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Q33 1D I 5 4 QQ ' 'ff xxmx .agp 4 4 1 2 m',9x ss , 8 ' ' - " 0 S Q .. l"4. I 'tr f O S-LJQHJ I X . x A Q3 Q10 H' Qw .D ... Q , fo mi- ' v N :P S iw KZ? xg x9 I 5 My TFTQE ff'f"l-377 ,mi ?BF"2"W' M n.,..g!5 X ,sf ADMINISTRATION STUDENTSIJFE Campus Activities . Fine rXrts . . . Publications . YVho's 1Vho . Beaudes . SPORTS Clolf , . FootbaH . Iiasketball , rfrack .,.,..., Intraniurals . . VVOIHCHYS Recreational Association ORGANMATKDG Socia1Sororines Social Fraterniues . Clthers ..,, CLASSES Graduate School , College of Ats and Sciences . . School of Business .-Xdniinistration School of Eklucathni ,,.. Schoolcf Ihnne Econouncs . School of Music . . . . Sophomores . 4 Freshmen . . Index Page 82 157 179 191 207 226 230 244 254 262 268 276 290 312 401 405 415 426 441 445 449 467 496 North Texas State College QM E of 'KA ' 5:4 W ,YA..' f. fx!! 1:4 ti? Sq 5 this is the story of 1951-52 'lihis is the story of the l95l-52 in the history ancl growth of North Texas State College. lt is the story of typical fXtneriean young nien ancl wotnen. Some worked harcl ancl were call- etl "grease grinds' '... some played hard and were accusecl of wasting' their talents. :Xs in- tlivicluals. these people were laced with ini- portant decisions. To reach their goal. they would neetl prolessional preparation. 'lihey cle- eidetl that the institution that Coultl best fill the requirements was North 'lexas State Col- lege. 'lihe Yucca has attentptetl to portray the eollege antl its role as a protlueer ol etlucateml leatlers not only in the lielcl ol' etlueation but also in professions and husiness. A modern boolcbindery lceeps library books in readable shape. Five's fl'le limi? on boolts af one fime from fhe loan deslc. " tn.. M ll-.Q Local paper or national magazines-all in flue periodical room. The school year 1951-52 was an epochal one in the history of the college. War hysteria sub- sided as truce negotiations brought the Korean war to a stalemate. G. l. billers graduated . . . the depression year babies became of college age and enrollment decreased slightly. Para- doxically enough things were bigger and better at the college. A great leader stepped down at the height of his career and was replaced by an equally great man. Buildings of mortar, stone and steel sprang up on all parts of the campus . . . it was the year that the Menys Gymnasium, WOIIICHQS Gymnasium, and Stad- ium were added to the recreational facilities of the college. Practically every school and department shared in the re-division of classrooms and office space resulting from the opening of the new Education Building and Masters Hall. Housing facilities were augmented by the completion of Quadrangle units for men and Kendall Hall for women. Several sororities moved into Chilton. Wlien the college started on its brilliant pro- gram of expansion one of the first acts of the administration was to create a library of merit- a library that stood out among libraries in the great Southwest. Knowing full well that a col- lege of mature stature built on the university plan could not be a reality without a strong library, Dr. McConnell Worked untiringly to include a modern building in the program of expansion. Taking advantage of the post-de- pression era, the administration sought out- side financing supplemented by state appropri- ations to build the present modern library com- pleted in l937. The Library Building 'li 6 5: 3 4 4 A Q A 41 ! S Q 3 Q -. 4 A naiural progression-leaves 'lo human analomy Advanced work includes probing radialion effects Full stock rooms supply boih chemisfs and biologisls. Long before the physical plant caught up with the reputation of the Science Department, the college held an enviable position in this field in the Southwest. Graduates who took their pre-med work were success- ful surgeons and doctors. Engineers. research workers. teachers and business leaders had conie under the tute- lage of its competent leaders. Realizing that the for- ward nrarch was iinpeded by a lack of "breathing space," the adniinistration saw to it that the build- ing program contained an underlined notation on the need for a new Science Hall. YVith completely new facilities, North Texas would soon take its place as a true leader in technical. scientific fields. The dreain became a reality when in l95l the magnificent structure was turned over to the college. Named for the late lVallace Newton Masters, Masters Hall accommodates the departments of Biology antl Chemistry. Faculty and student research laboratories, classrooms, storerooms. offices. an autlitorium, and teaching laboratories are equipped for a niotlern sci- ence program. ln these labs eager young stutlents pore over test tubes ancl special equipment into the late hours of the night to gain a comprehensive grasp ol' subject matter and techniques. Masters Hall is a milestone in the progress of North Texas. Slrong lights and microscopes reveal another world Dangerous 'Fumes dispersed lhrough suclion pumps Physiology lab invesfigales living maHer properties NTexas Enioys Era of Rapid Growrh Many moons may shine across the North Texas campus before another XV. McConnell comes on the scene. For Dr. McConnell's life has been one of sheer devotion, along with his wife, to one cause - building a greater North Texas State College. The tributes paid Dr. McConnell at his recognition dinner March 4 reflect the greatness of this nationally-recognized educator - "a giant among a forest of great men." Taking over the presidency in IQ34 upon the death of Robert Lincoln Marquis, Dr. Mc' Connell was a man eminently qualified for the presidency of North Texas State Teachers Col- lege. At one time he studied at the college, then moved on to the University of Denver and Colunibia University for graduate Work. I-le returned to Denton as a mathematics instructor and moved rapidly up the ladder by serving as associate dean. head of the economics department, and dean of the college. One need but look at the physical plant and the record of its growth to see a pearmanent testimony to Dr. McConnell's leadership. Dr. and Mrs. McConnell af home in iheir new collage al I8l5 W. Oak Sfreef. The lefe Governor Beauford Jesfer signs fhe bill which makes Norfh Texas a universify-plan college Mrs. Grace Cariwrigh+ presenfs Dr. McConnell wifh a check af +he dedicafion ceremonles on March 4. Shown inse+ in fhe picfure of Marquis Hall are fhe lafe presidenf R. L. Marquis and his successor, Dr. W. J. McConnell. lCarrurh Phofoj lllusrrlous Ex Named Elgh'rh Presldenf On March 4 - amid the excitement of ceremonies, luncheons. and dedication - Dr. James Carl Matthews became the eighth president of North Texas State College. Thousands of students, exes, and state and national personages crowded the campus to witness the event. Covernor Allan Shivers, representing the state of Texas, brought formal greetings to Dr. Matthews and to President Emeritus VV. Joseph McConnell. Also on hand at the installation ceremonies were Dr. Ben H. YVooten, chairman ol' the Board of Regents, and other college dignitaries. The new president first assumed his position in September. l95l. soon after the resigna- tion of Dr. McConnell. Dr. Matthews' work in the field of teacher education is recognized and applaud- ed throughout the United States. His name has appeared in Who's Who in America, Wl1o's Wlicm in American Education, Wlio's VVho in Texas, and VVho's XVho in American Colleges and Universities. These publications' tributes are representative of only a part of the work he has done in furthering the educational syetein of the nation in general - and North Texas in particular. President Matthews was honored at the March 4 ceremonies by not only his colleagues and his friends but also by the local press. Dallas television photographers helped to make the occasion an indelible memory. After obtaining his bachelors degree from NTSC, Dr. Matthews attended Peabody College where he received his mas- ter's degree and his doctorate. He then returned to North Texas to instruct and direct teacher education. Already on his way to becoming an authority on the subject ol' teacher education. Dr. Matthews gained civic prestige as NT,s initial vice-president. He was also the first dean of the School of Education. Dignifaries from all over the sfa+e flocked fo lhe inaugurerion ceremonies March 4, af which fime Dr. MaHhews became fhe eighth president of NT. 1 M' Y The presiden+'s home Dr. Maffhews and Kennefh wafch a foofball worlcouf. The presidenf Trumps Kenne+h's double in a 42 game v l Z 3 is .v 5 Q 3 r il 2 ii - 5 . 5, s I Q il 3 5 l 2 s P ?m,.,,..w4w""" 2, L ,, f'W"'aw W, 'iii ' W' Wfifgiii--MM.e,,i,q .. .M ll im,..lMjglQ,1Q :me,W.,,,,i,M e ee 1"'f"'if-Q-M-M..,e..-..l WMM m'MM -nn--"E M WT..-!zT2"T'T"'t"'f-N-....,,, , x THE OPEN DOOR-Presidenf Ma++hews and his genial wife are always a+ home fo s+uden+s. The Malfhewses have a way of making people feel ai ease ai all limes. lf? 'l'he long shadow which the ten people in this picture cast is indicative ol their positions in North Texas State College. Their lives and work daily cast shadows of responsibility. of education. and of interest over the students. the life. ol' the school. Each dean or officer pictured herein has a burden placed upon his shoulders under which a lesser person would crack. At least lour ol these ten have seen North lexas just as we see it to- day-as students. 'llhev know the school: their prime interests are in its growth and in the stu- dent hodv. Hlorking with these leaders are the registrar. the business manager. the accountant. and their respective secretaries and student helpers. XVith- out their work. students would never conie to Denton. And without their devotion to a connnon cause. North 'lexas would no longer exist. l , he 4 . , KF" K I News ., f ef ADMIN 8 A 1-, 4 5 'F 9 F7 A' Q- P- Q. lk' W ' F' L ,4 1 , X l ,, t ,-,H A . M, J Q 3 gil 2: 'L W3 ' , A , f W , - , ' - 1' ' ., Q . WS R I t H 3. . ,gtyg i t f Q . W ig, if .' 1 " '1 'M 'H ' fa - Q . - . ' .1 .. 1 4 f' X .f Q - U ,gs 4 5 9 E- t " 4 ix -.QQ I y- ' . an Q., iQ - -f , - .W f ,, in 'f uf, QI Q if -- f ' ' , '94 4 0 3' 3 if W' 'af 4 f-dl I Q ,' Nh, L'L..' - 4 1 XE 'U ,Eli 1 1 1- - -Kg M V gl, .W . ...Q in as-'f ' , ' 4 ' - ' V j 0' 1 z L 4. . 'L - wi- Q. 32 M ' H , A ' I "' , A 'F' ' - 9 ' - H 5 -??f gi1' e - - '-w-f- fi M K - 1. " -,M - ' . -2 'f A. , fy' f ' f A gag--'i 3 in A , 3 'W' Wi J' Y 1 Q, " . S 1 . . ' " '," gg? sk A 'Qu f 51' 3 , WY ' is is 'S-1 50' 'V 'I' V 35 " - Q if , ,- f , -5, ,, f' , M Q J if " m qi? A Q 4 JP! xi ,xanga 4 S . L V I 6 Q, . X 3 ' ."?' wfrf- , ,aw f,-Q-I M ' , , - Q .9 -Q' I 4 .. :sy K U H if ' ,Mt ff, In g 1- ' -' , ' - ' -f Ag K ' ' 'f f UF - . , Q 1 :ei if I - ' N lwn ,' ' " ' if 29 ' ' 5 k f A 4, - gf f' ' f ,- x I ,-si?" gb xl W ' , kj V, J Q kv .. ,,. 4 I A . Maw 7 1' ' ' 2 W' W J? if., ,gum . ' ' gf, ,sfdi . H ' ' 1 f ,ev as - 'fel W .33 f " . f ' g A--1 Vg K -. . , ' i M ff FT' V' 2+ fi - 'I Et, fig . 55' 625-. X , ' , I W 'x Q K icfuz 'Ag mg V 1 7 Y' 1 I Q , A A, ,135 YW ix fe gbdhkrulx-X gm. ,uf i H A I fin - 3 ' Q" - A, if Xlaiy 2-J f ' , V L1 H - ,Mn 1' Q 'Q ff' t 2 A . r Q- ' . . ' xiii.: -A, I W ,, 4 fi' f '-Q?-f-,4'f gf, -" , A 'f,,g,,, 1, fifig -' 5 -5 -' 4 1-- 5, ff-Ji'-Q s Q M 2 V f f xl in 1 5 x, 5 . ' 'Y ' ff ' , 3' - f ' - A' K 1 ' v 1 ' 3' ' ' M- . W. . :AL , QL U ww- K Q 5, sf , 1 f ., -- Law t - --af . 51 A-1 . ' N . S' Q' ' 1 'f J A 1' 1 A V -QQ - i X u. 1 p A , 1 , :V ' AM sg'-' f yn ff- X -- , v wh , " M -- l 3 ffm - is - 1 W f f 'R' , mf 'M S -,T wi f 5 , VL " . xg. Xf Z 1 K, 3,5 any 2' A 5 Q 5 .V A V K . .Lx y . pk A ' , f- , - ,. 2 ' A M .'f,3,f f' +1-2. , , ff .5 . 1: A , t 1-Q , I . EQ. xx V' ,A .1 , 1 Q A W' f?'f- - , ' - ? F 2 , gm! -flex, 1 fe- 'X F ' W., x yn, ff, .f 5' K- ti k i, f 5 3 9 ff Ks on 1 'f - " es, ,,..f.- ' 37 fi L . 'J -, 'f ,f :W W. -iir -4 g',L'?f'!'-Ez' f W - , 1 . -a 1, Q ., L, 1: . gm. 3' A ,ll - 'X ' 'Q ' fic -1 SQ : is A' ,J-,l 9 Q If . ar' fx X 0 LW? J., A , ir Q , 4 4 R53 -lid f T Q A ,535 5 . ,fefxvg A WL -3, J K Jwbuix, . t 51 ,ft If Q! . 1' Q , , , lav- AET' .Ag i n Sl ,El I: :gvff 3 ryf Wx 1- 3:-4 4 - ' W--f f? .,f+',,S'- f . 1-Q Q an xfqzjgf., ,I , T-,Q -2- jfs Ria: x 45.5- sl xx PLA kk k W,-ii V h-iigjig s im-Q fl: M WE , A he 5 4 -m wiv, ,L E' 1, f W ws --L mf si ag, :J its s- , Q 5 V - 3 A p . Nx..,m..p . .v ' sp,-:js-, I f kk K .Eg M .1 em, . W, . , M A , 1' 'L g i ' i 'M 'Y 3 I ,. W, 3 ,, ikx W KQ V V W, LM :K1 3 - Y . ,ff ' 1 , ,me 1 Q 4' ' mi x ,MW if Q wg I W . if A HI., -fgita, K Af 551 - 'A -f if f Wu, M , W k .EK X fi v?i '+ef i -Likgn' 1 my -irkg, - . w w ffv , iQ,2 if g?5: fi' ,ww W x mf kzfgf 49, M 5 'i?fiaf?2 eF1,1?Q, i F . Ti 4 1 'V W Qkfii ,fi 47 35? Y V J X , ,ag L,,fsf'1S "nw, is af an p-r szp ' GOVERNOR ALLAN SHIVERS Texas' Governor Board of Regents Texas, true to its boisterous and colorful heritage, loves Texans-people who are mentally young and physically ener- getic. Governor Allan Shivers displayed these qualities during his visit to North Texas on March 4 and proved himself to be an outspoken advocate of higher education as well as an able statesman. At the March installation ceremony for President C. Matthews, the Governor complimented the administration and the student body with his presence and paid homage to President Emeritus Williatli McConnell. Other Texans who play a vital part in the development of Texas education-particularly the development of NTSC- are members of the North Texas Board of Regents. These nine persons prod and push the policies which are respon- sible for the collegels rapidly growing reputation as one of the nation's outstanding educational institutions. Dr. Ben H. Wlooten is chairman of the Board. In an official capacity, the Board of Regents acts as general controller and manager of NT. College officials de- pend on this group for authority to administer affairs and to help with decisions. ln a more informal light, the Board members are individuals who have taken time from their personal affairs to help North Texas in its rise to greater achievement. Godfrey, Kerr, Allison, McConnell, Caldwell, Woolen, Francis, Cartwright Dormenf, Monfgomery, Dulce, Maffhews. muh ALEX DICKIE Regisfrar L.....W.,, ,,., sim. ,ifsmk , .fziwwliwwy HARRY STANFORD ROBERT H. CALDWELL Audifor Business Manager Adminisfrafors DIXIE BOYD Compholler-Treasurer ANDREW B. SWENSON Direcfor of Trading Posf if HAROLD FARMER Direc+or of fhe Sfudenf Union EVERETT H. FARRINGTON Direcfor of Placemenis A colle 'e is bi business in man as ects of S 3 Y P its operation. North Texas State has all the "growing painsl' of a rapidly expanded enter- prise, but the shock is scarcely felt by students because administrators of tested ex erience P handle detailed transactions. In addition to the academic deans and de- partment heads, the president and his staff, there are other branches of the school which require skillful direction. The man who holds the purse strings of the college is Robert Caldwell, business manager. It is his responsibility to approve all college expenditures and exchanges. Assisting him, in addition to his own work, is Harry Stanford, col- lege accountant. The yearly inventory time is the busy season for both these men. C0111Pf1'OllCl'-VllI'621Sll1AC1' Dixie Boyd signs all Acker Adkin Anderson Barlow Goodman Haugland Hayes Henley Kuhnle Legell McCloud Powell Reynolds Russell Sfarr Taylor the college checks, makes out the pay vouchers and handles the many mailing problems. To Registrar Alex Dixie goes one of the biggest jobs of all-keeping records on the thousands of students, past and present. Andrew "Swede" Swenson's responsibility is management of the Student Training Post. His well-stocked shelves supply students with neces- sities for all their classes. Harold Farmer is the congenial director of the student union building. A man of great drive and personality, he is present President of the Denton Chamber of Commerce. One man students seldom miss before they leave the campus is E. H. Farrington, placement director. He helps students find jobs in as many fields as student qualifications will allow. Bass Bales Foster Holley Huckabee Jones P,-Eddy Prim Ray Turpen Walker Wood 6 may Q, ..VE L ,,i,EA,:. ,, i Q .AM Graduafe School Graduate study leading to the doctors de- gree in the fields of music and education has been achieved in the rapid growth of the col- lege since the first bachelors degree was offered in 1919. Graduate work was begun in September, 1935, and since that time 2,425 IIIZISICIGS de- grees have been granted. VVork toward the doctorate in education and music was begun in September, 1950, with the first candidates prob- abl ' bein f awarded de frees in 1953. 5 3 The general policies of the Graduate School are determined by the Graduate Council and are administered by the Dean. Departments in the College of Arts and Sci- ences offering majors leading to a higher de- gree are art, biology, chemistry, economics and L K sociology, English, government, history, mathe- matics, and Spanish. 'lihe School of Educa- tion offers majors i11 the Departments of Educa- tion, Psychology, Health and Physical Educa- tion, and Industrial Arts. 'l'he Schools of Busi- ness Administration, Home Economics, and Music offer majors leading to a higher degree. A minor may be taken in any department on the approval of the Graduate Council. The Graduate School recognizes two types of graduate students: first, students who enter and become candidates for a higher degree, and second, students who, having taken the bac1ielor's degree, wish to broaden their edu- cation without reference to a higher degree. McAlis+er. Sampley. Harris, Malfhews, Curry. Dickie, Johnson, Blair, Adams. Scoular, Stafford, Cunningham. . -- -V -,,,-f:.f,:fm ff J. 3 F , X rQ 5 vw? ,M S, A ""' " . Lf S Q W ' .- dlbwfii- " N A 459, ki . Si , 1 - 1 . .M ' L E. gpg - A .Q :- . , . ,Q 3: 'Md xg. .5 , xii I , Q 1 ..-.. , E , ,, ., f, +V-t Q 9 I . . D3 t 5 , A wfsgfzinafw : V, LA., my x f S 62 S , ff L is V ,fn Art is so variable in meaning that it is difficult to define, and the Art Department is just that diversified. Not satisfied to laying Claim to being one of the most diversi- lied art departments in the country, North Texas, Art Department this year expanded its program even farther. An enlarged enrollment, drawn to the department by its Wide variety of offerings, totaled 545 for the spring semester. The department attracts students interested in either majoring or minoring in art. lf one desires to major in art, he may follow any one of the following courses: Advertising Art, Art Education, Costume Design, Crafts, Drawing and Painting, or Interior Design. Dr. Cora Sfafford Making a lifhograph prinl A class in craffs The poHer's wheel spins 06 Man has perennially searched the branch of knowledge which treats of living organisms for the perplexing answers to his questions. Teaching students to be teachers, research workers, pro- fessional biolo ists, or to do further graduate stud in an m O of the fields of science, as well as of those who wish to re- P pare for admission to dental and medical schools, training in medical technolov' ' is the ro ram of the De artment of Bio- T75 P L P logy. The Department of Biology, directed by Dr. K. G. Sil- yey, a recent recipient of a distinguished professorship, has established an enviable reputation among medical colleges, where NT graduates have been outstanding. Wlell-equipped laboratories are found in the new science hall where students and teachers are conducting research in various phases of the field. Scientific contributions have been made in water purification, drug and medical research, and in the expanded research problems in the field of endocri- nology Qthe science of internal secretionsj . Located right behind Masters Hall is the animal house In this air-conditioned laboratory are found many useful facilities for teaching and research. ln the green house on top of the animal house there is much needed room for experi- mental work and class demonstrations in plant physiology. Dr. J. K. G. Silvey Biology Hudgins Johnsfon Morris McBryde Roach Sherman Dr. Morris's research Iaborafory 28 A new building, equipped with the latest tools for research and teaching, is a luxury well deserved by a department of the college long recognized a leader in its field. Regardless of the objective of the student, the broad curriculum and high standards of the Department of Chemistry are so constructed as to offer proficient education in the field. The objectives of the Department of Chemistry are to train professional chemists, to prepare teach- ers of chemistry for college and high school, and to give a background for effective work in biology, home economics, physics, geography, general science, medicine, nursing, medical technology, dentistry, elementary education, and engineering. The courses required of the major prepare him for graduate study in chemistry and allied sciences and for ultimate employment as a control chemist or research chemist. This program of study, coupled with service as laboratory assistant, graduate tutor, and teaching fellow, also prepares the individual to teach undergraduate chemistry in both senior and junior colleges. .,,,,., Dr. J. L. Carrico Chemistry Burkhalfer Escue Spurlock Truiff discusses a problem s+uden+ Workiiig on the premise that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," the English Department has launched a program of recreation and fellowship for its majors and minors. What better place could one find for staff and stu- dents alike to work and play together? At each of the four parties given this year a film classic was shown and refreshments were served. The four films shown were Pygmalion, Henry VIII, Of Alice and Men, and As You Like It. Another innovation in this year's program was the writing laboratory for students who need additional help in composition. The laboratory, staffed by regular mem- bers of the English faculty, is open as a free service to all students who need aid, and is available the entire semester for an hour each day in the week. A creative writing contest was open this year to all English majors. Awards were made in April to the best Dr- E- 5- Cliffvf' entry in the fields of poetry, short narrative composition, and criticism. A faculty party honoring Dr. Arthur Sampley of , the library and English faculties, who was named Poet I Laureate of Texas, was held in Marquis Hall, and con- sisted of a lyric feast with each member of the English Department composing a poem and reading it to Dr. and Mrs. Sampley. Ballard Belcher Boaz Brodie Criffenden Haile Hall Hendricks Key Logue Lomax Lucke Miller McGuffIn McLain Osborne Paichell Shockley Sfanley Sullon Sweef ,.,,-.N Barton Finck Frledsam Hyder Economics and Sociology Dr. Jack Johnson Williams Take one guess at what is the most popular course taught in the liconontics-Sociology Department. 'l'hat's right. lt is "Sociology of Family Lilef' taught this year hy Mr. George Finck of the sociology faculty, The course cleals with the interpersonal lieatures of niarriecl lille, and their sociological significance. In line with the big year of moving on campus, the tleparttnent niovecl into the lower floor ol the Manual Arts Building between lall and spring semesters. Mr. Ross Compton retired alter thirty-one years of teaching sociology at North 'l'eXas. Sociology classes ntatle several trips, visiting such places as Camp lX'oocllantl Springs near Dallas. the new Detention Home ol' the Dallas County Juvenile Court. anal the State lraining School lor Girls at Gainesville. The department offers majors in French and Spanish. Its main objectives are to give students some ability to read a foreign language, make it possible for students to communicate orally in a foreign language, and to broaden students! outlook by giving them son1e knowledge of the people who are native to the languages studied. A popular book this year among foreign language students was "Fractured French," an amusing book showing how certain French phrases might be misinterpreted. Dr. Marian De Shazo threatened to use the book as a text, but never got around to that. DPSha1o Gerdinq Harllee Dr. Henry Dannelley Foreign Languages Babb Calloway Cummings G ography U9 5 t 1 sg af LQ sb f 'is i Dr. Waller Hansen CuHM Knox MiHer A first-hand study ol geographic regions, historical sites, and population centers is obtained in various fields of the ilClJ2l1'lIl1CI1L. Hlhere else can you take the suninner off and receive credit for it? Mr. Lee Knox and one bus loud of students will tour six weeks and will visit lVashington, D. C., New York City and Southern Canzidzi. The department nioved lroni its "shack" on Mul- berry Street to the second floor of the Historical Building where Dr. lValter Hansen and his stall have room to display their 600 rocks. niinerzils and ores which have been stored away lor lack ol' space. Adkins Fields Griffin Kamp Functioning citizens, lawyers, teachers, government employees . . . are the objectives of the Government De- partrnent. After six years ol' being scattered over the campus, the government classes all "came home" to the second floor of the Manual Arts Building, thus adding to the efficiency of the department. A joint undertaking by the faculty and students was the creation and expansion of the Pre-Law and Govern- inent Club which sponsored several outstanding speakers on the campus. ,!""' Government His'rory i" ', Bridges Hagan Powell Scroggs History is that branch ol knowledge which explains past events and offers comparisons with present trend. The department stresses great- ly the importance ol' past ages and its effects and mistakes in relation to today's actions. The curricula are designed for majors or minors and lor students needing a background in re- lated subjects. Walk into any library, and one ol. the first things which greets you is a sign L'Please Be Quiet." But the Library Service Department is composed ol' persons who do not want to be still. The department sponsors two library fraternities, Alpha Lambda Sigma and the Mc- Cracken Club, holds a clinic for school librarians in June Qto be held June 6 and 7 this yearb and makes an annual field trip to visit neighboring libraries. A most popular course in library service this year has been a Thursday night course in recreational reading. The department's work in audio-visual materials has al- so been greatly expanded and developed. 0 Library Service Hardesfy 'ihomas ws,-2 1-ix in M A ' 1 Afilii s.l'5:Af 75 ' Q k 9",Q?iZ?i' 1.7175 ,Q 'f9J5f77 'L a 1 l fs-"U -' V ., x J---X E' X x X f ' 4?-Fff 'V Q f fe 9' , Ji, ,, A X 'Q if 7, K Wm. my fm 141914,-f Wm ,yi , gh?" ,ff Askew 2 42. McCloud 24m McGuire A growing sense of professionalism characterizes the Journalism Department, which this year surveyed its graduates and found over two-thirds of them in news- paper work or closely related fields. This spring the department was granted four sum- mer internships by the Texas Daily Newspaper Associa- tion, including two in advertising. Several other students will do on-the-job training on Texas papers outside of TDNA to assure themselves of practical newsroom exper- ience prior to their graduation. The first department in the state to grant journalism credit for internship, the NTSC Journalism Department stresses "learning by doing." lts campus training is close- ly allied with publications work, both in the editorial rooms and back shop. A physical plant that is one of the best in the state contributes to the training program, and the staff is strengthened by professional newsmen from neighboring cities who teach on a part-time basis. T -if . 3.3.5 Journalism That is why more and more North Texas journalism graduates are to be found on Texas newspapers. Sfudenis malce-up a Chat "Learning by Doing" is sfressecl. ... ff? SL Journalism insfruclion is on professional level. Mafhemafics In this atomic age, Mathematics has assumed a key position in research in all scientific areas. Staff members are working on research prob- lems and are directing students in research. George Copp has selected continued fractionsg Herbert Parrish, set and interval properties functionsg Dr. Hanson, number theories. National recognition came to the department when Dr. Hanson was named to the Board of Governors of the Mathematical Association of America and the Math Club became a "nation- aly'-Kappa Mu Epsilon. Parish Williams York Dr. E. H. Hanson Brown Cooke COPD 'l'wo major changes highlighted the Physics Depart- ments program this year. Dr. L. F. Connell became de- partment director. succeeding Mr. L. L. Miller who had guided North Texas' physicists lor years. The de- partment moved into more spacious laboratories and class rooms in the remodeled Science Building giving the Physicists adequate space for the first time in the history of the college. Construction ol' an Hatom-smasherl' was delayed by the departments moving. 'llhe machine had to be com- pletely disassembled, with students and laculty alike starting over after S114 was selected to house the ap- paratus. A popular course lor liberal arts majors. Physics 131-132, was modified to include less mathematical treat- ment ol' mechanics and to include a study olf "modern,' physics, the atom bomb, and nuclear engines. Physics Anderson Roberts Secresf Speech ,mn Dr. R. V. Holland Hardy Buell Taliaferro Weir Actors, radio announcers, after dinner speakers, poli- ticians, teachers . . . all are products of the Speech De- partment. The past year marked an historic milestone in the growth of the department. Dr. R. V. Holland suc- ceeded Mrs. Olive Johnson as department head, and the department moved from Kendall Hall to the lower floor of the Historical Building late in the spring. New head- quarters include a Studio Theater, two radio studios, departmental offices, and a speech clinic in addition to regular class rooms. The College Players were the first college group to pro- duce Philip Barry's play, Seconzl 7llI'Tf?.S'l7l0lll, given as the 1951 fall production. J. R. Wier became director of forensics, and guided his five debate teams to several wins during the year. KOED, the radio club, joined the Southwestern Col- legiate Broadcast System, produced two thirty minute scripts, and made plans to become a charter member of the Texas Collegiate Broadcasting System. G .: V pm, -5. .1115 -Wg me My J 'B' 1 ,f - J' J X, fx S A M 4 F 3 f' ' X, Q ni., 1.:,:.jfy A iw :.,,.fgys:agQlft " - A: .1 , gxfggfeg ,Lg t , X gf' ma . ' Mzafx., ' , W., W, ,, .J g -wiv i I .,:A 1 , mise A My 'ez 'IN "X 'K am , .. ' ' 'il fi' 'fx f , 'iihx Wifi? ffiig 12 ' 5 . - Q V Qi, ,, 5 " I K fm fm 7 ' Q G A V, 1 i w 1 w J 'ggi .,--f wssrrsxs .1-1 Q wwf aww, , 5 ?P A f LL 'A' 1 X ,fx ,, . - A ,af ,, 55 A - Wg 2 , , is uf, fi ,sw Awww QQ f .395 Jvf 'lbw' ' AGES V' A L ,.W,. . g K 5 zi, -..::- Y S '5 S S EL ,i?G.Si5li97 71 2 ,s- V' 5, f ,Yf?tigJZ2F QV . , A.-sv?f?,w51' 1 9' " W A2 we-, QL 21043 ,F-in df ,Wm V' , -mx 'fx M w an L fr' V ,171 wig!-555 3 9 ' w - ," .':'f"'f "H-I:'ff""-.?WI'5:3E'1f ' , S X. K K wi sw Sim .,,.,.Q...- . .mm Q, . . ,QT 1 lf 3 A193 'X QL 4 9, '-M., .,,. ,M VM- A-.L k""W--q Y M ge , 1- v,.. wk ,flaky if f ' I - . ' ,- ' '99Zaeg: ..,, , H N my K -+ YE-lifiigf f --1 A- 1 i' h7-k eg .- .jf , Qi A iff if , - X Q , , ' 3 ' 'J' ,,A . my 'Mm"N""x, 'F' ,C?'.-g g. ii ' .w.,W" k ' " ..,x...S . K - .,,. X . wh i 1 6 ---L.. Pe My ff Aug!! ",""' '-,- 'yi . MfM,,,,ggQm .f-Qu rig? fg A., ,ww .,,: -6- ww ' ' 1- n i ., ,M ,A Dr. O. J. Curry 'Largest School of Business in North Texasl' is the reputation gained in an eight-year period under the dynamic direction of soft-spoken Dr. Curry. Strategically located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Mforth business and industrial area, the school maintains a staff of competent business specialists in each department. Extra-curricula activities are geared to a full- er appreciation of business problems. Cutstand- ing leaders are brought to the campus by active business clubs. Climaxing the year is the annual business banquet held May l, with awards go- ing to outstanding students in Accounting, Marketing, Management, Pi Omega Pi QBusi- ness Educationj , and General Business Admin- istration. An internship program has been set up that advanced students may correlate "class- room" knowledge with actual experience. The entire school has been constructed to aid busi- ness students in obtaining the greatest amount of knowledge and in preparing themselves for our system of commerce. Baker Brooks Brookshear Childress Chruden Collins Currie Breckenridge Harrison Jenkins Lilflefield Oehler Peters Pick,-ell Flood Rooney Rose Sreadman Wrighl' Wrigh? Veatqh . . . MARKETING is made up of all the business activities involved in the flow of goods and services, all the way from the original producer to the COHSLIIHCII The major in this field is designed to equip students with the fundamental skills and knowledge essential to executives. ACCOUN'l'ING BANKING AND Fl NANCE INSURANCE You may not start at the top when majoring in any of these fields but you will be equipped with a back- ground which will enable you to advance to the top. Eniploynient opportunities are furnished by banks, investment brokers, insurance companies, government agencies, and finance companies. Majors in this field become bank tellers, credit investigators, junior finan- cial analysts, or assistants to trust officers. Opportunity lor advancement is typically slow because ol' the degree of trust, experience, and seasoning required. 15 E. Nw. 'NW QE? K Nix "w,j5A.N K immwiiwf kv-"'9'r:Ti'f x,f"lbf23Q 'wr 5. , V if :iii .. if IA J T 3, ,A - ,M -ga f. A , iw 1 www vi M SL Y? .if I 1' if , L -' 1 8 7 , S1 X - xx Wk is 5 M .xx 'X..qI:f f. Dr. A. WIH Blair For the first time in the history of North Texas State College the local area just was not large enough to handle all the demands for student teaching. Consequently the School of Education worked out a setup with the Fort Wforth and Dallas Public Schools whereby student teach- ers could teach full time for six weeks in either a Dallas or Fort Worth school and receive six hours credit for that teaching. Then the student was expected to return to the campus and complete the remainder ol' his semes- ter's work. Another indication of the School of Education's en- largement was the move into the new Education Building during the first two weeks of October 1951. This year there have been eighteen full-time resident students working toward the Doctor of Education. A total of l09 pople have taken the admission to candidacy examinations since the program began in the fall ol 1950. Arnold Beamer Bonney Brenholfz Craig Daniel Dick Dougherty Jarboe Jorgenson Kelley Kooker Marquis Marlin McMulIan Priichard Proffer Toulouse Townsend Webb Williams Wimberly Word One segment of the School of Education which receives more 6'guff" from other faculty members than it deserves is the Psychology De- partment, headed by Dr. M. C. Bonney. Some students and faculty find a certain amount of pleasure in poking fun at psychologists or "brain doctorsi' as they are called, without realizing the true worth of the work being done by the psy- chologists. This year several research projects were undertaken. A project on the social behavior of school children was worked on in conjunc- tion with the Laboratory School. A rating scale was worked out for the new local AFROTC unit, and an over-all study was made of factors related to sex knowledge. One course with popular appeal was headed this year by Dr. Toulouse. This course deals in the utilization of audio-visual material. A special equipment and projection room was provided this division of the School of Educa- tion in its new building. In this room mem- bers of the class project the 16 mm sound or silent film, or the 35 mm slides, colored and black and white, which can be used for almost any department on the campus. Special ar- rangements may be made by other departments to have students in this class show movies for which the students receive class credit. Another popular course and one which is proving to be very effective is that offered in psychology on interests, aptitude and personal testing. In this class students are expected to check out several tests of various degrees of difficulty and to give these tests to their room- mates, friends, and parents. This provides stu- dent-testers with an opportunity to evaluate the tests given, provides himself and his testees with a slightly better knowledge of the testee's gen- eral intellect, and gives some insight for the test- ers as to the general usefulness of aptitude tests. Q 3 Q Dr. Wayne Adams Proper education for children receives an emphasis at North Texas of which few schools anywhere can boast. This year the North Texas State College Laboratory School moved into its new plant in the new Education Building. The Laboratory School part of the Education Building occupies approximately two-thirds of the total Education Building, with almost 40,000 square feet of floor space. The building features large windows with fiber-glass diffusers to prevent glare, and adequate indirect lighting for use on cloudy days. In the Laboratory School library, which contains the col- lege collection of juvenile literature, there is furniture to ac- commodate comfortably both elementary and junior high school size children. Clarke Cook Cope Ebert Johnson Nunn Peery Rayne Slack Sparks -- Laboralory ,School Alford Bradley Carden Macklin Stapleton Ayers Burks Childers Neely Taylor ywwl f ,,.W..M ,mf- Mwww- H, X, -'vii' Mr. Theron J. Fouls Men's Physical Education Persons interested in physical education are known to be restless people. They are always want- ing to slay on the move, always wanting to turn out something better than anybody else has. And that is just what the Menls Physical Educa- tion Department at North Texas has gone about doing this year. Witli a new Men's Gymnasium as its central quarters, men's physical education is equipped to operate on an all-weather basis, ac- commodating as many men as want to take physi- cal education. And the boys seem to like it. They go down to the gym for a class and then hang around for a couple of hours just to shoot a few goals or knock a few flies before they go home. Two year's physical education is required of all men at North Texas. There are general activity courses combining such things as football, basket- ball, volleyball, and badminton. Or for those with specific interests there are such things as horseback riding, social dance, and golf. All this physical education plus the gigantic intramural program gives North Texas men ample room and facilities to burn off any excess energy they might store up after their long hours of study. Camberon Cobb Cooper DeFoor Ferrill Mitchell McCain Shands Walker Mathis 55 N Dr. Donnie Cofleral Women's Physical Eclucalion One group of women on the campus became awfully proud this year and justifiably so. They are the faculty and students of the Woiiieiils Physical Education Department, and the thing which causes their heads to swim slightly is their new home, the new Women's Gymnasium. What many consider to be the most attractive building on campus has so many new and conven- ient features that one need not try to list them all. However, some of the most outstanding features are: l. The spacious large gymnasium which accom- modates four basketball courts, four volleyball courts, and seven badminton courts. 2. A beautiful and complete dance studio with a floor stage and costume room. 3. A small gymnasium that is Hjust right" for tumbling classes, or which may be made into a little auditorium through the opening of folding doors into the dance studio. 4. A health education unit with its corrective physical education rooms, supervised rest class room, health education class room, and photography dark room. 5. Modern locker and shower rooms. Several events transpired this year in the new lVomen's Gymnasium. Some of these were: the homecoming coffee at which former students were welcomed into the new building, a master dance class conducted by one of America's leading modern dancers, Charles W'eidman, who proclaimed the studio one of the finest he had seen on his cross- country tour, and a party given by the Women's Rec- reational Association for all women on campus. Angell Bailey Durham Harriss Holland Johnson Kubeck Pilkey Trofier 57 Industrial Ar'rs Members of the Industrial Arts faculty turned schol- astic long enough this year to make an extensive study on curriculum patterns for industrial arts teachers. Under the direction of A. Blackburn and Earle Blanton the staff drew up a new program for industrial arts teachers which will establish teaching fields in wood work, metal work, drawing, crafts, and the graphic arts. Lapidary work was introduced this year into the crafts courses, using such equipment as a saw designed to cut stones, alabaster, and other rocksg and equipment designed to polish and finish stones. Intensive work was done by Mr. Erwin and his students in the sheet metal courses in developing tin can projects suitable for use in junior and senior high school industrial arts. Blanton Davis Duncan Erwin Money McCain Roberson Sorrel: IA maiors consfrucl' proiecls which may be used beyond grade-gathering limifs. ww ,, ,uezfw . ?4W'??' fiEs.:sE?K Q as s .W 3 Elan ?"'E?, jimi , ,IM f.Sz:fSw'f',.,gS g5- . .i - g , ,ggmfmwfw 1 A rig ,Lg A w H'Efai:' ,gy ,gh if-4' WEWSQZQ9 , ,W'fT'f5fii24i5i4?51 ::":' ' i V ' Q 'S 3 ,S xxx 1 Y E Q aw. - .-,f, fi? , Q: ,.,,, YA, 'N Q is f 9, M . mi 3 wsip- i he at " az 'Q ,JL 4 1 K A E ,, ,. ,459 A xi 4 3 N , fav S Q f 1 f fe . , IFN U wi We E4 3 . .,. .X iief ei if e 1 8 1 V..-v J if 5 958 - Em, K if ? ei A , Q51 + ,f-tm, f-S , ,, 'fiia 5 , Jani? ' ' "7 24553 w f VL Q15 55115 '45 lftvisflsi 9 ,g ,mmm 53:-,ilwfswi 2 -my igli-Q'-ff'5?f 5 fail? Y B' -5 15:1fwwfm.L-4: un. . fm : fy m wSifE?wssm'1 -- K? 332 A X ww f -' mv .E . Y . 523 4 - i ll 2 Q x , N ' 0 . 'K 2 S11 P ... f' BE- P, W :- ' M52 Dr. Florence Scoular This year considerable emphasis has been placed on off-campus work in the School of Home Economics. Dr. Florence Scoular, Dean of School of Home Eco- nomics, and her staff feel that off-campus problems and study gives their students access to practical problems and situations which they would not be likely to face in the classroom. Vet Village, a college owned housing project for vet- erans and their families, has been used this year as a laboratory for Home Economics methods students prior to their experiences with adult groups in off-campus centers. For the first time a course will be offered during the summer of l952 especially designed for those students desiring to further community leadership. A number of specialists from both on and off the campus will partici- pate in this program. Through the courtesy of the Hogg Foundation and the Texas Education Agency, Dr. Bernice Moore, special- ist in Mental Health, was on the campus for a period of one week. During this time she helped with the de- velopment of the community school program in Sanger and talked to a joint group of sociology and psychology majors. On April 3 and 4 the School of Home Economics sponsored a regional conference on home and family life education under the direction of Dr. Ester McGinnis. States included in the region were New Mexico, Okla- homa, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Ackar Davis Evans Hall Lindley Lowensfeln Luecke Maxcy Middlelon Parfon Ross Russell Girls majoring in clothing and related arts got a good chance this year for some ex- perience in techniques which can be applied to Hfreshening upi' in the home. Two rooms and an office for the clothing and related arts people were acquired on the second floor of the Manual Arts Building as a result of the evacuation of these rooms by the School of Business Administration. Since money was not available for new equipment, old equipment was transformed by painting and varnishing to be used by the students in the home furnishing work section until a later time. The good experience for the students came about through their providing the time and elbow grease for this furniture reconstruction. A popular course for foods and nutrition majors is the Institutional Management course. Included in this course of study are quantity cookery, lunch room management, and managerial work in institutional equipment. Students taking this course assist Mrs. Mary Kuhnle, Bruce Hall dietician, for a period of one week each by making menus, do- ing the ordering of foods, and instructing the cooks and other employees. A special activity this year was making 1500 sugar cookies for use during the time that the Blood Bank was on the campus. The Food Marketing course gives each student an opportunity to judge food values in relationship to prices paid. As one student put it, "Did you ever taste a number of cans of spinach or peaches to see which is the best buy? If not, you should have such an exper- iencef' W ,K asia fx 5958- ffwfvk "Q, . fx MM-K imiwf ,A.9m.f, , ,A K W, M S 3 K ,f:2,Q... Q Q MW, 5 mawm-s f ,, ML A -V A -, ,qlxiw .' 7 .Emu f,?5g!B A 5, M KL? -+5 k 3'Y:fSeQg:.WL -- 7 Qfffxfffflwkfff X was , ' K :Q .- ' .zsfffii I 11' 'igiifii j U - V A Dr. W. H. Hodgson livery great college is composed oil several great. schools-one ol' North Texas' greatest is the School of Music which enjoys national recog- nition as well as regional and sectional. "'l'he outstanding music center of the Southwest" is an unclisputecl claim. 'l'he scintillating' rise from a three-member department to a school with 40 staff members of artists and teachers has come in the brief span ol' fourteen years. The School ol' Music offers instruction in the whole fielcl of music on both the unclergraclu- ate and the gratluate level: for majors in com- position. church music. musicologv. and tlance hancli for majors in piano, voice, organ, harp, ancl all orchestral ancl band instruments: for vocal and instrumental supervisors of public school music: for private teachers of appliecl musicg for students majoring in elementary eclu- Organ majors enjoy ihe performance of Hue new Moller Organ in +he Main Audi+orium. Archer Brown Cara peiyan Carley Garnett Gibson Gordon Graham Hibberd Kinkeldey Mainous Mainous McCormic Offman PhilIiPS cationg for students desiring a cultural back- ground in music. The doctorate program has been well re- ceived. Dr. Otto Kinkeldey, a visiting lecturer who has taught at Cornell, Harvard, and Prince- ton, has aided Dr. Hewitt, Dr. Hibberd, Dr. Morey, and Dr. Hodgson with the program. Dr. Kinkeldey is considered one of the great con- temporary music scholars. The School of Music is a'ibeehive" of activity with recitals and performances being scheduled with clock-like precision. It serves as a Hshow windowi' for the college as performers and groups "hit the road". Annual tours by the A Cappella Choir, Concert Band, Opera Work- shop, and Symphony Orchestra provide profes- sional training for the students and entertain- ment for the public. Dorn Elliot Estes Gardner Grubb Hall Haynie Hewi'H' Meyer Miller Morey McAdow Richardson Rogers Scionfi The School of Music has contributed to the cultural background of the entire student body by attracting leading artists to the campus. Stu- dent recitals on a professional level offer a Wide variety of musical experiences and opportuni- ties for the entire student body. The campus performances of the Symphony, Concert Band, A Cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers, Brass Ensemble, VVoodwind Ensemble, Opera Workshop, Grand Chorus, Women's Choir and enumerable faculty concerts have drawn appreciative audiences from the North Texas area. Three leading Greek letter music organiza- tions have chapters on the campus: Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfonia, for men, and Mu Phi Epsilon and Sigma Alpha Iota, for women. V 68 The Opera Workshop presenfecl OTELLO in The fall and THE TELEPHONE and MEDIUM in fhe spring. The 'Fall preseniaiion is considered The mos? dvffucul+ In fhe I0 year hlsfory of +he workshop 'l'hc Syiupliouy Orclicslrzi was iiC2lLlll'CLi in Lhc Coiilciuporzxry Mu- sic Fcsiivzxl April 7. In zuldiliou Lo a siguiliiczuit scrics ol' concerts, Lhe Orchestra played for 2000 music Lcuchcrs, bzuul directors. etc., lllld 500 high school slucicms in Nliucral TVclls ut TNIICA. The Orchcstru is shown l'CiTC21l'SiI1g in Lhc Music Hall ixlliiililfilllll. The .VX Cappella Choir. directed by Cum QZZUYIIJCIYQIII. has szuuplccl a ncw type oi' Pliflgliilll. The repel'- Loire has iucluclccl Z1 iiuiubei' of pic- Buch works. The choir has iuacle two exieusivc L0ll1'S and prcscmcd um umccrls on thc campus, and snug before the NITNAX Couvcu- Lion. The Library When North Texas was scarcely more than an infant institution, the founders began to realize that its gurgles would someday be proclamations, that its stature would someday reach a new height in learning. ln preparation for this future, the educational leaders set about building and developing a great storehouse of knowledge-the NT library. The libraries of the College contain approximately 225,000 volumes, exclusive of 31,000 pamphlets and bulletins and 10,000 government documents. Non-book materials number 7,335 phonograph records, 3,519 slides and film and film strips, 716 maps, and 6,866 pieces of sheet music. More than 1,300 periodicals and newspapers are received currently. The library building has five reading rooms with a seating capacity of about 600, in addition to 70 carrels in the stacks for graduate students. A Reference Room, Reserve Library, Periodical Room, and Music Library are each administered by a separate staff in charge of a trained librarian. A Browsing Room for recreational Brashears Cafhey Evans Fredrickson Heyer Knox Parroff Peterson Potter Savage Swindle Ward Wells S . The main reading room, air condifioned 'for summer comfort reading is administered by the Circulation De- partlllellt. 'llhe library is well equipped for graduate study in a number of fields. It contains over 38,000 volumes of bound periodicals, including the leading scientific journals of the United States and Europe. It has 9,337 volumes of reference works, 20,533 volumes of music books, scores, and sheet music, and well-rounded collections in art, biology. business administra- tion. chemistry. economics. education, English and American literature, geography, govern- ment, physical education. and Spanish. The library has unusual bibliographical facilities. In addition to the Ijbmry of Congress Catalog of 1Jl'i7IIff"d Cards, the Britisfz jl'fIl.S6HllZ, Cnfnlogtzr of Prinfffzl Books, and the standard trade and special bibliographies, it maintains a card catalog of the serials head in the region by five colleges and universities and two large public libraries. By means of interlibrary loan, students are able to secure quickly many ma- terials needed for graduate study. Besides the Main Library there are the fol- lowing separately shelved and specially admin- istered collections: Music, Education, Chemis- try. journalism. Laboratory School. and State Historical Museum. The Gustine Courson XVeaver Juvenile Library. a gift of Dr, Clifford lVeaver and the late Mrs. Uustine Courson Wleaver, is shelved in the Browsing Room. The library is administered by a staff of six- teen professionally trained librarians. A refer- ence librarian is available at all times to aid graduate students in locating the materials that they need. - Rear view of Kendall Hall Dormilory System Houses 2500 S'ruden'rs Clrilfon Hall Sixtccn years ago Llic lounclation was poured lor Marquis Hall, NorLli 'lcxas' liirsl clorrnilory, wlricli was designed Lo ac- coninioclalc H2 wonicn. 'llic completion ol Kendall Hall with 300 places for women ancl thc Quadrangle of lour units housing 600 nicn bring to 2500 thc nunrber ol Col- lege ownccl sluclenl acconinioclations lor a rapidly expanding insliuuion. Meal scr- vicc lor Llrc Quadrangle unit is ccntralizccl I ' lf, A 'B . , ' V - f In . I my vb, Terrill Hall for efficient service. Located adjacent to the Mens Gymnasium and near the Stad- ium and golf course the ramp style dormi- tories are happily situated for the conven- ience, comfort, and recreation of the men who live there. Chilton Hall, formerly occupied by men students, has been converted into units for sororities with the Kappa Kappa Kap- pa, Kappa Theta Pi, Phi Gamma Kappa, Quadrangle Air view of Quadrangle Oak S+ree+ Hell Delta Chi Delta, and Zeta Pi Gamma sor- orities having homes there. In addition to the college owned facili- ties, private homes and apartments afford accommodations for 3500 students, bring- ing to 6000 the number of student accom- modations in Denton. 53 7a L, fs 4 P' E S! New Gymnasiums and Sfadium ! Q e 1 Hi fs Q 5, 5 K 4 omplefe Afhlefic Planf Twenty thousand seats await students, ex-students, and friends of North Texas State for the coming foot- ball season. Concessions ,a field house, track, press box, and modern lights and scoreboards make the plant com- plete and modern in every detail. The Mens Gymnasium, with a seating capacity of 4,500, has already had to use a "standing room only" sign. Equipped with modern backboards, electrically controlled scoreboards, and adequate dressing room facili- ties, the building lends itself to easy adaption for audi- torium situations. North Texas State College has provided for a well-rounded program in recreation for its women students. One of the most adequate of its new buildings is the Mfom- en's Gymnasium which is the center of recreation activities for women. Physics and Malhemafics Building Moclernized Buildi If you saw someone trekking across the cam- pus with a typewriter or a calculating machine forget about calling the police. It was just one of the many moves necessitated by the build- ing program. The old Science Hall was reno- vated from top to bottom and given to the Physics, and Mathematics Departments and renamed the Physics and Mathematics Build- ing. 'l'he School of Home Economics received ad- ditional floor space in the Manual Arts Build- ing when the School of Business gave the old Education building a new set of windows and a new interior and renamed it Business Ad- ministration Building. Government, Econom- ics and Sociology moved into a portion of the space in the Manual Arts Building to offer a coordinated and ellicient program. The Geography, Speech, and History Depart- ments have moved into the Historical Build- E ,f ,J f s . if . if swf l X S ,Q t Q iii l x fi ..--" Manual Arfs Building Library Annex s Improve Campus ing. Office space has been provided for direc- tors and staff members. Industrial Arts became the proud possessor of the building originally named Post Office and later Psychology Building. Modern offices and a few classrooms were created in this unit. Not shown in the layout is Masters Hall which now houses the Chemistry and Biology Departments. The Education and Laboratory School also moved into their new modern build- ing with many advanced designs incorporated in its architecture. The Library Annex raises to 450,000 books the capacity of the Library, which is already second in holdings among state-supported col- leges in Texas. Special libraries in chemistry, journalism, music, and education supplement the general library. The Laboratory School is proud of a 15,000 volume collection of juvenile books. Hislorical Building Business Aclminislralion Building Educaiion Enhance Ed ucafion Building Education ln the Education Building one may go from the kindergarten through the doctorate. Here pros- pective teachers learn the art of teaching in order to make their contribution to public education in Texas. Public school administrators may observe modern lighting, heating, and special equipment for children. Laborafory School Clubhouse Recreation facilities of the college include the new Student Memorial Union Building, located near the center of the campus and containing a snack bar, cafeteria, dance-lounge area with a mezzanine floor, club rooms, game rooms, music room. postoffice, Trading Post, and of- fices of the Ex-Student Association. A popular place with students is the Golf Clubhouse, a rock building containing a snack bar, ballroom, golf shop, dressing rooms, and shower and locker facilities. The College Hospital, augmented by a frame annex erected in l947, has a staff of two physi- cians, six nurses, a technician, and a dietitian. Hospnfal Rear view of Union Building YVhat could better exemplify the spirit of a college than its student life? Sure, students don't stay in one place very long. They're here for four years. then off to more fertile pastures for their vocations. But in that four years students are able to con- tribute the real red blood which flows through the veins of North Texas State College. Denton as a city bears the indelible stamp of youth and vitality, placed upon it by the two colleges located here. Student living can be a noisy and bothersome affair to the old heads some times. But students are just inde- pendent enough not to let that stop anything they might want to do. If the gang wants to plan a party down at "Blondie's" or go on a Hpicnicm to Lake Dallas, or if the fraternity schedules a dance. there's always plenty of Lakers. Lest some one receive the impression that students are nothing but a bunch of rowdies, let us say that the year 1951-52 at North Texas has been a year of many ac- complishments, of many thrills and heartbreaks, and, most important, a year ol' real and vital living and learn- ing experience. K NTL l Gel up, shave, and begin +l'1e day of classes and fun. Nine o'cloclr . . . sfudenls sleepily slumble lo class. A The day begins wi+l1 a rare calm and placid s-lillness Typical Day Busy mornings are filled wi+l'1 classes. classes, classes! Help yourself, girls. H's +ime 'lor luncli. Time lo eal and relax. 4. is A nl Affernoons are lieclic, 'fillesl will: limi' ever-presenf evil-sfucly. Q, ff, ' -Q, ? is - 2 3,45 'V 1 s - . ', -4 e F , Q. -it Wi, Lx: if qi 5 ii .Q Eleven o'cloclc! You'll have lo fell her goodnight now. Can'+ see her again un+il tomorrow. YVe lead busy lives here at North Texas. Our days are filled with classes, study, meetings, dates, fun. Hours are crammed with new experiences - varied, interest- ing, vitalizing ones. Ordinarily beginning somewhere between seven and nine o'clock, the collegianls average day cloesn't end until twelve or one. Wliat do we do with our time? It's hard to say, but we manage to keep busy. Then in a surprisingly short length of time, the day is over and we must go to bed. And then What? Morlling bg- and another dayy There's sfill 'lime for a few dances after the show Fifteen minules late! Why are women so slow? "Come on, Hon. We'lI miss fhe feature." lhe hours between lllllllllglll zincl tlzlwn are lonely ones on our cznnpus. The hustle and hurry of the clay is gone, and the cfulni stillness of the night excludes at ghostly presence. Quietness clescencls with the eleven o'cloek curfew. The wonien are gently tuekecl into their clorniitories, and nien, cleprivecl of feni- inine companionship until the following clay, return to their honies. 'llhese views of our czunpus are rarely seen except to those few who walk the streets in the hours before clawn. The familiar 'face of fhe Ad Building looks lonely af night Befween Midnighf and Dawn Devoid of fun-seeking collegians,+l'1e back porch of fhe U.B. gives forfh a gf'1os+ly air. Lighis and shadows mingle in a midnighl scene af fhe founfain. Af+er all fhe girls have gone 'ro bed, Chlllon HaII's charm becomes dormanl. Worn volumes in +he Library receive well earned resl. .3 wif' Above: A ho? summer day, 'rwo couples, and a converlilale acid up 'io a irip 'io Dallas. Left S'ra+e Fair Musical "Miss Liber+y" sfarring Dick Haymes was 'rheir desfinafion. Firsf lesson in swimming - ge+ in+o Hue wa+er. Whaicha doing. boys? He ain'+ even in ihe class. Don'+ be basl-uful, show off ihai hairy ches+ Summer Afler a hcl' day of slaving on 'lhe Campus Chef . . . Above: Two fufure NT coeds gel an early s+ar+ al school Lef+: Married couples chat over lunch a+ Oalt Sireel hall Summertime was a time of contrasts. Older students flocked to the campus to brush up on their educations, filling dormitories and classrooms- The youngsters studied hard and played hard. Summertime was a busy time of play and study. Hot days were filled with classes and labs, then swimming and sunning. Plenty of time to sleep, to relax. North Texas exhibited its talent. Club Varsity pre- sented a series of shows which were telecast over WF AA- TV. And five collegians were in the chorus ol' the Dallas State Fair Musicals. Chilton Hall was being redecorated for female tene ancy lor the second time in the dormitorys history. 81 The mad rush of regis+ra+ion and. "Musf l lalre English I00 for the 'fourlh fime, professor?" A Time for Sfudy and Fun Even if H is raining oufside, ihis is a heck of a place fo have a picnic They lool: awfully young +o be eifher vefs or non-vels. ' 3- s ,Ah :rf Above: Summer school sfuden+ ge+s off ex+ra hours +he easy way. Right This isn'+ as much fun, bu+ if sfill counfs Three hours. .22 We need lef+ handed desks and more sfudenis in ihis school Won'+ know how fo gef you undone unfil fhe nex+ lesson. Proudly sporling fheir new green and while beanies,+l1efallfresl'1men congregafe af clubhouse for a "GefTogell'1er Alll1OUglI only four games were played here, s+uden+s saw Coach Mi+chell's gridders roll lo The Gulf Coasi' crown. nun-pw. W K' - ' z -- . .Q s Yi. .Q A M.:-.,. I A 1- :Lp V Qs gi .img , - - -. M. ,-,. ai, ' Witli fall came the return to school. Hordes of students again disturbed Den- ton's peace. Green and white freshman beanies were sported proudly, and questions of "Wliei'e can I find the Ad Building?', were heard. After the rush of registration was over, collegians settled down to the routine of classes and study. Football again was the popular sport, and the Eagles embarked on a successful season to become the Culf Coast Champ- ions. The Halloween Carnival and Home- coming highlighted the fall season. The North Texas Symphony was presented in concert, and opera workshop, under the guidance of Mary lx'lCC01'IIllC, sang their way through H0tello." Moving in+o fhe dormifory necessi+a+es a maior under+aldng for fhe family. Kappa Thela Pi sponsors were iudges for fhe annual Thefa Amafeur Show. Jan Wood was winner. Presidenf and Mrs. Maiihews honor faculfy and siaff members af recepfion in ihe union building. Even 'though a raging downfown fire exfinguished dormifory ligh1's, conscienfious coeds refused fo give up siudy hours. Whiie shiris were definifely H16 vogue for +he Talons' 'Fall Whife Shir? Dance. November . . . and exes eagerly looked over ihe ever-expanding campus. 'ff David Taylor +oolc 'fop honors in Heid+'s You+h Opporiunify Show Ano+her 'field goal is added as 'rhe Eagles defeai Hardin-Simmons in the new gym. Alpha Rho Tau's arl' sale draws prospeclive sludenf buyers The weather 111a11 turnecl tl1e tables on tl1e Yucca this year-not a si11gle picture of ice and s11ow lor our Winter section. But the Slllllly weather clicln't slow clown winter activities. Christlnas parties, and best of all, holidays, interrupted the school year. NT saw one of its liveliest basketball seasons, and tl1e March of Dimes Taxi Dance was a big success in Great Hall. The college was honorecl wl1e11 three faculty inernbers, McAlister, Bonney, and Silvey, were clistinguisliecl professors. It was a b11sy season, uncoinplicatecl by Old Man Vxlinter's chilling hancl. Winfer . . . Green Jaclcei members and rushees cha! during 'the rush coffee in Marquis' Crysfal Room. "San+a Claus is Coming io Town" courfesy Mrs. Helen Wrigh+'s merchandising arf class. TlSA'S dislrici Three execuiive commiffee discusses school governmeni over luncheon. Co-sponsored by Thelas and APO's, 'lhe faxi dance gave funds for TB drive The Parry Season Cs.0XNi'a KGRSA Be careful. I+'d be a ierrible calamiiy fo break a leg fhis near Chrisfmas vacafion. The Chrisimas spiril' inspired collegians fo help unforfunares in Korea. Wggdngalw Highways were crowded when cani- pusites returned to Denton after inid- year holidays. They were niet at the end of the registration line by a ballot box - an election for naming the new Eagle niascot was being held, and Vic- tor was the final result. Club Varsity gave its winter show, and canipusitcs turned out to see the College Players' production of "Sec- ond Thresholdfy The Yucca an- nounced its beauty contest winners at intermission of the All-College Winter formal. Those final exams in January were the only snags in the eventful season. The punchbowl was a popular place af 'fhe MTO Chrisimas Formal. 96 Carehalcers wen+ closer To a bleak slcy +o frim i My - Y ine campus frees. 3 ig . . pfrrf-L: f k W gmw. W ' af wafl E , X Q ii, K ' 4 ,ygq ' XR Q, V as -, 5 QVP ' - K ' A N A 1 we X .X In in R gg K M xii Vx W " S he-.W ". .17-" sf? H Vffgsfq ,L Key Q ' . N K f'Q5 W Wk ' w Vw?-. ' ' - Wh" 'i f, wwgsidji- XA W .- .ff -4 ze ,, f- V -wir 7 Vs- 'N 5' ' Q "1'?'?L N3 ff n "L fl .N - : . 'y K V f rw V ' I 'V Vs 3' V is Q .V-I , 7 J . k - V Q 2 .133 k A ae. 53. QQ S K Ji Vf-Sai: V A N YQ Zi: ' A K 1 5, W Q3 1 .If 1 '--2 .. 944' , . f'f V-Kllf ' g X V A .T . V , V: . .SVI V ' 3 V la fa 1 ' 2' V- x " L. W H- 'f . , A ,V yi - if f . V -'fjrv ig ., g " + ' V 5 1 f ' ' M Wm , V V- A "" V- . K, . :,, .. , I V A K :gf I - - ' 'J 1. f' ' -- gf' . A 1 - A A i , 1" 'w - , -14 W w I . , l -A 1 Tffiilif , ,, .V A ' V V - V, ' . V V Qui , by-,All . Wwmvwfey W A H V M. mygi.-V575 8,41 W ,Y 2 U 5, - ,WL .. .K W ,Aw W, -?'5Zi?V5FQ'fi :fl-elf?-Qif-eflfifw"mf 2 - f "'34f?1"ve-w.rLSfff xfwifl V' V A -frzfji K5 1 . Q ,4 A if sg W Li ,whiny I . Y H L,-gl, V Q-if M- K, . up 4, , W , V V ,,,,:m'?fiV,:r Mzelww W W: V few Win+er's never foo cold for ine Frosh soclr-l1op Dinner was served fo all Yucca beaufy finalisfs af +l'1e beaufiful Denfon Counfry Club. I+ seemed like old limes when fhe Dipsy Doodlers reiurned 'lo perform on a iam session. Spring . . . Sunny spring clays inspire slcalers 'lo remove rheir slcaies from sforage. Irresisfibly, 'fh t M Ah, Spring, when a young niairs fancy turns to love and politics. lt was the season ol' the big election-the czincliclates and posters, but not the spirit, were all wet after more than six days of ruin. lt was 21 hot election with lots ol' campaigning-more than 40 cancliclates ran lor USNT and cheerlezicler posts- 'lhe Dipsy Doocllers returned for zi jam session perlorinance, and scored 21 hit with new and olcl friencls. Skating and clzincing were re- K k suinetl on the slab, and the tennis courts were crowded with sun- bathers. Convertible tops went down, and picnics became the popular pastime. e friendly 'rinlrle of fhe ice cream man's wagon beckons. ". -vnl""'N 4, , Spring rains keep mainfenance crew occupied mowing down lush grass When men appear in such undress, you know i+'s spring! Den+on's cufmodecl phone sysiem was replaced in March by modern dials. wH,y.,a--""".w-""""' 1 M. Benches are warmed by collegians eager io be ou+side. The School Year's Encl Nears In fhe shadow of lhe Music Hall, A Cappella Choir members embark on one of 'rheir many fours Cha+ News Eclifor shows a SMU German exchange s+uden+ lhe campus Texas Educalion Delegales sfucly sfafe vocafional plan. Classes were dismissed and dorms held open house for the biggest campus occasion of the year one day this spring. It was March 4-President Matthews was formally installed, President-Emeritus McConnell was honored with a recognition luncheon, and eight new buildings were dedicated. But there were other new things on the campus and in Denton this spring. A new dial telephone system was installed, and "Number, please" became an outdated phrase. Then, there was the traditional big spring event. Dutch VVeek, when men rate and coeds fete, came along in March, and soon afterwards, dorms and social groups began a whirl of spring formals. And on Honors Day, May 5, depart- ments went honorably wild, awarding honors to their outstanding students. Guests enioy iniermission time ai lnferfra+erni+y presenfafion Girls clusfer around 'rhe genileman who is 'forfunafe enough fo be Hue possessor of a converfible. 102 YW Q , 4 X x Beaufy is a co-op process in a women's dorm. Coed shows off her laiesf buy-a pair of shoes. One of Those famous gab sessions in aciion. Women How They Live H ialces a mighfy indusirious soul io do any sfudying amiclsi' fhe confusion ihaf reigns nighily among dormifory women. , - Q . fi - K K 1 Pk , gm 4-14 i Xi :Sf 35 N.. fi I 5'fi'lf'.f'iIY5?35E f f' i I A rcommafe is a girl who sifs by and crilically wafclies you dress. Close C0mP5fll0"lSl1lP. Chiller, and Cards fypify dormilory life. Did I get a buzz? YVho's got my bobby pins? Bull sessions, house meetings, ll o'Clock curfew-life in a girls dorm is hec- tic but lun. There were the open houses on March 4-eds had a heyday inspecting Coeds' residences. More than 1560 Coeds will live in col- lege dorms next year. The newest of the six dorms, Kendall Hall, will open next liall and accommodate 300 women. Chilton Hall, formerly a boys dorm, was taken over by Coeds last fall-five social If loolfs like lhings will never gel' siraighf, buf evenfually, llwey 'Find a place. sororities, an honorary group, and other girls live in the dorm. Complaints? Theres a few-food Can't always be caviar and champagne, and phones are sometimes overworked when eds are seeking dates. A source of blind dates, dorms are also good campaign territory during elections. and complete costumes for Pirate parties. Southern plantation balls, or Shakespea- ran festivities Can be scraped together by a careful combing of the building. Cl1il+on's cliaracier changed when females fool: over flue iernf --saisannn ll? gg. X, his ,Yi Af gf HE L, 2 " fill Af ""-Uv K kr y .,.., ,,,,,,,,,pr"" 'N :-4-. -, V aiaai Somelimes +he elemen+ of suspense is unbearable al a dorm card game. When il' is, ihe +ension can always he relieved by a crusade 'lo 'rhe Texan Life Wi'rh The Men A masfer execulive co-ordinaling his various enferprises. Theres an ari' fo shaving while you re shll asleep Some room always ads as a Mecca, for one reason or another. A men's dorm is a living thing, never quite empty, never quite dead. There's always some- thing going on, and there's never any telling exactly what that something will be. It may be as trivial as studying for an exam, and it may as easily be some complex affair like a poker game or a bull session ranging from women to . . . women. if Somefimes i+'s a liHle hard +o +ell iusi wha? is going on! The joke-telling, shoe-shining, shaving, grip- ing goes on always, day after day, night after night, month after month. But after all, the really noticeable thing about a menis dorm is the air of complete maleness. If, someday, by chance, whiskers should be found growing on a doorknob there, they would not seem at all out of place. Not even unexpected. ffj The game musf be pinochle-gambling's noi allowed. l'l's a hard choice befween sludies and the local news. 5 Marriage and School Marriage is a great institution. At least, that's what married couples will tell you. They even try to convince their bachelor friends. This year for some unknown reason-perhaps love-more couples than usual have taken the fatal step. Coeds must now carefully scrutinize the third finger left hand of the men in their classes. The married college man has a greater pur- pose in his educational pursuit than his single brothers. He must prepare himself to support a wife, and in many cases, children. His de- termination to receive an education is shown by his defeat of the difficulties he encounters While trying to support a family and, at the same time, go to school. Do Mix! Hubby assisls wifh 'lhe supper dishes as "Momma' mixes formula Baby Allan dominales The evenings in fhe Wailrins' home, regulaling sleeping, ea+ing and s+ucly hours. K' 5:1- ,.-, 7 X Undressing The li'Hle one is a perilous faslc. lf offen lakes coaxing 'lo gel lhe baby lo eaf. Thoughlful wife malres lafe-hour sfudying easier. Morning-and anofher day of classes and worlc. Picfured on fhis page are Bill Wafltins, his wife Peggy, and 'their son, Allan. Ii Dressed for bed, ihe baby becomes wide awake. A loving wife is a nice +hing io have around fhe house Sfudenf Trading The students all know where to go, whether they need a Beethoven Concerto or 500 yards of gummed paper tape. Both go to the arsenal of North Texas, the Stu- dent Trading Post. Handling an amazing variety of merchandise, the Trading Post, under the guiding hand of Andrew CSwedej Swenson, furnishes students with the various necessities for carrying on class life. A rotating force of students and regular employees handles all customers as quickly as possible - try to be patient, really. Post ANDREW B. SWENSON, Manager The Trading Posl offers mucl1 needed books-for a price. 