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« . j: ' Af i ' ■ •;: rj ji: !• • r■ ;! ' • ? . ...• ;. — . . . •»r%; r. . • .... «; -A- : ' ' r. ■ »v ' • U B L I S H E B V T U D E N T S o R T H T E A S T AT 3 5 O. L. Davis, Jr., Editor . . . Dalton Wood, Curtis Ramsey, Jack Mur- ray, Associates . . . J. D. Hall, Jr., Sponsor . . . North Texas State College at Denton. American Beauty Cover Company . . . The Hurley Company, Inc. . . . Southwestern Engraving Comp- any . . . SAax of Photo Associates . . . Michael Studios. A Year of Achievements; A Year of New Horizons Our civilization is in I he midst oi the tvu- tiny ol the greaicsl achicvt ' nicnts that mankind lias ever witnessed. The lirsl lih years ol this era ha e been rhaiacieri ed as the end oi the industrial revolution, as the eidnunation ol the struggle tor equal rights for women, as the time u ' lten wars had stopped because ol the ( ' .r(.n War. only to see another conilici enguU ihe world, as the age of prosperity atid the great de- pression, as the New Deal ior all peoples. Nov,, wi ' are in the atomic age, ear Inc. Each progressing year lea es impiinted on the diary ol humanity the e ideIlce oi neu strides in the development ol all iields ol hu- man endeavor. The data sheets are well filled for the liist haH-century. We ha e wUuessed many things in our lime; in the last portion ol this century, usitig these happenings as back- ground ex[)eriences, there is little douhi thai humanity cannot be lurthei adxanted. knowledge is man ' s greatest engiru ( ! pm- . lion; it is llie capital uhicii manki ' id in esis pionioK the progres ' - tlia ' his highh !( " • elop- .,. culture demands. ( Colleges arc the centers where knowledge is made available to the minds ol oung people in their ipiesi to maki tor ihem- -■ ' ■■- •» better world in which to li e. VcccjU- ;heir iredo the concept that e tr d)inu hati,m. . students make possible thi , ' ' fl.U r ' M .. if-K ■!(•( K Tm M " ' ' M ' ' s ] ' . orth Texas . ' state College is .t ii ii : sMt bol ol the dynainits which this new age ; wus,-, noon tis. F. er exjxmding in all din. ' . ' io ' is, together through the cohesixeness ol .1 ' ., ;.ii ii iMif setup, our college la ts 1 he ' th little apprehen , ■• .i inmiphs ol the past are looLtd upon i } to leed the new breedei-ieaciot issible new achaiKemems ol the ' . .y ' . yjci -,1.1 ns-- .,t« UlU J STk-hclJ-r.Klio -Wright hruth- ! ' )IM- liillcl NEW IZONS FOR North Texans this year agree that what has been known fondly as Fonts ' Dream is no longer a dream, but an approaching reality. Construc- tion, over the new horizon, has begun at last on the new Recreation and Athletic Park. Encompassing more than 200 acres, the area will provide in one community facilities for all major and minor sports enjoyed on the campus. Here are to be located the massive new stadium for football, track and field events, a baseball diamond, nineteen practice and championship tennis courts, together with spectator grand- stands and field house, plus provisions for intra- minals, minor sports, and recreational activities. Under construction this year on Avenue E is the new Men ' s Gymnasium to host basketball contests and tournaments for the Eagles. Build- ing vas begun on the new Women ' s Gymnasium on Highland Street, which completed removal of the Recreation Park to its new location in the master athletic park on Avenue D. A new Education Biulding and laboratory school for demonstration teaching and advanced child study is to be constructed this year on the site of the practice football field. .An addition to our ever-expanding general library is also sche- duled for construction — starting this year. g " p " " i and highly significant mile- hed this year, marking a half- with the erection of Masters Never before has a building so eagerly, so long. Delayed since the war. Masters Hall will soon , ' ith cries ringing from its many labora- proclairaing North Texans ' discoveries in biology and chemistry. Ample space for all pur- poses guarantees its maximum utilization by stu- dents and researchers alike. V •p .,: «l 3«- IG " . x oS - Ct GREAT MEN ARE CHOSEN FOR GREAT TASKS . . . and great tasks await those who would assume the grave responsibilities of de- cision for the future. Such decision requires wisdom, foresight, integrity, and faith. NORTH TEXAS STATE COLLEGE is in- deed fortunate that its new BOARD OF REG- ENTS possesses all these qualities in abund- ance. It is therefore in anticipation of the ful- fillment of thousands of North Texans ' dreams that the YUCCA is dedicated to these men and Y ' K. ' " • ' I A r V Mt r r ' 1 ' : . B ti lfi ' . y w ' ' QI K- ' W " ' - - • iK - ' Ricjk •4 4 • ' .:■ .: - V:i J » " ' ' .. m r . ' ' 4.1 • l . ' CONTENTS i ..,«] P ' - ■■ i$3K,: ACTIVITIES Page College in Review 12 Features .32 Who ' s Who . . 86 Publications . . .96 Drama and Concert 104 YUCCA Beauties 114 SPORTS Football 132 Basketball 152 Track 159 Minor Sports 167 CLASSES Administration 182 United Students of North Texas 187 Class Officers 192 Graduate School 197 College of Arts and Sciences 205 School of Business Administration 221 School of Education 235 School of Home Economics 253 School of Music 259 Undergraduate Section Sophomores 266 Freshmen 286 ORGANIZATIONS Sororities 312 Fraternities 323 Committees 342 Honoraries 346 Service 374 Departmentals and Campus Clubs 380 Index 419 Behind the scenes, our college in review . . . Library Service One of our lirst contacts with NT was the library. To most ol lis the library means registration, study, resarcli, and recreational reading. Another side, bind- ing and cataloging, operates to serve us quietly and efficiently. Art Offered for students interested in a cultural back ground in art, for students majoring in education, and for students majoring or minoring in art, the department pro- vides concentration in the fields of drawing and painting, advertising art, iruerior design, costume design and illustra- tion, crafts, and ceramics, and the teaching of art in the public schools. I ' age 13 English . . . Exploring the masterpieces of literary endeavor, interpreting the mood of the times through the ex- pressed word, precision in the language, both articu- late and written, preparing to pass these advantages on through teaching, these are the precincts of the Department of English. Page 14 As the key element of all the sciences, mathematics enjoys the enviable position of indispensibility in an era of calculated precision and exactness. The Department has as its objectives the training of professional mathematicians, teachers, and pre-pro- fessional students. Page 15 Social Sciences The Department of. Economics and Sociology provides study in the nature of human behavior and the relation of human inter- action to the total environment. Graduates may enter many fields of social work, from national levels of administration down to county welfare agencies. Courses extended by the Department of Geography are de- signed to provide the student with an understanding of man in relation to his physical world. Soil conservation and the ecology of man are primary aspects of the field. I ' age Ifi .. tf tfia Social Sciences It is the belief of the History Department that man is better understood by evaluating the yesterdays of time that have re- sulted in today. Not to be considered dead, history is made to live through the Museum located on the second floor of the Historical Building. Planning for the future in light of those errors revealed by history is the area of the Department of Government. Here man ' s climb to self-realization and self-government is emphasized and college-trained citizens are encouraged to enter public ser- vice. Many graduates of NT are now in governmental positions, civic, state, and national. Page 1 7 Journalism With their hands on the pulse-beat ot the campus com- munity, student journaUsts early learn the rules of the " Fourth Estate " and their responsibilities therein. The spawning ground of All-American publications, the Department of journalism instills the principles of free speech, democratic procedure, and the dignity of man into the lives and actions of its students. Ample opportunity is provided for ex| erience on the three campus publications, Atresia, Campus Chat, and YUCCA. Page 18 . . . Music On the hill at the School of Music are heard those strains which indicate that future artists are at work perfecting their techniques in instrument and voice. Providing opportunity for expression and training for professional careers in one school demands the highest of faculty and students alike. The college at large is very fortunate to have available at all times profession- al caliber entertainment such as is available at North Texas. Page 19 While men strive to keep abreast ot the cataclysmic forces at work in our dynamic one- world society, the Department of Physics continues along the paths of science, seeking and es- tablishing new truths that control these forces. Aware that the man of science no longer can exist apart from his society and its attendant responsibility, physics is now one of the pure sci- ences of production. Page 20 . . . Foreign Languages Mid-century travel is more a means of communication than transportation. Speed has made this one world in fact. Now the world depends upon the college-trained student of foreign languages to bridge the deep chasm of babel and misunder- standing. Our Department of Foreign Languages prepares col- legians to serve in the reduction of language tensions and nation- alism by means of clear, concise thought, and international in- terpretation. Page 21 Education . . . When the sciences and humanities have at last solved the problems of human dynamics, it still remains the province of education to provide the understandings and tolerances that are so necessary to the great world citizenry before any perma- nent progress may be achieved and maintainsd . . . Psychology assists the cause by providing counselors who understand man and his inner problems and can give the guidance so greatly needed. Page 22 . . . Home Economics The last retreat of truth and honor, the home seeks to protect and maintain decency and decorum. The School of Home Economics trains teachers to provide the knowledge young women need to claim their honored position as wives and mothers. In addition, other graduates become lunchroom and cafeteria managers and dietitians, nursery school teachers, demonstration agents, and clothing and related areas designers. Page 23 Industrial Arts Removing college education from its claimed " ivory tower, " the Department of Industrial Arts makes available pre-professional training in fields of manual creation. Crafts and machine work alike produce finished artisans for the modern world. Page 24 . . . Chemistry The Department of Chemistry is noted throughout the South- west for the high caliber of polish that its giaduates in technical positions of responsibility possess. In no small measure is this due to the extremely proficient training offered them during their study at North Texas. Page 25 Many physicians, surgeons, dentists, and medical technicians of renown began their pre-medical education in the Biology Depart- ment at North Texas. Famed for the quality of pre-professional training in all fields biological, the Department continues to gradu- ate the highest in proficiency. Page 26 No academ ic department of theory, the Speech Department believes in training with actual exper- ience. Forensics, drama, radio, and speech therapy are all important features of the speech curriculum, so that self-expression comes easily to those in the Department. Page 27 Physical Education From the nest of the Eagles, the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recre- ation, many fine athletes and champions have spread the Glory of the Green far and wide. Relating this to education, many hundreds of physical education and athletic coaches have received their training at North Texas. The department offers a broad recreation program, ranging from informal recreational ac- tivities to organized intramural and intercollegiate activities for men and intramural and Wom- en ' s Recreation Association activities for women. These events are provided for in the recreation park, gymnasiums, the college-owned nine hole golf course, club house, and lake. Page 28 . . . Business Administration The ever increasing complexity of American business in relation to the many associated social, economic, and governmental institu- tions requires intelligence, effort, and a broad education as a basis for success. The School of Business stresses development of personality and the well-rounded individual, professional competency in a chosen field, education for community leadership, and appreciation of hu- man values and relations. Page 29 As atoms whirl into the dimness of time and chain reactions cease, events are recognized in their proper sequence of mportance. On the following pages are actions and events of the year . . . now but memories in the cosmos of retrospect. i 1 Darkroom Flashbacks I Summer sessions are not always the drudge that some believe. Last summer some 3,300 students crowded onto the campus for summer study. In no small part was this due to the influx of teachers back, for advanced study, to avail themselves of new and better positions under the recently enacted Gilmer- Aiken laws. Major installations of concern, about the camp- us made the students alternately hot and cold. Park- ing meters were installed around the corner, while air conditioning was placed in the Reserve and Reference rooms of the Library. In a lighter vein. Eagle golfers returned from the NCAA golf tournament with the National Champion- ship trophy. Eastern newspapers wondered where this " little " North Texas State was. i ? Page 32 ,. - ■ 1 ■! H B fciij5:_i_ Ji r L. 4 " % . • • Summer A time for fun under the sun . . . with tennis and swimming ... or maybe loafing in the shade of a tree ... to read and relax or perhaps to sleep . . . Dancing under the stars on the union slab, coke sessions in the Snack Bar, and bull sessions on the back porch about ring standardization, sex, politics, classes, professors, jobs, men, and occasionally sex . . . Page 33 . . . September September is a wonderful month at North Texas. Back to school, reunion with old friends . . . stories of the summer . . . of new loves, old loves, and heartbreaks . . . new friends, new interests, a new year! Even for the battlescarred Seniors, there is a certain exhilaration about returning to the old Alma Mater. And to the Freshmen everything is glamor, glory, green caps and excitement. For Sophomores and Juniors, just work, wolf-calls and week-ends ... A month for adjusting, readjusting, and settling down for the long winter ' s grind . . . Best jool forward, but liold hands! Anytlihig fruiii svup to )ni!s sold in llie registration line! Not to be dismayed by the late beginning of school. North Texas jumped off to a blazing start in football by shelacking Howard Payne 34-14 some ten days be- fore the registration . . . And registration; lines and lines and then wait . . . classes filled, section closed . . . " Oh that ' s been changed " . . . Lazy time at the union for jam sessions, card sessions, or the bull variety . . . Money going out, mail going out ... no mail coming in, no money coming in, no money coming in . . . Woe. ' Wliy yes, I remember just as xvell . . . " " I swear Ahni agin ' Comnnaiisw, war and sin! " Bob, boogie, Bethoven or Brahms, it ' s all on call at the Howdy Room Piano. These girls are good at putting things over on people. ® - ' -y Get ' em while they ' re hot. Pay tiow while you ' re still confused! " Now let ' s see, four dollars and five dollars is two books . . . " ' No, there is no lab with ' Marital Psychology ' , sorry. October . . . brings in sports and spooks In full swing now, there were many things to at- tend, besides classes, and many people to attend them. Adding to the available amusement facilities, a new Interstate theatre was opened for the swarms of North Texans crying for more activities. And more there were, as the Dallas Symphony arrived for concert, Polgar mystified collegians, and the Marine Band played to large houses. Final results were obtained with the ap- proval of the new senior ring. Hendl arrives on stage to conduct the Dallas Symphony. Polgar proves that two strong men can ' t lift a chair ichile they are hypnotised. Everybody icas there — if only to picket the high cost of movie tickets. Overflowing with enthusiasm. North Texans in their organizations had ranch parties, fish fries, teas, smokers, dances and dinners. Rushees sweated, and pledged . . . Big formals of the month were the Bruce and MTO dress affairs . . . While interest heightened in the YUCCA Beauty contest . . . Football was exciting as the Eagles won four out of five games played during the month . . . And all eyes turned to campus politics as 1591 students cast their ballots in the largest one-day vote in college history. it ' s not every Marine that gets to pluck a G-string. Politics and play at the election-eve street dance. Student Court rules on Senate measure to control carnival. Congratulations from everyone went to Halloween Queen Pat Harrison and King Ben Chappell. Lalicker heads toward pay-dirt against Hardin as Collins and Fambro clear the u ' flv. An impressix ' e moment at the Big-I.ittle Sister .4doption. . . . November A y For Homecoming, TOP: Exes register . . . RIGHT: Cheer leader peps up spirit at bonfire. . . turkey, Home- coming, and shoved heods While that wondcrlul Texas weather smiled, North Texans enjoyed November as one of their busiest months. Football kept our spirits keyed as the Eagles won four out of the month ' s five games. And among these was the memorable Commerce game in which the Lions were stomped by the score of 59-6. Subjects for deep argu- ments were nickel coffee, parking meters, senior rings and invitations, food walk-outs, and the announcement of the ed-coed ratio at 1.44-1. Exes flooded the campus to heighten the Homecoming fever of parades, open houses, teas, barbe- cues, bonfires, old-times discussions, and the game with University of Houston which we won 28-23. Thanksgiving climaxed the month to break the semester at a crucial point for " over-worked " collegians. BELOW: These girls have good form, but they just won ' t play ball . . " . RIGHT: Hut the Little Dorms boys shout how things should be stacked . . . . ' i ' ::S " : ■.•» » icjes - ' Sf V-- ! Cy Vi L ' Page 38 ABOVE: East Texas ' ansiver to the Rockettes. LEFT: Wheels beam on the nexo senior ring at its release from the Balfour company . . . BOTTOM: Snack bar slwwing of the latest in sartorial style given free in Commerce. December ushers in parties and holidays From wise men to reindeer to camels to sleighs, it ' s merchandising art at Christmastime. " And then the farmer ' s daughter said . The prettiest decorations are not on the tree. There seemed little time for studies as Decem- ber opened the social season with ' Lil Abner dances, sweater dances, the all-college Christmas formal, and just dances. Students were entertained with the Col- lege Players ' production of " The Late Chrisopher Bean " , Club Varsity ' s " Dancing in the Dark " , and the Concert Band ' s winter concert. Thrilling was the word for the presentation of the Great Chorus in " The Messiah " with the Dallas Symphony, while off the campus our debate, boxing, and basketball teams were bringing in new victories each week. Concerned with domestic affairs, collegians slapped down a pro- posal to ban " foreign " letter-jackets by the embarrass- ing vote of 1233 to 297 in a quiet action. Dr. Brodie etijoys his refreshments, apparently . . . mmHi H _ u 5 . •( ' u ' SL 1 ' ' ' 1 ' - i«P5 4 1 Page 40 Eagles show that brains are belter than hraivn in basketball at home. Such talent this gal displays! . . . CENTER: " Look what I got off the tree! " . . . RIGHT: fVho ' s Who certificate from the Veep to Mary Nan, the high point of a year. Page 41 ... A month of contrasts, from sun to sleet, with fifty degree temperature drops in five hours, with work and fun hand in hand. In the gay midst of the social whirl, NTexans made January one of their big months, with an eye on exams in the not too distant future. Most believed that there was still time for entertainment as they trooped to see the Phi Mu Alpha Music Circus, the Quintilian ' s " Ten Nights In a Bar-Room, " and the Fine Arts appearance of Astrid Varnay. Brave collegiate thespians opened the Supper Theatre, while journalists welcomed Hod- ding Carter. Chiltin Hall and the Sophomore Class managed to throw formal dances as the Library quietly opened for Sunday study. Climaxing the month was the National Bridge Tournament in the UB, appearance of the Avesta, and the record January Graduation. LEFT: Sorority gals smile at a dinner party, while . Workmen speed construction on Masters Hall. . BELOW Page 42 Summer playground in its winter clothes. Demo kids troop in after fun in the sun. Page 43 LEFT: Bridge Tournament in progress . . . BE- LOW: Registrar Dickie helps Freshmen enroll. Page 44 ' 1 lu- high cost of an education. Despite complaints, students sign anti-Communist pledge. LEFT: Bass presides as Senate moves the question . . . BELOW: Spring training shows Eagles in top form. . . . March in like a lion Norman Thomas: " How to Avoid a War We Can ' t Afford. " A month packed with activities, March saw famous speakers like Hodding Carter, Norman Thomas, and Dr. James L. Hymes on the camp- us. On the stage there was the Touring Play- ers in G. B. Shaw ' s " Caesar and Cleopatra, " and Intersorority Stunts. In music the College Sym- phony was in concert at home and on tour, the Great Chorus sang " Belshazzar ' s Feast " with Met Basso Oscar Natzka and the Dallas Symphony in Dallas, UT presented " The Marriage of Fig- aro " at NT, the Concert Band began a seven- state tour, and Joseph Szigeti, violin virtuoso, performed here. Sportwise, the Golf team downed Paris Junior College, SMU (twice) , and Baylor, and won the SW Recreational Golf Tourney. In boxing the team won the Regional Campionship and sent Johnny O ' Glee to the Tournament of Champions in Chicago and beat the Cameron Aggies at home. Great in track, the " Flying Eagles " copped the Border Olympics (again) , the Southwestern Recreational Track Meet (fourth time) , and the Texas Relays, and beat East Texas and Midwestern at home. From afield, debaters brought in the trophies from Nebraska and Durant, Okla., tourneys and then bested West Pointers as hosts. For the stay-at- homes there was that wonderful Dutch Week again, FTA and Alpha Chi conventions, begin- ning of pledgeships, intramurals, the style show, just plain play, and the climax on March 31, the second annual North Texas Day. Prospects for a great team in spring training. It was cold in Amarillo too. RIGHT: Turn-about ' s fair play. BELOW: All roads lead to the Union and the P.O. . . . BOTTOM RIGHT: Consump- tives discovered free of charge. K. " . . . Aw, I ' ll bet that ' s what you " ■• - tell all the girls. " Page 47 . April and birds and bees and flowers and " . . . but I said I had to study. " Casbaa . . . " LEFT: " Come ' u ' id me to de A wonderful April of sun and fun, it was a glorious time with Easter holidays and warm nights with full moon . . . and the golf course was popular (golfing of course) . Too soon to begin worries about finals, " every- one " used the month to catch up in campusology. In sports NT was host to Howard Payne in a track meet and then showed bad manners by winning it. The mile relay team brought honors back from Birmingham, Ala., with their win there. The golf team left on an eastern tour to rival such schools at Notre Dame, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State, and West Point and stop off at the Southern Intercollegiate Golf Tournament at Ath- ens, Ga. At home, NTexans thrilled to the Col- lege Players ' presentation of Tennessee Williams ' delightful comedy, " You Touch- ed iMe, " concert by the Madrigal Singers, weekly productions of Supper Theatre, and Opera Workshop presentations of " Romeo and Juliet " and " Cavalleria Rusticana. " Seemingly, there still was no time for studies as activities began to wind up an- other great year at North Texas. LEFT: Independent nelters carry honors for the Green. Wliile some loaf in class Others loaf at the club house. Some of the beauties of sun-bathing. " . . . Just the way Lord Byron shoiued me. " ABOVE: Checking on the home-town news . . . BELOW: hiWle campus neics comes off the press. Page 49 ABOVE: If you don ' t have a date, you can always play with the piano. BELOW: " Why, ah . . . yes, I buzzed you doumstairs. " This ' ll look darling with my red skirt, really. " " Oh, why did he do that? If he hadn ' t jirls Dorm ABOVE: " The nerve of his saying things like that. " BELOW: " Ifn I ' d knowd youse a comin ' , I ' d a saved a dale. " AliOl I-. ' And she said that she was going steady icilh Charley, well! " BELOW: ' Funn f You should have heard the one last night. " 5 - ' ■ ' ' : Page 51 " Do you think I look good with short hair? ' I " You bet ' em so you read ' em. " Don ' t be half safe, use Life- bouy and . . . " " And then she said that she ' d scrape some milk up in the kitchen. " Chilton scholars studying Comparative Campusology 101. " Dear Jane, since I zi ' as home last . . . " Life in Some of us go to school Page 52 ra-r He brought mom ' s washer to college with him . . . " Just a minute honey, there ' s a couple of guys around. " Men ' s Dorm . . . and self-pressing of trousers saves a cleaner ' s bill. I So he ' s not a Frenchman, but he likes postcards. " Canasta! The sixth here and discard. Count ' em up. " Page 53 Dutch Week . . . | H MH| HH|| HK-_ jHIHUI an m 1 M • H li l 4||tt Ip ' 1 w y iiH m w 4 IE 8 SS H fli 1 fll Man ' s week to howl when: ABOVE: The woman pays . . . or BELOW: Gives us the last available chair . . . The brilliant brain-child of a date-less, dough-less Chat editor reached its ultimate degree of excellence this year when the Women ' s Forum-sponsored Dutch Week (Dames United To Catch Husbands) spread like wildfire over the campus again. For some men, it was frustrating to discover exactly how few women cared to call them for dates. For others, it was one gay week of social engagements. Many men saved their own egos by leaving town for the week — that way they couldn ' t be disappointed. The most hilar- ious event of the week was when one guy was called by six girls wanting a date for the same night, and then, no more calls all week! and ABOVE: supplies that reassuring hand . . . or LOWER LEFT: Assists us with our jackets . . . and, uh, BELOW: Goes on the offensive, legally . . . Crosstown Sneak . . . " Well, do you have two good-looking friends? " It has often been said that a man ' s education is not complete until he has been on a blind date to Tessie (Texas State College for Women to those of you who are not in the know) . Regardless of the fabulous number of beauties on our own campus, for some reason, to a few the grass is always greener . . . on the other side of town. Various reasons have been advanced for this. There is some hint that it is pos- sible to have two steadies at the same time, one on each side of town, and never the twain shall meet . . . ' Wonder wliat my dale will look like? " It ' s the same slory, on either side of toxon ' Oh well, the feature will be over in an hour And then out for a snack at Jimmie ' s . . . ' Watcli this honey, eight-ball in the side-pocket. " Man by Nature Is Not Monogamous ... or How To Win Friends And Make Additions To That Little Black Book . . . V-m-m-m, my favorite song. ' ABOVE: " Whal ' d you say your name was now? " RIGHT: " Man, was she a queen! " Page 57 Union Building . . . ABOVE: " Mow many points do we need to lay- douni partner? " LEFT: " And then the ice-man said . . . " The center of campus social life, the Student Memorial Union Building provides a home-like atmosphere for collegi- ans away from home. Housed within its walls are the NT Station Post Office, the Snack Bar, the Howdy Room, a cafeteria, and the Student Trading Post, in addition to many offices, cluli meeting rooms, the trophy room, and the spacious auditorium. The scene of many social events, from Halloween to Christmas All-College to Thursday afternoon jam-sessions, seldom does a day go by that organizations or couples do not meet there for future planning ... of one sort or another. ABOVE: A quick shuffle between classes in the Snack Bar. LEFT: Box rent must be due again . . . ivhile BELOW: " Haven ' t we met some- where before? " . . . overheard at the Christmas ABOVE: Jam-session in the UBAud. Student Teaching . . . Long recognized as one of the most outstanding teacher training colleges in the nation, North Texas was among the first to include in-school teaching practice as a regular part of the curriculum designed for future teachers. During this last year senior Edu- cation collegians have been placed in the North Texas Demonstration High School, all of the Denton Public School System, and many schools in the sur- rounding county for training in actual classroom situ- ations. Construction began this spring on the new Edu- cation building, which is to incorporate the very latest techniques in progressive education. ABOVE: Wally Price confers with Mr. Nunn about his assignment . . . while LEFT: Don Beth Whittingtoyi and Ann Fox work on lesson plans. BELOW: Bill Dibble works with Miss Babb and students on the Demo School paper, The QM. LEFT: Weldon Royall assists a pupil in the correction of a pa- per . . . while BELOW: A student teacher reads a story to the wee ones. Student Transportation While there are few problems of trans[X)r- tation about the campus itself, most students spend a good percentage of their time worry- ing about how to obtain transportation for themselves and their dates. Someone said that to be a BMOC you needed six things. A car was listed four times, along with being an intelligent conversationalist and being good-looking. It was further stated that if you had the first four attributes, the other two were unimportant. Campus LMOCs heartily agree, and mutter about the strong lights around the campus and dormitories . . . LEFT: Most of us use feet . . . while ABOVE: Two five-day weekers use man ' s best friend, the thumb. ABOVE: For a nickel the " Goose " will take you all over town. LOWER LEFT: Regardless of vintage a car ' s a car . . . unless BELOW: It ' s a convertible, . . . then it ' s a wagon . . . W sleep . . . One of the rarest elements on the college campus is not found in the chemistry store-room. Often discussed, openly coveted, seldom achieved, among campus elements it ranks second only to study in rarity. Found in scattered traces in the dormitories, it is more prevalent in class- rooms and occurs frequently with reading assignments and lectures. On this page are shown some of the situations in which this rare element is found. J JMl m yi »» Sleeping Beauty, BM (Before Make-Up). RIGHT: And remember Freshmen, get plenty of sleep. One reason why so few students schedule eight o ' clocks " Now I ' ll never know w)iat happened to Mark Anthony. ' Perfecting the latest technique— unconscious learning . . . Page 62 Coach Rilling covers bad points of practice debate. Forensics . . . Always a potent force in forensic meets, North Texas ' debate teams this year ranged over the entire South, Southwest, and Midwest, bringing back many trophies to brighten the UB Trophy Room. Al- though not phenominal in any division, this year saw one of the best all-round teams in many years. Sweepstakes trophies were won at ACC, Nebraska, and the Savage Forensics at Southeastern (Okla.) North Texas entertained the Senior Men from West Point in March and thoroughly trounced them. This portends, perhaps, an invitation back to the national debate tournament at West Point, which North Texas won in 1948. BELOW: Jo Ann Stine is in practice debate for the Xachitoches, La., contest. BELOW RIGHT: Senior debaters consider new evidence in their research for a winning argument. Displaying perfect form in debate is Rose Ann Cummings, Senior Women ' s Debater. Page 63 class Activities Staging their first big come-back since the disrupting influence of the war, organized classes at North Texas began the long climb back into social prominence. Candidates for class presi- dencies based their campaign platforms upon re- vitalized classes and expanded activities. Some candidates even came through with the goods. Ushering in the social year was the Fresh- man Get-Acquainted Party at the club house, followed by a dance in the Union Building Howdy Room. Next class activity of the year was the Senior Autumn Formal in November followed by the Who ' s Who Presentation in December, also sponsored by the Senior Class. January brought out the Sophomores with their Western-style Dance at the club house. During February the Senior and Freshman Class- TOP: Freshman and Senior Class Presi- dents present the Class Sweethearts . . . and CENTER: Claim the first dance themselves. BOTTOM LEFT: Senior stalwarts arrange decorations for their Autumn Formal. BELOW: Collegians line up for the Caxiallaro show. . Hit the Big-time es again exploded into action as the Seniors brought Carmen Cavallaro and his Orchestra to the campus to raise money for the initiation of their Student Chapel Fund. A week later the two classes combined to throw the Freshman- Senior Sweetheart Dance, again at the clubhouse. Voted sweethearts were Miss Josephine Devise, Freshmen Sweetheart, and Miss Pat Pearce, Sen- ior Sweetheart. The Sophomore Class again functioned with a Spring Formal in April, while the Seniors be- gan plans at YUCCA press time for the Senior Prom and Senior Week, a resurrection of events killed by the war. TOP: Happy Sophomores crowd the hay-stack at intermission. CENTER: In- termission oi ' er, hick-dressed Sophs dance in the slicker manner. BELOW: Every- body went to the Senior-sponsored Caval- laro show . . . BOTTOM RIGHT: To hear the Cavalliers make with the music. Sing-song starts sacred service. Students crowd " What Should Be Our Attitude Toward Russia? " jorum. Religious Emphasis Week Receives Once each year, the entire campus slows down for a critical analysis of itself, its ideals, and its actions. Re- ligious week is criticized sometimes as hypocrisy in a world of lost dreams and shadows. Not so at North Texas. Stu- dents crowded assemblies, forums, convocations, and after- hours special discussions. Prominent ministers and laymen of various faiths were available as special speakers during classes. High interest was created by assemblies on such subjects as " God; Fact or Fiction " , " Why Pray? " , " Must Men War? " , and " Campus Morals " . The evening forum, " Courtship, Marriage, and Religious Attitudes " , drew large crowds each night. As the week ended, all who at- tended felt a new vigor and strength for the days ahead. " In our Christian faith, in whom we believe is more important than in what we believe " : Dr. Howard, the main speaker. TOP: " Science and religion are not at war " : Ret). Goodykoontz. BOTTOM: Must Men War . . . ? " Yes " : Father Charcutt. Page 66 students uoiider . . . " Must Men War? " New Interest . . BELOW: Father Charcutt and Rev. Bout- well ponder: " How Can the Church Help Mei " BOTTOM RIGHT: Rev. Harris and Dr. f ' alentine are confronted by student ques- tions on " Race, Bigotry, and Religion. " A question from the audience in " Race, Bigotry, and Religion. ' RIGHT: " What are you looking for in a husband, " Joyce? " : Dr. Hamilton. Page 67 ' rr Working My Way Through College . . . Laboratory assistantships help C. P., Terry, Adam, and Roy through school . . . RIGHT: Electrician Ben Ford has a shocking pob, but it ' s straight cash, no charges. Student labor enters into every field in Denton. While all phases cannot be named, collegians work with the Denton Fire Department, carry paper routes, sling hash, drive cabs, wash cars and do mechanical repair, clean and press clothes, baby sit, load trucks at the flour mill and brick plant, do secretarial work for local concerns, and sell everything from shoes to insurance to lingerie to, yes, magazines. Jo Tharp checks out two of her charges at Oak Street. Violet Jackson and Anna Rose Tate at two of the many stu- dent secretary jobs available within the college. Page 68 to get a lot of knowledge Snack Bar waiters slwic tliat at least the coffee is well-stacked around here. The story is told in Denton that back in the thirties an enterprising young man came to Teacher ' s College to get an education. Having no means of family support, he brought a Jersey cow with him. Although facts are lacking, it is said that the young man not only paid his way through school with money earned from the sale of his cow ' s milk and calves, but that when he graduated Theo Embry sitows his metal to good advantage by welding for a living. to begin teaching, he married, sold the cow, and took a three-day honeymoon, all provided by the sweet old Jersey cow. The young man had vision and courage and the will to achieve an education even under adverse conditions. There are many like him here today, as every year, whose road is harder, whose time is shorter, and whose college degree becomes more precious, because it is their ' s through their own efforts, unassisted. Art Wiley uses pre-med knowledge skillf ully on the emergency runs at night. R. N. ' s already, Betty Baker and Mary Endrizzi expand nurses ' scliool education at North Texas. Page 69 church Activities • • • The churches in Denton provide through their student organizations A ' ' Home Away From Home ABOVE LEFT: The consequences of a wrong answer. ABOVE: Relax, it ' s only a game xvith thread and a jelly bean. LEFT: The conclusion of a fine Sunday morning in church. BELOW: Stu- dent choir members rehearse before church. Page 70 ABOVE: A moment of fun. ABOVE: A quiet moment for prayer. BELOW: Students enter Brother Joe ' s church expecting another great sermon. The churches of Denton appreciate the fact that they possess a responsibility far beyond that of the average home- town church. Tlieirs is the charge to provide spiritual guid- ance and service to a student congregation that in most cases exceeds their own congregation size. At an often crucial time in the development of young pjeople, the task lies with the local churches to provide the assistance that is no longer available through their home churches. The local churches all have special organizational arrangements for collegiate youth, and in many instances, center their major emphasis around college problems. BELOW: Washing dishes on the sidewalk is asking for trouble. LOWER RIGHT: Bars, Incorporated presents . . . " I have a lady. Doctor " . . . Page 71 signs of the times — it ' s election week. Communist meeting? No, Little Dorms Association street rally and dance! It ' s Election Time! The professional politician who sneered at campus poli- tics must never have witnessed an electiontime rally at North Texas. By all accounts, this year ' s campaign was a " sneaker " . For days the Campus Chat had been exhorting prospec- tive candidates to enter, to campaign, and to be elected. With the election scheduled for Wednesday, October 12, there was no apparent campaigning underway. Either there was gross reluctance to enter politics, or there was serious underestima- tion of opposing candidates. And yet, although things were quiet on the surface, political cauldrons boiled, sessions were held in smoke-filled rooms, platforms were rephrased, poster art was being readied, personal letters were being written, campaign songs were being rehearsed, and charges and count- er-charges were being prepared. By the time polls opened Wednesday morning, factions had hung signs, passed out platform propaganda, held street dances and political rallies, complete with speeches and band music, serenaded girls ' dormitories (interspersed with paid political advertisements) and smiled and shook hands, and smiled and shook hands, and smiled and shook hands. As election returns were posted late that afternoon in the Union, it became apparent that one group, the Litle Dorms Associ- aion, had almost made a complete clean sweep with their candidates. As smoke cleared, party bosses rejoiced in electing 15 of the 30 senators, together with sponsoring one class president, one vice-president and one secretary who were suc- cessfully elected. ABOl ' E: Stale Politician Whiteside hands student politician Ramsey the mike for more promises . . . All agreed that Johnny Murphy and his election crew of Green Jackets and APO had carried another hot election to successtul conclusion without a hitch, snitch or grumble. It remained to be seen whether elected candidates would sponsor items included in their election promises . . . TOP RIGHT: In the hands of fate, student citizens mark bal- lots for or against aspiring student. RIGHT: Green Jackets guard ballot box and check voters ' rights. BELOW: Election Chairman .Murphy and Vice-President Bass supervise count and recount of voles. BELOW RIGHT: Varied emotions show as final count is posted. The Senate at Work . ABOVE LEFT: Little John seems to have scored on that statement . . . ABOVE: Leaiiell and Bass team to siiow where most of the Senate ' s " Weight " is carried. . . . shows sincerity and purpose of student legislators LEFT: Senator Davis reports on committee work on Flock Here . . . BELOW LEFT: Voting on this meas- ure shows various emotions on the part of different senators . . . BELOW: Senator Leiuis expresses his convictions on an important point. " Mistah Chairman, I rise to a point of order. " ' The PC Committee met with the administration and find that . . . Although criticized severely by its opponents, the Stu- dent Senate in 1950 displayed little that was juvenile in its accomplishments. Bolstered by several veteran members, the body completed work on several major issues while initi- ating work on others. Candidates elected in the fall elec- tion did not fail in bringing their campaign promises be- fore the group. Bus service to out of town football games created considerable stir within the group as did pre-regis- tration and exam exemption studies. Bills were introduced to build sidewalks, regulate traffic around the campus, and to have Dutch week twice a year. Some thought such con- sideration was ill-advised, but it all added up to demands of students taking form of legislation in the Student Senate. A proposed ban on " foreign " letter-jackets was submitted to the student body in referendum and was overwhelming- ly defeated. Much of the Senate ' s work was carried on in the back- ground through committee activity. With four general af- fairs committees, spadework on proposed resolutions was done. The Policy Coordinating committee then took the finished student recommendations to the faculty. " It really isn ' t that way at all. Just consider . Senate Clerk Kemper checks minutes while Bass confers with Crowder on roll call vote. Eagles Flock Home In The Biggest Homecoming in History . . . ABOVE: Always a good stage show on Sat ' dv Nite. Some ten thousand loyal NTexans returned to Denton in November to pay tribute . . . " to the college we love. " Activities began with NT-ex registration with Miss Beulah Harris and her Green Jackets, extended to departmental and organizational open houses, increased with the huge little Dornis-built bonfire Friday night, skyrocketed with the mammoth parade of Saturday morning, and exploded with the football game that afternoon. Things simmered down to the NT-ex barbecue late in the afternoon and were climaxed with the stage show and all-college dance that night. Winner of the house decoration contest was Chi Sigma Phi, while Inter-Soror- ity Council, Press Club and Pi Omega Pi carried off float honors for most attractive, most original, and most au- thentic. The way it was done in ' 19 . Page 76 ' Fesser and the Aces . . . TOP LEFT: The Aces of Collegetand Pflug dances off. ABOVE: Gene " . . . with a one, t wo three . . . " Familiar to every NTexan are the opening phrases of the Saturday Night Stage Show led by Professor Gra- ham. One of the oldest traditions on the campus, the stage show was started by ' Fessor when he was a Junior, at the request of the late NT Presi- dent, Dr. R. L. Marquis. Twenty-three years later Tessor is still going strong with the same youthful vigor he first displayed. A best-loved institution on campus, the show and Tessor have been responsible for the discovery and consequent success of much of the talent North Texas has fostered. Such stars CENTER: The ' Doodlers ' IVhile the ' Ares ' blow . . . Valentine from ' Fessor. sound off. BOTTOM LEFT: BELOW: Dent Hand reads his Page 78 . . . on Sat ' dy Nite Stage Show ' Fessor himself at r ehearsal. TOP RIGHT: Charles Nelson sivy for the March of Dimes. as Ann Sheridan, Mary I.ouise Tobin, Joan Blondell, Nancy Gates, the Moon Sfaids, the Bhie Notes, and of course, the Dipsy Doodlers, were stage show favorites long before they stepped into national limelight. CENTER: The ' Aces ' at work, playing. BE- LOW: ] ' iUis and Comfmn get into the act. BOTTOM RIGHT: ' Fessor always makes it easy for the child performers. Page 79 ABOVE: Friends entertain Leta sailors. Delia Chi ' s portray " Ceres and Peresphone. ' Inter-Sorority Stunt Night . Aristole wouldn ' t have believed it, Plato would have scorned it, and Socrates would have laughed at the " Greek " antics brought about by Inter-Sor- ority stunt night. Displaying little that was greek, the five campus sororities each semester unite for a night to compete with each other for honors in stunts of their own origination, design, and pro- duction. Phi Sig pledges personify perfumes . . . perfectly! JVhile Kappas go back to the roaring twenties Thetas pull off more interesting things. Page 80 East Texas ' Good Will Tour . . . . . . played to a full house in preparation for an Eagle triumph. East Texas stole the show, before game-time at least, •hen their Varsity Show filled the main auditorium before the annual grudge game. Complete with the ESTC swing band. Varsity cadets, cheerleaders, a magician, vocalists, and several acts, the fourth annual entourage came to demonstrate through song and dance that Lion fans were Iiuman, to some extent, at least. Too bad, all that spirit on the stage, all that tragedy on the field, for the Lions. ABOVE LEFT: Foreigners yell for North Texas . . . ABOVE: Varsity cadets sing " Glory to the Green " in a stout-hearted manner. ABOVE: The Hungry Fife entertain (?) with instrumental music (. ' ) Magician ' s finesse, nothing less. Luscious legs lumber lazil from Commerce. Page 81 club Varsity . . ... presents Dancing in Dreams fcl ..t g ' fJt )! ABOVE: High-stepping Gene Pflug, choreo- grapher and male lead, jumps high . . . while, LEFT: Gene and Gay Nell add sparkle to their number. Before a packed house, probably larger than for any other show of its type in years, " Dancing in Dreams " brought forth from the audience laughter, awe, applause, whistles, and cheers. December brought the finished performance by Club Varsity to the main auditorium as North Texas cheered on their fellow students in an independent production. Highlights of the show produced by student director Carl Marder were the dancing of Gene Pflug and the singing of Gay Nell Steelman in the lead roles. Capable support was lent by Jodie Currens and Gene Hutchison singing original songs written by Billy Baker. From can-can to bathing beauties to torch singers, it was a glorious even- ing. Ilathntg Ix ' iiiilU ' s display their talents ji r male appreciation. Page 82 LEFT: " I ' ll See Ynu In My Dreams " . . . BOTTOM LEFT: " It ' s Dream Time " from llie trio to a dream, icalkhig . . . Page 83 Carnival Time . . . Somebody ' ll get the point sooner or later. Halloween festivities swept onto the campus like an air-age witch to give collegians a deserved respite from the strenuous trials of study. Cele- brations included the King and Queen coronation in the UB Howdy room, the all-college dance there, and the terrific carnival in Harriss Gym- nasium. Capacity crowds came for the scintillating Onerous males oggle Zeta octoroons. brought collegians out for a night of merriment. music of four " girlie " shows that blared forth simultaneously, wreaking havoc with conversa- tion. Dice tables, chuck-a-luck, black jack, and penny-pitching were ballyhooed as " sure winners " by operators and shills. Other booths included food stands, " Loop the Leg " , freshman kisses, fortune tellers, and assorted nonsense. Those delectable Freshman kisses! Ah yes, your romantic nature will find a kindred spirit! Page 84 Pledges gii ' e their all to entertain. A . cumau ' it, ualcha golla lose? " Page 85 who ' s Who Among Students in American 1 FRONT ROW: Buchanan Cargal, Penelope Coffey, Peggy Crowder. BACK ROW: Phillip Dibben, James Eagle, James Meyers. Page 86 Universities and Colleges SEATED: Oliver Monk, Frank Smith, Kathleen Noland, Charles Nelson. STANDING: Mary Louise Davis, Frances Monk. Page 87 who ' s Who Among Students in American SEATED: Lucille Faw, Lou Ann Hardy. STANDING: Gilbert Gorman, Frank Gagnard, Yvonne Harris, Bill Jack Evans. Page 88 Universities and Colleges FRONT ROW: Mary Nan Hudgins, Martha Ann Miller, Dott Sala. BACK ROW: Marcus Hickerson, Lee Jones, Joyce Hinds, Connie Kubecka. Page 89 Troy Berry Art Robert King Bass Biology Elgin Phillips Business Administration Who ' s Who at Considered as an honor ranking sec- ond only to selection to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, the faculty designation of a student to Who ' s Who at North Texas comes as a great achievement in the col- legiate career. Page 90 Burl Bryant Chemistiy North Texas . . . a great achievement in the collegiate career Each year the single most outstanding student in each department or undivided School is selected for this signal honor. Re- served usually for senior or graduate stu- dents, this honor recognition comes as the crowning reward at the culmination of a college span devoted to academic achieve- ment and scholarly advancement. Jerry Simpson Economics Frances King Monk English Page 91 O. L. Davis, Jr. Education Claude Speake Geography Robert J. Hardin Foreign Languages Who ' s Who at Peggy Crowder Government Page 92 James D. Carter History North Texas Robert Knight Industrial Arts Helen Bingham Home Economics C. L. " Sandy " McCullar Journalism Page 93 Phillip Dibben Mathematics Vandelyn Browning Library Service John Farris Music Who ' s Who at Bennie Rutherford Men ' s Physical Education Page 94 Patsy Boren Women ' s Physical Education North Texas Edward Tiffin Psychology Tommy Hughes Speech Billy Jack Workman Physics Page 95 Bruce Henderson Gilbert Gorman Sandy McCullar The Campus Chat . . . again in its ninth straight year as one of the most outstanding Darnell Peacock, Sports Editor James Movers , Managing Editor Yvonne Harris, Associate Editor Page 96 Journalistic voice of the students, the Campus Chat has become in the last thirty some-odd years one of the outstanding collegiate newspapers in the nation. After moving into its new home in the Journalism Building this past year, the Chat shifted over into big-time by pub- lishing twice each week. C onsistent with journalism fac- ulty hopes for expanded, simulated professional experience, this change-over necessitated longer, harder, more fruitfid hours of work, and closer coordination between horseshoe and the college press. Drivers in the editorial seat relieved each other with punctual rapidity. Kenneth May and Gilbert Gorman served first and second summer sessions respectively. Sandy McCulIar returned to the top editorial post for the fall semester and stepped down as Bruce Henderson in the spring assumed the top honor. Consistently throughout the year the paper was characterized by a high level of support from associates, editorial assistants, and columnists, all striving to produce the best in journalistic endeavor. C. E. Shuford J. D. Hall Helen Wilfong Sponsors Frank Gagn. rd, Associate Editor Pet Cody, Features Associate Bill Dibble, Sports Associate Page 97 Publications . . . At Work ' Way down in " Liberal Rebel " land, at the southern end of the campus, lies the Fourth Estate, the precinct of the Journalism Building. Nurtured there are the three campus publica- tions, The Campus Chat, Ax ' esta, and Yccca. At first glance, a publications worker looks no dif- ferent from any other student: they have bleary eyes, sleep in class, get the shakes for coffee or cigarettes twenty minutes before every bell, and talk too loudly. But with reason — long extra- curricular hours that frequently are interrupted by breakfast, and a conscientious desire to serve their fellow students produces at last publications n( whirli tile rf)Ilege is proud. Publications hiisi " ess managers tally fig- ures and uuiriy about mounting Jtrinling costs. Reporters see their sloiies take shape on the stone. Editors confer with printers about make-up. . Then rcshuUlc a page for a late break. . .ind smile at the finished product. Page 98 Noel Pearson and Lou Ann Jones work on Ylcca index and class sections. BELOW: Editor Wood makes an appointment — for a picture . . . while RIGHT: Sala, Murray, and Pierson pull negatives and lay out a Ylcca feature. BELOW: YiccA photog Merle Benjamin makes another fine pic . . . while BELOW LEFT: Henderson, McCullar, Haupe, and Ward mount class section panels. Page 99 O. L. Davis Jr., Editor-ui-Chiej Your 1950 Yucca began last May with the selection of the Editor-in-Chief by the Publica- tions Council. With many ideas for a bigger and better book (Who ever heard of an editor start- ing out to produce a smaller and worse one?) Editor Davis was joined by Associates Wood and Ramsey early in the summer, together with Photographers Benjamin and McCoy. This nucleus of five began serious planning on theme, layout, design, scope, and content. All the Edi- tors new to the college year-book game, they undertook to increase the size by thirty-two pages, build greater an already great feature sec- tion, and expand student pictures in the class and organizational sections. Plagued by de- lays, problems, deadlines, and graduation, at last the book was completed. For nearly a year the Mid-Century Yucca has been ours, in the making. Now it is yours; we hope it brings back those thousands of mem- ories of a great year at North Texas. If it does, then our task was not in vain. Mid-Century YUCCA . . . Merle Benjamin Chief Photographer George McCoy Photographer Bill Dibble Sports Assistant NG. tx Page 100 Curtis Ramsey Feature Associate Jack Murray Lay-out Associate Dalton Wood Lay-out Associate Of the thousand and one things that comprise the Yucca, perhaps the most important single thing is spirit and the desire to work, even at personal sacrifice. Of this spirit and desire there was an abundance this year. Many persons with special talents were called upon at various times during the year. Mary Forrester drew the amusing cartoons scattered through the feature sec- tion. Max of Photo Associates did the special photo- graphy for the division pages and opening sections. When Editor Wood was offered the editorship of a small town paper. Bill Dibble stepped in to do the entire sports section on short notice, doing an admirable job. Through it all Murray kept making lay-outs as fast as Ben and McCoy brought in the pictures. In the background, Ramsey ' s typewriter clacked away as Sala worked bringing in organizational copy. The office staff of Balch, Davidson, Pierson, and Jones worked tirelessly at any job that harrassed Editor Davis needed at the moment. At the end, we all collapsed, and now await your judgment . . . Dot Sala Organizations Assistant Talou Balch Classes Assistant Martha Davidson Classes Assistant Page 101 The Avesta . . . . . . the living word of literary endeavor for all students on campus Gordon Williams, Spring Associate Cliff Barr, Fall Associate The staff interruped near fall deadline. Page 102 News Service . . . Mary Ann Jennings R. J. McCloud, Director The home-town source . . . of news and happenings of students away from home Jake Lewis Elise Whitlock Earle Young Page 103 The College Players . . . present . . . DON WYLIE as Rosen-a N.Y. art deal- er u ' ho tried everything to get Chris ' paint- ings before he gave up. . . . MARILYN KRAUSE as Susan Haggett- the average American girl who only wanted Warren as a husband— not money. . . . JIMMY HUGHES as Dr. Haggett-Pa had a domineering wife but came through to retain his position as head of the house. NT thespians won collegians plaudits with true-to-life comedy in fall production . . . Chris Bean ' s painting had patched the larpaper roof on the chicken house. Ma said her girls would icn marry village boys. HHHHRw - HrI ' ' . . . ' ' The Late Christopher Bean " . . . RAY BURCHETTE, JR., as Davenport- a New York art critic with ideas of fair play and honesty about Chris Bean ' s paintings. . . . SUE SOLLIS as Mrs. Haggett— tyrannical Mother wanted her girls to marry rich Flor- ida play-boys. . . . JIM SWAIN as Tallant— a smooth swind- ler whose plans to obtain Chris ' paintings back-fired. Paintings of the deceased Chris Bean became valuable overnight and the Haggett house- hold was besieged by New York swindlers and art dealers in Sidney Howard ' s comedy, " The Late Christopher Bean. " Greed for money, a mixed-up love affair, and a surprise ending kept capacity audiences in suspense for the two night run. The play was produced by Mrs. Myrtle Hardy and directed by Miss Connie Jo Kubecka. . . . PATSY BUTTRAM as Ada Haggett- her chief worry was that her sister Susan would beat her getting married — she did. . . . JERRY BLACKWELL as Warren Cream- er— le painter-paper hanger xi ' ho defied Ma and eloped xoith Susan. . . . BARBARA BRADSH, W as Abby-f ie Irustirig hired help who kneto and loved Chris for xvhat he was. The family didn ' t suspect Chris luas her husband. . . . The College Players North Texas State College present ' ' You Touched Me ' ' 1 by Tennessee Will iams and Donald Windham d comedy in three acts SHIRLEY FARROW as Phoebe-A ' fcpiiig out of the clutches of the Captaiti and the Mailman left Phoebe no time for her duties as maid. NT College Players Score Second Hit of Season with a Heartwarming Story of Young Love . . . JIMMY HUGHES as Cornelius Rockley— an old sea navigator who resorted to drink to escape the tongue-lashings of his sister Emmie. BILL ALLDAY as Reverend Melton— n delicate man who wanted a wife possessing a spirit . . . of companionship. Page 106 JULIA BURNS as Matilda Rockley— learning to love and to be loved was hard for shy Matilda — until Hadrian came along. CONNIE JO KUBECKA replaced Miss Bums late in the rehearsal schedule. RAY BURCHETTE, JR., as Hadrian-( is adopted son of the captain returned to his boyhood home searching for something— he found it in Matilda. The production of " You Touched Me " , a romantic comedy-drama by Tennessee Williams and Donald Windham climaxed the activities of the College Players during the spring semester. An old pottery house in rural England fol- lowing the second world war is the background in which lives a spinster aunt, her drunken sea- faring brother, and his shy daughter. The quiet, well-disciplined household was rudely disrupted by the return of the captain ' s adopted son. His views about life and love started a series of chain reactions which compli- cated the plans of Aunt Emmie. The captain ' s drunken capers with the maid interrupt the Rev- erend ' s proposal of marriage to Aunt Emmie. A fox raiding the chicken house, a small white Pekingese, a girl learning to listen to her own heart, the conflict of love and warped hate, and winning out, all these complicated, yet high- lighted, the production. Mrs. Myrtle Hardy of the Speech Department was producer, while Miss Connie Jo Kubecka directed. Workshop rehearsals included experiments with character make-up. BARBAR. BRADSH. W as Emmie— tAe proud proprietress of a virgin mind had the power of turning life into clay . . but Matilda wouldn ' t be molded. Page 107 A Capella Choir . . . Directed by Frank McKinley FIRST ROW: Carol Peck Leah Saye Francis Dalmasso Hudrey Hudgins Wanda Saxon Dorothy Burton Ada Guin Betty Fisher Joanne Neal SECOND ROW: Joanna Durst Ruth Thompson Juanita Teal Nancy Evans Elizabeth Anderson Pat Garrison Nancy Wright Sally Maxwell Patty Rippy THIRD ROW: Neil Davidson Carl Best Steve Farkas David Taylor Jim Crowe Charles Nelson Jim Ramsey Bob Irby Ed Stone Dick Jacobs FOURTH ROW: David Jones Adrian McClish Bill Blankenship Ira Schantz John Walker Newman Hood Eldon Black Bill Evans Marvin Solley Bob Payne Page 108 Chapel Choir . . . Directed by James Carley FIRST SOPRANO Irene Ashenfelter Patt Egger Peggy Hicks Wanda Hodges Jacque Nell Hunter Sue Johnson Norma Jones Carmen McCuiston Virginia Merritt Pattye Ponder Lessley Ryall Francis Schofield Peggy Thompson Leota Vincent Joanne Willis SECOND SOPRANO Rosamond Booth Joy Bullock Ruth Ann Davison Francis Freese Mildred Gilkeson Imogene Harley Marian Mapes Betty Massey Jo Moody Joyce Nunez Esther Oxford Elaine Simon Patsy Young FIRST ALTO Wilmoth Calloway Carolyn Elskes Joanne Himmell Anne McDaniel Lina Grace Pond Betty Ray La Verne Seydler SECOND ALTO Louise Gorman Anna Ruth Humphries Lunella McGuire Alma McKenzie Pat Reese Ruth Schoenfield FIRST TENOR Alfred Broad Ed Duncan Colton Erwin John Holloman John Lovelace Lindy Rogers Steward Vannerson Bob Vaughn SECOND TENOR Gene Baskin Dillon Bowden Robert Buchanan Morris Granton Jimmy Hallcom Paul Harrison Ray Luper Darrell Nance Bill Shadle Douglas Williams Frank Wright BARITONE James Anthony Jim Buchanan Joe Cannon Wylie Cathey Gerry Church Wesley Coffman Clester Evans Dale Peters BASS Bryan Baker Clinton Davis Neil Davis Howard Humphreys Robert Jenkins Charles Lane Rodger Mitchell Kenneth Patton Larry Wood Page 109 The Symphony Orchestra . . . Dr. George Moray, Conductor v n r i i ■■ t M ' i l j m FIRST VIOLIN Joseph Kirshbaum Concertmaster Virgean Estes Olga Eitner Louann Hardy Larry Bishop Robert Cretsinger Jeanne Moutray Charlene Rosenthal Mathilde Gardner Chris Zeros SECOND VIOLIN Don Hatch Principal Jean Harris Barbara Corkins Francene Pearce Lois Estep Paul Kelley Jerome Guilbeau Marian Heywood James Keith Jeanne Mitchell Chester Parks VIOLA Margaret Grubb Principal Ruth Gibson Audie Graham Kenneth Collins Carol Loeser CELLO Alan Richardson Principal Grace Collins Edith Knauer Jane Pinkerton Pat Ekdale BASS VIOLIN Bob McLain Principal Lois Cable Frank Todd Bill Lee Ann Sealy Larry Austin FLUTE Penelope Coffey Alice Field Carl Mcllwain Jervis Underwood PICCOLO Jervis Underwood OBOE Donna Miller Janet Smith ENGLISH HORN Janet Smith CLARINET Philip Slavick Sherry Albritton Robert Gauldin BASSOON Willard Elliot Judy Seller HORN Mac Fullerton Myers Hudson Joe Duke Edward Thomas Ruth Trammel Ernestine Berry TRUMPET Merle Jenkins Douglas Wiehe Larry Austin TROMBONE Lawrence Wiehe Lloyd Cook Jay Covington TUBA James Bledsoe TYMPANI Jack Rumbley PERCUSSION John Sutton Jack Roberts Jack Guerry HARP Elizabeth Wilfley Martha Ann Lloyd MANAGER and LIBRARIAN Jervis Underwood Page 110 The Concert Band Maurice Meadow, Conductor CL. RIXET John Farris Mary Jane Sullivan Sherrv Albritton Phil Slavick Beverly LaGue Mary Ellen Standley George Minter Jimmy McCord N. A. Lee fames Palmer Paul Riordon Gordon Lockwood Henry Schaer Jean Pindale Bill Searcy Dorothy Loe Betty Amundsen ■ Mary Boozman Gharles Barton Charles Lovelace Carolyn Crofts ALTO CLARINET Barbara Lee Koesjan Marjorie Heighten BASS CL.AR1NET Harold Gore Bobby Gauldin George Hall CONTRA B. SS CLARINET Clarence Wood FLUTE Penelope Coffey Carl Mcllwain Billy Wade Perry Alice Field Mary Hocker Bonnie Jansen Patsy Bazar Ellen Sikora PICCOLO Jervis Underwood ENGLISH HORN Janet Smith OBOE Donna Miller Martha Sheets BASSOON Willard Elliot Gilbert Johnson Nathan Shurman Ann Stiernberg ALTO SAXOPHONE Phil Manning Jo Ann Clary TENOR SAXOPHONE Rov Atkinson BARITONE SAXOPHONE Shirley Oglesby Katherine Martin BASS SAXOPHONE Newman Hood CORNET Clement Splaingard Joe Dabney Virginia Walberg Billy Rose Floyd Nicholson — • Judy Barker FLUEGEL HORN Gene Ford Anna Gene Hale TRUMPET Merlin Jenkins Douglas Wiehe Euel Box TROMBONE Lawrence Wiehe David Moore Lloyd Cook Al English Bo Brown James Barhydt James Cotton FRENCH HORN Mac Fullerton Joe Duke Roy Thomas Bill Raley Myers Hudson Gene lies Nancy Evans Floyd Woodard Ivan Goodwin BARITONE Jay Covington George McCoy Clive McClelland Don Grantham TUBA James Bledsoe Byford Sealy Eugene Trimble Willard LaGrone Don Frascer STRING BASS Ann Sealy Mary Jean Thomas William Lee Louis Cable TYMPANI Dolores Pometti MARIMBA Carol Loeser Jo Ann Jackson PERCUSSION Jack Rumbley Douglas Stone Gloria Johnson Don Childress HARP Elizabeth Wilfley Martha Ann Lloyd Page 111 The Madrigal Singers . . . directed by Robert W. Ottman SOPRANOS: Marjorie McClung and Elaine Turney ALTOS: Elizabeth Anderson and Joanna Durst TENORS: Stephen Farkas and Ira Schantz BASSES: Charles Nelson and Marvin Solley PIANIST: Jack Roberts Page 112 Women ' s Choir . . directed by James Car ley g illT k ' ti A! |£i .x; " -%- ' ' - l B A FIRST SOPRANO Daisy Reed Pat Hall Lil Sherman Pat Scheihagen Jovena Jackson Betty Jane Lang Anne Blasig Elaine Simon Jo Moody Evelyn Boiilmay Ellen Strube Jean Moseley SECOND ALTO Juanita Burke Genevieve Taylor Jimmie Ann Ramer Sue Camp « Robbie Thomas Mary Sue Ray Lila Jean Bailey Pat Egger Bobradine Turner Darlene Terry June Bearmore Betty Grimes Joanne Willis Joyce Westcot Sandra Brinkman Pat Hall Myrtle Williamson Betty Burks Gene Harley Grace Grainger Peggy Hicks SECOND SOPRANO Sue Heise Fa yne Hines FIRST ALTO Bonnie Herkimer Sue Hughes Yvonne Bennett Joyce Hill Kathy Jackson Ava Gene Breed Joan Beeson Betty Howell Joan Johnson Betty Clay Sue Brabham Betty Kukenbackcr Norma Jones Margie Commander Mildred Gilkison Patsy Matthews Bert Matthews Dixie Cundiff Louise Graham Betty McSpadden Margorie Nichols Betty Ferguson Joanne Himmel Frances Porter Joyce Nunez Frances Freese Jessie Lou Jackson La Vanda Shadid Lydia Pickett Margaret Frerichs Marian Johnson Maxine Tankursley Nancy Prafke Pauline Guy Chris Randals Barbara Vernon Page 113 North Texas Beauties . . . ... in Mid-Century Style Page 114 T»« . . . the Poet of the Piano picks Mid-century beauties In February Carmen Cavallaro visited the campus in Variety Concert and presented the ciioice beauties to the college that he had previously judged from among 115 entries. Secured through the Senior Class, Carmen selected the YUCCA Beauties and the twenty nominees from photographs by Max that were flown to him in California three weeks before his appearance on the campus. The selection remained secret until the evening of the pre- sentation. Top: YUCCA Beauties presented by Cavallaro . . . Senior Class and YUCCA representatii ' es confer with Cavallaro before the f rograms . . . ichile, Bot- tom Left: Take one judge, ten beauties, mix, result: Bottom Right: Music, Music, Music. Lou Ann Simpson . . . Cornellia Boyd Yvonne Stand if er • ' II tA . . Jan Mathews Carolyn Broussard . . . K y Pat Pearce %$■■ m s y m f . k-.