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W g , a1,' ai Q ' .s , ""Z:5'-T""T1l":U ,'gf?f"ff'j"" -H'-"TQf" ' f- vv , i 4 vw, WYY- , v'-Y. 0 1 'I 0 f b - - ff! 4 fi ' ' - ' YT. ' I , -V 4 1 - V -I-' -'Ex 3, .' ' 0 .ff A+ I r' .25 A . P . Y 4 ,J 1 . . V '3 . , Ag V f . ' wf ffl 3 Sv . 1 k 5 , - ' " . ' , " . ' a . 1 in " ,. - ' , r ffjy A f , , H, A H ' ' an 'ff . 1 . ' .. W ' U- 2,42 1. "' W . ,. sf' J ll - , , -. m, -aj Qi n A Q YV . A ,. 1 .m 'QLYL ' . Q ' , , fx: Q. f f 9 .jg if ip - . A+' . 9 Q. ., 'Y' ., an 1 , ' . -, 'H fa 3 . QE, , Z 4 1 , ff: t 1 - 'ff 3 -4- E ,ffl-'gi . ., I . Nj ,. Q if -K ' J -. ' .Qx L I ' . if-F " '-' v - .'- ' gi . , ' 'N ' . ' QQ, . if ' ff' J, - A V ., V k . Q - f' I 6,41 I ' ' ' Q, ' -f FJ 6 ' ' 1 .pr ,. -f ff' ' . f L- '- 7 ,, 11,5 ff, , -, ur - 1 w- Kap-I V :I iv: 43. it ft jf- '- fi . ai?" ' HV 5 ' ' , 1 . 'ag W A 'E-3 .A .- ifgbf 1 V . ',ng.,A,N A I J? + TA I N .im 1 I " ' .fu fl f1"v':,, A , I ,, 'W' ' A I fp ,L- if Iii? A ' 'ff "f1"l'g1'f f 1 QS-f kia '- . -A 1 5595 ff .. 1 ' K Y"f'9'i .' .. f- ' ' A M' "" if' 'S' 'fi gf-0 L.. ., D. " ff 3 W 'iii ' 3' , S K , w ,G V '. , 'ln' ,. ' ' Q -u .B f,-f Q ' 1 U ' ' '-3 4 1 ' 'exif ' C . :pf ' "YzQI V, ' 155 1 .f-. 3,, f r - - , A ' lo , . 4 , , l V' , ,lr 1 -, h A .1 . , E - , 2 , 1. . -fl ef ' Q " A H "- ' Q S 4 v . U . . , A 4. V. 1 ' - . 1 l ' f r3,ff,?a:? y , .. f L. . Q A f . ,gp Q .5 fq is iw Q. qi ii I . . . '. ,d -gg .l v, Q, s -Q Q ,' - ' A fy A ' 1 s . ' 'n 'Q S .4"'59:15a? 'fwi' -' , 1. . - F .v A Q t ':',. J. Q 4 l . I A - Y +' ,JU . n i 4, ' ',.4 A , ,' H . 62 4 Y S 4 - -5 . V r . , . , -X -. ,,f..,A QL, ' , .I F n -.Wg 'h , -K ,, . . 1 1' . v . n 5 fi .Q . pg S 65' r -w s, , A v 1.. . . . . - I Q.. 5 . " ' 2 , I Tri 'L A I.-A .A.A-s M -4'-Y V ,, ,,, .Q '..' .ill ,.:..,a...A Z-YA 1 , - ' V ' u si 'J F lf' C1 STUDENTS 0F NUBTII TEXAS STATE LeIl0Y BRUCK, Editor JOE ECHIILS, Associate Editor -I. ll. HALL, JB.. Sponsor h D Pom any Harper Standard American Beauty Cover Company , T e orsey I p , M x of Photo Associates , Michael Studio Engraving Company , a ll ll LQIIIUN To J. D. HALL, JR. Teacher . . . Printer . . . Photographer . . . Serving North Texas for 20 years, the enthusias- tic, astute man pictured at right has done more to develop the NT year- book than any other in- dividual. With expert skill in the art of printing, Mr. Hall printed YUCCAS from 1957 until 1943 in the college print shop, giving students some of the best an- nuals in history. His intimate knowl- edge of printing togeth- er with a keen editorial sense have made his counsel and advice in- valuable to YUccA edi- tors. It is to his sponsor- ship, advice, friendship, and service to the entire school that we dedicate the 1948 YUCCA. FUHEWUHD Did you ever walk along a downtown street and look at yourself in the various windows and mirrors? Most of us have, for we like to see how we look. We like to see pictures of our faces. We like to see how we appear at work and during times of leisure, formally. and informally. We like to see ourselves with friends. in various attitudes of our daily lives and during special occasions. And we like to see how we looked in the past. It is with this viewpoint that the editors of the 1948 YUCCA have assembled your annual. We have endeavored to include in the book as many pictures of as many diiierent students as possible. We hope that this yearbook gives you a pleasant picture of the school year 1947-48. VIENVS . . 10 FEATURES . . Life . 24 PERSONALITIES . . Charm 72 WHO'S WHO . , Fortune . . . 88 PUBLICATIONS . . Printers? Ink . . . 100 STAGE . . . . Theatre Arts . . 110 ATHLETICS . . . Varsity . . . . 120 ADMINISTRATION . . School Executive . 160 CLASSES . . . . Senior Scholastic! . 178 ORGANIZATIONS . . Yogue . . 276 ADVERTISEMENTS . . . . 382 Modernism has been employed in fashioning the 1948 YUCCA. As a continuity device, magazine cov- ers were used to separate the book into divisions. The Huid design which appears on the cover and throughout the book is the artists contribution to the modern theme. OG XR li b X30 , 23259506 W S fi. Presulentgs Message The appearance of the 1947-48 YUCCA ushers in the return of an annually recurring campus interest which is unlike other interests of the year. No noise-making is heard and no pageantry is seen. blot even a warm "thank-you" applause to the editorial staff marks the day when the yearbooks are distributed, but the interest is manifest, and the apprecia- tion for work well done is real. Some students are seen first feverishly thumbing through the pages for personal recognition, then, in a more leisurely fashion, looking through the book for mention of others. Some are scampering hither and yon to show friends what they have found. Having seen and read the contents of the new book, they settle down to the task of securing auto- graphs, which often all but obliterate the artistry of the pages. Meanwhile, the editorial staff, by now "worn to a nub" after months of planning and toil, anxiously watch and listen for evidences of popular approval of their labors. Even an unmistakably favorable reception on the part of campus appraisers is insufficient to end their anxieties. They must endure many more weeks of waiting before state and national "ex- perts" have had time to examine all books of the year and to make honor awards. By that time some of the staff will have left the campus. Well, editors and publishers, here is my wish that the award for the 1947-48 yearbook may prove to be another addition to the ever- growing list of state and national honors for the publications of this college. To each of you I extend my hearty congratulations and give to you my sincere thanks. I also express my deep appreciation for the cooperation of students, faculty, and administration, which, in spite of post-war obstacles, has made 1947-48 one of the most notable years in the history of North Texas State College. W. J. MCCONNELL, President YV. J. DIPCIINNELL, ILA., DLA.. l'h.ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 N i 1 1 gf? Q L IEW 1' 1 1 'R 1 Q4 '.: 1, V1 ,., 4 .10 +11 11 - w O x 4 ,- e 'Q sl.. .M-. . A., v fff v -A-V J L55 4 A. 2 Ss" Q-4,,g'Q' . ,5l6.4,': ,,..,,E 1' -.A "fd, g,'5iffqE:4V5 "?5B3'q'SfC1.,:"3kE5f.- Jpafmk ,Q af ' J? 1 .1 fr 1 XX-"lx - C fy 1. 'F ,bps Mi , yi ,s ,1 1 1 l I. 'ra' 1 Y 1 L. W ,. 1 1 Q, - I , .- ' . .1 .11 5' 'f "V'j', O"'. K Wi' W, N' 1. 1-"fl J. , . 1 1 1 Eff! -f- A-'fwf -' A' '14 '.1-3' ' ' 1 11' -9- ' ,. ,nv . 1 ,, - - ' ,f - 1' 4'5'k 1 1 '.,,1' f 1 1 - - , , , 111 . A 1 . .. 1 .' ' ' f '- - , 1 u '- LQ ,,4.g.5,g' 1.-T-if .259 ff. .' I ' wil 1,,' v , f-1' f 1 1X .,'.-., , 1 , ' ' Q .1 ' 1 ' R " 3 "Dx fJV-' iL'f'f' 4 'fx "af . " W 11 1 Q, .v 'fdinf 1 in 1 Q5 ax 'E J 'A .ax s.. pl. 1.1 1 f, 1 . , -1 ,ff Y eff.: fx, --1-'11x,. gm' 5 z . Q 1 - 1,y.,.-.gjws 1--5.-1 ,, 41.- x x Q xaklrgy-gQ15'lf5'f3fw, gpm Q V, fx J 1 ff. V 794,4,'if"fff.f'!'J"4i,yvn1-3,5 :l: ag sir 'yyfk' 4 . X' 1 -.Q - 4 . , V . h 1, , f , - . . . X.f'f'L1'v', ,efg .ff-riff gy' 5 - lv. x ' 5 " . 13815 J bf' mg .A,.,':Q.1.'dJ-' , , ', 1 fx- , 1- .- . 1. 1 -, L- " .1 ,H'F,gA'7,, 'gk ' lf -.rfyw YY Q 5 14- SVN . U .,,,?y D '43-,!'f'Y5' 527' aff 1. ,gf 1.1314 ,7 . ' ni" ' L 'Q -1' ' 1 ' . , 1 , f-,f,b1f,.,,,, 1.1111 1: - X 1,1 - 11 .uf1-'ffl-sWa.1.11X-Lf.4 m 1 I 4 ,S-311 -1. 'hr-."1X-"1114Q D .f .M-J, X 1.11 . 1' 1 ' 5' fr, 'L ' ,fi , I ' 3 ' -,.N'9'b'f.k, .. . 1 1 M ef ffffw L z,g-ff" 1 sul, 1-'W 'J ,z H-iafiw' 1112 S 14 if .v Q 1 Ds? ' 4 "-' - '4 '..l' 1. 1. by X-:, Ni, NJf,1'5'x. M' , 1 4f':L'fi ia r 'Wx 'Q "'h' 1: '15 1'-If . N O x' f u Y U 11, T xl ei ,Q 16 . , bi . : Q 1 '95 1 1 - 1 1 jff ,1. 1 '1f1ffa1 N ' V Y .pg 1' 'L M u ., 3' 'MQY 1 ' 31,35 ,fa .1 .gun sw . ww N aw 11 Q, . ,Q K 1 1 P 0' dministration Buildin g 2:51 ,1.. 1, 'SZ' K ,Jn X :Y 72,571 -- ' 1 W 2 Gs P IL .1 1. diff f L ifniii 1 1- 1 ' f-251-ffigfiigihtgvf E f1ff-mf: rfgyl 515221' 11 1 ,, l 1,11 1 Znfifs' V2 if '1:.5f,:,L if V fi isgi. f B- X , ,V ' U ,AV . ,- ,, Q , Y 1 S 5 xg? sir: 1 3bK'1'1"iWif1 ,fff , wh, 11 J, Q 5 wqaml' L. 1 . ..v,1f,Yg" f 'V "V+-.g,.. 1 4 W ' VPIQIEQQ , 1 J, k 1,.f'.f 2' 47 A 1"e5f5. . "HC" 1 Q n wx , .4 r, 1,-xr: IIf'Q101 'P 4 ,V . 'FV . 1 1"27i'91 I-IWW I if-.5513 3' . . i 6, ' 'A fig 'A 5? af 1 W! 'ik if V 15.31-,, f , , 1 ,529 gf .1 'F' 1 3?"2'ia Q-A1 0 Q A if We 45. 3153 'B M-X f 3 A1 Q 7'5+'1s1'1 ,sm ygik 4 'Q 1 'Sf 5 1 1 ix! 11 1 O I ., A r THE PllESIDENT'S IIIIDIE Page ll ...White, homey, dignified architec- ture, befitting the eminence of our Chief . . . And wife Clara . . . W'here the President rests, eats, cogitates, enter- rains. 1 Y V ,L ,. ,,lf,. w,f'w.t f , at ff, W, V , f,,..,,, 0 , fr- v ff ' Y. ' emtiilarwwi. wifi, N.. zzfzikggl' W SCIENCE HALL ...Microscopes, test tubes, the paraphernalia of re- search...An old, homey building, fitted for long laboratory hours. DIYSIC' HALL EIIUCATIIIN BUILDING ...Student teaching, principles of education, youngsters . . . Ivy sprinkled, practical structure, in- habited by serious minded stu- dents and progressive teachers. . . . Obligato, crescendo, strings, brass, ethereal voices . . . Modern, resonant building, home of artis- try . . . A separate colony on "the hill." -mmm, mmvsf-.3111 i sewer J IIGME MANAGEMENT BUILDING A ...Make beds, cook and learn how to be scientifically domes- tic . . . Modern, beautifully fur- nished home, is home-ec intern- ment camp. MANUAL ARTS BUILDING ...Business machines, account ing labs . . . Social sciences . . Roaring presses, journalists . . YUCCA home. Page 14 , f. . 'L Q' i '-' ,QPQ ' .7 ',,- ' 1' V" 'y y . -Y A. .aaa M ,. ,J ni r Q J. ,J sq ,gg s gay N ,JI s Yin, f .-W, , L,'!,j.,?WkYA ip, ,' L, J: 5, , ,Q K wk- 1-M' xi just N :E rw R K N, " V ' 3 , 1 if 5 y 4 Q, Shri, H 5 4 1 fi ' aff, " XL: , ,, I i ' ,M by A Q N- .4 ,,1'3 33 x , Q, "' f'if f f g i 'f 7 "wwf ' 6 , Q 'Q ' ,455 ' , X , 3 ' A-Al1f1f3'1,',f X 1 1 ,N Wgfw yff 5 Q. Z' ' f Ralf! - ' A ,uf 1 gl , 'Lv' " ,V TR' Sis' igfffi W X ,1!Sf'f:?kAQ, f -, - gm , ,f , X J fe , in 4-lgwuvb 9 ,AF ' ,.,J'f' hu - A . V nf xx . 1 W af QNX- fi Q 4' It X ji New 1 V ' iwe If X cm' , ff. , if A - f 1, 5 fs' I P V A ,W ,fy SL .,4 ,rl I .gf 1: ,Z V X 151, Q, N 1 A , .- M, . Q f "Av, :Nut if 3 R ? 1 S Eg , X 1352 53315 M3133 1- Q ig I x-1 I A ,.pf' " 3 Wax f K1 xj, Q? QM ,QW iw ,g VXA "UM . A - A ffm.. , , g , , Q ,Q Y f f H K I ,,,.,,,k V r V N X - .. .wnf www ' , , ' X 5 pw, Af , 4 Qfmii M i , L1 A 5 XY Lqjg , 3 K l , X My X 3 .tw X xi.: 7 X, . gms ,ax lzgqjy I tx. 1 3 H5117 -f . , 'W QQ b - ' . " ", K g J U f ' " ' ' ' - Q ' 5 .f 2 , V 'gf ,V A H " NV , ,. fl lt? Ly, Mi J f gxgkgliyggz Msg X A ,Q K QV gi n X ff, iv! 1' 4,1 I, A Q" w,,g2.0y gi, x , , , 6,1 M., W I W , r WL K Vyzn I . ff-in -' ef My ,mmzgxiffgf A 'QQ N -fx yn W' if s if . 4, . K' " - -' 1' ,f ,f,. X, M Q, W, -, 5 . Q QQ, .fy 4 V., , . ,nfw - .!j'i', ' xxx ,x N v , . 'ff I X s 4 ,f , MK ,gn ' ,SW -1+ ' ffiiff if Q, 'V - 2.1 Q 'i' 1,6 I d , Q, X ,V v -- it N .y 'p Q vfg-2.x ix .5 V iii' , X X f -A 4 . 3 f N ' W., ' Q vw- .Q M ' N 'H - 5 'f 'nf' -'al 597 M, 4' ii , x I 'f' Vi' e1 1 ' ' L -wif 12 , 1 v I f S v Ng, x - 4 ,Q -. Y if l 4,64 x QQQW, ,- ,gf A W -. .O Q1+f"5s:"' Y' fi' 2' pw swf f "f 2 112N?MYn:k WM "' 3 N xf I V fflxg - . JH it vf 3 gp ,- 1 Y fi gf, mn A ...X - - 4 - I - " if fb' r, - 01" 'V it IA 's, ri - 5, 1 fm ,gas K , 1 ' 1 , . . nh A : k"' 'K 'ff' , , Y- 'N' W ,eg Z., my .:, .E i, rxfsf, aggggglmgggv rn 1 -! A 4r,X ,f , ,ix , f. . A ,N ,Ig og M, r ' ffm .4 ff? if , . N" , , A, . ,N ' v ' yx 7 4, I R Q - ,qv - 3 E , . A ,, , ,Q f xr 5 1, W 4 f N W f . A K f ,f ,Q , .. f N bw., Q v,gQ:f,' . mi K V -f tab A L3 ff A QU 4: 7 M 19314 1' fx A V ' ' , 4 V A W ',,"'.,::,5vf1-sry, f , X f',f..' K: 3 4 1 Q x J I gmt 35 f H X ? is by f M -HMT QM . 9 3' .M , if H- x Zgiiiw. Q V x - '..,p:"1 ' r .wi 4,-V an ' .K :npr Wh- swxfy vaVe'4g ,Y f'.,A'a6i-Y .W if? " 44. .nj , Ng. gx-1. x M V X ,. , .f Ff'ff,j . 1 1 .WSF 5' . xv f 1 Ajlf' Rf' sg, .K ex ,af "3 5 as 4 ,vi 31,4 'Z if A555 bl-my 4 A x- , N swf Q: is fig I ,. K ' 4' K ' ', N, 'fm 'U-,.,x 1753" C 1f"'I1 if? ,248 ' xwil' - f' 1"4 KS , I A-Q F Q Jr V2 ,S f 5' ' W T454 X ,M av ,f wg? A, Z 1 An W, s ,KA fibvir-Va 'r' , ?f-.JY Q-XIRTFQ ,X T, ? v EE 'Ill 1 r 5 f 5 s nam 2 '15 EW S , 5 I , If rv- -' . if -N 1 f rw LIBRARY ...The house of study, research, hooks . . . Drowsy browsing room . . . Dignihed, handsome building, campus meeting place. lIOSl'l'l'AL . . . Serene and clean, good for colds, cuts, coughs, other aches and pains. IIBCIIESTIIA IIALL ...With ivy-bearded face, intricate front steps . . . Music Hallls little sister . . . Vibrating. POS'l' UFFICE ...Too crowded for kiss- ing games . . . The link with the outside world. Page I8 1 3? 5 2 E ' 3 . W wwwww wr I TEH IIILI, IIALL . . . Home for women, haunt for men . . . Housing Great Hall. Page I9 Q "QS, t If 'Q' ,ff , ,f' ,. wr, ff ITIIILTIIN HALL ...Palace for men, poker, dice, and everything nice. NIABQUIS HALL ...Gir1s' dormitory...Crystal room, dinners niceries...Bevies of beauties. A Fifi if ,!f Xff ,df . ff" Page 20 K K annum 0AK STIIEET HALL . . Rendezvous - how long does it take to say goodnight? . . . Girl's home away from home. - out lr, vvaag Page 21 BRUCE IIALI at of 'rf ff- ,174 ,J A -"tk- A , . . .Newest dormitory for women . .. Wf4,.3, if . . . Nearing completion when these pic- tures were taken, these three views of Bruce Hall are the first to appear in a YUCCA. The new dormitory accommo- dates five hundred and twenty girls. Page 22 if' f IIECIIEATIUN AND ISIILF FLUBIIUITSE ...Where golfers congregate . . . Students dance, have parties, sip cokes, play games. Page U IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIH IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIHI HIIIIIIIIII IIII IIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIWH IIII" III IIIHHH 'III Illlm III IIIII' Illm HIIIII HIIIIIIII Ill l IIIII II I lIII IIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Huw IIIIIII IIIIII I IIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII ,lulmllmlmmm IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIN Life Hin the Campus, the aches. streets. class ms. Your life at the " rner." in your roo , at parties. Visitors. ccasions. The illllmliuiliints and the life at North T as are repre- mlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI sented in this division of youjyearbook. - I .IIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllmmu You will want to remember th lwchool year IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII of 1947-48. These featured picture llllman cover Illllllllllllltblmmlnlla small portion ot that year, lilmrt they may liwimlllllllgmmmlte memory of a certain or lllllllllll a Particular girl Illlilllllllllmlmmnteresting insffumlmll' IIIIII II or a hectic pledgeship or czilmmlllflllllmlllllllll or thesmillllllllll IIIII II pictures may help you to remembiwllllllmfmmhml 4 II I I II II former Self- IIIIlrullulllmllulvlllllllllIIIIIIIII Pi PPV! A- ' Www 1 M3-v 1 F ,L in fmwgs .-if X 1 it i , xo.-n"r"M Rewcafiwz park refmfm' zfnei' Il fwow bI1.filI!5l'.f. . . . ive oreanl days The summer sessions sizzling weather drove stu- dents into the out-of-doors. All forms of outdoor re- creation kept North Texans less conscious of the heat. Golf . . . Croquet . . . Tennis. But most popular were swimmin' and women. Morning classes were popular. But the fast Tues- day through Saturday schedule fooled students into thinking they had much leisure timeg as a result, ex- amination cram hours were more energetic than usual. Summer school was typified by outdoor movies in the recreation park . . . picnics and swimming parties . . . outdoor sports . . . difficult concentration during afternoon classes . . . cokes and ice cream instead of coffee . . . spring print dresses, shorts and shirts that wilt before noonday. Miniature golf for the zzoifirex . . Nigblr and cfnqzzet gamer . . . . . mul hor-,rlwtr at 11 pzzftifzg fO7H'He?j', . . . 111' Coker am! gala ai fly? L'!1!l7!l7Oll.f X1 and swimming . . . and the sun 'K 5 sq s 1 e it . - fl .4-..- zzniwizzg . . . amz' .ffm fmfbizzg . . . it popzfftzr. Swimming meets, golf tournaments, a foretaste of "Rigoletto." and air-cooled movies got the attention of students dur- ing the summer semester. Also, a contest to find the most beautiful male anatomy on the campus provided entertainment and gave the school, as "Mr, North Tex- as " handsome Billy Bob Gale. a The clubhouse at the golf course op- ened late in the summer and gave SILI- dents a place to dance informally, sip fountain drinks, and have refreshments without going to the "Corner," But wredominantlx Students were on 5, their own to provide occupation for their leisure. The recreation park, with bad- minton, miniature folf, wing-vonfr. Cro- 2- l . l ss quet, skating, volleyball, swimming, and horseshoe witchinv was the best wlace to F7 find relaxation. 51171271187 V6gi,lif'?'llff07Z lim' if four hlockr long. 5 it GK va. A JSP? Y X, , s'f9i,f Firft act of "Rig0lelI0" apflearr in park. fo aff 'P s 51: 'ft Bill Gale ciirjulfzyr form that 10072 for ' T 111111 him Ike title of 'Mn INOr'!b Texan." 1 1,4 Page 27 1? b Nx 'Ex B Q v Q K X 4 J Im' 'NA , at 9 X K k x 5 W I-Qi HS . . . brings us hawk to school "Eagan 231 if already file! for Zbal boznf' Ummm, lm! il'.r goof! to .fee ya again, honeyf' Jo many clozheff "Garb, I ziialfff know I karl "I dont mint! paying box rent-if I jart ge! .mme mail? Reunion . . . Comparing notes with old friends. Waiting in inter- minable lines . . . Getting settled . . . School in the fall starts with larger enrollment, many new and many old faces. With spirit and en- thusiasm, another school year be- gins. "IJ thin' Inn daring to .rlafrt reborn! wilb W 0 0 ' 51 'N'-5' X , f Q X , 1 The beginning of school in the fall annually ush- ers in a new outlook. Buck to school . . . or in college for the first time . . . students create 11 humming at- mosphere of interest, friendliness, and anxiety. XWith everyone getting acquainted-with other people and with classes-September is u month dur- ing which students get adjusted to u new, or it differ- ent life. Clubs become active again, old friends trade memories, and new friends are made. Page 29 l CLOcKwf1,s'1: AROIYND H113 mr,'1f.- Girly get .willed in tbeir rnfwzi' . . . The ftzmfly, fIlL'f!llff7ZKQ wtnzy neu' memberxr, hare fz jmrz ' . . . P 3 cp if :NM zz! the fizit! fully . . . Snmrify girly gel tzcqmzilzfcrf at Ll fell Frerbmmz .rboe hmzliug Villldf follnnxn tmciilimz. ir Eagle! open conference .venison with 13-7 win over Stephen F. Armin. C . . . ushers in football, politios ..,,.,...1-mfg. fr ' ..W.-.fggfe . , The Dip.n'y-Doorllerf wow 'em on the rrtuge .thorax Elections, and plans for elections, made the biggest noise during the month of October. Class officers were elected, freshmen chose Wesley Smith as cheer leader, and student favorites were nominated. Student government groups debated and made plans. Clubs and societies became stringently active. The Eagles showed their football power by holding the Arkansas Razor- backs to a 12-0 score. Rush week showed extreme vigor. The school year had begun in earnest More people attended fine arts numbers. More people went to more par- ties, and there were more classes to go to-for enrollment was at an all-time peak. Page 30 TOP: Tear rlymnimzfe the mein! crzlemfar. XWIDDLE Dr. Pnlgrzr i1ze!2rir1Ze.v .rt.1fcfe1ztJ' with nypfznlirnz. BOT TOM: Hrz!!nu'e"en Carnirral .rnpplier zzzriely. OCTOBER, l947-warm weather and clear skies. The month saw many people busy. Six-weeks tests . . . Studies . . . A strict social obligation . . . Every- thing went smoothly during the month, and even the lower Hoot of the manual arts building had a short period of respite when journalistic big-shots went to the Associated Collegiate Press Convention in Minneapolis. Meatless Tuesdays and eggless Thurs- days did not even dampen the enthusiasm of the busiest students in years. Inilepencieiitx make plum for favorite mmpaigii. I fAN V ' sg X - 0 D N -5 N N f fx ' .-,:..-.-45313 TOPI The clock balm -voting f01'fdL'04'il6I. M1DDLE.' Stiziieiit X, J Q goverizmeizt parley. BOTTOM: Cheer leiicien welcome Wet Smith into fbeii' miiiit. Page 31 l . . . brings I nqplllq- the I-:xi-S Smzzffzy 71IU1'72i7lg, gi'r'I,r talk ozw' lbe f11'ez'inff.i' 7ZiK,QZ7f'i.f c1'e12t.r. Witli the football season in full sway Chighlighted by the naval engagement with East Texasb, Novem- ber was packed with parties, entertainments of all sorts including homecoming festivities, and ever- present classwork. Although broken up by the Thanksgiving holidays, the month saw the election of twelve student favor- ites, a speech by Martin Dies, really long skirts by co-eds, a visit by the Westininster Choir, a Concert by the NT Symphony Orchestra, and the end of pledgeship. Energetic, fmt tbozzglvlleff .i'l1fzie12f.r "l1m'rnu"' ihe Ear! Texai' Vicmry hell. Page 32 Space z.r C07Z.l'67'Zf'6li at Bela bozfre. ET goof!-1:-'ill girly efzfermifz in 5llf6!il01'ilf7ll. Reception liner begin the zlancer. Full plefigef become zzzcnzhevir at prefe7zl4z!io11. Exam' wegiyzer before Homecoming game. NOVEMBER, 1947-and sunny days. A cheerful atmosphere blessed the campus, 11 warm feeling toward exes, a deep compas- sion toward the East Texas football game, and 11 more intimate understanding of Am! every day, people indulge- this' if .. J XX x Edt gf 3 'fr t 129,53 r N x Qs . 2 l ,L In 10 :Nw n 4 classes. Them Gypfy Gfzmboree Typifiey .ro cial :lofi vilief. M5 --'lv fi. L, . , in Chiffon. Tbe.x'pmm umm on f6Cb7Zilffl0 for "Dear Kolb." A W uv, DE E . . . the Christmas spirit renews ol The Salad Bowl contest with Nevada aroused national interest and local furor when the University of Nevada started to back out of the game. because North Texas was not a "name" school. Nevada reconsidered, however, and defeated the Eagles in a hard-fought game on the first of the new year. Other feature events of the month were the selection of Isabel Ellis as YUCCA Queen, a short ilu epidemic, the beginning of bas- ketball, and announcement of seven footballers on the All-Confer- ence eleven. The College Players' presentation of the stage play, "Dear Ruth," took the spotlight on the boards. And a YUCCA survey disclosed that more trips were made by students to "Flight 21" than in any previ- ous month. Marie practice 'roomy on "the hill" are mozfeclf. K 2 x 0111 St. Nick-zvilbozzzf beard. I , ii 2 f, it ... E ' - 5 Chrirlmar Cd'7'6!,1' and packages' are rent. Chrirtmar paflier, 6ill7ZC6,Yill7Zli paffras' for a Cf1'i7Z,b. Xtf X r , . KES XZ ,IMA QQ x' 2 Y Q X Fm.. NN I, wr in 5 1 houghts of homo. old friends, and fine food The student government group drafting a constitution make ex- haustive survey of present governing bodies at the school, and students find the days are long in anticipation of Christmas holidays. That many people got what they wanted for Christmas was indicated by an epi- demic of marriage ceremonies. to 4 i t ff ' f' if rw iii " L' , ti, Q . ja ff' 1 "Hot Zig! Turkey, zlreniflg, L'l'cH1!76l'l'j' ,rtmfe , . Bm' cla,u1re.i' am! W' ' i11.rt1'11cti01z cwztivzzfe, Dem' Ruth y.4zy.s'.' "Aiken, hebazfe y0ffr,x'elf." APO giver party for orpbmzx, reflecting Cloriylfmzy ypirit. BllJ'i7Z6.1'A' .vtffnZe1zl,r 'read lheir fnirfzme. X 4 "Anti who in bell if NeL'ada?"' :urself RICH IN VILLA Heavy Clothing ij in Halle . . and winter comes C olal weather mahef pin-hall machine! even more popular. ' -EW "' -. W mimi A Nil -Q- Slealding on icy flreetf hecomef a facl. Final examinations warm u a cold month and North Texans recover P , from the Christmas holida s. A series of cold blasts brou hr to the cam- Y pus the slickest weather in years. johnny of PM hardly flixtractf Beta carcl game. Phomgrapherl' fymholifm of a rugged month. The basketball season swept in with snow and ice, and the short school month faded fast into Feb- ruary. It was a month of deep con- centration as well as deep snow and study. Also, astute YUCCA observa- tion estimated that more kissing was at a higher plane, and coffee consumption at a greater level than in any imaginable period of the same duration. yi,-'lu 'fr' :S l xx W X ill' X f Qxf -1, 1314! Wfff remoz e Decembe Ifzcilzffrial A171 cfimzer if typical nf clzzb activity . . . Modewz .rleflflifzg . . . Ezzgler ffifplay good fzaflfelbaff form . . . Geezle clmzfe at cflfbhozzfe if one of few m'Iiz'ilie.r. Rmb fIf71Clf072J' begin anew. J-.1 M.. A-A-mm M., . . . spring semester begins Stzldeaztf fine up in min for regiftmtion. Backftage with the Dalfax Symphony. The Concert Bmzri gow on mm' "Wfb0 will he my Valcffztinefj Page 3 8 Track rvork-anti begin in .fpize of cold Leap year! Open fearmz on men. .,-I' Beginning with more cold weather and the unpleas- antries of registration, February ended on a pleasant note, and on a day that wouldnt be seen again for four years- the 29th. Valentines Day added an amorous note to an already extremely friendly campus. The first spring-like weather turned students outside after the winter wet and cold days. Everything was begin- ning again. New classes . . . New pledges . . . Some new acquaintances. But mostly--the same old thing. AW , S- - 0 Pagc39 TOP: The yea: "'. 1' fifirl imfflz 1l'6dIlJ67' bring! out the tenfzir playerr . , . CENTER: Stzzziem' government rbiefr Hem' .emi of fnmtitfftinmzl 'Il'01"fb . . . BOTTOM: Talnm cbrmre their S1l"C'6ll!31" Girl. -id? 2? Bnyr give valuable affix!- avzce to heritaut femaler. Smdentr cram for .fix-weekr examrf. Ping-pong if featured at the BSU Center. Probably the most to - be - remem- bered happening in March was Dutch Week. Reversing the custom, girls asked the boys for dares, paid the bills, Inzra marali aware more intereit in Jportr Page 40 .Egg vi , mv: ff F 'wr wi i' ff J' -is vi 52 , Rye gf' 1. , rx 414 my Q' 1 ef 1 ,Wib K I 3 XXX , A. s. KM ,N ?Z".' ,4 Q fggffg, V if A W' 'WI 'SQ "2 Z, ..,a-F59 M536 Minn K L:,..'Eif A ,,j . J Q-,a??i , s. ,I I ' an Q , . f ,. . , ,fd gg H--. X. . - Fir nf , . fgbg Q A, , , ,.- Wi, K Q32 A 'ff' fm:-lp A AL 2 , JQQVQQA f' an V. - n w. ,fl ' nm ww'-, Q- -- : , 1. bs? ,."'ff'11.3?51',e': ' sz."-2.f:-.lfak fc - , ,,, ZA KM.. A E -, A i f Y, -4 3 951 43 'N W ' ' X .R Q " ' f Jai? wg, 'fav' m 5 , A 3 . , wg V A , 1, ' 1 A L 3: ,I M., , Q5 -Q f fe wa T S. ,Aw It Amwmmlwg uf-Q . I 5 H I WW QLAV 'lvf Mflgggmf ww- em it N ,::.w.-J, f ' V , gy K Q H .L ' .af gg n. + 5 A 1 s :V 4' "N T, 2?i af' , 5, X N i 1 if 4 :gg n . I ' ' as 9 ,Q 2 - Sym KX 954' 5' 1 I 1 Meg sf ',f,fl ,Nm sf ,.s . Q k at w'4,1 Q ffw K! QQ Q! mf? ig? 33 , w wh fy if Q fi V, N, mi 56 x . 3 , V sg 1 , X ' , x J 4 Q , .x .,,, Mk 1.-fwk fa mix 7 V Lg, k ff vhs wi 1 ' A .5 I A X0 . . 'l 'K 1. by 'Z?:'.- .. wir. f V, -- V QQ , W ff in V EES if Q , .ww 2 3 3 , 1 1 . 2 . fa: v as M .V WY' 1, . , ,. k,gf I if ,S 4 4 fy .H . is YW X fr , , Q 4. .,xM ,, sv, .LI x f Y 1 .vf -2 , , 1 xx . ,X a tw I! A k R 1 4: S ' D5 l w gig ' ms .1 H, , Q ff 27 flf 'ff KG Q, i ir :IMS N we S ,ag-wk www Q i sw, Fe 0 4 f , Q img ' A iz In xg J A5 Q rg? W X 9' Y -5 f-ff WV -f El I E I 9. 1 ff I 1 7 E is 4, 7 . faq 4 ' Si 'Et A 'fig ,M ' 4A.Q,,Q,Q, 111 . 4 5,3 Q Wm ix 3. -. . ' s pl ?m'L. 3.5, .fi 3?- -Q ww as W -as .vnamw Qs 'W' ae. L - .1145 X Vi ,.:5Z, 'a.' . 2-42 5 5 4- K 5 bg? f 1 x ' ' nv 5 his I Isis .QW qi:- igqe av Q? , lv' K :Leis ,gy gf, . .Q 'San 'ww Lf Em S P Q X f-fgyyw' W, , , L, 3 We ,xx :M .fd 1 ww ., . cf . hu, 11" Q A 'v wuzfw hx :,tf'.5' 7 . H 532 Q56 , , A , ,M ,ir W ,,,L D H A ,QE "Do yon think I fhofflzl me my 'Lover Beware' f7!?7'f!l77Z6,y' Vomalfs Dorm? "I'Il reach you to pinch me." But, Chnrlze, Im too young, Leif hzny-czfdcile 4 ln- tle hefore yon go in."- CNote to Dean Bentley: Students accommodatingly posedj "Then, ,romehofly pmhed me and I xpzllnd it flown my front." Page 47 Dzch Powell zy goznlg to he nzmrzei ogozn, "There me the onef I had on the other night." "Amt than he .faiti.' FYOII can tell 'em that M13 Rah-hit' f What Happens ln 'Mom Jez I"M getting I0 fat .rhe can? .ree my eyexf' "Legg0, johmzyf YOIl'Z! min me!" Stzzdentr mn up the college wtztcfr hill. "000tchy, gootchy, gootchyfv . " Q E F Li E "The troahle if, the corporatiom' have all the movzeyf' "Next time you tramp my ace. I"ZZ .fhin ya."' l e n 9 s D 0 1' m . -, - 1 5-2. 'f?'.'f?gg . , J, I ea... 'f - ' Y ' xxx!! , "Look, hah, ya mined a xpeck over there." " . , Ami what a xhape! S5633 practically a dream "We'tl hetter go we're going to make that eight 0'cloch."' "Make ap her mimi! IJ the goin' or aitft .rhe?" "lt feels' good in get in the .vim for a cbmzgef' The .rim cnm'e'rt,t the m1zz'e1'zif9le.s'. It brightens the spirit-the sun. It makes you want to get our into the open and absorb some of those natural calories. The sun reflects off your spirit, and if you want to be happy, the sun will help that, too. "Watch me powrfdla dat ball." sw. FY y ft Y. llllll Slfafwir zzulfz in the .rffmfoi1ze. The .tmp brivzgs' mfr Zbe fiwzrlr-pb0,fog1'apbic zzniely. .YYY YvV- It'J 4 good lime to catch up on correfponclence . . Rain ay N35 , .gf X, .. fi M AJ ll M W5 33? mi -egg iff . A A 'I tt, ,N lr. ,,, Q, 5 5 , Q S -A .. L5 A at owl X f "1 3 Or just lit arozmcl and clml. Rain lets us catch up. It makes us introspective. Theres something about the atmosphere when the clouds open up that makes you want to "sleep in," or listen to some classical music and eat popcorn. And rain makes you wet, if you get out Rain makes people hurry imicle. The College Cafe collects mlncoatf. "Left bear that one again-it pepx me up." N-N an ,a 3 i , 1 Qkmffflf Hflffffkl ' ' ' . . V1RcQ1N1A CLARK HULDA CANNON .l jun---W SHERRY POWER BETTY PIRTLE BETTY EVERETT Page 5,3 -S., wi" XXXQXA yffffzf kffffhlkf . . JEAN'THORNHUL F XYXK RAN PAYN L JUANITA HENIJERSON FERN TH1OPEN BETTY MOORE Pagejj 2 l ,Finalists Cannon, llverett, Payne, Ellis, Power, Pyrtle Clark, Moore, Thornhill, Henderson, and Thigpen. TOP: Beauties select 'K Q Q A gowns from Dallas Jr! fi 9 manufacturers . , . l Bo'1"roM: Antl then E l A Q I ' compare creations. Selection of Isabel Ellis of Marshall as the 19413 X Cl2NTERi judge By- YUCCA Queen, December 8, climaxed a weeks search ron Nlelson. "'H..,t,.J"l' for the most beautiful girl on the campus. The final choice ' was made in the main auditorium on a stage decorated in a Christmas motif. 1 Eleven beauties were chosen from seventy candidates l December l by Ann Garner, fashion director for Titche- Goettinger Department Store in Dallasg Gladys Dulioise, director of Patricia Stevens Models Finishing Schoolg Ulric Meisel and Max of Photo Associatesg Dudley Upton, Mich- Beauties leave Southern l-lotel after a dinner honoring the judges. Betty Everett and jean Thornhill model street dresses . f j Iuncr IRINP Boscx ael Studios, Dentong and Charles Dameron of the Dallas Daffy Timers Plemfff, Following a dinner for the beauties and judges, the contest was held as a style show in the main auditorium on December 8. judges Byron Nelson, famous golfer and country gentleman from Roanokeg Irene Boyce. Southwest- ern editor of Clmrm magazineg and Lillian Meade of the Dallas Fashion and Sportswear Center, made their choice during the show. Commentary was provided by Miss Gar- ner, preliminary panel judge, and Alma Cunningham, director of the Dallas Fashion and Sportswear Center. Isabel Ellis was selected queen of the 1948 YUCCA. Ten beauties line up for selection of queen . . HUDIECUDIING PARADE . . . APO float mimics all-college dances. Inter-sorority exhibit passes in front of big crowd. f - w .,-- -4 - - 1 ' 'A - as W, , ,M ,M . L xt. X , Y' . . 550 Women's Forum winning float depicts fashions. Among the activities of the biggest Home- coming Day, November 15, was a parade which included 56 floats, numerous decorated cars, the North Texas marching band, and hundreds of people. Starting in front of the Denton Post Office, the parade wound around the square, flowed down Hickory to the college, and dis- persed near the football fleld where the home- coming football game with the University of Houston was to be played three hours later. Stretching the length of almost three miles, the procession included smatterings of almost every phase of life. Floats depicted classrooms, Hop-House float slides past. Page 58 XfiA9Vf'iwm'lFT'5lz'L'TU" 'Q 4 - :Qs fr, - Los Caballeros calf-branding takes second place, barrooms, courtrooms, ballrooms, all kinds of outdoor activities, and burlesques of everything within any normal imagination. judges assigned to pick the best float were confronted with a big problem in selecting a winner from the many good entries. Final decision awarded first place to the XWomen's Forum for their portrayal of styles, and second place went to Los Caballeros for an outdoor scene representing round-up time. For more about Homecoming Day, turn the page. e! Parade passes the corner as crowd disperses. Page 59 x R CLUB Pre-Law Club courtroom scene Parade stretches for more than mile down Hickory Sigma Phi Nu shows "Darktown Poker Club and "Open de Do' Richard." rf' ll0lVlECOMING DAY... PARADES TEAS OPEN HOUSES DANCES REMEMBRAN CES Homecoming Day was a success. On a sunny Novem- ber 15, North Texas ex-students came home to the most spirited reception in years. And they came home to a radi- cally different and enlarged campus. They saw many new buildings, both permanent and temporary, and they were overwhelmed with the huge student body which had al- most doubled that of pre-war years. Ex-students saw the parade, visited their old haunts, chatted with their old teachers, students, and fellow exes. They attended teas, saw the Eagle football team swamp their Homecoming Day opponent University of Houston 33-0, went to dances, and to the barbecue held in their honor. After a full day, the exes trudged back to their regular routines with fond remembrances of former years, while students went back to classrooms. TOP Decorations go up by the P. O .... MIDDLE: . . . on college houses on cars streets-everywhere. BELOW LEFT: A Green jacket pins identi ficfition card on an ex. BELOW: An ex chats with Georgia Collins in the Dean of Mens office. RIGHT: A "monster" attracts attention at the parade an v ff l i Breezing in from the north on a Saturday afternoon in January, a blue norther struck Denton, blanketing the town and all of North Texas with snow and ice. Transport was at a snail's pace, but the blizzard was ,Q-mil' x 31' a welcome diversion to class-worn students. The deep snow, heaviest in many years, inspired collegians to participate in unusual North Texas sports of snowball fighting and sledding. ,si Q X S ',yg4Q"i" H rf I "'f"x 1 .ex N w , Q in-v4 ,q v B-48.0-21.1-fn,N-il, C1 8w " HISINCIOV' Dancing Pi Phiis even up their oriiiigcs. The Sigma Phi Nu poker gnim- is 11 lwupuliir comer. , , Ki h 1'-Aff yi The numbers I'ZlCkCI V hikes in the dougli. M W :,-gg. 135155 , i 3 gg wi 47. A I , I ug c 04 'N ,A i...,g5g:ggQ,if.y1 x iii if 5 ff E W 2 Q . , fe K H i 2 i 1, my ' nk ,Q ' -1915 1 X NP 45: -,1 . x A if I b 3 5 Q3 N. 1 WM: , sz Rf Q. 1- . IF'-... ,Ps L?iLV A 2 in N1 4 5355. ' ki ii' M1 '?'QE?f'g, x 3 , x 1 ff , E ' i Q F X Y 5 1 JM a X , 1 l rw' f. Q fy :umm-v--X , .... 3- -L'1f2f'1iX5.:.j.1 2 -Qxzz-:est-,-,-,f C ...1 a x hi W f gm 3-,yy ,., 3 in iljtlnjiv . rj,-PM W bf izh .?f'f,:SR Iv ,M . Q. J. . v,Y,1,k,A H .Q v 4 N , I., L' if-U.,'?. J' Jun: tg, : f ,J ' di -mf" T ,fa I ff' ' ,., 0 Enffxifbf 'ht A ' .jx W fk-fr"ff.r . u 4, ' X. I ef ,gf ! 54 ' I Q Q3 1' ku! ,f Lfr.:,, as L k 45: Jia 'M 2 - , ag! KV : ,. il ., , 5 X32 1 2, if . Q L 5 W xv ,, mf fl- s 5335353 .r X1 , if .M 1 ,W f Aan :Ve 31 3 X v , .,,.. g W A , 'W Q! i- ig! it ,X wi .gm I f gy if 'ei n W . - f,. ,A.,h WA Mm f If 9, -1 K I , 4: M Alf' 'U 2? ni 59 543, E, 5 K ffl' V man-.,, W W 22 , R A ' 1 ,. ,, . i , R Y b . V 4 . Q -Q , '14 mlm! nv :nl ggi A4157 , -P fi vql-wpirowgu . 5 5 , . is 8 ' p 5 I S w 2? b:fww?gAgsiQ X , n V , il 5' 'E' y ffzz' 1 zz. f,.- , Q: ri M5 , E- d iff - 2 'f 'Q J 18 . Xp., WEEKDAY Nearly everyone has a routine he follows throughout the day. On this page is an attempt to depict the activities of an average male student. In the course of a weekday, he: 1. IS PULLED FROM His BUNK by his room- ITIHICS. 2. GOES TO SCHOOL early in the morning with many other students. 5. HAS COFFEE at the corner during a morn- ing off-period, and talks about school, wom- en, politics, and himself. Ai. VISITS GIRLS sometime during the after- I'1OOIl. 5. SEES A BASKETBALL GAME at night with some of his buddies. 6. AND STUDIES LATE into the night. li. ' Zi! s l ,x ' il fm' or SUNDAY On Sunday, a day of rest, the routine is different. The YUCCA cameraman follows a girl through a typical schedule. During the day, she: 1. READS THE FUNNIES in her room with some of her neighbors. . .and she may get to the society section. 7 -. GOES TO CHURCH with her roommates, where she sings hymns and hears a good sermon. 3. EATS a good dinner. 4. GETS A CALL from a boyfriend during the after- noon, and is kidded by her companions. 5. GOES TO A MOVIE and sees a picture about an evil woman who makes many men fall in love with her and then leads them to destruction. 6. SAYS GOODNIGHT to her boyfriend and tries to make him want to come back for more. Veteran mows the lawn in front of his home. Wives check list ar co-op grocery. Hanging out clothes follows the weekly washing. The price of eating is high. 2 2 3 Kids frolic on village playground. The family eats economically. Wives play bridge while husbands are in school . . . . . or exchange gossip on the lawn. mg The vanishing American Swells college enrollment And lives a life Of crowded housing And high prices And limited budget And wives And kids. He is a veteran Of World War II And now a student Who is more serious Aware of world problems And family matters. He is older Maybe wiser And his presence Affects the campus. In a few years He will have gone lnto better houses And away from school For he is really A vanishing American. Page 71 mmmlllggllllIllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilli Illlllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllll llllllllll Illlllllllll llllm Hllllllll film, lllllm lllll WW lm ,mm lim nwl lm ll m illl lily lullmm, llllll all ll ll w I 1 4 I I l 1 1 l l rl 4 lllllll lull! llllllllllllllllll llnllmmululllslnn Hill , mmmmmlmmmmlmulmuu lll nmmmmmmmmmmmul mln l l CHA is an elusive qualit l difficult to define. W ho has it? Why? It is a uestion that l evilmmmne will answer differently L lllll llllllllll in 'Mill But the students featured ' ws division llllli lllllllllllllllllll ...llulllllllllllllllllllml of the YUCCA have made themselv I known mmrums I lllllllllllllllllll Ill lllwmmlmre liked by many of their fellow stmlments. lllllllllllllll ll umm 'ul Most of therlllllllllltqlllmmidly . . . most of them Wmwm H - mm ll active in more than one plwwdhlylmmlfollege life, ' Ilmlmllm ll Hmm Ill All of them are outstanding personalilllwglmlmlmm llllllllllllll l'lllIl ' llllllllllll ,EE E , I Joyve Adkins llill Adams A-s..Ag W ' lynn fa AJ I ,.., H . - Q V 1 rl - - 1' -- I - no I 1 llllul llcl lqllll . v 2 46 gp. A 2 Q ,U A 4 ., .W 'l'21fsfY,f- . M, L, ff w.e:- i W MAR wwfsggkqw is ' ' ' , 553335, .A 1 'W ii' L 1 M 8 - , gi"'+f1'1'5A.S5? JN V. i ww. adj ' 1 ,X N. as xxx , iw Qt' lux K r' 5 FA w 'M' I ' k'3'sX . X V X .wk rg Y ' iff, 1 Tx wg X , I ,N f U J ff 4152 Y Q dl v xv , .W 1 K, W -Q 5- ,. .mf f L Mfg, . ,, 1 , EZSLJ " A vs K f..e2i.5Lg,2f4 . f 1 Hggggsfggfiiifzfggagiiiifgfl'-' -i.sf1iu,: in 1,- gi- .f'..,ff.s:w u .iigzigrn fa ,, .T Wsiiismglg 2fngs5n?5352z.ssE'5ff 1-Fifbeiwifi U' 5"-W f-V X -. ...iw f-fsf: , , 2 'xglf Qzm IWW gZY5'fg5:wH- A 'ff K F . . 3533 s .3 . l-i 2 'ggi 3 . 1 7 5, 5 - 'fi X 'Q 'is f Q. A3252 f -'Z Y Z' -ia :E ,Q -:r? ,.fr?: A' vi 135145. 4 .W 4' wi Q sg K 'fqwfzf r E QQ 3 2 -f 1 fn. -I i ng 5. . .W M KVLF 2' .wk ,ac .V Li Y 1, ff' -f nf hx ' ,515 1' K ,Wi . , S -. fi gf' Liii-L ,Ai iv : ff3f,EE.. if 1:1 ff. 1.-W ff EQ f:'1,.,g3?' ygggigl ff f2'fVa J J ff55+353233 S?3?fxf9?5' A5 SEQ Qi. ,,.V , W 322:-'Ki .L 'si if 155 1. 'Y ' Z f ?' fi :ix .54 W .af- Lx 7 l g. 1, X K , ,K , ,.-.,-,w::,Nlg:g, .W ,1qf. ,Q 3 355 35,3 - , , . A' , ' -Y . rwi K 5 ' W. A 'Q A V K, .r iizffifi , i 1.w.f72gQ, 'N-.M "-.. Y x 1 . A ,3 f N L if -W Y,-v-""" MQW, ' 'Thu 4' M. M 2 f ,lb 4+ Aj' iwfwhww ,,,. l Ei: f, A p Nga .A 'X , 44. ' . ,, - .f, . whizfv 1, xg ,ISN Q -x 4. : 'Q' ' 4 'Y ' . 4 V I ,,f.fN"' LY .f H' ' 'N Ii ,, ,hy K' f5!9n'T,m X - 1 + X' ,k .V -MJQW ,gl iq fy ,f , M . -I .I Q - I -ff.. -Q. Q ...I , A W V A uf' M -5 , it , f as 555.5 M Q an .SA 4 if - Aw? ww xgxi' ff 7 ff' wt. . .- W, Hiwfgqif- .- ' If -1 K 29 , - 2-.,ff 3, V ,Y v.,, ,. vm : lf M . 2 3 , 4, gm? Wx n w- X Q. -igmv .Y iQ.QEP:E + i U 1. 'K 5 1 -L4 Aw . V A -Q 5 K S A E321 ., . M Q, , , . A, .. IJ- A 1 ' -A AQ 'zg f v yd' ,mi . . Dana Thompson Q. gdb! M AWQKW IQVZEZH if X 'Q so 2 12' ,Q Z2 '11 LK S . X -1 . wi, ,Wag ,M : 7 ff. ,lxf L ..,. -.,:. . 3 Hx! A 12:15 Ili '1 filE4xf?Z, R Q 2 'W K Rl 2 , ,sag K B ywzszfls s 'f ifQ3f2igQgQgfe ' '.-E521 I , , ggi, :: M 2 S if Q :qu Y' ,fm 14 an Q1 . I. fi gi 5 iifziir-lap Q2 l fi' . K 1 1545 3 ,ff J f Fc-lion VYhitl0w mf--M :.,, ere J AN. .Q KW A f ,ffvlwylf-, , -Q Q 'gg Ya ff-.gk , A ,LV -7 A 'wait , ' W v'-A-?'-Hzt,'.- 553: 4 K gg 3, gaiwgfmm Z M f fl ww fwgg "iw li ,H Y it XYQZX-',.fx,,, nw! 1-'-H-gx, 3 5 -J P my hw. gig 4 f.-gf: A fm 'A - ' X218 5-U 3? 'rv 4- lg S, f M MF? K.k .W L WW. iX.,,:g,,3,i,:L, ., 5Q.,,+,, ,, V + ' 1 - , 2 S-Q'v'kJ,affg'.i 2 i E 2 3 i I al Q 2 5 2 E 2 3 llc-:lllty . . . Grave- . . . Poise- . . . Selected by Byron Nelson. internation- ally famous golfer, Irene Boyce, South- western Editor of CIIARAI Magazine, and Lillian Meade of the Dallas Fashion and Sportswear Center, at a style show in the Main Auditorium, Monday, December 8, 1947. Your lfllll ' .Zkwf 9763 W N 55 ! Yu 4-aa 0111-on Chosen from eleven ctmpus beauties "lzzie" poses with other finalists on the stage decorated with gigantic Christmts packages. The Queen is from Marshtll Texas. Page 87 IHHIInIIIIIIIllIIIIII1llII9IIllllIIIlsllIIlaIIIuIsIIIIIII1illIIuIIIulIIululllullllnlmllllIIIIIIIlI1III0IIlIIllIIIulIuIII1IllImllllllllluuuuml IIIIIIIIIINII ullmmmmm IIIIIIIIIIIIII Illillllllllll Ill nIIIInIInImIIInnuuuuI1IwHII"""' IIIIIIllllllllllllllllllll mmumuum I Illllllllllllllll u"l"' ll!!! ln ll Ill! will llllu mimi HIIIIIIIIIIII HIHW lllllillllll ml! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Hill Illlllllllllllllllll Nl' HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII W IllIIIIIIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllll HHH HmmmHlllllllllllllllllll Hlllll luugn ll W Thei 'heel of FORTUNE spin I null" IIIIIIIIIIIIIIHII , unuulllulllll ....lllllIllllllIllllilllllllmm I Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllly Fro the dynamic saga of vilization ap- peamm few individuals whose complishment imlllluiiixtstanding. They are the gl ering spokes Hin the wheel of fortune, having b n more dili- gent, more energetic, more alert Fd percep- tive, or more personable than of their milky rades. WTHTIIIIQQHMWIIIIFepartment heads and nimilwaers of the faculty liiiiliyulilllllllggnmifd those students tured on the following telwlliwwlllmlllmfs the Nortliiillllml Texans to appear in the "Who's Vdiiliiwlllwtllllllllllll i HH Illlllllllmlll I of the 1948 Yucca. IIIm'i""""""'IIliil w a' ,G .. .... if .. .Ja , ,I gr u 1" 1 QE -..,, L , if .ig I fm -Mm. W-Wm.. 4 JAMES ASHMORE DOROTHY BRIDGES VYh0's xxrllil in A nlericam STEVE BUELL BILL COFFHY ROSS COLLINS PrIg6 90 W N 4 .,,, WWF 9 f X wmm",Qu f 1 A 5 V. 5 Z j - 5 in i ,S 5 E Y ' f 'L 'S f A Z , V, M..,uw- kk aw, .. 'W MRS. EZELL CURTIS CHARLES DUKE Colleges and Universities ISABEL ELLIS BARBARA F0015 EMMA Lui Fv1.wu.ER Page 91 avi., f ANTONIO GARCIA DON KAISER VYh0's Wvho in Anlerical MARY LU KUYKIENIDALL W. M. MUM1fO1m LOUISE MQLANH .MMS :N ,N 1 Page 92 ,IQMHI 53' 52,5 f 1 BILL OGLESBY KEITH PARKS Iolleges and Universities ELGIN PHILLIPS BILL PITMAN DOROTHY JEAN SMITH Page 95 Bon S'l'ANI.l?Y JACK S'I'RlCKI.AND 1 W 'Il0's xxfllll in .Alll0l' il93lll Tolleges and Universities DANA 'I'HoMPsoN -IIZAN W1fA'1'H121u5x' jovcjlz WEATHERBY :xg-15" E vw vil Q12 X Page 94 1 , -. V ?v.f,,q V , X 1, 5 W Q H Q f an it x 1 Q fm ig! ax v A -2 JM y . S M: if Q, E ani v A-S' .