'if , ln addition lo boolrs, fhe Trading Pos? deals in all sorts of supplies The hospital at North Texas sits in the Southeast corner of the campus, quietly waiting for unhappy collegians with ail- ments ranging from broken legs to sore throats. Sympathetic hearts and at least reasonably gentle hands await all coiners. The building has a reputation for being easy to get out of, but students who have spent time in the infirlnary will confirm reports of good food, solid rest and nice people. As you know, that combination can make sickness a pleasure. The Hospifal---A 3 Home for Sick Souls i Ailing collegians receive professional care E l L lha ve a sore Hwroaf, headache, and a Marin quiz. Firsf Aid nurse fakes care of wounded sfucienis. V s lima! Ai , A ,ina NN.. Dieficians carefully check anal re-checlr menus. ll'1SUl'1l'l9 Well-lD6ldf1Ced- delicious meals' Food Service Feeding an average of 1750 people daily is a large task. But it is capably handled by the North Texas Food Service under the supervision of Miss Sadie Kate Bass, Director of the Dorm- itory Food Service. Providing Well-balanced, nutritious meals daily for college eds and coeds requires a huge personnel and hours L of planning and buying. Well ap- pointed dining rooms are located in five dormitories. In 1951, the Food Service provided means for approximately 50,000 peo- ple. Gian? elecfric mixer 'rosses 'logefher great laafches of pasfries. Low-lemperafure loclcers house meals and perishables. 110 we ffl l Hop-House is ius+ one of 'Phe co-ops, serving family-s+yle meals fo some 460 s+uden+s every day. Eating Plac s Student eating generally takes place either in dorm cafeterias or campus co-ops. Except for the lucky few who get a chance to cook for themselves, ahnost ev- eryone uses one of the above outlets . . . they eat, sigh, com- plain, and, of course, go right on eating. A statement of factg No one has ever died of starvation, de- spite rumors. Long-awai+ed pofaioes arrive, carried by aleri' sfudenf waiier. Ive dorm cafeferias serve dormifory-dwelling campus populafion Sluclenfs Who Work Top: He may ierlc sodas, buf he's no ierlc, 'Feminine 'Friends fesfify. Bo'H'om: Consfruclion work has provided iobs for many college men. 41 .w"""'d Selling popcorn is a pleasanl way lo worlt your way 'rhrough school. For many ambitious North Texans, college means more than classes, study, and play. It means Working their way through college to help their families pay the many expenses. Various part time jobs in the institution and in the community are available to collegians desirous of making a little extra money. Work can be found in offices, department stores, theaters, drug stores, to name only a few of the job opportunities. These students who Work have a rather diffi- cult time trying to find study hours. But they seem to take their educational responsibility seriously because they realize the cost of their training- :racle schoolers loolr sweel, buf oh, can lhey be imps! Student teaching can be fun, education ma- jors are told. And then comes student teach- ing. "Wow, every kid in that class needs a spanking and an But after a few weeks' work with the little angels Qand the not so little ones in high schoolj student teachers decide to stay with the job, and eventually most decide it's fun, as their education teachers told them. A few lucky collegians moved to Dallas and Fort VVorth for six weeks out of the semes- ter and did their student teaching there as a part of the education departments intern- ship program. Dozens more journeyed daily to Pilot Point, Northwest, and other high schools outside of Denton for teaching credit, and hun- dreds of North Texans filled the classroom stu- dent teaching jobs in Denton public schools and the NT lab school. 'N--..i".:L-5-M...-'Q-.Liv Wnwpmmwwdwmw ,,Q., .L ., Conferences wilh supervisors hold an imporlanl place in sfuclenf leaching. Sfudenl Teaching Sleps in moclern educalion oullined by sludenl ieacher. Teaching music can be 'Fun-if lhe sludenls will sing F2 Ss Sfuclenf Transportation Collegians who possess cars find themselves lucky. On an ever increasing campus, buildings l . . i the day of bicycles and pogo sticks may returng students might turn to the much-threatened roller skates. But until then, most content themselves to walking, to riding the Goose, or to pleading for the family car, "just for the week- seem to stretch farther and farther away. Soon end, please, Dad-H Then +here's the problem of fhe low iurfle and 'rwo exfra bags Going home on the bus, and looldf fhe mob. Whaf fun, Chrisfmas rushes. Thai lasf cup of coffee look foo long . . . hold H, don'f wrife 'fhaf Hclcefl M t ' Q-li -:rv 1' 'Q 1 When other sources fail, ihere's feef, durn if. Oh, for a car! Avoided by many, shunned by more, study- ing is one of the more necessary evils of col- lege life. Many students do their studying in the U.B. with their dates. Others go to the college library, home of thousands of books, meeting place of pre-date studies, short cut from Terrill Hall to the Post Office. But seekers of knowledge can most frequent- ly be found piled up in bed surrounded by their books, papers, and cigarettes. With all their joking about having to study, most eds and coeds realize the value of the edu- cational opportunity which is being offered to them. Brains and Books Are you sure 'lhis is correcf, Miss Lomax? If ain'+ in ihe dicshunarry. Top: Deep concenfrafionz Whaf haf goes wi+h my brown dress? Below: Wonder if she'll 'lalre reporis on "Gocl's Liffle Acre?" So happy and in ihe library? You won'+ laugh so hard when The fesl is over -f IJ Top: Buf why does fhe doc need lo lcnow my shoe size? Middle: Too laie 'lo baclr ouf. They have your name. Boffom: Temperafure, pulse normal. Feel nervous? -- .. .- ' A 5 X l 7 Q x , 5 Harriss Gymnasium ialres on a hospifal loolu during fhe Red Cross blood donor program. Blood for Korea uiclc, dociorl This girl has no blood pressure. Buf l only gof in line fo buy a paclr of cigarelfef 116 Could anyone lei me have a cigarette? 2 1 S .4 l See ihal' red sluff? lf's your blood! O11 February 27, North Texas students watched Red Lross workers unload boxes ole equipment to some people Wm do anyyhing +0 relax a mime' set up a temporary hospital in Harriss Gyninasiuni for a blood donation campaign. Reactions ranged lroru the eagerness of those with friends in Korea to the trepidation of those who just plain didn't like the idea of getting stuck with a needle. Many who wanted badly to give blood were rejected . . . pressure too high. pressure too low . . . but after the final count was made. and the final arrn stuck, North Texas had donated 427 pints of life-giving blood to the "Blood for Korea" drive. The Home Ee class baked 2000 cookies lor the sufferers, and overall blood pressure dropped three points. North Texas had proved again that it is more than proud - it is generous. Your blood is lype AB, RH positive." "Hul1?" Bur Dr. Hayes, all l wan? is a paclc of . . You mean you wan? a whole bollle 'full of blood? 117 Beau'ry and good looks decora+ed +he club house as Delia Chis en'rer+ained sororify and 'fra+ members. f Lef s H ave a Pa rfy Rags and +aHers were The siyle af Phi Gam Hobo Parfy. Wicked sailors, daring ladies braved +he Troian Piraie Dance. Gay cosfumes fwinlded ai The Alpha Rho Tau Fanlasy Ball. Party ti1ne - the time for play. Ranging from wild costume balls to zany soc hops, parties on the campus are frequent and varied. Regardless of whether they are All-Col- lege or privately sponsored, everybody loves a party. YVhen classes and studies become too dis- couraging, and spirits become disconsolate, it's time to hear, 5'I,et,s have a ball!" WRA members enlerlain ihemselves af a pariy in lhe Women's Gym. Secrel Desires-expressed al Phi Sig Pledge Dance The+as like ihe Orienlal loolr a+ 'fheir par+ies I ' '55,-H - A Collegians calch up on l'1o'l campus gossip over 'llwe coffee cup in ihe snaclr bar of lhe Union Building. .ll More conservafive NTexans mee! in 'lhe cafeferia for fheir iava Q nlIN'fww"' 120 The Posi' Office-where collegians eagerly look in'ro bare mail boxes. If your daie is a cheap skate fhus is where you il end up on a spring night Coffee, cards, class cuts, and companionship-that's why campusites flock by the hundreds to the Union Building daily. Only three years old, the building is the center of many college activities. Wecliiesclay night dances, All-College formals, elections, student senate and club meetings-all these took place in the Union Building this year. There were the Thursday after- noon jam sessions when the Howdy room was crowded with Heats" and spectators. And the coeds swooned like bobby- soxers when movie star Dale Robertson made an afternoon ap- pearance in the Howdy room. Dancing or skating under the stars were the popular pastimes when warm weather permit- ted the slab, south of the building, to be used. Once a semester, students swarmed into the Trading Post to purchase textbooks and supplies for the classes that keep them away from the Union Building a few hours each day. And the UB has one more sure drawing card-the Post Of- fice-where caxnpusites pick up letters and checks from home. Union Building Acfivifies Norfh Texas' l9fl'1 hole-home of nafional collegiafe champion golfers, refuge for dance-seelring sfudenfs, and haven for social evenfs. Club House ancl Golf Course ln fhe spring a young man' s fancy furns fo I8 holes of golf af fhe clubhouse Swinging to Sammy Kaye or swinging golf clubs-you'll find both activities at the club house. Juke boxes or imported bands provide music for portraying col- legians at the well-equipped recreation cen- ter, and both novices and national golf champions swing irons and woods on the surrounding links. If neither of these suits your tastes, you can take a stroll over to the bird cage and watch the college mas- cot, Victor, flap his eagle wings. H's greal io si'r in lhe sun and walcln someone else swai' 'rhe golf ball. Snack bar offers re'Fresl1men+ 'lor hungry, +l1frs+y, and firecl dancers. All se+ for a furn around flue course. Be careful of fhe lalce .,.,,,,1 S The Sa+urday Nigh+ Sfage Show with 'Fessor and his Aces has become a iradifion. Stage Shows Talenf appearing on +he S+age Show is drawn from ihe NT sfudeni' body. Those Aces-North Texas loves 'em-are the hit of every Saturday night Stage Show. Directed by 'Fessor Floyd Graham, the Aces of Collegeland have become a cani- pus tradition with their professionally- styled dance music and stage show melo- dies. Campusites consider the Aces the top attraction, but college ballad singers, opera stars, dancers, and vaudeville troopers step into the act and win applause from Stage Show audiences. And the pit orchestra has become as traditional a part of the show as the Aces are. After the "live" en- tertainment comes the "canned" stuff- Grade A movies and Tom and Jerrys. It was billed as the Friday night stage show early in the year, but tradition over- ruled, and canipusites again get dollars' worth of entertainment for 30 cents each Saturday night. Presenting jam sessions every Thursday afternoon, the Lab Band serves as the link between the campus and the world of jazz- The workshop of student arrangers and student musicians makes public its efforts in the U.B. Howdy Room under the direction of Gene Hall. Collegians flock to the U.B. on Thursdays to hear the special music of the band and to dance. Exception- al talent, both vocal and instrumental, can be heard at the weekly jam ses- sions. Q F v Occasionally you're squeezed in behind ihe drummer and you hear nofhing else. So wha+7 Jam Sessions Some iusi lean over +l'1e balcony and warclw, buf almosf everybody comes. The band was smaller loday, bul nof fhe crowd. 5 Of the many residents on our campus. there are some who do not enroll in class- es. They do not study or attend parties or go to Saginaw. They live very pleasant, easy lives with no term themes or linal exams to destroy their peace of mind. They are the animals who make their homes here - the pets and strays who de- cide that a college campus is a good home. Bonnie, flue Befa mule, possesses The genieel disposifion o'F a frue lady. Animals on The Campus Sfuffed animals are commonly 'Found in women's dormifories. A newly ccnsfrucfecl cage is the home of lhe NT mascol, Vicior. .gg O MQ :-E y sl Weil? it LN' Womens Forum Acriviries Early ln +l1e Fall flwe Women s Forum Council sponsored an All-Girl meellng in +l'1e main audllorium. of the college, the Council held Big-Little Sister Adoption, an essential part of the Freshman Orientation prgram, Wiiitei' and Spring formals, and a Valentine tea for the girls on the campus. Freshmen are welcomed mio +l1e ranlrs af lhe iracllhonal candlelnghl Big-Li++le Sisier Aclopfion. PreHy girls, handsome men, and smarf new siyles were The feafure of fhe Women's Forum Sfyle Show. U I H A Young Mans Fancy Presented on March 20, the Wom- en's Forum Style Show gave collegians a preview of the new look in spring fashions. Entitled UA Young Man's Fancy," the Style Show offered all types of clothing for both Woinen and nien, including suits, forrnals, sport clothes, date dresses, and dressy clothes. One-hundred five coeds and fifteen eds modeled on the modern set pre- pared by Mrs. Helen Wright's mer- chandising arts classes. Clothing mod- eled Was furnished by Denton iner- chants. Musi' be somefhing fascina+ing on Hue ofher side of 'rhe siege. "And nexf, wearing a pink safin bafhing suif Smiles on fheir faces, charming models preseni' new frends in spring fashions. +o masculine charms. Corsages pay fribule GF 5 Buf, honey, l lhoughl you were sending orchids! Du'rch Week Reversed tradition is the keynote of North Texas' perennially favorite social event - Dames United to Catch Husbands lVeek. The Coeds pay the bills. send bubble gum corsages, and remember the little gallantries that are gener- ally performed by the males. Sponsored by the XVomen's Forum, Dutch lVeek is an early springtime custom that inspires new viewpoints and offers a 7-day vacation to masculine bank accounts. The feature attraction during Dutch lVeek was the all-college Leap Year Dance. Whal' did ye expecl-champagne? Revenge is sweel fo +l"IE banlcrupi ed. Drinlc lwearfy, lads. Tlwis is a dry counly. Du+cl'1 Weelr dancing -- Dallas sfyle, dial lsn'+ +l1e moon beauliful? Tell me more aboui nuclear 'fission Pu? your arms around me, honey. Varsify Variefies "Varsity Varieties of l952'l was the talk of the NT campus. Vaudeville-style entertainment rang- ing from hulas to humor, included dances, vocal solos, duets, and quartets, and comedy skits. A cast of 60 students was directed by Mike Earney. Club Varsityls fall production centered around a three-scene theme of morning, evening, and night. Time marched on, and the cast sang and danced its way through a busy day, a romantic dusk, and a lone- ly midnight. Among the outstanding acts was a musical routine by six curvaceous coeds. Black lighting and special costume and body paints created a weird and un- usual elifect during a hula dance performance. Sarongs or draped +ableclo+l1s7 l+'s anybody's guess. Mike falks fhings over with Mr. Buell. Grass skirfs. fam-ioms, and Park Avenue-fhe order of +he evening. Vocalfsi Brau lamen+s +hai "A Person Can Deveiop a Cold Infersororify Sfunfs Presented December ll by the pledges of each sorority, lntersorority Stunt Night offered a variety of entertainment. "Texas Heaven," presented by the Zeta pledges, told of a group of angels from Texas who became dissatisfied in heaven. A satire on "Gone with the Wincl," A'Here with the Breeze" was given by pledges of Phi Sigma Al- pha. The setting was the Starr Brotheris Studio. i'The Sweet Shop," the story of a little girl who went into a candy store but eouldn't decide what kind of candy to buy, was done by the Kappas. The adventures of a North Texas coed who got lost in the jungle on a biology field trip was the theme of the Theta skit. "Let's Go Nature" was its title. 'AThe Curse ofthe Syncopated Clock,', Phi Gam's skit was the story of a young prince and princess who couldn't stop jitter-bugging until the witch who had put a curse on them danced. Delta Chi plebes presented a satire on 'LAlice in Wonderland" entitled 'AAlice in Eaglelandf, the story of a freshman in college. Zeia Pi Gamma pledges vow 'thai' even Heaven can'l compare with Texas. Delia Chi plehes fell of Alice's adven+ures in collegeland. Bongo, Bongo, Bongo . . . Thefa neophyies like if in fhe congo. Phi Gam pledges applaud lheir success in geffing ihe wiich fo danze. Tha+'s noi Pefer Lorre. She's a Phi Sig pledge Greek Rush Acriviries Rush Week is exactly what the name implies, both for sorority and fraternity members and for rushees. It is a week filled with prepara- tions, parties, fun. Rush time is an exciting time, too, from the moment the invitations are received, to the agonizing hours of post office haunting before the bid arrives. Rush week is a time long cherished by Greeks and neophytes alike. Top: Evidenfly lhe Kappas are reviving vaudeville. Middle: Phi Gam rushees hearfily applaud frolics. Bofromz Phi Sig's maslred' rushees bob for apples. Gracious Theias offer rushees fee a+ formal rush pariy. is ii Girls clon Sunday besi for Ze+a rush funciion. Top: There's plenly of smolre ai fhe Sigma Phi Nu barbeque Upper cenfer: Cigars +o spare af fhe Talons' smolcer. Lower cenier: Troians don aprons 'lo serve rush guesis Bo'Hom: Good fellowship reigns a+ lhe Phi Deli rush parfy A louch of +he Orieni' charms Della Chi Della rushees. 1- swf rg 'VS seg l f 0 14,8 Pledgeship had its lace lifted this year with the advent of the new constructive pledgeship. Fraternities and sororities attempted to make their pledgeships worth- while and profitable activities. The fraternity pledges attempted to help needy fami- lies in the Denton area hy repairing honies, furnishing non-perishable foods, and fixing old bicycles. One fra- ternity worked on improving the NTSC camp site at Lake Texonia. Sorority pledgeship underwent changes, too. Stress was placed on personality itnproveinent, with the accent on friendliness. development of the social graces, and in- creased attention to the importance of scholarship. New and Consfrucfive Pledgeships Pledges of all social organizalions are entertained a+ club house by neophyles of Kappa Kappa Kappa. Two hopeful KPO pledges prepare 'For married life. Fi if Falcon hosls enfer+ained Phi Sig pledges during a coke par+y ai fhe Falcon house. Pi Phi Pi pledges proudly display new hair color as fheir defes look on. 1 Befa Alpha Rho Bela boys and Bonnie eagerly awaif 'Feminine passengers. Q-an 'aa' 1 1 'll' if Queen Belly and King James. surrounded by Hweir couri' aHendan+s. reign over feslivifies during +l1e annual Halloween celebralion. Halloween Carnival Teeming wi1'l1 llumanily, +l1e carnival midway offers varied enlerlainmenl. Phi Sig barlier inviles' - xiii- Win 'il . Wy V 'one and all" lo come in lo view lhe lal'es'r slyle . . . 1 3 f 4,,:xfg3,,f I A. 1 A l 4. ii 3 AM. People crowded into the doors. Loud speakers boomed forth their message. Jazzy music screamed at the top of its voice. It was October Sl, the night of the annual Halloween Carnival. Pandemonium reigned in Harriss Gymnasium as eager pleasure seekers crowded the midway. The gym was a colorful looking place, with booths lining each side and the center. Everything from Delta Chi Delta's annual marriage booth and the Pi Phi Pi's Naughty Nudies Show, to the Industrial Arts Club's "African Dip" and Theta Sig and Sigma Delta's 'KLoop-a- Leg" was there. Almost every organization on the cam- pus was represented with a booth of some sort. James Nichols and Betty Blackmon were elected in the Press Club sponsored race for King and Queen of the carnival. Reigning Halloween celebrilies share +he firsl dance of ihe nigl1+. Phi Delia Bela sideshow really has bounce APO boofh ailracls many 'feminine cusfomers. Pi Phi's Naughiy Nudies show promises laughs galore. "The Lady in Red", presenled by fhe Phi Taus is one of ihe big hils of fhe evening. Kappa cufies exhibii +alen+, beauiy, and LEGS, in lheir "Wicked Women Show." Homecoming Old acquaintances were renewed during the homecoming week end ol' November 9 through ll. An estiina- ted crowd of l2,000 exes, students, and guests flocked to the campus. .X torch light snake dance and bon- lire, two stage shows, two all-college dances, a barbeque, square dance, pa- rade, not to mention the NT-Midwest- ern football game were the events which highlighted the festivities. Doris Massey was elected Home- coming queen by the football squad. Her attendants, chosen from the four classes, were Emily Bonham, Phyllis Powers, Peggy Moore, and Jean Pool. The old 'hmers help 'Themselves af lhe barbeque given In lheir honor Wafch what you ear, dear. l'm afraid Hound a bug hiding in my beansf Swing your pardner, do-si-do." Exes are honored af a square dance. Regis+ra+ion is a simple ma+'rer. All you have io do is sign your name E L.,, , , W Phi Alpha Tau won 'firsf place in ilwe house clecoraiion con'res+. And flwe Sigma Phi Nus placed second in +l'1e decoraiions compefillon. USNT Presideni Young presenfs Homecoming Queen Doris Massey. Queen Massey appears before flue crowd wilh her 'Four clul'cl1esses. W7 -we1nunaur'M i ' . The long line of Homecoming floa+s in rhe parade began wirh fhe Queen's 'Floa+. Homecoming Parade Marquis Angels" placed firsl in The floar confesf. One of the main hi 'hliffhts of the Honiecolnin 3 e g activities was the parade, the climax of many days of busy preparation by organization nienibers. The parade wound its way through the down- town area, down Hickory street, and around the campus. Pretty girls, elaborate floats, shiny con- vertibles, dramatic scenes, and cowboys on horse- back were viewed by the crowd. Phi Alpha Tau's 'fuiurisfic rocker ship mofif won fhem second place honors in fhe parade G00 QQ-'Ol ad f,, as Q - n I l 'lx . 5' ea V .IQ 3 Q K . . Z A x " S R 2 li b ' f ' Ph' S' l d es accom anied la male friends, nervously awaii s+ar+ of llwe parade. Building floais for flwe parade involves a great deal of wor - uf ifs un, I IQ p e g , p y The marching band begins 'ine parade which wound around flue square, down Hickory Sfreef, and around +l'1e campus. Press Clubbers in Their floai ridicule newspapers of gay '9l. And flue Sigma Phi Nus bring a Souflw Sea afmosphere fo Denfon. Q U2 V+... 'v i Unifed Sfudenfs of Norfh Texas EARLE YOUNG Prsidenf Strengthened this year by its stability, stu- dent govermnent at North Texas was spotlight- ed in the spring semester by an increased inter- est in the all-college election and by a revision of the constitution of United Students of North Texas- Headed by four executive officers and sup- ported by the senate, elections board, student court, and various committees, USNT was ac- tive in district work of the Texas Intercollegi- ate Students Association. Led by the NT stu- dent government, TISA studied methods used by American schools to select members of Wl1o's Wfho Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges. Student government offices include elective positions in the senate and executive offices, and appointive jobs on the student court and elections board. Among the 18 amendments to the USNT constitution approved by the stu- dent body this spring was one providing for the establishment of an attorney general's of- fice. Execufive officers Floolt, Harris, Young, and Weeks confer. If is a fime consuming faslt, fhis meffer of sfudenf qovernmenf. W DICK HARRIS Vice-presideni LEONARD WEEKS Secrefary CECIL FLOOK Treasurer Sfudenf Senafe Dennis Blanlrenslwip Rose Mary Brau Dean Davis Cynihia Kearby L. A. Kendricll Billie Lewallen George Reid May Sammie Jo Davis Don Fauglwi Pegi Huse Beffy Hornbecl Noel Hargrove Darrell Freeman I ' W K' H ' ' -- - H2 l Ei Q IG 1 Senate activities last fall included assisting in orga- Madlyn Mme, nizing a Rally Committee and planning a card section for football games, and changing the weekly stage show from Friday night to its traditional Saturday night Sptbl. A committee investigated the Student Use of English tests and concluded that the North Texas system is both necessary and good. Long-term projects included study- ing means of beautifying the campus and publicizing North Texas among near-by high schools. Dick Harris, Vice-President of USNT, filled the Senate presidency both semesters. Jack Murray ...W J. Edward Murray Chrusfy McKenzie Bill Sparks Ed Slewarl Arlie TurkeH Joe Wilson Frank Perry Nancy Plat? Norman Ramsey Dorf Sala James Smarf Kenneth Smart Sluclenf Courl Justices: Bob Den- nis, Carlos Roio, Chief Juslice Pai Sewell, Joe Rowe, and Bill Crain. 5 Eleclion Board members: Carlos Roio, Miriam Reininger, Diclt Bell, George Kimbro, Norman Ellis, Priscilla LeBaron, Bill Harrod, and Dave Hunl, chairman. Elechon Board As a result ol' tl1e spring election, tl1e Election lioarcl now comes uncler separate authority, and is no longer uncler tl1e jurisdiction of the Senate. 'l'l1e Election Board has liatl a busy year. ln atlclition to conclucting live successful elections, board ineinbers. under tl1e direction ofCl1airn1an Dave Hunt, completely rewrote election rules. Sfuclenf Courl Entering its tliircl year as North Texas' juclicial bocly, the Stuclent Court set up a proceclure lor luture appeals to tl1e court. 'l'l1e purpose ol' 1l1e jiuliciary is to accept appeals. to tleterniine il' tliere are grouncls lor appeals, ancl to grant or refuse tl1e reliel' askerl for. 2 ff F15 2 afi- Z We K M .1 f y fl! 13 S is -5 g 4 1 pt. ,... Wafer V .K I 1 -li f f is I - l 1 4 SS 1. .,.. 43,5-I ,. X X. V, f , 3 -GQ S During elecTion signs oT every descripTion cover The campus. Elecfions Every spring anal fall. a thousand or so vehe- mently coloretl signs bloom on ottr campus. antl it is again the time of brass bands. speeches, anal the hoop-la accompanying collegiate elections. Office seekers shower their acquaintances with bills. favors. ancl promises of "ll l am elect- ed . . . 'l'he atmosphere is lillecl with healthy eotn- petetion antl spirited campaigning- Everywhere excitement anal confusion are apparent. Un election tlay. campaigning reaches a high pitch. Votes are countetl. ancl celebrating for mourningj is clone. Then. overnight. the campaign signs tlisap- pear, ancl our campus returns to normal. The Elechon Boarcl, wiTh assisTance of Green JaclceTs spends long hours TalaulaTing voTes. An acTiviTy TiclteT, a pencil, a balloT-all iT Taltes To voTe The NT balloT box-symbol oT campus-wide clemocracy. A checlt marlr in The liTTle box, and The clamage is done. School Spirit 52 Unfiring cheerleaders lraveled fo Amarillo fo lead yells af fhe game lhere. ll LTSQTAUATATATATATJ7575374174-YXATATAQSAXQ Sfarfed by Jaclr Shirley, the Rally Commiffee increased school spirit Efforts of lhe Rally Commiflee were rewarded by an excellenl' card section. It's an intangible thing-the definition of school spirit. Yet it takes very tangible lforin at any Eagle game: hot dogs thrown into the air and sudden embraces and well- calculated touchdowns. The cheerleaders' elastic gestures and card tricks from the stands. There were bonfires and frenzied rallies when the air was hickory-smoked. 'llhere were students huddled together in the stands throughout the last ininutes and extra points. And the cheerleaders' husky voices and the sore throats of the spectators the next day. And the warin feeling. STUDENT HANDBOOK COMMITTEE: Pal' Sewell, Diclr Harris, Arlie Turlie'H, Mary Ann Jennings, Roger Holloway, Diane Scolf. ROW 2: John Lovelace, Jere Cox Jan Downing, Bob Weiring, Sara Lu Hill. YEA TEAM ,wzqwwef .9 nat "".-3zf'f'X51J3,j aw' 'ar ia X, .3 -, Wxya .., M W , L , 1 Q A mn 1-1? hi' mf 'N ., X law.. K 'T' : ff 'gtfwnnvg Wh JR sp--'., 1fG.,,,.'f ' ' N' ..33C.. r ' - . 4'-e'j-Sn.-, ' 'Q - - ' 1' 1 .gw.'f1g,, , t ' T . mr t Am, 71 ' s Q Q i R ,f my T... ... -- . ,q q T "ii i. . ' E f,'.,,,.,,.,, : 't .fe--vw. ... Cheerleaders The vilalify and infecfuous enfhusiasm of ihe six cheerleaders play a vifal role in the drama of school spirit There are always six people who are a little more responsible for this business of school spirit than the rest of the student body. It is their job to harness the enthus- iasm of 4,318 North Texans to yells-given at the same time. They accomplish this seemingly impossible task with remarkable genius in twisting, turning, screaming, or standing on their heads. The past seasons six were Marilyn McNatt, Pat Noah, Bev- erly Newby, Mike Henderson, George Fer- rell, and jack Shirley. FIGHT Sunday morning church services, alnlended by many siudenfs. are an infegral par? of collegiale life. Sf d 1' W h' Sludenfs share +he responsilailify of planning fhe weekly vesper service. , The closeness of Chrisfian fellowship is 'fell' in ihis affer-eleven service F, 51 if , 'em 1 , I . ,Q A" . V 2-' ., F D .KM -If ff' , Parlies held by church groups afford excellenf recrealion. Religion-not only Sunday, but every- day-plays an important role in the life of the college student who realizes the need of guidance and help from his God. Twenty-two Denton churches of niany different denominations offer the collegian varied and needed religious programs to help hini develop his spiritual life while his academic life is being broadened. Many collegians take part in the activi- ties of their churches by singing in the choirs and belonging to the youth groups- Many collegians are regular members of Den+on's church choirs. Church 'friends enjoy playing, as well as worshipping, logelher Morning Waich af lhe Bapfisl Sfudenl Union is held daily. 5 Desks arrive ai lheir deslinaiion, as educafors move fo a new home. "All Physics Classes Now Mee+ing" bring smiles lo a couple of profs Deparfmenfal Movement A movement came about in February that finally enabled all departments to have a permanent home. YVith the ad- dition ol' several new buildings and the re- modeling ol. some older ones, additional ollice and classroom space was afforded. lt was not uncommon to see an army of students carrying typewriters or lab equip- ment en masse across the campus to new quarters while instructors concerned them- selves with problems ol' analygous color harmony for new ollices. And the whole movement reached the pitch ol' a minor revolution. General confusion reigns as movers play no favoriles in fhe hall. Musl be a preH'y valuable desk fo have lhal much honor guard A - we , ., Lg 4. Q , k fQ.1:,5kQ. 'Q as QM 'Y --K im N! is 'Q ws., 'P Q dr 2 S V -vi: Ep-W The Symphony Orchesfra lVith almost ten complete concerts uncler its belt rluring the year. Ur. George Xlorey's Symphony Or- chestra Completetl what was probably the most active sea, son eyer atttemptecl by a North lexas orchestra. Anil quantity was not the only clemancling lactor. Many qualilietl persons have opinecl that the orchestras playing ol' the Opera XVorkshop's lall protluction. "Otello." may be not only the most clillicfult work ever proclueecl here but the most tlillicult to be attemptetl lor years to come. The lestiyal ol' twentieth century A-Xmerican music in early April was the major untlertalaing lor the orchese tra this year in terms ol' hours ol preparation. 'llhis year's lestiyal. put on by the School ol' Nlusic in conjunction with other tlepartments ol' the college. proyecl to be so successful that plans have been matle to continue this work on an annual basis. Participation by stuclent soloists with the orchestra was especially encouraged, with between 20 to 25 stu- clents soloing at one time or other fluring the year, Stanclf out numbers lor stuclent soloists were the Bach Double Violin Concerto. utilizing six xiolinists. anrl the piano concerto prograni ol' late .-Xpril. c 1 K 2 2 c During rehearsal, Dr. Morey lfopl calls 'For a swell from lhe orchesfra, lmiddlel cues in a woodwind, and lbohloml pre- pares for a down beef on fhe nexf page. sm an FLUTES Palsy Bazar Doroihy LaGue Billy Wade Perry OBOES Marlha Shee+s Clifford Shipp ENGLISH HORN Gladys Ellioi CLARINETS Beverly LaGue Bob Roberis BASS CLARINET Leon Fleming BASSOON Willard Ellioi Judy Seller Pai Hayes HORN Glenn Wilson Gene Thomas Ivan Goodwin Jean Iles Nancy Wrighi Carol Rodgers TRUMPET Larry Auslin John Haynie Euel Box Virginia Frey TROMBONE Paul EIIioH Jeanne Way James Knighien TUBA Roy Broolrs TYMPANY Jack Rumbley PERCUSSION Douglas Sione Bob Sholola HARP Lillian Phillips FIRST VIOLIN Russell Miller Mary Kaiherine Miles Jerome Guilbeau Francene Pearce Carolyn Kaps Doroihy Fields Eloy Flominaya SECOND VIOLIN Leo Reynolds Jean Maiors Newi' Guilbeau Rayma Diison Peggy Wood Sylvia Earnharf Moncla Pope Paul Kelly Maihilde Gardner Julia Ann Erwin VIOLA Ruih Gibson Margarei Grubb Elaine Hodgson Jean Mainous Greg Rodgers CELLO Alan Richardson Mary Befh Brown Jane Pinlierion Nafhan Miron Jack Pe+erson BASS Bob McLain Remo Chiorgno Dale Peiers Doroihy Harper Paul Lovell Earnesi Taclrell MANAGER AND LIBRARIAN James Knighien ' Q 9 4 5 Z, 3 f I B we 9 g , H, ,, i Operating with the beliel that a goocl concert bancl can sell its listeners really goocl bantl tnusic just as easily as it can sell "trash," Maurice Mc.rXclow this year progratutuerl as interesting evenings listen- ing as any listeners are likely ever to hear. is The Concert Bancl also niacle great. use of its inherent talent. tpattttnittg several outstantling stu- a lg, clents in solos. accotnpanied bythe bancl. 2 .X nticl-Nlarch tour took the bancl lrotu Denton to such points as Greenville. Miss.. ancl Natchitoches. La, One other big event lor the year was an hour- ancl-aehall concert in Deeetnber for the Southwest- ern Division ol' College Band Directors' National .-Xssociation. tneeting this year in Oklahoma City. 'l'wo outstanaling numbers in this years reper- toire provecl to be "lap Roots," a conclensation of tnotion picture tuusie. ancl Nic.-Xclow's 21l'l'21llgClllCl1t lor Concert bancl anal piano soloist ol' the Grieg Piano Concerto in .VX Nlinor. perlortnecl with .Kn- tlelle lN'axtuan as soloist. Maurice McAdow calls for more power llef+l, prepares a downbeai for the frombones lmiddlel and puts a damper on a foo-eager French horn CLARINET Bob Gauldin Bob Roberls Jim McCord Beverly LaGue Belly Langham Mary Boozman Joe BuH'ram Kennefh Crow Joe Bloom Ben Gramling Marfha Hanes John Roddie Wanda Morlon Marlha Panlrhursl Rulh Warren Phil Slaviclc ALTO CLARINET Harold Gore Leon Bird Frank Irby CONTRA BASS CLARINET N. A. Lee FLUTE Palsy Bazar Bill Perry Dorolhy LaGue Be++y Vaughn Bonnie Jansen Harold Hargus Shirley Zemanclc Marilyn Guerguin Ronald Hursl Ross Thompson PICCOLO Carl Mcllwain E FLAT CLARINET Evelyn McAdow OBOE Marlha Sheeis Ida Biclrel ENGLISH HORN Donna Wiehe BASSOON Williard Ellioi Pai' Hayes Marshall Head Claude Kenneson CONTRA BASSOON Ann Sfone ALTO SAXOPHONE Kalherine Marlin Georgia Mae Malone TENOR SAXOPHONE Pal Blanlrenship BARITONE SAXOPHONE Glenna Lee Germany BASS SAXOPHONE Binnell Birhhead CORNET John Haynie Howard Kennedy Judy Barlrer Bill Lowrance Larry Evans Ramsey Brown TRUMPET Bill Whi'I'e Douglas Wiehe Paul Mafhis FRENCH HORN Ivan Goodwin Judy Pevefo Floyd Woodard Nancy Evans Gene Iles Jeanne Way Glenn Wilson TROMBONE George Osborn Phil EIIio++ Ray Voellcel Thomas Buford Erwin Daugherly James Knighfen James Lewis BARITONE Manuel DeLa Rosa Tom Way Bransford Ferguson John Graves TUBA Jerry O'NeaI Roy Broolrs Ray Chiorgno E FLAT BASS Larry Thomas STRING BASS Jim Jorgenson Doro+hy Harper HARP Ola Lee Currie PERCUSSION Jaclc Rumbley Bob Carrell Pal Adams TYMPANI Douglas Sfone 161 ROW l: Janel Whilllesey, Sally Maxwell, Jane Suggs, Gladys Erdmann, Paula Janke Nichols, Palsy Porler, Susan Houser, Lucille Mendenhall, Janelle Searcy, Juanila Teal, Lois Bruce ROW 2: Pal Harris, Louise Gorman, Florelle Blank, Nancy Scoll, Elaine Simon, Helen Marshall, Grace Grainger, Marilyn Seymour, Charlolle While, Pallye Ponder, Harlen Nesblll Peggy Lamb, Elaine Taylor, Nancy Evans. ROW 3: David Taylor, Paul Harrison, Frank Blackwell, Bill Harod, Robrl Vaughn, Slewarl Vannerson, Dale Pelers, Nell Davidson, Charles Auslin Gene Lasaler, Glenn Rowen, Carl Gene Thompson, Preslon Haynes. ROW 4: George Dicky, Gary Branson, James Ramsey, Vernon Moody, Bill While, Richard Palm, Thomas Shaw Fred House, Jerry Jackson, Carl Jeldy, Gene Branscome, Charles Baker, Joe Neal Hicks, Dillon Bowden, A Cappella Choir Even to the casual listener things were differ- ent this year in the A Cappella Choir. TVith Caro M. Carapetyan, here from Kent University in Ohio on a one year's leave of absence, at the helm, the choir sang entire programs of music the like of which is rarely heard in present-day auditoriums. And the results were gratifying to Carapetyan and his singers. Audiences got a subtle yet firm education in pre-Bach music, with an intensity and feeling of tone which college choirs seldom achieve. Much of the singing was in a foreign langu- age. The fall program offered a Russian group, a group from Carapetyan's native Armenia, and several numbers edited by Carapetyan but left in their original Latin. High point of this year was a concert for the Music Teachers' National Association in Febru- ary in Dallas. The already-well-thought-of na- tional reputation of the choir was given a solid boost by its performance before the national music pedagogues. Mid-semester holidays turned into a group vacation and tour as the choir journeyed to the Gulf Coast for a four-day tour. Come Easter holidays the choristers had more of the same. A tour through northwest Texas and central Oklahoma kept alive the choir's habit of giving music listeners in the not-too- immediate area an opportunity to hear a top collegiate choir. Although little solo singing was done with this year's choir, this was more than made up by the use of two-and three-choir arrange- ments ol' pre-Bach music. A brass choir assist- ed the choir in its fall program, while a mixture ol Woodwinds and brass joined the singers in their spring production of the Bruckner E Minor Mass. l Caro Mann Carapetyan started this year fresh from Ohio's Kent State l7niyersity. Everything was dillerent from up north. And the music which this man proposed to haye the A Cappella Choir sing was different from anything the choir had sung before. lVith so many differences against him, a lesser man might haye given up from the start. But not so for Carapetyan. He quietly informed the sing- ers in his Armenian accent that all he asked was work and more work. and that all he expected was concentrated, intense singing lor the real pleasure of singing. And what listener heard the choir without feel- ing that Carapetyan had reached his ideal? Very few, we imagine. The choir had its rough spotsm not enough tenors, a shakiness in some liemale voices. aml other triyia. But note for note the A Cappella Choir this year gave its audiences, home and away, as enriched singing and as real musician- ship as any choir which eyer bore the name of North Texas State College. l xv ,uf The photographer gives an insight lo proper choral conducting as he shows Caro Carapelyan begging llopl for more volume, asking for more feeling lmiddlel and shushing fhe choir into a decrescendo. S3 ll 1 ia V is .. , Q' 5-1 eg, f Qi 7 Q 1 ,ev ' l Y A 'V Q . mi ve we my if rf N, 1.3 sw P' 1 S M.. . 3 Women's Choir FIRST SOPRANO Mary Margarel Burleson Mary Sue Adams Reb ecca Breining Virginia Lewman Carolyn McClenny Par Darney Willie Mae Heldberg Joyce Howard Directed Y' 9 F ,gi fi ,,L3.fg- X3' Q if :Yr 5 " , by William Gardner SECOND SOPRANO Jaris Perryman Adele Huichinson Glenna Green Dorofhy Campbell Marlha Ann Ozburn Shirley Chauvin Merle Carson Marfha Holmes Marfha Sanders Mariha Miller Mary Howard Diane Davis Elizabeih Hill Lovell Paul ALTO Billie Belh Moore Melba Sherwood Lee Ella Durham Lucia Maranio Joy Cox Jo Johnsfon Janie Echols Frances Porier 1 l Chapel Choir BASS James Anlhony Tom Hall Franlc Irby Eugene McCrary John McGowan Sfeve Nelson BARITONE Ramsey Brown M Directed by TENOR Harold Denson Gordon Richmond George Wesley Uland L. G. Willrerson Mike Johnstone ALTO Suzanne Dean Leona Ingram Jo Ann Marlin Rullx W arre n Effie Joy Wells Virginia Whife Doroflwy Yarnell SOPRANO Franlrie Franlrs Jacqueline Gullelf Carolyn Lockwood Peggy Machen Dorofhy Bee Moore Jerelaine Spence Lipman Pauline Roberfs Laura Parvin Helen Thom ason E Thinking her unfaifhful, Oiello prepares THOMAS HARLLEE . . . O+el!o LUCILLE MENDENHALL . . . Desdemona smoiner Desdemona ww, Ofello The mosr cliI'l'iculL production in Opera xVOlWkSllO1J history. "OLcllo" was prcsculccl to North Texans rm Nov. l-I and I5. Ably clirccrcml by Mary NICc:Ol'lIliCk. Lhc ll'2lg'iClll'2lIllZ1 srzlrrccl Lucillc NIClNlCllh2lll us IDCSCICIIIOIIZI. thc ill-lined wiluc Oi.KhC,iC2l1OllS Hour. flltlltl. player by VIQIIOIIIZIS Hurllcc. A large :mal cxccllcut chorus assislcml thc prinfipzlls. Staging for thc pl'0llLlCliOll was clcmc on 21 IJ1'OIxCSSiOll21l scale. with scls clc- siguccl by XVZlllCl' Xvlllfflllll. Supporting the stars wcrc liclgar SIUIIC as Ingo. Ricluircl Nloorc :rs Classic. and Luis Bruce :rs Emilia. hlhsszfeg H ki? RICHARD MOORE . . . camo EDGAR STONE . . . Iago H Charles Taliferro as Josiah Bollon-he con- sidered poison, fhen found hope. Una Glazener as Miranda-love was a nuisance, bu+ she couldn'+ resist Second Threshold" Sophisticz1t.ion and Cynicisni were Philip l5zirry's final contribution to Brozidwziy. and his drzunzt. "Second Threshold," was College Players' eontrie bulion to N'l"s December entertainment. The lJ2lClQCll'OP.klOSl?tl1 lioltoirs New York home served us 21 meeting ground lor love. zunbition. and zittenipted suicide. Convincing zi disillusion- ed lziwyer that he should continue to live was at real problem lor his son and his daughter, his physician, his butler, and at scatter-brziined young iniss. but the result of their Combined efforts was new hope :uid revived inspiration. As 21 "pelon." the play continued such minor plots :is Nlirziiulzrs suppressed love lor the doctor. the doctor's obvious love lor Mirztndzi, and .lock Boltoirs revolt against propriety. illllillllililll Nlzitlif er's incongruous outbursts and wide-eyed nziivety polished oil' this fall production. Jack Dunlop as Dr. Toby Wells-the M.D. had hearl frouble. Greasepainl' enhances "+he skin you love lo +ouch." PaHi demonsfrafes. Marian Laminacl: as Thanlxful Malher- Jim Swain as Malloy 'lhe Buller-he was coclrlails inirigued +his 'frivolous creaiure. faiihful . . . and veddy English. 5 The family gaihered fo survey iis black sheep-'tragedy needed an audience. Milne Henderson as Joclc Bolfon-"Life upon fhe Wicked S+age" was his liveli- hood. Excuse me. ls lhis fhe way 'lo Saginaw? TZ:- Una Glazener as Jennel Jourdemayne-slxe bewifched Jerry Blaclrwell as Thomas Mendip-'Phe soldier preferred every male in Cool Clary. fo be a dead hero. " I h L dy's Nor for Burning" Marian Laminaclr as Alizon Eliof-her prayers were Jaclr Dunlop as Richard-he coveled a spofless Jim Swain BS MBYOF Hebble Tyson-a leaky F1059 answered. prize. was his lordsl'1ip's lamenf. ,X 1 K 5' 3, ii f 14. if any as Mike Henderson as Nicolas Devize-'the sfars favored his charm. PaHi Bunch as Margarel Devize-mofherhood was her occupalion. Chrislopher l"ry's "The Lady's Not lor Burn- ingl' was a crown jewel of spring enterlainnient. A brilliant script, combined wilh eolorlul Cos- Lunies and an unusually good sel, were major ae- cessories Lo the College Players' presenlalion. The eoniedy was based on the superstitious cus- Lorns ol' l5th-century England. In Lhe honie of Nlayor Hebble 'liyson ol Cool Clary, a group of townspeople persecuted an alleged wileh and ignored a pouring soldier who claimed lo be a murderer. F' Ed Pilley as fhe chaplain-he Buddy Williams as Humphrey Devize h proposilioned a wifch. Complications were inevilable when Thomas Mendip, the soldier. and Klennet Jourdeniayen, the enehantress, fell in love. 'l'hen Richard, the niay- or's clerk, was also bewitehed-by young and loye- ly Alizon Eliol. Despite Lhe Cool Clarians pro- Lesls, Richard and .-Xlizon eloped. On their way lo happiness, Lhe couple found Lhe wiLeh's 'iVlCLllllH staggering along a road. They relurned the inebriated merchant to his honie and cleared the way Lo ronianee for Jenner and her reconciled soldier. married his violin. Ray O'Neal as Tappercoom-fhe iusiice had a warm hearl. Joe Edwards as Ma'H'hew Slcipps-fhe rag and bone merchanl' appeared, via a wheelbarrow ln fheir las+ performance, Supper Theafer players presenf "The Browning Version," +he siory of an English schoolmasler. The doorway lo dinner and a unique evening's enierlainmenf. Ambiiious fhespians find Supper Theafer a profil'-able workshop 72 , The small achng area calls for precise. calculafed movement Supper Theafer The aroma of fried chicken and grease paint mix when Supper Theatre produces its Weekly play. The dining room dramatists opened their longest season in November, and produced l3 plays before closing in March. The players divide chores and dramatics so that each member has a chance to wait tables and star in such productions as Somerset Maugham's one- acter, '5East of Suez." Highlights of the season were plays by Noel Coward and Tennessee Williams. After their regular season closed, the Thespians kept in practice by entertaining private groups with their dinner-drama arrangement. Audiences arrived an hour before "curtain" time for the dinner served in the Eagle Restaurants banquet room, and performers gave their arena- style production in a playing area surrounded by diners! tables. This is the third successive and successful year that NT dralnatics students have joined in bringing to Denton one of the few dining room theatres in the United States. et tn 'X' 'TJ-"T I k 1 2 . 1' A Affer fhe performance, sfars receive congra+ula1'ions from fhe audience Supper Thealer aclors discuss 'lhe evening's performance while removing malre-up. "Nr-W, Fine Arts Committee: Dale Peters, Myrtle Hardy, Mary Dean Ashley, Jim Swain, Janette McNamara, S. B. McAlister, chairman, Sally Maxwell, Walter Hodgson, Una Glazener. Campus Guests Weak 'From Polgar's spell, three eds are unable to lift a chair The campus appearance of Franz Polgar put students to sleep--l1e's a hypnotist. HfW153fZHJ5a9w?f?Q 5 eiifik l Barler Theaier players pursue happiness on NT sfage. An impressive fine arts schedule was offered collegians this year, including such big names as Kirsten Flagstad, the Dallas Symphony, and a special Metropolitan touring company. Starting off the season on Oct. ll was Dr. Franz Polgar, Hungarian liypnotist and mental scientist, who was followed on Oct. l7 by the Barfer Thea+er players preseniecl "The Pursuii of Happiness" in Ociober. Barter Theater's presentation of "The Pursuit of Happiness," a play by Lawrence and Armina Langer. "Fledermaus," a comic opera, was done by a Metropolitan touring company in Novem- ber, and preceded by two days the biggest at- traction of the year, Kirsten Flagstad, noted Met soprano. Spring offerings included the Frankel-Ryder dance team, Earl Spicer, ballad singer, the Lon- don Theater Repertoire Company, and Jean Langlais, blind French organist. Sparlrling frivoli-l'y highlighled a road company presentation of "Fledermaus." Three "Fledermaus" sfars receive applause for fheir performance. 7 Dallas Symphony The bass seclion exhibifecl excellenl viriuosify. Warming up, fhe Concerl Masler pre- pares 'For fhe Symphony's performance. Under the direction of lValter Hendl, the Dallas Sym- phony Orchestra opened its fifty-first season with a perform- ance on the North Texas campus on Nov. l6. The program included von Suppe's popular Poet and Peasont Overture, Mendelsshon's Symphony in A Major No. 4, Opus ll, and Brahms' Symphony No. l in C Minor, Opus 68. The Symphony's virtuosity and ambitious schedule has brought it renown from all the nation. Hendl's drive and dynamic conducting more than compensate for a natural youthful lack of interpretation. President Maffhews welcomes fhe Dallas Symphony io NT for ifs firsf appearance of +he season. , aww ' r " :ag Earl Spicer, popular ballad singer, was fefed by Den+on's Old Maid's Club. ,M,,X 'I Norflw Texans heard Kirsfen Flagsfad for +l'1e firsf Time on her farewell +our. Campus Guesfs Creafive dancers Franlrel and Ryder franspose absfracl' ideas info vivid aciion. liz we .J Q . ff,-f ,' .. 1. Q L, . gy.,-. 0 ,, s .1,, if F .' , 1 f A vw 81: , ,MS , 1. I ,fn-nf I Q hx! rv ,414 4 . xi. , . sq' 4' Q ff. 4' sg ' . 1." 1' ' ' . as fk.. , I :Q 4 7 7 A 1 K- p ibg A rw 5' V ' Q , Q A - ,- . 1, ,Q fv- f , s Mk , ' . . ff l n , Q, 3 ' ' .' -W-Z ' 0 1 4 " I ' -.'N-N' , 1' .K 4 ,kk .,Q. K .V .lv I . H3-3.mW' A . 1' 1' ' XX" Q ' .flip , M F 5, . , M Q ,V V we fi 3 e.. f f g 2' Y . pi ET: 'v fa s ' ,. . Ju' ' '1 4 E 78 Campus Gues'rs Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi, former Hungarian finance minisfer, chafs wi+h Dr. Sam McAlis+er before making one of his four campus speeches. K, i Touring Players bring ihe wizardy and humor of Shalcespeare's "Tempes'I"' info ihe main audi- forium. Jean Langlais, nofed blind French organisf appeared before NTexans in May . I, Publications 179 ,,paalE'f' DELBERT McGUIRE C, E, SHUFQRD SPOHSQV Sponsor The Campus Chai YVrite a news story, answer the phone, run back to the print shop, write an editorial, linish counting those headlines! One or all of these duties keep the student journalists who turn out the Campus Chat twice a week busy all day and most ol' the night. And their able coverage of campus activities is appreciated by North Texans and recognized by collegiate and professional journalists. Four Pacemaker awards and 23 All-American awards by the Associated Collegiate Press prove this. RAY ATTEBERRY GERALD SKIDMORE RAY MOSELEY Summer Ednfor Fall Ediior Spring Edifor CATHY ETTER KENNETH SMART DON LIPMAN News Associafe Ediiorials Feaiures Associa+e V """" iff' v W we ig gfx pf 4 ,-P Q DON HENRY HAL YEARGAN spans Associah, Feaiures ASSOCl6+9 JERE COX News Associafe ,,,,,,,.anfUQ ROGER HOLLOWAY Business Manager I if El lg is 9, W EI I , A ff IJ' Kinsman I , .I I Ii I 5 I fi A, ls. . ,-,x- .. IJ. :e,., :ff"qfI': 'His ' '-:: ' ,W,,L iJ:'fQ5 " i . fvf.-iff-f " -I Above: VIRGINIA HARRIS ERNIE MARTIN Ediiorials Assisianf Socieiy Edifor Lefh DIXIE CURTIS Ediforials Assishanf MARY MARGARET SHAW News Assis+an'I BERT DIMOCK News Assisfanf Lefh MARGARET McREARY News Assisiam' Below: GRADY MILSAP GLORIA SEAMAN Ari Edifor Exchange Edifor 'WW H A W-ai.-.. 'W -3' rl idk BILL WATSON JERRY COFFEE ALLAN BRIDGES Amusemenfs Sporfs Sporfs CULLEN BOYLES Assisfanf Business Manager ff.. BLAKE HAMPTON Carioonisf JIM JOHNS Assisfani' Business Manager t..."2:::'P' BERT DIMOCK Associafe Edifor CHARLES RAMOS Associaie Edifor The Avesfa :MSX of-f kv-iw. MARY ANN JENNINGS Edifor A-Q.,-5, North Texas, literary magazine, the Avesta, is published twice yearly. Spring and fall publications of the Avesta are composed of short stories, essays, features, and poems written by members of the student body. The Avesta staff, with the assistance of Dr. Orna Stanley, sponsor of the magazine, selects manu- scripts to be published. Six times rated All-American by the Associated Collegiate Press, this yearls Avestas have kept up the unusually high standard of literature quality. sq-5 V M ---it PATSY WH E LTON Assisia nf WANDA SIMMONS Assisianf HAROLD BRIDGMAN Ari Edifor TOM MY DYSON Layoui' Edifor l85 DUDE NEVILLE McCLOUD Director, News Service News Service MARY ANN JENNINGS 186 V ROBERT J. McCLOUD Direc+or, Sporfs Publicify North Texas' own publicity bureau, the News Service, operates under the able direction of Mrs. Dude McCloud. Student workers do the writing on a newspaper basis, releasing lo- cal, state and national publicity. The News Service crew releases information about students, faculty, and general data on the college. Director of sports publicity is Robert Mc- Cloud, Who keeps the Southwest well informed about Eagle athletic activity. In addition to directing sports publicity, McCloud writes and edits the North Texan, newspaper for exes. The two publicity departments work capably and quietly, performing a vital and necessary service to our college. MARTHA WIGLEY The College Press All college printing is handled by the College Press under the experienced direc- tion of D. Hall. The Print Shop gang publishes a large volume, including cata- logues, bulletins, handbills, posters, in ad- dition to making bi-weekly runs of the Campus Chat. Hall, who takes personal pride in the accolnplishlnents of the Press, also serves as adviser of the Yucca. College Press Staff: ROW I: Belly Bowdoin, Marlha Earney, Rila Smifh, Palsy Whelfon. ROW 2: Joe Vyviala, Welda Henderson, Billy Lewallen, Dolores Palfen, Jimmy Rowe, Bernard Vyviala, Tommy Dyson. ROW 3: Arlhur Thompson, E. T. Ford, C. V. Kee, Kyle Fowler, Jack Fallen, Riley Willey. wwf NANCY SELLMAN PAUL BLAKNEY 137 if 1 x I' l' The 1952 YUCCA MARGARET McREARY Organiza+ion Ecli+or Five hundred and twelve pages, H63 pictures, endless hours of Work, sleepless nights, gallons of rubber cenient-this is what the Yucca has meant to us, its stall. NVe hope that the Yucca will niean niany hours of pleasant nieinories to you, for that is its purpose. The l952 Yucca got underway last June, when John and Mr. Hall, our faculty ad- viser, started formulating ideas and plan- ning the general layout of the book. In the fall when the staff returned to school, layouts were niade and specific sections of the book were begun. Pictures by the hundreds were sent to the engravers. By the end of March, we breathed a sigh of relief. Most of our engraving copy was completed. But We still werenlt through. Copy haunted us. But now, we're finished. And itis all yours! MADIE ECHOLS Feafure Edilor Sports Edifor BILL MARTIN Ri .Qi Choosing a cover 'For +he Yucca is a difficuli and complicaied problem. JOHN LOVELACE Edifor, fhe I952 Yucca MARTHA DAVIDSON MORRIS Assis+an+ fo +l1e EdI+or J. D. HALL Adviser 9 ..,, W -s'-4,12 ax' a vs MMMM JACK MU RRAY Phofography Edifor Cameras in hand, our photographers started their work in September. With the addition of informals to the Organization section, the load of the photographers was increased consider- ably. From the September beginning until the last. of March, the photography staff, composed of Murray, O'Dell, and Ruffin, worked long and hard hours to get the pictures ready for engrav- ing. Capable and experienced, the photographic staff furnished the Yucca with the largest amount of pictures ever used. Yucca Photographers KENNETH O'DELL JOE DAVID RUFFIN Phofographer Phofographer if .if w ' 1 5 , . L S S may xp wa-fm,,,, fm ,, . . ,.: ,A Z 7 I 5 Q fif ,iyfZ-- . 5 . 1 - 'V' . 2- .V ay 4 ,Q- ir g 5 'rf' 0 1 . , , Av .W F La' 5 ? is if Es Q gf 5 ,W i H 3557? Q if W 22. 5 ,.. Q in E ' I Y Xe Mg, 2 k af wr ,,.f-aw"""""' 2 9 lxaf-gn? Ar. , V In ,.-EM, : Q- . fw V I , RQ ,Q 3 -Q. f "' Those students honored by being named to Who's VVho Among Students in American Universities and Colleges are students who are leaders on the campus. Nominees to the group are selected by members of the faculty and student senate on the basis of scholarship,leadership, and service. The nom- inees' records are carefully screened by a faculty-student committee and names of the selections are sent to national headquarters for approval, Thus the elite at North Texas become recognized in VVho's YV ho in the Bluebook of college life, which is published annually by the national committee. In contrast, Who's Who at North Texas members are selected by faculty members from the various departments and schools, who choose representatives for their particular departments by much the same standards that are used in selecting the national group. These are the students who are outstanding in their particular field of endeavor. Names of the nominees to both organiza- tions are announced during the fall semester. X f --apo-4' wal' Rose Mary Brau Alfred Broad Monle Hill Davis Jan Downing 3 X y gf . .W S wi LL.. 1 f, 4 Q, , . uw - me ww ew? .ez Qs? zzsge N 2 3 vw Lair-A 4, y A K , , -3 my ' 551. K A x gr, f lf. . - .fx K Q. wif' , il hi? M 4, - 1 ,- W ii' 1' H ' 5 f an . 5, - , Lf is b Z 1 . ,r Q 'A S, K . H -4' af . 2 57 Mi Eff T3 -5 I ff Q fix 752 . - 1 5 L Si If , fry? H' lj .. . ,ff Q J ' ff? . W K RN R, V ' + L Q. , S X555 , S, 'Q .4 .2 fu, iii' ,Www ffa S .. , f -z 1 27: -5, I ifwwy pill. Yi .if Mtg Nw . Dick Harris P993 Huge Don January Mary Ann Jennings 195 WHO'S WHO Among Students in American Universities and Colleges l fi Qi , vi 11, M? :V in rg ZA, xr' is W fi? , isis re 'A ,hgh we I - i f V553 4 ,. Sharon Kay Jones John Lovelace Billy Maxwell Lucille Mendenhall I is i ' A sm 196 K 25 Si R 1 if i W "I" John O'Glee Dale Pefers Paul Pe+erson Rufh Rice 7 mp . if , - ,my 3-'fs 552355 if-545515: -QWQHQ ,gysL,.X,pmW 32124 f ,f,2?"1j.2-if ' Q. ., . I . -3, , Q ., ' . Vim, - , 5 ,5 Q L,4W,LQ , '2QZ7"x bfi' f gi ,,.,w,,..,k ,K , ' Kg 41. 1 K xgsggyfff gf 352121 1 iz . -.. Q, Lil ki ,Q If lr! Uk, , 5' W -,Af --3 ,. ng fw Q fi -Q ff, , .M 7 : E-E Xf ls 51: ' , fl ff 'f f "J r '- 'SP -. 4 by J if .4 A 1' 855' ff, is J, 41: its . Z 3. f, ' ?fi3i,s my 1' , Wk, ,Q 'Agp --,WW ,355 J, A ,,.,. 591135525 - Q , fq E:-X-4-s:s.:E: - . g Q 6 Q. Q .F N' 3 K 2 . S Y 4' S ZTLGPQV l' ' TM 22 . , -f - we ,efggi 7 'Lifes , ,IL M i, :.J,- ,AQ ? 'i gg-.QQ Q 7 fi7Zf,sWfss55?,7L-Ui if 5!IS52f:Fa?5i- SH - I f ,, - R f' VEf:ZF3S? f- 5115: fizz"':'5- ' . , L ,UQ i.Q..'-111i,zE"',,f Jvlw. 4 A Q . fn 'L H .U,,.,,, . , ,YW , zumvilf 'H' If PM .4 Y in ff - 25,5 ,sm Jn.. , 6, wk V r K 1' ig if f A V K ig' 4 "" ,ff if 2 4 Q s r S M ,, 3 x 5 my . 5 iziiggyz ig F55 'QV' - .5 ygjyaiy K .. g 7 LLM 'lk . .fi J ,1f1.,,z-.Q 53,351 44' Wx Clifford Shipp Gerald Skidmore Phil Slavick Kenne+h Smarf 199 H, g WHC'S WHO Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Jean Smith Charies Teag Arlie Turlrett Mary Walke r i up u"n'lf?"5 -d"h-f X NP W x. Xxx' V 'E up W ,4 Dan Wall Leonard Weelrs Leroy Whifaker Earle Young 2 202 ACCOUNTING ART James Turner Alex PICIKGHS BIOLOGY Richard Ressling ENGLISH SECONDARY EDUCATION Mary Walker C. Rex McConnell Who's Who a GOVERNMENT Bob Dennis ! I BUSINESS EDUCATION CHEMISTRY ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Bef+y Purgason Harland I'IoIsI' Jan Downing Norfh Texas HISTORY WendeII Knox FOREIGN LANGUAGE GEOGRAPHY Hecfor Oriuela William A. Mixon 2 HOME ECONOMICS INDUSTRIAL ARTS JOURNALISM Mildred Daniels Alber+ Endrizzl Gerald Skidmore 2 I INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC KEYBOARD MUSIC Larry Augfln MODIS Davis 5 ,l 1? I H Who's Who a MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ray Renfro LIBRARY SCIENCE MANAGEMENT MATHEMATICS Mozelle Duncan W'3Yne DOTICII Jim Bradford Norfh Texas WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Shirley Murphy VOCAL MUSIC MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Edgar Sfone BIIIy MaxweII 205 6 PHYSICS PSYCHOLOGY George Paulison Ed Jer1Iiir1S Qi MN-K -rw my M , X, Who's Who a'r Norfh Texas SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION SECRETARIAL SCIENCE SPEECH Arlie Turlceff Peggy Sheri' Una Glazener 1952 Yucca Beauties ..-,.-,..-....,..,. ,x. M .,. .- uw 0121265 Qfzoom Zeta Pi Gamma www 31.9- x. Q, N X N 1.5 2 55552. Wig, A.k, , Zeke? 5 rf? G4 X N .4 -S in .MQ 5 QW ffsainf S S ww- wwfi 1 E if 6 Q 3 5 Q 5 f 3 S E 5 5 2 E 2 Q 2 2: A 1 5 Q r S sf ., .fu ,f QF K -fwwwwq K Z 1. A gif 95 GL X Y M3533 H, , Q,g,,5: w , V 14 XB , ,.,J,.. ,, Beaufy Q my Juanell Md++hBWS Jane Grogan Marfha Longboiham Joyce Freeman BeHy Salem 53 Qs Semifinalisfs Jackie Porier Linda Spain Prilla Ann Hinion Carole Moore Carol Lynn Monk This ed eagerly picks his choices of ihe l2 mosl' beauli- 'ful girls on 'lhe campus. He thinks a dale goes wilh il. 1 l tim Y,- M W fs, -4 7 We , Keep your hands above lhe lable and no dealing o'F'F the boHom. Election board and Yucca staff counled voles. From Ballots 'ro Beauties Selecting beauties is a problem. At least that's what Yucca editors found out when they started their search for the twelve most beautiful girls on the North Texas campus. How would the girls be nominated? Who would make the final selection? Should the student body have any say in the matter? These are a few of the prob- lems that confronted the editors. Top I2 beaulies were chosen al' a dinner in their honor al' 'rhe Den'l'on Counlry club. Twenly-four lovelies made lhe iudges' iobs difficult . veg. V ....'Z'-'auf Each club on campus which desired nominated one girl. Those names were placed on a ballot and voted on by the student body. A hand-picked board of live judges, including Max Plake, Connie Bach- man, Jo Ann Vachule, Catherine Dillard, and Blackie Sherrod, chose the winning I2 out of the 24 semi-finalists. The Yucca editors think they hit the mark on all twelve. The 'Finishing 'touches have been added and lhese 'four confesl- anls are wailing lheir lurn lo be inferviewed by fhe amiable iudges :afar 05.55 ,,, .Q Nw. LeH': Beaufies wi'rh bulferllies in fheir s+omachs awaii' iuclgemenf. Right The iudges pui' beau+ies al' ease wiih Iolces-clean, of course. The iudges agree all are beaufies, buf only I2 can be winners. Afler ihree hours of wailing and inlerviewing, here are lhe I2 winners presenied af ihe All-College dance. gg As the spiritual says, "there's plenty good room." Yes, thereis plenty of good room at North Texas State College for every type of sport, and the pro- gram is large enough and varied enough that no one need be omitted. If you're not the athletic type, perhaps you are a good spectator. You read about Billy Maxwellls winning the National Amateur Golf title last sum- mer, then you saw him in person teamed with Lord Byron Nelson as they beat Joe Conrad and Baseball great Dizzy Dean. There was the thrilling gridiron battle between Carswell Air Force Base and Odus Mitchell's foot- ballers. Or there was the early season win in basketball over Texas A and M, and the later win over highly-rated Oklahoma City University. Whether you played a quarter, a round, or a set, or whether you just sat back and read the papers, you knew that this was a gigantic year for sports at North Texas. as sir . 955 - f i . aifgss f .g ffflz 'E SPORT 225 l Le'F+1o righf: Don January, Busier Reed, Billy Maxwell and Joe Conrad relax off Ohio S+a+e's l8fl1 green afier I95l vicfcry in NCAA golf iournamenf. Golfers Become Three-Time Busfer Reed Joe Conrad ,W r 9 .U 1 - l W' Minutes before the picture on the op- posite page was taken these same four men could not have proffered such ex- pressions of pleasure. Don January was on the 18th green at Ohio State Univer- sity's course in Columbus, Ohio. If he sank his putt, victory. If he rnissed, a tie with the host Ohio Staters. January did sink that putt, and, along with Buster Reed, Billy Maxwell and Joe Conrad, brought the NCAA golf trophy back to Eagleland for the third straight year. Never before in NCAA golf history has one school so dominated links play for so many years. Although the coveted individual title has escaped any of Coach Fred Cobb's athletes, his last three four- somes have managed to aggregate scores better than the rest of the nation's best. At Yucca press time this same four- some was still showing the way to golfers in several states, and, with the same team back intact, was highly favored to make it four straight for North Texas. National Links Champions it A y "r- ml -ffflfl.. f isp l N , 'x "lui ,flea X Golf Squadmen These eight men could possibly all be severely frustrated. You see, theylre all fine golfers in their own rights. At al- most any other college or university in the country, playing the same golf they now play, they could make the varsity. But at North Texas, playing their own good golf but behind the NCAA champs, they have to be content with second and third string. Sports writers in the area have be- come accustomed to writing up these golfers, as well as their first-team super- iors. For whenever North Texas has more than one golf team entered in a meet, such as at the Southwestern Recre- ational Meet in Fort Wo1'tli each spring, the "second" team always finishes sec- ond, and is always in danger of finishing first. Coach Fred Cobb could make his life very interesting by pitting his second and third teams against the first. On any given day, if Billy Maxwell et al were not shooting their best golf, either the second or third string team might beat them badly. Top fo boHom Henry Coger Benny Casfloo Jay Shoemaker Monfe Sanders Top 'lo boHom Marion Hislzey Billy HZII Sfanfon Mosel Bobby Maxwell i K kkyk M 1 Z ,K 5. ,k-,. .I ifl'-,iii X .,, ' ff' ' ' 'g1u1snili1i!i!lW'?l .,.,.,'tQ, ips sig wa iw - 3. ' will ffl! i w by ixfgwka 'if , fi ' V-41 , sf f ,iw it , 1 Ag Y if .i 4 ix? , 3'-:ji 7 ' Vx 5 K li 'ar f, .14Z'l'l'Q ' ,L X ini? :.'-4 V 2 H All eyes were on fhe new amaieur golf champion, Billy Maxwell, after he Beal Gagliardi, 4 and 3, on Sepiember I9, l95l. Nafional Amafeur Golf Champion "Ladies and gentlemen, Billy Maxwell, 22-year- olcl collegian lroin Denton, Texas, has just be- cotne the national aniateur golf champion, defeat- ing joe Gagliarcli of New York 4 anal 3 over the Defying reporls lhal he coulcln'f pull, Billy sank fhe long ones under pressure. wix,.:2.'l 1.gQ.s' P' -L. i Saucon Valley Country Club course near Allen- town, Pennsylvania." Radio Sportscaster Bill Stern usecl words like this to cleseribe Maxwells stunning victory over Gagliarcli. 'l'he first collegian ever to win the big prize, ancl the youngest since the innnortal Bobby jones, Maxwells September l9, 1951, feat brought innnecliate recognition to hizn and to North Texas State College. Gagliardi watches in disgusi as Maxwell sinks an 8-footer on ihe I4+h green 4-Q was , , ,Mai Mi adam f'f53f'1Zi . H... 1 f mf iw. f whfelsf 4,-Q -1 ,pr W7 . gg f Ty' Q,5j,i3g:"','f t 'V ., Q sifuys w.,.i-1 aw., 'gg LA M W - 1-was L, W. Jvfkvyx IA? le 'wi riyisvikl if .Yyngpvl Ei A.. 'ti--fiwlgi HH'-'is ,' ff t, X ',i'1-Q. A" - , .J QQ, ij," ' 3 4 -Wh 4 'HM 1 wa., , .. Q .1 ,W xvb , -K ig in ,. .1 7 , If 'Q . , 3 ivxtqxwdv 3 1 Q 1 . Wi f 'Se fin .. s....3li5w:,.' ' 1 . M.. i""" tem ,..D':.. " it - Ray Renfro evades a faclder againsi' Universiiy of Chafianooga lt's odd to find out in a barber shop that you made Little All-American, but that is exactly how Ray Renfro found out that he had been chosen on the first team of the mythical AP champion gridders. Ren- fro has lettered all four years here and for the past three seasons has been on the start- ing eleven. This year he led the scoring parade with I5 touchdowns in 12 games played. While carrying the ball 127 times, Renfro gained 1043 yards for an average of 7.5 yards per carry, which is good in anybody's league. The 180 pound half-back is the first gridder from NT to receive the coveted award since Johnny Stovall, who made it in 1937. However, Renfro wasn't the only foot- baller from Eagleland to receive mention in the mythical hall of fame, as Quincy Armstrong, center, and Kenneth Bahnsen fullback, also received honors. Armstrong was chosen on Williamson's All-American middle team and honorable mention from the AP squad. Bahnsen re- ceived his laurels on the AP honorable mention squad. National Recognition 'ro Three Gridmen Quincy Armsirong Kennefh Ba hnsen f :iii Lwsifigvevx 1 'f -nr' y cf' f Y Assl. Coach De Walker Assl. Coach Herb Ferrill Head Coach Odus Mifchell Football Coaching Staff ll three I,ittle .lxll-.hlllCl'lCllll. eight gXll lexas Col- lege. ami wixteen .Xll Lcmleretiee players mean any thing. the euaeliiiig' stall at North lexas can he satislietl. Heatl Cluach Otlils Nlitehell ami assistants De lYalker. Herb lferrill. :mtl lfretl Cain. pilutetl the Xl ltagles to the C-ull boast Champitmship plus play' temp-llight teams lrtmm all over the natitm. Nlitehell. in his sixth year here. aml his team rtmmpetl mel' the other two teams in the ctmlerenee by scores ol til-tl aml E32-ll. lhis well-mtmlclecl team cumpiletl a liual total ol llll points while their np- ptmemn matle only l2'l. lhe lfagle mentors began the Year with a letter- mau lor every position aml tlicl not let up iii practice umil they hatl mtmltletl a lightingagg1'egatim1 lmth gr ' tm twllense aml tleleiise. Asst Coach Fred Mccain Coach" concenfrales on some heavy aclion in practice. Big grins like this come only from good 'Foofball on field. "Maybe we shouldn'+ have called 'rhal end-around." 'z N 4 Three Cardinals gang up +o bring clown charging fullback Kennerh Bahnsen. North Texas 54, Lamar Tech 6 Quincy Armsfrong Gene Bahngen Kenneth Bahnsen Bill Bishop E1 1. Wliile 5400 fans looked on the North Texas Eagles began their l95l season in Beaumont against the Lamar 'lleeh Cardinals. The Eagles took advantage of their opponents' weak line and pushed over six touchdowns in the first stanza and two in the last. 'l'ommy Gray began the scoring parade with an end sweep lrom the Lamar 21 yard line just three minutes after play had begun. Renfro added two behind the stellar blocking of Quincy Armstrong, Bill Lammes, Glen Wloods, and VVendell Swann. Five minutes later, Kenneth Bahnsen power- housed over from the I5 to count for the fourth tally. On the next series of plays, James Brewer and NValter O'Farrell partially blocked a fourth down attempted punt and the Eagles took over on the Lamar 20. Harvey set up the score on a pass to Gray and NVomble smashed over from the 6. Harvey passed to Drew lor the sixth score alter Candy had blocked an attempted punt. The see- ond team took over in the seeond hall' and made two touchdowns to the Cardinals' one. Nor'rh Texas 33, Texas Wesiern O El Paso was the scene ol the Eagles' second victory in as lnany weeks. as Coach Mitchell incorporated ran roughshod over the Texas lVestern Miners. The Eagles' lirst count canie when Ray Renfro crashed over lll'Oll1 the nine to give the North Texans a decided advantage. The conversion failed and the Eagles were halted until six minutes before the half end- ed. After two attempted passes lailed, Renfro scanipered around right end on a pitchout irotn Richard Harvey for 79 yards and the second tal- ly. Hard blocking froin his teannnates paved the way. Gene Bahnsen converted and made the score lf?-0. Half-way through the second hall, Kenneth Bahnsen drove over froni the two yard line after spectacular blocking on the part of his teannnates. His younger brother Gene made the conversion. The Miners threatened only once in the lirst hall' and were stopped on the Eagles, seven as linenlen Janies Brewer. Ray Robertson. and TValter U'Farrell lornied an inlpregnable wall. Renlro counted liour niinutes later when he skipped around lelt end for the last score. Bahnsen niade his third conversion in as niany tries. "Big John" Roberfson helps clear 'the way for Bahnsen's line charge Norfh Texas 62, Sul Ross 6 Pile-tlriving lullback Kenneth Bahnsen lecl the North 'liexans to victory over the Sul Ross Lobos as he scorecl lout ol' the nine touchclowns. Clint lirisentline set up the lirst two Eagle scores lroni his tlelensive hall'-back position when he interceptetl a pass ancl eoveretl a llunible. The Eagles' hartl-clrixing line letl the attack on the hapless Lobos. In six plays liahnsen hatl scorecl twice on short plunges through the line. 'l'he third score eanie through the air as Mlentlell Swann captured one ol' Richard l'larvey's aerials in the entl zone. 'I'o eoniplete the hall. Harvey again took to the air antl chalkecl up the li0Lll'll1 score as Renfro took the pass antl went 413 yartls to pay clirt with the ball. lhree touchdowns were Illlltlif in the seeontl hall with 'lonnny Gray, liahnsen, and Bobby l,ankl'ortl on the scoring entl. lianklortl made the last touchtlown to niake the final reacling G2-6. Gene liahnsen convertetl eight ol' the nine place- ntents that he trietl. Wl+h End Jim Stuart leading the way, Renfro dashes deep info Lobo land. Ray Renfro escapes clulches of one would-be laclcler and heads for home This 'lime Renfro leads the way and Bahnsen heads for one of 'Four TDs. V 1...-. ivi-...,..-U..-. wi-..-1.-.1i...-,t-ft. North Texas 48, Easf Texas 7 Lions, Lions everywhere, but only one wilh a chance of stopping Bahnsen. Luckily 'for this East Texas defender, af leasl one NT pass went amiss. Twenty-one points in live minutes is the way the score read here as the Eagles took on the East 'l'exas Lions. The big. rough, fast, experienced line led the attack in the merciless game as the North Texans romped over the Lions 48-7. Bill Hammond of the Eagles started the ball rolling as he took a punt return back for 48 yards and pay-dirt. The Lions took the ball on the kick- off and held it until Bill Brashier intercepted a pass to set up the second tally. 