-.v ' w •;:£■■ " " " ■ Ai ttfyf " - Marjorie Jane Hill . . . . . Sharon Kay Jones Nifa Long ■i -r i k . . . Enid Little i IP i- Betty Johnson VelvQ Jo Voisin Jean Lanham Millie Lipscomb Ann Mosely Alice Kern Virginia Coffee Juanell Matthews Jean Johnston Pat Strong ' i " , Renda Morgan Helen Shields Betty Jo Powel Nominees Sally Moore Una Glazner Jean Thornhill Helen Lynch Betty Sterling Jo Frances Neal Percy Van Cole A recognized sportsman and T formation expert is Odus Mitchell, North Texas ' head football coach. In four seasons of guiding Green and White elevens, he has added to the reputation of the school as one of out- standing athletes and sportsmen on the gridiron. Since taking over in 1946 Mitchell has led the Eagles to two conference titles and two bowl bids. Texas sportswriters voted the popular mentor " coach of the year " in 1947. Football . . . . . . pre-game fever mounting on the campus . . . the climax of tension reached as thousands stand for the opening kickoff . . . stellar gridders matching wits, weight, speed and team- work on the field ... a complete unity of feeling manifested among partisans ... all contribute to the picture of a team and a college great in victory or defeat. Playing for the first time in the newly-formed Gulf Coast Conference, the Eagle pigskin group faltered once in league play and then came on to finish in second place. Hardin College — now Midwestern University — copped the title by edging the Eagles in a mid-season thriller, 20-17, coming from behind in the final seconds to win the game and the championship. The rampag- ing Indians suffered their only loss the following week— a 25-13 setback to an East Texas State eleven which NT later steamrollered 59-6. The Gulf Coast loop is made up of North Texas, Midwestern, Trinity, and Houston, however, so neither team could count its East Texas game in conference standings. The Eagles faced some of the strongest intersectional teams in the country and finished in December with a full season record of eight wins against four losses. Howard Payne was the first team met in 1949; the North Texans journeyed to Brownwood and left with a Page 132 . . . 1949 Unswerving loyalty to his bosses . . . thoughtful help and guidance to the boys . . . personal attention to a million and one details that make the team go . . . are Dee Walker ' s contribution as assistant coach. Three-year letterman tackle at North Texas, Walker returned to the campus in 1946 as Mitchell ' s righthand man. 34-14 victory behind them. Next came Hardin-Simmons University and the versatile Hook Davis, who scampered 63 yards to break a tie game and sink the Mitchellmen 13-7. The following week saw the Eagles in Fayetteville, Ark., where Leon " Muscles " Campbell sparked his Uni- versity of Arkansas teammates to a 33-19 triumph. The Dentonites had fought the Razorbacks to a 19-19 dead- lock late in the third quarter before bowing to the South- west Conference foe. In other games NTSC defeated Oklahoma City Uni- versity 26-7, won successive victories over Stephen F. Austin, 25-6; Sam Houston State, 41-14; Southwest Tex- as, 41-7; and Trinity, 32-21. The Eagles outlasted a stubborn University of Houston eleven 28-23 in a homecoming thriller. North Texas closed its season with the University of Nevada in Reno, the Wolfpack overpowering the Texans 28-7. Page 133 FIRST ROW: Brisendine, Mitchell, Massey, Renfro, Butaud, McGee, Dickerson, H. Marvel, Towe, DuBose, Womble, Slack. SECOND ROW: McNeill, Martin, Smith, Lalicker, Brashier, Lowe, E. Marvel, Appleton, Eagle, Armstrong, Hightower, Lawhorn. THIRD ROW: Stahl, Williams, Brew- er, Wood, Gate, Turner, F. Clotiaux, DeFord, J. Clotiaux, Lammes, Roberson, Bishop. FOURTH ROW: David, Lindsay, Gilstrap, Reams, Collins, P. Lawless, Curnutt, J. Lawless, Gandy, Drew, Fam- bro, Ferguson. Football Squad BOBBY APPLETON Back QUINCY ARMSTRONG Center BILL BISHOP Tackle BILL BRASHIER Back Page 134 JAMES BREWER Guard A. D. GATE Guard Thirty-nine Eagles won letters in the 1949 season by virtue of playing long enough and hard enough in a majority of the 12 games scheduled. Coaches Mitchell and Walker used the defensive-offensive unit system with plenty of substitutes for each group. Individual pic- tures of the lettermen begin on the preceding page and are scattered throughout the following pages. ■•A FRED CLOTIAUX Guard JIM CLOTIAUX Guard 1 A. V. COLLINS End HAROLD DAVID Tackle HORACE DEFORD Tackle CHARLES DICKERSON Back Page 135 Eagles Swat Howard Payne in Opener, 34-14 Flashback Renfro grU7ils, groans, grimaces, and goes goal-ward. KIRK DREW End ERVIN DUBOSE Back Green and White ponderousness up front and green and white blins in back outweighed and outsped the Howard Payne Yellow Jackets in the Eagles ' season opener at Brownwood Sep- tember 10. The material was there. Hip-dipper Bill Lalicker turned a fast cor- ner and sailed 53 yards to the double-stripe to open scoring in the second canto. After the sen- ior letterman half-back from Canadian broke the ice, two understudy speedsters followed suit. Randal McGee, a freshman star, went the dis- tance for six points, and Lx)yd Lowe tallied twice to complete the scoring for the quarter. Scoring finale for the Eagles was marked by Cecil " Zeke " Martin ' s line plunge at the end of a long drive engineered by the NT signal caller in the last quarter. Fred Clotiaux, sophomore lineman from Beaumont, converted four out of five extra-point tries. Jacket quarterback Al Langford took to the air in the last half and found chinks in the Eagle armor; two of his aerial bombs zeroed in on the Green and White goal line. Eagle pass defense was weak. Eagle geometry solution: shiiiglit line—shortest distance— six poinh. Page 136 Cowboys Corral North Texans, 13-7 It seemed to be the Eagles ' fate during the ' 49 season to meet every opponent at its best. Hardin-Simmons in Abilene September 17 had their best — Wilton " Hook " Davis — ready for his finest performance of the season. Guarding the nest jiuin the Hook: Wilton Dai ' is, leading ground-gainer in the nation in ' 47 and runner-up in ' 48, threatens the Eagle goal line. The first score and conversion followed a 50- yard march by the Cowboys in the opening quarter. Later in the game, the Hook, ' apparently ' stumbling and teetering, progressed slowly down the field for 63 net yards and the winning touch- down. Countless desperate tackles failed to stop the wraith-like Davis. Despite Hook ' s exhibition, the crux of the game fell on H-SU ' s 1-foot line. There, near the close of play, a power-laden march of 70 yards by the Mitchellmen failed by just that one foot to gain a tie or victory. Earlier, the eagles tied the score after Quincy . rmstrong, defensive center, intercepted a Cow- boy pass on the enemy 47. Halfback .Shields Mitch- ell r.pped off 22 yards to start the drive climaxed by fullback Ned McNeill who crashed over from the 5. Fred Clotiaux, conversion specialist, kicked the extra point. There were stellar performances aplenty turned in by Eagle gridders. Varsity quarterback " Zeke " Martin averaged 41 yards on 6 punts; McNeill, with 57 yards, led halfbacks Bill Lalicker and Loyd Lowe at ground-gaining; and Frank " Bunky " Smith, play- ing safety, made several brilliant stops on runaway Cowboy backs. FRED FERGUSON End BOB CANDY End WAYNE HIGHTOWER Center BILL LALICKER Back Page 137 Flankerman A. V. Collins (80) wants teammate Randal McGee to come his wa y, but high-Billy Gilbreath (40) and low-Billy Hix (86) , Porker pair, don ' t. Hawgs ' Campbell Blasts Eagles Frank " Bunky " Smith stars on ' Clutching Hand ' program— ghastly, isn ' t it? Both teams played to the hih when North Texas met Arkansas in Little Rock ' s memorial stadium September 24. Porker pride was punc- tured twice when Eagle scoring thrusts put NT ahead 13-12 and knotted the count at 19-19 late in the second half. This was the same crew of rowdy Razor- backs who racked and wrecked TCU ' s Horned Frogs, beat Vanderbilt, gave Texas a fit, ate up the Aggies, and bowed to Baylor, Rice, and SMU only after cry of " foul " from TCU ' s Dutch Meyer put them on probation and the loss of Campbell sapped their scoring strength. Self-invalided in mid-season by his bruising style of play, l.eon Campbell, Arkansas ' tremen- dous fullback, had himself a time against North Texas. The mighty " Muscles " ran roughshod for 236 yards and two touchdowns. Campbell ' s Page 138 " Bunky " Smith, left half, runs to right, but A. D. keeps pegging away. Lo d Lowe makes a left turn to get out of heavy traf- fic} A. D. Gate (C3) would block for him if Lowe would make up his mind. In 33-19 Last Quarter Win and left half Sammy Furo ' s last-quarter scores iced the game. Quarterback Don Logue scored twice. For the Green and White, Martin ' s passes to Lalicker, Collins, and Fambro— 9 of 27— netted 156 yards, set up two scores, and tallied the last. The Eagles bagged 19 first downs to the Hawgs ' 10, and runs by Smith, McNeill, Lowe, and La- licker were brilliant but foreshortened by poor downfield blocking. McNeill punched across, Martin sneaked over, and Collins snared one for a touchdown apiece, while Clotiaux converted once. James Brewer of the line blocked one Arkie conversion try and recovered a fumble to set up a scoring drive. An ankle injury suffered by Frank " Bunky " Smith, chips-down safety man, made it a costly defeat. Ray Parks, successful successor to Clyde Scott at left half, all by himself in the moonlight. Page 139 " ' V BILL LAMMES Guard Loyd Lou ' t ivaiins up in a practice session xvilh OC.U ' s Chiefs in mind. Mitchellmen Rap Chiefs 26-7 JACK LAWLESS End Aerial wizardry by Cecil " Zeke " Martin wrapped this one up for the Eagles when they ventured to Oklahoma city for a night game with the Chiefs Friday, September 30. North Texas avenged last year ' s 6-14 loss as 5000 shivering fans watched the final game of the OCU-NT series. Football was dropped by the Sooner Capital ' s university at season ' s end. Play of the game resulted when Martin, Luther " Bugs " Fambro, and Ray Renfro parlayed a pass, skip, lateral, and run into North Texas ' second score and a half-time lead of 13-0. Taking the snap on the OCU 43, Martin backed away from the T, pegged one downfield to Fambro on the 25 good for 18 yards; " Bugs " , encircled by the enemy 10 yards later, flipped the ' skin ' sideways to Renfro who rambled the remaining 15. Opening and closing scores of the game came after two 70-yard drives, both climaxed by pass plays. Martin passed to scatback Shields Mitchell who continued 20 yards for the first-quarter score. In the final canto, a Martin pass over the goal was snagged by end A. V. Collins. Fred Clotiaux con- verted after both. Ned McNeill ' s 75-yard quick-kick put the Chiefs on their own 15; a charging NT line pushed them back to the 6 in three plays; Jim Ferguson ' s break-through, block of the punt, and end-zone re- covery brought the Eagles six more points. OCU ' s Landon put his team in the game for a brief moment by intercepting a Martin pass and returning it to the NT 37. Eight plays later, Lan- don plunged over from the 1-foot line and Frank Bruno converted. DICK LINDSAY Tackle PETE LAWLESS End Page 140 Hardin Wins In Last Minute 20-17 TOP: Dick Lindsay (76) about to put quick slop on fast Indian. CEX- TER: Bruising Jim Eagle (54) drifts wide and closes in to cinch tackle. BOTTOM: Eagles Bill Lalicker (45) and " Bugs " Fambro (86) grounded after short flight. Out of the west came Hardin ' s Indians witti a reputation that portended a storm. Storm it did when Coach Billy Stamps ' high-scoring machine clash- ed with the potent Green and White eleven in the Eagles ' first home and conference game October 7. Mitchell ' s men were unimpressed. Hardin ' s 146 jx)ints to against four earlier opponent only whetted the Eagles ' desire to cross the Indians ' virgin goal. Five minutes after the starting kickoff, North Tex- as was leading 7-0. Attacking for the first time, quarterback Martin called for a pitchout to Ned Mc- Neill that sent the stock fullback hurtling off his own right tackle for 54 yards and pay dirt. Fred Clotiaux converted. Hardin tied it up early in the second quarter. A deflected pass, bane of all safety men, flew into the arms of an opportunistic Indian named Ray Smith. Forced to punt later in the same quarter. North Texas was caught napping bv perfect execution of a common play. Hardin ' s double safeties criss-crossed, one faking to the far sideline as the ball carrier zooiu- ed down a lane formed between the near sidelines and a row of Indian blockers who were stationed downfield like a destroyer screen. Conversion made it 14-7, against. Chagrined, the Eagles next uncorked a 71 -yard scoring play that left fans and players exhausted. Lanky Fambro took a short pass from Martin and North Texans went berserk as the tiring " Bugs " angled toward the far corner, a pursuing tribesman and the safety man converging on him. At the crucial ' X ' , " Bugs " lurched, the safety missed, the pursuer hit, and the two slammed across the goal together. Clotiaux converted. Another drive brought the Eagles to the Hardin 11-yard line from where, with time in the half rim- ning out, Clotiaux kicked a field goal, and the half end ed, 17-14, for. For the next 29 miniues of play, there was no scoring, and then, in the very last minute, J. D. Roland, Hardin signal caller, feinted a run to his left from spread formation and heaved a long one to Ray Smith in the end zone, winning for the visitors and stunning 7500 spectators. Page 141 Eagles Slaughter ' Jacks, 25-6 When a good team meets a better team, the results are fairly predictable. However, Stephen F. Austin ' s visiting Lumberjacks managed to stave off complete defeat until the fourth quarter in their encounter with the Eagles October 15. Late in the initial period, ' Jack quarterback Jim Drake fumbled on the 10, the ball scooted to the 2 where alert defensive Wayne Hightower re- covered, and three plays later T-operator Cecil " Zeke " Martin pulled the first of two sneaks. Fred Clotiaux converted, making it 7, and right after change of goals, ' J k safety man James Canter returned a Martin punt 56 yards making it 7-6. Just before halftime, eager Eagle Jim Fergu- son kidnapped a Leo Anger pass and ransomed it for 6 points, 6 Oyards from the scene of the crime. Third quarter play was scoreless, but NT line- man James Brewer set up another score in the finale by intercepting a weak pass by Mollis Slaughter. Fullback Erwin DuBose slammed over from the I. Another ' Jack back, Vernon Redd, fumbled minutes later and Harold David, soph Eagle tackle, smoth- ered the hide on the Austin 16. Martin eased over to close out business for the day. Although tallest flanker A. V. Collins snuggled seven of Martin ' s passes for 109 yards and " Zeke ' s " choice of tactics was faultless, the NT gridders were sluggish on offense. The team was still ' down ' from the hell-for-leather effort against the robust porkers from the piney woods. Austin ' s Felix Wig- gins kept pushing back the Green and White parade with superb quick-kicking that slowed down the scoring. Kirk Drew, soph end, nails Martin ' s peg for gain to mid-field. LOYD LOWE Back RANDAL McGEE Back James Canter, most dangerous ' Jack back, makes yardage from spread- Eagle formation. Page 142 LEFT: Those ' Kats are swinging tonight round a grounded Eagle. at skatback Shields Mitchell (31) RIGHT: Collins (80) and Ferguson (87) rally Eagles Bombard Bearkats, 41-14 An all-star performance by the Martin bomber, mixed with a long over-due running attack, plus alert ball-hawking by NT defenders, spelled ruin to Sam Houston ' s Bearkats in Huntsville October 22. Two touchdown passes by the ' Kats proved (a) Eagle pass defense was still weak, and (b) two can play the same game. The Bearkats rambled 85 yards, scoring 13 plays after the opening kick-off; the Eagles went 70 yards in three plays and tied the score at 7-all. Half-time found the Green and White ahead, 27-7. Martin had engineered two pass interceptions, one by Royce Wonible, and a fumble taken into protective custody by Wayne Hightower, into 20 points, counting Clotiaux ' two conversions. Favored receiver A. V. Collins started Martin amass- ing 193 aerial yards by taking a 28-yard heave for 30 more and the first NT score. Rapid Ray Renfro teamed with " Zeke " for two scoring " git and run " plays and the Eagle QB slipped around to tally once. Third-quarter action netted the ' Kats a TD when halfback Clarence Kennedy unwound a 38-yarder to end Charlie " Rough House " Williams. Halfback Jack Kyle bagged his second point-after. Next, the Eagle caller handed off to Ned McNeill who reached pay dirt 42 yards away on the delayed buck. The last of five Eagle interceptions set up the final TD, butted over early in the last period by McNeill. Clotiaux converted. NED McNeill V Back CECIL MARTIN Back GILBERT MASSEY Back HERB MAR EL Back Page H3 SWTS Bobcats Splattered 47-7 ABOVE: Putting an end to the trouble, or 6 ' 5 " flanker A. V. Collins (80) measures the length of two Bobcats while Ray Renfro (33) changes course to due North. RIGHT: Fred Ferguson, lost-and-found dept., returns Bobcat pass for final Eagle TD. Last year the Eagles ventured to San Marcos with their final Lone Star Conference crown sewed up, so to speak. South- west Texas State ' s Bobcats proceeded to beat North Texas 24-14, and further proceeded to the LSC title. Of titles, NT spoke no more. October 29, 1949. Eagle stadium. Same Bobcats. Same game. Different Eagles. And of Bobcats they speak no more. Opening the TD stampede in the first canto, Loyd Lowe took a flat pass from Martin and went the distance, aided by " Bugs " Fambro ' s key block downfield. Martin, improving in every game, completed six of eight tosses for 168 yards but was even deadlier at sending winged Eagles around the Bobcat flanks. Yard-eating pitchouts and handoffs went to backs McNeill, Lalicker, McGee, DuBose, Lowe and Renfro. Brief glory came to SWT three minutes before mid-period. George Lewis made a runback to the Bobcat 34, quarterback George Mabe called spread formation, and the coach relayed receivers from the bench. Bill McCall caught the third con- secutive pass and tallied. Mabe converted, but the Eagles led at the half, 21-7. Substituting for NT ' s varsity QB, Gilbert Massey continued the rout by sending backs Charlie Dickerson, Bobby Appleton, Bill Brashier, and Royce Womble past the Bobcats. Fred Clotiaux was hot, converting five of six; Ace Towe holding. In the waning moments of the game, Fred Ferguson intercepted a pass on the Bobcat 21 and scored. SHIELDS MITCHELL Back Page 144 NT Outlasts Tigers 32-21 Fresh from three straight victories and with the GCC crown gleaming anew. Coach Odus Mitchell ' s charges seemed destined to slaughter Trinity uni- versity ' s Tigers in their homecoming game in the Alamo bowl November 5. Whether overly-complacent or under-fired, the Eagle crew were definitely disappointed in their own play as the Tigers made them come from be- hind in the last half to win. Eight and nine-men lines were thrown into the forward area in an attempt to nullify " Zeke " Martin ' s passing, but two money plays by NT ' s Fred Ferguson stopped Tiger advances and put the Eagles in the touchdown business again. Trailing 14-21 in the third quarter, the North Texans started a scoring march after Ferguson had partially blocked a Trinity punt on the opponents ' 48. Seven plays later Ned AIcNeill went over after sharing yardage gained with Ray Renfro. Early in the next quarter, a repeat performance of 34 yards in 8 plays netted the Mitchellmen a tally, McNeill again going over. With a 26-21 score against them, the underdog Trinitonians threaten- ed right up to the Green and White 28, only to lose the ' skin to ballhawk Ferguson on a mixup in the backfield. Recovery was made on the Eagle 43. Martin then sent Renfro, McNeill, and Bill Lalicker rattling down the field by varying pitch- outs with laterals that covered 57 yards for the final tally. It was Eagle fullback McNeill ' s third score of the game and made him confere nce high scorer with 54 points. Renfro at his best . . . taking a Martin pass, going away. BOB REAMS Tackle " Zeke " (43) Martin has done his job: " Bugs ' (86) Fambro and A. D. (76) Cate are resting on their laurels: but Sed (42) McXeill eyes the Tiger doublestripe for that third touchdown. RAY RENFRO Back Page 145 Mitchellmen Stop Cougars Here comes the bacon! Collins convoys the hoghide for that last and winning TD. Air shipper, " Zeke " Martin. It was another perfect Homecoming, but it took a little of magic plus a superb running and passing game to make it so. North Texas countered the magnificent efforts of a tre- mendous ball club from University of Houston with a top-strength grid machine at its season ' s best. Clever defensive strategy and, possibly, a winning tradition for Homecomings, tipped the scales November 12. Returnees for the annual battle swelled to over 10,000 the game crowd which saw the Coug- ars score first, the Eagles retaliate with three quick touchdowns; the UH men pull up even. North Texas score once more; and finally, by forfeiting 2 points, NT saved the game. Taking the offensive first, the Mitchellmen drove to the UH 20 and bogged down; Cougar quarterback Alan Neveaux then drove his team 80 yards in the opposite direction, sneaking over from the 1-foot line. ' As Thousands Cheer ' . . . Loyd Lowe snuggles up to Martin ' s TD pass, a six-point landing. Page 146 In 28-23 Homecoming Fray Halfback Frank Smith, alternating beauti- ful runs with Martin pass plays, tracked on down to the Houston 17 from where " Zeke " hit end A. V. Collins for a strike. Recovery of a fumble on the Cougar 21 set up the next score. Burly center Jim Eagle splattered three oppon- ents as Bill Lalicker took a pitchout from Martin for 7, and " Zeke " fired a talleymaker to Loyd Lowe, alone in the end zone, on the next play. In the third period, rollicksome Bill Lalick- er sent North Texas ahead 21-7 with a non-stop jaunt of 78 yards. Bedeviled and bedazzled, the Cougars nevertheless came back strong to score twice and tie up the ball game. Floyd Winfield went over from 4 yards out, and Neveaux pass- ed to end Maurice Elliott to knot the count. Counter-marching 80 yards for their final touchdown, the Green and White machine broke scatback Ray Renroe loose for several yard- burning runs before impetus sagged on the UH 35. On fourth down, Martin passed from punt formation to Collins on the 10. Two plays later Collins ' number came up again for a touchdown pass. Fred Clotiaux converted for a perfect 4 for 4 day. With less than two minutes of play remain- ing, Neveaux lashed out with an 84-yard punt that soared out on the Eagle 1. Badly in the hole after three plays had netted but 4 yards, Martin took the fourth down snap from center and romped around the end zone, deliberately granting the visitors a safety and 2 points. The strategy paid off, for Houston, though still fight- ing, could not return the distance in the fleet- ing seconds, and limp partisans of NT groaned with relief at the final gun. TOP: Eagle linemen obligingly stop the action for the cameraman! CEXTER: eveaux (11) sent Vise (32) to If ft, hut Eagle Eagle has him, as Ferguson (87) and Bishop (71) , close in. BOTTOM: Lind- say (76) charges in, but Xeneaux (11) has sent Turdum (44) right into Eagle ' s mitts. Page 147 Eagles Murder Lions 59-6 There were thrills aplenty for Eagle rooters who followed the team to Commerce November 19, but it was a sad beginning of Homecoming festivities for East Texans. Like the walls of Jericho, East Texas ' vaunt- ed brick wall crumpled the first time Cecil (Joshua) Martin gave the signal for his trump- eting backs to blast. When they finished, hand- writing on the ex-wall read " 59-6. " Without.a scoreboard clock, it was difficult to time the tallying, but in very short order the score was 21-0. The second quarter began with the Lions backed up against their own 5. Their steam gave out on their 37, where Bill Bishop blocked a punt and returned it to the 12. Martin passed to A. V. Collins over the goal, making it 27-0. East Texas ' one and only highland fling came after the next kick-off. Bob Nations ran it back to his 48, starting a drive that was cli- maxed by a 38-yard end-run play from Bill Eagle to Joe Murphy. Erwin DuBose blocked him out of bounds on the NT 1, but Eagle scored on a sneak the next play. Try for point was wide. Although Martin passed to " Bugs " Fambro for another score, it was the Eagles ' hard-run- ning ground attack that beat the Lions. All the regular backs, Frank Smith, Ned McNeill, and Bill Lalicker, ran wild. Smith ' s 52-yard first- half gallop for a score was the best of the day. Coach Mitchell ' s coolest left half reversed his field after breaking over the left side of the line and utilized every downfield blocker. For the rest of the squad, Ray Renfro and Charlie Dickerson, backs, were the leaders at Lion taming. Disaffiliation from the Lone Star conference had failed to temper North Texas ' passion for Lion pelts, a passion which extended to bonfires, also. By the dawn ' s early light, enter- prising visitors from Denton struck and lit a pyre which had been strongly guarded all night. The morning watch had just stepped out for breakfast. After defeating Hardin, the piney woods school had poured salt in the sore spot by making ill-advised predictions on the Eagle-Lion game outcome. Chartering of special busses started the greatest NT hegira ever toward Commerce where, among the other wonders of the day, beautiful sunshine-y weather pre- vailed. End Bob Gandy (84) leads the way around left end for Royce Womble (40) . Fullback Erwin DuBose (39) has faked. JACK ROBERSON Tackle FRANK SMITH Back ACE TOWE Back JOHN WILLIAMS Guard Page 148 Unimpressed by press clippings. Eagles stop another Nevada scoring threat. Photo courtesy 1950 Artemisia Nevada Takes Season Closer 28-7 Three times North Texas ' footballers have journeyed west to battle the University of Ne- vada and three times they have returned to Den- ton with a defeat. This time the score was 28-7 and as before, it was a passer who spoiled the Eagles ' game. Sophomore Ed Jesse, who had been groomed to replace All-American Stan Heath, completed 17 of .82 passes in Reno Thanksgiving Day. While Nevada ' s aerial game clicked with monoionous regularity, " Zeke " Martin, NT aer- ial ace, had a bad day, completing but 4 of 17 passes for 74 yards. The Wolves tallied 14 points in the first period and were never headed. A fumble re- covered on the Green and White 6 gave the ' Pack its next opportunity, and halfback John Subda scored two plays later. For its next score, Nevada drove 84 yards with Jesse completing 4 long passes. Three yards from pay dirt, Jesse called his own number and lunged over. Ball-hawking Fred Ferguson saved the Eagles from a white- washing. A blocked kick in the second period afforded the alert defensive end a shot at a free ball on the Nevada 38, and Ferguson sprinted into the end zone for North Texas ' only score. ROYCE WOMBLE Back GLEN WOOD Guard Page 149 Football Queen . . . queen at homecoming . . . sweetheart of the squad . . . for a historic two-year reign . Nancy Acker Fambro Page 150 cheer Leaders NANCY ARMOR Champions of cheer and good-will . . . enthusiastic, eager supporters of Eagles and School in winning spirit. JIMMY EVANS I PEGGY WEBB Basketball . • • • THE BIG GREEN TEAM . . . was green and not too big, for tall loop artists were scarce, and experienced players were too few in number to outlast hordes of fiigh-caliber players met in open and conference games. Time and again the Eagle squad, engaging top-ranking teams in the Southwest, put forth their utmost efforts and greyed the hair of op- posing coaches, only to wilt in the closing min- utes. Team spirit rose high to challenge the more formidable foes, and reaction set in when lesser opponents were played. More, but cer- tainly not better, players will augment a letter- man nucleus next year. LETTERS . . . were awarded by the Athletic council in March to Co-captains Ed Kelly and Bennie Rutherford, Pat Cain, Don Deardorff, Tom Edwards, Charles Johnson, Louis Lutrick, and Dick Wall. Kelly was named Captain-elect for 1950-51. BENNIE RUTHERFORD . . . garnered enough honors for the whole team. Ably supported, the lanky letterman racked up 438 points, making him third high-scorer in Tex- as intercollegiate play. The senior from Slidell won a berth on U. of Houston ' s all-opponent team. Houston should know; the Eagle co-cap- tain scored 29 points against them January (Fri- day?) 13. Named to the all-GCC quintet, Ruth- erford also gained the coveted title " Most Out- standing Athlete " at the T club ' s annual ban- quet. NT ' s pace-setter later led the Texas AAU team with 17 points when they dropped a close one in Denver to a Spokane team. Kelly (20) and Lutrick (21) bring ' Glory to the Green ' by out-hassling Midwestern ' s No. 55 in the vengeful re- turn bout in Harriss gym. Page 152 . . . in 1949-50 Standing: Pooler (B squad coach) , Thurmond, Pat Kelley, Conces, Johnson, Simpson, Norton (mgr.) , Shands (head coach) . Middle row: Tilley, Deardorff, Ed Kelly, Rutherford, " iVall, Barse, I.utrick. Front: Lowe (freshman mgr.) , Woodard, Edwards, Wise, Allison, Slaughter, Cain. Coach Shands talks it over with players Slaughter, Edwards, Johnson, and Simpson while assistant Pooler and daughter Geraldine listen in. Like practically all athletic mentors, head basketball coach H. G. " Pete " Shands is quiet-spoken and tasiturn. Further acquaintance reveals that NT ' s quintets are led by a man who saves his thorough knowledge of the game and the men who play it for use on the court. When pressure of practice, schedules, and games relent, he is a mine of information and interesting sidelights on the game he has mastered. Best of all, his st ories are authentic and unbiased. Cool, fair-minded, objec- tive sums up Shands ' personality. Varsity men of the future, led by Jerry Pooler, B squad coach, gained seasoning and game experience in a heavy schedule played under the direction of Shands ' able assistant. ■ W M ■ilBHH H ' ' ' 1 Ibfl Hf i i V A 1 ' 1 B ul B m T L i t . 1 — iisHB ' Page 15S DICK WALL Forward HOWARD SLAUGHTER Guard TOM EDWARDS Guard BILL ALLISON Guard BENNIE RUTHERFORD Forward ED KELLY Guard 1950 Saw The Eagles Season ' s Results . . NTSC Versus 65 Austin College 31 Nov. 68 Austin College 43 Dec. 37 Baylor University 59 Dec. 51 U. of Texas 54 Dec. 47 U. of Texas 64 Dec. 51 West Texas State 55 Dec. 55 Central Oklahoma State 48 Dec. 45 Southwest Texas State 39 Dec. 33 Texas A : M 74 Dec. 47 Southwestern Louisiana 40 Dec. (Enid Tournament) 49 Pittsburg (Kans.) State 63 Dec. 48 Washburn (Kans.) State 61 Dec. 43 Texas Christian U. 48 Dec. 38 Midwestern U. 39 Jan. 42 Oklahoma City U. 50 Jan. 58 U. of Houston 66 Jan. 59 Stephen F. Austin 54 Jan. 64 Trinity U. 66 Jan. 48 Stephen F. Austin 54 Jan. 61 Midwestern U. 52 Feb. 55 U. of Houston 65 Feb. 58 Texas Wesleyan College 62 Feb. 39 Oklahoma City U. 40 Feb. 48 Southwest Texas State 41 Feb. 71 Trinity U. 60 Feb. 44 Corpus Christi U. „ 53 Feb. Conference games rage 154 29-McKinney 2— Denton 5— Waco 9— Austin 10— Austin 14— Denton 16— Denton 19— San Marcos 20-College Station 27-Enid, Okla. 28-Enid 29-Enid 31 -Ft. Worth 5-Wichita Falls 10- Denton 13— Denton 14— Denton 20-Denton 2 1 —Nacogdoches 4— Denton 6— Houston 15— Denton 18— Oklahoma City 22-Denton 24— San Antonio 25— Corpus Christi DON DEARDORFF Forward PAT CAIN Guard CHARLES JOHNSON Center LEWIS LUTRICK Center With The Almost Best " Team In Texas In the Eagles ' second home game, Rutherford and Deardorff tallied 15 and 14 points respectively for high- point honors against West Texas State ' s Buffaloes, but it wasn ' t enough. Trailing 21-26 at half-time, the lanky lads from Canyon finally caught up four minutes from the final gong, making it 51 -all. A long push shot, with 39 seconds to go, put WTS ahead, and the over-eager NT men then fouled twice. NT lost 51-55. Eagle cagers met Stephen F. Austin ' s Lumberjacks on consecutive Saturdays, each time the ' Jacks scoring 54 points. NT ' s men made 59 points in a scoring duel between Rutherford and Arleigh Duff to win at home, but dropped their scoring to 48 to lose the road con- test. Ed Kelly tallied 24 for high-point honors, but Rutherford was held to 13. A half-time lead, 22-17, melted in the last four minutes and the Axemen pulled away. Playing with a ball or a bombf Buffaloes and Eagles bog down. Rutherford racks another as Axemen axe each other to stop him. Page 155 Shandsmen Improve, Tieing Deardorff charges down court with protection Kelly moves to stop flying threat. U. of Houston was the class team of the conference, but North Texas played best against the top teams all year, and put up two fierce battles before succumbing to the Cougars. Half-time leads in both games faded in the stretch, although Rutherford scored 29 points in the home game for high score and tied for high in the road fray. When NT met Midwestern U. (Hardin) , pre-game poop predicted the loser would hold down cellar position in the GCC. Again, North Texas wilted after mid- point and lost a heart-breaker 38-39. Rutherford was high. Giving better than they received in the return bout, the Eagles busted the Indians good in Denton 61-52. Poor oV Lutrick (21) is kinda surrounded, ain ' t he? Edwards (13) to Kelly (20) to Rutherford (10) for 2. A tough combo versus Alidwestern. Page 156 For Second In GCC Smashing second-round victories over Midwestern and Trinity in conference play established North Texas ' superiority over the two rivals but were offset by two hair-line losses, the first Trinity game being an extreme example of how far a team will go to lose. A high-scor- ing tilt, decided in favor of the visitors 20 minutes after a 5-minute extra period, created an uproar in Harriss gym. Tied at 64-all in the fading seconds of overtime play, the game went to Trinity when officials could not determine whether a long push shot by Tiger forward Buck Kackiela beat the buzzer, which lagged behind the official clock by seconds. Stoically, Eagle coach Pete Shands refused to con- test the decision, preferring to play, and win, his games on the court. Rutherford ' s 18 and Ed Kelly ' s 16 were topped by hoopster Pete Murphy ' s 22 points for the Tigers. In their next-to-last game, the Green and White cagers racked up a whacking 71 points against the Tigers ' 60 to throw final standings of the GCC into a 3-way tie for second place. Don Deardorff, reaching top form too late in the season, was high man of the scoring bee held in San Antonio with 27 points, shading Rutherford and Tiger Eddie Recko, tied at 24 each. Top: Rutherford (10) uncorks a one-hander as Lutrick (21) stands by. Center: Edwards (13) in clear for pass as Deardorff ( 5) gains possession from Trinity. Bottom right: Tom Edwards (13) fires one as Deardorff (15) awaits rebound, if any. Bottom left: Three sets of officials— coaches, cops, and Blind Toms . . . make XT ' s loss . . . official. Eagle Hoopsters Were Spirited Competitors . . . . . . Played Best Games Against Top Teams Bennie (10) bags one as TWC man goes up to basket rim vith him. Ed Kelly (20) and Dick Wall (25) team up on TWC ' s No. 55. Tom Edwards (13) awaits outcome. Two leading scorers in Texas intercollegiate basket- ball dueled before NTexas fans in the game with Tex- as Wesleyan, Rutherford gaining a decision over the Rams ' Richard Cozad 26-19. Taking an early lead, Eagle basketeers stayed ahead until the final four minutes. TWC knotted it at 49-all, and eked out a 62-58 win with a driving finish that overcame two more Green and White leads and another matched score. Oklahoma City University fielded one of the best quintets in the Southwest. Protege of defensive special- ist Hank Iba, coach Doyle Parrack was almost " froze out " in both contests with the Eagles. His Chiefs broke a 40-40 tie in the last five monutes and won 50-42 in Har- riss gym. Even closer was the encounter on the reserva- tion; pulled up even by Merle Bodkins ' push shot in the last minute and a half, OCU made a free throw to win 40-39 after NT fouled in the last five seconds. Rutherford (10) is ready in case Deardorff (15) or Edwards (13) outscramble OCU ' s Chiefs. OCU ' s 34 and 22 go higher to snare ball as Rutherford (10) and Deardorff (15) make a grab, loo. Page 158 Standing: G. Ferrell, Matijevich, Weiss, E. Vallace, Warren, Mozingo, Schwartz, Huffman, C. Abbey, Trimble, Yarborough. Ramsey, Ponder, Nichols, Coach Noah. Kneeling: Fambro, R. Smith, L. Neal, Bridgman, Ladish, Henson, Hoblit, Fowler, Howell, Thomas, Fitzhugh, F. Smith, Sparks. Squatting: B. Grundy, D. Brown, H. Marvel, Zabojnik, Renfro, Pearson, G. Wallace, league, D. Edwards, J. Young. TRACK . . . WINTON E. (POP) NOAH Track Coach They do say a boy ' s best friend is his mother, but if the boy is a trackster or reporter and his umbilical should part, he could do a lot worse than take refuge under " Pop " Noah ' s kindly guidance. Experience gain- ed as a 440-yard dash and mile relay star at North Texas before coaching Dallas ' Adamson high to 10 city champ- ionships, plus his calm, quiet handling of any situation made " Pop " the ideal selection to take over the track destiny of his Alma Mater in ' 48. With 14 lettermen and 3 experienced squadmen led by Capt. Ben Sparks returning, Noah ' s charges faced with confidence a hea 7 schedule including dual meets with Howard Payne, A M, and Oklahoma U., a tri- angular event with Midwestern and East Texas, Border Olympics, Southwestern Recreation meet, and Southern, Southwestern, Texas, Kansas, and Drake relays. At home in May they hosted for the GCC track and field meet. Page 159 Don ' t strain so hard, Smith (Richard) ; ' .abojnik is hardly umrmed up. Ben Sparks still has half a mile to go. OU at Norman ... an indoor track, soggy at that . . . hard way to start a season . . . Slack takes shotput first, Grundy, Fambro, Fowler, Edwards, Sparks, Henson make points . . . Eagles lose, 34-70 . . . Frying pan to fire against Southwest conference champs, A M . . . 440 sprint quartet . . . Zabojnik in 220 . . . Fambro, Fitzhugh in broadjump . . . Firsts Slack, Grundy, Fambro, Renfro tally . . . But Aggies win, 72-42. These burly guys always threw their weights around: Ervin DuBose, javelin; Jim Brewer, discus and shotput, standing; Johnny Slack, discus and shotput; Leonard Neal, discus; Dub Warren, shotput, kneeling. These guys jump high, wide, and often. Pat Fowler, Bugs Fam- bro, Bob Grundy, Gerald Wallace, standing; Howard Fitzhugh, Don Ponder, Joe Ferrell, Frank Davis, kneeling. Page 160 When a guy goes out for track at XT, he durn well runs! They don ' t smile so hard when they get back around. Green and White cindermen caught fire and ran off with their third straight college division championship at Laredo ' s Border Olym- pics. The thinly-clads lashed down 40 points to speed ahead of East Texas and Howard Payne with 30 and 24 1-2 jxjints. North Texas copped two firsts in the broad jump and discus, and tied for tops in the pole vault. The Eagles placed second in six events, third in one, and rounded out their total with six decisions for fourth place. " Wings " Fambro and Johnny Slack cracked their meet records in the broadjump and discus events. Fambro ' s leap of 23 ft. 2 1-8 in. stretch- ed two inches further than his last year ' s record. Slack heaved the platter 145 ft. 6 in. to better his ' 49 toss of 140 ft. 3 1-2 in. Only dull spot in the Noahmen ' s win was the 440-yard relay quartet ' s loss to the Brown- •ood foursome ' s record-breaking 42.5. It was the sprint relay ' s first loss in almost three years. Half-milers Dwayne Henson, Ben Sparks, George Terrell. Quarter-milers standing: Gene Thomas, Sam Livesay, Frank Smith, Grover Pearson, Carl Abbey, Dan Brown, Herb Manvl, Corky ; Bridgman, Hoxvard Fitzhugh, Bill Ladish. Page 161 Keeping North Texas ' fame for relay teams alive are Richard Smith, Harlan Howell, Charley Teague, and Jerome ' .abojnik. High-scoring Eagles garner points in all but one event to grab fourth straight Southwest Recreation Track Crown . . . Fambro tops all, 2 firsts and a tie for 12 1-2 points . . . Slack sets discus record, wins shotput . . . Zabojnik, Grundy, Renfro take firsts ... R. Smith, T. Smith, Sparks, J. Young, Fitzhugh, Brewer, Fowler, Zabojnik, L. Neal, D. Edwards, and mile relay team add points. sprinters standing are Bill Ladish, Ray Renfro, Charley Teague, The mile run calls for men with endurance and condition like fames I.oyd Lowe. Kneeling are Richard Smitli, Harold Bridgman, Jerome Ydiuiii. Doll Edvards. and Robert Hoblit. V.abojnik. Harlan Hoxri ' U. Page 162 Soaring like a true Eagle, Luther " Bugs " Fambro broadjumps. Trimble, G. Ferrell, and Henson are running this Paris J. C. half- miler til his tongue hangs out. Eagles parley 2 wins in relays plus points in other events to cop Texas Relays college division crown . . . Zabojnik, Howell, Renfro, Lowe bag 400, 880 sprint relay honors . . . Edwards, Slack, and Fambro run total points to 15 for win at Austin. " Now, boys, I ' m a reasonable man, " sez Coach Noah. " I don ' t expect you to run your fool heads off unless the pistol has fired. " Page 163 Mainstays uf tlie team and consistent pointgetters are Johnny Slack and . . . " Hugs " Fanibro, BMOC, field, and gridiron. Eagle cindermen blasted an old foe and a new one in a triangular meet in Denton, gain- ing 12 of 15 firsts against East Texas and Mid- western. Led by " Bugs " Fambro, Johnny Slack, and Ray Renfro, the short-panted North Texans took the Eagle ' s share, 109% points, leaving East Texas 37% and Midwestern 14. Noah ' s well-stocked squad swamped How- ard Payne in Eagle Stadium 85-42. Poor hand- offs slowed the time but failed to save the Yel- low Jackets a beating in the 440-yard relay. Ren- fro, Slack, and Fambro again led the Green and White in point snaring. Two days later Howell, Renfro, Zabojnik, and Richard Smith won the trophy for first in the 880-sprint relay in Birmingham ' s Southern Relays. Quarter hosses MntijeTich, D. Brou ' ii, I.adish, and Bridgman start to gallop. ' Put your ' HI foot riglit out— ' . " Bugs " with his right and Pat Foxuler with his left. Page 164 Hi h-jumpin ' Bob Grunii clears one . . . as fast-sleppin ' Jerome jibonik is cheered Edwards, on by teammates Howell, league, Spargs, F. Smith, Landish, Warren, Young, Retaining their glorious past as a college track threat. North Texas, late Lone Star Confer- ence champions, look ahead to their meeting with contenders from the newly-formed Gulf Coast Conference. With a gleam in their eyes. hopes are also pointed toward Kansas, Drake, and Penn State relay meets where Green and White cindermen over the years have shown their heels to some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. Kav Renjro heads thatlaway after sprinter-relay man Harlan Howell passes baton. " Corky " Bridgnian, left, beats out two Paris JC men. Ed ] ' allace hasn ' t lost his shirt, YET. Page 165 Back row: Buster Reed, Al McMichael, Bill Houck, Don January, Bill i urner, L. M. Crannell. Sitting: A. J. Triggs. Billy Maxwell, Monte Saunders, Charlie Isoin, Jay Shoemaker, Joe Conrad. Golf . . . . COACH FRED COBB Letterman Bill Turner Jimmy Thomas and Palmer Lee Lawrence grip hands and the cup the Eagles will defend as National Intercollegiate champs of ' 49. Page 166 L. M Crannell puts the wood to it. Shoemaker plays Aces, Straights, and l-foot putts. Billy Maxwell will go in the hole on this play. ' A Scot ' s Dream of Seventh Heather ' . . . Club House and Facilities of a Country Club . . .A Nine-Hole Course, Eighteen Next Year . . . Defenders of the Intercollegiate National Title . . . Three Lettermen and Creamof Crop of Junior Golfers Making themselves at home on the range. Messy, my goodness! Indeed, an ideal set-up is presented to Golf mentor Fred Cobb at North Texas ' fairways. Material, facilities and weather combine so beau- tifully. Eagle golfers head man must have nightmares that he ' ll wake up. But all this wasn ' t always here. Cobb can take an Eagle ' s share of the credit for it. .A neighboring farmer who plays a little now and then helps out, too, some fella name of Byron Nelson — seems to have a fatherly interest in the Green and White golfing fortunes. Success seems to breed success. Past per- formances of NT linksmen have attracted to the campus and fairways a major share of the state ' s brilliant amateurs. Page 167 W ' M rCl Jwite. 4mS B W Wm K r 1 " • ' ::?•. " 10 -mm v f B wmi Real form! Triggs gets a full swing u ' earing levis. Go on and putt it in, McMichael. Big sweep of eariy Spring was made by Cobb ' s par- smiths at Fort Worth ' s Meadowbrook course for NT ' s third consecutive Southwestern Recreation golf crown, beating out TWC, TCU, A M, SMU, Baylor, U. of Houston, St. Edwards U., and Paris JC. Don January with 67 was medalist and led Maxwell, Conrad, and Crannell to first place over NT ' s second team. Turner, McMichael, Triggs, and Houck. TWC, third. Dual meets brought victories over U. of Houston, Paris JC, Baylor (2) , SMU (2) , Arkansas and Missouri univer- sities. Hardin-Simmons was to meet NT here before the local linksmen took off on an aerial jaunt to meet Notre Dame and Indiana at South Bend; Michigan and Ohio State at Columbus; Military Academy at West Point; and entries of Southern Intercollegiate meet at Athens, Ga. Eagles will host at first GCC meet in May. Stiff competition for places on the first team made it uncertain who would represent the college in its de- fense of the National Intercollegiate title won at Ames, la., last June. Houck and Crannell were the two re- turnees from the winning six-man team. Jess Brown, golf Iwuse manager, irons out his difficulty. Fast camera or half-swing, Conrad? If iinnlci comes, can January be far behind? Page lb» Ol ' R CHAMPS! Standing are Craig Patton, flyweight; Johnnie OGlce, ligluwcight; Gene Miller, welter; Horace UeFord, lightweight; Bully Gilstrap, heavy. In front are Baxter Ragsclale, featlier; Harland Gaskill, bantam; James Bailey, feather; Jackie WtxKlriiff, welter-middle- weight; Jackie Gunter, light-welter. Boxing . . . . COACH D. E. HAC OVERTURE mjttmen brought fame to North Texas State in Golden Gloves and Intercollegiate bouts Eagle boxers played follow-the-leader to a man who as a featherweight won 1940 Mid-South Golden Gloves title, state AAU titles in Oklahoma and Arkansas; coached at the two states ' universities; served in the Marines; worked on a BA degree, operating an insurance business simultaneously; and wouldn ' t say a word about himself unless questioned re- lentlessly. Overturf ' s proteges won the team championships of the District Golden Gloves in Denton and Regional in Dallas. Each member from the open class won in both meets. Eight intercollegiate bouts were fought against six college and university teams in four states. Impressed by the Green and White gladiators, the Ath- letics council for the first time lettered men of the squad, honoring Bob Gilstrap, Horace DeFord, Johnnie O ' Glee, Bax- ter Ragsdale, Jack Gunter, Harlan Gaskill, and Jack Wood- ruff. Contrary to misleading publicity which confuses inter- collegiate and Golden Gloves events with professional box- ing, college and amateur events are staged under strict suf er- vision which places the boxer ' s welfare paramount. Page 169 O ' Glee clobbers Marsh for the umpteenth time in the only home bouts, against Cameron Aggies. Burr-headed Johnnie O ' Glee, southpaw stylist from Dal- las, is a fighting Irishman in the new tradition. Mainstay of the Eagle squad, the 2-time state Golden Gloves lightweight champion and finalist in the Nationals at Chicago depends on fast footwork and lightning counterpunches to gain KO ' s, TKO ' s, and decisions. Wasting no punches, the seemingly indolent O ' Glee drives home a flurry of deadly rights and lefts once his opponent ' s guard is broached. Ragsdale swaps with Cameron ' s Adkins in feather tile. O ' Glee gazes out window as Gaskill and Woodruff have mitts checked for Cameron fights. Eagles met the Cameron Aggies at Lawton, Okla., Dec. 6, dropping a 2-61 2 decision. O ' Glee and Gaskill won; Bailey, Ragsdale, Woodruff, Milner, DeFord, Patton lost. Return matches brought NT a 6-2 victory Mar. 16. Gaskill scored a 2nd- round KO over Dan Bigbie, Gunter bagged a 2nd-round TKO from Tim Youree; Bill Rogers, Gilstrap, Woodruff won. O ' Glee scored numerous knockdowns, clearly outclassed a game op- ponent. Gene Lewallen, Ragsdale dropped close decisions. Page 170 HARL. ND Huzzy GASKILL Bantam JAMES BAILEY Feather JACKIE GUNTER Light-welter Heavy competition was met by NT mittmen in two bouts held with Oklahoma U. at Ardmore and Norman, 3-4 and 4-4 splits resulting. Hardin-Simmons halved bouts 4-4 at Abilene. Traveling southeast, the squad split 4-4 with Mississippi Southern at Hattiesburg; dropped a l%-6% decision to LSU at Baton Rouge; lost 2%-4% to McNeese Junior college at Lake Charles. All opposing teams were studded with AAU and Golden Gloves champs. Prospects are even brighter than past perform- ance for boxing at NT. More backing, a new athletic plant which will make it possible to schedule home matches, and returning lettermen O ' Glee, Woodruff, Gunter, Ragsdale, and Gaskill, plus Milner, portend great things. Eagle mitters pulled a crowd of 5,000 at LSU; with such talent returning similar crowds can be attracted to North Texas ' home bouts. JACKIE WOODRUFF Welter-middle JOHNNIE O ' GLEE Lightweight BULLY GILSTR. P Heavyweight Page 171 . »ti ' . ' i-v..;!. » Why can ' t this be co-educatiima!? Look at those legs! Women ' s Recreational Association . . . . IVItul ' la Jiiiikti: Right: VVitlwtit the ice skates, field hockey shapes up better. Providing recreation for women in a " genteel " manner, healthful, exciting, friendly sport under the WRA banner . . . J iJU O b y ' ' -in-r ' trniTi " fVonder if the cameraman was boivled ox ' erT . . shot an arrow in the air, where it lands you think they care? " UB coffee tastes good for three days after this. Sashaxin ' around is a s,ood ii ' dv to lose a partner. " They act like the ball was dirty or sompn Doesn ' t look like it will reach What intramurals is to men. Women ' s Recre- ation Association is to women. This is the or- ganization, sponsored by Miss Rita Pilkey, that schedules, promotes, and supervises all North Texas women ' s recreational activities, from ten- nis to picnic outings at Lake Dallas, with bad- minton, soccer, volleyball, Softball, basketball, tumbling, fencing, archery, bowling, bridge, horseback riding, square and social dancing in between. Looks like they ' ll reach. Page 174 Above: Everybody wants to be dummy. ll7io bid this hand, anyway? Over: Madame Upanova puts one upanova. Look at those legs. Editor ' s note: Our cross-eyed sports editor xoill again be seen on the campus after the psychiatrict finishes hormone therapy . . . Left: Hitting one of those sly, underhanded pitches takes a good eye. Take a look at those legs ' . " Then there xoas the drunk sparrow who ftexv low over . . . " Take a good look at those legs ' .! Page 175 Summer, Fall, and Spring gave tennis ' murals three go-rounds. Men ' s Intra murals . . . and ended up with a nice co-educational touch . . . Mixed doubles. like fraternities, died out for want of man- power during the war years . . . Unlike fraterni- ties . . . informal sports for men made a slow comeback . . . Given initial impetus by the GIX . . . taken up by fraternal and other organiza- tions on the campus . . . encouraged by sports editors of publications . . . recognized and backed by USNT . . . and aided immensely by the Athletic Department . . . ' Murals rapidly ex- panded in number of sports and participants this year. Volleyball, a brisk, strenuous sport when good teams meet. Even the sideline ' Aces ' will admit this is fancy play. Page 176 ' " " ' • ' " H Xaval Aviator? Nope, one meatball. THE SWIMMING POOL, from May on, was the scene of intramural aquatics and in- formal meets. Water polo, lifeguard and safety instruction, coaching in diving and swimming, plus exhilirating exercise and refreshing rest created by the inviting green water a magnet that drew all North Texans. Fred Slack and his competent staff supervised all activity at the pool. Swimming meets were weekly events. In the last of the summer, a combine of teams led by the Barnes twins, Howard and Roger, and Bill Brammer failed to topple Tommy Oates ' aggregation. Dick Evans was high-point man. The meet finished in dramatic style, Terry Tate and Clayton Sanderlin both making extra dives attempting to win the men ' s senior title, last event. Tate eked out a 1 -point margin. While the ladies swim backwards and sideways . . the gents paddle forward and lengthwise— the pool. Page 177 A bona fide basket — tio strings attached. If he ' d got off his knees, think how high he ' d be. POP NOAH, track coach, directs intramur- als at North Texas. Congenial and unruffled is Pop as he straightens out registration and scheduling diffi- culties which ensue as each sport is inducted into the program. Assisted by PE majors Pete Grimes, Gerald Wallace, Bill Lalicker, " Zeke " Martin, A. V. Col- lins, and other coaches-to-be, Noah this year greatly advanced intramurals on the campus by including basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball, badminton, softball, and touch football on the agenda. BASKETBALL was the big draw in intra- murals this year. Over 38 quintets, each with ten-man rosters, started play in November and continued well into the spring semester. De- cidedly-partisan rooters egged on their teams in games that varied from the ridiculous but not to the sublime. But it all added up to . . . participation . . . friendships . . . exercise . . . entertainment . . . fun . . . the real aims of intramurals. Hit a homer — xuho want ' s to run on a warm day? Watch the birdie — a genuine Eagle. Page 178 Football lettermen A. V. Collins, ucaiing a baseball cap and basketball trunks, " Blind Tom ' s " a game between skins and shirts. FOUR LEAGUES were s till rocking along as the Yucca went to press. Basketeers under colorful team names such as Guzzlers, Tarheels, Sexy Six (a carryover team from touch football) , Underdogs, Rockets, Bullies, Kigmies, Bergie- villes, Creampuffs, Hucklebucks, Ches-Nuts, Dy- namic Deacons, Big Five, and of all things, Cagers, pounded the hardwood of the men ' s gym for three hours at a pop two nights a week. TOUCH FOOTBALL. Enough teams to warrant three leagues, two seven-team and one six-team, kept the practice field gridirons in a turmoil from early October until the latter part of November. Chi Sigma Phi, a yearling fra- ternity, won its league championship by taking all games. After eliminating Chi Sig in the play- offs, two old intramural rivals, the Rebels and the Homesteaders, fought it out for the champ- ionship. The Rebels . . . 1949 champs. The skins put their heads together . . . but the shirts counter u-itb belaying tactics. ■ _ i a P ----- ! m » P P 1 Ki H ' M 1 t 111! 1 H HbL ' «-. . . 