The first floor of the Journalism Building was unusually active election night, Nov. 3. Lights stayed on until early Wednesday National, state and local returns were recorded on a blackboard in the sophomore reporting lab to be used in writing stories. morning While the stories were being Written for Wednesdayis edition of the Campus Chat. The paper went to press at 9:45 am. LEFT: Advanced reporter Jackie Golding was stationed at Demo- cratic Headquarters to get the returns for Denton County pre- cincts. Other reporters were sta- tioned around Demon to get quotes for the Campus Chat elec- tion edition. For speed and ex- perience, the reporters phoned the information to other reporters in the Chat office. RIGHT: Back at the Journalism Building, an- other advanced reporter, John Mashek, received calls and re- corded local returns sent in from reporters at the Record-Chranicle, Democratic Headquarters and Republican Headquarters. At the rate of 8,000 papers per hour, the Chat printing press The Print Shop opened at 6 a.m. to set copy. By 9:45 21.111. the finished the allenight process of producing the election edition. presses were rolling and the Chat crew wandered home. ABOVE: Fresh Off the press, 5,700 Copies of the Campus Chat announcing Lyndon Johnsonhs landslide victory were distributed to the Student Union Building, dormitories and faculty members. LEFT: President Johnson re- ceived 62 per cent of the popular vote to defeat Sen. Goldwater by the largest plurality in history. A Gym Ictors The Cards Were Hot for 14 Hours Snakedancers Romped In V Bandsmen loaded Instruments for 367-Mile Trip Field Ign ighty Early M Ive Appeared 0n Fore xxx.,s.,,,UV xx l0l1 Alarms Came Al e m a G e h t r e t f, A d e Y M P d n a B a h .m. A H C a .d b m a l- A NTS Format tThisTraint Chugs North 0n Wichita Road Trip With about two tons of woolens, 367 stu- dents left by train early Nov. 21 for Wichita, Kan., 0n the USNT-sponsored Road Trip. The northbound crew suffered freezing weather to see the Wichita-NTSU football game; despite the 14-6 loss to Wichita, the Eagle fans got their moneyts worth. A local combo, the Sonics, played on the train and at a dance in Wichita,s fieldhouse. After the game, Road-Trippers were fed chicken dinners by the Kansas hosts. a Chaperone DeMougeot Danced The Monkey' Rivals Met on Neutral Ground Dominoes Helped Pass the Time This Traint Finally Discovered Denton at 3 am. and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity combined efforts for a holiday land Presbyterian Children7s Home when Chi Omega sorority party. The children received several rugs for their rooms as gifts. Greeks Mix Competition With Fun, Philanthropy Since Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity received its national charter in 1951, eight other fra- ternities and six sororities have received na- tional status to make up the Greek population on the North Texas campus. The last to be chartered was Alpha Phi in April, 1964. tOne other fraternity, Geezles, is a local groupj Sororities are housed in individual ramps at Chilton Hall, where the coeds can live in a united atmosphere without the expense of maintaining sorority houses. Each of the fra- ternities has its own house. Greek competition reaches its peak four times a year: fall and spring rush, campus elections, Homecoming and Greek Week. At Christmas time, children at the Denton State School and Cumberland Presbyterian Children,s Home can look forward to parties given by the individual Greek clubs. With a trophy in mind and bananas in hand, Kappa Alpha members pool resources for Sing Song with 11Honeybun" from South Pacific. The laborious task of redecorating the Kappa Sigma fraternity house doesrft seem as difficult A candle is passed each time a sorority member when members Earl Tomlin, Steve Lambert and Dex Rogers combine their efforts to finish quickly. becomes dropped, pinned, engaged or married. A smoky room and cups of cof- fee set the mood for discussions on jazz, literature, politics and art at the Burning Bush, a weekly meet- ing place of NTSU students spon- sored by the Disciples and Presby- terian University Centers. In the Bible, God spoke from a burning bush to Moses, telling him to deliver his people from Egypt and social inequities. The NTSU Burning Bush states in its program, 6cToday,s cultural and political events cry out of the bush which is our world as a fire which has no limit of fuel and which is not quenched by any easy religious or political solutions, but demands the best of all human resources. iiBurning Bush has been estab- lished to stimulate conversation about the serious cultural and in- tellectual questions of our age with the hope that new leads will be raised to meet these questions and work toward their solution? Coffee House Crowd Probes Modern Problems Burning candles and scattered coffee cups lend them- Burning Bushls student gatherings. Informal discus- selves t0 the casual atmosphere found at any of the sions begin at 8:30 p.m. Programs start at 9:30. , ; uModern art is a revolt against symhols used in society? said art faculty in the Publids Mind.M Other participants included Sandy Mason, Dutch member Richard Lamg at a panel discussmn 0n EsThe Contemporary Arts Kepler, Donna Smith and Dr. Richard Owsley 0f the philosophy faculty. ArL major Nancy Griffin suggested having a 1311311 on campus after seeing a similar function at the Uniwrsity of Ohio. A studenfs painting seems to reflect the somber mood of Hank An opening night performance by Bill Farmer and members of 7 ,aa Morrow as he concentrates on the modern art disrussion panel. his quartet fit into the Wmsh s first program of modern jazz. Past, Present, Future: On Parade At 751h Year Homecoming Delta Gamma,s Homecoming train, entitled thTo Chug to the Future is ing the university theme of 4tSpirit 757, and the Homecoming theme, No Loco-Motivef steams along the parade route Nov. 7. Complement- the train received third place for originality in the float contest. The past met the future Nov. 7 as hundreds of North Texas exes returned to campus to celebrate the 75th anniversary Homecoming. The weekend of festivities offi- cially began Nov. 6 when Home- coming Queen Judy Perryman ig- nited the bonfire at Foutis Field. Dr. J. B. McBryde 0f the biology department was honored by a ban- quet at Marquis Hall on the eve of Homecoming. About 100 of the professoris eX-students came from across the United States to attend the dinner. Dr. MCBryde has been on the North Texas faculty for 35 years. The toll of the Victory Bell could be heard for blocks as Talons carted the Old North Texas tradition around campus after the bonfire. Students, exes and foot- ball players anticipated the game with the University of Cincinnati the next day. As usual, floatmaking crews worked late into the night to add fihishing touches to the projects they had been working on for weeks. Late permission was given to coeds, but even that wasnat enough. Early Saturday morning they continued their labors until the last crepe paper flower had been placed into the last wire hole and the floats proceeded along the parade route toward downtown Denton. Regardless of the sunny weather, a gray gloom hung over the foot- ball stadium that afternoon: Dis- appointed Eagle fans watched their seven-game Homecoming victory streak broken when the Cincinnati Bearcats defeated North Texas by an embarrassing 27-6. A blazing, crackling bonfire could be seen for miles Nov. 6 as a reminder that the 1964 Home- coming festivities had begun. Homecoming Queen Judy Perryman ignited the blaze at Fouts Field. Homecoming continued A Radiant Queen And a Roaring Bonfire Boosted Spirits; Then Came CincinnatPs Bearcats V;: A delighted, breathless Judv Pcrryman was announced Home- sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi a coming Queen prior to the Nov. 6 bonfire. Miss Perryman was nd Kappa Alpha and was attended by Cindy Beale chfU and Dianne Moore frenterl During half-time ceremonies, 20 area hands and 50 Green Jackets joined the memorate the university 5 75th anniversary and High School Band Day. The NTSU Marching Band under the direction of Maurice McAdow to com- hantYS 10 piccolos WGI'P featured in a $121$ and Stripes ForPVPF, march. TOP: Cheerlf'aders7 antics helped boost spectatorsa spirits at the game. LEFT: Line Coach Herbert Ferrill grimaces as the Braarrats break through for a touchdown. Homecoming continued Even before the parade had started, spectators donned sun- glasses and shed suitcoats. Home- coming 764" would be a scoreher. By 10:15 a.m. the streets were lined with people from Fouts Field to downtown. The crowd,s roar diminished as children yelled, "Here they come? And they came e21 floats7 30 cars, eight bands. Zeta Tau Alpha7s rooster float was named sweepstakes winner. Theta Chi won first for originality and Sigma Nu first for beauty. As Dr. James L. Rogers, assist- Hromarrowk ant to President Matthews, pointed Challenge out the students caught on to the theme CtTomorrowas Challenge EXCGEdS E x c e e d s Yesterday,s Achieve- ! mentsw perfectly, looking to the YeSterduy s futureenot the pastein the 75th AChievements, anniversary Homecoming parade. Out of 21 floats, Zeta Tau AIphafs brightly colored rooster was chosen theme, t"Fomormwts Challenge Exceeds Yesterdayts Achievementsf7 The sweepstakes winner for beauty7 originality and conformity to the paradets Zetas have received the coveted award for three of the last four years. The classes of ,14 60 yea and T39 025 y ,ar . TOP: Sunglas es and will d ,rsages filled the adium NOV. ". BOTTOB . Modem were honored at a barbecue in the. Men,s Gym. dancers, a magician and a bull-wh p act 61 9 part of the 12 act stage show that night. Homecoming continued Ex-Students Display Art For Homecoming Exhibit .x-art students from the ?VER TEXAS DALLAS" FT WORTH TURNPIKE natlon took an actlve part 111 the g Homecoming celebration as 22 $3: ggE RE STQRY IS DEUGHTiNG RQMANH f'C EXSE Whig artists displayed examples of their Z : gg gg m work in the Gallery of the Art t V g Building Nov. 7-24. Works were sent from Michigan, New York, Louisiana, Georgia and various Texas Cities in the form of interior designs, medical illustra- tions, advertising posters and even menu covers. Corrisa Hueseman, 1963 grad- uate, designed the multi-colored woven blanket which hung in the entrance and announced the ex- students, senior itions. The wel-l-knotm poster in the Dallas-Fort Worth area graduate Carl Lively, who is art director of the Jack advertlsmg 51x Flags Over Texas w 3 made by NTSU Wyatt Advertising Agency in Dallas. Blake Hampton, 1954 graduate, created illustrations of the Book FestivaV TOP RIGHT and Pittsburgh Steelers LEFT by photographing three-dimensional paper sculptures. Before JFst assassination, Hampton illustrated a satirical article in Esquire magazine entitled A Kehnedy Peeragy TOP LEFTL m a su, W: 71x: km 37 Ly mix z m N MWWW- mmmm ,Ovamnmmwmmmw w WWW mmwv v ' Mmm 0W TOP: Dentonk lig Its can be seen for mlles from Interstate 35. Prominent BOTTOM: Studeints soon learn to take for granted the innumerable traffic sights are M Kenna Park Tower and the NTSU Administration Buildinor. Jams in front of xmmen's dormitories during the 10:30 pm rush hour. 1,, 954 2W2$ MWMW A quiet, shy 10-year-old entered the door of the Speech and Hearing Clinic and released her motheris hand as she was ushered into the waiting room. She was to be one of 75 to 100 cases to be treated by an NTSU student therapist during the semester. The youngstervs therapist, like other student clinicians, was required to have 100 clock hours of clinical practice in the Speech and Hearing Clinic under the observation of faculty members Norman Barnes and Miss Carolyn Raiford. The faculty can view therapist-patient sessions through a two-way mirror without being seen by the patients. Foundation courses must be completed before students begin Clinical practice. Each clinician handles an average of four or five cases a semester, meeting each case individually two or three times a week. A variety of cases is assigned to each stu- dent by a faculty member to provide him with experience in different situations. Following this first 100 hours, the students are required to practice primary group therapy in Denton 0r Dallas public schools for another 100 hours tcomparable to senior student teaching. Additional experience is gained by working at the Denton State School, the City-County Day Nursery, the Callier Hearing and Speech Clinic in Dallas and the North Texas Laboratory School. In 1953 the North Texas Speech and Hearing Clinic consisted of three small rooms with no observation facili- ties. In 1964, the clinic was remodeled to include a $4,095 sound-proof hearing'suite taudiology suitey, three more therapy rooms, the two-way mirror device for observation and six tape recorders. During the 1953 fall semester 19 cases were given therapy treatment during the clinicjs first semester of service, but today the clinic treats nearly five times as many cases during the long semester. In addition to treatments, the speech and hearing clinic provides a diagnostic service for adults7 university stu- .. . , In the process of auditory training, the patienfs voice is recorded on tape, then dents and Chlidren 1n the pubilc SChOOlS- played back so that the patient can listen to and correct his mistakes. g . Visual stimulation is a key to therapist Andra Reid,s approach: The mirror helps One phase of auditory training requires the patient to hear his the patlent match the way she forms words for correct pronunciation. voice through earphones while he talks into a microphone. Speech and Hearin Clinic Expands Prog Since First Therapy ession in 1953 TOP: An imposing cluster of dials faces the therapist when Contrary to the popular misconception that only women are he uses the controls of the Allison audiometer. BOTTOM: speech therapists, men have equal opportunities. 1 m, hag? L Wag ug Wk ABOVE: A Feb. 23 sleet made winter official. RIGHT: The new year was welcomed in with a burst of fireworks off a bridge near Denton. 66 After The F0" came winter while warm days lin- gered on. The calendar proved it was winter, but spring insisted on an early appearance. Flowers, unaware of the season, bloomed and winter clothes remained in storage. Progress kept up a steady pace indoors. North Texas became one of five universities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to install a teletype- writer in its Main Library. With this machine the five school libraries can communicate at a momenfs notice to reserve books from each others collections. On Feb. 18, a delighted Eagle basketball team celebrated its first victory over the Cincinnati Bearcats since North Texas joined Mis- souri Valley Conference basketball in 1957-58. To make room for the booming enrollment, plans were initiated for a new 522-capacity womenis dormitory to be completed by Sep- tember, 1966. The new dorm will be named Clark Hall after the former dean of women, Miss Edith Lanier Clark, who died in 1964. It will be built directly west of Maple Street dormitory, which was completed in time for the 1964 fall semester. Three education doctorates, 76 mastefs degrees and 448 bachelofs degrees were received during the winter commencement exercises Jan. 31, bringing to 133 the total number of doctorates earned since North Texas awarded its first in 1953. Flo-wers were blooming at North Texas while most of the Umted States was covered with a sheet of snow and ice. Flags flew at half-mast as the world mourned the death of British statesman Sir Winston Churchill, who died Jan. 24. A capacity audience in the Main Auditorium Feb 16 responded to Dr. captured the crowd,s attention with his dynamic views on WThe Meaning Ashley Montaguhs speech mth a standmg ovatl n The author of 24 books Education' The Uni'ersity and the Cross-currents of Change? Dr. Ashley Montagu Views Role of Education At 75'rh Year Convocation The time was appropriate Feb. 16 for North Texans to hear noted anthropologist Dr. Ash- ley Montagu speak on iiThe Meaning of Edu- cation: The University in the Cross-Currents of Change? NTSU was in the midst of 75th anniver- sary celebrations and students were receptive to Dr. Montagu,s views on the meaning of education, both today and in the past. The author addressed students, faculty members and 40 delegates from Texas col- leges and universities in the Main Auditorium at the academic convocation, first major event commemorating the 75th year. Hn 1939, an honor convocation was held to cele- brate NTSU,s 50th year anniversaryJ ttWithout understanding and the ability to lovef, he said, ttknowledge can be the most dangerous instrument in the world? He classified modern education as instruc- tionwthe tracing of skills and techniques. iiWe know everything about everything:, he said, tiexcept what it,s forf, iiEducation is the process of enabling human beings to realize their capabilities and carry them out, creatively and lovingly to the world? he added. He believes educators are among the small proportion of people who are capable of doing what must be done if wthe ship is to be saved? Board of Regents members Joe Nelson, M.D., 0f Weatherford and Ben Wooten of Dallas pause for a few minutes of light conversation with President J. C. Matthews after the convocation. 69 A requiem mass in memory of President John F. Kennedy Rev. Amilian Novak, who witnessed the 19 was held at the Canterbury House on Nov. 22, 1964. Catholic students Nov. 56 Hungarian Revolt, spoke to 18 on communism and the church in East Europe. North Texas students have numerous opportunities to begin, continue or increase their Christian educations. Denton churches plan their programs to provide special activities for NTSU and Texas Womanhs University students: Five religious groups sponsored a popular film series to motivate group discussion and encourage students to attend churches. St. Paul Lutheran Church offered single students a six-week course on marriage. The Burning Bush, a weekly discussion cen- ter on intellectual subjects, was sponsored by the Presbyterian and Disciples of Christ Uni- versity Centers. Immaculate Conception Catholic Church held the annual Red Mass, which invokes the o 0 Holy Spirifs blessing on students. Rellg'on: Non-denominational Bible courses are of- fered by the School of Arts and Sciences. There for the Taking The 40-voiee choir of San Antonids Trinity University gave a part of the choir's annual 10-day tour. The choir's selections concert Feb. 3 at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Denton as ranged from popular and folk tunes to sacred music. tlefs Give One Big FIGHT Bold green-and-white striped cardigan sweaters distinguished the seven varsity cheerleaders everywhere they went-and they went almost everywhere: football and basketball games, Wichita Road Trip, pep rallies and the Homecoming parade. At season,s start there were six, but Puddy Carter dropped out because of illness and Ted Wilson took his place. In the fall, Carolyn Deuback, Nancy Filippone and LaGaer Henson led cheers at a Panhellenic party given to acquaint freshman coeds with some of the ttgoings- onh at North Texas. The men pitched in to help make posters promoting the Road Trip, and during fall registration they sold freshman beanies. Mike Shahan Nancy Filippone Jim Marrs Carolyn Deuback Sports Galore Wooden-tipped foils, wire face masks, gloves and heavy denim jackets are all included in the protective measures used by fencers. Participation in sports at North Texas is hardly limited to varsity competition. The physical education department offers a wide program, ranging from informal activi- ties such as Ping-Pong and wrestling to organized intramural and intercollegiate com- petition for men and women. Modern, tap and folk dance classes are also offered. These activities are conducted in the gym- nasium, on campus sports fields, and in the 115-acre recreation park southwest of cam- pus, which has an 18-hole golf course and a large, two-story clubhouse. Additional courses are offered in summer school in life saving and water safety instruc- tion. The pool is open in the afternoon for those not in swimming classes. Volleyball is offered as a class and as an intramural sport for sororities and womenhs dormitories. 75 i mm? hm WQQQ better known as table term a nan 7V :g Q 5:: I. :3: "Eu reflexes. ggi :. $33: mg sport ion and fast its Christmas play, sThe Purification, mov mat in L gm g? m, , ?mg mg: gsgmwrmmneegmma meme, gum; XL my. mgmmmr a The fast- improve coord ist Student Center. to good way adapted from the Medieval Wakefield Mystery Cycle. formations to suggest the scenery .L p a B 153 ilar to the leafless limbs of an adjacent tree. The Modern Dance Club used interpretive lZOIl assume DOSES 51m L; , L a 3W? m L g u? me $L in the Menhs and Womenhs Gymnasiums and at the am wmmggg shsmiwswx? , haixeg h 5w one of the less expensive sports for budget-minded college stu- can be played : Silhouettes of two modern dancers 0n the bar Ping Pong, dents The ROTC Vitalization Act signed into law by President Johnson in 1964 has made it possible for college men to begin the Air F orce ROTC program their junior year and complete the original four-year plan in only two years. The program calls for a six-week basic field training course to be given in the summer as a substitute for the first two years of classroom courses. The act also raises the cadets, monthly sal- ary from $27 to $40 and gives advanced cadets many of the same privileges as reg- ular Air F orce personnel. The Division of Air Science was changed to the Division of Aerospace Studies as a result of the Vitalization Act. Under the new plan, cadets in uniform will be able to travel in Air Force aircraft on a Tspace availableT, program to any Air Force installation in America. AFROTC curriculum offers basic drill, a study of the constituents of aerospace power and operations which prepare future Air 0 o . F ff' . I964 VITGIIZUTIOH AC1. 02:6: clsfrTEIetion of the program, a cadet is eligible for an appointment as a second Streamlines AFROTC Program lieutenant in the US. Air Force. hours of flight training and 35 Airport under the Air Forces Flight Instruction Program tFIPL Successful hours of ground school at the civilian flying school at the Demon Municipal completion qualifies them for a private pilot license. 76 ABOVE: A large transparent globe is used in an RIGHT: Insignias of the Air Force commands are AFROTC classroom for study of world flight patterns. displayed on the second floor of the Meds Building. , ??m A m0nkey,, routine was performed by NTSU Angel Flight members on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Mm e am W UHinVited MOI'Ch Rain accompanied flourishes of wind as 10,816 students endured the spring semester. After a disappoint- ingly gray winter, spring was welcome, even if it meant a month of cumbersome umbrellas and windblown hairdos. Suggestions of a new student number system came with spring registration, when students were asked to indicate their Social Security numbers. The new system was to begin in September, 1965. On March 24, business, government and education leaders from the Dallas-Fort Worth area attended a symposium to explore their common interests in the region and to determine the regionis rela- tion to higher education. The symposium was the second special event commemorating the 75th anniversary. The third special event was the University Day celebration May 7, which consisted of a morning assembly, an afternoon honors con- vocation sponsored by Meritum, and an evening program featuring the famous singing group, the Brothers Four. Stan Kenton, 3 leader of the American jazz scene, directed the 1 O,Clock Lab Band April 27 during the last half of the annual spring jazz concert in the Main Auditorium. Rows of shaded wooden bleachers 0n the north side of the Swimming Pool provide a makeshift study hall for college students wanting to take advantage of the warm season and sunshine. Debate Coach William DeMougeot offers arguments on the unemployment issue to Jebby Prindle and Ben Sheppard, who debated the issue April 20-24- at the West Point Championship Meet. Located within D-aIIaS, pity limits, Love The Cotton Bowl is host to college, Among Dallasites, the Republic National Bank with its bright Field is a busy Clty in 1t561f- high school and pro football games. aluminum sides is known as the hbuilding with the stars.,' 80 Ballets, operas, plays and musicals are presented in the State Fair Music Hall located at Fair Park. Circular Memorial Auditorium stands out in a skyline of tall, modem; rectangular buildings. And Then Therets Dallas Towering skyscrapers meet the horizon where the East and tas some would have you thinkt civilization endethatk Dallas. Only 38 miles from Denton, Big D offers North Texans a combina- tion of curricular and extracur- ricular activities. Numerous field trips are taken to the city and many North Texas grads are em- ployed by Dallas firms. And there are few students who have never made Dallas their des- tination on a Saturday night. Over 4,000 North Texas stu- dents come from the Dallas area. Green NTSU decals are a famil- iar sight to drivers between Den- ton and Dallas on Interstate High- way 35, which serves as the route for the commuters. Kappa Alpha members used musclepower, hut in vairt, Winners were Sigma Nu, with Kappa Sigma second and at the charlot race sponsored by Delta Slgma Phl. Phi Kappa Sigma third. Nine fraternities participated. LEFT: Hair, feet and legs flew in all directions as Chihs sorority bike race. RIGHT: Even a few bikes members of the six sororities competed in Theta went air-borne in the Kappa Sig bike race. Fraternity men donned togas and laurel wreaths April 1 to participate in the Delta Sigma Phits chariot race, held on the Lab School Field as one of the events of Greek Week, March 28 to April 2. Sigma Nu won the three-heat race; Kappa Sigma placed second. Sing Song 011 March 28 was the first event of the Greek festivities. Kappa Sigma received first place in the fraternity division and Delta Gamma took top honom in the sorority division. Janet Wildman of Delta Gamma was crowned Greek Pea" utsl Week Queen during Sing Song. ' . Other activities were Sigma Phi Epsilon,s volleyball tournament, won by Kappa Delta; Kappa Sigmafs bike race, by Pi Kappa Alpha; Theta Chfs bike race and Pi Kappa Alphats turtle race, both by Zeta Tau Alpha. T0905! Popcorn! TOP: At Sing Song, Delta Gamma won first place, smority division, by Bonds? BOTTOM: Kappa Sigmas sang Hahn Henry" and gBrightly singing, ttSend Forth Thy Spirit7 O God? and gWhen a Girl Joins the Gleams the Star and Crescenth to win first place, fraternity division. Reflections Youjre surrounded everywhere you look, on every side, at every turn. Once here, you cannot escape the campus: Glance at a building and you711 see bits of the campus reflected in the windows. At your feet the Ad Building may be mirrored in a pool of water. At your side automobile chrome might reflect students rushing to classes. Youtre completely surrounded. Freshmen probably notice more than others as they struggle to become active on campus. Upperclassmen tend to ignore those things they see every day, things which blend so easily into the daily routine. Probably very few pause to realize how a simple mirror or window pane plays a role in University Life. TOP: Progress. of the new Union Building is reflected in a car window. LEFT: A less glamorous view is seen in a mud puddle. TOP LEFT: Voertman's Bookstore uses convex mirrors Administration Building blend with a Post Office door. to detect shoplifters. TOP RIGHT: Reflections of the ABOVE: Coed-watching is a favorite pastime. Q QQTE QQLWEQ NTSU: The Only Way Is Up Expanding From One leased Building To A Multimillion Dollar Plant, The University, The Dream Of An Indiana Educator, Hus Grown To A Fully Accredited Institution 0f Higher Education HONORS Flfteen TOP COGdS were announced at Theta Sigma PhiTs Matrix Table March 31. Miss Martha Beard, assistant to the dean of women, presented the awards to five seniors7 five juniors and five sophomores, none of whom had a grade point average below 2.4. The Top Woman Journalist award was made to January graduate Shirley Quinn at the pie-and-coffee supper at the Ramada Inn. Every faculty member was asked to nominate five women they thought to be outstanding students. Information forms from the nominees were studied by a faculty committeeeDr. Harry Snapp 0f the history faculty, Dr. Irma Caton of the physical education faculty, Maurice McAdow 0f the music faculty and Dean of Women Imogene Dickey. The committee made the final decision. The Top Woman Journalist was selected by a committee of journalism faculty members. Speaker for the event was Val 1mm, society editor of the Dallas Times Herald. About 100 people attended the meeting and heard the society editor relate incidents that have happened to her while cover- ing stories. She told of seeing a T:sh0ck-frock,? ttopless cocktail dressT at a party given by Melvin Belli during the Republican Con- . TOP WOMAN JOURNALIST ventlon last summer. Shirley Quinn, Hurst SENIOR TCOC,S SENIOR TCOCTs Pam De Groot, Dallas; Fran Clifton, Fort Worth Suzanne Heath, Pasadena; Tancey Love, San Antonio : $ JUNIOR TC0C75 SOPHOMORE TCOC7S Doris Shivers, Carthage; Jebby Prindle, Dallas Joan Atterhury, Kingsville; Janet Myers, Lake Jackson 4,; ' a . , $ JUNIOR TCOCs SOPHOMORE TCOCs Ann Gray, Midland; Julie Moherg, Fort Worth, Stricklin, Garland; Angela Penna, Beaumont; Pat Hunt, Irving Five H O n O I' S 0 Ci eti eS promote and recognize scholarship on campus; their forerunners have been at North Texas since Sept. 31, 1901, when the Kendall-Bruce Society was founded. Although not strictly an honor Club, the group originally was 16a body of energetic young men,1 who assembled to form the schooljs first society dedi- cated to excellence in oratory and over-all scholarly improvement. One of these organizations is Alpha Chi. The honor society at- tempts to utilize for the university those elements of character which make scholarship 41effective for goodf, In April, Alpha Chi sponsored an art show in Voertman,s Book- store. Proceeds from the sale were used for the Myrtle C. Brown Memorial Scholarship. In the spring of 1964 the group sponsored North Texas, first Scholarship Emphasis Week. Jeff Crossland and Paul Lewis decide where each of the Pieces ranging from $5 to $100, representing both modern original prints in Alpha Chfs art show should be hung. and Renaissance artists, were displayed for the sale. BOTTOM ROW: B. Nelson7 recording secretary-treasurer; S. Heath, corresponding secretary. ROW TWO: J. Crossland, vice-president; P. Lewis, president. BOTTOM ROW: J. Griffith, J. Patterson, J. Titus, T. Krueger, L. Littleton, C. Zimmermann, H. Clause, A. Freeman, M. Mallewick, T. Love, ROW TWO: D. Norquest, S. Heath, M. Etheridge, E. Smith, D. Moore, N. Spencer, M. Harris, J. Railsback, B. Bettes, J. Thompson. ROW THREE: F. Lewis, D. White, J.' Grady, J. Crossland, P. Hubbard, J. Harper, N. Dittrick, F. Clifton, A. Elliott, B. Nelson. Meritum, local honor society for senior women, re- vamped the traditional May 1 Honors Day Assembly this year, changing it to University Day Honors Convocation. Dr. J. K. G. Silvey, distinguished professor of biology and biology department director, spoke at the convoca- tion. The new program will provide for a prominent campus professor to lecture each year. Merifum On the afternoon of University Day, Meritum held its annual Calling Out, where new members are tapped. Local Women ,5 Honor G r0 U p "0' ds In the fall Meritum sponsored a freshman orientation program. Upperclassmen active in campus organizations met with small groups of freshmen to answer questions UHiverSity Day Awards convocation about the campus and suggest study plans. $2 BOTTOM ROW: S. Quinn7 H. Clause. ROW TWO: C. Edwards, Moore, E. Smith. ROW THREE: S. Heath, J. Thompson, S. Dickeson, T. Love. ROW FOUR: F. Clifton, M. Harris, K. Boeger. BOTTOM ROW: D. White, J. Killingsworth, B. Perkins, K. Matthews, J. Railsback. ROW TWO: J. Cools, J. Peery, B. Sheppard, M. Morris, J. Crossland, P. Hubbard. ROW THREE: S. Lambert, J. Grady, A. McGuffey. Blue Key Unfamiliar Fields Introduced Through New Sunday Series Blue Key, menas national honor fraternity7 launched a Sunday Forum Series this spring to introduce contem- porary subjects not familiar to most students. The first lecturer was Leon Breeden, director of the North Texas Lab Bands. His hlnsights Into Jazz,, pro- gram dissected 4cthat thing we call jazz, for lack of a better word?7 The 1 O,Clock Lab Band demonstrated Breeden7s main points and later played a reassembled composition for the Sunday afternoon audience. Second speaker in the series was Ron Wilcox 0f the Dallas Theater Center. A resident actor and playwright, he explained c4Perspectives in Modern Theater? His play, The Tragedy of Thomas Andros, was presented by the center in its 1963-64 season. Tim Trickey 0th was in charge of the first Sunday Forumw consults NTSU Lab Band Director Leon Breeden before the session on jazz opens. PhiEfa Sigma Freshman Ments Honorary Joins Other Clubs in Tutoring Service All the freshman men in Phi Eta Sigma have at least a 2.5 grade average. But they never become complacent, for an award given each year to the sophomore member with the highest academic average helps develop incen- tive for each member. In the spring the national honor society, founded in 1923, joined other organizations in offering a. free tutor- ing service for students needing help. The group also contributed a proposed study plan to the 75th Anniversary Bulletin. In the study plan Phi Eta Sigma noted: "In college you will need to budget your time more than you ever have done before. A study as- signment is never mastered without a great deal of remem- OFFICERS: K. Wilson, president; J. Haden, secretary; J. Liggett, correspondent; . ' 7, S. Granstaff, treasurer; L. Visentine, vice-president. berlng based on understandlng. BOTTOM ROW: B. McMath, E. Scott, S. Granstaff, S. Burke. ROW TWO: J. Haden, K. Wilson, E. Wiggins, B. Franklin, G. Massey. ROW THREE: L. Visentine, E. Ferguson, P. Mills, J . Liggett. Alpha Lambda Delta History Collected In New Scrapbook Centering its programs around NTSUE 75th anniversary celebra- tion, Alpha Lambda Delta, fresh- man womenis honorary society, compiled a scrapbook dating to the 1930s and a detailed scrapbook of this year,s work. The scholarship society partici- pated in an October meeting with Alpha Chi, at which Dr. Chester Newland of the government faculty spoke. Alpha Lambda Delta also sponsored a party in connection with Phi Eta Sigma, honorary scholarship organization for fresh- OFFICERS: N. Scott, reporter; G. Weber, secretary; M. Hagerman, vice- man men. . . . . preSIdent; 5. Petty, treasurer; C. Strlckhn, president. BOTTOM ROW: G. Weber, L. Adams, M. Millburn, T. Crumpton, M. Guerra7 A. Penna, S. Petty. ROW TWO: L. Matthews, L. Johnson, J. Atterbury, S. Jones, S. Graham, L. Foote, N. Scott. ROW THREE: C. Stricklin, M. Hagerman, J. Johns, M. Conklin, J, Spradley, J. Shields, J. Spradley, H. Lesikar, J. Moyer. ROW FOUR: S. McCue, P. Patterson, P. Stafford, K. Patterson, D. Boone, 5. Peterson, K. Westbrook, L. Speer, K. Odom, S. Robertson. WhO,S Who members numbered 38 at North Texas for the 1965 edition of 171103 Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges. The students received recognition in May at the Honors Day Assembly sponsored by Meritum. Each year out- standing graduates, seniors and juniors are nominated by faculty members, former ths Who students and presidents of student clubs. Final selection is made by a faculty committee and former Whois Who members. The Campus Chat, a five-time pacemaker newspaper, pointed out in an editorial written by a Whois Who: gThe nominees should gratefully accept the tributes that come with their distinction. But there should be a realization that ultimately the recognition is largely for having had a finger in a lot of pies? A campus honor, Yucca Whois Who, is commonly but incorrectly thought to be the national award. Yucca Wh0,s Who is an award made to majors in every field of study offered at a departmental level in the university. Winners are selected by faculty members of each department on the basis of scholarship and participation in departmental activities. Y ucca ths Who nominees are pictured in the Departments section. Edward Supina Doris Shivers EDWARD SUPINA, a senior physical education major from Bridgeport, is a member of Talons, IFC, Geezles, SEA, Newman Club, NT AHPER and the varsity football team. Supina is the intramural student coordinator. DORIS SHIVERS, a junior elementary ed. major from Carthage, is a member of Green Jackets, Jr. Mary Arden, Kappa Delta Pi, SEA, Alpha Delta Lambda and ACE. She was chosen a TCOC, Yucca Beauty, member of Meritunfs Sopho- more Honor Guard and is vice-president of the state SEA. SUZANNE HEATH, senior government major from Pasadena, belongs to Delta Gamma tvspres" scholarship chan, Pi Sigma Alpha tsech, Kappa Delta Pi, USNT Elections Board, Jr. Mary Arden, Yucca staff tassoc. edJ, Meritum tv.-presJ and Alpha Chi tsech. Suzanne Heath J ebby Prindle I ." , u- .' . ' Kenneth Matthews Augustus A. Fargarson JEBBY PRINDLE, a junior government major from Dallas, belongs to Alpha Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Debate Club, Panhellenic, Pi Kappa Delta, Mary Ar- den and Phi Alpha Theta. She was elected as sophomore and junior senator and was chosen a TCOC U964L AUGUSTUS A. FARGARSON, a junior government major from Carthage, is a member of USNT Elections Board, Blue Key, Talons, Phi Eta Sigma WresJ, YD, Chancery Club, Debate Club and Pi Kappa Delta. He is the district chair- man of the Texas Intercollegiate Stu- dent Association, USNT budget officer and Blue Keys outstanding sophomore man. KENNETH MATTHEWS, a senior bi- ology major from Denton, belongs to Beta Beta Beta, Talons Wresj and Blue Key. He is a research assistant and a laboratory tutor. Wh0,S Who continued Richard Whitten RICHARD WHITTEN, a junior piano major from Lawton, Okla., is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the University Symphony and Phi Eta Sigma. Whitten received awards from both Phi Mu Alpha and Pi Kappa Lambda as the outstanding male music major and also the award from Pi Kappa Lambda as the outstanding sophomore male music major. HOLLIE CLAUSE is a senior education major from Archer, Neb. She belongs 10 Junior Mary Arden, Kappa Delta iEd., Song Chan, Alpha Chi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Panhellenic Council tpresJ, SEA and the Senate Welfare Board. She was selected as a TCOC and was named 10 Mcritumis Sophomore Honor Guard. EDDIE CLAUNCII is a graduate marketing,r major from Sherman. He is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Chi, AFROTC, Arnold Air Sociuly and Marketing Club. He was named outstand- ing marketing student i1964i, Yucca Whois Whos 09640, grad. uated with high honors and has a teaching fellowship. SHELLEY HURST, a graduate student in English from Handcr- son, is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, MSM, Junior Mary Arden and the Philosophy Club. Miss Hurst was the outstanding freshman in philosophy and has a teaching fellow- ship in English and philosophy. hm Hollie Clause Eddie Claunch Shelley Hurst PRESTON LEE LAWRENCE, a junior government major from Denison, is a member of Debate Club, Pi Kappa Delta WresJ, YD, Pre-Law Club and has received trophies in debate. Lawrence is chairman of the Central Ticket Purchasing Agency. MRS. BETTIE LOUISE GARNER, a senior English major from Moody, belongs to Jr. Mary Arden hiresJ, Alpha Lambda Delta, Creen Jackets Worms. sech, Angel Flight mistJ, USNT Summer Planning Board, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Chi, YD, BSU and Meritum$s Sophomoxe Honor Guard. She was chosen as a TCOC and was elected freshman Class vice-president. DON THAMES, graduate student in English from Nacogdoches, is a member of the Linguistic Circle, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Chi, Phi Eta Sigma and Pi Kappa Lambda. He was Avesta poetry editor and has a teaching fellowship in English. ANN GRAY is a junior French major from Midland. Miss Gray is a member of Green Jackets Wres., rec. sech, SEA, BSU, Pi Delta Phi, Jr. Mary Arden W. presJ7 Alpha Lambda Delta $6ch and Meritunfs Sophomore Honor Guard. Preston Lee Lawrence Don Thames Mrs. Bettie Louise Garner Ann Gray Who's Who' continued Michael Buchholz MICHAEL BUCHHOLZ is a junior from Fort" Worth with a double major in journalism and mathematics. He is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, KME, Press Club, SDX, Alpha Chi, Blue Key and the Campus Chat Editorials Board. Buchholz holds two Aca- demic Achievement Awards from AFROTC. MRS. TANCEY LOVE is a senior journalism major from San Antonio. Mrs. Love belongs to Theta Sigma Phi, Press Club, Alpha Chi7 Jr. Mary Arden, Alpha Lambda Delta itreasj Student Publi- cations Committee, Campus Chat iassoc. news ed., activities- amusements edJ and Meritum. KEITH MCELROY, senior art major from Cedar Hill, is a member of Alpha Chi, Alpha Kappa Delta, SAAD, YD, Phi Eta Sigma. He is a Yucca Whois Who i1964i and has received the Voertmanis Award and the Award of Merit in the St. Regis Paper Competition. MORRIS MARTIN is a senior from Fort Worth with a double major in English and music. He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia ipresJ, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi, Blue Key, YD and ISO. He was named outstanding freshman music major by Pi Kappa Lambda and won the Avesta non-fiction award. Keith McElroy Mrs. Tancey Love Morris Martin Mary Ann Harris Linda Lou Henderson Shirley Quinn MARY ANN HARRIS, senior from Royse City majoring in ac-, counting and business education, belongs to Phi Chi Theta ipresj, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, Meritum UreasJ, Alpha Lambda Pi, Beta Alpha Psi isech, SEA and is Marquis Hail treasurer. SHIRLEY QUINN, senior from Hurst majoring in journalism and English, is in Meritum irepJ, Theta Sigma Phi isech, Newman Club isech, Press Club itreasJ, Alpha Lambda Delta, Jr. Mary Arden, Campus Chat ieditor, editorials ed., activities-amusements edJ and has received the Avesta fiction award. LINDA LOU HENDERSON is a senior from Saint J0 with a double major in English and French. Miss Henderson is a member of Sigma Tau Delta irepJ, Alpha Lambda Delta, Jr. Mary Arden, Pi Delta Phi and Kappa Delta sorority ihism. JOHN C. TEDDLIE is a graduate from Houston majoring in ele- mentary school administration. He is a member of SEA ipresJ, Phi Delta Kappa, Gamma Theta Upsilon, ACE and MSM. Teddlie was selected the outstanding male education major U964L J ohn C. Teddlie Wh0,$ Who continued F rederick Kluck Ann Bransford FREDERICK KLUCK, a graduate French student from Odessa, is a mem- ber of Pi Kappa Lambda, Alpha Chi, Phi Mu Alpha and Phi Eta Sigma. He is a part-time instructor and a Yucca ths Who U965L ANN BRANSFORD, a senior English major from Berger, is a member of Delta Gamma hush chan, Jr. Pan- hellenic, Sr. Panhellenic Sech, Angel Flight Lt. Cmdr., Cmer and Green Jackets. Miss Bransford Was sophomore senator and junior class secretary. DEVON SMITH, a junior from Waxa- hachie, is a double major in physics and mathematics. He is in Phi Eta Sigma WresJ, AIP, KME and Blue Key. He received the freshman mathematics award and was chosen the outstanding sophomore physics major. BETTY NELSON, a senior English ma- . jor from San Antonio, belongs to Alpha Devon Smlth Chi SecystreasJ, Sigma Tau Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Jr. Mary Arden QresJ , Mary Arden, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, YD and SEA. 4 Betty Nelson Charles H. Roberts Claudia Wilson Tom Shuford J ulie Moberg CHARLES H. ROBERTS, a senior speech and drama major from Dallas, is a member of University Players ipresJ, Supper Theater ipresJ and Alpha Psi Omega ipresJ. He received the best supporting actor award, the best actor award and was chosen the out- standing student in theater U962-63i. CLAUDIA WILSON is a junior food and nutrition major from Dallas. She belongs to Green Jackets, Phi Upsilon Omicron ivxpresJ and Ellen H. Rich- ards. She was Chosen outstanding freshman home economics major, outstanding freshman woman and TCOC. JULIE MOBERG, junior piano major from Fort Worth, is a member of Alpha Chi, Mu Phi Epsilon, Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Dttltu and Junior Mary Arden. She was chosen outstanding freshman woman music major by both Mu Phi Epsilon and Pi Kappa Lambda. Pi Kappa Lambda also chose her as out- standing sophomore woman music major. She is a TCOC. TOM SHUFORD, a senior journalism major from Denton, is a member of SDX, Press Club ipresq treasJ, Blue Key, USNT Public Relations Comm.7 Campus Chat Wage one edJ and the Avesta staff. Who's Who continued JERRY GRADY, a senior marketing;r major from Greenville, be- longs to Kappa Sigma Hush Chan, Talons whapJ, Blue Key OreasJ, Alpha Chi, Beta Gamma Sigma WresJ, Marketing Club WresJ, Phi Eta Sigma, USNT Senate and Finance Club. Grady was chosen as a Yucca ths Who 096m. BEVERLY JANE FRAZIER, junior speech major from Midland, is a member of Pi Kappa Delta WspresJ, Debate Club and ISO. She was a freshman senator and Senate parliamentarian. JOHN HARPER is a senior physics major from Fort Worth. He is a member of AIP, Alpha Chi and KME UreasJ. Harper has a National Science Foundation Research Grant. JERON STEVENS, a senior education major from Abilene, be- longs to Sigma Phi Epsilon mresJ, Talons, Phi Alpha Theta, SEA and YD. He is a Yucca ths Who U96m and was cited for the outstanding contribution to Sigma Phi Epsilon. Beverly Jane Frazier John Harper Jerry Grady Jeron Stevens James E. Crout Patricia Diane Green JAMES E. CROUT is a junior biology major from Denison. He is in Phi Eta Sigma isech, Alpha Chi, YD itreasJ, BSU, ISO and Beta Beta Beta. MARY KATHERINE RUSSEL, a grad- uate mathematics student from Fort Worth, is a member of Meritum7 AIP isech, KME itreasJ, WRA, Alpha Chi, Canterbury and is a Yucca Whois Who U969. PATRICIA DIANE GREEN is a grad- uate English student from Smithfield. Miss Green is a member of Jr. Mary Arden, Alpha Lambda Delta, BSU, Sigma Tau Delta, Sigma Delta Pi and YD. TALANA HADSELL, a senior physical education major from Fort Worth, be- longs to Delta Psi Kappa, TAHPER, AAHPER, Angel Flight, Womenis Pro- fessional Club, WRA and is a Yucca Whois Who U960. Miss Hadsell is a student assistant in Physical Ed. Talana Hadsell Eigh'l YUCCCI Beauties were selected from 60 entrants during the 14th annual Yucca Beauty contest in November. Selecting favor- ites or beauties has been a tradition at North Texas since its early years. At times, contests have included men, and the number of coeds selected as beauties has ranged from one to 15. During the 19403, one coed was singled out yearly as Queen of the Yucca. The 1965 Yucca Beauties had been judged twice before they were named winners. Preliminary judging was held Nov. 16. Ed Mason and Bob Barton 0f the Austin College Chromascope staff and Miss Charlotte Rackley and Miss Chetta Henderson of the East Texas State Locust were judges for the first event. Disc jockeys Charlie Brown and Irving Harrigan from Dallas, KLIF, Record-Chronicle Managing Editor Mike Engleman and Mrs. Murray Kendrick, designer with Russell-Newman Manufacturing Co., judged the finals. They were allowed to talk with the finalists and questioned them on campus life and future plans. Yucca staff members presented the beauties to the student body Nov. 24 at the Lab Band Concert directed by Leon Breeden. Portraits by Mike Meyers Stuff Photographer Yucca BeauHes tthuM Gail Culpepper TenHIHaH Carmen Davis Sigma Nu Yucca Beauties continued Nancy Hunt Chi Omega Is: 2; n ,, swam 2w $2 2 , - y r; 'nWi g 235 w wgwggw W gggggwgwf ; L , ngim Z? W W 22522 , . ; XX-gmgyzg a .- ' A x , 2 nl3 , 22222312 myaxmumua $35??? " , V Bonnie McShan Green Jackets Yucca Beauties continued Roberta Moore McConnell Hall Beth Simmons Kendall Hall Yucca Beauties continued, Suzanna Sperry Association for Childhood Education Jackie Williams Sigma Alpha Iota oNsTAGE$ Edited by Cragg Hines With Hints 0f SUCCESS for the upcoming season, the Roger Wagner Chorale and Orchestra opened the Fine Arts Series Oct. 10 with a wave of baroque ornamentations and thrilling Mozart mass. For the most part, the audience, which awarded the 25-Voice ensemble a standing ovation, was hearing strange music; DeLassus, Gahrielli and Jannequin are names familiar to students of music history, but the usual college student is dumbfounded by the intri- cacies of baroque and renaissance music. But few listeners seemed bored, even by the complexities of Bach counterpoint in ttSinget Den Herrerf7 or 3 Mozart double fugue in the D minor tRequiem?9 The intellectual program, the responsive audience-it was an excellent overture to a season which promised choirs, symphonies, dramas and pianists from the Fine Arts docket; the university itself offered its usual deluge of student recitals and plays. And as the 75th yeafs F ine Arts Series advanced, NTSU seemed to come of cultural age. Spoon River Folk Bring Masterst Poems to Life Out of his boyhood in Petersburg and Lewistown, 111., Edgar Lee Masters wrote Spoon River Anthology, a series of poems about peo- ple who come alive in a country cemetery. Charles Aidman adapted the poems for the stage and directed the Touring Theater, 1110., production of Spoon River, which appeared on the Fine Arts Series Nov. 2. The tasteful staging was executed in an exciting, stylized manner. The actors- Bar- bara Gilbert, Carl Esser, Linda Seff and Wil- liam Severseportrayed many different townspeople during the show. The vignettes were separated by folksingers Marilyn Child and preacher-turned-folksinger Gil Turner, who sang songs of the Midwest and concluded the performance with Aidman,s ctSpoon River Song? Masters, characters-recalled-to-life represent tragedy, .comedy, valor and truth, heroism, constancy, courage and failure. Mastersh Anthology is credited as being a major influence for Sherwood Andersonhs 4tWinesburg, Ohio? Sinclair Lewis, HMain Streeth, and Thornton Wilderhs ttOur Town? The Actors Wait in the Shadow of Their Graves as Miss Child Sings of the With A Somber Awareness Of the Past, Each Character Recalls Both the Happiness and Sorrow Of His Life in Spoon River Ballet Bounces To Beat Of Bela Bartok TOP: Bewitched by Bartok, a dancer glides about with a stool atop her head. RIGHT: Boxes of makeup, costumes and lights are a part of any touring company. Forty-four dancers, accompanied by 10,000 trunks, more or less, traipsed into Denton NOV. 13 for the Amer- ican Ballet Theater7s performance, the third show of the Fine Arts Series. Directed by Lucia Chase and Oliver Smith, the mem- bers of the 24-year-old company whirled through the four numbers of the program. Inspired by the music of Bela Bartok and the com- mentaries of Francisco Goya on a group of his paintings, the company performed "Caprichosf, a ballet in four episodes choreographed by Herbert Ross. Susan Borree and Mary Gelder danced with stools on their heads to Bartokls tiContrasts." The corresponding Goya state- ment was HThese good girls have seats enough and nothing to do better than carry them on their heads? Obviously the girls didn,t, since they continued throughout the number to scrutinize each dancer that appeared. John Krinza dragged a limp Ruth Ann Koesun around the stage and attempted to bring to life the dancer who looked like a rag doll. But as Goya pointed out, lilf he were more gallant and less of a bore, she would come to life again? The first two numbers on the program, tcLes Sylphides,7 and gtJardin Aux Lilasf, were in the traditional ballet style, but ltCaprichosli was choreographed in a modern idiom. The final number on the program was itTheme and Variationsf, choreographed by George Balanchine, direc- tor of the New York City Ballet company. LEFT: Under the glare of a spotlight, ballerinas warm up be- fore the show and then perform either as soloists RIGHT or as members of the corps BELOW . For the 18th time the Dallas Symphony seated itself on the Main Auditorium stage and began to play. Perhaps the performance on Dec. 15 was as good or better than any of the other 18 perform- ances which the symphony has presented at North Texas, and it was undoubtedly one of the most stirring. The symphony first appeared on this campus in 1931. It was 1948 before the group appeared here again. Since then it has been a 18th Time Around yearly occurrence, except in 1955- 56. Last year the symphony played here twice, once each semester. The symphony in its 65th year is led by Donald Johanos, 34-year- old music director. The 92-mem- her orchestra has had nine other conductors, including Antal Dorati, Georg Solti and Paul Kletzki. To celebrate the universitfs anniversary, the orchestra played f 0 r m e r student Julia Smithts ttAmerican Dance Suite." TOP: The orchestra plays Beethovents ttSymphony No. 37 BOT- TOM: The tympani adds rhythm to Wagnerts ttMeistersingerf, Lecture Series: Second Year Growth John Braine, author of Room at the Top, strongly denied that there are any iEmgry young men,, in Britainis literary circle. Braine explained the only thing which these new writers have in comu man is that through their writings they are trying to make the Britons think. ABOVE LEFT: Braine hesitates, then iABOVE RIGHTi makes his views clear. BELOW: In a flurry of hand- waving, Braine emphasizes major points of his speech, the first event of the 1964-65 University Lecture Series. Possibly the second year of any endeavor is the most difficult. There is the problem of keeping the first-year zest and settling at the same time into what may become a tradition. A group of seven speakers successfully overcame these obstacles and the University Lecture Series showed def- inite signs of second year growth. This year,s line-up of speakers had to work to measure up to the wit and talent of the lecturers who appeared on the 1963-64 series. But the Lecture Series Committee was able to bring to the campus a group of lecturers which challenged the mind of the university community. Pulitzer Prize winning poet Richard Wilbur read some of his works and commented on modern American poetry Dec. 16. Fellow Pulitzer Prize historian Dr. Richard Hofstadter spoke on April 22. In recognition of NTSU,s anniversary, anthropologist Dr. Ashley Montagu spoke at the convocation Feb. 16. Other speakers on the series were actor-art collector Vincent Price, British author John Braine, University of Chicago professor Dr. Phlhp Hauser and Unlver51ty Of After his fall lecture, poet Wilbur discusses the merits of American Texas economist Dr. Clarence Ayres. poetry as compared to other literary forms. Art enthusiast Price talks with Ray Cough of the art faculty dur- ing a reception in the Galleries of the Art Building following his lecture here in March. BELOW: Two characters from the original one-act rehearse for the two-night run. RIGHT: Final touches are added to costumes. AS Houselights DimmEd the stage lights came up to illu- minate the scenes of Supper Theater, wherever they might have been. Through 14 years and three moves, the ttdinner and drama,, idea has remained as a unique tradition of North Texas. In the late forties, the group formed and played in a downtown restaurant. In 1952 it moved on campus and became affiliated with the speech and drama department. At North Texas the actors settled in the 01d Union Building Cafe- teria where they stayed until this year, when they moved into the Great Hall of Terrill dormitory? with dinner being served at adjoin- ing Marquis Hallhs Crystal Room. Sponsored in 1964-65 by Carl Marder 0f the drama faculty, stu- dents staged Wildek The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilderas The Long Christmas Dinner and a double-billeAlbeek The Sandbox and Williams, This Property Is Condemned. The group also produced an original one-act, Absent Thee Awhile, by Dallas Theater Center Blocking the action is the most important step student Barnett Shaw. during early production of the show. Wild Humor Helps Open Supper Theaterls l4th Season London drawing rooms, cucumber sand- wiches and all that jolly rot helped Supper Theater open its 14th season with Oscar Wildels arch-comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest, Oct. 15-16. IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST Algernon Moncrieff . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Larry Pine John Worthing, J. P. . . . . . . . . . .' . .Tom Nichols Lady Bracknell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Camilla Carr Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax . . . . . . . . .Sharon Kelly Cecily Cardew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Beth Whitney MissPrism ...................Carol Crumley Rev. Canon Chasuble, D. D. . . . . .Michael Smith Directed by Charles Roberts It didnlt take the playgoers long to discover they couldn7t be earnest about the wild plot, and soon they responded to every line of the Victorian farce. Director Roberts managed the actors out- standingly in the one-act adaptation for the groupls new arena home, Terrill Hall. TOP: Lady Bracknell looks with disdain 0n the scandalous activities of the gll have this friend called Earnest? relates John. lLHels quite a bit like younger set, which seem to have Cecily tBOTTOMl all in a whir. that Bunberry chap youlve been telling me about? l3l Memories and traditions warm the conversation of a three- think the young folk have little or no respect for the past generation Christmas dinner. Older members of this family and hold nothing sacred except their frivolous, untamed ways. Two Openings Available For long Dinnert Cast Two doors, the Door of Birth and the Door of Death, were the only entrances and exits that could be used in Supper Theaterts Long Christmas Dinner by Thornton Wilder, which was presented Nov. 19-20. LONG CHRISTMAS DINNER RoderickIBob McMillin RoderickII....................ButchHouse LuciaI. ..............SusieMcCue LuciaII Pam De Croot Mother Bayard ................Sharon Brady Charles Tom Nichols Directed by Martha Seelig By using a series of blackouts, the actors depicted a family through three generations and showed that youth never stops to think of the meaning of tradition. Reminiscing about the good old days eases the pains of age for mem- bers of the family; recollection makes life more bearable. Helen ias played by Mrs. Eubanki, the cause of all the turmoil, is warned by Hector of the consequences her childish actions may bring about. .2; A Tiger at Their Gates The passions which drive men to war were studied by University Players in their pro- duction of Jean Anouilhis Tiger at the Gates Dec. 9-11 in the Main Auditorium. TIGER AT THE GATES Hector ........ . .............. Hank Roberts Paris....... ............ ........Larry Pine Helen . . . ............... . . . . .Linda Eubank .................. . . . . . .Sharon Kelly Andromache ........... . . . . . .Pam De Groot Cassandra ..................... Camilla Carr Ulysses .................... Larry McKinney Demokos ................. . . . .John Peninger Directed by Dr. Stanley Hamilton The groupis findings were marred, with the exception .of Janice Messick,s Hecuba, by shallow portrayal of the female parts, Helen in particular. But the play itself was full evidence of truth for the old adage, ttWar is hell? ABOVE: Ulysses confronts Helen tplayed by Miss Kellyi and her abductor Paris. RIGHT: Helen presents her sneering profile which launched a thousand ships. Adaptation of Agee's Pulitzer Prize Novel Challenges Players Sorrow mingled with the bitter- sweet atmosphere of a Southern home after death set the mood for University Players, October Play, All the Way H ome. The death of Jay Follet and its ironic circumstances were met with emotions ranging from Mary9s hysteria to the ringing laughter of the in-laws. ALL THE WAY HOME Jay Jackie Bethurum Mary ................Martha Seelig Rufus .............Kent Guthrie Jr. Ralph Tom Nichols Catherine ............Carol Crumley Aunt ................PamDeCroot Directed. by Carl Marder III Adapted from the 1961 Pulitzer Prize winning novel, A Death in the Family by James Agee, the plays cathartic effect was well produced by Carl Marder of the drama faculty. The problems that the small Studio Theater stage presents were overcome by area staging and dramatic use of lighting. J2; 9: Maggie , gee mgr Martha Bumpas hRIGHTL who starred in Dallash Theater Three run of All the Way Home, discusses production problems with Marder and Miss Seelig. BELOW: Pressures of an alcoholic brother and a father mind. ABOVE RIGHT: Unaware 0f the impending who has just suffered a stroke weigh heavily on Ralphhs tragedy, Ralph is assured everything will be all right. ABOVE: In one of the most poignant scenes in dramatic litera- ture, dejected Romeo leans over the body of his Juliet which he For the fifth consecutive year, University Players scheduled a Shakespearean production as the third show of its season. F ollowing the last five years, performances of Taming of the Shrew, Richard III, Macbeth and ROMEO AND JULIET Romeo......................... ..........LarryPine Juliet.............. .......PamDeGroot FriarLawrence...... ...........B0bFoard Capulet........ ............BochMillin Directed By Dr. Stanley Hamilton Othello, the University Players produced Romeo and Juliet March 10-12. The drama staff feels that Shakespearets works are such integral parts of the dramatic heritage that it is fitting to stage one of his plays every year. has found in the family tomb. BELOW: Star-struck Juliet listens to the sage advice of her devoted nurse. A View from the Balcony Juliet pleads with her parents UAEFT and her mother and nurse BELOW to stop the quar- reling which has so long divided the Capulets and Montagues'. Lab Band: Copyright, NTSU ABOVE: Farmer plays with his quartet at the Coliseum. BELOW: A sax soloist from the Six 0,C100k Band performs at Under abstract paintings, Director Breeden announces a number. the Fall Concert. Dan Haerle directs the group. iiThe main hope for American music today? stated Sam Donahue, leader of the Tommy Dorsey Band, itis the lab or stage band move- ment which probably had its inception at North Texas? This year the NT Lab Bands worked to live up to their reputation-a reputation which has been cinched by first places at the Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz Festival and the short-lived Oread Jazz Festival at the Uni versity of Kansas. After opening the yearis appearances with a performance at the Texas State Fair Coli- seum, the Lab Bands presented their Fall Concert on campus Nov. 24. Included in the concert was the Bill Farmer Quartet, which received first place in the best small group category at the Oread Jazz Fes- tival in 1964. tAlthough a prize of 3 Eur- opean tour and an engagement at the New York World,s Fair were promised by the Kansas Student Union, a lack of funds kept it from fulfilling its obligation to Farmefs groupj In February, former Metropolitan Opera horn player Gunther Schuller, now working as a clinician-arranger for jazz bands, ap- peared with the group in a symposium. He also directed a concert of his own works and outstanding student works. Schuller rehearses with the Lab Band for a concert which concluded the two-day composers, workshop. Under the glare of spotlights in the Coliseum at Fair Park in Dallas, Lab Band pianist Dan Haerle accompanies the grouphs first fall appearance. LEFT: Intricacy characterizes an NT Band halftime show. ABOVE: Max Morley was this years drum major. MarChers Mix Under the auspices of the Richardson Com. munity Concert Association, the Concert Band opened its 1964-65 season with a performance Merchandising, there Dec. 3. The program for the Richardson concert, Mozart the same the group played for its campus appearance Dec. 12, featured two North Texas music faculty members as soloists. Barat,s "Andante et Allegrot, was played by faculty trombonist Leon Brown. Dr. Edward Baird sang two songs, ttSe Vuol Bedlam?7 and ttNon Piu Andra? from Mozarfs Le Nozze di Figaro. The Concert Band, made up of members from the Marching Band, toured the Middle West on a spring tour during the last week of March and the first of April. Band members also managed to get some merchandising practice during the spring semester by selhng NTSU band records 0f During its concert season, the band moves into the Music tapes made durlng marchlng season. Hall where Maurice McAdow conducts rehearsals. NT Orchestra Premieres Two Works for Denton Two Denton premieres were featured on the fall concert of the University Symphony. Under the direction of Dr. George Morey, the symphony performed Rachmaninoffts ttRapsodie on a Theme of Paganinif, with music faculty member Jack Roberts playing the piano solo. Another ttfirsth concluded the 68-piece orchestrahs program: With the 90-voice Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Men,s Chorus, the sym- phony performed Howard Hansonts ttSong of Democracy? The composition is based on two poems by Walt Whitman, both of which were dedicated to democracy and education. During the orchestrats spring concert, the Concerto Competition Committee presented the winner of the annual contest. First-place performer John George of Mar- shall High School performed Prokofieffs ttThird Piano Concertd, with the symphony at Grand Prairie and later on campus. TOP: Dr. Morey conducts the symphony during a rehearsal with pianist George. BOTTOM: The orchestra rehearses an hour each afternoon. Solti Rates A Cuppella Choir us One of Two Finest in U.S. iiThe North Texas Choir and the Roger Wagner Chorale are the two finest choral organizations in the United States:7 said Georg Solti, former conductor of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, who is now head conductor of Brit- ainis Royal Opera House. North Texas audiences had a chance to hear both choirs this year and Solti wasn,t exaggerating. The group which Solti had reference to is the A Cap- pella Choir, the most select of three choral organizations on campus. While on a three-month State Department tour of Europe last year, the choir received notices which would have done honor to any professional group. In Europe the choir sang Verdfs Requiem with the Philharmonic Society of Brussels, the first time an Amer- Dallas Symphony conductor Donald Johanos conducts a rehearsal of the Grand Chorus. ican choir had sung in Europe with a European orches- tra. Other historical feats of the group include the 1947 Choral Festival sponsored by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, in which the choir sang five major choral works in 10 days. This year the choir and the Dallas Symphony worked together for the 39th time, when the Grand Chorus, of which the A Cappella Choir is the nucleus, performed Benjamin Brittenis W ar Requiem in Dallas at the sym- phonyis Dec. 7 subscription concert. One of the most laudatory statements about the ensem- ble came from Dallas Morning News critic John Rosen- field, who stated: iiThe best thing in choral singing in the Southwest was started by North Texas State Univer- sity which sustains its standard? Johanos and choir director Frank McKinley discuss difficult sections of Brittenis work during an on-campus rehearsal preceding the Dallas performance. A Cappella Choir Sopranos: Beverly Borden Pam Cooper Elaine Cormany Patsy DUMhergo Jamie Dyess Judy Frederick Barbara Hocher Elizabeth Mahaffey Judy Ormson Patricia Patterson Jerry Ann Vann Altos: Judy Dale Cheryl Huffman Ruth Lozano Kaye McLaughlin Sandra Morgan Kay Norris Sandra Robertson Jannette Stephens Althea Travis Tenors: Delton Boltz David Carter David Clark Don Edwards J oe Evans Edgar Moore Arley Reece Don Wilkins Basses: John Brindley Tim Chambers William Dansby J erry Doan James Franklin William Harlan Morris Martin Joe McClellan Glen McCune David Owen Sampy Wall Conductor: Frank McKinley BELOW: Bardas enraptures his audience with a perform- With only a few seconds left before his 8:15 pm. curtain, ance of Beethovenis iiAppassionata Sonata." BOTTOM: Bardas looks over one of the passages on his program. Artists Join Other Musicians in Deluge of Recitals As the last members of the audience drift out of the Music Recital Hall, a tired per- former lingers backstage with friends, discuss- ing the recital. The artist is tired, no matter how little physical energy the performance required, because hours of practice and study precede each well-planned recital. This year both resident artists, Eugene Con- ley and Stefan Bardas, gave faculty recitals. They were joined by pianists, vocalists and other instrumentalists from the faculty to pro- duce a series of faculty recitals covering every area of classical music as well as branching into modern composition, including electronic music. As the musicians played alone, and in every imaginable combination, their proficiency enhanced an artistic year. After taking a well-earned encore bow LEFTL Bardas leaves the stage BELOWL only to be called back three times by an appreciative audience. like, More Along The Outer Edge iiAre the Republicans or the Democrats in the United States like our Conservative Party?" quizzed one of the British-sounding quartet members. iiYesf was the simple reply of one of his fellow-revel- ers in the satiric revue, Beyond the Fringe, the first spring semester show of the Fine Arts Series Feb. 24. The foursome was British-sounding but only one of them is actually a Briton. Two of the zany comics are from the United States and the other cast member is a Canadian. Joel Fabiano, one of the troupe, pointed out that their show is not really satire because there is so much slap- stick involved in the script. F abiano, in a parody on Shakespeare, held his sword high and intoned a prayer: tiGood blade, thou shalt thy- self in himself embowelfi His good blade emboweled in himself-Fabiano that is-the blond comedian ran around stage, jumping from level to level in an elongated death scene. The outstanding sequence of the show was Don Cul- lenis portrayal of a minister who'gained spiritual guidance by placing his hand on a young lady,s knee. TOP: The quartet does a take-off on a recent the sign to the right indicates, the near-three hours television cigarette commercial. BOTTOM: As of hilarious satire is almost on its last laugh. ABOVE: Cullen wonders where Russia really is. RIGHT. Fabiano and company barb the Bard in a satire on his plays. gag $3 5? In a satirical sketch on the Anglican religion, Canadian Cullen expounds the ways of the godly in a monologue. Lg $$ka wgmwwwwwmmm $$$$$ng M Ium Duo Auditor' Frantic Students Who Jammed the Ma To Hear the Piano d e t a n .0 S a F S r e g .m E: g .m IV. rr Ferrante And Ferrante and Teicher Cosmopolitan Faculty Provides Key to Outstanding School F rom Brahms t0 Bartok, from Beethoven to Brubeck, North Texas School of Musiceone of the ten largest in the nationeinstructs its students in the methods and madnesses of many schools of musical thought. The 667 students enrolled in the school are taught to reject no particular idea or concept until it has first been tried. Dr. Kenneth N. Cuthbert, dean of the school, believes the key to the strong school hinges on three main factors: outstanding faculty, strategic location and modern facil- ities. ttOur faculty is cosmopolitan. It represents more than 30 institutions in this country and seven international conservatories and universities? explained Dr. Cuthbert, who this year was elected Southwestern Region Chair- man of the National Association of Schools of Music and a member of the board of directors of the Dallas Sym- phony Orchestra tsee page 302i. Dr. Cuthbert, who has been dean of the school since 1958, came to North Texas from positions in North Ca'rolina and Illinois. At present the faculty includes two resident artists. Eugene Conley, former lead tenor with the Metropolitan Opera, the La Scala Opera and San Carlo Opera Com- pany, is resident tenor. Stefan Bardas, a former student of Edwin Fischer and Alfredo Casella at the Conserva- torio Reale Santa Cecilia in Rome, is resident pianist, a position he has held since 1954. F ormer resident artists include Mary McCormic, world-famous opera star who now resides in Milan7 Italy7 and Carroll Glenn, who is now on the faculty of the East- man School of Music at the University of Rochester, New York. Seated in front of an extensive personal library, Dr. Hew1tt works with the manuscript for her upcoming book, HCanti C? Other faculty members, whose scholarship allows the school to offer a Ph.D. in musicology and composition, include musicologists Dr. Helen Hewitt and Dr. Lloyd Hibberd and composition instructors Merrill Ellis and Samuel Adler. Dr. Cuthbert feels that one of the reasons the doctoral music program is so important is that the school is interested in educating future college and university music teachers. This year the school placed 24 graduates in positions with colleges across the country. Dr. Hewitt holds five academic degrees, including a Ph.D. from Radcliffe College, is a fellow of the American Guild of Organists and was elected vice-president of the American Musicological Society this year. ttCanti A,,, the first large volume of music ever printed, was Dr. Hewitt,s doctoral dissertation. Since that time she has published t;Canti B77 and at present is working on ttCanti C37 In addition to her teaching duties, Dr. Hewitt is chair- man of the Ph.D. committee of the School of Music and is past president of the American Association of Univer- sity Professors. Dr. Hewitt is also an organ instructor at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Under the pine trees of the Colorado Rockies where he teaches at a music camp each summer, Ellis looks'over a recent work. Dr. Lloyd Hibberd, professor of music, teaches music history at the undergraduate level in addition to masters and doctoral level musicology courses. Merrill Ellis won first place this year in the Texas Composers Guild Annual contest with a work for oboe quintet with solo oboe and string quartet. Also on the composition staff at the doctoral level is Samuel Adler, a native of Mannheim, Germany, who is minister of music at Temple Emanu-El in Dallas. Adler studied with Randall Thompson while at Harvard. Though the doctoral faculty is only part of the total strength of the music school, its members seem to justify the opinions of modern American composers such as Roy Harris, Lukas Foss and Aaron Copland, who have called North Texas one of the finest music schools in America. Adler shows the leads in his opera, Outcasts of Poker Flat, some tricks of the trade before its 1962 production here. With ancient manuscripts such as this one from his library, Dr. Hibberd can teach small groups of students at his home. m ORGANIZATIONS USNT Ehtowerts Challenge Met by USNT Senators The Senate is not getting the job done; it is lethargic in representing the students of North Texas, charged USNT President Jim High- tower to members of the Senate in a state- ment calling for more Senate action and less Senate absence. After Hightower issued his accusations in December, Senators rose to the challenge and United Students of North Texas experienced one of its most successful years. Members of the student governing body worked with the 75th Anniversary Commit- tee, which was instrumental in bringing Dr. Ashley Montagu tsee page 12m and the Brothers Four to campus. A Central Ticket Purchasing Agency gave students the oppor- tunity to buy tickets for F ine Arts events and attractions in Dallas and Fort Worth. Proposed legislation to eliminate cheating at North Texas occasioned one of the most torrid debates in the Senate this year. Spon- sors of the measure declared that no respect- able university should contain crihbers while the bills opponents maintained that USNT was not responsible for legislating student morals. The proposal was defeated by a nar- , - , x , row Senate vote. Jim Hightower, USNT President SUPREME COURT: Paul Hubbard, Chief Justice; Trey L0hmann,-Jllstice: Clayton Downing, Justice; Arvester Sheppard, Justice. Not pictured: Jeron Stevens, Justice. Dick Beene, Student Chairman, Fine Arts Committee; Gus Fargarson, District Chairman, Texas Interscholastic Student Association; Lee LawrenceM Chairman, Central Ticket Purchasing Agency. Not Pictured: Mary Hill, NTSU Chairman, Missouri Valley Compact. Gus Fargarson, Budget Officer Barbara Sickler, Secretary Dan White, Vice-President USNT continued m BOTTOM ROW: R. Griffin, S. Sperry, T. Shipp, K. Ludden, J. Mahoney, S. Prindleb-Junior Senators. ROW TWO: E. Dry, S. Heros, C. Avery, E. Hampleman, P. Chichillu, P. Stine, B. PotterASenior Senators. BOTTOM ROW: C. Dixon, M. Osborne, C. Armstrong, A. Williams, L. Bruster, K. Irbthreshman Senators. ROW TWO: S. Tribble, A. McSpad- den, P. Hunt, P. Mumford, S. Lawler7 S. Parks, C. Mayes S0ph0m0re Senators. $6: USNT officers display the green-and-white hSpirit of of school spirit. The flag was flown in front of the 75th Flag which was designed to aid in the promotion Administration Building during 1964-65. LEFT: Travelers disembark from the train after the ABOVE: The clickety-click of steel against steel USNT-sponsored Road Trip to Wichita, Kan. accompanies the seldom-seen sights of the Road Trlp. BOTTOM ROW: J. Buck, song leader; P. Mays, reporter; T. Popoff, historian. ROW TWO A. Gray, president; R. Hughes, cor- responding secretary; N. Carr, chaplain. ROW THREE: M. Castleberry, treasurer; K. Wood- en, recording secretary; B. Neely, vice-presiden.. FOUR: S. Dungan, honor repre- sentative; R. Pilkez, sponsor; C. Cody, pledge captain; D. Jones, parliamentarian. BOTTOM ROW: D. Jones, P. Bralley, N. Filippone, B. Neely, S. Dungan, C. Cody, ROW TWO: 1; Popoff, M. Castleberry, R. Hughes, R. Bilkey, A. Gray, P. Mays, K. Wooden, N. Carr, J. Buck. ROW THREE: J. Harden, N. Nobles, S. King, S. King, C. Rose, C. Christian, L. Jones, S. Curtis, D. Elliott. ROW FOUR: D. Shivers, A. Bransford, P. Pierce, J. Brown, P. Barnett, L. Vick, B. Roussel, A. Elrod, C. Wilson, S. Caldwell. ROW FIVE N. Hoyl, J. Aramey, P. Meeker, J. Vick, P. Malone, J. Bowers, R. Corder, S. Dickeson, B. Martin, B. Moseley, B. McShan. l58 Green Jackets Jacket Club Celebrates 40th Anniversary Year North Texas is only 35 years older than the Green Jackets. Formed in 1925 as a serv- ice club, the Green Jackets is one of the two remaining state jacket clubs that resulted from a women,s physical education convention held at the University of Texas. This year the Green Jackets celebrated their 40th anniversary with a luncheon at Denton,s Holiday Inn and evening entertainment at the Whispering Oaks Girl Scout Camp. Guest of honor was the club,s founder, Miss Beulah Harriss. Miss Harriss suggested that Green Jackets survived the other jacket clubs because it did not degenerate finally into a pep club. Over 200 Green Jacket exes were invited to the event. Members form the traditional Eagle Arch Green Jackets was one of the organizations which supported the Road Trip. for the fOOtball team durlng football seasons After the game and dance, two members catch up on sleep on the way home. and usher at Fine Arts events. Both on and off campus, Green Jackets serve others. Members help at a day nursery easter egg hunt tLEFTi and at an NT basketball game tABOVEi. BOTTOM ROW: S. Lambert, J. Stevens, K. Matthews, D. Luttrell, C. Fargarson, J. Hightower. ROW TWO; E. Adams, D. Salter, C. L. Turner, B. Elmore, J. Starnes, D. Edwards. ROW THREE: J. Adams, J. Grady, D. Adams, E. Supina, T. Lohmann, D. Richey, C. Miller. Talons Service Club Promotes School Pride, Traditions As an organization designed to promote school pride and tradition, the green-shirted Talons initiated this fall the Talon Spirit Trophy to be awarded to the most active cam- pus group. Each club was judged by a Talon committee of Greeks and independents. Points were awarded for participation in such events as the bonfire and Road Trip and attendance at ball games. The Talon Spirit Trophy will travel each year to the winning organization as long as it continues to win the award. As a service group, Talon members ushered at this yearhs Fine Arts events, including the Oct. 12 appearance of the Roger Wagner Chorale. They also provided rides to teas for prospective Meritum members. Talon officers elected for the spring semester were Ken Mansfield, president; Ed Supina, 'vice-pres- ident; Ken Dickson, secretary; Dennis Con- . Mansfield and Matthews display the Talen Spirit ner, treasurer; and Dan Salter, chaplaln. Trophy, to be awarded to the most active club. BOTTOM ROW: K. Matthews, president; K. Mansfield, vice-president. ROW TWO: J. Grady, chaplain; E. Supina, treasurer; D. Luttrell, secretary. FLOOR REPRESENTATIVES BOTTOM ROW: D. Whitwell, R. Gilman, B. Lidberg, H. Zenick. ROW TWO: D. Springer, C. Nichols, M. Hickly, J. Mounger, R. Parolisi. ROW THREE: J. Lillis, K. Blohm, R. Huyle, D. Stailey. West Dorm Association Dorm Association Holds Dance for Frosh Coeds School spirit was exemplified by the West Dorm Association in 1964-65. WDA held a get-acquainted dance.for freshman coeds dur- ing fall registration week. Members also at- tended several basketball games as a group. During Homecoming week, WDA helped build the bonfire, took part in the torchlight parade and erected house decorations. Dan- ces were held at the Clubhouse after the foot- ball games with music provided by the Chess- men. A lake party was held at the Lewisville pavilion in April. Dorm sweetheart Billie Lidberg, a senior from Dallas, was a candidate for Homecoming queen and Relay queen. In the dorm league of intramural sports Students demonstrate ttthe monkey" at one of the WDA dances held the ?laymates, a West Dorm Iteam, placed in the Golf Course Clubhouse during the fall semester. flrst 1n basketball and second In football. Members of West Dorm Association take an active part in the Homecoming house decorations competition as they decorate the front wall of the dormitory building. sin :3 e BOTTOM ROW: Richard Gilman, president; Mike Hickly, secre- tary. ROW TWO: David Stanley, vice-president; Ronald Royle, treasurer. Billie Lidherg, WDA Sweetheart Women's Forum Forum Holds Sister Adoption, Provides Activities for Coeds Women,s Forum again began the school year with its Big-Little Sister Adoption Ceremonye-an attempt to make freshman women feel more a part of NT. Halloween time brought a party for the coeds in. the Lab School Gym. The evening was spent with fortune telling, mask-making contests and games. Christmas and Valentineas Day were celebrated by dances in the Lab School Gym with music by the Sonics. In the past, Womenas Forum sponsored Dutch Week in March. Proceeds from membership fees and UMOC campaigns went to the Scholarship Loan Fund. OFFICERS: C. Edwards, secretary; S. Jones, vice-president; R. Carder, Coeds took advantage of the opportunity to wear ball gowns president; B. McShan, treasurer. at the Valentineis Dance held by Womenis Forum. BOTTOM ROW: M. Bratton, S. White, N. Carr, P. Malone, D. Hallford, S. Jones. ROW TWO: P. Bralley7 C. Edwards, L. Merrill, B. McShan, J. Atterbury, J. Harrington, S. Schumpert. ROW THREE: K. Pfluger, C. Ferguson, C. Bailey, K. Westbrook, R. Corder, N. Smith, P. Stine. BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Porter, Tancey Love, Shirley Quinn, Barbara Douglass. ROW TWO: Dick Beene, William Bucher, John Bennet, Bill Perkins. Student Publications Committee Council Selects Editors Of School Publications The Student Publications Committee owes much to former chemistry teacher W. N. Mas- ters, who was appointed in 1911 by President Bruce as financial adviser and chairman of publications. Student publicationsa financial affairs improved so well that a faculty vote in 1913 created a board of editors to manage publications. Members included various edi- tors elected by students, a business manager and assistant elected by the faculty, and mem- bers of the faculty committee on publications. Todayas Student Publications Committee is primarily responsible for selecting publica- tions editors 0n the basis of their qualifica- tions; unlike some schools, n0 all-campus vote is involved at NT. The group is comprised of editors, sponsors and senior staff members and appointees by the university president and the USNT. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Stanley, Dr. E. G. Ballard, Smith Ktker. ROW TWO: C. E. Shuford, Dr. J. J. Spurlock, Dr. Reginald Westmoreland, Dr. A. M. Sampley. First Class Avesta Reveals Unique Insanity For the potential poet, short story writer and essayist, the Avesta, North Texas, literary magazine, is the agent for intro- ducing campus contributions to student and faculty readers. Issued once each semester, the magazine received a first-place rating in competition with other universities for the 1964 spring issue. This years editor, J ohn Bennet, presented a large quantity of original campus art in his first issue. The theme of the magazine, derived from the three published short stories, was a unique type of insanity: the isolation of man both from himself and those around him. nThe Mystery Mani, a short story by William Allen of Irving, was awarded the $25 first prize in the fall fiction contest. John Bennet, Editor William Bucher, Associate Editor Barbara Douglass, Assistant Editor Paul Miner, Assistant Editor Bill Perkins, Fall Editor Stan Houston, Spring Editor Temple Pouncey, Fall Sports, Spring News Editor NTS Journal in 1901 Campus Chat Formerly Yearbook, Newspaper Today the Campus Chat is a five-time Pace- maker newspaper with 44 All American plaquesto its credit. In 1901, the publication served as maga- zine, yearbook and newspaper. After the first five years, the North Texas State Journal staff received a student vote in favor of an annual tsee page 17D to replace the May issue, which included class mugs and other year- book characteristics. The first Chat appeared Oct. 25, 19167 as a weekly newspaper and grew to its present status as a semiweekly offset publication. A corps of sophomore reporters is responsible for coverage of campus news, with upper- classmen as editors and faculty member Rob- ert L. Stanley-himself a former Pacemaker Chat editoreas adviser. Don Everett, Phil Began, Mike Peterson, Ad Staff Robert L. Stanley, Chat Sponsor W. B. Harvick, Chat Photographer Campus Chat continued J ames Gray, David Tripp, Chat Cartoonists Fernando Pinon, Spring Sports Assistant Tony Bearden, News Service Photographer Johnny Powers, Spring Sports Editor Few copies of the 1906 Cotton-Tail can be located today, at least in Denton. Union Build- ing Director Dr. J. Harold Farmer is quick to point out that he has a copy of the 114-page book, predecessor of the 1965 Yucca. Dr. Farmer also has all but two succeeding edi- tions of North Texas, yearbook, whose name, as he can easily prove, became the Yucca in 1907. tThe name-change was due to a student vote heavily influenced by Dr. William H. Bruce, North Texasl fifth presidentJ This 512-page anniversary edition is7 hope- fully, slicker and broader than the tiny Cotton- Tail. But the 1965 Yucca owes much to that book and all the others. They set standards to follow and goals to reach or try to better. It,s not easy. $4 Suzanne Selk, University Life Editor Casual Clique I965 Yucca: Something Old, Something New Dick Beene, Editor Smith Kiker, Jr., Adviser Cragg Hines, Assistant Editor 1965 YUCCO confinuod Babs Beyring, Classes-Departments Editor Jim Craig, Sports Editor Craig Wheeler, Photographer Gene Jackson, Staff Photographer Karen Nelson, Greeks Editor Sheldon Gordon, Business Manager Assistants Barbara Douglass, Copy Editor Dutch Kepler, Art Editor Herb Cooper, Organizations Editor Mary Sue Ferguson, Index Editor Greeks S k e e r G s k e e r G s k e m G Greeks Edited by Karen Nelson I74 TOP LEFT: Sigma Nu,s hoist Skyward a trophy won in the April, 1964, a party sponsored by Panhellenic Council to acquaint new coeds with Greek Week chariot race: LEFT: Freshman women view folksingers at sorority life. ABOVE' Rose Laminack reigns as 1964 chariot race queen. Panhellenic Sponsors Freshman Party A Coke party for freshman women was a new activity spon- sored by Panhellenic this year. The party, held in Chilton Court- yard, informed coeds about NT activities available to them. A Panhellenic workshop was held in April. At the workshop, national sorority officers spoke on various phases of sorority life. As its philanthropic project for the fall, Junior Panhellenic earned money to give to a Denton nursery school. To earn the money, pledges staged a talent show at which sororit members were char ed SENIOR PANHELLENIC . y g BOTTOM ROW: A. Bransford, A. Martin, L. Quenzer. ROW TWO: H. admlssmn. glause, T. Howard, S. Anders. ROW THREE: J. Prindle, G. Rosebrough, . Houlihan. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC BOTTOM ROW: P. Mumford, A. Coffman, C. Abston, G. McClain, C. Allen. ROW TWO: B. Mann, B. Roussel, M. Fer- guson, P. Chapman. ROW THREE: C. Mayes, P. Sloan, D. Miller. Frat Council Strives For Better Greeks, Coordinates Rush IFC members John Conklin and Jim Magness hand out applications for spring rush. When ' registering for rush, a student must present his previous semester grades and pay a fee of $3. In 1952 the Inter-Fraternlty Council was organized to act as a liaison between the administra- tion and the social fraternities on campus, several of which were in the process of becoming affiliated with national fraternities at that time. Presidency rotates among the fraternities, with new officers each semester. The functions of the council are to organize and regulate fraternity rush; to Check scholarship rec- ords; and to coordinate such ac- tivities as Greek Week, Greek intramurals and inter-fraternity contests such as the Rope Pull and the Greek Bowl. The counciYs goals are to im- prove the Greek system at NTSU OFFICERS: S. Lambert, secretary; R. Hickerson, president; R. Pearson, vice-president; B. and to promote good Will among Blakemore, treasurer' Greeks at other schools. BOTTOM ROW: R. Russell tSrJ, Geezles; S. Lambert tSrJ, Kappa Sigma; D. Bolt tSiJ, Lambda Chi Alpha; R. Waite tSrJ, Kappa Alpha; B. Blakemore tSrJ, Sigma Phi Epsilon; R. Hickerson QSrJ, Phi Kappa Sigma. ROW TWO: L. Feind tSrJ, Delta Sigma Phi; P. McCrary tSrJ, Theta Chi; W. Hudgens tSrJ, Phi Kappa Sigma; R. Pearson tSrJ, Pi Kappa Alpha; J. Murph tSrJ, Sigma Nu. ROW THREE: A. Johnson UrJ, Lambda Chi Alpha; R. Ugarte UM, Phi Kappa Sigma; A. Hanna tJrJ, Sigma Phi Epsilon; P. Sockwell Uni, Delta Sigma Phi; J. Caldwell Uni, Sigma Nu; R. Hardin UrJ, Kappa Sigma; 1. Rich Uni, Kappa Alpha. Allen Baker Barger Barnett Blassingame Caldwell Connally Crissman Dungan Filippone Gannaway Gilboe Hagerman Hermann Hightower Howard J ohnson Kerr King, S. R. King, S. A. Ludden McCue McShan Maples Mayes With their backs t9 a mirror, Alpha Delta Pi pledges at the ADPi fall bid acceptance. Sixteen girls accepted receive congratulatlons from acquaintances and friends bids for membership in the fall pledge class. ADPiis Entertain Elders, Give Aid to Youngsters Alpha Delta Pi boasted three members as campus personalities this year: Judy Perry- man was elected Homecoming Queen, Nancy Filippone became head cheerleader and Bon- nie McShan was chosen as a Yucca Beauty. Residents of Benton Manor with October birthdays were treated to a party Oct. 31 with birthday cake and ice cream. The ADPi mem- bers played cards with the elder generation and sang songs with them. ttRoaring 20,5, was the theme of a party Dec. 4 at the American Legion Hall. The Playboys provided the music for the 16-mem- ber pledge class presentation. To mark the end of pledgeship, the pledges entertained the members at a western party held Dec. 14 at Sheriffs Posse Lodge. The Gamma Upsilon chapter at North Texas keeps a penny-a-day bank teach member con- tributing a penny a dayi to support Alpha Delta Piis national philanthropic project of helping a crippled childrenis home. Alpha Delta Pi pledges relive the days of flappers and raccoon coats in a skit given for the members and their dates at the itRoaring 20is,i party. Miller Morgan Munroe Null Oakes Peery Perryman Person Nelms Philbrick Pierson Robertson Schumpert Sears Sigler Simmons Stine Teplow Thomas Tuttle Voss Walker Wallace Wallis Ward Weber White Wommack , . . . Zeta Float Takes Mm 'V ; 'E '7 Sweepstakes Prize Blanks Red, turquoise, purple, green and orange tailfeathers dazzled spectators at the Homecoming pa- Bradford , I ', I rade as Zeta Tau Alpha:s sweep- Brice - I t , e- ' , t stakes-winning rooster float strut- Chapman : - W , I: L , L 'I . , ted along the parade route. Chaney A small bronze replica of the float was presented to the Zetas for their ramp by Louis Lee, a local businessman who did the welding . . I . job on the float. Davis I ' .i ' . ' - L ' 7 M e m h e r s with outstanding Ferguson ' . I , '. , ' ' - d - d tth Fogleman . . , . , I I : L gra es were recognize a e an- Giddens II .' I , ' I' , , e ' - i . , nual scholarship banquet Nov. 30. I i I ' V V I I Those with an average above 2.3 were served steak and wore crowns. Dunce caps distinguished members with below 1.9. The mid- dle group wore conventional hats. McWilliams Morris Murr Nall Norris Parma Patterson Price Patti Lehman, a Zeta pledge, receives congratulations at fall bid acceptance. Braving the 30hdegree weather in the early morning hours, Zeta Tau Alpha pledges sort the merchandise they have gathered for their rummage sale in hopes of persuading a few buyers. Spradley, Jane Spradley, Janice Thompson Tinnin Williamson Wilson Members and pledges line the stairs and hallway, waiting to greet rushees and escort them around the ramp at Panhellcnic Preview. Anders An derson Burkett Castleberry Caton Clifton Gladiolas and mums, topped by the large Greek letters Chi Omega, float in a swimming pool at a preferential party in an alums home. Cottrell Emmons Endicott Etheridge Callaugher Hartsell Hill Hoyl Hughes Hunt Isaacs Jansen Jones Lawler Lingold Littrell McCarley McCormick Chi Omega Leads With High Grades Chi Omega won the Activities Trophy for the second year in a row on the basis of the sorority,s scholastic standing and the num- ber of members who are officers in campus organizations. Their members had an over-all grade-point average of 2.138, rated tops among the six sororities. The children at Cumberland Presbyterian Children7s Home were guests at a Christmas party given by Chi Omega and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. Small rugs were given as gifts for the chil- dren,s rooms. All members enter- tained the orphans with games and refreshments. ttDear Diary,7 was the theme of the pledge presentation Dec. 5. The formal dinner-dance was held at the Holiday Inn in Denton. Nancy Hunt and Roberta Moore were chosen as two of the eight Yucca Beauties. Dianne Moore served as a Homecoming attend- Moberg Moore,D. Moore,R. ant, and Lynnaia Quenzer was Peterson Putnam Quenzer elected Greek Bowl Queen Dec. 6. Roussel Rowen 53131" Spencer Stewart ivan IL L g 4;. Parks Rawlings ' ,kl . Sloan $311138 Westbrook Wheat Wheeler Owens Ramey Delta Sigma Phi president Walt Schaefer presents the Delta Sig Activities Trophy t0 Chi Omega president Evelyn Watson. The trophy is presented annually to the most active sorority. Atkinson Bailey Barrett Boeger Book Bransford Butts Dycus Edwards Fisher Fowler Garrett Gartman Glenn Heath Henson Holmes Houlihan Hubbard Hudnall AI" DGts Give Others Help; Members Include VlPts The 64Great Iron Horse7, 0f the Delta Gammas chugged down the Homecoming pa- rade route while the judges voted the train float as third-place winner for originality. The train, with the theme, ttTo Chug t0 the Future is no Loco-Motivef, sent out little puffs 0f smoke'as it passed by spectators. Delta Cammas spent eight hours a week during the year reading to a blind student who is a freshman management major. Underprivileged children in the Denton area were given a Christmas party by Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity and the DG7s at the Sig Ep house Dec. 17. The North Texas varsity football team voted DG Judy Rains as the 1964 football queen. Miss Rains was crowned at the North Texas- West Texas game on Oct. 10. Jackie Williams was chosen as a Yucca Beauty and LaGayle Henson was a varsity cheerleader. A diamond pin was given to Kay Johns after she was elected outstanding mem- ber of the year by the fall pledge class. Sailor Konnie Boeger welcomes aboard rushee-mates at the DOS Shipwreck Party during fall rush. Delta Gammefs assembly line works fast and furious as working time for the Homecoming float becomes limited. The DG,S used a local car L 527 Sslem mmggm k , hga Israel Jackson Johns, J . Johns, K. Kimble Long Manoshagin May McSpadden Nance Parrett Patterson Pavelka Rains Richards Richardson Schwille Sheppard Short Sikes Spaulding Strain Taylor Thompson Wallin Watkins Wildman Williams dealeer garage, as did other sororities, and some groups used barns or any large open spaces where they could finish their floats. LaNelI Heizer as Dorothy and Marlene Gordy as a cowardly lion skip d0Wn the yellow brick road to see the Wizard of Oz in Kappa Deltaas skit at Panhcllenic Preview. Amacker Brisendine Carder Dougherty Dulock Clause Ahrens Beall Bromser Corbin Droitcourt Estridge Gordy Bozeman Cain Craig Dulaney Gildart Heizer Wizard of 021 Chosen As New KD Rush Theme The 1964 fall rushees trekked down the yellow brick road into the Wonderful Land of Oz as Kappa Delta sorority initiated its new theme for rush, 9Wizard of Oz." Giant flowers ttaller than the c0eds1, a tin man, a scarecrow and a cowardly lion were all part of the rush parties. Until this year the KD7s, organized at NT in 1954, had used ctHades9 as the rush theme. In November, Mrs. Genevieve Morse, na- tional president, visited the sorority,s ramp. The traditional ttPeanut Weekh was held Dec. 9-16. Each member drew a name which was to be her secret 41peanuta, for a week. Certain favors and gifts were to be placed anonymously in each 0ther7s rooms. Identities were announced and more gifts were ex- changed at the Christmas party Dec. 16. When 196435 spring grades were tabulated, Kappa Delta had the second best total average for members and pledges: 2.054. Bedecked by members Merry Lu Miner and Lana Cildart and entitled 911iam0nds t0 Destlnyf the KB float rounds the corner of west Hickory in the 1964 Homecoming Parade. Henderson Howard Hunt Johnson Johnston Kelley Knipscher LaCari Landers Leach Mann Miner Mumford Nelson Penick Pennington Porter Rammel Remy Smiley Teague Tomlin Victor Whipple White Adams Bodenheimer Coffman Dirks Harkrider Jarrett Baskins Boulter Deuback Engler Henry Kinser Beynon Carr Dickeson Hagins Holloway Kirksey Robin Hood, Invades Sorority Party Robin Hood and his Merry Men invaded the annex of St. Paul Lutheran Church Dec. 7 for the fall pledge class party. Dressed in costumes of the Sherwood Forest set, the pledges did a skit about the members. Each member received a souvenir paddle with the inscription, ttAlpha Phi Pledge PartyeGamma Eta Chapter? Phi Kappa Sigma and Alpha Phi gave a Christmas party for two Denton State School dormitories Dec. 10. The members of the two groups danced with the children to music provided by the Scotty McKay Combo. Each child received an individual gift and each of the two dormitories received a record album. In December, Jack Paul of the Church of Christ Bible Chair spoke to the sorority 0n 4sLove and Marriage37 Also in December, the Sonics played for the informal Christmas party at the Doubletree Dude Ranch at Lake Dallas. Sherrill Dickeson served as president of Meritum honor organiza- tion and Carolyn Deuback was a cheerleader. Jebby Prindle was a member of the NTSU debate squad that competed at the national championship meet at West Point in the spring. In a frantic attempt to keep the Alpha Phi float dry, Ellen Riegel and Mary Hill use an umbrella to protect the crepe paper from a leaky barn roof. Just like an old-time vaudeville troupe, participants in the Alpha Phizz Club Revue line up at the end of a rehearsal. The skit, which features singers and dancers, was at a period two party. Leonard Lindley Mahaffey Mason McClain McElveen McLeod Milstead Morris Pendleton Perryman Pinkston Porter Prin dle Ray Reeves Renshaw Riegel Rosebrough Scott Sego Seibt Simpson Stein Stimson Stover Thompson Tribble White Wray NT,s Oldest Fraternity Keeping Up With Times Founded in 1928, Geezles is the oldest fraternity 0n the North Texas campus. The organization was formed in February of that year in the ,old Abbey House, which, until it burned in 1962, stood across the street from the Science Hall. Geezles L In its 37-year history 600 members have Brantley . V been initiated into the brotherhood. Members t have included Herman Cornelius, Vice-presi- dent of Humble Oil C0.; Herman Cowley, athletic director of the Dallas Public Schools; Henry Finoglio, former state senator; Jack Bryson, former Denton mayor. Though they are the oldest fraternity on campus, the Geezles are keeping up with the times: During the fall semester they moved into an 18-man house on Hickory Street. t ,x eww WW Fitzpatrick ABOVE: Ceezle members redecorate their new house at prospective rushees at a pre-rush party in January, held 1201 W. Hickory. OPPOSITE PAGE: Actives talk with in their old house four blocks down the street. Hitch Ingram Kahn Matthews Meyers Miller Montgomery Patterson Parrish Price Reiter Russell Smith Schneider Supina Threlkeld Wilson Waller Bell Baird Baggett Bearden Beauchamp Ethridge Blair Burgert Claiborne Clark Johnson Flanagan Freeman Ground Innerarity Kimball Kinney Lott McNair Delta Sigma Phi Sweethearts. BOTTOM ROW: Sue Sheppard, Dinah :Wallin, Marty Griffin, Ceciie Abstoh, LWindy Sitton, BarbaraWSaulg, Gina Reed. ROW TWO: Judy Cowart, Phala Finley, Hallie Detter, Tahleigh Austin, Nancy Williams, Marilyn Fulenwider, Barbara Odom, Trisha Wagner. Delta Sigs Give Trophy To Most Active Sorority The North Texas Gamma Xi Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi is one of eight Delta Sig chapters in Texas and one of over 150 chap- ters in the United States and Canada. The fraternity was organized from the local Sigma Phi Nu chapter in 1952, as the second national fraternity on the NT campus. At the beginning of each school year, the fraternity sponsors a itWelcome Freshman Girls Party? Each spring it awards a trophy t0 the most outstanding sorority. This yearis trophy winner was Chi Omega. At their annual Christmas party this year, the members exchanged dolls, guns and other toys which were later given to children at the Benton State School. Traditional social functions of the frater- nity include the Founderis Day Celebration, the White Carnation Ball which was held at the AdOIPhus HOtel in Dallas this year and Spring Delta Sigma Phi pledges are congratulated on bid the Sphinx ball, held each spring. acceptance night. Delta Sigs had 23 new pledges. Morris Newton Padgett Pink Richardson Ross Saunders Schaefer Sitton Smith Sockwell Spain Stewart Strozeski Teal Uselton Woosley Young Younse During Greek Week in the spring the Kappa Sigma frater- the race is presented a trophy which it keeps until the nity sponsors a bicycle race. The fraternity which wins next year, when it returns to defend the championship. Andrus Bailey Baker Belschner Brintle Burton Cue Elliot F ielder Findley Fisher Flournoy Forster Grady Hardie Hardin Hig ins H0 der Hunter Jarrell Jeffcoats Kin , R. KinE, . R. ambert Lawson Lea Marietta McLeod McMahan Morris Sen. John Tower Speaks ;, On Kappa Sigma Merits Senator John Tower provided one of the focal points of the year for the Kappa Sigs when he addressed them in October. In Den- ton for a political rally, Tower took time out to address his fraternity brothers "0n the ttMerit's of Kappa Sigma? The Executive Inn in Dallas was the site of the Kappa Sigh Christmas party. Pledges presented a skit and the Passions provided music for the semi-formal party. Each fall the fraternitfs social life begins with an informal stag party to welcome mem- bers back for the new semester. Other fall fraternity activities include the Time-and- Temperature Tree Sitda pledge class project and tradition;and the Black and White For- mal. In the spring Kappa Sig sponsors the Bike Race during the annual Greek Week activities. The fraternity also holds banquets at Homecoming and on founderts day and gives a party for each of the campus sororities during the year. Kappa Sigma became a national fraternity 0n the North Texas campus in 1952, replac- ing the local fraternity, the Falcons. Costumed ttPlaymates" tCaroline Reigler, Linda Lott, Sandy Hankins, Carol Eubankst were chosen for the Kappa Sigma party held at the Ramada Inn of Dallas in April, 1964 Morton Neal Parker Patrick Penton Queal Reagan Riddle Robinson Rogers Scarbrough Sheehan Smith Stacy Tarbox Tarrance Tarrant Terry Teutsch Todd Tomlin Walker Wheeler Whitehouse Willingham, B. Willingham, J. lambda Chi Aids In Service Proiect Lambda Chi Alpha emphasized the public service and academic duties of the fraternity this year. Lambda Chi pledges-easily rec- ognized by the traditional white shoeepainted rooms at the Cum- berland Presbyterian -Chi1dren?s Home. Also, the entire member- ship joined to repair broken toys at the Denton Fire Department for distribution by the County Wel- fare Agency. Members and guests gathered at the DoubIe-Tree Dude Ranch for an informal party at which Lambda Chi,s own band, the Sonics, entertained. The group also held a semi-formal party at the Jefferson Hotel in Dallas. The Capers provided the music. Lambda Chi pledged a total of 26 men this yearh15 in the fall semester and 11 in the spring. Smokers and stag parties pre- ceded the offering of bids. Installed in 1952, the NT chap- ter of Lambda Chi was originally Beta Alpha Rho Beta, a local fra- ternity founded in 1932. TOP: Lambda Chi Alpha members welcome prospec- spring open house. BOTTOM: Members give a party tive rushee Linden Welch during the Lambda Chi for children at the Cumberland Presbyterian Home. Bearden Bent Case Combs Cowan Freeman, D. Freeman, L. Galitz Gullion Harris Holmes Johnson, A. Johnson, B. Knapp Leatherwood Magness Mattingley McRae Moore, N. Moore, R. O De11 Owen Piccolo Powers Raybon, D. Raybon, R. Reed Roddy Shettle Squyres Sullivan W mem f" g kwwgssggg Tarrant Tonick Vest Vines Wilkinson Wilson Head over heels with excitement, Sig Eps and dates march in the torchlight parade before the Homecoming bonfire, al though this multi-exposure may exaggerate their Zeal. $$$3$5$3FK V? Ma am waaamm mummy aw mummnm Adams Clark Blakemore Buckley Campbell Cox Crawford Davis, J . Davis, P. Dickey Drake Dudley Elledge F ranklin Glazener Greer Slg Ep First To Change From Local to Nationa Esta? Griffin Hall Hanna $3533; The Texas Beta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was the first social fraternity on cam- pus to merge with a national organization. The Sig Eps stress versatility. Scholarship and participation in school activities are H 1 strongly emphasized. Each year the Interfra- . , Hggilgaer ternity Council presents an award to the high- , g ' , 751E ' , 'L , Jefferies est ranking fraternity in scholarship; out of T the last 18 semesters, Sigma Phi Epsilon has won the award nine times, placing second six times. The fraternity has men serving as class officers and in other responsible campus positions. . ' . 110123 Denton,s underprivileged children were t V , " McLemore given a party at the Sig Ep house Dec. 17. I V The annual Western Party was held at Wileyts Dude Ranch this year, where the Twilighters entertained. The Chaparrals provided enter- tainment at the Sig Ep Holiday Inn Party on Dallas, North Central Expressway. Mustain Twenty-nine men pledged Sigma Phi L X , , Porter Epsilon in the fall and 25 in the spring. ' RaSh Starnes Stevens Visentine Walters Whiting Wilkerson Wilson Wisdom For their annual project, Sig Ep fall pledges painted and repaired a Denton day nursery. wAtsumAyig; W: Adams Anderson Barham Bass Brothers Brown Brownlee Burks Caldwell Campbell Christian Coffey Cook Currin Dietrich Erwin Etchison Fowler, G. Fowler, J . Fuhr Hall Harbison Honea Jackson Johnson Koiner Landman Lisle Meacham McCombs A Wagg WW gm Orgeron Phillips, L. Phillips, M. Pigg Riddle Pledges Pitch In For tHelp Weekt ttTo protect, assist, advance and encourage each other by every honorable means in our power during life,7 is a primary aim of Sigma Nu fraternity. This year the Sigma Nu pledges participated in a tthelp week,, for community service. The Snakes battled the KA Rebels to a scoreless tie in the eighth annual Greek Bowl. The proceeds from the game went to the Cumberland Presbyterian Home in Denton. The fraternityts members and guests attended a casual party at the Sheriffs Posse Lodge and in- vaded the Statler Hilton Hotel Junior Ballroom in Dallas for a coat-and-tie affair. Sigma Nu pledged 21 men in the fall and 27 in the spring. Scrappyts Meat Market offers a special on ttBearkat Bar- attending the 1964 Homecoming festivities. Sigma N11 set u Pledge Mike Landman offers a balloon to a child at the IFC Halloween Party given at the Benton State School. B-Qg, for the students and guests p the market across from the UB. Robertson Roper Schneider Stimson Taylor Thomas Tomlin Vordenbaum Watkins Wilson Woody Adkins Bristow Carter Conklin Ferguson Coyen Green Gremmels Guilloud Harvey Hilsher Holloway Huffhines Jones Keith Langeloh Fg W agggmsg g , wa $52k k a close, J. L. Lambk framrnity brothers event which cnds 0n Homecoming Day. KAts Compete in Greek Bowl, Choose Sweater Girl at Party Established Oct. 4, 1953, to replace a local fraternity, Kappa Alpha pledged 21 men in the fall and 18 in the spring. The national social fraternity held its annual sweater girl party in November and named Jeanne Guilloud of San Antonio sweater girl of the year. She was presented a sweater by the KAts. The annual Greek Bowl held promise for the fraternity this fall. The KA Rebels were out to capture their second straight win against Sigma Nu. A 9.5 sprinter, Carl H01- loway, comprised the main offensive attack, but the teams were held scoreless-ea first in the Greek Bow17s eight- year history. . L L e j Newman t , , , Peoples Kappa Alpha 5 Cheerleaders for the charlty game were six members of NTSU7s national social sororities. A ttLet Your Hair Dowrf7 party was also staged by the KAts at Wileyys Dude Ranch. Music was provided by the Panthers and the fraternity furnished refreshments. Maca McCarthy Rich Rounsavall Russell Shires Sittel Storms Vincent Waters West m A Sigma Nu Snake tackles 3 Kappa Alpha Rebel in the annual Greek Bowl game. The charity game ended in a scoreless tie. ,5 11 ,11,1 1,1,111WM1X1,1,1W111,,,1,11,11111 $113 115,11 .1 11 11 , 111-7711771111 17171111171182, 11W111111111111111 w 31131 1,1 ,,1 uMW1111me 1 1.117.: . . 1,11 1,1,,,1, 1 11.7,11115,1H4171E111715u111nmmw111n1, RMSW$M$113 1 11 11111111,,1111,e 1,111,111,112 1,1,1 ,1 ,,11,1 . 11,1,11111151, 1 ,1,,,1111 111,511? 1.1101111 111, 5,111111,11,11.1, 11ww1.11111,m m 1, 111x 1 11111111 111,1,111,1,111,.,111,,111, 11111,,111111m1 87:81; 17 1 11,11,111? 1111111111 11111111111111.h . $11 1:111. ,1 ,1. . 11 ,17,-1771.132 1, $111,, 119,,1 11 1 anwmwwgwwpmuw Wwwxmw? 111 111.11,,1111111,111,111,111,11,111,1,111,111,1m,,111,1 1 1111111 1111,11111111111, 1 31171711 11 .,111111,,11,11w1111111,1111 1,11,,11, , 1 1 1111111111 1,, ,1,11, 1111. . $11,111,111 1111; :1 $1Mw111.,11111,11,1111,1,1 1 , 1111,19 1111 .,11,1,11,,11,11 ,11111111,111 11 1,111,111 ,111, ,111 rdt ard McBride Carbone Dunn French Borcha How m1, 1 31,11,111,W1,,11,11,1,11111,1111 51111111111111 11 ,11,1,11i2m1 Arnette Bradshaw Day Ederer Hohman Malone 311511111,111,11,11,,,11 127 5721112117111 111127;, 7711, 1711328177 ,1 1171;137:171 - 1111, 1 1119111111 111,1,,1111 1111,11 1,1111 175:1 1,-, "1 1 ,111 11111, 11111 1 111 11 2121 WWW, 19:, wxxnxxzsm 113 $EE$$EE$3EE5311,11, 12-137 1871918711111111111 2 s awakg? ,111-5211771111,: 111182-1177 1, 1111ghgi1331$1111, 1 11 1111111, 1 7181787111- 11, 1,111,,1 g, ,111: 11-17111, 1,111,111,1111111 31" 1111:1171 1,, ,1 1,11,11 1,11,11,11 1 19111111, 111$, m1 mm111,mm1,1111,1,1,11,11,11,,11,111,1,m1,,1 111111 1111111 11111 11,193,311, 1,1, ,,1 11,1, 111 ,131'11832 11,111 15:57,, 11. 11, 7111-117 19133118131171- 11,1 151 11,1,-s77 1,115,. 917351115181: 111 7 $1111? 111,111111111N111,1 1 ,11,1 , ,1,11, 1 members ers. 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Since that day in May, 1954, the NT chap- ter has initiated a popular tradition: The semi-annual Rope Pull staged with Sigma Nu attracts several hundred spectators to a stream northwest of Denton where the pledges of each group try to dowse the pledges of the rival fraternity. The successful pledge class is awarded the Rope Pull Jug which is kept for the remainder of the semester. In its 11 years on campus, the fraternity has twice had a member named as the out- standing member from Theta Chi chapters throughout the United States. Having grown to the seventh largest chap- ter in the nation, Theta Chi attempts to live up to its motto, tgAlma Mater First and Theta Chi for Alma Mater? A new spring pledge of Theta Chi is warmly greeted and congratulated by a friend at bid acceptance. Moeller Moore Nall Peters Robbins Sammons Scherr Schnee Scoggins Spradlin Spurlock Stephens Strader Treese Walker Welch Wilson Phi Kappa Sigma member Charlie Ray shows rushee Bill Walston the certificates the Phi Kaps have received through the years at NT. Ardis Bedford Boudreaux Brazelton Carroll Goss Griffin Haid Hare Hickerson Hielscher Hill Horst Hudgens Hufstedler Kirby Little Lively McCain Nance Palmer Perry, I. Perry, M. Phi Kap Chapter Founded in 1955 The Phi Kappa Sigma frater- nity, established at North Texas in 1955, was an outgrowth of a local organization, the Trojans. As. part of the fraternity,s tra- ditions, the Phi Kaps held a Christmas party this year With the Alpha Phiis for two dormitories at the Denton State School. Each child was given a record album. The Phi Kaps and Sig Eps tied for second place in the number of spring pledgeseeach with 25. The fraternity also won second place in the Homecoming house decorations contest with its red- and-White dragon titled, itDrag- On, this is only the beginning,7 Phi Kap traditions include the Secret Desire Party, Big-Little Brother Paddle Presentation and the semesterly pledge-active con- test in football or softball. Potter Schmitz Specht Taylor v A Wkggg xx xx, Ugarte White, R. White, R. W. Whitaker x Kai Coedg file through the Phi Kappa Sigma. receiv- Sigma pledges during bid acceptance night. The lng llne to greet and congratulate the Phl Kappa Phi Kaps received 12 new men as spring pledges. 'A Pike member grabs the ball in a desperate struggle for the rebound at the Pike-Lambda Chi fraternity intramural game. Buchanan J ones Pikes Defeat SMU In Greek Football A red fire engine with clanging bell easily identifies Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on campus. Ranked as one of the 10 top fraternities in the nation, the NT chapter stresses brotherhood and attempts to instill the highest ideals of character, scholarship, personal conduct and manhood in its members. The social highlight of the year for the Pikes was the selection and the presentation of the Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha at its an- nual Dream Girl F ormal. This coed was then eligible to enter the National Dream Girl Competition. The Pikes traveled to SMU in the fall to defeat the PiKA chapter there 21-7 in the two chapters9 annual football game. This was the NT chapter7s third consecutive win against SMU. Benningfield Blackstone Craig Curry J ordan Kuehne A prospective rushee signs the guest book at the Pi Kappa Alpha open house during spring rush as a Pike member makes him a name tag. Open house is the first phase of formal rush. Lancaster Martin McGuffey Melton Moossy Pearson Perlman Pring Rohne Sanders, E. Sanders, K. Scales Stokes Strong Taquino Terrell Tieber Twng Whitten Edited by Barbara Beyring and Myra Hall DEPARTMENTS BELOW: A giant electromagnet, with a container of liquid nitrogen react to forces in a metal environment. BOTTOM: Physics instructors between its poles, is used in the physics department to study how electrons meet the challenge of the classroom as well as the research lab. NTSU,S ResearCh Program was a focal point in 1964-65 as grants poured into the university, ranging from $152,270 for sum- mer research and high school teacher training to $15,324 for cancer research in the biology department. The former was awarded by the National Science Foundation for training of high school teachers in math, physics, economics and general science. Of this, $19,330 went to research in chemistry and biology, with seven off-campus teachers participating in the program, directed by Dr. R. C. Sherman. Dr. Vernon Scholes Ksee photo, opposite pagei received the $15,324 grant as an extension for his cancer research. He has found that high metabolism in cell phosphorous seems to be in direct relation to a tissue7s cancer-producing potential. Faculty research grants offered more opportunities for NTSU professors: Dr. Georgia Leach tsee page 21W has compiled thou- sands of chemical hrecipes" of glazes for ceramics; her data have been placed on IBM cards. In the chemistry department, Dr. W. T. Brady is working with a faculty grant to develop plastics resistant to high temperatures. He is corresponding with Air Force and Army officials about future financial aid. BELOW: For cancer research, Dr. Scholes uses electron microscope which enlarges tissue 0RIGHTO 20,000 times. NTSU Research continued What Drives Mice To Drink? Heredity Studied for Answer What drives a mouse to drink? No one knows for cer- tain, but Dr. Russell V. Brown of the biology faculty is attempting to find out. In fact, the professor hopes that research such as his may eventually prove useful in stop- ping alcoholism among humans. Working on a three-year $10,000 grant from the Na- tional Institute for Mental Health, Dr. Brown is trying to discover whether a tendency in mice toward alcoholism is linked to heredity. In his research, Dr. Brown works with four distinctly different strains of 20th-generation mice. Thus, he eX- plained, he is able to get the same reaction to alcohol from all the mice in one strain. He places the mice in cages with two containers of liquid-one filled with water, the other with water and ethyl alcohol. Each mouse soon develops an aversion or liking for the alcohol mixture, he said. iiWithin several weeks all of one strain are drinking approximately 98 per cent of the water solution, while the others drink approximately 98 per cent of the alcohol mixture? Dr. Brown pointed out. Dr. Brown explained he thinks the way the mice use the proteins in their diets may be a contributing factor in alcoholism. gIn a couple of months? he said, giwe should be able to determine how the mice have metab- olized the protein in their food? The professor also plans to test alcoholis effect on the mental powers of mice, including their ability to learn Dr. Brown of the biology faculty inspects two of the many mice and their reSiStance t0 fruStration' used in hisstudy of heredityis possible link with alcoholism. In the School of Music, an unusual bit of research was instigated by Dr. Cecil Adkins. Inspired by a tromba- marina, a long, brass-pitched stringed instrument built by his father, he read microfilms of music by 18th-century composer Jean-Baptiste Prin. Dr. Adkins then revised and edited some of Prin7s music and played it on his trombamarina, for which the music was intended. In November he read a paper on the "rather commonplacei7 music to the Texas chapter of the American Musicological Society. Oddly enough, this stringed instrument has a brassy trumpet-like sound. Only one string is Visible Bee photo at rightj, but many iisympatheticb strings are housed inside. Called a iihistorical curiosityii by Dr. Adkins, the trombamarina originated about 1450 and was popular in the 18th century. iiThe music written for this instru- ment gives ussa good idea of what music was like back then? Dr. Adkins said. Serious physics researchers wonit wait quite so late to itRead the Directions? contrary to what a sign in a lab suggests. Dr. Adkins has done music research with his replica of 18thncentury trombamarina. Dr. Schlichting, aided by an NIH grant, samples the atmosphere at Fouts Field for living microscopic organisms. Biology research labs such as Dr. Schlichtingis, located in the basement of Masters Hall, are clean and well-arranged. After five years, Dr. Harold Schlichting still makes regular trips to Fouts Field, but his concern isn,t sports. his the atmosphere and its contents. Under a National Institute of Health grant the biology professor samples air at the stadium for living micro- scopic species. During the years his study has revealed, for example, that microscopic organisms clutter the at- mosphere in greater number and variety when the wind is from the south. He said this is probably due to moist air from the Gulf. His work has been helpful to the US. Public Health Service because of its concern with allergies and radio- activity. He aids the agency by classifying the various objects he discovers in the atmosphere. NTSU Research continued Biology Department Receives Grants for Water Research Three major grants were awarded this year to the biology department for research concerning one of manis most valuable natural resourcesawater. One grant tall involve Biology Department Director J. K. G. Silvey as principal investigatorl was awarded for study of itMetabolism of Aquatic Actinomycetesfi Sponsored by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the $67,820 study is to determine growing con- ditions and nutrients 0f aetinomycetes tfungil and to pinpoint their by-products, which cause obnoxious tastes and odors in drinking water. The same US. agency also awarded a three-year $53,165 grant for study of iiNaturally Occurring Tastes and Odors in Water Supplies." Dr. Silvey explained that for years tastes and odors in water supplies have been studied by individual iismeller-tastersii tsee photo at righU who have tried to properly describe these odors. He hopes in this research some accurate techniques can Dr. Silvey, directer 0f the biology department7 is principal inves- tigator in three NTSU projects involving water research. be developed to demonstrate the number of compounds in certain tastes and odors; thus a taste and odor could be described by its chemical composition. Then perhaps growth of by-products of the offensive organisms could be eliminated. iiEffects of Hexadecanol on Growth of Microorgan- isms in Water Supplies, received a three-year grant of $30,000 from the Bureau of Reclamation. Hexadecanol, an alcohol, inhibits water evaporationea major dilemma of the Southwest. iiBut our problem? Dr. Silvey said, iiis that hexadecanol is a nutrient source for organisms detri- mental to water supplies." mm. m r M: ' as; Robert Hoehn 0f the biology faculty smells water samples for posw sible identification of causes of offensive odors and tastes. Members of the education faculty were busy with research projects during the fall and spring: Dr. Richard S. Hampleman, along with Dr. Clotilda Winter of TCU, was asked by the Association of Child- hood Education International to study foreign language instruction in elementary schools. The results will soon be published in a 44-page pamphlet. Dr. Hampleman said the bulletin includes an investiga- tion of the need for such instruction in elementary schools and a review of pertinent research on the subject. It also includes a section to be used as a guide in developing foreign language programs. Four other education professors are developing a rating sheet that could be useful in placing teachers in jobs where they will be happy. Dr. R. T. Hinely, Dr. W. S. Sandefur, Dr. C. M. Galloway and Dr. B. E. Coody hope to find a relation between an educatoris teaching style and his grades, teaching field, and previous experience with childrer. iiWe will be using our rating sheet for the first time this spring in describing our student teachers, and we plan to conduct a follow-up study to see how their actual teaching experience relates to our findings? Dr. Hinely said. Purposes of the study are to help employing agencies place teachers and to predict the teaching methods that teachers will use. Dr. Leach of the art department compiled chemical iirecipes'i of glazes for ceramics. Results of Dr. Hamplemanis study of foreign language instruction will soon be published. Protein malnutritionea common problem of diets in low-income bracketseis of prime interest to Dr. Martha Purdom 0f the School of Home Economics. Dr. Purdom is conducting experiments with white rats to help determine whether synthetic amino acids, when added to vegetable-protein foods, help alleviate protein malnutrition and its damaging effects. tLow income diets tend to include meat substitutes lacking quality protein; animal proteins contain more of the amino acids essential to good healthJ Dr. Purdom adds synthetic amino acids to the ratsi diets, then compares their nutritional responses with those of rats fed a diet of animal protein. Student assistant Janette Roland and Dr. Purdom work with project to find effectiveness of synthetic amino acids in diets. Arts And Sciences College of Arts and Sciences: Crossroad of Interests, learning Marvin is a journalism major. Eustacia plans to enter medical technology. Kingly wants a drama background that will make Broadway easier to attain. Digsby is fasci- nated by paleontology and geographical areas of the United States which offer the greatest promise of dis- covery in his particular field. These students with their varied interests and courses of study have a common meeting place at NTSU. All must visit the office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences to obtain degree plans and academic counseling. Directing one of the largest colleges in the university is Dean Frank H. Gafford. The dean states that functions of the College of Arts and Sciences include providing intellectual disci- pline and cultural experiences essential to a liberal edu- cation and preparing students for professional schools, teaching, graduate study or research. Dr. Frank H. Gafford, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences "av L ' ABOVE: University Players watch as Rufus tKent Guthrie JrJ the production of All The Way Home. RIGHT: Books written by meets his 104-year-old great-great-grandmother tSteHa Reynoldsi in faculty members were displayed in the Library in February. ABOVE: Cultures, heated by a lightbulb, are grown as part of a biology research project. RIGHT: Dr. Howard Key of the English department reviews Herzog. EXERCfSEiQ Scholarship Fund Established In Honor of late Art Director A scholarship fund was established in honor of Dr. Cora E. Stafford, member of the North Texas art depart- ment for 43 years and director for 35 years who died in the summer of 1964. Scholarships are to be awarded to undergraduate students on the basis of scholastic achieve- ment and artistic ability. Stanley Marcus of Dallas7 Neiman-Marcus donated to the art department a large oil painting, ttMirage Metropo- lis? bvaouis James, an Australian-born artist. The paint- ing is one of a number of pieces of art which Marcus has given to the department. Wilfred Higgins of the art department entered a col- lage entitled ttCitta Eternah in the 26th annual Texas Painting and Sculpture Exhibit in Dallas. The painting, inspired by a Visit to Italy, won a $100 award. Henry L. Whiddon 0f the art faculty and Pedro Rodri- guez, a graduate student in Spanish from San Antonio7 also entered paintings in the exhibit. Dr. Ronald Williams, Acting Director, Art Department 4. IA H. Penny Campbell, sophomore art major, puts finishing touches on a Dutch Kepler,Burkburnett pitcher, one of the projects required as part of her ceramics course. Yucca Who's WhO-Art BOTTOM ROW: V. Schott7 E. Weber, D. Schill, S. Morgan. ROW TWO: Dr. R. Williams, A. High, R. Stephens, J. Case, R. Fuchs. ROW THREE: C. Watson, J. Marshall, P. Yancey, J. Hodges, D. Kepler, K. McElroy. SAAD Eb Members Compete For Outstanding Design Each spring the Student Association of Advertising Designers tSAADt sponsors a design competition among its members. A cash award is given for the best-in-show entry. In addition to the cash award, certificates de- signed and printed by a club member are given for merit and excellence. At the club,s first meeting in the fall, Ed Sholty, 1964 graduate, showed color slides of the North Texas Art Study Tour of Europe which he attended last summer. A point of interest to the advertising stu- dents was the "Project II" lecture-seminar presented by area professionals Oct. 20. The seminar, titled "Solving Graphic Problems? consisted of films, interviews, panel discus- sions and 15-minute presentations by four pro- fessionals specializing in package designs, advertising, commercials and business films. OFFICERS: R. Fuchs, sponsor; D. Kepler, vice-president; K. McElroy, secretary-treas- urer; E. Weber, president; C. Watson, publicity chairman; Dr. R. Williams, sponsor. x . BOTTOM ROW: P. Gamble, J. St. John, D. Maxey, D. Smith, S. Dungan, H. Crissman, N. Pittman. ROW TWO: K. Love- lace, S. Elam, N. Griffin, C. Fulton, S. Ladd, N. Lichtenberger. ROW THREE: R. Ezell, J. Melton, H. Cooper. SAEA Art Club Sponsors Film Presentation Visits to home studios of art faculty members Curtis Lydic and Rudolph Fuchs and a Christmas party at the home of Richard Laing, also of the art faculty, high- lighted the year for members of SAEA, Student Art Education As- sociation. The art club also sponsored a movie presentation, showing such films as The Titan, a story of Michelangelols life, and William Turner, Watercolorist. Pertaining to the purpose of the club tto provide the student with a better understanding of the methods of teaching art in the public sehoolsl student teachers spoke to SAEA on the problems which confronted them while prac- tice teaching. Delegates from the group also attended the State Art Educators convention at Western Hills Inn of Fort Worth and the Natlonal Art BOTTOM ROW: D. Smith, treasurer; H. Crissman, publicity chairman; D. Educatlon conventlon. Maxey, vice-president. ROW TWO: S. Dungan, secretary; N. Griffin, president. BOTTOM ROW: M. Stein, publicity manager; L. Dawson, president. ROW TWO: J. McDonald, sponsor; P. Lingold, Vice-president; C. Chappell, treasurer. BOTTOM ROW: L. Dawson, M. Stein, V. Woods. ROW TWO: M. Haeffner, G. Hendrie, L. Basham, M. Carter. ROW THREE: G. Kirsten, C. Chappell, C. Connaugh- ton. ROW FOUR: P. Lingold, J. McDonald, M. Vaughan. Costume Design Club Interest Spurred By Fashion Show The Costume Design Club, which promotes interest in fashion designing, is one of North Texas, newest organizations. Founded in 1963 by Mrs. Shir- ley Ezell of the art faculty, the club had in 1964-65 a membership of 14w-13 girls and one boy. The club was organized at the request of students planning careers in modern fashion designing. As part of its program this year, the club attended a style show at Sanger Harris Department Store in Dallas. The show, which featured Parisian models, was sponsored by the nationally famous Vogue Pat- tern and Fabric Company. Bible Chair Offers Class In New Testament Greek Offering 10 different courses during the fall semester and 13 in the spring, the Bible de- partment drew over 700 students with 369 registered for the spring term. Richard Gowan substituted for his brother, teaching Classes at the Presbyterian Student Center in the fall. Dr. Donald E. Gowan, chairman of Bible, spent the fall semester as guest professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. On his return in the spring, Dr. Cowan again taught a course on the Greek language of the New Testament, the only Greek course offered at NT. Bible courses at the Welch Street Church of Christ were taught in a new building this year. Completed in the fall, the building has W five classrooms WhiCh are used during the TOP: Students register for Bible courses like the one on the Life and week for NTSU Bible classes. Letters of Paul tBOTTOMt taught at the Welch Street Church of Christ. Baptist Student Union Volunteers Work With Illiterate Dentonites Members of the Baptist Student Union attended vesper services and heard speakers from the field of religion this year, but they also participated in a reading program to teach illiterate Denton adults to read. Following the t4each one teach one,, method of the Laubach Lit- eracy Foundation, volunteer mem- bers were instructed by a repre- sentative of one of the Dallas-Fort Worth literary societies. One of the more unusual vesper services this year was a tape re- corded talk, ctIs God Dead?" by Mrs. Cert Bahanna of New York, a society matron who is a reformed alcoholic and three-time divorcee. Mrs. Bahanna is now devoting her ti k 'th 1 Bill Lanson, a Baptist minister from Corpus Christi, Student Center this year. Vespers are held there lme t0 wor WI young peop 6. spoke to one of the Vesper services in the Baptist Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. BOTTOM ROW: P. Pierce, 5. Flynn, L. Creekmnre, B. Thorla, C. Wilson, J. Woods, P. Gumfory. ROW TWO: B. Wood, S. Isbell, G. Gooch, J. Titus, S. Adams, Dr. R. Ware. ROW THREE: J. Barner, J. Bennett, R. Menefee, K. Killen, G. Whitman, B. VIcMath. tNew Grammar, Gives OK To Sometimes Split lnfinitives English grammar was scrutinized this year in the Eng- lish department. giNew Cralnmar7i was the watchword. Split iniinitives were strictly passe. As Dr. E. S. Clif- ton, director of the department, explained, tilt is silly to not split an infinitive for grammatical emphasis. The split infinitive is actually a split participle, due to the mistake of eighteenth-century grammarians who mistook the Old English participle for the infinitive and proceeded to badger us with rules concerning what they took to be the infinitive.w Dr. Silas Criggs supplemented Dr. Cliftonis remarks7 stating that traditional grammar is tibankruptedii by its inadequacies. He said the definition, iiA sentence is a group of words that express a complete thought? is irrelevant. iiNot going:7 he added, is just as much a sentence in spoken English as ttI am not going.,, Dr. Griggs insists students must be taught a iireasonabl? approach toward the structure of the language. At NTSU this approach is being taken in an advanced grammar course and the teaching methods class. Dr. Criggs explained his ideas this fall in a talk to the District VIII English Workshop at East Texas State College on uThe New Grammar: How It Differs From the Old? He also led a discussion before the Linguistic Circle of North Texas on ccTransformational Grammar in Theory and Practice.,, Dr. E. S. Clifton, Director, English Department Linda Lou Henderson, Saint Jo Away from crowds buying: freshman and sophomore English books at Voert- Yucca Whois Who-English man's, Frances Penn has time to scan her books before purchasing them. BOTTOM ROW: B. Nelson, J. Patterson, J. Titus, E. Templeton, S. Martin, J. Rogers, C. Edwards. ROW TWO: D. Alford, A. Steely, S. Vaughan, K. Boeger, S. Husen, S. Speir. ROW THREE: B. Douglass, B. Garner, J. Bennet, F. Clifton, N. Spencer, M. Martin, L. Miller. Sigma Tau Delta English Group Studies Schools of Philosophy Emphasis on the integration of the humani- ties was a key theme this year in the programs of Sigma Tau Delta, national honor fraternity for English majors. Dr. Richard Owsley and his fellow philoso- phy instructors gave talks to the group in the fall on various schools of philosophy: analyti- cal philosophy, phenomenology, realism, ma- terialism, existentialism. Philosophical movements were compared and contrasted with corresponding literary movements. Sartre, Anouilh and D. H. Law- OFFICERS: Dr. L. Miller, sponsor: C. Edwards, treasurer; S. Vaughan, rence Were particularly Cited for using philoso- vice-president: J. Patterson, president: F. Clifton, historian; J. Titus, phy as a literary tool secretary. k BOTTOM ROW: L. Littleton, V. Reinle, M. Rohde, B. Nelson, C. Peery, L. Ledbetter, C. Porter, C. Hightower, N. Filippone, C. Christian, L. Eubank. ROW TWO: B. Sickler, J. Pond, S. Caldwell, J. Tuttle, P. Pillow, E. Cathey, A. Persky, K. Ludden, K. Goodmon, M. Morgan, P. Barnett. ROW THREE: S. Wal- lace, C. Lumpkin, D. Page, C. Darr, M. Mallewick, P. Rogers, J. Harden, S. Speir, A. V035, K. Hermann, L. Thompson. ROW FOUR: C. Connaughton, J. Buck, S. Horn, B. Curtis, A. Elliot, P. Deavenport, J. Prindle, J. Ramey, L. Creekmore, P. Baker, P. Conrey, G. Rosebrough. BOTTOM ROW: L. Lindley, L. Simpson, D. Alford, L. Quenzer, C. Harris, M. Scott, N. Pitts, F. 'Maples, V. Mrozinski, N. Israel. ROW TWO: J. Rogers, A. Freeman, C. Caton, B. Stimson, N. Nash, D. Ahrens, K. Mahaffey, E. Grona, K. Johns. ROW THREE: C. Lowe, C. McCrum, F. Gelineau, N. Reasoner, D. Gardner, J. Thrash, S. LaCari, I. Phelps, C. Hinchman. ROW FOUR: B. Coleman, J. Norris, J. Chiswell, D. Chandler, E. Smith, F. Sullivan, K. Norris, N. Teague, S. Renshaw, J. Pendleton. Mary Arden Club Literary Group Delves Into Role of Women tiThe man should be the head of the house. The woman should be the neck. Have you ever tried to turn the head without the necklw This question was raised at a fall meeting of the Mary Arden Club, womenis literary and social group. The j unior and senior coeds with outstanding scholastic averages are concerned with problems of todayis woman: How may a woman best serve her community; what should be a woman,s attitude toward politics; should a woman merely be a housekeeper? Club speakers this year included the coordi- nator of volunteer services at the Denton State School and a representative from the Benton League of Women Voters. OFFICERS: E. Cathey, treasurer; K. Goodman, president; C. Darr, second vice-president; C. Porter, reporter; A. Persky, first vice-president: P. Barnett, secretary. Journalism Director C. E. Shuford, who spoke at the ban- quet7 shows club president Goodmon his new book of poetry. At the Mary Arden Chibis Christmas banquet, Dean Imogene Dickey was given honorary membership in the club in thanks for the interest she has shown in the organization. OFFICERS: L. Adams, reporter; J. Schulz, sponsor; A. Travis, vice-president; B. Garritson, secretary; J. Atterbury, treasurer; G. Leach, sponsor; 5. Petty, president; J. Spradley, historian. BOTTOM ROW: G. Weber, A. Travis, P. Crumpton, L. Adams. J. Schulz, M. Hagerman, B. Garrison, C. Stricklin, G. Leach. M Club Membership By Invitation Only Membership in Junior Mary Arden Club, honorary literary so- ciety, is by invitation only. Freshman and sophomore wom- en are accepted in the organization during the fall and spring semes- ters and are required to have a 2.5 over-all grade point average and at least one tA, in any three- hour college English course. Junior Mary Arden members receive first priority by the Mary Arden Club tsee pages 228-229t each year when new members are added to that organization. ROW TWO: 5. Graham, 5. Petty, J. Spradley, J. Spradley, J. Atterbury. ROW THREE: Frederick J. Kluck, Odessa Yucca Whois Who-Frem'h Lab Offers Opportunity For Language Fluency Since speaking a foreign language fluently is the practical aim of language majors, the foreign language department works toward this goal. The language lab allows students to hear native speakers of the languages offered. Advanced reading and writing courses are available. Dr. J. L. Gerding brought distinction to the department by being elected secretary of the Spanish Literature Section of the South Cen- tral Language Association. This year Kjell Johansen of Norway joined the department as German instructor. Prev- iously he had taught English to Arab students at the University of Texas. Osvaldo E. Orraca, Cayey, Puerto Rico Yucca Wh07s WhogSpanish Operated by students, the lan- guage lab provides students of French, Spanish and German a chance to practice their fluency by hearing and speaking. 