'llommy Gray skirted end for the 17 yards. Gene Bahnsen and Freddie Clotiaux combined to convert six out of seven extra points for North Texas. Richard I-Iarvey's aim was on the mark as he completed six passes out of six attempts for a total of lll yards. Gray went over from the four after a 92-yard march for the third touchdown for the Eagles. Bahnsens fourth straight conversion was good. The Lions' only counter came deep in the secs ond quarter when Marvin Brown skirted the Eagle end. Balinsen and Lankford counted for the re- maining scores in the 48-7 victory for the Eagles. "PoHy" Gray breaks around end as Quincy Armstrong moves in lo offer aid '-.Q Balwnsen dives over a 'reeming mass of humanily for six poinls al' Amarillo. Norfh Texas 42, Wes'r Texas Stale 14 Kip Camp Billy R. Clarlr Boyd Cox Starling slowly the Eagles soundly trouncecl lVest 'llcxas State, the coaclrs old alma inaler, 42- l4 in Ainarillo. lVill1 Renfro skirting enmls. Balnisen bulling his way over llie center. anal Gray on the quick open- ers tile Eagles pusliecl across six Loucliclowns in the SlXly-lIlll1lllC period. Gene Ballnsen kicked all six extra points. For the first time ol' the season Lime Eagles were tied when Seifert of Hlesl Texas slippeml over for Llie score. End Wendell Swann prepares io snuggle fha? ball and be gone. Klrlc Drew Bob Gandy A1 lj Ernie Marvel and Jaclr Lawless box a Bomber shcrily afier he receives a pass. Norfh Texas 6, Carswell Air Force 13 Playing a star-studded cast ol' players from every conference imaginable, the NT Eagles took on the Carswell Air Force Base Bombers and darn near beat them. Two fXll-Americans and several All-Conference men were on the roster for Carswell. These outa standing players ranged from Mississippi State, Tennessee, Texas. Rice, Tulsa, Baylor, TCU, .-Xrkansaf and NTSC. The :Xll-:XlH6l'lCfiI1S. Bud Sherrod who lettered at Tennessee four years and Bud NIcFadin from Texas. were shadowed by the giant NT linenien. The capacity crowd saw a lormer NT player take the game from his alma mater when little Loyd liowe ran 76 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter to provide a win lor the Bombers and the first loss ol' the season lor the Eagles. The game was in a dead-lock at the hall with the score 6-6. The Bombers scored first when jim jeffrey, formerly of Baylor, bulled it over from the two. Balmsen scored lor the Eagles after a 56-yard drive. The game proved that the Eagles are capable ol' playing anybody a good game. Ac+ion's confusing, bul The Eagles are Lawless and Hickman. Pogue heads 'For a spol of California soil, while Lawless goes aboul 'lhe business of slopping a Wes? Coasler. Nor'rh Texas O, College of Pacific 34 Tommy Gray Bill Hammond T. K. Hardy North Texas losl its second consecutive game when il journeyed to California and took on the College ol' the Pacific. Injuries and the seventeen-hour plane trip were loo nluch forthe boys as the Californians ran up PM-ll belore the linal gun sounded. 'llhe Pacific teain started the shellacking hall'-way through 4 .. , . . . the lirst quarter when kddie Nlacon took a pitch-out lroni be- hind his own 49 and behind good blocking went all the way. Macon scored again a few minutes before the hall' when he intercepted a pass on his own 40 and went over untouched. The Eagles were in striking distance several times. but nevei could quite hit the goal-line. .aw-My V- Richard Harvey Fred Hickman v ' 0 3 M- ..- I E A Renfro receives profecfion 'From llefl lo riglifl Qualls, Sfuarl and Bahnsen Norfh Texas 32, Trinify O Sfuarf meefs l'l'1e ball more +l'1an half- way for a caich. The Ezwles emne back Sll'01l0A alter il mir of cle- D O leats lo mek 'l'1'1ni1y 32-ll 211111 take 1l1e lezul 111 1l1e Gulf Coast COI1liCVC11CC. Rielmrcl Ha1'1'ey'S passes eounlienl for llll'CC ol the Eagle toucl1clowns as l1e tlirew Lo -Iiin 5111311 and lVenclell Swann. SWQ11111 enlerecl 1l1e gznne for OIIC play and was the receiver of o11e of H21l'X'Cj"S paydirt aerials. Renfro Ill21ClC ll1e other two l,OllCl1ClUXVllS O11 sparkling runs ol 34 and 20 yards. 'l'l1e big Eagle clefensive li11e paced by lloycl Cox, Jznnes Brewer, XV21llC1' CJiFZll'l'Cll, Hola clllllfly. ancl Bill Bishop allowecl 1l1e 'Tigers only 441 yards i11 the l'USllll1g clepz11't111enl. Bill Lammes Bobby Lanlcford s Q , X151 A 1' '21 1 1 Ray McGaIlion Jack Lawless , Q 4-4.5. i l' ..,...,-w-' A good par? of fhe crowd and af leasf I6 gridmen saw Ray Renfro make fhis end sweep for a gain againsf Midwesfern. North Texas 61, A capacity Homecoming crowd of l2,000 saw the Eagles blast Midwestern 61-0 to take the Gulf Coast Conference championship in a runaway. The Eagles scored three times in the second quarter and twice in each of the others to make a grand total of 498 yards in offensive play. Fullback Ken Bahnsen led the scoring parade with three touchdowns. Ray Renfro scored twice, Midwestern O and Tommy Gray, Bob Lankford, Julius Smolik, and Griff Hughes each added one. Renfro managed one of the longest runs of the season when he cleared tackle and went from his five yard line to the fourth score. Griff Hughes grabbed the fumbled ball on the kick-off and raced for the score 20 seconds after the eighth score. Bahnsen clears an Indian, buf spo'I's a referee blocking his pafh +o six poinfs. A .M ...-.i, Sims.. Nor'rh Texas 62, Fresno Stare O Five thousand chilled spectators saw the North Texas Eagles stomp Fresno State 62-0 in Eagle Stadium Nov. l7 with a fine display of power in the air and on the ground. The North Texans started slow as they scored only once in the first period, but came back with three in the second, three in the third, and two in the fourth. Bob Lankford paced the victors as he scored three of the touchdowns from his fullback spot. Lankford tore through the Bulldog line consist- ently and scampered 54 yards for one of his touch- downs. Quarterback Richard Harvey's aerials were on a line as he passed for three of the nine touchdowns to Jim Stewart, Wendell Swann, and Ray Renfro. The defensixe line held up to standard as it al- lowed the Fresno backs only 47 yards rushing. The Eagles went 143 yards in the air in the total of 286 yards compiled for the afternoon. Tommy Gray on one of his wild runs that was very frequent during the course of the afternoon Ernie Marvel Walter O'FarreIl Y 1 l 4' V A? Q03 s , ,, Vw W Rudi.. , ,Q , E' F fn.. .,y, , .. - ,. -F I - it M. A 3, ,- .,,, r A v 54:3 s 4 A "'-':azf 4 ' ,Yee 'iii-L'-L.a-'t', 7 ' 4 5 ima' 1 2-12 Fullbaclc Bobby Lanlcford +ries a wide end run while End Wendell Swann clears 'Phe way. North Texas 20, Universify of Chaffanooga 32 Two important injuries might have macle the difference between a win and a loss as the Eagles lost their third game out of eleven to the Univer- sity of Chattanooga Moccasins. The Eagles counted first in the 32-20 game, but the Moccasins came back for three fast ones to take the starch out of the boys from Texas. Ken Bahnsen and Jim Stuart were taken from the game early in the first half. Bahnsen rein- jurefl a leg injury and Stuart was helpecl off the lielcl with a broken leg. lVith one minute left to play Quarterback Rich- ard Harvey hit Royce Wfomblc in the encl zone for the final Eagle score. 'l'he breaks just dicln't come and all agreed that this was one of the toughest games of the year. Sam Pogue Charles Quells Ray Renfro Ray Roberson AH fa-.E .V .Q -,. not wl Richard Smi+l1 Julius Smolik Jim Sfuari' Nor'rh Texas 14, Universify of Housfon 20 Hacl breaks ancl an inspiretl llniyersity ol' Houston eleven slippecl by the Eagles fZfl4l4 in the first half of a sports clouble header here Dec. 5. .VX basketball game was playecl that night. The bail breaks came in the form of a penalty ancl a fumble. The penalty preyentefl the Eagles from scoring in the third quarter ancl the fumble set up the Cougars' thircl touchdown in the same periocl. The Salacl Bowl-bound Cougars won the game when Paul Carr. Cougar linebacker, hauled in one ol Richard Haryeys aerials in the final stanza and ran flfl yarcls lor the count. The game was far from being over. however. as Bill lirasliier led his teammates clownfield for their second touchdown. Swann took Bl'Z'tSl1lCl'iS pass in the end-zone lor the score. The Eagles then triecl an onside kick success- lully, but the game enclecl alter one pass that was incomplete clownlielrl. This enclecl the long I2 game scheclule. which saw them rack up 434 points to their opponents l32, ancl win eight ol the games ancl the Gull Coast Clonlerence championship. Wendell Swann George Terrell Royce Womble Glen Wood Royce Womble slips away from Two U. of Ho l if 13 la usfon 'lacklers going away. :fall if'if.f5i,,: ' V -,,,ssfz,fwg A ,, in W", .4 frwmfwf 1 'ir fam . i X l Kelley is greal gn any Lind of Sl-,ot especially fhe herd ones, Axfell proves fha? he could come ouf for fraclc, if he wanfed lc Pai Kelley Top-Scoring Cagers Pat Kelley led the Eagle scor- ers this year with a total of 369 points in the 23 games played. He scored 133 field goals and 103 free shots for an average of I6 points per game. Kelley had his best game against Midwestern Feb. 7 when he scored 32 points against the Indians. Calvin Axtell was runner-up in the honors division of basket- ball with 285 points scored dur- ing the season. Axtell made an average ol' l2.4 points per game, mostly on jump shots. Calvin Axfell Mmm my si 'Twin msn . Assislanf Coach Ted Niclcsick and Head Menlor Pefe Shands look over +he fufure crop in spring -training. Eagle Baskerball Caplein Charles Johnson The Eagle basketball team started off with a bang this year as Coach Pete Shands began his fourteenth season as head mentor. With 12 lettermen back from the 1950 season the Eagles opened up with a practice scrimmage against the Austin Kangaroos and ended up on top of the '74-65 score. In the second game of the season the Shandsmen took on the Texas Aggies at College Station. The game proved to be a hit-and-run affair as the Eagles won in an overtime period 46-43. Playing two games with the University of Tex- as Longhorns at Austin the Eagles came out lack- ing five points in each of the contests. Superior height and ballhandling gave the Austinites win- ning margins of 61-56 and 55-50. Winning 15 of the 23 games played, the Eagles tied Midwestern for the Gulf Coast Conference championship. i Iniured Captain, Hard Schedule Playing inspired basketball all season the Eagles undertook a hard schedule and proved themselves Worthy of playing in any conference. Captain Charles Johnson piloted his team from both on the playing field and on the bench as he was out for quite a bit of the season with a bad leg. Pat Kelley and Calvin Axtell carried the brunt of the load for most of the games and were ably accompanied by Pat Cain, Dick Woodward, Tom Edwards, Larry Conces, Elmer Beard, Keneth Banks, Tom and Bervin Hooper, and Earl Lanningham. Picking out the hardest game of the season and writing it up would be an impossible job as the Eagles played many good teams, but perhaps the most exciting game of the year was when the North Texans beat the Oklahoma City University Chiefs. At the time the Chiefs were rated 18th in the nation's standings and had only been beaten once and that by one point. The Eagles caught fire early in the game and played magnificent ball against the Chiefs. The final score of 51-49 indicated the tight game that it was. Tom Edwards Larry Conces Kendel Banks Elmer Beard Pai Cain Thai great Eagle team huddles for a short fall: and rest. Q S Q 5-2 Cagers Score Wins In El Paso, Denfon One of the highlights of the basketball season was the participation by North Texas in the Sun Bowl tournament in El Paso. The Eagles first beat Texas lVestern in the tourna- ment. The team started out fast and captured a l5 point lead in the first quarter and didn't lose control of the ball for the rest of the game which NT won 78-58. In the second game of the tournament the Eagles were slated against New Mexico. At the end ol' the third quarter the Eagles trailed by seven points but caught fire in the last stanza and brought the score up to 55-54 where the game ended. Tom Edwards led the scor- ing parade with 18 points. After the holidays the Eagles began the conference loop against Trinity University. The Eagles took a long stride in tying the championship as they took both gain as off of the Tigers with scores of 84-65 and 64-59. L Pat Kelley led the scoring of the first game with 21 points and Calvin Axtell counted 17 times to lead the scoring in the second Contest. Kelley fries a fwo-handed push shot againsl' a wealr Trinity U. Elmer Beard goes way up fhere when he's iumping cenfer in a close confesf. --QQ: B H p Tom Hooper Season's Results N01 th Texas Opponents Austin College Texas AXQM U. of Texas U. of Texas Hardin-Sinnnons U East Texas State East Texas State Southeastern Okla. Southeastern Okla. Texas Westerli New Mexico Trinity U. Trinity U. Okla. City U. Austin College Okla. City U. Hardin-Simmons ll Midwestern U. Midwestern U. Trinity U. Trinity U. Midwestern U. Midwestern U. m'm'J""1'w-may Pal Kelley lays one up on +l'1e baclrboard as +l1e crowd loolcs on. wfffff 22. 1. Conces is going up 'For +l'1e rebound againsi' 'flue Aus+in Kangaroos. Earl Lanninglnam Harlan Vander Zee 'Q'-af Dick Woodward 2 Pal' Cain se'rs his sigl1+s and lays one up on +l1e baclcboard Conces readies himself as Pal' Kelley fries a lmoolc sl1o'l Dick Woodward Hps one in as a hapless Kangaroo loolcs on helplessly Tom Edwards adds fwo more as Calvin Axlell sfands by. Jump sfar ariisf Calvin Axlell slwoois and 'Phe Savages lool: on wi+l1 woncler. Larry Conces 'fries 'lo slip in on a Savage's ferrifory. Well, +l1e Eagles can'+ malre all of fl1e scores In a game. The Eagles fly as Pa? Kelley comes up and under 'lo make one North Texas, Midwestern Tie For Gulf Coast Conference Ti'rle Facing the tough Indians from Midwestern the Eagles took the first game in a close thriller 69-67. If the Eagles beat Midwestern in the series, they would win the conference. The Indians took an early lead, but Captain Charles johnson piled in a field goal and a free shot to put the Eagles out front. The scoring proceeded in a terrific fashion and the Eagles were out in front at the half with a score of 42-31. The half began with the Indians whittling away at the Eagles' ll point lead. The third quarter began with the North Texans only three points ahead and ended with the Eagles only two points to the good. Pat Kelley, leading Eagle scorer, had his best night of the season as he piled up 32 points. O'Neal Vlfeaver of Midwestern was runner-up with 25 points. In the second game of the series the Indians counted 57 to NT's 52 to come back strong. O'Neal Weaver dropped 26 points through the nets to take scoring honors. Pat Kelley fouled out in the third quarter after making just nine points, but teammate Calvin Axtell counted for 18. In the next two games the two teams split the win column to make both tie for the Gulf Coast championship. L y C es fries and misses, buf Lewis Lufriclc is fhere fo back him up. -1.-u1ui1ui V Pa+ Kelley jumps high, buf Midwesfern 1' lx H1 b ll cl H1 g Axiell and an Indian iusf go? fired and lay down. Whifeyu Vander Zee goes up wiih a Hardin Cowpolre in quesf of The ball. 25 Dale Imel and Don Edwards come in firsl' and second a+ The Sou'lhwes+ern Exposilion Meer. Speedy Ray Renfro, as he pos+ed a 9.7 in fhe I00 yard dash in 'lhe Fi. Worfh Meef. 254 Eagle Track Track started early this year as the Eagle cinder men travelled to New Orleans for the new Sugar Bowl meet. There they failed to win anything but did place second in the 400 meter. Next the Eagles journeyed to Norman for a dual meet with powerful University of Oklahoma and came out on the short end of the 95-32 score. The Eagles placed three firsts in the meet when Ray Renfro won the 60-yard dash in 6.5 against a l5 mph wind. James Brewer won the shot contest with a throw of 47 feet 55 inches and took second in the discus. Ray Lucas went over the bar at ll feet 4 inches to cop first in the pole vault while Billy Matthews came in second. In the intrasquad meet before the Laredo contests Ray Renfro took first in everything that he participated in. The All American gridder won the 100, 220, and ran on two winning relays, the 440 and sprint medley, good for l21Q points. Ted Smith won the 220 low hurdles and javelin and Dale Imel won the mile. Coach Winfon E. "Pop" Noah ,Q- Cowfowner Brewer won ihe slmoi' pul' for fhe l1ome folks. Eagle Wal+ Lindsey liar rigl1+l rounds fhe +urn ai For+Wor'rl1 in a 440-dash prelim. A story book finish gave Pop Noah's thinly clads the Border Olympics title again this year as the mile relay team came in second to give North Texas the 41-38 victory. Winning four events and tying one, the Eagles took the meet on their seconds, thirds, and fourths. ACC scored the same amount of firsts as the North Texans. This was the fifth time in six years that the Eagles have captured the Laredo crown. New records were set up in three of the Eagle firsts as James Brewer beat his last year's shot put mark by one foot and five 95 inches. The sprint relay team com- posed of Bill Walters, Jerome Zabojnik, Ray Renfro, and Charley Teague knocked .2 seconds off their mark of 42.3 set last year- Minufes afler winning ilwis 220 heal' af Forf Worfh, Ray Renfro became ill. 'X ' 'M5..1a,"f2e-wi 55 Eagles Ser Records, Win af For'r Worth Ray Renfro, Bill Walters, and james Brewer duplicated their first-place wins of the Border meet as the North Texans won the Fort Worth Southwestern Recreational meet. North Texas scored SSK, points to the run- ner-up Howard Payne's 34, with the defending Abilene Christian College group falling to third with 28. Renfro clialked up the only record made by North Texas, winning the 100 in 9.7. The ver- satile athlete was taken to the hospital with the flu following the race and was, therefore, un- able to participate in the 220. The 440 relay team was also scratched because of Renfro's illness. Dale Imel's win in the mile was the first collegiate victory that he had ever accomplished. Brewer won his third straight shot put title of the year with a toss of 49 feet and 9 inches. Wlalters jumped 23 feet 6 inches to better his win at the Border Olympics to take first place in that event. Hurdling Ted Smi+l1 clears 'lhe lasl' barrier befween himself and -ti Ray Renfro 'Finishes fasf as he sefs fhe new fraclr record for fhe I00 af The new Norfh Texas Relays a+ 9:5 seconds. Charlie Teague finished ihird. Charley Teague Won both the l00 and 220 yard dashes and anchored the victorious 440 yd. relay team as the Eagles racked up the East Texas Lions 85-47 in a dual meet in Eagle stadium. The North Texans racked up ll of l4 first places and eight runner-ups as they swamped the hapless Cinder men from East Texas. Ray Lucas high-lighted the afternoon with his performance on the pole-vault when he hit 13 feet 2 inches. Bully Malfhews goes over fhe high bar in a nice clean sweep here af NT. Tha+'s Ray Renfro passing fha bafon fo Jerome Zebonilr in lhe sprini' relay. Teague emerged from the meet as high point man with l2 counters. James Brewer added ten points to the Eagle cause as he took first place in the shot put and discus. 257 l Renfro and Teague gef off fo a good sfarf in The I00 yard dash in fhe new relays. Renfro came in firsf and Teague came in second Field Day at NT The Eagles copped first place in six events and tied for another in the first Annual North Texas State Relays to lead a field of five teams. Ray Renfro highlighted the afternoon as he raced the l00 yard dash in 9.5 seconds. He also ran on two of the three relays the North Texans won. Although no team title was given, the Eagles made 47 points, with Houston coming in second with 21 points. Abilene Christian, East Texas State, and Texas Christian University placed respectively behind the two top teams. Three relays - the 440, 880, and the distance medley - were won by the Eagles. Renfro, Bill Walters, Jerome Jabojnik, and Charley Teague teamed up to win the 440 and 880 relays. Time on the 440 was 41.8. Walt Lindsey, Paul Patterson, Don Edwards, and Dale Imel won the distance medley with a time of l:27.5. Walters soared 22 feet SW inches in winning the broad jump and Ted Smith led the field in the high hurdles with a time of 14.9. James Brewer, for the first time this year, suffered defeat to Nick Spillios of the University of Houston in the shot put. Spillos tossed the shot 47 feet ll inches. All times and distances in the meet went in the book, since this was the first running of the meet. O 'Phe bar af 5 feef even isn'f foo bad for a sfari' for 'the Lion. ,Sain ..' . , A X,-hav? , . ' "fg- f' gamma W -me gf Eugene Branscom gefs off f Teague comes in 'firsf on fhe 220 yard dash in the N The cross-couniry 'Praclc feam readies 'For a fasi false-off as soon as Pop Noah gives 'Phe signal 'for 'fhe all-clear. Tha+'s Jerome Zabonilx in -the 440 dash in 'rhe Soufhwesfern meer. John Garriiy fries fo maize lilre a bird in fhe NT relays Ray Lucas goes up and over as he fries fo sei a new record. 5 w . 'Y ,gimi W, .F r r, ,as-- A ,Va "" 1 wi? -5 . if Q f Hurdler Ted Smifh goes "over +l1e lop" as he brings home more poin+s for fhe Eagles in +l1e NT relays. Slrengfhened Team Won Many Meels Muscleman James Brewer is always good for poinls A fllinly clad Norfh Texan falces off wi'fl1 hopes of winning fhe crown a+ For? Worflw. Y Dis+ance man Don Edwards fakes 'Phe baron ai fhe NT meer ln a vallani effori fo break ihe rape flrsf and wm ihe mee'r Witlr the meet at Stillwater still in the offing, it would be hard to say how the end of the season will turn out, but if the Eagles continue improving as they have been it should be no trouble for them to set more new records. Coach Pop Noah has moulded a fine team out ol' these boys and their individual ac- complishments prove this. As track is mostly an individual affair, more praise should be heaped on the heads of the winners than in a team sport. Track has evolved through the years here at NT to a great thing, and with Pop Noah here it is certain that it will go further. Fnrsf and second place for 'rhe mile run go fo Dale lmel and Don Edwards .. . The referees seem +o be explaining a pomf as fhe winner Talons and runner up BSU 'leam llsfen. I n'rramural Foofba ll In an overtime tilt, the second of the playoff series, the Talons beat the Bap- tist Student union eleven l8-12 to take the championship intramural. The Baptists lost no time in scoring as Jim Hooten passed to Jim Galloway in the first few minutes of play for the tally. 'l'he 'l'alons came back after the first half and scored on a pass from Sledge to Keasler who was planted in the end zone. As the period ended both teams agreed to play two ten-minute overtime periods. lt was Skip Keasler again who scored for the 'llalons as he intercepted one of I-Iooten's passes and ran 20 yards to pay- dirt. 'l'he Baptists scored seconds later on a pass from Johnny Lumbley to I-looten. lVith the score tied and three minutes left to play, Sledge connected on a pass to Sid Holliday for the final touchdown of the afternoon. . fx. The BSU griclders fall: if over in The huddle during one of fhe 'frequenf Time-ou+s because of 'lhe cold. lf, ,- . He's hard rushed, buf manages 'ro gel' +l'1a+ plgslrin on a line. These BSU roolers will corroboraie my s+ory on how cold il was +ha+ day. 2 Loolx ouf boy, fhaf goal is an awfully long way fo go even if you are hof. A fangle of arms, a shuffling of feet and +l'1e ball is on i+s merry way. This shof musf counf a lofg buf look al' lhe players 'fac Inframural Baskefball :X stout inner defense paid off for the -Iokers as they foreed the Delta Sigs to shoot. from far out while they Controlled the backboards as they rolled up a 3121 tri- umph. 'lihe scoring picked up the last hall' after a slow first stanza in which the score stood I2-7. The fraternity league winners staged a mild rally. but failed to Close the gap. The winners. paced by Don Baker, turned on the steam in the final minutes and won without a bit of trouble. Baker was high scorer of the evening with I3 points. Both teams entered the final tilt with- out a blemish to their records. The Delta Sigs made the playoffs after they defeat- ed the Green Shirts. League Ill champs. 28-24, and the Jokers entered the final round after they drew a bye. B J 'Face fhe anxie+y of wailing for il' lo come down. Free-'rhrow Confesl The Jokers won the intramural basketball free-throw contest by outscoring the Delta Sigs by two points. Before the last night the Delts had led the tourney with 92 points, but lost to the victors who sank 93 ol' a possible l25 shots to average l8.6. Bob Hohertz led the winners with 21 tallies to tie for high honors with Barry Burt of the Demons. Four tied for runnerup with 20 counts each. The Kainpus Kats sunk 84 points to count third in the contest. This was a warm-up of the intramural basketball league play. Perfecl 'form is shown as 1l'1e ball ge+s away nicely on ifs 'lrip. A shoi' from flue side corner is hard, especially wilh 'lwo hands in your face. 265 "Slide boy, 'lhe ball is righl' behind you," cry lhe speclalors as he fries lo make second base his homeporl. lnframural Softball The softball intramural leagues opened April 2 to determine a Winner from that quarter. Winners for the first day were the Geezles, Chi Sigs, and Phi Taus. The two-hit pitching of Gene Hendrix aided the Geezles in smashing the Talons 5-2. The Chi Sigs downed the Sigma Phi Nu '7-6 helped by the big bat of Buddy Hen- derson. Henderson hit the only home run of the game for the Phi Sigs. The Phi Tau's pitcher Dan Wall fanned nine batters in the five inning game as his team beat the Lambda Chis 4-3. The second day out the Trojans beat the Falcons 10-4 behind the steady pitching of Johnny Brakehill. Brakehill had a no-hitter working when Stanley Mfoodruff stepped into the box. The pitcher had two out in the last of the ninth inning when Woodruff doubled to give the Falcons a chance. Phi Delta Beta outlasted the Sigma Phi Nu in a slugfest as the Winners took the top half of the 15-13 score. A nice peg catches lhe runner befween 'Firsl and second. Safe by a mile, +l1e ball l1asn'+ been sfopped ye'r. The referee's are going 'lo have 'lo wa+cl1 'll1is one close. if loolcs aboul even from here The cafcl'1er's ready, 'rhe baHer's ready, fhe whole crowd is ready, buf 'the piicher insisis on warming up for -Fiffeen minufes. 26 The girls gafher around fhe campfire for an old-fime gel-fogefher in laie aufumn 'lo show lhaf 'there are sfill cowgirls. Women's Recreational Association Beginning the year in the new VVomen's gymnasium, the WVRA went to town with their various skills, exercises, con- tests, and athletics. At the first meeting officers were elected for the year. These included Patsy Huber, president, Mary Gwyn Fitz- gerald, vice-president, Mickey McGuire, secretary, and Jo Ann Stricklin, publicity manager. Miss Betty Jane Trotter of the physical education faculty served as sponsor for the past year. The Howdy room was the spot for the first party that the YVRA sponsored this year. At this party, the freshmen and transfer girls were honored. A carnival theme was carried out complete with entertainment, refreshments, and side- shows. Clowns were frequently seen throughout the evening. but the tumbling probably took the cake in the entertain- ment field. Tumbling in WRA somefimes can be inleresfing. Now no hands Precision and co-orclinaiion of movemen+ are necessary For a well compounded group of modern dancers, such as +hese girls show. Square dancing in fhe new Women's gym is lun if you have lhe righl parlner. Tennis ,,,,:www.,. ,,,. M ...,., ,.,W,,. ,, ,. ,, , me is anolher advaniage of WRA as fhese girls show acfion. K' 'W ills? I: fi. 5f'555.f'fVW53'l A QL 533553397 555543 55039 Q , , r ,, ., . , ,l,, . A - 'f , - ff -v.s'.21f5ifwvfr MQ? MQ"-an V: Ef r i', V -- 269 27 One, +wo, ihree, and may 'Phe besi girl win ihe lip-off on +l1e field of play. A fhrusl and a parry go 'Po make an exciiing day in +l'1e gym A big volleyball game geis underway. Touchee' and ihrusi home are famous axioms nowadays in flue fencing class af+er Cyrano. Allay cop and over. if loolcs easy wifh -lhe girls doing ii. Women in Afhlefics Intramural athletics are sponsored by the WRA throughout the year and the team that has the most points at the end of the year are honored at the annual Spring Banquet. Awards are given the lucky winners who have garnered the most points in the five intramural contests. These sports are volley ball, basketball, softball, tennis, and field hockey. All girls on the campus are permitted to enter these contests, if they have a team. Nine organizations form the nucleus of the organization and are sponsored by various teach- ers of the women's physical education faculty. These organizations include badminton, crafts, horseback riding, modern dance, square dance, tumbling. outing, and fencing. C and D wings of Bruce Hall are first in line for the championship trophy at this time as they have taken first place in volleyball and field hockey and third place in basketball. With tennis the headline feature now, Nancy Armour, nationally recognized tennis player, is expected to make the difference for the Bruce team. She looks ready, buf we'll never know if she hii 'lhe 'thing Jump high and may +l1e bes+ +eam win in -the intramural con+es+ abou+ +o s+ar+. A momenf laier and fhe ball veers +o the left and acfion begins in +he big game. "Swing your parfner and do si do and where you s'I'op nobody knows" is fhe chan? in fhe Women's gym. Various Skills and Crafts Furnish Amusements In the majors tournament this year the sophomores took an early lead and didn't lose it as they beat the freshmen team 54-50. The close game was played in the new gym. In intramural play Oak Street Hall de- feated the 'l'errill Hall team 26-I3 in a run- away. High scorer for the evening was Nancy Mosely of Oak Street, who made 12 points. She was followed closely hy Dianna Flynt of Terrill Hall with ll points. Hold her fighter boy, nobody's looking a+ you bul' 'rhe audience. Another highlight of the year was the party spon- sored by YVRA in the new womenis gym in which the girls could take dates during dutch week. This enter- tainment was enjoyed heartily by all present who had their choice on many games, contests, and dances. Square dancing prevailed as tops in entertainment during the evening with the teachers calling the squares. WRA has a big future here at NT with the new gym, interested teachers and sponsors, and a cooperative student body. A craffs class in aciion wilh Nancy Armour doing the supervising. And ihis novice, is wha+ you ride on-a saddle. XJ?" 1' Y' lns+ruc'rors+eacI'1 proper form 'ro would-be Kenfucky Derby winners. ' ff Ju A . 19" f . ' 1.5 ' - ' ft.: e 444-gf""i If .- 1f""'4,i1 "-T':i- The real ones are 'loo wild: you musi praciice on saw horses 'first There's dirfy work, +oo-shining Hwe leaflwer keeps I+ in good condiiion 27 Parties, plays, teas, business meetings, unex- cused absences, and on and on-all these and more rolled up into the lives of the almost-ltltl separate organizations on the North Texas State College campus. For those with inclinations to 'Aget into the social whirl" there are the social sororities and fra- ternities, six sororities and eleven fraternities. A long-due and much-discussed development occur- red within the social groups this year when several of the groups either Hwent national" or started making contacts toward that end. lla you'd rather not tie yourself down with social group affiliations, but desire some sort of recrea- tion, the departmental honoraries should interest you. Here you receive a chance to associate with other persons ol' your same major or minor, or at least persons who can speak the same language you speak. VVith all the opportunities at hand on campus, sad is the person's plight who doesn't tie in with some active organization. I-Ie just isn't really go- ing to college. is st tl .K 5 z Q, ,. CRG ' -'fx-V . .,.., , 332522 ., A,.,. ,Ru , if ww..-ww--Q-, 7 Lv Km, -5 ws?- ' 'E V, Zia Sl 'FSI' Wk .aff K .. , A wk um U , . M 2:25. fw- Q f v . .Ms . 5 wh 'EX 'wuz-'gif' ,JN 1:25 as Y WM A sep A W gf 3 ww BK My 'L 1 fails fi I Q zz i asa 2 if E I fa Q Vi ' 1 f' fri,-AM. K V 3 K E 1... , 15:5 :V X is 1' -f'f',,Q ' M. ,www 7 , N , k :Y 2 isvifsi. ' k wif Q Y- 3 , K Q, I w ' ' -1 33' 4' W ' H59 ' A , ig - ' '- ki V . J W " G ' .55 Q44 y A? ' ' ' 4 f v K .,.. Q 1 V V ,Z A df -s 9 - Q A , Vg, ' 1.4 Maw. 276 A heavenly time was had lay all when Delta Chis decorated the club house 'For their Who Do You Know in Heaven 'formal last winter. Delta Chi Delta Social Sorority wr ,, g g l X y ei isle ' if l . X1 iigiinieo an 0 Page Q 0 Nelson, Q 00 Beverly 000 Sherry 5 Jgjf L 7 T 'iff' . , ,......4L 276-ROW I: Anne Biqby, Patricia Blackburn, Betty Blackmon, Rose Mary Brau, Mary Buck, Inez Cockrell. ROW 2: Fran- peland, Mary Jo Gilliland, Evelyn Grube, Joan Hayes, Wanda Halbrook, Mariorie Horne. Hickey, Sue Jackson, Gene Jordan, Ruthanne Mathers, Jane Middleton. ROW 3: Billye Jean Hearne, 277--ROW I: Earldene Miller, Marilyn Miller, Jo Anne Morehead, Joan Moreman, Darlene Morris. ROW 2: Shirley Sue Parker, Martha Pankhursi, Jackie Porter, Anna Jo Riley. ROW 3: Pat Rushing, Virginia Russell, Betty Salem, Salmon, Mary Savage. ROW 4: Jean Smith, Peggie Smith, Carole Thomas, Barbara Thorpe, Doris Truitt. ROW 5: Nelle Walker, Libba Walters, Wanda Westbrook, Jane Williamson, Maxine Wiseman. 'l'he club house looked like heaven when Delta Chi Deltzi decorated lor its winter lorniul. lVho Do You Know in Heaven? was the theme of the big event. Delta Chi, organifed in 1935. celebrzlted hoinecoxn- ing in November with 21 sorority birthday dinner. And the group planned its own reunion of alumni and cznnpus inenlhers in Dallas this year. A-X shipwreck dance, featuring coniic strip costumes, and 21 lorinal dinner-dzince were the iniportant socials of the spring semester. Delta Chi sponsored Z1 coke party lor all college lreshnien lust fall. and invited all sororities and their dates to Z1 dance at the club house during Dutch l'Veelc. Rush functions included 21 chicken fry and an an Oriental tea. was .ll Delta Chis brought an Orienfal mood info +l1e Crysfal Room :ar sg, Drink if down-if can'1' be wilches' brew if fhis is heaven. 27 Leis and a Soulh Sea island selling creaied an enchanling afmosphere for The Kappa's fall semester dinner-dance ai The Denion Couniry CI b Kappa Kappa Kappa Social Sorority New pledge emblems, small gold pins with the tri-K insignia, were sported by the fifteen spring pledges of Kappa Kappa Kappa. The Kappas had their traditional pledge dance for all fraternity and sorority plebes at the Denton Country Club. A project of the Kappas this year was publishing a monthly newspaper containing news of campus mem- bers and exes. And, by the way, a new Kappa exes chap- ter was organized in Dallas during the year. An informal ranch dance in Mary Arden Lodge and dinner dances at the Denton Country Club in January and May highlighted the Kappa social calendar. Twenty- six coeds formed the active membership of Kappa Kappa Kappa during the spring semester. ,J i f S l M Above: ll' should be Hawaiian punch, bul +here's a colce on fhe lable. Below: This, fellows, is why your dale is always 20 minufes lafe. in ,msyz r. f KM-M , , Karma Page 278-ROW l: Mary Balfhrop, Belly Jane Barry, Jo Ann Bates. ROW 2: Phyllis Crain, Pal Ely, Pafsy Ann Gallo- way. ROW 3: Teresa Harber, Nancy Hendrix, Belly Hornback. Page 279-ROW l: Sharon Jones, Palsy Jordan, Jo Ann Lee, Nancy Lovelace, Sue Loveffe. ROW 2: Marilyn McNa'H, Zuki Neal, Jean Pearce, Ellen Sikora, Peggy Shorf. ROW 3: Janell waning Palsy Wallace, Shirley Wesf, Joan Whisller, Virginia I e. Y af 1' ll's nol' a size 2, bul ll1en il isn'l a size 10. KOII 321 Un 1- Strength AL Y 5' RWM Page 280-ROW I: Vevagene Apple, Pal Ballweg, Sally Ann Bell, Bunny Bollon, Norma Bowden. ROW 2: Belly Box, Pamelia Brown, Joy Cox, Ladelle Cox, Pally Euler. ROW 3: Una Glazener, Jane Grogan, Elizabelh Hall, Belly Jo Heide- man, Helen Henderson. ROW 4: Marlha James, Peggy Lamb, Nancy Manire, Doris Massey, Jan Mallhews. Page 281-ROW I: Carol Moore, Peggy Moore, Pal Noah, Jackie Nowlin. ROW 2: Frances Porler, Helen Jean Reaves, Daisy Reed, Shirley Roberlson. ROW 3: Jonell Seale, Ouida Sledge, Melvia Jean Slanford, Gwen Sleenbergen. Row 4: Barbara Threall, Nancy Whilney, Marilyn Winfree, Carol Wingfield. Kappa Thela Pi Social Sorority Grouped around their new television set in Chilton Hall, Kappa Theta Pi members made big plans for a busy 1951-52. A 'l'heta-sponsored lreshman amateur show began their lall semester projects, and in November the Thetas decorated a prize-winning float for the home- coming parade. Along with APO the 'lihetas sponsored the March of Dimes Taxi Dance in Great Hall. Social functions of the sorority included a Singapore Sling costume dance at the American Legion Hall, a formal dinner dance in May at Hubbard Hall, and a dinner dance at Denton Country Club to celebrate the 13th birthday of Kappa Theta Pi. The 34 active Thetas include the 1951 Homecoming Queen, Doris Massey, the Woinen's Forum president, Una Glazenerg two Yucca Beauty runners-up, Jane Grogan and Carol Moore, and several class officers. 411. M , No school year is complele wifhoui' a colorful college 'formal-Thelas climaxed busy season wiih a dinner-dance ai 'lhe Counlry Club Jusl' lilce 'the war-you slancl in line lo ge+ your ralion, 2 Above: Ga Below: Sco ci! If musf be Spike Jones-records provide music 'For Phi Gam informal. ich? Milk? No, ihanks, we'll iusf have some of fhe punch and cookies. QW aiu A Q e Lg?- si 5 ,A h ff . i ,,, . xp f was n un xtmmnnuu i ,lj cz. . , 2 f ' if f 2, ' i E 'k f- iff' ' T i 5 Nb' . v .a,43 tl. I- ' Q img f G fi H P The club house sparlded with feminine charm and handsome masculinity when Ph' G K Social Sorority Hobo parties, dinner-dances, a new TV set-all these made 1951-52 a year to be remembered by Phi Gamma Kappa. From a lVhite Christmas at the club house to Spring Fever at the Denton Country Club, the Phi Gam formals were a big success. Rushees were entertained with hobo parties and traditional Phi Cam Stardust Teas. Pledges followed the campus' con- structive pledgeship theme and collected books to donate to libraries at Denton's Negro schools. And they took mending needle in hand and repaired toys for needy Denton children. Between these duties, Phi Gam plebs found time to entertain fraternity pledges with coke parties. The 31 active Phi Cams planned an open house in May at their Chilton ramp, and, not content with a busy school year, they prepared for a reunion of Phi Cam alumni and members this summer. But Phi Cams weren't so busy with social activities that they neglected school work- they shared top honors last spring when Meritum awarded the annual sorority scholarship plaque. Page 282-ROW I: LaVonne Barnett, Audrey Batchelor, Sara Benham, Julia Beville, Barbara Breedlove, Peggy Janelle Bruner, Betty Burnett. ROW 2: Connie Beeson, Sammie Jo Davis, Donna Foltz, Edna Beth Hall, Martha Hall, Gaye Harriss, Betty Haynes. ROW 3: Prilla Hinton, Pegi Huse, June Jones, Billie Mapp, Betty Mattiza, Gerrie Moss, Sara Myers. Page 283-ROW I: Fredda McNeely, Patsy Parkes, Jacquelyn Poindexter, Jean Pool. ROW 2: Marian Robinson. Dott Sala, Elizabeth Sayles, Gloria Spangler. ROW 3: Yvonne Standifer, Benny May Wilburn, Jerilyn Wilburn, Joellen Wise. Phi Gamma Kappa held its traditional Christmas dinner-dance there .. ,. W, 6 ,l 4- , Pj 'E ff '3 1, , fs W ,. xv 's " 'r1:'gz,-, ' , ' ,-' .slow - - s W Q Q P1 g we ,st 4.10 5, ll, fl Q ,,. in 25415 , ,- 2 ,al .fipgi ' ' W E525 Mr. M? of sg 'QQ SM S 35252 K ROW l: Belly Baldridge, Pally Branlley, Nancy Brasellon, Sandrea Brinkman, Marilyn Bruyere, Wilma Connell, Arlelle Crawford, Carol Curlis. ROW 2: Monfe Hill Davis Delma Deaver, Madie Echols, Talou Edwards, Jo Ann Fowler, Ima Greafhouse, Gerry Heninger, Jan Johnslon. ROW 3: Cynlhia Kearby, Marlha Lonqbolham, Joan Lulon Belly Magill, Ernie Marlin, Juanelle Mallhews, Mally McClin'lock, Bobbie McMurrey. Above: Phi Sigs enlerlain rushees al a Chuclr Wagon Supper af lhe house Below: Parie? The circus? Secrel Desires were disclosed al lhis dance Q 9 9 .9 eh 'irq il sr-4. -wr - an 5? 9 . x I . 9 Q 9 , 9 ROW I: Beverly Newby, Wanda Palion, Phyllis Powers, Sari Price, Jeanne Richardson. ROW 2: Norma Sweeney, Belfie Townes, Jo Ann Wallis, Jo Anne Wells, Naomi Wood. Phi Sigma Alpha Social Sorority The oldest sorority on the campus, Phi Sigma Alpha was organized in 1933. Phi Sigs note with pride that the sorority had two Yucca Beauties, Sandrea Brinkinann and Wanda Patton, and two runners-up, Nell Matthews and Martha Long- bothain, this year. Phi Sigs dressed in their newest fornials for a Chistnias dinner-dance and their traditional Rainbow Ball at Denton Country Club. And they switched to fantastic costumes for their Secret Desire dance at Mary Arden Lodge. Their 1406 W. Hickory residence won third place in homecoming house decorations, and a ineinber, Phyllis Powers, was selected as a Home- coming duchess. The sorority sponsored the all- college Valentine dance in February. Sell' lighls, sweel music, and prelly girls were liealured al' lhe Denlon Counfry Club, where Phi Sigs held 'lheir laig even!-a dinner dance-before the Chrislmas holidays. 286 S. UT Lf jj-X4 n Above: Hopalong Cassidy invades fhe Zela ramp via Television. Below: "Why +l1e cad! I+'s 1'l1e meanesl ihing l ever heard of." ' PM 1. M A.v, it ' '. ,Q Ak,'h ii : if 5211? i -at K 5 P 1 I l Page 286-ROW I: Carolyn Broussard, Berry Burks, Louise Caldwell, Evalyn Cleveland, Jewel Crawford, Bonnie Croom, Marilyn Davis. ROW 2: Grace Grainger, Janis Green, Virginia Harris, Carolyn Hofmann, Gladys Holloman, Colleen Holmes, Barbara Kinq. ROW 3: Mary Beth Loughmiller, Helen Mahan, Barbara Marlin, Maydell Matthews, Mary Lou Meyer. Page 287-ROW I: Ruth Moore, Theresa Moore, Janeffa McNamara, Mary Elizabeth Newby, Algene O'Daniel, Donna O'Daniel, Barbara Oufhouse, Virginia Piraino ROW 2: Geneva Ouebe, Menda Ross, Judy Seller, Darrel Sessions, Eli1abefh Sharp, Denna Lane Smith, Berry Jean Sfover, Martha Washington, An orchid ball topped the social agenda of Zeta Pi Gamma this year. Zetas and their dates journeyed across town to TSClV'S Hubbard Hall in January for the big event. And in May, the Zetas celebrated spring with Zeta Pi Gamma their traditional Beau Dance. Social Sorority Rushees were honored with a western Jean Jamboree and a Sunday morning Crescent collee. Pledges entertain- ed and were entertained with parties and picnics. Zetas celebrated Christmas with an informal dance at the club house. Nineteen coeds pledged Zeta Pi Gam- ma during the year. Active membership numbered 26. Zeta headquarters is Ramp l, Chilton Hall. Zeras pul' on lheir newesl and prelliesl formals and invited lheir 'Favorite dales lo their big social of 'lhe fall semesler-lhe Orchid Ball al TSCW's Hubbard Hall. 281 xii V A' .Z 'L ,Y M2555 wg Na 'rf .2 1? ii ROW l: Elgin Akers, Lee Allison, Roy Anderson, Gene Arbuckle, Edwin Biggerslaff, Mike Brooks, D'avid E. Burkelf, David Busler. ROW 2: Bill Campbell, Ed Curry, Burl Ganll, Joe Jack Ganll, Dwayne Jennings, Jack Jones, W. A. Jones, Bill Miller. ROW 3: Bill McClendon, Norman Muecke, Phil Miner, Jovan Porlerfleld, Richard Richards, John C. Roberls, Ed Robinson, Louis Romer, Jr. ROW 4: Carl C. Roy, Don Schaded.. ROW 5: H. C. Shanafell, Joe Sims. ROW 6: James D. Smifh, John D. Tabor. ROW 7: H. G. Wells, Noble Willingham. ROW 8: Gillis Wylhe, Earle Young. Pledges had big moulhs buf harmonized like lhe Roberl Shaw Chorale for +he While Suil Dance F' :R l Befa Alpha Rho Be'ra Social Fraternity Yucca presses were ready to roll when Beta Al- pha Rho Beta announced that it had been accepted by Lambda Chi Alpha, national social fraternity. The SMU Lambda Chi chapter initiated 31 NT Lambda Chis, nee Betas, on March 8 and 9. The local group is the fourth Texas chapter and one of 140 chapters in the nation. Only two weeks after initiation, representatives of the new chapter attend- ed the Lambda Chi regional conclave at the Univer- sity of Arkansas. The group attended the SMU chapter's White Rose formal in order to become bet- ter acquainted with brother chapters in this area. Black-shirted Betas had a busy year prior to their nationalization activities. They had their tra- ditional kick-off dance carrying out a football theme in October, white suit dances during pledgeship, a dude ranch party in January, and a Valentine dance honoring the Beta's Valentine sweetheart. Lambda Chi personalities include Earle Young, USNT presi- dent, Ed Curry, senior class prexy, and Eddie Eades, AFROTC cadet colonel. The felephone slays busy when Beia blaclr Zi: U y Eg 5 Rbq Akxah Those Befa parries were lois of fun, bui' we'Il really rear 'lhe place up as Lambda Chis - our nafionalizaiion in March surprised 'lhe ca p Chi Sigma Phi Social Fraternity Sombrero-clad Chi Sigma Phi pledges were put to work this spring under the campus's new construc- tive pledgeship program. The 13 pledges collected old bicycles and tricycles, repaired them, and donated them to needy children in the Denton area. By way of projects, Chi Sigs also adopted a boy at West Ward elementary school and outfitted him with cowboy clothes and a "dress-upi' suit for Christmas. Heading the list of Chi Sig social functions were the fall and spring formals at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. The traditional Mexican Hat Dance, an in- formal rush party, was at the club house. Chi Sigs had fried chicken dinners for rushees and new members at Fort Worth's Western Hills Hotel. The fraternity had 27 active members during the spring semester. I d n't care it they are our trat officers. I want to watch the birdie. ildillififit "Me? Cheat? I cIicIn't Icnow how to play poker til I started pledging Ch Chi Sigs and lheir dares climbed inlo crowded cars and drove lo Dallas where +heir big social was scheduled lo lake place al ihe Adolphus Holel .pine v-ff, N l - , 9,1 L fix. , .Ilj G1 K ll if . wb. I vip! N V' S 1 G' . . ge frm Page 270-ROW l: Buddy Baldwin, Richard Bell, Ken Bishop. ROW 2: Dillon Bowden, Allan Bridges, John Brooks. ROW 3: Chrif Brown, Glenn Burke, Joe Ezell. Page 291-ROW I: Jack Daniels, Tom Granl, Darrell Free- man, Lloyd Fruqe, Elmo Hall. ROW 2: A, N. Harrison, Buddy Henderson, Wayne Henderson, Everell E. Jarboe, George Reid May, ROW 3: Lloyd Miller, James David Nichols Jr., J. C. Quinn, Tom Schanz, Bill Slamper. ROW 4: Robert Slein, Ed Sfewarf, Leonard Weeks, George Wilson, Alfred Winder. 0 Falcons galhered cedar and mislleloe lo decorale 'lhe club house, 'lhen broughl lheir dales oul' lo lhe formal lhal opened lheir Yule celebrafion Falcons Social Fraternity Tree-sitting, a habit dating back to pre- caveman days, is the characteristic trait of Falcon pledges. Once a semester the plebs climb to their tree-top perch and shout the time of day, minute by minute, to passers-by. In addition to their sojourns in the trees, Fal- con pledges this year sponsored an Easter Egg hunt for Denton children. And, encour- aged by members, they remodeled the interior of the Falcons' residence at 1207 W. Hickory. A Christmas formal at the club house and a spring formal at Midway Inn were the big events of the Falcons' social year. They don- ned blue jeans and boots for a Western dance at Lake Dallas last fall, and celebrated Valen- tine's Day with a dance at the club house. The fraternity had 24 active members and 12 pledges during the spring semester. Page 292-ROW I: Richard Arnwine, Charles Brulon Blair, Willie G. Davis, Jim Dodson. ROW 2: Joe J. Frey, Bryan Graham, Corky Haylon, James Heldf. ROW 3: Arfhur Hodge, Henry Holland, C. B, Jeanes, Roberl Lee Kubica. Page 293-ROW I: Carl Thomas Lumsdn, Neal Lynch, Jack Marr, Roberl Len McPherson, John Robert McSween, Gene Porter, Gene O'Donnell. ROW 2: John O'GIee, Bill Ralliff, Charles J. Ricke, James Roberls, John Rutherford, Bob Simp- kins, Frank Sfraffon. ROW 3: Ray Teague, Landers Vaughn, David Waller, Ray Weber, John Woodruff, Stan Woodruff, Henry L. Wrighl. Above: Monday nigh? meelings are gay occasions when all ine boys are fhere. Below: Don'+ be pariial, Pop, fhrow one our way-we'll fake a diamond bracelet OOOOO Il oO D. L7 0 F A L C O N O 0 F o O O o o They're no+ blocking the entrance purposely-iusf posing: Geezles reside af IO9 Avenue B when fhey're noi a+ fhe new gym or Yucca Tower. mf its -we 'NN Remember when Renfro chased ihe Indians back 'lo Wichifa Falls? Boasting the largest active membership of any fraternity on the campus, the Geezles, organized in 1928, is also one of the oldest. 'llhe big event on the Geezle calendar this year was their traditional round-up during the spring semester. Geezles who have gradu- ated returned for parties and bull sessions at the Geezles' house. And at those sessions, Geezle talk centered around athletics. Associ- ated Press chose the Geezles' Ray Renfro to fill the honorary halfback position on its Little All-American offensive grid team this year. The fraternity's activities included a dude ranch party in March and a good will ban- quet for all fraternities later in the spring semester. The Geezles had more than 40 active members this year. l A laugh a minuie is llne minimum rare when Geezles gel logelher. eezles Social Fraternity Page 294-ROW I: Quincy Armsfrong, Calvin Axlell Roberf Barse, Bill Bishop, Bill Brashier, James Brewer, Pat Cain. ROW 2: Kip Camp, Harold Curnulf, Homer Dear, Harry Dixon, Gene Dixon, Kirk Drew, Richard Edwards. Page 2'?5-Row l: Roberl Gilsfrap, Tommy Gray, Kennefh G. Hall, Bill Hammond. ROW 2: Bob Hardie, T. K. Hardy Jr., Rich- ard Harvey, Gene Hendrick. ROW 3: Dwayne Henson, Fred Hick- man, Charles Johnson, Seaborn B. Johnson. ROW 4: Norris Kissinger, Ray Lucas, Lewis Lufrick, Bill Marlin. ROW 5: Ernie Marvel, Ken- neth McMahan, Charles Qualls, Ray Renfro, Bill Rike, Pal Riley, Jim Rhodes, Richard Spencer. ROW 6: Benny Slrickland, Jim Sfuarf, Ray Trimble, Harlan Vander Zee, Royce Womble, Glen Wood, Jack Woodruff, Jerome Zaboiink. 1 , gg XE 1 S 1 , Q- erf. i. K f Wm v. Wulf, , . ,ei , is ,. -. .M K ,' xx 5 S nf"""" li: 'lf bs... iv an ,ff --u, ss - C ef' ,f fl Q '--J! .f .52 295 lllllll Mi Don'+ lool: now, boys, bul a Yucca phoiograplier iusl wallrecl in. Page 296-ROW I: Malcolm Bennell, James Denning C. B. Doss, Tommy Dyson, Melvin G. Harris. ROW 2: Bill Inman, Bob Kennedy, Hal Murphy, Oscor McKinney, Bill Sparks. ROW 3: Glen Tibbefs, Jack Van Wagoner, Joe L. Wilson, Rayburn Williams, Gaston Wood. Kappa Pi Omega Social Fraternity A vacation in Wfyoniing with no expenses paid- that's what pledges gave the KPO prexy this spring. In fact, hoboing seems to be popular with the Kappa Pi Omegas. Their hobo dance at Mary Arden Lodge was a big success. But KPOS put their hobo rags in storage and donned tuxes for their Christmas formal at the club house and for a formal dinner-dance at the American Legion Hall in April. There was an informal dance at Hoop's Cabin at Lake Dallas, and several parties and picnics for pledges. One of the youngest fraternities on the campus Qorgauized in 19495 , KPO has been one of the busiest. There were sixteen active members and six pledges during the spring semester. 'Q Chrisfmas frees and holly is HW' T 3' , and especially misflefoe, malce 'lhe Yulelide formal -the perfeci social eveni' of fhe winfer season for KPO's and lheir clafes. f,, 5 N57 cliff N5.fqm.g,9rg2!l Z -, y,gul '5aQ. ' V ?'m"h9e 5 l ,Kiwi Whaf sweef, innocen+ young children 'Hwey were--before +l1e pariy broke up. 9 s . -we . are-f.. 'E S "V 'Q-r5??f?1,Ezi if Phi Alpha Tau Social Fraternity ffmllf 111111 Above: Rumlaley musl' be showing off wilh lhose iumpin' drum sliclcs. Below: The caucus: "We'lI pul a Phi Tau in every office on lhe campus." ROW I: Gene Adkins, Charles Auslin, Charles W. Ausfin, Max Blanslf, Alfred Broad, Bob Corley, Dewey Craig, Jim Crowe. ROW 2: Dean Davis, John L Davis, Neil Davidson, Parkes Dibble, Tommy A. Tilley, Harold Fuller, Slanley B. Gregory, John S. Gullry. ROW 3: Mike Harms, Dick Harris, D. Wayne Henderson Clyde Hesse, Howard Humphreys, Jess lnsall, David Jackson, Benny Karnes. is W E! 9 f in fre K gi H V f ,. . . ' 11213. 5235 . S. . eff M W 4 4 .. 'MQ - ' QQ? 1' -M-in Wim'-W14 K 1 '52 ..::-' "M W' 'I V wi. 'TZ 'f sf '.AW: " " ' ' ' . , Q33 Z H an ' ' Climax of Phi Tau's fall socials was lhe big formal al' lhe club house, loul' oulshining lhal was -lhe Sig Ep inslallalion ceremony on May I0 al' 'lhe Rose Ball Vlfhen nationalization fever hit the campus this year, Phi Tau was quick to jump into the race and on May 10, the group was installed as the Texas Beta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. The new Sig Eps are one of 114 chapters in the nation. The national fraternity's founding date was 1901. But Phi Tau's year was a busy one even be- fore they became Sig Eps. A Candlelight Ball at the club house and a Sewers of Paris party were the major functions of the fall semester. Their traditional Rose Ball and Sig Ep instal- ROW I: Garner Klein, John Lovelace, Buddy Lowrance, Bob Moyeur, Dwlghl Ollo, Ray Piner, Doug Reeves, Jack Rumbley, Pal' Sewell, Jack Shirley. Dan Wall, Donald Walker, Gerald Walers, Joe B. Williams. f - E TY am- " wgmgafqg ,f :afg:1 ! A -if t l 5 lation ceremonies highlighted the spring activi- ties. And love played a big part in Phi Tau life this year - there were more than ten after- ll p. m. pin serenades. There was time for studying-the group re- ceived the Interfraternity Council's scholarship trophy in the fall, and time for sports-they placed second in most of the intramural sports. And their exes were proud of them at homecom- ing in November when the group won first place in house decorations, and second place for its float in the parade. Roberl Moore, John Neely. ROW 2: ROW 3: Roberl Sholola, Arlie Turkell, . ' ff' . .,.,, ,,,,, , , . ,,,,..,.. . If '1.:2.'3: ' we ' , f x A A 4 Page 300-Row l: Corky Bridgman, Bill Boyd, John Burnes, Gerry M. Church, Don Genlry. ROW 2: Gilberf S. Gil, Bill Glasgow, Herberl Greunke, H. M. Hailey Jr., Joel Horlon. ROW 3: Bob Knighl, Billy Mallhews, Aloren C. Mince, Rob- ert Pang, Hugo Plalas. Page 30l-ROW I: Oscar Plalas, Kenl Pollard, Louis Rob- erlson. ROW 2: Charles Robertson, David Sagen, Bob Salas. ROW 3: Monle Sanders, Howard Sallerwhile, Waller Smith. 5:21a- L , N- r ' 3 . ' if I S lll ' f 'll ' R A' ,K il xl K N f ,lm ey 1 , , . H, if r 4 " . was P S iff Qi? 3 . P I QQ' W , l ' H W2 Above: A demon 'From Marlcs lreeps walch over lhe dancers heads. Below: Well, personally, l like Caldwell. I , A .,.,,, i ,xl Z, l ., , 9 . s 153. .4 V xl 1- A Q- L ' i f-Q,e.,,.. . Qing X V ss . fir , ' - l -953 - , . "" a I T K' s2f?5f'?j 2 .na V y .:.- eil, ,QE rres 1 ':' " 'iiifiiirlif ... Nw- ' 5 K' 1 l '- W ' . W , 1 , 4.1 1. ,Q r e i df o I e f f II good fraierniiies-Phi Del+s had a Gangster Parfy, foo, bui here 'rhey dressed H1 b 1' Social Fraternity When the South rises again, Phi Delta Beta will be in its heyday. Phi Deltals Confederate pledge caps and the annual Gray Cap dance keep the southern traditions alive on the campus. '6Rods" and Hbrass-knuclCs" were brought out of hiding, and Phi Delts dressed as thugs for a Gang- ster Party last fall, but they donned tuxes and bow ties for their spring formal in May. Lake Dallas was the scene of the Phi Delt formal rush function, a steak fry. This spring the 16 Phi Delt pledges Worked with the Red Cross and collected food for needy residents of Denton. And the 18 active members were busy making repairs on Phi Delta Beta's ancient Cadillac limousine, a score of years older than the fraternity itself, which was organized in November of 1949. Saginaw-bound, buf lhe pholographer slapped 'll-lem on lhe sfairs. Pi Phi Pi Social Fraternity Red headed pledges of Pi Phi Pi have been a familiar part of the campus scene since 1929. Pi Phi neophytes have their heads ducked in the dyeing vats at the beginning of pledgeship each semester, and they're easily detected as plebes un- til they've earned full-fledged membership. The Purple Passion dance at Mary Arden lodge and a Christmas formal at 'IiSCW's Hub- bard Hall were the big Pi Phi Pi events during the fall semester. At their Spring Leaf Frolic, April 26. the Pi Phi sweetheart was announced. In addition to their traditional social func- tions, the fraternity had lots of house parties, picnics, and impromptu get-togethers. They honored members who have graduated with a dance at the all-college homecoming in Novem- ber. Pi Phi had 22 active members this spring. A new angle on +he fraclifional Pi Phi Christmas formal in TSCW's Hubbard Hall-the camera mus+ have been hanging 'From +he chandelier. ROW I: Max Anderson, Bill Blnford. ROW 2: Lynn Boren, Jimmy Green. ROW 3: Jim Hale, Bill Hoyle. ROW 4: Weldon Kennedy, Charles Lee. ROW 5: Frank Lively, Bo Lisman. ROW 6: Jim Miller, Jack R. McLain. ROW 7: David M. Sfocklon, James Travis. kay Q .-N 'wx XTXN Man, lhaf was a greal' parfyl Le'l's have anoiher one nexl' week. Debafers, acfors, polificians-if was a busy crowd fha? iook fime our fo plan and aHend ihe Chris+mas sweafer dance in Mary Arden Lodge. rr .V Ldd. as . I 25- V1 I , 49 uf 'w we T ff 1 4 , ,Ai " . ' I gg -Fig H2 1 , Qiiigl-if , 2 --7 -'2 - , .. az, MQ - -2 ' 1' 112A-mv . -e Q w L: iv 24,5 ' . 5" +fW55fE ' .1 ' W N. R ' H113 , .Q V s,.s.M.,,,M ...,.....,, Lazy spring afiernoons were a rhing of ihe pasi when ihe Texoma projecf go? under way. , r.ylsyl QZ4 y , , . Q A V I 1 Sigma Phi Nu Social Fraternity i 'll IN Slinging shovels and grass-cutters at Lake Texoma was the c big job Sigma Phi Nu undertook this year. The fraternity started clearing a college-owned lake site and developing it for a recre- ation area. Building fences and chopping weeds was a back-break- ing job for the 18 members and 9 pledges, but they knew that in future years their efforts would mean lots of picnics and fishing trips for campusites. Between trips to Lake Texoma, Sigma Nu was busy planning social functions and oth- er porjects. Their pledges collected clothing and waste paper as a community service pro- 611 o Q ff-lr Q o A10 Q o Q 0 iv ject. A Christmas sweater dance highlighted the winter season, and exes were honored with a homecoming dance at Dallas in November. And, during the homecoming celebration, the Sigma N11 house won second place for decorations. Pledges chose Sammie Jo Adkins and Na- dine Cranier as Sigma Phi Nu sweethearts for the fall and spring semesters, respectively. , . A H ii :,' s Page 304-ROW l: Cecil Flock, Dean Funsfon, Bill Lanning, Boyd C. Moseley, Jerry Nifsche, Hector Oriuela, Paul Pelerson. Page 305-ROW I: Jerry Porch, Maurice Schnorr, Joe Smilh, Jim Swain. Tough luclr, fellow, bul Dulcli Weelr is like +l'la+ somelimes, you lrnow. 5 eefings give way io bull sessions and cameras Talons Social Fraternity Organized in 1926, the Talons is one of the old- est fraternities on the campus. Busy with campus ac- tivities this year, the Talons took time out to compete in intramural football and ran away with first place honors. Their traditional White Shirt dance was the big event among their social functions. The fraternity sponsored an all-college party at the Baker Hotel in Dallas, and, in the spring semester, the Talons planned an exhibition golf match between their own Billy Maxwell and Babe Zaharias. Maxwell brought honors to his fraternity when he and his team- mates won the national collegiate championship. ' Va 553312291 M fgif ' 'F ., . I l,.,, r 6 I .G While shirfs were spollighfed when Talons and lheir dares galhered al' -lhe club house for lhe 'fral'ernily's 'l'radil'ional While Shirl' Dance. QQQQ ,,,4 1 i -f f"'....- Sessions like 'l'his one are popular al lhe Talon house, I4l8 W. Hickory. Page 306-ROW I: Bill Barlon, Bill Bennell, Clin? Brisendine, Kennefh Casa- day. ROW 2: Eddie Curlis, William Curfis, Tommy Davis, Roberl' De Long, Don Edwards, George Ferrell, Orrie Freeman. ROW 3: Kennelh Fuller, Bob Gandy, Harland Gaskill, Gordon W. Granl, Blake Hamplon, Felix Hawkins, Jack Hays. ROW 4: Harvey Haynie, Sid Holliday, Don January, Charles Keasler, Darrell Keafhley, Bobby Lankford, Orville Lonvick. Page 307-ROW l: Billy Tom Moore, Bobby Mole, Werner Prafka, Jimmy Rich- ards. ROW 2: John Roberfs, Johnny Roberis, Russell Ross, Bob Royall. ROW 3: Thomas Reeh, Larry Rufledge, Bobby Sledge, Jimmy Van Hoy. 7 Tr0ial"lS Social Fraternity From caroling on the court house lawn to pirating in Mary Arden Lodge, the Trojans have had a busy year. Black Dog and Captain Kidd swapped Davy Jones stories at the Pirates dance during the fall semester, and the Trojan 'ccaroliersu gave the Christmas spirit a scare with Yule songs in downtown Denton. The men of Troy and their dates concealed their identities and attended an impersonation dance in Mary Arden Lodge this spring. And they dressed in their Sunday best for formal dinner-dances at Hotel Texas' Keystone Room in Fort lN'orth and at Hubbard Hall on the TSCYV campus. Rounding out their social calendar were a Dude Ranch and a week-end at Lake Murray in Oklahoma. The fraternity awarded a four-year scholar- ship to an NT student this year. Dutch Week? No, iusf another crazy Troian party-an impersonation confesf Tuxes and formals were donned for lhe Trojans' lwo dinner dances-one al TSCW's Hubbard Hall and The oflwer al Holel Texas' Keyslone Room in Forl' Worlh. l 0 o 0 , A .QE-Fvlgz 2' O W V ly Qx .y Nw ' l ZYQQJLLXLE Page 308--ROW I: Berkley Barnard, Roy Blackwell, Dennis Blankinship. ROW 2: Don Blankinship, Cullen Boyles, Billy Cole. ROW 3: Pal Corbell, Roberf Crawford, William Drake. ROW 4: Bill Griffin, Harold Harris, Al Hickerson. ROW 5: Earl Laningham, Billy Lewallen, Don Lubbe. ROW 6: Bryan Merrell, Jack Messer, James McKelvey. Page 309-ROW I: Jack Payne, Lew Shepperd, Jimmy Syler. ROW 2: Eslon Thornlon, Boo Vaughn, W. A. Wheele1'. an-no Troians slumbled info a Pirale's Cave, 'llwal is, den, for ll'1is parly Infersororily Council Advisory Group Grease paint, Alice in Wlonderlancl, and soror- ity pledges mixed when Merituin and the Inter- sorority Council sponsored lntersorority Stunt Night. Original skits presented by pledges of each sorority were featured at the gala event. Proceeds from the evenings entertainment went to the Merituni-sponsored college chapel fund. Aside from Stunt Night, the big functions of the Council was sponsoring lntersorority Presen- tation Dances twice during the year in Terrill's Great Hall. Co-ordinating policies and supervising pledge- ship are the duties of the Council. Membership includes two representatives of each sorority, and the presidency of the group rotates ainong the sororities. Worlting wi+l1 Merilum, the Council sponsored lnlersororiiy Sfunl Nighf Left fo riqhf around lable: Nancy Whifney, Gloria Spangler, Sary Myers, Maydell Maflhews, Algene O'Daniel, Billye Jean Hearne, Wanda Westbrook, PaHy Euler Belly Jane Berry, Beffie Townes. 'he Council's big proiecl fhis year was fhe inlerfralernily presenlalion dance. lnlerfralernily Council Advisory Group Representing all social fraternities on the cani- pus, the lnterfraternity Council was active this year in co-ordinating fraternity policies and set- ting up a constructive pledgeship program. The Council awarded a sweepstakes trophy to the intramural sports chainpions among social fra- ternities, and gave a scholarship award to the fraternity which had the highest over-all grade average. Interfraternity presentation dances during pledgeship each seinester were the colorful social functions sponsored by the Council. The group rewrote the constitution this year, and provided for one meeting a inonth to include fraternity sponsors. WV. G. Woods, dean of nien, is a perina- nent non-voting incinber ol' the Council. Lefl fo righl around fable: Ray Weber, Harold Curnuff, Alfred Broad, Jim Swain, Bill Boyd, Willian G. Wood, Ed Curry, Pal Sewell, 6. Dean Funsfon James Travis. Standing: Leonard Weeks, Byram Merrell. Officers and members planned programs and spealters 'For an aclive year. ROW l: Pelers, M. Davis, Dorfch, D. Dennis, B. Dennis, Roe, Brown, Blakney, Hanson. ROW 2: LeBaron, Poynter, Holmes, B. Jones, Brock, Sanchez. ROW 3: Dick, Slavick, Ramer, Moore, Robinson, Ressling, Mozelle, Terry, Richard, Barham, Cox, Lloyd, W. Davis, Busch, J. Smilh, Sewell, Miller. rl . J- -- Alpha Chi National Scholastic Honorary The 11a111es ol' Alpha Chi 111e111- be1's decorate Lhe honor roll 1'I'OII1 year to year, and 111e111bersl1ip i11- eludes studenl. leaders from all LlC1.J2ll'lIllC11lS ol lhe college. Char- Lered in 1924. the E121 chapter ol Alpha Chi is composed ol' juniors and seniors who have 111ai111ai11- ed a high scholastic 5121114121111 at NT. Tl1e national Alpha Chi cou- ve11tio11 was l1eld Lhis yer at Bay- lor University. Tl1e North Tex- as l1o11or society SCIIK two dele- gates-Bill ClCllClll1llll1g and Bob Dennis-to lVaeo, and Miss Myrtle Brown, sponsor of the or- galiizatiou, was elected p1'CSlClCllL ol' the national council. Matlock, Oehlschlaeger, Milligan, Gallowan, Morehead, Shorf, Procfor, Pinkerlon, Gaslon. ROW 4: Van Vacfer, G ' ROW l: Bane, Clendinning, A, Davis, Weeks, Upshaw, McConnell, Griffin, Hildebrand, Carroll. ROW 2: Paulissen, Higdon, Young, Wells, Morred, Sayles, Karnes, Browning, Miller, Anderson, Noland. ROW 3: Jenkins S. Jones, Lasafer, Slraughan, B. Smifh, Schulze, Gallipp, Bailey, Barker, Hughes, Seale. ROW 4: Reinmiller, Hall, Roberl' Barham, Reiniger, Drumwrighi, Burns Byrd, Grainger, Noah, Mallhews, Goforfh, Price. Alpha Chi Slucly. siucly. and lhcn study some niorc - il you wanl Lo belong Lo Alpha Chi, national honor society. Prcrcquisilcs for nicinbcrship are high scholastic niarks ancl :in inlcrcsl in Lhc projccls and Lhc social aciivilics ol' thc orqzniizzilion. A niajoi' concern of thc group is K L crczuing more slucleni 1nLc1'csL in Lhe goals of Alpha Chi. At Alpha Chi's annual initiation dinner lasL No- vember. Di: F. H. Galloixl spoke on The Situaiion in thc Near lizisi. The Alpha Chis had 21 picnic in May. Tolal membership was more ihan 80 afler fhese scholars were iniiiaied lasi fall. lnilialion banqueis are 'lhe big evenfs of fhe Alpha Chi Year ROWI Gulledge Haynes Holler Hansen Breedlove Fraser Marshall Smlfh ROW 2 Smolhers N While, Hankins, Allen, Beaufford, Wall, J. White, Booker. Alpha Lambda Della Nahonal Scholastic Honorary Scholarship is an important part of Alpha Lambda Delta activities. The organization, an honorary so- ciety for underclassmen having a 2.5 average, is composed of approxi- K mately Z5 members. The Alpha Lambdas Went nation- al in February. Miss Lide Sprag- gins, dean of women at Southern Methodist University and president of the national organization, con- ducted their formal initiation. An initiation dinner was given in the Crystal Room of Marquis Hall. Alpha Lambda Delta had a ruin- rnage sale to raise funds for its national expenses. In the spring it had an initiation of new members, plus a social function. Alpha Lambda Pi Accounting Honorary VVhen credits and debits have been balanced, Alpha Lambda Pi members will find they've had a busy year. The accounting majors met twice a month to hear speakers and learn more about their future careers as accountants. A local honorary, the organization works with Dallas and Fort Worth Ac- countants Associations to improve the profession. At the School of Business banquet in the spring, Alpha Lambda Pi presented an award to the most out- standing student in the department. The accountants-to-be sponsored a speaker for the School of Business' Career Conference Day in April. And for their regular monthly dinner meet- ings, the organization imported such speakers as Herman Otto of Southlands Life Insurance, Dallas. The 20 Alpha Lambda Pi members set aside one spring meeting for a picnic. ROW I: Clark, Miller, Turner, Hoffman, Taylor. ROW 2: Pral Above: An Alpha Lambda Pi bull session before +he regular bi-rnonlhly meeling. Below: The accounlanls-lo-be lalk bookkeeping while awailing lheir speaker. Brown, Bryanf, Pickerll, Benfon. ROW 3: Breckenridge, Massey, Rodgers, Sfallings. ak .xc ff l 'GW ROW I: Stanley, King, Duncan, Wells, Moore. ROW 2: Thomas, Hall, Byrd, Minick, Hutcheson. Alpha Lambda Chi National Honorary for Librarians Officers get fogelher in the club's natural selling. Life-time nienibership is the boast ol' Alpha Lzinibcla Sig- ina nienibers. 'l'he lrzlternity, which is open to lilnrarians and library science inujors, has more than 200 members. Present cznnpus nienihership is I0 - ll students and eight laculty members. Alpha 1,Z11l1lJll2l Sigma was lounded in l040. This year the fraternity acquired its lirst pin, a book' shaped piece ol' jewelry with the lanlp ol' learning in one corner and a quill on the opposite side. We'll bel' lhe Dewey decimal syslem wasn'l lhe lopic of discussion af This session. 4125356 ROW l: Morris, Williams, Moore, Goodman. ROW 2: Cook, Taylor, Hesse, Holloway. Alpha Mu Alpha Pre-Mecl Honorary Future physicians meet together twice a month and discuss AMA activities. AMA, in this case, can stand for Alpha Mu Alpha, the name of their organization, or for American Medical Association, the group they'll be aiming for when they finish their pre-med training at NT. The A Mu A officers plan programs for pre-med club campus AMA is an honorary pre-medical fraternity spon- sored by Dr. D. M. Morris of the Biology department. Aside from regular meetings, activities include pledgeship and initiation ceremonies followed by a dance honoring new members. Pily 'lhe poor rabbif, buf be glad l'l1ey're experimenling on him inslead of you. - :ga l ROW l: Arnold, Knight, Burlis, Smith, Foster, Bodkin. ROW 2: Woodruff, Stanfill, Fulton, Damon, Berry, Nelson, Epps. ROW 3: Chennault, McConnell, Lewis, Lawson, Nusbaum, Rogers. An APO-sponsored liay ride is fun, with or without the hay. APO Santa Claus surprised lrids at a near-by orphanage with a TV set. Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity Pledges, pledges. and more pledges- and they all added up to Alpha Phi Omegais busiest service and social pro- gram in many seasons. VVith 17 fall pledges, the Gamma Rho chapter of APO launched its holiday ride service and highway signs project. The signs, built by pledge labor, boasted North Texas on six highways. In November the APOS collected money, furniture, and clothing for a needy family. The same month this service group sent a check to the fra- ternity's war orphan in Pescara, Italy. The APOs also worked with Negro scout troops. Accompanying the usual Yuletide trimmings were the animal Alpha Phi Omega orchid dinner-dance in Dallas and the traditional Christmas party for the Cumberland orphanage. Alpha Phi Omega The new year began on a duo note of service and social life for the members of Alpha Phi Omega. During January the March of Dimes passed the APO review- ing stand, and a taxi dance was co-spon- sored by APO and Kappa Theta Pi. These two groups also solicited blood donations for the Red Cross. APOS and Green Jack- ets sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for Den- ton children. In the line of hearts and flowers were the ever-popular pinning rites. The APOS favored the chosen girl with flowers and gave their enamored member a dunking in the fishpond. Less romantic is the an- nual Ugliest Man on the Campus contest. Spring social included smokers, a rush dance, a week-end barbecue, a Cinderella dance, and a Champagne dance in Dallas. Pledges applied elbow grease 'lo polishing 'lhe college's lrophies in UB ROW I: Hamilton, McKen1ie, Green, Pollan, Cole. ROW 2: O'Grady, Crouch, Massey, Wells, Moore. ROW 3: Murphy, Hartwell, Brown, Hooper WyaH P 31 X1 Alpha Rho Tau exes enioy a coffee before The homecoming game. The young Picassos added fo lhe club lreasury with a Chrisfmas arf sale. Alpha Rho Tau Local Arr Honorary Palettes, smocks, and brushes are the earmarfks of a well-bred Alpha Rho Tau member. The local art club is designed for color-conscious collegiates, and its activities range from films to fantasy. Alpha Rho Tau sponsored a masquerade dance in March, and the art students Went wild with costumes and ingenuity. Cows, harem girls, and indefinable creatures Waltzed to the strains of i'Hambone." This Fantasy Ball was the climax of their social season. T'Vhile the less talented were buying Christmas cards, the Alpha Rho Taus were making and selling their own. They also sold paintings and other original works. The movie HGreat Expectations" was sponsored by the club and shown free to art students and their guests. Alpha Rho Tau also sponsored a Korean clothes drive. ROW I: Mrs. R. Williams, Crowe, Hill, Bell, Wise, Anderson, Larimer, R. Williams. ROW 2: Smilh, Hampfon, Sheffield, Crawford, Harris, Alford, Coger, Ingram. ROW 3: Clemenl, Bean, Buller, Knox, Hill, Tipps, Kelly, Hollands, Reed. ROW 4: Wall, Bowman, Jordan, Kubica, J. Taylor, Hofmann, Harry, Whife, J. C. Taylor, Johnslon. ROW I: Ingram, Gafhings, Peters, Madden, Edingfon, Wilson. Row 2: Moore, Ballweg, Burks, White, Lawson, Terry. Arlington S'ra're Club .lunior College Exes Thirty-five exes ol' Arlington State Col- lege haven't forgotten their alma mater. lVhen they enrolled at NT they organized the Arlington State Club to encourage fel- lowship among exes' of the junior college. Members ol' the club attended the Arlington homecoming last fall and saw the traditional football game with their rival Tarleton State. Socially active this year, the club had three picnics at Lake Dallas. And members iourneyed to Fort Wcmrtli for live parties. They planned a dance with another exes' club on the campus. Membership is open to any ex of Arling- ton State College who is interested in work- ing with the club. MEM- This group has 'lo be admired 'For its lhree-and-lhree officer division Jusl slanding around, wailing for three more fo show up for +he big pic. 9 ROW I: Ridley, Ward, Willis, Hansen, Good, Caufhen, Bowdoin, Johnston, Field. ROW 2: Jackson Newby Baker B Clay Willem Belt Parks Pool Robinson ROW 3: Bluhm, Sager, Turner, Bristow, Heflin, Couch, Thurmond, Harber, Fowler, Craig. ROW 4: Reed, Barrles, Findlay, Barr: Lewman, Buclkingharh, Smith, Gaines Laws, Turkeff, Lasaler. ssociafion for Child QQ -- Above: Below: hood Education Future Teachers A child-whether he be an Italian bambino or a Little I.ord Fauntleroy- is the concern of the Association for Childhood Education International. The ACEI has branches in Canada, In dia, England, Germany, France, and oth- er countries. Witli 80 members to its credit, the North Texas branch is the largest ACEI student group in Texas and one of the largest groups in the United States. Formerly called the Elementary Coun- cil, the Association lor Childhood Edu- cation International is among the oldest groups on the campus. The first Sunday in May this group honored its graduating members and its new officers with a breakfast. Chester Strickland, superintendent of Denton Schools, was guest speaker. Movies, dis- cussions, out-of-town speakers, and stu- Presidenl Finnie gets other officers in a ioyous mood. 