1 Hfl Jk bAa u ■1 Page 179 f jiM £A At the mid-point of a century of great achievements we look to the atom as a key to the future. North Texas is symbolic of this atomic age . . . students comprise CLASSES . . . Classes revolve about knowledge — the nucleus of energy from which better solutions to the problems of human affairs are generated. President McConnell looks across the ihreshold of Mid-century into a new era of expansion for North Texas McConnell Guides NT from Normal to State College Page 182 President Is Popular with Students and Faculty A man with vision, a man with the ability for planning, a man with the drive for successful com- pletion . . . This aptly describes North Texas ' most dynamic president, William J. McConnell. A favor- ite son returned. President McConnell joined the fac- ulty in 1916 as an associate professor of mathematics. Eighteen years later he became the fourth president of the college in its meteoric rise from North Texas State Normal College to North Texas State College. Familiar with the college organization from with- in, since he has served as Department Director of Economics and Dean of the College, Dr. McConnell constantly has striven for academic advancement of all departments while at the same time stressing the over-all College program of expansion. In his administration. North Texas has become the largest state-supported Teacher ' s College in the na- tion. It was upon this basis that the wide reputation of North Texas was built. This emphasis was not lost when the School was reorganized into one Col- lege and five Schools; teacher education continues along with specialization in many other fields. Concomitant with organizational expansion and physical plant giowth is the tremendous increase in student enrollment during Dr. McConnell ' s tenure. This has not been without its great personal satisfac- tions for him. Through the years the affable presi- dent has always taken a congenial, fatherly attitude toward his many students so that today he counts his friends throughout the nation in the thousands. Nu- merous alumnae make his office their first port-of- call upon return to the campus. Such honors can come only from an amiable, wise, and successful ad- ministration as President of North Texas State Col- lege. Page 183 James C. Matthews Vice-President of the College Dean of the School of Education Following the typical ladder of success pattern. Dr. Matthews has risen from the ranks of college student to college vice-president here at North Texas. Trained to become a teacher, Dr. Matthews served many years in public school work. Later he became Deputy State Supervisor of Education, thence to the Education Department of NTSTC. In this work he soon became recognized as an authority in the field of teacher training as he advanced to the Directorship of Teacher Training, to Director of the Education Department, to Dean of the School of Education. As a result of administrative reorganization, Dr. Matthews became the first Vice-President of the Col- lege during the fall of 1948. In this capacity he con- tinues to provide leadership in educational circles throughout the South and Southwest. Benjamin B. Harris Dean of Administration Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Southern gentleman, scholar, and scientist . . . such phrases aptly describe the general College Dean, Dr Benjamin B. Harris. Joining the faculty in 1916 as an instructor in agriculture and biology, he became Director of the Department of Biology in 1924. Some ten years later he was elevated to the position of Dean of the College. Following the re- organization of the College in 1946, his title was changed to that of Dean of Administration. Directly concerned with curricula, credits, and conferences, Dr. Harris ' office is almost always filled with students waiting to see the genial Dean. Many parents have from time to time requested him to pro- vide fatherly counsel for their youngsters while they are far removed from their families. Such confidence is earned and bestowed, not assigned. William G. Woods Dean of Men A man among men, a counselor with consider- ation, a professor of distinction is North Texas ' cheer- ful Dean of Men, William G. Woods. A relative newcomer to campus administrative affairs, the youth- ful Dean assumed his duties in February of 1948. He has served on the summer staff since 1930 and on the regular faculty since 1937. Officially Dean Woods ' responsibilities range from assisting with the College ' s social program to giving counseling aid not within the scope of the academic departments of the school. In addition his duties include such matters as discipline, financial aid problems, and housing. A genuine friend who can always be counted on, the Dean remains available at all times to the men whom he serves. Imogene Bentley Dean of Women Dispatching with ease an administrative position that possesses many crucial problems is the achieve- ment of North Texas ' titian-haired Dean of Women, Dr. Imogene Bentley. Quick to set the apprehensive newcomer at ease in her informal, homey office, the dynamic and vivacious Dean is always cognizant of her deep responsibility to the almost two thousand college women in her charge. Realizing that hers is an educative role rather than one of harsh disciplin- ariansim. Dean Bentley is acutely conscious of student conflicts, and is always ready to assist those who con- front her with their personal problems. The newest dean. Dr. Bentley came to North Texas in 1943 as an associate professor in English. The following year she assumed the duties of North Texas ' Dean of Women. ROBERT H. CALDWELL Business Manager EVERETT H. FARRINGTON Director of Placements DIXIE BOYD Comptroller-Treasurer Administrators In every organization or institution, regardless of its size, there are those whose duty it is to operate the physical details of existence in a quiet, efficient manner. These administrators affect the lives of every student on the campus. Each, in his own situation, as well as when united with the others on campus-wide events, meets the student problems of the day with the smooth, business- like dispatch which indicates competence and a job well- done. ALEX DICKIE Registrar ANDREW B. SWENSON Director of Trading Post JOE HAROLD FARMER Director of the Student Union The Student Court , . . . . . helps student government decide issues in test cases of USNT strength Sitting for the first time as a judiciary body, the Student Court ful- filled its newly created place as an integral part of the United Students of NTSC. Those who fought for the court amendment in last spring ' s elections lauded the student justices ' opinion in the case of Kappa Theta Pi vs. USNT where it was held that the student senate had constitutional authority to rule on questions concerning student organizations. Led by Chief Justice Lee Jones, the Court also helped solve questions of Sena- tors ' eligibility requirements. With Chief Justice Jones sat four associate justices. In the fall semes- ter they were: Marcus Hickerson, James Stevens, Thomas Mathes, and Marshall Combest. Spring commencement necessitated four new appoint- ments. They were: Dick Barnebey, Oliver P. .Monk, James White, and M. A. Moses. Mrs. June Barnebey served as USNT Attorney General. LEE R. JONES Chief Justice SEATED: Hickerson, Jones. Combest. STANDING: Stevens, Mathes. Page 187 USNT Officers Worked Student government passed through one of its most critical years of existence in 1950. Big issues and insignificant matters alike were con- sidered by the student governing bodies. Hard work, for the most part, characterized the inten- sity of student government activities. Led by President Oliver P. Monk, USNT in 1950 faced many important tasks. Working closely with college administrative officials, it undertook projects such as standardization of senior invitations, transportation to out-of-town football games, and completion of the contract for new senior rings. But the biggest impetus to the whole philosophy of student government was the establishment of the " Flock Here " com- mittee with its inspection teams going to corner merchant ' s businesses and its health standards. Former Chat editor C. L. " Sandy " McCullar served as chairman of this all-important ac- tivity of student government. OLIVER P. MONK President ... for the second year, NTexans showed themselves capable of making mature decisions in fields of student activity PEGGY CROWDER Secretary BOB ROBERTS Treasurer, Fall E. S. ELLIS, JR. Treasurer, Spring • Page 188 Hard for Student Government USNT was also fraught with upheavals and changes in its official family. At mid-semester, Monk resigned because of a heavy scholastic load. Vice-President J. L. " Sam " Bass assumed office as the third USNT prexy. Bob Roberts, student body treas- urer, graduated at mid-term and E. S. Ellis, Jr., took his place. Peg- gy Crowder served as the mid-century secretary of student gov- ernment. Along with the administrative changes, many vacancies occur- red and were filled by appointment in the Student Senate. Some of the bady ' s most cajaable and hard-working members were forced to resign because of scholastic difficulties and other reasons. The appointed representatives accepted their offices with a high degree of responsibility and served their constituents well. Work was expedited by the executive committee which was composed of the executive officers and senate committee chairman. It reviewed proposed legislation and mapped plans for student gov- ernment action. 1950 was a big year for student government at North Texas. J. L. ' SAM ' BASS, JR. Vice-President President, Spring The executive committee in session. SEATED: Roberson, Leavell, Monk, Roberts. STANDING: Barnebey, Davis, Bass, Vernon. Page 189 June Barnf.bey Dick Barnebey O. L in to Davis, Jr. Howard Elkins Pb L m- . . . Capable legislators the third session provided the leadership necessary continue the progress of . . . Robert Lewis James Lewis The Student Senate . . . Marinel Bacon Elise Whitlock John Riggs, Jr. KuRZ Williams gwen roberson Jewel Daughety Dean Vernon Bruce Henderson L Page 190 Tommy Hughes Bill Leavell DoTT Sala Pat Sewell Carl Abbey Bill Blair Bill Lanning Bob Nobles The Student Senate is the legislative organization of North Texans empowered by their fellow students to make student decisions. It can make recommendations only on matters affecting administrative policy but its members are always welcomed by the faculty when making final de- cisions affecting students. This year such a condition has prevailed to a greater extent than in former years as the college administration has recognized that students are capable of making mature decisions and recommendations. Since USNT ' s inception three years ago, the Senate has been the most powerful voice of campusites in providing harmonious relations between students and the college. Don Walker CHARlii-HoUSE M, RY Walker Bill Mackey John L. Davis Richard Rickjins Harry Cayce Bob Shotoi.a Page 191 Graduate Class Officers . . . rr-T-; — ; ' ■- ' t- John George, Treasurer; W. H. Droze, Vice-President; Claude Speak, Secretary; Alfred Mullennix, President. Page 192 . . . Senior Class Officers Jean Johnston, Treasurer; Sandy McCuUer, Vice-President; Curtis Ramsey, President; Connie Kubecka, Secretary Page 193 Junior Class Officers . . . Bob Sharp, President; Natalie Hammack, Secretary; Peggy Dendy, Reporter; Larry Woods, Vice-President Page 194 . . . Sophomore Class Officers Beverly Courts, Secretary; Fred Coffey, Jr., President; Jeanne Cranberry, Reporter; C. R. Graham, Vice-President Page 195 Freshmen Class Officers • • • 4 Bill Joines, President; Pete Brown, Treasurer; Pat Noah, Vice-President; Patsy Boyd, Secretary Page 196 I I Jack Johnson, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Deou of the Graduate School and Director of the Department of Economics The Graduate School . . . The Graduate School is that division of Nortli Texas State Col- lege established to provide advanced study to those students who enter and become candidates for the master ' s degree, and who, having taken the bachelor ' s degree, wish to broaden their education without refer- ence to the higher degree. Varied and constantly expanding facilities are provided for those engaged in graduate study and research. Grants from industrial con- cerns are available from year to year for those engaged in scientific re- search. The School of Education offers provisions for study in its own laboratory school, together with public school contacts for those seek- ing advanced vork in educational fields. The Schools of Business Ad- ministration, Home Economics, and Music continue to facilitate gradu- ate study by their many unique opportunities. All divisions of the Graduate School draw heavily upon the tremendous resources of the college library, in addition to smaller, more specialized libraries within each School and College. The graduate students provide much of the leadership for the general college by virtue of their previous experience and demonstrated ability in undergraduate life. Page 198 The general policies of the Graduate School are determined by the Graduate Council and administered by the Dean of the Graduate School. Membership includes Dr. Jack Johnson, Dean of the Graduate School; Dr. Cora Stafford, Director of the Department of Art; Dr. O. J. Curry, Dean of the School of Business Administration; Dr. Florence Scoular, Dean of of School of Home Economics; Dr. A. M. Sampley, Director of the Libraries; Dr. L. W. Newton, Director of the Depart- ment of History; Dr. Sam B. McAlister, Director of the Department of Government; Dr. James C. Matthews, Dean of the School of Educa- tion and Vice-president of the College; Dr. J. L. Carrico, Director of the Department of Chemistry; Dr. Valter H. Hodgson, Dean of the School of Music. Ex-officio members are Dr. W. J. McConnell, Presi- dent of the College; Dr. B. B. Harris, Dean of Administration and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Alex Dickie, Registrar; and Hilda Cunningham, Secretary to Dr. Johnson. SEATED, left to rights Sampley, McConnell, Johnson, Cunningham, Scoular, Harris. STAXDIXG: Hodgson, Blair, McAlister, Curry, Xewton, Wells. Page 199 Graduate School Akin, Mks. Alva ALLMON, DOKOTIIV Psi Chi. Tyler Baytown Barnebey, June Dallas Pi Kappa Delta; Debate Club, Sec. ' 46, Vice- Pies. ' 47, Pres. ' 48; League of Women Voters, Pres. ' 48; Delta Alpha Delta; Senior C.L.C.; International Relations Club; Political Econo- my Club; Senior Class Treasurer ' 48; Student Senator (2 terms) ; Who ' s Who in .American Colleges and Universities ' 48-49. BURSO.N, LlJREE C ' ASrLEBERRY, BoB Gammadian Honor Society. Silverton Denton Atchison, Rubv Dale Gorman Bain, Jim Alpha Phi Omega, Sec. ' 49. Ennis Barr, Earl Clifton, Jr. P.ARRON, Morris Denton Arlington Clark, C. P., Jr. Phi Delta Kappa; Teaching Fellow. Ennis Pakijp Vmr.iiujA Breckenridge Cline, Mrs. Iva Lee Celina Banister, Luvenia Brown Pi Omega Pi. Paris Bearden, Robfj t Gene Gainesville Barnebey, Dick San Antonio United Students o£ NTSC, Student Body Pres. ' 48- ' 49, Graduate Senator, ' 49- ' 50; Texas Inter- Collegiate Student Association, State Pres. ' 49- ' 50; Teacliing Fellow; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities ' 48- ' 49; Student Government Constitutional Committee, Chair- man ' 47- ' 48; Trojans; Inter-Fraternity Council, Pres. •49- ' 50; G.I.X., Pres. ' 48; Alpha Chi Pres. ' 49- ' 50; Pre-Law Club, Parliamentarian ' 48- ' 49; Voted ' Man of the Year ' for ' 48; Sigma Tan Delta; International Relations Club; Political Economy Club, Parliamentarian ' 48- ' 49; Blue Key. Blummer, Raymond O., Jr. Dallas W. N. Masters ' Chemical Society; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. ' 49- ' 50; F.r.A. CoKENDOI.PHFJt, FlOYD Cook, Leon Chico Brownsboro Boatwrioht, Sybil Bi ' RKE, Frances Mineral Wells Denton Cooper, William A., Jr. Denton Alpha Phi Omega, Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec, Hist., Sgt. at Arms; Beta Beta Beta. I Page 200 ri Daniel, Clifton Davenport, Betty R. Delta Psi Kappa. Marshall Wichita Falls Dams, George M. Fort AVorth Alpha Phi Omega; W. N. Masters ' Chemical Society; E. D. Criddle Historical Society. Durham, Norman Ne ili. Eastland Pi Phi Pi; Beta Beta Beta. Treas. ' 49; Phi Delta Kappa; Mathematics Club; W. N. Mas- ters ' Chemical Society. EcoRD, Bruce El Paso Sigma Tau Delta; Press Club; Xewman Club; Les Copains. Florence, Jack Kilgore College Club. Geldmeier, Henry, Jr. Kilgore Riesel n..|c r T jp Lometa .- lpha Phi Omega; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi, vice-pres., ' 48- ' 49; Phi Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary, ' 49; Phi . lpha Tau, Parliamentarian, Pres. ' 49- ' 50; YUCC. staff; Editor ' 50; F.T.A.; . .C.E.; Potential Peda- gogues; Debate Club; College Players; Quin- tillian Club; Gammadian Society; Modem Writers Club; Blue Key; International Rela- tions Club; Political Elconomy Club; Who ' s Who in .American Universities and Colleges; Who ' s Who at North Texas in Education, ' 50; Publications Council, ' 49-50; Student Senate, Junior, Senior, Graduate, President pro-tem, three sessions: Committee Chairman TIS. , ' 49- ' 50; Little Dorms .Association; Teaching fel- low. Education, ' 49- ' 50. Drain, Maxie McKinney Delta Psi Kappa; A ' .R.. .; P.E. Professional Club; Elementary Council. Drain, Mildred Geneva McKinnev Delta Psi Kappa; P.E. Professional Club; W.R. . ; Elementary Council. Droze, W. H. Charleston, S. C. ' ice-Pres. of Graduate Class ' 49- ' 50. Duckworth, Earl Track Team ' 47; .Accounting Club. Denison Edwards, Jesse G. Bonham Pi Omega Pi; Gamma Iota Chi; .Accounting Club. George, John E. Port .Arthur Embry ' , .Amy- Erickson, .Arden M. AVho ' s Who at N.T. •48- ' 49; Member. Farris, Edward T. Denison Frederic, AVis. I..A. Club; Faculty Arlington Farris, John Brownwood Concert Band; .Aces; Phi Mu Alpha; Pi Phi Pi. Faw, Lucile E. Denton and Dallas Pan-.American Club; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Kappa Delta; International Relations Club, Program Chair. ' 43-44; E. D. Criddle Historical Society. Pres. ■43- ' 44; Debate Club, Debate Team ' 43- ' 44 and ' 47- ' 48; Teaching Fel- low; AVho ' s Vho in .American Colleges and Universities. GiLLEN, Norman Granbury Pi Omega Pi; .Alpha Lambda Pi. Godwin, Mrs. F ' lorence Denton GooDE, James H., Jr. Denton .Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Delta .Alpha Delta; Phi Alpha Theta. Pres. ' 46; E. D. Crid- dle Historical Society. ice-Pres. ' 45; AVho ' s AVho in .American Universities and Colleges. ' 46- ' 47; Who ' s Who at .T. ' 46; Editor-in- Chief of YUCCA ' 46. Graham, .Audie H. Graham, Jerry S. Dallas Denton Graduate Schoo Aki - Gra Page 201 C.ROVK, David Gi.f.nn Wichita Falls I. A. Club, Reporter ' 48, Corres. Sec. ' 49; In- tramural Soft Ball Champions, Pitcher ' 49. Hi-.AiHKR, C:ari. D. Beta Beta Beta. Fort Worth Jenkins, Coni.ey Phi Delta Kappa, Newsletter ' 49- ' 50. Associate Ed. Graduate School i Mesquite of P.D.K. Jenkins, Merlin E., Jr. Comanche Phi Mu Alpha; Symphony Orchestra; Concert Band; Stage Band. : Laffertv, Jess Beaumont Laird, Goi.die Denton Ganimadians; Sigma Tau Deta; Editor Camp- us Cliat ' 44- ' 4,5; Asst. Editor of YUCCA ' 45- ' 40; Puljlications Council ' 44- ' 45; Who ' s Who at North Texas ' 44- ' 45; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities ' 45- ' 46; Most Outstanding Woman Journalist at N.T. ' 48- ' 49. Henderson, Martha Len Denton Gammadians; Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardens; Secre- tary of Junior Class ' 48- ' 49; Alpha Chi; Mu Phi Epsilon; Kappa Theta Pi. Hendrix, Jack W. Dallas Gammadians; Alpha Chi; Phi Mu Alpha; Pi Kappa Lambda. Hodges, F. Whitesboro Sigma Phi Nu; Alpha Lambda Pi. Johnson, William Cone Talons. Denton JONE.S, Lee R. Dallas Pi Omega Pi; F.T.. .; Pres. of Little Dorms ' 49- ' 50; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities ' 49- ' 50; Chief Justice of Student Court ' 49- ' 50; Secretarv of USNT, ' 48- ' 49. JlIENCERMANN, HELENA Corsicana Laney, Sam D . Denton Lavne, Kenneth Waxahachie W. N. Masters ' Chemical Society, Vice-Pres. ' 49- ' 50; Falcons; Affiliate Member of A.C.S. l.F.F. William Franki in. III Galveston Pi Phi Pi; Symphony Orchestra; Concert Band; Marching Band; Aces; Pit Orchestra; Grand Chorus; Newman Club. Lewis, Joseph L. Denison Hudson, Martha Kate Iowa Park Alpha Lambda Pi; Sr. Mary Arden. IIuf:sser, Lloyd " Hondo Odam Philosophy Club; Political Economy Club. Keel, Earl Tom Fort Worth , Capella Choir; Great Chorus; Phi Mu Al- pha, Sec. and Natl. Councilman ' 49- ' 50; Pi Kappa Lambda; , lpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Opera Workshop, Baritone Lead in " Carmen " . Knight, Robert E. FIur.f.iNs, Frank N. Zephyr Koesjan, Barbara Denton Amarillo Lewis, Robert E. Waxahachie Trojans, Corres. Sec. ' 49; United Students of NTSC, .Soph., Jr., and Gr. Senator; Interna- tional Relations Club; Political Economy Club; G.I.X., Treas. ' 48-49; Pre-Law Club; Delegate to Fexas and Southern Student Gov- ernment Conventions. Lewis, Winona Mae Denton .Association for Childhood Education; F. ' r..A.; W.R.. .; P.E. Professional C;lub; McCracken Club. Page 202 LuscoMBj George Edwin Weston Pi Omega Pi; F.T.A.; Camera Club; G.I.X. Moore, Fred Dearmond Wink Pa 1 ION, Bob Whitt Martin, Audeev Jones Fort Worth E. D. Criddle Historical Society. Ml eeennix, Alfred Whitt Pennae, Bill, Nocona International Relations Club; Alpha Rho Tau; Square Dance Clul), VicePres. ' 49; Sigma Pi Delta. NfARTiN, .Marven Wesley May Mc.Anelly, Barbara Dallas Perrev, Jane Sulphur Springs Martinez, Yolanua NfEACHAM, W ' lLLIA.M RoSS Bogota, Columbia. South .America McClellan, Shirlie Fort Worth Groves Modern Dance Club; Delta Psi Kappa; W.R.A.; Phillies, Liicile Professional Club; Jefferson C:ounty CMub. San Angelo Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Sr. C.L.C.; Wom- en ' s Choir; Grand Chorus. Meadows, E. H. Decatur McClintock, a. D. Fort Worth Phillips, Richard Elgin Marshall Accounting Club; Who ' s V ' ho in .American Colleges and Universities ' 47- ' 48. Miller, Martha . . Texarkana . lpha Chi; Sr. Mary . rden Club; Pi Omega Pi, Vice-Pres. ' 49; .Alpha Lambda Pi, Sec. ' 48- ' 49; President of Ferrill Hall; Who ' s Who in .American Colleges and Universities. Monk, Frances King Beaumont Sigma Tau Delta, Sec. ' 48, Pres. ' 49; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec. ' 49; Alpha Chi; House Presi- dents ' Club; F.T..A.; Jefferson County Club. McMahen, G. Damd, Jr. Henrietta NoLEN, Beite Slidell Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; F.T..A. Mathematics Club. Parker, Cynthia Quisi, Floyd H. Grand Chorus. Pilot Point Randolph, Robert B. Denton Randolph, Mozei.i.e Cleveland Granbury Granbury Graduate Schoo Gro - Ran Page 203 Ref.vk, Eunice Roberts, John E. Psi Chi. Ryan, Alexander, Jr. Secker, Martin D. Selman, Richard Shei ' elwich, Stanley Shreveport, La. Pilot Point Longview Dallas Denton Fort Worth Smith, Charles O. Fort Worth F.T.A., Pres. ' 49; E. D. Criddle Historical So- ciety, Pres. ' 49; Phi Delta Kappa; Phi .Alpha Theta. Graduate School Si ' Eake, Claude E. Denton Gammadians; E. D. Criddle Historical Society; Phi Delta Kappa; Phi Alpha Theta; Gamma Theta Upsilon; F.T.. .; Vice-President of Graduate Class; Who ' s Who at N.T.; Political Economy Clul), Vice-Pres., ' 49- ' .50; Internation- al Relations Clul). SiMDELL, William Denton Mathematics Club, Pres. ' 48- ' 49; Alpha Chi. Syler, Rachei, Lu Galveston Taylor, Ouita McKinney Jr. and Sr. C.L.C.; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-Pres. ' 43- ' 44; Alpha Chi, Reporter ' 43- " 44; Pi Omega Pi; .Sigma Tau Delta; Philosophy Club. Taylor, Vernon Industrial .Arts Club. Corsicana Teacl ' e, Jimmie D., Jr. Daingerfield Pi Omega Pi; .Alpha Lambda Pi, Vice-Pres. I ' ler, . lvin Tyler Treasurer of Little Dorms .Association ' 49. WEBtK, Louis C. Ringoes, N. J. Psi Chi, Pres. ' 49; Student Affiliate of Amer- ■ ican Psychological Association; Kappa Delta w Pi; Alpha Chi. West, C. Kenneth Fort Worth W. N. Masters ' Chemical Society. Wisdom, Jessie R. Farmersville Talons; Psi Chi, Treas. ' 49; Beta Beta Beta. VooD, Dalton Graham Alpha Rho Tau; .Alpha Chi; 42 Club; Sigma Delta; .Associate Editor of A ' UCCA ' 50; Chat Staff. Woodward, Carl Vichita Falls Phi Delta Kappa; Phi .Alpha Theta; E. D. Criddle Historical .Society; International Re- lations Clul); Political Economy Club; Pre- Law Club, Program Chair. ' 46, Treas. ' 47, Pres. ' 49. Thompson, Leon A. Industrial Arts Club; F.T.A. Denton WoRLEY, G. Dow Malone Spangle, Billy H. Future Teachers of .America. Clifton Traster, Elden D., Jr. Denton Yancey, Kenneth Wayne Morganza, La. Page 204 ' College of Arts Floyi) StovalLj B.A., M.A., PhD. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Cora Eider Stafford B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Art 15k (ami Bef Harris B.Sc, M.Sc., I ' h.D. Biology Jamf-s Leon Carrico B.. ., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Chemistry J. K. C;WVNN SlI.VFV B.,S., M.. ., Ph.D. Science Henry Dannelley B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Foreign Languages Walter Hansen A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Geography Samuel Beriram Mc.Alister B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Government Lewis William Newton B.A., M.A., Ph.D. History Page 206 and Sciences cipline. Professional men long have been characterized by an exclusive narrowness that only intense specialization can bring. To the elimination of this quality the en- tire effort and zeal of the faculty has been directed. In our ever-expanding society of spec- ialization, there still exists the need for trained personnel who possess the personal initiative and experience that is not pro- vided through scholarly pursuit alone. To some this means " liberal education " while to others it is known as intellectual dis- It is the purpose of the College of Arts and Sciences to provide basic concepts as well as necessary tools in the preparation for study in professional schools, for teach- ing, for certain other types of professional vork, and for graduate work and research. A Bachelor of Arts degree is offered for majors in art, English, foreign langu- ages, geography, government, economics, history, journalism and speech. Jack Johnson B.S., M.. ., Ph.D Economics MncHF.i.i. Preston Weli.s A.B., M.A.. I ' h.D. English The Bachelor of Science degree, more highly specialized is conferred for work performed in biology, chemistry, mathe- matics, medical technology, physics, and with a post-graduate year, in library ser- vice. This year the College is housed in the Administration, Historical, Science, and Manual Arts Buildings, and Chestnut Street and Syqcamore Street Houses, Ken- dall Hall, and the library. Cecil Ei ' gene Shlford B.A., M.S.J. Journalism Arthur McCili.olgh Samplev B.A., M.A., Ph.D., B.S. in L.S. Library Semice Ei ' CENE Harold Hanson B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Mathematics Olive McClintic Johnson B.A., B.O., MA. StJeech Page 207 College of Arts and Sciences Ai.i.KN, Bob Denton Government — Talons; Vice- President of Soph. Class ' 47 ' 48. Anderson, Elizabeth Fort Worth Sociology — Newman CUih; Stu- dent Religious Council. Anderson, Mudrid Quanali Library Service — Gammadian Society; McCracken Club; .Alpha Lambda Sigma. Arnold, Mark Biology Gilmer . inoNS, Bob, Jr. Bogata Journalism — Gammadian .So- ciety; College Players; Televis- ion Players; Quintilians; Press Club. Bacon, Marinel .Alvord Spanish — Sigma Delta Pi; Les Copains, Sec; Kappa Kappa Kappa; Senior .Senator ' 49- ' 50. Baldwin, Vance C. Biology Fort Worth Bamstkr, Jack W. Paris Biology — Paris Club, Pres. ' 49; Beta Beta Beta. Banner, Peggy Wichita Falls Medical Technology BAS.S, J. L. Dallas Government — Oratorio Chorus; Alpha Phi Omega; College Play- ers; Student .Senate; Vice-Presi- dent; President of United Stu- dents of N.T. Bass, Robp rt King Denton Biology — Beta Beta Beta ' 49- ' .50; Alpha Chi ' 49- ' .50! Master ' s Chemical Society ' 48- ' 49; Alpha Mu Alpha ' 49- ' .50; Gammadians ' 48 - ' 49; Who ' s Who at NT ' 49- ' 50. Bates, Stephen S. Dallas History — Odam Philosophy Club •48- ' 49. Pres. ' 49- ' 50; Al- pha Chi ' 49- ' 50. Beckham, Harold Corpus Christi Government — Concert Band; Eagle Band; Sophomore Sena- tor; Odam Philosophy Club. Berry, Troy Dallas .Art — Alpha Rho Tau, Vite- Pres. ' 49; Sigma Pi Delta, Vice- Pres. ' 49; Who ' s Who at NT. BiANCHi, Felix L., Jr. • Victoria Economics BOHME, (;oNNIE Spanish BoRiNc, Billy Ray Biology Dallas McKinney Breckenridc e, RoBERr L. Marshall Economics — .Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi. Brown, Robert Texarkana Government Browning, Vandoi.yn Joyce Fruscott Library Service — McCracken Club; Alpha Lamlxia Sigma; Who ' s Who at NT ' 49- ' 50. Burks, Patsy Dallas Speech — Quintilian CMul); Jr. and Sr. Afarv Arden Clubs. Carlson, Virgil M. Dallas Pre-Dental - Trojans; N.T.A.C. Club. Carmichael, Beitye Hillsboro English — Sigma Fau Delta; F.r.A. Carnegie, Dorothy Port .Arthur English Chai ' man, Barbara West Memphis, .Ark. Spanish Chavei.i.ier, Peggy Gladewater Art - Jr. C.L.C.; A.C.E.; Alpha Rho Tau. Clark, Jack L. Henderson Geography— Gamma Theta Up- silon. Pres.: Phi .Alpha Tau. Historian ' 49; Little Dorms .As- sociation. Clark, Jerry Mathematics Gorman Page 208 Ci.iNF., Jane Journalism Bowie Cody, Pet Marshall Journalism — Theta Sigma Al- pha. Vice-Pres.. reporter, ' 49; secretar -treasurer. Press Club, summer ' 49; Society Editor The Campus Chat. Feature Editor; Sigma Tail Delta, spring ' 49; Student Religious Cx)uncil. ' 49: Gammadians, ' 48; Modern Writers Club, ' 48; Cx)rrespond- ing .Secretary, Texas Intercol- legiate Press .Association, ' 49. Coi.EMAN, Bruce Biology Dallas Coi.EMAN, Chari.f.s H. Kemp English COMBF5T, Marshall Celina Government — Pre-Law Club, Vice-Pres. ' 48- ' 49; .Associate Jus- tice of Student Court. CouiRET, .Alex Mathematics Itasca CovLE, Tom E. Robstown Chemistry - F.T.. .; W.X. Mas ters ' Chemical .Societv. Cravens. H. L.. Jr. iiocial . ' icielll ' y BrownwoocI Crowder, Peggy Kilgore Government — Delta Chi Delta. Parliamentarian ' 49 - ' 50; Pi Omega Pi; Sr. Mary . rden Club; Kilgore College Club, Sec. and Treas.; League of Women Voters. Sec. and Treas.; Pre- I,aw Club; Secretary of United Students of N.T.; May Fete Princess ' 49; F.T.. .; Kappa Del- ta Pi; .Alpha Chi; Student Relig- ious Council; Who ' s Who .Among Students in .Amer. Univ. and Colleges; Who ' s Who at NT; International Relations Club. Ci ' RRY, Jean Evelyn Waxahachie .Sociology Ci ' SFNBAR , EsTEj.LE Graham .Advertising .Art — Gammadians. Dabney, Doris Joy Fort Worth .Advertising .Art — .Alpha Rho Tau; .Square Dance Club; W.R.A. Darsev, Lee Grapeland Art — Gammadian; .Alpha Rho Tau; F.T..A.; .Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Wesley Players. Davidson, Emily Kate Fort Worth Art — Gammadians; Press Club; Modern Writers; .Alpha Chi. Class of ' 50 Dams, Marjorie Dallas Speech — Sr. Marv .Arden Club; Quintilian Club; ' F.T..A. Davis, Mary Loitse Corpus Christi English — Zeta Pi Gamma; Sig- ma Tau Delta; Press Club; Modem Writers Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities ' 49- ' 50; Editor of the .Asesta ' 49- ' 50. Dfj rdorff, Don Greenville, III. Interior Design — T Club ' 47- ' 48; Basketball ' 47- ' 48- ' 49. DeVane , George Thomas Lake Creek Biology DeVito, H. LoiTs Denton Biology — Beta Beta Beta. Dibble. William K. Carmine Journalism — Freshman Class Reporter ' 46; G.I.X.. Re|X)rtcr ' 46; Press Club. Parliamentarian ' 47. Pres. ' 49; Sports Editor of Chat ' 49; Campus Chat of .Air. .Ass ' t. Producer and Director ' 48- ' 49. Producer and Director Sum- mer ' 48; Business Manager of Student Publications Summer ' 48 and ' 49. Dickinson, Emmett Fort Worth Phvsics Dorman, Homer Biology Pilot Point Dove, Virginia Ann Texarkana Sociology — Delta Chi Delta, Corres. Sec. ' 49. Vice-Pres. ' 49; Green Jackets; Sr. Mary .Arden; House Presidents Club ' 48- ' 49; Intersorority Council ' 49; Wo- man ' s Forum ' 48- ' 49. Dt ' Bois. Kennitth Biology Gainesville EnwARDS, Bftl Ann Littlefield Sociologv — Current Literature Club. Einstein, Pail Journalism Tampa, Fla. Fi VR. Bonnie Almon Stratford Librarv Service — .Alpha Chi, Sec. •49- ' .50; .Alpha Rho Tau; Les Copains. Treas. ' 49- ' ,i0. Forrester, Mary Denton .Advertising Art — Gammadian Society; .Alpha Chi. Sec. ' 49- ' 50; Alpha Rho Tau; Les Copains, Ireas. ' 49- ' 50. All - For Page 209 College of Arts and Sciences FORTF.NBERRV, BeTTV SUtlell Biology Fox, DiiRWooD Alvord Physics Frederick, Herbert Weedon Dallas Business Geisert, Raymond Dallas Chemistry Gibbons, Louis Palestine English Gordon John M. Monahans Speech — Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-Pres. ' 44; College Players, Pres. ' 47; Radio Players; Tele- vision Players, Vice-Pres. ' 48; Qviintilians; International Re- lations Club; Track, ' 45. Gorman, Gilbert Houston Journalism— Producer of Camp- us Chat o£ the Air ' 49; Who ' s Who Among Students in .A.meri- can Colleges and Universities; Sigma l elta, Master-at-Arms ' 49; Campus Chat, Editor-in- Chief, Summer ' 49, Exchange Editor, ' 48, Amusements Editor, 48; Asst. Editor of Avcsta ' 49; Student Religious Council, Re- porter ' 49; Vice-Pres. and Re- porter Hillel Foundation ' 49; Press Club; Texas Intercollegi- ate Press .Association, Vice-Pres- ' .50; Publications Committee ' 49- ' 50. CJrant, Ed Government Justin Herd, Jo " Jacksboro English — Sigma Tan Delta. Graveiv, Eva Carrollton Speech — Sr. Mary . rden Club, Vice-Pres. ' 49- ' 50; (Jammadian Society; Quintilian Club; Phi Gamma Kappa, Vice-Pres. ' 49- ' 50; F. ' I. ' V.; House President ' s Club; Intcrsorority Council; .Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi. Grei ' nke, Hf.rb Biology Dallas Hail, Edwin W. Little Rock, . rk. .Advertising . rt — Phi .Alpha Tau. Hanscom, John Francis Houston History — Clamera Club; Inter- national Relations Club; E. D. Criddlc Historical Society; F.T.- A. Hf.nde:r.son, Bob Sherman Biology - Pi Phi Pi Hfnzler, Bernard J. Pilot Point Government Hoix;fs, Henrietta English Whitesboro Hoi.MAN, David N. Gainesville Government — Political Econo- my Club; F.T.A.; Alpha Chi; Pre-Law Club; Kappa Delta Pi. Hood, Eva Mission History — F " .r.,A.; Sigma Delta Pi, I ' res. ' 49- ' 50; E. D. Griddle Historical Society. HoRsiF ' i, Frances .Arlington English — Les Copains; Sigma Tau Delta. HIIDDLF5TON, Rav Celina Mathematics — International Relations Club; F.T.A. HiJDGiNS, H. Paul, Jr. Corsicana Art Hlohes, James E. Mathematics Hunter, Wayne Biology Jacobs, Herman .Advertising .Art Collinsvillc Quitaque Galveston Johns, Dick Tyler .Art — Olympian Club; Inter- varsity Christian Fellowship. J0HN.S0N, Cecil Stamford Journalism — Gammadian So- ciety; Camera Club; Press Club. JoNM, Samuel C. Waco Chemistry — W. N. Masters ' Chemical Society; Student Af- filiate of A.C.S. Kennedy, Emery L. Port Arthur Economics — Jefferson County Club. Pres. ' 49; Political Econo- my Club; Odam Philosophy Club. I Page 210 Kii.CREASE, Franklin Chemistry Denton Lampe, James Ballinger Massey, Nolen Pre-Medical — Beta Beta Beta; Physics Alpha Mil Alpha, Vice-Pres. ' 49. Woodson NfoRCAN, Martha Saint Jo Speech — Qiiintilian Club; Col- lege Players. Knowles, Roy Gilmer Biology — VV. N. Masters ' Chem- ical Society; Gammadian So- ciety. Knowles, Rovce Biology Gilmer KiiBECKA, Connie Jo Wichita Falls Speech Lacy, Alfred Marshall Pre-Dental - Pi Phi Pi. Ladish, Bill Texas City Economics — Beta Alpha Rho Beta; T-CIub. Lamons, Rachael Olnev Journalism — Press Club; Theta Sigma . lpha; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Modern Writers ' Club; Yucca Staff ' 47- ' 48. Lawrence, Shirley Irving Library Service— N.T.. .C. Club; McCracken Club. Lawrence, Spiircfon L Bridgeport Mathematics LiNDSEY, Dan H. Wichita Falls Chemistry LoFTiN, Joe DeWitt Waco Art - Alpha Rho Tau; F.T.. . Malone, Margaret History Dallas Martin, Cathfjiine Graham Medical Technology ' — Sr. Mary Arden Club; Vice-President of Bruce Hall. . . . Class of ' 50 AfEEKS, David Biology Port Arthur MF.SSICK, Bobby G. Fort Worth Chemistry MicEK, Charles .A. Allentown, Pa. Mathematics AfiM.ER, . i.A Waco Pre-Medical — Gammadian So- ciety; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Mu Alpha; Newman Club. riLLFR. Evelyn Social Science Mingus Monk, Oliver P. Beaumont Mathematics — Phi Delta Kap- pa; Chemistry Club; Sigma Phi Nn, Pres., Vice-Pres. ' 49; Jeff- erson County Club; United Stu- dents of X. T., Pres. ' 49- ' 50. MoRLAND, Clifford L. Fort Worth Biology .Morris, Bill Quanali History — Future Teachers of .America. NtoYERS, JAMF.S Marshall Journalism — Managing Editor of Campus Chat; Blue Key; .Al- pha Chi; Sigma Delta, Pres. ' 49; Campus Chat of the .Air; Press Club. MlT.G, LlO D J. Sociology Mi ' NSON, Beitif English MiRPHY, Raymond Biology Anna Wharton Marshall For - Mur Page 211 College of Arts and Sciences McAlister, Margery Texarkana English NesSmith, Mary Lois Gainesville Mathematics Potter, A., Jr. Mathematics Decatur Roberson, Bettye Bowie Medical Technology McCuNE, Richard Pampa Journalism — Pi Phi Pi; Aces. McDonald, Edward San . ngelo Biology McDonald, Frank San Angelo Social Science McKNtCHT, Wn.LiAM Texarkana Biology McLain, Maurice Clayton Hillsboro Mathematics — Gamma Theta Upsilon; Little Dorms. Ass ' n. Neal, Billy Nan Hereford Mathematics — Math Club; Ganimadian Society. Nichols, Rhea L. Dallas Mathematics — Falcons; T-CUib; Mathematics Club. Noi.AND, Kathleen Baytown English — Green Jackets, Re- porter ' 49-T)0; Sr. Mary Arden Club, Pres. ' 49-r)0; Alpha Chi; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice-Pres. ' 49- oO; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities ' 49- ' 50. Ra.mpy, Sammie Chemistry San Angelo Peacock, Darnell Journalism Forsaw Pe;rryman, Sue Ann Denton Speech — Gammadian Society; Quintilian Club; Jr. Mary Ar- den Club; Kappa Theta Pi; Al- pha Chi; College Players; Inter- sorority Council; Woman ' s For- um Council. Pickle, Terrell B. Mathematics Pierce, Ben Government Jasper Texarkana Rhea, Knox Mt. Pleasant Biology and Government— Kap- pa Pi Omega. Rhoads, Wayne Physics — Alpha Chi. Alvord Rhoads, Mary Virginia Dallas . rt — eta Pi Gamma, Record- ing Sec. ' 49; Gammadian So- ciety; Sr. Mary Arden Club; Green Jackets; Alpha Rho Tau; Intersorority Council; Religious Council ' 49. RICHARD.SON, Jamf.s W. Childress Speech — Quintilian Club. Rir.GS, John F., Jr. Larkin, Kansas Pre-Medical — Little Dorms As- sociation; Senator in United Stu- dents of N.T. ' 48- ' 49- ' 50; Dele- gate to T.LS.A. ' 48; Student Re- ligious Council, Pres. ' 49; Alpha lu .Alpha; Blue Key. Roberts, Anna Louise Denton Medical Technology Robertson, Joseph Edward Olney Biology — Sigma Phi Nu. RoDGERS, Mary Jane Paris Government Rogers, T. Walton Fort Worth Interior Design Rowe, Robert G. Houston Government — Phi Alpha Tau, Pres. ' 49. Rovall, Weldon Dallas Journalism — Press Club; Sigma Delta Chi. Page 212 RiissEij., Marv Loi ' isE Hico Knglish — Gammadian Society; Jr. Current Literature Club. Sai-a, Dott New London English — Gammadian Society, X ' ice-Pres.; Green Jackets; Phi Ciamma Kappa. Pres.. Report- er; Quintilian Club, Reporter; College Players; Debate Club; Sigma Tail Delta. Sec.; Televis- ion Club; Press Club; Jr. Mary Arden Club. Schick, Janet Sociology Schwartz, Wanda English ScRiBNER, Charles Cheraistr ' Plainview Palmer NfcKinnev Shahan, Howard W. Denton Chemistry — Chemistrv Club. Shifi.ett, James . . Dallas English — Blue Key; Westmin- ster Fellowship, State Pres. ' 49- ' 50; Debate Club. Short, Billy Denison Art - . lpha Rho Tau. Smith, Douglas Haskell Pre-Dental — Beta Beta Beta. S.MiTH, Frank Fort Vorth Advertising .Art — T-Club; XVho ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities; Treasur- er of Sophomore Class ' 47; -Al- pha Chi; Sigma Pi Delta; .Avesta Staff ' 49. Smith, Mary .Alice Dublin .Art — .Alpha Rho Tau; Jr. and Sr. Current Literature Clubs; F.T.A. Sp.arkman, M.arcaret Gainesville Biology — Beta Beta Beta; Chemistry Club; House Presi- dents ' Club. Sparkman, Roy Gainesville Government and Economics — Pre Law Club; F.T.A.; Political Economy Club; Young Demo- crats, Vice-Pres. ' 47, Pres. ' 48. Sparks, Ben Eastland Economics — T-Club; Talons, Sgt.-at-.Arms ' 49. Sparks, Cecil W. Kilgore Economics — International Re- lations Club. Stockard, Mary Jo Lake Dallas English — Mathematics Club; F.T.A.; 42 Club. Strol ' d, Billie Speech Throckmorton SwANN, Mrs. Catherine J. Corpus Christi Art Tharp, Jo Dallas Speech — Gammadian Society; Quintilians; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; F.T.A.; Wesley Play- Thompsos, Bertha Helen Denton Biology — Gammadian Society; Beta Beta Beta. Thornhill, JE.AN Dallas Sociology — Zeta Pi Gamma, Sec. ■48; ' Jr. Mary .Arden Club. Todd, BETT e Sue Santa .Anna Library Service — McCracken Club; .Alpha Lamlxla Sigma. Todd, Lolts Corsicana .Advertising .Art — Sigma Phi Nu; Sigma Pi Delta; Inter- national Relations Club. Toone, Thomas Waxhachie Pre-Law Tripp, Franklin Pre-Medical Irving Tromblee, Jit.ia B. Longview Biology Tromblee, Vincent D. Longview Pre-Medical Tucker, William, Jr. Merkel Art . . . Class of ' 50 McA - Tuc Page 213 College of Arts and Sciences Turner, Aureba Jo Trenton Art Education — Sr. Current Liter- ature Club; Alpha Rho Tau; Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship. Vandever, Marie Beaumont History — Future Teachers of Amer- ica. Vaught, Bobby Joyce Pampa Biology — F.T.A.; Concert Band. Vestal, Bii.i, Electra Mathematics — Mathematics Club; Sigma I ' hi Nu; F.T.A. Voor, Dorathea Loltse Boerne Economics Walker, Jane Dallas Biology — Gammadian Society; W. N. Masters ' Chemical Society; Beta Beta Beta. Webb, Bettye Dution Journalism Denison White, Glen B. Burkett Chemistry — Gammadian Society; G.I. X. White, Medlin John Biology Roanoke Whiti.ock, Elise CarroUton Art — Gammadian Society; , lpha Rho Tan; Sr. Mary Arden Club, Treas. ' 49- ' .50; Women ' s Forum Cx)uncil; Senior Class Senator ' 49- ' 50; Phi Gamma Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Chi; F.T.A. Wic.i.EY, Herbert N. Dallas Chemistry — W. N. Masters ' Chemi- cal Society, Sec. ' 49; Gammadian So- ciety; Student . ffiliate of .American Chemical Society. Wilkins, Daniel C. Mathematics Willis, Charles L. Mathematics Dallas Santo Wii.LSON, Kathryn Fort Worth Speech — Gammadian Society; Sr. Mary Arden Club; College Players; Quintilian Club; Delta Chi Delta, Reporter ' 48, Corres. Sec. ' 49; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi, Reporter ' 49. Wisely, Preston Paris Chemistry WooLF, Mary Christine Sinithtiekl Mathematics Wricht, Claiborne G. Paris Biology Wrighi, Dorothy Jo Henderson Art - K Club. Wright, June Brownwood English — Kappa Theta Pi, Sec. ' 49; Current Literature Club; College Players, Sec. ' 49. Yarbrough, S. M., Jr. Gainesville Pre-Medical Watson, Gerald T. Biology 7.AJICEK, Charles J. Austin Millsap Wilson, John T. Palo Pinto Art — Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha Rho English Tau; F.T.A.; Sigma Pi Delta. Page 214 Abel. Sarah M. Alvarez. Irma Marie Aver) ' . Patricia Barnes. Glen Conrad Bearden. Bennie I ' . Beck. Robert J. Bilych. Russell Blake, Mary Bradford. Jim Brannan. Jimmy I . Bridges. Jeannette Bridgnian. Corky Broome. Marv Louise Brothers. Eleanor Brown, Clarolvn L, . . . ' 51 East Texans will agree that these buys were influenced by " Arsoti " H fs, Page 215 College of Arts and Sciences Davis, Robert Deatherage, Lewis Dendy, I ' eggV Desman, Barbara I er(len. M. LaRiie, Jr. Dodgen, Durward. Jr. Durham, Floyd Elrod, Evelyn Farley, Leroy Fisher, Estelle 1 lowers, Jane l-oster, Mary I owler, Pat B. I niton. Tommy C.aston, Louis Orville Gilbert, Audrey Jean Hackney, Marie Hague, Barbara Ann Hailey, Pat Hall, Connie Harris, Billie Jean TOP: No, this isn ' t a garbage advertisement . . . CENTER: Patty Berg ' s teed-ojf at the first hole . . . BOTTOM: This breast stroke might develop into something. . . 51 Page 216 Mallor ' , Georgia Louise Martin, Michael Dean Mason, Harrell Mathis, James Harris, Charles Richard Harris, Joe D. Hawkins, Clyde Haynes, Presion Hemphill, Clarence Heninger, Geraldine Hightower, Mildred Hiler, Jeanne A. Hill, Marjorie Jane Honeycutt. Dorothy ' Hi iglies, lomm v Hiisbenet. Aileen Jackson. James Thomas Johnston, Bettie [ones, lac k Keglovits, Michael J. Kimsey, Larry Koepp, Marydell Lane, Tom Latham, Sue Lawrence, James Lear, Brad I ee, Josephine Lewis, Johnilu McCutcheon, Gloria McFatridge. Ellna McKinnev. Eugenia Ruth Mcknight, Joyce McNutt. Lana Mackev, Ben Here are some that can ' t die uith their boots on. Dav - Mat Page 217 College of Arts and Sciences Meyer, Bill Meyers. Regis Midillctoii, Russell. Jr. Miller. A. Kdgar Minick. Gloria Montgomery, Dolores Morgan, Dan Miller. Clyde Jr. Nance. Warren Neary. Helen Nierth, E. Roy Noel, Reuljen O ' Bannion. Jack Oldham. Lonvenia On-ill. Wanda Parker. Bill I ' arker. Rosalie Broyles Parks. Barbara Parrisli, Dan, Jr. Pelsick, 1-rankie Pfliig. Gene TOP: Who snxs Ford ' s out front? . . . CENTER: Exien their best friends won ' t tell them . . . BOTTOM: If the " P " stands for Patience he desemes the letter. . . . ' 51 Page 218 Pierce, Nickie Pierson, Nolan Pollard, Johnnie Post, Frances Presswood, Jimmie Dale Prine, Phil Raines, Helen Ranieri, Rudy Raymond, Carol Roane. Doris Roberts, Gregory L. oherts. Price G- Jr. " Oh no, I don ' t mind waiting. " Mey - Tho Page 219 College of Arts and Sciences Thornton, Dana Timmons, Mary I rotter, Walter I urner. Jack Utt, Emily Ann Wallace, Frances TOP: " Thesis too big a problem for me. " . . . CENTER: You can ' t tell one Senior from another ivithout a ring . . . BOTTOM: Santa ' s little helpers are bigger this year. .. ' 51 Page 220 O. J. Curry, B.B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. Dean of the School of Business Administration School of Business Administration In a land where individual effort and initiative are the keystones to our prosperity, the demand for men and women skilled in the effi- ciency of modern business is increasingly urgent. The policy of the School of Business Administration is to supply these men and women with adequate knowledge of their specialties, while at the same time producing well-rounded citizens. It is the primary responsibility of Dr. O. J. Curry, Dean of the School of Business Administration, to stimulate the advance already begun in this quite functional school. Internship in business and industry are provided to give advanced students " on the job training " so that experience and theoretical education are closely integrated. Since achieving a separate " School " status in the college leorganization in 1946, it has broadened its scope and purpose until now it is the second largest division within the college. Housed in the Manual Arts Building, the School of Business Ad- ministration provides curricula leading to the degree of Bachelor and Master of Business Administration. Business students may major in accounting, banking and finance, insurance, merchandising, manage- ment, hotel and restaurant administration, personnel administration, secretarial science and teaching, and general business. Page 222 Adams, Mary Jane Jacksonville Business BoBB, BoBRiF Ji ' NF, Big Spring Brawiev, L. C. Business Teaching — House Business Presidents ' Club. AfcKinney BicHOLZ, Robert Business Garland Allen, Nell Clarksville Business — Green Jackets, Vice- Pres. ' 48; Jr. Marv . rden Clul ; Sr. Marv Arden Club, Vice-Pres. ' 48 " 49 and Jr. Mary . rden Sponsor; Baptist Student Union. . nderson, Barney Business . ppLEr.ATE, Harold Business Winnsboro Houston Archer, Robejit Business — 42 Club. Dallas Ai ' STiN, Vernon Denton Business; Phi Alpha Tau. Bond, James Business Fort Worth Booth, Carroll X. Breckenridge Business BowDEN, Marilyn Ballinger Business — Gammadian Society; Future Teachers of . merica. Bowers, Donald Seagoville Business — Pi Omega Pi. Boyd, Gerald Saint Jo Business — Little Dorms .Associ- ation; Phi . lpha Tau. Breckenridge, Jean Business Brim, Marion T. Business Marshall McGregor Brooks, Charles Robert Bagwell Business Brown, Kenneth Waxahachie Business — Pi Phi Pi. Brown, Thomas K., Jr. Waxahachie Business Burnam, Jackie Tioga Business — Green Jackets. Cadrin, Joseph L., Jr. Kilgore Busines!!— Kilgore College Club, Pits. ' 49- ' 50. Callaway, .Ann Business Mt. Calm Campbell, Li ren . rcher City Business — Little I onns . s.soci- ation, .Ass ' t. Ireas. ' 48- ' 49. Cantrei.l, Wanda Dalhart Business Bradford, Len F. Kermit Bearden, Billy Waxahachie .Accounting — Trojans, Pres. Business ' 48- ' 49. . . . Class of ' 50 Brown, Winfree L. Christwal Business — G.I.X., Pres. ' 49. Gates. Bill Business Decatur Ada - Cat Page 223 School of Business Administration Chii.ders, Mary Jo Denton Business — Future Teachers of America. Clement, Dorothy Brownwood Business Teaching — Pi Omega Pi. Cline, Abel W., Jr. Business Bowie CoKENDOi.PHER, LoYD Bridgeport Business — Wesley Foundation; 42 Club; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; Tarleton Club. Cook, James H. Healdton, Okla. Business CoRBiN, Bonnie D. Business CoRBiN, Hugh E. Business Ballinger Denton Cotton, La Juana Louise Denton Business — Gammadian Society; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; Alpha Chi; F.T.A., Sec. ' 48- ' 49. Covii.LE, Jane Mexia Business Teaching — Jr. Mary Arden Club; Green Jackets; Gammadian Society. Crouch, Jesse Marvin, Jr. Sherman Business Dick, Niobe Tioga Business — House Presidents ' Club; Gammadian Society; Pi Omega Pi. DiCKERSON, Charlie Business DiscH, W. R. Accounting Dallas Kermit Damaschk, Clarence W. Port Arthur Business — Jefferson County Club; Falcons. Drum MONO, Daphne Joy Dallas Business — Green Jackets. Duff, R. Randolph Palestine Business — Falcons. DuNAGAN, Freddie J. Olney Accounting Dunaway, William B. Azle Business DuTTON, Hubert W. Whitesboro Business _ (9 DoDSON, Joanne Masterson Eagle, Jim Fort Worth San Angelo Business — T-Club, Letterman Business ' 46- ' 47- ' 48- ' 49. Edge, Howard Business Elkins, Bobby J. Business Dallas Nocona Ellison, Hugh Dallas Business — Alpha Chi; Phi Mu Alpha, Treas. ' 48; A CapcUa Choir; Grand Chorus. Elms, Roy Business Brownwood Evans, Bill Jack Bowie Business — Pi Phi Pi, Vice-Pres. ' 49 and Pres. ' 49; Jr. Senator in United Students of N.T., ' 48- ' 49; Pi Omega Pi. Ewing, Arthur P. Carrollton Accounting — Accounting Club. Fambro, Luther J. Breckenridge Business — President of Sopho- more Class ' 47- ' 48; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Talons; T-Club ' 47- •48- ' 49. Page 224 Fambro, Nancy Greenville Business Teaching — Kappa Theta Pi; Gammadian Society; Green Jackets; Pi Omega Pi. Farnsworth, Eva Anson Business — Gammadian Society; Jr. Mary Arden Club, Sec. ' 48; Sr. Mary Arden Club, Reporter " 49; Green Jackets; Delta Chi Delta, Rush Capt. ' 49, Pres. ' 48: Alpha Chi, VicePres. ' 49; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; In- tersorority Council, Sec.-Treas. ' 49; House Presidents ' Club. Fkrgisov, Martha Lee Cleburne Business Teaching— Gammadian Society. Recording Sec. ' 45- ' 46; Sr. Marv Arden Club; F.T.A.; Alpha Chi; Pi Omega Pi. Fitch, Marion Grapevine . ccounting — Sigma Phi Nu, Treas. ' 49- ' 50. Fitch, Thomas H. Fort Worth Business — Sigma Phi Nu. Flanders, Tommy Longview Merchandising — Kilgore Col- lege Club. Fi-OYD, David S.. Jr. Mexia Management — Falcons. F ' outs, T. J., Jr. Denton Business FiQi ' A, Bill Dallas Business Garrett, J., Jr. Denton Business V;GiBsoN, Jerry L. Dallas Business Gill, Thomas Brownwood Business — Falcons. Glazier, Chari.f.s E. Gainesville Business GoHLKE, Franklin Clifton Business Graves, Bill Paris Business — Paris Club, Pres. ' 48. Gribe, Marilyn Denton Business — Delta Chi Delta, Sec. ' 48, Treas. ' 49. Rush Capt. ' 49; Gammadian Society, Sec. ' 47; Green Jackets; Jr. and Sr. Mary .■ rdeii Clubs. Hailev, Margaret Business Teaching Cisco Hardy, Gladys Denton Business — Future Teachers of America; School of Business Club. Harmon, Robert C. Sherman Business Hari ' ER, Richard A. Port . rthur Business — Jefferson County Club. Harrison. Edwin A. Stephenville .Accounting — Tarleton Club; . lpha Lambda Pi. Hartman, M.vry RiTH Dallas Personnel .Administration Harvey, Lairence Tieton. Wash. -Accounting — Gammadian .So- ciety. Hayes, .Stanley Business Heddins. Lettriai. Accounting Sherman Canton Hickerson, Marci ' s R. Waxahachie Business — Trojans, Corres. Sec. ' 47- ' 48, Vice-Pres. ' 48. Pres. ' 49; .Alpha Chi. Treas. ' 49; Pi Omega Pi. X ' ice-Pres. ' 49; Junior Class Treasurer ' 48- ' 49; United Stu- dents of X.T., Treas. ' 48- ' 49. Student Court .Associate Justice ' 49. Delegate to National Stu- dent Government Cxjnvention in Airginia ' 49; Student Lab In- structor in .School of Business; Who ' s Who .Among Students in .American Universities and Col- leges. Harrison, .Asa III Business Marshall Hicks, Thom.vs .A., Jr. Business Marshall Class of ' 50 Chi - Hie Page 225 School of Business Administration Hicks, Rodney Dallas Business - N.T.A.C. Club. Hn.DF.BRAND, Johnson Los Fresnos Business — Alpha Phi Omega; Gammadian Society. HoDCE, Ernest R. Orange Business HuCGiNS, Chester Junior Tolar Business — G.I.X., Treas. ' 49. Hurt, Robert Business Seagoville Jenkins, Floyd H. Mesquite Business — Gammadian Society; Pi Omega Pi; F.T.A.; Alpha Chi. Keliy, John H. Business Groves Lanham, Jeanne Garland Business — Kappa Kappa Kap- pa; Gammadian Society; Green Jackets. Kennedy, Jame.s Tilford Tylei Business — Inter-Varsity. Kiracofe, Richard Ohio City, O. Business Teaching — Pi Omega Pi; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi. Lowdermiik, Naros Business Bowie ' I.irri.E, Harold W. Weatherford Business Holland, Thomas Tyler Business — Tyler Cluh. Johnson, Pat Aubrey Business Management Kirkham, 1 avlor Paris Business — Alpha Phi Omega. Ludlow, Charlf.s Elizabeth, N. J. Business — G.LX.; Debate Club. Hoi.LE, Donald Business Johnston, Jean New Boston Waco Business Education — Kappa Kappa Kappa; Senior Class Treasurer. Kleyi ' AS, L. D. Business Temple Maclin, Milton Business Dallas Hoi.ter, Jack Merchandising Vernon Jones, Bobby f. .Accounting Ennis Land, Fred Fort Worth Business — Talons; Pi Omega Pi. Malone, Jack A. Business Denton HoNEA, Robert L. Finance Dallas Jones, Waymon Linden Laney, James C. Paducah Accounting Business Management Manahan, William Edward, Jr. Teague Business Page 226 Mankins, Jamf5 E. Business Kilgore Man KINS, Mrs. Virginia Kilgore Business MiNSHF.w, Cecii, T. Business Education Denton Mitchell, Malon Sweetwater Business — Trojans, Reporter ' 48, Sec. ' 49. MiNDiE, James Andrew Dallas Business — Canterbury Club; Business -Administration Cl ub; Mutual Exchange Group. Mc. dams, Rollins Wichita Falls Business Xel,son, Janice Business Newberry, Bill Business Araarillo Weatherford rASTERSoN, Robert Ralph, Jr. San Angelo Business Mathes, Thomas M. Beaumont Business Matkin, James H. Graham .Merchandising Meador, William M., Jr. McGregor Merchandising Miller, Robert R. McKeesport, Pa. Business — Gammadian Society; Pi Omega Pi. Moore, Charles Payne Jacksonville Business Moore, Lola Business Brashear Moore, Ronald Claye Colorado City Business Management Morgan, Renda Waxahachie Business — Gammadian Society; Jr. Mary . rden Club; Kappa Theta Pi, Corres. Sec. ' 48. Vice- Pres. ' 49, Rec. Sec. ' 49; Inter- sororitv Council; House Presi- dents ' Club; F.T.- . Morton, Garland Business Corsicana . . . Class of ' 50 McClabb, Dirward Longview Business— Kilgore College Club, Vice-Pres. ' 49. McFarland, Peggy .Accounting Eastland McGai ' ghy, William B. Nacona Business -McGehee, Max L. Collinsville -Accounting McMahan, Leon Denton Business — -Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Alpha Rho Beta; Marching Band. NoLEN, Raymond Veatherford Business O ' Reilly, Mary Business Pan NILE, Jesse Business 1 ' ardie, Rayworth -Accounting Dallas Scurry Childress Peterson, Donald M. Dallas Business — X.T.A.C. Club, Pres. ' 49- ' 50. Hie - Pet Page 227 School of Business Administration PiTCHFORD, RoscoF. Weatherford Business I ' OWEI.L, El.IZABKTU JeAN New Boston Business Education — Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-Pres. •48- ' 49- ' 50; Pi Omega Pi; Sr. Mary Arden Club. RiGGiNS, Charles Stephenville Business Savage, John E. • Irving Business — Alpha Phi Omega, Ireas. ' 49; International Rela- tions Club; Big " D " Club; Al- pha Chi. .Shipman, McKinney I Business RoTHFi ' s, David Accounting Prosper ScHAD, Richard P. Accounting Gainesville PowELi., Jack J. Business Dallas Pov ' ER, Otis, Jr. _ Marshall Business — Alpha Lambda Pi; Alpha Chi; Beta . Ipha Rho Beta. Routt, Sammve Dallas Business — Dallas Club; Nu Phi Mu. Rudder, Lerov B., Jr. Ballinger Accounting Prioio, Leo Business Dallas Rutherford, Forrest Merchandising Vernon Ra-Sburv, GiiiNN Decatur . ccounting — .Sigma Phi Nu. Reding, Virginia Aubrey Business — Jr. Current Litera- ture Clul); Sr. Mary Arden Club; Pi Omega Pi; Alpha Chi; F.T.A.; International Relations Club. .Sanders, Norman R. Beaumont Business Saunders, Mvrna Loy Roscoe Business Schmidt, Robert Lee Gainesville Business .Schneider, Charles Lee Ozona Business .Schneider, George Fort Worth Business — American Guild of Organists. Scott, Betty Letors Busines s Teaching — .Mpha Chi; Pi Omega Pi. Sharp, Betty Waco Business — Zeta Pi Gamma. Sims, Ernest Alien Business Sloan, Patti Business Sloan, Wavmon Business Smith, Helen Business S.mith, Jason Business Jean Estelline Kaufman Celina Haskell Smoot, Sue Denton Jr. Mary .Arden Club; Sr. Mary Arden C;iul); Yucca Staff; Kappa Kappa Kappa. Page 228 SoRRFXLS, LvNDON B. Rovse Cily Stringer, Donald Gilmer Business Business Thomas, Jimmie Sulphur Springs Accounting — Sec, Treas., Inter- Fralernitv Council ' 49; Sigma Phi Nu. Southern, Ronald M. Merchandising Fort Worth Speer, M ary Ann Sherman Business — Sherman-Denison Club; Delta Chi Delta; Ellen H. Richards Club. Stringfellow, W. a. Business SwANN, Thomas Business Clifton Shreveport, La. Thompson, Leroy Chickasha, Okla. Business Management Thrasher, Joe Business Rosebud Spurrier, Troy Business — Trojans. Longview Tate, Terry Business Denton Thresher, Bobby Management OInev Starr, Wauline Denton Business — F.T.A.; Nu Phi Mu, Pres. •49. TAYLOR, Glen 1,. . ccounting Denton Tlvsley, Gerald -Accounting Carrollton Stevener, Lynn Ray Business Rockwall Theilen, Gordon Business Kleberg ' enable, Lahoma Business . ngleton Class of ' 50 Pit - Ven Page 229 School of Business Administration Vernon, Robert Dean Clyde Business — Senior Class Senator ' 49- ■50; G.I.X., Sec. ' 49, Pres. ' 50; Busi- ness Club. Watson, Joan Chico Business — Gammadian Society; Pi Omega Pi; F.T.A.; Alpha Chi; Kap- pa Delta Pi. Wilson, Morgan Business Bells Wagner, Hugh Port Arthur Business — Jefferson County Club. Walker, Haskell Texarkana Business — Chi Sigma Phi. Webb, Earl San Benito Business Management — Pre-Law Club, Vice-Pres. ' 49, Rec. Sec. ' 48; Business Administration Club. Weihs, William Business Sherman Winn, George Business — Pi Phi Pi. Sherman Wolfe, Homer C. Kilgore Accounting — Kilgore College Club. Walker, Weldon Business Gainesville WiLKiE, Caudo Business Dallas Wright, John Preston Business Orth Walther, Betiy Paris Business Teaching — Pi Omega Pi; Paris Club, Vice-Pres. ' 49. Williams, Billy Business Management Yarbrough, Ola Frances Ponder Bonham Business — Gammadian Society; Pi Omega Pi. Ware, Billy Business WiLLiFORD, G. B., Jr. Port Neches Marshall Business — Pi Phi Pi; Jefferson County Club. Young, John Preston Business Dallas Page 230 . . . ' 51 Adams, Daniel D. Allen, Dorothy Anderson, Laura Lee Atkins, Tommy Baker, James Barber. Joan Beard. Ray Cecil Benson, Ward B. Jr. Berry, Charles R. Best. Billie Sue Blankenship, Ruth Boniol, Robert L. Boyd, Cornellia Bridges, Jeannene Bristley, Jimmy Brundrett, Leyton Burditt, Harold Cameron, Carol Cannon, Wade Lee Cantrell, Joanne Carpenter, Roliert Carroll, Billy F. Carter, Bill Chennault, Thomas B. Covington, Jay Crenwelge, Richard Darnell, William Rei l Dixon, Edward Dudley. Joan Kager. Patii Edward. John Edwards, Bill Evans. Jimmy M. Ferrell, .Martha Jo Fincher. Jefferson Daniel (iantt. Ben Ed Glenn, Nfarinell C;lover, Jack C. Ciodley. Dick C; kkI. . njanelle Gore. Jo . nn Green w hhI. Jovce Lee Ada - Gre Page 231 ? School of Business Administration Hamm, Pauline Hammack, Natalie Hanifen, Robert Eugene Hardin, Mary Beth Hardy, Bol) Harman, Lyie I. Harris, Ivan Hendrix, Joe Hitch, Marjorie Honea, Arthur A. Hopkins, Betty Hudson, Winston ' There must be some mistake — I still have a nickel. " Page 232 . . . ' 51 Leatherman, Jo Ann Lightsey, William Lively, Frank Loyd, Bnrl McBiimett, Marion Snc McCombs, Sara McDaniel, Jean McEver. Brice MtGnire. Mitchell A. Mask, Lon Mauldin, Maxine Meador, Irene Nfeyer, Carl Milburn, Ann Mitchell, Mary Lon Mobley, Janice • Moore, Hubert 1. Moore, Wynelle Morris, Darlene Moseley, Carol Murphy, Johnnie VV. Xabors, David Nelson, Billie Louise Oliets, Annette Parmele, David E. Patterson, John Phillips, Jeannine Pierce, Harold Pirkey, David G. Porter, Suan Potts, Robert P. Price, Carl Dean Ray, Billie Rea, Glenn Ed Riley, George D. Rippy, Nancy Ross. Jimniie Russell, J. Caro Rutledge, Bob Sage, Ben. Jr. Savage, Redmond Schigut. John Ham - Sch Page 233 School of Business Administration White, Sid Williams, Pauline Wilmoth. AUwyn N. Scott, Martha Sharp, Robert S. Shaw, Bob Short, Bill | Sicldens, James A., Jr. Smith, Richard C. Smith, Rodney H. Snow, William Rogers Stanley, Doris Steen, Bill Stroud, Patsy Stuteville, Charleen N»(Susman, Beril Tate, Anna Rose Teagiie, Roy Tibbets, Glen Tidwell, Louise Turner, Ken Artist Dozier explains his exiiibitioii. Woolsey, Wayne Yowell, Robert think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree. Page 234 James Carl Matthews, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Vice-president of the College and Dean of the School of Education While nationwide publicity has been di- rected toward North Texas by virtue of its tri- umjihs in athletics, forensics, and music, per- haps the single greatest factor in the fabulous growth of the college has been the teacher edu- cation program offered here. Recognized for many years as the largest state-supported teach- ers ' college in the nation, its prestige in pro- fessional education circles is unchallenged, and its graduates are respected as being among the best-trained in the nation. The reorganization of the college has only drawn further attention to the high quality work done by the School of Education. Widely tested and thoroughly developed comprehensive curricula provide many ap- proaches to problems in education. A demon- stration school staffed with well-trained and ex- perienced instructors offers laboratory exper- iences in the practical aspects of teaching to students. The degree of Bachelor of Science in Education may be secured in elementary and secondary education, elementary, secondary and public school administration, psychology, in- dustrial arts, and health, physical education, and recreation. School of Education Arthur Witt Bi.air B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Education Robert Wayne Adams A.B., A.M., Ed.D. Demonstration School Samuel Alfred Blackburn B.E., A.M., Ph.D. Industrial Arts Don N IE Cotteral B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Women ' s Physical Education Theron Judson Fouts A.B., M.A. Men ' s Physical Education Page 236 aRON, WlI.I.lAM R. Tioga Armstronc, Alvix E. Heame Bennett, Doris Marie Bryson Black, Billy Martins Mill Physical Kducation Secondary Education trial Arts Club; F.T.A. — Indus- Elementary Education — Associ- ation of Childhood Education, Sec. ■48- ' 49; F.T.. .; Gammadian Society; Intervarsity Christian Physical Education IKEN, HiI.E Secondar ' Education - Dallas - W.R.A. Atchison, Jessie E. Industrial Arts Gorman Fellowship; House Presidents ' Club; Jr. Current Literature Black, Vivian M. Trinidad Elementary Education Outing Club. Club. Ai.FORD, Hoy Ernest Beaumont Education — Jefferson County Club; F.T.. .; Gamma Iota Chi; Beta Beta Beta; Chemistry Club; Kappa Delta Pi. . i.FORD, Mrs. SiE Psychology Beaumont . i,ldreik;e, Li ' Jeanne Hillsboro Elementary Education . llen, J. W. Richland Elementary Education and School . dministration. . r.maita, Lawrence El Campo Psychology Bain, Jean Texarkana Elementary Education — Jr. and Sr. Mary . rden Clubs; Green Jackets, Reporter ' 47- ' 48; Cam- era Club. Sec. and Treas. ' 48- ' 49; Gammadian Society; Quin- tilian Club; P. E. Professional Club; A.C.E. Barlow, R. E. Seagoville Secondary Education Barnett, Ben Mexia Public School Administration — Phi Delta Kappa; Chi Sigma Phi, Pres. ' 49. Barrington, Sherman Secondary Education Bartley, Rl ' th Lemerle ■eslaco Elementary Education — Future Teachers of . merica; .Associa- tion for Childhood Education. Class of ' 50 Benton, Norma Vichita Falls Secondary Education — Wom- en ' s Choir; Phi Sigma Alpha, Rush Capt. ' 49; Jr. and Sr. Mary . rden Clubs; Grand Chorus. Bf5t, Margaret Farmersville Secondary Education Biles, Don Keller Education — Future Teachers of .America. Binder, Hannan E. Waxahachie Industrial . rts — Beta .Alpha Rho Beta, Pres. ' 49. BizZELLE, Charles Education Lima, Ohio Black, . lbert Floresville Elementary School . dminisra- tion. Blackwell, Dale W. .Medo Psychology — Psi Chi; Tarleton Club; Kappa Pi Omega. BoNEY, AViLi.iAM R. Stratford Industrial .Arts — Falcons; G.