-ska 63 Q , , . m gg 25 ass 2 45 4 ,Q ua' Iv I .3 F4- 99 lx 'Q 2 5 Q w sf. O, 41 'amy fifty' MORRIS HEAD Art 9 7 HARLhNE GASTON Bzology Who s W ho at North Texas DAVID COMPTON ROGER SMITH C b emimfy E conomicf TIONAL INCOME ,MQ RAY PHILLIPS B11.x'i12e.s'.f A cz'mi1zi.ulmli01z Page 95 fig, , OTTO FLOCKE HUGH KIRKPATRICK Iiriffcuziofz Efzgfilb VYh0's VYh0 on the ANTONIO GARCIA THOMAS CAMPBELL G 0Z'E7'1Z77Z6721f Geography Cam MARY ELIZABETH SIMM ONS LORETA SMITH Hiftory Home Ecofzonzim pus of N orth Texas CLINT BOURLAND W. R. ERWIN jourfzalifm lndmtrial Arty asixln-9f"' , g I M IJ I,-nl""' V, ., .q,,,.,.-- LMMA 1.125 FlTI.XVILliR CiHARI.O'1"I'li BOHLIN lfnrcigfz Lmftqmzlqc I,ibm1'y SL'I'l'fL'L' YYIl0's VYIl0 on thu HlI.l.ll' DIISBIEN AL GIl.l.liSPlIi fHLflfw111.11iu xulltft' . as.-fax 2, W ' ROSANNE PORTER BILL OGLESBY Phyxical Eclucazion-Women PlJy.rical Edlzcatiofz-Mevz mpus of North Texas CAROLYN WOMACK BILLY WORKMAN Speech Pbyfici mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,,,,,,,,WmmmI mmmmmmmmmmmmm ,m,,,,,mWH mmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmlm mmm llllllHIIHIIIIIHIIIllllmllllml Plltllllmmmmlmllmml mlmlllil lllllmmll Immllllll MINI mmm Hmm mlllllll mlm ll ml PUBLIC mmmms lm ml lm mil lm ll lm ml mmmm ml l"mmmm mtl m ml' mmmmmm llmlll m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm HWHIHIV mmmmmmmmmmm,,Mm mlm lmllmmmmm HHN Hmmm H mmmmmmmmmll' ,.... Illltllllllllllillllill mmmmmmllllllllmmmmmmmmmm III!Hllllillllllllllillllml l Theilrinted word is cold, h d, sometimes crumul often misleading. Even p tographs can ll UMM' distorted and unreal. Yet. the eople whose mlll U . 'HH efforts publish the CAMPUS CHA lthe Avx-:s'rA and the YUccA are flesh and blo with hu- Illllllllllmmmmafl failings and human virtues. Theyylllwmre peo- lllilllll ple iiiiyllllllttlmmmlmlmestly try to recapture the tlwmight mmmmmm I lm - - m lm and the sp1r1t ol' illllltillmmmmlms. Our Campus publicationdlumlllqmhmning soun Ullmmm 1 editorial principles with skilled prinfiilwllllllllmlmfml mmmmmmm I among the best in the Nation, mllllllllllIllliilllilllll THE CAMPUS CHAT A leading college newspaper als.-5K0 aside-s PAGE 102 THE YUCCA A yearly study in pictures THE AVESTA PAGE 104 The literary side of college life NT NEWS SERVICE PAGE 106 The organ of all good news ' NT PRINT SHOP PAGE 107 Bulletins, programs, directories PAGE 108 THE CAMPUS CHAT OF THE AIR Over Station KDNT PAGE 109 fi-gb A W .,. I ' , , f is P' 'Y iff M, 2 Q Q 1:91777 of 51" ,,,w"' "H-Q. 22:1 if wff .A , A.. . . vida if .fy--, ,I i '. Bouriand Mffif , ,f i 'sage' M. 5,-,.Cl-,ief . Qf ' ' if i Asxibciaie .Edi ROWS fhe e Gei menis page of ' 'r,gjg g,, or xxx., t .W M.. an W ,x'1,Vllr'ife,.gaw feaiure. a A-af' 'fhifi .i ,. , fqrgakii FSH N-H AXLV x , N QB niqhgn 'Zi-fit S fhe. Bouria nd energgfiij Q fenorj, will aiiifreceive 'high is iudgeci for vigor, ingeni- The is +oday 3:-mi as fl , ,...'f'r Ru'H1 Holman Business Manager 44 ' S N ,CA .CT 1: 'gf 'us ul aranfo, Mary Jo Helen "countrios.' C. E. Shuford, J. D. Hall Jr Sponsors LEROY BROCK . JOE ECHOLS . B. W. BLALOCK DAVID RORB , MERLE BENJAMIN BERNIE KEE . . THE Ifcfilf1r-ifz-Chief A150 :mic Ifciito If Pbnlngmphw' Photographer' Pbofogmphwf . Sporlxs' Ifffitor' STAFF RACHEL LAMON PAT STRONG . SUE SMOOT . JANE ALLSTON POLLY WARD BOB LYNCH . . Lfzyn.ffzEdi1m' . Cfmx Editor , . . Cla,r.fEclilo1' . O1'ga1zizfzlin1z.rErfilor . A.m1vi,s'mnl Eflilm' . A.1'.vi,n'f:111t Effilof' Th 1 943 YUCCA LEROY BROCK JOE ECHOLS 15,fj,f,,-,j,,.Chjef Aymciate Iizfilor . ,f??5A sOss:frs 'f i 4 . . -',,,L L 3 1 , . 1 W 6 , f zo ' 11 5 1 12 5 D If - . -::'::. 'Sum SG M I.......,v...-...E B. W. BLALOCK, photographer DAVID ROBB, photographer MERLE BENJAMIN, photographer The YUCCA was ours for almost a year. Now it belongs to you, We worked at our task. We spent hours planning, trying to make the book modern and pleasing. We were careful to keep the book impartial. We tried to represent as much of the Campus as possible. We did the best we could. And we enjoyed our work. We hope you enjoy the result. GLORIA JACKSON, RACI-IAEL LAMONS, SUE SMOOT, BERNIE KEE, JANE ALLSTON, PAT STRONG. .rpm-Lf ealizor fi... 4 Q .1 si E51 . fix wx ,, 3 f E., tn ,ggi i r DON KAISIZR, affirm- LAWRENCE DORRE, MARY VVHERRY. TERRENCE MCKINZIE, arrirfmzt edizmir .avr M1 R fx, W W 1 S ,mt sw-, 2, A. - ,'. - 1fr,',','. ' 4 r s N' ,L ,skim r ., . Y 1. , E vu. B' JDK e A vestu Czll77f7ll5 Literary Magazine CHARLES SHELANDER, an editor l l l i Exhibiting the literary talents of North Texans, The Artem: is a tri-yearly publi- cation that ranks high in the held of col- l lege literary magazines. Edited by Don l l Kaiser during the fall term and Terrance MCKinzie during the spring semester, the Amrnz is an outlet for student writers. Page 106 5 1---- f 5 Q 1 5 A A n -ww Q 'M ,. -v Q- - W .5 . F ,I . W A W k,,, ..,., .,WM,., ,- ,,.:., ,EQ ,,L"'..':.."..v +----"sf - - H , ,,,W.., HPI, 1-nn A W. .W ,4 W, V ,ws , , ,nw My A mv , ' , -'S' ...N Wm. wmv -Q 'H mv ""A""' 5'M A ""?kLxQ1iE- 1 . " . 1 -, . K,f,,,V4 Vw... . K V Q JF' . r M.: f , ' 'wgiggsqxif V QW: 5 V M. ,Z Z ii M w ur""""A 1 ,, 4 Aiwemmw ,,A,A ,W,,, TM W lb, MW BOB LX'NCH, dj,-at-f,,,-, and MARY XXII-KERRY, .mciefy mzfmmzcer DOUG BENNETT, M.C, L, r X s , xxx. V ss' t v - I . ?c " , -Q Q 1 Canlpus Chat Es :LQ of the Air ..t t . 1.,, L BURNIE KEE, .vporlx mzfzrurmer Director Lynch launches program as associates Kee, Bennett and Wfherry stand by. V' www 'L ww-Qfpydmfwwnmmwmqf ,w V ,, - MW, .L,,,..M J wif' 'ME ROBERT J. MCCLOIJD AILENE REEVES Direcmr Reporlef-Pho!ogzzzpber North Texas News Service BOB STANLEY, repnrzw- FRANCES WHITE, .recremry BILL COFFEY, ,vpmfv reporzw-.' ELISL5 WHITLOCK, ,f6L'?'c?fcl7'3 L T "TUX e fk 3 i Q T 1 57 4, p -':' Q A g A Leee Q29 . A 5 3 ' -. IH ,H Llllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IHWW,,mmlllaluuuullullllmmml IllIllllIIIIIIIIlllilllllIllllllllllilllllllmmm Illllll Illlllllll Illlllllllllll HIIIHIII mnlluu M illlllllllllllllllIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIII Islll ll' Nw HIIIIIIIIII llllll IHIIIIII Hill all lu ll 1 w I, nl ll lk Mmm ,ml llll l11llsnlm, will mmmnunuumuuun HHH lillllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIHIIIIII lllw l1IIII1IIlllllllilllllllllllllllHIIII HH lull ll K Dra . . . Music . . . Artistic t ents of North . Texanmd are represented within is section of themIulMllL.rccA. The theater arts ar practiced at lllll llilllllllllllae College by such organizatio as the Col- lllllllllllllll lege Players, student drama gro , by the mllnllmmmllIllllllry music mgqnizmions, and by flllllllmffrious stulgwwlllilupmm strrrge the yearly variety Living up to alllwmlwlwummlllmr fine stagemczllllllmllll ship and excellent music, Nolllllllllllulgwlmmmm Q lllllllllllil III brilliant year on the stage. llllllllllllllllll 'IIIHIIII ,ff . ff' M JJ i E I 1 , i g 5 Q E 3 3 5 5 Y 1 , . 1 1 HAROLD WHITTINGTON, as Lt. Bill Sea- DEE PYLAND, as Ruth Wilkins . . . "He JOHN GORDON, as Albert Krummer , . . wruht . . . "l'll juft wander around tozrn urote ahout many thingf. AJ heautifully at "Fm .ro damn mad I could .rpit." until it'J time to kick offf' anything l'z'e ever rearlfl DEAR RUTH: When Norman Krafna firft adapted our loi'e Jtory to the Jtage, I way infuriated, helieifing Juch puh- lic demonytration Jaereligiour and invading the Janctity of our romance. But I have Jince changed my mind after Jeeing the College Playerf production at North Texaf. The play ical expertly directed hy Myrtle Hardy, and war Jmooth and well cayt. Krama wax faithful to the Jtory. and I thoroughly enjoyed re-living thore dayy during the zear, Your little Jifter Mariam way played hy Mary Rucker, and the anticf on the Jtage of that pre- MRS. WILKINS: "Alberts angry. He and the Lieutenant might tight!" JUDGE WILKINS: "lf they do, the Lieutenanfll knock his block off." cociouf young lady hrought hack fond nzemorief. Ruth, you were represented in the play hy Dee Pyland, and quite Jympathetically, too. And old judge Wilkirzf played a jine part. Although your father har more of a pauch than Laurence Smith had on the Jtage, hir portrayal zzfay Jplendid. Chuck the did punch me in the nofe when the war tear over- hut you ihould have Jeen hir left eye!! tea! really himfelf -Hal Buruperi' did a fine joh. Wilrrtri Ediaards wax a little left hrilliant than your mother actually ix. hut K rafna had a point in chang- JUDG15: "Chuck, if you and Martha were to holrl hands, look out of a window and say, 'l.ord, were one,' that's enough for a marriage. This is just a scheme to get two Llollars out of you." . . - ' '9"E7f'?lP9f5f52i5f' ff V' I 1 A CAN TURNER, as Martha Seawright . . W'lI.MA EDXWARDS, 115 Mrs. XViIkins . C111111 111111 I 1111111 111 yu 111111111111. 11.1. "He 111111 1111 '111111x.' 111111431111 111111."' 111111 11 1l'.v 111.11 for 1111111V1." 111g 11er j11frJ111111111-1' 11 111111: I 111111 11111311111 1151 11111-11111 W'f11111111g11111 111111 11' 11111111 11111111.v11111e1' 1111111 1. 111111 A111111 11115 11111111 11-1 111.1 J'f71f111.7' 111111g1f. j111111 G111111111. My .v1.111'1' AI11111111 1111.1 1111111114 111.Q1-1 1Xfl11f 11,3 jr11111 ',41f1'11L'1'. P11135 PL'l1111L'7'1f111 1111.1 111111 11.1 l7111'11. 111111 J1111 1gb11111L'1' 111111111 1111 11f1f11f111'1111111f 11.1 11111 1111111112 I .f11j11111.1'1'. l7111'1111g. 111111 I Il'111ff11'tQ1I'Lf N111'1111111 K1'11.s-1111 for lI'1'111l1'Q 1'11e 111115: A1111 I 11111111111 y11111'.1'. l1111j11f1e.m'1y 111111 F1111 1'e1'. B111 SEANX'RlUHT LAXY'RENCIi SMHQH. 115 jualgc XVi1kins..."'l11111'1'111'1'1f1111f1113 11111111111 111 11111 11111111 1111111 111111 I 1111.1 11111 UXL1 111111 111111 111111 111 1111 111111 Il 1111.1 1111111 11 1111111lf1f1." MARY RUCQKIQR, as Mnrinm XVilkim...',111f11111111111111'11f. 111111 f111111, 111111 11 If 111 111 A411 1111. 1 11111111 171111 11 1111111111 1111111 11 11111111. 11'1y1111f111111 w11111,qx11f1,'4 PEGGY PliMBliR'I'ON, .15 Dum, the maid . . . "ID1111'1 11111 111111 ,.. 1,3111 -IAI BUMPERS, 115 Sgt. Chuck Vinucm . . . I kllllll' ll bu! 1,711 g11111g 111 1111 11111 111111 1111111 1111f 11,1111 l17L' 1111111 l'111 19111143 111 111111111 L11 JACK SKINNER, as the Sailor . 4 . "lx .H1,1.v 1111115111 111 1115 11r111."' R11111 U"11i111.1 111 11r1111cP" DIAGIC . . . in Dluslc In the Latin American scene, Gene Piiug dances down to earth. Muscle men assist dancer in under-waiter scene. I.. D. Spnrkman keeps up with Spike Jones' hulit-hula. Page 1 I4 ungle dancers are caught in a seductive embrace. Latin Americans dance gaily in the opening scene. The Varsity Show presented january 15, directed by Art Names and called "Magic in Music," was a lavish display of North Texas talent. Held together by a theme of magic, displayed by Joe Walston, the show was spiked with brilliant costumes. fine stage effects, good music, and inspired dancing. The tap dancing of Gene Pflug, the hula performed by L. D. Sparkman, and the novelty singing of the Dipsy-Doodlers, jim Bob Nance, Ruben Noel, and Adrian McClish, were most enthusiastically received by the capacity audience. Roy Currie offered a featured dance in the Latin American number, and Barbara Hester sang a solo. Floyd Graham of the music faculty directed the music. The title song was an original composition written by an ex-North Texan, l.eslie Cook. Page U5 Thelma Harris, in charge of music arrangement: Chase Bush costume director, Art Names, director, go over last-minute details UAPI' LLA lllllllll Directed by FRANK McKlNLEY Elizabeth Anderson Bill Billman Bill Blankenship Betty Carter Margene Clark Jane Collins Norma Colson Elizabeth Cope Grace Crump Katherine Duce Joanna Durst Hugh Ellison Glenn Elmore Xina Evans Steve Farkas jane Hamilton jean Harrison Daisy Haynes Willialm Hays Ray Holbrook Bob Irby jack jackson Yvonne Jackson Arline jungbecker Earl Tom Keel Al Kreklery Adrian McClish Louise McLane Katherine McNeill Dan Merriman Ray Mesler Jewell Mullins Page I I6 jim Bob Nance Charles Nelson Helen Oswalt Martha Pender Angela Perdichi Marvin Pollard Norman Ramsey E. C. Richards lra Schantz Ann Schoenfield Ruth Schoenheld Ann Shands Juanita Singer Marvin Solley Paul Shadek Nancy Thompson Ruth Thompson 'Iohn Tucker Betty Tullis Joyce Young P5 ff-V if 'QW fl' ' 1 Ar" W3 1"4 af 39 ' 7 1 F355 Q V' y' 'ik 4' '13 ,fl 5 5 'B NX X A' 1 Q ,wx 'K "4 - ,' 5 kk Y , Q ' L " is sxlrwi , ... , I m , 4 3 g ,, 2- ?f fQ1f 'K Q !,Qj:"i aa2' A ,V - , IMT, A yrs 1 2, .. Y. f f 9 , M QL .4 ww'- , -..MW '-....,Q nw. RH' lyxk 1" in ,R 71 C Synlphonlv lla ll cl lDirc4'fca' by MAURICE MLADOW' Dlenes Chorus Iliwvfwf by RALPH APPELMAN Q - - A ' 4 Q, I ,f f , if 5 -A sm' vw tl ,V Q ,Aj Q' , 'V gl- X UN gd. . , af xg " , I K 1335, - ' K1 'wk ,Q L., 4 ff ,g A . 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With tiiimu 1 1f1,11111,:M 13113l teams in all of these sportsfillllW1111lif!,iWles have 'l11lll1im "' 'l7l1'11 an made a name for themselves in themttliqwm Illl1ll11! 1 1 1lll1j11i,m IM!! world. For details, turn the page. 1111Il1i1111I111 ll Y' sir fwgmm N . 5 f W . Q1 2 Q K ' .17 Q I Xvfn G F . A K ,, A 1 5.5 V, S. K ey E, M , f'T2 , QA: , S -fq..,,3NqwwL-xv 4 V , YS 5 5 k sg U fw ' 1 , , K ' A ' -' K , vlfiiizfk 1 Aw, ' ' . ' 27 . ' ,gs -'Ile N5 ' f vf..g :,m.xi,5. if J'-S' 5 R . - 1,14 f Q-1' gh P V . 5.1, .-3 . 4 + ,.?..?.? f - A . 1- Q-vm -- .4 - 'M +R -' -f- V ......M1-.X HH .. .ai Nw., x 1 .fti-.ff-+ta?ft3'1.g1f?'TfEfr-ff' . ' ,511-.,l -a2F.sE.k-?rk': -' I' ' " s N1 was-Eiaieiix - A f UUTBALL . . . HEAD COACH ODUS MITCHELL, COACH DEE WALKER, COACH WINTON KPOPJ NOAH A View of lbe Arkmmzf Baillie. Coaches Odus Mitchell, Dee Walker, and Winton fPopD Noah guided the 1947 edition of the North Texas gridiron machine to its second consecutive conference championship and the second bowl game in as many seasons. For more about Coach Mitchell, turn to page 154. Walker came to North Texas as Mitchell's assist- ant in 1946 after having served as assistant to the Eagle mentor at Marshall. The Eagle line was Walkers main project and seven of his linesmen have been se- lected on the LSC's All-Conference team during the past two seasons. Pop Noah returned to the Eagle fold last fall as an assistant in football and head track mentor. He gradu- ated from North Texas in 1926 after starring in NT sports for three years. JOE ABBEY, End HAROLD BARTLETT, Back A. D. CATE, Guard A. V. COLLINS, Tackle I' ' 1 s ' Q Q 8 if A :fbi ,kwa North Texas State began the football season last fall as defending champions of the Lone Star Conference and was a slight favorite to repeat. A flock of return- . . . 1947 Eaglef l'll7Z 07210 jlefzf at homecoming gLl77Z6. SEASONS RESULTS ing lettermen and several transfers bolstered the Eagles' rating just above East Nfiffb TUXN-f 017170716711 Texas State and Sam Houston State. Manylcritics contended that the North Texans 27 Hardin Cclllege 6 lxgoilld find the LSC loop rougher going in 1947 than they had found it in the 44 Brooke General Hospital O D Season' O Universi of Arkansas l2 . . . . . fY Hardin College provided the first loppositlon and the Eagles romped to an 20 Unlverslw of Florida lg easy 27-6 victory, but the critics were still skeptical. Hardin was only a lunior col- , ' . l . Z5 Cl - h k l . lp Stephen F. Austin 7 ege in l9 l m an its true strengt was un nown at tie time. 77 S H S 0 , , , I I - am ouston tate A one-sided 4440 win over Brooke General Hospital did little to add to 37 Sluthwest Tex S Smle 7 North Texas' prestige. All service teams were much weaker than in previous years Z Q 6 A l an ' and the Brooke footballers were no exception, analyzed the scribes. 93 Tflmfl' Umvefslfl 7 E . . . 35 University of Houston 0 Then came the most severe test of the regular season: the mighty University 7 of Arkansas Razorbacks, defending co-champions of the Southwest Conference, 1- Easf Teffas State 6 had "scheduled little North Texas State as a warm-up," according to the leading 14 UUlVf3l'51fY of ChflCf2lf10OgH 7 sports writers of the country. Arkansas won the game l2-O, but not until the 6 University of Nevada 13 Eagles had played the Razorbacks one of the closest "warm-upl' games of the sea- 7 T TA son. Ozark papers let it be known that North Texas could hold its own in any class. '79 O L5 77 -IIN COOPER. Ccllltf' BILL CROBIER, Baci BILLY DINKLE, Brzff AIIM EAGLE, Cezzzer hiy a.. M M l., , ' 7 af. l hw. Jt- . Q i Q ll. I, ' . I fl K , . Q. vm: 'A .3 ...f .S 4 if .-....-., -T..,,...,....., . . T , . ug fi? if X The 1947 Eagle Football Squad After being defeated by Arkansas, North Texas grid- sters were DOE again outscored until the University of Nevada edged the Eagles 13-6 in the Salad Bowl contest on New Years Day. Romping through the conference schedule with a bril- liant display of offensive power and a stout defensive, the Mitchellmen were given real tests only by Stephen F. Austin and East Texas. The SFA Lumberjaclcs held the Eagles to a 13-7 win, and the East Texas Lions were subdued 12-6 after an Eagle tally late in the game. The Eagle-Lion battle was almost a naval engagement. Play- ing on a soaking field and in a downpour, the teams slipped and slid through the contest. occasionally taking time out to wipe the mud out of their eyes Csee page 1315. Newspapers headlined the game: "Eagles Swim to 13-6 Victory Over Lions." HERB FERRILL, Cfzmrd LUTHER FAMBRO, Emi' 1 T 11" , A --sswsafg ,: Y - All WAYNE HIGHTOXVER, Cizmwl Q 1 5 lt ef W' i X g I 5 51?--L+ . t Q, I ? K . S 1 4 l- --f"'b 2 ,X 16 . 'mal 1" ' A, 5' XJ' .- COACH ODUS MITCHELL BILL KEMPLIN, limi .AE Wt. tr' .V av Q., . Q A s 3 ,. . i 5 S W 6 y... . ..y . . I I... AQCQ.. , .. - -37 . f 5i'?2?5?E575?ff?fa?i3.f '1,aafg.51af.gw1' N 7' is gf t f, --,nawfw-. f-,W-sf. a i' '-' ' f . , iw. V1 , ,.. X . 1 . . as .5 yas .. W , Hardin College Falls...27-6 Eagles Stomp Brooke RIedioo's...4 I 0 2. aa M, . Y , . if .. f Y .- 'f iifiiilefiii .lg A' ' ' - -gift A11 Eagle flier through 472 open field, A hospital Incl tzfectinmztely bllgf H71 Ellgfrflf neck Beating the HARDIN COLLEGE IND- IANS 27-6 in the first senior college foot- ball game of the season, the North Texas Eagles lived up to pre-season predictions of offensive power. The Eagles went ahead in the first two minutes of play as Eullback Billy Dinkle stepped across from the 10-yard line, and then added the extra point. Midway in the first period, Quarterback Fred McCain peg- ged a 19-yard aerial to end Joe Abbey for the second touchdown. Fullback Ned Mc- Neill added the extra point from placement. Before the end of the first half, the Eagles again struck pay dirt. Quarterback Zeke Martin tossed a 23-yard pass to Halfback Bill Cromer for the score. McNeill again converted and the Eagles led 21-0 at half- time. Both teams scored once in the final period. BROOKE GENERAL HOSPITAL Com- ets streaked to a 44-0 defeat at the hands of Coach Mitchell's fast-stepping eleven. On the first play from scrimmage, Eagle Halfback Bill Lalicker outdistanced the Comet secondary for a 61-yard scoring sprint, but a 5-yard penalty nullified the play, Three plays later Billy Dinkle scored on a 61-yard journey to send the Eagles out in front and they were never headed. On a 20-yard pass from Zeke Martin to Lou Rienzi, and a 2-yard plunge by Richard Nutt, the Eagles racked up 19 points before halftime. With Lalicker, Dinkle, McNeill. and Lowe dancing into pay dirt during the last half, the Eagles gave a display of power and de- ception to a local crowd. DURXWOOD NUMFORD, Center .W 9 Q I V .,iE BILL LALICKER, Back PETE LAWLESS. End DICK LINDSAY, Tuvife CECIL MARTIN, Back -K" av -4 is ia.. . K . - f - mi, 4 Q ' is -I . ,ya-5 r y . . . 1 ' Ag gg- i 1 Y' ,, si. . W le . - f Zi y i! ' L -5 21- 5 - ' i Q: V, -3 .5 Q ,-9 5 ' 7 yt . I f 2 - S aa - ' A f. 1 1? wh a ' V . dm, 4 ,L 2 ex CW? b K f 1 ag e-V lg... 9 s L 'W -f fi, . , . fn 'Ht ima, f 9 Q H f .,.f., ., y 1 Q Sie W a l Ya. :J my Zh it We-1 ' a . A, Z. 1. A as I tgzigmg, Iv Q tef,9.zW?1.auQ. . ' Lalicker mmzterr into the Hog .l'6C07Z6id7'jl. Big Ruzorbuckr czzt down an Eagle after cl rhorl gain. A flock of Eagles .fZM'7'07l7'l6i.f zz Hog. Hogs Upset Eagles...l2-0 North Texas traveled to Little Rock to give the University of Arkansas Razorbacks a chance to warm up before their Southwest Conference campaign, according to the sports critics who estab- lished the Porkers as two to six touchdowns favorites. Arkansas fired its big guns twice and then spent the rest of the afternoon staving off Odus Mitchell's well-coached Eagles for a 12-0 win in a long-to-be-remembered grid fracas. Although the Mitchellmen outplayed the Porkers between the 10-yard stripes, they failed to batter their way through the Hog defense after getting to or inside the 10 on three occasions. Quarterbacks Fred McCain and Zeke Martin kept a heavy foot on the Eagle throttle throughout the tilt, and the 17,000 fans saw enough football thrills in the 60 minutes to last them for the rest of the year. The Eagles threatened early in the first quarter as Lalicker scampered 33 yards on a punt return to the Arkansas 44 and two plays later moved to the Hog 25. McCain passed to End Bill Kemplin for a first down on the 10, then Lalicker moved to the 8, and itlooked as if NT would score. But Billy Dinkle was pushed back for a 14-yard loss, and his try for a field goal was short. Arkansas scored first late in the opening period with Clyde Scott's throwing arm pointing the way. Scott scooted over from the ll for the score. Aubrey Fowler's extra point attempt was blocked. Two new elevens started in the second quarter and the num- ber two Eagle team held the upper hand. Martins passes and Lloyd Lowe's runs finally moved the ball to the Arkansas 8. The Hogs held and kicked out from their two. Lowe returned the punt to the Razorback 20. Halfback Harold Bartlett broke loose on a reverse to the Arkansas 11, but a penalty pushed the Eagles back to the Hog 37 at the end of the half. It looked like North Texas was going to pass up the 6-point Hog lead until late in the third period when Aubrey Fowler swept up Dinkle's quick kick and scampered 76 yards to score. The conversion effort was no good. The entire Eagle line turned in standout performances. Centers Jim Cooper and jim Eagle, Ends joe Abbey and Bill Kemplin, and Tackle Felton Whitlow were sensational on defense, holding Clyde Scott, the second leading ground gainer of the Southwest Conference, to a net of 18 yards on 15 attempts. Richard Nutt, Lalicker, McCain, Martin, and Lowe led the NT secondary. A12 Eagle getf loofe for a Mfr clown. Lumlmrjaufks llold Eagles to l3-7 WVin Stephen F. Austinls Lumberjacks capitalized on Eagle fumb- les to hold Coach Odus Mitchells eleven to a 15-7 victory in the initial Lone Star Conference tilt for the NT gridders. Big Bill Cromer seemed to be the only Eagle who could keep the ball in the melee that saw the Dentonites fumble five times to lose possession of the pigskin on each occasion. Cromer unreeled a 7l-yard jaunt to pay dirt the first time he carried for the Eagles first tally. A Cromer aerial hit End Joe Abbey to account for NT's final score. Midway in the second period an NT punt was blocked. Den- man, Lumberjack reserve guard, sifted through the Eagle line, picked up the ball, and raced across the goal. Smith converted to knot the count at 7-7. Witli only a minute remaining in the first half, Cromer tossed an aerial to Abbey for a 54-yard scoring play. The SFA gridders held the NT eleven as they threatened to score on numerous occasions. NT llutscores Florida 20-12 Capitalizing on their opponents miscues, North Texas blasted the favored University of Florida Gators 20-l2 at Gainesville, Florida. After fighting to a scoreless stalemate in the first period, Coach Odus Mitchell put his second team on the field. The NT reserves promptly launched a drive that carried 82 yards and netted the first counter. Sparked by the running of Bill Cromer, Richard Nutt, and Ned McNeill the Eagles marched down the field. As the Gators drew in to halt the NT rushing attack, Zeke Martin tossed a long pass to End Lou Rienzi for the score. Florida roared back to score a few plays later on a 62-yard dash. The kick for the extra point was no good and the Eagles led 7-6 at the end of the half. Fred McCain connected with Nutt on a short pass for the sec- ond North Texas TD. Dinkle converted. Florida came roaring back to score, but North Texas, not to be outdone, added the clinching six-pointer late in the fourth canto on a 9-yard blast by Cromer. Mitcbellmen leave for Florida. l A pair jlllif 7lliJ'.YL',li complefiozz. Gfzlmis' jimi ffm! ,fbe FRED McCAIN, Back O lftzgle line ii' laugh. NED McNl2lLl.,, limi .1 - I , ffm-fir -vvwtszasrt-it ft' 'W' - K W K i- - alyfi , -35ff1lzf"w4f '- 5529?-'Sf ti -ffff L , - ' ,. -f '- li ' ' M34 4 Good cioufvzfield blocking .iety up tm Eagle itorc. A71 Eagle !'lL'i.l'l.1' info Ike Bobcal .recomfm'y. A Bobmt ii' lzetzfwz off zrifb it .l'ffU'-!lI'71l. RICHARD NUTT, Btzck 1 1 1 C Y ' Eagles Skin Bolniats 27-7 The Eagles looked as if they had met their doom for a half, but came roaring back in , ' l J ' 5 the last two periods to defeat Southwest Texas State 27-7. Approximately 6,000 fans sat stunned during the hrst half as the North Texas gridders fumbled away every scoring opportunity and the scoreboard read 7-0 in favor of the Bobcats at the intermission. Southwest Texas seized an NT fumble on the Eagle I7-yard line to set up its only score of the game. Burnell Hall romped over left tackle on the second play for the score. The Eagles were not to be denied as they took the field in the third stanza, Time after time North Texas blocked huge holes in the Bobcat line. Halfback Harold Bartlett counted twice in the third quarter on smashes of I5 and 29 yards. Dinkle kicked both points after touch- down. Richard Nutt took over Bartlett's position in the final chapter and responded with two touchdown sprints of 22 and 42 yards. Shields Mitchell converted after the last six-pointer. Page 128 a W, l -L' t Lf-357 . ui. ' we-vm Yi ,ff ' 0 Fas' ix 'H2ti?,i2? . , 1 1: An Eagle 87Il6l'g6.l' from zz crowd of Tigery. Eagles Pound Bearcats 27-0 An inspired SAM HOUSTON STATE eleven fought North Texas on near-even terms for a half and then succumbed to an avalanche of scoring by the visiting Eagles who romped to a 27-O victory. The Eagles had too much manpower for the Bearkats as Coach Odus Mitchell played his entire squad, and the NT reserves were more than a match for the tired Sam Houston gridders. North Texas held a slim 6-O lead at the end of the first half on Quarterback Fred McCain's 56-yard pass to End joe Abbey. It looked like a repeat performance of the first half as the third per- iod opened, but the Eagle reserve power began to pay off as Mitchell poured a steady stream of substitutes into the fray. Fullback Ned McNeill got the scoring parade started in the second half as he scored on a 47-yard dash midway in the third canto. Shields Mitchell converted. Early in the final stanza, Half- back Erwin Dubose ploughed over from the 3-yard stripe and Guard Herb Ferrill kicked the extra point. Quarterback Tom Francisco passed to Halfback Lloyd Lowe for 20 yards and the last 6-pointer of the afternoon with only I5 seconds remaining. End Bill Kemplin converted. Tigers Subdued JJ-7 TRINITY UNIVERSITYS TIGERS were the victims of one of North Texas' most impressive showings as the Eagles pounded out a 53-7 victory, all scoring coming in the first half. The Eagle line charged through to block a Tiger kick early in the hrst quarter and tackle Felton Wfhitlow scooped up the ball to score from 23 yards out. Billy Dinkle converted. Bill Cromer scored the second six points on a smash from the eight a few plays later. Dinkle again converted. Richard Nutt powered his way for the third counter late in the first period, and Dinkle extended his perfect conversion record with the third point after touchdown. Bill Lalicker broke into the scoring column early in the second stanza, scoring from the one. Dinkle missed his first attempt of the night. Fullback Ned McNeill sent the score to 33-O midway in the second canto with a 60-yard run, after intercepting a Tiger aerial. A long aerial, Gerald Leverman to Walter Leverman, gave the Tigers their only touchdown seconds before the end of the first half. Leverman converted. BILL OGLESBY, Elm' LOU REINZI, End BOB REAMS, Tacife FRANK SMITH, Bark I, fix ' ..i-t ff it fl' Q ' 1-f ' 1 ' 5 ' 4, W- f -1 ..,. 'fs . , V ':L: - Ii -,Si I ' 1- - is 'la-A 4 s- QQ K i . 1 i Q i I-fa 1, Y, a F X .Sy K W' I ' V Q 9 i- ' I f 1 I X! 93 if 1 at gi .. ,,...,. it I p All -3. W-xx? I it- .r1eswfg:fgg3tUf.d:v'.'w1Pz: ite S Homecoming . . . a avmwqp ' 2 Approximately 8,000 fans jammed into Eagle Stadium to watch the powerful North Texas gridiron machine roll to a 33-0 victory over the University of Houston Cougars. A half interest in the Lone Star Conference crown went to the Eagles with the victory. Fans had hardly taken their seats when the North Texas offensive power exploded when Harold Bartlett scored on an 85-yard jaunt. Richard Nutt skipped over from the one for the second NT counter just before the end of the first quarter. Mitcbellmen tear into ivwaderr. Barllett fwuyf into llae emi zone. Eagles Stomp Cougars 33-0 Early in the second period Zeke Martin handed the pigskin to Nutt on the old "Statue of Liberty" play, and the NT halfback romped 50 yards for another touchdown. Shields Mitchell converted and the Eagles led 20-0 at the halftime intermission. Bartlett added another six-pointer in the third period as he rammed his way over the goal from the 7-yard marker. Halfback Lloyd Lowe made the last score on a 25-yard sprint in the final stanza. Cromer taker three Cozzgurf for az ride. Cheer Leaderi mher Eagles' onto field. N ul -' , I 4' 'of' Q -ii An Eagle clivzgf to a wet pigrkin and fallr into the mari. Eagles 0lltS!Yilll Lions 12-6 Needing only a tie or a win to annex their second con- secutive Lone Star Conference championship, the North Texas Eagles invaded Commerce for their traditional grudge battle with the East Texas State Lions. Playing on a muddy field and in freezing weather, the North Texas oiensive lost some of its punch, but the Eag- les came through with a last-quarter touchdown to blast the Lions 12-6. Midway in the first quarter the Eagles scored their first counter. Halfback Frank Smith set up the score with a 6l- yard jaunt to the ll-yard line. Quarterback Fred McCain climaxed the drive as he sneaked over from the one. Billy Dinkles conversion attempt was no good. The Lions came sloshing back to tie the score in the second period. James Batchelor scored from the one, after sparking the drive which had carried from the midfield stripe. Another Lion scoring threat was checked on the I-yard line just before the end of the half. Neither eleven could generate enough power to offset the stopping powers of the quagmire in the third quarter and the game looked as if it might end in a 6-6 deadlock. Page 131 As the clock ticked off the waning minutes of the con- test, Coach Odus Mitchell rushed Bill Cromer into the fray. Cromer had been able to play only a few downs of the game because of a knee injury. Mitchell's confidence was justihed a few plays later as Cromer broke through the Lion forwards and outdistanced the secondary for 60 yards to score standing up. Shields Mitchell's attempted conver- sion was no good, but Cromers jaunt proved the difference. .IOHN WILLIAMS, Guard FELTON WHITLOW, Tackle if L - .. it - . ' I 1 , 0 I 4 ' .ii - - - A' it r ..,,. . fa?-'f --- tt s :-- .i'-'i A 1: iif' ti? V ..., ' "' ' ' - E3 .,.,,....... ,ff YE 3,3 1 K is-f i ? x RN 5 1 A H ii! -s. 3 1 i Z 1 F r ,av S we 3 1 4 1 li .1 ii gi 5. 'm ,N ii Hume 1, 5,3 wi -M 4- L. Xe ,-nf". ,wwf . X Q-1" ead aoach if 'ual V -.M '--"' x t X X . Nab . c, Vt .V ' N gf., . but '- - '- .5 'QV fs N t K T, ' ..: we X X . ,, V. f -. Jia 'fs 'ts X. . .-iw fV .vVi:ftf1' -ff - XX' 'lQ4LfL.j:S','.Q-1 t V? CAN N N 'gy'-'w ' ' 1, V -i 1-. x t N .A , :TV - 'w -4 V - N V , , Q:-fir.. MQW., V . A-sgVi'V1-U 1"-1.1,-..,. y 5.-...Z ' -4 "zy- - .F E , ,K ,i'?.QQ,,' M, V. ,NM-.. f. -.M .A ...NN - I Nhu.a,t.::k . . tx :V ,c - ls Vg.. - A . .tkvscsb - ., . ,I V! XB :xx . - if V- xx V. I c M.. ,I ,K XX., tl Q1 NN 5 , xx , tsfu' 555. 'Spf ' ' Uma- k"1'FfV:: ,,, "J - f ' , .f .W 1 it f fi'-1-as-' iff fzsf ' --V YY' s YP- ,Gif . L 5. X, V' S' ' ' A ,sf at ..-gn ,jf ,. g'I':5V.'1'-a,. K ' ,fgfgt aaa -V551 Vtiqt - :fam lc-52.5 ' 1: .. 1 get , I 5 U as V af' F. .K -' 'J :I - fl-412+ V V iff?- - - Hit- F . - 2-5:3 Q' f' .15 .V-1 is: f V Q . " 1 'f : iff f 5' .,.:i- " . . -J., .2-'Q jfs: -22 1. .111 ,gy 55.13 .: 51. 121 f, .t V 13,53 4 . f, . --f57.,:7gr . 1 1 2- lg.fv.,::,,- - 1-f - 'fr--La" 12 .t Qi, '--f. '41, , .Aclisx 6510? , :L wvwfqt. fa 11-ff?" V flwr Q'-it it A -' .1 3? fait r 55. ,V-3 ' ' -' .fs V" Matti?-t -' -' in -- g:3,.a.:.v J. , x ., V, - , ,i-z,V.::Q' 5 .-.V L, ' A ,gif F . ' t -V . I 3 e tai 'fTEF7:'.-:gifs mai? J :iii V- s- V2-.-ia..---is-sg H V -- , fa:-Q . .V -'bi 1 , -4.1. , V V V .N-5 V F V- ur.: V :cg-'vu - N . V. Av ., .V-.s..aV if..V?rV - 'fn - - VM' -'V 1:61, f, :--z V14 ' -wr. ' - ef ' ra- tl .- V , V. i-2?'rf-qw n. fsvisfrf., 1:1-' J?,'i-:-qi::- aw., ,. , ,-.f Sei-11-3 -gxifmizzflf.-', 351251 ' 1431 i! 'V " ' V I 3 Fiifiugr 1 ' jul , ' ' ' L, may ..-.,a. M 1 ,..N -:,3.,2egQ,, 1 V.-'REC V' .kff!Z':J:E5' L54 wc K?r?."41EvF ' . '. 'L rvfffi' t I ., ,q A ,I 1 ana., --4 as., , V,.1V.., .V . -1555 I .,..,:, -V- :fm 'QSC t :-:f.uI,y":1.-. V 5515512155:-3" . V11 1., ag if-9' wc ' .fsl-15355327- -c,.A,, .twrgi .X-3-1:5 ,-1, , . ,x . agp. -J Sqegxf -a-C, Head Coach Mitchell has com- pleted his second year of guiding the Eagle football fortunes, after coming directly from Marshall High School to the Denton campus in 1946. Mitchell, an outstanding college athlete at West Texas State, com- piled an enviable record as a high school mentor, and in two years of coaching at North Texas his teams have won 17 games, lost 5, and tied l. Mitchell is living proof that a coach doesn't grow so hard-boiled and tough that he has to live in a crevice of the stadium. lt is difficult to say which takes up most of the coach's timee--family or football-f but its probably the family. Coach and his wife Rowena have four children: Shields, the eldest son. and a freshman at North Texasg 16-year- old Marilong I5-year-old Joeg and Margaret, who is eight. The Eagles consider Mitchell tops as a man and as a coach. One of his most valuable gridders coma mented, "l've played football under seven coaches, and Mitchell is the greatest of them all." Gridiron femininity-q ueen size -is petite Sue Sewell of Texas City, who was selected as football queen for 1947 by the 50-man Eagle grid squad. Blonde and vivacious, the l8- year-old sophomore is a journalism and psychology major, a resident of Terrill Hall, likes popcorn, water- melon, and also answers to the name of Mary Sue. The queen was coronated during the half-time ceremonies at the Homecoming game with the Uni- versity of Houston. Escorted by game captains Fred McCain and Bill Cromer, Miss Sewell walked down the 50-yard line from the west side and faced the east grand- stand where she was presented with a large bouquet of mums. Football ueen 1 a TheSahulB0wdlhune North Texas vs. U. of Nevada Played on New Yez1r's Day in Phoenix, Arizona. K . ,Ja D 1 . 13 fu?-'ETEX lx Q 'I W OW wim ' , ls M WEN -Auf: gf, wi, ' - I Maven? H5429 ,f ,X OFMMI l H 1' H'agyi?ZL,1ligggfqrR,, ' 1 ,C ?'f'7Y3,1,f,- df, ,F :sf .1 93' J XA Qffi' ' l Arnold pllfhef zl Nez'aa'a fzlayer into the Iwf. Mitchell and Eagles after tba game. Nutt gen loiy bead managed. 3 , ,,,.. ., ' . ' A-59 . , . ijfafrivf-.. ,V X . Q i. A J "" '- '-x... ,,,,A- I b . UML ME HERE IN gg A MOGOOQ fifvfva t5I4'sS5i wmu. T ttti "w' Q L .w:'!-:'5aaf?ik'7- The North Texas footballers ended the season in the inaugural of the Salad Bowl at Phoenix, Arizona, New Year's Day, los- ing the classic to Nevada 6-13. The game was hard fought all the way with the Eagles taking the lead early in the first quarter as they knocked some of the self-assurance out of the Wolf Pack. With four minutes re- maining in the second quarter. the Wolf Pack came back with a 94-yard pass play that netted a touchdown. The conversion was good. The Eagles refused to concede the Nev- adans anything except the score as they came slashing back, but each time the North Texans threatened, the Wolf Pack forwards would rise up in a tight defense that was impregnable. Early in the fourth period Nevada launch- ed the final scoring thrust of the afternoon as the Wolf Pack fullback, Ernie Zeno, scored from a foot out on fourth down. The Eagle forwards met the Nevada surge and a huge pile-up resulted on the double stripe. After spending some time untangling the mass of players the officials found Zeno on the ground just across the goal. The conver- sion was not good, leaving the score 13-6 The Eagles pounded back along the come- back trail late in the final stanza to Wolf Pack territory where Quarterback Zeke Mar- tin sailed a long pass downheld to End Joe Abbey in the clear. But, the big end drop- ped the pigskin and a few plays later the game ended. Thus North Texas ended a successful sea- son with one of the best season records in their history, with ten wins in twelve starts. Page 137 Two Eagle ball cawierr rbow the Nevada boyr how iff done the Texar way BASKETBALL SQUAD I947-48-BOTTOM ROW: Candler, james Johnson, Johnny johnson, Daniels. TOP Row: Deardorff, Bell. McKnight, Rutherford, Coach Pete Shands. lA. V. Collins is not pictured.J BASKETBALL COACH HENRY HPETEM SHANDS The North Texas basketball team went through a 26-game sched- ule, winning l6 and losing l0 and taking a share of the championship in Lone Star competition with Sam Houston and East Texas State. George Daniels and Bill Candler were selected on the All-Conference second team as the Eagles had no individual star on the team. Daniels, who played his first year for the Eagles, kept North Texans cheering as he broke East Texas and Sam Houston in the last games of the sea- son with his unorthodox shooting and floor work. Candler played his steady game all season and won the coaches' vote for a guard spot on the mythical second team. The North Texas quintet opened their cage season with Austin College and played l4 games against outside competition. The Eagles took Austin College twice, 54-42g 72-37. They slaughtered Hardin, 60-30, and Pop's Spaghetti House of Dallas. 54-24. The following week the North Texans began a tour of Southwest Conference com- petition and suffered four straight defeats. They played Baylor the first game and were defeated 5l-45. The following night the Bears won again, 64-55. The Eagles moved over to Austin to meet the Uni- versity of Texas and fell again, 5l-59 and 60-49, in successive nights. North Texas came home to beat Hardin 62-50, but in a charity game the next week, Southern Methodist defeated the Eagles 60-49. The Eagles lost to the Arkansas Razorbacks, December 20, 62-49 to end basketball activity until after the holidays. The Eagle basketballers took part in an invitation tournament at Fort Wortli and defeated Texas Tech 59-46 in the first round, then lost to Texas Wesleyan 66-6l in the semi-finals. The Eagles retaliated with a 59-55 victory over Texas A Sz M to take third place in the tournament. This game was played on December Bl, giving the team about two weeks before starting Lone Star Conference play against Trinity University. Page138 THE EAGLES MANGLED HARDIN COLLEGE, 62-50, in I-larriss gymnasium December I6 without much effort. Getting off to a slow start, the North Texans piled up an impressive 20-point margin late in the lirst half then coasted to an easy victory. Sam Bell, center, kept the Hardin cagers baffled with his shots from the pivot post and made ll points for the Eagles. George Daniels made 14 points in the high-scoring fracas. Both the A and B teams saw action in the one-sided game. The win gave the Eagles their second victory over the Hardin crew for the season as the North Texans had shellacked them in XWichita Falls, 60-30, earlier in the year. rllfklllgllf XOOEI on while Bel! .tlmralf one. fobrmy jnfozifozl .S'h00I.fu'I1!I a Hrzwfifz man gow A muff .rframbfe for the buff by Hdfljjll pfayerr in I0 rap!1n'e 1126 VUZIUIHIZJ, amf Edgfw zvlvifr Dazzieff zuzfr'lve.r from KI .fafe lH.f1cII1L'6'. THE EAGLES LOST TO SOUTHERN METHODIST in a charity game. 60-49. in Denton High Schools gymnasium. For 58 minutes of the contest the Eagles matched the taller Mustangs, but Yank McKnight left the game in the final minutes with five fouls, giving the Dallas five almost complete control of the backboards. The Eagles also played without the services of Captain Don Deardorlf, who was out with a foot injury. elf tlaoolf zrlaife Pugh of the Mzufmzgf zvaifx cgmffgf- ferr lame with a ozze-lmfufefz' jump Ilew-elf Carzdfer again rrillaozzi much oppnriiiorz. for febozznd. .thot in benefit game. Page 1.39 LIINE STAB CUNFEBENCE TRI-CIIADIPS BRUCE W l LSUN Forward YATXIK lVlL'KNlGHT Forward JOE ABBEY SAM BELL Guard Center BENNIE RUTHERFORD Forward BILL CANDLER SEASONS BASKETBALL RESULTS OPPONENT Austin College . Austin College . Hardin College . . Pops Spaghetti House Baylor University . Baylor University Texas University Texas University Hardin College . . . Southern Methodist University Arkansas University . . Texas Tech . . Texas Wesleyan . Texas A 8: M . Trinity University . Southwest Texas State University of Houston University of Houston Sam Houston State . Stephen F. Austin . Southwest Texas State Stephen F. Austin . East Texas State Sam Houston State . Trinity University . East Texas State . TOTAL Page 140 NT 54 72 60 54 43 53 w 39 49 62 49 49 59 61, 59 54 58 71 51 37 62 71 46 86 53 75 52 1489 Guard oPP. 42 gv 30 24 51 64 51 60 50 60 62 46 66 55 41 56 47 55 57 53 60 62 63 52 57 49 1330 ...Aff ,, ykr' 2.25: 31 if A. V. COLLINS JOHNNY JOHNSON GEORGE DANIELS Center Forward Guard ,mmiis .loHNsoN Guard NORTH TEXAS FINISHED STRONG TO DEFIZAT Southwesr Texas State in Harriss gymnasium, 71-60. before a capacity crowd The Eagles had trouble in stopping -Iiinrny Littleton, Southwest Texas forward, as he paced his teammates to a first-half lead. North Texas began to click in the second half to overtake the Bobcats and go on to victory over the San Marcos team. Bell and Mclinight each poured DUN DIQARDORIYIT in I5 points to pace the Eagle scoring parade. Fouls were plentiful limwaul in the contest as Abbey, Rutherford, and johnny johnson each col- lected four and Dahlberg. Daniels. and Baze got four apiece for the Bobcats. Bell Jbrmtr um! fobfmy 1017711071 II'c1fLf7C.I' frwmz LZ prone pmftiofz. Bur, Mr. Ref. it L'U!lfCf77"1 be Mm! may' r NORTH TEXAS' COURT MEN made it three conference victories in a row with a 71-47 victory over a helpless Uni- versity of Houston team. The two quintets traded point for point for the first five minutes and the score stood 8-8. Bell dropped in a goal and the Eagles were on their Way and the Cougars were never in sight of victory again. A new team was substituted in the last half and the rapid pace of scoring continued. Bell made l5 points, Candler Scored 15, and Johnny johnson made ll to lead the Eagles in the wild-scoring game. The North Texans continued their surge for the Lone Star Conference championship by whipping a stubborn Stephen F. Austin Lumberjack Crew, 62-55. The Eagles had to come from behind to win the contest as the slick ball-handling Calvin Battise and shoot- ing of Winfretl Williams featured the Lumberjacks' first- half play. North Texas retaliated with sharp-shooting Candler, who made 15 points, and Rutherford, who poured in 12. Daniels' floor work stood out for the Eagles. TOP PIlj7'URli.' Inlmuy jnbvzmaz .fbflflfj bi.: mze-laaml jump .rhnz mul Bell 1m.s'be.r a U1zivem'ity of Homtmz man rm! of the wily. LEF71' Bell .rboozf another one while U7il5o1z and Cmzcilerr wail. LEFT BELOW: Collim .rhoolf left-lmmlecl for another Eagle fully. BELOW: McKnight gow' np into the air all by himfelf for u .rboz in the Stephen F. Azzrtiaz game. Abbey offfjzfmpy East Texan' p!a3'er.r for Izm more fJ0i72!,l'. THE LSC TRI-CHAMPS began their comeback late in the sea- son with a smashing 86-65 victory over the East Texas State Lions at Harriss gymnasium. The game was typical of past clashes between the two old rivals, and the shouting and applause threat- ened to move the gym from its foundation. Eagle Guard Georg-2 Daniels stole the show as he repeatedly drove in under the East Texas goal for crip shots that netted him 19 points for the game. Daniels kept the Lion defense bailed all night as he lured the East Texans out to try to stop his famous set shots and then began breaking under the basket to score with equal success. McKnight atlemplf iz ibn! an Sam H 01111071 player fault him. !0l7727lj" 1017721071 maker rl rfefpemte cfjlorl tn fm! the hall in agaimt the Liam. THE EAGLES DULLED THE BEARKATS' CLAXVS in Harriss gymnasium as the North Texans pulled one of the biggest upsets of the season. The game was nip-and-tuck all the way with North Texas' biggest lead a IO-point mar- gin early in the first half, when the Eagles pulled ahead 16-6. Daniels led Eagle scoring with 14 points and played a magnificent game on defense as he and McKnight held the Bearkat scoring ace, Murry Mitchell. down without a single point. The game was a rough affair with 51 fouls being called against both teams. Tha! man Dmziely goat in for crip rho! ima! cz Beurkaz 6f09.Y iz me rlmzce. NORTH TEXAS SMOTI-IIERED TRINITY UNIVERSITY in the next to the last game of the season to keep the Eagles' hopes alive for a conference title share. Making over twice as many field goals and free tosses as the hapless Tigers, the Eagles whipped the Trinity team 78-35 in one of the most listless games played in the local gymnasium. After a slow start while they trailed I-O for a few moments, the Eagles took control of the game and kept putting just about twice as many points in the basket as the red-shifted boys from San Antonio. Ruther- ford, reserve forward, paced North Texas' scoring with I5 points. johnny johnson was the No. 2 Eagle scorer with I4 points and Candler finished third with 15. The North Texans swept their way into a three-way tie for the Lone Star Conference championship when they brushed East Texas State aside at Commerce in one of the most excit- ing games played all season. The Eagles won 52--49. The game was hard fought all the way and tempers flared on both sides before the game was over. McKnight and Wilson played their last game for North Texas State and both men turned in top performances. McKnight led the scoring with ll points, followed by Daniels with nine. North Texas missed a chance to play in the National Association of Inter- collegiate Basketball tournament when the NAIB committee picked East Texas to represent the conference by virture of their season record. Abbey goef bzgb mio tbe auf or a goal ar Tzgermeaz look o Bell bar tbe izllzatzon 11 ell 112 baml anal oil! of reall o Trzfzzty plajefr BOTTO II RIGHT Delayed action M2 :bt Kai! lexar game at Commene ar Eagles and Lzovzi zz azz or lbe ball Damelr rmzler at zbe ball gomg lbrolzvb lbe uct za Eaqlr Lzon Llaib 112 Jeaion i finale CIIEEII LEADERS JIM SCOTT WESLEY SMITH ' JUNIUS TULEY Page 145 HARRY HEFLIN at Q-3' rw f mm A W .M-W.