'Fessor Graham speaks at one of ACE's regular meeiings. ACE dent panels add to the variety ol' ACEI activil ies. Mrs. Dorothy Crocker, a music therapist at Texas State College for Hlomen, was among the organizations outstanding guests. Last November the members of .-XCEI sold North Texas homecoming pins. building up their treasury to send two delegates to a national convention in Philadelphia. The chosen delegates left for Pennsylvania during the Easter holi- days. At Christmas the fourth-grade students of XVest-Y'Vard Elementary School pre- sented a Christinas-Around-the Wlorld program for ACEI members. Miss Anabelle Pritchard and Dr. James F. YVebb are sponsors of the North Texas student branch of ACEI. ROW I: M. Clay, King, Richmond, Davis, Crews, Marfin. ROW 2 Higdon Cox Upshaw Hopson Finnie Cox Aushn ROW 3 Harris Nelson Oldham Branfley Matfiia, Giles, Allen. S9 :Ea Now, somebody wasn'+ listening when she said, "Le+'s everybody loin in." We stand in amazemenl a+ what the good Lord has provided for us +o eat Bap'ris'r Student Union Baptist Students "SingpirationH is the way the Baptist Student Union describes its Friday night fellowship pro- grams. Headquarters lor this religious organiza- tion is the Baptist Student Center. Equipped with complete recreational facilities, the Center remains open both day and night. Every morning at 7:30 the BSU has a Morn- ing l'Vatch, and every Saturday night the group meets lor Bible Study and discussion. In September the Baptist students attended a church retreat at Lake Dallas, and in October they SCIIL about 80 delegates to the state BSU convention in Wfaco. Their mid-winter ban- quet, a semi-formal event which centered around the theme of? W'inter VVonderland, was given in the Crystal Room of Marquis Hall. 'l'I-IE BSU's spring round-up at Lake Dallas lassoed-in almost every kind ol recreation- sports, movies, picnics. R W I: Monk, Raicliff, Bradley, Clendinning, Jackson, Baird. Row 2: Smar1,Whife, Sharp, Higdon, Lloyd, Harris. ROW 3: Scholl, McCracken, Wilson, Uland, Thomas O'Neal. ROW l: Sherman, Wells, Herry, Gallipp, Perryman, Juenqermann, Resslinqu Hqdgins. ROW 2: J. T. Cook, J. A. Cook, Chalmers, Lucas, Benham, Slraughan, Jones, Pollard, McWhorfer. ROW 3: Kearby, Mensman, Murphy, Poynler, Crawford, Gaynler, Nhyburn, Endicoll, Lovelace. ROW 4: Griffis, Eudaly, Balchelor, Goodman, Moore, DeFord, Hedgecock, Bela Beta Be'ra National Biology Honorary Kingdom: North Texas State Collegeg phy- lum: College of Arts and Sciences: order: sci- ence divisiong family: biology department: genus: clubsg species: Beta Beta Beta. That's how this national honorary biology fraternity might be classified. The 30-mem- ber club is composed of biology majors and minors. The club has been active this year with field trips, speakers, and socials. They visited the Fair Park Aquarium and the Southwestern Medical School in Dallas on field trips. The club saw Above: Maslers Hall audilorium is locale for regular +ri-Bela meelings. Below: Officials mix a lil'l'le bolany wifh Their biological knowledge. movies and heard speeches on such "W 'W topics as research on actinomycetes, ,.. a trip to the tundra, and conserva- A tion. A dinner was the big social event of the fall semester. Delta Zeta chapter is sponsored by Miss Gladys Hudgins and Dr. R. C. Sherman, both of the biology faculty. Formal initiations are held twice a year. i W2 32 Here's a clue lo how Blue Key men slay on good side of adminislralion. E l 2 t we Presidenl Mallhews extends an open-office policy lo Blue Key leaders. ROW I: Pelers, Karnes, Moseley, Smarl, Dunlop, Teague. ROW 2: Lovelace, Broad, Clendinning, Slavick, Harris, Buell, Maffhews. ROW 3: Skidmore, Weeks, Young, McBryde, Graham, Sewell, Turkell. ROW 4: liarney, Wall, Roio, Rumbley, Davidson, Swain. Blue Key National Leadership Honorary i'Service to school, service to community, service to Godl' is the motto of Blue Key, national honorary fraternity. Members of Blue Key are chosen for their campus leader- ship and their scholastic standing. President J. C. Matthews is an honorary member of the fraternity. The major project of this organization is to co-operate with college administrators and to publicize North Texas among high school students. ln the process of publicizing NT, Blue Key members visit high schools and do their "selling job" with film strips and speeches. The fraternity sponsors a Chapel fund and helps with the freshman handbook and orien- tation program. ,M wr: ROW l: Buell, Wrighf, Irvine, Currens, Brau, Haberger. ROW 2: Armour, Chauvin, Howard, Davis, Sfouf. ROW 3: Ordway, Jolley, David- son, Pettigrew, Balsam. ' Club Varsily Thespians - Musicians Ziegleld himself would applaud some of Club Varsity's spectacular and near-professional pro- ductions. Members of the organization are stu- dents who are interested in show business and willing to apply hard work to the process of producing and polishing a show. Varsity Varieties of 1952 was a January event that overflowed with originality, talent, and color. The theme of the show was centered around three different hours of the day-early morning, late afternoon, and night. Out-of-town shows were given throughout the year at McKinney Veterans, Hospital, Lisbon Hospital in Dallas, Gainesville State School for Girls, and Veterans' Center in Fort Worth. Club Varsity also gave shows for local civic organiza- tions and campus functions. Buell coaches Currens and Irvine, willn Wrighf presiding a+ keyboard ,, .,., ,Q A' ., After a fine slarl' wilh rho fall "Vars3+y Variel'ies." lrouble in spring ROW l: Youngblood, Ruffin, Glalener, Hardy, Swain, Price, Dunlop, Henderson. ROW 2: Frensley, Fallis, Kendrick, Bunch, Laminack, Barbour, Higgins, Orion. ROW 3: McNabb, Willis, Pilley, Wolfram, Peffiqrew, Harwell, Cox, O'Neal, Buck, Noah, Brau. College Players Dramatics Interest The curtains going up on College Players, major productions, "Second 'l'hreshold" and "The Lady's Not lor Blll'l1lI1g'.ll Fall and spring, these draniatists en- tertain North Texans with lootlight caprices and heavy draina. Under the direction ol' Mrs. Myrtle Hardy, the Players apply grease-paint and grind away at their scripts, assisted by the unsung workers: stage-hands, di- rectors. proinpters. "Myrl" prepares her charges for anolher splendid produclion. Enchanuacsses, Cyuicsy and adolescents have all had their hour on the stage of the inain auditorium. Jim Swain leads fellow Thespians in a warm-up session al praclice play reading. AA lol of hard Xxvorky H Sluear of grease-paint, and "Myrt" are the College Players' lorinula for a suc- cesslul production. NT was the first college in Amer- ica to present Philip Barry's "Sec- ond 'I'hreshold." This spring the Players added new laurels with their interpretation of Christopher Fry's "The I,ady's Not for Burn- ing. Debate Club Interest Group North Texans are hard to beat when it comes to talking. Eloquent at a jam session, they really shine in debates-il' laurels and loving cups are any proof. During the past school year, the Debate Club has won more than 8 first places and about 3 seconcl places in debate. The long-winclecl clis- cussions have carrieml these clebaters through Texas, Oklahonia, Kansas, Mississippi, anrl Louisiana. They have conipetecl with such col- leges and universities as VVest Point, the Uni- versity ol' Mississippi, Louisiana State Univer- sity ancl the University of North Carolina. Members ol' the Debate Club are apprentices to Pi Kappa Delta. national forensic society. Anrl several ol' these artists ol' argument have won college letters for their participation antl accoinplishnients. Rex lVier is sponsor anal coach ol' the Debate Club. A worthy opponent shakes hands with Dean Davis as Wier smiles proudly. No doubt about those letters being official, even though non-athletic. ROW I: Peters, Davis, Sparks, Earney, Veanueva. ROW 2: Wier, Schnorr, Hargrove, Durham, Smith, Phife. ROW 3: Waters, C. Adkins, G. Adkins, Hill. Della Psi Kappa Physical Education Honorary Although they've not been known to vie for gridiron honor, the Delta Psi Kappas have added glory to the Green with their recreation- al programs and intramural sports. A national honorary fraternity for women majoring or minoring in physical education, Delta Psi Kappa has a membership of approximately 20 girls. Their social functions include a fresh- man introductory tea, a Christmas party, and a homecoming banquet for exes. And when they aren't wielding tennis rac- quets or baseball bats, these coeds work on their annual publication, K'Rambling Rhosf' They also found time to sponsor delegates to the national convention in Los Angeles in April. ROW I: Colleral, Bell, Angell, Doyle, Lyles, McMillan, W. Johnson. ROW 2: Harriss, Trofler, Knox, E. Johnson, Ashley, Holler, Boifger, Pilkey. ROW 3: Brown, Gulledqe, O'Brien, Tackifl, Bailey, Murphy, Kubeck, McMurray. In 'Phe new gym room for worlc, play, sluffing of one's moulh, and day-dreaming Nalional Presidenl' Harriss chals wilh local officers. Della Sigma Service Fraternity Delta Sigma is a young organization with big ideas. just two years on the campus, this service fraternity helped with the homecoming bon- fire, the USNT election booth, the Denton "Mile of Dimes," an Easter Egg Hunt at the Denton Friendship House, and a benevolent fund for Hoosier Town, Indiana home for underprivileged boys. ROW I: Quale, Asfon, Roio, Dill, Bragg, Wilson, Gambel, Rufledqe. ROW 2: Murray, Harris, Br With so many irons in the fire, this group still found time for a few social sparks. At the Halloween Carnival the Delta Sigs posed as the "Delt Dollies." On April 1 they celebrated their second anniversary with a banquet and dance at Hubbard Hall. Schroeder, Umphries, Blair, Teel, Bishop, Arms, Lemons, Murphy. ROW 4: Nelson, Browning, Godfrey, Roof, Parrish, Borden, Garcia, Roberrs. Jusl one big happy 'family wifh fhe Della Sigmas, even if pledgship is rugged. ti' 1 J' A friendly card game under lhe symbol of frafernalism own, Parker, Zimmerman, Russell, Love, Kimbro, Lucas. ROW 3 After a short business meeting, on with the initiation ceremony. Ellen H. Richards Home Economics Departmental Spatula wielders-Whether potential ca- reer Women or homemakers-are members of the Ellen H. Richards Home Economics Club. The organization began its fall pro- gram with an October orientation party for freshman home economics majors and minors at the Mary Arden Lodge. November represented 30 busy days for these homemakers. The girls had their formal initiation in the library auditorium during that month and also gave a home- coming tea for the exes. Delegates from Ellen I-I. Richards were sent to a state- wide workshop at the Texas College of Arts and Industries in Kingsville. To help with a national project for for- eign student scholarships, the club gave its traditional silver reception. Programs for regular meetings of the Ellen H. Richards Club included group discussion and spec- ial speakers. Subjects ol' the speeches and discussions centered around home eco- nomics as a career. ROW l: Cox, McDonald, Billingsley, Barron, Henderson, Ballweq, Beckworth, Price, Shaokelford. ROW 2: Purcell, McCanne, Williams, Allison, Manire, Richardson, Watson, Young, Stephenson, Wiisford, ROW 3: Shaver, Flinn, Putman, Reeves, H. Riley, Box, Lenmnqton, Fry, Brooks, Lawson, Galloway, Miller. ROW 4: Hornsby, Morehead, Shaw, Wright, Graves, Kay, Carter, Mallery, Henderson, A. Riley. ROW I: Troeger, Denman, Daniel, Milligan, Evans, Badgefl, Heywood, McLaughlin, Reynolds. ROW 2: Salem, E. Hall, Barker, M. Hall, Burnell, Carolhers, Chumney, Scharf, While. ROW 3: Oehlschlaeger, Callahan, L. Reed, M. Reed, Cammack, Lewler, Hughes, Young. Ellen H. Richards The Ellen H. Richards Club for home economics majors and minors is affiliated with the American Home Economics As- sociation. Its purpose in organizing was to provide fellowship and study programs for those girls who are interested in home economics. Approximately 90 home economics stu- dents are members of Ellen H. Richards. They meet the second Tuesday of each month and are sponsored by Mrs. Avis Hall and Mrs. Norma Parton of the home eco- nomics faculty. Throughout the school year this organi- zation has discussion programs as a means of information and entertainment. Discus- sion topics include Home Economics as a Career, Cake Decorations, and Child De- velopment. The members this year helped to raise money for their treasury by selling United Nations Cook Books. A portion of the proceeds from the sales was used for social functions. Mrs. Philip Walker gives lhe group some hinls on happy home building. Members are forlunale in having Dr. Scoular's home for social use f 2 E 333 I . - e- :i'5,gQx-Sauk-zzif:9.15r:2L-all-a -"-'-F-H -' Tl-I is . X ROW l: Hulse, Kelldorf, Blansil, Rowe, Currin, Piffman, Maslen, Hansen, Sleakley, Hanby. ROW 2: Wall, Sheppard, Lyle, Robertson, Massey, Dishman, P. Smilh, Doss, Aishman, Meador, S, Clay, D. Davis, Box. ROW 3: Spaulden, Piner, Reed, Nance, Dullon, Daniels, Harris, Ferguson, Booker, Gilliland, Morris, B. Clay, Apple, M. Calvert. ROW 4: B. Calvert, Browning, Lehmberq, Hall, Alexander, Sissom, Arnold, Bayless, McConnell, Allison, Harry, Gilslrap, Sanders, Sfeakley, Taylor. Fulure Teachers of America Pre-Professional Educators lf the membership of this organization is any criterion, there'll be no shortage of teachers in Texas during the next few years. The North Texas FTA group has 300 members-the largest in Texas and one of the largest groups in the nation. And, of course, it's the largest professional organiza- tion on the campus. Highlight of the FTA year was the state convention at Alpine in March. North Texas delegates were l9 students and two faculty sponsors. NT went all out for honors at the convention. nominating five students for state Offices. Running for offices were Gene Hutchison, president, Betty Jo Wall, corresponding secretary, Delbert Gibbs, parliamentariang Sally Belt, financial secretary, and l Jean Couch, sweetheart. At the convention, the organization worked on its long-term projects of establishing new high school groups and finding ways of at- tracting niore people to the teach- ing field. FTA moguls lalce lime out for a little laughfer, refreshment, and cheesecake. Convention-minded this year, the North Texa FTA group sponsored the high school FTA state convention on the NT cam- pus. Claude Kelley of the edu- cation faculty is a state sponsor of high school FTA in Texas. li FTA Regular social meetings and business meetings gave the future teachers a well- rounded and full schedule for the year. The organization celebrated Christmas with a dance in Mary Arden Lodge. Lake Dallas was the site of a Wiener roast during the fall semester. Programs at regular meetings included a panel of school superintendents, adminis- trators, and teachers who discussed the career of the teacher. Foreign students en- rolled at North Texas spoke to the group on education in China, Germany, and South America. A third panel, including public school teachers, discussed what is ex- pected of the teacher as a person. Later in the year, one program was devoted to the problems of the student teacher. ROW I: Cox, Bluhm, M. Davis, Baker, Morgan, Phife, Field, Parks Spangler L Marhn ROW 2 Reed Goan L Smllh Belcher Upshaw Coleman Annla Carroll Bell., Helm, Bradley, Mahan, Washlngfon, Weisf, Barnes, Folfz, Jean Pool ROW 3 Wesfbrook Burns Lee Hmfon Sager Jane Pool Dalfe Funme Durham Thomas Chrlsflan, Severeid, Sheets. ROW 4: Killebrew, Maxwell, Howard, Lovelace Muller Maron Hufchlnscn Hildebrand Sampson J Davis Glasscock Rrvelre Only a few meeling rooms can hold FTA mmbers IF lhey are all presenl, Probably FTA The North Texas chapter of FTA was organized in 1945. Since that time it has consistently been one ol' the largest groups in the nation. Members ol the local chapter are affiliated with members ol' the National Education Association and the Texas State Teachers Association. Each member of FTA receives sub- scriptions to the NEA Journal, Tex- as Outlook, and the FTA yearbook when he joins the organization. FTA headquarters are in an olfice in the new education building. The office was planned for the use ol' FTA and other clubs in the education de- partment. FTA works with the facul- ty in maintaining an education library in the building, also. ROW I: Billie Boyd, McCord, Brent, Payne, Brislow, Couch, Hall, C. Clark, G. A. Clark, Wilburn. ROW 2: Milchell, Slaughter, Druifl, Russell, Sayles, Fifer, A. Davis, Johnson, Ellis, Dees, Parker, Longmire, Pallillo, Sparks, Bell, Willhile. ROW 3: C. Marlin, Weafherly, Curlis, Ouebe, Wilburn, Spivey, Barkley, Crumplon, Armstrong, Barr Fmdley, Haynie, Williams, Maiors, Harris. ROW 4: Wells, Maflingly, Murray, Hopson, Hools, Gibbs, McCormick, DeBorde, Drawhorn, Rulledge, Turke'H, Johnsfon, I ROW I: Nevans, Gulledge, Winler, Nicholson, Hulse, Henderson, Norrell, Wiseman, Fenley, Palmer. ROW 2: Sleqall, Crews, Smofhers, Coley, Bradley, Lilfleiohn, McLauchIin, Ridley, Jenkins, Colburn, Haberger, Poynter, Beesion, Seale, Bailey. ROW 3: Bonifa Boyd, Winnmgham, Fowler, Shaw, Jones, Carson, Ross, Rushing, Teeh, Mary Carroll, Martha Carroll, Carnahan, Brau, Miller, Robinson. ROW 4: Welch,Caslleberry, Malhis, Turner, Braswell, Weinerf, S. Smilh, Raphelf, Kirkland, Rumbley, Davidson, Knapp, Busch, Sewell, Anderson. FTA The group is working toward a closer association with national and state teachers organizations. It attempts to attract the best- qualified persons to the teaching profession, and to raise the standards of pre-professional training for educators in both elementary and secondary schools. Membership includes students who intend to teach and are interested in participating in the projects of the club. There are no scholastic or classification requirements for membership. Regular meetings are held twice each month in the Union Building auditor- ium. Officers ol lhe college's largesl club meel for an informal session before a regular melting. 7 ...gai- 'JW " -5Z:" " ' , H? ' I+'s a long road from fhe seriousness of war 'io 'rhe laughler of ihe U. B. GIX members discuss club business In room D of 'The union building. ROW I: Sanchez, Hopson, Hoofs, Roe, Salas. ROW 2: Pefers, Lucas, Ruiledge, Murphy, Murray, Egqlesfon. ROW 3: Martin, Calverf, Greer, Theilen, Burks. Gamma Iota Chi Veterans' Organization Former leathernecks, gobs, flyboys, and G.I. Joes form the membership of Gamma Iota Chi. These men, 22 of them, are veter- ans with honorable discharges. Having once defended their country, they are now improving it with college service projects. GlXys most outstanding work this year was in connection with the Red Cross blood drive. They organized and publicized the drive during the fall semester, and, when the Red Cross mobile unit arrived in Den- ton in February, 427 collegians gave blood. C-IX proudly noted that this was 27 pints over the colleges quota. During the spring, the club promoted collegiate civil defense programs. But the Gamma lota Chis found time between their service projects to have several picnics and dances. Qu Pfhif, ROW l: Mixon, Good, Johnson, Finnie, Darnell, Hopson. ROW 2: Bowman, ri c e Gamma Thefa Upsilon National Geography Honorary Members of Gamma Theta Upsilon are persons with a flair for the exotic and an appreciation of the ingredients which compose the Great American Melting Pot. To join this national geography fraternity students are re- quired to complete nine hours of geo- graphy and to have a sincere interest in their studies. Once a month the Gamma Thetas congregate for a program and picnic supper. A 'filobetrotters Supperf with Italian, French, and American food highlighted on the menu, carried through the theme ol' the geography society. Picnics and outings are in- cluded on the schedule of activities. Alpha Alpha. NT chapter ol' Gam- ma Theta Upsilon, received its charter in 1949. .lu Giles Wiiien ROW 3 Geography Who's Who ai NT represenfafive George Paulison displays a dinosaur frack, ihen chats with a fellow member and Miss Cullin. E535 . 32 3 ROW l: Roio, Slurman, Wafers, Sewell, Dennis, Glass, Clark, Watson. ROW 2: Powell, Parker, Gofcrlh, Grantham, McClain, Fullon, Schnorr, Youngblood. ROW 3: Roach, B. Taylor, Brown, Roe, Young, S. Taylor, Loughmiller. ROW 4: Odom, Miller, Thompson, Kamp, Hunl, Salas. Governmenl ancl Pre-Law Club Social Science Departmental Wlietliei' planning to pound a gavel or cru- sade for a job at the Wlhite House, members of the Government and Pre-Law Club are inter- ested in affairs of state. They meet in the gov- ernment building and are planning to develop their meeting room into a government depart- ment library. Their co-sponsors are H. W. Kamp and Miss Dorothy Fields. Speakers at the club have been Judge Lew Sterrett of Dallas and Frank Ikard, former congressman. The Government and Pre-Law Club sponsored, with the Fine Arts Committee, Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi, former minister of fi- nance ol Hungary. The club also backed a panel ol' Texas businessmen who discussed the sub- ject of Socialism vs. Capitalism. Members met with the government faculty to discuss depart- mental curriculum. ln the line of social events, the organization had a Christmas party and a picnic at Lake Dallas during March. Former Congressman Frank lkard seems lo have slumped Professor Kamp of lhe governmenl faculfy, buf Gov'l and Pre-Law officers carry on. Green Jackets Service Organization YVith a 26-year record of service, the Green Jackets continue to uphold their tradition ol doing Uanything the faculty calls upon us to do." "Anythingi' includes helping at registra- 7 flOll, l1SllCl'lllg Elf tl1C flI1C HITS pfilgfflllls, help' Freshmen orientation gives fish a chance to meet Green Jackets. ing with the Red Cross blood drive, and polish- ing the trophies in the union building trophy rooin. In addition to these Glories to the Green, the girls help at other campus functions and have contributed inoney to the McKinney Vel- erans' Hospital for birthday gifts and bingo prizes. The Green Jackets-all 59 of thein-go in a body to football and basketball games, lending their support to the NT athletes. In March they had a nieinorial service for deceased meni- bers of Green Jackets. Members are selected from every major group on the cainpus. and each outgoing senior Green Jacket is allowed to pledge one new girl. l And homecoming provides reunions with an old friend, Miss Harriss. ROW l: Porter, M, Clay, Edna Hall, Harriss, Roberts, Parks, Stevens, Blackburn, Newby. ROW 2: Jean Couch, Wingfield, Daughety, Cauthen, B. Clay, Elizabeth Hall, Manire, Kuchenbacker, O'Daniel, McDaniel. ROW 3: Jane Couch, Crawford, Brinkmann, Pankhurst, Kay, McEver, Walker, Hampton, Whitney, Burnett. ROW 4: Mc- Neely, Compton, June Taylor, Joyce, Downing, English, Kearby, Jerelyn Taylor, Matthews, McGuire. ,,...:a...,..a-..i ,a.W,M ,, ' A , . X , W 15 SJ -1 'wif il X' , i l 2 House President ' Club Women's Representatives 'Wladam Presidents, I make a mo- tion . . . " yep, thatls right, presidents is plural, but the motives are non-political. l The House Presidents' Club is an organiza- e- tion which acts as a connecting link be- An annual affair, the House Presidents' tea at Mary Arden lodge. UVCCI1 tl1C YIc11ilOllS1'CSlClCl1CCl121llS, ll1C office of the dean of women, and the rest of the college. The members are presidents of the womenls dormitories and houses. These officers were introduced at the beginning of the fall semester at an all-girl assembly. Their later activities included a Thanksgiving tea for all North Texas co-eds, then a Valentine tea. fkniong's programs was ai play review of Christopher Fry s comedy, ' l he Ladys Not lox Burning. Another pio- y gram featured a florist who taught the girls a few tricks ol his trade. With all this on stage. we're tempted to aslt, "ls there a man in the audience?" ROW l: M. Dunn, Lowrie, Bradley, Croom, Hoffmann, Downing, Riley. ROW 2: Clay, Johnson, Bradburry, O'Daniel, Norrell, Peterson, Barr, Hughes, Carnes. ROW 3: Wilson, Tipps, Box, Martin, Phife, Jones, Brinkmann, V. Dunn, LaGue. ROW 4: Erdmann, White, Tolbert, Darney, Muecke, Taylor, Bailey, Baker, Houston. SEM ,, ,. ROW I: May, Wilson, Fowler, Erwin, Deqer, Flock, Willson. ROW 2: Beavers, Riddle, Eggleslon, Schneider, Bentley, Eller, Stanley, Sfapp. ROW 3: Watkins Gor don, Denning, Smilh, Davis, Mandeville, Tannahill, Doyle. Inclusfrial Arls Club Departmental I!Vhat's a Shop-Smith? It's a versatile and com- plicated shop tool adored by people who know their shop tools. At one of their meetings IA club- bers saw the Shop-S1nith demonstrated, and they came away comparing it with the lathes, band- saws, and planers which they work with every day. In addition to their regular meetings at which they hear speakers and see movies, the Industrial Arts Club is busy twice a year with pledgeship. They honored their pledges with semi-formal dances in Mary Arden Lodge. The highlight of their social activities was the traditional Orchid Ball at the club house on May 9. On the informal side were the two picnics at Lake Dallas. The club has 35 active members. Sponsors this year were W. R. Erwin, jerry McCain, Homer Money, and Fritz Roberson. ls sliclting your longue ou+ considered 'ro be a good greeling? Informal dances give lA clubbers a chance al social enioymenl. Junior Mary Arden Club Social-Literary 'l'he Junior Mary Arclens, sinall-fry sisters oil the Senior Marys, can boast ol' being 21 part ol' the olclest organization on the North Texas cainpus. A social-literary group, the Junior Marys are ilreslinizm and sophomore coetls who have nizule at least a B average in their English courses. -- 4 J - T ,- fig 4 y 5 f ROW I: Miller, Davis, Long, Wilder, Jones, Mayes, Huichinson, Ziegler, Sparks. Bus-boarding preceecled ilie 'Fall +rip across +cwn. 344 Ainonv' their inan roffranis and social func u D U a . tions have been a clrainatic presentation ol Shakespezxres "Balcony Scenen and a Junioi Senior Cliristnizis dinner. In April Mr. Houaicl Key ol' the English faculty spoke to the girls on the subject of conteinporziry prose. die t 4' 'gap i A bp 6 sh li ., iv it 5 New few Duke, Breedlove, Sufion, Hansen, LaGue, Lucas. ROW 2: Box, Roberls, McNabb, Smallwood, Schimelpfenig, Paffillo, J. Wilburn, Searcy. ROW 3 Jr. a nd Sr. Q :- E F Marys meef and almosf Fill ilie room, bui one man slipped in The side , t , ts ' si' i, fm., -55 -was af' as a ' A , lr H i Junior Mary Arden Club Junior Marys are already making plans for their Golden Jubilee next fall. October, l952, will niark their liltieth year at North Texas, and the celebration is scheduled to be a big event. One ol' the Junior Marys' chief projects this school year was the purchasing of 75 collee K a . .5 - , A.. , I p Q ' A ch, '- . s.,,,f t f- f 1 it K' T5 1 at .EB , .ag . , A 5 Q spoons for the tea service bought by the senior group. During the winter the girls attended the Federated lfVOI11CI1iS Clubs ol' Texas state convention at TSCWV. The Junior Marys had a fornial candlelight initiation in the spring, and in May they had a banquet honoring their club officers and nieinbers. ,L 5 . , E -W P s A a 5 . . ROW I: Brent, Belt, Allen, Bennett, Russell, Bigby, Brown. ROW 2: Rugel, B. Wilburn, Daughety, Longmire, Crosby, Power, Robertson, Harris. ROW 3: Parker, Jalufka, Bolster, Anderson, Price, Mallery, Milner, Dees. Jr. Mary otticers lett waiting on the Marquis steps. Wouldn't you be more comfortable it you iust sat around lilre all the other girls? ,M , , se. QWJP - , A fi s . , fl-15 X - .M wx if i,.w"'..- 'Efewaf' rg is- - f - - - - Cal V7 Kappa Della Pi members enlerlein Dr. and Mrs. McConnell al a dinner. Whal a quainl place 'for lhree campus "scholars" lo be congregaling. ROW I: Robinson, Sayles, Jenkins, Upshaw, Griffin, A. Davis. ROW 2: Milligan, Pinkerlon, Proctor, Baker, Carroll, Fninnie, Daniel. ROW 3: Oehlschlaeger, Mallhews, Gaston, Galloway, Rice, Hughes. ROW 4: Price, Miller, W. Davis, Karnes, Anderson. Kappa Della Pi National Education Honorary For 25 years Kappa Delta Pi has been a leading campus organization, and Decem- ber, before going home for Christmas, the club celebrated its silver anniversary with an initiation dinner in Marquis' Crystal room. VVith a high set of standards for belong- ing to the group, it nevertheless has about fifty members. To join, a student must at least be a junior and have a B average. Kappa Delta had many campus speakers during the year, including Dr. YV. Mc- Connell, Dr. L. W. Newton, Dr. Anna Powell, and Mrs. Phoebe Mizell. Kappa Della The club sent two delegates to the national convention in Michi- gan, thus going farther than mere campus boundaries. But it wasn't all work. In May the organization closed off the year's activities with a picnic, a fitting climax to nine months ol' labor. And who sponsors this last- moving group of students? It is necessarily someone with the energy and time, and she is Miss Myrtle Brown. who devotes both unsellishly to the Kappas. ROW I: Moreheade, Slavick, Roe, Sewell, Smith, wright, Lloyd, Maflock. Firsl' we were downslairs and lhere were only four: lhen we iourneyed upslairs, and, wilh Rulh Rice presiding, 'lhere were, oh, lofs more. Miller. ROW 2: Hildbrand, Sanchez, Schulze, Hamplon, LeBaron, Brown. ROW 3: McConnell, Busch, Drum 4 ROW I: Robert Barham, Cadenhead, Currin, Pinkerton Hildebrande, Richard Barham. HOW 2: Bilyeu, Bailey. Bradford, Parrish, Cooke, Cox, Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honorary las are old and elementary subjects to the members of Kappa Mu Epsilon. These bud- ding Einsteins belong to a national honorary organization for matheinatic students. Plan- ning an all-college math contest to increase interest in X plus Y and 2 times 2 is the main project undertaken by the group. The student mathematicians have had student panels and speakers throughout the school year. Topics were Some Cryp- tic Division Problems, Extrac- tion of Roots, and A Probabi- lity Problem. The 20 members of Kappa Mu Epsilon had one picnic each semester. Above: Fall pledges are ini+ia+ed by Jim Bradford. Below: Bradford ioins other officers for Yucca pic. Hcxagons, pentagons, and algebraic formu- ROW I: Singlelary, Weisl, Bryanf, Wigley, Allen, McLauchlin, Curran ROW 2 Ricks Christian Gaude Gillis Forshee Byrd Young Carringfon ROW 3 Snkes Perry, Daugherly, Brooks, Queen, Daniel, Rowe. Kilgore College Club Junior College Exes Batting the breeze with the hometown crowd is the main objective ol' the Kilgore College Club. The 25 members, all exes ol' Kilgore Junior College, spend the second Wednesday ol' each month reminiscing about Kilgore activities. Some of these ex-students attended the Kilgore-Tyler football game last fall. Coke parties, musical programs, and-most important-bull sessions were on the social agenda this school Vear for members of the Kilgore College Club. The Kilgorians also had a spring picnic at Lake Dallas. Mrs. Mary Robertson is sponsor. Above: Four musl be a convenienl' number around fables. Below: Currln reminds friends of an Easf Texas iolce. 5 . M'll , EH' , B , B h, D l . ROW 2: Sparks, Wright, Currens, Price, Jones, Calloway. ROW 3: Hill, Perryman, Yarnell, Hablieavgr lbrzl-:clk isgglirlll l-llgrllseil Hulclilson, El,fi'le.ralROwn:: Earli1leycTpAdkins, Borden, Huffman, Ruffin, Dees, Broad, Swain. K 0 E D Radio Club Facilities were limifed in Kendall Hall, bul' KOED managed fo gel off some 'laped programs and 'lwo 30-minufe scripls. l'Vill Henrietta marry the pudgy banker's son? Will Marmaduke die of ptomainc poisoning? Listen to- morrow when Station KOED pre- sents "Happy Days with Aunt Hattif' At their Monday night work- shops, the members of the KOED Club drarnatize and satirize radio shows. The club,s 'idream is to set up a real collegiate broadcasting stationfl and to raise money for this station, club members bought and sold KOED ties. Until the dream becomes an air- wave reality, the radio club is par- ticipating in the activities of the Southwestern Collegiate Broadcast- ing System, a "network" composed ol I4 schools. Each school records a 30-minute program and exchanges 'itakesw with other members. North Texas' contribution to SCBS was a mystery show. Los Caballeros Riding Club Los Caballeros are 20 high ridin' eds and co- eds who spend their leisure hours amid the saddle soap and the horse shoes. Los Caballeros flinglish translation: The Horseinenj are stu- dents who believe-and prove-that these new- fangled automobiles will never replace the Old Gray Mare. YVhen weather permits, the meni- bers of Los Caballeros leave their posts at Estes Stables and gallop through a series of parties and escapades. They meet every Thursday night. Their spring' activities included a treasure hunt, two picnics at Pilot Knob. a Sunday sun- rise breaklast, and a steak fry. Group projects featured the building ol a horse show ring at the stables. Ten ol. the Los Caballeros rode in the Forrest Park Horse Show in Fort lVorth this May. Sponsoring the club is Miss Sweet Estes, own- er of the stables and physical education teacher. s Q Above: There seems lo be some concern aboul fhis member's dismounling Below: Here are lhree persons who mighl say a horse is man's besl friend ROW I: Dabney, lrby, Van Vader, J. Russell, M. Russell, Warren, Granl. ROW 2: Wesf, Morris, Gorden, Johnson, Spangler, Hill, Slanley. ROW 3: McCrea, Wilson, Willson, Hopper, White, Ballenger. --W.-f ps... E552 ROW I: Caldwell, Sharp, Gillis, Rcberfs, Waller, Arnwine, Lynch, Lucas, Lifflefield, Chruden. ROW 2: Reiniger, Moore, Kees, Dibble, Shirley, Ham, Henderson Honeqger, Lemons, Quale. ROW 3: Dennis, Dorfch, Benneff, Nix, Richards, Runyan, Kirkpafrick, Lindsay, Hardwick, Green. ROW 4: Poer, Hubbard, Glendinning, Bodkin, Taliaferro, Arbuckle, Theilen, Odom, Pliler, Peffiff, Huffman. Presidenf Benneff calls for a few quesfions from officers and sponsors. Once or fwice fhe club wasn'f able fo secure an off-campus speaker. Managemenf Club Business Departmental A "birthday banquet" was the main event of the Management Club this year as they celebrated their first anniversary of affiliation with the national Society for the Advancement of Management. Their im- pressive record shows why they were chosen for membership. The club didn't start rolling at full steam until October, but once started they stop- ped for but one thing-spring, and a recess for a picnic. Every other school month they had at least one noted authority on man- agement to speak to the club. Yet the organization doesn't limit itself to business entirely. It sponsored a selec- tion for the Yucca beauty section. She Was Carol Moore and she was not eliminated until the semifinals. Having 79 members, the chapter is the largest in Texas, and it keeps its sponsors, Dr. C. L. Littlefield and Dr. Herb Chruden of the School of Business Administration, hopping to keep up with the fast pace. ROW I: Harrison, Martin, Moore, Loften, Threatt, Hesser, Greenwell, Dunn, Roberts. ROW 2: Brooks, Myers, Blakeley, McSpadden, Frey, Dibble, Neely, Poer, Schroeder. ROW 3: Dortch, Lambert, Dennis, Reiniger, Pritchard, Terry, J. Gantt, Covey, Gross, Stewart. ROW 4: Strader, Greer, Durham, Bennett, Miller, Jordon, Sherry, Funston, Curry, B. Gantt, Baucum. Marketing Club Business Departmental To market, to market, not to buy a fat pig, but to find a career-that's why 42 business students have formed the Marketing Club. They become acquaint- ed with all phases of marketing and have opportuni- ties to get better jobs by affiliation with the Ameri- can Marketing Association. The group tours Dallas businesses in the spring, takes surveys on marketing habits, and imports speakers for their meetings. Speakers included Miss Jane Trahey. ad- vertising director of Neiman-Marcusg Duf- field Smith, president of the Dallas Adver- tising League, and Ira Corn, assistant pro- fessor at Southern Methodist University. The club has three business meetings, a dinner meeting in the Crystal Room, and a picnic each semester. Membership in- cludes business majors who are interested in the field of marketing. This bi-monthly meeting must have had a before-dinner speaker. 353 .....ea.,, T McCracken Club officers used lheir Yucca picfure as an excuse for one meefing. Since 'lhe club's inleresfs focus on -lhe library, +l'1a+'s where lhis lea was held. McCracken Club Library Service lVant to read a book for pleasure? For reference? Chances are that members of the McCracken Club could suggest and advise you. These students, majors or minors in library service, are familiar with almost every phase of book-wise work. Among the organizations outstanding speakers was Dr. Arthur Sampley, poet laureate of Texas and director of North Texas libraries. Other staff members also addressed the club. McCracken Club sponsored a homecom- ing float and a coffee for exes. Its seven social events included a Christmas party and two picnics. Mrs. Velma Cathey is sponsor. The Mc- Cracken Club was named in honor of Mrs. Pearl C. McCracken, NT's first librarian. M. .RLDNglhlf,Cafhey, Byrd, Koeninqer, Stanley, Harris, Norrell. ROW 2: Swan, Robertson, Bradburry, Bruce, Booher, Sfoughlon. ROW 3: Taylor, Duncan, Lloyd, Moore, imc, u s. WWF . .X , ,--, f ., as may . - I l , l l l l l ROW l: Robinson, Smifh, Walker, Efler, Bailey. ROW 2: Glaiener, Hagris, Ramer, Galloway, Hampfon. ROW 3: Downing, Brau, Shackel- for , Rice. Merilum Senior Women's Honorary The "cream of the crop" is selected for membership in Meritum Honor Society. Approximately twelve girls, active, high- ranking members of the junior class, are initi- ated each spring. Meritum sponsored Intersorority Stunt night in November and contributed the l'take" to the college chapel fund. In the spring, it awarded a plaque to the sorority having the highest over-all grade average. In September, the group sponsored the Big W'heel orientation party for beginning Fresh- men. After a Junior Rush tea in March, new members were announced at a calling out service on the steps of the library building on Honors Day, May 6. Meritum is working toward affiliation with Mortar Board, nation- al honorary for college women. Merilumers Smilh, Walker and Ramer awail slarl of homecoming parade. Four of flue busiesl women on campus pause for flie Yucca pl-iolograplier. 5 . Music Educalors Narional Conference Teacher - Musicians Members of rhythm bands and college sym- phonies may one day learn their music under the direction of current members of the Music Educators National Conference. The 93 mem- bers of the North Texas MENC group are eith- cr music teachers or future music teachers. Members ol' MENC attended the national convention ol the Music Teachers National Association held in Dallas during February. MENC's sponsor, Roderick Gordon, and a member, Miss Maude Garnett, were delegates to the national convention of MENC at Phila- delphia in March. c ROW I: Louis, Yarnell, Thompson, Anfhony, Johnson, Slavick, Gordon, Wiseman. ROW 2: Bazar, Boozman, Ogburn, Yosf, Moremen, Fulmer, Clay, Liffleiohn, ijzarcy KWrighfk ECW 3: Pearson, Garcia, De La Rosa, Porfer, Mandy, Woodard, Goodwin, Daugherfy, Knapp. ROW 4: Benton, Brooks, Rumbley, Davidson, Lasaler, iron arnes, o erfs. Officers of MENC galher around l'l'1e keyboard for lheir pic. Marian Flagg, Dallas music supervisor, gives aspiring feaclwers 'lhe low-down Music Educaiors Naiional Conference During the year, MENC members saw movies of Toscanini and the NBC orchestra, and of a rehearsal of the Telephone Hour starring Ezio Pinza. Speakers included Marion Flagg, super- visor of music in the Dallas Public Schools, and Gordon, MENC'S sponsor, who talked on 'ibroken-down music" or the physical side of music. As guests of the Association for Child- hood Education, MENC members heard Miss Dorothy Crocker of Dallas discuss music ther- api'- MENC sponsored a "Kumazur" Qtranslated come as you arej Christmas party at the club house for members of the School of Music. The group had a banquet in May to elect officers for 1952-1953. The North Texas organization is one of the largest MENC groups in the nation. 4 ROW I: Morion, Zemanek, Gaston, Simon, McNabb, Belf, lies, Barker. ROW 2: Garnefi, Darney, Sieakley, Currie, Burleson, LaGue, Gegnaud, Brown. ROW 3: Owens Carson, Ray, Harper, Sheeis, Lasafer. ROW 4: Harrison, Kennedy, Hodgson, Buiiram, Searcy. MENC sponsors Gordon, Meyer and Rogers guide ihe na+ion's largesf chapier. Music hall lobby is a focal poini for group ger iogeihers. Afler lhe pledges are swepl aside. Mu Phi officers can manage a smile. ROW I: McKenzie, Currie, Maxwell, LaGue, Ray. ROW Lewis, Belt. Mu Phi Epsilon National Music Honorary Rummage sales and scholarships strike a chord with the Mu Phi Epsi- lons. They make money from rum- mage sales to set up scholarships for outstanding freshman girls in the School of Music. A national honorary organization for women in the field of music, Mu Phi is composed of advanced students with a B average and recommenda- tions from the faculty. The North Texas chapter has 14 members this year. Mu Phi joined Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha this winter for a presentation dance honoring their pledges. The group has a traditional formal dinner-dance in May. They assisted with national projects, including contributions to a settle- ment house in Chicago where under- privileged children receive free music lessons. Pinkerton, Johnston, Sleakley, Whifflesey, Ramsey, Websler. ROW 3: Gaston, Dougheriy, Marshall, ROW I: Bert, Hunter, O. Garza, Britton, Boiniewicz, Ballweg, De La Rosa, A. L. Gutierrez, Bouliqny, Carr. ROW 2: A. Gutierrez, Maranto, Clay, Dorn, Grabowski, Begnaud, McMillan, Lancaster, Lipa, Saleh, Villa, McNamara. ROW 3: Y. Gar1a,Lozano, Serafino, Winstead, Erwin, Jalufka, Wheeler, Fitzgerald, Bloomer, Johnston. ROW 4: Sanchez, Salas, Bodkin, Slavick, Gcllob, Keasler, Reames, Schwartz, Edwards, Orozco. Newman Club Catholic Students Boasting of a long-term project, the New- man Club is applying elbow grease to its five- year plan to raise funds for a new church. Quite a job-even for a group of 50-plus enthusiasts! The organization is composed of Catholic stu- dents from North Texas State and Texas State College for VVomen. Each Tuesday the Newman Club has a busi- ness and social meeting at the Parish Hall. The hall is equipped with phonograph, radio, and library. The group's outstanding social events were an autumn picnic at Lake Dallas, a Halloween party, and a dance on December l honoring Catholic boys who were stationed at Sheppard Field. Another twelfth-month celebration was the Newman Christmas party. The NTSC-TSCVV organization is affiliated with the national Newman Clubs. With 'Four Dr. Peppers showing, this pic was obviously made at IO, 2 or 4. Three Newman Clubbers use Terrill's Great Hall to entertain servicemen. 4 lg 359 ROW l: Gardner, Cooper, Hall, Lanning, Field, Jones, May. ROW 2: Pal Porler, Edwards, Ferguson, B. Lyles, Scolf, Winningham, Tackill. ROW 3: R. Lyles, Way, McDaniel, Newby, Cox, Seaman, Brown. ROW 4: Meaker, Peggy Porter, Agee, Deger, Hull, Wiseman, Mcreman. Panhandle Club Regional Interest rf! Panhandlers fgeographically speakingj know how to handle the problem of distance. They share rides to their homes in the Texas Pan- handle. Primarily a social club for students from the same geographical region, the Pan- handle Club brought the western touch to the campus this year. The club sponsored a covered wagon float in the homecoming parade in November. A Wiener roast and Western party at the hoine of the club's presi- dent, Bill Lanning, highlighted the social activities of the fall semester. Members got together for a Christmas party in Amarillo dur- ing the holidays, and they plan- ned a picnic for the spring semes- ter. lvliembership averages about 20. Wlilliam Gardner of the music faculty sponsors the club. These Panhandiers exhibif lypical dress for "back home." Phi Alpha Theta National History Honorary Studying the past to understand the pres- ent is the policy of members of Phi Alpha Theta. A national honorary organization, the group is composed of history majors and minors. The club sent eight delegates to Phi Alpha 'I'heta's national convention at the University of Texas this year. At their monthly meetings in the history building, members hear speakers from the various fields of social science. Dr, F. H. Gafford, head of the history department. spoke on the Iranian situation at one ol' the fall meetings. Other speakers were Dr. R. B. Melton and T. B. Hyder of the eco- nomics faculty. Delegates who attended the Austin con- vention were Dr. Jack B. Scroggs. sponsor: Ed Todd, Paul Maranto, NVendell Knox, xloe Roe, Jo Ann Hall, Robert Littlefield, and Dr. Uafford. Alpha Lambda chapter has an average membership ol' lil. ROW I: Roe, Knox, Robinson, Westbrook, Matlock, Scrogqs. ROW 2: Hollings 3 Q Marian Robinson and Ed Todd await photog's orders. Doubtless the topic of conversation is some big historical event. worth, Trietsch, Todd, Tuttle, Odom, Gafford. ROW I: Lovelace, Perry, Goodwin, Ramsey, Lee, Woodard, Rumbley Stroop, Anthony. ROW 2: Elliott, Mclllwain, Thomas, Cody Austin Stark Lowrance Buttram ROW 3: Roberts, Dickey, Guilbeau, Slavick, DeLa Rosa, Peters, Miron, Maxwell. ROW 4: Davidson, Davis, Shipp, McClelland, Broolks, Knapp, White, Lasater. i Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia National Music Honorary Recitals, concerts, and baby-sitting were on the agenda of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia this year. Diabelli was replaced by diapers when Phi Mu sponsored a baby-sitting agency for mem- bers of the music faculty. The NT chapter of the national honorary music society sponsored a recital olf Ernest Bloch music during the spring semester, and, in conjunction with the Fine Arts Committee, sponsored a concert by 17 Austrian college students who were billed as the third Austrian good- will tour of North America. Delegates from Phi Mu were sent to the Dallas MTNA conven- tion in February, and in May the society was host to the district governor. Dr. C. Matthews, president of the college, became an honor- ary member of Phi Mu at one of the two initiation breakfasts. Membership in the society is ap- proximately 30. After initiation, the traditional midnight brealrfast. aff' - ',1 5 as 3 s ROW I: Kay, Lindley, Daniel, Hocker, Wilsford, Milligan, Salem. ROW 2: Euler, Ballweg, Carlson, Reynolds, Burneii, Scharf, Barker, Jones. ROW 3 Box Jones, Oehlschlaeger, Galloway, Shackelford, Lawson, Hughes, Brooks. Phi Upsilon Omicron National Home Economics Honorary Teas, banquets, and parties give mem- bers of Phi Upsilon Omicron an opportun- ity to put into practice the culinary and social arts they learn in home economics classes. A career in the home-that's what members of Phi U are training for in their college classes. The organization is a nation- al honorary and professional home eco- nomics fraternity. Phi U members raised money from rum- mage sales this year to contribute to the national organizations foreign student scholarship fund. Pledges were honored with teas, and after their initiation, new members were guests at a traditional dinner. The club gave an award to the outstanding freshman home ec major on Honors Day, May 6. The Phi U president was sent as a dele- gate to the national Conclave in Cleve- land, O. Membership averages 16 and is based on scholastic and professional qualifications. Alpha Iota chapter of Phi U was organized on the campus in l947. The Merchandising Ari Chrisimas 'free provided inspiralion for siares. Phi Uers, good-willers for a nighi, furnished Chrisimas gifls lo orphans. ROW I Wells Throop McMurray Cabe Jordan D Johnston Maxwell Grogan Smllh Line. ROW 2: Addington, E. Johnson, Lovelace, Harvey, W. Johnson, Knox, Pllkey Blackburn Brooks Hull Couch ROW 3 Bowen M Davis J Davis B Lyles Angell Russell, Crocker, While, Nlcksick, Bell, Robinson, Salford. ROW 4: Dunn, Physical Education Professional Club Departmental for Women HAH work and no play" makes the coed a sad lass: so the Physical Educational Profession- al Club remedies the situation with a variety olf get-togethers. Early in the fall semester the members honored freshmen and transfer physi- cal education majors with a picnic. At another picnic in May, the girls announced their club officers lor 1952-1953. The girls meet in the new women's gym in a specially decorated club room. Teas or bull sessions may all be accommodated in +l'1e new gym. Physical Education Professional Club The gymnasium was a virtual toyland on Dec. ll when the physical ed majors had their Christmas party. The gifts brought to this Yule gathering were given to under- privileged families. At their business meetings, the girls par- ticipate in panel discussions and programs. And when they arenlt reminiscing over their experiences as summer camp direc- tors, they are studying new trends in physi- cal education, health, and recreation. The organization has approximately 90 members-l00 per cent of the womens physical education department. The Physical Education Professional Club is affiliated with the Texas Associa- tion of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation and with the American Associ- ation of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. P. E. Professional Club's big nine gather 'round tor an informal shot. Membership is so large that a meeting almost fills a large classroom. ROW I: Brownn, J. Nicholson, Blackmon, McGuire, Colteral, Gulledqe Huber, McMillan, O'Brien, Butler. ROW 2: George, Jessup, Holter, Butler, Horne, Goss Douglas, McCormick, Ashley, Murphy. ROW 3: Dean, Trotter, Calvert, Bottger, Tackitt, Breeden, Bailey, Britton, Bowles, Edwards. ROW 4: P. Johnston, Tunniclift, Mann Flynt, Carr, Joyce, Norton, Salas, Curtis, Reaves, Kubeck. in ig, .... . . . Pi Omega Pi Business Education Honorary Any group wilh all-girl officers is lilrely lo be nol above suspicion Nol only do women run l'he group, 'they seem lo hold everyone's allenlion. Business education students of Pi Omega Pi turned journalistic this year and pub- lished the School of Business Newsletter. The 35 local members of this national business education honorary were active with banquets, parties, and projects. They presented an award to a senior with the highest scholastic average in business edu- cation at the annual School of Business banquet May l. Helping register business students at the opening of the semester and giving place- ment tests in shorthand and typing were among the projects of the club. Pi Omega Pi imported Dr. Alan C. Lloyd, editor and publisher of Gregg Magazines, New York City, to address the club at its initiation banquet in the Crystal room. Another speaker was R. L. Lucas, office manager of Shell Oil Company at Houston. Socially speaking, the Eta chapter spon- sored a Christmas party, and a picnic in May. ROW l: Purgason, Anderson, Bane, Hearne, Rice, Holland, Boyd, Davis, Hampfcn. ROW 2: Todd, Bradley, Jenkins, Barkley, Crumpfon, Marlha Carroll, Mary Canroll, Curtis, Dodds. ROW 3: Fenley, Rhodes, Rutledge, A. Carroll, Cowan, Sledman, Rushing, Prachyl, Price. ROW 4: Honea, Bond, Busch, Collins, Pefers, Neeley, ay or. ROW l: Watson, Whiteside, Albrecht, Yeargan, Etter, Lipman, Moore, Seaman. ROW 2: Blakney, Echols, Thompson, Daugherty, Freeman, Janes, Shaw, Jennings. 3: Shuford, Harris, McReary, Wood, Williams, Pritchard, Milner, Fraser, Martin, Pattillo. ROW 4: Faught, McGuire, Cox, Skidmore, Dimock, Henry, Brown, Bridges, I sap. Press Club .lournalism Departmental YVhen gentlemen of the press and aspiring Nellie Blys relax the battle of the by-line, they congregate with the Press Club, where discussion ranges from parcheesi to Pulitzer. This group, aside from representing every publication on the NT campus, sponsors numerous ac- tivities, including the election of the Halloween king and queen. "Denton Courthouse, '0l" was the theme of the Club's homecoming float, i5l. A highlight of the spring semester was the annual Fourth Estate Banquet. When students aren't rushing to ineet that eter- nal deadline, they take part in the Press Clulfs social events-picnics, parties, dances. l-SHI MY. they do grow iournalists young lnere. don't they? me Above: Malcing a good homecoming float was the clul:'s proiect. 367 I ROW I: Sfevens, LeBaron, Jenkins, McLain, Bonney. ROW 2: Reeder, Rosenslein, Reynolds, Wyaff, McDonald, D. Carse. ROW 3: Ramsey, Dreyer, W. Carse, Pevefo, Smilh, Krueger. Psi Chi Psychology Honorary Amateur dramatics in the form of psycho- dramas and role-playing is one of the activi- ties of Psi Chi. But Psi Chi is not an organiza- tion for actors. lt is a national honorary fra- ternity for psychology majors and minors. At some of their regular meetings, Psi Chi members present psycho-dramas, dramatiza- tions of psychological case studies, in order to better understand some of the situations which will face them in their chosen field. The Psi Chis had two formal initiation banquets this year. Social activities included a Christmas party in Mary Arden Lodge and a picnic at Lake Dallas. Along With psychology classes, the group makes an annual tour of the mental hospital at VVichita Falls. In addition to their organ- ized projects, some of the members are study- ing the various phases of psychology which they may enter after graduation. The club has an average membership of 20. No one is above psychoanalysis when lhe Psychology Club hold one of Hs meelings. Quinlilians Speech Departmental If the coed Hvants to be alone" with a de- bate problem, if the young man secretly yearns for a John Barrymore profile-chances are that they belong to the Quintilian Club. An organization lor speech majors and speech minors, this club emphasizes get-acquainted projects. By mingling and discussing com- mon problems, the Quintilians learn to ap- preciate their varied talents and interests. Potential Thurbers, Hamlets, and Bryans go down the list: debaters, radio announcers, playwrights, draniatists. Included among the Quintilian Club's social events is an annual dinner honoring members oi the Barter Theatre. Composed of actors and actresses from Virginia, the Barter Theatre is usually scheduled as one of the college's fine arts numbers. Through- out the year the club presents dramatic re- citals. Most of these recitals are given by sen- ior speech students. Sponsored by Dr. V. Holland, the Quintilian Club meets every second Tuesday ol' the month. One of 'few clubs which provides ils own enlerfainmenl-Quinlilians. After l'l1e performance members meer 'lo discuss a coming preseni'a+ion. ROW l: Benneff, Rutherford, Wilmer, Ronhovde, Carlson, Bunch, Glaxener, Hill. ROW 2: Jones, Hanby, Frensley, Bennett, Pyles, lley, Laminack, Barbour, Duflon ROW 3: Breedlove, Fallis, Price, Quebe, McNabb, Willis, Calloway, Brau, Ordway. ROW 4: Earney, Huffman, Pelligrew, Swain, Adkins, Dunlop, Holland. 'W Rio Grande Valley Club Regional Interest Rio Grande Valleyers make use of rlie Howdy Room 'l'or'll'1eir Yucca pics. YVeek-end visits home are difficult to manage for members of the Rio Grande Valley Club. Denton is as lar as 450 miles from some ol' their homes. But the NTex- ans from down South work together-they sponsored a "share-a-ride" program before the holidays this year. Primarily a social club, the group has a membership of approximately 30 stu- dents from the Border region. Anyone from that area who would like to meet fel- low Valley students in school at North Tex- as is invited to join in their activities. The club, organized in the fall of l950, worked this year with the Texas State College for VVomen group of students from the Valley to promote better relations be- tween the two groups. ROW l: Sanchez, Smifh, Shaffer, Austin, Y. Garza, Grabowski, Dannelley. ROW 2: Hoff, Dreyer, Shelley, Hanson, McWhorler, Eaves, Lozano, Armour, Henderson. ROW 3: Orozco, Gulierrez, Kuzell, Garcia, Anderson, O. Garza, Roy, Rutledge. ' " , ROW I: Reynolds, Simpson, Simon, Shadid, Barker, Ramer, Bazar. ROW 2: Sheels, Armour, Brown, Miles, Sewell, Davis, Maiors, Iles. ROW 3: LaGue, Kuchen- backer, While, Searcy, Kaps, Wilburn, Officer, Seller, Johnson. ROW 4: Ponder, Wilson, Mandy, Lasaler, Bearden, Porter, Bolsler, Mendenhall, Hutchinson. Sigma Alpha lola National Music Honorary No sour notes, maestro: these gals are sweet on music. Iota Theta, NT chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, national music fraternity for women, is composed of the cream of the chord-blending crowd. Rush functions, frosh welcoming parties, recitals, a May dinner dance, and a senior breakfast were on the social agenda for these music-minded misses. At the Music Teach- ers' National Convention in Dallas in Febru- ary, the Iota Thetas gave the premier per- formance of some works of Walter Hendl, conductor of the Dallas Symphony. SAI co-operated with Mu Phi Epsilon and Phi Mu Alpha in December for a joint pledge presentation dance at the club house. The NT chapter of SAI was organized in I9-ll. Membership is limited to forty music majors or minors who have a B average in music courses, and a recommendation from a member of the School of Music faculty. Sigma Alpha Iota is the only honorary or- ganization on the campus that resides in Chilton I-Iall. SAI joined Mu Phi and Phi Mu in sponsoring a lhree-way winler formal. Much work wenl info making +he SAI winler rush lea a huge success. 7 Senior Mary Arden Club Social - Literary For fifty years the Senior Mary Arden Club, titled after the name of lVill Shakespeare's mother, has been carrying out a social-literary program for junior and senior women students. The Senior Marys belong to the oldest literary organization on the North Texas campus. Busy in college activities, members of the Mary Arden Club find time for annual pledge teas, receptions for ex-Marys, and informal parties. The organization was well-represented in the Homecoming parade. Book and play reviews, dramatic readings, travelogues, and guest speakers were scheduled for regular meet- ings. '2 I ROW l: Burnelf, Hansen, Spellman, Baker, Craig, Plner, Slraughan. ROW 2: Caulhen, Auslln, Cook, Noland, Clark, Whlllock, Davis, McCord. ROW 3: Pool, Hey- wood, Shaw, Reiniger, Spangler, Reed, Oblander, Rice, Higdon, Harris, Myers. Senior Marys wail palienlly for lhe ride 'lo TSCW. Senior Marys cha? al 'lheir monlhly lea in 'lhe club-owned lodge. 4.1 .Qi Senior Mary Arden Club In Deceniber the Marys had their annual Chrisnias banquet in the Crystal Room of Mar- quis Hall. Scholastic qualifications are considered in selecting club nienibers. Upon acceptance into the club, girls automatically beconie owners of Mary Arden Lodge. Mary Arden Club is the only junior society in Texas that owns a clubhouse. ln l9l5 this group became affiliated with the State Federation ol' WOIllCll,S Clubs. Next October the Marys will celebrate their Golden Anniversary jubilee. Miss Edith Lanier Clark, who founded the club in l9ll3, will be present for the anniversary activities. Miss Clark is now honorary sponsor, and Dr. Virginia Haile is faculty sponsor. , wwf' AMA ROW I: Riley, Elizabeth Hall, Kelley, Parks, J. Hall, Foltz, Whitney, Buck, ROW 2: Shackleford, Schulze, Mf:Neely, Hamplon, Clay, Edna Hall, Manlre, Finnie, Oehlschlaeger, Barker. ROW 3: Wallers, Belcher, Galipp, Batchelor, Noah, DeBord, Morgan, Ouebe, Hofmann, Braswell, Barr, Willen. These four led a well-respecled group ln l95l-52. Bus service is no'l always excellenl, as lhese Mary Ardens found our. 373 E ROW I: McGuire, Lovelace, Yeargan, Dimock, Dyson, Moseley. ROW 2: Bauman, Johns, Smart, Skidmore, Wafers, Milsap. Sigma Delia Sigma Delia joins wi+l1 Theia Sigma Alpha for a win+er dance and pariy. l Fourilw Eslaie "wheels" map oui llie "sira+egy" 'For Sigma Della. 374 Journalism Honorary Deadlines, printers' ink, and copy paper play an important role in the lives of the Sigma Deltas. As members of an honorary journalism society, these Fourth Estaters are working toward membership in Sigma Delta Chi, national journalism fraternity. Sigma Deltas cut their capers in October when they co-sponsored the i'Leg-a-Loop" booth at the Halloween carnival. The Yule season found them hanging mistletoe for the journalism departments Christmas party and dance. Appreciative judges of feminine charms, they sponsored Anita Warcl in the Yucca beauty election. Other activities include co-operative ef- forts with Theta Sigma Alpha and the Press Club in bringing outstanding professional speakers to the campus. The Sigma Deltas will celebrate their third birthday on june 21. Sigma Della Pi National Spanish Honorary VVhen a student favors the flavor of tacos, tamales, and tostados, he possesses natural attributes for membership in Sigma Delta Pi. A average in Spanish is an even more important factor. And Sigma Delta Pi requests a high average in other courses, por favor. Nlelllbefs Qf this nafignal h01101' fra- Firsl lliere were 'rhree from Sigma Della Pi, and flwey were all smiles. ternity are students who show an interest in Spanish, language and Spanish culture. Study, Latin games, and occasional movies broaden their knowledge of the Hispanic contributions to modern culture. The games vary from Christmas "pinatas" to ring-around-the-rosas. In October and February these senors and senoritas have their initiation banquets. Then -lhere were five, and lhey were all smiles excepl for one sneer Dr. Henry Dannelley sponsors the group. Alpha Pi, the North Texas chapter of Sig- ma Delta Pi, was founded in 1938. The sombrero-land fans meet twice a month. ROW I: Roy, Brown, Proctor, Cook, Ueckerf. ROW 2: Oyuela, Lozano, Coleman, Pinkerfon, Crain, Garza. ROW 3: Sewell, Mason, Sanchez, Longmire, Howell, Dannelley, Paul. uw a-MM, ew-e1 f .- . ROWI Cliffon Cramer Haberger Duke Cam Sayles ROW2 French Echols Pullman Walker, Peierson, LaGue, Jones. ROW 3: Guinn, Waddinglon, Lloyd Drumwnghl Russell Sigma Tau Delta National English Honorary Poetry Day, October l5, highlighted the fall semester projects of Sigma Tau Delta, national professional English fraternity. Col- lege professors, including Dr. Arthur M. Sampley, poet laureate of Texas, read their original poetry on a program which the club hopes to sponsor as an annual event. Tau Delta Chapter was organized in l940 to promote the mastery of Written expression and to encourage Worthwhile reading. The Rectangle, publication of the national organi- zation, accepted poems and short stories writ- ten by several members this year. Programs of the regular senii-monthly meetings include lectures, literary discus- sions, and criticisms of Hpledge papersf' ar- ticles written during pledgeship by new mem- bers. The group has its annual banquet in May. Members, numbering 25 this year, must be ol' junior standing with at least a B aver- age. These English malors follow fhe Epicureans in drinking and being merry. Sfudenl Religious Council Religious Co-orclinafion A clothing lor Korea drive was among the Worthy projects undertaken by the Stu- dent Religious Council this year. The Council, composed of representatives of church groups, religious organizations, and l other college organizations, has the job of l coordinating religious activity on the cam- pus. SMU's Dr. Tale speaks lo all-college assembly. In co-operation with the Fine Arts Com- mittee this year, it sponsored lectures by Dr. Robert A. Millikan, Nobel prize-win- ning physicist and religious leader. 'l'he Council sponsored an all-college religious assembly in September at which the speak- er was lVillis M. Tate, vice-president of Southern Methodist University. His 80-years dicln'l' slop Dr. Roberl Millilcan from giving l'l'xree lallcs on campus. Among its other activities were a uni- versal student day ol prayer in February, and raising contributions to the XVorld Stu- dent Service Fund for needy students throughout the world. E s 5 The organization is sponsored by the lziculty committee on student religious life. Q,-:awk ROW l: Curry, Scholl, Clendinning, Turkell, Morgan, Cammaek, Brashears. ROW 2: Johnson, Ralcliff, While, Huse, Webb, Porler, Oehlschlaeger, Finnie. ROW 3 Daugherty, Smilh, Noland, Ballweg, Marshall, Roio, Sewell, Weeks, Cooper. .41 lift . Off fhe pracfice field, "T" Club men have a chance fo make a few plans. Sfrange ground, fhis Yucca office, buf "T" men inspecf sports shofs. ' ' Club Athletic Leffermen All-American athletes and national champions form the nucleus of the letter- 1nen's club. The National Collegiate Ath- letics Association's championship golf team this year includes NT's Billy Maxwell, Joe Conrad, Don January, and Buster Reed. In addition to the national honors, one ineniber of the team, Maxwell, Was chosen Texas Athlete of the Year. Gridinen in the club came in for their share of the honors when Ray Renfro was selected as a Little All-American by the Associated Press. Runner-up honors went to Kenneth Bahnsen and Quincy Arm- strong. Boxingys prize package of the year was Johnny O'Glee who fought his way to the state Welterweight title in Golden Gloves. The Club also counts among its members several former national and state champions. The club is composed of ath- letes who have earned letters in football, track, basketball, golf, and boxing. ROW I: R. Smith, Conrad, Bahnsen, Hardy, Woodruff, Harvey, Gray, Hickman, G-andy, Brashier. ROW 2: Womble, Gilsfrap, Cain, Pogue, Clofiaux, Drew, Renfro, Lufrick, Lammes. ROW 3: Benz, Henson, Woodward, Swann, Johnson, Armstrong, Vander Zee, Lucas, Qualls. ROW 4: T. Smith, Axfell, Barse, Roberson, Conces, Bishop, Kelley, Lindsey, Teague. 5. . ROW I: May, Phillips, Nance, Goodson, Sprafl, McNabb, Bonds, Jimmy Leelh. ROW 2: Henderson, McDonald, Helm, Burleson, Bradley, James Leelh, Slephens Bishop. ROW 3: P. Odom, Chumney, Carolhers, Burk, Pool, Lambert, Helm, Barrett, G. Hoiiridge. ROW 4: Denman, Davis, Nicklass, W. Odom, Ryan, J. Holdridge Scarborough, Johnson. Tarlelon Club Junior College Alumni Homecomings are popular with the 35 members of the Tarleton Club. In North Texas' homecoming parade they sponsored a float which carried a gypsy who gazed into a crystal ball and predicted the North Texas victory over Midwestern that Saturday afternoon. Also during the fall semester, Tarleton exes returned to their junior college alma mater carrying a banner that wished good luck from the North Texans. In addition to their double homecoming activities, members had a picnic and hayride at Lake Dallas in December, and a dance in April. The club meets twice a month to plan socials and discuss their mutual interest in 'l'arle- ton State Junior College. Surely lhe fellow could al leasl' be in the middle. Nolhing lilre a ge? logelher wilh fhal old iunior college gang of mine. ROW I: Thompson, Daugherty, Harris, Shaw. ROW 2: Wafson, Pritchard, Jennings, McReary, Marlin, EHer. Thera Sigma Alpha Journalism Honorary A'F+er a good laugh al an old iolce, the women prinlers begin worlring. Feminine "small-talk" mingles with linotype chatter when Theta Sigma Al- pha meets each Thursday afternoon. Be- tween Cokes and copyreading, these women of the Fourth Estate plan social functions and sponsor numerous campus activities. At apple-bobbing time the Theta Sigs helped with the "Leg-a-Loop" booth. In November they assumed an intellectual air, donned ink-besprinkled bibs, and entertained inspectors from Theta Sigma Phi. The girls have pledged member- ship in the national sorority. Christmas activities included a dance and party for members of the journalism department. Then, April showers brought the annual Matrix dinner where Theta Sigs announced NT's outstanding girl journalist. Guest speaker at the ban- quet was a professional newspaperwo- man. Members ol' Theta Sigma Alpha have completed with a B average at least nine hours ol journalism. . N. Masters Chemistry Departmental Analytical oscillators, infra-red photo spectrometors, fractionating columns, and molecular stills are familiar terms to members of the W. N. Masters Chemical Society. Occasionally, the chemists leave their labs long enough to hear speakers, take field trips, or analyze sand-infiltrated food at a Lake Dallas picnic. Among their social activities this year was a Sadie Hawkins day party at the home of the club's sponsor, Dr. T. S. Burkhalter. Dr. Price Truitt is the club's other sponsor. Speakers this year included Fred Dumolin of the Dallas Magnolia Refin- ing Company who discussed chemical patent laws, and Patil Horton ol the national testing laboratories who talked on the role of the consultant chemist. The club has an average membership of 50. Society all Qualitative analysis would find 'future research chemists, technicians, and teachers. E. 0, lf nn' ln addition to lab work they have time for picnics, parties, and laughs like this one. ROW I: Bacon, Crews, Holst, Peterson, Jones, Dick, E. Hall, Wood, Pollard. ROW 2: Sikes, Lucas, Chalmers, Benham, Griffin, Haynes, Wells, Galipp, Callahan Wood. ROW 3: Myres, Shoulders, Peacock, Johnson, Whitaker, Kearby, Jeanes, Batchelor, Lovelace, Truitt. ROW 4: Taylor, Burkhalter, Younger, Padgett, Messick, Buttram Hilz, B. Hall, West, Clendinning. New Glenn Flinn Memorial Hall provides ample room tor play, work and worship. Q..- Four or five Foundationers take charge of the regular Sunday evening snaclc. Wesley Foundation Methoclist Students An abundance of howdys, hi's, hellos, and similar salutations circulated 'round the NT campus when the Vfesley Foundation philoso- phized that 'LW'orld Friendshipu begins at home base. Combining worship with work, and prayer with play, this group of Methodist students participates in a multitude of activities. With an eye to self-improvement, it has traveled to other communities to study musi- cal programs, dramatic presentations, and youth fellowship work among Methodist students. ln September the VVesleyans treated their green-cap set to a carnival party. ln Novem- ber they had a 'llhanksgiving dinner. Stress- ing the theme of friendship, December was celebrated with a "Big Friend" Christmas dinner. A Valentine party and a March hay- ride were the Foundations antidotes for Spring Fever. Graduating VVesleyans were honored with a May dinner. More serious activities included panel dis- cussions and religious programs. ROW I: J. Lovelace, Milner, Currie, Box, Rice. ROW 2: Price, A. Lasafer, Webb, Finnie, Schulze, Caufhen. ROW 3: G. Lasafer, Wilson, Lynch, A. Lovelace, Peters, Renfro. -rm ii? ROW I: Denman, Love, P. Price, Liflleiohn, Bennefl, Sparks, Harris. ROW 2: Mitchell, Anderson, Caufhen, Young, Schulze, Daugherfy, Riveire, Gresham ROW 3 Powell, Brooks, Jones, Busch, Huffman, Ruffin, B. Price, Troeger, Calloway. Wesley Players Church Dramafics When VVesley Players display their dra- matic skills, they combine religious sincerity with footlight artistry. A feather in the cap of this Methodist group is the fact that lN'es- ley Players is the only national religious drama organization in existence. Their Christmas production was Stephen Vincent Benet's "A Child Is Born." 'iThis Night Shall Pass" and an Easter play, "Light in the VVindowl' were other major produc- tions. Something new was added this year in the way of dramatic equipment. The Thespians received a new stage, new curtains, and two dressing rooms. Members meet twice a month to give read- ings and discuss dramatic techniques. Their presentations are given Sundays at the YVes- ley Foundation. Directing is done by the various students. The Alpha Alpha chapter of VVesley Play- ers received its charter in 1939. Mrs. Phoebe Mizell is the Wesley Players' sponsor. "Noel, Noel" as fhe Players malre fheir annual caroling rounds. Denfon's only religious drama group gives Hs fall proclucfion. Faces reglsler anllclpallon al +l1e Forum's Big-Lillle Sisler acloplion. Left 'lo rlghf: Sealed: Smilh, Sikora, Copeland, Ellzabefh Hall, Moore, Glazener, Salem Women's Forum All College Organization for Women North Texas Coeds-whether garbed i11 lresh- man Pill-ll6E1lllCl'S or senior plumes-are 1116111- bers of the Wo1nen's Foruin. Early in the fall semester the girls flapped their collegiate wings with Pl Big-Little Sister adoption and an All- Cirl Meeting, then powdered their beaks for the winter formal. Aiming it Eagle-eye at fashion and fun, the Forum eo-sponsored a Valentine Tea and pre- sented a March style show. Dames United to Catch Husbands lVeek, an annual event, was the Coeds' way of celebrating Leap Year. , Shadld. Sfandlngz Harrlss, Edna Hall, Harrison 'lv Air Force RCTC ir.. K My Mod 0 0 waz' - fl ,.o si my L -042155. 