- I.X. Bonner, Robert Panhandle Industrial .Arts — Falcons. Bowers, Dome Jean Lindale SecondarY Education Boyd, Bobby Springtown Physical Education Aar - Boy Page 237 School of Education Bradford Norma Jean Joshua Psychology Bradshaw, John F. Denton Industrial Arts — Industrial Arts Club; G.I.X. Bradshaw, Mary Lynn Neal Newcastle Elementary Education Brank, Al Industrial Arts Dallas Brown, Opai. Texarkana Elementary Education — Associ- ation of Childhood Education. Bruce, Fred Denton Industrial Arts— Industrial Arts Club; Falcons. BuDDE, Henry A. North Bergen, N. J. Industrial Arts BijRKHALTER, James Bandera Psychology — Psi Chi. Butts, Ouita DeKalb Secondary Education — Future Teachers of America. Carley, Kenneth San Angelo Physical Education — Basket- ball ' 47; Track •47- ' 48; T-Club •47- ' 48- ' 49; Talons, Pres. ' 49. Carse, William Corpus Christi Secondary Education — Phi Del- ta Kappa; Psi Chi; Internation- al Relations Club; F.T.A. Casteel, Ruben Lee Denton Industrial Arts— Industrial Arts Club. Chester, Clay E. Jacksboro Industrial Arts — Industrial Arts Club; F.T.A.; G.I.X. Chester, Eloise Wichita Falls Elementary Education — Associ- ation of Childhood Education, Treas. ' 48; McCracken Club, Vice-Pres. ' 48; F.T.A. Choate, Hubert Port Arthur Education — College Players; F.T.A.; Jefferson County Club; Chi Sigma Phi; Quintilian Club; Parliamentarian of Stu- dent Senate; International Re- lations Club; Television Play- ers. Chowns, Jean Ellen Big Spring Elementary Education Christian, Robert F. Physical Education Slidell Coleman, Gaye Denton Psychology — Gammadian So- ciety; Psi Chi. CoNNELL, EuLENE San Aiitouio Secondary Education — Phi Sig- ma Alpha; Quintilian Club; F.- T.A. Cook, Hfxen Louise Education Mexia Cook, Lavena Faye Hawley Physical Education — W.R.A.; P.E. Professional Club; F.T.A.; House Presidents ' Club. CouLSTON, Virginia Lancaster Physical Education — N.T. Band; P. E. Professional Club; W.R.A.; F.T.A. CoYi.E, Berniece Douglas Denton Secondary Education — N.T. Band; N.T. Orchestra; Quin- tilian Club; T.S.T.A. Grain, Charlf.s Ed., Jr. Industrial Arts Denton Bruce, Mary Secondary Education Denton Cheatham, Winifred Edgewood Conly, Jack Secondary Education Psychology Dallas Crank, Joan Texarkana Secondary Education Page 238 Crockett, David Dallas Secondary Education — F.T.A.; N.A.T.C. Club; International Relations Club. Croi ' ch, Jean Denton Secondary Education — Quin- lilian Club. Daniel, Shannon Psychology Perryton Croi ' ch, Joyce Education Crowley, Jim Education Denton Greenbelt, Md. Cunningham, Vanda Lou Nocona Physical Education — W.R.A.; P.E. Professional Club; F.T.A., Della Dalby Springs Secondary Education — Future Teachers of .America. Daniel, James H. Education Olney Darnell, Byron Denton Industrial -Arts — Future Teach- ers of . " Vmerica. Davis, .Angie Elementary Education Lefors Day, Dale Industrial .Arts Day, J. B. Industrial .Arts Dayton, Elouise Recreation DeFord, Horace .A. Physical Education W ' hitesboro Rotan Sherman Dallas Class of ' 50 Desco, John Dallas Industrial .Arts— Newman Club. Deupree, Annie Jo Georgetown Physical Education — W.R..A., Pres. ' 49; Professional Club. Dickey, John M., Jr. Industrial -Arts DoDD, Henry C, Jr. Physical Education Phi, Pres. ' 49. Electra Texarkana - Chi Sigma Duckworth, Joyce Denison Secondary Education— N.T..A.C. Club, Treas. ' 48; F.T.A. Duncan, .Audrey Decatur Secondary Education — Press Club, Treas. ' 49. Duncan, Flora B. Kilgore Elementary Education — .Associ- ation of Childhood Education; Kilgore College Club. Dltton, Joyce AVhitesboro Elementary Education Ellingson, Belford T. Clifton Industrial .Arts Elliott, Kenneth Denton Industrial .Arts Embry, Theo Clark Gainesville Industrial Arts— Treasurer Wes- ley Foundation; Future Teach- ers of .America. Ervin, I.anelle Mertens Elementary Education — Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Chi. E Axs, CoY ' Xell ' eatherford Secondary Education — Future Teachers of .America; Baptist Student Union. Farmer, E. Vanoy Long iew Secondary Education — Phi Del- ta Kappa; Future Teachers of .America, Vice-Pres. ' 49- ' 50; In- ternational Relations Club, Pres. •49- ' 50; Kilgore College Club. Bra - Far Page 239 School of Education Farmer, Harold W. Meridian Industrial Arts — Future Teach- ers of America; Industrial Arts Club. Ferree, Jackie Fort Worth Education Finlay, Bobby Joe Eliasville Scondary Education Fletcher, Pat Fort Worth Physical Education Flint, Jo Ann Valley View Secondary Education Flowers, Helen Louise Vernon Secondary Education — Jr. and Sr. Mary Arden Clubs; F.T.A.; Alpha Rho Tau; B.S.U. Council. Ford, D. Jack San Saba Industrial Arts Fowler, Franchelle Mexia Elementary Education Fox, Ann Kaufman Secondary Education — Kappa Kappa Kappa. Giles, Marguerite . Elementary Education Celina Grisham, G. a. Industrial Arts Bryson Frasher, Ralph Industrial Arts Argyle George, Irby C. McKinney Industrial Arts— Industrial Arts Club. Gibson, Ronald E. Anahuac Education — Chi Sigma Phi. GONZALF.S, Alfredo C. Brownsville Secondary Education — Future Teachers of America; Sigma Delta Pi. GooDE, Richard S., Jr. Bridgeport Secondary Education — G.I.X.; Future Teachers of America. Greer, Carl T. Denton Elementary School Administra- tion Griffin, Gloria McKinney Secondary Education — Gamma Theta Upsilon, Sec. ' 49; Mc- Cracken Club; F.T.A. Griser, Darryl Education Canton Guest, Sue Pittsburg Secondary Education Hall, Faye Harrold Elementary Education — Associ- ation of Childhood Education; F.T.A.; W.R.A. Hardin, J. E., Jr. Woodson Industrial Arts — Talons; Beta Sigma, Pres. ' 48. Hardin, Mrs. J. E., Jr. Odessa Physical Education— P. E. Profes- sional Club, Pres. ' 45- ' 46; Beta Sigma. Hargrove, Richard Port Arthur Secondary School Administra- tion — Phi Delta Kappa; F.T.A. ; Political Economy Club; Jeffer- son County Club; International Relations Club; Baptist Student Union; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi. Ford, Benjamin B. Industrial Arts Denton Gilbert, Vanice Bonita Elementary Education Grisham, Ellen Freeport Secondary Education Harless, Harold Farmersville Industrial Arts— Industrial Arts Club; G.I.X. Page 240 Harris, Beverly Secondary Education Harris, Chari.i:s Physical Education Council. Clifton Tyler Athletic Harris, Yvonne Denton Secondary Education — Theta Signia Alpha. Treas. ' 49, Vice- Pres. ' 49; Alpha Chi; Sr. Mary . rden Club; Sigma Tan Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. Treas. ' 49; Gammadian Society. Harrison, Bim.y John Industrial .Arts Dennis Harrison, Je;an Searcy. . rk. .Secondary Education — Sigma . lpha Iota; Delta Chi Delta; Sr. Mary .Arden Club; A Capella Choir; Madrigal Singers; Opera Workshop; Grand Chorus; Stu- tlent Hostess. Hartline, a. D.. Jr. Industrial Arts Denton Hendricks, Chari.f.s . nna Industrial -Arts— Industrial .Arts Club; B.A.P.B. Henry, Mary Kathryn Dallas Secondary Education — F.T.A.; E. D. Criddle Historical Society; Phi Alpha Theta. HicHTOWER, Robert Wayne Van Secondary Education — Geezles; T-Clul) ' 47- ' 48- ' 49. Sec. ' 49- ' 50. Hii.i., Clifford Van Industrial Arts Hoi.i.oMAN, John I,. .Abilene Elementarv Education Hopkins, Ruth Krum Elementarv Education Hubbard, William Ellis Xew Boston Secondary Education Hi ckabef. RiTH Marif. Dublin Elementary Education — Associ- ation of Childhood Education; McCracken Club. Class of ' 50 HuTTO. Leonard Fort Worth Physical Education IvEv, Carol Baird Elementary Education — Gam- ma Theta I ' psilon; Tarleton Clul). Vice-Pres. ig- ' rM. Jenkins, Edwin E. Mestjuite Secondary Education — Phi Del- ta Kappa. Jenkins, I. nn Nell Devers Physical Education — W.R..A.; P. E. Professional Clul); Delta Psi Kappa. Vice Pres. Johnson, CHARi.onE Denton Education JoHN.S()N, Emmit R. Odessa Secondary Education Johnston, FANNErrE Fort Worth Elementarv Education Jordan, Walter F. Wichita Falls Education — Phi Delta Kappa; F.T.A. JUENGERMANN, JoHN HeNRV Corsicana Secondary Education — Mathe- matics Club; Photography Club; Scpiare Dance Club; Student Re- ligious Council. Karnes, James B. Denton Industrial Arts — Beta .Alpha Rho Beta; Imlustrial Arts Club. ice-Pres. ' 49; F.T.A. Kei.i.ey, Joe Industrial -Arts -Anna Kemper, Troy Melrose. N. M. .Secondary Education — Phi Del- ta Kappa; F.I.A.; Student Sen- ate Clerk; B.S.l ' .; Pi Omega Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Chi. Kenas. Koiner Jewel Denton Elementarv Education Kino, Henry Bryson Industrial Arts Far - Kin Page 241 School of Education KiRBV, Bkverlv Ciarlanil Recreation — Professional Cliil); W.R.A.; Outing Clul); Sr. Mary Arden Club. Kreitkr, Pat Cleburne Secondary Education LABirs, EvKi.YN Edinburg Physical Education — Delta Kappa, Treas.; VV. R.A.; F.l ' .A.; Vice-President of Bruce Hall; Potential Pedagogues; Newman Club; Professional Club. Lambert, Jack Fort Worth Phvsical Education Lindsay, Linda Xocona Secondary Education — . lpha Chi. Lawhorn, William J. Physical Education Leach, Winfred Physical Education Fraternity, Sec. ' 49. Rockwall Allen Falcon Lewls, Jimmie Faye Forreston Elementary Education— Sr. Cur- rent Literature C:lub; .Associa- tion of Childhood Education; House Presidents ' Club. Long, Marianne Education Corsicana Lord, Douglas A. Fort Worth Secondary Education Lowe, Mozei.le Pennington Dallas Elementary Education — .Associ- ation of Childhood Education. Mabry, Darrei.l C. Kerens Elementary Education Marshall, Henriete Beaumont Elementary Education Martin, Billy Joe Denton Industrial Arts— Industrial Arts Club. Marve;!,, Hubert . Panhandle Phvsical Education — Falcons; T-Club. Melton, Hazel Gainesville Elementary F ' .ducation Miller, Jerry Burkburnett Physical Education Moore, Doris Clifton Secondary Education — Alpha Rho lau; F.T.A.; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta; .Association of Childhood Education. MoRET.AND, Mrs. .Aii.f.en Ballinger Elementary Etiucation Morrison, Nona Lou Walnut Springs Secondary Education Morse, Mrs. Joyce West Elementary F ducation Mortensen, Ei.ise Fort Worth Secondary Education — Kappa Kappa Kappa, Pres. ' 49, Vice- Prcs. ' 48; Intersorority Council. Pres. ' 49; House Presidents ' CMub, Reporter ' 49; Senate Clerk ' 48; Jr. Class Duchess ' 49., .Ann Recreation Brownwood MosER, Gf;NEVA Stephenville Elementary Education MosES, .a. Dallas Public School Administration MosQiiEDA, Lily Edinburg Elementary FMucation — Inter- varsity Christian Fellowship. Sec; .Association of Childhood Education; F. ' I ' .. . Murphy, John B. McKinney Secondary School .Administra- tion McAfee, Marjorie Winnsboro Education — Quintilian Club. Page 242 McBee, Anxa Roxton Physical Education — P.E. Pro- fessional Club, Treas. ' 49; V.- R.A.; Vice-President of Mar- quis Hall; House Presidents Club; Paris Club. McCul-LOlT.H. JOANN BrowHwootl Secondary Education McDonald, Rlth Elementary Education Decatur McGaugh, ViRtaA Psychology Fort Worth McGee, Fred Education - F.T.A. Denton Historical Society; McGee, Marilyn Elementary Education Alba McKiNNEv, Richard Jack Lufkin Industrial Arts McMn.LAN, Horace G. Education V McXeii.l, Nf-d Physical Education Geezles. Dallas Denton T-Clul); Pi McSwEEN, C:oLiN Denton Industrial Arts — Falcons. Nations, Fay Van Elementary Education — Associ- ation of Childhood Education. Treas. ' 49- ' 50; Current Litera- ture Club, Treas. ' 49- ' 50. Xeedha.m, Layerne Elementary Education Godlev NoLTiNG, Dan Industrial . rts Mart XoRVELL, James Veatherford Psychology— Square Dance Club. Owens, Geneva Sherman Secondary Education — Green Jackets. Parliamentarian ' 48- ' 49; Alpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Al- pha Rho Tau; W.R.A.; P.E. Professional Club; Sherman- Denison Club. Sec. ' 49; Sr. Mary . rden Club; Delta Psi Kappa, Corres. Sec. ' 49- ' 50. OwNBY, Edward M. Gainesyille Industrial . rts — Falcons. Parton, Ch. rlf5 W. Garland Elcnienlary School .Adminisra- tion — G.I.X.. Publicity; . ss(x;i- ation of Childhood Education, Publicity ' 48. Pres. ' 49. PAT-rON, ' IRCIL Industrial . rts Whilt Pearson, Gro er Reagan Physical Education — Falcons; College Players; T-Club; Bap- tist Student Union. Pen derorass, Lewis Recreation PlI ' FJl, Frfj) Industrial .Arts Piper, Jerry Secondary Education Sweetwater Terrell Eastland PiTiMAN, Bmy Weatherford •Secondary Education — .Alpha Rho Tau: F.T.A.; W.R.A.; Pro fessional Club. Puts, Harold J. Whitesl)oro Secondary Education — Future Teachers of . merica. McJl ' nkin, ELizABtriH Dublin Secondary Education — Tarle- ton Club; F.T.A. CI X ' ESBiTr, Robert D., Jr. F ' ort Worth Pall, Betty Industrial .Arts Recreation ass o f ' 50 Denton Professional Club. PosTON, Leone Riley Sparenberg Elementary Education Kir - Pos Page 243 School of Education Price, Marian Secondary Education Pritchett, Leonard E. Industrial Arts Decatur Spur Ramsey, Curtis Denton Psychology — Alpha Phi Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Blue Key, Pres. ' 49- ' 50; F.T.A.; Phi Delta Kappa; Poli- tical Economy Clul); Psi Chi; Wes- ley Foundation, Pres. ' 48- ' 49, Vice- Pres. ' 49- ' 50; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colle ges and Universities ' 48- ' 49; Associate Editor YUCCA ' 49- ' 50; Publications Council ' 49- ' 50; Presi- dent of Senior Class ' 49- ' 50. Richardson, Mary Ethei. Hallsville Elementary Education — Association of C hildhood Education; Future Teachers of America. Rii.i.iNG, Mrs. Nancy Elementary Education Denton RoBERSON, GwEN Valley Mills Physical Education — Women ' s Forimi ' 49- ' 50; F.T.A.; P.E. Profes- sional Club; W.R.A.; Senate ' 49- ' 50. ROBER.SON, JaNELLE Physical Education Valley Mills Robertson, Mrs. Joanne Clifton Elementary Education — Association of Childhood Education. Robinson, Jeanne Secondary Education ROBNF.TT, KATHRYN Chico Premont Psychology — Pi Omega Pi; Psi Chi; Kappa Delta Pi. Rogers, Harvey Education — Geezles. Mart Ramsey, Henry A. Industrial .Arts - Captain ' 49. Longview Pi Phi Pi, Rush Reese, L. A., Jr. Secondary Education Denton Rholes, Al Mineola Public School Administration Richardson, Frances Nell Port Arthur Elementary Education — Kappa Del- ta Pi. Roberts, Bobby Saint Jo Industrial .Arts — Phi Alpha Tau; Treasurer of United Students of N.T.; Industrial Arts Club. Roberts, Mildred Rice Psychology Pilot Point Roberts, Reba Jean Big Spring Education — Green Jackets, Sec. and Treas. ' 48- ' 49; W. N. Masters ' Chemi- cal Society; Beta Beta Beta; F.T..A.; Gammadian Society. Romano, Johnny Orange Psychology— Psi Chi; Newman Club; G.i.X. Ri ' I.and, Fre:d, Jr. Physical Education Bellville Rutherford, Bobbie Bele;w Vernon Secondary Education — Kappa Kap- pa Kappa. Page 244 SCARBOROUCH, HaWKINS Industrial Arts Corsicana Smith, Dolores Gladewater Elementary Education Sl ' IXDI.F., Fl.OVD M. Industrial Arts Denton Sewei.l, Bii.iiF. Ringgold Physical Education — P.E. Profes- sional Club; W.R.A.; Green Jackets, Pres. ' 47- ' 48. Shell, Carolyne Beaumont Elementary Education — F.T.A.; Jefferson County Club; Sr. Mary Arden Club; Sigma Tau Delta. Shelton, Willie Lee, Jr. Forney Psychology — Psi Chi; Alpha Chi. Smith, Frederick C. Secondary Education Stringer, Jim Fort Worth Bowie Industrial Arts— Industrial Arts Club. Smith, Glenn Big Spring Secondary Education — Geezles, Vice- Pres. ' 49. Smith, Mabi.e Psychology Taylor, Doris Marie Olney Elementary Education — Association of Childhood Education; F. l.A.; House Presiilcnts ' C:lub. Taylor, Shirley Farmersville Elementary Education — Quintilian Club; Association of Childhood Edu- Abilene cation; Alpha Rho I ' au; Green Jack- Shilcutt, Benny Education Itasca Shirley, Dorothy Grand Saline Elementary Education — Elementary Council; Jr. Current Literature Club; N.E.. .; F.T.. .; House Presidents ' Club. Sims, Jimmie Lou Waxahachie Elementary Education — Association of Childhood Education; Current Literature Club; House Presidents ' Club; Green Jackets. Smith, Martha Ann Texarkana Elementary Education Smyth, Evelyn Dallas Elementary Education — .Association of Childhood Education; Inter-Var- sity Christian Fellowship. Si ' ain, Fajla Mae Secondary Education Decatur THOMrsoN, James N., Jr. Chickasha, Okla. Industrial Arts — Industrial Arts Club; Los Caballeros; Square Dance Club. Tiffin, Edwin Dallas Psychology — Alpha C;hi; Kappa Delta Pi; ' ho ' s Who at N ' F; Psi Chi. Trevino, Xoe G. Corpus Christi Industrial .Arts — Industrial Arts Club; Future Teachers of America. Class of ' 50 Pri - Tre Page 245 School of Education Turner, Beverly Secondary Education Uvalde TuTTiE, Dan G. Longview Education — Sigma Phi Nil. Warren, Laurene RaymondviUe Elementary Education — Association of Childhood Education; Future Teachers of America. Watkins, Bill L. Sulphur Springs Psychology — Sigma Phi Nu, Sec. ' 49. Williams, Kurz Westai.l Saint Jo Industrial Arts — Industrial Arts Club; Phi Alpha Tau, Pres. ' 49; Lit- tle Dorms As.sociation; Senior Sena- tor. Williams, William J. Industrial Arts Sherman Tyson, George Dallas Psychology — Square Dance Club; Wesley Players. Weaver, Markie Fort Worth Secondary Education — Alpha Rho Tau; Los Caballeros, Sec. ' 47, Vice- Pres. ' 48; .eta Pi Gamma, Sec. ' 49. Williamson, Bertie Burkburnett Physical Education — W.R..A., Vol- leyl all Sports Mgr., Vice-Pres. ' 49- ' 50; P. E. Professional Club, Report- er •48- ' 49, Sec. ' 49- ' 50. Uhlinger, Vivian Denton Secondary Education— Future Teach- ers of America. Vincent, Mac W. Gainesville Public School Administration Wallace, Gerald Kaufman Physical Education — P. E. Profes- sional Club; Future Teachers of America; Talons. Walsh, Margaret Corpus Christi Psychology — Baptist Student Union; Future Teachers of America. Welborn, Gerai.dine Secondary Education - dents ' Club; Future .America. Welch, Malcolm D. Industrial Arts White, Harold Industrial .Arts McKinney House Presi- Teachers of DeKalb Burkett Whittington, Don Beth Overton Psychology — .eta Pi Gamma, Psi Chi. Winn, Maxine Jacksboro Physical Education — W.R.,A.; P.E. Professional Cluli, Pres. ' 48; Modern Dance Clul), .Sec. ' 48. WooDFiN, Edward C. School .Administration Woodward, F. Lewis Education Dallas Arlington Wooten, Jeane Mineola Secondary Education — E. D. Criddle Historical Society; F.T.. .; Phi Al- pha Theta., JAMF.S A., Jr. Industrial Arts Era Page 246 Clary, Warren G. Cole, Eva Louise Allen, Paul J. Anderson, Ross Annistead, W. H. Arrington, Florence Aten, Constance Ball. Anne Baker, fary Sue Barr, N ' eUla Jean Barton, Jim Bezdek. Jimmy Blackmon. Vancie Blair, Bill Blair, Tom, Jr. Boren, Patsy Boyd, Bettye Boykin. Billy Brandenburg. Nan Brooks, Mary Jane Broome, Billy G. Brown, Doris Leigh Bruce, Margaret Bullard, Xita Caldwell, Lois C. Calhoun, Nelwyn Campsey, Lilliah Cantwell, Joe Carmichael, Weldon Cecil, Johnnie Chilcutt, Wayinan W. Chiles. Flovd She ' s pulling out her nails to help build the Bruce Hall float. Conway. Glen L Cox, Lucius L., |i. . . . ' 51 Page 247 School of Education Currens, Jo Ann Damon, James Dandridge, William Darwin, Betty DeArmond, Katie Dcmpsey, Bonnie Derden, Irene Dixon, Roger Dyer, Robert Dyer. Sam, Jr. Estes, Jeanelle Charles I Of: iliese trombinists are sliding their way through school . . . . BOTTOM: The Chi Sigs took top honors in the house decoration con- test with their Monkey machine. . . . ' 51 Page 248 Leavell, Villiam Wyalt Levine, Anet (ireer, Alfred E. Grogan. Riith Ciriincly, Robert (iiiest. Ktlgar A. Giiynes. Nancy Hagan. Jennie Sue Hailey. Billie Hall, Marjorie Hankins. Joann Harstrom, David Hart, Ruby Hawkins, Bobbye Hay ton. Corky Heniby, Jack Hennessee, Patsy Hestand. Jack High tower, Mary Joyce Hipp. Billy J. Hoelscher, P. J. Hoelscher, Raymond Holland, Carolyn Hosford, Ruth Howell, Harlan T. Hughes, Mrs. Sara Wetzel Hytle. Lorene Jenkins. Lexie Jensen, Evalyn Jones, Bobby Jones. Lou .Ann Keel, Carolyn } ' ake iij), buddy, she looks j»cUy good from here. Page 249 School of Education Lightfoot, Jane Lipscomb, Millie Lloyd, Charlotte Lock, Howard l owe, Joan Ix ano, Conrad McCasland, Helen McC:onnell, Betty Jo McCullough, Norma Maglitto, Sam Mann, Alta Lee Markby, TOP: " Please get your card punched at the next table. BOLTOM: The photographer made three fast hours in merchandising art. . . . ' 51 Page 250 " " M Sommers, Audrey Sparkinan, Donald Oxner. Harmon V. Painter, D. Dwight Painter, Mary Jane Parker. Wallace I ' amielee, Betty Patton, Margie Nell Payne, Jeannine Pearce, Patricia Pennington, Roy Pittman. Dolores Pliunlee, Rosalene Price. Herman Ned Price. Ray Ray, Betty Reece, Dorothy Reynolds, Harold Richardson, . llegra Rike, Mary Lou Ritchie, Robert E. Romans, William Merrill Ruark, Laveme Scherer, George Scholz, Eriiestine Scott, Jack .Sewell, Pat ■Smith, James Wesley .Smith, Jesse P., Jr. Smith. Joe Smith, Robert B. Snow, Billy E. Spracklen, Floyd Stanton, Michael Lig - Sta Don ' t feei like a ifttllflotrer, get yottr six-shooter and let ' s go. Page 251 School of Education Stewart, Carolyn Stotts, I ' oUy Stucker, Mary Summer, Louise 1 aylor, I ' eggy Thettord Alvin K. Thigpen, Janet Tinkle, Shirley I ' riplett, Joy I ully, Eddie lurkett, Arlie Tyson, Martha Underwood, Judy Vaughn, Glenna Vollert, Frank J. Wallace, Dorothy Wallace, Richard LaMar White, L. James Whitfield, Jean Williams, Annette Williams, Clifford Williams, Joe B. Wilson, Howard Wilson, Thea Witten, Sydney Anne Womack, Louise Wriglit. Pat Juanila Young, James TOP: Line in front of me, line in back of me . . . into the valley of death xoalked the six thousand. BOTTOM: These boys are de- scribing their close shave at the ET " T " party. . . . ' 51 Page 252 ■ -■ ' Wk ' iA tn ( ,v M mm k.- ii- JM " F » ■ t :HS i ■ c n XT ■■ 1111(1 ■•■• ' kN • r-irrv; r Florence Isabelle Scoular, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Dean of the School of Home Economics School of Home Economics Although graduates from the School of Home Economics have long been recognized as outstanding students in professional circles, and al- though for many years they have gained increasing prestige for them- selves and the school that has trained them, the primary emphasis of the School of Home Economics has remained centered upon the home and its significance in American life. Realizing that too few women who are the future homemakers ever have the opportunity to attend college, additional emphasis has been devoted to the curricula for the training of teachers for this field. The flexibility and overall utility of its streamlined training program enables students graduating as majors in home economics to become school lunchroom supervisors, cafeteria managers, dieticians, or nursery school teachers, as well as teachers of home economics in the public schools. Majors leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Home Economics are clothing and related arts, foods and nutrition, home and family life, and general home economics. As an ultimate goal for those who do not follow professional work, the values and responsibilities for the home and family life are brought sharply into focus in the School ' s vocational homemaking courses. Page 254 Adams, Aldik Faye Home Economics Kirvin Bir.nAM, Helen Home Economics Waxahachie Glthrie, Alice A.wa Santa Anna ' ocational Home Economics Allen, Ida Belle Fort Vorth Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards; V. N. Masters Chemical So- ciety; Phi L ' psilon Omicron. Anthony, Joan Hillsl«)ro Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron. Baker, Grace Kathejiyne Fort Worth Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards; Jr. Current Literature Club; Phi L ' psilon Omicron; Foods and Nutrition Club. Baker, eta Filler Home Economics Euless Brock, Ellen Dee Roanoke Foods and Nutrition — Foods and Nutrition Club; Ellen H. Richards Club; W.RA. Brodie, E elyn Denton Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Zeta Pi Gamma, Parliamentarian ' 48, Treas. ' 49; V. N. Masters ' Chemical Society, Sec. ' 48; Green Jackets; Gammadian Society; Home and Family Life Club, I ' res. ' 47- ' 48; House Presidents ' Club ' 49; Who ' s Who in .American Col- leges and Universities ' 48- ' 49. Chafin, Joyce Cleburne Vocational Home Economics —Green Jackets. Pres. ' 49- ' .50; Ellen H. Rich- ards Club, Pres. ' 49- ' .50; House Presi- dents ' Club; Sr. Mary .Arden Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron. Embry, Naomi Home Economics Gainesville Everett, Dorothy ' . nn Denton Clothing and Related . rt — Gam- madian Societv; Ellen H. Richards Club; Alpha Rho Tau; Zeta Pi Gamma. Fennfr. Johnnie Stephenville Clothing and Related . rt — Zeta Pi Gamma; Ellen H. Richards Club. Hackney, Ri th Gatesville Home Economics — Zeta Pi Gamma; Sr. Mary Arden Club; Ellen H. Rich- ards Club; ocational Home Eco- nomics Club. Baldwin, Barbara Edgevsood Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards; Phi Upsilon Omicron. Chimney, Hazel Hamilton Vocational Home Economics Dean, Jane . nn Foods and Nutrition Jacksonville Hall, Mary Lou Petrolia Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards Club; Green Jackets; Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, Sec. ' 49., Evelyn Ballinger Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards Club. Dill, Dorothy Sweetwater Foods and Nutrition — Ellen H. Richards; Foods and Nutrition Club. Heard, Dorothy Home Economics .Vrcher Citv . . . Class of ' 50 Ada - Hea Page 25.T School of Hinds, Joycf. Joann Fort Worth Home Economics — Kllen H. Rich- ards Chib, Reporter ' 49; President of Women ' s Foriuii; Delta Chi Deha; Phi llpsilon Omicron; Sr. Mary Ar- den Club; Vice-President of Terrill Hall; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Johnson, Patsv Sue Kaufman Vocational Home Economics — Ellen H. Richards Club; Home and Fam- ily Life Club, Sec. and Treas.; F.T.A.; Senior Current Literature Club. JtiNr.BF.c:KER, Edna Houston Foods and Nutrition — Gammadian Society; Ellen H. Richards Club; Home and Family Life Club; Foods and Nutrition Club, Pres. ' 49- ' 50; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Rec. Sec. ' 49- ' 50; Potential Petagogues ' 49; F.T.A. KoF.NiNGF.R, Katie Home Economics Oklaimion LovF.LFss, Janei.i.f. Hillsboro Vocational Home Economics — Ellen H. Richards Club; F.T.A. Piiii.i.ips, Bii.i.iE Ruth Decatur Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vicc-Prcs. ' 49- ' .50. ROHKRI.S, MlIDRFD Clothing and Related Arts. Edna RoYAi.i., Oi.ETA .Athens Home Economics — Jr. Mary Arden Club; Kappa Theta Pi, Vice-Pres. •49. .Scon, Anna May Denton Clothing and Related .Art — Ellen H. Richards Club; Clothing and Re- lated Art Club; Sec. ' 49- ' ,50; House Presidents ' Club. Taitf, Blanche Kerfne Home Economics Joinerville Vance, Ruby June Panhandle Vocational Home Economics — Ellen H. Richards CMub; Home and Fam- ily Life Club; Jr. and Sr. Mary Arden Clubs. Vann, John .Ann Era Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards Club; Home and Family Life Club; House Presidents ' Club. Ward, Dorinda Home Economics Gainesville Whitley, Patty June Turnersville Vocational Home Economics Williams, Suzanne Ester Fort Worth Foods and Nutrition — Ellen H. Richards Club; Foods and Nutrition Club; Phi Upsilon Omicron. Miller, Laura Jane Paris Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards Club; College Players; Econom- ics Club. Thomi ' Son, Delia Weslaco Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards Club, Ireas.; Fcxxls and Nu- trition Club, Vice-Pres. Wilson, Joy Fort Worth Home Economics— Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Ellen H. Richards Club; Foods and Nutrition Club. Noel, Bobbie Ennis Vocational Home Economics — Ellen H. Richards Club; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Pres. ' 50. Trammei.l, Wanda Lometa Vocational Home Economics — Ellen H. Richards Club. Wilson, Joyce Greenwood Home Economics — Ellen H. Rich- ards Club; Green Jackets. Page 256 Home Economics FIRST ROW: (1) Jenny Adams, (2) Bess Brooks, (3) Authalia Brown, (4) Joan Br an, (5) Betty Carmack, (6) Doretha Casey, (7) Letitia Casteel. SECOND ROW: (1) Mildred Ann Gate, (2) Dorothy Chitwood, ($) Mary Katherine Coe, (4) Yvonne Cogswell, (5) Jean Corbin, (6) Anna L. Drieschner, (7) Peggy Durham. THIRD ROW: (1) Beth Forstner, (2) Mary Guillet, (3) Jeanne Hargrove, (4) Joyce Harper, (5) Betty Hersh, (6) Helen Kelley, (7) La- verne Knight. FOURTH ROW: (1) Anita Lockhart, (2) Sue McEntire, (3) Margie Marshall, (4) Wilma Martin, (5) Joan Moore, (6) .■ lgene O ' Daniel, (7) Virginia Pate. FIFTH ROW: (1) Alva Powell, (2) Bettv Presswood, (3) Juanda Ramsey, (4) Wanda Rignev, (5) Mrs. Betty Romans, (6) Diane Scott, (7) Helen Sheppard. SIXTH ROW: (1) Mittie E. Sims, (2) Mary Joyce Stanley, (3) Alma Sue Taylor, (3) Lanell Wainscott, (5) Virgielene Wicker, (6) Evelyn Williams, (7) Merry Ruth Wood, (8) Patsy Woolever. Page 257 Ada - Woo All right, so we had an extra page . BloiDtnir their brains out for their country . The things you can get into at a church get-acquainted party . . . Not a power failure, just Big-Little Sister Adoption Cere mony . . . ' Swing your partner icith a dosie-do " " Can ' t I get a book just slightly used for less? " The perfect solution for high water protection is envied by all . . . Page 258 f Walter Hutchinson Hodgson, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of the School of Music School of Music Combining scholarship with fame and fortune, the School of Music over the years has managed to perform one of the most spectacular educational and professional training programs in existence anywhere in the United States in the many fields of music. With a rare combi- nation of high skill and artistic mastery, and yet not neglecting the prime requisite, teaching ability, the Music School possesses and uti- lizes a faculty that does the college at large a great compliment and at the same time, provides for the students the experience not often found in public higher education. The School of Music offers exceptional instruction in the entire field of music on both the undergraduate and graduate level. Included in its well-rounded curricula are training for vocal and instrumental supervisors in public school music, for teachers of applied music, for students majoring in elementary education, and for students desiring a cultural background in music. Courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Science in Music Education are extended to majors in composition, church music, musicology, dance band, piano, voice, organ, harp, and all orchestral and band instru- ments. Musical groups of the School tour several times each year. This year organizations appeared in concert throughout the Southwest while some have made partial national tours. Page 260 w Ai.BRiTTON, Sherry Denton Public School Music Education Anderson, Elizabeth Clarksville Music — Paris Club; Women ' s Choir; A Capella Choir; Opera Workship; Madrigal Singers; Sigma Alpha Iota; Ho Hums; Grand Chorus. ARMsmoNG, Beti V Panhandle Music Education — Gammadian Society; Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec. ' 49; Pi Kappa Lambda; Wom- en ' s Glee Club. . SHENFELTER, IRENE Dallas Music Education — Gammadian Society; Mu Phi Epsilon, Treas. ' 49- ' 50. Baker, Bryan M. Pasadena Music Education — Phi Mu Al- pha; Grand Chorus; Chapel Choir. Bell, Salue Music Education Mexia Blankenship, Bill Gatesville Music — A Capella Choir; Op- era Workshop. Boston, PFr.GY . ngleton Music — Kappa Theta Pi; Pi Kappa Lambda; Mu Phi Epsi- lon. Corres. Sec. ' 49; . lpha Chi; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Tau Delta; Jr. and .Sr. Mary . rden Clubs; Gammadian Society. Bull(x;k, Marilyn Joy Newcastle Music Coffey, Penei.ope . nn .Alexandria, Virginia Music COFFMAN, VeSLEY S. . rdmore, Oklahoma Music — Phi Mu Alpha; Pi Kappa Lambda; Alpha Chi; Grand Chorus; Chapel Choir. Cohen, Edward L., Jr. Voodmere, L-L, N. Y. Music — Grand Chorus. Cole, Percy ' an Fort Vorth Music Education — Delta Chi Delta, Sec. ' 49; Jr. and Sr. Mary . rden Clubs; Green Jackets. Commander, Margie Groves Music Education — Jefferson County Club; Sr. Mary Arden Club; Grand Chorus; Women ' s Choir. Pres. ■49- ' 50. C:ooK, Raymond Li.oyd Dallas Music Education — Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Chi; Phi Mu Alpha; Concert Band; Football Band. Drum Major; Symphony Or- chestra; Grand Chorus. CoTTEN, Jim Memphis, Tenn. Music — Opera Orchestra; Con- certo Orchestra. Dabney, Joe Wyatt Granbury Music Education — Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfonia; Concert Band; Grand Chorus; Fine .-Vrts Com- mittee ' 48; . ces. Davis, Neil Tyler Music Education — Chapel Choir; Grand Chorus; F.T.. .; Tyler Club; M.E.N.C; Little Dorms Association. Davison, Ruth Ann Reagan Music Education — Zeta Pi Gamma; Sigma . lpha Iota, Treas. ' 49- ' 50. Sr. Mary . rden Club; Women ' s Choir; Chapel Choir; Great Chorus. DoDGEN, Doris Yvonne Winnsboro Music Education — Jr. and Sr. Mary . rden Clubs; Marching Band; Oratorio Choir; Women ' s Glee Club; Harp Ensemble. E. soN, George Corsicana Piano — Phi Mu . lpha Sin- fonia. Erwin, Colton Denton Music Education — Phi .Mu .•Al- pha. Sec. ' 49; Grand Chorus; Cha|)el Choir. Gibson, Eleyce Lufkin Music — Sigma . lpha Iota; Student Religious Council. Graham, Loitse Winnie Music Education — Second Chapell Choir; Women ' s Choir; Grand Chorus; .Alpha Chi; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Jefferson County Club. Gra es, Mary K. Music Paducah Gi ' iN, Ada .Abilene Music — Jr. Mary .Arden Club, Treas. ' 47; Kappa Theta Pi, Re- ])orter and Sec; .Mu Phi Epsi- lon; -A Capella Choir; Grand Chorus. Gly, Pauline Kilgore Music Education and Piano Concentration — Grand Chorus; ' omen ' s Choir; Kilgore College Club: Intenarsitv; .Alpha Chi. Hampton, Evan Music Education Harlingen Class of ' 50 Alb -Ham Page 261 School of Music Harmon, Carolyn Fort Worth Music Education HoLLF.NSBE, JiM Ardmorc, Okla. Music Education HuDGiNS, Audrey Corsicana Music — Gammadian Society; Sigma Alpha Iota, Chaplain, ■49- ' 50. Hudson, Myers El Campo Music Education Icenhower, Mary E. DeKall) Music Education Jenkins, Robert E. Fort Worth Music Composition Johnson, Gloria Grandfalls Music Jones, Norma B. Longview Music Education — Kilgore Col- lege Club; Women ' s Choir; Grand Chorus. Lane, Charles Music Victoria Lasater, Clyde Eugene Wichita Falls Music Education — A Cappella Choir; Sinfonia; F.T.A. Lee, N. a., Jr. Wichita Falls Music Education — Concert Band; Marching Band. Merritt, Virginia Lufkin Music Education MosELEY, Elna Jean Rusk Music Education McCarty, Ernestine Burke Music — Sigma Alpha Iota; Sr. Mary Arden Club. McGuire, Lunella Port Arthur Music Education — Phi Gamma Kappa; Jefferson County Club, Sec. Oglesby, Shirley Waxahachie Music Education — Concert Band; Marching Band. Payne, Robert Orange Music — . Capella Choir; Grand Chorus; Opera Work- shop; Men ' s Glee Club; Sym- phony Orchestra; Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfonia; Chapel Choir; In- ternational Relations Club. Pickett, Lydia Ann Galveston Music Education Roe, Wayne Austin Music Education Schantz, Ira Lubbock Music — Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Chi; A Capella Choir; Madri- gal Singers; Opera Workshop; Oratorio Chorus; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; Blue Key. Scheihacen, Patricia Lang Bryan Music Education — Women ' s Choir; Grand Chorus. Schoenfield, Ruth R. Miles Music Education — Zeta Pi Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota; Jr. and Sr. Mary Arden Clubs; A Capella Choir; Madrigal Sing- ers; Student Religious Council; Favorite ' 49; Gammadian So- ciety; House Presidents ' Club, Sec. and Treas. ' 49- ' 50. Skoog, Alfred Borger Music — Opera Workshop. SoLLEY, Marvin Voice Louisville, Ky. Sullivan, Mary Jane Music Education Denton Teal, Juanita Dallas Music Education — A Capella Choir; Opera Workshop; Sigma Alpha Iota; Grand Chorus. Tune, Hobson Music Education Forney Shadle, Bill Church Music Houston Walker, R. Kenneth Weatherford Music Education WiLFLEY, Elizabeth St. Louis, Mo. Music — Sigma Alpha Iota, Pres. ' 49- ' 50; Concert Band; Symphony Orchestra; Harp En- semble. Williams, Anna Lou Moran Music Education — Sigma Al- pha Iota; Tarleton Club. I Page 262 Bearmore, June Berry, Ernestine Bothwell, Lynne Box, Eiiel Brown, B. D. Buchanan, Rol)ert BulkKk, Frances V. Click, Peggy Collins, Grace Dalmasso, Frances Ann Daly. Abigail E. Elskes, Carolyn Farkas, Stephen Field, Alice Louise Ford, Gene Frerichs, Margaret Garrison, Pat Hale. Anna Gene Jackson. Jessie Lou Jones. Davifl Lang. Betty Jane Lloyd, Martha Ann Lockwood. Sarah . nn TOP: He knows a good thing when he sees it . . . BOTTOM: What could there be of interest in the (ugh) CHAT? . . . ' 51 Har-Loc Page 263 School of Music Loe, Dorothy Dell McDonald, Jean McSpadden, Betty Mapcs, Marian Maxwell, Sally Miller, Donna M(H)dy, Jo Nunez, Carold Pearson, Oliver Pomctt, Dolores Ray, Mary Sue Rippy, Patty Ruth TOP: Serenaders got a little appreciation — darn little TOM: Observers are slightly shuffle-bored. . . . ' 51 Page 264 Sophomores . . . FIRST ROW: (1) Carl Abbey, (2) Beatrice Abell. (3) Roland Adams, (4) Marilynne Agnevv, (o) Betly Jo Alexander, (6) Silas Allen, (7) William V. .U tcrs. SECOND ROW: (1) Marie Ander- son, (2) Max Anderson, (3) James Anthony, (4) Nancy Armor, (5) Otis Harold Arnett, (6) Richard Arnwine, (7) Max Arterberry. THIRD ROW: (1) Mary Dean Ashley, (2) Virginia Atkins, (3) Almeda Austin, (4) Bettye Jean Austin, (5) Charles Aiisti 7 To Troy Badgett, (7) Bobby Bailey. FOURTH ROwl (1) James Harold Bailey, (2) Virginia Bailey, (3) Bill Baker, (4) Orland Baker, (. " )) Talou Balch, (6) Cathryn Baldwin, (7) George Ray Baldwin. FIFTH ROW: (1) Jack Banks, (2) Zoe Barbee, (3) Delores Barnett, (4) Jean Barrett, (5) Jane Bartley, (6) Charles Bassett, (7) James Bates. SIXTH ROW: (I) L. V. Bean, (2) Anne Solley Bearden, (3) Marilyn Beaver, (4) Connie Valeria Beeson, (5) Barbara Louise Bell, (6) Yvonne Fay Bennett, (7) Elizabeth Berendzen. Page 266 . . . ' 52 TOP: The newest sport — Perpendicular mechanized ualking BOTTOM: Sex rears its ugly head — in volleyball. Bolton, Bunny Boone, Betty Boswell, Joyce Bounds, Annie Mary Bowdoin. Becky Jo Bowen, La ' eeta Bowling, Patricia Jan Bowman, Woodrow Boyd, Lester Wade Boyles, CuUen S. Boynton, Uyvonne Brabham, Sue Bradford, Betty Bradley, Patricia Bilger, Bobbie Bird, Ralph Birdwell, Laura Jean Birmingham, Neal Bishop, Clyde Black, Eldon Black, Twila Blackwell, Roy Blancelt, Paula Blankenship, Billie Ann Blankinship, Don Blessing, John Bo lkin. James Bolin, William Boling, Vallace Barton Abb - Bra Page 267 Sophomores FIRST ROW: (1) Patsy Bradley, (2) Ruth Brazeel, (3) Betsy Brent, (4) Clinton Brisendine, (5) Beth Bristo, (6) Bette Brittain, (7) Alfred Broad. SECOND ROW: (1) John Lester Brock, (2) Luther A. Brock, Jr., (3) Carolyn Broussard, (4) Chrit Brown, (5) Daniel B. Brown, (6) Harry L. Brown, (7) Patsy Brown. IHIRD ROW: (1) Pete Brown, (2) Lois Bruce, (3) Donald Buchholz, (4) Patti John Bunch, (5) Joyce Burch, (6) Elizabeth Anne Burleson, (7) Billy Joe Bur- nett. FOURTH ROW: (1) B. J. Burns, (2) Wjjul Burtis, (3) P Uiy .■ nn Buttra m. (4) Everett Caldwell, (5) Louise Caldwell, (6) Sue Camp, (7) Floyce Jean Campbell. FIFTH ROW: (1) Nadine Cannon, (2) Jo Anne Cantrell, (3) Loye Cardwell, (4) Anne Carleton, (5) Dorothy Carlson, (6) Mary Carlton, (7) Tommy Carlton. SIXTH ROW: (1) Jimmy Carmichall, (2) John Carpenter, (3) Anit a Carroll, (4) Jean Carter, (5) Homer W. Cates, Jr., (6) Tommy Cates, (7) Patricia Caudle. Page 268 .. ' 52 Cleveland Evalyn Cline, Junelle Cxxler, Beverly Coffee, ' irginia a)ffev, A. Fred, Jr. rx»inpton, Joan Cook. Betty Jane Cook, Norma Jinie Cooper, Jane Copeland, Betty Copeland, James E., Jr. Corljet, Anna Lee Page 269 Bra - Cor Sophomores . . . FIRST ROW: (1) Barbara Glynn Corkins, (2) Betty Cothran, (3) William T. Coulter, (4) Beverly Courts, (5) Marjorie Cowan, (6) Jamie Cox, (7) Jo Ann Cox. SECOND ROW: (1) Barbara Ann Craig, (2) Dewey Craig, (3) Elizabeth Craig, (4) Del Crane, (5) Arietta Crawford, (6) Melba Creager. (7) Carolyn Crofts. THIRD ROW: (I) Marilynn Crook, (2) Jim Crowe, (3) Judy Culwell, (4) W. B. Curry, (5) Eddie Curtis, (6) Hannah Curtis, (7) John Curtis. FOURTH ROW: (I) Patsy Ruth Curtis, (2) Paul D. Dague, (3) Robert Dale, (4) Joseph R. Davenport, (5) Harold David, (6) Janet Davidson, (7) La Verne Davidson. FIFTH ROW: (1) Martha .Ann Davidson, (2) Neil Davidson, (3) Bobby Davis, (4) Bobby J. Davis, (5) Clinton E. Davis, (6) Roy Davis, (7) Charlie Daws. SIXTH ROW: (1) Lorain DeBovy, (2) Elizabeth De Ford, (3) Tommy Joy Denman, (4) James Denning, (5) Janice Dennis, (6) Catherine De- witt, (7) Parkes C. Dibble. Page 270 . . . ' 52 Dick, Clarence Dishman, Rosemary Dodson, Jack H. Doles, Grady N ' eal Doyle. Teddy Joe Drake, William B. Drennan, Billie Drew, Kirk Dnimright, Charles Dutfey, Helen Duncan, Arthur B Dyer, Frieda Jo TOP: It must be sex, nothing else could command the attention of so many people . . . BOTTOM: " Break it up kids, what would the Dean say! " Edwards, Que Duane, Jr. Egger, Pat Fggleston, Thurston Eichler, Pat Eller, Charles Ellis, Vesley Etter, Cathy Euler, Patty Farias, Berta Field, Joan Fifcr, Ora Maye Finnie, Jean Fitch, Peggy Fleming, Nell Earney, Michael Edwards, Bettye Edwards, Don Cor - Fie Page 271 r ? ' xi .44 Sophomores . . . FIRST ROW: (1) Margaret Flemister, (2) Edsel D. Ford, (3) Jerry Forrest, (4) Glenn Foster, (5) Gene Fowler, (6) Mary Fox, (7) Royal Fox. SECOND ROW: (1) Earlyne Freeman, (2) Lloyd Fruge, (3) Patsy Ann Galloway, (4) Barbara Garland, (5) Bonnie Garner, (6) McDonald Gay, (7) Catherine Gentry. THIRD ROW: (1) Bettye Gibbs, (2) Donald R. Gibson, (3) Gilbert S. Gil, (4) Douglas Giles, (5) Mildred Gilkison, (6) O ' Gene Gill, (7) Bob Gillentine. FOURTH ROW: (I) Una Glazener, (2) John Glenn, (3) John Goldthorn, (4) Dixie Wayne Good, (5) Cecil N. Goodman, (6) Louise Gorman, (7) C. R. Graham, Jr. FIFTH ROW: (1) Jeanne Yvonne Cranberry, (2) Carole Grantham, (3) Alfred G. Gray, (4) Clint Gregory, (5) Johnny Grill, (6) Linda Lou Goss, (7) Edwina Guinn. SIXTH ROW: (1) Jack R. Gunter, (2) Reva Hackney, (3) L. H. Hall, (4) Hope Hamp- ton, (5) Marvin H. Hancock, (6) Mack Hanning, (7) Lucy Anne Hanson. Page 272 Hatton, Joada Hayman, Jacqueline Havnes, Billy Dwayne Haynic. Hancy Hays. Anne Heard, Brooks Heame. Billie Jean Heflin, Leigh Heighten, Marjorie Helm, Julie Hemphill, Marilyn Henderson, Charles Vayne Henderson. Wayne Hendley, Barbara Fie - Hen Page 273 Sophomores . . . FIRST ROW: (1) Nancy Hendrix, (2 ), Bonnie May Herkime r, (3) Al Hickerson, (4) Bonnie Sue Hickey, (5) Joe Xeal Hicks, (6) Keith Hildebrand, (7) Maxine Hill. SECOND ROW: (1) Jimmie Hilz, (2) Joanne Himmel, (3) Chester Hines, (4) Florence Hinkle, (5) Sara Lu Hitt, (G) Arthur Hodge, (7) Wanda Hodges. THIRD ROW: (1) Barbara Hotf, (2) Carolyn Hofmann, (3) Bill Hogan, (4) Henry Holland, (5) Mary Nell Hollier, (6) Lou Holmes, (7) Shirley Holmes. FOURTH ROW: (1) Betty Hoover, (2) J. C. Hopkins, (3) Charles tlou se, (4) Betty Howell, (5) Jewel Howell, (6) Joyce Howell, (7) Patsy Huber. FIFTH ROW: (1) Bob Hiie C ' (2) Jackie Huff, (3) William L. Humphrey, (4) Margaret Hunter, (5) Pat Hunter, (6) Tommy Hobson Hunter, (7) Kennith Hurley. SIXTH ROW: (I) Gene Hutchison, (2) Joe Icenhower, (3) Wanda Lou Ingram, (4) Jess Insall, (5) James Irvin, (6) Joyce Isbell, (7) Don Jacks. Page 274 . . . ' 52 Jackson, Donald E. Jackson, Mar ' Jeanne Jackson, Sue James. Mary Beth January. Donald Ray Jarrclt. Walter A. Jennings, Ntary Ann Jennings. Paul C. Johnson, Alice Dee Johnson. Joan Johnson. Lois Johnson, Tomraie Johnston, Leonard Tones, . lvin TOP: " Wonder if that old bat gave me a DT . . . BOTTOM: A typi- cal scene at " Andy Swenson ' s Book Emporium. " Jones, Beverly Jones, . Jary Elizabeth Jones, i NancvJean Jones, Sharon Kay Jones. Thomas A. Joyce, Kenneth Jurick, Garland V. Karnes, Benny Katz, Ed Keener, Jean Keith, Clyde Keith, James H., Jr. Keller, Jo Ann Kelley, Joan Kelly, Paul B. Hen - Kel Page 275 Sophomores . . . FIRST ROW: (1) Nita Ketchura, (2) Glenna Kilcrease, (3) Richard Kirh y, (4) KarlaKirchJjailie, (5) Carl Kisinger, (6) Alene Rae Klein, (7) Don Knapp SECOND ROW: (1) Gordon Kramer, (2) Marilyn Krause, (3) Kathleen Krueger, (4) A. Frank Kubica. (5) Betty Ku- chenbacker, (6) Marjorie Kunkel, (7) HoUis Lacey. THIRD ROW: (1) Willard La Grone, (2) Beverly La Gue, (3) Jean Laiche, (4) Eileen Lalicker, (5) Bill Lammes, (6) Bill Lanning, (7) Don Lauder- dale. FOURTH ROW: (1) Lorene Law, (2) Joan Lawrence, (3) Billy Laws, (4) Pat Lawson, (5) Joan Lay, (6) Sanford T. Ledbetter, (7) Billy Lewallen. FIFTH ROW: (1) Richard J. Lindsay, (2) Ginger Loe, (3) Carol Loeser, (4) Charles Long, (5) Charles T. Long, (6) Charles Lopes, (7) John Allen Lovelace. SIXTH ROW: (I) William E. Lowrance, (2) Lewis Lutrick, (3) Burnis Lyles, (4) Henry Lyles, (5) Patsy Sue Lyles, (6) Helen Lynch, (7) E. B. McBumett. Page 276 . . 52 McCancIless, Charles McCarty, Martin McCarty. Royco XfcClelland, Clive McClung, Roy led McCTeless. Janelle McCutcheson, Betty McUaniel, Barbara Jean McDonald, Anita TOP: " Id druther not pcse, thanks " . . . BOTTOM: we ' ll gii ' e you a book coivr, too . . . free. " McGee. William T. McGehee. Leoma Jean McKinney. Oscar McLain, Jack McLain. Mary Ann McLauchlin. Jobyna McLaurin, Beth McNamara, Janetta McNeely, Fredda McNitzky, Adam McPherson. Glenna McRae. Mae McSpadden, George Afackey, Bill Mclionald. Betty McDonald, Sandy McElhanon. Beatrice Nellie McF.lligot, Lois , McElwee. Nancy and ' McFarlane. Eva Ket - Mac Page 277 Sophomores . . . FIRST ROW: (1) Peggy Mac Vean, (2) Joe Mahaffey, (3) Helen Mahan, (4) Glenn Mandeville, (5) E. G. Mankins, (6) Samuel Mann, (7) Mary Marrs. SECOND ROW: (1) Dorothy Martin, (2) Jan Mathews, (3) Tony Matijevich, (4) Juanell Matthews, (5) Bill Max- well, (6) Bettie Jo May, (7) David L. Mead. THIRD ROW: (1) Kenneth Mead, (2) Inez Meaker, (3) Mary Ann Means, (4) Edgar George Meglasson, (5) A. B. Menasco, (6) Byram Merrell, (7) Jack Messer. FOURTH ROW: (1) Joyce Michon, (2) O. L. Miller, (3) Patsy Miller, (4) Glenn E. Mitchell, (5) Raraona Mitchell, (6) Glenn Montgomery, (7) Charles Moore. FIFTH ROW: (1) Dean Moore, (2) John L. Moore, III, (3) Relja Moore, (4) £olieU_ Ioore, (5) Sally Moore, (6) John Moreland, (7) Dorothy Morris. SIX! H ROW: (1) Margie Morris, (2) Ed Morris, (3) Ulyissis Steve Morrow, (4) Betty Moseley, (5) Ray Moseley, (6) Jaynie Mosley, (7) Jimmie Meyers. Page 278 ' 52 Muecke, Norman Munsoii, Rodger Murphy. Joan Murphy, fary ' Jo Miirrell, Arthur Neal, Jo Frances Neprude , Joan Newberry, Jean Newby, Mary Elizabeth Xewsoin Joy Newton, Sarah Norton, Charles TOP: W ' liat some people will do to gel in Club Varsity TOM: " Please, partner, may I go out . . . I gotta! " Odom, George ODonnell, Genee Oehlschlaeger, Loureiu ' Officer, Jean O ' GIee, Carolyn OHearn, Pat Orth, Stanford Osborne, Mary Outon, Helen Overall, Juanita Lyane Owen, Hazel La Nell Ozment, Charles Padgett, Marvin Page, Anna Margaret . liOT- Oblander, Lila O ' Connor, Mary Ann O ' Daniel, Donna Page 279 Mac - Pag Sophomores . . . FIRST ROW: (1) James Bev Palmer, (2) Lloyd B. Parker, (3) Mary Sue Parker, (4) Marilyn Pate, (5) Betty Patteson, (6) Kenneth R. Patton, (7) Emil Paul. SECOND ROW: (1) Elton Payne, (2) Carol Ann Peck, (3) Billy Wade Perry, (4) Willa Grace Perryman, (5) Lynne Margaret Peterson, (6) Sue Pike, (7) Owen Pilcher. THIRD ROW: (1) Jean Pindale, (2) Edith Lou Piner, (3) Jane Pinkerton, (4) Maxine Pinner, (5) Jane Piott, (6) William L. Pipken, (7) Vir- ginia Piraino. FOURTH ROW: (1) Mary Catherine Pittman, (2) Pat Piatt, (3) Marvin F. Peer, (4) Lina Grace Pond, (5) Don Ponder, (6) Jovan Porterfield, (7) Milton Potter. FIFTH ROW: (1) Betty Jo Powell, (2) Patsy Power, (3) Bob Price, (4) Jewel Proctor, (5) Bettye Purgason, (6) Joyce Pyles, (7) Geneva Quebe. SIXTH ROW: (1) Jo Ann Railsback, (2) Jimmie Ann Ramer, (3) Jo . nn Randle, (4) Sherrill Ransom, (5) Joan L. Rectenwald, (6) Dorothy Reed, (7) Emma Daisy Reed. Page 280 52 TOP: " Check your fingerprints at the BertiUion file to your left. HUTTOM: " Dear Joe, I just signed the pledge . . . " Riley, Mickie Riveire, John P. Roach, Patsy Roberson, Janit Roberts. Margaret Robinson, Bob Robinson, Charlotta Robinson, Marian Robinson Sammie Li Rodgers, Joe N Rogers, Andy, Jr. Rogers, Mary Katherine Rogers, Virginia Rollins. Gov Lee Reed, Iraa Ruth Reed, James Reed, Joan Reese. Patricia Ree es. Roliert Renshaw, Lavaga Reynolds, Kenneth Reynolds, Shirley Rice. Ruth Rich, Charlene Richards, Richard Ricke, Charles J., Jr. Riddels. .Mice Ridley. Joan Riehl, Durwood Pal - Rol Page 281 Sophomores . . . FIRST ROW: (1) Martha Rotlifus, (2) Albert Rowan, (3) Bonnie Rowe, (4) Jack Edward Rumljley, (5) Beverly Russell, (6) Joyce Marie Sanders, (7) Nancy Scarborough. SECOND ROW: (1) Maurice Schnorr, (2) Frances Scofield, (3) Colleen Scoggins, (4) Elaine Scott, (5) Gloria Seaman, (6) Jerry Seidewfeld, (7) Jeanne Selby. THIRD ROW: (1) Norma Shackelford, (2) Mrs. Bessie S. Sheppard, (3) Lewis Sheppard, (4) Marilyn Short, (5) Peggy Short, (6) Helen Shu- bert, (7) Joyce Shubert. FOURTH ROW: (1) Toyce Joanne Simme r, (2) Lou Ann Simpson, (3) William Simpson, (4) Gerald Skidraore, (5) Pauline Skidmore, (6) Perry Slack, (7) Emily Slaughter. FIFTH ROW: (I) Monte Smart, (2) Denna Lane Smith, (3) Jean Smith, (4) Johnnie C. Smith, (5) Katherine Smith, (6) Kay Smith, (7) Peggie Jo Smith. SIXTH ROW: (1) Sue SoUis, (2) Beverly Solo- mon, (3) William P. Sparks, (4) Ann Spenny, (5) Norma Jean Spitzer, (6) Don Spurrier, (7) Charles F. Stahl. Page 282 Sullivan, Joan Sumner, Barbani Sumners, Dan Swain, Jim Swift, Bennie Mae Sybert, Bill Tannenbaum, Leah Tanner, Jo Ann Tate, Shirlene Taylor, Dan Taylor, Genevie e Taylor, Jimmy Taylor, Olive Nell Tavlor, Richard Rot - Tay Page 283 Sophomores . . FIRST ROW: (1) Charles Teague, (2) Barbara Ann Teat, (3) Jack Ihomas, (4) Jack C. Thomas. (5) Mary Lee Thomas, (6) Andrew Thompson, (7) Dale Thompson. SECOND ROW: (1) Gene Thomp- son, (2) Jay Thompson, (3) Murrel Ihorapson, (4) Nancy Thompson, (5) Dannye Thornton, (6) Barbara Thorpe, (7) Wanda Tipps. THIRD ROW: (1) Norma Todd, (2) Gene Traster, (3) James C. Travis, (4) Anna Belle Trigg, (5) Mary Trippe t, (6) Norma Truitt, (7) Marshall Tunnell. FOUR! H ROW: (1) Bettye Sue Turner, (2) Bobradine Turner, (3) Carolyn Turner, (4) Ross Turner, (5) Elaine Turney, (6) Robert Tuttle, (7) Ada Tyssowski. FIFTH ROW: (1) Nancy Upshaw, (2) Constance Van Meter, (3) Stewart Vannerson, (4) J. L. Varley, (5) Roy L. Varley, (6) Robert Vaughn, (7) Wanda Jo Vinson. SIXTH ROW: (1) Velva Jo Voisin, (2) Bill Wainwright, (3) Virginia Walberg, (4) Donald Walker, (5) Mary Walker, (6) Dan Wall, (7) Donnel Wallace. Page 284 FIRST ROW: (1) Patsy Wallace, (2) Bol) Walls, (3) Marion Walston, (4) Dale Walton, (3) Ernest E. Warren, (6) E. W. arren, Jr., (7) Sue Weatherby . SECOND ROW: (1) Peggy Webb, (2) Glenna Welbom, (3) Wanda Westbrook, (4) Peggy Wheatley, (5) Kay Wheeless, (6) Hurley Joe Wheiles, (7) Wayne hiften. THIRD ROW: (1) Denyse White, (2) Victor Viesner, (3) Roma VVilcke, (4) Riley Willey, (5) Barbara Williams, (6) Billie Sue Williams, (7) Dan Williams. FOURTH ROW: (I) Noel Villiams, (2) Arlene Willingham, (3) Jerry Wilson, (4) Samuel Wilson, (5) Pat Winfrey, (6) Joan Wingfield, (7) Bill Winston. FIFTH ROW: (1) Glynn Withrow, (2) Royce ■omble, (3) Jack P. Voodruff, (4) Gerr - Vren, (5) Daniel Eugene Vunsch, (6) Don Wylie, (7) Betty Elaine Yarbrough. SIXTH RO V: (1) Gail W. York, (2) Thomas Young, (3 ) Archie Zickler. . . . ' 52 Tea - Zic Page 285 Fresh men . FIRST ROW: (I) Tomiiiie Adams, (2) Mary Jane Akers, (3) Bess Ruth Alciridge, (4) Betty Gay Allen, (5) Joan Allen, (6) Robert Glen Allred, (7) Mary Alvis. SECOND ROW: (1) Freddie Jane Amyx, (2) Joe Anderson, (3) John Anderson, (4) Robert Anderson, (5) Joe Paul Andrews, (6) Vevagene Apple, (7) Marjorie Arrington. THIRD ROW: (1) Roy Atkinson, (2) Doris Babb, (3) Jane Bailey .if (4) Lila Jean Bailey, (5) Celia Baird, (6) Helen Baker, (7) Helen Louise Baker. FOURTH ROW: (1) Guy Baldwin, Jr., (2) Joe Ballard, (3) Bob Ballenger, (4) Mary D. Balthrop, (5) Kendel Banks, (6) Richard Barham, (7) Robert Barham. FIFTH ROW: (1) Judith Ann Barker, (2) Ray Barker, (S) Leta ' Lu Barkley, (4) Margaret Barrett, (5) Everette Barrilleaux , (6) John Barton, (7) Gene Baskin. SIXTH ROwl (1) Mary Bass, (2) Audrey Batchelo r, (3) Shirley Bazar, (4) Alecia Beasley, (5) Dorothy Beavers, (6) Billie Kathryn Beckworth, (7) Jack Beeman. Page 286 Boston, Jim Boulmay, Evelyn Bowden, Dillon Bell, Anita Bell, DeLois Bennett, Bill Bentley, Cecil Bentley, Richard Benton, Jimmy Bc ers, Eugene a Bickle, Jerry Biggs, Shirley I J lack well, Jerry l ' .l,ikp|py , r.larp nrp ISIasig. Anne Bloom, Rudolph Bluhm, Dorothy Boatman, Tommy I ' loenker, Henry IV lin, Milburn Bond, Villard Bowden, Norma Lee Bowdoin, Betty Jean Bowman, Joann TOP: Sen ' ice with a smile at the clubhouse . LEFT: Skating takes off weight — by abrasion. . LOWER • • . wO Ada - Bow Page 287 Fresh men FIRST ROW: (1) Jack Boyce, (2) Jeannette Bradl)erry, (3) David Bradford, (4) De Laine Branch, (5) Ann Branson, (6) Alton Brant- ley, (7) Helen Brantley. SECOND ROW: (1) Rose Mary Bran, (2) Peggy Ziie Bray, (3) Ava Gene Breed, (4) Calvin Brewer, (5) Daniel Robert Brewer, ((5) Jim Brewer, (7) Norma Bridge. THIRD ROW: (1) Mary Bridges, (2) Sue Bridges, (3) Sandrea Brinkmann, (4) Ruth Broad, (.5) Mary B rock, " (6) Harvey Broward, (7) John Brown. FOURTH row! (Ty Margaret Brown, (2) Pat Brown, (3) Pete Brown, (4) Raymond Brown, (5) Royce Brown, (6) Sammy Brown, (7) Esther Browning . FIFTH ROW: (1) Juanita Burke, (2) Eliza- beth Ann Burkhardt, (3) Betty Burk s, (4) Barbara Ann Burleson, (5) Betty Burnett, (6) Claude N. Burns, ' (7) John Bums. SIXTH ROW: (1) Julia Burns, (2) Frank Busch, (3) Les Butler, (4) Rita Butler, (5) Arlene Butts, (6) Thomas Weldon Byrom, (7) Norma Jo Calhoun. Page 288 C:annon. Joe W. Caperton, Walton G. Cargill, Cynthia C.armichael, Pat (Carpenter, John C.arr, Alvin C;arroll, Martha Carroll. Mary C:arry. Ray Carter, Glen Cathey, Wylie Cauthcn. Jo Ann Boy - Col Page 289 MZ Fresh men . . . FIRST ROW: (1) Charlie Cole, Jr., (2) Jannie Coleman, (3) June Coleman, ( 4) Clarence VV . C gllins, (5) Kenneth Collins, (6) Donald Alvin Comhest, (7) Melvin Connel. SECOND ROW: (1) Lou Ellen Copeland, (2) Suzanne Cordsen, (3) farie Corley, (4) Jane Couch. (.5) Jean Couch, (0) William J. Coulston, III, (7) Robert Couser. THIRD ROW: (1) Betty Cowan, (2) Iwctta Cox, (3) Phyllis Grain, (4) Rober t Cralle, (5) Barbara ' . nn Crannell, (6) Golden Birch Crawford, (7) Janet Crawfortr l FOURTH ROW: (1) Mary Jean Grow, (2) --Viva Nell Crurapton, (3) Dixie Cundiff, (4) Harold Gur- nutt, (!)) Ola Lee Currie, (6) Edwin Dabney, (7) Judy Dagnell. FIFTH ROW: (1) Jack Dalton, (2) Mildred Daniel, (3) Dorothy Daugherty, (4) Ann Davis, (5) Frank Edward Davis, (6) Geneva Davis, (7) Ivan Davis. SIXTH ROW: (I) [pe Donald Davis , (2) John Lynnwood Davis, (3) Josephine Davis, (4) Lucian Davis, (5) Mary Louise Davis, (6) Robert Daxis, (7) Sammie Jo Davis. Page 290 Davis, Trudy Dean, Barbara Dell Dcaton, Amie Dennis, Regenia Derrick, Elmo Dicky, Martha Lou VDickie, Lynn Dillashaw, Joyce Dee Dodgen, Joyce Dortch, Vayne Dosser. Patsy Ann Downing. Bert Col - Eng Page 291 Fresh men . . . FIRS TROW: (1) Billy Ennis, (2) Curtis Erwin, (3) Bill Evans, (4) Dolores Evans, (5) Bettye Farmer, (6) Betty Ferguson, (7) Edmond Blant Ferguson. SECOND ROW: (1) Jimmie Ann Fisher, (2) Wanda Fisher, (3) Peggy Fleming, (4) Patricia Fleming , 5) Cecil Flook, (6) Charles Foster, (7 Kvle R. FowJer f ' lHIRb kOW: (1) Peggy Fow- ler, (2) George Franklin, (3) Wade Fredrickson, (4) Marian French, (5) Joe J. Frey, (6) Nell Frost, (7) Bobbie Joyce Fryer. FOURTH ROW: (1) Ha rold Fuller , (2) Mitchell Funderburk, (3) Francis Gabour, (4) 3 ' irginia Gann , (;i) Joe Jack Gantt, (6) Dorothy Jean Garrett, (7) Yolanda Garza. FIFTH ROW: (1) Peggy Gaston, (2) Charles Gates, (3) Bill Gault, (4) loann Gearhart ' (5) Charlotte Gibbs, (6) Jane Gibson, (7) Nancy Gill. SIXTH ROW: (1) Vincent Gish, (2) Marian Glass, (3) Parker Glascock, (4) Moma Dean Gleg- horn, (.5) Jack Glover, Jr., (6) Lowell Godfrey, (7) Mary Ann Goin. Page 292 Golden, Jcanelle Goode, Arline ' Goode, ' irgini3 Goodman, Peggy Goodnight, Ronald R. Goodw in, Ivan (;oodwine. Lea Goolsliy, Scottie Gowdy. I.avena (irahani, Betty ; C.rah- m 1 ' mI Grainger, Grace Grant, Gordon Grant, Margaret Patricia Granton, Morris Graves, Aldie Marie Gray. Bill . . Greathonse, Inia Guilheau, Jerome D. Guinn, James M. Haberger, Nfary Beth TOP: And he said he never louched the stuff . . . LOW- ER LEFT: We paused for a innment of noisy salutation. • . . wO Enn-Hab Page 29S Fresh men . FIRST ROW: (1) Norman Hahn, (2) Donna Hall, (3) Edna Beth Hall, (4) Elizabeth Hall, (5) Martha Hall, (6) Patricia Hill, (7) Jimmy L. Hallcom. SECOND ROW: (1) Billy Hamilton, (2) John Hamilton, (3) Hortense Hanim, (4) Hugh Hanby, (5) Joyce Harbin, (6) Jane Hardy, (7) Nancy Lynn Harkrider. THIRD ROW: (1) Jeanette Harris, (2) Virginia Harris, (3) Leroy Harston, (4) IV Iartha Hatz , (5) Pat Haiierwas, (6) Georgia Hayes, (7) Joan Hayes. FOURTH ROW: (1) Dorothy Loraine Hearne, (2) Ann Heafh . (3) Elaine Hebard, (4) Martha Sue Heise, (5) Elizabeth Henderson, (6) Helen Henderson, (7) Betty Hendricks. FIFTH ROW: (1) Martha Ann Hendricks, (2) Bettye Hendrix, (3) David Hendrix, Jr., (4) Ruth Marie Heninger, (,5) Jeanette Henry, (6) Patricia Herry, (7) Mary Beth Hester. SIXTH ROW: (1) Marian Heywood, (2) Peggy Hicks, (3) Barbara Higdon, (4) C. L. Hill, (5) Jo Ann Hill, (6) Joyce Hill, ' J) Fayne Ellen Hines. Page 294 Hinson, Jane Hocker, Mary Holcomb, Marcia Holmes. Colleen Holter, Jamie HikkI. Newman H M)ks, William Horner, Doris Houston, Louie Hudgins, Dorothy Fluffman, Charley Hughes, Bettye Jo Hah-Jac Page 295 Fresh men . . . FIRST ROW: (1) Herbert Girard Jackson, (2) Kathy Jackson, (3) Patsy Jackson, (4) Peggy Jackson, (5) Martha James, (6) Thomas E. Jarret, (7) C arol lenkin s. SECOND ROW: (1) Jo Nell Jenkins, (2) Rosabel Jenkins, (3) Jim Johns, (4) Anita Jo Johnson, (5) Frances Johnson, ((i) Mary Frances Johnson, (7) Mary Joan Johnson. THIRD ROW: (1) Sue Johnson, (2) Wilma Fae Johnson, (3) Doris Eleanor Johnston, (4) Thelma A. Johnston, (5) Allan C. Jones, (6) Dale I. Jones ,(7) Doris Ann Jones. FOURTH ROW: (1) ilj Jgnes , (2) - Marilyn Jones, (3) Patsy Jordan, (4) Frances Joyce, (5) Joann Kay, ■ (6) Cynthia ' Kearby, (7) Darrell Keathley. FIFTH ROW: (1) Orton Keatts, (2) Philip Keener, (3) Clinton Kelley, (4) Jerry Kellum, (5) Lorain Kenner, (6) Weldon Kennedy, (7) . ndrew Kerestine, III. SIX TH ROW: (1) Nancy Kerestine, (2) Joseph Earl Kern, (3) Robert Kimbrel, (4) Joy Kindlesparger, (5) June Kindred, (6) Dorothy King, (7) Lu Jean King. Page 296 King, Marilyn Ruth Kinoy, Barbara Kline. Mary Janelle Knox, Jolly Jean Jac-Lip Page 297 Fresh men . FIRST ROW: (1) Onis Lisman, (2) _Enid Helen Little, (3) Monette Littleton, (4) Donald Locke, (5) Leon De Logan, (6) Monty Long, (7) Nita Long. SECOND ROW: (1) Richard Long, (2) Orvil Lon- vick, (3) Thelma Sue Love, (4) Allen J. Lovelace, (5) Joan Lee Lovell, (6) Sue Lovette, (7) Charles Lowe. THIRD ROW: (1) Joan Lowrie, (2) J. D. McBee, (3) Bettie McBride, (4) Patricia Anne McCanne, (5) Letitia McCarley, (6) Annette McCleish, (7) Jack Mc- Clure. FOURTH ROW: (1) Rebecca McCorabe, (2) Billy McCon- nell, (3) George McCuUochj (4) Anne McDaniel, (5) Patricia Mc- Donald, (6) Ronald Mctadden, (7) Gerald McGaha. FIFTH ROW: (1) Cari Mcllwain, (2) Bill McKinney, (3) Helen McKinney, (4) Patricia McKnight, (5) Mary McLarry, (6) Jo McMillan, (7) Robert I n McPherson. SIXTH ROW: (1) Margaret McReary, (2) Jack McWilliams, (3) Lynn Machen, (4) Winnifred Madewell, (5) James M. Magill, (6) Nancy Manire, (7) Marilyn Manning. Page 298 Mappe, Leroy, Jr. ' Markle, Bettie « J Markle, Connie Nfarqiiart, Leslie Nfarsh. Mildred Marshall. Bobby Jack Martin. Barbara Martin, Bill Martin. Paul Mar in, Constance Mathers, Ruth Anne Mathes, Jacqueline Mathis, Lavelle Matthews, Bert Matthews, Maydell g Matthews, Patsy Mattiza, Betty Mauldin, Annice TOP: Everybody ' s happy about the whole thing at the Little Dorms ' Christmas dance . . . LOWER LEFT: Bruce Hall gals in float preparation for the Homecoming parade. • • • wO Lis - Men Page 299 Fresh men FIRST ROW: (1) Shirley Meredith, (2) Mary Lou Meyer, (3) Eddie Miller, (4) Troy Miller, (5) Uoris Millet, (6) Vada Sue Milligan, 7 Philip T. Miner. SECOND ROW: (1) Joe Mitchell, (2) Margie Ruth Mitchell, (3) Bobbye Jean Mobley, (4) Emma Joe Moehr, (5) Marilyn Moody, (6) Barbara Moore, (7) Billie Beth Moore. THIRD ROW: (1) Billy T. Moore, (2) Joanne Moore, (3) Lynna Moore, (4) Mrs. Patsy Moore, (5) Sharon Moore. (6) Betty Lue Morgan, (7) Mary Sue Morgan. FOURTH ROW: (1) Dick Morgan (2) Wynnelle Mor- gan, (3) Leroy Morriss, (4) Doyle Morrow, (5) Billy L. Morse, (6) Boyd Mosely, (7) Mackey Murdock. FIFTH ROW: (1) David