--.W - BOTTOM Row Pearson II Young Nichols Pruitt Duncan, Turner, Fambro, Towe, Landers, Grundy, Ball, Holt. MIDDLE ROW Harris Cox Smith Wallace Mitchell Howell Womack joe Floyd, Ladish, Sparks, Lowe, Cook, Reynolds. TOP ROW: Adams Carley Slack Marvel Hudgins David Herrington Coach Noah, Rienzi, Gill, Fowler, J. Young, Peters. The 1943 Track Team This year's track team took a long stride toward regaining the high national ranking held by Eagle cinder aggregations in past years. The North Texans flashed into the limelight early in the spring with an overwhelming first place against Lone Star Conference and independent college competitors in the Border Olympics and won the college division of the Fat Stock Show meet in Fort Worth. The team went on to complete a highly successful season. The Eagles were led for the first time this year by Coach Winton E. CPopD Noah, who came to Denton from Adamson High School where his success was marked with ten Dallas city championships in twenty years between 1928 and 1947. Noah is an ex-North Texas 440-yard dash and mile relay star, and his popularity with fans and trackmen make his return most welcome. COACH WINTON E QPOPJ NOAH Page146 Versatile Ray Womack Crightj was one of the big point-getters of the '48 team. Mainstay in the hurdles, he also was a leading member of the two re- lay teams. Bad weather hampered early season workouts and delayed conditioning. Some of the Eagles Cbelowj take ad- vantage of a sunny day to do limbering- up exercises before taking to the track and pits. wk if Page 147 3 GOOD START-It's a long way twice around the oval, and Gill, Duncan, and Pruitt realize the value of a smooth start. QUARTER MILERS-North Texas was fortunate to have this octet from which to choose its 440-yard dash men. Bottom Row Cleft to rightj: J. Floyd, Towe, Wal- lace, Smith. Top Row: Marvel, Pearson, Adams, I-Iudgins. Page 148 DISTANCE RUNNERS-Front Row Cleft to rightl: Duncan, Turner, Peters, Reynolds, Mid- dle Row: Young, Sparks, Landers, E. Young. Back Row: Nichols, Pruitt, Gill, Cook. RELAYISTS-Left to right: Ladish, Lowe, XVal- lace, and Thornberry practice passing the baton. E Sprinters Cleft to rightb: Howell, Ladish, and Lowe. Freshman Hurdlers Ball and Fowler. Sprinters practice a start under Noahls guidance. Left to right: Howell, Towel Ladish, Womack, Adams, and Lowe. Web mil Hurdlers Carley, Womack, Fowler, and Ball. Page 149 HIGH FLIERS . . . Freshman Bob Grundy, with his ever-present rabbit foot, joined veteran Luther CBugsD Fambro this year to give North Texas an exceptionally strong combination in the jumps Grundy was state high school jump Below: Grundy goes over with the bar at 6 feet 2 inches. champion last year. Fambro, above, clears 23 feet. He was also a top performer in the pole vault. Page150 ff' N- H, . K-ff atm ff' Field events are ably handled by this quintet, left to right: David, Slack, Rienzi, Herrington, and Harris. J. W. Floyd easily clears the pole vault bar. Slack follows through on a discus throw Page151 Practhus . ass6S 5 The Daion P Lowe finishes the 440- relay as F amb ro comes ov er from the pics to offer a word of praise. Page 152 W mac moochii' from O Fowler takes a trial 162-P' k no Ladish. Session Rienzi sends the javelin through space Archers get their sights on the target. The Wonien's Recreational Association is composed of all girls on the campus and is designed y to give co-eds an opportunity to indulge in sports. The Association is headed by Billie Bailey. Betty T Beasley is vice-president, Lucille Keck is secretary-treasurer, and Mary Frances Vifood is publicist Sports managers are Tish Fort, tennisg Rosanne Porter, archeryg Frances Walling, volleyball, Vir- ginia Burney, held hockeyg Bonnie Rogers, basketball, joy Thompson, softball. Club Presidents: Lynn Zimmerman, bowling, Mary Frances Wfood, tumblingg Lucille Keck, badminton, Betty Beasley, mod- ern clanceg Melvyn Riddle, square dance. Square dancing is sometimes thrilling. Basketballers exhibit form in practice. Under the sponsorship of Rita Pilkey of the Physical Education faculty, the Women's Recrea- tional Association initiates not only the games and sports pictured on these pages, but other activities such as dances. Harriss Gym and the Recreation Park are the homes of W. R. A. members, and on any school day the campus co-eds may be seen pursuing their most active inclinations. TOP LEFT: Competition in softball is hot. MIDDLE LEFT: Volleyball is a favored sport. BOTTOM LEFT: Field hockey takes endurance . . . sometimes skin. BELOW: Boys help enliven a badminton game. , . . illlt' F A ' A gI'Ollp of IL1I'1'1blC1'S dC1'HOf1SU'21f6 Ih6l1' SI'1'!OOIl'1 SYITIIHCIIY. One night in a moment of exultation, a young college man attempted to climb a flagpole, while his comely date looked on, laughing. After several attempts, the man became peeved at his date and said, "If you think you can do any better, go aheadf, The girl took off her shoes and swiftly climbed the flagpole while her date stood by in awe. It was easy to understand-she was majoring in physical education. The above may be a ludicrous example, but physical education is a necessary part of college life. An institution fitted primarily to educating the mind, nonetheless recognizes the importance of keeping healthy bodies fit and improving physical weaknesses. Tennis games give good exercise and attract the skillful. ,M-M--y"""' "W Q 4-A is ,:' .: . , X it Q 1 l ss I l . 1 i fi is., ,.A.AA, A 4 5 4 Qing lf S +G ff il . 467, in 1 V L I W -gm -vw , 5 3 c ,sf ,:, N, .V .r Q , , - . 1 , Kg 22 fri - s Q , XR 8 fe , ff rx .1 Sv -,Hwy . f ., 22: V .,,,',--- -j1545,-- W . .ef:"- ,ff .- ,. V , 'W , -Q-my ff,f 5 ,ff, X, . ,, agffkrifmfia sg, 5537 W f mens: lege, lwfff,-, , 1 rf Y' rin sr , G' 1 W 3-if Left to right: james Taylor, Glen Hausenfluck, Joe Holt, Billy Kinkle, Horace DeFord, Charles Houston, Glen Johnson. The Eagle Boxing Team Boxing Coaches Richard Nutt and Hac Overturf. The North Texas boxing team, coached by I-Iac Overturf and Richard Nutt, made a good showing in its first year. The Eagle boxers were the only team to win two championships at the Fort Worth regional Golden Gloves tournament. ln the regionals, Glen Johnson took the heavyweight title with a decision over Harold Middleton, and James Taylor decisioned james Bailey in the 126-pound open class. In the statewide eliminations, however, johnson lost by a TKO to Red Worley on February 12. Taylor car- ried the Green and White to state semi-final honors by eliminating Freddy Flores, one of the tournev favorites. Mid-term additions to the team bolstered chances of an excellent group next year. Heavyweight Bully Gil Strap of the mid-term enrollees won the light-heavy AAU state championship in 1946. Middleweight jackie Law- rence won the state TAAF in 1946, and welterweight jim Davis won the Houston regional in the Golden Gloves of 1945. Lightweight Johnny O'Glee, also starting at mid- term, won lightweight TAAF in 1947. Page 156 -v"""', ,.,..-f 'QR BILLY DINKLL ....-v-"' Coach Richard Nutt was 1945 National AAU light heavyweight champion and 1947 All-Lone Star Confer- ence halfback on the Eagle grid team. Nutt and Overturf are optimistic about the future of boxing at North Texas, and have arranged for several bouts for the team with other college teams. Other leading boxers on the NT team are Alton McBeth, welterweight, joe Holt, last year's state high school light heavy king, Dave Young, a veteran of AAU and Golden Gloves experience and boxes in the light- weight division, and Ruben Noel, former Hyweight champion of the Amarillo district. Others on the team are Billy Dinkle, Bert Bryant, Harry Dulaney, Adrian McLish, and Glen Hausenfluck. GLEN JOHNSON Page157 GOLF COACH FRED COBB The Eagle Golf Team The 1948 Eagle golf team is potentially the best in history, and probably one of the best teams in the nation. With half-a-dozen experienced tournament players and others who threaten par consistently, Fred Cobb's pill- swatters are casting a covetous eye upon the National Intercollegiate tournament this summer. With such steady performers as Ross Collins, vete- ran portsider, who captained the 1947 team, and Jimmie Thomas, L. M. Crannell, Gene Towry, and Buster Reed, all of Dallas, and steady, smiling Palmer Lawrence of Arlington, the team should make a good showing. Other linksmen of considerable ability with the sticks are Bob Yarbro, Fielding Williams, Cole Ham, and Harry Phillips. According to Coach Cobb, the Eagle golfers will meet Louisiana State University, national champions, the University of Texas, Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, Texas A. 84 M., Baylor University, the University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma A. 81 M. These matches will be augmented by the regular Lone Star Conference schedule. JIMMIE THOMAS BUSTER REED L. M. CRANNELL Page .758 iii 'Q 7 Wifi- . A hm 0,4-nu lr! .gk ,. L, gh 5, 5 ii gg si Sf? ' iii. 5 1 X -.sf 'ei 33 f Q, ,X A, iz. , 2:1 . W-55.9 , .Ji A . A., My Q W' ' 'Sm . In . ,Q . -Q. i4 -H4-4 ' :Jr In X ,J ,.. U. ki r by' XE W . lf 4 , gb . V ,.:,A ""w av. 2531, F fv - I' .,,,,L X L' , L, it by Y My A 5 f a ' Q- W 1+ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :umm numuum IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIH IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIHH ummm mm IIIIIIIIIIIIII """IIu IIII mm, IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII HIIIII' In IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHII HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III Ill II' 'II I I I Illrlllluuml l T III II 1"IlIIl HIIIIINH III' I III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIWI IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII W IlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII uullljm HIIIIIIIIII I Bookli pers . . . Deans . . . S4mretaries . . Depart nt Heads . . . Faculty . . They are Iilllflllllllllllilllate College. II all Wtwlift of the administration of North Texas IIIIII III l --IIIuIlIIIIIII'IlunHmmmlullllnl The tremendous bulk ot clericcim instruct- IIIIIIIIIIIIII ll IIIIIIIIIIIIIII II I Iylmllmmllmlone by the people pictured Hlthis IIIIIIIII I section ot the Iwlllllkqnmnllllnfou may know moslllllm IIIIIIIIIIIIII II them. You will certainly kwiwutllllllmme ot them. IIII III un II Illllllwu IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ional, and other administrative wo 'moi the Colm I IIIIIIIIII And it is to these people that the cre ilmllltlmmm IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII go for the proper functioning of this institution. HIIIIII IIIIIIH he School Xecuiive i 1 Q Q 1 S- ,-1 QF.,-:N ,-M.-A YF. - gig, wif G A 2 ,, ip ,4 BIDARD 0F REGENTS Few of you know these people. They are members of the Board of Regents for the seven state colleges of Texas. They may be business or professional men. Or they may be just plain citizens. These citizens comprise the higher echelon of adminis- trative government for North Texas. Although we do not know them personally, we can thank them for their ser- WILLIAM L. KERR , Prefiden! of lhe Board vices to us all. TOP ROW: S. A. Kerr, jr., R. L. Thomas, Mrs. Sallie Ward Beretta, Melvin C. liiclson. SECOND ROW: Newton S. Harrell, Hubert I.. Mills, Walter F. Wooclul, V. A. Collins. Page 162 WY. Joseph McConnell B.A., M.A,, Ph. D. Pfefidenz of the College llc-njamin B. Harris BSC., M.Sc., Ph. D. Demi of Aafmifziftmtion Pdf:-'? Imogene Bentley B.S., M.A., Ph. D. Dean of Wofnefz i .QS o o Theron J. Fonts A.B., M.A. Dean of Men Page 164 Jack Johnson B.S., M.A., Ph. D. Dean of the Gmdzzate School Floyd Stovall B.A., M.A., Ph. D. Dean of the College of Art! and Sciencex Page165 Walter ll. Hodgson B.A., MA., Ph. D. Florence Seoular B.S., M.S., Ph. D. Dean of the School of Home Economicf Page 166 0. J. Curry B.B.A., M.B.A., Ph. D. 1705171 of the Selma! of Bzzfifzan' James C. Dlatthows B.A., M.A., Ph. D. Dean of the School of Edfmztion Page I 67 ASSISTANT REGISTRAR COMPTROLI.ER-TREASURER MISS GLADYS BATES MR. DIXIE BOYD I O Y Y Adnllnlstrators and A DIRECTOR OF THE DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT I DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY OE INDUSTRIAL ARTS I DR. J. L. CARRIQLQ DR. S. A. BLACQREURN rj I' EIEQEQA in . . fm -IR-Iff xx, - . . ' ' .. K. S I I I 1. . ggvm " '4 f .. -I. ,Am , COLLEGE AUDITOR MR. ROBERT CALDWELL Departmental ASSOCIATE DEAN OF MEN A MR. WILLIAM G. XVOODS ,..,.--""' ---,,,,...--""' -.-,,,,....-Q--1'-"""' .,....-v-"""' 4, CHAIRMAN WOMENS DIVISION CHAIRMAN OF HUMANITIES DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT PHYSICAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR OF 'IHE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION DR DONNIR COTFERAL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES MR. THERON J. FOUTS Administrators and Departments? CHAIRMAN OF SOCIAL SCIENCE, DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENf OF GOVERNMENT DR. S. B. MCALISTER DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY DR. WALTER HANSEN Directors DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS DR. JACK JOHNSON DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS DR. E. H. HANSON DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY DR. B. B. HARRIS DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH MRS. OLIVE JOHNSON Page 171 I DIRECTOR OF THE DIRECTOR OF LIBRARIES, DIRECTOR OF THE I DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY DIRECTOR OF THE DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT OF JOURNALISM DR. L. W. NIEXSCITON OF LIBRARY SERVICE MR. C. E. SHUFORD DR. ARTHUR M. SAMPLEY Administrators and Departmental Directors A DIRECTOR OF THE DIRECTOR OF THE CHAIRMAN OF SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF ART DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH DR. 1. K. G. SILVEY DR. CORA STAFFORD DR. FLOYD STOVALL V51- ' ULTY R. WAYNE ADAMS Director, Demonstration School ANNA ALFORD Demonstration School LOUISE B. ANDERSON Secretary, Dean of Women MARY ANDERSON Music CONSUELO ANDERSON Music URSULA ANGELL Physical Education VERNON L. ARMSTRONG Education DOROTHY BABE ELENORA M. BADEN ROSE BAILEY Demonstration School H. G. BAKER Business Administration E. G. BALLARD English SAM B. BARTON Economics SADIE KATE BASS Director, Dormitory Food Service GLADYS BATES Assistant Registrar GEORGE C. BEAMER Education BETTY W. BENDER Library Demonstration School Home Economics IMOGENE BENTLEY EVELYN BLAGG E. B. BLANTON lViERL E. BONNEY ANN BRADLEY it Dean of Women Government Industrial Arts Education, Psychology Demonstration School LOTTIE BRASHEARS Library HAROLD BRENHOLTZ Education ROSE SHARP BREWER English C. A. BRIDGES E. C. BRODIE G. R. BROOKSIIEAR LEON BROWN lNiYRTLE BROVUN NANCY BLIRDETTE JOE L. BURKS HUBERT S. BUTTS History English Business Administration Music Mathematics Secretary, Home Economics Demonstration School Mathematics ful' w-""" .lA NU it E WJ ...W- W N .1 ilft A 'una x M. 1'-th .V N' urn, VIRGINIA QALLOWAY W. A. COOPER Physical Education l:l.ORl2NC1Z CULLIN Geography Foreign Languages JOI-INNYE COPE Demonstration School HILDA CUNNINGIIAM Secretary, IsI.A hlAlZ CHAPMAN Home Economics DONNIIE Co'I"I'I2RAL Physical Education Graduate Office E, S. CLIIf'I'ON English KATHRYN COX English A. A. DANIEL Demonstration School GIEURGIIZ COLLINS Secretary. IiI.I P. COX, JR. C. C. DAVIS lnclustrial Arts Dean of Mun Business Atlministrzttion lNlINliRVA DAVIS Music ROSS COMPTON Sociology V. Y. CRAIO Education EVIELYN DIZLONG Music MARY RIIIII COOK ELMIZR P, CRI'I"I'I2N1II2N English lNlARIAN lDIiSHAZO Foreign Languages Demonstration School AI. V. COOKIQ Mathematics AI.I2x DIc1KIIz Registrar LOUISIQ EVANS Library J. L. GIZROING Foreign Languages JOI-IN DOLCII Music DUANI12 L. FAR' Government LIZIQ GIBSCJN Music GIERHARIYI' G. DORN Music KA'I'III.IzI2N FLOOIJ Business Atlministratiou DOROTHY -IIZAN lilllilili Demonstration School JAMES H. DOIIGIIERTY Eclucation D. B.LI,oYIu Bible RAY GOUOH Att REVA EI'-ERT Demonstration School L. P. FLOYD Chemistry E. RAY GRIFFIN Government TIERRELL ELLIS Mathematics JEAN FORD Secretary, School Of Education LILLA GRUBBS Secretary, Print Shop lVlARY L. ENDRIZZI Hospital LILLIAN B. FOSTER Dietitian lN1ARGARET M. GRUBB Music R. B. ESCUE, R. Ph 'sics,ChemistI",' T. . FOUTS Dean of Men, Phvsical Education VIRGINIA HAILI3 En lish I . , 8 an mgmr VM. frm. Tlx' s21Vh..,N -3p,,-Qs mf r -.nn 49' all ' W., J. D. HALL Industrial Arts EUGENE HALL Music THOMAS HALL English SIDNEY HAMILTON Education, Psychology THOMAS S. HARl.l.l2lE Foreign Languages B. B. HARRIS Dean of Administration JIMMIE NEI.I. HARRIS Home Economics BEULAH A. HARRISS Physical Education JUNE KELSAY hlARGARET KING Home Economics Home Economics JOSEPH KIRSIIHAUM Music Lois KNOX Library A. G. KOENIG Education EDITH KUBIECK Physical Education GEORGIA B. LEACH Art ELAINE LEDLOW Library Service .fv- .J ' 'QI' L. O. HA1'ES Physician FoRREs'r HEEREN Music BEVERLY ELAINE HEss Music ANNA HARRIET HEYER Music Library LLOYD HIl5lilERID Music XWALTISR H. HODGSON Dean, School of Music J. S. HOPSON Business Administration BOIIIIIE HORNE Library Osc:AR LENTZ, JR. Sociology D. B. LLOYD Bible CLARA lf. LOEWENSTEIN Home Economics J. M. LOGUE English ELIZABETH LOMAX English EDITI-IA LUECKE DON LUMPKIN ELLA LUNDAY Home Economics Demonstration School English :sb ELEANOR JACKSON Demonstration School ROBERT JAQUES Music ALONZO JAMISON Government EITHEL JOHNSON Physical Education ULIVI3 M. JOHNSON Speech OLA JOHNSTON Biology ZONELLE JONES Hospital JOHN KARNES Industrial Arts VALERIE BETH BIANGUM English R. L. hi.-XRQUIS, JR. Education J. RAY NIARTIN Business Administration J. C. MATTHEWS Dean. School of llducution BIAURICE MCADOW Music S. B. MCALISTER Government J. B. BTCBRYDE Biology JERRY C. MCCAIN Industrial Arts ri -A I -1-ff NO' 'Vx W' 52" I HJ" 515, W. J. MCCONNELL President INIARGARET MIDIDLETON IIRANK NELSON Industrial Arts INA B. MCCORMICK Secretary, Home Economics VUINTON E. NOAH Physical Education Dean of Administration A. A, IWILLER Business Administration LONNIE I.. NORRIS Industrial Arts, ROBERT MCDONALD Music RUTH B, MILLER Foreign Languages Demonstration School FRANK MCKINLEY Music PIIOEEE MIZELL Demonstration School WILLIAM H. NUNN IDIE MCLAIN English HOMER Ii. MONEY Industrial Arts Demonstration School CAROLYN MCMULLAN Education GRADY L. INIULLENNIX Economics MYRTIcE NYOAARD R. B. MELTON Economics JEWEL MULLINS Music Demonstration School IWARY TOM OSBORNE English ROBERT W. O'l"I'MAN Music MAYDELL POTTER Library SANGSTER PARROTT Library XVILMA ROSE PKDWELI, Hospital FRED REINMILLER English, Philosophy JONNIE SUE PATTERSON Library CECIL PRESTON English ALAN W. RIcIIARosoN Music IXIARY AILEEN PERRY Demonstration School BETTIE PRIDDY Correspondence ITRITZ ROEERSON Industrial Arts MARY GLENN PEERY Demonstration School and Extension Division IRA C. ROBERTS Physics DONA BELLE PETERSON Library RUTH PRIDDY English INIARTIN E. ROONEY Business Administration LILIAN PHILLIPS Music ANNAEELLE PRITCHARD Education VIRGINIA RUSH Music JESSE F. PICKRELL Business Administration ETHELSTON PRovENcE Music FRANCES RUSSELL Home Economics RITA PILKEY Physical Education ELEANOR RAYNE Demonstration School H. G. RYLANDER Demonstration School ,? - .Y me A lN'lABEL SAUNDERS Business Administration SILVIO SCIONTI Music FLORENCE SCOIJLAR Dean, School of Home Economics -lANii SEFTON Accompanist, Physical Education D. W, SHlil.'l'ON Economics EIAGGARD SHEPARD Business Administration ROBERT C, SHERMAN Demonstration School ALBERT B. SHORT Business Administration UUITA TAYLOR Registrar Demonstration School DOROTHY TIIoMAs Library Service lNlAR'l'l-IA -I. THOMAS URc1E TIMBLIN S. M. TRICKEY Demonstration School Social Director, Dorms Demonstration School PRICE TRUITT Chemistry EDNA S. TURPEN Textbook Custodian OLIVE VUADLEY Hospital fwfr K i:"" xl ' 5' NJ 'fi Auf . Z ,DJ C. E. SHUFORD journalism FRED SLACK Demonstration School, RUBY LEE SLAYDIEN BIAMIH SMITH GLADYS SNYDER LESLIE SORRELS xl. J. SPURLOCK COR.-X E. STAFFORD RUTII L, WAl.S'l'fJN B M. B. WARD DI. F. WEBB lTRANcEs WEI.c1II M. P. W ELLS lNlARY G. WIIITTEN HELEN WVILFONG C. C. WILLIAMS Tl f-ey .-ugh Leggett-Ramey Courts Assistant Dietitian, Chilton English Mathematics Industrial Arts Chemistry Art usiness Administration Physics Education Dietetics,Bruce1 Home Economics English Library journalism Education ...f B'lARGIE H. STAFFORD Demonstration School EVA STAPLIZTON Demonstration School ARDATH STEDMAN Business Administration ROWIENA STRICKLAND Bible N. G. SULLIVAN Business Administration DONALD Y. SWAIN Bible hlARY C. SWEET English hflARY SWINDLE Library HELEN K. W7Il.I.IAMS Hospital RONALD l. VUILLIAMS Art CORA BELLE WII.sON History WILLIAM ci. WooDs Education, Associate Dean of Men A. H. XVORD Education OPAL WRIGH'I' Business Administration R. C. WYATT Foreign Languages CARL T. YORK Mathematics Q' 'Q mmm llllllllllllllll Hllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllll llllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllitlll i,,,,mIImIImIIIlIII Illlllllllllllllllllll u,,,,,mm IllllllIIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII llllillliHllllllllllllllllllllll mnuml lllllllm Wm: lm Illllllll llllll mm M imlwmu KH ll' lllj ll" ll ul ll rl lillll P le. People you know. Peo e you don't know. riends-and people wh are not your Cl SSE lx l lm ul 'lu llll Wm HM IIIHIIIIIIII MNH mnumuu ulillll Hllhl HI wmmmmmmmmm W lllllllllllllllllllllllllillm Htl UIHAMW HHH! l friends Quiet people. Bombasti ple w are prudes-and pe prude Th portraits appear in thi YUCW , undramatically arrang li a pictorial checker board. will ok through the album and re people. Peo- le who are ection of the in rows- ut one may ll . . . School life is like a waterwhee alling into a bucket on the wheel with man ore fresh young fish, you start the descent. the way Illl down, the water in the bucket become I tronger Wlmmmou get older. Some of your com nions Jump Illlllilillfm fresher water in the bucket ove. Others jump lfllttgmnmlme waterwheel and inmlllwe U I stream. IllllllllllllllllllllllHIM When the bucket you llll+la4lm reaches thiillll bottom of the wheel. all of your clilliwlflltwumumped into the water. You have left the wateiulllllllllkmlwn You have left school life to swim in a biggerIHllllllllllllllllmum pond. The way you swim. the strokes you HH make. and the fish you swim with will gov- em the distance you travel. W uw SV? GRADUATE CLASS MARY MARCH ACKER Harlingen Piano--Mu Phi Epsilong Jr. C. L. C. RILEY E. BAKER Mineral Wells Government-G. I. X.g F. T. A.g Interna- tional Relationsg Rep. of Phi Delta Kappa. LORENA BAKER Frankston Music WILLIAM C. BAss Whitesbofo Economics THELMA BOATNER Clarksville Home Economics-Ellen H. Richardsg House Presidentsg Sr, Mary Ardens. MARY MARGARET BOLLING Pharr English-McCracken Clubg Alpha Lambda Sigmag B.S.U. LOUIS F. BOLTEN Dallas Statistics fMathD-G. I. X., Pres.g F. T. A., Math Club. LILA MARETTE BONEY Sweetwater Foods-Ellen H. Richarclsg W. N. Mastersg C. L, C,g Alpha Chig Student Religious Coun- cil, Vice-Pres.g Foods 84 Nutrition Club, Pres.: Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pres.g Gammadionsg Who's Who in A. C. 8: U. MRS. VENITA K. BOOTH Arlington Spanish-John Dewey Philosophical SOA cietyg Sigma Delta Pi, WILL C. BOYD, JR. Denton Government PATSY LEE BRACK Denison English--Gammadionsg Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chi. FRANCES BRADFORD Longview English-Sigma Alpha Iotag Sr. Mary Arda eng Symphonyg Band. OLETHA BRANNAN Indian Gap History-Pi Omega Pig E. D.'Criddle His- torical Society. DOROTHY BRIDGES Denton English-Sigma Tau Delta, Sec.g Green Jacketsg International Relations Clubg Mc- Cracken Clubg Jr. C. L. C,g Women's Forum, Sec.g Who's Who in A. C. 8: U. WARREN T. BROWN Fort Worth Business Administration STEPHEN D. BUELL Denton History-College Players, Pres.g Internation- al relations Club, Pres.g A Cappella Choirg E. D. Criddle Historical Societyg Chorusg Assistant Curator of Museum. ALBERT CADE Merkel Education JEANNETTE CARTER Waxahachie Elementary Education JACK CAvEs Rusk Psychology-Psi Chi Clubg WhO's Who in A. C. 8: U. BERNARD CHRISTENSON Waterville, Kansas Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club. JEWEL CHRISTIAN Lindale MARGARET L. CHRISTIE Big Spring LEROY J. CLOTIAUX Beaumont Economics PANSY CONLEE Bryan Business Administration Page 180 GRADUATE CLASS GWEN CONOVER Demon Music JOHN A. Cox Fort Worth Psychology-Psi Chi. MAPLE Cox El Paso Accounting CALVIN A. CUMBIE Athens Business Administration-Phi Delta Kappag Pi Omega Pig Alpha Phi Omega, Sec. MRS. EZELL CURTIS Hebron History--E. D. Criddle Historical Clubg Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chig International Relations Clubg Alpha Lambda Sigmag Mc- Cracken Club. VIRGINIA DOGGETT Denton Biology-Kappa Theta Pig Alpha Chig Kap- pa Delta Pig Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Beta Beta Beta, V.-Pres.g junior Class, Sec.g Who's Who in A. C. and U.g Who's Who in N. T.g Graduate lnstructorg Gammadions, PreS.g Sigma Tau Delta. FREEDA B. DUFFLE Sanger Elementary Education C. M. DUKE Burkburnett Accounting-Pi Omega Pi, Pres.g Alpha Lambda Pi, Sec. MRS. NAOMI G. ELMORE Henrietta Music-Choral Clubg Western Texas Clubg Campus Chan MuSic Club. MARTELIA EWING Rio Vista Education--Sigma Delta Pig Kappa Delta Pi, Sec.g Alpha Chig Sr. Mary Ardensg House Presidents' Club. LEONARD H. FEI-IL Beaumont Art LUCILE FLOWERS Plainview English L. D. FRENZEL, JR. Dallas Biology-Square Dance Clubg Who'S Who in A. C. and U.g Aesculapians. EMMA LEE FULWILER Boerne Spanish-Gammadionsg Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pig F. T. A.g Sigma Delta Pi, V.-Pres., E. D. Criddle Historical Society, Sec.-Treas., Who'S Who at N. T.g Who's Who in A. C. and U. JAMES H. FULWILER Boerne Education-Sigma Delta Pig F. T. A.g f G. I. X. DIARY LOUISE GE'I'I'YS Decatur History FRANK GLADDEN Dallas Biology-Phi Delta Kappa. REO HABERN Gainesville Education-F. T. A.g Phi Delta Kappa. OPAL RODERICK HALL Denton Speech-Jr. C. L. C.g Radio Playersg Quin- tilians. KYLE HARDESTY Denton Business Administration - Alpha Lambda Sigma, Treas.g Pi Omega Pig Odam Phil. Club. CAROLYN HARRIS Dallas Music-Mu Phi Epsilon, Cortes. Sec.g Or- chestrag Pit Orchestra. PAT HARRIS Amarillo Government-Pre-Law, Delta Alpha Delta DANA HART Odell Physical Education-P. E. Club. ODELL HEROD Albany Physical Education-Aces, Alpha Phi Omega. Page 181 GRADUATE CLASS CHARLES LEE HILL Nacogdoches Music CLYDE B. HOPKINS Paris Economics MARGARET HOPKINS Krum Business Administration-Jr. C. L. C,g Sr. C. L. C.g Pi Omega Pig Women's Recrea- tional Ass'n. HEWELL H. HOWELL Daingerfield Government-Delta Alpha Deltag Pre-Law. GLADYS HUDGINS Krum Biology-W. N. Masters Chemical Societyg Beta Beta Beta, Pres.g T. C. Math Club, Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pig Who's Who at N. T.g Student Assistant in Biology. MARGIE FAYE HUDSON Blue Ridge English JACK JEANES Denton Chemistry-Chemical Clubg Math Clubg Falcon, Pres. J. W. JONES Cleburne Physical Education-T Clubg Track. ROLAND JONES San Antonio Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club. FLORA KEITH Houston Education ROBERT KING Rochester Business Administration JOHN A. KNOX Pampa Chemistry-Alpha Phi Omegag W. N. Mas- tersg A. C. D. Atiiliate Chapterg College Playersg A Cappella Choir. EARL KOOKER Edcouch Industrial Arts MRS. JEAN KOOKER Denton History--Alpha Chi. DOCIA BEATRICE LACKEY Waco Physical Education SAM J. LITTLE, JR. Weatherford Business Administration DON LUMPKIN Denton Mathematics--Gammadionsg Maverick Clubg Math Clubg Phi Delta Kappag Psychology Club. BETTY EMILY MARSHALL Kountze Music-Women's Choirg Modern Dance Clubg Concert Bandg Gammadions. V. G. MARSHALL Temple Economics CULMA MCBEE Godley Business Administration MOZELLE MCBRIDE Woodson Chemistry-W. N. Masters Chemical Clubg House Presidents' Club. WILLIAM GOBER MCCLELLAN Denton Biology LELAND MCCLOUD Denton Business Administration BILLY BOE MCLEAN Marshall Economics-G. I. X.g Pre-Law Clubg F. T. A. Page 182 GRADUATE CLASS RUBY NELI. MCMAHAN Slierman Home Economics, Spanish - Phi Upsilon Omicrong Sigma Delta Pig Ellen H. Richardsg Los Caballerosg Home and Family Life Clubg Bandg International Relations Club. CLARK MCPI-IERSON Gainesville Education-Bandg Camera Clubg Alpha Phi Omegag Phi Delta Kappa. ABRAM A. MILLER E1 Dorado Economics--Coke Hall Club. ELIZABETH ANN MIZELL Denton English-Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Kappa Delta Pig Gammadionsg Sigma Tau Deltag Avena Editorg Who's Who at N. T. JULIA MUDD Pilot Point English-Sigma Tau Deltag Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chig Philosophy Clubg Interna- tional Relations Club. THOMAS S. MURPHY, JR. McKinney Art-Art Club. Chickasha, Okla. VERNON NELSON Psychology-Sigma Phi Nug Psi Chig G. I. X. JOHNNIE NEWBY Education Springtown EMMA DEAN NICKLE Gainesville Elementary Education MARTHA NORMAN Trenton Education ANGILEEN PATTERSON Farmetsville Elementary Education A. A. PORTER Business Administration-Sigma Phi Nu. Colorado City LEE RAMSOUR Education San Angelo DAVID R. REDDEN Biology-Alpha Phi Omega, Pres.g Aesau- lapiansg Band. Mesquite MRS. Jo REESE Fort Worth English-Delta Kappa Gammag Kappa Del- ta Pig English Majors Club, Sec.g Latin Club, V.-Ptes.g Campui Chat. NIANNETTE REESE Dallas Music-Mu Phi Epsilon, Pres.g Interna- tional Relations Club. THOMAS M. REEVES, JR. Sherman Music--Phi Mu Alpha. MRS. ODESSA ROBERTS Gainesville Music MRS. MARY LUNN RODGERS Guanajuato, Mexico Spanish-E. D. Criddle Historical Societyg International Relations Clubg Sigma Delta Pig Phi Alpha Thetag Hostess of Tertill Hallg Alpha Chi. WILLIAM E. SAUNDERS Charlotte, N. C. Biology-Beta Beta Beta, Pres. LEIGH SECREST Tioga Chemistry-Gammadions, Pres.g Chemistry Clubg Math Clubg Alpha Chig A. C. E.g Who's Who in A. C. and U.g Wh0's Who at N. T. BARBARA SEE Dallas Education--F. T. A. OLA CLAGETT SIDDENS Seymour Education LILLIE REED SMITH Denton Music Page 183 ROGER F. SMITH Denton Economics - Graduate Class, Pres., Who's Who at N. T.g LSC Tennis Singles Championg Beta Alpha Rho Beta. MRS. GLADYS SNYDER Dallas Mathematics-Alpha Chig Kap- pa Delta Pig Math Club, Sec., Gammadions. DAN WESLEY SPALDING Sadler Physics - Alpha Phi Omegag Math Clubg Camera Club. JAMES SPIRES Gainesville Biology MAE LULA STARNES Gainesville Home Economics HAROLD V. STAVLO Gruyer Industrial Arts RICHARD R. STEAD Denton Chemistry - Chemistry Clubg Gammadionsg Math Club. GRADUATE CLASS NEOMI STEPHEN Dublin Music JUANITA STEWART Tyler Library Service-Hostess of Oak Street Hall. JACK STRICKLAND Waxahachie History-E. D. Criddle Histo- rical Society, Pres.g Band, Sym- phony Orchestrag International Relations Clubg Phi Alpha Theta, V.-Pres.g Pre-Law Club, F. T. A., Who's Who in A. C. and U. MYRTLE STUCKER Trinidad Music WILLIAM E. THOMAS Lewisville Pre-Med TROY THOMASON Groesbeck History--E. D. Criddle Histo- rical Societyg International Rela- tions Club. GEORGE S. THOMPSON Garland Music Education - Phi Delta Kappa. MELBA PAYE TIMS Bellevue Pi Omega Pig House Presidents' Clubg Camera Club. ROWENA VIRGINIA TURNEY Tulia Music-Sigma Alpha Iotag A Cappella Choirg Alpha Chig Op- era, Grand Chorus. NICK VAUGHN FortWorth Mathematics-Math Club, V.- Pres.g W. N. Masters Chemical Societyg Tennis Team. GERALDINE Voss Denton Education-Green jackets, Chemistry Club, Graduate Club. CECILLIAN WEBB McKinney Education-Delta Kappa Gam- ma. RUTH NELL WI-IITAKER Tulsa,Okla. Government--Phi Sigma Alpha, Pres., Pi Kappa Delta, Pres.g De- bate Coachg Who's Who in A. C. and U.g International Rela- tions Club, Pres.g Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Young Demo- cratic Club. HELEN C. WHITE Littlefield Business Administration BONNIE ADA WILKINS Abilene Music Education DONALD EARL WILLIAMS Italy Business Administration - Pi Omega Pig Baptist Student Coun- cil. MERRILI. D. WILLIAMSON Greenwood Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club. JOI-IN A. WINDER Decatur Education-Industrial Arts Club. THURMAN WINDI-IAM Denison Business Administration - Pi Omega Pi. PHIL WRIGHT Denton Industrial Arts--Industrial Arts Club. MARY YOUNSE Joy Education-Alpha Lambda Sig- ma, McCracken Clubg Sr. and jr. C. L. C.g Camera Clubg W. R. A., Ellen H. Richards Club. Page 184 Carolyn Ilarris Carolyn lvomack Felton !Vhitlow June Dlandeville Sc-rrotary Vive-President President Treasurer EDWARD E. ADAMS New Orleans, La. Business Administration-Sigma Phi Nug Pi Omega Pig Inter- fraternity Councilg Alpha Chi. ROBERTA ALEXANDER Megargel Gammadionsg Sigma Tau Deltag House Presidents' Club. LEONARD L. ALLEN Lewisville Physical Education-P. E. Pro- fessional Club. FRANK ANDERSON Dallas Sociology, Psychology-Interfrer ternity Councilg Sigma Phi Nug Psi Chi. LEROY ANDERSON Chicago, Ill. Music Education-Concert Bandg Grand Chorus. MILES ANDERSON Waxahachie Physics-Math Clubg Alpha Chig Sigma Phi Nu. NORMA JEAN ANDERSON Dallas Home Economics - Ellen I-I Richards. LUTHER ARCHIBALD Mart Economics ELECTA CAROL ARRINGTON Gainesville Sociology H. THOMAS AYRES Bowie Business Administration MARY JENNETTE BABASIN Vernon Music-College Playersg Sigma Alpha Iotag Symphonyg Sinfon- ietag Pit Orchestrag F. T. A. BILLIE FERN BAILEY Crandall Physical Education-P. E. Pro- fessional Clubg Delta Psi Kappag W. R. A., Pres.g House Presi- dents' Club. MRS. ESTHER MILDRED BAKER Weatherford Elementary Education-A. C. E.g Elementary Council. GEORGE T. BAKER, JR. Weatherford Business Administration SENIIIBS . . VIRGINIA BAKER Breckenridge Speech--Quintilian Clubg CO1- lege Playersg Sr. Mary Ardensg Alpha Chig Phi Sigma Alpha, Corres. Sec.g International Rela- tions Club. DOROTHY BALL Dallas Business Administration-Ganr madionsg Jr. and Sr. Mary Ard- ensg Pi Omega Pi. WINONA BALL Graham Sociology-Delta Chi Deltag Sr. Mary Ardensg Green jacketsg Mc- Cracken Clubg Women's Forum Council. MARY HELEN BARNES Mabank Home Economics-Ellen H. Richardsg N. T. A. C. Club. SAM P. BARNES Anna Education JAMES THOMAS BARNETI' Weatherford Business Administration MARY ANNA BARR Texarkana Business Administration-Senior Mary Ardensg International Re- lations Club. HAROLD BARTLETT Port Arthur Physical Education-T. Clubg Footballg P. E. Professional Club. IRENE BAUGHMAN Raymondville Business Administration HAROLD T. BAXTER Stephenville Business Administration PATRICK BAXTER Cleburne Business Administration - Tro- jansg G. I. X. JUSTINE BEGLEY Nocona Foods and Nutrition-Ellen H. Richardsg Foods and Nutrition Club. CECIL W. BELCHER Krum Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Clubg Phi Delta Kappa. FRANCES DUDLEY BELCHER Plano Vocational Home Economics- Ellen H. Richardsg Home and Family Life Clubg Alpha Chi: Kappa Delta Pi. Page 186 ROBERT F. BENDER Denton Business Administration - Pi Omega Pig Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chig Alpha Lambda Pi. DOUGLAS BENNETT Alpine English-Press Club. CHARLES E. BICKLEY, JR. Houston Music-Phi Mu Alphag Stage Bandg Concert Band. BYRON BILLMAN Fort Worth Music LAVADA SUE BILLS Dawson Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Clubg House Presidents' Club: W.R.A.g P. E. Professional Club. BETTY BIRD Waxahachie Business Administration - Con- cert Orchestrag Concert Bandg F. T. A.g Sr. Mary Ardens. BILL BISHOP Denton Accounting-Pi Omega Pi, Treas.g International Relations Club. Class of '48 LAWRENCE BLACK Daingertield Industrial Arts-Footballg Bas- ketballg Treas., Freshman Class. BETTY BLACKMON Wylie Business Administration-Kap pa Kappa Kappa, Sec.g Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardens. PATSY BLONDELL Denton Library Service-Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Religious Coun- cilg Alpha Lambda Sigmag Mc- Cracken Club, Pres. HAROLD BOGAN Quitaque Accounting CHARLOTTE BOHLIN El Paso Library Service-Alpha Lambda Sigmag McCracken Clubg Zeta Pi Gamma, Sec., V.-Pres.g Press Clubg House Presidents' Clubg Concert Bandg Symphony Or- chestrag Who's Who at N. T.g Intersorority Council. CARL B. BOLIN Alvin Music Education-Gammadionsg Phi Mu Alpha, Pres.g Alpha Chig Phi Delta Kappa. BETTY BONDS Clifton Physical Educationg F. T. A.g P. E. Professional Clubg Square Dance Clubg W. R. A. JOHN F. BOURIE McKinney PERRY W. BOWEN Carlsbad, N. M. Business Administration-A. P. O., Pres. JOE ANN BRAGG Bonham Art-Gammadionsg Sr. Mary Ardensg Alpha Rho Taug F. T. A. GARRETT H. BRAMMER Denton Business Administration - Fal- cons. BEN BRANCH Royse City Music Education-Phi Mu Al- phag Bandg Symphony Orches- trag Opera Orchestrag Great Chorus. JIM BRANDON Farmersville Business Administration-Alpha Lambda Phig Math Clubg Alpha Chi. TOMMIE BRANNON Santo Business Administration PAUL R. BRECKENRIDGE Jefferson Business Administration - Pi Omega Pig Alpha Lambda Pig Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pi. BONITA BRITE Throckmorton Business Administration -- Pi Omega Pi. THOMAS BRITE Haskell Business Administration - Beta Alpha Rho Beta. ROBERT DEWEY BRITTAIN, JR. Port Arthur Pre-Medical KENNETH BROCK Olney Business Administration - Golf Teamg Young County Club. LEONARD E. BROCK Seymour Government-Delta Alpha Del- ta. LOU ANN BROCK Bailey Home Economics-Ellen H. Richardsg Foods and Nutrition Club, Sec.g Home and Family Life Clubg Sr. C. L. C. Page 187 BEN M. BROOKS Corsicana Art-Alpha Rho Tau. BILLY BROOKS Henrietta Mathematics-Alpha Phi Ome- ga. JERRY R. BROOKS Gainesville Economics KELLY LEE BROOKS Pilot Point Business Administration MARY KATHERINE BROTHERS Denton Library Service, Spanish-Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Alpha Lambda Sigma, McCracken. NAOMI BROTHERS Cresson journalism-Kappa Theta Pig Press Clubg Soc. Ed., Campus Clmtg College Playersg Jr. Mary Ardens. EULA BROUTI-IERTON Bowie Business Administration JULIA BROWN Eastland Home Economics JUNE BROWN Silverton Music-Women's Choir, A Cap- pella Choir. MARY ALICE BROWN Putnam Home Economics--Ellen H. Richards, House Presidents' Club, Clothing and Related Artsg Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chig Tarleton Club. RUBY DALE BROWN Gorman Music Education - Womens Choirg Oratorio Chorus, F. T. A. ZELVA BROWN Decatur Music-Jr. and Sr. C. L. C., Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec.g Wom- en's Choir, Oratorio Chorus, Band. ROSEMARY BRUCE Music Education-Sigma Alpha Ardensg Sym- Ranger Iota, Sr. Mary phony Orchestra, String Orches- tra. Gainesville RAYMOND BRUNS Physical Education-S. F. O. A., Professional Club, Talons. SENIIIRS . . MARTHA BUDER Dallas Physical Education--Delta Psi Kappa, Sec., Alpha Chig W. R. A., P. E. Professional Clubg Sr. C. L. C., Varsity Show, Modern Danceg Tennis, Tumbling, Kap- pa Delta Pi. JAMES E. BUNNELL Paradise Government ROBERT S. BURDETTE Roswell, N. M. Stage Band, Phi Mu Alpha, Ind. Arts Club, Symphonyg Eagle Band. VIRGINIA BURNEY Fort Worth Physical Education-W. R. A., P. E. Professional Club, Inter- national Relations Club. EVELYN BURNS Prosper Home Economics--Phi Sigma Alpha, Pres., Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardens, V.-Pres.g Ellen H. Rich- ards, Treas.g House Presidents' Club, Girls Forum Council, Sec., Green Jackets, Intersorority Councilg Phi Upsilon Omicron. MARY BURNS Dallas Home Economics-Ellen H. Richards, NTAC Club, Home and Family Life Club. LOLA BURROW Tulia Elementary Education JACKIE BUSCH Mount Belvieu Elementary Education-F. T. A., A. C. E., V.-Pres.g Sr. C. L. C., Inner Varsity Christian Fellow- shipg Los Caballeros, Sec. CHASE R. BUSH Ennis A. P. O., College Playersg Var- sity Show. JULIUS BUSSEY Birdville Secondary Education LAVON BUSTER Denton English-Who's Who in A. C. 8: U.g Camera Club, Jr. Mary Ardens, V.-Pres., Sr. Mary Ard- ens, Pres., Gammadionsg Alpha Chi, Pres., Kappa Delta Pig Sig- ma Tau Deltag Sigma Delta Pi, Chat, Asst. Editor, Editor, Press Club, Pres. GILBERT R. BYTI-IEWOOD Port Arthur Pi Omega Pi JOE BUCK CALDWELL Kaufman Biology-W. N. Masters Chem- ical Soc., Beta Beta Beta, Trojans. NELL CALLAWAY Mt. Calm Elementary Education-Interna- tional Relations Club. Page188 ROBERT CALLAWAY San Angelo History-Delta Sigma Pi. WILLIAM CAMPBELL Wichita Falls Pre-Medical-Phi Mu Alphag Men's Choir, Oratorio Chorus. BRYON L. CANADAY Era Industrial Arts-NTAC Club, Industrial Arts Club. MAURICE CANANT Texas City Art-W. R. A.g Bowling Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Alpha Rho Tau. BUCHANAN CARGAL Baird Chemistry-Alpha Chig Chem Club, Math Club. SUSAN ALICE CARGILE Dallas Bus i ness Administration - Sr. Mary Ardensg Pi Omega Pig Al- pha Chi, International Relations Club. RUTH ANN CARRITHERS Dallas Speech Clas of '48 SYDNEYANNA CARTER Arlington Secondary Ed u cat i o n - House Presidents' Club, F. T. A.g Inter- national Relations Club. MAURINE CASHION Carrollton Journalism-Soc. Editor, Cbatg Press Club, Square Dance Club, Sr. Mary Ardensg Modern Writ- ers' Club. GLEN W. CHAPMAN Princeton Business Administration-Sigma Phi Nu. JEAN CHILDERS Jasper Business Administtation-Gam- madionsg Jr. C. L. C., Student Religious Council, B. S. U. Coun- cilg House Presidents' Club. MAURINE CHILDERS Denton Home Economics-Ellen H. Richards, Sec., Home and Fam- ily Life Clubg Phi Upsilon Omi- cron. ANITA JUNE CLARK Archer City Home Economics-Ellen H. Richardsg Foods and Nutrition Club, Sr. C. L. C., Sec. ANN CLEERE Madisonville Business Administration BILLY GUY CLEMENT Era Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club. MRS. MARY ELIZABETH CLEVELAND Hamilton Home Economics-Ellen H. Richards, Pres.g Student Reli- gious Councilg Home and Fam- ily Life Club. ROBERT L. CLINTON, JR. Putnam Music Education-Alpha Chig Phi Mu Alpha, Treas. WANDA LOWRY CLINTON Putnam Elementary Education EARL A. COCHRANE Dallas Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts, Treas. WILLIAM H. COFFEY, JR. Colorado City Journalism-Talons, Sec., Treas., Press Club, V.