4 if Caplain Hansel and Cade! Rafliff work ou+ defails of spring milifary ball. AFRCTC Aclminisfrafors Since the organization of the North 'l'eXas AFROTC unit in July, 1951, the administrative and instructive staffs have launched a program which will supply reserve second lieutenants to the Air Force at the rate of several hundred per year. The administrative staff handles all records, uniform issue, promotions, draft defernients, and other details necessary to keep the department functioning. MfSg+.Donowho Sg+. Ellis Sgt Frosf Sgt Fulfrell Sql. Morningstar Sgf. Oliver Sgf. Robinson ff, Capf. Kisfler disperses Air Science and Taciics inio fhe classroom. World political geography, air base administra- tion, navigation, weather, aircraft engines, fuel and electrical systems, and other subjects are cov- ered in the air science courses. The instructive staff has the responsibility of preparing the cadets to be Air Force officers upon their graduation. Advanced air science students enter one of two specialized courses. One, administration and log- istics, prepares them to handle work in that field on an air base. The other, flight operations, is preparatory to actual flight training. L+. Col. D. B. Orr Maier Edwin Frazier L+. Bryani' L+. CaHerson Cap+. Hansel Cap+ Klsfler Maps and 'rypewrifers compose flue Anal i .lx .fag scenery as Lf. Col. Eades and s+af'F plan 'For a Friday drill. Wing Staff The cadet wing staff, under the direct eoinniand of the cadet wing commander, consists of supply, training, athletic, and public informa- tion officers and their assistants. The assistants, who are cadet non- cominissioned officers, also form the wing color guard for corps parades and special occasions. The staff officers perform approximately the same duties that they would in a regular Air Force organization. f's eyes' righi' as +l1e Wing Sfaff passes in review during a parade of fhe corps. ax n cg K + -M- Wxfsri-ait, -xv"-rf-,,,. nrfflv A.. . xl, -,haw -ww -. ,. diff V if-aff K-wialfz? M . an-. ,af It at v-ai,m"- ' 1 :wwf A ' A ,f V 1 My it J VV . . M V ,.., a ,gf V A k M in-K-d,,tk,r?g Q. , VL 1- G I N-igiw an 1 . K If-4 ,K at Q, V .,,-T' " -ap-'ai1f?w':,?f'1f":f"i"ff."-is K ., ,W 4 - - at I W af y E .Lf ,-:Mb , ,V .U A.., .ia wi' L K . ,a A . - aw , af' ' Nt ar K' -"' t siwukvtfaffg.. 'Yew wiirfiefvf-H-'Kr kgl N-.-K ,QM ,L U QM mm "Tenshun," and Eades' crew snaps +o aHen+ion 'For the Yucca pholog. The wing staff is shown here reviewing the corps at a parade. Staff officers also serve as tactical officers for the five squadrons and the band, relaying orders to the unit commanders from the wing connnand- er, Cadet Lt. Col. Waylie E. Qliddyj Eades, shown at lower right. A sfoul wind on +l1e drill 'Field plays havoc wilh hafs and lapels. BED Af Lieulenanf Colonel Wayne E. lliddyl Eacles . W , wg.,-af. if 4 fs: V fi + gg new 1 .1 yymff V1 ' Jam- 4 M Swv" J ' , ,iff 1 3 aiu Hgh N a4,, ,QM mffh .A A gm ,,. ra 1 if 2 affw 1-aw. . .4 Q , as in 50" I Q. zh wr . at 4. fl? ROW I: Beckler, Bayless, Arbuckle, Hollingsworfh, Daniel. ROW 2: Brisendine, Fain, Hailey, Cannon, Bowlin, Duncan, Harris, Harold, Haralson, Allison, Cox, Rob inson. ROW 3: Schadeo, Bobbill, Hill, Hufsfeller, Damon, Aslon, Armstrong, Baker, Hall, Hill, Thompson. ROW 4: Boalner, Brewlon, Hilliard, Caslloo, Hopkins, Hayes Chrislian, Hensley, Biggs, Addinglon, Winder, Troy. ROW 5: Weiss, Porch, Zollie, Geller, Creel, Hall, Cooper, lmel, Goodman, Cone, Ellison, Granl, Pool. ROW 6 Berry, Shipley, Varner, Smilh, Wallis, Sandell, Leiler, Keiffer, Parker, Taylor, Oswall, Luna. ROW 7: Mole, McKelvey, McCrady, Reeves, Todd, Pierce, Whilmore, Kyle Milholland, Price, Richmond. ROW 8: Ragsdale, Smifh, Purgason, Franklin, Wylhe, Maughan, Means, Pfolenhauer, Kirkland, Slanley. ROW 9: Berry, Franks, Addison Williams, Schafer, Bell, Johnson, Tabor, Tullle, Wingfield, Monlgomery, Weeks, Kee l Squadron A Czttlct Capt. Ucuc rkrbttcklc, lclt, COlI1lH2ll1ClCl' ol' A squadron, COIll'C1'S with, lclt to right, Czulct 'lcclmical Sgt. James Bayless, sqttzttlron first scr- gczmtg Cadet Stall Sgt. E. Pool, lirst llight scr- gczmt: Cadet Scccmcl Lt. C. E. Eckert. second flight lcaclcrg and Cadet Sccoucl Lt. Hamltl Holliugswortlm. assistant wing trztinittg ollicer. Officers of Squadron A "Eyes righl, and dress up lhose lines," as anolher drill begins. :nu-if-4 -,g...r f -. . - t l 2 1 i I 5 i ROW l: Calloway, Tabor, Rosson, McClendon. ROW 2: Warren, Baker, Hays, Christie, House, Reeves, Hutchins, Bush, lngram, Harris, Clement, Ouale. ROW 3. Conrad, Curtis, Conway, Atwood, Akers, Arnold, Hanby, Elliot, DeLong, Corbett, Bridges. ROW 4: Ryan, Hale, Dunklin, Bell, Gray, Caver, Brown, Herring, Cate, Capps, Crowe, Fulton, Anderson. ROW 5: Foster, Birdwell, Cook, Hill, Davis, Fielding, Harrell, Hodges, Holley, Boykin, Evans, Huffman, Hawkins. ROW 6: Casaday, McCrary, Price, Neel, Williams, Stewart, Queen, Worthington, McKenzie, Lester, Chilton, Robertson. ROW 7: Allison, Simmonds, Warschun, Waedkin, Williamson, Perry, Kelley, Smith, Jones, Soliz, Hiskey, Blankenship. ROW 8: Kropp, Wheeler, Parrish, Nobles, Gilchrist, Lybrand, Pilley, Minton, Moss, Grant, Wilheit. ROW 9. Ferguson, Richards, Lanktord, Kitchens, Rogers, Wiftenburg, Mayberry, Thornton, Trammel, Tanner, Shirley. Squadron B Cadet Capt. John Tabor. B squadron command- der, is shown at right with, left to right, Cadet First Lt. B. L. Rosson, executive ollicer: Cadet Second Lt. ll. E. Calloway, flight leader: Cadet Second Lt. ,lim Lewis. flight leader: and Cadet Technical Sgt. Bill McClendon, squadron lirst sergeant. Officers of Squadron B "Column left, march," is the cry from the Sergeant in Squadron B llil' li gl , f , C A4 We M. . 4 f .-. . r 4 .-- . - ' 1 H . ' ' . ' , ...j'L..,j1 N iv? . . ' 5' s - 1.,iy,,,Y HW 1- V ,fm ' +7 is We fs ' r "'JiJZ-?"4'f?7?2m1:m':z f mm-N'W?31W'f7"f - iLHs.ia..'?. f -.. W W - K? ii ' ' ' M Cadel Capr. Dick McMal1an snaps lo eyes righl as Squadron C passes by. i L LA er Squadron C i C Squadron Connnandei' Calder Capt. Dick Mc- Malian, at lell, briels CIz1deL Second Ll. Henry YVriglil. lliglil. leader: Czldel Second LL. R. C. Duke, lliglu leader: Cadel First I.l. johnny fi2ll'l'ily. execu- tive ol'l'ice1'. und Cadet First I.1. john Yziles. Officers of Squadron C ROW l: Mclvlahan, Garrily, Wrighl, Yales, Duke. ROW 2: Geislweidf, Cook, Harris, Bahnsen, Allan, Blackman, Brenneke, Fullon, Davis, Nicklas, Gibson, Buford, Ellis ROW 3: Herring, Anderson, Hufchinson, Clark, Gwallney, Howelh, Slurman, Borden, Hanson, Ausfin, Arnold, Belcher. ROW 4: Brown, Cummings, Hughes, Bancook Franklin, Kerr, Besf, Ferrell, Caughey, Borden, Carnes, Head. ROW 5: Hannah, Dorfch, Johnson, Eden, Hodgson, Gill, Leefh, Sparkman, Jusfice, Odom, Klapp, Smifh ROW 6: Milchell, Savage, Bass, Zamora, Shepard, Lucas, Kelly, Threalf, La'flimer,Mayo, Smifh, Perfeei. ROW 7: Shanafell, Johnson, Anderson, Roy, Van Hoy, Pinson McKinnon, Walker, Rodgers, Moore, Muckleroy, Wilson, Willis. ROW 8: Cavender, Rainboll, Newman, Whileside, Lindsey, Renfro, Tesferman, Walers, Prideaux, Tabor Ellis, Lowe. ROW 9: Tarver, Wrighl Maeroney, Pafrick, Marshall, Engelberl. f ,,, . I .:i,5iEW7if .. ,. La .emu ROW I: Holdridge, Wilson, Brooks, Johnson, Barrett. ROW 2: Henslee, Bankston, Spencer, Blondell, Baker, Harris, Cook, Hickerson, McKinney, Green, Burkett, Quinn, Anderson. ROW 3: Ratclitt, Brown, Haynes, Curtis, Carter, Huddleston, Edwards, Johnson, Arnold, Bowers, Campbell, Smith. ROW 4: Perry, Hall, Hohertz, Arms, Allgood, Cox, Henderson, Douglass, Hyde, Christesson, Walker, Fulcher. ROW 5: Donohue, Collins, Caskey, Davis, Humphreys, Crawford, Avery, Bevers, Chester Ellison, Henson, Whitlock. ROW 6: Thaxton, Park, Nicholas, Staggs, Williams, Samples, Morris, Van Waggoner, Pryor, Kanakis, Tate, Stout, Dickman. ROW 7: Mathis Smith, Watkins, Martin, Roberson, Moore, Shearer, Wilson, Oliver, Pearce, McReynolds, Wynn, Nash. ROW B: Robertson, McClendon, Reynolds, Tuthill, Smallwood gAidd1leton,kThompson, Peterson, Sawyers, Lovelace, McGee. ROW '?: Oldham, Kinkade, Kregel, Lee, Tilley, Honeycutt, Mogonye, Walker, Wood, Powell, Murphy tep ens, E holm. Squadron D Cadet Capt. Johnny NVi1sou, D sqtiadrou com- mzmder, is shown at right with Cadet Second Lt. K. NV. llolmson, lliglit leader: Cadet First Lt. Mike Brooks, executive officer: :md Cadet Second Lt. Ger- ald I-loldridge, flight leader. Officers of Squadron D "Anderson . . . Here, sir." Roll call is a necessary evil before drill ' ... A., rs-imma TSE 394 ROW I: Berry, Bishop, Wilson. ROW 2: Buford, Winder, Ragsdale, Hufsleller, Huddlesfon, Winqsfield, Kyle, Luna, Roberlson. ROW 3: Nicklas, Perry, Moore Holdridge, Taylor, Stephen, Hodges, Barrell, Pool. ROW 4: Duncan, Pinson, Tulhill, Cummings, Blackman, Howelh, Rosson, Leelh, Ingram. ROW 5: Hollingsworth Wallace, Kropp, Price, Tabor, Schaded, Johnson, Brooks, Yates. Crack Drill Team - Sabres The Sabres, crack drill team ol' the North Texas AFROTC wing, represent the corps at special functions, give drill exhibitions, and serve as an honor guard for special events. The unit is connnancled by Cadet Maj. Dan Bishop, executive officer is Cadet Capt. Johnny Wilsrmii, and the first sergeant is Cadet Master Sgt. Bob- by Berry. The Sabres niarched April 26 in the Battle ol' Flowers in San Antonio, and appeared pub- licly in several other events during the year. A green and white shoulder cord on the uni- lorni is worn by Sabre menibers, and during their exhibitions they wear white scarves and gloves. QYWW Maier Bishop. Capl. Wilson and Sabres snap lo eyes right Nolice posilions of 'lhe lefl feel. i 'i7'i75'fV-fl 5,411 K Ni,,M,i i ,Wwe wwe ,,,, V - An old favoriie, buf a difficulf maneuver, is flue "Queen Anne." A 'focal pari of ine manual of arms is preseni' arms, wiih guns held 'forward and 'ro fhe leff shoulders. fly rf: , K .gn- A A ,Y - W, -sr-W , , f, r A A , 1. .- ,fo ,, , J . , 4 4 V:y,,m15k,f,,,, Q-1 .5 ,' , 7 , --my f, ,QA -K. N . vryk t X I fr A V 5 w 3 ., u,... 'jim -. -f 7 A - , . N Au., A The end of a long drill comes ius+ afier Huis command--from parade res+, +o aHen+ion, +o dismissed. 5 Choraliers give fheir firsl public concerf in lhe union building. o Chora I :ers The Clioraliers were organized by cadets interested in sing- ing, during the fall semester. The groups president is Cadet Sgt. Norman Ellis, and the cadet director is Cadet Gordon Rich- mond. '1'he Clioraliers perlfornied at AFROTC night at a spring basketball game. and gave concerts at two Dallas high schools. ROW I: Lf. Catferson, Worlhinqlon, Cone, Sparkman, Richmond, Ellis, McGee, Cox, Soliz. ROW 2: Sfouf Duchamp Marlin Harrell Whitmore Mafihaei Lesler Addington, Cavazos. ROW 3: Baker, Johnson, Hursi, Simmons, Murphy, Cook, Perry, Strange, Anderson, Siewarf Tabor Accompanisi: Nan Waxman. J. sh. ' 3 , . ,,4..x , k -ag ...uso kv., 4 I p 0, A XJ 'YV ky 1 y M ROW l' Holdridge Johnson, Burl, Powell, Honea, Greer, Cavazos, Milner, Leelh. ROW 2: Roddie, Walsh, Ferguson, Kennesan, Bloom. ROW 3: Fleming Hall, Anderson, Bulfranl, Alford. ROW 4: Hargus, Holland, Williams. ROW 5: Anderson, Benton, Freeman, Gilmore. AFROTC Band The AFROTC band, eonnnanded by Cadet Capt. Joe Holdridge, plays lor all corps reviews and also at special functions. The unit's druni major is Cadet Stall' Sgt. Arthur Honea. Drum Maior Slaff Sf. Arlhur Honea The band played at the AFROTC night during the basketball season, and supplied inartial inusie for Corps drill throughout the year. Air Force Master Sgt. D. O. Robinson worked with the unit during the year. Playing and marching al 'llne same lime is a neal lriclr 'for any band. book'- WMU W , - .9 . in I A Q .. 4- J A. -h V ' T' ln' ' Z. 4"h"-lfmdia-it. M , a,3..,, 1. ".w..' ,. ...ff M .ff :gf -ef' .Mya I W".'z.aA'i?aa'CJ.a.1 From the grind of daily classes to the grandeur of graduation is a long row to hoe, but that's why students go to college in the first place. This year at North Texas State College many classes were started in one building, only to be moved to another room or another building be- fore the end of the semester. Almost every move was to the good, however, as North Texas began easing some of its "growing pains" by expanding into new and improved classroom facilities. Classes are wonderful things when you look at all the benefits to be derived from attending them. First, you just might meet some one who could turn out to be a future life mate. That's an old story to college campuses. Second, you might ac- cidentally hear a funny joke, even one which your parents heard when they went to school. Or, third- ly, you might even learn something. Thatls a risk you have to take, but risks like that are what keep colleges in business. K 1 'gk Gig gag Q4 sy 1 ,J-Gln. -1--.A S51 . za EM QR ' 5241 i,, ,Le:?f1H1i. -A Wm H, ., ,, 2 ww.. h X i 5 5 0 A Q 4 xg YK x an W . W, 5 as A .V gn S535 ki' if it 8 SSW ilk gf 5- as IM 'V s .F Q ki iv.: 5-Sas " If-an ,my ,Q ff wma? hy E fb.. xl Q. it tg lug f 1-f me-gig gf giant f if E5 5AfIJf"?"fQLf Q .f 35:1 fu' 1 . L , 1 if h M a a K ry t ,fgy X ,Q an V iw v T 'ig' 'at if 5 xggkli., Iulnzktl Q g Q L aw f' !j 4 -,,- I x" kv 5 6 Zvi ' 1' k 3 V I ,, Q , ..AK Lwigf 1 Q V . 1 g 255- f .w -Q -vu K , vA,- I . Sig W 'I' 4 f ? fii fQ xl 'Wx 'Eg x L 5 A .".' 16' Q, .M g QQ if ,, , Q. Q A. F AR EA 'gf qy w , ,, Ahv:.,. , , f 'X ai ' f ' wh -Q! . i U 4 l A if 3 Q , i Y W - - 'E - ' Q.. M F A'Regular and punctual class attendance is ex- pected of all students." With that brief statement the official college bulletin about describes what is the attitude at North Texas State College to- ward class attendance. North Texas is serious about its scholastic endeavors, and is fast to realize and point out that the best way for students to improve their store of knowledge is to go to their assigned classes. And North Texas students are placed pretty much on their honor in this respect. Several years ago the Student Senate, working with the administration, passed a law which leaves class at- tendance almost entirely up to the student. The only time a professor may step actively into the class attendance picture is when the student is not doing passing work. Work on several levels is offered by the various schools and colleges of North Texas. One may come here fresh out of high school, stay continu- ously for four years, and leave With a bachelor's degree. Another two years' work fapproximatelyj and a master's degree will be his. An added three flI1lHl!'l'lUII1b and he may leave North Texas State College with a doctorate. . M iv al 5 , 5 , j L , l X 1 'fn :ff f v Q x ,.-. 11-, "" r- N Q M? WM. mm Gracluale School AUSTIN, LARRY Vernon Band, Orchestra, Aces, Phi MII Alpha, Sec., Pres. ISIITTRAM, JACK RHEA DeKalb XV. N. Masters Chemical Soc., Beta Beta Beta, Falcons, Pledge Captain CAIJENHEAIJ, CLARENCE TANDY, JR. Dallas Kappa Mu Epsilon Conv, ROBERT O. Houston Phi Mu Alpha, Treas. COMPTON, HENRY ALLAN, JR. Shernmn llAMON, JAMES Crawford Alpha Phi Omega Dl'1l.'l'REl41, ANNIE JO Georgetown Delta Psi Kappa DOX'l,1C, LOUISE XVOMACR Fort Worth Delta Psi Kappa, P. E. Prolessional Cluh, XYRA l"lll.l.liR, GKJLIDA FAYI1 Edgewood l'lllNS'l'0N, G. DEAN l'Viehz'ta Falls Sigma Phi Nu, Vice Pres., Interfraternity Council, Pres.: Marketing Club, Vice Pres. HALL, ROBERT L. Burkburnell W. N. Masters Chemical Society ' HARRIS, IDICK Ezlsllnnrl IYSNT, Vice Pres., Senate, Blue Key, Phi Delta Kappa, XYes- ley Foundation, Pres., Phi Alpha 'I'au, Historian, XVho's XYIIO in American Colleges and Universities, ACE, FIA HART, 'Oli lMCKl71lll?j' FTA HAYNES, JOE PRESTON Tyler Tyler Club, BSU, A Cappella Choir HONEA, ARTHUR A. Longview Pi Omega Pi Vice Pres., Phi Delta Kappa, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Blue Key, Kilgore College Club HIKIJDLESTON, ARTHUR JOSEPH Colorado Springs, Colo. FTA, KOED, Psi Chi JOHNS, ALICE M. Uniontown, Penn. JUSTICE, H. Corsicana KENDRICR, LILBREN ASTON, JR. Mount Pleasant College Players, Phi Delta Kappa, Quintilian, Vice Pres. Graduate Class, Senate KIEL, GERALD Noconn Gammadions, WV. N. Masters Chemical Society, Math Cluh, Pres., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pres., Alpha Chi, SigmaTau, Pi Epsilon Tau KNAPP, DON Beaumont Phi MII Alpha, Jefferson County Club, MENC, FTA, Aces, Concert Band,Brass Ensemble LIVELY, FRANK Pi Phi Pi MACK, CHARLES AIARTIN, CURRY XV. Concert Band, Al lXIA'l'HlS, JAMES O. Phi D-el ta Kappa Pres. NIEYERS, Rl'lCilS Phi Delta Kappa, Quintilian, Radio Club Dallas San Antonio Bald Knob, Ark. pha CIIi, PlIi Alpha Theta, Aces Longview , Blue Key, FTA, Kilgore Jr. College Club, Texas Cily AIORRIS, FRICD llenfrm hIURRAY, RODGER Gairzesifflle MURPHY, SHIRLIE lXiCCLliLLAN Groves Delta Psi Kappa, Modern Dance Club, P. li. Professional Club, Varsity Club, Fine Arts Committee: Cratluate Class Sec., WRA MUSSER, SRYLES C. Ilnllns NELSON, LESLIE R. Harliligerz GIX PADGETT, WILLIAM A. Raleigh, N. C. PETERSON, PAUL IJHIITSOII Sigma PlIi Nu, Treas., XV. N. Masters Chemical Society, Treas., Pres., Delta Sigma Delta, Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Treas., Alpha Chi, Math Club PRICE, JOE NVAYNP1 RAMSEY, NORMAN Debate ClIIb, F' RAY, AIARY SUE AI.IsIcR'I' FA, Art Club, Senate, Ra Mu Phi lipsilon, Alpha Chi REY'NOLDS, B. LEO Iforl lfVm'Il1 CUIIHIZIJIIS, Ohio dio Club For! IVOTIII Ijndsbolg, Kan. ROE, JOE D. Longzfiezv Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, CIX, Government and Pre-Law Club, Vice Pres, Phi Alpha Theta RURIBLEY, JACK EDWARD Cleburne Blue Key, Phi Alpha Tau, FTA, PlIi Mu Alpha, Concert Band, Aces, Symphony Orchestra SALA, DOTT New London Gainmadions, Vice Pres., Jr. Mary Artlen, Sr. Mary Arden, Debate Club, Quintilian, Sigma Tau Delta, Sec.-Treas., Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Chi, WVhO's X'Vho in American Universities and Colleges, Meritum, Reporter, PlIi Gamma Kappa, Green Jackets, Senate SEARCY, BILL G. Bandem Aces, Sigma Phi Nu SEYVELL, PAT I own Park Alpha Chi, Phi Delta Kappa, FTA, Alpha Delta Pi, XVesley Foundation, Vice Pres A Senior Class Pres., Interfratetrnity Council, Pres., XVho's YVho in American Universities and Colleges, Tau, Vice Pres., Pres. Phi Omega, Kappa ., Blue Kev, Pres., Senate, Phi Alpha Aus - Sew Graduale School SICXVIZLI., THORI A9 SIIAYV, 'THOMAS A Cappella Choir SHIPP, fil.lFFORD M. Blooming Grove lfViclIila Falls Ora II ge PlIi Mu Alpha. Sec., l'I'es.g Pi Kappa Lamhdag Concert Bantlg Syrnplmny Orchesti SI..-XVICK, PHILIP 'Ll Memplzis, Tenn. NCWK'l1lZlIl Cluhg Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pig Phi Mu Alphag Pi Kappa I,aIIIhdag Blue Keyg MENC. Pres. S'I'IiAKI.EI', BIARVIORIE lLI.IZAIsIiTH HAESLY Dallas Grand Chorusg Nlatlrigal Singersg Mu Phi lipsilong F'l'.X S'I'IiAKLEY, BIARVIN C. Dallas Granrl Chorusg F'l 'A 'IQAYLOI-l, CQLEN L. Denion Phi Delta Kappag Blue Keyg Alpha Lilllllldil Pig Pi Omega Pi '11HElLIiN4, GORDON ixIllIl2lgCl'llClll Cluhg rllllONl.-XS, LARRY H. Concert Banil YIQURKI-I'l"l', ARLII4 Kleberg CIX Clarksville, Ark. Vernon Phi Delta Kappag FIXXQ ACICQ Blue Key: PlIi Alpha Taug Student Religious Council. Pres.. Sec.-'lreas.g XYho's Who iII AIIIerii'an Colleges and Universitiesg lN'ho's Who at North Texasg Senaleg Ganuua Theta llI7Sll0Il Kappa Kappa Kappa XIELA, JIJLIAN XIVALLER, DAVID Management Cllubg VVATKINS, BILL L. Sigma Phi Nu, Sec. UNOER, CHRISTINE B. Athens Rio Grande City Fate Falcons Sulphur Springs Paris XVHITAKICR, LEROY YVho's XVho iII American Universities Zllld Collegesg Falcons. Treas., Vice P res., Pres.g YV. N. Masters Chemical Society, Vice Pres., Pres.g Alpha Chig Blue Key WHITE, BETH XVII-QHE, DOUGLAS D. M CK inney Alt. Vernon, Ill. Concert Banclg Orchestrag Aces Nw? it T i' w w if , g Q it Colle e of Ar'rs and Sciences 405 l College of Arls ancl Sciences s I ADKINS, lNlARsrIA Llil-1 Los Caballeros AUs'I'IN, CIIARI,Es XIV. Phi Alpha Tau: A Cappella Choir BAILEY, EVERl'l'l'T E. Math Club BAKER, HELPIN IRENI-1 Jack County Club: Sociology Club: Canimadions BALSAM, DIXON KOED: Varsity Club BAUMAN, FRI-1D A. Sigma Della: Press Club BELL, BARBARA L0UIsI-1 Alpha Rho 'l'au Boro, BILL BOYLES, CULLICN Trojans: Inter-Fraternity Council: Press Club BRASXVICLL, AIARY ELIZABETH Sr. Mary Arden: FIA BRAU, Rosie lXlARY BRIIJUMAN, CURKY Phi Delta Beta: Alpha Rho Tau: Sigma Phi Delta: Religious Council: I Cheeleader BROOKS, DoNAI.o BIINCII, PATTI .IOHN BYRD, FLALEAH McCracken Club: Kilgore Club: FTA CALLOWAY, ELAINE Quintilian: Radio Club CONIPTON, xloAN Green Jackets: Gannnadions: Alpha Rho Tau Cook, -JEAN Sigma Delta Pi, Vice Pres.: Sr. Mary Arden COYVAN, lX'lARY Alpha Lambda Sigma Cox, BEN BIARSHALL CRAIU, DEWVEX' Alpha Rho Tau: Kappa Pi: Phi Alpha Tau CRAXVFORD, AL CRAwEoRn, ARLRTTE Green Jackets: Phi Sigma Alpha CRowE, Jllyl A Cappella Choir: Phi Alpha Tau: Alpha Rho Tau Alexia Denton lfVeathe1'fo1'd jacksboro Carmel, Cal. London, Eng. Brady Longview Kilgore Jr. College Club: Senate: Phi Delta Beta: Rally Club Sherman Paris Dallas Meritum: Delta Chi Delta: Quintilian, Sec.: Club Varsity: College Players: Supper Theatre: Radio Club, Sec.: jr. Mary Arden: FTA: Gammadions: Senate: lVho's XN'ho iII American Colleges and Universities Dallas Dallas Corsicana Jr. Mary Arden: Quintilian: College Players: Supper Theatre Gladewater Albany Fort Worth Corsicana Mineola Gainesville Math Club: Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treas.: Insurance Club: Alpha Chi Paris Beaumont Kerens Cainmadions: Jr. Mary Arden, Sec.: Sr, Mary Arden: Alpha Rho Tau: Houston CURRIN, LYNN DODGEN, DURWARD F., JR. Kilgore Winnslzoro Gatnrnadionsg W. N. Masters Chemical Societyg Delta Sigma Doss, C. B. Kappa Pi Omegag Gamma Theta Upsilon IDRUMVVRIGHT, CHARLES Alpha Rho Tau, Sigma Tau Delta DUFFEY, HELEN W. N. Masters Chemical Society EARNEY, BIICHAEL Clarksville Bryan Fort Worth Breckenridge Debate Club, Pres., Vice Pres.g Blue Key, Sec.-Treas., Pres.g Quintilian, Pres., Radio Club, Pres.g Varsity Club, Sec.g Sigma Phi Nug Pi Kappa Delta: Who's lVho in American Colleges and Universities ELLIS, ED ETTER, CATHY Press Clubg Theta Sigma Alphag Meritumg Boots and Saddle Clubg jr. Mary Ardeng Sr. Mary Ardeng Radio Clubg Asst. E Campus Chat FITZGERALD, MARY GWYN Newman Clubg Sociology Clubg WRA, Vice Pres. FOLTZ, DONNA Sr. Mary Ardeng Phi Gamma Kappag FTA FRAZIER, FRANKIE BIAURICE Sigma Tau Delta, FTA FRENCH, BKIARIAN Sigma Tau Deltag Green jacketsg Gammadions GALIPP, BARBARA Sr. Mary Arden GLAZENER, UNA GRACE Winlc Sherman d., Assoc. Editor of Texarkana Texarkana San Angelo Dallas Dallas Tyler College Players, Sec., Pres. of Women's Forumg Meritumg Kappa Theta Pig Quintilliang Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chig Jr. Mary Arden, Sr. Mary Ardeng Supper Theatre GOODMAN, JOHN W. Clarksville Alpha Mu Alphag Alpha Phi Omegag Beta Beta Betag A Cappella Choirg Gammadionsg Senate HAYNES, BILLY DWAYNE HAY'NES, FAY CAROL FTA HERBERT, ALLEN T., JR. HENDERSON, SID N. HILDERBRAND, KEITH Gammadionsg Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pig Math Clubg FTA HILZ, JIMMIE McKinney Rio Hondo Bridge City A rdmore, Okla. Vernon Kappa Mu Epsilon: Pilot Point HOFMANN, CAROLYN La Grange Alpha Rho Tau, Sec.g Kappa Pig Zeta Pi Gamma: House President'S Club, Sec.-Treas.g Pres. of C and D wings of Bruce Hall HOLCOMB, BIARCIA Denton College of Arts and Sciences ITOLLOWVAY, BILL New London Opera YVOrk Shop, AMA HOWELL, VVAYNE Corsicana JAY, BRUCE Dallas JOHNS, JAMEs THOMAS Tyler Circulation Mgr. Campus Chat, Opera WVOrk Shop, Sigma Delta, Modern W'riters Club, Tyler Club JON1-is, BEVERLY JANIS Fort Worth Quintilian, See.'Treas.g Alpha Chi, KOED, Sigma Tau Delta, Gammadions JONES, DALE lRwiN lflfeinert FTA, Math Club, Wlesley Foundation JONES, NANCY JEAN Dallas Press Club, FTA 1K1-1LLIiY, JOAN Breckenridge Sr. Mary Arden, FTA, ACE, Varsity Club KOLIBABA, PETICR FRANK Insinger, Canada Press Club LA CLUB, BEVERLY JEANNE San Antonio Mu Phi Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Chi, Sigma Tau Delta, Concert Band, Gammadions, Orchestra LLOYD, KFTNNl'Z1'Ii Henderson Kilgore College Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Pres., Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi LOvE1.Ac:E, JOHN A. Fort Worth Editor, 1952 YUCCA, Asst. Sports Editor, Campus Chat, Blue Key, Phi Alpha Tau, Phi Mu Alpha, Sigma Delta, Wesley Foundation, A Cappella Choir, Who's W'hO in American Colleges and Universities BTCCULLOCH, SHIRLEY Dallas Gammadions, Jr. Mary Arden, Delta Chi Delta, VVUDICDS Forum BIARTIN, ELIZABIQTH Wichita Falls lXlASON, HARRELL Dallas Gammadions, Student Religious Council, Pi Delta Phi BIATLOCK, ELWVANDA ,Iaeksboro Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Criddle Historical Society, Jack County Club BIINICK, GLORIA Burkburnetl FTA, McCracken Club, Alpha Lambda Sigma MIXON, XVILLIAM A. Denton Gamma Theta Upsilon, Pres. lXlOORE, CAROL Arlington NIOORE, ROBERT E. Arlington Phi Apha Tau, Alpha Mu Alpha, Alpha Chi, Beta Beta Beta, Chemistry Club BIOORE, RUTH ALEEN Clifton Zeta Pi Gamma, McCracken Club, Alpha Lambda Sigma BIOYERS, JIIVHNIIE Ferris lX'lUECKE, NORMAN Galveston Beta Alpha Rho Beta, Sec. ORJUELA, HECTOR Bogota, Colombia, South America Sigma Delta Pi, Pi Delta Phi, Vice Pres., Philosophy Club PAULISSEN, GEORGE T. Port Arthur Kappa Mu Epsilon, Jefferson County Club, Math Club PETERSON, MARGARET LYNNE Mission Gammadions, Rio Grande Valley Club, Pi Delta Phi, Pres., Sigma Tau Delta, FTA, Chapel Choir 1 PINKERTON, JANE Fort Worth l Gammadions, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Mu Phi Epsilon, 1 Treas., Symphony Orchestra A PITTMAN, DIARY CATHERINE Dallas Sigma Tau Delta, Vice Pres. PORTERFIELD, JOVAN Waxahachie W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Beta Alpha Rho Beta POYNTER, PATRICIA Port Arthur FTA, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Chi PROCTOR, FLOYCE JEAN Dallas Gammadions, Sigma Delta Pi, Pres., Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, BSU, FTA PYLES, JOYCE Eden Quintillian QUEBE, GENEVA McGregor Quintilian, Vice Pres., Sr. Mary Arden, Zeta Pi Gamma, Sec. RAPHELT, WILLIE C. Stamford FTA, Historian REEH, THOMAS F. Longview Talons, Kilgore College Club, Quintillian, Varsity Club, Radio Club RESSLING, RICHARD CHARLES Port Arthur Beta Beta Beta, Pres., Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Chi ROJO, CARLOS Port Arthur Jefferson County Club, Pres., Newman Club, Vice Pres., Delta Sigma, Blue Key, Student Court, Gov't and Pre-Law Club RUMPH, BARBARA Dallas RUSSELL, JAMES F. james Delta Sigma, Vice Pres. SANCHEZ, ANDRES G. Corpus Christi GIX, Sigma Delta Phi, Rio Grande Valley Club, Gov't and Pre-Law Club SAYLES, ELIZABETH Meridian Jr. Mary Arden, Gammadions, Los Caballeros, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Chi, FTA, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Gamma Kappa SHEFFIELD, CLYDE jasper GIX, Alpha Rho Tau SKIDMORE, GERALD Denton Campus Chat, Editor, Assoc. Editor, Press Club, Pres., Reporter, Blue Key, Sec., Sigma Delta, Pres., Who's Who in American Colleges and Univehsities SMITH, BEN Vernon SMITH, BETTY LEE Mission Sociology Club, Rio Grande Valley Club SMITH, DAN M. Gainesville STANDIFER YVONNE Dallas Phi Gainma Kappa, Alpha Rho Tau Hol - Sta College of Arfs and Sciences STANFILL, GAX'I.l'1 STEVENS, BETH Green Jackets SWAIN, JIM VILLA, BERTA PVALL, DAN E. WARD, ANITA XVATSON, JUNETTA Club WHITE, CARL W. Alpha Rho Tau Alpha Mu Alpha YVITHROXV, GLYNN WOODRUFF, BOB Alpha Phi Omeg Writing Club YARBROUGH, BETTY Alpha Rho 'l'aug YARBROUGH, S. M. Sigma Delta Pig P WATSON, DON EDXVIN Gov't and Pre-Law Clubg Press Clubg 'I licla Sigma Alph WILLIAMS, FRANKIIAL , JR. Alpha Mu Alpha Gainesville Alpha Phi Omega Waco Dallas Sigma Phi Nu, Pres.g College Players, Pres.g Blue Keyg Quintiliang KOED TAYLOR, JERELYN Athens Jr. Mary Arcleng Green Jackets TAYLOR, JOHN C. Temple Alpha Rho Tau rI1AYLOR,, JUNE Athens Alpha Rho Tau, Sec.-Treas.g Jr. Mary Arden, Sr. Mary Ardeng Green Jacketsg House Presidents Club TAYLOR, ROBERT DEAN Lewisville TEAGUE, CHARLES Bonham T-Club, Pres.g Blue Key, Vice Pres.g 'lalonsg Track Captain THORPE, BARBARA Fort Worth Delta Chi Delta, TreaS.g Press Club TRIETSCH, JIIWINIII-1 H. Denton Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pig Phi Alpha Theta TURNER, BETSY CAROLYN Plano UECKERT, Bon Cleburne hilosophy Club Ifort Hancock Fort Worth 'Q YVho'S YVh0 in Phi Alpha Tau: Alpha Rho Tau, Pres.: NVl1o's NVho at N'l American Colleges and Universities Fort Worth Waxahachie Fort Worth ag Square Dance WRIST, ANNE CATHERINE FTAg ACEQ Kilgore College Club Kilgore Lipan Avoca Dallas Seymour ag Supper Theatreg Sigma Deltag Press Clubg Creative ELAINE Gainesville Los Caballeros Gainesville wwf Proloplasm, ecloplasm, or dirt on ll1e lens-il helps lo lcnow which! Atll1IllS, Hollis D. Adkins, Leslie Gene Asheck, jean Bailey, Lila jean Bzxllenger, Bob I,. Bznllznn, Richard B1ll'llHIIl, Robert Batchelor, Audrey Bean, B1n'lazn'a Belt, C. Richard Bennett, Bill Blukney, Paul S. Bons, Herbert Bowman, Joann Brown, Margaret Browning, Larue Bnrns, John Cisro Dallas Houston Co rsicana Dallas Dallas Dallas Iloustou Ilouslon Houston Dallas Den ian Itasm Denton Iionzartmi Fart lllorllz Clzirago, Ill. Cll2lll1lJCl'S, Janis Athens Clark, Dorothy June Laredo Clement, jack Dallas Cilendinning. Bill Dallas Coger, Henry E. lllrlzila Falls Cook, James Tlloinns Tyler Cook. julia Ann Tyler Cook. VlillUlll2lS Carlson Dallas Corley, Bob Crain. Phyllis Cirznner. George 'I'. Cramer, Nadine Curtis, Dixie Daugherty, Dorothy Dill, Russell Eugene F11 rl ll'0rtl1 ll'ir'l1ila Falls Dallas Pasadena Denim: Ballinger Rising Star Juniors 411 I College of Ar'rs and Sciences any . f '. ,. pw 4. Juniors L.. LiI'llUlS, Mz11'i1111 Gibbs. Dcllmcrl M. King. BIz11'ily11 Knox, Fl-ll0lll2lS Mark Someday, perhaps one of ihem will find a cure for lhe comm 131-1-cksllagc, Dorotlly Faye G1111111' P1'11i1'i1f 1"111't l1'111'1l1 l'1ila1111l. Jllllll l7'7llHg lixcrs. 8111111111 Jean .Y1'z1' 1.1111111111 l'i1lllllillCI'. Mildred Tflllfllli l'illll0Il, li. M., Jr. D11ll11.v Ciznllowzxy. jzuncs li. Dallas A 111l1'1'11'.s Kilmer, Nllllil Clean P1111' li111ff,A1'k. U111m1ls1m11, RUSCIll21I'y 5111111111 U1'il'l'i11. JUIIIUS H. Cl111111ll1'1' filllllll. JZIIIICS NI. I,1lll1l5 fillllfy, John S. Kilgnn' ll:1I1c1'gC1', Nlllff Bc1l1 111111.11011 llz11'1'is, flllllllll I,illSllIlI'g lizlrris. Xlifgllllll 1,IlllIlX llc1'1'i111t. ji111111ic 1201111111 llCI'l',, P111 .X'1'z1' 1fl'llllIIfl'lS l'llllSllIl, june 1J1lllflS Il11l1l1'i1lgc, GCl'2llLl De 111111 Hollcy. xllllf' Nell lffllllllllilll llolli11gsw1w1'll1, Ilarolrl Nl. 111111115 H111'1'y, 11111111 Klllllfyll D11ll11.s' llusc. Peggy Dallas Hyde, XV11y111r McAllen KILIIIICS, M111'll111 Allll D1'11!1111 ,I11l111s1w11. 11111111111 fi11i111'x11ill1' ll11l111s11111, lltllllllil Big Spring KC1lI'lJf. Cfllllllil D1f1'11l111' K1-1111c111e1', 511111105 L. Iflllgglllll kL'1!l!Cf', 101111 H11111li11 lic1'cs1i11e, Nancy De11t1111 King, A1111 Gray T6lllllll? I"1n't l'V111'll1 Kirkpatrick, XVz11're11 lV6'!1lll6l'fUl'Il Pmuler on cold. Kocninger, Doris Knliica, Robert Oklaurzinn Crawl Prairie LlSlll1ll'l, Unis Ennis l.i1tle, Enid Mizllanrl Lloyd, Ruth fll'fII'g6'lUIl'll Locke, Donald Edwin De Leon Lotqn, Lynn I.. Svzyrlwr Nllifllllill, Frzink YV. Mcfiortl, Carol 'I'f'xarka11a Ifort lVr1rlh NlC'CI'21t'lilIl, ,X1ll'0ll Leonidus, Jr. Patton, Howard Pearce, Jeana Peters, Victor Pingree, Harlan Prince, Velma Claire Rarnsey, joye Crockett Fort Worth Dallas Cisco Fort Worth Dallas Trinidad Mc'Kl1'z1cly, Ricliurd Iieaumont MrCI11llocl1, George Dallas lXlclJz111iel, I.11tl1cr Big Spring Nlflflllll, Homer Sid Gairzeszfille Nll'RC2lff', Rl2ll'g2ll'Cl Fort lI'or!h Marley, Lzirne Mart Nlzirtin, Ernie lfurt Worth NICIISIIIIIII. Don Clalzfcslrm Meyer. Nlilff' 1,011 lfl Campo Nlitrhcll, joe Gzzizzesville INln01'e. Billie Beth Fort I'Vorih Moore. Billy 'lllllll Garland Nlote. Rolu-rt Pmenton Dallas Myres. Katye Sue Graham Noah. Pat Dwzlon Noland. lfllllllll jo Baylozvn O'Dell, Stewart liffaunmrzl fltltllll. XYZIYIIC I.i11glr:'illf' Ugletree. Bill Slzernian PilllllCl', Billy .luck Iimzham Wrw,,,,..-nv Parl' of a 'frog skin? Heck, I lhouglwl' il was a roadmap of Panmunion. Dre - Ram 413 College of Arfs ancl Sciences Juniors Rhodes, Bill Dallas Ricke, Charles II. - Galzmston Riveire, john Paul Fort Worth Rosson, Barry Flovvrlarla Rowe, Jiuuny Lyclell Henrlzfrson Roy, Carl Alia' Sanchez, Almelino B. San Diego Sznlls, Sam Denton Schulze, Doris Mission Shannon, Clmrles La Feria Shaw. Mary Margaret liralzam Sikes. Don 1,0IIg'Ilil'TU Snmrl, Kenneth Dallas Sonntag. Roy Cleburrze Stevens, Slmroxn Lufkin Slipe, Delmin' Cleburne Slougllton, Kaye For! Worth Slrznuglmall, Nlartlm McKinney Slfllllllllf, Leah Tale, Leon 'lll'Xlll'kIlll1l Wiclzila Falls Tzlylor. Ben NY. Allzens lziylor, Olyve Nell Carrolllmz 'l'l1on1us, Glenna 121711011 lllmnpson, Nora -lean Dallas Townes. Bettie For! Wnrllz Van YVagoner, -lurk Dallas xvllillllllglflll, Jack lfllllgfl' XV:1le1's, james l.. Dallas XVCIQI1, Patsy Hl'lll'll'lf!l Weeks, Leonard Dallas XVells. .Io Anne Mz'ria'iau XVhile, Robert Terry Dallas Whitney, Nancy Big Spring lVilson ,Mary Lou lirmis XVoods, Robert Il. JI1'1x'iH11Fy Young, Tom Drxlw. Xml' Mffxifo l lhinlc 'rhal l shall never see .... A Chrislmas lree? Well loolr again! . Y '37 is School of Business ANDERSON, DOROTHY Ponder Gammadionsg FTA, Pi Omega Pig Alpha Chip Kappa Delta Pi ANDERSON, ROY Beta Alpha Rho Betag Marketing Club ANGLE, GEORGE ARBUCKLE, GENE Beta Alpha Rho Beta, Pres. ARNWINE, RICHARD Falcons, Treas., Vife Pres.g Management Club BEARD, BILL Marketing Club BFESON, cl0NNIE Gammadionsg lr. Ma ry Kappa, Sec.: FTA BENTON, R. M. Alpha Lambda Pi BLAc:RWI':LI,, ROY Trojans. Vice Pres.: Marketing Club BLANKINSHIP, DONALD Trojans: Gammadions HODKIN, IIM 3 Longview L Dallas Hamilton Mesquite VVeall1e1'fo1'd Bridgepo rl Arden: Sr. Mary Arden, Phi Gamma Vlfllxllllflflllif Fort Wort ll lfort llforlll Denison Alpha lhi Omega, Management Club, Marketing Club, New- man Club BONS, FAYF Tarleton Club BOYCIHI, .IAUR Marketing Club BRADLICY, SAMMIF Arlington State Club, BSITQ FTA BROAD, ALFRED Itasca Dal las A rlingion B razly Phi Alpha Tau, Pres., Blue Key, Pres., Club Varsity, Gam' madionsg Alpha Chip Radio Club, Inter-Frat. Council, Chapel Choir, Marketing Club: Grand Chorus, Aces: Senate BROCK, LUTHER A., -IR. Alpha Chig Marketing Club BROWN, JOHN Alpha Lambda Pi BRYANT, CLAUDE A., JR Kilgore College Club, Vice Pres., Alpha Laml BUCHHOI1, DONALD BURKE, GLENN Chi Sigma Phi, Tarleton Club BUSTER, DAVID Beta Alpha Rho Beta CAIN, A. CALDWELL, LOUISE Zeta Pi Gamma, jr. Mary Arden CALDWELL, WARREN F. CALLAWAY, V. J. Marketing Clubg Kilgore Club CARROLL, ANITA Gammadions, FTA, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi Omega Pi, Treas. CHRISTIAN, BARBARA Kilgore jr. College Club CHRISTIAN, lNlARY ANNA Marketing Club Bridgeport Odessa Price Ida Pi Garla ll d Gmlmnv Fort llforth Big Spring San Antonio San Antonio Longview Denton Pi, Vice Pres., Longview Dallas CLAY, ,ALBERT A IVSTIN Insurance Club, Arlington State Clllll D111111s COLEY, VERNA B1yso11 FTA: House Pres. Cl11b: Jack County Club: cillllllllll 'l'l1et:1 Upsilon COVEY, NINA S11er1111111 Jr. Mary Arcleng Sr. Mary Arden COXVAN, BIARJORIE 17111111111 G2lITllllZldiOllSQ Pi Omega Pi CRIYSF, LA DONNA li1a11z11111n1Z Jefferson County Cllll? CURRY, E11 Ill Irving Beta Alpha Rho Beta. Vice Pres.: IllSlll'1lllC6 filllli. Seng Mar- I 7 keting Club: Inter-Frat. Council, Vice 111-S.: Senior Class l 1-es. CURTIS, PATSY RUTH Grand P1'1111'11: G2lIllll12lCliflIlSQ Jr. Mary Arcleng Sr. Mary Ardeng Pi Omega Pi DAVIDSON, BIARTHA .ANN GIlf6.iTl111I? Alpha Rho 'l'aug Jr. Marv Arcleng Sr. Marv Artlcng YUCCA, Asst. and Assoc. Editor Yucca, Publications Council DAVIS, SAAIMIIAQ Jo Phi Gamma Ka nag Sr. Marv Arden. Rc morterg Pi Onieva Pig H ' v v 1 ' n Can1n1ad1o11s3 XX omcn S Poruni DIBBL12, PARR1-is C. Alpha Phi Omega: Senateg DILL, GRAN BIIFORD Delta Sigma. Pres. Domus, BIQTTYIQ JAN11 Pi Omega Pi DORTCH, AVAYNIC C2lIllIll1lCliOIlS1 iAIZll12lgClIlCIll Alpha Chi IJRLYKF, XVAI. B. Trojans IDRYDICN, Rib!!!-.R'l' L. NIllIl2lgCl11Clll Club DVRIIANI, JANIIQS AV. EDYVARDS, Qllli D1'AN1':, JR. l Rodeo Club. Vice Ives. Pl1i Alpha 'l'aug Club. Vice Pres., 111111115 111111115 Marketing Cl11b Tex111'k111111 1791111111 111111115 Marketing Club, 151111 ll'1i1'l11 I.e1f1f11111111 P011 Neflmv l'il'l'Hl' IZZELL, Jos 171111115 Chi Sigma Phig NIIlll2lgCl1lClll Clubg Marketing Club: I11s111'a11I'e Club FENILY, KATIIRYN Cisco Pi Omega Pi. Seeg BSP: FTA FREENTAN, ORR11: I,07lg7'Ii6ZU Talonsg InS111'ance fllllll FREY, JoE JAYNICS lIf'111-0 Falcons, Sccxg Marketing Cilllb 'l'1'eaS. CQARZA, OsBAI,no AIIi.S'.S1UII NCYN'l1l3Il filllil. Pres.3 Rio Crancle Valley Clllll f1liISTYVlCIlJT, DAN AIKISOII GILLIS, AIATTIIC Lois Kilgore Kilgore College Club: N12ll12lgClIlClll Club. Seeg NI1ll'liCliIlg Clllll GLENIJINNINLQ, JOHN M., JR. 111111115 Mzu1agen1e11t Club Plldlil' CQRABOWVSKI, HLLIZN 4Il'N1-1 Rio Grande Valley Club, 'I 1'eas.g NCXVINZIII Clubg Phi 'l'l11'ta Kappa: FTA fiREFN, R. C., JR. Management Cl11b GREER, JACK L. Marketing Clubg fi1lllllll2lt'll0llSI CIK f1TIlT'1?l' T1fxr11'1:1ma And - Gre 7 School of Business CQRICGORY, CLINT GROSS, LINDA LOU lillen H. Richards, Jr. Mary Arden: Marketing Club GliN'l'l'IR, O. L., JR. I'IAiXl, BOBBY HAIXll'Tt'JN, l'l0l'lC Bowie Greemfllle B orger Ouilaque N Naples Gamniadionsg Green Jafketsg Meritumg Pi Omega Pig FTA, Sr. Mary Arden I-IARDWVICK, OI.IN A., JR. llleridian HAN'Nlli, HARVEY Cisco vll2llOllS Hl'fARNl?, BILLYI-1 JEAN Bryan Delta Chi Delta, Pres., FIA, Pi Omega Pig Sr. Mary Arden HENDERSON, Bois Grand Prairie Management Club HFNIDIERSON, CHARLES XVAYNE jaclfsboro Chi Sigma Phi, 'I'reas,g Jafk County Club HI41NIll'1RSON, IYONALD XV.-XYNIC Alvin ltisurarice Club, Phi .Xlpha Tau HILIIIIRN, JACK Gainesville Management Club Hll.I.4, ,ALLAN Dallas HOIJIQI41, 1XRTHlfR llfaxallaclzie lfalctonsg Marketing Club HOLLAND, PIARY JAN1iI.I.IC ffIII.776SZ'll.llC' fi2lllllll2NllOllSQ Pi Omega Pi HOWARD, JESSE, JR. Fort lfV0rll1 HUEFMAN, GLENN XVALTICR CQIYIPKIIIDIIE Management Club Hl,lN'l'l'1R, PAT Galveston INsALI,, 'THOMAS JESS Dallas Phi Alpha laul, Treas.g Marketing Clubg Senateg Alpha Rho Tau JANUARY, DON Dallas T-Club, 'l'alons, Pres., Blue Key JENKINS, JO NELI, O'B1'ien F'l'Ag Pi Omega Pi JONES, XV. A. Q-JACKJ Crosbylon Panhandle Club KEAS, BUFORD, JR. Grand Prairie Management Clubg Gamma Theta Upsilon KIRBY', RICHARD Dallas Student Religious Council, M'estminster Foundation KIRRPATRICR, JA Anas Illgatlzerford KNIGHT, ANDREW G. Dallas LANIER, ROBERT A. Arp LANNING, BILL Pfmhgmdlg Sigma Phi Nu, Pres., Treasg Senate, Marketing Club, Pan- handle Club, Pres. LARMOUR, JIMMY W. LEDRETTER, SANFORD TRIYETT LEHRMANN, NORMA JEAN Pi Omega Pig FTA LEWALLEN, BILLY Gammadionsg Trojansg Senate LINDSAY, DAVID, JR. Management Club LINDSAY, RICHARD LOFTON, ANN LONG, GEORGE ROBERT LOWE, WILLIAM LYNCH, C. JR. GIXQ Falcons, Pres. DICKINNEY, BILLY BURT Insurance Clubg Marketing Club DICJNEELY, FRICDDA Graham Dallas Old Glory Brady Dallas Olney Texarkana Kaufman Denton Galweslon Dallas Pefrolia Green Jackets: Phi Gzunma Gappag Mary Arden Club DICSPADDEN, GEORGE Marketing Club DIANIRE, JOHN R. DIANN, ROBERT C. NIARTIN, ALLEN Tyler Club, Management Club DIASSEY, ARTHUR Alpha Lambda Pi NIATTHEYVS, JUANELL Phi Sigma Alpha: Gzunmadions NIAXWELL, DIARY DIAYES, NANCY JEAN NIESSER, JACK Trojans: Management Clubg Insurance Club MILLER, O. L. Alpha Lambda Pi M INCE, ALOREN BIORRIS, DARLENE Delta Chi Delta AIURPHY, HAL GENE Kappa Pi Omega, Treas. DIYERS, JACR Marketing Club RIYERS, SARA Phi Gamma Kappa, Reporter, Vice-Pres.: Mary Arden, Sr. Mary Arden ODLANDER, LILA JEAN Sr. Mary Arden Nevada Roanoke C o rsica n a lV6l1lll6I'f0J'Cl Prosper Sunset Fort lVorth Fort Stockton Fort VVOrth A lnlene Canton O lney Corsfeana Dallas Carrollton Gammadionsg Jr. San Antonio School of Business ODOM, GEORGE O,DONNELL, GENE Falcons, Sec., Marketing Club PARRER, JERRY Alpha Lambda Pi PAUL, EMILIO S. Sigma Delta Pi, Newman Club PINER, EDITH LOU Nu Phi MII, Sec., FTA, Sec. PIRAINO, VIRGINIA Zeta Pi Gamma PLILER, RANDALL ZACK Management Club POER, lYiARVlN Management Club, Marketing Club PRATKA, VVERNER Talons, See., Alpha Lambda Pi PRITCHARD, ELIZABETH Marketing Club PURGASON, BETTYE JOAN Pi Omega Pi, Pres., Jr. Mary Arden, FTA REDMAN, BILLIE LAVERNE REED, JOAN Sr. Mary Arden REYNOI.llS, HARRY lXlAR'l'IN Gammadions, Insurance Club Denison Waxahaehie Marshall Saltillo, Conn. Ozona Houston Fort Worth Simms Houston Wingate Denton, Nocona San Antonio l'Vicl1ita Falls RICE, RUTH CAROLYN Sulphur Springs Gammadions, Jr. Mary Arden, Sr. Mary Arden, Kappa Delta Pi, Pres., FTA, Pi Omega Pi, Vice Pres., Meritum, Treas., lVesley Foundation, Pres. ROBER1'S, JAZNIES R. Falcons RODGERS, BOB BSU, Alpha Lambda Pi ROYALL, ROBERT L. Talons RUNYAN, BILLY H. Dumas Dallas Houston Texarkana Management Club, Marketing Club, Insurance Club RUTLEDOE, RHONETA Gammadions, Pi Omega Pi, FTA SALMON, BEVERLY Delta Chi Delta SCARBOROUGH, BILL J. SCHROEDER, EDDIE ROY Marketing Club SCOGGINS, RALPH SCRIBNER, JACK SHARP, ELIZABETH Zeta Pi Gamma SHARPE, STANLEY DALE Management Club SHERER, BIARGIE LEA Nocona Linden Mineral Wells McGregor C orsicana McKinney Beckville Cisco Gainesville SHORT, PEGGY Kappa Kappa Kappa, Sec. SRIIJMORE, PAULINE Pi Omega Pig Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chi SPARKS, WILLIAM Paris Gainesville San Angelo Kappa Pi Omega, Management Clubg Insurance Clubg Senate STALLINGS, LoUIs STAMPER, BILL Chi Sigma Phi, Sec.: Management Club STANLEY, BOBBIE JEAN STEIN, ROBERT Chi Sigma Phi STEWART, JO Marketing Club STRADER, JERRY Marketing Club TAYLOR, JAMES A. TEAILLIPT, ROY Falcons 'I1ERRY, CATHERINE Big Spring Port Arthur Pottsville Galveston Kamay Gainesville Quztman Nocona Fort Worth Arlington State Club, Sec.g Grand Chorus: Marketing Club TIIIIIETS, GLEN Kappa Pi Omega, Pres., Inter-Frat. Council, Ma TlLI.kIRY,, AIARY HELEN Insurance Club Tll'l'S, WANDA Marketing Club, McCracken Club TIYNNELL, AIARSHALL Marketing Club TURNER, GEORGE CJRREN, JR. TURNER, JINI Gammadionsg Alpha Lambda Pi, Pres. TURNER, TOBIb'IlE Ross WALLACE, PATSY Kappa Kappa Kappa WVEBER, RAY Falcons, Sec., Inter-Frat. Council WHISTLER, JOAN Kappa Kappa Kappa, Sec.g Jr. Mary Ardeng Sr. WINDER, WILLIAM ALFRED Insurance Club WORKMAN, WALTER OLIVER, JR. Muleshoe nagement Club Den ton A ubrey Dallas jacksonville Odessa Allen Ranger Dallas Levelland Mary Arden Fort VV0rtl1 Arlington fh- 'YSL' YVREN, GERRY Fort Worth Alpha Lambda Pi YOUNG, BOBBY GENE Ponder Oclo - You School of Business Anderhub, Sam Bailey, Dudley Velan Baldwin, Guy, Jr. Bane, Mary Lois BZIITUII, john Buueum, Nell Bishop, Dan Dalla. Corsicam Greenvilli Lanevillt Cente1 Amarilll Stephenvillt Blzlkeley, Clarence James Boenker, Henry Bond, l'Villard Boyd, Bonita Bradley, Betty Fort VVortl Lewisvillz Lewisville Fort Wortl Wichita Fall: Brukebill, Bill Temple Brzikebill, John Templr Brantley, Helen Patty Meridiar Brazil, Billy Fort Wort! Brooks, Mike Borgel Burton, Gene D. A Busch, Frank Carroll, Martha Carroll, Mary Cusalday, Kenneth Chlllllllilll, Judy Ann Comer, Jeanette Clonnel, Melvin Creuger, Melhu c:I'llCC, lirvin Dabney, Edwin Davis, Donald G. Denton, Arnie Ray rdmore, Okla Nlont Belviet Denton Denton Dallas Temple Lfmgvieu Fort Worth Ranger Fort Worth G ranbury Tulia Decatw kt N1 W 1 Above: Le+'s see now, 'lwo sodas, tickets, a corsage and cab fare .... Righh Adding figures for others is better than adding to your own. ""'-21 Now is the time for all g"'-'i Now is +l1e time F51 Now isS""' Now. Dodson, Jim Galveston Earl, Bobby Kergns lirney, Fred, jr. Dallas Fleniins, Patricia Stamford I-'ranc'is, Juanita Ruth Temple Fuller, Harold Ray Euless Gann, Virginia Hamlin Gantt, Burt Decatur Gantt, Joe Jack Princeton Garza, Yolanda Mission Geddie, Robert Marshall Gil, Gilbert S. El Paso Godfrey, Lowell Burleson Goin, Mary Ann Denton Grant, Cordon Dallas Greenwell, Palsy Waxahaclzie Hall, XVillian1 Brock Weatherford Hamilton, Howard Dallas Harbison, Betty Jane League City Harris. Melvin G. El Dorado Hartwell, Henry Ken Paris Haynie, Frances Roanoke Heard, Eddie Jean Temple Henson, Dwayne Pittsburg Hestand. Guy Slzermarz Hinton, Naomi Holdridge, Aloe Holmes, Pat Fort lI'0rtlz NVaync De Leon Fort l'V0rtlz Houston. Louie Burl Eastland Humphreys, XV. Howard Tulia Irby. Frank Plaimfieu' Jackson, Ralph Edward Weatlzerforcl Johnson, Anita Jo Denton Johnson, Frances Blythe Dallas Keathley, Darrell H. Dallas Kelley, Thad Breckenridge Juniors And - Kel 423 School of Business Kent, Donald King. Bolmlmy Lznnlierl, Ciziynelle ,I I.eecli, I.onis jack Leelli, jinnny Wi K 5 is 1- ' C-fx Lewis, Xvlllllllll AX. Lulilie, Don Lllfzls. B. Miller, xvlllllllll D. NIoo1'e,1l:lke XY. Moore. Peggy Nlorriss, Iidd Mosley. Otis Nance, Urziclzi Lon Nance. Mary joe Neely. .lolin Nelson, lllllll R. Xilsclie. jerry Oliver, jeff Otto. Dwight Pzllriik, Cynthia fm X, Piner, Ray, jr. llilllllllll, Merwyn Porch, Jerry I'i'zn'liyl, Bellye Price, Palsy Dale Queen, Darrell Q5--f ,NYM Ozona ll'i11r1sl101'0 Dallas lforl lllorllz .HUC TCQUY C160-g,'lm1 hi, Pnlteii. .lurk , - Wu.. .-mb 1 , Lonvinik, Orxille M Cisco lx'ilgm'6 Su'r'1'lu'alfr Cisro Hamilton Ifznlgffr Dallas Dallas C ran1l:fif'zi' McDonald. llllllllly N, Iowa Park Mnllznll, llnne .Illl'L'L' Cl!'ll'Ill'lIf" Clzflz urnf' Fort llllllklll Dallax Iimzlzanz South limifl Dv I.1'on Cazllzagrf 1,I'IllUI1 Jlarzsfialzl, l,a. Dallas 'l'1'n111lf' Dallas ll'f'lll,lI'I'f1ll'!l 1701111111 3 l'Cl'l'lll, Billy lurk Ifllllgfl' Perri. l,. R. illllllfllllll l'ellil. .Xllon Cllilrlwss Phillips, Gladys Clizirles Infrlwll Phillips. Ricliarcl fzllllllllll ,Z -4 Q Q Once upon a lime +l1ere lived fhree S's, Debif, Credil' ancl Balance. . . hm.. Ragland, Bobby Ramsey, Maydel Ratcliff, Peggy Reed, Jim Reiniger, Miriam Rhodes, YVanda Yates, John, Jr. .pf Darling John. as I am sifting here in class, praclicing shorthand, . , - Szueetzvater' Itasca Dallas Sweetman Texas C i ty Mineola Richards, jimmy L. Fort Worth Richards, Richard Galveston Roberts, John C. Fort Worth Sagen, David Greenville Saleh, Rose Marie Tyler Shaw, Betty Red Oak Shirley, jack Richard Dallas Simek, Dorothy Megargel Simpkins, Bob Nocona Sledge, Charles Robert Dallas Smith, joe li. Dallas Stephens, Patricia Graham Stewart, Ed jacksboro Taliaferro, Doyle Denton 'l'crrell, George XV. Houston Thomas, Mary Lee Alvarado liner, Bill Dallas Warren, XV., jr. Dallas NVarschum, Marilyn Louise Denton White, Bobbie Brownwood White, C. Cranfills Gap XYigley, Martha Henderson Wilhite, XV. D. Dallas Williams, Betty Sue Bellevue Williams. Lurlene Mansfield Williamson, Gerald Dee Eastland XVilson, George N. Dallas Wilson, Virginia Fort lfVorth XVinstead, Edwena Graham Dallas Juniors 425 fu AQ School of Education ALFORD, CHARLIE ANDERSON, MAG QANDYJ Pi Phi Pi, Sec.: FTAg Rio Grande Valley Club ARMOR, NANCY VVRAQ P. E. Professional Clubg Jr. Class Sec.: ASHLEY, MARY DEAN Brownwood Mission Dallas Cheerleader Vernon P.E. Professional Club, WRAQ Modern Dance Clubg Delta Psi Kappa AUSTIN, JANE Mesquite Sr. Mary Arden, Sec., ACE, Treas. BAILEY, JANE Baytown Gammadionsg Alpha Rho Tau, Jr. Mary Ardeng Sr. Mary Arden, FTAQ Meritumg Jr. and Sr. Representative of Marquis Hall BAKER, LAWRENCE LYLE Dallas BARRLEY, LETA LU Midlothian Pi Omega Pig Gammadionsg House Presidents Club, FTA BARNES, NINA Itasca ACEQ FTA BARNES, ANN Texarkana FTA BARR, NELDA JEAN Gladewater Jr. Mary Arden, Vice Pres.: Press Clubg League of Women Voters, Sec.g Sr. Mary Ardeng Social Chairmang Bruce Hallg FTAQ ACE BARRY, BETTY ANE Colorado City ACEQ Kappa Kappa Kappag Inter-Sorority Council BARTLEY, Lois ANE Edinburff PF. Professional Club: WVRAg Rio Grande Valley Club O BASSETT, CHARLES L. BSUQ Alpha Chi BEAN, L. V. BEARDEN, BENNIE P. Phi Delta Kappa BEARMAN, JOANNE BISHOP, KENNETH chi Sigma Phi BOLIN, WILLIAM T. BOLTON BUNNY J Y Kappa Theta 113 FTA BOSYVELL, JOYGE FAYE BOWDOIN, BETTY JEAN ACE, FTA BOYD, BETTYE FTAQ ACE BOYD, BILLIE Pi Omega Pig FTA BRADLEY, BETTY BRANTLY, PEGGY ACEQ FTAQ Sr. Mary Ardeng Jack County Club BRAUNGARDT, GEORGE M. BREYVFR, CALVIN Gainesville Dublin Decatur Cisco San Antonio Lewisville jacksonville Dallas Vera Waco Chandler Iredell ,Iaeksboro , Treas. Fort Worth Chillicothe School of Eclucafion BRINKIWAN, SANDREA Pasadena Phi Sigma Alpha. Parliarnentarian, Vice PreS., Pres., Green Jackets, Inter-Sorority Council, House Presidents Club BRISTOW, EVELYN XVeSley Foundation, ACE, FTA BRONSTAD, CHARLES O. BROUSSARD, CAROLYN Franklin Clifton Longview Zeta Pi Camma, Jr. Mary Arden, 1950 YUCCA Beauty B ROYVN, FLOYCE Big Spring Gammadionsg WVR,-X, PF. Professional Club, Pres., Delta Psi Kappa, Treas. BROWN, PECCY STARLINC Seminole Phi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Rho Tau, Vice Pres., Varsity Club, Treas., Jr. Mary Arden BUCK, MARY Delta Chi Delta, Sr. Mary Arden, College CARNES, -IOANN FTA, House Presidents Club CARTER, JEAN ACE CARTER, PATSY lXlARlIi ALIE, FIA CHRISTIAN, KATHERINE FTA CHRISTIANSON, CHRIS CLARK, CHRISTINE K. CLAY, Bli'I"l'Y LOU Temple Players, FTA Edorn Dallas Houston Vera Dallas Decatur New Boston 1' IA, Sec., ACE, Treas., Green Jackets, Sec., Jr. Mary Arden, Sr. Mary Arden, Student Religious Council CLAY, BIARY ALICE New Boston Green Jackets, 'l'l'C21S,Q Canuna Theta ljpsilong ACE, Vice Pres., Treas., FTA, Vice Pres.: Jr. Mary Arden, Sr. Mary Arden, ACE CLOTIAUX, FRED L. Beaumont T'Cluh COLBURN, JEAN Cameron BSU, FTA COLLINS, CLARENCE Monterey, Calif. Pi Omega Pi, FTA COTHRAN, BETTY Paris Alpha Rho Tau, Jr. Mary Arden COOKE, JOY Henderson FTA Cox, LADELLE Clarendon College Players, Supper Theatre, ACE, Sec., Panhandle Club, Kappa Theta Pi CRABB, JOHN, JR. Dallas CRAYVLEY, CECIL, JR. Dallas CRUMPTON, ALVA NELL Gamniadions, Jr. Mary Arden, Pi Omega Pi, CULWVELI., JUDY Kappa Theta Pi, FTA, ACE CURRENS, JO ANN FTA, Club Varsity, Pres., Radio Club CuRTIS, x7lRGlNIA P.E. Professional Club, WRA, FTA IJANIELS, JACK B. Chi Sigma PlIi, FTA, IA Club Wichita Falls FTA Weatherford Dallas Troy Victoria DAVID, HAROLD T-Club DAVIS, JIM Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi DAVIS, JOHN L. Senate, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Alpha Tau, Upsilon DAvIs, JOSEPHINE Nu Phi Mu, Debate Club, FTA, WOmcn's Foundation DAVIS, LORENA ANN Gammadionsg ACE, FTA TJAVIS, NIARY Gammadions, FTA, Jack County Club DAVIS, WILLIE GENE Falcons, IA Club IDEAN, LOUISE P. E. Professional Club, BSU DEATON, DE LAINE Sr. Mary Arden, Gammadionsg Tyler Club, Elle FTA, Pi Omega Pi DE BOUY, LORAIN FTA DENNIS, JANICE DERDEN, IRENE FTA, ACE DILLARD, WELDON DIXON, HARRY Geezles DIXON, ROGER EUGENE Geezles DOYLE, TEDDY JOE DREYI-IR, A. H., JR. Psi Chi, Rio Grande Valley Club DUNN, VIRGINIA LEE P. E. Professional Club, House Presidents Club DUVALL, DORIS FTA EDWARDS, DON Talonsg T-Club, Panhandle Club EDWARDS, TALOU BALCI-I Mart Seminole Lometa Gamma Theta Lometn Choir, Wesley Bellevue jermyn Sparenberg Longview Tyler n H. Richards, Galveston Whitesboro F orreston lllidlothian Pittsburg Longview Denton Weslaco Forestburg Pleaster Borger Denlon Green Jackets, Sec., Treas., Phi Sigma Alpha, Parliamentarian, VVeSley Foundation, Rec. Director, Yucca, Classes Assistant, As- sistant Ed. EGGLESTON. THURSTON QRIPJ GIX, Sec., USNT, Sgt. at Arms, IA Club, Vice ELDER, AMOS ELLER, CHARLES IA Club, Sec. ELLIS, ROSE ANN Tyler Club, FTA FIELD, JOAN Panhandle Club, ACE FIEER, ORA NIAYE FTA FINDLEY, JANELLE De Leon Pres. Clifton Bryson Chandler Plainview Lubbock Hillsboro Bri - Fin J 4 2 School of Education FINNIE, JEAN Bryson ACE, Vice Pres., Pres., Senior Mary Arden, Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Jack County Club, Stude Council, House Presidents Club, FTA, lVesley nt Religious Foundation, Sec., YVho's Who in American Colleges and Universities, WlIo's lVho at NT FLEWELLING, ELLEN Canadian Kappa Kappa Kappa, Jr. Mary Arden, ACE FORREST, JERRY Waxalzaehie FREDRICKSON, XVADE Galveston FRUOE, LLOYD Port Neclzes Chi Sigma Phi, Pledge Capt., Pres., GIX, Jefferson County Club GALLOWAY, PATSY ANN Wichita Falls Kappa Kappa Kappa, Parliamentarian, Rush Capt., ACE CQARRISON, PIARIE XNELSI-I Denton College Players, Quintilians, BSU CvARRl'1'Y, JOHNNY Dallas LQAUDE, EMILY ANN Longview Kilgore College Club FLIBSON, KENNETH W. Burkburnett FTA fllLLlLAND, lXIARY Jo Levelland Jr. Mary Arden, Pres., Gammadions, Quintilians, College Play- ers, lVomen's ForunI, Alpha ClIi, Kappa Delta Pi, House Presidents Club, Pres., FTA, Sr. Mary Arden, in American Colleges and Universities LQILSTRAP, ROBERT L. Geezles, FTA, T-Club CLASSCOCR, PARKER FTA Coon, DIXIE YVAYNE YV ho 'S WVIIO Dallas Troy K Tu nz ACE, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Sec., Square Dance Club fiREGORY, STANLEY FTA GRIFFIN, GOLDA IJENMAN joshua Denton E. D. Criddle Historical Society, Pres., FTA, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, Sec. GRIFFIN, JAMES LEE HARBER, TERESA Kappa Kappa Kappa, ACE, Sweetheart of AMA, YVRA HARDY, T. K., JR. 'I'-Club, Geezles HATTENBACH, HELENA Sa ACE, FTA, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship HAYTON, CORKY Falcons HELDT, JAMES Falcons, Industrial Arts Club HELM, ELEANOR HFINDRICK, GENE Geezles HENDRIX, NANCY Kappa Kappa Kappa, Press Club, FTA, Jr. Mar Mary Arden HICKEY, BONNIE Ellen H. Richards Club HICKS, ALINE Grand Chorus HILL, Lois Plano Dallas Ranger n Antonio Panhandle Linden Iredell McKinney Dallas y Arden, sr. james Harlingen Van HODGSON, XVAYNIC I'IOIiI.SCI-IER, EUGENE HOLDER, NORA FTA, l'2lllI121IIillC Club I'IOI.LAND, HENRY E. Falcons, FTA I'IOI.I.lDAY, SID Booneville Rosebud Amarillo Em Dallas Talons, Yice-l'reS.g IIllCli-Ff2IlCl'lIlfJ' Council HOPSON, EIJWVARD L. Grandview ACE, Yice I'reS.g FTA, Gamma Iota Chi, TreaS,g Gamma Theta llpsilong Square Dance Club, Pres. HOWARD, CARROLL FTA, Kappa Pi Omega HUDER PATSY Denison La M arq ue YVIIA, Pres., Vice Pres., Scc.g P.E. Professional Club HUEE, JACK Electra Industrial Arts Club, Opera XVOI'l'iSlIOlJ HULSE, MAX D. FTA INGRAM, YVANDA LOU Liltlefield Waco Alpha Rho Tau, See.-'l'reas.g Jr. Mary Arden JACKSON, SUE Delta Chi Delta JARRETT, 'THOMAS JENKINS, IQOSABEI. Gammaclioris JOHNSON, FREDORA Fort lllortlz Frost Denton Cotulla Gamma Theta llpsilong FTA, Sr. Mary Arclcn JOHNSTON, IDORIS ELEANOR FTAg ACE JOHNSTON, LEONARD A. JONES, ALVIN YV. JONES, DORIS House Presidents Club, Pres., JONES, HOIN'FI.L A., JR. KATZ, HOWARD A. Quadrangle ASSII., PreS.g GIX KEY, GAIL P erri n FT6d6l'l'Cli', Olcla. Lewisville A 111111 FTA Corsieana New York City, N. Y. Clelaurne Trojans: Inter-Fraternity Council KILLEBREW, H.ARRlET Paris Grand Chorusg Chapel Choir, ACEQ FTA KINIBRO, GIAIORGE Delta Sigma KINSEY, IXIARVIN FTA LACI-ZY, HOLLIS LASSITER, JEXVEL IUENHABI LAWS, BILLY CLYDE I' IA, ALE Cleburne Bedford Gm n d Prairie Houston Vera Fin - Law School of Eclucalion its LEE, DORlS FTA3 ACF LEE, Jo ANN Kappa Kappa Kappag ACE I,Yl,lfS, BURNIS PF. Professional Cluhg XVRAQ Delta Psi Kappa, Panhandle Cluhg Gannnaclions LYNCH, 'TURNEY FTA N I CC LEISH4, ,ANNI-1'1"l'1i ACFQ F'l'Ag Boots and Saddle Cluh RICCONNFLI.. REX Phi Delta Kappag Delta Kappa Pig Alpha Clhig AICCORNIICK, NETA RAE P.E. Professional Clnhg XVRA AICZDANII-il., XVILLIANI M. IA Cluh MCDQNALD, BIARY LYNN Arlington State Klluhg Psi Chig FTA AIKIIXIFRRICY, BOISBIF Texarkana Paris Panhandle Treas., Prcs.3 Conroe Cleveland Beainnonl FTA Dallas Richland Arlington Gainesville Phi Sigma Alpha: Delta Psi Kappag Alpha Chig Cznnmatlions3 P.1i. Professional Cluh AICNAMARA, kIANl5'l"l'A Vernon Zeta Pi Gannnag XYHAQ Professional Clluhg Fine Arts Connnittee AIAHAN, l'll?LEN Denton Zeta Pi Gamma AIATHEXVS, -IAN San A ugzisline Kappa Theta Pi AlA'l'1'HFlVS, AIAYIHCLL Denton Gaininadionsg Zeta Pi Cannnag Green Jacketsg Gamma Theta l'psilong Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chi AIFAKER, INIQZ Pazzlzandle All-KNASCO, SARAH Grand Prairie AIFISSER, EIIFEN Denton Kappa Kappa Kappa AllDGE'l'l', BILL Denton hllI,I.ER, EARLDFINF1 Paris Delta Chi Delta, Historian. Rush Captaing Professional Cluhg Vice Pres. Chilton Hall AllI,LER, AIICRYL NlANKlN Iforl W orth Cov't and Pre-Law Clnhg KOIEDQ GIXQ Alpha Chig Chapel Choir AIULLER, CLYDE Vernon Talonsg FTA lXlliXVl5Y, KIARY ELIZABETH Tulia Zeta Pi Gammag Green jackets, Vice Pres.3 Panhandle Clubg ACE IYICHOLSON, JOYCE Forl Worzh FTAg XVRAQ PF. Professional Cluh, Vice Pies. NowL1N, JACKIE Port Arthur Kappa Theta Pig .jefferson County Clluh CYIJANIFIL, DONNA Tulia .XCEQ Zeta Pi Cainmag House Presidents Cluhg Panhandle Cllubg XVomen's Forum O,GI.EE, -loHNNY Dallas 'I'-Cluhg Falcons OYNEAL, BILLIE JEAN Big Spring- FTA OUTHOUSE, BARBARA Hawking Zeta Pi Gamma CJXVFN, PIAZEI. LAN1111. Modern Dance Club C11111116 l'ARK1cR, AIARY Stir N6111 1.1111111111 Delta Chi Deltag Tyler Club PIQRRY. NIARY l"RAN1:11s SI1C11I'l' PHu,1,u's, 1-IQHONIAS 1111151111111 P11-ta Alpha Rho lleta: Inter-lfraternity Council l,lO'l"l', 116111011 Kappa Kappa Kappa: Quintiliansg College Playersg Radio Club Pool., -Ili.-KN T6x111'1:111111 Phi Canuna Kappa: Sr. Mary Arden. Vice-l'1es.g ACE: FTA POYVICR, PATSY 1V1111's111111 ACIC RAT1.ufr, XV11.1,1,u1 Il. CI611111116 F2lll'UllS lllilill, IJOROTIIY llfxtx 1l1lIypt'?lll'1 Canunadionsg FTA: .XCR R11:Hx1oN11, li'1'u1i1, lf. 1961711111 ,XCIQ Rtuuiv, Alfyxxx 11111111 ACICQ FTA Rune. lV11-t,1Ax1 F. fi1l11I6ST1111f' Ceezles Romxsox, Nl.-miss: SARA 1101151011 .XCICQ l"'l'.X: Grand Chorus: Chapel Choir: Nlfllilllllll, Sec .: Phi Camlna Kappa. Pledge Capt.: lr, Class Sweetl1eartg Sr. Class Sec.: li. D. Criddle Historical Society Rocriks, Nl,-XRY KA'l'llliRlXlf l"'l'.X l10SFNS'l'liIN. Rum Kemp Tyler Tyler Club. Vice-Pres.: Psi Chig C11x'l and l're-Law Club Sczufxlftatt, C1,Ak..x N1a1.1.11 Delta Chi Delta Senfxxl, Ton Chi Sigma Phig Phi .Xlpha lhetag lfl A SCI-INI-'IDI-'R. lVll.l.l.XXl F. IA Club. 'l'reas.. Reporter Seuxokk, G1fRAi,11 MAUR111111 15011 llllllfll D111111.x lJ0111'11s1f1111f D1111115' Debate Clubg Quintilians: Sigma Phi Nu: lnteruatioual Re- lations Club: FTX3 Pi Kappa Delta SIQAMAN, Gt,11k1,x I'1111111111f11' Press Clubg Panhandle Club. Reporterg lixeh. Editor, Campus Chat SHAI-'IflCR, Aim Lifts ACICQ FIIXQ Rio Grande Valley Club S1111 -1111111 SH1i111'ARu, Brisslr. S. 116711011 Smvsox, X7AI'tQHN D. .11161c.s11111'11 lark County Club: FTA SAIAIU. Nl0N'l'li 1.1161161's Quiutiliansg College Players: -lr. Mary Arden Sxtrru, lVu1i11Lt-.R 616111111 Fl ,X Sxtrru, Plitltilli lo ll"11'111111 1511115 Delta Chi Delta. Rep.. 'I'reas.g Sr. Representatixe of XVUIIICIIQS I-'orumg ACICQ FTA Sxrrru, V1R1aN1,x IRAN D11 11115 xliflilllllll. Vice-Pres.: Delta Chi Deltag jr. Mari' Arden. Re- porterg Cannuadionsg XVUIIICIPS lftlflllll. Setxg Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pig Student Religious Couneilg ITSNT, Setxg Yucca Beauty SP1-lI.l.Nl,-KN, NI1QR1L .ll'DI'1'H S1111 111111111111 AClig Sr. Mary Arden, Viee-Pres., Pres.g Yueea Beauty SPLN1:1-ZR. Vloux B1'c"l'k61'll'1'I1gf? CIX. Sec. S'1'oe14'roN, llxvlo M. Electra Gammadionsg FTA: Press Clubg Sotiologs Clubg Pi Phi Pi S'1'R11:141,Ax11, ISIQNNY R. M1'Ki11116y Ceelles FIAANNICR. Ci..-uuaxcir. W. llllllfllfflfvf Q--Q .fw- Lee - Tan iii 1 5 11 3 4 School of Eclucalion sr-ev 'P'-f 'lllh-uv gn-r VINICRRFLL, IJCWANNA Arlington Slate Cluhg Art THoMifsoN, Ulixmiv FTAQ Ailli Toon, NORNIA lAlAXlNli Cluhg FTA Gammanlionsg Pi Omega Pi' FTA Toiim2RT, hlARGIF House Presidents Cluhg PTA 'I'oRRicNc:i-1, lSi1'i'TY lNicz F'l'Ag Varsity Cluh 'TRAVlS, Jmiiiis Phi Mu Alphag Pi Phi Pi. Yir'e4Pres,, Pres, VTURNICR, BI'1'I"l'Y1i Sri.: ACEQ FTA '1lll'l"l'l.F, IQOISICRT Gaiuiuaclionig Phi Alpha 'I helag PTA LlPSHAXV, NANCY ACEg MICNCQ Kappa Della Pig .Alpha Chig Ji: Nlary Arfleng Sr. Mary Arileng Cammaclions AIAN BRI-1lCNll'1N. .loii Chi Sigma Phi VANoi1R Zicic, l-IARIAN DAN 'I'-Cluhg Ceezles AIARLIQY, L., QIR. Gammzulionsg IA Klluh Vimziis, ALVIN Doi'oi.As BSl'g l"'l'A XVAi,RisR, IBUNALD A. lf'l'Ag Kappa Mu lipwilon XVARU, VA1o,x il Dallas Plano I'I1ztfl1in.9 Home Boyd F'ra21l:.sIo11 Valley illills Dallas Dallas Port Neelles Ha 77610771 Colllzisrfllle Dallas lizmral l'Vell.s Seiiateg Vice-Pres, Ir. Cllassg Phi Alpha 'l'aug Phi Della Kappag Philosophy Club: llllL'l'Il2lll0Il2ll Relations: I"I'X XVARRRN, Ll. XV., -IR. Boots and Saddle Clluh l lvlIXIll1IlClllc? New Boston AVASlilNGTON, AlAR'l'HA Vernon Zeta Pi Ciammag FPA AVATKINS, XIANCII. ll7I'Illllc"l'fUl'Il IA Cluh XVEAVI-:R, iAI.IiISON U. limzmzzuoad XVi1s'i'isRooR, AVANDA lilooming Grown l Della Chi Delta, Pres.g House lresidenls Clluh, Seng liiter-Sor- orily Council. Secxg Phi Delta Thetag lf'I',-X A'VIl.l,IAMS, AIORRIS XVILLIAMSON, AIYRTLF BlARll-1 FTA: Allli A'VlLl.IAlNISON, S. JAM: I Tyler Cluhg Gov't and I re-Law Clluhg l"'l'A AVILLIS, ERNICSTINE ACE XVii.soN, Joie LA MON Kappa Della Pig Phi Della Ka Alu Epsilong FTA, Pres. X'V11.soN, lo Sm: lf'l'Ag KOI-QDQ Quiiililians XVINDHAM, IDURIS Kilgore College Cluh A'VlNS'I'l-lAD, lAlARY Newman Clluhg XVRA3 P.l W7iN'1'1cR, lA'lARY LYNN lf' PA XVOAIRLE, Rowzig C. Cec7les3 'I'-Clluh XVRIGHT, Bia'i"1'Y ROLLIN YANKLOSKI, IUARYLYNN A Cappella Choir .. Professional Cluli ppa: Kappa Pi For! lllorili Reagan Tyler Denton Iialgewood Omega: Kappa Quanalz Price lc'lnl1land For! lfV0rtl1 Mansfield COl'.SI.CCI7lfl Sherman 1, Ng., B' 15 . 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BCIIF Blulnn, Domllly li. Bowden. NOTIHLI llee Briclges. Nlury Brcrnslzul. 'llzuis IDFIIIUH Przinl RUN: Ringgrzlrl Riesvl Den 1011 Den frm 1701114111 m XV., 1 43 5 , School of Educalion Juniors The obiecl' of lime game, ladies, linllcr, Rita Grand Prairie lizilvcrl, BCTIIZITKI C Ifnrger tin I x crl, Mary Lynn fillfli. Aix in K" ..n1ll1en, Jo ,Xnn Clzixcncler, Rnnzllcl illzirk. Ccorgc llnn Cmkcrcll, Incl llnlc, Betty fi0iL'lll2ll1, Jnnc Ciulwinlx, jnrcliss Kimnnli. jzinc lluncll. .jean Clmvzxll, Betty Klux, Iwcelu Lux, Im' f.l':ng. B2ll'illll'2l .Xnn Clrnwfrml. Jvwvl Klmckcr, Millie liclli llnxirlsun, nlznlcl Iinrger C lr1 zzde .llissirnlz Cnrsirmza Ifflsrflrizfl l,l'lIfUIli .ll lll'II.YfI'T Ilwzloil Cliflmz fi7I'1'!H'iHC? !Qrr'r'I11'illL' I'fl1'I'IVIl Iirlrrrfll Foil II'm'Il1 llullns lim lfxwull llruli1.'.x lllill I,u1'rlwns llsuis. Don R. Ilill.xlmm Ilcllurclc, Doris 1,KI7I1'Il,YlI'l' Ilcgcr. jvc ,Xllzlmmflr lltTlllll2lll. Clcril R, .S'lr'j1l1f'11z'fill1' Denning. 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Helen If1f'!'1I1l llen1l1'i1'l4S. Nlllllllll A111111 lligilon. Barbara llollainl. xvlllllflll IJ1'11 I1111 F111'f'sl11 mg llullmnan. Gladys A11i11'111' Ilnlines. Colleen Q1111111111 llurn, Isaac P1'11sj11'r larlason, Beicrly Sue 1l11'Ki11111'y jenkins, Carol 311111111 ,IUllllSUIl. Kenneth lYayne S1111 51111111 lurclan, Patsy ,lo lmce, FITIIICCS "Halle" 'ec-. XY. King. Marilyn Rnlli Knox. Jolly -lean l,:n'sun. Curtis lKlllllSOl1.lVlllIl2l lfae Xen' 1.1111111111 111111115 .lI1'C111111'y li1'Ys1111 f111I1ll'1' f'1'll'1l1 1'11111i1' .l1l'lXv11I1II'Y A lec'lure is a process by which +116 professor's noles become Big Spring +he siudenis' noies wi'rl1ou+ going ilwrough +l'1e minds of elfher. But - Lov 437 I School of Education E Lovell. juan Lcc I I.c11zmn, Nelda xhfljlllllliti. Pzllririzl Affllflillllly. -lcrry .Xnn Mchuirc. Mickey McKay, Siu-cal McMillan, ,lo , Madden, Virginia Mzlgill. Btllf' Inn Mann. liurncll Nlurlin. l3nl'lm1l1'z1 Nlulllicws. Billy Mathis, NIZIITHS Malllilal. 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' ' '-C5f?Ta4'-12442 V" ' Juniors S fi :J v Mi, 5 - 2 1, s- M QQ we H ,fx Z' irq sm f i i ? gr .Fa of if Sai AF ,if-7 mag , ,,., -Nmmp. in ,,ii. -ww: - if S3 :kink Porter, lfranres Queen, Kenneth R. Rainey. Nelda Reed. Daisy Ann Renfro, NI. Barrett Ricks, William Riddle. Charles Robertson. Charles lf. Robinson. -lean Ross, Russell C. '51 'lir- 'r---H Russell. Virginia Pat 'KE Spangler, Gloria Jeanne 'Dallas Slrralt. Sue I3r1'r'lcc'11rirlgf' Star-nes, Lee liddie Pzflrolia Su-enhergen, Gwen Dallas Slegall, Betsy Eustace Str-ger, Sarah Sue Atlanta U71 eeler Cregglon Richerson. Rudolph Merlin Roberts, Marilyn flI'l'I'lllL'00fl, 1.11. Sfm r Iilrrl ra Crlrrolllrm ClFl7 u rm' A rp Graliam Dallas Iiig spy-mg Dallas Russell, jo Frances Neal Herejnrrl ll'e'11!l1erfr1nl Sager. Dorothy Clifton Srlnvarlz, lid H.. jr. Houxlmz Seale, -Ionell liaytnzmz Sexereid. joan .San Anlmiio Shanafell, Henry C. lirysmz Sharp, Helen illfflllllllj' Sikora. lillen Mae llvllllflflll Sissoin. Stanley I.. Awllon Sledge. Ouida Dallas Smith. Howard Wayne IS1n'lf'snn Smith. l.uella Saint ,lo Smith, Richard l-1. ll'ar'n Slnith. 'led Tvxzix Cily Snodgrass, Scottie Clharlene .Vega rgrl South, Cecil L. Wilnrw' Spalding. 'lionnnie Sue SlIc"I'llIIll1 jllfgi ' gg 'S SS 3 Q R .ip iwtlwifit ,' "le This is 'figure-slcalingz You figure oul how lo slay on your lwo feel. Lov - Ste 439 Slcpllcns. Cyril Cllyclc l1'iHlz'15 SICPIICINKIII. Cihzlrlcs lellllllillff' SLOYCII Belly Alcun Ilmzlmz SIYIIIJC, lillcn Faye Dallas 'l'2lyl0l'. Nlixiu Marie liwalur Ihicsscn. Ilnmlln' lfml Hvlfilfl ,l'llOlll1lS, Hznwcy YV. Uznngw, Calif. VIQIIOIIIZIS, Sllllllllllf A1'ka1lf'lj1llirl, Ark. 'l'l1urnmml. Palsy Rlmnm Tilley, 'lmnmy .L llwzlolz Tom. Lcslic Alcun .S'l1111In11 'lrirnlrlcz Ran' Dallas vlkllilllilqiflh. lilifzxlmclll lfml iVm'fl1 'lys0n. l'lL'1H'f ,-llfilmu' Yun Yaxclcr. Nlurgznrct Iimvir' Ycslzll, Rcglgnn flrlizumfillff Hillls, Bull lllrlrlrxzfiflr' XY1lllCl's, lililzllzclh .Xnn l'm'is Xvlllll. Cilzulys XYhilc 'l'vlr'1' xYC1lll1CI'lf. f,l'1l 1.00 fiflirzmnfillr' XYczn'Cl', Lynn Ilrmrl xYCiI1L'l'l. Nllllilli' H't'iH!'l'l XX'cIch. Cllmrln-s Quzznrzlz Wells. lfllic- -lm limlulf' XYQSL, Nlzllulvcll 'l0.Yflll!l XVIiilC. fQWl'Zl llullns XX'I1ilc. Alzniv .S'jm1l:nn111..4fk. XX'l1ilI1,mk. Alzxrcllc lfurl Uvfllfll XYiIIis. cQCl'2Il.lilIC 'l'1'n1j1lr' XViIson. C1h1n'lcs lirlls XYilsnn. .luhnic XY, lirzizlmyfillr' xX'il.fl'CC. xlllfilfll fJI'7lfA'llH Willgfivlcl. Kizlrul lfurl Hrflllll XX'i1l1c1's. I'z1lI'iLi:l Louise l.illi1u1 xYO0l1l'llHv. Slain IJIIHIIX Young, Ncllc llzffnlzu' educaiional +0 become sfuck-up. School of Home Economics School of Home Economics A1.l,lsoN, FRANCES Ellen H. Richards, Panhandle Club, FTA BALLXVEG, PAT Student Religions Council l5Ass, RIARY E. Box, ETTA hlAY House Presidents Club Alpha Rho Taug Inter-Sorority Council GA1.I.OWVAY, ANN Kappa Delta Pig Merituing Jr. Mary Arden GRAVES, BETTY Liar-1 Ellen H. Richards H14Nni-:RsoN, LORA Lmi Hoi-T, BARBARA Hokxsisv, VIRGINI.-X Lou Ellen H. Richards HUGHES, ARLENE FTA, Ellen H. Richards, Phi Upsilon f,llllCI'0llj A marillo A rlinglmz Arlington State Club, Vice-Pres.g Newman Club, Vice-Pres.g Ellen H. Richards, 'l'reas.g Kappa Theta Pig Sr. Class lllIiCllS.Q HAIUQ1-ik, RE'1'1'A BlQ1.1.11: NIcK1'r1ney fi21Il1lIl21lll0I'lSj jr. Mary Arden, Ellen H. Richards, Phi lfpsilon Oinicron Palesl ine lJe1.em1 Ellen H. Richards, Phi lipsilon Oinicrong Tarleton Club, l'iRADl.EY, PATRic:1A GAYL141 Bowie Kappa Theta Pig Ellen H. Richards Bkooxs, Bnss Bagwell Ellen H. Richardsg Phi Upsilon Oinicrong Wlesley Foundation Council CAMNIACK, EM11.Y Itasca 'larleton Clubg Ellen H. Richards, Student Religious Council CIIADXVICK, NANKIX' Center FTA, Club Varsity, Ellen H. Richards CHA1-MAN, Enom Talm CY1w:R1', Rosi: ELA1N11: Wlzilrzey Foods and Nutrition Club, Reporter IJANIEL, RIILDRED Snzitlzfielrl Ellen H. Richardsg Phi Upsilon Olnicron, Pres. .lfllLER, PA'1'rY Dallas Kappa Theta Pi, Pres.g Phi Upsilon Oinicron, Vice-Pres., zlflesqizile Alpha Chig Henrietta Evarzl NICA lien Dallas Longview JONES, NIARY BETTY Rison, Ark. AIONES, SHARON KAY Sherman CL2lITl1Il2ldi0I'lSj Jr. Many Ardeng Phi Upsilon Omicrong Kappa Kappa Kappag Alpha Chi, Sec.g Yucca Beautyg Ellen H. Richards LAYVSON, PATSY Arlington Phi Upsilon Omicrong Ellen H. Richardsg Arlington State Club LENNINGTON, KATHY May LEWTER, BOBBIE LEE Sanger Ellen H. Richards RICCANNE, PATRICIA ANNE Alvord Ellen H. Richards AICDANIICLV, ANNE Slidell ElleII H. Richardsg Varsity Cluhg Green jackets lXilIDCJNAI.lJ, X7AUDENE Comanche Ellen H Richardsg Tarleton Cluhg FT.-X5 House PresideIIts Clllll RICLAUCHLIN, JOBYNA Longview Ellen H. Richardsg Kilgore College Cluhg House Presidents Cluhg FTA BIILLER, BIARILYN Gustine Ellen H. Richardsg Delta ClIi Deltag FTA3 Senateg Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pi NIILLIGAN, SUE Rockwood Gammadionsg Ellen H. Richardsg Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vice- Pres. O'DANII1I., IXLGENE Tulia Zeta Pi Gamma, Pres.g Green jackets. Vice-Pres.g Chilton Hall l'res.g Panhandle Cluhg Ellen H. Richards OEHLSCLHLAEGER, LOURENE Fort Worth Phi lfpsilon Omicron, Sec.g Ellen H. Richardsg Sr. Mary Ardeng Student Religious Council RIDDELS, ALICE Pilot Point SCHARE, AIEANETTE Dallas Phi Upsilon Omicroii, Treasg Ellen H. Richardsg FTAQ Sr. Mary Arden SHACKELI-AORD, NORNIA SUE Montague FTAQ Sr. Mary Ardeng Meritumg Ellen H. Richards, Pres.g XV. M. Masters Chem. Societyg Phi Upsilon Omicron VARLEY, lXiARY HEARTSILL Walnut Springs Ellen H. Richards XVHEELESS, KAY Winters VVILLIANIS, EVELYN Covington Ellen H. Richardsg FTA All - Wil School of Home Economics Juniors .Xis11111z1l1. gxlljllk' ll'11x1111111'111e l1c1'k1x'111'll1, Billic Rlllllffll 11lM'1'117ll1 l1l'21Lll1Cl'l'1. -It'1l1ll1CllL' 111111113 l1ll1'llL'll. 150111 171'1'1l11l1' c12ll'UIllL'l'S. lfl111'i1'c 1,1IIIII'1ll fllllllllllf. 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Peggy 1,011 H'rig11t, 1,2111y 151111 11101111 ll111IfIl11l 1f111111111:1' I-'ml Il'111l11 '1'1'11'1' lI1111sl1111 11I111Il.Y 111'-11.81111 'l'11'11ln11 11111111 Sllllflll 51111111 1117111111 Cfsfo li1'11.v 1101111111 1x'11j1j11'1'1 C1111 l1'1' l'1I'1'1'1S If a s'ri+c11 in Hme saves 9, sl1ouldn'f fhree sfifches in fime save 27? wv""KM shi -M W.. X avg: 5 K Wx , was f+ 'se M ia fg ' f Q .51 N5 -1- M , ,fu :TS9ffLf"A: U ,U QM. -3, aff- wwcwz-5 vw W E Y--.fmfzizffztqevw 'qw 115-Eff,?wSQg?wZfxg Q X. 3fii?s5iZ?fs?iQ?k?ES?43s is ww Y rv 3 ,'sz.96vsx1Ax xx. iqaxffgi 1 ' + 'afwaifiilki-A'9ffi,a1,41s 7 Q-M-if-mg, en -2:6-.avg K 2 'Q W sf W.: f- , A f 1, L 'K K A , ' K -Qi' if 4 , X Q School of Music AN'l'HONY, JAINIES BYRON 1367110771 Phi Mu Alpha, MENC, Chapel Choir, Grand ClIoruS BARKIZR, JUIJITI-I ANNE Alvin Concert Band, Orchestra, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec., MICNC BEARIIEN, ANNE SOLLICY Decritzu' A Cappella Choir, Sigma AlplIa Iota CARSON, lXlliRLE Bffflfllllfillf F'I'A, Jefferson County Cluh, MENC, IVOmen's Choir CIIIORGNO, REMO J. Piitsfield, Mass. Hand, Symphony CLAY, SYIIIL ANN Port Arllzzir FTA, MENC, HOIISC Presidents Club, Newman fllllll IDAUGHliR'l'Y, ERWVIN K i Igore Convert Band, MENC IJAVIDSON, NEIL Hfflllllllflllf Phi Alpha Tau, I"'l'A, MICNC, Gamniadions, Blue Key, Phi Bill Alpha, A Cappella Choir, Grand Chorus IJAVIS, IVAN R., JR. Hobbs, New Mexico Phi MII Alpha GASTON, PEGGY JOYGE 176111011 Mu Phi Epsilon, Sec., MICNC GOODWIN, IVAN DOUGLAS Ennis Phi lhlll Alpha CQORIWAN, LOUISE JEAN WoI'tl1a11z FTA, MENC, Grand Chorus, Jr. Mary ArdeII fiUlCRRY, JACK A1'li1zgt01z Phi Mu Alpha, Gannnadions HARRIS, PAT Corpus Cf1TI'.Yll' Sr. Mary Arden, BSI? HANSON, LUGY ANNE Mission Mu Phi Epsilon, Rio Grande Valley Club, MILNC, Alpha Chi, Pres., Kappa Delta Pi HELIIIIERG, XKVILLIIC lX'lAlQ Houston ILES, GENE Sl1e1'1'1mII Sigma Alpha Iota, Cannnadions, Jr. Mary Arden, Concert Band, Orchestra JACKSON, JERRY Dzzrzcan, Okla. MFNC, A Cappella Choir JOHNSON, JOAN MENU, Vice-Pres.g Cluh Varsityg IVomen's ley Ifoundationg C-ranrl ClIorI1s ISICLLY, PAUL B. KUCHENIIACEER, BETTY La Porte Choir, Sec., XVes- Kerrrfille Dallas Creen Jackets, Sigma AlplIa Iota, MIiNCg Chapel Choir, Grand Chorus IXICKENZIE, CHARLENIE Nederland Mu Phi Epsilon, Hlesley Foundation, Vice-Pres. AICNABBV, ALLENE MENC, IVesley Foundation IXIIRON, NATHAN MENCg Grand Chorusg Orchestra OFFICER, JEAN Stamford Houslon 'Il1l'kS07'17'1.ll6 Sigma Alpha Iota, Ser.g Pi Kappa Lamlmclag MENC, FTA PEARc:I-1, FRANCICNIZ Symphony, Aces, House Presitlents Cluh PETERS, IJALI-1 HIKQH PlIi MII Alphag Camniarlionsg Pres. Music Crane Furl IVm'tl1 Couneilg Grand Chorus: Orchestra, XVho's IVlIo in American Colleges and ITniversitiesg Ifine Arts Committeeg Blue Key IQANIIER, JIAIMII-I ,ANN Gamniadionsg Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-Pres.3 Pi Kappa Lainhtlag Nleritumg Alpha Chi SELLER, JIIDY Sigma Alpha Iota, Zeta Pi Gamma, Symphon SIMON, ELAINE Gammadionsg MENCQ Sigma Alpha Iota, County Cluhg A Cappella Choir SINIPSON, LAURA JEAN Dallas Kappa Delta Pig A lzzin Y Part Neclles Trcas.g Jefferson Levella II d IVomen's Choir, Grand Chorus, Jr. Mary Arden, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec., MIZNCQ Student Religious Council STONE, ILIIOAR N. Opera YVorkshopg A Cappella Choir, Maclri VANNERSKJN, STEWART Madrigal Singers, A Cappella Choir, Grand XVHITE, XVIRGINIA BIIIINCQ Sigma Alpha Iotag XYomen's Choir VVINTILR, BETTY JEAN Grand Chorus NVRIGHT, IXIARY LOU MENCQ Granrl Chorusg Piano Iinsemble Dallas gal Singers, BSU Dallas Chorus Paris Tlfrall Corpus Ch risli Ant - Wri School of Music fm of B Rllillll Pznlw Mcrr1'1lr's BCIIIUII. -llllllllf' llnl Sjzrirzgx. flrk. Q1 Jug: iw 'Y E' 5 ii wx 2 mg Bllilllllilll. xlllfl 1?r'r1lr111 My , W? Bowclun, Dillon Fm! llkullz Brown. Rumscy Km'miI Blllllll'l'. l'L'ggy -lamvllc l.r'w'!Irlr11l ll1l1'lm-mlm. Mary lllzlrgzlrct lJ1'l,1'1m llolmc. lllllllllllll 1:1l.l'lfHl'lI Clm'1'iL'. 