3 BOTTOM ROW. G. Thomas, B. Nelson, M. Layton, S. Ables, C. Stewart, M. Till, . Blassingame, D. Shivers, P. Conrey, M. Gelineau. ROW TWO: 5. Carr, B. Colemon, B. Beans, L. Adams, P. McCarlrity7 J. Eng, B. Howard, P. Gill, K. Mathis, G. Meredith, B. Stimson. ROW THREE: C. Wade, A. Polini, O. Osvaldo, W. Pulte, R. Wagoner, E. Chamberlain, J. 0,Danie1, J. C. Bookout, Dr. L. Bremner. Sigma Delta Pi Speech by Missionary Highlights Club Banquet Since Herbert M. Sein, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, founded Sigma Delta Pi in 1919, it has been carrying on its purpose to foment a wider knowledge of and a greater love for the Hispanic con- tributions to modern culture. The North Texas chapter was established March 26, 1938, as the Alpha Pi Chapter. Since then the society has been under the sponsorship of Dr. Henry Dannelley, Dr. J. L. Gerding and Jonathan Bookout, the present sponsor. This year the club held a banquet at La Casita, a local Spanish restaurant, and 1 heard a talk by Jose Orraca, a missionary to OFFICERS: W. Pune, president: Dr. L. Bremn Mexico. Mathis, Vice-president; J. Bookout, sponsor. Pi Delta Phi Honor Society Boasts Outstanding Members Pi Delta Phi, national French honorary fraternity, was estab- lished at North Texas in 1950 as an outgrowth of a local organiza- tion, Les Copains7 which was founded in 1949. Dr. Marian DeShazo 0f the for- eign language faculty was instru- mental in introducing national status to the North Texas group, pointed out Frederick Kluck, presi- dent of the club and a Yucca Whots Who in French. Since it was founded, the North Texas chapter has had several out- standing members, one of whom is Dr. Robert J. Hardin, a Fulbright Scholar and now a professor of F rench on campus. Dr. DeShazo and Dr. Hardin sponsor the 15-member club. OFFICERS: F. Kluck, president; K. Norris, vice-president; S. Ables, secretary-treasurer; D. Lee, reporter. BOTTOM ROW: D. Lee, S. Anderson, J. Burkett, S. Ables, M. Gelineau. ROW TWO: K. Norris, L. Dorough, A. Gray, M. Stiles. ROW THREE: L. Moser, R. Hardin, F. Kluck. lnter-Library Teletype Links Area Universities The Library service department7 directed by UL David A. Webb, strives to produce 1i- brarians with a well-balanced education. Elective courses in the social sciences, hu- manities and sciences-eas well as Classes in library organization and methods for selecting books 77 7 are most suited to this objective, Dr. Webb explained. Technological advances in libraries also cannot be overlooked: In December a teietype service Was installed in the Main Library to provide rapid communication between NT, TWU, SMU, TCU and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. A teletypewriter was installed in each campus library to link holdings totaling nearly two million volumes. The chief purpose of the hookup is to ac- celerate library usage for both the members V , . . . L . L, . , . of the faculty and doctoral students. Dr. David A. Webb, Director of Libraries Learning the Oijgaiiization of the card catalogue, which is cross-filed by David Farrar, Dallas subjects and authors, 18 a major task of a library service student. Yucca Whoas Who-Library Service BOTTOM ROW: 31. Knox, secretary; B. Lindsey, S. Estes, G. Hubbard, J. PeniCk, reporter: V. Butter, K. Teggemaf, M. Craig, M. Durham, 5. Goodwin, S. Blackwell. ROW TWO: D. Furr, M. Byrom, L. Harrell, L. Raney, L. Jordan, B. Lankford, L. Hendrick, P. Ingle, D. Farrar, K. Jagoe. ROW THREE: K. Lorigan, treasurer; P. Rogers, M. Skipworth, J. Taylor, C. Spann, J. Kimbro, J. Johnson, K. Tipton, S. Isbell. Alpha Beta Alpha Club Retains Purpose Despite Name Changes Originally organized in 1942 as the Mc- Cracken Club, named after North Texast first librarian, Mrs. Pearl McCracken, Alpha Beta Alpha has retained its primary purpose de- spite name changes: to further the profes- sional knowledge of its members, to promote fellowship and to serve as a recruiting agency for librarians. The members of the national fraternity are instructed by their sponsor, Dr. David A. Webb, in the latest facilities of the NT library, such as the Xerox reproduction machine and the teletype service. The latter enables the NT library to check holdings with other uni- versity libraries in the Dallas-Fort Worth- Denton area. Dr. Webb described the hookup as ttsort of a private party line between schools." This year the group sponsored a Founders, Dr. David A. Webb, sponsor of Alpha Beta Alpha and director of the university libraries7 is introduced to members at an organizational meeting in the fall. Day plCnlC and an alumm tea at Homecomlng. C. E. Shuford, Director, Journalism Department Journalism Faculty Immersed In Publicizing NT Anniversary Journalism Director C. E. Shuford was elected in the fall to membership in the Texas Institute of Letters, a group of some 100 outstanding literary figures in Texas. Shuford was also honored this year when his The Red Bull and Other Poems won the South and West, Inc., Book-Broehure Contest, an international competition. The award in this contest was the publication of his manu- script. Other members of the journalism department, who are also connected with News Service, worked throughout the year on the 75th anniversary celebration by preparing brochures, a public relations magazine and a Homecoming display of historical pictures of NTSU:s growth. Sophomore journalism student Anna Porter soon discovers she Bill Perkins,DaHas must put in extra hours in order to finish her assignments. Yucca Wh07s WhoeJournalism OFFICERS: Barbara Douglass, reporter; Marilyn Hagins, Vicevpresident; Shirley Quinn, secretary; Karen Goodmon, treasurer; Janice Odom, president. Theta Sigma Phi Women Writers Sponsor Top Coed On Campus A certain group of women on campus is destined to compete in the fast-moving field of journalism. Theta Sigma Phi, women,s honorary journalism fraternity, is made up of women writers with high grades and exper- ience in school publications. The group sponsors the Top Coed on Cam- pus contest in the spring tsee pages 90-9D. Winners are chosen by a panel of judges according to outstanding scholarship, citizen- ship and participation in campus activities. The TCOCS are honored at a pie-and-coffee supper at a local banquet room. This yearts speaker for the supper was Val 1mm, society editor for the Dallas Times Herald. Mrs. Terrell Blodgett, a free-lance writer, spoke in the fall to a group of Theta Sigs from North Texas and Texas Womants Uni- versity on her experiences during her career in free-lance writing and teaching. BOTTOM ROW: K. Goodmon, J. Odom, M. Gordy, T. Love, M. Tatum. ROW TWO: M. Hagins, A. Voss, S. Selk7 M. Vaughan. ROW THREE: C. Ryan, J. Thompson, B. Douglass, A. Smith, S. Quinn. BOT'IUM ROW: L. Holder, 5. Houston, A. Younts, T. Shuford. ROW TWO: J. Craig, E. Richards, M. Buchholz, L. Payne, J. Bishop. ROW THREE: J. Duffy, .I. Rainey, C. Hines, T. Pouncey, B. Perkins. Sigma Delta Chi Two Area Journalists Predict Shorter Presidential Campaigns Shorter presidential campaigns and less coverage of national political conventions will become standard pro- cedure in future election years, believe Dallas7 KRLD News Director Eddy Barker and Dallas Times Herald political writer Keith Shelton. Barker and Shelton, who attended the 1964 Republican and Democratic conven- tions, spoke to a Nov. 23 meeting of Sigma Delta Chi. Six NTSU members of the professional journalistic society attended the national SDX convention in Kansas City in December. At the convention, Cragg Hines, one of four fall pledges, won the first place award in an undergraduate radio-TV script writing contest based on : a ViSit t0 the Truman Library in Independence, MO- OFFICERS: L. Holder, vice-president; D. Beene, secretary; B. Perkins, treasurer; S. Houston, president. Political writer Shelton com- plained 0f the poor working con- ditions which existed for the press at both the Republican and Democratic conventions. Validity of literary, dramatic and musical criticism was discussed by . panel members agreed such criticism was proper and in order as Press Club panelists Lazenby, Marder, Cuthbert and Mlers. All four long as the critic was informed and appreciated the art form involved. Press Club Faculty, Pros Define Task Of Reviewer as Writer-Artist ttCan a person he a Christian and a critic at the same time,7 was one of the questions humorously posed by Dallas Times Herald critie Virgil Miers at a critical panel sponsored by the Press Club Dec. 9. Miers was joined on the panel by Charles Dameron 0f the Times Herald; Dr. Kenneth N. Cuthbert, dean of the School of Music; Dr. Walter Lazenby 0f the English faculty; and Carl Marder 0f the speech and drama faculty. During the discussion the panel members agreed that critics should be kinder to young artists and judge a show as a whole before tearing it apart in a review. V Before the panel, Dameron awarded Press Club of OFFICERS: J. Duffy, treasurer; T. Pnuncey, president; M. Tatum, Dallas scholarshlps t0 elght Press Chlb members. secretary; C. Hines, vice-president. BOTTOM ROW: B. Kilm'ease, C. Ilisk, C. Spencer, E. Matula, T. Love, J. Schenck, A. Penna. ROW TWO: M. Fleming, C. Ryan, M. Hagins, S. Selk7 S. VVes-atzke7 S. Quinn, M. Tatum, L. Long. ROW THREE: J. Powers, A. Younts, C. Wheeler, E. Richards, L. Holder, S. Houston, M. Buchholz. ROW FOUR: .I. Duffy, L. Payne, T. Pouncey, C. Hines, J. Hopson, R. Busby7 sponsor; J. Rogers, S. Klker. Philosophy Proves Classics Still Alive The classics are not dead. Phi- losophy courses present perhaps the best evidence of this fact for NTSU students. Plato,s Republic, Aristotle, Lu- cretius and St. Augustine,s Con- fessions are included in Dr. Rich- ard Owsley?s Ancient and Medieval Philosophy course. The non-departmental status of philosophy courses is not a detri- ment, Dr. Owsley said. hWe have no students here who are pressured into taking philosophy because it is required or because it is pres- tigious. hThis creates a better atmos- phere for learning than many col- leges have? he said. TOP: Dr. H. B. Dalrymple of the philosophy fficulty helps con- course. ABOVE: Michael Kelley, part-time instructor of philosophy, fused students try to understand the finer pomts of his logic teaches beginning philosophy to curious students. Holland, Colson Named To Association Offices ttToo much student speaking, especially that of debaters, reflects very shallow analysis of their topicf, Dr. William R. DeMougeot 0f the speech faculty told the Speech Association of America at the national convention Dec. 27-30 in Chicago. Dr. DeMougeot, who is the NTSU debate coach, said the negative debate teams are unable to cope with trick cases because they do not understand the topics well enough. Department Director R. V. Holland and Dr. E. Robert Black of the faculty also repre- sented NTSU at the conference. Dr. Holland was elected vice-president of the Texas Speech Association at its convention in Houston earlier in the year. At the same convention, Dr. Ted Colson 0f the speech and drama faculty was appointed program chairman of the State group. Samuel James Curry, Denton Yucca Whots WhOwSpeech and Drama t. Dr. R. V. Holland, Director, Speech and Drama Department Students in the acting class of Carl Marder, speech and drama faculty member, entertain with cuttings from class assignments at a special afternoon performance in the Studio Theater. Speech and drama students taking radio-TV courses practice sportscasting during a North Texas basketball game. Their commentaries are recorded, then played back and criticized. BOTTOM ROW: J. Covington, J. Wommack, D. Jones, J. Turney, C. Smith, M. Moran, J. Cissne, treasurer. ROW TWO: J. Esslinger, A. Goldberg, G. Barkley, P. Haynes, N. Kelley, secretary, L. Tuckey. ROW THREE: Dr. T. Colson, sponsor; S. Curry, president; L. Tobias, vice-president; W. Kerr, K. McGuire, C. Matthews, T. Casey, D. Wommack, T. Kitzmiller. Radio-TV Club KXOL Director Speaks On New Radio Trends Members of the Radio-Television Club this year received valuable information on current developments in the broadcasting field from Roy Eaton, news director for KXOL in F ort Worth. Eaton, also Vice-president of the South- west Region' Radio-TV News Directors Asso- ciation, spoke to the group on the opportuni- ties available to students entering the broad- casting profession. The clubis purpose is to provide students in the broadcasting field with an inside view of the situations they Will probably encounter when they enter the profession. This purpose is fulfilled by inviting guest speakers from area stations and by touring nearby stations to view their facilities. A key function of the club is its annual trip to the University of Oklahoma for an area Radio-Television clinic. In the past'NTSU has received superior ratings for participation in the clinic. Dallas disc jock ing. He told me ey Irving Harrigan from radio station KLIF spoke to the clubis November meet- mbers about embarrassing bloopers that radio announcers make. Debate and Forensics Club Members Capture Laurels at Oklahoma Meets Outstanding performances of members of the Debate and Foren- sics Club continued to bring honor and recognition to North Texas State this year. Club members received honors for performances in the East Cen- tral State College Forensics meet in Ada, Okla.; Golden Spread For- ensics tournament in Amarillo and Broncho Forensics meet in Ed- mond, Okla. This year North Texas joined with seven other strong debate schools to form the South Central Debate Conference. Uniting with the other schools will provide a common meeting ground for ideas that will strengthen the teams. Another purpose of the confer- ence 15 t0 pr 0V1de added 1ncent1ve Each yea; Debate Club members register and judge scholastic League, the speech and drama depart- for the teams, efforts. entrants 1n speech tournaments sponsored by Inter- ment or in connection with Denton High School. BOTTOM ROW: B. Sheppard, president; J. Wedel, C. Strickiin, historian; D. Dudley, N. Legg. ROW TWO: Dr. W. DeMougeot, sponsor; A. Ferguson, J. McCathern, B. Cannon, 5. Graham, J. Schulz, sponsor. ROW THREE: G. Fargarson, A. Phenix, J. Prindle, vice-president; J. Stein, W. Sockwell. ROW FOUR: M. Armour, P. Edwards, L. Lawrence. University Players Drama Group Gives Impetus To Campus Stage Productions Without University Players, probably few campus stage productions could he presented effectively. Called College Players until 1961, the group is respon- sible for technical and creative aspects of each campus- wide play: Crews, usually under Dr. Robert Black, pro- vide lights, sets, makeup, costumes. Since membership is limited to those with 25 hours of stage work, some crew members often are not yet mem- bers of University Playershbut will be upon completion of the 0rganizati0n7s requirements. Actors are usually members of the group, although au- ditions for each play are Open to the public. The group presented four plays this year tsee On- . . . . stageh All the Way Home, Tiger at the Gates, Romeo Slx-year-old Kent Cuthne, son of Dr. Rufus Guthrle 0f the blology department, . rehearses with the University Playersh cast of All the Way Home. and Juliet and Three Penny Opera. BOTTOM ROW: S. Bradley, Dr. S. K. Hamilton, sponsor; L. McKinney, C. Crumley. ROW TWO: C. Ensey, T. Noble, J. Short, J. Esslinger, S. Louderr milk, L. Spradling, B. Walters, F. Fuller. ROW THREE: P. Pittman, B. House, M. Seelig7 P. DeGroot, K. Ledlow, J. Bentley, J. Cooper, L. Fletcher, C. Smith. Trojan costumes designed 'by club member John Peninger were part of the University Playersh produc- tion of French dramatist Jean Anouilh7s Tiger at the Gates. BOTTOM ROW: N. Barnes, R. Gehm, M. Yancey, R. Cottereil, L. Jackson, S. Brown. ROW TWO: E. Nickelberry, C. Raiford, J. Gunn, M. Maines, C. Hall7 R. Hughes, S. Bostick, S. Ransom, J. Linn. ROW THREE: T. Massey, Z. Rosen, S. Trimble, E. Watson, B. Jones, A. Reid, B. Bowen, R. Gathings. OFFICERS: J. Linn, treasurer; J. Gunn, Vice-president; E. Watson, recording secretary; R. Cotterell, corresponding secretary; C. Raiford, sponsor; L. Jackson, president; N. Barnes, sponsor. Sigma Alpha Eta Noisy Subiect Discussed By Speech Therapy Pro Sigma Alpha Eta, a relatively new national professional fraternity, is a representative of an equally contemporary field. Its purpose is to acquaint future speech therapists with pro- fessional problems that may confront them in their work. Panel discussions and guest speakers were among the fraternityas 1964-65 activities. In February the group heard Dr. Abram Glorig, director at Callier Hearing and Speech Clinic in Dallas, speak on iiNoisef, A field trip was later conducted to the clinic. Outstanding members of Sigma Alpha Eta with extensive experience in speech therapy and good grades are awarded Key membership at the clubs spring semi-formal banquet. Dr. J. K. C. Silvey, Director, Biology Department Biology Research Conducted Under Federal Agency Grants NTSU7s biology department is sharing in the effort to combat cancer, 'and this effort was aided by a $15,324 grant to Dr. Vernon Scholes by the Department of Health, $3i205g3i2$g23h131i1$ Education and Welfare. This renewed a $17,422 project awarded to Dr. Scholes last January. Grants from the same U.S. agency were awarded to Dr. Harold Schlichting and Dr. Russell V. Brown. Dr. Schlichting,s study involves algae and protozoa in the atmosphere, and Dr. Brown7s three-year grant will be used for ttEthanol Studies in Inbred Mice." In addition to the Welfare Department grants, Dr. James Lott received a $15,500 grant from the Atomic Energy Commission to study effects of X-irradiation on membrane permiability in nerves. Dr. Lottgs study is scheduled to continue through August. As a by-product of the cancer research, Dr. Scholes presented a paper concerned with the difference between normal and cancerous tissue and normal-appearing tissue from cancerous animals at the Texas branch meetingtof the Society of American Microbiologists. Two graduate students, Ken Brunson and George Lowke, also read papers at the conclave, held at Texas ASzM University. The graduate students7 papers were part of their masters, theses. Both Brunson and Lowke work . . . . . . . . , Dlssectlng, labelmg and studylng ammals and thelr varlous parts under Dr. Rufus Guthrle 0f the blology faculty. occupies a major portion of a biologisfs lab time. BOT;TOM ROW: L. Lindley, B. Davis7 L. Russell, A. Freeman. ROW TWO: P. Splitts, C. Hill, M. Droitcourt, S. Flowers, L. Greif. ROW THREE: W. larsons, M. Scarlett, C. Fletcher, M. LaVail, Dr. H. Schlichting. ROW FOUR: J. Barton, M. Hurst, R. Telfair, M. Hensley, R. Page, D. Welch. Beta Beta Beta Scholarship, Knowledge Encompass Clubts Goals The Delta Zeta chapter of Beta Beta Beta, na- tional honorary biological society, was estab- lished at North Texas in 1947. In the ensuing years the club has worked to advance three primary goals: the stimulation of sound schol- arship, the dissemination of scientific knowl- edge and the promotion of biological research. Tri-Beta works closely with the biology faculty and students. An award is presented annually to the outstanding freshman biology major. Tutoring sessions are held by members of the club for all biology students. Members assist biology teachers in research projects and strive for a better over-all faculty-student relationship. OFFICERS: W. Parsons, president; A. Freeman, treasurer; C. Hill, secretary; Dr. H. Schlichting, sponsor. Chemists Study Amino Acids, May Discover Secrets of Agino Research is an important factor in the chemistry de- partment, which received approval in April, 1964, for a doctoral program tsee page 31D. Dr. S. J. Norton, for example, is conducting research with amino acids found in the ligaments, tendons and skin of higher animals to determine what reactions cause one amino acid to transform itself into another. The research may lead to information on the aging process, Dr. Norton explained. Two other NTSU chemistry professors presented pa- pers at a regional meeting of the American Chemical Society in Shreveport, La. Dr. W. T. Brady9 assisted in his research by graduate student H. R. O,Nea1, read a paper on the structure and synthesis of a polymer tnatural or synthetic chemical compound or mixture of compoundsi. Chairman of a symposium on amino acids, peptides and analogues, Dr. Gordon Skinner gave a paper on the use of chemicals in studying life processes. Dr. Norton also read a paper which dealt with protein synthesis. It was prepared jointly by himself, Dr. Vernon Scholes and graduate student M. D. Key. Dr. J. L. Carrico, Director, Chemistry Department Dr. W. T. Brady of the chemistry faculty experiments to discover. high-temperature- Ray Hatch, Taft, California resistant plastics which could possibly be used for spaceship nose cones. Yucca ths WhOeChemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Criminologist Discusses Chemical Crime Detection The University of Wisconsin was the place and 1902 was the year for the founding of the present-day national chemists7 fraternity, Al- pha Chi Sigma. The social and professional organization is designed to aid chemistry majors and the science itself. Beta Eta, formed in 1952 as the North Texas chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma, had a busy agenda this year: October saw two new members go through initiation. In the same month the group spon- sored a tour of the Denton Federal Center. A Dallas criminologist presented a talk in November on Chemically-oriented crime de- tection at a dinner at the Holiday Inn. Dr. Troy Tidwell hosted the club members in his home for their Christmas party. The NT chapter works closely with the Dallas-based organization of Alpha Chi Sigma OFFICERS: M. Archer, treasurer; C. Turner, president; D. Sparkman, master of in planning and sponsoring activities. ceremonies; D. Thigpen, reporter; G. Peyton, vice-president. BOTTOM ROW: T. Tidwell, sponsor; G. Peyton, T. Wooling, D. Thigpen, G. Turner. ROW TWO: G. Clifton, D. Sparkman, J. Stockton, C. Lude- man, M. Archer. Dr. Herbert C. Parrish, Director, Mathematics Department Jack H. Winters, Dallas Yucca ths WhOeMathematics Math Prof Sums Up New Teaching Methods Working under a grant from the North Texas Graduate Research Council, Dr. Meri- don V. Garner is experimenting in better ways to teach math to elementary teachers. As a part of his experiment, Dr. Garner wrote a book which was used in the spring as a text for Math 310 and 311. The book employs the symbols and pictures that are a part of the new program. It follows closely the recommendations of the Commit- tee on Undergraduate Program in Mathemat- ics, which was established by the Mathematical . Association of America. ' . v t Dr. Garner explains that in the new method, J ' ' '1 children are introduced to numbers with pic- Taking Math 336 tDigital Computer Programming, junior mathematics major Mike tures 0f sets 0f objects. Buchholz watches while a program he wrote as a class assignment is run on the computer. During the year, eight mathematics faculty members conducted in-service training for area elementary school teachers. As B. G. Nunley, a participating faculty member, said, ctmore math has been invented since 1900 than existed then, so it is not sur- prising that Texas schools are adopting a new approach to teaching math? Kappa Mu Epsilon Math Club Holds Freshman Contest Pythagoras, theorem, the sine of a 90 degree angle and the area of Chords are well known to the mem- bers of Kappa Mu Epsilon7 na- tional mathematics fraternity. Replacing the Mathematics Club, the NT chapter became national in 1951 under the sponsorship of Drs. R. C. Bilyeu, J. V. Cooke, George Copp and H. C. Parrish. This year the organization held a mathematics contest for fresh- men and awarded winners with engraved sets of mathematics tables. The contest is expected to become an annual tradition of OFFICERS: M. Buchholz, vice-president; C. Caton, secretary; D. Edwards, . program chairman; M. Russel, treasurer; J. Cools, president. Kappa Mu EpSIIOn. BOTTOM ROW1M. Russel, B. Howard, P. Patterson, C. Caton, S. Wilson, C. Porter, B. Beyring. ROW TWO: B. Alland, P. Lewis, J. Cools, J. Phillips, D. Edwards, J. Harper, D. Cecil, M. Buchholz. Ph.D. Program Added To Physics Department The North Texas physics department was one of three departments to add a doctoral program this fall tsee page 31D. Also in the fall, the department received a $32,600 grant from the National Science Foundation as part of an in-service training program for high school teachers. Directed by Dr. Miles Anderson of the physics faculty, the program will be held June 8 to Aug. 7 and will involve 24 teachers. In October, physics students and faculty members from North Texas attended a meet- ing of the Tri-Cities Physical Society held at Texas Womanls University. Dr. Z. l. Slaweky, physics program chief at the U. S. Naval Ordinance Laboratory in Silver Springs, Md., presented a paper on NThe Behavior of Atoms and Molecules at High Temperatures? Van El Roy Neie, Garland Yucca Whols Who--Physics Dr. L. F. Connell Jr., Director, Physics Department "Professor REM? short for Roentgen Equivalent Man, works in the physics labs to measure the radiation damage to the human body. American Institute of Physics Club Petitions Honorary To Establish NT Chapter If a petition is approved by Sigma Pi Sigma, honor society in physics, the NTSU chapter of the American Institute of Physics will become associated with the national honor organization next year. Students in AIP will transfer their mem- bership t0 the new organization as members, if their grades are high enough, or as asso- ciate members, if they do not have the neces- sary grade-point average. In December, David Cebhart, Devon Smith, Bob Martin and Albert Jackson presented papers to the Texas Academy of Science. The club also sponsored regular help ses- sions for underclassman physics majors. At their monthly lecture meetings, the mem- bers were addressed by such speakers as How- ard Drew 0f the Texas Electric Co., Dr. Wil- liam Glaze of the chemistry faculty and P. T. OFFICERS: S. Morphew, sergeant-at-arms; K. Fincher, secretary; K. Hathcoxz treas- Gronstal, club president. urer; R. Pliler, vice-president; P. Gronstal, president. BOTTOM ROW: R. Pliler, P. Luke, B. Martin. R. Echols, R. Budwine, S. Morphew, K. Fincher, T. Strava. ROW TWO: K. Smith, P. Gronstal, K. Hathcox, C. Parker, J. Harper, D. Tadlock, T. Harris, 0. Hammond. ROW THREE: H. Mollenkopf, E. Knight, B. Vaughn, L. Connell, M. Anderson. ROW FOUR: M. McAnally, M. Morris, D. Maxson, A. Jackson, D. Terbooren, D. Craik, B. Smith, R. Brown, W. Kirkpatrick, T. Howle. Economics Institute Attracts 30 Secondary School Teachers Man,s quest for certainty makes the hope for a better economic world plausible, Dr. R. B. Melton of the eco- nomics and sociology faculty told the Political Economy Club in the fall. gThis is still a frontier world and man is still advanc- ing even though he might not realize it? he said. t4Mod- ern economics has not come to the point where it is satisfied with what we are going to do? Last summer 30 high school economics teachers, inter- ested in studying world economic problems, came to V the Economics Institute, one of two nationwide workshops John PaulWalter,Gainesville sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Yucca Whots WhOeEconomiCS Coordinated by Dr. Kendall P. Cochran of the eco- nomics and sociology faculty, the course brought eight speakers from the AFL-CIO, National Farmers Union, Federal Reserve Bank, Farm Bureau of Chicago and other economics-oriented groups. Mary Lee Clinkinbeard, Dallas Yucca Whats Who-Sociology Dr. H. J. Friedsam, Director, Economics and Sociology Department Mrs. Beverly Bradbury, graduate student in economics and sociology, lectures to a beginning sociology class which she teaches as part of her graduate work. Dr. Walter Hansen, Director, Geography Department Dr. Hansen exhibits a sample of petrified wood to students in one of the geology classes offered in addition to the standard physical geography courses. Worid,s Fair Included 0n Geography Field Trip Thirty-four students in the geography de- partment learned firsthand about their field for over a month this summer. Leaving Denton by bus, the group visited 25 states and two Canadian provinces in July and August. They spent three days in New York at the Worldas Fair. Purpose of the trip was to acquaint the students with the different geographical areas and with the people living there. Each student was required to write a paper when he re- turned dealing with the areas the gfoup visited. As the largest geography department in Texas with a fall enrollment of 1,190, it re- ceived additional prestige with the 1964 State A v 1- a , a : Board of Education7s approval of a request .Schill, Brady for a teachefs certificate. Gary D Yucca ths WhoeGeography Dr. Chester A. Newland, Director, Government Department Dr. Mary Evelyn'Iquey displays a chart and map series which she and Dr. Newland used in a pre-election teIeVISlon appearance sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Government Faculty: Suddenly in Demand The government department was busy in 1964. With the political conventions, cam- paigns and general election, government pro- fessorsk-like their history colleagues tsee page 262yewere in demand for speeches and interpretations. Interest in elections was demonstrated by the number of people enrolled in Government 410. This year 38 people registered for the course in political parties-17 more than the previous year. Dr. Fred Gantt Jr., teacher of the course7 attended the Democratic conven- tion in Atlantic City, as did several Young Democrats. The Chief Executive in Texas, a history of the Texas governorship from 1874 to the present by Dr. Gantt, was released in August by the University of Texas Press. The book grew out of Dr. Ganttas dissertation which he completed in July, 1962. Since then he has updated the book to include the administra- tion of GOV. John Connally. ex Jim Hightower, Denison Yucca ths Who-Government BOTTOM ROW: J. Fenoglio, L. Rosen, B. Smith7 vice-president, C. Owen, T. Harris, A. Penna, M. Newkirk, secretary. ROW TWO: M. Jeffrey, chief of the executive committee; J. Owen, A. Trugrrian, S. Schumer, C. Lindquist, R. Smith, J. Brahy, J. Crout, treasurer. ROW THREE: C. Ebert, V. Feuerborn, P. Walker, M. Francis, B. Brown, Z. Rosen, S. Bird, 1. Wiley, P. Green, S. Carr, J. Williams. ROW FOUR: K. Brummett, R. Durham, L. Brewer, J. Adams7 T. Smith, J. Dyer, W. Horton, W. Fuller, J. Powers, J. Blanton, president; N. Smith, B. Potter. Young Democrats LBJ Ashtray Sale Heats Summer Political Scene Beginning in the summefs heat by selling LBJ ashtrays, NTSU Young Democrats ex- perienced one of their most active years. During the national election year, YD mem- bers participated in canvassing campaigns and helped sponsor such speakers as Sen. Ralph Yarborough, D-Tex. The club also hosted an ttelephant barbe- cuef, at which those attending were given elephant favors representing the fare served by President Johnson in his Nov. 3 nationwide barbecue. Dr. William Garner 0f the govern- ment faculty spoke on Democratic Party unity at the outing. In December, Mary Newkirk, a junior from Dallas, was named YD spring president. Sen. Yarborough swings through Denton on the campaign trail. He was greeted at the Denton airport by members 0f the NTSU Young Democrats before speaking downtown. BOTTOM ROW: M. Stevens, F. Maples, M. Tate, R. Hardin, E. Kerr, B. Watson, L. Adams. beard, M. Russell, J. Mosty. ROW THREE: M. Christian, T. Smallwood, B. Comer, W. Whit E. Wulfe, R. L. Leach, L. Hodges, R. Leach. ROW TWO: R. Woodford, C. Spencer, T. Turner, M. Clinkin- ehouse, D. Jones, R. Kessler. ROW FOUR: M. Brady, L. Moser, BOTTOM ROW: P. Leonard, C. Cillis, B. Nault, J. Gilbert, T. Klein, C. Barefoot, A. Freeman. ROW T Martin, J. Connolly, D. Lovelace. ROW THREE: W. Waller, D. McClure, E. Knight, R. Gibbs, K. Kra son, J. Hendrik, M. Wims, G. Hubbard, R. Lover. W0: B. Waldrop, G. Turner, R. Kelton, R. Lea, J. mer, K.'Haskovec. ROW FOUR: K. Doering, R. Steen- Young Republicans Early Campaign Starts With Convention Trip The Young Republicans, like their rival political group, started campaigning early and kept working for their candidates until the general election Nov. 3. On June 16, a group of 30 NTSU YRis at- tended the State Republican Convention in Dallas, where they heard Barry Goldwater lambast President Johnson and saw him re- ceive the votes of Texas, entire delegation to the National GOP Convention. During the fall semester prior to the elec- tion, the YRis set up campaign headquarters on Fry Street from which they distributed campaign literature. Kenneth Haskovec, a junior from Ennis, . . After settin u cam ai n head uarters, YRis used the location as a distribution i t f0 l't - was elected preSIdent for the sprmg. g p p g q p0 n r lera ture. Counting out leaflets and.stickers was a part of the club,s election project. BOTTOM ROW: W. Waller, president; R. Woodford, vice-president. ROW TWO: YR President Bill Waller uses the GOP elephant symbol as Waldrop, treasurer; C. Gillis, secretary; K. Haskovec, district committeeman. a podium while giving a plea for Goldwater votes. . BOTTOM ROW: R. Adkins, S. Heath, J. Killingsworth, T. Tunnell. ROW TWO: J. Hightower, A. McGuffey, S. Fowler, J. Baum, R. Jones. ROW THREE: D. White, F. Hubbard, J. Bolton, P. Barnes. Pi Sigma Alpha Speakers Discuss World Government ttGovernment: What For?" was discussed by Dr. H. W. Kamp of the government department and Dr. Kendall P. Cochran of the economics faculty at a fall meeting of Pi Sigma Alpha, honorary gov- ernment society. Different reasons for the exis- tence of governments were brought out by the speakers and discussed by members. At the December initiation meet- ing in the home of Roscoe Adkins 0f the government faculty, Dr. William Garner and Dr. Stanley Thames, both of the government faculty, discussed problem areas in werld politics. Dr. Garner spoke about the re- surgence 0f Peronista thought in Argentina. Dr. Thames discussed the Viet Nam situation. OFFICERS: J. Bolton, treasurer; R. Adkins, sponsor; D. White, president; S. Heath, secretary; J. Hightower, vice-president. Chancery Club Disinterest Forces Club Name Change Due to student disinterest, the Chancery Club disbanded this year and reorganized under a new name -Pre-Law Club. The change came at a January meeting, the second of the year, where it was said the pre-law group would seek to become affiliated with the American Bar Associa- tion, which is now recognizing such campus groups. Ben Sheppard, who proposed the name Change, said the club will provide a good source of speakers, information and local aid concern- ing law matters. Sheppard explained that a pri- mary purpose for the name change was a need for revitalization of the OFFICERS: J. Hightower, president; J. Ensey, secretary; P. Hubbard, pre-law group. treasurer. BOTTOM ROW: B. Shipps, C. Stricklin, J. Ensey, S. Maze, P. Conrey. ROW TWO: S. Hott, A. McGuffey, J. Hightower, D. White. ROW THREE: R. Gibbs, P. Hubbard, B. Potter, D. Weatherby, J. Carroll. Dr. Harry F. Snapp of the history faculty and sophomore Bill Trantham relax Dr. Snapphs office while they discuss questions brought up during class. in History Department Becomes Focal Point in Election Year This year was a historical one in American politics and consequently the history department became a campus focal point. The national election was prime material for history professors speaking to campus groups. In a History Club discussion, Dr. Thomas Brewer challenged the concept of decentralized government: ttWe cannot have a strong national busineSs community without a strong national governmentf7 Lax foreign policy and ttcreeping socialism;9 two main issues of the Johnson-Coldwater contest, were also dis- cussed by history faculty members. Dr. Richard A. Kott- man stated there was no flexibility in G01dwater95 stand on communism; he maintained peaceful coexistence is possible. Dr. Brewer said government regulation is not ttcreeping socialisrrf7 but is needed for protection of the Citizensh welfare. Early 1965 brought President Johnson,s State of the Union message and more comments from the history faculty. Both Dr. Kottman and Dr. William Hagan pre- dicted passage of some form of medicare within the year. Teddy B. Tunnell, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Yucca ths WhohHistory Phi Alpha Theta Scholarship Key Presented at University Day Assembly In 1945 Phi Alpha Theta, na- tional honor society in history, chartered a local chapter at North Texas to recognize excellence in the study of history. This year the student chosen as Yucca ths Who in history is president of the North Texas chap- ter, Teddy Tunnell of Fort Leaven- worth, Kan. Dr. Jack Scroggs of the history department now serves on the edi- torial staff of the Historian, offi- cial national publication of the society with second highest circu- lation of historical journals in the nation. Phi Alpha Theta has been chosen to award the 1965 Scholarship Key to the outstanding student in his- tory at the annual University Day SEATED: 5. Wallace, secretary-treasurer; T. Tunnell, president; S. Dickeson, vice-president. STAND- Assembly on May 7. INC: Dr. E. Odom, sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: 5. Wallace, S. Dickeson, M. Dendy. ROW TWO: T. Tunnell, M. Fischer, J. OhDaniel, J. Eng, Dr. E. Odom, D. Turner. ROW THREE: D. White, J. Crossland, V. Mattson, L. Haskins. School of Business Fitch Studies tReverse Splitst With Ford Foundation Grant Asking stockholders to exchange a greater number of shares for fewer shares tljust doesn,t workeeveryone should know that? or so thought a Midland oil executive. Dr. David Fitch of the Business Administration faculty, a stockholder in the executives company, thought the plan would work and has been studying the itforbidden area of reverse stock splits, for two years. Basic idea of reverse stock splits is that even though the transaction would reduce the number of shares held, the split would increase the value per share and reduce stock commissions paid to brokers. Research on the problem was financed by an NTSU faculty grant and supplemented by work last summer at Harvard through a Ford Foundation grant. The work, which Dr. Fitch hopes will become a iisignificant contri- bution in this area? was to be completed this spring. In addition to Dr. Fitch,s research project, Dr. J. D. Dunn, working under a faculty grant, sought to determine why white-collar workers join unions or why they do not. Interviews for the project have been completed in five Southern states. Before completing the work, Dr. Dunn hopes to do research throughout the United States. Dr. 0. J. Curry, Dean, School of Business Sandra Kay Anders, Euless Clifford Jones, Dallas Yucca ths WhoeBusiness Education Yucca Whois Whoelnsurance J erry Cecil Grady, Greenville Yucca ths WhOvMarketing Larry R. Corman, Ennis Yucca ths Who Management Cough Alexander, Terrell J ames Charles Peery, Demon Yucca ths Wh0 Accounting Yucca ths Who Banking and Finance School of Business continued ABOVE: Students of B.A. 306 UTaShion Merchandising decorate the Building. BELOW RIGHT: Marketing division director Dr. Paul display window on the second floor of the Business Administration McWhorter leads the discussion in a graduate business seminar. George Ann Knight, Corsicana Yucca ths Who-Secretarial Administration BOTTOM ROW: S. Weber, M. Stevens, N. Filipone, K. Ibsen, P. Williams. ROW TWO: B. Ciddens, C. Zimmerman, D. Whipple, N. Pavelka, M. Womack. ROW THREE: D. Hoffman, W. Holland, 5. Taylor, H. McClesky, M. Harris, J. Short, B. Book. Phi Chi Theta Business Women Tour Company on Field Trip Phi ChiiTheta members can appreciate work connected with IBM cards and the small print of contracts after visiting Moore Business Forms, Inc., in Denton this fall. In addition to field trips and speakers7 the women7s business honorary fraternity pro- motes faculty-student relations by serving cof- fee and doughnuts t0 the business faculty each semester. A pledgeship is required of each Phi Chi Theta member. Rush is held at the Delta Sigma Pi house. Pledges are required to visit each active member and are tested over chap- ter material. An initiation ceremony and ban- quet ends pledgeship. The fraternity encourages cooperation among women preparing for careers in either . . . OFFICERS: M. VVomack7 treasurer; W. Holland, correspondent; N. Filipone, busmess OI' bus1ness educatlon. vicespresident; M. Harris, president. Accounting Club Business Students Tutor In Laboratory Sessions The Accounting Club was formed during the fall semester, when its name was formally changed from Alpha Lambda Pi. The club is for business majors with inter- ests in accounting and is primarily designed to supplement work done in classrooms. It also serves as an accounting tttutor,7 by hold- ing labs for students taking introductory ac- counting courses. Off-Campus meetings fea- tured speakers from the School of Business and from the business world, with topics rang- ing from accounting practices to such related fields as data processing and psychology in business. Other events in the fall included the annual Haskins and Sells Foundation Award to the outstanding senior accounting student and a banquet at the Holiday Inn. BOTTOM ROW: J. Green, R. Bell, M. Moody, L. Jackson, J. Mosty, J. Nelson, L. Battle. ROW TWO: D. Rigsby, J. Johnson, R. Menefee, T. Gibson, D. Linn, D. York, Bill Bettes, T. Thompson. ROW THREE: J. Jameson, D. McCoskey, P. Roquemore, G. Stout, J. Hughes, D. McGuire, MI Benedict, K. Bourland, R. Sharp, J. Peeples. ROW FOUR: R. Briggs, P. Burton, D. Springer, R. Rolater, M. Richardson, R McMinn, C. Hankins, D. Hearn, C. McDonald, W. Hatton, W. Owens. OFFICERS: J. Brinker, social co-chairman; C. de Cordova, sec- retary-treasurer; J. Ivy, social 00- chairman; G. Alexander, presi- dent; T. Eubank, vice-president; Dr. L. Neely, sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: J. Mallard, C. Zimmerman, L. Weber, N. Wood, M. Hughes, E. Wynne, P. Inge, E. Harris, J. Brinker. ROW TWO: J. Cook, H. Erskine, N. Hamilton, R. Robinson, M. Harris, B. Tillet, C. Reynolds, M. Brown, J. Wilson. ROW THREE: R. Smith, J. Railshack, H. Hughes, B. Grace, L. Hooten, H. Barth, C. de Cordova, J. Ivy, C. Alexander, T. Eubank. ROW FOUR: A. Goode, C. Lyon, L. Osborne, R. Stephenson, H. Taylor, W. Johnson, D. Ramsay, M. Sappington, Wu Williams, L. Howe7 Dr. L. Neely. Marketing Club Campus Business Group Nationally Recognized Recognized by the American Marketing Association as the largest affiliated collegiate chapter in the nation, NTts Marketing Club aids business majors in better understanding their choice of a profession. Two hundred students joined the club to give its national standing a boost. For social activities, the group participated in an outing at Lake Dallas and toured the Container Corporation of America and Mont- gomery Ward in F ort Worth. Each year the club invites professionals to speak at the monthly meetings. BOTTOM ROW: S. Lambert, treasurer; Dr. R. McAlister, sponsor; N. Filipone, member- The Club sponsored the ninth annual Mar' ship vice-president; S. May, secretary; J. Childers, publicity. ROW TWO: J. Grady, keting Conference at NTSU April 7; four president; J. Starling, reporter; C. Taylor, program vice-president; Dr. A. Cox, sponsor; Dr. P. McWhorter, sponsor. Dallas businessmen attended as speakers. MM Fall and spring membership drives keep Marketing semester. Tables are set up in the Business Admin- members and officers busy the first weeks of each istration Building to enroll new members. BOTTOM ROW: D. Mitchell, M. Wommack, C. Sears, 5. May, N. Filipone, J. Childers, P. Cockerham. ROW TWO: P. Black7 S. Lambert, M. Sartain, C. Taylor, R. Hall, R. Cook, R. Cox7 F. Griffin. ROW THREE: R. McAlister, J. Weargan, J. Grady, R. Taylor, K. Bourland, C. Reynolds, H. Glenn, B. Adamson, Dr. P. McWhorter. ROW FOUR: B. Persful, C. Watson, W. Morgan, C. Bailey, J. Sterling, J. Dudley, B. Drake, R. Duckworth. BOTTOM ROW: J. Pendleton, P. Denison, S. Baskins7 E. Taylor, S. Cilmer, S. Bromeer, R. Hardin, K. Brown. ROW TWO: 5. Smith, C. Grier, L. Jeffcoats, J. Brown, D. Robertson7 R. Lawrence, C. Morris. ROW THREE: T. Shark, Dr. A. Cox7 J. Nancy, R. Norris, M. Chris- tain, V. Bailey7 J. Adams, B. Koci, R. Moore. ROW FOUR: C. Baird, R. HalL R. Bissett, C. NcAdams, L. Klingman, J. Woodruff, F. Lentz, D. Christian, D. Codby, G. Slocum. Sandra Anders, North Texas student and former Miss Denton, was named Miss Future Business Executive of America in Washington, DC. OFFICERS: D. McGuire, reporter; C. Bailey, secretary; C. Hinchman, president; J. Barcelo, vice-president. Phi Beta Lambda How To Save A Million In 44 lndustrious Years If a person wants to save a million dollars, he needs to save only $437.06 each week from the time hets 21 years old until the time he reaches 65 years of age. This was the advice Dr. David Fitch of the finance faculty gave to members of Phi Beta Lambda at the annual initiation banquet held in November. Focal point of Dr. Fitch,s speech was se- mantics, the study of word meanings. He said people should learn what words mean to others before using them. In October, Joe Dugger 0f the Forest Park Motel told members not to worry about a low starting salary; soon it will grow, he said, as the employer discovers one,s talent. BOTTOM ROW: B. Ciddens, L. Miller, F. Doyle, C. Miller, S. OhConnor, B. Book, K. Rislov, J. Kiker, N. Pavelka, L. Henson, D. Hoffmann, M. Bond. ROW TWO: N. Carr, C. Hinchman, M. Russell, K. Strain, B. Fairman, M. Souza, P. Crissom, J. Caydon, J. Stambaugh, C. Russell, 5. Peterson. ROW THREE: M. Carter, M. Morris. H. Robinson, N. Montgomery, C. Hicks, C. Bailey, D. Mitchell, J. Barney, J. LeCroy, J. Agnew, L. Navratil, G. Bass. ROW FOUR: M. Strunn, K. Brown, F. Griffin, J. Adams, B. Spurgin, R. Dissett, H. Taylor, J. Hayden, D. McGuire, J. Barcelo, D. Frame, R. Hardin. ,1?- OFFICERS: R. Hundsaker, vice-president; R. Watson, president, B. Blakemore, treasurer. i SAM Groupts Discussions Include Executives, Insurance History During the 1964-65 school term, members of the Society for the Advancement of Management tSAMt heard speakers discuss topics ranging from the innumerable requirements of top business executives to a description of the earliest forms of life insurance. The organization, which received its national charter in 1951, is dedicated to education in and promotion of the management field. SAM accomplishes this goal by sponsoring speakers from the business world. The society serves as a medium for the exchange and distribution of information on problems, policies and methods of industry and management. Also, members of the organizations have the opportunity of meeting and making contacts with professionals. BOTTOM ROW: P. Black, 13. Ciddens, W. Buckley, S. Cilmer, R. Hardin7 L. Moore7 N. Rosson, M. Porter. ROW TWO: K. Batey, F. Griffin, C. Watson, E. Hamrick, R. Taylor7 C. Weiss, T. Drake, B. Blukemore, T. Murphy. ROW THREE: C. Mitchell, R. Hundsaker, D. McGuire, J. Allen, L. Klingman, J. Rich, T. Neely, F. Lentz, J. Kimbrew. ROW FOUR: J. Aldors, W. Morgan, K. Patterson, R. Watson, L. Norman, R. Rolater, R. Shires, R. Smith, R. Hall, R. Hall. BOTTOM ROW: J. Railshack, C. Zimmerman, M. Harris, S. Weber, B. Bettes. ROW TWO: D. Rigsby, R. Smith, R. McMinn, C. Reynolds, J. Ivy. ROW THREE: G. Alexander, N. Hamilton, J. Peeples, C. Lyons, B. Tillett. ROW FOUR: N. Sullivan, T. Eubank, H. Barth, L. Howe, D. Jones. Beta Alpha Psi Club Purpose Fulfilled By Seeing Real Thing Beta Alpha Psi, national professional hon- orary accounting fraternity, attempts to de- velop high scholastic and professional attain- ments among its members. Observing actual businesses in operation is the most rewarding approach to this purpose, the Club believes. This year the group Visited Moore Business Forms, Inc., of Benton. They toured the printing, accounting and manage ment service systems of the companyas general offices. As accounting students, members of the OFFICERS: D. Jones, sponsor; R. McMinn, vice-president: M. Harris, group are required to study principles of mar- secretary; C. Alexander, treasurer; J. Peeples, president; N. Sullivan, . . keting, management and finance. faculty Vlce-preSIdent. OFFICERS: S. Wilson, senior vice-president; C. Cardwell, treasurer; C. Lyons, president; J. Morris, secretary; N. Belcher, junior vice-president. RIGHT: Jesse Lopez, brother of singer Trini Lopez, per- formed at the Delta Sigma Pi fall smoker ABOVEL Delta Sigma Pi Jesse Lopez Featured At Fall Fraternity Party The Delta Epsilon chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, international professional business fra- ternity, was organized at NT in 1954. Out of 126 Delta Sigma Pi chapters listed throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, the NTSU chapter is rated among the top 10, with 50 active members. Campus and social activities included Home- coming decorations, a Rosebud formal, calen- dar sales, and parties featuring personalities like singer Jesse Lopez7 who performed for the group this fall. The fraternity strives for professional bet- terment through regular meetings, speeches, projects and field trips. On one field trip this year, members toured Dallasi Federal Reserve Bank. BOTTOM ROW: T. Carlson, R. Larned, J. Weldon, W. Mitchell, E.'Kay, M. Swearingen, C. Cardwell, N. Belcher, B. Heflin, D. White. ROW TWO: D. Hollenshead, B. Rippy, M. Chitwood, S. Myres, K. Rice, J. Morris, C. Simpson, J. Perry, F. Fallis, E. Allen, B. Sheppard. ROW THREE: J. Schirato, T. Osborne, J. Phillip, A. Sonsino, C. Lyon, L. Wens, J. Jenkins, P. Brady, A. Hereford, B. Adamson, K. Birt, S. Wilson. School of Education Doris Shivers, Carthage Yucca ths Who E1ementary Education Both the closed-circuit TV KABOVID and the Nursery School play yard RICHT integral parts of the teacher training program in the School of Education. Closed-Circuit TeleviSion Serves As Teacher Training Supplement Preparing students to teach has been an important fac- tor at NT since its beginning. This year technology as a teacher education aid was stressed. The School of Education videotaped procedures in various Denton area schools, then made the tapes avail- able to student teachers in education classes. Dr. Roderic DuChemin is in charge of the program. During the national election, tapes were made of third and fifth-grade classes. i4By making tapes of the chil- dren before and after the election,,, Dr. DuChemin said, i4every stage of their development in attitude concerning the election is presented." During National Education Week in November,.two education classes watched Lab School Classes by closed- circuit TV in the Education Lecture Hall. Psychology courses, contained in the same school with education, also contribute to studies in better education. In the fall Dr. Earl Kooker 0f the psychology faculty published a study in misuse of statistics. It shows that public schools, for example, can be discredited by pre- senting the most shocking statistics from the worst school in a given year. TOP: Using the Red Cross Instructofs Course in First Aid as a guide, stu- dents prepare to teach junior, standard or advanced courses in safety educa- tion. BOTTOM: High school teachers return to North Texas in the summer for either refresher courses or further graduate study. School of Education continued Kathleen Mahaffey, Ferris Y ucca Whohs WhohPsychology J eron Lynn Stevens, Abilene Yucca ths Who-Secondary Education Mrs. Frank Gafford keeps pupils after school at the Lab School, but they haven,t been The Nursery School play yard, located behind the Education bad; ifs part of a program to teach elementary school children French. Building, allows future teachers to observe children at play. BOTTOM ROW: 5. Cartwright, D. Smith, E. Crona, N. Pitts7 V. Reinle, B. Lidberg, B. Kirschner, L. Eubank, C. Christian, C. Edwards M. Rawlings C Patterson. ROW TWO: L. Ledhetter. B. Clary, S. Weber. C. Emmons. C. Porter, L. Littleton, C. Banks, S. Wallace, M. Morgan K Herinann F Ma iles. 5. Heath, ROW THREE: D. Atkins. E. Cathay, M. Clinkinheard, s. Horn, 5. LaCari, E. Smith, A. Munoz, N. Nash, P. Baker ,P. 'Rogers M, Mallexfick, B. Engemoen, J. Dougherty. ROW FOUR: A. Elliott, P. Patterson, P. Deavenport, J. Thrash, S. Everett, J. Laird, F. Sullivan :1 Christian, 5 'Fondren S3 Wood, B. Cole, I. Phelps. , . 7 - , . Kappa Delta Pi Honorary Club Sponsors Foreign Education Talks North Texas, Alpha Iota chapter of Kappa Delta Pi received its charter in 1936 as the 33rd chapter in the United States. Since that time the honor society in educa- tion has strived to encourage high scholarship in all areas of education, with emphasis on the education of teachers. Since ttEducation Around the Worldji was selected as the discussion topic this year, Kappa Delta Pi invited speakers to discuss educational practices in other nations. Dr. R. C. Aden 0f the education faculty spoke this year on comparative education, basing his remarks on a study prepared for his doctorate 0n Guatemalan education. . I V OFFICERS: C.' Emmons, Vlce-president; V. Reinle, treasurer; S. Fondren7 president; C. Edwards, historlan; Dr. J. Dougherty, sponsor; C. Christian7 secretary. ACE member Gayle Martindale adds last touches to a Lab School bulletin board as one of the responsibilities of elementary education majors. ACE Education Muiors Offer Homecoming Souvenirs ttAny subject matter can be taught to any- body at any age as long as the form in which you teach it is honest:7 Jimmy Green, con- sultant for the Silver-Burdett C0., told mem- bers of the Association for Childhood Educa- tion at its November meeting. Green, who is a music consultant available for workshops and clinics, also suggested the use of story-telling to teach elementary stu- dents. Miss Clara Lloyd, director of the Nursery School and a member of the home economics faculty, was elected vice-president of the state-wide ACE organization. The NTSU club sponsored the sale of rib- bons during Homecoming this year. OFFICERS: V. Reinte, first vice-president: Dr. R. Hampleman, sponsor; T. Hood, second vice-preSIdent; P. Dye7 secretary: N. Noble, treasurer; P. Conrey7 president. BOTTOM ROW: C. Mullen, C. Patterson, S. Cartwright, S. Weber, C. Darr, J. Pond. ROW TWO: 5. Fleitman, M. Byrom, J. Thrash. P. Deavenport, C. Banks, 5. Giles, B. Kirsvhner. ROW THREE: P. Lohman, B. Curtis, L. Roberson, D. Garrison, F. Slmadlenak, S. Perkins, E. Head, C. Callison ROW FOUR: D. Atkins, S. Sperry, S. Wood, M. McKinney, Dr. H. Newsom, sponsor; M. Hall, H. Kelley7 A. Munoz. leason, C. Lumpkin, N. Pitts, M. Rohdtx L. Kruse, N. Nobles, M. Emmons. ROW TWO: BOTTOM ROW: B. Ayvrs, N. Hunt. S. Murray, C. Peery, B. C M. Springer, K. Knowles, C. Emmons, B. Hutson. C. Dennington, B. Clary, J. Payne, S. Patterson, S. LaCari, S. Jones, A. Williams, T. Stone. ROW THREE: T. Hood, P. Com'ey, D. Page, C. Culpt'pper, P. Dye, D. Chandler, J. Laird, J. Johnson, J. Teddlie, V. Reinle, Dr. R. Hampleman, sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: K. Hermane, K. Knowles, N. Pitts, P. Deavenport, L. Littleton, P. Pillow, D. Shivers, C. Lumpkin, C. Darr, S. Horn, J. Pond, M. Rohde, J. Ramey. ROW TWO: D. Rosson, M. Clinkinheard, C. MCCrum, T. Turner, C.. Mullen, P. Conrey, M. Byrom, C. Banks, G. Haubert, B. Kirschner, J. Black, J. Prindle, J. Watkins, B. Hutson. ROW THREE: 5. Gurye., D. Atkins7 H. Kelly, M. Droitcourt, S. Wood, J. Thrash, A. Reese, M. Hall, 5. Giles, C. Cooch, J. Lindsay, C. Caron, C. Callison. ROW FOUR: F. Smiley, E. Scwadlenak, P. Enochs, E. Carroll, B. Littleton, J. Teddlie, D. Garrison, T. Cissik, E. Head, S. Weber, S. Morgan. BOTTOM ROW: L. Kruse, S. Ingram, S. Murray, B. Gleason, C. Emmons, S. Younts, T. Stone, S. Ables, S. Spuller, C. Peery, J. Harper, S. Harrelson, K. Cox, M. Spi'inger, M. Emmons. ROW TWO: K. McMillion, L. Cillum, B. Clary, G. Culper 1 m , D. Lee, S. Hegna, S. Hall, K. Mathis, L. White, S. Dungan, B. Nelsom J. Tuttle, B. Bennett, M. Rehm, K. Green, V. Reinle. ROW THREE: M. Russek, E. Smith, C. Busby, B. Curtis, E. Matula, 5. Coleman, D. Page, S. LeCari, S. Patterson, A. Voss, B. Brice, .1. Moore, K. Strain, P. Gamble, S. Jones, N. Hunt, C. Spencer. ROW FOUR: D. Luttrell, C. Shoemate, L. Robertson, D. Chandler, J. Braby, C. Logging, H. McCleskey, 14. Willie, T. Hood, J. Short, V. Dirks, S. Wilson, M. Bratton, D. Latimer, M. Moody. North Texas, chapter of the Student Educa- tion Association has been honored by the state organization as the outstanding chapter in Texas. The award was presented at a convention in Houston last spring by a selection commit- tee from the entire state. At the Houston convention Doris Shivers, North Texas junior, was elected state Vice- president. Chapter members Sharon Guyer and Polly Jo Pillow were named to serve as SEA area coordinators. During Education Week in October, SEA Ed U cati o n c I u b N a m e d sponsored window displays in the Main Li- brary which featured pictures of the club and outsta n d i n g Texa S C h a pile r information on teaching materials. OFFICERS: J. Teddlie, president; J. Ramey, first vice-president; C. Darr, second NTSU party candidates foy state offices register at 'the vice-president; J. Pond, treasurer; C. Lumpkin, secretary. TSEA Convenuon In a sklt glven at a sprmg meetmg. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. E. Kooker, sponsor; Dr. J. Haynes, sponsor; C. Cochran, L. Amacker, J. Pomerenke, L. Bunch, R. Cottrell7 B. Smith, K. Mahaffey, Dr. R. Bellamy, sponsor: Dr. M. Bouncy, sponsor. ROW TWO: T. Bookout, L. Kennedy, C. Knight, M. Hall7 L. Quenzer, M. Hill, D. McCarley, S. Kendrick7 L. Goff. ROW THREE: B. Ayers, R. Allen, R. McWilliams, H. Morrow, D. Taylor, M. Diploma7 F. Carroll, G. Helton, B. Campbell7 D. Hellman, H. Boozer. Psi Chi Honor Group Linked With American Psychological Association Psi Chi, national honor society in Psy: chology, has the distinction of being the only honorary society affiliated with the American Psychological Association. Among the objec- tives of the organization is the fostering of better relationships between members of the faculty and students. This year the club performed services for the children at the Denton State School and aided in therapeutic play activities. Similar Visits were made to the Woodlawn Psychiatric Clinic in Dallas and the State School for Girls in Gainesville. Fall members were initiated at a banquet in October, where Dr. Paul Enochs spoke on the problem of promoting students7 original ideas in the classroom. In December the club held its annual Christmas party for its members and the psychology faculty. OFFICERS: M. Hill, secretary; D. Flournoy, reporter; K. Ma- haffey, president; B. Beynon, treasurer. Physical Education Students Try New Twist: Gymnastics Russiais lead in gymnastic events at the Tokyo Olympic Games accentuated the need for more U.S. gymnastic work, and John Marcinko intends to see that more work is done, at least at North Texas. Marcinko, a new PE. faculty member, organized a gymnastics team this fall which performed at Eagle bas- ketball halftimes and which he hopes may participate in intercollegiate competition next year. Among the various courses which the Physical Educa- tion department offers is drivers9 education. During the summer session, the department sponsored a workshop which emphasized revisions in high school driving pro- grams. A safety officer from the department of public safety told them the major problem confronting driving teachers today is the necessity to instill safe driving habits in their students. Carolyn Cody, Fort Worth Students in physical education activity classes work out on the Yucca Whogs Who-Physical Education parallel bars as one of the methods used to keep students fit. Practicing routines in front of floor-length mirrors helps modern dance students become self-critics and aids them in improving their form and gracefulness. AHPER Clubts Proiects Include Children,s Exercise Series The North Texas chapter of the Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation tAHPERVt is a relative newcomer to the na- tional association,s membership. It has been active only live years. Main pr- ect the past two years has been a regular Saturday morning physical activities program held in the Men,s Gymnasium for the children of faculty members. Dr. Jess E. Cearley, director of physical education and athletics, served as the Texas AHPER president in 1963-64. Both the men and women,s divisions of North Texas attended the state convention at Austin in November. The national convention was held in Dallas in March. Last year the club, whose purpose is to OFFICERS: D. Passino, treasurer; D. Bailey, sponsor; E. Supina, secretary; J. Alread, parlia- promote .professmnal growth and fteHOWShlp? mentarian; C. Hasten, president; B. Johnson, vice-president. won the Intramural touch football tltle. BOTTOM ROW: D. Bailey, M. Wheeler, C. Montgomery, J. Litty, E. Hampleman, F. Phillips7 R. Hinnant, J. Bland. ROW TWO: J. Bumpus, J. Eckert, E. Berry, K. Smith, J. Ahead, D. Parks, C. Crimland, B. Johnson. ROW THREE: S. Haedge, J. Fuqua, T. Hix, M. Mass, S. Jones: D. Ballauer, V. Ritchie, D. Passinn, J. Riggins. ROW FOUR: G. Keith, J. Rollins, D. Conner, E. Supina, C. Hasten, D. Thompson, D. Visentine, B. ngh, D. Burns. Delta Psi Kappa P.E. Honorary Organization Sponsors Homecoming Luncheon Shut the door and lock it. Tighten your arm muscles and then push on the door with all your strength. What you are doing tit" you haven7t broken your army is an example of the popular isometric exercises. And if you don,t understand the mechanics of the system, you might ask a Delta Psi Kappa member to explain. This yearts activities of the honorary fraternity for women in physical education included a bake sale, home- coming luncheon for exes, pancake supper and publica- tion of a newsletter, Rambling Rho. BOTTOM ROW: J. Fisher, L. Smith. ROW TWO: C. Cody. ROW OFFICERS: Mrs. G. Browning, sponsor: C. Cody, president; M. Ridgway, treas- Et-EREE: P. Caldwell, G. Browning. ROW FOUR: I. Caton, M. urer; L. Smith, secretary; J. Fisher, vice-president. 1 gway. BOTTOM ROW: K. Leech, S. Gourley, St Pierre, F. Jenkins, F. Fuller. ROW TWO: C. Frasure, J. Green, M. Layton, J. Ball, C. Tyre. ROW THREE: B. Williams, S. Zareff, T. Wade, G. Warfield. Modern Dance Club Adaptation of Medieval Play Presented as Christmas Drama ttThe Purification? adapted from the Me- dieval Wakefield Mystery Cycle, was presented by the Modern Dance Club in December as its Christmas play. The play was produced on a bare stage, with the dancers holding poses to suggest the necessary scenery. Since only a portion of the play has been preserved, the club incorporated its own conclusion. The club, dedicated to the promotion of dance as an art form, also performed at three locations in Gainesville, presenting a program of religious drama and satire. After their three performances, the dancers were honored at a luncheon sponsored by the Gainesville Arts Committee. Members of the club were invited to attend the Louisiana Dance Symposium in F ebruary at Southeastern Louisiana College, Hammond, La. The group was also invited to perform for OFFICERS: F. Jenkins, historian; J. Green, wardrobe mistress; M. Layton, president; C . . . educatlonal TV In Austln. .Frasure, secretary-treasurer; F. Fuller, vice-president. Students enrolled in either of the two welding courses offered by the I. A. Department gain practical experience in lab. Industrial Arts Department Hosts High School Curriculum Workshop A workshop designed to study a proposed industrial arts metal working and crafts curriculum for secondary schools in Texas was held Jan. 9 under the auspices of the North TeXas Industrial Arts Association. Dr. Jerry McCain of the industrial arts faculty was chairman of the committee which made the outline that the workshop studied. Dr. Earle B. Blanton, director of the I. A. department, acted as workshop chairman. After the final proposal was drafted, it became part of the Texas Education Association7s official school bulletin. For those interested in engineering, the I. A. department offers appropriate courses in a two-year program. Proper machine main- tenance is taught, along with industrial arts theory. Dr. Earle B. Blanton, Director, Industrial Arts Department Philip W. Hansen, Clifton Yucca ths Who-Jndustrial Arts BOTTOM ROW: D. Rexroat, R. Russell, R. Hallmark, R. Nelson, M. Muegge, B. Schooling, T. Arderbum, R. Padgett, Dr. J. Mahoney, Sponsor. ROW TWO: E. Love, J. Massey, R. Iliff, B. Hargesheimer, J. Teal, P. Bledsoe, S. Westmoreland, F. Costanza, A. Peters, S. Ponce. ROW THREE: L. Tipton, R. Kappel, N. Green, R. Petter, B. Poulson, P. Bates, C. Davis, R. Teichman, G. Dutton, F. Roberson, Sponsor. Industrial Arts Club Group Holds Panels on Problems Encountered by Student Teachers North Texas7 Industrial Arts Club wan formed in 1930 by Dr. H. H. London, now director of the industrial arts department at the University of Missouri. The Industrial Arts Clubys first officers, most of whom are now prominent local busi- nessmen, were Ray Perryman, Wilford Pierce, J. T. Pearson and George Woodruff. During the early years of the club and until his retirement in 1956, the late Dr. S. A. Blackburn, former director of North Texas, industrial arts department, encouraged high interest in the organization. Now it is one of the largest professional clubs on campus, pointed out one of its spon- sors, Fritz Roberson. Besides regular meetings and field trips, this yeafs activities included a Visit from the clubhs first vice-president. Each semester the group holds a panel on problems encountered in student teaching. OFFICERS: J. Teal, vice-president'; R. Padgett, president; B. Poulson, secretary; G. Dutton The Chlb plans to print its new constitution parliamentarian; S. Westmoreland, treasurer. in booklet form for its members. Home Economists Cook Up School Useful Applications of Studies of In addition to teaching principles of nutrition and H o m e E c o n o m i cs ' offering courses which prepare students for jobs as either teachers or home economists7 the School of Home Eco- nomics provides instruction in the more domestic art of home furnishing and decorating. During the fall semester, students under the direction of Miss Clara Loewenstein 0f the home economics faculty reupholstered chairs which ranged from.a broken down platform rocker to family heirlooms. One girl explained that a man from her home town gave her uthe awful looking thing" tthe platform rockert and told her, ttif you can do anything with it, you can have it? Rich fabrics, such as brocade and velvets, as well as more common coverings, were used to renovate the chairs. Some of the pieces were also re-stained. In a more academic vein, Dr. Martha Purdom of the home economics faculty has been conducting a research project designed to discover whether synthetic amino acids can be added to vegetables to increase the protein in low-protein diets. Dr. Florence I. Secular, Dean, School of Home Economics Patsy Gray Cloud, Itasca Starting with a wooden frame which appears to be all legs, home improve- Yucca Whats WhOvHome Economics ment students must finish the wood and add other necessary touches. BOTTOM ROW: G, Hendrie D. Davis S. James M. Plummer D Ahrens D Meadowe C Eubank S Warwick L 011 J W tk' I ROW . 9t ' a a . 