-Pres., A. P. O., Who's Who in A. C. 8: U., Pres., Sophomore Classg Publications Council, Athletic Council. MARTHA COLE Electra Speech -- Quintiliansg College Players, Elementary Council. DORIS COLEMAN Mart Library Service-Wesley Foun- dationg McCracken Club. RUTH EVELYN COLLIER Wichita Falls English-Jr. Mary Ardensg Gam- madionsg Kappa Theta Pi, Sec.g Sigma Delta Pig Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pig Women's Choir. NEOMA COLLINS Corsicana Business Administration - Jr. Mary Ardens. DAVID COMPTON Fort Worth Chemistry-Alpha Chig Who's Who at N. T. ZULA MERLE CONNELL San Antonio Business Administration-Cam- era Club, F. T. A. PAUL F. CONNOR Roswell, N. M. Biology--Pi Phi Pi, Sec. Russ CONNOR Detroit, Mich. Speech - Quintiliansg College Players, Radio Club, Pres., In- ternational Relations Club. Page 189 JIMMIE COOK Graham Bus i ness Administration - T. Clubg Beta Alpha Rho Betag Young County Club. RUTH COOK Brownsboro B u s i n es s Administration - Pi Omega Pig W. R. A.g House Presidents Club. JAMES PAUL COOPER Colorado City Physical Education-Football, All Conferenceg T Club. JOHN D. COOPER Fort Worth Industrial Arts-Phi Delta Kap- pa, Treas.g Ind. Arts Club, Pres.g F. T. A.g Kappa Delta Pig Al-- pha Chi. ELIZABETH COPE McCamey Music Education-Mu Phi Epsi- long Jr. and Sr. C. L. C.g Math- ematics Club, Sec.g Beethoven Choirg A Cappella Choir. BARBARA COPELAND Dallas Business Administration-Jr. Mary Ardensg Phi Sigma Alphag Dallas Club. SAM P. COPELAND Wichita Falls Biology-Trojansg Alpha Chig A. P. O.g Beta Beta Beta. SERENA COPPEDGE Dallas Mathematics JANET COQUAT Oakville Home Economics--House Pres- idents' Clubg Ellen H. Richardsg B. S. U. Councilg Student Reli- gious Council. JOE COQUAT Oakville Physical Education-T Clubg Track. MONROE COSTON Clifton Speech-College Playersg Quin- tiliansg International Relations Clubg Radio Club. DAVID C. COTTEN Sherman Sociology-Debate Clubg Pi Kappa Deltag NT Christian Fel- lowship, V.-Pres. DOROTHA FAYE Cox Gainesville Business Administration--House Presidents' Club. SARA ALICE COX Fort Worth Medical Technician-Sr. Mary Ardensg Beta Beta Betag W. N. Masters Chemical Society. SE REBECCA ANNA CRAIG Cleburne Music Education-Jr. and Sf. C. L. C.g House Presidents' Clubg Women's Choirg Symphony Or- chestra. BETTYE Jo CRAWFORD Rockwall Commercial Teaching-Pi Ome- ga Pi. EARL CRAWFORD Gordon Physical Education-Geezlesg P. E. Professional Club. J. O. CROSS Malone Public School Administration- F. T. A. MARTHA ANN CROUCH Port Arthur Mathematics-Delta Chi Delta, Treas.g F. T. A.g W. N. Masters Chemical Societyg Sr. Mary Ar- densg House Presidents' Clubg Math Club. MARTHA AYE CROUCH Grand Prairie Spanish-Gammadionsg Jr. C. L. C.g Religious Councilg F. T. A., Sec.g Sigma Delta Pi, V.- Pres.g NTAC Club. MARVIN CROW Dallas Business Administration NI0llS . . PATSY CROWE Olney Interior Design-Young Coun- ty Clubg Alpha Rho Taug House Presidents' Club. TED CRUMBLEY Dallas Industrial Arts-Falconsg T Clubg Industrial Arts Clubg ln- terfraternity Councilg Dallas Clubg F. T. A. CHARLES CULL Yakima, Wash. Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Clubg F. T. A. GLENN CUNNINGHAM Denver City Music JANE CURLIN Nocona Home Economics - Freshman Class Duchessg Varsity Girlg YUCCA Queen Nomineeg Foot- ball Queen Nomineeg Phi Sig- ma Alpha, Sec.g jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Favorite. JIM CURLIN Nocona Business Administration BETTYE SUE CURRY Sweetwater History-jr. Mary Ardensg E. D. Criddle Historical Societyg Los Caballerosg International Re- lations. Page 190 . . Class of '48 BETTY JOHN CURRY Winters Art-Alpha Rho Tau, Jr. and Sr. C. L. C., College Players. JOAN CURTIS Grand Saline English - Sigma Alpha Iota, Women's Choir. RICHARD DALRYMPLE Kilgore Music Education-Phi Mu Al- pha, Band, Symphony. IVAN EDWARD DANHOF Grand Prairie Pre-Medical-NTAC Club. WILLIAM J. DANIEL Demon Industrial Arts BERNARD DANIELS Wills Point Business Administration ROBERT F. DAVIDSON Dallas Chemistry-Camera Club, Chemistry Club, Math Club, F. T. A., Student Religious Coun- cil. GEORGE M. DAVIS Fort Worth Biology LEONA DAVIS Wilmer Art-Alpha Rho Tau, Jr. C. L. C., F. T. A., Kappa Delta Pi, Press Club, Alpha Chi. MARY CATHERINE DAVIS Fort Worth Psychology-NTAC Club, Psi Chi Club, Bowling Club. BETTY ANN DAVY Farmersville Spanish--F. T. A., Camera Club, Sigma Delta Pi, Sr. C. L. C. EDWARD C. DAWSON Waxahachie Industrial Arts-Geezles, Ath- letic Council, Interfraternity Council. IRVING DAWSON Bellevue Government - International Re- lations Club, Symphony Orches- tra, String Orchestra, B. S. U. Council, V.-Pres., Delta Alpha Delta. JULIAN MOORE DAWSON Bells Falcons, Industrial Arts Club. RUBY DEARINS Talpa Music Education-Jr. and Sr. C. L. C., Forum Council, Wom- en's Choir, Glee Club, Beet- hoven Choir, Grand Chorus. JUANITA DEAN Fort Worth Music Education -- Symphony Orchestra, Pit Orchestra. PHYLLIS DEATHERAGE Waxahachie Business Teaching-Sr. Mary Ardens, Phi Sigma Alpha, Cor. Sec., Pi Omega Pi. JACK DE CORDOVA Collinsville Industrial Arts KENNETH H. DEETS Olney Business Administration - Tro- jans. IRA DEFOOR EI Campo Physical Education-Geezles, T Club, Football. FRED L. DENDY, JR. Denton Business Administration JOAN DENNIS Whitesboro Secondary Education-Math Club, W. N. Masters Chemical Society. JACK P. DIAL Amarillo Industrial Arts-Trojans, lndus- trial Arts Club, A.P.O. GUY DICKSON Clifton History-International Relations Club. JEAN DILLARD Waco Spanish-Sigma Delta Pi, House Presidents' Club, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi. RAYMOND M. DOBBS BODl13.l'11 Business Management BILLY DODD Henderson Business Administration HAROLD B. DORSEY San Antonio Music Education-Concert Band, Grand Chorus, Eagle Band. Page 191 MARY JANE DOWSE Electra Business Administration BRYAN DUCKWORTH Dallas Business Administration - Golf Team. VERNON J. DUNN Blue Ridge Business Administration ELAINE DUPUIS Port Arthur Piano - International Relations Club, Newman Clubg Mu Phi Epsilon, Sec. JOANNA DURST Optima, Okla. Voice-A Cappella Choir, Ora- toria Chorus, Grand Chorus. MARGARET ANN DYSON Houston Music Education-Gammadionsg Green jackets, Sigma Alpha Iota, V.-Pres.g Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Chi. JOSEPH C. ECHOLS Fort Worth Journalism - Favoriteg YUCCA Staff, College Players, Quintil- iansg Press Club, International Relations Clubg Radio Players. FRANCES EDMONDSON Mullin Spanish-Sigma Delta Pi. ELIZABETH EEDS Santa Anna Foods and Nutrition-Ellen H. Richards, Foods and Nutrition Club. JESSE G. EDWARDS Bonham Business Administration-G. l. X. LEE M. ELDER Clifton Business Administration ROY G. ELDERS Weatherford English-Sigma Tau Delta, V.- Pres., Alpha Chi. HOWARD ELKINS Tioga Business Administration-Sigma Phi Nu, Paris Club. AMY MORRISON EMBRY Denison Business Administration SENIUBS BILLIE MARIE EMERICK Denton Business Education-jr. and Sr. C. L. C., Pi Omega Pi. ARTIE RAY ERMIS Fort Worth Business Administration-Green Jackets, Mary Ardens. LILLIE ERWIN Argyle Business Administration-F. T. A. W. R. ERWIN, JR. Argyle Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club, V.-Pres., Pres., F. T. A., Treas., Pres.g Phi Delta Kappa. CHARLES L. EvANs Fort Worth Secondary School Administration --F. T. A., Phi Delta Kappa. BETTY EVERETT Fort Worth Art-jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Kappa Theta Pi, Cortes. Sec., V.-Pres., House Presidents' Club, Intersorority Council, Alpha Chig Alpha Rho Tau, YUCCA Queen Nominee, YUCCA Beauty. ELLA MAE EVERETT Plainview English-Sigma Tau Delta, Sec. CHARLES E. EZELL Sanger Industrial Arts LAVOYCE FARISH Corsicana B u s i ne s s Administration - Sr. Mary Ardens. LUCILLE FARMER Weatherford Music Education-Women's Choir, Oratorio Chorusg Sigma Alpha Iota. HERBERT FERRILL Grand Prairie Physical Education-Football, T Club. C. N. FERGUSON Aubrey Business Administration -G. I. X. JOE DURWOOD FERGUSON Sugar Land Business Administration - Beta Alpha Rho Beta, A. P. O., Al- pha Lambda Pi. EDWARD T. FARRIS Arlington Biology Page 192 CHARLES W. FIKES Denton Business Administration ELIZABETH AMES FISHER Cleburne Art-House Presidents' Clubg W. R. A.g Green Jackets, Sec,- Treas., Pres.g International Rela- tions Club, V.-Pres.g Alpha Rho Tau, Treas.g Campus Homes Club. BILLIE FLETCHER Decatur Business Administration OTTO FLOCKE Houston Psychology-Psi Chig Phi Delta Kappa. WINSTON M. FLORENCE Overton Chemistry ALTON OA FLOWERS Vernon Accounting JIM BOB FLOYD Tyler Music Class of 948 BARBARA JUNE FOOTE Turnersville Business Administration-Ganv madionsg Alpha Chig Pi Omega Pig Sr. C. L. C.g Phi Sigma Al- pha, Treas.g Who's Who in A. C. and U. NACE FORMAGUS Dallas Industrial Arts-Footballg T Clubg Beta. WRENNA MARCILLE FORTSON Dallas Sociology-Press Clubg Sigma Tau Deltag Kappa Delta Pi, Sec.g Alpha Chig Sr. C. L. C. CATHERINE TRAWEEK FRANCE Chemistry Talco WALLACE GLENN FRAZIOR Chemistry-Falcons Jacksboro ROBERT S. FUDGE Houston Physics HOWARD FULLER Fort Worth Secondary School Administration LEEMORE FUQUA Stamford Business Administration-Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Pi Omega Pig Los Caballerosg F. T. A.g Con- cert Bandg Football Band. BILL GALE Denton Physical Education-Swimmingg Trackg A. P. O.g Geezlesg P. E. Professional Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Mr. North Texas. J. L. GANDY Jewett Business Administration-Sigma Phi Nu ROBERT GANTT Princeton Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club, V.-Pres.g A. P. O. ANTONIO GARCIA Denton Government-Alpha Chig Inter- national Relations Clubg G. l. X.g Industrial Arts Clubg Delta Alpha Deltag Sec. of Ex-Students Associationg WhO's Who in A. C. and U.g Who's Who at N. T. WILLIAM H. GARDNER Colorado Business Administration-Orato rio Chorus. BERNICE GARY Gladewatet Elementary Education - Wom- en's Choirg Elementary Councilg Kappa Delta Pig A. C. E.g Alpha Chi. HARLENE GASTON Waxahachie Biology-Chemistry Clubg Math Clubg Sr. Mary Ardensg Beta Beta Beta, Sec.g House Presidents' Clubg Alpha Chi. THOMAS VIRGIL GATES Huntington Economics-Alpha Chi. MARTIN GERBER Denton Chemistry-W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Pres. ANNE NEWTON GIBSON Victoria Art-Alpha Rho Taug F. T. A.g Bandg Alpha Chig Sigma Delta Pig Kappa Delta Pi. BOB GIBSON Pottsboro History-Track. JAMES GIBSON Pottsboro Chemistry JOE GIEB Gainesville Physical E d u c a t i 0 n - Talons, V.-Presg T Clubg Footballg Pres., Junior Class. Page 193 TOMMY GILLEN Granbury Business Administration VIRGINIA GIITLEY Jacksboro Speech-Quintiliansg Jr. Mary Ardens. BETTY ANN GILMORE Whitney Home Economics-Ellen H. Richardsg Home and Family Life Clubg Phi Upsilon Omicrong F. T. A.g Sr. C. L. C. PAUL A. GOBLE Longview Psychology JOHN M. GORDEN Demon Speech-A. P. O.g College Play- ersg Quintiliansg International Relations Clubg Track. GLENNA GRAHAM Denton Business Administration-F. T. A.g YUCCA Queen Nomineeg BILL GRANT Paris Business Administration - Fal- cons, Sec, ELSIE GRANT Fort Worth Elementary Education-Gammfb dionsg Association of Childhood Education, Treas., Pres.g Alpha Chi. ALICE GRAVES Texarkana Elementary Education-Jr. Mary Ardensg Elementary Councilg House Presidents' Club, Treas., Kappa Theta Pig F. T. A. HELEN GRAY Gainesville Library Service -- MCC racke n Clubg Alpha Lambda Sigrnag House Presidents' Club. L. E. GRAY Kerens Music Education--Pi Phi Pig N. T. Band. CHARLES S. GREATHOUSE SENIIIBS PIERCE GRISHAM Vernon Industrial Arts-Geezlesg Inter- fraternity Council, Pres.g Indus- trial Arts Clubg G. I. X. FRANKLIN GUNTER Tenaha Psychology, English-Psi Chig McCracken Club. JANELLE HADSELL Denton Physical Education--Green Jack- etsg W. R. A.g Delta Psi Kappa, P. E. Professional Club. BETTY HALE Carbon Physical Education-W. R. A.g P. E. Professional Clubg Green Jackets. BILLIE HALL Cisco Music - Symphony Orchestrag String Orchestrag Pit Orchestra. ROSEMARY HALL Rockwall Home Economics-Sr. Mary Ar- densg Ellen H. Richardsg W. N. Masters Chemical Societyg NTAC Clubg Home and Family Life Y F ' . - G d UCCA avonte Industrial Arts reenwoo Clubg Phi Upsilon Omicron. MARY LEE GRAHAM Canton JAMES R. GREEN Frankston CLETIS Q. HAMES Ranger Elementary Education Pre-Medical Medical Technician BILL HANNON Gladewater Industrial Arts-W. N. Masters Chemical Societyg G. I. X. WANDA HARDIN Selman City Business Administration HOPE HARDY Bridgeport Elementary Education THOMAS H. HARMS Burkburnett Personnel Management -- Inter- national Relations Club. DON R. HARPER Sealy Business Administration-Sigma Phi Nu, V.-Pres. FRANCES HARPER Hillsboro Business Administration CAROLYN RUTH HARRIS Dallas Chemistry - Gammadionsg W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Sec.-Treas.g College Players: American Chemical Society, Sec., V.-Pres.g Kappa Kappa Kappa, V.-Pres.g Alpha Chi, V.-Pres.g Sec., Senior Classg Jr. Mary Ar- dens. Page 194 JESSE HARRIS, JR. Gainesville Chemistry JOYCE HARRIS Denton Clothing and Related Arts-Art Clubg Ellen H. Richards. TIIELMA HARRIS Robsrown Music-Sigma Alpha Iotag Al- pha Chig Kappa Delta Pig Bandg Gammadions. WILLIAM DoYLE HARRIS Greenville Business Administration LENA ROSE HARVARD Navarro Business Administration--House Presidents' Clubg Green jackets, Gammadionsg Pi Omega Pi. HERSHELL HATTER Red Springs Physical Education-Math Club, P. E. Club. LEONA HAVRAN Knox City Speech - Quintiliansg Gamma- dionsg House Presidents' Clubg F. T. A., V.-Pres.g College Play- ers, Sr. C. L, C. Clas of '48 TRAVIS L. HAWK Bells Psychology-Psi Chi Club. JEANNINE HAWTHORNE Mexia Physical Education-Phi Sigma Alphag P. E. Professional Clubg W. R. A.g Modern Dance Clubg NT Swimming Teamg YUCCA Queen Nominee, Women's For- urn. ARMENDER HAYES Devers Mathematics-G. I. X., Pre-Law Club, International Relations. LELA MAY HAYES Hillsboro Home Economics-Ellen H. Richardsg Band, Home and Fam- ily Club. DAISEY HAYNES Kilgore Music Education--A Cappella Choirg Sigma Alpha Iota, Wom- en's Choir. ELIZABETH HAYNES Waxahachie Elementary Education--Elemem tary Councilg A. C. E. WILLIAM LEE HAYS Clarksville Psychology-A Cappella Choirg Bach and Grand Choir, Psi Chi, Varsity Show. MORRIS W. HEARD Cleburne Advertising Art - International Relations Clubg Alpha Rho Tau, Treas.g Alpha Chi. MARGARET HEARN Perryton Speech-Quintilians. HARRY HEFLIN Denton Business Administration-Pi Phi Pig Yell Leader. MRS. HARRY HEFLIN Denton Business Administration-Kappa Theta Pig Mary Ardens. GENE HELLMAN Gainesville Business Administration -- Pi Omega Pi. WAYNE HENDRICK McKinney Mathematics-Math Club. SELMA RAE HENRY Wickerr Library Service. JESS HENSARLING Bryan Business Administration-A Cap- pella Choirg Gammadions, A. P. O., Pres., Treas.g Phi Mu Alphag College Playersg Oratorio Chorus, Bach Choir. CHARLES HERSHPIELD Dallas Chemistry. MARGARET JEAN HIETT Longview Home Economics-Ellen H. Richards Club, Home and Fam- ily Life Club, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron. JIM HIGI-IsMITI-I Anna English ARTHUR HILL Dallas Economics--Pi Kappa Alphag Big D Club. GEORGE W. HILZ Pilot Poinr Industrial Arts HERBERT HINCKLEY Dallas Pre-Medical-N. T. A. C. Club. Page 195 JAMES G, HINEMAN Longview Art-Men's Choirg Chapel Choir, Alpha Rho Tau. ALICE CATHERYN HINK Dover, Ark. Physical Education-Student Re- ligious Councilg P. E. Profes- sional Clubg W. R. A., Sec.g C. L. C.g Green Jacketsg Delta Psi Kappa. GENE HODGES Kirkland History-Gammadionsg F. T. A.g E. D. Criddle Historical Societyg International Relations Clubg Phi Alpha Thetag McCracken Club. JAMES I.. HODGES De Leon Business Administration JESS HODGES Poolville Business Administration-T Club. HERBERT HOES Bartlett Business Administration BERYLE HOFFMAN Vernon Elementary Education-Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Womens Choirg Delta Chi Delta, Corres. Sec. CLAUDE ELLIOTT HOFFMAN Denton Journalism-Pi Phi Pig G. I. X., Press Clubg Interfraternity Coun- cil. ARDIS HOLLAND Era Business Administration-Jr. and Sr. C. L. C. BILL HOLLAND Sulphur, Okla. Business Administration JOE HOLLER Wichita Falls Business Administration-A. P. O.g Geezles. T HYRA HOLLEYMAN Kilgore Business Administration--Ellen H. Richardsg Quintilians. HAROLD HOLLOWAY Cleburne Psychology-Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pig Psi Chig Intercollegiate Society of Mental Hygiene. RUTH LOUISE HOLMAN Gainesville English-House Presidents' Clubg Green Jacketsg Sr. Mary Ardensg Avena Staffg F. T. A., Sigma Tau Deltag Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pi. SENIQIBS JO ANNE HOLZMAN Dallas Chemistry-W. N. Masters Chemical Societyg Gammadionsg Modern Dance Clubg Alpha Chi, Sec.g Pi Phi Betag Beta Beta Betag W. R. A. JACK HOOD Borger Economics -- Beta Alpha Rho Betag Debate Clubg Pre-Law Club. PATSY HOOKER Paris Business Administration-Paris Club, Sec.g Pi Omega Pig House Presidents' Club. JOHN MORGAN HOPPER Grandview History-Gammadionsg F. T. A4 E. D. Criddle Historical Societyg Camera Club. MRS. BONITA HOLBROOK Throckmorton Business Administration MARJORIE HOWARD Denton Home Economics-Ellen H. Richards Clubg W. N. Masters Chemical Clubg Home and Fam- ily Life Club. JACK W. HUDGINS Dallas Music-Pi Phi Pig Phi Mu Al- phag Symphony Orchestrag Aces of Collegelandg Symphonic Bandg Pit Orchestra. LAVERNE HUNN Aubrey Home Economics - Ellen H. Richards. Canadian NATALIE HUTTON Music Education-Mu Phi Ep- silong Women's Presidents' Club. Choirg House COMBIE IVEY, JR. San Angelo Government JANE JACKSON Sweeny Library Service - McCracken Club. MELBA JACKSON Farmersville Home Economics-Ellen H. Richardsg B. S. U. Councilg House Presidents' Club. YVONNE JACKSON Beaumont Music-Women's Choirg Grand Choirg A Cappella Choirg Opera Work Shop. HILMA ANN JACOBI Electra Physical Education-P. E. Pro- fessional Clubg W. R. A.g Delta Psi Kappag Modern Dance Clubg Square Dance Clubg Volley Ball Varsity Team. Page 196 J. . . Class of '48 MRS. RUTH JEANES Llano Elementary Education-Gamma dionsg Elementary Councilg Al- pha Chig Kappa Delta Pi. GLORIA JENKINS Denton Art-Alpha Chig Alpha Rho Tau. LOUIS A. JOHNAGIN Dublin Government-Pre-Law Clubg In- ternational Relations Clubg G. I. X.g Tarleton Club, V.-Pres. BARBARA JOHNSON Carrollton Business Administration-Gam- madionsg Jr. Mary Ardensg Sr. Mary Ardens, Sec.g International Relations Clubg Pi Omega Pig Zeta Pi Gamma, V.-Pres., Pres.g Green Jacketsg Intersorority Council, Pres.g Alpha Chip House Presidents' Club. C. E. JOHNSON, JR. Atlanta Business Administration CONE JOHNSON Denton Pre-Medical-Talons. GLEN E. JOHNSON Bridgeport Physical Education - Footballg Geezles, Pres.g P. E. Professional Club. MRS. MARANELL K. JOHNSON Denton Home Economics - Ellen H. Richardsg Home and Family Life Club. RUFUS R. JOHNSON Houston Music-Phi Mu Alphag Sym- phonyg Concert Bandg Stage Bandg Pit Orchestrag Great Cho- rusg Sinfonia. FRANKIE JOHNSTON Forreston Spanish-Jr. C. L. C.g F. T. A.g Sigma Delta Pi. CALVIN JONES Wichita Falls Pre-Medical-International Rela- tions Club. DONALD JONES Graham Business Administration - Ac- counting Clubg Alpha Lambda Pi GLORIA JEAN JONES Rising Star Home Economics--Ellen H. Richardsg W. N. Masters Chem- ical Clubg Sr. Mary Ardensg Home and Family Life Clubg Phi Upsilon Omicron. MRS. LILA JONES Bonham Business Administration-Jr. and Sr. C. L. C., Pres.g Pi Omega Pi. JANETH JORDAN Electra Business Administration-Jr. and Sr. C. L. C.g Math Clubg Gam- madionsg Alpha Chi, Sec.g Pi Omega Pig International Rela- tions Clubg Kappa Delta Pi. JERREL JULIAN Commerce Secondary Education. ARLINE JUNGBECKER Houston Music Education-Sigma Alpha Iotag A Cappella Choirg Gam- madionsg Women's Choirg Ora- torio Chorusg F. T. A. LUCILLE KECK Seymour Physical Education-P. E. Pro- fessional Clubg W. R. A., V.- Pres., Sec.g Jr. C. L. C., Pres. BURNIE KEE Denton Journalism-A. P. O.g Press Clubg Athletic Councilg Chat and YUCCA, Sports Editor. JOHN E. KELLER Electra Business Administration-New man Club. CLIFTON KELLY Lake Dallas Business Administration MARGUERITE KENNARD Fort Worth Speech-Quintiliansg B. S. U.g International Relations Club. ALVIS B. KENNEDY Dallas Government BOBBIE KING Winnsboro Home Economics-C. L. C. OTIS M. KING Denton Biology JEAN KINZY Fort Worth Business Administration-Green Jacketsg Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Gammadionsg Pi Omega Pig Al- pha Chig Kappa Delta Pi, V.- Pres.g Women'S Forum, Rc- porter. JOHN W. KIRKLEY Dallas Physics-Math Clubg W. N. Masters Chemical Club. GEORGIA JEAN KLADIVA Tioga Spanish-Jr. and Sr. C. L. C.. International Relations Clubg PI Omega Pi. Page 197 ROBERT E. KNIGHT Denton Industrial Arts KATIE RUTH KNIGHTEN Corsicana Elementary Education-Jr. and Sr. C. L. C. EARL KOI-ILMAN Electra Economics MARY LU KUYKENDALL Bonham Business Administration - Yell Leaderg jr. and Sr. Mary Ardens, Pi Omega Pig Green Jackets, Pres.g Delta Chi Delta, Pres.g Gammadionsg House Presidents' Clubg Intersorority Councilg Kap- pa Delta Pig Who's Who in A. C. and U.g Sophomore Class, Sec.-Treas. BEVERLY KYLE Carthage Business Administration-Kappa Delta Pig Gammadionsg Math Clubg F. T. A.g Pi Omega Pi. CAMILLE LABAT Houston History JEss LAFFERTY Beaumont Personnel Management KENNETH LAMBERT Demon Business Administration-B. S. U. MRS. LOUISE LAND New London Business Administration-Cam- era Club. MAXINE LANE Dublin Music-House Presidents' Clubg Women's Choirg Grand Chorus. VERN LANE Jacksboro Physical Education HAROLD LANGLEY Vinton, La. Business Administration-Alpha Lambda Pi. HAROLD LARIMER Denton Physics--A. P. O., Treas. ARLAN LARSON Longview Biology-Alpha Chig Beta Beta Betag Student Religious Councilg Lutheran Student Association, Pres. SENIOBS HONIE LOU LASTER Kilgore Journalism-Press Clubg Green Jacketsg International Relations Club, Sec.-Treas.g House Presi- dents' Clubg W. R. A. BILL LEE Houston Business Administration CHARLA JO LEE Dallas Art-Alpha Rho Tau. NALDA LEE Novice Business Administration-Gam- madionsg B. S. U. Council. JACK LEGETT Denton Art-Alpha Rho Tau. ROBERT LEWIS Wellington Business Administration MRS. EDITH LOU LIGHTFOOT Mertens Music O I O PATSY LOCKHART Gilmer Business Administration -- Pi Omega Pi. EVELYN LONDON Mathis Art-Alpha Rho Tau. JEssE LOONEY Denison Chemistry-Gammadionsg Math Clubg Alpha Chi. LOUISE LOVE Cleburne Education - Delta Chi Deltag Green Jackets, V.-Pres.g Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg F. T. A.g Asso- ciation of Childhood Education. RICHARD M. LUDEMAN Denton Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club. NORMAN J. LUKE Muenstet Business Administration JANE LYNCI-I Lufkin Music Education-Bandg Grand Chorus. Page 198 I 9 SHERMAN MALEY Woodson Industrial Arts-Beta Alpha Rho Beta. JUNE MANDEVILLE Dallas Government, Economics-Debate Club, Sec., Pres., Pi Kappa Del- tag Delta Alpha Delta, Sr. C. I.. C., Senior Class, Treas., Wom- en's Forum. DOUGLAS RALPH MASSEY Nederland Physical Education-P. E. Pro- fessional Club. MARY FRANCES MASSEY Granbury Secretarial Science BEN MATHESON Fort Worth Pre-Medical LESTER MATTIIEWS Denton Biology-A. P. O., Phi Delta Kappa. REGINA MAYES Carrollton Business Administration-Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardens, Square Dance Club. Class of 48 JAMES R. MCALISTER Denton Biology-Alpha Chi, Beta Beta Beta. CATHERINE MCCARTY Wichita Falls Spanish-Gammadions, W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Sym- phony Orchestrag Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardens, Sigma Delta Pig Math Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Chi. FRANK B. MCCLANAHAN Decatur Physical Education - Geezles, Football Squad. DORIS MCCLELEN Seymour Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club, Sec., Treas., Sr. C. L. C., F. T. A. PATSI MCCONNELL Tlllla Music-Sigma Alpha Iota, Col- lege Players, Opera Workshop, Beethoven Choir, A Cappella Choir. MARY GLENNE MCCOY Electra Home Economics-Jr. and Sr. C. I.. C., Ellen H. Richards Club. MARY FRANCIS MCCULLOUGH Sherman Physical Education-Green Jack- ets, W. R. A., P. E. Professional Club. JAMES P. MCDONALD Edgewood Chemistry-W. N. Masters Chemical Society, American Chemistry Society. JOHN MCDONALD Frederick, Okla. Accounting GUY MCGEE George West Chemistry-W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Math Club, Sigma Del- ta Sigma. MARY MCKNIGHT Celina Speech-Jr. and Sr. Mary Ard- ens, Quintiliansg Fine Arts Com- mittee, Delta Chi Delta, Treas., House Presidents' Club. LOUISE MCLANE Tyler Music-Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Chi, A Cappella Choir, Madri- gal Group, C. L. C. PAT W. MCLEOD Florence Industrial Arts-Geezlesg Indus- trial Arts Club. MADELINE MCMILLIN Bonham Art-Jr. and Sr. C. L. C., Cam- era Club, Sec., Alpha Rho Tau: Bonham Club, International Rc- lations Club. CORBIN D. MCPHERSON Economics Gainesville JAMES WARREN MCWILLIAMS Denton Business Administration MARGARET MEACHAM Smithfield Spanish-Sigma Delta Pig Jr. and Sr. C. L. C., International Relations Club, Gammadions, F. T. A., Math Club, American Chemical Association, W. N. Masters Chemical Society. BILL MEAD Chico Math WILLIAM MIDDLETON DCIIIOII Chemistry-Alpha Chi, Treas., W. N. Masters Chemical Society. HELEN MILLER Fort Worth English-Press Club, V.-Pres., House Presidents' Club, V.-Pres., Pres., Sigma Tau Delta, Sr. Mary Ardens, Kappa Theta Pig Alpha Chi, Gammadions, International Relations Club, Publications Council. JOHN L. MILLER Lufkin Business Administration Page 199 HUGH D. MILLICAN Grapevine Mathematics-XV. N. Masters Chemical Clubg A. P. O. JACK MISTROT Beaumont Business Administration - Pi Omega Pig B. S. U., International Relations Club. HAROLD J. MITCHELL Canton Mathematics-Pi Phi Pi. Cl-IARLINE FIELD MORELAND Plainview Psychology - Psi Chig Kappa Kappa Kappag Alpha Chi. BILL MORRIS Quanah Art ETHEL A. MOSELEY Jefferson Business Administration-Ganr madionsg Jr. C. L. C., Pi Omega Pig Alpha Chip Kappa Delta Pi. WENONA MOSS Frederick, Okla. Music Education-Sigma Alpha Iotag Women's Choirg Gamma- dions, Bach Choir. xv. M. MUMFORD Tyler Physical Education - Football Squadg Talonsg P. E. Professional Club, Health Council, Who's Who in A. C. and U. THOMAS E. MYERS Kruln Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club. TOYE MYRICK Princeton English-Womens Choirg Inter- national Relations Clubg F. T. A., Campus Homes Club. MRS. IVA FULLER NAIL Arlington Home Economics ROBERT L. NAIL Denton Industrial Arts BETTY JEAN NEAL Newcastle Business Administration-Gam- madionsg W. R. A., P. E. Pro- fessional Clubg Young County Club. ARNOLD NELSON Chickasha, Okla. Biology-Beta Beta Betag Sigma Phi Nu, G. I. X., Alpha Chi. SENIIIRS MRS. JANELLE NELSON Waxahachie Business Administration - Jr. Mary Ardens. FRANKIE NEWSON Lewisville Business Administration - Pi Omega Pig Jr. C. L. C. INIARY JANE NICHOLS Fort Worth Business Administration-Sr. C. L. C.g Women's Choir, House Presidents' Club, Pi Omega Pi. RAYMOND NICOL New Orleans, La. Public School Administration- Alpha Chi, Philosophy, Basket- ball Squaclg Kappa Delta Pi. VIRGINIA NUNLEY Gainesville Business Administration PATRICIA OCHSENBEIN Texarkana Economics, History - Gamma- clionsg Alpha Chi, E. D. Criddle Historical Society, Pres.g Phi Al- pha Thetag International Rela- tions Clubg Sr. Mary Ardens. LOUISE O'CONNOR Denver City Business Administration-Jr. and Sr. C. L. C., Newman Club, Treas.g W. R. A. C Q I BETTY JO OGLESBY Dallas Home Economics - Delta Chi Deltag Sr. Mary Ardensg Alpha Rho Tau, Press Club. BILL OGLESBY Wichita Falls Physical Education - T Clubg Talons, Pres., P. E. Professional Club, Football Squadg Who's Who in A. C. and U., Who's Who at N. T. MRS. NETTIE SWINNEY OLIVER Canton Elementary Education EDWARD J. OWENS Gainesville Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club. JAMES A. PARKER Denton Business Administration BETTY PARKS Denton Sociology KEITH PARKS Belleville, Ark. Speech-B. S. U., V.-Pres., Pres.. Debate Club, Pres., Quintilians, Pi Kappa Deltag Favorite, Who's Who in A. C. and U.g Alpha Chi. Page 200 . . Class of 948 FRANCES JEAN PAYNE Hemphill Voice-Phi Sigma Alphag Sigma Alpha Iota, Jr. and Sr. C. L. C., Beethoven Choir, Womens Choir, Bach Choir. ROGER W. PAYNE Arlington Chemistry - Chemistry Club, Math Club. BEN EVERETT PEARSON Grapevine Business Administration JIMMIE G. PENNER Aubrey Physics VIRGINIA PENNOCK Alvin Business Administration-Gam- madionsg Jr. and Sr. Mary Ard- ens, Green Jackets, Pi Omega Pig Alpha Chig Kappa Delta Pig F. T. A. T. L. PERTUIT Lake Charles, La. Public School Administration- F. T. A.g P. E. Professional Club: Newman Club, Kappa Delta Pi. SIDNEY K. PEVETO Irving History-International Relations Club, Dallas Club, Gammadionng E. D. Criddle Historical Society, Phi Alpha Theta. JOHNNIE PHILLIPS Henderson Music-Women's Forum, Cou- cert Band, Opera Orchestra, Symphony' Orchestrag House Presidents' Club. RAYMOND A. PHILLIPS Marshall Business Administration - Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. ROSEMARY PHILLIPS Texarkana Elementary Education-C. L. C., V.-Pres.g A. C. E., Treas. SALLY PHILLIPS Tyler Elementary Education-Phi Sig- ma Alphag International Rela- tions Clubg Elementary Educa- tion Councilg House Presidents' Club. ANITA PICKARD For: Worth Arr-Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardens, Camera Club, Green Jackets, Art Club, Gammadions. MYRA PICKARD Fort Worth Business Administration -- Pi Omega Pig Jr. and Sr. Mary Ard- eng Green Jackets, Camera Club, Women's Choir. JAMES L. PIPES Cleburne Biology - American Chemical Society, Glee Club, Sec. ROBERT JOSEPH PIPKIN Denison Music BETTY PIRTLE Sugar Land Home Economics - Phi Sigma Alpha, College Players, Green Jackets, Sr. Mary Ardens. WILLIAM D. PITMAN Amarillo Business Administration - Fal- cons, V.-Pres., A. P. O., Sec., Alpha Lambda Pi, Pres., WhO's Who in A. C. and U. SHERRY MARIE POWER Marshall Business Administration - Phi Sigma Alpha, Sec.g Green Jack- ets, Sec.g Women's Forum Coun- cil, Favorite, YUccA Cover Girl Nominee, Beauty Nominee. ROBERT PRIOR Fort Worth Physics - N. T. A. C. Clubg Math Club. WILLIAM PROPS Marshall Government, Economics - Pre- Law Club, Pres. DOROTHY NELL PUGH Cisco Music--Kappa Theta Pig Sigma Alpha Iota, Mary Ardens, Sec., Gammadionsg Symphony Orches- trag String Sinfoniettag Aces of Collegelandg Pit Orchestra, YUC- CA Queen Nominee, Alpha Chig Fine Arts Committee. PAT PURDY Diboll Elementary Education-Zeta Pi Gammag House Presidents' Club, Can-Can Line, Terrill Hall, V.- Pres., Women's Choir, Modern Dance Club, Elementary Council. DEE PYLAND Dalla3 Speech-Kappa Kappa Kappag College Players, Pres., Green Jackets. HENRY PYLE Kaufman Business Administration JERRY QUINN Thebes, Ill. Sociology-Psi Chi, Alpha Rho Tau, Press Club. DORIS RAINEY HCHIICIIR Elementary Education BILL RAsH Frankston Business Administration PAULINA RAWLINGS Dallas Art-Alpha Rho Tau. Page 201 MARY RAY Longview Physical Education - Gamma- dionsg jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg P. E. Professional Club, W. R. A., Kappa Theta Pi, Sec., Pres., Women's Forum, House Presi- dents' Club, Intersorority Coun- cil, Alpha Chi. DAVID REMBERT Dallas Music ELIZABETH REVES Denton Business Administration - Stu- dent Religious Council. CLAUDINE RICH Whiresboro Vocational Home Economics- Sr. Mary Ardensg Ellen H. Rich- ards. CLAUDE A. RICHARDSON, JR. Knox City Business Administration REBA JANELLE RICHARDSON Gainesville Elementary Education-Oak St. Hall, V.-Pres. ROBERT RICHMOND Olney Social Science-Debate Clubg E. D. Criddle Society, Phi Della Kappa, Pi Kappa Delta. MARGARET RILEY Gainesville Medical Technician -- House Presidents' Club, Beta Beta Beta. JIM ROACH Paris Journalism-Press Club,V.-Pres., Geezlesg Campur Chat, Sports Editor, Associate Editorg Paris Club, Pres., Modern Writers Club. MARGARET ROACH Henderson Psychology-Psi Chi, Sec., Inter- national Relations Club. PEGGY ROBASON Red Springs Music Education - Women's Choir, House Presidents' Club. DAVID J. ROBB Gainesville History-E. D. Criddle Histori- cal Societyg YUCCA, Photograph- erg Press Club. CHARLES M. ROBERTS Denton Music - Concert Band, Sym- phony, F. T. A. LOU ROBERTS Wills Point Business Administration-House Presidents' Club, Sr. C. L. C., F. T. A., Terrill Hall, V.-Pres. SENIIIBS CLIFFORD D. ROBERTSON Robert Lee Physical Education-Track Team, P. E. Professional Club, T Club. EDWARD L. ROBERTSON Lubbock Business Administration-Geez lesg T Club, Football Squad. EUGENIA ROBERTSON Wichita Falls Home Economics--Ellen H. Richardsg Home and Family Life Club, House Presidents' Club. MARY NEASE ROBERTSON Plainview Music-Gammadionsg Sigma Al- pha lota, Treas.g Alpha Chi, Harp Ensemble. DAVID C. ROBINSON Weatherford Business Administration GEORGE ROBINSON Mobile, Ala. Music Education--Symphony Or- chestra, String Sinfoniettag Aces of Collegelandg Phi Mu Alpha, Pres., Alpha Chi. GEORGE H. ROGERS Dallas Math, Physics WILLIAM ALLEN ROGERS Ennis Business Administration - Los Caballeros, Pres., N. T. A. C. Club, Pres. MEREDITI-I ROLLINS Groom History-International Relations Club, House Presidents' Club, E. D. Criddle Historical Society, Odam Philosophy Club. LOUISE ROSE Denton Home Economics EDNA MAE ROWELL Iowa Park Home Economics--Jr. and Sr. C. L. C., Ellen H. Richards Club, Home and Family Life Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron. BESSIE JO RUSSELL Whitewright Vocational Home Economics- Green Jackets, Jr. and St. C. L. C., Ellen H. Richards, Home and Family Life Club. FRED A. RUTH Anderson,Ind. Business Administration - Col- lege Players, International Rela- tions, Los Caballerosg F. T. A. VALETA RUTHERFORD Greenwood Elementary Education--A. C. E.. W. R. A. Page 202 . . Class of '48 PAUL SAGEN Greenville Business Administration - Math Club, A. P. O., Sec. JACK SANDSBERRY P8.l'lS English - Quintilians, College Players, Paris Club, V.-Pres., Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Chi. CHARLIE MAE SCHEER Henrietta Elementary Education--F. T. A., Association of Childhood Edu- cation. RICHARD H. SCHIEBEL Dallas Psychology - Basketball Squad, T Club, Treas., Psi Chi, College Varsity Show, Alpha Chi. GENE SCHOLL Malakofl Music - International Relations Club. WALTER SCHOENFIELD Denton Secondary Education-A. P. O., College Players, International Relations Club. SARA ALICE SCOTT Athens Speech-Kappa Kappa Kappa, Pres., College Players, Quintil- ians, Camera Club, junior Class Sec. BILLIE MARIE SEALEY San Saba English-Sigma Delta Pi, Sig- ma Tau Delta, F. T. A., Alpha Chi. LOUISE SELLERS Walnut Springs Elementary Education-Sr. C. L. C., Tarleton Club, American Childhood Education. BENNIE SEWELL Abilene Business Administration-B. S. U., Sec. ANN Sl-IANDS Denton Music-Kappa Theta Pi, Mu Phi Epsilon, Pres., A Cappella Choir, jr. and Sr. Mary Ardens, Gammadionsg Madrigal Singers. CHARLES WILLIAM SHELANDER Art New Braunfels JUDY SHELTON Fort Worth Foods and Nutrition-Chemistry HELEN SUE SHEPARD Odessa Physical Education-W. R. A., P. E. Professional Club, Pres., Square Dance Club, Pres. JULIA SHORT Whitesboro Accounting-Pi Omega Pi. EMMA B. SHULTS Chillicothe Business Administration-Garm madions, Pi Omega Pi. MARY ELIZABETH SIMMONS Fort Worth History--Gammadionsg F. T. A., Phi Alpha Theta, E. D. Cridclle Historical Society, Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Chi, Who's Who at N. T. THOMAS HUGH SIMONDS Port Arthur Pre-Medical-Talons. ERNEST SIMPSON Denton Business Administration - Beta Alpha Rho Beta, Pres. JIM SCOTT Tulil Club, Ellen H. Richards, Foods HARRY L- SKILLMAN Fort Worth Industrial Arts-Pi Phi Pi, Sec., and Nutrition Club, Sec., Sr. Chemistry - W. N. Masters Industrial Arts Club, Yell Leader. C. L. C. Chemical Society. JOHN SLAUGHTER A003 Business Administration DOROTHY JEAN SMITH Sherman Home Economics-Gammadions, jr. C. L. C., W. N. Masters Chemical Society, Ellen H. Rich' ards, V.-Pres., Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Pres., Alpha Chi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, House Presidents' Club, Who's Who in A. C. and U., Home and Family Life Club, Betty Lamp, Editor. MRS. EDITH F. SMITH Denton Sociology JESSIE R, SMITH III Dallas Music-N. T. A. C. Club. .IO SMITH Stephenville Business Administration - Pi Omega Pi, House Presidents Club. LORETTA SMITH Prosper Home Economics-Gammadions, Ellen H. Richards, V.-Pres., Al- pha Chi, W. N. Masters Chemi- cal Society, jr. and Sr. Mary Ard- ens, Phi Upsilon Omicrong Home and Family Life Club, Kappa Delta Pig WhO's Who at N. T. LYNA SMITH Cross Plains Art Page 203 MELTON SMITI-I Childress School Administration, Psycho- logy-Psi Chig F. T. A.g Inter- national Relations Clubg Alpha Chig Pi Omega Pig Intercollegiate Society. JUANITA SNELL Athens Elementary Education--Ellen H. Richards Clubg N. T. A. C. Clubg Elementary Councilg Women's Forum. JULIA SNODGRASS New London Elementary Education-C. I... C.g House Presidents' Club. LEERIE SOYARS Sabinal Music-Sr. C. I.. C. MARVIN SPARKS Panhandle Speech-Falconsg T Clubg Quin- tiliansg Campur Chai. JOE SPALDING Sadler Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club. JEANNE SPELL Stephenville History. CAROLYN HENDRIX SPIDELL Denton Library Service-C. L. C.g Alpha Lambda Sigma, V.-Pres.g Mc- Cracken Club. WILLIAM SPIDELL Denton Math - Industrial Arts Clubg Math Clubg Alpha Chi. MARY SPRINGFIELD Lott Business Administration.-Delta Chi Deltag Green Jacketsg Jr. and Sr. Mary Ardensg Bathing Beauty Queeng Football Queen Nominee. DAVID STANFORD Killeen Accounting - Kappa Alphag Spanish Club. TROY C. STEDMAN Alice Business Administration DOLLIE STEELE Iowa Park Mathematics-Gammadionsg Al- pha Chig Math Clubg Kappa Kappa Kappag Women's Forum Councilg Sr, Mary Ardens. MARY RUTI-I STEPHENS Dallas Home Economics-Ellen H. Richards, Treas.g Sr. Mary Ard- ensg Square Dance Club. SENIIJBS . . MARGARET STOBAUGH Gainesville Spanish-Jr. C. L. C.g F. T. A.g Sigma Tau Deltag Sigma Delta Pig Alpha Chi. COLLEEN STEWART Farmersville Library Service-Alpha Lamb- dag Jr. Mary Ardensg Green Jack- etsg Camera Clubg Kappa Theta Pi. MARY COLLEEN STEWART Longview Advertising Art-Camera Club, V.-Pres.g Sr. Mary Ardensg Alpha Rho Tau. KNOWLA STEWART Brownwood Secondary Education-F. T. A.. International Relations Club. LOUROY STEWART Snyder Physical Education-Delta Psi Kappag W. R. A.g P. E. Profes- sional Club. MARVIN R. STEWART, JR. Aubrey Business Administration MYRA STREET Fort Worth Pre Technician-N. T. A. C. Club. LUCY STUART Krum Home Economics-Archery Clubg Home and Family Life Clubg Ellen H. Richards. PEGGY JUNE SULLIVAN Woodson Home Economics-Ellen H. Richardsg Home and Family Life Clubg Womens Forum Councilg House Presidents' Club. TROY GENE SULLIVAN Denton Biology-Bandg Math Clubg A. P. O. DAPHNE SNELL Lampasas Business Administration-Green Jacketsg Pi Omega Pi. HELEN TALBOT Abilene Social Science-Sr. Mary Ard- ensg F. T. A. JANE TAYLOR Saginaw Foods and Nutrition-Zeta Pi Gammag Phi Upsilon Omicron, V.-Pres.g W. N. Masters Chem- ical Societyg Ellen H. Richardsg Foods and Nutrition Club, V.- Pres.g Jr. and Sr. C. L. C. MRS. MAYVEE TAYLOR Overton Secondary Education--F. T. Ag International Relations Club. Page 204 . . Class of '48 HERBERT L. TEAT Fort Worth Music Education--Phi Mu Al- pha Sinfoniag Concert Band, Men's Glee Clubg International Relations Clubg Symphony Or- chestrag Grand Chorus. CARMEN T EEL Demon Sociology-jr. C. L. C., Treas.g Sr. C. L. C.g International Rela- tions Club. BOBBIE THIEBAUD New London jr. Mary Ardensg Zeta Pi Gan1- ma, Treas. BENJAMIN W. THOMAS Fort Worth Biology DORIS THOMAS Ponder Home Economics - Ellen H. Richards Club. J. QUENTIN THOMAS Dallas Biology-Beta Alpha Rho Beta. MRS. BETHA HELEN THOMPSON Denton Medical Technician - Gamma- dions. BILLIE M. THOMPSON Fort Worth Home Economics-Gammadionsg Ellen H. Richardsg Phi Upsilon Omicrong Sr. C. L. C.g Camera Club. JIM B. THOMPSON Marietta, Olcla. Government-Pi Phi Pi, Sec., Interfraternity Council, G. I. X., Publications Council. LEON A. THOMPSON Denton Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Clubg G. I. X. VAN THOMPSON Lufkin Mathematics WILLIAM THOMSON Fort Worth Music-Beta Alpha Rho Beta, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Sin- fonia Orchestra. KENNETH TIMKEN Denton English-Basketball Team, Gam- madions, Pres., Science Clubg Student Religious Council, Fal- consg Alpha Chi. DOROTHY TISDALE Port Arthur Medical Technician MARTHA L. TOMPKINS Port Arthur Elementary Education-Elemen- tary Council. HENRY T. TORGERSON, JR. Corpus Christi Industrial Arts-Phi Delta Kap- pag Alpha Chi. DANIEL TORRES Tanhuato, Michoacan, Mexico English - Gammadionsg Sigma Delta Pi, Pres., International Relations Club. ELDON TRASTER Denton Government - Pre-Law Clulxg Alpha Lambda Pig Delta Alpha Deltag International Relations Clubg Band. DOROTHY TREYBIG San Antonio Music Education-Mu Phi Epsi- long Concert Bandg Orchestra. DOROTHY TRIGG Eastland Home Economics - jr. Mary Ardensg Ellen H. Richards Club. LETHA FERN TUNNELL Grand Saline Speech-Gammadionsg Jr. C. L. C., V.-Pres.g Sr. C. L. C.g Won1- en's Choir, YUCCA Queen Nom- ineeg Favorite, Quintiliansg House Presidents' Club. FINIS TURNER Waxahachie Industrial Arts - Geezles, V.- Pres.g Industrial Arts Clubg P. E. Professional Club. A. H. WAIR, JR. Haskell Industrial Arts-Sigma Phi Nu. BOBBIE WALDRIP Chillicothe Sociology-Zeta Pi Gamma, In- tersorority Councilg Los Cabal- leros. BILLYE B. WALKER Paris History-Sr. Mary Ardensg Paris Clubg F. T. A. GEORGE WALKER Comanche Physics, Mathematics-A. P. O., V.-Pres., Treas.g Stage Band, Concert Bandg Symphony. RANDOLPH W. WALKER Seymour Industrial Arts-Sigma Phi Nu SUNNELL WALKER Groesbeck English-jr. and Sr. Mary Ard- ens. Page 205 WILLIAM E. WALTS Groesbeclc Psychology FORREST E. WARD Velasco Physical Education-Beta Alpha Rho Beta, P. E. Professional Club. MARIE WATKINS Texarkana Speech - Quintilians, Sec., V - Pres., St. C. L. C., Radio Play- ers, House Presidents' Club, Sec., W. R. A., Terrill Hall, Pres. MARY WATSON Waxahachie Business Administration - Phi Sigma Alpha. JEAN WEATHERBY McGregor Business Administration-FreSh- man Class, Treas., Sec., Fresh- man Sweetheart, Green Jackets, Kappa Theta Pi, Who's Who in A. C. and U., Jr. and Sr. C. L. C. JOYCE WEATHERBY McGreor Business Administration-Green Jackets, Kappa Theta Pi, Fresh- man Class, Sec., TreaS., WhO'S Who in A. C. and U., Freshman Sweetheart, Jr. and Sr. C. L. C. VINNIE WEAVER El Paso Recreation-P. E. Professional Club, B. S. U., Tennis Club, Bowling Club. JAMES D. WEBB Dallas Mathematics4TrOjan. JOHN NW. WELCH Beaumont Business Administration BILL WESTER Floytlatla Pi Phi Pi, W. N. Masters Chem- ical Society, Math Club, Beta Beta Beta, Student Religious Council. LOUISE W EYMOUTH Dallas journalism-Press Club, N. T A. C. Club, Sr. Mary Ardens. MARY WHERRY Tyler English-House Presidents' Club, Press Club, Campus Chat Staff, Avena. Assistant Editor, Asso- ciate Editor, Modern Writers Club, V.