0111 l.L'c Por! xllkflllll' Cizlrmizl. .X. Hcclm' l3rm1'zl.x'1fill1' Grzmlrm. Morris Clfllllflll' ff? Hmvzml. tlmfc Big .hlflflllg ulolmwlx. lxlllflilll fJIlHIl.Y Ifwis. RIZIIIICS XY. Slr1rl:1'ill1', .llism Nlrllwuiu. 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Melba Joyce Anderson. Barbara Anderson, joe . nccrson. 21 "I . ' X l I' lricm ICQ Anmling. lilizabeth .AlllllUIlY. Ciurlene Fart Worth Dallas Ihfnton Iarlesbora A 1 vga rgel I1'1'a1lmrfm'd Dallas Marshall Rotan Dallas llanlcfrmz 'l'zfxarkana Bells Sfzlgozfille illollrof' CHN' Danton .AI'IllUlll', llurbzlra Ann Ilarlingen Armstrong, jean Granllury Arnold. Darrell Danton Ashby. hloncll 1,l'l1l0ll Aston. Roy D. l'r'rnrm Atkins. Sunnnie Parlalcfs, N. M. Anslin. flllZlI'lCS L, M1'All1'11 Axlcll, Galvin Dallas lluron. .Iinnny B2ll'iL'l'. Annie Ruth Bzllicr. Ruth Ann linlrlrimigc, Betty B. Hull. Kcllyzinnc Banks. Nzxnnc 1.rfn'i.v.'fill1' Sain! .Iac 17f1.S'fl!lI'7lII 1Jl'll lon Dallas 'Ilmru Ion Bzniks. Raymond Kcnclcl Ponder llzmkslon, Gordon B2ll'lb0llT, Robert Bnrnzml, Berkley Barnett, La Vonnc liurllcy, Tommie Sue illmlalzans F11 rl VVorfl1 1Jl'Flll'lLV llla rlin Wzfslaro This could be a home ec class, buf we fhink l'l1ere's a man in 'lhe back. 5- Barton. Bill Crater Barton, XVanda Roe Tylrr Bates, jo Ann Dallas Bauman. jean Dallas Bayless. james Trirzirlurl Beanfford. Betty Irving Bcgnautl, liltlora Port Arlhur Bell. Betty Sue Alllzwzx Bell, Sally Ann Ilrnuxlmz Bonham, Sara Hangs Bennett. Betty Carroll Slrmlruz Bennett. Emily Dallas Berry, Bobby Dallas Bevillc, julia lliglmy. Anne Biggerstaff. litlwii Binfortl. Bill R. Birclwcll, Charles Bislmp. Harry Blair, Charles Black. Nelda jean Blansit, Max Boatncr, Bruce Bonkcr. Beth Bottgcr, .loan Clnrlnwfillzf For! llillffll i IJIIHIIX Ilullnx la. lirlvmrz IKE? 11111 Dallas llranrl l'rr1i:ir' Hamillmz Cltlrlzxuillz' P1Ilill7'i!'ll' Derzrfm' Citi' Bmnan. Joan limgwr Bone. Virginia Mac Kumi! lluolxcr, Sally .Xnnc Ilnllrm Box. Betty klcan Bratllnirri. .Ianicc Irlflf slim u Hc'Hrlm.sm1 Brannon, Margie Nl. Rif'lm1fl.w11 l'mranst'cnne. l'lllgClli' Dallas Bl'zll1sfo1'al. Nlilton Braselton, Nancy Bravenett, Faye Bray, Peggy Fm! ll'm Ilz Ii 11111101 lf .ll r'rr'1'rlf'.s Alilll'UIIl QE -Q Vie ' 52 E f, . ,..,. j N H eeli it - ',., 11 Qi 53 H "5gas:x Wonder if the druggisl ever found 'those lhree missing lubes of Ipana? ww nssnsssv sssuf guess ss sa. +G gonn- 4 E t' Class of '54 Abi - Bra 5 Sophomores Dr. and Mrs. MaHl'1ews sil' one oul' B1'cccllm'c. Bzn'lJz11'z1 fifllllfl l'n1iri1f Briclgcs, .lllzm R. Briggs. lixclyn Bl'0g'll0ll. Belly Lou Brcxolam. Nlirimn Brooks. l'1lll'll'lZl Ami Bl'UllSS1ll'tl. I.l1 Brown. Belly RCC BIOXYII. xlillf' Bclli Brown, l'2llllCli2l lfrsrl I'l'1n'Il1 lx'1'r'H1i1' lIi.s'1'11 1114111111 li11g11'1'll S1111 441111111111 ,ll11l'.vl111ll 51111 IIIIQPIII lit. llvlllifll Brown. Rolxcrl XYu1lc 111111115 Brown, Szzmmy Fl. ll'm'tl1 Brite. Nlzlrgzxrcl Burks. Paul Burns. Bvlly Ruth Burmw. Billy Ray Bush, .lorry BllIlCl'. .Xlisun Byers. loin' flalliolm, iiliurlynitc Clallzm. .limmic Czilxcrl. l.:1 Nlllllil Czmnrm, llnwil Sl11'1 1111111 fglllflllllll Ifl. llvllflll IJPHIUH IJFVIHIII l7i1'ki11s1m .S'jn'i11gl1111'H Slim IIIIIII llrzllnx lJ11ll11s lL1ll1'1'.xlrm Klzuimm. llizmc lilzliitc Pull A-I1'll111r Czlrlsrm. Bl2llll'llC .hm fi!'U7'gI'f1JIl'Il C.zu'11z1llzm. .Xngic Irving CZll'IJCllll'l'. jimmy cillliliillglllll. llllillllll' lillllgljlllll I.IIlIgT'iI'il' Klziskcy. Otis Nlcrcclitll lI11ll11s Czisllcw. .XIEII I'l. llvflflfl fill2llIllCl'N. Bill IJ, ll'11,x'11ll111'lli1' Clirislcssml. Bill l,!lllIfIfl cll1l'lSli1lll. .Mal Clhurcll. Garry Clark, Cllzurlollc Clark, lfrcnl llouglzis lfilgflff' Iflinl, .lli111. Cllllyllll 121111115 'For a fall: will: lwo Brucelles. Clay, lillic Cisrn cllC2lI'lIl2lIl, Yonie jean Ilwnlfm flUlClll2lll, Mona Dallas Connell. xlilllllkl 51171 Anlrmiu Compu. KIQIIIICS li.. lll ll'1lx11l11lr'!1ir' flUlJCl2lIlll, l'll'llllL'CS Cnllrfgr' Slnlirm Corlvcll. l'al Corley, lflmlcllcn Clanglx cy. Doyle Cnnlsmn. William Jay cl0lll'Sl'l. llcrlxcrt I Cox. llallicrinc Cox. Nlllfgglii Crcagcr. l.anila Crews. Bully Clromn. liunnic fllilllllllllbll, liarlcnc Cl'llllllJl0ll. llnrlenc Cllllllllllllflj, llill Ilrfrwfm rl .YIIIYIIIII .Slim man I.!llIf'1I.8fl'7' Uzfwloll Uluvx' 15z'llr'w111' llruzgrfr Pi! lxluzrlg .lIUllI1llllH.S' ,ll zmrluy .ll HIIIIIIY A IWIIIYIIIIJ Clllllllllgllillll, Troy L. fizzirzmszfillf' Curtis, Carole IJUIIHIPI Daniel. Clayton T.. jr. Ifrlxzzlfarllif' Darnell. Donna Marie Drzllnx Dauglmcly. Bcity I.ir1rIr'11 Daxiclsun, Nancy Sl1re'1ff'j2111'l, l,a. Davis, llianc liafaummzl Davis. Doris jean .lI1'lx'im11'x' Daxis. llunor lJrm'.wH Daxis. Aluanna ,lIf'II1lllli.S Daxis. Marilyn lil I'11.w Davis, Mary li. .S'l11'rr11a11 Davis. 'l'onnny filaclvnwlw' Day. jancil liasllnml Deaver, Dclnla limvic' Dccs. limlwina Elaine .llfxsquilv De 1.a Rosa, Manuel San Ilirgn Twice a week The Union Building lobby is 'Filled will1 free liferafure seekers. QM: . 4, 1 Q J w if? ' 4 5 , - Class of '54 Bre - Del 5 llillml. Billye Faye llmlollo, I-Iyu Dudley. Jackie Duke, Phyllis Duke, lvllfllll Ullllll. Dorothy lluml, Mary Rl1CllllS Wlzilewriglzt Itasca Burger A lain Ballinger SfIl'I'N1IlH .llI'Kl717lFj' llurllznm, Betty loam llulke, RlClllll'il liulon. Joann lictlmls, june limlmousorx, Robert lillis, NOI'Il1Zlll Dean lillis. Riclizircl lillison. Jimmie lily. Pill lflltllttlll, Marlene lipps, David O, len SlI?'l'1'l'llUl'l, La. Tyler Sll'IJlIlf7l'lllllF llaahnnza lllarlcszfille Dallas .llarslmll ' Df'f'aI ll r .Sn'1'z'tu'11Ier Puri Arllzur Dallas linl mann , Glzulyve .Xevon Dallas Eucluly, Harold, jr. Grandfalls liverett. Perry joy l'lCl'gllSOIl, john l'lCI'gllSUl1, l'z1l1'ic'iz1 lfielmls. jamie l'lllll'lIL'l', llolxlmy Fleming. Leon l-'m'e. Peggy Foster. Ray Nell lfmvler. jo Ami l"l'2lIllxS. l-'rzmkic l"ruse1'. Muurine lfrensley. Nevilliu lfulmer. Sllllllfll flZll'lllCl', Clyde K-mines. Robert A lrforrl l"m'l llvflffll Ann .llrl,c'ar1 Anna 1Jl'I1l!lH STl'I'f'li'l'llll'l' A 1111 rrp' I"rinna .llnnalza r xx Dallas Ix'r'r'm it Dallas Nr11'ug1lr1r'l1rfs liralzam .ll umlav l.uml1cl, Iznlwzml I .ll1'n1j1l1ix, Tenn. Calling Kefauver flus may be 'lhe source of flying saucers. Garner. Bobby Amarillo can-rcii. Dorothy jo Cism Gentry, Don lfarl Ilvllflll Gill, Charles Miami Gilliain, Bessie Bells Gilliam. Harold Dallas Glasgow. Bill Dallas Glasgow, xllflillll Sugar Laml Golilc, Ann Iiasra Godwin. kloliny Ben l,I'lIlf'l"l0!I Golloln. Nlikc Tyler Gorclcn. Shirley Lufl-:in Grant. Raymond Dallas Gray, Wynonia jean Malfanlc Grccn, llolilmy Grccn, Alanis liranzl Prairie Ifort llvllflll Grccn. .loc f'ervi.v Gregory, Belly jo Dallas Gregory. Dorothy Valley Viva' Griffin. Bill llvlIXIlllllf'lll!' Griffin, Mary jo Anna Grisham. Billy Ii. Graml Prairil' Grogan. jane lilaonzburg Grnlmc, livclyn Dentmz Gucsl. Belly Dublin Gullcclgc. jackie Port Artlzar Gullclx. Jacqueline lierniil Gnlicrrcl. Arturo l.nis lapala Hacsli. Doran Dallax Hagmann. Kalhe Hailey. H. Ma jr Hallmrooks. XYanm Hall, Billy john Hall, Dick Hall, lillllfl Hall. l'1ll rinc llclcn Dallas . For! llvllflll la Bryan ll'icl1ila Falls Sari Angelo Hz'rf'fo ffl Ilillsboro 5'-, 0- ,A Oul here is where lhose birds and bees 'lhal we have 'lallied abcul' live. ii! V' Class of '54 Dil - Hal 55 ? 5 1 Sophomores pg -YQ Hzimillrmii. Nancy lhlilllllllflll, Blake L, Hzxnkins. Lowzxmlzz lizmsc-11. 'I hw june Hzmscii. Xlvilllilil llzirclcnizlll, Nita l'l1ll'g'lIS, llurolcl llzlrmmm. Kcimclli Harms, Nlikc llzn'pc'l', l'cIC ll2lI'l'li, Iiallxmlyli Hzniis. ljllll Hzlrris, l'alill Rogers llzirris, Virginia Ham-iss, Uznyc H1ll'l'lJ1l. Bill l'l2ll'lf'. Rulmvrl Hznwcy. l'1ll Halssvll. lilimlmclli B llziwlxins. lfvlix S, Hziycs. l,2lll'lC'lll ll2llllL'S. llclli Hznym-s. Riclizml lf. ll1lyS. Billy ciUI'll0Il Hallaml, Illllcli LCC llcclgcuvck, Oiicitll Hciclcmam. BCIIY ju lll'Illll'l'sUll. litllll jo Hcxlslvu. Rallpll llcssvr. l'l1ylis Hill. fil'l'1llil ll'fll'0 lJ11ll11.v fffllfv' If1'1111'1m'11111f 1111111 -IIISUII il1vVll'!' 'l'1'1 fell 1111 11111 ll l'lIl'lf IJ11ll11s 1J11ll11.x' H11 I1111 1151111 IJ11ll11.v 1,1111 .-l1'lf1111 Ifml llllllfll flIl!'X.Wl I711ll11.x' lI1'11i.w11 ryan l'111l fl1ll1111 121111115 S1111 .-lllgrln l,1'lIl51JI1 Ifi1'l1111'1l.w11 l'111.xj11'1 I'f11.vll11111l 1J11ll11.s Irwzng 1'iIl7f ll'111Il1 II11ll11s Ii1'1111'11!11'l1I lI1'11l1111 Hill. llvlcn lflllilllidlll 1111111111 Hill. AIZIIIICN Luc fI1li11gl1111 Hinton, l'1-illu Aim Il'l1il1'r1'1igl1l llolmlcll. Hill A111111 Hollznul, Kzillicriuc Kuwn lI11ll11s When 'lhey have 'Finished re-finishing, lhey'll lilcely all be finished. V A fan llullznml, l.lll'l'y 'I'x'lw1' l'l0llllC'S. xlllflllkl I'w1'11.x' HClllC'l'. Mary l.lYlllSC P1111 ,41'll1111 PlUllL'ggl'l'. slllllll !Q1'1111rl I'1'11i1i1' Horrpm, livrxiu Cl. 1511191111 I-loulcll, -lim HClIllJC'I'. Rulmcrl CI. Hm'11l1z1m'k. Belly I'lc11'11c. xIlllkiUI'iC HC7llSl'. ,lzmc I11z1'r1 P11111 fi1r111l1111Vv A l1il1'111' 151111 ll'r11lll S1111 A-11111111111 HlJNK'2ll'il. xlkilkf I.Ul'2lll1l' lJ11ll11.s' Howell. lilinrn' C11l111'11rlr1 flilx' HlltlSl1ll. lxlllilllllll .-Xmlclc IJ11ll11x Hull, l5111'l1:1l'a1 ,lr11'l:s!111m Hull. lltlll Cl1il1l11'.s.s' Hllllll1L'l'l. llcc Drew IJIIHIIX l'llllIIlJll!'lCS. Henry 1f1ig1'z1'11111l flllllllll, lE11l1l1y joe I!1'll1'1' Hycr, llllllil C111'1'i:n Sj11'i11g.s Illgflllll. xlillf Klum Inns. l'1llSX .hm I'fl11l P01111 ,I-I',XllX Cillx' Izxrksmmu. llzuiml lI1111.vl1111 -lllK'lxSllll. Gwyn Lee Ilrzllm' xl2lllll.li2l, Maury l"1'11l1c'cs IC11l1,xl1111'11 jzmkc, l'1llIl1l -lan. pllbflk' ll'lHllllgS, lhmyxxc ,lc1l111sl1111. klllll ,0llllSlUll. lu Ium-s. llilffllllf .xllll Innes. lixcrcll D. blollcs. -lunc- Lluncs, l.i111l11 joncs, Palsy C1211-olyxl Jorclzlll. 1243110 Kups. Clzlrulyll ll111l,sl1111 1.1111 .-1l.slx'111' ll'11x11l1111 hir .lII'Xfll 134111 llllll Ill l.1'r1'i.v1fifl1' 1.11111'11.xl1'1 l.iIll1'f1r'lzl ll'r1x11l1r11'l1i1' 111111111111 lJ11!l11s lir1x'lr1z1'11 ls ll possible fha? a blackboard mlghl' be fermed a musical inslrumenf? Class of '54 Ham - Kap -15 Dad 1+ ever s+r1lce you 'rl'1a+ a man IS praclically always 1 Kenslelx clll1ll'lL'S 61111111 Prairie lxee. I,2llll'Illl2l Keith. hlezm I.11l1ise Kell1l111'l'. lxvlllllllll Nl'lll Kelly. lgl'llC'C li. KL'lllll'il lx. Peggy liClC'lllllll. l.e111giz11111e Ki111l11'1111gI1. Wz1IIz11'e Killcler. W. I.. Kimlle. l'1lI King. l3111'l1z11'z1 Ki1'klz1l11l, lI111111:1s Klei11l11111s. l'1l'2llll'CS lio11:1l1. Sue R1'11l1p. .I11l111 ll, 1,11 Cue, lJ111'oll1y Lz1111l1. Peggy I.z1111ki11, -Iuye IAZIIIC, Doris Marie I1:111gl1z1111. Belly I,z111i11gl111111. Iiurl XVIII I.z11'lxi11. l.111'1'z1i11e I.z1sz1Ie1'. Cezmrge l.z1ti111e1'. Belly .xllll l,1lH'l'L'lN'C. Rilzl l.ez11'l1, Bill, cll12lI'lL'S I.eeIl1, Nl2llllL'S C. I,eil1mill. Rtlflllflll' Lewis. l3111'l1z11'11 Lipu. Slblbllll' .X. I.ilcm. lll'llL'C 1.llJIJlll'll. CII1z11'l11llL: Lillleljrmlnl. lYfIlCllC Locke. Belly LOCli1ll'll. Keith G ralza 111 'I'1'xa1'lea11a Taylo 1' juslin 111111511111 A 111a1'ill11 17111111111 11111151111 .H1'Ix'i11 I1 111' A l1il1'111' lflllllg 15111146 Dallas Dallas S1111 A11t1111i11 Big Sj11'i11g I'V1'lli11gt1111 111111111 llfllifll' D611 I1111 ., I?o1'g1'1' li1'i1lgej1111't II1'11 11111 Dallas H1111 l1a111 Dallas Sjnu' Hiro S1111 141111111111 'I 'EY l 1' 1' Clzimga, Ill. ll'11m ll1'1'1'f111'1l liarrlzvell De Lean Clzillicnllle he leader? Long, Mary Beth Longholhain, Mart Longinire, Bess Lucas, Carolyn Lumpkin, Myra Luna, Sharlie Lyhrancl, xvlllllllll Mcfllcnny. Carolyn McClintock, Matty McDaniel, Joyce Mcklver. Pat Mallee, jerry Beaumont ha G roesbeck San Saba Waxahaclz ic' Midlanrl Dallas Dallas liallingffr' Cltilliroillc' Meniplzix Ennis Orange' McKenzie, Christy Dave I.ruzmsIz'r MrtNalt, Marilynn Dallas MeNntt. Patsy Clllllllllflll' Mt'Sween, .john Roherl Kererzs Madden, Betsy Majors, jean Mallery. Charlotte Mapp, Billie 1 Mappe. Marant l,e Roy, J r 0. Lucia Marion, Georgia Marsh. Marsllzl Sara Beth ll. Patsy Martin. tiharlesenc Martin. juan Marlin, Lisheth M assey, Doris Massey, Marion L. May, George Reid Mayes. Mary Louise Mayeur, Bob Meatlor, jane Meisch, Sue Micltlle ton, jane Freshmen seem 'git-, ?.mt,f,i::wgQfe San A I1 toniu Ifarf lllllflll Mmfeo CIIY Lrand Pmirir' C razt'fm'1l Ala rslmll Frism S1l'!'l'fIl'IIil'I Crzlrnzrln Van Alstync' jtwlcslmm San Anfrmiu Fort II'm'll1 For! U'm'tll Flllylllllill lfori Slocklmt Houslon lfltitezuriglzl Alarlin De Kalb lo adapl' fhemselves immecliafely lo cards, library ca+alog and olherwise. Class of '54 Kea - Mid l 4 5 WJ' ,se A, con 'W N ff , For advanced sludenls Miles, Maury Kathryn Dallas Miller. limlwin Celina Miller. Lou .hm Paris Nliller. xlilflllil llallrgr' Station Nlills, lYclclm1 Otto llizlillnrd Milner, Nlziry Alice illlllillllll Nlilchell, lfreil ll'f'slm1 Mitchell, Lnyil lluile Nlilchell. Nlurgie Nlolmlev. Orwin G. Sain! .lo llvII,XIllI!l!'l1ll' fi0lIZIllf".5' NIOCllCllllL'l'lltll. May Dell fi!lll'll'XlUll Monk. Clzimle Lynn Nloore. Cllairiecc Moore. Vl,llL'l'CS1l hl00l'lll2lll, O, IJ. NIOICIYIRIIL .loan Morris. Belly Mosel. Slzinlml Moss. Gerrie NIOIISSRI. I':1lricizi Nlouglion, Sum Nlueckc, llmollmy Murphy. P, Musick. james Nash. Leslie Nelson, Shirley Neshil, Hurlen Niclmls, ulzinies Dzlvicl Nichols. .lam-l Nix. lleluine Noel. Sammy li. O'B1'ic11, Carolyn O'NI:1lley. lilhel Gene 0'Neul. lixelyn llZllllilllll'Sl, Nlairlliu Pzlrker, Belly Ann Dallas Dallas A lnilwie fi rallam llwllffy Dallas .SQIIII fillllilllll -llll'kXlI07i0 SIIUVIIIKIII ll'f'11ll1f'rjm'rl fiIll'1l!'XlUlI 1'fl1'CIra Tz'rrf'll filllillilllll limgm' Amarillo r, Dallas Cm'.x'ir'11l11l liwilmz llaxaliarlzie Dallas Ifml ll'm'll1 Sain! joe Hollirlax' Center , lhere are courses on how lo work lo make a slipsliclr worl: for you. ., me ifyfgg, 5 ?fQi1ff1iQi lk. af .,wlr,. is ,fi R, , Sophomores Q A ...M 3 L Parker, Jack Patrick, Bobby Allen Patrick, jerry H. Patterson, Delores Patterson, Janelle Pattillo, Shirley Patton, lVanda Payne. Betty Belle Vernon Arrlzffr Cily Dallas Denton Eastland Galveston Dallas Far! IVortl1 Perkins, Barbara Bethe Saint jo Perry, Elza, Jr. De Leon Pettigrew, Paul Fort Worllz Piper, joetta Dallas Pittman, Enid Denton Poe, Mary Janette Denton Poindexter, Jacquelyn Grand Prairie Pollard, Don Kent Dallas Pollard, Donna Cooper Pool. jane Nerfacla Porter, jackie Fort Iforllz Porter, Pat .S'l1amroz'lr Powers. Phyllis .laslin Price, Betty Jane .lI1'Creg'm' Price, Norris Ifrfaul Price, Sari Lynn Demon Proctor, joan Pruett, Marilyn Ragstlale. james YV. Raplielt. Yevna lRasor, Robert Ratclifl, joe Rathke, Nancy Ruth Rawls, Roy Reaves, Helen Lark Reeves, Dalplia Reeves, Doug Reeves, Mary Ruth IT'f'all1z'1'forrl Wirllita Ifalls Dallas Sllllllllll rl Den lou Dallas Holliday Gorman Katy S1l,'E'f'fZl'l1li'l' Terrell Fort Wortlz If pulling one's elbows on fables is bad manners, we have a library full of bad manners. Class of '54 Mil- Ree Sophomores , 5' ,, Reynolds, Xvanda Big Sandy Richardson, Jeanne Port Arthur Richardson, jo Ann Bonnie Richardson, Linda Jane Wecsler Richman, Claudine Prairieville Roark, Charles Beaumont Roberts, John Dallas Roberts, johnny H Wichita Falls Roberts, Pauline Quitman Roberson, Linwood john Denton Robertson, Mary Gay Olney Robertson, Shirley Ann Irving Robinson, Joan Pasadena Rodgers, Barbara Estelle Hicu Rogers, Billie Ann Cleburne Ross, Linnie Krum Ross, Menda DeKalb Ruger, Kay Baytown Rutherford, Ann Greenville Rutherford, John Rutledge, Larry Sanders, Albert B. Sawyers, Lloyd Scott, Nancy Searcy, Janette Seawright, Betty Sedberry, Barbara Selhnan, Nancy J. Sexton, Donald Schaded, Don Schaefer, I-'rances Schafer, Max Schwarz. Doris Sessions, Darrels Sharpe, Leola Shearer, Carrol Waxalzaclzie San Antonio Grand Prairie Cisco Burger Center Valley Mills Fort lV0rtli lirirlgejnrarl llu rst P11 rl uni li Houston Midland .lilerredes A marillo l'Veatherf0rd lltason A home ec class lakes a break and sits on lhe 'fables while learning 'lo make some of same. Shelton, Bobbie S ne Midland Shepard, Frank Dallas Shoulders, Ben Denton Shults, Anita Cllillimllu' Sides. lidith dlfclllllfl' Simmons, XVanda june Dallas Sims, Sonya Cism Slaughter, Anne Erlgezvnml Sloan. Gerald C. San Saba Smith Bobby Lee Bryson Smith Carolyne Dallas Smith Gene Lazlzurlrliff Smith james D. linfrlcerzrirlgr' Smith james H. I.1'zuis:fillw Smith jay I5urke1fillf' Smith, -Iilllllly ll't"!1llI6'l'f0l'll Smith Lois Jean Dallas Smith, Patsy Wellizzgtmz Smith Robert G. Dallax Smith Shirley Denim: Smothers, Jo Ann Fart llvlllifll Snell, Sally Ann I.ufkir1 Sparks. Nlary Afaihix Spell. Marilyn Dallax Spivey. Sally Prairie Hill Spratt. Sammy Sllllgfl Stanford, Nlelvia jean l'.lll'll1I"l'Si'llll' Stark, jr. Houxlrm Stearns. Richard ll, Iinrgm' Steedc. Carolyn San Antonin Stiles. Kirby Dallas Story, Robert Irving Stout, jerry Dale fiainffsvillr' Strickland, tilavcl Odessa Stringer, Alan Harris Ifart ll'0rIlz Stroop, Fred Waxaharlzir if f .ig s, . Could working in +l1ese lillle slalls be an example of modern educa'rion's individual allenfion? .vo- Class of '54 Rey - Sl'r Slurmzm. Nlillml Suggs. Alum' Swan, Paul llznrrcll SWCCIICI, NUTIIIZI -Ivan Swenson. Icml Syler. klimnn .2215 'I'zu'kill, IICIII -lo Izlilc. l5iIIiL' IIIZIIIIICII Aloymc 'l'1n'xLtl', IIIIISF 'I ZIIIUII. .loc Ilmzlrp. IQ1u1'1:cL' ,wo 'II1cclfunI. Iiill 'I ipps. Gum' IIl'llIII. Iluris I,. 'I hmnus, .IZIIIIKC Clilmln VIIIIUIIIHS. XIZIII xlorcllzl Dallas A lailwzf' Ph illijrx IJIIHIIX Tyler N'l11'rman Pflllllflllfllf' lIr'21fl1'2.Sr1l1 lfurl II'm'll1 liorgm' lfml II'm'il1 Ilrrzwlffzllx li: vxxs fm Dallzlx lfrzvx' IIKQQII 'l'Immpsm1. Iiclly .Ymv Cnxllff, Pri. IIYIIUIIIIJSUII. Curl Klum' linrgffr 'I'I1rm1psol1. Nun IIlf'.vrf1liir' IIIIIYCIIII. Ilzlrlxzlrzl lI'ills I'oi'Jl IIIIIFCSIICI1 Dunsllml fflllff' .4 mrnilln IYLIIIIIIICII. .Xmlzxlzcl ICQ Ifl!'!'lCI'llI'l!lQI' Irznnmcll. l'x'amL Phillip I'n'rlw11:1rlgg1' Il'1L'1s1'I1, K Illlll' l'.IIfIIIV.'III II1':1lm1 IIIIIXIIIIIIFIIII' IIQIIIIIICII, I,C0lIIlll .xllllflll 'l'11rncr, hlzmcll Ilnllas Yzllcitfllvlzl. IQIIIICIIC' llnllnx Yam .X1'scIzlIl, f:lll'2I lu' firllwzfslolz Yun Hwy. ,IIIIIIIII Ilrlllns Yoclkcl. Rllf IX. ffzlmu YIIIIICIIIIII. .XHIIQIINI I' IIIIIIYI Xvilggfllllfll I'IIIl2IIK'lII Iilzlrlrwzllw' NYzllImric'k. Nanny II'i1'l1iI11 Ifnllx YYz1lcl0. CIBIIIIIIII fimml Prairie XYZIIIKCII .Xllcn Ilznrwy Dallas If fhis is an example of modern inierior decorafing, 'fake us back Io The good old days. Sophomores Wow R1 3, XY2llliCl'. Dzniml S1'111i111111' YY21lkCl', R. D. .31I1'I'1IIII1I lVz1ll, llctly JO M111'.vl11111 xv1lSlllDlll'll. .'XlIll2lS P. lJ1'1'11l111' XVz1sl1lmum, liliizihetli 1i1'11.s XYzltcx's. f1CI'2lltl fI111'1'1111I1111 XVZIISOH, liill li1111l1'1' XVay, jcztnnc 1111111111115 xvily, 'l'nm 1'i1l1j'l1!lf1Il XvC2llllCI'l'Cll, Hclcu C1111'1111111 XYcz1vt-xx XYz1mlz1 .lli111f11111 XVclml1, Peggy jean li1'111111111111 XVcl1cr, lfztith 1J11ll11.v NVel1stC1'. jztrk 111111115 Webster, Stuzmne 111111 l1'111'111 XYCIIS, ll, CL, 'I'111i11 H'clls, Rolmcrt Dun .ll1'1'i1li1111 XYCIIS, Shirlcy lIl1'11111'111' xYll2llCf'. l'mz1t'l1z1r11 171111115 NVllClI0ll. l'z1tsy fi111z'1'.v11111 XYhitc. llill 7it'1'1'l'11 XYl1itc, QIOZIIIIIC lI11z1'1:i11s XYl1itt-. slillllitllll li1111'i1' YYl1ilc. Yitgiuizi li1'1111'1111'111111 Whitcsiclc. -lack Hzirwi lJ111111.v xvllyllllfll, llcvcrly 171111115 Willmurn, Benny Nlziy li11Ax'l1111'11 xxlll1lll'Il. AICl'lll'll XYilclcl'. 1D1n'11tli3 XYilkcn. Rulmcrt Willliilc. liclclizc Xvlill2llllS, Billie li11V11111'11 lfllll 111111111 Q1111111111 1'1'1'111111 Sj11'i11g111z1'11 XYilliznns. lfrzuik Russell, lr. xvllllllllli Nlztrcia XK'illizuus, Otis Ray XYilliz1tns. Pat F1111 11101111 D111111s 17611151111 l7ll11llS xv In cooking classes lwo cooks are no+ 'll1ougl'1lo'fes being l'l1e'1oo many who spoil 'l' he brolh. I vcr W1 Class of '54 Sl'u - Wil T , siiilllillllk Russell Willizuns, Szmclrn XVillis. Rzrumlull YYillsoi1. llzlviil R. YX'ilsoll. Qluscpli ll, XVilscm. Roger 3 ' x lVix:stczul, lfrcclcly XVisc, ulocllcll XYlSClll2lll. Maxim- lVlllllCl'. Cfzllllcriuc Wood. lizxrry lY0ocl. Dollglzls llkmoml. Huwzlril XY0l'Illlllglllll. Drnis Xl'rigl1l, llczllricc' lYl'igl1l, llclly hlczm lYyll1c. Gillis Young. l'iUIlgC2li Yllllllg. Villa Dean II1'11rlf'1',s'm1 Youngblood. Raymond Brute Alrfarazln ficglcf- Milff' Qzzilnzan I Dallas I. zlfkin Ennis Ifloydada Orange Dallas IlY!'Ilf,Il'Tf07'Ll Lufkin Sudan Sue Clarksrfille .S'lr'lI2l1w11filla Dallas .Slzzfrnzaaz 1.a ,llrzrqzle lirmlzanz xc Dallas fialwffslnn fl Vrfzflzzuoorl Sophomores Leffz Labs are fine proving grounds for chief cooks and bollle washers. Above: If +l1e ladies will be sealed, +l1is Ieclure period will begin. it ? .-Q QM 339-f j f Jie . 3- 5- 'ffl H A in sf ii Vi K' Q ,ws g Q mi H ,gags 2146 'U WTS., Q, am I Freshmen I l Aclznns. Billy Joyce Amlznns. Clluirc Adams. Mary Snc Amlznns. Palsy Acldillglcm. llill Adkins, Calvin Agcc, Jann-s Clark, .lr Allmrcchl. Bz11'l1zl1'z1 Allen. Loyd liclgzn' Allgrmml. louis Allison. ,xllllll Alves. .Xnnc :xll1fX. C105 Tlmmzus ,'Xmlcrscm. Anncllv .-Xnflerscnl, Glu-mln Mulersun, -Iam' .Xllclcl's1m. .loc lxfllllli Amlcrsrm. Waller Arnms, Dnlc ,-Xl'lI1Sll'Ollg. Kllmzlrlvs NI Arnold, Dennis D. .X1'nul1l. Cin-nc Cl. .XSIUIL ,ICH Xtkins. Nlnry Yirginiu Xlwmumncl, Suv .Xnn AllSlll1. Zonal lfuyc llznlgcll. Doris ll2lllllSl'Il. lillgcllc llznilcy. 'lm' Dann linker. Bllly lllll liz1kcl'. iilmrlcy Bull, .Xnnn lK2llllCI'lll Bull. Yirginizl Bzlnks. Maury llynn B2ll'lJCl', Lnxcllal llarlmonr, Dcwollly Slmllytozurz Df'7lf0ll Midland Texan Dallas Kefllfr ll'6I1i11g'Ir111 Dallas Fluydada Slzermmz l'lIll'7l1f'!'S7fiHf' Austin S11 Hgf' V Crzrlmzzl Fort lI'm'tl1 Hulrlzirzs Rusk 1"lnvrI1uIa COIIIIIIIFIIF Plano llr'r11lw'sn11 flIll'1'I"Sf07l Ilallax Dfw Ion fimlmnz Furl lI'm Ill Slmrzrlruz Vflzlun, 1.11. fallllllllll Dallas Dallas Dallas A Ifilww f.'0I'SlfIII1!I llwztmz Irving Perhaps fhis chemislry class has received a sho? of laughing gas. Barron, l,.lll'llfl2l Ann Bass. Dennis Dallas .S'arzforzl, Fla, Baxter, Rehn .Xnnc .llarslzall Bean, Belly l,cc Kilgore Beane. Rita Clzillimfluf Bealy. Mary Unyncll Dallas Beznlcllunlp. Dorothy C0l'SlL'Illl!l Belcher. Reagan Dallas Bell. Hurolcl Carmlllmz Bcll, Lcclnn Azzlnwy Benclcr. .Inncllc jvffmsruz Bennett, .loc liclwin Grallam Bennett. Nancy Fort ll'orIll Berry, -IZIIIICS Dallas Bert, Elena Marie Dallas Bcvers. Spcnzcr Pilol Pain! Bevis. Donna Houslrm Bickel. lclzl Collinszfillef, Ill. Biclefclcll. lillinor Dallas Billingslcy, Nornm Pasarlwza Bilyen, fll'2lllNlllC 1X'I'1lIll Bird. Lcon Texarlcana Bivona. Nl1lI'gllCl'lIC Gzzlzwwlmz Black, Carol .Xnn Dallax Black, Pill Furl llmlll Blankenship, l'utriciz1 Ijmlvn Blondcll. linlwzlrcl Dwzlmz Bloom, .loc Nl. .llarslzall Bloomer, l'lIx1llN'CS Nlzxrie Slzffrman Bocnkcr, Sue Ann Bolton, XZIIICIIII Bonds. Belly Bonhznn. Ellllly Boohcr, Willicnlinc Booker, .Karon Borden, I.f'zz'i51fill1' Prmllw' D011 lun Den lon Cal1f1'slr111 Bellan junrlimz An lnslruclor is here 'lor lhe reason l'l'1a+ lhis is a class of cul ups. l l l Class of '55 Ada - Bar Boron. R111'l1:11'a1 .loan B11rc11. Alzmic liorcll, BIil1lrc1l liorgcr, B1ll'lJ2lI'2l Buss. Bully lllli' Blbllllglly, xllllf' l':1lll Bowden, Pill Bowen, Belly Bowers, Phil Bowles. Xluyrnic' Bowllralrr, -Iflllllllf Boyd. Clllhlyll Boyer. B11l1l1i1- .xllll B1'llllll'f'. l.lIlllCl' Brzullcy, Nlzlrr lillcn lirzmzur, l'cggy SIIG lhznrlsrmll, Cary Brzxsllcl. Wzmclzl lgl'L'llllllg, llCll0l'l'1l ,l11Ix'1111111r fi1'1'gg1'1111 P1151 S1111 f1111fg111 lJ1111f1'.s'I1111 1fllf'1UZL'II 1f!l111lIg'l71' C11f11111'11P S1'11g1111i111f '1'1'1'rf11 121111115 S:1'1'1f1z1'11l1' 1' F011 Il'111'l11 311111 1111111 I,1l11llS 111111115 l'111'1 A1111111' P1f1'11S I,1'f11r.s' Bl'Clllll'liC. Nurwmrcl xlllfllll D111111s lglflll Inu Bl'Clll. lirillmr. l'z1lri1'i:l llflllllll. Ruby lirouka, 6113111-llc Brooks. H. lfrzrnk llrcruks, xlllff SIIG Brown, llcrrjic l5l'UlVll, Duris llliilll Brown, llmmmvr lErc1w11, fffil Nl2lI'lC Browll. l,I'lltlL'lli1' Brown. Rz1y1lc:111 Brown. lllllflll' I.. Bruce. lixclyn jenn Bryant, Q liolmlmic Ilfllll Bryant, Jo .Xllll .l1'f11'1s1111 P1111 A1111111' .ll1'K111111jx' HI. 1'11'11x11111 111111115 X111111111 G14111111111 Big Sj11'i11g 191111115 IJ111111x A111111 11111 .S'1'y11111111' 621111111111 171111115 l.111111111'lc 131111 IV111111 An enrapiured audlence was held for all of +l1e leclure by +l'1e sfory of Red Riding Hood. --4......, Bryant. XX 11111111 lm l5I'lll1L'lI. Ciligirlcs Bilfliziiizili, Suv BllC'lC!TL'I'. Nzm Bufnrcl, ' lam Biuzgcr. lg1lI'lJ1ll'2l BllligCISS. Wziyinzni Biuirm, licmiclli Buslxy, Nlzirilyn Builcr. lczumc Butler. -luzuxilgi Butler. Palsy Clube, YNUIIIXC Czillulmn, Allll Clalverx. Rulmlmic lfuyc C C C C C C C C C .4 .1 znnp. II: fampbcll implicll ..1111pl1cll 121lll1JlJCll amplncll lllllllilfli. .11l11:s. -I1 Ili llilJClllCl', Cl Billie .xllll lD111'11ll1x' Ann l'llllllCIli2l linlwzirrl I ce Murilynn xllfgilllll Num Luc'l'. lizirlmzirai C.dl'l1Cll. joy C2lFl'Cll. Rcnlncrl C2lI'l'0ll. Cimmic Czirmll. ll ri C.zi1'mll. Roy Nl. C12ll'lCl'. Otis R, C C C C C .2 21 l2ll'lllllCI'S, 'I Iimnus aslion. Kcimclli islccl, Nlziry lillcn Iate, lllziuricc vzims, Mario The obieci in que 4.,,p9K"' 1I1'1111111 1311111111111 1I1'1'1'1:1'11 1 111111' 111'1'1'111111 A1111 11SfIl1I'111I' 131'eC1:1'11 1111.31 F1111 111111111 1Jf't'Il1l1l' S1ll'1'111I11l P11i11I 111111111 .lIU111'Ul' Cilx' 1f1'f'1'1C!'i111Ilg1' HlgQ11l18' 17111111111 1701111111 D111111x 111111115 1111111111 171111115 fi 1111111111 D1'11i.s1111 F1111 llllllfll G11i111'.x':1i111' S1111 .-11111111111 1111111131 F1111 llrllllll 1l11'Ki11111'j' 'l'1'11g 111' lf1 1.v1'11 .l11'C111111'v 1161111111 171111 ll'111111 1311111111 111111511111 Van A1S1.v111' 111111118 sfion here is a siove and we shall aHemp'1'lo whip up somelhlng edible Freshmen Cavill, Slanlcy Chamllcr. Charles Cllapman. Kaxwin Cllillllllllll. Xlarx Noll Cllllllllll. Sllirlcs .hm Cllristian, Ross W. Christie, -loc Clark. Carolyn Clark, Allllly Clccre, Mary li. Colmlm. Onila clOlJlll'll, Peggy C0110 lfczl Oak ,llrKi11r1f'y Dm: lon lllllfll ins Tvxas Ciiy I.inrIale limzunfield lfoxell all Dallas lllarlisonrfillr' Cayuga Fort llvflffll Cody. jolnmy Dallas Cocly. Nlarvin Dallas Coggeshall. Pcgc Deatmz Cole, Ralph Kflllll Colwcll, llclly Pampa Compton, Ross Denton Cone, janncs liclwin Dallas Connally, l'al1'ic'ia Garland Cook, .Xllon Dc'z'aIur Cook. .xl'llllll' Luc Dallas Cook, licllyc Rosa' Dallas Cook, Don ll'l1ilr'u'rigl1t Cook, xvllfllt' lirysmz Cooper, Beryl ll. lllflllllglllll Cooper, lfaycllv .lane IJKHIUH Cooper, Miko Culorarlo City Collrscy. .Xllan Dallas Cox. llilly liranrl Prairie Cox. liarlmra Harrell Cox. llaximl lfurmzm livllzfue Craig. Conway ll'l1i!f'z1'riglzt Craxvforcl, Gayle 1.f'z1'iszfille Crcel, Billy L. Gremzville Cross, Kay Denton From llwe arl deparlmenl -lhere come welcome signs of llwe lalesf in up 'lo dale crayonings. Curry. Fred Cox. lclvs N'aynne Craig. Ronald Crocker, Ann Crossley. Pal Crouch, Bobby Crouch. livelyn Crouch, Nlargarel Cunnnings. Neil S. llunningliani. Lois Nell lionzaalon Dale, Shirley Damon. jerry Darden. Patricia Darney. Patricia Dalson, Gertrude Davis, Boyce Wayne Davis. KI. Ann Davis, Lela joan Daws, Ben Dawson. Dorolliy Day. Nan Dees, Fred H. Denman. Nell Dennis. jean Diehel. janet Discli. Harlene Dishnian, Dorothy Ditson, Rllflllll Kay Dixon. Mellini glean Dixon. Melvin Dobbs. Cilara jo Dobbs, Virginia Dodd, james Lane Dodd, Nancy june Dodgen, Dnrann Dodsworlli, Hel:-1 No sooner has an 1"m'1 lfortlz .llinrfral Ifells Dirlcinson Big Spring Dallas Denton lilanlcft Den lon Olney Jlrlvillrzey C mzufm'1l Irving llalzfrslrnz ll'i1'l1ila Falls llvIlXl1llflI'lli!' Cl: illifollze .lIr'Kin nffy llbuzlso n Den ton ll'llf'11 Dallas Dan Ion ll'l1iIf'.x'llr110 Dallas 1X'l'l'Hlll Iiva a mon! Dallas Dallas 1'ill.vl11ng Dallax Dallas lin n is Ennis Illia nslzom liozvie exlmibil gone up in lhe library lhen people begin 'frying fo figure if oui. xgjggge , ,. l M ,fa E.. i Class of '55 Cav - Docl 7 Freshmen Dorn, Bettyc Sue Dorttth, Kenneth l Douglicrty, Blames llouglzxs, Dnrotlry Jo llouglzlss, jtnncs A. Douglas, Jerry Nell Drucger, 1111111121 Drcyer, M ary A nn Duke, james A. Dunklin, Billy M. Dunn. Ilclnxeliu l1ll1'll2llU, Lee Etta Durhunr, Nlarshull Durrctt. Beth Dutton, Shirley lizirnliart, Sylvia jean Eaves, Nun Marlene liclluls, .Xvu June liclcn. Mary jane lidwzxrcls. Beverly litlwarcls, june liclwzluls, joe lillztrtl. joe lilliott. Robert Ellis. Clutrlutte lillis, Mary Beth Ellison, Dickie litter, l':1triciz1 livzlns, 1JClXll'2lll livuns, I.arry liruns, Maltz: Lee lizell, Billy lfullis, Mzxricllu 1'l2lI'lllC1', Ilurx cy Farr, Paltricizx Sun lighf, boolcs and sluclenl' workers malre lhe lab school library 'lops wilh 'fhe Sherman Dallas Danton Dallas Dallas Van Alstyne Dallas Wefslaco Dallas Dallas If rack an ridge Dallas I.ewis.fille Carllzage Ilamillmz Kingszfille Donna Denfrm Euless Iiorger l1'icl1ita Falls Slzerman 1l'Ic'Ki1171ey Frisco Iiaylozun Thorn lon Hoselmrl l'1llisun, Ruby Anneline limilzam S1111 rma '1 Olney Big Spriizg Olney Sanger Den lun Cor.s'ir'ana Collinsville children. Fulllcl'1'cc. Yirgilxizl Fllllglll, Don Fells. xvlllllllll Fergllson. Bzlrlmru FL'l'gllSUll. lll'z1l1sforll Ferguson. .IZIIIICS Philip lI'im1sI1m'o Furl Worllz Den lun fQ!117'!'Xf1H1 I.ittIf'fi1'lrl Sflfllllllll Ficllling. .Iznncs Robert Dnllnx Firkins, l,0l'Cllf Fort I'1f7!H'fll lfiscllcr, B2lI'lJ2ll'1l June Hrlnzsllirzf Flulmgun. lil-lly flffggfllll lflancry. Ylllgllllll .SIIIIPQVI lflcisrlucr. Nlnry Bclh Rorksjnrings lfllllll, Pzxlly Slrrmwz Flowers. Alla Mzlril- Vermm lflynl. lllilllll .XVUIYHIKI Forhis. Aluncl Dlzllzm l'kUI'Cll2lllll, Nlury Lou Ff'P'I'l.X' Fosler. Palsy DCIIHHI Fowler. Dorolhy Fowler, lfllgljlll' Franklin, Fort lI'm'll1 Dwzloll Franklin. june Dallas' lfrzxnkliu. l'hil Riillillll Dallas 1'llsCCIlIklll. joycl- Allzwns FI'CClll2lll, john Russell D6 1.0011 I-'ry Bzlrlmzlrzl .jo lfl'UIl'lII 1'411 ul l'1'y. joyrc lfixro lfllllllll. llonulll Gufforll. jczm Callalglmcr, Belly Gallowzly. xlillf IAOLI Gamly. junc- fl1l1'IlCI'. Alcan Gawcll, Rilzl Gentry, Guy George, Marilyn flillxlllllllf, Cllcnnu liranzl Pmirir' Cay Mgr: Cixfo Fort II'orIl1 I.0Hg1'il'l1' Df'!lffI7l IJIIHILX' IJUHIIS D!l!l!l.Y Ilzfming, AXVFU' .llexim if l .l x llll i Is anyone inferesfed in a iob which requires nollxing more fhan being inleresled in gluing? 'ms-hav" Class of '55 ...Q Dor - Ger -6 I 11m-va .Ml - Q is.-as,.f,g,,x 2' 5 li, -..-,sw Rau e 1 c ii 4 i fs 7 'Q G reel 1. Be l 1 r Ve Ghent. Yxonne -W Gilherl. Alllllkl . .V 1 Gilchrist, xvlllllll' X " H Gilhnore. Dzirill 'mf ALL . , . 45 ' M Glhhs, Curtis .XIIIIC Gihhs, Wannlai Beth Giles, joy Golden, mlezniic Golighlly, Kenneth Goolle. Glen R. Goolliier. llzirlzln Goodnight. Pail Goss. lellnzi Yxonne Gough. Rzirzi .Xnn r Gowen, liugene Graves. l'ulric'i11 Green. lizlclie Lon Green, Glenna Green, jerry K. Green, Pant Greer. Pansy 'fs'-"2-': is wg,-' We - , - , it " W' '?'f ' Gregory, Gzirol 'I Griffin, Kenneth Griffith, Nlzirlhzi Grogan, Mzirllizn fll'0ll12Illky, Kzilliryn G 'Sell. Hex erly llllk' Gnllellge, Sznuih Gllnnels, Nllllff Freshmen Guthrie, Kulliryn Gutierrel, Alice S. ' -' Xilli Grahznn, Shirley Mac: Greer, Llnirles .-X., -Ir Den lon llam Dallas .nn Dallas Furl I1"0rtl1 G r1'er11fillff justin liridgffllmrl San Saba Mallard Dallas Defntrm illeniplz is Dallas Temple Harrold Denton lffllulll 0 nt Gainesville limzwzzvonrl I,fu'is1'ill6 Dallas Waco l,r'u'iszfille Iiuzvlf' S un ray Dallas Grinke. llzirriel Ghrisline Dallas Iiloo nl ll u rg l Eden Terrell cillefglllll, Nlzirilyn Corpus Christi Fort Wortli Fort Wortlz Fort Wortlz Dallas Would all of you like lo learn a new game called "hide and go seek?" Hackney. Ifaye Hall. Pal Hall. Pierce Hamlin. Shirley Hammond. Beth Hanby. Manrine Hanes, Nlarllia .Xnne Hansel, Irene M. Haralson. Carroll Harher, ly ena Hardin. Ann Hardin. Charlotte Hardy, Mary Ann Hargrove, Noel li. Harper, Harper. Harper Harper Harris. Harris. Harris. Bessie Mae Dorothy' Herschel Nlyrla Boll Belle James rliillllllly Harrison, .Xnn Harston. lidna Harvick, Lethal lfayr Harwill. I.aync !Q11l1'srfllle Dallas 1,11 A111111 Ili' DflllII.S 1,1111 119 Alffsrl 11116 l'fl'IIllI'l'SUII l,f'lf'l'SlIlll'g, lflll. .lI1'Ki11 lIf'y Dallas 17811 11111 DIlllll.S 'I'1f1'1'1'll D1'11l1111 D1'11l1111 1f!'IIllllIIll1l l11l1'l1l111l l'fl1l111'111l11 11l1llIlS D1'11 t1111 Cl1ill1111ll11' 8011111111 li 1'11j11'r'1111' If1l1lg1'j111ll lfl1111111' Hawkins. Robert f:lIl'g!'7 Hay, Palsy Sue fllllllgl' Hayes. Mayne 1Jl'IIl1H1 Haynex. .Xnn 'l'Vrl1'1 Haynie, l'iI'!lllI1C xllllllflll Hays. Gwen llvllfll Head. Marshall li1'1f1'111fill1' Heck, Doris F1111 llvflllll Hedrick, Milli 1f71IIlS Hellams, Virginia lifzyxw' City Henderson, Mary R11y11111111l1fill1' Eillier fha fellow on 'lhe lefl' isn'+ inlereslecl or he neglecled +o be even "half safe." Class of '5 5 Ghe - Hen 7 Freshmen Hensley, Billy Loyce Herring, Mary Kay Hicks, Mary Ann Higgins, Marguerite Hill, jack M. 1361111111 I.0llIl'fIl 1N'amg1l111'l11'.v Fort l'Vo1ll1 Frisco Hill, jerry Lynn Ii1'ia'g'1fpo1'l Hill, Leo Frank Dallas Hill, Lois Marie Mffxia Hill. Shirley Dallas Hillholl, Sue Dallas Hilliard, Rohert Dz'11I011 Hillin, Marjorie I1'r1sl1o111 Hodges, Maurice 1lIOII!lllIl!I5 Hodges. Xvlllilllh G. SfI!'l'IlIllI1 Holley, Elmer Roy Dallas Honeyeutt. joe Prob illlllil Hooper, Fred V. I3111'li11g1fo11, N. C. Hoolen, Ruth lleloise Dallas Hopkins, Charles 17111111111 Hopkins, Freclnlie Krzlm Hopkins, Rae Ann F1771 Il"f11'1'l1 Horne, Mary Alice Pari.x' House, lirezl Houser Susan Por! lV01'll1 Big .S'f11'i11g Houston, l.yLlia lfaye Easilanrl Huilclleston, Merle Colorarlo Sj11'i11g5, Colo. Hueslis. K. Hlayne Forsan Huey. Mary .lane Aflon Huffman, Minor lIo11slo11 llufstetler. il'll0lIlZlS Allaula Hughes, jinuny IJl!1.S'fIl'I' Hughes, Lynn lIll.SlllI Hughes. Peggy Ifllll Worllz Hughes, Peggy joyce I'lai111fi1'z1' Hulse. Glenda Ijlllefielrl Huniphreys, jean Dallas Dr. Holland and speech class fake lime ouf for an informal debale. Htnnplneys, Robert l'.. Jr. iMes1111it11 Hutchinson, Yl'illiam 1.11r1'1111 Hotchkiss, Patsy Iclell. Nancy For! W111111 1'fl11l?J' 1110211 Iley, Mary Lee 1'lUI'1ll'J' Itnel. Dale Slfrfllylrmvz Ince. llavitl 01111111 Ingle. Shirley Ingram, Johnny 1"1n't ll'orl1z A rlinglon Ingram. Leona Anne 1.11 .l111r1l111' Ingram, Patricia Ann 111111115 Irion. Doris Jean D111111.r Isom, Sherrie 1J111111.s Jacobs. liarhara Krunz Jacobs, Bohhy K1'111'r James, Xvllllillll 13111111111 James. Ann 111111113 Jaynes. Rheta 1311111111111 Jefferies, Janell A1111t'1Il? Jenkins. Omer .l11's11z1iIe Jennings. Joanne 171111119 Jennings. Paul 1J1'11i,s1n1 Jeter, Carolyn Jean lrzfing Johnson, Avis Joy S1111 f11lgllS111Il' Johnson Bettie Sue S1ll'1'11ll11I Johnson ljlfllllll lleon 111111115 Johnson John lhonias 1'm.s1m' Johnson Jon Klart' 811111110111 Johnson. l'aula Mann 1,Il111li Johnson, llilfllllilltl liason. 111111113 Johnston. Dolly 1'1n'1 Il'1n'l11 Johnston. Paula Slat' SlIl'1'11ll111 Jones. Dorfille 1JIl11l1S Jones, G. D. 11115611 Jones, Gloria lI'111'11 Jones, Jean HIIIQFI' When all those men can loolc so happy and nol a gurl in llwe class the prof musl be oltay Freshmen jones, K. Lee Vernon Jones, Peggy Dallas jones. Vera Ann Friona Judd, Bnlmlmie Rulli Lancaster jun, Dorothy Fort Worth jungbecker, Elvern Houston justice, Robert WV:-llter Cisra Kahler, james H. Cameron Kuutz, Sandra Kee. liarl Keene, Bob Kees. Clyde Kelley, Johnny Kelley, Sannny Kelly, Carol Kelly, 'l'l1Oll12lS Kennedy, Grace Kennedy. Howard Kennedy, Marion Keown, Dennis Kerlny, Frzniecs Kerr, .Iinnnie Key. Artlnn' luck Key. Leann Key. xl2ll'g2ll'Cl Kieffer, Floreen Kilgour. Carole Kimlmrell, jo .Xnn Fort VIf'0rll1 Fort llvflffll B01Il1!lHl Dallas La Sara Alzfararlo Dallas Dallas Dallas Palestine Atlanta For! llvflffll Lmneta lVl!H1.Yl707'0 Clll'l'0lll0ll Arrller Cily Coloraflo City lllineola Denton Grand Prairie Kindred, linnice Virginia King. Maxine King, Tony King, YVilli:nn H. Kinkade. Don Kisinger, Gloria Kisinger, Shirley Koethe, jimmy jefferson Dallas' Bryson Irving Grand Prairie Red Springs Red Springs Seymour Uncensored surveyal of "arl" is one of 'Phe arl deparlmenl's forles. 1 , ' -A., , Kraft, Connie Baytown Kudelka, Betty Galveston Kyle, Frank Fort Worth Laminack, Marian Beaumont Landrum, Ann Lane, Henry Fort Worth Fort Vllorth Langford, John Dallas Lanier, Bobbie Douglassville Lawhon, Johnny Denton Leath, Barbara Henderson Leatherman, Judy Ennis Leddy, Peggy Fort Worth Leeman, John Bonham Lege, Anne Pasadena Lehmberg, Lee Carl Jr. Irving Lennington, Jo Ann May LePori, Juanita Dallas Lester, Jeanice Dallas Lewis, Lavonne Breckenridge Line, Janice Fort Worth Linehan, Wayne Sanger Little, Katherine A. jacksboro Lockman, Ann Fort lVorth Lockwood, Carolyn Joy Beaumont Logan, Betty Sue Lomax, DuBose Loomer, Joan Love, Bill Love, George Love, Helen Love, Mary Jo Lovelace, Earl Lovell, Mary Joanne Lowe, Joe Ernest Lowrie, Sue Lucas, Camille Calweslon lI'7LlXLll1Il!,'lIlC Fort lVorth MeKinney Terrell Fort Worth Penelope Sherman Aubrey Dallas Henderson Bryan "Now, it says here, and I am quoting, 'Quoth the Raven, nevermore'.' Class of '55 .Ion - Luc McKnight, jackie Mahe. lim lllalierry, Charles Mackey, Austine Mackay, Margaret Maddox, Dottie Mann, Margaret W Freshmen SM .ff if Haas,-Y Y nm sm., 'ff f wwf 5 Mantor, Gayle Lucas, Helen Jean Grapevine Luecke, Carolyn Amelia Dallas Lueckc, Marilyn Edith Dallas Luna, Thom Dallas Lutrell, jimmy Dallas Iluttrell, Nelda Seminole Lyle, Patricia Ann Henderson Lyles, Rossie Panhandle McBryde, Sarah Denton Mcflanless, Nella Faye Ilasea MeClanal1an, Mary Lou Dallas McCord, Lura Ferris McCrary, Robert Eugene Dallas McCreless, Gayle Denton Mcliver, Sally Ennis McGaugl1ey, Vera Benjamin McGee, Lucille Galzfeston Fort lifartll lforl Vllorllz Dallas Mexia W 11 i tes b oro Denlon Fort VVorlh Fort lV0r1'lL Mashburn, Martha Nan Dallas Markey, Nadyne Houston Marr, Ann jaekslmro Marshall, Barbara joan Dallas Marshall, lidna Loy lforl l'Vm'lli Marshall, jerry Dermil Martin, Andrew D. Terrell Martin joan Denison Martin, jo Ann La Porte Martin Violet Ann Weallzerfnrd Massey Margaret Port Arthur Hard fo realize, buf fhose lam session foes are working for credit Masten, Bobbie Dru lolz Masters, May Beth Mexia Matthews. Billy Ifort lllflflll Maxwell, Robert N. Dallas Maxwell, Shirley Ann Wilnzw' Maxwell, Theresa Gawsrfilla Mayo, Thressie Marie Dallas Mayo, Thomas M. Dallas Means, Dick Pecos Means, Mary Kate Paris Mehaffey, jerry Gorman Melton, Madelynn lline Warn Meine, David L. lVir'l1iIa Falls Middleton, Melvin Byron Jr. Dallas Miles, James Graprfrfina Milholland, Larry Dallas Milligan, Imogene Milner, jerry F. Minis. Judith Minick. joe IJ. Mitchell. Donovan Mitchell, Rita Mogonyc, jack Money. Melha Mon tgomery, Jerry Moon, Sandra Moore, jack Moore, Mary Sue Moos. Martha Morgan, Joy Morgan, Roberta Morton, Wlanda Moseley, Nancy Moser, John Wm. Moss, james Moss, Letitia ilIf'Kir1n11y San Antonia Dallas Dallas R. liryson Dallas ll'ir'llila Falls G larlrfzvatcr YY. Dallas Dallas ilIrKi11 nay Irving .lIllI.Yll!lll Dmzlrm Dallas Win asbaro Celina Dallas Ringgalcl Iimzlzanz A group of fufure homemalrers praclice driving home a point. 5, J, Q H gig lk Class of '55 Luc - Mos E 1 Mulkey, Charles Denton l Muller, Mary Lou Houston Mullins, Charles B. Poteet Mullinax, Sue Kermit Murphy, Mike N. McKinney Murphy, Vllilliam H. Milwaukee, Wis. Myers, jo Ann Dallas Neal, Franklin YV. Dallas Neely, Eula Kate Brownwood Neely, Rosemary Fort Worth Nelson, Barbara Lee Fort Worth Nelson Margie Denton Nelson, Preston Port Arthur Nelson, Steve Gilmer Nevans, Melba Sharron Brownwood Nicholson, Ertie Lou Dallas Nicholson, Mona Leta Depart Nitcholas, Monty McKinney Nobles, Richard Dallas Norman, Beth Blum Norman, Grace Bryan Nunn, Shirley Fabens O'Brien, Johnny Dallas O'Dell, Kenneth Denton Oghurn, Martha Ann jefferson Oliver, Anna Denton Oliver, Charles Mart Oliver, Eunice N. Denton Ordway, Donna Laredo Orton, Rosemary Osborn, George Fort Worth San Angelo Osborne, Nellie Panhandle Oswalt, Kenneth Gene Sherman Owen, Clifford VVayne Quanah Owens, Saralyn Carthage Page, Evelyn Denton All righ+, you business maiors, le+'s get on with this moving. Freshmen Palmer, Kay Park, john Parker, Diana Parker, Gayla joy Fort Hfortlz Dallas Dallas Denton Parker, Margaret Ann Alarslzall Parker, Pat Dallas Parker, Vernon Horace Dallas Parks, Yvonne Dallas Partin, Chick Jennan Fart Worllz Parvin, Laura Denton Patterson, Shirley Fart Stockton Pauley, janet AICCt1Ill6'y Payne, june Dallas Peacock, Barbara Mineola Pearce, Billy Pemberton, Caro Grand Prairie Fort Hvllflll Pendleton, B. YV. Kennil Pendleton, Camille Farznerszfille Perkins, Joyce Pilot Point Perry, Cora Margaret Marshall Perry, Frank Dallas Peterman, Shirley Dallas Peters, jo Ann Fort II'ortl1 Petersen, jack Denton Phife, Delores Dallas Philpott, Lola Mae Slzerlnan Pickens, Connie Gilmer Pierce, Kenneth B'I'UZUl1Zl'Ullfl Pilcher, ,ICZIIICIIC Abilene Pinegar, Bruce South Bend, Intl. Pingree, Mary Pinson, Bill jr. Dallas Lancaster Pittman, Sara Howell jacksonville Platt, Nancy Pollard, Barbara Pope, Monda . S Longview Dallas Fort lV01'llz 3 ,,,, M. ,,,. ., Listen, my children, and you shell hear how +o use +l1is Revere. is 1,3 . W S ,M ,Q Aw, 21, vii C :fi- X'A'x Class of '55 Mul - Pop V U Reed, Reed, Freshmen A necessary evil 'For a graduafing arf maior Recd, Reed, Reese, Porter, Peggy Powell, Barbara Lee Powell, Frances Powell, jimmy XV. Powell, Sam R. Power, Eugenia Prather, Virginia Prenliss, Charlene Price, Herbert Prideaux. jerry Pridgeon, Patsy Prince, Johnny Earl Prince, Verna Pryor, Eldred Pnrgason, james Putman. Daffin Quick, Shirley Rapp, jean Reanies, Pete Reasoner, Ginger Records, jane La n ra Jeanne Margaret Marilyn Mary lda Larkin Reeves, Perry Reiman, joe Reynolds. june Reynolds, Nannelte Reynolds, Shirley Shamrock Dallas Nocona Dougherty Ennis Breckenridge Saint ,Io Fabens Corsieana Denison Fort Worth Fort VVOrth Orange Rusk Gainesville Puldon Dallas lilill eo la Dallas Dallas Fort VVo1'tli Midlothian illidlotlzian Dallas New Boston Koun lze M unflay Denton Bryson Terrell Nocon a Richards, Betty Jane Mineral Wells Richards, Mary Jane Galveston Richardson, Thomas Harvey Rigshy, Billy Riley, Jim Denton Celina Sherman is his senior exhibit Riley. Nlury .Io Roberts, Kitty Roberts, llorure Mike Gainffsrfillf' Big Spring For! ll"rn'll1 Roberts. Lynn 1gUZl'l!? Roberts, Veltlzt Higlllands Robertson, Carol 1ir1m'n11'o0d Robertson, Sully .llurlin Robinson. Mniclln line Dallas Robinson, Gnyrene Iiastland Robinson, Patsy Ruth livaummzt Rocldie, john lint Springs Rogers, Cliztrlie S1lllllICl ilI!'lXvllIlICj' Rogers, -luck I.. Dallas Ronhovtle. Nlbl'lll1l Szfynznzn' Ronntree, Uoltln Marshall Rowen, Glenn Iirnvgei' Royce. Rennt-ll fladdo Mills Rncltl. Dorothy lx'rum Suffle, Norman Iirzzrzfrtillff Salas, lclzilizt Dallas Salmon, Mary Kathryn Linden Samples, Ronny D. Pampa Sandell, Frank KI. jaytmt Sanderson, Sannlnie Iferris Saunders. Marlene lioswe Sellimelpfenig, l.onise Plano Scott. Bill I.z'fors Scribner, .lznnes Self. Jllllllll Serafino, Nancy Ann Sewell. George jr. Sliarber, Pzttsy Sbztuberger, Ruth E. Shaver, Frankie Shaw, Patsy Shaw, Terry Fort ll'm'Il1 Dodd Cily Dunmnzfille I. ll lnlmfk Drfnton Texas City lllart Sweet wa I rf r A lrfa rudo Frankly, Mr. Hyder, wlwal do you lhinlr aboul fhis 'Farm program? M? Class of '55 Por - Sha ,- I Freshmen Shawver, Mary Lois jacksboro Shelley, Doris Ann Donna Sherwood, Melba Edgewood Shields, Mildred Azle Shipley, David Dallas Shobe, Peggy Dallas Short, Eva Seymour Shown, Frances ,Iacksboro Shuman, Mary Frances Denton Sikes, Joan Denton Sikora, Betty Joyce Wharton Silk, Nancilu Frisco Simmonds, Charles Vernon Simpson, Carolyn Eleanor Dallas Simpson, Lucille Keller Skelton, james E. Linden Skiles, Janet Richardson Sloan, Patricia Ann jerrnyn Smztllwood, J. B. jr. Fort Worth Smart, james H. Carrollton Smith, Barbara Abilene Smith Bill Novice Smith Chadwick Dallas Smith, Delmu Sue Fort Worth Smith Don Haskell Smith Donald Ray Mesquite Smith Donna Dallas Smith Doris LaVerne Dallas Smith Helen Dallas Smith Jo Ellen Grapevine Smith, Lee Dallas Smith Laurin Dallas Smith, Ruth L. Corpus Christi Slllilh NVanda Wichita Falls Soliz, Joe Hector Spain, joe Beth San Antonio Dallas Fifteen lashes 'lo 'lhe first girl who thinks about dunking +he prof. Spain, Linda Sparklnan, jerry IJ, Spenny, Kathleen Spraul, Mary Stallcnp, Carol Ann Stamlmauglx, Patsy Starnes, jack Dallas Allzmla Rising Sim' lil Doruclo Fort lforllz C elzna B7'y.W1H Stephens, Henry L. Roswell, N. M. Stewart, jack Kamuv Stewart. 'Iknniglen Fort Wortlz St. john, Louise Wam Stockard, Dora Anne Lewisville Stotts, Dan Post Stout, Louis lllilmer Stovall. Sara Dallas Strange, Rayburn Hereford Stratton, Frank Anglelun Strickland, jucly Celina Sucldatlt, Sue Denton Sullivan, Claudette Sanger Sullivan, Dixy Nacogdocltes Sullivan, Sue Springtozvn Suttles, james li. Forsmz Switzer. li. XY. Denton Sykes, Wyolene Iiixfins lalmor, NI. 'l'. jr. Dallas Talliott, lN'illa Ifrillge11m'l Taylor, Barbara Dallas Taylor, Mary Evelyn Pulnanz Taylor, Norma jean Mineral Wells Taylor. Roy Taylor, Sheridan Fort llnrllz Fort lVm'tl: l'aylor, Thotnas Quarzalz Teetz, joan Kerens Terrell, jecltlie Mack Terrell Terry, D. Samuel Quarzalz In 'lhis major, Singer doesn'll1ave1l1e same meaning as al 'the music hall. Class of '55 Sha - Ter 1:55, ' F si ig, 'Nw' fi? s 2 1-no-' 9? Freshmen A , .gf .. .,,,.,a:1l. M3 6 f is Ba L 52' P s vl'll1lXlUII, ljunics Donald Dallas 'I IIUIHZKS, Nlilfy Ann fUIlfllS0lI1lillI' IQIIOIIIRIS, Palsy .Io lingers, Ark. lliomzxson. Bcity Fort Il'orllz lvlI0lll2lSUl1, Helen Louise Wirlzita Falls l'll4llII1DS0ll. Sue Wcfslafo VIQIIUIIIIJSDII. W. Ross Nllfllfflllllfl vllllllflb. 'liliomns R. Dallas VIQIIFUUID. Dinzlll Lou firrlpcflfille 'l'ollL'11. -lame Sll!'l'IIlIII1 'lricIsc'l1, Hollis ID, Sanger 'l'i'iL-lscli. Iillizm Krum 'l'roc-goin julian Dflllfill illl'llCX. Bill Cnlumlnia Citv, Ind. l'llL'lxCli. K1lll1lCl' S!'j'IllOIlV Vl'lll'lICl'. Doris ,sZl'!'6'lZl'lllf'l' Iiulhill. Neil IZ. Dallas l'mpln'css. Xlil Dallas Yam Hooscr. Rottie Nlzlc Dallas Yznrncr. .Xrlcn New lioslon YCllllllCY2l, Cilorizx Denlon Ycslzll, joan Ballinger Yickrcy. Palsy Jlrkinney XY1lCllCklll, Conrail A. Ennis XYllgUllCI'. Nanny .Xllll lI'ir'l1ila Falls xvlllilljll. Nlziry Ilfllll Grferlzfillff Wulmlrlip. Donna S1143 fl7'!lf1l"2"lI1f' Walker. Don .llirwral Wells Walker. limlrlic jczm 1'enu'f'll Walker. l'xl'2llll'lllC Frisfo Walker. .lznncs ll. Alizzffral U'z'Ils XYz1lkL'r. .ICZIII Dallas Walker. Ifjon Denton XV:1lke1', Mary Kullierin Van Alstyne Wullufc, Nlllflllil Dallas Waxllzxcc, Mary Elizzibclll El Dorado, Ark. Air-age conscious cacleis hear L+. Bryani' discuss Air Science and Taclics. iswwass.-mmsfg XVallace. 'I onnny lVan, Grace YVarcl, Belly jo. XVarren, Leonartl XVHITCII, Ruth Is' XV2lTSl'lllllIl, lX'alter N. WVatson, llarlmara jane firllffxwille' Ihlllas rllmznlrrms Ilallns rlvrllmzrlrfillf' Drrllml l"r'H is YVatkins, Boll lJr' NValson, Carol Ann'la YVatson. Nita Belle Allilwze XVatson, Shirley Ann Trim XVaxman, Annette Allmnyv. N. Y. NVelrIm, .Xnn Ifaugffr XVelmlm, Patricia llallax XVell1urn. I.aln'ita l'.IlIIIll'I'XJ'lHl' NYelc'l1, Dan Qmlmllz XVelclon. Dick lVells, -lo Ann YVells. Kenneth XYells. Ruby XVest. Patricia XVhatley. Pat XYl1ite. Betty Margaret YVhite. Marie llvllkfllllll hir' Furl llvllffll llrn mill ff1'rlz1'fm rl Ilullus fi VPQQIUII I'fIir1.willc' llwllrul XVl1ile. Mary lilizabetli lirmrm 1'4:f ul XYl1ile, Mary Sue living YVhilesicle. Marilyn lx'ingxz'illf' XYhitesicle, Nell Marie llullnx xVlllllCllllCI'g, Georgia Hi'l'!'1H'l1liIlg'l' YVilkins. Alllll llr'w'fmrl XVilkinsnn. I.. G. lfmritx YYilks. Stanley Neal Prirlfwlml, X. ul. xvllli2llIlS, Betty jo Iluuslrm Hfilliains, Bonnie lirmzil XVil1ian1s, Alanie Lou Dallas YVilliznns. Marvin Dallas Isn'+ 'lhal iusl' 'loo cozy! Exac+ly as many boys as fhere are girls. will Class of '55 Tha - Wil Williams, Mary lfranees XVilliarns, Pal XYllll2llIlS. Patsy XYillianis, Paula Faye Williams. bliflllllllll Hills. lliliglllllll Wilson, liex erly Wilson, .jerry Ann XYilson, Rolierl D. E lX'ingi'ielcl, muy joe Winningliani, Gretchen Winston, llal -sur Freshmen . 'iii .- 1 ' Y 'L fs 15 efzfwsii r'2,.s2 Q ' . D - si fglfiggik unfit M. we ---:1 Young, Al Young. l' Zamora. Zemanek, Willenlnirg, Bill Woniack, Juanita Rlllll Wood, jun XVoorl, l'al1'ieia XYU0lll'lllll, Norma XVoocls, Jininlie xvilflilillll, Nlinnee Worthington, David P. U'oullarcl, Tonya XYl'igl1t, Paul lYynne. Joanne Yarnell, Dorothy Yost. Shirley Young. .-Xllnetle Young. Virginia Young. Christine can A!UlIlllIllHS Lilly llollynfoorl, Fla. Nlanuel Dallas Shirley Cliirago, Ill. B row 71 woo d Kermit Hawkins Taft Williams, 'l 'lionias Robert Comanche Allen Willis. I.a1'1'ie Jean Wielzila Falls Lorena Denton Dallas LeFors Nixon Ralls Laredo Lomela Fort lV0rtlz Bowie Clarksville Aubrey Gunter Dallas Dallas San Angelo Fort Worth Terrell .Sea fry, A rk. Munday Dallas 1'xU7'l' Ifortlz Millsap Library service majors spend much lime in siaclcs and shelves. Graduaie Class ' -a+ ' , ' X fs i iffg l f Ed Curry, Presicleni Bill Boyd. Vice Presiden+ L. A. Kendrick, Vice Presicleni' Marian Robinson, Secreiary Pai Ballweg, Treasurer Shirley Murphy' Secrelary Senior Class Dillon Bowden, Presiclenl' Junior Class Elizabeili Hall, Vice Presicleni Charles Maxwell, Treasurer Marian Echols, Secreiary Gloria Spangler, Treasurer 493 .aussi-: ., .' 5255B453??3Zi?1iE??5g?f?iiiA"f ':f"f'g., '- :l'Zf':f 1' , . ,3w,f,,,,,,.L , M.5.,,saW 1 Q, ,W . , ,, w as S " ' More ,.,A.,, asm Q .H '-f2v'c2i?.g5'is-QS-e+e5ff . ejsssgiefielmiiw . f isNg,ff.,o,:h-,V-,.,n-Sf, , ,A :s,.x,.s,g,r,,,,K. . . , 3' 7 , mil:-' V S sex igil i li l iws 1, ' M' -F 52 , as 2:72 :vi ' '1 ' i ff L -' -'-- if-141 WR, -:-15 5 T is , l, -.3 ' - .F . 'lbw g"f. hjfvgifgj-'jg ,ff yi -v':::v' ., J.:-X jim,Q-2'-'g,,,aYvisalfslfz--fr'-J-sf?, 2 .. A 'S -is fi Riff" I P ff?" i"i"f' 359'-5 Tifmffii 961 -' f: ' rig 155: :iq fm K f+ju7j''S, Q3fzli:,.j,Q1kQ,Lg.f Jia 55 EH:- . S S ' zffgwfyrsfiyfsf-f fSs'w 1 - J f-.yfg , .M-ff.., ca. 3,12 5: 2. 'V , -rf..fL,.f ,, Wg, .mn V, , . , -5 -. .fm - ,,a:'fu-.Wd ,,.. 2 Mike Harmg' Pregideni- SBHY Bell- WCG Pfeidefll Jackie Por'l'er, Secrelary Sophomore Class Freshman Class Marilynn Campbell, Treasurer 3 Q mark gl Byways S J an 9 if A 5. ,gf ,r Kg, ,W jigsaw, iigijqsiffi X? S ki ,swlg ,mf wr if 5 if Q 5 Sas 'S SAX ,si ss S 'W Wssrwffs L Mifwr wwf V S Waals W 5 Slfsgsgiwlk M315 S Q N 5 S f if H sf ww W W, S55 sf was ,sw W w 3 , E, s Q fi i , f sr S as 5 ' ' 5 iz? -li' -: :..: ',..-5 -- 5 , A, L- Q -. ,z.- V. as 5: S-lirfl'-f-goes ,,- - - I ri-1,9-,, . ' -is-:VV --'PHX .- , A Nh,,. 7 .,--,s ,,,. ,Wi-. ,- .1 -f 5 ,1-1-,,--rw,-ffzgff f i f. ' ', ,wgsfff:.5-aim:-'-g.,.fM:?:-:Qi-Hi r aw" J J 3 -".,',g.L-w'i'fif1,,Q''Y-I'f'L7QQ-Qfiifiaw' Mike Murphy, Presidenl' Anifa Allison, Vice Presidenl' Be'Hie Johnson, Secrelary Edifor's Page "How,s the Yucca coming?" "When's the Yucca gonna be out, John?', lf each person who asked me that during the year had paid me a nickel every time he asked, I would be a much richer man. But, as a mat- ter of fact, I am richer anyhow, because those innocent questions were expressions of true interest in when the 1952 Yucca would at last be turned from the editors and staff members to the student body. It has been a wonderful privilege for us to work with the book, to lose sleep and miss classes and meetings so that you, the students, might have a book to look at and remind you of the school year 1951-52 at North Texas. Responsible for the student life section, the biggest in any Yucca, and still, so far as we know, the biggest in the nation, was Madie Echols. Madie not only met my greatest expectations, but exceeded them. Margaret McReary was an executive whiz as organizations editor. Hers was the idea for livening the organizations with informals, which proved to be a thousand-fold headache. Martha Davidson Morris took time out to get married, but came through for me just as she has for the past two Yucca editors. WVithout her experience from past years and her general secretarial ability, we might never have met the deadline. Bill Martin took sports from scratch, and had to put up with my ideas from the start. To- gether we worked out a better-proportioned sports section, with organizations and sports getting Yucca space in accordance with their importance. This year the photography staff was extended to three members, with Jack Murray contribu- ting experience gained through two previous years with the Yucca, Kenneth O'Del1 adding a freshman's enthusiasm mixed with a profes- sional's ability, and joe David Ruffin's faith- fulness and earnestness. Benny Karnes augmented this trio's work by shooting all the Who's Wfho at North Texas. Some of Benny's work smacks of professional- 1sm. Marilyn Whiteside came in early in the spring semester and began writing copy which un- questionably is the freshiest ever seen in any- body's Yucca. Her mind is as creative as any on campus. And then there's Yucca's grand adviser, D. Hall Jr. We didn't always see eye to eye, but we worked very closely in presenting this Yucca, especially the opening section. For extra help which they alone can evalu- ate, thanks to Joan Martin, Patsy Robinson, Dorothy Yarnell, Nelda Luttrell, Gerald Mfat- ers, Dorothy Dishman, Bobbie Jim Lanier, and Dan Wall. To Dolores, Rita, Jo Ann and Martha in the print shop for doing about half the staff's work in pasting, reading and typing. For extra help, mostly informative when no one else knew where to look, roses to Katie Henley, Bob and Dude McCloud. Compliments to the Publications Council, which had vision enough to send me to Pittsburgh, Pa., for the annual Associated Col- legiate Press convention. Without what I learned there, this Yucca would have been much degraded in quality. The following, all professionals, gave their best to this Yucca, and have almost as much pride in the finished product as we do. Jim Sams, of Kingsport Press, Inc. of Kings- port, Tenn., for this year's cover. YVe had to knock lots of letters back and forth, but they came through with what we wanted. Joe and 1A7allace Hurley of the Hurley Com- pany in Camden, Ark. They hollered, we answered, and here it is, right on time. Becky Reese and Bill Murphree of South- western Engraving. WVe hollered, they answer- ed, and the printer was satisfied. Hungerford-Morehouse art firm in Dallas, whose title page and end sheet designs give the book much of its continuity and freshness. W. D. Smith, commercial photographer, who came up from Fort Worth to make the organi- zations photography look simple, yet sharp. Cunningham's and West's photo studios, for class section, faculty, and extra photography when the staff was rushed hardest. And, to cap it all, that All-American photog himself, Max of Photo Associates in Dallas. Without him much of the life of the book and the enjoyment of being editor would never have materialized. Pardon the personal touch for an ending, but I really must thank my parents and my fiancee, Mary Reynolds, for their understand- ing, love and help during the year. Only they can know the true meaning of what this job has been in my life. So, here it is, readers of the 1952 Yucca. If a little gladness touches your heart, a little nostalgia floats over your mind, or a tear comes to your eye as you view your book, welve ac- complished our purposes. We've given you your year back just as you want to remember it. Most cordially, John A. Lovelace, Editor 1952 Yucca 5 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Arlington State Club , Chi ,,..,,.,,,,, Lambda Delta ,,, Lambda Pi ......, Lambda Sigma ,,, Mu Alpha ...... ,,,,,,,, Phi Omega ..,. ,,,, 318, Rho Tau ,,,,,,..,..,...L,,,,,,,,, Association for Childhood Education Baptist Student Union Beta Alpha Rho Beta ,,, .,,a. , .,l, ,,, Beta Beta Beta ,,,,,, Blue Ke y ,,,,,,,,,,, chi sigma Phi W Club Varsity ,,,,,, College Players ,W Debate Club ,,,, W, Delta Chi Delta ,W Delta Psi Kappa ,,, Delta Signla ,,,,,,,, Ellen H. Richards ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, , Falcons ,W ,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W TTTTWMTBQE 288 T566 TTEEBP 332, 292 1 , 1 v 1 Future Teachers of America ,, 334, 335, 336, Gamma Iota Chi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, Gamma Theta Upsilon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, Geezles ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 294, Government and Pre-Law Club ,,,,,,,,,, A Jessie Acker qHome Economicsj ,,,, Tommye Acker fSoc. Dir., Chiltonj ,, 313 314 315 316 317 319 320 321 323 324 289 325 326 291 327 328 329 277 330 331 333 293 337 338 339 295 340 Wayne Adams QI.aboratory Schoolj ,,, WW Roscoe C. Adkins fGovernmentJ ,,,.,,,,,,. Anna Alford fLaboratory Schoolj . ,,,,,,, Louise B. Anderson fSect. Dean of Womenj Miles E. Anderson fPhySiCSj Y---ff-f.-.--- 41 Ursula Angell qWomens Physical 62 20 52 35 ,. 52 20 365 Educationj WW ,...,,,.,2, -W 56, 330, Earl A. Arnold QEucationJ .,,,,,,,,....,, Violet A. Archer fMusicJ ,,..,. .,-.fY,,,, Raul Askew fJournalismj ,,,,,,, Ruth Ayers fLaboratory Schoolj ,, B 50 67 38 52 Dorothy Babb qForeign Languagey ,,..,,,. 33 Billie Bailey QWomen's Physical Educationj ,,,,,,,,,.,.,-fff, W 56, 330, 364 H. G. Baker QBusiness Administrationj ,,,,, 46 E. G. Ballard QEng1ishj ,.,YY,Y4----f--44 - 30 LaCo1a Barlow QBusiness Officej ,,,,,.,,,, 20 Sam Barton 1Economics Sc Sociologyj ,,,,,, 32 Sadie Kate Bass fDir. Dorm. Food Servicej ,20 Gladys Bates fAsst. Registrarj ,,,,,..,.,, 20 George C. Beamer QEducationJ ,,,,,, ,, 50 William F. Belcher, Jr. fEnglishJ ,,, WW30 Imogene Bentley fDean of Hfomenj ,,, ,,, 17 S. A. Blackburn flndustrial Artsj ,, ,, 58 A, Witt Blair qEducationj ,,..,... WW50 Earle B. Blanton Qlndustrial Artsj ,,, ,,, 58 Olna Boaz QEnglishj ,...,,,,,,,,....---- 30 Merl E. Bonney fEducationj ,.,.,,,, 50, 368 Ann Bradley fLaboratory Schoolj ,,,, ,,,, 52 Lottie Brashears fLibraryj ,,,,,,,,,, 71, 373 Paul R. Breckenridge fBusiness Administrationj .,,,,,,......, WW 46, 315 Harold Brenholtz QEducationJ ,,, ,,,,.. W 50 E. C. Brodie QEng1ishj ,,,,.., .YY.Y.,Y, 3 0 John M. Brooks fBusiness Administration 46, 353 290 D ..-------------- Garland Brookshear fBusiness Administrationj ,,,,,..,,,,,, ..------ 4 6 Leon Brown fMusicJ ,,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,, 67 Myrtle Brown fMathematicsJ ..,,,,-,--,-- 40 Stephen Buell CSpeechj ,,,, 42, 324, 326, 350 T. S. Burkhalter QChemistryJ ,,,,,,,, 29, 381 J. L. Burks QLaboratory Schooll ,,,,,,,,,, 52 Index Organizaiions Green Jackets ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, 341 House Presidents' Club W W 342 Industrial Arts Club ,,,, ,,,, 343 Intersorority Council ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 3 10 Interfraternity Council ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,, , 311 Junior Mary Arden Club ,,,, ,,, 344, 345 Kapa Delta Pi ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, 346, 347 Kappa Kappa Kappa ,,, ,,, 278, 279 Kappa Mu Epsilon ,,,, ,,,,,,,, 3 48 Kappa Theta Pi ,,,,,,,, ,,, 280, 281 Kilgore College Club ,,,, ,--.-, 3 49 KOED ,,,,....,,,,,,, ,,,, 3 50 Los Caballeros ,,,,,, ,, 351 Management Club ,,, ,, 352 Marketing Club ,,,, W 353 McCracken Club ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 3 54 Meritum ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 3 55 Music Educators National Conference ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 3 56 357 Mu Phi Upsilon ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 3 58 Newman Club ,,, ,,,, 359 Panhandle Club ,,, ,,,,, ,,, 360 Phi Alpha Tau ,,,,,, ,,,, 2 98 299 Phi Alpha Theta ,,,, ,,-,,,,, 361 Phi Delta Beta ,,,,,,,, ,,, 300 301 Phi Gamma Kappa ,,,,,, W, 282 283 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia ,,,, ,,,, , , 362 Virginia Galloway fForeign Languagej ,,,. 33 Emmett F. Camberon QMen's Physical Educationj ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 54 Caro M. Carapetyan fMusicJ ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 6 7 Mary Carden fLaboratory School,, , .,W 52 James Carlcy qMusicJ ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 6 7 J. I.. Carrico qChemistryJ ,,,,, W , 29 Velma Lee Cathey fLibraryJ .,-.---,,. 71 354 Lt. I.. E. Catterson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 396 Maurine Childers QLaboratory Schoolj ,,,. 52 Donald R. Childress fBusiness Administrationj ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, , 46 Herbert J. Chruden QBusiness Administrationj ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 46, 352 Virginia Clarke qLaboratory Schoolj ,,,,,. 52 S. Cliftonf Englishj ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 30 376 Fred Cobb fPhysical Educationj ,,,, 54, 227 Millard Collins CBusiness Administrationj ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 46, 366 L. F. Connell fPhysicsJ ,,,,,, , W, ,,,,, , 41 Mary Ruth Cook QLaboratory Schoolj ,,,. 52 J. V, Cooke QMathematicsJ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 348 W. A. Cooper fPhysical Educationj ,,,,,, 54 Johnnye Cope fLaboratory Schoolj , George Copp fMathematicsJ ,,,,,,,,,, Donnie Cotteral fPhysica1 ,WWW52 ,,,, 40 Educatlonj ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 56, 330 364 V. Y. Craig QEducationJ ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 5 0 E. P. Crittenden fEnglishJ ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 3 0 Florence Cullin fGeographyJ W ,,,, 34 Nettie Jo Cummings QForeign Languagej ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 3 4 Caroline Currie QBusiness Administrationj ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 4 6 O. J. Curry QBusiness Administration ,,,,,,, , W, 45, 377 A. A. Daniel QEducationJ ,, .,,. , W ,,,,, ,,,, 50 Henery Dannelley QForeign Languagej ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 33, 370, 375 C. C. Davis flndustrial Artsj ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 58 Nell Davis QHome Economicsj ,,,,,,, ,,,, 6 2 Ira DeFoor fPhysical Educationj ,,,,,,,,,,, 54 Marian DeShazo fForeign Languagej ,,,.,, 33 Niobe Dick QSec. Educationj ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, Gerhardt Dorn fMusicJ ,...,,,,, W 50 67 Phi Sigma Alpha ,,,,,,,..,,,,, , ,,,,, 284, 285 Phi Upsilon Omicron ,,,,,,,,,, , ....,,,, 363 364 Physical Education Professional C1ub,, , Pi Omega P1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,..., Y 302 Pi Phi Pi ,,,,, Press Club ,,,, Psi Chi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Quintilians , ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Rio Grande Valley Club ,,,, Sigma Alpha Iota ,,,,,,, Senior Mary Arden Club .,,, Sigma Delta ,,..,,,,,,,,, Sigma Delta Pi ,, ,,,.,,, T555 r 365 366 303 ,,,, 367 WW 368 ,,, 369 ,,,, 370 371 , 373 ,,W 374 ,,,, 375 Sigma Phi Nu ,....,,,,, W- 304, 305 Sigma Tau Delta ,,,,,,,, W ,,,,,,, 376 Student Religious Council ,, ,,,,, 377 T Club ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 3 78 Talons ,,,,,,,..,,,. 306, 307 Tarleton Club ,,,,,,,, ..,,,,. 3 79 Theta Sigma Alpha ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 380 Trojans ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,...,,.. 308, 309 VV. N. Masters Chemical Society ,,,,,,,, 381 Wesley Foundation Council ,.,,,,,..,,.,, 382 Wesley Players ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,.,,, 383 XVomen's Forum Council ,,, ,,,,,,, . 384 Zeta Pi Gamma ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 2 86-287 James Dougherty QEducationJ ,,, W- 50 Carol Durham qSect. Women's Physical Educationj ,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,, ,, 56 David VV. Duncan flndustrial ArtsJ ,, E Reva Ebert fLaboratory Schoolj ,,, Willard Elliot QMusicj ,,,,,,,, ,,, 58 W, 52 ,,,, 67 WV. R. Erwin flndustrial Artsj W ,, 58, 343 R. B. Escue QChemistryJ ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 2 9 Virgean Estes fMusicj ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 67 Louise Evans QLibraryj ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 71 Olive C. Evans QSect. Home Economicsj ,,, 62 F Herbert YV. Ferrill fPhysical Educationj 54, 231 Kathleen Flood QBusiness Administrationj ,, Emma Lou Floyd QArtJ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dorothy Louise Fields QGovernmentj George H. Finck QEconomics 8: Sociologyj ,, T. J. Fouts QPhysical Educationj ,,,,,,,,,, Jonnie P, Fredrickson QLibraryJ ,,,,,,,,,,,, H. J. Friedsan fEconomics 8: Sociologyj ,,, 46 24 35 32 Lillian B. Foster QDiet., Oak St. Hallj ,,,, 20 54 71 32 24 Rudolph Fuchs QArtJ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, F. H. Gafford QHistoryJ ,,, ,,,, 36, 361 lVil1iam Gardner QMusicJ ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,, 67 Maude Garnett fMusicy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 67, J. L. Gerding fForeign Languagej Lee Gibson QMusicJ ,,,,,,,,,,,, , 357 33 67 Martha Goodman qSect. Registrarsu TCT Officej ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,, 20 67 Roderick Gordon QMusicj ,,, Ray Gough qArtJ ,,,,,, , ,,,,, Floyd Graham fMusicj ,,, ,,,,, , E. Roy Griffin fGovernmentJ W, Margaret Grubb QMusicJ ,,,,,, H W. T. Hagan QHistoryJ ,,,,,,, Virginia Haile fEnglishj ,,,,,,, Avis Hall QHome EconomicsJ ,,, J. D. Hall QPrint Shopj ,,,,,, ,,,, ,356 W ,,,, W 24 ,,, 67, 326 ,,,,,, 35 67 ,,, 36 ,, 30 WW 62 ,,, 189 M. E. Hall fMusicJ ,...,,,. ,,,. 6 7 Tom Hall Qlinglishj ...v,,,...., ..,, ,,,. 3 0 E, H. Hansen Qlklathematicsj ..Y,....,,,,. 40 Xvalter Hanson ffleographyj ..,,,...,,,,,. 34 G. Truett Hardesty QLibrary Servicej ,,,,. 37 174 Myrtle Hardy fSpeechj ,,,....,,, 328, 42, Thomas S. Harlee QForeign Languagej a,.....,,.,...a,......,, 33, B. B. Harris QDean of Administration, Biologyj ,,,...,,...v..,,,...fV,,,a..... A. N. Harrison CBusiness 168 16 Administrationj ..a,,,,.... WW, 46, 353 291 Beulah Harriss qlVomen's Physical Educationj ...,,, 56, 330, 341, 365 Helen Haugland QRegistrar's OfficeJ Y,,o,, 20 L. O. Hayes fPhysicianj ,,....,.,,,,,,.... 20 John Haynie QMusicj ,,.....,,,,,,. .... 6 7 George D. Hendricks fEnglishj ..,.. ..., 3 0 Katie Henley QSect., Pres. Emeritus Officej ..,,,,....,,,,........,,, ee- 20 Helen Hewitt QMusicj ....,,,,,,,,,,a.... 67 Anna Harriet Heyer fLibraryj ,,,.,....... 71 Lloyd Hibberd fMusicJ e,,A......,..,,,,,, 67 W. H. Hodgson fMusicj ,,.....,,, 66, 357, 174 Betty Holland QWomen's Physical EClllC21110Hb ,,1.....,.,,,,..,,...,..... 56 R. V. Holland fSpeechj .........,..., 42, 369 Bennie Holley QDiet., Marquis Hallj .,.,, 20 T. B. Hyder fEconomics 8: Sociologyj ,,,.. 32 Nita Huckabee QSocial Dir., Terrill Hal1j---20 Gladys Hudginsq Biologyj .......... 27, 325 E. E. Jarboe QEducationj -- --- 50, 291 Floyd H. Jenkins QBusiness Adminisrationj .....,,.,......,,,,..... 46 Eithel Johnson QlVomen's Physical Educationj ..,.,......Y.,,,,,. 56, 330, 365 Jack Johnson QEcono1nics 8: Sociologyj aa 17, 32 Roland Johnson QLaboratory Schoolj .... 52 Ola Johnston QBio1ogyJ ,,,,.....,...-..,, 27 Zonelle Jones QHospitalJ ...........,, ,,,, 2 0 Loraine Jorgenson QSect. Educationj ,,,,. 50 K H. XV. Kamp, Jr. QGovemmentJ -- W 35, Claude Kelley fEducationJ ..,,,,, ..,,, Howard Key Qlinglishj ,,,,,,, Otto Kinkeldey QMusicJ ,,.... Lee G. Knox qGeographyj W Iois Knox Librar A 4 yn ,a,,,,,,, Earl YV. Kooker QEducationJ .......,,,,,. Edith Kubeck QWomen's Physical Educationj ,,,.....,,,,,,,,,,, 56 340 50 30 67 34 71 50 , 330, 364 Mary T. Kuhnle fDiet., Bruce Hallj ....,,, 20 L Georgia Belle Leach fArtj ..,,,,,,,.,..,,, 24 Jack Legett QAsst. At Trading Postj ..,,,.. 20 Edith Lindley QHome Economicsj ..a, 62, 363 C. L. Littlefield QBusiness AdministrationJ L-.. ....., ,,,.... 4 6, 352 J. M. Logue flinglishj ,,,,........,,,,,a, 30 Elizabeth Lomaz Qlinglishj .v,,,,,,,,,,.... 30 Clara Lowenstien qHome Economicsj ...... 62 Jessie Lucke fEng1islij ,,,,,,,,......, ,,,, 3 0 Edith Luecke QHome Economicsj --- ,We 62 M Maurice McAdow QMusicJ ,,.... ,,,.,., 6 7 S. B. McAlister QGovernmentJ .v,,,. 35, 174 J. B. McBryde QBiologyj Y,Y--,f.Y, 27, 326 Fred N. McCain qPhysical Educationj 54, 231 Jerry McCain Qlndustrial Artsj ,,,....,,,. 58 Dude N. McCloud QNews Servicej ---- 20, 186 Robert J. McCloud QJournalismj .....v 38, 186 VV. McConnell QPresident Emeritusj .,,, 10, 17 Mary McCormic QMusicJ .,Y,,,....,,,,,... 67 Eva Joy McGuffin QEng1ishj .,..,,,,,,,... 30 Delbert McGuire Qournalismj 38, 366, 374, 180 ldie McLain fEnglishJ ..,,,,.....,,,,.... 30 Carolyn McMu1lan QEducationJ ...,,,,..,. 50 Nina Macklin QLaboratory Schoolj do Frank Mainous fMusicJ ,,,...,,,,, Jean Harris Mainous QMusicJ ...,,, Frances Martin fliducationj ..,, R, L. Marquis, Jr. fEducationj We Peggy Sue Mathis fSect. Physical -W 52 ,W 67 67 , 50 A 50 l'.llllC21l101'lJ ..,,,,.....,.,,,...,..,,,L,.. 54 J. C. Matthews qPresidentJ ..,..., 12, 16, 326 Isla Mae Maxey QHome Economicsj ,.,.,.. 62 Manuel Meyer QMusicj .......,,,,A,i..,,a 67 Margaret Middleton CHome Economicsj .... 62 Lee VV. Miller fEng1ishj ,,,,,,,....a,a,,, 30 Robert A. Miller QGeographyj ......,, 34, 339 Russell Miller fMusicj ,,,.....Y,,,,,,,... 67 Odus Mitchell QPhysical Educationj ,,,, 54, 231 Homer Money flndustrial Artsj .....Y,,, 58 George Morey fMusicj ,,,,,,a.....,,,,,,, 67 D. M. Morris QBiologyJ a,.....-- v,,, 2 7, 317 N Lucile B. Neely QLaboratory Schoolj ....., 52 O Chester A. Oehler fBusiness Administrationj 46 Mary Tome Osborne QEnglishj ..a,,...,, 30 Robert YV. Ottman QMusicJ ,,..,,,....,,.. 67 P Herbert Parrish QMathematicsj ..,,,. 40, 348 Sangster Parrott QLibraryj .,,,..,,,..,,..Y 71 Norma Parton fHome Economicsj ...,....a 62 Mary Patchell fEnglishj ,....,,..Y,,...-,. 30 Mary Glenn Peery QLaboratory Schoolj Joe R. Peters qBusiness 46, 3 Donna Bell Peterson fLibraryj ..,,,...,... Lilian Phillips QMusicJ ,,...,,,,...,f..., Jesse F. Pickrell QBusiness Adminisrationj Admmistrationj ....,,,..,,,... ,,,. Rita Pilkey QWomen's Physical e--- 52 66 71 67 ,e 46 l',ClllC3il01'1J ,,,....,,,,.... .. aa.. 56, 330, 365 Maydell Potter QLibraryJ .,,,....,,,....,. 71 Bettie Priddy QCorr. 8: Ext. Divisionj ,avi 20 0 Hazel Prim QSoc. Dir., Oak St. Hallj .,,,,.. Annabelle Pritchard fEducationJ .,,, R. L. Proffer fEducationj .....,,, Anna Powell QHistoryj -,. ..,,e,, Mlilma Rose Powell QHospitalJ L-- R 2 --- 50 --, 50 We 36 W, 20 Inez Ray qAsst. to Dean of Adm.j .,,..,.. 20 Eleanor Rayne fLaboratory Schooll aee... 52 Fred Reinmiller QEnglish, Philosophyj ---e 313 20 Barbara Reynolds qHospita1j .,,,,,..,,,, Alan Richardson fMusicj ..-,,,,..., Archie Roach QBiologyJ .,,,,..., Fritz Roberson Q1ndustrialArtsJ W Ira Roberts QPhysicsj ,,......,, Mary C. Robertson QBusiness Administrationy ,,.,,,,,,,,. ea- 67 --- 27 -ea 58 We 41 W, 46 Robert J. Rogers fMusicj ..,..,..,,,. ,a.-- M. E. Rooney 4Business Administrationj Tom Rose QBusiness Administrationj 67 a-- 46 -,-- 46 Marguerite Ross fHome Economicsj ..,... 62 Frances Russell fHome Economicsj ,,.,,... 62 Maudie R. Russell QSoc. Dir., Bruce Hallj --.20 S Vandolyn B. Savage QLibraryj ......,a..,.- 71 Silvio Scionti QMusicj .,,..,a..,..-,.-- --- 67 Florence Scoular qHome Economicsj .,,,. 62 Jack B. Scroggs fHistoryJ a,...,a.,,,. 36, 351 Leigh Secrest QPhysicsj ..,,...,-..,,.. ,,,-- 4 1 Henry Shands QPhysical Educationj -- 54, 245 R. C, Sherman QBio1ogyj ..,,a...,...w 27, 325 M. S. Shockely fEng1ishJ ..,...Ya...f..., 30 C. E. Shuford Qournalismj ,-- ea- 39, 180 J. K. G. snvey qBun0gYl - --ga - .aaa 27 Fred Slack QLaboratory Schoolj ,.., ea.. 5 2 Leslie Sorrels Qlndustrial Artsj .v,.. ae.. 5 8 Izetta Sparks QLaboratory Schoolj --- -, 52 J. Spurlock fChemistryJ ,...,...Y ...K 2 9 Cora E. Stafford fArtj ,....,,.... ..,,2 2 5 Oma Stanley QEnglishj ,,..,e..,.,...,,,.. 30 Eva Stapleton QLab0rat0ry Schoolj ...v,,... 52 Wauline Starr QSect. Placement Officej --, 20 Ardath Steadman QBusiness Administrationj .,,,..., -- 46, 366 Carl Sutton QEnglishJ ..z... .,,... 3 0 Mary C. Sweet fEnglishj --- ---V 30 Mary Swindle QLibraryJ - W 71 Charles Taliaferro QSpeechj .,.,,.. ,... 4 2 Ouita Taylor QSect. to Presidentj -- ...v 20 Tom Taylor fLaboratory SchoolJ -W ..,, A 52 Dorothy Thomas fLibrary Servicej .... 37, 316 Robert B. Toulouse QEducationJ ..,,,...,e 50 Bess Townsend QEducationJ ,....,,,..,,,, 50 Betty Jane Trotter QWomen's Physical Educationj ......,, -- 56, 330, 364 Price Truitt QChemistryJ ,,..... aa... 2 9, 381 Edna Turpen QTrading Postj an Erle Veatch QBusiness Administrationj W D. B. Wlalker CPhysical Educationj -- 54, Edith VVa1ker QRecorderJ ...,,,,....,,,,.. Pauline Ward qLibraryJ ....,,..... James F. Webb QEducationJ W- ,---,,, J. Rex lVeir fSpeechj ,,,,,...,,, --- W-- 20 -Wa 46 231 20 ---, 71 50 42, 329 Hildegarde Wells QLibraryJ ..,.,,....,,.. 71 Chester S. Williams QEducationJ ....,,,.,. 50 32 Elgin Williams fEconomics Sc Sociologyj Mack L. Williams QMathematicsj Ronald Williams fArtJ ,...,v,,,,....