Murley, (2) Shirley Jo .Ann Murphy, (3) Anna Jo Murray, (4) Jack Murray, (5) Ouida Miirrell, (6) Marvin Myers, (7) Sara Myers. SIX TH ROW: (1) Darrell Nance, (2) James .Alfred Nance, (3) John Neely, (4) lommie Sue Neely, (5) Jerry Nelms, (6) Bill Nelson, (7) argie Nelson. Page 300 ' ewby, Jorene " , Nichols. Nfargarel Arin Nitsche, Jerry Noah, Pat Noble, Don Loy Noland, Emma Jo Noland, Eddie L. Nolen. ' irginia Ruth O ' Connor, Thomas ODaniel, Pat ODcll, Stewart O ' Keefe, Elwanda Oldham, Cherry ONeal, Billie Jean O ' Neill, Georgiann Orrell. William L. Osbiim, Paula ■ Otto, Dwight Parkes, Patsy Parks. Rose Nelle Parks, Sarah TOP: Could Ihis be the farmer ' s daughter and the hay situ- ationt . . . LOW EK LEFT: Afrs. Wright points out the better features of the latest model sleigh, while a YUCCA photog assistant plays Statute of Liberty. . . . sJ J Mer-Par Page 301 Fresh men FIRST ROW: (1) Gay Wynelle Parr, (2) Jackie Partridge, (3) Patricia Paschall, (4) Janette Patterson, (5) Yvonne Patterson, (6) Howard Patton, (7) Jeana Pearce. SECOND ROW: (1) Christine Perdichi, (2) Jo Ann Perrin, (3) Lou Ann Perr y, (4) Tommy Perteet, (5) Bettye Peters, (6) Dale Peters, (7) Myra Peters. THIRD ROW: (1) Bessie Ruth Peterson, (2) Joe Petty, (3) Noel Pierson, (4) Ray Finer, (5) Barbara Pitt, (6) Robert Plemons, (7) Keith Pond. FOURTH ROW: (1) Pattye Ponder, (2) Jerry Porch, (3) Frances Porter, (4) Duane Potter, (5) Martha Power, (6) Patricia Poynter, (7) Eulalia Price. FIFTH ROW: (1) Patsy Dale Price, (2) Don Pugh, (3) l tricia Purcel l. (4) Shirley Pursley, (5) T. C. Quinn, (6) Bob Rag- land, (7) Betty Marie Rainey. SIXTH ROW: (1) C harlotte Rain - water, (2) Rebecca Ralston, (3) Jean Ramsey, (4) Joye Ramsey, (5) Peggy Ann Ratcliff, (6) Daisy Ray, (7) Billie Laveme Redman. Page 302 Reed, Daisy Ann Reeves, David Reid, Doris Reiniger, Miriam Reynolds, Billye Gene Rhodes, Jim Rhodes, Wanda Richards. Jimmy L. Ritherson, R. M. Riley, Anna Jo Riley, Henrietta Robinson, Patsy Jeanne Rogers, Charles Rogers, Jean Roland. . nne Rose, Sylvia Rosenthal, Charlenc Rowell, Janice TOP: " You name it kid, ice ' ve got it here. " . . . LOWER LEFT: Dr. Hodgson beams after a successful presentation of Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. . . . ' 53 Par -Sal Page 303 Freshmen FIRST ROW: (1) Carodyne Samuels, (2) Andres G. Sanchez, (3) Everett Rutiis Sanford, Jr., (4) Mary Ann Sanford. (5) Jean Sarratt, (6) Howard Satterwhite, (7) Sam Sauls. SECOND ROW: (1) Ann Sawyer, (2) Dorothy Sawyer, (3) Elizabeth M. Sayles, (4) Jeanette Scharf, (5) Catherine Schroeder, (6) Eddie Ray Schroeder, (7) Jeanie Schultz. THIRD ROW: (1) Doris Gail Schulze, (2) Bryan Scott, (3) Norma Scott, (4) Rebecca Scott, (5) Jo Ann Sellers, (6) Revia Nell Sessions, (7) Harold Ray Sewell. FOURTH ROW: (1) Beverly Seydler, (2) La Wanda Shadid, (3) Marshalleen Shater, (4) Helen Sharp, (5 ) Betty Ruth Shaw, (6) Jolene Shaw, (7) Martha Louise Sheets. FIFTH ROW: (1) Mary Sue Shell, (2) Cletabel Sheppard, (3) Lil Sherman, (4) Robert W. Shotola, (5) Elvy Shutfitt, (6) Ellen Mae Sikora, (7) Dorothy Simek. SIXTH ROW: (1) Elaine Simon, (2) Bob Sims, (3) Jo Ann Sisk, (4) Glenn Sizemore, (5) oUeen Skinner. (6) Howard Flanary Slaughter, (7) Kenneth Smart. Page 304 Smith, Connie Smith, Dan M. Smith, Gene Smith, Howard Vayne Smith, Liiella Smith, Terry Smith, Walter Snoek, Charles Snyder, Xancy June Sorrell, Eva South, Cecil ySpangler, Gloria Jeanne Sam - Ste Page 305 Fresh men FIRST ROW: (1) Pauline Stewart, (2) Claude A. Still. Jr., (3) Del- mar Stipe, (4) Lawrence E. Stocker, (5) Patti Stone. (6) Betty Jean Stover, (7) Martha Straugha n. ' ECOND ROW: (1) Ellen Strube, (2) Marjorie Sturdevant, (3) Betty Suddath, (4) John Sutton, (5) Anna Virginia Swetnam, (6) Marcy Jo Swindle, (7) Earlene Tarpley. THIRD ROW: (1 ) Naomi Tarver, (2) David M. Tate, Jr., (3) De- lores Jan Taylor, (4) Lewis Taylor, (5) Marvolyn Taylor, (6) Owen Keith Taylor, (7) Paula Sue Taylor. FOURTH ROW: (1) Jimmy Teague, (2) Billie Jo Terrain, (3) Danny Terry, (4) Dorothy Thies- sen, (5) Gene Thomas, (6) Glenna Thomas, (7) Gwendolyn Lamoyne Thomas. FIFTH ROW: (1) Lila Gene Thomas, (2) Mary Jean Thomas, (3) Robbie Irene Thomas, (4) Bob Thompson, (5) Nora Jean Thompson, (6) Peggy Ann Thompson, (7) Flossie Sue Thorp. SIXTH ROW: (I) Mary Dale Thurman, (2) Mary Helen Tillery, (3) Zada Tims, (4) Martha Jane Tipton, (5) Ed Todd, (6) Jaai£C_Tolle- son, (7) Jeanne Tooey. - Page 306 Warschun, Marilyn Warwick, Jane Washington, Martha AVaters, Nancy Watson, Donald Weatherby, Harvel Weaver, George Weeks, Leonard Weinert. Xadine Vells, Jo Anne Vells, W ' eldon West, Mahdeen Trimble, Har ey Ray Tripp, Joleta Tuckey, Cynthia Tyler, Douglas B. Vanderpool, Jane Van Meiter, Arc hie I Verno n, Barba ra ' ess, Bettye Vicars, Bryan Vick, Mary Evelyn ' ogel, Catherine Wagner, Faye Wait, Allen Walker, Don Edward Walker, Doris W alker, Sherry Nelle Wall, Mary Wallis, Dorothy W ' ansley, Bobbie Jean Ward, Joy Jean • • • wO Ste - Wes Page 307 I Fresh men . . . Whi - Zor FIRST ROW: (1) Betty Carolyn White, (2) I ' eggy Whitlock, (3) Nancy Whitney, (4) Carolyn Wicklinc, (5) Jan Wilbourne, (6) Bobby Wilcoxson, (7) Elino Wildman . SECOND ROW: (1) Mary Kathar- ine Wilke (2) Betty Sue Williams, (3) Doug Williams, (4) Peggy Williams, (5) Billie Williamson, (6) Myrtle Marie Williamson, (7) Beverly June Willingham. THIRD ROW: (1) Joanne Willis, (2) Joseph B. Willis, Jr., (3) Frances Wills, (4) I ' cggy Wilsford, (5) _ Bobby E. Wilson , (6) Donald Roger, (7) Dorothy Vernon Wilson. FOURTH ROW: (1) Jerry Wilson, (2) Patricia Winder, (3) William Alfred Winder, (4) Rjol)ert Windham , (5) Patricia Withers, (6) Don Wittie, (7) Donald Wood. FIFTH ROW: (1) Louise Wood, (2) Mary Ann Wood, (3) Shirley Wood, (4) Tom Wood, (5) Floyd P. Wood- ard, (6) Stanley Woodruff, (7) Richard Woodard. SIXTH ROW: (I) Patty Wright, (2) Charles Young, (3) Charles Young, (4) Patsy Young, (5) Sarah Jo Young, (6) Warner Zimmerman, (7) Margaret Zorns. Page 308 Allright -- so we had two extra pages . . . ' C HWs ' ' : % 3 Some people will do anylhing just to bold hands. That ' s all right. Nobody crosses at the intersection anyway. " HONEY, let me congratulate ou! " ■ Victory hopes against Houston burn high as does the bonfire. Tile Little Dorm boys jtent all out for the bonfire. Page S09 The release of energy from the smashed atom is similar to the energy expended at North Texas by the students through their var- ious organizations. Students, like atoms, when isolated are powerless. ORGANIZATIONS serve aj . H? ' cohesive mesons in collggtf ' which unite the individii3J« ' ?fforts of the many into thg ftlu might of impact that is„fiiffWTH TEXAS STATE EGE. Delta Chi Delta Sorority EVA FARNSWORTH Presidents JOY MOORE Delta Chi Delta was organized in 1935 to provide greater social opportunities tor girls and to foster greater friendship on the campus. Activities included a Freshman Coke Party, a Christmas Tea, an annual Birthday Dinner Dance, and a Shipwreck. Dance. Officers for the fall semester were Eva Farnsworth, president; Virginia Dove, vice-president; Susan Schim- elpfenig, recording secretary; Kathryn Willson, cor- responding secretary; Martha White, treasurer; Ca- niille Scott, reporter; Marilyn Grube, rush captain. Officers for the spring were Joy Moore, president; Marilyn Grube, vice-president; Camille Scott, second vice-president; Carol Cameron, secretary; Mary Ann Speer, treasurer; Betty Copeland, reporter; Martha White, rush captain. Membership included Barbara Bradshaw, Eleanor Brothers, Carol Cameron, Peggy Click, Percy Cole, Betty Copeland, Peggy Crowder, Nell Davies, Cather- ine DeWitt, Virginia Dove, Eva Farnsworth, Carlene Garrett, Mary Gentry, Greta Gill, Martha Goodman, Marilyn Grube, Jean Harrison, Joyce Hinds, Shirley Holmes, Marilyn Krause, Peggy MacVean, Nan McEl- wee, Earldene Miller, Joy Moore, Mary Jo Murphy, Margaret Reeves, Susan Schimelpfenig, Camille Scott, Jean Smith, Mary Ann Speer, Joy Triplett, Marianne Walter, Wanda Westbrook, Martha White, Kathryn Willson. Dehs decked out for Delta Clii dance. Page 312 LEFT: And then he said in that deep bass voice of his . . . LEFT BELOW: Delta Chi ' s rush u-ith a Southern Chicken Fry. FIRST ROAV: Ashby, Bradshaw. SECOND ROW: Cameron, Click. THIRD ROW: Coffey, Cole. FOURTH ROW: Copeland. Crowder. FIFFH ROW: Davies, De itt. Dove. SIXTH ROW: Garrett, Gill, G x)dnian, Grubc, Harrison, Hinds, Holmes. SE ' ENTH RO V: Kraiise, Miller, Murphy, McElwee, MacVean, Schimelphenig, Scott. EIGHTH ROW: Smith, Specr, Triplett, Walter, Vestbrook, AVhite, Willson. Page 313 Kappa Kappa Kappa . . . Sorority ELISE MORTENSON TONY TITSWORTH Presidents Kappa Kappa Kappa ' s purpose is to further social relationships among its members and all students on this campus. Activities included a Birthday Dinner Dance, a German Dance and Breakfast, a Ranch Party and an Open House. Officers for the fall semester were Elise Morten- son, president; Tony Titsworth, vice-president; Jean Johnston, secretary; Betty Johnson, treasurer; and Joan Bailey, rush captain. Spring officers were Tony Titsworth, president, Jenny Adams, vice-president; Jeanne Lanham, secretary; Mary Brandon, treasurer; and Ann Fox, rush captain. Membership included Jenny Adams, Martha Alli- son, Joan Bailey, Norma Barrington, Cornellia Boyd, Mary Brandon, Nelwyn Calhoun, Ellen Flewelling, Jo Ann Flint, Ann Fox, Shirley Frazer, Jimmy Lou Graham, Nancy Hendrix, Marjoaie Hill, Florence Hinkle, Sara Lu Hitt, Ann Holbert, Jane Howdeshell, Charlotte Johnson, Jean Johnston, Sharan Kay Jones, Carolyn Keel, Alice Kern, Jeanne Lanham, Millie Lipscomb, Patsy Sue Lyles, Mary Marrs, Anita Mc- Donald, Elsie Mortenson, Anna Louise Roberts, Al- legra Richardson, Peggy Short, Libby Siegle, Lou Ann Simpson, Sue Smoot, Tony Titsworth, Patsy Wallace, Helen Waller, Joan Whistler, Billie Fern Whiteside, Joan Wingfield. Kappas exhibit dates at their formal dance. Page 314 LEFT: Will someone please pass the Worch ah - - - sauce. LEFT BELOW: Open houses are a wonderful institution. FIRST ROW: Adams, Allison. SECOND ROW: Bason, Bailey. THIRD ROW: Barrington, Bovd. FOURTH ROW: Brandon, Flewellen. FIFTH ROW: Flint, Fox, Graham. SIXTH ROW: Hitt, Hill, Howdeshell, C. Johnson, J. Johnston, Jones, Keel. SEVENTH ROW: Kern, Lanham, Lipscomb, Lylcs, Marrs, Mosely, Rhodes. EIGHTH ROW: Richardson, Siegel, Simpson, Smoot, Strong, Whistler, AVingfield. Page 315 Kappa Theta Pi . . . Sorority PAT PEARCE President Kappa Theta Pi organized to develop individual members, foster worthwhile social activities, and promote greater friendship among the st udents of North Texas. Activities for the year included the Theta Freshman Amateur Show, Birthday Dinner Dance, and a Backyard Barbecue. Pat Pearce served as president in the fall and the spring. Other officers for the fall were: Oleta Royall, vice-president; Renda Morgan, recording secretary; June Wright, corresponding secretary; Sarah Ann Lockwood, treasurer; Merry Wood, parliamentarian. Other officers for the spring were Joyce Marie Edgar, vice-president; Jeanne Gran- berry, recording secretary; Martha Ann Lloyd, corresponding secre- tary; Jackie Ferree, treasurer. Membership included Sallie Bell, Bunny Bolten, Peggy Boston, Betty Bradford, Pat Bradley, Virginia Coffee, Judy Culwell, Joyce Marie Edgar, Patty Euler, Jackie Ferree, Una Glazner, Jeanne Cranberry, Ada Cuin, Reva Hackney, Carolyn Harmon, Jewel Howell, Martha Ann Lloyd, Sarah Ann Lockwood, Helen Lynch, Jan Matthews, Sallie Moore, Renda Morgan, Ann Mosley, Pat Pearce, Sue Perryman, Pat Piatt, Billy Ray, Mickie Riley, Margaret Roberts, Oleta Royall, Betty Sterling, Shirley Stringfield, Peggy Taylor, Roddie Wolverton, Merry Wood, June Wright. The Tlietas en masse at their Christmas formal I ' age 316 LEFT: " Then I said, ' I ' d rather walk ' ! " LEFT BELOW: Even the cards are well stacked. FIRST ROW: Bell, Boston. SECOND ROW: Bradford, Coffee. THIRD ROW: Culwell, Edgar. FOl ' R I H ROW: Euler, Ferree. FIFl H ROW: Glazner, Gran- lierry, Guin, Hackney, Harmon. Howell, Lloyd. SIXTH ROW: Lockwood, Lynch, Matthews, Moore, Morgan, Mosley, Perryman. SEVENTH ROW: I ' latt, Ray, Royall, Sterling, VA ' right, Woherton, W ' ood. SPSPB S HIS Page 317 Phi Sigma Alpha Sorority MARTHA SCOTT SUE McBURNETT Presidents Phi Sigma Alpha, organized in 1933, is the oldest girls social organization on the campus. Its purpose is to promote friendship among the girls on the campus, to initiate higher forms of social activity, and to encourage interest in school activities. Activities included a Chuck Wagon Supper and Dance, a Tulip Tea, an Anniversary Dinner, and the Rainbow Ball. Fall officers were Martha Scott, president; Sue McBurnett, vice-president; Narrell Cook, secretary; Pat Harrison, treasurer; Norma Ben- ton, rush captain. Spring officers were Sue Mc- Burnett, president; Virgima ker, vice-presi- dent; Laverne Davidson, secretary; Peggy Fitch, treasurer; and Pat Harrison, rush captain. Membership included Virg inia _Baker, Norma Benton, Eulene Connell, Narrell Cook, Arlette Crawford, Laverne Davidson, Estelle Fisher, Peggy Fitch, Talou Balch, Pat Baren, Mary Fox, Pat Haley, Pat Harrison, Geraldine Heninger, Joyce Howell, Sue McBurnett, Mae McRae, Nell Matthews, Rosie Monroe, Topsy Roberson, Danny Thornton, and Martha Scott. Phi Sigs had some real men for dates. Page 318 RIGHT: One great big happy covey. BELOW: " . . . Tell me some more, good mother. " J FIRST ROW: Balch, Baker. Benton, Boren, Connell, Cook. SECOND ROW: Crawford, Curtis. Davison, Fisher, Fitch, Fox, Hailey. IHIRD RO V: Harrison, Heninger, HoweU, NfcRae, Matthews, Monroe, Thornton. Page 319 Zeta Pi Gamma Sorority MARY RUTH HARTMAN President Zeta Pi Gamma strives to contribute substantially to the important aspects of student life and to the welfare of each individual on the campus through a united spirit and a closely cooperative organization. Activities for the year included a Jean Jamboree, a Crescent Coffee, a Birthday Orchid Ball, and a Spring Bean Dance. Mary Ruth Hartman served as president both semesters. Other officers in the fall were Clara Nell Brian, vice-president; Mary Virginia Rhodes, secretary; Markie Weaver, corresponding secretary; Helen Cook, treasurer; Mary Louise Davis, reporter; and Ruth Schoenfield, rush captain. Other officers in the spring were Betty Brewer, vice- president; Mary Virginia Rhodes, secretary, Betty Sharpe, correspond- ing secretary; Dorothy Everett, treasurer; Betty Hersh, reporter; Donna O ' Daniel and Evelyn Cleveland, rush captains. Membership included Betty Brewer, Clara Nell Brian, Evelyn Brodie, Louise Caldwell, Helen Cook, Mary Louise Davis, Ruth Ann Davison, Pat Eichler, Dorothy Everett, Johnnie Fenner, Roma Fletcher, Nancy Guynes, Ruth Hackney, Mary Rvith Hartman, Janetta McNa- mara, Algene O ' Daniel, Mary Osborne, Mary Virginia Rhodes, Betty Sharp, Ruth Schoenfield, Joyce Shurbet, Jean Thornhill, Markie Weav- er, Don Beth Whittington. Orchids to the Zetas at their Orchid Dinner-Dance. Page 320 . . . and there I stood with that darn piccolo! ' Zetas and pledges palaver at Jean Jamboree. FIRST RO V: Agnev, Best. SECOND RO V: Brewer. Brian. THIRD RO V: Brodie, Broussard. FOURTH RO V: Camp, Cleveland. FIFTH ROW: Cook. Davis. SIXTH ROW: Davison, De- rmond. SEVENTH ROW: Everett. Fenner, Fletcher, Giivnes, Hersh, Johnson, McBee. EIGHTH ROW: Nolle. . . ODanial. D. ODanial. Oldham, Paraino, Rhodes, Schoenfield. NINTH ROW: Sharp, Tanner, 7ate, Thomhill, Truitt, ■eaver, Vhittington. Page 321 Lanham, Ferryman, Pearce, Mortenson, Dove, Hartman, Farnsworth, McBurnett, Scott, Rhodes Inter-sorority Counci Inter-sorority Council coordinates the interestes and promotes the welfare of the social sororities on the North Texas campus. Member- ship includes two representatives from each of the six sororities. Offi- cers are elected within the group with the president ' s position rotating yearly between the six organizations. Elise Mortensen served as presi- dent this year; Dr. Imogene Bentley, Dean of Women, served as faculty advisor. Membership included Virginia Dove, Eva Farnsworth, Delta Chi Delta; Jean Lanham, Elise Mortensen, Kappa Kappa Kappa; Pat Pearce, Sue Perryman, Kappa Theta Pi; Joan Gore, Elise Whitlock, Phi Gamma Kappa; Sue McBurnett, Martha Scott, Phi Sigma Alpha; Mary Ruth Hartman, Mary Virginia Rhodes, Zeta Pi Gamma. ' ■ Page 322 nter-fraternity Counci Inter-fraternity Council serves as a coordinating group for the wel- fare of the social fraternities. Membership is made up of two represen- tatives from each of the nine social fraternities on the North Texas campus. The president ' s office rotates between the fraternities. Buddy Wise and Don Abercrombie served as presidents this year. William Woods, Dean of Men, served as sponsor and faculty advisor. Membership included Leon McMahan, Pete Young, Beta Alpha Rho Beta; Joe Burks, Bobby Wheeleer, Chi Sigma Phi; Tom Lindsey, James Stevens, Falcons; Kenneth Keck, Ralph Spencer, Geezles; O. L. Davis, Jr., Westall Williams, Phi Alpha Tau; Don Abercrombie, Ken Lattimer, Pi Phi Pi; Weldon Fredricks, Jimmy Thomas, Sigma Phi Nu; Bill Neal, Buddy Wise, Talons; Dick Barnebey, Joe Thrasher, Trojans. FIRST Row: Wise, Thrasher, Stevens, Lattimer. ROW: Lindsey, Neal, Keck, Barnebey, Spencer. SECOND ROW: Thomas, Fredricks, Young, McMahan, Abercrombie. THIRD Page 323 Beta Alpha Rho Beta Fraternity HANNAN BINDER President Beta Alpha Rho Beta was organized in 1933 to teach men to live and work together. It strives to achieve personal improvement among its members to better prepare them to meet the world. Activities in- cluded a Valentine Dance, a White Suit Dance, a Christmas Dinner- Dance, and an Open House. Hannan Binder served as president both semesters. Other officers for the fall were Pete Young, vice-president; O. A. Maybin, secretary; Frank Voltin, treasurer; John Killian, pledge captain; Earl Young, re- porter. Other officers for the spring were Earl Young, vice-president; Charles Hendricks, secretary; Otis Power, treasurer; Leon McMahan, pledge captain; and Donald Gibson, reporter. Membership included Carl Abbey, Bobby Bailey, Hannan Binder, Ray Carlisle, Vernon Compton, Joe Cantwell, Jamie Combs, Jack Dur- ham, Charles Hendricks, Jim Karnes, John Killian, Bill Ladish, O. A. Maybin, Bill McClendon, Leon McMahan, Norman Muecke, Donald Ray Gibson, Don Peterson, Otis Power, Joe Van Porterfield, Johnny Roberts, Kenneth Ross, Bobby Sharp, Johnny Tucker, Frank Voltin, E. B. White, T. B. Wright, Earl Young, Pete Young. Valentine Choices at Beta Formal I ' age 324 LEFT: Betas sight whistle-bait off starboard mow. BELOiV: Redistribution of the nation ' s wealth — Beta plan. FIRST ROW: Abbey, Bailey, Cantwell. SEC- OND ROW; Combs, Compton, Durham, Gib- son, Hendricks, Ladish, McClendon. THIRD ROW: McMahan, Maybin, Mueke, Peterson, Powers, Porterfield, Ross. FOURTH ROW: Sharp, Tucker, Voltin, White, Wright, E. Young, P. Young. 9 Page 823 Chi Sigma Phi Fraternity JACK DODD Presidents JOE BURKS Chi Sigha Phi, one of the new social clubs on the NT campus, was accepted by the Inter-Fraternity Council last February. Organized to provide better fellowship, closer friendship and character develop- ment among the group and others, the organization has 25 charter members. Activities include an open house in the spring, a spring formal, and rush func- tions. Officers for the fall semester were Jack Dodd, president; Ben Allen Pierce, vice-president; Bob Spen- cer, secretary; Ben Mackey, treasurer; Haskell Walker, parliamentarian; Ben Barnett, business manager; and Ken Bishop, reporter. Spring officers were Joe Burks, president; Haskell Walker, vice-president; Bobby Wheeler, secretary; Jack Dodd, treasurer; Ben Mackey, business manager; Ronald Gibson, parliamentarian; Joe Van Breeman, reporter; Joe Burks, senior repre- sentative to IFC; and Bob Wheeler, junior representa- tive to IFC. Membership of the club included Ben Barnett, Ken Bishop, Bub Bivens, Joe Burk, Herbert Choate, Oran Cotton, Dow Davidson, Jack Dodd, Donald Gib- son, Dick Godley, Phil Grove, Harold Kendell, Dale Lanier, Ben Mackey, Roy Manning, Johnny Patter- son, Ben Pierce, Bill Rice, Bob Spencer, Haskell Walk- er, Bobby Wheeler, and Joe VanBreemen. Chi Sig men sui ' vey scenery from veranda. Page 326 LEFT: " May I remind ou that ice DO pay dues? " BELOW: " ... And sure ' nuf, she did walk! " i - - r " ipir ? FIRST ROW: Bishop, Bivens. Choate, Cotton, Gibson, Godley, Harrison. .SEC- OND RO V: Kendall, Lanier, .Mackey, Patterson, Pierce, Rice, ' anbreeman. THIRD ROW: Walker, Wheeler. Page 327 Fal cons Fraternity HOWARD PRUITT PETE BONNER Presidents Falcons, composed of representative men on the campus, organized to improve fellowship and social development among its members. Activities were a Spring Formal, a Christmas Formal, and an Apache Dance. Officers for the fall semester were Pete Bonner, president; Harold Nolte, vice-president; Howard Pru- itt secretary; LeRoy Whitaker, treasurer; and Bob Stewart, reporter. Officers for the spring were How- ard Pruitt, president; LeRoy Whitaker, vice-president; George DeVaney, secretary; Randolph Duff, treasurer; and Herb Marvel, reporter. Membership included Richard Arnwine, Tommy Atkins, Russel Boney, Robert Bonner, Dan Brown, Fred Bruce, Bill Conly, James Cross, George DeVaney, Clarence Domaschk, Randolph Duff, David Floyd, Pat Fowler, Glen Frazier, Tom Gill, Bryan Graham, Charles Graham, Joe Green, Arthur Hodge, C. B. Jeanes, Kenneth Layne, Winifred Leach, Tom Lind- say, Noel Lynch, Glen Mandeville, Hubert Marvel, Harold Nolte, Dwight Painter, Grover Pearson, Gene Porter, Jesse Pye, Howard Pruitt, M. B. Ray, C. W. Schimelpfenig, Mike Sloan, James Stevens, Bob Stew- art, Herman Vaughn, LeRoy Whitaker, Henry Wright and James Young. Falcon ' s formally greeted St. Nick ' s return. :,.} ! - ., •■■■■■■■HI Page S28 FIRST ROW: Amwine. SECOND ROW: Bonev, Brown. THIRD ROW: Bruce, Cross. FOURTH RO V: DeXanev, Domaschk. FIFTH ROXV: Duff, Fowler, Frazier, Graham, Hodge, Holland, Lavne. SI.VFH ROW Leach, Lvnch, . fandeville. Marvel. Nichols, Nolle, Painter. SEVENTH ROW: Pearson, Porter, Pye, Schimclpfenig. Sloan, hitaker, Young. liELOWs " Honest men, I ' xie nex ' er seen such a fish . . . " BELOW: Scuttlebutt Hows again. Page 329 GeezI 6S . . . Fraternity BILL LALICKER JIM EAGLE Presidents Geezles was organized to promote a closer and more friendly relationship among members and fel- low associates. Activities included an informal Christ- mas Dance, an Annual Round-Up and a Goodwill Banquet. Officers for the fall semester were Bill Lalicker, president; Glenn Smith, vice-president; Jim Eagl e, recording recretary; Darnell Peacock, corresponding secretary; and Bill Dunaway, treasurer. Officers for the Spring were Jim Eagle, president; Johnny Slack, vice-president; Charlie Dickerson, recording secre- tary; Wayne Swindell, corresponding secretary; and Jackie Woodruff, treasurer. Membership included Quincy Armstrong, Lessie Bryant, A. D. Gate, Horrave Deford, Charlie Dicker- son, Erwin Dubois, Garlan Durham, Bill Dunaway, Jim E agle, Jack Gunter, Bryant Halter, Wayne High- tower, John Hodo, Kenneth Keck, Julian Kuehl, Bill Lalicker, Jack I awless, Pete Lawless, Gilbert Massey, Ned McNeil l, Lee Palmer, Darnell Peacock, Hugh Reynolds, Harvey Rogers, Johnny Slack, Waymon Sloan, Glen Smith, James Smith, Oleaph Stacy, Ralph Spencer, Wayne Swindell, Bardo Tidmore, Ace Towe, Jack L. Woodruff, and Jack Woodruff. Geezles arc proud of their fine house. Page SSO These Geezles would make any gal dizzy! Nope, don ' t play that ' tin, he ' s go( an Ace. Page 331 Phi Alpha TaU . . . Fraternity WESTAL.L WILLIAMS O. L. DAVIS, JR. Presidents Organized March 17, 1949, Phi Alpha Tau was the ninth campus social fraternity. It was accepted into the Inter-fraternity council this past March after satisfactorily serving its year ' s probationary period. It has as its purpose the improvement of its members, personally, socially, and scholastically, and the pro- motion of friendliness among all students on the campus. Although there were twenty men on the charter list, only six remained on the campus this spring when pledgeship began. Phi Taus claimed 37 pledges in their first neophyte class. Activities of the year included a rush dinner, " Kid Party " pledge dance, and the formal Rose Ball in the spring. Officers of the fraternity in the fall were: Westall Williams, president; Vernon Austin, vice-president; Ed Hall, secretary; Gerald Boyd, treasurer; O. L. Davis, Jr., reporter; Bob Roberts, historian; and Ned Morris, sergeant-at-arms. Spring officers were: O. L. Davis, Jr., president; Westall Williams, vice-president; Gerald Boyd, secretary; E. S. Ellis, Jr., treasurer; Ed Hall, historian; and Jess Insall, reporter. Other members included Jack Grochoske, Jack Clark, Edgar Meglasson, and Bob Rowe. Phi Tau charters line-up. Page 832 . . that ' s fer dang sure. " FIRST ROW: Austin, Bovd. SECOND ROAV: Ellis. Hall. THIRD ROW: In- sall, Morris. FOl R IH ROW: Roljerts, Rowe. Phi Tau men at work on pledge manual. Sponsor Sullivan regales the entire active membership. Page 333 Pi Phi Pi Fraternity BILL JACK EVANS Presidents Pi Phi Pi members are pledged to foster high academic rating, a proper sense of decorum, and fra- ternity loyalty. Activities included a Christmas Form- al, an Open House, and the Spring Leaf Frolic. Officers for the fall were Bill Jack Evans, presi- dent; Don Abercrombie, vice-president; John Wood, recording secretary; Dick McCune and Todd Ryan, corresponding secretaries; George Carter, treasurer; and Alf Lacy, rush captain. Officers for the spring were George Carter, president; Jess Brown, vice-presi- dent; Bob Henderson, recording secretary; O. B. Willi- ford and Dick McCune, corresponding secretaries; Garland Morton, treasurer; and Billy Mack Williams, pledge captain. Membership included Don Abercrombie, Jimmy Avery, Howard Barnes, Roger Barns, Jim Bledsoe, Jess Brown, Kenneth Brown, George Carter, Ben Chappell, W. B. Carter, Norman Durham, Bill Jack Evans, Jim- my Evans, Nelson Garrison, Bob Hardy, Jack Hardy, Robert Harris, Glenn Hassenfluck, Bob Henderson, Charles Knott, Alf Lacy, Ken Lattimer, Steve Morrow, Toby Morton, Dick McCune, Buddy McDonald, Adam McNitzky, Bobby Onstead, Jack Powell, Pen- rod Ramsey, Todd Ryan, Jack Scott, Bill Turner, Wayne Whiffen, Billy Mack Williams, Don Williams, G. B. Williford, George Winn, Tom Wright and John Wood. fJI All that mistletoe and not a kiss in sis,ht. Page 334 Men at home in the Pi Phi living room FIRST ROW: Abercrombie, Avery. SECOND ROW: H. Barns, R. Bams. IHIRD ROW: Bledsoe, Brannon. FOURTH ROW: J. Brown, K. Brown. Chappell. FIFTH ROW: Curry, Davis, Durham. SIXTH ROW: Evans. Garrison, B. Hardy, J. Hardy, Harris, Hassenfliick, Henderson. SEVENTH ROW: Jones, Knott, Lacy, Lattinier, MtCune, McDonald, McNitzky. EIGH TH ROW: MacWilliams, Morrow, Morton, Onstead, Powell, Ramsey, Ryan. NINTH ROW: Scott, Whiffen, Williams, Wiliford, Winn, Wood, Wright. d f .Md Sigma Phi Nu Fraternity WELDON FREDERICK MARVIN FITCH Presidents Sigma Phi Nu organized in the spring of 1946 to establish friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis, develop traits of character among the fraternity members, and widen the scope of social activities on this campus. Activities included a Sweater Dance, a Spring Formal, a Fall Formal Dinner-Dance. Officers for the fall term were Weldon Frederick, president; Oliver Monk, vice-president; Charles Thur- man, recording secretary; Jimmie Thomas, correspond- ing secretary; and Marvin Fitch, treasurer. Officers for the spring were Marvin Fitch, president; Bill Vestal, vice-president; Charles Thurman, recording secretary; Jimmie Thomas, corresponding secretary; and Marvin Fitch, treasurer. Officers for the spring were Marvin Fitch, president; Bill Vestal, vice-presi- dent; Charles Thurman, recording secretary; Clifton Daniel, corresponding secretary; and Weldon Freder- ick, treasurer. Membership included Ralph Bird, Ray Boland, Jimmy Bristlev . Fred Clotiaux . Jim Clotiaux, Clifton Daniel, Dale Day, Howard Elkins, Weldon Frederick, Marvin Fitch, Thomas Fitch, C. R. Graham, David Harstrom, Bennett Harbor, Joe Hendrix, Jay Hoff- man, Thomas Hunter, George Isbell, Curtis Jenkins, Bill Lanning, Thomas Mathes, Oliver Monk, Johnnie Murphy, Carold Nuney, Gwinn Rasbury, Joe Robert- son, Maurice Schnorr, Robert Smith, Joe Smith, Jim Swain, Jimmie Thomas, Charles Thurman, Louis Todd, Bill Vestal, Bill Watkins and Herbert Wiist. Always a beautiful bevy at the Sigma Nu house . . . T Page 336 Af Twenty-one camera shy Sigma Nu ' s. . Gimmee soom! FIRST ROW: Bird, Boland. SECOND ROW: Bristley, Daniel. THIRD ROW: Day Elkins. FOURTH ROW: Fitch, Gialiam. FIFIH ROW: Harbor, Harstrom, Hen dricks, Hoffman, Isljell, Jenkins, Lanning. SIXTH ROW: Mathes, Monk, Murphy Nuney, Rasbury, Robertson, Schnorr. SEVEN 1 H ROW: Smith, Swain, Thomas, Todd; Vestal, Watkins, Wiist. Page 337 Talons Fraternity KEN CARLEY BILL NEAL Presidents Talons is a young men ' s social fraternity. Its members strive to improve the social life on the North Texas campus and to promote friendliness and co- operation among themselves and other college stu- dents. Activities included the White Shirt Dance, Bowery Brawl, Mother and Father Banquet, and Sweater Dance. Officers during the fall semester were Ken Car- ley, president; Jack Orr, vice-president; Corky Evans, secretary; Bob Kaufman, treasurer; and Wally Price and Floyd Farrington, rush captains. Spring officers were Bill Neal, president; Larry Wood, vice-president; Wally Price, secretary; Bob Allen, treasurer; and Amo Rea and Billy Maxwell, rush captains. Membership included Bob Allen, Jack Allen, Bob Appleton, Bill Boykin, Ken Carley, Robert Carjx;nter, Charles Chrosthwait, Jack Davis, Billy Dinkle, Don Edwards, Bill Estes, Corky Evans, Luther Fambro, Floyd Farrington, Joe Ferrell, Frank Gagnard, Bob Grundy, Timmy Hardin, Bruce Henderson, Winston Hudson, Bob Jenkins, Cone Johnson, Ed Katz, Bob Kaufman, Bob Lee, Bill Maxwell, Shields Mitchell, A. W. Montague, Bill Neal, Leonard Neal, Jack Orr, Wallace Price, Richard Razor, Amo Rea, Buster Reed, Charlie Rogers, Sam Saids, Ben Sparks, Charley Teague, A. J. Triggs, Bob Trotter, Ken Walker, Ger- ald Walker, Buddy Wise, Larry Wood, Buddy Wright, Ray Wyatt. And a bright howdy-do-dee to you too. ' Page 338 All is well wlien Talons eulertain. . It ' s not hard to tell who ' s jvinning. FIRST ROW: Allen, Appletoii. SECOND ROW: Boykin, Carpenter. THIRD ROW: Davis. Edwards. FOURTH ROW: Evans. Farrell, Grundy. FIFTH ROW: Hardin, Henderson. Hudson, Katz. Kaufman, Lee. Mon- tague. SIXTH ROW: Price. Ravzor. Rea, Rogers, Sparks. Teague, Triggs. SEVENTH RO V: Trotter, %Valker, Wallace, Wise, Wood, Vright, Vyatt. Page 339 Trojans Fraternity JAMES HENDERSON President Trojans ' purpose is to foster a greater feeling of fellowship and to inculcate a larger degree of participation in social activities among the men students on this campus. Activities included a Fall Formal, a Spring Formal, a Lil ' Abner Dance, and a Western Dance. Officers for the fall term were Marcus Hickerson, president; Jack Brownlee, vice-president; James Henderson, secretary; and Jim Orr, treasurer. Officers for the spring were James Henderson, president; Gene Mouser, vice-president; Virgil Carlson, secretary; and Bill Jarvard, treasurer. Claude McCandless served as pledge captain both semesters. Membership included Don Allen, Jerry Arnold, Richard Barne- bey, Irish Boyles, Len Bradford, Jack Brownlee, Virgil Carlson, Jim Carmichael, Julius Carver, Joe Cook, Bill Drake, Woody Forrester, John Greer, Bert Hall, James A. Henderson, Tom Hatfield, Al Hicker- son, Jimmy Holloman, Bill Jarrard, Robert Lewis, Claude McCandless, Tom Moore, Gene Mouser, Gene Myers, Jim Orr, Wallace Parker, Jim Pollock, Leroy Rudder, Troy Spurrier, Lewis Sheppard, Joe Thrasher and Keith Westerman. Now all they need is a " loagon " . . Page 340 The famous Trojan date book in action. Mascots get all the attention in the Trojan house. FIRST ROW: Allen, Arnold, Bamebev, Boyles, Carlson. SECOND ROW: Carmichael. Hickerson, Forrester. Hat- field, Drake. Holloman, NfcCandless. THIRD ROW: Moore, Meyers, Parker, Pollock, Rudder, Sheppard, Thrasher. Page 341 Athletic Committee . . . The Athletic Committee serves as an advisory board to the Administration and Athletic division o£ the Physical Education Department to formulate plans and policies and award letters for participation in varsity sports. Membership is composed of Dr. Benjamin B. Harris, Dean of Administration; Mr. Theron J. Fouts, Director of Athletics; Miss Beulah Harriss, Professor of Physical Education; Mr. Robert Caldwell, Business Manager of the College; Mr. E. H. Farrington, Director of the Placement Service; and Mr. William G. Woods, Dean of Men. Student representatives were Erwin DuBose, Dick Lindsay, Shields Mitchell, and Earl Young. The student representatives are appointed by the President of USNT with Senate approval. SEATED: Earl Young, Miss Harriss. STANDING: Mr. Farrington, Mr. Fouts, Sliields Mitchell, Erwin Dubose, Dean Woods, Mr. Caldwell. Page 342 Fine Arts Committee The selection and presentation of all Fine Arts numbers on the campus of North Texas State College is the responsibility of the Fine Arts Committee. Through a balanced selection of stu- dents and faculty members, with their wide interests, a balanced selection of prgrams with wide audience appeal is procured. Com- posing the membership of the committee are Dr. Sam B. McAlister, Chairman; Mr. Robert Caldwell, Business Manager of the Col- lege; Dr. Donnie Cottral, Director of Women ' s Physical Education; Mrs. Myrtle Hardy, Assistant Professor of Speech; Dr. Walter Hodg- son, Dean of the School of Music; and Mr. Robert McClou d, Direc- tor of News Service. Student representatives are Penelope Coffey and Charles Nelson, the Music School; Shirlie McClellan and L. D. Sparkman, Physical Education Department; and Connie Ku- becka and Jimmie Stewart, Speech Department. FIRST ROW: L. D. Sparkman, Jimmie Stewart, Shirlie McClellan, Penelope Coffey. SECOND ROW: Mr. McCloud, Connie Qu- becka, Mrs. Hardy, Dr. Cotteral. IHIRD ROW: Dr. Mc. lister, Charles Nelson, Dr. Hodgson, Mr. Caldwell. Page 343 Health Committee . . . The Health Committee was formed to coordinate all health activities on the campus. Its general concern is for the health and physical welfare of the students of North Texas State College, and to work for the general improve- ment of the student body health. Members of the Health Committee are Horace DeFord, Audrey Sommers, Sue McEntire, Roy Waggoner, Perry O ' Dell, Shirley Duckworth, Dean B. B. Harris, Dean William G. Woods, Dean Imogene Bentley, Dr. Bonnie Cotteral, W. A. Cooper, Emmett Cambron, Miss June Kelsey, and Dr. L. C. Hayes. SEATED: Sommers, McEntire, Duckworth, Cotteral. Bentley. STANDING: Cooper, Woods, Harris, DeFord. Page 344 Publications Committee Publications of North Texas State College are governed by the policies and plans formulated by the Publications Committee. The Committee selects the editors of the Avesta, Campus Chat, and Yucca. Membership is composed of the editors of each publica- tion, their associates, four students appointed by the President of USNT, the Business Manager of Publications and his associates, and three faculty representatives. Dr. M. P. Wells is the chairman of the Committee. Student members of the Committee were Clifton Barr, Ben Chappell, Mary Louise Davis, O. L. Davis, Jr., Bill Dibble, Frank Gagnard, Gilbert Gorman, C. R. Graham, Yvonne Harris, Bruce Henderson, Jack Hickey, Sandy McCullar, James Moyers, Jack Mur- ray, Bill Neal, Harold Nolte, Curtis Ramsey, Camille Scott, and Dalton Wood. Faculty members were Mr. Robert Caldwell, Mr. J. D. Hall, Mr. Bullock Hyder, Mr. Robert McCloud, Mr. C. E. Shuford; and Miss Helen Wilfong. FIRST ROW: Graham, Gagnard, fovers, Henderson, McCullar, Barr, Nolle. SECOND ROW: Hvder, Vells, Wilfong, M. L. Davis, Scolt, McCloud, Caldwell, Hall. THIRD ROW: O. L. Davis, Hickey, Chappell. Shuford, Neal, Ramsey, Gorman, Wood. t l " " C) f Page 343 f KZ i Kmr. T r l i ■ft i fl 1 f v H 1 m i 1 ■1 RICHARD RARENBEY President Alpha Chi National Honorary Alpha Chi is a national honorary society, promoting scholarship and those elements ot character that make scholarship effective. Its mem- bers are chosen on an elective basis. This chapter was host for the regional convention March 31 to April 1. Officers for the year were Richard Barnebey, president; Eva Farns- worth, vice-president; Mary Forrester, secretary; and Marcus Hickerson, treasurer. Membership included Joan Anthony, Richard Barnebey, Robert King Bass, Stephen Bates, Robert Jack Beck, Arthur Donald Bell, Helen Bigham, Russell Bilyeu, Christel Blohm, Raymons O. Blummer, Peggy oston. Norma Bradford, Robert L. Breckenridge, Mrs. Dorothy Burton, Carol Cameron, Buchanan Cargal, Bettye Carmichael, Winifred Cheat- ham, Maxine Clement, Pen elope Coffey, Wesley S. Coffman, Gaye Cole- man, Lloyd Cook, La Juana Cotton, Urbanelle Cox, Peggy Crowder, Barbara Crowe, Estelle Cusenbary, Delia Dalby, Abigail E. Daly, Lee Darsey, Betty Ann Darwin, Jewel Daugherty, Mary Davenport, Mrs. Emi- ly Kate Davidson, Jack B. Davis, Marjorie Davis, O. L. Davis, Jr., Bonnie Dempsey, Mrs. Alice McGee Dibben, Philip W. Dibben, Rae Nelle Ellis, Hugh M. Ellison, Lanelle Erwin, Bill Jack Evans, Eva Farnsworth, Mary Forrester, Thomas K. Fulton, James H. Fulwiler, Frank Gagnard, John E. George, Eleyce Gibson, Bonnie Goodman, Louise Graham, Clota FIRST ROW: Lamons, Cheatham, Burton, B. Moore, Cusenbary, Darwin, Boston, D. Moore, Guy Ross. SECOND ROW: B. Scott, Ervin, Carmichael, Obets, Whitley, Phillips, Coleman, Goodman, Whitlock, Graham, Thaip. THIRD ROW: Darsey, Cox, Walther, Dempsey, Da ' icison, Watson, Yarbroiigh, Cotton, Brown, Blohm. Forrester. FOURTH ROW: Largent, Power, Volert, Beck, Green, Fulton, Barneljey, Savage, Hildebrand, Tiffin, Bates, Peterson, Lafferty, Kemper, Blummer. Page 346 FIRST ROW: Reding, Gillen, Bigham, Heard, Hinds, Lindsay, M. Miller, Crowder. SECOND ROW: Bradford, J. Smith, Camer- on, C. Scott. Graveley, Ellis, Harris, Sala, Gagnard. THIRD ROW: Gnibe, Famsworth, Wilson. I.ightfoot. Granberrv, Gibson, Wood. FOL ' RIH RO V: Hubbard, Jenkins, F. Smith, Slavick, Daughrty, Bass Davis, A. Miller, King. Hughes, Herd, Cranberry, Eva Gravley, Kenneth F. Green, Marilyn Grube, Pauline Guy, Richard Hargrove, Carolyn Harmon, Charlene Harrelson, Yvonne Har- ris, Laurence E. Harvey, Dofothq Heard, Martha l n Henderson, Jack Hendrix, Ray Herd, Marcus Hickerson, Johnson Wayne Hildebrand, Joyce Hinds, La Verne Hodges, David N. Holman, William E. Hubbard, James Hughes, To mmy Hughe s, Floyd H. Jenkins, Martha Jordan, Troy Kemper, WilliarriT. King, Richard Paul Kiracofe, Roy Knowles, Jess Lafferty, Rachael Lamons, Tommy Joe Largent, Jane Lightfoot, Linda Lou Lindsay, Tom Lindsay, Ray Little, Martha Ann Lloyd, Alan Miller, Martha Miller, Beverley Moore, Doris Moore, Mary McCain, Elizabeth McJunkin, C. L. McCullar, Mrs. Janice B. Nelson, Mary Lois Nes.Smith, Kathleen Noland, Annette Obets, Louvenia Oldham, Geneva Owens, Royce Parish, Lewis R. Pendergrass, Sue Perryman, Paul E. Peterson, Lucile Phillips, Otis Power, Virginia Reding, Mary Robertson, Kathryn Robnett, Gloria Ross, Wayne Rhoads, Dott Sala, John Ellis Savage, Ira Schantz, C. W. Schimelpfenig, Ruth Schoenfield, Betty Scott, Camille Scott, W. L. Shelton, Philip Slavick, Frank Smith, Jewell Smith, Marvin Solley, Mary Jane Sullivan, Don Swadley, Jo Tharp, Edwin Tiffin, Bev- erly K. Turner, Frank J. Vollert, Betty Walther, Joan Watson, Louis C. Weber, Leroy Whitaker, Patty June Whitley, Elise Whitlock, Kathryn Willson, Dalton Wood, Carl R. Woodward, Frances Yarbrough, and Miss Myrtle Brown and Dr. L. W. Newton, sponsors. Alpha Ch National Honorary Dr. L. W. Newton and Miss .Myrtle Brown Sponsors Page 347 HOMER WOLFE President Alpha Lambda Pi Departmental Honorary Alpha Lambda Pi is an honorary organization open to ac- counting majors with at least 12 hours and a B average in their major field of study. The society has a banquet each semester and attends meeting of the CPA Club in Dallas and the Fort Worth Bankers and Accountants Association through the year. Fall officers were Leo Priola, president; Jimmie Teague, vice-president; and Martha Ann Miller, secretary. Spring presi- dent was Homer Wolfe. Membership included Thomas Brown, James H. Cook, Marshall Cooper, Hugh H. Corbin, W. R. Diesch, R. W. Dooley, Jim Eads, Norman Gillen, Ray L. Green, Letteral Heddins, Robert Hurt, J. B. Jamison, Bobby Jones, Waymon Jones, Charles Ludlow, H. J. McCorkle, Peggy McFarland, James E. Mankins, Martha Miller, Mary O ' Reilly, Rayworth Pardue, M. G. Pickrell, Loyd Powell, Otis Power, Leo Priola, Guinn Ras- bury, Harold E. Shaw, William R. Spiers, Jimmie Tague, Charles Thurman, Gerald Tinsley, Elden D. Traster, Homer C. Wolfe, William W. Woods, and Mr. Tom Rose and Dr. O. J. Currey, sponsors. FIRST ROW: Priola, Teague, Heddins, Hurt, Gillen, B. M. Jones, Woods, Tinsley. SECOND ROW: Miller, W. Jones, Cooper, Mankins, Brown, Corbin, I ' ardue, Cook, Fraster. THIRD ROW: Rose, Ewing, Dooley, Rasbury, Powell, Eads, Pickrell, Scliad, Wolfe, McCorkle, SuUiman. 9I w ' Mim i Ti mi 1 fl B 1 [i 1 jp -■..rvJ Shh. ' . Ei ' jMM B- ' Page 348 FIRST ROW: Toothaker, Wilson, Spidell, Blummer, Childress, Todd, Sloan. Franklin. SECOND ROW: De Vito, Bender, Brant- ley, Spindle, Briley, . nderson, Daniel, Flyr, Gootl, V. Liddell, M. I.iddell. THIR DROW: Clarke, Walker, Morgan, Self, Priddy, McMinn, Evans, Hardesty, Patterson, Parrott, Browning, Murdock, Tune, Thomas, White, Nelson. Alpha Lambda Sigma, an honor organization for senior library majors, selects its members on the basis of scholarship and service to their field. Activities included entertaining guest speakers and contributing to various libraries. Membership included Mildred Anderson, Betty Bender, Doris Blummer, Margie Brantley, Venita Briley, Vandolyn Browning, Helen Childress, Virginia Clarke, Wilma Daniel, Billy De Vito, Louise Evans, Bennie A. Flyr, Balvillee Franklin, Mary Good, Kyle Hardesty, Martha Liddell, Voncile Liddell, Doris Morgan, Gloria Murdock, Bobbie McMinn, Nelda Nelson, Sangster Parrot, Jonnie Patterson, Bettie Priddie, Hazel Self, Eleanor Sloan, Carolyn Spidell, Evelyn Spindle, Dorothy Thomas, Betty Todd, Patsy Toothaker, Jennie Tune, Annie Walker, Imogene White and Helen G. Wilson. Alpha Lambda Sigma Departmental Honorary NED MORRIS President Page 349 JEWEL DAUGHETY President Alpha Mu Alpha Campus Professional Honorary Alpha Mu Alpha, a pre-professional fraternity organized in October 1949, promotes fellowship among pre-medical stu- dents in such a way as better to prepare them for the study of and eventual practice of medicine. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, personality and interest in the profession. Activities include lectures by outstanding doctors and science professors as well as survey trips to surrounding hospitals and clinics. Officers for the year were Jewel Daughcty, president; James Lampe, vice-president; Vance Baldwin, recording secretary; Bill King, correspondent; and Bill Boring, treasurer. Membership includes Vance Baldwin, Robert Bass, Bill Boring, Jewel Daughety, Larry Kimsey, William F. King, Roy Knowles, James Lampe, Alan Miller, John Riggs, Bill Wilks and Mr. Thomas Harllee, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Lampe, Daughety, Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Knowles, Miller, Wilks, Riggs. THIRD ROW: Harllee , Kimsey, King, Boring, Bass. Page 350 FIRST ROW: Wagoner. Durham Trotter, Cooper, NfcMinn. SECOND ROW: Jordan, R. Rolierts, Germann, Walker, A. Roberts, Fortenberrv, Marnock, Sparkman. THIRD ROW: McKnight, White. Daughetv. Abemethv, . Tromblec, J. Tromblee. Thompson, Coiiltas. FOUR! H ROW: DeVito, Banister. I.ampe, Fieather, Roy Knowles, Boring, Royce Knowles, Baldwin. FIFTH ROW: Bishop, Hudgins, Wilks, Lewis, Smith, Ruland, .-Mford, Farris. Beta Beta Beta, a national biology society offers majors and minors in this field an opportunity to further their professional knowledge and associate with students of a common interest. Members must have completed 12 hours of biology with a B average to be eligible. Officers for the year were Roy Wagoner, president; Louis DeVito, vice-president; Helena Germann, secretary; and Nor- man Durham, treasurer. Membership included Frank B. Abernathy, Jr., Hoy E. Al- ford, Vance Baldwin, Jack Banister, Jack Bishop, Billy Ray Bor- ing, Bill Cooper, Jr., John T. Coultas, Jewel Daughety, Louis DeVita, Norman Durham, Edward T. Farris, Betty Fortenberry, Helena June Germann, Carl D. Heather, Gladys Hudgins, Mar- tha Jordan, Roy Knowles, Royce Knowles, James Lampe, T. C. Lewis, Jr., Edna Marnock, William G. McKnight, Philip Mc- Minn, Anna Louise Roberts, Reba Roberts, Fred Ruland, Jr., Douglas Smith, Margaret Sparkman, Betha Helen Thompson, Julia B. Tromblee, Vincent D. Tromblee, Bob Trotter, Roy Wagoner, Jane Walker, John Medlin White and Bill Wilks. Beta Beta Beta National Honorary ROY WAGONER President Page 351 F ' (t CURTIS RAMSEY President Blue Key National Honorary Blue Key is a national honorary recognition fraternity for out- standing men on the campus. Its members are recommended on the basis of past exemplary service to their church, community and school. Each prospective member must receive a unanimous vote from the organi- zation. Active membership is limited to thirty-five. North Texas ' chapter was founded in 1949. It holds bi-weekly dinner meetings at which time topics of campus, national, and world interest are dis- cussed. Officers of the organization were Curtis Ramsey, president; Jewel Daughety, vice-president; John F. Riggs, secretary; and Robert Freeman, treasurer. Active membership includes J. L. Bass, Marshall Combest, Dale Day, Luther Fambro, Frank Gagnard, Gilbert Gonnan, Bruce Hender- son, Thomas H ughes, Troy Kemper, Bill King, George McCoy, Oliver P. Monk, James Moyers, Charles Nelson, Ira Schantz, Pat Sewell, James Shiflett, Marvin Solley, James Stevens, Kurz Williams, E. S. Ellis. Alum- nae are O. L. Davis, Jr., Dick Barnebey, Lee Jones, and Perry Jeanes. Faculty members are Ferris Baker, E. G. Ballard, H. W. Kamp, Jr., C. E. Shuford, and Freeland Townsley. , FIRST ROW: Solley, Sewell, Jones, Davi.s, Freeman, Kemper. SECOND ROW: Townsley. Barnebey, Bass, Nelson, Riggs, Daughety, Ramscv, Baker, Williams, King. THIRD ROW: Monk. Schantz, Kamp, Shiflett, Hughes, Ellis, Day. Page 352 FIRST ROW: Tyson, Dayton, Pilkey. Harriss, Rogers, Jenkins. Labus. SECOND ROW: Boren, Lightfoot, Denman, Cox, Fore- hand, ' illiamson, Lyles. THIRD ROW: McCuUoch, McClellan, Cotteral, Johnson, Angell, Trotter. Kiibeck. Delta Psi Kappa is a national scholarship and professional honor fraternity for women majoring or minoring in health and physical education. Qualifications for membership are a B average, and a minimum of fourteen hours in physical edu- cation. Bonnie Rogers served as president in the fall; Martha Ty- son, in the spring. Other officers were Nell Jenkins, vice-presi- dent; Janet Thigpen, secretary; Evelyn Labus, treasurer; and Urbanelle Cox, reporter. Membership included Ursula AngcU, Patsy Boren, Donnie Cotteral, Urbanelle Cox, Elouise Dayton, Tommy Denman, Shirley Forehand, Nell Jenkins, Eithel Johnson, Edith Kubeck, Evelyn Labus, Jane Lightfoot, Burnis Lyles, Shirlie McClellen, Marillyn McCulloch, Rita Pilkey, Bonnie Rogers, Janet Thig- pen, Betty Trotter, Martha Tyson, Bertie Williamson, and Miss Buelah Harriss, sponsor. Delta Psi Kappa National Honorary BONNIE ROGERS President Page 353 . - ' f. ar ; ' ' ■f : f jf:. CHARLES O. SMITH Presidetit E. D. Criddle Historical Society Departmental Honorary E. D. Criddle Historical Society is composed of advanced standing history majors and minors with a B average in this field and members of the history faculty. A series of lectures and the traditional initiation ceremony and annual breakfast constituted some of the group ' s activities for the year. Officers for the year were Charles O. Smith, president; Claude Speake, vice-president; and Mary Kathyn Henry, secre- tary. Members of the club were Dr. C. A. Bridges, James Carter, Delma Lee Cathey, Charles Carson, James Chitwoow, George Davis, Dr. Frank H. Gafford, Dr. Dewey Grantham, John Hans- com, Mary Kathryn Henry, Margaret Malone, Fred McGee, John B. Murphy, Dr. L. W. Newton, Dr. Anna Powell, Gloria Ross, Charles O. Smith, Frederick Smith, Claude Speake, Mr. James Tinsley, EdAvard Woodfin, Carl Woodward, and Jeane Wooten. FIRST ROW: Murphy, Henry, Speake, Hood. SECOND ROW: C. Smith, Wooten, Spain, Carter, Woodward. Cathey, F. Smith, Malone, Woodfin. THIRD ROW: Page 354 FIRST ROW: Rhodes, Clark, Bales, Brvant, A. Shell, Chrisman. SECOND ROW: Griffin, Ellis, Young. Ciillin, I ' osion, Rhodes, Hightower, Xoland, Ivey, Jackson, Heard. THIRD ROW: Speake, Proffer, Miller, Borden, Knott, Hansen, Shell, Ranieri, Dowlen, Mcljin, Knox. Gamma Theta Upsilon, a campus honorary society, offers to Students interested in geography a comprehensive study and fellowship program. Its members must ha ' c completed nine hours of geography with a B average. Officers for the year were Jack Clark, president; Allan Shell, vice president; Bill Shell, Treasurer; Gloria Griffin, sec- retary. Bob Miller and Dr. Walter Hansen, sponsors. Membership included Robert H. Bales, John Borden, Bert Bryant, Pat Chrisman, Jack Clark, Florence Cullin, Reid Dow- len, Rae Nelle Ellis, Gloria Griffin, Nita Heard, Joyce High- tower, Carol Ivey, Violet Jackson, Charles Knott, Lee Knox, Maurice McLain, R. A. Miller, Philara Noland, Leone Poston, R. L. Proffer, Rudy Ranieri, Bill Rhodes, Mary Rhodes, Allan Shell, William Shell, Claude Speake, Idalia Young, and Dr. Walter Hansen, sponsor. Gamma Theta Upsilon Departmental Honorary JACK CLARK President Page 35.T GENE HUTCHINSON President Gammadians Campus Honorary Gammadians, an honor society for freshman and sopho- more students, demands at least a B average on the first semester of freshman work for membership. The organization recog- nizes and encourages both high scholastic and high moral stand- ing for its members and the student body. Officers for the year were Gene Hutchinson, president; Adam McNitzsky, vice-president; Earlene Freeman, secretary; and Mildred Kilkison, treasurer. Membership included Connie Beeson, Don Blankinship, Uyvonne Boynton, Floyd Campbell, Anna Carroll, Helen FIRST ROW: Hendley, Smith, Mitchell, Beeson, Myers, Jones, Harris. SECOND ROW: Glazener, Culwell, Skidmore, Rice, Jenk- ins, Carroll. Cowan. I.alham. I HIRI) ROW: Tavlor. Dick. Rlankinship. f.lavkc. Shuilict. Ncwby, Pindale. Page 356 • ' " .V FIRSl ROW Pherson, Hefl ' : Hutchison, Pedigo, Ramer, Pittman, Campbell, Jones, Upshaw. SECOND ROW: Hampton, Valker, Freeman, Mc- " lin, Todd, Pinkerton, Ridley. THIRD ROW: Curtis, Cook, Gilkison, Himmel, Boynton, Reed, Willingham. Clarke, Betty Cook, Marjorie Cowan, Judy Culwell, Patsy Curtis, Clarence Dick, Earlyne Freeman, Una Glazener, Mildred Gilkison, Hope Hampton, Barbara Harris, Leigh Heflin, Bar- bara Hendley, Joanne Himmel, G ene Hu tchinson, Rosabel Jenkins, Beverly Jones, Sharon Jones, Sue Latham, Romona Mitchell, Betty Myers, Mary Newby, Jimmie Pedigo, Jean Pin- dale, Jane Pinderton, Mary Pittman, Jimmie Ramer, Dorothy Reed, Ruth Rice, Joan Ridley, Joyce Shurbet, Pauline Skid- more, Kay Smith, Jimmy Taylor, Norma Todd, Nancy Upshaw, Mary Walker, Arlene Willingham, and Miss Ruth Priddy, sponsor. Page 357 Gammadians Campus Honorary MISS RUTH PRIDDY Sponsor RAYMOND BLUMMER President Kappa Delta Pi National Honorary Kappa Delta Pi, an honorary society in education, selects its mem- bers on the basis of scholarship and character. Lectures, book-reviews, and a banquet are part of the organization ' s annual activities. Officers for the year were Raymond Blummer, president; Betty Powell, vice-president; Frances Monk, corresponding secretary; Royce Parrish, recording secretary; Yvonne Harris, treasurer; and Kathryn Will- son, reporter. Membership included Hoy Alford, Joan Anice Anthony, Dorothy Barber, Peggy Boston, Raymond Blummer, Marilyn Joyce Bowden, Norma Jean Bradford, Robert L. Breckenridge, Evelyn Brodie, Henry Budde, Dorothy Ann Burton, Bettye Carmichael, Patsy Charlton, Wini- fred Cheatham, Jean Chowns, Maxine Clement, Mary Gaye Coleman, La Juana Cotton, Ladye Urbanelle Cox, Peggy Crowder, Delia Maude Dalby, Lee Darsey, Betty Anne Darwin, Mary Rose Davenport, Jack Bradford Davis, Marjorie Ruth Davis, O. L. Davis, Bonnie Dempsey, FIRST ROW: Heard, Shepherd, Crowder, D. Moore, Boston, B. .Nfoore, Cheatham, Graham. SECOND ROW: Dempsey, Wallace, Darwin, Walker, Davenport, Robnett, Goodman, Coleman, Bradford, Powell. THIRD ROW: Alford, Holman, Largent, Budde, Breckenridge, Kiracole, Lightfoot, Monk, Walther, Lindsey, Tiffin, Weber, Shepherd, Newton. Page 358 FIRST ROW: lliarp, Darsev, Cotton, Charlton, Ross, Gibson, Burton, Carmichael, Ervin. SECOND ROW: Smith, Graveley, Ellis, Dendy, Watson. Mcjunkin, Dalljy, Lamons, Phillips, Harris, Anthony, Oldham, Brown. THIRD ROW: Blummer, Jarlx)e, Cox, Flyr, Waterman, Hodge, Hargrove, Young, Bowden, Davis, Kemper, Harrison, Peterson, Hubbard, Slavick. Eulwiler. Peggy Dendy, Rae Nell Ellis, Lanell Ervin, Eva Farnsworth, Bonnie Fleer, James H. Fulwiler, Eleyce Gibson, Bonnie Jo Goodman, Louise Graham, Eva Lou Gravely, Richard Hargrove, Yvonne Harris, Billy John Harrison, Laurence Edwin Harvey, Dorothy Ruth Heard, James Edgar Hodge, David Newton Holman, William Ellis Hubbard, Tonirny Hughg s, Earl Tom Keel, Troy David Kemper, Richard Paul Kiracofe, Rachael Marcella Lamons , Tommy Joe Largent, Jane Lightfoot, Tom Lindsey, Ray Little, Frances K. Monk, Beverly June Moore, Doris Evelyn Moore, Elizabeth Mcjunkin, Louvenia Oldham, Geneva Owens, Royce Parrish, Paul Eugene Peterson, Sidney Peveto, Lucille Phillips, Betty Powell, Mary Coston Robertson, Kathryn Robnctt, Gloria Bernys Ross, Betty Jean Scott, Stanley Shepelwitch, Dorothy Wright Shepherd, Jimmie George Shepherd, John Paul Slavick, Helen Jewell Smith, Don Swadley, Jeanetta Jo Tharp, Robert Edwin Tiffin, Beverley Knox Turn- er, Wanda Jean Walker, Dorothy Wallace, Betty Adele Walther, Lottie Hill Waterman, Joan Watson, Louis G. Weber, Jack Wilson Weseman, Elise Whitlock, Kathryn Willson, and Idalia Young. Kappa Delta Pi National Honorary DR. L. W. XEW ' TON and MISS MYRTLE BROWN Sponsors Page 359 PENELOPE COFFEY President Mu Phi Epsilon National Honorary Mu Phi Epsilon, a national honorary mvisic sorority, re- quires that its members have a B average, 30 hours in music and a faculty recommendation. The organization was formed to encourage good music, chiefly through recitals. This chap- ter was host to the state convention in March. Officers for the year were Penelope Coffey, president; Pa- tricia Garrison, vice-president; Mary Jane Sullivan, recording secretary; Peggy Boston, correspondent; Irene Asbenfelter, treas- urer; Gail Daly, historian; Leota Vincent, chaplain; and Anita Harvey chorister. Meinbership of the organization included Irene Ashenfelt- er, Peggy Jane Boston, Carolyn Sue Camp, Penelope Coffey, Abigail Daly, Patricia Garrison, Ada Guin, Margaret Grubb, Lucy Anne Hanson, Anita Harvey, Martha Len Henderson, Beverly LaGue, Marion Mapes, Sally Maxwell, Lina Grace Pond, Ruth Reavley, Ernestine Scholtz, Mary Ellen Standley, Betty Sterling, Mary Jane Sullivan, and Leota Vincent. FIRST ROW: Harvey, Boston, C:offey, Garrison, Sterling, Vincent. SECOND ROW: Daly, Sullivan, Reavely, Ashenfelter, Camp, La- Gue, Henderson. THIRD ROW: Stankley, Hanson, Pond, Maxwell, Mapes, Scholz. Page 360 Barnebey, Schnoor, Cummings, Carlton, Hughes, Sala. Pi Kappa Delta, a national forensic honorary society, organ- ized to recognize and encourage good speaking. Each member of the North Texas chapter must have debated at least two years for this school and won more than half of his debates. Keys are awarded to members and jeweled according to pro- fiency and experience in debate, oratory, and instruction. Officers for the year were Janie Bennett, president, and Rose Ann Cinnmings, vice-president. Membership included June Barnebey, Janie Bennett, Mary Carlton, Rose Ann Cunnings, O. L. Davis, To mmy Hu ghes, Paul Rilling, Dott Sala, and Maurice Schnoor. Pi Kappa Delta National Honorary JANIE TEIPEL BENNETT President Page 361 I ' EGGV c;rowder President Pi Omega Pi National Honorary Pi Omega Pi is an honorary business education fraternity, requiring that its members elect business as their first teaching field and maintain an over-all B average. Its activities include entertaining well-known speakers at each meeting and display- ing good business books in the MA building. Officers for the year were Peggy Crowder, president; Mar- tha Miller, vice-president; Frances Yarbrough, secretary; Floyd Jenkins, treasurer; and Joan Watson, reporter. FIRST ROW: Harris, Walther, Yarbrough, Fagg, Reding, Spangle, Taylor. SECOND ROW: Powell, Allen, Wallace, Mobley, Morris, Lanham, Hartman, Scolt, Moore, Bowdcn. THIRD ROW: Bain, Anderson, Cooke, Evans. Wagner, Wolfe, Cotton, Miller, Kemper, Boweers, Heddins, Curry, Curry. Page 362 i Mt : JSSMM FIRST ROW: Scott, Venable. Hopkins. Crowder, Jenkins, Miller, Hendrix. SECOND ROW: Gilien, Gillen, I ' riddy, Veatch, Hailey, Currie, Coville, Cotton, Watson, Wright. THIRD ROW: Collins, Witherspoon, Wright, Stedmore, Kiracofe, Diitton, Miller, Min- shew, Edwards, Jenkins, Jones, Rooney, Sullivan, Rose Shepard. Its members were Luvenia Banister, Dorothy Clement La Juana Cotton, Peggy Crowder, Niobe Dick. Jesse G. Edwards, Joy Fagg, Nancy Fambro, Eva Parnsworth, Martha Ferguson, Norman Gillen, Juanita Gillen, Margaret Hailey, Marcus Hick- erson, Floyd Jenkins, Lee Jones, Richard Kiracofe, Martha Mill- er, Elizabeth Powell, William Pratt, Virginia Reding, Mary Robertson, Kathryn Robnett, Betty Walther, Joan Watson, and Ola Frances Yarbrough. Pi Omega Pi National Honorary MISS HELEN WRIGHT and MR. L. M. COLLINS Sponsors Page 363 CHARLES NELSON President Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia National Honorary Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia is an honorary music fraternity for the men who have a genuine interest in music and a B average in that field. The organization specializes in American music and sponsors an " All- American " concert each year. Officers for the fall semester were Charles Nelson, presi- dent; David Moore, vice-president; Colton Erwin, secretary; Donald Hatch, treasurer; Earl Tom Keel, national councilman; John Farris, alumni secretary; Joe Dabney, historian; and Lloyd Cook, pledge warden. Spring officers were Jack Hendrix, presi- dent; Ray Little, vice-president; Clifford Shipp, secretary; Wes- ley Coffman, treasurer; Stanley Shepelwich, alumni secretary; and Larry Austin, pledge warden. FIRST ROW: Cook, Hendrix, Moore, Schantz, Keel, Coffman, Sealy, Buchanan. SKCOXD ROW: Ho lgson, Eason, Shipp, Farris, Dabney, Nelson, r.iwin. Little, Lasater, McCoy, Hatch. Page 364 FIRST ROW: I ' dkiiis, Cculy, Lee, Farkas, Hampton, All)iitton, Biiiuii. Siiiiigei. StCOXD ROW: Karnes, Travis, Lakey, Brad- ford, Baker, Payne, Roberts, Birmingham, Davidson. Membership included Sherry Albritton, Ralph Appelman, Larry Austin, Hugh Birmingham, Bryan Baker, James Brad- ford, George Bragg, B. O. Brown, Leon Brown, Robert Buch- anan, Robert Cody, Wesley Cofiman, Lloyd Cook, Joe Dab- ney, Neil Davidson, John Eargle, George Eason, Colton Erwin, John Farris, Stephen Farkas, Jack Gueny, Evan Hampton, Don- ald Hatch, Jack Hendrix, Merlin Jenkins, enny Karnes, Earl Tom Keel, Claude Lakey, Eugene Lasater, N. A. Lee, Ray Little, David Moore, George McCoy, Charles Nelson, Robert Ottman, Robert Payne, Lloyd Perkins, Jack Roberts, Jack Rub- ley, Ira Schantz, Byford Sealy, Stanley Shepelwich, Clifford Shipp, James Travis, Farris Vaughn, and Leon Wade. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia National Honorary DR. WALTER H. HODGSON Sponsor Page 365 BOBBIE NOEL President Phi Upsilon Omicron National Honorary Phi Upsilon Omicron, a national honorary home economics society, encourages professional improvement among its mem- bers and promotes home economics interest on the campus. Members are requir ed to be home economics majors with a 2.8 grade point average. Officers for the year were Bobbie Noel, president; Billie Phillips, vice-president; Mary Lou Hall, corresponding secre- tary; Edna Jungbecker, recording secretary; Alma Sue Taylor, treasurer; Mildred Wyatt, editor; Barbara Baldwin, librarian; Pat Whitley, historian; and Merry Wood, chaplin. Membership included Ida Bell Allen, Joan Anthony, Grace Baker, Veta Baker, Barbara Baldwin, Helen Bigham, Joyce Chafin, Naomi Embry, Mary Lou Hall, Dorothy Heard, Dorothy Honeycutt, Edna Jungbecker, Katie Koeninger, Janelle Loveless, Bobbie Noel, Billie Phillips, Alma Sue Taylor, Pat Whitley, Suz- anne Williams, Joy Wilson, Merry Ruth Wood, and Mildred Wyatt. FIRST ROW: Bigham, Jungbecker, Noel, Phillips, Hall. SECOND ROW: Anthony, Whitley, Chafin, Wood, Wilson. THIRD ROW: Baker, Embry, Koeninger, Allen, Loveless. FOURTH ROW: Honeycutt, Heard, Baldwin, Baker. Page 366 ' JM FIRST RO V: King. AVisdoin. Kauhiian, Rainsev, Weber, ODell, Miller. SECOND ROW: Swifi. L. Martin, Whittington, Reeder, McGaugh. . IImon, Nf. Watson, . atson, Shepard, Bradford. THIRD ROW: R. Whittle. Bearaer, Smith, Baker, Robnett, T. Whittle, Clement, Martin, Romano, Goodman, Seeker, Carse, Shelton, Blackwell, Biirkhalter, Tiffin, Coleman, Bonney, Yarborough. Psi Chi, a national honor organization, recognizes outstanding stu- dents majoring or minoring in psychology. The gioup furthers inter- est, research, and fellowship in the field of psychology. The group pre- sented guest speakers and psycho-dramas as well as giving several social functions. Officers of the organization for the fall semester were Edwin Tiffin, president; Martin Seeker, vice-president; Norma Bradford, secretary; Jess Wisdom, treasurer; W. L. Shelton, Jr., historian; and Bonnie Good- man, reporter. Spring officers were Johnny Romano, president; Bill Shelton, vice-president; Thelma Reeder, secretary; and Louis Weber, treasurer. Membership of the organization included Dorothy Mae Allmon, Betty Lois Baker, Dale Blackwell, Norma Bradford, James A. Burk- halter, William Carse, Maxine Clement, Gaye Coleman, Bonnie Good- man, Robert Kaufman, F. J. King, Emma Lou Martin, Virgia McGaugh, John Miller, Perry O ' Dell, Curtis Ramsey, Thelma Reeder, John Rob- erts, Kathryn Robnett, Johnny Romano, Martin Seeker, W. L. Shelton, Jr., Dorothy Shepherd, Mable Smith, Leo Stubbs, Bennie Mae Swift, Edwin Tiffin, Velma Watson, Maxine Vatson, Louis Weber, Thomas V. Whittle, Don Beth Vhittington, and Jess AVisdom. Dr. G. C. Beam- er. Dr. M. E. Bonner, and Dr. Sid Hamilton are sponsors. Psi Chi National Honorary ED TIFFIN President Page 367 ELIZABETH WILFREY President Sigma Alpha lota National Honorary Sigma Alpha Iota, a national music organization for women, con- sists of music majors or minors who have a B average in music courses. Activities for the year included rush functions, welcome party for in- coming music students, a reception for Astrid Varnay, a May dinner dance and several recitals. Officers for both spring and fall semesters were: Elizabeth Wilfley, president; Mary Nan Hudgins, vice-president; Ernestine McCarty, cor- responding secretary; Ruth Ann Uavison, treasurer; Ruth Schoenfield, editor. Membership includes Elizabeth Anderson, Betty Armstrong, Annie Mary Bounds, Dorothy Burton, Grace Collins, Mary Lou Calvin, Ruth Ann Davison, Patt Egger, Alice Field, Elyce Gibson, Beverly Hall, Lou- ann Hardy, Carolyn Harmon, Jean Harrison, Joanne Himmel, Audrey Hudgins, Mary Nan Hudgins, Anna Ruth Humphreys, Martha Ann Lloyd, Dorothy Loe, Ernestine McCarty, Joanne Neal, Jimmie Ann Ramer, Pat Reese, Patty Rippy, Susan Schimelpfenig, Rutli Schoen- field, Jud Seller , Janet Smith, Jay Smith, Juanita Teal, Nancy Tomp- son, Elaine Turner, Virginia Walberg, Elizabeth Wilfley, Anna Lou Williams, and Nancy Wright. FIRST ROW: Davison, Field, Hudgins, Harmon, Himmel, Smith, Wilfley. Bounds. SECOND ROW: Reese, Thompson, Loe, Tur- iiey, Walberg, Burton, Gibson, McCarty, Armstrong, Schimelpfenig. THIRD ROW: Loyd, Rippy, Humphreys, Egger, Collins, Wil- liams, Ramer, Schoenfield, Teal, Hall, Hudgins, Seller, Hardy, Wright. iini mil Page 368 FIRST ROW: Young. Gorman. Shutord, Graham, Xolte. SECOND ROW: Wood, Henderson. Gagnard, McCullar, Peacock, Movers. Sigma Delta, men ' s honorary journalism society, hopes to become affiliated with the national Sigma Delta Chi fraternity soon. The group provides fellowship and study common prob- lems for those men in the journalism field who have a B average. Activities included guest speakers and a monthly dinner. Officers for the fall semester were James Moyers, president; Harold Nolte, vice-president; Frank Gagnard, secretary; C. R. Graham, treasurer; and Gil Gorman, sergeant-at-arms. Officers for the spring semester were C. R. Graham, president; Frank Gagnard, vice-president; Dalton Wood, secretary; Jack Hickey, treasurer; and Darnell Peacock, sergeant-at-arms. Bruce Hen- derson, histori an, and C. L. McCidlar, parliamentarian, served both semesters. Members included Frank Gagnard, Gilbert Gorman, C. R. Graham, Bruce Henderson, Jack Hickey, C. L. McCullar, James Moyers, Harold Nolte, Darnell Peacock, Dalton Wood, Earle Young, and Mr. C. E. Shuford, sponsor. Sigma Delta Local Honorary J. MES MOVERS President Page 369 LVA HOOD President Sigma Delta Pi National Honorary Sigma Delta Pi is a national honor society for those stu- dents interested in Spanish. The group was organized to de- velop a wider knowledge of Hispanic contributions to modern culture, to provide a nucleus for Spanish student activities, and to reward those students who demonstrate special attainments and interests in Spanish. Officers for both spring and fall semesters were Eva Hood, president; Irma Alvarez, vice-president; Barbara Haigue, secre- tary; Robert Harding, treasurer, and Dr. Henry Dannelly, spon- sor. Membership includes Irma Alvarez, Marinel Bacon, Veneda Booth, Virginia Calloway, Floyce Campbell, Barbara Chapman, Barbara Crowe, Henry Dannelley, Jean Dillard, Emily FuUwiler, James Fullwiler, Alfred Gonzales, Robert Harding, Barbara Hague, Eva Hood, and Joyce Whaley. FIRST ROW: Whaley, Cauiphell, Hood, Chapman, Alvarez, Booth. SECOND ROW: Dannelley, Dillard, Gonzales, Crowe, Hague, Hardin. Page 370 FlRSr ROW: Caldwell, Bridgman, Pearson, Todd. Martin. Manning, Smith, O ' Hcarn. SKCONU ROW: Fuchs. Robertson, Jones, Lauderdale, Hawkins, Barr, I ' ennal, Castleberry. THIRD ROW: Compton, Roberts, Jackson, Cahill, Berry, Rogers, Deardorff, Zajicck. Sigma Pi Delta, a national honorary fraternity, is composed of outstanding men with at least a B average in the field of art. Organized to provide a nucleus for art activities, the group spon- sored exhibits, speakers, and social functions. Officers for the year were Joe Paull Castleberry, president; Troy Berry, vice-president; Jerry Cahill, secretary; Louis Todd, treasurer; Don Deardorff, social chairman; Cliff Barr, parila- mentarian; Bill Short, exhibit chairman. Membership includes Howard Barnes, Cliff Barr, Troy Berry, Corky Bridgman, Jerry Cahill, Everett Caldwell, Joe Paull Castleberry, Don Deardorff, Clyde HaAvkins, Jimmy Jack- son, Jack Jones, Don Lauderdale, Roy Manning, Mike Martin, Robert Moore, Bob Pearson, Bill Pennel, Gregory Roberts, Louis Robertson, Taylor Rogers, Bill Short, Frank Smith, Louis Todd, Danny Wall, Danny Weir, and Charles Zajicek. Sigma Pi Delta National Honorary JOE PAULL CASTLtliLRRY President I ' age 371 1 Hi LiMii B Tail Delta Chapter of Sigina Tau Delta, national professional Eng- lish fraternity, was established at North Texas in 1940. The grouj) organized to promote the mastery of written expression, to encourage worthwhile reading, and to foster a sj)irit of fellowship among men and women specializing in English. Members must be of junior stand- ing with at least a B average. Activities included a review of recent trends in literature, analysis of anonymous creative writing submitted by members, presentation of films of great mastorpieccs, and several social functions. Officers for the year were Francis Monk, president; Kathleen Noland, vice-president; Dott Sala, secretary-treasurer; and Franklin Gagnard, re- porter. FR.ANCIS KING MONK President Sigma Tau Delta National Honorary Membership included Gerald Anderson, Peggy Boston, Homer Gates, Rex Dyer, Bruce F.cord, Frank Gagnard, Catherine Garrison, Homer Giles, Charlene Harrelson, Yvonne Harris, Jo Herd, Frances Horsley, T ommy Hughe s. Marydell Koepp, Marilyn Krause, John Law- ler, Sarah Lockwood, Helen McCasland, Robert McLain, Beverly Moore, Doris Moore, Dorothy Monk, Francis Monk, Kathleen Noland, Mary Pittman, Dott Sala, Jack Sansberry, Carolyn Shell, James Shiftlett, Aubrey Skinner, H. B. Slecld, Jewell Smith, Don Swadley, Mary Tankers- ley, Ouita Taylor, and Dr. Klary Patchell and Dr. M. P. Wells, spon- sors. I ' lRSr ROW: Boston, Lockwood, F. Monk, Sala, Shell. SECOND ROW: Crowe, Moore. Harrelson, Horsley, Herd, Smith, D. Monk. IHIRl) ROW: liiolim, Patchell, Wells, Davis, Sledd. Page 372 FIRST ROW: Broome, Scott, Cody, Harris, Davenport. SECOND ROW: Lainons, Riecl, Hyde, kaiiicnitsa. Laird. Theta Sigma Alpha is an honorary society for outstand- ing women journalists with at least a B average in their field of study. The organization is striving toward affiliation with the national women ' s journalism fraternity. Officers for fall semester Avere Maxine Kamenitsa, presi- dent; Pet Cody, vice-president; Bettye Button Webb, secre- tary, and Yvonne Harris, treasurer. Yvonne Harris was spring president. Membership includes Mary Louise Broome, Pet Cody, Ma ry Davenport, Yvonne Harris, Lorene Hyde, Maxine Kamen- itsa, Rachael Lamons, Betty Parmele, Bettie Jean Reed, and Miss Helen Wilfong, sponsor. Theta Sigma Alpha Departmental Honorary MAXINE KAMENITSA President Page 373 IOMjMY OAlh.S President Alpha Phi Omega National Service Gamma Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fra- ternity for men, holds as its chief purpose the development of leader- ship and citizenship. Membership is open to all former Hoy Scouts, who serve a pledgeship period before initiation into Alpha Phi Omega. The organization sponsored the March of Dimes campaign, an Orphan ' s Christmas Party, Safety Week, an Orphan ' s Easter Party, and a " Share- the-Ride " service on holidays. Social activities included a Cinderella Ball, a Daisy Dance, and an Orchid Dinner Dance. Officers for the fall term were Tonmiy Oates, president; Kenneth Foster, vice-president; Sydney White, second vice-president; Ray Burch- ette, secretary; Don Moore, corresponding secretary, and Taylor Kirk- ham, treasurer. Spring officers were George Davis, president; Buddy Sears, vice-president; San Bass, second vice-president; Ronald Presslcy, secretary; Don Moore, corresponding secretary; and James Matkin, treas- urer. Membership included Dan Adams, Bob Boniol, Sam Bass, Chester Bruton, Ray Burchette, Bill Burke, Kenneth Chennault, Bob Clark, Bob Couser, Sam Cowan, Cecil Cox, G. B. Crawford, James Damon, George Davis, Wesley Davis, Parks Dibble, Ben Ed Gantt, joe Jack Gantt, Orville Gaston, John Gordon, Carol Herriot, Jimmy Herriot, Clark Huffincs, Taylor Kirkham, Tom Lane, James Matkin, A. B. Menasco, Dan Moore, Joe Morris, Tommy Oates, Bob Pang, Ronald Pressley, Joe Riek, Greg- ory Roberts, John Rowlctt, John Savage, Wesley Sears, Pat Sewell, Lee- land Sikkelee, James Trosclair, Bill Tucker, Dale Walton, Sidney White, and Mr. M. B. Ward, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Foster, White, Moore, Phillips, Kirkham, Hutfines, Lane. SECOND ROW: G. Davis, Adams, Shipley, Tucker, W. Davis, Walton, Uain, (iaston. THIRD ROW: Gordon, Ward, Clark, Dibble, B. Gantt, Roberts. Herriot, Bniton, Riek. FOURTH ROW: I ' ang. I ' ressly, Morris. Menasco, Matkin, .Sewell, Sears. Burchette, Boniol. Chenaiilt, J. Ciantt, Bass. Sikkelee, Cowser. Page 874 _ FIRST ROW: Goode. Bragg. Greer. Bales. Huggins. Brown, Crane. SECOND ROW: Roonev. Fruge. .Sanders, J. Smith. Morgan, Harrison, Theilen, Johnson. THIRB ROW: .Asher, . lford, Slillgril, Harlcss, Sorrell, Hurt, F. Sinitli, Nix, Onell. Gamma Iota Chi fraternity demands that its members be cx-ser- ' icenien •ith an honorable discharge and that they receive a favorable vote from the entire membership. Their activities for the year included ushering at all home football games and operating an employment office. Officers for the fall semester were Winifred Brown, president; Dan Morgan, vice-president; Roy Sorell, secretary, and Chester Huggins, treasurer. Spring officers were Hoy Alford, president; Gordon Theiland, vice-president; Claude A. Still, Jr., secretary; and Jake Johnson, treasurer. Membership of the club included Hoy Alford, Earl Asher, Robert H. Bales, Jack Banks, Bill Blair, Louis H. Bragg, Winifred Brown, Dan Bunkley, Warren Clary, Buster B. Copp, William T. Coulton, Bill Crane, R. . . Curtis, Jr., Joseph Davenport, B. A. Davidson, Harold E. Dickey, Rusty Endrizz, Harold Farmer, Lloyd Fruge, Richard Good, Jack Greer, Harold Harless, Robert Harrison, Duncan Hilton, Chester Huggins, Rob- ert Hurt, Jake Johnson, Kenneth Martin, James Matkin, Morgan Mor- ris, Dan Morgan, John Nix, Bill OiTell, Walter Rabbe, Gus Radons, James W. Reeves, Norman Sanders, Fred Smith, Jesse Smith, Roy Sor- rell, Claude A. Still, Jr., Gordon Theilen, and Jim Waterman. Gamma lota Chi Campus Service WINIFRED BROWN President Page 375 JOYCE CHAFIN President Green Jackets Campus Service Green Jackets is an honorary service organization whose members are selected from each major campus group on the basis of character and personality. An outgoing senior is al- lowed one pledge. Activities included ushering at fine arts pro- grams, aiding at registration, and attendance and support at each home sport event. Officers for the year were Joyce Chafin, president; Bonnie Goodman, vice-president; Reba Roberts, recording secretary and treasurer; Mary Jenkins, corresponding secretary; and Jackie Burnam, pledge captain. FIRST ROW: Fisher, Chafin, Harriss, Rol erts, Bain, Sewell, McBurnett. SECOND ROW: Sala, Goodman, Allen, Brodie, Hart- man, Rhodes, Drumniond. THIRD ROW: Howell, Roberts, Boren, Taylor, Owens, Thigpen. Page 376 FIRST ROW: Davies, Farnsworth, Grube, Harriss, Roberts, Cameron, Cole, Hammack. SECOND ROW: Jenkins, Coville, Pearce, Wood, Woldver, Wilson. THIRD ROW: Schmelphenig, Dove, I.alicker, Sims, Hall, Burnam, Walker. Membership included Nell Allen, Jean Bain, Patsy Boren, Evelyn Brodie, Jackie Burnam, Carol Camerson, Joyce Chafin, Percy Cole, Jane Coville, Nell Davies, Virginia Dove, Joy Drummond, Eva Farnsworth, Estelle Fisher, Bonnie Goodman, Marilyn Grube, Marylu Hall, Natalie Hammack, Mary Ruth Hartman, Joyce Howell, Mary Jenkins, Eileen Lalicker, Sue McBurnett, Geneva Owens, Pat Pearce, Mary Virginia Rhodes, Patricia Roberts, Reba Roberts, Dott Sala, Susan Schmelphenig, Billie Sewell, Jimmie Lou Sims, Shirley Taylor, Sandy Thig- pen, Mary Walker, Joyce Wilson, Pat Woldover and Merry Wood. Green Jackets Campus Service MISS BEULAH HARRISS Sponsor Page 377 JOHN RIGGS President Student Religious Council Campus Service Student Religious Council acts as a coordinator tor the campus and local churches and seeks to stimulate religious activities among stu- dents. The group sponsors Religious Emphasis Week. Officers of the organization for this year were John Riggs, president; Bo ] ' rown, vice-president; Di(k Kirhy, secrctary-treasiuer; and Ciil Gor- man, reporter. Members for the year were Elizabeth Anderson, Virginia Bailey, Laura Birdwell, Dovie Jean Bowers, B. O. Brown, Pet Cody, Peggy Crowder, Elyce Gibson, Gilbert Gorman, Jack Gray, Benny J. Henzler, Helena Juengermann, Dick Kirby, Marilyn Krouse, Harrell Mason, Russell Middleton, Nellie TcEll annon, Bill McKnight, Royce Par- rish, Grover Pearson, Mary Virginia Rhodes, John Riggs, Diane Scott, Frances Shure, and Jack Sinesbough. Faculty sponsors were Dr. W. B. Lloyd, Mr. Maurice McAdow, Dr. J. B. McBryde, Miss Margaret Middleton. Church student workers were Dr. Doyle Baird, Rev. Gordon R. Collier, Miss Jewel Posey, Miss Alice Ann Berry. TSCW representative was Carolyn McCastlain. FIRST ROW: Cody, Scott, McCastlain, Antlerson, Krause, Crowder, Bailey, Bowers. SECOND ROW: Gorman, Lloyd, Collier, Mc- Bryde, Kirley, Middleton, Pearson, McKnight, Riggs, Mason, Henzler, Gates. Page 378 FIRST RO V: Howell, Harrison, Hinds, Sollis, Rolicrson. SECOND ROW: Scott, Vhitlock, Batch, Roane, Parker, Stanford, Davis. Women ' s Forum Council is the governing body of the Women ' s Forum, which includes in its membership every girl on the campus. This organization helps direct the social life and raise the standards of the campus. Council members are elect- ed by the girls from the four college classes. Activities include a Thanksgiving and a Valentine Tea for campus girls, an all- college Christmas Dance, Dutch Week, Spring Style Show, and the May Fete. Officers were Joyce Hinds, president; Pat Harrison, vice- president; Sue Sollis, secretary, and Joyce Howell, reporter. Membership included Freshmen, Sammye Davis, Jan Stan- ford; Sophomores, Talou Balch, Mary Parker; Juniors, Camille Scott, Doris Roane; and Seniors, Elise Whitlock. and Owen Roberson. Dean Imogene Bentley was sponsor. Women ' s Forum Council Campus Service JOYCE HINDS President Page 379 CHARLES PARI ON President Association of Childhood Education National Professional Society Association of Childhood Education, a national organization com- posed of those interested in the field of elementary education and child- hood development, is one of the oldest groups on the campus. The club stimulates interest in the field of ■ elementary education and provides a means of professional improvement and fellowship. Officers for the year were Charles Parton, president; Jean Finnic, vice-president; Nancy Rilling, secretary; Dolores Smith, corresponding secretary; Thelma Fay Nations, treasurer; Mary fane Painter, reporter. Membership included Alva Akin, Betty y lexander, J. W. Allen, Vir- ginia Atkins, Ruth Hartley, Doris Bennett, Albert Black, Margaret Bruce, Nan Brandenberg, Jo Anne Cantrell, Jean Carter, Pat Caudle, Elois Ches- ter, Jean Chowns, Helen Clark, Betty Clay, Mary Clay, Rose Clement, Ju nelle Cline, Elizabeth raig, Edith Curtis, Mrs. James Daniel, James Danvil, Angle Davis, Lorain DeBouy, Jean Finnic, Jane Flowers, Eliza- beth Garcia, Dixie Good, Leigh Haflin, Billie Hailey, Ruby Hart, Ruth Gasford, Hellena Hattenbach, Bobby Hawkins, Boyd Hill, Mary Nell Hollier, Marie Huckabee, Sarah Hughes. Tommie Johnson, Lou Ann Jones, Winona Lewis, Ginger Loe, Joan Lowe, Darrel Mabry, Henrietta Marshall, Elaine Martin, Patsy Miller, Doris Moore, Ruth Moye, Betty McConnell, Robert McDonnal, Leona McGee, Thelma Nations, Mary Beth Newby, Paula Osburn, Helen Outon, Donna O ' Daniel, Mary Jane Painter, Charles Parton, Mrs. Joe Joston, Dorothy Reece, Mary Rich- ardson, Mickie Riley, Nancy Rilling, Joanne Robertson, Marian Robin- son, Lucille Sheets, Dolores Smith, Norma Sorrels, Shirley Tinkle, Doris Taylor, Mary K. Turner, Nancy Upshaw, Wcldon Walker, Laurene War- ren, Glenna Welborn, Annette Williams, and Dr. James Webb, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Walker, Alexander, Brandenburg, Smith, Black, Nations, Parton, M. Clay. B. Clay, Warren, Webb. SECOND ROW: Painter, Hailev. Outon, Jones, Lewis, Bruce, Reece, Carter, Roberson, Bennett, Taylor. THIRD ROW: Hawkins, McGehee, Good, Moye, Upshaw, McConnell, Huckabee, Curtis, Finnic, Mosqueda, Hughes, Sheets, I ' oston. Lowe. FOURTH ROW: Akin, Miller, Loe, Martin, Heflin, Welborn, Davis, Clarke, Cole, Craig. Richardson, Pritchard. FIFTH ROW: Chester, Garcia, Cline, Osburn, Rilling, Turner, Moore, Robertson, Hattenbach, S. Taylor, P. Taylor, Williams, Hollier, Lowe, Flowers, Clement, Black. Page 380 FIRST ROW: Wood, Cannon. Rarbee, Warren, Adams, Compton, Davidson, Euler. SECOND ROW: Jones, Ingram, Overall, Mc- Nutt, Averv. McRnight. Blake, Crofts, Barnett, Cridcr. THIRD ROW: Corlev, Pearson, McFathridge, Castlel)erry, Hawkins, White, Haley, Moore, Dabney, Robertson, Starling, Mathis. FOURTH ROW: Fuchs, Baldwin, Craig, Rogers, Lauderdale, Caldwell, Har- ris, O ' Hearn, Rains, Rol)erls, Berry. Alpha Rho Tau, open to all students who are majoring or minor- ing in art and have completed at least six hours in that field, operates to further interest in art at NT. This year the club sponsored art ex- hibitions, a Sadie Hawkins Dance, a masquerade dance, and a Christmas Formal. Officers for tlie year were jac k Jones , president; Troy Berry, vice- president; Helen Raines, secretary; Peggy .Starling, treasurer; Howard Barnes, parliamentarian; and Elise Whitlock, reporter. fembership included Audie Adams, Pat Avery, Zoe Barbee, How- ard Barnes, fary Blake, Betty Berenzen, Marilyn Beaver, Troy Berry, Delores Barnett, Everett Caldwell, Tommy Carlton, Joe Paull Castle- berry, Pat Clemmons, Betty Crowder, Joan Compton, George Corley, Carolyn Crofts, Joy Dabney, Martha Davidson, Charles Drumwright, Pat Euler, Mary Forrester, Pat Hailey, Ann Harding, Billye Harriss, Clyde Hawkins, Aileen Husbenet, Lou Ingram, Jack Jones, Don Lipman, Don Lauderdale, Carl Marder, Mike Martin, JamCsMathis, Doris Moore, Pat O ' H earn, Wanda Orrill, Lyane Overall, Johnny Pollard, Helen Raines, Mark V. Rhodes, Taylor Rogers, Louis Robertson, Peggy Starl- ing, Louis Todd, Vaida Ward, Joyce W arren, Gerald White, and Mr. Rudolph Fuchs, sponsor. Alpha Rho Tau Departmental Club JACK JONES President Page 381 BUD FINLEY President Baptist Student Union Council Campus-Church Club Baptist Student Union Council is the governing body of the Baptist Student Union, Avhich consists of all the Baptist students on this campus. The Council is elected from the group to coordinate and promote church activities. Officers for the year were: B. J. Finlcy, president; Bob Robinson, enlistment vice-president; Troy McCoy, social vice- president; John Hamilton, devotional vice-president; Mary Foster, stewardship vice-president; Waldine Midgett, secretary; George McCoy, music director; Betty Parmele, publicity direc- tor; Bob Beck, missions and extension director; L. P. Floyd, fac- ulty advisor; Doyle J. Baird, student secretary. Membership included Bob Beck, Dovie Jean Bowers, Nobel Brown, John Campbell, B. J. Finley, Mary Foster, John Ham- ilton, Troy McCoy, Betty Parmele, Bob Robinson, Ada Tys- sowski, and Mr. L. P. Floyd, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Floyd, Foster, Tyssowski, Parincle, Bowers, Finley. SECOND ROW: Rol)ii)son, Beck, Brown, McCoy, Hamilton, Campbell. Page 382 FIRS I ROW: 1 hompson, Baircl, Etter, Roane. Warren, Mosley, Garner, Carlton, Clemmons. SECOND ROW: Walls, Pace, Hinson, Willis, Morris, Lauderdale, Bcrendzen, Davis, Vatson. Boots and Saddles was organized this year to encourage interest and improve skill in horsemanship. The group rode once a week and had several Western style parties during the year. Officers for the fall term were Bob Walls, president; Sue Roane, vice-president; Celia Baird, secretary; Pat Clemmons, treasurer; and Catheryn Etter, reporter. Membership included Cela Baird, Betty Berendsen, Tom- my Carlton, Pat Clemmons, Bob Davis, Catheryn Etter, Bonnie Garner, Cl yde Hixsen, Don Lauderdale, Bill Morris, Jaynie Moseley, Gloria Pace, Sue Roane, Neal Thompson, Bob Walls, E. W. Warren, Jr., Don W atson, Annette Willis, and Van Thompson, sponsor. Boots and Saddles Campus Club BOB WALLS President Page 383 CARL J. MARDER, III President Club Varsity Campus Club Club Varsity organized in the fall to prepare and present a varsity show to the campus each year. Through study and discussion at regu- lar meeting prior to actual rehearsal of the show, the group plans to improve their performance. Officers for the year were Carl John Marder III, president; Gene Pflug, vice-president; Gay Nell Stcllman, secretary, Rebecca Ralston, treasurer; and Barbara Teat, reporter. Membership included Bob At hons, Bill Baker, George Baldwin, Mary Frances Bentley, Barbara Blakelv, Dan Brewer, Alfred road, Pat Brown, Everett Caldwell, Nadine Cannon, Tommy Carlton, Joe Paull Castlebarry, Jodie Currens, Joy Dabney, Clinton Davis, Ellen Grisham, Jimmy Hallcom, Clyde Hawkins, Jack Hendrix, Gene Hu tchison . Ja k. Jones, Joan Kelly, Barbar Kenoy, Dan Lauderdale, Enid Little, Shirley McClellan, Elna McFatridge, Carl Marder III, Roy Melton, Pat Miller, Marilyn Moody, Gene Pflug, Rebecca Ralston, Thelma Reeder, Louis Robertson, Anne Roland, Joann Sellers, Sylvia Sinleton, Peggy Starling, Gay Nell Stellman, Barbara Teat, Jack Tisdale, Bob Vaughn, jiue Weatherby, Maxine Winn, Ellie Wildman, and Mr. Steve BuelJ, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Teat, Kinily, Cannon, I .iltle. Wildnyin, Kelley, Grisham, McFatridge. SECOND ROW: Boyce, Sellers, Steelman, Moody, Weathetly, McClellan, Winn, Ralston, SterTTngT Hawkins. I HIRJ) OW: Castleberry, I isdale. Melton, Marden, Carlton, Pflug, HeiKlfixTDavis, Hallcom, Vaughn, Jgnes, Huicliisjin, Caldwell, Broad, Lauderdale, Baldwin, and Bufill. Page 384 FIRST ROW; Holland. 1. Hughes, Choate. Burchette, Blackburn, Wyiie, . thons, J. Huglies. SECOND ROW; Michon, Hitch, Ray- mond. Haberger. Morgan Weatherby. Bradshaw, Krause, Smart, Kubecka, Bums, Hardy. THIRD ROW: Courts, D. Thornton, Roland, Townsley, Swain, J, Thornton, Crane, Huse, Noah, Sollis, Bass, Tistlale, Roane, Buttran, Schulze. College Players fosters greater appreciation for the beauty and tech- nique of the ch ama. Sponsored by the speech department the group presents several formal productions of legitimate drama during the year, as well as a drama festival of one-act plays in the spring. Membership is open to anyone who shows talent in any phase of dramatic art. Officers for the organization were Larry Wood, president; .Sam Bass, vice-president; and Marilyn Krause, secretary. Membership included Bill Adday, Bob . thons, Sam Bass, Jerry Blackwell, Barbara Bradshaw, Ray Burchette, Jr., Julia Burns . Pal sy Buttrain, Ben Chappel, Hugh Choate, Beverly Courts, Bill Crane, Johnny Ellis, Shirley Farrow, Orville Gaston, John Gordon, Una Glazener, Marv r-th Hahpi- f r Dick Harris, Charles Haugland, Marjorie Hitch, Charles Holland, Jinmiy Hughes, Tommy Hughes, Peggy Huse, Marilyn Krause, Connie Kubecka, Carl Marder, Horace NfcMillan, Joyce .Michon, Marian foffatt, John Miller, Martha Morgan, Mary Jo urphy, Pat Noah, Grover Pearson, Sue Ferryman, Carol Raymond, Doris Roane, Ann Roland, Dott Sala, Doris .Schidze, Martha .Smith, Monte Smart, Jim Swain, Elvin Tay- lor, Jack Thornton, Dana Thornton, Jack Tisdale, Sue Sollis, Bill Towns- ley, Su£_Weatherby, Annette Williams, Kathryn Willson, Larry Wood, Don Wylie, and frs. fyrtle Hardy, sponsor. College Players Campus Club LARRY WOOD President Page 385 AUDIE ADAMS President Senior Current Literature Club Literary Club Senior Current Literature Club, a young woman ' s group organized to stimulate interest in current literature and to keep in touch with the work of women ' s clubs in Texas. Activities included various teas and coffees. Officers for the year were Audie Adams, president; Thelma Nations, vice-president; Betty Edwards, treasurer; Barbara Crowe, secretary. Membership included Audie Adams, Vivian Black, Doro- thy Eads, Betty A. Edwards, Ruth Grogan, Patsy Sue Johnson, Jimmie Lewis, Jimmie Lou Sills, Mary Jo Stockard, Wanda Walker and Miss Anna Alford, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Sills, Eads, Johnson, Edwards. SECOND ROW: Alford, Lewis, Grogan. THIRD ROW: Stockard, Black, Walker. Page 386 o « t -I FIRST ROW: Raupe, Hughes, Johnson, Holding. SECOND ROW: Cummings. Huse. Floyd, Ware. Stine, Stefka. THIRD ROW: Sala, Carlton, Heard, Elrod, Burns, Dcndy, King, Schnoor. FOURTH ROW: Rilling, Hickerson, Bass, Shiflett, Ludlow, Eamey. College Debate Club encourages good speech, critical an- alysis and logical thought. The group studies the annual Pi Kappa Delta debate question and represents the college in in- tercollegiate tournaments. This year the group made trips to Alabama, Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and sev- eral cities in Texas. Tommy Hughes served as co-ordinator. Membership included Sam Bass, Wallace Boling, Julia Burns, Mary Carlton, Rose Ann Cummings, Josephine Davis, Peggy Dendy, Michael Eame y, Eve Elrod, Margaret Floyd, Brooks Heard, Marcus Hickerson, Tom my Hugh es, Peggy Huse, Emmett Johnson, Bill King, Robert Lightwine, Charles Lud- low, Betty Peters, Buell Raupe, Daisy Ray, Dott Sala, Maurice Schnoor, James Shiflett, June Stefka, Joan Stine, Pansy Ware, S ue Weather bv and Mr s. Olive Johnson and Paul Rilling, spon- sors. Debate Club . College Debate Club Page 387 JOYCE CHAFIN President Ellen H. Richards Club Departmental Club Ellen H. Richards Club was organized to provide fellowship and a study program to all those interested in home economics, especially ma- jors and minors in that field. Its activities include a seated tea for seniors and sending delegates to the state and national conventions. Officers for the year were Joyce Chafin, president; Dorothy Heard, vice-president; Mrs. Hazel Chunniey, secretary; Delia Thompson, treasur- er; and Joyce Hinds, reporter. Membership included .Aiidie Adams, Ida Bell Allen, Joan Anthony, Grace Baker, Barbara Baldwin, Evelyn Bigby, Helen Bigham, Bess Brooks, Esther Browning . Joan Bryan, Betty Burnett, Dorothy C;arlson, Betty C.armack, Doretha Casey, Aiikhed Gates, Joyce Ghafin, Yvonne Gogswell, June Coojier, Mrs. Hazel Ghumney, Mildred Daniel, Barbara Dean, Jane Ann Dean, Dorothy Dill, Dorothy Eads, Naomi Embry. Beth Forstner, Fleda Gregory, Mary .Mice Guillct, . lice Guthrie, Elizabeth Hall, Martha Hall, Mary lx)U Hall, Joyce Harper, Dorothy Heard, Gharlet Henderson, Betty Hen- dricks. Betty Hersh, Joyce Hinds, Dorothy Honeycutt, Barbara Hopp, ' liny Hunter, .Arlene Hughes, Billyc Huston. Mary Beth James, I ' atsv Sue Johnson, Doris Jones, Sharon Jones, Helen Kelly, Bobbie Lcwter, . nita Lockhart, Jeanelle Loveless, Nancy Manice, Margie Marshall, Vat McGanne, .Ann McDaniel, jobyn Mclx)wchlin, Sue Milligan. Bobbie Noel, I oiirenc (lehly hhir p]- I ' atsv Parks, Virginia Pate, Billie Phillips. Millie Pina, I ' at Purcell, l iianda Ramsey, Billye Gene Reynolds, Wanda Rig- ney. Henriette Riley, Mrs. Betty " Romans, Jeanette Schary, .Anna Mae Scott, Helen Shepparrd, Joan Sisk, Nancy Snyder, Joyce Stanley, Virginia .Ann .Swetman, Nancy Swindle, I eah Tannebaum. Blanche laite, at Taylor, Sham Taylor, Mrs. Olbie Tuggle, Delia Thompson, Ruby June Vance, Joan .Ann Vann, Wanda Vinson, Nancy Walters, Betty Carolyn White. Patsy June Whitley, Virgielene Wicker, M. K. Wilkie, Evelyn Williams, Suzanne Williams, Peggy Wilstord, Jocel Wilson, Joy Wilson, Joyce Wilson, and Patsy Woolever. FIRST ROW: Bigby, Guillet, Noel, Heard, Chafin, Hinds, Bowling. Adams. SECOND ROW: Dean, Taite, Taylor, Cooper, Mar- shall, Jones, Lewler, Waters, Woolever, Dean. THIRD ROW: White. Whitley. Vance, Baldwin. Bigham. Thompson. Vann, Car- mack, Hall, Brooks. Daniel, Reynolds. FOURTH ROW: Wilson, Williams, Harper, Scott, f;liuniney, Anthony, Forstner, Wilsford, C;arlson, Kelley, James. FIFTH ROW: I.indley, Brock, Embry, Gregory, Mcl.auchlin, Ramsey, Dill, Johnson. Allen, Pina. Middleton. Page 388 FIRST ROW: I helfonl. Stockard. Eads, Walker. SECOND ROW: Voo i. Archer, Cokendolpher, Honea. The Forty-Two club organized this year to band together those interested in playing " 42 " and to promote an interest for the game in others. The group has two formal and two inform- al meetings inonthly. They sponsored a " 42 " tournament dur- ing the fall in the Student Union building. Officers for the year include Bob Honea, president; Walter Rabbe, vice-president; Dorothy Eads, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Harold Farmer sponsors the club. Composing the inembership are Billy venders, Robert Arch- er, Billie Sue Best, Loyd Cokendolpher (tournament winner) , Dorothy Eads, Bob Honea, Barbara McElhany, Doyle Martin, Jack Murray, William Orrell, Mary Jo Stockard, Louise Thet- ford, Wanda Walker, Dalton Wood (tournament winner) . Forty-Two Club Campus Club BOB HONE. President Page 389 i CHARLES O. SMITH President Future Teachers of America National Professional Society Future Teachers of America, a national group to better prepare education majors for their future roles, is the largest chapter in the United States. Its activities include active participation in the Denton Youth programs and a curricuhmi laboratory for teachers in training. This chapter was host to the state convention of the Texas Association of Future Teachers of America March 17-18. Fall officers were Charles O. Smith, president; Vanoy Fanner, vice- president; La Juana C otton, secretary; and Martha Monk, treasurer. Spring officers were Bill Carse, president; Richard Hargrove, vice-presi- dent; Betty Clay, secretary; Allen Lovelace, treasurer; and Carolyn Holland, reporter. Membership included Hoy Alford, Alfred Allen, Clavin Ashby, Dorothy Barber, Harold Beckham, Doris Bennett, Charles Berry, V. J. Bezdek, Evelyn Bigby, Don Biles, Charles Bizzelle, John H. Blair, Joe Blakely, Marilyn Bowden, Dovie Bowers, James Brandt, James ronstad, Lynn Brooks, Carolyn Brown, Frances Bidlock, Joy Bullock, Dorothy Carnegie, William Carse, Lee Casteel, J. Paull Castleberry, Barbara Chapman, Waymon Chilcutt, Mary Jo Childers, Helen Childress, Hubert Choate, Helen Clarke, Betty Clary, Mary Clay, Opta Cloteaux, Robert FIRST ROW: Eads, Flowers. Carnegie, Morris, Embry, Shell. Morris, Darsey, Tharp, Duckworth. SECOND ROW: Crowder, Cotton, Watson, (Jrantham, Spain. Butts, Vaught, Davis, Cummings, B. Clay, Mickey. THIRD ROW: Zajicek, Hardy. Hankins. Lang- ston, Cunningham, Bowers, Stanley, I ' atteson, Tidwell, M, Clay. FOUR TH ROW: Royall, Beckham, Choate, Crowley. Jones, Smith, Swift, Wilson. Nix, Grief, Biles, Jenkins, .Alford, Toulouse, Sewell, Page 890 f !); -il?S= IJUMM RICHARD HARGROVE Vice-President Future Teachers of America National Professional Society Junkin, Juanita cMahan, David Mahen, Jim McPherson, Betty McSpad- den, Eugene Mitchell, Dorothy Monk, Doris Moore, Ailccn Moreland, Renda Morgan, Ava Morris, Bill Morris, Fred Morris, Geneva Moser, Morgan Moses, Betty Miinson, Btllie Nelson, Mary NesSmith, Coleta New, John Nix, Don Loy Noble, Philora Noland, Hazel La Nell Owens, Betty Pattison, Virgil Patton, Jeannine Payne, R. H. Pearson, Jo Ann Perrin, Martha Peveto, Nita Peyton, T. B. Pickle, Betty Pittnian, Harold Pitts, Mrs. Joe Poston, Jr., Walter Rahbe, Curtis Ramsey, Betty Ra y, Virginia Redding, Joe Richardson, Raoul Richardson, Mrs. Nancy Rill- ing, Gwen Roberson, Reba Roberts, Johnny Romano, Weldon Royall, George Sherrer, Richard Selman, Pat Scwell, LaVerne Seydlet, Carolyn Shell, Bob Shipley, Eugene Simms, Charles Smith, Charles O. Smith, Delores Smith, Fred C. Smit h, Charles Smith, Eula Mae Smith, Billy H. Spangle, Roy Sparkman, Claude E. Speake, Jackie Stanley, Wauline Starr, Mary Jo Stockard, David Stockard, Bennie Mae Swift, Doris Marie Taylor, Oliver Nell Taylor, Vernon Taylor, Jo Tharp, Louise Thetford, Edward Thomas, Edwina L. Thompson, James N. Thompson, Leon Thompson, Velma Thompson, Louise Tidwell, Shirley Tinkle, Norma Todd, Noe Trevino, Jimmy Trietsch, Arlie Trukett, Vuran Unlinger, Marie Vandever, Roy Varley, Weldon Vaughn, Joy Vaughn, Bobbye Vaught, Robert Earl Vermillion, Margaret Walsh, Laurene Warren, Joan Watson, Jimmie White, Elise Whitlock, Jean Whitfield, Myrtle William- son, Velcla Wills, Emma Lou Wilson, Howard Wilson, Mrs. Mitzi Wilson, Robert Witherspoon, Edward Woodfin, Jeane Wooten, John Woods and Charles Zajicek. FIRST ROW: C. Smith, Bigljy, Bowden, Dick, Vandever, D .Monk, D Taylor, Warren, Moreland, White. SECOND ROW: Starr, Woolen. M. Monk, Warnock, Guyton, Guest, H. Fanner, Varley, V. Taylor, Crase, Romano. THIRD ROW: V. Farmer, Marshall, Malone, Henry, Payne, Graves, Woodfin, McCall, Fulwiler, McConnell, Todd. FOURTH ROW: Shipley, Needham, Speake, D, Smith, Crockett, Hargrove, Matkin, Jay, Lovelace, Blair, McDonald, Brown, Johnson, Stockard, Ramsey. Page 392 FIRST ROW: Jackson. Thompson, Wilkie, Baker, Estes, Smith, Meeks, Cameron. SECOND ROW: Robinson, Youngbloo l, Henson, Hemphill, O ' Conner, Turner, Ransom, .Miller, Thompson. Los Caballeros, consisting of those interested in horseback riding, is designed to further skill in that sport and provide social events pertaining to western life. Activities include a barn dance and a trip to the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show. Officers for the year were Jack Turner, president; Bill Boker, vice-president, Bettye Smith, secretary; Constance Aten, treasurer, Bettye Smith, pledge captain; Oran Cotton, pledge captain; Clarence Hemphill, sergeant-at-arms; and Ann Young- blood, reporter. Membership in the club included Constance Aten, Bill Baker, Jo Anne Buckner, Dick Cameron, Wanda Cantrell, Oran Cotton, Janell Estes, Mary Fox, Charles Gafford, Jimmie Lou Graham, Clarence Hemphill, Clyde Henson, Don Jackson, Lo- rene Law, Helen Lynch, Pat Mahoney, David Meeks, Babe Mill- er, Nancy Mize, Bob Nobles, Mary Anne O ' Connor, Sherrill Ransom, Harry Robinson, Bettye Smith, Margaret Taylor, Neal Thompson, Jack Turner, Roma Wilkie, Betty Yarborough, Ann Youngblood, and Mr. Van Thompson, sponsor. Los Caballeros Campus Club JACK TURNER President Page 393 MARY RUTH HARTMAN President House President ' s Club Campus Club House Presidents ' Club is composed of presidents and counselors of each girl ' s residence hall and campus home. Spon- sored by the Women ' s Forum, the group discusses problems pertinent to the girls in their house and sponsors a Thanksgiv- ing and a Valentine Tea. Officers for the year were Mary Ruth Hartman, president; Donna O ' Daniel, vice-president; Ruth Schoenfield, se cretary- treasurer; and Elise Mortensen, reporter. Membership included Betty Alexander, Shirley Biggs, Ruth Blankenship, Lynne Bothwell, Evelyn Brodie, Mildred Cate, Joyce Chafin, Patsy Charlton, Verna Coley, Urbanelle Cox, Bonnie Dempsey, Virginia Grant, Ellen Grisham, Margaret Hailey, Lou Ann Hardy, Carolyn Harmon, Edyth Harris, Sue FIRST ROW: Hemphill, Thompson, Brodie, Titsworth, Dove, Farnsworth. Scott. McBiirnett. SFCOXn ROW: Whitfield, Hailey, Mortenson, O ' Daniel, Hartman, Schoenfield, Martin, Harmon, Osljorne. THIRD ROW: Riley, Sisk, Blankenship, Thomas, Both- well, Sims. Lewis, Goolsbv. Page 394 FIRS I ROW; Chafiii, Rains, Tavlor, Parks, Sala, McLauchlin, Haverwas, Finnic. .SECOND ROW: Parker, Trammell, Walker, La- bus, McBee, Vern, .Shirlev, Gravleyfl THIRD ROW: Martin, Richardson, Welborn, Wade, Scott, Koeninger, Grcathoiise, Miller. Hart, Mary Ruth Hartman, Pat Haverwas, Marilyn Hemphill, Joyce Hinds, Betty Joe Hughes, Helen Juengermann, Jolly Knox, Katie Koeniger, Evelyn Labus, Jimmie Lewis, Barbara Martin, Catherine Martin, Elwanda Mattlack, Maxine Mauldin, Sue McBurnett, Bettye McDondal, Barbara McElhany, Virginia McGaugh, La Vern Miller, Martha Miller, Elise Mortensen, Jeanne Moutray, Donna O ' Daniel, Mary Osborne, Barbara Parks, Johnny Pollard, Helen Rains, Dot Reid, Fran Richard- son, Henrietta Riley, Oleta Royal, Dott Sala, Ruth Schoenfield, Colleen Scoggins, Anna Mae Scott, Martha Scott, Billie Sewell, Dot Shirley, Jimmie Lou Sims, Helen Smith, Joan Sullivan, Dor- is Taylor, Mary Thomas, Nancy Thompson, Paula Tillman, Tony Titsworth, Vanda Tremmel, John Ann Vann, Betty Var- nell, Margaret Wade, Doris Walker, Geraldine Welborn, Betty White, Jean Whitfield, Elise Whitlock, and Dr. Imogene Bent- ley, sponsor. House President ' s Club Campus Club DR. LMOGENE BENTLEY Sponsor Page 395 OP 1 A CLOTEAUX President (Fall) Industrial Arts Club Departmental Club Industrial Arts Club, one of the oldest organizations on the NT campus, is composed of students majoring or minoring in industrial arts. Its activities include an informal pledge dance and an annual formal dinner-dance. Officers for the year were Opta Cloteaux, president; Jimmy Karnes, vice-president; Leland Board, secretary; and James Jeter, treasurer. Membership included A. E. Armstrong, Max Arterberry, Bob Bart, Bill Blair, L.eland Board, John Bradshaw, Fred Bruce, Ray Cannon, Joe Cantwell, Weldon Carmichael, Lee Casteel, FIRST ROW: I ' ritchett, Cannon, Board, Williams, Hoke, Bradshaw, Schroder, Armstrong. SECOND ROW: White. Karnes. Mc- Gee, Martin, Bell, Roberts, Ludeman, Trivino, Thompson. IHIRD ROW: Davis, Stapp, Hendricks, Price, Love, Flanagan, Niendorff, Taylor, Casteel, Goten. Page 396 FIRST ROW: Hcldt, Slack. Carmichel, Davis, Rowlett, Day, Blair. SECOND ROW: Shipp, Cloteaux, I ' arnell, Jeter, Huff, Chester, Thompson, Bart. THIRD ROW: R. Varley, Hill, Taylor, Hartess, Farmer, Dickey, Wood, Arterberry, J. Varley. Clay Chester, Bill Clark, Opta P. Cloteaux, Wesley Dxvis, Dale Day, John Dickey, Harold Farmer, Carroll Flanagan, Ross Free- man, W. A. Gann, Irby George, Harold Harless, A. D. Hartline, Charles Hendricks, James Heldt, Clifford Hill, Roy Hoke, Jack Huff, James Jeter, Jimmy Karnes, Charles Love, Dick Luder- man, Gene Magee, George Magee, Billy Martin, Waymon Mul- key, James Neindorff, Bill Ooten, Leo Oringdorff, Jack Orr, James Pannell, Ray Price, L. E. Pritchett, Bob Roberts, John Rowlett, Ed Schroder, Perry Slack, Frank Stapp, Richard Tay- lor, Vernon Taylor, James Thompson, Leon Thompson, Noe Trevino, J. L. Varley, Roy Varley, Kurz Williams, Glen Woods, and Mr. Alvin M. White, sponsor. Page 397 Industrial Arts Club Departmental Club L. E. PRITCHETT President (Spiing) VANOY FARMER President International Relations Club Campus Club International Relations Club accepts as members any stu- dent who is interested in problems of world-wide importance. Its purpose is to develop interest and promote intelligent study and discussion in international affairs. Activities included guest speakers, round table discussions, and social affairs. Officers for the year were Vanoy Farmer, president; Her- bert Kuntz, vice-president; Lajuana Cotton, secretary; and Raul Richardson, treasurer. Membership included Bill Allen, Christel Blohm, Mary Broome, Lawrence Brunson, Dorothy Carnegie, Bill Carse, Betty Clay, Lajuana Cotton, Peggy Crowder, Vanoy Farmer, John George Leo Crood, David Harstrom, Violet Jackson, Hubert Kuntz, James Lewis, Mary Ann McLain, Ben Mackey, Raul Richardson, Weldon Royall, Solveig Rudolph, Claude Speake, Ada Tyssowski, and Ferris Vaughan. FIRST ROW: Farmer, Smith, Swift, Carnegie, McLain, Tyssowski, Clay, Jacl son, Richardson. SECOND ROW: Rudolph, Blohm, Cotton, Royall, Brunson, Crowder, Lewis, Broome, Mackey, Jones, Harstrom. THIRD ROW: Kuntz, Hooney, Good, Carse, Allen, Speake, Vaughan, George, Todd. fammBrnmsmmmmmmm Page 398 FIRST ROW: Smith, Clav, Mosqueda, Clav, Brashcars. SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Orth, Guy, Millet, Clarke, ' Bennett, McLauchlin, Lewis. Parish, Huckabee, Hattcnbach, Revnolds, Finnic, Lovelace. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational group of Christian young people, was organized to provide fel- lowship, study the Bible, and influence other young people for Christ. The club features group discussions and guest sf eak- ers at the meetings. Officers for the year were Stanford Orth, president; Lily Mosqueda, secretary; Doris Bennett, prayer chairman; Jean Fin- nic, social chairman; and Helena Hattenbach, publicity chair- man. Members were Doris Bennett, Helen Clarke, Betty Clay, Mary Clay, Jean Finnic, Pauline Guy, Helena Hattenbach, Marie Huckabee, James Kennedy, Barbara Koesjan, J. V. Lewis, John Lovelance, Doris Millet, Lily Mosqueda, Jobyna McLauck- lin, Jerry Nelms, Stanford Orth, Royce Parrish, Billie Jean Ray- nolds, Earl Ricks, Evelyn Smyth, Jerry Strader, Jimmie Trietsch, and Mrs. Idalia Young. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Campus Chib ST. NLEV ORTH President Page 399 EMORY KENNEDY Presidefit Jefferson County Club Campus Club Jefferson County Club is one of the newest and most active fel- lowship groups on the campus. Its purpose is to influence others from Jefferson County to come to North Texas and to provide social activi- ties for students from this section of Texas. At least one social event a month was included on their calendar. Officers for the year were Emery Kennedy, president; Thomas Mathes, vice-president; Dolores Montgomery, secretary; and Marie Van- dever, treasurer. Membership included Hoy Alford, Sue Afford, Jim Ahley, Betty Brittain, Carolyn Brown, Burt Butaud, Dorothy Carnegie, Dorothy Chit- wood, Ffanklin Clampitt, Anna Lee Corbett, Joan Cox, Mary Crouch, Elmo Derrick, Clarence Domaschk, Leroy Farley, Lloyd Fruge, Louise Graham, Richard Hargrove, Richard Harper, Herbert Jackson, Richard James, John Kelly, Emery Kennedy, Don Knapp, Bettie Markle, Connie Markle, Thomas Mathes, Shirlie McClellan, Lunella McGuire, Dorothy Monk, Frances Monk, Oliver Monk, Dolores Montgomery, Johnny Murphy, Roy Nierth, Joyce Nunez, Ken Patton, Nancy Prafka, Penny Pritchard, Fran Richardson, Harry Robinson, Robert Salas, Norman Sanders, Robert Scott, Carolyn Shell, Elaine Simon, Mittie Sims, Charles Shook, Jim Stewart, Weldon Trahan, Marie Vandever, Hugh Wagner, Billie Sue Williams. FIRST ROW: Curric. Chitwood, Brown. Sims, Vandever, Schell, Johnson, Marshall. I.afferty. SECOND ROW: Corbet, Markle, Garner, Pritchard, McGuire, F. Monk, Brittain, D. Monk. Carson, Simon. Kelly. THIRD ROW: Williams. Salas. Markle, Butaud, Derrick, Cox, Montgomery, Jackson, Carnegie, Stewart, Clifford. FOURTH ROW: H. Alford, S. .Alford, Knapp, Townsley, O. Monk, Sanders, Fruge, Kennedy, Domaschk, Harper, Mathes, Murphy, Scott, Nierth. Page 400 Kilgore Junior College Club was organized to encourage more students to come to North Texas from Kilgore Junior Col- lege and to provide fellowship for those students once here. Its activities include a party each month. Officers for the year ere Joseph Cadrin, president: D. R. McClabb, first ice-president; Glenn Abercrombie, second vice- president; Dorothy Fae Allen, secretary; J. W. Pearce, Jr., treas- urer; and Dorothy Jo AV ' right, sergeant at anus. Membership of the club included Kruger . bel, Glenn Abercrombie, Dorothy . llen, Cody Barna, Cody Barron, Frank Brown, Joe Cadrin, Joanne Cantrell, Mary Cheek. Peggy Crowd- er, Grady N. Doles, Tommy Flanders, David Flatt. Jack Flor- ence, Louis Gibbons, Mar) ' Beth Hardin, Gene Harley, Al Ho- nea, Lou Ann Jones, Norma Jones. James E. Mankins, ' irginia Mankins. Charles Mills, Reba Moore, . lfred E. Morris. Ned Morris, Durward R. McClabb, J. W. Pearce, Jr.. Charles P. Proc- tor, H. G. Shepard, Jo Ann Sirick, Dorthea Standard, Alice Un- ruh, Dorothy Jo Wright, and Mr. H. B. Shepard, sponsor. Kilgore Junior College Club Campus Club JOE C. DRIN President Page 401 VIRGINIA COFFEE President Junior Mary Arden Club Literary Club Junior Mary Arden Club, sponsored by the Senior Mary Ardens, has a restricted membership from freshman and sopho- more girls. Programs consist of lectures and book reviews by well-known speakers. A fall and spring pledge tea, an informal dance and a picnic are among the group ' s activities. Officers for the club this year were Virginia Coffee, presi- dent; Mary Jo Murphy, vice-president; Arlette Crawford, secre- tary; Nelda Barr, treasurer; Jean Smith, reporter; and Ann Bounds, pianist. Membership included Martha Allison, Retta Barker, Nelda Barr, Connie Beason, Yvonne Bennett, Annie Mary Bovmds, Joyce Faye Boswell, Sue Brabham, Betty Bradford, Pat Bradley, Betty Britten, Carolyn Broussard, Patti Bunch, Anne Burleson, Judy Culwell, Louise Caldwell, Betty Clay, Mary Clay, Betty Coburn, Virginia Coffee, Betty Jane Cook, Patsy Curtis, Betty FIRST ROW: Caldwell, Broussard, Glazener, Culwell, Howell, Simpson, Allison. SECOND ROW: Harvey, Etter, Haralson, Flem- ister, Barker, Holland, Witten. THIRD ROW: Coffee, Moore, HoUier, Bennett, Piatt, M. Clay, B. Clay. FOURTH ROW: Foster, Crawford, Bradford. lawson. Dnvidson, Jones. Page 402 FIRST ROW: Prafka, H. Curtis, Julian, Eichler, Murphy, Reynolds, fitchell, Smith. SECOND ROW: Patteson, Gill, Thorpe. Bunch, Hendrix, Outon, Roberts, Brabham, Birdwell. THIRD ROW: Beeson, Barr, I ' eat, Russell, Shield, Grantham, L. Curtis, Rice. FOURTH ROW: MacVean, Krause, Lyles, Whistler, Wallace, Hitt, Cook, Hearne. Cothran, Arlette Crawford, Martha Davidson, Pattie Euler, Katherine Etter, Estelle Fisher, Margaret Flemister, Nell Flem- ing, Ellen Flewelling, Mary Foster, Shirley Frazer, O ' Gene Gill, Una Grace Glazener, Jean Granbiiry, Carole Grantham, Linda Gross, Pat Hailey, Mary Ann Haralson, Nina Harvey, Ann Hayes, Billie Jean Hearn, Julie Helm, Nancy Hendrix, Sara Lou Hitt, Carolyn Holland, Mary Nell Hollier, Shirley Holmes, Jew- el Howell, Joyce Howell, Sue Jackson, Mary Elizabeth Jones, Sharon Jones, Gloria Julian, Marilyn Krause, Marjorie Kunkel, Eileen Lalicker, Sue Latham, Pat Lawson, Patsy Sue Lyles, Hel- en Lynch, Peggy MacVean, Dottie Martin, Ramona Mitchell, Rose Marie Monroe, Sally Moore, Mary Jo Murphy, Sarah Newton, Helen Outon, Betty Patterson, Pat Piatt, Nancy Prafka, Shirley Reynolds, Ruth Rice, Margaret Roberts, Beverly Russell, Helen Kay Shields, Lou Ann Simpson, Jean Smith, Kay Smith, Jo Ann Tanner, Barbara Teat, Patsy Wallace, Peggy Webb, Joan W histler, Billie Whiteside, Sidney Anne Witten, and Mrs. Carl Sutton, sponsor. Junior Mary Arden Club Literary Club MARY JO MURPHY Vice-President Page 40S EVA GRAVLEY President Senior Mary Arden Club Literary Club Senior Mary Arden Club is a young women ' s literary and social club with a restricted membership selected from the junior and senior class- es. Activities for the year included guest speakers, rush teas, a Valen- tine party, and a Christmas seated tea. The officers for the fall semester were Kathleen Noland, president; Eva Gravely, vice-president; Nell Davies, secretary; Elise Whitlock, treas- urer; Camille Scott and Doris Meyers, reporters; Carolyn Harmon, pi- anist; and Ruth Schoenfield. Spring officers were Eva Gravely, presi- dent; Mary Ruth Hartman, vice-president; and Connie Kubecka, secre- tary. Membership included Mary Jane Adams, Sarah Abel, Nell Allen, Constance Aten, Jean Bain, June Bearmore, Norma Benton, Evelyn Big- by, Peggy Boston, Marilyn Bowden, Eleanor Brothers, Patsy Burks, Wan- da Cantrell, Dorothy Carnegie, Letitia Casteel, Joyce Chaffin, Patsy Charlton, Peggy Click, Pevy Cole, Margie Commander, Bettye Crider, Peggy Crowder, Rose Ann Cummings, Abigail Daly, Dorothy Dansby, Nell Davies, Marjorie Davis, Ruth Ann Davison, Elouise Dayton, Jane Ann Dean, Peggy Dendy, Doris Dodgen, Virginia Dove, Joy Drummond, Ed- wina Elrod, Jeanelle Estes, Eva Farnsworth, Alice Fields, Estelle Fisher, Helen Flowers, Jane Flowers, Margaret Floyd, Ladell Garren, Greta Gill, Bonnie Goodman, Jo Ann Gore, Clota Cranberry, Eva Gravley, Marilyn Grube, Alice Guthrie, Nancy Guynes, Marie Hackney, Ruth I ' IRST ROW: McBiirnett, Hudson, Hankins, Monk, Bigby, C. Martin, Shell, Cantrell, E. Martin, Cranberry. Stewart, Kiibetka, Or- rill, Obets, Youngblood, Miller. SECOND ROW: Haile, Scott, Heninger, Bowden, McKinney, Flower.s, Noland, Adams, Harmon, Bos- ton, Vance, Powell, Abel J. Richardson, Porter, Vogt. THIRD ROW: Cuthrie, Ward, Hart, Montgomery, Crider, McCulloiigh, Mc- Carty, Womack, Tbetfor.,, Rol)erts, Charlton. FOURTH ROW: McCutcheon, Cummings, Stine, Elrod, McGuire, Gravley, Sala, Hiler, Gore. Dcndx. Waiiici. ( astccl, Wilhanis. Dayton, A. Richardson, Bearmore, Hague, Garren. Page 404 f IB- ♦■ «tl i fif i! f f f fit ? if A mm FIRST ROW: Tavlor. Mever, Whitlock, Xoland. Dean. Wills. Gill, Crowder. Click, Speer. Nillson. Gnilie. Flowers. Schimclpfenig, Hinds, Cole. SECOND ROW: Weeks. McCasland. 0 " Daniel. Oldham. Da ison. Giiynes. Hackney. Schoenfield. Hartman. Rhodes, Pa Tie. Dove. Famsworih. Stroud. Dansby, Ware. Floyd. Wilfley, Ray. Ncan. THIRD ROW: Estes. Koepp, Mcknight, Davis, Doidgen, Aten, Hackney, Smith, Hall, Davies, Timmons, ' incent, Daly, Carnegie, Kirby. Hackney, Barbara Hague, Pat Hailey, Marjorie Hall, Natalie Hammack, Joann Hankins, Carolyn Harmon, Jean Harrison, Yvonne Harris, Ruby Hart, Mary Ruth Hartman, Geraldine Heninger, Betty Hersh, Marjorie Hill, Jeanne Hiler, Joyce Hinds, Martha Kate Hudson, Beverly Kirby, Marydell Koepp, Ckinnie Kubecka, Sara Ann Lockwood, Marion Sue McBurnett, Ernestine McCarty, Helen McCasland, Joann McCullough, Gloria McCutcheon, Lunella McGuire, Eugenia McKinney, Joyce Mc- Knight, Betty McSpadden, Catherine Martin, Emma Lou Martin, Doris Meyer, Donna Miller, Dorothy Monk, Dolores Montgomery, Joy Moore, Helen Neary, Kathleen Xoland, Philora Noland, Algene O ' Daniel, An- nette Obets, Louvenia Oldham, Wanda Orill, Geneva Owens, Jeannine Payne, Pat Pearce, Anitta Porter, Elizabeth Powell, Betty Ray, Virginia Reding, Mary Virginia Rhodes, AUegra Richardson, Jacqueline Richard- son, Anna Louise Roberts, Dott Sala, Ruth Schoenfield, Susan Schamel- pfenig, Camille Scott, Martha Scott, LaVerne Seydler, Carolyn Shell, Bettye Smith, Sue Smoot, Mary Ann Speer, Betty Sterling, Carolyn Stew- art, Jo Ann Stine, Billie Stroud, Margaret Ann Taylor, Louise Thetford, Mary Timmons, Ruby June Vance, Leota Vincent, Dorothea ' ogt, Mari- anne Walter, Pansy Ware, Patricia ard, Helon Warner, Kathryn Weeks, Velda Wills, [artha Vhite, Elise Whitlock, Elizabeth Viiney, Pauline Williams, Kathryn Willson, Louise V omack, Ann Voungblood, and Dr. Virginia Haile, sponsor. Page 405 Senior Mary Arden Club Literary Club DR. VIRGINL HAILE Sponsor VANDOLYN BROWNING President McCracken Club Departmental Club McCracken Club strives to provide an opportunity for closer friendships in school and further interest in library service. Officers for the year were Vandolyn Browning, president; Emily Ann Utt, vice-president; Louvenia Oldham, secretary; Gloria Ross, treasurer; and Mildred Anderson, reporter. Membership of the club included Mildred Anderson, Van- dolyn Browning, Patsy Charlton, Eloise Chester, Melba Creager, Mildred Curry, Bonnie Flyr, Gloria Griffin, Beverly Harris, Marie Huckabee, Gloria Minick, John Montague, Ned Morris. Louvenia Oldham, Helen Rains, Gloria Ross, Emily Slaughter, Jackie Stanley, Olive Nell Taylor, Mary Timmons, Wanda Tipps, Bettie Sue Todd, Emily Ann Utt, Imogene White, Arlene Willingham, and Miss Sangster Parrott, sponsor. FIR5T ROW: Anderson, Utt, Morris, Todd, Browning, Oldham, Taylor. Montague. SFX,OND ROW: Weeks, Harris, Timmons, Slaughter. Chester, Tipps, Huckabee, Griffin. THIRD ROW: Parrott, Minitk, Charlton, Glazncr, Ross, White, Flyr, Stanley, Curry. Page 406 FIRS! ROW: Mattingly, aughan, Bates, Sybert, Swift. Reinmiller, Diiderstalt, Clarke. SECOND ROW: Brewer. White, iddleton, George, .Allen, McDonald, Stewart, Cook. The Odam Philosophy Society was organized to inspire philosophical thinking, reading, and research through which the individual may improve his own philosophy and that of society. Activities included discussions of current books on philosophy and the presentation of guest speakers. President for the year was Stephen Bates. Miss Virginia Clarke, Mr. Fred Reinmiller, and Dr. James Cooke served as sponsors. Membership included Donald Allen, Stephen Bates, Dan Brewer, Virginia Clarke, James Cook, Jimmie Duderstalt, John George, Sandy McDonald, Dorotha Mattingly, Russell Middleton, Fred Reinmiller, Jim Stewart, Bernie Swift, Bill Sybert, George Vaughan, Gerald White. Odom Philosophy Society ■ n Campus Club STEPHEN BATES President Page 407 PATSY BOREN President Physical Education Professional Club, a departmental group, promotes professional fellowship and growth through as- sociations with others interested in this field. Its activities and projects contribute to understanding and appreciation of the profession. Activities included entertaining guest speakers, a hayride, and a picnic. Officers for the year were Patsy Boren, president; Mary Sue Baker, vice-president; Bertie Williamson, secretary; and Aubrey Summers, treasurer. P. E. Professional Club Departmental Club Membership included Ursula Angell, Nancy Armor, Mary Sue Baker, Talou Balch, Beverly Ball, Patsy Blackburn, Patsy FIRST ROW: Lightf(K)l, Cotteral, Cole, Knox, Sommers, Estes, Baker, Richardson, Tyson. SECOND ROW: Boren, Balch, Armor, Wilcke, Doiipree, Denman, Lylcs, Kirhy. Hiiber, Ball, Thorp, Coulston. THIRD ROW: lermin. Cox, Williamson, Blackhurn, Trot- ter, Kubeck, Griser, Hcinicsscc, Forehand, McNamara. Page 408 FIRST ROW: Hairiss, McCulloch. W. Johnson, E. Johnson. Butler. Brooks. Winn. NfcClellcn. SECOND ROW: Pilkey. Thigpcn, Demse , Campsey, Josce, Vomack, Cibl s. Labus, Pittman. THIRD ROW: .Angell, West, Brown, Levine, Poynler, McMillan, Cook, Cunningham. Boren, Mary Jane Brooks, Floyce Brown, Rita Butler, Lill Camp- sey, Louise Cole, Virginia Coulston, LIrbanelle Cox, Lavena Faye Cook, Wand Cunningham, Bonnie Demsey, Tommy Joy Den- man, A. J. Doupree, Jeanelle Estes, Shirley Forehand, Betty Faye Gibbs, J. C. Griser, Beulah A. Harriss, Patsy Hennessee, Parsy Huber, Eithel Johnson, Wilma Fae Johnson, Babe Joyce, Beverly Kirby, Jolly Jean Knox, Edith Kubeck, Evelyn Labus, Lucky Levine, Jane Lightfoot, Burnis Lyles, Shirlie McClellan, Marillyn A. McCulloch, Jo McMillian, Janelte McNamara, Rita Pilkey, Betty Pittman, Patricia Poyntcr, AUegra Richardson, Audrey Sonuners, Billie Jo Termen, Sandy Thigpen, ToLsy Thorp, Betty Jane Trotter, Martha Tyson, Mahdeen West, Roma Wilcke, Bertie Williamson, Maxine Winn, Louise Wo- mack, and Miss Donnie Cotteral, sponsor. P. E. Professional Club Departmental Club DR. DOXNIE COTTERAL Sponsor Page 409 RUEBEN NOEL President, Fall Press Club Departmental Club Press Club members were hosts to the TIPA convention April 27-29. This organization, formed to study newspaper problems also sponsored several well-known speakers and an annual fourth estate banquet. Officers this year were Yvonne Harris, president; Dale Waltham, vice-president; Madie Echols, secretary; Margaret Mc- Creary, treasurer; Bruce Henderson, reporter; and Bill Dibble, parliamentarian. Membership included Nelda Barr, Uyvonne Boynton, Royce Brown, Roy E. Cain, Wanda Chapman, Pet Cody, Bar- bara Craig, Dorothy Daugherty, Bill Dibble, Audrey Duncan, Tommy Dyson, Madie Echols, Paul Einstein, Katherine Etter, Dolores Evans, Hoot Gibson, C. R. Graham, Pat Grant, Gilbert FIRST ROW: Etter, Echols, Wheatley, Barr, Noel, Teat, Duncan, OKeefe. SECOND ROW: Harris, Daugherty, Grant. Hendrix, Einstein, Millet, Craig, Kearhy, Pierson, Cotly. THIRD Row: Cain, McCreary, Boynton, Vogel, Smith, Shotola, Walton, Nolte, Gra- ham, l.dvelace, CJorman. Diljble, Moore, Harclison. Page 410 FIRST ROW: Kolibal a, Shurbet, Seaman, Johnson. SECOND RO ' : Joines, Harris, Smart, Harrison. Gorman, Jane Hardison, Virginia Harris, Yvonne Harris, James Harrison, Nancy Hendrix, Jane Hinson, Jack Hickey, Sara Lou Hitt, Rodger HoUoway, Lorene Hyde, Mary Ann Jennings, Cecil Johnson, Lois Johnson, Thehna Johnston, Bill Joines, Jean Jones, Cynthia Kearby, Pete Kolibaba, John Lovelace, Joan LowTie, Doris Millet, Billie Beth Moore, Virgil Moore, Sandy McCuUar, Margaret Mccreary, John Nation, Reubel Noel. Harold Nolte, Ehvanda O ' Keefe, Wallace Parker, Frankie Pet- sick, Nickie Pierce, Noel Pierson, Perry Pritchard, Anita Porter, Joan Reeves, Joyce Shurbet, Kenneth Smart, B. N. Smith, Don Spurrier, Barbara Teat, Catherine Vogel, Dale Valton, Betty Webb, Jo Willis, Ann Youngbl ood, and Miss Helen Wilfong and Mr. C. E. Shuford, sponsors. Press Club Departmental Club YVONNE HARRIS President, Spring Page 411 CARL WOODWARD President Pre-Law Club Campus Professional Club Pre-Law Club, a campus professional club, is open to any student who plans to make law his profession. The group provides a center for study, discussion, and fellowship for pre- law majors. Activities for the year included guest speakers, round table discussions, and social affairs. Officers for the year were Carl Woodward, president; Earl Webb, vice-president; Patricia Leyland, secretary. Membership included Wade Cannon, Marshall Combest, Lucille Faw, Dave Holman, Patricia Leyland, Carl Myers, Arth- ur Nauman, Bob Shipley, Jason Smith, Earl Webb, D. L. Wilder, Carl Woodward, and Mr. Tony Garcia, sponsor. FIRST ROAV: Cannon, Holman, Faw, Combest, Wel)b, Shipley, Woodward. SECOND ROW: Wilder, Nelms, Nauman, Lewis, Jones, Smith, Myers. FIRST RO V: McCutcheon, Stroud. Smart. Morgan, Kubeca. Weatherby, Biittram, Tharp. Lee. Jones. Ray. Raymond, Rayland. SECOND ROW: Burleson, Burks, Roane. Cummings. Stine. Farrow. Courts. Doris. G. Brown. Kinoy, Dendy. Gravely. THIRD ROW: Carter, Hughes, Wood, Burchette, Graham, Quebe, Pyles, Marder, Richardson, Choate, Hutchinson, P. Brown. Qiiintillians is a campus organization for speech majors. The group studies and encourages an interest in all speech arts. Its activities in- cluded a formal dinner-dance in the fall, a spring dance, and sponsor- ship of a scholarship fund. Officers for the vear were Doris Roane, president; Beverly Courts, vice-president; Patsy Burks, secretary; Tommy Hughes, treasurer; and Dott Sala, reporter. Membership included Bill Allday, Bob Athons, Barbara Bradshavv, Rosc Marv Brau , Gloria Brown, Lou Brown, Pete Brown, Patsy Burks, Mary Carlton, Glen Carter, Hugh Choate, Beverly Courts, Rose Ann Cummings, Marjorie Davis, Peggy Dendv, Jack Dunlap, Shirley Far- row, Pat Fawler, Eva Gravlcy, Pat Graham, Harrell Hayden, Brooks Heard, Tommy Hughes, Peggy Huse, Lewis Hutchinson, Beverly Jones, Barbara Kinoy, Marilyn Krause, Pat Krueger, Connie Jo Kubecka, Carl Marder, Betty Mattiza, Martha Morgan, Gloria McCutheon, Pat Noah, Vera Pina, Joyce Pyles, Daisy Ray, James Richardson, Doris Roane, Dott Sala, Sue Sollis, Jo Ann Stine, Billie Stroud, Barbara Ann Teat, Jo Tharp, SueAVeatherby, Larry Wood, and Mrs. Olive Johnson, sponsor. Quintillians Departmental Club DORIS ROAXE President Page 413 DICK UNDSJiY President T Club Campus Club T Club membership is composed of all those who have been awarded an athletic letter by North Texas. Their purpose is to further school spirit— especially in sports. Activities include an annual banquet. Officers for the year were Dick Lindsey, president; Bob Grundy, vice-president; Wayne Hightower, secretary; Herb Marvel, treasurer; Lloyd Lowe, scrgeant-at-arms; and James Young, reporter. Membership of the club included James Brewer, Dan Brown, Don Deardorff, Don Edwards, Luther Fambro, Pat Fowler, Bob Grundy, Wayne Hightower, Harlan Howell, Bill Ladish, Bill Lalicker, Dick Lindsay, Loyd Lowe, Herb Marvel, Grover Pearson, Ray Renfro, Johnny Slack, Frank Smith, Ben Sparks, Charlie Teague, James Young, Jerome Zabojnik, and Mr. Winston Noah, sponsor. FIRST ROW: Nichols, Ladish, Smith, Sparks, Howell. SECOND ROW: Noah, Lindsey, Marvel, Hightower, Deardoff, Grundy, Young. THIRD ROW: Pearson, Wall, Zabojnik, Teague, Brown. Lowe. Page 414 FIRST ROW: Baker, Dodgen, J. 1. : u igle -, Wilks, Dick, Shahan. SECOND ROW: Blacknall. Allen, Cirilo, A. Taylor, Duffey, Walker, Latham, Mamock. THIRD ROW: Knowles, West, Coyle, Je anes, Amwine, Layne, Wiist, Messick, Jones. W. N. Masters Chemical Society is an honorary organiza- tion for students who have at least 8 hours of chemistry, with a B average. Activities for the year included guest speakers, tours of industrial plants, picnics, dances, and a formal dinner dance. Officers for the fall semester Avere Perry Jeans, president: Ken La}Tie, vice-president; Herbert Wiist, secretary; Herbert Wigley, treasurer. Spring officers were: Ken l.ayne, president; LeRoy Vhitt, vice-president; Weldon Trahan, secretary; How- ard Shahan, treasurer; and Bennie Arnwine, reporter. Membership included Ida Belle Allen, Bennie C. Amwine, Orland Baker, David Blacknall, Emily Cirilo, Tom E. Coyle, Clarence Dick, Durward Dodgen, Helen Duffey, Perry Jeanes, Samuel Jones, Larry Kemsey, Roy Knowles, Sue Latham, K. Layne, Bob G. Messick, Howard Shahan, Alma Sue Taylor, Jim- my Taylor, Jane Valker, Kenneth West, Herbert Wigley, Her- bert Wiist, and Bill Wilks. W. N. Masters Chemical Society Denn ' rmental Club PERRY JEL NES President Page 415 KENNETH WALKER President Wesley Foundation Council Campus Church Club The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist Church at work on the state college campus. Its purposes are to lead students to become follow- ers of the Christian movement through vital personal religious exper- iences and to help create a Christian world order through mutual strength in Christian living. Activities include Sunday morning devotionals and lessons, vespers, religious drama. Friendship House, Methodist House and the Wesley Bible Chair. Large delegations have in the past year attended the State Conference at Mineral Wells, the Ecumenical Confer- ence at Lawrence, Kansas, and the National Methodist Student Confer- ence at the University of Illinois. Officers for the year were Kenneth Walker, president; Curtis Ram- sey, vice-president; Doris Bennett, secretary; and Thco Embry, treasurer. Sponsors were Rev. Phillip Walker, pastor-director; Jewel Posey, associ- ate director; Ferris Baker, associate director; and Mrs. Phoebe Mizell. FIRST ROW: Scott, Ramsey. Whited, Bennett, Blair, MtCastlain, K. Walker. SECOND ROW: V. Walker, Ty.son, Mizell, Bounds, Brown, Posey. THIRD ROW: Sewell, Kmbry, Middleton, Harris, Mooneyham, Karnes, Liinz. Page 416 FIRST RO V: McLure, Cauthen, Courts, Schulze, D. Harris, Tharp, Mizell, Adams, Bounds, Tackett. SECOND ROW: Barlow, Kerr, Morris, Posey, Spurrier, Price, Bro »-n, Branch (TSCW) , Gadberr (TSCAV) , Kirkpatrick (TSC V) , DaWs (TSCW) . THIRD ROW: Riveire, Pearce, McCastlain, Lovelace, Guillet, Embrj ' , Daugherty, Tyson, Harriss. Alpha Alpha Chapter of the National Society of Wesley Players is composed of college students who have interest and ability in any phase of drama and who desire to see this art actively used in church work. Activities of this group included a play festival, a production at the state convention of the Methodist Student Movement, and sending delegates to the state and national conferences of the Methodist Stu- dent Movement. Officers for the year were Charles Richard Harris, president; Jo Tharp, vice-president; Jean Mooneyham, recording secretary; Audie Adams, treasurer; Virginia Bro xTi, corresponding secretary ' ; Beverly Gad- berry, librarian; Lee Dorsey, Footlight reporter; Bob Barlow, photograph- er; Mary Forrester, publicity chairman; Bill Pearce, fall pledge captain. Membership included Audie Adams, Bob Athons, Bob Barlow, Jan Bowling, Virginia Brown, Mary Carlton, Beverly Courts, Lee Darsey, Theo Embry, Jean Finnie, Mary Forrester, Beverly Gadberry, Dick Harris, Chester Hines, Paula Houser, Joline Kirkpatrick, Carolyn Mc- Castlain, Jean Mooneyham, Bill Morris, Bill Penal, Dott Sala, Jo Thorp, Elden Traster, George Tyson, and Mrs. Phoebe Mizelle. Wesley Players Campus Church Club DICK HARRIS President P;«e417 JAMES SHIFL ETT President Student Westminster Fellowship Council Campus Church Club Student Westminster Fellowship, consisting of any student who shows interest and participation in the organization, gives to the Pres- byterian student a church home in which he can express his religious beliefs. As its governing body the group elects a council to coordinate its Church-centered, Bible-centered, Christ-centered program. Activities included attending the state meeting of the Presbyterian Student Associ- ation and sending deputation teams to the various churches in the Denton area which are without leadership. Officers in the fall were James Shiflett, president; Peggy Dendy, vice- president; Helen Neary, secretary, and Homer Dorman, treasurer. Spring officers were Buddy Lawrance, president; Pat Stewart, vice-presi- dent; Helen Neary, secretary; and Homer Dorman, treasurer. Membership included Jeanne Casey, Peggy Dendy, Homer Dorman, Earlyne Freeman, Sue Kerr, Budd Lawrance, Bill McGee, Rodger Mun- son, Helen Neary, Jeanette Prag, Caro Russell, James Shiflett, Pat Stew- art, Lorene Weber. FIRST ROW: Neary, Casey, Prag, Weber, Dendy, Freeman, Stewart. SECOND ROW: Rev. Collier, McGee, Kirby, Dorman, Shiflett, Russell, Wilks, Munson, Lawrance. Page 418 Page 419 Deadii ne Last entry into the data book . . . last copy to printers just sent off . . . tired . . . Office quiet, in a morgue-like sort of way . . . sleepy . . . Murray tried one of his puns just now ... It wasn ' t any good ... as usual ... so sleepy . . . Ramsey commented on the development in psycho - logy . . . some- thing about sex . . . nothing new . . . same old stuff, new Tapping . . . Ben wanted us to play Chat . . . He threw a wadded-up mass of unused pictures at the editor . . . The pictures scattered and only cluttered further the ankle- deep debris . . . sleepy . . . 