-Pres., Chat of the Air Staff. ALLAN H. WHITE, JR. Amherst Business Administration-A. P. O., Pres. FRANCES WHITE Denison Business Administration - Sr. Mary Ardens, Women'S Forum Council, Delta Chi Delta. SENIIIBS . . FELTON WHI'fLOW Wichita Falls Physical Education - Football Squad, T Club, Talons, Interfra- ternity Council, Treas., All-Con- ference Football Team, Senior Class, Pres., Favorite. JIMMIE M. WHITMIRE Petrolia Business Administration - Beta Alpha Rho Beta. MAYS KENNETH WHITTEN Henderson Industrial Arts-Industrial Arts Club. BETTY JO WILBOURN Hillsboro English LOU WILBURN Goose Creek Elementary Education - Alpha Chi, C. L. C., F. T. A., Sec., A. C. E., Sec. BETTY WILKEY Texarkana journalism-Sr. C. L. C., Press Club. HOOPER WILKINSON Newcastle Industrial Arts - Gammadionsg G. l. X., Industrial Arts Club, F. T. A., Young County Club. ANITA WILLIAMS Dallas Music - Concert Band, Verdi Choir, Beethoven Choir. BILLIE ALVO WILLIAMS Alvord Business Administration GEORGE W. WILLIAMS Allen Business Administration -- Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Chi. HELEN A. WILLIAMS Denton Business Administration JAMES ELLIS WILLIAMS Linden Psychology LUCY DALE WILLIAMS Dallas Home Economics-Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec., Ellen H. Rich- ards, Foods and Nutrition Club, Pres., Jr. Mary Ardens, Gamma- dions, W. N. Masters Chemical Society. TERRY WILLIAMS Olney Business Administration - Beta Alpha Rho Beta, Alpha Lambda Pi, Alpha Chi, Young County Club. Page 206 WILMA WILLIAMS Longview Library Service-Alpha Lamb- da Sigmag McCracken Club. JOE WILLIAMSON Nederland Physical Education-P. E. Pro- fessional Clubg Basketball Squad. PHILLIP L. WILLIS Kaufman Government--Sigma Phi Nu: Trojans, Pre-Law Club, Interna- tional Relations Club. CHARLES WILSON Holliday Industrial Arts-Sigma Phi Nu. IRENE WILSON Denton Business AdministratiOn-Gam- madionsg Pi Omega Pig MC- Cracken Club. WAYNE WILSON Terre Haute, Ind. Government - Pre-Law Clubg International Relations Clubg G. I. X. MAURICE WOLFE Stephenville Sociology Class of '48 WENDELL WOLFE Seminole Government--International Re- lations Clubg Pre-Law Clubg G. I. X. CAROLYN DAVIS WOMACK Dallas Speech-Kappa Theta Pi, Treas.g Quintilians, Pres., Who's Who at N. T., C. L. C., Favorite. RAY WOMACK Dallas Recreation -- Talons, V.-Pres., Pres., Sec.g Sophomore Class, Pres., Senior Class, Pres.,Track Teamg T Club, P. E. Professional Clubg Interfraternity Council. GORDON WOOD Donna Business Administration -- Press Club. MARY FRANCES WOOD Mathematics Foff Wortll HELEN RUTH WOOTEN Waco Merchandising-Sr. Mary Ard- ensg F. T. A.g House Presidents' Club. BILL WORKMAN Wichita Falls Physics-A. P. O.g Math Club, Pres. JANETTE WRIGHT Vernon Foods and Nutrition-Ellen H. Richards, Foods and Nutrition Club, International Relations Clubg B. S. U. MARGARET VAN VINKLE Petrolia Elementary Education HELEN VAUGHN Denton Business Administration-Gam- madionsg Pi Omega Pig Alpha Chi. NEELEY VAUGHT Wichita Falls Industrial Arts-Pi Phi Pi, In- dustrial Arts Club. BOB VIAL Higgins French VERA LOU VINSON Fort Worth Biology - Gammaclionsg Los Caballerosg Pi Phi Beta, Beta Beta Beta. MARCUS J. VOLTIN Rosebud Business Administration - Beta Alpha Rho Beta. ROBERT W. YARBRO Forsan Business Administration CLARYCE YEAGER Gainesville Music ORVILLE YOUNSE Roscoe Recreation-P. E. Professional Club. CHRISTINE YOCHAM Rankin Sociology DAVID ZACHRY Denton Chemistry-Pi Phi Pi, Sec., V.- Pres.g W. N. Masters Chemical Societyg American Chemical So- cietyg Beta Beta Beta, Math Club. Page 207 Y' ' I ACB: 17 7 450' ,Wynn . . Class of '49 Q 1-'1ns'r now: Frank L. Abernethy. Jr., Dallas, Bettie Ann Aden, Paris, Joyce Adkins, Wills Point, Peggy Agee, Nocona, Patsy Akey, Fort Worth, Kirby Albright, Sulphur, Okla. o szcorm now: Lou Ellen Allison, Dallas, Pat Ammon, Long- view, Arnold Anderson, Denton, Joyce Andrews, Kopperl, Louise Arledge, Ozona, Grady Avants, Postoak. o 'rx-nan now: Bob Ay- cock, Farmersville, Charlie Bailey, Denton, Jimmie Bain, Jr., Ennis, Martha Jean Baker, Fort Worth, Dolores Baldwin, Fort Worth, Wil- liam David Baldwin, Jasper. 0 rounn-1 now: Charles Barker, Fort Worth, DeOlva Barnard, Justin, Dick Barnebey, San Antonio, Doris Barnett, Dallas, Aaron R. Barnhill, Vernon, Joe Barns, Denton. o FIFTH ROW! Earl QCHHJ Barr, Jr,, Denton, Janel Barr, Enid, Okla., Johnny Mac Barton, Kilgore, Mozelle Bas- sett, Henderson, Bobbylea Baxter, Krum, Shirley Beall, Denton. o SIXTH ROW! Robert G. Bearden, Gainesville, Betty Beasley, Dallas, Milton Beary, Woodson, Lou Beck- ham, Athens, Joy Beene, Royse City, Bobbie Sue Belew. Vernon. Page 209 Tea for more than lug Away from lbe ru eat Jlaopr JUNl0RS . . . Q rmsr now: Sam H. Bell, Elipian Fields, Marjorie Belvin, Dallas, Merle W. Benjamin, Jr., Dallas, Jean Bewley, Gainesville, Dolores Bilyeu, Dallas, Gordon Bishop, Slo- cum. o SECOND now: Clarence Biven, Fort Worth, Albert Black, Floresville, Debbie Etta Blagg, Gainesville, B. W. Blalock, Dallas, james Blankenship, Vernon, Clyde W. Blum, Jonesboro. o 'rr-nnn now: Leland Board, Chico, Robert C. Bone, Gainesville, Carrol N. Booth, Breckenridge, Raymond Bostick, Marshall, Gene Bounds, Streetman: Mrs. Catherine Boyce, Lubbock. 0 rounn-1 now: Marvin Boyd, Dal- las, Len Bradford, Kermit, George Bragg, Dallas, Mary Brandon, Farm- ersville, Samuel Brasher, Kilgore, Charles Braswell, New Boston. 0 FIFTH ROW: Marion Brewer, Cam- eron, Cecil Lee Briggs, Denton, Patsy Brixey, Henrietta, LeRoy Brock, Waxahachie, Yvonne Raye Broeker, Wichita Falls, Margarett Ellen Brooks, Sadler. 0 SIXTH ROW! Major M. Brooks, Ardmore, Okla., Donald E. Brookshier, Healdton, Okla., Kenneth Brown, Waxa- hachie, Lee Brown, Denton, Lu- venia Brown, Paris, Owen Y. Brown, Fort Worth. Page 210 Mzml zf I look over your 5houlder9 I uar yur runmfz around lefl end . . ." . . Class of '49 o FIRST ROW: Polly Brown, White- wright, Winfree Brown, Christoval, Wayne Browning, Valley View, jack Brownlee, Electra, Bobbie Bryan, McKinney, W. Bucklew, Sanger. Q szconn now: JoAnn Buckner, Longview, Frank Buell, Pilot Point, Mary Frances Burch, Denton, Chalmers Burke, Denton, Charlene Burleson, Sweetwater, James H. Burns, jr., Lewisville. Q 'rx-nan now: Pat Burress, Rankin, Gloria Ann Busey, Decatur, jerry Cahill, Haskell, Charles Cain, Quit- aque, Evelyn Cain, Quitaque, Bob Callaway, San Antonio. o FOURTH ROW: Maxyne R. Cammack, Long- view, Mary Campsey, -Iacksboro, Maurine Canant, Texas City, Bill Candler, Mobeetie, Bob T. Candler, Mobeetie, Ray E. Cannon, Sr., Den- ton. o rxrrx-1 now: Russell H. Can- non, Bowie, Edna Canter, Daisetta, Kathleen Cantrell, Dalhart, jean Carleton, Fort Worth, Mary jim Carmichael, Bonham, Betty joe Car- ter, Corsicana. o SIXTH ROW: Paul Carter, Whitesboro, Mildred Cart- wright, Fort Worth, Velma Dee Cason, Walnut Springs, Ruby Ruth Cate, Van Alstyne, Charlene Chaf- fin, Vernon, jerene Chapman, Tal- co. Page 211 li Whit 100,55 agbarl at the mars. Ba3ler5 am! paylerx JUNIIDBS . . . o FIRST Row: Robert E. Chapman, Arlington, Betty Chappell, Pitts- burg, Mrs. Helen Childress, Den- ton, johnny O. Chitwood, Denton, Hubert Choate, Port Arthur, Dan Chrisman, Nocona. o szcoun now: Robert Christian, Slidell, C. P. Clark, Ennis, Sally Clary, Bonham, Martin Clayton, Dallas, Mildred Clement, Era, Olga Clifford, Beau- mont. o THIRD now: Reva Rae Coffman, Dallas, Lonnie Cogburn, Zionsville, Incl., Doris Cole, Long- view, John Cole, Dallas, Charles H. Coleman, Kemp, James Coleman, Roanoke. 0 FOURTH ROW! Mar- shall Combest, Celina, M. C. Comp- ton, Celesteg Jane Cooper, Madi- sonville, Ann Cosby, Cleburne, Joe Couch, Greenville, Mary jo Couger, Graford. o 1-'n-'rn now: Edward Coulston, Granbury, William Coury, Denton, Frances Cox, Kilgore, John Crank, Dallas, Leila K. Crawford, Fate, Marjorie Crawford, Selman City. o s1x'rH now: Billy F. Croc- kett, Winters, Dick Crosby, Den- ton, Jane Cunningham, Amarillo, Kirk Cunningham, Denton, Wil- liam Currin, Vernon, Eugene Cur- tis, Allen. Page 212 Am! then the lrmelzfzg falexmarz Jazd Tel: all cut in!" . . . Class of '49 o FIRST Row: joe Dabney, Gran- bury, Clifton Daniel, Marshall, George Daniels, Kilgore, Mary Daugherty, Denton, Eddie David- son, Denton, Emily Davidson, Fort Worth. o szcom: now: Margaret Davidson, Alvin, Agnes Davis, Den- ton, Cody Davis, lraan, Homer Davis, New London, Jimmie Dav- is, Jacksonville, Katharine Davis, Eldorado. s 'rr-:mn Row: Norma Davis, Seagraves, O. L. Davis, Jr., Lometa, Peggy Davis, Jacksonville, Floy Day, Denton, Joe Day, Jr., McKinney, Joy Day, Denton. o FOURTH ROW: Don Deardorff, Greenville, Ill., Betsy Dearing, Ale- do, Horace DeFord, Dallas, John DeLay, Lewisville, Tommy Derring- ton, Denton, Annie Deupree, Cor- sicana. 0 FIFTH ROW: Frank Deu- pree, Corsicana, Charles Dickey, Pottsboro, Mary Dickson, Wichita Falls, Edgar Dollahite, Marlin, Avanell Donoho, Fort Worth, Owen Dormer, Hillsboro. o SIXTH ROW! Rosemary Downing, Edinburg, joan Draughon, Port Arthur, Charles Drechsel, Fort Worth, Randolph Duff, Palestine, Dean Duffle, San- ger, W. N. Duke, Burkburnett. P11 'e 215 QS l The fart mowing radm variety Jlaou Wblllou premier 01 er Jemof dau JUNIORS . . . 0 FIRST ROW! Norman Durham, Eastland, Rex Dyer, Milford, Isabel Ellis, Marshall, Hugh Ellison, Dal- las, Theo Embry, Gainesville, john- nie Enderby, Gainesville. 0 SECOND now: Mary Engelhardr, Denton, Arden Erickson, Frederic, Wis., Richard Erwin, Longview, Norma Estes, Gainesville, Aubrey Evans, Honey Grove, Clifford Farmer, Ale- do. o 'rr-nm: Row: Pat Farris, Winnsbcmro, King Faulkner, Gran- bury, Martha Ferguson, Cleburne, Richard Flezcher, Denton, Jack Flo- rence, Kilgore, joe Floyd, Glade- water. o FOURTH ROW: Paul Fow- ler, Hamlin, james Fox, Tyler, J. O. Foxworth, Beaumont, Florene Francisco, Longview, Edward D. Franke, Brooklyn, N. Y., Dortha Franklin, Highlands. 0 FIFTH ROW: Jeanne Franklin, Port Arthur, Veta Fuller, Euless, Craig Gaines, Wich- ita Falls, Lee Gannon, Palestine, Shannon Gardner, Roosevelt, Billie Garrett, Fate. o SIXTH now: Charles Garrison, Slocum, Nadine Gee, Granbury, Mrs. Mary Jo George, McKinney, Billy Gibson, Nocona, Norman Gillen, Granbury, Martha Gilliam, Athens. Page 214 Hopping to il at the H012 home. "Remember lbe lime at lhe Ffight when . . f' . . . Class of '49 0 rmsr now: Elizabeth Godwin, Denton, LeRoy Gooch, Wilmer, Richard Goode, Bridgeport, Gilbert Gorman, Houston, Harry Goss, Itasca, jerry Graham, Denton. 0 szcom: now: Richard Granbery, Marshall, Thomas Grant, Paris, Ma- rion Graves, Jacksboro, Joyce Gray, Denton, William Gray, Pampa, Juanita Greenwood, Wills Point. 4 'rx-man now: Lewis Griffiths, Denton, Harrold Grogan, Dallas, David Grove, Wichita Falls, C. E. Guinn, Nocona, William Gunstead, Eldorado, Charles Habern, Denton. Q rounrn now: Paul Hackett, Meadville, Pa., jack Hadsell, Den- ton, Bert Hall, Rio Vista, Horace Hall, Brownsboro, Lewis Ham, Bowie, jane Hamilton, Pierre, S. D. o FIFIH ROW! Wallace Hammer, Carthage, Don Hammond, Fort Worth, Patsy Hampton, Santa Rosa, Margie Haney, Afton, Charles Har- per, Denton, Peggy Harris, Ama- rillo. o SIXTH ROW: Roy Harris, Mineral Wells, Jimmy Hartline, Denton, Charlie Hartwell, Hills- boro, Ina Hayes, Hillsboro, Wade Hearn, Italy, Rufus G. Helm. New- castle. Page 215 "Well-u'e MISSED the but S115 lx edle ltr 115111 perfeck feet JUNIORS . . . e 1-'ms'r now: Francine Hender- son, Coolidge, Frances Elam, Dal- las, jim Eagle, Fort Wortlu, Mo- zelle Edelstein, Richmond, Mrs. Marinel Edge, Fort Wortlug Bill Ed- wards, Beverly Hills, Calif. 0 SEC- OND ROW: Charlsie Ruth Edwards, Littlefield, Fred Edwards, Denton, Juanita Henderson, Bryson, Helen Lee Hendricks, Anna, Ed. W. Hen- drix, Dallas, Madeline Hendrix, Dallas. o 'rx-nm: now: Gloria june Henshaw, Kilgore, Martha Jo Hens- lee, Anson, Zo Ann Henslee, An- son, Ray Herring, Bryson, Marcus R. Hickerson, Waxahachie, M. Hicks, jr., jacksboro. Q rounn-I ROW: Dick Highhll, Houston, Clif- ford Hill, Van, Joan Hill, Fort Worth, Charles F. Hodges, Whites- boro, LaVerne Hodges, Center Point, Robert Hodges, Savoy. 0 FIFTH ROW! Donald Hogue, Tex- arkana, Avelyn Hohertz, Big Spring, B. A. Holbrook, Jr., Mineola, Char- les Ray Holbrook, Mineola, Mar- garet Holiman, Brownsboro, A. D. Holland, Sulphur, Okla. 0 SIXTH ROW: Thomas Holland, Tyler, Dav- id N. Holman, Gainesville, Virginia Holmes, Tulsa, Okla., Ann Horton, San Angelo, Joe Houk, Denton, Nina Joe House, Denton. Page 216 Della Clruf give later! football rcmlty Marlin Dler 141119 the Buell boys. . . Class of '49 o FIRST now: Allen B. Huckabee, Dallas, Cliff Huddleston, Palestine, A. C. Hudson, Jr., Denver, Colo., Helen Hudson, Blue Ridge, Peggy Jean Hudson, Vernon, Doris Hulke, Waco. o szconn now: Mariana Hullender, Frederick, Okla., Joyce Hunter, Santa Anna, Bill Hutchi- son, Paris, Bob Irby, Plainview, Jack Jackson, Dallas, Gloria Jack- son, Beaumont. 0 THIRD ROW! Mig- non Jackson, Beaumont, Samuel Franklin Jackson, Atlanta, Verna Jackson, Groves, Marcella Jacobi, Marietta, Okla., Donald Janeway, Noconag Louis Jeannet, Henrietta. o 1-'ourrrr-I now: Betty Jett, Avalon, Bane Johnson, Laneville, Bobby F. Johnson, Frost, Camille Johnson, McGregor, Doris Johnson, Sher- man, Emmett R. Johnson, Houston. o FIFTH ROW! Kenneth I.. Johnson, Dallas, Madeline Johnson, Clyde, Malcolm Johnson, Port Arthur, Al- ton Jones, Waco, Leotis Jones, San Angelo, Margaret Jones, Beaumont. o s1x'rH now: Marilyn Jones, Dal- las, Mary Beth Jones, Fort Worth, Samuel C. Jones, Waco, Helena Juengermann, Corsicana, John Hen- ry Juengermann, Corsicana, Earl Tom Keel, Fort Worth. Page 217 Dzzdfqm Upton gem rel lo snap firrl YUccA mug Llttft and Big Jlrfers JUNIIIRS . . . 0 rms'r now: Christine Keeler, Zephyr, Mary Ann Keeley, Gar- land, Katheryn Keller, Dallas, Cor- inne Kennedy, Lubbock, Rita Lynne Kennedy, Texarkana, Kay Kincaid, Fort Worth. o sscom: now: Artie Jean King, Rockwood, Wesley M. King, DeLeon, Zeda Frances King, Beaumont, Joe Kingston, Mineola, Jonnie Beth Kinder, Albany, Eloise Knox, Ponder. o THIRD ROW: Buck Krauss, Prosper, Bettie Jo Lane, Co- manche, Edward E. Lane, jacksboro, Jackie Langham, Dallas, Frank Lan- ders, Sanger, Ted Lavender, Stam- ford. o FOURTH ROW: Craft Lar- gent, Chico, Bettye Lassiter, Hous- ton, Tom Law, jr., Bryan, Bill R. Lawrence, Dawson, Kenneth Layne, Waxahachie, Bernice Lebowitz, Waco, o FIFTH ROW: Charles Lee, Seymour, Evelyn Lemon, Vernon, Martin Lenderman, McKinney, Dor- is Lester, James, Craig Lewis, Den- ton, Wilson K. Lewis, Sunset. o snrrl-I now: Richard W. Light, Col- linsville, Myron Ligon, Houston, Almeta Lindley, Seminole, George Lindley, Krum, Nadine Lindsey, Nacogdoches, Henry Lindsey, Cle- burne. Page 218 "Hell, I'm in 4 hurry." SHUFORD: "Gimme a dog." KAISER: "Fetch yer own mongrelf' lv' . . . Class of '49 o rms? now: Arlyne Linenberger, San Angelo, Wilma Jean Litton, Kilgore, Harold Little, Weather- ford, Ray Little, Comanche, Melva F. Loftin, Dallas, Horace Longino, Waxahachie. 0 SECOND ROW! Ches- ter Lovelady, Jacksonville, David E. Lowe, Bonham, Norma Lum, Den- ton, Robert A. Lynch, Conroe, Mary E. Lyon, Texarkana, Jerry E. Man- cill, Menard. o THIRD ROW: Nancy Sue Mann, Malone, Paul Maranto, Port Arthur, Bettye Tullis Massey, Mercedes, Mary Esther Massey, Fort Worth, Donna Sue Mattson, Dallas, Charles William Maxwell, Waxah- achie. o rourrrn now: O. A. May- bin, Waxahachie, Abe M. Mays, jr., Atlanta, Robert McAbee, Paris, Jack D. McCall, Denton, Katydell McCarty, Abilene, Marguerite Mc- Clellan, Gruver. o rn-'rn now: Shir- lie McClellan, Groves, Dan McClin- tock, Fort Worth, Mary jo Mc- Cracken, Gasoline, Carl McDaniel, Denton, Dudley McDaniel, Rock- dale, Frank E. McDonald, Port Arthur. o SIXTH ROW: Anna Mc- Elligott, Bells, George L. McGee, Abilene, john McKay, Arp, Mary- belle McKinley, Longview, James McLane, Frankston, Virginia Lois McLaurin, Canton. Page219 "Well, l'U be a Clanzere jolzrmzfzrl Cllfdje 1117 CNN? WW 3051714 I 8094 MEC' MW? Z0 the Ka-bp home JUNIORS . . o FIRST ROW: Clark McLemore, Granbury, Katherine McNeill, Houston, Wayland C. McNutt, Coleman, Dorothy jane McQueen, Dallas, Bill H. Mead, Dallas, E. H. Meadows, Decatur. 0 SECOND ROW! Raymond G. Mecaskey, Decatur, Harold Meeker, Denton, Wardene Meroney, Fort Worth, Raymond Mesler, Little Genesee, N. Y., Tom- my Meyer, Marlin, Esterleen Mil- ler, Bartlett. o 'rnmn now: james C. Miller, Collinsville, james W. Miller, Mingus, Martha Ann Miller, Texarkana, Patsy Ruth Miller, Long- view, Fay Mitchell, Marlin, Doris Morgan, McKinney. 0 FOURTH ROW! Charles Moore, Frederick, Okla., David Moore, Andrews, Evaa lyn Moore, Nocona, Lois Moore, Bryan, Bobbie Reese Morrel, Dal- las, H. M. Morris, Decatur. o FIFTH ROW: Grace Morales, San Diego, Calif., Peggy Morris, Dallas, Theo Morris, Decatur, David F. Morri- son, Dallas, Prudence Gwyn Mor- rison, Dallas, Elise Mortensen, Fort Wforth. o SIXTH ROW! Morgan Moses, Wztxahacliieg Ollie Moye, Dallas, Mary Mudd, Denton, Syl- vester L. Mudd, Denton, Gwen Mulkey, Denton, Glenola Murphy, Brownfield. Page 220 Yep 1014 LW! TEMUIV M974 Prem ZOO!! But 11911 lr the only trick we know," . . Class of '49 o FIRST ROW! Arr Names, Altus, Okla., Yvonne Nations, Van, Ann Negy, Vernon, Ralph Nichols, Gil- mer, James Ray Niendorll, Dallas, E. B. Noble, Dimmitt. o SECOND ROW! Lesta Jeanne Norris, Forney, Charlene North, Fort Smith, Ark., Gloria Norvell, Abilene, Charles A. Nowlin, Denton, Ruth O'Bryant, Amarillo, Archie R. Oldham, Den- ton. o 'rl-:mn now: Lavon Oldham, Longview, Betty Layne Omberg, Frost, Lawrence E. Orbeck, Meri- dian, Melvin Leo Oringderff, Tolar, Jack K. Orr, Denton, Helen Oswalt, Mexia. o rounn-r now: Patricia Owens, Breckenridge, Joanna Pace, Athens, Joanna Pace, Fort Worth, Gilbert Lee Packer, Longview, Jo Page, Olney, Jerry Painter, No- cona. o FIFTH ROW: Bill Parks, Tioga, Nelda Parks, Houston, Loyd G. Parrain, Leonard, Rob- ert T. Partain, Leonard, David Pat- terson, Haskell, Lynn Patterson, Gainesville. 0 SIXTH ROW! William B. Patty, Orange, William E. Pearce, Denton, Billy Joe Pearson, Frisco, Helen Peden, Fort Worth, Truman Pederson, Clifton, Robert W. Peel, Denton. Page 221 "Aff right. Bub. you ll gefrber bread Coz on yer gfmd dfdllefl iodawj JUNIORS . . 0 rmsr now: Martha Pender, Abi- lene, Bill Pennal, Nocona, james E. Pepper, Ranger, Angela Perdichi, Waco, Alice Perkins, Rosenberg, Garline Perrin, Decatur. 0 SECOND ROW! Maxine Phenix, Borger, Billy Phillips, Hillsboro, Elgin Phillips, Marshall, Lucile Phillips, San An- gelo, May Ellen Phillips, Houston, Thomas J, Phillips, Hillsboro. 0 'rr-mm now: Gilbert Philo, Spokane, Wash., Charles A. Phipps, Denton, William H. Pickens, Edgewood, Terrell Pickle, jasper, joe Pierce, Denton, Jack Pinkston, Mathis. 0 FOURTH now: Bettye jo Porter, Gainesville, Emilenan Porter, Wax- ahachie, Rosanne L. Porter, Spear- man, Charles Potter, Decatur, Doyle Prater, Elkhart, Bill M, Proctor, Un- ion Ridge. o rn-"rH now: Marjorie Purvis, Arlington, Ruth Dale Pyeatt, Rio Vista, Mona Quisenberry, Den- ton, Peggy Rahal, Tyler, Edna Earle Rains, Lewisville, Mildred Rainey, Denton. 0 SIXTH ROW! Hazel Elaine Randolph, Coleman, Bill Rasco, Denton, B. C. Raupe, Granbury, Woodard T. Read, Paradise, Rich- ard Reddy, Stoneburg, jonel Red- mon, Longview. Page 222 Fzmz put on yer shoe: Then rent rome nlubr . . . . . . Class of 949 Q Fmsr now: james E. Reed, Pine Bluff, Ark., james L. Reed, Deca- tur, Valda Jean Reed, Canton, War- ren Reed, Dallas, Truett Reid, Grand Saline, Knox Rhea, jr., Mt. Pleasant. 0 SECOND ROW: Tommie Rhoton, Amarillo, Ahlene Rice, Hemphill, Clarence E. Rice, Dallas, Rex Richardson, Dallas, Clarence Riddle, Italy, Genevieve Rider, Azle. 0 THIRD ROW: jimmy Rizan, Wichita Falls, Cameron Roach, St. jo, Topsy Roberson, Nocona, Char- les W. Robinson, Jr., Mt. Pleasant, Mary jane Robnett, Premont, Tay- lor Rogers, Handley. o FOURTH ROW: Russell G. Rogers, Taylor, Billy Rose, Stamford, Fred Rotzler, San Antonio, john Rowlett, Den- ton, Bobbie Ruble, Lott, joza Ruff- ner, Houston. 0 FIFTH ROW: Jack W. Russell, Coleman, Sarah Saye, Longview, Dan Sanders, Grand Prai- rie, james Sargent, Lake Dallas, Jimmie Lou Sargent, Lake Dallas, John Saunders, Frankston. o SIXTH ROW: George Savage, Graham, Bill Scarborough, Irving, Brown W. Scott, Comanche, Millard L. Scott, Port Isabel, Betty Schafer, Fort Worth, Pat Scheihagen, Bryan. Page 22 3 T19-W1 11405 T97 772603 U41 to 10111 hofe rezltafzzutzozz S JUNIIDRS . . . Q FIRST now: Elizabeth Schmid, San Antonio, Caroll Schmidt, Vic- toria, Anne Schoenneld, Miles, Eli- zabeth M. Scholz, San Antonio, By- ford Sealy, Andrews, Billie Jean Sell- ers, Walnut Springs. o SECOND ROW: Troy Selzer, Denton, Elinor McNeil Shahan, Denton, Jessie E. Shaw, Stephenville, Joe Shelley, Garden City, Stanley Shepelwich, Fort Worth, Mary Ann Sherrod, Houston. o THIRD now: Betty Lou Shipp, Petrolia, Dorothy Shirley, Grand Saline, Annette Shrader, Italy, Joyce Frances Shure, Okla- homa City, Okla., Elton Singer, Dimmitt, Juanita Singer, Dimmitt, o FOURTH ROW! Hardy Simmons, Texarkana, Bill Simpson, Ft. Worth, Sally Sims, Dallas, Dollie Slocum, Dallas, David E. Smith, Gainesville, Donna Smith, Fort Wtnrtli. o FIFTH ROW! Dorothy Ellen Smith, Denton, Kaye Smith, Houston, Lona Ruth Smith, Dawson, Robert C. Smith, Beaumont, Gus Shannon Smith, Dallas, Vaughn Ray Smith, Gober. o SIXTH ROW: Bennie G. Snider, Denton, Ernest Snyder, Admire, Kan., Joe F. Solarek, Dallas, Sue Son, Plainview, Eula Mae Spain, Decatur, Lois Spalding, Sadler. Page 224 lf' . 'Ibm may be 4 love game Bm thu U po I In . . . Class ,of 949 e 1-'1ns'r now: Robert E. Specht, Bellevue, L. A. Speer, Denton, Ralph Spencer, Pittsburg, Rollie Spencer, Dallas, Robert T. Spinks, Quinlan, Lois Nell Spitzer, Morgan. o SECOND Row, Fred R. Springer, Sanger, Williain R. Standley, Dal- las, Yvonne Starnes, Abilene, Burl Daniel Stell, Midlothian, Lou Ella Stephens, Pottsville, Lois Stephen- son, Paris. o 'rr-nm: now: Betty Stewart, Irving, Gwen Stewart, Ty- ler, Mildred Stewart, Aubrey, Ry- nell Stiff, Denton, Major St. John, Sherman, Bill Stockard, Lewisville. o roUR'rH now: George D. Stucker, Trinidad, James C. Stuteville, Wliitewriglmt, Hugh Sudduth, MC- Adams, Miss., George Summers, Dallas, james Taaffe, Foreman,Ark., Lloyd Taliaferro, Sherman. o FIFTH ROW: Ruth Tankersley, Terrell, Do- lores Tate, DeLeon, Doris Marie Taylor, Olney, Lowell Taylor, jr., Sweetwater, Troy Taylor, Selman City, Vernon Taylor, Corsicana. o SIXTH now: jimmy Thomas, Dallas, Bettye Thompson, Dumas, Billy Dea Thompson, Anna, Caro- line Thompson, Bryans Mill, Dana Lynn Thompson, Coleman, Joy Brita Thompson, Houston. Page 225 "So glam' to 511014 3011 Real, lam Onlg one lump pleare DIL! 3511011 JUNIIIRS . . . a FIRST ROW! Carolyn Thornton, Sulphur Springs, Maxine Tidwell, Seymour, Wayne Timmons, Taho- ka, Gene Towry, Dallas, Oscar Tra- vis, Chatheld, Frances Trigg, Irv- ing. o SECOND ROW! Patricia Trip- pet, Waxahachie, Robert Trout, Silsbee, Jennie Tune, Big Sandy, Aureba Jo Turner,Trenton, Bill Tur- ner, Paris, Billy Bruce Turner, Del- con. o THIRD Row: Milton Turner, Borger, Beulah G. Turner, Dublin, Billy M. Underwood, Clarksville, Laurence Vacker, Fort Worth, Wel- don D. Vaughan, Winnsboro, Dan Walker, Dialville. o FOURTH ROW! R. Kenneth Walker, Weatherford, Woody Wall, Decatur, Ray Wal- lace, Whitewright, Bill Wallis, Richardson, Jim B. Walliser, Dal- las, Lometa Wann, Paluxy. 0 FIFTH ROW! Juanita Joyce Warren, Breck- enridge, William Hill Waterman, Denton, Bill L. Watkins, Sulphur Springs, Billie Joyce Watkins, Wichita Falls, Nita Watkins, Winnsboro, Patty Watson, Cole- man. o SIXTH ROW! Mary Weaver, Fort Worth, Doris Webb, Dallas, Louis C. Weber, Ringoes, N. J., William Weihs, Sherman, Richard H. Welch, San Benito, Jack W. Weseman, Valley View. Page 226 Lzslen zdgns Im lb bzg JIIZG7' .ree DOW? fake If I0 had! . . . Class of '49 o FIRST ROW! J. R. Whitaker, San Angelo, Lenore Whiteside, Long- view, Ray Whiteside, Denton, Dor- is Wliitsett, Tulia, Tom Willis, Sherman, Dan C. Wilkins, Dallas. o SECOND ROW! James Wilkerson, Valley View, Charles Williams, De- catur, Howard C. Williams, Port Arthur, johnny Williams, Blue Ridge, Kimbrough Williams, Den' ton, Mary Jo Williamson, Anson. o 'rl-nan Row: Alton Wilson, Abi- lene, Joyce Wilson, Greenwood, Martha Kathryn Wilson, Dallas, Mary E. Womack, Paris, Ausey P. Wood, Montague, Leslie Wood, Montague. o FOURTH now: David A. Woods, jr., Olney, Mrs. Betty jo Woodward, Wichita Falls, Carl Ray Woodward, Wichita Falls, Thomas B. Woody, Abilene, Betsy Wright, Gatesville, Dorothy Wright, Dallas. o FIFTH ROW! Lou Elleen Wright, Petrolia, Ray E. Wyatt. Dallas, Kenneth Yancey, Canton, Edmund Yates, Abilene, Joe Yea- ger, Ringgold, Mary jean Young, Greenwood. o SIXTH ROW: Joyce N. Young, Brownwood, Edmond Young, Abilene, Yvonne Young, Sagerton, Jo Ellen Youngblood, Waxahachie, Conley jenkins, Mes- quite, M. Hicks, jr., jacksboro. Page 227 LEGS: "I Jimply look ALVFUL' BOB Not from mg angle honey What ll taker to make 4 Yucca 11112111011 page Qaaw' Frank Smith Joan Rowland Bob Allen Luther Famhro Treasurer Sverelnry Vive-l'rc-sldenl President . . Class of '50 e FIRST Row: Audrey Achilles, Dallas, Nancy Acker, Greenville, Audie Faye Adams, Kirvin, Hile Aiken, Dallas, Jack Allen, Denton, Nell Allen, Clarksville. 0 SECOND ROW: Paul Allen, Lewisville, Bat- ney Anderson, Winnsborcm, Edwin Anderson, Albany, Elizabeth An- derson, Clarksville, Dorthie Archi- bald, Mart, Betty Armstrong, Pan- handle. 0 THIRD ROW: Mark Arn- old, Gilmer, Bill Arthur, Pampa, Mary Ellen Arthur, Itasca, Rudolph Ashby, Arp, B. Madox Askew III, Breckenridge, Ted Averitt, Kauf- man. 0 FOURTH ROW: Audrey Bai- ley, Dallas, jean Bain, Texarkana, Grace Katheryne Baker, Ft. Wforth, Robert B. Baker, jr., Olney, Scott Baldwin, Marshall, Cherry Ann Ball, Denton. 0 FIFTH ROW: Billy Ballinger, Greenwood, Ramona Banks, Ponder, Morris Barron, Ar- lington, jimmy Barros, Brecken- ridge, Kenneth Bates, Dallas, Ste- phen Bates, Dallas. 0 SIXTH ROW: Lucile Batman, Perryton, Ebbie Rhea Batte, Denton, Dorothy Ann Baxter, Waccm, Virgil Bayless, Trini- dad, Harold Beckham. Corpus Christi, Bob Beckner, Denton. Page 229 "Curley" myf: "Think I tan :limb I Lau tau tml run Sa 1417671 SOPlIOMORES . . . a rmsr now: Bill Bell, Denton, William B. Bellomy, Jr., Newcas- tle, Doris Bennett, Bryson, Barbara Bentley, Abilene, Norma Benton, Wichita Falls, Roy Everett Benton, Anna. o SECOND now: Frances Berry, Newcastle, Troy Berry, Dal- las, Wayne Berry, Throckmortong XVilliam T. Berry, Dawson, Helen Bigham, Waxahachieg Don L. Biles, Keller. o THIRD now: Hannan Bin- der, Waxahachie, Charles Bizzelle, Lima, Ohio, Florene Black, Dallas, John Blair, De Leong Mary Virginia Blair, Plainview, Ruth Blalock, Harleton. o r'oUn'rH now: Bill Blankenship, Austin, Charlie Blan- kenship, Denton, H. L. Blevins, Margaret, Raymond O. Blummer, jr., Dallas, Robert Bodovsky, Tio- ga, Patricia Bolton, Dallas. o FIFTH ROW! William Boney, Stratford, William Edwin Bonham, Denton, Robert J. Bonner, Panhandle, Jo Boren, Blue Ridge, Peggy Boston, Angleton, Noble Botkin, Graham. o SIXTH ROW! Robert A. Boyce, Lubbock, Bobby Boyd, Springtown, Patricia Bradley, Dalhart, john Bradshaw, Denton, Nancie Branch, Mt. Pleasant, james Breedlove, Honey Grove. Page 230 Dzng dong' Hell ztr urtmg to fteal the bellf Trl: lyk Tlaalr ak didn! need tba! Hnger anyuuzyf' . . . Class of '50 o rmsr now: Joanna Brenholtz, Denton, George Bridges, Pilot Point, Lou Bridges, Paradise, Char- lotte Briggs, Dallas, james Bristley, Baytown, Martha Lee Britt, Texar- kana. o ssconn now: Ellen Dee Brock, Roanoke, Joe Brock, Olney, Evelyn Brodie, Denton, Calvin Brown, Waxalmachieg Dorothy Nell Brownlee, Brownfield, Bert A. Bry- ant, jr., Tyler. o THIRD ROW! Mary jane Bryant, Tyler, Thomas Buch- anan, Ardmore, Okla., Robert G. Buchholz, Garland, Eileen Buck master, Fort Worth, Edwina Buell, Denton, Marilyn Joy Bullock, New- castle. o 1-'ounn-1 now: Stephen Bullock, jr., Brooklyn, N. Y., Hal Bumpers, Moran, Bill Burke, Den- ton, Ruth Burke, Denton, Patsy Burks, Dallas, Kitty Lee Buttram, Oak Grove. o FIFTH now: Ouida Butts, DeKalb, Richard Callaway, Fort Wortlug Luren Campbell, Ar- cher City, Sidney Campbell, Fawn- skin, Calif., Wandzl Cantrell, Dal- hartg Rae Joyce Cardwell, Dallas. 0 SIXTH ROW: Ray Carlisle, Arp, Marie Carmichael, Eden, Virginia Carney, Dallas, J. E. Carson, Green- wood, Betty jo Carter, Fort Worth, Jean Cassidy, Ferris. Page 231 "I jus! go! llarougla VIl7l7l1Ilg of 4 batth Am! a Ilapp3 lvbll lea: lo you mo SOPIl0lVIORES . . . o FIRST ROW: Blant Castleberry, Grand Prairie, Bob Castleberry, Denton, Thomas Cayton, Mexia, Bill Chandler, Denton, Ken Chaney, Joshua, Peggy Chavellier, Glade- water. o ssconn Row: Clay Ed- wards Chester, Post Oak, Jean El- len Chowns, Big Spring, Pat Chris- man, Nocona, Billy Clark, Gran- bury, Virginia Clark, Neptune City, N. J., Maxine Clement, Abilene. o THIRD ROW! George Cleveland, Hamilton, Neoma Coff, Denton, Wesley Coffman, Ardmore, Okla., Percy Van Cole, Fort Wortlug Nor- ma Colson, Ringling, Okla., Margie Commander, Groves. 0 FOURTH ROW: Eulene Connell, San Antonio, Betty Cook, Fort Wortlm, Bill Cook, Dallas, Dorthy Cook, Pilot Point, Harold Cook, Gatesville, Helen Louise Cook, Mexia. o FIFTH Row: Lloyd Cook, Dallas, Nelda Sue Cook, Brownsboro, Jim Cotten, Memphis, Tenn., La Juana Louise Cotton, Denton, Virginia Coulston, Lancaster, Alex Coutret. Itasca. 0 SIXTH ROW! Bobbye Grace Covey, Dallas, Jane Coville, Mexia, Cecil Cox, Comanche, John Cox, Ma- bank, Larry Crabb, Dallas, Dorothy Craddock, Denton. Page 23 2 "I may have E525 or S30 in my box . . Wfhafx the propoxizion, A'laj0r? 'W'-YM xy: ..,. ,K If Qt . . Class of 950 o FIRST ROW: Carolyn Crawford, Selman City, Philip Crawford, Gainesville, jean Crouch. Denton, Joyce Crouch, Denton, Nancy Ann Crump, Irving, John Cunningham, Amarillo. o sscoma now: james Curl, Denton, Sterling Curlee, Itas- ca, Bob Curtis, Pampa, Estelle Cus- enbary, Graham, Gallaway Darby, Grand Saline, Lee Darsey, Grape- land. o 'rmnn now: Harriett Lee Davis, Dallas, Louise Davis, Den- ton, Martha Rita Davis, Dallas, Nell Davies, Texarkana, Dale Day, Whitesboro, Elouise Dayton, Sher- man. o rounn-I Row: William Dibble, Burton, Niobe Dick, Tio- ga, Barbara Dietrich, Traverse City, Mich., Dorothy Dill, Sweet- water, Billy Dinkle, Marshall, Mir- iam Ditto, Arlington. o FIFTH ROW: Doris Dodgen, Winnsboro, Clark Dodson, Gilmer, Ted Dod- son, Electra, Betty jane Donalson, Sterling City, Virginia Ann Dove, Texarkana, Patsy Drake, Port Ar- thur. 0 SIXTH ROW: Roland Drech- sel, Fort Wcmrthg joy Drummond, Dallas, Audrey Faye Duncan, Deca- tur, Dwight R. Duncan, Dallas, Travis Duncan, Megargel, Jeanne Dunn, Palestine. Page 23 3 . 9 Some pull. .rome puffs mme do mme dont 5 eul Norlla Team Yea Wfhd! Did 3014 5111 beef SOPll0MORES . . . o FIRST ROW: Bettye Dutton, Den- ison, Harry Earhart, Little Rock, Ark, Bonnie Earles, Ponder, E. Wayne Easterling, Abbott, Betty Edwards, LittleHeld, Gene Ellis, Grand Saline. o SECOND now: Glenn Elmore, Ardmore, Okla, Doris Elrod, Denton, joy Emmett, Pasadena, Bill Jack Evans, Bowie, -lean Evans, Leonard, Clarence Ev- erett, Comanche. 0 THIRD RCW: Dorothy Everett, Denton, Arthur Ewing, Carrollton, L. Flagg, Blue Ridge, Eva Farnsworth, Anson, Robert Farquharson, Hugo, Okla., Weldon Fellers, Sanger. 0 FOURTH now: Par Ferguson, Littlefield, jackie Ferree, Fort Worth, Patsy Fleming, Denton, M. O. Flemmons, Tioga, jo Ann Flint, Valley View, Helen Flowers, Vernon. 0 FIFTH ROW: J. W. Floyd, Roby, Ben Ford, Denton, Mary Forrester, Abilene, Marcia Foster, Dallas, Durwoofl Fox, Alvorcl, jim France, Pickton. o SIXTH Row: Malvilee Franklin, Selman City, Weldcmn Frederick, Dallas, Billye Geneva Freeman, Gatesville, Philip Fultner, Dallas, Bobby Furrh, Marshall, Catherine Garrison, Waller. Page 254 They re Jzmng on the hon Bzology clan taker zzme out lo Jample the H30. . . . Class of '50 o FIRST ROW: Anita Gaulrapp, Dallas, Wyoma Gee, Dallas, Rob- ert Gentry, Jr., Lewisville, judge George, McKinney, Billye Frank Gibbs, O'Donnell, Ronald E. Gib- son, Anahuac. 0 SECOND ROW: Mary jo Gilbert, Gainesville, Sy- donia Gilbert, Dallas, Ruth Gil- liam, Grand Saline, Dan Gilpin, Mt. Pleasant, Alfonso Gonzales, Al- pine, Leo Good, ji., Mesquite. a 'rump now: Barney Graham, jr., Dallas, Bryan Graham, Den- ton, Charles Graham, Denton, Je- rome Granoff, Laredo, Ed Grant, Justin, Mary Katherine Graves, Pa- ducah. o roun'rH now: Charles Gray, Katy, Jeanette Green, Fort Wortli, Sue Green, Bridgeport, Bar- bara Anne Grimes, Farmersville, Gordon Grisham, Bryson, Norman Grogan, Dallas. o FIFTH now: Mary Grove, Dallas, Marilyn Grube, Denton, Hila Guerra, McAllen, Sue Guest, Pittsburg, Ada Guin, Abi- lene, Paul Guynes, Carrollton. 0 SIXTH now: Bettie Guyton, Mc- Camey, june Hackney, Gatesville, Ruth Hackney, Gatesville, Mary Hailey, Breckenridge, Jim Hale, Dallas, Faye Hall, Harrold. Page 255 "I Jbozzld bare .ftajul zzz bed fUJOy lheff Tokyo? . . . Class of 550 o FIRST ROW! Carl B. Hoffman, Eastland, Eric Hoes, Bartlett, Ma- rian Hodge, Colorado City, james E. Hodge, Corsicana, Glyn Hodge, Salem, Ill., Billy Hipkins, Decatur, Ga. o sncorm now: Gloria Hughes, Brownfield, Chester Huggins, Gran- bury, jewe Dee Huffhines, Denton, jake Hudspeth, Era, Mary Nan Hudgins, Dallas, H. Paul Hudgins, jr., Corsicana. o 'rx-nan now: Bil- lie Huddleston, Celina, Ruth Marie Huckalee, Dublin, William Ellis Hubbard, New Boston, Willard Howell, Alvord, Bonnie jo Howell, Van Alstyne, Glenn Howard, Dodd City. o FOURTH now: Carroll How- ard, Denison, Richard Horton, Dal- las, Wallace Hopkins, Denton, Ruth Hopkins, Krum, Winston Hooper, Marshall, jim Hollensby, Ardmore, Okla. 0 FII-'rl-1 ROW! jack Hundley, jacksonville, Fla., Wayne Hunter, Turkey, Ruth Hutcheson, McKin- ney, Mary Margaret Imbt, Fort Worth, Betty Lou Ingram, Mexia, Georgia Ingram, Dallas. o SIXTH ROW! Ansel Isbell, Anna, Violet jackson, Moody, Bettie Jacobs, Leonard, Doris Ruth jenkins, Mc- Gregor, Floyd H. jenkins, Mes- quite, Lexie jenkins, Dallas. Page 237 Wfhat mme people u'on'l :ln fo gel in lhe Jbouxl Fzrzlrblrlg the A11 Buzlzlmg rellar f K H ., ,Vp 1 5 fe-.fax Q G -QEJGQSKL il Liga ty..V,,,k -an ,W-Z, Ip,-1-er f,l.3-M' t I ' , 1 . , ' 4, y ng, , 0 1 , ,,- X 1, . , 1 - I ' ' J, 4 1 ., , y, Jef., V' '43 f fl . I A 'ff1i,f',.1 A . M 'lf 41,1 3 'Af L A M' 5, re 4. - P - ,rw f., ,Q wi IQ Rl 'gi -4.41 SOPIl0MORES . . . o FIRST ROW: Lynn Nell Jenkins, Devers, James Jeter, Denton, Bar- ney Johnson, San Angelo, Betty Johnson, Paris, Cecil Johnson. Stamford, Darlene Johnson, Dallas. Q SECOND now: Eric johnson, Wills Point, James E. Johnson, San An- gelo, Roy E. Johnson, Dallas, Wil- ma Jeane Johnson, Dallas, Elwood Johnston, Mart, Jean Johnston, Mar- shall. o THIRD ROW: Mary Johnston, Lufkin, LaRue Jones, Lewisville, Lee R. Jones, Dallas, Philip E. non, James B. FOURTH ROW! Dallas, Helen Carl H. Kelley, Jones, Jr,. Dallas, Jack Judd, Ver- Karnes, Denton. o Mauricia Keathley, Kellam, Beaumont, Marshall, Mrs. Carl H. Kelley, Marshall, Joe Kelley, Westminster, Clarence E. Killian, Melissa. o FIFTH now: John Kil- lian, Dallas, Sue Kimbrough, Ibex, Grover C. King, Jr., Amarillo, Pat- ricia King, Amarillo, Richard Kira- cofe, Ohio City, Ohio, Beverly Kir- by, Garland. o SIXTH now: Mary Joyce Knight, Denton, Nancye Knight, Port Arthur, Julian T Koon, Jr., Denton, Pat Kreiter, Cle- burne, Alfred Krekeler, Gothen- burg, Neb., Paul E. Labonte, Orange. Page 238 Summer registrant! sleep on the Library lawn Samba tell: the polmcot :be low-down. ,i . . Class of '50 Q 1-'1ns'r now: Alf Lacy, Marshall, Hank Lacy, Capitan, N. M., Bill Ladish, Texas City, Dale Lain, Ham- lin, Bill Lalicker, Canadian, Phil Land, Amarillo. o SECOND now: Charles Lane, Midwest City, Okla., Ann Lanning, Panhandle, Mary Lashly, Port Arthur, Palmer Lee Lawrence, Arlington, Spurgeon Lawrence, Bridgeport, Anne Lay- man, Prosper. 0 THIRD ROW! Win- fred Leach, Allen, Dorotha Leard, Maud, Okla., Violet Lee, Alba, Ani- ta Leftwich, Mt. Pleasant, Jimmie Faye Lewis, Forreston, Dick Lind- say, Marshall. 0 FOURTH ROW! Lin- da Lou Lindsay, Nocona, Ramona Loftin, Dallas, Alda Jane Loftis, WHXHh21Cl1lC, Mary Logan, Colo- rado City, Judd Longley, Brown- wood, john Love, Corsicana. 0 FIFTH ROW! Betty Lovelady, Tyler, Marjorie Loving, Chandler, Charlie Luker, Chandler, Carter Lyles, Sa- voy, Darrell Mabry, Kerens, Clif- ton Mackey, Gonzales. 0 SIXTH ROW! Patsy Mackoy, Wliitesboro, Milton Maclin, Dallas, Louise Mad- den, Shreveport, La., Jean Maddox, Alvarado, Ken Manes, Celina, Eve- lyn Mann, Haskell. Page 23 9 "lW0n'2 they be rurprired zvlaezz . . . . . Dixcozer we left out the flldlllflll EVLD .V-"M H1 iv Q , 9 ,K . 4 W, is SOPlIOMORES . . . Q rmsr now: David Manning, Leonard, Emmett Markby, Beau- mont, Henriett Marshall, Beau- mont, Billy joe Martin, Denton, Doyle Martin, Ponder, Floy Mar- tin, Gainesville. o ssconn now: Robert Martin, Mena, Ark., Billy M. Mason, jacksonville, Thomas O. Massey, Fort Wortlm, Jeannine Mat- thews, Dallas, james H. Matkin, Graham, Patricia jean McAfee, Penelope. o 'rx-man now: Margery McAlister, Texarkana, Alton Mc- Beth, Mt. Pleasant, Clarence Mc- Carty, Carrollton, Ernestine McCar- ty, Burke, William T. McClelland. Marshall, Beverly McClintock, Dal- las. o FOURTH now: C. L. McCul- lar, Dallas, jean McDaniel, Denton, Dell McGraw, Barry, Kenneth Mc- lnnish, Carrollton, james McKen- zie, Van, Lennis McKenzie, Van. Q r1r'r1-x now: Maurice McLain, Hillsboro, james E. McLemore, jr., Irving, Juanita MCMahan, Long- view, George McManus, Sherman, Carl A. McMillan, Beaumont, Ned McNeill, Denton. o s1x'r1-1 now: Bill Midgett, Tioga, Carolyn Miller, Eliasville, Ethelda Miller, Era, jane Miller, Paris, Richard Miller, Fort Worth, Cecil T. Minshew, Abilene. Page 240 I lhmk Ill make a clean Ju eep of It lux! make me! . . . Class of 950 o rms'r now: Nathan Miron, Houston, Shields Mitchell, Denton, Raymon Mobley, Haskell, Martha Montgomery, Mexia, Lola Moore, Brashear, Glenn Moreland, Aran- sas Pass. o SECOND ROW! Martha Morgan, Saint Jo, Renda Morgan, Waxahachie, Dorothy Morris, Mid- lothian, Margie Morris, Fort Worth, Glenn Morrow, Hawley, Garland Murton, Corsicana. o 'rmnn now: JoAnn Mosley, Alvord, Jeanne Mote, Dallas, Gene Mouser, Dal- las, Joe Mullins, Denton, Gloria Murdock, Goree, Roland Murrey, Wills Point. o roUn'rH now: James Nash, Springtown, Thelma Fay Na- tions, Vang Billy Nan Neal, New- castle, William A. Neal, Wickett, Jimmie Neill, Mullin, Charles Nel- son, Denton. o FIFTH now: Rob- ert D. Nesbitt, jr., Fort Worth, Rhea Nichols, Dallas, jimmy Nix, San Angelo, john Nix, San Angelo, Robert Nix, jr., Denton, Bobbie Noel, Ennis. o SIXTH now: Kath- leen Noland, Goose Creek, Venita Nolen, Collinsville, Dan Nolting, Mart, Tommy Norman, Trenton, Wesley M. Nunley, Crawford, Aga- tha Lou Nunn, Cleburne. Page 241 "Damian know that tlnmg could tell a xtory Mom Jez :be cou yur! had a mo beaded cal X... SOPlIOMORES . . . o r'ms'r now: Earl W. Nunneley, St. jo, Noran Nygaard, Cranfills Gap, jonette Oldham, Hearne, Bev- erly Osborne, Dallas, Ruth Osburn, Pilot Point, Edward M. Ownby, Gainesville. o SECOND now: Gen- eva Owens, Sherman, Vestal E. Pal- mer, Dallas, Betty Parmele, Dallas, Ernest Parsons, Denton, Charles W. Parton, Garland, Billy Patton, Healdron, Okla. o 'rmma now: Bob Parton, Whitt, Virgil Patton, Wliittg Betty Paul, Denton, Fran Payne, Navasota, Robert Payne, Orange, Grover Pearson, Reagan. 0 FOURTH ROW: Lewis Pendergrass, Sweet- water, Lloyed E. Perkins, Stone Mountain, Ga., Sue Ann Perryman, Denton, Frank Petruy, jr., Tem- ple, Gene Pllug, Dallas, Billie Phil- lips, Decatur. o ru--rn now: Bobby Phillips, Fort Worth, Lydia Ann Pickett, Galveston, Harold Pitts, Wliitesboro, Martha Pollard, Dal- las, Anne Powell, Mart, Elizabeth Powell, New Boston. 0 SIXTH ROW! Jack J. Powell, Dallas, Nancy Price, NX'ills Point, Omer D. Price, Mart, Howard Ray Pruitt, Panhandle, Na- dine Pumphrey, Texarkana, Lee Purcell, Denton. Page 242 Amt there no coffee rn the bowed Phofogmplaer Blalock um Jmmlin' on hir head. l . . Class of '50 o FIRST Row: Joann Putnam. Throckmorton, Curtis Rarnsey, Den- ton, Henry Ramsey, Atlanta, juan- da Ramsey, Perrin, Rudy Ranieri, La Marque, john T. Ray, Denton. Q sscoun now: Glenn Ed Rea, Fort Wortlmg joe Read, Dallas, Sam J. Reasoner, Fort Worth, Clifford Recer, Princeton, Virginia Reding, Aubrey, Louis C. Reed, Carrollton. o THIRD ROW! Hugh Reynolds, San Antonio, Charles K. Rhodes, Mex- ia, Mary Virginia Rhodes, Dallas, jack C. Rice, Dallas, Joyce Rich- ards, Waco, Williain Richard- son, Walters, Okla. 0 FOURTH ROW: Melvin E. Riddle, Fort Wortlig Ray- mond Ridgell, San Benito, Forest john Riggs, Garden City, Kan., Wilscvn Rink, San Angelo, Barbara Ann Risdon, Houston, Betty Ritch- ey, Greenville. 0 FIFTH ROW! Ray-- mond Roach, Rockwall, Chloe Rob- bins, Denton, Bettye Roberson, Bowie, Gregory Roberts, Dallas, Billye Robertson, Rotan, Alton Rob- inson, Chico. 0 SIXTH ROW: Harry Robinson, Port Arthur, Robert Rob- inson, Woodson, Kathryn Robnett, Premont, Bonnie Rogers, Lometa, Glenndolyn Rogers, Arlington, Pat- ricia Rosamond, Dallas. Page 243 . . N0-thaff wrong ltr mllej ho' the rx And mme of fu have to rough If fig 'GY SOPIl0MORES . . . o FIRST ROW: David Rothfus, Pros- per, Joan Rowland, Dallas, Fred Ruland, jr., Bellville, Garland Rus- sell, Paducah, Joe Russo, St. Mystic, Conn., Paul Sanders, Wichita Falls. Q szcoun now: john E. Savage, Irving, lra Schantz, Lubbock, Geor- ge Schneider, Fort Worth, Lois Schoenbrodt, Dallas, Jeanie Schow, Fort Worth, Britt Schubert, Fort Worth. o 'rr-:mn now: Arnold E. Schulz, Vernon, Anna May Scott, Denton, C. Seaton, Jr., Abilene, Fritz Self, Weatherford, Billie Se- well, Ringgold, Mary Sue Sewell, Texas City. o Founn-1 now: Pat Sewell, Waco, Howard Shahan, Denton, Patsy Shannon, Denton, Betty Sharp, Waco, james Clyde Sheffield, Jasper, Bobby Shipley, Pampa. 0 FIFTH ROW! Leonard C. Shipman, Orange, Billy Short, Den- ison, Jimmie Lou Sims, Waxah- achie, joe Skinner, Pioneer, Ken- neth Slane, Euless, Ann Smith, Wichita Falls. o s1x'r1-1 now: Do- lores Smith, Gladewater, Frank Smith, Fort Worth, Helen Smith, Celina, jason W. Smith, Haskell, Jesse P. Smith, jr., Sanger, joseph F. Smith, Beaumont. Page 244 "Look.' No hand.r!'i -Yeah. .rtill no handx-leelh, either. . . Class of '50 o rms? now: Mable Smith, Pam- pa, Mary Alice Smith, Dublin, Mary Evelyn Smith, Dallas, N. Sue Smith, Denton, Weldon Snodgrass, Winnsboro, Marvin L. Solley, Louis- ville, Ky. o sncom: now: Lyndon Sorrels, Royse City, Billie jean Spalding, Denton, L. D. Sparkman, Denton, Roy Sparkman, Gaines- ville, Claude E. Speake, Denton, Elvet Speed, Dallas. o 'rr-:mn now: Bill Spencer, Plano, A. B. Splawn, Jr., Greenville, Imogene Stacy, Sils- bee, Paul Stafford, Edwardsville, Ill., Duane Stallcup, Nocona, john Stan- ley, Denton. 0 FOURTH ROW: Jos- eph Starke, Muenster, Wauline Starr, Denton, Mrs. Winnie Starr, Denton, Carrie jo Sterling, Van Alstyne, Lynn R. Stevener, Rock- wall, James F. Stevens, Fort Worth. 0 1-'II-'TH ROW: Louise Stevenson, Frost, Mary Juanita Stevenson, Elec- tra, James Stewart, McKinney, Pat Stone, Alvin, jim Stringer, Fort Worth, Betty Sue Stuart, Cleburne. 0 SIXTH ROW: Harold Sturdevant, Aubrey, Bill Sullivan, Marshall, Dick Sutton, Dallas, Wayne Swin- dell, Quanah, joe Swofford, Stam- ford, Bland J. Tandy, Ozona. Page 245 Dr. Silzfey 5190015 a football game If Ibn! a Lozablc Nn 851 SOPHOMORES . . . o FIRST ROW: Bill Tankursley, Dal- las, Larry Tarkington, Dallas, Joe Tarver, Bowie, Ann Taylor, Leon- ard, Glen L. Taylor, Denton, Shirley Taylor, Farmersville. 0 SECOND ROW: Jimmie Teague, Jr., Dainger- field, Mary Frances Teague, Tex- arkana, Juanita Teal, Dallas, Mar- jorie Thacker, Throckmorton, Jo Tharp, Dallas, Dick Thatcher, Dal- las. o THIRD ROW: Fern Thigpen, Chilton, Jimmie Thomas, Sulphur Springs, Anita Thompson, Dallas, James N. Thompson, Jr., Chickasha, Okla., Jean Thornhill, Dallas, James Richard Thornton, White- wrighr. o FOURTH now: Bobby G. Thresher, Olney, John Tickle, Gal- veston, Gordon E. Tidmore, Chilli- cothe, Tony Titsworth, Athens, Yvonne Trollinger, Perryton, Joyce Tuley, Denton. 