- Ruba Joe Wimberly fEducationj Elliene C. lVo0d fSoc. Dir., Bruce ,,,-,--,-, 40 24 320 , ---------- 50 Han U 16 20 lVilliam G. YVoods QDean of Menj faf. , 311 A. H. Hlord QEducationJ ,,,,,,,,....,,,, 50 Helen lvright fBusiness Administration Opal lVright QBusiness Administrationj Carl York QMathematicsj -- 5 ee 46 e-- 46 ,- 40 A Abington, Patricia fFort Wlorthy ,, Adoms, Adams, Adams, Billy Joyce QSkellytowny Claire fDentony ....,,,, Hollis D. QCiscoy ..iii, ,,,,450 ,468 , 468 ,4l 1 Adams, Mary Sue fMidlandy ,,,,.,,,,.Y,Y 468 Adams, Patsy fTex0ny ,.,.....,,,,,,t,,,, -468 Addington, Bill QDallasy ,-. ...., .390, 396, 468 Addington, Gay fDallasy W, ..,,.,, -364, 450 Addison, Martin A. ,,,,,,,,, ,...t,,,,,Y 3 90 Adkins Calvin Keller , 4 9 .,,,,v.........,., 468 Adkins, Leslie Gene QDallasy ,W. 298, 329, 350, 369, 411 Adkins, Marsha Lee fMexiay ......,,,,,,V. 406 Agee, James Clark, Jr. fWellingtony,-360, 468 Aishman, Alene QWaxahachiey .,,,. . 334, 444 Akers, Elgin QDentony .....n,,. .288, 391, 450 Akins, Sammy V. fJacksboroy ...,,,,,,,,, 450 Albrecht, Barbara fDal1asy ,,.......t 366, 468 Alexander, Bill QMegargely ,,,,... -334, 450 Alford, Charlie QBrownwoody ,,,,,, 397, 427 Alford, Joe Gerald QWeatherfordy ,.,, 320, 450 Allen, Barbara fDallasy ...A,,,,,,....YY... 450 Allen, Bobbye Hellen fDentony ,,,,,,,,,. , 323 Allen, Dorothy J. qMarshally, -345, 450 Allen, Loyd Edgar qFloydaday W ,..., ..-468 Allen, Jo Ann fKilgorey ,,, ,,, 349, 435 Allen, WVanda fRotany ,,..o, ,,,-3l4, 450 Allgood, Louis fShermany ., ,,,.393, 468 Allison, Anita QFarmersvilley ,, ,,, 468, 494 Allison, Frances QAmari11oy ,,,,,,,, 332, 442 Allison, Gene W. fLometay ...... 334, 390 435 Allison, Lee fD'allasy ..s,,,,,,,, .288, 391, 450 Allison, Melba Joyce QCamerony ..,,,,,,,, 450 Alves, Anne fAustiny ,,,,,,,,.,....nA.,, .468 Amyx, Coy Thomas fSangery ,,, WW468 Anderhub, Sam fDa1lasy ,,,,v...,,,,,,,,, .422 Anderson, Annelle qGarlandy ,,,v..,.. -, 468 Anderson, Barbara fTexarkanay ,. 320, 345, 450 Anderson, Dorothy QPondery ..... .313, 366 416 Anderson, Glenda fFort 1fVorthy ,.,..... .468 Anderson, Jane QHutchinsy ..,,,...,,,,. -468 Anderson, Jim A. 1Wichita Fallsy ....,,, .393 Anderson, Joe fBe1lsy ,....,,,,,,,,. .397, 450 Anderson, Joe Frank QRusky ....,,,, 396, 468 Anderson, John QShermany ,,,,,.w......., 435 Anderson, Lawrence Lee fGalvestony ,. 383, 391 Anderson, Max "Andy" qmissiony WW303, 337, 370, 427 Anderson, Roy fLongviewy ....2,f,, .288, 416 Anderson, Patricia Lee QSeagovilley ....,,,, 450 Anderson, Walter fliloydaday ,,,,,....... 468 Anding, Elizabeth fMonroe Cityy ,,,Y 364, 450 Angle, George fDallasy .,,,,.,,....,,,,,, 416 Anthon Carlene Denton A y, A 4 J ,,aaaa-- Anthony, James Byron fDent0ny ,- 356, ,,,,,-450 2 446 36 , 334 Apple, Vevagene QBig Springy W,.280, , 435 Arbuckle, Gene QHamiltony 288, 352, 390, 416 Armor, Nancy fDa1lasy ,....,,,,,.,.,.. .427 Armour, Barbara Ann QHarlingeny ,, 327, 370, 371, 450 Arms, Dale QComanchey ...a,,, 331, 393, 468 Armstrong, Charles M. fPlanoy ,,,, 390, 468 Armstrong, Jean fGranburyy ,,,... 336, 450 Armstrong, Quincy QFort Worthy ,,,.230, 232, 294, 378 Arnold, Darrell QDentony ,,,.318, 391, 450 Arnold, Dennis D. fHendersony ,,a. 334, 468 Arnold, Gene C. QGalvestony ,c...,,, 393, 468 Arnwine, Richard qMesquitey ,, 292, 352, 416 Asbeck, Jean QHoustony ,,,,,...,,,,,,a.. 411 Ashby, Jonell QDentony .a,,, .aa,,,,,, 4 50 Ashley, Bernice QSlidelly ,,,..,, ..,,, , 435 Ashley, Mary Dean fVernony a,,, 174, 330, 365, 427 Aston, Jeff fDallasy ,,,, ,,....,,,,,, 390, 468 Aston, Roy D. fVernony ,,,, , .,,,, 331, 450 Atkins, Mary Virginia QDentony ..,,,,,, 468 Atkins, Sammie fPortales, N. M.y ...a.,, 450 Atteberry, Ray QDentony ,,,...a,,, ,..., 1 80 Atwood, Sue Ann QGrahamy ....,,,,,,.. 468 Austin, Charles L. CMcAlleny ,,...., . 298, 450 Austin, Charles W. QDentony ..,, 298, 370, 406 Austin, Jane fMesquitey WW322, 323, 372, 427 Austin, Larry QVernony ,,,,,,.. 204, 362, 402 Austin, Zo Dell QWellingtony ,,,,....,,,,, .435 Austin, Zona Faye qFort Worthy ,,,...,,, .468 Avery, Buddy ..,,,,,,,-....,,,,, - ,,..,, 393 Axtell, Calvin QDallasy ,,.. 244, 294, 378, 450 Students B Bacon, Jimmy fLewisvilley .... WWW 381, Badgett, Doris QShermany ........,.. , 333 Bahnsen, Eugene fVint0n, La.y ,v2, 232, a Bahnsen, Kenneth A. QVinton, La.y 230, 232 342 Bailey, Barbara fltascay ,,,,,Y,,,22- , Bailey, Dudley Velan QCorsicanay ,,,,,,,,, Bailey, Everette E. qWeatherfordy,,,.348, Bailey, Jane QBaytowny ,, ,,,,,, 337, 355, Bailey, Joe Dan fQuanahy a,a,,,,,,,,,,,,Y Bailey, Lila Jean QCorsicanay ..,...., -313, Bailey, Scott J. fCiscoy ,,,,,, ...... Baker, Annie Ruth fSaint Joy c,,,... .342, Baker, Billy Ray qDallasy ,,,,,,, .393, Baker, Charles QDallasy W-.. .,,,,, 390, 396, Baker, Helen Irene QJacksboroy ..,.a,,,, Baker, Helen Louise QAnsony 332, 335, 372, Baker, Lawrence Lyle fDa1lasy .. ,,,..Y..... Baker, Ruth Ann QPasadenay ,,,,,,,,,,,Y Baldridge, Betty B. fDentony ,,,,,. 284, Baldwin, Guy, Jr. fGreenvilley t...,. 290, Ball, Anna Katherine QDallasy .... ...a... Ball, Kellyanne fDallasy ,,,,,,, Ball, Virginia QAbileney ,,, ,,,,,, WW Ballenger, Bob L. QDallasy ....,..,,, .351, 450 468 468 378 435 422 406 427 468 411 435 450 468 468 406 435 427 450 450 422 468 450 468 411 Ballweg, Pat QArlingtony ,,,. 280, 321, 332, 359, 363, 377, 442, 493 Balsam, Dixon QCarmel, Cal.y a,,, 327, 350 406 Balthrop, Mary QDentony .... , ....,A.,,, -278 Bane, Mary Lois QLanevilley .... 313, 366, 422 Banks, Kendel QPosdery .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. .246 Bands, Mary Lynn QCorsicanay ,,,,,,..,, .468 Banks, Nanne Ulhorntony ...........,.,, .450 Banks, Raymond Kendel QPondery ,.246, 450 Bankston, Gordon QMonahansy ,,,,., 393 450 Barber, Lavella QDentony ........ . .,,,.., 468 Barbour, Dorothy flrvingy ,,,.,. 328, 369, 468 Barbour, Robert QFort VVorthy .,,, .. ,,,,.. 450 Barham, Richard QDallasy ,,... .312, 348 411 Barham, Robert QDallasy ...., ,313, 348, 411 Barker, Judith Anne fAlviny ,,357, 371 446 Barker, Retta Belle QMcKinneyy .... 313, 333, 363, 373, 442 Barkley, Leta Lu QMidlothiany W336, 366 427 Barnard, Berkley Qllecatury ..,,,,... 308 450 Barnes, Ann QTexarkanay ............ 335 427 Barnes, Nina Qltascay ,,.......,..... .322 427 Barnett, Delores E. QShermany ..., .,,.... 4 35 Barnett, La Vonne QMarliny ....... .282 450 Barnhart, Rosemary fGainesvilley .......,. 435 Barr, Nelda Jean QGladewatery ..., 322, 336, 342, 373 427 Barrett, Fred QAndrewsy ,W 379, 393, 394, 435 Barrilleaux, Everette QBeaumonty ,,,,,,,,. 435 Barron, Patricia Ann fDallasy ,,,,,,, .332, 469 Barry, Betty Jane qColorado Cityy ,,,, . ,,.427 Barse, Robert fFort Worthy ,,,,,. 294 378 Bartley, Lois Jane Qlidinburgy ,,,,,, 364, 427 Bartley, Tommie Sue fWeslacoy ,,,,,,,,,, -450 Barton, Bill QCentery ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 3 06 451 Barton, John fCentery ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 4 22 Barton, Wanda Ree QTylery ,, ,,,,, Bass, Dennis QSanford, Fla.y W 45 1 469 77777442 Bass, Mary E. fPalestiney ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bassett, Alta E. fDallasy ,,,.. ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,435 Bassett, Charles L. fGainesvi1ley ,,,,,,,,,, 427 Batchelor, Audrey QHoustony ,, 282, 325, 373, 381, 411 Bates, Jo Ann QDallasy ,.,,,,,,,,,, 278, 451 Baucum, Nell qAmarilloy ,W ,,,,,,,, -353, 422 Bauman, Fred A. fLondon, Eng.y ,,,, 374, 406 Bauman, Jean fDal1asy .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .451 Baxter, Reba Anne fMarshally ,,,,,,,,,,, 469 Bayless, James CTrinidady ,,,,, 334, 390, 451 Bazar, Patsy fMercedesy ,,,,,, 356, 371, 448 Bean, Barbara QHoustony ,W ,,,, 320, 411 Bean, Betty Lee fKilgorey ,,, ,,,,,,, ,469 Bean, L. V. qDub1iny ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 4 27 Beane, Rita fChi1licothey ,, ,,,, .469 Beard, Bill fweatherfordy ,,,,,, ,,,, - 416 Beard, Elmer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, ,,,, 246 Bearden, Anne Solley fDecatury ,,,.37l, 446 Bearden, Bennie P. fDecatury ,,,, ,,,,,,, 4 27 Bearman, Joanne fCiscoy ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,427 Beaty, Mary Gaynell fDallasy ,W ,,,. ,469 Beauchamp, Dorothy QCorsicanay ,,,,,,,,, 469 Beaufford, Betty flrvingy ,,,,,,,,,,, 314, Beavers, Gene QDallasy ,,, , Beckler, Kem ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,343, 451 435 390 Beckworth, Billie Kathryn fRosebudy Beeson, Connie QBridgeporty ,,,, 282, Begnaud, Eldora QPort Arthury W357, Belcher, Jo Ann QBrownwoody ,,335, 332 337 359 373 444 416 451 435 469 Belcher, Reagan QDallasy ,,,,,,,,,,,.. ..,, Belknap, Alfred Rudy QFort Worthy ,,,,,,, 435 406 Bell, Barbara Louise QBradyy,,320, 364 Bell, Betty Sue QAthensy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 451 Bell, Bobbie QBonha1ny ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 3 30 Bell, De Lois QDentony ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 3 35 Bell, Harold QCarrolltony , ,,,,, 391 469 Bell, Ledon qAubreyy ,,,,,, ,,,,... 3 90 469 Belt, C. Richard QHoustony ,,,,,, 150, 290 411 Belt, Sally Ann QHoustony ,,,. 280, 322, 336, 345, 357, 358, 451, 494 Bender, Janelle fJeffersony ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -469 Benham, Sara qBangsy ,,,,,, 282, 325, 381 451 Bennett, Betty Carroll QStantony ,,,, 369 451 Bennett, Bill QDallasy ,,,..,,,,,,,,,,, 306 411 Bennett, Emily QDallasy ,,,, 345, 369, 383 451 Bennett, Joe Edwin fGrahamy ,,,,,,,,,, 469 Bennett, Malcolm QGrahamy ,,,,,,,...... 296 Bennett, Nancy QFort Wforthy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 469 Bennett, 1fVilford E. QGranburyy ,,,,,, 352, 353 Bentley, Richard H. QDentony ,,,,,,,. 343 435 Benton, Jimmy QHotSprings, Ark.y 356, 397 448 Benton, R. M. fWaxahachiey ,,,,,,,, 315 416 Benz, George Albert QSt. Louis, M0.y 233 378 Berry, Betty Jane ,,,,, .. ,,,,,,,,,,,.,. 278 310 Berry, Bobby qDallasy ,,,,,,,, 390, 394 451 Berry, James fDallasy ,,,,,,,,,,,, 318, 390 469 Bert, Elena Marie fDallasy ,,,,,,,, 359 469 Bevers, Spencer qPilot Pointy W ,,,,, 393 469 Bevillc, Julia fClarksvilley W- .,,,, 282 451 Bevis, Donna QHoustony ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 4 69 Bickel, Ida fCollinsville, Ill.y ,,,,,,,,,,,, 469 Bielefeldt, Ellinor QDallasy ,,,,,, , 556 Bigby, Anne QFort 1Vorthy ,,,, , Biggerstaff, Edwin QDallasy ,,,,,,,,,, 345 288 ,,,,,469 451 Biggs, Don fAubreyy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Billingsley, Norma QPasadenay ,,,,,, 332 Bilyeu, Granville QKrumy ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Binford, Bill R. QDallasy ,,,,, ,,,,, 3 03 Bird, Leon QTexarkanay ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, . 451 390 469 469 Bilyeu, Russell Gene QKrumy ,,, ,,,,,,, ,348 451 469 451 378 Birdwell, Charles E. fBrysony ,,,,,,,, 391 294 Bisohp, Bill QBorgery ,,,,,,,,, -232, Bishop, Joe Dan QStephenvilley ,,331, 379, 394 380, 422 Bishop, Harry QKrumy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 451 Bishop, Jacqueline QPaint Rocky ,,,,,,,,, 435 427 Bishop, Kenneth fSan Antonioy ,,,,, . 290, Marguerite QGalvestony ,,,,,,,,,,, 469 Vivona, Black, Carol Ann fDallasy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 469 Black, Nelda Jean fGrand Prairiey ,,,,,,,, 451 Black, Pat fFort Worthy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 469 Blackburn, Patricia Ann fDallasy W276, 341 364 Blackman, Gordon Neal QDal1asy ,,,,,,,,, 394 Blackmon, Betty QRinggoldy ,,,, 276, 365, 435 Blackwell, Roy fFort YVorthy ,,,,,,,. 308, 416 Blair, Charles QDallasy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,292 451 Blair, Harry A. QFort Yvorthy ,,,,,,,,,,,, 331 Blakeley, Clarence James QFort Worthy 353, 422 Blakney, Paul S. fDentony W187, 312, 366, 411 Blankenship, Patricia qLindeny ,,,,,,,,,,, 469 Blankinship, Dennis fFort Worthy W308, 391 Blankinship, Donald QFort Mforthy ,-308, 416 Blansit, Max QHamilt0ny ,,,,,, 298, 334, 451 Blondell, Edward fDentony ,,,,,,,,, -393, 469 Bloom, Joe M. QMarshally ,,,,,,,,,, 397, 469 Bloomer, Frances Marie QSher'many ,,.359, 469' Bluhm, Dorothy E. QRiesely WW322, 335, 435 Boatner, Bruce fClarksvilley ,,,,..,, 390, 451 Bobbitt, Roy Lee QNew Bostony ,.,,,,., .390 Bodkin, Jim fDenisony ,,, 318, 352, 359, 416 Boenker, Henry QLewisvilley ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,422 Boenker, Sue Ann QLewisvilley ,,, ,,,,,, ,469 Bolin, William T, QLewiSvil1ey ,-,,,,,,,,, 427 Bolster, Mary Anne QHoustony WW345, 371 Bolton, Bunny fJacksonvil1ey ,,,,, .280, 427 Bolton, Nanetta fl'0nclery ,vgrr ,-YYYYY 4 69 Boman, Joan qBorgery ,,,,, ,,-,,,, 4 51 Bond, Y'Villard fLewisvilley ,,, ,,,,, 366, 422 Bonds, Betty qDentony ,,,,,,,, ,,,,-- 4 69 Bone, Virginia Mae qiqermity W ,,,-,,,-, 451 Bonham, Emily QDentony ,, ,,,, ,208, 469 BOIIS, Faye fltascay ,,,,-,,-,Y -YYY 3 79, 415 Bons, Herbert qltaseay ,-,,-,-,,- ,--,,,, 4 11 Booher, Williemine QGalvestony ,,,,,, 354, 469 Booker, Aaron qBelt0ny ,-,-,,,-,,- ,,,-x4, 4 69 Booker, Beth QPlainviewy ,,,,,, 314, 334, 451 Booker, Sally Anne QDallasj W ,g...., 451 Boozman, Mary QDentonj --- ....,,f 356, 448 Borden, Bob QC1eburnej ,..,,A...,,,4... -331 Borden, Lee QJunctionJ a-.- ,,,...,,, 350, 469 Boren, Barbara Jean QMcKinneyj ..Y,,,., 470 Boren, Janie QGreggtonj .,,,,,.. Boren, Lynn Qlinnisj ...,,,...,,,. Boren, Mildred QPostj .,,,,..,,,.. Borger, Barbara QSan Angelol d e,,--470 ,,,--303 --,,-470 -e,,,470 Boss, Betty Rae QGalvestonj .,,......Y,A. 470 Boswell, Joyce Faye QDa11asj ,,,,.. Bottger, Joan QDenver Cityj ,,,, 330 Bowden, Dillon QFort VVorthj --,.290, Bowden, Norma Lee QDentonJ ,...., 280, Bowden, Pat QBallingerj .,,,,,,,..,,,,,. Bowdoin Bett ean Vera --,,,1427 451 , 365, Boulignay, Mary Paul QBaytownj L... 356, 448, 470 493 435 47 0 , Y J Q D Y- ..-f 322, 427 Bowen, Betty QCleburnej ,,,,.. ,e,,... 4 70 Bowen, Margie QGeorgetownJ .....,,,... -364 393 470 Bowers, Phil QSeagovi1lej ,A.....,,, Bowles, Maymie QTerre1lj Le.....,fLLr 3651 Bowlin, Charles Wayne QGladewaterj Bowman oann QDenton 470 ----,390 339, 411 470 , I D ,,-.... -320, Bowman, Johnny QDallasJ ......,......... Box, Betty Jean QJacksboroj W 280, 334, 344, 382, 451 Box, Etta May QDe Leonl 2, 332, 342, 363, 442 Boyce, Jack QDa1lasl ,,,.,....v,,...... 416 Boyd, Bettye QlVacoj L.,...,,,,,......, 427 Boyd, Bill QLongviewj .... 300, 311, 406, 493 Boyd, Billie QChandlerJ ..,,,.,, 336, 366, 427 Boyd, Bonita QFort Yvorthl ....,,a. 337, 422 Boyd, Carolyn QSweetwaterj ..,,,,,,....,, 470 Boyer, Bobbie Ann QFort Worthy ,....w,,A 470 Boyles, Cullen QShermanJ ,,a. 183, 308, 406 Bradberry, Jeannette QDallasj ..,,,,,,,... 444 Bradburry, Janice QHendersonj -- 342, 354 451 Bradford, James Clyde "Jim" Qlowa Parkj ,,.....v,,,,,,,,,..- .205, 348 Bradley, Betty Qlredellj ,,,,......,v,,,,., 427 Bradley, Betty QWichita Fallsj W 335, 342, 379, 422 Bradley, Patricia Gayle QBowieJ ...,.v,,,, 442 Bradley, Luther QShermanj ......,,,,,,,.. 470 Bradley, Mary Ellen QDallasJ ,,a,,,,....,, 470 Bradley, Sammie QArlingtonJ W 324, 337, 366, 416 Bragg, Louis Hairston QGulf Hammock, Fla.J an Brakcbill, Bill QTemplej ,,,,,,..,, Brakebill, John QTempleJ ......,. ,,---33l ---V422 -,,,-422 Branan, Peggy Sue QDa1lasJ ..-..-Y,,,,,,,A 470 Brannon, Margie M. QRichardsonj ,,,,,,,. 451 Branscome Fu ene Dallas , A g Q J aaa, -,---45l, 397 Bransford, Milton QFort VVorthJ ......,,, 451 Branson, Gary QPort Arthury ....,.,,,,,,,t 470 Brantley, Helen Patty QMeridianj ,,,,,,,. 422 323 427 Brantly, Peggy QJacksborol ,,,,,, 284, Braselton, Nancy QLubbockj ,........ .284 Brashier Bill Eastland , Q 1 ------ --233, 294, Brasuel, WVanda QPecosj ,,,,,,,,,,,Ad,,,-, 406 Braswcll, Mary Elizabeth QParisJ 337, 373 Brau, Rose Mary QDallasj .,,. 193, 276, 328, 350, 355, 369 y y , 451 378 470 327, 406 Braungardt, George M. QFort lvorthj ,,,, .427 Bravenec, Faye QMercedesj ...L,,c.....,., 451 Bray, Peggy QMineolaj ,,.,,... ,,,,,c,, 4 51 Brazil, Billy QFort lVorthJ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 422 Breeden, Sally ,,,,c....,,,,,,,,,,.. Breedlove, Barbara QFort Mforthj L... 282. 344, 369, 452 Breining, Rebecca QLeforsj L.....a... , -,,---365 314, 494 --a-W470 Brenneke, Norwood Martin QDa11asj ,,,,,. 470 470 Brent, Betty Lou QJeffersonj .... 336, 345 v Brewer, Calvin QChillicothej -,,,,,,.,,,, 427 Brewer, James QFort VVorthj ,,,,,,.. 233, 294 Brewton, Mack QLongviewj ,,,,,...,,,, ,390 Bridges, Allan R. QFort Hlorthj ,.., 183. 290, 366, 391, 452 Bridges, Mary QDentonj .v,,,,,,,..,,,,.. 435 Bridgman, Corky QDa11asj .,,.,, 185, 300, 406 Briggs, Evelyn QKermitJ .,,,,A,..,,,,,,, ,452 Brinkman, Sandrea QPasadenaj .saa 209, 284, 341, 342, 428 Brisendine, Clint QDallasJ ...wa .233, 306, 390 Bristow, Evelyn QFrank1inj .,,v 322, 336, 428 Britton, Patricia QPort Arthurj' ,,,.. -365, 470 Britton, Ruby QMcKinneyj ,,,.210, 356,470 Broad, Alfred QBradyJ a.., 193, 298, 311, 326, 350, 416 Brock Luther A r Brid e ort , .J. Q gp j-- 312,416 Brogdon, Betty Lou QCiscoj ,,,, , .....,,, 452 Bronstad, Travis QDentony ...L,,......,., 435 442 Brooks, Bess QBakwe11J ...,.....e 332, 363 Brooks, Donald QDallasJ ,B ,,,,,,,,,,, Y 1406 Brooks, Gaynelle QMount Pleasantj ,...,. 470 Brooks, H. Frank QDallasl ..,,...,,,2.7,.. 470 Brooks, Mary Sue QNOCOHKD ff....Yfs...f.. 470 394 Brooks, Mike QBorgerl ,,..a, 288, 393, 422 Brooks, Miriam QDent0nj ,,,..,,, .. ..f,,.. 452 452 383, 356, Broussard, Carolyn QLongviewj --,-286, Broussard, Lu QSan Antonioj ......,..... Brown, Benjie QGrahamj .,,.,Y,...,,...., Brooks, Patricia Ann QBagwe11j 364, Brooks, Roy Lee QOvertony ..,, 349, 362 428 452 470 Brown, Betty Ree QMarshallj ,-314, 375, 452 Brown, Chrit QAnnaj ...,,...,,,..,,s..,. 290 Brown, Doris Jean QBig Springj ,,,...,, 470 428 Brown, Floyce QBig Springj ,-330, 365, Brown, Homer QDal1asj ,,..,,,..,s...YY -470 393 Brown, John QOdessal ,,..w,,. 315, Brown, Hugh Max QDentonl ,L..,,,. 319, 340, 416 Brown, Margaret QBomartonJ ...,,...,.,. 411 Brown, Mary Beth QSan Angcloj .,,. 345, 357, 371, 452 Brown, Ora Marie QDa11asj ...,,...,,...a 470 Brown, Pamelia QFort lVorthJ .,,...,s 280, 452 Brown, Peggy Sterling QSemino1eJ ,....,. 428 470 Brown, Prudence QAmari11oj ,,...,... 360 1 Brown, Ramsey QKermitj .e,....,....Y,.. 448 Brown, Raydean QSeymourj ....,,...,,,..a 470 Brown, Raymond L. QShermanj ,...,,...,s 435 Brown, Robert Wade QDa1lasj ..v,s. 331, 452 Brown, Royce QPalo Pintoj ,..,e ,.,,,.., 3 56 Brown, Samm Fort WVorth Brown, y c 5 vag-- V452 Wayne L. QGrahamy ,W ,-,,, ,470 Browning, Grady Joe Qlluskj ....,....,.. 435 411 Browning, LaRue QFort Ylforthj ,,,... 313 Browning, Wade H. QBel1evuej -, 331, 334 Brownstad, Charles 0. QCliftonJ .,,, Bruce, Evelyn Jean QDa1lasj ....,.. . Bruner, Peggy Janelle QLevel1andJ ,.,, n a -3-5437470 282, 448 435 428 Bruyere, Marilyn QLongviewJ ,,,1.,,, -284, 435 Bryant, Bob .,,,,...,,....,,,..,a,,....ass 349 Bryant, Bobbie Jean QLubbockj .e,...,,,,. 470 Bryant, Claude A. Jr. QPricej ,.,,..,, 315, 416 Bryant, Jo Ann QFort lvorthj ,.s,,...,,, 470 Bryant, llfanda Joy QDentonj .,,, ...,,, 4 71 Bryce, Margaret QShermanl ,,,,,...,,,,.. 452 Buchanan, Sue QBreckenridgeJ ...,,,...,e 471 Buchholz, Donald QCarlandj ..,,,,.....,. 416 Buck, Mary QTemp1ej ,,,. 276, 328, 373 Buckingham, Charlene QChicoj 322 Buckner, Nan QHerefordj ,.....,,,. Buford, Tom QJacks0nvi11ej ..,,,.. . 1 821919471 428 435 471 Bunch, Patti John QCorsicanal -s328, 350, 369, 406 Bunger. Barbara QBreckenridgej ...,,.1... -471 Burgess. lVayrnan QFort XVorthj ,,,.,,,,, 471 Burke, Glenn QGrahamJ ,......a 290, 379, 416 Burkett, David E. QFort Hiorthj ,..,, -288, 39'3 Burks, Betty QDallasj .-,,,,......,,, 1286, 435 Buprks, Patil QQuitmanj ....,vas 321, 338, 452 Burleson, Mary Margaret QDeLeonj 359, 379, 448 Burnett, Betty QDecaturj ...... 282, 333, 341, 363, 372, 444 Burnett, Charles QBonhamj ......,,,,,,... 471 Burns, Betty Ruth QFort Worthj -,313, 335, 452 Burns, John J. QChicago, Ill.J ,,,... 300, 411 Burrow, Billy Ray QDentonj .,s.,,,,,,,. 452 Burt, Larry C. QDallasJ ,,,......, ,,,., , 397 Burtis, Rusty QDenisonj .,,,,,,,,.. ..,, 3 18 Burton, Gene D. QArdmore, Ok1a.j ..,,,,,, 422 Burton, Kenneth QDecaturj .-,,,,,,,,,.,. 471 Busby, Marilyn QShermanj ,,,,,,,,...,, ,471 Busch, Frank QMont Belvieuj L1 312, 337, 366, 383, 422 Bush, Jerry QDentonJ --.. .e,,,,,,,,.., 391, 452 Buster, David QFort Hlorthj .....,. .288, 416 Butler, Alison QDickinsonj ..,,,,,, 320, 452 Butler, Jeanne QPoint Blankj aas... 365, 471 Butler, Juanita QMonroe Cityj W .,..,., .471 Butler, Patsy QBreckenridgej --- ,,,,,,,1 471 Butler, Rita QGrand Prairiel ...,,., -365, 436 Buttram, Jack Rhea QDeKalbj ,am .,.381, 402 Buttram, Joe Beck QDeKalbl ,,,, 357, 362, 397 Byers, Joyce QSpringtownj ......,,,,e,,, 452 Byrd, Flaleab QG1adewaterj -- 313, 316, 349, 354, 406 Cabe, Yvonne QHigginsJ ..,,,.a,, ..,,,-364, 471 Cadenhead, Clarence Tandy Jr. QDallasj .,,,,, .. .e,,.,,.a...,..., 348, 402 Cain, A. QBig Springj -- 1..,..,,,f.. V416 Cain, Pat QDallasJ ....,,.,,... 246, 294, 37-8 Cain, Roy Edwards QTemplej ,.,,..,,,.. -7376 Caldwell, Louise QSan Antonioj -,286, 352, 416 Caldwell, YVarren F. QSan Antonio Calhoun, Charlynne QShermanJ W Callahan, Ann QDentonJ ..,,..,, Callan, Jimmie QDa1lasj ..,,.c,1 Callaway, V. J. QLongviewJ ,..., Calloway, Elaine QAlbanyJ ,- 350, Calvert, Bernard C. QBorgerj ..., Calvert, La Metta QDa11asj ,...,,,.,. Calvert, Mary Lynn QBorgerJ ..,,,.,, 369 334 5 1..e,e1 553--3-8-if 383 338 365 334 y J y 1 Calvert, Robbie Faye QDentonj ,,..,,,... - Cammack, Emily Qltascaj ..,,..., 333, 377, Cammack, Virginia QFort Mlorthj ,.,,...., Camp, Janet QDa1lasj ..Y,s.,,,..-,,,Y,- Camp, Kip QDallasl .,,,...,s.,,,,.Y, .236, Campbell, Bill Qwaxahachiej .,,..Y,..., . 416 452 471 452 416 406 436 452 436 471 442 471 Campbell, Billie Ann QDallasj ,,,..,s...,. Campbell, Dorothy Ann QHardinj .,,...,. Campbell, Edward Lee QGrahamJ .e.. 393, Campbell, Euthenia QDallasj ,,...Y....,,. Campbell, Marilyn QDenisonj ,...,... 471 471 294 288 471 471 471 471 494 Cannon, Dawn QGalvestonj ,s...,,...Y,.. .452 Cannon, Diane Elaine QPort Arthurj .,,... 452 Cannon, Harry Lloyd QVVacoy ,...,,.... 390 Capps, Joe QGainesvi11eJ ...,,,...,. 391 471 Carlson, Blanche Ann QGeorgetownj --369 452 Carlson, Dorothy Jean QFort Worthy ..,,,. 363 Carnahan, Angie Qlrvingl ,,....a,.. .337 452 Carnes, Joann QEdomj ..,,s..Y,...- . 342 428 Carothers, Florice QLOIHCCHD ,...., 333, 379, 444 Carpenter, Jimmy QBridgeportJ ,..,,,....s 452 Carpenter, Nora Lee QSan Antonioy s...,, -471 Carr, Alvin QClaudej ,,...,,....Y,...,,s. .436 Carr, Barbara QDallasj ..,1....,,s... 365 471 Carr, Patricia Helen QDa11asl an ,,.... -359 Carrell, Joy QFt. VVorthJ -Y,-- -e,,. 4 71 Carrell, Robert QMcKinneyj ,...,.,...Y,.. 471 Carrington, Rosanne QLongviewj ,,.., -349 452 Carroll, Anita QDentonj -,,.313, 335, 366 416 Carroll, Connie QTeaguej .e,,...s. 471 Carroll, Jeri QFriscoj ,,L..,s...,, . Yaaaa. .471 Carroll, Martha QDentonj ...., . 337 366 422 Carroll, Mary QDentonj ,.,,,,, .337 366 422 Carroll, Roy M. QBICCHIHCVJ ,....,,....f,. 471 Carse, Dorothy ...a,,..., W-- --..YfYY. .363 Care, WVil1iam ,...,.1...,,,...,, ,.,,.. . 368 Carson, Merle QBeaumontJ ..,,, . 337 357 446 Carter, Carolyn N. QFort ll'orthj , ,...,, 332 Carter, Jean QDa11asl ,,...,,....,,...,,,.. 428 Carter, Otis R. QDentonl ,...,,,1..., 393 471 Carter, Patsy Marie QHousotnj ,,..s,1.... -428 Caruthers, Thomas QFort Hlorthj ,.,.., ..,.47l Casaday, Kenneth QDa11asl .... 306, 391, 422 Cashon, Kenneth QDentonJ .. a,,,,..,,,,..a 471 Caskey, Otis Meredith QDallasJ ...aa 393 452 Casteel, Mary Ellen QHoustonj ...,,,...,, .471 Castleberry, Richard Ql.ongviewJ M- aaa. , 337 Castles, Ann QFort YVorthj .,,, .,,..Y . 452 Castloo, Benny QMineo1aj .. aasa. au. 228 390 Cate, Maurice QVan Alstynej -- ass... 391 471 Caughey, Doyle QShermanj ...,,,,...,,,... 453 Cauthen, Jo Ann QMissionj WH322, 341, 372, 381 383 436 Cavazos, Mario QDal1asj ..,,,,, -396 397 471 Cavender, Ronald QCorsicanaj ...e,,...,.. 436 Cavitt, Stanley QRed Oakl .v..,1...a,,.. 472 Chadwick, Nancy QCenterj ,,,,,.,,,,,.a -442 Chalmers, Bill D. QWVaxahachiej N325 381 452 Chambers, Janis QAthensj ,....1....,,.. 411 Chandler, Charles QMcKinneyj .,,. a,,.. 4 72 Chapman, Eddie QTalcoj ffzzz. .,,1 4 42 Chapman, Kaywin QDentonj ....a ..,,1 4 72 Chapman, Judy Ann QTemp1ej .e,,...,, -422 Chapman, Mary Nell QHutchinsJ ,..s,... 472 Chauvin, Shirley Ann QTexas Cityj ---327, 472 Chennault, Kenneth QFort Worthj ..,,.., .318 Chester, Donald QLive Oak, Fla.j ,,,.,,. .393 Chiogno, Remo J. QPittsfie1d, Mass.j ..,.,, 446 Christesson, Bill QPampaj .,,,,,,,..., 393 452 Christian, Ava QKi1gorej ...,,,,,,,.., , 335 452 Christian, Barbara QLongviewj .-,... 349 416 Christian, Katherine QVeraj .,,. ....... 4 28 Christian, Mary Anna QDallasj ,,.,,....... 416 Christian, Ross W. QLinda1ej ..,,.... 390 472 Chtristianson, Chris QDal1asJ ,,,......,,, 428 Christie, Joe QBrownfie1dJ .,,.,...,,. 391 472 Chumney, Virginia QHarniltonj --333, 379 444 Church, Gerry QFlint, Michiganj .,,, 300 452 Clark, Billy R. QDentonj ...,...,,.,..,,. . Clark, Carolyn QRosebudj ..,.,, .... 3 36, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Charlotte QCanyonj ,,1,,, Christine K. QDecaturj aae. Dorothy Jane QLaredoj Fred Douglas QDallasj ....1......... George Ann QRosebudj 336, 340, 372 Judy QDa11asj ....,,,.....,,....,... Q 236 472 452 428 411 452 436 47 2 Crawford, Jewel QRockwallJ ,,...,,,YY 286, Clark, Robert H. fDentonJ ,,,, .....,..,. 3 15 Clay, Albert Austin QDallasj ,,..,,,,,.., ,417 Clay, Betty Lou QNew Bostonj ,, 322, 334, 341, 373 428 Clay, Ellie QCiscoJ ,.....,..,,. ,, .,,,,,,, 453 Clay, Mary Alice QNew Bostonj 323, 339 341 428 Clay, Sybil Ann fPort Arthurj ,, 334, 342, 356, 359, 446 Clearman, Vonie Jean QDentonJ ,,..,,.b,,, 453 Cleere, Mary E. QMadisonvi1lej ..,,,.,,,. 472 Clement, Jack fDallasj ,.a,, 320, 380, 391 411 Clendinning, Bill QDallasj ,, 313, 324, 326, 377, 381 411 Cleveland, Dorothy Evalyn QMinera1 VVe1lsj 287 Clotiaux, Fred L. fBeaumontJ ,..,, , 378, 428 Cobb, Onita QCayugaj e,,..,,.,,...,,.C,, 472 Coburn, Peggy Gene QFort W'orthJ ,,e,e. ,,472 Cockerell, Inez tDentonj ,,.,,,..,,.. 276 Cod ohnn ' Dallas 436 v, J v c J ,--,,--,,, ,,,.,,, 4 72 Cody, Robert C. QHoustonJ -, -,,, 362, 402 383, Cody, Marvin QDallasJ ,,..,,,..,,,.,,,., ,472 Coffey, Jerry Garvin Wernonj ,,.. , ,,.,,,., 183 Coger, Henry E. QWichita Fallsj -, 228, 320, 411 Coggeshall, Pege fDentonJ .,,..,,..,,,.,,. 472 Cohoe, lvayland J. fBaytownJ -, ..,,,,,, 448 Colburn, Jean tCameronJ ,,, ,,-,337, 428 Cole, Betty QMuensterJ .,,,,a ,-.,,,. 4 36 Cole, Billy Paul fLongviewj ,, a,f,.,, 308 Cole, Ralph fKrumJ .,,.,,,. ,,-,3l9, 472 Coleman, June QDentonJ .,,. ,..,,, , 335, 436 Coleman, Mona QDallasJ .a,,.1,,.., ,375, 453 Coley, Verna QBrysonj ..,,,. , , 337, 339, 417 Collins, Clarence QMonterey, Calif.J ,,393, 428 Colwell, Betty tPampaJ ,,..,,,.,,.e,,..,, 472 Colwick, Jurdiss qCliftonJ e,,.,,.,,,.a,,.,, 436 Comer, Jeanette QLongviewj .,,.,,,,.,,, ,422 Compton, Henry Allan Jr. qShermanj ,e.,e 402 Compton, Joan tFort NVorthJ ,.,,,.. , 341, 406 Compton, Ross QDentonj ,,,.,,,,,,,. ,,,, 472 Conces, Larry Wasadenaj e,,,,.,, ,-,,246, 378 Cone, James Edwin fDallasJ ,,,,39O, 396, 472 Connally, Patricia fGar1andJ ,.,,,.,,,.,,. ,472 Connel, Melvin fFort Worthj ,.,,-.,,,, 422 Connell, Wlilma fSan Antonioj ,,,.. ,284, 453 Conrad, Joe YVilliam QSan Antonioj ,,..,,,.,,,t, -,,, 226, 378, 391 Cook Alton qDecaturj ee,, ,.,,..,, , ,,472 Cook, Arthur Lee qDallasj ,,, .,,,,,39l, 472 Cook Bettye Rose fDallasJ ,,.,,,.,,, , ,,,472 Cook, Don fYVhitewrightj ,,.,,, ,, .,,. ,393, 472 Cook James Thomas QTylerJ -,,,317, 325, 411 Cook, Jane ,,,, .,..a,,..,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, F375 Cook Jean fCorsicanaJ ..,,.., t,,.. 3 72, 406 Cook Julia Ann fTylerj .A,..,,,.., , 325, 411 Cook Thomas Carlson Qllallasj .e,.. ,396, 411 Cook Wvayne tBrysonj ,,,e,.,, ,,,, , ,,472 Cooke, Joy qHendersonJ ,,.e,, .,,,., , 428 Cooper, Beryl D. QWVellingtonj ,,..a,. 360, 472 Cooper, Fayette Jane qDentonj ..e,,..e, .472 Cooper, James E. III fWaxahachiej ,,,., ,453 Cooper, John M. QColorado Cityj ,..,,,. ,390 Cooper, Mike fCo1orado Cityj ,..,,, 377, 472 Copeland, Frances QCollege Stationj ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 276, 384, 453 Corbett, Pat fHerefordj ,, -,,,308, 391, 453 Corley, Bob fFort lvorthj ,,, .,,..,, 298, 411 Corley, Flodellen QNoconaJ -, ,,,,.a,,. 453 Corry, Fred fFort lvorthj ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,473 Cothran. Betty f1'arisj ,,,,,.,,,.,, , ,,,, ,,,428 Couch, Jane fGreenvillej ,,,,,, ,341, 364, 436 Couch, Jean QGreenvillej ,.,, 322, 336, 341, 436 Coulston, W'illiam Jay QLancasterj ,.,,,. ,,453 Coursey, Allan fDallasj ,..,,,,.,,.I,,,,,, ,472 Coursey. Herbert F. fOvertonj ,,,,,,,,,,, 453 Covey, Nina QShermanJ ,,,...,, ,, 353, 417 Cowan, Betty Qlilectraj , ,,,,. ,,,,,, , 436 Cowan, Marjorie fDentonj ,,, ,,,, ,366, 417 Cowan, Mary fMineolaj ,,,,.,,,,,,,..,, ,.,406 Cox, Barbara tGarrettj ,,,,,.a,, ,,,,,, ,,,472 406 Cox, Ben Marshall fGainesvilleJ ,,3l2, 348, Cox, Billy QGrand Prairiep ..,,,,,,,.,,,,, 472 Cox, Boyd QYVacoj ,.,,,,,,., ,,,, 2 36, 393 Cox, Catherine QOlneyj .,,,,, ,.,, 3 23, 453 Cox, David Furman fBellevuej .,,,..,,,,L, 472 Cox, Idys 1Vaynee fMineral Wellsj ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,, 390, 396, 473 Cox, Iweeta fGarrettj ,,.,, ..,,,,,,,.,,,, 4 36 Cox, Jere Louis fDallasJ ,,,,.,, 152, 181 366 Cox, Joy fFort Worthy ,,,,,,,.,, 280, 335, 436 Cox, Ladelle QClarendonj ,, 280, 322, 323, 328, 360 428 Cox, Marggie qBel1evueJ ..,,,.,,,.,, 323 453 Crabb, John Jr. qDallasJ ,,, ,.,,,.,,,, , 428 Craig, Babaa Ann QDallasJ ,,,,,. 322, 372 436 Craig, Conway Qlvhitewrightj ,,, ,,,, , 472 Craig, Dewey QParisj ,,,,..,,,,,. ,,, 298, 406 Craig, Ronald QDickinsonJ ,, ,..,,,,,,, 473 Crain, Bill fTexarkanaJ -, ,,.,,,,.,,, 150 Crain, Phyllis QYVicl1ita Fallsj ,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,, 278, 375, 411 Cramer, George T. QDa1lasj ,,,...,,,,,.,, 411 Cramer, Nadine QPasadenaJ ,,,,...,,, 376, 411 Crawford, A1 QBeaumontj ,,,,,,,...,, 325, 406 Crawford, Arlette QKerensJ ,,284, 320, 341, 406 Crawford, Gayle fLewisvilleJ ,, ,,,,,..,,.. 472 Crawford, Robert Lee CFort 1VorthJ 308, Crawley, Cecil Jr. fDallasJ ,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Creager, Lanita QRangerJ ..,,,.,.,,,,,,, 453 Creager, Melba fRangerj ,,,,,,,...,,,,,, 422 436 393 428 Creel, Billy I.. fGreenvillej .,,,,, 390, 472 Crews, Betty QPittsburgj ,- 323, 337, 381, 453 Crocker, Ann QBig Springj ,,,..,,, 364, 473 Crocker, Millie Beth fMartins Millj ,,,,,, 436 Croom, Bonnie fMonahansJ 212, 286, 342, 453 Crosby, Nancy fDallasJ ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,, 345 Cross, Kay QDentonJ ,,.,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, 472 Crossley, Pat QDallasj ,,--g J, 473 Crouch, Bobby QDentonj ,, ,,, 473 Crouch, David tDentouj ,, ,-,,3l9 Crouch, Evelyn QB1anketj ,,,.,,,,,.,,,,, 473 Crouch, Margaret QDentonJ ,...,....,,,,,, 473 Crowe, Jim fHoustonJ ..,,,, 298, 320, 406 Cruce, Ervin QFI. WVorthj ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,. 422 Crumpton, Alva Nell QWichita Fallsj ,,,, ,,,,.. , ,,,,,,,,,,,, 336, 366, 428 Crumpton, Earlene qlllundayj ,,,,,,.,,,,. 453 Crumpton, Lurlene QMunclayJ .,,,,,.a,, 453 Cruse, La Donna qBeaumontj ,,, ,,,,417 Culwell, Judy ON7eatherfordj ,, ,,,,,, 428 Cummings, Bill fA1varadoj ,,,.,,,,,., ,,-,453 Cummings, Neil S. tOlneyj ..,,,.,, 394, 473 Cunningham, Lois Nell QBomartonJ ,,,., 473 Cunningham, Troy L. qGainesvilleJ ,,,,, , 453 Curnutt, Harold fCanadianJ ,,,,,,, ,294, 311 Currens, Jo Ann CDal1asj ,,,, ,,,327, 350, 428 Currie, Ola Lee fl'ort Arthurj ,, ,,,,, , ,,,,,, 357, 358, 381, 448 Currin, Lynn fKilgoreJ ,,,,, 334, 348, 349, 407 Curry, Ed. J III Qlrvingj 288, 311, 353, 417, 493 Curtis, Carole lllentouj ,.,,,, , ,,,.. .284, 453 Curtis, Dixie Qllentonj ,,,,,.,, ,, ..,,, 182,411 Curtiss, Eddie fllallasj ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 3 06, 391 Curtis. Patsy Ruth fGrand Prairiej ,,,,366 417 Curtis, Vigrinia CTroyj ,,..,,., 336, 365, 428 Curtis, William tLongviewJ ..,,,.,,, 306, 393 Cypert, Rose Elaine Qwhitneyj ,,,.,,,,,,,, 442 D Dabney, Edwin fGranburyJ ,,,, ,,,, , 351, Dale, Shirley QMcKinneyJ ..,,,...,,,,..., Damon ames F Cr lwford ' , J . ,. Q . 1 J ,,... , Damon, Jerry fCrawfordJ ,,,.,,,,, , Daniel. Charles Ray fflreggtonj , ,,,,, Daniel, Clayton T. Jr. Ovaxahachiej Daniel, Gladys Mildred fSmithfieldj ..,,,,.,, ,204, 333, Daniels, Jack B. tVictoriaj ..,,,. 291, 318, 390, 349, 363, 334, Darden, Patricia flrvingj ,,.,,,,,.,, ,,,, Darnell, Donna Marie fDallasj ,.,I,,, , Darney, Patricia fGa1vestonj ,,, 342, 339, 357, Datson, Gertrude t1Vichita Fallsj ,,,,,,,, Daugherty, Dorothy fBallingerJ ,,,, ,,,, 366, 377, 380, Daugherty, Erwin CKilgorej ,,,, Daughety, Betty fLindenJ ,,,,,, 341, David, Davidson Davidson Davidson Davidson, Bea Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, 349, 356, 345, Harold tMartj , ,. ,,,,,,,,,, -,,,,, Neil , Janet QLuedensj ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, , , , Martha Ann fGatesvil1ej 189, , Nancy QShreveport, La.j ,,,,, umontj 298, 326, 327, 337, 356, 362 Ben ,.,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,, ,,,, ,, ,,,,, ,,,, Boyce 1Vayne Q1Vaxahachiej ...,,, C. Dean QDentonj ,, 298, 329, Diane qBeaumontj ,,,.,, 334, Don R. Hillsboro 379, 344, c 5 -,,-,,,,--,,,- Donald G. fTuliaj ,.,,, ,,,.,,,, Doris Jean fMcKinneyJ Honor fDawsonj ,,,,,., ,,,,,, Ivan R. Jr. QHobbs, New Mexj , ,,,,,,, ,,,.. , ,, ,,,, 362 Davis, J. Ann QChillicothej ,- 313, 323, 336, Davis, Janet ,,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, Davis, Jim fSeminolej ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 335, Davis, Joanna CMemphisj ,,, ,,,,, ,, Davis, John L. fI,ometaJ ,,, ,, 298 Davis, Josephine fLometaJ -L 422 473 402 473 390 453 442 428 47 3 453 473 473 411 446 453 429 436 417 453 446 393 473 391 453 436 422 453 453 446 473 364 429 453 429 429 Davis, Lela Joan QMcKinneyj ,,,,..,,,,,,, 473 Davis, Lorena Ann qBe1levueJ ,, ,,,, ,, ,,,.,. 429 Davis, Marilyn fE1 Pasoj ,,,, 286, 327, 364 453 Davis, Mary fJermynj ,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 335, 429 Davis, Mary fShermanJ ,,,.,,,,,,..,.. 453 Davis, Monte Hill QNacogdochesj ,,,,,,I, 193, 204, 284, 371 Davis, Sammie Jo fDal1asj ,, 282, 366, 372, 417 Davis, Tommy QG1adewaterJ ,,,,,,,, 306, 453 Davis, Willie Gene QSparenbergj ,,,,, ., 292, 312, 343, 380, 429 Daws, Ben tvkloodsonj ,,,,.. ,, ,,.,.,,,,,., 473 Dawson, Dorothy CDentonj ..,,, ,,, 473 Day, Janeil fEastlandj ,,,.. ,,,,, 4 53 Day, Nan QWacoJ -,,, ,.,,,, ,,,,,, 4 73 Dean, Louise fLongviewJ ,,, ,,, 365, 429 Dear, Homer CFort YVorthj ,,,. ,,,,.. , 294 Deaton, Arnie Ray Qllecaturj ,,, ,,.. ,422 Deaton, De Laine QTylerJ ,,,. ,,,..,,,, 4 29 Deaver, Delma QBowiej .--- ------ 2 84, 453 DeBorde, Doris QLancasterJ ,,,, 336, 373, 436 De Bouy, Lorain IGalvestonJ ,,,,,..,,,,, 429 Dees, Edwina Elaine QMesquiteJ ,,,,.,,,,.., 336, 345, 350, 453 Dees, lfred H. QDa11asJ ,,,,,.,,,...,,,... 473 Delford, Horace Andrew QDa11asj ,,,,,,,,, 325 Deger, Joe QShamrockj .,..,,,. 343, 360, 436 De La Rosa, Manuel QSan Diegoj ..,,,,.,,,,, 356, 359, 362, 453 De Long, Robert QDallasJ .,,,,,,,,. 306, 391 Denman, Cecil R. fStephenvilleJ ,,,, 379, 436 Denman, Nell tDentonj ,,,,.,,, 333, 383, 473 Denning, James fBrysonJ ,,,,,, 296, 343, 436 Denning, James QBrysonj .,,,,. 296, 343, 436 Dennis, Dick ,,, ,,,,. ,, ,,,,. ,,.,,,, 3 52, 353 Dennis, Janice fWhitesboroj ,,.,,,...,,,.. 429 Dennis, Jean fYVhitesboroj ,,,.,,,,....,, 473 Dennis, Robert B, qLancasterj ,, 150, 202, 340 Derden, Irene QForrestonJ .,,.........,,. 429 Deupree, Annie Jo fGeorgetownJ ,,,,,,,, 402 Dickman, XVilliam David QDallasJ ,,,,.,, ,393 Dibble, Parkes C. QDallasJ ,,,,., ,298, 352, 417 Dick, Clarence R. QGalvestonJ .,,,,,.,,,, 381 Dickey, George G. Qllrownwoodj .,,,,., ,362 Diebel, Janet fDa1lasj ,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,473 Dill, Uran Buford QTexarkanaj ,,,,,, 331, 417 Dill, Russell Eugene QRising Starj .,,., ,411 Dillard, XVeldon fMidlothianj ,.,,,,,.,,,, 429 Dillon, Billye Faye fNVhitewrightJ ,,,,,. 454 Dimock, Bert F. Jr. QBowieJ 182, 184, 366, 374 Disch, Harlene QKermitj ,.,.,,.,,,,,, ,,,, 473 Dishman, Dorothy fBeaumontj ,,,.,, 334, 473 Ditson, Rayma Kay QDal1asj ,,,. .,,,,,. 4 73 Dixon, Gene Ql'ittsburghJ ,,, ,,..,, ,294 Dixon, Harry Ql'ittsburgJ ,, ,,,, ---,294, 429 Dixon, Melba Jean fDa1lasj -I a,,., 473 Dixon, Melvin ql'ittsburgj ,,., ,,,473 Dobbs, Clara Jo QDallasj ,,,, -- 473 Dobbs, Virginia QDallasJ ,,, ,, 473 Dodd, James Lane 'fEnnisj -, .,,, 473 Dodd, Nancy Jane QEnnisJ ,,,,, ,,,,.,, 4 73 Dodds, Bettye Jane QDecaturj ,,,,,,., 366, 417 Dodgen, Durann qWinnsboroj .,,,,.,,,, 473 Dodgen, Durward F. Jr. QWinnsboroJ ..,, 407 Dodson, Jim CGalvestonj ,,,,,,,.L, 292, 423 Dodsworth, Helen fBowiej .,,,,,,,..,,,. 473 Donoho, Eva flsascaj ,.,,,,,.,,,,,,..,,, 454 Donohue, Robert Mangan fDallasJ ,,..,, 393 Dorn, Bettye Sue fShermanJ .,,,,,, ,359, 474 Dorough, Harold fGraud Salinej ..,,,.,,, 436 Dortch, Kenneth qDallasj ,.a,,.,,,,.,,,., 474 Dortch, Wlayne QDallasJ 202, 312, 352, 353, 417 Doss, C. B. QClarksvilleJ ,,,,,.,,..,, 296, 407 Doss, Yvonne ,,,..,,,.,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, 334 Dougherty, James fDentonj ,,,, ,,., , 474 Dougherty, Norma Lee QDallasj ,, ,,,.,,,. ,358 Dougylas, Dorothy Jo QDallasj ,,.L,,.,I,, 474 Douglas, Jerry Nell QVan Alstynej ..,, 365, 474 Douglass, James A. fDallasj ,,,,,,., 393, 474 Downing, Jan QMidlandj ,,., 152, 193, 203, 341, 342, 355 Doyel, Garth QMuncie, Iud.J ,,,, ,,,..,,,.,, 436 Doyle. Louise Wlomack Qlfort YVOrthj ,,,,,,.,.,,.,, 330, 364, 402 Doyle, Teddy Joe QDentonJ ,,,,.,,, 343, 429 Draeger, Donna fDallasJ ,,a,, ,,.L,,,I, 4 74 Drake, lVilliam QFort VVorthJ ,,, , ,,,308 Drawhorn, Curtis L. qllronsonj ,, ,,., 336 Dreckshage, Dorothy Faye QCrand Prairiej ,.,,-.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 412 Drew, Emmitt Kirk QDallasj ,-,,236, 294, 378 Dreyer, A. H. Jr. Gtleslacoj ,,,.,,,, 368,429 Dreyer, Mary Ann fWVes1acoJ ,.,,., 370, 474 Druke, Wm. B. qFort Worthj ,,,.,,.,,, 417 Drumwright, Charles QBryanj ,,,, 313, 376, 407 Dryden, Robert L. QLevellandy -W Duchamp, Frank ,,,,....,f,,,. Dudley, Jackie QBorgery ,,,,.. Duffey, Helen QFort VVorthy ,...,,...,f,, 417 396 454 407 Duke, James A. QDa1lasy ,...., - ,....,,, 474 Duke, Phyllis QA1viny ,,,,....,, 344, 376, 454 Duke, Wilma Qliallingery .w,,,,,.., 335, 454 Duncan, Daniel M. fFriscoy --- u..,, 390, 394 Duncan, Mozelle QGilmery -W ...,, 205, 316 Dunklin, Billy M. QDallasy ,,......., 391, 474 Dunlop, Jack QFort W'orthy ,,,, 170, 326, 328, 350, 369 Dunn, Delmelia QBreckenridgey .,Y,,..... 474 Dunn, Dorothy QSherrnany ....,,,,,,.. 353, 454 Dunn, Mary Rheims QMcKinneyy ,... 342, 454 Dunn, Virginia Lee QForestburgy 342, 364, 429 Dupuy, Anne QLongviewy W ,,A,...Y,,,,,, 436 Durham, Betty Jean QShreveport, La.y --353, 454 Durham, James W. QPort Nechesy ..,,,. 417 Durham, Lee Etta QDallasy ,,.w 329, 335, 474 Durham, Marshall fLewisvilley ,,,......., 474 Durrett, Beth QCarthagey ,A.......,,,,,,, 474 Dutke, Richard QTylery ......,,,,,,,,,, 454 Dutton, Shirley QHamiltony a,,,, . 334, 369, 474 Duvall, Doris QPleastery ,,,,,.,,........,, 429 Dyess, Jean Evelyn QWaxahachiey ,,a,,,aa 436 Dyson, Tommy QDallasy ,,..,, 185, 296, 374 Eades, XVayne E. QFort WVorth a...,,,,,.,. 380 Earl, Bobby J. QKerensy ,,,A....,Y,,,.... 423 Farney, Michael QBreckenridgey 194, 326, 329, 350, 369, 407 Earnhart, Sylvia Jean QKingsvi11ey ....a,,. 474 Eaton, Joann fStephenvilley ,,.....a,,,,. 454 Eaves, Nan Marlene fDonnay .....,,, 370, 474 Echols, Ava Jane fDentony ,,,,,,.. 366, 474 Echols, Georgia Ann, Megargely ,...,,,,, 376 Echols, Jane QGoahomay ......,,,,,,,, 454 Echols, Marian Qlfort YVorthy 188, 284, 412, 493 Eden, Johnny Floyd QDentony ,,,,...,,.,, 436 Eden, Mary Jane QEu1essy A......,,,,,,, 474 Edington, Betty QGrand Prairiey -- 321, 364, 436 Edmonson, Robert QG1arksvilley ,,,......, 454 Edwards, Beverly QBorgery ,,..,,,... 360, 474 Edwards, Don QBorgery ....... --- 306, 429 Edwards, Fred - .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,..... 3 59 Edwards, Jane fXVichita Fallsy ........ 474 Edwards, Joe fShermany .Y,....,,,,, 393, 474 Edwards, Que Duane Jr. QRreery ,,,,,,,, 417 Edwards, Richard QOldeny ,,,,,,,,,,..,-, 294 Edwards, Sue QFort Worthy ......,,,,,,, 444 Edwards, Talou Balch fDentony W 284, 365, 429 Edwards, Tom qFort Xvorthy LL,,,..,..,-, 248 Eggleston, Thurston "Rip" CDC Leony .....,.,,,,,, -W 338, 343, 429 Eiland, Jann Qlrvingy .... ,..,,,,,,, 4 12 Ekholm, Phil QArlingtony W .....,., 393 Elder, Amos fCliftony ,,,, v,,,,, 4 29 Ellarcl, Joe QMcKinneyy ,,,,, Yzzrzrrz 4 74 Eller, Charles QBrysony ,.,A,, -W 343, 429 Elliott, Phil QFort W'orthy --- ,.,WW, 362 1-'lliott, Robert Qlfriscoy ,,,, -W 391, 474 Ellis, Charlotte QBaytowny 2 ,,,Y,,,,,,, 474 lillis, Ed qwinky ,llooA,,e,,ooo,o,,oooo 407 Ellis, Mary Beth QThorntony W,,WW,,,, 474 lillis, Norman Dean QDallasy ---150, 396, 454 Ellis, Richard Olarshally ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 454 Ellis, Rose Ann fChandlery ,,,. WW 336, 429 Ellison, Dickie QRosebudy ,-,,,,,,,,- 390, 474 Ellison, Jimmie Lee QDecatury ....,W 393, 454 Ellison, Ruby Anneline QBonhamy ,,,,,,a, 474 Ely, Pat qSweetwatery ,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,, 278, 454 Endicott, Marlene QPort Arthury ,,.. 325, 454 Endrizzi, Oreste Albert ,,,2,,,,Y ,ea,-, 2 04 Englebert, Sanford H. ..,......, ,,,,,,,, 3 80 English, Joyce Q1-Ioustony ........,. 341, 436 Epps, David O. CDa1lasy ,,,,,,.,,,,, 318, 454 Erclmann, Gladyce Aevon fDa11asy ,,,, 342 454 Erney, Fred Jr. qDallasy LA,,,,,,,,,,----. 423 Erwin, Julia Ann QMemphis, Tenn.y .... 359 Etter, Cathy QShermany .-W 181, 350, 355, 366, 380, 407 litter, Patricia QShermany ,,,,,,,,,,,,YY 474 Eudaly, Harold Jr. QGrandfallsy ,,,, 325, 454 Euler, Patty QDallasy a,..,. 280, 310, 363, 442 Evans, Deborah Q0lneyy ..,,,,--,--A-,,Y, 474 Evans, Larry fBig Springy W -W 391, 474 Evans, Malta Lee qOlneyy --- -W 333, 474 Evans, Roy qWhitefacey --L-,,,, ,,,,,, 4 36 Everett, Perry Joy QAlvordy ---..,., ,2,-- 4 54 Evers, Sandra Jean QNew Londony ------- 412 Ezell, Billy CSangery ---.,..,,-,Y,YvYY, W 474 Ezell, Joe QDallasy --- ,,.-- 290, 417 F Fain, Tye Qllallasy ---..-------4----- --44 3 90 Fallis, Mariella QDentony ------ 328, 369, 474 Farmer, Harvey QCorsicanay ---------- 474 Farr, Patricia QC0ll1I'lSVi11Cy --------A---- 474 Fatherree, Virginia QFort VVorthy ------ 475 Faught, Don QDCIIIOIU -------4-f--A- 355, 475 Faulkner, Mildred QTCHHPICD f----f--f4-f 412 Felts, Hlilliam CGLl1V6S10IlD -----f-4- ----- 4 15 Fenley, Kathryn QCiscoy --------- 337, 366, 417 Ferguson, Barbara QLitt1efie1dy ---- 334, 475 Ferguson, Bransford QShermany ------.--. 475 Ferguson, John QFort Worthy -------- 391, 454 Ferguson, Patricia Ann QMcLeany ---- 360, 454 Ferrell, George QDallasy ---.---- 153, 306, 436 Field, Joan qPlainviewy ---- 322, 335, 360, 429 Fielding, James Robert QDallasy ------ 391, 415 Fields, Janie QAnnay --------.----.--- --- 454 Fifer, Ora Maye QLubbocky ----- --- 336, 429 lfincher, Bobby qbentony --.-----------ff -454 Fincher, Katherine Jo QDentony ----.----- 444 Findley, Janelle QHillsboroy --.- 322, 336, 429 Finnie, Jean QBrysony ------ 194, 322, 323, 335, 339, 343, 373, 377, 381, 430 Firkins, Dorele QFort YVOrthy ------------ 475 Fischer, Barbara Jane QHamshirey -------- 475 Fitzgerald, Mary Gwyn ffexarkanay W 359 407 Flanagan, Betty QGreggtony ---. - ---.--- 475 Flanery, Virginia QSangery ---.---- ---- 4 75 Fleischer, Mary Beth QRockspringsy .------ 475 Fleming, Leon QSweetwatery ------ 397, 454 Flemins, Patricia QStamfOrdy ----- ------ 4 23 Flewelling, Ellen QCanadiany ---------- 430 Flinn, Patty qStrawny -------------. 332, 475 Flook, Cecil QGarlandy -------- 304, 343, 436 Flowers, Alta Marie QVernony --.----.--- 475 Flynn, Ann QGhillicothey ----- --------- 4 36 Flynt, Diana QNoconay .---.------- 365, 475 Foltz, Donna Qrfexarkanay 282, 335, 373, 407 lforbis, Janet QDal1aSy ------------ .--- 4 75 Fore, Peggy Q.-Xubreyy --.----.--- W- 454 Forehand, Mary Lou QFerrisy --- --- 475 Forrest, Jerry QVVaxahachiey ---.-- --- 430 Forshee, Dona Jean QHendersony W W 349 Foster, Jerry QFort XVorthy ----- W 437 Foster, Kenneth flfort 1Vorthy -W W 318 Foster, Patsy qDentony -----.------------ 475 Foster, Ray Nell Qlfrionay --------.----- 454 Fowler, Dorothy QFort YVortl1y W 322, 337 475 Fowler, Eugene Franklin Jr. QDentony ---- 475 Fowler, Jo Ann QMonaliansy ------.- 284, 454 Fowler, Kyle R. QAng1etony ------ 343, 437 Francis, Juanita Ruth ffempley --------- 423 Frank, Joseph YVilliam QDentony -- ---- -390 Franklin, June gDallasy -------- --.- 4 75 Franklin, Neal ------------------- -- 390 Franklin, Phil Roland fDallasy ----- W---475 Franks, Frankie Qllallasy ---------------- 454 Fraser, Maurine QKermity -----. 314, 366, 454 Frazier, Frankie Maurice QSan Angeloy -..-- 407 Fredrickson, Wade QGa1vestony ----------- 430 Freeman, Darrell QDa1lasy ------.-------- 291 Freeman, Joyce QAthensy ------ 220, 366, 475 Freeman, John Russell QDe Leony ---. 397, 475 Freeman, Orrie qrongviewy -------------- 306 French, Marian QDallasy -----.------ 376, 407 Frensley, Nevillia QDallasy ---- 328, 369, 454 Frey, Joe Jaynes QWacoy - ------- 292, 353, 417 Fruge, Lloyd QPort Nechesy -------- 291, 430 Fry, Barbara Jo QBrownwoody ---------- 475 Fry, Joyce QCiscoy ------------- W 332, 475 Fulcher, Richard QDa11asy ------ ------. 3 93 Fuller, Golda Faye Qlidgewoody -- ------- 402 Fuller, Harold Ray QEulessy ---- --- 298, 423 Fuller, James Rorace QEulessy -- ------ 437 Fuller, Kenneth QDa11asy ---------------- 306 Fulmer, Sandra qNacogdochesy ------ 356, 454 Fulton, Donald QGrand Prairiey ---. 391, 475 Fulton, E. M. Jr. QDallasy ---- 318, 340, 412 Funston, G. Dean QWichita Fallsy -------- 304, 311, 353, 402 Gachter, Clyde QGrahamy -W ------ -454 Gafford, Jean QCayugay ------ --- 364 475 Gaines, Robert QMundayy ---..------ 322, 454 Galipp, Barbara QDallasy --- ----- 313, 325, 373, 381, 407 Gallagher, Betty CCiscoy --.-------------- 475 Galloway, Ann QMesquitey 312, 332, 355, 363, 442 Galloway, James E. QDallasy --.----- 391, 412 Galloway, Mary Lou QFort Hlorthy --.- Galloway, Patsy Ann Oilichita Fallsy -.278 y 475 430 Gambel, Edward L. QMernphis, Tenn.y 331, 454 Gandy, Jane fLongviewy -------------. - 475 Gandy, Max QDallaSy ----------------- - 437 Gandy, Robert R. fDallasy ---- 236, 306, 378 Gann, Virginia QHaniliny ---- -------.-- 4 23 Gantt, Burt QDecaturey ----------.-- 288, 423 Gantt, Joe Jack QPrincetony ------ 288, 353, 423 Garcia, A. Hector QBrownsvilley -.-------- 331, 356, 370, 448 Garner, Bobby QAmarilloy --------------- 455 Garner, Jean QDentony ---.----. .--- 4 75 Garrett, Dorothy Jo QCiscoy ---- -W 455 Garrett, Rita 4Dal1asy -------..--- W- 475 Garrison, Marie Welsh QDentony -------- 430 Garrity, Johnny QDallasy ---------------- 430 Garza, Osbaldo qiuissiony ------ 359, 370, 417 Garza, Yolanda QMissiony 359, 370, 375, 423 Gaskill, Harland QDallasy ---------------- 306 Gaston, Peggy Joyce qDentony 312, 357, 358 446 Gathings, Gloria fF0rt Wlorthy ------ 321, 437 Gaude, Emily Ann QLongviewy ------ 349, 430 Gaynier, Jim Oylyndotte, Mich.y W ----- 325 Geddie, Robert QMarshally ..---- W- 423 Geistweidt, Dan QMasony ------ ----- 4 17 Gentry, Don QFort Worthy ---------- 300, 455 Gentry, Gay QDallasy ----------..-----. 475 George, Marilyn fDa1lasy ---------- 365, 475 Germany, Glenna Lee qDeming, N. M.y ---- 475 Getter, Murl Turtius QFort Worthy -----. 390 Gheen, Betty QDentony --------.--------- 476 Ghent, Yvonne QVVacoy -------------- 364, 476 Gibbs, Curtis Anne QGreenvi1ley --------- 476 Gibbs, Delbert M. Q.-Xndrewsy ---...-- 336, 412 Gibbs, YVanda Beth fJustiny --------.-- 476 Gibson, Kenneth WV. QBurkburnetty ------ 430 Gil, Gilbert S. QEI Pasoy ------------ 300, 423 Gilbert, Janet QDallasy --------------..- 476 Gilchrist, NValter YVilliam QDa1lasy --391, 476 Giles, Douglas -.---.--..-....----.-- 323, 339 Giles, Joy fBridgeporty ---- -------- 4 76 Gill, Charles qmiamiy W ----- 455 Gilliam, Bessie QBellsy ------- ---.----- 4 55 Gilliam, Harold qDallasy ---.2....-----.-- 455 Gilliland, Mary Jo QLevellandy W 276 334 430 Gillis, Mattie Lois fKilgorey W 349, 352, 417 Gillmore, David QFort Worthy ------- 397, 476 Gilstrap, Robert L. QDa1lasy 295, 334, 378, 430 Glasgow, Bill QDa1lasy -------------.- 300 455 Glasgow, Miriam QSugar Landy -------- 455 Glass, Marian QRosebudy ------ 336, 340, 437 Glasscock, Parker fTroyy ---------- 335, 430 Glazener, Una Grace g'1'ylery ---- 170, 194, 206, 280, 328, 355, 369, 384, 407 Glendinning, John M. Jr. QDallasy ---- 352 417 Glover, Mary Gean QPine Bluff, Ark.y ---- 412 Goble, Ann Qltascay ....-....,-.,-.- Godfrey, Lowell fBurlesony ------- 331, Godwin, Johnny Ben Q1-'rincetony ---.---..- 455 423 455 Goforth, Dolores QMarshally ...-,,.,------ 340 Goin, Mary Ann QDentony ---- ---- 3 35, 423 Golden, Jeanie fSan Sabay -W --.--- - 476 Golightly, Kenneth QMallardy --.....--,,- 476 Gollob, Mike QTylery -------,,,,,,, 359, 455 Good, Dixie WVayne gKrumy -W-322, 339, 430 Goode, Glen R. QDallasy -A..L.,,.,,,,-,-, 476 Goode, Virginia QDentony .,,------------- 437 Goodman, Clifford Neil QGalvestony ------ 390 Goodman, John WV. fClarksVilley 317, 325, 407 Goodner, Harlan fDentony ,,,,,,,,,,,,,- 476 Goodnight, Pat qMemphisy ,,,,,,,,,,,.,- 476 Goodson, Rose Mary QStrawny ------ 379, 412 Goodwin, Ivan Douglas fEnnisy 356, 362, 446 Gorden, Shirley QLufkiny 2,,v,------ 351, 455 Gordon, Bill .,,,,,,,,,,,---,, YY,--YY4--- 3 43 Gorman, Louise Jean QWorthamy -W Goss, Zelma Yvonne QDa11asy -----. 365, Gough, Rara Ann Q'I'cmpley YYYvYvYY--YY Gowen, Eugene QHarroldy ,,,,,,,,,,,-Y,,, Grabowski, Helen June QPharry 359, 370, Graham, Bryan qDent0ny ,c,c,,,,,,--- - Graham, Shirley Mac QDentony ---------- Grainger, Grace QComanchey --,,,,,,,,,,, Grant, Gordon fDallasy --------.. 306, 390, Grant, Raymond fDallasy ---------- Grant, Tom fDallasy L,,,,,,,,,,,--- - 391, 291, Grantham, Carole qGrand Prairiey ------- Granton, Morris fCleburney .,cA,,,,--- - Graves, Betty Lee QHenriettay ------ 332, Graves, Patricia fBeaumonty .,..,,----- - Gray, Tommy QSan Angeloy --.., 238, 295, Gray, VVynonia Jean QMabanky ------.--.- Greathouse, Ima QFort Wvorthy L--,.,, ,W Green, Bobby E. QGrand Prairiey -- 319, 446 476 476 476 417 292 476 286 423 455 351 340 448 442 476 378 455 284 455 Gromat 456 Green Green, Green, Eddie Lou fGainesvi1ley Glenna fBrownwoody -- ----- 286, Greeni Janis qFort Worthy e,.. --- Jerry K. QLewisvil1ey --- ------ Green, Jimmy fGrapeviney -- Green, Joe qFerrisy ,,,,.,. -- 393, Green, Pat QDal1asy WWWWWWWW.. WWWWWW Green, R. C. Jr. fGruvery ....,W,,WW 352, Greenwell, Patsy fWaxahachiay WWWWWW 353, Greer, Charles A. Jr. QVVacoy ..,.,, 397, Greer, Jack L. QTexarkanay WWWW.. 338, 353, Greer, Patsy QLewisvilley WWWW ,,,,....... Gregory, Betty Jo fDallasy --- Gregory, Carol QBowiey ......,,, Yee. Gregory, Clint QBowiey ......... .,.. Gregory, Dorothy fValley Viewy WWWWWWWWW 298, Gregory, Stanley QJoshuay ,,......e,, Gresham, M. Frances ---W---- -- Greunke, Herbert fDa11asy ..,,, ,...... Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Griffin, Bill Ollaxahachiey ....W,,,W, Golcla Denman QDentony WWWW 308, 313, Griffin, James H. QChandlery ,,........WW James Lee fPlan0y ....,,,,...... Kenneth fSunrayy ...,,WW,,..... Griffin, Margarite Oleva Qlowa Parky WWWW Griffin, Mary Jo fAnnay ,,,,W,......e, Griffis, Evelyn QMcKinneyy ..,.... W Griffith, Martha QDallasy .WW,..,,,, -- Grinke, Harriet Christine QDallasy ..,,,, Grisham, Billy E. fGrand Prairiey ,..,.. Grogan, Jane QB1oomburgy .... 220, Grogan, Martha QBloomburgy ,,....,. zky, Kathryn fEdeny ..,,W,W,,.... 280, 364 1 407 353, 276, Gross, Linda Lou QGreenvil1ey .,,e,, Grube Evel n Denton , 1 c J gggggg------ G'Sel1, Beverly June QTerre1ly ..,,w....... Guerguin, Marilyn fCorpus Christiy w,,,,. 194, Guest, Betty QDubliny ..e,,,,,,,,,.....W.. Gurrey, Jack QArlingtony ..,......... 'uilbeau erome David Galveston 9 . ,J 1 ' 9 --f--- Gumn, James M. QDa1lasy ......f, 376, Gulledge, Jackie fl ort Arthury W,,,,W......,,,, 314, 330, 365 Gulledge, Sarah QFort Worthy ,,..., 337, Gullett, Jacqueline fKermity ,..,,,.,..... Gunnels, Nancy fFort Worthy --- ---- Gunter, O. L. Jr. fBorgery ..,,,....,,, Guthrie, Kathryn fFort 1Vorthy CWWW, --- Gutierrez, Alice S. fDallasy ...,,, .,., - 359, Gutierrez, Arturo Luis Qlapatay -- 359, 370 Guttry, John S. QKi1gorey ,,,,. --- 298, Haberger, Mary Beth fHoustony ,,,,,,.. 327, 337, 350, 376, Hackney, Faye QGatesvilley ,,,,,,...,.v.. Haesley, Doran fDallasy ......,W,,,,,.W Hagmann, Katherine Helen QDallasy ..,. Hailey, H. M. Jr. QFort Worthy -- 300, 390 Halbrooks, Wanda fBryany ..e.,,,, 276, Hale, Jean Paticia fSeagovi11ey Hale Jim fClarksvilley ----WW 'm-T565 1 1 Hohertz, Bob fBig Springy WWWW W... - 418 418 Hall, Billy John QWichita Fallsy DWWW 334, Hall, Dick fSan Angeloy ........,, 390, Hall, Edna Beth QCrawfordy ,,,,,, 282, 316, 341, 373, Hall, Elizabeth QDentony -- 280, 313, 333, 373, 381, 384, 444, Hall, Elma fHerefordy e,,,...... 291, 360, Hall, Jo Ann QDal1asy ...,,A.,,, 336, 373, Hall, Kenneth QBorgery ,,.,....,,,, 295, 418 Hall, Mack CMineral WVellsy ,,,.,.W.,,,, Hall, Martha fDa11asy ..... - ..,, 282, 333, Hall, Pat QDa1lasy .e,,,,,,,, ...W,,,,,.. Hall, Pat QHillsboroy WWWWWWWW ....,,W,, Hall, Pierce fLa Marquey ....,,,,....... Hall, Robert L. fBurkburnetty ---- 381, Hall, William Brock QWeatherfordy ,,,,,W Ham, Bobby fQuitaquey ,,,,,,...... 352, Hamilton, Howard fDallasy ,,,,,,.. 319, Hamilton, Nancy fWacoy --- WW Hamlin, Shirley QDal1asy W- W---- Hammond, Beth fLeforsy .,........,,,,, Hammond, Bill fDentony WWWWWWW... 238, Hampton, Blake L. QDallasy --183, 306, 320 Hampton, Hope QNaplesy 341, 355, 366, 373 Hanby, Maurine QMesquitey ..W,W 334, 369 Hanes, Martha Anne qHendersony ..,WW.. Hankins, Lowanda fOlneyy ....WW,W 314, 1 Hansel, Irene qSt. Petersburg, Fla.y WWWW Hansen, Alice QBrownwoody .... 322, 372, Hansen, Theo Jane fBrownwoody 314, 344, Hansen, Wanda QWacoy W,WWW,...... 334, Hanson, Lucy Anne QMissiony .... 312, 370, 476 476 455 476 303 455 476 417 423 476 417 476 455 476 418 455 430 383 300 455 430 412 430 476 381 455 325 476 476 455 455 476 476 418 455 476 476 446 455 362 412 455 476 455 476 418 476 476 455 412 412 477 455 455 455 455 437 391 455 455 384 341, 493 455 437 393 390 444 477 455 477 402 423 418 423 456 477 477 295 456 418 477 477 456 477 437 456 456 446 390. Haralson, Carroll fMcKinneyy ,WW... Harber, Ivena QDa11asy W,,W...,,,,, - WWWW Harber, Teresa QDallasy Wve... 278, 322, Harbison, Betty Jane fLeague Cityy ,,W,.W Hardeman, Nita fJustiny .......W.W,W... Hardie, Bob fFort Worthy ........ Hardin, Ann qllentony ,.....e. - Hardin, Charlotte QDallasy .....,W,,W W- Hardwick, Olin A. Jr. QMC-:ridiany .... 352 Mary Ann QTerrel1y W., .WWWWW - .. Hardy, T. K. Jr. QRangery --- 238, 295, 378, Hargrove, Noel E. fDentony ........ 329 477 Hargus, Harold Q'1'y1ery ,,v....... 397, Harmon, Kenneth fTerrelly ..W,,W,-, -W Hardy, Harms, Mike fllurkburnetty W.WW 298, 456, Harper, Bessie Mae QDentony ....,,,,,WW, Harper, Dorothy QBeaumonty WWWW 350, ' Harper, Herschel QGarlandy .......... 3:17 1 Harper, Myrta Bob fEldoradoy ..WW..... Harper, Pete fDa11asy .W,,,,,WWW,,WW,-W. Harrell, Bill Jack QDa11asy WWWWWWWW 391, Harris, Bette CDallasy -W ------..... . W Harris, Carolyn fDallasy W 336, 345, 354, Harris, Dick fEastlandy - 152, 195, 298, 326 Harris, Harold fPittsburgy ---- 308, 390, Harris, Ivan QHar0ldy ------------.... --- Harris, James fllentony ------- -- 393, Harris, Jean QCorpus Christiy -- ----- Harris, Lynn fRichardsony ----- --------- Harris, Melvin G. fEld0radoy ------ -.. 296 Harris, Pat CCorpus Christiy ---- 324, 372, Harris, Paul Rogers QDallasy -------------- 320, 323, 334, Harris, Tommy QChi11icothey ------ 391, Harris, Virginia fDa11asy 182, 366, 380, 383 Harris, Virginia QPort Arthury ------ 286, Harrison, Ann fSeymoury -.------.-- 384, Harrison, Paul fDal1asy ---- --.--..... Harriss, Gaye flfort Worthy ---- 282, 384, 150, Harrod, Bill fOdessay -------------- Harston, Edna fGrapeviney ------- Hart, Joe fMcKinneyy ---------------- Hartness, Lanona ON'eatherfordy ----- - Hartwell, Henry Ken QParisy -------- Harty, Robert fDallasy -------- 320, 319 334,, 364, Harvey, Pat Qllenisony ---------- ..- Harvey, Richard QSan Angeloy W 238 Harvick, Letha Faye fBridgeporty -- ,- Harwell, Layne fRhomey --------- Hassell, Elizabeth Bryan QPort Arthury --- Hattenbach, Helena QSan Antonioy ------ Hawk, Cletabel Sheppard fDentony ---.-- Hawkins, Felix S. fDa11asy ------ 306, Hawkins, Robert fliorgery ----------- Hay, Patsy Sue QOrangey --- ---- Hay, Rose QSmithfieldy ------ --- Hayes, Joan fDallasy ---- - ----- --- 1 295 328, 391 364, 276 1 1 Hayes, Patricia QSan Angeloy -- ----- -- Hayes, lllayne fDentony ---------- 390, Haynes Ann f'l'ylery -------------- - . Haynes, Betty Qllenisony -- 282, 314, 381, Haynes, Billy Dwayne QMcKinneyy ------- Haynes, Fay Carol QRio Hondoy -------- Haynes, Joe Preston fTylery ------ - - Haynes, Richard F. QRichardsony -- 393, Haynie, Ermine QStantony ---------------- Haynie Frances CRoanokey ----- ------- Haynie Harvey CCiscoy ------- ---- 306, Haynie, Terry -, ----------------- ----- Hays, Billy Gordon fProspery --------- Hays, Gwen f1Vacoy -------------------- Hays, Jack Qllallasy --------- --- 306, Hayton, Corky Q1'anhandley --- ---- 292, Hazard, Hulen Lee QEastlandy -- ----- -- Head, Marshall fGreenvi11ey ---- ----- Heard, Eddie Jean tTempley ---------- Hearne, Billye Jean qBryany --------.----- 276 310, 366, Heck, Doris QFort Xvorthy ------------ --- Hedgecock, Oneita QDallasy ---------- 325 Hedrick, Mitzi flinnisy --fff ----- Heflin, Leigh QShermany --- ------------ - Heideman, Betty Jo flrvingy ------ 280, Heldberg, Willie Mae QHoustony -------- Heldt, James fLindeny -------------- 292, Hellams, Virginia 1Royse Cityy ---------- Helm, Eleanor tlrcdelly -W ----- 335, 379, Helm, Virginia Lee QCranfills Gapy 379, Henderson, Bob fGrand Prairiey ---- 352, Henderson, Charles Wayne fJacksboroy -------------------- 291, Henderson, Charlotte L. Q.-Xrdmore, Okla.y Henderson, Claude Mike Jr. fE1doradoy -------------- 153, 171, Henderson, Donald Wayne Q,-Xlviny - 298, 477 47 7 430 423 456 295 47 7 477 418 477 430 456 456 494 477 477 477 477 456 396 477 456 402 412 331 477 355 456 423 446 477 412 456 477 357 456 456 477 402 444 423 456 456 378 477 477 456 430 437 456 477 477 437 444 456 477 477 456 407 407 402 456 477 423 418 336 456 477 391 430 456 477 423 477 456 477 322 456 446 430 477 430 437 418 444 328 418 Henderson, Helen fElectray ---- W 280, Henderson, Lola Jo fFort 1'Vort113 ---- 332 Henderson, Lora Lee fEvanty ------ 379, Henderson, Mary QRaymondvil1ey ------- 332, 337, 370, Henderson, Robert H. qJacksboroy -- 291, Henderson, Sid N. fArdmore, Okla.y ------ Hendrick, Gene fMcKinneyy -------- 295, Hendricks, Martha fAnnay ------------- Hendrix, Nancy QDallasy ---------- 278, Heninger, Gerry QWichita Fallsy --------- Henry, Don Vernor QBowiey ------ 181, Henslee, Ralph QDallasy ------------ 393, Hensley, Billy Loyce QDentony ------ 390, Henson, Dwayne QPittsburgy ---- - ------- 295, 378, Herbert, Allen T. Jr. QBridge Cityy 393 Herring, Mary Kay QLometay -------- Herriott, Jimmie QDentony --------------- 325 Herry, Pat QNew Braunfelsy -------- Hesse, Clyde E. QBaytowny N--N ---- - Hesser, Phylis QBrownfie1dy ---------- 298 353 Hestand, Guy QShermany --------------- 1 1 Heywood, Marian Qlfort Worthy 333, 372, Hickerson, A1 QMineral 1N'e11sy ------ 308, Hickey, Bonnie QJamesy ---------- 276, Hickman, Freddie fRobert Leey 238, 295, Hicks, Aline QHar1ingeny -------------- l-licks, Mary Ann QNacogdochesy ------ Higdon, Barbara fDentony -------- 313, 323, 324, 437, Higgins, Marguerite QFort Worthy ----------- --- 328, Hilburn, Jack fGainesvil1ey ------------ Hilderbrand, Keith fVernony --------- W- 313, 335, 348 Hill Allan QDallasy ---------------- 320, Hill Gerald fDentony ------------------ Hill Helen Elizabeth QGilmery -- ---- -- Hill Jack M. fFriscoy --------- -W 390, Hill, James Lee QArlingtony -W --- 320, Hill, Jerry Lynn QBridgeporty -- ------ -- Hill Leo Frank QDa1lasy -.-- W- 391, Hill Lois fVany ---------- ------ Hill Lois Marie QMexiay --- ------- ---- Hill Marilyn fDallasy ---- ----- - W 351, Hill Ray fKellery -------- ---- 3 29, 350, Hill Shirley qllallasy ------- -----W 314, Hill William J. QMarshally --- ---- - 228 1-lill bolt, Sue CD'a1lasy W ---- ---- Hilliard Robert fDentony ---- --- Hillin, Marjorie fYVaskomy --- W-- 5667 Hilz, Jimmie fPilot Pointy W --- 381, Hinson, Jane fDallasy ----------------- Hinton, Naomi QFort Worthy ------ 335, Hinton, Prilla Ann fWhitewrighty 221, 282 Hiskey, Marion fPocatello, Idahoy --- Hitt, Sara Lu OVeatherfordy ------- Hocker, Mary Louise q'l7ulsa, Okla.y Hodge, Arthur q1Vaxahachiey ------- - Hodges, Bill QShermany ------------ 363, 292 391, Hodges, Maurice C1Nl0I1Hl13I1Sy --- ------ 1-lodgson, 1Vayne fBoonevilley -- Hoelscher, Eugene fRosebudy -- ---- -- Hoff, Barbara fMcAlleny ---------- 370, Hoffman, Carl C. QDentony ------------ Hofman, Carolyn QLaGrangey ---- 86, 320, 342, Holcomb, Marcia QDentony -- Holden, B111 fAnnay ------------------- Holder, Nora QAmari1loy - ------ -WWW Holdridge, Gerald fDeLeony 379, 393, Holdridge, Joe lllayne fDeLeony 379, Holland, Henry E. fEray ---------- Holland, Katherine Kawn QDallasy --- --- Holland, Larry QTy1ery ------------ Holland, Mary Janelle fGa1nesv11ley ------------------- Holland, 1Veldon fForestburgy Holley, Elmer Roy fDallasy --- W- Holley, Mary Nell, Beaumonty 373, 394, 397, 292, 397, 366, 391, Holliday, Sid QDa1lasy ------------- Hollingsworth, Harold M. 1Dallasy ---------- 361, 3 80, 390, Holloman, Gladys QAbi1eney -------- Holloway, Bill QNew Londony 306, 394, 286, 317, Holloway, Roger Qlrvingy ------------ 152, Holmes, Colleen fQuanahy ----- 286, 312, Holmes, Martha QPecosy W- ------- W-- Holmes, Pat fFort 1Vorthy -- ------- -- Holst, Harland QBeaumonty --------- 1 1 203, Holt, Zollie Jr. QDallasy --------------- A- Holter, Mary Louise QPort Arthury ------. 314, 330, 365, 437 456 442 477 393 407 430 437 430 284 366 456 478 423 407 478 412 412 317 456 423 444 393 430 378 430 478 372 478 418 407 418 456 456 478 456 478 478 430 478 364 369 478 390 478 478 478 407 412 423 456 228 152 444 418 394 478 431 431 442 315 393 407 456 431 412 423 431 456 457 437 478 412 431 412 437 408 181 437 457 423 381 390 457 Honea, Arthur A. QLongviewy -- 366, 397, 402 Honegger, Jolm QGrand Prairiey ,...., 352, 457 Honeycutt, Joe Bob QMarty ..,,,..Y 393, 478 Hooper, Bervin C. QBorgery --- --- 248, 457 Hooper, Fred V. QBurlington, N. C.y ,,.. ,... 3 19, 478 Hooper, Thomas QBorgery --- .,,,, - 248 Hooten, Jim Qlowa Parky ....,,,, ..e,,,. 4 57 Hooten, Ruth Deloise QDallasy ,,,...,,... 478 Hoots, Wesley D. QMexiay ..,,, ,... 3 36, 338 Hopkins, Charles QDentony ,,,,..,, 390, 478 Hopkins, Freddie QKrumy ,,,....,,..., 478 Hopkins, Rae Ann QFort NVorthy ,,e.,,,, 478 Hopper, Robert C. QGranburyy .,,. 351, 457 Hopson, Edward L. QGrandviewy -- 322, 323, 336, 338, 339, 431 Horn, Isaac QProspery .......,......,.... 437 Hornback, Betty QAbi1eney ........ 278, 457 Horne, Marjorie qFort Mlorthy 276, 365, 457 Horne, Mary Alice QParisy ....,,,,..e,,. 478 Hornsby, Virginia Lou QDa1lasy ,,.. 322, 442 Horton, Joel fGreenvilley .,,,,,. .,,,,., 3 00 Hotchkiss, Patsy QFort Worthy ,..e,,,... 479 House, Fred QFort Worthy --- W- 391, 478 House, Jane QSan Antonioy --- ..,,,. 457 Houser, Susan fBig Springy ,....,,,,... 478 Houston, Louis Burl QEast1andy ,,,,,... 423 Houston, Lydia Faye fEastlandy e,,. 342, 478 Howard, Carroll QDenisony ,,,... 335, 431 Howard, Jessie Jr. fFort Y'Vorthy .,,,,..,, 418 Howard, Joyce QBig Springy ..,,,,,,,.,,, 448 Howard, Mary Loraine QDallasy Y,,, 327, 457 Howell, Elinor QColorado Cityy ,... 375, 457 Howell, 1Vayne QCorsicanay ,,,. .,,,.. 4 08 Howeth, Sam D. QAlvaradoy ....a, ..,, 3 94 Hoyle, Bill QFerrisy ,........,,,,,,,..e,, 303 Hubbard, Howard M. fBig Springy ,,,,,. 352 Huber, Patsy QLeMarquey .....v,,, 365, 431 Huddleston, Arthur Joseph QColorado Springs, Colo.y ,,...,,,,.. 402 Huddleston, Merle QCol0rado Springs, Colo.y e...,.,,,,,,,,e...Y,e 393, 394, 478 Hudson, Madelyn Adele QDallasy ....,,,, 457 Huestis, K. NVayne QForsany ....,,,,.., 478 Huey, Mary Jane QAftony ..,,,,, -,,,, 4 78 Huff, Jack fElectray ,,..,,,, .,,,... 4 31 Huffman, Glenn XValter QGrapeviney ,,,....., ,,,,,... 3 52, 418 Huffman, Minor Stewart qHoustony ,,,,,, 350, 369, 383, 391, 478 Hufstetler, Thomas J. QAtlantay -- 390, 394, 478 Hughes, Arlene QLougviewy ---- 313, 333, 342, 363, 442 Hughes, Jimmy fProspery ,,,A.....,,,,, 478 Hughes, Lynn QJustiny ,..,....,,,,,,,,. 478 Hughes, Peggy QFort Worthy ,,,, -W 478 Hughes, Peggy Joyce QPlainviewy ......,.. 478 Hull, Barbara fJacksboroy ,,.....,,, - 457 Hull, Beth QChildressy ........ ,,,, 3 60, 457 Hulse, Glenda QLittlefieldy ..e, ,,,, 3 37, 478 Hulse, Max D. QLittlefieldy ,,,.,... 334, 431 Humbert, Lee Drew QDallasy ,,,,,,,.. 457 Humphreys, Jean QDallasy ,.,,,,,,,,-,Y, 478 Humphreys, Robert P. Jr. Olesquitey -- 479 Humphreys, XV. Howard QTuliay .,,, 298, 423 Humphries, Henry Qlidgewoody ,,,. 393, 457 Hunt, Dave QFort XVorthy - ,,,. ., ..,, 150, 340 Hunter, Pat fGalvest0ny ,,,,,, ,,,, 3 59, 418 Hurry, Edna Kathryn QDallasy ,,,,.-- W ,- 412 Hurst, Ronald S. QTy1ery ..........-, 396, 397 Huse, Peggy QDallasy ,,.., 195, 282, 377, 412 Hutcheson, Marty QBluff Daley ..... --- 316 Hutchinson, Adele QColorado Cityy -- 344, 371 Ilutchinson, YN'illiam QLaredoy ,,,,,,,. 479 Hutchison, Lewin Eugene QDallasy -- 335, 350 Hutton, Bobby Joe QKellery ,,,,,.,-,v,,, 457 Hyde, NVayne QMcAlleny ,,,,....,., 393, 412 I-lyer, Dona Lee QCarrizo Springsy ,,,,.. 457 Idell, Nancy fValley Viewy ..e,,,,,,..,,, 479 Iles, Gene fShermany .,.... --- 357, 371, 446 Iley, Mary Lee fForneyy W ....W 369, 479 Imel, Dale QSellytowny --- -W 390, 479 Ince, David fGodleyy ,,,e.. ..,,,, 4 79 Ingle, Shirley fFort Worthy ,,,,A,,....e,, 479 Ingram, Johnny QArlingtony ,,,..... 321, 380, 391, 394, 479 Ingram, Leona Anne QLaMarquey .,,,,,, 479 Ingram, Mary Jean QPilot Pointy ,,,,,,,,, 457 Ingram, Patricia Ann QDallasy -- .v,,,, 479 Ingram. Wanda Lou QWacoy WW,..... 320, 431 Inman, Bill fCorsicanay ..,.t.t,,. ,.,,-,, 2 96 Inns, Patsy Ann Q'l'exas Cityy --- ..... 457 Insall, Thomas Jess QDallasy -- W 298, Irby, Frank QPlainyiewy WWWWWWW. --- 351, Irion, Doris Jean QDallasy ,.,,.. -.,, Irvine, Robert Dee fDentony --- ---- Isom, Sherrie QDallasy .vW,,,, WWL, .I 418 423 479 327 479 Jackson, Beverly Sue QMcKinneyy ..WW 322, 437 Jackson, David QHoustony ..,W..W, 298, 457 Jackson, Gwyn Lee QDallasy W,.., ..,W.. 4 57 Jackson, Jerry fDuncan, Okla.y ,,W.W,..W 446 Jackson, Joanne QRusky .WWW..,W.,WW... 324 Jackson, Ralph Edward Qweatherfordy --- 423 Jackson, Sue QFort Wlorthy ,.W...fW 276, 431 Jacobs, Barbara QKrumy ,...W,..,W...W.. 479 Jacobs, Bobby fKellery W- W- WW 479 Jalufka, Mary Frances QR0bst0wr1y ,W..,W..,,..,,W 345, 356, 457 James, Martha Ann QDentony WtW..WW. 280, 412 James, Yvilliam QDentony .WWW W..WW.., 4 79 Janes, Ann QDallasy W ,...,W fW..-, 3 56, 479 Janke, Paula QHoustony .W..W.......... - 457 January, Don QDa11asy WW...WW... 195, 227, 306, 380, 418 Jarrett, Thomas E. QFroSty W...,....f..Y 431 Jay, Bruce QDallasy W...WW.. .YKW 4 03 Jay, Joyce fVan Alstyney ,,,, ,,,,,. 4 57 Jaynes, Rheta fBonhamy WW..., W..WW W 479 Jeanes, C. B., Jr. QBay Cityy WW,.,W 292, 381 Jeffries, Janell fAbileney W..WW., -W, 479 Jenkins, Carol fMiamiy ,W...W.. 313, 337, 437 Jenkins, Edwin E. Olesquitey .WW,... 206, 368 Jenkins, Jo Nell fO'Brieny --- --- 366, 418 Jenkins, Omer fMesquitey . .WW. W..f,. 4 79 Jenkins, Rosabel flientony .fY..WWWW..-f.Y 431 Jennings, Dwayne fVVaxahachiey .... 288, 457 Jennings, Joanne QDallaSy W..WW..,WW,..f. 479 Jennings, Mary Ann QSWK-Zetwatery -- 152, 184, 186, 195, 366 380 Jennings, Paul QDenisony ------------..-- 479 Jessup, Nancy Lee QDallaSy WW ---.--,.. 365 Jeter, Carolyn Jean flrvingy ----------..- 479 Johns, Alice M. QUniontown, Penn.y --- 402 Johns, James Thomas QTylery ---- 183, 374 408 Johnson, Anita Jo Qlicntony -------- 351, 423 Johnson, Avis Joy QSan Augustiney ------ 479 Johnson, Bettie Sue fShermany ---- -----.----- 3 36, 479, 494 Johnson, Carolyn CGainesvilley --, --- - 412 Johnson, Charles Lee QFort YVOrthy 245, 295, 378 Johnson, Delmo Leon Qllallasy --------.--- 479 Johnson, Frances Blythe QDallasy ----- - 423 Johnson, Fredora fCotullay -------- 339, 431 Johnson, Harold H. Qllentony W,--W ,- 381 Johnson, Joan fLaPortey ------ 356, 371, 447 Johnson, John Thomas QProspery 393, 397, 479 Johnson, Jon Marc QStamfordy ---- 396, 479 Johnson, Kenneth XVayne QSan Sabay ----------------- 393, 394, 379, 437 Johnson, Marian fDallasy -------------- 448 Johnson, Paula yVynn Qllallasy -----.----.- 479 Johnson, Raymond Eason Jr. QDallasy ----------------------- 390, 479 Johnson, Seaborn B. fLaMarquey -------- 295 Johnson, YVilma Fae QNCW London - -----.--- ---- 330, 342, 377, 437 Johnston, Dolly QFort Wvorthy ------ 364, 479 Johnston, Doris Eleanor QPerriny ----------------- 322, 336, 431 Johnston, Jan QMexiay -----.------- 284, 457 Jolmston, Jo QFort Worthy -- ---- 358, 457 Johnston, Leonard A. QFrederick, Okla.y ------------------- 431 Johnston, Paula Mac QShermany --359, 365 479 Johnston, Ronald fBig Springy ------ 320, 412 Jolley, Joan flfort Worthy --------- 327, 444 Jones, Alvin YV. QLewisvilley ------------ 431 Jones, Beverly Janis qFort Nyiorthy ---- 312, 350, 369, 376, 408 Jones, Dale Irwin fYVeinerty ----------- 408 Jones, Dorcille QDallasy ------ ----- , ,- 479 Jones, Doris fAnnay ---- - --------- 337,431 Jones, Dorothy Ann QLeWisvilley -- ------ 457 Jones, Everett D. fLancastery --- ---- 457 Jones, G. D. fltascay ---- ..--- --- 479 Jones, Gloria fYVacoy ------------ ---- 4 79 Jones, Howell A. Jr. QCorsicanay -- ---- 431 Jones, Jack fBridgeporty --------- ------ 2 88 Jones, Jean qBorgery --------.-- ------- 4 79 Jones, June fI.ittlefieldy -- ----- 282, 457 Jones, K. Lee CVernony WW ----- ., ----- -- 480 Jones, Linda QXVaxahachiey -- 325, 381, 457 Jones, Mary Betty QRicon, Ark.y -- ---- 443 Jones, Nancy Jean QDallasy ---.-- ---- 4 08 Jones, Patsy Carolyn QGrahamy --- Jones, Peggy fDallasy ----------------.-- Jones. Sharon Kay QShermany ------ 196, 279, Jones, Vera Ann QFrionay ---------.-- Jones, YV. A. QCrosbytony --------- W Jordan, Gene QDallasy ---- 276 320 313, Jordan, Joyce Faye QWinnsboroy 1 ---- W Jordan, Patsy Jo QDa1lasy ----------- - Joyce, Frances qMcCameyy ------ 341, 363, 383 360, 353, 279 365, Judd, Bobbie Ruth QLancastery -------- Jun, Dorothy qFort Worthy -------- Jungbecker, Elvera QHoustony -- Justice, J. H. QCorsicanay ----- Justice, Robert WValter QCiscoy -- K Kahler, James H. QCamerony -------- Kaps, Carolyn fliaytowny ----------- Karnes, Ben G. QYVellingtony ---- 298, 371 326 y Katz, Howard A. QNew York City, N. Y.y W Kautz, Sandra fFort Worthy --------- 341 Kay, Joann Ovinonay -.---- 332, , Kearby, Cynthia QDecatury --------- 284, 325, 341, Keas. Buford Jr. fGrand Prairiey 339, Keasler, Charles QGrand Prairiey 306, Keathley, Darrell H. QDallasy -------- 363 381 352 359 306 Kee, Alvis Ray qGustiney --------------. Kee, Earl QFort Wvorthy ---- Kee, J. YV. fBrysony -------- Lanethia QGrahamy -- Kee, Keene, Bob QBonhamy --- Kees, Clyde QDal1asy -.-------- Keiffer, Foster fDallasy ----------- Keith, Jean Louise qTexarkanay Kelldorf, WVilliam Neal QTaylory 784331, 373 391 244, Kelley, Joan Qlireckenridgey --------- Kelley, Johnny QLa Saray ------- -- Kelley, Pat QDallasy ------- --- Kelley, Sammy QAlvaradoy ---- Kelley Kelley , Thad QBreckenridgey ----------- , Bruce E. QJustiny ----- Kelly, Carol fDa1lasy ------ Kelly, Paul B. QKerrvilley ---- Kelly, Thomas QDallasy ----- Kendrick, Lilbern Aston Jr. 320, i qMount Pleasanty ----.----- 328, 402 Kendrick, Peggy fH0ustony ------------- Kennedy, Bill QBeaumonty W- -.--- --W Kennedy, Grace QDallasy .WWWW --.-- Kennedy, Howard QPalestiney --- --- 357 Kennedy, Marion QAtlantay ------ ----- Kennedy, Weldon fPalestiney ------ --- Kennemer, James L. QRinggoldy Kenney, Joan QHam1iny --------- Kent, Donald QCiscoy ----W--W Keown, Dennis QFort YVorthy -- Kerby, Frances QLometay -------- ine, Nancy QDentony ------- Kerr, Jimmy qYVinnsboroy --- Ketchum, Georgianne QAmarilloy Key, Arthur Jack QCarrolltony --- Key, Gail QCleburney ----------- Key, Leann 1Archer Cityy ------- Key, Margaret QColorado Cityy Kieffer, Floreen QMineo1ay ----- Kiel, Gerald fNoconay -------- Kilgour, Carole QDentony --------------- Killebrew, Harriet QParisy --------- 335, Kimbrell, Jo Ann fGrand Prairiey ------ Kimbro, George fC1eburney ---. - 331 Kimbrough, 1Vallace QDentony --- Kinder, W. L. QBrysony ------- Kindle, Pat McKinneyy ----- Kindred, Eunice Virginia Kerest fJeffersony ------------- 150, 1 King, Ann Gray fTempley -- ----- -- King, Barbara QAbileney -- ---- 286, King, Bobby QKilgorey --- WWW- King, Lynn D. QLevellandy ---- ------- King, Marilyn QFort Worthy --,---------, King, Marilyn Ruth fGilmery ------ 323, King, Maxine QDallasy ------- ------ King, Tony qBrysony ------ ----- King William H. Qlrvingy ---- Kinkade, Don fGrand Prairiey ------ 393, Kinsey, Marvin qBedfordy -------------- Kirby, Richard fDallasy ---------------v- Kirkland, Ray Allen fF0rt Yvorthy -------- Kirkland, Thomas Qlrvingy -------- 337, Kirkpatrick, James QVVeatherfordy -- 352, Kirkpatrick, 1N'arren Oveatherfordy ------ 457 480 443 480 418 457 364 437 437 480 480 480 402 480 480 457 356 431 480 444 412 418 458 423 390 480 437 458 480 480 390 458 458 408 480 378 480 423 458 480 447 480 493 458 296 480 480 480 303 412 412 424 480 480 412 480 458 480 431 480 480 480 402 480 431 480 431 458 458 458 480 412 458 424 316 412 437 480 480 480 480 431 418 390 458 418 412 Kisinger, Gloria QRed Springsy -W Kisinger, Shirley fRed Springsy --- Kissinger, Norris qBrownfie1dy .s,,,, Klein, Garner fDentony .,,,..,,,,,,,,, - Kleinhans, Frances fBowiey ,,,,,,,,,,,, Knapp, Don fBeaumonty ,..A 337, 356, 362, Knight, Andrew G. QDal1asy ,,,,,,,,,,.,, Knight, Bob Ray fDallasy e,,,,,,,v,,.,, Knight, Charles W. QPort Arthury ,,,,,, Knox, J. Wendell qxrumy W,..e,,,,, Knox, Jolly Jean QGrand Prairiey 330, Knox, Thomas Mark QPondery ....., Koeninger, Doris QOk1auniony -- -- Koethe, Jimmy QSeymou ry ,,,,,,,.... Koliababa, Peter Frank flnsinger, Saskatchewan, Canaday Koontz, Sue fDallasy .....,,,,,.....,, 203, 364, 320, 354, Kraft, Connie QBaytowny -- ,,,,..... -- Kregel, Charles QDentony ....,,,,,,,, Kropp, John D. qDa11asy ...... 