0600 . . . sleepy . . . 0800: Roy brushed my feet with his broom as he was attempting to clean the office and I awoke. I roused Curtis and Jack and Ben. For the last few minutes we have been piecing together some of the background of the book and for some reason, unknown to all but those who put out yearbooks, most of our thoughts have centered around the appreciation we owe to the many wonderful people who heljjed a new staff from the conception of the Mid-Century idea to its delivery to you, its owners and readers. First, our thoughts turned to Mr. J. D. Hall, Jr., YUCCA advisor, for his constant sympathy, advice, and patience, and more patience . . . then to the cheerful a id loaned by the workers of the North Texas Press when we needed extra help most ... to Michael ' s Studio for the excellent Classes photography . . . and to our verv old friend. Max of Photo Associates. His was the artistic epitome in photography which produced the sujierb pictures utilized in the special sections ... to Homer and Sid of Hungerford and Morehouse Art Service for their keen jierception of the ideas that culminated in the finished art work through the book ... to Jess Harwell of Southwestern Engraving Company who furnished the book with the best engravings possible and also made possible the premature gi ' aying of the editor ' s hair ... to LeRoy Brock, of the Hurley Company, our Ail-Ameri- can predecessor, whose intense f)ersonal interest in the book inspired us to work harder ... to the . merican Beauty Cover Company for making our cover a dynamic symbol of Mid-Century ... to the Texan for its good cheezeburgers, coffee, and pinball machine, and Jimmy who always had a cheerful word for us, even at three o ' clock in the morning ... to our profs who understood why the YUCCA crew slept through their classes and to those who didn ' t ... to the many lovesick men who used our 1 1 o ' clock counseling sessions to iron out their woes . . . and to their and our girlfriends, with their inconsistency, who furnished the material for our discussion ... to our friend ' s suggestions that we used, and those we didn ' t ... to our Mom and Dad who didn ' t get enough letters from us ... to Dalton, Curtis, Jack, Ben, George, Talou, Martha, Dott, Noel, Bill, Louann, Dorinda, and Roy who ga e so much of themselves to make this book a reality . . . and to YOU, the student body of our new and expanding North Texas, we hope that this Mid-Century edition of the YUCCA contains the best of what occurred and those who made it happen in 1949-50. —The Editor. In Memorium Charles Robert Allmon Flavia Waring Carl A. Prohl Lyman Thomason Page 420 A Cappella Choir 108 Alpha Chi S46 Alpha Lambda Pi 548 Alpha Lambda Sigma 349 Alpha Mu Alpha 350 Alpha Phi Omega 374 Alpha Rho Tail 381 Athletic Cxjuncil 342 Association of Childhood Education__380 Avesla 102 Baptist Student Union Council 382 Beta Alpha Rho Beta 324 Beta Beta Beta 351 Blue Key 352 Boots and Saddles 383 Campus Chat 96 Chapel Choir 109 Chi Sigma Phi 326 Club Varsity 384 College Players 385 Concert Band 111 Senior Current Literature Club 386 Debate Club 387 Delta Chi Delta 312 Delta Psi Kappa 353 E. D. Criddle Society 354 Ellen H. Richards Club 388 Falcons 328 Fine Arts 343 Forty-Two Club 389 Future Teachers of America 390 INDEX ORGANIZATIONS Gamma Iota Chi 375 Gamma Theta Upsilon 355 Gammadians 356 Geezles 330 Graduate Council 119 Green Jackets 376 Health Council 344 House Presidents ' Club 394 Industrial Arts Club 396 International Relations Club 398 Inter-Fraternity Council 323 Inter-Sorority Council 322 Inter- ' arsity Christian Fellowship 399 Jefferson County Club 400 Kappa Delta Pi 358 Kappa Kappa Kappa 314 Kappa Theta Pi 316 Kilgore Junior College Club 401 Los Cabelleros 393 Madrigal Singers 112 Junior Mary Arden Club 402 Senior Mary Arden Club 404 McCrackin Club 406 Mu Phi Epsilon 360 Odom Philosophy Society 407 Phi Alpha Tau 332 Phi Mu Alpha Sinphonia 364 Phi Sigma Alpha 318 Phi Upsilon Omicron 366 Physical Education Professional Club 408 Pi Kappa Delta 361 Pi Omega Pi 362 Pi Phi Pi 334 Pre Law Club 412 Press Club 410 Psi Chi 367 Publications Council 345 Quintillians 413 Sigma Alpha Iota 368 Sigma Delta 369 Sigma Delta Pi 370 Sigma Phi u 336 Sigma Pi Delta 371 Sigma Tau Delta 372 Student Religious Council 378 Symphony Orchestra 110 T Club 414 Talons 338 Theta Sigma Alpha 373 Trojans 340 W. X. Masters Chemical Society 415 Wesley Foundation Council 416 Wesley Players 417 Vestminister Student Fellowship Union 418 Womcns ' Choir 113 Womens ' Forum 379 Yucca 101 Zcta Pi Gamma 320 STUDENTS Aaron, William R. (Tioga) 237 Abbey, Carl (Dallas) 191, 266, 325 Abel, Kruger (Gladewater) 401 Abel. Sarah M. (McGregor) 215, 404 Abell, Beatrice (Vernon) 266 Abercrombie, Don (Dallas) 335 Abercrombie, Glenn (Kilgore) 401 Abemathy, Frank (Dallas) 351 Adams, Audie Faye (Kir in) 255, 388, 417, 281, 386 Adams, Daniel D. (Dallas) 231, 374 Adams, Jenny (Bivins) 257, 315 Adams, Mary Jane (Jacksonville) 223, 404 Adams. Roland (Denton) 266 Adams, Tommie (Grand Saline) 286 Agnew, Marilynne (Ballinger) 266, 321 Aiken, Hile (Dallas) 237, 173 Akers, Mary Jane (Graham) 286 Akin, Mrs. Alva Myrtie (Tyler) 200, 380 . lbritton. Sherry (Denton) 261,365 Aldridge, Bess Ruth (Trenton) 286 Alexander, Betty Jo (Megargel) 266, 380 Alford, Hoy Ernest (Beaumont) 237, 351, 358, 375, 390. 400 Alford, Mrs. Sue (Beaumont) 237, 400 Alldredge. Lu Jeanne rHillslx)ro) 237 . llen. Betty Gay (Easterland) 286 . Ilen. Bob (Denton) 208, 339 Allen. Don (Ft. Worth) 341. 407 Allen, Dorothy (Kilgore) 231, 401 Allen, Ida Belle (Ft. Worth) 255, 388, 366, 415 .Allen, Joan (Denton) 286 . llen. J. W. (Richland) 237 . llen, Nell (Clarksville) 223, 362, 376 Allen, Paul J. (Lewisville) 247 Allen, Silas (Denton) 266 -Mlison, Bill (Houston) 153, 154 Allison, Martha (Dallas) 315, 402 Allmon, Dorothy (Baytown) 200, 367 . llred, Robert Glen (Sweetwater) 286 Alters. William V. (Dallas) 266 . harez, Irraa Marie (Houston) 215, 370 Alvis, -Mary (Dallas) 286 .Vmyx, Freddie Jane (Ponder) 286 .Anderson, Barney (Winnsboro) 223 .Anderson, Elizabeth (Clarksville) 261 .Anderson, Elizabeth (Ft. Worth) 208, 378 .Anderson, Joe (Bells) 286 Anderson, John (Sherman) 286 .Anderson, Laura Lee (Kerens) 231 .Anderson, Marie (Richland) 266 .Anderson, Max (Mission) 266 Anderson, Mildred (Quanah) 208, 349, 406 .Anderson, Robert (Sherman) 286 .Anderson, Ross (Valley View) 247 .Andrews. Joe Paul (Bryson) 286 .Anthony, James (Denton) 266 .Anthony, Joan (Hillsboro) 255, 388, 359, 366 .Apple. Vevagene (Big Spring) 286 .Applcgate. Harold (Houston) 228 .Appleton, Bobby (Ft. Worth) 339, 134 Archer, Robert (Dallas) 223, 389 .Armatta, Lawrence (El Campo) 237 -Armistead, W. H. (Wink) 247 Armor, Nancy (Dallas) 266, 408, 173, 151, 175 .Armstrong, .Alvin E. (Heame) 237, 396 Page 421 Armstrong, Betty (Panhandle) 261,368 Armstrong, Quincy (Ft. Worth) 331, 134 Arnett, Otis Harold (Lamesa) 266 Arnold, Jerry (Dallas) 341 Arnold, Mark (Gilmer) 208 Arnwine, Richard (Mesquite) 266, 329 Arrington, Florence (Baytown) 247 Arrington, Marjorie (Baytown) 286 Arterberry, Max (Savoy) 266, 397 Ashen£elter, Irene (Dallas) 261,360 Asher, Earl (Evanston, 111.) 37.5 Ashley, Mary Dean (Vernon) 266 Atchison, Jessie E. (Gorman) _ 237 Atchison, Ruby Dale (Gorman) 200 Aten, Constance (Dallas) 247,405 Athens, Bob Jr. (Bogata) 208, 38.5 Atkins, Tommy (Denton) 231 Atkins, Virginia (Gainesville) 266 Atkinson, Roy (.Ardmore, Okla.) 286 Austin, Almeda (Mesquite) 266 Aitstin, Bettye Jean (McAllen) 266 Austin, Charles (Denton) 266 Austin, Vernon (Denton) 233, 333 Avery, Jim (Dallas) 335 Avery, Patricia (Longview) 215, 381 B Babb, Doris (Ft. Worth) 286 Basonc, Marinel (Alvord) 208, 315, 190 Badgett, Troy (Marshall) 266 Bailey, Bobby (Bonhara) 266, 325 Bailey, James Harold (CarroUton) 266 Bailey, Jane (Baytown) 286 Bailey, Jo (Vernon) 315 Bailey, Lila Jean (Corsicana) 286, 113 Bailey, Virginia (Amarillo) 266, 278 Bain, Jean (Texarkana) 237, 376 Bain, Jim (Ennis) 200, 374 Baird, Celia (Sanger) 286, 383 Baker, Betty (San Angelo) 69, 367 Baker, Bill (Breckenridge) 266, 393 Baker, Bryan M. (Pasadena) 261, 365 Baker, Grace Katheryne (Ft. Worth) 255, 366 Baker, Helen (Jacksboro) 280 Baker, Helen Louise (. nson) 286 Baker, James R. (Ft. Worth) 231 Baker, Mary Sue (Bonham) 247, 408 Baker, Orland (Dallas) 266,415 Baker, Veta Fuller (Euless) 255, 366 Baker, Virginia (Breckenridge) 200, 319 Balch, Talou (Waco) 266, 319, 378, 408, 101 Baldwin, Barbara (Edgewood) 2.55, 388, 366 Baldwin,, Cathryn (McAllen) 266 Baldwin, George Ray (Ft. Worth) 266, 384 Baldwin, Guy Jr. (Greenville) 286 Baldwin, Vance C. (Ft. Worth) 208, 351, 350 Bales, Robert H. (Hoi e, Ark.) 355, 375 Ball, Anne, (Ft. Worth) 247 Ball, Beverly (Throckmorton) 408, 173, 174, 175 Ballard, Joe Russell (Vega) 286 Ballenger, Bob (Dallas) 286 Balthrop, Mary D. (Denton) 286 Banister, Jack (Paris) 351, 208 Banister, Luvenia Brown (Paris) 200 Banks, Jack (Wichita Falls) 266 Banks, Kendel ((Ponder) 286 Bannner, Peggy (Wichita Falls) 208 Barbee, Zoe (Weslaco) 266, 381 Barber, Joan (Weatherford) 231 Barham, Richard (Dallas) 286 Barham, Robert (Dallas) 286 Barker, Judith Anne (Alvin) 286 Barker, Ray (Turnersville) 286 Barker, Retta (McKinney) 402 Barkley, Leta Lu (Midlothian) 286 Barlow, R. E. (Seagoville) 237, 417 Barnebey, Dick (San Antonio) 200, 341, 346, 352, 189, 190 Barnebey, June (Dallac) 200, 361, 190 Barnes, Glen Conrad (Prosper) 215 Barnes, Howard (Plymouth. Ind.) 355 Barnes, Roger (Plymouth, Ind.) 335 Barnett, Ben (Mexia) 237 Barnett, Delores (Sherman) 266, 381 Barr, Earl Clifton Jr. (Denton) 200, 345, 371, 102 Barr, Nelda Jean (Gladewater) 247, 403, 410 Barrett, Jean (Brownwood) 266 Barrett, Margaret (Orange) 286 Barrileaux, Everette (Beaumont) 286 Barrington, Norma (Sherman) 237, 315, 151 Barron, Morris (Arlington) 200 Barse, Bob (Ft. Worth) 153 Bart, Bob (Ft. Worth) 379 Bartley, Jane (Weslaco) 266 Bartley, Ruth Lemerle (Weslaco) 237 Barton, Jim (Mt. Pleasant) 247 Barton, John (Center) 286 Baskin, Gene (Dallas) 286 Bass, J. L. " Sam " (Dallas) —_ __208, 73, 385, 387, 352, 374, 189 Bass, Mary (Palestine) 286 Bass, Robert (Denton) 208, 347, 350 Bassett, Charles (Gainesville) 266 Batchelor, Audrey (Houston) 286 Bates, James (Gatesville) 266 Bates, Stephen S. (Dallas) 208, 346, 407 Bazar, Shirley (Mercedes) 286 Bean, L. V. (Dublin) 266 Beard, Ray Cecil (Mineral Wells) 231 Bearden, Anne SoUey (Decatur) 266 Bearden, Bennie P. (Decatur) 215 Bearden, Billy (Waxahachie) 223 Bearden, Robert Gene (Gainsville) 200 Bearmore, June (Belmar, N. J.) 263, 404, 113 Beasley, Alecia (Mesquite) 286 Beaver, Marilyn (Dallas) 266 Beavers, Dorothy (Dallas) 286 Beck, Bob (Iowa Park) 215, 346, 382 Beckham, Harold (Corpus Christi) 208, 390 Beckworth, Billie Kathryn (Rosebud) 286 Beeman, Jack (Abilene) 286 Beeson, Connie Valeria (Bridgeport) 266, 356, 403 Beeson, Joan (Odessa) 113 Bell, . nita (Dallas) 287 Bell, Barbara Louise (Brady) 266 Bell, De Lois (Denton) 287 Bell, Sallie (Mexia) 261 Bender, Betty 349 Benjamin, Merle (Dallas) 100 Bennett, Bill (Dallas) 287 Bennett, Doris Marie (Bryson) 237, 380, 391, 399 Bennett, Janie Teipel (Denton) 361 Bennett, Yvonne Fay (Henderson) 266, 402, 113 Benson, Ward B. Jr. (Galveston) 231 Bentley, Cecil (Electra) 287 Bentley, Richard (Denton) 287 Benton, James (Hot Springs, Ark.) 287 Benton, Norma (Wichita Falls) 237, 319 Berendzen, Elizabeth (Dallas) 266, 283 Berry, Charles R. (Waco) 231 Berry, Ernestine (Spur) 263 Berry, Troy (Dallas) 208, 371, 381 Best, Billie Sue (Mexia) 231 Best, Margaret (Farmersville) 237, 321 Bevers, Eulene (Pilot Point) 287 Bezdek, Jimmy (West) 247 Bianchi, Felix (Victoria) 208 Page 422 Bickie, Jerr) (Krum) 287 Bigby, Evelyn (Ballinger) 255, 388, 404, 392 Biggs, Shirley (Midland) 287 Bigham, Helen (Waxahachie) 255, 347, 388, 366 Biles, Don (Keller) 237, 390 Bilger, Bobbie (Sherman) 267 Bilyeii, Russell (Krum) 215 Binder, Hannan E. (AVaxahachie) 237, 324 Bird, Ralph (Electra) 267, 377 Birdwell, Laura Jean (Levelland) 267, 403 Birmingham, Hugh (Olive Branch, Miss.) 365 Birmingham, N ' eal (Atlanta) 267 Bishop, Bill (Boiler) 134 Bishop, Clyde (Wink) 267 Bishop, Jack (Gorman) 351 Bishop, Ken (Floydada) 327 Bivens, Bud (Ft. Worth) 327 Bizzelle, Charles (Lima, Ohio) 237 Black, . lbert (Floresville) 237, 380 Black, Billy (Martin .Mill) 237 Black, Eldon (Dalhart) 267 Black, Twila (Hawley) 267 Black, Vivian M. 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Jr. (Dallas) 200, 346, 358 Board, Leland (Chico) 396 Boatman, Tommy (Dallas) 287 Boatwright, Sybil (Mineral Wells) 200 Bobb, Bobbie June (Big Spring) 223 Bodkin, James (Denison) 267 Boenker, Henry (Lewisville) 287 Bogman, Mary (Denton) 287 Bohme, Connie (Dallas) 208 Boland, Ray (Lakeland, Fla.) 337 Bolin, Milbum (Vego) 287 Bolin, William (Lewisville) 267 Boling, Wallace Barton (Ft. Worth) 267, 387 Bollard, Johnnie (Cooper) Bolton, Bunny (Jacksonville) 267 Bond, James (Ft. Worth) 223 Bond, Willard (Lewisville) 287 Boncy, William R. (Stratford) 237, 329 Boniol, Robert L. (Kamay) 231, 374 Bonner, Robert (Panhandle) 237, 329 Boone, Betty (Dallas) 267 Booth, Carrol X. (Breckenridgc) 223 Booth, Rosamond 287 Borden, John (Rosebud) 355 Boren, Patsy (Wichita Falls) 247, 319, 353, 376, 408 Boring. Billy Ray (McKinney) 208, 351, 350 Bosley, Barbara (Gainsville) 287 Boston, Jim (Goodnight) 287 Boston, Peggy (Angleton) 261, 317, 346, 358, 360, 372, 404 Boswell, Joyce (Dallas) 267 Bothwell, Lynne (Tyler) 263, 39. ' ) Boulmay, Evelyn (Galveston) 287, 113 Bounds, . nnie Mary (Cleveland) 267, 417, 368 Bowden, Dillon (Ft. Worth) 287 Bowden, Marilyn (Ballinger) 223, 359, 362, 404, 392 Bowden, Norma Lee (Denton) 287 Bowdoin, Becky Jo (Vera) 267 Bowdoin, Betty Jean (Vera) 287 Bowen, LaVeeta (Haskell) 267 Bowers, Donald (Seagonville) 223, 362 Bowers, Dovie Jean (Lindale) 237, 378, 390, 382 Bowling, Patricia Jan (Richardson) 267, 388 Bowman, Joann (Denton) 287 Bowman, Woodrow (Cotton Valley, La.) 267 Box, Fuel (Dallas) 263 Boyce, Jack (Dallas) 288, 384 Boyd, Bettye (Waco) 247 Boyd, Bobby (Springtown) 237 Boyd, Comellia (Sweetwater) 231, 315, 119 Boyd, Gerald (Saint Jo) 223, 333 Boyd, Lester Wade (Forestburg) 267 Boyer, Mildred (Ft. Worth) 173 Boykin, Billy (Ft. Worth) 247, 339 Boyles, Cullen S. (Sherman) 267, 341 Boynton, Lyvonne (Dallas) 267, 357, 410 Brabham, Sue (Bryan ' s Mill) 267, 403, 113 Bradberry, Jeanette (Dallas) 288 Bradford, Betty (Longview) 267, 317, 402 Bradford, David (Kermit) 288 Bradford, Jim (Iowa Park) 215, 365 Bradford, Len F. (Kermit) 223 Bradford, Norma Jean (Joshua) 238, 347, 358, 367 Bradley, Patricia (Bowie) 267 Bradley, Patsy (Whitt) 268 Bradshaw, Barbara (Wichita Falls) 385, 313 Bradshaw, John F. (Denton) 238, 396 Bradshaw, Mary Lynn Neal (New Castle) 238 Bragg, Louis (Gulf Hammock, Fla.) 375 Branch, De Laine (Decatur) 288 Brandenburg, Nan (Arlington) 247, 380 Brandon, Mary 315 Brank, Al (Dallas) 238 Brannan, Jimmy T. (. bilene) 215, 335 Branson, . nn (Nfegargel) 288 Brantley, .Alton (Bedeford) 288 Brantley, Helen (Meridian) 288 Brantley, Margie 349 Brashier. Bill (Eastland) 134 Brau, Rose Mary (Dallas) 288 Brawley, L. C. (.McKinney) 223 Bray, Peggy Zue (Dallas) 288 Brazeel, Ruth (Graham) 268 Breckenridge, Jean (Marshall) 223 Breckenridge, Robert L. (Marshall) 208, 358 Breed, . va Gene (Marlin) 288, 113 Breeman, Joe Van 327 Brent, Bets (Piano) 268 Brewer, Betty (Odessa) 321 Brewer, Calvin (Chillicothe) 288 Brewer, Daniel Robert (Dallas) __288, 407 Brewer, Jim (Dallas) 288, 135, 134 Brian, Clara Nell (Robstown) 321 Bridge, Norma (Weatherford) 288 Bridges, Jeannene (Dallas) 231 Bridges, Jeannette (Dallas) 215 Bridges, Mary (Denton) 288 Bridges, Sue (Vernon) 288 Bridgman, Corky (Dallas) 215,371,151 Briley, Venita (Chico) 349 Brim, Marion T. (McGregor) 223 Page 423 Brinkmann, Sandrea (Pasadena) 288,131 Brisendine, Clinton (Dallas) 268, 134 Bristley, Jimmy (Baytown) 231, 337 Bristo, Beth (Vernon) 268 Brittain, Betty (Port Arthur) 268 Broad, Alfred (Brady) 268, 384 Broad, Kiith (Dallas) 288 Brock, Ellen Dee (Roanoke) 255, 388 Brock, Jolin Lester (Crowell) 268 Brock, Luther A. Jr. (Bridgeport) 268 Brock, Mary (Spearman) 288 Brodie, Evelyn (Denton) 255, 321, 376, 395 Brooks, Bess (Bagwell) 257, 388 Brooks, Charles Robert (Bagwell) 223 Brooks, Mary Jane (Coffeyville, Kan.) 247, 40 ' J Broome, Bill (Ft. Worth) 247 Broome, Mary Louise (Sherman) 215, 373 Brothers, Eleanor (Denton) 215 Broussard, Carolyn (Longview) 268, 321, 402, 122 Broward, Harvey (Ft. Worth) 288 Brown, Authalia (Waco) 257 Brown, B. O. (Ennis) 263, 365 Brown, Carolyn L. (Port Arthur) 215, 392, 400 Brown, Chrit (Anna) 268 Brown, Daniel F. (Christoval) 268, 329, 414 Brown, Doris Leigh (Blum) 247 Brown, Floyce (Big Spring) 409 Brown, Gloria (Dallas) 413 Brown, Harry L. (Center Point) 268 Brown, Jess (Hamilton) 335 Brown, John (Odessa) 288 Brown, Kenneth (Waxahachie) 223,335 Brown, Loretta Rae (Dallas) 215 Brown, Margaret (Bomarton) 288 Brown, Myrtle 346 Brown, Nobel (Denton) 382 Brown, Opal (Texarkana) 238 Brown, Pat (Bonham) 288 Brown, Patsy (Sherman) 268 Brown, Pete (Corsicana) 288 Brown, Pete (Spearman) 268,413 Brown, Raymond (Sherman) 288 Brown, Robert (Texarkana) 208 Brown, Royce (Santo) 288 Brown, Sammy (Ft. Worth) 288 Brown, Thomas Jr. (Waxahachie) 248, 223 Brown, Winfree L. (Christoval) 233, 375 Browning, Esther (Dallas) 288 Brown, Vandolyn Joyce (Truscott) 208, 349, 406 Bruce, Fred (Denton) 238, 329 Bruce, Lois (Denton) 268 Bruce, Margaret (Denton) 247, 380 Bruce, Mary (Denton) 238 Brundrett, Leyton (Texas City) 231 Bruton, Chester (Odessa) 374 Bryan, Joan (CoUinsville) 257 Bryant, Bert (Tyler) 355 Bryant, Latimer 331 Buchanan, Robert (Beltsville) 263, 364 Buchholz, Donald (Garland) 268 Buchholz, Robert (Garland) 223 Budde, Henry A. (North Bergen, N. J.) 238, 358 BuUard, Nita (Covington) 247 Bullock, Frances V. (Newcastle) 263, 391 Bullock, Marilyn Joy (Newcastle) 261, 391 Bunch, Patti John (Corsicana) 268, 403 Burch, Joyce (Houston) 268 Burchette, Ray (Sherman) 385, 374, 413 Burditt, Harold (Del Rio) 231 Burke, Frances (Denton) 200 Burke, Juanita (Dallas) 288, 113 Burkhalter, James (Bandera) 238 Burkhardt, Elizabeth Ann (Ft. Worth) ___. 288 Burks, Betty (Dallas) 288, 113 Burks, Joe (Anna) 326 Burks, Patsy (Dallas) 208, 413 Burleson, Barbara Ann (Dallas) 288 Burleson, Elizabeth Anne (Waxahachie) 268 Burnam, Jackie (Tioga) 223, 377 Burnett, Betty (Decatur) 288 Burnett, Billy Joe (Denton) 268 Burns, B. J. (Denton) 268 Burns, Claude N. (Pilot Point) 288 Burns, John (Chicago, 111.) 288 Burns, Julia (Dallas) 288, 358, 387 Burson, Luree (Silverton) 200 Burtis, Word (Denison) 268 Burton, Dorothy (Araarillo) 346, 359, 368 Busch, Frank (Mont Belvieii) 288 Butaud, Bert (Port Arthur) 134, 400 Butler, Les (Dallas) 288 Butler, Rita (Grand Prairie) 288, 409 Buttram, Jack (De Kalb) 215 Buttram. Patsy Ann (De Kalb) 268, 385, 413 Butts, Arlcne (CairoUton) 288 Butts, Ouita (De Kalb) 238, 390 Byroni, Thomas Weldon (Denton) 288 c Cadenhead, Clarence (Dallas) 215 Cadrin, Joseph L. Jr. (Kilgore) 223, 401 Cahill, Jerry (Haskell) 371 Cain, Pat (Dallas) 153, 155 Cain, Roy E. (Temple) 410 Caldwell, Everett (Ft. Worth) 268, 371, 381, 384 Caldwell, Lois C. (Stamford) 247 Caldwell, Louise (San Antonio) 268, 402 Calhoun, Newlyn (Tyler) 247 Calhoun, Norma Jo (Winnsboro) 288 Callaway, Ann (Mt. Calm) 223 Cameron, Carol (Greenville) 231, 347, 313, 376 Cameron, Dick (Dallas) 393 Camp, Sue (Laredo) 268, 321, 360, 113 Campbell, Floyce Jean (Dallas) 268, 357, 370 Campbell, John (Granbury) 382 Campbell, Luren (Olney) 223 Campsey, Lillian (Jacksboro) 247, 409, 172, 173, 174, 175 Cannon, Joe W. (Euless) 289 Cannon, Nadine (McAUen) 268, 381, 384 Cannon, Wade Lee 231 Cantrell, Joanne (Gainesville) 231 Cantrell, Jo Anne (Borger) 268 Cantwell, Joe (Denton) 247, 325 Cantrell, Wanda (Dalhart) 404, 223 Caperton, Walton G. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 289 Cardwell, Loye (Dallas) 268 Cargill, Cynthis (Dallas) 289 Carleton, Anne (Dallas) 268 Carley, Kenneth (San Angelo) 238, 338 Carlson, Dorothy (Ft. Worth) 268, 388 Carlson, Virgil M. (Dallas) 208, 341 Carlton, Mary (Grapeland) 268, 387, 361 Carlton, Tommy (Gatesville) 268, 383, 384 Carmack, Betty Joe (Woodson) 257, 388 Carmichael, Bettye (Hillsboro) 208, 346, 359 Carmichael, Pat (Dallas) 289 Carmichael, Weldon (Ft. Worth) 247, 396 Carmichall, Jimmy (Blum) 268, 341 Carnegie, Dorothy (Port Arthur) 208, 405, 390, 400 Carpenter, John (Dallas) 268 Carpenter, John (Dallas) 289 Carpenter, Norman (Graham) 215 Carpenter, Robert G. (Dallas) 231, 339 Carr, Alvin (Claude) 289 Carroll, Anita (Denton) 268, 356 Page 424 Carroll, Billy F. (GatesviUe) 231 Carroll, Martha (Denton) 289 Carroll, Mar (Denton) 289 Cam, Ray (Bonham) 289 Carse. William (Corpus ChrisU) 238,367,392 Catter, Bill (Hobbs, N. M.) 231 Carter, George (Houston) 334 Carter, Glen (Graham) 289,413 Carter, Jean (Dallas) 268, 380 Casey, Doretha (Coleman) 257 Casteel, Letitia (Houston) 257, 404 Casteel. Ruben Lee (Denton) 238, 396 Castleberry, Bob (Denton) 200 Castleberry, Joe Paull (Vernon) 381, 384 Gate, A. D. (Lake Dallas) 134, 135 Gate, Mildred Ann (A ' an Alstyne) 257 Gates, Bill (Decatur) 223 Gates, Homer W. Jr., (Ft. Worth) 268, 378 Gates. Tommy, (Dallas) 268 Cathey, Wylie (Denton) 289 Caudle, Patricia (Ballinger) 268 Cauthen, Jo . nn (Mission) 289 Cayce, Harry (OIney) 289, 191 Cecil, Johnnie (Burkbumett) 247 Ghadick, . lva Jr. (Texarkana) 215 Chadwick, Xancy Lorene (Center) 269 Ghafin, Joyce (Cleburne) 255, 388, 366, 376, 394 Chambers, Walton (Denton) 269 Champion, Virginia (Decatur) 215 Chaney, Noriney (Dallas) 269 Chapman, Barbara (West Memphis, AA.) 208, 370, 391 Chapman, Eddie (Taico) 269 Chapman, O. B. Jr. (Lewisville) 289 Chapman, Wanda (TaIco) 289 Chappell, Ben (Jowie) 215, 335, 345 Charlton, Patsy (Midland) 215, 359, 404, 406 Chavellier, Peggy (Gladewatcr) 208 Cheatham, Vinitred (Edgewood) 238, 346, 358 Cheek, Mary (Longview) 401 Ghenault, Kenneth (Ft. Worth) 269, 374 Ghennault, Thomas B. (Grand Prairie) 231 Cherry, Van (Seymour) 269 Cherry, Vane (Seymour) 269 Chester, Clay E. (Postoak) 238, 397 Chester, Eloise (Wichita Falls) 380, 406 ChUcutt, Wayman W. (Weatherford) 247, 391 Childers. Mar in (Iowa Park) 269 Childers, Mary Jo (Denton) 224 Childress, Helen 349 Chiles, Floyd (Moffat, Colo.) 247 Chitwood, Dorothy (Beaumont) 257, 400 Ghoate, Hubert (Port . rthur) 238, 327, 385, 413, 390 Ghowns, Jean Ellen (Big Spring) 238 Ghrisman, Pat (Nocona) 355 Christian, Charles E. (Slidell) 269 Christian, Katherine (Vera) 289 Christian. Nfary . nna (Dallas) 269 ChrisUan, Robert F. (Slidell) 238 Chumney, Hazel (Hamilton) 255, 388 Cirito, Emily (Houston) 415 Clark, C. P. Jr. (Ennis) 200 Clark, George . nn (Rosebud) 289 Clark, Jack L. (Henderson) 208, 355 Clark, Jerry (Gorman) 208 Clark. Virginia 349 Clarke, Helen B. (Wichita Falls) 269, 356, 380, 391, 399 aarke, Melba (Midland) 289 Clary, Jo Ann (Killeen) 289 Clary, Warren G. (Nocona) 247 Clay, . lbert . ustin (Dallas) 269 Clay, Betty Lou (New Boston) 269, 380, 402, 113, 390, 399 Clay, Mary . lice (New Boston) 269, 380, 402, 390, 399 Clayton, Lurline (Electra) 269 Clement, Dorothy (Brownswood) 224 Clement, Jack (Dallas) 289 Clement, Maxine (. bilene) 367 Clement, Rosemary i. bilen|) 269, 380 Clemraons, Patty (Dallas) 369, 383 Glendinning, William (Dallas) 289 Cleveland, Evalyn (Mineral Wells) 269, 321 Click, P gy (Houston) 263,313,405 Cline, Abel W. Jr. (Bowie) 224 Cline, Mrs. Iva Lee (Celina) 200 Cline, Jane (Bowie) 209 Cline, Junelle (Celina) 269,380 Cloteaux, Opta (Houston) 3% Clotioux, Fred (Beaumont) 134, 135 Clotiaux, James (Beaumont) 134 Clybum, Bobbie (Hawley) 289 Goats, Ronald (Dallas) 289 Cochrane, Delma Rae (Dallas) 289 Coder, Beverly (Ft. Worth) 299 Cody, Billie iDallas) 289 Cody, Pet (Marshall) 209, 373, 378, 410 Cody, Robert (Houston) 365, 391 Goe, Mary Katherine (Kountze) 257 Coffee, Virginia (Ft. Worth) 269, 317, 402, 128 Coffey, Fred Jr. (Denton) 269 Coffey, Penelope Ann (Terrill) 261, 343, 313, 360 Coffman, Wesley S. (. rdmore, Okla.) 261, 364 Cogswell, Yvonne (Eddy) 257 Cohen, Edward L. Jr. (AVoodmere, L. I.. N. Y.) 261 Cokendolpher, Floyd ( Chico) 200, 389 Cokendolpher, Loyd (Bridgeport) 224 Colbum, Jean (Cameron) 289 Cole, Charlie Jr. (Pilot Point) 290 Cole. Eva Louise (Ft. Worth) 247, 408 Cole, Percy (Ft. Worth) 261, 313, 376, 129, 405 Coleman, Bruce (Dallas) 209 Coleman, Charles H. (Kemp) 209 Coleman, Gaye (Denton) 238, 346, 358, 367 Coleman, Jamie (Dallas) 290 Coleman, June (Denton) 290 Collins, . . V. (Denton) 134, 135 Collins, Clarence W. (. rgyle) 290 Collins, Grace (Tulsa, Okla.) 263, 368 Collins, Kenneth (Ft. Worth) 290 Corabest, Donald . lvin (Celina) 290 Gombest, Marshall (Celina) 209, 187 Combs, Jamie (Dallas) 325 Commander, Margie (Groves) 261, 113 Compton, Joan (Ft. Worth) 269, 381 Conces, Larry (Pasadena) 153 Conly, Jack (Dallas) 238 Connel, Melvin (Ft. Worth) 290 Connell, Eulene (San . ntonio) 238, 319 Connon, Wade Lee (Dallas) Conway, Glen (Ryan, Okla.) 247 Cook, Betty Jane (Grand Prairie) 269, 357, 403 Cook, Helen Louise (Mexia) 238, 321 Cook, James H. (Healdton, Okla.) 224, 348, 407 Cook, Lavena Faye (Hawley) -238, 409, 391, 172, 173, 174, 175 Cook, Leon (Brownsboro) 200 Cook, Narrell (Quanah) 319 Cook, Norma June (Gainesville) 269 Cook, Ravinond Lloyd (Dallas) 261, 364 Cooper, James (Seymour) 348 Cooper, Jane (Mineral Wells) 269, 388 Cooper. William A. Jr. (Denton ) 200, 351 Copeland, Betty (College Station) 269. 313 Copeland, James Eugene Jr. (Dallas) 269 Copeland, Lou Ellen (Denton) 290 Corbet, . nna Lee (Port . rthur) 269. 40C Corbin, Bonnie D. (Ballinger) 224 Corbin, Hugh E. (Denton) 224, 348 Corbin, Jean (Denton) 257 Page 425 Cordsen, Suzanne (Dallas) 290 Corkins, Barbara Glynn (Port Arthur) 270 Corley, George (Winnsboro) 215,381 Corley, Marie (Saint Jo) 290 Cothran, Betty (Paris) 270 Gotten, Jim (Memphis, Tenn.) 261 Cotton, Carl L. (Dallas) 362 Cotton, La Juanda Louise (Denton) 224, 346, 359, 363, 390 Cotton, Oran (Port Neches) 327 Couch, Jane (Greeenville) 290 Couch, Jean (Greenville) 290 Coulston, Virginia (Lancaster) 238, 408 Coulston, William J. Ill (Lancaster) 290 Coultas, John (Enumclaw, Wash.) 351 Coulter, William r. (Lake Dallas) 270 Courts, Beverly (Mission) 270, 385, 417, 413 Couser, Robert (McKinnney) 290, 374 Coutret, Alex (Itaska) 209 Coville, Jane (Mexia) 224, 363, 376, 391 Cx)vinglon, Jay (San Angelo) 231 Cowan, Betty (Electra) 290 Gowan, Marjorie (Denton) 270, 356 Cox, Iweeta (Ennis) 290 Cox, Jamie (Brownwood) 270 Cox, Jo Anne (Port Arthur) 270, 400 Cox, Lucius L. Jr. (Denton) 247 Cox, Urbanelle (Dallas) 346 Coyle, Berniece Douglas (Denton) 238, 391 Goyle, Ibm E. (Robstown) 209,415,391 Craig, Barbara Ann (Dallas) 270, 410 Craig, Dewey (Brookston) 270 Craig, Elizabeth (Corsicana) 270, 380 Grain, Charles Edward Jr. (Denton) 238 , Grain, Phyllis (Wichita Falls) 290 Gralle, Robert (Dallas) 290 Crane, Bill (Texarkana, Ark.) 385, 215, 375 Crane, Del (Irving) 270 Crank, Joan (Texarkana) 238 CrannncU, Barbara Ann (Dallas) 290 Cravens, H. L. Jr. (Brownwood) 209 Crawford, Arlette (Kerens) 270, 319, 402 Crawford, Golden Birch (Skellytown) 290 Crawford, Janet (Dallas) 290 Crawford, Mary Jo (Granbury) 215 Creoger, Melba (Ranger) 270 Crenweige, Richard (Hawkins) 231 Crider, Bettye (Hebron) 215, 404, 281 Crockett, Colby David (Dallas) 239, 392 Crofts, Carolyn (Cisco) 270,381 Crook, Marilynn (Weatherford) 270 Cross, James (Amarillo) 329 Crouch, Jean (Denton) 239 Crouch, Jesse Marvin Jr. (Sherman) 224 Crouch, Joyce (Denton) 239 Crow, Mary Jean (Dallas) 290 Crowder, Peggy Irl (Kilgore) 209, 347, 313, 358, 362, 363, 378, 401, 405, 188, 390 Crowe, Barbara (OIney) 370, 372 Crowe, Jim (Baytown) 270 Crowe, June (Brady) 215 Crowley, Jim (New York, N. Y.) 239, 300 Crumpton, Alva Nell (Graham) ' _ 290 Culwell, Judy (Weatherford) 270, 317, 356, 402 Cummings, Rose Ann (Olney) 215, 387, 361, 404, 413, 390 Cunningham, Wanda Lou (Nocona) 239, 409, 390 Cundiff. Dixie (Centerville) 290, 113 Curnutt, Harold (Canadian) 290, 134 Currens, Jo Ann (Dallas) 248 Currie, Ola Lee (Port Arthur) 290, 363 Gurry, Jean Evelyn (Waxahachie) 209 Curry, Mildred (Royalty) 215,406 Curry, W. B. (Freer) 270, 335 Curtis, Eddie (Dallas) 270 Curtis, Edith (Blue Ridge) __ 380 Curtis, Hannah (Mineral Wells) 270, 319, 403 Curtis, Joe (Weatherford) 215 Curtis, John (Rosebud) 270 Curtis, Patsy Ruth (Grand Prairie) 270, 357, 403 Cusenbary, Estelle (Graham) 209, 346 D Dabney, Doris Joy (Ft. Worth) 209, 381 Dabney, Edwin (Granbury) . 290 Dabney, Joe Wyatt (Granbury) 261, 364 Dagnell, Judy (Waxahachie) 290 Dague, Paul D. (Dallas) 270 Dalby, Delia (De Kalb) 239, 259, 391 Dale, Robert (McKinney) 270 Dalmasso, Francis Ann (Lubbock) 263 Dalton, Jack (Dallas) 290 Daly, Abigail E. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 360, 405, 263 Damaschk, Clarence W. (Port Arthur) 224 Damon, James 248 Dandridge, William 248 Daniel, James H. (Olney) 239 Daniel, Mildred (Smithfield) 290, 388 Daniel, Shannon (Perryton) 239 Daniel, Wilma (Denton) 349 Daniels, Clifton (Marshall) 201, 337 Dansby, Dorothy (Valley Mills) 405 Darnell, Byron (Decatur) 239 Darnell, William Reid (Waxahachie) 231 Darsey, Lee (Grapeland) 209, 346, 359, 390 Darwin, Betty (Whitewright) 248, 346, 358 Daugherty, Dorothy (Ballinger) 290,410 Daughety, Jewell (Linden) 215, 347, 351, 350, 352, 190 Davenport, Betty R. (Wichita Falls) 201 Davenport, Joseph R. (Eastland) 270 Davenport, Mary Rose (Wichita Falls) 215, 358, 373 David, Harold (Mart) 270, 135, 134 Davidson, Emily Kate (Ft. Worth) 209, 346 Davidson, Janet (Lueders) 270, 172, 173 Davidson, LaVerne (Denton) 270, 319 Davidson, Martha Ann (Gatesville) 270, 402, 381, 101 Davidson, Neil (Beaumont) 270.365 Davies, Nell (Texarkana) 313, 377, 405 Davis, Angle (Lefors) 239, 380, 390 Davis, Ann (Bellevue) 290 Davis, Bobby (Waxahachie) 270?, 383 Davis, Bobby J. (Dallas) 270 Davis, CHnton E. (Vernon) 270, 384 Davis, Frank Edward (Dallas) 290 Davis, Geneva (Princeton) 290 Davis, George M. (Ft. Worth) 201, 374 Davis, Ivan (Hobbs, N. M.) 290 Davis, Jack (Dallas) 339, 359 Davis, Joe Donald (Gainesville) 290 Davis, John Lynnwood (Lometa) 291, 191 Davis, Josephine (Lometa) 291 Davis, Lucian (Sadler) 291 Davis, Marjorie (Dallas) 209, 405 Davis, Mary Louise (Corpus Christi) 209, 321, 372 Davis, Mary Louise (Jermyn) 291, 345, 102 Davis, Neil (Tyler) 261, 391 Davis, O. L. Jr. (Lometa) 201, 332, 347, 352, 345, 189, 190 Davis, Robert (Grandview) 216 Davis, Robert (Pilot Point) 291 Davis, Roy (Dallas) 270 Davis, Sammie Jo (Dallas) 291,378 Davis, Slick (Dallas) 335, 151 Davi.s, Trudy (Midland) 291 Davis, Wesley (Atlanta) 374, 396, 397 Davison, Ruth Ann (Reagan) 261,321,268,405 Daws, Charlie (Woodson) 270 Day, Dale (Whitesboro) 239, 337, 352. 397 Day, J. B. (Rotan) 239 Dayton, Elouise (Sherman) 239, 353, 404 Page 426 Dean. Barbara Dell fV ' enus) 291, 388 Dean, Jane Ann (Jacksonville) 255, 388. 405 Deardorff, Don (Greenville, 111.) 209, 371, 414, 153. 155 DeArmond, Katie (McKinney) 248, 321 Deatherage, Lewis (Waxahachie) 216 Deaton, Amie (Decatur) 291 DeBovy, Lorain (Galveston) 270 DeFord, Elizalieth (Sulphur Springs) 270 DeFord, Horace A. (Dallas) 239, 134 Dempsey, Bonnie 248, 346, 358, 409 Dendy, Peggy (Denton) 216, 387, 359, 404. 413 Detunan, Tommy Joy (Texas City) 270, 353, 408 Denning. James (Bryson) 270 Dennis, Janice (Whitesboro) 270 Dennis, Regenia (Gainesville) 291 Densman, Barbara (McGregor) 216 Derden, Irene (Waxahachie) 248 Derden, M. LaRue Jr. (Corsicana) 216 Derrick, Elmo (Port Xeches) 291, 400 Desco, John (Dallas) 239 Deupree, . nnie Jo (Georgetown) 239, 175 DeVaney, George Thomas (Lake Creek) 209, 329 DeVito, Billy 349 DeVito, H. Louis (Denton) 209, 351 DeWittt, Catherine (Dallas) 270, 313 Dibble, Parkes C. (Dallas) 270, 374 Dibble, William K. (Carmine) 100, 209, 410 Dick, Clarence (Galveston) 271,356,415 Dick, Xiobe (Tioga) 224, 392 Dickerson, Charlie Jr. (Dallas) 224. 331, 134, 135 Dickey, John M. Jr. (Electra) 239, 397 Dickey, Martha I u (Bonham) 291 Dickie, Lynn (Woodson) 291 Dickinson, Emmett (Ft. Worth) 209 Dill, Dorothy (Sweetwater) 255, 388 Dillashaw, Joyce Dee ( Vaxahachie) 291 Disch, W. R. (Kermit) 224 Dishman, Rosemary (Bryan) 271 Dixon, Edward (Longview) 231 Dixon, Roger (Longview) 248 Dodd, Henry C. Jr. (Texarkana) 239 Dodd, Jack 326 Dodgen. Doris Yvonne (Winnsboro) 261, 405 Dodgcn, Durward Jr. (Winnsboro) 216, 415 Dodgen, Joyce (Dallas) 291 Dodson, Jack H. (Van) 271 Dodson, Joanne Masterson (San . ngelo) 224 Doles. Grady Neal (Longview) 271, 401 Domaschk. C. W. (Port Arthur) 329, 400 Dooley, Robert W. (Ft. Worth) 348 Dorman, Homer (Pilot Point) 209 Dortch, WayTie (Dallas) 291 Dosser, Patsy Ann (Dallas) 291 Dove, Virginia Ann (Texarkana) 209, 313, 322, 377, 405, 395 Dowlen, Reid (McKinney) 355 Downing, Bert (Mercedes) 291 Doyle, Teddy Joe (Denton) 271 Drain, Maxie (McKinney) 201 Drain, Mildred Geneva (McKinney) 201 Drake, William B. (Ft. Worth) 271, 341 Drennan, Billie (Stephenville) 271 Drew, Kirk (Dallas) 271, 136, 134 Drieschner, . nna Lee (A ' emon) 257 Droze, W. H. (Charleston, S. C.) 201, 192 Drummond, Daphne Joy (Dallas) 224, 376 Drumwright, Charles (Bryan) 271 DuBois, Kenneth (Gainsville) 209 DuBose, Erwin (Lufkin) 136, 342, 134 Duckworth, Earl (Denison) 201 Duckworth, Joyce (Denison) 239, 390 Duderstadt, Jimmy (Poth) 407 Dudley, Joan (Piano) 231 Duff, R. Randolph (Palestine) 224, 329 Dufffey, Helen (Ft. Worth) 271, 415 Dunagan, Fredddie J. (Olney) 224 Dunaway, William B. (. zle) 224 Duncan, . rthur B. (Magargel) 271 Duncan, Audrey (Decatur) 239,410 Duncan, Bill Breckenridge) 291 Duncan, Doris (Dallas) 291 Duncan, Mrs. Flora B. (Kilgore) 239 Dunlop, Jack (Ft. Worth) 291 Durham, Floyd (Ft. Worth) 216 Durham. Garland (Canadian) 331 Durham, John 325 Durham, Norman Ne%ill (Eastland) 201, 335, 351 Durham, Peggy (Slidell) 257 Dutton, Hubert W. (Whitesboro) 224, 363 Dutton, Joyce (Whitesboro) 239 Duwe, Gerald (Lewisville) 291 Dyer, Ann (Dallas) 291 Dyer, Frieda Jo (Lometa) 271 Dyer, Robert (Lometa) 248 Dyer, Sam Jr. (Lometa) 248 E Eads, Dorothy (Rockdale) 386, 389, 390 Eads, Jim (Mabank) 348 Eagle, Jim (Ft. Worth) 224, 330, 134, 136 Earger, Patti (Stamford) 231 Earnest, Steven (Grand Prairie) 291 Eamey, Michael (Breckenridge) 271, 387 Eason, George (Corsicana) 261, 364 Echols, Marian (Ft. Worth) 291, 410 Ecord, Bruce (El Paso) 201 Eden, Johnny (Euless) 291 Edgar, Joyce Marie (. lice) 317 Edge, Howard (Dallas) 224 Edward, John (Longview) 231 Edwards, Betty . nn (Littlefield) 209, 386 Edwards, Bettye (Fervis) 271 Edwards, Bill (Graham) Edwards, Dolores . nn (Sweetwater) 291 Edwards, Don (Phillips) 271, 339 Edwards, Jesse G. (Bonham) 201, 363 Edwards, Que Duane Jr. (Freer) 271 Edwards, Susie (Mercedes) 291 Edwards, Thomas Dee (Ft. Worth) 153, 154 Egger, Patt (Brownwood) 271, 368, 113 Eggleston, Thurston (Odessa) 271 Egner, Mary Ellen (Dallas) 291 Eichler, Pat (Mineral Wells) 271, 403 Einstein, Paul M. (Tampa, Fla.) 209, 410 Elkins, Bobby J. (Nocona) 224 Elkins, Howard (Tioga) 337, 190 EIrod, Edwina (Denton) 404 Filer, Charles (Bryson) 271 Ellingson, Belford (CHfton) 239 Elliott, Billie (Dallas) 291 Elliott, Kenneth (Denton) 239 Ellis, E. S. Jr. (Thornton) 333, 352, 188 Ellis, Johnny (Panhandle) 291 Ellis, Jo Maree (Dallas) 291 Ellis, Rae Nelle (Thornton) 347, 355, 359 Elllis, Wesley (Marshall). 271 Ellison, Hugh (Dallas) 224 Elms, Roy (Brownwood) 224 EIrod, Evelyn (Denton) 216, 387 Elskes, Carolyn (Hillsboro) Embry, Amy (Denison) 201, 390 Embry, Naomi (Gainesville) 255, 388, 366 Embry, Theo Clark (Gainesville) 239, 69, 417 Endrizzi, Mary (Ft. Worth) 69 English, Jane (Cleburne) 291 Ennis, Billy (Ponder) 292 Erickson, .-Vrden M. (Frederic, Wis.) 201 Er in, Lanclle (Mertens) 239, 346, 359 Page 427 Erwin, Colton (Denton) 261, 364 Erwin, Curtis (Denton) 292 Estes, Jeanelle (Bonham) 248, 405, 408, 393 Etter, Cathy (Sherman) 271, 402, 410, 383 Eubanks, Maxine (McAllen) 248 Euler, Patty (Dallas) 271, 317, 381 Evans, Bill (Turnertown) 292 Evans, Bill Jack (Bowie) 224, 334, 362 Evans, Corky (Olney) 248, 339 Evans, Coy Nell (Weatherford) 239,391 Evans, Delores (Dallas) 292 Evans, Jimmy M. (Dallas) 231, 335, 151 Evans, Louise 349 Everett, Dorothy Ann (Denton) 255, 321 Ewing, Arthur P. (Carrollton) 224, 348 Fagg, Joy (Blue Ridge) 362 Falkenberg, Charles (Denton) 248 Fambro, Luther J. (Breckenridge) 224, 136, 134 Fambro, Nancy (Greenville) 225, 150 Fant, I rry (Texarkana) 248 Farias, Berta (San Benito) 271 Farkas, Stephen (Bridgeport, Cann.) 363, 365 Farley, Leroy (Nederland) 216 Farmer, Bettye (Graham) 292 Farmer, E. Vanoy (Longview) 239, 392 Farmer, Harold W. (Meridian) 240, 392, 397 Farnsworth, Eva (Anson) 895, 225, 312, 347, 322, 376, 405 Farris, Edward T. (Arlington) 201, 351 Farris, John (Brownwood) 201, 364 Farrow, Shirley (Appleton, Wis.) 413 Faw, Lucile E. (Denton) 201 Fenner, Johnnie (Stephenville) 255, 321 Fergerson, Arch (Dallas) 248 Ferguson, Betty (Eastland)) 292, 113 Ferguson, Edmond Blant (Diboll) 292 Ferguson, Fred (Mineral Wells) 134, 137 Ferguson, Jean (Brownwood) 248 Ferguson, Martha Lee (Cleburne) 225 Ferree, Jackie (Ft. Worth) 240, 317 Ferrell, Joe (Dallas) 339 Ferrell, Martha Jo (Mt. Calm) 231 Field, .Alice Louise (Texas City) 263, 368 Field, Joan (Plainview) 271 Filer, Ora Maye (Van Alstyne) 271 Fincher, Jefferson Daniel (Stephenville) 231 Finley, Bobby Joe (Eliasville) 240, 382 Finnic, Jean (Bryson) 271, 380, 394, 399 Fisher, Estelle (Cleburne) 216, 319, 376 Fisher, Jimmie Ann (Thornton) 292 Fisher, Wanda (Dallas) 292 Fitch, Marion (Grapevine) 225 Fitch, Marvin (Grapevine) 336 Fitch, Peggy (Dallas) 271, 319 Fitch, Thomas H. (Ft. Worth) 225, 337 Flanagan, Carrol (Denton) 396 Flanders, Tommy (Longview) 225, 401 Flatt, David (Kilgore) 401 Fleming, Nell (Sherman) 271 Fleming, Peggy (Denton) 292 Flemins, Patricia (Stamford) 292 Flemister, Margaret (McKinney) 272 Fletcher, Pat (Ft. Worth) 240 Fletcher, Roma Dee (Mexia) 248, 321 Flewelling, Ellen (Canadian) 315 Flint, Jo Ann (Valley View) 240, 315 Flook, Cecil (Denton) 292 Florence, Jack (Kilgore) 201, 401 Flowers, Helen Louise (Vernon) 240, 405, 390 Flowers, Jane (Vernon) 216, 380, 404 Flowers, Malda (Gainesville) 248 Floyd, David S. Jr. (Mexia) 225 Floyd, Margaret (Mexia) 248, 387, 405 Flyr, Bonnie Almon (Stratford) 209, 349, 406 Ford, Benjamin B. (Denton) 240 Ford, D. Jack (San Saba) Ford, Edsel D. (Denton) 272 Ford, Gene (Dayton) 263 Ford, Hilary B. (Mercury) 248 Forehand, Shirley (Athens) 353, 173, 175 Forrest, Jerry (Waxahachie) 272 Forrester, Mary (Denton) . 209, 346 Forrester, Woody 341 Forstner, Beth (Hillsboro) 257, 388 Fortenberry, Betty (Slidell) 210, 351 Foster, Charles (Dallas) 292 Foster, Glenn (Abilene) 272 Foster, Kenneth (Ft. Worth) 374 Foster, Mary (Dallas) 216, 402, 382 Fonts, T. J. Jr. (Denton) 225 Fox, Durwood (Alvord) 210 Fowler, Franchelle (Mexia) 240 Fowler, Gene (Dallas) 272 Fowler, Kyle R. (Angleton) 292 Fowler, Pat B. (Angleton) 216, 329, 414 Fowler, Peggy (Seymour) 292 Fox, Ann (Kaufman) 315, 240 Fox, Mary (Breckenridge) 272, 319 Fox, Royal (Texas City) 272 Franklin, George (Panhandle) 292 Franklin, Malvilee 349 Frasher, Ralph (Argyle) 240 Frazior, Glen (Jacksboro) 329 Frederick, Herbert Weldon (Dallas) 210, 336 Frederickson, Wade (Galveston) 292 Freeman, Earlyne (Dallas) 272, 357 Freeman, Robert (Pasadena) 352 Freeman, Ross (Denton) 248 Freese, Frances (Dallas) 113 French, Marian (Dallas) 292 Frerichs, Margaret (Houston) 263, 113 Frey, Joe J. (Waco) 292 Frost, Nell (Eastland) 292 Fruge, Lloyd (Port Neches) 272, 375, 400 Fryer, Bobbie Joyce (Garland) 292 Fuller, Harold (Euless) 292 Fulton, Tommy (Denton) 216, 346 Fulwiler, James H. (Boerne) 359, 392 Funderburk, Mitchell (Canton) 292 Fuqua, Bill (Dallas) 225 G Gabour, Francis (Texarkana) 292 Gagnard, Frank (Kerrville) 345, 347, 369 Galloway, Patsy Ann (Wichita Falls) 272 Gandy, Bob (Dallas) 134, 137 Gann, Virginia (Eliasville) 292 Gann, W. A. Jr. (Eliasville) 248 Gantt, Ben Ed (Princeton) 231, 374 Cantt, Joe Jack (Princeton) 292, 374 Garcia, Elizabeth (Denton) 380 Garland, Barbara (Beaumont) 272, 383 Garner, Ladell (Turnersville) 248,404 Garrett, Carlene (Denton) 313 Garrett, Dorothy Jean (Ft. Worth) 292 Garrett, Olan J. Jr. (Denton) 225 Garrison, Nelson (Petrolia) 335 Garrison, Pat (Dallas) 263, 360 Garza, Volanda (Mission) 292 Gaston, Louis Orville (Gainesville) 216, 374 Gaston, Peggy (Gainesville) 292 Gates, Charles (Pleasant Grove) 292 Gault, Bill (Ft. Worth) 292 Gay, McDonald (Denton) 272 Gearheart, Joann (Olney) 292 Page 428 Geisert, Raymond (Dallas) 210 Geldmeier, Henn Jr. (Riesel) 201 f;entn-, Catherine (Denton) 272 Gentr , Man (Denton) 248, 313 Ceoi , Irby C. (McKinney) 240 Geoi , John E. (Port Arthur) 201, 192, 407 Germann, Helen June 351 Gibbons, Louis (Palestine) 210 Gibbs, Bettye (Memphis) 272, 409 Gibbs, Charlotte (Mission) 292 Gibson, Donald (Electra) 248, 325 Gibson, Donald R. (Seabrook) 272 Gibson. Eleyce (Lufkin) 261, 447, 359, 368 Gibson, Jane (Winnsboro) 292 Gibson, Jerry L. (Dallas) 225 Gibson, Ronald E. (Anahuac) 240. 327 Gil, Gilbert S. (Clint) 272 Gilbert, Audrey Jean (Lindale) 216 Gilbert, Vanice (Bonita) 240 Giles, Douglas (Denton) 272 Giles, Marguerite (Celina) 240 Gilkison, Mildred (Ft. Worth) 272, 357, 113 Gill. Greta (Tyler) 248, 313, 405 Gill, Nancy fTahoka) 292 Gill, OGene (Tahoka) 272, 403 Gill, Thomas (Brownwood) 225 Gillen, Juanita (WilU Point) 363, 347 Gillen. Norman (Granbury) 201.348,363 Gillentine. Bob (Waxahachie) 272 Gilstrap. Bob (Dallas) 134 Gish. Vincent (Dallas) 292 Glass. Marian (Rosebud) 292 Glasscock. Parker (Troy) 292 Glazener. Una (Faireeld) 317. 356. 402. 129. 406. 272 Glazier, Charles E. (Gainesville) 225 Gleason, William (Jacksboro) 248 Gleghom, Moma Dean (Forney) 292 Glenn, John (Galveston) 272 Glenn, MarincU (Weatherford) 231 Glover, Jack C. (San Angelo) 231 Glover, Jack Jr. (Dallas) 292 Godfrey. Lowell (Burleson) 292 Godley. Dick (Dallas) 231. 327 Godwin. Mrs. Florence (Denton) 201 Gohlke. FrankUn (CUfton) 225 Goin. Mary Ann (Denton) 292 Golden. Jeanelle ( ' emon) 293 Goldthom. John (. lice) 272 Crf n2ales. . lfredo C. (Brownsville) 240. 370, 391 Good, .Anjanelle (Slidell) 231 Good, Dixie WavTie (Krum) 272. 380 Good, Mary (CarroUton) 349 Goode, .4rline (Rochester) 293 Goode, James H. Jr. (Denton) 201 Goode, Richard S. Jr. (Bridgeport) 240, 375 Goode, Virginia (Denton) 293 Goodman, Bonnie (Clarksville) 248, 346. 358. 367. 376 Goodman. Cecil X. (Rosebud) 272 Goodman, Martha (Denton) 313 Goodman, Peggy (Mexia) 293 Goodnight, Ronald R. (Dallas) 293 Goodwin, Ivan (Ennis) 293 Goodwine, Lea (Waco) 293 Goolsby, Scottie (Ft. Worth) 293,395 Gordon, John M. (Monahans) 210. 374 Gore, Jo . nn (Bridgeport) 231, 404 Gorman, Gilbert (Houston) 210, 345, 369, 378, 410 Gorman, Louise (Worthan) 272 Gowdy, Lavena (Wichita Falls) 293 Graham, Audie H. (Dallas) 201 Graham, Betty (Freer) i 293 Graham, Charles (Denton) 329 Graham, C. R. Jr. ( Vichita Falls) 272, 337, 345, 369, 410 Graham, Jerry S. (Denton) 201 Graham. Jimmie Lou (Denton) 315 Graham, Louise (Winnie) 261. 346. 358, 113 (;raham. Pat (Cleburne) 293. 413 Grainger, Grace (Shreveport, La.) 293. 113 Granberry. Clota (Breckenridge) 347, 404 Granberry, Jeanne Yvonne (Dallas) 272, 317 Granham, Carole (Grand Prairie) 272. 403, 390 Grant. Ed (Justin) 210 Grant. Gordon (Dallas) 293 Grant, Nfargaret Patricia (Ft. Worth) 293, 410 Granton, Morris (Cleburne) 293 Graves, . ldie Marie (Jacksboro) 293 Graves, Bill (Paris) 225 Graves, Mary K. (Paducah) 261, 392 Gravley, Eva, (CarroUton) 210, 347, 359, 404, 413, 394 Gray, . lfred G. (Bueme) 272 Gray, Bill A. (Bowie) 293 Greathouse, Ima (Ft. Worth) 293, 394 Green, Billy (Seyinour) 293 Green, Kenneth F. (San Saba) 346 Greenwood. Joyce Lee (Prosper) 231 Greer, . lfred E. (Decatur) 249 Greer, Carl T. (Denton) 240 Greer, Jack (Texarkana) 293, 375 Gregory, Clint (Bowie) 272 Gregory. Fleda (Throckmorton) 293, 388 Greunke, Herb (Dallas) 210 Grief, Henry (San - ngelo) 390 Griffin, Earl Ray rXVestminster) 293 Griffin, Gloria (McKinney) 240, 355, 406, 391 Grill, Johnny (Bridgeport) 272 Grimes, Betty L. (Mineola) 293, 113 Griser, Darry L. (Canton) 240 Griser, J. D. (Canton) 408 Grisham, Ellen (Freeport) 240, 384 Grisham, G. . . (Denton) 240 Grx)gan, Ruth (Bogata) 249, 386 Gross, Linda Lou (Dallas) 272 Grotte, Dorothy (Saint Jo) 293 Grove, David Glenn (Wichita Falls) 202 Grube, Marilyn (Denton) 225, 347. 313. 376. 405 Grundy. Robert (Gainesville) 249, 339, 414 Guest. Edgar . . (Texarkana) 249 Guest. Sue (Pittsburg) 240, 392 Guilbeau, Jerome D. (Galveston) 293 Guillet, Mary Alice (AVichita Falls) __„ 257, 388, 417 Guin, . da (Abilene) 261,317 Guinn, Edwina (Mabank) 272 Guinn, James M. (Dallas) 293, 391 Guntcr, Jack R. (Dallas) 272,331 Guthrie, . lice . nna (Santa . nna) 255, 404 Guy, Pauline (Kilgore) 261,346, 113,399 Guynes. Nancy (Ballingcr) 249,321,405 Guyton, Bettie (Brady) 392 H Haberger, Mary Beth (Houston) 293, 385 Hacknev, Marie (Gatesville) 216, 405 Hacknev. Reva (Gatesville) 272, 317, 321 Hackney. Ruth (Gatesville) 255,405 Hagan. Jennie Sue (Whitehouse) 249 Hague. Barbara Ann (Ft. Worth) 216, 370, 404 Hahn, Norman (Girard) 294 Hailey, Billie (Cisco) 249, 380 Hailey, Margaret (Cisco) 225, 363, 395 Hailey, Pat (Ft. Worth) 216,319,381 Hale, . nna Gene (Goldthwaite) 263 Hall, Beverly (.Alexandria, S. D.) 263, 368 Hall, Conna (Ft Worth) 294 Hall, Connie (Wichita Falls) 216 Hall, Edna Beth (Crawford) 294 Page 429 Hall, Edwin W. (Little Rock, Ark.) 210, 333 Hall, Elizabeth (Denton) 294 Hall, Faye (Harrald) 240, 175 Hall, L. H. (De Kalk) 272 Hall, Marjorie (Wichita Falls) 249,405 Hall, Martha (Dallas) 294 Hall, Mary Lou (Petrolia) 255, 388, 366, 377 Hall, Patricia (Anahuac) 294,113 Hallcom, Jimmy L. (Vernon) 294, 384 Hamilton. Billy (Kaufman) 294 Hamilton, John (Lubbock) 294,382 Hamm, Hortense (Palmer) 294 Hamm, Pauline (Ferris) 232 Hammack, Natalie (Angleton) 232, 376 Hampton, Evan (Harlingen) 261, 365 Hampton, Hope (Naples) 272, 357 Hanby, Hugh (Rockwall) 294 Hancock, Marvin H. (Haskell) 272 Haniten, Robert Eugene (Des Moines, Iowa) 232 Hankins, Joann (Bowie) 249,404,390 Hanning, Mack (CoUinsville) 272 Hanscom, John Francis (Houston) 210 Hanson, Lucy Ann (Mission) 272, 360 Haralson, Mary Ann (McKinney) 273, 402 Harber, Bennett (Dallas) 273,337 Harber, Teresa (Dallas) 273 Harbin, Joyce (Gainesville) 294 Hardesty, Kyle 349 Hardine J. E. Jr. (Denton) 240, 339 Hardin, Mrs. J. E. Jr. (Denton) 240 Hardin, Mary Beth (Longview) 232, 401 Harding, Robert (Dallas) 370 Harding, Stewart L. (Denton) 273 Hardison, Jane (Midland) 410 Hardy, Bob (Arp) 232, 335 Hardy, Gladys (Denton) 225, 390 Hardy, Jane Ranger) 294 Hardy, Lou . nn (Lubbock) 368 Hardy, Owenda Lee (Dallas) 273 Hargrove, Jeanne (Denton) 257 Hargrove, Richard (Port Arthur) 240, 359, 392 Harkrider, Betty Ann (Eastland) 273 Harkrider, Nancy Lyan (Eastland) 294 Harless, Harold (Farmersville) 240,375,397 Harley, Gene (Longview) 401, 263, 113 Harman, Lyle L (Gruver) 232 Harmon, Carolyn (Ft. Worth) 262, 317, 368, 404, 395 Harmon, Robert C. (Sherman) 225 Harper, Emily . nn (El Dorado) 273 Harper, Joyce (Hillsboro) 257, 388 Harper, Richard A. (Port Arthur) 225, 400 Harrell, Hayden (Abilene) 273 Harris, Barbara (Forestburg) 273, 356 Harris, Beverly (Clifton) 241,406 Harris, Billie Jean (Hamilton) 216, 381 Harris. Charles (Eastland) 241 Harris, Charles Richard (Eastland) 217, 417 Harris, Edyth (Dallas) 273 Harris, Ivan (Harrold) 232 Harris, J. L. (Daingerfield) 363 Harris, Jeanette (Dallas) 294 Harris, Joe D. (Weatherford) 217 Harris, Robert (Dallas) 335 Harris, Virginia (Dallas) 294,410 Harris, Yvonne (Denton) 241,347,359,373,411 Harrison, Asa III (Marshall) 225 Harrison, Billy John (Dennis) 241, 359 Harrison, Bob (Eastland) 375 Harrison, Edwin A. (Stephenville) 225 Harrison, James (Farmers Branch) 273, 411 Harrison, Jean (Denton) 241, 313 Harrison, Pat (Haskell) 319, 379 Harston, Leroy (Grapevine) 294 Harstrom, David (Dallas) 249, 337 Hart, Joe (McKinney) 273 Hart, Ruby (Tioga) 249, 404 HartHne, A. D. Jr. (Denton) 241 Hartman, Mary Ruth (Dallas) . 225, 320, 322, 362, 376, 405, 395 Harvey, Anita (Denton) 263,360 Harvey, Billye Yvonne (Sweetwater) 273 Harvey, Laurence (Tieton, Wash.) 225 Harvey, Nina (Sherman) 273, 402 Hatch, Don (Ardmore, Okla.) 304 Hatfield, 1 bmmy (Lubbock) 341 Hattenbach, Helena (San Antonio) 273, 380, 399 Hatter, Bryan (Red Springs) 331 Hatton, Joada (Beaumont) 273 Hatz, Martha (Los Angeles, Calif.) 294 Hauerwas, Pat (Dallas) 294, 394 Hawkins, Bobbye (Mt. Calm) 249, 380 Hawkins, Clyde (Whitesboro) 217, 371, 381, 384 Hayes, Georgia (Hamilton) 294 Hayes, Joan (Dallas) 294 Hayes, Stanley (Sherman) 225 Hayman, Jacqueline (Robstown) 273 Haynes, Billy Dwayne (McKinney) 273 Haynes, Preston (Tyler) 217 Haynie, Harvey (Cisco) . 273 Hays, Anne (Olney) 273 Hayton, Corky (Panhandle) 249 Heard, Brooks (Dallas) 273, 387 Heard, Dorothy (Archer City) 255, 347, 388,8 358, 366 Heard, Nita (Dallas) 355 Hearne, Billie Jean (Bryan) 273, 403 Hearne, Dorothy Loraine (Bryan) 294 Heath, Ann (Dallas) 294 Heather, Carl D. (Ft. Worth) 202, 351 Hebard, Elaine (Denton) 294 Heddins, Lettrial (Canton) 225, 348, 362, 391 Heflin, Leigh (Sherman) 273, 357, 380 Heighten. Marjorie (Graham) 273 Heise, Martha Sue (Houston) 294, 113 Heldt, James (Linden) 397 Helm. Julie (Dallas) 273 Hemby, Jack (Alvarado) 249 Hemphill, Clarence (Breckenridge) 217, 393 Hemphill, Marilyn (Saginaw) 273, 395 Henderson, Bob (Sherman) 210 Henderson, Bruce (McAUen) 339, 345, 369, 190 Henderson, Charles Wayne (Jacksboro) 273 Henderson, Elizabeth (Jacksboro) 294 Henderson, Helen (Electra) 294 Henderson, Jim (Denton) 341 Henderson, Martha Len (Denton) 202, 360 Henderson, Wayne (Kamay) 273 Hendley, Barbara (Gainesville) 273, 356 Hendricks, Betty (Farmersville) 294 Hendricks, Charles (Anna) 241,325,396 Hendricks, Martha Ann (.Anna) 294 Hendrix, Bettye (Munday) 294 Hendrix, David Jr. (Dallas) 294 Hendrix, David W. (Dallas) 202, 364, 384 Hendrix, Joe (Madisonville) 232, 337 Hendrix, Nancy (Dallas) 274,403,410 Heninger, Geraldine (Wichita Falls) 217, 319, 404 Heninger, Ruth Marie (Wichita Falls) 294 Hennessee, Patsy (Dublin) 249,408, 172, 175 Henry, Jeannette (Mosheim) 294 Henry, Mary Katheryn (Dallas) 241, 354, 392 Henson, Clyde 393 Henzler, Bernard J. (Pilot Point) 210, 378 Herd, Jo (Jacksboro) 210, 372 Herd, Ray (Denton) 347 Herkimer, Bonnie May (Dallas) 274, 113 Herriot, Jimmy (Denton) 374 Page 430 Herry, Patricia (New Braunfels) 294 Hersh, Betty (Denton) 257, S21 Hestand, Jack (Tioga) 249 Hester, Man Beth (Bryson) 294 Heywood, Marian (Ft. Worth) 294 Hickerson, Al (Mineral Wells) 274 Hickerson, Marcus R. (Waxahachie) 225, 341, 387, 187 Hickey, Bonnie Sue (James) 274 Hickey, Jack (Stephenville) 345 Hicks, Joe Neal (Harlingen) 274 Hicks, Peggy (Dallas) 294, 113 Hicks, Rodney (Dallas) 226 Hicks, Thomas A. Jr. (Marshall) 225 Higdon, Barbara (Denton) 294 Hightower, Mary Joyce (Van) 249, 355 Hightower, Mildred (Waxahachie) 217 Hightower, Robert Wa Tie (Van) 241, 331, 134, 137, 414 Hildebrand, Johnson (Los Fresnos) 226,346 Hildebrand, Keith (Vernon) 274 Hilcr, Jeanne A. (Hubbard) 217, 404 Hill, C. L. (Dallas) 294 Hill, Clifford (Grand Saline) 241, 397 Hill, Marjorie Jane (San Marcos) 217 Hill, Jo Ann (Dallas) 294 Hill, Joyce (Houston) 294, 113 Hill, Marjorie (San Marcos) 315, 124 Hill. Maxine (Munday) 274 Hilz, Jimmie (Pilot Point) 274 Himrael, Joanne (Hilsboro) 274, 357, 3G8, 113 Hinds, Joyce JoAnn (Ft. Worth) 256, 347, 388, 313, 378, 405 Hines, Chester (McKinney) 274 Hines, Fayne Ellen (AVichita Falls) 294, 113 Hinkle, Florence (Paris) 274 Hinson. Jane (Dallas) 295 Hipp, Billy J. (Bowie) 249 Hitch, Marjorie (Texarkana) 232, 385 Hitt. Sara Lu (Weatherford) 274, 315,403 Hocker, Mary (Broken . rrow, Okla.) 295 Hodge, . rthur (Waxahachie) 274, 329 Hodge, Ernest R. (Orange) 226 Hodge, J. E. (Corsicana) 359 Hodges. Charles F. (Whitesboro) 202 Hodges, Henrietta (Whitesboro) 210 Hodges. Wanda (lr ing) 274 Hodo. John (Quanah) 331 Hoelscher. P. J. (Rosebud) 249 Hoelscher. Raymond (Rosebud) 249 Hoff, Barbara (Mc Ilen) 274 Hoffman, Jay (Cleburne) 337 Hofmann. Carolyn (La Grange) 274 Hogan, Bill (Denton) 274 Hoke. Roy (Denton) 396 Holcomb. Marcia (Denton) 295 Holland, Carolyn (McKinney) 249, 402, 391 Holland, Charles (Clarksville) 385 Holland, Henr - (Era) 274,329 Holland, Thomas (Tyler) 226 Holle, Donald (Waco) 226 Hollensbe. Jim (Ardmore. Okla.) 262 Hollier, Mar Nell (Henderscm) 274, 380. 402 Holloman. John L. (. bilene) 241, 341 Holman. David N. (Gainesville) 210, 358, 391 Holmes. Colleen (Quanah) 295 Holmes, Lou (Mineral Wells) 274 Holmes, Shirley (Dallas) 274,313 Holter. Jack (Vernon) 226 Honca. Arthur A. (Longyiew) 232, 401, 391 Honea, Robert L. (Dallas) 226, 389 Honeycutt, Dorothy (Dalhart) 217, 360 Hood. Eva (Mission) 210, 354, 370 Hood, Newman (League City) 295 Hooks, William (Selman City) 295 Hoover, Betty (Eden) 274 Hopkins, Betty (Ft. Worth) 232, 363 Hopkins, J. C. (Dallas) 274 Hopkins, Ruth (Krura) 241 Homer, Doris (Dallas) A 295 Horsley, Frances (. rlington) 210 Horton, Mickey 390 Hosford, Ruth (Denison) ; 249 House, Charles (Dallas) 274, 191 Housenfluck, Glenn (Ft. Worth) 335 Houston, Louie (Eastland) 295 Howdeshell. Jane (Sherman) 315 Howell, Betty (Dallas) 274,113 Howell, Harian T. (Gainesville) 249, 414 Howell, Jewel (Gainesville) 274, 317, 402 Howell, Joyce (Gatesville) 274, 319, 376. 378 Hubbard, William Ellis (New Boston) 241, 347, 359, 391 Huber, Patsy (La Marque) 274,408 Huckabee, Ruth Marie (Stephenville) 241, 380, 406, 399 Huddleston, Billie Ray (Celina) 210 Hudgins, . udrey (Corsicana) 262,368 Hudgins. Dorothy (Krura) 295 Hudgins, H. Paul Jr. (Corsicana) 210 Hudgins, Mar - Nan (Dallas) 368 Hudson, Martha Kate (Iowa Park) 202, 404 Hudson, Myers (El Campo) 262 Hudson, Winston (Vernon) 232,339 Huesser. Lloyd (Hondo) 202 Huey, Bob (Denton) 274 Huff. Jackie (Electra) 274, 397 Huffhines, Clark (Dallas) 232. 374 Huffman, Charley (Ft. Worth) 295 Hufstedler, Joe (Ozona) 232 Huggins. Chester Junior (Tolar) 226, 375 Huggins, Frank N. (Zephyr) 202 Hughes, Bettye Jo (Ft. Worth) 295 Hughes. James .Alan (Temple) 232 Hughes. James E. (Collinsville) 210 Hughes. Jimmy (Texarkana) 232, 385 Hughes. Mrs. Sara Wetzel (Winters) 249, 380, ,391 Hughes. Sue (Wink) 113 Hughes. Tommy (Carrolton) 217. 347. 385. 387, 352, 261. 191. 418 Hullender. Barbara Jane (Frederick. Okla) 295 Hulter, Jamie ( ' emon) 295 Humphrey. William L. (El Dorado) 274 Humphreys. . nna Ruth (Tulia) 368 Humphreys. Jack (Paris) 232 Hunt. David (Ft. Worth) 295 Hunter, . lice (Dorchester) 295 Hunter. Eugene (Dallas) 295 Hunter. Jacque Nell (Abilene) 295 Hunter, Margaret (Dallas) 274 Hunter, Margaret .Ann (Ennis) 295 Hunter. Pat (Galveston) 274 Hunter, Thomas (Galveston) 232 Hunter. Tiny (Dimitt) 295 Hunter. Tommy Hobson (Dallas) 274 Hunter. Wayne (Quitaque) 210 Hurley. Elizabeth Ann (El Paso) 295 Hurlev. Kennith (Vantis) 274 Hurrv-. Edna Kathrsn (Dallas) 295 Hurt. Robert (Seagonville) 226. 348, 375 Hiisbenet. Aileen (Ft. Worth) 217 Huse. Pegg (Dallas) 295, 387, 385 Hutchison. Lewis 413 Hutchison. Gene iDallas) 274,356,384 Hutchisson. William (Irving) 232 Hutto. Leonard (Ft. Worth) 341 Hyde. Lorene (McAllen) 249, 373 I Icenhower, Joe (DeKalb) 274 Page 431 Icenhower, Macy E. (DeKalb) 262 lies, Gene (Sherman) 295 Ingram, Wanda Lou (Waco) 274,381 Insall, Jess (Dallas) 274, 333 Irvin, James (Moody) 274 Isbell, George (Albany) 337 Isbell, Joyce (Ore City) 274 Ivey, Carol (Baird) 241, 355 Ivy, Tommie Joe (Dallas) 232 J Jacks, Don (Wichita Falls) 274 Jackson, Annie Merle (Angleton) 296 Jackson, Beverly Sue (McKinney) 296 Jackson, Dixie (Farmersville) 232 Jackson, Donald E. (Brownwood) 275, 393 Jackson, Herbert Girard (Groves) 296, 400 Jackson, James Thomas (Dallas) 217, 371 Jackson, Jessie Lou (Denison) 263, 113 Jackson, Joanne (Rusk) 295 Jackson, Jovena (Eden) 295, 113 Jackson, Kathy (Cuero) 296, 113 Jackson, Mary Jeanne (Cleburne) 275 Jackson, Patsy (Wichita Falls) 296 Jackson, Peggy (Irving) 296 Jackson, Sue (Ft. Worth) 275 Jackson, Violet (Moody) 68, 355 Jacobs, Herman (Galveston) 210 James, Martha (Denton) 296 James, Mary Beth (Trenton) 275, 388 January, Donald Ray (Dallas) 275 Jarrett, Thomas E. (Frost) 296 Jarett, Walter A. (Abilene) 275 Jay, Billy (Denton) 392 Jeanes, Perry (Bay City) 415 Jenkins, Carol (Miami) 296 Jenkins, Conley (Mesquite) 202 Jenkins, Curtis (Denton) 337 Jenkins, Edwin E. (Mesquite) 241 Jenkins, Floyd H. (Mesquite) 226, 347, 363, 390 Jenkins, Jo Nell (Seymour) 296 Jenkins, Lexie (Dallas) 249 Jenkins, Lynn Nell (Devers) 241, 353, 174 Jenkins, Mary (McGregor) 363, 377 Jenkins, Merlin E. Jr. (Comanche) 202 Jenkins, Robert E. (Ft. Worth) 262 Jenkins, Rosabel (Denton) 296,356 Jennings, Mary Ann (Sweetwater) 275 Jennings, Paul C. (Wynnewood, Okla.) 275 Jensen, Evalyn (Mission) 249 Jeter, James (Denton) 397 Johns, Dick (Tyler) 210 Johns, Jim (Tyler) 296 Johnson, Alice Dee (Dayton) 275 Johnson, .Anita Jo (Denton) 296 Johnson, Barney (San Angelo) 232 Johnson, Betty (Paris) 128 Johnson, Cecil (Stamford) 210,411 Johnson, Charles (Ft. Worth) 153, 155 Johnson, Charlotte (Denton) 241, 315 Johnson, E. Viola (Groves) 232 Johnson, Elaine (Gatesville) 321 Johnson, Emmett R. (Odessa) 241, 387 Johnson, Frances (Dallas) 296 Johnson, Gilbert (Houston) 232, 391 Johnson, Gloria (Grandfalls) 262 Johnson, Jake (Carthage) 375 Johnson, Joan (La Porte) 275, 113 Johnson, Lois (Dallas) 275 Johnson, Marian (Dallas) 113 Johnson, Mary Frances (Irving) 296 Johnson, Mary Joan (Wilmer) 296 Johnson, Pat (Aubrey) 226, 388 Johnson, Patsy Sue (Kaufman) 386, 392 Johnson, Sue (Amarillo) 296 Johnson, Tommie (Benjamin) 275 Johnson, William Cone (Denton) 202 Johnson, Wilma Fae (New London) 296, 409 Johnston, Bettie (Longview) 217 Johnston, Doris Eleanor (Perrin) 296 Johnston, Fannette (Ft. Worth) 241 Johnston, Jean (New Boston) 226, 315, 128 Johnston, Leonard (Frederick, Okla.) 275 Johnston, Patsy Sue (Kaufman) 256 Johnston. Thelma A. (Franklin) 296 Joines, Bill (Brownwood) 411 Jones, Allen C. (Dallas) 296 Jones, .Alvin (Lewisville) 275 Jones, Beverly (Ft. Worth) 275, 357, 413 Jones, Bobby (Keller) 249 Jones, Bobby M. (Ennis) 226, 348 Jones, Dale I. (Weinert) 296 Jones, Davie W. (Greenville) 263 Jones, Doris Ann (Anna) 296 Jones, Jack (Bridgeport) 217, 371, 381, 384 Jones, James (Ennis) 335 Jones, Jill (Corsicana) 296 Jones, Lee R. (Dallas) 202, 352, 363, 187, 390 Jones, Lou Ann (Kilgore) 249,380,401,391, 99 Jones, Marilyn (San Antonio) 296 Jones, Mary Elizabeth (Kerrville) 275, 402 Jones, Nancy Jean, (Dallas) 275 Jones, Norma B. (Longview) 262, 113 Jones, Samuel C, (Waco) 210, 415 Jones, Sharon Kay (Sherman) 275, 315, 388, 356, 125 Jones, Thomas A. (Frozen Dog, Montana) 275 Jones, Waymon (Linden) 226, 48 Jordan, Martha (Cleburne) 351 Jordan, Patsy (Dallas) 296 Jordan, Walter E. (Wichita Falls) 241 Joyce, Frances (McCamey) 296, 409, 172, 174 Joyce, Kenneth (Rising Star) 275 Juengermann, Helena (Corsicana) 202 Juengermann, John Henry (Corsicana) 241 Julian, Gloria (Gladewater) 403 Jungl)ecker, Edna (Houston) 256, 366 Jutick, Garland W. (Denton) 275 K Kamenitsa, Maxine (Vernon) 373 Karnes, Benny (Wellington) 275, 365 Karnes, James B. (Denton) 241, 396 Katz, Ed (Waxahachie) 275, 339 Kaufmann, Bob (Sherman) 339, 367 Kay, Joann (Winona) 296 Kearby, Cynthia (Decatur) 296, 410 Keathley, Darrell (Dallas) 296 Keatts, Orton (Dallas) 296 Keck, Kenneth (Seymour) 232 Keel, Carolyn (Denton) 249, 315 Keel, Earl Tom (Ft. Worth) 202, 364 Keener, Jean (Ft. Worth) 275 Keener, Philip (Ft. Worth) 296 Keglovits, Michael J. (McKinney) 217 Keith, Clyde (Cannon City, Colo.) 275 Keith, James H. Jr. (Decatur) 275 Keller, Joe Ann (Ft. Worth) 275 Kelley, Clinton (Texarkana) 296 Kelley, Helen (Ft. Worth) 257, 388 Kelley, Joan (Breckenridge) 275, 384 Kelley, Jo (Anna) 241 Kelley, Pat (Dallas) 153 Kellum, Jerry (Whitesboro) 296 Kelly, Ed (Ft. Worth) 153 Kelly, John (Groves) 400 Kelly, John H. (Groves) 226 Page 432 Kelly, Paul B. (Kermlle) 275 Kemper, Troy (Dallas) 241, 346, 352, 359, 362, 391 Kenas, Koiner Jewel (Denton) 241 Kennedy, Emery L. (Port Arthur) 210, 400 Kennedy, James Tilford (Tyler) 226 Kennedy, Weldon (Palestine) 296 Kenner, Loraine (Mesquite) 296 Kerestine, Andrew III 296 Kerestine, Nancy (Denton) _ 2% Kern, Alice (Dallas) 315, 128 Kern, Joseph Earl (Bryan) 296 Kerr, Bill (Bryan) 417 Ketchum, Nita (Conway) 276 Kick, Ken (Seymour) 331 Kilcrease, Franklin (Denton) 211 Kilcrease, Glenna (Denton) 276 Kilgore, Wayne (Bridgeport) 249 Kimbrel, Robert (Grand Prarie) 296 Kimsey, Larry (Carrollton) 217, 350 Kindle, Harold (Dallas) 327 Kindlesparger, Joy (Odessa) 296 Kindred, June (Dallas) 296 King, Bill (Denton) 247,387,352 King, Dorothy (Dallas) 296 King, Henry (Bryson) . 