0 FII-'TI-I ROW: Jun- ius Tuley, Dallas, C. Leon Turner, Jr., Dallas, Eloise Turner, Wichita Falls, Paula Turner, Dallas, New- ton Van Voorhis, Denton, Bobbye Joyce Vaught, Pampa. o SIXTH ROW: Robert Dean Vernon, Clyde, Helen Vick, Denton, Paul Vickery, Mineola, Leon E. Wade, Jackson- ville, Fla., Anne Walker, Sanger, Bettye Walker, Cleburne. Page 246 Blalock and ,gang ultb tba! neu look Tblf IJ n party 112 mares than one. . . Class of '50 Q rrnsr now: Hartsell Wallace, Fort Worth, Joe Wallace, Gunter, M. L. Walling, jr., Howe, Naomi Walsh, Whitesboro, Patricia Ward, Sanger, Gerald T. Watson, Millsap. o snconn now: Harold Watson, Knox City, Harrell Weatherred, Kress, Tommy Whaley, Marshall, Billy White, Lake Dallas, Glen White, Burkett, Harold XVhite, Bur- kett. o 'rnmn now: Irene White- side, Dallas, Don Beth Whitting- ton, Overton, joe M. Whittle, Dal- las, Troyce Wicker, Denton, Her- bert N. Wigley, Dallas, Herbert A. Wiist, Wichita Falls. Q FOURTH ROW: Avon Wilcke, Wichita Falls, Charles Wilhite, Bowie, A. B. Wil- kirson, Jr., Denton, Frances Wil- kerson, Dallas, Caddo Wilkie, Dal- las, Anna Lou Williams, Moran. a rrrrn now: Billy Williams, Bon- ham, Donald Williams, Big Spring, Fieldon Williams, Fort Worth, Lacy Williams, Denton, Parker Williams, Van, Sebron Williams, Daingerfield, o SIXTH ROW: Suzanne Williams, Fort Worth, Bertie Wfilliamson, Burkburnett, W. A. Williamson, Postoak, William J. Williams, Sher- man, Charles Willis, Santo, Velda W1 ills, Denton. Page 247 "Keep a .rtiff upper old boy really nouf Bob tzckle: the lmolgpe - f I l SOPll0MORES . . . o FIRST ROW: Mary jane Wilson, Denton, Joy Wilson, Fort Worth, Kathryn Willson, Fort Worth, George Winn, Sherman: Maxine Winn, jacksboro, Routh Winters, Mineral Wells. o szcom: Row: jesse R. Wisdom, Farmersville, By- ron Witmer, Clarksville, Glenna Wfitt, Gainesville, Dalton Wood, Graham, William W. Woods, De- troit, Mich., john Preston Wright, Newcastle. o 'rx-nan now: Earle Marie Wyser, Calvert, Frances Yar- brough, Ponder, Frances Young, Dallas, Charles j. Zajicek, New York, N, Yr, Carolyn Zimmerman, Dallas, Dorthy Zorns, Odessa, Tom J. Harding, Dallas. as The CAMPUS CHAT if on the none. "My, iff holly' "Then put :he cork in, stupef' "Well, you lermu' hou' high things are! Radior appear eve1'yu'here during World Series ser i 2 i - g ll V ' l l f sz , Qilg 7 f y K1 .t i lf D N 'f C L - I ' 5 " i N , , , ' --wi .rr W , YQ Page 248 James Slliflett Ed Harris llnlda Cannon Jake Harris Pri-slllunl xvifl'-l'l'l!Sill1'lll Sewretary Treasurer FRESHMEN . . . a rmsr Row: Betty Abbey, Den- ton, Joanne Abel, Marshall, Marga- ret Ackerson, Glenellyn, Ill., Charles Acrea, Dallas, Bennie Adams, Che- cotah, Okla., Daniel D. Adams, Dal- las. o szcoun now: jenny Ad- ams, Kamay, Mary Louise Adams, Bryan, Patricia Adams, Royse City, Peggy jean Adams, Lawn, Martha Ann Adamson, Dallas, Marsha Lee Adkins, Mexia. o 'rl-:mn now: jac- quelyn Aken, Atlanta, joe Albright, Sulphur, Okla., Evia Lou Albritton, Paradise, Sherry Albritton, Pales- tine, Rosemary Alexander, Dallas, jane Allston, Vernon. 0 FOURTH ROW! Irma Alvarez, Houston, Doug- las Anderson, Grand Prairie, Nor- ma Anderson, Sherman, Ross An- derson, Era, Eleanor Andrew, Irv- ing, Billy J. Arnold, Waxahachie. o FIFTH ROW: Florence Arrington, Goose Creek, Irene Ashenfelter, Dallas, Connie Aten, Dallas, Rob- ert Lee Athons, jr., Farmersville, Larry Austin, Dumas, Patricia Av- ery, Beaumont. o SIXTH ROW: jack Bailey, Brownwood, joann Bailey, Vernon, Bryan Baker, Pasadena, Mary Sue Baker, Bonham, Vance C. Baldwin, Fort Worth, Iris Nell Bales, Ballinger. Page 250 Yeuout arpealt In college life Imlmle Lbeckzng 1100121 from the library. . . . Class of '51 o rmsr now: Beverly Ba11,Throck- morton, jimmy Ballou, Denison, Flora E. Banke, Clarksville, Harold Barber, Dallas, Morris Barber, Bow- ie, Glen Barnes, Prosper. 0 SECOND ROW: Norma Barrington, Sherman, Robert Bass, Denton, Beth Basye, San Antonio, Jeannie Bauerlis, Fort Worth, William D. Bayless, Trini- dad, Belve Bean, Mullin. 0 THIRD ROW: Anne Bearden. Decatur, Ben- nie Paul Bearden, Decatur, June Bearmore, Belmar, N. J., Irma Lea Beaty, Artesia, N. M., Bobby Beck, Iowa Park, Paula Beck, Fort Worth. o FOURTH ROW: Lois Marie Belsher, Dallas, Harry H. Bendorf, Dallas, Larry Benedict, Era, Edith Mae Ben- nett, Denton, Malcom Bennett, Gra- ham, Marilyn Berry, Dallas. o FIFTH now: Nancy Biard, Marsh- all, Evelyn Bigby, Ballinger, Rus- sell Gene Bilyeu, Krum, Larry Bishop, San Angelo, Robert Black, Dallas, Vancie Fay Blackmon, Mc- Kinney. o SIXTH ROW: Mary Blake, Vernon, Ruth Blankenship, Lufkin, james Bledsoe, San Angelo, joe Ann Blevins, Fort Worth, Con- stance Bohme, Dallas, James Bond, Fort W'orth. Page 251 U - I V And here are your independent famrzte 710271111665 AW! fhfff bfmeft men L0""Ufd ,bi I" L FRESHMEN . . . o FIRST ROW! Robert Boniol, Ka- may, .Io Ann Booth, Denison, Patsy Boren, lowa Park, Billy Ray Boring, McKinney, Alice jane Boulter, Ty- ler, Dorothy Bourland, Dallas. 0 SECOND ROW! Marilyn Bowden, Ballinger, john L. Boyd, Sweet- water, Margie Boyd, Allen, jackie Boyles, Dallas, Norma Bradford, joshua, Barbara Bradshaw, Midland. o THIRD ROW! Wlanda Brady, Den- ton, Marianne Brasher, Waxzx- hachie, L. C. Brawley, McKinney, Wztndzr Brawner, joshua, Margaret Bre1and,Sharnrock, Clara Nell Brian, Robstown. o FOURTH ROW! How- ardene Bridendall, Quanah, jean- nene Bridges, Dallas, Jeannette Brid- ges, Dallas, Patricia Bridges, Rock- wall, Nancy Bright, Garland, Earl Brightwell, Houston. o FIFTH now: Virginia Brinkley, Olney, Barbara Brown, Chicago, Ill., Bo Brown, Ennis, Doris Leigh Brown, Blum, Loretta Rae Brown, Dallas, Robert Brown, Bonham. 0 SIXTH ROW! Virginia Brown, Denton, William Guy Brown, jr., Bridgeport, Billie Frances Bryant, Freeport, Robert B. Buchanan, Beltsville, Md., Jim- mie Buchanan, Pecos, Nita Lou Bullard, Covington. Page 252 H0 190 .rf lg lg - p " ' W5 UV' - Mom: Q. uzzfkr the gfmullet-she could almort walk the .rlarer . . , ...nd . . Class of '51 o FIRST ROW: Sue Burge, Denton, Mary Ann Burkett, New London, Jacqueline Burks, Dallas, Barbara Burns, El Dorado, Ark., Bill Burns, Denton, Dean Butler, Dallas. 0 szcoun now: Betty Lee Byrd, Lit- tle Rock, Ark., Sue Byrum, Gar- land, Galen Caddell, Petrolia, Doro- thy Cain, Allen, Lois Chase Cald- well, Stamford, Ann Callaway, Mt. Calm. o THIRD now: Carol Cam- eron, Greenville, Martha Ellen Campbell, Bonham, Lillian Rae Campsey, Jacksboro, Tommy Can- ada, Dallas, Cleo Beth Cannon, Angleton, Hulda Cannon, Vernon. a roUa'rH now: Barton Cantrell, Dallas, Joe Cantwell, Denton, Bet- ty Carleston, Ennis, James Carlile, Albany, Gene Carlton, Grapeland, Dorothy Carnegie, Port Arthur, 0 FIFTH now: Robert Carpenter, Dal- las, Carlos E. Carter, Copeville, Betty Sue Carvasal, Dallas, Letitia Casteel, Houston, Thomasine Cath- ey, Quitman, Johnnie Cecil, Burk- burnett. o SIXTH ROW! Jacqueline Chandler, Denton, Charles H. Chap- man, Petrolia, Ben Chappell, Bow- ie, Pat Charlton, Midland, Wini- fred Cheatham, Edgewood, Mary Anna Christian, Dallas. Page 253 Help ynunelf to the punch Ami bear 11 IHYO lbe uiher room . . . Class of '51 o FIRST ROW! Gladys Crisler, Dal- las, Charles Crosthwait, Borger, Bobby Joe Crow, Alvarado, Tommy Crow, Dallas, Patricia Crow, Dal- las, Barbara Crowe, Olney. 0 SEC- OND ROW: Etta Jean Crowson, Irv- ing, Jim Crumley, Irving, Rose Ann Cummings, Olney, Wanda Lou Cunningham, Nocona, John Cuv- ington, Farmersville, Roy E. Currie, Shreveport, La. 0 THIRD ROW! Jean Evelyn Curry, Waxahachie, Mildred Curry, Royalty, Jo Ann Daily, Dal- las, Dan Dale, Electra, june Dan- iel, Dayton, Mary Frances Darnell, Sherman. o FOURTH now: Betty Anne Darwin, Whitewright, jewel Daughety, Linden, Bonnie Davis, Ballinger, Elsa Davis, Gilmer, ja- nelle Davis, McKinney, Joyce Dav- is, Denton, o FIFTH now: Marjorie Davis, Dallas, Martha joe Davis, Wolfe City, Mary jane Davis, Marshall, Ruth Ann Davison, Rea- gan, Sallie Davison, Reagan, Bev- erly Dawson, Houston. 0 SIXTH ROW: Lewis Deatherage, Waxah- achie, Arthur DeLoach, Marshall, Peggy Dendy, Denton, Barbara Densman, McGregor, Irene Der- den, Waxahachie, Barbara Allene D'Heron, Spring Lake. Page 255 . . . But 11921 if earner: :lady-they dzdnl even know lbe plc war taken Delta Chl .r :memble their album FRESHMEN . . . Q rms? now: Sarah Dickson, Wichita Falls, Walter Dishberger, Texas City, Robert L. Dixon, Fort Worth, Ruth A. Dixon, Houston, Martha Dodgen, Quitman, jack H. Dodson, Van. o srzcoxm now: Homer Dorman, Henrietta, C. B. Doss, Clarksville, james Douglas, Olney, Luann Douglass, Gainesville, Oleta Dowlen, Panhandle, jan Downing, Albany. o THIRD now: Kenneth DuBois, Petrolia, Joan Dudley, Plano, joe Duke, Alvin, Bill Dunaway, Azle, jeff Duncan, Longview, Charlotte Dunn, Port Arthur. o rourrrn now: Homer Dunn, Olney, Peggy Durham, Sli- dell, Henrietta Dutton, Whitesboro, Peggy Dyerly, Dallas, George Ea- son, Barry, Bobby Eddins, For: Worth. o FIFTH ROW: Hazel Eden, Euless, Joyce Marie Edgar, Alice, Bob C. Edwards, Denton, Winola Elliot, Frisco, Marjorie Chomel El- lis, Dallas, Edwina Elrod, Denton. o SIXTH now: jeanelle Estes, Bon- ham, Corky Evans, Olney, jimmy Evans, Dallas, Wallace Evans, Mc- Kinney, Robbie Sue Fagg, Blue Ridge, Wanda Fannin, Marlin. Page 256 Neur .ferwce offzce rroudr together for 4 formal znformal Campus Chaz of the Azr Jmggerr over the airufayr. . . . Class of '51 o FIRST ROW! Stephen Farkas, Bridgeport, Conn., Robert Farr, Dallas, Ted Farrar, Ennis, jean Fer- guson, Sweetwater, Anna Ferrell, Lake Dallas, Martha Jo Ferrell, Mt. Calm. o SECOND ROW! Alice Louise Field, Texas City, Vernon Fincher, Denton, Estelle Fisher, Cleburne, LaRue Fitzgerald, Denton, Connie Flanigan, Fort Worth, Ewell Flem- ing, Dallas. o THIRD ROW: Kathryn Fleming, Mt. Pleasant, Roma Flet- cher, Mexia, Thomas Fletcher, Denton, Margaret Jane Flowers, Vernon, Margaret Floyd, Valley Mills, Nelda Floyd, Marshall. o FOURTH ROW: Edsel Ford, Denton, Shirley Foster, Dallas, Charlotte Foust, Crowley, Franchelle Fowler, Mexia, Pat B. Fowler, Angleton, Ross Freeman, Argyle. 0 FIFTH ROW: joe Bill Freeze, Olney, Mar- vada French, Lake Dallas, Margaret Frerichs, Houston, Doris Fulton, Dallas, Gail Janice Fuller, McCa- mey, Ralph Furr, McKinney. 0 s1x'rH now: Gene Gachter, Gra- ham, Mary Virginia Gaddy, Dallas, Franklin Gagnard, Legion, Ida jean- ne Galleshaw, Dallas, Ben Ed Gantt, Princeton, Mack Garcia, Dallas. Page 25 7 ri ,ldfkfflll Jlaozrr the beazzlfer htm' . . . 70 look Fill dl d Jllf 1501! . . Class of '51 Q rmsr Row: Jimmy Green, Dal- las, Shirley Maxine Green, Dallas, Evelyn Greene, Tioga, Joyce Green- wood, Prosper, Gloria Griffin, Mc- Kinney, Myrlene Griffin, Eastland. Q szcoma now: V. H. Grogan, Mc- Kinney, Gloria Grove, Dallas, Rob- ert Grundy, Gainesville, Mary Alice Guillet, Stamford, Nancy Carolyn Guynes, Ballinger, Marie Hackney, Gatesville. 0 THIRD ROW! Francene Habern, Denton, Jennie Su Hagan. Wlmitehouse, Shirley Anne Hagler, Alvin, Barbara Ann Hague, East- land, Dorice Hale, Bryan, Billye Hall, Garland. o rourrrn now: Constance Hall, Wicliita Falls,Mary Lou Hall, Petrolia, Patricia Hall, Whitesboro, Patsy Hall, Roby, Bud- dy Hallerman, Dallas, Cole A. Ham, Dallas, o rn-"rn now: Janis Lee Hamilton, Lamesa, Natalie Ham- mack, Angleton, Shirley Hardy, Ty- ler, Norma Jeanne Hargrove, Dal- las, Charlene Harrelson, Dallas, Barbara Harris, Dallas. o SIXTH ROW: Charles R. Harris, Eastland, Yvonne Harris, Sanger, Pat Harri- son, Haskell, Robert J. Harrison, Eastland, Ruby Hart, Tioga, Anita Harvey, Denton. Page 259 BillDibl1Ie scam Przntem Ink Am! helps 0141 fvf flx -.M ' . f FRESIIMEN . . . Q FIRST now: Glenn Hausenfluck, Fort Worth, Bobbye Hawkins, Mt. Calm, R. Lennette Hawkins, Mexia, Cora jean Hay, Fort Worth, juan- elle Haynes, Chillicothe, Corky Hay- ton, Panhandle. 0 SECOND ROW: Ann Heffley, Fort Worth, Clarence Hemphill, Breckenridge, Joe Hen- drix, Madisonville, Harvey C. Hen- ning, Bowie, Martha Henry, Dallas, jo Herd, jacksboro. 0 THIRD ROW! Betty Hersh, Denton, Tommie jean Hicks, Perrin, Bobbie Ruth Hig- gins, Seymour, Joyce Hightower, Van, Mildred Hightower, Waxah- achie, Marjorie Jan Hill, San Mar- cos. o rounn-1 now: Bettye Hod- ges, Dallas, john Hodnett, Fort Worth, james Hodnett, Fort Wortlug P. J. Hoelscher, Rosebud, Raymond Hoelscher, Rosebud, jay Hoffman, Cleburne. o r'1r'r1-1 now: Betty Ho- gan, Breckenridge, Daryle Hohertz, Big Spring, Betty jane Holland, Throckmorton, Dorothy Holliday, Ballinger, James Hollingsworth, Glen Rose, Polly Holsted, Little Rock, Ark. o SIXTH ROW: joe Holt, Fort Wortli, I.. B. Holmes, Dallas, Laura Honeycutt, Hawkins, Rich- ard Hoover, Gainesville, Juanell Howard, Pilot Point, H. Howard, Denton. Page 260 They M2116 df IMI'-fl0'1flfL CJ1751er O1 uulomalonx to the Ar! Mrzxquerade ball . . . . . . Class of '51 o rlnsr now: Jane Howdeshell, Sherman, Harlan Howell, Gaines- ville, Raymond Howell, Van Als- tyne, Thurman Joe Howerton, Cor- sicana, Jack Hughes, Prosper, J. B. Hudson, Throckmorton. 0 SECOND ROW! Winston Hudson, Vernon, Richard Hulick, Dallas, Juanita Humphreys, West Frankfort, Ill., LoVeta Hunn, Aubrey, Billie Floy Hunt, Eastland, Thomas Hunter, Galveston. o -rx-nm: now: Charlie Huston, Fort Worth, Harvey Lee Ickent, Olney, Charles Ingram, Dal- las, Koen Iund, Petrolia, Tommy Ivy, Dallas, Bobby Jackson, Italy. . rounn-1 now: Carroll Jackson, Grapevine, Martha Jackson, Dallas, Dorothy Jacobsen, Lewisville, Ray James, Chico, Bill Jarrard, Gran- bury, Betty Lane Jarratt, Browns- ville. O FIFTH ROW! Gwendolyn Jatrell, Winters, Joe Jenkins, Pilot Point, Jonnie Jenkins, Bells, Mary Jenkins, McGregor, Robert E. Jen- kins, Fort Worth, Junelle Jenson, Mont Belview. 0 SIXTH HOW: Mar- tha Ann Jernigan, Bells, Donald Johnson, Bowie, Eva Johnson, Jacksboro, Viola Johnson, Groves, Gilbert Johnson, Houston, Gloria Johnson, Grandfalls. Page 261 Or' piraler. robberf lblefr Of uzld Indzan alazefr FRESHMEN . . . o 1-'IRST ROW! Pat Johnson, Den- ton, Patsy Sue Johnson, Kaufman, Philip Johnson, Dallas, Dick John- ston, Dallas, Bobby Jones, Ennis, Dale jones, Woodson. o SECOND ROW: David W. Jones, Greenville, Francine Jones, Ennis, Jack jones, Bridgeport, W. A. Jones, Fort Worth, Faye jordan, Electra, Mar- tha jordan, Cleburne. 0 THIRD ROW: Zelda Jordan, Gainesville, jane julian, Dallas, Edna Mae Jung- becker, Houston, Garland jurick, Denton, Wilma Kays, Wichita Falls, Kenneth Keck, Seymour. o FOURTH ROW! Carolyn Keel, Den- ton, Marcus Kemp, Brownwood, Helen Kelly, Fort Worth, Ellen Patsy Keyes, Dallas, Betty Tom Kimble, Denison, Fern Kimmey, Dallas. 0 FIFTH ROW! Margaret Kindle, McKinney, Claribel King, Hobbs, N. M., Henry A. King, At- lanta, N. L. King, jr., Olney, Tuly Max King, Dallas, Wanda Nelle King, Haskell. 0 SIXTH ROW: Wil- liam F. King, Denton, Norris Kis- singer, Brownfield, Emily Knight, Dallas, Virginia Knight, Carthage, Barbara jean Knott, Denton, Roy Knowles, Gilmer. Page 262 Sigma lb! Nu opefzf clgar box for pruipccme pledtci And Belar have ine open home during homecoming. . . . Class of '51 o FIRST ROW: Royce Knowles, Gil- mer, Katie Mae Koeninger, Okla- union, Arthur Kuchenbacker, Dal- las, Ethyl Eve Lackey, Dallas, Ra- chael M. Lamons, Olney, Alma Lampe, Amarillo. o sncorm now: Dale Lanier, Valley View, Marjorie Large, Sherman, James Lawrence, Mena, Ark., James Roy Leach, Val- ley View, William Leavell, Dallas, Jo Ann Leatherman, Bartlett. 0 THIRD ROW: Josephine Lee, Anson, Nelda Jane Lee, Athens, Theodore Lerchenko, Brooklyn, N. Y., Johni- lu Lewis, Fort Worth, Mary Cath- erine Lewis, Waxahachie, Jane Lightfoot, Boise, Idaho. o FOURTH ROW: Ramona Lindsey, Wichita Falls, Tom Lindsey, Wichita Falls, XVilliam Lightsey, Waxahachie, Orin Littlejohn, Marshall, Joyce Lit- tleton, Wfest, Martha Ann Lloyd, Alice. 0 FII-'TH ROW: Pauline Lloyd, Houston, Anita Jayne Lockhart, Gainesville, Sara Ann Lockwood, Beaumont, Dorothy Dell Loe, Mon- ahans, Marianne Long, Corsicana, Jeannine Love, Dallas. 0 SIXTH BOW: Marian Love, Dallas, Joan Lowe, Valley View, Lewis Lutrick, Abernathy, Brooks Lynn, Carroll- ton, Betty Ruth Lyon, Petrolia, Hal Mabry, Burkburnett. Page 265 Whiz! they laugh at appearr on page 213 Ian! IJ IOOAIIIJL al the 101140 C47 llc FRESHMEN . . o rxnsr now: Charlotte Mahaffey, Port Arthur, jean Mann, Canton, Wanda Jean Mansell, Iowa Park, Alma Marks, Longview, Ken Mar- shall, Hugo, Okla., Margie Mar- shall, Fort Worth. o szconn now: Catherine Martin, Graham, Elaine Martin, Denton, Louise Martin, Col- linsville, Vivian Martin, Winns- boro, V. W. Martin, Jr., Valley View, Wayne Marsh, McGregor. o THIRD now: jean Massey, Den- ton, jerry Massey, Denton, Marijon Maxwell, Greenwood, Velva Deanne May, Vernon, Grace Meaker, Pan- handle, Mary Ann Means, Grand Saline. o rounn-1 now: Danny Merriman, Fort Worth, Virginia Merritt, Lufkin, Billy Meyer, Mar- lin, Charles Meyer, Marlin, Doris Meyer, Keller, Regis Meyers, Texas City. 0 FIFTH ROW! Rexine Mey- ers, Texas City, Zoe Ann Middle- brook, Corsicana, Loyce Midkilf, Midland, Alan Miller, Waco, Don- na Miller, Crane, A. Edgar Miller, Martitnck, N. Y. o s1x'rH now: Evelyn Miller, Mingus, Robert R Miller, McKeesport, Pa., Ralf Mills, Houston, Janice Mobley, Bonham, jean Molfitt, Fort Worth, Martha Nell Monk, Farmersville. Page 264 a' la" fred 81161 tome udtlte to the Majm A1141 llr Bzll p0teJ un er IJ gum Q gi :V K H. l fn .al . . . Class of '51 Q rms'r now: Billy Montegut, Tex- as City, William Moran, Dallas, John Morgan, Plano, Julia Kate Morgan, El Dorado, Ark., Beverley Moore, Dallas, Earline Moore, Farm- ersville. 0 SECOND now: joy Moore. Kermit, Wynette Moore, Seymour, Ava Nell Morris, Canton, Bob Mor- ris, Van, Ed Morriss, Bonham, Nona Lou Morrison, Walnut Springs. 0 THIRD now: Ann Mosely, Robs- town, Walter Mordello Munson, Angleton, Bill Murray, Dallas, Ed- win Don Myers, Honey Grove, Lonnie Myrick, Sherman, Marjorie McAfee, Winnsboro. o FOURTH ROW! Patsy McBride, Weslaco, Ma- rion Sue McBurnett, Palmer, Nelda McCormick, Denton, Peggy MC- Clain, Waxahachie, Martin McCar- ty, Electra, Doyle McCrary, Rock- wall. o rzrrn now: Betty McDon- ald, Dallas, Billie McDonald, Fort Stockton, Ellna Anne McFatridge, Big Sandy, Alice McGee, Dallas, Betty McGee, Dallas, Dorothy Mc- Gehee, Gainesville. o sxx'rH now: Jesse McGehee, Olney, Max L. Mc- gehee, Collinsville, Bill McGill. Amarillo, Lena McGill, Atlanta, Lunella McGuire, Port Arthur, Faye McKee, Mabank. Page 265 Gad, ffgg Aggiey C471 be fgund gnyubere EXMU6 me I lfwugh! Z! 11142 yw' 517711 v FRESHMEN . . . o FIRST ROW! Maxine McKeever, Lueders, Eugenia Ruth McKinney, Van Alstyne, Joyce Elaine Mc- Knight, Texarkana, Francile Mc- Millan, Gilmer, Horace McMillan, Dallas, Charlcene McNeal, Bailey. e szcorm now: Edwin McPherson, Paradise, Betty Kirk McSPadden, Ponder, Carolyn McWilliams, Hen- derson, Clyde McWilliams, Grand Prairie, Wesley Naron, Dainger- field, Helen Neary, Harlingen. o THIRD ROW: Claud Neely, Fort Worth, Janice Nelson, Denton, Mary Love Nelson, Dallas, Coleta New, Beaumont, Iris Nichols, Rock- wall, Joyce Nixon, Albany. o FOUR- TH ROW: Philora Noland, Craw- ford, Jack O'Bannion, Waxahachie, Tommy Oates, Austin, Shirley Og- lesby, Waxahachie, Louvenia Old- ham, Hearne, Mary Elizabeth O'Rei11y, Dallas. o FIFTH now: Billy Orr, Waxahachie, Paul Orr, Denton, Wanda Orrill, Dallas, Dor- is Yvonne Ottinger, Roanoke, Mary Lou Otts, Greenville, Gene Owen, Dallas. c SIXTH now: Robert Owen, Fort Worth, Beth Page, Ponder, Mary Jane Painter, Hollis, Okla., Jean Parker, Bonham, Mary Jeanne Parker, Talpa, Wallace Parker, Fort Wforth. Page 266 Even a lztlle bl! of Jtudy If necefmry Well necerrzller mclwle even tbir . . . . . . Class of 951 0 1-'xns'r now: Betty jo Parks, Ray- mondville, David Parmele, Dallas, Betty Parrish, Ballinger, Ed Partch, Fort Worth, Barbara Anne Patter- son, Eastland, Bobby Patterson, Odessa. o SECOND now: Fred Pat- terson, Decatur, june Patterson, Alice, Pat Patterson, Dallas, jack Patison, Houston, Louis Pattillo, Greenville, Margie Nell Patton, Tenaha. o 'rrnnn now: Laura Payne, Denison, Patricia Peacock, El Do- rado, Ark., Patricia Pearce, Abilene, Louis Pearson, Denton, Gay Per- kins, Newgulf, Patricia Rose Perry- man, Mineral Wells. 0 FOURTH ROW! Patricia Petrie. Talpa, Nina Raye Phagen, Perryton, june Phe- bus, Perryton, Betty Phillips, Sher- man, Kenneth Phillips, Petrolia, Travis Phillips. jasper. o FIFTH ROW: Jack N. Phipps, Marlin, Char- les Pickard, Ladonia, Wynelle Pick- ens, Edgewood, Sue Pickrell, Ante- lope, Gwendolyn Pierce. Dallas, Harold Glen Pierce, Pittsburg. o SIXTH ROW! Nolan Pierson, Saint jo, Patricia Pilson, Dallas, Faye Marie Pinkerton, Grand Saline, joe M. Pless, Hubbard, Jeannine Pol- son, Bay City, Johnnie Pollard, Cooper. Page 267 -7-but belonged ,O my great,gfM,.g,,,,,,,1fa1l9ef," joe cnpafamf .fflllff Ihem home zrizh .mmelhiug In think ahold FRESHMEN . . . 0 FIRST now: Marjorie Pollard, Memphis, Tenn., Dolores Pometti, Collinsville, Ill., Anita Porter, Mc- Kinney, Marilyn Porter, Sherman, Suan Porter, Denton, Geraldine Potter, Waco. o srcorm now: jack W. Pounds, Dallas, Merriman D. Pounds, Memphis, Mary Frances Powell, Paducah, Stanley Prather, Kress, Carl Dean Price, Greenville, Mary Alice Price, Vernon o THIRD now: Patricia Price, Pharr, Vincent Price, Vega, Wallace D. Price, jr., Dallas, Darlene Priddy, Weather- ford, Leo Purcell, Electra, Gordon D.Pyle,Asbury Park,N.j. o FOURTH ROW! Mary Ruth Rainey, Denton, George Rabe, Dallas, jimmy Ram- sey, Denton, Hazel Mae Randolph, Mexia, Meyer Raskin, Dallas, Bil- lie Gertrude Ray, Houston. o FIFTH ROW! jean Rayner, Galveston, Syl- via Red, Palestine, Betty Reed, Fort Worth, Jacqueline Reese, Kerens, Ken Reeves, Vernon, Charlene Ren- fro, Tioga. o SIXTH ROW: Charles Renfroe, Miami, Fla., Harold Rey- nolds, Petrolia, Joanne Rhodes, Dallas, Syvester Rice, Childress, Joe Rich, Lufkin, Allegra Richardson, Bonham. Page 268 Lvokr like 4 bunch of Communists Where zn memmorplaarir is 'em bugs . . ." . . . Class of '51 0 FIRST ROW! Cecil P. Richardson, Van, Charles Weldon Richardson, Hawkins, Nell Riddell, Dallas, Wanda Rigney, Fort Worth, Doris Roane, Gainesville, john Robbins, Van. 0 SECOND ROW! Anna Louise Roberts, Denton, Norma Roberts, Dallas, Reba Jean Roberts, Big Spring, Peggy Robertson, May, William Robinson, Mishawaka, Ind., Winston Robison, Sweetwa- ter. a 'rr-:mn now: Pete Rodriguez, Longview, Bob R. Rogers, Gaines- ville, Dollie Rogers, Center, Eliza- beth Roling, Corsicana, Melzer Rose, Vega, Harry Rosenberg, Gal- veston. o rouzvrn now: Gloria Ross, Krum, Patricia Rowan, Dal- las, Laverne Ruark, Hawley, Mary Rucker, Abilene, Edward Rushing, Ringgold, Billy Russell, Nocona. o FIFTH ROW: Lois Reed Rutledge, San Antonio, Dott Sala, New Lon- don, Lloyd Sards, Alvord, Bobbie Sanders, Cleburne, Richard Sanders, Kerens, C. W. Schimelpfenig, Plano. o SIXTH ROW: Susan Schimelpfenig, Plano, Robert Schmidt, Sherman, Ruth Schoenfield, Miles, Barbara Scott, Duncan, Okla., Camille Scott, Greenville, Diane Scott, San Saba. Page 269 "Alfa, here are rome bullerflzer I nezer fool u lib lbal rmafl game FRESHMEN . . . Q rms'r now: Martha Scott, Wax- ahachie, Bill Searcy, Bandera, Billy G. Self, Rule, LaVerne Seydler, Houston, Alice LaVern Sharp, Chi- co, Robert Sharp, Waxahachie. 0 SECOND now: Marjorie Shaw, Sweetwater, Audrey Shepperd, Cor- sicana, James Allen Shiflett, Dallas, Charles Shipman, McKinney, Clif- ford Shipp, Orange, Leta Beth Shir- ley, Moody. 0 THIRD ROW: James Siddens, Seymour, Jeanette Sikes, Talpa, Robert R. Simmons, Dallas, Eddy Simms, Fort Worth, Perry Slack, Denton, Derrell Slater, Fort Worth. o rounrn now: Johnnie Lois Sloan, Pilot Point, Patti Sloan, Estelline, Waymon Sloan, Kauf- man, Billy Smalley, Albany, Jac- queleen Smith, Grand Saline, Jew- ell Smith, Estelline. o r1r'rH now: jimmy Smith, Texarkana, Joe Smith, Albany, Lawrence Smith, jr., Stephenville, Robert B. Smith, Cen- ter, Wesley Smith, Dallas, Yvonne Smith, Mineral Wells 0 SIXTH Row: Sue Smoot, Denton, Pat Snell, Memphis, William Snow, Denton, Audrey Sommers, Washington, Norma Sorrels, Denton, Ben Sparks, Eastland. Page 270 They do uncomczour thing: m from of the camera Yalzety yatletg yattety. . . Class of '51 Q rms'r now: Mari Spears, Wills Point, Richard Spencer, Pittsburg, Virginia Spivey, Graham, Oleph Stacy, DeLeon, Flora Stafford, Sher- man, Yvonne Standifer, Dallas. 0 SECOND ROW! Harriet Stanford, Killeen, Mary Joyce Stanley, Den- ton, Virginia Stevenson, Baird, Carolyn Stewart, Gatesville, Jimmy Stewart, Leesburg, John Stewart, Aubrey. 0 THIRD ROW: Joyce Stew- art, Nocona, Rose Ina Stewart, Den- ton, Jean Stokes, Dallas, Eugene Stovall, Corpus Christi, Patricia Strong, Denton, Billie Stroud, T hrockmorton. o rounrn now: Mary jean Stucker, Dallas, Mary jane Sullivan, Denton, Frank Sun- seri, jr., Galveston, Ted D. Talbott, Bridgeport, Anna Rose Tate, Waco, Bill Tate, Healdton, Okla. o 1-'11-"rr-I ROW: Margaret Tate, Reagan, Alma Sue Taylor, Saginaw, Generee Tay- lor, Wills Point, june Taylor, Ath- ens, john W. Therrell, Fort Worth, Kenneth Thetford, Lewisville. 0 srxn-I now: janet Thigpen, Tex- arkana, Ruth Thigpen, Chilton, jack Thomas, Weatherford, Lyman Thomason, Ponder, Jo-Nelle Thompson, Mabank, Dana Thorn- ton, Cisco. Page 271 "Hot Zig! Left Jmoozh llmt mer llgtllll I tant heat ga but I can tze Ja FRESHMEN . . . o FIRST ROW: Louise Tidwell, Dal- las, Gerald Tinsley, Carrollton, Charles G. Titsworth III, San An- gelo, Bettie Sue Todd, Santa Anna, Bertha Toucheck, Orange, James H. Townsley, Gainesville. 0 SECOND ROW! Ouida Trammell, Lometa, Wanda Trammell, Lometa, joy Triplett, Weslaco, Hobson Tune, jr., Forney, Beverly Turner, Uval- de, Gretchen Joan Turner, Dallas. u 'rr-nan now: jack Turner, East- land, Monty Turner, Oklahoma City, Okla., Patricia Turner, Coa- homa, Patricia Ann Turriff, Has- let, Dan Tuttle, Longview, Joan Tyler, Dallas. o rourvrn now: George Tyson, Dallas, Martha Ty- son, Dallas, Emily Ann Utt, Fort Worth, Mavis Vail, Venus, Maxine Valentine, Terrell, George Vance, Texas City. o FIFTH now: Ruby June Vance, Panhandle, John Ann Vann, Era, Jo Beth Velter, Browns- ville, Mary Vickers, Leesburg, Leo- ta Vincent, Sudan, John Viser, Mad- isonville. 0 SIXTH ROW! Dorathea Louise Vogt, Boerne, Patsy Voss, LaMarque, Margaret Wade, Frisco, Mary Alice Wagnon, Whitesboro, Betty Wakeham, Sherman, Cora Lou Walden, Mesquite. Page 272 Pledger are aluays up 4 free Homecommg bonfire gen put to the torch. . . . Class of '51 0 rms? now: Roland Walden, McKinney, Ann Walker, Anson, jane Allen Walker, Brenham, Sue Wal- ker, Anson, Dorothy Wallace, White- wright, Frances Wallace, Corsicana. o srcoun now: Gerald Wallace, Kaufman, Herman Walls, Kress, Marianne Walter, Plainview, Bob- by Ward, Prosper, Margaret Ward, Graham, Polly Ward, Canadian. o THIRD ROW! Pansy W'are, Corsi- cana, Helen Warner, Grapeland, Charles Ray Warren, Farmersville, Elwancla Warren, Denton, Joyce Warren, Fort Worth, Elizabeth Ann Watson, Denton. 0 FOURTH now: Joan Watson, Chico, Mary Louise Weatherred, Coleman, Earl Webb, San Benito, Geraldine Welborn, McKinney, Winnie Merle Welch, Seymour, Vivian Wesselman, Pala- cios. o FIFTH now: Joyce Westcot, Dallas, Sara Wetzel, Winters, John Wheeler, Dallas, Delores Whitaker, Port Arthur, H. E. White, Brown- wood, Martha White, Denison, o SIXTH now: Paul R. White, Blue Ridge, Sidney W. White, Amherst, joyzelle Wfhited, Quanah, Elise Whitlock, Carrollton, Joanne Whit- more, Fort Worth, Jean Wieden- feld, Kerrville. Page 273 -:r Imiependenlf campaign for "true" favorite: . . . Wlazcla even Include! K1 P47446 FRESIIMEN . . . o FIRST ROW! Gaye Wilborn, Ol- ney, William Wilcoxson, Farmers- ville, Eleanor Wilkes, Ardmore, Okla., Maurice Wilkinson, Fort Worth, Bill Wilks, Denton, Pau- line Williams, Lufkin. o SECOND ROW: Martha jane Wills, Denton, Howard M. Wilson, Nocona, james Rodney Wilson, Greenwood, Re- becca Ann Wilson, Denton, Betty Wimbley, Vernon, Mary Winsdor, Madisonville. 0 THIRD ROW: Mar- jorie Winfrey, Joshua, Dorothy Winterstelle, Asbury Park, N. j., Arlene Helen Wood, Wichita, Kan., Larry Wood, Thalia, Lawra Wood, Sherman, Merry Ruth Wood, Lin- den. 0 FOURTH now: Mary Ann Wooldridge, Fairiield, Patsy Jeanne Woolever, Petrolia, Minesue Wright, Brownwood, Thomas B. Wright, Bonham, Bennie Dell XVynn, Joy. o FIFTH ROW: Paul Yarbrough, Ponder, Marianne Yoa- kum, Sweetwater, Bobby Young, Dallas, Ben Allen Youngblood, Waxahachie, Roy Youngblood, La- redo, Page 274 Mr Maney lumf on the lzgbtr For dren velaearxal of "Dear RullJ." CLASS CHAIIACTEIIS Some particular student in every classroom distinguishes himself. Often may be found, reading clockwise: THE LOVER. Holding hands with his sweet companion, he finds the lecture dull and pays blissful attention to the co-ed. Naturally, the girl is more interested in the speaker. THE ATTENTIVE STUDENT. While the rest of the class busy themselves with more important matters HE pays attention to a dull lecture. THE SNOOZER. This species of student is found abun- dantly in eight o'clock classes. Distinguishing features are a nodding head or a slipping elbow. THE SLY STUDENT. Wliile taking an exam. this student has a case of roving eyeballs. He probably has a cheat- sheet between his legs. THE POP-OFF. He tells the teacher what's what, holds up his hand and talks at the same time. This character is always right. HHWHHIIIIIWIIIIIIWIIIIWIIIWIIWWIIIWIIIIIWIIIIWWWIIIIIWIIIIWWlllWWWllllWIIIWWWWWIWWIIWWWWWWWIIWIWIIIWWIIIIIWIIIIIIIWWIIHIWWIWIIIWIIIIIII IWWIIIWIIWWWW WWIIIIIWWIIWWW WIIWIIWIIWI IIWIIWI WWWW WWW WWW IWM WWW Wm WWW WW WW W WW W W W Clubs. Societies. Honoraries. rganizations are in W GUE this year. With venty-three WWW WW WWI W W W W W W W W WWI WWW 1WWWt WWWIW WWWWWW i WIWWWWWWWIWWMWW WWW HI WWWH W L of therdl represented in this v ume, these groupmtW ave had a vigorous yea More clubs exiWIWIon the campus today than any previ- IIIIIIWIWWWWL Yam, I HHH'HmHIHmliIIWWII Probably the most conspicuous art of or- '-wnWIIWWWWWWWWWH ganizational activity has been their s H:ial func- IIIWIIIWIIIWIIIWIIIW tions. Dances. Teas. Picnics. Fish frys.WHinners. Illllllllllllllmhmfies of all descriptions have been BWiIWWI'W'WlltR11mfm9Cial side of club life does no Wwive a completeIIIIWWlWHlnmmn-E. Most organizations created with the WWWWWWWWIWIIIIMH bringing togetheWW1H people with related interestwlllwmmmmah lectures and discussions-as well as the IsWWWWtWtqMmmmg tional need that insures their permanence. effect of parties-these groups fill an educdmiWIWIIIWIIWIIIWIII IIWIIIIWIII .. ..... , ,iv 1 be gm- Q . Lf 4, Q. J' farflffw TALQNS Dr-an sue .,- GEEZLES umm CHI ""' M,-, f M-lr-. i W wg TROJXXNS THETA FALCQN KAPPA SIGMA PHi ZETA PI PHI BETA R ,,,,,. , N.. 45:35 ' . 'Q 'Mffgri ' 3' .If-lv L 'S-:Ms 14,5 2 l 1'3" ' Q., A Q H-sw, ' mba, L, v. 5 V . 1, fgfyfh ' ' f?'1v'w:,w2 +'T'aLz2 Q , , 'Wifxp 'wig ' 5. W1 :gg g,'eJ1.:'w,., f vw, N' H 1 x . git T ' K n,'W' N 'x V' S " 1 U 1U Efswaf YV' x ,.-,,L.3k vga '-W w 'mu ' m-wk V 3 leg ,, if 05" UD W9 Px 6 G .qfioo Q QJ IAC. J . as xiii... iG,,e f? 5-1 Q54 Q 35? . f F' 35? kwin. 962532 -nm. ,x in E J filly l,. if I ' A 5, , .B 'A I Delta Chi Delta SORORITY OFFICERS MARY LU KUYKENDALL, President JOY BEENE CSpringJ FRANCES WHITE, Vice-president BETTY SCHAFER fSpringJ NELDA PARKS, Secretary BETTY JOE OGLESBY qSpringb MARTHA ANN TAYLOR, Treasurer MARY JIM CARMICHAEL CSpringD MEMBERS-Winona Ball O Ann Beaty Joy Beene Joyce Cardwell Mary jim Car- michael, Penelope Coffey, Joyce Gray, Marilyn Grube, Beryle Hoffman, Christine Keeler Mary Lu Kuykendall, Louise Love, Mary McKnight, Betty jo Oglesby, Nelda Parks, Billye Robertson, Betty Schafer, Mary Springfield, Dorothy Smith, Martha Taylor, Ebbie Rae - Teague, Dana Thompson, Frances White. s. ' MARY LU KUYKENDALL, JOY BEENE - X . ,J , , ', Y it , rli at 9 9' Ya FIRST ROW: Coffey, Schafer, .k 2. A Hoffman, Taylor, Gray, Robertson, Smith, Grube, Kuykendall, Beene, Parks, Keeler. SECOND ROW: Cardwell, Carmichael, Love, White, McKnight, Ball, Thompson, Beary, Oglesby, Springfield, Teague, Illlliiil II ii Ulllllllltilgll IDIUIIQIIIIIIBI i552222!2S2!3'3 t1l8Il!lXlltli:5. DELTA CHIS AND DATES FLASH A FORMAL MUG. A'lVZw'w Zffllllllij' Ilvjw Xmazcf Szmzdfzy aftervzofm amz' fzntbifzg lzelfer fn flu UVMIM1 ffm Fnrc1'.s gn by. Page 279 ii! I .T 1 NJ BOBBIE RUBLE, SARAH ALICE SCOTT Kappa Kappa Kappa SORORITY OFFICERS SARAH ALICE SCOTT, President BOBBIE RUBLE CSpring5 CAROLYN HARRIS, Vice-president BETTY BLACKMAN, Recording Secretary BETTY STEWART QSpringJ BETTY STEWART, Corresponding Secretary NANCIE BRANCH CSpring,J DoLL1E STEELE, Treasurer BETTY CHAPPELL QSpringJ 5 MEMBERS-Louise Arledge, Bobbie Belew, Betty Blackmon, Nancie Branch Mary rs Ns ti pi., Q J'-i - if R 3 Q. ,.s,.r. Q 1. K b Brandon, Betty Chappell, Peggy Davis, Jo Ann Flint, Carolyn Harris, Mauricia Keathley Mary Ann Keeley, Elise Mortensen, Jo Ann Mosley, Dee Pyland, Bobbie Ruble Sarah Alice Scott, Dollie Steele, Betty Stewart. FIRST ROW: Arledge, Brandon, Harris, Scott, Belew, Blackman, Rowland, Keeley. SECOND ROW: Stewart, Keathley, Chappell Steele, Davis, Mosley, Branch, Mortensen, Ruble, Flint. 1 KAPPAS: THE BOY-GIRL RATIO EVENS UP Alu, fbmc bedroom eyeff 4' 'fi 15 Kappax are :well fl1'e, at all timer. I-Mb! Stzfclien' f7Zf01'71IIlhlf,', Page 281 appa Theta Pi SORORITY MARY RAY, President BETTY EVERETT, Vice-President RUTH COLLIER, Recording Secretary PAT AMMON QSpringJ ISABEL ELLIS, Corresponding Secretary DoT PUGH CSpringJ ALICE GRAVES, Treasurer FRAN HARPER CSpringJ MEMBERS-Nancy Acker, Pat Ammon, Charlie Marie Blankenship, Naomi Brothers, MARS RAY Mary Jane Bryant, Virginia Clark, Verna Cole, Pat Coleman, Ruth Collier, Jane Cooper, , A ,AS Isabel Ellis, Betty Everett, Alice Graves, Ada Guin, june Hackney, Hope Hamilton, gif' K ' Fran Harper, Olie Heflin, Martha Len Henderson, Gloria Henshaw, Mary Johnston, .15 Olga Kriswell, Jean Martin, Helen Miller, Rencla Morgan, Sue Perryman, Dot Pugh, z a, " if Mary Ray, Ann Shands, Colleen Stewart, jean Weatherby, Joyce Weatherby, Doris ' Wilson, Carolyn Womack. ,L e FIRST RCJWL Wfeathcrhy, Henshaw, Brothers, Martin, Weatherby. SECOND ROW: Collier. Pugh, Ray, Everett, Ellis, Graves. THIRD ROWJL Hamilton, Shantls, Cooper, Wfomack, Ammon, Stewart, Heflin. an Ei' Page 282 -38 6 ! O NEW 'THETAS SHOW THEIR PERSONAL!-TS You fbnot the breeze and wait . . while the prexy emm mme well chwevz 'll-'01'ffJ . . . . . but the meeting lareakf up when the boy! arrive, Page 283 Phi Sigma Alpha SORORITY EVELYN BURNS, President VIRGINIA MGCLELLAND qSpring9 joYcE WATKINS, Vice-President VIRGINIA MCCLELLAND, Secretary CHARLOTTE BRIGGS 4Springp BARBARA FooTE, Treasurer FRANCES J. PAYNE CSprir1g9 MEMBERS-Lou Ellen Allison, Audrey Bailey, Virginia Baker, Norma Benton, Char- EVELYN BURNS, VIRGINIA MCCLELLAND , , lotte Briggs, Polly Brown, Evelyn Burns, Eulene Connell, Nancy Crump, Phyllis Deatherage, Miriam Ditto, Mary Fisher, Barbara Foote, Jeannine Hawthorne, Mary Margaret Imbt, Beth Kinder, Evelyn Lemon, Mary Massey, Mary Murray, Virginia McClelland, Frances J. Payne, Frances L. Payne, Sally Phillips, Betty Pirtle, Sherry I . . . Power, Topsy Roberson, Betty Shipp, Bettye Thompson, Patricia Trippett, Donna ve " V XX'aller, Joyce Watkins, Mary Watson, Katey Wisely, Elleen Wright, Betsy Wright. 4 N N. ff . FIRST ROW: Power, Baker, Thompson, Foote, Whitaker, Waller, Watkins, Burns, Copeland, Shather, Deatherage, Roberson. SEC- OND ROXW: Massey, Hawthorne, Wright, Allison, Daniel, Payne, Pirtle, Shipp, Phillips, Kinder, McClelland. Page 284 "WE THANK YOU, LliLA FOSTER, FOR THE l3lif1UTIFUL BOUTONNIERES "Ami Ike f7'llZ'6'!i7Zg .VdJ6J'77ltllI ,wzyr , . Phi Sign' match fha fpubion magf-zz new Zack. The girly "go zz'e.vf." Am! zrifb fwfr one lmzfzf Page 285 BARBARA JOHNSON, JANE TAYLOR gif, O O E A .f i ,w 'Q 3 O Z e t a P 1 G a m m a S 0 R 0 R I T Y BARBARA JOHNSON, President JANE TAYLOR 1SpringJ CHARLOTTE BOHLIN, Vice-President BOBBIE THIEBAUD CSpringJ PATTY WATSON, Secretary JOAN HILL-FRANCES TRIGG QSpringJ BOBBIE THIEBAUD, Treasurer ALMETA LINDLEY qSpringp MEMBERS-Barbara Bennett, Charlotte Bohlin, Evelyn Brodie, Helen Cook, Juanita Henderson, Joan Hill, Mary Nan Hudgins, Gloria Jackson, Barbara Johnson, Jackie Langham, Almeta Lindley, Cwlenola Murphy, May Ellen Phillips, Pat Purdy, Mona Quisenberry, Hazel Randolph, Margaret Saunders, Sue Sewell, Jane Taylor, Bobbie Thiebmud ean Thornhill Frances Trigg Bobbie Waldrip Patty Watson, Markie Wewer Don Beth Whittington flflgfg 2,J. sf , 1,L iq F1 W I - ", ' ' ' 'gX,x2.fg ' HN,-,. FIRST ROW: Weaver, Taylor, Watson, Johnson, Bohlin, Thiebaud, Langham, Waltlrip. SECOND ROW: Whittingtcmn, Murphy, Jackson, Thornhill, Sewell, Purdy, Hutlgins, Trigg, Hill. THIRD ROW: Phillips, Cook, Bennett, Quisenberry, Holiman, Lindley, Henderson, Randolph, Brodie. -is fwf. S v 5 2 , W we r Q ' L A A .Q V Page 286 "My clear, il zum' ff61f'i7l6 Interminion for the Zami . . . imicle. ZETA DEBS COME OUT "The home we Zire in . . A Jigfz 'mer Page 287 JIM COOK, JACK HOOD 3 , Q : : O - ' B . .": . 5 Beta Alpha Rho Beta FRATERNITY JACK HOOD, President JIM COOK CSpringj JIM COOK, Vice-President CLAUDE TAYLOR CSpringJ MAJOR ST. JOHN, Secretary MARCUS VOLTIN CSpringD MILTON BEATY, Treasurer TERRY WILLIAMS QSpringJ MEMBERS-Bill Adams, Milton Beary, Tommy Brite, Lee Brown, Raymon Carlisle, Jim Cooke, Glen Cox, Jack Cox, J. D. Ferguson, Meredith Giles, Jimmy Griffin, Jim Hale, Bob Harris, Jack Hood, Jim Karnes, Bill Ladish, Richard Loper, Wayland McNutt, L. A. Nelson, Loyd Partain, Thomas Partain, Rex Richardson, Bill Rose, Paul Schoener- stedr, Fred Schubert, Ernest Simpson, Roger Smith, George Snyder, Major St. John, Roy Taylor, Bill Thomson, Quentin Thomas, Marcus Volrin, Elmer Ward, Jimmie Whitmire, Terry Wfilliams, Bob Woodall, Arthur Young, Sherman Maley, Joe Swofford, Edmond Young. FIRST ROW: Thomson, Young, McNutt, Nelson, Carlisle, G. Cox, Simpson, Karnes, Schoenerstedt. SECOND ROW: Cook, Young, Taylor, Beary, Ward, Whitmire, T. Partain, Loper. THIRD ROW: Brown, Volrin, Maley, Hale, Griffin, Woodall, Ladish, Thomas, Snyder, Richardson. Hood. FOURTH ROW: Brite, Williams, Ferguson, Swofford, St. John, L. Partain, Rose, Schubert, Giles, Farris, J. Cox. Page 288 JUST LOTS OF PRETTY PEOPLE Quit peeking, Nelfozzf Come up and fee fu mmezinze. Fmzdmnevmzlf of vmztberzmzias Page 289 iQlfl? Falcon Fraternity FRATERNITY JACK JEANES, President KENNETH TIMKEN qSpring9 BILL PITMAN, Vice-President DURWARD RUST cSpringJ BILL GRANT, Secretary ROBERT BONE CSpringJ WAYNE FOSTER, Treasurer MARVIN SPARKS CSpringJ MEMBERS-H. L. Blevins, Robert Bone, Garrett Brammer, Robert H. Callaway, Noah JACK JEANES, KENNETH TIMKEN Carter, Bill Conly, Billy Crockett, George Crumbley, Ted Crumbley, Kirk Cunningham Wa ne Foster, Wallace Frazior, Br an Graham, Bill Grant, Lewis Ham, ack eanes Y Y ' iirqitgli i Herb Marvel, Howard McBee, James R. McDonald, Rhea Nichols, Bill Pitman, Gene v'g,Lf3g' ,fi,,',,fM Porter, jerry Pratt, Howard Pruitt, M. B. Ray, Forrest Richards, Melvin Riddle, Lind! Rogers, Durward Rust, Marvin Sparks, Kenneth Timken, Herman Vaughn, Art Wiley ,gt Caddo Wilkie. SPONSORSM-Dr. E. C. Brodie, Dr. Price Truitt. , L 'D FIRST ROW: Pruitt, Rust, Frazior, Wilkie, Woods. SECOND ROW: Riddle, Foster, Grant, Jeanes, Pitman, Callaway. THIRD ROW: Rogers, J. Cunningham, Crumbley, Pratt, K. Cunningham, Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Truitt, Porter, Brodie, Ham, Richards, Dyche, McBee. Page 290 ,K FALCONS ENTERTAIN WITH FORMAL AT COUNTRY CLUB lJn't that rough on ibe furniture? Liberal education in one eafy lemon, amz-.-... L.: . .V- I-Iow many coffeef :ini you Jay? Page 291 G e e z l e s FRATERNITY GLEN JOHNSON, President RALPH SPENCER fSpringJ FINIS TURNER, Vice-President THOMAS WOODY CSpringj BILL LALICKER, Secretary BILLY BOB GALE QSpringp GILBERT PACKER, Treasurer BRUCE TURNER qSpring5 GLEN JOHNSON, RALPH SPENCER MEMBERS-Bob Arnold, A. D. Cate, Ralph Chambers, Winston Chance, Earl Craw- ford, Galloway, Darby, Ed Dawson, Ira DeFoor, Horace DeFord, Charles Dickerson, Erwin Dubose, Billy Bob Gale, Pierce Grisham, Wayne Hightower, Marion Hill, Bob -.,.,...,aG1-mir Hoffman, Joe Holler, Max Honeycutt, Bob Howard, Tom Hudgins, Glen Johnson, Homer Johnson, Mac Keck, Horace Kemble, julian Kuehl, Bill Lalicker, Pete Lawless, Frank McClanahan, Pat McLeod, Gilbert Packer, Lee Palmer, Lou Reinzie, Hugh Rey- nolds, Jim Roach, Ed Robertson, D. O. Smith, Ralph Spencer, Bruce Turner, Finis. ,I 3 .,,, M A',, up Turner, Johnny Williams, Thomas Woody. , i T' ,X l w FIRST ROW: Honeycutt, Lalicker, Dubose, Smith, Dickerson, Roach, Packer. SECOND ROW: Robertson, Gransratf, Curry, Tur- ner, Kemble, Grisham, Gale. THIRD ROW: DeFoor, Keck, Reynolds, Cate, McClanahan, Spencer, Hill. FOURTH ROW: Rienzi, Kuehl, Crawford, McLeod, Hudgins, johnson. FIFTH ROW: Woody, Chance, DeFord, Lawson, Lawless, Arnold, Williams, Hoffman. 5 Page 292 3'fii'!'f52f GEEZLE FORMAL DANCE STOPS T0 HAVE PORTRAIT MADI: A11 imprnmpllz moment 012 Ike front fmrcb . . . Geezlex pitch in and polixb the cm' , . I A , Ami le!! ml! taley in fa bedmmzz. Page 29 3 J P i P h i P i F R A T E R N I T Y BILL NEALE, President PAUL CONNOR CSpringJ DAVID ZACHRY, Vice-President BILL BUSH QSpringJ JIM SCOTT, Secretary CLAUDE HOFFMAN CSpring7 BILL PICKENS, Treasurer PAUL CONNOR, Corresponding Secretary BILL WESTER QSpringp I BILL NEALE, PAUL CONNOR MEMBERS-Rudolph Ashby, Joe Brooks, Bill Bush, jerry Cahill, Glen Chambers, Bill Coleman, Paul Connor, Lou Cable, Bill Coury, james Curl, Ray Eledge, Wayne ' Easterling, Bill Jack Evans, L. E. Gray, Dick Griffith, Don GriHin, Wade Hearn, Claude Hoffman, Bob Henderson, jack Hudgins, Harry Heflin, Wallace Hopkins, Frank Jack- f son, Bane johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Alfred Lacy, jack May, Judd Mitchell, Toby A ,L+ ff- A Morton, Bill Neale, Bill Pickens, Skip Reed, jim Scott, Gene Scott, Joe Smith, Jim ' ,m g ye Thompson, Jimmie Thomas, Bill Turner, Bill Wester, Bill Williams, David Zachry, tiff' cf jack Vaught, Buddy Burney. f f " FIRST ROW: Hopkins, Scott, Hearn, Connor, Scrivner, Wester, Griffin, Neale. SECOND ROW: Coleman, Eledge, Griffith, Easter- ling, Pickens, Thomas, Vaught, Williams, THIRD ROW: Cable, Hoffman, Ashby, Gray, Smith, Thompson, Reed, Scott, Evans. Page 294 B' THEY DANCED, TOO Nothing like rl good fmlcmzy. Pledgef, all. Dafzrimff, B oyf? Page 295 fa md FRANK ANDERSON, EDWARD E. ADAMS f. vm . ,Q ,yu . 2 T A' . xge ,I Q RU ' fa ' N, fl? , . if 1' xt 1 A E I v. ig 'fl is Tia ' ie A R Sigma Phi Nu FRATERNITY FRANK ANDERSON, President EDWARD E, ADAMS QSpringp DON HARPER, Vice-President LLOYD CURLEE, Secretary JEFF SCOTT, Treasurer CHARLES WILSON QSpring7 EDWARD ADAMS, Corresponding Secretary PAUL "Doc" FOWLER CSpringJ MEMBERS-Edward E. Adams, Frank Anderson, Miles Anderson, Jimmy LeRoy Brock, Glen Chapman, Lloyd Curlee, Winston Dickie, Phil Dibben, Elkins, J. O. Foxworth, Paul "Doc" Fowler, L. Gandy, Dexter Gordon, Don Sonny johnson, John B. Murphy, Dan McClintock, Arnold Nelson, Vernon E. B. Noble, A. A. Porter, Wayne Rogers, jeff Scott, Elton Singer, Randolph Hugh Wair, Charles Wilson. FIRST ROW: Adams, Dibben, F. Anderson, Brock. SECOND ROW: Wair, Nelson, McClintock, johnson, Bristley, Walker, Singer. THIRD ROW: Gandy, Curlee, Scott, Porter, Fowler, Nelson, Harper, Gordon, M. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Murphy, Noble, Chapman, Foxworth, Hall, Rogers, Wilson, Elkins, Pickrell. Page 296 Bristley, Howard Harper, Nelson, Walker, i E Q E 2 if SIGMA PHI NUR SMILE UPON CHRISTMAS SWEATER DANCE Fall pledgef Zine up at country club . . . . after pledgexhip that Jlarted with a Jmokef. if W Em Famyworrlz af girl-of-tbefweek if fwrozmfled lay pledgef. Page 297 T a l 0 n s FRATERNITY RAY WOMACK, President JOHN CARR qSpringD JOE GIEB, Vice-President BILL COFFEY CSpring9 JoE SPECHT, Secretary CLYDE WALLIS CSpring7 BILL COFFEY, Treasurer JOHN M. PARKER QSpringJ MEMBERS -Bob Allen, Jack Allen, Howard Blagg, Ray Bruns, John Carr, Bill Coffey, RAY WOMACK, JOHN CARR Jack DeCordova, Billy Dinkle, Luther Fambro, Floyd Farrington. Bobby Furrh, Joe Gieb, Harold Grogan, Max Hancock, Jimmy Hardin, Bobby Jenkins, Cone Johnson, Paul , Jones, Bob Kaufman, Herbert Ray Krauss, Elbert Lewis, Bert Lovett, Fred McCain, L Delbert McKnight, Hunter McWilliams, Shields Mitchell, W. M. Mumford, Leslie Murphy, Milton Musick, Bill Oglesby, Jack Orr, John M. Parker, Richard Razor, Jimmie Reed, Glenn Ed Rea, Bennett Rice, Dan Sanders, Hugh Simonds, Monroe Smith, Joe Y Q Specht, Perry Stephens, Bill Teague, Bob Trotter, Clyde Wallis, Elzie Whitley. Felton 4. Whitlow, Jessie Wisdom, Ray Womack, Larry Wood, Ray Wyatt. A TAJ QMS Q .fix 4:4 , l 'M - t 1, Q B L 2, 'I vp an vi FIRST ROW: Whitlow, Whitley, Womack, Kaufmann, Wood, Grogan, Johnson. SECOND ROW: Fambro, Krauss, Carr, Smith, Hancock, Orr, Trotter, Rayzor. THIRD ROW: Lewis, Simonds, Parker, Gieb, Reed, Rice, Bruns, FOURTH ROW: McBride, Allen, Jones, Stephens, Mitchell, Coffey, Dinkle, Mumford, Musick, Wallis, Blagg, Oglesby, Murphy. FIFTH ROW: Lovette, Rea, Farrington, McCain, Teague, Furrh, Hardin, Sanders, Jenkins, Specht, Wisdom, Wyatt. f:: :2 i ' ' 'A ' , ag ' ' 5 i K 'S Page 298 TALONS IN TUXES POSE WITH DATES AT FALL FORMAL Gnextx regixter at Talon open home. Officerx and Jpomor pore nnder Talon plaque. Talonf and pledgef fmoke Jzogief at fall rash. Page 299 lW T r oj a n S FRATERNITY '5 2 CARL MELTON, President WINSTON Wrox-rr CSpringp 'r EDxv1N DUFFEL, Vice-President E. T. SMITH QSpringJ CHALMERS BURKE, Secretary LEN BRADFORD CSpring9 JACK BROWNLEE, Treasurer KEITH WESTERMAN qSpringb WINS-1-ON WIGHT, CARL MELTON MEMBERS-joe Barnes, Aaron Barnhill, Bussie Ballard, Pat Baxter, Bill Blount, Len Bradford, ack Brownlee, Chalmers Burke, oe Buck Caldwell, ulius Carver, oe Cook, I , ' J' ft , Sam Copeland, Kenneth Deets, jack Dial, Edwin Duffel, Woodie Forrester, Bert Hall, a,,t,.,m.,? s. Marcus Hickerson, Cumbie Ivey, jimmy Lawson, Carl Melton, Malon Mitchell, E. T. sl th " , .cl Smith, Jimmy Stewart, Joe Thornton, Gene Towry, Bob Trout, M. D. Vaughan, Paul Washington, Jim Webb, Keith Westerman, Winston Wight, Phil Willis, Charley White, 4 is Q G weiby Williams. WDIIP' to 0 O' L FIRST ROW: Ivey, Wfestetman, Brownlee, Hamilton, Caldwell, Carver, Copeland. SECOND ROW: Bradford, Melton, Willis, Harrison, Vaughan, Duffel, Smith, Baxter. THIRD ROW: Fain, Burke, Dial, Webb, Troutt, Ballard, Deets, Page 300 TROIANS LINE UP FOR CAMERAMAIXV AFTER MARQUIS PARTY Plezfgey appear at fu!! 7'll.S'l7 fzmzcfiwz. 