7 - a - H 1. , . ' , . , . . T i N. Poovey, D. Hlx, V. .l 5100115, C. Calllson, W. Watson, J. Rom7 P. Janson, K, Lee, H. Cleghorn, C. Allen, P. Rhodes. ROW TIEIIiEnE: J. Chliswygl A. Andezgn K. Nelson, E. Forrest, A Kerr7 O. Thacker, H. Ford, D. Latimer, M. Roberson. ROW FOUR: E. Wynn, C. Rose, E. Sparks, P. Pierce, Ni. Graham, C: Wilson, M. Castleberry. Ellen H. Richards WAC, Designer Advise Home Economics Club Hearing a Women,s Army Corps captain describe ttDietetics in the U. S. Army" and an interior designer maintain that gtalent and service are the most important points of a decoratorh were opportunities of the Ellen H. Richards Club this year. The home economics society also gave a silver tea at the Home Management House to help provide scholarships for foreign students. Proceeds from the tea were sent to the so- cietyts national headquarters, which dispensed the scholarships to foreign students, allowing each to attend the college of his choice. The club presented a scholarship to Mrs. Sandra Roberson, senior with the highest average. OFFICERS: D. Davison, treasurer; S. James, historian; C. Callison, secretary; M. Plummet, reporter; M. Castleberry, vice-president; D. Ahrens, president. , 'mvmavar :. Ellen H. Richards members wrap presents for Denton A contest was held to pick the prettiest and funniest State School children at their annual Christmas party. packages, which were then taken to the school. V BOTTOM ROW: B. Simmons, P. Daly, P. McCormack, S. Hubbard, M. Estes, J. McMinn, M. Murphy, C. Alexander, A. Todd, B. Frost. ROW TWO: L. Barton, K. Kunkul, J. Victor, J. Shakely, V. Vidal7 L. Basham, P. Sellick, V. Short, S. Perkins, I. Wiley. ROW THREE: A. Hyles, L. Garcia, M. Aldridge, G. Madere7 M. Morris, M. Carter, M. Smith, S. Gourley, L. Duffey. ROW FOUR: C. Krueger7 A. Reese, J. Futch, C. Miller, L. Ragsdale, B. Douglass, B. Ware, M. Womack, D. Boyd, C. Clack, M. Crumpton, L. Moser. Phi Upsilon Omicron Desire, Beliefs Matter To True Professionar Desire to continue learning and belief in a profession are characteristics of a profes- sional, Mrs. Edith Lindley of the home eco- nomics faculty told members of Phi Upsilon Omicron this year. Integrity, happiness and the ability to lead or follow are also important traits she emphasized. The national professional home economics fraternity attempts to inspire these ideals in its members. Integrity, Mrs. Lindley said, means honesty and sincerity in doing a job. Work and service are needed in leadership, and actions show the belief in a profession: qf the product is well done it,s easy to sell? . . , . , BUt happlness In one 5 work 15 true profes- OFFICERS: S. Jones, historian; D. Davison, treasurer; M. Plummet, reporting secretary; C. sionalism, she said. Callison, secretary; D. Ahrens, president; M. Castleberry, vice-president. BOTTOM ROW: c. Wilson, P. Cloud, Etibgnf, D. Ahrens, L. Gillum, M. Roberson, 6. Phillips, 1. Branch. ROW TWO: P. Pierce, J. Ro'land, Mrs. A. Hall, sponsor; S. Singleton, Mrs. L. Kollar, sponsor; A. Persky, J. Watkins. AFROTC Framework Revised At National, Campus Levels Fundamental changes in the organization of the North Texas Air Force ROTC unit came during the fall semester at both the national and campus levels. As a result of the ROTC Vitalization Act, which was signed into law in October by President Johnson, the military unitas name changed from the Division of Air Science to the Division of Aerospace Studies. The new AFROTC program became effective imme- diately after the passage of the bill. It not only gave cadets substantial pay increases and other benefits but also offered both a two-year and a four-year program. The major campus changefcame in the organizational status. The unit grew from a cadet ttgroupf, the basic structural unit, to a cadet ttwingf, The campus change came after 410 cadets enrolled, largest enrollment in the corps since it was established here in 1952. Maj. Robert E. Miller, professor of aerospace studies, explained the enrollment gain was due to promotion efforts by junior cadets who prepared a brochure on the corps, activities. Four Air Force ROTC cadets enjoy a strenuous wheel barrow race in the annual Field Day events during the spring semester. Aerospace Studies Maj. Robert E. Miller, Professor of Aerospace Studies David W. Barksdale, Demon Yucca ths Who-Aerospace Studies Aerospace Studies continued ABOVE: Advanced cadets who attended the Summer Training Unit at Webb AFB, Big Spring, observed fire demonstrations. RIGHT: Military inspections can be difficult. AFROTC cadets and guests enjoyed uEnchanted Lagoonf dubbed the most extravagant Military Ball in the corpg history. 1;.: BOTTOM ROW: 5. Williamson, P. M'cCormack, E. Amacker, S. Remy, M. Gordy, L. Quenzer, C. Scurlock, C. Peery, T. McElhany, B. Simmons. ROW TWO: J. Thompson, C. Hubbard, A. Bransford, M. Womack, D. Thomas, B. Beynon, S. Anders, L. Milstead, J. Batot. ROW THREE: K. Ludden, T. Hadsell, P. Leach, C. Harris, S. Fogleman, S. Caldwell7 J. Ramey, T. Howard. Angel Flight Coeds Make Appearance At Annual Competition Adding a touch of glamor to North Texas, Air Force ROTC program is Angel Flight, an auxiliary group of selected coeds sponsored by the Arnold Air Society. Along with Arnold Air7 the Angels have contributed much to community service. The combined effort of Arnold Air and Angel Flight boosted the 1964 iiBarrel of Joy,, to the largest success in the history of the annual campaign, which is a drive for contributions to the needy in Denton. In February the Angels appeared at Mardi Gras in their new tailored uniforms. Sponsored by Capt. Milford Dickens, mem- bers of Angel Flight also performed at the annual Area G-l Drill Competition held March 6 at Texas Christian University. Marilyn Womack of Linden smiles as she is formally initiated into Angel Flight at the candle- light ceremony at the Shangri-La Club. David Cox of Garland pins on Miss Womack7s wings. ,. Arnold Air Society tBarrel of Joyt Named Most Successful Project The Royal N. Baker Chapter of the Arnold Air Society engaged itself in various activities this year which proved its merit as a campus service organization. The society,s main project of the year, ttThe Barrel of Joy," helped gather goods which were given to needy families in the Denton area. The Christmas campaign was the largest success in the club,s history. During the fall semester, Arnold Aifs pledges and members, sponsored by Maj. Gene C. Cowles, spent innumerable hours working on the Air Force ROTC Homecoming float . ! WhiCh won first runner-up in the mOSt beauti- OFFICERS: B. McClintock, Lt. COL; J. Railsback, Capt.; D. Meacham, Maj.; D. Cox, Capt; ful float category of the parade. J. Bash, Col.; D. Barksdale, Col. 5 t ' BOTTOM ROW: D. McClintock, D. Barksdale, D. Cox, J. Railsback, J. Bash, R. Meacham. ROW T W0: D. Thompson, J. Eure, T. McMullen, G. Puett, S. Wusnack, S. Wall, 5. Neal. ROW THREE: J. Fryatt, F. Pinon, J. Craig, E. McGuire, R. Andrews, J. Bratton, J. Alcoze. ROW FOUR: C. Baird, R. Skinner, K. Moody, J. D,Avignon, R. DeWerff, G. Stinson, R. Mendez, Sabres Precision Drill Group Presented as tShow Unit, at Mardi Gras Since its beginning well over a decade ago, the Sabre Drill Team has represented North Texas in high fashion as a precision mili- tary drill unit. During the years, the group has won numerous awards for its pro- ficiency in complex drills. Throughout this year, the Sa- bres, along with Angel F light, marched at Homecoming, per- formed at corps night and ap- peared at special pass-in-reviews presented by the entire AFROTC. The highly competitive drill unit is well known on campus for its constant military spirit. In F ehruary, the Sabres repre- sented NTSU as the ttshow unitt, of AFROTC at Mardi Gras. The unit is sponsored by Capt. . . CADET OFFICERS: C. West, Su 1 S L; B. D , t' ff' ; . T k' , t 11 ; M. Mllford L. chkens. Aypock, M. Sgt; R. Diaz, Cmdr. pp y g ass execu we 0 met I omp ms comp ro er BOTTOM ROW: R. Tobaben, D. Nance, M. Aycock, G. Holland, R. Diaz, M. Sutherland, A. Patterson, D. Whitwell. ROW TWO: B. Doss, G. Davis, D. garawrighg G1. Wilcox, C. Flinn, E. Unger, P. Mills, W. Sanders. ROW THREE: C. Ray, S. Shire, M. Pearcy, J. Lackey, C. West, J. Tompkins, E. ra y, . tai ey. Dr. Kenneth N. Cuthbert, Dean, School of Music Grants, Grants Everywhere In tJust One of Those Years, It was just one of those years for the School of Music: a Ford grant, a Rockefeller grant and honors all over the place. It was just one of those years. It all began last spring when the Dallas Symphony Orchestra announced the receipt of a $20,000 grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to be iiin resiclencei7 0n the North Texas campus April 29 to May 1. In addition to NTSU, the University of Texas, Southern Methodist Uni- versity, Baylor University and Texas Christian University were invited to participate. Student compositions were sightread by the symphony, then judged by a jury which selected the four best works. These were performed in town concerts. The second major grant the school received this year was $3,000 from the Music Educatorsi National Confer- ence tsee page 309l, financed by the Ford Foundation. This is the first time a music school in this area has been awarded grants from both the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations in the same year. Other achievements included the appointment of Dr. Cuthbert t0 the board of directors of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The dean was also elected chairman of the Southwestern Region of the National Association of Schools of Music. Dr. Helen Hewitt, also of the music faculty, was elected Vice-president of the American Musicological Society. The school itself was honored with a certificate of merit for outstanding performance and promotion of American music in an educational institution. The award was given by the F ederation of Music Clubs supported by a grant from the American Society of Com- posers and Publishers. Judges included the chairman of music education at New York University and dean of the Julliard School of Music. Accompanying Iahs hLEFTh and Chapel Choir hABOVEh are two of the ways in which students can use what they have learned in class. LEFT: Lab Band members divide into small groups for practice. BELOW: Assistants in the listen- ing library file records and oper- ate the six-unit turntable. School of Music con1'nuod James Ator, Des Moines, Iowa Yucca ths Who Instrumenta1 Music Composer-pianist and author of Glory to the Green," Miss Julia Smith Jerry Ann Vann, Bossier City, La. returned to her alma mater in November to give a recital of her works. Yucca Who's Who-Voice Performmg at the annual jazz concert, a solo tronbonist helps uph d the fame of the North Texas Lab Bands. Ellan Smith, Dallas Y ucctz ths Who H Piano Victor Ellsworth Fort Worth Y ucca ths W o General Music BOTTOM ROW: R. Vaughan, M. Nicholas, L. Jones, S. Asel, A. Travis, M. Coates, V. Puckett. ROW TWO: D. Baldridge, J. Stephens, M. Ethridge, L. Foote, M. Mltchell, B. Buchel, E. Barger. ROW THREE: J. Barnard, R. Heffley, J. Moberg, E. Smith, J. Ormson, K. McLaughlin, S. Robertson. ROW FOUR: L. Milner, J. Hanna, L. Speer, M. Martin, A. Allen, S. Johnson, C. Potter. Mu Phi Epsilon Samuel Adlerts "Natures Ebb and Flow" Featured in Fall Concert For 19 years the North Texas chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, national professional music sorority, has aimed at advancing music in America. But last year 'the organization became inter- national in scope when a chapter was estab- lished .in the Philippine Islands. Since that time, Mu Phi Epsilon has aimed at advancing music throughout the world. The North Texas chapter, consisting of ap- proximately 25 members, has formed its own chorus, which presented ttNaturets Ebb and Flow,, at the annual Mu Phi Epsilon Fall Con- cert in the Music Recital Hall. The composi- tion was written by Samuel Adler of the music faculty. OFFICERS: J. Barnard, treasurer; K. McLaughlin, secretary; E. Smith, vice-president; Miss Virginia Botkin and Mrs. Robert J. M. Coates, historian; C. Potter, president. R ogers sponsor the chapter. Sigma Alpha Iota Pledges Work Diligently To Become SAI Actives If hard work is the key to success, the 14 pledges of Sigma Alpha Iota, national profes- sional music fraternity for women, should have the door open already. Each fall pledge was required to earn $10 on an individual project, participate in a rum- mage sale, sell band records as a service proj- ect, lead choirs at Denton State School on Sunday and give musicals for members. After the pledges attained these goals, they joined 15 other women as members of the North Texas chapter, But the new members soon learned that success can be hectic, too. Monthly musicals, the annual Sigma Alpha Iota recital and a reception tea for honorary member Julia Smith made them realize the hard work and the rewards, that: come Wlth At the informal rush party, Gail Ellison, as Alice in SAI Land, makes a stop on her trip toward belonglng to a 38,384-member natlonal group. membership to share her pledge tnanual with the unhappy ttturtlef Toni Peterson. is BOTTOM ROW: R. Lozano, D. Norquest, N. Israel, J. Vann, T. Peterson, vice-president; V. Vick, P. Cooper, D. Catanese, D. Smathers. ROW TWO: J. Skrasek, J. Weatherhogg, corresponding secretary; D. Creed, recording secretary; M. Bek, C. Hufffnan, S. Cupp, B. Hocher, G. Ellison, E. Cormany. ROW THREE: S. Richie, S. Schott, L. McGinnes, L. Cough, S. Haerle, N. Wardlaw, treasurer; J. Williams, president; J. Dyess, C. Porter. OFFICERS: M. Martin, president; R. DuPree, vice-president; J. Hale, secretary; J. Van Zandt, treasurer; M. Ellis, sponsor. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Chapter Wins Top Convention Awards Music may not have much to do with box- ing but North Texas7 Gamma Theta Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia7 national music fraternity, can justifiably paraphrase Cassius Clay: ttWe are the greatest ever!" The group won every award given at Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoniafs national convention in St. Louis in July, 1964. Nine Gamma Theta representatives accepted the Best Chapter in the Province Award, the Provinchanpower Award for the largest chapter, the Charles E. Lutton Award for the best chapter nationally and the National Manpower Award. North Texas, in competition with other province universities, including Southern Methodist University and Baylor University, won the Best Chapter in the Province Award for the ninth successive year. The chapter wrangled the national awards from 217 other universities. Campus activities seem to explain the suc- cess of the chapter. In November the 75-v0ice chorus of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, working with the University Symphony7 presented WYaIt Whitmanvs ttSong of Democracy? set to music by Howard Hanson. BOTTOM ROW: M. Ellis, G. Casebeer, W. Lott, R. Jerome, R. White, 5. Wall, L. Howeth, C. McCpne, D. Owen, D. Edwards, W. Richey, G. Kesting, K. Harris, T. Polk. ROW TWO: J. Van Zandt, G. Kimes, D. Boltz, G. Jones, J. Hale, B. Harlan, B. Ware, S. Wusnack, B. Holmes, R. Sage, R. Culley, D. Evans, R. DuPree, J. Cullum. ROW THREE: M. Martin, B. Anderson, B. Williams, J. Hassell, I. Evers, B. Johnson, D. Wilkins, J. Doan, D. Reiswig, J. Franklin, J. Hensley, G. Whittle, L. Phelps, W. Morgan, F. Howson, L. Wiley. BOTTOM ROW: S. Robertson, B. Buchel, B. Endicott, S. Ethridge, M. Russek, C. Wheeler, T. Peterson, A. Travis. ROW TWO: L. Lott, H. Pricer, M. Nicholas, E. Smith, M. Bek7 R. Mitchell, R. Moon. ROW THREE: 5. Cupp, C. Huffman, E. Barger, J. Dyess, B. Hocher, L. McGinnes, D. Norquest. ROW FOUR: N. Wardlaw, T. Cissik, F. Smiley, K. McLaughlin, S. Johnson, K. Norris, G. Ellison, L. Isaacs. MENC National Grant Supports Workshop in Contemporary Music Boasting the second largest membership in Texas, the NTSU chapter of Music Educa- tors, National Conference strives to stimulate interest in the music education profession. Miss Marion Flagg, retired music coordina- tor of the Dallas Independent School District, spoke to the group earlier in the year. Miss Flagg, one of the first music educators to employ new techniques in reading music, pre- sented a comparison of music over the years. The national office of MENC approved a $3,000 grant to the North Texas School of Music in the fall. One of eight colleges and universities to receive that amount, NTSU will use the grant this summer to sponsor a Contemporary Music Workshop for junior and senior high school music teachers and supervisors. The workshop sessions will provide oppor- tunities for music educators to further their understanding of contemporary music. OFFICERS: T. Peterson, secre- tary-treasurer; T. Cissik, vice- president; S. Cupp, president. Graduate xx gQng L: x saga L agx Dr. Robert B. Toulouse, Dean, Graduate School 3 KW wyvhgi kiwm 9k ixt 3.9.:ka ma? 2m ask In an oral exam lasting only a matter of minutes, the candidate dentsh must demonstrate his accumulation of one to two or more for a masterhs degree in mathematics Uike other graduate stu- years of knowledge to a watchful faculty panel. Candidates for masters degrees in biology conduct laboratory projects during a hot afternoon of the 12-week summer session. Graduate School Introduces Three New Doctorts Degrees Doctoral programs in biology, chemistry and physics were introduced in the fall of 1964 and a doctoral program in business administration is scheduled to begin in September, 1965. Dean Robert B. Toulouse, director of the Graduate School, speculates that the first doctor,s degree under the new program will be awarded two to four years from now. Two full-time biology students, six chemistry students and two physics students are currently enrolled for the Ph.D., but 20 part-time students attend night classes in physics. ttOne entire night Class is made up of scientists from Texas Instruments in Dallas? said Dr. L. F. Con- nell, director of the physics department. Dr. Toulouse said the new additions are beginning in a iimodesti, way but predicted they will have a steady growth. llThe addition of the new programs will reinforce North Texas7 position as a university in the public7s eye? he said. The PhD. programs will also increase the num- ber of fellowships to North Texas. In biology, graduate students may specialize in general zoology, general botany, microbiology or genetics; in chemistry the student may choose among biochemistry, physical, organic or inorganic chemistry; upper-atmos- pheric and space science, solid state physics, theoretical physics or molecular and atomic physics are the choices in that department. President J. C. Matthews believes the Grad School will occupy a substantial part of North Texas in the future: til think the percentage of graduate students will increase and the relative number of freshmen and sophomores will decrease? The total graduate student record enrollment of 2,203 in the summer of 1964 and the present enrollment of 1,456 seem to point in that direction. The Main Libraicy stacks offer a quiet setting where students can study or read. When engrossed in a book or research paper, ifs easy to become oblivious to time. 3H Graduate SChOOI continued i5 Ed Kuehn, graduate assistant in English, and Susan Parks relax in Kuehn,s office while discuss- ing grammatical problems en- countered by freshmen. RIGHT: The main thing about college is standing in line. Sometimes it pays off. ABOVE: Graduate physics majors delve into complex projects. 312 LEFT: Graduate Ruth Jane Grif- fith and her husband, Wayne, prepare for an evening of study at their apartment. BOTTOM: Night classes provide opportuni- ties for students to work toward higher degrees while pursuing their careers or caring for fami- lies during the daytime. SPORTS Edited by Jim Craig This was the Year That wasnhl' for Coach Odus Mitchelrs Eagles. But it wasn,t a surprising year, since sports forecasters didn,t make any championship predictions. From the 0-0 opener with Texas Western t0 the 14-6 loss to Wichita State University, Eagle backers experienced almost constant disappointment. A national sportswriter did make one definite prediction, however: that the NTSU Eagles would be true to the school colorse green. The prediction proved correct. The flock dragged through an un- eventful seasone-seven losses, two wins and one tie for Coach Mitchell7s worst season in 19 years. Even though NTSU placed fourth out of five teams in the Missouri Valley Conference7 the Eagles7 image was boosted at the season,s end when James ttCottonw Moore and Carl Lockhart were selected to the All-Conference first team. The flock7s poor season was also bright- ened when quarterback Corkey Boland was named MVC Sophomore Back Of the Year. Added sparkle came to the Eagles when Lockhart was drafted by the New York Giants and Moore was chosen by the Detroit Lions in the National Football League. LEFT: With an Eagle victory in mind, halfback Carl Lockhart makes every effort to complete a pass. TOP: Sideline patch-ups keep players in top performing condition. OPPOSITE PAGE: A West Texas Buffalo shies from the clasp as team runs to the field. ABOVE RIGHT: A football flock. BOTTOM: Green Jackets, Talons form Eagle hand- team runs on its hands as well as its feet. A thick wall of Bowling Green Falcons blocks Fullback A. D. Whitfield as he attempts to gain yardage. Halfback Blackie Wadek attempt to clear the way failed. TOP: Whitfield tries to escape two Miners in a scoring at- tempt. BOTTOM. In clear Lockhart makes clean catch. After Scoreless Tie With Miners, Bowling Green Proves Too Tough In what was one of the toughest defensive struggles of the season, the Eagles trudged to a scoreless tie with the Texas Western Miners in the season opener. It was the first 0-0 game for NT since 1937. Three times the Eagles had to give up the ball when powerhouse fullback A. D. Whitfield ran into a defensive wall on fourth-down plays. Whitfield chugged, twisted and pounded his way to 64 yards in 22 carries. The passing e 7 0f 17 e accounted for only 43 yards. A week later Corkey Boland and Carl Lockhart combined to finally put North Texas on the scoreboard. But the Bowling Green Falcons kept control of the game and wound up winners, 21-7. The mighty Falcons ground out two touchdowns in the first half and capitalized on a pass interception for a third before the Eagles got moving. Bowling Greens left halfback Jay Cunningham finds the North Texas defense not so easy to penetrate as Eagle fullback Pete Linck leads the attack. A. D. Whitfield tries to outmaneuver Texas Western as he rushes across the line of scrimmage into the Miners backfield. TOP: Halfback Carl Lockhart stops 3 West Texas State Univer- sity Buffalo in mid air. RIGHT: A Buff almost spoils a smooth pass reception by Phil Gonzales. Eagles Buffaloed With 21-13 loss TOP: Gonzales ruins WT7s plans as he leaps for the tackle. RIGHT: Pre-game workouts are inevitable. xgg r5 EA mmm :93 N ,? $$u x ,de , mnmxuw Wm me ABOVE: A New Mexico State University Aggie finds himself surrounded by an aggressive Aggie. RIGHT Halfback Carl LOCkhaft eagerly bounces into the Eagle defensive team. CENTER. Gaines Stoval tries a head-on attack With the air to receive a pass and make a touchdown attempt for the Eagles. NT,s Mistakes Prove Fatal After a battle of mistakes and three quar- ters of dull football, the Eagles made a frantic effort against New Mexico State University to salvage the gameeone in which the flock was a 14-point favorite. But the final attempt came too late: Half- back Carl Lockhart was stopped short of the goal with seconds remaining, missing an Eagle victory by six inches. The scoreboard glared a 13-7 win for the Aggies. The game was one of frustration for the Eagles. After fumbling only once in four previous games, they hobbled the ball eight times, losing possession five times. With 1:28 left in the first half, Lockhart fumbled an Aggie punt and New Mexico State recovered on NTSU,S 16-yard line. On the following play the Aggies galloped over the goal line for a 7-0 lead. The fumbles and two interceptions kept the flock from adding to the one touchdown that quarterback Hank Cooper engineered. In the last 15 minutes Cooper completed eight of 11 passes for 91 yards. With 5:09 remaining, he scored the touchdown. Homecoming: Cincinnati Snaps Series of Seven Wins A series of seven Eagle Homecoming vic- tories was broken when the Cincinnati Bear- cats disappointed an enthusiastic crowd of North Texans with a 27-6 Victory. The lopsided score was deceiving: The last two Bearcat touchdowns came within the final six minutes of the game after pass intercep- tions and numerous fumbles had nullified the Eagles7 best effort of the season. Even though the spirited flock made every effort to salvage the Homecoming game, Cin- cinnati used its superior speed and power to keep the Eagles off balance. Three of the Bear- cats7 four touchdown drives were set up by interceptions 0r fumble gains. TOP: An excited cheerleader promotes spirit. BOTTOM: Bearcats down .A. D. Whitfield as he gains yardage for NT. A Bearcat takes a few extra seconds of game time to pass TOP: The referee pays close attention to the scrimmage line just before the ball is off a moment of pain-inevitable in any football contest. snapped. BOTTOM: Halfhack Carl Lockhart tries to escape a charging Bearcat. TOP: Fullback A. D. Whitfield is pulled to the ground who traveled USNT s This TrairW saw repeated fumbles. by forceful Shockers. ABOVE: Hundreds of NT backers RIGHT: Halfback Carl Lockhart finally gets in the clear. Shockers Thresh Flock 16-6 To Slow Down This Train x TOP LEFT: Cotton Moore scrambles for an Eagle fumble. TOP rounds the end for yardage. ABOVE: A desperate Shocker finds RIGHT: Fullback Pete Linck grabs a Wheatshocker as he himself in trouble under a pile of defensive North Texans. er the Game L M" w WW. wwww,m With 0 nference flags flying, litter in the stand and the press box filled with re porters finishing stories, Fonts Field i at. last quiet after the game LEFT Student sports wl'ters get good View from press box. ABOVE: Professionals prepare to send copy across wires. Signs of a good time ending: automobiles pouring from the hCood game? Or does the good time end? A party, a movie or a stadium, students leaving the game and Opposing coaches saying7 cup of coffee with a dateimore fun comes after the game. The Flock ASSISTANT COACHES: Fred McCain, backfield; Bob Way, defensive; Three members of the flock, in a moment of excitement following a victory Herb Ferrill, line; and Ken Bahnsen, freshman coach. in 1962, hurriedly carried Coach Odus Mitchell to the locker room. BOTTOM ROW: Pete Linck, Charley Wallace, Eddie Henry, Corkey Boland, Mike Holmes, Tom Price, Guy Fowler, Blackie Wade, Tom Murski, Gordon Nelson, A1 Matthews, Butch Wallace. SECOND ROW: James Leatherwood, David Ellis, Hank Cooper, Herb Carr, Audie Long, Hardy Burke, Mike Bailey, Gerald Suhler, James Bower, Paul Storie, Andy Chambers, Gary Parrish. THIRD ROW: Neal Wilson, Billy Parks, Robert Finklea, Cotton Moore, Bob Sanders7 Larry Thomas, Gaines Stovall, Dennis Gray, Don Bowen, Steve Jones, George Clark, A. D. Whitfield. FOURTH ROW: Mike Crocker, John Edd Nelson, Carl Lockhart, Ronnie Romike, Martin Kahn, A. J. Waight, Clayton Doxvning, Allen Bennett, Bob Anderson, James Crow, Ronnie Jones, David Neale, Lee Allen, Philip Gonzales, Gerry Hitch. BUSketba" Splrlt was ngh even though victories for the NT cagers were few. Coach Charles Johnson,s crew experienced tough competition throughout the season, particularly when the flock met up with the Missouri Valley Conference teams. Since joining the MVC in the season of 1957-58, North Texas has had major basketball status with one of the nation,s toughest sched- ules: Bradley University, University of Cincinnati, Drake University, University of Louisville, St. Louis University, University of Tulsa and Wichita State University. First full-scale competition for North Texas began in 1916 when SMU edged the Normals 25-23. Since then, NT has won or shared 11 basketball championships. Ten of the Championships came from the Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association, of which North Texas became a member in 1922. The Eagles won one conference trophy in the Gulf Coast Conference in 1957. Indicative of North Texas7 major college status in basketball was the fact that two Eagle games were televised in February. x t ., '2; LEFT: An NT eager collides in midair with an OCU Chief in attempt to block a scoring shot. ABOVE: Basketball spirit is obvious as students air opinions. m- g TOP: Cowboys and Eagles prepare for Willie Davis, foul shot. ABOVE? In an effort to prevent a Hardin-Simmons score, an NT eager gets involved in the action. Willie Davis overpowers a HardinhSimmons Cowboy and tips the ball to the Eagles. Cowboys Spoil Opener 87-65; North Texas Dumps U of H TOP: An Eagle finds it rough going between two anxious Houston NTSU Center Willie Davis leaps high into the air to he sure of scoring the Cougars. ABOVE: Height and confidence are beneficial to players. shot. The Eagles defeated the University of Houston Cougars 60-48. 0n the ball, North Texas and Arkanczis rate playel wait with turning point in the game. With the high scoring of Ron and Carl Miller, pectath n 10 some sudden movement which could mean a the Eagles overpowered the Indians 70-54 for NThs second home Victory. ABOVE: Trying to break a shot7 a North Texan tangles in nlid-air with an Indian. HIGH : David Burns finds trouble trying to make a basket. NT Bops Arkansas State, Loyola for 2nd, 3rd Wins 1 Q LEFT: Two Loyolans stretch for the Eagles7 ball. ABOVE: During the half, NT cagers get encouragement from their fellow players. Eagle cheerleaders Carolyn Deu- back, Ted Wilson, Gayle Henson and Jim Marrs take advantage of a short time out to lead the packed Men,s Gym in yells. Action in North Texast clash with Bradley Universitfs Braves was In this blurred-action series, the camera caught the rapid-fire spirit almost too fast for the spectators who filled the Men7s Gymnasium of the game as the Eagles succeeded in a scoring attempt. Final Minutes: Danger Points For NT With Bradley, Louisville ABOVE: An Eagle pounces above Louisville cagers, heads to score. RIGHT: Cardinals and Eagles clash at the basket. Bradley University7s Braves, led by the superb all-round play of forward Ernie Thompson, pulled out in front of the flock with 4:05 remaining in the game to hand NT its second conference loss in a row. The 71-64 disappointment came after Bradley sank 12 free throws, six straight in the last two minutes, to assure the victory. NTSU exhibited the same last- minute spirit that it displayed against Bradley when it met the Louisville Cardinals. In the final three minutes of the game, the Eagles scooted from behind to tie the score 62-62. But the determined Cardinals pushed ahead again, winning in overtime 70-68. Willie Davis swirls past the.Cardinals to get into a good scoring positlon. Hurricane Blows Down NT's Flock; Drake Bulldogs Scrape Past Eagles In what could be considered a typical basketball evening, an excited crowd of North Texans watched the University of Tulsa,s Hurricane slip by the Eagles 63-57. But for some consolation, Willie Davis outranked Tulsa,s Herman CakIads 11-10 to hold his Missouri Valley Conference rebound lead. Exactly one month later, in February, excitement soared again as Drake University scraped past the flock in overtime on the Eagles1 home court during the first live television broadcast of the year. After Willie Davis opened the overtime period with a tip-in, the Drake Bulldogs took the Eagles, lead and won the game 66-58. Eagle eager Carl Miller looks Skyward in enear-desperation to watch TOP: Fans like cheerleader Carolyn Deuback find MVC ball similar to three- ,Albert Jones try to knock back a Tulsa Hurricane basket attempt. ring circuses. ABOVE: David Burns jumps. No good. Tulsa still has the ball. 338 TOP: Drake Cagers line up with North Texans to Ron Miller excites Eagle fans as he rounds the make ready for Davis7 next move. ABOVE: Guard court, exhibiting his remarkable basketball speed. Willie Davis plays an important role in Eagles scores, dominating the ball. Rare excitement filled the air as North Te as fans poured onto the court time in conference history. The Jubilant victory came in the final three after the NT cagers beat the University of Cincinnati, 54-53, for the first seconds after Cincy7s attempts to recover proved fatal. 340 Cincy Falls at Last; Wichita Calms Campus ' L BOTTOM ROW: Chuck Fath, Ron Miller, Ken Pemberton, Billy Hughs, Eddie Davis, TOP RIGHT: Eagles tangled with Shockeys and lost 69-67. Johnny Burks. ROW TWO: John Jones, David Burns, Carroll Carlisle, Doug Reedy, ABOVE: Basketballs are best protected hlgh overhead. David Welch. ROW THREE: Terry Reiter, Willie Davis, Carl Miller, Albert Jones. a n d Fie I d Eve nts opened with impressive Victories when Coach Winton E. tPopt Noahts cindermen captured one first, three seconds, a third and a fourth against some of Texast top col- legiate performers at the Dallas Indoor Track Meet. For some of the Eagle tracksters, the February meet in Dallas was their first taste of competition. But the good showing lifted the ath- letic spirit on campus and gave North Texas backers hope for a successful season of spring sports, particularly in Missouri Valley Conference competition. Since 1922, when track and field events first appeared on campus, NT has piled up 13 conference championships, 11 while the Eagle tracksters were competing in the Lone Star Conference. The univer- sity has won team titles in both the Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association and the Gulf Coast Conference. Also, NT set a world record in medley relay in the 1938 Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden. An Eagle vaulter takes a moment to watch opponents and relax before leaping for a hopeful Eagle victory. TOP RIGHT: An Eagle broad jumper demonstrates a dynamic sprinters make smooth contact during a relay at the Dallas leap in a blurred-action photo. ABOVE: Two North Texas Indoor Meet, which was one of NT,s most important meets. Eagle Sp With Dal rinters Open Season lus Indoor Track Meet hM ABOVE: Cinderman dashes ovet hurdles in Denton track meet. LEFT: Blurred-action photo of Dallas Indoor Track Meet em- phasizes hurdlers speed. Opening Spring Results Show Promising Flock Eagle sprinter Ron Linscomb starts the final lap of' a relay after making contact with teammate Fred Pink at a Denton track meet in early March. x? $3 5' ' - 9X , aw mak I: am Lw a m BOTTOM ROW: Tom Conway, Jodie Horton7 Wayne Fitzgerald, Henry Allen, Lorenzo . . Garza. ROW TWO: Coach Noah, Ira Daniels, Louis Smith, Don Fox7 Ron Linscomb, TOP: An Eagle hlgh Jumper lands on a bed of foam .after a Doyle Magee, Fred Pink, David Ballauer. successful Jump. ABOVE: After much strain7 the Jump 15 over. akalxiggg ? Crow - ,3? w? 7? am W4 i Somewhat resembling a lanky Eagle in flight, sprinter Don TOP: In a moment of exhaustion, an NT runner takes time out for a brief rest. Fox leaps to an impressive distance in the Dallas Indoor Meet. ABOVE: Eagle Fred Pink rounds the track to blast past an SMU sprinter. Tennis Bounced Forth just in time to accompany clear, spring-like days and give North Texans a refreshing change in sports events. Led by the 1964 Missouri Valley Conference class cBj title winner, Bob Rader, the North Texas netters bounced back after a loss to East Texas in the seasonhs opener and triumphed over Texas Christian 5-1 in early March. Other major opponents during the season included Southern Methodist, Texas ASzM, the University of Oklahoma and the Uni- versity of Houston L968 complete tennis schedule, page 359t- Coach Kenneth Bahnsen, who came to North Texas in 1956 as team ttsponsorf, directs the netters in weight lifting, isometric exer- cises and other practice drills between tennis matches. With quick reflexes, a North Texan returns a fast serve dur- ing a practice game with a fel- l,ow netter. Constant practice provides the team with hope for MVC success. ABOVE: NTSU netters Bob Rader, Roland Ingram, Dennis Conner and Bruce Gaines. LEFT: Gaines serves in 'a practice game to prepare for a tough spring schedule. FOTGgOing Spring competition Coach Herb FerrilPs golfers took to the green early in the year to prepare for a rough season, but one that reliable sports forecasters predicted would be successful for the 11-member team. Although tough competition was encountered during the seaSQn, the university maintained its reputation as the ttNotre Damew of collegiate golf, which a golf magazine so accurately labeled it some 'years ago. Since 1948, North Texas has won international recogni- tion with 48 team championships in tournament play and a dual match of 206 wins, 51 losses and 16 ties. Golfers have been competing at North Texas since 1939, but most of the sch0017s golfing history was written after 1946 when the late Fred Cobb became coach. Under Coach Cobb,s direction, NT built an 18-hole golf course and a $50,000 limestone Clubhouse. Coach Ferrill took over the position after Cobb,s death in 1954. Ferrilrs team has encountered 112 dual match wins, 35 losses and 10 ties. ABOVE: Golfer Ron Folk putts on the green as other Eagle putters look on. LEFT: Overlooking North Texas1 18-hole course, a team member tees off. In perfect form, Eagle golfer Jim Patterson swings for a clean cut across the Golf Course green to the freeway. v x o w. W r3. r wax 44. TOP: Golfer Richard Cozby takes Careful aim before putting. ABOVE: Eagle golfers include 30TTOM ROVW Richard Cozby, Jimmy Clayton, Ras Allen, Brian Youngdahl, Tony Frederickson, Dwight Nevil; UKOW TWO Ronnie Anderson, Harold Garner, Jim Patterson, Johnny Jones, Ron Folk, Coach Herb Fcrrill. competitive Spirit prevailed throughout the year as fraternities, independents and dormitory groups clashed in intra- mural games, which brought out the sporting interests of the numer- ous organizations at North Texas. Sigma Nu7 which piled up a football record of two years of straight wins, toppled the College Inn Innkeepers from the dormitory league 27-0 to win the intramural football title. Although the Innkeepers were beaten earlier in the season by the physical education club, NTAHPER, they got their shot at the fra- ternity champs in the single round-robin title play. After defeating the Innkeepers, Sigma Nu met Kappa Alpha in the annual Creek Bowl. But the game ended in a scoreless tie, first in Sigma Nu7s eight-year history of imural football. Intramural basketball ended in mid-March with the Geezles taking top honors after stopping Theta Chi 70-48 in the fraternity league. Other winners were the West Dorm Playmates in the dormitory league and the Spartans, Musketeers and the Menis PE Club from three independent leagues. At seasonis end, 37 campus organiza- tions had taken part in the intramural basketball program-the most participants in North Texas, history. TOP: A Sig Ep swings for an interception but a Kappa Sig completes Alpha ground-gainer gallops over a Sigma Nu to struggle to the goal; the pass in fraternity league intramural football. ABOVE: A Kappa nevertheless, the effort was fruitless because the bowl game ended 0-0. Delta Sigma ths grow wary as Geezle intramural cagers TOP: A KA leaps into the air to try to weaken Sigma Nu s offensive stall in anticipation of a possible chance for a basket. attack. ABOVE: The two fraternities scramble after mid-field clash. lntramurals continued Fraternity opponents clash in an effort to recover a TOP: Sigma Nuhs and Kappa Alpha,s struggle in the Greek Bowl to a scoreless tie. hwildh7 ball which could be the key to a victory. ABOVE: A Sigma Nu Snake tackles a KA who slowly progresses toward scoring position. For the first time in NTss intramural history, 1310- TOP: Fraternities battle for intramurals lead. fessors enter the basketball competitlon. ABOVE: Independents try to stymie Greeks. A FTGSh New FIOCk of Eaglets opened the football season with a decisive defeat over the University of Tulsa,s freshmen 53-8. The young squad gave coaches and fans new hope for varsity suc- cess in the upcoming years. However, after losing to Texas Christian University, the University of Houston, the University of Arkansas and Texas Tech, the Eaglets drooped in defeat only to hope that the basketball season would bring more successful athletic efforts. Eaglet cagers found their eight opponents were tough competi- tors: NT struggled through the season with only three wins and 11 losses. Though the season was a disappointing one, it provided a means for displaying the freshman athletes7 abilities and helped insure some a slot with the varsity. Outstanding football frosh were Larry Priestley and Oscar How- ard, who made impressive showings during the fall. Butch Pruett and Skip Friz were two of the top Eaglet cagers. t2 Boosting the North Texas Eaglets throughout the year were fresh cheerleaders In silent enthusiasm an Ea 1 ' 7 . , g et kneels propped by hlS hel. Wayne Turk, Barbara Bentley, Nancy ONelll and Roy Black. met to watch the developments of the afternoon game. An Eaglet receiver grabs long and hard for an important pass to try to come from behind Uni- versity of Arkansas, frosh. Arkan- sas defeated NT 20-13. ve unit tough to cope with when it Dust flies when a University of Tulsa freshman plows into a came to pass receptions. ABOVE: Tulsa halts an NT pass. North Texas Eaglet during the opening game of the 99,2:an Eaglets found Tulsais defensi W , V we . . V . k In a frantic effort to prevent an early score in the seasonis first receives a pass near the flockis goal line. Tulsa,s attempts were freshman game, Tulsa,s frOSh take chase after an Eaglet as he invalid as the young flock of Eaglets pulled out with a win. Freshman Sports continued ABOVE: An Eaglet eager jumps for the score as North Texans and Austin College players stand back. RIGHT: Eaglet and AC frosh battle for the ball. Though North Texas, Eaglets found yardage hard to gain against the Univer- sity of Tulsa,s freshman team, the Eaglets won the season opener 53-8. EAGLETS FOOTBALL Tulsa TCU Houston Arkansas Texas Tech BASKETBALL H-SU 13, Decatur Jacksonville Opponents Opponents SMU Paris SMU Austin Decatur Temple Weatherford Pa ris Austin Temple Jacksonville Sports Abbreviated February 26 SPRING SCHEDULE GOLF-TENNIS-TRACK Track East Texas i Pittsburg, Kans. Tennis East Texas Tennis TCU Golf Southwest Recreation Golf Southwest Recreation Track Southwest Recreation Golf Texas Tennis Southeastern Oklahoma Golf Border Olympics Tennis SMU Golf Border Olympics Track Border Olympics Tennis Arlington State Golf TCU Golf SMU Track West Texas Relays Tennis Texas A8KM Golf SMU Tennis SMU Golf Texas Wesleyan Tennis Tulsa Track TCU NT Golf East Texas Tennis Wichita Golf Oklahoma Tennis Baylor Tennis Texas Golf All-America Golf All-America Golf All-America Tennis Northern 111. Track Texas Relays Golf AIl-America Track Texas Relays Tennis NT Tournament Tennis NT Tournament Tennis, NT Tournament Golf Texas Wesleyan Tennis Southeastern Okla. Tennis Arlington State Track NT Relays Track NT Relays Tennis Oklahoma Tennis Oklahoma City Golf Bradley Tennis U. of Houston Tennis U. of Houston Track Kansas Relays Golf Oklahoma Tennis Houston Tournament Track Kansas Relays Golf Oklahoma Colf Oklahoma Golf East Texas Track Drake Relays Tan is Oklahoma Trac Drake Relays Tennis Oklahoma City Golf TCU Golf Southern Intercollegia'e Golf Southern Intercollegiate Golf Southern Intercollegiate Track NT 7 Howard Payne Arlington Slam Tennis East Texas Tennis TCU Missouri Valley Conference Spring Meets MVC Golf, Tennis, Track Golf NCAA Track NCAA NT VARSITY FOOTBALL Opponents Texas Western Bowling Green Louisville West Texas State New Mexico State San Francisco Marines Southern Ill. Cincinnati Tulsa Wichita VARSITY BASKETBALL Opponents H-SU Trinity OCU Houston Arkansas Loyola Baylor Howard Payne H-SU West Texas Wichita Bradley Louisville Tulsa Houston Drake Cincinnati Louisville St. Louis Drake Cincinnati Wichita OCU Tulsa Bradley St. Louis North Texast Sports History Reveals Many Able Coaches For 48 seasons Eagle football teams have posted an outstanding over-all record. NT has won 248 games, lost 156 and tied 26 for a 60.7 percentage. Coach Odus Mitchell began his successful stay at North Texas in 1946 and has been proclaimed as one of the winningest coaches in America. His 18-season Eagle record is 109-698. NTSU7s Eagles have been in the MVC for the past seven years and have won two championships and three second-place standings. The university,s conference records show 38 seasons and 16 championships. The Eagles produced four first team ttlittle,7 All- Americans before the school became a timajori7 college in athletics. Halfback Johnny Stovall was named by Sports magazine in 1936, tackle Felton Whitlow by AP in 1947, and halfback Ray Renfro by AP in 1951. Commenting on the future games with ArkansasW which North Texas will play officially for the first time in the fall of 1965-Coach Mitchell pointed out: ttPeople look at you by the company you keep? Odus Mitchell Head Football Coach Currently Opposing such top basketball schools as Bradley, Wichita State, Louisville, St. Louis, Tulsa, Drake and Cincinnati, NT has achieved high status in the MVC e-considered by many sports authorities as one of the nation,s top conferences. North Texas has won or shared 10 basketball cham- pionships since it first joined the Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association in 1922. The Eagles7 last title came in the Gulf Coast Conference in 1954. The university significantly lifted its athletic status when it joined the Missouri Valley Conference in the basketball season of 1957-58. Charles Johnson Head Basketball Coach In 1943 Coach H. G. tPetei Shands, a member of the Helms Hall of Fame, directed the Eagles into third place in the national basketball tournament. Eleven years later his team had a 19-9 record. Charles Johnson assumed the head coaching job in 1959 and established a 36-114 record with a 10-141 mark of three years ago as his best. In a pre-1966 prospectus, Coach Johnson avoided pes- simism but made no brash promises. He included such conditions as 9room for improvement?7 Ken Bahnsen Tennis Coach Winton E. tPopi Noah Track and Field Coach In a historical overview of tennis at North Texas, sports enthusiasts observe that the most productive years were 1922-1948. During this period the Eagles won 10 conference championships. Six came in the Lone Star Conference days when H. G. Shands was coaching bas- ketball and tennis. After a period of disinterest, tennis was revived on campus in 1956 under assistant football coach Ken Bahnsen. With an over-all record of 131 wins, 90 losses and 17 ties, the Eagles finished second last spring in the MVC. Track and field'events made their debut in 1922 when T. J. Fouts, late athletic director, organized a small group of athletes and won a dual meet against TCU. In 1929 Choc Sportsman became coach and later guided the Eagles to national fame. W. A. tBilD Cooper of the physical education staff coached track in 1942 and 1946. Winton E. tPopi Noah took over in 1947 and is still in charge. All but two of the schooYs 21 varsity records have been set since then. NT has won 13 conference championships, 11 of them in the Lone Star Conference. North Texas has received national recognition through its golfing program and golf titles. Though golf began here in 1939, golf fame came to the campus after Fred Cobb became coach in 1946. In 1949, Cobb,s team took the NCAA championship and started a four-year winning streak. Herb FerriIl succeeded Cobb, who died after the 1954 Border Olympics. Though the NCAA crown has eluded his teams, Coach Ferrill has built an outstanding record. Some of his teamsi titles include MVC Championship and All-America Intercollegiate. Herb Ferrill Golf Coach Edited by Barbara Beyring CLASSES Graduates: AIl-Ste Allen, Ann Anderson, Sharon Ahn, Mary Barnes, Phillip Bertrand, Mel Brawner, Dave Bryant, Ronald Capps, Arthur Carroll, Frederic Clark, Connie Mack Cochran, Carole Conway, Mike Cox, James Cox, Travis Craik, Eva Lee Crawford, Alvis Dendy, Hood R. Dendy, Mary Edgerton, Marilyn Edwards, Don Franklin, David Fuqua, Joe Garlow, John Gramly, Jerry Gregory, Donald Gronstal, Philip Hamilton, Janis Hanna, Julie Abilene Lewisville Tyler F ort Worth Tyler Longview Murfreesboro, Ark. Dallas Dallas Longview Dallas H urst Denton Pine Bluff, Ark. Abilene M osheim San Angelo San Antonio Paris Denton Big Spring F resno Lamesa Kaufman Hardwick, Robert Hitt, Marilyn Hofmann, Carolyn Hokett, Martha Howard, Carol Hufstedler, Don Kang, Hsu-Hsiung Keith, Gerald Joslin, Joyce Kennedy, Ivan Klingman, Louis Kucera, Lawrence Lamar, Julius Leung, Eric McCooI, Kenneth McWilliams, Richard Martin, Joseph Mattingley, Leon Mitchell, Margaret Noah, Dale O De11, Bill Orraca, Osvaldo Richter, Terry Russell, Mary Sachdev, Pratibha Sachdev, T. R. Schott, Sally Shahabi, Ali Sherk, Thomas Sievenpiper, Henrietta Smith, Sammie Stewart, Steve Louisville, Ky. Wichita Falls La Grange F art Worth Thornsby, Ala. Childress. Formosa Richardson Farm ers Branch Plano Dallas Ennis Dallas Hong Kong Gainesville Irving Dallas Tarzan H ouston Denton Borger Puerto Rico Decatur F on Worth I ndia I ndia Beggs, Okla. Iran Houston Haltom City F art Worth Des Moines, Iowa Graduates 53; , - , ' ' t w MN L m g; Stingel, Charles Stoneburner, Clarence Swyers, John Tate, William Sugarcreek, Ohio Texas City Dallas Grapevine $.3er skagm wig; Taylor, Charles Mineral Wells Teddlie, John Houston Tester, Ronald San Angelo Tirey, Grover Oklaunion ,Y may? , X532; way, Li 'Mswm s Vann, Jerry Bossier City, La. Waldrop, Joe San Antonio Walker, William Dallas Wells, Mary Danton Williams, Mary Wilson, John Wolford, Janet Wood, Suzanne Decatur Corpus Christi M cKinney Irving GRADUATE CLASS OFFI- CERS: Robert Aycock, treas- urer; Larry Maurer, vice-presi- dent; James Waller, secretary; Franklin Bryant, president. Seniors Aar-Ban Aaron, Loretta Adams, Sarah Adamson, William Alders, Jerry Alexander, Raymond Alford, Karen Allen, John Allen, Nelda Anderson, Ada Mae Anderson, John Anderson, Sally Anthony, Mark Appell, William Armstrong, Janice Arnelte, David Arnold, John Arwine, Robert Arrington, Ronald Avery, Carol Axe, Jerebeth Ayers, Baber, Bailey, Bailey, Baird, Charles Baker, Pat Ballauer, David Bane, George Houston Smithfield Kilgore Mount Pleasant Big Spring Demon Brownwood Whitney H ereford Dallas Creenville Fort Worth Dallas Waxahachie F art Worth Burleson Dallas Demon Dallas Garland Dallas Tyler Dallas Garland F ort Worth Throckmorton Azle Longview 1 .1.,55 ,..1.w,.,111,1...1. 1 1 .1 . ,,,.11,.,.11,.,1.,11..11. 5 .11,5,15..1,1,5x1.15!15,115.. 5,515.35 .1,..1,..11,11,1.5,. 11.15.11,, ,,11,,,1.,1,,1,1.,,1..,1,.1,1,11,,1,,1 11,1.1,,1,1..1,.1,1:,,.11,,.,.1: 1...,11,,.11.,,1..,.,.,155.1551, ,151 ,, 1,,, 111,.1...1,,11,1,,1,, 1:1:,:1:.1,1...,11 ,,1 . 5 1 1 . , 31.51511..w,55.,111..1..11,.,1..11,1,5.1, 1 15,111.1555 ..5. , 1., ,1.,5m1..W.1.1.,mm.11,. ..1.,...,1,,,111,,...1w1.: $5,.51.1...11.1.,111,..1,w..511,www.11,1.1..1.,.11311,511 1.511,... .,.: 1. ..1,. 1 1,. 11 11 .,,11. 51.1511! 15.11.52,; 1155.1.,15,.11,1,111,1,1..11.,.,151,1.11.,11,,.,11,,1,1...111 .11 ,,., 51,151,, 11 5,11,,. 11......11,1,15511,,1 s. 55 .:5 52.5 ng- .,11,.11,.111,...1.1.,.1...,,, 15 a?" .5. 31, . 51:. 11,,11,,15. . .5...5 ,...,.,..,.11..1,1,.11.1.,111..11.1.1,,.1,1.,.111,1,51.1.11,..11,,,1,m1.1m.1,1 .15 1.. .5553; 1 ,.1,..1.1.., 1,555... .1 ,,.11 11,. 5 :25, 555. 5. .2 2.5 5.935.- 115:2 5 5.5 ..1, 15515271.. ..:..5.-5 .552 $1 .52. . 2,21... 11.5555 .1.; ,, 5, 5 2?? x55...- ,, .711. ,, .. ,x 55.1.. 5 . .5 ....5 5.5... 1.45 1. ,1 54:15.5 5 11...1111,.,11,1,.. 1 . 11 11,.1, 11.1.11.,111.511,,,1,1.5155.215,. 5 1,,.1,,.,1. 5..5 ..5... 11,,1 , 1 1.,.11,1,.,11.,51.1 ,,11,,1 11 5.155.111...,1,:51,1,11..11,,.1,,11,,51,1,...11,111..,51, .1,5.., . .,1.,..111,...11. 1:5 1, . . ..11,,. 5,. 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Worth Colorado City San Antonio Gainesville Gainesville San Antonio Canadian Brooklyn, N. 1a Georg 1P irley Mary Alice Raymond Sh Erin Dane J De, James Rhonald ichard Eugene James J anis 9 Phill Hensley Nancy 1 7 Barton Barton, Clements Banks, Barber Barber Barger Barham Barkemeyer Barner Barnes, Joe Joe James Bass, Ethel , Ronald Sandra Bash, R Bellaff, Herbert Bateman, Batey, Beal, Beall B631 1, Beck, Beene, Bennett Bennett Bennett, Bates, Bennett, Martha Bent, Jack Berendzen, Max Berg, Katherine Besse, Woody Bettes, William Beynon, Barbara Biggerstaff, Patti Biggs, Bill Bishop, Betty Bishop, Julian Bishop, Philip Bissett, Robert Black, Carolyn Black, Jean Ann Black, Larry Blackburn, John Blackwell, Sharon Blanks, Sharon Blansett, Randy Blassingame, Neldgz Bledsoe, Philip Boeger, Kormie Book, Betsy Boozer, Howard Borders, Patrick Bostick, Sherry Bourland, King Bowers, Judy Bowman, Leonard Brady7 Pat Braley, Joseph Bransford, Ann Bratcher, Charles Brinker, Jane Brinkley, Linda Alice Danton Irving Bonham Midland Millsap Tyler Dallas Ballinger I wing Dallas I wing Palestine H askell Pasadena Dallas Dallas Dallas Longview Dallas F ort Worth Texas City Dallas Danton Borger Nocona Odessa Sherman Brisendine, Joyce Brister, Patricia Brooks, Gail Brooks, Cecille Brothers, James Brown, Gerrard Brown, Hugh Brown, John Brownlee, Harry Bryant, Cecil Buchanan, Carolyn Buck, Joan Bullard, Ann anpus, Jack Bumpass, Jeanne Bunnell, Carolyn Burden, Oleta Burkett, Joanna Burleson, Ronald Busby, Carole Bryom, Mary Cain, Margaret Callison, Charlene Canada, Mariden Canafax, Howard Caraway, LuLane Carbone, John Cardwell, Clifford F ort Worth Lometa Midlothian F art Worth Shamrock San Antonio Corsicana Big Spring Odessa Kermit Dallas F art Worth Danton I taly Demon Paradise Dallas F ort Worth Denison Lancaster Beaumont Dallas Dallas Dallas Whitewright F armersville Arlington, NJ. 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Midland Corsichna Groves Demon H ughes S prings Garland Palo Pinto Balko, Okla. Jonesboro Arp Wells Danton Denton Electra Dallas Irving Slidell Moundridge, Kan. F or! Worth Tioga, N.D. Mineral Wells Maud Grapevine Lufkin Bunkie, La. 52y "w m .73le La $53; Wheeler, Colby Wheeler, Craig Whipple, Donna White, Carol White, Dan White, George Whitehurst, Milton Whitfield, A. D. Wiley, Larry Wilkinson, Donald Williams, Charles Williams, Katharine Williams, Linda Williams, Nancy Williamson, Suzanne Wilson, Alfred Wilson, Joe Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Shirley Winkley, Glenda Winkley, Lloyd Wirz, Fred Witherspoon, Glenda Witty, Charles Walters, William Womack, Marilyn Wommack, Mary Wood, Sylvia Denver City Dallas Arlington Haskell Denton Lewisville Mesquite Rosebud Levelland Big S pring Benton Sanger Whitesboro Dallas Groesbeck Kaufman Brownwood Sherman Port Arthur Andrews M idland Seymour Demon Hamilton Lewisville Linden Atlanta Decatur Woodall, Sharon Wooden, Kay Woodruff, James Worsham, Joe Wren, Billy Wusnack, Skip Wylie, Carroll Wysong, James Yeargan, Robert Yoakum, Tyrone Younts, Albert Younts, Sharon Zareff, Stan Zimmermann, Cheryl Fort Worth Red Oak Wolfe City Sulfur Springs C umby El Paso Snyder Melissa Denton N ewark Temple Temple Dallas Buffalo After movies, cups of coffee, evenings at the library or casual chats, the dispersed crowds gath- er in front of the dorms for the reluctant goodnights at 10:50. Underclassmen: Abs-Ash Alishier, Andrea 60pm Abston, Cecile 60pm Adams, Eddie UN Adams, Kay 0710 Adams, Linda $0pm Adams, Patricia F10 Aday, James UH Aday, Marveen UH Aday, Stephen G'H Adkison, Sheila 070 Ahrens, Dinah UH Akey, Martha G710 Akin, Barbara 07H Alagood, Robert W10 Albin, Elaine U710 Albritton, Stanley G?H Alcoze, Johnnie UH Aldridge, Marie WW Alexander, Alice 0-310 Alexander, Connie 0710 Alexander, Donald 60pm Alexander, Joe 60pm Alexander, Julie W10 Alexander, Linda 60pm Alexander, Mack 0710 Alexander, Nancy W10 Alexander, Sherry 60pm Alford, Darlene UH Allen, Carol 60pm Allen, Don 50ph Allen, Elizabeth 07h Allen, Elmerine 60pm Allen, Jeanne 60pm Allen, Kathryn 60pm Allen, Kenny GHQ Allen, Linda U10 Allen, Linda J0 60pm Allen, Nancy G710 Allen, Roger UH Allen, Sally U?H Hallettsville Groves H ouston Dallas San Antonio Sherman M idland Waxahachie Dallas Lufkin Grand Prairie F ort W orth Dallas A marillo Irving Lewisville Lewisville Dallas Valley View F or: Worth Dallas Dallas Garland Canton, Ohio bilene Demon San Antonio Denton F or: Worth F ort W orth Dallas I taly Dallas Victoria F on Worth Cleburne I rving F on Worth Dallas Amarillo Allison, Louis Fr Allsup, Sandra U10 Allums, Karen 60pm Alston, Judy Fr Alvarez, Sonny $opm Amacker, Linda UH Amidon, Grace UN Amos, Virginia 05H Amyx, Cherry U0 Anderson, Annell UH Anderson, Anona 60pm Anderson, Betty 60pm Anderson, Charles UH Anderson, Daryl 07H Anderson, Dean 9U Anderson, Dayle UH Anderson, Freddie 50pM Anderson, Harold Ur Anderson, Jeralyn UH Anderson, John WH Anderson, Judy 010 Anderson, Judy C. 60pm Anderson, Marian Fr Anderson, Ronnie U10 Anderson, William Ur Andreoli, Phyllis 010 Andrews, Carol 07H Andrews, Gail UH Andrews, Gary GU Andrews, Robert UH Angeles, Abigail 60pm Ansley, Rex Sopm Anthonise, Burt 60pm Applegate, Walter FH Archer, Jim W$ Archie, Carolyn GE Ardis, Ralph U10 Armour, Mike UH Arndt, Gay 60pm Arnold, Clifford 07H Arnold, Glenda WH Arterburn, Tony UH Asel, Martha Ur Ashmore, Darrell UH Ashworth, Dennis UH Seymour Ranger Orange Gainesville Kingsville Dallas Marshall Demon Sanger C edar H ill Dallas Andrews Odessa Ponder Little River, Kan. H ouston San Antonio Hereford Ranger Dallas Denton Dallas Pittsburg F orney San Angelo Dallas M cKinney Longview Olney Longview Dallas Azle Dallas Cherry Hill, NJ. Dallas Dallas Post Mineola Odessa Beaumont F ort Worth Lockney Dallas Fort Worth Texas City Cisco Sanger Dallas Pleasanton Irving Kingsville Wichita Falls Demon San Antonio F ort Worth N. Little Rock, Ar' ph ph Nfigg m. Atchley, Craig 60pm Atkerson, Peggy 03W Atkinson, Barbara 60pm Austin, Tahleigh 60 Autry, Robert U10 Atkins, Jack UH Averitt, Jack Sopm Askins, Michael NH Avery, Julie mo Atkinson, Patti W$ Atterbury, Joan 60 Austin, Bill UH Austin, David G7U Austin, John W10 Averitt, Gerald UH mm iw mp d ilene Dallas A 71710 Texarkana Dallas M ans field Dallas Dallas Elbert A marillo Bau inn Kermit Denton Dallas Shreveport, La. Ab Garland , ia M F on Worth Waxahachie V Lrgm Ask Sandra 07H WH Paul GEO lam ill Jane U$ Roy W10 W iles, Baldwin, Charles FH Baldwin, Mike UH Ball, Lucile 60pm Ballweg, Judy 09$ Baldridge, Diane 60pm Balser, Don Fr Bailey, Candy UH Bailey, Carol QM Bailey, Jane W0 Bailey, Mike 60pm Bailey, Robert Ur Baird, Charles UH Baird, Sybil Fr Baker, Barbara 030 Baker, Beverly W10 Baker, Donna UH Baker, Douglas UH Baker, Foster 60pm Baker, John F1d Baker, Linda 07H Bachman, Bacon Bacon Baer, Ba Underclassmen Banks, Barbara GHQ Banks, Barbara $opm Banks, Charlotte UH Banowsky, Roslyn EH Barber, Norma W10 Barber, Pat GE Barber, Sue G710 Barefoot, Carole 0730' Barentine, Marjetta W10 Barham, Carol Ur Barker, Barry W10 Barker, Calvin 07$ Barker, George 60pm Barker, Judy UH Barnard, Jean Ur Earner, Paul Ora Barnett, Patricia L110 arrett, Barbara 60pm Barron, Susan FH Barrow, Jimmy U19 Barrow, Scott WH Barth, Harry 010 Bartlemay, Susan EH Barton, Kathy UH Barton, Laquita 0710. Barton, Patricia 070 Barimess, Sharon 60pm Basham, Lleta 07H Baskins, Shannon 60pm Bass, David 030 Bass, Glenda GU Bass, Richard 60pm Bateman, Janis U0 Bates, David Gopm Bates, Donald UH Bates, Joe 60pm Bates, Kenneth U10 Bates, Robert UH Batey, Beverly U19 Batot, Joan Ur Batson, Di Ann 0710 Batte, Michael G30 Baucum, Darlene 60pm Bauman, Charles wepm Bauer, Marie 50ph Dallas F or: Worth Irving San Ahtonio Palacios C olorado C ity Terrell Dallas C orsicana Garland C rowell Dallas Dallas Dallas 3 an A ngelo F armers Branch M idlothian Pasadena H urst Burger Dallas Beaumont Denton Corsicana Gatesville F ort Worth Beaumont Venus Dallas Dallas Dallas San Antonio Dallas Dallas Carthage Texarkana Dallas H oaks Orange San Benito Amarillo F or: Worth McAllen Crawford Belleville, Ill. Underclassmen: Baw-Blo Bawcom, Leon WH Bean, Janice GM Beard, Mike UH Beard, Pat W10 Bearden, Hillman 0710 Beasley, Maxie Gd Beauchamp, Ted 60pm Beck, Imogene 070 Beck, Jerry UN Bedford, Mike 60pm Belew, Patricia G70 Belk, Iris FH Belknap, James Fr Bell, Bob UH Bell, Barbara Fr Bell, Brenda W0 Bell, Gene F10 Bell, Susan Fr Bellar, James WH Belschner, Billie UN Benavidez, John UH Benedict, Mike UH Benenate, Joe F10 Bengfort, Vicky G710 Benham, Sarah 0710 Benis, George W10 Bennett, Barbara 60pm Bennett, Cindy 60pm Bennett, Joel 0710 Bennett, Michael UH Bennett, Paul 60pm Bennett, Wade UH Benningfield, Charles UH Bentley, Barbara UGO Bentley, Joseph $opm Berg, Carole Sopm Berg, Lars 60pm Berger, Benny U10 Bergman, Lloyd 07H Bergstrom, Bill Grr Wellington Crowley Weatherford Burleson Snyder Snyder Pecos San Antonio Houston Winters Fort Worth Dallas Irving Dallas White Settlement Harlingen Salt Lake City T errell Dallas Gainesville Dallas Galveston McCregor Dallas Marshall M cKinney F ort Worth Garland F on Worth Dallas Putnam Texas City M cKinney T emple Denison Dallas Black, Hank 60pm Black, Joyce 07H Blackburn, Joe GEO Blackburn, Pamela 60pm Blackburn, Roybeth 030 Blackwell, Glenda 0330 Blackwell, Joe 010 Blaine, Bob $013M Blair, William 070 Blake, Carolyn 60pm Blake, Harriet Soph Blakemore, Bill Ur Blakistone, Barbara 0710 Blankenhorn, Carol 07$ Blakinship, Steve F0 Blassingame, Betty UI Bledsoe, Barbara WH Bledsce, Sanford OWN Blevins, Omega Gm Blount, Sharon Grl9 Breckenridge Kingsland Dallas H ouston Junction Lampasas Killeen Celina F art Worth Denton McGuire AFB, NJ. Waxahachie Cheverly, Md. Dallas Dallas Denison Dallas Roswell, N.M. Sanger Irving Berley, Larry 07H Berrong, Susan 60pm Berry, Eddie GO Beyer, Carol G7U Beyor, Elizabeth F0 Beyring, Babs Ur Bibbs, Richard Fr Bickel, Judy L110 Bicker, Carol GU Biffar, Eva Lurae 60pm Biggers, Sharon 070 Biggerstaff, Lynn 0710 Biggi, Nancy Fr Biggs, Ronnie 60pm Bilbray, Gayle 076 Bilton, Edna GHQ Birchett, Bob 01W Bird, Martha 60pm Bird, Susan UIO Birdsong, Sharon UH Bishop, Harry 070 Bishop, Jimmy GHQ Bishop, Joe 60pm Bittner, Ina Rea 010 Black, Barbara Sopm Grand Prairie Houston Bridgeport: F ort Worth Denton Cincinnati, Ohio Dallas Waco Dallas Big Spring Fort Warth Bonham Wichita Falls DeSoto H ouston Dallas Fort Worth Brownwood F ort Worth Terrell F ort W orth Dallas M cK inney H askell Uvalde Blue, Monte 60pm Boatright, Charles 07H Bodenheimer, Diana 010 Boen, Nancy F10 Boettcher, Jean 60pm Boettcher, Randie Fr Boettcher, Tom WH Bogart, Sanford F10 Bolding, Sandra WH Bolin, Joe GD Bolog, Richard W10 Bolton, Charles UH Bolton, John GU Boltz, Sharon 60pm Bond, Melinda 07H Booher, William 00 Booker, Linda 03$ Bookinan, Darrell UH Boone, Mable W10 Boozer, Don 60pm Boozer, Susan 60pm Borden, Sally 60pm Borders, Sharon 0:3 Boren, Cathy 07H Bergstrom, Harold GU Bostic, Lynda G730 Boswell, Tommy 0719 Boteler, Rosemary 07H Bott, Ronald UH Boudreaux, John Fr Boulter, Vicki 60pm 'Bowden, Norma G116 Bowden, Patricia UH Bowen, Beverly Ur Bowen, Brenda G119 Bowen, Mary Ann Fr Bowerman, Glenda UH Bowers, Patty W10 Bowie, Linda 07H Bowie, Gladys 60pm F on Worth Dallas Dallas Ranger Dallas Dallas Dallas F ort Worth Forney M idland H ouston Duncanville K eller Demon Catesville Gainesville Sulphur Springs F erris C alvert N aples Mount Pleasant Irving Dallas Big Spring Dallas Dallas F ort Worth- Fort Worth T yler Dallas Dallas Dallas Gainesville F ort Worth Dallas Dallas Kilgore Dallas Big Sandy Big Sandy Bowman, Gerald G710 Bowman, Ronnie Sopm Box, Anna GB Boyd, Dede 07H Boyd, James 07H Boyd, Kyle FH Boyd, Mary Sopm Boyd, Randolph QVH Boyd, Sue 07H Bozanich, Jacqueline 60pm Bozeman, Laurie U0 Brabham, Dianne 60pm Brackin, David 60pm Brackin, Doris Ur Bradford, Linda 60pm Bradford, Thomas Fr Bradford, Sue 60pm Bradley, James WH Bradley, Kay Ur Bradley, Rosa UH Bradshaw, Judy 070 Bradshaw, Lana GM Brady, Linda 60pm Bragg, Jodie 60pm Braley, Sue 07H Brady Texas City Berger Dallas F or! Worth Dallas M idland Dallas Dallas F ort Worth F on Worth Dallas Belton W hitesboro F or: Worth C hild ress Dallas Dallas Dallas Tyler Denison Tyler Kountze Grapevine Danton Additions to surrounding areas of campus in 1964-65 included several do-it-yourself innovations -whiCh budget-minded students often took advantage of. Breen, Karen 07H Bresnahan, Karen GFH Brewer, Charlotte W$ Brewer, Maribeth FH Brice, Betty 60pm Brice, Janette 07H Brice, Michael G10 Briden, Andrea GHQ Bridges, Linda 60pm Bridges, Thurman 60pm Briggs, Lorie U710 Brinegar, Diana Gad Brinegar, Mary Ur Brinner, Sandra 60pm Brisco, Sherry 0310 Brittan, Jeanette U10 Britten, Larry Ur Broadie, DeLaine Fr Brock, Lana 60pm Brodhead, John 07H Brokaw, Jan GrH Bromfield, Cindy 60pm Brooks, Donald 60pm Brooks, Gary 010 Brooks, Jimmie 60pm Brooks, Ken UH Brdoks, Robert GVH Brooks, Sandra GHQ Brooks, Steven 60pm Brooks, Sue UH Denton Amarillo Dallas Dallas Sulphur Springs Grand Prairie Fort Worth Dallas Richardson Danton Irving Dallas San Angelo Snyder F or: Worth Arlington Dallas F ort Worth Midwest City, Okla. Plano San Antonio Dallas Garland C edar H ill Dallas F on Worth Fort Worth C edar H ill Dallas Texarkana Bramlet, John U0 Branch, Billy 0:10 Brandenberger, Emma 60pm Bratton, James UH Bratton, Mary Helen Sopm Bray, Leamon 60pm Bray, Sharon 07H Brazelton, Rusty 010 Breckenridge, Robert UH Breeding, Mary OH Dallas Garland Sun A ntonio Texarkana M elvin Garland Dallas F art Worth Denton Dallas Brookshear, Glenn Sopm Brookshier, Judy 0710 Brothers, Jennifer 07B Broughton, Melinda WH Brown, A1 019 Brown, Barrett W6 Brown, Brenda Ur Brown, Carol 60pm Brown, Carl 60pm Brown, Charles W10 Brown, Cheri 03H Brown, Gary W$ Brown, Jack 60pm Brown, Joe GU Brown, John Sopm Brown, Judy UH Brown, Kenneth L119 Brown, Linda 60pm Brown, Margaret EH Brown, Maureen WH Brown7 Mike 0710 Brown, Ronald 50pm Brown, Sandra 60pm Brown, Sharon 60pm Browning, Martha 07d Browning, Sylvia UH Brownlee, Ben 60pm Brummer, Garvin UIO Brummett, Ken UH Brummett, Marilyn 010 Brunet, Mary 60pm Brunner, Stephen W10 Bruno, Theresa UH Bruster, Luann 07H Bruton, Betty W10 Bryan, Randy 07H Bryan, Sandra Ur Bryant, Carolyn Ur Bryant; Danny' 070 Bryant, Steven 03D Buchel, Beverly 60pm Buckingham, Linda 0710 Buscanyi, Leonard Ur Budlong, Garth 60pm Buelow, Robert Fr Denton Ballinger F art Worth Dallas Denison Sherman N ocona Denison H ouston Gainesville H ouston Ballinger Dallas Dallas F art Worth F or; W orth Demon Denton F ort Worth Dallas Dallas Dallas M esquite M idland Dallas San Antonio H utchins Newell, Iowa F ort Worth Dallas Terrell H utchins Jacksonville Dallas H askell Dallas Graham Plainview Lake Dallas Dallas Dallas San Antonio H auston Gainesville Baytown 409 Buice, Judy Sopm Bullard, Claude 60pm Bumpas, Lee WH Bunch, John 0710 Bunker, Philip F10 Buntyn, Sandra U710 Burch, Sharon GFH Burden, Jean UH Burden, Judy GHQ Burdick, Edward OrN M cGregor M esquite Dallas Amarillo Irving F ort Worth Fort Worth Dallas Dallas Houston Underclassmen: Bui-Car Burge, Ellen L110 Burger7 Sherry 60pm Burgert, Ron U0 Burk, Caroline Giv Burkarth, Rebecca 0710 Burke, Stanley $0pm Burkett, Ronald 07H Burks, David Sopm Burks, Jerre 0710 Burks, John 60pm Burks7 Joseph 60pm Burnett, Don 01H Burnett, Meleta UGO Burns, Clinton 60pm Burns, Delores W0 Burns, Johnnie G?