241 King, Lu Jean 296 King, Marilyn Ruth (Gilmer) 297 Kinoy, Barbara (Dallas) 297,413 Kiracofe, Richard (Ohio City, Ohio) 226, 358, 363 Kirby, Beverly (Garland) 242, 408 Kirby, Richard (Dallas) 276, 378, 405 Kirchhaine, Karla (Dallas) 276 Kirkhara, Taylor (Paris) 226, 374 Kisinger, Carl (Red Springs) 276 Kissinger, Richard (Brownfield) 232 Klein, Alene Rae (Texas City) 276 Kleypas, L. D. (Temple) 226 Kline, Mary Janelle (Gainesville) 297 Knapp, Don (Beaumont) 276, 400 Knight, Laveme Audrey (Tahoka) 257 Knight, Robert E. (Denton) 202 Knight, Virginia (Carthage) 232 Knott, Charles (Denton) 335, 355 Knowles, Roy (Gilmer) 211, 351, 350, 415 Knowles, Royce (Gilmer) 211,351 Knox, Jolly Jean (Grand Prairie) 297, 408 Knox, Thomas Mark (Ponder) 297 Koeninger, Katie (Oklaunion) 256,366,394 Koepp, Marydell (Ft. Worth) 217, 405 Koesjan, Barbara (Amarillo) 202 Kolar, Valentine (Detroit, Mich.) 297 Kolibaba, Pete 411 Kramer, Gordon (Dallas) 276 Krause, Marilyn (Mercedes) 276, 385, 313, 378, 403 Kreiter, Pat (Cleburne) 242 Krueger, Kathleen (Dallas) 276 Krueger, Patricia (Dallas) 297 Kubecka, Connie Jo (Wichita Falls) 211, 385, 343, 404, 413 Kubica, A. Frank (Grand Prairie) 297 Kubica, Robert Lee (Grand Prairie) 297 Kuchenbacker, Betty (Dallas) 276, 113 Kunkel, Marjorie (Ft. Worth) 276 L Labus, Evelyn (Edinburg) 174, 242, 353, 409, 391, 394, 173 Lacy, Alfred (Marshall) 211, 335 Lacy, Mollis (Grand Prairie) 276 Ladish, Bill (Texas City) 211, 325, 414 Lafferty, Jess (Beaumont) 202, 346 LaGrone. Willard (Denton) 276 LaGue, Beverly (San Antonio) 276, 360 Laiche, Jean (Texas City) 276 Lail, Jean (Jacksboro) 297 Laird, Curtis (Grandview) 249 Laird, Goldie (Denton) 202, 373 Lakey, Claude (Tyler) 365 Lalicker, Bill (Canadian) 330, 134, 137 Lalicker, Eileen (Canadian) 276, 377 Lambert, Jack (Ft. Worth) 242 Lammes, Bill (Eagle Pass) 276, 134, 140 Lamons, Rachel (Olney) 211, 346, 359, 373 Lampe, James (Ballinger) 211, 351, 350 Lancaster, Wiley R. (Smithville) 297 Land, Fred (Ft. Worth) 226 Lane, Charles Jr. (Victoria) 262 Lane, George Kenneth (Graham) 297 Lane, Tom (McKinney) 217, 374 Laney, James C. (Paducah) 226 Laney, Sam D. (Denton) 202 Lang, Betty Jane (Galveston) 263, 113 Lang, Helen (Mesquite) 297 Lang, Richard (Kaufman) 297 Langston, Donald (Bowie) 390 Lanham, Jeanne (Gariand) 266, 315, 362, 322, 128 Lanning, Bill (Panhandle) 276, 337, 191 Lanier, Dale (Valley View) 327 Largent, Tommy Joe (Chico) 232, 346, 358 LaRue, Gene (Denton) 297 Lasater, Clyde Eugene (Wichita Falls) 262, 364 Latham, Sue (Vernon) 217,356,415 Latimer, Ken (Dallas) 335 Lattimore, Charles R. (Ft. Worth) 232 Lauderdale, Don (Dallas) 276, 371, 383, 384 Lauderdale, Donald (Lewisville) 297, 381 Lave, Thelma Sue (Dallas) 297 Law, I orene (Bryan) 276 Lawdermik, Naros (Bowie) 226 Lawhom, William J. (Rockwall) 242, 134 Lawless, Jack (Birmingham, Ala.) 331, 134, 140 Lawless, Pete (Birmingham, . la.) 134, 140 Lawrence, James (Mena, .Arkansas) 217 Lawrence, Joan (Bonham) 276 Lawrence, Shirley (Irving) 211 Lawrence, Spurgeon I. (Bridgeport) 211 Laws, Billy (Vera) 276 Lawson, Pat (Albany) 276, 402 Lay, Joan (Dallas) 276 Layman, Nancy Jane (Lancaster) 297 Layne, Kenneth (Waxahachie) 202, 329, 415 Leach, Billy (Brady) 297 Leach, Petra (Dallas) 297 Leach, Winfred (Allen) 242, 329 Lear, Brad (Dallas) 217 Leath, Neal (Denton) 232 Leatherman, Jo. nn (Bartlett) 233 Leavell, William Wyatt (Dallas) 191, 249, 189 LeBaron, Princilla (Galvpston) 297 Ledbetter, Sanford T. (Dallas) 276 Lee, Bob (Vernon) 339 Lee, Jimmy (Ponder) 297 Lee, Josephine (.Anson) 217 Lee, N. A. Jr. (Wichita Falls) 262, 365 Lee, William Franklin III (Galveston) 202 Leeth, Tommy (Hamilton) 297 Lemons, Dale (Newport) 297 Lemons, Frances (Ringgold) 297 Levine, Anet (Dallas) 249,409,291 Lewaller, Billy (Brady) 276 Lewis, James (Denton) 190 Lewis, James W. (McKinney) 399 Lewis, Jimmie Faye (Forreston) 242, 386, 395 Lewis, Johnilu (Ft. Worth) 217 Lewis, Joseph L. (Denison) 202 Levt ' is, Pat (Wichita Falls) 297 Lewis, Robert E. (Waxahachie) 202, 190 Lewis, T. C. Jr. (Mesquite) 351 Lewis, Winona Mae (Denton) 202, 380 Page 433 Lewman, Virginia (Dallas) 297 Lewter, Bobbie (Sanger) 297,388 LiiUlell, Martha (Gainesville) 349 Liddell, Voncile (Gainesville) 349 Liglufoot, Jane (Grandview) 250, 347, 353, 358, 408 Lightsey, William (Waxahachie) 233 Lightwine, Robert W. (Ft. Worth) 297 Lindsay, Linda (Nocona) 242,347 Lindsay, Richard J. (Olney) 276, 134, 140, 414 Lindsey, Dan H. (Wichita Falls) 211 Lindsey, Dick (Marshall) 414 Lindsey, Tom (Wichita Falls) 358 Lippard, Charlotte (Dimmitt) 297 Lipscomb, Millie (Albany) 250, 315, 128 Lisman, Onis (Garrett) 298 Little, Enid Helen (Midland) 298, 127, 384 Little, Harold W. (Weatherford) 226 Little, Ray (Comanche) 364 Littleton, Monette (Dallas) 298 Lively, Frank (Dallas) 233 Lloyd, Charlotte Green (Magargel) 250 Lloyd, Martha Ann (Alice) 263, 317, 368 Lock, Howard (Christoval) 250 Locke, Donald (De Leon) 298 Lockhart, Anita Jayne (Gainesville) 257 Lockwood, Sarah Ann (Beaumont) 263, 317, 372 Loe, Dorothy Dell (Monahans) 264, 368 Loe, Ginger (Houston) 276, 380 Loeser, Carol (Wichita Falls) 276 Lottin, Joe DeWitt (Waco) 211 Logan, Leon De (Sweetwater) 398 Long, Charles (Big Springs) 276 Long, Charles T. (Atlanta) 276 Long, Marianne (Corsicana) 242 Long, Monty (Bowie) 298 Long, Nita (Denton) 298, 126 Lonrick, Orvill (Dallas) 298 Loper, Chales (Miami) 276 Lord, Douglas A. (Ft. Worth) 242 Love, Charles (Denton) 396 Lovelace, Allen J. (Carrollton) 298 Lovelace, John Allen (Ft. Worth) 276, 417, 410, 392, 399 Loveless, Janelle (Hillsboro) 256, 366 Lovell, Joan Lee (Ft. Worth) 298 Lovette, Sue (Denton) 298 Lowe, Charles (Cleburne) 298 Lowe, Davis (Denton) 153 Lowe, Joan (Valley View) 2.50, 380 Lowe, Loyd (Mart) 134, 142, 414 Lowe, Mozelle Pennington (Dallas) 242 Lowrance, William E. (Clarkesville) 276 Lowrie, Joan (Henderson) 298 Loyd, Burl (Dallas) 233 LoZano, Conrad (Harlingen) 250 Ludeman, Dick (Denton) 396 Ludlow, Charles (Elizabeth, N. J.) 226, 387 Luscomb, George Edwin (Weston) 203 Lutrick, Lewis (Abernathy) 276, 153, 155 Lyles, Burnis (Panhandle) 276, 353, 408 Lyles, Henry (Dallas) 276 Lyles, Patsy Sue (Electra) 276, 315, 403 Lynch, Helen (Dallas) 276, 317, 129 Lynch, Neal 329 Mc McAfee, Marjorie (Winnsboro) 242 McAdams, Rollins (Wichita Falls) 227 Mc.Alister, Margery (Texarkana) 212, 172 Mc.Anelly, Barbara Lee (Dallas) 203 McBee, .Anna (Roxton) 321,243,394 McBee, J. D. (Brady) 298 McBride, Bettie (Denton) 298 McBurnett, E. B. (Brownfield) 276 McBurnett, Marion Sue (Palmer) _„_395, 232, 318, 322, 376, 404 McCall, Jack (Denton) 392 McCandless, Charles (Dallas) 277 McCandless, Claude (McKinney) 341 McCanne, Patricia Ann (Alvord) 298 McCarley, Letitia (Pasadena) 298 McCarty, Ernestine (Burke) 262, 368, 404 McCarty, Martin (Electra) 277 McCarty, Royce (Dublin) 277 McCasland, Helan (Tulia) 2 50, 405 McClabb, Durward (Longview) 227, 401 McCleish, Annette (Cleveland) 298 McClellan, Shirlie (Groves) 203, 343, 353, 409, 384 McClelland, Clive (Brownwood) 277 McClendon, Bill (Brownwood) 325 McClintock, A. D. (Ft. Worth) 203 McClung, Roy Ted (Hillsboro) 277 McClure, Jack (Houston) 298 McCombs, Rebecca (Denton) - 298 McCombs, Sam (Denton) 233 McConnell, Betty Jo (Ft. Worth) 250, 380, 392 McConnell, Billy (Gunter) 298 McCorkle, H. J. (Pipestone, Minn.) 348 McCoy, George (Houston) 364, 100 McCoy, Troy (Dallas) 382 McCreless, Janelle (Denton) 277 McCullar, Sandy (Dallas) 345, 369 McCullock, George (Dallas) 298 McCullough, Joan (Brownwood) 243, 404 McCullough, Norma (Amarillo) 250 McCune, Richard (Pampa) 212, 335 McCutcheon, Betty (Dallas) 277 McCutcheon, Gloria (Irving) 217, 404, 413 McDaniel, Anne (Decatur) 298 McDaniel, Barbara Jean (Ft. Worth) 277 McDaniel, Jean (Richland) 233 McDonald, Anita (Dallas) 277 McDonald, Betty (Dallas) 277 McDonald, Buddy (Texarkana) 335 McDonald, Edward (San Angelo) 212 McDonald, Frank (San Angelo) 212 McDonald, Jean (Palactos) 264 McDonald, Patricia (Ft. Worth) 298 McDonald. Ruth (Decatur) 243 McDonald, Sandy (Dallas) 277, 407, 392 McEhannon, Beatrice Nellie (Dallas) 277 McElhany, Barbara (Athens) 250 McEUigott, Lois (Bells) 277 McElwee, Nancy (Bonham) 277, 313 McEntire, Sue (Sidney) 257 McEver, Brice (Hillsboro) 233 McFadden, Ronald (Midland) 298 McFarland, Peggy (Eastland) 227 McFarlane, Eva (Port Neches) 277 McFatridge, Ellna (Big Sandy) 217, 381, 384 McGaha, Gereald (Ira) 298 McGaugh, Virgia (Ft. Worth) 243, 367 McGaughy, William B. (Nocona) 227 McGee, Fred (Denton) 243 McGee, Gene 396 McGee, Marilyn (Alba) 243 McGee, Randal (Greggton) 134, 142 McGee, William T. (Ft. Worth) 277 McGehee, Leoma Jean (CoUinsville) 380, 277 McGehee, Max L. (CoUinsville) 227 McGuire, Lunella (Port Arthur) 262,404,400 McGuire, Mitchell H. (Windham, Ohio) 233 Mcllwain, Carl (Houston) 298 Mcjunkin, Elizabeth (Dublin) 243, 359 McKinney, Bill (Dallas) 298 McKinney, Eugenia Ruth (Van Alstyne) 217, 404 McKinney, Helen (Hughes Springs) 298 Page 434 McRinney. Oscar (Dallas) 277 McKinnc , Richard Jack (Lufkin) 24S Mcknight. Bill (Texatkana) 378 McKnight, Joyce (Texarkana) 217, 405 McKnight, Patricia (Dallas) 298 McKnight, William G. (Texarkana) 212, 351 McLain, Jack (Dallas) 277 McLain. Mar Ann (Hillsboro) 277 McLain, Maurice Clayton (Hillsboro) 212, 355 McLarry , Mary (Wichiu Falls) 298 fcLauchlin, Joh™a (Long iew) 277, 388, 394, 399 McLaurin, Beth (Canton) 277 McMahan, Juanita 391 McMahan, Leon (Denton) 227,325 McMahcn, G. David Jr. (Henrietu) 203 McMillan, Horace G. (Dallas) 243 McMillan, Jo (Calsbad, X. M.) 298, 409 McMinn, Bobbie 349 McMinn, Phillip (Port Xeches) 351 McXamara, Janetta (Vernon) 277, 408 McXeely, Fredda (Petrolia) 277 McXeill, Xed (Denton) 243. 134, 143 McXitzky, .Adam (Denton) 277, 335 McXutt, Lane (Throckmorton) 217, 381 McPheison, Glenna (Santo) 277, 357 McPherson, Jim (St. Louis, Mo.) 391 McPherson, Robert Len (Xocona) 298 AfcRae, Mae (Ft. Worth) 277, 319 McRearv, Margaret (Ft. Worth) 298, 410 McSpadden, Betty (Ponder) 264, 113 McSpadden, George (Xevada) 277 McSween, Colin (Denton) 243 McWilliams, Jack (Gainesville) 298 M Mabr -, DaneU C. (Kerens) 242 Machen, Lynn (Seymour) 298 Mackey, Ben (Mexia) 217, 327 Mackey, Bill (Norton) 277, 191 .MacUn, Milton (Dallas) 226 MacVean, Peggy (Mercedes) 278,313,403 Madewell, Winnifred (Denton) 298 Magill, James M. (Denton) 298 Magliito, Sam (Tomball) 250 Mahaffey, Joe (Ft. Worth) 278 Mahan, Helen (Denton) 278 Mallor -, Georgia Louise (Lindale) 217 Malone, Jack . . (Denton) 226 Malone, Margaret (Dallas) 211,354,392 Manahan. William Edwa rd Jr. (Teague) 226 Mande%ille, Glenn (Dallas) 278, 329 .Mankins, E. G. (Dallas) 278 Mankin, James E. (Kilgore) 227, 401 Mankins, Mrs. Virginia (Kilgore) 227 Manire, Xancy (Roanoke) 298 Mankins, James E. (Kilgore) 348 Mankins, Virginia (Kilgore) 401 Mann, Allz Lee (Valley Mills) 250 Mann, Samuel (Pilot Point) 278 Manning, Marilyn (Dallas) 298,371 Mapes, Marian (Houston) 264, 360 Mappe, Leroy Jr. (Crawford) 299 Marchall, Bobby (McKinney) 299 Marder, Cari J. Ill (Dallas) 413, 384 Markby, Emmett (Beaumont) 250 Markle, BetUe (Port Xeches) 299, 400 Markle, Connie (Port Xeches) 299, 400 Manrock, Edna (Dallas) 351,415,392 Marquart. Leslie (Dallas) 299 Marrs, Mar (Tyler) 278.315 March, Mildred (Sweetwater) 299 Marshall, Henriett (Beaumont) 242, 392 Marshall. Margie (Ft. Worth) 257, 388 Martin. Audley Jones (Ft. Worth) 203 Martin. Barbara (Kemah) 299, 394 Martin, Bill (Decatur) 299 Martin. Billy Joe (Denton) 242,3% Martin. Catherine (Graham) 211,404 Marun, Cecil (Denton) 134, 143 Martin, Dorothy (Vernon) 278 Martin. Elaine (Denton) 250,380 Martin, Margin Wesley (May) 203 Martin. Michael Dean (Denton) 217, 371 Martin, Paul (Grand Prarie) 299 Martin, V. W. Jr. (Valley View) 250 Martin, Wilma (Krum) 257 Martinez. Yolanda (Bogota. Columbia, South . merica) 203 Mar el. Ernie (Panhandle) 134 Marvel, Hubert (Panhandle) 242, 329, 134, 143, 414 Mar in, Constance (Dallas) 299 Mask, Lon (Weatherford) 233 Mason, Harrell (Dallas) 217, 378 Massey. Gilbert (Port Arthur) 331, 134, 143 Massey. Xolen (Woodson) 211 Masterson. Robert Ralph Jr. (San . ngelo) 227 Mathers. Ruth . nne (Fort Worth) 299 Mathes, Jacqueline (Crane) 299 Mathes. Thomas M. (Beaumont) 227, 337. 187. 400 Mathews, Jan (San . ugustine) 278, 317, 121 Matijevich. Tony (Galveston) 278 Mathis. La elle (Pleasant Grove) 299 Mathis. James (Long iew) 217. 381, 391 Matkin, James H. (Graham) 227, 374, 392 Matthews, Bert (Bonham) 299, 113 Matthews, Juanell (Sunset) 278, 319, 128 Matthews. Maydell, (Denton) 299 Matthews, Patsy (Munday) 299, 113 Mattingly, Dorotha (Dallas) 407 Mattiza, Betty (Cleburne) 299 Mauldin, . nnice (Italy) 299 Mauldin, Bobby (Ft. Worth) 299 Mauldin, Maxine (Stephenville) 233 Maxwell, Bill (Big Spring) 278 Maxweli. C. (Wilmer) 299 Maxwell. Sally (Denton) 264, 360 May. Bettie Jo (Vernon) 278 May. Bob (Dallas) 299 Maybin. Ott (Denton) 325 Mayen. Xorma (Dallas) 299 Mayfield. Ben (Dallas) 299 Meacham. William Ross (Ft. Worth) 203 Mead. David L. (Dallas) 278 Mead. Kenneth (Dallas) 278 Meador, Irene (Collinsville) 233 Meador. William M. Jr. (McGregor) 227 Meadows. E. H. (Decatur) 203 Meaker. Inez (Panhandle) 278 Means. Martha (Grand Saline) 299 Means. Mar ■ . nn (Grand Saline) 278 Mecks. David (Port .Arthur) 211, 393 Meglasson , Edgar George (Meridian) 278 Melton. Hazel (Gainesville) 242 Melton. Roy Eugene (Dallas) 299,384 Menasco. A. B. (Xew London) 278, 374 Mendoza. Charles (Dallas) 299 Mcnsman. Don (Galveston) 299 Meredith. Shirley (Denton) 300 Merrell, B Tam (Ft. Worth) 278 Merritt. Virginia (Lufkin) 262 Messer. Jack (Ft. Worth) 278 Messick. Bobby G. (Fl Worth) 211,415 Myer, Bill (Marlin) 218 Meyer. Carl (Plainview) 233 Meyer, Doris (Keller) 250, 405 Meyer, Mary Lou (Gonzales) 300 Page 435 Meyers, Regis (Texas City) 218 Micek, Charles A. (Allentown) 211 Michon, Joyce (Dallas) 278, 385 Middlebrook, Zoe Ann (Corsicana) 250 Middleton, Maigaret 388 Middleton, Russell Jr. 218, 378, 407 Midgett, Waldine (Denton) 250 Milburn, Ann (Weatherford) 233 Miles, Don (Ft. Worth) 250 Miller, A. Edgar (Dallas) 218 Miller, Alan (Waco) 211, 347, 350 Miller, Babe (Mattitiick, N. Y.) 393 Miller, Donna (Crane) 264, 404 Miller, Earldene (Paris) 313 Miller, Eddie (El Paso) 300 Miller, Evelyn (Mingus) 211 Miller, Jerry (Burkburnett) 242 Miller, John Y. (McCana, N. D.) 367 Miller, Laura Jane (Paris) 256 Miller, Martha A. (Texarkana) 203, 347, 348, 363, 394 Miller, O. L. (Abilene) 278 Miller, Patsy (Breckenridge) 278, 380 Miller, Robert R. (McKeesport, Pa.) 227, 362 Miller, Troy (Sanger) 300 Millett, Doris (Dallas) 300, 410, 399 Milligan, Vada Sue (Rockwood) 300 Mills, Charles (Gladewater) 401 Miner, Philip (Dallas) 300 Minick, Gloria (Burkburnett) 218, 406 Minshew, Cecil T. (Denton) 227, 363 Mitchell, Joe (Gainesville) 300 Mitchell, Glenn E. (Dallas) 278 Mitchell, Malon (Sweetwater) 227 Mitchell, Margie Ruth (Crowley) 300 Mitchell, Mary Lou (Texarkana) 233 Mitchell, Ramona (New London) 278, 256, 403 Mitchell, Sheilds (Denton) 342, 134, 144 Mobley, Bobbye Jean (Bomarton) 300 Mobley, Janice (Bonham) 233, 362 Moehr, Emma Jo (Ft. Worth) 300 Moffatt, Marian Christine (Brady) 250 Monk, Dorothy Louise (Beaumont) 250, 372, 404, 392, 400 Monk, Frances King (Beaumont) 203, 358, 372, 400 Monk, Martha Nell (Farmersville) 392 Monk, Oliver P. (Beaumont) 211, 337, 352, 188, 189, 400 Monroe, Rosemarie (Gainesville) 319 Montague, Dub (Ft. Worth) 339 Montague, John (Bay City) 250, 406 Montgomery, Dolores (Port Arthur) 218, 404, 400 Montgomery, Glenn (Dallas) 278 Moody, Jo (Friona) 264, 113 Moody, Marilyn (Pittsburg) 300, 384 Moole, Mrs. Patsy (Dallas) 300 Moore, Barbara (Odessa) 300 Moore, Beverly (Dallas) 250, 346, 358 Moore, Billie Beth (Ft. Worth) 300, 410 Moore, Billy (Garland) 300 Moore, Charles (Marshall) 278 Moore, Charles Payne (Jacksonville) 227 Moore, David (Andrews) 364, 381 Moore, Dean (Dallas) 278 Moore, Don (McKinney) 374 Moore, Doris (Clifton) 242, 346, 358, 372, 380, 391 Moore, Earline (Farmersville) 250 Moore, Fred DeArmond (Wink) 203 Moore, Hubert (Dallas) 233 Moore, Joan (Odessa) 257 Moore, Joanne (Dallas) 300 Moore, John L. Ill (Galveston) 278 Moore, Joy (Kermit) 312 Moore, Lola (Brashear) 227 Moore, Lynna Dell (Midland) 300 Moore, Reba (Longview) 278 Moore, Robert (Arlington) 278 Moore, Ronald Claye (Colorado City) 227 Moore, Sally (Forney) 278, 317, 402, 129 Moore, Sharon (Dallas) 300 Moore, Tom (Arlington) 341 Moore, Wynette (Red Springs) 233, 362 Moreland, John (Graham) 278 Moreland, Mrs. Aileeen (Ballinger) 242, 392 Morgan, Betty Lue (Denton) 300 Morgan, Dan (Kamay) 218, 375 Morgan, Dick (Dallas) 300 Morgan, Doris 349 Morgan, Martha (Saint Jo) 211, 385, 413 Morgan, Mary Sue (Denton) 300 Morgan, Renda (Waxahachie) 227,317,129 Morgan, Wynnelle (McCamey) 300 Moriand, Clifford L. (Ft. Worth) 211 Morris, Alfred (Henderson) 401 Morris, Ava Nell (Denton) 362, 390 .Morris, Bill (Quanah) 211, 417, 390, 383 Morris, Bob (Van) 250 Morris, Darlene (Olney) 233 Morris, Dorothy (Henderson) 278 Morris, Fred (Denton) 391 Morris, Joe (Denton) 374 Morris, Margie (Ft. Worth) 278 Morris, Ned (Henderson) 333, 406, 390 Morrison, Nona Lou (Walnut Springs) 242 Morriss, Ed (Bonham) 278 Morris, LeRoy (Bonham) 300 Morrow, Doyle (McKinney) 300 Morrow, Glenn (Vernon) 335 Morrow, Ulissis Steve (Vernon) 278 Morse, Billy L. (Cleburne) 300 Morse, Mrs. Joyce (Denton) 242 Mortensen, Elise (Ft. Worth) 242, 314, 322, 395 Morton, Garland (Corsicana) 227 Morton, Toby (Corsicana) 335 Moseley, Betty (McAUen) 278 Moseley, Carol (Longview) 233 Moseley, Elna Jean (Rusk) 262, 113 Moseley, Jaynie (Buna) 278, 383 Moseley, Ray (Marshall) 278 Mosely, Ann (Brownwood) 128,242,317 Mosely, Boyd (Kermit) 300 Moser, Geneva (Stephenville) 242 Moses, Melvin A. (Dallas) 242 Mosley, Jo Ann (Alvord) 315 Mosqueda, Lily (San Juan) 242, 380, 399 Moye, Ruth (Mineral Wells) 380 Moyers, James (Marshall) 211, 345, 369 Moyers, Jimmie (Ferris) 278 Muecke, Norman (Galveston) 279, 325 Mugg, Uoyd J. (Anna) 211 MuUennix, Alfred (Whitt) 203, 182 Mundie, James Andrew (Dallas) 227 Muner, Clyde Jr. (Vernon) Munson, Bettie (Wharton) 211 Munson, Roger (Denton) 279 Murdoch, Gloria 349 Murdock, Mackey (Goree) 300 Murley, David (Bailey) 300 Murphy, Joan (Edom) 279 Murphy, John B. (McKinney) 242, 354, 400 Murphy, Johnnie W. (Beaumont) 233, 73 Murphy, Mary Jo (Levelland) 279, 313, 403 Murphy, Raymond (Marshall) 211 Murphy, Shirley JoAnn (Ferris) 300 Murray, Anna Jo (Reklaw) 300 Murray, Jack (Jacksboro) 300, 101 Murrell, Arthur (Ft. Worth) 279 Murrell, Ouida (Dallas) 300 Myers, Betty Jean (London) 356 Page 436 Myers, Gene (Ft. Worth) 341 Myers, Margin (Houston) 300 Myers, Sara (Carrollton) 300 N Nabors, David (Clifton) 233 Nance, Darrell (Pasadena) 109, 300 Nance, James Alfred (Graham) 300 Nance, Warren, Jr. (Electra) 218 Nations, Thelma Fay (Van) 243 Neal, Bill (Wickett) 338. 345 Neal, Billy Van (Hereford) 212 Neal, Joanne (Greenville) 108 Neal, Jo Frances (Hereford) 129, 279 Neary, Helen (Harlingen) 218, 405 Needham, Laverne (Godley) 243, 392 Neely, John (Denton) 300 Neely, Tommie Sue (Midlothian) 300 Nelms, Jerry (Tyler) 300 Nelson, Bill (Waxahachie) 300 Nelson, Billie Louise (Brownwood) 233 Nelson, Charles (Denton) 108, 343, 352, 364 Nelson, Mrs. Janice (. marillo) 227 Nelson, Margie (Sweetwater) 300 Nelson, Nelda Neprude, Joan (Mineral Wells) 279 Nesbitt, Robert D. Jr. (Ft. Worth) 243 NesSmith, Mary Lois (Gainesville) 212 Newberry, Jean (Dallas) 279 Newberry, Bill (Weatherford) 227 Newby, Jorene (Ft. Worth) 301 Newby, Mary Elizabeth (Tulia) 279, 356 Newsom, Joy (Ore City) 279 Newton, Sarah (Grand Prairie) 279 Nichols, Margaret . nn (Dallas) 301, 113 Nichols, Rhea L. (Dallas) 212, 329, 414 Nicholson, Floyd (Goliad) HI Nierth, E. Roy (Port .Arthur) 218 Nitsche, Jerry (Dallas) 301 Nix, John (San . ngelo) 375 Noah, Pat (Denton) 301, 385 Noble, Don Loy (Dimmitt) 301 Nobles, Bob (Dallas) 191 Noel, Bobbie (Ennis) 256, 388, 366 Noel, Reuben (. marillo) 218, 410 Noland, Emma Jo (Baytown) 301 Noland, Eddie L. (Crawford) 301 Noland, Kathleen (Baytown) 212, 405 Noland, Philora (Crawford) 250, 255, 404, 391 Nolen, Bette (Slidell) 203 Nolen. Raymond (Weatherford) 227 Nolen, Virginia Ruth (Waxahachie) 301 Nolle, Harold Eugene (Seguin) 250, 329,345, 369, 410 Nolting, Dan (.Mart) 243 Norton, Charles (Quanah) 279, 153 Norton, Murlynn (Spirit Lake, Iowa) 250 Norvell, James (Wea therford) .- 243 Nunez, Carold (Groves) —264, 337 Nunez, Joyce (Port Arthur) 109, 113 o Oates, Tommy (. ustin) 374 O ' Bannion, Jack (Waxahachie) 218 Obets, Annette (San Antonio) 233, 346, 404 Oblander, Lila (San . ntonio) 279 O ' Connor, Mary Ann (Dallas) 279, 393 O ' Connor, Thomas (Denver City) 301 O ' Daniel, Algene (Tulia) 257, 321, 405 O ' Daniel, Donna (Tulia) 279, 321, 395 O ' Daniel, Pat (Houston) 301 OEtell, Perry (Denton) 367 O ' Dell, Stewart (East Bernard) 301 Odom, George (Denison) 279 O ' Donnell, Gene (Waxahachie) 279 Oehschaleger, Lourene (Ft. Worth) 279 Officer, Jean (Jacksonville) 279 OGIee, Carolyn (Dallas) 279 Oglesby, Shirley (Waxahachie) 111, 262 OHearn, Pat (Ft. Worth) 279, 371, 381 O ' Keefe, Elwanda (Girard) 301, 410 Oldham, Cherry (Dallas) 301 Oldham, Louvenia (Hearne) 218, 321, 359, 405, 406 O ' Neal, Billie Jean (Big Spring) 301 O ' Neill, Georgiann (Houston) 301 Onstead, Bobby (Ennis) 335 O ' Reilly, Mary (Dallas) 227 Orrell, William (Forestburg) 301, 375 Otrill, Wanda (Dallas) 218, 404 Orth, Stanford (Dallas) 279, 399 Osborne, Mary (Denton) 270, 395 Osbum, Paula (Pilot Point) 301, 380 Otto, Dwight (Dallas) 301 Outon, Helen (Annona) 279, 380, 403 Overall, Juanita Lyane (Denton) 279, 381 Owen, Bill (Hawkins) Owen, Hazel LaNell (Conroe) 279 Owens, Geneva (Sherman) 243, 376 Ownby, Edward M. (Denton) 243 Oxford, Esther Ruth (Dallas) 109, 301 Oxner, Harmon V. (Waco) 251 Ozment, Charles (Ft. Worth) 279 P Pace, Gloria (Stamford) 301, 383 Pace, Jerry (Electra) 301 Pack, Martha (Bryan) 301 Padgett, Marvin (Ft. Worth) 279 Page, Anna Margaret (. bilene) 279 Painter, D. Dwight (Big Spring) 251, 329 Painter, Mary Jane (Dallas) 251, 380 Palmer, Bill (Bonham) 301 Palmer, James Bev (Groves) 111, 280 Pang, Bob (Honalulu, Oahu) 397 Pannill, Jesse (Scurry) 227 Pardue, Ray-worth (Childress) 227, 348 Parish, Royce (Coleman) 399 Parker, Bill (Gainesville) 218 Parker, Cynthia Gilmer (Pilot Point) 203 Parker, Lloyd (Ft. Worth) 301 Parker, Lloyd (Ft. Worth) 280 Parker, Mary Sue (Rosebud) 280, 378 Parker, Rosalie Broyies (Dallas) 218, 394 Parker, Wallace (Fort Worth) 251, 341 Parkes, Patsy (Denison) 301 Parks, Barbara (Millsap) 218, 394 Parks, Chester 110, 111 Parks, Rose Nelle (Big Spring) 301 Parks, Sarah (Denton) 301 Parmele, Betty (Dallas) 251, 382 Parmele, David E. (Dallas) 233 Parr, Gay Wynell (Justin) 302 Parrish, Dan, Jr. (. bilene) 218 Parrott, Sangster 349 Parton, Charles W. (Garland) 243, 380 Partridge, Jackie (Talpa) 302 Paschall, Patricia (Mesquite) 302 Pate, Marilyn (Dallas) 280 Pate, Virginia (Voss) 257 Patterson, Jannette (Trenton) 302 Patterson, John (Texarkana) 233, 327 Patterson, Jonnie (Texarkana) 349 Patterson, Yvonne (Mosheim) 302 Patterson, Betty (Ferris) 280, 403, 390 Patton, Bob (Whitt) 203 Patton, Howard (Tenaha) 302 Page 437 I ' atton, Kenneth R. (Pon Arthur) 109, 280 I ' atton, Margie Nell (Tenaha) 251 I ' atton, Virgil (Whitt) 243 Paul, Betty (Denton) 243 Paul, Emil (Mexico City) 280 Payne, Elton (Rule) 280 Payne, Jeannine (Dallas) 251,405,392 Payne, Robert (Orange) 108, 262, 365 Peacock. Darnell (Forsan) 212, 331, 369 Pearce, Bill (Denton) 417 Pearce, Francene (Crane) 110, 111 Pearce, Jeana (Snyder) 302 Pearce, J. W. (Kilgore) 401 Pearce, Patricia (Abilene) 251, 316, 322, 377, 123 Pearson, Bob (Denton) 371, 381, 391 Pearson, Grover (Reagan) 243, 329, 378, 414 Pearson, Oliver (Corsicana) 264 Peck, Carol Ann (La Marque) 108, 280 Pedego, Jimmy (Saint Jo) 357 Pennal, Bill (Nocona) 203, 371 Pennington, Roy (Miama) 251 Pentcrgrass, Lewis (Sweetwater) 243 Perdichi, Christine (Waco) 302 Perkins, Lloyd (Tucker) 365 Perrin, Jane (Sidphur Springs 203 Perrin, Jo Ann (Decatur) 302 Perry, Billy Wade (Beaumont) 111, 280 Perry. Lou Ann (Dallas) 302 Perryman, Sue Ann (Denton) 212, 317, 322 IVrryman, Willa Grace (Mineral Wells) 280 Perteet, Tommy (Rosebud) 302 Peters, Bettye (Denton) 302 Peters, Dale (Ft. Worth) 109, 302 Peters, Myra (Denton) 302 Peterson, Bessie Ruth (Jacksboro) 302 Peterson, Donald M. (Dallas) 227, 325 Peterson, Margaret Lynne (Mission) 280 Peterson, Paul (Denison) 346, 359 Petsick, Frankie (Goldthwaith) 218 Petty, Joe (Hawkins) 302 Pflug, Gene (Dallas) 218, 384 Phillips, Billie Ruth (Decatur) 256, 366 Phillips, Jeannine (San . ntonio) 233 Phillips, Lucile (San Angelo) 203, 346, 359 Phillips, Richard Elgin (Marshall) 203 Pickett, Lydia Ann (Galveston) 262, 113 Pickle, Terrell B. (Jasper) 212 Pickrell, M. G. (Denton) 348 Pierce, Ben (Texarkana) 212, 327 Pierce, Harold (Centerville) 233 Pierce, Nickie (Menard) 219 Pierson, Noel (Ft. Worth) 99, 312, 410 Pierson, Nolan (Saint Jo) 219 Pike, Sue (Dallas) 280 Pilcher, Owen (Collinsville) 280 Pina, Millie (Tivoli) 388 Pindale, Jean (Denison) 111, 280, 356 Finer, Edith Lou (Ozona) 280 Finer, Ray (Ozona) 302 Pinkerton, Jane (Ft. Worth) 110, 280, 357 Pinner, Maxine (Dallas) 280 Piott, Jane (Denton) 280 Piper, Fred (Terrel) 243 Piper, Jerry (Eastland) 243 Pipkin, William L. (Denison) 280 Piraino, Virginia (Houston) 280, 321 Pirkey, David G. (Texarkana) 233 Pitchford, Roscoe (Weathertord) 228 Pitt, Barbara (Denton) 302 Pittman, Betty (Weatherford) 243, 172, 391, 409 Pittman, Dolores (Tyler) 251 Pittman, Mary Catherine (Dallas) 280, 357 Pitts, Harold J. (Whitesboro) 243 Piatt, Pat (Longview) 280, 317, 402 Plemons, Robert (Dallas) 302 Plumlee, Rosalene (Weatherford) 251 Poer, Marvin F. (Simms) 280 Pollard, Johnnie (Cooper) 219 Pollock, Jimmie (Ft. Worth) 341 Pometti, Dolores (Collinsville, 111.) 111, 264 Pond, Keith (Garland) 302 Pond, Lina Grace (Gainesville) 109, 280, 360 Ponder, Don (Fort Worth) 280 Ponder, Pattye (Dallas) 109, 302 Porch, Jerry (Dallas) 302 Porter, Anita (Dallas) 404 Porter. Francer (Wheeler) 302, 113 Porter, Gene (Nocona) 329 Porter, Suan (Denton) 2.33 Porterfield, Jovan (Waxahachie) 280, 325 Post, Frances (Delhi, La.) 219 Poston, Mrs. Leone Riley (Sparenberg) 243, 355, 380, 391 Potter, Charles A., Jr. (Decatur) 212 Potter, Duane (Palmer) 302 Potter, Milton (Grand Prairie) 280 Potts, Robert P. (Gainesville) 233 Powell, Alva (Brownwood) 257 Powell, Betty Jo (Gladewater) 280, 358, 129 Powell, Elizabetth Jean (New Boston) 228, 362, 404 Powell, Jack J. (Dallas) 228, 335 Powell, Loyd (Decatur) 348 Power, Martha (Dallas) 302 Power, Otis, Jr. (Marshall) 228, 325, 346 Power, Patsy (Marshall) 280 Poynter, Patricia (Port Arthur) 302, 409 Prafka, Nancy (Port Arthur) 113,403 Pressley, Ronald (Dallas) 374 Presswood, Betty C. (Grand Saline) 257 Presswood, Jimmie Dale (Grand Saline) 219 Price, Bob (Dallas) 280 Price, Carl Dean (Greenville) 233 Price, Eulalia (Haslet) 302 Price, Herman Ned (Evant) 251 Price. Marian (Decatur) 244 Price, Patsy Dale (McGregor) 302 Price, Ray (Bells) 251, 396 Price, Wally (Dallas) 339 Prine, Phil (Cleburne) 219 .Priolo, Leeo (Dallas) 228,348 Prilchard, Penny (Beaumont) 400 Pritchett, Leonard E. (Spur) 244, 397 Proctor, Charles P. (Kilgore) 401 Proctor, Jewel (Nevada) 280 Pruitt, Howard (Panhandle) 329 Pugh, Don (Houston) 302 Purcell, Patricia (Dallas) 302 Purgason, Bettye (Gainesville) 280 Pursley, Shirley (Electra) 302 Pye, Jesse (Big Spring) 329 Pyles, Joyce, (Eden) 280, 413 R Ragland, Bob (Sweetwater) 302 Railsback, JoAnn (Rotan) 280 Rainey, Betty Marie (Denton) 302 Rains, Helen (Lewisville) 219, 381, 394 Rainwater, Charlotte (Dallas) 302 Raley, Bill (McKinney) 111 Ralston, Rebecca (Lancaster) 302, 384 Ramer, Jimmie Ann (Dallas) 280, 357, 368, 113 Rampy, Sammie (San Angelo 212 Ramsey, Curtis (Denton) 244, 352, 345, 367, 392, 101 Ramsey, Henry A. (Longview) 244 Ramsey, Jean (Dallas) 302 Ramsey, Jim (Dallas) 108 Ramsey, Joyce (Dallas) 302 Ramsey, Juanda (Perrin) 257, 388 Page 438 Ramsey, Penrod (Longiiew) 335 Randals, Chris (Denton) 113 Dandle, Jo Ann (Granbun) 280 Randolph, Mozelle Cleveland (Granbury) 203 Randolph. Roliert B. (Granbury) 203 Raineri. Rudy (La Marque) 219. 355 Ransom. Sherriil (Port Arthur) 280, 393 Rasbury, Guinn (Decatur) 228, 337, 348 Ratcliff, Peggy . nn (Dallas) _- 302 Raiipe. Buell (Granbury) 387 Ray. Betty (Dallas) 109, 251, 317, 405, 391 Ray, Billie (Houston) 233 Ray, Daisy (Dallas) 302, 413 Ray. Mary Sue (Ft. Worth) 264, 113 RayTnond. Carol (Abilene) 219, 385, 413 Rayzor, Richard (Denton) 339 Rea, Glenn Ed (Denton) 339, 233 Reams. Bob (Ft. Worth) 145, 134 Reavely. Ruth (Nacogdoches) 360 Rectenwald. John L. (Grants, N. M.) 280 Reding. Virginia (.Aubrey) 347, 363, 391 Redman, Billie Laveme (Saint Jo.) 302 Reece, Dorothy (Dallas) 251, 380 Reding. Virginia (. ubrey) 228 Reed. Bettie Jean (Craswell, Mich.) 373 Reed. Daisy Ann (Electra) 303, 113 Reed, Dorothy (Maypearl) 280, 357 Reed, Emma Daisy (Dallas) 280 Reed, Ima Ruth (Allen) 281 Reed, James (Dallas) 281 Reed, Joan (San . ntonio) 281 Reese, L. . . Jr. (Denton) 244 Reese, Patricia (Ir ing) 109, 281, 368 Reeves, David (Greenville) 303 Reeves, Eunice (Shreveport, La.) 204 Ree%es, Robert (Ft. Worth) 281 Reid, Doris (Electra) 303 Reiniger, Miriain (Texas City) 303 Renfro. Ray (Leona rd) 145, 134, 414 Renshaw, Lavaga (Decatur) 281 Reynolds. Billye Gene (Bryson) 303, 388, 399 Reynolds. Harold (Petrolia) 251 Reynolds, Kenneth (Forestburg) 281 Reynolds, Shirley (Dallas) 281, 403 Rhea, Knox (Mt. Pleasant) 212 Rhoads, Wayne (Alvord) 212 Rhodes, Bill (Dallas) 355 Rhodes, Jim (Ft. Worth) 303 Rhodes, Joanne (Dallas) 315 Rhodes. Man, Virginia (Dallas) 212, 321, 322, 355, 376, 405 Rhodes, Wanda (Mineola) 303 Rholes, Al (Mineola) 244 Rice, Bill (Dallas) 327 Rice, Ruth (Terrell) 281, 356, 403 Rich, Charlene (Ft. Worth) 281 Richards. Jimmy (Ft. Worth) 303 Richards, Richard (Galveston) 281 Richardson, Allcgra (Bonham) 251,315,404,408 Richardson, Frances Nell (Port . rthur) 244, 394 Richardson, Jacqueline (Grand Prairie) 404 Richardson, James W. (Childress) 212, 413 Richardson, Mary Ethel (Hallsville) 244, 380 Richardson. R. M. (Clebome) 303 Ricke, Charles V., Jr. (Galveston) 281 Riddle, . Uce (Tioga) 281 Ridley, Joan (Iraan) 281, 357 Riehl. Dumood (Corpus Christi) 281 Riggins. Charles (Stcphenville) 228 Riggins. Richard (Tyler) 191 Riggs. John F., Jr. (Laridn, Kansas) 190, 212, 350, 351, 378 Rigney. Wanda (Ft. Worth) 357 Rike, Mary Lou (Gladewater) 251 Riley. Anna Jo (Trenton) 303 Riley, George (Gainesville) 233 Riley, Henrietta (Krum) 303, 395 Riley, Mickie (Dallas) 281 Rilling. .Mrs. Nancy (Denton) 244, 380 Riordon, Paul 111 Rippy. Nancy (Ft. Worth) 233 Rippy, Patty Ruth (Ft. Worth) 108, 264, 368 Ritchie, Robert E. (Denton) 251 Riveire, John P. (Ft. Worth) 281, 417 Roach. Patsy (Graham) 281 Roane, Doris (Gainesville) 219, 385, 378, 413 Roane. Sue (Gainesville) 383 Roljerson. Bettye (Bowie) 212 Roljerson, Gwen (Valley Mills) 244, 378, 189, 190 Roljerson. James (Bowie) 281 Roberson. Janelle (Valley Mills) 244 Roberson, John 148, 134 Roberts. Anna Louise (Denton) 212, 351, 404 Roberts. Bobby (Saint Jo) 244, 333, 188, 189, 396 Roljerts, Gregory L. (Dallas) 219, 371, 374 Roberts. Jack (Ft. Worth) 110, 365 Roberts. John E. (Pilot Point) 204, 367 Roberts, Margaret (Wichita Falls) 281, 403 Roberts, Mildred (Edna) Roberts, Mildred Rice (Pilot Point) 244 Roberts. Price G., Jr. (Ft. Worth) 219 Roberts. Reba Jean (Big Spring) 244, 351, 376 Roliertson. Mrs. Joanne (Denton) 244, 380 Robertson, Joseph Edward (OIney) 212. 337 Robertson, LouU (Dallas) 219, 371, 381 Robinson, Bob (Iowa Park) 281, 382 Robinson, Charlotta (Graham) 281 Robinson. Harry (Groves) 393 Robinson. Janell (Waco) 174 Robinson. Jeanne (Chico) 244 Robinson. Marian (Houston) 281, 380 Robinson. Patsy Jeanne (Dallas) 303 Robinson, Sammie Lu (Gainesville) 281 Robnett, Kathryn (Premont) 244, 358, 367 Rodgers. Bonnie (Lometa) 353 Rodgers. Charles (Denton) 303 Rodgers. Jean (Gainesville) 303 Rodgers. Joe N. (Blossom) 281 Rodgers, Margaret Jane (Paris) 212 Roe, Wayne (.Austin) 262 Rogers. .Andy. Jr. (McKinney) 281 Rogers. Bob (Gainesville) 219 Rogers, Charlie (Denton) 339 Rogers, Haney (Mart) 331, 244 Rogers. Lindy (Wichita Falls) 109 Rogers. Mary Katherine (Kemp) 281 Rogers. T. Walton (Ft. Worth) 212, 371, 381 Rogers. Virginia (Ft. Worth) 281 Roland, Anne (Sherman) 303, 385 Rollins. Coy Lee (Denton) 281 Romano. Johnny (Orange) 244, 367, 392 Romans, Betty Jane (Lampasas) 257 Romans. William Merrit (Lampasas) 251 Rose. Billy (Dallas) 111 Rose. Sylvia (Dallas) 303 Rose. Tom 548 Rosenthal, Charlene (Ft. Worth) 110, 111, 303 Ross, Gloria (Krum) 219, 346, 359, 406 Ross, Jimmie (Wichita Falls) 233 Ross. Kenneth (.Arlington) 325 Rothfus. David (Prosper) 228 Rothfus. Martha (Prosper) 282 Routt. Sammye Louise (Dallas) 228 Rowan. Albert (Van) 282 Rowe. Bonnie (Denton) 282 Rowe. Robert G. (Houston) 212. 333 Rowell. Janice (.Abilene) 303 Rowlett. John (Denton) 397 Rowzee. .Audrey (Dallas) 303 Royall, Oleta (Athens) 256, 317 Page 439 Royall, Weldon (Dallas) 212, 390 Ruark, Laverne (Abilene) 251 Rudder, Leroy B. Jr. (Ballinger) 228, 341 Rudolph, Solveig (Oslo, Norway) 219 Ruland, Fred Jr. (Bellville) 244, 351 Rumbley, Jack Edward (Cleburne) 110, 111, 282 Rush, Peggy (Talpa) 303 Rushing, Patricia Ruth (Eastland) SOS Russell, Beverly (Ft. Worth) 282, 403 Russell, J. Caro (Abilene) 233 Russell, Mary Louise (Hico) 213 Rust, Edgar (Boeme) 303 Rutherford, Bennie (Slidell) 153, 154 Rutherford, Bobbie Belew (Vernon) 244 Rutherford, Forrest (Vernon) 228 Rutledge, Bob (Abilene) 233 Rutledge, Rhoneta (Nocona) 303 Ryall, Lessley Ann (Jasper) 109, 303 Ryan, Alexander Boggs, Jr. (Longview) 204 Ryan, Todd (Orange) 335 Sage, Ben Jr. (Jacksonville) 283 Sagen, David (Greenville) 303 Sala, Dott (New London) 213, 347, 387, 361, 372, 376, 404, 191, 394, 101 Salas, Robert (Port Arthur) 303, 400 Salem, Betty (Sudan) 303 Samuels, Carolyn (Galveston) 304 Sanchez, Andres G. (Corpus Christi) 304 Sanders, Bobbie (Cleburne) 219 Sanders, Joyce Marie (Sherman) 282 Sanders, Norman R. (Beaumont) 228, 375, 400 Sanders, Richard (Kerens) 219 Sanford, Everett Ruffus Jr. (Ft. Worth) 304 Sanford, Mary Ann (Whitesboro) 304 Sarratt, Jean (Ft. Worth) 304 Satterwhite, Howard (Houston) 304 Sauls, Sam (Denton) 304 Saunders, Myrna Loy (Roscoe) 228 Savage, John E. (Irving) 228, 346 Savage, Redmond (Weatherford) 233 Sawyer, Ann (Sherman) 304 Sawyer, Dorothy (Itasca) 304 Saxon, Wanda (Longview) 108 Saye, Leah (Longview) 108 Sayles, Elizabeth M. (Meridian) 304 Scaneider, George (Ft. Worth) 228 Scarborough, Hawkins (Corsicana) 245 Scarborough, Nancy (Dallas) 282 Schad, Richard P. (Gainesville) 228, 348 Schaer, Henry (Sealy) 111 Schantz, Ira (Lubbock) 108, 262, 352, 364 Scharf, Jeanette (Dallas) 304 Scheihagen, Patricia Lang (Bryan) 262, 113 Scherer, George (Weatherford) 251 Schick, Janet (Plainview) 213 Schigut, John (Rosebud) 233 Schimelpfenig, C. W. (Piano) 329 Schimelpfenig, Susan (Piano) 264, 313, 368, 377, 405 Schmidt, Robert Lee (Gainesville) 228 Schneider, Charles Lee (Ozona) 228 Schnorr, Maurice (Dallas) 282, 337, 387, 361 Schoeder, Catherine (Ft. Worth) 304 Schoeder, Eddie Ray (McGregor) 304, 396 Schoenfield, Ruth R. (Miles) 109, 262, 321, 368, 405, 395 Schofield, Frances (Dallas) 109, 282 Scholz, Ernestine (Gainesville) 251, 360 Schultz, Jeanie (Wichita Falls) 304 Schule, Doris Gail (Mission) 304, 385, 417 Schwartz, Wanda (Palmer) 213 Scoggins, Colleen (Breckenridge) 282 Scott, Anna May (Denton) 256, 388, 394 Scott, Betty (Lefors) 228, 346, 363 Scott, Bryan (Kaufman) 304 Scott, Camille (Greenville) 219, 347, 313, 345, 373, 378 Scott, Diane (San Saba) 257, 378 Scott, Elaine (Bryan) . 282 Scott, Jack (Tulia) 251, 335 Scott, Martha (Waxahachie) 234, 318, 322, 362, 404, 395 Scott, Norma (Central City, Neb.) 304 Scott, Rebecca (Wills Point) 304 ScQtt, Robert (Port Arthur) 219,400 Scribner, Charles (McKinney) 213 Sealy, Ann (Denton) 110, 111 Scaly, Byford (Andrews) 111, 364 Seaman, Gloria (Plainview) 282, 411 Searcy, Bill (Bandera) 111,264 Sears, Wesley (Hutchins) 374 Seeker, Martin D. (Dallas) 204, 367 Seidenfeld, Jerry (Corpus Christi) 282 Selby, Jeanne (Dallas) 282 Self, Billy Gene (Rule) 219 Self, Hazel 349 Seller, Judy (Alvin) 110, 368 Sellers, Jo Ann (Gatesville) 304, 384 Selman, Richard G. (Denton) 204 Sessions, Revia Nell (Denton) 304 Sewell. Billie (Ringgold) 245, 376 Sewell, Harold Ray (Mexia) 304 Sewell, Pat (Iowa Park) 251, 3.52, 374, 191, 390 Seydler, Beverly (Houston) 304 Seydler, LaVerne (Houston) 109, 264 Shackelford, Norma (Montague) 282 Shadid, LaWanda (McLean) 304, 113 Shadle, Bill (Houston) 109, 262 Shafer, Marshalleen (Dallas) 304 Shahan, Howard W. (Denton) 213, 415 Sharp, Betty (Waco) 228, 321 Sharp, Helen (McCamey) 304 Sharp, Robert S. (Waxahachie) 234, 325 Shaw, Betty Ruth (Red Oak) 304 Shaw, Bob (Gladewater) 2S4 Shaw, Jolene (Slidell) 304 Sheets, Lucille (Waxahachie) 380 Sheets, Martha Louise (Granite City, 111.) HI, 304 Shell, Allan (Denton) 355 Shell, Carolyn E. (Beaumont) 245, 372, 404, 390, 400 Shell, Mary Sue (Corsicana) 304 Shell, William E. (Ardmore, Okla.) 355 Shelton, Willie Lee, Jr. (Forney) 245, 367 Shepelwich, Stanley (Ft. Worth) 204 Shepherd, Dorothy (Wichita Falls) 358, 367 Shepherd, J. G. (Wichita Falls) 358 Sheppard, Mrs. Bessie S. (Denton) 282 Sheppard, Cletabel (Denton) 304 Sheppard, Helen Bernice (Denton) 257 Sheppard, Lewis (Gladewater) 282, 341 Sherman, Lil (Anahuac) 304, 113 Shields, Helen K. (Snyder) 129, 403, 129 Shiflett, James A. (Dallas) 213, 387, 352 Shilcutt, Benny (Itasca) 245 Shipley, Bob (Skelleytown) 392 Shipman, Charles (McKinney) 228 Shipp, Clifford (Orange) 364, 397 Shirley, Dorothy (Grand Saline) 245, 394 Short, Bill (Texarkana) 234 Short, Billy Y. (Denison) 213 Short, Marilyn (Irving) 282 Short, Peggy (Paris) 282 Shotola, Robert W. (Irving) 304, 191, 410 Shubert, Helen (Ennis) 282 Shubret, Joyce (Tulia) 282, 356, 411 Shuffitt, Elvy (Ft. Worth) 304 Shurman, Nathan (Staten Island, N. Y.) 111 Siddens. James A. Jr. (Seymour) 234 Siegle, Elizabeth (Monroe) 315 Page 440 Sikkelee, Leland (DaUas) 374 Sikora, Ellen Mae (Wharton) 111, 304 Sills, Jimmie Lou (Denton) 219, 386 Simek, Dorothy (Megargel) 3(H Simmer, Joyce Joanne (Dallas) 282 Simon, Elaine (Port Neches) 109, 304, 113, 400 Simpson, Lou Ann (Dallas) 282, 315, 402, 118 Simpson, William C (Le isville) 282, 153 Sims, Bob (Wichiu Falls) 304 Sims, Ernest Allen (Jean) 228 Sims, Jimmie Lou (Waxahachie) 245, 377, 395 Sims, Mittie E. (Port Arthur) 257, 400 Sisk, Jo Ann (Weatherford) 304, 395 Sizemore, Glenn (Denton) 304 Skidmore, Gerald (Mt. Vernon) 282 Skidmore. Pauline (Gainesville) 282, 356 Skinner, Colleen (Dallas) 304 Skoog. Alfred (Borger) 262 Slack, Johnny (Dallas) 331, 134 Slack. Perr (Denton) 282, 396 Slaughter, Emily (Anna) : — 282, 406 Slaughter, Howard Flanary (Dallas) 304, 153, 154 Sla»ick, Philip (Memphis, Tenn.) 110, 111, 264, 347, 359 Sloan, Eleanor 349 Sloan, Mike (Keller) 329 Sloan, Patti (Estelline) 228 Sloan, Waymon (Kaufman) 228, 331 Smart, Kenneth (Dallas) 30t, 41 1 Smart, Monte (Lueders) 282, 385 Smith, B. X. (Mercedes) 219, 410 Smith, Bettye (Amarillo) 405, 393 Smith, Charles O. (Ft. Worth) 204, 354, 392 Smith, Connie (Long iew) 305 Smith, Dan M. (GainesWUe) 305 Smith, Denna Lane (Princeton) 282 Smith, Dolores (Gladewater) 245, 380, 392 Smith, Douglas (HaskeU) 213, 351 Smith, Frank (Ft. Worth) 213, 148, 347, 371, 134, 414 Smith, Frederick C. (Bowie) 245, 354, 875, 390 Smith, Gene (Lazbuddy) 305 Smith, Glenn (Big Spring) 245, 331 Smith, Helen (Celina) 228, 359 Smith, Howard Wayne (Burleson) 305 Smith, J2unes Wesley (X ' era) 251 Smith, Janet (Houston) 110, 111 Smith, Jason (Haskell) 228 Smith, Jean (Dallas) 282. 313, 403 Smith, Jesse P. Jr. (Sanger) 251, 375 Smith, JeweU (Denton) 347, 219, 372 Smith, Joe (. lbany) 251,337 Smith, Johnnie C. (Lometa) 282 Smith. Katherine (Dallas) 282 Smith, Kay (Bryan) 282, 356, 368 Smith, Luella (Saint Jo) 305 Smith. Mable (. bilene) 245, 367 Smith, Martha . iui (Texarkana) 245 Smith, Mary . Uce (Dublin) 213 Smith, Natalie Joyce (Van Ormy) 264 Smith, Peggie Jo Wichita Falls) 282 Smith, Richard C. (Texas City) 234 Smith, Robert B. (Center) 251 Smith, Rodney H. (Electra) 254 Smith, Terry (Talpa) 305 Smith, Walter (Cleburne) 305 Smoot, Sue (Denton) 228, 315 Smyth, Evelyn (Dallas) 345, 399 Snipes, Frances (Texarkana) 219 Snoek, Charles (Port Arthur) 305 Snow, Billy E. (Kamay) 251 Snow, William Rogers (Denton) 234 Snyder, Nancy June (Jacksboro) 305 SoUey, Marvin (Louisville, Ky.) 108, 262, 352 Sollis, Sue ( emon) 282, 385, 378 Solmon, Beverly (Linden) 282 Sommers. Audrey (Xavasou) 251, 408 Soriell, Eva (McRinney) 305 Sorrell. Roy (McKinney) 375 Sorrells, Lyndon B. (Royce City) 229 South. Cecil (Wilmer) 305 Southern. Ronald M. (Ft. Worth) 229 Spain. Eula Mae (Decatur) 245. 354, 390 Spangle. Billy H. (Clifton) 204, 363, 391 Spangler. Gloria Jeanne (Dallas) 305 Sparkman. Donald (. tlanta) 251 Sparkman, Dorothy (Dallas) 305 Sparkman, L. D. (Denton) 343 Sparkman, Margaret (Gainesville) 213, 351 Sparkman, Roy (Gainesville) 213, 391 Sparks, Ben (Easdand) 213. 339, 414 Sparks, Cecil W. (Kilgore) 213 Sparks. Robbie EUa (Mathis) 305 Sparks. WiUiam P. (Ft. Worth) 282 Speake. Claude E. (Denton) 20t, 354. 355, 192, 392 Spears, Mamell (Grand Saline) 305 Speer, Mary Ann (Sherman) 229, 313, 405 Spell, Barbara (Houston) 305 Spencer, Ralph (Pittsburg) 331 Spenny, . nn (Rising Star) 282 Spidell, CarohTi 349 Spidell, William (Denton) 204 Spindle, EvelvTJ 349 Spindle, Floyd M. (Denton) 245 Spilzer, Norma Jean (Old Glory) 282 Splaingard, Clement ( Collinsville) 111 Spracklen, Floyd (AVeatherford) 251 Spratt, Sammy (Sanger) 305 Springer, Ida (Ennis) 305 Sprouse, Harlow (A ' cga) 305 Spurrier. Don (Kaufman) 282, 417 Spurrier. Troy (Longview) 229 Suhl, C harles F. (Dallas) 282 Stahl, Selby (Houston) 134 Standard, Dorothea (Henderson) 219, 401 Standifer, Yvonne (Dallas) 219, 120 Sundley, Mary Ellen (McKinney) 111, 283, 360 Stanford, James Lee (Waxahachie) 283 Stanford, Jan (Ft. Worth) 305, 378 StaiUey, Bobbie Jean (Pottsville) 283 Stanley, Doris (Denton) 234 Stanley, Jackie (Dallas) 283, 406, 390 Stanley, Mar Joyce (Denton) 257 Stanley, Wanda (Grand Prairie) 283 Sunton, Michael (Dallas) 251 Stapp, Frank (New Castle) 396 Stark, Robert (Grapevine) 305 Surling, Peggy (Seminole) 283, 381. 384 Stames, Eddie Lee (Petrolia) 305 Starr, Wauline (Denton) 229, 392 St. Clair, Glynn (Teague) 219 Steelman, Gay Nell (Dallas) 305. 384 Steen, Bill (Dallas) 234 Steenbergen, Gwen (Dallas) 305 Stefka, June (Dallas) 387 Stein, Robert (Galveston) 283 Sterling. Betty (Port Neches) 317, 360, 129 Stevener, Lynn Ray (Rockwall) 229 Stevens. Beth (Waco) 283 Stevens. James (Ft. Worth) 187 Stevens. Sharon (Lufkin) 305 Stewart. Billy L. (Blue Ridge) 283 Stewart. CarolvTi (Gatesville) 252, 404 Stewart. Ed (Jacksboro) 305 Stewart, Frances (Denton) 305 Stewart, Jimmie (Beaumont) 343. 407. 400 Stewart, Jo (Kamay) 283 Stewart, Pauline (McGregor) 306 Stiemberg, - nn 111 Sull, Claude . . Jr. (Corsicana) 306, 375 Page 441 Stine, Jo Ann (Quanah) 219, 387, 404, 413 Stipe, Delmar (Cleburne) 306 Stockard, Mary Jo (Lake Dallas) 213, 386, 389, 392 Stocker, Lawrence E. (Ft. Worth) 306 Stone, Douglas (Harlingen) 111, 283 Stone, Ed (Dallas) 108, 283 Stone, Patti (Dallas) 306 Stotts, Polly (Post) 252 Stover, Betty Jean (Denton) 306 Strader, Jerry (Gainesville) 283 Strauglian, Martha (McKinney) 306 Strickland, Benny (McKinney) 283 Stringer, Donald (Gilmer) 229 Stringer, Jim (Ft. Worth) 245, 365 Stringfellow, W. A. (Clifton) 229 Stringfield, Shirley (Athens) 283 Strong, Pat (Denton) 315, 128 Stroud, Billie (Throckmorton) 213, 405, 413 Stroud, Patsy (Ft. Worth) 234 Strube, Ellen (Dallas) 306, 113 Stucker, Mary Jean (Dallas) 252 Sturdevant, Marjorie (Denton) 306, 173 Stuteville, Charleen (Van Alstyne) 234 Suddath, Betty (Denton) 306 Sullivan, Joan (Tyler) 283 Sullivan, Mary Jane (Denton) 111, 262, 360 Sullivan, N. G. 348 Sinnner, Barbara (Dallas) 283 Sumner, Louise (Itasca) 252 Sumners, Dan (Dallas) 283 Susman, Beril (Dallas) 234 Sutton, John (Sherman) 110, 306 Swain, Jim (Dallas) 283, 337, 385 Swann, Mrs. Catherine J. (Corpus Christi) 213 Swann, Thomas (Shreveport, La.) 229 Sweat, Zora Mae (Colorado City) 264 Swetnam, Anna Virginia (Vineyard) 306 Swift, Bennie Mae (San Angelo) 283, 367, 407, 390 Swindle, Marcy Jo (Brownwood) 306 Swindell, Wayne (Quanah) 331 Sybert, Bill (Muleshoe) • 283, 407 Syler, Rachel Lu (Galveston) 204 T Taite, Blanche K. (Joinerville) 256, 388 Talbott, Ted D. (Bridgeport) 219 Tankursley, Maxine (Paris) 264, 113 Tannenbaum, Leah (Laredo) 283 Tanner, Jo Ann (Dallas) 283, 321 Tarpley, Earlene (Bonham) 306 Tarver, Naomi (Bowie) 306 Tate, Anna Rose (Waco) 234, 68, 321 Tate, David M. (Clarksville) 306 Tate, Shirlene (Stephenville) 283 Tate, lerry (Stephenville) 229 Taylor, Alma Sue (Saginaw) 257, 388, 415 Taylor, David (Denton) 108 Taylor, Delores Jan (Vernon) 306 Taylor, Doris Marie (Olney) 245, 380, 392, 394 Taylor, Glen L. (Denton) 229, 362 Taylor, Jimmy (Denton) 283, 356, 415 Taylor, Lewis (Ft. Worth) 306 Taylor, Margaret Ann (Port Arthur) 219, 405 Taylor, Marvolyn (McKinney) 306 Taylor, Olive Nell (Carrollton) 283, 406 Taylor, Ouita (McKinney) 204 Taylor, Owen Keith (Goldthwaite) 306 Taylor, Paula Sue (Leonard) 306 Taylor, Peggy (Farmersville) 252, 380 Taylor, Richard (Quitman) 283, 396 Taylor, Shirley (F-armersville) 245, 376, 380 Taylor, Vernon (Corsicana) 204, 392, 396 Teague, Charles (Sherman) 284, 339, 414 Teague, Jimmy (Jacksboro) 306 Teague, Jimmie D., Jr. (Daingerfield) 204, 348 Teague, Roy (Nocona) 234 Teal, Juanita (Dallas) 108, 262, 368 Teat, Barbara Ann (Ft. Worth) 284, 403, 410, 384 Termin, Billie Jo (Dallas) 306, 408 Terry, Danny (Corpus Christi) 306 Terry, Darlene (Tuanah) 219, 113 Tharp, Jo (Dallas) 213, 68, 346, 417, 359, 413, 390 Theilen, Gordon (Kleberg) 229, 375 Thetford, Alvin K. (Lewisville) 252 Thetford, Louise (Lewisville) 219, 404, 389 Thiessen, Dorothy 306 Thigpen, Janet (Texarkana) 252, 376, 409, 172, 175 Thomas, Dorothy 349 Thomas, Edward (Ft. Worth) 110,264 Thomas, Gene (Ft. Worth) 306 Thomas, Glenna (Denton) 306 Thomas, Gwendolyn L. (Seymour) 306 Thomas, Jack (Dallas) 284 Thomas. Jack C. (Crystal Springs, Miss.) 284 Thomas, Jimmie (Sulphur Springs) 229, 337 Thomas, Lila Gene (Paducah) 306 Thomas, Mary Jean (McKinney) 111, 306, 395 Thomas, Mary Lee (Alvarado) 284 Thomas, Robbie Irene (Memphis) 306, 113 Thompson, -Andrew (Vernon) 284 Thompson, Betha Helen (Denton) 213, 351 Thompson, Delia (Weslaco) 256, 388 Thompson, Bob (Borger) 306 Thompson, Dale (Ft. Worth) 284 Thompson, Edwina (Ft. Worth) 219 Thompson, Gene (Panhandle) 284 Thompson, James N., Jr. (Chickasha, Okla.) 245, 396 Thompson, Jay (Dallas) 284 Thompson, Leon , . (Denton) 204, 396 Thompson, Leroy (Chickasha, Okla.) 229 Thompson, Murrel (Belton) 284 Thompson, Neal (Lufkin) 393 Thompson, Nora Jean (Dallas) 306 Thompson, Peggy -Ann (Dallas) 109, 306 Thompson, Ruth (Akron, Ohio) 108 Thompson, ' an (Lufkin) 383 Thornhill, Jean (Dallas) 213, 321, 129 Thornton, Dana (Cisco) 220, 385 Thornton, Dannye (Dallas) 284, 319 Thornton, Jack (Port Arthur) 385 Thorp, Flossie Sue (Throckmorton) 306 Thorpe, Barbara (Ft. Worth) 284, 403 Thrasher, Joe E. (Rosebud) 229, 341 Thresher, Bobby (Olney) 229 Thurman, Mary Dale (McKinney) 306 Thurmond, Raymond (.Atlanta, Ga.) 153 Tibbets, Glen (Muleshoe) 234 Tidwell, Louise (Dallas) 234, 390 Tiffin. Edwin (Dallas) 245, 346, 358, 367 Tillery, Mary Helen (Denton) 306 Tilley, Tommy (Denton) 153 Timmons, Mary (Olney) 220, 405, 406 Tims, Zada (Ft. Worth) 306 Tinkle, Shirley Deane (Ft. Worth) 252 Tinsley, Gerald (Carrollton) 229, 348 Tipps, Wanda (Aubrey) 284, 406 Tipton, Martha Jane (Angleton) 306 Tisdale, Jack (Port Arthur) 385, 384 Titsworth, Tony (Athens) 314, 395 Titsworth, C. G., Ill (San Angelo) 264 Todd, Betty Sue (Santa Anna) 213, 349, 406 Todd, Ed (Hedley) 306 Todd, Frank (Slaton) 110 Todd, Louis (Consicana) 213, 337, 371 Todd, Nonna (Hutchins) 284, 357, 392 Tolleson, Janice (Dallas) 306 Tooey, Jeanne 306 Page 442 Toone, Thomas (Waxahachie) 213 Toothaker, Palsy 349 Toulouse, Robert 390 Towe, Ace (Panhandle) 148, 331, 134 Townsley, Bill (Beaumont) 385 Trammell, Ruth (Ft. Worth) 110 Trammell, Wanda (Lometa) 256, 394 Traster, Elden D. Jr. (Denton) 204, 348 Traster, Gene (Denton) 284 Travis, James C. (Frankston) 284, 365 Trebino, Noe G. (Corpus Chrisii) 245, 396 Trigg. Anna Belle (Cisco) 284 Triggs, A. J. (Dallas) 339 Trimble, Eugene (St. Joseph, Mo.) 111 Trimble, Harvey Ray (Pleasant Grove) 307 Triplett, Joy (Raymondville) 2.52, 313 Tripp, Franklin (Irving) 213 Tripp, Joleta (Irving) 307 Trippet, Mary (Waxahachie) 284 Tromblee, Julia B. (Longview) 213, 351 Tromblee, Vincent D. (Longview) 213, 351 Trotter, Bob (Denton) 339, 351 Trotter, Walter (Dallas) 220 Truitt, Norma (Dallas) 284, 321 Tuckey, Cynthia (Ballinger) 307 Tucker, Johnny (Harlingen) 325 Tucker, William, Jr. (Merkle) 213, 374 Tully, Eddie (La Porte) , 252 Tune, Hobson (Forney) 262 Time, Jennie 349 Tunnell, Marshall (Dallas) 284 Turkett, . rlie ( ' emon) 252 Turner, . ureba Jo (Trenton) 214 Turner, Bettye Sue (Valley .Mills) 284 Turner, Beverly (Uvalde) 246 Turner, Bobradine (Corsicana) 284, 113 Turner, Carolyn (Roanoke) 284 Turner, Jack (Eastland) 220, 393 Turner, Ken (Corpus Christi) 234, 134 Turner, Mary K. (Wichita Falls) 380 Turner, Ross (Murphy) 284 Tumey, Elaine (Tulia) 284, 368 Tuttle, Dan G. (Longview) 246 Tuttle, Robert (Dallas) 284 Tyler, . Ivin (Tyler) 204 Tyler, Douglas B. (Atlanta, Ga.) 307 Tyson, George (. bilene) 246, 417 Tyson, Martha (. bilene) 252, 353, 408, 172 Tyssowski. . da (Denison) 284, 382 u Uhlinger, Vivian (Denton) 246 Underwood, Jervis (Greenwood) 110, HI Underwood, Judy (Dublin) 252 Unruh, . lice (Kilgore) 234, 401 Upshaw, Nancy (Dallas) 284, 357, 380 Utt, Emily Ann (Ft. Worth) 220,406 V Vance, Ruby June (Panhandle) 256, 388, 404 Vanderpool, Jane (Dallas) 307 Vandever, Marie (Beaumont) 214, 392, 400 Van Meter, , rchie (Decatur) 307 Van Meter, Constance (Decatur) 284 Vann, John Ann (Era) 256, 388, 394 Vannerson, Stewart (Dallas) 109, 284 Varley, J. L. (CoUinsville) 284, 197 Varley, Roy L. (CoUinsville) 284, 392, 397 Vaughan, George (Ft. Worth) 407 Vaughn. Glenna Joy (Dublin) 252 Vaughn, Robert (Vernon) 109, 284, 384 Vaught, Bobbye Joyce (Pampa) 214, 390 Venable, LaHoma (. ngleton) 229, 363 Vernon, Barbara (Dallas) 307, 113 Vernon, Robert Dean (Clyde) 230, 189, 190 Vess, Bettye (Denton) 307 Vestal, Bill (Electra) 214, 337 Vicars, Bryan (Dallas) 307 Vick, Mary Evelyn (Weatherford) 307 Vincent, Loela (Sudan) 109, 264, 360, 405 Vincent, Mac W. (Gainesville) 246 Vinson, Wanda Jo (Dallas) 284 Vogel, Catherine (Palestine) 307, 410 Vogt. Dorathea Louise (Boeme) 214, 404 ' oisin. Velum Jo (Waco) 284, 128 Vollert. Frank J. (Galveston) 252, 346 Voltin, Frank (Rosebud) : 325 w Wade, Margaret (Frisco) 394 Wagner, Faye (Hutchins) 302 Wagner, Hugh (Port . rthur) 230,362 Wagoner, Roy (Mesquite) 351 Wainscott, Lanell (Olney) 257 Wainwright, Bill (Sherman) 284 Wait, Allen (Bonham) 307 Walberg, Virginia (Dallas) 111, 284, 368 Walker, Annie 349 alker, Bettye L. (Jacksonville) 234 Walker, Don Edward (Denton) 307 Walker, Donald (Mineral Wells) 284, 191 Walker, Doris (Hallsville) 307, 394 Walker, Haskell 327 Walker, Jane (Dallas) — - 214, 351, 415 Walker, John 108 Walker, Ken (Dallas) 339 Walker, Mary (Sherman) 284, 357, 377, 191 Walker, R. Kenneth (Weatherford) 262 Walker, Sherry Nelle (Decatur) 307 Walker, Wanda (Dallas) 286, 358, 389 Walker, Weldon (Gainesville) 230, 380 Wall, Dan (Ft. Worth) 284, 153 Wall, Dick (Ft. Worth) 154 Wall, Mary (Rosebud) 307 Wall, Richard (Ft. Worth) 414 Wallace, DonncI (Oklahoma City, Okla.) 284 Wallace, Dorothy (Dumas) 252, 358, 362 Wallace, Frances (Corsicana) 220 Wallace, Gerald (Kaufman) 246, 339 Wallace, Patsy (Ranger) 285, 403 Wallace, Richard La .Mar (Dallas) 252 W ' aller, David (Fate) 234 Waller, Helen (Tyler) 220 Wallis, Dorothy (Celina) 307 Walls, Bob (New Boston) 285, 383 Walsh, .Margaret (Corpus Christi) 246 Walston, Marion (Sherman) 285 Walter, Marianne (Plainview) 220, 313 Walther, Betty (Paris) 230, 346, 358, 363 Walton, Dale (Snyder) 285, 374, 410 Ward, Coy Jean (Wichita Falls) 307 Ward, Dorinda (Gainesville) 256 Ward, Patricia (Sanger) 220, 404 Ward, Vaida (Waxahachie) 230, 381 Ware, Billy (Marshall) !___ 230 Ward, Pansy (Corsicana) 387, 405 Warner, Helone (Grapeland) 220, 404 Warren, E. W., Jr. (New Boston) 285, 383 Warren, Ernest L. (Dallas) 285 Warren, Joyce Marie (Ft. Worth) 220, 381 Warren, Laurene (Raymondville) 246, 380, 392 Warschun, Marilyn (.Aubrey) 307 Warwick, Jane (New Braunfels) ,307 Washington, Martha ( ' ernon) 307 Waters, Nancy (Saint Jo) 307, 388 Page 443 Watkins, Bill L. (Sulphur Springs) 246, 337 Watson, Don (Waxahachie) 383 Watson, Donald (Millsap) 307 Watson, Gerald T. (Millsap) 214 Watson, Joan (Chico) 230, 346, 359, 363, 390 Watson, Maxine (Denton) 367 Watson, Velma (Denton) 367 Weatherby, Sue (Ft. Worth) 285, 385, 413, 384 Weatherly, Harvel (Rusk) 307 Weaver, George (Denton) 307 Weaver, Markie (Ft. Worth) 246, 321 Webb, Bettye Dutton (Denison) 214 Webb, Cloys V. (Amarillo) 234 Webb, Earl (San Benito) 230 Webb, Peggy (Ft. Worth) 285, 151 Weber, Louise C. (Ringoes, N. J.) 204, 358 Weeks, Katharine (Dallas) 405, 406 Weeks, Leonard (Dallas) 307 Weihs, William (Sherman) 230 Weinert, Nadine (Weinert) 307 Welborn, Geraldine (McKinney) 246, 394 Welborn, Glenna (McKinney) 285, 380 Welch, Malcolm D. (De Kalb) 246 Wells, Jo Anne (Meridian) 307 Wells, Weldon (Hawkins) 307 West, Kenneth C. (Ft. Worth) 204, 415 West, Mahdeen (Joshua) 307, 409 Westbrook, Wanda (Blooming Grove) 285, 313 Westcot, Joyce (Dallas) 264, 113 Whaley, Joyce 370 Whaley, Shirley (Weatherford) 234 Wheatley, Peggy (Greenville) 285, 410 Wheeler, Bobby (Texarkana) 327 Wheeless, Kay (Winters) 285 Wheiles, Hurley Joe (Hawkins) 285 Whiften, Wayne (Ft. Worth) 285, 335 Whilmoth, Allwyn N. (Dallas) Whistler, Joan (Iowa Park) 315, 403 Whitaker, Leroy (Paris) 329 White, Betty Carolyn (Kopperl) 308, 388 White, Carl (Lipan) 220 White, Denyse (Ft. W ' orth) 285 White, E. B. (Waxahachie) 325 White, Gerald (Dallas) 220, 407, 381 White, Glen B. (Burkette) 214 White, Harold (Burkette) 246 White, Imogene (Dallas) 349, 406 White, John Medlin (Roanoke) 214, 351 White, L. James (Corsicana) 252, 392 White, Martha (Denison ) 234, 313 White, Sid (Amherst) 234, 374 Whiteside, Tom (Tyler) 73 Whitfield, Jean (Dublin) 252, 395 Whitley, Patty June (Turnersville) 256, 346, 388, 366 Whitlock, Elise (CarroUton) 214, 346, 378, 405, 190, 103 Whitlock, Peggy (Denton) 308 Whitney, Nancy (Big Spring) 308 Whittington, Don Beth (Overton) 246, 321, 367 Whittle, Joe (Dallas) 264 Whittle, Thomas W. (Dallas) 367 Wicker, Virgielene (Caradan) 257 Wickline, Carolyn (Dallas) 308 Wiehe, Douglas (Mt. Vernon) 110, 111 Wiehe, Lawrence (Mt. Vernon) 110 Wiesner, Victor (Houston) 285 Wigley, Herbert N. (Dallas) 214, 415 Wiist, Herbert (Wichita Falls) 337, 415 Wilbourne, Jan (Arp) 308 Wilcke, Roma (Wichita Falls) 285, 408, 172 Wilcoxson, Bobby (Kermit) 308 Wildman, Elinor (Ft. Worth) 308, 384 Wiley, Art (Atlanta) 69 Wiltley, Elizabeth (Webster Groves, Mo.) 110, 111, 262, 405, 368 Wilkie, Caddo (Dallas) 230 Wilkie, Mary Katharine (Dallas) 308 Wilkie, Roma 393 Wilkins, Danial C. (Dallas) 214 Wilks, William (Denton) 220, 351, 3.50, 415 Willey, Riley (Mineral Wells) 285 Williams, Anna Lou (Moran) 262, 368 Williams, Annette (Piano) 252, 380 Williams, Barbara (Whitewright) 285 WilHams, Betty Sue (Bellevue) 308 Williams, Billie Sue (Groves) 285, 400 Williams, Billy (Bonham) 230, 335 Williams, Clifford (Edgewood) 252 Williams, Dan (Millsap) 285, 335 Williams, Doug (Bryan) 109, 308 William.s, Evelyn (Covington) 257, 388 Williams, Gene (Dallas) 220 Williams, Gordon (Tyler) 102 Williams, Joe B. (Gatesville) 252 Williams, John (Blue Ridge) 148, 134 Williams, Kurz Westall (Saint Jo) 246, 332, 352, 190, 396 Williams, Noel (Wichita Falls) 285 Williams, Pauline (Lufkin) 234, 404 Williams, Peggy (Sulphur Springs) 308 Williams, Suzanne Ester (Ft. Worth) 256 Williams, William J. (Sanger) 246 Williamson, Bertie (Burkburnette) 175, 246, 353, 408, 173 Williamson, Billie (Waxahachie) 308 Williamson, Myrtle Marie (Reagan) 308, 113, 391 Williford, G. B. Jr. (Port Neches) 230, 335 Willingham, Arlene (Perrin) 285, 357 Willingham, Beverly June (Bryson) 308 Willis, Annette (Abilene) 383 Willis, Charles L. (Santo) 214 Willis, Joanne (Dallas) 108, 308, 113 Willis, Joseph B., Jr. (Henderson) 308 Wills, Frances (Denton) 308 Wills, Velda (Denton) 405 Willson, Kathryn (Ft. Worth) 214 Willson, Katie (Ft. Worth) 347, 313, 405 Wilmoth, Allwyn N. (Dallas) 234 Wilsford, Peggy (Dorchester) 308, 388 Wilson, Bobby E, (Denton) 308 Wilson, Donald Roger (Dallas) 308 Wilson, Dorothy Vernon (Dallas) 308 Wilson, Helen 349 Wilson, Howard (Nocona) 252, 390 Wilson, Jerry (Electra) 285 Wilson, Jerry (Piano) 308 Wilson, John T. (Palo Pinto) 214 Wilson, Joy (Ft. Worth) 256,366 Wilson, Joyce (Greenwood) 256, 388, 377 Wilson, Morgan (Bells) Wilson, Samuel (Lewisville) 285 Wilson, Sandy (Philadelphia, Miss.) 220 Wilson, Iheo (Decatur) 252 Winder, Patricia (Slidell) 308 Winder, William Alfred (Ft. Worth) 308 Windham, Robert (Dallas) 308 Winfrey, Pat (Wichita Falls) 285 Wingfield, Joan (El Dorado) 285, 315 Winn, George (Sherman) 230, 335 Winn, Maxine (Jacksboro) 246, 409, 384, 175 Winston, Bill (Ruston, La.) 285 Wisdom, Jessie R. (Farmersville) 204, 367 Wise, Buddy (Ft. Worth) 339, 153 Wisely, Preston (Paris) 214 Withers, Patricia (Lillian) 308 Withrow, Glynn (Dallas) 285 Witten, Sydney Anne (Waxahachie) 252, 402 Wittie, Don (Desdemona) 308 Wolfe, Homer C. (Kilgore) 230, 348, 362 Wolmack. Louise (Smithfield) 409 Wolverton, Roddie (Denton) , 317 Womack, Louise (Ft. Worth) 252, 404, 173, 175 Page 444 Womble, Royce (Mansfield) 285, 149, 1S4 Wood, Clarence 111 Wood, Dahon (Graham) 204, 347, 345, 369, 389, 101 Wood, Donald (Cleburne) 308 Wood, Glen (Ft. Worth) 149, 134, 397 Wood, James F. (Carlsbad, N. M.) 220 Wood, John (Texas City) 335 Wood, Larry (Thalia) 109, 220, 339. 385, 413 Wood, Louise (Ozona) 308 Wood, Mary Ann (Waco) 308 Wood, Merry Ruth (Unden) 257, 317 3(36, 377 Wood, Shirley (Dallas) 308 Wood, Tom (Piano) 308 Woodard, Floyd P. (Houston) 111, 308 Woodfin, Edward C. (Dallas) 246 3:V4, 392 Woodruff, Jack (Decatur) 331 Woodruff, Jack P. (Dallas) 285, 331 Woodruff, Stanley (Dallas) 308 Woods, William W. (Detroit, Mich.) 348 Woodward, Carl (Wichita Falls) 204. 354 Woodward, F. Lewis (. rlington) 246 Woodward. Richard (Worden, 111.) 308 Woolever, Patsy Jeanne (Petrolia) 257, 388, 377 Woolf, Mary Christine (Smithfield) 214 Woolsey, Wayne (ColUnsWUe) 234 Wooten, Jeane (Mineola) 246, 354, 392 Worley, G. Dow (Malone) 204 Wren, Gerry (Ft. Worth) 285 Wright, Claiborne G. (Paris) 214 Wright, Dorothy Jo (Henderson) 214, 401 Wright, Frank (Edinberg) 109 Wright, Henry (Cleburne) 220 Wright, John (Grand Prairie) 339 Wright, John Preston (Orth) 230 Wright, June (Brownwood) 214, 317 Wright, Nancy (Ft. Worth) 108, 368 Wright, Pat Juanita (GatesWUe) 252 Wright, Patty (Ferris) 1 308 Wright, T. B. (Bonham) 325 Wright, Tom (Tyler) 335 Wunsch, Daniel Eugene (Burlington) 285 Wyatt, Ray (Denton) 339 Wylie, Don (Ft. Worth) 104, 285, 385 VVylie, James A. Jr. (Era) 246 Y Yancey, Kenneth Wayne (Morganza, La.) 204 Yarbrough, Betty Elaine (Gainesville) 285 Yarbrough, Ola Frances (Ponder) 230, 346, 363 Yarbrough, S. M., Jr. (Gainesville) 214 York, Gail W. (Comanche) 285 Young, Charles (Poplar Bluff, Mo.) 308 Young, Charles M. (Denton) 308 Young, Earle (Galveston) 325, 342. 369, 103 Young, James (Ft. Worth) 252, 329, 414 Young, John Preston (Dallas) 230 Young, Patsy (Eastland) 109, 308 Young, Pete (Eastland) 325 Young, Sarah Jo (Garland) 308 Young, Thomas (Dexter, N. M.) 285 Youngblood, . nn (Breckenridge) 220, 404, 393 Yowell, Robert (Dallas) 234 z Zabojnik, Jerome (Dallas) 414 Zajicek, Charles J. (. usun) 214, 371, 390 Zeros, Chris 110, 111 Zickler, . rchie (.Abilene) 285 Zimmerman, Warner (Macedonia, Iowa) 308 Zoms, Margaret (Boyd) 308 Page 44 r I M o T T tic ' -tl f ' ' JaM u C «- .»k r : . • .. ' -I- I . -5 " -

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