7'r0jfuz.s' at Tearrmm cfmzfv ut TSCW. Old Hbmzilzmz No. I if 'l'mj4z1z bmzgozff. Page 301 f ATHLETIC CQIUNCIL Serving as un advisory board to the administration to formulate policies for sports activities, the Athletic Council is composed of six faculty und four student members. Membership this year includes Dr. B, B. Harris, Dean of Administrationg Theron 1. Fouts, Athletic Directorg E. H. Farrington, Director of the Placement Serviceg Miss Beulah Harriss, Professor of Physical Educutiong joe Skiles, Business Mzinzigerg William G. Wfoods, Dean of Meng Fred McCain, Senior representzitiveg Bill Cnndler, junior rep- resentutiveg Erwin Dubose, Sophomore representutiveg und Shields Mitchell. Freshman representative. Harris, Fouts, Farrington, Harriss, McCain, Skiles, DuBose, Mitchell, XXfoods, Candler. IU' Q5 Page 302 FINE ARTS CUDIDIITTEE Including six faculty and four student members, the Fine Arts Committee selects all Fine Arts numbers that appear at the college. Headed by Dr. Sam B. McAlister of the Government Department, the committee is composed of Ruth Ann Davison, Martha Len Henderson. Dr. Wfalter H. Hodgson, Dr. S. B. McAlister, Virginia McClelland, and Aloe Skiles. Hodgson, Henderson, Davison, McClelland, Skiles, McAlister Page 303 GRADUATE CCIUNCIIS. Graduate School policies are determined by the Graduate Council and administered by the Dean of the Graduate School. This years membership includes Dr. jack johnson, Dean of the Graduate School: Dr. XWalter H. Hodgson, Dean of the School of Music, Dr. J. L. Cfarrico, Director of the Department of Chemistry, Dr. O. j. Curry, Dean of the School of Business Administration, Dr. James C. Matthews, Dean of the School of Edu- cation, Dr. Sam B, McAlister, Director of the Department of Government, Dr. L. NW. Newton, Director of the Department of History, Dr. A. M. Sampley, Director of Librariesg Dr. Florence Scoular, Dean of the School of Home Economics, Dr. Cora Stafford, Director of the Department of Artg and Dr. Floyd Stovall, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Ex-officio members include Dr. W. j. McConnell, President of the Collegeg Dr. B, B. Harris, Dean of Administrationg Dr. Alex Dickie, Registrar and Hilda Cunningham, Secretary to Dr. johnson. FIRST Row: Cunningham, Stafford, McConnell, johnson. Scoular. SECOND ROW: Carrico, McAlister, Matthews Newton, Curry, Morey, Hodgson, Stovall, Sampley. a umm! if ui. av, Wa. -ac If fs 49. V' 4' , Page 304 INTER-SUIIGRITY CIIUNCIL The Inter-Sorority coordinates the interests of campus sororiries. Membership includes two representatives from each of the five sororities. The members are Mary Lu Kuy- kendall, Nelda Parks, Delta Chi Delta, Sarah Alice Scott, Louise Arlidge, Kappa Kappa Kappa, Mary Ray, Betty Everett, Kappa Theta Pi, Evelyn Burns, joyce Wtitkins, Phi Sigma Alphag Barbara johnson, Bobbie Wfaldrip, Zeta Pi Gamma. Presidents were Bar- bara Johnson, fall, and jane Taylor, spring. Kuykendall, Parks, Burns, Scott, johnson, Wfaldrip, Ray, Arlidge, Everett. Wfatkins. Page 305 SUCIAL-FBATERNITY CUUNCIL The Social-Fraternity Council coordinates the activities and promotes the welfare of social fraternities. Membership includes Eddie Adams, Frank Anderson, Jack Brownlee, Bill Coleman, Ted Crumbley, Edward Dawson, Pierce Grisham, Harrold Grogan, Bertie Lee X Hall, Bill Neale, R. T. Partain, Lindy Rogers, Wayne Roger, Bill Rose, Bill Teague, Jim i ' Thompson, Bob Trout, Felton Whitlow, Arthur L. Young. FIRST ROW: Teague, Anderson, Trout, Grisham, Coleman, Young, Crumbley. SECOND ROW: Adams, Brownlee, Dawson, Thompson, Partain, Rogers. ! l 2: I z Q ...Zig , 5 H x T g J :r "tt f Q .. l I r E, i Page 3 06 PUBLICATIIDNS CUUNCIL Duties of the Publications Council include the selection of editors for college publica- tions, and formulating policy concerning publications. Besides Chairman Dr. M. P. Wells, the Council includes C. E. Shuford, D. Hall, Miss Helen Wfilfong, Bob McCloud, Mrs. james Pyle, LeRoy Brock, Clint Bourland, jim Roach, Isabel Ellis, Ruth Louise Holman, Bill Coffey, joe Echols, Bobbie Ruble, Joy Beene, and Barbara Hague. FIRST Row: Holman, Pyle. Ellis, Wfilfong. Beene, Hague. SECOND Row: Bourland, Wells. Hall, Echols, Sliuford, Coffey, Brock. zu--nfl-iff' Page 307 WIIMANQS FGRIIM CIIUNCIL The Womans Forum includes every girl on the campus. Working through a Council, the group helps stimulate social life on the campus. Sponsored by Dean of Women Imogene Bentley, the Council membership also includes Billye Robertson, Evelyn Burns. Jean Kinzy, Dana Thompson, Betty Schafer, Jeannine Hawthorne, Virginia Clark, Jeanne Hargrove, Sherry Power, Mary Ray, Sue Perryman, Doris Whitaker, Dolly Steele, jean Downing, Winona Ball, Frances White. FIRST Row: Robertson, Burns, Kinzy, Thompson, Schafer, Hawthorne. SECOND Row: Clark, Hargrove, Power, Ray, Perryman, Whitaker, Steele, Downing, Ball, XVhite. Page 308 61.3 WW FIRST ROXV: Stewart. Gray, Bohlin, Spiclell, Phenix, Xwilliams. Curtis. SECOND ROXW: Hartlesty, Blontlell. Clarke. Brothers. Stewart. Parrott. Patterson. MEMBERS f-Patsy Blonclell, Charlotte Bohlin, Margie L. Brantley Mary Katherine Brothers, Ezell Evans Curtis, Helen Ann Gray. .lean Routh Martin, Maxine Phenix, Carolyn Spidell, Colleen Stewart. Juanita Stewart. Wfilma Yvonne Wfilliams, Blanche XVylie. Mary Lumpkin Younse. OFF ICERS Alpha Lambda Sigma JONNIE PATTERSON, President H O N O R A R Y CIAROLYN SPIDELL, Vice-Presidenr MAXINE PHENIX, Secretary KYLE HARDESTY, Treasurer Page 309 JONNIE PATTERSON OFFICERS LAvoN BUsTER, President CAROLYN HARRIS, Vice-President JANETH JORDAN, Secretary BILL MIDDLETON, Treasurer MEMBERS-Edward Adams, Joyce Adkins, Miles Anderson, Virginia Baker, Frances M. Belcher, Betty Bender, james Blankenship, Carl Bolin, James Brandon, Paul R. Breckenridge, Mary Alice Brown, Martha Buder, I.avon Buster, Joe Buck Caldwell, Kathleen Cantrell, Buchanan Cargal., Susan Cargile, Charlene Chaffin, Archie A. Chandler, Pearl Cherrington, Sally Clary, Robert L. Clinton, Jr., Ruth Evelyn Collier, David Compton, Johnnye Cope, Sam Copeland, Bettye jo Crawford, Billy Ray Darnell, Emily Kate Davidson, Leona Davis, O. L. Davis, Jr., Irving Dawson, jean Dillard, Kath- LAVON BUSTER erine Duce, Margaret Ann Dyson, Roy Gene Elders, Isabel Ellis, Hugh M. Ellison, Elizabeth Ann Everett, Martha Ferguson, Bonnie Almon Flyr, Bar- xi . bara Foote, Wrenna Fortson, Emma Lee Fulwiler, Lee Gannon, Antonio 'J Garcia, A, Bernice Gary, Harlene Gaston, Thomas Virgil Gates, Martin HON O RA R Y Gerber, Anne Gibson, Elsie Grant, Morris W. Head, Jesse E. Hensarling. FIRST ROWY Trigg, Crawford, Sealy, Cargile, Nail, Belcher, Porter, Kinzy, D. Smith, L. Smith, Collier, Ellis, Ray, Buder. SECOND ROW: Miller Robertson, Fortson Mclvet, Brown, Timken, Darnell, Parks, Shepelwich, Everett, Pugh, Gary, Adkins, More-land, Schiebel, THIRD RCJWZ Standerfer, Robinsoh, Clinton, Kirkpatrick, Elders, Bolin, Cargal, Compton, I-Iensarling, Adams, Brandon, Blankenship, Breckenridge, Sandsberry, M. Smith. i -A ' 'ff' as J H 'q,f1y,gyf,g,,: yfgsggfteazlg .iw Q . me f,.,kg.,t, . 1 1 11... . . , " I - "' . V' - it- F12 :' '1h'2..J9?Zf' :" " " " " ' " f' U niv " E 1 - Q , 5, no ' V " , , . .., .. .a ...H-aa.: f: ff f.'12.s1e2a?T"t1 AH'-'ff " -' . ,VW . .. 1 g. at as I f awww .U twm. .W Wm.fsa.Ma,,. ,gym . S i -fs w Wx if he WT. A -..T:,,,,,.,,,M,,,,,N wt ata.. 1-'awww ...U 4 -K ffsawilm , - , -9. A- - 1. k - I K , .. b sf . s , X , f ,ig . K Y k . , K . W .. i g . . . . A .. : : t ' 3554: x ffgg, f',,-'f i gs M -. V ef?ggi'i'1'lg'A:f1fM- ' 1.55 ' f 1--W -f :if Seals- - - tflgattfaw .rms it .3 . 1 t 1 2 T" V. e G' 1 ' - ' . ' P 4 '39 ftfff 171 ' my r5.1-'A+' agp, ' -' ... ' 4, .. -X N.. . A .... . . e. 2 '5:m?'mglX3S+353lQfifiiii-' ' : 'R iff . P P " P ' . ..., . K ' I ..g,..1.jff9 ' L FIRST ROW: Stanley, Swadley, Reavley, Dyson, Buster, Miller, Gaston, Harris, Caldwell, Gerber, Anderson. SECOND ROW: Holman, Mudd, Simmons, Clary, Vaughn, jordan, Brown, Shook, Cantrell, Pennock, Hooker, Wilburn, Jeanes, Gibson. THIRD ROW: Walsh, Baker, Davis, Rodgers, Holloway, Nicol, Bender, Davidson, Flyr, Chaffin, Dillard, McCarty, Grant, Newman, johnson, Moseley. FOURTH ROW: Molina, Williams, Little, Garcia, Looney, Larson, McKenzie, McCormick, McAlister, Bender, Ferguson, Spidell, Mason, Richmond, Nelson. Copeland. MEMBERS- fC01zli1z1fed1 Harold D. Holloway, Carolyn Harris. Ruth A I P h 3 C h i Louise Holman, Gladys Hudgins, Ruth Jeanes, Gloria Jenkins, Bane john- son, janeth jordan, Arline jungbecker, Donald Kaiser, Earl Tom Keel, jean H 0 N 0 R A K Y Kinzy, Hugh Kirkpatrick, jr., jean Kooker, Arlan Larson, Bernice Lebowitz, Ray Little, jesse Looney, Lois Lucas, john P. Mason, jr., Marjorie Meachan, Bill Middleton, Helen Miller, jack Miller, Ray Miller, Arthur W. Molina, Charline Field Moreland, Ethel A. Moseley, Julia Mudd, Mary Mudd, james Reid McAlister, Catherine McCarty, William C. McCormick, Robert Gene Mclver, Terence McKenzie, Louise McLane, Iva Fuller Nail Arnold G. Nelson, Patricia Newman, Raymond N. Nicol, Patricia Oschenbein, Keith Parks, Virginia Pennock, Rosanne Porter, Dorothy Nell Pugh, Mary Ray, Ruth Reavley, Robert W. Richmond, Mary Nease Robertson, George W. Robinson, Mary Lunn Rodgers, Jack C. Sandsberry, R. H. Schiebel, Mary Elizabeth Simmons, Dorothy jean Smith, Loreta Smith, Melton Smith, Morris Spalding, William H. Spidell, john Allen Standerfer, Bob Stanley, Dollie Steele, Don R, Swadley, Ouita Taylor, Henry T. Torgerson, Jr., Kenneth Timken, Frances Trigg, Helen Vaughn, Lucy Ann W'alsh, Sydney Weather- ford, Lula Fay Wilburn, Terry Williams, R. C. Wyatt. Page 311 cARoLYN HARRIS XV. D. PITMAN Alpha Lambda Pi HONORARY OFFICERS W. D. PITMAN, President MARC DUKE Qspringb ELGIN PHILLIPS, Vice-President JAMES BRANDON Qspringb MARC DUKE, Secrerary HOPE HAMILTON Cspringb MEMBERS-Robert F. Bender, james Blankenship, james Brandon, Paul Breckenridge, Marc Duke, Joe D. Ferguson, Hope Hamilton, Donald Jones, Harold Langley, Richard Elgin Phillips, W. D. Pitman, Claude Richardson, Lowell Taylor, Eldon Traster, Terry Williams. FIRST ROW: Blankenship, Ferguson Williams, Traster, Taylor, Jones. SECOND ROW: Bender, Brandon, Langley, Phillips, Pitman, Brecken ridge. L I I A .3 FIRST ROW: Doggett, Hudgins, Vinson, Lashley, juengermann, Anderson, Gannon, Saunders. SECOND ROVU: Silvey, Coultas, Farris, Solarek, Caldwell, Russell, Larson, Nelson, Savage, McAlister, Zachry, Wester, Copeland. THIRD ROW: Mclvet, Smith, Davis, Abernathy, Robertson, Wagcnner, Scott, McCormick. OFFICERS Beta Beta Beta ARNOLD NELSON, President HONO R A R Y VIRGINIA DOGGETT, Vice-President HARLENE GASTON ANDERSON, Secretary T , BROWN SCOTT, Treasurer MEMBERS-Virginia C. Doggett, Gladys Hudgins, Helena juengermann, William McCormick, Harlene Gaston Anderson, Arnold Nelson, William Saunders, Brown Scott, james Ashmore, joe Buck Caldwell, Charles Smith, Vera Lou Vinson, Frank Abernathy, jack Bishop, Sam Copeland, John Coultas, Ralph Davis, Kenneth Deats, Pat Farris, Lee Gannon, R. W. Gouch- nour, Marcella jacobi, Arlan Larson, Mary Lashley, R. McAlister, Robert Gene Mclver, Margaret Riley, William G. Robertson, George Savage, joe Solarelc, Roy Wagoner, Bill Wester, David Zachry, james Russell. Page 5 I 5 ARNOLD NELSON OFFICERS TROY THOMPSON, President CLARENCE BIVENS, Vice-President EMMA LEE FUI.wn.ER, Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS-Clarence Bivens, Oletha Brannon, Dr. C. A. Bridges, Stephen Buell, Raymond Christal, Betty Sue Curry, Mrs. Ezell Curtis, Emma Lee Ful- TROY THOMPSON wiler, jess Lee Gerding, Gene Hodges, john Hopper, Sidney Peveto, Robert 1 o Richmond, Mary Lunn Rodgers, Meredith Rollins, Mary Elizabeth Simmons, lt. D. Cl'lddll3 B i S ri 3 I S 0 .Q i 6 ij y Jack Strickland, Troy Thomason, Maxine Tidwell, Carl W'oodward. CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW: Bridges, Buell, Hodges, Woodward. SECOND ROW: Rodgers, Tidwell, Wilson, Fulwiler, Rollins, Curry, Curtis. THIRD ROW: Simmons, Brannan, Bivens, Peveto, Christal, Newton, Richmond, Gerding, Strickland, Thompson, Debenham. Y' i is . J, 6 S ,l ,- ,iffy Q T ' T T 4., ii "f59':4- , ' sv FIRST ROXV: Stewart, Butler, I-link, VUOOJ, Porter, Thompson, Johnson, Jacobi, Beasley. SECOND ROW: Harriss, Bailey, Kubeck, Shahan, Angell, Hatlsell, Fhert, Collins, Cotteral, Pilkey. MEMBERS-Ursula Angell, Billie Bailey. Betty Beasley. Martha Butler. Margaret Collins, Donnie Cottertil, Rem Ebert, Janelle Hzitlsell, Beulah Hurriss, Alice Hink, Ann jncobi. Eithel johnson, Edith Kubeck, Rita Pilkey, Rosanne Porter, Elinor Sliulmn, Lou Stewart, Joy Thompson. Mary Frances Wcuod. OFFICERS Delta Psi Kappa ROSANNE PORTER, President HONORAR Y JAY B. THOMPSON, Vice-President r 1 BETTY BEAsI,EY-MARY FRANc2ias WOOD, Secretaries l BEULAH HARRISS. Treasurer l Przge 315 ROSANNE PORTER CLARENCE RICE Gammadion Society H 0 N O R A R Y OFFICERS CLARENCE RICE, President JOYCE GRAY, Vice-President MARILYN GRUBE, Secretary MARTHA LEN HENDERSON, Treasurer MEMBERS - Audrey Achilles, Anna Jean Acker, Nancy Acker, Douglas Steven Anderson, Dorthie Archibald, Betty Armstrong, Audrey Bailey, Charles A. Barbee, Shirley Beall, Doris Bennett, Helen Bigham, James Blankenship, Peggy Boston, Marvin Boyd, Evelyn Brodie, Martha Lee Britt, Betty Jean Brown, Betty Byrd, Bill Bush, Charles L. Carson, Jean Ellen Chowns, Wesley S. Coffman, John Cole, Mary Gay Coleman, Rosemary Collins, Lloyd Cook, LaJuana Louise Cotton, Jeritza Jane Corville, J. L. Craves, Jr., Estelle Cusenbary, Lee Darsey, Harriet Lee Davis, George Dawson, Niobe Dick, Dan Drew, Billie Louise Dunbar, George Eason, Dorothy Everett, Eva Farnsworth, Mary Forrester, John Willis Goodman, Joyce Gray, Juanita Greenwood, John Milton Greer, Jean Gregory, Marilyn Grube, Mary Lou Haney, Lou Ann Hardy, Alma Rose Hargett, Martha Len Henderson, Jack Hendrix, Ray Heard, Doris Jenkins, Floyd H. Jenkins, Cecil Johnson, Gerald Kiel, John Killian, Vernon L. King, Arthur Kirby, Jr., Jeanne Lanham, Duane H. LaRue, David J. Lawson, Anne Laymon, Ramona Loftin, Harrell Caldwell Mason, Nolan G. Massey, Kenneth A. May, Billy Joe Meyer, Evelyn Miller, Martha Montgomery, David Moore, Margaret Moore, Renda Morgan, Glen Morrow, Sylvester L. Mudd, Jo Ann Mulhollan, Billy Nan Neal, Verda Neely, Gloria Norvell, W. M. Nunley, Sue Perryman, Bill Marshall Phillips, Anne Powell, Jesse Ramsey, Juanda Ramsey, Mary Virginia Rhodes, Clarence E. Rice, Otis Robertson, Garwood Rodgers, Mary Sue Sewell, Jerry Peyton Simpson, Vaughn Ray Smith, Claude E. Speaks, L. A. Speer, Louise Spencer, John C. Stanley, Jr., Oscar L. Taylor, Jr., Jo Tharp, Roy Lou Thomas, Thomas Edwin Toone, Leonn Vaughan, Doro- thea Vogt, Jenny Bob Wakeland, Charles Louis Weber, Mary Weedan, Charles J. Whitlack, Herbert Neal Wfigley, Kathryn Willson, Kay Wfilson, Ruth Winters, Frances Yarbrough. FIRST ROW: Forrester, Bennett, Bigham, Grube, Gray, Perryman, Smith, Bain, Greenwood, Farnsworth, Coville, Vogt. SECOND ROW: Priddy, LaRue, Dick, Keglovits, Coleman, Neal, Archibald, Achilles, Ramsey, Armstrong, Haney, Yarbrough. THIRD ROW: Mason, Meyer. Anderson, Johnson, Wigley, May, Killian, Rice. FIRST ROW: L. Smith, Kinzy, Dyson, Baker, Gibson, McCarty, Pennock, jordan, Chaffin, D. Smith. SECOND ROXW: Everett, Trigg, Holloway, Dawson, Breckenridge, Newton, Fortson, Porter, Engelhardt, Simmons, Mudd, Belcher, Brown. O F F I C E R S l DOROTHY JEAN SMITH, President I JEAN KINZEY, Vice-President N WRENNA FORTSON, Recording Secretary OUITA TAYLOR, Corresponding Secretary BETTY BENDER, Treasurer l , MEMBERS-Frances Belcher, Betty Bender, Bob Bender, Paul Brecken- I ridge, Mary Alice Brown, Martha Buder, Lavon Buster, Charlene Chaffin, ' Archie Chandler, Ruth Collier, J. D. Cooper, Raymond Christal, Sally Clary, l Billy Ray Darnell, O. L. Davis, jr., Irving Dawson, Jean Dillard, Margaret Dyson, Mary Englehart, Ella Mae Everett, Wrenna Fortson, Bonnie Flyr, Bernice Gary, Anne Gibson, Harold Holloway, Ruth Holman, Ruth Jeanes, Janeth jordan, Earl Tom Keel, jean Kinzey, Mary Lu Kuykendall, Beverly Kyle, Ray Little, Catherine McCarty, Robert Mclver, Ethel A. Moseley, Mary Mudd, Raymond Nicol, Virginia Pennock, Ted L. Pertuit, Rosanne Porter, Mary Robertson, Stanley Shepelwich, Mary E. Simmons, Loreta Smith, Dorothy jean Smith, Don Swadley, Marvin Tooley, Frances Trigg, Ouita Taylor. Page317 Kappa Delta Pi HONORARY DOROTHY JEAN SMITH Dlu Phi Epsilon NANNETTE RFESE Coifey, Verru ILLSOD Cole lllmberh Core Wllmx Cozfzrt Kltherme Duee thy Treybig H O N O R A R Y FIRST RCJW: Bcull, Duce, Reese, McNeill, Stephens. Boston. SECON E' i' W QW! MEMBERS Muy M1fL1l Adxer Slurle-5 Beqll Peggy Boston Penelope Olnu Broudfoot Ileobs M1r3or1e MC1Lll1Hl Betty Sghxfer Ann Slmnds Doro FIRST ROW: Woodward, Simmons, Curtis, Tidwell, Rodgers. SECOND ROW: Thomason, Peveto, Stinebaugh, Newton, Christal, Bivens, Strickland. OFFICERS Phi Alpha Theta JACK STRICKLAND, President H 0 N 0 R A R y SIDNEY PEvETo qspringp MARY ELIZABETH SIMMONS, Secretary MEMBERS -Clarence Bivens, Raymond E. Christal, Mrs. Ezell Curtis, Gene Hodges, Lewis W. Newton, Sidney K. Peveto, Mary Elizabeth Simmons, black I.. Strickland, Troy M. Thomason, Maxine Tidwell, Carl Ray Woodward. JACK STRICKLAND P159 319 SIDNEY PEVETo wg, 3 OFFICERS C. M. DUKE, President MYRA PICKARD, Vice-President JULIA SHORT, Secretary BILL BISHOP, Treasurer MEMBERS - Edward Adams, Dorothy Ball, De Olva Barnard, Robert Bender, Bill Bishop, Gilbert Blythewood, Oletha Brannon, Paul Breckenridge, Bonita Brite, Garland Brookshear, Susan Cargile, Pearl Cherrington, Sally CM-DUKE Clary, Millard Collins, Ruth Cook, Betty Crawford, Phyllis Deatheridge, C. M. Duke, Billie Marie Emerick, Martha Ferguson, Kathleen Flood. Barbara Pi Qlmega Pi HONORARY Foote, Jean Ford, Leemore Fuqua, Nadine Gee, Mary Jo George. FIRST ROW: Cook, Crawford, Vaughn, Moseley, Cherrington, Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Pennock, Henslee, Cargile, Snell, Harvard. Taylor, Ford, Kyle, Short. THIRD ROW: jordan, Baker, Flood, Priddy, Windham, Smith, Williams, Bender, Hellman, Breckenridge, McDaniel, Bran- non, Kladiva, Ball, Wright. W""Wfhs-milwu-nm, FIRST ROW: Nunley, Lockhart, Gee, Wilson, Massey, Brite. SECOND ROXV: Pickard, Hooker, Clary, Grubbs, Smith, Emerick, Nichols, George Kinzy, Fuqua, Mikel. THIRD ROW: Hardesty, Duke, Rooney, Deatherage, Blythewood, Trippet, Curry, Foote, Adams, Bishop, Sullivan, Shep artl, Collins. MEMBERS- fC01zli1zzfezf1 Lilla Grubbs, Kyle Hardesty, Lena Rose Har- vard, Gene Hellman, Martha Io Henslee, Patsy Hooker, Janeth jordan, jean Kinzy, Georgia Klacliva, Beverly Kyle, Mary Lu Kuykendall, Patsy Lockhart, Mary Frances Massey, Johnnie Mikel, Ethel Moseley, Ina McCormick, Wfayne McDaniel, Mary jane Nichols, Virginia Nunley. Virginia Pennock, Myra Pickard, Betty Priddy, jess Pickrell, H. G. Shepard, Julia Short, Rubye jo Smith, Melton Smith, Daphne Snell, Mary Frances Strader, Ouita Taylor, Patricia Trippet, Helen Vaughn, Donald Earl Williams, George XXfilliams, Irene Wfilson, Thurman Wfindham, Opal Wright. Page ,321 Pi Umega Pi HONURARY I 1 5 1 6 I.. MILLARD COLLINS OPAL XVRIGHT OFFICERS L. MILLARD COLLINS, President ALBERT FORD, Vice-President C. C. WILLIAMS, Secretary J. D. COOPER, Treasurer MEMBERS-Riley E. Baker, V. L. Armstrong, S. B. Barton, Albert G. Black, Earle B. Blanton, Carl B. Bolin, Harold Brenholtz, G. R. Brookshear, L- MILLARD COLLINS Hubert Brown, L. Burks, Raymond Christal, Robert T. Clifton, L. Mil- lard Collins, Ross Collins, D. Cooper, Chaney H. Corse, V. Y. Craig, Phi Delta Kappa PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION FRATERNITY A. A. Daniel, C. C. Davis, W. W. Davis. FIRST ROW: Word, Brenholtz, Norris, Flocke, Habern, Hamilton, Erwin, Collins. SECOND ROW: Trickey, McPherson, Barton, Armstrong Bolin, McBryLle, Burks, Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Collins, Matthews, Williams, Christal, Daniel, Gladden. FIRST ROXV: Davis, Craig, Ford, Corse, Hubbard, Mackey, Moore, Baker. SECOND ROW: Douglas, Matthews, Farmer, Sherman, Brookshear, Dougherty, Walvoord, Walters, Brown, Black. THIRD ROW: Shepherd, Moore, Cooper, Forgerson, Stoker, Clifton, Blanton, Davis, Pemberton. MEMBERS-Monlinuedj james H. Dougherty, Dale Douglas, W. R. Er- ' 4 Phl Delta Kappa win, Jr., Harold Farmer, Otto Flocke, Albert L. Ford, F. G. Gladden, Leo P R OFESSI 0 NA L E D U C A TI ON F R A T E R N I T Y Havern, Harlan Hamilton, Sid Hamilton, L. H. Hubbard, A. E. Mackey, C. Matthews, Lester Matthews, L. H. Moore, J. P. Moore, 1. B. McBryde, P. C. McPherson, Lonnie R. Norris, H. R. Pemberton, H. G. Shepherd, Robert C. Sherman, Spencer Stoker, S. M. Trickey, H. T. Torgerson, George F. Walters, Anthony C. Walvoord, Charles C. Williams, A. H. Wood. P486 333 J. C. MATTHEWS B OFFICERS l CARL BOLIN, President GEORGE BRAGG, Vice-President FRED ROTZLER, National Councilman ROBERT CLINTON, Treasurer MEMBERS-Ralph Appelman, Roger Averyt, Charles Bickley, Carl Bolin, Raymond Bostick, George Bragg, Ben Branch, Desmond Brewer, Leon Brown, CARL BOLIN William Campbell, Robert Clinton, Lloyd Cook, Bobby Cox, Glenn Cun- P h i ll A l I, ll 3 ningham, Joe Dabney, George Dawson, Bob Dorough, Hugh Ellison. H O N 0 R A R Y FIRST ROW: Winger, Bolin, Bostick, Gray, Rosenberg, Phillips. SECOND ROW: Hendrix, Sealy, Bragg, Robinson, Keel, Appelman, Bickley THIRD ROW: Rotzler, Pipkin, Moore, Dawson, Wade. FIRST ROW: Gordon, Nelson, Campbell, Cook, Hudgins, Thomson, Dabney. SECOND ROW: Pollard, Ellison, Shepelwich, Lesueur, Cun- ningham, Read, Stephens, Little. THIRD ROW: Teat, St. Clair, Jenkins, Holden, Brown, Johnson, Meek, Branch. MEMBERS- fC0nlimzedj Dexter Gordon, William Gray, jack Hendrix, P h i M u A I P h a james Holden, Jack Hudgins, Merlin Jenkins, Rufus johnson, Earl Tom Keel, H 0 N 0 R A R Y Alex Lesueur, Ray Little, Guy McGee, Rex Meek, David Moore, Charles Nelson, Robert Ottman, Raymond Phillips, Robert Pipkin, Marvin Pollard, Joe Read, E. C. Richards, George Robinson, Aaron Rosenberg, Fred Rotzler, Fred Schubert, Byford Sealy, Stanley Shepelwich, Kenneth St. Clair, Perry Stephens, Herbert Teat, Bill Thomson, Leon Wfade, Melvin Winger. page 325 W. H. HODGSON is RWM o F FI C E R s MARETTE BONEY, President JANE TAYLOR, Vice-President BETTY ANN GILMORE Cspringp LUCY DALE WILLIAMS, Recording Secretary GLORIA JONES, Corresponding Secretary RUBY NELL MCMAHAN, Treasurer MEMBERS-Marette Boney, Evelyn Burns, Maurine Childers, Mildred Clement, Betty Ann Gilmore, Rosemary Hall, Margaret Hiett, Gloria Jones, Ruby Nell McMahan, Edna Mae Rowell, Bessie Jo Russell, Dorothy Jean MARETTE BONEY Smith, Loreta Smith, Jane Taylor, Billie Thompson, Olga Underwood, Lucy Dale Williams. ALUMNAE MEMBERS-Mrs. Isla Mae Chapman, Jimmie 0 ,O 0 N ll H ' , K lr . LOCAL HONORARY MEMBERS-M . M. - Phl Upsllon 0HllCPOH e am We my fs If HONORARY garet King, Dr. Florence I. Scoular, Miss Muriel Williams. FIRST ROXV: l-Iiett, Russell, Rowell, McMahan, Childers, Taylor, Hall, Burns. SECOND ROW: Smith. Jones, Williams, Keith, Gilman, Cle ment, Thompson, Kelsay, Underwood. THIRD ROXV: NVirgis, Smith, Williams, Chapman, King, Harris, Scoular, Steward, Holt, Boney. W em A F ' ' 5 E F l 1. 4 Q. R FIRST ROXV: Stohaugh, Gibson, Meacham, McAdow, Dillard, Edmondson, Johnston. SECOND ROXW: Collier, Booth, Davy, Torres, Buster, Dannelley, Sealy, Gerding, Fulwiler, McCarty, Crouch, Rodgers, Boyd. 4 ' 4 . . OFFICERS Sigma Delta Pl EMMA LEE Furwiuak, Presidenr fl 0 N 0 12 A lg Y MARTHA Clzouciu, Vice-Presidenr INIARGARET STOBAUGH, Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS+Mrs. Venira Booth, Marvin Boyd, Lavon Buster. Ruth Evelyn Collier, Martha Crouch, Berry Davy, lean Dillard, Frances Edmonson. Emma W Lee Fulwiler, tl. L. Gerding, Ann Gibson, Frankie johnston, Mrs. Evelyn McAdow, Katherine McCarty, Ruby Nell MCMahan, Margaret Meacham, Mrs. Mary Rogers, Billie Marie Sealy, Margaret Srobaugh, Daniel Torres. SPONSORS-Dr. Henry Dannelley, Miss Virginia Calloway. Pz1gC,i.f7 EMMA LEE l7Ul,WlLER ROSEMARY BRUCE Sigma Alpha Iota HONORARY OFFICERS ROSEMARY Bianca, President MARGARET ANN DYSON, Vice-President ZELVA BROWN, Secretary KATHLEEN CANTRELL, Corresponding Secretary YVQNNE NATIONS, Treasurer MEMBERS-Mary jennette Babasin, Audrey Bailey. Zelva Brown, Rose- mary Bruce, Kathleen Cantrell, jane Collins, joan Curtis, Ava Nell Donoho Lucille Farmer, Hila Guerra, Daisy Haynes, Lottie Jon Holt, Mary Nan Hurl- gins, Mariana Hullentler, Arline Jungbeclcer, Bernice Lebowirz, Pat Mc- Connell, Louise McLane, Betty Tulis Massey, Mary Massey, Wfenona Moss Yvonne Nations, Frances Payne, Dorothy Pugh, Mary Robertson, Anne Schoenfield, Juanita Singer, Claryce Yeager, Joyce Young. FIRST RCDW: Ba-basin, Collins, vlungbecker, Donoho. Dyson. Nations, Bruce, Haynes, Pugh. SECOND ROXW: Hutlgins, Brown, Robertson. Holt Cantrell, Singer, McConnell, Schoenlieltl, Massey, Hullender, Curtiss. THIRD RCJWZ Young, McLane, Moss, Yeager, Leldowitz, Massex Farmer, Guerra. 1 FIRST ROW: J. Mudd, Buster, Everett, M. Mudd, Henshaw. SECOND ROW7: Stanley, Holman, Kirkpatrick, Sandsberry, Miller, Sealy, Elders. OFFICERS Sigma Tau Delta HUGH KIRKPATRICK, President H 0 N 0 R A R Y ROY G. ELDERS, Vice-President ELLA MAE EVERETT, Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS-Dorothy Bridges, Sidney Burks, Lavon Buster, johnnye Cope, Roy G. Elders, Ella Mae Everett, Gloria Henshaw, Ruth Louise Holman, Eleanor jackson, Hugh Kirkpatrick, Helen Miskell, Elizabeth Ann Mizell, julia Mudd, Mary Mudd, Sangster Parrott, jack C. Sandsberry, Billie Marie Sealey, Bob Stanley, R. C. Wlyatt. Page ,329 HUGH KIRKPATRICK ALLAN WHITE - PAUL SAGEN Alpha Phi Ilmega S E R V I C E OFFICERS ALLEN WHITE, President PAUL SAGEN Cspringj JOHN KNOX, Vice-President BUDDY SMITH fspringj PAUL SAGEN, Secrerary PERRY BOWEN qspringj JESSE HENSARLING, Treasurer JIM BLANKENSHIP Cspringb MEMBERS-Aaron Barnhill, Jim Blankenship, Perry Bowen, Bill Brooks Bill Burke, Harold Chick, Russell Cannon, Harold Christal, Bill Cooper, jr FIRST ROW: Edwards, Taliaferro, Cox, White, Davis. SECOND ROVV: Walker, Gordon, Shipley, Bowen, Ramsey, Millican, Karr. THIRD ROW: Swann, Wiley, Chrislal, Barnhill,Workman, Flemmons, Hudson, Roach, Sagem. Chick. FOURTH ROXW: Sullivan, Philporr, Davis, Knox Burke, White, Koonce, Faw. 1. ,H , Mac ..,k,..,7,.,,- .M . 'Y' ,Z H., 1 , Q-wr. W init . ' , Eff N' - lil APO"S HAVE AN INFORMAL DANCE AT MARY ARDEN LODGE MEMBERS- fC0ntinned! Cecil Cox, George Davis, Bob Edwards, Fred Edwards, Jesse Hensarling, B. Hudson, Bernice Kee, Jim Karr, John Knox, John Koonce, Winfred Leach, Lester Matthews, Hugh Millican, Bobbye Phillips, joe Philpott, Curtis Ramsey, Cameron Roach, john Rowlett, jimmy Russell, Paul Sagen, Bob Shipley, Buddy Smith, Dan Spalding, Troy Sullivan, Doyle Taliaferro, George Walker, Arthur Wiley, Allan White, Sid White, Bill Workman. LEFT: The flflarcla of Dimex Drive may t'07Zd7lCl66Z by the APO: CENTERJ The membefif laik over other d?'fl'Q,f with .vpommf Mr. Faux. RIGHT: D, I.. Few. 1 ll O F F I C E R S H ,-,. vb l MARY LU KUYKENDALL, President i n LOUISE LOVE, Vice-President ' . s , . z V, DOROTHY SMITH, Secretary ' I , , fl i 2, --2 ' T O v,M, i my A ig? AWMA MEMBERS-Nancy Acker, Nell Allen, jean Bain, Winona Ball, Joy H L,OO O 3 , IHAQ NQFIQ .,:: XHZNB Z q:A ' -O Beene, Joanna Brenholrz, Evelyn Burns, Evelyn Brodie, Artie Ray Ermis, "A': llil i ,IPDAZIPIILAQQ Elizdbeth Fisher Mary E. Godwin Joyce Gray Betty Jo Hale Lena Rose MARY LU KUYKENDALL K i i i 3 Harvard, Alice Hink, Ruth Louise Holman, Christine Keeler, jean Kinzy. Green Jackets SERVICE FIRST ROW: johnson, Roberts, Bain. SECOND ROW: Brodie, Simms, Russell, Ermis, Thompson, Ball, Robertson, Gray, Springfield. THIRD RCJW: Brenholtz, Sewell, Snell, Spalding, Harriss, Pennock, Piekard, Harvard, Kinzy. FIRST ROW: Pirtle, Burns, Roberts, Kuykendall, Love. SECOND ROW: Vifeatherby, Parks, Beene, Pickard, Pace, Smith, Acker, Wfatkins, Wright, Keeler, Weatherby. THIRD ROW: Allan, Holman, Hinlc, Haclsell, Hale, Harriss, Laster, Shipp, Lemon, Stewart. MEMBERS- fCo1ztin1zecij Mary Lu Kuykenclall, Honie Lou Laster, Louise Love, Evelyn Mann, Virginia Pennock, Anita Pickard, Myra Pickard, Betty Pirtle, Billye Robertson, Bessie Jo Russell, Billie Sewell, Betty Lou Shipp, Betty Lou Sims, Mary L. Spalding, Daphne Snell, Dorothy E. Smith, Maxine Stout, Dana Thompson, Joyce Watkins, jean Weatherby, Joyce Weatl1erby, Mary Springfield, Elleen Wriglmt, Evelyn Lemon, Colleen Stewart, Nelda Parks. LEFT: Green fucken and "u'm'lr" gn tn the basketball game. CENTER: Regirlmlion Helperf. RIGHT: Bezzlrzb A. Ha1'1'i,r.i' ELSIIE GRANT Assooial ion for Childhood Education C A M P U S C L U H OFFICERS ELSIE GRANT, President EMILRNAN PORTER, Vice-President JUNE HACKNEY, Recording Secretary BERNICIE GARY, Corresponding Secretary ROSEMARY PH1LL1Ps, Treasurer MEMBERS-Doris Bennett, Joanna Brenholtz, Patsy Brixey, Jackie Busch, Nell Callaway, Peggy Chavellier, Doris Cole, Joyce Cox, Dorothy Craddock, Carolyn Crawford, Mrs. Agnes Davis, Betsy Dearing, Melba Garrett, Bernice Gary, Ruth Gilliam, Elsie Grant, Charlotte Green, June Hackney, Jane Ham- lyn, Glenn Hicks, Nina Jo House, Betty Jett, Fannette Johnston, Pat King, Mrs. Beulah Keith, Jimmie Fae Lewis, Norma Lum, Darrell Mabry, Anna McElli- gott, Thelma Fay Nations, Mrs, Verda Neely, Venita Nolen, Betty Omberg, Ruth Osburn, Charles Parton, Rosemary Phillips, Lydia Ann Pickett, Emilenan Porter, Dale Pyeatt, Joyce Richards, Hazel Romans, Valeta Rutherford, Charlie Scheer, Jimmie Lou Sims, Mary Fvelyn Smyth, Lois Spalding. Eloise Turner, Norma Welcli, Lou Wilburn. FIRST ROW: Callaway, XXfelr'h, Bennett, Nations, Crawford Hamlyn, Garrett, Sims, Brixey. SECOND ROXV: Dearing, Brenholtz, Green Pickett, Hackney, Clifford, Porter, Grant. THIRD ROVU: Phillips, Davis. Craddock, Omherg, Rutherford, Jett, Osborn, Turner. Richards, Cole Spalding. FOURTH ROVU: House, Hicks, Pyeatt, Romans. Scheer, Busch, Gary. Lewis, Mclilligott, Lum. A 3 FIRST ROW: Fuchs, Pickard, Turner, Head, Robe, Berry, jones, Turner, Day, Brooks, Hineman, Darsey, Forrester, Compton. SECOND ROW Flowers, Cornelius, Lee, London, Thompson, McMillin, Curry, Stewart, Bragg, Gibson, Holmes, Scholz, Walsh, Smith. THIRD ROW Flowers Blake, Brownlee, Chavellier, Davis, Pennal, McKinney, Davidson, Edgar, McKnight, Owens, Brasher, Jackson, Henderson, Bryan, Barr Lucas Killian, Kuchenhacker, Taylor, Gonzales, Martin. OFFICERS Alpha Rho Tau ANITA PICKARD, President CAMIJUS CLUB ANN GIBSON, Vice-President MORRIS HEAD, Treasurer MEMBERS-Clifton Barr, Troy Berry, Mary Blake, Jo Bowden, Marianne Brasher, Ben Brooks, Dorothy Nell Brownlee, Bobbie Bryan, Peggy Cha- vellier, Patsy Crowe, Lee Darsey, Mrs. Emily K. Davidson, Nancy Davis, joe Day, Helen Flowers, Jane Flowers, Mary Forrester, Ann Gibson, Alfonso Gonzales, Grace Hall, Morris Head, James Hineman, Gloria jackson, jack jones, jack Leggett, Evelyn London, Robert Martin, Genia McKinney, Geneva Owens, Anita Pickard, Bill Pennal, Paul Peterson, Elizabeth Scholz, Mary Alice Smith, June Taylor, Betty Thompson, Marvin Tooley, Jack Turner, Lucy Walsh, Norma Welch. Page 3,35 ANITA PICKARD SONNY KFMBLE QCD!! CAMPUS CLUB OFFICERS "SoNNY'y KEMBLE, President "WEEDY" LEWIS, First Vice-President "TOPPY" HILL, Second Vice-President SYDONIA GILBERT, Secretary RAY WYATT, Treasurer MEMBERS--Patricia Crow, Nancy Crump, Peggy Dyerly, Frances Elam, Sydonia Gilbert, Frank Gladden, "Buddy" I-Iallerwern, Robert Harris, David Harstrom, Art Hill, M. L. Hill, Georgia Ingram, Dick Johnston, Marlyn Jones, "Sonny" Kemble, John Killian, Bill Lee, "Weedie" Lewis, Frank Lively,' Jeannine Love, C. L. McCullar, Bill Tankursley, Jeanne Peteet, Geraldine Potter, Jack Powell, Joanne Rhodes, George Robe, John Savage, Wfesley Smith, Dick Thatcher, Joe Whittle, Frances Young. FIRST ROW: Young, Gladden, Gilbert, Lewis, Hill, Ingram, Killian, Dyerly, Crow, Love, Kemble, Powell, McCullar, Crump. SECOND ROW Edam, Peteet, Harris, Rhodes, Tankursley, Whittle, Lively, Thatcher, Smith, Jones, Johnston, Harstrom, Robe, Potter, Hallerwern, Hill, Savage, Lee If gy l L 4 -wmv-+,--,M v.,,, .E V ,.,,,,.pauunww-at f..... , ,diets ,.. . . Jw.-W. '90" ugff I V. News ,fav ,3,,,Qmasr.wr ,V ,. ,,, W . f-We -2- -f . . . I srrr FIRST ROW: Ingram, Davidson, juengermann. SECOND ROW: Cody, Mcliatridge, Coleman, Havran, Harris, Banke, Sloan, Hendricks. THIRD ROXV: Nelson, M. McCormick, I. McCormick, Tune, Ward, Oates, Tarkingron, Mead, Roberts, Hanscom, Dula, Johnson. Massey, Wallace. Harbour, Miller Csponsorb. ' ii OFFICERS fiillll13l'3 Club ROBERT DAVIDSON, Presidem C A ,ig p U 5' C L U 5 LEONA HAVRAN, Vice-Pre-siden: MARY FRANCES MASSEY, Secrerary JOHN HENRY JUENGFRMANN, Reporrer MEMBERS -- Flora Banke, Pet Cody, Doris Coleman, Bill Dula. I.:1rry Tarkingron, john F. Hanscom, Pere Hanscom, Claude Harbour, Varonne Harris, Helen Lee Hendricks, Charles Ingram, Cecil johnson, Bill H. Mead, E. E. McCormick, Mrs. Ina McCormick, Ellnu Anne Mcliarridge. Mrs. Janelle Nelson, Tommey Oats, Gregory Roberts, Parri Sloan, Jennie Tune, Ray Wail- lace, M. B. Warcl. SPONSOR-I.. L. Miller. Page 3 37 ROBERT DAVIDSON - Q ff M, ,na K Y? Q1 f P3 NN y gen.. ,S as k 1 A If' 3 xx ,,, " g,? " 'f' ' ' gl- J '- ,K, if Q' v 9' wr- S 5 lg x 5 V V V fr , E Y fi, nswifgf f V 1 MEN I ggh A,.2' A '17 ' xv if .- Q QA ,.,,,A: A' W W? W wwf M ,. , ' iv W' ,Q 'Q' g Q My ,1.-A.f W .tr WW ag? wr .,f, .5 if T. f A wif f'W f 2 if ' 4ZTWm Mx W, , W 'W 5 ?'Q'n Eg 63? z 'fg5 A - 1 A ffm' ' AQ wik i -i FIRST ROW: Mandeville, Whitaker, Gray, Kemmey, johnson, Ruffner. SECOND ROW: Mason, Cotten, Yates, Richmond, Shillett, Janeway, Davis, Parks, Cummings. OFFICERS Debate Club JUNE BIANDEVILLE, President CAMPUS CLUB DAVID COTTEN, Vice-President JOYCE GRAY, Secrerary MEMBERS-David Cotten, Rosanne Cummings, O. L. Davis, Lucille Faw, Joyce Gray, Edwin Harris, Jack Hood, Donald Janeway, Doris johnson, a Fern Kimmey, june Mandeville, John Mason, Keith Parks, Norman Ramsey Robert Richmond, joza Ruffner, Betty Schafer, james Shiflett, Edmund Yates Page 339 JUNE MANDEVILLE OFFICERS DOROTHY JEAN SMITH, President LORETA SMITH, Vice-President MAURINE CH1LDE1zs, Secretary MARY RUTH STEPHENS, Treasurer MEMBERS-Audie Adams, Patricia Adams, Norma Anderson, Delores Baldwin, Grace Baker, Mary Helen Barnes, Doris Barrett, Frances Belcher, Justine Begley, Evelyn Bigby, Helen Bigham, Vancie Blackmon, Marette Boney, Jo Boren, Lou Ann Brock, Evelyn Brodie, Mary Burns, Mary Jim Carmichael, Letitia Casteel, Betty Chappell, Maurine Childers, June Clark, Mildred Clement, Mary E. Cleveland, Nell Jean Corbin, Louise Davis, Doro- DOROTHY JEAN SMITH , n I thy Dill, Joan Draughn, Elizabeth Eeds, Doris Elrod, Mary Englehardt, Gretchen English, Johnnie Enderby, Norma Estes, Dorothy Everett, Ladell Ellen ll. Richards Club Garren, Nadine Gee, Betty Gilmore, Jeannette Green, Sue Green, Ruth Hack- ney, Mary Lou Hall, Rosemary Hall, Joyce Harris, Lela Mae Hayes. C A .Nl P U S C L U B FIRST ROW: Estes, Burns, Sutton, Harris, Spalding, Taylor, Barnett, Hall, Bigby, Vann, Blackmon, Green, Trainham, Scott. SECOND ROW: Wilson, Clark, Chappell, Barnes, Adams, Belcher, McQueen, Thomas, Thompson, Garren, Vance, Stanley, Baden, Knight. THIRD ROW: Middleton, Engle-hardt, Hill, Johnson, English, Schmidt, Casteel, Herd, Wilson, Stuart, Sheppard, Ramsey, Miller, Woolever, Whitley. ,,, I f-'. , .,,,. , " ' as ticta 1 T 7 T t 'L fi I - if A f -write a r e -f: 1 'a- f e' . A V ereeeeww-wwacw-Q www?-'ww-fsfzar' 4,ft,f'z-:strut-freeze---M '. 1. . Q .Marr :zur A . veg-: 1 ..,f":a::se,, .fg:."'-- ' Wt-me 'M r -me e , . 7. , -- , K, . aa .. T W. ,W mstmawwr-ff .,,..,:7,,,,,,i,,M,1fW.,v Tn ,,.,.. V, ,,,,,,,,,,,53,g,5,, j:' V55,5,,3T' , A? ., nrr,....,.,.,1s,aa,...?g,,,,.a..t...,.,. ,s.,,c..r, a,,.,,,.t,,,aM,,r,,.,.,.,at..f.taWjs,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.M,,.,,,,,,g,, WM . Q, . ,, V is 5 I-way ,L ,mowawm MM V V ,I 5 t, V.,. ,L A A - - arrs - at sisst t 1 T 1 N T T A , . ,.,f - 3 twtslyflm-fa., fe -Q. alas- 1: ,ryk f I S I I l , - 1 5 rifle..--.t.w f - X' " f tefww 'tt" ' ,, , Tr ,itta f Y - L -- .-- :Z ' g,'-..,,' ,. f' fzflfgw ,gxbg:5tgigQfs,',gkL L, -gt , , L :gk-If-iz-5,g" 5,-ffjizgi f ,J LL K L, -Lair! ,uiM,W,V7, l, rg, ,K FE f,-,135 :ggg:,i,3kL 5, 5, J ,..,. :LL,l??E:?l,,:,g,,:Jk3,73 , -, k k,,t,,W,V : Qu , .1 , , ,., A , gpm , ,V , L . 252 Q ,E 'f 5 ., J? gat ,- L , it 1, , days ,, E S A ii' an-+ t Z 1 M wt i, L l- s L L, L,L,. ,L L ,L L ' an-N21 'Nw , ,V,Jj,,k,V ,VLV N Vk,, J J . gsm, in LL Wg ...4mn.... ..-. 1 ,My 1 Q.. FIRST ROW: Koeninger, Burns, Rowell, Phillips, Childers, Smith, Carmichael, Stephens, Eeds, Shelton. SECOND ROW: Jackson, Robertson XVaters, Bigham, Toucheck, Clement. MEMBERS - fCo1zlin11ee!j Mary Heald, Jo Ann Henslee, Jo Herd, Dorothy Hickey, Margaret Hiett, Joan Hill, Avelyn Hohertz, LaVerne Hunn, Melba Jackson, Maranell Johnson, Edna Jungbecker, Patsy Sue Johnson, Gloria Jones, Arva Knight, Anita Lockhart, Ethelda Miller, Patsy R. Miller, Glenola Murphy, Dorothy McQueen, Ruby Nell McMahan, Ann Negy, Joyce Nichols, Joanna Pace, Billie R. Phillips, Juanda Ramsey, Wanda Regney, Genevieve Rider, Frances Romans, Eugenia Robertson, Edna Mae Rowell, Martha Sue Rowell, Jo Russell, Carrol Schmidt, Diane Scott, Julia Shelton, Helen Shep- pard, Leta Beth Shirley, Jacqueleen Smith, Dorothy Jean Smith, Betty Spence, Loreta Smith, Billie Spalding, Mary Ruth Stephens, Mary Joyce Stanley, Lucy Stuart, Norma Sutton, Jane Taylor, Alma Sue Taylor, Doris Thomas, Billie Thompson, Jo Nelle Thompson, Paulette Trainham, Dorothy Trigg, Margaret Trigg, Ruby Vance, John Ann Vann, Olga Underwood, Lorreta Wann, Georgia Waters, Pat Whitley, Lucy Dale Williams, Suzanne Williams, Frances Wilkerson, Virginia J. W'ilson, Margaret Wilson, Marjorie W'indfrey, Merry Ruth Wood, Patsy Woolever. Ellen ll. Richards Club '?' Page 341 ELNORA BAYDEN MARGARET MIDDLETON H --t My ' ' L L 'M "mf 1 "" 1"Ti,f 1 fiEf f ,a? I - ' ?':ffs1s?f?fZ?iSe5" L L , .L ,,L. ,NM ,L W. R. ERWIN Future Teachers America CAMPUS CLUB OFFICERS W. R. ERWIN, President LEONA HAVRAN, Vice-President MARTPIA CROUCH, Secretary MAXINE TIDWELL, Treasurer MEMBERS-Billy jack Arnold, Ellis Baker, Virgil Bayless, Doris Bennett, Albert G. Black, Raymond Blummer, Constance Bohme, Patsy Brixey, June Brown, jackie Busch, R. S. Bushnell, Evelyn Cain, Sydneyanna Carter, Elmo Chariers, J. O. Cross, Martha Aye Crouch, Charles Cull, Robert F. Davidson, Martha Jo Davis, Sallie Davison, Betsy Dearing, Dean Duffle, W. W. Ellis, Lillie Erwin. FIRST ROW: Tidwell, Crouch, Porter, Walsh, Talbot, Fuqua, Busch, Roberts, Bohme, Wann, See, McKee. SECOND ROW: Cross, Whitten Darsey, Johnston, Scheer, Flowers, Bennett, Pinkerton, Omberg, Dearing, Kimble, Davison, McClelan. THIRD ROW: Arnold, Baker, Pertuit Nix, Day. xmas Q W ,,,. ww . . .......u,.., FIRST ROW: Stucker, Pumphrey, Cain, Havran, Crouch, Franklin, Wagnon, Morrison, Pyeatt, Erwin, Wright, Hackney. SECOND ROW: Bushnell, Chaviers, Schure, Davis, Mudd, Simmons, Gilliam, Casteel, Henshaw, Edge, Erwin, Cobb. THIRD ROW: Matthews, Boyles, Miller, Davidson, Blummer, Welch, Thresher, Ridgell, Habern, Adams. MEMBERS- fC0nlin1zedl W. R. Erwin, Dortha Franklin, Leemore Fuqua, Dorothy Ruth Gilliam, R. C. Habern, Leona Havran, Gloria Henshaw, Farnkie Johnston, Betty Tom Kinble, Jean King, Katie Mae Koeninger, William Massey, Doris McClelen, Mary Margaret Meacham, james C. Miller, Nona Lou Morrison, Mary Mudd, john T. Nix, Betty Omberg, Roger Lee Perry, T. L. Pertuit, Faye Marie Pinkerton, Emilenan Porter, Nadine Pumph- rey, Lou Roberts, Kathryn Robnett, Charlie Scheer, Arnold Schulz, Barbara See, Mary Elizabeth Simmons, Melton Smith, joe Spalding, Knowla Stewart, Jack Strickland, Mary jean Stucker, Helen Talbot, Maxine Tidwell, Mary Alice Wfagnon, Naomi Walsh, Lometa W'ann, Richard Welch. May K. Whit- ten, Hooper Wilkenson, Phil Wright. Page 343 Future Teachers of America CAMPUS CLUB R. WAYNE ADAMS VERNON L. ARMSTRONG LOUIS BOLTON Gamma Iota Chi CAMPUS CLUB OFFICERS Louis BOLTON, Presidenr DICK BARNEBEY Cspringb WooDY FORRESTER, Vice-Presidenr BILL LAWRENCE Cspringb RICHARD STRONG, Secretary ROBERT BUSHNELL, Treasurer MEMBERS -Riley Baker, Billy Ballinger, Dick Barnebey, Virgil Bayless, Herman Billnitzer, S. T. "Bill" Brasher, Ralph Brookshier, Lindal Buchanan, Robert S. Bushnell, Macon C. Cecil, Clay E. Chester, George Collier, King Cumming, Raymond Eugene Curtis, Wesley Davis, William K. Dibble, FIRST ROW: Baker, Roach, Pate, Boney, Fleming. Slane. SECOND ROW: johnagin, Wilson, Brookshier, Barneby, Bolton, Bushnell, Chester Strong. F si I TJ F! A r 'PSY if J Lf .: FIRST ROW: Davis, Grisham, McMillan, Turner, Dibble, Smith. SECOND ROW Lawrence White Tickle jones Curtis Sheffield jones MEMBERS - fC0nlinzzed2 Dwight R. Duncan, Sam Fleming, Herman L. G a In m a I 0 t a C h I CWoodyD Forrester, Pierce Grisham, Dick Highlill, Bennie Holland, Chester C A M P U S C L UB Huggins, Louis Johnagin, Alton N. Jones, Samuel C. Jones, Dale Lanier, Bill Lawrence, Robert E. Lewis, Tom Lindsey, John Little, Horace Longino, Carl Alvin McMillan, James C. Miller, john T. Nix, Henry A. Pate, Billy Pat- ton, Richard Reddy, Raymond L. Roach, Fred A. Ruth, Arnold N. Schulz, james Clyde Sheffield, Arthur XV. Shiflett, jr., Bobby M. Shipley. Joseph M. Skinner, Kenneth Slane, Jesse P. Smith, Jr., Richard Strong, Emmett W. Swenson, John Tickle, Milton Turner, Robert Dean Vernon, Raymond Wal- lace, Glen White, james Ray Wilkerson, Alton XX'ilson, Harry W. Wilson. Page 345 DICK BARNEBEY HELEN MILLER llouse Plfesielenfs Club CAMPUSCLUB FIRST ROW: Whitesitle, Crowe, McQueen, XY'hiteside, Dillard, Blankenship, Hohertz. SECOND RO Baughman. Rigney. O F F I C E R S HELEN MILLER, President BESSIE jo RUSSELL, Vice-President MARIE WATKINS, Secretary MEMBERS-Dorthie Archibald, Billie Bailey, Bobbylea Baxter, Doris Bennett, Ruth Blankenship, Charlotte Bohlin, Evelyn Burns, Sydneyanne Carter, Ruby Ruth Cate, jean Childers, Dortha Cox, Martha Ann Crouch, Gwen Conover, Wantla Cunningham, Margaret Davidson, Norma Davis, Niobe Dick, jean Dillard, Betty Everett, Martha jo Ferrell, Harlene Gaston. XV: Ruble, Waters, Scott, Gaston, Dick, illlllilillllllll hlllllllllllllllll FIRST RCJW: Cunningham, lferrell, Laster, Riley, Gray, Cox, Archibald. SECOND ROXW: Jacobi, Bohlin, Lindley, Nichols, Stohaugh, North, Lane, Everett, Ray, Bennett. THIRD ROW: Grant, Carter, Crouch, Watkins, Miller, Monk. Stuart, Holt, Gray, Russell, Baxter, New, Childers, MEMBERS-fC011fi1mec1'f Nadine Gee, Elise Grant, Helen Gray. Lou Ella Gri mtiwtl tzky, Faye Hall, Avelyn Hohertz, Lottie Jon Holt, Patsy Hooker, Mar- jorie Howard, Marianna Hullencler, Natalie Hutton, Bettie E. jacobs. Helena -Iungermaim, lvfary Ann Kelley, Corinne Kennedy, Mary Lu Kuykentlall, Maxine Lane, Honie Lou Laster, Almeta Lintlley, Patsey Mackey, Helen Miller, Mozelle McBride. Martha Nell Monk. Coleta New, Mary -lane Nichols. Charlene North, Mary Ray, Xwanda Rigney, Margaret Riley, Lou Roberts, Eugenia Robertson, Meredith Rollins, Bobbie Ruble. Bessie jo Russell, Sara Alice Scott. Sue Shepard. Dorothy jean Smith, Rubye .Io Smith, Betty Sue Stuart, Beulah Grace Turney, Joyce Wzltkins. Marie Wzitkins, lrene W'hite- side, Len Wliiteside. Page S-iT House l'resiclent's lilllll C A ill P U S rj I, U H lMOGENl2 BliN'l'LlIY at .K t , wwjke "mcg-A I I l - , ' J'-rfsifref 52-mi ' , ' 1'5- 24, -. 