$ Burns, Melvin UH Burns, Norman UH Burns, Ronnie UH Burns, Roy 070 Burr, Jim $011M Burris, Jerran 60pm Burrow, Cathy 60pm Burrows, Pamela WH Burrows, Patricia W10 Burton, Dale G710 Burton, Preston UrJ Burton, Tyrone UH Burton, Winnie 0719 Busch, Randy 60phT Dallas Mesquite Cladewater Grand Prairie F ort Worth Demon Garland Dallas Orange A marillo Dallas F art Worth Overton Pasadena Pasadena Denison Terrell Dallas Dallas San Antonio San Antonio Allen Orqnge Cedar Hill H ous ton Mont Belvieu Bush, Alan W10 Bush, Linda F0 Bush, Mary Ur Buskirk, Shirley Fr Butler, Bill UH Butters, Carol $opm Buttram, Jan U7H Butts, Arnold W10 Byers, Richard UFH Byrd, Henry GM Byrne, Charles 60pm Byrom, Barbara U0 Cabeen, Judith 60pm Cacas, Nonnie 60pm Cadwalder, Mark 60pm Cage, Cookie 60pm Cagle, Mary Ann 07H Cain, Larry Fr Caldeleugh, Bob 6H0 Caldwell, Elaine W0 Caldwell, Harmon 60pm Caldwell, Nedra 60pm Callaway, Dymetra 60pm Callaway, Cary 60pm Calton, Judy GT0 Calvert, Pam 0710 Camp, Joel 60pm Camp, Paul Sopm Campbell, Cheryl 0430 Campbell, Don 05W Campbell, Paula 010 Campbell, Penny 60pm Campbell, Raymond USU Campbell, Robert UN Campbell, Sandra Ur Canafax, Joe G70 Canafax, Margaret 070 Cannon, Betty GTH Cannon, Ellen U10 Cannon, John UH Cansler, Ila UN Cantwell, Allen W0 Capps, Lucie 60pm Caranas, Carol 07W Caraway, Diane Fr Jacksboro Lewisville Dallas Demon Cactus Dallas DeKalb Rockdale Denton Dallas F on Worth Houston Dallas Terrell Irving Dallas Longview Sherman Abilene Fort Worth Dallas Dallas H owe Wichita Falls Dallas Dallas Kilgore Coahoma Phillips San Antonio Tracy, Calif. Danton Baytown Dallas Victoria Saint Jo Dallas Dallas F on Worth Dallas Corsicana Dallas C oleman Dallas Rockdale 4H Cardenas, Alfonso UH Cardwell, Barbara W0 Carey, Daniel 0710 Cargile, Karen GM Carlisle; Carroll U$ Carlton, Clayton 60pm Carmean, Karen 60pm Carona, Jerry W10 Carpenter, Anne 60pm Carpenter, Paul 60pm Carr, Camia $opm Carr, Gerald W10 Carr, Nellie UH Carr, Robin 010 Carr, Sue U10 Carroll, Charlotte 0710 Carroll, Eddie Ur Carroll, Kenneth NH Carter, David UH Carter, David 07H Carter, Kathey 60pm Carter, Marcia WE? Carter, Milta Ur Carter, Tommy WH Cartwright, Cindi 07H Cartwright, Dwayne GEN Cartwright, Shirley UH Cary, Karen U10 Caseheer, Gary 60pm Casey, Tom Ur Cashdan, Sonya 60pm Casstevens, David F0 Castaneda, Joe 60pm Casteel, Lesley UFH Caster, Bill WH Castle, Brenda WH Castleberry, Larry W19 Castleberry, Mary UH Catanese, Diane UH Cathey, Gordon OH San Antonio F ort Worth Patrick AFB, Fla. Mount Pleasant hico Big Spring F on Worth Dallas Irving H urst Fort Worth F ort Worth Clifton Newport, Ark. Petersburg Dallas Denton C rowell Garland Odessa Garland Cranbury Bowie Midland Dallas Dallas Lancaster Port Arthur McPherson, Kan. Abilene Burleson F or! Worth Palestine Dallas Grand Prairie Dallas Dalhart Fort Worth Shreveport, La. F ort Worth Underclassmen: Car- a m: W mm Chisenhall, Billy 07H Chitwood, Michael Ur Christian, Joe UH Christian, Larry 60pm Christian, Mike Fr Christiansen, Bodil HEW Churchwell, Natalie 03 Cissne, John 60pm Cissik, Tina 60ph Claiborne, Ronald UH Clark, Candy Url0 Clark, Carolyn Wd Clark, Glenda 60pm Clark, Joe 60pm Clark, Kathleen 60pm Clark, Gilbert G510 Clark, Jan 07W Clark, Laura W10 Clark7 Loy 050 Clark, Marilyn GHQ Denton Dallas Valley View Garland Richardson Arlington Omaha Richardson M cGregor Wink Dallas Demon Dallas Paris Dallas Fort Worth Wichita Falls Temple Fort Worth F art W orlh Caton, Claire UH Caudill, John UH Cavin, Lynn 0710 Cercone, Claudia EH Chadick, George 07H Chalmers, Dan UH Chambers, Andy 60pm Champion, Lynne UH Chandler, Dianne Ur Chandler, Lesta 07D Chapman, Charline W10 Chapman, Joanna 0710 Chapman, Margaret W10 Chapman, Pam $opm Charvoz, Sharon 07H Chase, Diana 073 Chase, Ted F10 Chastain, Garvin 60pm Chastain, Linda W0 Chavez, Pete 60pm Cheatham, David UH Chenoweth, Connie UH Chiles, Keith F0 Chipman, Roben 60pm Chippendale, Billye 60pm Hughes Springs Port Isabel Dumas Dallas Dallas Gainesville A rlington F or: Worth F ort Worth Dallas Dallas A bilene M cKinney A marillo Dallas Dallas F on Worth F or: Worth Dallas Dallas Edgewood Dallas Trinidad Dallas H ouston Cole, Cris Urld Cole, Joe UH Cole, Judy GFQ Cole, Richard 60ph Cole, Sandra G76 Coleman, Gail WH Coleman, Gail W10 Coleman, James GTH Coleman, Robert 60pm Coleman, Sherri 60pm Coleman, Sue HQ Colwell, Janice 07H Collard, James 010 Collie, Judi 60pm Collier, Sherrilyn 07H Clark, Mary UH Clark, Rita $0pm Clark, Robert L110 Clark, Sam GHQ Clark, Sandral 0710 Clark, Tommy 07W Clarke, John UH Clarke, Ray GM Claunch, Garvin 60pm Clayton, Judy 07$ Cleghorn, Bill 60pm Clemons, Harrold WU Clifton, Martha UH Cline, Michael 07H Clinton, Raeanna G730 Cludius, Robbi GVN Cobb, Rodney Fr Coffey, Kay G710 Coffman, Anita UH Cohn, Alan 0710 Coker, Don 60pm Coker, J. C. 60pm Coker, Johnny UH Colburn, Claudia GTN Cole, Charles U10 Underclassmen: Cla-Cor F on Worth Cleburne Sanger Dallas F ort Worth H urst Dallas Plainfield, Ill. Cedar Hill Dallas Miles Houston Dallas DeKalb H urst F ort Worth Hurst Waxahachie Fort Worth Dallas Sherman Dallas Fort Worth Gainesville Dallas Richardson Electra Brownsbora Irving Argyle Midland Dallas Dallas Corsicana Corsicana Dallas Dallas Colligan, John 60pm Collins, James GT0 Collins, Kaye 03D Collins, Larry $0pm Collins, Linda 0710 Collins, Susan GM Colombo, Anthony UP$ Combs, Don 07H Comer, Martha WU Comstock, Paul W0 Conatser, Linda W0 Conaway, Brenda 07H Conder, Vicki G7N Conklin, John UH Conley, Carol 0710 Ionley, Jayne UH xonn, Cheryl H.7H onnaughton, Carol UH Connelly, Charles 010 Connor, Juanita 60pm Conroy, Jerry 07H Conwell, Ken WH Cook, Ann 07H Cook, Bob QB Fort Hood Carrollton Dallas Rosemont, Pa. Dallas San Antonio Dallas Midland Texas City El Campo Fort Worth Denton Dallas Dallas H ouston Dallas Denison Dallas F or: Worth Omaha, Neb. Jefferson Dallas Chesterfield, MO. M idland Dallas Cook, James F10 Cook, Kathy GM Cook, Linda 070 Cook, Mary $013M Cook, Retha 07$ Cook, Ronald 010 Coon, Bronwyn GU Cooney, Joe fSopM Cooper, Jim $0pm Cooper, Julie 070 Cooper, Lucille 60pm Cooper, Michael UH Cooper, Nancy div Cooper, Pam 60pm Copeland, Connie 070 Copeland, Myrna Ur Copenhaver, Karen U$ Corbett, Ron Ur Corbin, Francine UH Corbin, Lana UFH F ort Worth Montgomery, Ala. H urst F or! Worth Garland Fort Dodge, Iowa Dallas Andrews Corpus Christi Irving Bellevue Midland H ouston Victoria Garland Dallas Brownsville Hereford Hurst Dallas Corcoran, John 07B Cormany, Elaine UH Cornett, Robert EH Corpier, Betty 60pm Corse, Lyndell UH Corser, Colman Sopm Cotton, Bonnie 0TH Couch, Carolyn WH Couch, JoAnn 60pm Coulter, Carolyn W10 Coursey, Sarah Old Covin, Carol Ur Covin, Johnny GHQ Covington, Gloria Fr Covington, Jim 60pm Cowan, Marilyn GM Cowan, Max 60pm C0wley, Jack $0pm Cox, Berry 60pm Cox, Celeste 60pm Cox, Dolores U10 Cox, Glenn U10 Cox, Judierle 60pm Cox, Karen 010 Cox, Linda 07H Cox, Ralph G7H COX, Robert UH Cox, Robert UH Coyle, Grady GTN Cozby, Richard 50pm Craft7 John 60pm Craig, Jimmie Ur Crain, Bessie FH Craver, Ronnie $013M Crawford, Brook Ur Crawford, Dolauris UH Crawford, Ida Ur Crawford, Joe 60pm Crawford, Lynda G710 Crawford, Marvin Old Dallas M cAllen H ouston Little Rock, Ark. Sherman A ustin Mineral Wells Burleson Minot, N. D. C arrollton Bridgeport Hurst Hurst H ere ford Grand Prairie Shreveport Hamlin Dallas Amarillo Bridge City Grosvenor Waxahachie Louisville, Ky. Longview Lake Dallas Garland Bryan Dallas Irving Richardson Azle Wichita Falls Dallas Dallas Houston Seymour Carrollton Big Spring Irving Longview Underclassmen: Cor-Dun Crayton, Maudia $0pm Craze, Annette 07d Creason, Ted Sopm Crecelius, Nancy U19 Creed, Doris UH Creekmore, Lola UH Crew, John W10 Crews, Earl Ur Crissman, Harriet U10 Crissman. Mary W0 Cracker, Darnelle 60pm Crockett, Gerald Fr Croom, Eileen Fr Crosby, Robert UH Cross, James UH Cross, Tom W10 Crossett, Mary GM Crout, James U0 Crow, Louise 07H Crumley, Carol 60pm Crumpton, Martha U0 Crumpton, Patricia 60pm Crutchfield, Mary 0TH Cudd, Betty 03W Cuddy, Virginia 60pm Cudmore, Beverly Fd Cue, Billy 60pm Cullum, Joe U10 Culp, Clinton 07H Culwell, Joe 07H Cundiff, Billy 070 Cundiff, John 07H Cunningham, Bruce 60pm Cunningham, David UH Cunningham, James QSopM Cunningham, Richard 053 Cuomo, Jim 00 Curry, Dean UH Curtis, Sandra UH Dalton, Gay Ur Daly, Patricia F1O Daniel, Carol UH Daniel, Monica U6 Daniels, Beverly Fr Daniels, Richard Gopm F ort W orth Dallas Olney Athens Arlington Corsicana Collinsville C orsicana Dallas Weatherford DeSoto Dallas Denison Dallas Carrollton Garland Waxahachie Waco Perryton Dallas Richardson F or: Worth Pasadena Fort Worth Mineral 179113 Denton Demon Richardson H ouston Rosebud H ous ton San Antonio Galveston H ouston Abilene Denton H enrietta Arlington F or; Worth Atlanta Danielsen, Albert 07H Danner, Connie 07H Dansby, Mike 07H Danwill, Sue 60pm Darby, Robert 030 Dark, Hubert UQ Dart, Janet 60pm Davenport, Gayle WN Davidson, Glenda GM Davidson, Margaret GEO Davidson, Raima WH Davidson, Ronald FH Davidson, Sue UH Davies, Peter W10 D Avign0n, John UH Davila, Frank Fr Davis, Becky 07H Davis, Carmen 60pm Davis, Carol WQ Davis, David GFH Donald 60pm George 0310 Janice 60pm Janie Fr John UH Kathy WH Loneta WH Mary Ann 07H Mike Fr Nancy W10 Richard Fr Robin 0710 Ross Ud Sharron 0730 Susan 070 Davis, Willie $0p1'0 Davis, Woody GU Davison, Troy F10 Dawson, Jimmy WM Day, Sandra Gd Denison F art Worth Terrell Dallas Dallas Tyler Dallas Chillicothe Muenster F or: Worth Valley View M cKinney Dallas Dallas Dallas M arlin Baytown San A ntonz'o Dallas Denton Danton Dallas Dallas Dallas Big Sandy Dallas F oft Worth Dallas Irving Sherman Mesquite Dallas Celina Dallas Fort Worth Fairfield Richardson Fort Worth F risco Richardson Underclussmen: Dan-Dic Dean, Laura 07H Dearmin, Diane Ur Deaton, Suz Ann 0710 DeBolt, Jacquelyn 60pm DeBorde, Sherry UH DeFratus, Jo Ann W0 DeGaw, Suzy 60pm Delgado, Carmen 07H Dellaughter, Bill FH Delong, Fran 07$ Demougeot, Susan GT$ Denison, Patricia UH Dennis, Daphna UH Dennis, Mary W10 Dennis, Sandra 0TH Denny, Linna 50ph Derczo, Johnny 0710 Derden, Suzanne FH Dessommes, Marie F1$ Deuer, Susan 60pm Devine, Gerald Ur Dial, Neta 60pm Diaz, Robert 60pm Dickey, Cheryl 07H Dickey, Wileta 60pm JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Karen Robertson, treasurer; Kay Johns, secretary; Sammie Caldwell, vicepresident; Joe Adams, president. Daytona Beach, Fla. Temple F or: Worth OdeSsa Grapevine Richardson Dallas Dallas Hamilton Dallas Denton H ouston H ouston Dallas Brownwood Dallas Dallas Denton Dallas Dallas New Haven, Conn. Wake Village F ort Worth Electra Cleburne Dickson, Kenneth Ur Diercks, Susan Fr Digby, Helen Sopm Dilbeck, Betty G7H Dillard, Marilyn Sopm Dilleshaw, David Fr Dillon, Jim G'H Dimaline, Susan W10 Dirks, Vicki UH Dishman, George 60pm Dixon, Charles WH Dixon, Laura G70 Dixon, Pamela GU Donaghey, Martha 60pm Donnelly, Pat 60pm Doran, Patricia UH Dorman, Richard 070 Dossey, Betty WH Dotson, Roy GEO Doucleff, Michael 60pm Daugherty, Susan 60pm Douglass, Beverly 07H Dowd, Ronald U70 Dowdy, Paul UH Dowell, Glenn Fr Dowell, John UH Dowell, Nancy QOpM Downing, Mark UH Doyle, Frances UH Doyle, Patricia UH Drago, Philip 0710 Drake7 Bill U0 Drake, Jill Sopm Draper, Paul G7H Drattlo, Susan 60pm Droitcourt, Madeline UH Drusch7 Ginger 60pm Duckworth, Charles 60pm Dudley, Dina UGO Dudley, Harold UH Jacksboro Balboa, Canal Zone Dallas McLean San Antonio C leburne Fort Worth Seabruok Dallas Biloxi, Miss. Plano Lufkin Fort Worth Vernon Baytown Dallas Pampa Groesbeck A tlanttz Alton, Ill. Dallas Dallas McKinney McKinney Beaumont Keller Demon Taunton, Mass. Copeville Rock Spring, Ga. Port Arthur Dallas Dallas Longview San Antonio F or: Worth F ort Worth F on Worth Dallas Wichita Falls Dudney, Joanne UH Duesman, Dennis 010 Duffell, Gail FH Duffy, James UH Duffey, Lana UH Dufrene, Diane GHQ Dugger, Carolyn G?H Duke, J. R. Ur Dulaney, Joe U19 Dulaney, Susan 010 Duncan, Don Ur Duncan, Kathy 07H Duncan, Sandra 07H Dungan, Sandy 010 Dunigan, Betty G?H Dunlap, Jane UTU Dunn, Bryan Ur Dunn, John WU Dunson, Darwin Ur Dur, Nancy Fr Durham, Roger 60pm Durington, Tommy 60pm Durrett, Catherine FH Duvall, Patricia G70 Duwe, Forrest 07H Dwyer, Bill 07H Dyer, Barbara Fr Dyer, Billy 60pm Dyer, John UN Dyess, Jamie Ur Eades, Carolyn QB Eades, Mac G?H Eads, Lynn UH Eakin, Kenneth Sopm Earnhart, Charles Fr Earp, Gary Fr Earp, James UN Eason, Jim UH Eason, Kay 60pm Eastes, George W10 Eberly, Ralph U10 Ebert, Chris Ur Eddins, Elaine 0710 Eddins, William 071$ Eddleman, Kay 07r Longview Pilot Point M acon, Ga. Dallas H awkins Dallas Lewisville Carthage Dallas Dallas Demon Lewisville Garland Demon Dallas Dallas Grand Prairie Odessa I ola F art W orth Chicago, Ill. Alvarado Dallas M idlothian Lewisville Azle H ouston F rost Cisco Longview Demon Rotan Bellaire Dallas Whitesbora Haltom City Munday Wichita Falls Longview Garland Denton F ort Worth Dallas F ort Worth F on: Worth Ekholm, Kay 0:10 Elam, Sonja Ur Eldred, Michael W10 Eldridge, Ralph UH Elkins, Margaret F10 Elledge, Dwight WH Ellerd, Gretta Ovd Elliod, Edwina W10 Elliott, Diane 010 Elliott, Mary Ann 60pm Elliott, Robert UH Elliott, Sharon FH Ellis, Brenda 010 Ellis, Jeana 60pm Elrod, Annell U10 Embry, Joyce UH Emery, Corliss UM Emmons, Jerry Fr Emmons7 Marilyn 03W Endicott, Betty 60pm Endrizzi, Michael W10 Endsley, Kirby 07H Engel, Joan 0H0 Engle, Byron 0710 English, Allan Ur Enloe, Tommy Ur Enlow, Francil wapm Enlow, Judy UH Ensey, Carolyn F10 Ervin, Marsan WH Texas C ity F on Worth Killeen Killeen F art Worth Mount Vernon Tyler Fort Worth Longview Dallas Stephenville F on: Worth Lancaster Denison Grand Prairie Weatherford Richardson Danton Dallas Dallas Dallas Garland F ort W orth M idland Dallas Olney Gainesville Sanger Fort Worth Houston Edgin, Richard UFH Edmonds, Richard 60pm Edmundson, Buddy 60pm Edrington, Bettye 60pm Edwards, Karan U$ Edwards, Kenneth W6 Edwards, Melody 0710 Ehrle, Michael 07d Eidt, Peggi F10 Eilers, Susan WH Dallas Dallas H ouston Dallas Burkburnett S inton Sweeny C hild ress Dallas Dallas Erwin, Judy 0:10 Escudero, Jaime Ur Escue, Richard GU Eshelman, Scott 07H Essary, Linda UH Esslinger, Jan 60pm Estes, Earlene G710 Estes, Mary Sopm Estes, Sandra GoplO Etheridge, Susan 60pm Eubanks, Nelse 07H Evans, Maurene U10 Evans, Nancy UH Everett, Bobby 07H Everett, Sandra UH Evers, Ira 50pm Ewell, Pamela GHQ Fabianke, Lloyd $opm Fagan, Marvin GrH Fagan, Paul GFH Fagg, Sharon 07H Fahey, Aletta 0710 Fails, Marcelle 0:10 Fairclo, Bobbie 60pm Falkenhagen, Margaret 07H Fallis, Frank U10 Falter, Sherry 03H Fambles, Fairrene 60pm Fambrough, James 60pm Fanning, Jerry QOpM Fargarson, Gus UH Farmer, Richard 60pm Farmer, Sharen UH Farr, Roger F10 Farris, Jane 60pm Farrow, Janet GFH Faulhaber, Susan 60pm Faulk7 Phyllis WH Faulkner, Bobby Fr Faulkner, Jack 60pm Fawcett, Linda 60pm Feemster, Kathy 07H Fehr, Sue U$ Feind, Larry UH Felker, James 07H Richardson M exico City Denton Elgin, Ill. Dallas Dallas Danton Gainesville C orpus C hristi C rossett, A rk. M cKinney Pilot Point Dallas Valley Mills Corsicana Arlington Fort Worth Rosebud Ennis Irving Richardson Dallas Dallas F art Worth Dallas Demon F ort Worth Hawkins Eastland Irving Carthage Victoria Benton Fort Worth F art W orth Dallas Dallas H urst Irving Odessa DeQueen, Ark, Azle Denison Chilton Haltom City Fenoglio, Judy 070 Ferguson, Allan UH Ferguson, Carol 0'3 Ferguson, Mary Sue 60pm Ferrell, James UH Ferris, Kay 60pm Feuerborn, Vincent UH Fickey, Linda 60pm Field, Ritchie Fr Fielder, Sue 0710 N ocona Decatur, Ill. M cKinney Dallas Lyford Cleburne Blue M ound Dallas Pasadena Sherman Underclassmen: Fen-Fru Fielding, Connie QOpM Fields, Brenda 07H Fields, David $0pm Fields, Francine 0:30 Fiene, Charlotte Ur Fierle, Paulette 60pm Fikes, Charles UH Filyaw, James 0710 Fine, Carolyn 0710 Finkleg, Robert UH Finley, Lawrence 010 Fischer, Donald UH Fischer, Lorena U$ Fisher, Joan 60pm Fisher, Linda Sopm Fisher, Steve 010 Fitzgerald, Alicia Fr Fitzgerald, Brian 0:3 Fitzgerald, Bill UH Fitzgerald, Charles W0 Fitzgerald, Sue 076 Fitzgerald, Wayne Gd Fitzhugh, Pamela GP$ Fitzpatrick, Jim UH Flanders, Deanna Ur Flanery, Kathy GEN Fleet, Pamela 07H Fleharty, Don 60pm Fleming, Joseph W$ Fleming, Marguerite 03H Sun A ntonio Dallas Dallas A ma rillo Part A rthur Dallas Phili p pines Dallas Tyler C leburne H ardinsburg, Ky. Rosenberg A marillo M uenszer M cKinney Dallas Canton H ous ton M unday Dallas Bangs Kerrville Dallas Quanah Phillips Dallas H urst Dallas I wing Junction Flemister, Jim 60pm Flemister, Judy 60pm Fletcher, Eugene WH Fletcher, Jimmy 070 Fletcher, Nancy FQ Fletcher, Suzzette G739 Fleury, Peter 01H Flinn, Neva $0pm Flinn, Sharon 07H Flinn, William 07h Flippo, Ray WU Flournoy, Dick 01 Flowers, DaVid U0 Flowers, Shirley U10 Floyd, Elizabeth 0TH Flusche, Linda $opm Flynn, Sanora U6 Fagg, Barry Ur Fogleman, Sara $opm Foote, Linda 60pm Ford, Hardy 60pm Ford, Janice 07H Ford, Loy UH Foreit, Darleen U10 Forman, Judith 07H Formby, Ronald UH Fortune, Bill 60pm Foshee, Robert Fr Foster, Allen UH Foster, Barbara UH Foster, Gay WU Foster, Gayle WH Foster, Janis CFH Foster, Sally 60pm Fowler, Beth UH Fowler, Clifford G710 Fowler, Donald 07H Fowler, Guy 01 Fowler, Janis FH Fowler, Nanette WH Fowles, Charles GU Fox, Rudi 01H Frady, Edwin 07H Frame, Donnie 60pm Francis, Howard U710 Dallas Dallas Dallas Ponder Dallas Denton Huntington, NY. Bartlesville Phillips Grand Prairie Grand Prairie Dallas Sulphur Springs Dallas Arlington Saint Jo Gainesville Richardson Dallas Dallas F orney Waco I wing Victoria A rlington Gladewater Abilene Dallas Ponder Dallas F on Worth Dallas Dallas Demon Duncanville Dallas Stephenville Wichita Falls Dallas Dallas F on W orth M onahans Denton Atlanta Beaumont Francis, James UH Francis, Janet 03W Francis, Laurence FH Francis, Sue 0730 Franklin, DeLette 07H Franklin, Jimmy Gopm Franklin, Rebecca 60pm Franklin, Steve G710 Frazier, Beverly UH Frederick, Judith Gopm Freeman, Larry 60pm Freed, Kurt 60pm Freitas, Mike WH French, Janie UH French, Richard UH Friedlander, Gilbert 03H Friedman, Carol 6H Frisby, Anita GTN Frisinger, J0 Karen W10 Friz, Skip FH Frost, Barbara 60pm Frost, Betty 07H Fry, Nancy Sopm Fryatt, Jim UH Fulenwider, Marilyn 60pm Fullager, Leonard Sopm Fuller, Francelle 60pm Fuller, Jeri Jo W10 Fuller, Margaret 60pm Fuller, William 010 Fulmer, Carl 07H Fulton, Christine UH Fulton, David 60pm Fulton, Ed UH Fulton, John W10 Fulton, Johnnie U710 Furr, Diana Sopm Furry, Bill 07H Futch, Joyce Ann UH Gafford, Sondra 07H Weatherford Randolph AF B F on: W orth H ouszon F on Worth Wichita F alls Howe Sherman Dallas San Antonio Jacksboro Fort Worth Dallas Fort Worth Woonsockett, RJ. Dallas Dallas Teague Roswell, NM. St. Louis, Mo. F or: W orth Demon Frisco Wichita Falls Sherman Lohn F ort Worth Houston Fort Worth Paris Dallas Dallas C arrollton F art Worth Dallas Argyle Dallas A marillo I wing Denton Underclassmen: Fra-Gar Gaines, Carl UH Gaither, Ann 60pm Galbraith, Mary 07H Gallaugher, Terry UU Galitz, Keith 60pm Galven, Charles Ur Galven, Richard GD Gamble, Penny Ur Gambrell, James 60pm Gann, Marcus 03H Cant, Carolyn 07$ Gantt, Linda UH Garcia, AnaMaria UH Garcia, Christina Wd Garcia, Janice 07H Garcia, Louise 60pm Gardner, Carolyn 60pm Gardner, Diane UN Gardner, Thomas 070 Garfield, Jacquelyn W10 Garland, Kenneth W0 Garlington, Donia 60pm Garner, Betty, 60pm Garner, Ken UH Garner, Mike UTH SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Glenn Brookshear, vice-president; Mary Sue Ferguson, secretary; Skipper Massey, president; Patti Lehman, treasurer. Dallas Pasadena Ennis Arlington Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Worth Wichita Falls H ouston Corpus Christi Brownsville H ouston Fort Worth Graham Dallas Dallas Dallas M cKinney Orange Crockett M oody M idland Gibbs, Ronald UH Gibbs, Sandra 01H Gibson, Cheryl WH Gibson, Jacque UGO Gibson, Jan 60pm Gibson, Lee WW Gibson, Marilyn 60pm Gibson, Mike 60pm Giddens, Betty UH Gideon, Ted 0TH Cier, Dick 60pm Ciffin, Cheryl UH Gilbert, Ray WHO Gilbert, Judy UH Gilbert, Leuna Sopm Dallas Decatur Lake Jackson A marillo Denton Dallas Dallas Dallas San A ngelo Waco M cPherson, Kan. Montgomery, Ala. Neosho, Mo. Dallas F ort Worth Garner, Suzanne UH Garonzik, Toby U710 Garrett, Arcina Fr Garrett, Nancy U7H Garrett, Patrick 07H Garrison, Jean 03h Gartman, Dee 07H Garvin, Peggy W10 Gary, Margaret 60pm Gary, Thomas U$ Garza, Lorenzo UH Catlin, Judy WM Gaudreau, Louis 60pm Gauldin, Tom UH Gauthier, Barbara UN Gay, Steve UN Gaydon, Janet UD . Geer, Barbara 0710 Geer, Sherry 07H Cehm, Kay 60pm Centner, Patti WM George, Fred 07$ Gerber, Elaine 07H Gerhardt, Herbert U10 Cerloff, Phyllis 60pm Quanah Dallas Crowell Duncanvill e Dallas H ouston Big S 1; ring Dallas B ig S pring Texarkana Laredo Dallas Dallas Honey Crave Victoria Azle N acona Fort Worth M cKinney Dallas Dallas Odessa Bedford Waco Austin Gilbert, Linda 07H Gilboe, Karen Ur Giles, Sarah UH Gilley, Gilbert UH Gilliam, Harold WH Gilliam, Winston Uzh Gilliland, Donna UH Gillilan, Marilyn 60pm Cilman7 Dennis 60pm Gilman, Richard UH Gilmore, Margaret 07H Ginther, Marilyn GVH Gist, Brenda FH Gladen, Carol 070 Glazener, Jerry 60pm Gleason, Beverly UH Glenn, Bettie 60pm Gleye, Patricia Fr Glover, Richard 60pm Gnagi, Anthony 0710 Codman, Lezlie U6 Coforth, Lonnie 0710 Goldberg, Andy U710 Golden, Brenda UH Gomez, Julian G70 Austin Tyler Fort Worth W eatherford Godley Cleburne Cainesuille Dallas Madrid Dallas F ort Worth Dallas F or: Worth Denison Burnet Odessa Port Arthur San Antonio Fort Worth Dallas Irving Springtown F or: W orth Winona Hebbronville Gonzales, Robert 60pm Gonzalez, Margarita FH Gooch, Susan 60pm Good, Donna 60pm Goode, James Ur Goodlett, Sharon 60pm Goodson, Robert W0 Goodwin, Sally Ur Gorczyca, Frederick WH Gordon, Sheldon UH Gordy, Ann UrH German, Vernon 60pm Goss, Mike 07H Gossett, Virginia L110 Cough, Lauren U0 Gourley, Susan 60pm Grace, Richard 60pm Grady, Walter Sopm Graham, Mary 60pm Graham, Mary Sopm H arl ingen Dallas Texarkana Woodson M cKinney Dallas M ansfield Richardson Fort Worth Dallas Creerwille Wichita Falls Dallas Richland Springs F on W orth Dallas Dallas Dallas Wellington F on Worth Graham, Samantha 60pm Grandey, Jimmie GophJ Grandey, Mike HTH Grant, Carol U:H Grant7 Kay UN Gratzfeld, Pete UN Graves, Gordon tFw Gray, Ann UN Gray, Linda tFH Gray, Patricia KSoplU Green, Bobby UH Green, Fred kSopM Green, George Um Green, Harold tSopM Green, Judy tSoplU Green, Karen 1FH Green, Linda UFN Green, J. Neil 60pm Green, Patricia 113w Greene, Beverly WM Greenfield7 Mary 11710 Greer, Robert HTU Gregg, Donald U7H Cremillion, Ann HVN Gribbin, Gerry UVU Gribble, James 03H Griffin, Cary LIN Griffin, Lana 07H Griffin, Larry tFU Griffin7 Lynda kFU Griffin, Martha 031M Griffin, Robert UN Griffin, Thomas tSOpM Crimes, Glen 60pm Crimland, Charles 60pm Gross, Florence UH Grounds, Dan tJU Grubbs, 5hirley tFH Grumbles, Karol H710 Grunow, Barbara kSOpM Knox City Denton Demon Longview Wichita Falls League City Plano Midland San Antonio Dallas Mineola Dallas Texarkana Odessa Graham Norman, Okla. Petersburg, Va. Smithfield Ferris Irving Fort Worth Ponce, Puerto Rico Bowie Dallas F or: Worth Dallas Seagaville Fort Worth Sherman Waco Benton Dallas Plano El Paso Garland Dallas Duncanville Henderson Celina Fort Worth Underclassmen: Gra-Hal Guerra, Maria $opm Gulledge, Patricia UH Gummelt, Sam 60pm Gumney, Jimmy 60pm Gunn, Bruce 60pm Gunnoe, Karen WH Gunter, Laura 60pm Gurtler, Dona FU Gustafson, Bill 60pm Gutterman, Larry 50pm Cuyer, Sharon tSUpM Haas, Linda HFH Haberm Cathy tSopIH Hacker, Alvin UH Hadcn, James Soplw Haedge, Karen UFN Haedgc, Lynell 60pm Haeffner, Marie Fr Haegele, Carol Ur Hoegerl, JoArm 07H Haese, Ginny 60pm Hafley, James UH Hagberg, Linda Fr Hagerman, Marsha 60pm Hagerty, Martha UILJ Hagler, Glenda UH Hahnl, Carl urn Hahnl, Lois 60pm Hainley, Don UH Hair, Alan 60pm Hakert, Therese WH Hale, David UH Hale, Roland 60pm Hale, William UH Hall, Charlotte Wr David FH Don HVU Henry WVH Joanna UN Pat U7U Hall, Patricia 07H Hall, Richard UH Hall, Richard QHO Hall, Sharon UH Hall, William W10 F alfurrias Graham F or: Worth H ouston Atlanta Dallas Daingerfigld Dallas Storm Lake, Iowa Dallas Demon Wichita, Kan. Pueblo, Colo. Muenster Fort Worth Dallas Stephenville Elsa Dallas Robstown Garland Saginaw S herman Pasadena Dallas Longview Dallas Dallas H ouston Odessa Dallas Dallas Plainview C isco Dallas McKinney Grand Prairie Dallas F on Worth Demon Sherman Berger F ort Worth Dallas DeSoto Hallford, Diane 60pm Hallmark, Ralph 60pm Ham, David U70 Ham, Tracy GTH Hambrick, Phil 60pm Hambright, Ginny FU Hames, Robert 070 Hamilton, Carol 60pm Hamilton, Jerry WH Hamilton, Virginia Fr Hamm, Sue WH Hammond, Tamara U?H Hammonds, Fran UH Hamner, David $opm Hampton, Danny W10 Hamrick, Jeanene 60pm Hancock, Paul 0710 Hand, Bruce Sopm Handley, Diana WH Hankins, Larry Gopm Hankins, Robert 07H Hanna, Asa Ur Hanna, Preston UTH Hansen, Earl UH Hansen, Gay 60pm Hansen, Janis Fr Hantke, Judy WH Harbison, Mike $0pm Hardcastle, Peggy 07H Hardee, Babs 60pm Harden, Jean UH Harden, Leonard FU Hardin, Eddie GVU Hardin, Joe WM Hardin, Tava U711 Harding, Patty 07H Hardison; Diane U10 Hardman, Rosemary HM Hardwick, Sharon UrJ Hardy, Gus 1FH B mum wood Dallas Dallas Dallas A bilene Plano Wolfe City Dallas Burnet Corsicantz Midlothian Houston Sherman F arm ers Branch Wylie Harlingen College Station Fort Worth El Dorado, Ark. Seminole Bowie Dallas M cKinn ey Arlington F on Worth F or! Worth Killeen Dallas Killeen F art Worth Groves I wing Benton Fort Worth Demon F art Worth Dallas Irving Odessa Sherman al-Har erclassmen: mm "a W, agm Harris, Delyn U7N Harris, Donald UH Harris, Edwina UH Harris, Elizabeth 60pm Harris, Ernest UH Harris, James 60pm Harris, Linda 60pm Harris, Martha WU Harris, Michael U?U Harris, Patty 07H Harris, Raymond U710 Harris, Robert CTN Harris, Sharon 07H Harris, Terry UH Harris, Tommy tFU Harris, Trina UH Harrison, Elaine WVH Harrison, Frank Ur Harrison, Fred UH Harrison, Linda 60pm Harrison, Nancy UN Harrison7 Norman $opm Harryman, Barbara 0V0 Hart, Esta UH Hart, Richard WM Harting, Dianne Fr Hartsell, Claudia UH Harverstick, Bob 07H Harvey, Dwight G7U Harvey, Laurel UH Azle Whitesboro Dallas Wichita Falls Whitesboro Waco Richardson Jefferson Dallas Blytheville, Ark. M cKinney Fort Worth Denison Denison Dallas Van Killeen Pittsburg Odessa German Yoakum Denton Houston H ouston Pecos Dallas Bridgeport Fort Worth Dallas Temple Hargrove, John UH Harkrider, Vicki 60pm Harless, Karen WH Harms, Garry 60pm Harp, Judy UFH Harper, Bruce U710 Harper, Claude U10 Harper, Fred 07H Harper, John 0710 Harper, Judy 6013M Harper, Virginia UH Harrelson, Sherion 60pm Harris, Carol 60pm Harris, Catherine WH Harris, Dianne UQ Wills Point Brady Dallas Irving A marillo F ort Worth Atascosa Irving Dallas Dallas H urst Dallas Dallas Eastland H ouston Harvick, W. B. UH Harwell, Rita 60pm Hasting, Morris 60pm Hatley, Tony 0710 Hattox, Lenora UH Hatzenbuehler, George UH Havenhill, Sandy GHQ Haverkorn, Diane U710 Hawkins, Cynthia WH Hawkins, Jackie 60pm Hawley, Bobby 60pm Hawley, John 070 Hawn, David O7H Haws, Myles G710 Hawthorne, Paulette 07H Hayes, Brownie G?H Hayes, Thomas 0710 Hayn, Madelyn 60pm Haynes, Ila U710 Haynes, Pat UH Haywood, Paul 60pm Hazelbaker, Colette 60pm Hazelbaker, Kathryn 60pm Hazelbaker, Mary 07H Head, Elizabeth U10 Heard, Pete WU Hearn, Donald UH Hearn, Lorraine G7N Hearst, Margaret UH Heaton, Beverly GU Heflin, Eva U?N Heflin, Neal 60pm Hegna, Sonja 60pm Heimer, Leslye W10 Heinz, Robert 60pm Hellman, Marquette UH Helm, Stella 60pm Helton, George UH Heller, Joyce UH Henderson, Barbara 60pm Bridgeport Fort Worth Stanton Forney Elgin Dallas Big Lake H urst Beaumont Jacksboro Garland Demon Alamogordo, N.M. Dallas Dallas Big Lake Dallas Dallas F ort Worth Dallas Perryton I wing A marillo I ruin g Bro wnwood Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Skellytown Denton Honolulu, Hawaii Garland Denton Mount Pleasant M uenster M cKinney Dallas Dallas West Henderson, Doris $opm Henderson, Janet FU Henderson, Linda H70 Henderson, Naoma KSoplU Henderson, Vicki urn Hendrick, Bill tSoplU Hendrick, Julia UTN Hendrick, Lynda UN Hendrie, Cae UH Hendrik, Johnny W0 Henley, Diane HEM Henley, Marian tSopM Henley, Nancy 0910 Henning, Sandra 60pm Henricll, Charles UrJ Henry, Elizabeth FH Henry, Melanie UH ' Hensel, Linda 070 Hensley, Laura UH Hensley, Michael UH Herbert, Jim $90le Herman, Ben G7h Hermann, Kathleen UH Hernandez, Ben WU Hernandez, Raymond UFH Hernandez, Richard 07H Heros, Sandra Sopm Herrick, Fran Fm Herring, Carol tSopM Herring, Mary Fr Herring, Nancy UH Herring, Tony U?H Herrington, Roger G710 Herron, Alva UH Hester, Janice 60pm Hester, Robert 60pm Hickey, Mary 60pm Hickly, Edward UH Hickman, James UH Hicks, David 119m Hicks, Jettie 60pm Hicks7 Tracy H719 Hickson, Larry 60pm Hielscher, Dalton UH Higbee, Susan FH F art Worth Dallas F art Worth Santa Anna V ernon Fort Worth Texas City Andrews Overton Demon Waxahachie Nocona Houston Longview Dallas Richardson Dallas Rosebud Danton Demon Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Fort Worth McKinney San Marcos Corsicana Dallas Alvarado Bonham San Antonio Big Spring Dallas Dallas Fort Worth Merkel Orange Pittsburgh, Pa. Athens Dallas C hildress Dallas Houston Austin Dallas Underclassmen Hig-Hol Higdon, James FU Higginbotham, Kathleen UH Higgins, Michael 0:10 Hight, Carla GHO Hight, Ralph U10 David 60pm Don 60pm Elizabeth Ur Jacqueline EH James UH Hill, Judy 60pm Hill, Larry G7r Hill, Robert UH Hill, Stan UH Hilley, Arthur WH Hilliard, Sherry Fn Hillin, Lonnie FH Hilscher, Edward UH Hilton, James 07H Hines, Cragg UH Hinkle, JoAnne GU Hitt, David FH .Hitt, Jerry UGO Hix, Dorothy 60pm Hix, Sandy 60pm Hoagland, Sandra QM Hobbs, Tim GHQ Hobson, William 070 Hocher, Barbara 010 Hodges, Hugh UH Hodges, Jimmy 60pm Hodges, Joe UH Hodges, Judy GHQ Hodges, Lee W10 Hodges, Lybeth FH Hodges, Monta FH Hoffmann, Beverly F0 Hoffmann, Dorothy UH Hogan, William Fr Holt, Brenda 03'H Denton H ica Dallas Dallas San A ntonio Garland San Antonio Fort Worth Port Arthur Denison Decatur Dallas Dallas Winters Throckmorton Dallas Amarillo Dallas Euclid, Ohio Dallas Fort Worth Lancaster Dallas Fort Worth Denton Dallas Irving Killeen H ouston Irving Grapevine Sherman Cleburne Borger Austin Sherman Fort Worth Fort Worth Dallas Fort Worth Hogwood, Sharon UTH Fort Worth Hohman, Jerry 60pm Dallas Holcombe, Elizabeth Fr Perryton Holden, Chuck UN Dallas Holden, Richard 070 Irving Holder, Chelsa H.719 Azle Holder, Judy W6 Fort Worth Holder, Louie U10 Vernon Holder, Randy $opm Sanger Holder, Robert 0H Greenville Holland, Karol UH Tyler Holland, Mary 070 Denton Holleman, Kay $opm Fort Worth Holley, Jimmie U10 Electra Holliman, Marilyn 60pm Henderson Hollingsworth, Beth U10 Dallas Hollingsworth, Jack UH Burleson Hollis, Judy 60pm Sherman Holloway, Judy UIJ Creenville Holloway, Myron Wm Dallas Holloway, Ralph U0 Abilene Holmes, Dave QVH McKinney Holmes, Jackie 070 Houston Holmes, Janet UH Dallas Holmes, Joe tFU Dallas A few hardy souls, sacrificing a half-houfs sleep for breakfast, greet the noon a booth is a Cherished possession. Throughqut the evening the pace U.B. at 7:00 am. Toward noon the tempo increases, and during the after- lessens, leaving only a few stragglers at closmg tlme. erclassmen: Hol-lsu Horne, John UH Horne, Paula EH Horton, Bea Ann WH Horton, Joe UH Horton, Rondal UH Hostad, Nancy WN Hotchkiss, Susan 050 Hott, Susanne 0710 House, Billy U10 Houston, Bob UH Houston, John 60pm Howard, Anthony WHO Howard, Barbara UH Howard, Bruce UH Howard, Carolyn WH Howard, Dianne 0710 Howard, Fredna UH Howard, James WH Howard, Jane W10 Howard, Jimmy U70 Howard7 Stanley 60pm Howard, Tommy U10 Howeth, Larry UH Howton, Billy G710 Hubbard, Sarah Sue 60ph Springfield, Ore. T ruscott Denton Dallas George West Dallas Dallas Dallas Richardson Dallas Dallas Seven Springs, NC Dallas Dallas Cleburne Dallas Longview Fort, Worth F art Worth Odessa Athens Dublin A lvarado Electra Dallas Holsomback, Jane 60pm Holter, Pamela 03H Honeycutt, Barbara 60pm Hooker, Leslie 0710 Hooks, Terry 07H Hooper, Annette 60pm Hoover, Linda U7U Hoover, Roxanna WH Hopkins, George 60pm Hopper, Lin 07H Hopson, Joe EH Horn, James 60pm Horn, Shar0n UH Hornaday, Charles UH Hornaday, Margaret 60pm H ouston Dallas Abilene Maud Dallas Denison F art Hood Alamo Hughes Springs Greenville Denton Andrews F ort Worth Spokane, Wash. Royse City Huber, Jan FH Hubig, Dan 0TH Huebsch, Bernard OTN Huff, Bob F10 Huffman, Cheryl UH Huffman, Janna 0710 Hufham, Tom WH Hughes, Allan 60pm Hughes, Carolyn $opm Hughes, Elizabeth UH Hughes, Eric G'N Hughes, Jerry UH Hughes, Judy 60pm Hughes, Richard 070 Hughes, Shirley U710 Hughs, Billy UH Hull, Robert UH Hultsman, Judy $017M Humphreys, Susan UH Hunnicutt, Nancy W10 Hunt, Carol W10 Hunt, John 039 Hunt, Margarette 60pm Hunt7 Nancy UN Hunt, Patricia Sopm Hunter, Betty 07H Hunter, Duncan 07H Hurlbert, Lynn Ur Husen, Sharon UH Hutcherson, David U r Hutchinson, Joe 60pm Hutchison, Brad U10 Hutson, Larry UH Hutto, Tommie Fr Hutton, Connie 60pm Hutton, Paula 60p10 Huwieler, Robert W10 Hyles, Dovie 60pm Hyles, Jimmy 60pm Ikard, Karen FH Inge, Patsy Ur Ingram, Sally UH Irick, Joe QM Irwin, Nancy 07H Isaacs, Linda 60pm I wing Dallas Westminster Childress Brady Fort Worth Lufkin Odessa Dallas Amarillo Dalhart Mineral Wells Wickett Dallas Seymour Killeen Dallas Irving. Electra Fort Worth Dallas Dallas Longview Atlanta Iriu'ng F ort Worth Richardson Houston Berger Gainesville Garland Paris Capsicum; Big Spring Cranfills Cap Cranfills Cap Baytown H illsboro Italy Thayer, M 0. McKinney Richardson Demon Dallas H ouston Underclassmen: lsa-Jon Isabel, Columbus W10 lsbell, Vicky tFH Ibsen, Karen UH Isdale, Ann UGO Ishmael, Sandra Fr Jackson, Cecilia Wm Jackson, David WrJ Jackson, Jan UTU Jackson, Johnny WU Jackson, Larry 07$ Jackson, Linda 07H Jackson, Margaret Fr Jackson, Reed UH Jackson, Sam urn Jacobs, Daymon WH Jagoe, Kippy 00 James, Charlotte Fr James, Robert WH Jameson, James UH Javens, James UH Jeffers, Barbara UIO Jeffrey, Michael O?H Jenkins, Flo UH Jenkins, Richard 0:10 Jennings, Johnny Fr Jennings, Judy W0 Jennings, Thomas Ur Jerden, Judith UN Jerome, Phillip FH Jeske, Jan 60pm Jobe, Larry Ur Johns, Jeanette Sopm Johnson, Billy U6 Johnson, Bob 60pm Johnson, Bob $opm Johnson, Carolyn 07H Johnson, Clifton UGO Johnson, David 07H Johnson, David 60pm Johnson, Donna 07H Tyler Irving Fort Worth Dallas Sulphur Springs Garland Fort Worth Cleburne Oklahoma City, Okla. Prosper Galveston H ouston Denton Dallas Dallas Denton Albany, Ga. F art Worth Denton Dallas Dallas Demon Dallas M cKinney Lewisville Dallas Brownsville Dallas A marillo Olney M aunt Vernon Dallas H enrietta Dallas V alley M ills Spokane, Wash. A bilene Dallas Dallas Dallas Jones, J ones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Clifford W. U?U Dianne 60pm Gene UH Glenn 60pm James D. tSopm James R. 60pm Jill 60pm Judy 07H Linda 60pm Linda D. Fr Linda K. WH Linda QiH Lynn GEO Mary UH Pamela 07$ Patricia W$ Rebecca 60pm Robert Sopm Robin G7N Shirley Sopm F loydada Fort Worth Dallas Electra Waco Benton Fort Worth Big S pring Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Electra Dallas Dallas Carrollton Dallas Bloomington Carrollton H ouston M ontague Johnson, Donna 07H Johnson, Farrell UN Johnson, Herschel 60pm Johnson, Jan 60pm Johnson, Jim 60pm Johnson, John UH Johnson, Leslie 60pm Johnson, Margaret tSopM Johnson, Marilyn 60pm Johnson, M. Mead UH Johnson, Mickey 070 Johnson, Patty 07H Johnson, Paula 070 Johnson, Rayna U$ Johnson, Richard UTH Johnson, Sharon Fr Johnson, Steven FH Johnson, Tommy 60pm Johnson, Wilma Fr Johnston, Judith 60pm Johnston, Linda WU Jolly, Judy 07H Jones, Alvin GFH Jones, Cindy W10 Jones, Clifford 07W F art Worth Weatherford Temple H ouston Perryton F on Worth Bellaire Dallas H ouston Dallas F ort Worth Dallas Dallas Richardson Dallas Abilene Abilene Denison Oakwood F ort Worth I wing A bilene Pottsboro Bartlesville, Okla. Dallas Jones, Steve $013M Jones, Will 070 Jones, Yvonne 0710 Jordan, Douglas 60pm Jordan, Lillian Ur Jovette, William Fr Justice, Genie W10 Justin, Joe F10 Justiss, Gail 010 Kahn, Martin UH Kaiser, Charles GB Kalista, Mary 60pm Kapelka, Ken FH Kappel, Richard UH Kattner, Harry G10 Kautsch, Karla F10 Keagy, Joan 60pm Kearny, Kathleen U?$ Keene, Steve U?H Keiser, Gerald 07H Keller, Marion 0710 Kelley, Dorothy 0710 Kelley, Kaaron 60pm Kelley, Ladd 60ph Kelly, John 0710 Kelly, Sharon UH Kelly, Tamara FH Kelly, Thomas UN Kelton, Roger 07H Kemple, Carol Fr Kemple, Yvonne 07H Kendrick, Linda GHQ Kennedy, David UH Kent, Kathy 010 Kerr, Barbara UH Kerr, Carla Sopm Kerr, Ellen $011M Kerr, Kenneth Urld Kerr, Rose UVH Kerr, Walter 60pm Keller Denison Brazoria Austin Winona C amanche Wichita Falls Wichita F alls Mount Pleasant Corpus Christi Fort Worth F or: Worth H ouston New Braunfels Seagoville Alamo Pampa Dallas F or! Worth Springfield, Mo. Dallas Dallas F or! Worth Era A bilene M dland Cleburne T yler Abilene Greenville Greenvill e Garland Pilot Point C orsicana M exia Dallas F art Worth Dallas Demon F or: Worth Kerr, Zou UN Key, Marsha LID Kibble, Burt 60ph Kiker, Jane tFH Kiker, Theresa 07H Kilcrease, Barbara 0TH Killion, Linda 0710 Killpack, Scott FU Kilpatrick, Kay 0710 Kimball, Dan UH Kimble, Cheryl UH Kimbro, J0 QM Kimbrough, Thomas 07H Kinder, Carey 60pm King, Charles U0 King, Edna Ur King, Ginnette $0pm King, Kathy Ur King, Kaye 07H Kinnan, Greg UH Kirby, Kay 60pm Kirk, Charles GU Kirk, Kay 60pm Kirkeby, James Sopm Kirkhart, Willa 0TH H untsville Denton Dallas Decatur Waxahachie Fort Worth Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Dallas F or: Worth Slidell C olleyville Texarkana Dallas Plano Richardson Texarkana Dallas I wing Dallas Dallas Dallas Madison, S.D. Wichita, Kan. 11le WIH'I'T. HUl'MZ xxxxlnxcrzrwx November 25, Dear Judy: Your mother has thoughtfully advised me of your hospitalization, and I want to add my get-well- wishes to those you are receiving from family and friends. I am confident that all is going well and that you will soon be back in school. Vith warm regards to you and your family, Sincerely, Miss Judy Fenoglio 2:1 Bethania Hospital Wichita Falls, Texas ABOVE: Freshman Judy Fenoglio has corresponded with Lyndon B. Johnson since 1957. Her congressman uncle began correspondence. LEFT: Recent LBJ letter. Kirkley, Dan W10 Kirsten, Gale 0710 Kirtley, Shari Fr Kiser, Tina 60pm Kitzmiller, Tommy 60pm Klein, Carol UH Klein, Tao Ann U10 Klepper, Ann UH Klerekoper, Caroline W10 Klett, Billie W10 Dallas Richardson F on Worth Dallas Deer Park Denton T exarkana Roscoe H ouston Dallas mm Amggg; Underclassmen: Kir-LeC Klingbeil, Martha UH Kline, Barbara UH Kluck, Mike WH Knifong, Jeanne UGO Knight, Alta Fr Knight, Michael 60pm Knipscher, Susan 60pm Knox, Eleanor WH Knowles, Karen UH Koch, Erica 0:10 Kolesar, Marilyn W10 Kooperman, Larry G?H Kramer, Ken U:H Kramer, Roberta W0 Kriticos, Callie U?H Kruse, Linda UH Kuby, Phyllis FH Kucharczyk, Jerry 60pm Kuehne, Ernie L110 Kuhn, Kathie UN Kunkel, Kathryn 60pm Kuras, Arline 07H Kuykendall, Diane W10 Kynard, David 070 Kyser, Bettie 070 Lackey, J. T. 60pm Lackey, Lynnell 07H Lacy, Connie UN Ladd, Susan UH LaLumia, Angelina Fr Dallas Danton F or: Worth Azle Linden Omaha, N eb. Richardson F art Worth F or; Worth Indianapolis F on Worth Dallas Dallas Galveston Farmers Branch Alamo S an A nta nio M art Dallas Temple Dallas Dallas F ort Worth H illsboro Tyler F art Worth Corpus Christi Dallas Dallas LaLumia, Nick Ur Lam, Robert 070 Lamb, Linda FN Laminack, Rose 60pm Lampo, Lillian 87H Lamsens, Karen tFH Lancaster, Wayne UrJ Landers, Sylvia 60pm Landrum, Linda 60pm Lane, Carol UM Lane, Cathy UH Lange, Walter 60pm Langguth, Robert UH Langston, Jerry 60pm Lankford, Barbara UH Largent, Rick UH Larson, Jean 60pm Larson, Verdye 60pm Latham, Kenneth UH Latham, Valene 60pm Lauderdale, Donald 60pm Lauersdorf7 Lyn 1FH Laughlin, Craig U7U Laughlin, Jackie 60pm Lawhon, Donna kFU Lawler, Susan 60pm Lawrence, Barbara F1O Lawrence, Connie WH Lawrence, Kathy WrJ Lawrence, Pat FN Lawrence, William WU Lawson, Jack Sopm Lawson, Jerry 60pm Lay, Nancy UFH Layton, Evenda 60pm Layton, Johnny UH Lea7 Rirhard Urkl Leach, Francis U7U Leach, Rex GRJ Leahy, Sharon 67H Leak, Diane tSOpIH Leary, James 1FH Leatherwood, Carol 07w LeBaron, Susi Fr LeCrone, Janice 07H Dallas Dallas Grand Prairie Dallas Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Denton C hildress Meridian Dallas San Antonio Houston Dallas Roswell, N.M. Wylie Irving Daingerfield Woodson Throckmorton Dallas Dallas Dallas Brownwood Ennis Denton Kilgore Decatur Arlington Dallas Denton Gainesville Cainesville Dallas Kiryin Teague Dallas Jacksboro Dallas F ort Worth Dallas Little Rock, Ark. Fort Worth San Antonio Somerville, N. J. Leyhe, Mike 0719 Liggett, Joe 60pm Light, Janice G7H Lightfoot, Skip WHO Lightsey, Suzanne 03H Lileks, Mary UH Lillian, Liston 60pm Lillis, Joe 07H Lindley, Lura U0 Lindman, Cathy 07H Lindsay, Janice UH Lindsey, Barbara 60pm Linenschmidt, Bobby 0710 Lines, Helen WH Ling, Patsy Sopm Oklahoma City Irving Dallas Denison Jonesboro Waxahachie Terrell Dallas McKinney Irving Dallas Dallas Denton Dallas Dallas Ledbetter, Wilton 60pm Lee, Bobby UH Lee, Don UH Lee, Jeff 070 Lee, John U7rJ Lee, Sue 60pm Lee, Vivian WU Lee, Whitney G70 Leech, Kathy 07H Legett, Marilyn $0pm Leifeste, Marilyn 60pm Leigh, James UH Leigh, John UTIO Lemee, Patty 60pm Leonard, Patty 60pm Lesok, J. J. U7N Lester, Larry UN Letson, Sandra UM Levy, William FU Lewis, Dorothea UH Lewis, Ginny UM Lewis, Karen 07H Ley, Silvia 60pm Leyendecker, James 60pm Leyendecker, Linda GVH Dallas F art Worth Keller Houston Creenville Duncanville Creenville A rlington League City Katy Mason Silsbee Duncanville Vernon Dallas Fort Worth Lewisville Danton Fort Worth Denton Dallas Pcrryton Houston Demon Denton Lingold, Pamela 60pm Lindquist, Carole 60pm Linn, Kandy G7H Lisk, Cynthia UFO Little, James 60pm Little, Robert 60pm Littlepage, Marilyn 07H Lively, Cynthia U?N Livesay, Michael GM Lloyd, Dudley UTN Loar, Suzan 60pm Lockett, Michael UTN Lockhart, Ruby Ur Lofner, Carolyn 60pm L0ftis,, Thomas UH Logan, Mary 60pm Logan, Randall 07W Loggins, Charles 00 Logsdon, Stephen 60pm Lohman, Patti 60pm Longell, Muriel 60pm Long, Bill 60pm Long, Harold UN Long, J0 EH Long, Linda Ur Wills Point El Paso Houston F on Worth Denton Albert City, Iowa Dallas Palestine Fort Worth A bilene Dallas Dallas Demon Dallas Dallas F or: Worth Carrollton Weatherford San Antonio Danton Houston Washington, D. C. Dallas McKinney Dallas Long, Suzanne UH Lopez, Ray UH Lorigan, Kathy UH Loring, Sharon UH! Lott, Loyd U0 Loudermilk, Sherrilan UH Lovelace, Ann 60pm Loveless, Curtis UN Lovette, Barbara WrLJ Low, Alicia 60pm Low, Asa kSOpM Lowe, Carolyn UH Lowe, Charles UH Lowrance, Waynette 070 Lowrey, Kenneth $0pm Lowery, Norman arm Lowther, Karen 07H Lucas, Mae UH Ludden, Kay UH Lumpkins, Terry U70 Fort Worth Waco Andrews Dallas Fairyield Comanche Carrolllon Denton Lewisville Corpus Christi Grapevine Denison LaMarque Denton H urst Mesquite F or! Worth Tyler Dallas Dallas Lunday, Winona 60pm Lunt, Robert tFH Lurich, Lynda 60pm Lurie, Carol WU Lusk, Fred 50pm Luttmer, Shirley 07H Lyde7 Clark 030 Lynn, Larry 07H Lyon, Genie UN Lyon, Ted UH Macdonald7 Jeanne 07H MacDonald, William UH McAdams, Glenn UN McAnear, Deanna 07H McAngus, Judy G30 McBride, Lynda G7r McCain, Lee Roy Ur McCain, Mike WN McCaleb, Ilene 60pm McCallum, Ann 030 MCCann, Jim 0710 McCarley, Judy 60pm McCarroll, Dana UH McCarroll, John UTU McCarroll, Patty kFH McCathern, Glenn 60pm McCathern, Jan 60pm McCauley, Robert tSOpM McCausIand, Robert UH McClaran, Stuart 60pm MCCIearin7 Joyce 60pm McClellan, Dianne W'U McClendon, Jane 07H McCombs, David 00 McCombs, Lucille UH IcCorkle, Jim UH McCorkle, Rhonda UH McCormack, Pamela $013M McCormick, Claudette t'SoplU McCormick, Terry 030 Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Cainesville Valley View Denton Waco Fort Worth Dallas Dallas Gainesville Whitesboro Clarendon Austin Electra Grapevine Denton F or: W orth Dallas Carrollton Texarkana Decatur Dallas Decatur Pampa Pampa Alvin Sewickley, Pa. B reckenricl ge Richardson Rockurall Dalharl Fort Worth Grapevine Webb City, Mo. Carrollton Dallas Dallas Panhandle McDermott, Margaret U10 McDonald, Bob UH McDonald, Bob U710 McDonald, Bruce 60pm McDonald, Sue 010 McDonald, Suzanne 60pm McDonnell, Michael UH McDowell, Connie 60pm McEwen, Diane G710 McFarland, Terry WU McFee, Terry 50pm McGee, Johnette WU McGehee, Leslie WU McGinnes, Lynda UH McGowen, Brenda 07H McGowen, Carol UGO McGrath, Duane 60pm McGraw, Susarm F0 McGrew, Mike 07H McGuffey, Linda $013M McGuire, Barbara W10 McGuire, Judy U0 McHenry, Judy 07H McIntyre, David G7N McKenzie, Mary 60pm McKiner, Mike 07H McKinney, Carmyn 60pm McKinney, Marsha 11710 McKinney, William 30ph McKinnon, David OH Dallas W 01 f6 City Sunset Grand Prairie Brownwood Fort Worth Lewisville Dallas Big Spring Fort Worth Lenox, Iowa Buffalo Dallas Eldorado Fort Worth Baird Dallas Dallas Dallas Garland Dallas Mineral Wells Greenville Rochester, N. Y. Fort Worth Denison Dallas Greenville Dallas Bedford McCoy, Patrick Fr McCown7 Sherry UTU McCroskey, Betty G70 McCrum, Connie UN McCue, Suzy UH McCullar, Carl UN McCuller, Ronald 60pm McCurIey, Jerry wopm McCurley, Mike UTU McCurIey, Roger U0 McDaniel, Fred HM McDaniel, Gail GM McDaniel, Gary WVH McDaniel, Jimmie WU McDaniel, Mary 60pm Dallas Sherman Glen Rose Garland F or: Worth Dallas I wing Farmers Branch Lewisville Dallas Dallas Fort Worth Fort Worth Midland H ouston McLeod, Frances WN McLeod, Ruth UH MCLester, Nancy U70 McMeans, Sue tFU McMiHion, Kathryn UH McMinn, Judy KFH McMinn, Nancy tSopm McMullin, Elmagene Fr McMurry, Raymond UH McNally, Timothy W0 McNatt, Al Fr McNaughton, Jim U710 McNeel, Raymond Fr McQuaide, Debbie 0TH McQueary, Sylvia Sopm McRae, John LIN McReynolds, John Fr McShan, Bonnie 1J1? McTee, Carroll 07H MCVean7 Karen UN Mabry, Gail U0 Macklin, Theresa 60pm Maddox, Judy UH Maddox, Roy Fr Magnus, Walter 60pm Mahaffey, Elizabeth UN Mahoney, Joe UH Mahzahn, Jerry UGO Maiden, Roy 0710 Major, Carol UH McKinzie, Linda 070 McKissack, Skip tFU McLain, Dana U$H McLane, Mark HM McLarty, Lynn 0:10 McLaughlin, Donna G910 McLaughlin, Kaye UH McLean, Hulon L110 McLean, Kathy U7N McLelland, Sammie 60pm Underclassmen: McK-Mus Dallas Longview Rockport Dallas Midlothian Waco Dull as Weslaco Dallas Dallas Demon Dallas Texas City H ouston Wellington Houston Oklahoma City7 Okla. DaZlas Van Alstyne Palestine Mesquite Big S pring Waco Mexia Fort Worth Hampton, Va. Dallas Irving Lufkin Milford Sherman Sherman. H ouston Richardson Dallas Paris Carrollton San Antonio Weslaco Odessa Majors, Marilyn 07H Malcom, Alvin GTN Maldonado, Dolores 60pm Mallard, Joanne UH Mallicote, David FH Malone, Danny UH Malone7 Patty UN Maly, Victor UN Manley, Jimmy UH Mann, Barbara UN Mann, Mike KFH Mannering. Leslie Urrl Manning. Ellis t'SoplU Manoshagin, Charlotte UN Manry, Linda 0710 Manry, Sherrian 60pm Mansfield, Jennifer U70 Manzeck, John 60pm Maples, Charles 0V0 Maples, Fran UN Maples, Thomas 07H Marcoulides, M. A. 60pm Marr, Phil 07H Marrs, Jim UH Marsh, Carol 60pm Marshall, Holly UVH Marshall, Jerry 60pm Marshall, Marsha 60pm Martin, Carol G710 Martin, Carolyn 60pm Martin, Donna 070 Martin, Gary UPU Martin, Karen G7r Martin, Kaye 60pm Martin, Kevin WVH Martin, Mary Urh Martin, Ruth U10 Martin, Sharon 60pm Martin, Susan 60pm Martinek, Jerilyn UH Martinkus, Patrick 07H Martinson, Nancy WHO Marvin, Janet UTN Mashburn, Lois 1FH Mason, Gloria 60pm Marshall Farmers Branch Dallas F ort Worth H urst Longview El Paso Keller Garland Fort Worth Dallas M cAllen Atlanta Pasadena Denton Abilene Dallas Dallas Fort Worth F on Worth Irving Joinerville Van Alstyne Smithville Henrietta Aledo Tulsa, Okla. Saint Jo Sherman Lake Dallas Springtown Denton Lake Dallas Dallas Ennis Garland Marshall Dallas Fort Worth Midland Underclassmen: Mas-Mob Mason, Monte WQ Mason, Paula 60pm Massey, Gary 60pm Massey, Robert 60pm Massie, Bob va Masters, Buddy Gopm Mathews, Ronnie 60pm Mathis, Dorotha 60pm Mathis, Jim Sopm Mattheaus, LaVem WHO Matthews, Fred Ur Matthews, John Fr Matthews, Mike GTH Matthews, Mildred UH Mattox, Opal 070 Matula, Evelyn 60pm Matzinger, James 60pm Mauldin, Sharon W0 Maxson, Philip WH Maxwell, Donald 60pm Maxwell, Earl 07H Maxwell, Jeani UVH Maxwell, John 0710 May, Billie Fr May, Hal GT0 May, Mary 07H May, Ronald 60pm Mayberry, Janet GFH Mayer, Sandra 07H Mayes, Charlie 0710 Mayes, Cynthia Sopm Mayfield, Terri 07H Meador, Paula WHO Meadows, Jeanette Gyr Means, Billie UH Medaris, Cherry GIN Meeker, Margaret UH Meharg, Mary F10 Melton, Charles UH Mendez, Rene UH Vernon Dallas Demon Demon Fort Worth Dallas Denison Whitewright Dallas Webster Gladewater Cleburne Midland Lindale Lufkin West McKinney Waxahachie C elina Dallas Richardson Dallas Newburgh, N. Y. Dallas Fort Worth Lake Jackson Dallas C arrollton Grand Prairie Midland Dallas F or! W orth Wichita Falls C orinth New Orleans Dallas Port Arthur Italy Irving Laredo Mills, Bruce HTN Mills, Eddy kFrD Mills, John 60pm Mills, Judy U10 Mills, Terri 07H Milner, James FH Milner, Lee UH Mims, Sheri GrH Miner, Merry Lu UH Mischkot, Phil 0710 Mitchell, Billy UH Mitchell, JoAnn UH Mitchell, Linda WHO Mitchell, Larry 07H Mitchell, Lorraine 030 Mitchell, Rosanne UH Mitchell, Woodrow 60pm Mixon, Mary Jo U10 Moberg, Julie UH Mobley, Loretta UH Pasadena Irving Houston Bryan Electra F ort Worth Houston Dallas Fort Worth Sherman Borger Fort Worth Midland Grapevine Ferris Dallas Dallas Fort Worth F ort Worth Grand Prairie Menefee, Jackson GHQ Menendez, Dalia GHQ Menifee. James Ur$ Mercer, James tFU Metscher, Barbara 60pm Meyer, Don G710 Meyers, Martin 07h Migliavacca, Robert WM Mikles, Barbara G90 Mikeska, Jay UN Miles, Gloria Sopm Miles, Michael G7N Millard, Liz 07H Miller, Carol UN Miller, Carolyn UH Miller, Charles Sopm Miller, Donna 50pm Miller, Judith 60pm Miller, Sharron UH Miller, Sheila U710 Miller, Susan 07m Miller, Thomas UH Milligan7 Wayne GHQ Milling, Saundra UH Mills, Alan UN McCain ey Dallas Baytown Texarkana Midland Dallas Lake Dallas Galveston Mineral Wells H ouston Dallas Dallas H ouston Athens Denison Dallas Dallas M cCamey Dallas McKinney T yler Chilton Quanah H ugo, Okla. Denison Underclassmen: Moe-Mul Moehring, Jeanne 60pm Moffett, Marilyn U7U Monschke, Paul 60pm Montag, Joseph W10 Montgomery, Charles UH Montgomery, Charles 60pm Montgomery, Nita UH Montgomery, Ronny WH Moody7 Carolyn W$ Moody, Gerald WH Moody, Keith UH Moody, Manning UH Moon, Duane Ur Moore, Curtis 60pm Moore, Danny 00 Moore, Diane Moore, Edgar Moore, James Moore, James Moore, Janice Moore, Jerry 60pm Moore, John 60pm Moore, Josa 00 Moore, Paula Sopm Moore, Roberta 60pm Moore, Ruth 07H Moore, Sharon FN Moore, Tana GT$ Moore, Thomas W10 Moore, Tuell 07H Moore, Wayne U$ Moreman, Barbara 07H Morgan, Ann U0 Morgan, Sandra 60pm Morgan, Sondra Ur Morman, David 60pm Morris, Anita $opm Morris, Dorothy FH Morris, Keith UH Morris, Marilyn 07H Rockdale Farmers Branch Krum Victoria Richardson Garland Danton Rhome Corpus Christi Rantoul, Ill. Chanute AFB, Ill. Weatherford Mesquite Dallas Austin Dallas Galveston Iowa Park Spartanburg, S. C. Fort Worth C elina K ilgore H ouston Dallas I rvin g Fort Warth Gustine Denison F on: Worth F on: Worth Dallas H o uston H ughes S prings Bossier City, La. Dallas El Paso C al eman Richardson Tyler Perryton Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Martha 60pm Martha J. 07H Mary 07H Otto WU Pamela 07H Virginia 60pm Morris, William 60pm Morrison, Joyce WH Morriss, Jerry UH Morrow, Susan Fm Morse, Van U:N Mosely, Sandra 07H Morton, Kay 070 Moser, Doris Ur Moser, Lucy UH Moskowitz, David U7r Moss, Carolyn 60pm Moss, Foy Fr Mosse, Suzanne 0:0 Mounger, Joe 60pm Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, J0 LSOpM Nedah WH Sara 60pm Mullins, Vonetta U?H Mulloney, Pat FH FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Mike Yondorf, vice-president; Becky White, treasurer; Mary Crissman, secretary; Tom Petrie, president. Newcastle M aunt Pleasant Arlington Dallas M idland Big Spring Fort Worth Dallas Dallas Dallas Lewisville Dallas Odessa H auston Waco H ouston Bonham Dallas Denison McKinney Weslaco Dallas Henrietta Dallas Fort Worth Muncy, Bill GU Munn, Nancy G710 Munn, Terry Wm Munoz, Aurora UH Munoz, Guadulupe U10 Munroe, Karen Sopm Murdock, Judy Ur Murman, Carla UGO Murph, Anne UH Murph, John 60pm Murphy, Martha 070 Murr, Ann 6V0 Murr, Diane Um Murray, Judy WH Murray, Sharon W10 Murray, Sharon A. 60pm Murski, Thomas U10 Muse, James WH Music, Avis UH Musslewhite, Donna 60pm Myer, Arthur L110 Myers, Dewey W0 Myers, Gene 0730 Myers, Jack U10 Myers, Janet 60pm Myers7 Sherry GHQ Mynatt, Harold tSopM Nabors, Donna UN Nance, Daryel tFH Nance, James 60pm Nance, James Gopm Nash, Kristi FU Nash, Nancy 014 Nash, Richard t'FN Nation, Thomas U0 Nault, Barbara 60pm Navratil, Lynda G7H Naylor, Sandra W$ Neale, Bill 60pm Neal, Jimmie Ur Dallas M ineola Ennis Rockdale Italy Dallas Burkburnett Ballinger Houston H ouston Gainesville F on Worth Junction Palestine Dallas Fort Worth Brenham Dallas Ben Wheeler Port Neches Temple Munday F ort Worth San Angelo Lake Jackson Fort Worth Daingerfield Dallas Dallas Den ton Houston Tulsa, Okla. San Antonio Dallas Dallas Richardson Cilliland Denton Wichita Falls C edar H ill Underclassmen: Mun-Nor Newsome, Roger 60pm Nichols, Cary 07H Nichols, Karen 0TH Nichols, Susan 60ph Nicholson, Estel UH Nicholson, William GU NiendorH, Suanne UH Nilsson, Martin Fr Nixon, Linda 60pm Nixon, Sherry GEO Noble, Jimmy Ur Noble, Patricia WU Nobles, James UN Noland, Clifton 60pm Noland, Cary Sopm Norcross, Shirley 60pm Norman, Charles UH Norman, Ralph 60pm Norris, Judy UH Norris, Marsha FH Dallas M elissa Fort Worth Danton Denton Bellaire Dallas Galveston Eldorado McKinney Fort Worth H ouston Albany Fort Worth Fort Worth Burleson Poolville Richardson F on Worth Decatur Neal, John 60pm Necessary, Bill 60pm Neely, Becky UH Neilson, Bob UH Neiman, Ronald 60pm Neis, Frank 0:10 Nelms, Sharon 60pm Nelson, Billy UH Nelson, Cathy 60pm Nelson, David 60pm Nelson, Karen UH Nelson, Kathy 07H Nelson, Linda U10 Nelson, Sandra U$ NeSmith, Judy 07r Nesuda, David UN Neuman, Gladys Sopm Newell,.Donald 60pm Newman, Anita UH Newman, Patricia 60pm Newman, Richard UH Newland, Sandra Fr Newlin, Charles Ur Newman, Pat FH Newsom, Sharon 010 Austin A nson Fort Worth Dallas Dallas Richardson Dallas Corsicana Hughes Springs Dallas Pasadena Dallas Tyler Lindale F art Worth Ennis M art Garland Dallas Longview Texas C ity Richardson B rady F art Worth Grand Prairie Norris, Sue UH Norton, Cheryl 60pm Norton, Jamie 60pm Norvell, Lea GHQ Novotny, Betty UH Cakes, Kay O?D Oates, Nila 60pm Obert, Guy 0TH 0,C0nner, John UH UConner, Sheryl 07H Odom, Kathy 60pm Odom, Olin UH 0,D0wd, Michael 60pm Ohde, Lana 60pm Okon, Harold GIN Olsen, Sandra W0 O Neil1, Cynthia 03H 0,Neill, Nancy 07H O,Neill, Warren Ur 0 Quinn, Floyd 60pm Ormson, Judy 60pm Orr, Gwynn UH Orr, Harold WH Orr, Judy UH Orton, Richard 0710 Osborn, Sandra 60pm Osborne, Jerry WW Osborne, John 07H Osborne, Larry UGO Osborne, Sherrod FH Osborne, Tommy 60pm Otte, Calvin UN Owen, Cissie GM Owen, David UH Owen, Jonnelle 07H Owen, Maurice U10 Owens, Diana FH Owens, Larry $opm Owens, Rebecca 60pm Owens, Wayne UN Elk City, Okla. Gainesville Houston Dallas Abbott Lubbock Lufkin F or: Worth Oak Ridge, Tenn. F on Worth Carrolllon Cisco San Antonio Dallqs Dallas Fort Worth Carrollton F ort Worth Dallas M idland Burger H illsboro Borger Panhandle M idland Dallas Irving Houston Houston H urst F on Worth F redericksburg Fort Worth El Campo Grand Prairie Ranger I 01011 Park Dallas Dallas Dallas Underclassmen: Nor-Pea Owens, William 60pm Oyster, Michael 60pm Pace, Anita Ur Pace, Carol 60pm Page, Dora UH Page, John UH Palewsky, Anita Fr Palmer, Johnny Ur Palu, Barry Ud Panzera, Richard 60pm Pappas, Gus UH Parish, Donna U:H Parish, James Fr Parish, Lyn 0710 Parker, Kay 60pm Parker, Shirley UH ParkhiH, Donna U70 Parkhurst, James NH Parks, Jo-Carol Fr Parks, Susan 60pm Parrish, Gary 60pm Parrish, Lonnie UH Parson, Dyana 60pm Parsons, Susan G710 Pate, Lorna W10 Patmore, Charles 60pm Patrick, James 01H Patrick, John 0310 Patrick, Lee Ur Patterson, Ann UH Patterson, Ann EH Patterson, Bobbye UH Patterson, James UH Patterson, Jerry 60pm Patterson, Lynda UH Patterson, Patricia 60pm Patterson, Sandra Sopm Patton, J0 W10 Patton, Robert UVH Paxson, Jan 07H Payne, Cholly UH Payne, Janice U10 Payne, Jerry GHQ Pearce, Betty W0 Pearcy, Michael U10 Iowa Park Carrollton M arshall Dallas F orney Garland Dallas Dallas Brooklyn, N.Y. F or! Worth Dallas F ort Worth Hurst Richardson Denton Galveston Dallas Tulsa Rosebud Dehton Wilson, Okla. Wilson, Okla. Richardson Fort Worth Hobbs, N. M. Dallas H untsville I wing Dallas DalLas Snyder T exarkana Bells Red Springs Seymour Dallas C rane Dallas M idland H ouston Santa Maria, Calif. Kopperl Denton Tiaga Wealherford irie Post Irving Fort Worth Okla. A bilene Pilot Point A marillo Dallas Temple Frisco Austin Beaumont Dallas Hooks Grand Pm Munday Dallas White Oak Munday Wichita Falls Abilene Electra Longview Leila Sherman F on: Worth Mar lcia 0710 150mm F ger 07H Sue 01H S 21V , Ann 60pm d Jr ID 0 ue i Bill 60pm an , Angela 60ph , D J ennington ins, ins, Pendehon, Jan 60pm rk r ', Pendleton, Joyce UN Penick, Jan 60pm Penick, Patr Penick, Sandra $0pln Perkins, Judy 60pm Fenland, Claudia UH Perkins, Martha 0710 Perkins, Pat 07H R Pendergraft, Fain 9V0 Penn, Peck, Phylis UH Peden, Jadalyn tFH Peel, George 0710 Pels, Elizabeth 07H Pensyl, Celia WM Penton, Lou 07H Perez, Daniel U?H Perkins, Perk e 1 P Penna P Peiry, Pec-Pol Paris Dallas irie n e m s S h c r e d n U Dallas Fort Worth F or: Worth Dallas Eastland F ort Worth Fort Worth Dallas Big S pring Dallas Dallas Richardson Grand Pra , 56$an 3 g? NE? iiwnnnvwak Perry, Mike 60pm Perry, Pamela 60pm Perry, Ronnie GFU Perry, Sharon 60pm Perry7 William 60pm Persful, Bob UN Pesnell, William 60pm Peters, JoAnn WH Peters, Kay 0TH Peters, Robert UH Peters, Suzanne, W0 Peterson, Jimmy U10 Peterson, Linda 07H Peterson, Merle U10 Peterson, Sharon 60pm Peterson, Toni UH Petrie, Jim LFH Petrie, Tom FH Petty, Janelle HTN Petty, Larry GTN Petty, Sharla 60pm Pfiuger, Kaye UH Phariss, Barbara 070 Phelan, Rachael UN Phelps, Isabel Ur Phelps, Lewis 60pm Phenix, Alan U7N Philbrick, Don UH Phillips, Donna UFH Phillips, Gerald UGO Phillips, Larry UN Phillips7 Saundra 67H Phillips, William KSOplU Phipps, David K'FH Phipps, Michael 07H Pickett, Joe 60pm Pickett, Linda Fr Pierce, Laura Wu Pierce, Nancy 07H Pierce, Patsy UH Henderson Denton Demon Clarksville Irving Clarksville San Angelo Fort Worth Big Spring Celina Andrews Dallas Benton Fort Worth Rockdale Dumas Lackland AFB Dallas Wellington Richardson Fort Worth Dallas Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Pierre, Suzanne UH Pierson, Lynn UH Pietzsch, Janet GIN Pigg, Karen GFH Pigg, Richard 60pm Pink, Jerry 60pm Pinkston, Sue 60pm Pinno; John 07H Pipkin, Jean GU Piranio, Cathy 03M Pirkle, Wylie FN Pittman, Paul K'SopM Pittman, William UH Pitts, Sharon 60pm Plsek, Emily 60pm Plummer, Mary 60pm Pollard, James 030 Pollard, Susan Fr Polocek, Edward 60pm Poluogt7 Katharine 0710 F ort Worth Marlin Wichita Falls Fort Worth Dallas Wichita Falls Dallas M arlin Midland Dallas Richardson White Settlement San Angelo Forney Temple Simon Pasadena Dallas Big Foot Austin McGregor Denton Clyde Dallas Lewisville Baytawn Sherman San Antonio Denison Lovington Newcastle Gainesville Pecos Fort Worth Garland $0ph Powell, Cornelia 60pm Porter, Mary Pat WH Prachyl, Paula WH Prater, Jerry UH Porter, Connie 60pm Porter, Lynne G710 P0tts,. Burnice Porter, Beverly F1O Porter, Mary 07H Popoff, Irina UN Pounds, Bobby UN Powell, Ann UH Ponce, Sandy 60pm Poole, Gary UH Pomerenke, Judy UH agkge5 wEmuE v V e R Lrie ingtan Dallas Dallas Three Rivers Dallas Stamford Dallas McKinney Daglas Arlington Arl Brownwood Demon Midlothian San Antonio Texarkamz Grand Pra Denton gmmkukg mnmSMsist Pom NH Probeck, Janis 07H dmnwigwwwmm g F$ Soph Charles Grr 13. Lyndel UH Michael 0710 Port lrginla David W0 ,. 108, 1 Pratt Prent 108 Underclassmen Price, Hank 60pm Price, Sue 60pm Price, Tom 60pm Prindle, Jebby Ur Pringle, Judy 60pm Pritchard, Marilyn 60pm Pritchett, Ronnie Proctor, William 60pm Pruitt, Donnie 07H Proffitt, Sandra 0710 Pyles, Rami HTH Quade, Melodee UH Queal, Irv 01$ Quenzer, Lynnaia Ur Raffaelli, Louis UH Ragland, Betty FH Ragsdale, Linda W10 Rainey, Bill Fr Presley, Pr Quinn, V Presley, Rainey, Janice W0 Rainey, Jerry UH Raith, Paul HVN Raley, Randall 07H Ralston, Jennell 60pm Ramey, Julie UH Rammel, Connie UH Ramsey, Jack 07H Randals, Barbara 60pm Randel, Connie $opm Ransom, Linda 0710 Ranton, Sandi W10 Rassner, Mike U10 Ratcliff, John UH Raub, Harriet UH Rawls, Suzanne FH Ray, James 0.70 Ray, Pam 60pm Raybon, Donnie UN Raybon, Ronnie UH Read, Joseph 60pm Read, Jan UH Read, Lana EH Read, Rodney G730 Reasoner, Norma U10 Reaves, Arthur 0710 Reavis, Craig G?H Reddick, Karen 07m Reece, Ricky GD Reece, Sharon Wm Reed, Brian FH Reed, Regina UH Reeder, John F0 Reeder, Robert UrH Reese, JoAnne W0 Reese, Pat WU Reeves, Robert Ur Reid, Andra 010 Reiswig, David Sopm Render, James 60pm Reneau, Judy UN Renner, Mehl 60pm Renshaw, Dal G710 Renshaw, Ted 010 Reveley, Karen GU Dallas Wellington Dallas C arrollton M idlothian Denton Dallas Bellevue H ico Big S pring Irving Gainesville Brownsville Livingston De'catur M arshall Orange Dallas Brownfield Brownfield Denison Dallas Mart Bridgeport Azle Jacksboro Sherman Fort Worth Dallas Prosper Dallas H ouston Dallas Sherman Waco San Antonio Dallas San Antonio Beaver, Okla. Denzon M cKinney Fort Worth Big S pring Decatur Dallas Rexroad, Don W10 Rexroat, Danny 60pm Reynolds, Richard 60pm Rhodes, Howard W10 Rhodes, SueAnn 0710 Richards, Edward 010 Richards, Mary W10 Richardson, Donny Jr Richardson, Gary UH Richardson, Sallye F10 Richardson, Sammye U10 Richardson, Terry UH Richter, Carolyn U10 Richter, Dennis W10 Ridlon, Roger 07W Riefler, Chris W0 Rietschel, Bob WH Riggins, Johnny UH Riley, Barbara U?H Riley, Judy Gr6 Rinearson, Mikel Sopm Rino, Janet 60pm Rislov, Karen FH Rispoli, Joanna W10 Ritchie, Vernon 60pm Rivoire, Vikki 0'10 Roach, Ida 60pm Robbins, Jon UH Robbins, Robert GM Robbins, Steve FH Roberson, John 0710 Robert, Sue 60pm Roberts, John UH Roberts, John UH Roberts, Kathryn W10 Roberts, Peggy G710 Robertson, David 010 Robertson, Elizabeth 60pm Robertson, Gary 60pm Robertson, James 03H Pampa M oran Richardson Dallas Grand Prairie San Antonio Richardson Texarkana Denton Rhome Midland Stinnett Corpus Christi Decatur Justin Dallas Richardson Waco Krum Waxahachie San Antonio Savoy Dallas Lewisville Brownwood Gainesville Gainesville F ort Worth Dallas Dallas Levelland Odessa Dallas Dallas M in eola Orange Kilgore Grand Prairie Vernon Dallas Underclassmen: Rex-Rol Robertson, Karen Um Robertson, Ronald 60pm Robertson, Sharon KFU Robinson, Charles UH Robinson, David 60pm Robinson, Frank GHQ Robinson, James tFH Robinson, Joseph 60pm Robinson7 Mary tSophJ Robinson7 Rita UH Rohnett, Carol tFIJ Roe, Judy kFU Rocholl, Carole Ur Rodriguez, Patricia K'Sopm Rogers, Elizabeth QHH Rogers, Elizabeth Fr Rogers, Gail KJr Rogers, Gloria 60pm Rogers, Janet U0 Rogers, Janie 60pm Rogers, Karen 60pm Rogers, Katie UTH Rogers, Nancy KFH Rohde, Mary Lee 60pm Rolater, Rick UH Longview Grand Prairie Dallas Electra Fort Worth Fort Worth Dallas Fort Worth Farmers Branch Celina Dallas F ort Worth Garland Dallas Dallas Denton Jacksonville Iraan Whitesboro Whitesboro F ort Worth Dallas Dallas Fort Worth Fort Worth A good eye, plenty of chalk, a steady hand, concentration, a slight knowledge of geometry and even a little luckWall are neces- sary for a winning game of pool. Underclassmen: Rol-Sch Roller, Fran UH Roman, Juanita UH Romer, Linda FH Roper, Billy Sopm Roquemore, Phil UH Rosch, UN Rose, Carolyn 60pm Rose7 James 60pm Rose, Richard 0710 Roseler, Gay 60pm Rosen, Zadel 07H Rosenbalm, Carolyn 010 Rosebrough, Gail Ur Ross, Bettye 60pm Ross, Elizabeth 60pm Ross, Marian 60pm Ross, Michael UTIO Roth, Beth U?H Rotramble, Vick 60pm Rousseau, Veronica GFH Roussel, Betzy UN Rowe, Dona UGO Rowe, William Fr Rowland, Nell 0710 Rowlett, Susan 60pm Royston, Roy GrH Rucker, Fred 60pm Rudd, Jane Fr Ruddell, Kathey 07H Rudkin, Roberta UH Rue, Frank W10 Rue, Mary GB Ruff, Mary UTN Russell, Cathy 60pm Russell, David Ur Russell, Lee Um Russell, Marie Sopm Russey, Sheila FN Russell, Sam Old Russell, Richard UH Plano Dallas Henderson H ereford Mineral Wells Deriton N 011i ce Garland Dallas Carrollton Dallas Dallas Lubbock Brownsville, Tenn. Carrollton Ozona Arlington Dallas N ocamz Dallas Port A rthur T errell Dallas Vernon Demon Denison Denison H ouston Dallas Dallas Piqua Whitesbaro Longview Decatur Fort Worth Smithfield Danton Bellaire Stephenville Dallas Ruth, David 60pm Rutherford7 Sandra WHO Rutkowski, Sammye 0:0 Rutledge, Anita WN Rutledge, Annette 60pm Rutledge, Connie U70 Ruyle, Ronald 60pm Ryan, Carolyn UH Ryan, Kathleen Fr Ryan, Michael 60pm Sabitier, Cecy 60pm Sague, Brian Fr Saichek, Darryl 60pm Saichek, Dennis L110 Saldana, Beatrice 07W Saldana, Lynda UH Saldana, Yolanda UTIO Saling, Ronald Fr Sammons, Cindy 070 Sample, Lynda FH Sanders, Grace UH Sanders, Nelda 60pm Sanders, Nita Ud Sanders, Shirley FN Sanderson, Robert WH Sandlin, Michael FN SanFilippo, Doris Fr Sappington, Myron UH Sapsky, Raymond 60pm Satterwhite, Larry UH Sauls, Barbara W10 Saunders, Linda EH Saunders, Merrill 60pm Savage, John 60pm Sawyer, Buddy 60pm Sayen, Kathleen IFH Sayers, Sandra UH Sealco, Dora tFn Scarber, Nathan 07H Scarlett, Maxwell UH Schaefer, Walt UrJ Schalk, Tom UrJ Scharlack, Myrna drn Schaub, George Ur Scheck, Nancy UTU Denison M esquite Dallas Dallas Dallas Denison M elissa Beaumont Dallas Weslaco Beaumont Dallas M ilwaukee Milwaukee Dallas Fort Worth F ort Worth Tuscola Garland Denton Dallas Fort Worth Odessa Dallas Bonham Houston Plano Elgin, Galveston Pampa Longview Dallas Longuiew Denton Dallas Dallas College Station Port Arthur Post Oak F ort W orth Cordonville Cainesville San Antonio Gatesville Azle Seheck, William 07H Schellenberger, Donna 60pm Schertz, Katrena va Schlueter, Sharon FH Schmidt, Carla UH Schmitt, Harriet F10 Schmitter, Woodson FH Schmitz, Brenda G710 Schnee, Bob 60pm Schoech, Marjorie 010 5011011, Brenda UH Schroeder, Pam FH Schott, Victoria $0pm Schuch, Janetta UH Schultz, Michael UH Schumann, Betty 60pm Schumer, Sally 07$ Schumpert, Sondra 60pm Schwah, Richard 0710 Schwahm, Wayne 60pm Schwartz, Era U0 Schwenn, Suzanne WH Scoggin, George U710 Scott, Judith 60pm Scott, Judy W10 Linda UPU Linda Sue Ud Mike Fr Nancy 60pm Robert OH Scott, Robert E. Fr Scottino, Judy 07H Scottino, Vincent 60pm Scruggs, Roy tFr! Scudieri, Arline 60pm Schwille, Marsue Sopm Seale, JoLynn FH Seals, Richard F1Q Sears, Carolyn UH Seely, Robert 0:10 Azle Dallas S pringtown F ort Worth Pettus Rising Star Cooper Dallas Irving Muenster Wichita Falls Perryton Beaumont Grand Prairie Corpus Christi Harrold Fort Worth Dallas Glen Ellyn, Ill. Mineral Wells Dallas Dallas Collinsville Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas H austan Garland Longview Dallas Dallas Pharr Bedford Dallas Electra Dallas A bilene Fort Worth Sessums, Sue UH Sewell, Sheila 07W Sexton, Larry Sopm Shakely, Jean 60pm Shank, Dean WH Sharp, Broderick UH Sharp, Dana GFU Sharp, Dick QFr Sharp, Dianne 60pm Shattuck, Rhody 0TH Shaw, Sandy U7H Sheffield, Theresa 0710 Shell, Linda UH Shepherd, Danny 60pm Shepherd, Harwell 07H Shepherd, Janet 0710 Sherry, Debby 50pm Shields, Judy 60pm Shine, Michael WU Shipley, Fred G710 Shipley, James Ur Shipley, Norman 60pm Shipman, Nina W10 Shire, Stuart UTH Shirejian, Michael 0710 Shirley, Albert 0710 Shirley, Ronald 60pm Shisler, Loren O70 Shivers, Doris Ur Shockley, Jan FH F art Worth N ocona Garland Dallas Denton Trinidad Trinidad Dallas Moody Jacksonville Dallas H ouston German Gatesville Demon F ort Worth Dallas Wylie Dallas Houston Waxahachie Dallas Dallas Dallas F art Worth Borger Ballinger Fort Worth Carthage Dallas Sefcik, Camille UGO Sefton, John U?H Sego, Judy Ora Seibold, Robert UGO Seibt, Pat UH Seider, Juanita UH Self, Mary 07H Selk, Suzanne UIO Sellick, Pam 60pm Sen, Sudhir WH Sesnick, Jeanette WM Sensabaugh, Dwight Ur Sensabaugh, Mary 07H Serur, Jean 60pm Sessums, Rachel 60pm Dallas Dallas H askell C orpus C hfisti Austin Hamilton Denton Dallas Gainesville Simla, India F on" Worth Andrews Andrews Paris F ort Worth Shoffner, Vickie 07H Short, Jan 010 Short, Janith 60pm Short, John 60pm Shonan, Sylvia U710 Shreffler, Betty U7N Shreeve, David UH Shropshire, David WHO Shuford, Tom 010 Shuler, Linda 07H Shultz, Cynthia F1O Shultz, David 0710 Shumate, Carolyn U10 Shwadlenak, Elaine 60pm Silberman, Rita FH Siegfreid, Dianne Fr Siemsen, Bill WH Sier, Barbara UH Sikes, Patricia FH Silcox, Jimmy UFU Simmons, Beth 60pm Simmons, Daphene UVH Simmons, Mary U10 Simmons, Phil UH Simpson, Mary $opm Sims, Alvin G710 Sims, Danny 07H Singleterry, John 60pm Sinks, Ronnie UTH Sipes, Barbara WH Sirmans, Suzanne $01310 Sissom, Janice UH Sitz, Gerry tFH Sizer, Ellen 0310 Skeeters. Tommy 60pm Skinner, Bob Ur Skinner, Robert 07H Skrasek, Joan 60pm Skrodzki, Julie G7N Slater, Susan U76 Hurst Fort Worth Post Marshall Farmers Branch Dallas F on: Worth Waxahachie Whitesboro Dallas Glasgow AFB Abilene Arlington T ahoka Fort Worth Rochester Crowley Smithfield Rochester H urst F risco Garland Weslaco Bowie Fort Worth San Antonio F on Worth Aubrey Palestine Dallas Waco Dallas F ort Worth Dallas Dallas Underclassmen: Sho-Smi ??;w Egg 1 91 : waggh Slaton, J0 Carol 60pm Slayter, Barbara 07H Sloan, Peggy 60pm Sloan, Roddy UH Slone, Barbara UH Smallwood, Tommy U10 Smallwood, Vicki tFH Smartt, Jim 0310 Smith, Ann Sopm Smith, Beth um Smith, Betty $0pm Smith, Beverle U10 Smith, Bill 60pm Smith, Charles 60pm Smith, David GVH Don 60pm Don 07H Donald 60le Donald L. 07H Frankie 60pm Smith, Forrest 60pm Smith, Glenda tFH Smith, Jacqueline 07H Smith, James GTU Smith, James UH Smith, Jean Van UN Smith, Jeanne Gopm Smith, Jerry Wm Smith, Jerry 60pm Smith, Juanita 60pm Judy 50ph Kelly Sopm Larry 07H Larry 0730 Larry 010 Smith, Marilyn 60pm Smith, Mary Ann U710 Smith, Merrill GTN Smith, Michael Soph Smith, Michael UH Nancy 60pm Nelda 60pm Randye GIN Robert Fr Sarah 0710 Olney Orange F art Worth Dallas Abilene Dallas Richardson El Paso H urst Dallas F ort Worth- Comanche Dallas Grand Prairie Dallas Duncanville Irving Carrollton Lake Dallas Quanah Dallas Grand Saline Dallas Grand Prairie Dallas F ort Worth Petersburg Dallas Richardson Pasadena Knox City Athens Demon Sherman Hughes Springs Longview Waco Richardson Irving San Antonio Grand Prairie Paris Austin Dallas Creenville Spain, Janine 07H Spain, Philip U10 Spain, Sherry 0:10 Spann, Carol 07m Sparkman, Virginia GTU Sparks, Ethel WM Sparks, Jerry tFw Sparks, John 60pm Spaulding, Camille 60pm Spears, Becky WH Specht, Nancy G7H Speece, Jim 60pm Speegle, Bruce UN Speegle, Jane 60pm Speir, Sharon UN Underclassmen: Smi-Sta Decatur Haskell Farmersville Cleburne Post Oak E as ton Dallas Dallas A ustin Burleson Selman City Dentan C isco Tyler Dallas Sheila W10 Shirley FH Susan GU Stephen UH Tommy G710 Smith, Van WN Smith7 Wayne UN Smith, William G?H Sneed, Sheila W10 Snodgren, Sharon W10 Snow, Barbara UH Snow7 Jerry UN Snowden, Janie G7H Snowden, Judy UTH Snyder, Pauline 60pm Snyder7 Sondra 07H Sockwell, Pete 60pm Solomon, Diedra 60pm Solomon, Judy 60pm Sorrell, Jerry HQ South, Sheryl 0710 Southerland, Michael 050 Souza, Mary GD Sowell, Norman L110 Soyers, Janie HMO Fort Worth Midland Fort Worth Longview Breckenridge Fort Worth Redwater Roscoe Eastland Dallas Corpus Christi Brownwood Sherman Sherman Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Dallas Graham Dallas F art Worth Ovilla Dallas Brownwood Decatur Spencer, Gayle UH Spencer, Mike 0710 Spencer, Nancy GU Spencer, Robert UH Sperry, Suzanna U10 Spillar, Michael 60pm Spindle, Henry UN Spiva7 Sue U7N Spoon, Leslie G70 Spradley, Jane 60pm Spradley, Janice GopkU Spradlin, Fran W10 Spradlin, James UH Spradling, Lucy 60pm Spradlin, Terril UH Spray, Geney U0 Springer, Drew UH Springer, Mary UN Springfield, Jeannie $opm Sprott, Bill 01$ Sprowl, Cheryl 07H Spuller, Sharyn 50pm Spurgin, Billy U$ Squier, Marc UH Sreenan, Rosemary 60pm Dallas Midwest City, Okla. Huntsville Wills Point Mineola Silsbee San Antonio Abilene Bonham Inglewood, Calif. Inglewood, Calif. Dallas Snyder Dallas Pasadena M atador Weatherford Rockwall Plain view Killeen Dallas Demon DeSoto Garland Dallas St. Clair, Richard 07H St. John, Geraldine U10 St. John, Ric 60pm St. Martin, Charlotte $01310 Stacy, Marvin 60pm Stafford, Barbara WN Stailey, David 60pm Stambaugh, Joyce 60pm Stamps, Sue U7H Stanford, Douglas U10 Stanley, Jonabeth 07H Stanley, Nelda 60pm Stapler, Kirk 09m Starke, Gayle UH Starkey, Kathleen UN Starnes, Jerry U10 Starnes, Judy 07H Starnes, Mike 07H Stavlo, Leon UN Stauss, Carolyn kFN Dallas F art Worth Fort Worth Grand Prairie Dallas Jefferson Reading, Pa. C elina Gainesville Dallas Dallas 0d655a Demon Dallas Fort Worth Fort W orth Fort Worth Dallas Sunray Corpus Christi Steenson, Richard 0719 Steere, Fred UN Steffee, John U$ Stegall, James WH Stein, Gary F0 Stein, Madilyn UH Stein, Margaret UN Steinberg, Diane 60pm Stevenson, Judy W10 Stekelenburg, Carl 60pm Stephens, Duane UH Stephens, William WH Stephenson, Mack UH Stevens, Wesley Fr Stevenson, Albert WH Stewart, Jo FH Stewart, Johnnie FH Stewart, Michael 60pm Stewart, Renee U710 Stiff, David 60pm Stiles, Mary 60pm Stillings, Donna 07'H Stinson, Howard 60pm Stockton, Ann 00 Stockton, Charles 010 Stockton, Terry 60pm Stone, Nelda UH Stone, Robert WU Stone, Stephen U10 Stone, Tony FH Stout, Joe GU Stover, Sandy 070 Strader, Jane GE Strange, Virgil 010 Strawn; Eugenia' 00 Streetman, Michael U19 Streetman, Roger CFH Streit, Bonney CSopm Strait, Dianne 0719 Stribling, Jackie Fr Richardson Dallas Tyler Duncanville Wichita F alls Dallas Galveston Bellaire Dallas A rlington Dallas Denton San Angelo F ort Worth Corinth, Mi'ss. Fort Worth Mineola Abilene Wichita Falls Dallas Dallas F ort Worth Hugo, Okla. El Paso Plainview Daingerfield Dallas Demon LaMarque Dallas Dallas H ere ford Dallas Underclassmen: Ste-Tay Swaim, Tom WH Swanholm, Dale U710 Swanzy, Harold 0710 Swartz, Allen Soph Sweeney, Mike GHQ Sweet, Diane UH Sweet, Don WU Swindall, Doris UH Swindle, Larry G710 Tabb, Robert 60pm Taft, Janice 07W Talbot, Vivian 07D Tallant, Larry G310 Tallas, Mary 0710 Taormina, Charles 0?0 Tappin, Tony 60pm Tale, Bobbi UH Tate, Martha k'FH Tatum, Mary U10 Taylor, Charlotte OH Corpus Christi Denton Rosebud San Antonio Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Waco F on Worth Galveston Dallas Temple J ustin F or: Worth Post Stribling, Zena 07H Strickland, Jasper UN Stricklin, Cathy 60pm Stricklin, Marilyn tFH Stringfellow, Sandra 07H Stroble, Charles U0 Strobel, Tim 60pm Strong, Jacqueline UTU Stroup, Joyce tFU Strozeski, Michael UH Strunc, Miles UH Stuart, Robert WN Stuckey, Beth FH Stults, Rommie Ur Stumbaugh, Michael 60pm Styrsky, John 0710 Suckle, Richard 60pm Sullins, Dienna 60pm Summers, Herbert UH Sunderman, Sandra W0 Sutton, John 07H Summers, Steve GD Swafford, James UH Swafford, Judy 0'10 Swain, Donna F10 Denton Canton Garland Fort W 0th Carrollton Rockwall Brownwood Benton Fort Worth M cKinney Ennis Dallas Tyler Weatherford Long Beach Aledo Dallas Dallas Grand Prairie Columbus, Miss. Dallas Longview H ouston Grand Prairie Waxahachie Underclassmen: Tuy-Tip Taylor, Cheryl 60pm Taylor, Cyrel WH Taylor, Georgia 07H Taylor, Hoyt UH Taylor, Jeanette F0 Taylor, John 60pm Taylor, Nancy FH Taylor, Nita U6 Taylor, Ronny 07H Taylor, Sandra UH Taylor, Sandra UH Taylor, Sue W0 Teague, Phil QHQ Teal, James UH Teal, Mary 60pm Tedford, Tedd 60pm Teeling, Michael UFH Tei, Tina 0710 Teitelbaum, William 07'10 Telkamp, Larry GHQ Temple, Karen 0710 Templeton, Elaine U10 Templeton, Keith UH Terrell, Jeff 07H Terrell, Joye WN Terry, Claudia WH Terry, Sarah va Terry, Terry 60pm Tervooren, Dale UH Tey, Larry 60pm Tharp, Carolyn U130 Thigpen, Denise 60pm Thomas, Gayle MD Thomas, Gilford Ur Thomas, Richard 60pm Thomas, Ruby U10 Thomas, Walter Fr Thomason, Toby GM Thombs, William 0710 Thompson, Carol 60pm San Antonio Temple Ponder F on Worth Denison Dallas Seguin Wylie H ouston Fort Worth Dallas McKinney Mineral Wells Seymour Amarillo Saranac, N.Y. Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas F or! Worth Tyler Quanah Sherman Dallas Richardson H obbs, N .M . San Antonio Brawnwood Dallas H urst Grand Prairie T errell Bryan M idland Danton Fort Worth Denton Dallas Bonham Thompson, Cherylane W10 Thompson, Dennis U10 Thompson, Gerald 60pm Thompson, Karen GU Thompson, Karen 60pm Thompson, Linda W10 Thompson, Linda U0 Thompson, Marilyn UH Thompson, Patricia UH Thompson, Tom $0ph Thompson, Warren OH Thorn, Donald 07H Thornburg, Trish U76 Thornton, Connie Fr Thornton, Eddie 60pm Thorogood, Barbara 60pm Thorogood, Bill U10 Thorogood, Linda WH Thurman, David 0710 Ticknor,L Dwight 0710 Tiffany, Barbara W10 Tiffany, Camille 60pm Till, Mary Um Tiller, Wayne 07H Timpa, Gerald 60pm Tinnin, Carolyn 60pm Tinsley, Helen $0pm Tippens, Brenda 0TH Tipton, Karen Fr Axle Plainview Pine Bluff F on: Worth Irving A bilene Garland F argo, N .D. Lancaster Mesquite Fort Worth Howe San Antonio Vernon Bonham Mineral Wells Dallas M ineral Wells F or! Worth F art Worth F art W orth F art W oth La F eria Dallas Dallas Austin M arlin Dallas Waxahachie Boing-boing dolls with springy heads fill Demon variety store windows to Scrappy, found on most student property, including car windows and even watch unsuspecting passersby. A favorite is NTSU,s ex officio mascot, cigarette lighters. Scrappfs best trick: glaring at himself from all angles. Tipton, Larry 50pm Tittle, Mel tFH Tobias, Jerry 60pm Tobias, Larry $opm Tobola, Barbara- Fr Todd, Bobby 60pm Todd, Judith tFH Todd, Mildred 07H Todd, Nona FH Todd, Stamm F0 Granbury Brady Lyons, Kan. Lyons, Kan. Dallas Dallas Bonham Garland Plano F or: Worth Underclassmen: Tohms, Patricia Ur Tolbert, Norma F10 Tolson, Barbara 60pm Tomlin, Bobbie Sue HRH Tomlin, Diana UH Tomlin, Robby 50ph Tompkins, Johnny U710 Torregrossa, Trenton UTrJ Touchstone, Lana GHQ Townzen, Terry U10 Trammell, Eddie U10 Trapman, Chaflotte 60pm Traughber, Joan WH Travelstead, Sandra 0710 Traverse, Toni HFH Travis, Althea 010 Travis, Diana kFH Travis, Teri WN Trevino, Gloria UH Trevino, James UH Tribble, Susie 60pm Trimble, Clinda Sopm Trimble, James Sopm Trimble, Lynette Ur Trlica, Sharon 07H Trollinger, Judy 07H Trosper, Kay UTH Trouppy, Duncan 60pm Trout, Eddie UH Troutman, Linda U10 Tip-Vas Dallas Dallas F ort Worth F on: Worth F on: Worth A marillo Den ton Galveston Wylie Bowie A thens F ort W orth Itasca Sanger Galveston Dallas Dallas C orsicana Edinburg Edinburg Dallas F on Worth H amiltan Brownsville Dallas Terrell Dallas Wichita F alls H oaks Dallas Trugman, Awn WH Truitt, Melanie 60pm Tubb, Patricia 033 Tucker, Betty FH Tucker, Bridget W10 Tucker, Judith Fr Tucker, Linda W10 Tucker, Pam WH Tucker, Patricia W0 Tucker, Wallace 60pm Tuckey, Elizabeth 60pm Tudor, John UH Tulk, Sherry 010 Turano, James UH Turnbow, Randy 0730 Turner, Flora Ur Turner, Linda UH Turner, Richard WH Turner, Sue WH Turner, Tanya $opm Turner, Terrie F10 Turner, William F10 Turney, James FH Turquette, Doug Wd Tutle, Joan FH Underwood, Deena 07H Unger, Ed 60pm Upton, Sandra UH Urevic, Sharon O?H Utley, Edwin Gopm Utley, Paul 015 Uzzell, Judy UH Uzzi, Suzanne WH Valcik, Joe 07d Valentine, Carol U710 Vance, John U10 Vance, Mike 60pm Vandergriff, Charlotte UH Van Orden, Thomas 60pm Van Ostrand, Dean 60pm Van Well, Cay U$ Van Zandt, James UH Varga, Richard 60pm Varini, Susan 03H Vassallo, David U?H Dallas W axahachie Big Spring Millington, Tenn. Dallas Sherman F art W orth San Angelo Groesbeck Dallas M erkel Odessa Georgetown Dallas H askell Belton Dallas Tyler Lewisville Dallas Dallas H atboro, Pa. Dallas Dallas Dallas Waxahachie M idland Corsicana F or: Worth F ort Worth Dallas LaMarque H ouston Decatur Dallas Orangefield Dallas Arlington Tyler Irving Dallas Bonham Longview Richardson Grand Prairie Vick, Vicki 60pm Victor, Judith 60pm Vidal, Hcki 1Sopln Viesca, Marcelino $0p10 Viets7 Kristi KFU Visentine7 Louis KSoplU Vititow, Sherry LFN Vitopil, Barbara 07H V055, Anne Ur Waddle, Judy tFU Wade, Carolyn 181mm Wade, James UN Wade, Thomas UTH Wages, Barby UTH Wagner, George kFN Wagner, Judy 60pm Waggoman, Ann 0710 Wagner, Patricia kFrJ Wajdowi 7., PAIR Sopm Waldrip, Jam 1m Waldrop, Carolyn HM XVilldl'Up, Robert tFH W'alker. Anna 63H VVaIker, Bvlh $0p1 0 Walker, Carolyn 60pm Walker, Donna UN Walker, Jane 60pm Walker, Juanita kFH Walker, Patricia lFr Walker, Run H7N Grand Prairie Dallas Bridgeport Pearsall Dallas Fort Worth Sulphur Springs Waco Fort Worth Jefferson Dallas Quanah Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Sherman Hurst San Antonio Fort Worth Irving Houston Dallas Hurst Fort Worth Ballinger Dallas Urbana, Ill. Vaughn, Carol GU Vaughan, Marilyn 60pm Vaught, Sandra Sopth Vecck, Denise 60pm Vega, Ramon U710 Vermillion, Ronald Ur Vernon, Pamela 60pm Vernon, Suzanne tFH Vessels, Jerry Sopm Vick, Barbara kSOplU Hurst Burkburnett H ereford Richardson Fort Worth Van Alstyne Arlington Rockwall Dallas Fort Worth Walker, Ronald WU Wallace, Kay WHO Wallace, Peggy 0TH Wallace, Robert UH Wallin, Dinah 60pm Walling, Jane HFN Wallis7 Diane 60pm Wallis, Jim UFH Walls, Marti 0TH Wallwork, Wally 60pm Walston, Bill 67H Waltermire, Sandra UH Walters, Jim U0 Walters, Sandra U7H Walthall, Kathy $0pm Ward, Carolyn WH Ward, Catherine Ur Ward, Clark UTH Ward, Elizabeth Ur Ward, Cay 0530 Ward, James Fr Ward, Jennifer 070 Ward, Linda 60pm Ward, Nedwin 070 Warden, Tom 60pm Wardlaw; Mary 07H VVardlaw7 Nina U$ Ware, Barbara 0710 Warmerdam, Lynda UTU Warne, Sandra GT0 Warner, Rick 60pm Warren, Charlotte 010 Warren, George UH Warriner, Jane G70 Warwick, Suzanne U10 Wash, Sandra 07H Washmon, Terri 60pm Waters, Patsy 60pm Waters, Philo 60pm Watherwax, Virginia 60pm Watkins, Felton G710 Watkins, Marc 071$ Watkins, Mary 60pm Watson, Barbara 070 Watson, Benny 0710 F ort W orth Cisco Cainesville Cleburne Terrell Dallas Fort Worth Richardson Dallas Dallas Pontiac, Ill. Childress Dallas Fort Worth F ort Worth Chillicothe Pine Bluff, Ark., Burnet Italy Quitman San Antonio Dallas Gainesville Fort Worth M cKinney M exia C arthage Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas Denison DeKal b Kermit Fort Worth Fort Worth F on Worth Dallas Lufkin Irving Dallas Abilene McPherson, Kan. Wat-Whi Underclassmen Watson, Charles W10 Watson, Daniel W$ Watson, Gail WH Watson, James 010 Watson, Ronald Sopm Watson, Stephen Sopm Watson, Suzanne UH Wattner, Judy UH Wanner, Sherry 60pm Watts, Babe 010 Watts, Kathleen 60pm Way, Nancy GEO Weatherford, Judy 0TH Weatherford, Lynn $opm Webb, Jan $013M Webb, Lenna 0710 Webb, Stanley Soph Webb, Sue W10 Weber, Gayle 60pm Weber, Kenneth 0:10 Wedding, Sue W10 Wedel, Mary UH Wehba, Eleanor aHd Weibel, Deanna FH Weinheimer, Anne 60pm Weir, Candy W10 Weiss, Gary UH Weiss, Jeanne $opm Welborn, Doug UH Welborne, Jimmy F10 Welch, Cheryl FH Welch, Don UH Welsh, George UH Welch, Rickey G'H Weller, Carol 0330 Wells, Jan 60pm Welsch, Linden 0710 Welton, Patrick UH Werner, Matthew 07H Wesatzke, Sarah W10 C o peville Dallas Dallas Dallas Keller Dallas Dallas S eagovill e Longview Tyler Dallas H ouston Dallas Dallas F art Worth Dallas C isca Garland Galveston I wing Pottsboro Muleshoe Crowell Demon Battle Creek, Mich. Cleburne V era Abilene Irving Dallas A marillo A ustin Gladewater H ouston Pampa West, Dan UH West, David GU West, Robert UH West, Ruthie UH Westbrook, Kathy 60pm Wester, Gerald U10 Wester, Sally FH Westmoreland, Allan GrN Westphal, Gay 07H Welzel, Louise GHQ Whalen, Patricia 0710 Whatley, Norma WH Wheat, Sharon 60pm Wheeler, Betty WU Wheeler, Billie Uo 07H Wheeler, Carol G710 Wheeler, Eileen W10 Wheeler, Roberta W10 Wheeless, Patty U710 Whetstone, Penny 60pm Whipple, Laura W10 Whitaker, Clarence 60pm Whitaker, Janice 070 White, Brenda UH White, Cynthia Fr White, Elizabeth UH White, Jack 60pm White, Kay 60pm White, Leslie 0710 White, Linda 60pm White, Rebecca WW White, Sylvia UH White, Teresa Fr Whitegouse, Willard Ur Whiteker, Susan W0 Whitney, Beth 60pm Whiting, John UH Whitington, Leah 010 Whitis, Robert 60pm Whitman, Gregory UH Whitson, Lynn Ann Fr Whitt, Sara UH Whittington, Cheryl W10 Whittle, Gene 60pm Whitwell, Don GEO M cKinney F or! Worth Dallas Richardson M idland Madisonville Dallas W aco F art W orth Dallas Weatherford Seymour Waco Dallas Denver City Dallas F ort Worth F ort Worth Grand Prairie Dallas Arlington Dallas Corpus Christi Maud Fort Worth Dallas Weatherford Sherman H urst Denison Dallas F or! Worth Tyler Kerrville Lake Jackson Corpus Christi Denison Dallas C arroll ton Orange Denton Arlington Big Spring Shamrock F on Worth Underclassmen: Wid-Wir Wideman, Linda UH Widlake, Kathy GFN Widmer, Robert 60pm Wier, Robert 010 Wigand, Martha U$ Wiggins, Cynthia Ur Wiggins, Earl 60pm Wiggins, Joan 60pm Wigington, Donald UH Wigington, Ollie UH Wigley, Mike 60pm Wilborn, Nancy UH Wilcox, Ross G710 Wildman, Janet 60pm Wiles, Carroll 60pm Wiley, Gladys UN Wiley, Jerry Q39 Wiley7 Patricia UrH Wiley, Stacy 0710 Wilkerson, Priscilla W10 Wilkerson, Tommy G. UH Wilkerson, Tommy 01W Wilkinson, Tommy U10 Williams. Angela 07H Williams, Annie UVH Williams, Barbara $opm Williams, Belinda GHQ Williams, Billie 07H Williams, Billy 0?0 Williams, Boyd 0710 Williams, Brenda 60pm Williams, Dennis U$ Williams, Donald 60pm Williams, Gary 070 Williams, Gaylan 60pm Williams, Harold 073$ Williams, Jack 60pm Williams, Jackie 00 Williams, Joe U0 Williams, Linda GE A nlonio N acona Dallas Odessa Dallas A rlington Sherman Dallas Waxahachie Waxahachie Irving Dallas Mesquite Ames, Iowa Fort Worth Aledo F ort Worth Kailua, Hawaii F ort Worth F art Worth Big Spring Sherman Big Spring Sherman Grand Prairie Duncanville Harlingen Cleburne Wylie Dallas Panhandle N ocona Decatur Princeton Dallas Vernon Baytown Fort Worth Groves Arlington Wilson, Harold U710 Wilson, Jeffery 60pm Wilson, Judy WU Wilson, Kay U?H Wilson, Linda U$ Wilson, Michael H.910 Wilson, Sherry tSOpM Wilson, Steve UFH Wilson, Suzanne U710 Wilson, Ted 60pm Wilton, Treva 07H Winans, Janice UH Windsor, Barbara UH Winn, Houston 0710 Winn, Rex UN Winnett, Allen FH Winslow, Martha 0710 Winters, William UTN Winton, Patricia UVH Wirz, Richard UH Greenville Dallas C hildress M arshall M cKinney Sherman Abernathy Bellaire Coronado, Calif. Dallas Dundee 0 Donnell San Angelo Dallas Bowie Azle Abilene Gainesville Winters Seymour Williams, Lon 07H Williams, Mary 60pm Williams, Pamela WW Williams, Patricia UH Williams, Peggy 60pm Williams, Rita GEN Williams, Ronnie UN Williams, Rosa 071 Williams, Sharon UN Williams, Waymon U10 Williamson, Carol 60pm Williamson, Judy 07H Williamson, Karen U0 Williamson, Linda WHO Williamson, Ronald 03H Wills, Dorothy $0pm Willshire, Mike 0710 Wilson, Bill U7H Wilson, Billy 07H Wilson, Carolyn 0710 Wilson, Charlotte GFH Wislon, Claudia UH Wilson, Donna 60pm Wislon, Freida 0710 Wilson, Gilbert 60pm Rockdale San Antonio Arlington Whitesboru F ort Worth Waco Borger F or! Worth Longview Manahans Waco Richardson Wichita F alls Snyder Dallas Grand Prairie Dallas Fort Worth Dallas Coahoma Prosper Dallas Gainesville Ennis Westfield, NJ. Underclassmen: Wis-Zum Wommack, Larry $opm Wood, Jeannie UFH Wood, Martha 070 Wood, Pam MEG Wood, Pat 07H Wood, Trisha 60pm Woodard, Michael 00 Woodley, Sheri FH Woodruff, Cynthia UFH Woods, Cecilia 0710 Woods, Janice 010 Woods, Virginia Sopln Woodum, Barbara 0710 Woodward, Ruth 0.710 Woolard, Donna 07H Wootan, Lesley 60pm Worley, Bobby Gan Worlow, Joy 0710 Worsham, Jane UH Worthington, Charlene UH Worthy, Bill wn Wray, Kathleen UH Wright, Benny UN Wright, Esther FH Wright, Kay F10 Atlanta Colorado City Fort Worth Wichita Falls H untsville Garland Paris Killeen Waco Corpus Christi Campwaod Catarina Cameron Hurst Midlothian Haskell Kermit Cleburne Corpus Christi Fort Worth Richardson Dallas Hooks Grand Prairie Wichita Falls Wiseman, Patricia kSopm Wiskera, Annelie 60pm Witcher, Vicki 010 Witherspoon, Diana 60pm Witherspoon, Dale GEN Witt, Linda 0.710 Witte, Lynne 60pm Wixx, Carmen U?U Woelfley, Sylvia tFH Wolfe, Ann 0710 Wolf, Janis 0x0 Wolfe, Joan O7N Womack, Dan L110 Womack, Marilyn 60pm Wommack, David Ur Conroe Dallas Fort Worth Denton Aubrey Dentan M cGregor Longview Los F resnos Arlington F on Worth Garland Dallas Pasadena Atlanta Wright, Linda 60pm Wright, Linda Kay Ur Wright, Loyd urn Wright, Madalyn 60pm Wright, Stephany UN Wright, Timothy 60pm Wrinkle, Rosemary G70 Wulfe, Edward GVU Wunderl, Mary Ann Ur Wyles, Michael 60pm Wynn, Esther 60pm Wynn, Nancy 60pm Yahr, Richard UN Yancey, Margaret UN Yancey, Patrick UH Yarbrough, Janis F10 Yarbrough, John QFO Yarhrough, Nancy UH Yardley, Rick 60pm Yee, Kenny tFH Yonce, Gary W10 Yondorf, Mike 0710 York, David U?H Young, Ann 0710 Young, Betty Fr Young, Carol 05H Young, Cynthia WH Young, Paula Fr Young, Robert UH Young, Roger WN Young, Susanne 60pm Youngblood, Joe Fn Youngdahl, Brian Ur Youngman, Suzanne $opm Youngs, William UTIO Younse, Danny U0 Zachary, Charles WH Zahorian, Joan Fr Zajicek, Charles UN Zalkovsky, Marilyn UH Zellars, Rodney W$ Zimmerman, Granville UH Zimmerman, Robert 0710 Zimmerman, Sandra U10 Zumberge, Jack 60pm Fort Worth Overton Wink Bangor, M e. Arlington Arlington Azle Plano San Angelo Kermit Longview Fort Worth F art Worth Pleasanton Dallas Perryton Denton Lewisville Abilene Dallas H owe Wichita Falls Dallas Los Fresnos Tyler Fort Worth Sulphur Springs Demon Dallas Dallas Richardson W aco Sioux City, Iowa Dallas Terrell Baytown Richardson Cleveland, Ohio Burger Dallas F risco H urst Den ton San A ntonio Dallas SENIOR CREDITS ABBREVIATIONS KEY ACE: Association for Childhood Education ACEI: Associznion for Childhood Education Inti-rnutional AFROTC: Air Force ROTC AIAA: American Industrial Arts Association AIP: American Institute 01 Physics BSU: Baptist Student Uninn IFC: Inter-Fraternily Council 150: Independent Students Organization SRC: Student Religious Council TCOC: Top Coed on Campus TIAA: Texas Industrial Arts Association UJS: United Jewish Students USNT: United Students of North Texas WDA: West Dormitory Association WRA: ancn1s Recreational Association MENC: Music Eilucalorsi National Conference NEA: National Education Association SAAD: Student Association of Advertising Designvrs SAEA: Student Art Education Association SAID: Siudent Association of Interior Designers SAM: Society for Advancement of Management SEA: Student Education Association AARON, Loretta Jean, Sec. Ed. 10-129 Toiman Houston, Texas Womenis Forum SEA Chancery Club History Club ADAMS, Sarah Jo, Eiom. Ed. Box 124 E Smithfield, Texas SEA ACE BSU ADAMSON, William, Marketing 1012 Houston Kilgore, Texas Delta Sigma Pi Marketing Club Management Club Finance Club ALDERS, Jerry Dean, Business 230 Pleasant Drive Mount Pleasant, Texas SAM Sophomore Senator SEA Investments Club ALEXANDER, Raymond. Accounting 707 W. 18 Big Spring, Texas Roger M. Ramey Accounting Club WDA, treasurer ISO ALFORD, Karen, Elem. Ed. Ranch Eslalcs, Rt. 1 Demon, Texas SEA ALLEN, John David, Prod. and Ad Mgt. 1902 Belmeade Drive Brownwood, Texas SAM ALLEN, Nelda, Home Economics Box 61 Whitney, Texas Ellen Hi Richards Women1s Forum ANDERSON, Ada Mae, Home EC. Ed. 807 Avenue D Hereford, Texas Ellen H. Richards ANDERSON, John, Biology 2517 Langdon Dallas, Texas ANDERSON, Sally, English 3410 Lee Greenville, Texas Chi Omega, political chmn. Kappa Delta Pi Senior Mary Arden Pi Delta Phi ANTHONY, Mark, Pre-demal 3913 Birchman Avenue Fort Worth, Texas APPELL, William M,, Sociology 4709 Alta Vista Dallas, Texas ARMSTRONG, Janice, Elem. Ed. 906 Kaufman Waxahachie, Texas ACE NEA ARNETTE, David Allen, Business 5614 Boaz, ;tt7 Dallas, Texas ARNOLD, John, Elem. Ed. 108 Jayellcn Burleson, Texas Delta Sigma Phi ARWINE, Robert, Sec. Ed. 4537 Baystone Dallas, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma ARRINGTON, Ronald, Mathematics 527 Center Demon, Texas Sigma Nu AFROTC AVERY, Carol, History 6814 Tulip Lane Dallas, Texas Chi Omega, pledge trainer SEA 488 Senior senator Phi Alpha Theta AXE, Jcrcbeth, E1em. Ed. 1005 Kingsbridge Garland, Texas SEA ACE AYERS, Both, Elem. Ed. 1527 Oak Knoll Dallas, Texas SEA BABER, Pam, Home Ec. Ed. 1508 Sequoia Tyler, Texas Ellen H. Richards SEA BAILEY, Charles, Ad. Mgt. 6544 Danbury Dallas, Texas Marketing Club Management Club BAILEY, Linda, 500. Ed. 4214 Princeton Garland, Texas BAIRD, Charles, Marketing 3601 Janette Drive Fort Worth, Texas Arnold Air Society Roger M. Ramey Marketing Club Newman Club BAKER, Pat, Elem. Ed. Box 152 Throckmorlon, Texas Alpha Delta Pi, President Kappa Delta Pi ACE SEA BALLAUER, David, Phys. Ed. 713 Polly Azle, Texas T-Club AHPER Track Captain BANE, George, Business 1500 W. Oak Demon, Texas BANKS, Mary Alice, English 1901 Halsell Bridgeport, Texas BARBER, Raymond, Sec. Ed. 1811 Mill Cainesville, Texas BARBER, Shirley Gene, Education 1811 Mill Cainesville, Texas BARGER, Erin Louise, Music Ed. 7323 Femon Dallas, Texas Alpha Delta Pi Angel Flight SEA Mu Phi Epsilon BARHAM, Dane Alan, Government 1346 Maureen Drive Dallas, Texas Sigma Nu BARKEMEYER, Georgia, Education Rosebud, Texas SEA ACE Womenis Forum Gamma Theta Epsilon BARNER, Joe, Biology 521 Aqua Dallas, Texas BSU, president Beta Beta Beta BARNES, Joe, Marketing 813 Austin Garland, Texas Della Sigma Pi Marketing Club Accounting Club BARTON, James A., Biology 2508 Glenwood Denton, Texas Phi Eta Sigma Beta Beta Bela BARTON, Joe, Insurance 124 Austin Catesville, Texas Insurance Club Finance Club BASH, James, Industrial Arts 415 Meier Drive Jefferson City, Missouri Arnold Air Society AFROTC troop commander BASS, Ethel, Elem. E11. 3627 Travis Fort Worth. Texas BATEMAN, Rhonald, Banking and Finance 7218 Cortland Dallas, Texas BATES, Philip, Industrial Arts Box 1269 Colorado City, Texas Industrial Arts Club BATEY, Hensley Kermit, Business 1632 El Monte San Antonio, Texas Management Club BEAL, Nancy, English 42-17 Barksdale Dallas, Texas Phi Beta Lambda, sec. SEA BEALL, Ronald, Business 305 West Garnet! Gainesville, Texas Theta Chi Finance Club BEALL, Sandra, Elem. Ed. 305 West Garnet! Gainesville, Texas Kappa Delta Womenis Forum Kappa Delta Pi BEENE, Richard, Journalism Box 95 Canadian, Texas Sigma Delta Chi, sec. Blue Key Yucca, editor BECK, Clcmems, Phys. Ed. 903 Viilaret San Antonio, Texas BELLAFF, Herbert, Economics 5995 Shore Parkway Brooklyn, New York BENNETT, Eugene, Business Rnute 4 Terrell, Texas BENNETTA, James Newton, Speech and Drama 1307 Clower San Antonio, Texas BSU, enlistment co-chmn. NSEA Young Democrats ISO BENNETT, Janis, Sec. Ed. 1012 Ridge Road Marlin, Texas BENNETT, Martha, Interior Design Route 2 Kercns, Texas BENT, Jack, Personnel Mgr. 9938 Donegal Dallas, Texas Lambda Chi Alpha, sec. Phi Beta Lambda Finance Club SAM BERENDZEN, Max, Productian Mgt. 213 Sandra Drive Irving, Texas BERG, Katherine, Marketing 1118 13th Street Galveston, Texas Womenis Forum Phi Chi Theta Marketing Club BESSE, Woudyi Adv. Art 1019 Lincoln Alice, Texas Fencing Club BETTEss William 13., Accounting 2615 Brookfield Denton, Texas Alpha Chi Phi Eta Sigma Accounting Club Young Republicans BEYNON, Barbara, Psycho1ogy 1539 West 6th Street Irving, Texas Alpha Phi, cones. sec. Psi Chi, treas. Angsl Flight BIGGERSTAFF, Patti, Elem. Ed. 321 West 9th Strnot Bonham, Texas SNEA ACE Yucca staff BIGGS, Bill, Marketing 4407 Gulf Midland, Texas Young Democrats Delta Sigma Phi, v.p. IFC BISHOP, Betty, Elem. Ed. Route 1 Millsap, Texas BISHOP, Julian, Journalism 3816 Appietree Laue Tyler, Texas BSU Sigma Delta Chi Chat staff Upsilon Beta Gamma BISHOP, Philip, Finance 622 Town Creek Drive Dallas, Texas BISSETT, Robert, Marketing 709 Ninth Street Baliinger, Texas ' DA Marketing Club BLACK, Carolyn, Elem. Ed. 1811 Dale Place Irving, Texas SNEA Dean,s List BLACK, Jean Ann, Sec. Ed. 244-4- Hudspeth Dallas, Texas SNEA Phi Beta Lambda Women's Forum Religious Council BLACK, Larry, Ad. Mgt. 206 West 14th Street Irving, Texas BLACKBURN, John, Marketing 2100 Bonnie View Dallas, Texas Sigma Phi Epsilon Marketing Club Management Club BLACKWELL, Sharon, Library Service 114 Bird Drive Carthage, Texas Alpha Beta Alpha, president anen1s Forum BLANKS, Sharon, Elem. Ed. 1707 Timbergrove Dallas, Texas Women's Forum Zeta Tau Alpha, cor. sec. SEA BLANSETT, Randy, Business 11029 Royal Haven Lane Dallas, Texas AFROTC BLASSINGAME, Nelda, Spanish Box 680 Palestine, Texas Sigma Delta Pi Marching band, majorene Concert band BLEDSOE, Philip, Industrial Arts 112 North lst Street Haskell, Texas Industrial ArQs Club BOEGER, Konnie, English 1008 West Thomas 1 Pasadena, Texas Delta Gamma, pres. Whois Who Alpha Chi Mary Arden BOOK, Betsy, Business Ed. 4-524 Bluffview Dallas, Texas Delta Gamma Phi Chi Theta, rush chmn. Phi Beta Lambda Women's Forum BOOZER. Howard, Psychology 111443 Valley Dale Dallas. Texas Psi Chi BORDERS, Patrick. Govt-rnnwnl 6119 Tremont Dallas, Texas BOSTICK, Sherry. Spovch 500 Terrace Longview, Texas Sigma Alpha Em Young Republicans BOURLAND, King, Accounting 2302 Kessler Parkway Dallas. Texas Accounting Club Marketing Club Finance Club BOWERS. Judy. Elem. F11 4908 Glade Fort Worth, Texas Green Jackets Wommfs Forum SEA ACE BOWMAN, Leonard Don. Covnrmm-nl 1918-34111 Avenue N. Texas City, Texas BRADY, Pal, Insurance 8111 Chadbournn 111111215, Texas Delta Sigma Pi Iota Nu Sigma BRALEY, Joseph M1. A11v1 Art 502 Avenue E. Donton. Texas Phi Kappa Sigma SAAD Young Republicans BRANSFORD, Ann. Eninsh 1504 Lancelot Berger, Texas Delta Gamma Angel Flight, 11. cmmrlr. Green Jackets Sophomore Senator BRATCHER, Charles. Sm: Ed. 303 1111: Street Nocona. Texas Philosophy Club BRINKER, Jane.vAccnlInIing 3607 Loma Odessa, Texas Accounting Cluh BRINKLEY, Linda, Food and Nutrition 1911 N. Woods Sherman, Texas Ellen H. Richards ISO BRISENDINE, Joynv, E1PI11. 171d. 2001 Slandifcr Fort Worth, Texas SEA Kappa Della . BRISTER. Patricia, Elom. F111. BOX 272 Lmneta, Texas Women's Forum SEA BROOKS, A. Gail, Hnmr- Ev. Route 2 Midlothian, Texas BROOKS, Cccil1e, Music Ed. 2113 S, Edgewood Fort Worth, Texas Chapel Choir Grand Chorus BROTHERS, James, Biology 407 N. Houston Shamrack, Texas Sigma Nu BROWN, Gerrard. Marketing 554- Quill Drive Wosl San Antonio, Tltxus Marketing Club BROWN, Hugh Gena Businoss 2004 Belclaire Circ1n West Corsicana, Texas BROWN, John Thmmlc. Elvin. F41, 105 S. Carrizo Big Spring, Texas BROWNLEE. Harry, Banking and Finance 1301 E. 2151 Stroot Odessa, Texas Sigma Nu BRYANT, Cecil, Insurance 556 5. Poplar Kermit. Texas BUCHANAN, Carolyn, Sproch 4935 Denley Dallas, Texas BUCK. Joan, Elem. Ed. 5757 Jacqueline Road Fort Worth, Texas Green Jackvts, song 10m10r SNEA BULLARD, Ann, Sociu1 Scir-m'r Route 2 Denton, Texas BUMPUS. Jack, Educan'nn Route 2 Italy, Texas Geezles BUMPASS, Jeanno, Bucinnas Ed. Route 2 Demon, Texas BUNNELL, Carolyn, Elvm. ErL Box 11, Route 2 Paradise, Texas SEA ACE BSU BURDEN, 01am, SM. Ed, 5511 Worth Dallas, Texas BURKETT. Joannzn English 4113 Rector Fort Worth, Texas Chi Omega, Vespers chum, Pi Delta Phi, v.p. Senior Mary Arden BURLESON, Ronald. Psychology 1712 S. Waterloo Dcnison, Texas BUSBY, Carole Anmn English 213 Barry Lane Lancaster, Toxus SEA BYROM, Mary, E1cm. Ed. 2215 Taylor anmonL Texas Bria Sigma Phi ACE SEA A1pha Bvla Alpha CAIN Margaret, F0011 and Nutrition 810 Creencach Dallas. Texas Kappa Delta E110n H. Richards Womcn1s Forum Alpha Lambda Pi CALLISON, Charlono, Homn EC. 3532 Townsend Dallas, Texas Ellen H. Richards, smu Alpha Lambda Della SEA ACE CANADA, Mariden Ruth, Elmn. E71 3214 Rugged Drive Dallas, Texas CANAFAX, Howard 110?. Education Route 1 Whilcwright, Texas CARAWAY, LuLano, Hislnry Box 819 Furmarsville, Texas Young Democrats SEA Womerfs Forum CARBONE. John, Phys1 Ed. 22 Inman Place North Arlington, New Jersey Theta Chi . AHPER Club CARDWELL, Clifford, Bus. Ad. 2704 W. Boyce Fort Worth, Texas Delta Sigma Pi, trons. Marketing Club Finance Club CAREY. Robert, Personnnl Mg. 208 S. Founh St. Jacksboro, Texas SAM Marketing C1111! CARLISLE, Cynthia, Elmn. Ed. 905 Milner Irving, Texas ACEI SEA Womerfs Forum CARR, Camilla, Spcnch and Drama 705 Hejupe Kermit, Texas Alpha Phi, rush chairman Alpha Psi Omega, soc, Supper Theatre University Players CARR. Herhy, Phys, Ell. 81 E. Beech anlewnod, Louisiana Ceczlns NTSU Varsity fnmban lvlmrnmn CARROLL. Elton. Spor-I'h Ed. Box 214 Sanderson, Tvxus' SEA, v.11. Theatre C1111; University Players Della Psi Omega CARROLL, Joe, Govvrnmvnt 105 Blackfoot Dr. Temple. Texas Chancery Club CARTER Will Rnluml. Eduamivm 2601 Dnnison Denton, Texas AFROTC CATHEY, Elizaboth, Elvin. E41. 1718 Esquire Place Grand Prairie, Texas Alpha Lambda D0111! Kappa Delta Pi Mary Arden, treas. ACE CHAMBERLAIN, Enrique, Library Scixzncc 1903 Lyon Larvdo, Texas Alpha Beta Alpha Sigma Delta Pi CHAPEL. Ann, Elem. Ed, 1834 Cedar Cn'st Drive Abilene, Texas SEA ACE Women's Forum President of MpConnell H1111 CHAPMAN, Dwight L., Government 2212 Maryland Dal1as, Texas CHRISTIAN, Carolyn, Elmn. Ea. $10 Harmon Terrace Arlington, Texas Green Jackets Kappa Delta Pi, sec. Gamma Them Upsilon, Irnas1 Mary Arden CHRISTIAN, David, Marketing 1318 Flamingo Garland, Texas Sigma Nu, chaplain Marketing Club Tennis Letterman CHRISTIAN. Jerry D., Snc. Ed. 615 E. Woodin Dallas, Texas SEA Kappa Delta Pi CHRISTIAN, Kay, Education 1318 Flamingo Garland, Texas SEA CHRISTIAN, Mack. Insurancv Box 203 Milford, Texas Iota Nu Sigma Marketing Club Young Republicum WDA CLARK, Carl, Covcrnnwnt 1605 Peyton Place Sherman, Texas AFROTC Pi Sigma A1pha CLARK. David Layton, Muaic 608 W. Canty Dallas. Texas A Cnppolla Choir Phi Mu Alpha CLARK, Kay, Elem. E1 2111 Perrylon Dallas, Texas CLARK. Russell, Banking and Financn 3840 Westerly Road Fan Worth, Texas Young Republicans Alpha Lambda Pi CLARY, Barbara, Elvm. Ed. Route 1 Millsap, Texas Kappa Delta Pi Women's Forum SEA ACE CLIFTON, Fran. English 1607 W. Oak, Apt. 216 Demon, Texas Chi Omega Alpha Chi Sigma Tau D01ta Meritum CLINE, Charlino, Elem. Ed. Box 336 Justin, Texas CLINKINBEARD, Mary LceV Sociology 6710 Blessing Dr. Dallas, Texas Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Kappa Delta. sec.-treas. SEA Womews Forum COATES, Martha, Music Ed. 5225 Floyd AmariHo, Texas Mu Phi Epsilon, historian NTSU Symphony COBB, Jerry, Accounting 733 Mullins Lewisville, Texas Sigma Phi Epsilon Accounting Club Marketing Club COBB, Virginia Kay, Elem. Ed. 804 N. Travis Comanche, Texas ACE SEA COBELLE, Pete, Smt. Ed. 6411 Anita Dallas. Texas COCKERHAM, Puny, Marketing: 1017 E. Boyce For! Worth, Texas Marketing Club CODY, Carolyn, PE. 4070 Clarke Fort Worth, Texas Green Jackets, pledge Capt. Delta Psi Kappa, pres. WRA, v1p., historian Phys. Ed. Professional Club COIT, Beulah, Soci01ogy 12027 Hohlitzenc Dallas, Texas COLE, Bennie, Elvin. E11. 504 Ave. I Cisco, Texas SEA ACE Kappa. Delta Pi COLEMON, Betty, English, Spanish Route 2, Box 291 Carthage, Texas Alpha Lambda Della Junior Mary Arden Alpha Beta Alpha Sigma Delta Pi, Admin. Mm. COLEMAN, Frank M. 2330 McArthur Boulevard Irving, Texas CONNALLY, Nan, Elem. Ed. 621 S, Glenwood Tyler, Texas Alpha Doha Pi Panhellcnic Women's Forum ACE CONNER, Emma, Elem. Ed. 11360 Lanewood Circle Dallas, Texas CONREY, Paula, Elem. Ed. 3545 Rosedale DnlIas, Texas SEA, v.p. ACE, pres. Mary Arden Sigma Delta P1 COOK, Hugh R., Banking and Finanvc 1409 Lewis Dr. Garland, Texas COOLS, 101m, Math 305 S. Holly Burkburnetx, Texas Kappa Mu Epsilon, pres. Blue Key, sec. WDA Newman Club COOPER, Harold J., Govl., Soriolngy 6921 Lakewood Dallas, Texas COOPER, Harden, Markeling 6921 Lakewood Dallas, Texas COOPER, Paula. Elem. ErL 11017 Mandalay Dallas, Texas ACE CORDER, Ruthie, 51700011 Therapy 802 Yucca Mcrkel, Texas Green Jackets Kappa Delta, activities chmn. Womeh's Forum, pres. Sigma Alpha Eta COUCH, Alice F., English, History 417 S. Winnetka Dallas, Texas COX, David Wesley, Industria1 Arts 3024 Ba1linger Dr. Garland, Texas Arnold Air Society Industrial Arts Club CRAIG, Monta, Library Servicn 2528 Timberline Fort Worth. Texas Kappa Delta Alpha Beta Alpha, treas. CRAIK, Dale, Physics 1802 N. 11th Abilene, Texas Army ROTC Freshman Chemistry Award BSU CRAVEN, Christine, Sociology 207 N. Jefferson Kaufman, Texas Psi Chi CRAWFORD, Jerry John, Banking aml Finance 1914 Marydalc Dr. Dallas, Texas Sophomore Senator Sigma Phi Epsilon, recording sec. Marketing Club Accounting Club CRAWFORD, Judy, Elem. Ed, 7621 Kevin Dr. Fort Worth, Texas Zeta Tau Alpha SNEA ACE Women1s Forum CRAWLEY, Gary, Insurance Route 3, Box 53 Palestine, Texas CROSSLAND, Jeff, History 408 Ave. E. Demon, Texas BSU, pres. Young Democrats, pres. ISO, pres. Phi Eta Sigma, pres. CRUM, Alton, Industrial Arts 108 Mimosa Pl. Decatur, Georgia Geezles Football Industrial Arts Club CULPEPPER, Gail L., E10111. Ed. 712 N. Gray Pampa, Texas ACE SEA Yucca Beauty CUMMING, Sandra Home Econnmics Route 2 Sherman, Texas Ellen H. Richards SNEA CUPP, Susan, Music E11. 426 Electra Longview, Texas MENC, pres. Sigma Alpha Iota, pres. Mary Arden Alpha Lambda Delta CURRY, Sammy, Speech 2620 Glenwood Demon, Texas Radio-TV Club, pres. Young Democrats CURTIS, Betty, Elem. Ed. Route 1 Bynum, Texas Gamma Them Upsilon SEA ACE DALE, Judy, Music Ed. Route 1 Linleficld, Texas DARK, Connie, Elem. Ed. 108 Smallwood Fort Worth, Texas Mary Arden Women's Forum DAVIDSON, Billy Don, Management 2341 West Bow 489 Senior Credits Tyler, Texas DAVIS, Betty Joan, Elem. Ed. 716 North Union Whiteshoro, Texas SEA DAVIS, Dolores, Home Ec. Box 512 Cedar Hill, Texas WomerNs Forum Ellen H. Richards, treas. DAVIS, Jacqueline, Elem. Ed 117 N. Clark Burleson, Texas DAVIS, Linda, Elem. Ed. 14319 Marsha Drive Mesquite, Texas Kappa Delta Pi SNEA DAVIS, Skipper, Psychology 315 E. Holley Mesquite, Texas DAVIS, William,'Marketing 6521 Ellsworth Dallas, Texas Newman Club Marketing Club DEAVENPORT, Patricia, Elem. Ed. 1389 Wildwood Stephenville, Texas Women's Forum Kappa Delta Pi ACEI SEA DECKER, Bernadette, English Route 1 Pep, Texas Newman Club, pres DEMPSEY, Sue, Elem. Ed. 524 Rosewood Burkburneu, Texas NEA ISO BSU DENDY, Bill, Business 1207 N. 9th Street Lamesa, Texas Finance Club Investments Club DENNINGTON, Carol, Elem. Ed. 522 N. Oleander Grand Saline, Texas Kappa Delta Pi Gamma Theta Upsilon, sec. ACE DETTER, Hallie, Elem. Ed. 1103 Garnet: Odessa, Texas Women's Forum SEA DEUBACK, Carolyn, Elem. E87 7800 Greenville Avenue Richardson, Texas Alpha Phi Varsity Cheerleader Homecoming Queen Yucca Beauty DICKERSON, Brenda, Home Ec. Ed. 1900 Hilltop Garland, Texas Ellen H. Richards Womenh Forum DICKEY, Donald A., Education Box 85 Gunter, Texas DICKEY, Paulette, Business Ed. 401 W. Highland Electra, Texas DICKEY, Ray B., Insurance 401 W. Highland Electra, Texas Sigma Phi Epsilon DIEHL, Karen, Elem. Ed. 5733 Ridgetown Dallas, Texas Womerfs Forum ACE NEA DIETRICH, Tom, Marketing 5329 Meadowcrest Dallas, Texas Sigma Nu Marketing Club DIPLOMA, Michael 13., Psychology 3820 6th Street Port Arthur, Texas Psi Chi Pre-med Club Pre-law Club Geology Club DINGLER, Gaylon C., Art Ed. 519 E. Dodge Tyler, Texas SAEA DISHMAN, Carmen, Elem. Ed. 9206 Livenshirc Dallas, Texas SEA ACE DIZDAR, Bonnie, English 1319 N. Main McAllen. Texas Pi Delta Phi Womenh Forum Young Republicans DODSON, Gordon, Business Ad. 7403 Walling Lane Dallas, Texas Theta Chi, v.p. Marketing Club Management Club DONWORTH, Warren, Music Ed. 2006 Ramsey Dallas, Texas DOROUGH, Linda Louise, French 2802 Copeland Road Tyler, Texas 490 Pi'Delta Phi DORSA, Antoinette, Marketing 635 W. Pembroke Dallas, Texas Marketing Club Women1s Forum DOUGLASS, Barbara, English and Journalism 2719 Seevers Dallas, Texas Sigma Tau Delta Theta Sigma Phi, reporter TCOC DOWNING, Clayton, History Route 3, Box 82 Lindale, Texas Varsity football Talons BSU Phi Alpha Theta DRY, Eddie M., Insurance 206 West Sadosa Eastland, Texas Senior Senator Insurance Club ISO Wesley Foundation DUCKWORTH, Robert F., Marketing 4700 Preston Road Dallas, Texas Marketing Club DUDLEY, Johnny, Marketing 212 Clark Rockwall, Texas Marketing Club Sigma Phi Epsilon DULOCK, Neva, Elem. Ed. 2708 Herring Waco, Texas Kappa Delta,'v.p. Women's Forum Newman Club SNEA DUNNAM, Gary, Music Ed. 640 Manor Lane Big Spring, Texas DUPREE, Richard, Music Ed. 1000 Michaux Palestine, Texas Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, v.p1 DURBIN, Michael, Math 9019 Fringewood Dallas, Texas Kappa Mu Epsilon DURHAM, Linda, Sec. Ed. Route 1 Saint .10, Texas DUTTON, K. George, Industrial Arts Route 2, Box 91 Springtown, Texas IA Club, parlimentarian Young Democrats SEA EARNEST, Cecil, Psychology 608 S. Mulberry Kermit, Texas Kappa Sigma ECHOLS, Ralph, Physics 801 Maltese Garland, Texas AIP ECKERT, James E., Phys. Ed. 2733 Southwood Drive Dallas, Texas EDWARDS, Carolyn, Home Ec. Ed. 3700 Southwestern Dallas, Texas Ellen H. Richards EDWARDS, Carol, English 3517 Baldwin Fort Worth, Texas Delta Gamma, historian Alpha Chi Sigma Tau Delta Meritum EDWARDS, Don, Music Ed. Box 27 Slaton, Texas Phi Mu Alpha EDWARDS, Robert, Insurance 308 West Leon Gatesville, Texas Insurance Club Finance Club ELLIOTT, Barbara Ann, English 2228 Waco San Angelo, Texas Marching band Concert band ELLIOTT, Margaret Ann, English 1415 Arlington Drive Corsicana, Texas Alpha Chi Mary Arden Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi ELLIS, Steve, History 4536 University, Apt. 25 Dallas, Texas ISO Phi Alpha Theta ELLSWORTH, Victor, Music Ed. 7205 Brazos Fort Worth, Texas Phi Mu Alpha Orchestra Concert Band Lab Band EMBRY, Rodney, Phys. Ed. 324 West 15k Street Weatherford, Texas SEA AHPER EMMONS, Claudia, Elem. Ed. 1105 Norwood Drive Hurst, Texas Chi Omega, cor. sec. Kappa Delta Pi, v.p. SEA ACE ENG, Johnnie, History 4302 San Bernardo Laredo, Texas Sigma Delta Pi Phi Alpha Theta Alpha Chi ICNSEY, Jacqueline, Cove-rnmvnt 4945 Fairfax Fort Worth, Texas Chancery Club, pres. Women1s Forum ERSKINE, Hugh, Accounting Route 1 Marlin, Texas Arnold Air Society Alpha Lambda Pi Dean1s List WDA Executive Council ERWIN, Ron, Psychology 1603 Perryton Dallas, Texas Sigma Nu ETHERIDCE, Marilyn Kae, Music 2635 Madison Abilene, Texas Jr. Mary Arden Alpha Chi Mu Phi Epsilon, chaplain Pi Kappa Lambda EUBANK, Coleene, Home Ec. Route 1 Webbers Falls, Oklahoma Ellen H. Richards Phi Upsilon Omicron EUBANK, Linda, Elem. Ed. 9853 Estacado Dallas, Texas Kappa Delta Pi Mary Arden ACE SEA EUBANK, Terry, Accounting 2623 Hillsboro Dallas, Texas Accounting Club, v.p. Beta Alpha Psi, treas. EURE, Jack, Management 1701 Loma Linda Vernon, Texas SAM Young Democrats Arnold Air Society EVANS, Jimmy, Accounting 707 F, NW Childress, Texas Geezles, treas. Accounting Club EVAVS, Malcolm Perry, Banking and Finance Route 3 Lufkin, Texas Finance Club FAIRMAN, Billie, Math Route 1 Krum, Texas FARRAR, David, Library Science 1515 Alaska Dallas, Texas Alpha Beta Alpha, v1p. Alpha Lambda Sigma FATH, Chuck, Finance 2406 Birdcreek Temple, Texas Finance Club Varsity Basketball FERGUSON, Micha'el 8., Phys. Ed. 1828 Baxley Carrollton, Texas FESLER, Roy, Banking and Finance 2108 Spence Lufkin, Texas Finance Club Marketing Club FILIPPONE, Nancy Ann, Marketing 903 Mount Serolod San Antonio, Texas Alpha Delta Pi Phi Chi Theta, v.p. Marketing Club, v.p. Green Jackets FINDLEY. John 5., Biology 1402 W. Gilmer Ennis, Texas Kappa Sigma, pres. IFC FINLEY, Phala, Sec. Ed. 1205 Prairie Cleburne, Texas Phi Beta Lambda Womenk Forum SEA FIOL, Frank, Music Ed. 1002 Birch Grand Prairie, Texas Phi Mu A1pha Sinfonia Fencing Club FISHER, Jim, English 1630 Nob Hill Dallas, Texas FLEITMAN, Sam, Elem. Ed. Route 2 Muenster, Texas SEA ACE FLOWERS, Larry, Business Mgr. Route 1, Box 274 Sulphur Springs, Texas Young Democrats Management Club FOARD, Robert, Sec. Ed. 3331 Valiant Dallas, Texas University Players, pres. Supper Theater Alpha Psi Omega, pres. FORD, Glenda, Business Ed. 1022 Patricia Irving, Texas W0men1s Forum FORSTER, John Frederick, Political Science 1522 S. Oak Cliff Boulevard Dallas, Texas Kappa Sigma Chancery Club Talons FOUST, Diann, Elem. Ed. Route 9, Box 88E Saginaw, Texas SEA FOWLER, Stephen, Sncv Science 312 Collinsville Whimsboro, Texas Pi Sigma Alpha FOX. Charles W., Education 1911 Mohican Demon, Texas FRANKLIN, James W., Music Ed. 1014 Ross Avenue LaMarque, Texas A Cappella Choir Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia FREEMAN, Andrea, Med. Technology 313 West Texas Denison, Texas Beta Beta Beta, tress. Alpha Chi Young Republicans Womenys Forum FREEMAN, Marsha Gayle, Phys. Ed. 629 Blanning Drive Dallas, Texas WRA, reporter Women1s P.E. Pro Club FUCHS, Leslie, Banking and Finance 104 Jewel: Drive Robstown, Texas Finance Club FULTON, Tom, Insurance 1107 Warner Carrollton, Texas CAGE, Linda, Elem. Ed. Route 4 Mount Pleasant, Texas SEA GARCIA, Elizabeth, Elem. Ed. 1601 Crantland Fort Worth, Texas SEA ACE GARNER, Bettie, English Route 1 Moody, Texas Junior Mary Arden, president Alpha Chi Sigma Tau Deha TCOC GARNER. Joe, Ad. Mgt. 2640 Gross Dallas, Texas Marketing Club GARRETT, Jane, Elexm Ed. 508 Fly Seagoville, Texas E AC GARRETT, Jerry, Phys. E1 705 Newe11 Dallas, Texas GARRISON, Donna, Elem. Ed. 637 Ridgedale Richardson, Texas SEA ACE Gamma Theta Upsilon GATHINGS, Donna, Medical Technology 336 Merrill Corpus Christi, Texas GAUTIER, Jim, Insurance 1032 W. Wolfe Grand Saline, Texas Sigma Nu Iota Nu Sigma GELINEAU, Francoise, Elem. Ed. 1805 Sycamore Corsicana, Texas SEA Mary Arden Womerfs Forum GELINEAU, Madeleine, French and Spanish 1805 Sycamore Corsicana, Texas Sigma Delta Pi Pi Delta Phi Mary Arden Women3s Forum GERBER, Linda, Music Education 1458 Graham Abilene, Texas GIBSON, Richard, Education 2415 W. Oak, Apt. 26 Demon, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma GIBSON, Thomas, Accoimting 613 N. Park Alice, Texas GILCHRIST, Marianne, Social Studies 143 Doolittle Sherman, Texas Newman Club SEA Young Democrats CILDARTLLana, Home EL Ed, Box 187 Camp Wood, Texas Kappa Delta Ellen H. Richards SEA GILL, John, History Box 44 Little River, Texas GILLUM, Linda, Home Ec. Ed. Route 1 Valley View, Texas Ellen H. Richards, pres. Kappa De1ta Pi Phi Upsilon Omicron, chaplain GILMER, Shirley, Personnel Mgt. 212 Samuel Dallas, Texas Insurance Club Management Club Marketing Club GLASS, Jo Kay, Elem. Ed. 507 Somh Clark Rockwall, Texas SEA ACE TSTA CLASS, William, Business Ad. Route 2 Atlanta, Texas Young Republicans Finance Club Accounting Club CLAUSE. H01lie, Elem. Ed. Rural Route Archer, Texas Alpha Lambda Delta Kappa Delta Alpha Chi Meritum GLENN, Hugh, Marketing Route 3, Box 300 College Station, Texas Marketing Club BSU, exec. council COAD, Linda, Elem. Ed. Box 46 Rhome, Texas SEA CODBY, Duh, Marketing 3800 Pelham Road Fort Worth, Texas Marketing Club GODBY, Shirley, Business Ed. 3800 Pelham Road Fort Worth, Texas NBEA NEA GOFF, Larry, Psychology 1406 East Mesquite Victoria, Texas GOLDEN, John, Banking and Finance 5803 Cary Dallas, Texas Accouming Club Finance Club GOLLADAY, Robert, Mathematics Box 307 Wills Paint, Texas GOOCH, Gale, English 2100 South Fifth Garland, Texas Pi Kappa Delta Elections Board Chapel Choir Debate Club GOODE, Allan, Accounting 1025 North Madison Dallas, Texas Accouming Club COODE, Martha, Elem. Ed. 306 South Avenue C Post, Texas SEA ACE GOODMAN, James, Pre-Med 2112 West Tenth Dallas, Texas Beta Beta Beta GOODMON, Karen, Journalism 508 Adams New Boston, Texas Mary Arden, pres. Them Sigma Phi, lreas. Press Club GORDY, Mar1ene, Journalism 6263 Adams Groves, Texas Kappa De1la, press chmn. Women's Forum Angel Flight Mary Arden GRADY, Jerry, Marketing 2501-Woodrow Creenville, Texas Blue Key, lreas. Beta Gamma Sigma, pres. Alpha Chi Kappa Sigma GRAY, Betty, Home Ec. Ed. Route 1 Princeton, Texas Beta Beta Bela Ellen H1 Richards GRAY, James, Pre-Med 3224 Reed Lane Dallas, Texas Campus Chat cartoonist CREBE, Robert, Education 10533 Yorkford Dallas, Texas GREEN, Cynthia, Music Education Route 2 Lewisville, Texas MENC GREEN, Karen, Education 2640 Klondike Dallas, Texas Women1s Forum SEA GREEN, Joyce, Elem. Ed. 109 Ridgecrest Drive Euless, Texas GREER, Michael, Insurance 929 Shadyside Lane Dallas, Texas GREEK, Nancy, Government 4170 Lively Lane Dallas, Texas Young Republicans Spanish Club GRIER, Charles, Marketing 1609 Robin Garland, Texas Marketing Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon GRIFFIN, Floyd, Business Ad. 1205 East Eleventh Odessa, Texas Phi Beta Lambda SAM Marketing Club GRIFFIN, Marjorie, Spanish 1509 East Tenth Odessa. Texas SEA GRIFFITH, Ann, Home Economics Box 62 Maypearl, Texas Ellen H. Richards Womerfs Forum GRIFFITH, Jacquelyn, Elem. Ed. 104 Almond Waxahachie, Texas GRIFFITH, 101a, Elem. Ed. Box 145 Silsbee, Texas Alpha Chi Kappa Delta Pi ACE Inter-Racial Council CRONA, Evelyn, Elem. Ed. Llano Road Fredericksburg, Texas SEA ACE Women's Forum Mary Arden GUNN, Judy, Speech Therapy 1524 Monte Carlo Dallas, Texas Sigma Alpha Eta, v.p. GUNTER, Brenda, Mathematics 202 Park Lang Daingerfield, Texas CUTHERIE, Glenda, English 728 Gibner Spearman, Texas Kappa Delta Phi SEA HADSELL, Talana, Physical Education 4220 Hawlet Fort Worth, Texas ASPER Delta Psi Kappa Angel Flight WYRA HAEDGE, Stanley. Physical Education Route 3, Box 52 Killeen, Texas AHPER Club HALL, Myra, Sociology 6006 Del Roy Dallas, Texas Yucca Staff, Organizations Editor Psi Chi USNT Womexfs Forum HALL, Randall, Ad. Mgt. 119 Abilene Berger, Texas Management Club Marketing Club Sigma Nu HAMILTON, Norman, Accounting Route 7, Box 254 Tyler, Texas Accounting Club Beta Alpha Psi HAMMOND, Ocie, Physics 1923 Huntington Dallas, Texas HAMMONTREE, Curtis, Bus. Ad. 1306 Magnolia Gainesville, Texas HAMNER, Tommy, Accouming 906 Twelfth Street Ballinger, Texas Accounting Club HAMRICK, Edward, Bus. Ad. 2705 Weaver Texarkana, Texas M Marketing Club HANES, Char1es, Ad. Mgt. 847 Wideman Dallas, Texas SAM HANKINS, Cliff, Accounting 3310 South Beckley Dallas, Texas HANNON, James, Mathematics 846 Schley San Antonio, Texas HARDEGREE, William, Busu Ad. Route 1 Ben Wheeler, Texas Accounting Club WDA HARDIN. Rich, Marketing 11205 Northland Dallas, Texas Young Republicans Phi Beta Lambda IFC Kappa Sigma HARCESHEIMER, Bobby, Industrial Arts Route 2 Whitesboro, Texas Industrial Arts Club North Texas Industrials Club SEA HARGROVE, Tommy Dennis, Education 1508 5. James Monahans, Texas HARLAN, Bill, Music Ed. 1901 Austin Brownwood, Texas Phi Mu Alpha A Cappella Choir HARLAN, Thomas, Bus. Adm. 2962 Almeria Plaza Dr. Houston, Texas Marketing Club Finance Club HARP, Sara, Home Ec. Box 5 Godley, Texas HARPER, John, Physics 2132 Park P1. Fork Worth, Texas AIP Alpha Chi Kappa Mu Epsilon, treas1 HARRELL, Lynn, Library Service 1604 Saxony Fork Worth, Texas Alpha Beta Alpha HARRIS, Carolyn, English 3411 Dawes Dallas, Texas Young Democrats Women1s Forum SEA Mary Arden HARRIS, Mary Ann, Acct. and Bus. Ed. 111 Elm Royse City, Texas Phi Chi Theta, pres. Beta Alpha Psi, sec. Meritum, treas. Marquis Hall, treas. HARRINGTON, Jane, Elem. Ed. 1207 Dixie Big Spring, Texas SEA ACE Women's Forum Representative HARSHBANGER, Allen, Industrial Arts P. 0. Box 50 Sadler, Texas Industrial Arts Club HASTEN, Carroll, Phys. ELL 128 Edna Ave. Lewisville, Texas AHPER Club, pres. HASTINGS, Barbara, Sec. Adm. 2111 Glenwood Denton, Texas Young Democrats Women's Forum Phi Beta Lambda Fencing Club HATCHER, Carol Violet, Elem. Ed. 2545 Grove Irving, Texas Kappa Delta Pi HAUGHTON, Gerald M., Art 1709 W. Mulberry Denton, Texas HAUCHTON. JACK, Bus. Ad. 1709 W1 Mulberry Demon, Texas HAYDEN, James, B1151 Ad. Route 8, Box 296 Tyler, Texas Phi Beta Lambda Insurance Club HEAD, Nancy, Home Ec. 2025 12th Port Nechcs, Texas Newman Club HEATH, Mary Ann, Sec. Ed. 4020 Valentine Fort Worth, Texas HEATH, Suzanne, Government 1801 Leneva Pasadena. Texas Meritum, v.p. Delta Gamma, v.p. Pi Sigma, Alpha, sec. Alpha Chi, sec. HECTOR, Judy, Elem. Ed. Route 1 San Saba, Texas SEA HEFFLEY, Rosemary, Music Ed. 2130 Creslridge Dr. Stephenville, Texas WRA Chapel Choir Mu Phi Epsilon HELLER, Thomas R., Ad. Management 915 Conna11y Tyler, Texas HELLMAN, Doug, Psychology Route 2 Muenster, Texas HENDERSON, Linda Lou, English and French West Cheek St. Saint .10, Texas Kappa Delta, historian Sigma Tau De1ta, reporter Alpha Lambda Delta Junior Mary Arden HENDERSON, Mclana, English 406 Hill Carthage, Texas HENDRICKS, Mac, Accounting Box 361 Anna, Texas HENDRIX, Kenneth, English 3404 58111 Lubbock, Texas HEROS, Sonia, Med. Tech. Columbia Circle Corsicana, Texas Women's Forum Zeta Tau Alpha HESS, Sandra, Elem. Ed. 1504 Willow Oak Dr. Longview, Texas HICKMAN, Cleo, Industrial Ans 409 Garrett St. Athens, Texas BSU SEA HICKMAN, Diane, Elem. Ed. 1007 S. Palestine Athens, Texas SEA Womexfs Forum HIGH, Benny, Phys. Ed. Route 1 Justin, Texas AHPER Club, v.p. HIGHTOWER, Cynthia, Music Ed. 2800 Ryan P1. Dr. Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Delta Pi, song muster Chapel Choir Grand Chorus Womexfs Forum HICHTOWER, Jim, Government 1331 W. H1111 Denison, Texas USNT, pres. Blue Key Talons Who1s Who HINNANT, Richard, Phys. Ed. 3609 Thurman Amarillc, Texas Mexfs Physical Ed. Club HINTON, Valerie, Sec. Ed 1527 311120 Dallas, Texas SNEA HIX, Terry, Phys. Ed. College Van Alstyne, Texas Theta Chi AHPER Club HOAGLAND, Jerry Don, Marketing 1800 HN" Place Plano, Texas Marketing Club HODCES, LaWayne, Elem. Ed. Route 1 Alvord, Texas SEA ACE Women1s Forum HODNETT, Clyde, Industrial Arts Route 1 Hamlin, Texas Industrial Arts Club HOEMANN, Ellen, Phys. Ed. 6639 Van Buren Hammond, Indiana HOLDER, Lehman, Journalism Box 82 Jasper, Texas Sigma Delta Chi, v.p. Press Club HOLLAND, Taylor, Biology 3312 Timber Laue Tyler, Texas HOLLAND, Wanda, Business Ed. 1048-19Lh Avenue North Texas City, Texas Phi Chi Theta Phi Beta Lambda NBEA SEA HOOD, Thomas M., Elem. Ed. 3809 Whittier Abilene, Texas Fencing Club Young Republicans NEA ACE HOOT, Thomas E., Personnel Mgt. 7043 Winchesxer Dallas, Texas Delta Sigma Pi Friars Young Republicans Newman Club HOPKINS, Nancy, Art Ed. Route 2 Hughes Springs, Texas HORTON, Billy, Marketing 925 Danieldale Dallas, Texas Theta Chi Marketing Club Accounting Club HOUSTON, Stanley, Journalism 2838 Kingsford Dallas, Texas Sigma Delta Chi, pres. Press Club Campus Chat, editor Young Democrats HOULIHAN, Darla, Elem. Ed. 1609 Martel Fort Worth, Texas Delta Gamma ACE SEA HOWARD, Paula, Home Ec. 2946 Royal Lane Dallas, Texas Women's Forum Ellen H. Richards Alpha Delta Pi HOWARD, Theresa, Art Ed. 5521 Odessa Senior Credits Fort Worth, Texas Kappa Delta Angel Flight SAEA Alpha Lambda Delta HOYT, Suzanne, Eng1ish 415 W. Highland San Angelo, Texas Jr. Mary Arden Alpha Lambda Dcltu Phi Theta Kappa SEA HUBBARD. Paul, Government Box 24 Wills Point, Texas Alpha Chi Blue Key Pi Sigma Alpha Chancery Club, trons. HUBBARD. Richard, Phys, E11. Route 5 Hot Springs, Arkansas HUDDLESTON, John Loren, Banking and Finance 618 Blair Boulevard Dallas, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha Finance Club Investment Club HUFSTEDLER, Kathy, Homo EC. Ed. Route 1 Springtown, Texas Women's Forum Ellen H. Richards HUGGINS, Carole, Elem. Ed. 433 De1aware Dallas, Texas HUGHES, Linda 208 First Street Phillips, Texas Pi Omega Pi HUGHES, PauIa, Elem, E111 4107-30111 Street Lubbock, Texas SNEA HUGHES, Roxie, Speech Therapy 4513 Diaz Fort Worth, Texas Chi Omega, sec. Green Jackets, cor. sec. Sigma Alpha Eta, prog. chmn. HULL, Art, Marketing 3201 Swoctbriar Lane Fort Worth, Texas Sigma Nu Marketing Club Young Republicans HUNTER, Max, Business 5344 Emerson Dal1as, Texas Kappa Sigma HUTSON, Beliy .10, E1Cm. Ed. Star Route Saint Jo, Texas ACE SEA HYNDS, Norma, Phys. Ed. 2135 Masters Mesquite. Texas Women1s PE Pro Club, pres. WRA, pres. INCLE, Patricia, Library Service 118 West Vanderbilt Corpus Christi, Texas Beta Sigma Phi Alpha Beta A1pha BSU ISBELL, Sherry, Library Service 3016 Salsuma Dallas, Texas Alpha Beta Alpha U BS 150M, Charles Dq Marketing 10325 Best Drive Dallas, Texas Marketing Club SAM IVY, Jim. Accounting 822 S. Windomerc Dallas, Texas Sigma Phi Epsilon, controller Beta Alpha Psi, V.p1 Sigma Delta Pi Accounting Club IVY, Nancy, Education 3237 Maple Leaf Lane Dallas, Texas Zeta Tau Alpha JACKSON, Howard Leland, Accounting 269 Claiborne Drive Long Beach, California Alpha Lamba Pi IACKSON. Judy, Sec. Ed. 2800 Milton Avenue Dallas, Texas Delta Gamma Women1s Forum SEA JACKSON. Linda C., Speech Tlu'mlly Route 2, Box 325A Longvicw. Texas Sigma AIpha Eta, pros. JANSEN, Bill, Industrizd Arts Box 87 Archer Cin, Texas Delta Sigma Phi JEFFERS, JnthVaync, Jr,. Psychology 5917 Vickery Boulevard Dallas, Texas JOHVSON, Ann, English 5211 Stoneleigh Avenuv Dallas, Texas NEA SEA NCTE JOHNSON, Connie, English 492 1820A West Davis Dallas, Texas Debate Club, soc. Kappa Delta Womerfs Forum JOHNSON, Jeffic, Education 2122 Seevers Dallas, Texas Phi Beta Lambda Chancery Club Women1s Forum SEA JOHNSON, Judith Kay, Elem. Ed. 9209 Springwater Dallas, Texas Womcn1s Forum Newman Club E JOHNSON, Sonnet Chloe, Music Ed. 1005 East 2151 Street Big Spring, Texas Mu Phi Epsilon. warden MENC ACE SEA JONES, Barbara, Speech Therapy 2939 Clydedalc Dallas, Texas Sigma Alpha Eta JONES, Barry, Banking and Finance 611 W1 Summit Electra, Texas Finance Club JONES, Clifford. Insurance 6304 Nasco Austin, Texas Insurance Club Marketing Club Pi Kappa Alpha JONES, Esther, Elem. Ed. 701 East 3rd Avenue Corsicana, Texas Womcn1s Forum Kappa Delta Pi SEA ACE JONES, Jeannattn Michele, Government 3011 Buntin Dallas, Texas JONES, Sherry, E16m7 Ed. 1209 S. Main Linden, Texas Women's Forum ACE SNEA JONES, Sue, Elem. Ed. Route 1 Codley, Texas JORDAN, Frank, Prod. Mgt. Box 426 Lindale, Texas KELLEY, Harricn, Elem. Ed 220 W'est Lobit Baytown, Texas Kappa Delta NEA ACE Young Democrats KELLEY, Mary Lou, Elem. Ed. Route 2 Paradise, Texas EA ACE BSU KELLEY, Nancy, Speech and Drama 725 International Boulevard Houston, Texas Radio-TV Club, 500. KELLEY, Philip, Marketing 308 Munson Rockwall, Texas Delta Sigma Pi KEPLER. Dutch, Adv. Art 213 Wigham Burkhumcu, Texas Yucca, an editor SAAD, Vepres. KESTINC, Cary, Music E11. 701 East Lucas Algona, Iowa Phi Mu Alpha KILLEN, Kenneth, Biology 5222 Denton Drive Dallas, Texas BSU Beta Beta Bela Young Republicans KIMBREW, 101m, Management 1211 WVest 7th Street Plainvicw, Texas Finance Club Management Club KINCHEN, John S, Psychology 829 Nation Drive Azle. Texas BSU, Pres. KING, Jerry, Education Box 184 Howe, Texas SE KING, Randy, Finance 205 E. Pliler Longview, Texas Kappa Sigma Miukeling Club Finance Club KING, Thomas, Math 2004 Villars Place Dulles, Texas KINSEK Susan, Busim-ss E11. 5838 Worth Dallas, Texas Alpha Phi, pres. Pi Omega Pi, pres, Mary Arden Phi Beta Lambda KIRBY, Elizabeth, Elem. Ed. 842 Ryan Road Dallas, Texas KIRKPATRICK. Edwin F, Indusuial Arts 9022 Hackney Lam: Dallas, Texas KNIGHT, Ed, Math 3504 Crevnhriar Dallas, Texas Young Republicans AIP KNOWLES, Ivan, Education Box 112 Saginaw, Texas KNOX, Mary Lou, Library Service Route 1 Argyle. Texas Alpha Beta Alpha, sec. KOCI, 13111, Marketing 2200 Loving Fort Wrorlh, Tvxas Theta Chi, social chum. Marketing Club KOLTER, Adrian W., History 5100 Seymour Highway Wichita Falls, Texas KRUECER, Thelma. Covcrnmunl 1016 Avenue A. Demon, Texas Young Democrats Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Chi KULBETH, Judy, Elem. Ed. 4408 W. Dewgar Midland, Texas Women's Forum NEA ACE KLYKENDALL, James, Marketing 106 Victoria Street Yoakum, Texas Marketing Club LACARI, Susan, Elem. Ed. 6829 DeLoache Dallas, Texas Kappa Delta Mary Arden Kappa Delta Pi ACE LAIRD, Joan, Elem. Ed. 331 West Munson Denison, Texas Kappa Delta Pi Womenk Forum SEA ACE LAMBERT, Steve, Marketing 5835 Royalcrest Dallas, Texas Kappa Sigma, v.p. Blue Key Markeking Club, treas7 Talons LAMKIN, Peggy, Home E01 Ed. Box 220 Keller, Texas Kappa Delta, soc. c11mn. Creen Jackets Alpha Lambda Delta Ellen H. Richards LANDERS, Jo Ann, Business Ed. 101 Vine Longview, Texas Kappa Delta Pi Omega Pi Wcmen1s Forum SEA LANDMAN, Mike, Psychology 1417 Ida Way Fort Worth, Texas Sigma Nu LANGELOH, Art, Insurance 908 Lakeview Drive Richardson, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma, alh. dir. Insurance Club LANGFORD, Doris 1931 Yale Street Fort Worth, Texas LATIMER, Donna, Home Ec. 4956 Royal Fort Worth, Texas Ellen H. Richards SEA LAVAIL, Matthew, 11, Bi01ogy 1416 Oak Lea Drive Irving, Texas Bela Beta Beta LAWRENCE, Richard, Minkntinu 3517 Loganwood Dallas, Texas Marketing Club LAWSON, Edward Lee, Ad. Man. 5146 Meadowcrest Da11as, Texas Kappa Sigma Management Club LEAVERTON, Judy, Businvss Ed. Box 92 Knox City, Texas Alpha Lambda Delta Pi Omega Pi SEA LEDBETTER, Linda, EINII lid. 421 Tyler McGregor, Texas Jr. Mary Arden Mary Arden Kappa Delta Pi ACE LEDLOW, Krut 15.. Spcvch and Drama 713 Crescent Drive Demon, Texas Radio-TV Club University P1avcrs. pres. Supper Theater, man. dir. Alpha Psi Omega, v.-p. LEE, Barbara June, 131an Ed. 1043 S, Bryan Mesquite, Texas SEA ACE LEE, Donna Beth French 309 E, Church Roswell, New Mexico Pi Delta Phi SEA LEE, Katherine, Homo Ec. 4129 Barksdale Court Dallas Texas Ellen H. Richards SEA LEE, Ronnie, Sec. Ed. Route 2. Box 156A Kilgore, Texas LEE, Sharron, Elmu. Ed. 1441 Yorktown Abilene, Texas Young Democrats SEA ACE LENTZ, Frt-d 11., Marketing 5810 Mari1yn Drive Austin, Texas Marketing Club Management Club LESTER, Charlene, Psychology 803 Newell Dallas, Texas LESTER, John, Bio1ogy 3521 Bryn Mawr Dallas, Texas Kappa Sigma Young Republicans LETOURNEAU, Roy 5., Business 804 Gordon Longvicw, Texas LEUNES, Barbara, English 2221 Highway 75 N. Sherman, Texas Women's Forum History Club LEWIS, Billy Wayne, Biology Box 146 Forreston, Texas LEWIS, chna 1.. Sec, Ed. and History 615 Tenison Memorial Dallas, Texas LEWIS, Paul, Math 503 W1 Oak Celina, Texas Alpha Chi, pres. Kappa Mu Epsilon, pres. Phi Eta Sigma Who1s Who LIDBERG, Billie, Sec. Ed. 1154 Tranquilla Dallas, Texas Kappa Delta Pi LIGHTS'EY, Paula, Elem. Ed. Route 2 Jonesboro, Texas Gamma Theta Upsilon ACE SEA LILE, Arthur, Accounting 1617 Lucile Wichita Falls, Texas LINDSEY, Larry, Industrial Arts Box 207 Silver, Texas IA Club LITTLE, Cay, Business Route 1 Rotan, Texas LITTLETON, Bobby Jen, Education Box 184 Dryden, Texas SEA LITTLETON, Linda, Elvm. Ed, Box 509 Sanderson, Texas ary Arden Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Chi SEA LITTRELL, Murlha, ElenL ELL 4209 Reuter Waco, Texas Chi Omega Newman Club EA LIVELY, Glen, Sec, Ed, Box 953 Corsicana, Texzfs Phi Kappa Sigma LIVELY, John 51, Finance 310 Lakeshore Drive Palestine, Texas Sigma Phi Epsilon Marketing Club Finance Club Accounting Club LOPEZ. .1050 C1, Marketing; 705 North B. Harlingen, Texas Marketing Club LOUT, Peggy, History Box 2201 Corpus Christi, Texas LOVE. Tanccyx Journalism 181 Artillery Road San Antonio, Texas Meritum. historian Alpha Chi Theta Sigma Phi TCOC LOVELACE, Karon, Art Ed. 1004 West Oak Demon, Texas BSU, pub. chmn. SAAE LOVING, Robert, Personnel Mgt. 1317 S. Glenwood Tyler, Texas LOZANO, Ruih, Elem. Ed. 1011 John Page Drive San Antonio, Texas A Cappella Choir Sigma Alpha Iota SEA LUCAS, Joan, Art 7017 Yamini Dallas, Texas LUKER, Lanie, Elem. Ed. Box 503 Decatur, Texas LUMPKIN, Carolyn, Elem. Ed. 2325 Refugio Fort Worth, Texas Gamma Theta Epsilon Mary Arden SEA, Sec. ACE LUMPKIN, Vonnie, Home Ec. Ed. 2366 Glengariff Dallas, Texas Ellen H. Richards LUSK, Donna, English 447 Graham Road San Antonio, Texas Phi Alpha Theta LUTTRELL, Dale, Sec. Ed. Box 584 Seminole, Texas Talous, sec. SEA. LYON, Charles, Accounting 2307 Pickett Lnngview, Texas Delta Sigma Pi, pres. Alpha Lambda Pi Beta Alpha Psi MCCAIN, Harry, Biology 304 Hughes Drive Daingerfield, Texas MCCAIN, Ward Noel, Industrial Arts 1200 Linden Drive Denton, Texas IA Club Phi Kappa Sigma, v.-p. MCCARLEY, David, Psychology 1703 S. Vernon Dallas, Texas Phi Eta Sigma Psi Chi McCleskey, Helen, Business 890 W. Long Stephenville, Texas Womeifs Forum SEA McCLESKEY, Margaret, Business Ad. 1415 W. Lavender Lane Arlington, Texas Phi Ghi Theta Phi Beta Lambda, historian SEA McCLURE, George Douglas, In, Insurance 4405 Mockingbird Lane Dallas, Texas Young Republicans Insurance Club McCOMBS, Gerald, Journalism 1213 N. Locust Demon, Texas Geezles SEA McDANIEL, James Michael, Phys. Ed. Route 1 Whitesboro, Texas McELROY, Keith, Art Route 2 Midlothian, Texas SAAD, sec. Phi Eta Sigma Who,s Who Young Democrats MCCARRITY, Patricia, Spanish 5459 Rutiand Fort Worth, Texas Sigma Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi SEA McGEE, Annette, Elem. Ed. 4228 Lorin Fort Worth, Texas McGUFFEY, Artie, Government Box 26 Blue Ridge, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha, v.p. Blue Key Talons Pi Sigma Alpha MCGUIRE, Delbert Allen, Ad. Man. 610 W. Hickory Denton, Texas Phi Beta Lambda Accounting Club SAM MCGUIRE, Edward K., Radio and TV 4714 W. Stanford Dallas, Texas Radio-TV Club, v.p. Young Democrats Arnold Air Society MCKINNEY, Barbara June, Business Ed. 1218 Hawley Lane Dallas, Texas MCLEMORE, Ronnie, Government Box 383 Hewitt, Texas Sigma Phi Epsilon Varsity Cheerleader McNEILL, Carl, Economics 1504 15th Street Wichita Falls. Texas Young Democrats McWHORTER, Alverine, History Box 45 Diana, Texas McWHORTEH, Joe, Industrial Arts 157 W. Purnell Lewisville, Texas 1A Club McWILLlAMS, Margaret, Elem. Ed. 1508 Olive Texarkana, Texas Zeta Tau Alpha Women's Forum ACE SNEA MacARTHUR, Neil, Psychology 202 Shadywood Richardson, Texas Theta Chi, chaplain SAM MacKENNA, Ann, Sec. Science 821 N. Locust Denton, Texas MACKEY, Judy, English 1823 Willow Carrollton, Texas Mary Arden Alpha Chi Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Lambda Delta MAHAFFEY, Kathleen, Psychology Route 2 Ennis, Texas Alpha Phi, soc. chmn. Psi Chi, pres. Mary Arden Women's Forum MAINES, Mary, Speech Therapy Route 2 Florence, Texas Sigma Alpha Eta, pub. chmn. MALLEWICK, Marlene Sandra, 6302 Velasco Dallas, Texas Deanis List Alpha Chi Kappa Delta Pi Mary Arden MANSFIELD, Ken, Ad. Mgt. 6314 Norway Road Dallas, Texas Talous, v. 1:. Marketing Club Iota Nu Sigma SAM MARTIN, Andi, English 1318 W. Saner Dallas, Texas Zeta Tau Alpha Press Club SEA MARTIN, Hardy, Adv. Art Box 327 Henrietta, Texas SAAD MARTIN, Jim, Phys. Ed. 2706 Palmetto Wichita Falls, Texas MARTIN, Marilyn, Sec. Ed. Box 132 Rio Vista, Texas Mu Phi Epsiion BSU SEA NBEA MARTIN, Morris, Music and English 3905 Frazier Fort Worth, Texas Phi Mu Alpha, pres. Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Chi Blue Key MARTINDALE, Gayle, Elem. Ed. 306 Cynisca Waxahachie, Texas MARTINEZ, Pete, English and History 1215 Chihuahua Laredo, Texas Young Democrats MASHEK, John, Journalism 4000 Meadowbrook Waco, Texas Theta Chi, v. p. IFC Talons Young Republicans MASRI, Taber, Business Ad. Box 6 Nablus, Jordan MATHEWS, Charles, Music 10314 Sherbrook Dallas, Texas Phi Mu Alpha Phi Eta Sigma MATHIS, Kay, Spanish 1934 Marydale Dallas, Texas Sigma Delta Pi, v. p. Pi Delta Phi Women's Forum NEA MATLACK, Kirby, Speech and Drama 10914 Palace Way Dallas, Texas SEA MATTHEWS.7Charles Richard, Radio and TV Overrun, Texas Radio-TV Club MATTHEWS, Kenneth Earl, Biology 1930 Eagle Drive Demon, Texas Talons, pres. Blue Key Beta Beta Beta MATTINCLEY, Sammy, Elem. Ed. 115 N. Wigley Mineola, Texas MAXEY, Diane, Art Ed. 507 Warren Lufkin, Texas SAEA, v. p. MAYE, Elizabeth, Education 102 Lynn Shreveport, Louisiana Womenis Forum Gamma Theta Upsilon SEA MAZE, Sheryl, Government 4312 E. Cummings Drive Fort Worth, Texas Chancery Club Pi Sigma Alpha NEA SEA MEADOWS, Dianne, Home Ec. DeKalb, Texas Ellen H. Richards V BSU MEDFORD, Jeanette, Elem. Ed. 2402 West llth Street Odessa, Texas MENEFEE, Roger, Accounting Route 3, Box 963 Orange, Texas Accounting Club BSU, v.-p. MEREDITH, Madeleine, Sec. Ed. 507 Griffith Terrell, Texas Newman Club Women's Forum SEA SAEA. MERIDITH, Sandy L., Elem. Ed. 207 N. Lumpkin Marl, Texas Alpha Delta Pi, chap. Young Democrats Womelfs Forum SNEA MERRITT, William R., Biology 9821 Cloister Dallas, Texas MEWSHAW, Marilyn Lee, Elem. Edi 1752 Crowherry Dallas, Texas Women1s Forum ACE BSU NEA MILLER, Carroll, Government Sivells Bend Station Cainesville, Texas MILLER, Omer, Math 403 Satinwood Dallas, Texas MILLER, Susan, Elem. Ed. 4013 Valley Ridge Dallas, Texas Women1s Forum MILLER, Virginia, Elem. Ed. 2112 S. Polk Dallas, Texas SNEA MITCHELL, Diana Kay, Sec. Adm. Route 1, Box 134 Lufkin, Texas Marketing Club Phi Beta Lambda MITCHELL, Eugene 5., Prod. Mgr. 317 Tanglewood Midland, Texas SAM MITCHELL, Gail, Phys. Ed. 2314 Lucas Drive Dallas, Texas Womexfs Pro PE Club Womenh Forum WRA MITCHELL, Irene 5., Home Ec. Ed. 12206 Bellafome Dallas, Texas MOEHRING, John, English 403 E. Belton Rockdale, Texas MOELLER, Donald W., Journalism 443 Thelma Drive E. San Antonio, Texas Theta Chi Press Club Insurance Club MONEY, Penny, Elem. Ed. 1028 Ector Demon, Texas ACE MONK, John, Finance 1510 Tranquilla Drive Dallas, Texas Finance Club Chancery Club Young Republicans MONSCHKE, David, Math Box 186 Krum, Texas Kappa Mu Epsilon MONTGOMERY, Carrol, Phys. Ed. Route 1, Box 59 Springtown, Texas AHPER Geezies, parl. MONTGOMERY, John A., Physics 9402 Monroe Avenue Washington, D. C. MONTGOMERY, Richard, Marketing 309 East 9th Street Waxahachie, Texas MOON, Robert F., Music Ed. 6806 Desco Drive Dallas, Texas Canterbury Club A Cappelia Choir MENC MOORE, Dianne, Education and Biology 202 Middlebury San Antonio, Texas Chi Omega, v.-p. Beta Beta Beta Alpha Chi Meritum MOORE, Douglas Warren, Math 2537 W. Kiest Dallas, Texas Young Republicans MOORE, Edward, Psychology 8147 San Fernando Dallas, Texas Lambda Chi Alpha MOORE, Jerry M., Business Ad. 1004 Williams Cleburne, Texas Geezles MOORE, Mack M., Sec. Ed. 3624 Springbrook Drive Odessa, Texas Young Republicans BSU MOORE, Robert W., Marketing 8147 San Fernando Dallas, Texas Lambda Chi Alpha Marketing Club MOORE, Terry, Art 5240 Greene Avenue Fort Worth, Texas MORA, Paul, Government 2815 Carlisle Dallas, Texas Young Democrats MORGAN, Wayne 11., Ad. Mgt. 534 Country Lane San Antonio, Texas Marketing Club Phi Mu Alpha SAM MORRIS, Gary, Marketing 1101 MacArthur Irving, Texas Marketing Club MORRIS, Marvin Leon, Physics 5714 Vanderbilt Dallas, Texas AIP MORRIS, Mary Helen, Clothing and Textiles 5417 Vanderbilt Dallas, Texas Phi Beta Lambda Ellen H. Richards Marketing Club MOSS, James, Phys. Ed. 515 Mill Gainesvilie, Texas MOSTY, John M., Business Ad. 821 Wheeler Kerrville, Texas Phi Mu Alpha Accounting Club Young Republicans MUECCE, Michael, Industrial Arts Box 422 Edna, Texas Friars Club IA Club MULLEN, Carolina, Elem. Ed. 3016 Avenue G Bay City, Texas SEA ACEI MUMFORD, Patricia, Personnel Mgt. 621 West Avenue A Kingsville, Texas Kappa Delta Sophomore 'Senalor MUMMERT, Sharon, Elem. Ed. 2414 Clay Kilgore, Texas SEA Womenis Forum MURPHY, Bea, Business Ed. 402 E. Farish Rosebud, Texas Zeta Tau Alpha MURPHY, Michael, Government Route 4 Cainesville, Texas Chancery Club MURPHY, Thomas, Ad. Mgr. 404 East 9th Street Dallas, Texas Sigma Nu Talons SAM NALL, Becky, Elem. Ed. 2001 Crestwood Demon, Texas Zeta Tau Alpha Women4s Forum ACEI NANCE, Jeff E., Business Tahoka, Texas Marketing Club NASH, Nancye, Elem. Ed. 1903 54th Street Galveston, Texas Women4s Forum Kappa Delta Pi Mary Arden WRA NEALE, Allan, Business 219 Normal Denton, Texas NEELY, Tommy, Ad. Mgr. Route 1, Box 226 Roanoke, Texas Marketing Club Management Club NELSON, Betty Jane, English 2140 Clower San Antonio. Texas Whois Who Mary Arden Alpha Chi, sec.-lreas. Senior Credits Sigma Tau Delta NELSON, Charles M., Banking and Finance 207 Miller Atlanta, Texas Accounting Club Finance Club NELSON, Rodney 0., Industrial Arts 1181 Stonewall New Braunfels, Texas IA Club Young Republicans NEUMANN, Mary, Adv. Art 2011 Clarksdale Dallas, Texas Women1s Forum NEWTON, Jerry, Insurance 1506 Nolan Big Spring, Texas NEWTON, Ronald 5., Psychology 509 Nelson Avenue Victoria, Texas NICHOLAS, Martha, Music Ed. 1307 Taylor Clarksville, Texas NICHOLS, Carolyn, Elem. Ed. 526 Lexington Abilene, Texas NICHOLS, Jan, Psychology 1049 Lawrence Waco, Texas NICHOLS, Mary, Food and Nutrition 506 West 22nd Street Odessa, Texas Ellen H. Richards NICHOLSON, Vester L., Elem. Ed. 1614 Anna Demon, Texas ACE SEA NOAH, Sue, Business Ed. 3243 Seevers Dallas, Texas NBEA Womerfs Forum NORMILE, Billy, Adv. Art 1802 Greenwood Denton, Texas SAAD, Pub. chmn. AFROTC NORQUEST, Dixie Lee, Music Ed. Route 2, Box 293 Edinburg, Texas Alpha Lambda Delta Sigma Alpha Iota W11015 Who Pi Kappa Lambda NUTTER, Jim, Political Science 7110 Robin Road Dallas, Texas Young Republicans O1DANIEL, James, History 934 S. Rogers Waxahachie, .Texas Phi Alpha Theta Sigma Delta Pi SEA ODOM, Harold B., Prc-mcd 1202 Austin Big Spring, Tede OGDEN, Jack C., Jr., Marketing 11008 Cinderella Dallas, Texas Sigma Nu Marketing Club SAM OLDS, Russel Accounting 10043 Woodgrove Drive Dallas, Texas OSOWSKI, Donald 1., Sec. Ed. 92 Frank1in Westfield, Massachusetts Gamma Theta Upsilon SEA NEA OSWALT, Joyce, Sec. Ed. Route 1 Red Oak, Texas SEA NBEA OWENS, Larry, Banking and Finance 1406 Ruea Grand Prairie, Texas Delta Sigma Pi, sec. Finance Club, v.p. Marketing Club SAM O1TOOLE, Maureen, Elem. Ed. 3857 Meadowdalc Dallas, Texas Young Republicans OTTS, Carroll Wayne, Accounting 1420 E. Broadway Gainesville, Texas Theta Chi PADGETT. Dan, Insurance Route 2 Paris, Texas Insurance Club PAGE, Ronald Terry, Biology 7517 E. Grand Avenue Dallas, Texas Beta Beta Beta PARAS, Fidel, In, Spanish 514 N. Aster Pharr, Texas PARKER, Charles A., Physics 01d Highway 77 South Cainesville, Texas Kappa Mu Epsilon AIP PARKER, Earlene, Math 3006 S'olano Drive NE Albuquerque, New Mexico SEA PARKER, Elton Don, Math 207 SW 12th Street 494 Seminole, Texas PARKER, Ross, Psychology 2020 Olive Texarkana, Texas PARKLEY, Barbara, Elem. Ed. Route 1 Krum, Texas SEA PARKS, Douglas Alex, Phys. Ed. 2934 Arizona Dallas. Texas AHPER Club Young Democrats Kappa Alpha PARRETT, Judith Ann, Elem. Ed. 824 Wichita San Angelo, Texas Delta Gamma SNEA ACE BS'U PARSONS, Margaret Kay, Sec. Ed. 704 Virginia Graham, Texas PARSONS, William R1, Art 508 West 29th Street Texarkana, Texas PATTERSON, James R., Marketing 407 Edwards Big Spring, Texas Marketing Club PATTERSON, Judith Ann, English 515 Monroe Waxahachie, Texas Alpha Chi Sigma Tau Delta, pres. PATTERSON, Niram, Math Route 3, Box 95 Texarkana, Texas PATTERSON, Patti, Math Box 964- Crecnvillc, Texas Alpha Lambda Doha, V-prCS. Delta Gamma, treas. Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Mu EpsiIon PAYNE, Jenny, Education Box 452 Sanger, Texas Phi Beta Lambda Women's Forum N PAYNE, Liston 0., Journalism 700 N. Bradshaw Denton, Texas Sigma Delta Chi Press Club PEERY, Carol, Elem. Ed. 3033 Map1e1eaf Dallas, Texas Alpha Delta Pi Angel Flight ACE SEA PEREZ, Richard, Education 405 W. Taylor Harlingen, Texas SNEA PELZEL, Barbara, Elem. Ed. Route 2 Pilot Point, Texas Newman Club SEA ACE PERKINS, Bill, Journalism 1921 W. Hickory Demon, Texas Campus Chat, editor Blue Key Sigma Delta Chi PERRYMAN, Ida, Sec. Science 333 Brianwylde Irving, Texas Alpha Phi, treas. Phi Beta Lambda Women1s Forum PERSKY, Adele, Home Ec. 601142 North 8th Street Edinburg, Texas Mary Arden, v.p. Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Upsilon Omicron Ellen H5 Richards PETTER, Ronald, Industrial Arts 1601 N. Wharton El Campo, Texas IA Club PETERS, Anthony Graydon, Industrial Arts 3009 Coggins Avenue Brownwood, Texas IA Club, historian PETTY, Daniel W., Music Ed. Route 10. Box 150 Tyler, Texas PEUGH, Charles, Economics Box 173 Mansfield, Texas PHILBECK, Ernest 0., History 3410 Hildago, Apt. 102 Dallas. Texas PHILLIPS, Bill, Music Ed. 419 Mounts Denton, Texas PHILLIPS. Fletcher, Phys. Ed. 5904 Ellsworth Dallas. Texas AHPER University Players WDA PHILLIPS, James L., Business Route 4 White Oak, Texas PHILLIPS, John 13., Phys. Ed. 201 S. Lancaster Apt. 209 Dallas, Texas Lambda Chi Alpha PHIPPS, Suzy, Business Route 10, Box 339 Tyler, Texas Women1s Forum NBEA SEA PICKETT, Roger, Management 3610 Reeves Fort Worth, Texas SAM BSU PILLOW, Polly Jo, Elem. Ed. 1601 Beckley Lancaster, Texas Mary Arden Women's Forum SEA, v.p. PINK, Fred, Phys. Ed. 1900 Taylor Wichita Falls, Texas PIPKIN, James, Banking and Finance 416 S. Dixie Eastland, Texas Finance Club PITTMAN, Gaye, Elem. Ed. 1212 Arawe Circle Irving, Texas ACE SEA PITTS, Nita, Elem. Ed. 2528 Royal Lane Demon, Texas Mary Arden Kappa Delta Pi SEA ACE PLILER, Robert David, Physics 3016 Primrose Fort Worth, Texas AIP, v.p. PONCE, Gilbert, Government 309 Ruddell Demon, Texas POND, Judith, Elem. Ed. 3051 Hutchinson Fort Worth, Texas ACE SEA Mary Arden PORTER, Carolyn, Sec. Ed. 5601 Andover Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Lambda Delta Kappa Delta, scholarship chmn. Mary Arden SEA PORTER, M. Carolyn, Math 401 S. Walters Pasadena, Texas Alpha Lambda Delta Kappa Mu Epsilon Sigma Alpha Iota Yucca Staff POTTER. Robert, Government 3824 Eighth Street Port Arthur, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma, treas. Young Democrats Chancery Club Senior Senator POULSON, Benny, Industrial Arts Ralls. Texas IA Club POWER, Jimmie Sue, Educati6n 103 Vine Longview, Texas POWERS. Johnny, Journalism Box 439 Valley Mills, Texas Lambda Chi Alpha, co. sec. Sigma Delta Chi, historian Press Club Young Democrats PRATHER, Charles, History 7006 Haverford Dallas, Texas PRICE. Jean Marie. Sec. Ad. 5841 Clendenin Dallas, Texas PRICER, Hyla Cean, Music 430 Bartlett Corpus Christi, Texas PURCELL. Joyce, Elem. Ed. 1510 Sam Houston Victoria, Texas W0men1s Forum NEA ACE PURVIS, Nathan W., Sec. Ed; 613 Florey Kilgore, Texas Pi Kappa A1pha QUINN, Shirley Marie, Journalism 1321 Simpson Drive Hurst, Texas th3s Who Campus Chat Meritum, reporter Theta Sigma Phi, sec. RAILSBACK, James, Accounting Route 2, Box 25 Kosse, Texas Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Club Blue Key Arnold Air Socinty RAINEY. David. Adv. Art 2350 Simpson Paris, Texas Delta Sigma Phi RAINS, Judy, Elem. Ed. Box 585. Route 1 Cedar Hill, Texas Delta Gamma Gamma Theta Upsilon ACE NEA RAMEY, Josephine, Elem. Ed. 7228 Robinhood Lane Fort Worth, Texas Young Republicans SEA RAMSAY, Dennis 1., Accounting Route 1, Box 43 Glen Rose, Texas Accounting Club BANEY, Linda, Library Service 3004 Forest Park Boulevard Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Beta Alpha 4 SE RANKIN, Donna, Elem. Ed. 730 Grove Graham, Texas RANSOM, Shirley Jean, Speech Therapy 709 Ohio Big Spring, Texas Sigma Alpha Eta RAWLINGS, Marilyn, Elem. Ed. 1404 E. Paegelow Scott AFB, Illinois Chi Omega Angel Flight Kappa Delta Pi A E C RAYBON. Johnny, Banking and Finance 311 South 1st Street Brownfield, Texas Lambda Chi Alpha, pres. IFC, pres. Accounting Club REEVES, Donald R., Marketing 8313 White Settlement Road Fort Worth, Texas REINLE, Vickie, Elem. Ed. 231 Murdeaux Lane Dallas, Texas Mary Arden Kappa Delta Pi ACE, v.p. S EA RENSHAW, Suzanne, English 2020 Irving Boulevard Irving, Texas Alpha Phi, v.p. Mary Arden Alpha Lambda Delta SEA, v.p. REYNOLDS, Craig, Business 3845 Dunhaven Road Dallas, Texas Marketing Club Alpha Lambda Pi Beta A1pha Psi RICE, Kenneth, Insurance Box 833 Demon, Texas Delta Sigma Pi RICH, Jim, Business 6342 Malcolm Dallas, Texas Kappa Alpha IFC Management Club RICHEY, David Dean, Psychology 720 Cherry Ranger, Texas Talons Young Republicans RIEBE, Janie, Elem. Ed. Box 395 Strawn, Texas Kappa Delta Pi SEA NEA RICLER, Erik, Sociology 1305 Hillcrest Gainesville, Texas RIGSBY, Donald Joe, Accounting 1005 N. Graham Odessa, Texas Alpha Lambda Pi RISOEDI, Frank, Sec. Ed. 12 Elizabeth Avenue Beverly, Massachusetts ROARK, David R., Music 1203 Hays Palestine, Texas Phi Mu Alpha ROBBINS, Frankie, Elem. Ed. Bax 66 Haslet, Texas Alpha Lambda Delta SEA ROBERSON, Marilyn, Home Ec. Ed. 1701 W. oak, Apt. 210 Denton, Texas Phi Upsilon Omicron, sec. Ellen H. Richards ROBERTS, James 13., Sec. Ed. Route 4 Wills Point, Texas S'EA Roger M. Ramey Club ROCHA, Felipe, Jr., Library Service 305 Farragut Laredo, Texas ROGERS, Dex, Government Route 3, Box 75 Texarkana, Texas Kappa Sigma ROGERS. Pam. Library Service 1116 Poindexter Cleburne, Texas Alpha Beta Alpha Alpha Lambda Sigma Kappa Delta Pi Mary Arden ROGERS. Pat, Education 231 S. Hampton Dallas, Texas ROHDE, Margaret, Elem. Rd. 7725 Davenport Fort Worth, Texas SEA, v.p. ACEI Women's Forum Mary Arden ROHNE, Anthony, Industrial Arts Route 3 Hico, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha ROSSON, Dorothy, Education 1225 Oriole Garland, Texas SEA ROSSON, Nicky, Prod. Mgt. 924 S. Grand Gainesville, Texas SAM ROTHBAUER, James, Banking and Finance 2104 N. Louis Victoria, Texas Young Republicans Finance Club RUSSEK, Mary, Music Ed. 539 Fitzgerald East Bernard, Texas MENC SEA Womexfs Chorus, pres. Young Democrats RUSSELL, Elizabeth, Elem. Ed. 3921 Scruggs Drive Fort Worth, Texas Kappa Delta Pi SEA RUSSELL, Ray, Industrial Arts Box 963 Denver City, Texas Geezles, chaplain IA Club Talons SANDERS, Herschel B., Personnel Mgt. 2812 Crauwyler Irving, Texas Management Club SANFORD, Curt, Real Estate 6804 Twin Hills Dallas, Texas SAULS, Margaret Ann, Sec. Ed. 113 Board McKinney, Texas Kappa Delta Pi Young Democrats SCHICK, Susan, Sec. Ed. 724 Gibson Waxahachie, Texas Phi Bela Lambda SEA SCHILL, Dian, Advl Art 636 Huntington Road Kansas City, Missouri SAAD Women's Forum SCHILL, Gary David, Geography 1928 S. China Brady, Texas Gamma Theta Upsilon, pres. Roger M. Ramey Club SCHMIDT, Margaret Ann, Elem. Ed. 3715 P172 Galveston, Texas Womexfs Forum ACE NEA SCHNEIDER, Lee, Psychology 7009 Wycliff Fort Worth, Texas Sigma Nu SCHNEIDER, C. Terry, Business 1400 Cherry Gainesville, Texas Finance Club Young Republicans SCHNEIDER, William A., Industrial Arts 1608 Sycamore McAllen, Texas IA Club, parl. Geezles, pres. SCHORLEMMER, Chuck, Sec. Ed. Route 2 Demon, Texas SCOTT, E. 11., JL, Marketing 713 N. Union Whiteshoro, Texas Marketing Club Accounting Club Young Democrats SEIBERT, Susan, Elem. Ed. 7811 Chattington Dr. Dallas, Texas SHANK, Tommy, Accounting 1516 Kcsslcr Parkway Dallas, Texas Sigma Phi Epsilon SHARP, Sondra, Sec, Ed. 5717 Jacksboro Fort Worth, Texas SEA University Players omen's Forum SHAW, Mike, Mathematics Route 3 Paint Creek, Texas SHAW, Travis, Bus. Ad. Box 818 San Saba, Texas Marketing Club SHEPPARD, Arvester, Government 522 W. Morton St. Denison, Texas Track Team SHEPPARD, Ben, Government 1621 W. Oak, 206-3 Demon, Texas Debate Club, president Alpha Chi Blue Key Who's Who SHEPPARD, Sue Darlene, Sec. Ed. 8030 Ridgeview Houston, Texas Delta Gamma SEA C.S. Organization SHERMAN, Elinor, Elem. Ed. 718 Spruce Dumas, Texas SHIRES, Roger, Personnel Mgt. 1131 W. Crawford Dcnison, Texas Kappa Alpha SAM SIGLER, Sondra, Elem. Ed. RL 7, Box 125 Fun Worth, Texas Alpha Delta Pi SEA SIMMONS, Sharon, Home Ec. 1015 Westway Demon, Texas Alpha Delta Pi, cor. sec. SEA Ellen H. Richards Womexfs Forum SIMMONS, Tracy, Psychology 5532 Trail inke Dr. Fort Worth, Texas Psi Chi Pi Delta Phi SIMPSON, Liz, Elem. Ed. Box 502 Van Alstyne, Texas Alpha Phi, house mgr. ACE Mary Arden SNEA SINGLETON, Sue 3435 Avenue M Fort Worth, Texas Kappa Delta Pi Womerfs Forum Ellen H. Richards, sec. Phi Upsilon Omicron, pres. SMATHERS', Dianne, Elem. Ed. 311 Live Oak Pasadena, Texas Sigma Alpha Iota Kappa Delta Pi SMILEY, Brenda, Elem. Ed. Rt. 5, Box 476 Waco, Texas Kappa Delta, historian SMILEY, Frances, Music Ed. 1306 W. 12th Littlefield, Texas MENC SEA SMITH, Annie, Journalism 725 Panhandle Demon, Texas Theta Sigma Phi SMITH, Clyde, Music Ed. 1415 Durham Brownwood, Texas SMITH, Donna Jean, An Ed. 4047 Underwood Houston, Texas SAEA Kappa Delta Pi SEA SMITH, David Gene, Elem. Ed. Box 572 Fluvanna, Texas SMITH, Ellan, Music Ed. 1318 Barlow Dallas, Texas Meritum Who's Who Mu Phi Epsilon, v. 1:. Alpha Chi SMITH, Emily Joy, Home Ec. 644 W. Illinois Dallas, Texas SMITH, Harold, Marketing 233 W. Orange Duncanville, Texas Young Democrats Marketing Club Investment Club Management Club SMITH, Jackie, Industrial Arts Route 1, Box 1 Grand Saline, Texas SMITH, Jeannie, English 1204 Ridgeview Dallas, Texas Womcn1s Forum, representative SMITH, Jerry Hal, History 1314 Elmwood Odessa, Texas Delta Sigma Phi SEA SMITH, John Buchell, Industrial Arts Box 584- Archer City, Texas SMITH, Martha, Music Ed. 3322 W7 10th Amarillo, Texas Sigma Alpha Iota MENC SMITH, Michael, Bus. Ad. 3420 W. 6th Fort Worth, Texas SMITH, Ronny, Accounting 1422 Baylor Perryton, Texas Alpha Lambda Accounting Club Beta Alpha Psi SMITH, Tommy, Accounting 102 Summit Ranger, Texas Accounting Club SMITH: William, Industrial Arts Route 3 McKinney, Texas SOLGANICK, Harvey, Sec. Ed. 232 E. Ninth, Apt. 101 Dallas, Texas Philosophy Club SEA Young Democrats SOUTHARD, Freddie, Banking and Finance 117 Ripley Marlin, Texas Finance Club SPARKMAN, Sandra, Psychology 3114 Cornell Dallas, Texas Psi Chi SPEARS, Jonnie Lea, Mathematics Rt. 4, Box 185 Cleburnc, Texas SEA SPELLINGS, Richard, Elem. Ed. 1105 Bonnie 13183 Fort Worth, Texas SPENCER, Johnny, Accounting Box 358 Naples, Texas Alpha Lambda Pi SPIER, Lynn, Marketing Box 832 Clarendon, Texas Marketing Club SPINA, Carol, Phys. Ed. 6825 Norma Fun Worth, Texas Women's Pro Club WRA Womenm Forum STANTON, Paul, Elem. Ed. 1112 Church St. Mountain Home, Ark. STARNES, James, Education 1702 College Decatur, Texas Sigma Phi Epsilon, v. p. Talons STEADHAM, Glymla, History Box 205 Star Rt. Andrews, Texas SEA STEELY, Anne, English Chula Vista Dallas, Texas Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Chi STEPHENS, Ronald, Advertising Art 4816 Mayfair Fort Worth, Texas STEPHENS, Ronald, Gen. Bus. 4824 Marie Fort Worth, Texas Theta Chi, secretary Iota Nu Sigma STEVENS, Marilyn, Banking and Finance Box 337 Elmwood, Indiana Phi Chi Theta Finance Club, secretary Phi Beta Lambda Young Republicans STEWARD, Jerrye, History Box 217 Fairfield, Texas SEA STEWART, Jimmy, Chemistry 3204 Avon Dr. Demon, Texas SCOTT, Marjorie, English 3526 Waldorf Dallas, Texas Jr. Mary Arden Mary Arden Kappa Delta Pi SCURLOCK, Cheryl, Psychology 202 Fairway Victoria, Texas Angel Flight Women's Forum Modern Dance SEALS, Donna, Phys. Ed. 1010 Lake Shore Drive Mesquite, Texas Womenh Pro PE Club 150 S'EAY, Elaine, Home Ec. Ed. Box 155 Estelline, Texas Ellen H. Richards SEA SEAY, Laynelte, Home Ec. Box 155 Estelline, Texas SEAY, Lewis, Music Ed. 220 S. Sycamore Arlington, Texas Phi Mu Alpha SECO, Jane, Elem. ELL 903 No. Avenue G Haskell, Texas Alpha Phi ACE STEWART, Tommie, Education 511 Winters Fort Worth, Texas STINE, Paula, Elem. Ed. 217 Oaklawn Nocona, Texas Alpha Delta Pi, v. p. Womenh Forum ACE SEA STINSON, Barbara, Spanish 137 Lorila San Antonio, Texas Alpha Phi, v. p. Sigma Delta Pi STIVERS, Bill, Math 2425 Crescent Drive Abilene, Texas STOCKTON, Joan, Personnel Mgt. 5824 Wonder Fort Worth, Texas STOKES, Lynn, Art Ed. 411 South 111h Street Garland, Texas STONE, Teddy, Elem. Ed. 7721 Longfield Fort Worth, Texas SEA ACE BSU STOVALL, Gaines, Phys. Ed. 3839 Mattison Fort Worth, Texas STRADER, Gene, Psychology 1807 Wesley Greenville, Texas Theta Chi STRAIN, Kaye, Business Ed. 402 Live Oak Royse City, Texas Delta Gamma Phi Beta Lambda Women1s Forum SEA STRIBLING, Daniel Edward, Ad. Mgt. 4302 McKinney, Apt. G Dallas, Texas AFROTC Sabre Drill Team Management Club Accounting Club STRIPLING, Sara, Elem. Ed. Palestine Highway Athens, Texas Womerfs Forum BSU SEA SULLIVAN, Macie Francine, Education 401 High School Drive Grand Prairie, Texas Chi Omega Mary Arden ACE SEA SUMLIN, Roger, Business 326 Oak Drive Lake Jackson, Texas Pi Kappa Alpha, v. p. Marketing Club Management Club SUMMERS, Carolyn, Library Service 34 Page Street Hurst, Texas Alpha Beta Alpha SUPINA, Edward, Phys. Ed. 1507 Brush Bridgeport, Texas Geezles, pres. Talons, treas. AHPER, sec. SWANN, Gregg, JL, Psychology 304 First Street Terrell, Texas Young Democrats SWEARINGEN, Mike, Journalism 110 N. Center Gladewater, Texas Delta Sigma Pi, historian SEINDALL, Lee B., Prod. Mgt. 330 Ponder Denton, Texas TALBERT, Lynn, Ad. Mgt. East Highway 190 Killeen, Texas SAM TALLEY, Ann, Elem. Ed. Box 83 Hallsville, Texas Zeta Tau Alpha Women4s Forum SEA TAYLOR, Cecilia 1., Government and Ed. 3838 Shady Hill Drive Dallas, Texas Women's Forum Chancery Club TAYLOR, Dave, Psychology 1006 Graves McKinney, Texas Sigma Nu IFC Psi Chi TAYLOR, Elena, English Box 561 Midlothian, Texas TAYLOR, Rodger Earl, Prod. Mgt. 308 S. Oak Eastland, Texas Phi Kappa Sigma, chaplain Alpha Lambda Pi SAM WDA TEAGUE, Nancy, Elem. 13111 1004 Hillcrest Drive Graham, Texas Kappa Delta Womenh Forum, reporter ACE SEA TEICHMAN, Donna, Business Ed. Box 65 Gordon, Texas Pi Omega Pi TEICHMAN, Ronald, Industrial Arts Box 65 Gordon, Texas IA Club TEPLOW, Nancy, Sec. Ad. 6303 Willow Lane Dallas, Texas Alpha Delta Pi, treas. Marketing Club THOMAS, A. B., Radio-TV 5946 LaVista Dallas, Texas Radio-TV Club THOMAS, Dianne, Elem. Ed. Senior Credits 804 North 16th Street VAN METER. AHHH, Accounting Corsicana, Texas WHITE, Dan, Government Longview, Texas 2338 Avenue A Phi Upsilon Omicron, chap. 2008 Locksley Lane Alpha Delta Pi Fort Worth, Texas Ellen H. Richards Denton, Texas Angel Flight Accounting Club SEA Whois Who SEA VAN NESS, Ronnie, Prod. Mgt. BSU Pi Sigma Alpha, pres. THOMAS, John R., Insurance 1205 MiIam Way WATKINS, Jo Merrily, Art Blue Key, v. p. 200 Crescent Drive Carrollton, Texas 3601 Boyd Delta Sigma Pi, historian Longview, Texas VARNEH, Robert, Business Groves, Texas WHITE, George 13., Math THOMAS, Kay, Elem. Ed. 3716 Harvard SEA 843 Yale Box 475 Dallas, Texas SAEA Lewisville, Texas Carthage, Texas Marketing Club Young Republicans XX'HITEHURST, Milton W1, Ad. Mgt. THOMAS, Larry Marlin, Business Ad. Finance Club Delta Zeta 3701 N. Highway 67, Apt. 94 1305 NW 28111 Street VAUGHAN: Sandra, English WATSON, Carl, Adv. Art Mesquite, Texas Fort Worth, Texas 1004 Valentine 911 Damon WHITFIELD, A. D., Phys. Ed. Sigma Nu, Lt. Cmdr. Hurst, Texas Denton, Texas Box 412 THOMPSON, Deedie, Jr., Phys. Ed. Sigma Tau Delta, V. p. SAAD, pub. chmn. Rosebud, Texas 1724 Pleasant Run VAUGHT, Charlotte, Elem. Ed. WVATSON, Gary, Ad. Mgt. Varsity Foutball Carrollton, Texas 7819 Terry Box 334 WILEY, Larry Don, Music THOMPSON, Helen, Education Fort Worth, Texas Hughes Springs, Texas 908 13th Street 1117 Crestmont SEA Marketing Club Levelland, Texas Wharton, Texas ACE SAM Phi Mu Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha, lreas. VICK, Dormer, Elem. Ed. 150 WILKINSON, D. Donald, Management Women1s Forum 905 Manhattan WATSON, Jerry Mack, Personnel Mgt. 520 Ridgelea SEA Denton, Texas 1206 Alamo Big Spring, Texas THOMPSON, Joan Amy, Journalism VICK, Linda Ann, EIcm. Ed. Garland, Texas Pre-Law Club 6536 Kingsbury Box 184. Route 9 SAM Business and Economics Club Dallas, Texas Fort Worth, Texas WATSON, Robert F., Business Ad. WILLIAMS, Charles C., Banking and Finance Delta Gamma Green Jackets Box 67 1312 Kendolph Meritum Womens Forum Palo Pinto, Texas Denton, Texas Theta Sigma Phi SEA Ghancery Club Finance Club thfs Who ACE Young Democrats Investment Club THOMPSON, Truman, Business Adm. VINES. Grover, Marketing SAM Young Democrats 312 Azalea 1026 Osceola Trail WATSON, Sharon, Music 150 Lake Jackson, Texas Carrollton, Texas Balko, Oklahoma W'ILLIAMS, Katharine Ann, Elem. Ed. Finance Club Lambda Clii Alpha WATSON, Wanda, Home Ec. Ed. Sanger. Texas THORLA, Becky, Elem. Ed. Marketing Club Route 2 WILLIAMS, Linda, Business Ed. 800 Cedar Springs VISAGE, Judy, Med. Tech. Jonesboro, Texas Route 1 Arlington, Texas Route 2 Ellen H. Richards Sadler, Texas BSU, vcsper chmn. LOHEVieW, Texas SEA WILLIAMS, Nancy, Business SEA WADE, Linda, English WATTS, Richard E., Business 3164 Newcastle THORNHILL, Earl H., Biology 5110 Dazzle Drive Arp, Texas Dallas, Texas 10410 SE Fifth Street Dallas, Texas WEATHERBY, David, Government Phi Chi Theta Dallas, Texas Pi Delta Phi Box 1443 Womenk Forum THRASH, Judy, Elem. Ed. Womerfs F0151"! Wells, Texas WILLIAMSON, Suzanne, Elem. Ed. 4101 Selkirk Drive W. WAITE, Charles, Marketing Chancery Club Groesbeck, Texas Fort Worth, Texas Route 2 WEATHERHOCC, Janet Rice, Music Ed. Chi Omega Kappa Delta Pi Lewisville, Texas 2800 Sewers Angel Flight, treas. ACE , Phi Kappa Sigma Irving, Texas Gamma Theta Upsilon SEA Marketing Club .Pi Kappa Lambda SEA TINER, Billie, Elem Ed. WAITE, RiCk W.. Marketing Sigma Alpha Iota WILSON, Alfred, Elem. Ed. Route 2 3115 N. Cambridge Alpha Lambda Delta 400 East 4th Street La Rue, Texas 14311811191, Michigan Jr. Mary Arden Kaufman, Texas BSU Kappa Alpha WEAVER. Jo Rene, History WILSON. Joe D., Accounting TITUS, Jill, English Marketing Club 2203 Redwood 1708 11111 Street 1342 S. Ewing WALDROPA, Buford 13.. Government Denton, Texas Brownwood, Texas Dallas, Texas 207 S. Weatherred SNEA Sigma Nu BSU, Vesper chmn. Richardson, Texas WEBB, Charles E., Biology Accounting Club Sigma Tau Delta, sec. YOUHE Republicans, treas. 405 W1 Harrison WILSON, Sandra, Math Alpha Chi WALKER, Gary W., Business Electra, Texas 1605 N. Travis TOPLETZ, Dennis, Business 104 Redbud Trail Beta Beta Beta Sherman, Texas 6408 Northport McKinney, Texas WEBB, Gary K4, Insurance Kappa Mu Epsilon, treas. Dallas, Texas Kappa Sigma 1315 Traymore SEA TOWLE, Gayle, Sec. Ed. Finance Club Dallas, Texas WILSON, Shirley Anna, EIsm. Ed. 331 E, Polk, Apt. SB WALKER, Nancy, Sec. Ed. WEBER. Ellen, Adv. Art 4620 Evergreen Drive Richardson, Texas Route 3 2609 Ridgewood Port Arthur, Texas SEA Weatherford, Texas Irving, Texas WINKLEY, G1enda, Elem. Ed. TREVINO, Julian M., History BSU SAAD, pres. 909 NW 4th Street 719 Market SEA WEBER. Sharon, Elem. Ed. Andrews, Texas Laredo, Texas WALLACE, Sara, History Route 3 W0men1s Forum TRICKEY, Tim, Government 607 West 3rd Street Decatur, Texas SEA 1211 Highland Park Road P6005. TEXAS SEA WINKLEY, Lloyd, Biology Denton, Texas Alpha Delta Pi, historian ACE Star Route B Blue Key Mary Arden Kappa Delta Pi Midland, Texas 150 Kappa Delta Pi W'EDEL, Janet, Sociology SEA Chancery Club SEA Box 143 WIRZ, Fred, Finance TRIMBLE, Suzan, English WALLER. Ida .10, Speech and Drama Moundridge, Kansas Box 769 4220 Stonewall 708 W. Hullum Debate Club Seymour, Texas Greenville, Texas Breckenridge, Texas Pi Kappa Delta WITHERSPOON, Glenda, English 261:! Tau AIpha Young Republicans WEISS, Marilyn, Phys. Ed. 2409 Robinwood TRUXAL, Paula, English University PIayers 6427 Allera Lane Denton, Texas 217 Bayou View Drive Gamma Phi Beta Fort Worth, Texas SEA Seabrook, Texas S'EA RA BSU TULK, Richard Earl, Economics WALLER. William, Physics Women's PE Pro Club WITTY. Charles N., Math 4056 Coodfellow Drive Box 283 WELCH, David Mi, Sec. Ed. 114 Baker Dallas, Texas Melissa, Texas 445 Hughs Hamilton, Texas TUMLIN, James Kenneth, History Young Republicans, pres. Pampa. Texas WOLTERS, William L., Business Ad. 1704 Paloram Lane Ceezles, v. p. WELDON, Betty, Elem. Ed. 323 Main Odessa, Texas WALTERS Barbara. Speech and Drama 2100 North Oak Lewisvilley Texas TURNER, Edward 3., Sec. Ed. Route 6. Box 580 Mineral Wells, Texas Phi Eta Sigma 1416 South 7th Street Lufkin. Texas SEA SAM Temple, Texas Alpha Psi Omega ACEI WOMACK, Marilyn, Elem. Edi University Players WELLS, Margaret, Elem. Ed. BOX 453 TURNER, Greta, Phys. Ed, Supper Theater Maud, Texas Linden, Texas 3747 Matson Young Democrats WESTER, Suzanne, Elem. Ed. Angel Flight Fort Worth, Texas WALTON, Robert L., Finance Route 1, Box 217 Womenis Forum Women1s Pro PE Club 405 Bob Street Grapevine, Texas SEA Womenis Forum Hurst, Texas 11, Mary Arden WOMMACK, Mary Beth, Business WRA Kappa Sigma Alpha Lambda Delta 302 N. Louise TURNER, Tommy, Prod. Mgt. ROEN M- Ramcy Clllb. PTCS- Zeta Tau Alpha Atlanta, Texas Route 2, Box 151A Finance Club WESTMORELAND, Stephen, Industrial Arts Alpha Delta Pi Daingerfield, Texas Marketing Club 1209 S. Raqunt Phi Chi Theta. treas. TWEED, Nancy Jo, Elem. Ed, XVARD, David H., Marketing Lufkin, Texas Marketing Chlb 5530 Creenbrier 2425 Parksidc IA Club, treasi W0men1s Forum Dallas, Texas Irving, Texas WHEAT, Rachel, Elem. Ed. WOOD, Sylvia, Elem. Ed. Newman Club Marketing C1111! Route 2 1505 5. Cliff Womexfg Forum WARD. Lucille, Home Ec. Bunkie, Louisiana Decatur, Texas ACE Box 220 ACE ACE SEA Denver City. Texas WHEELER, Colby, Music Ed. SEA TYNER, Karla, Elem. Ed. Phi Upsilon Omicron Box 38 WOODALL, Sharon. Sec. Ed. 1460 Keeler Drive Ellen Hi Richards Denver City, Texas 7000 Brooks Irving, Texas WARD. Tom, Accounting Chi Omega Fort Worth, Texas NEA 7119 Glen HiIIS Road MENC W'OODEN. Kay, English UMPHRESS, Jerryc, Elem. Ed. Fort Worth, Texas Young Republicans 203 Waller 601 Brookview WKATERSA Greg, Music Ed. Women1s Chorus, pres. Red Oak, Texas Hurst, Texas 15205 High Knoll Lane XVHEELER. Craig Richard, Journalism Green Jackets, rec. sec. UNDERWOOD, Robert Aden, Phys. Ed. Brookfield, Wisconsin 10423 Robindale Sigma Tau Della Glen Rose, Texas Concert Band Dana's, Texas Alpha Chi SEA Orchestra . Kappa Sigma, historian VVOODRUFF, James, Marketing UNDERWOOD, Stacy, Elem. Ed. W'ATKINS. Diana, Elem. Ed. W7H1PPLE. Donna, Sec. Adm. Box 15 105 Almond Box 143D. Route 1 1917 Valley Lane Wo1fe City, Texas Waxahachie, Texas Midlands Texas Arlington, Texas Marketing Club Women's Forum Delta Gamma Kappa Delta WORS'HAM, Joe, Biology SNEA Angel Flight, treas. Phi Chi Theta 305 S. League ACEI Sigma Alpha Eta WH TE, Carol, English Sulphur Springs, Texas VANDEVENTER, Billy Marion, Elem. Ed. SEA .102 North 7th Street Kappa Alpha Box 392 WATKINS. Jane, Home EC. Haskell. Texas WREN, Billy, Phys. Ed. Frisco, Texas Route 2 SEA Route 2 496 Cumby, Texas WUSNACK, Skip, Music Ed. 3436 Glasgow El Paso, Texas Phi Mu Alpha Arnuld Air Society AFROTC Band, drum major WYLIE, Carroll, Phys. Ed. 1311 23rd Street Snyder, Texas WYSONG, James H., Business Box 7 Aaron, Loretta Ables, Kurt Ables, Sherrill ............ 228,232, 233 Abshier, Andrea .400 Abslon, Cecile .A Cuppilia Choir ................ I Accounting Club ................. 1268 .ACE 282 Adams, David . . . . . . . .......... 160 Adams, Eddie ....... . 160, 200, 400 Adams, Joe ........... Adams, Adams, Adams, Patricia Adams, Sarah Adamson, William .......... 271,277,367 400 Aday, Marveene Aday, Steven Atkins, Tommy ................... 202 Adkinson, Barbara ................. 184 Adkison, Sheila ................... 400 Ahn, Mary 364 Ahrens, Dinah ......... 186, 228, 296, 400 Aikin, Tommy .............. .190 .Art Department .Aerospace Studies ................ 297 Akey, Martha .................... 400 Akin, Barbara . . . . . ......... 400 Aragood, Robert ......... 400 Albin, Elaine Albrixton, Stanley ................. 400 Alcoze, Johnnie 300, 400 Alders, Jerry ................. 274, 367 Aldridge, Marie 295, 400 Alexander, Alice Alexander, Connie Alexander, Donald Alexander, Cough ...... 265, 267, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alford, Darlene A110rd,Karen .................... 367 .All the Way Home ............... 132 Alland, Bill ...................... 251 Allen, Ann Allen, Carol Allen, Allen, Don- Allen, Allen, Elizabeth Allen, Elmerine Allen, Allen, Allen, Allen, Kathryn Allen, Allen, Lee . . . . . Allen, Linda .. ..... Allen, Linda Jean Allen, Linda Jo Alien, Nancy Allen, Nelda . . . Allen, Roger AIIen, R011 Allen, Allison, Louis .Alpha Beta Alpha .Alpha Chi O'Alpha Chi Sigma .Alpha Delta Pi .Alpha Lambda Delta .Aipha Phi ......... Alread,1ames Alston, Judy ..................... 401 Alvarez, Sonny 401 Amacker, Linda ........ 186, 286, 299, 401 .American Ballet Theater ........... .American Institute of Physics ....... 253 Amidon, Grace Amos, Virginia Amyx, Cherry .................... 401 Anders, Sandra ........ 176,182, 264, 272, 299 Melissa, Texas Theta Chi Insurance Club ARGAN, Robert Joseph, Marketing 407 Normal Demon, Texas Newman Club Marketing Club YOAKUM, Tyrone, Journalism Box 370 Tipton, Oklahoma Young Democrats YOUNTS, Aihert, Journalism 1318 W. Avenue D Temple, Texas Sigma Delta Chi Press Club YOUNTS, Sharon, Education 1921 South 39111 Street Temple, Texas SNEA ZAREFF, Stan, Speech and Drama 410 Sunset Dallas, Texas GENERAL INDEX Anderson, Ada ................ 294, 367 Anderson, Annell ................. 401 Anderson, Anona .................. 401 Anderson, Betty Anderson, Bob Anderson, Daryl Anderson, Dean Anderson, Doryl Anderson, Freddie Anderson, Harold Anderson, Jeralyn Anderson, John ................... 401 Anderson, John R. ................ 367 Anderson, Judy ............... 180. 401 Anderson, Judy C. ................ 401 Anderson, Marian Anderson, Miles Anderson, Ronnie ......... 350, 401 Anderson, Sally ............ 182, 233, 367 Anderson, Sharon 364 Anderson, William , 401 Andreoii, Phyllis .................. 401 Andrews, Carol ................... 401 Andrews, Gary . Andrews, Robert Andrus, Andrew OAngel Flight Angeles, Abigail . Ansley, Rex . . . . Anthonise, Burt Anthony, Mark ................... 367 Appell, William ,-367 Applegale, Walter ................. 401 Aramey, Julie ............... Archer, Jim . .401 Archer, Mike Archie, Carolyn Ardis, Ralph ................. 206, 401 Armour, Mike Armsuong, Janice . . . . Arnette, David Amen, Robert .Amold Air Society ............... 300 Arnold, Clifford Arnold, Glenda Arnold, John ..................... 367 Anington, Ronald ................. 367 Arterburn, Tony .................. 401 .College of Arts and Sciences ........ 218 Arwine, Robert ................... 367 Asei,Ma1-tha ............. 182, 306, 401 Ashmore, Darrell .................. 41 Ashworth, Dennil ................. 401 Asking, Michael .Assistams to the President. . . Atchley, Craig Atkerson, Peggy Atkins, Dorothy ........... 281, 283, 284 Atkins, Jack ..................... 40 2 Atkinson, Barbara Atkinson, Patti ................... 402 Ator, James Atterhury, Joan ......... 97, 164, 230, 402 Austin, 1 402 Austin, Austin, Austin, Autry, Robert .................... 402 Averilt, Gerald Averill, Leon Avery, Julie .Avesta Axe, Jerebelh .................... 367 Aycock, Michael .................. 301 Ayers, Beth .. ................. 283, 367 Ayers, Biliy 286 Baber, Pam ...................... 367 Bachman, Sandra Bacon, Paul Bacon, Jane Beer, William .................... 402 Baggett, John .................... 192 Bailes, Roy ...................... 402 Bailey, Candy ............. 164,184,402 Bailey, Carol 402 Bailey, Charlel' .......... 271, 272, 367 Bailey, Jane 402 Bailey, Linda Bailey, ' Bailey, Bailey, Baird, Charles .................... Baird, Charles ............. 192, 211, Baird, S'ybii ..................... Baker, Barbara Baker, Beverly Baker, Donna Baker, Douglas Baker, Foster Baker, John Baker, Linda Baker, Pat ............ 178, 223, Baker, Stanley Baldridge, Diane Baldwin, Charles .................. Baldwin, Mike Ball, Judy Ball; Lucile Ballauer, David ............ 288, Ballweg, Judy .................... Balser, Don Bane, George Banks, Barbara Banks, Barbara . Banks, Charlotte ........... 281, Banks, Mary ..................... Banowsky, Roslyn ................. Barber, N Barber, Barber, Raymond Barber, Shirley Barber, Sue Barefoot, Baremine, Marietta ................ Barger, Erin .......... 178, 306, 309, Barham, Carol .................... Barham, Dane 200, Barkemeyer, Georgia ............... Barker, Barry Barker, Calvin Barker, Barker, Barkley, Ginny ................... Barksdale, David 297, Barnard, Jean Barner, Joe ............. Barner, Paul .............. Barnes, Joe Barnes, Philip Barrett, Barbara Barnett, Pauicia ....... 158, 228, Barrett, Barbara Barron, Susan .................... Barrow; Jimmy Barrow, Soon Barth, Harry Bartlemay, Susan Bartmess, Sharon Barton, James ................ Barton, J 0e ...................... Barton, Kathy Barton, Laquita Barton, Patricia . . . Bash, James .................. Basham, Lleta ............ 223, .Basketball Basking, Shannon Bass, ' Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bateman, Janis Bateman, Rhonald . . . Ba1es, D Bates, Bales, Bates, Bates, Bates, Bates, Batey, Batey, Hensley Bamt, Joan ............... 182, 299, Balson, Di Ann ................... Bane, Michael . Battle, Larry ........... Baucum, Darlene Baum, John Bauman, Charles .................. Baver, Marie ..................... Baw1om, Leon .................... Beal, Nancy ..................... Beale, Cindy .............. 56, 180, University Players BSU Young Democrats Alpha Psi Omega ZIMMERMAN, Cheryl, Accounting Route 1, Box 92 Buffalo, Texas Phi Chi Theta Alpha Chi Phi Beta Lambda Alpha Lambda Delm Beall, Ronald .................... 368 Beali, Sandra ................. 186, 368 Bean, Rene 4 Beans, Billie Beard, Mike Beard, Pat Bearden, Burley Bearden, Hillman Bearden, Tony ................... 170 Beasley, Maxie ................... 404 Beauchamp, Ted .................. 404 Beck, Clements ................... 368 Beck, Imogene Beck, Verry ..................... 404 Bedford, Mike ................ 206, 404 Beene, Richard ............ 171,165,368 Behrens, Art ..................... 192 Bek, Marcia .................. 307, 309 Belcher, Norman .................. 277 Belew, Patricia ...... Belk, Iris . Belknap, James ................... 404 Bell, Bob ....................... 404 Bell, Brenda ..................... 404 Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bell, Bellaff, Herbert Bellar, James Belschner, Billie Benavidez, John Benedict, Mike Benenate, Joe .................... Bengfort, Benham, Sarah Benis, George .................... Bennett, A1 Ieu Bennett, Barbara Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, Benningfieid, Charles ........... 208, Bent, Jack ................... 197, Bentley, Barbara Bentley, Joseph Berendzen, Max Berg, Carole Berg, Katherine Berg, Lars Berger, Benny .................... Bergman, Lloyd Bergstrom, Bill ................... Barley, Larry Berrong, Susan ................... Berry, Eddie ................. 288, Bertrand, Mei . . Besse, Woody .................... .Beta Alpha Psi .................. .Beta Beta Beta .................. 2 Bettes, William ......... 92, 268, 269, Beyer, Carol 4 Beynon, Barbara . . Beyor, Elizabeth .................. 40 Beyring, Babs ............. 172, 251, Bibbs, Richard OBible Department ................ Bickel, Judy ............. Bicker, Carol . . Biffar, Eva ...................... Biggers, Sharon ................... Biggerstaff, Lynn Biggerstaff, Patti .................. Biggi, Nancy ................. Riggs. Bill Biggs, C. W. Biggs, Ronnie .................... Bilbray, Gayle .................... Bilton, Edna ..................... .Biology Dept. Birchett, Bob Bird, Martha Bird, Susan Birdsong, Sharon .................. Bin, Ken ....................... Bishop, Betty Bishop, Harry General Index Bishop, Jimmy Bishop, Joe Bishop, Bishopy Bisselt, Robert ................ 211, 369 Bittner, Ina ...................... 405 Black, Barbara Black, Carolyn ' Black,1vHank, Black, Black, Black, Black, Blackburn, Joe Blackburn, John Blackburn, Pamela Blackburn, Roybeth ................ 405 Blackstone, Tom .................. 208 Blackwell, Glenda Blackwell, Joe Blackwell, Sharon Blaine, Bob ...................... 405 Blair, Smith ...................... 192 Blair, William .................... 405 Blake, Carolyn ................... 405 Blake, Harriet .................... 405 Blakemore, B111 ........ 177, 198, 274, 405 Blakislune, Barbara 405 Bland, James Blankenhorn, Carol ................ 405 Blankinship, Steve ................. 405 Blanks, Sharon ................ 180, 369 Blansett, Randy .................. 369 Blanton, Jim ..................... 257 Blassingame, Betty ............. 178, 405 Blassingame, Nelda ............ 232, 369 Bledsoe, Barbara .................. 405 Bledsoe, Philip ................ 292, 369 31611509, Sanford .................. 405 Blerins, Omega . ............... 405 Blount, Sharon ............... 405 .Blue Key ...................... 95 Blue, Monte ..................... 406 .Board of Regents ................ 26 Boalwright, Charles ................ 406 Bodenheimer, Diana ............ 1837 406 Boeger, Konnie ........ 94, 184, 227, 336:3; Been, Nancy ..................... 406 Boettcher, Jean ................... 406 Boettcher, Randie ................. 406 Boettcher, Tom ................... 406 Began, Phil ..................... 168 Bogart, Sanford .................. 406 Boland, Corkey ................... 330 Balding, Sandra .................. 406 Bolin, Joe ...................... 406 Balog, Richard ................... 406 Bolt, Dwight ..................... 177 Bolton, Charles ................ . Bolton, James . Bolton, John ..................... 406 Bnltz, Delton Boltz, Sharon Bond, Melinda Booher, William Book, Betsy .................. 267, 369 Booker, Linda .................... 406 Bookman, Darrell ................. 406 Bookom, Tom .................... 286 Boone, Mable .................... 406 Boozer, Don ..................... 406 Boozer, Howard Boozer, Susan .................... 406 Borchart, Osby ................... 204 Borden, Sally .................... 406 Borders, Patrick Borders, Sharon Boron, Cathy .................... 406 Borgstrom Harold Bostic, Lynda .................... 406 Bostick, Sherry Boswell, Tommy Botclcr, Rosemary ................. 400 Bott, Ronald ..................... 406 Boudrcaux, Joe ................... 206 Boudreaux, John .................. 406 Boulter, Vicki ................ 188, 406 Bourland, King ............ 268, 271, 369 Bourne, Ray ..................... 208 Bowden, Norma Bowden, Patricia Bowen, Beverly Bowen, Bowen, Bowen, Bowerman, Glenda Bowers, Judy ................. 158, 369 Bowers, Paity .................... 406 Bowie, Linda .................... 406 Bowie, Gladys .................... 406 Bowman, Gerald Bowman, Leonard Bowman, Ronnie Box, Anna Bozanich, Jacqueline Bozeman, Laurie .............. 186, 407 Brabham, Dianne ................. 407 Braby, Judy .................. 257, 284 Brackin, David Brackin, Doris Bradbury, Beverly Bradford, Lynda Bradford, Thomas Bradford, W. Sue Bradley, James Bradley, Kay Bradley, Rosa .................... 407 Bradshaw, Judy ................... 407 498 Bradshaw, Lana ................... 407 Bradshaw, Terry .................. 204 Brady, Linda Brady, Mike Brady, Pat Brady, Sharon Bragg, Jodie Braley, Joseph Bralcy, Sue .................. 158, 164 Brallcy, Patty Bramlct, John Branch, Billy Branch, Judy Brandenburger. Bransford, Ann Brantley, Ed ..................... 190 Bratcher, Charles Bratton, James Bratton, Mary Helen ........ 164, 284,408 Brawner, Dave .......... 364 Bray, Leamon Roy ................ 408 Bray, Sharon .................... 408 Brazelton, Rusty ............... 206,408 Breckenridge, Robert .............. 408 Breeding, Mary Elizabeth Brnen, Karen .................... 408 Bresnahan, Karen Brewer, Charlotte Brewer, Larry .................... 257 Brewer, Maribeth .......... 408 Brice, Betty .............. 180, 284, 408 Brice, Janette .................... 408 Brice, Michael ................... 408 Briden, Andrea ................... 408 Bridges, Linda ................... 408 Bridges, Thurman ................. 408 Briggs, Lorie ..................... 408 Briggs, Ronald .................... 268 Brinegar, Diana .................. 408 Brinegar, Mary Brinker, Jane Brinkley, Linda Brinncr, Sandra Brintle, Kelly 408 ............ 267 269, 369 Brisendine, Joyce Brister, Patricia Bristow, Eddie Brittan, Jeanette Broadie, Delainc Brick Lana ..................... 408 Brodhead. John .................. 408 Brokaw Jan ..................... 408 Bromfield, Cindy ................. 408 Bromser, Sherry ............... 186, 271 Brooks, A. .6311 Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, Brooks, ..................... 408 Brookshear, Glenn ................. 409 Broukshier, Judy Brothers, James Broughton, Melinda Brown, 1 Brown, Barrett Keith .............. 409 Brown Brenda ................ 257,409 Brown, Carl Wesley ................ 409 Brown, 1 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, John Thomas ............... 370 Brown, Judy C1are ............ 158, 409 Brown, Kenneth .............. 271, 409 Brown, Linda Sue ................. 409 Brown, Margaret .................. 409 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Sandra Pearl Brown, Sharon Browning, Martha Browning, Sylvia Brownlee, Ben Brownlce, Brummer, Brummett, Brummctt, Bruner, Mary .................... 409 Brunner, Stephen Bruno, Theresa Bruster, Luann Bruton, Betty .................... 409 Bryan, Randy Lee Bryan, Sandra Bryant, Bryant, Bryant, Danny ................... 490 Bryant, Franklin Bryant, Bryant, .3511, Buchanan, Carolyn Buchanan, Johnny ................. 208 31101161, Beverly .......... 306, 309, 409 Bucher, Bill .................. 165, 166 131101111012, Mike ............ 102, 251,239 Buck, Joan .......... 158, 159, 228, 370 Buckingham, Linda ................ 409 Buckley, Walter ............... 198, 274 Bucsanyi, Leonard Budlong, Garth . . Buelow, Robert Buice, Judy Bullard, Ann Bullard, Claude ................... 410 Bumpas, Lee ..................... 410 Bumpass, Jeanne .................. 370 Bumpus, Jack ............. 190, 288, 370 Bunch, John 410 Bunch, Linda Bunker, Philip Bunnell, Carolyn .................. 370 Bumyn, Sandra ................... 410 Burch, Sharon ................... 410 Burden, Jean .................... 410 Burden, Judy .................... 410 Burden, Oleta .................... 370 Burdick, Edward .................. 410 Burge, Ellen ..................... 410 Burger, Sherry ................... 410 Burgert, Ron ................. 192, Burk, Caroline ................... 410 Burkanh, Rebecca ................. 410 Burke, Hardy .................... 330 Burke, John ..................... 200 Burke, Stanley 96, 410 Burkett, Joanna ........... 182, 233, 370 Burkcn, Ronald .................. 410 Burks, David .................... 410 Burks, Jerre ..................... 410 Burks, John ..................... 410 Burks. Joseph .................... 410 Burlcson, Ronald .................. 370 Burnett, Don .................... 410 Burnett, Mcleta ................... 410 Burns, Clinton ................... 410 Burns, David ............. 228, 334, Burns, Delores Burns, Johnnie Burns, Melvin Burns, Norman Bums, Ronnie Bums, Roy Burr, Jim .................... Burris, Jerran ................. Burrow, Cathy .................... 410 Burrows, Pamela .................. 410 Burrows, Patricia .................. 410 Burton, Burton, Burton, Burton, Busby, Carole Busch, Randy Bush, Alan ...................... 411 Bush, Linda ..................... 411 Bush, Mary ...................... 411 .Business Office Buskirk, Shirley Butler, Bill ...................... 411 Butter, Virginia .................. 235 Butters, Carol .................... 411 Buttram, Jan ..................... 411 Butts, Arnold Butts, Donna Byers, Richard Byrd, Henry Byrne, Charles Byrom, Barbara ................... 411 Bymm, Mary .......... 235, 283, 284, 370 C Cabeen, Judith ................... 411 Cacas, Nannie .................... 411 Cadwalder, Mark .................. 411 Cage, Cookie ..................... 411 Cagle, Mary ..................... 411 Cain, Larry ...................... 411 Cain, Margaret ................ 186, 370 Caldcleugh, Bob 411 Caldwell, Elaine Caldwell, Harmon Caldwell. John ................ 177, 200 Caldwell, Nedra 411 Caldwell, Sammie ...... 158, 178, 228, 299, Callaway, Dymctra CalIaway, Cary 411 Callison, Charlene ...... 283, 284, 294 370 Gallon, Judy ..................... 411 Calvert, Pam .................... 411 Camp, Joel ..................... 411 Camp, Paul ...................... 411 Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, .Campus Canada, Maridcn Canafax, Howard Canafax, Joe Canafax, Margaret Cannon, Betty ................ 243, 411 Cannon, Ellen .................... 411 Cannon. John Canslcr, Sue ..................... 411 Canlwcll, Allen Capps,Anhur 864 Capps, Lucie ..................... 411 Caranas, Carol Caraway, Diane Caraway, LuLane Carbone, John ................ 204, 370 Cardenas, Alfonso Cardwell, Barbara Caldwell, Clifford ............. 277, 370 Carey, Daniel .................... 412 Carey, Robert .................... 371 Cargile, Karen ................... 412 Carlisle, Carroll .............. 341, 412 Carlisle, Cynthia .................. 371 Carlson, Todd .................... 277 Carlton, Clayton .................. 412 Carmean, Karen .................. 412 Carona, Jerry .................... 412 Carpenter, Anne .................. 412 Carpenlier, Paul .................. 412 Carr, Camia Denise ................ 412 Carr, Camilla ........... .188, 370 Carr, Gerald ..................... 412 Can', Herby .................. 330, 371 Carr, Nellie ............ 158,159, 164, 412 Carr, Robin Carr, Sheila Carr, Sue Carroll, Charlotte Carroll, D. Fredric ............. 286, 364 Carroll, Eddie Carroll, Elton Carroll, Joe .................. 261, 371 Carroll, Kenneth Carroll, W. J. Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Carter, Marcia Carter, Milta Carter, Tommy Carter, Will Roland Cartwright, Cindi Cartwright, Dwayne Cartwright, Shirley ......... 281, 283, 412 Cary, Karen ..................... 412 Case, John ................... 197, 221 Cascbcer, Gary ............... 308, 412 Casey, Tom .................. 242, 412 Cashdan, Sonya ................... 412 Casstevens, David .................. 412 Castaneda, Joe Castcel, Lesley Caster, Bill ...................... 412 Castle, Brenda ................... 412 Castleberry, Larry ................. 412 Castlcherry, Mary Beth . .158, 159, 182, 294, 412 Catancse, Diane ............... 307, 412 Cathcy, Elizabeth ...... 228, 229, 281, 371 Cathay, Gordon ................... 412 Canon, Inna ..................... 289 Caton, Willa Claire ..... 228, 251, 284, 413 Caudill, John .................... 413 Cavin, Lynn ..................... 413 Cercone, Claudia .................. 413 Chadick, George .................. 413 Chalmers, Dan ................... 413 Chamberlain, Enrique .......... 232, 371 Chambers, Andy ............... 330, 413 Champion, Lynne .Chancery C1ub Chandler, Dianne ....... 228, 283, Chandler, Lesta ................... 413 Chapel, A1111 ..................... 371 .Chapcl Choir ................... 147 Chapman, Charline ........... Chapman, Dwight Chapman, Joanna Chapman, Margaret Chapman, Pam ............ 176, Chappell, Carlene Charvoz, Sharon Chase, Diana .................... 413 Chase, Ted ..................... 413 Chastain, Garvin .................. 413 Chaslain, Linda ................... 413 Chavez, Pete ..................... 413 Cheatham, David .................. 413 .Chemistry Dept. Chcnowlh, Connie .Chi Omega Childers, Joe Chilcs, Keith Chipman, Robert .................. 413 Chippendale, Biliye Jean ............ 413 Chiscnhall, Billy Jack .............. 413 Ch1swell, Jane ................ 228,294 Chitwood, Michael ............. 277, 413 Christian, Bill .................... 200 Christian, Carolyn ...... 158, 228, 281,371 Christian, David ............... 271, 371 Christian, Jerry ............... 281, 371 Christian, Joe Dale Christian, Kay Christian, Larry Christian, Mack ........... 258,271,371 Christian, Mike ................... 413 Christiansen, Bodil Churchwcll, Natalie Cissik, Tina .............. 284, 309, 413 Cissne, John ................. 242, 413 Claiborne, Ronald Ciark, Clark, Clark, Carolyn Jean Clark, Connie Mack Clark, David Layton Clark, Don ...................... 192 Clark, George .................... 330 Clark. Gilbert .................... 413 Clark, Glenda Gay Clark, Clark, Jan Clark, Joe Louis Clark, Kathleen Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, C1ark, Clark, ............. 223, 295,412 412 Clark, Sam ...................... 414 Clark, Sandral Clark, Tommy Clarke, John ..................... 414 Clarke, Ray 414 Clary, Barbara Claunch, Eddie Claunch, Garvin Clayton, Judy .................... 414 Cleghom, Bill .................... 414 Clemons, Harrold Clifton, Fran ........... 92, 94, 182, 227 Clifton, Gil ...................... Cilfton, Martha ................... 414 Cline, Charline Cline, Michael Clinkinbeard, Mary Clinton, Racanna .................. 414 Clod, Claudia Cloud, Patsy Cludius, Robbie Coates, Martha . Cobb, Jerry . . Cobb, Rodney .................... 414 Cobb, Virginia Cobelle, Pete Cochran, Carole ............... 286. 364 Cockerham, Patty ............. 271, 371 Cody, Carolyn ........ 158, 159, 287, 289, 371 Coffey, Charles ................... 200 Coffey, Kay 414 Coffman, Anita ............ 176,188,414 Cohu, Alan ...................... 414 Coit, Beulah ..................... 371 Coker, D'on ...................... 414 Coker,J. C. Coker, Johnny Colburn, Claudia . Coldgrave, Barn . . Cole, Bennie Cole, Charles Cole, Richard Cole, Sandra Coleman, Betty ................... 232 Coleman, Frank 372 Coleman, Gail .................... 414 Coleman, Gail .................... 414 Coleman, James Coleman, Robert Coleman, Betty Collard, James qulege, Julian Collie, Judi Collier. Sherrilyn Colligan, John Collins, James .................... 415 Collins, Kaye Collins, Larry .................... 415 Collins, Linda Collins, Colombo, Anthony ................. 415 Colwell, Janice 414 Combs, Don 1 Combs, Stanley ................... 208 Comer, Martha .Comptroller Comstock. Paul ................... 415 Conatser, Linda Cnnaway, Brenda .................. 415 .Concert Band ................... 142 Conder, Vicki .................... 415 Conklin, John ................ 202, 415 Conklin. Mary ............... . 97 Conley, Carol Conley, Jayne .................... 415 Conley. Leland ................... 202 Conn, Cheryl Connally, Nan ............. . . . Connaughmn, Carol ........ 223, 228, 415 Connell, Carol .................... 415 Connell, L. F. Connelly Charles ................. 415 Conner Dennis 190, 288, 348 Conner, Emma . 2 Connolly. Jim .................... 258 Connor, Juanita Conrey, Paula 283, 284, 372 Conroy, Jerry .................... 415 Conway, Mike .................... 364 Conway, Tom .347 Conwell. Ken . Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook Cook, Cook, Cook. Cook, Cook, Cools, Coon, Bronwyn ................... 415 Cooney, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper. Cooper, Cooper, Coopen Coopen Copeland, Connie Copeland, Myrna .................. 415 Copenhavor, Karen ................ 415 Corbett, Ron ..................... 415 Corbin, Francine .............. 186, Corbin, Lana Corcoran, John Carder, Ruthie ......... 158, 164, 186, Germany, Elaine .................. 30 Comett, Robert ............... a . . . Corpier, Betty .................... Corse, Lyndell Corset, Colman Coslanza, Frank .Costumc Design Club ............. Cotton, Bonnie ................... Conomail, Flossie Cottrell, Rona ............ 182, 245, Couch, Alice Coudh, Carolyn ................... Couch, JoAnn .................... Coulter, Carolyn .................. Coursey, Sarah ................... Covin, Carol ..................... Covin, Johnny .................... Covington, Gloria Covington, Jim Cowan, James Cowan, Marilyn Cowan, Max Cowley, Jack ..................... Cox, Berry Cox, Celeste Cox, David Cox, Delorrs Cox, Gary Glenn James Judierlc Craft, Craig, Craig, Craig, Craik, Craik, Crain, Craven, Christine Craver, Ronnie Crawford, Brook Crawford, Dolauris Crawford, Glenn ................... 364 Crawford, Ida Crawford, Jerry Crawford, Joe .................... 416 CrawforrL Judy ................... 372 Crawford, Lynda .................. 416 Crawford, Marvin ................. 416 Crawley, Gary .................... 372 Crayton, Maudie .................. 417 Craze, Annette Creason, Ted Crecelius, Nancy .................. 417 Creed, Doris ................. 307, 417 Creekmore Lola ........... 225,228,417 Crew, John ...................... 417 Crews,Ear1 ...................... 417 Crissman. Harriet .......... 178, 222, 417 Crissman, Mary Cracker, Darnelle Cracker, Mike .................... 330 Crockett. Gerald .................. 417 Croom, Eileen .................... 417 Crosby, Robert ................... 417 Cross. James Cross, Tom Crossen, Mary .................... 417 Crossland, Jeff .......... 92, 93, 95, 263. 37 ......... 172, 238, 300, 416 ............. 186, 235, 372 James ............. 107, 257, 417 Crow, James ................. 190, 330 Crow, Louise .................... 417 Crum, Alton ..................... 372 Crumley, Carol ............... 244, 417 Crumpton, Martha ............. 295, 417 Crumpton. Patricia .......... 97, 230, 417 Crutchfield, Mary ................. 417 Cudd. Belly ..................... 417 Cuddy, Virginia .................. 417 Cudmore, Bever1y ................. 417 C110. Billy ................... 194, 417 Cullum. Jov .................. 308, 417 Culp. Clinton .................... 417 Culpepper. Gail ........ 110, 228, Culwvll. Joe Cumming. Sandra Cundiff. Bi1Iy .................... 417 Cundiff. John ................... 417 Cunningham. Bruce ................ 417 Cunningham, David ................ 417 Cunningham. James ................ 417 Cunningham, Richard .............. 417 Cuom01 Jim ..................... 417 Cupp, Susan .............. 307, 309, 372 Curry. Dean ................. 208. 417 Curry. Sammy ............. 241, 242 372 Curtis. Betty .......... 228, 283, 284, 372 Curtis, Sandra ................ 158. 417 Crout, Dale, Judy .Dallas Symphony Orchestra Dalton, Cay Duly, Patricia Dane, Donald Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniels, Beverly Daniels, Ira ..................... 347 Daniels, Rlchard Danielsen. Albert Danner, Connie ................... 418 Dansby, Mike .................... 418 Danwill, Sue ..................... 413 Darby, Orman .................... 173 Darby, Robert Dark, Hubert Darr, Connie ........ 228, 229, 258, 284. 285, 372 Dart, Janet ................... ' Davenport, Gayle .................. 418 Davidson, Davidson, Davidson, Davidson, Davidson, Davidson, Davies, Peter D1Avignon, John .................. 413 Davila, Frank .................... 418 Davis, . Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davia, Davis, Davis, Willie .......... 332, 333, 337, Davis,Woody Davison, Troy Dawson, Jimmy Dawson, LaVella Day, Mac Day, Sandra Day, William Dean, Laura Deatmin, Diane Doalon, S'uz Ann .................. 4 Dcavcnport, Patricia .258, 281, 284, .Debate Club DeBolt, Dwight DcBoIK, Jacquelyn DeBorde, Sherry .................. Decker, Bernadette DcCordova, Chester Dchatus, JoAnn DeGaw, Suzy DcGroot, Pam Dulgado, Carmen Dollauthter, Bill DcLong, Fran ODelta Gamma .Delta Psi Kappa .Delta Sigma Phi .Delta Sigma Pi ................. Demougeot, Susan Dempsey, Dandy, Bill Dandy, Hood Dendy, Mary Denison, Patricia .............. 271, Dcnningon, Carol .............. 283, Dennis, Daphna Dennis, Mary Dennis, Sandra Denny, Linna Derczo, Johnny Derden, Suzanne Dessommes, Marie Dctter, Hallie .................... Deuback, Carolyn .......... 188, 335, Dover, Susan Dcvine, Gerald Dial, Neta Diaz, Robert Dickerson, Brenda Dickcson, Sherrill Dickey, Dickey, Dickey, Dickey, Dickey, Ray Dickey, Wileta Dickson, Kenneth Diehl, Karen Diercks, Susan Dietrich, Tom Digby, Helen Dilbeck, Betty Dillard, Marilyn Dilleshaw, David Dillon. Jim Dimaline, Susan Dingler, Gaylon Diploma, Michael .Director of Admissions ............ 30 .Director of Student Union BuildinL Dirks, Vicki ............. 188, 284, Dishman, Carmen 3 Dishman, George Dittrick, Norman Dixon, Charles Dixon, Laura Dixon, Dizdar, Doan, Jerry Dodson, Cordon Doering, Karl Donaghey, Martha Donnelly, Pat Donworth, Warren Doran, Patricia Dorman, Richard Dorough. Linda Dorsa, Antoinette Doss, Bill ...................... 301 Dossey, Betty Dotson, Roy Doucleff, Michael Dougherty, James Daugherty, Susan Doughty, Cris ................... 197 Douglass, Barbara ...... 165, 167, 173, 227 Douglass, Beverly DOW, Jac ...................... 202 Dowd, Ronald Dowdy, Dowell, Dowell, Dowell, Downing, Clayton Downing. Mark ................... 420 Doyle, Frances Doyle, Patricia Drago, Philip Dragon, R. Eugene Drake, Bill .................. 271, 420 Drake, Jill ..................... 420 Drake, Tommy Draper, Mac Draper, Paul Drattlo, Susan Droitcoun, Madeline Drusch, Ginger ........ Dry, Eddie Duckworth, Charles DuckWorth, Robert Dudley, Dina Dudley, Harold Dudley, Johnny Dudney, Joanne Duesmau, Dennis DuffeII, Gail .................... 421 Duffey, Lana ................ 295, 421 Duffey, James ............ 169, 239, 421 Dufrene, Diane ................... 421 Dugger, Carolyn Duke, .1 R Dulaney, Joe Dulaney, Susan Dulock, Neva Duncan, Dun Duncdn, Kathy Duncan, Sandra . Dungan, Sandy ........ 158, 159, 178, 222, 228 4 Dunigan, Betty Dunlap, Jane Dunn, Bryan Dunn, John Dunnam, Gary Dunson. Darwin DuPrce, Richard Dur, Nancy Durbin, Michael Durham, Linda Durham, Roger Durington, Tommy Durrett, Catherine Dutton, George Duvall. Patricia Duwc, Forrest Dwycr, B111 Dycus, Hattie . . Dye, Pat .................... 282, 283 Dyer, Barbara .................... 421 Dyer, Billy ..................... 421 Dyer, John Dycss, Jamie Eakin, Kenneth Earnest, Cecil Earnhart, Charles Earp, Gary Earp, James Eason, Jim Eason. Kay Eagles, George Eberly, Ralph .................... 421 Ebert, Chris ................. 257, 421 Echols, Ralph Eckert, James .Economics-Sociology Eddins, Elaine Eddins, William Eddleman, Kay Ederer, Ronnie Edgerton. Marilyn Edgin, Richard Edmonds, Richard Edmundson. Buddy . . . . Edringlon. Bettye ................. 422 Edwards, Carol ......... 94, 164, 281, 374 Edwards, Carolyn .......... 184, 227, 374 Edwards, Don ................ 308, 374 Edwards, Don ............ 160, 251, 364 Edwards, Karan ................. 422 499 General Index Edwards, Kenneth Edwards, Melady Edwards, Paul Edwards, Robert Ehrle, Michacl Eidt, chgi Eilers, Susan Ekholm, Kay Elam, Sonja Eldred, Michael Eldridge, Ralph .Elections ...................... 46 Elkins, Margaret Elledge, Dwayne Elledge, Dwight Ellen H. Richards Ellord, Gretta Elliod, Edwina Elliott, Ann .............. 92,228,281 Elliott, Barbara 375 Elliott, Diane Elliott, James Elliott, Margaret Elliott, Mary Ann Elliott, Robert Elliott, Sharon Ellis, Brenda Ellis, 5 Ellis, Ellis, Ellison, Gail Ellsworth, Victor Elmore, Bill Elrod, Annell Embry, Joyce Embry, Rodney Emery, Corliss Emmons, Claudia ...... 182, 228, 281, 283, 37 Emmons, Jerry Ted ............... 422 Emmons, Marilyn .......... 228, 283, 422 Endicott, Betty ............ 108, 309, 422 Endrizzi, Michael 422 Endsley, Kirby Eng, Johnnie ............. 232, 263, 375 Engel, Jona 422 Engemoen, Bonny Engle, Byron .................... 422 English, Allan .English Dept. Enloc, Tommy Paul Enlow, Francil Enlow, Judy ..................... 422 Enochs, Patricia .................. 284 Ensey, Carolyn ................ 244, 422 Ensey, Jaczueline ............ 281,375 Erksine, Hugh ............ 267,269,375 Ervin, Marsan Erwin, Judy ..................... 423 Erwin, Ron .................. 200, 375 Escudero, Jaime 423 Escue, Richard Escelman, Scott ................... 423 Essary, Linda .................... 423 Esslinger, Jan ............ 242, 244, 423 Estes, Earlene 423 Estes, Mary ......... . Estes, Sandra ................ 235, 423 Estridge, Linda .................. 186 Etchison, Bill .................... 200 Etheridgc, Marilyn Kae ...... 92, 306, 375 Etheridgc, Susan .......... 182, 309, 423 Ethridgc, Joe .................... 192 Eubank, Colcenc ........... 294, 296,375 Euhank, Linda ............ 228, 281. 375 Eubank, Ted ................. 275, 269 Eubank, Terry . . 375 Euhanks, Nelse . . 423 Eum, Jack .................. 300, Evans, Derrell Evans, Jimmy Evans, Malcolm Perry .............. Evans, Maurcnc Evans, Nancy Everett, Bobby Everett, Don Everett, Sandra Evers, Ira Ewell, Pamela .Exmnsion and Correspondence Eznll, Robert Fabianke, Lloyd .Faculty Recitals .Faculty Research Fagan, Marvin Fagan, Paul Fagg, Sharon Fahey, Alena Fails, Marcelle Fairclo, Bobbie Fairman, Billie Falkcnhagen,Margaret Fallis, Frank ................. 277, Falter, Sherry Famblcs, Fairrcne Fambrough, James Fanning, Jerry Fargatson, Gus ......... 99, 160, 243, Farmer, Richard 4 Farmer, Sharen ................... Farr, Roger Farrar, David Farris, Jane Farrow, Janet Falh, Chuck Faulhabea, Susan Faulk, Phyllis ................... 423 Faulkner, Bobby Faulkner, Jack Fawcett, Linda 500 ............ 234, 235, Feather, Dan .................... 190 Feemster, Kathy .................. 423 F ehr, S'ue Feind, Larry Felker, James 423 Fenoglio, Judy ............ 257, 424, 443 Ferguson, Allan 424- Ferguson, Alyce Ferguson, Carol Fei-guson, Ferguson, Ferguson, Mary Sue 423 ............. 177,192,423 .173, 176, 180, 427, 4 Ferguson, Michael ................ 375 Ferrell, James Feuerborn, Vincent Fickey, Linda Field, Ritchie Fielder, Ben Fielder, Sue Fielding, Connie Fields, Brenda Fields, David Fields, anceine Fiene, Charlotte Fierle, Paulette Fikes, Charles Filippone, Nancy Filyaw, James Fincher, Kenneth . . . .1 ............. 194, 375 ................... 42 4 ........... 190, 330, 424 424 Findley, John Fine, Carolyn Finklca, Robert Finley, Lawrence Finley, Phala Fiol, Frank Fischer, Donald Fischer, Lorena Fisher, Jim Fisher, Joan Fisher, Linda Fisher, Steve F1113, Bob Fitzgerald, Alicia Fitzgerald, Bill Fitzgerald, Brian Fitzgerald, Charles . . . . Fitzgerald, Sue ................... 424 Fitzgerald, Wayne Fitzhugh, Pamela Fitzpatrick, Jim Flanagan, Pat Flanders, Deanna Flanery, Kathy Fleet, Pamela Fleharty, Don Fleitman, Sara ............ Fleming, Joseph Fleming, Marguerite Flemister, Jim Flemister, Judy Fletcher, C.T Fletchu, Fletcher, Fletcher, Nancy Ruth Fletcher, Suzzelte FIevry, Peter Flinn, George Flinn, Neva Flinn, Flinn, William Allen Flippo, Ray Floumoy, Dick Flowers, David Flowers, Larry Flowers, Shirley Floyd, Elizabeth Flusche, Linda Flynn, Sandra Foard, Robert Fogg, Barry Fogleman, Sara Folk, Ron Fondren, Sandra .Foolball ...................... 316 Footc, Linda .............. 97, 306, 425 Ford, Glenda 375 Ford, Hardy Mae Ford, ' Ford, Loy .Foreign Language Department Foreit, Darleen Forman, Judith Formby, Romald Forrest, Ettic Joe Forster, John ................. 194, 375 Fortune, Bill Foshee, Robert Foster, Allen Foster, Barbara Foster, Gay ..................... 425 Foster, Gayle . Foster, Janis Foster, Sally Andrea Faust, Diann Fowler, Beth Fowler, Clifford Fowler, Donald 42 5 Fowler, Guy .............. 200, 330, 425 Fowler, Janis 425 Fowler, Jimmy Fowler, Fowler, Fowler, Smphen Fowles, Charles Fox, Charles Fox. Don ....................... 347 Fox, Rudi Morgan ................ 425 Fmdy, Edwin Frame, Donnie Francis, Howard Francis, James Francis, Jane! Francis, Lawrence Francis, Sue Franklin, Ben Franklin, Delano Franklin, David Franklin, James Franklin, Jimmy Franklin, Rebecca Franklin, Steve Frasure, Carolyn Frazier, Beverly Jane Frederick, Judith ................. 426 Frederickson, Tony ................ 350 Freed, Kurt ..................... 426 Freeman, Andrea ....... 92, 228, 247, 258, 37 Freeman, Dennis Freeman, Galen Freeman, Larry Freeman, Marsha Freitas, Mike French, Don French, ' French, Friedlander, Gilbert Friedman, Carol Frisby, Anita Frisinger, Jo Friz, Skip ...................... 426 Frost, Barbara Frost, Betty Fruity, Tutti Fry, Nancy Fryatt, Jim Fuchs, Leslie Fuhr, Bill Fulenwider, Marilyn Fullagar, Leonard 426 Fuller, Francelle ........... 244, 290, 426 Fuller, Jeri 426 Fuller, Margaret Fuller, William Fulmer, Carl Fulton, Christine Fulton. David Fulton, Ed Fulton, John Fulton, Johnie Fulton, Tom Fuqua, Joe Furr, Diana Furry, Bill Futch, Joyce ................. 295, 426 G Gafford, Sandra ................. 426 Cage, Linda ..................... 376 Gaines, Bruce ................... 348 Gaines, Carl ..................... 427 Caithcr, Ann .................... 427 Galbraith, Mary .................. 427 Galilz, Keith ................. 197, 427 Callaugher, Terry Galore. Pussy Galvan, Charles Galvan. Richard Gamble, Penny ............ 222, 284, 427 Gambrcll, Rodney 427 Gann, Marcus ................... 427 Gannaway, Palsy .................. 178 Cant, Carolyn ................... 427 Gantt, Linda .................... 427 Garcia, Ana ..................... 427 Garcia, Cristine Garcia, Eliubeth Garcia, Janice ................... 427 Garcia, Louise ................ 295, 427 Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, Garfield, Jacquelyn Garland, Kenneth Carlington, Donia Gnrlow, John .................... 364 Garner, Bettie ............ 101, 227, Garner, Betty Garner, Joe Gamer, Gamer, Garner, Suzanne Garonzik, Toby ................... 428 Garrett, Arcina Garrett, Calhleen Garrett, Jane Garrett, Jerry Garrett, John Garrett, Nancy Garrett, Patrick Garrison, Bonnie Garrison, Donna Garrison, Jean Cartman, Barbara Cartman. Dee Garvin, Peggy Gary, Margaret Gary, Thomas Garza, Lorenzo Cathings, Donna Gathings, Robert Catlin, Judy ..................... 423 Gaudreau, Louis Cauldin, Tom Gauthier, Barbara Gautier, Jim Gay, Steve ...................... 428 Gaydon, Janet Gear, Barbara Cecr, Sherry .Ceczlcs ....................... 190 Gehm, Kay ...................... 428 Gehm, Rosellen .................. 245 Gelineau, Francoise ............ 228, 376 Celineau, Madeleine ........ 232, 233, 376 Center, Patti .423 .Gcography Department ............ 255 George, Fred Gerber, Elaine Gerber, Linda Gerhardt, Herbert Cerloff, Phyllis Gibbs, Ronald ............ 258, 261, 428 Gibbs, Sandra Gibson, Cheryl Gibson, Jacque Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Giddens, Betty Gideon, Ted Gier, Dick Giffin, Cheryl Cilbert,J. Ray Gilbert, Judy ................. 258, 428 Gilbert, Leuna 48 Gilbert, Linda Cilboe, Karen Gilchrist, Marianne Gildart, Lana ................ 186,376 Giles, Saran 283, 284, 429 Gill, John 37 76 Gill, Phyllis Gilley, Gilbert Gilliam, Harold Gilliam, Winston Cilliland, Donna Lee Gillilan, Marilynn 011115, Cathy Gillum, Linda Carol Cilman, Dennis Cilman, Richard Cilmer, Shirley Gilmore, Margaret Gimher, Marilyn Gisx, Brenda Gladen, Carol ........ 180, 267,274,428 Clause, Hollie 186, 377 Glazener, Jerry , Gleason, Beverly .......... 228,283,429 Gleghorn, Hollie .................. 294 Glenn, Bettie ................. 184,429 Glenn, Hugh Glenn, Ruben Gleye, Patricia Glover, Richard Gnagi, Anthony Goad, Linda Beth Goat, Nanny Godby, Dub Godby, Shirley Godman, Lezlie Goff, Larry Goforth, Lonnie Goldberg, Andy Ruth Golden, Brenda Golden, John Golding, Jackie .Golf Golladay, Robert Gomez, Julian .................... 429 Gonzalez, Margarita 429 Gonzalez, Philip Gonzalez, Robert ....... Coach, Gale .............. 225, 284, 377 Coach, Susan Good, Donna Geode, Allan Geode, James Goode, Martha Ella Goodlen, Sharon Goodman, James Goodman, Karen ....... 228,229 237, 377 Goodson, Robert Gleen 429 Goodwin, Sally ............... 235,429 Gorczyca, Frederick .42 9 Gordon,She1don Gordy, Ann Gordy, Marleen ........ 186; 237, 299, 377 German, Larry 26 5 Gorman, Vernon 0055, Bill Cass, Mike Gossetl, Virginia Cough, Lauren Gourley, Susan .Covernment Department Goycn, John ..................... 202 Grace, Richard ............ 267, 269, 429 .Craduate School 310 .Craduates ..................... 364 Grady, Jerry ........... 92, 95, 106, 160, 161, 194, 265, 270, ............. 267,269,377 Grady, Walter Graham, Mary Graham, Mary M. Graham, Samantha Gramly, Jerry Grandey, Jimmlc Crandey, Mike Granstaff, Shelia Grant, Carol Gram, Kay Gratzfield, Pete Graves, Gordon Gray, Ann ........... 101, 158, 159, 233, 430 ..... 97 230 243 430 Gray, Betty Cray, Dennis Gray, James Cray, Linda Gray, Patricia Grebe, Robert Green, Bobby Joe Green, Cynthia Bailey .............. 377 Green, 430 Green, Green, .Green Jackets Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, Karen Lynn Green, Linda Lou Green, Neil Green, Patricia Green Patricia Diane Greene, Beverly Greenfield, Mary Greer, David Greer, Michael Greer, Nancy Greer, Robert Gregg, Donald Grehory, Donald .............. Creif, Linda Gremmels, Brooks Grier, Charley Gremillion, Ann Cribbin, Gerry Gribble, James Grief, Charles Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Lynda . . . Griffin, Marjorie .................. 377 Griffin, Martha 430 Griffin, Nancy Griffin, Robert Griffin, Griffith, Ann Griffith, Jacquelyn Griffith, Jola Griffith, Ruth Griffith, Wayne Grimes, Glen Crimland, Charles , Crone, Evelyn ............ 228, 281, 377 Gronstal, Philip Gross, Florence Ground, Dennis Grounds, Dan Grubhs, Shirley Grubby, Pam Grumbles, Karol Grunow, Barbara Guerra, Maria .Guidance Office Cuilloud, Larry Gulledge, Patricia Culley, Robert Guillion, John Cumfory, Palsy Gummelt, Sam Gumney, Jimmy Gumney, Jimmy Gunn, Bruce Allan ................ 431 Gunn, Judy ...... 245 377 Gunnoe, Karen Guntch, Gretta Gunter, Brenda Gunter, Laura Curtler, Dona Gustafson, Bill Guthrie, Glenda Gutterman, Larry Guyer, Sharon ................ 284, 431 Haas, Linda Kay Habem, Cathy Hacker, Alvin Haden, James Hadsell, Talana Haedge, Lynell Huffner, Marie Haegele, Carol Haegerl, Jo Ann Haerle, Sharon Haese, Ginny Hailey, James Hagberg, Linda Hagar, Marilyn Hagerman, Marsha Hagerty, Martha Hagins, Marilyn Hagler, Glenda Hahnl, Carl Hahn1,Lois Ann Hainley, Don Hair, Alan Hakert, Therese Hale, David Hale, Jerry Hale, Roland Hale, William Hall, Cathie' H811, Charlotte Hall, ' Don Myra Ann Patricia Randall Richard , Richard S Sharon ................. 228, 431 , Terry 9 Hall, William .................... 431 Hallford, Diane ............... 164, 432 Hallmark, Ralph Ham, David Ham, Tracy Hambrick, Phil ................... 432 Hambrighi, Ginny . Hames, Robert Hamilton, Carol Hamilton, Janis Hamilton, Jerry Hamilton, Norman ...... 267, 269, 275, 378 Hamilton, Virginia 432 Hamm, S'ue ..................... 432 Hammond, Ocie ............... 253, 378 Hammond, Tamara 432 Hammonds, Fran Hammontree, Curtis Hammer, David . Hamner, Tommy ............. Hampleman, Eric Hampton, Danny ................. Hamrick, Edward .............. 274, 378 Hamrick, Jeanene Hancock, Paul Hand, Bruce Handley, Diana Hanes, Charles Hankins, Cliff Hankins, Larry ................... 432 Hankins, Robert .................. 432 Hanna, Asa .............. 177, 199, 432 Hanna, Julie ................. 306, 364 Hanna, Preston 3 Harmon, James Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hansen, Hantke, uyd .Happy Belated Birthday Harbison, Mike Hardcastle, Peggy Hardee, Babs Hardegree, William Harden, Jean ............. 158, 2287 432 Harden, Leonard 432 Hardie, Lane .................... 194 Hardin, Eddie ................... 432 Hardin, Joe ..................... 432 Hardin, Rich ......... 177, 194, 258, 271, Hardin, Tava Jean Harding, Patty Hardison, Diane Hardman, Rosemary Hardwick, Robert Hardwick, Sharon Hargrove, Jahn Hargmve, Tommy Dennis Harkrider, Vicki .............. 188, 433 Harlan, Bill ................. 308, 378 Harlan, Thomas Harless, Karen Harms, Garry Harp, Judy ...................... 433 Harp, Sara Harper, Harper, Harper, Harper, Harper, Harper, Judy Harper, Virginia Harrell, Lynn Harrelsun, Sherion ............. 228, 433 Harrington, Jane . . Harris, Carol Harris, Carolyn Harris, Catherine Jane Harris, ' Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Linda Gayle Harris, Martha Harris, Mary Ann 3 ............ 267,269,433 433 ....... 92, 94, 103, 267, 269, 275, 378 Harris, Michael ................... 433 Harris, Patty Harris, Raymond .................. 433 Harris, 433 Harris, Ron Harris, Sharon Harris, Terry Harris, Tommy Harris, Trina Harrison Elaine Harrison: Frank Harrison, Fred Harrison, Linda Harrison, Nancy Lee ............... 433 Harrison, Norman Harryman, Barbara Haxshbanger, Allen Hart, Esta Hart, Richard Harting, Dianne Hansen, Claudia Harverstick, Bob Harvey, Laurel Harvey, Michael Harvick W. B. Harwe11,Ritz1 Haskins, Lyle Hassell, Jerry Hasten, Carroll ............... 288, 378 Hasting, Morris Hastings, Barbara Hatch, Ray Hutcher, Violet Hathcox, Kyle Halley, Tony Hutton, William Hanox, Lenora Hatzenbuehler, George Haubert, Glenda Haughton, Haughton, Havenhill, Haverkorn, Diane Hawkins, Cynthia Hawkins, Jackie Hawley, Bobby Hawley. John Hawn, David Haws, Myles Hawthorne, Paulette Hayden, James ................... 379 Hayes, Brownie ................... 434 Hayes, Thomas Hayn, Madelyn Haynes, Ila ..................... 434 Haynes, Pat ................. 242, Haywood, Paul Hazelbaker, Colette Hazelbaker, Kathryn Hazelbaker, Mary Head, Elizabeth Head, Nancy Heard, Pete Hearn, Donald Hearn, Lorraine Hearst, Margaret Heath, Mary .................... 379 Heath, Suzanne ........... 92, 93, 94, 98 184, 260, 281, 379 Heaton, Beverly 434 Hector, Judy .................... 379 Heffley, Rosemary Heflin, Buddy Heflin, Eva Heflin, Neal Hegna, Sonja Heimann, J. B. Heimer, Leslye Heinz, Robert Heizer, LaNell Heller, Thomas Hellman, Doug Hellman, Marquette Helm, Stella Helton, George Helzer, Joyce Hendersony Barbara Henderson, Doris Henderson, Janet Henderson, Linda Henderson, Linda Lou Henderson, Mclaua Henderson, Naoma Henderson, Vicki Hendrick, Bill Hendrick, Julia Hendrick, Lynda Hendricks, Mac Hendrie, Cae Hendrik, Johnny Hendrix, Kenneth Henley, Diane Henley, Marian Henley, Nancy Henning, Sandra .................. 435 chrich, Charles Henry, Eddie Henry, Elizabeth Henry, Melanie Hansel, Linda Hensley, Jerry Hensley, Laura Hensley, Michael Henson, LaCayle Herbert, Jim Hereford, Anthony Herman, Ben Hermann, Kathleen ........... 283, 284, Hernandez, Ben Hernandez, Raymond Hernandez, Richard Heros, Sandra Hews, Sonia Herrick, Fran Herring, Carol Herring, Mary Herring, Nancy Herring, Tony Harrington, Roger Herron, Alva Hess, Sandra Hester, Janice Hester,.R0ben Hickerson, Ronnie Hickey, Mary Hickly, Edward Hickman, Cleo Hickman, Diane Hickman, James Hicks, David Hicks, Jettie Hicks, Tracy Hickson, Larry Hielscher, Dalton Higbee, Susan Higdon, James Higginbolham, Kathleen Higgins, Michael Higgins, Sammy Higgins, Scott High, A. C High, Benny Hight, Carla Highl, Ralph Hightower, Cynthia ......... 178, 228, 379 Hightower, Jim ....... 160, 199, 256, 260, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hill, Hill, Elizabeth Hi11,Cwen Hilley, Arthur Hilliard, Sherry Hillin, Lonnie Hiischer, Edward Hilsher, Randy Hilton, James Hinchman, Cherly Hines, Cragg ............. 171, 239, Hinkle, JoAnne 43 Hinnam, Richard .............. 288, Hinton, Valerie .History Department Hitch, Gerry ................. 191, Hitl, David Hill, Jerry Hitt, Marilyn Hix, Dorothy ................. 294, Hix, Sandy Hix, Terry Hoagland, Jerry Hoagland, Sandra Hobbs, Tim Hobson, ' Hocher, Hodges, Hodges, Hodges, Hodges, Hodges, Hodges, Hodges, Hodges, Hodnegt, Clyde ................... Hoemann, Ellen Hoffman, Beverly Hofmann, Carolyn Hoffmann, Dorothy Hogan, William Holt, Brenda Hogwood, Sharon Hohman, Jerry Hokett, Martha Holcombe, Elizabeth Holden, Chuck Holden, Richard Holder, Chelsa Holder, Judy Holder, Lehman Holder, Louie Holder, Randy Holder, Holland, Holland, Holland, Mary Elizabeth Holland, Taylor .............. 246, Holland, Wanda .............. 267, Hollenshead, Don Holieman, Kay Holley, Jimmie Holliman, Marilyn Hollingsworth, Beth Hollingsworth, Jack Hollis, Judy Holloway, Carol Holloway, Judy Holloway, Myron Holloway, Nancy .................. 188 Holloway, Ralph ................. 437 Holmes, Bi 11 ..................... 308 Holmes, David Holmes, Jacque1ine Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holsomback, Jane Halter, Pamela .Homecoming Honea, Larry Honeycutt, Barbara Hodd, Thomas ......... 282, 283, 284, Hooker, Leslie Hooks, Terry Hooper, Annette Hoot, Thomas Hooten, Larry Hoover, Linda Hoover, Roxanna Hopkins, George .................. 438 Hopkins, Nancy .................. 380 Hooper, Lin Horn, Bill Hopson, Joe Horn, James Horn, Sharon ......... 228, 258, 281, Hornaday, Charles ................ 438 Hcmaday, Margaret ................ 438 Home, John 438 Home, Paula Horst, J. L. Horton, Billy Horton, Joe .................. 