391, Eialif Krueger, Patricia QDallasy ,,,,......,, Kubica, Robert QGrand Prairiey -- 292, Kuchenbacker, Betty QDallasy .,,, 341 lcudeika, Betty qoaiveswny tt..t...t l Kuzell Ra mond El Cam 0 320 371 , y 4 pn Kyle, Frank QFort Worthy ..t, 390, 394, L Lacey, Hollis fGrand Prairiey ......,,,,, La Gue, Beverly Jeanne fSan Antonioy ........ 342, 358, La Gue, Dorothy QSan Antonioy ...... 344, 357, Lamb, Peggy QBig Springy ,,,,.,,,,, Lambers, Gaynelle QSweetwatery --353, Laminack, Marian Qlieaumonty,,,,n. 171, 328, 376, 371, 280, 379 369, Lamkin, Joye Qwlellingtony ......,...., Lammes, Bill QSan Antonioy ,,,,.. Landrum Ann Fort Worth , 44 5 ,,,,,,,, Lane, Doris Marie QGrand Prairiey -- Lane, Henry QFort Worthy ,,,,,,,, Langford, John QDallasy ..... -- Langham, Betty fDentony ,,,,,, Lanier Bobbie Dou lassville , C S D -- Lanier, Robert A. fArpy ,,,,,ffYv,.. Laningham, Earl YVm. Jr. QBorgery --- ,f,f.,ff--vf... 249, Lankford, Bobby qHoustony .L,, 239, Lannin Bill Panhandle 239, 308, 306, g, Q y ,,.. 304, 360, Larkin, Lorraine CBridgeporty ,,,,,,,,,, Larmour, Jimmy W. QGrahamy ,AL.,, Larson, Curtis QMcKinneyy ,,,, - - ,-- - Lasater, Arline fHoustony ,,.,, 357, Lasater, Clyde Eugene QWVichita Fallsy ,Lt,.. 322, 356, 371, 362, Lasater, George QDent0I1y ,ff..f2W..f.... I.assiter, Jewel Denham fHoustony --- --- Latimer, Betty Ann fDa1lasy ....,L 320, Lawhon, Johnny fDentony ,,,,,, ,,,YY Lawless, Jack fDentony ....e,,,LA Lawrence, Bobby L. QDawsony --- ------ Lawrence, Ritaf Bonhamy fffff f-,,,-- Laws, Billy Clyde fVeray W.. ........ 322, Lawson, Carrell fGainesvilley ,,,,,,,,,,.- Lawson, Patsy fArlingtony -- 321, 332, 363 Leach, Bill QDa11aSy ..............----- I-eath, Barbara QHenders0ny .w.-.,.v.... Leatherman, Judy fEnnisy t,,,,,,,,,,,, LeBaron, Priscilla QSan Antonioy ,,,,W,,,,,,,,v 150, 312 , 368, Ledbetter, Sanford Truett QDa11asy WWWWWW Leddy, Peggy QFort Worthy ........,,,. 303, Lee, Charles fSpury L,,,WW,,,v,, Lee, Doris QTexarkanay LWWW WWWWWW Lee, ' Jo Ann QPar1sy ,,,,,,Y,.... --- 393, 335, 279 Lee, N. A., Jr. QWichita Fallsy --- W Leech, Louis Jack CCiscoy ....,,,A,,,Yff Leeman, John QBonhamy tc,,....,v.. Leeth, James C. QHicoy ,,,, 379, 394, Leeth, Jimmy QHamiltony .....WW,W 397, 379, Lege, Anne qPasadenay ,,,,,,.......,... Lehmberg, Lee Carl Jr. Qlrvingy WWWW 334, Lehrmann, Melvin QSagertony ..,,,,,,,, Lehrmann, Norman Jean qOld Gloryy Leibovitz, Rochelle qSan Antonioy ..,.w.. Leiter, Lawrence B. QDallasy ..WW,WWWW, Lemons, John G, QNewporty ......,,, 3313 Lennington, Jo Ann fMayy --- ---W Lennington, Kathy QMayy --- --- 332, LePori, Juanita QDa1lasy -- ----- Lester, Jeanice QDa11asy -- ----- -- Lester, Joe B. QDal1asy -W -W Lewallen, Billy QBradyy W -- 391, 308, 480 480 295 299 458 402 418 300 318 361 437 412 413 480 408 458 481 393 458 368 413 447 481 370 481 431 408 458 458 424 481 458 378 481 458 481 481 458 481 418 458 391 418 458 419 437 382 382 458 431 458 481 239 437 458 431 318 443 458 481 481 437 419 481 458 432 432 362 424 481 458 424 481 481 437 419 458 390 352 481 443 481 481 396 419 Lewis, Barbara fTylery -------- 356, 358, 458 Lewis, Gordon fDal1asy ----------------- 318 Lewis, Lavonne Qlireckenridgey ----------- 481 Lewis, James W. QStarkville, Miss.y ---- 448 Lewis, William A. QRangery ---------1--- 424 Lewman, Virginia QDallasy -------- 322, 437 Lewter, Bobbie Lee qSangery ------ 333, 443 Liles, Bruce qWacoy ---------- -------- 4 58 Lindsay, David Jr. QDallasy -- -- 352, 419 Lindsey, W'alter QBuffaloy W ------ 378 Line, Janice QFort Worthy -- -- 364, 481 Linehan, VVayne QSongery ---------------- 481 Lipa, Sophie A. fChicago, Ill.y ---- 359, 458 Lipman, Donald fJeffersony -------- 181, 366 Lippard, Charlotte QHerefordy ------------ 458 Lisman, Onis qEnnisy ------------- 303, 413 Little, Enid QMidlandy --------- 212, 350, 413 Little, Katherine A. QJacksboroy --------- 481 Littlejohn, 1Nynelle QBardwally ------------ 337, 356, 383, 458 Lively, Frank fDallasy ----------.-- 303, 403 Lloyd, Kenneth fHegdersony ---- 312, 376 408 Lloyd Ruth fGeorgetowny ------ W 324, 413 Lockard, Keith QChillicothey ----------- 458 Locke, Betty QDeLeony ------------ ----- 4 58 Locke, Donald Edwin QDeLeony --- -W 413 Lockman, Ann QFort Yvorthy ---------- 481 Lockwood, Carolyn fJoy QBeaumonty ------ 481 Lofton, Ann fTexarkanay ---------- 353, 419 Logan, Betty Sue QGalvestony ---------- 481 Lomax, DuBose QWaxahachiey ----------- 481 Long, George Robert QKaufmany --------- 419 Long, Mary Beth QBeaumonty ---- W 344, 459 Longbottom, Martha QGroesbecky 220, 284, 459 Longmore, Bess QSan Sabay ------------ 314, 336, 345, 375, 459 Lonvick, Orville M. fDallasy ------- 306, 424 Loomer, Joan QFort Worthy ------------- 481 Loton, Lynn L. QSnydery --------------- 413 Loughmiller, Mary Beth QCantony -- 286, 340 Love, Bill QMcKinneyy ------------------- 481 Love, George E. fTerrel1y --- --------- - 481 Love, Helen QFort Worthy - --- 383, 481 Love, Kenneth ------------ --------- 3 31 Love, Mary Jo QPenelopey ------ M- ---- 481 Lovelace, Allen qCarrolltony -------- 325, 335, 381, 437 Lovelace, Earl fShermany ---------- 393, 481 Lovelace, John A. QFort VVorthy -- 152, 189, 196, 299, 326, 362, 374, 381 408 Lovelace, Nancy QBig Springy ---279, 364, 437 Lovell, Joan Lee QFort Yylorthy ---------- 438 Lovell, Mary Joanne QAubreyy ---------- 481 Lovette, Sue QDentony W-WW W- 297 Lowe, Joe Ernest QDal1asy --- --- 481 Lowe, William QDentony ---- ------ 4 19 Lowrance, Xvilliam Ellis, Jr. fClarksvilley ------------------ 299, 362 Lowrie, Sue QHendersony ------------ 342 481 Lozano, Nelda fSan Benitoy 359, 370, 375, 438 I.ubbe, Don fDallasy --------,------ 308, 424 Lucas, Camille QBryany -------- - ------- 481 Lucas, Carolyn Oyfaxahachiey 325, 344, 381 459 Lucas, Helen Jean QGrapeviney WW ------ 482 Lucas, J. B. fGrandviewy -- 331, 338, 352, 424 Lucas, Ray T. qSan Antonioy ------ 295, 378 1.uecke, Carolyn Amelia QDallasy ---- ---- 4 82 Luecke, Marilyn Edith fDallasy ---- ----- 4 82 Lumpkin, Myra fMidlandy --------- W- 459 Lumsden, Carl Thomas QMcAdooy -----. 292 Luna, Sharlie QDallasy ---------- - ------- 459 Luna, Tom fllallasy ---------- 390, 394, 482 Luton, Joan QFort Worthy ------------- 281 Lutrell, Jimmy QDal1asy --- -W -------- W 482 Lutrick, Lewis QAbernathyy -- -- 295, 378 Luttrell, Lelda QSeminoley ---------- . W 482 Lybrand, Yvilliam QDa1lasy ---------- 391, 459 Lyle, Patricia Ann QHendersony ---- 334, 482 Lyles, Burnis fPanhand1ey -- 330, 360, 364 432 Lyles, Rossie QPanhandley ------ 360, 364, 482 Lynch, C. E., Jr. QGalvestony ----------- 419 Lynch, Neal ------------------ -W 292, 352 Lynch, Turney QConroey ---- W- 381, 432 M McBryde, Sarah qDentony ------------- McCanless, Nella Faye qltascay ------------ McCanne, Patricia Anne fAlvordy ---- 332 McClain Frank VV. Texarkana , Q y ---- 340, McClanahan, Mary Lou QDallasy ------ McCleish, Annette fClevelandy ------ McClelland, Clive Wells QBrownwoody McClendon, Bill QBrownwoody ------ McClendon, Bob QEnnisy ----------L, 288, 482 482 443 413 482 432 362 391 393 McClenny, Carolyn fBallingery W- W--W McClintock, Matty fChillicothey -W. 284, McConnell, Bill QGuntery -------------- McConnell, C. Rex Qlleaumonty --------- 202, 313, 334, McCord, Carol QFort VVorthy ---- 336, 372, McCord, Lura flierrisy - ---------------- - McCormick, Alan fBlooming Grovey -- 336 lN1cCormick, Neta Rae QDallasy ------ 365, McCrackin, Aaron Leonidas, Jr. QTrinidady - ------------------- 324, McCrady, Richard QBeaumon my ------ 390, McCrary, Robert Eugene fDallasy ---- 391, McCrea, Yancy J Jr. QCiscoy ------------- McCreless, Gayle QDentony ------ McCulloch, George QDallasy - McCulloch, Shirley QDallasy ------------ - McDaniel, Anne fS1idelly ----------- 341, McDaniel, Luther QBig Springy -------- McDaniel, Joyce CMemphisy --------- 360, McDaniel, William M. fRichlandy ------ 1 McDonald, Jimmy N. Qlowa Parky ------ McDonald, Mary Lynn fArlingtony 368, McDonald, Patricia QFort Worthy .WWW McDona1d, Vaudene QComanchey 332, 379, McElhay, Jerry Ann fAthensy , ---------- McEuin, Homer Sid QGainesvilley -------- McEver, Pat QEnnisy ---- - ----------- 341, McEver, Sally QEnnisy --------- ------ McGallion, Ray fSilsbeey ----- --------- McGaughey, Vera QBenjaminy ----------- McGee, Jerry QOorangey -------- 393, 396, McGee, Lucille QGa1vestony ------------- McGuire, Mickey QFort VVorthy 341, 365, McIlwain, Carl fHoustony --------- 362, McKay, Speed fArpy ------------------- McKelvey, James QShermany --W-- 308, McKenzie, Charlene fNederlandy ---- 358, McKenzie, Christy Dave fLancastery ----- ---------- 3 19, 391, McKinney, Billy Burt QDallasy ------ 393, McKinney, Oscar L. QDallasy ----- ------ McKnight, Jackie fFort VVorthy --- WW McLain, Jack R. fDallasy ---------- ---- McLain, Mary Ann QHillsboroy ---------- McLauchlin, Jobyna QLongviewy ------------ 333, 337, 349, Mcklahan, Kenneth QDallasy ----------- McMillan, Jo fSan Angeloy -- 330, 359, 365, McMurrey, Bobbie QGainesvilley ---------- 284, 330, 364, McNabb, Allene QStamfordy --- 357, 379, McNabb, Marian QDallasy ------ W 328, 344 McNamara, Janetta QVernony 174, 287, 359, McNatt, Marilynn QDa1lasy ------ 153, 279, McNeely, Fredda QPetroliay 283, 341, 373, McNutt, Patsy qComanchey -------- -- McPherson, Robert Len QNoconay W 292, McReary, Margaret QFort Worthy --- -------- . 182, 188, 366, 380, McReynolds, John C. flfort VVorthy --- --- McSpadden, George QNevaday ------ 353, McSween, John Robert fKerensy ----292, Mcivhorter, Frances Nell qVVeslacoy -- 325, Mabe, Jim QFort Wlorthy ------------- Maberry, Charles QDal1asy ---- Mack, Charles QSan Antonioy --- Mackey, Austine QMexiay -------- W Mackoy, Margaret QYVhitesboroy -- --W Madden, Betsy QSan Antonioy --- ----- Madden, Virginia QFort Worthy ---- 321, Maddox, Magill, Betty Lou QDentony -------- Mahan, Helen QDentony ------- 286, Majors, Jean QFort Worthy ---- 336, Mallery, Charlotte QMexico Lityy --------------------- 332, Malone, Georgia May QEgypty ------ Dottie fDentony -------------- 284 3351 371, 345, Mallatt, June Juree QCleburney ------ Mandeville, Glenn fDallasy ------ Mandy, Marilyn QBirmingham, Ala.y --------------------- 356, Manire, John R. QRoanokey -------- Manire, Nancy CRoanokey -------- 280, 332, 341, 371, 373, Mann, Barnett QValley Millsy -------- Mann, Margaret fFort Worthy Mann, Robert C. QCorsicanay Mantor, Gayle QFort Worthy -W -W Mapp, Billie fGrand Prairiey Mappe, Le Roy Jr. QCrawfordy Maranto, Lucia QMarshally ---- -- BBE 255 359, Marion, Georgia qFriscoy ---- ----- Markey, Nadyne QHoustony -W Marr, Ann QJacksboroy -------- 459 459 318 432 413 482 438 432 413 413 482 351 482 413 408 443 413 459 432 424 432 438 443 438 413 459 482 239 482 459 482 438 448 438 390 447 459 419 296 482 303 368 443 295 438 432 447 369 432 459 419 459 438 413 393 419 459 370 482 482 403 482 482 459 438 482 438 432 459 459 448 424 343 448 419 444 438 482 419 482 459 459 459 459 482 482 Marr, Jack L. QMa1onej ...v,, --- Marley, Marsh, Larue fMartj ,..,,,,,, --- Sara Beth QSweetwaterJ -- --- Marshall, Barbara Joan QDallasj ,,,,,,.. Marshall, Marshall, Helen QAmarilloj - ,A...,,, 358, Marshall, Jerry qDermitj ,,,.,..,,,,,,fa Marshall Marshall, Yvilliam Robert qDentonJ .... Edna Loy QFort Worthj ,,,,,.,. , Patsy QCo1emanj ,,,.. 314, 364, Martin, Allen Qwleatherfordj ,,,,..a,, Martin, Andrew D. QTerrellj-- 393, 396, Martin, Barbara QKemahj ..,,,,,. 286, Martin, Billy Earl QDecaturj ,,A.,,a, 188, Martin, Charlesene qVan Alstynej 336, 342 Martin, Curry W. QBald Knob, Ark.j ---- Martin, Elizabeth Okfichita Fallsj ,,a, 335, Martin, Ernie QFort lvorthj ..,,,,.... 182, 284, 366, 380, Martin, Jo Ann QLaPortej .,,,a...,,,,.. Martin, Joan QDenisonJ ,,,,,...,,,,,... Martin, Joan Qacksboroy -- ....,,, --- Martin, Katherine E. QLongviewj - --- Martin, Kenneth QDa11asj ., ,,,,...a,,,,. - Martin, Lisbeth QSan Antonioj .,a,,, 323, Martin, Violet Ann QWeatherfordj E... 353 Marvel Ernie Panhandle , Q ' J -,.... 241, Mashburn, Martha Nan QDa11asj ..,,,,r.. Mason, Harrell QDallasj ,...,,,, 375, Massey, Arthur QProsperJ ,,,,,.., 315, Massey, Doris QFort Wlorthj ,.a. 280, 334, Massey, Jack J. QDentonj ,,a...t,,,....,,, Massey, Margaret QPort Arthurj .....,,,, Massey, Marian L. QFort Worthj -- --- Masten, Bobbie 1Dentonj ....,,,, ----- Masters, May Beth QMexiaj ------------ Mathers, Ruthanne QFort WVorthj -.--- 276, Mathews, Jan QSan Augustinej ---- 280, Mathis, Albert Marcus QSagertonj -- 393, Mathis, James O. QLongviewj ------ 337, Matlock, Elwanda QJacksboroj -- 312, 361, Matthaei, Tom -------- - ----------.----- Matthews, Billy QFort Worthy -------.-- Matthews, Billy C. QHaskcllj -------- 300, Matthews, Juanell QSunsetj ------ 220, 284 Matthews, Maydell QDentonj ---- 286, 310, 313, 339, 341, Mattingly, Doratha Joy QDentonj -- ------- Mattiza, Betty QCleburnej ---.-- 282, 323, Maughan, J. A, QSangerJ ---------..-- - Maxwell Maxwell , Billy QBig Springj ---- 196, 227, , Bobby QBig Springj ------------ y Maxwell, C. A. QNN'iln1erj ------ 362, Maxwell, Charles YV. Qwaxahachiej -- 335 Maxwell, Mary QFort WVorthj ---------- Maxwell, Robert N. QDallasJ ----- ----- Maxwell Maxwell Maxwell Maxwell May, George Reid Qlfloydadaj -- 291, , Rosemary QTylerj ---- ------ , Shirley Ann fVVll1'llCI'J ---- , Theresa Qfiatesvillej .-----.--- - , Sally QDentonj ------- .-- 174, 343, 379, Mayes, Mary Louise QFort Stocktonj --344, Mayes, Nancy Jean QFort Stocktonj ---- Mayeur, Bob QHoustonj ---------- 299, Mayo, Thressie Marie 4Da11asj ---------- Mayo, Thomas M. QDallasj --- ------ 364, Meador, Jane fWVhitewrightj -- --- 334, Meaker, Inez QPanhandlej --- ---- 360, Means, Martha QPecosJ ----- -------- Means, R. YV. QPecosj ----- ---- 3 90, Mehaffey, Jerry QGOIIHHHD --- ------ Meisch, Sue QMarlinj ----------- --- Melton, Madelynn Iline QWacoj ---- --- Meine, David L. QWVichita Fallsj -------- Menasco, Sarah fGrand Prairiej ------ Mendenhall, Lucille QDentonj 168, 196, Mensman, Don QGalvestonj ------ 325, Merrell, Bryan E. Jr. QFort Worthj -- Merton, Messer, Messer, Messick, Jo Anne Oklhartonj ----.------- Eileen QDentonj -----------.- - Jack QFort Mlorthj -------- 308, Bobby Glenn QFort Worthj ------ Mettler, Benjamin B. QVernonj ------ Meyer, Mary Lou QE1 Campoj -----. 286, Meyes, Regis QTexas Cityj ---- -----. Middleton, Jane QDeKalbj --- --- 276, Middleton, Melvin Byron, Jr. 308, QDallasj -------------- --- -- 393, Midgett, Bill fDentonj ----- ----- --- Miles, James QGrapevineJ ----- --- 397, Miles, Mary Kathryn fDallasl ------ 371, Milholland, Larry QDallasJ ---- ---- 3 90, Miller, Earldene QParisj ---- --- 277, Miller, Miller Edwin QCelinaj ---- ------- Jim QDallasj ------ ---.- Milleri La Verne QDallasj --- --- 292 413 459 482 482 448 482 459 377 419 482 438 295 459 403 408 413 482 482 459 448 338 459 482 295 482 408 419 459 319 482 459 483 483 444 432 438 403 408 396 483 438 419 432 336 438 390 229 228 438 493 419 483 444 483 483 358 360, 459 459 419 459 483 483 459 432 438 483 483 459 483 483 432 371 413 311 438 438 419 381 380 413 403 459 483 432 483 460 493 432 460 303 438 Miller, Lloyd M. QDallasj -- --- 291, Miller, Lou Ann QParisj ----- --------- Miller, Marilyn tGustinej --.- 277, 312, 332, 337, Miller, Martha QCollege Stationj -- 344, Miller, Meryl Mankin QFort lvorthj -- 313, 335, 340, 350, Miller, O, L. qAbilenej ------ - ----- 315, Miller, William D. QCleburneQ ---- 288, Milligan, Imogene fMcKinneyj ---------- Milligan, Rondal QSlidel1J -------------- Milligan, Sue QRockwoodj -- 312, 333, 363, Mills, Weldon Otto QHubbardj ---------- Milner, Jerry F. QSan Antonioj ------ 397, Milner, Mary Alice QMarshal1Q 345, 366, 381 Milsap, Grady QBal1ingerj ---- 1- 182, 366, Milton, Richard Dwayne QFort Worthj ---- Mims, Judith QDallasj ------------------ Mince, Aloren QCantonj ------ --- 300 Miner, Phil QDentonj ---------- -------- Minick, Gloria QBurkburnettj . ----- 316, Minick, Joe D. qliallasj ----- . ---------- Miron, Nathan QHoustonj -- 335, 356, 362, Mitchell, Donovan R. tBrys0nj -------- Mitchell, Fred QWestonj ------ -, .---- Mitchell, Loyd Daile QSaint Joy ------ Mitchell, Joe QGainesvi11ej --------------- Mitchell, Margie qwaxahachiej ---.-- 336, Mitchell, Rita QDallasj -------- ------ Mitchell, Sandra -------------.- ------- Mixon, 1Vil1iam A. QDent0nj ------ 339, Mobley, Orwin G. QGonzalesj ---------- Moellenberndt, May Dell QGalvestonj ---- Mogonye, Jack QWichita Fallsj ---- 393, Money, Melba QGladewaterj -------------- Monk, Carole Lynn QDa11asJ ---- 221, 324, Montgomery, Jerry YV. QDallasj ---- 390, Moon, Sandra qDallasj -.------------- Moore, Billie Beth QFort M'orthJ ---- 366, Moore, Billy Tom fGar1andj ---- 307, Moore, Carol QArlingtonj 221, 281, 321, 352 Moore, Clariece QDallasj .---------------- Moore, Dorothy Bee QDublinj ----------- Moore, Jack QMcKinneyJ ------ 319, 393, Moore, Jake XV. QFort Nvorthj ---.-- 394, Moore, Mary Sue Qlrvingj -----------.- Moore, Peggy QDallasj -- 281, 353, 384, Moore, Richard QCorpus Christij -------- Moore, Robert E. QAr1ingtonJ ----.----- 299, 317, 325, Moore, Ruth Aleen QC1iftonj ---. 287, 316, Moore, Theresa Q,-Xbilenej -------- 287, 1 Moorman, O. D. QGrahamj ----------- Moos, Martha QMarsha1lj ------------.- Morehead, Jo Anne QClarksvi1leJ ---- 277, Moreman, Joan Qfledleyj ---- 277, 356, 360 Morgan, Joy fDentonj ----------------- Morgan, Roberta QDallasj -------------- Morgan, 1Vynelle QMcCameyj 335, 37 377 Morris, Betty Qliallasj ----------..-- 351, Morris, Darlene QO1neyj ---- --- 277, Morris, Fred QDentonp ------ ..--.- Morris, Johnny H. QLeforsj -- ------ -- Morris, Modena QChildressQ --- --- 334 Morriss, Edd QBonhamj ----- ------ 1 Morton, lVanda Oklinnsborol ------- 357, Mosel, Stanton QSan Antonioj -.---- 228, Moseley, Nancy QCelinaj --------------. Moseley, Ray Neal QMarsha1lj -- 180, 326, Mosely, Boyd QKermitj -.----- ----- 3 04, Moser, John WVm. QDa1lasj --- ------ Mosley, Otis QSouth Bendj --- ------ Moss, Gerrie Qacksboroj .--- --- 282, Moss, James Qllinggoldj --.-- ----. 3 91, Moss, Letitia QBonhamj ---------. ,. ---- - Mote, Robert Benton QDa11asJ -- 307, 490, Moussa, Patricia QShermanj ---------.-- Moughon, Sam OVeatherfordj ------------ Moyers, Jimmie tFerrisj ------- ------ Muecke, Dorothy QGalvest0nj --- --- 342, Muecke, Norman QC-alvestonj -- --- 288, Mulkey, Charles qDentonj ---- ---- Muller, Clyde QVernonJ ---- --- Muller, Mary Lou QHoustonj --- --- Mullinax, Sue fKermitJ ----- -- Mullinax, Joe tKermitj ,---- -- ---- Mullins, Charles B. QPoteetj - -- -- Murphy, Hal Gene fCorsicanaj ------ 296, Murphy, J. P. fE1ectraj ------------ 325, Murphy, Mike N. 353 460 443 460 432 419 424 483 438 443 460 483 460 374 397 483 419 288 408 483 447 483 460 460 413 460 483 383 408 460 460 483 483 360 483 483 413 413 408 460 448 483 424 483 424 169 408 408 460 460 483 332 460 483 483 438 460 419 403 393 438 424 483 460 483 374 438 483 424 460 483 483 413 460 460 408 460 408 484 432 484 484 315 484 419 460 QMcKinneyj ----- - ----- 319,393,396,484,494 Murphy, Shirlie McClellan QGrovesj --------- 205, 330 365, 403, 493 Murphy, Wiilliam H. QMilwaukee, Wis.j ----.--- 331, 338, 484 Murray, Edward QBoston, Mass.j -.------------- 331, 336, Murray, John C. QJacksboroj ------------ Murray, Roger E. QGainesvillej Musick, James fTerrellj -- ----- Musser, Skyles C. QDallasj ----- Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myers, Nance, Nance, Nash, Jack QDallasj ---------------- Jo Ann QDallasj -- ----------- Sara QCarro11tonj -- 282, 310, Katye Sue QGrahamj Yancy Carlos QGrahamj N Grada Lou QDeLeonj -- -- Mary Jo QCarthagej -- Leslie QGalvestonj ----- 338, 353 372 379 334 393 1 1 Neal, Edyth Ann tDentonj ---- .---- Neal, Franklin XV. QDa1lasj - --------- - Neely, Eula Kate Qlirownwoodj -. ------ Neely, John fDentonj ------ 299, 353, 366 Neely, Rosemary QFort W'orthj ------- Neely, Tommie Sue QMid1othianj -------- Nelson, Barbara Lee Qlfort WVorthj ------ Nelson, Cleve QDallasj .. .------ ----- - -- Nelson, Leslie R. Qlclarlingeny --- --- Nelson, Margie tDentonj - ------ ----- Nelson, Paul R. QMansfield, Lag ---- , - Nelson, Preston qPort Arthurj --.. 331, Nelson, Shirley QBorgerj ---------- 277, Nelson, Steve QGi1merj --------- ------- Nelson, Virginia Ann QMundayj --------- Nesbit, Harlen QAmarilloj ---------- --,- Nevans, Melba Sharron QBrownwoodj 337, Newby, Beverly qDa11asj --------------- Newby, Mary Elizabeth Q'l'uliaj ---- ----- 287, 322, 341, 360, Nichols, James David Jr. tDallasj ---- 291, Nichols, Janet fCorsicanaj -------------- Nicholson, Ertie Lou QDallasj -.---.- , Nicholson, Joyce QFort l'Vorthj -- 337, 365, Nicholson, Mona Leta flleportj ------ 364 Nicklass, WVi1lis Lynn fGrafordj -- ---- 379 Nicksick, Bernice QLake 1Vaccamaw, N. CJ Niteholas, Monty qMcKinneyj ------ 393, Nitsche, Jerry fDallasJ ------------- 304, Nix, Delaine qDentonj - ---.------------ - Nix, Joe Dale Qltleatlierfordj ---- - ------ - Noah, Pat QDentonj ---- 153, 281, 313. 373, Nobles, Richard fDa1lasj ---------- 391, Noel, Sammy E. fWVaxahachiej ---------- Noland, Emma Jo qBaytowny ---------.-- 313, 372, 377, Norman, Beth CBlumj ----------------- Norman, Grace CBryanj ------- Norrell, Peggy QLancasterj ---.-- 337, 342, Norton, Nan QGainesvillej ---------- 365, Nowlin, Jackie QPort Arthurj -- ---- 281, Nunn, Shirley qFabensj ..--- ----- Nusbaum, WValter QDal1asj --- ---- Oblander, Lila Jean QSan Antonioj -- 372, O'Brien, Carolyn fDal1asj -.---- 330, 365, O'Brien, Johnny QDallasJ --------------- O'Daniel, Algene QTuliaj .-....---- 287, 310, 341, 342, O' Daniel, Donna QTuliaj ---------- 287, O'Dell, Kenneth QDentonj -- --- 190, O'De1l, Stewart qBeaumontj -- ----- -- Odle, Annette QMcKinneyj --- ----- Odom, George QDenisonj ------------ 352, Odom, L. Mayne QLing1evil1ej ----- -------- 340, 361, 379, Odom, Patsy Ann --- ----------------- - O'Donnel1, Gene qltfaxahachiej ---- 292, Oehlschlacger, Lourene Qlfort Worthj -- 312, 333, 363, 373, 377, O'Farrell, Walter Qlfort Mforthj ----.--- -- Officer, Jean QJacksonvilleJ -------- 371. Ogburn, Martha Ann Qeffersonj ---- 356, O'G1ee, Johnny qDa11asj -.---- 197, 292, Ogletree, Bill qShermanj --------------- O'Grady, Loy Eugene fPort Arthurj ---- Oldham, Cherry QDallasj ----- 323, 393, Oliver, Anna QDentonj -------------- - Oliver, Charles QMartj ------------ 393, Oliver, Eunice N. Qllentonj ----------- Oliver, Jeff QTemplej ------------------- O'Malley, Ethel Gene QFort Worthy ---- O'Neal, Billie Jean QBig Springj -------- O'Nea1, Evelyn QSaint Joj ----.--- --- 438 190 403 460 403 419 484 419 413 381 424 424 460 279 484 484 424 484 438 484 318 403 484 424 484 460 484 438 460 484 285 432 460 460 484 432 484 394 364 484 424 460 352 328 4123 484 460 413 484 484 354 438 432 484 318 419 460 484 443 432 484 413 438 420 413 379 420 443 241 447 484 432 413 319 438 484 484 484 424 460 432 460 C. QDallasy ,,.. ,, O'Neal, Jerry Marcus fSan Angeloy ...w,, O'Neal, Ray Cyril Qllallasy ,,,,,,,-.,Yv,, O'Neill, Georgiann tHoustony ,,,,,,,,,, Ordway, Donna QLaredoy .... 327, 350, 369, Orjuela, Hector QBogota, Colombia, South Americay ,,...-,, 203, 304, 375, Orozco, Alberto tLaredoy ....C. 359, 370, Orton, Rosemary QFort VVorthy ...,rA 328, Osborn, George CSan Angeloy ....,.,... Osborne, Nellie QPanhand1ey ..,.. ...e, Oswalt, Kenneth Gene QShermany ..o, 390, Ott, Dwight fDallasy ,,,, ,,e.,,,,,,, 299, Outhouse, Barbara tHawkinsy ,,,,,, 287, Owen, Clifford Wayne QQuanahy .....,., Owen, Hazel Lanell QConroey .w... ,,, ,, Owens, Saralyn QCarthagey ,,,, ,, 357, P Padgett, William A. tRaleigh, N. C.y ,, 381, Page, Evelyn Qllentony ,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Palmer, Billy Jack QBonhamy ,,,,,,,,, ,, Palmer, Kay fFort YVorthy .......... 337, Palmer, James B. tGrovesy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pang, Robert QHonolulu, Hawaiiy .,,,,,, Pankhurst, Martha QHollidayy ,, 277, 341, Park, John tDallasy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Parker, Betty Ann tCentery ,,,,, ,, 314, 336, 340, 345, Parker, Diana Qllallasy ,,,,,,,,..,,.... Parker, Gala Joy Qllentony .......... ., Parker, Jack Wernony ,,,,,,,,,,,, 331, Parker, Jerry QMarshally ....e,, ., ,,....,. Parker, Margaret Ann tMarshally C... , . Parker, Mary Sue fNew Londony ...... 277 Parker, Pat fllallasy , ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Parkes, Patsy tDenisony ,,.... 283, 373, Parker, Vernon Horace tDallasy ,,,, 390, Parks, Sarah Ann flientony ,, 322, 335, 341 Parks, Yvonne fDallasy ,,,,,,,v....,a,, Parrish, Bobby Hlayne tl-'ort Yylorthy ,, 331 Partin, Chick Jennan Qlfort Wlorthy Parvin, Laura Qllentony v,,,.e,,,e,, Patrick, Bobby Allen fArcher Cityy ,,,,,.. . ..... Patrick, Cynthia fyyleatherfordy ,, Patrick, Jerry H. Qllallasy ....... Patten, Jack QDenver, Colo.y ,,, Delores fllentony ,,, Patterson, Patterson, Janelle tEastlandy ,,, CPB? Patterson, Paul D. QPetro1iay ,,,,,,,, Patterson, Pattillo, Shirley fGalvestony 336, Shirley Qlfort Stocktony 51lf7u-' 366, : , Patton, Howard fllrocketty ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Patton, yVanda Qllallasy a..... 214, 285, Paul, Emilio S. tSaltillo, Conn.y ,,,,. ,, 375, Paul, June tCiscoy , .,,..... ...... Pauley, Janet qMcCameyy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Paulissen, George T. fPort Arthury ..,,,i,,,,i,,, 203, 206, 313, Payne, Betty Belle QFort lVorthy ,,,,,. 336 Payne, Jack Denman QCleburney ........, Payne, June tDallasy ..o,,,,,,,,e Peacock, Barbara tMineolay ..... Peacock, Dan fMineolay ,,,,.Y,. .,,,,,,, 393 Pearce, Billy QGrand Prairiey ,,, ,,, Pearce, Francene QCraney ..,v... ...., , ,,, Pearce, Jeana tlfort Worthy a,,,,,,, 279, Pearson, Oliver Lee tCorsicanay ......... Pemberton, Caro QFort Worthy ,, Pendleton, B. WV. fKermity ..... .., Pendleton, Camille fl-'armersvilley ..,, ,,, Perkins, Barbara Bethe QSaint Joey ,, ,,, l'erkins, Joyce qPilot Pointy ..,,,,,,, ,,, Perrin, Billy Jack QRangery ..,e... Perry, Perry, Cora Margaret Qlylarshally ...... Perry, Elza Jr. QDeLeony e.,,,,,,,,.. 391 Perry, Frank fDallasy ,,,,o, , ,,,,,,...,, 396 Perry, L. R. fMarshally ---- 349, 394, , Perry, Mary Frances tSad1ery .,,,,e.,,,,, 350, Perryman, Jatis t'1'y1ery L,,,,.L,,,,, Perryman, Ray XV. fDentony ,,, ,,,,,, Peterman, Shirley QDallasy ,,,., Peters, Betty QDentony ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Peters, Dale Hugh QFort Worthy ,, 174, 197, 312, 326, Peters, Jo Ann flfort Worthy ,,,,,,,,,,,, 321, 338, 362, 382, Peters, Victor QDallasy ,......... Petersen, Jack fDentony ......,.....a,,.. Peterson, Arthur A. fDenisony ..,,,,..... Peterson, Margaret Lynne tMissiony ,.. ......,..,,,,, 342, 376, Peterson, Paul QDenisony ,,, 197, 304, 381, Billy Mlade tBeaumonty ,,,,,,,,,,, 324 328 444 484 409 438 484 484 484 484 424 432 484 433 484 403 484 413 485 448 300 460 485 460 485 485 461 420 485 433 485 438 485 438 485 391 485 485 461 424 461 424 461 461 438 485 461 413 461 420 448 485 409 461 309 485 485 381 485 447 413 356 485 485 485 461 485 424 362 485 461 485 424 433 448 325 485 329 447 485 413 485 393 409 403 Pettigrew, Paul QFort 1V0rlby ,, .,,., . ..L,,,,,, 327, 328, 369, Pettit, Alton fChildressy ,,,,,,,,,,,, 352, Peveto, Nelda fBeaumonty ,,, ,,,, 368, Pfotenhauer, Andrew Phillip QMcAlleny ,,,,. , ,,1,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, Phife, Delores QDallasy .e., 329, 335, 342, Phillips, Gladys Charles flredelly ,,,, , ,,,, ,, ,------ ,,, 379, Phillips, Richard CQuanahy ,, .,.s ,, Phillips, Thomas J. fHillsboroy ,... , , ,,,,,,,,, ,,, Philpott, Lola Mae QShermany ,,, ,,, Pickens, Alex L. fDallasy ,,,,, ,,, Pickens, Connie QGilmery ,.,, ,,, Pickerell, 'llhonias R. tJacksboroy ,,,,, ,,, , ,, Pierce, Kenneth Qlirownwoody ,,,,,,, 390, Pilcher. Jeanette QAbileney ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , Pilley, Edward Fearn, Jr. fDallasy ,, 328, Pinegar, Bruce qSouth Bend, 1nd.y ,,, ,- Pixter. Edith Lou COzonay ,,., 334, 372, Piner, Ray Jr. COzonay ,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 99, Pingree, Harlen fCiscoy ,,, ,,,,., ,,,, Pingree, Mary QDallasy ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Pinkerton, Jane tFort yVorthy ,,,, ,,,,,, 312, 348, 358, 375, Pinson, Bill Jr. QLancastery ,,,,,,,,,, 394, Piott, Jane QDentony ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , Piper, Joetta CDallasy ,WW , Piraino, Virginia tHoustony ,,,,,, W, 287 Pittman, Enid fDentony , ,, ,,,,,,, 334, Pittman, Mary Catherine QDallasy ,,,, 376 y Pittman, Merwyn fWinnsboroy ,, ,,,,,, , Pittrnan, Sara Howell fJacksonvilley ,,,,,, Platas, Hugo fMexico City, Mex.y ,,, ,,,, Platas, Oscar Qlylexico City, Mex.y ,,, ,,,, Platt, Nancy CLongviewy , ,,, ,,,, ,,, Pliler, Randall Zack fFort Vlorthy ,,,, 352 Poe, Mary Janette tDentony ,,,, ,,,,,,, Poer. Marvin fSimmsy ,, ,,,, 352, 353, Pogue, Mary Lou fBurnety ,,,,,,,,,, , , Pogue, Sain tDallasy ,, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,, 242, Poindexter, Jacquelyn fGrand Prairiey ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, 283, Pollan. tDallasy ,,,,,, ,,,,, Pollard, Barbara CDallasy ,, ,,,,,, ,, Pollard, Don Kent QDallasy ,,,.,,,, 300, Pollard, Donna fCoopery ,,,,,, 325, 381, Ponder. Pattye fllallasy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 350, Pool, Elmer Jewel fMarty , ,,,, ,,,,.,,,, 379, 390, 397 l'ool, Jane QNevaday ,,,,,,,,,, 314, 335, Pool, Jean QTexarkanay ,.. 283, 322, 335, Pope, Monda CFort Worthy ,,,, ,,,, ,, Porch, Jerry fllallasy ,,,,,,,,, 305, 390, Porter, Frances tyylheelery ,, ,,,,, 381, Porter, Gene tNoconay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Porter, Jackie QFort XN'orthy ,,,, 221, 277, 314, 341, 461, Porter. Pat QShamrocky ,,,,,,,, 356, 360, 371, 377 Porter, Peggy tShamrocky ,,, ,.,,,,, Porterfield, JoVan Oylaxahachiey ,, , , Powell, Barbara Lee QDallasy ,, 340, Powell, l'owell, Sam R. fEnnisy ,- ,,,,,,, Power, Power, Powers, Phyllis QJustiny ,,,,,,,,,,,, Poynter, Patricia QPort Arthury ------ 312, 325, Prachyl, Bettye Qlfort Worthy l'rather, Virginia tSaint Joy ,,,, , , , Pratka, Wylerner fHoustony ,,,, 307, 360 288 sszf Powell, Frances fN0c0nay ,,, ,,.,, ,- Jimmy W. QDoughertyy ,,,,,,,,, Eugenia fBreckenridgey ,, , Patsy fMarshally ,,,,,,,, ,,, 285, 337, 366, Bib, Prentiss, Charlene QFabensy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Price, Betty Jane fMcGregory ,,,, 314, 332, 345, Price, Herbert fCorsicanay ,,,.,,,, Price, Joe Wayne fFort Xylorthy ,,, Price, Norris E. QEvanty ,,,,,, 391, Price, Patsy Dale tMcGregory ,,,, 313, 366, 381, Price, Sari Lynn QDentony ,,,,,,,, 285, 328, 350, 383, 390, 394, 383, 369, Prideaux, Jerry fDenisony ,,,,,,,,,,, Pridgeon, Patsy QFort Worthy ,, ,,,,, Prince, Johnny Earl QFort Worthy ,, Prince, Velma Claire QFort VVorthy Prince, Verna fOrangey ,,,,,,,, ,.,,, , ,- Pritchard, Elizabeth tWingatey ,,,, Pritchard, Penelope QBeaumonty ,,,, Pritchett, Thomas G. qEnnisy ,,,,,, Proctor, Floyce Jean fDallasy 312, 353, 366, 353f Proctor, Joan QWeatherfordy ,,,,,,--, 461 424 448 390 485 424 424 433 485 202 485 315 485 485 391 485 420 424 413 485 409 485 433 461 420 461 409 424 485 300 300 485 420 461 420 438 378 461 319 485 461 461 371 438 461 433 485 424 439 292 494 461 486 409 486 486 486 486 486 433 461 409 424 486 420 486 461 486 403 461 424 461 486 486 486 413 486 420 380 339 409 461 Pruett. Marilyn fwlichita Fallsy ,,, ,,,, Pryor, Eldared QRnsky ,,.,,,,--- --,, , ,K Purcell, Patricia fDallasy ,,, ,,,,- ,Y 332, Purgason, Bettye Joan QDentony 203, 366, Purgason, James tGainesvil1ey ,,,, 390, Putman, Daffin fPutdony ,,,,,...,, 332, Pyles, Joyce QEdeny ,,,,,, - U 369, Quale, Fred G. fHoustony .,,, 331, 352, Qualls, Charles M. QHillsboroy 242, 295, Quebe, Geneva tMcGregory ,,,,,, 287, 336, 369, 373, Queen, Darrel fGreggtony ,,,,--,,,,, Queen, Quick, Quinn, Kenneth R. QGreggtony ,- 349, 391 1 Shirley fDallasy ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 291, R Ragland, Bobby fSweetwatery ,,,,,,,,,,, Ragsdale, James NV. tDa11asy , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 380, 390, 394, Ramer, Jimmie Ann Qllallasy ,,,,,,,,,,,, 312, 355, 371, Rainey, Nelda QSpury ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ramos, Charles QDallasy ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Ramsey, Joye QDallasy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ramsey, Norman Albert QColumbus, Ohioy ,,,,,,, ,,, Ramsey, Sue fBryan's Milly ,, ,,,, Raphelt, Vevna fStamf0rdy , ,,, ,,, ,,, Raphelt, Willie C. fStamfordy ,,,,,, 337, Rapp, Jean Qlylineolay ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rasor, Robert fDentony ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Ratcliff, Joe QDallasy ,,,, , ,,,,,, 380, 393 Ratcliff, Peggy QDallasy ,,,,,, 324, 377, Rathke, Nancy Ruth QHol1idayy ,,,,..,, Ratliff, lVilliam J. fCleburney ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, 292, Rawls, Roy fGormany ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Ray, Mary Sue QFort Yvorthy ,,,, 357, 358 Reames, Pete QDallasy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 359, Reasoner, Ginger QDallasy ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Reaves, Helen "Lark" fKatyy 281, 365, Records, Jane QFort Worthy ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, Redman, Billie Laverne fNoconay ,,,,,, Reed, Claude "Buster" tllallasy ,,,,,,,, Reed, Daisy Ann 1Electray ,, 281, 320, 334 Ramsey, James Allen "Jimmie" QDallasy ,, 368, Ramsey, Maydel fltascay ,, ,,,,, Reed, Dorothy Jean QMaypearly ,, 322, 335, Reed, Jim fStreetmany ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Reed, Joan fSan Antonioy . ,,,,,,,, 372, Reed, Laura Jeanne Olidlothiany ,,, 333, Reed, Margaret fMidlothiany ,,,,,,, 333, Reed, Marilyn QDallasy ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, Reed, Mary Ida QNew Bostony ,,,,,, ,,, Reeder, Thelma Adams QWichita Fallsy ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,U Reeh, Thomas F. tLongviewy ,, ,,, 307, Reese, Larkin QKountzey ,,.,, 7"'-3895 J Reeves, Dalpha fSweetwatery ,,,,,,,, Reeves, Doug QTerrelly ,-,,,, 299, 391, Reeves, Mary Ruth QFort Worthy ,, 332, Reeves, Perry fMundayy ,,,,,,,,,,,,-- W Reiman, Joe QDentony ,,,,,-,,,,- -gzz Reininger ,Miriam Q'1'exas Cityy ,, 150, 313, 352, 353, Renfro, M. Barrett QCarrolltony Renfro, Ray tLeonardy ,,,,,, , ,, 204, 230, 242, Ressling, Richard Charles tPort Arthury ,,,,,,,, 202, 312, 372 381 295 325, 1 Reynolds, Barbara Jean qTylery ,,,,,,,,,, Reynolds, Billye Gene QBrysony ,, 333, 363 Reynolds, B. Leo tLindsborg, Kan.y ,,,, ,,, ,-UW, Reynolds, Harry Martin Qwichita Fallsy ,,,-,,,- ,W --U Reynolds, June QBIYSOIID, .,,,,,,, --zzvm Reynolds, Mary Ellen fAmarilloy 371, Reynolds, Nannette QTerrelly ,,,, ,,,, Reynolds, Robert A. fDa1lasy ,,,, ,,,,,, R6y'l10ldS, Shirley fNoconay ,,,-,,--M, ---- Reynolds, Mary Ellen QAmarilloy 371, Reynolds, Nannette tTerrelly ,,-,, -,Y--- Reynolds, Robert A. QDallasy ,,, -- Reynolds , Shirley tNoconay ,,,, Y Reynolds, Wanda fBig Sandyy ,, Rhodes, B ill QDa1lasy ,,,,,,,, Rhodes, Jim qFort Worthy ,,, 461 486 444 420 486 486 409 391 378 409' 424 439 486 393 425 461 447 439 184 362 413 425 403 358 461 409 486 461 461 425 461 433 461 403 486 486 461 486 420 226 439 433 425 420 486 486 486 486 368 409 486 461 461 461 486 486 425 439 378 409 368 444 403 420 486 448 486 393 486 448 486 393 486 462 414 295 , 420 487 Rhodes, Wanda lMineo1aJ .L v,,..,... 366, Rice, Ruth Carolyn QSulphur Springsj ----LLL 197, 355, 366, 372, 381 Richards, Betty Jane fMineral Nvellsj ,,,. Richards, Jimmy L. QFort Worthj -L 307, Richards, Mary Jane QGa1vestonJ ,..,,,.. Richards, Richard QGa1vestonJ 288, 352, 391 Richardson, Jeanne lPort Arthurj a.,, 462 Richardson, Jo Ann QBowieJ ,..,,... 332, Richardson, Linda Jane QWebsterj .,,,,. Richardson, Thomas Harvey QDentonJ -- Richerson, Rudolph Merlin QCleburnej .L ...,,.Wa,,...Y,A.. -,-.. - Richman, Claudine QPrairievi1leJ ..,,. .LLL Richmond, Ethel F. lDentonj ,,..., 323, Richmond, Gordon fJeffersonj ..., 390, Ricke, Charles J. QGa1vestonj ..,. 292, Ricks, William QArpj ,,...,,.. L-- 349, Riddels, Alice f1'i1ot Pointl ..Y,.--.--- L Riddle, Charles QGrahamj ,..,,,.. 343, Ridley, Joan llraanj ..,...f, 322, 337, Rigsby, Billy QCelir1aJ f,...fY.--f-----A Rike, William F. QGainesvi11ej -- LL- 295, Riley, Ann11a Jo Cfrentonj L- 277, 332, Riley, Henrietta QKrumj .,,, 332, 342, 373 Riley, Jim 1ShermanJ .,,,A..,,.Y,,,,..Y L Riley, Mary Jo QGainesvilleJ ,.,..,,...,a. Riley, Pat fDa11asj ,,....f,...,, --V--- Riveire, John Paul fFort VVorthJ 335, 383, Roach, Jackson King QWaxahachiej e,,..,, Roark, Charles lBeaumontJ .,Y..fY.a LL- Roberson, John ..f,....,-,.-.f-A-- f-A- Roberson, Linwood John QDentonJ .,,... Roberson, Ray qMinera1 Wellsj ,,...., Roberts, Bobby Augustus fTexarkanaJ f,...,,,...f,,...,, 356, Roberts, Horace Mike fFort XVorthJ ..-, Roberts, Jack Lundy qFort XVorthJ ,,,, Roberts, James R. Qllumasj .,,. 292, 352, Roberts, John fflallasj ,..fLL,....ff, 307, Roberts, John C. QFort WVorthJ LL.. 288, Roberts, Johnny H. QWichita Fallsj ,,,,. ---LL ,,......,. 307, 353, Roberts, Kitty QBig Springj s...L........ Roberts, Lynn QBowiej ,,....,,......,.. Roberts, Marilyn fGreenwood, La.J LL.. Roberts, Pauline QQuitmanj ....,, 344, Roberts, Ray Lewis CFort YVorthJ ,A....L, Roberts, Velda fHighlandsj ,,,,,..,.,L.. Robertson, Carol QBrownwoodJ ..,, 354, Robertson, Charles F. lDallasj ,,,,...,,,,,. 300, 393, 394, Robertson, Louis fDa1lasj ,,,,.....LL 300, Robertson, Mary Gay QOlneyj ..,,,...,,, Robertson, Sally qMarlinJ ....,,,,,.,, 345, Robertson, Shirley Ann flrvingj -L 281, 334, Robinson, Annella Faye QDa11asJ ,,,...,, Robinson, Charles Mac lDentonJ ...,,,,, Robinson, Ed fDallasj ,,,,,,... -- Robinson, Guyrene QEast1andj -L ---- Robinson, Jean QBig Springj ,,..,...,,, Robinson, Joan QPasadenaj ,,L...,., 364, Robinson, Marian Sara QHoustonJ 198, 283, 312, 322, 337, 355, 361, 433 Robinson, Patsy Ruth QBCHLIIIIOHIJ --- Roddie, John QHot Springsj ......L, 397, Rodgers, Barbara Estelle QHicoJ ,,,,,. L --- Rodgers, Bob QDallasJ ..,,,,,,,... 315, Roe, Joe D. fLongviewj ,,,, 150, 312, 338, 340, Rogers, Billie Ann QC1eburnej ,,,,..,..., Rogers, Charlie Samuel 361 QMcKinneyj ,.......,..,, --- 391, Rogers, Jack L. fDal1asJ ,,..... LLL... Rogers, L. C. qSaint Joy ..,,,,,,,,.... Rogers, Mary Katherine QKempj ,,...... Rojo, Carlos QPort Arthurj e,L, L 150, 326, 331, 340, 377, Romero, Louis Jr. QKerrvi1leJ ,,..,,,,,... Ronhovde, Norma QSeymourj ,,,,,,,, 369, Roof, Dick Hubert fFort WVorthj ,,,..,,. Rosenstein, Rudy QTylerJ ,,,A,.L... 368, Ross, Linnie fKrumj ............,,,,,,, Ross, Menda fDeKa1bj --- .... 287, 337, Ross. Russell G. QDa1lasJ .,.,,,,,,, 307, Rosson, Barry QFloydadaJ ,,,,,, 391, 394, Rountree, Golda fMarshallJ ..........LL Rowe, Jimmy fLyde1l lHendersonj .....A,,,.,-.. 334, 349, Rowen, Glenn qBorgerj ..L,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Roy, Carl QAliceJ f,-- -----4 2 88, 370, 375, Royall, Robert L. fHO1lSIOHJ L,,.-. 307, Royce Rennell Caddo Mills , . c 1 Rudd, Dorothy fKrumJ ..,,...,. Ruffin, Joe David qcnnisy -- 190, Bali Ruger, Kay QBaytownJ ......,,,, LL 350 345, 425 420 486 425 486 42 5 285 462 462 486 439 462 433 396 414 439 443 439 433 486 433 444 444 486 487 295 414 340 462 378 462 242 362 487 198 420 462 425 462 487 487 439 462 331 487 487 439 391 462 487 462 487 390 288 487 439 462 493 487 487 462 420 403 462 487 487 318 433 409 288 487 331 433 462 462 439 414 487 414 487 414 420 487 487 383 462 Rumbley, Jack Edward lC1eburneJ .fff 299, 326, 337, 356, 362, Rlllllllh, Barbara J. qDa1lasy ....,,,,, L- Runyan, Billy H. qTexarkanaJ .,,,,, 352, Rushing, Patricia Ruth fEast1andJ ...,....,,LA...- 277, 337, Russell, James F. Qamesj L- f,,,,,.-, LL Russell, Jo Frances Neal fHerefordJ LLL, .- ev,,,,..,,, 351, 364, Russell, John Joe QGrapevinej ,,,...,,,, Russell, Rusty LL..,,,,,,...v,,a....2--,f Russell, Virginia Pat QNVeatherfordj ,...,, 277, 336, 345, Rutherford, Ann QGreenvi1lej .....,L, 369 Rutherford, John fYVaxahachieJ LLLL 292, Rutledge, Larry fSan Antonioj LL 307, 336, Rutledge, Rboneta fNoconaJ ,,,,,,,, 366, Rutledge, Stephen Austin QMercedesj ,,,,....,,L,,,,, 331, 338, Ryan, Bill qDe Leony ,,,, ,,t.... 3 79 S Saffle, Norman QBrucevi1leJ LL LLLLL L LLL Sagen, David fGreenvi11eJ LL LL ..L. LL 300, Sager, Dorothy QC.liftonj LLLLLL 322, 335, Sala, Dott 1New Londonj LLLLLL 149 283, Salas, Dalia M. "Dolly" QPort Arthurj LLL-- Salas, Idalia 1Dallasj LLLL... LL LLL-L Salas, Robert QPort Arthurj -L 300, 338, 340 Saleh, Rose Marie QTylerj LLLL , LLLLL Salem, Betty fS11danj 220, 277, 333, 363, Salmon, Beverly fLindenJ LLLLLLLLLL 359, 384, 277, Salmon, Mary Kathryn fLindenJ LLLLLLL Samples, Ronny D. QPampaJ LLLLLLLL Sanchez, Abelino B. qSan Diegoj LL 312, Sanchez, Andres G. QCorpus 7556 Christij LLLLLLLLLLLLLL 338, 370, 375, Sandell, Frank C. fJaytonj LLLLLLLLLL 390, Sanders, Albert B. fGrand Prairiej LLLLLLLLLL LLL 334, Sanders, Monte QMarshallJ LLLLL --L 228, Sanderson, Sammie QFerrisj LLLLLLL LLLLLL Satterwhite, Howard QHoustonJ -LL ---- Sauls, Sam QDentonJ LLL-----LLLL LL Saunders, Marlene QRoscoej LLL LL Savage, Mary Louise QDallasJ L- L---L Sawyers, Lloyd QCiscoj LLL. ---LLLLLLL L-- Sayles, Elizabeth fMeridianJ LLLL---- 383, 313, 336, 376, Scarborough, Bill lMinera1 lVel1sj LLL--LLLLLLLLL 379, Schaded, Don QPaducahj 288, 390, 394, Schaefer, Frances qHoustonJ L-L L-----LL L Schafer, Clara Nelle QFort Hlorthj LL---- Schafer, Max fMidlandJ ---L-LLLLLL- 390, Schanz, Tom 1Dal1asj LLLLLLL---- L - 291, Scharf, Jeanette lDallasJ L------- 333 363, Schimelpfenig, Louise lP1anoJ LLLLLL 344, Schneider, NVilliam F. fCol1insvi1lej ---LLLLLL-LL------ 343, Schnorr, Gerald Maurice QDal1asJ LLLLLL LL LLL---- 305, 329, 340, Schott, Delores Marie QDallasJ LLLLL L 324, Schroeder, Eddie Roy QMcGregorj 331, 333, Schulze, Doris QMissionJ LLLL------ 313, 373, 381, 383, Schwarz, Doris fMercedesJ LLLL--------L- Schwartz, Ed H. Jr. fHoustonj -LL-- 359, Scoggins, Ralph qCorsicanaj ----L L--- Scott, Bill QLeforsJ --------LLL -L--- Scott, Diane qSan Sabaj LLL ------- Scott, Nancy QBorgerj LLLLLL -- 360, Scribner, Jack lMcKinneyj -----L----L-- Scribner, James lFort Wlorthj LLLL--- Seale, Jonell fBaytownJ -- 281, 313, 337, Seaman, Gloria fPlainviewJ 182, 360, 366, Searcy, Bill G. qBanderaj LLLL------ 357, Searcy, Janette fCenterJ --- 344, 356, 371, Seawright, Betty QVa11ey Millsj LLLLL--- Sedberry, Barbara fFort YVorthJ -------- Self, Joann qDocld Cityj -------- .LL --LL - Seller, Judy fA1vinJ ------------ 287, 371, Sellman, Nancy QBridgeportJ LLL 187, Scrafino, Nancy Ann lDuncanvi1leJ LLL 359, Sessions, Darrels QAmaril1oj LLL-LLLL 287, Severeid, Joan qSan Antonioj ----L- 335, Sewell, George Jr. fLubbockJ --LL-.---- L Sewell, Margaret C. lMonahansj LLL LLL 371, Sewell, Pat Qlowa Parkj -- 150, 152, 198, 311, 312, 326, 337, 340, 377, Sewell, Thomas QB1ooming Grovej LLL 375, Sexton, Donald lHurstj ---------------- Shackelford, Norma Sue QMontaguej 198, 332, 355, 363, 373. 403 409 420 366 409 439 376 331 439 462 462 462 420 370 391 487 425 439 403 365 487 359 425 444 487 414 409 487 462 300 487 300 414 487 277 462 409 420 462 462 433 462 433 443 487 433 423 377 420 414 462 439 420 487 152 462 420 487 439 433 403 462 462 462 487 447 462 487 462 439 487 448 299, 403 404 462 443 Shadid, La YVanda qMcLeanj LL-- 371 Shafer, Philip Ridgeway lSan Benitoj Shaffer, Ada Lee lSan Juanj -------- Shanafelt, Henry C. lBrysonj ------L Shannon, Charles QLa Feriay ---LLLL---- Sharber, Patsy QDentonJ LL LLL.. LLL LLLLLL Sharp, Elizabeth fBeckvillej LL 287, Sharp, Helen lMcCameyj LL L----L-- Sharpe, Leola Qweatherfordj -LLL----L- Sharpe, Stanley Dale qCiscoj -LL,LL---- Shauberger, Rlllh E. QTexas Cityj ------ Shawer, Frankie QMartj LLLLLLLLLLLLLL 332 Shaw, Betty QRed Oakj LL--LLLLLLLLL L Shaw, Jolene fSlidellJ LL----LLLLL--- Shaw, Mary Margaret QGrahamJ LL-- 182, 337, 366, 372, Shaw, Patsy QSweetwaterJ LL---- Shaw, Terry QAlvaradoJ L------- Shaw, Thomas Ollichita Fallsj ---- Shawver, Mary Lois fJacksboroj Shearer, Carrol QMasonj LL------LLLLLLL Sheets, Martha Louise qGranite city, 111.5 --..-LL-. L-- 335, 357, Sheffield, Clyde fJasperj LLLL L---L- -- Shelley, Doris Ann QDonnaJ LL---- Shelton, Bobbie Sue lMidlandj Shepard, Frank QDa1lasj -LLL-LLLL------- Sheppard, Bessie S. QDentonj ----L- Sheppard, Jimmie Sue fllallasj ------ Shepperd, Lewis M. fG1adewaterj -L--LL Sherer, Margie Lea fGainesvillej LLLLLL L Sherry, Kenneth OVes1acoj LLLLLL-L-- Sherwood, Melba fEdgewoodj --- --.L Shields, Mildred fAzlej --LL---- -LL-- Shipley, David qDa1lasj LLL-- -- Shipp, Clifford M. QOrangej ---- Shirley, Jack Richard fDal1asj LLLLLLLLLL 15 Shobe, Peggy QDallasJ -L Shoemaker, Jay QRockwal1J Short, Eva fSeymourJ ---- L Short, Peggy lParisJ -LLL 206, 279, 199, 3, 299, 352, Shotola, Bob Qlrvingj --------------L Shoulders, Ben QDentonj -------L---- 381, Shoun, Frances fJacksboroj ----- ----- Shults, Anita QChi1licotheJ ------- Shuman, Mary Frances QDentonJ LLLL Sides, Edith qMcCameyJ -------- LLLLLL Sikes, Don fLongviewj LLLLLLLL 349, Sikes, Joan CDentonJ LL ----------LL L Sikora, Betty Joyce fWhartonj --L Sikora, Ellen Mae 0VhartonJ ---- 216, Silk, Nancilu QFriscoj L-L-L--- LLLLLL Simek, Dorothy 1Megargelj --LLLLLLLL L Simmonds, Charles Wernonj ---- 391 384 370 288, 352, 324, 332, 380 371, 320, 370, 205 390, 362 391 , 312, 381, 2111, 279 396 y Simmons, YVanda Jane lllallasj L L 185, Simon, Elaine fPort Nechesy LLLL 357, 371, Simpkins, Bob fNOCOI13D L - --- 292, Simpson, Carolyn Eleanor QDal1asJ --- L- Simpson, Laura Jean fLevel1andJ ---L 371, Si111pson, Lucille fKellerJ ---L L LLL- LLLL LL Simpson, Vaughn D. fJacksboroJ ---- 335, Sims, Joe QDa1lasJ -------LLLL-L- -L--,,Y Sims, Sonya QCiscoj -L.-L ----- ---- - Singletary, Marilynn Cllroupj --- LLL Sisscm, Stanley L. fAvalonj ------ LL 334 Skelton, James E. fLindenj LLLLL----- Skidmore, Gerald fDentonJ 180, 199, 204, 326, 366, Skidmore, Pauline QGainesvilleJ -----L Skiles, Janet QRichardsonJ --L-------- Slaughter, Anne QEdgewoodJ L --- Slavick, Anne fEdgewoodj ---LLL-- Slavick, Philip QMemphis, 374, 336, 336, TCUU-l ---- 199, 312, 326, 356, 359, 362 Sledge, Charles Robert QDallasj ----LL 307, Sledge, Ouida qDallasJ --LL LLLLL --,- 2 81, Sloan, Gerald C. qSan Sabaj L------LLLLLLL Sloan, Patricia Ann QJermynJ L ----LL-- -L Smallwood, Jackie May QWVhitesboroJ LLLL Smallwood, J. B. Jr. fFort VVorthj L L-LL- Smart, James H. QCarro1ltonj -L-- 149, 324 Smart, Kenneth QDa11asj ---LLL 149, 181, 199, 326, Smart, Smith Smithi Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smithi Smith, Smith, Smith v , 374 Monte QLuedersJ ------LLLLL, LL-, Barbara fAbi1enej LLL ------- L..- Ben Wernonj L -LLL -LLL LL L Betty Lee .qMissionj LL-- 313, 368 370, B111 fNov1cej --LLLL LLLLLLLLLL Billy C. QGormanJ ---- Bobby Lee QBrysonJ -L- Carolyne fDallasJ LLLL Chadwick fDallasJ -LLL-- Dan M. CGainesvilleJ LL-- Delma Sue QFort Y'VorthJ Denna Lane QPrincetonJ -- , 448 397 433 439 414 487 420 439 462 420 487 487 425 444 414 487 487 404 488 462 448 400 488 463 463 433 334 309 420 353 488 488 488 404 425 488 228 488 421 299 463 488 463 488 463 414 488 488 439 488 425 488 463 447 425 488 447 488 433 288 463 349 439 488 409 421 488 463 463 404 425 439 463 488 344 488 488 414 433 488 409 409 488 318 463 463 488 409 488 287 Smith, Don tHaskellJ .......... Smith, Donald Ray thlesquitej ,,,,,,, Smith, Donna Qballasj ,,,A..,,f,,,Y Smith, Doris Laverne tDa1lasj -- Smith, Eddie Leon tDallasJ --- Smith, Gene QLazbuddieJ ,,,.,,H Smith, Helen QDallasj ,,,,,f,,,Y.w- Smith, Howard Wayne tBurlesonj 332 Smith, J. Wheeler QCelinaj ,,,,,,,,,,f,,, Smith, James D. tBreckenridgej Yt.. 288, Smith, James H. tL,ewisvil1ej ,,,, Smith, Jay QBurkevillej ......,, YZY, Smith, Jimmy Qweatherfordj W ,,,,,, W Smith, Jo Ellen tGrapevinej --- 314, Smith Joe E. Qllallasj ,,,,,,... 305, Smith, L. L. tllallasj ,,,,, - ,-,,v.Y-Y W Smith, Laurin tDal1asj -- ,,,,,,,,,, W Smith, Lee tDallasj .....-,A,, 329, 335, Smith, Lois Jean QDallasJ -- ..,A,, 312, Smith, Lttella QSaint Joej --- ,.... 322, Smith, Patsy tWellingtony ,,,,,,,,,,..... Smith, Peggie Jo tWichita Fallsj ,,,,,,,,,,,,H... 277, 334, 384, Smith, Peggy Olene qDentonj ..,.....,,AL Smith, Richard C. tTexas Cityl ------ 243, Smith Richard E. tXVacoJ ,,,,e ,,,,,, Smith, Robert G. tllallasj ,,..... ,,,, Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith 1 Ruth L. QCorpus Christij , Shirley tDentonj ......, Sue --- ..... .. ..,,,, ----- Ted QTexas Cityj ,,,,,...V... Virginia Jean ringing, ...... 200, 217, 277, 355, Smith, Walter tClebnrnej ,,,,,,,,.. Smith, W'anda fWichita Fallsj ,,,,,,,,,, Smolik, Julius tHallettsvillej w.....,, Smothers, Jo Ann tl-'ort YVorthj -- 314, Snell, Sally Ann QLufkinj ....,..,,,, Snodgrass, Scottie Charlene tMegargelJ Soliz, Joe Hector tSan Anotinoj 391, Sonntag, Roy tCleburej 2....,..,,,,.... South Cecil L. XN'ilmer Spain, Linda Qllallasj ,,,,,,......,,,, . c J ----------,gggg Spain, Jo Beth Qllallasj ....,,,,,, -- 221, 334 Spalding, Tommie Sue tShermanj Spangler, Gloria Jeanne QDallasj -- 283, 310, 335, 351, 372, Sparkman, Jerry D. QAtlantaj ..,,,,,, Sparks, Mary tMathisj ,2,,,. 329, 336, 344, 350, Sparks, VVilliam fSan Angeloj W149, Spell, Marilyn fDallasj - ,,,,,,,.....L,,,,, Spellman, Meril Judith 5 218. QSan Antonio . ,..... ..,,,,, 377 300, 7337 396, 439 396 383 295, 372, Spence, Jerelaine QCisc0J ..,,,,,,,,..... Spencer, John QBreckenridgej ..LL - 1 Spencer, Richard tl'ittsburghJ .......,,,,2 Spenney, Kathleen fRising Starj Spivey, Sally t1'rairie Hillj ,,,,,,.. 336, Spratt, Sammy tSangc-rj ....... ,,,,,, Spratt, Sue QBreckenridgej .......... 379 Spraul, Mary tEldoradoj ,,L,,,,,....... Stallcup, Carol Ann Qlfort Wlorthj --- Stallings, Homer A. QHoustonJ .... Stallings, Louis fBig Springj WWWW, - Stambaugh, Patsy QCelinaj --- Stamper, Bill Ql'ort Arthurj W Standifer, Yvonne fDallasj ,WW,....,W. Stanfill, Gayle tGainesvil1ej ,WW,W,,W,. Stanford, Melvia Jean QFarmersvillej W Stanley, Bobbie Jean tPottsvillej Stanley, T. QNew Bostonj ,,,,W. 343, Stanley, Jackie QDal1asj ......L,,,,. Stapp, Franklin tNewcastlej W Stark, Lee Jr. QHoustonj WWW,WW,... Starnes, Jack tBrysonJ -.. .L..,,,,,, Starnes, Lee Eddie tPetroliaj ......,, Steakley, Marjorie Elizabeth Haesly QDallasj ,,W.,v,,......W 334, 357, T"'25i, 283 318 281 351 316, 362, 358, 1 Steakley, Marvin C. fDallasj ......,,,,.... Stearns, Richard D. tliorgerj ,,.. Steede, Carolyn QSan Antonioj Steel, Earline QCiscoj W,..W...a, Steenbergen, Gwen qDallasj W Stegall, Betsy Qliustacej WW,,,., Steger, Sarah Sue QAtlantaJ W,WW,..... 281, 337, Stein, Robert QGalvestonQ .LWWW..,. 291, Stephens, Cyril Clyde tWintersj ,,,,Y 379, Stephens, Henry L. tRoswell, N. M.j 394, Stephens, Patricia fGrahamJ ......L,... Stephenson, Bonnie QBellsJ ,,.......W 332, Stephenson, Charles tRoanokej Stewart, Ed tJacksboroJ W --- 341 368: Stevens, Beth QWVacoj ...WL,,,,,,,,,.. Stevens, Sharon, tLufkinJ L,,,,W,,,2.. 149, 291, 488 488 488 488 390 463 488 439 433 463 463 463 463 488 425 390 488 488 463 439 463 433 444 378 439 463 488 463 337 378 433 320 488 243 463 463 439 488 414 439 488 489 439 493 489 463 421 463 433 448 433 295 489 463 463 439 489 489 315 421 489 421 409 410 463 421 390 354 343 463 489 439 404 404 463 463 444 439 439 439 421 440 489 425 444 440 410 414 425 Stewart, Frances qDentonj --- ,,..... --W Stewart, Jack QKamayJ WWWWWWWWWW 391, 396, Stewart, Jo fKamayj WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 353, Stewart, Tomiglen QFort Ulorthj Stiles, Kirby tDallasj W,,WWW.W..., --.- St. John, Louise OVacoJ WWWWW. -- Stipe, Delmar QCleburneJ ,,WWWWW,..,.,W,, Stockard, Dora Anne tLewisvillej Stockton, David M. tlilectraj WWWWWW., Stone, Edgar N. tDallasj LWWWWWWW 169, 205, Story, Robert Qlrvingj ..L,W, ,WW..,,.., - I Stotts, Dan tl ostj ,.W,W...W,WWWWW,..W... Stoughton, Kaye QFort Worthy WWW, WW Stout, Jerry Dale QGainesvilleJ -- 327, Stout, Louis tWilmerJ WWWW....W.WWWWW,,. Stovall, Sara QDallasj ....,,WW Stover, Betty Jean tDentonJ W,WW.... 303, 396, 287, Stoughton, Kaye tFort Wlorthj ,,.....LW,W Strader, Jerry tGainesvillej WWWWW --- 353, Strange, Rayburn tHerefordj W W Stratton, Frank Q.-Xngletonj ------1-- Straughan, Martha tMcKinneyJ ---------- 313, 325, Strickland, Benny R. QMcKinneyJ 396, 372, 295 Strickland, Clavel QOdessaJ ------------- Strickland, Judy QCelinaj -----------,--- Stringer, Alan Harris tFort YVorthj -.--- Stroop, Fred tVVaXahachiej ----.--- 362, Strube, Ellen Faye QDallasj ,----,.,,,,,- Strubhar, Leah QTexarkanaj -W ----W Stuart, Jim QBrownsboroJ -.--- Sturman, Milton fDa1lasj W Suddath, Sue fDentonj ..---- Suggs, Jane fAbilenej --------- W- 243, W- 340, Sullivan, Claudette CSangerj --- W Sullivan, Dixy QNacogdochesj --------.-- Sullivan, Sue QSpringtownJ ---..A-----. Suttles, James E. QForsanj .-----..,1---- 292, Swain, Jim tDallasj ---...-- 171, 174, 305, 326, 328, 350, 369, Swan, Paul Darrell Qlfhillipsj -------. 354 Swann, XVendell Eugene tHoustonJ -- 243, Sweeney, Norma Jean QDallasj --..-- 285, Swenson, Ted QTylerj -----1----. ,---,, Switzer, E. XV. tbentonj --.- ---- Sykes, YVyolene fBivensj W ----- W Syler, Jimmy QShermanj -- W- 309, Tabor, Joe Morris fDentonj --- --- 394, Tabor, John D. fFort Wlorthj ------ 288, Tabor, M. T. Jr. QDallasj -------- Tackitt, Betty Jo QPanhandleJ 33 390, 0, 360, 365, Taite, Billie tlalendersonj 1--------------- Talbott, Wlilla fBridgep0rtj W ----- Taliferro, Charles tDentonJ ---- ------- Taliaferro, Doyle fbentonj -------- Tannahill, Lee H. tFort XVorthJ Tanner, Clarence WV. QMalakoffj 352, Tanner, Joyce QFort YVorthj ----- --- Tarver, Patsy tBorgerJ -------- -- Tate, Leon tYVichita Fallsj -- Barbara tDallasJ -W Taylor, Taylor, Ben W. QAthensj --- Taylor, Elaine QBeaumontj ---------- Taylor, Glenn L. fDentonJ ------ 315, 7734-0- Taylor, James A. QQuitmanJ --------- l'aylor, Jerelyn fAthensj ---- Taylor, Joe Qlfort Wforthj ---------- Taylor, John C. QTemplej ---------- Taylor, June QAthensj ------ 320, 341, Taylor, Mary Evelyn QPutnamJ Taylor, Mixie Marie fDecaturJ 341 7366 334,, 320, 342 Taylor, Norma Jean QMineral lVellsJ ---- Taylor, Olyve Nell tCarrolltonj Taylor, Robert Dean QLewisvilleJ -'3i7f 381 Taylor, Roy flfort lVorthJ -------------- Taylor, Sheridan tFort lVorthj -------- 340, 390, 394, Taylor, Thomas QQuanahj -------------- Teague, Charles QBonhamJ ------ 200, 292, 326, 378, Teague, Roy QNoconaj --W --------- 292, Teel, Mike E. QVernonj --------------- Teetz, Joan tKerensJ ----------- --- 337 Terrell, George W. tHoustonJ -------- 243 Terrell, Jeddie Mack tTerre1lj Terrell, Lewana tDallasJ ----- Terry, D. Samuel tQuanahj --- --W-- Terry, Catherine fFort Worthj ---- 321, Tharp, Laurnee tGrandfallsJ ---------- Thaxton, James Donald QDallasQ Thedford, Bill tBrysonj ----------------- Theilen, Gordon Qlilebergy ---- 338, 352, 1 444 489 421 489 463 489 414 489 433 447 463 489 354 463 489 489 440 414 421 489 489 414 433 463 489 463 463 440 414 295 464 489 464 489 489 489 489 311, 410 464 378 464 464 489 489 464 396 391 489 464 464 489 170 425 343 433 464 464 414 489 414 448 404 421 410 464 410 410 489 440 489 414 410 489 489 489 410 421 331 489 425 489 434 489 353 464 490 464 404 Thiessen, Thomas, Dorothy QFort VVorthJ --- W- Carole tDallasJ ---------- W- Thomas, Glenna QDentonj ---- , --------- Thomas, Harvey XV. fOrange, Calif.J ------ Thomas, Janice Carole fDallasj ---------- 'l homas, Thomas, Larry H. fClarksville. Ark.j ---- Mary Ann fMadisonvil1eJ ------ Thomas, Mary Joretta QCayugaJ ------ 324 Thomas, Mary Lee fAlvaradoj -.WW Thomas, Thomas, 335, Patsy Jo tRogers, Ark.j -------- R. Edward tlfort X'Vorthj ------ 404 490 464 42 Thomas, Suzanne fArkadelphia, Ark.j ---- Thomason, Betty fFort Worthy -W--WW Thomason, Helen Louise fWichita Fallsj W Thompson, Betty fNew Castlej --------- Thompson, Carl Gene Qliorgerj ------ 356, Thompson, Jay Richards tKaufmanJ ---- Thompson, Jimmy flllanoj ----,1,,--,- Thompson 1 Nan fMesquitej ------------ Thom Json, Nora Jean fllallasj -- 366, 380 I . Thompson Sue fWes1acoJ ---------,---- W Thompsoni YV. Ross tNederlandj ------ WW, WW WW Thornton, Eston QFort Xvorthj -- --- 309, Thorp, Thomas R. fllallasj ------------ Thorpe, Barbara fl-Tort XVorthj ------ 277, Threatt, Barbara flvills Pointj 281, 353, Thresher, Donald tOlneyj -----,----- ,W Throop, Dinah Lou QGrapevineJ ---- 364, Thurmond, Patsy QRhomeJ --------- 322, Tibbets, Glen fMulesh0ej ------- -- 296, Tillery, Mary Helen qDentonp -- ----- -- 1 illey, Tommy A. fDentonj --- W- 298, Tiner, Bill tDallasj --------- ,,-,, Tipps, Gene fAmarilloJ --- -- 320, Tipps, Wanda QAubreyj W, 1-----,,- 342, Todd, Ed QHedleyJ WWW- ------- W 361, Todd, Norma Maxine QHutchensj -------- Tolbert, Margie fHowej ----Y,,--,,, Tom, Leslie Jean QStantonj - ---- - Torrence, Betty Inez tBoydj ----------- Totten, Jane QShermanj -----.----YY,,-Y Townes, Bettie fFort XVorthj ---- 285, 310 Trammell, Annabel Lee QBreckenridgej - -----.- ,,-, W Trammell, tBreckenr1dgej -----.---,,,,,-, Travis, James tFrankstonj ------ 303, Frank Phillip ' 391, Trietsch, Claire Elizabeth tllentonj - Trietsch, 342, 1 311, Hollis D. qsangerp ---.--- fffff Trietsch, Jimmie H. fDentonJ ------ 361, Trietsch, Lillian fKrumJ .1Y,,-,,,,YYYY Trimble, Ray fDallasj -----,, WWW 295, Troeger, Julia fDent0nj -------- 333, 383, Tory, John XV. QDallasj --------e,--,,, Truex, Bill tCo1umbia City, Ind.j ------ Truitt, Doris L. QWaxahachieJ -- 277, Tucker, Kathlee tSeymourJ --------- Tunnell, Leonita fSlatonj ---------- Tunnell, Marshall fDallasJ ,,,-,,,,,,,,,, Tunnicliff, Elizabeth tFort XVorthj Tunnicliff, Norlane QDentonJ ------- Turkett, Arlie tVernonj ---- 149, 152, 200, 299, 322, 326, 336, 339, 377, Turner, Bettye Stle QValley Millsj 322, 337, Turner, Betsy Carolyn Ql'lanoj ---------- Turner, Doris QSweetwaterj ----------- Turner, Turner, Janell QDa1lasJ --.--wv,Y,-,, 279, ' 315, 394, 390, Tyson, Henry fAbileneJ W ,-,,WW,-WW W U Ueckert, Bob fC1eburneJ ----------- Uland, George Wesley QHebronj ------- Unger, Christine B. QAthensJ ----------- Umphress, Mike fDallasJ .--------- W 331, Upshaw, Nancy tDallasJ -- 313, 322, V Valenzuela, Lynnette QDallasj ----------- Van Arsdall, Cora Lee QGalvestonJ ------ Van Breeman, Joe tl-'ort Nechesj -------- Vander Zee, Harlan Dan tBancleraJ ------------ 249, 2915, Van Hooser, Bettie Mae fDallasJ -------- Van Hoy, Jimmy QDallasj -------- 307, Vannerson, Stewart fDallasJ ------------ George Orren, Jr. fJacksonvillej Turner, Jim qOdessaj .---,.WWW-WWW- Neil C. QDallasJ ---------1- Tuthill, Tuttle, Robert QDallasJ ------ 361, 375, 323, 378, Van Vacter, Margaret QBowiej 312, 351, Van Wagoner, Jack fDallasj ------ 296, 336, 440 277 414 440 464 v 0 490 362 440 490 490 464 464 340 434 464 414 490 490 391 490 410 464 464 490 440 421 421 440 425 464 421 390 434 434 440 434 490 414 464 464 434 464 490 41 0 490 440 490 v 390 490 464 490 464 42 1 440 365 206 404 434 41 0 490 421 464 421 490 434 440 410 324 404 490 434 464 464 434 434 490 464 447 440 414 434 Varley, J. L., Jr. fCol1insvil1eJ -- Varley, .Mary Heartsill Ovalnut Springsj ..,,,,,,........,,, --- Varner, Arlen fNew Bostonj -- Vaughan, Betty fOdessaj ....f ..... Vaughn, Landers fSangerJ --- Vaughn, Robert QVernonj ...., -- Veanueva, Gloria Qbentonj ,,,,,.,, Vela, Julian QRio Grande Cityj Vestal, Joan Qliallingerj ,,,,,., -- Vestal, Reagan fGainesvillej -- Vickrey, Patsy QMcKinneyJ -- ,v,, -- Villa, Berta fFort Hancockj ff.. ---v 3 59 Vinces, Alvin Douglasf Dallasj Voelkel, Ray A. QCueroj ,.....,, Vuillemin, Armand F. QYVacoj -- W Mladdington, Jack fRangerj ,.,,.... YVaedekin, Conrad A. qlinnisj ,,,... 391, Vlaggoner, Elizabeth QGladewaterj .....w 309 329, 376, Wvagoner, Nancy Ann QWichita Fallsj ..,, Vfalbrick, Nancy QWichita Fallsj .....,v, VValden, Mary Lynn QGreenvi11ej --- --- XVa1do, Cynthia QGrand Prairiej -- VVa1drup, Donna Sue QGrapevineJ -- --- , 447 Wan, Grace QDallasj .......,,,,,,.,..... 1Valker, Allen Harvey QDallasj -- --- Walker, David fSeminolej ,,,,,,,,....,, 1Valker, Don fMineral Hlellsj ,....,,,,, XVa1ker, Donald A. fMinera1 Hlellsj 299, 1Valker, Eddie Jean QPenwe1lJ .,,,,,,,.. 1Valker, Francine fFriscoj -,,,,,,,,,..., Hlalker, James B. fMineral YVel1sJ ...,.. lvalker, Jean qllallasj ,,,,,,,,....,,,,,, Walker, L'Jon fDentonj ........,...,... XVa1ker, Mary Katherine QVan Alstynej -- XVa1kcr, Mary L. 15111-rrmaiib fffff... 200, 202, 341, 355, VValker, R. D. fShermanj ,,.....,,,,,,,, 1Valker. Sherry Nelle fDecaturj -- ---- - NVall, Betty Jo QMarsha1lJ .,,,.. 314, 344, 1Vall, Dan QFort XVortl1j ,e.,.,,, 201, 299, 320, 326, XVallace, Martha fllallasj ,,,,,,,,.,,,, NVallace, Mary Elizabeth QEI Dorado, Ark.j Wallace, Patsy qRangerj ,.,,Y,,,,, 279, W'allace, Tommy fGatesvillej ,,,, 390, 394, Yvaller, David QFatej ,,,,,..... 292, 352, YVa11is, Jo Ann CRichardsonj ,,,,,,..,, XVal1s, Bob fC1arksvi11ej ,,,,,,,...,,,,,, 1Valters. Elizabeth Ann fParisJ -- 277, 373, 491 414 Ward, Anita QFort Worthj .... ...,,,,, NVard Bett o Monahans , YJ c 1 Yvard, Gladys White fTylerj -- --- 322, Ward, Vaida QWaxahachieJ ,.....,,,, .- Warren, E. W. Jr. CNew Bostonj ,,,. lVarren, YV. Jr. QDallasj ,.,,...... YVarren, Leonard Dallas 351, 391, 1Vashburn c 5 --.-,,,.,...... Wlarren, Ruth QRaymondvillej ,,,..,,,,, Mlarschum, M'arschum, WValter N. QDentonj ,,,, Marilyn Louise QDentonJ ,,,. 391, M'ashburn, Alm as fDecaturJ ,,,...,,,,, Elizabeth fBel1s , 1 ...f,-,-. f , lVashington, Martha fVernonJ -- 287, 335, 299, Yvaters, Gerald QCarro11tonJ .....,.z,. VVaters, James L. fDa1lasj -- 329, 340, Mlatkins, Bill L. fSu1phur Springsj ..,,, - lVatkins, Bob QDenisonj ,,,...,,,,, Wlatl-Qins, Vancil flNeatherfordj ,,.. 343, Watson, Barbara Jane QFerrisj .....,,,,, 183. 374, 1Vatson, Bill fGunterj ,,,z......,,,, XVatson, Carol Ann QLometaj ,,,.,...,,, Don Edwin VVaxahachiej ,,,, Watson, ' Q Matson, Junetta fFort XVorthj ....,,., 340, 366, lVatson, Nita Belle fAbilenej ....,, 1Vatson. Shirley Ann fTylerj ,,,,,,,, -- 380. 332, lN'axman, Annette fAlbany, N. Y.j -- 396, Way, Jeanne fMemphisj ,,,,,,,.,... 360, Way, Tom fFloydadaj ,,,,......t,, ---- VVeatherly, Ora Lee fGainesvil1ej -- 336, Mfeatherred, Helen fColemanj ,,,..z,,,, Yveaver, Allison U. QBrownwoodJ .,z,,,.. Yveaver, Lynn fltascaj ,,,,....,,,,, VVeaver, lvanda QMineo1aJ ,,,,....,,,,, XVebb, Ann fRangerj .,,,,, ,.,.,w,,,,, YVebb, Patricia fDal1asj ..z,,,,,,,,,,,, YVebb Pats' l'Henrietta 377 , .y J .fffff , 381, 1Vebb, Peggy Jean qBeaumontj ..L.,,,,., Hleber, Faith CDallasj ,,..,,,,,.,,-,, m,,- lVeber, Ray lDallasJ ...,,,,, 292, 311, lYebster, Jack fgDallasj ,,,....,,, -----,vY 1Yebster, Suzanne QFort 1Vorthj ,,v--- 358, 434 443 490 448 292 448 490 404 490 440 490 410 434 464 464 414 490 464 490 464 490 464 490 464 465 490 434 490 490 490 490 490 490 376 465 277 465 410 490 490 421 491 404 285 440 440 491 410 491 440 434 434 425 491 425 491 465 465 434 465 414 404 491 434 491 465 491 410 410 491 491 491 465 465 440 465 434 440 465 491 491 414 465 465 431 465 465 lVeeks, Leonard fDa11asj -- 201, 291, 311, 313, 326, 377 1Veinert, Nadine QWeinertJ ,,.....,,, 337 lVeiss, Ben 1Varren QDallasj ,,,,,,,e.., Weist, Anne Catherine Qliilgorej ---- .,,, - ...L,,, 335, 349, NVeiting, Bob Qballasj ---- - ,e....., ---- Welborn, Laurita Qliarmersvillej YVelch, Charles QQuanahJ ,,,,,.,,,,,, 337 Wfelch, Dan CQuanabj ,. .,,,, -- ---- YVe1ls, Dan fMeridianj eeeee.. Weldon, Dick fxVElX2lhElCl'11CJ -- Wells, Ettie Joy qLindalej -- ..., -- Vlells, H. G. QTuliaJ ..,,, ..., - -- 288 Wells, Hildegarde fDentonJ ,....,,,,.. lVe11s, Jo Ann qlrort Hlorthj ,,..., 313, YVe11s, Jo Anne qMeridianj 285, 325, 381, Wells, Kenneth QHarroldl .t,L,...,,... Wells, La Vonne QTuliaj .,,....,,,z.,, Wells, Robert Dan fMeridianj ..,,,...,, Mlells, Ruby QCraWfordj ,,,.... -- 364, lvells Shirle Cleburne -- 336, , v ci ,--- West, Mahdeen Qoshuajb ,... eee... Wlest, Norman E. fCranej .eee West, Patricia QDal1asj .,e,.... -- West, Shirley Louise fDallasj .e,,,...,,, F7551 lVestbro0k, VVanda QBlooming Grovej ---- ----.--- 277, 319, 335, 361, NVha1ey, Barbara fDallasJ ---------------- XVhatley, Pat QGreggtonj ---- - --- Wheeler, Gwendolyne QDa1lasJ --- ----- Wheeler, XVilliam Allen qStantonJ ---- 309, Wheeless, Kay QWintersj --.-------..--- lVhelton, Patsy QGalvestonj --------- 185, Wistler, Joan fLeve1landj --- .----- 279, lVitaker, Leroy fParisj ---- --- 201, 381, XVhite, Beth QMcKinneyj -------------- White Betty fKopperlj ------ 342, 377, White, Betty Margaret Qliliasvillej ------ XVhite, Bill QTerrellj --- -------- 362, NVhite Bobbie QBrownwoodj ------------ White Carl W. QLipanj ------ -- 320, White Gwen fDallasj --.-. ---- ---- - NN'hite Jane qSparkman, Ark.j --- ---- NVhite, J. C. QCranfills Gapj ---- ------ XV1iite, Joanne fHawkinsj -----..--- 314, XVhite, Marie fDeutonQ ---------------- White Mary Elizabeth qBrownwoodj 364, 1Vhite Mary Sue flrvingj --------------- M'hite, Nancy QMesquitej --------------- White, Robert Terry fDallasj ------------ Xvhite, Stanford QBowiej ---- 321, 351, WN'hite, Virginia QBrownwoodj --------- White, Virginia fljarisj ---- 279, 333, 371, Whiteside, Jack Harvey QDa1lasj --------- Mfhiteside, Marilyn qliingsvillej ------ 366, WVhiteside, Nell Marie QDal1asJ ---------- Whitlock, Bobbie Janelle fFort Worthy 372, XVhitmore, Don . .----- - ------------- 390, Hlhitney, Nancy QBig Springj ---- ------ 281, 310, 341, 373, Hliittenberg, Georgia CBreckenridgej 1Vhitt1esey, anet Dallasj , J c 4 -----,,-,-.-- XVhyburn, Beverly qDal1asj ------ 219, 325, WViehe, Douglas D. fMount Vernon, 111.5 1Vigley, Martha QHendersonj ---- 187, 349, Wilburn, M'i1burn, Jerilyn QBaytownj -------------- Benny May QBaytownj -------- --283, 336, 345, Wilbur, Jerilyn QBaytownJ ------------- Wilder, Dorothy QFort Worthj ------ 344, Wilhite, W. D. fDa1lasj -------- --- 391, W'i1ken, Robert fQuanahJ -- ---- Wlilkins, Jim fHerefordj ----- ---- 1Vilkinson, L. G. QFerrisj -- -- 1Vilks, Stinlev Neal QPrincetori, N. NVil1hite, XVi11iams JJ ---- --- -- Edelize fVernonJ ---- -- 336, Betty Jo QHoustonj ---- ------ l1'iliams,,Betty Sue QBellevueJ --- ---- XVilliams, Billie tSpringtownJ -------- YVilliams, Bonnie fKCl1Tl1IJ ----- - ------ Wlilliams, Evelyn fCovingtonJ -- 332, 336, Mlilliams, Frank Russell Jr. qFort Mlorthj Williams, Frankie QAvocaj ----------- 317 1Vi1liams, Janie Lou fDallasj ----------- Vlilliams Joe B. fGatesvillej ---- ---- XVilliams, Lurlene qMansfieldj --- ------ YN'il1iams Marcia QDallasJ ----- ------- Williams Marvin qDallasj -- -- 391, Williamsi Mary Frances QBrownwoodj ------------- --- XVilliams, Morris CFort Hbrthj Hlilliams, Otis Ray 4Denisonj YVi1liams, Pat QDa11asJ --------- --- r- - Heil 366, 414 440 390 410 152 491 440 491 319 491 440 465 316 491 414 491 448 465 491 465 440 381 491 279 465 49 1 359 391 443 465 42 1 404 404 444 491 465 425 410 440 440 425 465 491 49 1 491 314 414 465 465 465 491 491 440 496 491 358 465 404 425 465 465 465 465 425 465 491 491 491 465 491 425 465 491 443 465 410 491 299 425 465 491 492 434 465 465 lNil1iams, XVil1iams XVilliams, Pat fKermitJ --- Patsy fHawkinsj 1Villiams, Rayburn QMeXiaj -- Williams, Russell qDa11asj -- Williams, Sandra QLufkinj -- 1A'illiams, Thomas Robert ffiomanchej --- -------- ---- - Williams, Truman QA11enj Williamson, Gerald Dee fEastlandj ---------- . -------- -- Williamson, Myrtle Marie QReaga 1Villiainson, S. Jane fTylerj --------- Willingham, Noble fMineolaj ----.-----.- 1Villis, Ernestine QDentonJ ---- -- 322, Willis, Geraldine QTempleJ -- ----.- -- Willis, Larrie Jean , Paula Faye QTaftj --- ---- 390, y ------ H 277 , QWichita Fallsj -------- --- 328, 369, Willis, Randall fEnnisj --- ---... ---- Wills, Rachael fLorenaj ---------------- lvillson, David R. qlfloydadaj ------------ 339, 343, 351, Wilsford, Peggy Lou QGunterJ -- 332, 363, XA1ilson, Beverly Qllentonj --------.----- Xvilson, Bobby Eugene QDentonj ---- 331, Wilson, Charles qBe11sj ------------.--..- Wilson, George N. QDa1lasj ------ -291, 351, Wilson, Howard M. QNoconaj ---------- 1Vilson, Jerry Ann QDa11asJ -- ---.-- -- Wilson, Jo Sue QQuanahj ------ ------- Xfilson, Joe H. QGainesvil1ej ---- 149, Wilson, Joe LaMon Qlidgewoodj ---- 296, XVilson, Johnie YV. qGainesvillej ------------- 321, 394, Wilson, Joseph D. COrangej -------..---.. Wilson, Jo Sue QQuanahj -------- --- Wilson, Marjorie QErick, Okla.j --- --- Wilson, Mary Lou fEnnisj ------ --- Wilson, Robert D. fLeforsj ---- --- Wilson, Roger QDal1asj ---------.------ Wilson Virginia fF0rt Worthj ---..----- Winder, W'illiam Alfred qFort Wforthj ---------- 291, 390, 394, Windham, Doris QPrice1 ---------.------ Winfree, Marilynn QDenisonj --.----- 281, 1Vingfield, Billy Joe QNixonJ ---- 390, 394, lVingfield, Carol QFort YVorthj 281, 341, XVinningham, Gretchen fRa1lsj -- 337, 360, Winstead, Edwena fGrahamj ---------. lN'instead, Freddy fYVeatherfordJ -- --- Winstead. Gwendolyn --------.. --- Xklinstead, Mary QRichlandj ---- --- Winston, Hal qLaredo1 --------. ----- Winter, Betty Jean QThrallj -------------. Winter, Mary Lynn fFort Yvorthj ---- 337, 1'Vise, Joellen QLufkinj ------ 283, 320, Wiseman, Maxine QSudanJ -------- 277, 337, 356, 360, Wlithers, Patricia Louise QLi1lianJ -------- Withrow, Glynn QDallasJ -------------- 1Vitmer, Catherine Sue Qfllarksvillej 369, XVitten, Sydney Anne rXVaxahachiej ----------.- 322, 339, XVittenburg, Bill CLometaj -------- 391, Hlolfram, YValter Q-Xmarilloj -- -.-- -- Womack, Juanita Ruth CFort lvorthj --------------------- Womble, Royce C. QMansfie1dJ --- ------- 243, 295, 378, lVood, Barry qStephenvillej ------------- Wood, Douglas QDa1lasj --------------- Wood, Frank Marion, Jr. QWichita Fallsb ------.- -.----- XVood, Glen QFort Wlorthj --- ---- 243, YVood, Howard fShermanJ -- ------ -- Wood, Jan QHowieJ ------- ---- 3 66, XN'ood, Naomi QEastlandj - ---- ------- 1Vood, Patricia CC1arksvil1ej --- ---- 381, X1'ood, YV. Gaston fCopevillej ----- - -.--- M'oodard, Floyd P. fHoustonj -- 356, 362, lVoodruff, Bob QSeymourj ---------- 318, Woodruff, Jack QDa1lasj ------ ---- Hfoodruff, John T. Qflleburnej -- - Woodruff, Stan QDa1lasj -.---- -- Woodrum, Norma QAubreyj ---- ----- 1N'oods, Jimmie QGunterj -------- 1Voods, Robert L. QMcKinneyj --.------- Mloodward, Dick IWorden, Ill.J ------ 249 NVorkman, Walter Oliver Jr. QArlingtonj Wortham, Minriee fDallasj ------------. 1Vorthington, David P. CDa1lasj 391, 396 XYorthington, Doris QLaMarquej --------- Woullard, Tonya fSan Angeloj ---------- Wren, Gerry fFort 1Vorthj ---- ---- XVright, Beatrice QBonhamj -- --- 295, E62 i 492 492 492 296 466 466 492 492 425 434 434 288 434 440 492 466 492 466 444 492 382 440 425 324 492 342 343 434 440 466 434 37 1 414 492 466 425 421 434 440 492 440 492 425 466 359 434 492 447 434 466 466 440 410 466 373 492 328 492 434 466 466 381 295 466 492 285 492 296 448 410 378 292 440 492 492 414 378 421 492 492 466 492 42 1 466 Wright, Betty Jeanne Qllallasj 327, YVright, 350, Betty Rollin Qflorsiezlnaj ...... YVright, Henry L. Qilleburnej ,,,,...-,, YVrigl1t, Mary 1,ou fflorpus Christiy ,,,,,,,, W, YVright, Patty flierrisj ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 356, 332, Wright, Paul QFort Worthy W, ---,,- YVyatt, Bobby Qllallasj ..,,.,,, -Y YVyatt, Robert VV. A1 ine , V Jf- C P 5 e--- Wynne, Joanne flerrellj ,, ,,,,,, , YVythe, Gillis Qllalvestonj ,Y W, 288 Y 319, 390 Yankloski, Marylynn QShermanj .,,,...... Yarbrough, Betty lilaine Qflainesvillej 466 434 292 447 444 492 319 368 492 466 434 410 Yarbrough, S. M., Jr. QGainesvi11ej ..e,,, Yarnell , Dorothy QSearcy, Ark.j ............. 350, Yates, John Jr. fDa11asJ ,.e...f,,,,, Yeargan, Harold L. QDa11asj .... 181, Yost, Shirley QMundayJ ...... Yourg, Young, 356 394 366 356 Annette fDa1lasj . ...,, ,,,,,, , Bobby Gene CPonderj y Young, Christine qklillsapj ,,,,,,,,,, 332 Young. Earle QGa1vestonJ .......... 201 326, Young, Fonegal QGreenwoodj ,,,,,,,,e.,, Young, Jean fhlonahansj ,,,, W Young, Nelle Qllecaturj ......e,,...,,,,,, Young, Patty QHollywood, Flay,,,,, Young, Tom QDexter, N. Mg --,,313, 383 410 492 425 374 492 492 421 492 340 466 492 440 492 414 Young, Virginia fFort Yvorthj ,,,.,...,,, Young, Willa Dean qllenclersonj ,,,,,,,,,f,,e, 333, Youngblood, Raymond Bruce fAlvaraclaj e,,,e,,,,,.,,,,, 328, 340, Younger, Jack Ray qwhitesboroj e,...... Zabojink, Jerome QDallasJ -,- Zamora, Manuel fllallasj ,,,,.....-, Zenmnek, Shirley QChicago, I1l.j ....,. Ziegler, Mary QQuitmanj .....e, We Zimmerman, YVarner Earl QMaeet1onia, Iowaj e,,, 492 466 466 381 295 492 492 466 331 S219 Lf Qi 4. wi f .4 X I S lo 1 1 ,xg 5 IJIQX 1- 5 1 X ,v f,,L X9 A Def , Nga A I

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