2, .- A Industrial Arts Club OFFICERS J. D. COOPER, President MAYS KENNETH WHITTEN qspringb ROBERT GANTT, Vice-President PIERCE GRISHAM qspringj ELIZABETH GODWIN, Secretary ELIZABETH ScHoLz tspringy DORIS MCCLELEN AND JACK HADSELL RAY WHITESIDE qspringb Corresponding Secretaries EARL COCHRANE, Treasurer A. D. HARTLINE Qspringb MEMBERS --Charles Barnett, Francis Batey, C. WJ. Belcher Sue Bills S 'I Brasher, R. O. Brown, Dennis Bryant, Bob Burdette, Floyd Bynum CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW: Karnes, Wfilkinson, Yarbrough, Spalding, Brasher, Wylie, Whiteside. SECOND ROW: Canaday, Scott, Scholtz Godwin MtClelen Bills, Bryant. THIRD ROW1 Hartline, Killingsworth, Christenson, Kerr, Niendorii Barnett, Rowlett, Erickson. FOURTH ROW Dawson Mt Leod, Turner, Spencer, Hartline, Grisham, Candler, Clement, McAbee. A fr li ... lift it fifm FIRST ROW: Burdette, Roberson, Snyder, Cull, Cannon, Brown, Thompson. SECOND ROW? Weseman, Gantt, Woody, Belcher, Davis, Vernon, Crumbley. THIRD ROW: Wood, Bynam, Chitwood, Clower, Spidell, Nix, Grimes, Hudspeth, Cochrane, Erwin. FOURTH ROW: Myers, Hadsell, Ludeman, Owens, Thompson, Whitten, Fagg, Cooper, Nail. MEMBERS-lCo1z1im1ezi,J Byron Canaday, Bill Candler, Ray E. Cannon, john Chitwood, B. F. Christenson, Guy Clement, George Clower, Earl Coch- rane, D. Cooper, Ted Crumbley, Charles Cull, Wesley Davis, Julian Daw- son, Jack Dial, A. M. Erickson, W. R. Erwin, Hugh Fagg, Bob Gantt, Mary Elizabeth Godwin, I.. A. Grimes, Pierce Grisham, jack Hadsell, A. D. Hartline, Jim Hartline, J. W, Hudspeth, Harold Kerr, W. j. Killingsworth, Dick Lude- man, Billy joe Martin, Harold Meeker, Thomas Myers, Bob McAbee, Pat McLeod, Doris McClelan, Bob Nail, James R. Niendorff, Robert Nix, james K. Orr, E. J. Owens, john Rowlett, Durwin Rust, Elizabeth Scholz. jim Scott, Troy Selzer, Ernest Snyder, Joe Spalding, Ralph Spencer, Bill Spidell, Bob Sumpter, Vernon Taylor, james N. Thompson, Leon Thompson, Finis Thompson, jack Weisman, Ray W'hiteside, M. K. Whitten, Hooper Wilker- son, D. H. Wilroy, Leslie Wood, Thomas B. Wrmcutly, P. W. Wright. James A. Wylie, jr., Paul Yarbrough. Page 349 Industrial Arts Club C A M P U S C L U B 4 E HOMER E. MONEY C. C. DAVIS 'ff f ' at FU ,. "rf.E1Z':--1L:.:Ef . Q" ' , say., STEVE BUELL International Relations Club CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW: Torres, Granbury, Hemphill, Peveto, Vance, Lee, Cornelius, Davis, Bridges, Dupuis, Law, Day. SECOND ROW: Baker, Ruth, OFFICERS STEVE BUELL, President ELIZABETH FISHER, Vice-President HONIE LOU LASTER, Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS-Olive Anderson, Riley E. Baker, Virginia Baker, Mary Anna Barr, Virgil Bayless, Bill joe Bishop, Clarence Bivens, Howard Blagg, Con- stance Bohme, Marvin Boyd, George Bragg, Margie Brantley, Dorothy Bridges, LeRoy Brock, Bobbie Bryan, Edwina Buell, Frank Buell, Stephen Buell, Virginia Burney, Thornton Burns, Robert Bushnell, Nell Callaway, Betty jo Carter, Noah Carter, james Cason, Jean Cassidy, Letitia Casteel, Charlene Chaffin, William Chandler, Robert Choate, Russ Conner, jean Cook, Mahan, Bivens, Summers, Hall, Bishop, Traster, Wolfe, Hayes, Payne, johnagin. " '- LW' f-77 Mc- , , ,WW,ffM,W,M.,,,......J,,, M, ,--.g,fW,-.,M,,,,.r, ...,,.fwm-1m:.,:nwww-,E,s-a,. ,V V .. , ,V ,V , .,..,,..,N.,,,.,.,N...,.,.,.4......n-- aww, ,,.,.,,.,,........,.........M-.-..-f+.f-w-- V. ,..,...w , ' . , , , an A 'wfwwewwmwm 1 1 Q.--17.,wfwvtisfsiszza are 4 7, guna' Z Wy n . 1, K 'sa mana. -,551-,,ym1?5,x- L' 1 . , . 33 it FIRST ROW: Bryan, Ferrill, Hawkins, Cunningham, Laster, Burney, Winn, Carter, Hailey, Wright, Kelly, Kelley. SECOND ROW: J. Jordan, F. jordan, Chaffin, Vaughan, Holland, Richardson, Gilbert, Coston, Cassidy, Bushnell, Casteel, Miller. jo Lynn Cornelius, james Coston, Stephen Cottrelle, Larry Joe Crabb, Jean Crouch, Joyce Crouch, George Crurnbley, Wanda Lou Cuningham, john Cur- ington, Mrs. Ezell Curtis, Joe Wyatt Dabney, Ivan Danhof, james Daniel, Cody Davis, O. L. Davis, jr., Floy Day, joy Day, Guy Dickson, Weldon Dillard, james Douglas, Dean Duffle, Elaine Dupuis, Harry Earhart, joe Echols, Dud- ley Evans, Martha Jo Ferrill, Charles Fikes, Elizabeth Fisher, Antonio Garcia, Robert Gattis, Mary Gattys, George Gilbert, john Gordon, Vanessa Gossett, Clota Granberry, Norman Grogan, Roger Guess, Marylyn Hackworth, jack Hadsell, Mary Hailey, Dan Hall, jane Eiland Hamilton, Peter Hanscom, Thomas Harms, William Harrell, Bobbye Hawkins, Armendor Hayes, Morris Head, Rufus Helm, Clarence Hemphill, Robert Hedge, Gene Hodges, A. D. Holland, Frederick Huff, Doris Hulke, Gloria jackson, Louis Johnagin, Gloria johnson, jerry johnson, Dick Johnston, Alvin Jones, Calvin Jones, Faye Jor- dan, Janeth jordan, Zelda Jordan, Robert Kaufmann, Carl Kelley. Page351 International Relations Club CAMPUS CLUB ELIZABETH FISH ER HON IE LU LASTER International Relations Club CAMPUS CLUB MEMBERS-fC0ntinuedj Mrs. Delores Kelley, Marguerite Kennard, Kay Kincaid, Honie Lou Laster, Tom Law, Nelda jane Lee, Alda Jane Loftis, Alma Marks, V. A. Marshall, William Massey, Charles Maxwell, Kenneth May, Mary Meacham, Olin Merrett, Regis Meyers, Helen Miller, james Miller, Sylvester Mudd, Toye Myrick, John McDonald, Robert Mclver, Nena McKee, Ruby McMahan, Carl McMillan, Arthur Names, Coleta Ann New, johnny Newby, Joyce Nichols, Pat Ochsenbein, Melvin Oringderff, Thomas Pace, Gilbert Packer, David Patterson, Lynn Patterson, Robert Payne, Billy Pennal, Angela Perdichi, Gay Perkins, Paul Peterson, Sidney Peveto, Charles Pickard, Patricia Pilson, David Redden, Richard Reddy, Nan Reese, joseph Richard- son, Rex Richardson, Margaret Roach, Norma Roberts, Mary Rodgers, Mere- dith Rollins, Fred Ruth, George Savage, Sarah Saye, Walter Schoenfeld, Billy Scholl, Millard Scott, Jesse Shaw, Alan Shields, Charles Shipman, Lewis Skin- ner, Waymon Sloan, Melton Smith, Ned Smith, Floyd Spindle, james Spires, FIRST ROW: L. Scott, Bohme, McKee, Callaway, Roach, Boyd, Rollins, Hadsell, Savage, Scholl, Woodward, Strickland. SECOND ROW: Kings bury, Spivey, Cook, Jordan, Ward, Connor, Head, Massey, Peterson, Kaufmann, Grogan, Welch, Duffle, E. Buell, S. Buell. . ,... . -. .. .a . -: - - - 1 MavwWsfa':'?Wa2if'lt '. i "3Tf'NT 'f . . - ' L lf' J I ' V ,il y ,. V .V E iq imkf V. lr' Qi. ,...:..5,g-iiygru .V Q 5 J H fi .Sf QW" if ' i , ,,":i1, hi' A' f , M- fur.-H 'iii 'l.25JL'irii Q. 4' .J fffq9!'V"-A ,K z 9 L FNW1 551 ' limb - 'A i' ' -e1,.,,f'm, s .,,,,,.,4,,,,g,'n. f - Aw if-L: K 1- ,.,.,g.,z K f- s ,Q:4wa.,:.,, 1 si . K ., , f 3 " W " Q ,maj , , ,.,,,f, W .. ,..., . . .W . - .7 .. . .. , . A - A - ., , - . fa ..., . - ' ' lr fiflilf' ' L 'Q l E ! . HI. gg, gag jg r L ' t jj A , he A Y ff W ffm 1 y NW 'f5?w1a, ' f qV iLi E ..,e,, M - 5,1925 qi ' ii 'P 9 Q75 ii: 7' . i W2 A.,. , gi if iiwzffiff- v2::2wfz,sQsw:,gfg:, I fiiiiifi ,X , . , FIRST ROW: Richardson, F. Buell, Fisher, Choate, Wyatt, Names, Kincaid, Crabb, Valentine, Myrick, Perdichi, Oringtlerff. SECOND ROW: Teel, Barr, Cargile, May, Smith, McMillan, Bragg, Wallace, Shaw, Thomason, Maxwell, Davis. Virginia Spivey, Guillerns Staaden, Knowla Stewart, jack Strickland, George Summers, Mayvee Taylor, Troy Taylor, Herbert Teat, Carmen Teel, .leanetta Tharp, Troy Thompson, Lara Daniel Torres, Elclen Traster, Jack Turner, Evelyn Valentine, Ruby Vance, David Vanderkooi, Welden Vaughn, jane Walker, Wanda Walker, Joe Wallace, Margaret YX'ard, Richard Welch, George Williams, Welby Williams, Phillip Willis, Howard Wilson, Maxine Winn, Wendell, Wolfe, Carl Woodward, Dorothy Wright, jannette Wright, R. C. Wyatt, Peggy Adams, Oletha Brannon, Patsy Brixey, Wfilliam Campbell, Monroe Caston, Larry Crabb, Marion Crow, King Cumming, Roy Currie, Jewel Daughety, Leonard Fehl, Frank Deupree, Guy Dickson, Charles Dod- son, Bob luvcan, W. W. Ellis, Ella Mae Everett, Bob Farquharson, Norman Grogan, Marcus Hickerson, Christine Keeler, Duane LaRue, Nat Martin, Mary Massey, Carl McMillen, M. F. Ridgell, David Robb, John Savage, Claude Speake, Rollie Spencer, Helen Wilfong. Page 353 International Relations Club CAMPUS CLUB J. L. KINGSBURY OFFICERS BERNICE LEBOWITZ, Presidenr JEROME GRANOFF, Vice-Presidem IWOZELLE EDELSTEIN, Secretary FRANCES SHURE, Treasurer BERNICE LEBOWITZ witz, Annette Levine, Nathan Miron, Aaron Rosenberg, Frances Shure SPON SOR - Joseph Kirshbaum. Jewish Campus Club I F l w 1 l llllllll lllllllf CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW: Lebowitz, Shure, Edelstein. SECOND ROXV: Granoff, Cohen, Miron, Kirshbaum. Qt a MEMBERS-Edward Cohen, Mary Casper, Jerome Granoi, Bernice Lebo- w,-,,,,. W..k , k.kk A. . FIRST ROW: Mandeville, Banks, Welch, Blagg, Ruffner. SECOND ROW: Whiteside, Holley. MEMBERS-Mary C. Anderson, Ramona Banks, Mary E. Blagg, Wilma R. Crittenden, Edith Kubeck, Camille Lahat, June Mandeville. Margaret Meacham, Patricia Ochsenbein, Rita Pilkey, joza Ruffner, Frances Welch, Len Whiteside. OFFICERS League of Women Voters CAMPUS CLUB JUNE MANDEVILLE, Presidenr MARY ANDERSON, Vice-President LEN WHITESIDE, Secretary-Treasurer , P 355 age JUNE MANDEVILLE NANCY ACKER OFFICERS NANCY ACKER, President BILLYE RoBERTsoN, Vice-President EVA FARNSXVORTI-I, Secretary ADA GUIN, Treasurer MEMBERS-Nancy Acker, Nell Allen, jean Bain, Ebbie Rhea Batte, Doro- thy Baxter, Shirley Beall, Norma Benton, Ruth Blalock, Charlie Blankenship, Peggy Boston, Patricia Bradley, Nancy Branch, Mary Brandon, Charlotte Briggs, Martha Britt, Mary jane Bryant, Patsy Burks, Bettie Bynum, Wanda Cantrell, Joyce Cardwell, Jean Chowns, Virginia Clark, Percy Van Cole, Junior Mary Arden Club CAMPUS CLUB Eulene Connell. FIRST ROW: Ferree, Perryman, jackson, Henderson, Britt, Guin, Farnsworth, Robertson, Acker, Flowers, Holler, Grube, Gray, Burks. SEC OND RQJWZ Knox, Boston, Coville, Montgomery, Ingram, Hackney, Johnston, Forrester, Dodgen, Hasmon, Bryant, Morgan, Clark, Blankenship Davies. m eshes 1.-1. - "Wt wwf .,,W-rWa.,,7i,..,., W. Ma M .,aM.m..a4a....,,,,,,'r. - , ., -1r,...M ofa. K . :Ml L t FIRST ROW: Rowland, Bynum, Flint, Keeley, Branch, Brandon, Bain, Smith, Hendricks, Cardwell, Spalding, Beall. SECOND ROW: Engle- hardt, Briggs, Connell, Murray, Benton, Crump, Cole, Blalock, Davis, Allen, Hailey, Loving. MEMBERS- fC0ntin11eLij Jane Coville, Nancy Crump, Nelle Davies, Har- riet Lee Davis, Doris Dodgen, Mary Englehardt, Eva Farnsworth, Jackie Ferree, jo Ann Flint, Helen Flowers, Mary Forrester, Joyce Gray, Marilyn Grube, Ada Guin, June Hackney, Mary Hailey, Caroline Holler, Martha Len Henderson, Helen Lee Hendricks, Mary Nan Huclgins, Mary Margaret lmbt, Betty Lou Ingram, Verna jackson, Mary Johnston, Mary Ann Keeley, Eloise Knox, Marjorie Loving, Betty Massey, Martha Montgomery, Renda Morgan, Mary Ann Murray, Sue Perryman, Billye Robertson, joan Rowland, Dorothy Smith, Sue Sewell, Billie Jean Spalding, Jean Thornhill. Page 357 Junior Mary Arden Club CAMPUS CLUB MRS. XV. C. WILKS OFFICERS ALLEN ROGERS, President DAN ADAMS qspringb DAN ADAMS, Vice-President CLARENCE HEMPHILL qspringj WANDA CANTRELL, Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS-Dan Adams, Eleanor Andrew, Connie Aten, Jo Ann Booth, ' jo Ann Buckner, Wanda Cantrell, Glen Chambers, C. P. Clark, Bob Duncan, X Ed Franke, Leemore Fuqua, Greta Gill, Clota Granberry, Betty GriHin, Clar- ence Hemphill, Ann Jacobi, John Killian, Orin Littlejohn, Joyce McKnight, ALLEN ROGERS Ruby Nell McMahan, Gene Mouser, jo Newman, Pat Patterson, Knox Rhea, Allen Rogers, Fred Ruth, Chili Waldrip, Markie Weaver. SPONSOR- '1 S1 '1 Los lfahalleros S,,.e,,E,,e,, CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW: Ruth, Fuqua, Cantrell, Newman, Gill, Weax'er. Wfaldrip, Littlejohn. SECOND ROW: Buckner, McMahan, Aten, Booth. Franke McKnight, Killian, Granbury, Andrew, Rogers, Estes. THIRD ROW: Patterson, Griffin, jacobi, Duncan, Hemphill, Rhea, Adams as saw, y , L Wie ,n,,,,W,oi ,, ,SW , ir,- y Q ,Q,v,y,-gifwigfgimxi gg ,saws Lt , an W, ,L 5 3 Q it K 1 ,. new 4 ,l,iii 3 L :" 1 ,, W f-'- . r '3 . - - Q A .. E A , . , , at-V, .,,,,,,t.,,,,,,,k f FIRST ROW1 Francisco, Bohlin, Gray, Henry, Coleman, Blondell, Wilson, Stewart, Nolen, Morgan, Brothers, Hutcheson, Lemon. SECOND ROW: Williams, Parrott, Thornton, Turner, Osburn, Hardaway, jackson, McGraw, Murdock, Tune, Austin, Miller, Hodges, Bassett, Canter, Gunstead. O F F I C E R S The Dlclfiracken Club PATSY BLONDELL, President C A M P U S C L U B JACK MILLER, Vice-President CARoLYN T HoRNToN, Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS-Betty Ann Aden, Billye Austin, Mozelle Basselt, Patsy Blon- dell, Charlie Bohlin, Bettye Bradley, Dorothy Bridges, Mary K. Brothers, Doris Coleman, Florence Francisco, Helen Gray, Wfilliam Gunstead Frank- lin Gunter, Betty Hardaway, Selma Rae Henry, Gene Hodges, Ruth Hutcheson, jane jackson, Evelyn Lemon, Dell McGraw, Jack Miller, Doris Morgan, Mary Mudd, Gloria Murdock, Venita "jackie" Nolen, Ruth Osburn, Maxine Phenix, Carolyn Spidell, Juanita Stewart, Carolyn Thornton. ,lennie Tune, Eloise Turner, Wilma Williams, Irene Wilson. Page 359 PATSY BLONDELL OFFICERS MARTIN GERBER, President JOHN KNOX, Cspringj CAROLYN HARRIS, Vice-President MARTHA LOU GILLIAM, Secretary MOZELL MCBRIDE, Treasurer MEMBERS-James Ashmore, Gillette Berger, Marette Boney, Evelyn Brodie, MARTIN GERBER Joe Buck Caldwell, james L. Carrico, Martha Crouch, Robert Davidson, George Davis, Mary Englehardt, R. B. Escue, Martin Gerber, Martha Lou W. N. Masters Chemical Society H O N O R A R Y Gilliam, Lee Gannon, Wallace Hammer, Norma Harmon, Carolyn Harris. FIRST ROW: Maxwell, McCombs, Smith, Waters, Payne, Heaton, Vaughan. SECOND ROW: Davis, Sadler, Skillman, Foothaker, Zachry, Herd 43. Al. FIRST ROW: Knox, Boney, Jeanes, Brodie, Gerber, Englehardt, Layne. SECOND ROW: Gannon, Gilliam, Hudgins, Kelsey, Newman, McBride, Shelton, Crouch, Underwood, Harris. THIRD ROW: McGee, Davidson, Ashmore, Corgal, McDonald, Mclver, Middleton, Stead, Schell. MEMBERS-fC0nlimzeriJ Howard Hicks, Gladys Hudgins, Jack Jeanes, Gloria jones, Helena -Iuengermann, june Kelsey, John Knox, Kenneth Iayne, Mozelle McBride, Sam McCombs, Guy McGee, Gene Mclver, Bill Middleton, Ollie Moye, Pat Newham, Jo Porter, Jack Sadler, Jimmie Schell, Leigh Secresr, Judy Shelton, R. C. Smith, L. A. Speer, Dick Sread, Harry Skillman, W. Thomas, Price Truitt, Olga Underwood, M. B. Ward, Georgia Waters, Bill Wester, David Zachery. Page 361 W. N. Nlasters Chemical Society CAMPUS CLUB PRICE TRUITT BILL WORKMAN Mathematics Club H O N 0 R A R Y FIRST ROW: Sullivan, Foothaker, Wood, Hanson. OFFICERS BILL WORKMAN, President KENNETH HANNAH, Vice-President JACK STANDERFER, Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS-jim Adams, Dick Crosby, Bill Ray Darnell, Martha Crouch, Martin Gerber, Hershell Hatter, Wayne Hendrix, William Hopkins, Gerald Kiel, W. E. Kimbrough, Ken Manes, Billy Nan Neal, Robert Prior, jack Sadler, Leigh Secrest, Herman Vaughn, Nick Vaughn, William H. Water- man, Mary Francis Wood. SECOND ROW: Nichols, Hatter, Standerfer, Sadler, Herd, Cooke. llilllllllllllllliil iililllllllllillilll FIRST ROW: May, Cashion, Lamons, McMillan. SECOND ROW: Porter, Wherry, Sampley, Cody, Boynton. OFFICERS CLAUDE HARBOUR, President MARY WHERRY, Vice-President MAC STRONG, Secretary-Treasurer ANITA PORTER Cspringj MEMBERS-Connie Bohme, Marilyn Boynton, Mac Strong, Tiny Cash- ion, Pet Cody, Mary jane Davis, William Ellis, Claude Harbour, Rachael Lamons, Kenneth May, Carl McMillan, Bill Neal, Kathleen Noland, Anita Porter, Fred Reinmiller, Mary Wherry, john Wilson. SPONSORS - Howard C. Key, C. E. Shuford, Dr. A. M. Sampley. Page 363 Dlodern Writers Club CAMPUS CLUB CLAUDE HARBOUR DAVE COTTEN, PAUL VAGT, AIANNETTE WRIGHT NT Christian Fellowship CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW1 Wright, Pickrell, Marnock, Busch, Henderson, Parish, Parish, Cleavcland, Vagt. OFFICERS PAUL VAGT, President DAVE COTTEN, Vice-President JANNETTE WRIGHT, Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS-Bobbie Beck, Marilyn Berry, jackie Busch, Connie Bohme, Patricia Cozby, Hub Cleveland, David Cotten, Betsy Dearing, LaRue Fits- gerald, Nell jenkins, Glenn johnson, Doug Kelley, Cleve King, Delbert Mitchell, James Miller, Richard Gubbins, Victor Moore, Edna Marnock, Coleta New, Royce Parish, Sue Pickrell, june Phebus, Paul Vagt, Jim Walli- ser, Elizabeth Waters, jannette Wright. SPONSOR-Rose Bailey. Cleaveland. SECOND ROXV: Cotten, Walliser, Miller, Bailey, Trietsch f-J FlRST ROW7: Booth, Lenrz, Rurlner, Busch, Mudd, Hardesty, Clarke, Rollins. SECOND ROXW: Reinmiller, Stephenson, Booth, Cooke, Huddleston, Brown, Hardesty, Jeppesen, Lentz. OFFICERS MRS. VENITA BOOTH, Presidenr DOROTHY THOMAS, Vice-President MRS. BETTY LENTZ, Secretary VIRGINIA CLARKE, Treasurer MEMBERS - Carrol Booth, Venira Booth, Alma jack Busch, Virginia Clarke, Dr. J. V. Cooke, johnnye Cope, Frank Deupree, Kyle Hardesty, Thelma I-lardesty, Cliff Huddlesron, Berry Lentz, Oscar Lenrz, john Miller, julia Mudd, Meredith Rawlings, Joza Ruffner, Louis Stephenson, Dorothy Thomas. Joanne Young, L. J. Young. SPONSORS-Fred Reinmiller, Dr. J. C. Matthews, J. A. Brown, Dr. R. B. Melton. Page ,365 ildom Philosophy Club CAMPUS CLUB MRS. VENITA BOOTH l l SONNY KEMBLE Physical Education Professional Club C A M P U S C L U B OFFICERS HORACE KEMBLE, President HAROLD BARTLETT, V ice-President ROSANNE PORTER, Secretary HOMER JOHNSON, Treasurer MEMBERS-Mary Sue Baker, Billie Bailey, Jean Bain, Betty Beasley, Her- man Billington, Charlie Marie Blankenship, Betty Bonds, Patsy Boren, Nancie Branch, Clara Nell Brian, Martha Bucler, Virginia Burney, Ross Collins, LaVena Fay Cook, Virginia Coulston, Wancla Cunningham, Ruth Dixon, Oleta Dowlin, Annie jo Dupree, jeanelle Estes, Jean Ferguson. Harvey Flemming, Letitia Fort, Bill Gale, Anita Gaulrapp, Betty Hale, Ann Hamil- ton, Dana Hart, Hershell Hatter, Ina Mary Hayes, Marion Hill, Glenn How- ard, Ann Jacobi. FIRST ROW: Collins, McCollum, Wfood, Branch, Mumford, Harriss, Womack, Lightfoot, Mosley, Jacobi, Kemble, Williamson, Massey. SEC OND ROW: Bonds, Kubeck, Johnson, Angel, Blankenship, Porter, Bailey, Coulston, Hale, Stewart, Sellers, Hatter, Gale, Hayes, Boren, Keck Thompson, Hill, Turner, Lawrence, Butler. THIRD ROW: Billnitzer, johnson, Howard. F .,.,. .:.. ,, ., ., ,,,. ., , www., K is we 4 ,J 'S' mm' 3 f 4' fx sa , ,. X 1 , . - .. ,.. as. i X... .,,,. . .. , , - - , qi W . S tiff li H 5525 5 g - , Q- F fm . , ,. .- -W, 1, ishfsx, M4 .. .. ,. W .... 1 1, , .. ,. . 1, .., . - a it mf M 1 4, as ' si,,a,,,,,a 4 fa Of L 'pam 1 'U ,,,4?',,,,. 1 dasiis M 2, ff-3 -as 'Q ,, 3 ,Q gif' ar 3, ak le "'Q . ' sessfwawzea-srmiawm-M-.fa..,,w .eww-f-as 1 ,. ,,.y . 1 l ii.....sf145,,lis, l .. A.. .... . r ...L ESQ!- f..' ,, . f.,,W.a. 1, ff ma My ,Mmm Q-smnmwwm-, ..a,.,,a-th.. 4,-M-MMM... fw-new-We . V A ,-.av-MM,.,..1, , V A... ,,s,,t,.,r - We .-ah' V- .s f - Q - W-ft-'2 N' ' . ff f V - 5 f ' f 'W ln. , FIRST ROW: Cotteral, Pilkey, Ferguson, Owens, Cook, Gaulrapp, Winn, Meroney, Beasley, Stephens, Richardson, Dawlen, Morrison. SECOND ROW: Flemming, McCullanger, Ball, Zimmerman, Dixon, Warren, McClellan, Hamilton, Paul, McAfee, Tyson, Brian, Meaker, Rogers, Sewell, Thigpen, Deupree, Fort, Baker, jenkins, Hodge, Williamson, Cunningham. MEMBERS-Monzinuedj Nell Jenkins, Homer Johnson, Lucille Keck, Mack Keck, Horace Kemble, Palmer Lawrence, Jane Lightfoot, Nina Manley, Evelyn Mann, Ralph Massey, Grace Meaker, Wardene Meroney, Nona Lou Morrison, Ann Mosely, W. M. Mumford, Patricia McAfee, Shirlie McClellan, Martha McCollum, Mary Frances McCullough, Geneva Owens, Rosanne Porter, Betty Paul, Allegra Richardson, Bonnie Rogers, Billie Sellers, Billie Sewell, Elinor Shahan, Sue Shephard, Lou Ella Stevens, Lou Stewart, Janet Thigpen, joy Thompson, Finis Turner, Martha Tyson, Frances Walling, Juanita Warren, Bertie Williamson, Joe Williamson, Maxine Winn, Ray Womack, Mary Frances Wood, Carolyn Zimmerman. FACULTY-Ursula Angell, Margaret Collins, Donnie Cotteral, Beulah Harriss, Eithel johnson, Edith Kubeck, Rita Pilkey. Page 367 Physical Education Professional Club C A M P U S C L U B DONNIE COTTERAL OFFICERS JIM ROACH, President JEAN SANDSBERRY, Vice-President PATSY HOOKER, Secretary MARY WOMACK, Treasurer MEMBERS-Bettie Ann Aden, Elizabeth Anderson, Luvenia Brown, How- ard Elkins, Jean Ford, Tom Gantt, Tom Grant, Patsy Hooker, Bob Houston, -f f l David Lowe, Bob McAbee, Jim Roach, George Rogers, jack Sandsberry, JIM RoAcH Louis Stephenson, Bill Turner, M. D. Vaughn, Billye Bryan Walker, Mary P a I' i S C I u b Womack. SPONSORS -Mr. and Mrs. Winston Chance. CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW: Stephenson, Ford, Walker, Womack, Brown, Anderson, Hooker, Houston. SECOND ROW: Sandsberry, Turner, Roach, Grant, Aden, McAbee, Houston, Elkins. FIRST ROW: jackson, Cashion, Brothers, Day, Price, Williams, Carter, Brewer, Ellis, Wilfong. SECOND ROW: Roach, Gunstead, Maranto Bour land, Kaiser, Harbour, Shuford, McMillan, Lynch, Lawson, Kee, Coffey, Turner. OFFICERS Press Club DON KAISER, President JOE ECHOLS ysprmgb CAMPUS CLUB JIM ROACH, Vice-President BILL COFFEY lspringj ISABEL ELLIS, Secretary-Treasurer "TINY" CASHION fspringp MEMBERS-Mary Lou Beckham, Gordon Bishop, Clinton Bourland, Ma- rion Brewer, Bobbie Bryan, Hal Bumpers, Maurine Cashion, Claude Cox, jane Cunningham, joy Day, Bill Dibble, Owen Dormer, Joe Echols, Billye Freeman, Billy Gibson, Mary jo Gilbert, Mary Grove, Clarence Guhl, Mike Guinn, William Gunstead, Tex Ham, Claude Harbour, Robert Harrison, Francine Henderson, Cecil Johnson, Burnie Kee, Honie Lou Laster, jimmy Lawson, Bob Lynch, Paul Maranto, Kenneth May, Billy Jo Mayo, Townsend Miller, Sandy McCullar, Juanita MaMahan, Carl McMillan, Betty Parmele, Nancy Price, Dick Reddy, David Robb, Jim Roach, Sue Sewell, Bill Sheley, jack Shelton, Dorothy Smith, Daniel Smith, David Smith, Joe Vyvjala, Keith Westerman, Parker Williams, Gordon Wood. Page 369 JOE EcHoLs OFFICERS WILLIAM PROPS, President DOUGLAS CROUCH, Vice-President CARL XWOODARD Qspringb PAT I'lARRIS, Secretary BETTY BYNUM Cspringb WAYNE ROGERS, Treasurer BETTY BYNUM Cspringj MEMBERS-L. E. Bradley, Betty Bynum, Russell Cannon, Marshall Com- best, Douglas Crouch, Billy Coury, Homer Davis, jack Holland, Hewell Howell, Richard Light, Louis A. Johnagin, Robert Lynch, Frank Miskell, WILLIAM PROPS George McManus, S. L. Mudd, Robert Parr, J. E. Perkins, Mack Prock, W. C. Props, Wayne Rogers, james Sargent, M. L. Scott, jason Srnith, P I, e - L 3 W7 C I u b Houston Southern, jack Strickland, Elden Traster, Neal Wade, Richard Welch, Wendell Wolfe, Carl Woodard. C A M P U S C L U B FIRST ROW: McLean, Bradley, Wolfe, Traster, Woodward, Harris, Davy, Light. SECOND ROW: Southern, Smith, Hayes, Cannon, McAlister Crouch, johnagin, Mudd, Wilson, Perkins, Sargent, Props, Lynch, Prock. THIRD ROW: Parr, Welch, Scottt, McManus, Strickland, Combest S .N , , ,. M A .- FIRST ROW1 Hamilton, Goble, Hammon, Davis, Cosby, Reed, Moreland, Roach. Moore, XVilson, Smith. SECOND ROXW: Gray, Walts Scrivner, Land, Dubberly, Cox, Meek, Caves, Hays, Weber. Kooker, Bonney. THIRD RUW: Peel, Flocke, Holloway, Hawk, Christal, Nelson Sthiebel, Gunter, Kaufmann. O F F l C ll R S S i i TOM LAND, President , T V I B MAURIQE GRAY lspringl C A M P L' S C' L L OTTO FLOCKE, Vice-President MAIIGARET ROACH, Secretary N . L. DUBBERLY, Treasurer lNlARY KA1'HERINli DAVIS fspringp MEMBERS-Frank Anderson, Barbara Bennett, Dolores Bilyew, Lou Q A i w. 4 tr 2 ,Q yt--r ity, ff Cable, Dorothy Carlton, jack Caves, Raymond Christal, William Christy, l or in ff Ann Cosby, S. Cottrelle, John A. Cox, jr., Mary Katherine Davis, Norma Davis, john A. Dean, N. L. Dubberly, Otto Flocke, Paul Goble, Maurice Gray, Franklin Gunter, Harlen Hamilton, Don Hammond, Travis Hawk, William Hays, Harold Holloway, Robert W. Kaufmann, Earl Kooker. Tom Land, james Rex Meeks, Patsy Marie Miller, Mrs. Charline More- land, Vernon Nelson, Robert W, Peel, Valda jean Reed, Margaret Roach, Dick Schiebel, Melton Smith, Ruth Tankersly, William Wfalts, Louis Weber. Page Q71 TQBI LAND OFFICERS CAROLYN WOMACK, President RUSS CONNOR Cspringb A MARIE WWATKINS, Vice-President l 1 MARGARET HEARN, Secretary MARGARET HEARN, Treasurer BEULAH TURNEY Cspringj MEMBERS-Lee Anderson, Mary C. Anderson, Billye Askew, Virginia Baker, Ramona Banks, Norma Barrington, Bobby Beck, jane Boulter, RUSS CONNOR CAROLYN WOMACK Charlotte Briggs, Ruth Burks, Marie Carmichael, james Cason, Don Cole, Martha Cole, Eulene Connell, Russ Connor, Monroe Costan, Douglass Q Q Q Crouch, Jean Crouch, Joyce Crouch, Rose Ann Cummings, Peggy Dendy, ulntllllan Club Bettye Dutton, Wilma Edwards, Margaret Floyd, john Gordon. C A M P U S C L U B FIRST ROW: Roling, Schure, Tharp, Bridges, Barrington. SECOND ROW: Daws, Pearson, Jones, Price, Roane, McAfee, Schafer, Anderson THIRD ROW: Floyd, Gore, Leonard, Derdy, Rucker, McGee, Morgan, Carmichael, Schrader, Cummings, Heffley. FOURTH ROW: Whiteside Bradshaw, O'Neal, Cole, Triggs, Hayton, Anderson, Stroud. 5 :!- R Q 511,35 AV fr! l Al. 1 .- it .fi FIRST ROW: Morgan, Thompson, Kennard. SECOND ROW: Burks, Whitsett, Robbins, Womack, Johnson, Chance, Willson, Gray. THIRD ROW: Randolph, Havran, Turner, Stiff, Cole, Hearn, Watkins, Baker, Kincaid, Parks. FOURTH ROW: Sparks, Gordon, Caston, Horton, Parks, Davis, Hall, Names. MEMBERS-fC01ztin1feclJ Joyce Gray, Dan Hall, Leona Havran, Marga- ret Hearn, Ann Heffley, Caroline Holler, Richard Horton, Doris Johnson, Marguerite Kennard, Kay Kincaid, Eloise Knox, Violet lee, Marion Meads, Bill Meads, Reggis Meyers, Julia Morgan, Martha Morgan, Mary Murray, Marjorie McAfee, Jeanne McBee, Betty McGee, Clark McLemore, Art Names, Nilwon Novvlin, Ray O'Neal, Jo Ann Parks, Keith Parks, Nelda Parks, Sue Perryman, Betty Jo Pitts, Joe Pitts, Pat Price, Hazel Randolph, Doris Roane, Chloe Robbins, Billye Robertson, Elizabeth Roling, Jimmie Sargent, Betty Schafer, Elizabeth Schmid, Rynell Stiff, Billie Stroud, Jo Tharp, Frank Thomas, Dana Thompson, A. J. Triggs. Beulah Turney, Marie Watkins, Len XVhiteside, Doris Wliitsett, Kathryn Willson, Carolyn Womzick, Larry Wcmcmd. Page373 uintillian Club CAMPUS CLUB OLIVE M. JOHNSON OFFICERS 3 Russ CONNOR, President JOHN GORDON, Vice-President MARGARET HEARN, Recording Secrerary MARIE WATKINS, Corresponding Secretary CAROLYN WOMACK, Treasurer MEMBERS-Virginia Baker, Steve Buell, Don Cole, Russ Connor, Mon- RUSS CONNOR roe Coston, Joe Echols, john Gordon, Margaret Hearn, Bill Meads, Carolyn K l 0 l E l D Womack, Marie Watkins. CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW: Chance, Womack, Watkins, Buell, Echols, Hearn, Coston, Baker, Thompson, Connor. EN . . rm , . B ' ri Q. ,t w mi 1'-, fi ,Q S" -'-- A . .F.f!i.:3., Qi he E, 'Zi ' . L ' . Q , ,M so lt .4 A .L FlRST ROW: Killingsworth, Mclnroe, Lane, Pritldy, Luker. Johnson, Brown. SECOND ROXV: Johnrrgin. Slmw, Lavender. Killingsworth, Davis. Baxter. Harris. Smith, Oringderff, Craig, jones. OFHCERS Tarleton Flub OLA JEAN MCQINROE, President C A ,xl P U 5 fj 14 U15 LOUIS JOHNAGIN, Vice-President MAIDELINE JOHNSON, Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS-Harold T. Baxter. Albert B. Black, Patsy Brixey. Mary Alice Brown, Moody Burnett, Cody Davis, Charles Bray. Roy R. Harris, Paul M. Henderson, Rita Henderson, Louis Johnagin, Madeline johnson, Irvin jones. Jr., W. Kinningsworth, Bette -lo Lune. Ted W. Lavender, Frankie Luker, Dudley MCDaniels, Ola jean Mclnroe, M. L. Oringderff. Ramona Priddy. Buford B. Sealy. Louise Sellars. Jesse Shaw. Lawrence Smith, Lorneta Wfnnn. Annu Lou Williams, Maurice Wlolfe. Betty jo Woodward. Page375 om JEAN MCINROE RAY WOMACK "Tw C l u h CAMPUS CLUB OFFICERS RAY WOMACK, President BILL CANDLER, Vice-President RHEA NICHOLS, Secretary DICK SCHIEBEL, Treasurer MEMBERS--Joe Abbey, Bill Adams, Bob Arnold, joe Barns, Harold Bart- lett, Sam Bell, Bill Candler, A. D. Cate, Winston Chance, A. V. Collins, Ross Collins, jim Cooper, joe Coquat, Bill Cramer, Don Deardoflf, Ira DeFoor, Billy Dinkle, Erwin Dubose, Noel Duke, jim Eagle, Luther Fambro, Nace Formagus, Herb Ferrill, Bob Furrh, joe Gieb, Wayne Hightower, Tom Hud- gins, James Johnson, J. W. Jones, Horace Kemble, Bill Kemplin, Julian Kuehl, Bill Ladish, Frank Landish, Bill Lalicker, Pete Lawless, Palmer Law- rence, Dick Lindsey, Tom Love, Cecil Martin, Hubert Marvel, Fred McCain, Delbert McKnight, Ned McNeil, Durwood Mumford, Milton Musick, Rhea Nichols, Richard Nutt, Bill Oglesby, Howard Pruitt, Bob Reams, Louis Rienzi, Ed Robertson, Dick Schiebel, Frank Smith, jim Thomas, Gene Tow- ry, Bill Turner, Felton Whitlow, John Williams, Bruce Wilson, Ray Wom- ack, Earl Young. FIRST ROW: Mumford, Sparks, Cooper, Bartlett, Smith, Dinkle, Furrh, Fambro. SECOND ROW: Thomas, Adams, Womack, McCain, Whitlow Ferrell, Oglesby, Crumbley, Towry. THIRD ROW: Candler, Pruitt, DeFoor, Lawrence, Coquat, Cate, Nichols, Marvel. FOURTH ROW: Dear dorff, Lalicker, DuBose, Turner, Lindsay, Eagle, Formagus, FIFTH ROW: Schiebel, Gieb, Robertson, Arnold, Rienzi, johnson. it , ft fs Q? I 2 L ... lu. M ...L 1 ,M fi FIRST ROW: Wleatherlwy, Boney, Porter, Tidwell, Clark, Havran, Xweatherhy. SECOND ROWI Sellers, Shelton, McClellan, McMil'In Phillips Holland. Busch, Russell. THIRD ROXV: Turner, Brock, jordan, Clement, Emerick, Ruffner, Hink, Hale, Soyars, Underwood, Alford. Carter Croxxt FOURTH ROXYX: Rowell, Sellers, Eeils, Gilmore, Fortson, Vlfilkey, Morgan, Townsend, XY'aters, Meacham, Roherts. O F FI E R ' ' C S Senior Lllrrollt jaekiiz BUSQH, President . , N ROSIEMARY PHILLIPS Cspringb L l t I. 3 t ll l. e 1 Ill h RosEMARY PHILLIPS, Vice-President C A N 1' U S C L U B MILIDIIIEID CLEMENT fspringb jo RUSSELL, Secretary MEMBERS- Mariette Boney, Lou Ann Brock, Alma black Busch, Kathleen Cantrell, Betty ,Io Carter, june Clark, Mildred Clement, Patsy Crowe, Eliza- beth Eeds, Billie Marie Emerick, W'renna Fortson, Betty Ann Gilmore, Betty Hale, Leona Havran, Daisy Haynes, Alice Hink, Ardis Holland, janeth jordan, Doris McClellan, Louise Mcl.ane, Madeline MCMillin, June Mandeville, Margaret Meacham, Doris Morgan, Rosemary Phillips, Emily Porter, Gene- vieve Rider, Lou Roberts, Edna Mae Rowell, -Ioza Ruffner, Jo Russell, Billie Sellers, Louise Sellers, Judy Shelton, Leerie Soyars, Carmen Teele, Maxine Tidwell, Billie Townsend, Aureba ,lo Turner, Olga Underwood, Georgia W'aters, Marie W121IklHS, Jean Wfeatherby, Joyce Wleatherby. l.ou Wlilburn. Page S 7 7 .TACKI E BUSCH OFFICERS LAVON BUSTER, President EVELYN BURNS, Vice-President MARY RUTH STEPHENS tspringp BARBARA JOHNSON, Secretary MARY ANNA BARR qspringb DOLLIE STEELE, Treasurer REGINA MAYES Cspringb MEMBERS-Virginia Baker, Dorothy Ball, Mary Anna Barr, DeOlva Ber- nard, Betty Bird, Bettye Blackmon, Patsy Blondell, Mary Katherine Brothers, Evelyn Burns, Lavon Buster, Susan Cargile, Mary Jim Carmichael, Maurine LAVON BUSTER Cashion, Charlene Challin, Ruth Collier, Jane Collins, Barbara Copeland, Katherine Crawford, Katherine Davis, Peggy Davis, Phyllis Deatherage, Isabel Ellis, Artie Ray Ermis, Betty Everettt, LaVoyCe Farish, Martha Fergu- son, Leemore Fuqua, Billie Garrett, Mary jo George, Rosemary Hall. CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW: Love, Talbot, Collins, Davis, Everett, Davis. Buster, Ball, Springfield, Hall. Barnard, Cashion, Stephens. SECOND ROW: Pender McNeill, Collier, Ray, Chaffin, Stewart, Lindley, johnson, Kinder, Smith, Garrett, Mayes, Keller, Crawford. THIRD ROW: Miller. Blondell Deatherage, Reavley, Ellis, Blackmon, Crouch, Holman, McCarty, Brothers, Fuqua. ,.,.a.,.a,.t.1,,,,rr.,,,,g.:.f , , , C ,gmt l. 4..- .... EiQ-.,. ' at as ra -1-NIKQPV 2vslW FIRST ROW: Yeager, Parish, Thompson, Ermis, Baker, Burns, Haile, Weymouth, Holmes, Litton, Miller, Henshaw, Hamilton. SECOND ROW: Carmichael, Wright, Sutton, Walker, Pennock, Shipp, Gaston, Kuykendall, Hoffman, Miller, Ball, Short, Rich. THIRD RCJW: Bird, George, Kinzy, Walker, Massey, Lemon, Nelson, Cargile, Barr, Steel. MEMBERS- fCo1zfi1zzze4Zj jane Hamilton, jaunita Henderson, Gloria Hen- shaw, Berlye Hoffman, Ruth Louise Holman, Virginia Holmes, Doris Hulke, Barbara Johnson, Gloria jean jones, Marilyn jones, Christine Keeler, Beth Kinder, Jean Kinzy, Mary Lu Kuykendall, Evelyn Lemon, Almeta Lindley, Wilma Litton, Lou Love, Mary Massey, Regina Mayes, Helen Miller, Martha Ann Miller, Patsy Miller, Catherine McCarty, Mary McKnight, Katherine McNeill, Janelle Nelson, Patricia Oschenbein, Nelda Parks, Martha Pender, Virginia Pennock, Anita Pickard, Myra Pickard, Betty Pirtle, Dorothy Pugh, Mary Ray, Ruth Reavley, Betty Schafer, Betty Shipp, julia Short, Loreta Smith, Lois Spalding, Mary Springneld, Dollie Steele, Mary Ruth Stephens, Betty Stewart, Mary Stewart, Norma Sutton, Helen Talbot, Dana Thompson, Billye Wtilker, Sunell Wztlker, Joyce Wzitkins, Louise NX'eymouth, Frances W'hite, Elleen Wriglit, Lola Beth Wright, Claryce Yeager. Page ,379 Senior Diary Arden CAMPUS CLUB MARY RUTH STEPHENS :ww ,, Y. 1 ff? ' Q O F F I C E R S fsggi , GORDON BELLAH, President fFg,i'i5i W 515 , , 312 JOZA RUFNER, Vice-President AVIELYN HOHERTZ, Secretary ' RUDY RANIERI, Treasurer GORDON BELLAH Parrish, Laura Pollard, Rudy Ranieri, Joza Ruflrler, Bill Wester. Student Religious Council CAMPUS CLUB FIRST ROW: Burke, Rufilner, Childers, Hohertz, juengermarm, Pollard. SECOND ROW: XVells, Adams, Granoff, Edwards, Bellah Mitchell, Wester, Ranieri, Daugherty. s MEMBERS-'jim Adams, James Bain, Gordon Bellah, Patsy Blondell, Ruth Burke, Jean Childers, O. L. Davis, Toni Davis, Fred Edwards, Jerome Granofl, Avelyn Hohertz, Helena juengermann, Al Larson, Delbert Mitchell, Royce Lloyd, Davis ff' if A '1 - 'WS' FIRST ROW: Stiff, Miller, Davis, Rice, Allan, Rainey, Jackson. SECOND ROW: johnson, Selzer, Baird, Kelly, Parks, Williams, Burns, York, Dawson, Duncan. OFFICERS Baptist Student KEITH PARKS, President U ll io ll C 0 u n 0 i I AHLENE RICE AND MEALBA JACKSON CA M P US CL UB Vice-Presidents JANEL BARR, Secretary HARRIETT DAvrs, Treasurer MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-Nell Allen, Doyle Baird, janel Barr, Jim Burns, Irving Dawson, Harriett Davis, Travis Duncan, L. P. Floyd, Melba Jackson, Emmett johnson, Douglas Kelley, Patsy Miller, Keith Parks, Mildred Rainey, Ahlene Rice, Troy Selzer, Rynell Stiff, Donald Earl Wlilliams, David York, Frankie Newson, Mildred Clement. Page 381 KEITH PARKS lin mvmnrram Glharles lgrppm Jark dlrtile marshal Eurkek 'I- + Zfialine Qlunuingham 7 9 0 You Take lt . rom here.. It's like loosening your belt after eating too much or rubbing between your toes after a long walk. It's a relief, but also a satisfaction to see the 1948 YUCCA a completed project .... No small factor in the com- pletion of the annual was the indispensability of rub- ber cement. Other unsung contributors are Tom Crow whose clever cartoons a ear in Features, 3 john Slaughter, whose even-temperedness and ami- able personality made him a welcome assistantg Max, who put more into the book than photographs, jim Roach and Townsend Miller for valuable help in writing sports copy, the News Service, for coopera- tion and assistances Anita Pickard, for help in art work, and the Green Jackets and the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity for helping run elections. And to the Starr brothers for their midnight watchman's philosophy, we give our thanks. -THE STAFF ! NT coeds have always made it a practice to drop in at the VANITY SHOP to catch up on the latest fashions. The finest quality in smart girls' fashions can be found here. A complete line of drug and cosmetic needs plus fountain and food service is offered. Drop in for a "coke" with the crowd l Page 384 HAMILTON-PERRYMAN . . . the only campus pharmacy, is located at the corner of 125 Avenue A and Mulberry, in a new, attractive building, one of the most modern in this area. MICH7-KEL'S . . . is the YUCLCA class photographer and offers fine service in portrait work. A recent addition to business at the campus corner, it is located on West Hickory Street. Page ,385 NT students have always found RUSSELL'S to he a leading department store, with a complete line of fashions for both men and women. De- pendable merchandise and courteous service are outstanding features at RUSSELL' l 1 l to l . c Page 386 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. . . . in Denton helps to keep NT students supplied with their favorite drink--a "coke," which never fails to please. College students always know that a good steak or lunch can be found at JIMMIE'S . . . on the Dallas highway. Their ice- hox pies with whipped cream are famous, too. "THE PIG" . . . is a favorite meeting place for NT students. ju-Cy Pig offers delicious food, from snacks to a complete dinner. Kings Radio S Electric Shop . . . offers NT students a wide variety of popular and classical records plus electrical equipment of all sorts. That long-awaited record player or combination could well be chosen here. .xg 1 X Page ,387 CURTIS DRUG Stones Shoe Store . . . in downtown Denton ranks high in fashionable footwear for both men and women. Courteous service is an outstanding feature of the store. . . . one of Denton's best-established busi- nesses, offers a complete prescription service, cosmetics, fountain service, and a wide va- riety of photographic supplies. It is located on the north side of the square. ...ii DUKE S AYRES . . . is one of the better five-cent to one dollar stores on the Denton square. All kinds of low-priced merchandise can be found J. C. PENNEY . . . has always been noted for quality goods at low prices. The Denton store on the north side of the square offers dry goods, shoes, men's and womenis ready-to-wear, and many other items. Page 388 here. ALL ENGRAYINGS IN ANNUAL MADE A 'mars vnorogmamvsas .-eff-ji:-45 , .. f.,,.L.,i . V.. , ,..f-wa... -,. ..' ". ,Y 'i -.'.w,+-J v -1-:vw We are proud to list the YUCCA among the forty to fifty yearbooks of schools and colleges, for which we make en- gravings every year. We have made engravings for the YUccA for the last three years. We are proud of our part in illustrating the YUCCA because its last four editions have f 1 -. . been awarded "All-American" honor ratings by the Nitional Scholastic Press Association, and the last six editions h ue won five of these coveted honors. We have enjoyed working with the staff, the sponsor, the printer and everyone con netted with T HE 1948 YUccA. 'ESZPJEQEHARPER STANDARD ENGRAVING o0.'i,'Tfi1.0g' High-quality shoes that are sure to please are found at LA MODE . . . on the south side of the square in Denton. Page 389 For reasonably-priced ladies' ready-to- wear, L A M O D E is the place to shop. This downtown store specializes in smart college fash- ions. Economical goods of high value from work clothes to fine dress can be found at B U R R ' S located on the north side of the square. The DIXIE Trailways . . . is one of the largest and most efficient bus lines in the South and provides NT stu- dents with a safe, sure method of transporta- tion for the week-end trip or the long trip home. Designed in Wfestern style, the STEAK HOUSE holds the reputation of always serving the best, with the best possible service. Catering to stu- dents, the management guarantees fine food and service. Page .3 90 Denton County National Bank . . . offers complete banking service to all students, and is located on the southeast cor- ner of the courthouse square. --.-....,,,,, WALDRIP'S MOTORS . . . features the latest in Willys. Hudson, and Packard automobiles, as well as com- plete car service and Philco radios and pho- nographs. E The WAFFLE INN . . . is a popular downtown restaurant of- fering delicious food at reasonable prices. For a Sunday night supper or a mid-week treat, go to WAFFLE IN. 'ln-ug., -nv-...- PLAZA THEATER The new Plaza Theater offers NT students a chance to see return engagements of their Delicious food is served in a novel atmosphere at the YACHT CAFE located on West Oak Street just off the square. Special parties are also accommodated. favorite movies at a reasonable price. Re- cently redecorated, it is located on the east side of the square downtown. Page 391 Rea's Drug . . . recently changed from the former Hamil- ton-Perryman ownership, offers the same fine drug service which students have always found at the corner of West Hickory and Fry Streets. For the special convenience of college students, BaIthrop's Grocery offers a complete line of food supplies. This cam- pus grocery is located at the corner of Mulberry and Avenue A. "Everything for the student,l' from school sup- plies and sundries to cokes can be found at Pender's . . . on Mulberry Street across from Terrill and Marquis Halls. fu' wfgi Page 392 Fast service in cleaning and pressing is found at PAYNE'S MODERN C LEANERS . . . one of the newer cleaning estab- lishments located on Avenue A. 1 6' NT coeds model some of the stylish sports and dress clothes to be found at the BOSTON STORE NT men like the clothes and accessories styled for them, also. This store is at the northeast corner of the square, Page 393 I ,Q K . I 'ff vw . . - I l 5 f . ' K , sf 2 3 , , K 'Z Y ki A K c. : W ec' 4 I 1 .Jil ' 1 5 SK? -l A f 3 ls 5 ,mc S 1 f imim. E . s- gr 1 1 4 1 1 Q l 5 5 f f 5 1 -l Q Q , l 5 X' f V Y 5 il , " . , Q.. on 13 1 l c X V l l l l l Q , 4 1 3 sl f ,l ls l 2 4 3 ' as l A 'Y ' 5 l l - Q i S 4 i A' , 5 , ' A 3 ,t . 5 l 1 l 4 2 . 3 fx, Q g e Q, v 7 The Varsity Shop . . . Denron's only exclusive mans store, is L1 lvoon to the college man who wants to lne well-clressecl on ll slim lvuclget. The llnesr of men's clothing uncl accessories can be found here. l Page 3 94 lu. ' ' W 1 Fine photography close to the campus is found at Cunningham? . . . located in a new building on West Hickory near the Administration Build- ing. College Tailors . . . has served North Texas since l9l-4 and features special services in dyeing and alterations as well as cleaning and pressing. Partially stu- dent-owned, it is located on Hickory. , l Brewers College Cafe "How good mn good food gel?" lO7 Avenue A v A popular gathering place is the EAGLE DRUG . . . on Avenue A, which offers stu- dents school supplies and sundries as well as a variety of tasty food. l Page 395 Located conveniently on the corner . . . Nash's 5 8 IO . . has a complete stock of varieties. For small gifts and purchases, go to Nash's and save. ..-'-""" A friendly atmosphere . . . efhcient service . . lovely floral arrangements- that's Lela Foster Flowers . . . the only campus flower shop. Call 40 and be sure of satisfaction. n-'vi-'IwvaA,,,,.,,..,4'Y""""""VW One of the newer college businesses . . . Campus Cleaners . . . operates at a convenient location across from the Administration Building and offers excellent cleaning and pressing service. Page 396 Owned and operated by NT exes . . . Dyche's Corner . . , has been a favorite of students for many years .... Offering a complete fountain service Dyche's also serves "the best food in town." ujakef the oldest employee of the SOUTHERN HOTEL . . . is representative of the courteous service offered in this establishment. The SOUTHERN caters to friends and relatives of NT students. THEATER ROW . . DENTON'S HEART-THROB "Where Hezpjzifeeff Com S0 Little" Page 397 'nr A 'f . fE'?l"fi!kQQ' Wit W VO..ERTMAN'S TEACHERS COLLEGE STORE . . . is the campus hezldqunrters for student supplies. Located conveniently across from the Administration Build-T ing, it offers it variety of books and needed scliool materials. THE FIRST STATE BANK . . . is one of the oldest business institutions in Denton and is the college depository. lts officials are comprised of Cleft to right, seated? Dr. S. A. Blackburn of the NT faculty, vice-presidentg R. W. Bass, presidentg W. C. Orr, Acting Clmirmun of the Boardg istandingp W. C Orr, jr., vice-presidentg Len Henderson, cashier. PclgC V411 togzffzpbf Jutographs I' V

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University of North Texas - Yucca Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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