347, Horton, Rondal Horton, Weldon Hostad, Nancy Hotchkiss, Susan General Index .261, 438 . 176,.184 380 . . , .438 Hon, Susanne . . . . . Houlihan, Darla House, Billy . . House, Butch Houston, Bob . . Houston, thn Houston, Stanley Howard, Anthony Howard, Barbara Howard, Bruce Howard, Carol Howard, Carolyn Howard, Dianne Howard, Fredna Howard, James Howard, Jane Howard, Jimmy Howard, Judy . . . Howard, Paula . . . . Howard, Stanley Howard, Theresa ....... 176, 187, Howard, Tommy Lm: Howe, Leroy .............. 267, Howeth, Larry Howle, Thomas Howson, Frank Howton, Billy Hoyl, Nancy Hoyt, Suzanne Hubbard, G013 Hubbarg, Greg . Hubbard, Paul' Hubbard, Richard Hubbard, Sarah Huber, Jan Hubig, Dan . Huddleston, John Hudgens, Wayne Hudnell, Kitty Hucbsch, Bernard Huff, Bob Huffhines, Stanley Huffman, Cheryl Huffman, Donnie Huffman, Janna . . . Hufham, Tom . . . . Hufstedler, Don Hufs1edler, Kathy Huggins, Carole Hughes, Allan Hughes, Carolyn Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes, Eric L. Hughes, Hugh Hughes, Jerry Hughes, Judy Hughes, Linda Hughes, Marilyn Hughes, Paula Hughes, Richard 439 Hughes, Roxie ........ 158, 159, 182, 245 380 Hughes, Shirley .................. 439 Hughs, Billy . . . . . . . .439 Hull, Art . . . . ...... 380 Hull, Robert . . . . ..... 439 Hultsman, Judy . . . . . . . . .439 Humphreys, Susan . . . . . . . . .439 Hundsaker, Robert . . . . . . . . . .274 Hunniuun, Nancy . . . . . .439 Hunt, Carol . . . .. .. . .439 Hunt, John . . . . . . .439 Hunt. Margaretta ................. 439 Hunt, Nancy ......... 112. 182, 283, 284 Hunt, Patricia Hunter, Betty Hunter, Duncan Hunter, Max Hurst, Martin . . . . Hurlbert, Richard Hurst, Shelley Husen, Sharon ............... 221 439 Hutcherson, David ..... 439 Hutchinson, Joe Hutchison, Brad Hutson, Betty Hulson. Larry . . . . . Huuo, Tommie Lou Hutton. Connie Hutton, Paula Huweiler, Robert Hyles, Dovie Ann Hylcs, Jimmy Hynds, Norma Ibsen, Karen Ikard, Karen Iliff, Richard . . .Impormnce of Being Earnest ........ 131 Incesta, The . .Industrial Arts Club 01ndustrial Arts Department .291 Inge, Patsy ........... 247, 267, 269, 439 Ingle, Patricia . Ingram, Roland Ingram, Sally . Innerarity, Mike OImerfratemity Council C Intramurals Irisk, Joe Irwin, Nancy Issacs, Linda Isabel, Columbus Isbell, Sherry Isbell, Vicky Isdale, Ann Ishnael, Sandra Isom, Charles Israel, Nancy 185, 228, 307, 383 Ivy, Jim . . . . . ........ 267, 269, 275, 380 502 Ivy, Nancy .......... . ........... 380 Jackson, Albert Jackson, Cecilia Jackson, Barr Jackson, David - Jackson, Gene Jackson, Howard Jackson, Jan Jackson, Johnny Jackson, Judy Jackson, K. A. Jackson, Larry Jackson, Linda . Jackson, Linda C. Jackson, Margaret Jackson, Jackson, Jacobs, Daymon Jacobs, Virginia .. . Jagoe, Kippy ...... . .......... 235, 440 James, Charlotte . . James, James, Sue . . . James, Weldon . . . . . Jameson, James' . . . . . .. Jansan, B111. . . . . . . . Janson,Pat........ ......182,294 Jarrell, Richard . . . . . . . . . . .194 Jarrett, Marianna . . . . . . , . . . .188 Javens, James ........ . . . . Jeffcoals, Larry . . ........ Jefferies, Garry Jeffers, Barbara . . Jeffers, John ..... Jeffrey, Michael . . Jenkins, F10 ..... Jenkins, Inbedd Johnwatcr, Bobby Jenkins, James Jenkins, Richard . Jennings, Johnny . . . Jennings, Judy . . . . . Jennings, Thomas . . . . . Jerden, Judith ........ Jerome, Phillip . . Jerome, Raoul . . Jeske, Jan . . lobe, Larry . . . . Johns, Jeanette . Johns, Kay ..... Johnson, Ann . Johnson, Art . . . Johnson, Billy . Johnson, Bob . . . Johnson, Bob . Johnson, Johnson, Clifton Johnson, Connie Johnson, David Johnson, David Johnson, Donna Johnson, Donna S. Johnson, Farrell Johnson, Herschel Johnson, Jan . . . . . Johnson, Jeffie . Johnson, Jim B. Johnson, John Johnson, Judith Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Margaret . . . . Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Mead . Johnson, Mickey Johnson, Patty Johnson, Paula Johnson, Rayna . . Johnson, Richard Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Sonnet Johnson, Steven Johnson, Tommy , Johnson, Willie Johnson, Wilma Johnston, Judith Johnston. Linda Jolly, Judy . . . . Jones, Albert Jones, Alvin Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Clifford V. . . . Jones, Clifford W. Jones, David Jones, Debbie Jones, Dianne Jones, Esther Jones, Gene Jones, George Jones, Glenn . . Jones, Jack . . . Jones, James . . Jones, James R. Jones, Jeanette . . Jones, Jill . , . . Jones, John . Jones, Judy Jones, Linda Jones, Linda D Jones, Linda K. Jones, Linda K. Jones, Lynn Jones, Mary Jones, Pamela . Jones, Patricia Jones, Rebecca Jones, Richard Jones, Robert Jones, Robin .97, 185, 440 .185, 228, 419 .97, 178, 441 . . . . . . .441 441 .208 264, 381 . . ........ 441 .........441 192, 242, 258 ..... 158, 159 ........... 441 Jones, Ronnie Jones, Sherry . . . Jones, Shirley . .97, 441 Jones, Steve . . ..... 288, 330, 442 Jones, Sue ............ 182, 283, 284, 381 Jones, Will . . . . . . ............ 442 Jones, Yvonne .. . . . .. . . .442 Jordan, Bailey . . . . . . .208 Jordan, Douglas . . .442 Jordan, Frank ......... . . . . . .381 Jordan. Lillian ................ 235, 442 Jovene, William . . . . .442 Justice, Genie . . ................. 442 Justin, Joe . .. .. ...442 Justiss, " .. .. ....442 Joslin. Joyce .......... .. .. . .442 .Journalism Department . . . . . .236 .Junior Mary Arden ............... 230 .164: 381 K Kahn, Marlin ............. 191, 330, 442 Kaiser, Charles . . . . ......... 442 Kalista, Mary Bob . . . Kang, Hsu-Hsiung . . Kapclka, Ken ........ .Kappu Alpha .Kappa Delta . . . .Kappa Delta Pi .Kappa Mu Epsilon . . . . .Kappa Sigma ........... Kappcl, Richard ............. Kattncr. Harry . . Kautsch, Karla Keagx, Joan ........ Kearny, Kathleen Keene, Steve Kaiser, Gerald ....... Keith, Gerald Keller, Marion Kelley, Dorothy Kelley, Harriett ........ 187, 283, Kelly, John . . Kelley, Kaaron Kelley, Ladd Kelley, Mary Lou Kelley. Nancy Kelley, Philip .................... Kelly, Sharon . . Kelly, Tamara Kelly, Thomas Kelton, Roger Kcmplc, Carol Kemple, Yvonne Kendrick. Linda Kendrick, Sherril Kennedy, David Kennedy,1van . Kennedy, Larry . . 1 Kent, Kathy ........ . . Kepler, Dutch ......... 173, 220, Kerr, Barbara . . . . . . Kerr, Carla ..... . . . Kerr, Ellen Kerr, Kennelh Kerr, Rose . . . . Kerr, Walter Kerr. Zou ......... Kessler, Richard Kesting, Gary Kcy, Marsha . . Kibblc, Burt . . Kikcr, Jane Kiker, Theresa Kilcrease, Barbara . Killcn, Kenneth ....... Killingsworlh, James Killion, Linda Killpack, Scott Kilpatrick, Kay . Kimball, Dan Kimble, Cheryl Kimbrew, John Kimbm, Jo Kimbrough, Thomas Kimes, Gerry .......... Kinchen, 101m Kinder, Carey. King, Charles King, Edna . . King, Cienntte King, Jerry . . . King, Kathy King, King, King, King, King, King, Thomas Kinnan, L. Greg . . . Kinney, Raymond Kinser, Susan Kirby, Elizabeth Kirby, Jerry Kirby, Kay ....... Kirk, Charles . Kirk,Kay .. Kirkcby. James . . . . .443 Kirkhart, Willa . , . . .443 Kirkley, Dan ...... . . . . Kirkpatrick, Edwin . . . . . . . .381 Kirkpatrick, Wayne Kirksey, Judy ......... Kirschner, Barbara . Kirsten, Cale ....... Kirtlcy, Shari Kiser, Tina Kitzmiller, Klein, Klein, Tao Arm Klepper, Ann Klerekoper. Caroline . . . . Klan, Billie . . . . . . . .254, 281, 283 ....... 223, 444 Klinghcll, Martha Kline, Barbara . Klingman, Louis . . Kluck, Frederick . Kluck, Mike . . . . . Knapp, Gary . . . Knifong, Jeanne . KnighK, Aha Lee .. Knight, Carol Knight, Ed ........ Knight, George Ann Knight, Michael Knipscher, Susan Knowles, Jean ...... Knox. Eleanor ...... Knox, Mary Lau Knowles, Karen ..... Kock, Erica Koci, Bill . . . . Koiner, Wylie . . . . .200 Kolesar, Marilyn . . . . . Kolter, Adrain . . . .382 Koopcrmau, Larry . . . . . . .444 Kosher, . . . . . . .172 Kramer, Ken ................. 258, 444 Kramer, Roberta . . . . . ....... 444 Kriticos, Callie . . . . . . . . .444 Krueger, Charlotte Krueger, Thelma Kruse, Linda . . . . . Kuby, Phyllis ..... Kucera, Lawrence . . Kucharczyk, Jerry Kuchn, Ed . . Kuehnc, Ernie . . . . Kuhn, Kathie . . . Kulheth, Judy ..... Kunkel, Kathryn . Kuras, Arline . . . . . Kuykendall, Diane Kuykendall. James Kynard, David . . Kyser, Bettie .92 382 228, 283, 444 .Lab Band 138 LaCari, Susan . ....... 187, 228, 281, 283, 284, 332 Lackey, J. T. ................ 301, 444 Lackey, Lynnell Lacy, Connie . Ladd, Susan ........ Lair, Bryan . . . . Laird, Joan 281, 283, 382 La Lumia, Angeline . . . . . .444 La Lumia, Nick . . Lam, Robert ......... . . . . .445 Lamar, Julius . . . . .365 Lamb, Linda . ..... . . . . . . . .445 .Lamhda Chi Alpha . . , . .196 Lambert, Steve .......... 51, 95, 160, 177, 194, 270, 271, 382 Laminack, Rose ................. 2445 Lamkin, Peggy . Lampo, Lillian Lamsens, Karen . Lancaster, Wayne . . . Landers, Jo Ann Lenders, Sylvia . ...... Landman, Mike Landrum, Linda Lane, Carol Sue Lane, Cathy . . . . Langc, Walter . . . Langcloh, Art . . . Langford, Doris . . Langguth, Robert . Langston, Jerry ...... Lankford, Barbara Largent, Rick . . . Lamed, Robert Larson, Jean . . . Larson, Verdye .. Latham, Kenneth . Latham, Valenc . . Lalimcr, Donna Lauderdale, Donald . . . Lauersdorf, Lyn Laughin, Craig Laughlin, Jackie LaVail, Matthew Lawhon, Donna .......... Lawler, Susan . . . Lawrence, Barbara . . . Lawrence, Connie Lawrence, Kathy .. Lawrence, Lee . . Lawrence, Pal . . . . . . . Lawrence, Richard Lawrence. William Lawson, Edward . . . . Lawson, Jack Lawson, Jerry .. Lay, Nancy . . . . . Layton, Evcnda ..... Layton, Johnny . . . . . Layion, Margaret . . Lea, Richard ..... . . Leach, Francis Earl . . Leach. Priscilla Leach, Rex . . Leach, Rob ...... . . Leahy, Sharon Leak, Diane Leary, James Leatherwood, Bobby Leatherwood, Carol Loatherwood. James . . Lcavcrton. Judy LeBaron, S'usi ...... LcCrone, Janice . Ledbetter, Linda . . '. Ledbencr, Wilton Lcdluw, Kent . Leo, Barbara Jane . . . Lee, Bobby ........ Lee, Don . . , Donna Both ...... . . . Jeff ' John , Katherine . . . Ronnie Sharron Sue Vivan Laverne '. Whitney Leech, Kathy ......... cheu, Marilyn ...... Legg, Nancy Lcifesle, Marilyn . . . . . Leigh, James . . . . . . . Leigh, John Robert . . . Lcmee, Patty ........ Lama, Fred Leonard, Patty Lcsikar, Harriett . Lesok. J J. . . Lester, Charlene . Lester, John . . .. Luster, Larry . . . Lctourneau, Roy Letson, Sandra . . LeUncs, Barbara . Leung, Eric .. . . .. Levy, W'illiam . ....... Lewis. Billy Wayne Lewis, Dorothea Lewis, Ginny Lewis, Gwena . . . . Lewis, Karen Lewis, Paul Lcy, Silvia ...... Lvyendecher, James . . Leyendecher, Linda . . Leyhe, Mike . . . .Library Service Depanmcnt . . . Lichtenherger, Nancy ......... Lidberg, Billie ...... . . Liggcu, Joe . . . Light, Jancie . . . Liglnfoot, Skip . . . . Liglnscy, Paula . . . . Lighlscy, Suzanne Lilc, Arthur Lile,Pat..... .. Lilcks. Mary ...... Lillian, Liston ..... Lillis, Joe ........ Linck, Pele Lindley, Lura Liudman. Cathy ................... 44 6 Lindsay. Janice 284, 446 Lindsay, Barbara Lindsay, Larry Lincnschmidt, Bobby . . . Lines, Helen ............ Ling. Palsy , . . . Lingold, Pamela . . Lingquist, Carol . . Linn. Dan Linn, Janet Linn, Kandy ... Linscomb, Ron Lisk, Cynthia ..... Lisle, Tucker Little, Gay Little, James . . . Little, Lowell Little, Robert Lilllcpage, Malilyn Jean ............ 447 Liulelon, Bobby Jun 284, 383 Liulcton, Linda .,271 274, 383 .189, 258, 446 284 383 Liltrcll, Martha .182, 383 Lilly, Jack ..... . . Lively, Cynthia ...... Lively, Glen Lively, John . Liv'esay, Michael . Lloyd, Dudley . . . Loar. Suzan .. Locket, Michael Lockharl, C2111 325, 326 330 Lockharl, Ruby Jean ............... 447 Lofner, Carolyn . . .447 Loftis, Thomas Logan, Mary ..... Logan, Randall Loggins, Charles ..... Logsdon, Stephen Lehman, Ed Lehman, Patti Lohmann, Trcy . . . Long, Bill ...... .Lang Christmas Dinner . Long, Harold Long, Jerry ...... . . Long, JO ........................ 447 Long, Linda Lea .239, 447 Long, Suzanne Longell, Muriel Gail Lopez, Jose Lopez, Ray . . . . Lorigan,Katl1y Luring, Sharon L0!t,1.oyd ............ 192, 308, 309, 447 Loudcrmllk Sherrilun 244,447 Lout, Peggy Love, Ernest . . Love, Tancey . . Lovelace, Ann ..... Lovelace, Karen Loveless. Curtis Lover, Rick Lovctta, Barbara Loving, Robert Low, Alicia . Low, Asa Lowe, Carolyn . . . Lowe, Charles . . Lowery, Norman ......... Lowrance, Wayneuc Lowery, Kenneth . . Lowther, Karen . . . Lozano, Ruth ................. Lucas, Joane . . . Lucas, Mae . . . . . . Ludden, Kay .......... 178, 228, 299, 447 Ludeman,Chat1cs . . . .249 Luke, Paul .. Luker, Lanie . . . .384 Lumpkin, Caro1yn ...... 228, 258, 283, 284, Lumpkin, Vonnie . . . Lumpkins, Terry . . . . Lunday, Winona ...... Lunt,Robert Lurich, Lynda Sue Lurie, Carol ......... Lusk, Donna . Lusk, Fred Lullmer, Shirley . . Lunrell, Dale .......... 160, 161, 284, 384 Lyde, Clark ..... . . . . . 443 Lynn, Larry Lyon, Charles . . .26 269, 275, 277 384 Lyon, Genie ................ 448 Lynn, Ted ................... 199, 448 McACham, Dick McAdams, Glenn Curtiss McAnally, Micheal McAnear, Deanna McAngus, Judy ..... . . McArthur, Neal .......... McBride, Andy .......... McBridgc, Lynda . . . . McCabc, Ted McCain, Harry McCain, Lee Roy . . . . McCain. Mike ....... McCain, Ward McCaleh, Ilene McCallum, Ann ...... McCann, Jim McCarley, David McCarley, Judy McCarroll, Dana McCurroll, John McCarmll. Patty McCart11y,John McCall1cm,Cle11n McCathcrn, Jan McCaulcy, Rohen . McCausland, Robert . . .. .. McClain, Guile ............... McClaran. Stuart McClcarin, Joyce . . McClcllan. Dianne , McClendon. Jane . . McClesky, HLan McClesky, Margaret .......... McClimock David ......... . McClure, George McCombs, David McCombs, Gerald McCombs, Lucille McCool, Kcnnexh McCorklc, Jim . . . McCorklc Rhonda ............... . McCormack,Pun1elu ..... 182, 295, 299, 448 McCormitk Cluadctte .448 McCormick, Fred McCormick, Terry . . . McCoskey, Don ..... McCown, Sherry . . McCoy, Patrick , 1ICCrary,Pal McCroskcy, Betty McCrum, Connie McCue, Suzy McCullar, Carl McCuller, Ronald MCCunc, Glen .. . . McCur1ey, Jerry , McCurley, Mike .. McCurley, Roger ..... McDaniel, Fred . . McDaniel, Gail McDaniel, Gary . . McDaniel, James . McDaniel, Jimmie McDaniel, Mary McDermotl, Margarc McDonald, Bob McDonald. Bob . . . McDonald, Bruce McDonald, Sue McDona1d, Suzanne . . McDonnell, Michaol McDonnold, Charles . McDowell, Connie . . . McElhany, Tela . . . McElroy, Keith . . MCEIVL-en. Sherry McEwen, Diane . . . . McFarland, Terry MCFce, Terry McCarrity, Patricia McGee, Annette McGee, Johncuc MCCL-hec, Leslie McGinnes. Lunda McGowan. Brenda McGowen, Carol McCurth, Duane McGraw, Susan McGrew, Mike .228, 258, 284, 449 97, 178,449 McGuffey, Artie ...... . McCuffey, Linda McGuire, Barbara . . . . . McGuire, Delbert . . . .268, McGuire, Edward . . .242 McGuire, Judy . . McHenry, Judy ..... McIntyre, David McKenzie, Mary McKinley, Mike McKinney, McKinney, McKinney, McKinney, McKinney, William McKinnon, David McKinzie, Linda . McKissack, Skip ..... McLain, Dana McLanc, Mark McLarly, Lynn . . . . McLaughlin, Donna McLaughlin, Kaye . . McLean, Hulon , McLean, Kathy . . . . . McLellan, Sammie . . . . . McLemore, Ronnie . . McLeod, Douglas . . McLeod, Frances . . McLeod, Ruth MCLL-stcr, Nancy . . . . . . McMahan, Charles ........ MCMth, Bub McMcans, Sue ..... McMillion, Kalhryn McMinn, Judy McMinn, Nancy McMinn, Richard McMullen, Thomas McMullin, Elmagenc McMurry, Raymond . McNair, John McNally, Timothy Mann, Barbara Mann, Mike Mannering, Leslie Manning, Ellis . . . . . Manoshagin, Charloye , . . . . . . Manry, Linda ............. Maury, Sherrian . Mansfield, Jennifer . . Mansfield, Ken . . . Manzcck, John Maples, Charles Maples, Fran Maples, Thomas Marcoulides, M. A. Marietta, Charles .......... .Markcling Club . . Mart, Phil Marrs, Jim .. Marsh, Carol . . Marsh, Ray . . . . Marshall, Holly . Marshall, Jerry Marshall, Marsha Martin, Audi Martin, Bob Martin, Brenda Martin, Carol Martin, Carolyn Martin, Donna . Martin, Doug1as . . Martin, Gary .. Martin, Hardy Martin, Jerry Martin, Jim Martin, Joseph Marlin, Karen . . . . Martin, Kaye . . . . Marlin, Kevin . . . . Martin, Marilyn Martin, Mary Beth Martin, Morris Marlin, Ruth . . . Martin, Sharon Martin, Susan . Manindale, Gayle . . Martinek, Jerilyn . . . Martinez, Pete ..... McNatt, A1 ....... McNaughton, Jim . . McNeeI, Raymond . . McNeill, Carl . . . . , . . McQuaide, Debbie ....... McQueary. Sylvia ....... McRae, John McReynolds, John . . . McShan, Bonnie McSpaddvn, Ann .............. McTce, Carroll McVean. Karen ..... . . McWhorter, Alvcrine ...... McWhoIter, Joe McWilliams, Margaret McWilliams. Richard Mahry, Gail Maca, Ben MarArthur, Neil Macdonald, Jeanne MacDonald, William MacKenna. Ann MacKey, Jutlly Mack1in, Maddox, Maddox, Madcre, Georgia Magec, Doyle Magness, James . . . . Magnus, Waller ....... . . Mahaffey, Elizabmh .......... Mahaffey, Kathleen Mahoney, Joe . 95, 209, 260, 261 383, 384 449 .449 274, 384 300, 385 ....451 ... .185 .449 228, 280, 286, 385 419 Mahzahn, Jerry ............ . ...... 449 Maiden,Roy . . .. .....449 Maines, Judy . . Maines, Mary . .. Major, Carol ...... Majors, Marilyn . . . . Malcolm, X-Muslim , Maldonado, Dolores ...... . . Malcom, Alvin , . . . . .451 Mallaro, Joanne . . . . .267, 269, 451 Mallewick, Marlene . . 92, 228, 281 Mallicote, David Malone, Danny .......... Malone, Pauy . . . . . . Maly, Victor ....... Manley, Jimmy Marlinkos, Patrick Martinson, Nancy Marvin, Janet OMary Arden . . Mashbum, Lois . Mashek, John . . Mason, Gloria , . . . Mason, Monte . . Mason, Paula Mason, Sandy Masri, Taber . , . Mass. Monty . . . Massey, Gary . . . Massey, Jimmy Massey, Skipper Massey, Theresa Massie, Bob . . . . Masters, Buddy . . . . .Math Department . Mathews, Charles Mathews, Ronnie . Mathis, Dorolha Mathis, Jim ..... Mathis, Kay . . . . Mallack, Kirby Matlheaus, L61V ern .. Matthews, A1 ..... . Matthews, Charles Manhews, Fred ............ Matthews, J. C. . . . Matthews, John Mauhews, Mike Maxson, Philip Maxwell, Donald Maxwell, Earl Maxwell, Maxwell, May, Billie Ann Ferndock Queen of . , Hall ............ May, Mary Anne ...... . May. May. Mayberry, Janet Mays, Elizabeth Mayer, Sandra Mayes, Charlie Mayes, Cynthia . . . . Mayfield, Terri ...... Mays, Peggy Maze, Sheryl . . Meacham, Richard , . . Meador, Paula ...... Meadows, Dianne . . . Meadows, Jeanette . . Means, Billie Medaris, Cherry Medford, Jeanette . . . Meeker, Margaret . . Melton, David . . . . Melton, Jerry . . . . Meharg, Mary . , ...... , . . . . Mellon, Char1es ................ .Music Educator National Conference. Mendez, Rene .................... 452 Matthews Kenneth .99, 95, 160, 161 Matthews, Lynette . . . , Matthews, Mildred Mattingley, Jerrel Matlingley, Leon Mattingley, Sammy Matmx, Opal Manson. Vernon . Maiula, Evelyn Matzinger, James . Mauldon, Sharon Maurer, Larry . . . . . Maxey, Diane ........... Maxson, Dwight ....... Mcnefce, Jackson Mencfee. Roger . . . Menendez, Dalia Monifee, James ............ . .Men's PE Professional Club ..... . Mercer. James ........ . ........... Meridith, Madeleine Mcridith, Sandy L. , . .Merilum Merrill, Linda . . . . Merritt, William Metscher, Barbara Mewshaw, Marilyn Lee . . . Meyer, Don ........... Meyers, Martin Meyers, Mike Meyers, William Migliavacca, Robert . Mikles, Barbara Mikeska, Jay Miles, Gloria Miles, Michael Millard, Liz Mi11burn Marilyn Miller, Car 1 Miller, Miller, Carolyn Mi1ler, Carroll Miller, Charles Miller, Connie Miller, 158, 164, 451 1 . .176, 179, 453 503 General Index Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Virginia . . . Milligan, Wayne Milling, Saundra .. Mills, Alan Mills, Bruce . . . Mills, Eddy . . . M1115, John . , . . Mills, Judy . Mills, Phillip . Mills, Terri Milncr, James Milstcad, Lynda Milner, Lee Mims, Sheri . . . Miner, Merry Lu Miner, Paul Minyard, Bob Michkot, Phil Mitchell, Billy Mitchell, Diana Michell, Eugene Mitchell, Gail . . . Mitchell, Gene Mitchell, I-renc Mitchell, Jo Ann Mitchell, Linda . . . Mitchell, Larry . . Mitchell, Lorraine Mitchell, Margaret Mitchell, Rosanne Mitchell, Woodrow Mixon, Mary Jo . . , Moberg,.1ulie .......... 105,183, 306, Mobley, Lorena .Modern Dance Club Moehring, Jeanne Moehring, John C. . Mueller, Donald . . . . . . Moffett, Marilyn . . . . . . Mollenkopf, Howard Money, Penny . . . . . . . Monk, John . . . Monschke, David Monschke, Paul Montag, Joseph Montgomery, Carroll Montgomery, Charles F. Montgomery, Charles R. Montgomery, John . . . . Montgomery, Nita Montgomery, Montgomery, .268, 284, Moon , Duan 5 Moon, Robert . . . . . . . .309, Moore, Cotton . . . . . . . . .327, Moore, Curtis Moore, Danny . Moore, Diane . . . . . . .183, .56, 92, 94, Moore, Dianne ..... Moore, Douglas ...... Moore, Edgar Moore, Edward Moore, Edward Moore, James . . . . . Moore, James T. Moore, Janice Moore, Moore, Jerry M. Moore, John Moore, 105a . . . Moore, Lad . . Moore, Mack Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, . Moore, Tuell Ann Moore, Wayne . . Moossy, Victor Mora, Paul Moran, Michael Moreman, Barbara Morgan, Ann Morgan, Melinda Morgan, Sandra Morgan, Sondra Morgan, Wayne Morman, David 'Molhpew, Sam Morris, Anita Morris, Dorothy .Morris, Gary Morris, Jack . . Morris, John . . Morris, Keiih . . Morris, Marilyn . . . . Morris, Martha Ann . . . Morris, Martha Jeanne . . . Morris, Marvin .95 253, Morris, Mary . . . . . . . . .179, 228, ......... 221, ......... 284, .271, 274, 308, Morris, Mary Helen . . . . . . . .295, Morris, Nancy Morris, Ono . . . . . . Morris, Pam Morris,.' Pamela Morris, Virginia Morris, William Morrison, Joyce 504 .197, 271, .114, 183, . 455 . 180 . . 455 . 455 453 453 454 .454 386 330 . 454 . 454 454 386 386 ...386 . 454 . 4S4 . 454 . 454 . 386 386 454 .454 281 454 454 387 .454 . 253 . 454 387 .455 387 189 . .455 Morriss, Jerry Morrow, Henry Morrow, Susan . Morse, Van . . . . Morton, Kay Morton, Thomas Moseley, Betty JO Mosely, Sandra Maser, Doris Ann Moser, Larry Moser, Lucy Moskowitz, Moss, Carolyn Moss, Foy Moss, James Mosse, Suzanne Mosty, John Mounger, Joe Mouse, Mickey . Moyer, Jo Ellen . Moyer, Nedah . . . Moyer, Sara Lee Mrozinski, Val oMu Phi Epsilo11..': Mueggc, Michael . . . . Mullen, Caroline Mullins, Vonelta Mulloney. Pat . . . . Mumford, Patricia . . Mummert, Sharon Muncy, Bill Munn, Nancy M-unn, Terry Munoz, Aurora Munaz, Guadalupe Munroe, Karen . . . . Murdock, Judy Murman, Carla Murph, Anne Murph, John . . Murphy, Bea , , Murphy, Martha Murphy, Michael Murphy, Thomas Murr, Ann Murr, Diane Murray, Judy Murray, Sharon Murray, Sharon A. Murski, Thomas Muse, James Music, Avis Musslewhixe, Donna . . . Mustain, Colin Myer, Arthur Myers, Dewey . . . Myers, Gene . . . Myers, Jack Myers. Janet . . . Myers, Sherry . . Mynatt, Harold Myres, Steve Nabors, Donna Nall, Becky Nall, Tcm'my Nancy, Corky Nance, Darycl Nance, James D. Nance, James G. Nance, Jeff Nance, Judy . . Nancy, Jeff Nash, Kristi Nash, Nancy . Nash, Nancye Nash, Richard Nation, Thomas Nault Barbara ...... Navratil, Lynda Nay, Cary Naylor, Sandra Neale, Allan Neale, Bill Neale, David Neal, Jimmie ....... Neal, John Neal, Steve Necessary, Bill Neely, Becky Neely. Tommy Neie, Van El Roy . Neilson, Bob . Neiman, Ronald Neis, Frank Nelms, Sharon ........ 195, 456 . . . . .292, 387 .283, 284, 387 ........ 455 . . . . . . . .455 .176, 187, 387 ........456 .281, 283, 456 .......456 . ..179,456 ........456 ........456 . . 45 . 177 200. 456 387 ..... . .258, 456 .456 . 205 . 456 , 387 . . 456 ........ 330 .457 . . .300 ........ 457 .158, 159, 457 ..... 274, 387 ...... 252 .457 . . .457 .. . .457 ....... 179 457 Nelson, Betty .......... 92 104. 227, 228, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nesmith, Judy Nesuda, David Neuman, Gladys Neumann, Mary Nevil, Dwight Newell, Donald Newkirk, Mary Newland, Sandra. . . Newlin, Charles Newman, Anita . Newman, Don Newman, Pat Newman, Patricia 232,284,387 . . .173, 457 , . . .294, 457 . .457 . . . . .187 .292, 387 . .457 ..... 457 ..... 457 . . .457 . 387 .350 .457 . 257 . 457 .457 . 457 . 203 . 457 . 457 Newman, Richard .News Service Director . Newsom, Sharon Newsome, Newton, Jerry . . . Newton, Ken . . Newton, R0na1d.387 Nichola's, Martha . . .,306 309,387 Nichols, Carolyn . . . . . . . .387 Nichols, Cary . Nichols, Jan . . . . . . .387 Nichols, Karen . . . . .457 Nichols, Mary . . . . . . . . . . .387 Nichols, Susan .. ..... 457 Nicholson, E5161 .457 Nicholson, Vostel . . . . . .387 Nicholson, Ward . . , . .457 Niendorff, Suannc . . . .457 Nilssun, Martin . . . . .457 Nixon, Linda .. .. . .. . .457 Nixon, Sherry . . . . . . . . .457 Noah, Dale . . . . Noah, Sue .. . Noble, Jimmy Noble, Patricia Nobles, James Nobles, Nancy . Noland, Clifton Noland, Cary Norcross, Shirley Norman, Charles Norman, Larry Norman, Ralph Normile, Billy 3 Norquesl, Dixie 9,3 307, 309, 388 Norris, Judy . .. .228 457 Norris, Kay . . ..... 228, 233, 309 Norris, Marsha . . . ............ 457 Norris, Robert . . . . . . . . . . . .271 Norris, Sue . . Norton, Cheryl Norton, Jamie Norvell, Lea Novotny, Betty . Null, Fredna . , . Nutter, Jim Oakes. Judy Oakes, Kay Oates, Nila . Obert, Guy . . . . . 01C0nnor, John . 01Connor, Sheryl . O'Daniel, James 01Dell, Bill ..... O'Dell, Bob . OTlell, Digger Odom, Harold Odom, Janice , . . Odom, Kathy . . . . Odom, Olin . O'Dowd, Michael . Ogden, Jack .. Ohde, Lana . . . . Okon, Harold Olds, Russell Olsen, Sandra One, 1. Owcu O'Neill, Cynthia O'Nei11, Nancy O1Neill, Warren . 01Quinn, Floyd . Orgeron, George Ormson, Judy . . . Orr, Cwynn Orr, Harold Orr, Judy ...... Orraca. Osvaldo Orton, Richard Osborn, Sandra Osborne, Jerry Osborne, John Osborne, Larry Osborne, Shcrrod Osborne, Tommy Osowski, Donald Osvaldo, Ortaca Oswalt, Joyce O'Toole, Maureen One, Calvin . . . . . Otis, Carroll Owen, Cissie Owen, David . . Owen, Jonnelle Owen, Maurice Owen, Tommy Owens, Diana Owens, Larry Owens, Larry Owens, Rebecca Owens, Wayne Owens, William Oyster, Michael Pace, Aniia Paco, Car01.. .. .. .. .459 Padgett, Rex . . . . . .. . . Padgett, Rex . . . . . . . .292 Padgett, Dan . . . Page, Dora Page, Jim . . . . Paze,John Page, Ronald . , . . . Palewsky, Anita Palmer, Johnny Palv Barry .Panhellenic Council Panzera, Richard Pappas, Gus Paras, Fidel Parish, Donna .. Parish, James . Parish, Lyn . . . . Parker, Bill . . . . . Parker, Charles Parker, Earlene Parker, Elton . . Parker, Kay Parker, Ross . . . Parker, Shirley Parkey, Barbara Parkhill, Donna Parkhurst, James Parks, Billy Parks, Douglas . . . . Parks, J0 Carol ...... . . Parks, Susan . . . . Parma, Susan . . . . . Parrett, Judith ................ 185, 388 Parrish, Gary . . . . . . , .191, 330, 459 Parrish, Lonnie . . . . . . . . . . . .459 Parsnip.Julia .. .......179 Parson, Dyana ..... . . . . . . . . .459 Parson, Margaret . . . . . . .3813 Parsons, Susan . . . . . .459 Parsons, William . . . . Parsons, William R, Passino, Dennis , . Pale, Lorna . Patmore, Charles Patrick, James Patrick, John . Patrick, L'ee . . . .195, 459 Patterson, Alvin . . . . . . . . . . .301 Patterson, Ann . . . . . . . . . . .459 Patterson, Ann . . . . . ....... 459 Patterson, Bobbye . . . . . . . . . .459 Patterson, Charlotte . .180, 283, 283 Patterson, James . . . . .35,0 388 Patterson, James , . . ......... 459 Patterson, Jerry . . . . . . . . .459 Patterson, Judith . . .92, 227, 388 Patterson, Karl Patterson, Patterson, . . Patterson, Lynda Lane . . Patterson, Nirom , . . . . Patterson, Patricia Patterson, Patti Patterson, Sandra Patton, Jo Alice Patton, Robert Pavelka, Nancy Paxson, Jan . . . . Payne, Cholly Jo ........ . . Payne, Janice . . . . . . Payne, Jenny Payne, Jerry . . Payne, Liston Pearce, Betty Pearcy, Michael Pearson, Robert Peck, Phylis . . Peden, Jadalyn . Peel, George Peeples, Jerry Perry, Carol . . . . Perry, James . . . Pals, Elizabeth Pelzel, Barbara Pemberton, Ken Pendergraft, Fain Pendleton, Jan , . . . . . Pendleton, Joyce ....... 189, 228, 271, 460 Penick. Jan .,187 235, 460 Pcnick, Patricia . . . . . . .460 Penick, Sandra . . Fenland, Claudia Penn,Bill Penna, Angela . . . . . . . ..185, 251, 281, 388 .283, 284. 459 ...97, 169, 239, 257, 450 Penningxon Ann . . . ...... 187, 460 Pensy1,Cclia..... ........,460 Penton, Lou Ellen . . . . . . . . . . .460 Penton, Victor . . . . .195 Peoples, David . . . . . . . .203 Perez, Daniel Perez, Richard Perkins, Bill Perkins, ......460 Perkins, Martha . . ..... 460 Perkins, Pat . . .460 Perkins, Roger .............. 460 Perkins, Sue . . . . ....... 283, 295, 460 Perlman, Jason . .209 Perry, Carol Perry, David . Perry, Hardin Perry, James Perry, Jan . Perry, Mike . Perry Pamela Perry, Ronnie Perry, Sharon Perry, William Perryman, Ida . . . . . Pcrryman, Judy . Persful, Bob . . . . Persky, Adele Person, Diana . . . Pesnell, William Peters, Anthony Peters, Jo Ann Peters, Kay Peters, Phil . Peters. Robert Pemrs, Suzanne Peterson, Jimmy Pcferson, Linda Peterson, Merle Peterson. Mike . . . . Peterson, Sharon .. .97, 183, 460 Peterson, Toni . . . . . . . . . .307. 309, 461 Patric, Jim ...................... 461 Pctrie, Tom .................. 455, 461 Fetter, Ronald ................ 292, Petty, Daniel Petty, Janelle Petty, Larry Petty, Sharla Pcugh, Charles Peyton, Cary Pfluger, Kaye Phariss, Barbara Phelan, Rachael Phelps, Isabel Phelps, Lewis ............ 228, 281, 461 ................ 308, 461 Phonix, Alan ................ 243, 461 .Phi AIpha Thom ................ 263 .Phi Beta Lambda ................ 272 .Phi Chi Theta .Phi Eta Sigma .Phi Kappa Sigma .Phi Mu Alpha .................. 308 OPhi Upsilon Omicron ............. 296 Philback, Ernest Philhrick, Don Philbrick, Judy Phillip, James Phillips, Bill Phillips, Donna Phillips, Fletcher Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, A ' Phillips, Saundra Phillips, William .Philosophy Doparlnwm Phipps, David Phipps. Suzy .Physical Education Department OPhysics Department .............. 252 .Pi Delta Phi .................. 233 .Pi Kappa Alpha .Pi Sigma Alpha Piccolo, Tommy Pickett, Joe ..................... 461 Pickmt. Linda Pickett, Roger Pierce, Laura Pierce, Nancy Pierce, Palsy ......... 158, 225, Piano. Suzanno .............. 290. Pierson, Lynn ................ 179, Pielzsch, Janet Pigg, Jackie Pigg, Karen Piqg, Richard Pillow, P011y .......... 228. 258, 284, Pink, Fred 347. Pink, Jerry Pinkslon. Sue Pinno, John Pinon, Fernando Pipkin, James Pipkin, Jean Piranio. Cathy Pirklv. Wylie Pittman, Gaye Pittman, Nancy Pimnan, Paul Pittman. William Pitts, Nita ........... 228, 258, 281, Pitts, Sharon .Placcmcm Office Pliler, Robert ................ 263, Plsvk. Emily Plummer, Mary Pogo Po1k, Teddy Pollard, James Pollard, Susan Polocok, Edward Poluogt, Katherine Polini, Andrew Pomvrcnkn, Judy Ponco. Gilbert .................... Ponce. Sandy Pond, Judith .......... 228, 258, Poole, Cary Poovcy, Nan Popnff. ' Porter. Porter, Porter, Porter, Porter, Porter, 1 Ponor. Potter, Porter. Potter, Potter, Potxs, Burnice Poulson, Benny Pouncey, Temple Pounds, Bobby Powvll, Ann Powell, Cornvlia Power, Jimmie Powers, Johnny ........ 170, 190, 239, 3 Prachyl, Paula Prater, Jerry Prnn, David Prentice, Lyndcl Presley, Michael Prvslcy. Porxia .Press Club Price, Charles Price, Hank Price, Jean Marie ................ 390 Price, Sue .................. 180, 462 Price, Tom .............. 191, 330, 462 Pricnr, Hyla ................. 309, 390 Prindlc, Jebby ......... 99, 176, 189, 208 243, 284, 228, 462 Pring, Philip ..................... 209 Pringlc, Judy .................... 462 .Print Shop .................... 32 Pritchard, Marilyn ................. 462 Pritchott, Ronnie Probcck, Janis Proctor, William Pruitt, Donnie Profitt, Sandra Prathvr, Charles .Psi Chi Puckett. Virginia Puctt, Garland Pucker, Marlena Puke, William Purcell, Joyce Purvis. Naman Putnam, Judith .................. 183 Pyles, ani ..................... 462 Q Quads, lendoe .................. 462 Queal, Irv ................... 195. 462 Quonzvr, Lynnain ...... 176, 180. 228, 286 299, 462 Quinn, ShirIcy .......... 94, 103, 237, 239 Quinn, Virginia 165 462 Radar, Bob .Radio-Tv Club Raffaelli, Louis Ragland, Bvuy Ragsdale, Linda Railsback, James Raincy, Bill Raincy, Janice Raincy, Jnrry Rains, Judy Railh, Paul Ralcy. Randall Ralston, Jennell Ramey. Josephine 285, Ramey, Julie .......... 183, 228, 258, Rammel, Connie Ramsay, Dennis Ramsey, Jack Randals, Barbara Randal, Connic- ................... Raney, Linda ................ 235, Rankin, Donna Ransom, Linda Ransom, Shirley Ramon. Sandi Rash, Mike Rassner, Mike RaICIiff, John Raub, Harriet Rawlings, Marilyn Rawls, Suzanne Ray, Bobby Ray, Clayton Ray, James Ray, Pam 1 Raybon, Donnie Raybon, Johnny Raybon, Ronnie Read, Read, Jan Read, Read, Read, Reagan, John Roasoner, Norma Rcavts, Arthur Reavis, Craig Reddick. Karen Reece, Ricky Reece, Ricky Reece, Sharon Reed, Brian Reed, Mike Reed, Regina Reader, John Reader, Robert Reedy, Doug Resp, Palsy Reese, Ann Reese, JuAnne Reese, Pat Reeves, Donald Reeves, Robert Reeves, Sharon .RegislrarKs Office Rehm, Mary Reid. Andrea Reinlc, Vickie ........ 228, 281, ............... 308, ................ 191, ................ 187, Reiswig, David Reitcr, Terry Remy. Sandra Render, James Reneau, Judy Ann Renner, Mehl Ronshaw, Dal Renshaw, Sumnne Renshaw, Ted Revelcy, Karen Rexmad, Don Rexmat, Danny Rvynolds, Craig ....... 267, 269, Reynolds, Richard Rhodes, Howard Rhodes. Pat Rhodes, Sue Ann Rico, Kenneth ................ 277, 390 Rich, Jim ............ 177, 203, 274, 390 Richards, Edward 239 Richards, Glenda Richards, Mary Ann Richardson, Bill .................. 193 Richardson, ' Richardson, Cary Richardson, Sallye Richardson, Sammye Richardson, Torry Richcy, David ................ 160, 390 Richey, W. D ................... 308 Richie, Sandra Richter, Carolyn Richter, Dennis Richter, Terry Riddle, Henry Riddle, William Ridlon, Roger Riehe, Janie Riefler, Chris 1- ;-.Riegel, Ellen Rietschcl, Bob Riggins, Johnny Rigler, Erik .................... 390 Rigsby, Dona1d ........... 263, 275, 390 464- Rinvarson, Mikel Rino, Jame! ................. 294, 464 Rippy, Ben .277 Rislov, Karen Risnldi, Frank Rispoli, Joanna Ritchie, Vernon Rivoire, Vikki Roach, Ida Leo .Road Trip Roark, David Robbins, Frankie Robbins, Jon ................ 205, 464 Robins, Robert . . Robbins, Stove Roberson, John Roberson, Liz Roberson, Marilyn Roberson, Sandra Robert, Ellen Sue Roberts, Charles Roberts, James Roberts, Robcrls, Roberts, Roberts, Robertson, David Robertson, Elizabeth Robertson, Cary .................. 464 Robertson, James ................. 464 Robertson, Karen .......... 179, 419, 465 Robertson, Randy .......... . . .201 Robertson, Ronald Robertson, Sandra Robertson, Sharon Robinson, Charles Robinson, David Robinson, Frank Robinson, James Robinson, Joseph Robinson, Mary Robinson, Rita Kay Roddy, Gary Rodriguez, Patricia Roe, Judy .Rogcr Wagner Chorale Rogers, Dex .............. 51, Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Rohde, Margaret Rohdc, Mary Lee Rohne. Anthony Roland, Janelle Rolatcr, Rick Roller, Fran Rollins, James Roman, Juanita Romer, Linda Romiice, Ronnie Roper, Billy Roquemore, Phil .............. Roach, Bill ...................... 466 Rose, Carolyn ............ 158, 299, 466 Rose, James .................... 466 Rose, Richard .................... 466 Roscbrough, Gail ...... 176, 189, 228, 466 Roselcr, Guy 466 Roscn, Laura Rosen, Zadel Rosenbalm, Carolyn Rosa, Anthony Ross, Bettye Ross, Elizabeth Ross, Jerry Ross, Marian Ross, Michael Rosson, Dorothy Rosson, 9 Roth, Beth Rothbaucr, James Rolmmble, Vick Rounsvall, Terry Rousseau. Veronica Roussel, Betty Rowe, Dona Rowe, William Rowland, N011 Rowlett, Susan Royston, Roy Ruddell, Kalhey Rudkin, Roberta Rue, Frank ..................... 466 Rue, Mary Ruff, Mary Russok, Mary ............. 284, 309, 391 RussA-L Mary ............. 107, 251, 365 Russell, 466 Russell, Russell, Russell, Jay Russell, Lcc Ellen Russell, Marie ................ 258, 466 Russe11, Ray .......... 177, 191, 292, 391 Russell, Sam .................... 466 Russell, Winiam Russey, Sheila Ruth, David Rutherford, Sandra Rulkowski, Sammyc Rutledge, Anita .................. 467 leedgc, Annette Rutledge, Connie Ruyle, Ronalgl Ryan, Carolyn Ryan, Kathleen Ryan, Michael O SAAD ........................ 221 Sahaticr, Cecy .................... 467 O Sabres ....................... 301 Sachdcv, Pralhibha .SAEA Sage, Robert Sague, Brian Saichek, Darryl Saichck, Dennis Saldana, Beatrice Saldana, Saldana, Saling, Ronald Sammons, Cindy Sammons, Mike Sample, Lynda Sanders, Eugene Sanders, Grace Sanders, Herschel Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanders, Sanderson, Robert Sandlin, Michael Sanfilippo, Doris Sanford, Curt ................... 391 Sappingmn, Myron ......... 267, 467, 269 Sapsky, Raymond 467 S'atterwhite, Larry Sauls, Barbara ................... 467 Sauls, Margaret Saunders, James Saunders, Linda Saunders, Merrill Savage, John .................... 467 Sawyer, Buddy ................... 467 Sayen, Kath1een .................. 467 Sayers, Sandra .................. 467 503100, Dora ..................... 467 Scales, James Scarber, Nathan Scarbrough, Jim Scarlett, Maxwell Schaefer, Walt ................ 193, 467 Schalk, Tom .................... 467 Scharlack, Myrna , . . Schaub, George Scheck, Nancy Scheck, William Schellenberger, Donna Schenk, Joan Scherr, Fred ................ Schertz, Kamena Schcttle, Aubyn Schick, Susan Schill, Dian Schill, Gary Schirato, Jim Schlcumr, Sharon Schmidt, Carla Schmilt, Harriet Schmittcr, Woodson Schmitz, Brenda Schmidt, Margaret Schmitz, Paul Schnee, Bob Schneider, Lea Schneider, Terry Schneider, William . Schocch, Marjorie ................. Schu11, Brenda .School of Business .School of Education .School of Home Economics ...... .School of Music Schooling, Bill Schorlemmer, Chuck Schott, Sally Maria ............ 307, 365 505 General Index Schon, Victoria Schmcdvr, Pam Schuch, 1211101111 Schultz, F. Micharl Schumann. Belly Schumar, Sally Schumpcrl, Sondra Schwah, Richard Schwnhm, Wayne Schwartz, Era Schwonn, Suzanne ....... Schwillc, Marsuo Scoggin, George Scoggins, R011 .......... Scott, E. H. Jr. Scott, Edward Scott. Judith Scott, Judy Scott, Linda 1.. Scan, Linda Sup Scull, Marjorie Scott, Mike Scott, Nancy Louise Scott, Robert Scull, Robert E. Jr. S'collino, Judy ..... Scotlino, Vincent Scruggs, Roy Scudicri, Arline Scurlock, Cheryl OSEA Scale, Jolyn Seals, Donna Seals, Richard Scars. Carolyn Spay, Elaine Scay, Laynene Sony, Lewis Seelig, Martha Secly, Robnrt Scfcik, Camille S'efton, John Sego. Jane Sega, Judy Seibold, Robert Seibt, Pat Seidor. Juanita Self, Mary Salk, Suzanne SeHick, Pam Sen, Sudhir .Seniors Sensubaugh, Dwight Sensabaugh, Mary Serur, Jean Sesnick, Jeanette Svssums, Rachel Sessums, Sue Sewell, Shei1a Sexton, Larry Shahabi, A11 Shakely, Jean Shank, Dean . . . . Shank, Tommy Sharp, Broderick Sharp, Dana Sharp, Dick ..... Sharp, Dianne Sharp, Sondra . . . Shattuck, Rhody Shaw, Mike Shaw, Sandy . . . . Shaw, Tom ..... Shaw, Travis Shcoan, Lynn . Sheffield, Theresa Shell, Linda Shepherd, Danny Shepard, Harwell Shepherd. Janet Sheppard, Arvester Sheppard, Ben ......... 95, 243, 277, 392 Sheppard, Sue Darlene ......... 185,392 Shark, Thomas .,205 271, 365 Sherman, Elinor Sherry, Debby Shields, Judy Shine, Michael Shipley, Fred Shiplcy. James . Shiplcy, Norman ..... Shipmzm, Nina Shipp, Tina Shipps, Brenda Shire, Stuart ................. 301, 469 Shirejian, Michael ....... 469 Shires, Roger .203, 274, 392 Shirley, Albert . . . . .4 Shirley, Ronald , , .469 51115161, Loren . . . . . .469 Shivers, Doris .......... 98, 232, 258. 278 469 Shockley, Jan .............. . . 4 . . .469 Shoematc, Carolyn . . . . . . .284 Shoffncr, Vickie . . ...... 470 Short, Jan ...... 39, 244, 470 Short, .185, 267, 284, 470 Short, ............. 470 Short, . . Showman, Sylvia Shrecve, David . . . Shreffler, Betty Shropshire. David . . . .470 Shuford, Tom ........ 105,167,170,238, ..... . . 1 . .468, .164, 179. .179, 271, ........ 391 Shuler, Linda . . . . . . . . .470 Shultz, Cynthia 51111112, David Shumatc, Carolyn 470 Shwadlenak. Marian .283, 284, 470 Sickler, Barbara .............. 183, 228 Siebcrt, Susan Siegfried, Diane Siemsen, Bill Sier, Barbara Sievenpiper, Henrietta 506 Siglcr, Sondra ................ 179, 392 Sikes, Charlotte ....... 185 Sikes, Putriria Silberman, Rita .Sigmu Alpha Eta .Sigma Alpha Iota .Sigmu Delta Chi .Sigmu Dcha Pi .Sigma Nu .Sigmu Phi Epsilon .Sigmu Tau Delta Silcox, Jimmy Simmons, Beth Simmons. Daphene Simmons, Mary Simmons, Phil Simmons, Sharon Simmons, Tracy Simpson, Charles Simpson, Liz Simpson, Mary Sims, Alvin Sims, Danny Singletvrry, John Singleton. Sue Sinks, Ronnie ..... Sipes, Barbara Sirmans, Suzanne Sissom, Janice Sittel, Bob Simon, Frank Sitz, Gerry Sizer, Ellnn Skeeter, Tommy Skinner, Bob Skinner, Robert Skipworlh, Mary Skrasek, Joan Skrodt'ki, Julie Skumch, Suzanne Skuz, Sara Q Slater, Susan Slaton, JoCarol ........ Slaytor, Barbara Sloan, Peggy SIoan, Roddy Slocum. George Slonc, Barbara Smallwood, Tommy Sma1lwood, Vicki Smartt. Jim Smathcrs, Dianne Smeltz, W. B. Smiley, Brenda S Smiley, Frances ........... 284, 309, 392 Smith, Ann . .237, 471 Smith, Annie . . . . . . . ..... 392 Smith. Bayard . .. .. .. . . . .253 Smith, Bckh Smith, Betty Smith, Beverle Smith, B111 Smith, Brenda Smith, .Charles . Smith, Clyde . . . . Smith, David Smith, Daron Smith, Don Smith, Don Smith, Don . . . Smith, Donald D. Smith, Donald L. Smith, Donna Smith, Ellan . .52, 222, 281. 392 .......... 92, 91. 228, 281, 284, 305, 306, 309, Smith, Emily Smith, Forrest Smith, Frankie Smith, Gene Smith, Smith. Smith, Smith, Jacqueline Smith, James Smith, James Smith, Jean Van Smith, Jeanne . . Smith, Jeannie Smith, Jerry . . . . Smith, Jerry H. Smith, Jerry L. Smith, John . Smith, Juanita . . . . Smith, Judy Lynn Smith, Kelly Smith, Kenneth Smith, Kermit ' . . Smith, Larry Smith, Larry Smith, Larry E. Smith, Linda Smith, Louis Smith, Marilyn Smith, Martha Smith, Smith, Merrill Smith, Michael Smith, Michael C. Smith, Michael K. Smith, Nancy Smith, Nancy Smith, Neal Smith, Nelda Smith, Randye Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Smith, Ronny Smith, Sammiv Smith, Sarah Smith, Sheila Smith, Shirley Smith, Snuffy Smith, Stephen Smith, Smith, Smith, Tommy . ............... 257, 472 Smith, Tommy Smith, Van Smith, Wayne Smith, W111iam Smith, W111iam Smith, Wyillium Snead, Shvila Snogrcn, Sharon Snow, Barbara Snow, Jerry Snowden, Janie ......... Snowdcn, Judy Snyder, Pauline . . Snyder, Sondra ................... 472 .Social Directors, Women s Dormitories 34 Sockwcll, Pele ............ 177,193,472 Sockwull, Wayne Solganick, Harvey Solomon, Dicdra Solomon, Judy Sonsino, Al Sorrell, Jerry . . South, Sheryl ..... Southard, Freddie . . . . Southcrland, Michael Souza, Mary Sowcll, Norman Soyars, Junie Spain, Janine .. . . Spain, Philip ............. . . . .193, 472 Spain, Sherry . .472 Spann, Carol ................. 235, 472 Sparkman, David Sparkmun, Sandra . . Sparkman, Virginia Sparks, Ethel Sparks, Jerry Sparks, John Spaulding, Camille Spears, Becky Spears, Jennie Specht, Joe S'pecht, Nancy Speece, Jim .Speoch and Drama Dept . Speegltr, Bruce . . .472 Spceglc, Jane Speep, Lurline Speir, Sharon . 1 Spellings, Richard . . Spencer, Gayle ........ 183, 239, 258, 284, . .....b7fgoa ..... 221 228, 472 Spencer, Johnny Spencer, Mike ..... Spencer, Nancy Spencer, Robert Sperry, Suzanna Spier, Lynn Spillar, Michael Spina, Carol ...... Spindle, Henry Spiva, Sue . . . . S'plitts, Pat ...... . . Spoolcr, Sharyn . . . . Spoon, Leslie . , . . . .Spoon River Spradloy, Jane . . Spradley. Janice . .. Spradlin, Fran . . . . Spradlin, James Spradlin, Terrill Spradling, Lucy ...... Spradlin, Tcrril Spray, Gcney Springer, Drew Springer, Mary Lou . . . Springfield, Jeannie . . . . . .473 Sprolt, B111 .. . . ... . , .473 Sprawl, Cheryl . . . . . . . . . . .473 Spuller, Sharyn . Spurgin. Billy . . . . Spurlock, Jerry Squier, Marc Squyres, David Sreenan, Rosemary St. Clair, Richard St. John, Geraldine St. John, Richmond 1 . . 1 St. Martin, Charlotte Stacy, Cary . Stacy, Marvin Stafford, Barbara Smiley, David Slambaugh, Joyce Stamps, Sue Stanford, Douglas Stanley, Jonabelh Stanley, Nelda Stanleymt, Randolph . Stanton, Paul Stapler, Kirk Stark, Mac Starks, Gayle Starkey, Kathleen Starling. Jack Slarnes, James Starnes, Jerry Stamcs, Judy Statues, Mike Stavlo, Leon Stauss, Carolyn . . . . Sleadham, Glynda Steely, Anne Steunsnn, Richard Steers, Fred . . . . . . Steffce, John Stegall. James Stein, Cary Stein, Joe . . . . Stein, Madilyn .223, 474 Stein, Margaret . . .189, 474 Stein, Paula .. . . . . .179 Steinberg, Diane . . . . . . . .474 Slekelenburg, Carl ...... . . . .474 Stephens, Duane . . . . . . . . . .474 . .116, 180, Stephens, Janette Stephens, Ronald Stuphens, Ronald Stephens, William Stephenson, Muck 267, 269, 474 Stevens, Jeron .,106 160,280 Stevens, Marilyn ........... 258, 267, 393 Stevens, Wesley . . . . . . . .474 Stevenson, Albert .4 Stevenson, Judy Steward, Jerrye Steward, Jimmy Stewart, Carolyn Sxewart, Jo Slcwan, Stewart, Michael Stewart, Renee Stewart, Tommie . 1 Stewart, Stove . . Stiff, David Stiles, Mary ............... . . . Stillings, Donna .................. 474 Stine, Paula . . . ............. . .164, 393 Slingel, CharIes ....... .366 Stinson, Barbara Stimson, Gary S1inson, H. C. Stimson, Stivers, B111 Stockton, Ann . Stockton, Charles Stockton, James Stockton, Joan Smkes, Lynn Stockton, Terry Stokes, Mac Stone, Nelda S1one, Robert Stone, Stephen Stone, Teddy Stone, Tony Stonehurner, Clarence . . Storie, Paul Storms, Jimmy Stout, Joe Slovall, Gaines . Stovcr, Sandy Strader, Gene Strader, Jane . Strain, Kayo . . . Strange, Virgil . . Strava, Thomas . . . Strawn, Eugenia Streetman,Mic1mel Streetman, Roger Streit, Bouncy Sterit, Diane . Slrihling, Daniel Stribling, Jackie Stribling, Zena Strickland, Jasper Strick1in, Cathy ........ 230, 243, 261, 475 S'lricklin, Marilyn Stringfcllow, Sandra Slripling, Sara Stroble, Charles Strobel, Tim . . . . Strong, Donald Strong, Jacqueline Slroup, Joyce Slrozcski, Michael Strunc, Miles Stuart, Robert Stuckey, Beth .Studcnt Publications Committee Stults, Rommie . Stumbaugh, Richacl Styrsky, John Suckle, Richard Sudsy, Dense Suhler, Gerald . . . Sullins, Dianna 457 Sullivan, Francine .. . W183 228, 281,394 Sumlin. Roger .209 394 Summers, Carolyn ...... . . . . . . . . . . .394 Summers, Herbert . . . Summers, Stove . . . . . .475 Sunderman, Sandra Supina, Edward . .Supper Theater Sutton. John . . . S'wafford, James Swafford, Judy Swain, Donna Swaim, Tom . . . . Swan, Mark Swanholm, Dale Swarm, Gregg Jr. Swanzy, Harold Swarm, Allen , , , Swearingen, Mike . . . . . . . . . .277, 394 Sweeney, Mike Sweet, Diane Sweet, Don Swindall, Doria Swindall, Lee Swindle, Larry Swyers, John .......... . . . . . . .306 . . .221, 393 .,205 393 ....... 474 T511111, Robert Tadlock, David Taft, Janice Talbert, Lynn Talbot, Vivian Tallam, Larry Tallas, Mary . . . Talley, Ann .Talons .......... Tammina, Charles Tappin, Tony Taquino. Bobby Tarbox, Dan Tarrance, Les .................... 195 Tarram, Bill ..................... 195 Tarrant, Ronald .................. 197 Tate, Bobbi Tate, Martha . Tate, William .................... 366 Tay1or, Ceci1ia ................... 394 Taylor, Charles ............ 270, Taylor, Charlotte Taylor, Cheryl Taylor, Cyrel Taylor, Dave Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Jeanette Taylor, Jo Ann Taylor, John Michael Taylor, Nancy ................... 476 Taylor, Nita , ................ 476 Taylor, . . , .207, 271, 274, 394 Taylor, 476 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, .TCOC Tongue, Nancy Tongue, Phil ..................... 476 Teal, James .............. 193, 292, 476 Teal, Mary ...................... 476 Toddlie, John ......... 103, 283, 284, 285 366 Tedford, George .................. 476 Tooling, Michae1 .................. 476 Teggemaf, Karen ................. 235 Tei, Tina ....................... 476 Teichman, Donna ........... . ..... 394 Tcichman, Rona1d Tcitelbaum, William ..................... 247 Templeton, Elaine Templeton. Keith .............. 193, 476 .Tennis ....................... 3-18 Teplow, Nancy Terborren, Dale Terrell, Jeff ..................... 476 Terre11, Joye .................... 476 Terrell, Ronny Terry, Claudia Terry, Sarah Terry. Terry ..................... 476 Terry, Wade ..................... 195 Tervooren, W. Dale ............... 476 Teutsch, David ................... 195 Toy. Larry ...................... 476 Thames, Don .................... 101 Tharp, Carolyn ................... 476 Tester, Ronald ................... 366 Thacker, Oncva ................... 294 .Thcta Chi ..................... 204 .Theta Sigma Thigpen, David ................... Thigpen, Denise ......... 476 Thomas, A. B. Thomas, Dianne Thomas, Gayle Thomas, Gilford Thomas, John .................... 394 Thomas, Kay .................... 394 Thomas, Larry ............ 201, 330, 394 Thomas, Richard ................. 476 Thomas, Ruby Thomas, Walter Thomason, Toby Thomas, William Thompson, Caro1 Thompson, Cherylane Thompson, Dcedie ............. 288, 394 Thompson, Dennis ............. 300, 477 Thompson, Gerald ................. 477 Thompson. Helen ............. 181, 394 Thompson, Joan ........ 92, 94, 185, 237, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Marilyn Thompson. Patricia Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thorla, Becky Thom, Donald Thornburg, Trish Thornhill, Ear1 Thornton, Connie , . Thornton. Eddie .................. 477 Thorogood, Barbara ............... 477 Thorogood, Bill .................. 477 Thorogood, Linda ................. 477 Thrash, Judy ......... 228, 281, 283, 284. 395 Threlkeld, Steve .................. 191 Thurman, David .................. 477 Thwat, Tancey ................... 169 Ticknor, Dwight .................. 477 Tiober, Dennis .................... 209 Tiffany, Barbara ................. 477 Tiffany, Camille ................. 477 .Tighr at the Gates ............... 133 Tighn Them ..................... 204 Ti11, Mary ................... 232, 477 Ti11cr, Wayne .................... 477 T111011, Billy ............. 267, 269, 275 TimbIC, Glenda .................. 183 Timpa, Gerald Tiner, Bi1lie Tinklcworth, Farietta Tinnin, Carolyn .............. 181, 477 Tinsley, Helen 477 Tippens, Brenda .................. 477 Tipton, Karen . . . ............. 235, 477 Tiplon, Larry ................ 292, 478 Tirey, Grover .................... 327 Title, Mel 478 Tixus, Ji11 ............ 92, 225, 227, Tobias, Jerry 4 Tobias, Larry Tobaben, Richard Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Tolms, Patricia Talbert, Norma Tolson, Barbara Tomlin, Bobbie Tomlin, Tom1in, Earl Tomlin, Robby Tompkins, Johnny Tonick, James ................... Topletz, Dennis .................. 395 Turregrossa. Trelmn ..... 478 Tattle, A. M. Towle, Gayle Townzen, Teny OTrack Train, Marilyn Trammell, Eddie .................. Trapmen, Charlotte ............... 478 Traughber, Joan Travelstcad, Sandra Traverse, Toni ................... 478 Travis, Althea ......... 230, 306, 309, 478 Travis, Diana 478 Travis, Teri Trecse, Bobby Trevino, Gloria Trevino, James Trevino, Julian Tribble, Susic Trickey, 1 Trimble, Trimble, Trimble, TrimbIC, Trimble, Suzan Tripp, David Trlica, Sharon Trollinger, Judy Tropp, Gary ..................... Trosper, Kay Trouppy, Duncan Trout, Eddie Troutman, Linda Trugman, Ann ................ Truin, Me1anie meal. Paula Tubb, Patricia Tucker, Betty Tucker, ' Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Patricia Tucker, Wa11ace Tuckey, Elizabeth Tudor, John ..................... Tulk, Richard .................... 396 Tu1k, Sherry .................... 479 Tumlin, James ................... 396 Tunne11, Teddie ........... 262, 263, 260 Turano, James 479 Turnhow, Randy Turner, C. L. Turner, Edward Turner, Flora Turner, George Turner, Cram Turner. Linda Turner. Richard Turner, Sue ..................... 479 Turner, Tanya ............ 258, 284. 479 Turner, Terrie ................... 479 Turner, Tommy .................. 396 Turncr, Wi11iam .................. 479 Tummy, James ................ 242, 479 Turqucttc. Doug .................. 479 Tulle, Joan ..................... 479 Tutt1e. Jane ............. 179, 228, 284 Tweed, Nancy 396 Twin, Kent Tyner, Karla Tyre. Cheryl .IIIICIIIIIIZIIIIZII478 ................... 205 Ugarla, Rick ................. 177, 207 Umphrcss, Jerrye ................. 396 .Undorclassmcn .................. 400 Underwood, Deena ................ 479 Underwood, Robert ................ 396 Underwood. Stacy ................. 396 Unger, Ed ................... 301, 479 .Univcrsity Hospital 35 .Univcrsily Lecture Series .UnivcrsiKy Players ............... 24S .Univcrsixy Store Upton, Sandra Urcvic, Sharon ................... 479 Usclton, Mike ................... 193 .USNT ........................ 154 Utlcy, Edwin ........... 479 Utlcy, P3111 ...................... 479 Uzzcll, Judy Uzzie, Su Valcik, Joe Valentino, Carol Vance, Joen ..................... 479 Vance, Mike .................... 479 Vandergriff, Charlene .............. 479 Vandovonter, Billy ................ 396 VanMDtor, A11an .................. 396 Vann, Jerry .............. 304, 307, VanNcss, Ronnie VanOslrand, Dean ................. 479 Van Well ....................... 479 VanZandt, James .............. 308, 479 Varga, Richard ................... 479 Varini, Susan Varner, Robert Vassall, David Vaughan, Carol ................... 480 Vanghan, Marilyn ............. 237, 480 Vaughan, Ruby ................... 306 Vaughan. Sandra .............. 227, 396 Vaughn. Bobby ................... 253 Vaughn Charlotte ................. 396 Vaught, Sandra Veock, Denise Vega, Ramon Vermillion, Rona1d Vernon, Pamela .................. 480 Vernon, Suzanne .................. 480 Vessels, Jerry .................... 480 Vest, Don ...................... 197 .Vicc-Prcsident .................. 26 Vick, Barbara .................... 480 Vick, Dormer .................... 396 Vick. Jane ...................... 158 Vick, Linda ..................... 396 Vick, Vicki .............. 158, 307, 480 Victor, Judith ............ 187, 295, 480 Vidal, Vicki Viesca, Marcelino Viets, Kristi ..................... 480 VincenL Ronald Vines, Grover Visage, Judy Visnntine, David Viscntine, Louis Vimow. Sherry Vitopil, Barbara Vordcnbaum, George Vote, Dianne ..................... 44 Voss. Annn .......... 179, 228. 237, 284, 480 Waddle, Judy Wade, Carolyn Wade, James Wade, Linda Wade, Thomas ................ 290, 480 Wages, Barby .................... 480 Wagner, George .................. 480 Wagner, Judy .................... 480 Waggoman, Ann .................. 480 Wagner, Patricia .................. 480 Wagoner, Rex ................... 232 Waight, A, J. White, Chwr1ie Waite, Rick Wajoowilz, Pam Waldrip, Jan Waldrop, Buford Waldrop, Carolyn Waldrop, Joe .................... 366 Waldrop, Robert Walker, Wa1kcr, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Wall, Sampy Wallace, Bill Wallace, Charley Wallace, Diane Wallace, Kay Wallagc, Peggy Wallace, Robert .................. 481 Wallace, Sara ........ 179, 228, 269, 281 396 80 .......... 258, 259. 396 ................. 480 Waller, Waller, Waller, Wallin, Walling, Jam: Wa11is, Diane Wallis, Jim Wa115, Marti . Wallwork, Regina1d ................ 481 Walsmn, Bill .................... 481 Walter, John Waltcrmirc, Sandra Wa1tcrs, Barbara Walters, Jim ................. 199, 481 Walters, Sandra Walthall, Kathy Walton, Robert Ward, Carol Carolyn Cathetine Cowdcn David J cnnifcr Linda ..................... 481 Ward, Lucille .................... 397 Ward, Nedwin .................... 481 Ward, Tom ...................... 397 Warden, Tom .................... 481 Wardlaw, Mary ................... 481 Wardlaw, Nina ............ 307, 309, 481 Ware, Barbara ............... 295, 481 Ware, Byron 308 Warfield, Gerald .................. 290 Warmerdam, Lynda ................ 481 Warne, Sandra ................... 481 Warner, Rick Warren, Charlotte Warren, George Warrincr, Jane Warwick, Suzanne Wash, Sandra Washmon. Terri Waters, Greg Waters, Patsy .................... 481 Waters, Philo ................ 203, 481 Watherwax. Virginia ............... 481 Watkins, Diana ............... 185, 397 Watkins, Fulton .................. 481 Watkins, Fred kains, Watkins, Watkins, Watkins, Wamon, Barbara Watson, Bcnny Watson, Carl Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, James Watson, Jerry .................... 397 Watson, Robert ............... 274, 397 Watson, Watson, Watson, Watson, W'alson, Wanda Wanner, Judy Wanner, Sherry Watts, Babe ..................... 482 Watts, Kathleen Watts, Richard Way, Nancy ..................... 482 Weatherby, David Wcatherford, Judy Weatherford, Lynn Weatherhogg, Janet Weaver, Jo ...................... 397 Webb, Charles .......... 397 Webb, Gary Webb, Jan Webb, Lanna ............. 271 , 274, 397 ................... 482 .......... 97, 179, 230, 482 Kenneth ' 482 Loretta , Sharon Sue Wedding, Sue .............. Wedel, Janet ................. 243, 397 chel, Mary Ellen ................ 482 Wehba, Eleanor .................. 482 Weibel, Deanna Weinheimer, Anne Weir, Candy ..... Weiss, Gary ................. 274, 482 Weiss, Jeanne 2 Weiss, Marilyn Welborn, Doug Welborne, Jimmy Welch, ................... 482 Wclch, Welch, Welch, Welsh, Welch, Wclch, Weldon, Betty Weller, Carol Wells, Jan ...................... 482 Wells, Margaret .................. 397 Wells, Mary ..................... 366 We1sc11, Linden ................... 482 Welton, Patrick .................. 482 Werner, Matthew ................. 482 Wesatzke, Sarah West, Dan West, David .West Dorm Association West, Gaines West, James West, Robert West, Ruthie Westbrook, Kathy Wester, Gerald Westcr, Sa11y Wcster, Suzanne Westmoreland, Allan Westmorchmd, Stephen Wesmhal, Gay WcKzal, Louise Whalen, Patricia .................. 483 Whatlcy, Norma .................. 483 Wheat, Rachel .................... 397 Wheat, Sharon ................ 183, 483 Wheeler, 483 Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler, Colby ............ 183, 309, Wheeler, Cotton Wheeler, Craig ......... 172, 195, 239, 398 Wheeler, 483 Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheelcss, Patty Whetskonc, Penny ................. 483 Whipple, Donna ........... 187, 267, 398 507 ........ 281, 283, 284, 397 General Index While, Brenda White, Carol While, Cynthia White, Dan White, David White, Elizabeth White, George White, Jack White, Kay White, Leslie . 3 While, Linda . . . . . .179, 228, 433 While, Rebecca . . ......... . . . .455, 483 White, Rex . . . . . White, Richard White, Rodney . White, Sylvia . . . . .. 164, 187, White, Teresa . . . . . . . . . While, Virginia White, Ward Whilehouse, Willard Whilehurst, Milton Whitcker, Susan , . Whitfield, A. D. ...... 318, 319, 324, 330, Whiting, John ............ Whitington, Leah Whitis, Robert Whitman, Gregory Whitney, Beth Whitson, Lynn Whitt, Sara Whitton, Michael Whiltcn, Richard Whittington, Cheryl Whittle, Cone Whitwell, Don . . . . Wholly, Imso .................... 225 .W1101s Who in American C011egos and Universities ...... 98 Widcman, Linda . . ..... 484 Widlakc, Kathy . . . . .484 Widmer, Robert . . . . .484 Wier, Robert . . . . .484 Wigand, Martha . . . .484 Wiggins, Cynthia Wiggins, Earl Wiggins, Joan ..... Wiginglon, Donald Wiginglon. Ollie Wigley, Mike Wilburn, Nancy . .. Wilcox, George ...... Wilcox, Ross Wildman, Janvt Wiles, Carroll Wiley, CIadys . . ......... 257, 295, 481 Wiley, Jorry ..................... 484 Wiley, Larry ......... 308, 398 Wiley. Patricia . . Wiley, Stacy Wilkerson, Eugene Wilkerson, Priscilla .. Wi1kerson, Tommy . . . Wilkerson, Tommy R. Wilkins, Don Wilkinson, Donald Wilkinson, Tommy Williams, Angela Wil1iams, Annie Williams, Barbara ................. 484 Williams, Belinda . . Williams, Billie Williams, Billy Williams, Bob . . . . Williams, Boyd Williams, Brenda Williams, Charles Williams, Dennis Williams, Donald Williams, Gary Williams, Gaylan Williams, Harold Williams, Jack Williams, Jackie . . .117, 185, 307, 484 Williams, Joe ................ 257, 484 Williams, Katharine ....... 398 Williams, Linda . . . . . 1 . . . . Williams. Linda . .398 Williams, Lon . . .485 WIIIIiams, . .485 Williams, Mary Ruth . .366 Williams, Nancy . . . .398 Williams, Pamela ................ .485 Williams, Patricia ............. 267, 485 Williams, Peggy ....... 485 Williams, Rita , .485 Williams, Ronnie . . .485 Williams. Rosa . . 1 . . . . .485 Williams. Sharon . . . . . . . . . . .435 Williams. Waymon 267, 269, 485 WiIliams, Carol . . . . ....... 485 Williamson, Judy Williamson, Karen Williamson, Linda Kay Williamson, Ronald Williamson, Suzanne Wills, Dorothy Willshire, Mike Wilson, Alfred Wilson, Bill Wi1son, Bllly Wi1son, Carolyn Wilson, Charlotte Wilson, C1audia . . ............. 485 ....... 105, .158, 225, 294, 296, 485 ................ . . .485 . . . , .483 . . .485 . 1 .485 . . .197 Wilson. Donna Wilson, Froida Wilson, Gilbert Wilson, Harold Wilson, Jack Wilson, Jeffery Wilson, Joe Wilson, Wilson, Wilson. Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wi1snn, Wilson, Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Sherry Wilson, Shirley Wilson, Steve Wilson, Su7anne Wilson. Swinford Wilson, Tml Wilton. Trcva Wims, Michael Winans, Janice Windsor, Barhara Winkley, Glenda Winklcy, Lloyd ...... 485 . ....201, 267, 269, 398 366 ........ 205 .251, 284. 398 .I..'.I....Z ....... 393 Winn, Houston Winn, Rex . . . .. Winnctt, Allen Winslow, Martha Winters, Jack Winters, William Winton, Patricia Wirz, Fred Wirz, Richard Wisdom, Hardy . . . . Wiseman, Patricia Wiskera, Anne1ie Witcher, Vicki Witherspoon, Dale Wilherspoon, Diana Wilherspoon, Glenda . . . Witt, Cheryl ............ Witt, Linda Wine, Lynne Witty, Charles Wixx, Carmen . . Wocfley, Sylvia .......... Wolf, Janis Wolfe, Ann Wolfe, Joan . Wolford, Janet Wolters, William Womack, Dan . ............ . ..... 486 Womack, Marilyn S', Womack, Marilyn Womack, Mari1yn . .Womcnk Forum Wommack, David Wommack, Joe Wommack, Larry Wommack, Mary Woodall. Sharon Wood, Britten Wood. Jeannie Wood, Martha Wood, Wood, Wood, Wood, Suzanne . Wood, Sylvia ...... . . .281, 283, 284, Wood, Trisha .................... 486 Woodward, Michael Wooden, Kay Woodford, Rusty Woodlcy, Sheri Woodruff, Cynthia Woodruff, James Woods, Cecilia Woods, Janice ................ 225, Woods, Virginia . .181, 223, Woodum, Barbara Woodard. Ruth Woody, Ray . . Woolard, Donna Woolsey, Ken Woman, Lesley Worley, Bobby Worlow. Joy Worsham. Jam: Worsham, .101: Worthington, Charlene Worthy, BiII ......... Wray, Kathleen .189, 486 Wreath, Scarfcr .. .172 W1ren, Billy . . . . . .399 Wright, Benny . . . . . . .486 Wright, Esther . . . . . .486 Wright, Cera1d .205 Wright, . . ........ 486 Wright, Linda Wright, Linda Kay Wright, Loyd . . . . . . . Wright, Madalyn . . . . Wright, Stephany Wright, Timothy Wrinkle, Rosemary Wulfe, Edward Wunderl, Mary Ann . . Wusnack, Skip ..... . , Wyles, Michael . . . . . . . 487 Wylie, Carroll ................... 399 Wynn, Esther . . . ..... 267, 269, 294, 487 Wynn, Nancy .................... 487 Wysong. James 205. 399 Yahr, Richard ...... . ............ 487 Yancey, Margaret . Yancey, Patrick Yarbrough, Janis Yarbrough, Juhn Yarhrough, Nancy Yardley, Rick Yeargan, Robert Yee, Kenny Yoakum, Tyrone Yonce, Cary . . . . Yondorf, Mike York, David Young, Ann Young, Young, Young, .Young Democrats Young, Maurice Young, Paula .Young Republicans Young, Robert Young, Roger Young, Susanne Youngblood, Joe Youngdahl, Brian Youngmzm. Suzanna Youngs, William Younsc, Danny Younls, Albert Younts. Sharon .Yucca ............... .Yncca Beauties .221, 487 .. .487 ...487 . . .487 .. . .487 . . ......... 193, 487 ........... 238, 239, 399 Zachary, C1mr1vs .................. 487 Zahorian, Joan . Zajicek, Charlcs ........ Zalkovsky, Marilyn ...... 87 Zareff, S'tan ................. 290, 399 Zellars, Rodney .Zeta Tau Alpha . 180 Zimmerman, ChPryl ..... 92, 267, 269, 275, 399 Zimmerman. Granville .............. 487 Zimmerman, Robert . . . . .487 Zimmerman, Sandra . ......... 487 Zumhcrgc, Jack ............. 487 In Memorium Miss Edith Lanier Clark Dean of Women, 1918-1944 Cora Elder Stafford, Ph.D. Professor of Art and Director of the Department of Art Cora M. Martin, Ph.D. Professor of Education, 1914-1927 Burl Eugene Bryant, PhD. Professor of Chemistry Joe Thomas Sample, LL.D. Instructor of Business Administration Jack Hester Assistant Business Manager and Property Accountant Mrs. Rebecca Pipkin Social Director, Kendall Hall Barry Curtis Barker James Riley Clift Paul Lynn Harris Larry Carter Montgomery Campbell Thaxton-Crow Robert Lee Wagner Jack Lee Cassell Stephen Reynolds DeLong Judith King Wilson Evert Lee Garrett Jr. MAKE ROOM FOR ONE MORE The last page is in and you rummage around to see if anything has been forgotten. You try to relax, try to catch up on sleep or classwork, try to find something to keep you busy. You clean up your desk or go to the UB or just go for a walk. You wonder what to do now. Whatis left, now that itis over? You look through a few Yuccas, wonder how they put out anything during the war years or the depression. What did they do when they were through for the last time? They never explain that. You return to your 512-page, overdrarnatic mistress and say youlre glad its finally completed, but youare not. So, it7s over. Like all the other Yuccas on the shelf, itls done, thanks to: Mr. Kiker, who became much more than a sponsor to us and who remained calm during our daily Yuccafits. Dr. Westmoreland, who took time from his hectic sched- ule to check each copy block. Fred Graham, who double- checked sports copy and advised us on coverage of NTSUis athletic program. Roy Busby7 who advised us on research coverage. Bob Stanley, who supplied us with sophomore-reporter manpower at a time when the Chat was its busiest. Dr. Rogers, who double-checked historical copy to make certain it was as accurate and complete as possible. Dr. Charles Galloway who helped maintain staff spirit during registration with his aYuccaYucca- Yuccafg, But faculty members were only a part of the book. The staff deserves the most credit, including: Cragg tMr. Maohinel Hines for his skills as writer, organizer, layout man, pace setter and name dropper. Babs tGoren On Bridgel Beyring for her math know- how, persistence, consistency and promptness. Mike tYankeel Meyers, who produced excellent photos and even helped with headlines and layout ideas. Jan tMinnie Mousel Creenstone, who volunteered for Yucca sales. Susie tSudsyl Selk, who brightened the book with good layouts, photos, original ideas and no editorializing. Bob tCoffeel Cole, who supplied us Homecoming photos. Sheldon U Can Get It Wholesalel Gordon, who worked above and beyond the call as darkroom man and Yucca salesman. Carolyn tSchool Marml Porter7 who stayed sane during both beauty contests and did an excellent job with her sections. Julian tGo Homel Bishop, who helped us photographically. More students were integral parts of the Yucca: Dutch Kepler, whose division pages and cover cap- tured the books theme perfectly. Shirley Quinn, Bill Perkins, Stan Houston, Ladd Kelley, Torn Shuford and other Chatters who lent a hand whenever possible. Tony Bearden, who so often took photos at 3 minutes notice and gladly helped in the darkroom when we had trouble. W. B. Harvick, who probably took more photos for the Yucca than the Chat and who often let us take too much advantage of his talents. Orman Darby7 who never failed to work on a photo assignment7 no matter how incon- venient or ridiculous-sounding. Craig Wheeler, always willing to help scoop the Chat with good photos, ranging from Yucca Who7s Who to sports. Suzanne Heath, who made time to help on deadlines and Yucca sales. Jim Craig, who quickly caught on to yearbook techniques and turned out an unusually interesting sports section. Myra Hall, one of the few departmental-clubs editors to finish the deadline two days early. Barbara Douglass, who produced good copy on dull subjects. Karen Nelson, who handled her Greek section effi- ciently and rapidly. Gene Jackson, who took excellent sports photos and kept in order the hundreds of negatives and proofs upstairs. Mary Sue Ferguson and Herb Cooper, whose patience with tedious sections was a blessing. Assistants Sarah Wesatzke, Roger Herrington, Joyce Black, Sue Robert, Jim Haden, Howard Swindle, Carol Vaughn, Rene Bean and Cynthia Lisk for dependa- bility during weeks of drudgery. Special mention must go to: Marvin Loveless and Frank Burchard for fast and dependable service with mugs and group photos. Dean Dickey ta former yearbookerl for late permission. Leon Breeden for cooperation during our Yucca Beauty presen- tation at his Fall Lab Band Concert. NTSU department directors for their help with Yucca Whois Who and the research section. Riley Willey and J. D. Hall for tho- graphical advice. Dr. Black for lighting equipment used in Yucca Beauty Contest and Carl Marder for help in setting up stage photos. Miss Carolyn Raiford for help with speech therapy feature. Mrs. Colegrove for finding Yucca assistants. Mrs. Kiker for her help with Yucca Beauties. Press photo class members for their pictorial contributions. Lee Sam- ple,s Homestead House and Smittyis Floor Covering Co. for outstanding cooperation with Yucca Beauties. Voert- manis Bookstore for lending us props for photos. The Denton Record-Chronicle for lending us mug shots and negatives. Mr. Russell at Tobin Drugs for help with photo supplies. And our Yucca Beauty judges for selecting eight beautiful coeds. eDick Beene, Editor 1965 YUCCA Editor: Dick Beene Assistant Editors: Cragg Hines, Suzanne Selk Adviser: Smith Kiker, Jr. Honors-Administration Editor: Carolyn Porter Art Editor: Dutch Kepler Departments-Classes Editor: Barbara Beyring Copy Editor: Barbara Douglass Sports Editor: Jim Craig Greeks Editor: Karen Nelson Departmental-Organizations Editor: Myra Hall Organizations Editor: Herb Cooper Business Manager: Sheldon Cordon Staff Photographers: Mike Meyers, Orman Darby Photo Credits W. B. Harvick: 62-63,120; Julian Bishop: 14-1, 2221 Craig Wheeler: 75, 121, 353, color-S, 9, 316 Jim Duffy: 24-0 354; color-38 Bob Cole: color27 Tony Bearden: 66, 175 Gene Jackson: 317, 323 Mick Laird: 124-125 Dutch Kepler: 139, 302, 407

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